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They’ve been talking about Michael way too much lately and it obvious that he’s is gonna appear at some point of the game or play a big role on it, and honestly I only wish they dont make a redemption arc of him or something like that, nor a “good and pure” angel, I hope they portray him differently

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Thank you so much!!! Of course I can do that for you!

SFW GN reader!

MC with Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy: a condition characterized by an extreme tendency to fall asleep whenever in relaxing surroundings.


  • He saw on your document that you had Narcolepsy but he honestly did not think much of it.
  • What’s the harm, the human is just a bit more tired then the average human?
  • Couldn’t possibly cause any trouble right?
  • Wrong.
  • How can a human sleep so much just like Belphegor??!???
  • The amount of times he’s saved you from getting eaten by a demon when you were sound asleep is ridiculous.
  • He’s caught you sleeping on the floor, the staircase, the entrance of the damn house!
  • Scolds you so much for sleeping everywhere BUT your bed.
  • The only pro he has of this is that he doesn’t have to worry about you doing something bad with the brothers because you’re sound asleep.
  • Yet it’s funny how everytime you sleep in one place you always end up in your bed tucked in.
  • Lucifer always picks you up and takes you to your room to nap.
  • “Hmph, there you go sleeping in the most obscure places. You always find ways to surprise me.”
  • He’ll pick you up and take you to your bed with a soft smile on his face.


  • Since he was assigned to be your “babysitter” he’s noticed this the most.
  • You’re always sleeping >:( Cmoonnn MC wake up and do some crimes with him!
  • It really threw him off how a human can sleep just as long and Belphegor can.
  • Yet he still stays by you wherever you sleep so no demons come crawling to you.
  • He has so many pictures of you on his phone sleeping in the weirdest places.
  • Will he ever tell you? No.
  • Whenever you’re up he takes you literally everywhere before you just sleep peacefully again.
  • Anytime the two of you are in RAD and you slept during a class he will throw you over his shoulder and take you home.
  • But once he got the opportunity to go to the casino after school amd took it… he accidentally left you at RAD…
  • Yeaaaahh… you woke up kidnapped by some demons.
  • Lucifer came for you immediately so yay I guess✨
  • Yeah he got hung by the ceiling for days and a really bad guilt trip.
  • Never forgot to go get the human again.
  • “Oi this damn human. You can’t just be sleeping in random places ya know?”


  • All he did was sleep foot outside his room for days and immediately tripped on you sleeping right outside his door.
  • You now made him look at the ground everytime he leaves his room.
  • He once saw you sleeping in the bathtub. He screamed so loud he woke you up.
  • He definitely keeps track of all your favorite nap spots so he doesn’t accidentally trip on you.
  • When he invites you over for Anime he saw you asleep but understood kind of
  • Once you two are closer and he allows you to be in his room more he has a lot of spaces that are your new friend.
  • It usually takes awhile for him to notice because he’s watching anime or playing his games
  • But when he does finally notice you he just puts a blanket on you cause he knows his room is cold due to Henry.
  • “Tch what a normie. Always sleeping. At least sleep with a blanket on you.”


  • The only one who knew without anyone actually telling him.
  • He’s never seen a person who has Narcolepsy so you know he’s studying everything about your sleeping habits.
  • He has every place of where you sleep marked down and how many times you’ve slept there.
  • At the end of the year he’ll know your favorite spots more then you do.
  • Once the two of you are close, everytime you’re sleeping in a somewhat of an uncomfortable position he’ll move you a bit so you don’t wake up sore.
  • He also tends to just put a blanket on you.
  • If you’re sleeping in class and it finished he’ll lightly tap your shoulder telling you it’s time to wake up to leave.
  • Pretty nice wake up✨


  • Well at least he’s sure you’re getting your beauty sleep.
  • He’s always sees you sleeping and it confuses him so he asks you why you sleep so much.
  • Also the only brother who ask why you sleep so much up front.
  • When you tell him you have Narcolepsy everything just clicks.
  • He now understands why you sleep so damn much.
  • “You’re so adorable sleeping MC! You should really sleep in my room sometime I’d love you pamper you~”
  • By pamper he means doing a face mask while you’re asleep and just telling you some tea while you’re asleep.
  • If he ever sees you sleeping on the ground he’ll pick you up and put you on the couch because your skin.
  • Demons are much much stronger then humans are so it’s very easy to carry you.
  • “MCCCC you can’t be sleeping on the floor! Your skin will get terrible!”


  • He immediately knew how to adapt to your Narcolepsy.
  • Belphegor was just the same like you always sleeping so he knew what to do.
  • He’s always come to your classes after class and pick you up and take you home.
  • He always sees you sleeping in random places and it reminds him of Belphegor so much.
  • He’ll of course always put you in your room or on the couch with a blanket.
  • Beelzebub will watch over you as you sleep if you’re in class or something just to make sure no demons get to you.
  • While he eats of course.
  • “Hm? Oh MC. You’re on the ground. He’d let me take you to your room.”


  • >:(
  • Look he gets it he’s just sleeps wherever too but please.
  • Get out of his sleeping space.
  • Yeaaahhh he doesn’t like that you just took his sleeping spots
  • He’s a brat.
  • You two do not get along at all so good luck!
  • Hey but more into your friendship he slowly just doesn’t give a damn.
  • He sleeps with you now he IS NOW your new cuddle buddy.
  • If he sees you sleeping in a random place he just. Lays nexts to you and sleeps with you.
  • He’s not doing the extra mile did you when he can just join you sleeping right then and there.
  • Sorry MC but hey at least you got a new cuddle buddy so yay…?

Masterlist Rules

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, Warnings: Minimal Mentions of Death

  • Pact marks hurt when they first appear, they feel like they are being burnt into the skin.

  • All pact masters all have their demon’s pact mark however, demons can choose whether or not to have a pact mark.

  • Most lesser demons choose to have a pact mark because it helps increase their power while stronger demons usually do not because they are already powerful and do not like the look of being marked by humans.

  • Pact masters can send signals through the pact. The signal often feels like feelings, they are usually to let the demon know that their pact master is in trouble or safe.

  • Demons feel the pain that their pact master is feeling if they are in danger. So, pain like a stubbed toe will not hurt the demon however, if the pact master is scared of spiders and they happen to hurt while seeing one then the demon will feel it.

  • Pacts with stronger demons will often give the pact master some kind of ability.

  • When a pact master dies the demon feels it, the stronger the bond between master and demon the more painful it is.
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(Here’s some more Obey Me! sneeze stuff for y’all!)


- excuse me… what??? 

- he thinks you’re strange for such a request, but will do it if you don’t tell anyone

- he coughs a little at first when you tickle his nose, but he turns away and stifles a sneeze into his hand and sniffs

- “hih’kNXXT!”

- he’s definitely embarrassed, but he’s glad he made you happy


- huh? you wanna what now?

- “You’re lucky The Great Mammon is allowing this, human…”

- he shivers a little bit and he struggles to keep his open, and then turns away from you suddenly and sneezes loudly into his arm

- “hah’SHIIEEW!!” 

- is willing to do it again if you wan, but only if it’s between you and him 


- ummm… w-what? >///< 

“I… I guess you can if you want… but it’s not like I’ll enjoy it or anything!”

- he does cute lil nose twitches in responses to the tickles, and he lets out little noises

- “haahh… hahh… heh’iSSHew!!”

- “Can you…. do it again? O-Only if you want to though! I mean- GAAAH!!” 


- he’d ask why you’d want to, but will agree after some convincing 

- “That’s super unusual, but I guess you can give it a try…” 

- much like lucifer, he also coughs a bit as a reaction, and turns away from you to stifle a little fit of sneezes 

- “hihh.. hih’chnxt! heh’knxxt! heh’KnXXT!”

- “That was possibly the oddest thing I’ve ever done, but it wasn’t the worst.” 


- he’d ask if it was something you were into, which he’s support fully, if not- he’ll do it anyway to make you happy

- “I always like experimenting with things, you can do it if you want! Make me sneeze, darling!” 

- he sniffles a bit throughout, and blinks repeatedly a little before closing his eyes and sneezing into his hands

- “hahhh… ahhhh… heh’chieeww! heh’shiew! huhh…. huhhh… heh’shiew!!” 

- “Hehe, that was kind of fun! Feel free to do it any time~” 


- he’ll pause while eating to look at you with a head tilt “you wanna what now?” 

- “That’s a little strange, but… okay.” 

- he stops eating temporarily to let you try it out, he just shudders a little before sneezing into his arm 

- “ehhh… heh’chuh!” 

- “That was… a little odd, but I didn’t hate it.”


- he’d probably turn away and tell you to let him sleep, but he’ll do it to “get you off his back”

- “Fine, I guess… although it’s a super weird request…”

- he hitches a little bit and closes his eyes, and muffles sneezes into his pillow

“ heh’pmmf! hih’poomf!” 

“Alright, I did what you wanted… can I sleep now..?”

(There we go! Hope y’all enjoyed!)

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  • admin fluffy ( ◞・౪・)
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I drew this for my friend, @allboysarebestboys to help cheer him on with studying! (good luck on that midterm, brother 💛)

This one also goes out for all my mammon lovers who are working hard. Keep at it, Mammon believes in ya!

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Prompt list can be found here


😎 How do they impress their s/o?

  • Mammon tries to impress his s/o at any given occasion where he thinks he’d be able to pull something off, but of course it doesn’t always go to plan. Mammon would be that boyfriend who’d see his s/o struggling to win a carnival game and think he’d be able to impress them by helping them win and get the prize they want, only for him to be worse at the game then they are. But he’d also figure out that it was rigged and would be able to demonstrate step by step how the game is actually rigged, so the person running the stand would end up refunding them and giving Mammon’s s/o prize they wanted out of fear of being exposed. So in a way he still manages to impress his s/o, just not the way he originally planned. 
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Take Me For A Ride


Originally posted by hhhany82

A spicy F!MC x Mammon smut mixed with a little angst and fluff, my first time trying out writing! Don’t judge too harshly, I tried my best y’know!

Topic warnings: F!MC, angst, smut, fluff, intercourse, car sex, fellatio, rough play (nearly BDSM-ish), biting, blood, curse words, yelling, dirty talking. Read at your own risk! 

Words: 5,446

Y/N has enough of the brothers attacking Mammon, and comforts him when he needs her the most. One thing leads to another, and, well… let’s just say they go for the ride of a lifetime.


If you like my work, please feel free to like, comment, follow, share, or REBLOG. Thank you for taking the time to read my first piece!

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Anonymous asked: “can we get tall bois lucifer, beel, mammon, satan and daivolo with a reader who’s beyond small. like shorter than 5’0 tiny?”

This was so hard to write for some reason TT Anyway, I now feel legally obligated to write tall yandere MC with short bois. Alas, some day. Thank you for the request!


Teasing, bullying, degradation, non-con, and certainly more. Disclaimer that I do not support the actions taken here and suggest that anyone who does please leave.


  • He thinks it’s adorable, the sheer size difference between the two of you.
  • Of course, it fuels him, being the tallest in the room, looking down on others. You’re such a short little thing, you fit perfectly into his need for superiority. It can make him a little intense sometimes, though. 
  • You can’t even call the things he says to you teasing, it’s downright degrading. He’ll stoop low to whisper in your ear just how hopeless you are, at such a height. Other demons would trample on you without him there.
  • That isn’t to say he won’t be the one trampling on you. The idea of using you as his foot rest crosses his mind a disturbing amount. Don’t humans like this sort of thing, being stepped on? 
  • He loves seeing you curled into a ball as well. It doesn’t matter the reason why, all that matters is that you’re small and there’s nothing you can do to defend yourself from him. 
  • He’ll find any way to get you on the floor to see you even further beneath him. Pushing you, chaining you down, whatever he can think of. Much, much to your misfortune, he’s starting to enjoy this.


  • Considering he’s one of the shortest brothers, you can imagine the ego boost he feels when you’re shorter than him- by a lot.
  • If he was already feeling good having something he could talk down to that didn’t have any sort of power over him, then he’s feeling especially good now.
  • He teases you relentlessly about your height, going well into bullying territory. It’s easy to think he might just hate you, but he always gets so angry when others so much as mention your height. God help the poor souls who go as far as pick on you for being small. Mammon can really throw a punch.
  • It would be cuter if he wasn’t still tripping you before saying it was because he couldn’t see you. Or if he wasn’t still leaning on you like some sort of cane everywhere he went.
  • You just don’t know how much he really sees you as an object. He doesn’t care at all if you get mad or sulk at his treatment of you. Who cares what you think?
  • He could be even crueller. He could cut off the bottom of your legs so you’re even smaller. Shape up soon because the thought is really quite tempting. 


  • He’s an average height, for demons, but he still can’t help but find you so… cute.
  • You were already defenseless to whatever the demons had planned for you, and your height does nothing to help you. 
  • You’re like a kitten with no claws or teeth, what could you do if he decided he liked you more stuffed inside a cage that only barely fits you? He thinks seriously about how big that cage would be, you know.
  • He loves having you against him, just so he can feel the difference in size between the two of you. It does things to him, knowing he’s bigger than someone else.
  • He’s always leaning on you, similar to Mammon, but he isn’t as much of a jerk about it. He doesn’t care if you get mad at him, though. As far as he’s concerned your reactions to his behaviors are irrelevant.
  • Honestly, you should be more concerned. He tries to play it slow with you, so as not to scare you off and have to tie you down sooner, but the hunger in his eyes is plainly seen. You’re relatively safe for now, but he can only hold himself in for so long.


  • He wants to protect you, but he isn’t sure whether it’s from the other demons or himself.
  • He hates himself a little more every time his mouth starts watering at the sight of your exposed skin. He hates the other demons when they tease you the most, though. He doesn’t know why he cares so much about your well being, but he just does.
  • He wants to love you better, at least. He’s doing it all wrong, holding too tight, looking too long, talking too little. It’s too much of everything there should be none of and too little of everything necessary.
  • Yet he wants nothing to do with you, either. He wishes he could just throw his feelings away.
  • His conflicting feelings give off a very weird impression. Whether he’s pushing you away or pulling you closer changes by the day.
  • Eventually, he’ll decide what to do. You’re so small, you’re helpless without someone keeping you safe. If “safe” counts as being locked up and bound.


  • He’s tired of people who are beneath him. He knows he’s tall for demons, but it still pains him a little to be so above everyone else.
  • He doesn’t mean to take out his frustration on you, it just sort of… happens? It must be terrifying for you, seeing a normally cheerful man scowl when he turns to you.
  • He’s quick to change expressions, to apologize, and step back. But the damage doesn’t go away, he doesn’t do much to change it.
  • Yet all those moments where he’s cruel to you, out of such a basic hatred, are so satisfying to him. It’s like he’s fulfilling some carnal desire he didn’t know about, scratching an itch that has been there for centuries. It’s addicting.
  • He knows he can’t let word get out of how he feels about the human he let in, and he certainly couldn’t go through with any of the awful fantasies he has in earshot of others. No, anything he does to you would have to be done somewhere nobody can reach out to help.
  • You have so little control in this situation, a small scared rabbit. You can’t reason with him, he doesn’t care. Such a pain it’s all for something you couldn’t fix.
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Sadness Be Gone!

A/n: I love Mammon in all of just stupid tsundereness. I had this prompt pop into my head awhile ago, I even requested it. But no one can really get what you see in your head, yah know? So I wrote it my fucking self!


Today just wasn’t your day, you failed a test you studied so hard for, your lunch was under cooked, not enough to make you sick, but just enough to make you throw up all over your only available RAD uniform. Diavolo wasn’t all to happy, and neither was Lucifer. But your bad luck didn’t stop there, no, during Devildom animal studies, a owl like creature decided its new play toy would be your arm, you’re lucky the thing didn’t rip it off.

So it wasn’t a surprise when you wanted to cry when the day had come to an end. Only there was something stopping you, something large and demon shaped.

Mammon had let himself into your room, like any other day, and if it was any other day you wouldn’t have minded. But today, no, today you did not want visitors. So when you saw Mammon you almost whined in annoyance. Mammon who obviously picked up on it(not that he would admit it of course).

“Oi! Human, what’s wrong with ya today?” He asked, trying to get you to talk.

“Nothing just go away.” You mumbled and turned your back to him. But The Great Mammon doesn’t take no for an answer. So he climbs into the bed and wraps his arms around you. Which was something you didn’t know you needed. And you started bawling your eyes out.

Mammon has no idea why you were crying, and he did his best to comfort you, but seeing you sobbing made him want to cry just as much.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.” He muttered into your ear, even though he didn’t do anything.

Only the other brothers didn’t know that last part, and when they all collectively opened your door and heard Mammon saying sorry to you, who was still crying your eyes out, obviously thought he was to blame.

“What did you do this time Mammon?” Levi rhetoricly asked him. Making Mammon jump away from you and turned to face the brother.

You’d follow suit and say up as well, because you clearly weren’t going to get any rest.

“Obviously something awful to make MC cry that badly, I’m so sorry sweetie.” Asmos responded, calling out to you.

“It was probably something reckless.” Satan added with an eye roll.

“And expensive…” Lucifer continued sighing as he pinch’s them bridge of his nose. 

“And your only making it worse by being here, MC why don’t you come to the attic with people who won’t make you cry?” Belphe said, gesturing to Beel, who silently glared at Mammon.

“But- I, I didn’t-“ Mammon weakly argued.

“Of course you did, you always do.” Lucifer quickly cut him off.

“Yeah! It’s always stupid Mammon getting in to trouble.” Levi sneered.

“Will you all just shut the fuck up!” You yelled, finally having enough of their bullshit. They all turned towards you with shocked expressions, sure you’d have your fair share of heated moments with each of the brothers, but you never seemed this pissed before.

“He didn’t do anything, he would never do anything so stop acting like it, stop saying he’s a scumbag when he’s not, he’s not stupid either, you guys just want a punching bag and I’m tired of it being Mammon, so stop.” You angrily ranted, leaving all the brothers, including Mammon speechless.

Eventually the brothers were to awkward and you told them to leave, and Mammon thought you meant him, so he started to get up.

“Not you silly!” you said laughing at him.

“Ya know you didn’t have to defend me like that.” He told you, looking down at his hands.

You grab his hands in yours, “of course I did, you’re my favorite brother, I’d do anything for you.” You responded to him, before lightly pecking his lips, leaving him red in the face.

@equizona :))) @weenkun

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The Obey Me Characters reacting to an MC who stutters

A/N: I know this one came out a little blunt on a few of them. Don’t get after me, I have a stutter myself so I used my personal experience for some of this.


The first time Lucifer heard you stutter, he thought they’d picked up a broken human for the exchange program. “Why wasn’t your speech defect mentioned in your files, MC?” You took offense at the word “defect,” scowling and doing your best to explain humans and stutters. Honestly, your stutter is really going to annoy Lucifer for a while. Eventually, he’ll warm up to you and he’ll simply stop you, firmly remind you to take a breath, and have you try again. It’ll be frustrating, to both of you, and honestly unless they have a way to fix it you may not be able to get very far in a relationship with Lucifer, but at least he’ll eventually see you as a person and not just a “defective” human.


“Oi, y'allright human?” He’s not sure why you’re skipping like a broken record but you don’t really seem to be breathing and your face is pretty red. He’ll probably shake you a bit, and wait for you to breathe before he starts throwing questions at you. He learns pretty quickly that he can’t use you for most of his money-making schemes, since your stutter gets worse when you’re anxious, but he still finds it weirdly cute and he’s more than happy to talk for you a lot of the time, since he’s your first and he knows you best, obviously.


Levi really only stutters when he’s nervous, so at first he just thinks you’re nervous all the time. When he sees you scream in frustration after getting caught in a loop when you were angry, though, he starts thinking it might be more than that. Seeing some of the other brothers finding it cute, though, he’s going to get pissed. How come when he stutters, he’s just a pathetic gross otaku, but when you do it’s adorable? That’s going to eat him up for quite a while, but the fact that your stutter reminds him of some of his anime characters will eventually win him over. He’s definitely going to make you cosplay them. A lot.


Your stutter drives Satan absolutely nuts. Intellectually, he knows you can’t control it, and he knows it’s something humans do sometimes, but his tail will be out and flicking in irritation before he even realizes it. In an attempt to help the situation, he will dive into his books, searching for something to fix it. If he can’t find a spell for it, he’ll hire you a speech therapist to try to ease it. Unfortunately, it’s just going to keep annoying him unless something is done.


Asmo thought it was cute….at first. He’s used to people getting flustered in his presence, and of course the little human would be flustered in the presence of someone as beautiful as himself! In time, though, the novelty is going to wear off. He doesn’t want you in his livestreams because of your stutter, and really it’s… kind of annoying him, when he’s trying to gossip with you and you keep having to stop to reset. Really, he likes you best when you let him do the talking, dear.


Beel assumes (partially correctly) that you’re terrified of him. He assumes (incorrectly) that you being scared of him is why you stutter around him. As the two of you grow into good friends, he’ll be bothered by the fact that you still stutter around him, thinking that somehow you’re still scared of him. You’ll have to explain to him that no, that’s not what causes it, and that you’re not really scared of him anymore, you just happen to have a stutter and there’s nothing you can do about it. Beel will beam, so excited that you’re not scared of him that he doesn’t even care about your stutter – it’s just a part of who you are.


This little shit (mostly affectionate) will 100% tease you about your stutter. He knows how to push your buttons to get you riled up, and make it worse. He’ll definitely pester you about it, and then say something like, “You know when you’re not stuttering? When you’re sleeping. Let’s take a nap.”

If he pushes his teasing too far and makes you cry, Beel is going to reprimand him, and he’ll take it a little easier after that.


Honestly, Diavolo was also concerned that they had summoned a broken human. He’ll have Barbatos look into cures once the stutter has been explained. Diavolo doesn’t mind your stutter, he’s used to other beings being speechless in his presence so it’s not terribly different. As the two of you get to know each other better, he barely notices it at all anymore, and your relationship proceeds as normal.


Barbatos had a vision about your condition before you even arrived, and had done plenty of research in how to minimize stressors and triggers for it. He had tried to find some kind of cure, but human brain chemistry is complicated even for demons to mess with, so he eventually settled for what he could. He personally doesn’t mind your stutter, but he certainly won’t be having you give any important presentations.


This man will be merciless in his teasing. He’ll comment how talking with you is like visiting the Tower of Babel, causing you to punch him. He’ll laugh you off, continuing to crack off jokes at your expense.

That being said, he is intrigued at the prospect of discovering a spell that can cure it, and he’s actually going to be putting quite a bit of time into researching just that.


Simeon is always so gentle and kind when you’re caught in one of your loops. He’ll pull you in to a gentle embrace, softly stroking your hair and reminding you to breathe. He never shames you for stuttering, just gently soothes and reassures until you feel at peace again. Simeon will do his best to sublty use healing magics on you, hoping that they’ll help. Even angels don’t mess with human brain chemistry, though.


Will bite off the heads of any demon who dares tease you about your stutter (not literally, but smol angy boi is gonna protect you!). Oftentimes it just makes them switch to teasing him about being a chihuahua, which makes you angry and start yelling at them too. It’s a rather unproductive cycle, but at least the two of you feel slightly better afterwards. Luke will also ask Michael if he knows any good spells to help you.

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<div> obey me as things me,my family and my friends have said/done part 1 </div>
*making chicken noises*
solomon, unable to concentrate on his work
these f*cking cocks are throwing me off my rhythm
levi, pissed
*thrusting to assert dominance*
well you were standing there and I had to blame someone
love you too Satan
you know those days. when you wake up and think, "oh. today is gonna be horrible"
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