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#anon ask
manlet-trio · a day ago
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this is a cry for help
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ahappydnp · a day ago
when phils shows the candle, is that dan sitting on the piano in the background?
I support any and all vague Dan sightings but I genuinely can’t tell alskdkdkd either way I’m saying yes because it’s what we all need
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kate-komics · 2 days ago
Favorite rarepair: Din Djarin x Jar Jar Binks :)
Ma’am, this is a Wendy’s.
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calcium-cat · 2 days ago
Hi, what story have you written that everyone knows? I’m pretty sure it’s One Small Dream? I want to read it! Or at least add it to my read later list haha
Oh cool! Here's the link to One Small Dream, I hope you enjoy! :3
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sevi-fuk · a day ago
Imagine all the Schnee’s knowing Russian except for Jacques and they just shit talk him all the time 💀
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sydneydoesstuff · 2 days ago
I just, “no attachments” as if a god apple or a totem couldn’t be the literal difference between escape and torture for Tommy right now, local rich fuck says starving and abused teen doesn’t need healthcare if they just picked themselves up by their bootstraps
I know it’s been mentioned before, but Phil has never been in a situation where he’s had nothing. He’s always been on the winning side. He’s always had stacked armor and weapons, and he’s never had to scramble to find resources in times of peril.
Tommy’s constantly having to scramble to find resources to defend himself because he’s constantly being kicked to the ground. If he has resources they’re stolen or taken from him not long after he acquires them.
It’s bold as fuck that one of the richest men on the server is preaching about how items don’t matter when he has an entire base filled of riches.
And the icing on the cake is that Phil HAS all those items but to prove his point he takes from Tommy who’s currently in peril and doesn’t have a surplus of resources. Tommy is in active danger, and like you said, that gapple could’ve been the difference between escaping and torture. Tommy doesn’t have resources right now. Any resource he has he needs, and they shouldn’t be wasted to prove a point.
I’d be a lot less pissed if Phil had taken one of his own items of value and destroyed it (not that it makes his point any more valid. See this post and read my critique on the stone metaphor, which works the same for the rapple), but no. He took from the kid who’s abuser is hunting him to prove that he can just “find another one.”
Hate to break it to him, but Tommy CAN’T just “find another one.” He doesn’t have the capabilities to go exploring for resources when his abuser is stalking him everywhere he goes.
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fixing-bad-posts · a day ago
I know it’s a submission, but I still kinda wanna see the og “wait until you hear about nonbianry people” post.
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Hello, I found your page recently and it is great to me. I really like it and find it very inspiring. I wanted to know if you could give me some promps for a couple made up of a woman who has trouble expressing her feelings and a very emotional man. It does not necessarily have to be romantic, but I look for situations that serve to make their relationship closer. As a difficulty, the environment has the technological limitations of the medieval era. Thanks.
Hi :)
I'm happy that my blog is helpful for you!
It's good that you kind of explained the time (or technical advances) where this takes place, since that is really important, but it's still hard to come up with scenarios when I know nothing about what the characters do and how they know each other. And in the medeviel era the life of someone is heavily impacted by the social class they were a part of. So the situations they could be in and have together could be very different depending on their status and their work.
Because of that I can't give you exact prompts, but here are some general tips: to form a bond between characters, you could look for situations that either make them feel very familiar with each other (they see each other everyday, they experience the same daily things) or you could have more singular situations, but with higher impact. Something dramatic (can be tragic, brutal, but also in a good way life changing for them) happens and they are the only (or one of the few) who witness it/have it happen to them. That forms an emotional bond between people fast. I think I will make a longer post about it soon, so look out for that if you're interested!
- Jana
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sonofrose · 14 hours ago
On the topic of Centaurworld, the fact the show has such a good range that it allows it to go from "haha funny fart joke" to "OH GOD OH 𝑭𝑼𝑪𝑲 ELDRITCH HORROR" is just. so amazing to me. It really is a good example that shows are starting to become more brave/risk-taking/confident when it comes to their writing/plots. Also it has an absolute banger soundtrack HSHHHFHD- IDFS Anon
I've been thinking for quite a while that western animation is really squandering its potential.
Shows like Centaurworld, Inside Job, Amphibia and The Owl House really show what can be done if given the right chance.
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granny-fujoshi · a day ago
Hello. This might be suddenly, but what do you think will be the pheromones smell that 4 boys from 19 days have if its an omegaverse?
Hi dear Anon,
I don't know shit about omegaverse really.
I'm sure this must be an unpopular opinion but I haven't been able to continue reading many ABO fics because I'm not so comfortable with the strict role assignment in general.
Even if the universe extrapolates male/female gender I think it still replicates a binary world just by swapping terminology.
He's an alpha so he's the fucker who apparently calls all the shots. He's an omega so he's the mother who must be submitted. The betas in the middle not minding anyone's businesses.
Something similar happens to me when people get obsessed with the top/bottom notion.
I do find it intriguing. So as my horny ass is always looking for horny content over the months I've been in this fandom I've found two ABO fics I enjoyed in particular.
Because I believe the universe is used in a metaphoric way. There lies my interest.
During the weekend I re-read Want me more by Miharo perusing the scent factor. This is mainly a Tianshan fic, JY and ZXX appear but on the tangent.
The author mentions the yearning their scents have on each other described as an unavoidable smoking hot attraction that quickly leads to love. But they aren't really specific about the scents the characters emit.
Just a little bit from He Tian's side:
Guan Shan smells of something warm and spicy, not really sweet but there are traces of something. It’s not like He Tian has never smelled his scent before, it’s more than familiar and comfortable, tasty and definitely to his preference.
Warm and spicy with hints of sweetness. Even if he hasn't determined what it is yet, it's a familiar comforting smell to him.
My goodness:
He takes a sharp breath, inhaling He Tian’s scent, an alpha’s scent so close to him, so delicious, so tasty and he wants nothing more than have a closer taste, indulge himself in this scent.
Both excerpts are from the first chapter. The pivoting POV in this fic is super interesting. Notice how they both use the word "tasty" to refer to one another and you've guessed it right, they are about to eat each other up.
Because Mo's heat has gone out of control on account of his confusing feelings. And stalker He Tian's strategically there to gently offer his services.
It's a hell of a horny fic.
The other one is Push/Pull by Bachtoreality, which is actually one of my favs.
It is also very horny:
So stupid to not question why somehow this feeling was stronger that night. How the usual smell of bread and milk tea that came off of Mo in light waves was suddenly crushing, cloying. Even in the crowded train station. Had he looked, really looked, he'd have seen the light blush tickling the red head's face.
Here it is very much defined. He's talking about a familiar scent, at least for us western minds. It's the smell of home which is precisely what HT wants.
A domestic future with Guanshan.
So you see, in both fics we have something in common. The scents affect the person evoking a particular memory or feeling.
Tumblr media
And because both authors have a spot-on reading of the characters the figure of speech is practically the same.
I find it beautiful.
So let's go that way, shall we? I won't talk about specificities because my sense of smell is pretty lousy.
I do love the idea of Mo smelling like home for He Tian so I'm stealing that one from our great authors. And I think this is precisely what Xixi must feel like for Jian Yi too.
But when I think about Xixi the idea of intriguing nature comes to mind. A stoic ancient beautiful tree witnessing the endless passage of time. The smell of wisdom. So I'm thinking something earthy and vegetal, the woodsy tone giving the hint of home.
Then Jian Yi must bring back childhood to him. I'm thinking sweet smells, like the intense scent of caramel invading your nostrils when you're at the movies. A lingering nostalgia of happier but sinister times. Like a Miyazaki or a Tim Burton piece.
Guanshan is smoking cigarettes in the future because he misses He Tian's scent. So He Tian is tobacco but he's also something expensive, something MGS believes he can never presume to have.
He's the smell of the ocean. Of brute force tidal waves crashing against the rocky cliff that is Mo.
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manlet-trio · a day ago
Request: Spamton NEO lifting Sans and Jevil high up into the air
Tumblr media
circle of life
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redlenai · 2 days ago
cas, mick, and jack enjoying a nice day together?
I'm sorry for have taken so long with this one! I originally planned on them going to the cinema or the aquarium but then I thought:
"What if Mick was wondering where to go with Cas and Jack and at first he thought about these places or somewhere fancy but at the end he decided to do something simple, a picnic."
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He looks so in love aasdasdasd
Tumblr media
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ahappydnp · 21 hours ago
Stop there are so many dog hints...
I am so so scared of these men
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Lmao lame bitch. Go suck his cock just like all the other idiots
Oh my fucking god! Don’t tempt me with a good time. l will gladly suck his cock any day of the week, all say long babygirl all day long
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Tumblr media
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sevi-fuk · 2 days ago
Weiss teaches her kids Russian?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah. Tho Yang dislikes it a bit, cause she can't understand
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matan4il · 2 days ago
Thank you for the meta pieces, they are increasingly becoming the nessesary part of experiencing 9-1-1 this season for me!
(sorry for the incoming rant)
Now, my own read of Buddie leans more towards the "Bromance excellentos"-side, and I usually comfortably ship long-established pairs (Bathena forever, and looove me some Hen and Karen). The way Buck and Taylor's "romance" is developing so far, though... I'd say, "uncomfortable and disconcerning" is the best way to describe it.
Last week, I had given it yet another go, as in "OK, 5.09, show us some damage, some good acting from Megan in a meaty backstory scenes; some emotional family/courtroom drama and maybe even some cool resque parallels, heck, SOMETHING to make us feel for Taylor". And I know, people would've complained that there's too much unrelated drama again. But honestly, if we were to become truly sympathetic to Taylor and/or to come on board with BT as a potential endgame r/s we kinda really needed something like that right there.
Instead, what we got was that measly wooden "tell not show" bit at the bus stop, and then the unearned and weirdly ominously shot ILUs after. Yeah, nope. At best, I'm still seeing a self-centered frenemy who had been ready to exploit and throw the entire 118 under the bus; someone shown throughout the seasons to not be a good match for Buck in terms of values and needs and too similar to the worst version of himself both. Still not making amends, not creating any connections to the firefam besides Buck himself, nor doing anything to balance out the scale even slightly (if the cringe-inducing "I'm going for the truth" bits earlier in the series were supposed to retcon the character and endear us to her, they failed miserably).
Idk what 5.10's got in store for us yet, but this lazy approach, cutting corners, and the general lack of care from TBTB make BT r/s feel cheap, inorganic, and hollow. If it's meant to come off that way—fantastic job, FOX, 10/10, mission accomplished. But if it's to be the endgame—man, will it be a tonedeaf one.
Hi Nonnie, thank you SO MUCH for the kindness! I'm so happy my meta posts are bringing you joy and enhancing your 911 experience! *hugs BIG* And I think in a sense, especially because you lean towards reading Buddie as a bromance, I appreciate your kindness and openness in reading my posts!
And for that same reason, I'm so happy you shared your own take on B/T, because it means your view of it is less hindered by the Buddie goggles. And you're confirming exactly what I suggested in my 509 meta, that the way this r/s is being told is unsatisfactory in and of itself, even for people who aren't heavily invested in Buddie as a romantic ship.
I especially wanna highlight what you said about the way Taylor got her backstory revealed to us: we had a screen showing her dad's story (yeah, I zoomed in as soon as I had the ep downloaded, read the 'article' and guessed its subject was her dad), then like you pointed out we didn't get even one scene that was just about her (a scene with her and her father excluding Buck would have been that, but instead all of her scenes were about what would Buck say and do in reaction to her. Which is why her backstory fell flat, because it was never about her), plus add to that the fact that since her return in 408, not once has 911 so much as dedicated a single set just to her (even Ana got that one scene in her living room in 408). So what I'm trying to say is that usually getting a Love Interest's backstory is a sign of how they are becoming a character in their own right, not just being a LI, and endgame couples tend to be the ones where the audience cares about both characters in their own right. Yet everything about Taylor so far shows that even after we got her backstory, she's still just a LI. It's a part of what makes 509 feel off and not hit the emotional marks that are supposed to be reached when a couple faces a challenge together. So yeah, in conclusion, I just find it hard to believe she will be Buck's endgame when she's barely a character.
Thank you for the ask, lovely! I hope you continue to enjoy my meta posts for 510 and in season 5B! xoxox
To anyone else who sent me an ask, I am going through all of them, thank you so much for your patience! If you wanna check whether I've replied to yours yet, you can have a look at my ask tag. xoxox
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formula-whine · a day ago
why do some drivers kneel and others don't? i get if alonso doesn't do it cause bestie those joints are delicate but the others? it's a bit of an awkward situation watching some drivers kneel and the others stand there lol
that is the question we've all been asking honestly! religious reasons? political reasons? sticks lodged too far up peoples asses? who knows! certainly not me!
all jokes aside though this really shows how 'as one' we race. bro they can't even unite in a one minute gesture that isn't even televised because that spot where they all read a few pretty sentences from a script plays over it.
It's pretty embarrassing. im pretty sure lewis has said before he tried to talk to the drivers who didn't kneel and engage with them but to no avail so make of that what you want.
i honestly wouldn't be surprised if it came down to convenience for some of them as in they don't want to spend energy on getting on one knee and then up again.
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imjustwritingg · a day ago
Where do you think Hailey is in the picture where she’s wearing the red turtleneck??
I’m thinking it’s either some office (Feds maybe?) or Upstead’s place. Hoping for the latter though, but it’s apparently the scene where “don’t underestimate Hailey Upton” takes pace. 😅😅
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fedonciadale · 2 days ago
totally unrelated, but thanks to dozens of meta how darkdany was foreshadowed from the beginning, I started noticing that most of characters in popular culture are psychopats 😂. no wonder her stans are so mad - they saw people like her with happy endings hundred times so why can't their fave have one. Though still don't get why they blame sansa and sansa/jonsa stans for this. GRRM is god of asoiaf, whine to him, my dudes. Good day to you, Fedon 💞
Hi there!
Thank you and Yes!
I've talked about this several times. Audiences are so accustomed to characters with questionable methods and aims being framed and lauded as heroes and getting love and occasionally a good ending, that GRRM and his nuances go completely over their head.
It is a common pattern in story telling: Start with the hero as underdog and let them fight back (and sometimes the fighting back escalates) and in the end let them win. And if the hero/heroine does some grey stuff or even bad stuff on the way, surely you can overlook that, because of their backstory. The most important thing is that they win, isn't it? And I would argue that most of the times authors don't even realize that their character does some shit on their way to their victorious endgame. They get carried away by their pro hero bias. And the dehumanizing of the hero's enemies.
Take Harry Potter. I actually like Harry but by the end of the books he's quite generous with using unforgivables (although JKR makes an effort to avoid that he has to cast a killing curse) and even if it is in a way justified because they really need to defeat Voldemort and I don't have a huge problem with that, I do have a huge problem with the fact that it is never addressed that Harry gets compromised!
It should be obvious actually that Dany's goals are selfish. She doesn't want to liberate Westeros. She wants the throne (in a way because she finally wants to feel save and loved and that is tragic!), but she wants the power for herself. Her motivation is narcissist and her tale is not even that of a fallen hero who has the right motivations but gets lost on the way. Her story is the story of someone who has self-centered goals from the beginning, she only manages to align her goals to some seemingly benevolent and liberating causes.
It is a problem of audience's expectations, and the show did all it could to play into that.
I'm not entirely sure how much of that was true already when GRRM started the books but it is an interesting trend in modern media.
Thanks for the ask!
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pplayz · 2 days ago
Can I hug Ubuntuify?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No one hug him—
Ok, ok, here, just kidding, go squish him. UwU
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why are ye guys asking in my blog to hug him—go to his blog—;-;xDDDD
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