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#mammon x reader

Mammon x Deaf MC

Obey Me Headcanons


-When he first met you, Mammon got frustrated with having to learn how to communicate properly with you.

-If you know how to read lips, it’ll be a little easier but not by much, you tell him you actually need to see his face to know what he’s saying. He huffs and pouts but eventually does do it properly without complaining.

-After realizing how he could get Grimm with you, he learns sign language in the speed of light to communicate his latest schemes to you.

-He already talks with his hands a lot before learning SL so it actually wasn’t that big of a step for him.

-This will make you two closer than rest of the brothers and Mammon is very smug to the fact that he’s one of the only ones who can ‘talk’ to you.

-He’s your interpreter for most of the time, some demons have inhuman mouths so you can’t lip read them with ease, Mammon is glad to help!

-When the other brothers do learn SL, he is upsetTM. Why do you need to talk to his brothers when he’s right there?!


-He feels hurt because it felt like you two had something special, something that no one else had, your own little world for the two of you.

-Once you explain that you need to talk to others, he understands but he’s still gonna pout and hover around you for now on. Just making sure that his brothers aren’t giving you a hard time ok?! Yeah ok Mammon…

-Wants to prank you and take advantage of the fact that you’re deaf to do it but he can’t for the life of him actually go through any of the pranks that he thinks of.

-His brother tease that he’s getting soft, and to disprove them, he blushes and becomes flustered when you wave to him from across the room. Yeah that’ll show ‘em.

-When a demon thought it would be real funny to talk shit about you literally behind you, Mammon beat their ass like no tomorrow and after he refused to tell you why until one of the other brothers told you.

-When he finally asks you out, he only does it in SL and doesn’t verbally ask because he knows that if he does, he’ll get too flustered and will mess up. His signing is messy but you understand what he means❤️.

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Not the complete but I do have a general one yeah

Lilith x Oblivious!Reader

Stolas reacting to Octavias Boyfriend

Mammon NSFW Oneshot

Robo Fizz x autistic!reader

Stolas/Blizto x Reader

Blizto x Reader general headcanons

Sir Pentious x Worker reader

Overlords x goth!reader

Hazbin crew x shy!reader

Alastor x angel!reader

Overlords x angel!reader

God NSFW Headcanons

Valentino x super horny!reader

Overlords x heavy accent!reader

Alastor x Fem!Dom reader

Octavia x Charlies sister!reader

Lilith/Lucifer x warrior!reader

Vox x reader (enemy to lovers trope)

Robo Fizz x Robot!Reader

Overlords reacting to their S/O in lingerie

Overlords x werewolf!reader

Overlord x kind!reader

Valentino NSFW Oneshot

Overlords on a sugar rush

Tripe Vs Headcanons

Under rated characters x reader headcanons (not a request but something i really wanted to do)

Robo Fizz x Mechanic!Readee headcanons

Overlords meeting the readers sibling headcanons

And these are just want I have in my drafts, there are a lot more that I need to get to working on

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Mammon’s Reaction to Hearing Something Nice from his Brothers and MC HC!

I wrote Mammon angst and now I’m writing emotional fluff.


  • “Mammon your grades improved marginally since last year. Good job. Keep it up.”
  • It was said in such a monotone “I don’t care” kind of Lucifer voice but I kid you not
  • Mammon almost started crying.
  • He tried to play it off cool and act cocky but as soon as he got back to his room he sobbed happy tears for like
  • Hours
  • His older brother just told him something nice?
  • Holy fu-
  • Afterwards his confidence skyrockets


  • “You got me a in the box, new ultra special limited edition cottage core mixed with punk rock aethstetic Ruri~Chan figure that’s been sold out since the first five minutes after its original release?”
  • “Is that what it is? One of the witches got it as a gift from their fiancé but she’s mad at him and didn’t want it, wrong character or something, so she passed it on to me. Apparently he got the back of the box signed for her too! I didn’t recognize it as something you already have so I thought it wouldn’t be worth much and you might want it. You like it?”
  • “It’s perfect! Maybe deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deeep deeep deeerepde deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep down you’re not a total scum bag after all! Still a norm or though.
  • I’m sorry
  • What????
  • He’s…
  • Not?
  • A scum bag?
  • Since WHEN!?
  • He smiles so bright and just acts so cocky about it, not caring when Levi says he takes it back


  • “Mammon these photos are great! You even got the upper angle I wanted! And I look amazing in every shot- as usual! You’re the best!”
  • He’s? The best??
  • He got good photos?
  • “And don’t you forget the great Mammon is great at everything!”
  • Internally hearing that from Asmo makes him want to melt
  • His little brother just called him the best that’s all he’s wanted in like forever oh my gosh-


  • Satan had snuck in a cat.
  • Again.
  • Mammon was at the door about to leave when Satan was coming in.
  • “Hold on I think I have cat food in my room, you make sure Lucifer doesn’t see it and I’ll meet you in your room.”
  • Satan just listens for once and rushes the cat to his room
  • When mammon came back with cat food and seemed to actually get along with the cat though?
  • “Since when do you like animals?”
  • “I have crows ya know? With them come pesky cats that try to eat them so I found out if you feed the cats they don’t attack the crows.”
  • “That’s actually pretty cool Mammon.”
  • Mammon’s heart is exploding.
  • Satan just indirectly called him cool!
  • He takes the fall when Lucifer finds the cat, taking all the blame for Satan.


  • “Thanks for running with me today, it gets lonely going on runs alone sometimes so it was nice to have your company with me.”
  • Mammon.exe has stopped working.
  • He tries to play it off obviously as if he totally gets it
  • But inside he is squealing
  • He missed being Beel’s work out buddy okay?
  • When he gets to the privacy of his room to take a shower he is doing a happy dance


  • It was Mammon’s day working at Hell’s Kitchen. And boy was he glad it was him and not someone else.
  • “Belphie! You forgot your pillow at Hell’s Kitchen, I snagged it before someone else found it don’t worry!”
  • “Oh, thanks Bruh bruh, I’m going to nap now.”
  • Bruh bruh?
  • Belphie hasn’t called him that since the celestial realm…
  • Mammon is literally so happy
  • He just stays quiet and lets Belphie find a comfortable spot on the floor, putting a blanket over him
  • He also gets out the wet floor signs and puts them around Belphie so no one trips over him and disturbs the youngest’s sleep
  • He can’t stop smiling though-
  • He missed his brothers man


  • If you say literally ANYTHING even mildly encouraging or nice?
  • Mans is out here acting tough and feeling INVINCIBLE
  • Don’t tell Luci
  • He’ll give you praises back of course
  • He feels great after hearing your words!
  • He makes sure you have fun for the rest of the day
  • And if you ask HIM for affection?
  • Oh honey you’re getting so much affection!
  • If there is one thing Mammon knows how to do it’s kiss.
  • And he will happily give you all his attention.
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I mean okay it’s not horrible


I like the chorus it’s kinda catchy but I really wasn’t expecting his voice to be so high! Hopefully we get the side characters 🙏

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Tysm for requesting this <3 I hope this was what you wanted! Also your profile picture I LOVE IT

Mammon with an S/O who’s a tease but malfunctions when receiving affection 

  • let me just say, you and Mammon are perfect for each other, because he’s exactly like this too
  • the first time he saw you get flustered, he thought it was just a fluke and wrote it off as bad timing
  • the second time, though, he started to suspect something, although he wasn’t sure if he believed it
  • his suspicions weren’t confirmed until the next time you two were in an ‘intimate’ position
  • it was a bit later at night, and he was in the kitchen sitting down to eat a midnight snack of his sacred ramen 
  • you, loving the reactions you always got out of him, surprised him by moving to sit on his lap and grind down on his member
  • smirking when you saw his eyes cloud with lust and his hands reach to grab your hips, you coolly moved off
  • to your surprise, though, he stopped you, and laced his hand in your hair while the other held your lower back, effectively keeping you close to him 
  • he kept his eyes cracked open to observe your reaction, and leaned in to press a gentle kiss on your lips
  • you could tell your face was getting red when you felt him smile into the kiss, lightly nibbling on your lower lip to keep himself from laughing 
  • when he pulled away and looked at you, he was pretty damn proud of himself for figuring it out 
  • this man sits back with his hands laced behind his head and the biggest shit-eating grin on his face, and you knew you were in for it 
  • after he finds out, he makes a habit of putting you in positions of receiving PDA (i.e, kissing you in front of his brothers, in the hallways of school, really anywhere in public)
  • you’re not happy about this, because it means you can get away with less teasing
  • that doesn’t stop you from trying, though, and your teasing plus his flustering you leads to intense power struggles
  • some so heated that the brothers have to intervene to finally make it stop!
  • overall, though, him finding out makes your relationship more fun, because now you both know how to make each other tick 
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Buckle up, get your tissues and get ready to cry. It’s sad crybaby hours and I need to get this out of my system

Obey Me

Greed Can’t Keep You In His Arms Forever

You both are chilling in an old abandoned bell tower, crows cawing and flapping here and there. Feathers are everywhere, on your head, on your clothes, in Mammon’s hair and clothes.

A white crow was perched gracefully on his shoulder as you both sat on the edge of one of the openings. Stone walls worn and dull from age. The moon’s light was spewing past the back of your heads as you both looked down at the Devildom.

The shops, the castle, the streets and dormant houses that were just starting to stir with activity. The stone felt cold against your back as you were perched on the ledge jutting out over the tall tower.

Mammon was on the opposite side of the rounded arch, back against that side.

He wasn’t looking at you, he couldn’t. He knew he would cry. He knew that, like many times before, you would see his tear stained face and immediately begin to comfort him.

Mammon hadn’t brought you up here for that. He had brought you up here for the view. A beautiful one that you could possibly see for the last time.

You were leaving tonight.

You were going to back to the mortal world.

He may never see you again.

You may not come back once you die, you may ascend to the Celestial realm. This thought was why he couldn’t look at you.

It would be one thing if he knew for sure that you would see each other again. If Mammon knew for absolute certain that when you died your soul would come down and he’d be able to snatch you up before any other lower demon could, he wouldn’t have a strangling pain in his chest.

If Mammon knew for certain he would see you again, his throat wouldn’t be trying to close from holding back tears.

If only Mammon knew for certain.

A light breeze came by and tickled your skin. It caused you to sigh a little.

You seemed so content as if you, his human, weren’t about to be ripped away from him for what could be forever.

It pissed him off how at ease and ready to go back you seemed. Why weren’t you sad? Were you not going to miss him? Had you lied to him and you actually didn’t care about him?

Mammon knew it was irrational to think that you didn’t genuinely care about him, but how was he supposed to feel when you were so indifferent to a possibly permanent parting?

His fist clenched together as he tried to keep himself from falling to pieces once again in front of you. To keep you from having to piece him back together because you didn’t have the time anymore.

Not even a full day.

That’s all he had with you.

“I’m going to miss it here so much,” you said quietly as you lovingly looked out at the now very bright and busy Devildom.

Demons were bustling along with their daily lives, completely unaware of how his whole life was going to crash after you left.

How,” was all he was able to get out. His eyes started to water as his body started to tremble. Not with anger, no. What was ripping through his body was crushing grief.

You looked at him and saw this. You knew what was coming. Immediately you stand up to walk to him but he practically throws himself to his feet. He stomps away from you.

Your last memory of him shouldn’t be of him crying, not again. Your last memory of him shouldn’t be filled with his sobs of pain. The only warmth in the moment coming from his hot tears as they soak your clothes.

His back was to you as he tried to calm down.

He couldn’t pull it off.

“Want to go get some breakfast, it’s on you because, well, I’m kinda broke. Besides, my human always pay for my meals,” his voice pitched at ‘my human’.

His shoulders started to shake violently as he tried to contain his emotions.

“Mammon,-” he cut you off. Your voice had been gentle. You were going to try and calm him down.

How are ya so damn calm about this?! What if I never see you again?! You’re so damn nice and kind you’ll probably go to the Celestial realm when ya die and that means I’ll be without you forever!” He screamed all of this so quickly you almost couldn’t pick apart one sentence from the other.

The crows had long flown away, scared by the sudden resounding noise that bounced around you two.

The white crow was the first and only one to come back, but it didn’t perch itself on his shoulder. The crow kept a large amount of space between itself and Mammon.

“Mammon, I promise you I will come,-” he cut you off once again. Mammon still refused to turn towards you.

“YOU DON’T KNOW IF YOU’LL COME BACK! AND YOU’RE NOT EVEN FIGHTING IT!” His voice softened, pain and fear dripping from his words and solidifying into daggers that cut at your heart, your very soul.

“You’re not sad and upset or angry or anythin’. Did you even like being here? Do you even really care about me?” His words quivered and he was sniffling snot in-between his words.

The scene was breaking your heart. You couldn’t stand it. You ran into his back and tightly wrapped your arms around him.

“Of course I care about you! I love you so much! I never want to leave your side! I want to be your little human forever! BUT WHAT CAN I DO?! I’m just a human I can’t do anything to keep myself here with you!”

Your voice echoed throughout the tower as well, tears wetting the back of his jacket. You squeezed him so tight. You squeezed him as tight as you could. It felt like the only way to truly convey how much you didn’t want to leave him.

“I love you so much, Mammon.” You barely got the words out before a sob racked your entire body.

Mammon spun around in your arms and grabbed onto you and held you as tightly as he dared. “Stupid human, of course you love me. I love you,” he mumbled into your scalp as a sob shot through him.

“I didn’t want to your last memory of me be me crying and sobbing. I didn’t want our last memory to be sad,” you cried into his chest.

The moon’s light splattered against your embrace. The light illuminating your tears. Both of you felt so cold even though you were so warm from your bodies being so worked up.

You held each other for hours, long after the sobbing had stopped. You were in Mammon’s lap as he held onto you tightly. He held onto you as if he’d never let you go.

He knew he would have to though.

Every time he thought about it, a few more tears spilled out of the corner ers of his eyes.

No one came looking for you two. You both were just left to be alone for a couple hours.

Mammon sat up against a corner of the cold, stone tower wall. You were curled up in his lap, your face pressed firmly against his chest.

One hand was on the back of your head, a thumb stroking up and down and the other hand was rubbing circles on your back.

Mammon had no idea how to comfort you, but he would definitely try.

Every once in awhile he’d lean his face down and pres a kiss to your scalp. They felt like they burned, you wanted them to so you’d never forget.

You knew one day you would get old and senile.

You k ew one day you would be really sick and unable to take care of yourself.

You knew one day, you wouldn’t have a choice in the matter.

You knew one day, you would forget him.

This terrified you. You were so fragile that there word be a time for however long or short it amy be but you knew that if you lived into your older years, you would forget him.

He would cease to exist in your fragile human mind. It made you so angry that this would more than likely one day happen.

I crushed you more than anything else. More than Mammon’s woe filled words. That would crush you more than leaving him because, once you leave, your memory of him will be the only thing to keep him in your life.

Your memory of him will be the only thing to keep your love alive.

So one day, you will stop loving him because he will cease to exist in your mind.

And that fact alone was killing you as you sat cradled in his lap.

Sorry but I’m really fucking depressed right now and really needed to write this.

I don’t know if I’ll do one for all the brothers and now-dateables but here’s this.

@kneecapstealingalien @multifandombrainrot @vaniatslover @popcorntime-doodles @i-need-coffee-now-pls @jiheonity @shadowsbutdead @goshikisimp @anothershadeofpink @mestayanon @ghostexhibit @smallmangi @thatfunnysprout @backalley-astrologer @itsallgonnabokayihope @g00s3 @boreateo @all-around-fandoms @weareallhumans123 @lil-mellow-bunbun @strawberrymakki @beelziee @mehreenackerman @taiyahhh @sakusasgerm @cr4z3d-cl0wn @detective-lazy @mainnews32 @turtletris2tumble @oshun22 @syirahtorizawa @wouldsimply31 @sadisticbelle @queenkaye33 @h3nta1t0ast3r @krjdrj1964 @rerewho

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So let me tell you: I started reading the manga but have yet to watch the anime 😭 it’s really good though and I’m probably gonna start it this week, but I’m not sure if I’m 100% confident in writing Sukuna. BUT this request was too good to pass up, so if you don’t like it I will write the other scenario instead just let me know!

So for these headcanons, I made it to where MC is Sukuna’s vessel like Yuji, and that they can manifest him if needed. But, I still kept it to where he’s not exactly a good guy with MC’s best interest at heart. Reader is gender neutral and younger than the Bros, so the dynamic is more family instead of romance just a heads up! Hope you enjoy!

TW: Minor cursing, spoilers for Lesson 16 in Mammon’s, Beel’s, and Belphie’s part

The Brothers with Teen MC who’s Sukuna’s Vessel

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I hate it when people are mean to mammon so here’s this

Mammon with a sweet and supporting s/o


Originally posted by tyto-izu

  • One of the first things you noticed during your stay at the devildom is how Mammon is treated by his brothers
  • No matter what goes wrong or who’s responsible, Mammon gets the blame every single time
  • Levi misplaced a figurine? Mammon must have stolen it. Someone breaks something? It must have been Mammon.
  • Although he may seem a bit arrogant at first, you soon learn that this behaviour is an act to cope with his insecurities
  • If you make the effort to do something for him or with him, he usually brags about how of course you’ll do this for/with the great Mammon
  • He never actually expected you to agree with him
  • And if you’re the first to say it, he’ll be redder than a tomato
  • “Could the great Mammon spare some time to hang out with his human?”
  • He nearly chokes
  • It means the world to him if you actually believe in him
  • He got good grades?
  • “Of course you did! You’re the great Mammon! I’m proud of you” he might tear up a little
  • But what gets to him the most is when you actually stand up for him
  • If his brothers are ganging up to him, step in. These are the moments he feels alone the most
  • Afterwards, when it’s just the two of you, he’ll quietly thank you
  • You can always count on him as well. No one is able to pick on you or harass you. He cares about you a lot and will always protect you
  • You’re the only one who can make jokes at his expense. He knows you mean no harm, and you’re there when he needs you
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Ya girl got it already 😎


Got any suggestions on what I should do to celebrate 100 followers?

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coming to them after a long day

obey me! shall we date?: obey me brothers

i have returned to obey me for one more headcanon hehe

friendly reminder that black washing & white washing are NOT the same thing :)) let poc have their representation please & thank you


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Straight A mc

Hello Anon, thanks for being my first ever ask! This was a little difficult for me since I’m not a straight A student but I tried so hope you like it!

Scenario: Straight A student Mc w/ Mammon, Satan, Belphie



Originally posted by thalfox

  • The only thing this baby is good at is math and that’s because he likes money
  • The first thing he thought was how much money you could make him?
  • You cant blame him
  • It’s his sin over all
  • He’s pretty shocked to be honest
  • Who knew his human was smart?
  • Suddenly always wantes to be your partner in class projects to leave you to do all the work
  • But he learned his lesson pretty quick
  • Study dates consists of him whining, complaining that your being too mean
  • Really happy that you’re smart actually
  • Takes any chance to show you off and I mean ANY CHANCE
  • He’s so proud of you
  • And as much as he complains he’s really happy that you’re taking the time to tutor him
  • It also lets you two spend even more time together
  • PLUS his brother cant intrupt due to Lucifers order
  • Sometimes when you two are studying together and he gets a question wrong he gets super embarrassed
  • When you correct him he’s all like “haha The Great Mammon knew that!”
  • He likes bring you along on his schemes, your smartness usually getting him out of sticky situations
  • In all he’s super happy that his human is smart and he loves being around someone like you



Originally posted by darlabubbles

  • Someone with more than two brain cells
  • If it wasn’t for his immortality he would’ve died millennials ago due to his own brothers 
  • He’s actually happy to have someone to talk to who actually understands him
  • Thinks it’s super attractive that you’re so smart
  • Doesn’t show it al first
  • He loves talking to you about the latest book or ancient text he read
  • You guys study together often
  • Satan also helps you with Devildom work
  • He enjoys teaching you
  • You’re a fast learning student (unlike his brothers)
  • Expect book shopping dates



Originally posted by yizurablr

  • “Nerd”
  • That’s literally the first thing that comes out of his mouth
  • This man misses school A LOT so he counts on you to fill him in
  • It’s honestly a drag
  • At first he would tease you a lot
  • He would call you a smart alec in a more or less condescending way
  • After actually getting to know you and not want to kill you thinks you’re really cool
  • But now he misses school on purpose just so you could tutor him
  • He’s pretty lazy but a good student
  • He likes having classes with you
  • He likes the fact that the only human in RAD can make other demons bend over backwards in their studies


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Aw, you’re so sweet Anon! This is a lovely ask! I’m so sorry that you’re family weren’t receptive to your new tattoo. That’s terrible, and I hope this makes you feel a bit better!

So, I’m assuming you meant an MC with a large tattoo on their back? If not, feel free to tell me and I’ll make a new hc! This hc has a reader with a large back tattoo and/or multiple tattoos. Since this has all 7 brothers, each one will be shorter than my usual hcs.  (Also, I’m posting a rules page soon, so stay tuned!)

This is SFW, with a GN! Reader. Reblogs, likes, and comments are greatly appreciated!

The Brothers Reacting to a Tattooed MC (SFW)


  • To be honest, it doesn’t really make a difference to him.
  • He didn’t fall in love with you for your physical looks, so it doesn’t really affect him much.
  • That doesn’t mean he won’t find it lovely though.
  • He admires the time you had invested in this, along with the fact you felt so strongly about a particular subject/object, that you had it permanently inked on your body.
  • If you feel self-conscious about it, he won’t stare, but his eyes stray to it from time to time, admiring the details of it.
  • But if not, congratulations! You have the avatar of pride enamored with your tattoo(s).
  • If you’re ever stressed, he’ll sit you in his lap and trace over your tattoo(s), attempting to calm your nerves.
  • All the while whispering words of affirmation.
  • Any time you’re feeling insecure of your tattoo(s), Lucifer’ll make sure to praise you, something rare from him.
  • “My love, your tattoo(s) is/are a part of you, and it’s/they’re a stunning piece of art. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, it’s a testament of your conviction. Be proud of yourself, and never feel ashamed of your tattoo(s).”


  • Now, I hc that Mammon has tattoos other than his demon markings

  • So he probably wouldn’t be caught off guard, as he’s used to seeing humans and demons with full body tattoos, or tattoos that take up a large area on their body.

  • However, that doesn’t mean he won’t react

  • As soon as he sees it, he’s swooning

  • If you’re ok with it, he’ll be bragging to whoever would listen about how strong you were, and how awesome you looked.

  • Definitely the type to get a matching tattoo with you if you ever want to get another.

  • If your tattoo(s) are of a crow or feathered wings, he swears he falls deeper in love with you.

  • Well, if that’s even possible

  • Any crow/avian wing tattoos, would make him just melt, knowing you have his symbolic animal tattooed on yourself.

  • If you ever show any insecurity about your tattoo(s), you bet he’ll do his best to soothe them.

  • The moment he picks up on your insecurities, he ramps up the affection and love he shows for your ink.

  • “Ya ain’t serious, right? Yer stunning, better than any other piece a’ art! There ain’t no way I’m lettin’ anyone tell ya yer not tha most beautiful person in all three realms.”


  • He’s awestruck when you show him your tattoo(s).

  • You’re like his favorite action anime protagonist!

  • Levi is just in disbelief at the fact he has such a badass partner.

  • He adores any type of tattoos, but one as large and powerful as this?

  • Oh he has heart eyes-

  • Especially if you had a scaly/reptilian one, it’d make him nearly faint in delight

  • We all know he loves reptiles -gestures to Henry-

  • A reptiles had always been seen as symbols of reality and power, and he admires you greatly for having one tattooed on you.

  • Whenever he cosplays, he’ll ask if you’d like to cosplay with him as a tattooed character.

  • He’ll fawn over how incredible you look, bragging on his Devilgram about how kickass his lover is.

  • Your cosplays together always end up with thousands of likes and comments, fans adoring how much of a power couple the both of you are.

  • You notice, that after you show him your tattoo, that he starts playing with tattooed characters.

  • Upon asked why, he responded with,

  • “W-well…you’re really cool, and tattooed characters remind me of you. Badass and someone who deserves respected. Even when you’re not physically with me, playing with a tattooed character makes it feel like you’re playing with me.”


  • He’s intrigued and fascinated immediately

  • What’s the symbolism behind it?
  • What motivated you to get it done?
  • He’ll try and memorize every detail, wanting to remember how it looks against your skin.
  • But if you’re uncomfortable with the origins of the tattoo(s) or don’t want to talk about it, he won’t pry.
  • If you want, he’ll give you essays upon essays of knowledge on it’s spiritual meaning, and what past cultures had those marks for.
  • He’ll be sure to have some questions for you as well.
  • ‘some’. By some, he means dozens, maybe hundreds of questions
  • He’d absolutely write poetry about how your tattoo(s) crawl across your skin, painting a masterpiece.
  • Any time insecurities pop up about it, he’ll be sure to dispel them immediately.
  • “My love, your tattoo(s) are a wonderful part of you. They’re/It’s a part of you, and I love you wholeheartedly. With or without the tattoo(s), I fell in love for you for your personality and intelligence. That will never change, so don’t think you’re less-than because of your tattoo(s).”


  • Oh you bet he’s going to fawn over it.

  • As soon as he finds out, expect to be showered in praise and words of adoration.

  • Complimenting how well it matches your color palate, outfit aesthetic, hair color, etc.

  • Immediately takes you out for clothes that show it off, and compliment the style of it.

  • How could he not want to show off such pretty mark(s) on his lover!

  • Absolutely supports you all the way, and would love to throw in his two cents if you ever decide to get another tattoo.

  • If you’re up for it, he’ll get you a page in Majolish, maybe even the front cover!

  • For sure, wears clothing to match your tattoo(s), and does his nails a similar style.

  • He’d even commission designers for special pieces, that mimic the design of your tattoo, and expose it, showing the world your beauty.

  • Definitely the type to take selfies with you and make aesthetic boards of you including your tattoo.

  • He adores you, and every part of you, no matter what.

  • “Darling you are more beautiful than anyone who criticizes you! All those haters of yours are just jealous, hon!”


  • In S3, he has one while in the human world, so he’d probably find it pretty cool that you have one(+).

  • I hc Beel to doesn’t care much about physical looks, so he probably wouldn’t pay it/them any special attention.

  • Why would he think of you differently because of it?

  • He’s fairly curious though.

  • Doesn’t it hurt? How long did it take for you to get it done?

  • Either way, he sees it/them as a nice mark on your skin, but not something he’d make a fuss about.

  • Another one of the boys who would get a matching tattoo with you, after all, he doesn’t mind tattoos, so if you wanted to get a matching one, he wouldn’t say no.

  • One of the types to absentmindedly stare at your tattoo, unaware that he’s staring.

  • If it’s of food, he may or may not drool at the sight of it, so you may not want to let it near his mouth, lest he accidentally bite you.
  • He’s more perceptive to people’s emotions than others give him credit for, and does his best to comfort you.
  • Any time you’re slighted for your tattoo(s), he’ll leap to your defense asap.
  • “A tattoo doesn’t define a person. Having your skin inked doesn’t make you less than anyone else. Whether you have one or not, it doesn’t give people the right to judge you based on that.”


  • Honestly? He’s pretty neutral on this

  • He doesn’t really care if you do or don’t have a tattoo, and won’t pay it any special attention unless you ask.

  • He loves you because of your personality, your physical appearance had nothing to do with it.

  • Your determination, patience, and tenderness are traits that attracted him to you.

  • But if you have a tattoo of anything cow related…

  • He may feel a bit smug

  • His lover has his symbolic animal tattooed on themself, how could he not be?

  • It practically screams that they’re taken, and taken by him.

  • Now he doesn’t have to worry about other demons trying to take you from him.

  • Sometimes, if you’re cuddling, he’ll trace your tattoo(s), a way to soothe you, on the chance you’re stressed/anxious.

  • Tbh, it calms him down as well.

  • Knowing that you’re physically there, keeps his anxieties about you leaving at bay.

  • Probably the brother that is most angry when someone insults your appearance.

  • “Y/n, others have no right to judge you based on your physical appearance. It’s your body, and no one else should control how you make yourself look.”

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This is an old sketch, but anyway-

Even Mammon feels a bit blue sometimes, but he has nothing to fear, because MC is always ready to comfort him (with hugs or cheek kisses-)



My MC (Camy) also gets stressed and to be honest, a bit touch starved too (but only with people she’s comfortable with). However, she’s too shy to ask for help. Good thing that Mammon notices immediately when his human is feeling down



We all know that Mammon is a big tsundere, but he is a even bigger sweetheart. So if he has to go out of his comfort zone in order to make MC smile again, he will do it ✨

Have a nice day/night and stay safe everyone!

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Mammon x Reader - Greedy for Love


Hello, lovelies, here are some Mammon Headcanons for all you Mammon lovers.

Warning: Yandere


~𝕯𝖔𝖜𝖓 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕽𝖆𝖇𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝕳𝖔𝖑𝖊 𝖂𝖊 𝕲𝖔~

🎲A more gentle Yandere, he try’s to be subtle and believe me he is but sometimes when he has no patience left and just needs to make you his, he’ll just take you expecting you to except him and love him as much as he loves you.

🎲He’s very needy, always staying by your side but he won’t admit it expecting you to know when he needs affection and when it’s not the right time. Ignore his silent pleas and he’ll lose his temper, probably slapping you.

🎲He won’t realise what he’s done until the damage is already there; Will lock you up in a separate room for some time to comprehend what he’s done.

🎲Decides to buy you something small, like a ring as sorry gift but that doesn’t mean he changes. He’ll start locking you up more and more often until he decides keeping you locked in his room is the best way to keep you safe.

Atleast That’s What He Tells Himself

………………𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝕾𝖍𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉 𝕶𝖓𝖔𝖜 𝕭𝖞 𝕶𝖓𝖔𝖜…………….

Cards lay spread in front of him, his hands gliding through the ones in his hand, complete focus taking over him as he kept outsmarting his opponent.However, he kept one arm tight around your waist, his nails slightly digging into your skin almost asking for support. More money kept being added to the game as your mind clouded with nothing but silent commotion.

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warnings: rough sex, penetration, oral (male receiving and giving), mentions of bondage, toys, etc.. sorta kinda public sex? (exhibitionist themes). none of this is described in much detail.

how omswd guys wld react to u asking them to dom aftr them being primarily sub in ur relationship. also i didnt proofread this idc, these r super casual.

  • he’s gotten so used to being ur plaything that luci is genuinely lost when given any sort of control. it’s kinda embarrassing for him and fun to watch for u. ends up sub topping because he can’t even reprimand you when you tell him he sucks at this — he actually just whimpers into your neck, agreeing as he ruts into you.
  • mammon pretends to be super smug & chill, “yeah, of course babe, we can make this a regular thing if u want” but he’s panicking on the inside. he wants to do a good job so bad but he literally does not know how to do that. ends up sub topping because he can’t handle it when u dirty talk him back.
  • his first and immediate answer is no❤️, but levi wants to make u happy, so he goes along with it. when the time comes, it turns into a humiliating teaching-him-how-to-dom session, telling him where to put his hands and what to say. it actually gets him off, like, a lot, especially when u praise him and tell him he’s doing a good job, but he’s definitely not domming u rn lol.
  • satan is like, scarily excited. almost makes u regret asking bc it looks like he’s put a lot of thought into this. ends up fucking your face and shoving his cock down your throat, admitting he’s thought about this for so long — making u drool all over his dick and beg him to stop. but he also admits, literally while unloading down your throat, that he’s so sorry and wants you to punish him for it. duality.
  • u know damn well asmo has a plan. that mf’s eyes light up aaa, he’s so happy. he pulls u in front of all his sex toys and gives you the freedom of choice, but he does wanna see you tied up in pretty silk if you’re comfortable with that… but anyway, asmo’s praise & gentle caresses hit different when you’re cumming for the nth time that night.
  • beel says “okay” really unceremoniously, but you have to teach him how. when he really realizes he has full power to over indulge in whatever he wants, he is extremely curious about holding your hips down and making you cum with his tongue over and over. you’re gonna have to beg him to put that fat cock to use if you want it in you, because he literally just wants to taste you.
  • sleepy little belphie says no until he thinks about what you as a personal sextoy really means for him. later, u learn he is so good at being mean, especially when his hands are in your hair, pushing your face down his cock, “choke on it.” he also makes you ride him hands free so he can sit back and watch, making you stop every time you get close. for amusement.
  • he does whatever you want if it means he gets praised, so diavolo says yeah. he’s always been mischievous, but it’s worse. he teases you in public with stray touches and kisses to your neck like he’s building up to something bigger. ends up fucking you over a desk in an empty classroom because he riled himself up too much. he cums so much so it was so messy wtf. leash this man he’s dangerous.
  • barbatos gives you this little defeated look LMAO. his stress relief is you calling him a dumb slut while fucking his brains out and you’ll have to pry that from his cold, dead hands. if he has to do any more work after hours, even in bed, he is going to collapse.
  • he checks if maybe he forgot his birthday or if there was a national holiday he didn’t know about when you ask him. solomon has a nasty plan to make you horny all day, maybe a remote vibrator or an aphrodasiac in the form of a potion. he’s disgustingly smug as he slides in and out of u, and he calls you a little whore for being so desperate for his cock in front of everyone.
  • simeon nervously accepts, promptly researches how to be a good dom, and asks you how you want him. he’s extremely gentle, holding your waist as he fucks you missionary style, and he murmurs praise into your ear — how divine you are to him, and how thankful he is that you trust him to do this. nah that’s not fucking, that’s making love🤚

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@pzlqpibz said: Please can i have one full alphabet on mammon ? 🥺🥺 Love you, take care of you !!!!!!😚😚😚

Hi! I hope that you don’t mind that i’m tagging you. But anyways here is a full fluff alphabet for tsun tsun baby mammon :))))
~Admin Hurricane

A - Activities; How do they like to spend time with you?

He likes taking you out to buy stuff despite him not being able to afford a lot of things lol. And if he can, he also likes taking you to his shoots so you can see him going all out with different outfits and such.

B - Beauty; What do they admire/find beautiful about you?

He rlly likes your hair and just playing around with it. He also thinks it’s rlly cute when you’re studying together and your face scrunches up while you try and figure out what the answer is. He’ll just kinda stare at you longingly and then when you catch him, he’ll turn away panicked and blushy lmao.

C - Comfort; How would they help you if you felt down/were having a panic attack?

He’d also panic because at first he wouldn’t quite know what to do, but then he would just pull you into a hug cause he wouldn’t rlly know what else to say. 

D - Dreams; How do they picture their future with you?

At first, he thought that it was a one sided thing, so all he could rlly see is you with one of his brothers and not him. But then after you got together, he could see it as something that could work out. Being the avatar of Greed, everything used to be just about him, him, him, but then you came into the picture and all of that was thrown out the window. 

E - Equal; Are they the dominant one in the relationship, or rather passive?

He gives off dom vibes, but rlly he’s the more passive one lmao

F - Fighting; Would it be easy for them to forgive you? How do you fight?

It would probably be something along the lines of:
Mammon: grrrr you idiot human, I’ll never forgive you!
*five minutes later*
Mammon: nooooo MC come back dont hang out with my stupid brothers.

G - Gratitude; How grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what you’re doing for them?

He acts like he isn’t but really, he is, he’ll just never admit it.

H - Honesty; Do they have any secrets that they hide from you? Or do they share everything?

He gets into a lot of trouble with the witches and he doesn’t want to get you involved. But since he’s a terrible liar you still find out anyways.

I - Inspiration; Did you change them somehow, or the other way around? Like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems?

You did! You helped him with his relationship with his brothers. 

J - Jealousy; Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?

Oh boy, he’s a tsundere for a reason lol. If he wasn’t the avatar of Greed, he’d be the avatar of Jealousy lmao.  

K - Kiss; Are they a good kisser? What was the first kiss like?

I like to imagine that he’s a rlly good kisser dshfbsffdbsh. The first kiss was most likely pretty rushed and a spur of the moment type of thing, where he literally goes “cause i love you idiot,” then proceeds to kiss him.

L - Love Confession; How would they confess to you?

If you’ve seen lesson 20, you know ;)

M - Marriage; Do they want to get married? How do they propose? What would the marriage be like?

At the beginning of your relationship, he’s terrified that you’re gonna leave him cause everyone thinks he’s a scumbag, but then later on he really believes that he wants and will get married to you. He’d probably propose by pulling you into a secluded place away from his brothers, maybe the top of the devildom and then ask the question. And mammon, being mammon would want an extravagant wedding lol

N - Nicknames; What do they call you?

Treasure, baby girl, babe, baby, my human

O - On Cloud Nine; What are they like when they are in love? Is it obvious for others? How do they express their feelings?

It’s pretty obvious lol, he’s more blushy and clingy than usual. He doesn’t easily express his feelings cause whenever he sees you, he turns into a stuttering blushy mess. 

P - PDA; Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when others are watching?

Oh man, if he could let the entire Devildom know that you’re going out with him, he would do it. His brothers are tired of him constantly bragging and going “mE AnD mC aRE dATiNG”. But he’s a shy blushy baby about PDA in front of everyone else. 

Q - Quirk; Some random ability they have that’s beneficial in a relationship.

I think that mammon would actually be rlly good with kids! He doesn’t seem like it at first but he’s just a big softie for them.

R - Romance; How romantic are they? What would they do to make you happy? Cliché or rather creative? 

He doesn’t act all romantic at first, but he’d try his best to make you happy. Something catches your eye? He goes out of his way to go get it for you later. 

S - Support; Are they helping their s/o achieve their goals? Do they believe in them?

He’s supportive of whatever you want, he believes that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. 

T - Thrill; Do they need to try out new things to spice out your relationship? Or do they prefer a certain routine?

He prefers to follow a routine. 

U - Understanding; How good do they know their partner? Are they empathetic?

When the two of you start dating, he knows you pretty well. He doesn’t show it but he’s pretty empathetic. 

V - Value; How important is the relationship to them? What is it worth in comparison to other things in their life?

This relationship is vvvvvvvvvvvvvv important to him. He’s never had anything like this because he’s constantly being put down by his brothers and he wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

W - Wild Card; A random Fluff Headcanon.

When the two of you wake up in the morning and you’re trying to get up, he’ll just pull you back unexpectedly and cuddle longer, refusing to let you go.

X - XOXO; Are they very affectionate? Do they love to kiss and cuddle?

In public, he’s a blushy baby, but in private be prepared to have this boi be stuck to your side like glue. He won’t let you go. You probably have to initiate the cuddling first tho.

Y - Yearning; How will they cope when they’re missing their partner? 

Oh man, if you’re gone, he sulks a lot and hides out in his room. He’ll probably just lay on top of his bed scrolling through his gallery looking at pictures of you, or you and him. 

Z - Zeal; Are they willing to go to great lengths for the relationship? If so, what kind of?

If it’s you, he’s willing to try his best and achieve it, even if he acts like he’s uninterested. He really cares about you and wants to ensure your happiness.

Want more of my writing? Be sure to check out my masterlist :)

If you wanna request something, don’t be afraid to send something my way! Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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***goes to look for more of my masked anime crushes now***

Obey Me Boys + Masked Reader HCs


  • Doesn’t understand, but respect their decision
  • He’s lived a long time. So it’s not the weirdest thing he’s ever seen
  • Besides, a person’s attractiveness is not strictly defined by their physical appearance
  • He’s in love with the person. Not how the person looks.


  • Doesn’t not get it at all and thinks it’s annoying
  • It’s really hard to read a person if you can’t see their face. So he doesn’t know if they’re happy or sad. Or angry
  • Will try to steal it off them any chance he gets. With Willey Coyote results
  • Actually caught it once and was about to take it off, grinning at his victory, but backed out at the last moment before he took it off. “You can take it off when you’re ready.”


  • Into it!
  • Being an anime fan, there are so many great masked characters. Kagetane Hiruko, Ken Kaneki, Shin-ah, Ririka Momobami
  • Interested in the decision behind it, but would never ask too deep of a question on why and respect it
  • Likes it a lot because he feels less intimidating talking to them in a mask instead of a ‘live person’


  • Doesn’t get it, but doesn’t pry
  • Whatever makes them comfortable he supposed
  • Would be curious in their choice, whether it was cultural or just a preference, because knowledge brings understanding
  • Respects their choice but eager for the day they trust him enough to take it off


  • Why would anyone want to cover their face?!?!
  • Our beauty diva does not understand it at all. And being a maven of physical form must know what they look like
  • Will try to engineer situations where they have to take it off. Willey Coyote 2.0
  • Will eventually give up and let it go, but only because he’s decided he can now focus on masks as an accessory/fashion statement and go from there.


  • Has no opinion. Whatever makes them happy he supposed.
  • Has more practical questions like ‘isn’t it hot under there?’ ‘is that really comfortable?’
  • Tries to be respectful and look away when they have to eat or something, to respect their privacy
  • Won’t understand why they were hiding their face, if they eventually show it to him, because no matter what he’ll think they’re super cute.


  • Finds it annoying
  • He’s super sarcastic, and unintentionally brutal with his honesty sometimes. How is he supposed to tell if he upset them or not if he can’t see their face?
  • Thinks of it as a way for them to shut him out. So he feels rejected.
  • Asks a lot for them to take it off but eventually gives up and tries to deal with it.
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