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Tasteful LGBTQ+ jokes

  • What do you call an asexual gardener? An ace of spades
  • What do you call a glittery asexual? An ace of diamonds
  • What do you call a gay girl who is shortee than you? A LESS-bien
  • What do you call an acearo agender person? A triple-a battery
  • What do you call a trans businessman? A self-made man
  • What do you call a lesbian cowboy? Butch Cassidy
  • What do you call a cooking show with all pansexual competitors? Pots and Pans
  • What do you get when you wring out a genderfluid person? Gender fluid
  • What do you say when your bisexual friend leaves? Bye bi
  • What do you call an aromantic archer? And arrow aro
  • What do you call the drinks at a pride bar? Queer beer
  • What do you call a lesbian who is good at science? A chem femme
  • What do you call a lazy enby? A non-try-nary
  • What do you call an enby who is allergic to potatoes? A non-fry-nary
  • What do you call an enby who loves to swim? A non-dry-nary
  • What do you call an enby who prefers their natural hair color? A non-dye-nary
  • What do you call a gay history nerd? A rome-osexual
  • What do you call a gay introvert? A home-osexual
  • What do you call a gay who loves big books? A tome-osexual
  • What do you call a gay hair stylist? A comb-osexual
  • What do you call a gay gardener? A gnome-osexual

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Any of yall romance repulsed? Bc i am! I have nothing else to add but if any of you arospec legends have something to add pls do bc im sad lol

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I made a group chat!!! I’m not sure if any are still active, so I made one.

Some aroaces wanted to make a space separate from the other communities and I want to help with growth and direction. We can discuss terminology, community conflicts/solutions, and other ways to meet online and offline.

I know tumblr group chats aren’t great but it’s a start. Hope to chat soon!

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So here is one of my many aroace incidents. My brother and his girlfriend were FaceTimeing in the kitchen and I walked in. They were talking about how much bread they would want and me being the little 17 year old aroace I am said, and I quote, “ For life? I’d love unlimited bread.” Then they start laughing and my brother said, “You’d want unlimited children?” And then it hit me. They were talking about how many kids they would have. So I immediately go back and say, “Wait CHILDREN!? I though you meant actual bread!”


Originally posted by let-us-taco-bout-it

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[ID: Gru’s 5 panel plan meme. Gru gives a presentation. The first slide says “I start reading a new book”. The second slide says “It includes a great friendship”. The third and fourth slides say “The author starts adding parts of the “friends to lovers” trope”. Gru looks disappointedly at the fourth panel. The fifth slide says “The author subverts the trope and maintains the integrity of the friendship”, and Gru is very excited about it. End ID]

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not gonna lie, sometimes it feels exhausting to talk to people who aren’t aro

so many people see romantic relationships as endgame and act like just friendships or sibling/parent-like dynamics aren’t also fulfilling, or even…. enough

and i don’t know how to explain that this is extremely reductive and devalues platonic relationships

makes me feel alienated

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