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writersfailure · 58 seconds ago
While you studied demonolgy, I studied the blade
A/n: yay more hcs! perfect for my chaotic ass. And it’s another fighting one! I love swords they’re just so pretty. Thanks to the anon who requested this! This is a little long actually
Scenario: You are a master swordsperson who ends up in the devildom. The bois think you’re worthless and just a tool but wait until you surprise them in different ways
okay this bitch is the avatar of pride. Naturally he’s gonna look down on you because he’s a dick of a demon and you’re just a defenseless little human in his eyes
Makes several snide comments about how he thinks you’re weak. You just roll your eyes and ignore him because even with his whole demon shtick you knew you could take him
It’s not much of a problem until he keeps doing it and you just snap.
You know how way back when, duels were issued by slapping someone across the face with a glove. You follow those traditions but seeing as he’s a demon...
Luci got full on slapped by a gauntlet from one of the suits of armor. He just stares in shock as you issue the challenge. He’s ancient so you do it in a way he can understand. “You have dishonored my realm, i demand satisfaction.” you yell before leaving the room
Lucifer is about to chase after you until you come back with two rapiers and toss one to him and rush him as soon as he has it in his grasp.
Mans is pissed
Fights against you but you’re better than he is at this. After all, what human fights against demons with swords? Magic is quicker and it’s been what he’s mainly used in the last decades.
Sees red when you draw blood from his cheek and keeps trying his hardest to stab you because he is so angry rn. You know that one razor commercial where the actors are fighting and it’s so sexually charged? That but slightly more aggressive
Eventually you beat him back into a corner and he yields, not wanting to ruin the exchange program. You force him to admit that humans aren’t as weak as he believed and that he was a pompous ass. 
He hates you but now has begrudging respect for you. Decides to train with you to become a more capable swordsman while teaching you new techniques since again he is ancient and was around to see them in use. Who knows this could turn into something more
This dude doesn’t quite think you’re worthless but you’re nowhere near valuable on the market because Lucifer would kill him if he ever tried to make money off of you. So you’re kinda useless in his eyes
But he’s intrigued. You walk with an air of confidence like you know you can handle yourself. he thinks you’re either cocky or stupid. Maybe both
But considering you can shish kebab all the demons in a room if you had one of your stabby stabs swords with you then meh
Finds out by taking you to an auction of cursed artifacts. he needed an extra body to store the loot on and you fit the bill. 
Your eyes land on a sword that the shopkeeper says has a soul fragment of one of the old kings of the Devildom. You think it’s bullshit but it’s a nice looking sword. Luckily you had enough grimm for it
Mammon is confused by your choice until someone noticed the valuables in his pockets. “Thief!” They shouted. “Mammon, get us outside! I can make them back off!”
he decides not to question you and to do what you say. As soon as you’re outside with room to maneuver, you’ve gone on the attack.
Turns out the shopkeeper wasn’t lying, it did have a soul fragment in it. Which gave you a speed/strength/stamina boost. Combined with your skill with the sword and the demons chasing after you went down quickly.
“Mc? Where did you learn that?” Mammon would ask. Once you explain he just grins. “Wanna be my bodyguard Mc? A lot of people would kill to protect the great and powerful Mammon after all!”
You agree just because it gives you an excuse to practice your sword techniques, plus you’d actually be allowed to cause injuries. Win-win
Now this boy could care less about you. Just another stupid normie. And trust me he lets you know it
You come to dislike him due to how he treats you. But like that’s how you feel towards all the boys during this time period
It’s not until he has a chance to go to a con and starts whining that he has no one to take who’ll understand what it’s like. His brothers toss you under the bus and tell you to go with him
He’s chill for the most part, dragging you around from spot to spot. He does notice your fascination with the live steel exhibit and tells you the story behind all of the the anime swords shown there.
You even got to watch a dueling match! Not to the death, but it was still a showcase. The grand prize for whoever beat the master swordsman up there won a limited edition Rurichan in knight’s armor. Naturally Levi had to have it
While he was muttering to himself to try and figure out how to get it, you just went up on the stage to challenge the swordsman. Levi’s mouth fell open when you proceeded to kick said man’s ass
Gives you the biggest grin as you hand him the limited edition rurichan thing. “Mc! You’re like a Knight in one of my animes! So cool!” He cries as he tightly holds onto his new possession.
Buys you like 15 swords from his favorite shows to use afterwards
This smug little jerk. If I could kick his ass I would. But I can’t. You, Mc, however can!
He would definitely call you a tool especially when you and Lucifer started getting along. Boi would rub it in your face
Cause yknow, little asshole
You’re getting fed up with him, especially with his thoughts of how he’s better than you just because he’s had a millennia to memorize more information
You finally catch a moment to prove him wrong though. A treasured day in your mind.
He had been reading aloud from a book of old techniques for sword fighting. “This Style is Said to be undefeatable in battle blah blah blah”
“Your Book is outdated or wrong. Maybe both.” You say without looking up. He frowns and tries to argue with you, even standing up and casting a spell to show you the different stances and moves and how they work.
But when you start describing a more recent style and how it can easily defeat all of those he starts getting angry and flustered. How dare a stupid human think they know better than him! He's still pissed even after you explain.
Forces you to teach him all that you know. Knowledge is power and the demon wants all of it
Let's just say that the next time his wrath takes over, he might have a pointy weapon involved
Well he knew that you were doing some sort of physical activity after seeing all your muscles. Putting your whole body into a fight and depending on the style of a sword, you could get decently jacked
Definitely approves of what it's done for your body. But in the end you're just a magicless human. He attempts to be nice but it comes off as more condescending. Blame the narcissism for that.
It wasn’t until one day the two of you were home alone, the rest out doing various activities while you helped him with a live stream. You both started to hear a loud commotion from outside and you peeked out the window to see a small crowd of demons banging on the doors to the house.
“Asmo, what the hell is going on?” You asked. He sighed and flapped his hand about dismissively. “My fans are getting bolder. It’s quite annoying really.” He said. “They’d never be this bold. What did you do?” You asked, knowing how all the demons of the realm feared Asmo and his brothers too much to pull a stunt like this.
“Satan may have... given me a spell that I used and accidentally enchanted many demons to the point of severe obsession.” Asmo said quietly as he did the simpy fingers 👉👈
You couldn’t stand the loud noise starting to echo through the house and sighed as you punched the bridge of your nose. “How do we fix it?” “The spell book said a severe physical shock would break them out of it but none of the others are here and it’s not quite my speed.” He explained.
You just glared at him as you went into Lucifer’s study, where two swords were hanging on the wall. You grabbed them and marched towards the door, Asmo trying to stop you.
“MC you cant! They’ll kill you!” He pleaded. It still didn’t stop you from opening the door and slamming it behind you to keep them away from Asmo.
The demon began to get worried when he heard all the screams and gross squelching sounds but none of them sounded like yours. It wasn’t until you opened the doors back up again and walked in, covered in blood and tossing the bloody swords on the ground.
“Just for that, I get to use your bathroom and any products I want to get the blood off.” You said as you trudged up the stairs. Asmo just stared at you with a slack jaw before glancing outside to see quite a lot of wounded demons wondering what had happened to them while quickly healing.
Needless to say, he didn’t mess with you anymore. But he did make sure to take you to the club with him from then on in order to ward off unwanted admirers.
Boi didn’t think you were useless per say but he definitely thought you were weak and needed protecting
Didn’t really come to like you until you started slipping him food and hanging out with him, which is the quickest way to his heart.
Would bring you along to some of his sports clubs or the gym so you could cheer him on. Would also try to encourage you to join a sport until one of the others reminded him how that could end with you maimed or dead
Well one day you were with him in the gym which his team was using for weightlifting while the fencing team practiced in their ring.
You watched their practice for a while until you started yelling out tips or corrections for the fencers. The demons were getting kinda annoyed with it all. Who did you think you were? You were just a stupid human who probably couldn’t even hold a sword properly.
They voiced said thoughts to you and Beel began to frown, standing up to your defense. A hand planted in the center of his chest made him pause. “It’s alright Beel. I’ll take care of this.” You said as you marched towards the ring.
Beefy boi wanted to stop you but by the time he realized that yeah you were gonna be that stupid, you were already grabbing a fencing foil. “Let’s do This.”
He watched in awe as you quickly dispatched your opponent and the teacher watching called your win. Your face lit up in such an infectious grin that he couldn’t help but smile too, happy for you and your victory.
When you tried to leave, your former opponent grabbed you by the shoulder and started berating you some more. Saying that you cheated and called on your pacts to win. Beel only got between the two of you and bared his teeth. “Sore losers make me angry. And watching you two fight made me hungry.” He growled out.
You’ve never seen someone run so fast as that demon did to get away from the two of you.
Oh this bitch is trouble
He literally killed you, he’s not the most pleasant for you to be around. Understandable really. Having him around all day and with him trying to cling to you like a new teddy bear, really set you on edge.
He didn’t see anything wrong. He just thought you were cowardly like most demons were. He definitely didn’t think you could do anything to defend yourself, especially after how it was easy to just end you.
So when he walks in one day to see you doing a training routine with one of your swords, which often helped relieve some of your stress, he had the fricking audacity to laugh. “Wow look at the human trying to be tough. I doubt you can hurt anyone with that toothpick.”
And you were more than fed up at this point. So you threw the sword at him with as much accuracy as you could.
The tip of it snagged itself in his hood and the force of the throw managed to pin the fabric to the wall, Belphie’s eyes wide as he stared at you. You were seething as you looked at him with tightly clenched hands and he had never seen you that angry before.
“Don’t dismiss me just because I’m human. You only managed to kill me because I was caught off guard and unarmed. And because I had trusted you. If I felt like it, I could carve you up like a thanksgiving turkey with one of these ‘toothpicks’ and be rest assured that your brothers have given me ones that will work against you.” You said.
Belphie’s jaw dropped when you finished your speech. You just stride forward and pulled your blade out of the wall, taking a moment to let it linger against his neck. “I’m not as defenseless as you think I am.” You say before walking away.
Well mark him down as scared and horny. He doesn’t mess with you anymore now tho so it’s a plus
He didn’t quite see you as useless. You played an important part in the exchange program of course! But he did come across as condescending when he talked to you. It’s just how he phrases things when he talks about the human realm, he can’t help it.
He doesn’t witness your abilities first hand but rather read about it in your file and from Lucifer’s reports. He was quite impressed with you!
Especially when rumors of your skills began going through the devildom like a wildfire. “Wonderful! The human can protect themselves! Now we need not worry as much!” He would simply say.
He worries. He worries very much. What if you couldn’t get to a blade in time? What if a quick demon killed you in a surprise, giving you no time to react? What if there were too many to fight against?
A suggestion from Barbatos solves his problems easily. He picks out a special sword from the royal vault, wrapping it up in a fine sheath before calling you to come see him.
He gives you a sentient sword. “One that will always come to your hand when called, will rise up to aid you in battle if you somehow cannot defend yourself.” You gotta love magic, right?
What really gets you is the inscription with the sword’s name. “Excalibur??? This is Excalibur? Like Merlin and King Arthur and the knights of the round table Excalibur?” You asked and Diavolo nodded.
“Yes. The lady of the lake was a special powerful type of demon who forged that sword. We stole it back from the human realm after it had served its use and I believe it will do good for you.”
Dude tries to fucking knight you, prove me wrong. Also gotta keep your new sword under lock and key away from Mammon. Imagine how much Grimm it’d go for!
Oh dear he knows trouble when he sees it
You might as well have a flashing neon arrow pointed at your head after the rumors start circulating. Now every demon wants to challenge your abilities and he can see many futures where it ends badly
After a while of listening to Diavolo’s worries and dealing with his own, he makes the suggestion. “My lord, I seem to recall a great many of magical swords in the vault that may prove helpful. Maybe gift one of them to MC?”
Is delighted when he sees how your face lights up at the sword. He spent hours restoring and sharpening it, making sure its ancient magic would be enough to protect you. His hard work was definitely worth it for that smile on your face
Offers to help you with its cleaning and will listen endlessly to your many battles with Excalibur
“MC please be careful!”
Has the pained smile on anytime he has to heal you after a fight. You can literally see the hurt in his eyes. “You’re a Human, you need to be more careful MC.”
Will make you feel sooooo guilty for partaking in fights like this. He just wants you to be safe after all and nothing like a good ol guilt trip to make you stay away from demons who could snap ya like a twig
Doesn’t stop you for long
“Keep the swords away from Luke! I don’t want him to hurt himself.”
Eventually gives in and offers to help you train. He knows a bit, having been around for a while and having probably trained in the celestial realm himself. The brothers styles of fighting aren’t the same as they used to be when he shows you how angels truly fight
Pansies. They fight like pansies
Their style of fighting is less... dirty and underhanded than the styles of those in the devildom. Between that and Simeon’s fear of hurting you, you decide to cancel training with him indefinitely
To say he’d be relieved is an understatement
Troublesome little bastard he is
Enjoys watching you train and helping you learn how to fight when magic is involved. Also loves messing with the magic in Excalibur
Anytime he gets his hand on the sword you end up smacking him though, even when he reveals it’s true past
“Yeah the lady of the lake forged it but I was the one who had to keep reinforcing it. That magic would wear off in two battles! Two!”
“Wasn’t Merlin the wizard in those stories?” You asked. Solomon just nods and gestures to himself “I lived under an alias for a while, okay? Don’t ask me about it.” He simply says.
You don’t believe him. No one does, even if he does provide evidence. Mammon was there during those ages, remembering being summoned to help some witch names Morgana but doesn’t remember Solomon being there.
“I was in disguise!” Solomon’s rants and desperate pleas for recognition don’t do anything for his character
A/n: didn’t include Luke in this one because I’m tired and his character is just kinda meh to me. Sorry
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squeaky-ducky · an hour ago
not a question but more of a statement: Asmo 100% has tiktok that is all thank you
Oh 💯
Asmo is all about doing quick and fast beauty tiktoks.
Everything from making face masks, to product reviews and make up tutorials.
Absolutely shocked when he sees his brothers also have channels.
Eventually decides to collab with Levi and does a few anime make up challenges.
He loves a challenge and loves the extra attention from Levi's followers.
Has difficulty making home-made products because Beel keeps eating them.
Sometimes uses a sleeping Belphie as his test subject for the few home-made products Beel managed not to eat.
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peach-cream-yukio · 7 hours ago
Lucifer, Levi, Asmodeus, and Simeon with mc who sleeps with a baby blanket
I didn’t do Diavolo just be writing more than 4 characters and scenarios at a time takes the creative bits of my brain and sits on em
Your first time to the devildom was rough. Being plucked from your world and being dropped in unfamiliar terrain would worry most people. Hearing you’d stay there for a whole semester was the most worrying to you.
You didn’t get much sleep for the first month, possibly more. All because you didn’t have your blanket. That scrappy, tattered thing of cloth thats been so important to you since, birth, you suppose. You’d slept with it for as long as you can remember. Panic when you wake up and can’t find it, only to see it fallen off your bed, is an emotion you’re well familiar with. After a while, you couldn’t take it anymore, so you went to the only person you were at least somewhat confident WOULDNT laugh at you. Barbatos. You caught him after a student council meeting, tugging lightly on his sleeve and muttering a small “I have to ask you something. A-Alone, please.” He told Diavolo to continue on and that he’d catch up, and he walked with you to a small, thankfully empty, classroom. You started slow, trying not to let the tears start and the hitched breathing begin.
“I-I don’t know how to ask this...but I need something. From home.” He listened carefully as you explained what you needed and why. He watched quietly as you rubbed at your eyes with your sleeves and he placed his hand gently on your shoulder when you seemed calm enough. He told you it was no problem and that he would retrieve it as soon as he could, and it would be in your room hidden where you ask it to be, so no one would see.
And it was, just two days later, neatly folder beneath your pillow.
Months passed and your sleep got better, and your relationships grew stronger, and it became harder to hide your blanket. You didn’t want anyone to think it was stupid, or that you were acting like a baby. But you knew they’d find out eventually.
Howling winds, pounding thunder, too many small things being blown around and flung into your window. It felt like the walls were creaking and the room was swaying. The bed felt all too big and much too small, the room felt cold despite the normal heat in the house. You were tossing and turning, jolting with each crack against your window and every boom of thunder. The bed squeaked as you sat up and clutch your blanket tight to your chest. You couldn’t sleep alone right now, but your tired brain couldn’t drop the terrified thought of going to someone else’s room with your blanket. Not being alone wouldn’t help if you couldn’t sleep because you didn’t have it. So you let your brain think of every possible scenario with each brother, and Lucifer seemed the only option. He may think you childish and you’d be embarrassed and rejected, but he was mature enough to not tell anyone. You got up and left your room as fast as you could, hoping if you got far enough from it you wouldn’t let the paranoia make you turn back around. You bundled up your blanket as much as you could in a futile effort to hide it with your arms. Though you knew that wouldn’t do anything, it was comfort in the moment. You prayed Lucifer was still up and that you wouldn’t be waking him. You’d feel even worse if you did. Your fist hesitated before knocking and retreating back to your chest. The door opened quietly and lucifers red eyes greeted you from behind the door.
“(Y/n)? What are you doing still up?” You could see his eyes flit to your blanket before returning to look in your own. It felt hard to breathe now that he saw.
“I-I’m sorry, I can’t sleep...please, can I stay here?” The silence was deafening, and it felt like forever, when it was maybe only a heartbeats time.
“Oh, uh, of course.” He opened the door wider and let you in.
Lucifer wasn’t a stranger to tenderness, he just didn’t give it often. You received it most often, but this was a new scenario.
“You can sleep in my bed, if it’s alright that I sleep beside you.” He walked you over to his bed and let you sit at your own pace before rounding the bed to get in beside you. He stopped with one knee on the bed as you call out to him.
“About this,” you moved your arms to show your blanket, “I’m sorry if it’s gross, a-and if you think it’s stupid and I’m being a baby about it, but I need it with me, a-and I don’t want you to just..let me stay here because you feel you have to even if you think it’s-“ his hand comes to rest softly on your blanket then slowly makes its way to yours.
“It’s important to you, correct?” You nodded slowly. “Then my opinion of it doesn’t matter, the only one that matters is yours. But, mine isn’t negative, either.” Lucifer paused before stroking your hand. “That pillow Belphegor always carries around? I suppose it’s the same to him as this is to you.” He stares into your eyes as they blink up at him. “So don’t worry about it, just try and get some sleep.”
When you do fall asleep, you lay on your side facing him, the arm beneath you clutching your blanket and your other draped over it leaving your hand laid perfectly between you two. Lucifer can’t resist the urge to hold it.
You two had a movie night planned but, with how stressful today had already been, you had completely forgotten. You took a nap as soon as you got home from RAD, but you assumed some brother or another would come around looking for trouble. Normally you’d be ready and raring to go but you had test after test and practical exams and the student council meeting. But you were going to try to nap before dinner, and assuming someone would come knocking (or barging in), you put your blanket under your pillow.
Every time you’d fall right to the edge of sleep there would be a knock. Satan, bringing a book he thought you’d might like, Beel coming with questions about dinner, Asmo wanting to try a new clay face mask with you.
When it was time to make dinner you begrudgingly got out of bed. You rubbed your eyes to the point they started tearing up before going to your bathroom to straighten yourself up so you didn’t look like you’d just rolled out of bed, though that is the case. You trudged past Levi’s room and knocked to tell him food would be ready by dinner time but you didn’t hear an answer. The doorknob creaked when you try to turn it and found it locked. As you stepped back and resumed your course to the kitchen you couldn’t figure out why his door was locked. He usually only locks it when he’s mad so he has to be mad at something or someone. Bumping the door to the kitchen open, you decided you’d make a variety of foods.
For the next hour and a half you spent your time flipping burgers and steaks, putting together both veggie salads and fruit salads, stirring pasta, popping finished desserts into the fridge, and placing the dirty dishes in the sink. You’ll get to them before dinner if there’s time and if not you’d do them after. While you were plating the food to set out you remembered Levi’s locked door.
You frowned as you set the last burger on the platter. You don’t understand why he’s mad. Did someone do something, did YOU do something? You pull up a stool and use it to get on top of the counter and walk towards the fridge, reaching for the top and to the wall the fridge pressed against and pulled on one of the tiles. You cringed as it came free and clattered on top of the platinum fridgetop. You reached into it and grabbed a basket, pulling it out of its hiding spot and placing it by your feet. The tile was put back in place as carefully as you could. You hop down off the counter and clean it before grabbing the basket. You’d bought the brothers favorite sweets and would set them out at each plate. You placed each treat down when you made it to the dining room and it felt like someone was watching you. Levi was in the doorway and left as soon as your eyes met his but you didn’t have time to go after him.
Levi came to dinner but didn’t talk to anyone, just ate and left, which puzzled you to the point that everyone finished on their own time and each thanked you for dinner before you had finished your own. You thought about it while cleaning the dishes and through your nightly routine. You fell asleep earlier than normal, blanket in your arms and head still full of worry.
You woke sometime later to someone pinching and shaking your shoulder. Sleep still clouded your mind and eyes as you turned to see who interrupted your sleep but it cleared as soon as you recognized purple hair and Levi’s angry expression. You scurried into a sitting position, pushing your blanket as far behind you as you could without pushing it off the bed. You shuffled yourself closer to him subconsciously, to put distance between him and what he could se you were hiding. “Levi, what’s going on, do you need something?” Your arm covered a yawn so big you felt exhausted by it. Levi only pouted more angrily at you than before. “I know you’re upset, I could tell earlier but I don’t know what’s going on. If I can help just tell me and I’ll-“
“You seriously want me to believe you forgot about our movie night? When you so conveniently had my brothers in and out of your room all afternoon to hang out?” There was certainly tension in your room that you were too tired to properly handle as you reached out to him.
“Levi, I’m so sorry, I really did forget. I’ve been so tired all day and I just wanted to nap but everyone-“ he interrupted you again,
“What is that?” He points behind you and you whine as you prepare yourself for whatever might come next.
“It’s...I don’t want to talk about it with you right now.” The moment you said it you cringed. There was a better way to say that for sure.
“But I bet you’d tell my brothers about it wouldn’t you?” He looks like he’s unsure whether he should approach you further or just leave.
“It’s not like that Levi! I don’t want to tell anyone about it, but your here now so who cares! It’s a baby blanket alright! I’ve had it since I was little and I need it to sleep. Are you happy now?” You didn’t want to get angry or yell but you wanted this ‘confrontation’ to be over so you could go back to bed. His eyes filled with regret almost instantly.
“(Y/n), I’m...I’m so sorry. I-I don’t mean to pressure you into...I’m sorry.” One of his feet stepped back and you got up before he could leave. You grabbed his arm softly and tugged him back towards your bed, “please...just stay. It’s alright, I-I know you didn’t mean to. We can still have our movie night. If you want to.”
You laid on your bed facing each other as the movies played into the night. At some point your eyes had begun to flutter closed as sleep grew heavier on you. Levi looked past you where you kept your blanket behind you. Probably because you weren’t sure how he’d feel, but he reached over you and brought it to you as he watched with a smile. You’d sleepily latched onto it and looked up at him with what he’s only ever been able to describe as the prettiest eyes he’s ever seen.
Simeon and Asmodeus
It was Lord Diavolos retreat at his castle and you were entirely too stressed for a night meant for fun. You didn’t know how the sleeping arrangements would be, if you would be alone, if you’d be sharing rooms. The whole time you and the brothers were waiting in the entrance you were nervously rubbing your knuckles. You had put your night bag on the floor between your feet and were trying to busy yourself by looking at the ornate paintings and wallpaper of the castle. While looking around you met eyes with Luke who gave you a big smile and a little wave which you returned.
Barbatos then walked in with Lord Diavolo and announce the itinerary for the next few days, including the sleeping arrangements. Which including sharing rooms.
At least you were paired with Simeon and Asmo. Simeon wouldn’t dare look into your things or nose his way into the topic of “that thing you’d try to hide” as you slept with it. But Asmo would be a bit difficult to keep from finding and asking about your blanket. You picked up your stuff quickly as mammon walked over to bicker about the arrangement. Luke walked over and pulled your hand to get you out of the way of Mammon and Asmo arguing with a small apologetic smile. As if he felt one of the brothers would start throwing punches.
After dropping your things off in the room, and the disaster the tour of the castle became, you became one being heavier as Asmo clutched onto your arm and refused to let go until dinner, where he insisted he and Simeon sit either side of you, most likely to irritate an already fuming Mammon. Lots of smiling and gentle under the table hand squeezing from them both, the hand squeezing mostly from Asmo. Then came the time everyone turned in for the night.
It was going to be easy! You hid your blanket beneath your pillow when you first dropped things off in the room, you just had to make sure you were careful.
It wasn’t easy.
The second the door to the room opened Asmo dove straight for your bed and made himself comfortable. You quickly made your way over to the bed and kneel on it. You lightly shove Asmo as he stretches out with a tiny yawn.
“Asmo come on, I wanna go to bed.” He shuffles over and pats beside him with a wink. “Alone, Asmo.”
He pouts while he rests his hand on top of your pillow and you brace yourself to have to grab it. Simeon seems to sense your unease and comes over.
“Are you doing alright (y/n)? You seem tense.” His gloved hand rests gently on your shoulder. You stuttered out a confirmation with a slow nod.
Then Asmo’s hand slipped beneath your pillow. You could see the confusion on his face and the very moment he lifted the pillow to see what it was, you reached forward and snatched it. You bundled your blanket as small as you could in your arms as you backed away. You stumbled into Simeon who held you steady at your waist before letting you go as back up even more. Asmo quickly sat up then slowed his movements when he saw you tense more.
“Sweetie, are you alright?” Your eyes closed tightly and your chin tucked into your chest. Your breathing was getting heavy.
“(Y/n), are you ok? I’m coming to you, ok?” Soft footsteps grew closer and Simeon softly whispered. “Do you want to sit down? Come on, let’s sit down on the bed.” You open your eyes and see Asmos sad face as he sits on the bed.
“(Y/n), I’m sorry, I didn’t know there was anything there. I didn’t mean to touch your stuff.” Simeon sat on the other side of you, placing you between he and Asmo, like how you sat at dinner.
“You don’t have to talk about, but we’ll listen if you do.”
You slowly laid your blanket down on your lap. “ baby blanket. I didn’t want anyone to see it. That’s it.”
Simeon waited a moment before speaking. “But why? It’s a blanket, there’s several on this bed as well.”
You laugh softly and rub your eyes, trying to push back tears. “It’s something you’d get bullied for in the human realm. You’re expected to get rid of childish things as you get older.”
Asmo huffed softly. “That’s stupid. And mean, there’s nothing wrong with having things, old or not.”
The three of you spent the next hour talking, and you each were dozing off fast. Asmo fell asleep on your bed and neither you nor Simeon could move him, so you let him sleep. You yourself started to fall asleep as well, you three having laid down to talk. When your eyes started to flutter closed Simeon sat up to move to his own bed.
“You can stay, the bed is big enough, if you’d like to.” And he does, after grabbing the cover from his bed and placing it over the three of you. Simeon kept comfortable space between you two while Asmo had buried his face in your back. You gave eachother soft good nights and drifted off to sleep.
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macabre-beth-arc · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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oceanatydes · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
asmo showing off his big bro mammon 🥺
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dummy-thicc-demons · 8 hours ago
Obey Me boys playing Friday Night Funkin’
I’ve been obsessed with Friday Night Funkin’ lately so take these headcanons.
MC introduced the boys to FnF....
Won’t play unless Diavolo tells him to bc Luci believes himself to be above playing computer games
Will watch the others play and make comments whenever they miss a beat
Secretly wants to play though and he’ll give in to the desire in the privacy of his own room or study
If he’s feeling nice, he’ll let MC come and play with him, but it always get spicy at the end bc Luci isn’t going to let MC leave without paying a price
He’s pretty average at the game and he hates that he’s not perfect at it
Struggles between wanting to practice and wanting to stop lowering himself just to join the others
He doesn’t have a favorite Week but he does really like the track Winter Horrorland, and when the update comes out, he also likes the track Monster
Is actually kinda good at the game?? Definitely above average
This man is crazy good at dancing so rhythm comes easily to him and definitely freestyles to the tracks
Don’t ask him to play an instrument though because he’s hopeless in that area
Will try it to gamble with his brothers and makes them make bets on who would win or lose
I don’t know why I feel like Mammy would like Week 1, but once Week 7 was released, he falls in love with it
His favorite track is DadBattle and always bops his head to the beat
Will brag and always tells MC to watch him win then proceeds to lose
Expert at the game
Because of his mad gaming skills, hitting the keys on time is easy
It also helps that he is fantastic at DDR
His biggest flex is being able to play all of the Weeks on hard mode
His ability comes from practice and dedicating his blood, sweat, and tears to gaming in general
He wants to know more about the plot and makes theories
His favorite track is Satin Panties bc he loves the duet sound is that really the only reason levi?
Interested in the game but he doesn’t love it like some of his brothers
The music is not his taste but he’ll admit that they have their charm
He’s average at the game and he’s okay with it
He would practice but he gets too into it when he does play and ends up getting angry every time he loses
They definitely needed to buy new laptops because he ended up breaking them
Doesn’t have a favorite Week but does love the track Philly
He finds joy in the line “shoot them up and take them out”
Doesn’t play the game at all and is really bad at it anyway
He doesn’t want to be stressed and start sweating bc that’s unseemly and gross
Still really likes the game though and enjoys watching his brothers flail around, particularly Mammon
Likes most of the tracks but he’s not the biggest fan of Week three, Monster, or Winter Horrorland
He loves Mommy Must Murder and wants to be her as well as fuck date her
His favorite track is Senpai but he hates the character Senpai
Thinks Lemon Demon and Senpai’s third form are disgusting inside and out
Doesn’t play often and would rather eat and watch because his brothers don’t want him to get his crumbs and grease on their laptops
When he does play, this man is a GOD
FnF just comes naturally to him and it both impresses and pisses off his brothers
Beel is a natural at the bass or the drums so it helps with his FnF skills
This man is just perfect at rhythm but pls don’t ask him to freestyle dance to the tracks
He likes the happy tones of the first two songs in Week 5 and gets hungry during Winter Horrorland
He likes what happens in Stress of Week 7 because he thought it was wholesome
Doesn’t play and doesn’t want to play
He likes just listening and dozing off
His brothers coerce him every so often but he’s just bad at the game
His favorite place to be is leaning on the shoulder of whoever is playing
His favorite Week is Week 6 because it’s chill
Doesn’t really care about the characters but he’ll like whoever MC likes
Will make fun of you if you lose or miss a lot of beats
Do I even have to say? This man is perfect at the game
Will play if Diavolo or MC asked him to
He was caught off guard when he played Week 7 on hard mode
He still won but it wasn’t a perfect score
He only missed a few beats and no one noticed but him
It’s okay because he played it a second time and it was flawless
His favorite track is High bc he likes the chill bob sound and always has a small smile whenever he hears it
Diavolo is so bad at it someone pls help him
What he lacks in skill, he makes up in enthusiasm
Absolutely adores the game, it’s music, it’s characters, and it’s concept
Will listen to the soundtrack often as a stress reliever
Will call MC to have tea with him as they play FnF in the garden
He loves the energy of Week 4 and his favorite track is MILF
Wants MC to wear Mommy Must Murder’s outfit
Heard of the game before but never played it himself until MC brought it up
Above average player
He plays with Levi sometimes and that’s where he gets his skill from
Definitely a huge fan of mods bc he likes the extra content and admires the work that other people put in
Doesn’t play on his own since he’s a busy magic man but he will play if the group is playing
Vibes to the music but won’t listen to it outside of the game
Teams up with Diavolo to try to get MC in the milf outfit
Another example of can’t play for shit
He can’t even use his D.D.D correctly and you expect me to believe that he can play FnF?
This kind of music is new to him and was startled and overwhelmed when he first heard it
Is amazed at Levi, Barbatos, and Beel’s mastery of the game
Plays whenever Luke or MC asks him to
He also likes to pester Lucifer and try to get him to play the game
Like Beel, he enjoys the happy vibe of Week 5
Good at the game
He’s a quick learner so give him a few turns on a level and he’ll be able to beat it even if he isn’t perfect
Plays the game during his free time bc he thinks it’s fun
Will beep and aah to the tracks whenever they play
You’ll see him tapping his fingers in the table, and when you ask, he’ll tell you that he’s practicing
Secretly likes playing with the demon brothers bc they’re always so chaotic and entertaining
Considered cosplaying as BF but was to scared to ask Levi to help him
Lastly, here my OC just bc
Heard about it from a friend in the human world and immediately fell in love
Average at the game but she’s practicing hard
Freestyles with Mammon
Like Luke, she will beep and aah whenever she hears a track playing
Loves watching the boys play she loves watching the boys do anything really
Favorite track is Ugh and lowkey simps for Tankman much to Levi’s distress and confusion
She also wants to wear the milf outfit but won’t agree to Diavolo and Solomon’s unless they call her Mommy
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iameliseposts · 8 hours ago
Asmo: My hands are cold.
MC: *Holds Asmo’s hands* There you go!
Asmo: ...
Asmo: Huh, for some reason, my lips are going cold too.
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cloudyuwu · 11 hours ago
Don’t you just love it when the story leaves you on a big cliff hanger then makes you go through 3 dance battles before you get to the next part of the story 🤩
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linpunny · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ayme-san really out here FULLY EMBODYING Asmo-Chan.
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stanmammon · 13 hours ago
Can you do the bros with an MC who is nervous around Belphegor? It's understandable given how he murdered them. Twice. Once in front of them.
Either platonic, romantic, or both!
(I’m just gonna rearrange it to being almost murdered just so it makes more sense)
It almost feels like Asmo is talking down to you when he tells you that Belphie is harmless as he had proven he was very much not harmless, but you supposed that’s what happens when you live with a group of demons. Giving Asmo the cold shoulder for a few days has him finally giving in, admitting that things were different because of Belphie being back, but that he wanted you to realize that you were safer than you ever were as everyone single brother in the house would be looking out for you just in case he did lash out again. He promised to never let Belphie get that close again, holding you in his arms as he insisted that his great love for you would repel any negativity Belphie threw your way. 
It truly hurts Beel the most as he loved Belphie, his twin, so much that knowing you were afraid of him could be a deal breaker. He would try the hardest to repair the relationship between you and Belphie which only seems to further your distrust, telling Beel that he can’t just force you to get over almost having your life taken. He understands it, he had been just as mad at Belphegor for striking out against you when you were so kind and innocent, but he still secretly hoped that you would be able to move past it. Belphie had long since accepted you as he could see how much Beel loved you and he would never do anything to hurt his twin, feeling immensely guilty for even doing so in the first place. 
Levi had really thought it was game over, bad end locked in, but was thankful that you managed to come back from your zero health state. He had held you even closer since then, more protective over you than he had ever been as he didn’t know what he might do if you were taken away from him. He had scolded Belphie at the time but he had also understood that his feelings came from anger at Lucifer, and that you had just gotten stuck in the crossfire. He doesn’t blame you for your relationship bar with Belphegor being in the negative but he hopes with time the distrust will decay; as long as you’re still afraid though Levi will be there to hold your hand, reassuring that nothing bad would happen to you again. 
Lucifer is quietly distressed to see that you’re still frightened of Belphie despite the constant reassurance that Belphie now respected who you were. He understood that such a traumatic experience would probably leave you wary of the demon for the rest of your days but he hoped it would come to the point where the two of you could at least live together without you cowering behind Lucifer whenever Belphegor entered a room. He had come to an understanding with his younger brother to never address you without someone else around until you were comfortable with him, not wanting Belphegor to get frustrated and lash out. 
Mammon is, understandably, a little on edge as the image of your bloodied form in his arms had haunted his nightmares for weeks after. He hadn’t lost you in that moment but there was another him in a parallel timeline who might have had to deal with the grief of losing you before he had ever managed to confess his feelings (Levi had planted that thought in his head from some sci-fi anime and it had unfortunately plagued Mammon). He didn’t want to be afraid of what Belphie might do forever, especially since peace seemed to return to the house, but he’s still wary whenever he sees Belphie in a bad mood about keeping himself between the two of you. 
Satan is notably distraught about the entire situation, unhappy that you feel unsafe and that you constantly feel the need to hide behind him whenever Belphie enters a room. He wants to repair the root problem but has no idea how to go about it, trying to read up on how to form a bond between a human and demon (which doesn’t provide him with exactly what he needs as most relationships like that aren’t made to be friendly in nature). He doesn’t try to force it but he is subtly encouraging, telling you that there’s nothing to fear and that he’s here to protect you without a doubt.  
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pinkhaz-art · 15 hours ago
Me every family reunion when they ask me to talk about my life.
Tumblr media
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moemammon · 16 hours ago
Alright so my request is angsty-ish. Mc is engaged to someone else when they move for the exchange program and stays faithful during their entire stay, so maybe hcs on how the brothers react to a taken MC who (if they even try to advance) actively avoids romantic situations with them, and maybe a little bonus of them reuniting with their lover smittened.
I tried to request this before but all my asks get eaten so I just wanted to make sure it got through
"What Do You Mean You're Already Taken?!" (Feat the Demon Bros and GN!MC)
(Hell yeah angst time heheHEH >:))
Can you even imagine how Lucifer, the Avatar of Pride, reacted when his obvious advances toward you were always awkwardly brushed off? No matter what he tried, no matter how perfectly romantic the situation, he could never coax you into accepting his affections.
And he soon found out why, when you finally admitted that you were taken by another.
He can't remember the last time he's felt pain like this. He'd finally found someone he could be... vulnerable with. Someone he could open himself up to, who wouldn't see him in a different light as a result.
But to know that no matter what, he'll never be able to have you? It's a worse punishment than he could've imagined himself. He can't do anything but accept it, and you'll soon find that his advances come to a complete vault.
He's a little colder to you, but that's only because he's trying to relearn how to feel about your presence. He asks that you give him some time alone, for a few days. He'll be busy in his office in the time being.
God, he's crushed. Mammon... was always aiming to be your first everything. Guess someone beat him to the punch before he could do anything to stop it. It takes everything in him not to accuse you of pulling his leg.
But you can't be serious... right? You're saying that no matter what he does or how strongly he feels, he can never have you? He won't get to hold you against him? He'll never be able to kiss you? To pull you under his sheets so you can sleep your worries away? Never be able to tell you just how much he loves you, more than any material possession in this entire world...?
But... why couldn't you just choose him..?
Mammon doesn't get it. He feels like he's always getting the short end of the bargain no matter what he tries. He knew the stakes were high when he started pining for you. You're... YOU! Perfect, amazing, lovable you... who will never be his.
These days he's barely home. You guys are still 'friends', but sometimes you can't tell if he's teasing you or actually being mean. He can't even stand being around you for too long, because his damned heart starts pounding until it hurts. He'd rather gamble the nights away than to have to deal with that.
Of course you're taken... it's not like he could've expected otherwise. Someone as great as you wouldn't look good standing with a gross otaku...
Jokes aside, Levi's heart has just shattered into a million pieces. You were his one! The one he dreamed about! The one he wanted to be around, despite his crippling social anxiety!
You got him... No, you REALLY got him. He didn't have to put up any walls when he was with you. He knew you liked him for who he was, and that you weren't secretly making fun of him when he wasn't around.
And... you two actually enjoyed one another's company! You shared so many laughs, so many days together, and just when he thought he'd gathered the courage to ask you to be his, you told him that you were taken.
He'll get over it. He's used to being disappointed, after all. Just don't mind him while he spends the next two weeks holed up in his room. If you need something, do you might just writing a note and slipping it under his door? He can't bear to look at his phone, since it's full of pictures of you.
Satan didn't mean to cause an outburst like that. He never meant to scare you. But when he realized that all this time spent falling deeper, and hopelessly in love with you, was all for naught? He didn't know how to react.
So many new, strange feelings rushed into him at once, until it all exploded in a fit of rage. Was it really anger? Or was it sorrow so strong that it could've been mistaken as such? He couldn't tell, because he's never felt this way before.
His room had been completely destroyed, many precious books lost to the unstoppable force that was his angry release. And when it subsided he was left feeling empty and lost... scared, even.
Would you think differently of him now? Would he think differently of YOU now? Could this... odd, sick, twisted relationship of yours be mended..? He didn't even know if he had the strength to attempt it.
So he isolates himself from you, spending a great deal of time repairing the damage done to his room. And when that's been finished, he's reading like his life depends on it. In the world of books, he can forget about real life entirely. Is it silly for him to imagine that maybe, some day, everything will work out like in a lighthearted fairytale?
So you have a partner? Polygamy is fine too! Or so he thought, until you emphasized that you were loyal to your one and only partner. Meaning.. Asmo wasn't invited to the party.
Now, the Avatar of Lust wasn't exactly one who knew rejection. Sure he got a few 'no's here and there, but those little flings meant nothing and had no weight on his heart.
But you? You... were everything he didn't know he needed. Asmo knew he was beautiful and alluring, but you knew there was more to him than that. And you sought to bring those parts of him out into the light! He could only dream of showing his true self to you and you alone.
Asmodeus felt so secure with you, like the mask he'd been wearing for millennia could finally come off. With you, he could just be himself, and he could never tell you just how much that really meant to him. But now his heart aches with a pain he's never felt before, and it hurts so much that he can't help but cry.
His devilgram followers have been seeing him a LOT more lately. So has all of the devildom, really. He's never home anymore, choosing to fill the void with temporary lovers instead. It isn't enough though, and it only makes the pain worse. But in the end, what more can he do? He doesn't understand what love is without you.
Beel loved you. More than he could understand. More than he could've known.
When the feeling first blossomed within him, he thought it was hunger. Instead, it was a burning desire for you and only you, twisting in his core and setting his heart on fire.
Beel didn't understand it, but he knew that when you were with him, he could breathe a little easier. He could forget about the gnawing hunter that clouded his thoughts. For once, he actually felt free of his sin.
And then, you told him about your significant ofter, and he’d never felt so hungry in his life. The pain was so strong he thought he might collapse from weakness right then and there. It hurt... he hated it...
To everyone's shock, Beel has begun losing his appetite more frequently, most often after catching a glimpse of you. That familiar pain would sprout within him again and make him grimace, and he could no longer find the desire to eat. Maybe he'd just take his meals to his room from now on..?
Right... of course. A human like you would be partnered with a human. It was natural that you'd have relationships before your life in the devildom. Anyone would've known that. So... why the hell did it sting so much?
Belphie couldn't sleep. Every moment he closed his eyes, visions of your sweet smile, your wonderful laugh, the way your nose wrinkled when you ate something gross... all of it haunted him. He couldn't get you out of his head no matter what he tried.
And it was so much worse now that he knew you were taken. He wondered if this was a punishment for killing you, like the universe's way of judging him for his misdeeds, and the ages of hatred he held in his heart for humans. Why would fate allow him to be happily partnered to one?
Try as he might, this was one worry he couldn't sleep away. He could never get comfortable. He couldn't close his eyes without thinking about you. He didn't want this. He hated this feeling of self loathing and regret. Belphagor wanted you, more than he’d ever wanted anything.
Maybe... he could convince you to love him? Show you that his love was so, SO much more than what anyone else could offer? He’d remind you of all the times you two shared together. You're not scared, right? Good. That's the last thing he’d want, because he loves you.
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ikenbar · 17 hours ago
Ok I feel like it’s about time I posted Andy’s and Astro’s relationships with the brothers and others!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Got the template from blewbeary on twitter! You can find it here!!
Also, before you ask, Andy and Astro are practically siblings. They’ve got each other’s backs over everything. and I mean everything >:D
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