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#obey me mammon

I am SOOO happy I saved up those 20 vouchers from the past few events!


Levi’s looking a little spastic looking but art is still super pretty!




Haha, I’m usually really anal retentive about notifications (both IRL and in games) so I never noticed they pointed this kind of stuff out before

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Fandom: Obey me!
Pairing: MC x Asmodeus
Chapters: 1/1

You were doing your homework, sitting at the desk in the fireplace. Everything was calm. Maybe too silent, the quiet before the storm. Suddenly, you heard the sound of a fight and Asmodeus screamed at someone:

“ - Oh dare you, untrustful and piece of trash of a brother !"   

You didn’t move. There were 99% of chances that it was Mammon trying to steal something valuable at the Avatar of Lust. There were a lot of tasks you had to do. So you put on your headphones with some music and continued your work. *

What it seems to be hours later, your D.D.D rang. It was a text message from Asmodeus. 

” Asmo <3: Sweetheart, I need your help. Can you come to my room, please? Right now. The door is open.“ 

You rose on your feet and headed straight to the demon’s room. The door was opened so you came in. Asmodeus was sitting on the edge of his bed. He didn’t look like himself, he seemed to hurt or in pain. You kneeled in front of him putting your hands on his kneel. You ask softly :

” - Hey, what’s wrong? 
- I…I’m hurt. 
- Psychologically or physically? 
- Physically. Did you hear when I fought against Mammon earlier? 
- Yes, I did. Did you hurt yourself? 
- I tried to grab the thing he stole from me. A necklace I just brought from Majolish. During the fight, he pushed me hard against the railing of the stairs. Since then, I have a backache. “

You rose on your feet and ask if he needed you to massage his spine. He said agree handed you a jar who contained some cream.

” - You have to take off your shirt. Can you do it yourself? 
- Who could have guessed the first time I take my shirt off in front of you was in this kind of situation?
- Shut up, and take it off. “

While he was undressing, you sat behind him.  His back was covered in bruises of various sides. Mammon was in serious trouble. Maybe Asmodeus wasn’t strong enough against him. But you were thank’s to the pact you had with him you could make him pay for it. Asmodeus felt your anger and asked : 

” - That bad? 
- I’m going to kick his ass when I see him. “ 

You put a little bit of cream in your hands. You moved your hands together trying to heat up the lotion. When you started to rub it against his back, you saw the Lust’s avatar tensed. 

” - Sorry, it may be cold. 
No, it’s okay. My back is sensitive. 
I will be careful, I promise. “ 

You continue to massage him. untying the knots in his back. You sensed a change in the air and a strong pull from your link with him. In front of your eyes, you see him turning. His horns black with pink-tinted tips who look like the claws of a scorpion. His four bat-like wings are just in front of your eyes and his tail fixed at the end of his spine who looks like a scorpion’s tail. Asmodeus warned :

” - Oh that problematic. I - Just be careful if the tail. 
- Poisonous? 
- Not really. It’s just a strong aphrodisiac. - he explained embarrassed.
- Of course what kind of poison could be useful to the Avatar of Lust?“ - you said with a deeper voice. 

You let your fingers starting to moving on his wings. In a micro sec, you pined on the bed. Asmodeus on top of you was hold your wrist together.  He seemed angry and aroused at the same time. 

” - What do you want sweety?
- All you can give me. 
- Your orders are always my top priority.“ 

Then everything happens too fast. The only thing you can focus on is Asmodeus’s mouth on your body. Everywhere. It feels like your body is on fire. The last thing your brain understands is the feeling of someone undressing you and the sound of Asmo whispering you sweet things all night long.  That night or very early in the morning, you fall asleep on the sound of Asmodeus’s heartbeat. 

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Tiktok’s like – a way to kill time for Fi – and an excuse to bug mammon.

everybody’s doing tiktok so here I am making my own

Song’s the “Muah song” from tiktok :3

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Warnings: this turned out to be slightly nsfw. It’s not that bad but I apologize if it’s not what you wanted. If you’re a child of god and want a completely pure version, let me know! Also, if you don’t know about Belphie’s predicament, don’t read his part!
A/N: I made the reader gender neutral(except for Levi)!


Originally posted by itspizzachan

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So, Obey Me Events…


There’s a new event. After… How much since the last one ended? One day? Two?

I’m gonna say it: it’s too much.

I LOVE every single event, don’t get me wrong, but F2Ps don’t have time to save vauchers, people who pay for the game are starting to spend way too much. It’s just not okay. Devs, here me out: give. Us. Time. To. Breathe.

Is it too much to ask for AT LEAST a week in between events? I had to skip the YMDA event completely in order to save SIXTYONE vauchers, that I had to use to get Beelzebub’s UR in this event.


It took me SIXTYONE vauchers. And I had to skip an entire event. I’m used to having to skip events because I play other money-sucking games (coughcough Love Nikki coughcough) but I feel like I don’t have time to enjoy my new cards because we immediately get new ones. And my AP is always at 0. How will I be able to continue with the new lessons (when they add them) if I have to use my stamina in the events? Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels like this.

I just want to add that this event’s card are beautiful and I would have loved to get Belphie too, but I have no vauchers left and my heart is bleeding because of it. Still, at least I got Beel and Levi.

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Pairing: Mammon x OC

Words: 1,695

Rating: Mature (18+) Violence, Language, No smut but brief mention of sexual themes. Mostly just fluff though. I was amused by the Ouchie Set and wanted to write some MC taking care of injured Mammon

Summary: There had been more of them than he’d expected, and they had managed to get a couple decent punches in. He’d made quick work of them though, the rest of the bar’s patrons had bailed when the fight first broke out, not wanting to get on the bad side of one of the most elite demons. This left Mammon alone with a pile of bloody limbs and a very pissed off barkeeper.

Read on A03

Ari knocked softly on Mammons door. She pressed her ear up to the door, hoping to hear a give away shuffle to show he was in there. She had been texting him most of the day, and it was very unlike Mammon to not respond to her. When he didn’t show up to dinner, she had officially started worrying. None of his brothers seemed worried in the least bit, which only upset Ari more. 

She tried the door, and was surprised when it opened. He was always letting himself into her room uninvited, so she figured he couldn’t complain about her doing the same. At least she’d knocked first.

“Mammon?” Ari peeked into the room, finding it empty. She sighed as she made her way to his messy bed and called him one more time as she flopped herself down on it. The call went right to voicemail yet again. The brothers had all denied her request to go looking for him, telling her it was likely he was just dragged out by the witches again and that he’d be home at some point in the night. Something felt off though. She didn’t know if it was the pact they shared, or just her anxiety playing up but something just didn’t feel right this time. 

Mammon was a magnet for trouble. He probably got himself caught up in some hairbrained scheme again. She curled up into one of his pillows and inhaled his scent. Ari reminded herself that if the brothers weren’t worried then she should just relax. Mammon was the second born, therefore the second strongest. He was smart, when he needed to be. He was also a master of getting himself out of tight situations. His charm wasn’t quite on Asmo’s level, but he was charismatic nonetheless. He’s fine. He’s just caught up in his latest money scheme! She kept running herself through the positive affirmations, trying to keep the anxious feelings at bay. She could feel the sleep pulling at her, but she wanted to be awake when he got home. Maybe she’d just call one more time…

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To late to fall in love - A Mammon x MC fanfic

Hello everyone. Hope you like my dramatic fanfic. Sorry for the grammatical mistakes. ;-;




Your relationship with Mammon has always been at least unusual and difficult to frame.

Although he was not willing to help you in the beginning, as soon as the pact was signed, the two of you started to accumulate more and more time together.

And between a “Grr, no touching” and a “Get your hands full of fingers from the MC”, where this was usually aimed at any other individual who approached you besides himself, Mammon started to demonstrate, in a general aspect , an incredible ability to be concerned about you.

Although Mammon could be quite reckless and at times very irresponsible, the two of you have built a solid friendship. Well, at least until that extremely sexy and cool demon appeared on the cover of Majolish fashion, and he looked like your stupid friend.

It seemed that a spark had been lit in your heart and that instead of being extinguished, it became a very bright flame. And although you refused to accept the idea at first, as the days went by, you just couldn’t see it the same way anymore.

You started to find yourself watching him without realizing it, admiring his deep blue eyes or how he ruffled his hair when he was ashamed. You could see the overprotective friend and the attractive guy in the same person.

As soon as you realized that your feelings were growing, you took courage to start showing signs of your affection. And as you would expect, Mammon never caught these signals, even though they were all over your face at all times when you were together (and that was already clear to everyone around you), even if you wanted to and a lot let him know, the guy was immune to the obvious … at least, until that fateful Tuesday night.

You were watching a movie, as usual. Miraculously, none of the other brothers were there, probably because the film was a mix of sweet romantic comedy with really macabre terror. Idea coming from Mammon is clear.

Sitting side by side on the floor, you laughed at the horror scenes (although he laughed to ward off his own fear of the macabre scenes) and he made jokes in the romance scenes, even if they did it only to disguise the embarrassment.

In the meantime, you reached out in an attempt to grab a pillow from the bed, just above and behind Mammon. At that very moment, he stretched his arm right in front of you intending to pick up the bucket of popcorn. That was when their faces got too close and their eyes met. Yes, in the most cliché scene of all.

Your heart raced and his face immediately took on the tone of a ripe tomato, both motionless and anxious, attentive to each other’s reaction. He leaned slightly towards you and you were sure he could hear how loudly your heart was beating at that moment. He was so close that you could feel his breath against your skin, millimeters separating your lips. You closed your eyes and waited for the sensation of contact between your lips. But she never came.

When you opened your eyes, Mammon’s face was turned away from yours, his face was troubled and ashamed. He said just one

“I’m sorry” before getting up and leaving your room. You, however, remained on the ground, still in shock.

The next morning, you had dark circles. I hadn’t slept and while you spent the morning hours looking up at the ceiling, your brain and your heart were fighting each other to establish an explanation for what had happened. While your heart said that Mammon must have panicked and ashamed, your brain said you had been rejected with all the letters.

And as soon as you arrived at the table for breakfast, your brain gave the first punch to your heart, because as soon as you offered everyone a good morning and sat down, Mammon looked away from you, clearly nervous and ashamed.

In addition to the absurd silence, which was abnormal for someone as loud as he is, Mammo barely touched the meal, leaving the table in a hurry for school, leaving you and 6 other astonished brothers behind.

And just like at breakfast, Mammon avoided seeing or talking to you for the rest of the week, whether at school or at home. Always on the run, always busy or late for something that immediately required him to be away from you.

Your routine as inseparable friends quickly disappeared. Every time you tried to find it in any way, it just got out of sight, out of reach. At this point, if the human heart were made of glass, it would be possible to say that only fragments remained of it.

The last splinter of hope in your heart was shattered once and for all by the countless punches thrown by the brain until the end of that week, when you finally accepted that besides he doesn’t like you, maybe things could not go back to what they were before.

And since that realization brought a void that you didn’t know how to measure, you unconsciously tried to put your body in defense mode.

Obviously the brothers noticed the apathy you showed the next day, or the absence of your faithful bodyguard the following week, or how complete you seemed in the weeks that followed.

Clearly, everyone was concerned about his apparent sadness in the weeks that followed, and although everyone wanted to tear off his brother’s skin still alive, Lucifer calmed everyone’s spirits, leaving them free to “help” in any way they wanted, as long as did not cause even more trouble between the two of you.

And although he seemed really calm in saying that, he held on to himself to keep the little brother from hanging upside down and whipping him until he got tired (not that this was unusual for Lucifer to do with Mammon, in fact you already did had saved that kind of punishment for more times than you could count).

In the meantime, it was as if the voices of those with whom you shared so many moments were muffled, uttered behind an invisible wall that you placed between yourself and the rest of the world.

And although Beel offered his own chocolates to cheer you up, or Asmo proposed a new beauty routine exclusively for you, nothing seemed to instigate your wounded core, which lasted longer than you could count … until the day your despondency hit rock bottom.

And once he was at the bottom, all that was left was to go up, wasn’t it?

At some point, every open wound closes, as long as it is given the right time for this to occur.

When your brain had the time it needed to make peace with your heart, offering the comfort that one needed and the inspiration that the other wanted, you finally seemed to begin to remove the blockage you had installed around you.

Slowly you resumed your shine, perhaps because you accepted two or three tips from Asmo and perhaps because you slept better thanks to the pillow you got from Belphie, who despite being always very sarcastic about all the reasons, was extremely worried about you .

You reshaped your routine and slowly resumed your life inside the House of Lamentations, almost as if that day was just a sad and distant memory in your past.

However, things didn’t seem to have found a way out for his best friend. From the day Mammon ran out of your room, he clearly didn’t know how to correct what he had done or how to treat you since what happened. Since that day, he had accepted that he was indeed “the scum” among the 7 brothers. But obviously, he would keep that feeling locked behind a smile even more smug than usual.

Weeks after “breaking up” with your best friend, you lived a more hectic routine; going to the gym with Beel, going to the bookstore with Satan and playing more, much more video games with Levy. Still, a void had not yet been filled and you knew exactly why.

And it was thinking about it that the idea came to him, after an afternoon having tea with Satan. He seemed so excited about the idea of ​​one of his books becoming a movie, quickly spreading to Levy, being followed by Asmodeus, who was dazzled by the main actor and by Beel who was eager to eat all the goodies that the cinema could offer. Belphie just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere for a nap, so it was easy to convince him and Lucifer concluded that he could finally spend quality time with some relaxing activity.

After all, if things started with one film, then nothing better than another to solve everything. Right?!

Thinking about it made the wound in your heart itch, just like when we scratched the knee in childhood and as the wound’s skin closes, we feel compelled to remove it, many times, making that wound bleed again.

And it was only when Mammon accepted the invitation to participate in the movie night, that the last surgical point fell from your wound, now completely healed.

Slowly, you approached again, and the smile from before had returned to your face, without you even realizing it. Likewise, he finally seemed to be himself again. Since that day, in his room, Mammon felt ashamed and confused, and inside his own heart, he was lost about what he should do.

He had refused your feelings while he did not understand how his own worked. Furious with himself and clearly unable to cope with what he had done, he decided to walk away from you, although that was the most difficult thing he had done since he decided to fall from heaven, for the sake of his own family.

And as he watched you become more and more apathetic, he felt more and more like a worm and even though he was more and more afraid of you hating him for it, he was less and less courageous to appear in front of you.

Finally when you invited him to join everyone on that movie night, his heart seemed to start beating after a long time.

Seeing his face showing him a gentle smile made him remove the weight he had imposed himself, months ago, the weight of walking away from his best friend, because he just didn’t know what to do to fix what he had done. At that moment, your smile seemed to have become more beautiful than he remembered and much more necessary than he thought.

But, along with the relief of having you by his side again, another feeling seemed to be taking over his heart right now. A bitter feeling started to take place inside Mammon, whenever any of his brothers got too close to you.

Obviously, Mammon had always been protective when it came to you, always wanting all your attention to be on him. But now, what he felt was a deep hurt to see them flirt with you while you … seemed to respond ?!

That was when the record that he was jealous finally fell. He saw his incredible friend, the companion of the brilliant schemes he came up with, but there, between the two, there was a third that he had not noticed before. A third MC, who made his heart flutter when he smiled, that made him jealous when he saw you spend the whole night playing with Levy, that made him excited when he saw you use something more provocative … excited ?! Was he excited about you ?!

Until then he had never thought about it, but now he often found himself awake at night, thinking about you, and not always in a puritan way.

It was when he realized, when he woke up in the middle of a particularly hot night at Devildom, after a dream, also particularly hot, that what he really wanted at that moment was to be able to have you by his side.

Heart and brain had agreed that he had fallen in love with you and for the first time, he gave himself over to it completely. From that moment on, the Avatar of Greed could only think of you and how he would utter the feelings that were growing rapidly.

During the following week, Mammon searched through all possible gift ideas, always trying to get some extra information about you from the other brothers.

Now that he finally understood his feelings, he was concerned that he had lost some important detail that he could use the moment he declared himself to you, something to symbolize how he felt about you.

And although he collected relatively important information about you from the others, nothing seemed to be good enough, at least until the moment he passed the Akuzon window one morning, on his way to RAD.

There it was, a beautiful prop for couples, a pendant in the shape of the mascot that was in your favorite series. They were a pair, perfectly matched and beautifully decorated with white gold and small diamonds instead of eyes. A small fortune, of course, but one he was willing to pay, as long as it was for you. He would buy Lord Diavolo himself if that was what you wanted.

Once Goldie did the job, he left the store carrying a box, wondering when it would be the best time to talk to you about the feelings he was no longer able to handle.

Perhaps it was the adrenaline rush caused by the amount of zeros on that bill, but whatever it was, Mammon decided he would go to confession that same night.

And so, he went to your room, as soon as everyone had dinner and said good night to each other. As soon as silence reigned in the Wailing House, Mammon marched towards his room, the box in his pants pocket. Standing there, in front of your door, he felt doubt run down his spine like a chill, and fear took hold of him for a moment.

And it was while fighting him that he opened the door to your room, without even knocking, just so that another chill would go down your spine, this time by surprise.

There, sitting on your bed were you and Levy, your arms around his neck, his hands sliding behind your back, your lips glued together in a fiery kiss.

It took Mammon a few seconds to process what he was seeing, just like you and Levy, clearly taken by surprise.

- Hey Mammon, I didn’t hear you coming in … is everything okay? You asked when you saw what face he had paled.

- Did you also come to participate in the raid in that game? This time it was Levy who had asked. Certainly he had said something about it during dinner, but Mammon had no mind to think of anything but you. If he had only come to your room … maybe Levy wouldn’t have …

But that thought was cut off by your voice that said “sorry for what you just saw, we intended to make it official in the next few days”, blushing slightly as he intertwined his fingers with Levy’s while he confessed that you had been together for a while couple of months.

That was when a reality punch hit Mammon hard. Although on the outside he tried to keep his appearance calm while wishing them well, on the inside he wanted to scream. He finally realized that there was no countermeasure that he could have taken to prevent his brother from reaching you before him, because he himself had given up on that option, months ago.

He was too late to fall in love with you. You had moved on and although it hurt more than anything he had been through, he would never demonstrate it in front of you.

Mammon might be Greed in person, but he would never do anything that could upset the brother he loved so much. Levy was shy and withdrawn and he knew that if you were together, it had been a tremendous effort on his part.

And so it was, in the midst of the pain in his chest, the only alternative was to save what little pride he had left.

- Ahh, I would really like to, but I have a unique opportunity to make money tonight and unless you two nerds have a few thousand grimmns hidden in these battered joysticks, I better get going.

And without even hearing your answer, he left your room at a quick pace, towards his own.

Arriving in the room, he deposited the box on the table and mechanically turned on the computer, still shaking, directing his search to a famous auction site, filled with valuable objects from the celebrities on Devildom. In the description of the item he wrote only “pendant of a broken heart” adding “unique opportunity of acquisition” while a sad smile was drawn on his face.

He looked at the box and murmured to himself:

- If it’s broken, at least we’ll get rich by selling the shrapnel.

The tears finally flowed.

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hi!! could you do the boys reacting to mc asking them if they could sleep together after mc had a nightmare? thank u

I hope this is okay! Please enjoy 💙


You were reluctant at first to ask Lucifer of all demons to comfort you, but there was no going back once you knocked his heard, and heard his, “Come in,” when you entered, he was exactly where you thought he’d be, at his desk, writing bout a report. He originally wanted to chew you out for being up so late when he saw you stood in the doorway, but his eyes softened when looking at you, “ (Y/N), is something wrong?”, he spoke rather softly, getting up from his desk to move closer towards you.

“I had a nightmare,” you admitted sheepishly, looking up to meet his eyes you asked, “Please can I sleep with you?”, the question took him by surprise a little, but rather than saying anything, he just wrapped his arms around you, picking you bridal style to carry you over to his bed, allowing you to sink into the comfort below you, while he climbed in beside you, “I was about to take a break, but I’ll use it to help you sleep,” he whispers, pulling the covers up and easing you to sleep.


You don’t get an immediate answer when you knock on his door, instead it was more groans, and shuffling about the room while he threw on some clothes - he didn’t even care that his pants were in backwards and his shirt inside out. He was still rubbing his eyes when he opened the door, “(Y/N), it’s late, what do ya want?”, he said with a very unamused tone, one eye cracked open to look at you.

“I had a bad dream, please can I sleep with you?”, you whispered, lowering your head a little, “Wha, are you kid or something? You can sleep on your own,” he responded with a yawn, but as you turned to leaving assuming he grabbed your wrist and whisked you into his room. There was way the great Mammon was going going to let anyone but him protect you from bad dreams, and quick as a flash, you were wrapped up like burrito next to him in bed.


You can count on him to be awake late into the night, but the chances of him hearing you knock are next to zero. You drop him a short message, letting him know you’re outside his door - seconds later he’s swung it open and dragged you into his room, about to tell you you’re interrupting his anime binge, until he sees how upset you are, “Is something wrong?”, he thinks that perhaps you’ve come to the wrong room, after all, who would come to the room of a yucky otaku this late at night.

“I had a nightmare, please can I sleep with you, Levi?”, you plead with him, hoping that hearing you say his name would sway him to let you stay. He’s flushed, and almost forgets how to speak, stuttering out, “Y-you can cuddle up to me w-while we watch, ‘That time I was reborn into the Wild West and fell in love with the sheriff’, u-unless you don’t want to,” he almost sounded dejected, but as you clung to him, he got the message, allowing you to safely tuck yourself into his chest. He didn’t focus much on his anime.


He’s at least somewhat sensible, in the sense that he usually goes to bed at a reasonable time. Before your fist even makes contact with the door, you hear, “Come in,” from Satan, who sounded very much awake. You were cautious when opening his door and entering his room; fearful of stepping on any books or important papers he left on the floor, “You don’t shaken up, something bothering you?”, he asked calmly, getting you from his comfy armchair to approach you.

“I had a bad dream, please may I sleep with you, just for tonight?”, you asked him, stopping him in his tracks. He wasn’t the demon most people came to for comfort, but you were not most people, and here you were, standing before and in need of his comfort, “Of course you can, (Y/N),” he flashed you a reassuring smile before leading you over to his bed. If you don’t want to tell him about your nightmare, he’ll just read to you until you fall asleep.


Knocking on Asmo’s door was a gamble. He might get the wrong idea about why you’re stood there, or he’d lightly chide you for interrupting his beauty sleep. When he opened the door and saw you standing there, upset and shaken up, he did neither, instead pulling you into a loving embrace, and allowing you into his room, “You shouldn’t frown like that, it’s bad for you darling,” he joked, closing the door behind you. He had a feeling why you were really there.

“I just had a bad dream, please can I-“, he cut you off, lightly pressing a finger to your lips, “Darling, do really have to ask me that? You’re welcome to cling to my bosom, and tell me all about your bad dreams,” he cooed, pulling you in for a hug once more, allowing you to rest against the soft fabric of his gown. He showed a softer side to him for the res too the night, easing you into bed, and singing softly to you until you fell asleep; though it wasn’t long after before he dozed right back off, lack of sleep is bad for the skin.


You were already on your way to him room, and just as you got there, Beel was on his way out to make his 5th trip to the kitchen that night, “(Y/N)? If you don’t go to bed, Lucifer will be mad,” Beel said, not even realising Lucifer would be more annoying at him for yet another kitchen raid. Though when he took a better look at you, he got the feeling that was the least of your worries.

“I had a nightmare, and I was wondering if I could sleep with you?”, you sounded nervous, despite Beel being the most understanding of his brothers. He didn’t say much, instead giving you the nod and taking you to his bed, forgetting about his midnight snack completely. Once settled, he took hold of your hand, remembering how that had helped him to have a peaceful and nightmare-free sleep.


He was no stranger to nightmares, often times being the one to come to you for comfort, but when the shoe was on the other foot, and you were softly trying to wake Belphie up, it seemed like you would have to look elsewhere, until he slowly cracked open one eye, very much annoyed until he saw it was you, “What are you doing?”, he asked bluntly, not wanting to beat around the bush.

“I just…I had a bad dream, and I wanted to sleep with you,” you admitted to him, and your words did wonders in softening him up, as he slowly lifted up his blanket, inviting you to climb in beside him, while he wrapped himself around you, making sure you would be able to sleep comfortably and without bad dreams.

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i loved your what goes through the rfa minds when cuddling! i was wondering if you could do the same one with the sin boys?

I’m so glad you liked it! <3 Here it is, what the sin boys are thinking while cuddling MC.

Just in case, “this is what they’re saying” and “this is what they’re thinking”.


  • Not the one who initiates cuddling, but the one who finds himself being cuddled
  • “How bold of her to wrap herself around me without an invite”
  • “This is… quite pleasant, actually.I’ll bring her closer”
  • “She smiled. This little devil definitely knows what she’s doing. She’s smiling like she got what she wanted”
  • “Who would have thought I would be laying in bed with none other than a human?”
  • “This one is a… how was the human term… oh yes, a keeper”
  • “Maybe I shall keep this one. I… like her”
  • “I really do”


  • Tries pretending he’s the big spoon, but he loved being cuddled
  • “MC, careful with messing the clothes of The Great Mammon!”
  • “please don’t move away, you are warm and smell nice”
  • “why has it been so cold lately, btw? because i’ve been needing for you to do this regularly”
  • “because of the cold”
  • “yes”
  • “She’s so fucking pretty. Like mind-blowing pretty. Whis is she no nice to me?”
  • “… Why is she, thought?”
  • “I can’t let this one get away. No matter what I do. I shall protect her, I don’t care if the other make fun of me. I can’t take it.”
  • “I don’t think I could take her leaving. Not now”.


  • Little spoon, all the way
  • “Why is she holding me so close? Why Isn’t she kind of… disgusted or– DID SHE JUST SMELL MY HAIR?”
  • “I’m so sorry, MC, just let me move h–”
  • “I like your hair. Smells salty” you giggle “Like… the beach, or the ocean”
  • He’s blushing so much is funny
  • “Her hands are around me she she has her face buried on my neck, should I be doing something? Should I have brought something?”
  • “… Would she get mad if I turn on my Switch?”
  • If feeling adventurous, he’ll put his tail around one of your legs, which ends up being more comfortable than you thought.


  • low-key very into cuddling
  • Usually you two are reading on the bed, but somehow you end up putting the book down, your head on his shoulder. A couple of minutes later, your head is on his chest and he has an arm around you while he keeps on reading his book. You sigh and he can’t focus on his book any more
  • “She’s such a fast sleeper… I think she’s already dreaming right now
  • “Will she wake up if I put this strand of her away from her face? … She didn’t. I’m glad. Didn’t want her to wake up”
  • “What is she dreaming about? I wonder which worlds does her mind travel.”
  • “Am I in any one of her dreams?”
  • He sees you smile in your dream and can’t help but smile as well.
  • “And to think this isn’t product of a magic spell”


  • He’s a giant cuddler, arms and legs wrapped around each other until you can’t tell how you ended up in that position
  • “How can a human be so beautfiful? I mean– I would know. I’ve met greek humans who were just… breathtaking. But how is this human, average looking, so damn beautiful?”
  • “Even the way she moves right now, not really thinking about it… maybe there is more to beauty than I knew. Because I can’t stop thinking about this human ever since I laid eyes on her”
  • “Her hair also smells really nice and– aww, now why are you turning around? Well, now it’s easier to see your face. Which looks really pretty. There’s a little mischief in your eyes, what are you thinking? Where are you moving your hand? Are you–?”
  • “Oh. Oh”.
  • “You know I’m always down to that~”


  • Giant teddy bear. It’s easier to just lay on him and take a nap. Loves being the big spoon.
  • “I mean, I can see why everyone is so crazy about her. Asmo likes her body. Satan likes her mind. Lucifer likes her cockiness…”
  • “I love that she’s kind, though”
  • “She always has a smile and good intentions. It’s not something you see a lot around here”
  • “She’s also really soft, heh”
  • “Perfect for hugs”
  • “When I’m laying like this with you, I don’t think about food. Not as much, at least”
  • “It’s like you bring peace. And I could use a bit of that”
  • “Even if once you rolled around my marshmallows and I could take the mouth without waking you up. I’ll forgive you. Just because you’re making me smile this way”.


  • Sleepy cuddler, will make you think he’s only cuddling you because he’s asleep
  • “It’s strange. I usually like sleeping alone. I don’t like it when people keep tossing around the bed or make noise that could wake me up”s
  • “And she does those things. She mumbled in her sleep. It’s annoying”.
  • “But we’ve made an habit of napping in the afternoons and… I don’t dislike it?”
  • “I was used to grabbing a pillow and making myself comfortable but somehow, she’s better. She’s not softer than a pillow but… there’s something about the way she smells”.
  • “Something about the way she hums when I pull her closer”
  • “I want to keep our afternoon naps”
  • “Maybe I can wake her up in a… let’s say, unconventional way this time”
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