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#asmo obey me
louobeyme · 2 days ago
Thank God for Periods- Part 3
Obey me Brothers x F!Reader
Link to part 2 below!
CW: talk of periods, period sex, menstruation kink, cunnilingus, choking, brothers probs have blue balls, poly y/n, female anatomy, angst, brothers confusing y/n, kinda crack
Smut, angst and general confusion ahead. There is a lot of dialogue in this so hopefully it's easy enough to follow!
This is probably going to be the final part of this because this took me a LONG time to write and I'm still not completely happy with it but oh well
Lucifer's words are punctuated by another strong roll of his hips against your own.
"Oi! W-Well I don't mind you doing it as long as you're sending me videos, get your ass over here Y/N!" Mammon cried, not giving you a chance to before he is darting around the table to stand by your side. Trying to steal you out of his older brothers grip.
Asmo slinks towards you quietly, placing a soft open mouthed kiss to your ear whilst Pride scolds Greed. Pink and green tipped nails trace the lace of your bra through your t-shirt drawing a pleasant sigh from you before he talks.
"How about you lay back and let us all take care of you? Since you like being manhandled so much hmm~"
"Good idea." Satan's voice booms.
You're briefly pulled upwards from the tabletop again, still in Lucifer's hold, and then you hear a loud clattering. In one swoop, Satan and Beel have rid the table of the remnants of their breakfast, items flying across the room and landing somewhere on the floor. The bare, smooth wood now extending an invitation to lay down your body.
"I hope you two know you will be cleaning that up after." Lucifer growls, walking forwards and then releasing his grip so that you lay down, back sharply coming into contact with the surface.
Seven pairs of hands find their way to you, either groping your smooth flesh as if they're laying a claim, or roaming against your less sensitive body parts freely. Levi is the first to make contact with your breasts, a light pressure of a single finger tip, running across where your nipple is threatening to poke through both your t-shirt and bra.
When you do nothing but moan lewdly at the sensation, a pair of hands quickly make at pulling your shirt and bra ungracefully over your head in one go. Momentarily blinded by the fabrics, the mouth closing around your nipple is felt before you see who's responsible.
"Fuck! That's so good, Belphie."
With another harsh suck, his lips release from the bud and he grins dangerously, whipping his eyes around the smirk at his brothers.
"I'm the first to get their name moaned."
"Well, it's probably for the last time tonight." Mammon retorts snidily.
Black gloved hands are continuously running up and down the length of your legs. Your choice to wear shorts today is much appreciated by the eldest. His skillful touch is rising higher with every slow pass of his hands, playing with the waistband teasingly before leaving again.
"Lucifer, if you're not going to take them off her I will!" The Avatar of Wrath grumbles from somewhere at your side, his palms no longer kneading against your stomach, impatiently tapping the wood. In seconds your hips are lifted and you gasp loudly, shorts torn from your form, now leaving you almost bare. Your underwear the only thing covering your arousal. The cool air hitting the fabric reminds you of your situation when you feel just how slick you are down there.
You quickly sit bolt upright, drawing your legs in and nervously giggling. "Hold on! Maybe I should quickly freshen up know?"
Large calloused hands grasp underneath your knees and pull your body clockwise, dragging until your ass meets the edge of the table. Between your spread legs, an absolutely ravenous Beel's stomach rumbles. He drops to his knees with a sharp thud, violet eyes begging.
"No! Want to taste..." His head dips down, nose grazing the seam of your underwear where it meets your thigh. "Please?"
You close your eyes when an image of the red haired brother's lips closing around your clit pops into your mind. You know you've just let out the most obscene whining sound, wriggling your hips. You feel utterly depraved.
"Fuck. Yeah, okay."
Beel's messy fringe bobs lightly when he forces his eyes back to your face, like he is making sure he's heard you right. They disappear from your view again and so does your panties, along with your makeshift pad. His hands press against your soft thighs spreading them even wider, your feet pointing towards to high ceilings.
"Wait!" More than one voice shouts, and then feet are scrambling around the table and you find all 7 brothers crudely staring at your exposed core.
"Guys! Stop it, it's embarrassing!" You cry, trying to clench your thighs closed against Beel's strong hold.
"Fuck..." Satan swears, palming his impressive bulge with one hand and making moves to remove his belt with the other.
"You're glistening, Treasure. Look so sexy right now." Mammon's voice moans.
Lucifer tears off a glove, running a single crimson painted fingertip between your folds. Pressing lightly to your engorged clit on the way up. He brings the digit to his lips, now coated red on more than just the nail. "Delicious." He murmurs, as though he's just scooped up a spill of his favourite demonus.
"MINE!" Beel yells, his head suddenly blocking their view of your slit.
Head banging against the table, you cry out in complete bliss. Beel wastes no time in absolutely devouring your most intimate opening. His tongue expertly running a flat stripe through your folds, swirling around your swollen clit and then dipping right inside you. His hands slide underneath your ass to greedily pull you even closer to his mouth, savouring the taste of you.
"Shit, please don't stop Beel!"
You feel his lips form into a smile as he doubles his efforts on your clit, bringing a large finger down to circle your entrance. Pushing in, your walls selfishly welcome the intrusion.
"I want a turn..." Belphie sighs, fingertips tapping his twins shoulder. "Come on, share."
The brother in question removes his lips from you, pulling back and revealing just how messy his mouth has become. A mixture of your arousal and blood cling to him and he runs his tongue across what he can reach on his face. "Not until I make her cum!" He swats Belphie's hand away and Levi's who has reached out the rub over your mound in Beel's absence.
When he burrows back into you, immediately latching his lips around your hard clit and sucking, you find yourself unable to stop from gripping at his orange locks.
"Oh my god..."
"Y/N, I must ask you to refrain from calling out my father's name during this." The eldest groans, immediately removing his hand from where it's reached into his suit trousers.
You laugh despite yourself, barely managing to form coherent thoughts, let alone sentences as you feel yourself growing closer to your peak.
"Yes, sir." You tease.
Lucifer's eyebrows furrow and he tenses.
"Oh you've unleashed the beast now Y/N." Levi laughs.
"You are such a brat." Lucifer grunts, the hand that was down his briefs extending out to take a firm grip around your throat and push your back down flat. It makes your legs spread even wider, much to Avatar of Gluttonys' delight. "I think I've let you off with your teasing for far too long." He continues. The fingers on the side of your throat tighten and you feel lightheaded.
Your back arches between where you're pinned from the neck and by the hips. Incoherent pleas fall from your lips as Asmo reaches over the pinch your erect nipples. Beel has two, three?, fingers inside you now stroking at such sensitive spots as he licks at your clit. It's too much and you suddenly feel like you're flying.
Lucifer purposefully removes his chokehold on you so they can hear you positively squeal as you cum. The wet slurping sounds you hear along with the groans of the brothers keep you in bliss for much longer than normal. Beel doesn't let up either. Overstimulating you to the both you are trying to crawl backwards from the touch.
"Ahh~~ too much!" You wriggle until Satan finally drags a satisfied Beel away from your pussy by the collar.
"Y/N, can you touch me please? I feel like I'm gonna die if you don't!" Mammon exclaims, pushing his brothers out of the way and leering over you. When you are composed enough to notice, you look down to see his cock standing proud against his belly. Boxers pooled around his ankles. The tip looks angry and is wet with a beat of precum.
You find yourself almost automatically reaching out a shaky hand to wrap around his length. Your thumb runs under his sensitive head, making him shiver.
"W-What!? Not fair! Why does Mammon get-" Levi shouts, almost on the verge of turning into his demon form out of envy.
"Because he asked first Levi, but I do still have another hand..." A garbled mix of 'me', 'please', 'mine' causes you to chuckle. "You guys are shameless. I do only have two you know?"
Levi is staring at you intently and you take pity on him, reaching your other hand to palm the front of his slacks. He stiffens before almost falling over when his knees shake.
"I guess you did kind of ask second."
"Can I fuck your mouth? You'd look so pretty with your lovely lips wrapped around me!" Asmo says fondly, cupping your face and running his thumb across your bottom lip.
"If you kiss me first, I'll think about it."
The quiet grunts and heavy breathing stop, causing you to slow your hands. Asmo looks like he's about to explode with joy but has stopped moving completely, smiling like some kind of mad statue.
"What?" You questions, eyes searching all the brothers faces. You couldn't quite understand any of their emotions. "You know I'm getting REAL sick of you guys ignoring me."
"You wanna kiss Asmo?" Belphie questions, looking more sad than you'd seem him in a while.
Oh no. Oh you'd really misjudged this situation. You quickly scramble to recover.
"Sorry. I get it, sex only. That's fine! I'm cool with it." The smile you give them doesn't quite reach your eyes.
"What does that even mean?" Says Satan
"I- I mean. Look. I'm sorry for ruining the mood. Let's just forget I said that."
"You want to kiss me!? Do you love me darling?" Asmo finally squeals hands cupping your cheeks.
"What? Of course I do, I thought I'd made that quite obvious."
"He means are you in love with him?" Levi whispers, taking a step away from your hand that's still hovering over his crotch.
You flush deeply. "It's not really fair to be asking me this considering the position I'm in right now guys..."
"You are, aren't you!? Of course you are, my darling Y/N. Don't worry, I don't mind sharing you like this with my brothers!"
"Shhhh! It's a very loaded question with any equally loaded answer and I'm not too sure...if right now is the scenario to be telling you all."
"Telling us all?" Lucifer questions, looking stressed before his jaw drops. He raises a hand, the same hand that had just been wrapped round your damn throat, to splay across his chest. "You already have a lover..."
"WHO!?" Mammon growls, half-hazardly pulling up his boxers and tucking his softening cock back away.
"Oh my god, is it Lord Diavolo!? He's gonna kill me." Beel moans painfully, as if he was already being smited.
"Diavolo!? Why would it be-" You shake your head frantically to clear your thoughts. "Nevermind that! I don't have a lover! What the hell Lucifer? You think I'm a cheat!?"
"Well you're clearly in love with Asmodeus and yet you're here leading us all on!" He snarls in response.
"I'm not in love with Asmo!" You say, feeling like you're going crazy. Asmo's grin drops suddenly.
"Well, that's not true. I am definitely in love with Asmo but that's not the point! I love all you." You prod a finger into Lucifer's hard chest sharply. "Even you Pridey McPrideFace."
"...All of us?" Belphie says.
You exhale angrily. How are they all so old and powerful but so fucking thick.
"Did you seriously forget how shy I was why I first got here!? I wouldn't be sat here naked, on my goddamn period no less, if I didn't feel anything but sexual attraction to you guys!" You blurt out an explanation. Your own words bringing another realization to the front of your mind. "I am so sorry. I should've let you guys know my feelings before we did any of...this. It's not fair to make you guys feel like you have to be with me to be kind now. Fuck."
"Even me?" Levi questions, eyes unfocused.
"Do you still want that kiss my Darling?" Asmo is cooing again.
"Huh? I don't think now's the time-"
"No way you're getting a kiss first, I was her first man!" Mammon grumbles cutting you off.
"Pridey McPrideFace? I really have let you away with your teasing for far too long Y/N." Lucifer chuckles.
"Did you guys literally hear anything I just said?"
"Is it my turn to eat you out yet? Beel said I could after you came." Belphie sighs
"Kitten, Demon's are naturally polyamorous. Few humans are." Satan responds, seemingly the only one with sensing your distress. "We thought only Asmo had your heart for a moment there."
"What? Do demon's not kiss when you fuck or something!?"
"Well they certainly don't ask so sweetly! I thought my heart was going to burst!" The Avatar of Lust exclaims.
Your head hurt. "Okay but...I'm still confused."
Lucifer groans, flinging his coat over your shoulders to cover your nudeness and then he lifts you to sit in a chair. Pointedly glaring at his brothers to do the same. "I suppose a meetings in order."
"Huh?" You say meekly.
"Satan's correct Y/N. Humans tend to love only one or two partners at one time. We all thought you were just...a bit kinkier than we had taken you for." He starts.
"What Pridey McPrideFace-" Mammon jabs a thumb in the direction of Lucifer. "-is trying to say is that we thought YOU just wanted sex."
"Oh. So you guys do want something more than sex?"
"Not right now I don't. You still smell delicious." Belphie grumbles his head flat on the table.
"Ugh, don't remind me. Best thing I've ever tasted." Beel groans back, starting to drool
Lucifer stands to smack them both on the back of the head. And then Mammon remembering the nickname he'd been called.
"You guys ALL want to be with me?" You need to know. Seven heads nod quickly.
"If you'll have us, my love." Lucifer practically bows.
"Okay. Of course I will. Cool." You nod back. Then smile widely and laugh. Then sigh. "Phew, what a morning."
"LOL, yeah." Levi replies. (you wish he'd stop saying that irl)
You suck your teeth and click your tongue in not so quiet consideration. Well? It couldn't hurt could it?
"So who was next in line to eat me out again?"
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certified-sloth · 2 days ago
Simeon: remember to drink a sufficient amount of water
Asmo: now Simeon they won’t listen if we say that we should say hydrate or die straight
Solomon: no, that’s to mean we should say hydrate or dydrate
Simeon:*considering on committing acts of harm against them*
*Demon bros react*
Was about to support Simeon's act of violence
But forgot that the idiots are his brother and an exchange student
Although reluctant-
He can't let this exchange program to ruins just because an angel lost it's kindness
Last thing you'd want to do was to piss Simeon off
He's witnessed it
He's not the primary suspect of it
But forever wishes to never witness it ever again
He was never there.
Was holed up in his room, heard a bit of it
But will stop anyone from telling him the exact details
Even the Grand Admiral of Hell's navy knows not to anger someone who smiles almost every hour of every day
Very interested
Sure Asmo is his brother but he still wants to know what will happen
This is probably one of the few times the angel is close to losing it
And he is HERE for it
Uh, Satan- you wouldn't watch your dear brother get hurt right?
Decided to make a run for it the moment he felt a menacing aura behind him
Sorry Solomon, you're on your own!
Simeon would put the avatar of wrath himself to shame-
Is on the sidelines having an existential crisis
He either helps Solomon and Asmo and face the consequences, or just watch them in worry
Ended up being held back by Belphie saying it's not worth it
...Listen- he likes chaos.
Especially if it involves Lucifer getting stressed with it
but THIS is an exception
For once he does NOT want to witness it, he's gotten traumatized from what happened last time
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undying-vagabond · a month ago
slapping their 🍑 in public
with a great ass, comes great responsibility
he’s gonna be taken so off guard “HEY!” especially because it’s in a public setting
secretly likes it
“waddaya think you’re doing to the Great Mammon’s ass?”
he will turn to look at you, bat his pretty eyelashes, wink and say how you’ve been naughty
stop before lucifer scolds you for public indecency
nearly has a stroke cuz it came out of the nowhere
super red, but kinda turned on
eyes will widen.
he’ll be like ?? what do you think you’re doing
when he sees you pout, he will answer “never said i didn’t like it”
assumes it’s an accident but doesn’t mind it either way
“you have such a phat ass i couldn’t resist” (basically that nemo scene of don’t touch the butt)
he’ll chuckle because you’re cute
thought he was still asleep.
if he was sleepy, that woke him right up.
mf will smirk and be like “ooh so that’s how you wanna play”
has an ass that won’t quit
will raise an eyebrow.
admires your boldness, like you really did that huh
however, you will receive the bedroom eyes so
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ryoscloset · a month ago
one bed - Obey Me!
Characters: brothers
If the situation hadn’t been sprung on him so suddenly, he would have made sure to have an extra bed for you. But it's now too late for that. 
Tries to be incredibly mature about everything. 
Gives you the option to sleep on the floor. 
secretly happy when you say you’d rather sleep with him.
Makes (slightly awkward) conversation to distract himself from the fact that there's a very attractive person in his bed. 
Oh God. now you’re laying on his chest?
If he can make it through tonight without making a stupid comment then he’ll definitely be buying another bed for you.
… unless you prefer sleeping with him, then maybe he’ll learn to deal with it.
When he found out you needed a room to stay in, he was very persistent that you sleep in his room. 
He didn’t think about the fact that he didn’t have another bed for you, but that's no problem for The Great Mammon! You can just sleep in his bed with him. 
If you try and get closer to him he’ll tell you to stop being annoying.
But he’ll also pull you closer and refuse to let go.
Don't overthink it! It’s just because you’re his human, that’s all!
Asks if it’s alright to kiss your forehead, in a completely platonic way of course.. Definitely nothing else..
Tries to convince you to sleep in someone else's room.
Its not that he doesn’t want you or anything! .. he just doesn’t think you’ll be comfortable in his bed.
Keeps you up almost all night watching anime.
When he realises you fell asleep, he does his best to tuck you in.
Sleeps in his gaming chair because he forgot to ask if it's okay to sleep with you.
Doesn’t mind the idea until he actually has to lay in bed with you. 
Offers to read you a book until you fall asleep. 
Normally he can keep his composure, but having you so close to him is making it a bit more difficult. 
Stutters every few pages while he's reading. 
Keeps reading out loud for a while even after he knows you’re asleep, just in case you wake up.
Super excited you’re staying with him!
Keeps you up later than intended by gossiping and talking about makeup.
Basically clings onto you when you decide it's time to sleep.
Messes with your hair and flirts with you when you’re both trying to fall asleep.
Ends up taking pictures of you while you’re sleeping because of how cute you look.
You’ll definitely wake up to him sleeping on top of you.
Hes already slept in the same room with you before so he doesn’t think this will be any different.
He was wrong.
Blames any blush on his face on being hungry, even if it doesn’t completely make sense.
Makes sure it's okay with you to cuddle. 
Wakes you up in the middle of the night to see if you want food.
Sees you as an extra comfy pillow.
Doesn’t think it’ll be a big deal until he has a dream about you and wakes up due to it.
Plays it off as a night terror and holds onto you for the rest of the night.
He’s spoiled now and will want to sleep with you more often.
Okay I know this was more of a ‘you sleep in their room’ kind of thing, but I figured its fine. If anyone’s interested I might do individual fanfics for each of the brothers in a more traditional ‘there's only one bed’ scenario. That might work out better xD
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kamuyagi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another of @lvlcurrent’s fantastic alt designs, this time Asmo ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ I might just draw all their alt designs’ demon forms >:3c
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long-furby6 · 2 months ago
The Younger Brothers Realizing They Have A Crush
What I probably should be doing rn is getting through all the asks I have in my inbox but not finishing this idea was bothering me for the past few weeks so here. I also want to do one for the side characters sometime
Also @backalleykat since they asked to be tagged 👌👌
Tumblr media
Satan realizes he likes someone when he starts mimicking them
It doesn’t seem like anything important, but to him, a demon who spent most of his life searching for individuality, it’s huge
He pauses mid sentence one day, blinking in surprise as he realizes what he just said was the same thing you always did, and the realization that a few of his recent small habits came from you came right after
Did he really spend so much time observing you without even realizing it? Enough to pick up on your seemingly insignificant mannerisms?
Asmo’s just staring at him like ?? Cause he’s still standing there with his eyes wide 💀
After that realization, he suddenly can’t stop noticing every little thing you do. The way you walk, laugh, fidget, how you act when you’re nervous, or excited. He perks up immediately when he catches a sign of repressed anger, especially if it’s at Lucifer. Gotta see where that goes, ya know?
Eventually, you’re going to have to notice the amount of times he stares at you, only to quickly avert his gaze when you turn to look at him, a tint of red on his cheeks as he pretends to have been reading the whole time
Don’t bring it up though he will short circuit. He thinks he’s being sneaky
It’s also kinda ruining his life bc he’ll catch himself doing something he got from you in public or in the middle of a test and just… man he’s distracted now. How can you expect him to focus when the thought of you just entered his mind?
What’s worse, other people can probably see the flustered, panicked expression on his face as he scrambles to get back on task
You Are Killing This Man Softly
Tumblr media
Asmo realizes he likes someone when he doesn’t think about himself around them
Ok, let me explain. In most situations, he’s always subconsciously thinking about how he looks in the moment, the way he acts, the words he’s saying. It’s not uncommon for him to move into an uncomfortable position or stand a certain way to ‘play up his natural beauty’
He’s constantly analyzing how other people are seeing him without even having to really think about it, it’s just an ingrained response at this point
After all, what if he wasn’t pretty? What if he loses all the people that have ever looked up at him in awe? What if he loses his only source of validation? What if he’s completely alone?
And most of all, how would you, the one person he puts above himself, have to say about it?
However, those thoughts seem to just… dissipate, when you two are alone
It’s not like he’s suddenly not insecure anymore, it’s more like he simply doesn’t think about it. When with you, all he can really focus on is the way your lips move, or that small spark in your eye when he says something that makes you laugh, and oh god, that laugh
Within 5 minutes tops, he’s doing things he wouldn’t be doing normally. Snorting when he laughs, saying things that are most definitely not cute or hot but plain stupid, sitting in unelegant, but comfortable, positions, and a goofy grin on his face, one that could only be pure and happy and, above all, genuine
Things that he’s usually suppressing the hell out of come out when you’re around. Which is strange, wouldn’t you be the person he wants to impress the most? Aren’t people usually overly conscious of themselves around someone they like?
In any case, seconds after you leave when his excitement dissipates and the memories start coming back to him, he freaks
Gotta stare himself down in the mirror and scream bloody murder
Please just. Play with his hair and tell him he’s good enough. Let him have some fun and goof off without astronomical amounts of alcohol. Let him lay his head in your lap and dramatically rant about his day while you add in equally dramatic agreements
Not only will it be wildly appreciated and make him near feral, but he’ll definitely try doing a few favours back
Tumblr media
Beel realizes he likes someone when he wants to impress them
He’s not exactly the type to care about what others think of him, let alone wanting to show off around them. He’s not Mammon, of course
So he was, undoubtably, quite confused as to why that changes around you
Picking up large objects that he really didn’t need to, working out twice as hard, saying some joke in a group of people and turning to you to gauge your reaction, then feeling heat bloom in his chest when you laugh or smile along, or the cold disappointment when you remain unfazed
He doesn’t realize it at first, but it seems that everyone else did. Even Luke mentioned it, pointing it out while Simeon smiled and agreed
Asmo, of course, was the most ruthless, constantly on his case about it and lowkey acts offended that he doesn’t try to impress him, too
He just tilted his head in confusion the first time it was brought up. Impress you? Why would he want to do that?
It suddenly hit him what exactly he wants from you. For you to be proud of him, proud to have him, for you to run your hands down his sides and tell him so with nothing but love and adoration in your eyes. It’s an embarrassing thought for him, but also a quite enticing one
If only…
He doesn’t deny it like SOME of the others. Instead, he accepts it, and continues to show off around you, this time with more self awareness
Tumblr media
Belphie realizes he likes someone when he dreams about them
He’s said before that he doesn’t have many dreams, even with how often he’s sleeping. So when he does wake up with even the fuzziest of memories, it’s a bit of an exciting thing for him. Unfortunately, the only vivid ones he has are nightmares
However, lately, that began to change
It started while he was still up in the attic, when he would drift off after one of your visits, only to see your face again
He was confused at first. And, dare I say, a little angry. The only dream he had in the last few months and it’s about a human? A human that smiled down at him and laid next to him on the grass, looking up at the stars?
Why was he having these thoughts about you? Why would his subconscious throw him for a loop like this? And, most importantly, why did he feel so giddy when he woke up?
The more time he spent with you, the more he started to get it
With every evening spent napping in your lap, with every time you smiled and ruffled his hair, with that ethereal feeling he got just from seeing you first thing in the morning. Little by little, the realization was coming on to him
It finally hit on a strangely ordinary day, all but for the dream he just woke up from
‘Dream’ wouldn’t be the right word, it would be ‘nightmare’ or ‘night terror’. No matter what you called it, he woke up shaking, grabbing the nearest object and pulling it closer to him
He was too shaken up to fully he realize what he was doing, but he had already nuzzled into your neck and secured his arms tightly around your waist, eyes squeezed shut tightly that slowly relaxed when you finally reacted, sleepily burying your fingers in his hair
God, he hated feeling weak
So why did he feel so comfortable right now? Was he not at his most vulnerable?
He’s not stupid, he knows exactly what that meant
After that night, the dreams of you grew more frequent, but this time, they weren’t unwelcome. Through them, he was able to say and do things he would’ve never even considered while awake. No fear of rejection, am I right?
And let’s just say dream-you did their own fair share of things that left him not even being able to look you in the eye the next day
One day he’s gonna mess up and confuse talking to you irl as a dream, but that’s a story for another time
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ikane96 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
POV: This piece of shit brother (I don't know which one is your fav) do the kabedon at you.
This one took forever to complete.. just kill me already
Available on my redbubble -->
Patreon / Ko-Fi / Youtube / Redbubble
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leviathans-watching · 3 months ago
Brothers reaction to mc saying "I can hold the whole world in my hands" then and then proceeds to hold his cheeks into their hands.
the brothers' reactions to you calling them your whole world
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (they/them/theirs pronouns used)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: one wear word (satan), slightly suggestive tones (asmo)
a/n: this req is actually soo adorable!! the imigines are a little shorter than normal, but i hope they're still cute. thanks for requesting and my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback, so come talk to me!!
reblog pls <333
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer scoffs. “seriously, mc, that’s untrue. it’d be a little ridiculous if i were your whole world, not to mention unhealthy.” his cheeks are warm under your hands and the tips of his ears are red. he doesn’t pull away, though, and you count that as a win, slowly scraping your thumbs across his skin. he rarely lets you do this- rarely succumbs to the craving for affection he so clearly has, but when he does, you take full advantage, milking it for as long as you possibly can.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon stares at you, wordless. you watch slowly as his cheeks flush under your hands, a little concerned. “can ya say that again?” he asks, almost whispering, and you repeat yourself, willing to say it as many times as he needs it. “i can hold the whole world in my hands. mammon, you’re my world.” after a few minutes, his bravado returns, allowing him to preen under your touch. “damn right you can,” he crows, brilliant smile peeking out from under his smirk. “because i’m your world, ya got that!”
Tumblr media
➳ levi squeaks, closing his eyes. “this is like that one anime i watched!” he says, more to himself, tail lashing back and forth. “oh my god, mc said i’m their whole world!” his eyes open in record speed, and he looks at you, eyes flickering from your face and the wall behind you, suddenly worried. “were you kidding? please tell me you weren’t.” soothing him, you promise you weren’t, making him all flustered again. he smiles at you, adoration clear in his gaze and you’re sure you look just as dopey staring back at him.
Tumblr media
➳ satan chuckles, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to your palm. “that’s cute, mc. and what a coincidence, too.” flipping your positions, his hands are suddenly on your cheeks. “i can hold my whole world in my hands as well.” now you’re the one flustered, goddammit. he chuckles once more, sliding his hands off of his cheeks and down to your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. from there, he drops a kiss on the top of your head, leaving you to reboot as he saunters off.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo smiles, slow and intentionally, hands coming up to grip your wrists lightly, holding you there. “oh? can you?” he asks, sliding closer to you. “i’ll admit, i’ve been called a lot of things, but someone’s whole world? that’s a new one.” leaning in, you expect him to kiss you, but he bypasses your lips and goes right to your ear, breath fanning against it. “you already know what you mean to me,” he purrs, sending a shiver down your spine. “but i suppose it can’t hurt to remind you.”
Tumblr media
➳ beel furrows his brows, confused. “what? but i’m not a world. i’m just beelzebub. mc, are you okay? did you it your head? do you need to go to the doctor?” laughing, you squish his cheeks in your hands. “no, silly, it was like a metaphor. it means that you’re my world, not a world.” beel is quiet for a moment. “oh! i see what you mean now. well, in that case, i guess i can hold the whole world -no, all of them- in my hands too!” he cups your cheeks, smiling at you sweetly, and you can’t help but grin back.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie rolls his eyes, acting unaffected, but really, he wants to melt. you’re insinuating he’s your world! he knew he was important to you, but this important? you watch in amusement as he tries to push down the flattered and embarrassed feelings, and he definitely isn’t as successful as he thinks he is, as you can feel his cheeks heat up and see him swallowing his words down. it’s cute, and he’s cute, and when you tell him that, then he’s really unable to keep the blush off of his face.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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hey-its-spades · 6 months ago
Mc: : are you a "plushies stay on the bed while we fuck" kinda person? or a "turn them around so they don't have to watch" kinda person?"
Asmo: * covers his mouth with a dramatic gasp* "OH FATHER WHAT HAVE I DONE-"
levi :* gets up from the table* " EXCUSE ME I HAVE TO APOLOGIZE TO ALL OF MY SOFT FRIENDS"
Belphie:* gets up too* " they should never have to see the sins I've committed, I need to pay my dues-"
Lucifer:" what the fuck is wrong with you all??"
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 6 months ago
Asmo: calm down Mc! go find your happy place!
Mc: *storms out of the room*
Mc: *forces himself into Lucifer’s arms*
Lucifer: you okay?
Mc, grumbling: no.. Asmo told me to find my happy place.
Lucifer: so you came to me?
Mc: …
Lucifer: you’re so fucking cute.
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louobeyme · 4 days ago
Thank God for Periods- Part 1
Obey Me Brothers x F!Reader. - 18+ Content
Tumblr media
Kinky shit ahead, not really any smut in this part but definitely implications of horny.
CW- Talk of periods, mentions of female anatomy, rough handling, blood, implications of period sex
Hi there! This is my first obey me fanfiction. The next part will actually contain smut. If you enjoy let me know.
If you're not into talking about kinky period sex, don't read lmaoo
The first time you got your period after arriving at the House of Lamentation was hilarious, concerning and somehow had everlasting effects on everyone involved. And somehow that wasn't just you.
You'd recently ran out of birth control, not really thinking anything of it, due to the fact you weren't currently getting any. The amount of school work and shenanigans you had to put up with in Devildom, didn't really give you a minute more to think on the matter. That's why, when you woke up with an uncomfortable ache in your stomach and a lingering wetness between your thighs, you almost just went back to sleep in annoyance. With a long groan you peel yourself out of bed, waddling to the bathroom to shower and get rid of your ruined sheets in the laundry. You make a mental note to speak to...someone, about getting sanitary products. Toilet paper would just have to do for right now.
You lazily shrug yourself into your RAD uniform and do your best to make yourself look a bit more presentable with some makeup Asmo had lent you. Your hair seems to be particularly ratty today, no doubt with the restless sleep your period seems to bring. With one final glance in the mirror, you decide it'll just have to do if you don't want to be late for breakfast.
The walk to the dining room was quiet apart from the shuffling of your feet until you got close enough to hear the usual bickering from the brothers within. Now normally, when they're like this in the morning, they don't pay you much attention. Only noticing you and speaking once Lucifer's voice raises loudly to calm them. This was not the case today.
All eyes had swung towards you whenever your feet pass the threshold to the room. The brothers' bizarre, wide eyed expressions were enough to force a squeak from your throat and your back to press against the door that had closed behind you.
No one spoke.
Beel was the first to move, suddenly shoveling more food into his mouth than you'd ever seen before. He practically inhaled everyone's plate in seconds.
Lucifer quietly clears his throat after regaining some composure. His hands press against the wood of the table as he rises to his feet, then he is tenderly splaying one across his chest.
"Y/N, are you hurt?" The eldest asks, the corners of his lips tilting down into a frown of concern.
"Uh...No. Why?" You question.
"H-Hey! Don't lie to us Y/N! If someone has laid a hand on you, I'll kill them! Who was it huh???" Mammon yelled, his own hand smacking the table hard enough that everything left on it rattled loudly.
"You guys are scaring me. I'm not hurt. Please calm down Mammon."
The other brothers hadn't spoken yet but there was fear in their eyes as they stared you down. There was something else too though that you couldn't quite place. Was it tears in their eyes? Or were they just clouded over?
Beel stopped inhaling food suddenly. Seemingly looking you over to check you were infact not wounded. You see his nostrils flare as he inhales deeply only for his stomach to growl LOUDLY. His eyes leave your frightened form to dart around the messy table for more food, he looks desperate.
"No, there's not enough. More." He jumps up and stalks away from the room towards to kitchen.
"Okay what the FUCK is going on? Did Levi order more Golden Hellfire Newt Syrup or something?"
"You're bleeding. You smell like...blood." Lucifer sighs, rubbing the spot between his brows, almost as if he's trying to get rid of the crease that had formed there.
Oh. Ohhhhhhh.
"What do you mean 'oh?'. You are clearly bleeding and not telling us. And from what we can all smell, it's not just a small cut either." Satan growls, shaking his head from side to side. "You're human, you could bleed out at this rate. Tell us where the injury is before I have to find it myself."
"No! Okay. You really really really don't need to do that." You know you must sound hysterical. The words leave your lips followed by high pitched nervous laughter. "It's just my period, I haven't had it in a while."
The concern on their faces doesn't seem to fade away after your explanation. But..
"WAIT...DID BEEL WANT TO EAT ME!?" You yelp. Quickly slapping a hand over your mouth and blushing once you realize how that sounds considering...where the blood is coming from...
"Yep." Belphie sighs, popping the p loudly. "You do smell pretty delicious right now. But what's a period?"
You blink once. Twice. Three times. Bubbling laughter pours past your lips at the utter absurdity of the situation. They've somehow lived for millennia and don't know about periods?
"M-menstrual cycle." You manage to get out between your giggles. Tears forming in the corners of your eyes and threatening to fall down your cheeks. "You know? Shark Week? That time of the month? Aunt Flo?"
"Is this a normie thing? Are you going crazy?" Levi whimpers, his eyes wide.
"Y/N. Please refrain from laughing and explain yourself." The Avatar of Pride snarls, no doubt hating he doesn't have the knowledge to explain the situation himself to his brothers.
You take a deep inhale to try and stop laughing but Lucifer's unusually unpolished appearance is making it difficult.
"Rose's are red..."
"Y/N, now is hardly to time to recite me a love poem." Asmo sighs.
"Violet's are blue..."
"Hey! If she's reciting anyone a love poem while dying, it better be for the Great Mammon!"
"I'm bleeding out of my vagina and there's nothing I can do!" You finish, bowing, waiting for your standing ovation that would never come.
"YOUR WHAT?" A bright red Levi screeches.
"Oh." Satan speaks, a tinge of pink on his own face. "I have actually heard of this."
You smile and walk towards the table at long last, most of the brothers shrinking away in what could be fear. Asmo's eyes remain locked straight to your crotch. Lucifer has a far off look in his eyes, as if he's back in the celestial war. You think Mammon may be dead.
You grab a singular slice of toast that somehow hadn't been demolished by Beel earlier and walk back towards the door.
"You'll all be late for RAD, hurry up."
As you practically skip down the front steps towards the gate, ecstatic with your own performance, a hand gripping your collar from behind hauls you back.
As you begin to fall with a choked scream, two arms circle around your waist and pick you up, spinning you around and marching you straight back inside.
"What the hell do you think you're doing going to school in this state!?" Lucifer roars whenever the doors slam shut. "You think lesser demons will be able to control themselves when they get the slightest smell of you right now!?"
His red eyes are bright with anger and he's in his demon form. Towering above you in a way that really, really shouldn't be so hot.
"I still don't fully understand what is wrong with you but the smell of blood alone is enough to send them into a frenzy! Let alone if they realize it's coming from your..." He trails off, eyes flickering downwards.
"Vagina." You finish for him.
His nostrils flare and he shuts his eyes. Taking a step back from you.
"You don't seem to be doing a very good job of controlling yourself either."
Ruby eyes snap open once again and you find yourself pinned against a wall by the hips. Lucifer's composure is long gone and there is an usual aura around him. His breathing is heavy, almost like he's panting. You swear you can even see a bead of sweat trickle down his forehead.
"You have absolutely no idea." He snarls, face coming even closer to your own, his grip on your hips threatening the appearance of bruises.
"Lucifer. Stop." Satan's voice sounds from your right, sounding angry himself but battling to try and take some of the heavy atmosphere out of the entrance hall. "She doesn't understand. She can't smell herself."
Your previously cocky demeanor is long gone and a million questions are rattling through your brain. First and foremost.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?" You whimper, shimmying your hips in an attempt to break free and make a run for it.
Lucifer's eyes meet his brothers sharply, before he lets go of your hips. He groans like it was an impossible task and then whirls around so his back faces you.
"Go to your room Y/N."
You slowly walk towards Satan on shaky legs, hoping he'd console you. But he takes a few steps away from you like you're infectious. It's rather rude actually. You can't help the way your heart crumbles when you realize you've somehow caused this mess.
"Please just go, kitten." Satan speak between gritted teeth.
The fast walk back to your room isn't quiet like this morning, you can hear angry voices and the sound of your own sobs. Tears are blurring your vision and all you want to do is disappear. Once inside your room, you slam the door shut, tear off your uniform, throw on a t-shirt over your underwear and climb back into your unmade bed. The mattress slightly scratchy now it doesn't have on a sheet. The tears don't stop flowing until you fall asleep.
You don't awaken again until much later in the day. Confusion filling your head before the memories of this morning unpleasantly greet you. You bury your head further into your pillows, hoping somehow it was a dream. When you finally leave the comfort of you bedding to clean yourself up, you can't help but think that you even forgot to ask if anywhere in Devildom would have tampons.
Then you hear it. Shuffling outside your door. Muffled voices.
Your head swoops round the corner of your en-suite to stare at the shadows of movement underneath the wooden door. You hear quiet shushes and bickering to further back up the knowledge that someone is there.
You find yourself tiptoeing towards the door to try and listen.
"Why are we torturing ourselves here again?" You recognize Belphie's voice first.
"I'm personally making sure my favourite human doesn't get eaten by anyone but me."
"She smells so good Mammon..." Beel mutters. "Can't help it."
"Like she'd want you anywhere near her in such an intimate way anyway Mammon." Satan chimes in.
"Yeah, Stupidmammon." Levi eggs him on.
"I never knew humans had such an interesting feature. Poor darling hasn't been bred." Asmo coos.
You've had enough. You grip the handle and fling open the door. Startled shrieks leave the offending demons as they scurry backwards. Beel's stomach rumbles, his eyes widen and he turns to made a run for it down the corridor.
"NO! ALL OF YOU. STAY." You shout, using the pacts the halt their movements. "What the hell are you doing hanging outside my door talking like perverts!?"
"Y/N! There you are! We were looking for you!" Mammon shouts, his voice shaky.
"Mammon." You seethe.
His eyes drop down and then widen, raking up and down your body. He smirks, momentarily forgetting the situation he's in.
His expression causes another surge of rage to course through you until you feel the slightly chilly air against your... bare skin. You glance down realizing your stood with your panties visible, midrift showing from where your top had ridden up in your sleep.
"Y/N..." Asmo whines, eyes flashing bright pink with lust. You notice the front of his tight trousers look even tighter and he wriggles under your stare.
You glance towards Beel, who's eyes are scrunched shut tightly and one of his large hands are pressed firm to his stomach. Belphie who stood beside him was trying desperately to look not interested. Satan is tapping his foot impatiently. Levi looks like he's having a panic attack.
"Okay." You start. "Okay." You don't know where your going with this.
"What are you all doing outside Y/N's room?" Lucifer's voice booms from further down the corridor. "Move, now!"
When they don't, you hear him growl and they look at him fearfully. The tap of his shoes echoes closer at an alarming speed until he sees you stood there also. The Avatar of Pride's eyes scan you from head to toe before he groans and tilts his head straight up to stare at the cobwebbed ceilings.
"Will you please release my stupid brothers so I can punish them for disobeying my orders?"
"No. And you can shut up." You bark the command at him.
Prideful eyes meet yours and his brow furrows in anger, his mouth opens and closes but no words come out.
"Okay. So I think I get it. Human blood smells good to you guy's right?"
Beel's stomach groans in response and his eyes scrunch shut ever tighter.
"Okay. Now what that doesn't explain, is why you're all acting like you suddenly want to fuck me into another realm. You have never spoken of me like this before, what the FUCK is wrong with you guys?"
The silence is palpable and Asmo in particular looks as if he's about to spontaneously combust.
"No one care to share with the class?"
Lucifer taps his lips. You feel like screaming.
"Explain." You order him.
"Y/N. Please. Let's discuss this another time."
"No. If you're not going to explain I will just have to make you shut up again Lucif-"
"You smell like you're in heat. It isn't just blood. You smell like arousal. You smell like a demon's last supper. Infuriatingly divine." He grunts out, eyebrows furrowed and trying to inconspicuously adjust his suit trousers.
"You don't even know just what you do to us all normally Y/N..." Asmo whimpers. "You always smell so pretty, look so beautiful, I find it hard holding back from taking you on every piece of furniture in the house."
"Hey! No one wants her as bad as I do! Not even you, Lusty." Mammon growls, finger pointed sharply at his younger brother.
"Please Y/N, just a little taste... I'm so hungry." Beel says pitifully as the rest of the brothers bickering continues.
Against your better judgements you can't help but feel yourself grow slicker between your legs. A mix of blood and arousal at their words. You'd always found them attractive, but thought all their harmless flirting was just that. You never thought you'd measure up to anything in their eyes at all.
Though you were certain this was simply that their admissions were out of the somewhat...intoxicated state your period has left them in. You weren't apposed to having some fun on your cycle. But you didn't want them to regret it after it had finished and the spell was lifted.
"You're all the leave me alone for the rest of this week. If you can't I'll let Diavolo know that I need to be taken somewhere else." You state as calmly as you can.
"Y/N you sound like Lucifer right now. It is so not a turn on." Asmo whines.
"No way! If I can't have you no way Lord Diavolo is. I'm your first man after all!" Mammon shouts.
"No one will be having me."
"Y/N. Diavolo may be the strongest demon here but I cannot allow it. He may not be able to control his urges." Lucifer groans, lips pursed. He's looking increasingly more disheveled by the minute.
"It doesn't look like you guys can either! It isn't safe for me or any of you whilst I'm here. None of this would have happened if Devildom sold fucking human birth control!" You snarl.
"That isn't a problem. I've got plenty condoms in my room if you don't want to get pregnant. Although you would look lovely carrying my baby." Asmo cooed, his hand brushing the waistline of his jeans a little too dangerously close to his burning arousal.
"I think our baby would be much cuter Y/N. But I just want to touch you." Belphie sighs.
"Y/N, can I please be excused. I- I need to go take care of something." Levi questions fearfully.
"You idiots don't listen. She doesn't feel safe. And she didn't say about birth control because of that, that's the reason she got her period after so long. You know it wouldn't kill any of you to read a book right?" Satan shouts.
"The book you finished reading an hour ago? How thoughtful Satan." Grumbles Lucifer.
"All of you. Go. Before you end up doing something you'll regret."
"Regret? You really are clueless you know that! Dumb human." Mammon scowls.
"That was an order Mammon. All of you. Now."
The 7 brothers legs uncomfortably turn and rush themselves from the room much to their distress. Loud grumbles and whines sound down the corridors as they all scramble in various directions.
You bang your head back against the wooden surface, trying to force away your lust and focus. Hopefully once your cycle was finished things would go back to normal after some awkwardness. And probably a punishment from Lucifer for your carelessness and backtalk.
When you finally close the door behind you, you curse the arousal you still feel at their words. You wished they'd say such things normally. Any time where they'd come on to you in such a direct way would be welcome, unless it was another encounter with a strong aphrodisiac.
It's going to be a long, fucking, week.
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certified-sloth · 4 months ago
One of the anon asked about mc calling Levi, asmo,beel and belphie by their full name
But imagine mc who usually call them by their Nick name but suddenly used their full name
I'd just drop with all the bros lmao
Already gave up when you started calling him by a nickname
And got used to it
But then you call him with his full name
He never looked up from his papers so fast that you swore you heard a crack
Listen, the moment you don't CALL him by his nickame
He is going to panic
Just ends up apologizing profusely
Didn't know what he did but you better apologize to him for doing this
Would call your name back
Absolutely horrified why you're attacking him like this
But you need to go back to calling his nickname
Or he WILL cry
Will look up at you with furrowed eyebrows
You didn't call him by his nickname
Has he done something wrong?
Truth be told, he only allows just you to call him with a nickname such as Tantan
If it's about the party that he didn't get to drag you in, then he's sorry's not that?
Then what did he do? He didn't take anything from you besides your heart
Hm? Why are you flustered suddenly? Was that too much?
Stops whatever he was doing
And looks at you like a kicked puppy
Did he do something wrong?
Why are you calling him like that?
Would snap his eyes open real quick but pretends he doesn't know who you're calling and even ACCUSES you
Looks at you with the most disgusted face he ever shown his whole years
Because he loves and got used to you calling him by his nickname
"Who's Belphegor? I don't know someone like that. You better not be cheating on me."
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gxr-dove · 2 months ago
Hi! I just found your blog and I love your work! Can I request the brothers reactions to seeing a super cute photo of MC from when they were young? Thanks! 💕
Obey Me!Brothers React to Photo of Young MC
Aww I love this request and the “Kid You Not” event seems to fit this prompt!
Everyone is curious since you have been able to see the brothers cursed in a child-like state, but they have yet to see you when you were young
As he poured his second cup of coffee he tried to ignore the loud commotion of his brothers as they hovered over you
He planned on staying close by to keep an eye on the trouble makers, but something else peaks his interest in staying around
His ears perked to the sound of Beel asking if you had any pictures from when you were young
“I’ll try to find some” That’s all Lucifer needed to hear before he started to slowly walk in your direction without bringing to much attention to his presence. He didn’t want his brothers to notice that he also wanted to see this adorable photo
You pull up a picture of you outside with a very adorable expression on your face
His heart immediately melts. It brings him back to when Satan was still a child
As much as he tries he can’t prevent the kind smile and warmth he feels seeing you look so adorable
When his presence is noticed by Beel he quickly clears his throat and rushes out of the living room hoping Beel saw nothing
After seeing your old photo he can’t help but give in to his dad instincts. Throughout the day you notice he’s a bit more protective of you than usual, and he keeps doing small things like checking up on you, even wiping your mouth at one point during dinner, and you had to stop him when he told you it was “bed time” and it was only 8
Mammon was sitting by you and everyone else as you talked about how funny it was to see them cursed in their child-like state
“Oi just forget everythin’ ya saw alright!” A small blush flushes his cheeks as he crosses his arms in embarrassment
Beel asks you about your own baby photos and if he could see them
Pushing through a few of his brothers he tries to see the screen first
His intentions were to make fun of ya to cover up his own embarrassment of you witnessing him act like a child, but all of his thoughts have disappeared and are replaced with your cuteness
His heart is struck, he feels like your killing him by how adorable you look
He tries his best to make it look like he doesn’t care
“Y-Ya don’t look that adorable anyway…” He mumbles while turning his face away from you
He can’t help but keep looking at the photo to see how tiny your hands would be compared to his
Later during the day he’ll demand Asmo to send him that photo of you. In the end he knows he’ll have to do a favor for Asmo but it’s better than asking you for it and letting you find out that he thinks you looked adorable even though it was very obvious
Playing on his DDD he’s not exactly sure what’s going on around him until he hears Beel ask you about your childhood photos
All he feels is a sudden push from Mammon moving him aside to see the photo first
“Moron don’t shove me” His anger stops abruptly to the sight of your childhood photo
You look so small how could someone so small be so cute
He almost voices an “awww” but he covers his mouth
Your outfit is so adorable in your photo he wishes he could’ve made you some small clothes when you were still a small child
Afterwards you’ll hear a knock at your door as Levi hands you an outfit made by him. A bright red flush covering his face
Satan was trying to read peacefully near you in the living room
He tried to focus on the words, but he couldn’t help but glance at you frequently
He looked at you momentarily to see his brothers crowd in your direction
He could feel a pulse of irritation seeing this sudden gathering around you
Closing his book he quickly walked over to see what all the commotion was about
Looking over your shoulder he could see a rather small child that he realizes is you
His heart is struck as if he found a new born kitten, you are equally if not more adorable than that
He tries to compose himself by quietly adoring your cute photo and slightly covering his face, but you can clearly see through his facade
Later that night you here a small knock on your door, and outside Satan has an array of books for you to chose from. He couldn’t stop thinking about how he would’ve liked to read to you as a child, so why not let him read to you now
Just let this man read to you he’s excited to read a bed time story
Asmo was on the other side of you, opposite of Mammon, trying to get your attention
You were paying attention to Beel asking you a question about photos from your childhood
He’s already squealing before even seeing the photo
A cute adorable photo of you a child he already predicts that you are the cutest human child
He wraps his arm around yours moving closer to your DDD
The photo of you pops up of you playing outside
He squeals even higher pitched than before and lists everything that makes you so adorable in your photo
“Uwaaa you’re so tiny MC! So adorable!”
Makes you send him that photo
Beel was eating while listening to you express your thoughts about everyone in their child-like state that was caused by the forbidden book
It got him thinking about what you were like as a child, how you acted or how you looked
“MC do you have any photos of you as a child?” He curiously asked
He moves closer to you to get a better view
An old picture of you as a child appears. You’re playing outside and you look very adorable
He stops eating, shocked by how small you look
He feels a familiar loving warmth in his heart as it reminds him of his twin and Lilith when they were younger
He smiles brightly and also asks for the photo
He becomes a bit more protective of you than he usually is. He walks around with you, and reaches things for you, picks things up for you, and if you want him to pick you up for fun he will gladly do so
Belphie was napping next to Beel
Even though his thoughts are cloudy with sleep he can hear Beel ask you about childhood photos
He sleepily opens his eyes and sits up to look over Beel
If he wasn’t fully awake he definitely is now
He underestimated your cuteness
Leaning his chin over Beel’s shoulder he smiles slightly
His heart feels the way one would feel when they see a cute animal
He gets the photo from Beel
Similarly to Beel he’ll follow you around, and the rest of the day you and the twins spend time eating and sleeping together
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ryoscloset · a month ago
MC’s first kiss - Obey me!
Characters: brothers
He finds it amusing that you haven’t had your first kiss, but more so that you want him to be your first.
Very gentle to be sure he doesn’t accidentally hurt you.
When he sees that you’re getting more comfortable, he gets a bit more passionate. 
Lets you take the lead for a little, only because it's your first kiss and he wants to see where you’ll go with it.
Hella honored that you want HIM to be your first kiss. But it's only fair seeing as he's your first man, isn't it?
Pulls you onto his lap with the excuse that it’ll make things easier. 
Gets worked up surprisingly easily so he doesn’t drag the kiss out for very long.
Multiple short kisses so he's not only your first, but your 20th as well.
He’ll constantly brag about it after when you’re with anyone else.
Huh?! You want your first kiss to be with a yucky otaku like him?! Wait.. someone as attractive as you hasn’t had your first kiss yet?? You have to be trolling him..!
When he finally realises you’re being serious, he has to remind himself to not freak out.
Very nervous at first but he loosens up when you make the first move.
Gets very into it very quickly, but pulls away just as quick so he doesn’t overwhelm you. (or himself.)
Mentions that this reminded him of one of his favorite animes, “My Human Best Friend Wants Me to be Their First Kiss, it Ended Surprisingly Well!”
He's thrown off slightly by the request, but quickly agrees either way.
Because both of you were standing and he didn’t want it to be awkward, he chose to pin you against the wall.
He made sure you were okay with him continuing before he moved on to the actual kiss.
Gentle, but still pulls away a few times to check on you.
He's ecstatic that you want him to be your first kiss! He’ll try to make things extra special.
Sets up candles and adjusts the lighting to fit the mood.
Guides you very carefully throughout most of the kiss, but backs off when you get the hang of it.
Compliments and praises you almost every time you pull away for air. 
Kisses your cheeks and neck occasionally as well.
Laughs a little at first because he didn’t expect your request. 
Isn’t completely sure how to go about it, so he just picks you up instead of leaning down.
Starts off slightly rough but almost immediately lightens up. It's easy to forget how fragile humans are, and he doesn’t want to hurt you by accident.
Immediately pulls you into bed with him as a sign of agreement. 
You learn quickly that he’s a sloppy kisser, but definitely not in a bad way.
He’s not very careful, but he's also not aggressive enough to hurt you.
He’ll tease you a little bit after about him being your first kiss, but in reality he’s glad to be your first.
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plush-rabbit · 8 months ago
Obey Me! Brothers + Dateables‘ Kinks
Tumblr media
TW: Somno mentions
A/N: The panorama has tired all of us out ( i really liked doing this a lot, i love the bois and i wanna love all of them (esp Mammon and Diavolo)) Also, i tried to incorporate the positions within the hc, so its not explicitly stated but heavily implied (also also, i use breasts here but i use them p gn but just a heads up) i love you!!
Brat Play- It feeds his whole style. Lucifer is a demon of pride- an avatar to be exact. While he loves obedience, will smile and hold your face in his hands, and call you a good, little human, he always enjoys the work for it. He might not admit it with words, but his smile will grow- albeit a bit more crueler rather than pleasure. He enjoys you telling him “no” and sticking your tongue out at him, a cheeky smile on your face.
Dom/Sub- It’s no surprise that Lucifer enjoys being the one with power. He is the eldest, an angel once so beautiful he was dubbed “The Morningstar” and now a loyal friend to the Lord of Devildom. Every title of his comes with power that anyone else would crumble underneath of. The power translates into the bedroom. He wants the power, he wants to see you on your back, gag in mouth, eyes wide tinged with a slight of fear as he descends upon you. There are very little times where the positions are switched but even then, it takes a great deal of stress for him to admit the burden on his shoulders.
Discipline- A power exchange. Lucifer can be soft during sex but he has stress- plenty of it even before the youngest promised to destroy humanity. He needs a way to release it. Of course, he’d never go too far, but he takes pride in what he does. He enjoys the marks left upon you from his palm to a flogger. He needs you to be proper, to stop the teasing remarks such as “dastardly devil” and if you’re going to learn by punishment, then so be it.
Mess Fetish- If you are leaking, then Mammon considers sex lackluster. He wants to see you twitching, your face completely relaxed and drool dribbling past the corners of your lips. Your sex a mess of his semen and your arousal. Be a filthy mess, don’t be afraid of drool or anything else filthy- he loves it. He wants to see you completely lose yourself until you’re slumped onto him, his movement being the only thing that’s moving you on his lap.
Orgasm Denial- The longer he denies you, the louder you’ll scream and when you do, you often scream his name. He likes to indulge in other’s sins and will take pride in what he does, having you scream his name until your voice is hoarse, beg for him to just let you feel an ounce of heaven. Mammon wants to hear the neediness in your voice, how you’ll croak his name and beg for him and only him, willing to say whatever he says as long as he promises to continue. 
Praise- This goes both ways. Mammon loves to remind you how wonderful you are, keeping you close to his chest, spilling words of praise past his lips as he buries his head into your chest. On his end, he’s the punching bag of the family- he’s constantly told how dumb he is and what a scumbag. Push back his hair and look him in the eye, brush your lips against his and tell him how good he is to you and what a blessing he is. Praise goes well with Mammon, words that make him tear up and try to be so good for you during those moments of intimacy and words to remind you that you are worth more than the treasure he has hidden away.
Degradation- Praise will do well with lovely Levi, but degradation? Push him down and rise above him, cup his face gently and call him a “yucky otaku” while you ride him. He’ll take the words to heart but a few good words afterwards will soothe over the wounds. But while you tell him how filthy he is for grabbing at your breasts while you were watching an anime together. He’ll hide his face and be flushed, eyes wet with fresh tears but he’s rutting against you all the same, so desperate for you to tell him how pathetic he is for getting off on all of this.
Roleplay- Dress up as a character that Levi mentions finding attractive and he’s popping a hard on right away. It’s even better for him if you stay in character, bending over and playing with yourself, and when he’s thrusting deep in you, if you even roll your eyes to the back of your head, he’s spilling inside of you. If you want to play Henry, then he isn't complaining. He’ll have to be lured in but best friends take care of best friends, don’t they?
Usage of Appendages- While this is thinly masked as a tentacle fetish, Levi has a bit of shame into bringing his tail towards you. When he sees how ecstatic you are to it, he’s still waiting for it to be  a sick joke. It’s only when he has his tail into your sex, stomach bugling as you try to hard to be quiet under his table while he streams that he allows himself to feel good about the kink. He’ll twist and curl his tail inside of you, flex and let the scales run against your soft, squishy insides until he’s sure his chat can hear the lewd sounds that you’re making.
Breath Play- While he is the avatar for wrath, he can usually hold a rather well façade unless something calls for it to be broken. However, in the bedroom, he takes his aggression out. He has you against a wall, hand curved around your neck and he can feel how your pulse quickens in something of a mix from pleasure and fear. He likes to see your eyes water, the raspy call of his name. Satan can be cruel, but he holds you close to him, kissing at your lips and feeling the soft puffs of air against his own breath. 
Dacryphilia- Crying is something that he’s quite proud of. He doesn’t even know how it happened. He just saw you one day, crying and then he was kissing your wet lips, salt faint on his tongue as you whined against his mouth, and clawed desperately at his clothes. Satan is loving and cruel. He’ll shove himself deep against your throat until tears slip past your red rimmed eyes and nose twitching with every sniffle.
Kitten Play- Of course this does come as a surprise to the feline-loving demon. Satan will absolutely fall in love when you come to him dressed in a cute dress with cat ears perched on your head complete with a collar, a delightful little golden ball of a bell dangling against the green dyed leather. Mewl for him, grab at the sheets with tense hands and have him kiss your body. He’ll make you bell chime until the sounds cause headaches to grow. 
Body Worship- Of course the Avatar of Lust would worship your body. He’d get on his knees, kiss at every scar, every cellulite that cracks against your skin like lightning, pull you close to him and whisper how he loves your body. Asmo loves to kiss your feverish body, only letting go of his hands on you to tell you how beautiful your body is. He will call you every word of grace that exits under the moon of Devildom, tell you how your beauty rivals those of angels he once knew. 
Katoptronophilia- The demon loves nothing more than to watch the both of you have sex in front of the mirror. You could be bent over, arms held back and wrists pinched together or your chest pressed against a mirror until your body leaves it traces there. Asmo wants to see how gorgeous the both of you look, bent over and fucked senseless as you watch with your own eyes as a demon fucks you. Asmo is panting, beautiful as ever with traces of sweat making his skin glisten as he manages to take a few photos with your reflection looking back at him with such pervertedness. 
Odaxelagnia- Asmo loves biting and having others biting him. He loves the marks that it leaves- little, harsh kisses that feel nothing more than a pinch to him. He likes it when you try to imprint your teeth on his smooth skin. He doesn’t even mind when you manage to actually leave one, he only loves it more and more- something so intimate that even his brothers don’t have. On that other note, he’ll bite down on your skin. Oddly enough, his teeth leave a heart shaped mark on you. Being a demon, he will tear at your skin, leaving you with drips of scarlet that he’ll kiss. 
Cunnilingus/Oral- Beel is such a sweetheart. He’s a giving lover, always making sure you’re happy as he eats another plate of dinner, and it’s no different in the bedroom. Whether you’re pushed up against a wall, shoved onto a bed or sitting on his face, he’s holding you with steady hands. He’ll bury himself deep against you, eat until you’re crying and too overstimulated, to the point that you’ll slump over without a coherent thought in your head. He eats you like a feverish man, like someone who is starved and never satisfied with their meal. He has such a skilled tongue and telling him how good he is only encourages him more.
Food Play- It has to be quick food that can’t get too sticky. He’ll eat it before you can ever feel it on your body. A quick, rough brush on the flat of his tongue on your body- whip cream on your chest disappearing in a white cloud on your chest, cherries leading to your sex eaten in a matter of seconds and anything else he can bring into the bedroom. There is a chance Beel will become distracted with the food, but he’ll always offer a- quite literal- sweet kiss if he tends to become distracted.
Marking- It comes to no surprise that Beel is fiercely protective. Most people wouldn’t dare think of hurting you when you have the protection of him but it never hurts to add a bit more when he can’t be around. Marking you a thrill for him. He loves to have your body coated in his scent, to bear his mark- pact, teeth, scent or anything else. He’ll bite in areas that can barely be seen- hidden partially under your collar, a slip between your shorts and a heavy scent of him on your sex.
Sensory Deprivation- Belphie can be cruel. He’s sadistic and childish but he is sloth. He hardly has any motivation to do most things but when it comes to you, it can be sparked. While it’s work to deprive you of your senses, it’s something he enjoys. He likes to see you be shrouded in darkness, only a ghost of a hand trailing against your bare leg, watching you squirm and kick your leg out in order to become distracted.
Somnophilia- It comes to no surprise that somnophilia would be the one that does it for Belphie. Where he’s above you, you’re above him or he’s spooning you from behind, somnophilia is something that excites him the most. He likes to wake up with his pants pulled down, and cock wet and limp with you sleeping peacefully next to him. ON the other hand he likes to crawl above you, rub nimble fingers against your sex and enter you with a heavy sigh- lazy, sleepy fucking where he orgasms in minutes.
Triolism- A rather possessive demon, Belphie is known to be the more obsessed lover. He isn’t fond of sharing but when given the right twist, the right image, he can imagine your holes stretched, your tired expression as you try to tap out for a moment. He wants to see you fully tired out, a dazed look in your eyes and having you orgasm with just a single push of his or another cock. 
Breeding- While most- if not all- demons have a sense of breeding, it hits stronger for the Lord. There’s nothing more pleasurable than seeing your belly swell because of his heir. To have your tits full of milk, leaking and heavy, it’s a sight where he’s pressed closed against you, commenting how he can smell your sex. Diavolo will pound you into the mattress, pant above you while your legs are bent and he’s filling you with his seed.
Pecattiphilia- He can act naïve, he can be as sweet as honey and cute as a button but he is still the leader of all devils and demons. The more innocent you are, the more hungry he becomes. He’s drooling and his horns are out- gold glinting under the flame of the fireplace, sharp and darkened with blood. He wants to corrupt you- to have you sin under the ever watchful Father. Diavolo is many things, but corrupting you as you wear white, pledge your loyalty against him makes you remember just how scary he can be.
Risk- He is a king- it would make sense for Diavolo to want to have sex with you where others can walk in at any moment. Of course, that would be the last thing anyone would witness if they were to catch you and the Lord but it’ll also push him for a further climax. He grew up pampered, having to be a model ruler but there are times where his deviances tend to outweigh what he was taught. He’s a complete degenerate, fucking you until the noises coming from your sex alone are louder that your cries, and anyone could walk in.
Teasing- Barbatos is a classy demon. He can have kinks up his sleeves but his work comes first. He wouldn’t dare to do anything so scandalous but he has to admit, there is something quite attractive about seeing you blush and whine his name. He’ll tease- private or public. He’d have a vibe pressed firmly against your sex, vibration increasing throughout the day until you’re twitching your legs. He’ll tease your entrance with his cock until you’re whining loud enough. 
Sensation Play- Just little hints of different sensations. He wants you on your back, a particular cold thing brushed against your inner thigh watching as you twitch or even having it inserted inside and seeing how you pucker and tense. It’s painfully slow, an interest where Barbatos watches you grow hard under the cold touch of an ice cube. Bringing his tail into sex, is something that he takes great joy in. He likes to see you writhe under him simply because of his split tail, seeing you gasp and pulse against the different grooves against him.
Wax Play- This is something that mixes well with his sensation play. On the opposite end of the ice, dripping creamy wax onto your back and seeing you arch and bury yourself into his neck, always makes him smile wickedly. The proper butler is cunning. He’ll feel the sensitive, burning spot, rub his palm against it and press until you’re gasping and clenching around him. Barbatos loves feeling your desperate writhing, having you succumb to the wax and leaving you more sensitive and more aware than before.
Humiliation- As an angel, Simeon is everything holy and divine. He is humble in his role as a angel but when you come to him, bearing your interest and taking his hands in yours, he remembers how truly small humans are. He’ll have you on your knees, pray with you as you confess all the filthy thoughts you’ve had of him. He’ll hold you close, rub his clothed sex against yours and tell you how he must purify you.
Parthenophilia- Angelic and pure in the eyes of the Lord that resides in the Celestial Realm, Simeon has developed a certain fondness for those who remain virgins until it is their time for marriage. Simeon won’t ever cause you to bleed- he’ll make sure your first time is gentle, of course. He will have you lay on your back, rise above you and tell you how beautiful he is as he claims you, taking away your virginity. There’s an almost sick part where he wants you to cry while he fucks you against the mattress, the cross above your bed shaking with every movement.
Worship- An old angel, Simeon is devoted. Tell him your sins and he’ll promise to heal you, to cleanse your body, mind, and soul. Pray upon your knees and take him into your mouth, let him wash over you and give you something from an angelic being. Pray and love thy savior, kiss and worship him. Tell him how wonderful he is and thank him as he promises you salvation. Cry and move against him, rid yourself of sins while he pulls you close for a shower and stuffs your mouth with cock as you repeat your prayers with every spare breath.
Hypnotism- Solomon was used to people doing his bidding, however, times have changed and he’s lost his followers.  He’ll put you under a light trance, enough for you to follow what he wants you to do but also for you to remain semi-cognitive during it all. He’ll press himself against your back, kiss your neck and tell you to pleasure yourself as he takes you from behind.
Internal Cumshot- He likes a creamy sex. He might not particularly be thrilled about having children nor ready for them, but he is one to keep himself pressed into you as his seed flows out. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching his semen leak out in copious amounts, your hands trying to catch the thick discharge and letting it slip between your fingers. 
Stockings- While tame compared to the other kinks of his, Solomon has to admit he has an attraction to stockings. The sheerness of certain ones, how they pinch at your thighs and the little fat that bulges out, makes him lose his breath. He’s eager to take everything else off but them, leaving them on and having your legs bent as you take him. 
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long-furby6 · 3 months ago
I know for a fact you’d give Lucifer so many stress lines 😭😭
The Brothers With A Venti-Like MC
Tumblr media
The minute he met you, he just new you were gonna be a pain in the ass
Maybe it was your smug look, or the intuition built over centuries of pseudo-parenting that something was off. But either way, he was, unfortunately, right
At first, he thought you were just a really weird human with no preservation instincts. Extremely annoying, too. Constantly breaking out into song in the middle of his lectures in some language he didn’t understand, swindling bartenders into free drinks, etc etc
oh god is this a Mammon with Asmo’s charm and his own pride???
Until he started seeing stuff about you that made him do a double take. What kinda human can drink that much and survive? Why do you always talk about events that took place a millennia before as if you were there??
Your actual identity clicked for him one day when he saw you wind current some poor guy into the next dimension
Turns out the 2nd human exchange student isn’t even human
Boy was he pissed. And you have an entire religion based around you??? Just how much did you not tell him????
His punishments are not the funnest so good luck
Once he gets used to this new information, he comes to quite enjoy your company
He’ll ask you to come play your lyre for him while he works in exchange for an apple or maybe some wine, he’s gotta admit that you’re one of the best bards he’s met. You often tell eachother stories of past friendships and fallen empires just to reminisce
Tumblr media
There’s no way in hell that you aren’t just instantly best friends
He’s the first person who knows about the whole god thing. Mostly because you blurted it out in a drunken stupor.
He thought it was a joke at first, until you actually showed him some of your abilities and he just went ???
SO happy that you told him and only him. Sure you were poster boarded to the forth dimension but still
Makes you play constantly and demand people pay for your entertainment
He’s a pretty good singer so maybe you two can duet? Join his modelling magazines as a guest?
Broke squad
Since you can shift your body into basically anything, he might try and get you to pose as him when he’s getting in trouble so he can escape through the back door
You’ll probably both get borderline executed after, but hey, it was fun while it lasted
Tumblr media
Will. You. Stop. Coming. Into. His. Room. Drunk. Off. Your. Ass. And. Messing. Up. His. GAME
Seriously, it’s kinda hard to concentrate when you’re clinging to him and screaming the lyrics to some weird song. Hey! You’re getting tears on his Ruri-Chan Limited Edition T-Shirt!
While your eccentric tendencies can annoy him at times, he can’t say he doesn’t enjoy your company when you’re not being annoying with Asmo or Mammon
He actually finds himself running excitedly to find you after some new anime comes out, or one of his favourite idols releases an album, just because you seem to get so hyped along with him
You gotta scream along to anime openings with him. He’s also very interested in any old sea shanties you might know
When he found out you were a god, I swear he nearly lost it
Like, you have all these people who love and worship you so much??? That’s so not fair!!
You’d think the archon of wind and a demon of the sea wouldn’t get along very well, but besides the occasional squabble, you two become quite close
Mostly he just like the fact that he can bribe you so easily. All he needs is a couple apples and you’re off to pester Mammon for his money back
Tumblr media
Doesn’t care, doesn’t bother. At first anyway
He ended up seeing how annoyed you make Lucifer, and decided to maybe talk to you a little more
Actually ends up liking you a lot! And that’s surprising considering how different you two are
Finding out you had a cult based around you was a little… shocking, however. What do you mean they call you Barbatos??? One is enough!
After the initial surprise, he gets the unbearable urge to go talk to one of your followers. Hearing them talk about how benevolent and mighty their god is when he literally saw you jump into a fountain while wasted to all hell slurring something about lost treasure not even two days ago is comedy gold to him
Gotta restrain himself from laughing when they say something about how know all knowing you are. He’s the one who has to tutor you all the time
Hearing about the archon war was more off putting then anything, tho. Like, who knew you were capable of so much destruction? He’s gotta be more careful around you…
When he finds out about your cat allergy… oh lord he feels so bad
He’s not even angry abt it he just pities you so much. You’ll never experience the pure joy of kissing their little foreheads :(
heart been broke so many times
Tumblr media
So excited when he hears your musical talent
Though that does mean he’s constantly bothering you to perform with him in front of his fans or at his parties
Definitely drinking buddies. You him and Mammon are kinda a bar hopping trio
Tries to get you to compete with him on who has a bigger cult. Gets lowkey upset when you win because you’re literally a religious figure—
Dramatically flops onto you when you’re sitting on the couch and starts ranting about how unfair it is
Gets you an apple or a bottle of wine anytime he can. He likes seeing the happy glint in your eye when he gives it to you
Gotta get drunk with him and start telling eachother everything
Forces you to let him style your hair
Tumblr media
When you first meet him, he kinda senses something off about you? You don’t feel quite human to him…
Turns out he was right. He wasn’t surprised at all when the whole Archon thing was revealed
It made sense now why you jumped in front of him and Luke that one time. You could probably put up a fight with even Lucifer!
Always tries to leave you some apples when he’s raiding the fridge. It’s hard to resist, but, they seem to make you very happy
When he finds out you took the form of a friend that died, holy shit dude
He’s always there to comfort you when those memories get a little too much. You did the same for him, after all
Tumblr media
Do you gotta be so loud all the time? You keep waking him up :/
He’s the only one who heard of the Anemo Archon, Barbatos long before he even met you. He spent so much time with humans as an angel, after all
Though he had no idea it was you until the day he tried to kill you. You nearly broke the wall with the force of that wind blast, sending him flying into all manner of furniture
He just stared at you like ??? 😳 ??? For so long
Very curious about your abilities and backstory. Maybe you can tell him some stories and play with his hair while he lays on your chest? Until he falls asleep? Please?
The schemes you two make together are enough to bring down the whole House Of Lamentation and it’s lowkey frightening
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
Can I request the brothers + dateables reacting to MC comparing them to cute animals? Like MC just sends them a photo of a cat couple that reminded them of Beel and Belphie or another characters
comparing them to cute animals
includes: lucifer, asmo, beel, belphie x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
rated g | m.list
a/n: sorry this is kinda late/kinda low effort i’m just pretty tired rn. thanks for requesting and i hope you like it!! my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback so come say hello! (also this turned out slightly more chaotic than cute LMAO) (also this'll probably have a pt 2... not right away but it'll have one)
pls reblog 🙈🙈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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