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This explains my love/hate relationship with Google.


ID: [screenshot of a Google search result. Search bar contains ‘aromantic week 2021’. The first result is a featured snippet saying “Did you know that October 25-31 marks Ace Awareness Week?”. The rest of the normal search results are the correct results showing various links about aromantic awareness week.]

(On one hand I want Google to be precise and accurate. On the other hand Google being more accurate means it needs better AI and that means a lot of things that might be good and bad and dreadful)

I’m not even angry at Google that its featured snippet thinks ace = aro. Mostly I’m thinking the kinds of data that results in the algorithm coming up with such a result.

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name: isaac

pronouns: he/him, they/them

age: 18+

reads for: i am a white american queer nonbinary trans man in a relationship with a queer trans woman. i am comfortable reading for asexual/aromantic spectrum identities and bisexuality. as part of feedback about binary or nonbinary transgender characters, I can talk about hrt and ‘masculinizing’ top surgery. disability and mental health topics i am comfortable reading for include c-ptsd, depression, adhd (with late diagnosis), insomnia, chronic migraines, and fibromyalgia as well as general chronic pain and chronic fatigue. i can offer feedback on portrayals of lack of access to medical care. relatedly, i am also comfortable reading for depictions of poverty, emotional/psychological abuse (including religious abuse). less relatedly, i can read for portrayals of a variety of types of leftist activism

sensitivity reading:

general questions and discussion: yes
in-depth discussion of plots and characters: yes
partial read (relevant sections): yes
full read: yes

willing to read: original work, fanfiction (any, but most familiar with star wars, les miserables, voltron: legendary defender, the untamed, and the tolkien legendarium - j.r.r. tolkien), erotica/nsfw/explicit scenes

unwilling to read: available on request

rates: $15/hour usd for fanfiction, $20/hour usd for original work.

contact: @apaladinagain, email address available upon request

additional notes: i have professional editing training as well as experience teaching writing!

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i had my first therapy session the other day, and i was talking about something that happened three years ago, and i hesitated before i called myself a girl because i didn’t feel particularly girl, and why am i so scared of telling a therapist about my identity? she’s a therapist, and therefore shouldn’t judge me ugh-

but then again, just blurting out; oh, yeah, i’m aromantic, asexual, and absolutely confused about my gender, i think i’m girlflux, but i’ve been questioning that a lot lately as well, and i know you can’t really help me with figuring that out and that’s also why i will be hesitant about coming back cause i’m scared you won’t understand nor accept me as i am, and i’m terrified you’ll try and tell me it’s fake and that i’m imagining things, and my parents won’t accept it either, so i’m just fucking torn because that is 90% of what i’m struggling with at the moment

yeah, i think i know why i’m still not out

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I am asexual. Let’s discuss some misconceptions about it, shall we?

1. Asexual people can enjoy doing the deed. It varies from person to person, really.

2. 1% of the population is asexual. That is 70 million people worldwide. There aren’t many of us (comparatively), but that does not mean asexuality is a microlabel or a modifier.

3. Asexuals are valid in the LGBTQ+ community. If you exclude hetero aces, you are invalidating the identity as a whole.

4. Asexuality is still considered a psychological disorder in many places.

5. Being asexual does not translate to being a nun (see #1). Some aces like it, some don’t. Some have biological children, some don’t. Some are Demi. It’s all valid.

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listen i know im big on shipping him with others but from a purely interpreting canon standpoint, his colors are green and black, he’s everything roman isnt and thinks fairy tales are boring, and he has shown zero interest in doing anything but antagonizing most of the other sides

the mounting evidence (haha mounting) suggests that Remus Sanders is aromantic

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There are already a few arospec flags on the left side of the heart, and using only a left-side flag will make the flag fill the whole heart. And I can copy some more arospec flags over from the right side to the left side if you’d like! Which ones would you like to see copied over?

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I’ve seen a lot of discourse about agender, asexual, and aromatic people in the LGBTQ community, and I feel like it’s never said enough that they ARE valid and that they ARE AND SHOULD BE WELCOME in the community. So I’ve made these for all my aro/ace/agender pals out there! Stay strong!


I know its kinda sudden, but I just wanted to spread some kindness and appreciation today.

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Some people have the bizarre notion that if you loved someone, you would sleep with them if they wanted it. When, to aces like me, that would be as humiliating as going to the restroom in front of someone else, that would be a total lack of self-love and a cruel act by the other person. No one is “obligated” to sleep with anyone else… ever.

Fortunately for me, I’m also aromantic, so I’ve never been in that situation, but I thought it necessary to clarify this point so that no one would ever be “guilt tripped” into something they regretted.

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Listen: If you’re questioning, that’s absolutely okay.

If labels on the a-spectrum help you while you’re trying to figure out who you are, USE THEM. Labels can change, and no one will be upset if you realize that they don’t fit the way you’re feeling.

It is so, so hard to discover that you experience attraction differently, sexual or romantic. Especially when there is little to no representation and the media promotes hetero-/amatonormative ideas.

You are valid, supported and more than welcome in this community!!

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I’m looking for new content (text posts, memes/jokes, activism & education)


Non binary


Ace spectrum (including both Ace & Aro)

Hellenic paganism & Wicca

Daily devotional acts for Hestia and Apollo/the muses

Knot and candle spells (or other simple spells)



Chronic illness


Mental illness

Trauma recovery


Character/world building

Writing ideas



Doll alterations


Colored pencils coloring

Cross stitching/embroidery

Really anything


bat fam/birds of prey


teen wolf

Harry Potter

the Addams family


crime shows

Power rangers (saban’s)

yuri on ice

love stage

Saiki K

Miraculous ladybug and cat noir




also yes I understand that there’s issues with some of these topics and I believe in critical consumption of media that includes learning about the issues with media that you enjoy consuming

Malaise anything related to these topics is probably good as well!!!

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ayo, time to Overshare ™

what up, my three (3) followers and (i think?) a bot! instead of, idk, writing lol, or Posting Seriously, i am shrieking into The Void.

this is because i am Feeling Some Kind of Way, and i figured the tumblr void would be the best place for me to post about this.

so! in my personal opinion which can be flawed and wrong!

aromantic and autistic solidarity is attaching your aro/autistic-ness to a metaphor and then seeing it get “cured” lol

like, god, i just,,, i read this fic, (which was so good and sweet and so respectful of aro people, and tagged with the main ship, sodon’t get me wrong the author’s great! they’re great), and the one main character couldn’t do The Thing everyone else could do, the fic CENTERED around them not doing The Thing, and my little gremlin brain immediately went “oh? aromanticism? y e s” even though The Thing was just triggered by strong emotions, like grief and anger and pain, it was mentioned that Love was a strong motivating factor, and i just latched the fuck on to that… and the fic ended with the Main Character falling in love and doing The Thing. and their crush, when seeing them doing The Thing, went “!!! I knew you would do it! all along!”

ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinary friends, THAT FUCKED ME UP. because they were a teenager, like me, and, they did The Thing after falling in love, and i just… god. it might’ve hit hard because i knew they’d fall in love, but i didn’t think they’d Do The Thing, i thought i’d still have something to grasp onto, but… just.

the fact that it was romance that was main character’s Event, that it was their time to shine when they fell in love, it just… ;-;

and it feels weird, i dunno, just. i’ve never seen myself as broken or particularly longed for anything that i can’t and have never had, but… i’m feeling things in this Chili’s tonight, folks

thank god for that one commenter that quoted a line and went “wow, I saw [insert Thing] as a metaphor for Autism!” and quoted another line and went “the need for Main Character to be happy versus my feelings that The Thing no longer happening are at War” (paraphrasing! didn’t wanna post their comment w/o permission) because what a mood.

… yeah, that’s it lol. *chucks post and runs*

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Some help, please!

I got engaged recently, so my sister and I were discussing our futures and it led to talking about her relationships.

She hasn’t had much luck in the past, saying that she never really had feelings for anyone and just the thought of a relationship sounds like too much work. And generally speaking, she’s kinda confused about what her sexual and romantic orientations are.

I suggested that she might be aromantic, so she added that even thought she’s not big on the idea of a relationship, she does see herself with someone in the future.

That’s when I remembered queer platonic relationships, and told her to look into the concept because I thought if nothing else, it’ll help narrow things down for her.

I’m doing some research on my own to talk to her about later, but I thought it would also be great to get information straight from people who have experience.

If you have some knowledge you’d like to share, please reblog with it! Anything at all is super helpful! There were so many wonderful people who helped me out when I was questioning my orientations/gender, and I’d like to provide something like that for my sister if I can :)

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Anyways, away negative stuff.

If you’re pansexual, asexual, aromantic, nonbinary, agender, omni, uses neopronouns, or fit any other criteria where people would say you’re not queer or try to invalidate your experiences… I love you and please don’t let these people make you feel bad about who you are. There’s no reason to feel shame on not fitting into a box society has made for you and there’s no reason you should feel bad for choosing to express yourself the way you want. The queer experience is about diversity, inclusion and acceptance, anyone that dares say otherwise just doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Please note that, despite the hate and ignorance being loud and abundant, there’s more people that will support you and encourage you to be yourself than those who won’t. I hope anyone who is feeling bad about this has a peaceful, wonderful day/night ❤️

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How can an asexual aromantic person like me find a gf? Somehow I DON’T KNOW HOW, I got a girlfriend once. And I want to try again. I can’t get past the platonic default mindset so I don’t actively flirt or at least not on purpose. I end up friendzoning everyone, even tho that’s how I get to know people before I get attraction.

I’m like a stem lesbian, I don’t wear snap backs and I don’t wear heels. I don’t like chocolate or candy so I can offer you all my stuff on Halloween and Easter. You can also trust me to hold onto snacks and not eat them myself.

I’m a weakling and a shrimp but I’ve gotten around that through sheer determination of competition to not be beaten or by climbing stuff like a monkey.

I like anime, video games, and music… But let’s be honest if you just say those things you’re almost guaranteed to never use those in actual conversation lol. I like school idol anime, slice of life anime, shoujo action, and of course anything yuri (goes along with shoujo action stuff anyways). And I like the Nintendo multiplayer games like Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, Pokémon and Smash Bros. A pair is always better than solo for me. I get lonely easily. I listen to country music because I was raised on country.

I have a stuffed bear named Beary that I sleep with, I love grapes and apples, I love horses and I’m a Taurus and really afraid and also intrigued by Scorpios, and I want someone who is patient and will still flirt even if I don’t reciprocate. If someone finds me cute or charming I want there to be mutual effort to hangout and learn about each other.

Do I not have a good combo of likes and hobbies or something? Like how can I get a lesbian’s attention??

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Not me crying for the third time today because I suddenly remembered my dysphoria and how much amatonormativity sucks and how my mom went behind my back and now I have to go to school in-person even though it makes me feel like I’m gonna barf and burst into tear at any moment because there’s so many people and the teachers terrify me and it’s always so hot for no reason and everyone sees me as a really weird quiet girl

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i think i’m falling in love with someone…

i see her every time i look in the mirror 😍

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Honestly I already don’t know how the day goes by so fast, idk how people fit relationships in there

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