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Oh! I do remember some things about dogs!

I think I like dachshunds, the little long dogs, or just tiny little dogs in general.


They look so adorable when they get all excited, stomping feet and wagging tail, dont know what to do with all their energy. When they do run out of steam they’re perfect for laying in you’re lap…

More friendly than a cat I’d say really…



I dont think I ever owned a dog, probably a good thing considering where I am right now…

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F 🇫🇮: I found this poor hoglin stranded in the middle of the lava :(

S 🇸🇪: I believe he deserves it. After his family attacking you I think he should drown in lava. 

F 🇫🇮: Ber-

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I didnt sleep I just…


Layed here…

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SARA: …I’m going to skin you all alive.

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U: it also seems these idiots have been fighting over me. I swear, Mad Mike always has to get in some kinda fight with me. That asshole hates me.

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W- I would never! You were nice to me therefore solidifying my statement.

She crosses her arms

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I cut my finger once and was curious, and I really liked the taste so eventually I kinda got used to it?

She stabs the anon she had grabbed the wrist of

Delicious blood yeah. But I’m breaking the habit slowly

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She grabbed you wrist and dug her nails into it

Ok I think I can withstand the hallucination somewhat better for now, also youre gon die now. And I mean bloodthirsty as in I want you dead and I want blood.

*Slightly graphic detailing*

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Good grief what kind of questions is that

(( reiji anwser ..please))

…….. if i must anwser it be @laito—sakamaki and maybe that deadbat too[ @shu-sakamaki ]

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“I don’t speak.. Japanese? Chinese? Whatever that is. I think Edgar and Orange do, though. Maybe. I’m probably getting them confused. Other languages all sound the same to me.” He laughs and leans into his fist, propping his head up. “I’m not nearly smart enough to understand anything other than English.”

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Yeah! Good songs good songs

Right vibed to the music, she would eat and orinje but she doesnt know theyre there

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“Oh, I’m fine,” he reassures. “Just waiting for my sister.”

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Audio From R.E.D Base #25

Engineer: Is it…recordin’? Oh, thank god…

Miss Pauling: It’s working again?! How?! I thought you said everything was wiped! Gone!

Engineer: I know just as much as you do…I thought we were off the air for good.

Miss Pauling: [breathing heavily] Oh my god…oh my god…I thought…

Engineer: I know you did. But everythin’ is alright now. Everythin’ is fine.

Scout: Hey, you got it workin’ again! Nice! Wonder how my hell spider’s doin’.

Spy: [hoarsely] Those are two words I never thought I’d hear together…

Scout: Somethin’ tells me your gonna like ‘em. He’s all fancy, just like you. And he’s gonna make me a sword! Two words: chick magnet.

Spy: I suppose it all depends on how long it is.


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Do you know who your talking to

Why don’t you go to my brothers and find out who’s perverted

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I like.. old songs? Like dont walk away, dancing queen, or stuff like that.

Shes just all snuggled up in her blankie very comfi

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