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Most gays make gay jokes all the time. And I do that too, but like there’s something better.

There’s this thing you probably haven’t heard of called Aphantasia. Basically it means I can’t visualize things in my mind. I guess normal people if you asked them to close their eyes and imagine a beach they’d actually see the beach in their head?

Yeah all I see is the back of my eyelids. Pretty homophobic of the universe to not let me do that.

But the bright side? Aphantasia jokes are the best and they have the added bonus of not making me accidentally out myself.

Like y’all can’t even begin to imagine how many opportunities there are for me with this shit. I know I can’t!

Yes they’re mostly pun ish type things, sue me

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its funny bc im watching this show (for the like fifth time bc i will finish the last season this time. ive seen the rest like four times but never the end. smh) and it talks about like true love and all that which is fine whatever (for a guy who calls himself aromantic i ship way too many people).

but like (ofc this show exaggerates it all but) everyones always talking abt like fireworks and “oh my god” and like refalling in love everytime you see the person. and like bro what is that. bc i only have that for like harry potter and animals. 

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I love this textured and messy style of digital painting, I don’t think I have it down quite yet (the water needs work) but I’m getting there. I only used one brush and the colors on the aroace pride flag. I tried to make the colors in my painting line up with the colors on the flag while still retaining the look of an unsegmented painting, and I think I did a decent job. Happy pride month y’all!

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The aro community needs more original posts that don’t have the word valid in them

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hi!! I’m deciding to participate in online pride 2020! I missed the first two days, but I’ll start on the third.

Today is “talk little about your identity,” so I will! Sorry if I got a little personal.

I’m aromantic and asexual, meaning I don’t experience romantic or sexual attraction. It’s extremely important to note that not all aspecs are the same. There are two completely different spectrums for a reason. Not everyone has the same comfort or attraction level. It totally depends on the person, so don’t generalize. I think it’s great being aroace, personally. It’s a great supportive community of people with this feeling, or lack thereof, and it’s great to know that I’m not the only one like this. While it took me years to find the community and words for how I feel, I love every bit of it and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I also identify as non-binary, meaning I don’t identify as male or female. I always found discomfort towards being called a woman, and at the time I thought it was because I’m a minor, but I now realize that it was so much more. I didn’t like being called a man either, so I started to think that I might be enby. After months and months of researching, I started to be comfortable with myself, and here we are!


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night 3 is complete! as requested by my friend on Facebook, here’s Kevin(from PIXAR’s “Up”)! she didn’t give me a specific flag to use, so i just went off the fact that Kevin did turn out to be a girl. also, her Funko Pop figure comes with a figurine of the house, so i knew just what to do with the balloons!

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Don’t mind me, just gonna drop Zuko here.

This is semi part of an AU @lukethewanderer and I have started where Zuko and Iroh are banished to Ba Sing Se. So Zuko can finally be fucking happy for once, just let the boy be happy damnit. We also have an ongoing head cannon based on our own and observed experiences that Zuko is AroAce.

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