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obey me boys when they expect a kiss from you as a greeting but you decide to tease them and “forget”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, satan, asmodeus, belphegor
notes: this is my first time writing for everyone except mammon so be nice SOBS
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐅𝐄𝐑 smiles as he plants a soft kiss to your forehead, patiently waiting for you to press one to his jaw in return like usual. he frowns a little when you seem to forget, skipping to happily rambling about your day as you lean your cheek against his arm and hug it. “luci, you’re not listening to me,” you pout, tugging gently at his hand and making him turn his attention to you. you fight back a grin at the sight of his lips curled into a frown—as close to a pout as you’ll get from someone like him. “i believe you’re forgetting something,” he mutters quietly, cheeks dusting over with a soft blush as he clears his throat. feigning innocence, you tilt your head, looking at him in faux confusion. “am i? is it important?” he huffs, glaring at you softly before gently tugging his arm free of your grasp, crossing his arms as he stares at you expectantly. “yes. it’s quite important, actually.” giggling, you lean in and press scattered kisses across his jaw and cheeks, making his face burn a darker shade as he rolls his eyes and grumbles. “if you wanted a kiss, you could’ve just asked, you know,” you tease. “for a human, you’re rather bold,” he glares, but his eyes are soft, and he lets you latch onto his arm once more as you continue speaking.
✰ 𝐌𝐀𝐌𝐌𝐎𝐍 grins as he sees you approaching, subtly turning his cheek and getting ready for your usual onslaught of kisses across his face—except you simply sit down next to him, mumbling a soft greeting before scrolling through your phone. pouting, he lets out a loud sigh, hoping you’ll notice, slumping and fighting back a whine when you don’t seem to. “ya know, i had a rough day today,” he mumbles, “worst ya could imagine. don’t know if i’ll make it.” you hum, fighting back a smirk as you glance at him with a sympathetic pout. “you poor thing. how awful.” finally, he whines, wrapping his arms around you and digging his face into your neck, pulling you close as he pouts deeper. “where’re my kisses? don’t tell me ya forgot, how could ya? no one forgets about me, ‘m too important. you gotta kiss me now or i’ll never have a good day again.” giggling, you pull his face away from the crook of your neck, cupping his cheeks and rubbing the skin with your thumb as you leave soft pecks along his jaw before meeting his lips in a slow, sweet kiss. “there, now you’ll never have a bad day again,” you murmur, planting small pecks across his cheeks as they flush a dark shade of red.
✰ 𝐒𝐀��𝐀𝐍 is grumpy—which isn’t particularly new for him, but he’s grumpy with you, and that doesn’t happen very often. you bite your lip to keep from bursting out into giggles, poking his cheek as he (gently) swats your hand away and keeps reading—although he’s been rereading the same page for the last few minutes. “satan, what’s wrong,” you press, voice almost singing as he glares at you from the corner of his eyes. “well, if you can’t tell, then forget it,” he grunts, stiffening as you wrap your arms around him and tuck yourself against his side on the couch. “stop being a grouch and just tell me,” you giggle, reaching to pinch his cheek. with a deep sigh, he sets his book down, pulling away and crossing his arms to turn to look at you with a scowl. “think deeper,” he grumbles, “you forgot something.” you can’t help but smile at the way his lips are curled and his eyes linger on your own lips, clouded with doubt as he waits impatiently for what he wants. leaning in, you press a delicate kiss to the tip of his nose, making his cheeks flush and his breath hitch before you peck his lips. “don’t worry, i could never forget that,” you murmur, brushing a few loose strands of hair from his forehead and watching as the doubt fades from his features.
✰ 𝐀𝐒𝐌𝐎𝐃𝐄𝐔𝐒 pouts instantly when you skip the most important step—pressing a sweet kiss to his lips every time you see him. he gasps and tugs you back as you move to pull away from the hug, staring at you in shock. “you can’t let go before giving me a kiss. don’t you want to kiss me?” giggling, you lean in, pecking the corners of his mouth before kissing him briefly, pulling away and smoothing back his hair as you smile. “guess i forgot,” you tease, poking his lip as it juts out once more at your words. “forget? forget to kiss me? that should be the first thing on your mind,” he insists, making you shake your head in amusement. your fingers thread themselves into his locks, gently scratching at his scalp as you press a few more short pecks to his cheeks. “i’m joking, i could never forget giving you a kiss, it’s the best part of my day.” beaming, he nods in agreement, sighing in content as you continue to play with his soft strands, pulling you closer as his arms tighten their grasp on you. “of course it is. kissing someone this beautiful would be my favorite too,” he winks before pressing his own lips to your forehead with a smile, “it’s the best part of my day too.”
✰ 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐆𝐎𝐑 feels your body slide next to his under the covers, instantly wrapping an arm around you and pulling you flush against his chest. this should be the part where you press a firm kiss to his lips as you say good morning, maybe even his cheeks if you’re feeling extra affectionate, but there’s nothing. cracking an eye open, he frowns, staring at you as you tuck your head under his chin. “morning,” he mumbles, voice still sleep hazed as you hum in response. “morning, belphie.” he pouts to himself when your fingers thread through his hair—even though you still haven’t offered him a good morning kiss yet, making him grumble as he pulls away and stares at you with furrowed brows. “i said good morning,” he repeats, making you quirk a brow in amusement. “i’m pretty sure i said good morning back—” he cuts you off, huffing as he rolls away from you to lay at the edge of his mattress, making you chuckle quietly. “not properly,” he mutters. laughing, you roll over, moving to hover over him and plant kisses across his face before leaving a lingering peck to his lips and cupping his cheek softly. “there, that should be proper enough.”
Tumblr media
i love mammon i want to spoil him rotten thank you and goodnight
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❪ ♡ ❫ ─── ⠀ ⠀⠀ invisible ink ⠀ 〳 ⠀ beelzebub, mammon, & simeon ‵
❪ ♡ ❫ ─── ( synopsis ) receiving thirst traps to your ddd.
♡ ˙ ˖ ✧ — established relationships for all of them, suggestive content, masturbation, pet names [babe, pretty], mentions of cum, slight exhibitionism with beel's part, profanity, well for mammon part..reader is a witch mammon owe money to but they're also fwb..so still an established relationship lol, thirst traps are sent with consent, male moans audio links included, my first ever content for obey me so pls be kind, reblogs & comments are highly appreciated, remember don't send unsolicited thirst traps babes, minors dni !!
Tumblr media
♡ ˙ ˖ ✧ — BEELZEBUB
— IT WAS QUITE LATE FOR YOU AS YOU SAT AT YOUR DESK STUDYING. You could hear Asmo's soft snores after he fell asleep in your bed. The two of you were supposed to be studying, but actually, whine up skimming through fashion magazines and doing skincare masks on each other's faces. But now you were stuck cramming in the little bit of information you could remember. With your earphones in your ear while writing different You could feel the headache slowly clawing at your brain as the ends of your pen brushed against your lip. The sound of your music banging at your eardrums while you were writing before the familiar ding interrupted the soothing beat. When you glanced at the message, your face lit up seeing Beel's name.
When you clicked on his message thread, your eyebrows knitted together in confusion at the video. You expected your boyfriend to be sleeping at this hour, but the video that was sent to you said otherwise. The sound of his deep moans replaced the once pop song you were listening to. Despite wearing earphones, you still turned around to be sure that Asmo was still sleeping peacefully. Your heart was pouncing against your chest hearing Beel's low moans in the video. Assuming he was trying to keep his voice day due to Belphie's presence in their shared room.
You had a perfect view of Beel's cock in the dim-lit room. The wet sounds of him caressing his cock caused you to let out a relaxed sigh. Your eyes stared eagerly at the way the lower half of his body quivered under his own touch. The sight of his perfectly shaped v-line all the way down to his ginger-colored hairs that decorated his happy trail. You nearly evaporated at your desk watching as he was palming his cock so slow. Even letting his fingertips brush against that one vein on his cock that only pops out when he's super horny and desperate to be touched. Desperate for your touch.
"Please Y/N, come touch me."
♡ ˙ ˖ ✧ — MAMMON
— YOU COULD HEAR THE FAMILIAR DINGING AS YOU FINALLY LET SLEEP PULL YOU AWAY. You let out a low groan as your hand extended to reach for the dinging device on your nightstand. When you saw the familiar name on your screen, your eyes instantly rolled in annoyance. As you rolled over on your side to get comfortable, you opened your messages to see the text. "What the hell does he want at this hour?" You asked yourself.
You hope he didn't want to hook up at this hour, especially given how hard it was so sneak by his eldest brother's grasp. The relationship between Mammon and yourself was complicated. Severely complication. Yes, he was technically in debt with you and you could possibly make his life a living hell with just a snap of your finger and a spell. However, it was just something about him. It was the way he always had something smug to say to you when you reminded him of the debt he was in.
When you clicked the video, your lips couldn't help but curve into a smile. The pornographic sounds of Mammon's palming his cock echoed out the speakers of your DDD. Like clockwork, when he moaned out your name, you instantly became turned on like a hormonal teenager. Your eyes were glued staring at Mammon's cock. On some days when you're on your knees for the Avatar of Greed, you adored the sight of his cock simply because it was pretty. The most perfect-shaped tip that he loved tapping at your entrance teasingly before he's bottoming down inside you. Or the fact that it had a slight curve to it.
His utters of your name and even more lewd comments caused you to instantly exit the video completely sexually frustrated. You texted him. "See you in ten minutes idiot!" the text read which Mammon read instantly and responded.
"Only if you clear my debt."
♡ ˙ ˖ ✧ — SIMEON
— THE THICK PASTEL-COLORED DUVET WAS PULLED UP TO YOUR NOSE AS YOU WERE ON YOUR PHONE. The brightness of your DDD irritated your eyes as you were wondering who would text you at this time of night. A subtle yawn escaped your lips as you unlocked the device to see the bright red icon notifying you that you received a new message. When you clicked it, your boyfriend Simeon's message thread was at the type. You were expecting his poetic goodnight-message he always sends that causes butterflies to erupt in the pit of your stomach like a lovesick fool. However, your hand went up to rub the sleep out of your eyes with a quickness at what he sent. The video didn't have any message with it, he just sent it. No explanation, no flirty message. Nothing.
When you finally clicked the video, the sound that came from your phone instantly woke you up. Your teeth grazed at your lower lip as you watched the pornographic sight of your boyfriend palming his cock. You hated the fact that instantly you became breathless as if Simeon was physically in your presence. He had that effect on you for some reason. Subtle things could have you feeling ditzy for him and it could be as little as just letting his fingertips graze upon the insides of your wrist.
You shifted yourself in your bed and you could feel yourself sink further into the fluffiness as you were laying on your back with your phone. Thighs clenching together in anticipation at the glorious sight of Simeon's cock. His desperate whimpers caused a bone-chilling shiver to travel down your spine. Your eyes lit up with so much lust as Simeon's hands glided up and down his tanned shaft while uttering your name. In your mind, you kept wondering how he always could leave you breathless. Your body radiates heat by the second before you're shoving your hands in your pastel blue-colored pajama shorts.. You couldn't pass up the opportunity to make yourself feel so good with the type of video that was sent to your DDD.
"Cum with me Y/N, please cum with me." Simeon's voice whimpered on the video.
Tumblr media
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Human Technology
Tumblr media
human!Mammon x m!demon!reader
smut; Mammon brings home a special toy he wants to show you from one of his shopping trips, sponsored by you.
sugar daddy reader, top!dom!reader, daddy kink, vibrating cock ring, overstimulation, mentions of multiple orgasms, anal
Tumblr media
Mammon enters your flat with a bright grin on his face and flashy sunglasses over his eyes. His arms carry an arrangement of bags, each from a different brand in a different color.
"Daddy! I'm home!"
You turn your head to the entrance hall, beckoning the human to your lap. Mammon hums to himself while approaching you, quickly letting his bags drop, and puts his sunglasses on the table. One of the smaller bags stays in his hand before he finally finds his place on your lap, a pleasantly satisfied scent dripping off of him.
"How much did you spend, baby?"
Your core sin reflects in Mammon's eyes, shining bright as he reveals the 7k left in brand-name clothes and designer jewelry. Your hands find their place on his hips, squeezing encouragingly.
"So, tell me what that means, honey."
His bright demeanor switches, a familiar blush invading his cheeks and his still glowing eyes cast down, shy to tell you what you want to hear.
"It means I owe ya seven," Mammon says reluctantly, hiding his face in your neck as you inquire seven of what. "Seven orgasms, daddy."
You praise your shy human by patting his head with a low chuckle in your throat, grabbing his hair after to pull him away from your neck. Your eyes are devouring him already, and the shiver it evokes is cutely obvious.
"I actually- I got somethin', so it's easier to repay my debts," Mammon reveals, glancing at you through his lashes.
"Are you saying my cock isn't enough?"
Mammon quickly shakes his head, a flash of fear spiking through him at your tone.
"Just thought it'd be more fun like this, ya know?" his confidence is back after pulling a small package from the bag he put next to you.
"What's that?" you bluntly question while inspecting the "cock-ring" given to you by Mammon. You're not familiar with human technology, especially nothing in the erotic realm. As a demon, traditional skin-on-sin contact is best. But you're willing to make an exception for Mammon.
"I'll just show ya, 'kay??"
Mammon's excitement is bleeding off of him as he jumps up from your lap and starts undressing, and in the blink of an eye, his tongue cutely pokes the inside of his cheek as he stretches himself for you. You watch with starving eyes, the toy almost forgotten under the stunning visual of your human getting ready for your demon cock.
Mammon pulls his fingers out of himself, quickly stroking his dick a few times to get the also newly bought lube smeared over it. Almost theatrically, he gets the toy out of its box, twirls it between his fingers a few times, and finally slips it over his cock. His bright grin reaches your face, but you're not sure what to make of this thing wrapped around the human you own, and only you're allowed to touch there.
He suddenly hands you another smaller device, which glows in the same color as the thing around his dick. He mentions it as a remote and cheekily tempts you to press one of the buttons. You lean back into the couch's cushions before doing as he told you.
His sudden twitch and the strange buzzing make you jump a little before you finally figure out the toy's function. You sit back again, curiously watching Mammon's reactions to each of the settings on the remote. You settle onto a simple one, praising him for picking such a fun little thing.
You don't even have to give him the order to finally get your dick in his hole. Mammon does it all by himself, and you can't help but wonder what an obedient human you've pulled yourself in with him. His warmth nicely wraps around you, and you can't help but smirk at his adorable attempts at riding you.
The vibrations have his hips twitch constantly, making it close to impossible to keep a steady pace, and you find it more entertaining than the actual stimulation on your cock. You coo at him while reaching out, taking the cock ring to slide it along his shaft. Mammon courses shamelessly, his body quivering as he tries to stay stable on top of you. His nails dig deep into his own thighs, threatening to leave long-lasting bruises, which you can't wait to admire later, 
You enjoy watching his build-up to his first orgasm, a warmth spreading under your skin as white ropes of his semen stain your torso. You quickly switch to a different setting on your remote, barely letting the human come down from his orgasm.
"Make sure to count, baby boy," you remind playfully, grinning at Mammon's pathetic whine. 
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Marry me?
obey me brothers x reader
wc : 2.k
warnings : references to lesson 16 (belphie), a bit of hurt/comfort (mammon, belphie)
synopsis : how spending the rest of your lives together began 
Tumblr media
Lucifer was tired. It had been a long day at RAD, an even longer student council meeting with his brothers acting like absolute fools, and now he had a mountain of paperwork to do— a solid stack consisting of only Mammon’s credit card bills. 
But you made it seem less tedious. 
Your presence alone could accomplish that, but there you sat beside him, chair pulled up with his jacket over your shoulders as you filed paperwork with him. 
And maybe from an outside perspective it wouldn’t mean a lot, but to Lucifer it meant so much. Because you weren’t actually fluent in his native tongue- which was what his important documents were written in. But you were doing it anyway- doing it correctly- just so you could take a load off his shoulders. 
It made him pause every so often to look at you in awe; no one had ever done anything like this for him. And on top of that, you would pause in your own work occasionally to squeeze his shoulder and go get some snacks for the two of you to share. 
Speaking of, you lifted your head when you felt his eyes on you, giving a knowing smile. “Hi, love. Need anything? More tea?” 
Lucifer shook his head, about to go back to his work before he paused. “There is actually one thing.”
“Anything for you.” You turned towards him, reaching to run a hand through his raven locks. 
“Marry me.” Like most things he said, it came out as a statement- a demand- rather than a question. It made him nervous, though he didn’t show it. 
But you knew. You could see it in the way his bottom lip quivered slightly and how the words came out shaky. It made you smile, “Of course. Yes.” 
His worries soothed and his heart soared. Lucifer beamed at you, taking your hand and standing. “Good.” A soft laugh left him as he twirled you around, “I’m glad.”
quiet sniffles and soft hushes filled his dimly lit room, the two sources of sound being huddled under a messily made blanket fort. 
Mammon had, truly accidentally, knocked into one of Diavolo’s vases while they were visiting the Demon Lord’s Castle hours earlier. The prince himself paid no mind to it- in fact, he laughed it off, as it held no real value- but Lucifer had been livid. Mammon was sure his older brother was going to get him real good right then and there but you’d done it again : jumping in front of him and loudly announcing that, no, it wasn’t Mammon who knocked over the vase. It was you. So Lucifer had given you a stack of homework to do because of it- on top of all your other school work.
And Mammon felt terrible. “I-I’m always gettin’ y-ya into trouble…m-makin’ ya take the f-fall. I’m s-supposed to be the o-one protecting you! I-”
“Mammon.” Your voice was firm, but affectionate. “You never make me do anything- I choose to take the blame for you. I know you don’t mean to do a lot of the things you do, you’re just…endearingly clumsy at times.” 
He scoffed, scrubbing angrily at the tears on his face; he hated crying in front of you. He blinked, blue hues staring into yours when you gently pulled his hands away from his face and started softly wiping.
“Mammon, I love you. I love all of you- including the clumsiness, the greed, the not-always-so-smart decisions.” You guided his hand to rest over his pact mark, “We’re partners in crime, yeah? You’re my first. I’m always gonna try and protect you, too.”
His fingers flexed against your skin, feeling the slightly raised mark of his pact. Mammon felt like he was floating and the words just fell from his lips. “Fuck, I wanna marry ya.” His eyes widened, watching yours do the same, but he didn’t back down- he knew what he wanted. 
“Let’s get married. S-seriously! I know it’s something that happens when people really l-love each other, so let’s do it! I was already plannin’ on spendin’ the rest of my life with ya and marriage is the way to officially do that, right? I-I’ll get ya a pretty ring a-and-” 
You cut him off with a kiss. A salty, breathless kiss. You pulled away, rubbing your own tears away this time. “Yes, Mammon. I’d love to marry you and I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you.” You went back to wiping away his tears, “I don’t need some expensive ring, though. All I need is you.”
Mammon took in a deep breath and exhaled with a loud, delighted laugh. “MC SAID YES! I’M GETTIN’ MARRIED!”
Levi didn’t really like going to public beaches. There’s too many people, not enough room, annoying children, and if he’s being honest…he doesn’t appreciate wandering around in front of all those people with such a lack of clothing. But this he could do. 
The two of you were out at sea— so far out, you couldn’t even see the sandbank anymore. Water sprayed you in the face as a tail splashed in the water, but it wasn’t Levi’s. It was much bigger. Lotan hissed contentedly when Levi patted his head, making you giggle and pet his back where you were sitting. 
Levi knew you’ve been wanting to go out to the ocean, but he always felt bad because he doesn’t like the beach itself. So he suggested a date out here : literally out in the ocean with Lotan (who was way better than a boat in his opinion).
“Levi, this is so cool!”
It was beautiful out here. Dark water that should be unsettling, but it only awed you as it was the perfect contrast for the colorful devildom fish that swam around your “boat”. (it also served as the perfect contrast against your bright anime swimwear, which was an added bonus)
And Levi was awed by you. The perfect embodiment of the light to his dark; his Henry. A single fleeting thought makes its way through his head as he watches you love on his monstrous pet. ‘I want to do this for the rest of our lives’. It makes him stiffen and he’s pretty sure you’d be able to hear his rapid heartbeat if it weren’t for the roaring waves.
You turn towards Levi, having not heard anything from him for a while. You thought he couldn’t hear you, so you started crawling your way up Lotan’s back to reach him, but an incoming wave knocked you off.
Or it would have if it weren’t for Levi’s tail. It wrapped around you almost immediately, pulling you closer and closer until you were practically on his lap. Its hold on you doesn’t falter, not even when Levi himself wraps his arms around your waist.
His heart nearly stops when you give him a sweet smile as thanks and he couldn’t stop the words tumbling out of his mouth even if tried, “Can I marry you?”
Your hands catch his wrists when they go to cover up his flushed face, thumbs moving to rub over his racing pulse points. You lean your forehead against his with a soft laugh, “You would make me the happiest human in history if you did.”
Levi lets out a breath, orange hues wide in surprise, before he’s smiling like an idiot. “You hear that, Lotan? Mc said I could marry them!” The giant splash of water makes him hold you closer, giving him the perfect opportunity to say, “Thank you.”
The two of you had spent all day out on the town, traveling to the places you both adored. The cat cafe, the museum, the bookstore. Now you were both at a secluded spot in the woods. 
Satan had stumbled upon it years ago and wanted to share it with you. There was a shimmering green pond that was so clear, you could see the bottom. Flowers bloomed everywhere and there was a pretty willow tree hanging over everything.
You’d never seen anything more beautiful. And seeing Satan surrounded by flowers was just the cherry on top, especially when you placed them in his hair. 
And as he stared into your eyes, he realized he didn’t want to wait a second longer; Satan knelt down on one knee and pulled out an elegant, yet simple, ring.
He was good with words, scary good, in fact. Satan could spout out pretty poems and pros and declarations, but he didn’t need to. Not when one simple look could portray everything he was thinking and feeling— he knew you’d understand his silence. 
And you did. But instead of saying anything, you began to giggle. Quiet, surprised giggles at first until they evolved into louder, amused ones. 
Satan’s blush darkened and he was about to ask just what the hell was so funny until you dropped down in front of him, hands bringing out a ring identical to the one he was holding. 
“They do say great minds think alike. I would love to marry you, Satan, yes.”
He blinked once. Then twice. And a third time before he started to chuckle, “I always did say we were meant for each other, and just look at this. I’d love to be your husband, Mc, yes.” 
You giggled again, falling forward to knock you both over onto the grass. Your hands smoothed over his red cheeks and felt yourself begin to blush when he slid the ring onto your finger. 
Satan hummed when you slid his ring on for him, arms reaching over your shoulders. “I think we should be qualified to be written into a fairy tail after this.” He smiled when you snorted, feeling your head shake in disbelief against him. The two of you were definitely his favorite story.
When the weekend came, it was always quiet in the mornings. The want to sleep in was always high— no one wanted to disturb the peacefulness, at least not until breakfast. 
And it was on these mornings that you thought Asmo looked the most beautiful. He was pretty at all hours of any day, but…these mornings were something special. 
He wasn’t in a rush to put on any makeup. His nails weren’t pristine. Currently, he had a shimmering face mask slathered on with his hair pushed back. There weren’t many people that got to see him like this. 
But you were glad you could. Because even if he thought he wasn’t beautiful like this, you did. Right now, he was just Asmo. Your Asmo. 
“What’s with that look, Darling? Am I taking your breath away already?” 
Your eyes met his, feeling yourself start to drift away in those orange-yellow hues. “Azzy…”
“Mc?” Asmo puts down his nail polish, shifting his full attention onto you worriedly. 
You reach out and take a hold of his hand, “Will you marry me?” Feeling his hand begin to tremble, you bring it to your lips and kiss each fingertip. 
“Mc…did you have to ask when I look absolutely unprepared?! Look at me! I-“ 
“You look gorgeous. You look like Asmo. You look like the man I want to spend the rest of my mornings with. I fell in love with you, Azzy. Not the ‘Avatar of Lust’.” 
Asmo gulped, taking in a deep breath, before he started to let out soft sobs. His face nuzzled yours, no doubt spreading his face mask over your skin. “Mc! Yes yes yes! I’ll marry you! Of course I’ll marry you!” 
You chuckled, imagining just what kind of mess the two of you looked like right now. “I am very glad to hear it.”
Even though you could never eat as much as Beel, you adored going out to different restaurants with him every week. 
Beel would always tear off small bites of his food to give to you; he wanted you to be able to try everything but knew you couldn’t eat quite like him. 
“Here you go, Mc! It's a wedding cake, but they needed to get rid of it, and it’s really good!” He beamed at you before going back to his own, bigger, slice of cake. 
You gazed at him lovingly, slowly munching on cake until something caught your attention. It was a fondant “wedding ring” stuffed right in the middle of your cake. 
The ginger had all but swallowed the cake whole, moving on to his other plates. He paused, “Mc?” Beel hadn't heard you speak in a minute. 
“Yes?” You took another bite of the cake, giving a closed-mouth smile. 
Beel smiled right back, happy you were still enjoying yourself. “I’m glad I get to eat with you, it makes me happy!” 
You hummed, discreetly grabbing the edible ring, “Me too, bub. I’d like it if we could do this for the rest of our lives.” Your eyes peered up at him, “Say…what if we got married?”
Beel stopped. The food in his hands slowly fell back onto the plate and he blinked at you owlishly. He blinked more viciously when you kneeled, trying to keep the tears at bay. 
“Beelzebub,” you presented the ring with a grin, “May I have the honor of marrying you?”
He mumbled something about him being the one receiving the honor before he was lifting you up into his arms. “Yes please.” 
You huffed out a laugh, ignoring all the claps and cheers you were receiving. “Here, you can eat it. I’ll get you a real ring later, okay?”
Sleep was a precious thing to humans, but for Belphie, it was just a thing. Something he enjoyed doing, something he knew with every fiber of his being, something that was normal. 
It was also normal for him to toss and turn, kicking at the constricting covers as the events of that night invaded his sleeping mind. 
Even years later, it still haunts him. You’ve told him over and over again that you forgave him then and you forgive him now, but he doesn’t deserve it (he thinks). The guilt ate at him so badly some nights, it made him physically sick when he woke up. 
And you tried your best to help ease it. Soothing him while he was asleep, reassuring him when he was awake. Nothing seemed to lessen his guilt or pain, but you never stopped trying. 
Belphie woke up screaming. Raw, gut-wrenching screams that made your heart shoot through the roof and shatter at the same time. 
He watched you scramble over to the bed and wrap him in your arms, visibly startled. His body began to relax when it felt yours relax, but his mind was still racing. 
That wouldn’t do. Your hands cupped his cheeks softly, squishing them, before moving to push back the damp hair off his forehead. “Belphegor…”
Belphie could do nothing but lay there as you kissed all over his face, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. He couldn’t stop his eyes from tearing up— you were there to wipe his tears away, though. 
“I’m not leaving, Belphie. Ever.” You shifted, moving to sit on top of him. “In fact…” 
The seventh-born stared up at you with wide eyes, “Mc? What are you…!”
You pulled out a silver ring engraved with stars. “Marry me?” A gentle smile tugged at your lips when he choked up, hands trailing along his own until you reached his left ring finger. 
Belphie inhaled sharply, nodding frantically, “Yes, please, yes, I’ll marry you- I want to marry you, yes!” He watched as you slid the ring onto his finger. And when he felt the cold metal on his skin, he began to sob, fingers gripping at your wrists to bring you down in a tight embrace.
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snak3b1te-smi1es · 19 hours ago
headcannons about poly / freeuse vibes with the brothers and mc? not anything cest, they’re just demons and don’t care about monogamy and each find time throughout the day to use mc to relieve some stress 💕
Tumblr media
❝ the obey me brothers vs. poly agreement mc ❞
ft. lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmodeus, beel, belphie — obey me!
requests — open!
dni if under 16
Tumblr media
— honestly, it starts when the brothers start falling in love with you one by one, but they don't know how to work around each other. — so, of course asmo being asmo, he suggests that they just all each have one day a week to be with you. — everyone casually being like, "did you have fun with [other brother] yesterday?" no jealousy. only vibes. — the public finding out about this arrangement with the seven top demons of the devildom and starting to flirt with you when you go out because they think you're up for grabs for anyone who wants you. — and subsequently getting the shit beat out of them by the brothers. even levi joins in beating them up for daring to flirt with you — and double dates with beel and belphie!!! a date at the ice cream place where you lean over and give beel a kiss, and then belphie gets pouty!! so you kiss him too!! and they're happy!! — no because i'd like to suggest satan always trying to outdo lucifer!! a competition where they bond over pleasing you, jokingly "arguing" over who did it better! — movie nights. one demon in your lap, one on either side, two sitting on the floor with their cheeks resting on each of your knees, someone behind you on the couch with their arms draped gently on your neck and shoulders!! — also getting all the food. like, they would constantly be sharing food with you. — it would be a FIGHT to share food with you. like, they would compete with each other over who gets to share their snacks with you. — belphie would absolutely steal you away from dates with the other brothers to do Things
— and now the nsfw!! — the brothers going one after another in a day. you fucked out, having had lips and tongues and teeth and dicks all over you all day. being blissed out. — the brothers after beel complaining quietly because his massive horsecock stretched you out, but not finding it in themselves to be mad because you feel so good. — satan asking things like "can he (lucifer) make you feel this good?" — please say no for your own safety. mans will get like 200x rougher if you say yes. — having different experiences with the brothers!! slow, teasing, sensual sex with asmo, but rough, animal fucking with beel and satan!! — THE BRAINROT IS REAL
Tumblr media
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zzzlevislothzzz · a day ago
Alright I'm down
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mammonstoothbrush · a day ago
mammon | lucifer hurting you in the heat of the moment scenarios
originally written on: 19/01/20
“Well, if you love him so much then why don’t you just leave me?!” he yells at the top of his lungs. It’s the first time you’ve seen Mammon so angry and it’s honestly rather terrifying. You’ve known for a long time how clingy and needy he can be and you love that about him—so much—but it’s never gotten to this extent before.
“I told you, I don’t love Solomon!” you try your best to reply in a stern tone but the tremble in your voice is nearly entirely out of your control. He’s not the tallest of the brothers but for the first time, it feels as if he’s absolutely towering over you as his eyes burn holes into your face. “I was just having lunch with him, Mammon. It wasn’t a date.”
You feel your teeth began to chatter as the shaking in your hands spreads all over your body. It’s not out of fear—not entirely—but sadness, too. It’s just a fight, a lover’s quarrel, however, the ache in your chest seems to suggest something even worse than just that. The hand wrapped around your wrist suggests it, too.
“D-don’t lie!” Mammon growls, his hand tightening around your arm as you feel your fingers start to go numb. You try to pry it out of his grip but a bright light flashes and before you know it, his appearance has changed and so has his strength. “If you don’t wanna be with me then say it to my face!”
Swallowing thickly, you feel warm tears begin to stream down your cheeks. His hold is ridiculously strong and impossible to break out of. You feel your racing heart jump around in your chest as pitiful sobs slip past your lips.
“It hurts, p-please, Mammon,” you gasp, “it really hurts.”
The same light flashes throughout your room once more as he lets go of your wrist as if it were scalding hot. Taking a few steps back, Mammon gaps at you with widened, teary eyes, his hands shaking in front of him. His eyes dart between them and you as if trying to comprehend what the fuck just happened.
“(Y/N), I—” the Demon falls to his knees, feeling his legs give out underneath him, his trembling hands grabbing the hem of your shirt, “I’m… I’m so s-sorry.” He starts to cry, even more so when he feels your fingers brush through his hair. 
He’d hurt you, hadn’t he? Why, then, are you still so kind to him?
You start to pull away and it’s then he feels raw panic course through his veins. No, no, no—
“No! (Y/N), I’m sorry! Don’t… please don’t… go,” he pleads, feeling the most pathetic he’s ever felt in a hundred years. But he’d much rather lose his pride than lose you.
“Shhh,” you whisper, prying his hands off your shirt before you kneel down in front of him, “I’m not going anywhere.” Mammon flings his arms around your neck, pressing his face into your chest as he continues to sob, the guilt continuing to weigh down heavily on his shoulders.
“Just take a break!” you plead, refusing to let go of his arm. “Half an hour is all I ask for! We haven’t spent time together in ages!” He doesn’t respond and does not try to hide the annoyance on his face either. 
“I already told you, I’m busy,” Lucifer snaps, “I’ll have time for you later. Please, leave me alone for now.” His words slowly transform into a low growl near the end of his sentence when it becomes increasingly clear to him that you aren’t going to give in. He feels a familiar burning sensation in his chest that only flares up when you open your mouth to speak once again.
What you want to say isn’t spoke, though, since the back of his hand collides with the side of your face before he can stop himself. The terror of his own actions haunting him from the moment he feels the sting on his skin. You let go of his arm instantly, both your hands darting up to cup at the pain in your face. For a while, your head remains bowed, shielding your expression from Lucifer who’s frozen in place. 
He hadn’t meant to do it, he swears. All he wanted to do was wring his wrist out of your hand. However, he knows he can’t say it that way, he can’t make excuses for an inexcusable action. Lucifer wants to leave, to remove himself from the situation for both of you to cool down, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to leave you behind, not when he’s hurt you.
“I-I’m sorry,” you whimper, your head finally rising so that your teary eyes meet his. You give him a faint smile in spite of the reddening patch poorly hidden underneath your hand. “I was being too needy, huh?”
Wait. No. Why are you apologising? It’s his fault. No. Please. Stop—
Yet again, Lucifer’s body moves on its own but this time, much to his relief, he simply pulls you into a hug. As gently as he can, the eldest Demon brother holds your head to his chest.
“No, (Y/N),” he says in the softest tone you’ve ever heard coming from his mouth, “you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry. What I did was terrible. I will accept any punishment you have for me… but…” Lucifer kisses the top of your head, “please… will you consider giving me another chance?” 
Slowly, you nod, and while it provides him with immense relief, he understands that he still has a long way to go in fully redeeming himself in your eyes. 
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roiree · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Polaroid Love
Summary: As the Avatar of Greed, Mammon wouldn’t not be afraid to indulge in the generosity discounts give. Both of go to the nearby cafe for their 30% off for couples and Mammon struggles to keep his composure as he keeps all his flustered feelings bottled up.
Pairing: Mammon x GN!Reader
Tags: swearing, mentions of pickpocketing, fluff
Words: 1.4k
Tumblr media
“So what do you want me to do?” You looked down at the phone Mammon faced at you.
What he wanted to show wasn’t something extravagant nor jaw-dropping like what you’d expect from Devilgram, but a simple promotional post from a cafe not too far from the House of Lamentation.
“Tsk.” Mammon backed the phone away and scratched his head. “There’s a 30% off for couples today. C’mon who doesn’t love a great deal. All you have to do is pretend to be my lover and we can get a huge discount for everything we eat,” he tempted you like the demon he is.
For a moment you thought you were talking to Beelzebub but you knew the second-born all too well. Mammon wouldn’t pass out on an opportunity like this.
“Mammon,” you leaned, placing your cheek on the palm of your hand. “Are you asking me out on a-“
“Date?” His eyes averted your gaze and went to the random items in your room. “No way. I wouldn’t take you on a date,” he rambled. “Besides you know who I am. I’m the Great Mammon, Avatar of Greed! Indulging myself in discounts is the most greediest thing I can do.”
‘Yeah right,” you thought.
“Who else am I going to bring?” He added. “My brothers? Ew. The witches? They’ve already placed me in more debt than I can get myself into. The people from Purgatory Hall? Lord Diavolo or Barbatos? Yeah, that’s gonna get Mephisto and his nosy ass stirring up stories.” To think he rambled for such a long time without noticing the blushing heat that tinted Mammon’s face.
Though it was an amusing sight to see, you can’t help but think it’s adorable how he’s insisting that you should go with him. “All right. All right,” you giggled and stood up from your chair. “I’ll go with you.”
“Yes,” victory presented itself in the demon’s voice as he brought his hands to a fist just to bring it down. Mammon immediately grabbed your wrist and marched out of your room.
Despite the advertisement having a hundred likes, a huge crowd did not form a line at the cafe though you can see a couple of love birds sitting face to face from the tinted window outside. It was then Mammon became well aware your hands held his. He has been holding you like this throughout the whole trip and it was only now he became a little more conscious of his actions.
“Mammon?” Your voice broke him from the trance anxiety placed on him.
“Huh? I meannn,” he prolonged. “Right now, we’re lovers, got that? And I am your one and only boyfriend.” His nervous enthusiasm and confidence were so contagious, you can’t help but smile.
“You’re my boyfriend. My one and only boyfriend.” Wow, with you saying that directly to him, Mammon’s little heart skipped a beat and was seconds away from exploding.
But he can’t let all his efforts be wasted.
The high-pitched ring of a bell on top of the door caught the attention of a few staff members. A warm welcome greeted you and it didn’t take them too long for them to see you holding hands, let alone Mammon’s flustered face.
“Welcome to our cafe,” a kind waiter said once you found a table for two. “Alongside our couple discount, we also offer a photo booth where we take your picture and hang it on our wall until the event ends. Would you like to participate?”
You looked back at each other and in unison, both of you accepted the offer. You need to keep this act as authentic as you can and not taking a single, harmless picture would give you a disadvantage in fooling the cafe.
The photo booth at the edge had a backdrop filled with red and pink hearts. One big heart acted as an arch for couples to stand under. At the side stood a disorganized box of props containing wacky wigs, eccentric glasses, wild hats, and all in between.
Mammon quickly grabbed the flimsy tophat and mustache stick which made him resemble the mascot of a game called Akupoly. “What ya’ waiting for? C’mon, let’s take a pic.”
You grabbed a few random props that suited your style. Once you two had your little costumes set, the waitress behind the camera started the 5 second timer. Before she could count down to one, you formed a heart with each other’s hands. Was it telepathy in the works again, or pure instinct? Either way when you got to take a peak at the final pic, you looked like an adorable couple with goofy looks and bright smiles.
The waitress gave you a pen and asked you to sign your signatures under the printed paper and pinned it to the wall filled with polaroids. “Thank you for taking part in our photo shoot. Purchasing a copy will be available later.”
“That was fun, don’t you think?” Mammon said as he took off the hat. “I want to get a copy after I treat you to a meal.” His hands reached for his pocket and revealed his wallet that miraculously had Grimm, even if it was just a bit.
“Wow for once you have some cash with you,” you joked.
“Oi, I worked hard for this day,” he placed the wallet down and folded his arms. “Of course, I’m not gonna forget my wallet. Now c’mon. Let’s go back to our table before someone takes it.”
Though his wallet rarely had any Grimm, he insisted that you should not hold back. You could care about his allowance next time. Besides, he can get more money in the future but a pleasant time with you without his brothers interrupting only comes once in a blue moon.
Empty plates and cups were scattered around the table and you leaned back on the chair, unable to take another bite. Mammon was ready to check out the bill since both of you were finally satisfied.
A guilty expression shot his head up and called out your name. “Can I borrow maybe 20 Grimm,” he mumbled and his eyes shot up. “Oh wait, never mind.” Mammon rushed away from your table and into the far back.
Your shoulders slumped. He better not ditch you to pay the bill. For what seemed like longer than 10 minutes, Mammon came back with a mischievous smirk and his hand tightly gripping his wallet.
“Mammon? Did you pickpocketed some customers again?” You reprimanded.
“What do you take me for?” He said loudly. “Can’t a demon go to the comfort room in peace? We drank a bottle of soda and a half of a milkshake you know.”
“Fair enough,” you replied. Some points weren’t connecting and you were sure he didn’t go to the edge of the cafe solely to alleviate himself, but you had a bit of trust in him.
After he paid the bill, which was exactly what he had, you two walked out successfully fooling the cafe.
“Oh wait,” you turned back. “Didn’t you want a copy of the pic earlier?”
“Ah, forget it,” he replied and insisted that you go with him. “Besides I blinked. I ain’t keeping a pic like that. Let’s hurry ‘cus it looks like it’s about to rain.”
You had to admit, it was fun while it lasted but you were disappointed that Mammon didn’t get a copy for himself. Even if he reassured you that it’s fine until you reach the House of Lamentation, you can’t help but the heavy weight pulling your heart down.
“Oh, by the way, Mammon.” Your voice caught the second born’s attention. “Thank you for everything today. And I want to repay you someday. Is that all right?” you said softly. You saying that was all that he needed to skyrocket his mood far from what it is right now.
“I’m telling ya’, don’t even mention it,” he replied. “I’ll be off to my room now. See you later.”
Both of you went back to your respective rooms. Mammon scurried around his pockets to pull out his wallet one more time. Though he currently had no money on him, it wasn’t exactly empty.
He was so caught up in spoiling you he forgot to give a bit to himself. 20 Grimm was all he needed to get that copy of the polaroid but he didn’t want to bother you for money. Well, at least he’s thankful he knows how to be sneaky.
Mammon pulled out the picture from the wall that the waitress took. The polaroid caught everything perfectly. From how both of you looked like you had zero care in the world, to the way your hands formed a heart, and even the moment how it felt to be your boyfriend for an hour. Someday, when he’s ready to give you all that he has got, Mammon will make sure you’ll take another similar polaroid where you know nothing is an act.
That’s all his greedy heart could ever desire.
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poetofthedyingstars · a day ago
quiet moments with mammon.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
note: usual mammon fluffy drabbles. mammon x gn!reader. enjoy reading! fluff.
quiet moments with mammon. you don't know whether you had a good or bad day. it's a pretty decent one. not too chaotic or empty. you had a lot of thoughts though and you were eager to silence them. sitting on a bench, headphones on, you don't care if your ears blast because of your full volume. you need this. you watch as people walk by in front of you. you felt a presence next to you. you looked at him. neither of you said a word. mammon doesn't ask or anything, he gave you the look that holds nothing but everything at the same time. you gave him a small smile and offered a piece of your earphones. he took it. both of you listened to your music all afternoon as you watch people walk by. and for the first time, you felt content and peaceful.
quiet moments with mammon. this is nothing new yet today feels so different, like something sacred and only revealed itself bare as golden sunlight starts to take over the waking city. your arms wrapped around mammon, and his arms wrapped around you. entangled legs and you're so close to each other. so close, you can feel mammon's breath against your face. he's still peacefully asleep and you thank whatever kind of higher power is watching over right now for waking you earlier than him. because then, you get to watch your beautiful lover peacefully. you've seen what gold ornaments look like, you've traveled a lot and witnessed the carving of the world, you've seen the beautiful work of god's fine hand through painted skies, you've seen beauty and yet mammon still managed to take your breath away. and by simply existing too. truly, there is no other sight like him. all of the things you've seen are nothing compared to what you're seeing now. you brushed your hands on his cheeks and he somewhat shifted closer to you. you smiled to yourself and reached to kiss his forehead. you heard him mumbling g'morning under his breath. “did ya enjoy the view?” you laughed as you answered him yes. he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. “good. love you.” you hugged him tighter. “i love you too.” “now, can we sleep for five more minutes?”
mammon has a hard time processing his feelings and is not very good with his words. oftentimes, he still denies how he'd stare at you from across the room, thinking how adorable you are. no, he wasn't starin' at ya! he just thinkin' bout money and was in a trance! yeah, that's right. that was that, at first. when you become official, he doesn't always say i love you that much either. he really tries, he does but he's never been in love with someone like this before. it's you. you make his insides go haywire. so instead of saying i love you directly, he does it and say it in his own way. he says i love you through; cuddling with you as you both sleep, sometimes singing or telling stories to you since you told him you like his voice so much and he makes you so comfortable, you could just peacefully fall asleep; he says i love you through always including you in his life and everything, made a lot of money? whaddaya want, human? he'll get it for ya! after all, you're his human so you should be grateful, alright?! he says i love you through knowing you, always listening to everything you say and knows how to listen even when you're not saying anything — he knows when you're bothered, he knows when you're holding back, he knows it even when you don't say it and he's there for you. he says i love you in many ways on his own and it's just fucking heart-warming to you. in return, you always make sure he knows that you're just as much in love with him as he is. words might not be his strongest suites, but he's got his own way to express his love to you. and whenever he actually tells you that he loves you so much in precious moments, you make sure to smother him with so so much love.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated, please do!
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asmopet · 2 days ago
hii;; this is my first time requesting anything so I hope I’m doing it right— I really like your work btw and it’s exam season atm for me and possibly some others, so could you maybe write some of the characters helping y/n with stress and anxiety about their exams please? i don’t have any character specific in mind btw so you can even write the ones you enjoy writing atm. thank u in advance if u do end up writing it <3
Mammon takes you out for some fun. He even offers to take you wherever you want, an amusement park, a regular park, oh hey there’s a bowling alley over there, and ooh is that a mall?
He fights valiantly against your kind wandering over to your exams. Everyone needs a break sometimes! You’ll probably end up doing worse studying if you’re too stressed. So, he keeps you busy, always interrupting you whenever you bring up anything
Satan reassures you by showing you that you’re just stressed out and feel like you’re not prepared for the exams. He tells you that you are in reality and all you need is a little break to get yourself back on track.
He watches a bunch of movies with you, even offering to give you a massage, like how people do to their lovers in his novels. At moments like these, he seems like an AI, having absorbed all information from his books. But oh well, you love him even so.
Asmodeus helps you by trying to give you some good ol’ Asmo TLC! He pampers you all day long. He soaks in his bathtub with you, does your nails, gives you both facemasks to wear, and then tucks you into bed with him.
Then, he even offers to be your therapist for the night. Tell him all about your week, darling! He has good advice and good hearing.
Unsurprisingly, Belphegor tells you to sleep your worries and woes away. You will not do good without a well rested mind. So he lifts up the cover he’s under with an arm, eyes already closed. He does not care whether you accept his offer or not, just choose quickly before his arm gets tired.
If you plan on resting with him, he’ll help you get to sleep sooner. Well, to be honest, this just means he’s not as mean as he usually is. This time, he doesn’t kick or bite in his sleep. He lets you get a well needed sleep.
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luxthestrange · 2 days ago
Incorrect quotes #433 Disney Mc
Mc*Hiding bat/or/Frying pan*Will you help me hide a body~
Luci/Mam/Solo: HUH
Mc: Come on we cant delaaaay~
Luci/Mam/Solo: WHAT DID YOU DO!
Mc: No one can see him on the floor~GET him out the door~before he can decaaaaay~
*Knocked out Demon King/God*
Tumblr media
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sakusins · 14 hours ago
mammon is a sucker for being the little spoon or just burying his face in your stomach while you're working or sitting on your phone 🥺
Tumblr media
mammon thinks it’s unfair—you’ve got two hands, and one of them isn’t even busy. you should be playing with his hair, you should be gently scratching his scalp as he lays over you, but you’re not.
and he thinks it’s entirely unacceptable.
“why are you pouting,” you raise a brow, staring down at his curled lips and smooshed cheek against your sternum. he huffs, glaring up at you as though you should already know.
“not poutin’,” he mutters, “those eyes o’ yours clearly don’t work.”
he is pouting—you know he knows that, but you don’t think mammon is a fraction of himself if not stubborn. by now, he’s got crinkled brows, distress clear on his face as you stare down at him, so you—finally—set your phone down to turn your attention to him.
“okay, drama queen,” you chuckle, smoothing back a few strands of hair from his forehead. the effects are instant. his eyes close and his lips are almost a smile—and you have your answer, fighting back a snort as you shake your head in amusement. “if you wanted attention, you could’ve just asked. you’re shameless enough, anyway.”
“take that back, how dare ya,” mammon looks up at you in disbelief, pout tugging his lips deeper as he grumbles, “didn’t come in here to be ignored, ya know. i shouldn’t have to ask.”
you giggle, gently cup his cheeks and squeeze them together, planting small kisses to his forehead as his face heats up in your grasp.
“there,” you hum, “that should do it. anything else you need?”
“h-hey, i didn’t need those kisses,” he huffs, shooting you what’s his (poor) attempt of a smug grin, “ya just couldn’t keep off me. i don’t blame ya, i am pretty great.”
“well, if that’s all, then i’ll go back to—”
“okay,” he whines, cutting you off and wrapping his arms tighter around you to keep you from grabbing your phone again, head burying into your neck to hide the blush that’s quickly creeping up his face to the tip of his ears. “ya know what i want,” he mumbles.
“maybe, but i want to hear you say it,” you tease, laughing as you card yourself fingers through his hair. he sighs in content at the feeling, pressing a sweet kiss to your neck as he feels his eyelids grow heavy.
“course ya do,” he grins, “too shy to admit ya want my cuddles, huh? ‘s okay, i’ll let ya cuddle me.” you roll your eyes, and it’s as close to a confession as you’ll get, so you take it even if it’s not exactly what you had in mind.
you turn your head, pressing a delicate kiss to the side of his head, rubbing his back with slow, gentle circles while his body presses heavier against you as he drifts off. and mammon fits a little too perfectly against your body, molds a little too easily, tangling your limbs until you don’t quite know where one ends and the other begins—and you think if this is what he wants, being encased in your arms for just a little while, you don’t ever want him to pull away.
“you’re shameless, you know that?” you snort, and he grins into the crook of your neck as you pull the covers over his body.
“ya haven’t reminded me how in love with me you are,” he pokes your side, chuckling when you twitch a little at the feeling before swatting his hand away.
“that’s because i’m not,” you hiss, but he knows there’s fondness in your voice, and in the way your arm wraps loosely around his waist, and in the way your fingers tangle in his white strands—and he thinks he could keep you here like this for centuries if he could.
maybe longer if time permits.
“c’mon, admit it,” he yawns, and just as he slips into a slumber, he hears a soft i love you against the side of his head. he falls asleep with a small grin on his face—but not without mumbling a barely audible, “love ya too.”
Tumblr media
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Dating Mammon Headcanons
- Literally so clingy, like he’s always touching you in some kind of way like he’s afraid you’re going somewhere.
- One of his primary love languages in terms of receiving is words of affirmation, he’d love a specific pet name only for him.
-Will plan dates that are usually pretty cheap (he’s broke, okay?) but always super fun. Like movie nights at home, walks along the pier, romantic stuff like that. He has stolen borrowed Asmo’s magazines for date advice.
-Every once in a while though, he’ll plan a super extravagant date. Not only will it be expensive though, it’ll be something super personal and almost handcrafted for you.
- LOVES cuddles. Like he will sneak into your room for cuddles at night. You’ll wake up to white hair in your face and strong arms around you.
- He loses some of his tsundere act but it’s still usually there in public even though everyone knows he’s whipped. In private though, that’s a different story.
- Speaking of him being whipped, he will kill a man for you and you don’t even really have to ask?! You could make a sarcastic comment about wanting someone dead and he’ll be racing to beat them up. You gotta control him.
- Satan will make you come to study sessions cause Mammon will only actually do someone if he’s promised kisses or cuddles as a reward.
- Most of his nicknames for you have the word ‘my’ in front of them. He’s a greedy boy.
- He’s incredibly emotionally mature under the tsundere act, he ALWAYS knows when you’ve had a bad day. It’s like a sixth sense and he always knows how to comfort you.
- His crows will bring you gifts. He’ll be a little heartbroken if you throw them away but if he finds them in like a box in your room he will cry happy tears.
- He LOVES you running your hands through his hair, loves it.
- Will unsubtly place his clothes in your room hoping you wear them. On the same note he will spray your bedsheets with his cologne, especially when he visits you up in the human world. He just wants you to feel like he’s there 😭
- Speaking of which, when you go to the human world this boy is texting you NONSTOP. He can’t sleep without your voice, FaceTime him please!
- Forehead kisses. That is all.
- Will always cook your favourite foods when it’s his turn to cook. Beel is wondering how he can get Mammon to do that for him.
- Will bring you photos of him from modelling shoots cause he wants to be told he’s a pretty boy.
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goblins-writing · 2 days ago
Imagine playing in the pool with Mammon. Him trying to attack you into the water but you already know his moves, due to lots and lots of experience, and block him. He's pouting because you managed to block his attack, but he can't blame you because he's done the same move every time. You encourage him to get new material. He kisses you roughly in response.
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oopkazu · a day ago
— dry humping with mammon
➳ cw. sub mammon, mommy kink, and dry humping
➳ please note i’m a minor and another post from my other blog!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the slow movement of your hips grinding down onto mammon plus your weight pinning him down was torture to him. he felt pathetic, he was shaking just beacuse he wanted to cum inside of you. instead he was soiling the front of his pants while tears were forming in his eyes.
"is my poor baby crying? tell me whats going on so momma can help" you said in such a teasing voice that made mammon fall for you even more. your hands cupped his face and brough him slightly up so you can encase his lips in a quick peck. "do you wanna be inside? do you want me to milk you for all your worth?" the questions made mammon nod his head while sputtering pleads.
you look off to the side as if you were thinking, and turn back to your baby boy. the tears that were starting to dry on his cheeks almost made you falter, but a smirk came to your face. your hips started to move at a fast pace making mammon try to slow down, but the pleasure was to much more tears fall form his eyes.
"lets continue for a little long, then you can fill me up all you want"
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suniitiea · 19 hours ago
why mammon has his titties out in almost every outfit? it's not a bad thing i like it that way but why?
for me to hold them right?
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kozumebunny · a day ago
Obey Me Brothers + Prose I've written 
Some prose I wrote for each of the Obey Me brothers! Maybe I'll do the angels?? idk man :3
Of all the angels to have fallen I am grateful it is you, as other angels may not have been so kind. You think yourself the Lucifer painted by Cabanel, but I know the truth: that you are the Lucifer who is the fallen son. You aren't the wrathful, crying angel, you are a thing of flesh and blood, not the marble statues of the renaissance.
You are a son who wishes for his father.
I love you for reasons I can't explain, I love you for parts I can't pick out. I can't name just your smile without naming your laugh. Your mischief is only mischief when we have to face the consequences, up until then it's fun. You're one big adventure and I can't name a favorite small part, when all the small parts make you up as a whole.
Quiet moments with you I love the most; there's no words needed when there's no gap between us.
Poets wrote about the sun for they had not yet seen you and your shine my darling.
When God comes to take me from you all I can do is beg and pray he lets me descend to hell to return to you, my personal devil.
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mammonstoothbrush · 2 days ago
asmodeus | mammon | lucifer | reacting to you asking them about how to become a Demon
originally written on: 19/01/20
“Ehhhhh? Why would you wanna do that?” 
legit interrogates you on why you’d even ask such a thing but does it in a very sweetly curious way 
also interrupts you a lot with his own assumptions which mostly revolve around: “you wanna be with me forever, don’t you? I don’t blame you uwu”
ends up spending most of the time just imagining how you’d look like as a Demon 
even if you insist on knowing about how to turn into a Demon, he’ll feign ignorance for as long as he can, just running his hands all over you, putting your hair in different directions to imitate horns, looking at your fingers and imagining sharpened nails etc.
Asmodeus is aware of the way humans can become Demons permanently 
but it’s a torturous process 
and while he’d love for you to be with him forever, he can’t bear thinking about you going through such pain
so for as long as possible, he’ll pretend to be his usual self and fawn over your appearance relentlessly whilst hoping you’ll eventually lose interest in the topic
“Huh?! Why’d ya wanna know such a thing?”
looks >:( but is actually :0 ? on the inside 
if you tell him the truth (“Because i wanna be with you for as long as possible!”) he’ll pass out on the spot with his face all red 
but if you lie (“I’m just curious”) Mammon’ll just shrug off your question like “how the hell am i gonna know about something as stupid as that?” and pretend he doesn’t care even though he totally does since he lowkey suspects you’re not telling the truth from how sudden your question was thrown his way (his one braincell decides to function on that fateful day)
just mention going to Satan for help and he’ll throw himself on top of you to stop you from leaving 
“Fine! Fine! I’ll look it up, okay?! Stay here! Don’t you dare look for Satan”
Mammon will genuinely try to find info on it in the library but will give up super quick and just look for Satan himself for help 
“Oh, yeah, there’s a way but it’s… not exactly pleasant” 
he’ll return to you and try to lie that there isn’t a way but he’s too easy to see through
“Why’d you lie to me?”
“Because… because you shouldn’t do it. At least not until there’s a more painless way.”
“Aww, do you worry for me, my dear Mammon?”
“N-no! Shut up.” 
“Okay :( ”
“Wait, no, I’m sorry D: ”
“Yes, there is a way.”
“Will you tell me?”
is super persistent on not letting you discover any information on it
you’re not allowed to go to any library without his supervision 
“What’s that book you just picked up?”
“… it’s about dogs.”
you lowkey feel more annoyed as time goes by since his insistence on telling you nothing seems as though it’s not backed up by anything 
you try asking him why he doesn’t want to answer your question but Lucifer just brushes you off by saying stuff like, “if I start, I know you’ll just want more.”
you can’t get information from the rest of the brothers either since they’re all under his orders not to tell you anything about it
it eventually turns into a bit of a fight between the two of you 
you feel as if Lucifer doesn’t trust you while he thinks you’re prying too much again 
“I just want to be with you for a longer time, okay?” you finally say and it renders him speechless for once, “I don’t have any—any malicious intentions! I just… don’t wanna die so quickly… okay?”
he’s only able to speak when he sees you’ve begun to cry 
Lucifer will immediately pull you into an embrace and clarify that he’s never believed you had any bad intentions 
“It’s just… not a good thing to do. That’s all I’ll say for now. It’ll be painful. Maybe too painful for you to bear and I just want you to be safe.” 
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justsomerandomfanfic · a day ago
Goldie - Mammon X Reader
Tumblr media
Title: Goldie
Mammon X Reader
Additional Characters: The other Demon Brothers, Goldie (Mentioned)
WC: 544
Warnings: Mean Lucifer, Goldie's missing
Mammon was looking everywhere for Goldie but he couldn't find her. Not even his brothers did. If his brothers didn't know where Goldie was, then there was 9nly one other person that would know. Y/N. He sent a message to them, to see if they knew where Goldie was.
Mammon: Do you know where Goldie is? 
Y/N: No. Why would I? She's your credit card.
Mammon: Well, have you seen her anywhere? 
Y/N: No.
Mammon: Fine. You're fired.
Mammon went back into the dining room and said to his brothers, "I want all of you to search for Goldie."
He spoke, hands on hips.
Belphie chuckled and shook his head. "We are not looking for your card, Mammon."
Lucifer glared at the second oldest brother. "That card of yours is your responsibility. It is not our card to find."
Levi said nothing but left the room. 
"Yeah, find it yourself." Satan spoke, leaving the room as well to go read.
Soon enough, all the other demon brothers left the dining room, leaving Mammon all by himself.
Sighing, Mammon looked down defeated. He didn't know where Goldie was and it was worrying him. Without her, he couldn't buy things. Without buying things, he had no power. And without power, he was nothing.
A knock sounded at the door or Y/N's room. Looking up from their book confused, they got out of bed and opened the door. There stood a very defeated and depressed Mammon. His eyes were dropped, his usual smile was turned upside down.
"What's wrong, Mammon? Is it Goldie?"
They asked and Mammon nodded slowly. 
Walking in without even being invited, Mammon went over to Y/N's bed and flopped straight down on it. Y/N sighed, walking over and sitting down next to the sad Greed Demon. Gently raking their hand through Mammon's hair, that was the only thing Y/N knew could calm him down. 
"Have you looked in the freezer?" Y/N asked softly, only for Mammon to groan in their pillow.
"What about your brothers? Did Luci take it? Or what about Beel? Maybe he borrowed her for food." 
Mammon groaned louder and shook his head. He hated when Y/N talked about his brothers. He hated when Y/N gave his brother nicknames. He was their first man, he should only have a nickname.
"Mammon, what do you want me to do to help?"
Mammon groaned again and pulled his head away from the pillow. Pulling off the hoodie that he wore, flipping on his side he held his arms out.
"Cuddles?" He asked, looking away from Y/N, red blush on his face.
Y/N smiled at Mammon. Taking Mammon's hands in hers, she wrapped them around her waist and hugged him tight.
"I'm here, Monnie. I'll always be here for you."
Y/N smiled, burning their face into Mammon's chest.
"You'll always be my first man."
Mammon closed his eyes, letting the warmth of Y/N's body seep into him. 
Slowly, he relaxed and let himself fall asleep.
Back in the dining room, a smirking Lucifer sat at the table with his brothers.
"Good job, Beel. You did well at hiding Mammon's card."
Beel nodded with a smile, biting into a burger.
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averyhornyghost · a month ago
Get Your Head Out of the Guter.
The obey me brothers and the dirty thoughts they have about you.
A/n: This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, is not that bad for my first headcannon. I might write the Datetables version later. Meanwhile enjoy!
Warnings!!!: this post conatins, sugestive/explicit writing, thoughts abot vaginal sex, mentions of male masturbation,mentions of female masturbation, fingering, petplay, oral(both fem and male reciving), mirror sex, a little bit of objectification, degrading, public sex, dirty thoughts in general. Minors DNI!!!
❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆
Lucifer likes to think he is above such noughty things, that he has self-control and he tries to keep his mind clear most of the time. But sometimes...
When he is alone with his thougts working late again, he just can't help but think about you wondering if you're awake, you you're maybe thinking about him as well and maybe... just maybe you might be touching yourself to the thought of him-
Ok Lucifer doesn't have control of his thoughts, especially the ones that involves you.
You coming in his office, telling him to take a brake and offering to suck him off.
The sounds you would make as he touches you in places you've never been able to reach before, begging him to just fuck you already.
Maybe you wore a more revealing outfit today, and he imagines himself taking if off of you...
Great, now he can't concentrate on work anymore, damn it Mc! Do you even know what you do to him!
But despite all those dirty thoughts clouding his mind, Lucifer never lets it show, you'll never know whats on his mind.
Mammon tries to keep his thoughts in check, but he always fails miserably. He can't help! I mean have you seen yourdelf, you're just to hot!!!
Just the thought of you, lying down, legs spread open, begging him to stuff you full.
Fucking you against the chalk board in an empty classroom. You calling his name so sweet. Just letting him rail you as much as he pleases.
The sounds you would make for him, just being an absolute mess just for him.
Sucking his dick while he counts money from a recent scheme.
Riding him inside his car after he took you for a joyride around the devildom.
Mammon is not good at hiding his thoughts, if you're not around he'll just blush and bite his lips. But if you're around, he'll blush like crazy, avoid all eye contact and pray you don't notice the tent in his pants.
Ok ok, I like to headcannon that Levi is as dirty as Asmodeus, the dude probably watches a lot of hentai, so he must have some werid kinks.
Levi doesn't want to admit it but hes been thinking about you a lot lately. Y'ou're just so... cute!
He started watching demon x human porn and imagines himself doing thoses things with you when he masturbates.
What he wouldn't give to have you doing those faces for him.
You in a cute cosplay, posing all sexy and cute for him to take pictures. Exposing your preety pussy for him to touch and discover.
You in a cute maid outfit, legs spread open giving the perfect view as you touch yourself for him.
If Mammon is bad at hiding his feelings then Levi is an absolute mess.
He is hard, he is sweaty, he doesn't know how to speak anymore he just wants to go to his room and rub it out. It doens't matter if you're around or not, hes going to avoid eye contact with you for days.
Satan is a romanticist, he doesn't have sirty thoughts that often, but when he does, they just come out of no where.
You're both at a cat cafe, when a cute little cat runs up to you and meows at you, so you meowed back. And that cute moment was ruined by satans mind.
He pictures you on your knees meowing at him begging to suck him off, a pretty colar of your favore color around your neck, it has a little bell on it so everytime he trhust into you it-
He has other fantasies as well, like fucking you on Lucifers office, making you squirm and call his name for everyone to hear.
Making out with you in the RAD libary, telling you to keep quiet or someone will notice you.
Making you a book out loud as he eats you out, and don't you dare stop reading.
Satan can hide his thoughts pretty well, I mean he literally hide his wrath everyday so dirty thoughts aren't a challenge for him.
When is asmodeus not having dirty thoughts?
Every time he sees you he thinks about what you would look like riding him.
Just bouncing onhis cock, telling him you are tired and can't take it anymore, and he just caresses your cheek and tells you to keep going, that you are doing so good for him.
You both in a hot bath as he massages you and tells you how beautiful you are.
Fucking you in front of his mirror, admiring how beautiful you both look at this vulnerable state.
You would look so pretty with your eyes rolled up and your mouth falling open, chanting his name like a prayer.
But those are his most tamed thoughts, Asmodeus is called the avatar of lust for a reason.
All the positions he could fuck you, all the pleasure he could give you... Mc you are driving him insane!!!
Asmo is really good at hiding his thoughts, he is always horny so hiding it has become second nature to him. But he doesn't really like to hide things from you.
Whenever those thoughts pop up and you're around, he'll just hug you from behind and whisper "Oh Mc~, if only you knew the things that I wanna do with you!~"
Beel is a very chill and wholsome guy, but that doesn't mean he id innocent.
He sees you licking a popsicle and thinks its cute, then he wanders if you'd suck his dick in the same way, of course his dick is much bigger than the popsicle, so you'd need both hands to help-
And now he is red.
Thoughts like these just pop uo at the most random times, and our poor Beel does not know how to handle them.
Just ride his cock, crying about how big it is, how full you feel, begging him to fill you up...
Let him eat you out, let him taste you and make you feel good.
Thats what Beel wants, for you to feel goos, good and full of his cum.
Just fucking you in any surface at the House of Lamentation. In the kichen, on the dinning table, on the sofa, the bad, the walls, the floor.
It might be his natural instincts, the need to mark you so that other demons and potential threats don't come near you.
Beel, can hide it when he has these thoughts, he blushes and his gentle smile for drops for a few seconds, then it returns and he just pretends like it never happenend. The problem is hiding his erection, he has no choice other than so the walk of shame to the bathroom and "take care of himself".
Belphie is to busy sleeping to have dirty thoughts, but he has dirty dreams.
Dreams so vivid and real that he feels dispointed whe he wakes up hard and lonly.
Oh, the thought of waking up to you grinding against his erection, having dirty dreams of your own.
Bephegor just wants to see you ruined, you rinding him, whispering praises to him, telling him how much you love his dick inside of you, how much you love pleasuring him.
Just lazily fucking you as you beg for him to go faster, deeper harder.
Belphie is willing to share everything with Beel, his food, his room and even you. He thinks it would be so cute to have his cock stuffed in your mouth as Beel fucks you from behind.
Belphie is very good at hiding his thoughts, he is very chill about it, bat then he makes eye contact with you and remembers his dreams, he blushes a little bit and that's it.
❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒
Oof this was a trip. I regret nothing.
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