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44. I have so many fears… but my biggest fear is the death of the people I love.

There are times when I can’t imagine my life without my bff or my cat, and I cry a lot :(

49. A month ago a girl asked me if I was a makeup artist, it’s not the first time, it’s the only compliment that makes me blush and makes me proud of my makeup🥺

67. Play video games, watch movies, write in pen, experimenting with new makeup on my face, photography and sleeping after lunch 😂

Tysm baby, love you too @lolamolag 🖤

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Aziraphale: I’ve always rather liked the theory that God appears differently to everybody. And if that’s true, then the way that I’ve seen the Almighty in the past might not be her true form, or even the way that Crowley sees her.

Crowley: I’ve never seen her.

Aziraphale: Oh?

Crowley: I’ve heard her. Never seen her though.

Aziraphale: Oh… Actually… Come to think of it…

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“Heh. You could say that. They already call me Dadforce, so might as well live up to the title.” Hubert chuckled softly and mildly shrugged, offering the anon a smile. “You’re included, too. That is, if you want to be included. I enjoy all of the askers and anons’ company.”

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14. I would like to live in Japan, because I have always loved their landscapes, their traditions, and everything!🥺

18. Grey’s Anatomy

41. (I’ll make a list of the ones I listen to the most)

1. My future, Billie Eilish

2. Vent’anni, Måneskin

3. Turbococco, Ghali

4. Destri, Gazzelle

5. Golden, Harry Styles

6. Lithium, Evanescence

7. Come as you are, Nirvana

8. Paradise, MEDUZA/Dermot Kennedy

9. Therefore I am, Billie Eilish

10. Head shoulders knees & toes, Ofenbach/Quarterhead/Norma Jean Martine

(I suggest you listen to them all, even the Italian ones)

Tysm darling @1o8percent 🖤

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Hubert sniffed slightly and just smiled warmly. “Ah, it.. makes me happy to hear that. Thank you.” He murmured gently and chuckled. “I like helping others because it makes me feel good to make them feel good. I hardly like talking about my own problems but I’d be hypocritical if I am against talking about myself.” He paused briefly to let out a sigh. “It’s… been a tough few years on me. Not just because of Jack but because of… certain other matters. To be completely honest you guys coming along and staying with me has been a pleasant experience. There’s been some hiccups but we all got through it. Together.”

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“I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Hubert smiled softly at you both and slowly pulled his hand away. He didn’t even hesitate when he wrapped his arms around you both, pulling you both into a warm, comforting embrace. He sighed softly and mumbled under his breath. “I love you all. I’m glad you all are here. If any of you need help, I’m here for you. Alright? Dadforce to the rescue.” He chuckled softly and then glanced over towards Charles who lingered near the wagon. He gestured for Charles to join them in the hug and, to his surprise, Charles timidly walked over to them. He didn’t entirely join in on the hug since he didn’t really like hugs, so he just sort of half-hugged everyone with one arm.

“We’re all just trying to survive in our own ways.” Hubert commented softly and smiled at Charles specifically. “Just to get by.”

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The last time I did not go home for Thanksgiving, I was on the other side of an ocean from my family.

This year has been and continues to be a terrible experience for so many. I hope that I’ve been able to provide a little joy in the midst of that, and I appreciate everyone continuing to read the Academy. For all my American readers, please be safe this week. If you are traveling for the holidays, or meeting with local friends, please take every precaution to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. That extends to everyone, everywhere, as we head into the holidays.

This holiday season is going to be rough. My family agreed that meeting for Thanksgiving was off the table, but we were holding out hope that maybe we could get together for Christmas. At this point, I don’t believe that can happen. I imagine many of you are having similar experiences right now, and I’m sorry. If you are having a hard time, please please please reach out for help. We have made it through this year by working together, and we can make it over the finish line together.

Stay safe, eat well, find joy where you can. Spread love, and reach out to those you care for. I wish you all the very best.

Much love,


P.S. this is going up instead of a regular Saturday post. Academy resumes on Tuesday.

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Hubert blinked slowly at you and stopped walking to face you. He offered a small, warm smile and placed a hand on your shoulder. “Things may look bleak right now but trust me, it’s going to be alright. You are a very strong individual and if you survived yesterday, you can survive today. You standing here is proof of how strong you are. You survived all your worst days and for that, I congratulate you. It’s a very good achievement. You can survive tomorrow because, after getting to know you and all of the anons, I know how powerful you are. Not just because of the magic. I know I’m not the best person for these sorts of things but trust me, alright? Your problems are valid and the fact you’re opening up and asking for a little bit of help is a sign of strength and resilience. I’m proud of you.” He whispered softly and gripped your shoulder firmly.

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