aroace-and-afraid · 2 days ago
you guys ever think about just how big the aromantic spectrum is and go "woah"
like, there are!!! so many different types of aros!!! aplatonic, alloaro, aroace, demi, etc... it's so cool. there are so many people out there that feel differently than the normal romance standards set by society and I think that's amazing, man. to me it really does tear down the "lOvE iS wHaT mAkEs Us PeOpLe" bullshit because we're all living proof that it really, really doesn't. that guy down the street who doesn't want a partner? he's just a dude, dude!!! your coworker that doesn't want any sort of relationship or friendships what so ever? they're living their best life!!! your old classmate that is comfortable with their sexuality and has sex as they please without the pressure of a romantic relationship on their shoulders? they're absolutley vibing, man!!!
i hope that one day all labels under the aro spectrum will be fully acknowledged and accepted. we all deserve to be seen and heard. no matter where we fall on the spectrum.
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arowitharrows · 2 days ago
I think it's important to understand that discussions around amatonormativity usually aren't (or shouldn't be) asking people to see their individual romantic relationships as less important, because wanting a long-term monogamous romantic relationship isn't inherently amatonormative.
Amatonormativity is about the bigger picture of how society treats romantic relationships. It's about placing romantic relationships at the top of a hierarchy and then claiming that most meaningful close and intimate connections to other humans are only accessable through them. Amatonormativity is the assumption that everyone wants to end up in a monogamous long-term romantic relationship and then decrying anyone who wants a relationship that doesn't fit into that very narrow category.
Every individual person has to figure out for themselves which types of relationships they desire or don't desire and how much importance they want to give them. Amatonormativity criticizes the fact that that's not a question you are normally asked in the first place, because the answer is always assumed.
I think if in the end someone decides to prioritize their romantic relationships, they will still have defied amatonormativity simply through consciously making that decision, and through not assuming the same for everyone else. To me, dismantling amatonormativity is about deconstructing the assumed hierarchy of relationships, giving people the chance to actually think about what they truly want, and opening the pathways for those possibilities.
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local-aro-cryptid · 2 days ago
destigmatizing sex without romance means including aroallos
you can't destigmatize sex without romance and only mean alloallo people
aroallos are not predatory or slutty for being aroallo and are allowed to enjoy lust and sex without romance, or even long term relationships, just as much as any alloallo person is
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awkward-aro-ace-princess-76 · 20 hours ago
The allos love to say shit like “it’s so sad their relationship will never go beyond friendship” and “these people just need to sleep together and their relationship will reach its full potential” like no. Just no.
It’s not sad when a friendship stays a friendship. There doesn’t need to be sex in a relationship at all even if the relationship is romantic. Romance isn’t the highest, most pure, most desirable place for a relationship to reach. Allos love pretending a relationship is NOTHING if there’s no romance or sex involved. If the characters aren’t fucking or dating, the relationship is trash in most people’s eyes. It’s so infuriating and frustrating.
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arominders · 2 days ago
Reminder to romance repulsed aro/arospec people that you do not have to consume queer media if the romance bothers you! You are not homophobic for not engaging with queer ships or queer romantic media, I promise!
[do not tag with ace tags]
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
Since the French version of "fuck marry kill" is "marry adopt kill", I hereby propose to my fellow aroace-spec
Hug adopt kill
Befriend adopt kill
As romance-free and sex-free versions of this game. Have fun ~
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thefrogginbullfish · a day ago
“Oriented Aroace” 💜💚💛
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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aro-culture-is · 2 days ago
Aro culture is failing to see why the fandom calls a show "found family", when it literally ends with everyone in the friend group pairing off with their respective romantic partners and meeting up once a year to catch up. That's not found family; that's the most commonplace kind of adult friend dynamic that leaves aro people feeling lonely and left out.
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gender-luster · a day ago
oh, you're very careful to make sure that your blog is a safe place for aromantics?
call that an aro space engineer
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sanyu-thewitch05 · 6 hours ago
The AroAce struggle:
Tumblr media
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aspecpplarebeautiful · 8 hours ago
Some people are naturally wired to be ace or aro, some people find their asexuality or aromanticism is related to or caused by outside factors.
It doesn't matter why you relate to asexual or aromantic as labels, only that you do.
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irenekohstudio · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Which of these ACEs do you like? Team Cats? Team Skulls? or the Kitty Skull Combo? Find these spookies & cuties at Irenekohstudio
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lukasspookas · a day ago
I wish there was a way to say "I think you're so cool and I wanna hang out with you and I wanna be your friend" without sounding like
A. I'm a four year old
B. I have a crush on them
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fullmusicbard · 2 days ago
There are bitches hating aroallo people 🤨 why 🤨 aroallo people are excellent and swaggers
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uncanny-tranny · a day ago
The grey/demi/fluid/ect aspec experience of being amazed at how allo people experience attraction until it happens to you and you're like, "well FUCK"
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4bloodypawz · a day ago
look at these new little scrunkly crunklies
Tumblr media
[ID: a drawing of two small wolves howling, with the writing "howling with alloaro joy" between them, surrounded with small stars and lines of the colours of the alloaro flag. End ID.]
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
To everybody who preaches that love (romantic, platonic, familiar, whatever) is the most important thing...I'd like to introduce an alternative to that: respect.
It's inclusive
Actually useful to maintain peaceful interactions and relationships with others, even if you don’t like them
It's not fucking based on your own personal amatonormative views
Your silly little brain will need to remember a new little word
Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.
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arospecvibes · 14 hours ago
yeah being somebody’s crush is cool but have you ever been the person that was lovely and unproblematic enough to be the “crush” that an aromantic thought they used to have
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aro-culture-is · 2 days ago
aro culture is typing "romance" into the tumblr search bar and all that comes up is an extensive list of aro blogs you follow that all have witty jokes about romance in their blog descriptions
i just think it's wonderful 😌
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aro-goblins · a day ago
fun fact! you're arophobic of you don't support:
- cisgender aros
- xenogender aros
- hetero aros
- mspec aroaces
- loveless aros
- aplatonic aros
- heartless aros
- married aros
- non-sam aros
- aros with neopronouns
- neurodivergent aros
- physically disabled aros
- aros in romantic relationships
- aros in sexual relationships
ty for coming to my ted talk <3
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