waywardsunlight · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I was looking at TOH concept art and got an idea of kind of... spirit Caleb not really being able to communicate and trying to warn Eda, Hunter, and Luz about Belos + haunting them in the heavier version of the story
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grumpywheeler · a day ago
Mike: *seeking Will out for the 10th time for confirmation he and El should break up* it isn’t working. what do I do Will
Will: *not getting it* we’ve been over this before Mike. El needs you! Just be with her! God! These straights got me stressed out and it isn’t even my relationship
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crazycoven · a day ago
the Duffers showed up on Nicks doorstep telling him he could only post the van scene before taking him off to the basement 
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byler-brainrot · 2 days ago
“Cause I’m in a field of dandelions, wishin on every one that you’ll be mine”
Tumblr media
stupid dumb dnd byler art i made bc ummm i love gay people !!!! ya
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artsyrobinn · 2 days ago
Abandoning headcanons about Ghostbur being in the Origins SMP or even my comic about him and Phantommy, he’s with Glatt in his gym getting RIPPED!!!
He’s spent the last three centuries working on his ABS!!!! 
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hymnsofheresy · 2 days ago
I stand corrected. Christianity is about following rules, self-improvement, getting mad on the internet, and having no fun.
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noose-lion · 16 hours ago
Three characters I've decided must be somewhere on the Aroace spectrum as someone who is Aroace
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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saikyo-rat · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Quiet everybody
Their having a group chat
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kolkhozmilf · 18 hours ago
oh so when a man shows his gcs scars in public its empowering, but when I show mine its "holy shit that lady has her pussy out" and "ma'am you are being arrested for indecent exposure"
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nyctophobia-au · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Eep, have more reference pictures, this time for Grimm and NKG respectively. I coloured and shaded this while tipsy, so don't come for me if it looks wack, lmao. Also, a note: Me and the boys decided it would be best to come up with a good name for the Nightmare King, being that his name being an acronym is stinky and we can't just call him Grimm bc,,, well, then there would be two Grimms, LMAO. So, me and the boys decided on Viktor because I wanted an excuse to use that name. <3 Don't come for me, I just like naming the characters jkghjkhgj
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queerxqueen · 2 days ago
oh my god whats your favorite mitski song!! i need to know - and why!
first love late spring feels like too obvious an answer but it is my truth!!!! it makes me feel big feelings idk idk "one word from you and i would jump off this ledge i'm on baby" *starts sobbing*
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garoujo · 18 hours ago
toji wasn’t in the hcs but his cock is 20 inches and heavy as fuck
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justtrashperson · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
redraw of my first RT fanart ever on this account!!!111!!
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fatousfishes · 2 days ago
falsettos Amsterdam is me-phobic they cut my favourite song in each act 💔
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sage-greenery · a day ago
at this rate netflix pr is gonna start sniping anyone who mentions the idea of mike wheeler being in love with will byers
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npd-adds-to-my-sparkle · 2 days ago
I am a narc. Everyone should want to be me or hang me publicly
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wisteriaalu · 2 days ago
… ah Tumblr, the fuckin hellsite (derogatory)
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