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#anon ask

Alsjakdjlskflg oh Cowboy you’re so adorable 🙈 of course I don’t mind you asking!! I grew up eating guava, and it wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I realized a lot of people don’t know what it is!!

So guava is a fruit that looks like this


And the jelly is made from the fruit and looks like this


It’s really hard to describe how it tastes, but it’s flowery and kind of like a mango?? Sweeter than a mango, though. I’ve never met anyone who dislikes it!!

You can also get the jelly in something more like fruit leather, and that’s the best stuff to put on grilled cheese because it gets all melty 😉

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Ohhh you sneaky little thing 😏 How about we snuggle while I finish writing it?? That way you can make sure I don’t get distracted and I can actually make some decent progress


Originally posted by jensenwearingbearboxers

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if i gotta pee i gotta pee my dude. i simply do not care if someone comes into the bathroom and looks like or even is a man. there are toilets in mens rest rooms too. if i gotta go i gotta go.

why aren’t there urinals at home? toilets seem pretty efficient to me. plus bidets.

i don’t know why this was sent to me either but i simply just..

when it comes to trans folk, the issue lies more with being accepted in those rooms and spaces. and they should be. we all have to use the bathroom. there are times where they can’t even go to their assigned at birth correlating bathroom because transphobes won’t want a trans person there either. just let people pee in peace.

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okay i probably should’ve explained this sorry 😭

ig it means both?? cause i’m older than 18 and i also wish that minors don’t interact w my mature works, and of course i got some posts that aren’t 18+ and they could read that instead, but i feel like they wouldn’t listen and just do whatever they want. but please, if anyone reading this isn’t 18 or older, please don’t read them mature stories, or i’ll block you lol

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hey sorry it took so long for me to answer! :(

but i’m currently working on pt2 so don’t worry, i’ll post it as soon as i’m done :D

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Oh my god I think I remember you!! I remember coming home from classes and seeing a form of that ask!! Thank you for always making me smile anon :) I hope you are doing amazing and that you are filled with blessings!! I hope you’re having an amazing day / night as well :)

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There Adelaide makes her grand entrance like the queen she is. Now we get to find out about Magdalena: she made a deal with a god/spirit that was able to control time. With her new abilities she terrorized the sea, until Adelaide didn’t defeat her and Magda vanished. It is also revealed that since MC and Robert were able to use the compass it means they are Magdas descendants. So they go to catch up with the admiral and battle happens, but the admiral already reached the temple.

So when they catch up with him, they find out that amongs other things he brought Magda back. Final battle happens, Edward v admiral and Adelaide v Magdalena and in the end MC, Robert and Adelaide end up in the Spirit world and the spirits give those two a choice: stay in the past and forget about the future or go home permanently. The end.

Your crossover idea is soooo much better than what PB gave us. That DS finale had more holes than 🧀. I really appreciate RC for giving us a choice between joining Manta/Mermaid or staying with our endgame LI in the epilogue. And yes, Magdalena must have made some kind of deal with the spirits in order to gain that power (similar to Adelaide’s deal with Xibalba). This final battle would be epic with powerful sorceress on both sides, instead of ‘Oh, the MC suddenly discovered the portal and gained chronokinesis out of nowhere and yeeted the admiral within seconds’. Cmon PB, that was so lame. 🙄

Okay, this is turning into a personal rant. Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas!

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I’m having a rough night. Someone talk to me. Ask me anons. Tell me something funny. Tell me something good that happened to you today. Just please be nice and not creepy. Just could use some company tonight.

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Juke Or Julie/Nick?

While I thinkJuke has more or that spark (and I definitely do ship it more), I think Julie/Nick is a better long term, cause A) he’s alive and B) it would be a cool character development thing

Willex Or Luke/Alex

Willex all the way (ngl I ship Luke more with Reggie)

Something You Want To See In S2?

Ooooh, okay so there was this one line Willie said about Caleb letting the lifers sign up to join the club for eternity (just phrased better and maybe a bit more cryptically) which would mean seeing Caleb as more that just harmful to our main characters which would be super fun to watch

Also julie’s mom being Rose (at first I definitely didn’t realize that this wasn’t canon until I saw a post that was a theory about it)

And of course what the history is between Carrie and Julie (and Flynn, she seems too bitter to not have been heavily involved in that mess)

And Julie singing in Spanish (You gave me a Puerto Rican character what do you expect? ❤️🇵🇷)

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