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#male reader
iznsfw · a day ago
Can we have a nayeon smut please :))
Up and Down
Im Nayeon x M!Reader Smut
Notes: Since Nayeon is too hot, this will be the only time I'll write for a group not in my list. Don't expect more though.
Tumblr media
What goes up must come down.
The quote applies to everything, literally and figuratively, though not many people realize so. A bout of overconfidence can bring a person down into a loophole of failure. A ball can bounce as high as it could and gravity would still bring it back onto the floor of the covered basketball court.
That's just how everything works.
For example, Nayeon's firm ass lifting itself high and slamming back onto your lap again. Her body sinking back onto your dick. Her tits bouncing up and down as she humps your dick desperately, endless sighs of pleasure leaving her mouth.
Her back is turned to you—a reverse cowgirl—and your own rests heavily against the headboard of the creaking bed, but you can perfectly picture the expression on her face: eyes rolled back and mouth wide open, tongue sticking out. You groan out at just imagining it, but your second groan is now induced by how roughly she rides you. Her legs shake and her walls suddenly constrict tighter around you, bringing her to the umpteenth orgasm of the night.
"Oh—ohhh!" Nayeon gasps. Her legs feel like jelly and her core is tight with heat. Nevertheless, she continues her riding. Her abundant wetness coats your cock from mushroom head to base. She whimpers and quivers with every rough bounce.
She doesn't even need to undress for you to find her so fucking hot. All she has to do is lift that miniskirt high and grip onto the bedsheets rfor dear life. Oh, and moan just like that. Her moans provoke animalistic desires within you, that being the reason for the bed stained with white cum and milky thighs still being spread wide despite the many orgasms you have already lost count of.
With a whimper, she circles her hips, loving the feeling of your cock rubbing against her walls. Her hand removes itself from the sheets to rub her slick clit in circles. That little action causes her to spasm and shake violently. Nayeon's hips rise again and back down. She fucks herself onto your cock, desperate to feel more of your cum gushing inside her like a waterfall.
Her breath hitches. "Ahh, f-fuck." She pauses for a while, but you do not let her. This is not the time to rest. Grab her waist, slam her up and down on your dick like a rag doll and she screams. "Fuck! Harder, harder!"
When her screamed pleads are obeyed, Nayeon shakes even more. You cum into her with a loud grunt of your own, filling her insides with semen and fucking what drips out into her hole.
For this night, Im Nayeon is nothing but a sex doll. A doll to be used and played with till it breaks. She is beginning to crack, her screams getting louder and louder plus her cunt spraying girl cum all over the blanket, and you know that the rough night would soon come to an end.
Might as well make the most out of it while it lasts.
Sweat rolls down both of your bodies that even the air conditioner in the room cannot cool. The cool air makes her nipples erect underneath the blue fabric; you pinch them in between your fingers and palm them while continuing the assault on Nayeon's overused hole. Run your hands all over her sensitive body and prod her thighs open wider, stretching her apart with how your cock struggles to fit inside her.
You make it fit. But no matter how many times you've fucked her senseless, she still remains tight as ever as if it is the first time she has been penetrated. Everything is always just as euphoric—if not better—than the first time.
Nayeon shakes and cries out. Her weak body slumps against yours, head thrown back on your shoulder. You ejaculate again and pound overflowing ropes of cum into her. She quivers as she receives what seems to be her… ninth load of the night? No, maybe it's just the seventh. Or is it actually the eleventh?
Whatever it is, it sure isn't the last.
Another round of ups and downs.
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jettsdraft · a day ago
Opulent ft. Miyawaki Sakura
Tumblr media
Tags: Femdom, Degradation, Humiliation, rich as fuck Sakura
Words - 8675
A/N - Thanks @worldsover for editing this for me and everything else you have helped me with. You are the best.
Life has taken many strange turns for you over the nine months. An initial sin of the flesh in the dirty club bathroom transformed into a lucrative job and, well, even more sinning. Who knew the woman that demanded you “fuck her like a cheap whore” was anything but that. 
After a night of non-stop fucking, where you desecrated just about every inch of your shitty apartment, she passed out in your bed, arms tangled and breath ragged as that post-sex high came to an end, and you followed soon after. 
The next day she was gone. The apartment looked as if a storm had passed through. In a way, there was one, a barrage of grunt and moans, of sweat and cum. On the nightstand lay her panties, the same ones you couldn’t get enough of lewdly sniffing. On top of it was a sleek-looking business card in pink and white. The gold font shined. 
Miyawaki Tech. 
Miyawaki Sakura. CEO
She turned out to be one of the most influential people in Asia and #1 on the Forbes 30 under 30. Her first million at 20 and a billion the following year. Her company, Miyawaki Tech, was an industry-leading company.
You nearly fainted when you found out. Then, when you turned it over, there was a hastily written note on it. 
Thanks for the fun last night. 
Call me xxx-xxxx-xxx
That morning after you recovered from the mental breakdown, you called that number. 
A simple phone call led to the wildest nine months of your life. You went from living in a shit apartment in Seoul, eating ramen daily, to a high-rise penthouse that spanned 3 floors in downtown Tokyo with a magnificent view of Tokyo Bay. However, despite the endless riches, you still ate plenty of ramen, not out of necessity this time but due to Sakura’s insatiable hunger after a long night fucking on whatever surface she demanded you fuck her on.
Life was a wild ride, and you took it in stride. 
That all leads you to this moment. 
You take a brief second to check the time. Pulling back your sleeve reveals a shining gold Rolex Bao Dai. Sakura handed you the gift after your first month of employment. You later found out the watch cost no less than 3 million conservatively, yet she tossed it to you as if it was an afterthought. 
Six in the afternoon. After you walk past your desk, you push in the large mahogany doors and enter Sakura’s office. You’ve gotten to know the spacious area well, especially the grand antique desk in the middle. Behind it, floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the Tokyo skyline. 
To your left, Sakura has every game console imaginable—even some in production—all hooked up to a flat-screen TV, plus a comfortable sofa that you’ve also been well acquainted with by now. The right side of the office leads to a bathroom and a walk-in closet as well as a bedroom for late nights at work. Sakura made sure it was used at least a few times a week. 
Finally, behind the desk is Sakura herself sporting a high ponytail hanging just below her neck.  She was wearing a modern take on a kimono, ornate flower designs swirls around the black and blue silk. Her back arches as she slumped in her chair, face contorted in annoyance, and voice just barely under her control. Her eyes cut up towards you for a split second, the beautiful large brown orbs tinged in annoyance. The look she gave you is all you need.
Sakura clicks a button on her desk, and the glass windows by her door all darken. 
That’s your cue. 
“Yes, I’m still listening. I’m just choosing to ignore everything you’ve said on account that it’s all bullshit.” Sakura growls. She pushes her chair back to let you slip in and get on your knees, then looks down and mouths “get to work” before giving you a sly grin. 
As always, you follow her orders.
Her black and blue lace panties are utterly soaked—Sakura always did get extremely horny when angry. 
You slide the panties aside and waste no time, diving straight for her soaking pussy to provide some form of relief to her ever-building stress. 
Sakura normally likes when you take your sweet time, but given her current levels of anger, that would only piss her off further. Therefore, you go straight for it, tongue expertly finding each spot you knew would make her melt. She’s barely able to hold back a moan when you lap over her clit. Your tongue takes the bundle of nerves and swirls all over it.
Her reaction is almost immediate. Sakura takes one hand and digs her nails painfully deep into the back of your head and pushes you further in, suffocating you in her wet cunt. “Go ahead! Sue me! My legal team will bury you so deep in legal fees your grandchildren will be paying it off!” 
Looking up from where you are, you can see her face contorting, from her visible rage into half-lidded eyes and a mouth that hangs slightly open. 
Sakura mouths multiple “god yes right there” and you focus on the task at hand, like the 5-star employee you are, her satisfaction over all else. Your tongue works double-time to elicit more moans. You crave to see your work reflected in her eyes and the way she’s barely able to concentrate on the conversation.
“Ah fuck,” Sakura says, barely above a whisper. She shifts in her seat and spreads her legs wider to invite you further—only for her to collapse them and grip your head tight. Her hands quickly find the speaker button, and she sets the phone onto her desk.
“As I was saying, Ms. Miyawaki, your company has stolen my...” A boring-sounding man drones on, but its background noise compared to the whimpers and moans Sakura is letting out.
“Oh yes, ahhh, shit.” 
“Excuse me?” 
“Fuck,” Sakura mutters under her breath. “Like I said. Sue, as if I could give a shit. These claims are half-assed, and—oh shit—so, go ahead. Continue this discussion with my legal team.” 
“I don’t think you understand the gravity of—”
Click. The line ends silent, Sakura’s cue to scream like a banshee. “Ahh! God, baby, you are so good at that. Your tongue is magical. I’m close, so don't you dare stop.” Sakura grips your hair tighter and clamps down harder on your head, her toned thighs putting immense pressure on you, though it translates into nothing but pleasure. “Oh fuck yessss! You—right there, yes!” 
Your tongue pushes her right over. A few more expert licks, a flick of your tongue, and Sakura comes tumbling down. You feel her fluid all around you, and her pussy clenches in on nothing as she comes down from the aftershocks of the orgasm. You lap up the excess, then kiss her down her thighs and all around.
The normally shy, reserved woman is reduced to a bumbling mess of expletives and compliments. She comes down from the high, her legs letting go, then pulls your head away from her pussy, wanting to taste herself on your lips. 
You crash your lips into hers letting yourself melt into her sweet taste. 
Sakura moans softly at her own sweetness. “Thank you. I needed that.”
“Mhmm. I’m glad I can help Ms. Miyawaki.” You trail kisses down her neck and draw another moan out of her. 
“I bet you did.” 
“I’m here to serve and pleasure you.”
Sakura chuckles, pulls you away from her, and rubs the underside of your chin. “Good boy. Now go get the car ready. We’re meeting a friend.” She taps your cheek and sends you off. 
“I’m leaving now. I should be there in 30 minutes,” Sakura says, the elevator dings, and you let her walk out into the parking garage first, trailing close behind her. “I’ll see you soon.”
She hangs up the phone just as you open the glass door for her, her all-black Lamborghini Urus waiting right outside.
“Who was that?” you ask while you make your way towards the car. 
A glint of mischief flashed in her eyes before she replies to you. “I don’t pay you to ask questions, do I?”
“No, ma’am.” You shake your head. So this is where the night is going. Shake your head and open the passenger side door for her. 
“I sent you the address. Drive,” Sakura orders before you can even settle into the driver’s seat. She puts her Air Pods in and buddies herself with whatever mobile game she’s currently into. 
Tonight is going to be a long night.
Sakura exits the vehicle without a word as soon as you open it, and the valet and doorman bow when they spot her.
“Ms. Miyawaki,” they say simultaneously.  Sakura gives them a brief nod, more acknowledgment than she’s given to you in the past hour.
You toss the keys towards the valet before you break into a jog to keep up with Sakura, entering the bar just before the doorman shuts it.
A spacious, dimly lit bar comes into view after walking past a security checkpoint. Velvet sofas, high towering shelves of the world's most expensive alcohols line the back wall of the bar. A spiral staircase to the left winds up and leads to another section of the bar with private rooms and more luxurious couches, tables, and unpronounceable alcohol. 
This isn't your typical bar full of drunk college students drinking the cheapest soju they can get their hands on trying to get lucky for the night. This is a high-class establishment that doesn’t exist for the average person, a place where business deals are made, information is traded, and sometimes, where steam is let loose. 
You're familiar with the place, having been here on many occasions whenever Sakura closed a deal. 
The most notable visit was when you met Kwon Eunbi, a hotel mogul who was receiving a generous investment from Sakura. It was a tenuous situation for most of the night, each side unrelenting in their stance. 
Finally, someone broke. You couldn’t remember who relented first. What you did remember was a bottle of Ace of Spades being popped by Sakura and Eunbi. The women drank it straight out of the bottle; soon enough, they had a private room where clothes came off and the expensive golden liquid was served down Sakura’s cleavage, and likewise Eunbi’s mountainous tits, trickling down to her wet cunt and straight into your mouth. You distinctly remember Eunbi asking you, “Does the champagne taste better now that it’s run down through my pussy?” 
That was followed by a haze of sweat and sex, of moan and screams where both women took turns fucking you, fucking each other, fucking themselves as you fucked one of the other. The end result was you passed out between them. Your last memory of the night was seeing hot sticky liquid on Eunbi’s chest which heaved up and down, a satisfied smile on her lips, while Sakura curled next to you on the left. Her lips parted just barely, and her warm breath prickled your ear as she nuzzled closer to your neck. 
You shake your head and focus on the current night. 
“Are we here to meet Ms. Eunbi again?” you ask. 
Sakura stops on a dime and turns to look up at you. Her large eyes sharpen. “I don’t recall giving you permission to speak. Did I?”
You stay silent. 
“And now you aren’t replying to my question,” Sakura says, tone dancing dangerously between playful and angry, brows raised. 
You shrink at her gaze. “Sorry, Ms. Miyawaki. It won’t happen again.” 
“Hmmm.” As quickly as she stops, she continues onwards in making her way up the spiral stairs. 
You gather yourself and follow close behind with two steps at a time to catch up. By the time you reach the top, you can hear her voice brimming with enthusiasm as she greets someone. 
“Ah! Mina-San! I’m so sorry I’m late.” Sakura nods her head your way just as your foot reaches the top step. “Good help is so hard to find these days.”
“Don’t worry about it!” Mina gives you the briefest of glances before she turns her attention back to Sakura and waves her hand. “And please, just call me Mina.”
The two women’s heels echo as they make their way to a marble table. Taking cautious steps, you follow them, unsure whether Sakura wants you to join her or make yourself invisible. 
You hear hushed tones and spot quick glances thrown your way as the two women get to chatting. The soft melody the pianist played in the corner makes it difficult to eavesdrop, and you're almost certain Sakura is purposely speaking in hushed tones. However, you grasp a sentence from Mina which she punctuates with a shrug. 
“So that’s your new ‘assistant’ huh? Not bad. He’s cute. Looks like he takes himself a bit too seriously. Reminds me of my assistant.”
They immediately go back to hushed tones, keeping up the glances every few minutes as they laugh amongst themselves. 
“He’s good, I’m assuming? That watch on his wrist cost what? 5 million? I’m sure you didn’t give that to him as a participation award,” Mina says. They’re definitely speaking louder when they want to be heard.
“Mhmm. I wouldn’t keep him around if he wasn’t. Bit dense though.”
“Just gotta whip it into them. It’ll come.” 
Mina and Sakura both glance at you after that, and it is impossible to hide what you’re doing. 
You approach when Sakura snaps her fingers. “You know eavesdropping is rude, right?”
“Yes. Ma’am, I—“ You loosen the tie on your neck; it feels like it’s choking you with the way the two women’s gazes bore a hole into your soul. 
“I don’t wanna hear whatever pathetic excuse you have lined up,” Sakura says icily. “Go make yourself useful and get us some drinks. You can manage that, can’t you?”
“Of course. The usual, Ms. Miyawaki?” 
Sakura hums in reply. 
You turn your gaze to the other person in front of her. For the first time tonight, you can see the woman. The dim lighting didn’t do her justice. Jet-black hair cascades down past her shoulders. Buttons line down the middle of a black checkered dress while a Chanel jacket covers her shoulders. 
Your eyes linger for a second too long, and you catch Sakura’s look, a flint of anger being sparked in them. You clear your throat and look back at Mina, pretending as if Sakura isn’t murdering you with her gaze. “For you, miss?” 
“Myoui. Ask the bartender to pull a bottle of red wine from my private collection and two glasses,” Mina says, barely looking at you. 
“I’ll be right back.” 
After you turn the corner, you practically sprint down the stairs. You want to be as far away from Sakura’s murderous glare and you dread the return back up. 
The rest of the night is uneventful after dodging that bullet with Sakura, who seemingly drops the issue. Maybe it’s because the two finish the bottle of wine that undoubtedly costs more than yearly tuition at most universities. 
You find yourself seated at a table just to their left in case they need something. However, they barely pay attention to you, save for some brief glances and giggles that you’re certain have something to do with you. 
The night nears its end. Mina mentions that her ride is on the way and that she has an early flight to catch back to Seoul. A few more words are exchanged, and Sakura excuses herself for the bathroom. You get up to follow but are quickly waved off. 
“Go get the car ready,” Sakura orders before she walks off.
You slowly get up from your seat, trying to read into her tone and whether or not she’s actually pissed or just putting up an act. Unfortunately, you find yourself so lost in your thoughts that Mina is able to take a seat in front of you before you can react. 
“Ms. Myoui, I should get going. Sakura likes the car is warm when she—“
“What’s the rush?” Mina chuckles lightly. She places a hand on your arm to stop you from moving. “Sakura’s going to be a minute. I just want to chat,” she says with a warm smile which almost lulled you into believing she wasn’t up to something. 
You stand still, unable to move. 
“Strong and silent, huh? Sakura does have a type. How long have you two been together?”
“Oh, it’s not like that. I’m her—”
“Yeah, right, you don’t need to be so secretive about it. Sakura told me all about you, even heard a bit about you from Eunbi.” Mina leans in close. “Eunbi mentioned you wore them both out that night. That true, stud?”
Her hot breath sends shivers down your spine. Mina pulls away, a sly smirk on her face. “Eunbi is an insatiable bitch. Her and shy Kkura at the same time? Must have been a dream come true for you. Was Eunbi everything you thought she would be?”
You shake your head in reply, but Mina cuts you off before you could say anything else. 
“Please,” she says dryly. “No need to be shy. Her modeling career is what gave her the money to start all those hotels. She’s got a body built for good sex. Don’t tell me you never thought about it.” 
“I should really get going. Ms. Miyawaki hates getting into a cold car.” 
“You’re no fun.” Mina snorts and lets go of your arm. “Fine. Have it your way.” Her voice is laced with mischief, her eyes looking right behind you. 
Before you can turn around, Mina whispers in your ear, “Have a great rest of the night.” She pats your chest and walks away. The clicking off her heels grows more distant when she descends the spiral staircase. 
You turn around to be greeted by the sight of Sakura. Though she tries her best to show some level of composure in a public setting, she’s seething. She takes controlled steps towards you, the taps of her heels more ominous than Mina’s. 
“What do you think you’re doing?” Her eyes burn into your soul, her nostrils flared from the rapid breathing as she tries to control her rage.  
“Ah, nothing, I, I just, Ms. Myoui was, you know—“
“Oh, so it’s Ms. Myoui now? Do I need to remind you who you work for? Or do you not value your job at all?” Sakura’s polar white teeth clash together as she bites back even more venom she wants to spew.
“N-no nothing like that. I just said it out of respect and you—of course, I like working with you, Sakura. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me!“ You know your words will dictate how the night will go. Judging by how Sakura is murdering you with her eyes and clenching her fist, it’ll be the opposite of good. At this rate, you might end up sleeping on the balcony. Sure, the balcony is larger than most people’s bedrooms, but it’s a balcony nonetheless.
“Sakura?” The single-word question Sakura utters out with indignation is all she needs to say.
Yep, you fucked up. “Ms. Miyawaki, I mean—I’m sor—“ 
Sakura ignores your attempts to apologize. She walks right up to you and, before you can react, jabs a finger to your chest. 
“You call me Sakura?” She jabs again, pushing you back towards the table. “Yet you’re going to show ‘respect’ to Mina?” Another jab, this time backing you even closer to the table. “You sit here, let her touch you, flirt with you? How about you show me some fucking respect.” One last jab, and you find your hands grasping at the marble table behind your back. “The best thing that’s ever happened to you, with the way you eye-fucked Mina?” Sakura sneers. 
“It really wasn’t like that, Ms. Miyawaki!” You raise your hands to protest your innocence, but she’s not having any of it.
“I didn’t ask for your pathetic excuse, did I?” 
Her phone buzzes, and she takes a calming sigh before taking a look at the message. A few seconds pass before the phone is back in her purse. 
Sakura takes a moment to scan your face. Her expression calms down from pure rage to blankness, like a brewing storm that somehow loses its power before it can find land. 
Instead, a smirk grows. 
That’s probably the scariest look she’s given tonight.
“Let’s go.” Sakura turns on a dime and before you can recover, she’s already heading down walking towards the stairs. 
“Are you trying to go piss me off?” Sakura says without looking back. 
“No, ma’am.” No point in questioning it. You follow her down the stairs, out the door, and toss the keys towards the valet. 
The annoyance is clear on Sakura’s face when she looks at you. A strong breeze blasts by, and Sakura curls into her dark kimono to heat herself up, but the thin fabric doesn't help. 
You slip your jacket off and hang them over her shoulders. 
Sakura embraces the warmth, wrapping it tightly around her and expelling a content sigh. 
A smile finds its way on your face when you see her smile, though it’s short-lived when Sakura looks at you in annoyance again. 
“Asshole,” Sakura utters to the void. The cold night air carries the word said under her breath away. Hopefully, the wind takes her ire as well.
The crisis seems to have been averted. 
Or so you think. 
The drive home is a blur. You sink as far into the Italian leather seats as possible, taking a few glances into the rearview mirror in hopes of catching Sakura’s eyes, but she never does, never even comes close to looking your way. 
So she’s still mad.
How mad?
You clear your throat. “Do you want to eat ramen and play League tonight?” 
Sakura loved to wind down the day by eating salty-as-all-hell ramen and duo-queuing with you in League. This would surely coax a reply out of her.
She looks up at you: a matter of fact expression on her face, a glare that could cut thousands of men down where they stand, and a deep annoyed sigh—why the fuck am I with you, you can imagine the words—then she looks back down at her phone silently.
You can take the hint.
“Look, Sakura, I’m sorry I—“ The door shuts behind you.
She takes off your coat and tosses it back to you. 
“Shut up,” Sakura says blankly. She walks down the hardwood hallway that leads straight to the master bedroom you two shared. Like a master calling its dog, she says, “Come here.” 
Your body is on autopilot, you follow the siren song without question. 
Sakura’s waiting for you in the middle of the room, between the elevated king-size bed and the flatscreen TV that lines the whole wall opposite the bed. The ceiling lights remain off; instead, Sakura opts to turn on the lamps around the room. She looks like a villain waiting to tell the hero exactly how he fucked up. 
The windows serve as the perfect backdrop. Sakura’s back faces the floor-to-ceiling windows that give you a magnificent view in the morning time, the same windows you’ve fucked her on many times—no chance that’s where this is going. 
“Strip.” She doesn’t wait for you to fully enter the dimly lit room. Sakura taps on the floor impatiently, waiting for you to drop to your knees. Her command was clear. 
“Sakura—look, I’m so sorry, but it’s not like… I wasn’t flirting or talking to Mina. She was the one hitting on me!” For each word you drone on, Sakura is getting more annoyed. You take slow steps towards her.
Her foot stops tapping. “Are you finished? You still have your clothes on.” Sakura gets closer. “You need to accept your punishment if you want me to forgive you,” she whispers. Her breath burns your ear, and her words echo in your brain.
Silence is golden. You already knew that, but it takes Sakura’s seductive voice for you to heed her rule as you strip for your penance.
Sakura doesn’t bother waiting for you to finish since she’s seen you naked a million times. Instead, she walks away sometime between your belt coming off and your shirt going over your head to be removed. Her heels reverberate as she walks somewhere—you assume the apartment-sized walk-in closet—but she’s back in front of you before you can even decipher where she went. 
A pair of rose gold, diamond-encrusted handcuffs spin in Sakura’s left hand as she looks you up and down like a slab of fuck meat for her to enjoy. Her right hand on her chin, fingers bit down on, then she grins a painfully seductive grin. “Hmmm, cute. I had planned to fuck you all night after messing around a little.” Sakura places her right hand on your naked chest then traces random patterns on your upper body before she makes her way to your abs. 
“Sakuraa, ahh” you moan. You love her touch, how her slender fingers feel when it’s wrapped around your cock, or when she makes you lick them clean after she fingers herself stupid. Instinctively, your hands reach for her kimono, but she smacks them away. 
“Put your hands behind your back. You don’t get to touch tonight,” Sakura says coldly, and her grin grows at your crestfallen face. 
Without hesitance, you follow her command against every fiber of your body that wants to melt into her skin. 
“Good. As I was saying...” Sakura follows no pattern as she traces her fingers down your body, her left hand still spinning the cuffs. She inches closer to your erection, already impossibly hard. “I was planning on using this cock,” she says while she squeezes your cock, using just a tiny bit of force to scrape them with her nails, “for its intended purpose, but seeing as how you thought it’d be a good idea to flirt with that Myoui slut….” 
Sakura’s smile was wide and right in front of your face. You didn’t know when she got close to you because her iron grip on your cock was brutal, compelling. 
“Sakura. Ngh.” You feel yourself buckle even as her touch weakens your senses. Her grip becomes less painful and more pleasurable when she makes just the slightest movements. Sakura knows you inside and out, and she works with that knowledge to drive you further into a corner. 
“Shhh. I didn’t ask you to speak, dumbass.” Sakura slowly strokes, your precum slicking her hand. “Oh, don’t tell me you’re gonna cum from just...” She leans into your left ear. “Fucking pathetic.”
“Please, I need…. I’m sorry.”
“Are you?” she goads, quickening her stories. 
“I’m so sorry, Sak-k-kura,” you stutter out, unable to keep your composure. 
Sakura’s grin grew wider. “Oh, yeah? Beg for forgiveness then.” 
You beg, plead, cry for mercy at the altar of your goddess with the conviction that could convince god to give Lucifer a second chance, but Sakura isn’t that merciful, not tonight. Your cries of mercy fall on deaf ears. 
Her eyes meet yours while she listens to your pleas. They notch into your soul then slip down to watch every twitch you make when she removes her hand from your throbbing cock. 
“It’s not gonna come that easy,” Sakura husks into your ear before she pulls away. “Lay on the bed.”
You hesitate for a beat, partly to recover from the brutal edging and partly to come up with anything that you could trade to grant you favor with the goddess. 
Sakura, however, doesn’t want favors: she could buy the world—what good is a favor? What she does want is to hear you beg for forgiveness, on her terms. “Bed. Now.” Her order is absolute.
There isn’t any negation after that. You close your eyes and let her pull you around like a toy.
That was the first thought you had after you stripped down to nothing. Now it’s even more chilly on your wrists when the ridiculous-looking gold and diamond cuffs lock your hands up above your head, over one of the wooden bars of the headboard. The second thought is how Sakura’s warm body contrasts yours. Heat radiates from her pussy which sits upon your chest, her thighs under your armpits. You take a peek down: her dress rides up and could give you easy access to her panties slicked with girl cum. The same underwear you carelessly slipped aside earlier now feels miles out of reach. 
Sakura is sharp; she doesn’t miss the way you steal glances. “Keep looking.” She leans down. “It would have been all yours tonight to fucking wreck.”
You pull at the cuffs, desperate to touch the woman who’s on top of you, to show her how sorry you are. 
“Aww, is my bitch struggling? God, you look so pathetic right now.” Sakura slides down your body, finding her pussy on your abs. She grinds on them and spreads her juices all over, the slick sound so sinfully delightful to your ears. 
Sakura keeps piercing her gaze into yours. She knows what you’re thinking, what you want. After all, her punishment is meant to take that away. 
Above everything else, you want—need—to grasp at Sakura, pull her close, grab her thighs, and use them to rock her back and forth on your abs until she screams out orgasm after blissful orgasm. To be denied the natural instinct to touch such a magnificently beautiful, such an impossibly close woman is brutal. 
Brutal has always been part of Sakura—you know what you signed up for. She’s brutal in the way her eyes glint with cruel thoughts, in the way she rubs her thighs on your sides as she rides your abs, in the way she moans for you, silently asking you to “fuck me stupid” while knowing full well she’s making that task impossible. 
Every move is planned, from her lustful voice to her teasing, a ghost of a touch on your cock when she leans back, pretending to give you a taste of heaven. 
“Sakura.“ Your voice comes out desperate and pleading. Though you’re on your unclad back, you feel like you’ve been brought to your knees.
“Ms. Miyawaki,” she corrects with a grunt. Her voice is hoarse. “Fuck.” 
You feel her thighs tightening impossibly hard, but she squeezes harder with her hands that find purchase on your chest, gripping and clawing at your upper body. 
Sakura clenches once more, pinches your nipples, a reflection of what you would do to her under normal circumstances. You can’t comprehend the vigor at which she rides your abs and fucks herself on your body like a toy, yet you know it’s sufficient to send her over the edge. Falling forward, Sakura catches herself, palms on your chest while nails dig into your skin deeper, surely leaving claw marks by now. “Maybe this will be your life from now on. Why do I need to let you cum? I can use your body as my fucktoy and give you no pleasure.”
“Ms. Miyawaki, please… I’m so sorry, it won’t happen again.” You watch as she tucks her hair back and makes her distinct ears stand out; you watch how they perk up at your pleading, how her grin grows; you watch because it’s all you can do. 
“Now you’re learning.” Sakura peppers your chest with kisses as her nails dig in and trace abstract shapes on your sides. “More—“ 
You whine pathetically when Sakura bites down hard on your nipple. 
“I want to hear more. I want to hear you beg like the pathetic loser you are.”
“Mnh! I promise it won’t happen again. I’ll stay far away from Ms. Myoui—“ Sakura stills herself and flicks her eyes up to you. “I mean that Myoui slut.” 
Sakura hums in approval then moves further up until she finally gives you some satisfaction with lips landing upon yours. Her passion coaxes out more pleading noises, but they go straight into her mouth. The first kiss is wet; the second and third and countless others are dirty, quick, and hungry. 
You beg your goddess further for penance, hoping to receive her grace and mercy. The more you denigrate her friend, the filthier the kiss gets, until a mess of spit, globs of it hang from between your chins. 
“Good. I believe you're sorry.” Sakura hums, slapping your cheek lightly. 
“Oh, thank you, Ms. Miyawaki. Honestly, Mina is nothing but trouble. I'll stay far away!” You pull at the cuffs, a sheepish look on your face. “Now, maybe you can uncuff me, and we can continue on the night like you planned.” Relief is in sight, and all you have to do is take the ball across the line. 
“Hmm.” Sakura seems to genuinely ponder for a second and play with a few ideas in her head before she settles on one. “No.”
Just like that, the goal post is moved. “What—wait, but why?”
“Going to use your cock.”
“Okay, but you can uncuff me right? It’ll be better!”
“I thought about it,” Sakura says, then kisses your cheek before slapping it harder this time, a red welt blooming across, “but I think I need to get my point across.”
Your full relief would have to wait, but this is certainly better than nothing.
Sakura gets up, sheds her clothes, and tosses each layer of fabric towards you. 
You take a long breath of the lewd musk when her freshly-drenched panties land near your face, her dress somewhere on your chest, and her bra hangs over your head. Hundreds of thousands worth of clothes are discarded and disregarded. 
Sakura stands in front of you. She is gorgeous, dim lights be damned. She exemplifies elegance yet exudes sex at the same time. Hell, even the shadow cast over the wall behind her exemplifies art. Her hair is up in a high ponytail, and her pussy glistens in the dark light like it’s taunting you. You long to touch her perky tits, to feel them in your hands; normally your hands never leave them, twisting, pinching, squeezing. Sakura felt amazing each time, and you never thought for a second what would happen if you couldn’t touch them—now you know the answer. 
It drives you crazy. 
“You’re drooling.” Sakura’s lips twist up in a smirk. 
Desperately, you try to find some palatable excuse as to why she should uncuff you but unfortunately, all your mind can spit out is one thing: the truth. “You look beautiful.” 
“You’re just trying to get out of punishment. Bitch.” Sakura smirks. “Flattery will get you nowhere tonight.” Her movements are quick. One second, she’s standing, the next, her lithe body finds itself on top of yours when she squats above you. While she spreads her knees around your waist, each drop of ambrosia from her pussy feels simultaneously like heaven and the torture of lack, of temptation, of pure dick-stiffening arousal.
“Listen up.” While before, her grasp was harsh and tinged with an undercurrent of anger, this time, her touch is soft and laced with sinful teasing. This time, when she draws patterns on your chest, she uses the pad of her finger, not the sharp end of her nails, and this time, when she grinds on you, it’s sensual and teasing, not rough and dominating.
“Fuck, that cock is so hard for me, huh?” Her hips glide up and down, the same slow speed at which Sakura is forcing you mad with lust. A haze of intimacy clouds your thoughts. She leans down, her hips still going at a maddeningly deliberate pace. “Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to ride this cock like I have never ridden it before. I’m going to edge you until you can’t take it anymore. Then right before you cum, I’m going to yank my clenching pussy away from that useless dick and let you splash cum all over yourself.” Sakura’s hot breath burns your already warm neck and raises all the hair on your skin. “Then you’re forgiven. Sounds good?” She nibbles on your ear. 
“Kkura, wait—“
Sakura plunges down on your cock, takes it all the way down to the root in one swift motion. Her lips pull away from the intimately close distance of your neck and find purchase on your chest. She drives herself as deep as she can on you, wiggling herself on you, humping up and down to replace your usual work. “Fuck, this cock is good. Now I remember why...” She grunts, breath coming out stifled. 
Sakura’s impatience is reflected in the way she fucks herself back on your cock. After feeling you fill every inch of her with your cock, she moves on to rapid uncontrollable thrusts. Leaning down, Sakura plants a filthy quick kiss on your lips before smacking the taste from your mouth. 
“Make yourself useful and fuck me back!” A decree passed down from your goddess herself. You oblige without hesitation and buck your hips as best as you can on your back.
Sakura turns and spits on your cock, slicking it and angrily jerking it up and down. Of course, the filthy act is sexy when Sakura performs it. 
The mattress sags and the strength of the bed’s platform are tested to the limit. Each time Sakura brings her cunt back down on your cock, you match that thrusting force, digging deep down into the mattress. You want to give the woman the fucking she demands. 
Sakura sinks down, you push up, and the bed trembles. The two of you quickly fall into a perfect rhythm. Her exclamations of “fuck” turn into desperate cries and moans.
“Goddammit fuck!” Sakura claws at your chest, a bright red X marking you. “Fuck, yes! This cock is so, so fucking good! Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop!”
“Ms. Miyawaki, I’m so close, please, can I cum—“ You’re barely able to cling onto what shred of self-control you have left. 
Sakura’s pussy clings harder.
“Don’t you dare cum, you idiot! You hear me?” Sakura’s eyes ignite in burning desire as she orders you. Her right-hand flies back on instinct and grip your balls tight. “You’re a piece of fuckmeat for me to use tonight, nothing more, you cum when I say you do. If you cum at all… Hrgh, just, do you understand me?”
Sakura smacks you hard, the imprint of a ring marking your cheek. “Nod. I don’t want to hear your dumb voice. Fucktoys don’t get to talk. Save what small brain capacity you have to make me cum.” 
You nod. 
Sakura grips your balls tighter—that alone would have held back your words the same as the command.
You plant yourself firmly into the ground of self-control and thrust up. The cuffs tugs at your wrist, the cold metal probably bruises you, but that doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters to you but the pleasure of the woman who you belong to, who you love. Everything else is secondary. Your stroke upwards is met with Sakura dropping down, wanting to feel every inch of your cock in her for just a few seconds before she grinds and lifts up and repeats the cycle.
Sakura trembles in pleasure, barely able to fuck herself, to meet your thrusts, to even form coherent sentences. Each time she sinks down, she clenches more and more which makes the task of pulling herself up and slamming back down on your cock that much more difficult. Her body betrays her, her pussy no longer wanting to remove itself from your throbbing erection.
“God,” you cry out, even though your goddess is right here, “I don’t know how much I can hold it anymore.“
“As—oh, fuck—as long as I tell you…” Sakura still commands your attention but it lacks the fire it was once backed with. Her resolve slowly dies with each wave of pleasure that comes closer to crashing into her. She sinks back down this time without the vigorous force she normally fucks back with, muscles burning from the workout this has become. Sakura does her best to show she’s still in control, but the swells of heat have crashed at the wall of dominance she’s built up, and she’s ready to let it all come crumbling down. “God, yes. Keep that up and I—“
Sakura doesn’t lift herself back up this time; instead, she allows herself to let go. Her body trembles in awaiting release, and she’s long since relaxed the vice grip on your cock since you knew better than to cum without her permission. She balls her hands into fists and pounds them down to your chest, the weight of it knocking the wind out of your lungs. 
The waves crumble any resistance, douse any fire still burning. Sakura’s eyes lid over, her breath hitches, and her whole being trembles as she cums around your cock. She shouts expletives at the top of her lungs—or at least, a chorus of growls and other primal noises that resemble “fuck, shit” is all that echoes in the bedroom. Sakura falls on top of you, her chest heaving, and bits of drool hanging from her lips. The barest hint of a smile on her face. 
Your balls scream for relief, but you know better than to test your luck. You settle at the satisfaction of the final pulsations on your length, at the marvelous beauty on top of you. On instinct, you once again pull at the cuffs, wanting to touch her, to trace your hands over the body of your goddess, but once again the cuffs remind you of your mistake. Again, all you can do is watch. 
Sakura’s hair is matted from the sweat, the high ponytail stands through the rough fucking while the rest of her hair clings to her bare left shoulder. Her wet cunt drips on your abdomen, and each inhalation you feel on your chest. 
The Tokyo skyline mixes artificial light with the moons on Sakura’s gorgeous body. 
Minus the ache in your cock, this punishment isn’t so bad. 
Minutes pass while the two of you lay there before Sakura’s recovered enough to look up at you and form some sort of coherent thoughts and rebuild some of the wall of authority. 
“Oh, you did so well for me, baby. Ready for your reward?” Sakura’s voice is hoarse, her breath ragged as she plants herself firmly back unto reality after the mind-melting orgasm she just had. 
“Yes, Ms. Miyawaki, please, I need to…”
“Shhh.” Sakura moves—more like slithers—down your body and carelessly grabs your aching cock and squeezes. 
“Awww, can’t handle a bit of pain? Should I stop?” Sakura laughs, tracing her lithe fingers up and down your shaft, barely providing the touch you crave after being denied all night. Your body pleads for it. You’re in a desert without water, and Sakura is the mirage that keeps you moving. 
But the mirage’s distance never changes. “Please don’t stop. Grip it, slap it, do anything, just please don’t stop—you, fuck—you own this useless toy’s cock.“
“Now you’re getting it through your head.” Sakura hovers her mouth over your throbbing cock, drool and spit leaking down her lips. Her tongue takes a few passes to tease you, like that ever-distant image of the oasis. Oh, what you could have had.
Looking down, you see her hair is still tied in a tight high ponytail, the end of it falling to her left shoulder. You can sense every molecule that flits upon your skin—that’s how sensitive you are—which is why the ends of her locks grazing you draws another reaction. “Please, I…” You have no semblance of dignity in your voice.
“Tell me how much you want it.” Sakura has all the cards in her hand. You’re at her mercy. “Tell me how much you want my mouth on your cock. Or are you still thinking about that slut Mina?”
“N-no, just you. Please Sa—Ms. Miyawaki, please, suck my cock!” 
“That’s it. Beg. I want you to beg me like my little bitch. My little bitch who had such a fucking lapse in brain function that he thought it was appropriate to let some slut touch him,” Sakura spits out. 
“Please, please, Ms. Miyawaki, I'll do anything! It was a mistake. I'm sorry. It won’t happen again.” 
Sakura takes the head of your cock in her warm mouth every few seconds, humming at your supplication. She makes every exit loud and clear with a pop. Her spit makes you notice the cold air on your dick again.
“More.” Sakura smacks your cock.
You keep going: pleading, begging, giving ten-page essays on why you should be forgiven. Each plea, each prayer, each asks of mercy, and to be touched is music to Sakura’s ears, yet she doesn’t relent, never making it past halfway down your cock. She alternates between smacking and fondling your balls, between slurping on not enough of your length and teasing you with her tongue. 
Sakura can take your whole cock easily; she’s done it many times. This is a game of control to her, however. She wants to remind you just what she can do to you and where your place is. 
Though you look up to the tall, dark ceiling, you can see white when you close your eyes—never do you stop your words. “Please, I’m worthless, this is all I’m good for, my dick is all of me, please, I’m sorry, please, please...”
Finally, Sakura seems to hum in satisfaction of your petitions and cries for mercy. She takes a hand, jerks your cock roughly up and down, and squeezes it hard, wanting to extract all that’s left in there. “Come on then. Cum. You wanted to cum, right? Take what I give you. You don’t fucking deserve my mouth after what you did tonight.” Sakura’s fist pumps you quicker now. 
The pace, the grip, the pressure drives you mad, especially after being teased with the welcoming warmth of her mouth or the maddeningly good grip of her cunt, anything that touches you would do. If Sakura only wants to give you a hand, then you’ll have to be satisfied. Her hands are just as heavenly, if you let yourself believe as much. 
“I’m-I’m so close—“
“Do it then. Cum for me, dumbass! Come all over my hand like the pathetic little bitch you are!” Sakura commands you, sporadic hands fisting your cock up and down. “Fucking cum, bitch!” 
Pressure mounts, and you feel yourself shooting closer to the end. Walls collapse around you as the orgasm you’ve been wanting to have is right there. Your dick throbs and spasms and gives away your impending release. 
It’s too easy for Sakura. Just as you reach the apex, the crescendo of your orgasm, she yanks her hand away while her eyes never leave your face, surely wanting to bask in your despondent face when she ruins your orgasm. 
“No“ is the only word you can squeak out, and you swallow it deep down exactly when Sakura relinquishes her grip. 
You twitch. It starts from your cock, but your whole body gets the torturously weak pulses that only drive themselves in the ruined pleasure. Your cum flies straight into your chest, cock slapping your abdomen as Sakura’s expert hands no longer massage the burning member. Despite the lack of stimulation, ropes of thick cum shoot up and on your chest, and some of it even gets far enough to hit your chin.
Sakura smirks at her work in satisfaction.
Without another word, she uses a few fingers to drag the hot semen up your chest, gathering as much as she can in one stroke before she slips the fingers in her mouth and moans succulently at the taste. 
“Mmm. Such a shame it isn’t in me.” Sakura looks down at your panting, heaving body, on the canvas on which her punishment was doled out. “Want a taste?” She chuckles, offering her semen-slicked fingers. She gathers a bit more and slips them into your wanting mouth. “Lick it all up.”
You know better than to deny her at this point, accepting your own salty flavor without hesitation. 
“Good.” Sakura leans down and mounts you. Straddling your chest, she pulls you into a deep, passionate kiss, to greedily take back the slight bit of cum from your mouth, to swap spit and fluids between the two of you. 
“S-Sakura, I mean—” You freeze at the mistake, but Sakura doesn’t miss a beat, still exploring your mouth with her tongue. Her hands wrap around your head to pull you closer. You yank at the restraint to no avail. You crave her touch, wanting, needing to feel the beautiful woman as she shares this intimate moment with you. “I’m sorry.” 
“You should be, idiot,” Sakura says between beats, when she pulls away for air only to kiss you again. “I didn’t take any pleasure in this—well, I didn’t take much pleasure in this,” she says, biting down on your lower lip and tugging it slightly. 
You melt into the kiss and submit yourself to her. Every time you try words, that’s where it goes wrong. So you let the actions make you fall into place. Relax your arms, even your breathing as Sakura leaves no question as to who’s in charge. 
“Mhmm. See, it’s much better if you obey me, right?” Sakura is on top of you while she trails kisses, deep and lustful on every inch of your skin. The cum on your stomach is now surely rubbing all over her. It doesn’t matter to Sakura; in fact, she likes the slick substance being spread on her thighs. Sakura raises her legs up, and you desperately hump them, trying to get some friction, some level of touch that you have been denied all night. 
You nod. 
“Good little bitch,” Sakura murmurs before kissing you again. “Now let’s go get cleaned up. I’m hungry.” 
Seconds later, her body leaves yours, and the warmth she rescinds makes you feel naked and exposed to the cold. Instinctively, you move to get up and immediately follow after your queen. “Uh… Sakura?” You yank at the cuffs gently. 
Sakura takes a few more steps towards the bathroom. Like a sculpted masterpiece in the dark, her nude form hypnotizes you all the same when her ass sways, caked in cum and sweat. “Hmm?” She turns around slowly, teasing you. An impish smirk on her face forms when she sees you pulling at the binds. “Silly me.” Sakura giggles. She tosses the keys onto the bed next to you and leaves you to uncuff yourself.
You fiddle around with your elbows to nudge the keys closer.
“You know I hate waiting right?” Sakura’s singsong tone echoes out of the master bathroom. Surely a grin accompanies her comment. 
The words light a fire in you. You quickly work to uncuff yourself, and when you’re finally free, you try to break into a sprint, but only stumble forward, nearly tripping on the sheets. 
God forbid you piss her off again.
You’re not sure when the sunrise is, but it can’t be far away: it’s after she has sucked whatever cum you have left and either swallowed it or washed it on her face and wasted it down the drain; after you and her thoroughly clean in a round of door-shaking shower sex; after your bellies are full of ramen slurped from shitty wooden chopsticks that Sakura keeps because “ramen tastes better eaten with these” while cans of Mountain Dew scatter across the glass coffee table that probably costs an entire ramen factory.
Sakura snoozes on your shoulder, in a position that’s surely bad for her back, yet you don’t dare disturb her with the rarely seen smile of contentment on her face.
You feel nothing but joy at how life turned out. 
Crazy sex, women that men can only dream of fucking, and anything you could want at your fingertips.
With Sakura, life is opulent. 
- Jett
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sinswithpleasure · 2 days ago
Sins Corp: Secretary (ft. LOONA's Olivia Hye)
Olivia Hye's debut to the Corp universe!
I don't feel like I did my best with this, but it works for a debut, I think...
Edit: So I forgot to tag @worldsover for this. This debuts him into the world as well. The ending is a reference to his Hyeju fic, so check that one out!
Son Hyeju. Assistant to the CEO of the Corporation. One of the fastest to rise the ranks from entry level to the right-hand woman of the boss. Her skills are exemplary, determination unparalleled, intelligence unmatched. Having graduated college early, with honours no less, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with intellectually. Furthermore, she's easily one of the most beautiful women working under the Corp.
Hyeju has a bit of a reputation within the company's walls. The typical expression she adorns during work is that of a scowl, and her wolf-like features only accentuate the ferocious image she portrays. Her gaze is cold and sharp, and her perception definitely is akin to that of a wolf's. Most employees know her as the infamous "Secretary Hyeju", as a result of the striking beauty and cold, no-nonsense vibe she exudes during work hours.
Sometimes, you wonder why people fear her. She's definitely not the wolf people think she is—well, not when she's chilling on the couch in the office, gaming away on the latest generation Playstation, anyway. Unlike the ever professional Secretary Hyeju whose put-together attire and resting bitch face serve to intimidate the typical rank-and-file employee, this Hyeju has her dress shirt unbuttoned all the way down and tucked into her pants. Her usual boots are traded for a pair of black bunny slippers.
Hyeju stares intently at the TV, lips hanging open in their natural triangle. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun, held together around a stick with a hair claw. A pair of white rimmed glasses sit atop her nose. Beside her rests a few empty packs of Pocky and a bottle of Sprite. Talk about peak comfort—no bra, one stick of Pocky hanging between her teeth, fingers mashing the buttons on the wireless console while her back rests against the finest leather money can buy.
God damn, she's fucking hot and cute at the same time. You smile at the sight of her relaxed self, opting to leave her be. No reason to disturb her with your horny thoughts.
Twenty two simulated men run around the field onscreen, the binary bending to the player's will. With a calculated press, a player kicks the ball, and the arch lands Hyeju the victory.
"Assa! I won!" Hyeju punches the air, her eyes crinkling with how wide her smile is.
Muffled curses escape from the floor below. Hyeju laughs, recognizing her gaming partner's voice. You smile at the interaction—Asmodeus lost again, didn't he? And now—ah, there's Choerry, asking about what her Oppa's doing. What a dream their relationship is, essentially childhood sweethearts who made it together.
"Yo, Hye."
"Work done for the day?"
"Yeah, Boss."
You smile with her verbal confirmation. Your secretary is definitely the best out of all the secretaries you've had before. You take your seat behind your desk.
Hyeju rises from the sofa and walks over to you. She grabs your arm as she twirls around you to lean on your desk.
"Um…" Hyeju hesitates as she stares at you, chewing her bottom lip. Her expression schooling into one of practiced indifference. It is all an act however—she fidgets with her wristwatch, peering at it ever so often. You know her nervous habits too well; she's been your secretary too long for you not to be aware.
"I… I'm horny."
Huh. Out of nowhere.
"I've been horny the whole day. Can we… Can we sleep together?"
"That's random, Hye."
She blushes, hiding her face behind her hands. Your secretary really can be more of a wolf cub at times. Well, she's horny, you're kinda horny. Why not? Work definitely can wait.
"Sure. Let's go."
You leave your suit jacket on your seat, along with your tie, then pull Hyeju to your bedroom. When you take a seat on your bed, you tap on your lap, Hyeju following instantly to straddle you and sit atop your lap. Hyeju pulls the hair stick out of her bun followed by the hair claw. Her hair falls apart, cascading down her back and shoulders. Her accessories are placed atop the bedside table before she runs her hands through her hair, arranging it neatly. Hyeju stares intently at you, lust burning behind her gaze. Her shirt rides up, spreading open, exposing all of her chest for your viewing pleasure. You rest your hands on her hips, admiring her ethereal beauty. If you weren't turned on earlier, you are now.
"Oh wow. Wow. Hyeju, shit. You're gorgeous."
She blushes as she pulls her glasses off her face. "Thank you, boss."
Can I kiss you?"
"Yes, please."
You smile, leaning towards Hyeju. Her lips meet yours in a passionate kiss. Hyeju's lips are so soft, and kissing her is something you'll never get tired of. If anything, she's just as good a kisser as Chuu is. You slide a hand from her hips up to her back, and when she doesn't resist, you stroke her back over her dress shirt. Hyeju swipes a tongue over your lips, and you meet her tongue with yours, swirling around the other. She moans into the kiss, her deep voice becoming even deeper with lust.
"Boss, let me."
Hyeju plants her lips on your neck, nibbling on the skin. Her fingers reach for the buttons on your shirt, popping them open as she sucks on your neck. She pushes you over, grinding on your bulge as she works her mark on your neck. You groan under her efforts as she spreads open your shirt and runs a hand across the exposed skin, across your toned chest, your solid abs, her fingers circling and pinching your nipples. Hyeju pauses only to rip her own shirt off her body, leaving both you and her topless. You sit back up, flipping Hyeju over. You rip your shirt off you, throwing it aside, then start to mark her neck the same way she marked you.
"Hyeju-yah, you're so pretty."
Hyeju's flush goes all the way down her neck. She squirms, unable to meet your gaze, hiding her gleeful smile behind her hand. She's never been one to accept compliments well, so this is the best reaction you'll get. Shy Hyeju, baby wolf Hyeju, the cutest Secretary Hyeju.
Her high-pitched whine when you bite down on her skin only gets sharper when you knead her left breast. The vocalizations of her pleasure send tingles down your spine, down to your shaft. Your shaft strains against the prison constructed by your clothing. Hyeju is just as aroused as you are, if her moans and the sound of her thighs rubbing against each other are any indication.
When you've left your mark on Hyeju, you retake her lips. Hyeju loves slow, sensual sex, and you want to make sure she enjoys the experience. Unlike Chuu, who loves being used as a toy and railed, Hyeju enjoys the more tender aspects of sex. She adores the intimacy of copulation, regardless of relationship status. Essentially, each time you share a bed with Hyeju, you make love to her, even though the both of you are not in a relationship.
Hyeju's soft moans are exquisite. She archs her back into your touch, subtly demanding more. You carry on kneading the supple flesh of her left breast, your tongues sliding over the other in a torrid kiss. The cub grabs your hand with her own, pushing your hand against her body. Her free hand kneads her right breast, tugging at her nipples to increase the pleasure she feels.
You break the torrid kiss to trail chaste pecks against her skin. You want to taste her skin, drink in her body. A mutual interest, perhaps—she loves intimacy, and you love babying your secretary just the way she likes it. Your path leads you down the valley between her breasts, each peck paired with a swipe of your tongue against her skin. When you circle her right nipple with your tongue, Hyeju gasps. She cradles your head with her hands as you nibble on the taut nub, rolling the other nipple with your fingers.
"Ah—Boss, it feels so good, oh!"
"I'm glad, Hyeju."
The clicking of a belt being undone reaches your ears. Hyeju is clearly impatient—she's already working the button and zipper of her pants, trying to pull them off her. You grab her hands, pulling them aside as you tug on the waistband yourself. Hyeju lifts her hips, and you pull her pants off her, exposing all of her to you. You work on your own pants and socks next as Hyeju stares in anticipation, her fingers gripping the sheets tightly, thighs squeezed together in arousal. When you're fully exposed to her, Hyeju spreads her legs open. Her juices drip all over her crotch and thighs, staining your sheets. Hyeju whimpers when she sees how hard you are, your precum dripping from the tip, shaft twitching ever so often. You stare at her, admiring her from top to bottom, from her beautiful eyes, her open lips, the creamy skin of her shoulders, the supple flesh of her chest, her delicious thighs. What demands your attention is the pink, puffy slit, dripping with Hyeju's desire for you. Her pussy clenches under your lustful gaze, her clit poking out of its hood.
"Boss, I want you, quick, please!"
You pull your wallet from the pocket of your discarded pants, retrieving a packet from within. Rip it open, roll the condom over your shaft. Hyeju bites her finger, eyes on your every move.
Hyeju is one of the few that request for you to use protection during sex. You always honor the request—if she's happy, you're happy.
"Ready?" You line yourself up with Hyeju's pussy. On her nod, you part her walls with your shaft, pushing in inch by inch. Both you and Hyeju moan into the other's ear, your grunts and her gasps mingling within the bedroom. When you hilt, you begin to pull out, but Hyeju grabs your arm to stop you.
"Wait, please."
You freeze, cradling her head.
"Are you okay?"
"More than." Hyeju draws a shaky breath, her hand covering her mouth. "You feel so good in me. Just… just let me enjoy it for a bit."
You adjust both you and Hyeju to wrap an arm around her. The other rests behind her head, and you kiss her neck, her chin, her earlobe. Hyeju whimpers with each kiss, the sound muffled against her hand.
"Don't cover yourself, Hye. Let it out. You sound beautiful."
Hyeju is still so painfully shy. Even after all this time, she still muffles her vocalizations of pleasure during sex. Her demeanor in bed is definitely a lot more shy than she is outside in the office. She's been your secretary for some time, and yet she still remains meek and mild under you.
"Okay, Boss. You can move now."
You withdraw slowly from Hyeju, pulling out halfway before thrusting back in. Hyeju moans softly with every exit and entry, and you grunt at how tight she feels around you. Hyeju is tight. So damn tight. She's even tighter than Chuu, maybe even comparable to Gowon. She really wanted this, huh? Yet, every movement is smooth, a testament to how wet Hyeju is. You rejoin your lips to hers, your moans mixing with the torrid kisses you share. The slow clap of your thrusts into Hyeju forms a rhythm accompanying the slurps of your tongue against hers, the both of you making sure to keep the other as close as you physically can.
"Boss, faster!"
You oblige, upping the tempo of your thrusts. Hyeju's moans get quicker as she bites her lip.
"Hye, let me hear your beautiful voice."
"A-Ah, yes, Boss!"
You kiss Hyeju again and again, making sure to be as intimate as you can. You want to service her as you do with all the girls that share your bed, and this is no different. Hyeju gets tighter, wetter, warmer, and you know she's about to cum.
"Don't hold back, Hye. Let it all out for me."
"O-Oh, yes, I'm gonna cum, Boss, I'm—"
Hyeju's back arches, her chest pushing against yours. Her walls tighten around your shaft as Hyeju yelps in pleasure, slick running down her walls and leaking onto the bed. You fuck her through her orgasm, resisting the urge to fill the condom with your seed, joining her in peak pleasure. When Hyeju finishes with her orgasm, she wraps her arms around your neck.
"Your turn, Boss."
You flash a smile at Hyeju. She returns the same soft grin as she meets you in the middle, another torrid kiss exchanged between the both of you. You resume thrusting into Hyeju, her moans against your lips following once more. This time, you thrust harder, the increased lubrication from Hyeju's orgasm aiding you along the way.
Having edged yourself once, you're not about to edge yourself again. This time, you need to finish, but you want Hyeju to cum one more time as well. Now, you grab Hyeju's legs, hooking them with your elbows. Hyeju squeals with the new position, your shaft thrusting deeper into her each time. With practiced ease, you aim for Hyeju's G-spot and hit it with each thrust. You rest your weight on one elbow, a hand kneading Hyeju's left breast as you lean in for another kiss. Both of you let the kiss run its course, refusing to break it until the need for air forces you to finally give it up.
"Boss… I—I can't hold on for much longer."
"It's okay, Hyeju. Cum with me."
You thrust faster, a little harder. Hyeju wraps her legs around your waist, locking you in as you put in your all into another kiss. This time, you nibble on her lower lip, softly sucking and tugging it while Hyeju pulls you in with her arms around your back. You count each thrust it takes for the tension to finally give.
One, two, three, four, so close…
"I'm cumming!"
The hybrid stimulation of her nipple and G-spot pushes Hyeju over the edge one more time. Her walls tighten around your shaft as she squeals, pulling you flush against her into your last deep kiss. Hyeju's orgasming body forces you to join her—your shaft quivers and pulsates as you empty your balls into the condom. Shot after shot of cum fills the protective layer between you and Hyeju while her walls squeeze you for all the cum you have.
You pull out of Hyeju post-orgasm, discarding the used condom in the trash can beside your bed. Both of you lie atop the mattress, catching your breath.
"Was it okay?"
"Yes, Boss. Thank you."
"Horny for the whole day, huh? Pervert."
"Yah!" Hyeju's voice cracks as she rolls over to punch you lightly. "I didn't ask to dream of you having sex with me last night—oop!" She slaps her mouth shut with her hand, a blush burning itself across her face.
You laugh, reaching over to ruffle her hair. You didn't know you still have this effect over your secretary, but hey, it's a win.
"Glad you still think I'm hot. Come on, Hye. Shower."
Both you and Hyeju sit on the sofa, jamming buttons on the controllers. Both of you are fresh out of the shower—Hyeju's clad in only a bathrobe while you're in a T-shirt and shorts, hair still damp.
"I'm gonna win, Hye! Don't say I didn't warn you!"
"Fuck off, Boss. Take this!" Hyeju mashes a combination of buttons that sends the ball on the screen careening between the goalposts on your side.
You groan, punching Hyeju on the arm as she does a happy dance beside you. Gaming with her is something you always do on slower days.
Knock, knock.
"Come in!"
The door slides open, and Vivi walks in with someone unfamiliar. Both you and Hyeju turn to face the duo.
"Hey Boss, I brought a new hire—"
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banananutsmuthie · 18 hours ago
YouWeMe Part 3: Floor 2½
Tumblr media
Idol(s): Doyeon [Weki Meki]
Word Count: 3.3k+ words
Previous Story in Series: YouWeMe Part 2: A Rose Red Door (Elly)
A/N: Dom Doyeon. Domyeon. That's it, that's the A/N.
A familiar voice rings out over the PA system: "We are currently experiencing a power outage. Please remain calm as we attempt to restore power."
Trapped in complete darkness on a broken-down elevator isn’t an ideal situation to be in on an afternoon. But it could be worse. At least Doyeon is here. Somewhere. The light from your cell phone illuminates the elevator. It makes a great makeshift flashlight, a perfect excuse to see that delicious body of hers again.
There she is, standing less than a metre away: Weki Meki’s visual Kim Doyeon. "Visual" is an understatement. Her beautiful face strikes the perfect balance between playful and seductive. She could be a model with those long legs and hourglass figure, but there’s better ways to put that body to good use. It isn’t just her fuckable frame, either—those tight-fitting jeans really accentuate her pointed hips. She complements it with a white shoulderless top that hugs her torso, her strapless bra visible through the flimsy fabric and making her breasts appear larger than they actually are. Even through her imperfections—tiny as they may be—she knows exactly how to use every part of her body to get what she wants. And what she wants is to command the attention of the entire room. Or elevator. Anywhere, really. Her cool, collected chic doesn’t even care that you’ve been staring at her tits the entire time; as the "visual" of the group, it’s exactly what she wants.
Are there more beautiful women in the world? Sure. But have you ever seen a more beautiful woman in person? Fuck no.
"Get that thing out of my face," she says coldly.
"Sorry, it’s just so dark in here."
"Yeah, no shit." Doyeon crosses her arms. "Oh my GOD... I’m supposed to be in a meeting in 30 minutes!" She lets out a frustrated groan, rapidly pressing buttons in vain like it’s the buttons’ fault for the elevator breaking down.
"Calm down, I’m sure we’ll be out of here in no time."
She stops mashing her fingers against the elevator buttons, instead staring at you with a frosty, murderous glare. It’s hard to tell if that’s her usual demeanor or if she’s just stressed from the situation.
"Who even are you?" she asks. "Do you work here? I’ve never seen you before."
"Oh no, I’m not staff," you chuckle, "I’m just here to drop off a notebook your friend left on the bus."
Her eyes narrow. Doyeon’s Amazonian-like body aggressively approaches you. Maybe she really is in a murdering mood.
"What are you do—"
She leans in. The feeling of her moisturized lips pressing against your ear causes you to stop mid-sentence. Warm air expels from her parted lips in a breathy whisper that tickles your eardrum and sends a chill through your entire body. She would make a great ASMRtist.
"You know, Yoojung and I are best friends. We share everything." She cups your crotch viciously, your spine straightening in reaction. "And apparently we share you with Elly unnie, too."
"How’d you—"
She cuts you off again. "I can smell her lilac perfume on you, and you just came from the same floor where Elly unnie was having her ‘practice time’. That’s not a coincidence. Now you're mine."
An awkward pause in the conversation causes your gulp in that moment to be amplified ten-fold. Doyeon loves watching you squirm as she continues to strangle you by the balls.
"You’re gonna fuck me in this elevator," Doyeon roars before pulling back again to a dulled whisper, "and I better enjoy it."
She assertively starts unbuckling your belt, eventually unzipping your pants and pulling them down to your ankles. She studies you for a second as she grips you between the legs again, but Doyeon pulls away in slight disinterest.
"Hmm... I’ve had bigger."
"It’s cold in here and it’s not even fully erect!" you try to reason.
She pulls her shoulderless blouse and bra down to her waist, freeing her spectacularly bare breasts and revealing her toned, flat stomach. Pure unadulterated perfection. She can’t be told that, though—not after she cut you down to size.
"Hmm... I’ve seen bigger," you joke in retaliation.
She’s unamused. "Do you wanna fuck me or not?"
"I was only joking," you reply, trying to undo the damage.
Her dainty fingers grab you again, trying to get you fully erect. She catches you off guard, causing you to drop your phone. It drops screen-side down, the flash on the back illuminating every corner of the elevator with a faint glow. Her breasts jiggle with each aggressive tug.
"Ow, not so hard, Doyeon," you say with a grimace.
She slaps you with full force across the face. "We’re not familiar, don’t call me by my name," she growls. "You call me queen, and I’ll fucking do whatever I fucking want. Is that clear, peasant?"
Peasant? There’s no time to debate her choice of sub names. "Yes, queen," you abide.
She continues to overzealously stroke you as you bite your lip trying to endure the pain; it’s worth it if it means feeling Doyeon’s warmth pressed against you later. You close your eyes hearing the sound of Doyeon’s clenched fist rubbing against your skin, trying to imagine you’re instead thrusting into her with each of Doyeon’s strokes. It doesn’t take long to get rock hard, even with how uncomfortably reckless Doyeon is trying to squeeze you.
She stops after seeing you fully erect, happy with the result of her efforts.
"Good. Now, peasant, I have two rules," she says as she starts undoing her jeans, "first, you only cum when I say you can cum. And second, you better not fucking cum in me, on me, or on my clothes."
You stare at her in confusion. "So where am I supposed to—"
She shoves her index finger against your lips; she really has a knack for interrupting you.
Doyeon thumbs the last article of clothing off her hips as her panties slide effortlessly down her silky smooth legs. They gather at the bottom of her feet, her top still scrunched up aimlessly around her waist. It’s almost unfair how perfect her naked hourglass figure is.
She leans into you again, her bare breasts pressing against you. She reaches behind your waist, squeezing your ass with force. Doyeon licks your ear before whispering, "Fuck me hard, peasant."
Doyeon turns around, bending down at a 90-degree angle and propping herself up against a corner of the elevator with her hands.
It’s hard not to admire her tight outer folds being presented to you between her spread legs. You hesitate, trying to figure out the best way to approach the situation.
She stares back from her bent over position. "Are you gonna fuck me or not?"
Doyeon is indeed a queen, royalty in the highest regard. Here she is, commanding you to fuck her like it’s the law of the land. She sees you as otherworldly, but not in the traditional sense. In her eyes, you’re otherworldly, too low to be even considered to be cut from the same cloth as someone as regal as her. You might as well be from another world given how she sees you as a peasant. But even lowly peasants still have to plow the land to feed the queen and satiate her never-satisfied appetite. Even with her high status, she’s now commanding you to reap her forbidden fruits with your labor. Plowing her is the only thing you know as a peasant.
You finally grab her hips from behind, pressing yourself deep between Doyeon’s inviting folds. The queen lets out a moan from your big cock pressed between her folds.
Not wanting to disobey her, you go as hard and fast as you can, not caring about Doyeon’s comfort. Doyeon grunts with every thrust. She reaches down and starts to rub her own clit.
"Come on, fuck me harder. Is that all you got, peasant?"
You’re offended she doesn’t think you're going hard enough. She’s too power-hungry to appreciate the honest work. "I’ll show her hard."
You thrust even harder from behind, your cock driving into her like a battering ram against a fortified door. You slap her ass to emphasize just how hard you're thrusting into her, leaving a large pink handprint on her cheek.
"IS. THIS. HARD. ENOUGH. FOR. YOU?" you yell with each successive thrust.
She squeals in pleasure, "Yes, fuck... that feels amazing!"
The elevator violently shakes. Each thrust rocks the elevator as you push her into the elevator wall. It’s almost enough to slow down out of fear of a cable snapping, but she commands you to keep going. You continue as sweat drips from her neck, sliding down her back in the channel created by her spine. Your index finger playfully drags down the middle of her back, wiping the stream of sweat that formed. Her back arches in response.
"Oh my God, I’m gonna cum," she says with a tremble in her voice, her breaths getting deeper.
You grab her breasts in anticipation, the shape of which fits perfectly in your cupped hands. They’re even softer than you thought they’d be; they sway back and forth like underfilled water balloons as you continue to slide in and out of her. You grasp her tighter the harder you thrust.
"Oh my God!" she screams again.
She can’t hold it in any longer and her orgasm suddenly takes over her whole body. Her hands, still grasping at the wall, turn into fists trying to find anything to grab onto. You see her toes curling and her back arching downward as she finally reaches orgasm. Her walls noticeably tighten around you, pulsing against your cock as you continue to pound her from behind. You start to feel numb and lightheaded as her orgasm starts to trigger yours.
"I’m gonna cum," you tell her.
"I didn’t tell you to fucking cum! Don't you dare fucking cum in me, peasant!" she screams at you.
Having already been satisfied, she gets up from her bent-over position and stops you, pushing your cock out of her with her hand. Precum shimmers on her fingers in the dim light. A look of disgust spreads across her face. She wipes the mess off on you, squeezing your cheeks together as your lips pucker.
"Please, queen, I can’t hold it in any longer. Let me cum."
"What a fucking joke. You think you’re worthy of cumming, peasant? You think just because you made your queen cum that you deserve to cum, too? And the nerve that you got precum already leaking out without my permission! Pathetic." She spits in your face. "Absolutely fucking disgusting you can’t even last that long for your queen. And don’t even get me started that you were willing to breed me and dirty this royal bloodline. Fucking peasants, thinking they own the land they plow."
She pushes you against the elevator wall, the force she exerts enough to cause you to stumble onto your ass. Doyeon presses her dripping wet pussy against your face.
"Make me cum again, this time without your useless cock. If you can do that before the power comes back on, maybe then, I’ll finally let you cum."
She thrusts her pelvis in a circular motion, suffocating you with her sweet pussy as her slick mixes with the spit and precum already on your face.
"Mmph—" is all you can manage to get out.
"What’s that, peasant? I didn’t say you could talk. Get back to fucking work!"
You grab at her tight little cheeks and she lets out a shriek of surprise. Your tongue presses flatly against her clit and Doyeon thrusts herself further into you, letting you take her. Slowly, one of your hands creeps its way up her thighs, three of your fingers easily penetrate her fortress as they slip into her wet cunt. Her defenses are down; she’s too busy enjoying your tongue trilling against her pussy. She doesn’t notice the fingers now quickly ramming her despite the noise of the wet sloshing filling the elevator.
Having already been satisfied, her wet cunt doesn’t take long to cum again. She pulls away slightly, allowing her pussy to gush out all over your face.
"Do you like that, peasant?" she asks as her slick trickles down to your chest.
"Yes, my queen."
She pulls out a wet wipe, wiping her spent cunt carefully to avoid getting any of her fluids on her clothes that’s on the floor. When she’s wiped clean, she throws the used wipe at your face.
"Here. Clean yourself up. You look fucking disgusting. Can’t believe that’s how you present yourself in front of your queen."
She pulls up her jeans as she starts to clothe herself again. You stand up, your cock still hard and waiting for a satisfying release.
"Hey, what the fuck! You said I could cum!"
"I’m sorry, is that how you address me?"
You let out a sigh under your breath. Her roleplaying starts to annoy you, but it’s the only way she might consider letting you cum, so you fully lean into her fantasy.
"My queen, perchance, one lowly peasant such as I doth have permission to cum?"
"Okay, fine," she concedes, "but if you get even a single drop of cum on my clothes, I swear... Queen has a meeting after this and needs to look presentable. It better all go in my mouth. Got it, peasant?"
You nod.
Doyeon pushes you all the way to the opposite wall, causing you to fall to the ground, your back leaning against the corner. It’s a familiar scene, hopefully one that ends with you cumming instead. She reaches for her phone in her back pocket before kneeling between your legs.
Doyeon hands you her phone, "Here, take some pictures. I wanna have something to remember this by."
As you take her phone, she grabs you by the shaft, licking just the tip before looking you in the eyes. "Cum for me, peasant."
She starts devouring you until you're completely in her mouth. You can barely concentrate on taking pictures of her—you’re too focused on how good she looks on you as she squeezes your balls hard. Now, the roles are reversed, the queen bending down to you and fulfilling the peasant’s request. You finally feel the all-too-familiar sensation shooting up through your cock hard and fast.
You let out a moan with the last bit of energy you have, "I’m cumming."
You feel your thigh and butt muscles tense up as you shiver in exhilaration. You place your free hand on the back of Doyeon’s head, making sure she receives the full load in her mouth. You expel a long and loud moan as you feel her tongue slide across the bottom of your shaft, her mouth starting to fill up with your thick, warm semen with every spurt.
"Oh, fuck," you let out.
Your grip loosens on the back of her head once you have nothing left to give, and she starts to retreat her mouth away from your cock. She leaves a free souvenir at the base: a red lipstick mark wrapped around your circumference to remember her by.
She gets up, her cheeks puffing out like a chipmunk with the amount of cum you gave her. You continue to take pictures of her with her phone. She opens her mouth, swishing around the warm, white liquid with her tongue as she poses for the camera. Then, with one giant gulp, she swallows the entire load.
"You did good, peasant. Not a single drop on my clothes," she smiles as she pulls her top back up. She does a few more poses before she grabs her phone back from you. While you’re pulling your pants back up, Doyeon looks through all the pictures.
"These are definitely going on Instagram later," she says with a devilish grin.
"Can you send those to me, too?" you ask, giving her your Instagram username.
"Sure, I’ll send it to you once we get out of this mess." Her demeanor suddenly seems more warm toward you now than before, even dropping her weird dominatrix feudalism roleplay.
"Perhaps all she needed was to get laid," you think, proudly smiling at the idea that you fucked Doyeon. She catches you smiling in the corner of her eye while she reapplies her lipstick.
"What’s so funny?"
"Oh, nothing."
A few minutes go by and the power still hasn’t come back on. The two of you sit in awkward post-sex-with-a-stranger silence in the darkness. Doyeon notices you fumbling with Yoojung’s notebook and finally breaks the silence.
"Why don’t you just give me her notebook and I’ll let her know you stopped by?" She sticks her hand out waiting for the notebook.
"Thanks, but I’d rather return it to her myself," you reply.
She retreats her outstretched hand, crossing her arms instead. A look of annoyance paints her face.
"Why? Do you like her or something? You’re hoping that meeting Yoojung on that bus weeks ago was your ‘meet cute’ and returning her notebook to her in person would somehow lead to Yoojung becoming your girlfriend? And then you’d have wild, crazy sex with her all the time?"
"Yeah… I don’t know… Maybe…" you trail off.
She rolls her eyes before deeply sighing.
"Look, a word of advice: Yoojung doesn’t like to stay locked down to one guy. Have you even looked through her notebook? It’s a long list of guys and girls she’s had sexual encounters with. There’s probably like 20 other people in there from last month alone!"
You’re slightly intrigued. "She’s slept with girls?"
"That’s your takeaway!?"
She punches you in the arm and you can only look away embarrassed. Suddenly, the power comes back on. The lights now fill the elevator and the doors open to reveal the third floor. The both of you stand back up, excited to finally step off the elevator.
Ignoring her words of advice, you ask, "Can you just tell me where Yoojung is?"
She sighs again in defeat, tired of trying to lecture you. "I genuinely have no clue where she is."
She fixes her unkempt hair. Leaning into you, she kisses you softly, her tone and actions toward you a complete departure from when you both first met.
"You seem like a nice guy," she continues, "but this can only end badly for you."
She adjusts her top before stepping off the elevator, making her way down the corridor before disappearing into one of the rooms as you watch her beautiful body leave in awe.
Before the elevator door can fully close on you, you finally come to your senses, sticking your arm out to the door. The doors reopen again and you step out.
Your phone vibrates—it’s another notification. You open up Instagram and see Doyeon has kept her promise, posting the family-friendly photos you took of her while stuck in the elevator. Another notification pops up on your screen. This time, Doyeon sends you a direct message. You smile when you read it:
lafilledhiver_ Sent you a message: Couldn’t post the NSFW ones, here’s one to remember me by 😛
Tumblr media
Your screen fills up with a photo of Doyeon exposing her perky breasts, her top and bra pulled down to her waist and her hands on her hips. Her tongue sticks out of her open mouth covered in cum, just moments before she swallowed. You save the picture onto your phone as well as in your head before closing the app.
Undeterred by Doyeon’s earlier warning, you put your phone away and continue your search for Yoojung.
"Now, where was I?"
Next Story in Series: YouWeMe Part 4: Lunch and a Show (???) [COMING SOON]
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dvlboy · 20 hours ago
barbatos- nnn
minors fem alligned dni
warnings: top male reader, scent kink, hotdogging, dry humping, alludes to cockwarming
Tumblr media
barbatos was gripping the sheets, his calm aura breaking around you when you two were alone. he was in your room, and was pinned between your muscular body and your bed. you gripped his pants and pulled them off, looking at his ass while he laid there, feeling goosebumps on his skin from your gaze.
you grabbed his face, giving him a deep kiss as you sunk your body onto his. it seemed like a perfect fit, and barbatos slowly started to whimper from the light grinding he could feel you doing. barbatos could feel the heat of your crotch and the growing firmness. he missed the warmth and the satisfaction, but of course you had to resist your urges for a whole month.
but now it seems like your resolve was faltering, your body missing him just as much, if only you weren't so stubborn and would actually nut in him, but oh well.
you hastily removed your pants, and stared at barbatos in his underwear. he didn't have the most prominent ass, but it was very cute. you pulled his underwear down, watching how his body tenses, before leaning back. he gets the message, and puts your cock against his face, marvelling at the comparison. he could feel your musk stick to his skin, and he couldn't resist the urge to take a deep breath of your cock. the heat and pulse from your cock made his face feel hot, as he took another breath in. his head was fuzzy from lust.
you slapped his cheeks a few times as he slowly worked his way down to your balls, and lightly suckling on them and breathing them in, watching for your approval. neither of you said anything, too focused on the arousal you were feeling. he felt your hands grab his hair lightly as you rutted against his face, before he opened his mouth, and licked the side of it.
eventually, he got more into it and was coating your dick in his spit, before you pulled away. he felt you go back and place your cock against his cheeks, rubbing the tip against his hole to tease him. his breath was caught in his throat in anticipation, but nothing happened. you stared at him, as he could feel you hotdogging him. your cock dwarfed his body, and he could feel the pulse and warmth of your cock as you placed it between his ass, the head reaching his lower back.
he could feel the smirk in your face as you pulled away, and began to push in. he could feel your strong hands pick him up and manhandle him into your lap, where he stayed there pretty.
"dont make me lose this challenge barbatos, it's only a few more days before you get the real thing."
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bitter-ritter · a day ago
Control - Aizawa x Reader
M/M, Word Count: 545
Smut, Top Reader, Bottom Aizawa
Hope You Enjoy! Minors DNI
please consider giving me a Tip!
Fingers dug into the already disheveled sheets, pulling at them desperately as their owner grunted and bucked his hips. The dark haired man beneath you couldn't help it, he was already a sloppy mess, drool leaking from his mouth and his legs and sheets stained with his previous two orgasms.
"Please...Oh god, please...I need it, I need it so bad- aah!-"
Aizawa made a strangled noise as you bottomed out inside him again, your balls pressed flush against the swell of his cheeks, pink with your handprints staining them. Your fingers lightly combed through his mess of hair, before gripping near the scalp and giving the locks a playful tug. The teacher groaned a bit, still murmuring his pleas as you pulled out before pounding back into his twitching hole.
"Geez, you're so needy tonight. My big, handsome man, all wound up and ready to just burst, hm?"
Aizawa's head sagged, black tresses falling like a curtain and hiding his scruffy face from view as you started to pick up your pace and started rocking into his ass more and more frequently. He may have hid from your view, but you could hear the needy whines and grunts as you continued driving your thick cock into him. You shifted your position, pressing a hand on his scratched up back as you changed footing. You easily pushed him down, making the teacher gasp as his face was shoved into the pillows.
His chest heaved as he tried to slow his breathing, but all Shota could think of was how your mouth felt sucking on his pecs and how your fat dick was stretching him wide. He practically sobbed when you slammed into his g spot, making him kick his leg some at the shocking surge of ecstasy.
"Oh, FUCK. Right there, oh God right there-"
Aizawa had to admit, when you both started seeing each other, he thought he was going to solely be on top all the time. It's what he was comfortable with, what he knew. What was expected. Especially since you had started out so shy and easy to fluster.
But now, as you jackhammered into him, balls slapping against his ass as you drove him insane and rocketed him towards his third release tonight, the lazy hero had to admit that you were a QUICK learner. You picked up everything he taught you so fast, the two of you were celebrating your six month anniversary with him giving over complete control.
You had been all too happy to oblige.
You were dead on target with each long, powerful thrust, aiming right for the bundle of nerves that had him seeing stars and singing your praises. If the other times had washed over him, this release was an undertow, pulling him under and crashing wave after wave of his pleasure through his body as he shook and wailed. His spent dick throbbed as it came again, covering the sheets in his seed as you worked him through.
Finally, with panting, exhausted breath, Aizawa let you know he was finished. You easily cleaned up your mess, got him some water and offered to rub his sore shoulders. He declined, but only because he would have to let you go and stop cuddling you.
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sakuxmi · a day ago
Bokuto wants to be a good boy so bad, he probably loves praise.
I'd imagine he fucks himself on your cock, he barely gives you a chance before he's sloppily moaning into the pillows , drooling and clawing at the bed like an animal.
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dangerousstrawberryshark · 11 hours ago
Day 25: Royal Sex/Kink
A/N: Hello, my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓! Welcome to day 20 of kinktober! This was the best GIF I and @softboy5393 got. No, this is not a threesome. This was rushed.
Tumblr media
Pairings: Knight Sebastian Stan x Prince! Male reader. Some Chris Evans x male reader action.
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 2323
Summary: You were the most attractive prince in the Thermyscira Kingdom. You would always seduce your loyal knights into having fun with you, but there was one knight that caught your eye the most.
I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if it’s bad, and for any errors that are discovered. Many errors.
If you like this and wanna read more, you can check out my masterlist.
M/N: Male name
L/N: last name
This is a fictional world.
Thermyscira means “fantasy island” or “Paradise Island”
This may be short. Many errors.
Sebastian and the other knights ride on their horses through the streets of Krueginia, the capital of the Thermyscira Empire. People cheered him and the others on, in celebration after winning the 5-year long war.
“You showed them whos the true rulers of this world are!” “You finally destroyed the accursed Ubreoverus Empire! “WE WON!”
“Thank you, sir Sebastian!”
Those were some things people said as they cheered patriotically, the Thermyscira Empire was close to ruling the entire continent. The Obreoverus Empire had to be eliminated for that to happen. The two have been enemies since pre-history.
“Sir Sebastian and sir Chris, the king wants to talk with us.” one of the messages said as they reached the end of the crowd. Sebastian looked at the man confused. No other person has ever seen the king since the royal family likes their privacy.
“Why, though? Why ask for us all of sudden?” Chris said, wondering why the royal family requested them. “Maybe, he requests for our help?” Sebastian suggested a few knights from the military were requested by the king to protect his family.
“He invites you two for dinner.” the messenger said before running off. Sebastian and Chris got off their horses and went to the near tavern for a drink. People inside cheered them on as they walked in.
“We’re probably gonna have to protect the Royal family,” Sebastian said, lately the family has become paranoid that something would happen. Like an assassin from Obreoverus, planning to kill the king and overthrow the empire.
“Maybe, we’ll get assigned to protect the prince,” Chris said in a loving tone. M/n, the most alluring man in the Thermyscira Empire, is also the prince. There were rumors among the military that M/n pleasures any hot knight assigned to him. This made everyone try their best in hopes of seeing M/n.
“We’ll have to see,” Sebastian said, drinking his beer. He and Chris would have to wait until the meeting with the king comes.
Tumblr media
It was nighttime, Sebastian was getting ready in his room. He had to dress properly since he was meeting the king. He was honestly nervous, this was his first time going to the palace, and he was already sweating He didn’t want to make a bad impression.
Once he was done, he hears the horses neigh outside his house. ‘It’s time.’ Sebastian walked out of his home, one of the guys opens the door for him. Chris was in there. “Let’s do this.” then the carriage rides off.
As they were riding in the carriage, fireworks were bursting in the night sky. The people were celebrating with big feasts and partying. “We’ll be arriving shortly.” one of the men said.
Sebastian could see the palace appearing over the smaller homes and businesses. Thick cobblestone walls with windows lining the wall. Some vine growing on the side. Fireworks shot in the sky, illuminating the palace in colorful lights.
The palace also had a golden dome that could be seen for miles. It shows the wealth of the L/n family. When Sebastian was young, he would read books on the L/n family and what they did to create the largest empire.
The L/n family united the Thermysciran people in the year 600 B1. After 100 years, the Thermyscira Kingdom grew to take up the northern part of the continent. The people stopped calling it “kingdom” and instead went to “empire.”
In 500 B1, the Oakhampton palace was built, now, it's the main residence of the L/n family. The family was tolerant of their people, they allow religious freedom, free speech, freedom of the press, and many other rights and services.
That was a short history Sebastian learned. Not long after, they arrive at the palace, the gates open. The first thing Sebastian and Chris could see were the gardens. It was well kept and managed. ‘Beautiful.’ Chris thought.
The carriage stops at the main entrance Sebastian and Chris got out of the carriage. The guards open the doors, allowing both men in. Both men were awestruck by the interior. The most elegant interior they have ever seen. “Please follow me, the king is waiting.”
One of the guards lead both into the dining hall, where the king was waiting. “Welcome, my wonderful knights!” the king greets both men. “We’re so glad you both are here with us.” the queen said with a smile on her face.
“Oh, please, join us for some dinner! The chefs completed everything not too long ago.” the king said, leading both men to the table. The smell was amazing, their mouths salivating. Chris was about to jump in before Sebastian stopped him.
“We’re in front of the royal family, don’t do anything stupid,” Sebastian whispered into Chris’s ear who sighed before complying. Everyone took a seat at the table and started eating. It was amazing food Sebastian has ever tasted.
“Now, sir Sebastian and Sir Chris, I heard everything about what you both did in the war against the accursed Oberoverus Empire. I’m impressed. Very Impressed.” the king said, swallowing bits of food down his throat.
“Because of you both, we won the war. Which battle did you win?” he said, taking a sip out of wine. It was Thermyscira Wine, arguably, the best wine in the world. Sebastian cleared his throat before speaking.
“I was the one who led the crucial battle. Battle of the Blood River. Chris was the one who won the Assault on Pluks.” Sebastian explained. Those were two major battles that decided on who would be the winner.
The king nodded his head before speaking. “I think you can guess why I summoned you here. I want you both to be protectors of my son, Prince M/n-” before he could finish Chris inject. “YES! I- uh… sorry.” he apologizes, Sebastian face-palms in his head.
“Anyways, here's the deal. I know both your families live in poverty, but if you agree to be my son's protectors, I’ll give your families all the riches and noble status. You both get to love here in the palace as well.” he said, Chris immediately agreed to his terms, Sebastian was hesitant but agreed.
It was at that moment you came in. “Sorry if I was a bit late! I was doing… some business,” you said, looking at Chris and Sebastian. These had to be the hottest men you have ever seen. “M/n, these are your new bodyguards, sir Sebastian and Sir Chris!”
“Nice to meet you both, I hope we can get along,” you said in an alluring voice. Chris had already fallen under spell while Sebastion remained unfazed.
‘Ooo, we got a toughy.”
Tumblr media
Over the next few days, you tried everything to seduce Sebastian. He was the only knight that caught your eye. Chris, he was hot too, but your eyes were on Sebastian. Something about him makes him special.
on the outside, Sebastian was annoyed by your advances, but on the inside, he liked the attention you were giving him. He never got that much attention when he was a child. So, he enjoyed every since thing.
Lately, you’ve been showing Chris more attention. Rubbing your hand up and down his body, pushing your ass against his crotch, and giving small pecks on his cheek. Sebastian was getting pissed but he hid it.
The last straw came one night. Sebastian was doing his daily check-up on you. He was about to open your door until heard something. “C-Chris! F-fuck… m-me! G-God… y-your cock… is s-so… b-big!” you moaned loudly.
“Yeah? You like this big fucking cock going up this tight ass? Such a fucking slut!” Chris groans which can be heard through the door. Sebastian quickly left, anger coursing through his veins.
The next day. You wake up after the greatest sex you had in a while. Chris has already woken up and left, leaving you in your empty room naked with some of his cum leaking out your ass. Suddenly, the door slammed open, you jumped at the sound. “Huh-”
You were pushed on the bed, a muscular chest pressed against your back. You already knew who it was. Your cock jumped in excitement as you can finally taste Sebastian. “Oh? You’re finally coming around?” you said in a teasing, rubbing your ass against his crotch. Sebastian’s cock was growing hard.
“You’re such a fucking slut. Already had sex with my best friend, and now you whoring yourself to me.” Sebastian said, giving your ass another slap. You let out small moans and whimpers, cock hard and pressing against the soft bed.
“I bet you like this you fucking slut! Getting manhandled.” Sebastian said, leaving more red marks on your ass. Sebastian got off you and undressed. He whipped out his cock, his cock left you shocked.
It was thick and large. It looked to be 13-inches long, it was veiny, and red, angry tip. “Beg, you don’t deserve my cock. Be a good prince, and beg.” Sebastian said, pulling you down on the floor while he sat on your bed.
“P-please, give me your cock! I wanna feel it down my throat as I try to take it all. I wanna pleasure, show you the pleasure that you have never felt before!” you begged, getting on your knees and crawling towards Sebastian.
He smirked at you, the prince, who was a part of the most powerful family in the world was begging on their knees. “Now, show me the pleasure that you showed Chris last night.”
You immediately hopped into action. You slowly parted your lips, sucking on the tip before taking more down your tight mouth. Sebastian let out small groans. ‘So, this is the type -fuck- of pleasure Chris got?’ he had to admit, you had an amazing mouth.
Gently move your hands up his thighs to hold. You continued to bob your head up and down before slamming the rest of his monster cock down your throat. Sebastian let out the loudest moan of pleasure.
You pulled back to get some air. “You have such a big cock, Sebby,” you said, gently rubbing his cock. You looked at his face with hearty eyes. Sebastian smirked before grabbing your head and pushing you down on his cock. “I want that mouth again.”
Sebastian loves the sound of you choking on his monster cock, his eyes roll back in pleasure. “Get on the bed, now!” Sebastian commands, pulling you roughly off his cock. You nodded your head and obeyed his command, laying on your stomach. You spread your legs for him.
“You fucking slut, already spreading your legs,” Sebastian growl as he looks at your ass. Some of Chris’s cum still leaking out. Your cock twitched with anticipation. Suddenly, you let the loudest moan. Sebastian immediately thrust his cock into you.
“Since you had a fuck with Chris, my best friend, you don’t need prep,” Sebastian said, pounding his cock into your ass. Sebastian’s cock found your prostate and began to abuse it.
“S-such… a b-big… c-cock.” your eyes rolled back, tongue sticking out. His cock was making you dumb. Sebastian could feel Chris’s cum as he pounds you. ‘So warm and tight.’ Sebastian's eyes rolled back.
“Yeah? Shit, your ass is still tight after fucking my friend?” Sebastian groans as your ass was sucking him like a black hole. Your moans got louder as his cock went deeper inside you.
“Mmm, your friend had such a big cock! The biggest cock I have seen.” you moaned, which made Sebastian extremely jealous. His jaw clenches.
“You dare talk about another man's cock while I’m fucking you?! I HAVE A MUCH BIGGER COCK THAN THAT LITTLE PUSSY! YOU WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW HOW MUCH A FUCKING SLUT YOU ARE?!” Sebastian growled as his grip on your hips tightened.
He fucks your ass harder than ever. You let out the loudest moans that could be heard around the palace.
The room was getting hazy, you could feel the knot forming in your pelvis. “I-I’m cumming soon!” Sebastian smirked, pounding your ass harder into the bed. You tighten your ass around his cock, trying to milk him.
“F-fuck… I’m gonna cum!” Sebastian said, thrusting harder into you. “Y-Yes! Cum inside me! Fill my tight ass with your delicious milk!” you moaned, pushing back to meet his thrusts. Sebastian gave a few more thrusts.
“I’M CUMMING!” Sebastian groans as his cock spurt out gallons of cum inside you, filling your ass to the brim. It was at the same moment that your cock released its load as well. Both of you panted heavily, trying to get some air.
“You know, you always caught my eye, Sebby,” you said before passing out from exhaustion. Sebastian’s eyes widen.
A/N: I hope you enjoy this day! Bye, my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓! Horrible way to end it.
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fandomtrashfox · 2 days ago
Loki x Male!Shapeshifter!Reader - Trick ‘r Treat
Loki was somewhat familiar with other holidays like Christmas. But Halloween was one of those things that he needed (Y/N)’s help to understand. Though the idea of trick or treating intrigued him when (Y/N) mentioned it.
Sadly, (Y/N) had to explain to him that trick or treating was something children did, not adults. Loki obviously found that a bit ridiculous, but it was a custom here, so why bother trying to argue it?
...That is until Halloween actually rolled around.
(Y/N) was in the tower’s kitchen, everyone else was out. Bucky was with Sam, Thor was in Asgard, Peter and his friends were no doubt out at a Halloween party...or something and the rest were at some big ‘event’ on TV, but Loki?
Truth be told, (Y/N) had no idea where Loki was, which was strange since Loki usually told him if he had somewhere to be. So, (Y/N) was alone in the tower, with nobody but his thoughts for sole company.
Until (Y/N) found him in the living area. 
“Wha-? What are you wearing?” (Y/N) laughed. It was the cheapest-looking costume he’d ever seen like it was taken straight from a dollar store shelf.
“My costume, of course.” Loki had a look on his face that (Y/N) was very familiar with. A mischievous smirk as he held up two pillowcases.
Before (Y/N), with a raised eyebrow, could remind him that only children trick or treated, suddenly Loki was engulfed in green light and was replaced with a child.
“Are you coming?” He asked, holding out the second pillowcase with a sly look. (Y/N) hesitated for a second, but it was hard to deny the urge to break such a silly rule. (Y/N) morphed and changed into a child-like version of himself, taking the pillowcase with an eager grin.
The next thing he knew, Loki and him attached themselves to some group of children and were soon stocked on candy. Loki, of course, wore a mask. To avoid being caught, knowing the other Avengers would show up eventually. It was actually a bit scary, seeing as Steve appeared and almost recognized the two. But, he was thankfully pulled away by some fans before he could put the pieces together.
By the end of the night, (Y/N) and Loki had enough candy to last until next April. ...Or at least it would be that much if they were the type not to eat quickly. It would probably only last until Christmas at best.
Hiding the candy in their room once they arrived back at the tower, the two of them spent the rest of the night pulling pranks on Thor and the others once they all returned.
Sure enough, this would end up being a secret tradition between the two of you. Each one had some close calls being caught. But each time it would end with impish laughing, sweet treats, and snuggling.
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vexelier-suix-cipher · 2 days ago
heyy, i see that your requests are open for headcanons and id like to request HK michael with a very chaotic and emotional younger s/o. please and thank you 😭🖤 gn or ftm, it doesn't matter!
Hello hello!! Thank you for the request!! I hope you like it!!
Halloween Kills Michael with a chaotic and emotional ftm younger s/o
Sorry it's so short!!
Warnings: None really, just chaotic reader and old man Myers being an old man
Genre: SFW, Fluff
×Let's start off with the fact Peepaw here cannot keep up with you.
×If he spoke more often you swear you'd hear him go 'Im too old for this' more times than you could count.
×The amount of emotions you can express so easily honestly baffles him.
×He can rarely show you affection and here you are a little ball of fury and emotions running around.
×Has thought of just tying you up so you can stay still.
×You can often find him tilting his head at your chaotic nature, his lips tugging into a slight smile under the mas as he watches you do your thing.
×Being a bit older than you means he doesn't have as much energy as you do.
×He's constantly lounging around with a newspaper in hand or watching the news as he snacks on some candy.
×No he won't indulge in your chaotic deeds.
"Awh c'mon Mikey!! I'll get you more candy?"
×So what was it you wanted to do again?
×You've gotta bribe him with candy if you want something.
×Though he does do things on his own accord as well.
×If you're having a real emotional day, he'll allow you to cuddle up next to him and eat some sweets with him as he drapes an arm over your shoulders.
×Literally doesn't give a flying fuck about you being a guy or transgender
×His reaction was an awkward thumbs up
"Hey, Michael? I'm a guy...not a girl..."
×He did offer to give you a DIY top surgery once
×You of course declined
×Michael couldn't see why but spend thousands of dollars doing it professionally i guess
×if you're the type to not get any of the surgeries, he's fine with that. He'll always see you as his boyfriend (or even husband if you're lucky)
×no matter what you do to your body or how you see yourself in the mirror, you'll always be Michael's chaotic little boyfriend <3
×He loves getting attention from you. He's kind of an attention hogger
×Does his best to show you some love back but it's Michael Myers, it's hard alright give him a minute
×He has stolen what ever flag(s) represent you.
×You're welcome ಠಿ_ಠ?
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hoshitoeanomaly · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"That was a little bit kinky, don't you think?"
•Requested by: an Anon
❤︎Pairing: Ateez (Seonghwa) x Male Reader
❣︎Genre: Smut (Thigh Riding)
∆Positions: TopSeonghwa x BottomY/N
Seonghwa is preparing for another comeback with Ateez so he decides that he wants to spend the last free day with his lover.
After a failed cuddling attempt, Y/N decides to be a little frisky and prompts Seonghwa to explore a certain kink he has.
Hearing bird chirps was not how you imagined waking up but you quickly realized you left the window open before your ass fell asleep, immediately making you shiver from the coldness outside.
You debated on leaving your bed to go close it or not, so you slowly raised yourself to prop up one hand on the bed frame.
Turning yourself around, you saw a damn good sight.
It was your stink Seonghwa, sleeping tightly, shirtless with sweat slowly glistening down his body.
He must've been dreaming about something stressful or scary for him to be sweating like that.
Your eyes went lower noticing a little space inside the shared blanket you guys had.
You traced the entire outline of his body with your eyes before seeing a happy trail going down and landing right at the top of his co-
"D'you like what you see?" Seonghwa said, morning voice and all, as he slowly started waking up from his sleep.
You were not expecting him to wake up so the best course of action was to.... pretend like you were staring at your nails?
It's almost like he knew.
"OH, you're awake.
I didn't hear you-"
"Because you were focused on staring at my body?" He intercepted.
"Guilty.... as charged?"
"You're lucky you're cute otherwise I would've sued your ass" Seonghwa said, before giving you a soft peck on the lips.
"Sued me for what???"
"For stealing my heart....
ᵧₒᵤ ₕₐᵥₑ ₛₜₒₗₑₙ ₘᵧ ₕₑₐᵣₜ ₒₕ ᵧₑₐₕ, ₙₑᵥₑᵣ ₗₑₜ ᵢₜ ᵍₒ₋"
Get your ass up, i am starving.
And, I swear to god if you make a "I have something you should eat right here" joke, I will burn you alive."
"I hav-
"Y/N, sto-
This is not how you cuddle with someone"
Y/N was currently plastered on Seonghwa with his head and upper body on his lovers chest while their legs were intertwined.
It was kinda uncomfortable but Seonghwa had better access to hugging his lover so he didn't mind.
They were watching Shrek 3: Thee Shrekening ™️ for the upteenth time and it was obvious the movie was absolute shit.
Seonghwa almost fell asleep because of the warmth Y/N gave him plus the overall boredom that Shrek was giving him.
He was about to ask Y/N to drop the movie and just sleep but, before he could do that, Y/N slowly rubbed his crotch against his pelvis.
Seonghwa didn't think much of it, assuming he's just adjusting or moving his position to be more comfortable.
Y/N jerked his hips once again in a long stroke over Seonghwa's hip bone all the way up to his belly button.
This surely wasn't a coincidence or him moving, this was very deliberate.
What's going on?"
Y/N said nothing, as he repeated the same action again.
Seonghwa was dumbfounded until it hit him.
He slowly took both of his fingers before putting them under Y/N's chin, tilting his head up seeing his disheveled but blushed face.
Use your words."
Y/N audibly swallowed before finally speaking.
"I want you"
The invitation was sincere but, Seonghwa had different plan this time around.
Something way more dirtier.
"Ride my thigh"
He said it with such confidence and authority that Y/N couldn't refuse.
It actually took him by surprise since he wasn't expecting such a tone to come out of his lover but, he definitely can't say it didn't turn him on even more.
Y/N slowly slid himself out of Seonghwa's hold before positioning himself upward, sitting on his lovers thigh.
"Take of your pants"
The ask, more like demand, happened instantly as Y/N did exactly what he was told to do.
He slowly took off his pants before dropping his underwear on the ground.
"Start moving" was all that exited Seonghwa's mouth as he waited for Y/N to start.
As he began to move against his thigh, the action was rigid as the material of Seonghwa's pants was to tight and rough.
Seonghwa noticed this immediately.
"Should I take off my pants?"
You quickly nodded though Seonghwa needed more.
"Words baby.
Use them."
And that's all it took.
He slowly lift Y/N off of him as he undid his belt before sliding his pants down.
His thigh was fully exposed before he pulled Y/N on it.
Upon contact, Y/N started moving again.
Seonghwa couldn't help but flex his thigh moving it up before grabbing Y/N's waist, slowly controlling his movements.
Y/N held onto Seonghwa's shoulders, facing his eyes.
They started at eachother, sharing the sensuality they both feel at such a sexual moment.
Seonghwa lifted up both of his fingers before putting them inside Y/N's mouth.
Y/N circled his tongue around his fingers before sucking them.
Seonghwa inadvertently gasped before pulling his fingers out, as Y/N took that opportunity to kiss him.
Seonghwa moaned from Y/N's kiss, savoring the feeling.
The room felt thick with sweat and libido.
This is the first time where the both of them were so fucked out because of eachother.
They were never this sensual before.
Seonghwa wasn't the type to get extremely dominant, and they never really explored each others sexual fantasies or kinks like this but this was an opportune moment to do so.
Y/N was close to his release and Seonghwa could feel it as he let Y/N move on his own.
"Cum for me" was all it took for Y/N to finally get his release, dripping over Seonghwa's pants.
He couldn't contain his breathing before falling on his lover.
That was a little bit kinky, don't you think?"
"Hah, you ass.
We never really did this sort of thing so I wanted to try it out and see if you like it"
Giving you the pleasure that you need is more than enough for me."
It seems like you have a little problem down there" Y/N pointed at Seonghwa's crotch, seeing how he couldn't contain his buldge from showing.
"..... Would you mind giving me some help with that?"
"Ugh, if you insist"
And that's it 💀
I hope that this shit was ok and it was what you wanted Anon 'cus it took me a long time to write 😭
But yeah, thank you so much for reading this shit and if you liked it, make sure to check out my other fics on my account.
Peace y'all ✋‼️
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k1b0s-soft-hands · 6 hours ago
Obey Me as things people have said in Discord
The Series
MC: Now hear me out...
Satan: Get out.
Leviathan: Oh no, I want to hear this
Mammon: I'm totally brok now
MC: Just like my heart #Emo
Mammon:...Did you just say hastag in a sentence
Lucifer: I hate you so much
MC: that's not true
MC: If you hated ne you wouldn't put up with my bullshit
Belphie: You can't just be everyones therapist MC
MC: Watch me.
Beelzebub: Belphie, MC, Come get food with me
Belphie: I'm not hungry
Beelzebub: Yes you are, lets go.
Belphie: Damn it
Leviathan: MC you suck at Mario Kart
MC: You've hit every wall, and this is the easiest level.
Diavolo: Tell me more about this valentine's day
MC: It's basically a holiday that reminds people to wear condoms and take their birth control
Solomon: I want to argue but you're not wrong.
Asmodeus: Tell me I'm beautiful MC
MC: You have a nice ass
Asmodeus: I'll take it
Barbatos: MC has been ranting about their life in the Devildom
Barbatos: Most of the complaints were about people breaking in their room
Barbatos: I told MC to sleep with a knife.
Barbatos: All of the brothers are now in the hospital.
MC: Mammon is not in love with me
Mammon: Exactly I'm not into [Gender]
Lucifer: Are these lies coming straight out of your ass?
Leviathan: Okay MC whats your Username?
MC: MCuwu
Leviathan: ...Right.
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haijki · a day ago
Tumblr media
a/n; heyas, stay tuned for part two ig
CW/TW; mentions of character's death, cursing, blood/gore, voices
Tumblr media
-©99percentjae on tumblr
Raindrops fell onto Tommy's frail body as he quickly ran towards the deep depths of the jungle, far away from L'manberg. Searching for someone important to everyone. L'manberg was on its last life and Tommy had found out that Technoblade and Philza were building a whole TNT system to destroy the country with a green blob-man's help. What in the terrorists.
Panting aggressively, cold sweat dripped down the boy's face as sharp branches gave him cuts all over his body. The rain wasn't helping him at all. It blurred his crystal blue eyes, making him struggle to see what's in front of him. It burned the fresh wounds from the woods too but he managed to hold in the stinging sensation.
As the blond continued running, pushing the tree leaves away from his sight, faint lighting could be seen ahead. Is that it..? -- he thought to himself as he briskly walked towards a building like silhouette in front of him. It gave out a familiar warm aura. He took shelter from under the doorstep shelter. Banging on the door, now remembering why was he there.
"Oh dear.. Coming!" A male's voice shouted from the inside. Footsteps could be heard from the other side of the door, fading in louder. Meaning that the male was right opposite the door. A couple of metal clanking sounded. The male was probably unlocking the door locks. The spruce door slowly opened with a loud creaking noise. A taller male figure with [h/c] fluffy hair appeared. "Who is it-? Tommy!?"
"What are you doing here, son?"
"I-! I-it's! It's Dadza! A-and, and Techno! T-they're trying to blow up L'manberg again!!"
"What do you mean again? And your father and brother wouldn't do that. Are you playing a joke with me right now Tommy?"
"No! No, I'm not! Please help. I'm being serious here. Please talk to Dad for me!" The younger male panicked as he pulled a piece of fabric clothing that [Name] wore. The older male stared into the boy's clear blue orbs, sensing the seriousness they held. [Name] pressed his lips into a straight line and grabbed the boy from under his arm. Lifting him and putting him in a piggyback position.
"Alright, I trust you. Hold on tight, I'll fly you there," he softly said and stood in his ready-to-fly position. Tommy wrapped his arms around his father's neck tightly as [Name] spread out his wings, jumping and flying off. "HELL YEAHH!! WHOOOOOO!!" Tommy screamed when [Name] flew away from his home, straight towards the well-known country, L'manberg. "Where are we landing?!"
"Near the L'man tree!! They're setting up there!!"
"Okay! Hold on tight!" The [h/c] haired man flapped his wings harder, increasing the speed and making Tommy scream at the top of his lungs.
The father and son duo arrived at L'manberg dramatically. The ground grumbled aggressively as [Name] landed right in front of the famous tree. Everyone present turned their head to see the source of the sudden small earthquake. Shock was all their reaction was. The man who started this country with his sons, the all mighty, finally appeared.
Tommy got off his father's back with his guide. Quickly, he ran towards his best friend, Tubbo. Hugging him and asking him about his well being. [Name] kept his eyes on the obsidian platform, searching for his ex-husband. He spotted the male and raised his wings, flying towards Phil and landed right beside him.
"Philza." [Name]'s deep voice sounded out, giving chills to everyone. Philza smirked. "[Name]." He replied, crossing his arms. "What are you doing?"
"Can't you see? I'm going destroy this whole place-"
"What the fuck are you talking about? Destroying the very thing that your children built? Wilbur was proud to have this nation exist. Speaking of Wilbur, where is he!?" Everyone stood in silence. Phil flinched at that sentence and his breathing hitches. Lips quivering, looking at his ex-lover nervously. He knew where Wilbur was. But he couldn't tell the man in front of him. Or he'll get upset. Maybe even worse than that.
"He's gone." A pig-like man spoke up. Both of the older males turned their heads towards the direction of the voice. "Technoblade." [Name] sternly spoke. "What do you mean he's gone," he continued, emphasizing the word 'gone'. "He's GONE! He's DEAD. He's just a ghost now, [Name]! Dad killed him! I'm not going to lie! But it's for a good-!"
"You. What?"
"It was for a good purpose-!" Phil called out. "You killed your own son..? YOU KILLED MY OWN SON!?"
"Stop this right now. For Wilbur's sake, you better fucking stop this act of terrorism,"
"Too late." A voice sounded. The sound of a lever flickered filled everyones' ears. [Name] sees a dirty blond head male, with a smiley mask over his face. Even with the mask on, [Name] could sense the evil smirk behind it. He growled when he heard the male laugh, who was now leaving the platform. Hissing noises could be heard. Tons and tons of TNT were released at the same time, blowing up the precious land below. Everyone on the ground screamed in terror, some running away and some fighting back Techno who jumped off the platform to fight everyone off.
"Phil, stop this machine right now!" [Name] shouted at said male in panic. Phil stared at him, being in a small dilemma whether if he should stop it or not. "Sorry, [Name]. There'll be no purpose if I stop this," Phil lowly said, flying off to somewhere far away. The [h/c]-nette curses and went to search around for his blonde headed son.
"Tommy? Tommy!? Where are you?!" he shouted for his son. He leapt off the obsidian platform and flew under, searching for the younger male. At the corner of his eyes, he saw a bright blonde male holding someone else close. His eyes shifted to the man in front of them. It was his oldest son, Technoblade. Pointing a firework crossbow at the two. With eyes wide, he quickly dived down towards the two helpless boys.
Everyone, everything went slow motion for him. Stretching out his arm towards the boys, his face looks terrified. Managing to grab their shoulders and hold them close to him, with his wings spread wide open, shielding them as Techno released the rope of his crossbow.
All that Tommy and Tubbo could hear was a loud, high-pitched ringing sound in their ear. The heavyweight they felt around was still there, holding them close against a soft texture. Soon, they slowly opened their eyes, to see a [h/c] haired man roughly coughing out some type of red substance. They couldn't make out who it was. Everything was blurry for them. But their attention was on the moving blurry image behind the male. As their vision cleared, they focused on the image, forming into a leather type of texture yet so soft object. It was [Name]'s bat-like wings. Destroyed and burned. Holes and tears all over it.
"[N-Name]..?" Tubbo whispered with a slight fear of his voice. Tommy turned his head to the male. Eyes met the other. "Pops, you're bleeding!"
"D-don't mind me! Are you alright boys?" the older male stuttered out. Both of the younger boys nodded. "Okay, Okay. Here, take these ender pearls and get out of here. It's not safe," Tubbo and Tommy hummed in response and quickly took the ender pearls, leaving the place immediately. [Name] turned away to meet his anarchist son's troubled eyes. Lowering his crossbow and stood there, shaking as he continued to stare deep into his father's eyes. "Techn-"
"Are they bothering you again?"
"... Who's bothering me? What are you talking about?"
"Those... Those voices in your head. They're still there right? Look at yourself son. You're trembling agai-"
"N-no. I don't know what you're talking about,"
"Techno... I know you. You hurt me, again, and you hated that. So you start to shake because you're scared," Techno stayed silent, scanning the man in front of him. Gripping on his [s/t] toned arm, now painted with an ugly red. Wings have blown away, only left with some flesh and bones. Dripping thick blood. [Name] could only give him a comforting smile. Even with that extreme stinging pain he's feeling, he tries his best not to show his weakness. With all his strength, he lifted his right arm, having a genuine smile plastered on his face.
"Do you still need comforting from good ol' pops..?" Techno gulped. His breathing staggered. A part of him wants to run and melt into the comforting arms of the man who has been there when he has those bad days. But his anarchist part of him, those voices in his head is screaming commands nonstop.
Instead, he ran off. Away from the man who raised him better than anyone. Trying to avoid killing his own father. His hands were shaking with blood lust. He wanted to kill him. No, the voices wanted to kill him. But he couldn't.
[Name] watches Techno run away. His vision started to blur up as he fell to the ground. Due to the huge amount of blood loss, he felt his body weakening. His consciousness was slowly slipping away. "T-techno.." he whispered out before completely fainting out.
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bigfan-fanfic · 2 days ago
Big Brothers 2 (Bei Fong!Male!Reader x Sokka)
Requested for  hi it's my first time asking and i read your picture about being toph's brother and liking Sokka and I thought maybe you could do a part 2 about what their relationship would be like maybe?
Tumblr media
It’s been a few weeks now since you and Sokka became a thing - and to Sokka’s mind at least, what better way to really lock in your relationship than to take you out on the town in Ba Sing Se?
Toph is this time no help. She refuses to even consider setting foot in a teahouse.
So Sokka’s on his own when it comes to a date.
You two are both swordsmen, he thinks, so why not take you to a sword exhibition in the Lower Ring? What could go wrong?
Unlike your little sister, you are perfectly at home in the city, so Sokka is stunned when he sees you bedecked in elegant robes and looking fancy.
“Oh, uh... I was. you look.... uhhhhhh....”
Katara smirks, sidling in, looking at you. “Yes, Y/N, you look very uhhhhh.”
Aang giggles when Sokka sends a glare her way.
Thankfully, he recovers and leads you by the hand out to the carriage.
You’re pretty sure the Dai Li are still closely watching your every move
But Joo Dee provided the carriage, apparently satisfied you wouldn’t be continuing the search for Appa on your own.
However... the muggers might end up ruining your day.
They ambush you on the way to the sword exhibition
Two fancy young men from the Upper Ring? Easy target, they must think.
But you prove them wrong.
Sokka draws his machete as you draw your sword, and you two strike in tandem.
It’s almost like you’re dancing, pivoting around each other as you disarm and drive away the muggers.
“You’re so strong.” Sokka smiles at you. “It’s almost distracting, watching you fight.”
You look at him, your hand drifting up to his exposed bicep, which makes the poor boy gasp. “You don’t fight quite like a Water Tribe warrior. There’s a different kind of grace to your style.”
He chuckles. “I studied with the Kyoshi Warriors for about a day. I’ve sort of been practicing that ever since.”
You nod. “That’s impressive. It’s smart to take your teachings from many different places. I only had one swordmaster, and though she taught me well, there are still holes in my technique I have no option but to try and avoid at all costs.”
He smirks. “Like what?”
You laugh. “Oh, you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Unless I can find other teachers in the meantime!”
He puts his arm around you and the two of you walk to the exhibition. 
The duels are exciting, the food is simple but hearty, and by the end of the night you end up with your lips on Sokka’s in the carriage back to the Upper Ring.
You break apart before getting back home and smile at each other. You know your sister will feel your elevated heart rate but you don’t mind. You like that someone knows you’re in love.
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moonlit-rabbit · a day ago
I saw your requests are open! I was wandering if you could write a one shot of a Rook x shy reader. The reader want to be one with nature but it feels like it always run around from them, like the animals runs away from them, every flower that they want to pick, it always have a bee of it. They basically have a lot of bad luck. Rook comes into play and show his s/o how to be one with nature
I really hope it's not too much and it makes since. Have a wonderful night/day!
Thank you for requesting \[°=°]/
I'm sorry I don't know how to be one with nature T0T
I'm thinking of a very funny scenario(in my head at least)
Rook Hunt
Tumblr media
When Rook first saw you, he thought of you as a shy bunny.
He saw you pull down your hood when the mirror announced that you didn't have magic.
He saw how you panicked when professors called you.
He, of course, was interested.
He stalked you until he eventually developed feelings for you.
Sadly, he saw you multiple times trying to be one with nature.
Though one memory stands out from the rest.
"What are you doing prefect?"
"nothing.-" you instinctively stood up instantly.
Rook was not suspicious at all, for he saw what happened.
Rook was just, as usual, stalking the Ramshackle prefect.
This time, he followed the first year to a spot in the academy where it was full of creatures. Aka, birds, etc.
From singing to dancing, this must be the most unusual thing he's seen from you so far.
Your hands, in a V shape, legs slightly apart, and let's not forget the semi singing-yelling thing you're doing with your voice.
He saw how birds, wild rabbits, and other creatures scampered away after seeing and hearing your voice.
He honestly found it hilarious
And that leads you to your current predicament.
"I was trying to be one with nature..."
"That's not how you do it Mon cher" The male in a bob-cut responded in a deadpan tone.
[Mon Cher → My dear]
Your face flared up.
"Please don't tell anyone about this..." The first year prefect silently prayed to the seven.
"Of course! Who do you think I am?" He exclaimed, dramatically touching where his heart should be, feigning hurt.
"Je vous enseignerai how to be one with nature★" You had a good grasp of what he said for you once tried learning French to be like Cinderella, Aurora, or Belle. But you gave up and learned German instead.
[Je vous enseignerai → I will teach you]
"Ah! Merci!" Blushing slightly when the flamboyant bowl looking guy in front of you laughed at, probably your accent lol.
[Merci → Thank you]
After that incident, you two started spending time more.
Surprisingly you were the one who confessed. Rook was about to confess, but we don't talk about that :D
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fandomfluffandfuck · 2 days ago
new fic where I fuck around and try writing a Chris Evans × Reader fic
You're welcome 😏
Also thank you for reading!!
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sakuxmi · 12 hours ago
Akaashi and Bokuto : the duality of bottoms.
Akaashi's quiet and whispery, shy and submissive
Bokuto's loud and def a screamer, he's definitely a begger.
Akaashi hates being messy, Bokuto wants to be covered in cum and piss and whatever you'll give him.
Akaashi likes missionary, he wants sweet passionate sex. Bokuto wants you to bend him over any surface and make him go stupid.
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ronaldrx · 2 days ago
hello hello surprise!
it is me and I forgot what I wanted to request. I'm such an idiot omg 😂
uuhhh something something Roman sionis, male reader, daddy kink and napping together? look I'm trying my hardest to not make every of these requests into oral cock warming 😂
Roman Sionis x Male!Reader | Headcanons
Why, hello there, my angel!!! <3 JHGJGJK, you're not an idiot, shush! But I feel you. x'D <3 Anyway, gosh, fuck, I love you. Thank you so much for this request. I actually really needed this right now, so- thank you! Hope you like these. :) <3 (Also, I'm proud of you for somehow not making it all oral cockwarming, lmfaooo!)
notes; Male!Reader; Daddy Kink; Napping Together; Comfort; Domestic Fluff.
You've had some miserable nights behind you, full of nasty dreams, even panic attacks, and just generally waking up a lot and not being able to fall back asleep for a good while. Thus, you're very exhausted at this point, nursing a constant headache and feeling sluggish, while your eyes keep falling shut on their own.
Roman obviously knows how badly you've been sleeping and he's tried to get you to nap several times over the past few days, but every time you refused, since naps never made you feel better or more awake, and then you also wouldn't be able to sleep at all during the night; so you always forced yourself to stay up.
Still, seeing you sitting at your desk, slumped over and just barely hanging onto consciousness, he walks over to you, kisses the top of your head, as he puts his hands on your shoulder, and tells you that he's free for the rest of the day now and he's pretty beat. At first that only causes you to feel bad for him and suggest that perhaps he should lie down, get some rest.
That's when he steps aside and looks at you, giving you this look that screams "are you kidding me?", which is fair, considering your refusal to rest yourself. But luckily, he knows what will actually get you to nap with him.
He starts going on about how "Daddy needs you beside him when he's resting", and that he couldn't possibly fall asleep, knowing that you're forcing yourself to stay up, despite being so exhausted and in pain. It only takes a few tries until you're finally giving in; although you're vowing to yourself not to doze off.
But once you're lying down and cuddling under the covers and you hear and feel Roman's rhythmic heartbeat and his calm, even breaths, you're slowly being lulled to sleep after all. (He's very smug about it when you both wake up again a couple of hours later.)
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adriftfurther · 2 days ago
A Bequest - Chapter 3
Previously titled as: Hitmen Sent by CyberLife
Fandom: DBH
Pairing: Nines x Male Reader x Connor
Word Count: + 3.2k
Warnings/Tags: Non-Con, 18+, NSFW, Non-Canon, Shower, Smut, What Plot (Kind of)
(Heed warnings/tags before proceed further)
You take a shower with androids that had had your co-worker assassinated. It's not like you have any choice in refusing them, anyway.
Previous Chapters:
||  Chapter 1  ||  Chapter 2  ||
You always knew your twin had blamed you for the death of your parents and siblings, as shown by how he had distanced himself after that major fire incident near a decade back.
You just didn't expect he had held grudge that much to the point he had you as a 'bequest' for the only duo hitmen currently assigned by CyberLife...
Connor and Nines.
Of course.
You were blindfolded when they brought you into the hideout.
It is an old spacious basement, predominated by grey shades of color even with all lights being turned on the whole time. Despite the gloomy of nuances, the building structure is solid, well maintained, and everything seems to be available here—mainly those that are essentials to both androids' daily necessities and their missions.
Furthermore, much to your surprise in the early days you live there, they have a fully functional kitchen and bathroom, and, of course, a bedroom where they spent most of the leisure time in hands with you. They told you your twin brother used to stay periodically to perform regular checks upon both androids, thus, the human-required facilities.
Beyond that, your knowledge of your whereabouts is almost entirely limited. The only thing you are aware that the building is surrounded by remote forest, which you could occasionally smell its scent, and see its leaved floor across the iron bars on the basement's windows every time the androids have them opened.
At first, you thought they would use you solely for their personal entertainment. Well, you kind of were...
Such as this afternoon, an hour following your lunch, when one of them peculiarly decided that it was a proper time for you to take a shower...
“C'mon, babe,” he fanned huskily behind your earlobe, rocking his hips at a strong fast tempo, with his blunt nails dug deep in your waist.
Squeezing your lids, you try to surface your carnal instinct, knowing well this session will not end soon without your climax ensued. You press your cheek to the concrete wall, jerking your bound hands above your head, adjusting your hips to obtain more pleasant frictions.
Still, most you can sense are anything but. Such as your wet slippery skin, or the warm humidity encaging, or the uncomfortable hard surfaces surrounding.
They did you plenty of times just like this, but absolutely you are certain that you will never get used to it.
This kind of disposition... not as hot as in the movies or porn, to be turned out. And the grim situation that currently occurred to you only makes things even felt more gruesome.
Albeit you have found it builds up into a bit different story if you envisaged Aaron was the one in with you now instead of the twin assassin(/s)...
“Darling, please,” he coaxed lowly and pecked your shoulder, reaching your flaccid cock to stroke it in his palm.
For such a non-deviant android, Connor's (as well as the twin's) attitudes are... unfitting. You have been pondering it over and over, recalled the change of behavioral drastically happened after the first time that night you opened your mouth to beg for their mercy.
“C'mon, darling,” he repeated more softly, employed persistently his hips and hand to emerge your arousal. He nibbles your nape, with the other free hand tweaking your nipples.
Withholding your shutting eyes, you pull Aaron's image out of its tomb you initially created deep inside your mind.
Need only seconds before you feel the familiar flame courses within you.
God. This always feels so wrong, yet usually, that's how it all worked for you. You need just the very motivation, a diversion to accompany you along, for you are left with little to no option each time.
You only were started to moan when suddenly all the progress is ceased, putting your fire out in an instant.
“Babe, open your eyes,” his voice was merely an inch away from your face.
You do as he demanded to find the amber eyes glinted with disappointment. Damped sticky dark hair framing the wet mellow face. Beads of water running down his cheeks as though he was crying. Oh, why CyberLife had to create such a beautiful thing, yet possess deadly capacities at the same time?
“You did it again,” he pointed out in a sorrowful tone, stroked your cheek with the back of his palm. “You have fantasized 'him', didn't you? To replace one or both of our roles?”
Your lips quivered.
After a pitiful weightful sigh, carefully he pulls his dick out, generates an unpleasant sensation due to his harden length leaves your hole. He spins you around so as to lifts you into a higher position and plunges his dick back inside you easily.
A short panic gasp flew off your lips when he took a few steps back, forcing you to balance yourself by your bound hands tied to the shower pipe. Your shoulder blades against the wall when he adjusts your legs wide-open in the air and over his shoulders.
You are given no choice but to face to face with the android. Everything becomes more slicked and displeasing for you.
“Don't you dare to close your eyes, or even turn your face away from me,” he warned before drilling ahead mindlessly, triggering your hoarse grunt. He hooks his arms tightly around your thighs when you almost skid down by the moistened skins. Gradually he gains his pace as he began back and forth. Keen stares glued at you the whole time he strives for pleasure for the both of you.
You return his gaze hollowly. At the same time, in between your whimper and groan, attempting to endure the uncomforting circumstance and environment.
Maybe quite fortunate from your standpoint, there is a curtain of water between you both, and the rather thick steam floating inside the broad shower stall. Flicker of colors shown at his temple, you learned from the earlier days, it always has been the case whenever they (both androids) went through the mixture of thoughts.
You hear the bathroom door opened, followed by heavy footsteps making way inside.
Unintentionally you press your eyelids, in the same manner, a single word rolled off your tongue, “No...”
Connor chuckles across you amidst his unending pounding that rocked your body. “Why, dear? Afraid of receiving more pleasures?”
You shake your head woefully. “Please, Sir. I can no more...”
“I need his help,” he confessed tonelessly as he took a break time from thrusting you. Without secreting his cock, he situated you back upright over his arms.
Reflexively you drape your legs around his waist for balance, and he greets you with a kiss in the middle of your collarbone area.
When Nines finally inside the shower stall in his fully nude form, he unties the knot at the shower pipe and puts down your still-bound hands around Connor's neck. He claims his place behind you under the outpouring water.
“Miss me?” he cooed into your skin with the seductive intonation. “Sorry, I was just reviewing the message from our handler,” he went on as though you cared enough to their day-to-day vile profession. The android runs his large palms down your spine before he slipped one of them in the cracks of your ass.
Your breath increased in pace when his digit penetrating past your entrance next to Connor's idle cock.
“Still so tight, I see,” he expressed in a contentful way of speak while he pushed in and out his thick middle finger.
What will happen if you were not anymore? Will they finally liberate you? Or... maybe kill you?
Whimpering feebly you press your front more into Connor's, clamping your now reacted dick in between your belly and the android's. You buried your face into one of your upper arms, letting the sensations (the good and the bad) coursing through you.
By and by, when Nines determined you are loosen enough already, he dove his harden length inside you next to his twin's.
You could only pray they finish soon as they started to take turns shoving into you, but then you remember the unspoken rule regarding this very ritual...
Connor kisses you again, in the exposed neck under your ear this time, awoken you from your own daydreams before then you are pulled into Nines' chest.
You blink at your face being rained down more by the warmth of the shower, hindering your vision, but right away swept by Connor's gentle brush. With an unfocused gaze you digest his stare at you thicken with wanting, which come more vivid after the flowing water suddenly being turned off.
You are puffing hard in Nines' arm, seesawed securely in the middle while their dick hit your sweet spot and other delicate nerves just right. But you don't wish to give in yet, insist on retaining the remnants of your dignity...
“Submit yourself to us,” as if capable to read your internal conflict, Nines encouraged in a deep alluring voice, nuzzling and pecking at your nape after. “Focus on Connor. We knew you deem him as the most beautiful creature in the world.”
Connor's smile is frail, as opposed to his potent assault upon you in collaboration with his twin. “It's nothing if all he thinks about is that blonde Aaron each time we fuck him.”
“Yeah. I have noticed,” the twin sounded mournful as well now. He grips your half-erect cock in his free hand and begins to pump.
Against your will, you moan unfetteredly at the additional thrill. But quickly you regain the tiny piece of your pride by biting your own tongue.
Much to your actual discontentment, in a sudden move you uplift your bound hands from Connor's neck and seek to break free onto the floor.
Like always, it comes to no avail for your whole body is detained right away by their deft hands, while simultaneously they suspended all the effort upon you. Your entire muscles scream by the pressure.
Flanked tightly between both androids, your uplifted bent knees adhered to your outer shoulders, belted within Nines' solid embrace. Your bound hands folded over your chest, restrained more by Connor's around your arms.
“This kind of attempt again? Really?” merely inch away from you, you could witness Connor's irritated expression and way of speak.
You feel as if you are out of breath. Your eyes and nose started to burn.
“Please, Sirs... I told you both that I'm not real.” You shake your head lamenfully, couldn't believe it yourself how many times you had tried to convince them. “I mean, in regard to your feeling for me. It is just a part of the program my twin had installed in your system.”
To that explanation attempt, Connor withdraws one of his hands from your arm and grabs your jaw firmly. “And we've told you it wasn't like that.”
One more time you shake your head, displaying more obstinacy this time. “Maybe if we visit some sort of technical support, we will see to it that I was correct. Maybe then I will be no more a hindrance to your missions...” you proposed carefully.
“Sure,” from behind you Nines responded, suspiciously sounded compliant so. “While at it ask them to shut us down? Or maybe ask them to deactivate us for good during the examination phase where we will be unconscious?”
You never even have the thought, only so far where you are to be free from their endless obsessive touch. But now that you just heard the idea, you couldn't help but ponder it.
Unintentionally you clench your inner walls around their immotile hard cocks from the bizarre excitement. You don't know whether to feel guilty by it or not.
You barely remember Connor just merely nose-to-nose distance from you when he chuckles onto your skin.
“Conflicted, huh? Some part of you wish bad things happened to us?” the alluring creature whispered enticingly.
He drags his length still in your hole to resume the previous interrupted performance. He started slowly while taking a brief moment in kissing you thoroughly, curled his tongue inside against yours. His deed is soon tailed by Nines.
As Connor releases your lips to traces your wet jaw with his nose and lips, you snatch the opportunity to explain, “I—just don't want to be a hindrance...”
Nines sighed heavily on your shoulder blade, fastened his cuddle as he rocks his hips at a similar rhythm to his counterpart. “Who said that you were an obstacle to us? We have told you from the beginning that you weren't to be.” He nips your flesh back there and plays with your nipples within his hand's reachable scope.
You want to suggest further that they can perhaps visit CyberLife's tech support to undergo safely inspection, but you are too occupied in holding back your muffled moans in your throat.
Oh, why? Even with your entire frame being set and restrained painfully by their strength, they always manage to provoke your desire up.
“I promise we'll explain more in our next free time,” Connor asserted before he took claim your lips once more.
They always have said that quite a similar sentence repeatedly, and it has been so many days since your arrival in this very dungeon. Albeit you acknowledged their limited time to spare, whenever they got the leisure, they spent almost solely to this kind of activities with you. Each time you demanded the clarification, they seemed to be stalling somehow, chosen to focus more the minutes in hands to savor you.
You feel your lips swollen when Connor finally disentangles his face away from you. Not that far, though; the tip of his nose on your skin as you are bounced steadily on and on. He appeared to be satiated enough. Along with that, the euphoria assembled in your core...
God, no. You could never give them what they want, at least not in the way that they initially hoped for. You know you will regret it later. But for now, you feel a little bit the advantage since they still neglect your current eager dick.
Effortfully with your tied hands, you reach Connor's face. In a feigned lust, you clasp your mouth around his lips, momentarily exploring inside his flawless mouth cavity. You sense his deep low growl creeping through your tongue and into your mouth. You find his eyes closed and his LED flaring red when you retract away.
“Sir Nines was right, Sir,” you whispered temptingly as he slowly lifted his lids. “To me, you are the most alluring being I've ever encountered. Even—especially—when you got home with all those blue blood on your clothes.”
Before he gets to absorb your abrupt unusual demeanor, you contract your hole with all your might, followed instantly by their groans and growls.
By the rare occasion, you take the initiative to swing your own hips to their tempo. Quickly you lean to the back at the time Connor attempted to catch your lips again. The android grabs what he may as an alternative, which is your neck under the chin.
You rise your face to the ceiling, inviting. Nines takes the bait and plants his teeth in the delicate crook under your jaw.
They come in sync seconds later. You feel their abundant volume of cum filling your burning ass hole as both dick gradually shrunk.
“Fuck,” Connor cussed after he had left a deep bite mark on your skin.
“Ah. Shit,” Nines added closely, but then chuckled a bit. “Naughty boy...”
You wheeze when they carefully pull out and unfurl your limbs. Thick liquid streaming down your inner thighs. Yet Nines' arms remained around your torso, as if intended to keep you for something more, rising your heart rate up.
“Since you ended the game on your own terms...” Connor slowly down to his knees, resulting in your eyes bulged out in fear hope. “And since you haven't yet your peak...”
“No. I don't need—” You hiss by how Connor nimbly closed his palm around your shaft. You huffed next due to your member being wrapped progressively by his tender warm mouth, activating the inner flame you were previously retained. Soon you are panting more as he begins back and forth, waggles his tongue also cunningly.
How can you escape this?
In contrast to your enthusiastic dick, your whole body trembling in ache. Weren't for Nines' arms supporting you by under your armpits, undoubtedly you would have been slackened to the tiles.
“Feels good, right, sweetheart?” Nines murmured huskily. “Why should you always play hard to get with us?” He pours your shoulder with kisses, then humming for a brief. “Alright, maybe the choice of location was one of the factors. But still...”
Heat crawling its way up to your cheeks as you watch Connor fixated at you the whole time he exploits passionately your dick in his mouth and hand.
“Any particular order you desire for, sweet human?” Nines offered teasingly, nuzzles the back of your ear afterward. “Fingers in your ass? Or, perhaps, my dick?”
“I—” You want to convey that you wish for the shower to be turned on back, so you could witness his beautiful face soaked even more under the pouring water while he laboriously devours your dick.
But the lewd android behind you seemingly has not much patience to bear with. He withdraws one of his hands from you only to shoves his fingers into your throbbing hole.
Barely a few moments later as he increases up the pace, regardless of all the pain, you are urged to pursue the notably imminent climax.
You grab Connor's wet hair to keep his head in place prior to slamming your hips forward carelessly. You burst out in his throat as you dug your fingers into his scalp. For a little while, you stay still, regaining your sanity back.
Should you feel guilty? Why didn't he resist at all? You know he has the high ground if he intended to refuse you.
Blue tinge caters to his face beautifully when he looked up. His LED though flickering yellow and red. Strings of thick fluid attached to your slit as you remove your limp cock from his mouth. He gulped your whole cum down and licks his lips, winking and smile contentful after. "Hmm."
You blush exceptionally to his seductive mutterance.
“Not so hard, was it?” Nines kisses the back of your head at the same time the shower is back on.
In front of you, Connor rises to his feet to seal lips with you. From his mouth, you can taste the remnant of yours.
They clean you thoroughly subsequently.
Back in the bedroom, after you were dried up, they put a chastity belt upon you. Usually, it was only a cage every time they were about to leave you alone in the basement—home...
“What—what is this?” you asked in fear as you stood in an uncomfortable way next to the bed.
“We will go out, darling,” Connor replied cheerfully and lands a kiss up to your temple.
“We require your assistance,” Nines added after he had secured the metric lock on the belt.
“You are about to meet a CyberLife's informant.”
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gothamsworst · 2 days ago
May I request Dork Squad + Oswald with a male reader who only recently came out?
Jonathan Crane:
Dating is new to Jonathan in-general, so he's about as awkward with you as he'd be with anyone else, really. Even so, whenever he introduces you as his partner, he can't help but be oddly proud. Yes, this is his boyfriend. Incredibly, he is Not Straight. Very shocking, he knows. The smugness he radiates is palpable. He can be so damn embarrassing sometimes, And Yet.
Edward Nygma:
It took Eddie a long time to come to terms with being bi. Growing up he was pushed towards dating women, expected to start a family, and all that crap. Having a boyfriend shatters those expectations and makes him feel both incredibly guilty and totally free at the same time. But when it comes down to it, he wouldn't trade you for all the world. You're his, he's yours, and that's that!
Jervis Tetch:
Jervis has very little dating experience--and technically, you're the first "boyfriend" he's ever had. Before you, he was extremely closeted. So, this whole thing is incredibly new to you both. Still, as far as he's concerned, what other people think doesn't matter one bit. He likes you, you like him, and that's all that counts in his eyes! Anyone who thinks otherwise can pound sand.
Oswald Cobblepot:
As is the Obvious, he is going to refer to you with the sappiest, cutest bird-themed nicknames possible. Think "pigeon," "dove," "songbird." Cute things. Embarrassing things. He is also going to absolutely drown you in fancy offerings, considering giving gifts is his biggest love language. He just can't help himself. You're his partner, he has to show you off (and show off in front of you).
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