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#anon ask
blondeboyfriend · 2 minutes ago
*buries head into neck*
I missed you. Sorry i haven’t been here much, i’ve been pretty busy with work.
*starts placing soft kisses on neck*
plays with your hair
No need to apologize, babe. I know you get busy.
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emo-rejects · 3 minutes ago
Ryuko, have you thought about marrying Mako?
Tumblr media
“Well... Not right now... Maybe one day, but I think we’re just fine bein’ girlfriends and shit aren’t we? What’s the need to rush things?”
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spfangirlnya · 3 minutes ago
Not an ask but (y/n) gives off loveable bimbo energy sometimes
Thats the harem protagonist curse 😌
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loki-darkprince-odinson · 5 minutes ago
*dashes in at top speed, skids to a stop two feet away, throws arms wide* HI!!!
Loki regards the mortal with an expression of barely veiled, arid amusement.
Tumblr media
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silverjirachi · 5 minutes ago
Silv plz you can’t leave the sadboy cocoon comment in the tags it’s too funny
the malewife evolution line is as follows:
the larval boytoy -> the sadboy cocoon -> full-grown malewife
there is an alternate evolution in the malewife line from sadboy to manwhore if you give your sadboy enough dry poffins to raise its beauty stat while still in its cocoon.  otherwise he will default evolve to malewife by level 28.
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plaidnsweaters · 5 minutes ago
Just walking along, enjoying the moment 🕸
how have your patrols been lately?
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devilish-vessel · 6 minutes ago
hi, sorry but I read ur post and i wanna know which scars did u refer to it if u don't mind.. but u can ignore my ask if u find this triggering ;; I know it can sensitive and I know that ur acc provide actual abuse and etc.. tq! ♥️ stay strong.
Hi and yes anon, this is the link to my post about it ^ you may click the link that I refer on above and no problem. you too ♥️ xx.
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candied-robot · 8 minutes ago
I wonder, could Kiibo's ahoge be a weapon? I mean, it is metal, all he gotta do is headbuty someone, and s t a b b y s t a b s t a b
《my ahoge is NOT a weapon ! it's sturdy but not sturdy enough to stab someone !!》
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butwhatifidothis · 8 minutes ago
I feel like Leonie could've been a really interesting character. A tomboy that loves hardwork and is poor but got through thanks to her village donating and sees your father as her role model. But they made her too obsessed over one person. I feel like Cyril gets the same bad writing. Could've been interesting but he's too obsessed with Rhea. Somebody should steal these two and give them better treatment.
I feel like they ought to have given them more lines about how the war and general state of things have been affecting the poorer people. More scenes like Cyril’s supports with Claude where he tells him about some of the shitty conditions the little man has to face, or even some more like Leonie’s supports with Lorenz where they show the nobility actually doing some good with the taxes they have the people pay them. Those were really interesting! It would have been really neat to see more of that
As they are, I get it, it makes perfect sense how much they talk about their idols, Cyril especially... but that sort of trait can get a little tiring to watch. Can the fandom overblow how much they talk about their role models? Pretty much yeah. Do they still talk about them a lot? Definitely.
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cometchasms · 9 minutes ago
⟟ ⋔⏃⊬ ⍜⍀ ⋔⏃⊬ ⋏⍜⏁ ⊑⏃⎐⟒ ⌇⏁⏃⏚⏚⟒⎅ ⊬⍜⎍ ⏚⟒⎎⍜⍀⟒, ⋔⏃⊬⏚⟒ ⏁⊑⏃⏁'⌇ ⍙⊑⊬
☌⍜⎅ ⎅⏃⋔⋔⟟⏁! ⏃⍀⟒ ⊬⍜⎍ ⏁⊑⟒ ⍜⋏⟒ ☌⟟⎐⟟⋏☌ ⋔⟒ ⏃⌰⌰ ⏁⊑⟒⌇⟒ ⎎⏃⋏⏁⏃⌇⊬ ⎅⍀⟒⏃⋔⌇ ⍙⊑⟒⍀⟒ ⟟ ⎅⟟⟒ ⎐⟟⏃ ⌇⏁⏃⏚⏚⟟⋏☌?!
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terriblygrimm · 9 minutes ago
oh no. what did tf*tws writer say? what's the gist? anyway at least now i understand wtf happened with eg that everyone's story was so fucked up. it's was a what if au for the writers. too bad feige and co are hellbent on making it mainline canon and erasing from the mcu anything that goes against it now. ugh. of all the movies to pick, they're hellbent on securing eg's canon. how fun.
it was just some bs article about the bucky.sarah.cut thing that went around twitter & ig. he apparently heard about it and was asked about it. all he essentially said was that their scenes “took up a lot of time in the writing room” suggesting maybe there were more scenes? but he didn’t speak to anything that was/wasn’t filmed.
it was basically an inflation article about the .5 seconds of screentime between the two of them (yet also trying to imply that they’d ultimately be a “cutesy ha-ha” headache for sam? charming???) no clue why they keep talking about it/bringing it up/having the writer comment. literally nobody cares about what wasn’t filmed? the article even went so far as to say they’d be a “power couple” (lmao heteros jfc they literally talked for .2 seconds) if they continued on in cap4 etc.
like... open ya eyes you doorknobs. you have had a power couple right in front of your face for 10 yrs with 5 movies worth of footage and backstory.
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yeagerslut · 9 minutes ago
thinking about getting my cervix bruised by kenny at least once a day too...
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goth-advancements · 9 minutes ago
do u mean to tell me that being dead is exactly the same as being alive except ur eyes are a different color and u can't die?
No+.... Using mo+ney is no+t the o+nly thing abo+ut being dead. One aspect being the same do+es no+t mean all aspects are the same.
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kanmom51 · 10 minutes ago
I have been in this fandom for a year or so and I have only encountered maybe like 2 Jikookers who were anti-Tae. That happened because I once came across a Jikook account on Twitter dedicated to reports (usually of anti-Jungkook, anti-Jimin and anti-Jikook accounts). In this case it was asking Jikookers to report an account or two of other Jikookers who were anti-Tae. I liked that they didn't just ignore the problem and I think that also says a lot about us.
I never was and never will be on Twitter.  Not my type of space.  I haven’t encountered anti-Tae Jikookers here on Tmblr, at least not anyone I follow or have been privy to their content, quite the opposite.  What I see amongst Jikookers is a great appreciation of Tae’s relationships over the years with JM and JK.
It’s nice to hear that even if there is hate it is not ignored by other Jikookers, and taken care of, and yes, I think it does say a lot about us.
I have said this before and I will say this again... I feel JKK’s hope for JK & JM’s happiness.  That’s what is important here.  Not some kind of competition of who’s better, who’s closer.  
We believe JK&JM are a couple, yes.  But we also have no issue with the special bond JM & Tae have.  And that’s the difference in a nut shell.  TKK’s are not willing to accept the bond between JK & JM, whatever it may be.  It threatens them, and it makes no difference to them if it makes JK happy or not.  Who the actually f...k cares if JK or Tae or JM are happy??  Main thing is TKK is real.  
For me it’s the absolute opposite.   Main thing is that JK or JM or Tae are happy.  Who the actually f..k cares who they find that happiness with???
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rslashrats · 10 minutes ago
Biasexual is very cool to me it sounds like quantum physics. Simultaneously attracted to every gender and also none at all
you get it. you get it.....
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akvilenotfound · 11 minutes ago
please... the projector. hand it over
i recommend 100%, the experience is just so fun :DDDD i’ve had this for like a year but never used it till i started seeing tiktoks of it and honestly so worth the hype, feel like i’m at my own little movie theatre but in BED :D
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floof-ghostie · 11 minutes ago
It's "management" course not "business" course shawty 😩
They're two different things. Business is basically making a business. Management is like organizing. Organize an event, organize a business, organize a company, etc.
Ohhhh. Okay thanks anon! I assumed it was the business course bc everyone called it that, my bad!
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02xp · 12 minutes ago
mechsuit follower making fun of the fact you're white when mechsuit is white
Tumblr media
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ask-hex-and-whitty · 13 minutes ago
*C!Pop Anon prepared theirselves for the rap battle, observing Hex’s actions as they seemed to feel bad for corrupting him. Though, it would be just acting until this is dropped.*
*”..Pop is ready when Friend is.” They’d say.*
The basketball bot nodded, starting to sing. He knew the severity of this situation, his expression showing that, looking very tense.
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