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aro-culture-is24 minutes ago
Aro culture is enjoying when other people in media and art and real life kiss passionately and thinking it's cute and mushy but being absolutely turned off to the idea for yourself
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chaos-otter52 minutes ago
Me as an aro child: I want a friendship like xena and Gabrielle.
Me as an aro teen: I want a friendship like frodo and sam
Me as an aro adult: I want a friendship like parabatai have
Give 馃憦馃従 me 馃憦馃従 the 馃憦馃従 platonic 馃憦馃従 soulmate 馃憦馃従 I 馃憦馃従 deserve 馃憦馃従馃憦馃従
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aspeccharactersofthedayan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Detective Loki from Prisoners is aromantic asexual!
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ghostypeppersan hour ago
Have y'all ever had a dream that made you stop and think about your identity for a moment?
Last night, I had a dream that one of my old "crushes" from highschool (he was just a squish now that I look back at it) and I met up for the first time in a while. We sat down at a cafe and started having some casual small talk about things I don't even recall.
And then we got onto the topic of romance and attraction. He said to me "Lucas, do you even WANT to be a relationship?"
And then I never gave him an answer.
That phrase alone has been looping in my brain since I woke up. Of course, I've identified as aromantic for about a year now. I've gotten (mostly) comfortable with the label and is even starting to take pride in it! Still, I have moments where I doubt that identity.
I remember listening to a few friends (who are in a polyamorous relationship) talk about how a lot of them thought they were asexual before they got into the polyam relationship. That may have started making ME think "maybe I'm not aro, maybe I'm just not invested in strictly mono relationships."
YET after thinking about it more... would I be any happier with MORE partners instead of just one? As far as I know, polyam relationships are the same as mono ones but just with more people involved. Like, would that be enough to make a difference? Could I see myself being happy in that kind of relationship? I wouldn't even know how to approach something like that like... would I worm my way into an already existing polycule ? Would I attempt to drag people into starting a fresh one?
In the end I decided that, no, that would not work out. I mean granted if someone I knew approach me of an offer, I wouldn't mind giving it a trial run. Reguardless, I don't know. I've grown too comfortable viewing romance in a fictional bubble and accepted that relationships aren't for me! And that's all ok
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aro-culture-isan hour ago
Aro culture is trying to explain to your sexuality to your parents and being met with confusion and dismissiveness
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wikipunkan hour ago
Tumblr media
Definition: Nonix is an identity that is solely based on non-existence. This includes sexuality, romanticism, gender, and identity as a whole. Someone who is nonix may find it uncomfortable or even distressing to be referred to as something that exists or otherwise (a living) human.
This identity is often experienced by those with mental illness and/or neurodivergence. Including but not limited to trauma, psychosis, paranoia, autism, and/or adhd.
Tumblr media
Possible Nonix Experiencies:
鈥 Not experiencing any form of attraction, including but not limited to romantic, sexual, or platonic. This means possibly identifying as aromantic, asexual, or aplatonic, or remaining label-less because attraction doesn't apply to you.
鈥 Not having a gender, therefore using the label agender, gendervoid, or remaining label-less because gender doesn't apply to you.
鈥 Identifying as non-human, including but not limited to a nonentity, ghost, or undead.
鈥 Not wanting to be referred to or perceived. Possibly using no pronouns, nullpronouns, an epithet, or passive voice.
Tumblr media
鉁庒澃鈹咶lag by: @wikipunk
鉁庒澃鈹員erm by: @wikipunk
鉁庒澃鈹咵xtra: please reblog if you use this term! /nao
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aroaceconfessions2 hours ago
Sorry for the rant, but uh鈥
I鈥檓 actually on the aromantic and asexual spectrums, but I am afraid to call myself aroace, after reading so many posts about how 鈥渞eal鈥 aroaces don鈥檛 ever feel attraction.
(I believe they鈥檙e wrong. And that these people are wanting to validate/elevate themselves at the cost of other鈥檚 autonomies and community. There are so many people in the community, with so many different definitions of what it means to be aspec鈥 they can鈥檛 erase us.)
(Everyone鈥檚 allowed to their identities, that includes which communities to belong to and which labels to use. Besides the purists and aphobes and holier-than-thous, the whole community is really inclusive.)
(Aroace, along with meaning not feeling or never having felt romantic or sexual attraction, is also a really broad term, which does includes feeling attraction to others, the attraction being weaker, infrequent or more conditional than an allo鈥檚, not feeling desire by not wanting romance and sex despite feeling attraction, wanting that despite not feeling attraction, identifying with the label and/or community鈥 many reasons!!)
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alexa-fika2 hours ago
Bellusromantic abstract art
Tumblr media
Bellusromantic: a label that entitled being interest in the stereotypical romantic things such as kissing and cuddling but not feeling romantic attraction.
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confused-bumblebee2 hours ago
It鈥檚 okay to be aro and in love. You鈥檙e still aro and you鈥檙e still welcome in the community! Aromanticism is a spectrum! It鈥檚 not black and white, but so many shades of gray!
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dustygondola2 hours ago
this may be a stupid question. or maybe its a very smart question. who know. but,,,
can you be demiromantic/grayromantic if youve had crushes on fictional characters?
like is that possible?
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frogdoll21342 hours ago
I wish all my fellow aroaces (and those within the spectrum) a very happy pride month because you are valid, loved and accepted. No, there is nothing wrong with you. Not feeling romantic/sexual attraction doesn't make you a freak. No, Auntie Tiffany I don't need to "find the right one". Aesthetic attraction and Platonic attraction are *chef's kiss*. YOU are **CHEF'S KISS**. Sometimes you may doubt this part of yourself and try to supress it or force yourself to overcome it but you should take care of yourself and prioritize your feelings and mental well-being before conforming to the social standards of having a love interest that you must also feel sexual attraction to :DD. I hope you find someone that accepts you for who you are and makes you feel as valid and happy as you hope to be. Have a good day, my dudes 馃挒
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aro-culture-is2 hours ago
Aro culture is always being sympathetic and relating when friends talk about their problems, but then when they talk about missing an ex or wanting a toxic relationship back or something you cannot wrap your head around, just not knowing what to say. "Sorry"? "You'll be okay"? "That's rough buddy"??
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the-demi-jedi2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Since everyone is doing this, why not? If I headcanon a character as demi, it's the biggest stamp of quality.
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aceripple2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy Pride everyone!!!
If you don't support everyone who is lgbt+, especially POC, you can block me!!!
For those that don't know, I am asexual, greyromantic, queer and not cis (though I don't mind going by trans sometimes). Also, my pronouns are they/he/she.
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aro-culture-is3 hours ago
Aroallo culture is finally finding a friend with benefits and dying inside when they slowly start pushing the relationship to be romantic because they're starting to feel romantically towards you
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wannabehuntress3 hours ago
My least favorite trope? When romance and interest in romance is used to show character development. The girl who says she doesn't like anyone and then realizes she's actually so mature now that she likes this one guy! Two friends who are perfectly happy to be just friends and at the end they are rewarded as their relationship "levels up" to a romantic one! Its so unnecessary and infuriating, liking or participating in romance is not an "improvement" on a lack of interest.
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sammi-hibiscus3 hours ago
Imagine yourself being Aro and some person hooks up w/ you and they keep trying to tell you"YoU jUsT hAveN't fOuNd thE RigHt pErsON yEt!!1!1!" And then you just say "Bitch no you're the one who made me aro."
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aro-culture-is4 hours ago
Aroallo culture is your friends鈥 deciding that your friends-with-benefits thing is romantic and calling the friend your boyfriend all the damn time and then suggesting you are okay with not having a boyfriend because he鈥檚 there to fulfil that role in your life.
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