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#mammon x reader
So canonically the brothers' sins were always part of their innate personalities, even when they were angels, but things in their environment also reinforced these sinful indulgences (*BA DUM TSH*) and for Mammon one of these things is that Lucifer spoilt him rotten. And this will never not be funny to me? I mean Lucifer must know right!? He must know that one of the reasons Mammon is Greed, is cause he couldn't say no to Mammon's adorable face as an angel. He must know and yet he continues to spoil him? Like:
When he gave Mammon his own credit card to use for the whole day, during his birthday, and how even when MC brought up the fact that Mammon was gonna buy everything he could and Lucifer was gonna be broke, he just shrugged it off?
Or how he let Mammon get everything he could from the cursed bracelet and broke the curse right before the bad luck part kicked in
Or when he gave Mammon the vip token
Or when he told Mammon unless MC managed to beat him in a card game he wouldn't let Mammon go on the trip with MC and Luke, and that he'd have to stay behind and clean the bathrooms for a week. But even after MC loses he lets Mammon off the hook and buys the train tickets for all of them?
Man sealed his own fate and now has the audacity to be pissed about it
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leviathans-watching · 12 hours ago
so I saw this tiktok and I started thinking about how the obey me brothers would react to hearing this sound from MC's phone while they were on their phones? here's another example of these reactions with the full sound lol
'losing interest' tiktok prank
Tumblr media
includes: the bothers x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: one swear word
a/n: this was super fun to write! sorry it took so long. thank you for requesting and i hope you like it!! my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or req, so stop by!!
the sound being used here says "4 things a man does when he starts to lose interest in you: he spends more time on his phone..."
please like and reblog <33
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer merely sighs, shaking his head. he knows you’re just trying to get under his skin, knows you know he’s still devoted to you. shooting you a look, he resists the urge to pinch your side. you’re such a pest. why does he put up with you again? you smile, and, oh, that's why. if he ends his email a little shorter than he was originally planning on it, fingers flying across the keyboard on his screen, well, that’s his business, isn’t it?
Tumblr media
➳ mammon freezes, head whipping up so he can look at you. you fix him with a decidedly unimpressed look and he looks from you, to the phone in his hand, then back at you. in a heartbeat, he’s standing gup, chucking his phone at the wall. “why would you do that?” you ask, eyes wide. surprised laughter bubbles up in your throat. “i can get another one,” mammon dismisses, before seeming to shake himself. “unless ya don’t want me to. i won’t, if that's what proves i’m still into ya!”
Tumblr media
➳ levi turns to look at you, pout already formed. “i knew i was just a gross otaku,” he says pitifully. “i swear i still love you! i just also, maybe-” his voice gorws quieter and quieter “-love ruri-chan too! me being on my phone doesn’t mean i’m losing interest, i promise!” he looks like he’s seriously debating giving up ruri-chan for you so you put him out of his misery, telling him it was just a prank. “you scared me, mc!” he leans forward, putting his head on your shoulder. “don’t do that!”
Tumblr media
➳ satan is rarely on his phone so he knows you’re just messing with him. right? eyeing you warily, he slowly shuts off his phone, putting it in his pocket. you still don’t look particularly pleased so he tries to think if he’s been giving you signs that he’s losing interest. he can’t think of anything that would have given you that impression, but he also realizes he hasn’t done anything to show you he’s still interested. you break out into a giggle and he lets loose a sigh of relief, inwardly planning something that’ll show you he still loves you, just in case.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo looks up at you, smile fading slightly from his lips. he had been looking through an album of you and him together and may have lost track of time. “no!” he whines, making grabby hands toward you as his phone slides off his lap. “nooo, mc i still love you! i’m not losing interest, i promise!” he all but folds himself into you, pressing lip gloss sticky kisses into your cheeks, forehead, nose, anywhere he can reach. “i know, i know,” you say, laughing, as you gently push him back. “i was just messing with you.”
Tumblr media
➳ beel turns his phone off, shoving it in his sweatshirt pocket. “sorry,” he says ruefully, rubbing the back of his neck. “i was ordering us some food. you mentioned you were hungry and i thought…” instantly feeling bad, you envelop him in a hug. confused, he accepts it. “you’re too much,” you groan, shoving your face into his shoulder. “i was just teasing but there you go being all sweet.”  it is a relief to know you were just kidding, even if he’s a little bummed about having to spoil his plans. he was wondering you your favorite, after all.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie squints at you, not bothering to turn off his phone. “you’re on your phone right now,” he points out unhelpfully, and really, was it too much to ask for him to not be a little shit? “so i don’t know what you’re trying to say. maybe i’ve been thinking you’ve been losing interest in me.” you know he hasn’t been thinking that, but you also can’t really call him out on it because doing so would make you have to admit you were trying to prank him. “you’re no fun,” you grumble, and he snickers, unpausing his game.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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1funeralcake1 · a day ago
Fragile Human
HEYYYYY, I’m not dead, just got really busy. I’m starting a new series and I should update it fairly regularly. This is the intro, it’ll be a fluff piece about the brothers taking care of you while you are sick. (Also thank you guys so much for almost 200 followers and I’ve been gone for 6 MONTHS, thanks so so so much!!)
Genre: Fluff (I’m basically just a fluff writer cause that’s what’s fun for me but I might dabble in angst)
Warnings: Reader is gender neutral :)
Part 2 (Lucifer)
Part 1:
While you were readying yourself for a new day at RAD you noted the odd ache and the heat rising in your body. Trying to ignore it you finish dressing yourself in uniform. You knew that you couldn’t skip out on lessons. At least not without a fight. Your stomach combatted your notions of wellness by churning uncomfortably. You ball your hands into fists and fight through it as best as you can. You woozily meander down the hall to breakfast. The boys eye you suspiciously, recognizing the uncomfortable grimace you were failing to mask. They all paid it no mind however and simply greeted you.
Trying to swallow the food was taxing, your head was pulsing and you could feel the fatigue dulling your movements. You knew that something was wrong, but what could you really do about such a thing? You were in the Devildom, the possibility of getting meds or sympathy were very little. Barely finishing your breakfast you stood and immediately regretted it. Your vision faltered, and you swayed and staggered a little before you fell backwards. You were only out of it for a few moments before you heard a chorus of concerned voices. The boys' heads appeared above you. You squinted and tried to lift your head and felt the back of your throat clench. You felt absolutely terrible. 
Beel helped you sit up as you couldn’t do it on your own. You groaned and held your head, feeling the pain throbbing worse than before. 
“YO! MC, what just happened, you lost your balance or what?” Mammon chimed in, concern decorating his face.
You merely mumble in discomfort from his loud voice in response. Peering at all the confused and concerned gazes you were getting you attempted to play it off. You didn’t get a chance to get up and run from the embarrassment however. While Beel helped steady you he furrowed his brow, you felt incredibly warm. He held the back of his hand on your forehead and frowned more.
“MC, why are you so hot, I thought humans weren’t that hot-blooded,” Beel mumbled, confused, you were usually cold (by demon standards).
“Probably a fever, I’ll be alright,” you groaned, glancing around the room, the looks on the brothers faces just got more confused.
“Fever? Elaborate, MC, what happened to you?” Lucifer demanded standing above your form on the floor.
“Probably just caught something-,” You attempted to get up and you wobbled causing Lucifer to have to reach out and steady you by the shoulders.
The brothers exchanged glances, they were mostly clueless when it came to human illness. Belphie was once enamored by humans but he hadn’t wandered too far into the study of human immune systems. Satan had limited knowledge as well, he never regarded human medicine as necessary knowledge. Immediately they all felt jolts of varying levels of panic. What were they to do about their human? 
“Are you saying that you’re sick?” Lucifer inquired, cocking up an eyebrow, he admittedly was concerned after seeing you fall like that. He wasn’t sure how to go about this. “Do you think it’s severe?”
“I-” As if to prove that the sickness was there to stay, you were interrupted by a harsh cough. “I don’t think I can attend class, I know it’s really important, I’m sorry Lucifer, I know that this-” You began to ramble, and were quickly interrupted by Lucifer raising his hand.
“I’ll allow it, if you’re not well I don’t want you attending classes in poor condition,” Lucifer declared, his gaze softening a little at your meek gaze. He nervously pulled his glove off and lifted his palm to you. He waited until you nodded in approval and he brushed his hand softly over your forehead. He raised his eyebrows slightly in shock, you were much warmer than he expected. Gathering that you weren’t lying he waved his hand, giving a brief gesture as if to dismiss you. “ Alright you’ll stay here today but I don’t want you all alone.”
The brothers all glanced at one another and sat still as they waited with bated breath for Lucifer to declare who would be the one to stay with you. 
“Alright, ________ shall be the one to stay with you,” Lucifer declared.
To be continued. . .
Part 2 with Lucifer will be up soon! :) (I’m gonna do all the brothers for sure and maybe the side characters if this does decent)
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https-sen · a day ago
♡ 5 Little Things ♡
Pairing(s): Leviathan, Belphegor, Beelzebub, Mammon x gn! Reader
A/N: just a short lil appreciation gift for hitting 100 <3 feel free to follow, like and reblog ^^ you can also gimme reqs and you can lmk if you don't want your user to be said!
Warning: Not Proofread!! Small Lesson Spoiler in Belphie's!!
Genshin Version: Here!
Tumblr media
..loves linking pinkies whenever you both go out like figure shopping, manga scavenging or even just a short stroll <3
..likes whenever you play with his hair, pat his head or just a peck on his forehead <3 so shy that he avoids eye contact during cuddling <3 too socially awkward but he'll try his best to show you affection in public if it makes you happy <3
..loves you so much and always second guests if you love him or not because he thinks youre out of his league but he's glad that you'll always be there to reassure him <33
Tumblr media
..tries his best to stay awake during class if youre sick just to give you class notes <3
..likes being spooned and would rub his thumb against your thigh/hand <3
..will make sure you eat if you have enough rest because he knows it isnt good for your health <3
..loves seeing your smile and even if youre insecure, his word of affirmation is a cure <3
..knows he almost killed and manipulated you but if you're willing to put it aside and forgive him, he's gonna try his best to always make you happy and out of harms way <33
Tumblr media
..likes your cooking whether its good or bad <3
..takes care of you 24/7 so youre safe and out of harms way <3
..will make sure you eat enough and remind you of his concerns when you skip meals because he knows it can make you sick <3
..will bring you to any restaurant in devildom whether its expensive or not because you mean the world to him <3 willing to share his food with you, especially if its your favourite because he'll put you above himself and he loves you that much <33
Tumblr media
..wont let any demon or witch hurt you, even if he's in debt with them <3
..tries his absolute best to not over-spend or waste his money because he doesnt want you to worry about him <3
..remember every single small things you do because he's extremely observant around you and finds it cute <3
..will not admit it but he loves it whenever he gets time with you just to appreciate the little things <3 insecure and is afraid you'll leave him for someone better and forget about him within a short period of time but will 100% ball his eyes out if you reassure him your love for him is never going to fade away <33
Tumblr media
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saeyoungchoismaid · a day ago
26. Giggling while kissing with Mammon? 👉👈
You two try to keep quiet as you whisper secrets and tell corny jokes, but if Mammon loved anything more than Grimm, it was your laughter. You could sound like a donkey, a whistle, or an angel, he wouldn’t care. He just loves knowing that he’s the reason that you’re smiling. 
So, when he tells a really bad joke that has you hollering with laughter, he doesn’t feel even a little bad when his brothers yell at you two to shut it. Well, that is until it’s the third time you two got a little too loud and he hears loud footsteps coming towards your direction. He tries to shush you between chuckles as he swiftly grabs your wrist and starts maneuvering you through the winding halls of the House of Lamentation. 
You try to smother your giggles with your hand but it was a fruitless task. When he tugs you into a random room and gently pushes you against the wall beside it, your eyes are full of tears from cackling so much. Mammon looks between your laughing face and the door, hearing the footsteps growing closer and closer to your hidden location, that won’t stay hidden much longer if you keep laughing. 
It’s only natural that he shuts you up the best way he knows how. He leans in and presses his lips to yours, feeling your teeth against his lips at first since you were smiling so wide. He starts smiling into the kiss at that, warmth filling his chest at how happy he is to see you act this way. 
You hum in surprise before quickly getting into it. That doesn’t stop either of you from giggling out of pure adrenaline and ecstasy though. You two are on top of the world and nothing can bring you down.
Kisses Ask Game
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minteyeddevil · 2 days ago
First Time: Mammon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dating Mammon was nothing but a rollercoaster of sorts. His lifestyle was sometimes hard to follow, especially given his line of work, and well, being a demon and all; but you always pulled through for him, and stayed right by his side through it all.
This is what made him love you so much. He cherished you for caring for him the way you did.
So when you told him you hadn’t slept with anyone before him, it meant a million times more to him than he could actually express. You were going to give him one of the biggest parts of you, and he wanted to make it mean everything to you.
He never forced sex on you; even when things would get hot and heavy between the both of you, the moment you pushed his shoulders and told him to stop, he immediately did. He didn’t care how pent up or frustrated his body felt, he would never push that line.
When the night actually came that you told him you were ready, he wanted to be prepared. He purchased a pack of condoms, some lubricant (he wasn’t kidding about being prepared); hell, he even figured candles might help you feel like it was more romantic. Granted, he had no idea how to make things romantic, but he sure as hell was trying.
When you arrived at his bedroom that evening, the look in your eyes made him feel like he had succeeded. You were happy with his choice of candles and the ambiance of the room seemed to be perfect for you.
He walked you over to his couch where he sat with you on his lap, kissing you deeply, little moans and pants escaping from you as the two of you kissed. He was revving your fire, helping you find all the little spots along your neck and throat that made you squirm. He managed to wrangle you out of your top, exposing your chest to him, and he pulled away to admire you with a smirk, before leaning in to kiss and nip at your skin there.
“Mammon,” you sighed, tangling your fingers in his white hair, “we should…we should move this to the bed, no?”
“Sounds good to me,” he growled against your skin, picking you up bridal style to carry you to his bed.
He made quick work of your jeans and underclothes, and when you desired to, allowed you to help him undress. You took your time with each piece of clothing you took off of him, admiring scars and blemishes on his skin as you exposed more of him.
Once his top half was completely undressed, he showed a bit of impatience, moving to pin you down before letting you continue.
“I think it’s my turn to do a little exploring, don'tcha think?”
His lips tickled your neck as he kissed and nipped at the skin there, tracing along your collarbone before traveling down the line of your chest and right above your navel. He was moving rather fast, but you could feel the urge to move along just as much as he did. He came to the apex of your sex, planting a kiss there, before he went for your entrance, lapping at the hole.
You let out a squeak, closing your legs at the new sensation, practically slamming his head between your thighs. But he soothed you by rubbing along your sides, coaxing you to relax.
“It’ll feel good, I promise,” he spoke, looking up into your worried eyes. “But, if you want me to stop, just tell me, alright?”
You nodded, and shifted your legs to let him nestle there once more. Your hands were balled into fists at your chest, as his tongue prodded at your entrance once more, and when the tip of it managed to slip inside, you gasped out loud at the surge of pleasure that ran through you. Your hands immediately went to his head, gripping his hair, as he drew small circles around it.
His fingers came next, opening you up for him to broaden his licks, making you bite your lip to hold in the moans that threatened to leave you. You felt his fingers proding you, searching you, until one slipped into you and your eyes shot open, not used to feeling the stretch you endured suddenly.
You cowered away from his touch at the sudden pain you felt.
“Sorry babe, didn’t mean to make you hurt,” he apologized, moving to lay next to you. “If you don’t want to go any further, I understand.”
He planted soft kisses on your shoulder, and wrapped his arms reassuringly around you. You cuddled into him, but shook your head against this chest.
“No…no, I want to keep going.”
He gave you a look, but before he could ask, you nodded your head this time. “I’m sure, Mammon.”
He smirked and kissed the tip of your nose, before standing to remove his own jeans. You looked away bashfully, still having not seen this side of him, and kept your face to your pillow as he settled between your legs again.
“Ya know you can look, right?” he teased, giving your thigh a pinch.
You nodded, but didn’t move your face from the pillow, til you felt him kissing along your chest once more, taking a nipple into his mouth to make you gasp.
“I’m not bad to look at, am I?”
That’s when you turned your head to look at him.
You tried to concentrate on his face and that goofy smile he had, but your eyes wandered further and further down til you finally saw his length. It wasn’t too thick, but definitely made up for it in length. You bit your lip once more, looking back up at his eyes.
“I take it you like what you see then,” he chuckled, leaning over to the bedside table to pull out a condom as well as the small bottle of lube he bought.
Your head tilted slightly when you saw the bottle, and he handed it to you to inspect it.
“It’ll…make things easier for you,” he said with a slight flush to his face, and a deep blush spread across your own when you handed it back.
He chuckled again, settling on his heels as he nudged your thighs to open. “Let me get you ready for me, treasure.”
He put a generous amount of the lubricant on his fingers, and ran them along your entrance, before pressing one of his fingers inside you once again. It felt warm suddenly, making you gasp a bit at the heightened feeling. You felt the other finger slip inside soon after, and you slammed your eyes shut as he stretched your walls. Your hips began to roll as if on their own, and before you got too far gone, he pulled his fingers from you.
“Think you're good to go,” he said with a wink.
He tore open the condom wrapper, and you watched as he slipped it on his cock, before nestling against you. You felt his tip proding you, and you stiffened.
He cleared his throat to cover a groan that was escaping him, as he looked you in the eye once more.
“Last time to back out, babe. Just tell me.”
You swallowed visibly, but shook your head.
“It’s okay. Take me, Mammon.”
A deep sigh left his lips as he sealed your mouth with his, pressing his cock into you. You felt your walls stretch as if you were going to break in two. He could feel tension in your body, and gripped your thighs to ground you as he pushed a little further in. A searing pain ran along your lower stomach, and you smacked on his shoulders to stop. You tensed far too hard, making your muscles spasm and tighten far too much for you to handle.
He paused, but didn’t leave you, as he waited for your pain to go away.
You wiggled underneath him as the pulsing of the pain dulled down to a small tingle, and soon disappeared all together. You could feel him hard and pulsing inside you, and you moved your hips against him as a sign for him to continue.
He kissed the tip of your nose once more, as he pushed forward, filling you to the hilt with him. The fullness felt amazing, as parts of you that you didn’t know existed started screaming out for attention. His breath was already turning into pants as he stayed still a bit longer for you.
“Fuck, (Y/N), you’re so tight,” he groaned, trying to keep his hips steady.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.
“Move, Mammon. You can move now…”
That’s all he needed to hear.
He rolled his hips slowly at first, barely leaving your warmth as he pressed in and out of you. Soon after, however, his strokes became harder and longer, pressing into you hard enough to steal your breath. His tempo only seemed to increase, and his kisses deepened as well.
You could feel something building inside you as he continued to pound into you, and it was making the edges of your vision go white. A slight fear grew inside of you, and you gripped onto his shoulders as he pushed just a bit faster into you.
It built more and more, the white swirling behind your eyes, until something broke loose, and your entire body went rigid against his. He wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in your neck as he felt your walls tightening and tugging on his cock, pulling him to his own orgasm shortly after yours.
He held you close to him til he felt your body relax and go limp, letting you lay back down on the bed. He reluctantly pulled out of you, making you whine from the sudden emptiness, as he cleaned himself up before laying back next to you.
You snuggled into his side, laying your head on his chest as his arm wrapped around you like a vice.
He cleared his throat, scratching at his stubbly chin. “Well…was it good? What you were hoping for?”
You smiled behind your hand, trying to hold in your laugh. Was the Avatar of Greed really worried about his performance just now?
You sat up to lean over him, giving a deep and loving kiss.
“It sincerely was all that, and more.”
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Have you ever wondered what kind of Obey we brothers would be yandere big brothers? Don't you? Well I am and I am going to write about it now.
This is part 1/3 for Lucifer, Mammon and Leviathan.
Yandere Mammon
Tumblr media
Mammon brags about how great a little sibling he has.
But if someone really pays attention to you "with that eye," Mammon is angry.
Usually Mammon buys you a lot of gifts.
With the money he has "borrowed" from Leviathan.
But surely Leviathan will accept this when he walks where Mammon spends his money? Right?
Of course, Mammon also wants to be your favorite brother.
And that is very clear to everyone.
Usually Mammon tries to be a Cool Brother who protects you from everything.
But it’s hard when he hides behind your back during horror movies.
He is also very clingy
Mammon is usually the one who has quarrels with his brothers who gets to spend time with you.
Because if it's not he then the answer is wrong.
Any potential boy / girlfriend will run into problems.
In addition, they suddenly appear unexplained debts.
Yandere Lucifer
Tumblr media
Lucifer makes sure you are isolated from everyone but him and his brothers.
After Lilith’s case, he’s a little overprotective.
( And when I say little I mean really a lot)
You really can’t do almost anything alone and he makes sure one of the brothers is almost always with you.
Lucifer has once again made mc protection shifts
He will certainly also frighten all potential boy / girlfriend candidates
And if he gets to know that sometimes you go on a date someone will die.
( And when I say someone I mean your dating partner )
After that, you are definitely under arrest.
Lucifer will also take your phone during the arrest.
But don’t worry because you have many brothers who want to spend time with you.
Yandere Leviathan
Tumblr media
Leviathan would be an overprotective and easily jealous big brother.
He would definitely want to be your favorite big brother.
And he doesn’t like you spending too much time with other brothers.
(Leviathan is the avatar of jealousy for a reason)
Brother who secretly checks your phone and all your conversations.
And of course you don't know anything about it.
If he sees you flirting with someone, Leviathan gets a heart attack.
And he’s not at all jealous that his siblings are more socially adept than he is.
He wants to watch anime with you and read a manga.
Usually Leviathan hisses if you ignore him for a long time.
He is really adept at passive aggression and blaming.
But he’s like that just because he “cares about you” really a lot.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober day 18: seduction Leviathan and Mammon
You needed practice in your seduction class, Mammon and Leviathan both offered to help you, so you brought them both to your room to practice, it shouldn’t be hard, right?
You straddled Levi’s lap, leaning down so your face was close to his. “So, what do you say, demon? Make a pact with me and I’ll treat you to a night of mind bending pleasure…” You purr, pecking him on the lips.
Levi’s face was bright red, he started trying to wiggle out from under you. “You can’t-! I’m not a normie you can’t just say stuff like that!” Before you could say anything else, Mammon pulled you off of Levi, growling at him.
“No! I’m your first man! I’m the only one you can flirt with!” He hissed, pulling you into his lap. You readjusted your self before feeling something poke you.
You quietly laugh realizing they are both hard. You pull Levi close, rubbing him through his clothes, earning a whimper, you ground down against Mammon’s arousal earning a content sigh.
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natewriteslol · 2 days ago
Headcanon time: Mammon is the type to mismatch gold and silver jewelry and Lucifer tells him that he looks tacky 😞👋🏽
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2401vv · 16 hours ago
focus on me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing; mammon x fem!reader
tw/cw; dacryphilia, public!sex, cervix fucking, exhibitionism, unprotected sex
Tumblr media
Mammon was having a bad day. He was stressed out from work, from his brothers, even worse, he saw you chatting up with a co-worker that you knew, was attracted to you. You tried explaining to him that it was just casual talking but he wasn’t having it. You remember saying something along the lines of i’d-do-anything-to-make-it-up-to-you-mammon, and here you are. In a sex club.
Tumblr media
Scanning the huge platform you see individuals making out with each other. Couple of them having sex even. You can hear faint moans over the loud messy music. A crowd dancing under the disco ball, hips swaying from side to side. Asses grinding on crotches. Bopping like there’s no tomorrow.
“Mammon are we..?” Slowly turning your head to look at him in disbelief.
Not making any eye contact, he spoke, “at a sex club.” The white haired male finishes your sentence as he grabbed your waist hard, pulling you closer to his physique, leading you to a reserved spot.
Mammon was having a bad day. He was stressed out from work, from his brothers, even worse, he saw you chatting up with a co-worker that you knew, was attracted to you. You tried explaining to him that it was just casual talking but he wasn’t having it. You remember saying something along the lines of i’d-do-anything-to-make-it-up-to-you-mammon, and here you are. In a sex club.
Mammon yanked your wrist and brought you onto his lap, straddling him. “Mams, not here please…” you plead, heart racing. He kept quiet as he hid his face in your neck. Your hands moving up to grip his shoulders when he started sucking on your sweet spot. You whimper, tears pooling in the corner of your eyes. Something about his hair tickling your neck aroused you.
His slender fingers fondling your boobs through the dress while the other unclasps your bra. You flinch. You call out his name, loud enough for him to stop in his tracks. Mammon rests his head in between your tits, “I thought ya said you’d make it up to me, baby.”
“You want to have sex in a club?” He nods, you slide a finger from his soft hair down to his nape. You hesitated, “just this once.”
You were uncomfortable of your surroundings, you didn’t like how people where masturbating off to the scene you and Mammon were producing, but deep down, you felt excited. Mammon held your hips tight slamming his dick in you to make you turn all your attention back to him. He surfaced his palm over your belly, pressing onto it. Your head shot up, eyes rolled back. Your overstimulated clit rubbing against him, knees growing weak. “Focus on me, doll. I don’t want ya staring at anyone else,” he grunts, continuing to rock your ass back and forth on his cock.
“haa, ah! Mammon, slow- down! hnggh,” Mammon shoving his length in you, thrusting in and out fast. You’re naked in front of all these unknown people in the room, tears streaming down your cheeks, moaning uncontrollably. “D’ya wanna cum on my cock,” he smirks, the sight of you crying made him more turned on than he already was. Mammon had wanted to fuck you in public since forever, the feeling of you being watched by others as he made love to you is just, thrilling. “I wanna cum, I want to cum Mammon!”
He spun you around, causing your body to face outwards, you had nowhere to hide your face. Most of the people on the dance floor are now gazing at both you and Mammon. He held your thighs up, exposing your dripping wet cunt for everyone to see. Your cheeks flushed red as he fucks you from behind, “ya feel so fuckin’ tight,” he starts to pick up his pace. “Don’t tell me ya like it when someone gets off from looking at ya,” you’re a moaning mess, you couldn’t think straight. All that came out of your lips were whines indicating you wanted more of Mammons dick, “cream all over my cock won’t ya?”
A knot forming in your stomach, toes curling and your breath hitches, “mmgh! i’m gonna make a mess-! mammon! i’m- ngh, ah!” Your eyes roll back, “ ’m close baby,” Mammon said ramming his thing in you. Your body twitches as your second orgasm of the night hits. “Let’s cum together,” he groans while shooting string after string of his semen in you. Your sex clenching on Mammon’s as you both rode out your high.
After your release you heard a whistle from the crowd, everyone went back to what they were doing. You lay your back on him, eyes fluttering close. Mammon slides his hands over your belly and gave it a rub. “Let’s do this again sometime,” he chuckled jokingly, knowing he did promise you that it’s just this one time, “y/n?” Mammon turned to look at you, realising you passed out.
Mammon plants a kiss on your cheek, wrapping you up in his jacket. The thought of washing you up made him want to go for another round back at home.
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One of the funniest devilgrams will always be the one where Mammon wants to spy on Lucifer to find out what he does during his personal time and so he drags MC along with him throughout the whole Devilgram while following Lucifer, except MC just never says a word!? They just go along with all of this? They're just 100% resigned to their fate
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dilfcifer · 10 hours ago
KINKTOBER DAY 19 | mammon
Tumblr media
♡ masterlist
♡ content warning | perv. mammon, panty stealing, sniffing and tasting, gross behavior, filming, invasion of privacy
♡ words | 600ish
♡ taglist | @gunpowder-and-smoke @obey-me-tho @ittogeo (y'all wated to be in the taglist right? I forgot jsjsjs)
Tumblr media
He knows it’s wrong, yet the thrilling he experiences while bringing your used underwear to his face tells otherwise. Mammon is greedy, he can never have enough money or luxury items.
He can never have enough of you.
When the house of Lamentation is silent, with only the ghosts of past lives wandering through the corridors, Mammon disguises himself in the shadows and sneaks through your bedroom door, being silent enough for you not to notice.
You never do.
You never notice Mammon sneaking in and opening your chest of drawers, raping you from the confidence you pured in him. Your first. You never notice his ragged breaths, the soft moans emitting from the deepest part of his rib cage when he opens your dirty laundry bag and takes your pantys, his tongue sliding flat over the crotch, the smell and taste of your discarded undergarments making his cock twitch in his pants and his eyes fill with the lust that belongs more to his brother than him.
You never hear how his hips move forward, his cock thrusting your panties, another pair inside his mouth to shut his moans up. Sweat falls down his forehead, the light that enters from your window reflects on the glasses over his head. 
His gaze is fixated on your sleeping form, your body wrapped in the comforter and you softly snoring and drooling over the pillow. You look calm, at peace, ethereal he may even dare to day. He is the opposite. His breaths are ragged, his hand moving faster with each thrust and his thumb pressing on his cockhead, dreaming his finger is your cervix and the fabric around his cock is your cunt. He cant fuck you, he knows he cant because you arent his.
You belong to nobody, you stated that very clearly when he asked you out and you refused. You didn't want to break anybody’s heart by letting them love you only to end up heartbroken decades after.
Still, Mammon longed for you, craved your touch, your being, your essence. He started small, taking your fresh panties and putting them in his back pocket to fuck them in the silence and comfort of his room. But with time, he couldn't get off like he wanted. He needed more, he needed to taste you.
He became filthy. Snooping in your dirty clothes for something to jerk off to. Your tshirts weren't enough, he needed something drenched in your essence, something with a smell that would linger in his nose for days. He found pants, your RAD uniform but nothing worth his time.
Until he hit the bottom of the clothes basket.
Lifting your uniform, mammon cock throbbed inside his pants, the garment feeling tight and suffocating. He hit the jackpot at the casino before, his pockets full of grimm and his lucky strike skyrocketing. But this discovery meant the universe for him. Panties with spots of past arousals called him, his jewelled hand grabbing the clothes and shoving them in his jacket. Have you touched yourself for him? Are the spots dedicated to him?
That night, he changed forever.
“God you taste so good” his DDD camera was facing him in all his glory. Pants down to his ankles, he was sitting down on the edge of his bed, all your used panties around him, recording once again how your discarded garment gets stained with his cum, savoring the moment and stop recording to watch the video later. 
Maybe one day, he can show you how much you mean to him
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charmingkuroo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Mammon’s Team
Tumblr media
synopsis: tired of his brothers looking down on him, Mammon starts his own club called “Principal’s Advisory.” Similar to the ASB of the school, his club helps out the school and events. A situation happens where a competitive school steals Luke and both ASB & Principal’s Advisory try to come up with plans to get him back. This event truly tested Mammon’s ability to care for someone
genre: mostly angst. a bit of fluff between the relationship that Mammon has with the people in his club
things to know: fem!reader. horrible Lucifer. reader is a demon that attends the school, they’re a good friend of Mammon’s and was incredibly happy when he mentioned his club
inspired by: Penguins of Madagascar (the scene where the north wind and the penguins make plans to get Private back)
masterlist <3
Tumblr media
Both pairs of binoculars looked over the guarding students, walking around making sure that things were running smoothly for their plan.
“Satan,” Lucifer’s whispered voice came on his headset, “What do you see?”
Satan rolled his eyes, annoyed with his brother’s voice before pressing onto the head piece, “My count is 30 hostiles.”
“31.” Y/n corrected.
Satan looked over at her with an eyebrow raised.
“Just because those two are fighting, doesn’t mean they count as one, you idiot.” She explained, pointing over towards the two students pushing each other to the ground.
“Why you little-” Satan glared.
“Watch your tone and language, Satan.” Simeon glared at him.
“Y/n, Simeon, calm down.” Mammon sighed before taking the pair of binoculars from her.
He looked through them sadly, “Poor Luke.”
“Alone, helpless in the belly of that beast.”
“We’ve faced some long odds before, Mammon. But these look like the longest and the oddest.” Y/n chimed into his statement.
“If we’re gonna pull this off, we’ll need a diversion.” Simeon chimed in as well.
‘Deactivating school camouflage.’
“Sh! Will you be quiet?!” Lucifer angrily whispered.
“Listen, Lucifer.” Mammon began.
“Leviathan!” Lucifer turned towards him and activated the camouflage again.
“You were supposed to lock them in the ASB room!”
“Don’t you hologram me!” Mammon yelled, turning it off again.
“I tried but y/n’s an expert otaku, Lucifer! And I tried using otaku strategies. So it’s otakually useless!” Levi complained, shaking his hands in Lucifer’s face.
Lucifer growled and slapped his hand on his forehead.
“All right, brother. If you won’t work with us, you better work for us,” Mammon demanded, “Our plan requires a diversion.”
“I give the orders around here. As much as it pains me, I need you to act as OUR diversion for OUR operation, understood?”
“Hell no, this is OUR plan. And it requires YOU to cause a diversion.”
“You idiots!” Satan exclaimed, hitting both of his brothers on the heads.
“Why don’t we take a vote instead of you both acting as if we’ll just go with whatever either of you want.”
“That’s a great idea, Satan. Stop yelling at each other. It’s starting to give me a headache.” Beel complained, setting his weapon down beside Levi.
“Fine. But only because Beel’s getting a headache.” Mammon walked over to the sand.
He grabbed a stick before starting to draw the boat in the sand as a visual.
“First, we need to dih-vert the students in the front away from the ship so we have enough time to get in. Once we manage to do that, we’ll have access to the inside and be able to stop Dave before he can go forward with his plan. Because we don’t know much about how many students he has, we’ll need to improvise on some of our actions inside. The plan effects all of the people that Dave kidnapped, not only Luke. We have to progress with caution and destroy Dave’s machine before he has the chance to ruin other schools.”
Mammon got back up, proud of his plan while Y/n and Simeon cheerfully clapped in the back.
“That was great, Mammon. I really like your plan.” Simeon complimented him.
“I agree! You always have the best plans.” Y/n gushed.
The others looked bored before Lucifer laughed.
“You couldn’t even come up with a real plan?”
“The hell is that supposed to mean?” Mammon asked with a glare.
“Beel, dim the lights. Levi, glasses.”
Beel smashed the fire, causing it to quickly die out while Levi threw three pairs of glasses towards Y/n, Simeon, and Mammon. Lucifer threw a piece of metal on the floor after putting his own glasses on. The little metal then turned on, creating a digital force field around the two groups.
“My apologies. Had to rush a bit. The schematic’s a little crude.” Lucifer embarrassingly rubbed his neck.
“Where is that music coming from?” Mammon whispered, adventure music playing around the force field as Levi smirked happily at his idea of it.
“Alright! At 2150, Mammon, Y/n, and Simeon die-vert the students away from their posts.” He pulled a digital building from the plan and enlarged it.
“At 2200, Levi breaches the hull with a swarm of self-guided nano-charges.” A digital Levi threw the bombs at the door of the building.
“I call them wet kabooms.” Levi proudly announced with stars in his eyes.
“Don’t call them that, Levi.” Lucifer sighed.
“They’re my bombs. I call them what I want.” Levi rolled his eyes.
“At 2202, knock knock,” Lucifer started up again.
“Who’s there?” Beel joined in, adoring the digitalized versions of them breaking through the building.
“RAD’s ASB.” Lucifer smirked.
“RAD’s ASB who?” Beel continued.
“RAD’s ASB who doesn’t have time for knock knock jokes because we’re too busy, taking down Dave.”
The digital plan began to show the other steps of the plan.
“At 2209, mission accomplished.” The digital plan showed Lucifer walking away from an explosion with Dave being dragged behind him.
“See that? There’s a huge explosion and I just keep on walking.”
The piece of metal closed itself up and Lucifer picked it up with ease.
“Woohoo! Way to go, Lucifer.” Levi cheered, obviously proud of the plan they made.
“That’s RAD’s ASB, sucker!”
Satan rolled his eyes before softly clapping.
Beel happily smiled, clapping as well, “Nicely done.”
Mammon glared angrily, “Oh please, your plan requires immediate attention towards your post! Dave would get you the minute you go up to him just assuming that you can catch him that easily!”
“Oh. And you, you… you certainly know a good plan — I mean, your operation in the human realm allowed Dave to escape with.. your boy.” Lucifer was obviously trying to strike a nerve.
Mammon’s eyes widened. His expression turned to one filled with sadness and distress.
“I’ve never lost a member of my team. It must feel.. awful.” Lucifer sarcastically frowned.
“Can’t imagine the guilt, the regret, the feeling that, uh, I don’t know, that… it should have been you.” He crossed his arms, a stern expression on his face as if he needed to be right in this situation.
Mammon turned away and looked towards the school. An image of Luke in distress made him feel so horrible.
“…All for Principal’s Advisory’s plan?” Satan broke the silence.
Y/n and Simeon quickly raised their hands, angry at the fact that Lucifer would even try to upset his younger brother the way that he did.
“…All for ASB’s plan?”
Satan, Levi, Beel, and Lucifer all put their hands up. Mammon slowly put his hand up as well, shocking even his big brother.
“His…his is better.” Mammon whispered, his voice filled with such sadness.
“What?” Y/n’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe Mammon would ever agree to such a ridiculous plan.
Simeon’s eyes widened as well, “Mammon?”
Mammon held in his tears, his pained expression still painted clearly on his face, “..I’m sorry, guys, but I can’t lead you this time.”
“But,” Y/n slowly walked forward, “We’re a team, and… and you’re our Mammon, Mammon.”
“We don’t… we don’t need these guys.” Simeon tried to convince him as well.
“No, Simeon and Y/n, but Luke does.”
“I think… this time we leave it to the professionals.”
“But, Mammon!—” Mammon quickly grabbed y/n’s wrists, making her pained expression turn even sadder.
“It’s settled,” Mammon quickly replied, “We take our orders from Lucifer now.”
“Mammon, please!—” Simeon tried as well.
“That’s an order, Simeon!”
Simeon slowly nodded before standing by y/n’s side again. He grabbed her left hand, giving it a little squeeze to make her feel better. Mammon turned away and walked closer to the edge of the hill.
He sighed sadly, “All right, Lucifer… what’s the diversion?”
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equestriagirl16 · 2 months ago
Obey me bois and their nightmares about you~
Tumblr media
I often see the concept of how these bois would fall prey to certain insecurities involving their sins and love for you. So let’s explore further into that through one of their more vulnerable states. Their dreams.
Warnings: angst, gore!!(specifically for Satan, Beel, and Belphie), cursing
Tumblr media
He would often wonder if his bouts of arrogance would ever have any lasting effects on you, like it had on others throughout the years
You were always so forgiving and understanding, but the possibility of you becoming more meek and sullen around him intruded his mind late at night after a mountain of paper work had been conquered and he fell into sleep before he knew it
He opens his eyes again, only to find he is in a darkened room, with him being seated on a high thrown and you below him kneeled on the ground head hanging low
“I’m sorry..”
“I’m sorry for questioning you, for speaking out of turn, for embarrassing you…”
Lucifer was confused and concerned, you sounded so distant and disheartened and he had no idea what for
“Lucifer..are you ashamed of me?”
His eyes widened at the question, you sounded like you were on the verge of tears
“No! Never! MC tell me what is-”
“I won’t ruin your image any more, I won’t insult your authority, I won’t test your patience, I won’t speak out of turn I won’t-”
You continued to ramble about the things you won’t do anymore as you rose to your feet and slowly turned to walk away in a zombie like state, to see you like this hurt Lucifer it scared him even
He doesn’t want you to be another sheep, he loves you as you are!
He reaches out to you only to find he’s tethered to the thrown, not being able to escape this cage and you walking away a broken soul by his hand
The guilt and fear of having done this to you dug a hole in his chest paining him to the point of snapping awake with a flinch
He’s thankful to realize it was only a dream and sighs as he leans back in his chair and pushes his hair out of his face. In the morning he’d be sure to be explicitly clear about how truly grateful he is for you, just as you are
You were his first human, he’s your first man and he holds that title as high on his list as ‘The Great Mammon!’
But sometimes he just can’t rap his head around how cool you can be, even when he’s prone to some…uncool habits
I mean cmon! The things he’s done for a quick buck! How can you just…forgive him so easily? Is there really not a single grudge bone in your whole body? No plots or anything? Even he can admit he deserves..some of it
But you’re still so kind, and can even be as mischievous as him! He just wonders when’s he gonna push that one button, when’s he gonna fuck up and really do something that makes you call it quits
He thinks real hard on these things sprawled out on his bed, so much to the point that he conks out almost instantly
When he wakes up again he’s standing in front of an alley next to a club, he turns and sees you hunched over your shoulders shaking as you whimper
“Hey MC! What’s wrong did someone do this to ya-
He’s scared by the violent shove you gave him as you whipped around
Is that what he did, no…no never, never that, never to you!
“Wh-No! MC I can get grimm from anywhere! How could I- w-why would I take from you?!”
“And you’re a goddamn liar.”
That last line you spat made him flinch as a pang of guilt stabbed through his stomach
“You’re a scumbag Mammon. Get out of my life.”
“Nonono WAIT-”
You screamed at a volume that pierced his ears and with that he jolts awake in a cold sweat. Relieved it was a dream as he pants, but the image never really leaving him for a while maybe he’d work up the courage to talk to you about it one of these days
It’s no real question where his worries lie with you, day in and day out he fears you’ll wise up and realize you could do better
Even with you constantly reassuring him that he’s perfect for you and how you’d never stop loving him, the thought always eats at him when his guard’s down
Jealousy is inevitable for him, but that doesn’t mean he likes it, you were the first person in forever to actually care about what he says let alone be interested
A mega fan like him he had to be dreaming! But in fact it was in his very dreams where he always sees the same scene unfold. You being swept away by someone cooler, someone stronger, someone more handsome, someone, ANYONE! And worst of all…
“God! Fucking finally, if I hear him ramble about another anime or some sh!t I’m gonna vomit.”
He stood there, frozen, watching you speak to another figure
“*sigh* like I tried, I really tried to humor him but who actually gives a damn! Maybe if he tried stepping out in sun the extra vitamins would actually help him catch a fuckin clue.”
“He must’ve loved finally being able to touch something else other than a body pillow though, how the hell can a demon lord be so pathetic it’s…disgusting.”
He watches you say the last line with a scowl. He was hurt deeply but he can’t move, can’t express any emotion, but if he could he thinks he might cry
Or maybe not as he’d figured you’d feel this way, isn’t it weird that even though he expected this seeing it actually happen makes him feel like he’s gonna shatter into pieces
And he does, his frozen form splits and cracks and falls to pieces onto the ground. It’s painful, but not as painful as watching you walk away with someone else, a huge smile forming on your face
His eyes slowly open, relief fills him as he sees it was a dream but it wasn’t enough to make the swirling in his gut go away, he thinks it’s a good time for another one of those 3am calls with you
Despite the calm nature he tries to uphold it’s only a testament that anger can come in many forms, it’s not always violent and neither does he want it to be, though he can admit sometimes it can become…blinding
But that’s only because he wishes to be heard, and hear him you do, and comfort and calm and talk and walk and read with him. He feels as though nothing can put him in a better mood and he’s forever grateful
However, in the back of his mind he’s still cautious of that beast, that unrelenting fearsome creature that only sees red and won’t think for a second before attacking whoever and whatever’s in front of him
And with you being his main outlet, he always thinks, what if he decides to no longer listen? What if in the Beauty and Beast the beast was never merciful?
He dozes off having read a bit of said tale for the thousandth time, and when he wakes it’s the same room but different, destroyed, messy, and in shambles
He rises from his chair wondering what could have happened until he hears a heavy and broken sobbing coming from behind a bookshelf, he recognizes it as you and rushes to your aid
But he turns the corner shocked and sickened as the image is worse than he could have ever imagined. You’re cut, gashed, bruised, swollen, beaten, bleeding, and what looked like the be a broken leg with the bone bloody and exposed
You scream and sob scurrying away from him only to cry out agonizingly having moved your injured leg too much
“MC y-you’re hurt don’t-”
“Please god noooo! I can’t-I can’t again, I *hic* fuck I d-didn’t mean to I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m-”
Satan was becoming overwhelmed by fear, disgust, worry, and rage, how could this happen?! He was right here! Who-
“Who did this to you..?”
You lower the hands you brought up to protect your face, which was now dark and expressionless
“You. Did.”
His eyes widen in shock, and with that blood gushes from your head as your eyes roll back and you fall to the ground like a rag doll
He lunges down to you on the floor and tries to heal you, but before he could start as he feels for a pulse there’s…nothing. He’s frozen, and numb, he did this to you, in the most painful way possible, he wanted to cry out but his voice won’t leave him. So he kneels there, hands stained with your blood as he cradled your head in them holding it to his own
“…I wouldn’t..I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t..I-”
He jolts awake from his sleep, book falling from his face, his first sight being Asmo who heard him mumbling and was concerned. He tells him it was just a bad dream a truth he was relieved by, a dream none the less that would still haunt him for sometime the only quell being your comfort
Beauty and grace will always be apart of his agenda, he strives for it and everyone only recognizes that
He can’t help that he’s so captivating and enchanting! Charming anyone that comes his way, even if their purposes are more sensual which was the majority
But you opened up a whole new world for him, you showed him a side of intimacy he’s almost forgotten and he craves it more than anything! You’ve shown him more precious things in life, and he wants nothing more than to show you that love and warmth back
You’re special to him truly, despite the countless number of others he’s encountered you stick out beautifully. He wants you to know that, he needs you to know that, the very thought of you thinking differently it just…
He fell gracefully into sleep pondering these things, when he opened his eyes again he was confused to find himself in a pink tinted void, he scanned around and when he turned he found you standing still
“Don’t touch me! I don’t know where those hands have been.”
He was shocked as you smacked away the arms he was about to embrace you with
“MC? Darling it’s me..”
“Yes. Asmodeus, the demon who runs into millions of other’s arms and beds.”
“You don’t love me.”
“Of course I do! Darling you’re my everything!”
“Is that what you say to get into people’s pants?”
Asmo was hurt by your comments, but became even more frightened seeing a crowd forming behind you. No faces or features, just a blurred bunch of dark people like figures
“Am I just another one of them Asmo?”
You ask more sincerely, looking him in the eye and backing towards the group slowly
“Another number…another name…another lay…another the crowd..”
You say the last line fading away slowly into the bunched blackness of the figures, reaching out a hand that’s the last to be merged with them
Asmo reaches out for the hand and grabs it with both of his own pulling at you desperately to free you from the blackness but you kept slipping in, he wasn’t strong enough, but he couldn’t let go, he wouldn’t
“Please don’t leave me MC…PLEASE!”
At that plea he gasps awake, sitting upright and panting trying to still his breath, he sighs thankful it was just a dream but unfortunately he doesn’t think he’ll be able to catch up on the rest of his beauty sleep. Perhaps he could spend the rest of the night being productive and planning a much needed date, ya know what how about a weekend-he..really needs to see you
He would have to admit there’s not too much at stake when it comes to your relationship, with proper prep his hunger can be easily taken care of
But everybody makes mistakes, things get eaten, food runs out, and Beel just gets..well hungry. He doesn’t mean for said hunger to take over but the feeling can just be so overwhelming, like an itch he needs to scratch, or a pain that grows worse and worse it’s enough to drive anyone crazy
You’ve seen a good deal of the worst of it, the outbursts and desperation, but in the end it was always handled and you were there to deal with the aftermath. He has no idea how he used to get by without you, sometimes your kindness was enough to calm him until his next meal
But other times he wonders, he worries, what if one day you’re there but the foods not? He’d demolished any possible idea of ever hurting you, but how long can your comfort and presence truly keep him at bay? How much can you really help at the end of the day?
A late night thought he has while gnawing on some fruit snacks before forcing himself to relax and sleep it away, he wakes up again, chewing on something
He figures it to be the fruit snacks he had a faint memory of eating on earlier, but something was off, the taste was raw and musky unlike anything he’s ever had before, was this meat? It ‘was’ red and red and red and…
He looks down and freezes at what he only recognizes to be entrails and intestines gripped in his hands, blood and other fluids coating his forearms, he slowly spits out what was in his mouth onto the floor which is now an unrecognizable lump of mashed organs
Beel throws down the contents in his hands and begins to gag heavily, but nothing will come out. The air is filled with a horrible odor, and he covers his face to shield himself from it, but not before a familiar sent whiffs past him
He slowly rises to his feet and sees a table, with a body sliced open. Practically empty and mangled like it was feasted upon, he looks on scanning it. He’s seen some things before so while it was troubling he braved looking on. There was something so familiar about it…
He eventually made his way to the other side where the head was. It was hanging over the end so he couldn’t see, but when he does shock and anguish filled his body as his legs gave out. It was you, your face, still, pale, lifeless
As he breakdowns on the ground and he grabs your face with shaky hands, bringing it close to his own whimpering and repeating his mantra
Through his pants he looks up at you with utter confusion and fear on his face
You say weakly and hoarse, Beel’s only response to this is his heart pounding in his chest, breath becoming quicker to the point the shock wakes him up as he practically lunges out his bed
Belphie wakes up for a moment and mumbles asking if he’s ok, he says yes, Belphie asks if it was a bad dream, he says yes again. Belphie rises from his bed and trots over to Beel, offering a pillow and an ear if he needs someone to listen. Beel explains, Belphie gives some input, the main being that Beel doesn’t give himself or MC nearly enough credit for how strong they are and what they can conquer together
Even Belphie can admit the initial shock he felt at your forgiveness and acceptance towards him, you truly are a one of a kind human and that’s not just because of your connection to Lilith
He has to say he..enjoys your company, despite both your past he actually feels like he has someone around who gets him, and he’s glad you helped him and his brothers stand on mutual grounds again
He could lean on you, he could trust you, he even loved you, he did. He never wanted to hurt you again. Even if your relationship didn’t progress the way it did, you just weren’t deserving of such pain
You’ve provided him with a comfort he hasn’t felt for a long time even after all he did, he’s sworn to protect you. He’d owe that to more than just you, but having you around to listen to him talk about the stars, provide extra body heat during naps, or just simply be there. Even if he doesn’t always show it he appreciates it more than you could ever know
He really hopes you feel just as safe around him, that he could ever manage to provide a fraction of that comfort you give him, he really hopes that…you mean it when you say you’re not scared
It’s not hard for him to drift off within seconds of thinking on this, but strangely enough he’s awake again in the attic space no less. He’s so groggy he can barely even tell what else is going on until he here’s a voice
“…..I’m sorry…”
He whips his head around recognizing your voice but is horrified to see the full source. His arm was empaled through your chest, blood gushing and oozing around it and out of your injury, you were lifted off the ground clutching weakly onto the arm blood dripping from your mouth as well
Belphie began to panic face going pale but to top everything off, in his palm out the other side of your body, he had your heart in a death grip. It was still pounding..
“…I’m sorry….”
Belphie snatches his attention back to your face, your head hung low and your grip grew tighter nails digging into his arm as he winced
“..I’m sorry, im sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry-”
You kept mumbling that mantra, Belphie was confused and scarred at an utter loss of what to do. He wanted to say something, anything, but he couldn’t, couldn’t think, couldn’t understand
Before he could have another second to process you grabbed his arm tighter than ever
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t be what you wanted.”
You ripped his arm out your body, and stood on your feet. Belphie slowly looks at his bloodied limb and the heart that still pumped in his palm. He then looks at you, you lifted your head and did the same, you smile, cough blood, and fall to the ground with a thud
Belphie stood there, confused, horrified, shocked, disgusted. Frozen. He did it again…how…he shook his head back and forth trying desperately to deny the situation. The heart pumped loud in his palm, he could hear it, he listened to it. Did he do this? Was this your plan? Did you both but…wh-
At the utter confusion he snapped himself awake. Of course it was a dream he thought, a very vivid dream, but still just a dream. He would never, he wouldn’t. He calms himself down, and remembers he feel asleep in the planetarium. Maybe he should plan another sleepover with MC here, they…he could use the company
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astairekin · 4 months ago
clinginess/affection with the obey me boys
note from kin: this was originally meant to be a shorter piece but then it got real long whoops
also, quick clarification: generally if i do a piece where the characters are separated that means that that character is your only partner for each individual scenario (apart from luke of course he’s just your adopted little brother)
fandom: obey me!
character(s): gn! reader, lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, belphegor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon, luke, solomon
pairing(s): demon bros/reader, diavolo/reader, barbatos/reader, simeon/reader, luke & reader (platonic only for the angel bby), solomon/reader
warning(s): might take you a while to get through everyone but that’s all
genre: fluff
Tumblr media
generally lucifer’s all about the ‘strong independent demon who don’t need no lover’ facade, but don’t be fooled! he’s about a hundred feet deep into ‘unequivocally whipped’ status
he gives the impression that he’d know exactly what he wants and how to get it at all times but really he just stares at you until you get the hint and give him a kiss
(lucifer is good at a lot of things but romance just escapes him sometimes)
anyway truly clingy lucifer is pretty unpredictable but there is one consistent time when he really comes out, and that is when he’s tired
tired lucifer is usually on the more mellow side (if you want to ask him a favour, this is the best time to do it) because he is just too exhausted to get angry at things
tired lucifer is also just about the biggest affection bug in all three worlds because his guard’s down and he’s actually feeling his emotions instead of just generally registering and ignoring them, so he’s suddenly a lot more aware of how nice it feels to be with you
what does this mean? well, tired lucifer usually comes into play while he’s up late doing paperwork and stuff, so this is often how it goes:
1. lucifer becomes aware of his growing exhaustion and decides that he would really quite like to hold you right now
2. lucifer tries to concentrate on his work for about five more minutes
3. lucifer gives up on doing that and decides to go find you
these days you’re usually sleeping over in his bedroom so lucifer will just trot his way over and just kind of collapse on you
depending on whether you’re a heavy enough sleeper to sleep through that one of two things will happen:
if you wake up and ask him why he’s crushing you he’ll offer a quiet apology and give you a little kiss on the head and then pull away to actually get into bed properly
typically you’ll just cuddle up to him and go back to sleep but sometimes you’re awake enough at these moments to ask him if something’s wrong
at which point lucifer will either tell you he just wanted to be with you or start venting about how much stuff he has to do
meanwhile if you stay asleep he’ll probably just lay there for like half an hour thinking ‘i should probably get back to work’ and then not do that
you know that little speech lucifer gives in-game about demons not being able to resist temptation or whatever
yeah that’s him right here
he’s content and at ease and you’re like right there so there’s no way he isn’t just going to go to bed so he can hold you close now
apart from moments like these the clingiest lucifer usually gets is refusing to stop holding your hand (especially when you’re out) for any reason
like you’ll be going out grocery shopping together and he just will not let go at all. he’ll be using magic to pull the trolley and his other hand to pick up stuff and the hand holding yours just will. not. budge.
occasionally he’ll also get a little clingier if it’s been a hard or particularly frustrating day at work and when this happens not even being in the rad assembly hall right in front of diavolo will stop him from pulling his chair up so that it’s right next to yours and holding your hand under the table (he really likes doing that if you haven’t noticed)
when he thinks none of the others are paying attention he might even sneak in a couple of quick kisses on your fingers or the crown of your head
(the thing is at least one of the brothers is usually sitting on the opposite side of the table and it’s kind of hard not to notice this happening right in front of your face)
diavolo thinks it’s so cute so he doesn’t care and the brothers are low key too scared of lucifer to try teasing him
alright so i know that clingy mammon is basically a universally accepted thing but i’d like to propose something a bit deeper
mammon is definitely one of the more affectionate brothers right off the bat, but for him to get truly clingy? that actually takes a good while
for mammon, actively seeking affection is an enormous display of vulnerability. like, you don’t even know how enormous
being the most panned brother in the family means that he’s used to being rejected for all sorts of things, to the point where receiving a ‘no’ when he asks for anything is pretty much expected from the beginning
you’re going to have to sit him down and have a proper conversation about Feelings before he can let that go, and even then it takes him a while after that to realise that you don’t mind if he just comes up behind you while you’re doing homework and drapes himself over your shoulders
but oh boy once he gets into it he gets INTO it
good luck sitting just about anywhere because mammon WILL find a way to cuddle up to you somehow
depending on how much room there is this can go many ways
will he throw himself down sideways and plant his head on your legs? will he settle next to you and pull you into his chest? will he just straight up drop himself in your lap and demand a hug? it’s a mystery
(do make sure to keep initiating affection yourself as well, by the way, because if mammon realises that he’s giving you a lot more affection that you’re giving him he’s going to get insecure again)
(by the way, if you ever do feel like he’s suffocating you a little, just tell him straight up. trying to talk subtly will only confuse him and make him think that he really is starting to put you off - just say clearly that you love him and that he’s still welcome to seek affection, you just need him to tone it down a little. mammon’s happy to do so to make sure you’re comfortable in your relationship!)
mammon is generally very proud that you’re his partner so his clinginess is only reduced by like 10% in public
the two of you’ll be walking around r.a.d. holding hands and he’ll be alternating between staring at you in awe, bumping you gently in the shoulder because the increased contact makes his heart do happy little cartwheels, and giving all the demons walking past smug looks
like ‘see this human next to me? aren’t they the loveliest being you’ve ever seen? don’t you wish you had someone like that? too bad, my human’s one of a kind. suck it, losers.’
he does refrain from too much pda (especially during class) but he also refuses to lose his back hug privilege just because there are other demons around
he does it at the beginning of class when you get in before him, he does it whenever he sees you walking ahead of him in the corridors, he does it to greet you at the end of the day before you start walking home together
running up and throwing his arms around you from behind is just one of his absolute favourite things to do
you know that trope in romance movies where person a hugs person b and like lifts them up and twirls them around? it’s mammon’s dream to one day do that with you
whether he’s the twirler or the twirlee he doesn’t mind, he just wants to do it at least once
allow me to warn you though: if you do let him do the picking up and twirling, he’s not going to stop doing it every time he sees you from now on
and, if you do the picking up and twirling, he isn’t going to stop asking you to do it every time he sees you from now on either
levi’s clinginess dips and peaks on a pretty regular basis
if he’s recently gotten into a new game, anime, or manga, he’ll pretty much not seek any affection at all (at first anyway)
he won’t reject you if you seek affection yourself but he also won’t really initiate it himself
generally these periods will last up to a week, after which levi will usually decide that he hasn’t had nearly enough hugs in recent memory and finally come to find you
even when he is at one of the peaks though he’s not anywhere near maximum neediness
a really needy and clingy levi usually happens when he’s either jealous or has had a sudden existential crisis and is in ‘if i don’t cuddle with them right now i WILL die’ mode
the jealous part is pretty standard - he sees asmo being a bit too touchy with you, you seem to be having more fun with mammon than usual, you’ve been texting solomon a whole lot for the last few days, etc.
of course he trusts you and knows you love him but 1. he gets incredibly insecure, and 2. avatar of envy, remember?
when it comes to this, levi’ll start out by spamming you with messages to come to his room, and if you don’t affirm that you’re coming within two minutes of him sending the texts, he’s getting up to find you
this happens a lot when you’re spending time with one of the other brothers, so what usually happens is levi’ll just barge in and plonk himself on you
for example, you might be in the library with satan, debating theories about what’ll happen in the next volume of the book series you’re both reading
levi will practically kick the door down in the middle of your conversation and make a bee-line for you, jumping up onto the couch beside you and wrapping his arms firmly around your waist
if satan tries to intervene, levi will hiss at him
on the other hand, existential crisis ‘i need touch NOW’ levi is a bit more complex
he comes out pretty rarely but when he does it is a doozy
missing his old home in the celestial realm, remembering the absolute bloodshed of the celestial war and how it had felt to fall and lose his angelic wings, detesting the demon he’s become, the whole shebang
he spends hours on end just lying on the floor staring up at the ceiling, wondering how the hell he got here, just generally feeling awful about both himself and the things he’s done
then that spirals into ‘how am i alive’ and ‘how does life even work’ and ‘where the fuck did father even get the idea for fingers’
and then he’ll suddenly spot something in his room that reminds him of you (whether it be a polaroid on the wall, the controller you were using last time you were over, or a character that looks vaguely like you on one of his posters) and suddenly decide that if he isn’t cuddling you in five minutes maximum, he is going to drop dead
he’s too desperate to waste time by texting you and waiting for a response, so he immediately jumps up and essentially goes on a rampage
it doesn’t matter how many of his brothers are around, it doesn’t matter even if diavolo himself is hanging around, nothing is stopping levi from wrapping you firmly in his arms as soon as he sees you and burying his face in the crook of your neck
on the occasion that you’re out of the house, he’ll either call you and plead for you to come back or sit at the bottom of the stairs in front of the door and wait for you to get back
post existential crisis levi is also often at least 10x clingier than usual for up to two weeks afterwards, so expect a lot more hand-holding, side-hugs and pulling you into his lap while he’s watching anime or playing games
you know that trope in ships where person a enjoys books and person b accosts them from behind while they’re reading? well here person a enjoys books and, while reading, accosts person b
satan’s caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to balancing his hunger for reading and his need for contact with you so things often end with him doing both at the same time
before he’d typically only ever read either in his room or in the library, but these days he just brings a particularly long book and follows you around, and sits down to read in whatever room you’re in
even if you’re in one of the other brothers’ rooms, he’ll invite himself along, sit wherever he finds comfortable, and go right back to his book
it’s like when cats follow you into every room you go into but don’t acknowledge your existence and settle down somewhere without even looking at you
except satan can’t do it for longer than an hour or two at a time because (even though he’s also ignoring you) he cannot bear not having your attention on him for so long when you’re like. right there
at which point, still determinedly pretending to be absorbed in his book, he’ll start inching closer to you
sometimes you don’t notice until he’s practically on top of you (for example when the two of you are on opposite ends of the sofa in mammon’s room and all he needs to do is shuffle sideways), but other times he’s just so painfully obvious about it (for example when you’re sitting around the dining room table and he starts like,,, hopping his chair over to you as if he thinks no one can see him????)
he’s not going to say anything, oh no no no, he’s just going to lean into your side and then carry on reading
here’s a trick though
wrap an arm around his shoulder, lean over and kiss him on the head, then ask him what he’s doing with a little fond smile on your face. he is putty in your hands in 0.0000000005 seconds
(as if he isn’t already putty in your hands 24/7)
he immediately loses all focus on his book, starts smiling like a lovestruck goof (which he is), attempts to disguise said smile, fails to disguise said smile, and finally just puts his book aside and goes full snuggle mode
it drives his brothers crazy because he does not read the room in the slightest when doing this. like, take that scenario i mentioned earlier where you’re in mammon’s room - satan does not give a single shit that mammon is right there and that’s his sofa
satan does like to do the holding (it makes him feel like he’s protecting you from the big bad outside and also seeing you all cuddled up to his chest makes his heart dissolve into a little puddle) but he is such an absolute sucker for being held
stroke his hair. do it. watch just how much he melts
if he was a cat he’d be purring himself into blissful oblivion
satan also often gets clingier if you’ve been spending a lot of time with lucifer recently
it’s not really a ‘showing lucifer that you’re his’ clingy, it’s more of a ‘he has a massive inferiority complex and needs more physical affection before he self implodes with the Bad Feeling’ kind of clingy
in this case satan absolutely needs to be the one being held because he needs that kind of reassurance
he most likely won’t tell you why he’s suddenly so desperate for cuddles now but you can usually pick up on the fact that he’s a bit down and therefore hold him accordingly
if you weren’t stroking his hair before you better do it now you absolute monster
in particularly vulnerable moments he’ll actually grab your wrist and plant your hand on his head himself because he really wants you to do it but feels embarrassed saying so out loud
oh BOY
look there’s no way of putting this softly. asmo’s an attention whore
and he isn’t ashamed to say or demonstrate it either
linking arms with you wherever you go? absolutely. giving you a big kiss on the cheek whenever he sees you? routine. practically sitting in your lap wherever you’re sitting? always.
if he can see you and he isn’t touching you then there is a severe problem and he must fix it immediately
the other students at rad are split between being sick of seeing you and asmo walking around hand in hand with asmo physically looking like he has sparkly little hearts coming off of him or thinking it’s actually really cute
at one point the faculty at rad thought it would be funny to sit you on opposite sides of the classroom and asmo’s grades immediately dropped because he was just spending three quarters of each lesson staring wistfully at you and sighing so loudly every five minutes that he was annoying all the other students
in the end they put you back next to each other and asmo was over the moon
he just can’t maintain concentration on his work without being able to lean over and nuzzle his head against your shoulder on the regular
he’ll try not to annoy you too much though - if he sees that you want to concentrate on your work or the teacher he’ll refrain from being too clingy
i feel like asmo’s probably starved of innocent affectionate touch so he thrives off of doing things like brushing his nose against yours or linking his fingers with yours while the two of you are browsing a store
he also loves doing things like feeding you at dinner (and of course being fed by you at dinner) but his brothers (read: belphie, levi, mammon) set up such a fuss at how ‘gross’ it is that he doesn’t do it too often
he’s perfectly happy with the not so innocent kind of affectionate touch (he is the avatar of lust after all) but there’ something about cuddling in bed without it intensifying into something more rough that just hits different
he was already diligent about his sleep schedule but now he straight up looks forward to bedtime because it means no one can disturb cuddle time
asmo takes good care of his skin so before he always made sure to sleep lying flat on his back without his face touching the pillowcase so that any product on it doesn’t get wiped off
but - and this is a huge thing - to asmo, cuddling with you goes above his skin in terms of importance
he starts using less stay-on products at night and starts investing in stuff that absorbs nice and quick so that he can smush his face into your shoulder without worrying about getting his face oil on it
asmo also used to be pretty good about getting up on time but now that’s kind of gone
you: “asmo come on we need to get up”
asmo, sleepily pulling you even closer: “cuddle good”
you: “yes cuddle good but we have school”
asmo: “school evil. cuddle good”
lucifer is often frustrated but asmo seems so happy that he can’t bring himself to tell him off
while asmo would be glad to be drowning you in affection at all times, he’s also very aware of the need to be mindful of boundaries and stuff in relationships
he’s good at reading your mood, so if he senses that you’d probably get a little irritated (though you wouldn’t say so, bless you) if he decided to enthusiastically greet you with an ambush hug from the side as usual, he’ll just calmly walk up and take your hand instead
also if you feel like he’s being too much just let him know! he won’t be hurt at all, he’s conscious that his general lack of holding back when it comes to physical affection isn’t for everyone
he’s also perfectly happy to save all the affection for when the two of you are alone if you don’t like pda
beel’s probably the least (consistently) clingy out of the brothers
he’s very much got a one-track mind so if he needs to concentrate on something like homework or finding snacks or working out then the likelihood is that cuddling won’t even cross his mind
in addition to that he’s also usually content just to be near and watch you
belphie’s got an entire album of photos of beel gazing off at something in the distance with an expression of absolute adoration and in each of those photos he was staring at you
no matter how mundane what you’re doing may be, he’s captivated
apart from that his persistent hunger means that whenever he doesn’t need to focus on something else, his one-track mind is generally constantly thinking about how hungry he is, so even then he doesn’t have the room in his mind to get clingy
however, when he does realise that he wants some affection, he becomes absolutely desperate for it, and this is the only time he really gets clingy
it usually starts out as a niggling little thought at the back of his mind while he’s in the middle of something else
he’s vaguely aware that something’s up but he’s too busy concentrating on that other thing to really think about it
it’s like a little hole is opening up inside him and generally when he feels that, he’s hungry, so beel will automatically go eat
but then as he’s sitting there eating he’ll kind of think ‘this isn’t filling up that hole at all’
he’ll take a couple more bites, thinking hard (he might miss his mouth a few times since he’s so deep in thought) and then come to an epiphany
the hole wasn’t a need for food… it was a need for affection
at first he’s just kind of like ‘ah that makes sense’ and carries on eating, just thinking that he’ll give you a hug or something next time he sees you
but then he can’t stop thinking about that need for affection
beel isn’t great at taking the initiative when it comes to affection (mostly because he doesn’t really know how) so instead of actually seeking you out he’s more likely to just sit there and stew in his own want for affection
generally the other brothers will just leave him alone because he’s giving off a real scary aura and it often gives the impression that he’s mad about something, and an angry beel is even scarier than an angry lucifer
the exception is (of course) belphie
it took him a while to figure it out but eventually he realised that when beel gets like this the only solution is to get you
so that’s what he does
beel will be sat grumpily in the corner of the living room, biscuits abandoned beside him, and he’ll hear the door open
at first he doesn’t bother turning around because he’s still sulking about how much he wants some affection
if you don’t immediately realise what’s going on belphie will give you a silent little nudge and then pad off to leave you with your lovely boy
you may be inclined to call out to him, but here’s a much better way to greet him: creep up and hug him from behind
he lets out the tiniest little gasp, stiffening for a moment as he processes what’s going on, then turns to look at you and just lights up like a christmas tree
i hope your schedule is clear because once beel’s got his arms around you, you probably aren’t going to going anywhere anytime soon
but it’s okay because he’s very warm and comfy and he keeps kissing you on the head and it’s like the sweetest thing ever
if you do absolutely need to get up to do something he’ll follow you like a lost duckling until you’re free to cuddle again because once beel gets like this it takes a while for him to stop being clingy
similarly to levi, belphie’s clinginess fluctuates a lot between ‘i will hold your hand but that’s it’ and ‘if you don’t hug me right now i will Scream’
sometimes he’s fine with just napping in the same room as you without particularly caring about being super close to you and other times he can’t sleep unless he’s latched around your goddamn neck
he switches between the two states of clinginess really quickly and there’s no in between either - it’s one or the other
you know that thing cats do where one minute they’re cuddled up on your lap and purring as you stroke them and then the next minute they’re grabbing your hand and trying to murder you? belphie does this on the regular
he doesn’t start biting you but he does go from being all snuggled against you wrapped in a blanket to being curled up on the other side of the sofa and shooting you a very reproachful look if you disturb him by making too much noise or moving too much
the switching goes both ways so other times he’ll seem perfectly happy snoozing on your bed while you get some work done at your desk and then he’ll suddenly be draping himself on you and whining for you to come nap with him because he’s so lonely without you and surely you must be done with that stuff now, so come and cuddle right now or he’s going to cry
however, if you do the right (or wrong thing) you can actually get belphie to switch between the two states of clinginess yourself
if for some reason you want him to go from ‘maximum cuddle overdrive’ to ‘do not touch me???’, just tickle him. he’ll give you a disgruntled look and immediately move away (though if he was being particularly cuddly before it won’t be long before he’s coming to snuggle again)
on the other hand if you want him to go from ‘do not touch me???’ to ‘maximum cuddle overdrive’ then all you need to do is give him a relatively short hug and a kiss on the forehead, then pull away
no matter how firmly he was in ‘do not touch me???’ mode before, doing this immediately makes him go ‘not allowed to stop now, give me more love >:((((‘
he doesn’t really care that you’re doing this on purpose because to be honest he doesn’t notice that it’s a deliberate thing, even if you do it like five times in a row
he’s just focusing on the ‘hug and kiss feel good. want MORE’ bit
by the way if you do deliberately get him into clingy mode, you aren’t going to be able to switch him back to not-clingy mode for at least an hour because he’ll just bat your hand away if you try to keep tickling him and refuse to budge
to be honest though you don’t really need to do this too often because ‘do not touch me???’ belphie never lasts more than twelve hours before becoming ‘maximum cuddle overdrive’ belphie, and most of the time it takes much less time than that, plus ‘maximum cuddle overdrive’ belphie tends to stick around a lot longer
is he’s on a schedule??? because it’s such a regular thing??
take how his clinginess levels change throughout the night for example:
like at the beginning of the night when you’re both getting into bed he’ll be facing away from you, seeming perfectly content with just snuggling into his cow pillow (though he will hold your hand under the covers if you want)
and then nearly exactly four hours into sleeping he’ll suddenly roll over and latch himself around your neck and just will not budge for the rest of the right
but then about five minutes before he wakes up he’ll let go and roll to the other side of the bed again
and then about half an hour after initially waking up he’ll roll back over and start clinging to you again and go back to sleep
is it like a body clock?? does belphie have a clinginess clock???????
the sheer touch starvation of this poor demon… it’s enough to make any grown man cry
his father was the big scary king of the devildom and diavolo was only ever raised to be a good ruler without much father-son bonding, and he also had basically no close friends (apart from barbatos but he wasn’t exactly the cuddly type)
it’s kind of heart breaking how little affection he’s had throughout his life to be honest
and diavolo thrives off of affection and praise (a bit like a golden retriever) which makes it even SADDER because he’s had so little
so now that he has you he is just on cloud nine
just like. permanently. he’s started whistling cheerfully to himself whenever he walks places and honestly it wouldn’t be surprising if he started breaking out in musical numbers
and he brings you with him EVERYWHERE
as the pseudo-ruler of the devildom (his dad’s technically still the official king but he’s asleep so diavolo’s the one making all the kingly decisions) he has to preside over the trials of a couple particularly offensive demons
the defendant will walk in and he’ll be sitting there on his custom throne in this sweeping red and black robe and you’re sitting beside him in an equally ornate throne and wearing a equally fancy robe
(side note diavolo loves seeing you on that throne because it gives you this really powerful regal air and it suits you so well and he just. he simps so hard)
the two of you look like the evil royal couple from some fairytale and it’s incredibly intimidating
but then the judge will start reading the charges and the lawyers (do they have lawyers in the devildom) will be cross examining or whatever it is lawyers do, which means no one’s paying too much attention to what diavolo’s doing
of course he does need to listen to what’s being said but at the same time he’s not the one making the final verdict - he’s only really here to watch the trial
linking hands with you and leaning over and nestling his head against yours it is :D
it kind of ruins the whole intimidating effect when the defendant looks over and you and the demon lord are just canoodling like newlyweds
apart from moments like these diavolo is also practically always touching you. like it’s to the point where it’s almost excessive
it’s basically reflex for him to reach for your hand as soon as he sits beside you or to link arms with you when you’re walking together
he’ll start hugging you and he just??? won’t stop???
like he’ll catch you walking past his room in his castle and come up to give you a hug from behind and then like five minutes later barbatos will see you shuffling about the corridors with diavolo still hanging from your shoulders as if he’s trying to get a piggy back ride
barbatos is torn between loving you for how happy you make the young prince and hating you because diavolo never gets any of his work when you’re around
like at one point he tries motivating diavolo by inviting you over to the castle and telling diavolo that he can go be with you as soon as he finishes his paperwork
but all that happens is diavolo will read exactly two sentences and then immediately declare that he can’t concentrate on work when you’re so close by
at this point barbatos practically begs you to stay away from the castle just for another hour or two because if diavolo doesn’t read through these papers thoroughly he’s going to end up accidentally agreeing to fund a giant bat statue again
does diavolo care about any pda affecting his image? not really
you’re far more important to him than any kind of reputation he might need to upkeep and to be honest if he can’t hug you just because some hoity-toity noble is watching, then what’s the point?????
if it bothers you though he’s happy to tone it down :D
i feel like barbatos is the only one on this list that you can’t really describe as being clingy at all
not necessarily because he doesn’t like affection - the thing is that he’s always so busy that he doesn’t really any choice
even if he does feel the need for affection he just can’t act on it because he has things to arrange and places to clean and paperwork to sort
to be honest he was cautious of committing to a relationship with you in the first place because even though he loved you to pieces he knew he wasn’t going to be able to consistently provide you with the affection you deserved
you’re also going to have to be incredibly patient with him because even when barbatos does have time for affection he’s super awkward about it at first
he’s only ever really known how to treat people from the whole butler state of mind
which just be polite and courteous, keep them happy, do as you’re told and keep your distance
aside from that he was already a little touch averse in the first place and he just doesn’t find it easy to be physically affectionate
he tries to make up for it with verbal affection and a whole host of endearing nicknames but he’s fully aware that a relationship can’t really survive on words alone
so he also tries to do little things like giving you a flower every day or leaving you little gifts and notes
and you seem happy with that which makes him happy but soon enough barbatos starts to realise that he actually wants physical affection as well
he starts small, with cheek kisses and loose hand-holding, making sure that both of you are comfortable, and soon enough you can just run and jump at him and he’ll catch you and start peppering you with tiny kisses
it’s pretty blissful but the thing is that he still doesn’t get a chance to do these things enough
i guess the best way to say it is that barbatos is kind of clingy mentally (like he’ll be thinking about wanting affection on the regular) but can’t really let that through physically
luckily for him, diavolo’s a nice boss and decides that if barbatos doesn’t start taking breaks so that he can actually be with you, he’s going to force him to
barbatos before this has basically never taken a single break in his entire life and diavolo decides that that has to change
so now barbatos gets evenings off to do as he likes
it means that the little ds of the castle have to pick up some of the work barbatos usually does but they all respect the butler a lot and they’re glad that he’s happy with you so they’re willing to help
what does barbatos do with this free time?
spend it with you of course (was there ever going to be another answer)
he’s still not super clingy because that’s just not how barbatos is but he does consistently seek and give affection during this time off
the two of you’ll be baking something together and he’ll keep leaning over to kiss your nose while you’re decorating
barbatos is definitely happy to bake with you if you’re already good with that kind of thing but he’s also just over the moon if you’ve never baked anything in your life because it makes him feel all warm when he gets to teach you
and when you’re under barbatos’s instructions, it’s basically impossible to make something bad
the others they all agree that barbatos’s baking always tastes better when he does it with you
barbatos also very much likes to do that thing where person a has some flour or something on their face and person b reaches to wipe it off but their touch is way more tender than necessary and also their hand stays there for way too long
you’re not complaining though
(occasionally barbatos will deliberately flick a little flour at your cheek when you’re not paying attention so that he can do this)
some of you are probably going to disagree with this but simeon’s an angel so i doubt he’s super physical with his affection
honestly he probably doesn’t even kiss you that often—
simeon LOVES physical affection
kisses? he adores them, can’t get enough. holding hands? he never wants to let go. brushing noses? it makes his heart do backflips. hugs? get over here right now
that being said he only really gets ‘clingy’ when he sees you
simeon often doesn’t realise how much he likes your touch until he sees you. it’s like if he can’t see you, he just forgets that giving affection to and receiving affection from you is a thing that can happen
object permanence isn’t one of simeon’s strong points i'm afraid
like if he’s at purgatory hall and you’re over in the house of lamentation he isn’t going to be sulking in his room because he wants cuddles
but if you then come knocking at the door he’s all over you immediately
arm linked with yours as soon as you’re over the threshold to guide you to the living room even though you’re fully aware of where it is, sitting down flush beside you and basically draping his cloak around your shoulders so that he can actually feel you against him rather than feeling you through the fabric, holding one of your hands in both of his and just running his fingers up and down your palm
his absolute favourite thing is the aforementioned brushing noses thing
he first saw it on some cliche romance show solomon was watching and he basically had stars in his eyes
he immediately sent you a very excited and typo-ridden text about it, followed by another text asking if the two of you could try it
it didn’t really work the first time because simeon got overexcited and just bonked his head right into yours
he got the hang out of it eventually though and now he greets you like that every time he sees you
it doesn’t matter how many times he does it, it never fails to make him feel all fluttery and warm inside
if he ever seems down this is a sure fire way to get him to cheer up
it’s great when he’s the one initiating, but when you do it? he hits a whole other level of serotonin
doesn’t matter how blue his mood is, he’ll immediately start giggling, especially if you plant a little kiss on his nose right after
there is one type of affection that kind of scares simeon at first though
so angels are all about the seven heavenly virtues and one of those is chastity
simeon’s shameless when it comes to affection like hugging you from behind or linking hands with you under a table but sharing a bed with you is a different story entirely
you’re not even doing anything you’re literally just lying under the same covers, several inches away from him might i add, and he’s still basically evaporating
it takes him a good three days or so to be able to relax and then another whole week to be able to actually cuddle with you in bed without exploding
and you’ve still got to take it slow from there because even just wrapping your legs around his immediately makes him short circuit
and even once he’s used to that as well, whispering to him in a tone that even only slightly indicates flirtation is enough to fluster him into next week
actually doing that even when you’re just out and about still gets him all in a tizzy
at first asmo thought you must be saying some truly sinful things whenever you leaned over and whispered something to simeon and he’d immediately bury his face in his hands and practically start steaming
then one time he was close enough to actually hear what you were saying and it literally just ‘you’re really cute, you know that?’
weak, simeon. weak.
try not to tease him too much, his heart might not be able to take it
luke basically follows you around everywhere like a shadow
to be honest simeon kind of feels a little betrayed because before luke always stuck firmly by his side but these days as soon as he sees you he starts making a bee line for you instead
you’ll take three steps into r.a.d. and before you’ve even taken another breath luke is hurrying up to you with a big smile on his face
he’ll be walking at two times his comfortable walking pace to make sure he can keep up with you and eagerly nodding along to everything you say
he’s like this little kid who just thinks you’re so so so cool and that you physically can do no wrong
and normally luke doesn’t like being treated like a child but when you do it, it feels more like an endearment thing than an patronising thing, so he doesn’t mind
if you ruffle his hair he gets so happy
up in the human world you hold his hand to cross roads and he’s just like !!!!!!
he feels so safe and happy with you awwwww
he also likes to study with you because you’re good at motivating him, and whenever he gets a good grade on a test or essay he’ll immediately run to find you and show you (or call you if you’re not in the school building)
(tell him you’re proud of him right NOW)
of course he can’t be following you about at all times (that’s just impossible) but he seems to always be there when it counts, especially when you’re having a moment with one of the demons
for example you might be walking around in the r.a.d. gardens after school with asmo
as soon as asmo starts getting close to you, guess who’s running up to you with his arms in the air, greeting you a bit too enthusiastically? that’s right it’s luke
if your partner is barbatos he’ll be a bit more mellow about it since he likes him
but if it’s lucifer, mammon, or diavolo in particular, he gets even more vigilant
even if you’re not with one of the demons (i.e. with solomon or simeon) he’s still barging in whenever the two of you start getting too close for his taste
honestly he acts like a little brother who really doesn’t like who his sibling’s dating (or just doesn’t like the fact that his sibling is dating at all in solomon, simeon and barbatos’ case)
do you mind? not really
it does get a little irritating sometimes but you know luke means the best
just sit him down and talk to him about it and he’ll (though a little begrudgingly) agree to let you have your moments with whoever your beau is
that being said that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop glaring at any of the random students r.a.d. who looks at you for a bit too long
he’s okay with the brothers and diavolo and barbatos but he still doesn’t really trust the demons as a whole so he’s always on his guard because his parental/big sibling figure is NOT getting hurt on his watch
you’re also the first person he thinks of whenever he’s baked something
solomon often texts you to let you know if luke’s baking something in the purgatory hall kitchen because within a couple of hours (it depends on what he’s baking) he’ll be on your doorstep with a healthy portion of whatever it was he made in a pretty little box
(as an aside solomon ALWAYS lets you know this by sending a picture of luke hard at work, which is innocent in and of itself, but he always captions it ‘luke’s baked’ for some fucking reason and you keep getting mini heart attacks because is he implying that luke’s doing weed???)
anyway luke always starts packaging some of his baking up for you as soon as he’s done and simeon and solomon are just like ‘what are we, chopped liver???’
he does still like his house mates of course but it’s just,,,, you’re special okay
solomon’s definitely clingy, but he’s, like, subtle about it
instead of constantly needing to be holding your hand, he’ll constantly have his pinky linked with yours
instead of constantly demanding kisses, he’ll just nudge his cheek against yours every now and then
instead of sitting right next to you so that you’re basically smushed up against each other, he’ll make sure to keep the side of one of his legs softly brushing against yours
it’s partially because solomon himself doesn’t really feel comfortable with heavy physical affection and partially because he’s always hated it when couples are super into pda and he doesn’t want to be a hypocrite
despite both these things he’s still incredibly in love with you though so he does still like to be near you whenever possible
he likes to have you in the room whenever he’s trying out a new spell or mixing up a potion or something because he can just sashay over and get a little kiss on the cheek or the nose and that’s enough to motivate him for at least another hour
solomon’s also got this constant kind of feeling that he needs to protect you while you’re in the devildom because you’re the only two humans surrounded by deadly demons at all times
he’s aware that you can protect yourself (especially once he starts teaching you spells) but he can’t help it
this means that while the two of you are in public he’s actually more likely to do something like put his arm around you
apart from that his clinginess mostly comes through in little things (as i mentioned earlier), but those little things are basically happening indefinitely
like at any given moment you and solomon are together, take a moment to observe. he is 99.99999% likely to be touching you in some way or another
it can be the tiniest thing placing his hand on the table beside yours and letting his pinky touch yours, but it is most definitely happening
all this being said solomon does still like to do the bigger things, he just prefers to do them more sparingly and when no one else is around
he’s been around for so long without anyone who truly loves him and stays by his side like you do and he wants those special moments to be for the two of you only
he’s actually really playful with his affection behind closed doors - like you’ll be all snuggled together in bed and he’ll suddenly blow right into your ear and start laughing hysterically when you start
return the favour when he least expects it and he won’t be laughing anymore
(secretly he is laughing on the inside because you’re just so cute but he’s pretending to be startled on the outside so that you don’t get all sulky)
solomon’s statistically more likely to become clingier/more elaborate with his physical affection as the relationship goes on
like he evolves from greeting you by smiling and reaching over to brush his fingers gently against your cheek to greeting you with these really big bear hugs (not all the time - it usually happens whenever he hasn’t seen you for maybe a day or two - but he definitely does it pretty regularly)
he also starts doing this thing where he’ll sneak up on you while you’re sitting in like the living room or something and fling his giant jacket-cloak over you, and then he’ll settle down next to you so that you’re both all snuggled up underneath it
he does this once and then he can’t stop doing it because underneath the jacket you’re so close and it’s so warm and he just. he adores
to simeon and luke watching from the outside however it looks incredibly strange
(by the way i’m still so angry about it being a jacket like WHY did it have to be a jacket? it was fine as a cloak?? also WHY did it have to fade into white the black into blue was perfectly gorgeous on its own)
(ALSO, what is going on with those half white half black shoes???? solomon really out here rocking with the cruella de vil converse)
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dreamscape-mp3 · a month ago
the demon brothers when MC’s last words are outta pocket hcs
a/n: my first post on here yay! :D i hope y’all enjoy, i was talking to @anotakugardener and @bsdparadise about this and well these were born LMAO
characters: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphegor
genre: angst, crack
warnings: death, seggsual jokes😏, mc bein a true chad, they could be possibly ooc
Tumblr media
there was an attack. an unpredictable one, where mc had been cornered on an unsuspecting street. a demon— a hungry and vicious one at that— had taken one look at them and lunged at them. the demon left gashes and teeth marks all over their body, but bolted before they could finish the job; the ominous footsteps approaching the scene had scared them into not finishing their meal.
MC is left bleeding out, laying on the cool cobblestone within the alleyway. one cough spews blood into the air, causing MC to slightly choke on the crimson liquid pooling in the back of their throat. their hearing fades in and out, as does their vision; the sight of the dark sky has frayed edges like a burnt photograph.
so this is it, they think to themselves.
muffled screams, the sound as if their head was underwater. the voice is one they recognize, a voice they’ve grown fond of.
he rushes over, dropping to his knees next to them. he had a feeling something would happen, but not even his gut instincts could prepare him for such a sight.
Tumblr media
- lucifer tries to keep calm, panic never helped a dying man. but there’s so much blood, is there a way to save them right now? his mind was racing a mile a minute, questions whirring past without answers.
- “lucifer,” MC coughs, blood dribbling from their lips, “there’s something i must tell you.”
- lucifer is quick to try and silence them,“MC you shouldn’t be wasting your breath-“
- “no, listen to me,” MC strains weakly, “lucifer i…i know you don’t wash your ass in the shower.”
- he’s taken aback by their comment. he almost doesn’t know what to say, they’re dying and now they’re talking about him washing his-
- “wha-“ he tries to speak, but they cut him off.
- “w-wash your ass, gross musty demon boy…”
- their pulse can no longer be found. and neither can lucifer’s dignity.
- when lucifer returns to the house of lamentation in a gloom and breaks the news to his brothers, all of them are devasted; completely broken.
- “lucifer, d-did they have any last words?” satan asks, trying to keep his voice steady.
- lucifer’s face darkens as he lowers his head, a red tint across his cheeks. he doesn’t dare answer.
- “lucifer? tell me what they said.” satan urges.
- “….”
- satan is beginning to lose his patience, gritting his teeth, “what did they say?!”
- there is no way lucifer can actually tell them, but he knows they won’t stop asking until he reveals the truth. he’s conflicted.
- meanwhile, MC watches from beyond stifling a laugh. will lucifer ever be able to pass on their last message? they may have to spend eternity watching to see.
Tumblr media
**i sent this one to @obeythebutler already but i wanna use it again because i can’t stop laughing at it**
- his human? that's his human? bleeding out in the alleyway? it doesn't feel real, this can't be real.
- words are flying out of his mouth faster than he can comprehend them. chants of their name, pleas for them to stay alive, stutters of disbelief. he wonders if he'd be able to get them human medical services in time, there's no way he's letting them die here! they're not dying on his watch.
-mammon's state of denial as he cradles their head in his lap almost causes him to miss their quiet voice. he gasps, straining to hold back his sob as he looks down at them.
- "mammon...i have something to say, before i-"
- "no MC don't talk! you'll choke-- oh god, it's so big! h-how-"
- MC cuts his ramblings short by calling his name. he instantly stops, his lip quivering and tears running down his cheeks. they cough, splatters of blood landing on their chin. and then, they smile.
- "that's what she said."
- the color fades from their eyes. the smile slowly falls, the muscles in their body in full relaxation. they're gone.
- mammon can feel a laugh bubbling in his esophagus, but what comes out is a mix of a sob and chuckle. they're dead, but even when dying they were funny. how unfortunate.
- mammon goes back to the house of lamentation that night, absolutely heartbroken. the moment keeps replaying in his mind, and the more he remembers it, the harder he cries. but a wobbly smile somehow always makes it's way onto his face at the killer delivery.
- he explains to his brothers what happened, violent sobs racking his body. the brothers are speechless, each of them processing the news in different ways. lucifer, as much as he wants to scold mammon and hang him by his feet, he simply asks if they had any last words.
- "t-they said...that's what she said!" mammon wails.
- belphie, who was trying to muffle his cries, instantly starts snickering. goddamnit, MC, he thinks.
- they watch from beyond, laughing at belphie's conflicted state. at least they left them with a lasting memory of how goated they are.
Tumblr media
- the rare time levi leaves his room, just to have his vision filled with the sight of MC's bloody body. no amount of video games could prepare him for this.
- he's almost scared to touch them, like contact from him would make it worse. the tears fall from his eyes before he can attempt to stop them. he's frozen. what is he supposed to do? they're dying!
- his eyes spot the giant gash on their stomach, causing the color to drain from his already pale face. this is a lot more than what ruri-chan bandaids can fix.
- "levi..." they cough, springing levi from his thoughts.
- "y-yes MC! i'm right here, i-it's gonna be okay!"
"levi...find candice." they weakly say.
- "c-candice? who's candice?" he asks with a watery voice.
- levi doesn't leave his room hOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHO CANDICE IS??
- "f-find...candice." they repeat with a cough.
- "w-who's candice?!" he asks again, a bit frantic.
- "candice...weiner fit in your mouth." MC smiles, a chuckle taking up their last breath.
- levi sits there speechless, from both disbelief and disgust. he can't believe such a lame joke could be their last words, but at the same time he's ashamed he fell for it.
- his tears fall onto their cold skin like a light rain shower and his cheeks burn. how is he supposed to explain this to his brothers? it's both devastating and embarrassing!
- MC watches from beyond, a slight smirk sitting on their lips. they beat him at his own meme game. a victorious day indeed.
Tumblr media
- he's gonna rip them to shreds. whoever did this is not living to see another day. they did this to them...
- satan's wrath was boiling, rising to the surface. he holds MC in his arms, their cold body only making his heat to intense temperatures. he almost doesn't know what to say. there's nothing he could say to make this any better.
- he wracks his brain for any spells he remembers that can rapidly heal someone, but he struggles to remember the ingredients and incantations in his panicked state.
- "'s okay." MC smiles weakly.
- "no! no, MC, this isn't okay at all!" he exclaims.
- he grits his teeth, trying to maintain his composure in front of them. his anger won't help right now, he knows this.
- "i'm gonna die. it's okay, satan."
- "how can you say that?" he practically whispers, a lump building in his throat.
- "listen please. i...need to say something." MC pleads with a cough.
- "stop...talking. please." satan screws his eyes shut, his cries being ignored.
- “i love you, satan. you...and you’re tiny peepee”
- his eyes fly open. they said what?
- they stop moving, their breath no longer able to be felt. satan feels so conflicted; on the one hand he feels completely devastated. on the other, he feels anger towards the demon who did this to them. and on the other other hand he feels offended that they called his dick small.
- the tears continue streaming down his face as he deadpans. that's not what you said last night, he thinks. he quickly shakes his head, no they just died! but my dick isn't small! goddamn you, MC.
- MC watches from beyond cackling. they can only imagine the thoughts going through satan's mind, they can practically hear them all.
Tumblr media
- asmo has never run so fast. he was instantly by their side, shaky hands careful when touching them. his new nail polish color was eerily similar to the color of their blood.
- asmo had found himself rendered speechless around them a couple times, but none of those memories could compare to this one. he always said red was their color, but now he couldn't stand the sight of it.
- "oh MC! oh my god, what happened? w-what do i do?!" asmo's questions were rapid firing, before quickly coming to a halt.
- MC's quiet, straining voice reaches his ears, "a-asmo, unlock my D.D.D."
- asmo's eyes widen, his hands quickly reaching for their D.D.D, "oh yes! let's call lucifer, he can get human medical service-"
- when asmo unlocks the device, his frantic speech is cut off by the loud techno of a song. he freezes. what's going on? why is this song playing? and why can't he turn it off? THERE'S AN EMERGENCY WHAT'S GOING ON-
- "MC i-i can't turn off the-"
- "we're no strangers to loooove, you know the rules, and so do iii~" two voices sing from a small distance behind asmo.
- asmo's head darts to the opening of the alleyway expecting to see the owners of the voices. they sounded oddly familiar. he watches the shadows grow on the cobblestone, but before he can see anyone appear, he feels a weak hand on his cheek.
- he turns back to MC, the tears in his eyes making it very hard to see them. their voice fills his ears, but he doesn't really know how to feel about it.
- "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, n-never gonna run around and...desert you..." they sing, their eyes slowly closing.
- their hand drops from his face, the cold feeling of their skin leaving his cheek. he sobs; he can't believe they're gone. in utter disbelief and immense grief, he hears the two voices from earlier grow closer. he turns his head towards them and his eyes widen at who it is.
- "never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna-- woah woah asmo what happened?" solomon asks, looking down at MC.
- "they're dead! and this stupid song hasn't stopped playing!" asmo wails, gesturing to the discarded D.D.D
- "oh my goodness, stay here asmo! we'll grab human medical services!" simeon exclaims before he and solomon run out of the alleyway.
- the song finally stops playing for some reason, leaving asmo to grieve in silence. his sobs fill the air as he pulls MC's lifeless body closer. he can't believe they're least the song stopped, though
- or so he thought. another song plays instead, the techno once again filling the air.
- "i just died in your arms tonight~"
- asmo starts wailing even louder
- meanwhile, from beyond MC struggles to hold in their laughter. they didn't necessarily mean for that song to play, but the irony was too rich.
Tumblr media
- no. no, not again. oh god, not again!
- those are the only thoughts running through beel's head when he finds them. his vision narrows and all he can see is MC and the blood pooling around them. please, not them! not another, he thinks.
- his hands immediately start applying pressure to the biggest gash on their body as he frantically asks them what happened. a conflict in his mind of wanting to hear their voice, but not wanting them to speak and instead save their breath. the questioned slipped out his mouth before he could finish processing it.
- "i-it was ligma, beel." they reply weakly.
- ligma? were they a new student at R.A.D? he's surely never heard of them. beel shakes his head, those thoughts don't matter right now.
- "d-don't speak anymore! save your breath MC!" beel frantically exclaims, seeing the blood continuing to spill through the cracks in his fingers.
- "it was ligma." they repeat, coughing up blood.
- "ligma?" he asks, assuming the name is important.
- "yeah, l-ligma...ligma balls." MC practically whispers, their last breath stolen with the wind.
- "MC? MC! no, please no!" beel cries.
- their last words struggle to process in his brain. ligma balls...whoever they are, they won't go unpunished.
- for the first time that beel can recall, he's not hungry; not in the slightest. the grief swimming in his stomach has consumed every square inch. ligma balls, you won't get away with this.
- from beyond, MC watches with a smile of amusement. they know beel would be a bit too dense for the joke, so they look forward to seeing what events will take place due to the mysterious ligma balls
Tumblr media
- he must be dreaming. yes, that must be it. another nightmare, but this time about MC and not lilith. yes, it's all a nightmare.
- but if it's a nightmare, how come he can clearly feel the silkiness of their hair, and the blood coating his hands when he tries applying pressure to the large gash on their chest. no nightmare could feel this real, out of every one he's ever had, it's never been so surreal.
- the disbelief makes his mind spiral, blaming himself again for yet another death. if he would've went with them tonight then he could've protected them, and he wouldn't have to sit here with this annoying lump in his throat.
- only one thought in his mind remains a constant; vengeance.
- "w-who did this to you?" he asks shakily.
- "belphie it was-" they pause, coughing up blood, "it was joe."
- a name. belphie can feel his hands shaking, but he can't tell if it's from his anger or his panic.
- "WHO'S JOE? I'LL KILL THEM-" belphie grits his teeth, but they cut him off.
- "joe mama..." MC says, breathless.
- the rise and fall of their chest stops, water droplets mixing with the blood splattered on their face.
- belphie's shoulders shake, his sobs mixing with a silent laugh. what kind of person makes a joe mama joke while they're dying? MC, apparently. he can't tell if he's more impressed that they pulled off the joke or pissed that he fell for it.
- damn MC, what a chad. you'll be dearly missed.
- they watch from beyond with a smirk, they finally fuckin got him. if the circumstances were different, MC would be rubbing it in his face.
Tumblr media
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vellatrelle · a month ago
"Hey MC! The day is far from over, let's go! Tonight, Devildom is ours!"
I'm kinda late but hey∠( ´д` 」∠)_
Its still September 10 for y'all westerners right
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pen-observing · a month ago
Hi! If you will have any inspiration about this
What do you think would be little things that brothers would bring you as courting you? As like birds or penguins with rocks and sticks?
Thank you 💜
sjdaj this was fun! i did have an image of lucifer bringing feathers as a meme in my mind for a sec
what the brothers bring you while courting you/wanting to impress you:
He is what many would consider to be a classic idea of a man. Tall, dark, handsome with refined taste. Because of this he tries to be refined in what he brings you as well. Why should you two not share such traits?
Lucifer because of this relies on the extravagant, classic choices. Most of all – jewelry.
Rings, necklaces, bracelets – everything he sees while out on an errand that catches his eye.
He also tries to match some items with you. He has a golden pen, why shouldn’t you have one as well?
However, one thing that gets in his way is that: no matter how strong his impulse to buy or obtain rare jewels is – he cannot always give them to you.
He overthinks it.
‘if I give them two rings two weeks in a row, would that be too much? Would they then spend money to buy an outfit that matches it? Would the gifts lose their meaning if I don’t space them out? If I continue to give them so many gifts, they would feel responsible to return them so they would spend more money on me and we both know that I am the one who has more money so--’
All these thoughts come to him. Sometimes Lucifer even thinks that your pride would be hurt if he gives you jewels so often.
He tries not to go overboard but he knows that there is a whole desk drawer of little boxes just waiting for the right time to go to you.
No matter how much Mammon may chase gold and sparkles – he is no Lucifer and there is no way that he can just rely on jewels.
Sure, on very special occasions he manages to surprise you with them and that does make it more meaningful.
Mammon puts aside everything else and actually gets a job whenever your birthday is close.
So what else could be bring you?
He is well aware of how birds bring branches or rocks – how sometimes they even spend so much time flying high above and continuously dropping walnuts for others on the road until they crack. His approach is similar.
When you have issues or need to open something – he always offers himself.
It is a bit silly but being there for someone counts.
Besides this – every trinket that he sees somehow ends up in your room
Plushies, fun masks, nail polish that matches his, a leaf that fell in his hair while he was sleeping under a tree and dreamt of you.
He also brings postcards, magazines, photos you might enjoy.
Once he brought you a heart shaped stone and bragged about how his keen eye managed to observe it in the clean river!
Something in every corner of your room will be adjacent to him.
“What if I brought you branches?” “What?” “Nothing!”
He just wanted to ask!
Lucifer is impulsive in buying just one thing, Levi, however, is impulsive all around.
And that impulsivity goes in many directions.
He is able to use and calculate all his Akuzon points to make sure that you get 10 products instead of just 1.
He takes it very, very seriously.
Sometimes he buys you way too many snacks, other times he orders 5 costumes
Often his courting relies on the thought; what if we shared this!
His mind says that the more you have in common the better match you are.
This is why he brings matching keychains or slippers or even computer backgrounds and mousepads.
He still knows that ‘matching’ does not fully count but it really warms his heart when he sees that you are willing to share and indulge in those small things that would not really matter to others.
It gives him a confidence boost and reassures him that you are in fact open to him.
However, something still has to be yours alone.
Yours alone, from his hands and he needs to make sure of that.
Levi does bring you pearls like penguins do.
And he did in fact spend a long time underwater making sure he brings the best ones.
Just... never show him the video that trended of a female penguin cheating on her partner in the human world.
Satan, no matter how much he tries to deny it, is in many ways similar to Lucifer.
He might dress the way he does but he tries to be a classic gentleman in this regard.
He does bring jewelry too – however he never brings it without a deeper, more profound reason.
‘so what if this ring is rare? What does it matter to them? Nothing.’
He has to hear you say it is very pretty to give it to you.
The necklace needs to remind him of your eyes or he is not buying it at all.
Because of this – he is very picky so few gifts are of this nature.
What else does he bring?
Satan writes you notes all the time.
Sometimes they are there to remind you of water or meals, other times they are short quotes.
In fact, he brings you annotated books; lines that remind him of you; quotes of feelings he knows thanks to you.
He brings you parts of himself and looks for parts of you in everything.
This is his idea of courting.
And don’t be surprised to get letters (wax made by him) under your door even if you live close by.
Unlike the others, Asmo has no problems with giving you whatever his own impulse says to.
Why should he hide these 2 perfumes that he bought thinking of you and wait for 3 weeks to present them to you?
No, do it right then and there because your heart felt the love or do not do it at all!
Because of this, his impulse costs a lot. Only second to Lucifer.
Asmo wants to give you luxurious things but he knows that jewelry alone can get boring rather fast and is limited by time and fashion and practicality etc.
So he gives you luxury in everything.
New lines of fragrance are yours as well as his, new skin care products that few humans can buy just show up at your door.
Does he also give you framed photos of him? Yes
Does he give you best silk? Also yes.
Why should the two of you not enjoy these things? You deserve it after all.
Still, Asmo is very sentimental too.
He gifts you photo albums of things that make him feel so. Memories of trips and walks; of sleepovers and quiet nights as well.
Yes, luxury is there but this small pretty pen is cheap and has hearts on it! He simply has to give it to you!
Beelzebub knows the ‘proper’, ‘correct’ or expected ways to court someone.
He knows what gifts others give and why.
But, all of that seems vanity or showing off to him.
It just wouldn’t feel right to give you a framed work of art or color stones that glimmer if it does not really awake something.
His gifts are as gentle as him.
Yes, food is the most obvious choice but he really does worry if you are eating well because humans are fragile.
Flowers that he sees in shops or on walks.
While once walking with Luke he saw some and said how pretty they would look on you. Luke taught him to make flower crowns for that reason.
Most of his gifts are handmade.
He wants to help you on his own no matter what.
The most consistent gifts however are those that you said you needed.
Doesn’t matter when you said it or how, maybe it was just a passing thought, but he remembers and he gets them for you.
it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he manages to mix up all of these ways and refuses to settle down on just one type.
This is because he is similar to Beel.
Beel gives you thinks you said you needed; Belphie gives you those you did not even notice.
He is constantly observing you and being as smart as he is – nothing escapes him.
You don’t have to complain how you grew bored of your boots or how annoying those headphones are.
He just notices it and gives you new ones.
Sometimes he looks at you during a party in Diavolo’s castle and things that a necklace is missing and would actually be useful in the future as well; so, he buys it.
Books for assignments you are not aware you will need next year find their way to your table. Yes, it is a year but he is a published Devildom scholar so trust him with this.
Paintings, matching rings with stars, a keychain of some small alien from a human TV show etc.
He treads the lines of outlandish with luxury and simple.
Seeing you surprised no matter what because you never mentioned these things always brings him joy.
a/n: how tf do you spell jewelry is it this or jewellery or i hate his word pls
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