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#lucifer obey me
omkookie · 19 minutes ago
5 Year old MC #10
MC : . . . M... M-
Asmo : Quick! Record! They're about to say their first words!
Mammon : Say M A M M O N, MC!
MC : Mich~ael-l
Asmo : oH?!
Lucifer :
Mammon : DAMMIT!
Michael : *takes MC from Lucifer's arms* Michael~~
MC : Mi~chael~
Michael : So sweet! My heart feels like it's going to explode, kufufu...
– 5 years later –
Asmo : And that was your first word! Aww sweet memories!! <3
Mammon : I can't believe that, that Michael had to come to the devildom just because MC was a human baby! N'like how could ya first word be Michael! It could have been MAMMON! If he didn't come it could have been Mammon!
Asmo : Ooh! Remember Lucifer's face when MC said Michael?!
Mammon : Oh ya! Ahaha!!! It was like nothing ya've ever seen before!
Lucifer : Shut up both of you.
Asmo : Oh but Luucifer~ you totally looked jealous!
Lucifer : Hm? Me? Jealous? Do you seriously think that a human baby saying Michael's name as their first word would make me Jealous? I'm Lucifer. Nothing makes me jealous.
Mammon : Yiikes, he's definitely jealous when he says "I'm LuCiFeR"
MC : *pats Lucifer's leg*
Lucifer : What it is, MC?
MC : I'm comforting you, Michael agreed to come and take me to the celestial realm this evening and I'm going to leave you alone with your jealousy
Lucifer :
Lucifer : No. As your father I do not allow this.
Mammon : As your second father I do not allow this either!
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beels-burger-babe · 45 minutes ago
I Can Be Your Type
***I wanted to write some fluff, and all of my current requests, except for maybe one, have angst in them in one form or another. SO I decided to complete the prompt that @poppi144 and I discussed during a "party time" here. So this is happening. Enjoy a break from the angst.*** Summary: Asmodeus is bored one day and, more importantly, he doesn't think he can stand looking at the eyesore of Satan's clothing choices for a second longer. A makeover ensues much to the amusement of the other brothers and annoyance of Satan...that is until MC sees it. Asmodeus smiled mischievously as he peaked into Satan's room. Sitting in his chair, peacefully reading a book and enjoying his day, was Asmodeus's target. He giggled to himself and skipped over to him. "Oh, Satan~" Asmo began in a sing-song voice.
Satan's grip noticeably tightened on the book, but he didn't look away from the pages. "What do you need, Asmo? I'm trying to read." A glance at the cover told him that Satan was reading "Cultural Traditions and Practices of the Humans Realm". Asmo's smile grew. This really was perfect. He draped himself over the back of his brother's chair. "I just thought that perhaps we could help each other out! You see, I am extremely bored and want something to do. Preferably, giving you a makeover." The blond sighed as he flipped the page of his book. "Why in Diavolo's name, would I agree to that?" Asmodeus's grin widened as he swiped Satan's book from his hand and waved it in front of his face. "Because I can turn you into MC's type." Satan paused as a blush dusted across his cheeks. Checkmate.
Satan looked at Asmodeus with intrigue. "They have a type?" The Avatar of Lust laughed as he turned towards the door. "Oh, big brother, you have so much to learn if you actually want to stand a chance against me at winning MC's heart," he smiled over his shoulder. "Come on. Let me work my magic." Satan gave Asmodeus a skeptical look, but sighed and rose to his feet. If there was even the slightest chance of this working, it would be worth it. *** It was not worth it. Satan glared at his reflection in the mirror, "I look ridiculous." Asmodeus giggled as he straightened out the leather, hooded jacket that Satan was wearing. "Nonsense! I put this outfit together myself which means you look amazing!" He beamed at Satan as he took a step back and admired his work. "You look dangerous, mysterious, enticing, cool-" "Foolish," Satan cut off and groaned as he fiddled with the leather cord necklace Asmodeus had put on him. "There's no way this will actually work. You just did this to make me look stupid." Asmo gasped and put a hand on his chest in mock offence. "Like I would ever do something like that to my favourite brother!" Satan just gave him an unimpressed look and began to take off the jacket. Asmodeus quickly rushed over to stop him. "Wait, wait, wait! This wasn't a prank. I seriously think this is MC's type! Trust me on this. At least let them see you in it."
Satan frowned and looked in the mirror. He looked like the stereotypical bad boy in all those animes that Levi watches. He was layered in a white t-shirt with a jacket that appeared to be some kind of leather jacket/hoodie hybrid. The jeans weren't bad. He wore skinny jeans on a regular basis. But these were black and had rips on the knees. His normal dress shoes had been replaced with street sneakers. Asmodeus had even gone so far as to stylistically mess up his hair a little with some gel, and add a very subtle touch of eyeliner around his eyes. Was this really what you were attracted to? Satan huffed and turned to Asmodeus. "Fine. But if they laugh, you will regret this Asmodeus." Asmo let out a cheer as he pushed him out of the door. "Yeah, yeah. Doom and gloom. I get it. You know, you're actually very in character for your look right now." Asmodeus dragged Satan down to the living room where you were supposed to be having a game night with the others. "Oh MC~ I've got a lovely gift for you~" He pushed Satan into the middle of the room and dramatically gestured to him. Only you weren't in the living room. Everyone else was, and they thought this was priceless. Laughter filled the room as the brothers doubled over at the sight of Satan scowling in his bad boy outfit. "Y-You, your look finally matches your sin! Holy fuck!" Mammon howled as he struggled to breathe through his laughter. Belphegor nodded and pointed to Mammon as he cackled. "It's like someone just rained on your black parade! You look like you're about to go kick a bunch of puppies!" Levi snorted and lifted up his phone to take a picture, "This is definitely going on Devilgram." Satan growled and took a threatening step towards Levi. Lucifer chuckled and wiped a tear from under his eye. "Calm down now. We wouldn't you to ruin your eyeliner." The laughter doubled in volume as Satan shouted at Lucifer to shut up. Even Beel was laughing along. "Alright, guys I'm ba-" Everyone went quiet as you entered the room holding a tray of cookies. You froze and stared at Satan with wide eyes and your jaw dropped, a slight blush on your cheeks. "S-Satan you look-" A low snarl came from him as he avoided eye contact with you. "Spare me your pretences and just get to the laughing bit. I've had enough of this." "No!" You squeaked out, causing everyone to stare at you. Your face was quite clearly flushed as you sputtered bashfully. "I-I mean, I wouldn't laugh. You look hot! I-I-I mean good! You look good. Very good indeed," you chuckled nervously and averted your eyes. "Oh Diavolo kill me now," you whispered to yourself.
Asmodeus smiled victoriously while the others gaped at you in shock. Satan merely smirked and walked closer to you. "Oh? Do you enjoy my appearance MC?" More flustered noises came from your mouth as you set down the tray. "I certainly don't not like it. It's j-just a good look for you, th-that's all."
Levi looked between the two of you confused. "Wha- MC! He looks like bullies in every high school anime that we've ever watched!" Satan noted with amusement that you seemed to glance at him with even more interest now. "You mean the ones that tease the protagonist, have a soft side, and nine times out ten builds into an enemies-to-lovers plot with an incredible redemption arc? I'm aware," there was an adorable bashful tone to your voice that made Satan smile wider. He approached you and took your hand into his own. "Then perhaps I should let you get to know my soft side more? Would you care to join me over some tea and light reading library?" he lowered his tone into a seductive husky rumble. "I have a thousand poems that have reminded me of you, which I would love to share." The brothers watched in horror as you became even more of a flustered mess and nodded eagerly. "Eh?! But it's game night MC!" Mammon quickly piped in, throwing in a pair of puppy dog eyes for good measure. You barely glanced in his direction. "Lucifer had just beat me out of the round anyway. You guys enjoy the cookies, I'm going to catch up with Satan." The fourth born led you by the hand as he looked back and smirked at the others. "Enjoy your game night, and thanks for the help Asmo." Silence filled the room after you two left.
"Damn. That worked better than intended," Asmo stated with slight envy on his tongue. Mammon glared at him. "Ya had to give him a make-over and make him look like a hunk, didn't ya?" Lucifer leaned back watching the door. "It's unfortunate. Though perhaps not an entirely negative thing. We can learn something from this," everyone looked at Lucifer curiously. For the next two weeks, the House of Lamentation was full of leather jackets and eyeliner.
*** This was so fun to write. I hope you guys enjoyed it 😊***
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ashes-tospace · 49 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Emergency Commission are open! I'm lowering my prices in half.
5/0 slots open!
Questions dm me!
I'm going to run short on money for next month and I'm not in America yet so I'm not having any income come in (and low-key freaking out)
So any help is welcome!
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warm-meelk · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’m currently prioritizing my school works but i was able to squeeze in my very short spare time to draw a shitpost art of lucifer
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galaxydream7 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I like to believe Lucifer is a terrible kisser.
Not in a bad way don’t get wrong more in a way where his confidence about being perfect at everything (reinforced by the constant praises of people) added to his intimidating presence in both the Celestial Realm and Devildom made it so that nobody who kissed him really managed to bring themselves to tell him the truth.
But his kisses are definitely sloppy and a bit uncomfortable at first but while it’ll take a bit of practice, he’ll still get there eventually.
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wrathymcwrathface · an hour ago
𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓃 𝑅𝓊𝓁𝑒𝓇𝓈 ❁𝒻 𝐻𝑒𝓁𝓁, a playlist made by my MC.
|Masterlist is here|
A 20 song playlist (excluding the pandora link since they dont have anything for the obey me songs lol) made by me (my mc obviously). This playlist is different from others yall may have heard, but sometimes its better to go in with an open mind. Thanks to @error-code-606​ and @absoluteyeet​ for assisting me with this.
Links are below the photo, along with the song names. This will be posted to my ao3 and wattpad as well, as well as my instagram. I don’t own the photo used in this post or the music.
Tumblr media
1. Dreamcatcher - ERRA 2. Disappear (Remember When) - Issues (Used for Lilith) 3. Digital Renegade - I See Stars 4. Warning From My Demons - Slaves 5. Have Faith in Me - A Day to Remember 6. Welcome to the Family - A Day to Remember 7. Family is Family - Kacey Musgraves 8. Judith Rules - I See Stars 9. It Never Ends - Bring Me the Horizon 10. Tally it Up, Settle the Score - Sleeping With Sirens 11. Blessed With a Curse - Bring Me the Horizon 12. [&] Delinquents - Woe, is Me 13. Uneasy Hearts Weigh the Most - Dance Gavin Dance 14. Lonely Together - Rita Ora 15. E-Girls Are Ruining My Life! - Corpse 16. Don’t Let Me Fade Away - Wage War 17. Don’t Go - Bring Me the Horizon 18. Do It Now, Remember It Later - Sleeping With Sirens 19. Girls Like U - Blackbear 20. Sinful Indulgence
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SEND ME A SHIP : Lucifer x MC
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Who said“ I love you” first ?
It would take a lot of Lucifer to say it first. While he acts very confident he just can’t take the risk, he could simply not live down the shame of putting his feelings all out on the table, telling you he loves only to not have you return his feelings. You’re without a doubt his biggest weakness.
Say it first however and he’ll immediately return the feelings. Even with if it’s with a little smug grin on his face.
Who would have the other's picture as their phone background ?
Lucifer definitely. He would not have you as his locked screen as he would not like any teasing on this however your face is definitely there when he unlocks his phone.
A infallible pick-me-up when he is working late at night and starts to get tired. If only you could see how soft his smile is every time he looks at that picture of you.
Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror ?
Well it has to be you and Lucifer has very mixed about that : On one hand he is worried that your silly note are gonna leave a stain behind for everyone to see on the other hand his scoff always turns into an amused smile. Your antics always entertain him.
Write ‘I love you’ on that mirror and he’ll be yours forever.
Who buys the other cheesy gifts ?
Once again, Lucifer is prideful so while there might an teeny tiny inner part of himself that would like to offer one of these gifts, his pride prevents him from doing it. He’d much prefer loosing your breath over a luxurious date/gift than by laughing at his gift.
If you do prefer a cheesy gift over a luxurious one you’ll have to talk to him seriously about it. Though do expect one very blushy Luci who can’t even look at you in the eyes desperately waiting for you to stop giggling and just kiss him as a thank you.
Who initiated the first kiss ?
A kiss to Lucifer is very much less of a big deal than saying ‘I love you’. After all a kiss does not necessitate him to stand there, his deepest feelings out in the world while waiting for an answer. A kiss for him can easily pass as a reward of some sort, something that makes him feel good about himself and does not engage anything more than just a spur of the moment.
For a more meaningful kiss, Lucifer will also be the first to lean in. His feelings need to be validated but as soon as they are he’ll kiss you, longer, harder and yet very much softer.
Who kisses the other awake in the morning ?
Lucifer favorite part of the morning, feeling your lips all over his face as you try to wake him up. Lucifer is actually not a morning person so this might be a double edged sword as it is so relaxing to (and you know the man needs to relax) that he might almost just go back to sleep right this instant.
Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower ?
Lucifer will not ask, he will state it as fact. He is going to take a shower with you. If you’re not comfortable with this though do not worry just tell him, he might his brows as what he sees as ‘rejection’ from you but just explain to him that you’re uncomfortable with it and his face will soften and just nod.
He’ll be disappointed definitely but as long as you don’t reject him, he’ll get over it.
Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch ?
Who else than you ? When Lucifer works he seems to forget about everything else. He forgets to eat, he forgets to sleep etc.
He might try to tell you he doesn’t have time to have lunch with you but you stubbornly decide to sit down on the other side of his desk and put down the dishes on it, carefully avoiding his paperwork he can’t help but sigh and put down his pen.
Ends up having a lot of fun and definitely feels more energized after it. Whether it’s from the food or from you he still doesn’t know but he’d like to keep that feeling.
Who was nervous and shy on the first date ?
Both of you but for very different reasons, the realization had suddenly hit you that you were going on a date with Lucifer, the demon, the Avatar of Pride himself, he realized he was going on a date for probably one the first time ever.
He’ll make an amazing thank effort to not show it but know that inside he has no idea what he is doing nor saying, he just does it with confidence and it definitely works.
Who kills / takes out the spiders ?
Lucifer actually has quite the affection for spiders so he won’t kill them. He’ll just grab a piece of paper and let it climb on it in order to release it outside.
Who loudly proclaims their love when they're drunk ?
Loudly ? You. Every once in a while you’ll yell it high and proud.
On another hand : Who will definitely without a doubt proclaim their love every single time they’re drunk to their lover ? Well that title goes to Lucifer, no questions asked.
He might be crying, screaming or completely serious. There is just no exception every time he’s drunk he’ll tell you he loves you. That’s probably his subconscious trying to make up for the time he was sure of his feelings but stil’ waited for you to say it first.
Tumblr media
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raicharu · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Very late to the party but spy AU demon boys was fun
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belphegorbillickin · 3 hours ago
Who would like a (non-abusive ofc) tsundere MC the most? (+ Side Characters)
(TW!): Minor mentions of yandere-esque behavior in Diavolo's, Belphegor's, and Leviathan's sections.
There's a lot of good and bad with this demon lord. On one hand he's very persistent and doesn't let much get him down. He'll gladly gobble up any scraps of affection you give him and happily beg for more when you push him away.
He is the biggest Lucifer simp in all three realms after all, no amount of pride will get him to leave you alone. You don't have to do much but show up and make it obvious you want to spend to time with him and not his power or money.
On the other hand he needs a consent 101 class immediately. As seen with Lucifer and MC he constantly pushes for something even when the other person says no over and over.
As a spoiled prince surrounded by people incapable of disobeying too many of his orders he's not very good at listening to people's hard limits. It's not clear whether or not he knows how badly he's abusing his position to force his way, but he does it regardless.
(MINOR SPOILER) He does talk about how he worries Barbatos and Lucifer wouldn't stay with him if he let them go, but imo that just proves he'd do it to MC too if he was worried enough. (MINOR SPOILER END)
Being a pure demon who's only relationship examples were from the literal king of hell probably doesn't help either. It's heavily implied Devildom was much worse before Diavolo and human nobles aren't exactly known for their loving relationships either.
(CHAP. 56 SPOILERS) It's not surprising that someone with his childhood is so desperate for attention. (CHAP. 56 SPOILERS END)
The fact that his S/O is easily embarrassed and protests things they desperately and obviously want encourages his already bad behavior. He's already used to ignoring what other people want, a tsundere S/O just makes it even easier for him to justify it.
He seems to enjoy seeing people squirm as well, getting his S/O to break down and admit they like something so he doesn't stop would probably turn into a fun game for him. Fun for him anyway.
Letting him continue down that path and "encouraging" that mindset might have let him get delusional enough to let the fantasies he talked about in the pudding card become reality. After all, who's going to stop him?
Tumblr media
"Are you neglecting me on purpose so I'll pine for you?" (Idle Dialogue)
He's very well acquainted with people acting out for his attention. Mammon is his favorite with Satan and Belphie as close seconds. This demon definitely loves brats and tsunderes.
His arrogance confidence keeps him from taking it too personally when you get embarrassed or can't be completely honest because he never really doubts that you like him.
He's good at reading in-between the lines and is an actions over words demon himself. (Especially if you subscribe to the headcanon that they can sense when a human is exhibiting their sin.)
He can sympathize regardless, he too often has trouble setting aside his pride to be honest. It also seems less unreasonable to him since you two didn't exactly have a friendly relationship your entire stay.
You don't necessarily need to say how much you love him so long as you prove it in other ways like bringing him bitter hell coffee and little acts of service.
This sadist loves to see you squirming and embarrassed and his very direct approach means it's a lot easier for the relationship to progress.
On the other hand the combination of knowing you hide your feelings for him and his (over)confidence may lead him to believe you want more than you actually do or him feeling like he knows you better than you know yourself.
While extremely helpful sometimes, Lucifer's habit of ignoring what you say in favor of what he believes you want can get really dangerous really fast.
Prepare to set down some ground rules and make sure he sticks him and you'll be fine. Otherwise...
Tumblr media
I think he'd expect you to be a bit like this after what he did, but he's also an impatient brat that wants all of your love as soon as possible. You can raise intimacy by choosing some of the more teasing dialogue or calling him out though so it's not like he hates it.
He's another sadist that wouldn't mind too much as long as you pay way more attention to him than his brothers and still do enough to let him know you like him.
He'd purposely "misinterpret" your signals in an attempt to either make you honest or see you squirm. You'd most likely be the one having trouble instead of him.
It really depends why you're acting that way and how much affection sneaks out. Belphie canonically states that values actions over words, so if you genuinely like him and show it he'll focous more on that.
Someone that just gets easily embarrassed by his blunt affections or feels like they shouldn't like their murderer will work out a lot better than someone who still resents him and never really gets past it. (Not that you have to of course, but it makes no sense to date someone like that.) If it's the former he'll happily tease you until you're ready to be honest.
Be careful what you let him get away with, he's not one to stop pushing until you're completely caged by him. He's already eager to delude himself that you like him, letting him cuddle up to you even if you complain will just have him ignore what you say even more.
Tumblr media
"Eh? Are you ignoring me so I'll like you more?" (Blushy homescreen dialogue)
On one hand it's hard enough to get through to him even if you only praise him. On the other hand he's very familiar with tsunderes and imo he's more likely to believe someone is ashamed to like him rather than just straight up liking him.
He also canonically has a degradation fetish and can probably sympathize with a fellow tsundere better than a "normie." He certainly seemed less nervous and more confident if you begrudgingly admitted to loving him in his birthday event.
If by some miracle you get him to believe you like him and stay that way he's another one that can misinterpret your feelings. Between having no real romantic experience, relying on anime culture even more than he would for a non-tsundere S/O, and desperately wanting to hold onto something that makes him happy leads to him getting more than a bit delusional sometimes.
You'd have to make it extremely clear you're not "just being tsun-tsun lol" and that you actually don't want to do whatever it is he's pushing. Bringing out Levi's more confident (and often delusional) side isn't always a good thing. (More on that here.)
Which of course will push him into a deep depression and make him doubt every time he thought you were having fun. Also considering tsunderes usually need a lot of reassurance that their partner likes them both of y'all are probably just going to get more insecure.
All in all I think he'd like a tsundere S/O more than enough to date them, but it wouldn't be the healthiest for either of you unless you were a perfect match and did a good job of enforcing boundaries.
You'll either end up with a nasty break up or he steadily becomes more delusional until he ignores what you want entirely if you don't.
Tumblr media
I think it could go one of two ways, either he'd find fun but quickly get bored or he'd really hate it until he starts to obsess over it.
For the former It'd be fun for a little while, but he'd start to get really tired of you playing coy and denying him affection when he knows you like him. You both like each other, why can't you just give him a hug or take a compliment every now and then?
It's something he needs and even just reducing the frequency of affection is a huge compromise for him. He could understand if you actually don't like it, but this is just pointless to him.
The latter would be common for an "undesirable" MC whether that be looks, personality, or even just an incompatible MC. Who are you to reject him after all? Even the most desirable should be begging at his feet.
He'd hate you for it unless he believes it's actually your way of hiding how desperate you are for him. Then it becomes his life's mission to see you crack and beg for his affection.
As for if he stays after the chase is over and he's "broken" you... Who knows?
Tumblr media
He's not going to risk getting permanently locked out of heaven for someone who can't even admit they like him, come on now.
Maybe if it's your way of avoiding temptation or you're embarrassed and acting this way because you believe he won't like you back he'll find it endearing.
It's not something he'll let you continue after he makes his feelings known however, no matter how fun it is to tease you.
He said it's okay, who are you to stop him? Do you really believe you know better than a centuries old angel? Just accept the little bit of affection he can give you already.
Tumblr media
He's used to the people he loves giving him some "tough love" and even encourages it, but I don't think he'd necessarily want to deal with it from a lover too.
Not to mention tsundere x tsundere usually has a very hard time starting in the first place. Another tsundere is probably either going to be too insecure to believe he truly likes him or won't have the courage to call him out and make him admit his feelings.
Unless someone intervenes or one of y'all reads the other's diary or something a relationship will probably never start to begin with and be full of hurt feelings on both sides.
Tumblr media
I feel like you'd have to be exceptional to get him to risk getting attached to someone he'll outlive again.
It's not impossible, but unlikely for a tsundere MC to catch his attention like that in a romantic way. He doesn't chase anyone anymore, he only accepts a relationship if his affection sneaks up on him.
Tumblr media
I don't think he'd have the patience to deal with it after officially dating. It could be cute at first since he'd probably be able to figure out your real feelings, but even soft tsunderes are eventually going to catch him on a bad day.
Sure he likes how unpredictable cats are, but he has higher standards for you than an animal that ranks rather low on the intelligence scale.
Maybe if you're trying your hardest to overcome it he'll sympathize and see it as being similar to his own fight with his rage. (It still reminds him of Lucifer though and that kills him inside.)
Tumblr media
This poor demon needs less stress, not more. He seems to appreciate the more direct route in Devilgrams.
But who knows, maybe brat taming is how he relaxes? He does have a bit of a sadistic side.
Tumblr media
Poor baby wouldn't get it and would just feel sad or not realize you like him even if you were a super soft tsundere.
He'd probably be a little sad even if you just acted that way to Belphie, he'd eventually get it with him though since Belphie would give as much he got.
Be kind to him or you'll get wrekt by Belphie again have six angry demons disappointed in you.
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certified-sloth · 3 hours ago
Are they easily jealous?
This is the avatar of pride we're talking about
He's not one to be jealous but if he does...
He doesn't talk to you about it
His pride doesn't really take him any further so uh, he'll show his jealousy through actions
If you point it out, he'll refuse because it'll stomp on his pride
Yes, just yes
He was ready to throw hands at his brothers for coming close to you
You think anyone else is an exception?
He gets insecure so, please reassure him
If you thought Mammon was something, Levi is a whole other level
You have to reassure him, not through words only
He overthinks, counter it with assurance and gentle affection
Boy is heavily insecure, you have to be very patient with him
Like Lucifer, he's not one to be jealous
But if he does, he wouldn't entirely be bothered
He's the type to be verbal with his doubts so he'll talk to you about it calmly
He puts his trust in you, so he knows he has nothing to worry about
Him? Jealous? Oh, no not at all
In fact, others are the ones jealous of him, not the other way around
He wouldn't need an explanation at all
He trusts you and himself so he doesn't have a reason to feel that way
Nope, he rarely gets jealous
If he does, he'll try his best not to think about it
He doesn't want to doubt you, but he feels a little insecure
He'll talk to you about it and all you have to do is assure him and give him a few kisses
He... doesn't care as long as he's asleep?
But when he's awake that's a whole different story
When he's jealous, he'll be even more bratty than usual, he'd go up to the attic and overthink
He knows his flaws, so he'll be insecure
You'll have to figure out that's his attitude when jealous so you'll have to assure him
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fickleminder · 3 hours ago
Preview: the years start coming and they don’t stop coming (part 2)
This has been a monster to write amidst all the shit happening irl this year so here’s hoping posting a preview in the wild will motivate me to commit and actually get it done (ง'̀-'́)ง
Part 1 here
They find your grave first.
You’re buried next to your parents, the only thing left of you a simple tombstone in the old cemetery. The space isn’t very well cared for, especially since you never married or had children. Your worn marker is chipped in several places, and even your name has begun to fade from the elements over the years. All in all, there’s nothing special distinguishing your final resting place from that of countless other humans’.
Forgotten. Just as you had been in life.
Lilith is the only one bold enough to approach, at first. Murmuring a soft prayer, she gets to work cleaning up, wiping the dust from your tombstone and sweeping away dead leaves with her bare hands.
She is joined by Mammon, who takes halting steps towards your grave and falls to his knees. He pats down his pockets, cursing lowly before tearing off a strip from his shirt and rubbing at the marker, polishing it with so much fervor as though he’s determined to make it shine brighter than Goldie.
Once the space has been cleared, tiny offerings are placed and carefully rearranged: a black rose with petals as dark as the Devildom skies; a limited-edition TSL keychain; and a small cupcake with rainbow sprinkles, slightly smushed on one side but otherwise perfectly intact.
Asmo sobs openly without care for his smudging makeup or expensive clothes. Belphie looks like he just wants to curl up next to your grave and sleep for the next five years.
Satan stands at the edge of the group, not an ounce of sympathy for his mourning brothers. He’s the only one who knows: the coffin underneath is empty.
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seerachii-art · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was so sweet omfg- qwq
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dashboard-cup-holder · 4 hours ago
I’m making playlists for all the Obey Me demon boys. Most of them are still under construction, but I’ll post the finished ones for anyone interested:
Lucifer: Spotify || Youtube [+1 bonus song]
Mammon: [pruning stage]
Leviathan: Spotify || Youtube [+3 bonus songs, including The Worst thing I’ve heard in my life]
Satan: [pruning stage]
Asmodeus: [pruning/construction stage]
Beelzebub: Spotify || Youtube [+2 bonus songs]
Belphegor: Spotify || Youtube [+2 bonus songs]
Diavolo: [construction stage]
Barbatos: [construction stage]
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obeythebutler · 4 hours ago
Oh Messenger of the Muses! Harbringer of Stories! Would you bless this poor talentless human and give them the gift of your writing? This poor soul begs for the brothers reaction to a MC that runs away and avoid them because they got a big crush on them and get incredibly shy
May your blessed keys awaken and take this humble request and may your beautiful soul be gifted with good luck, rest and love!
Thank you!
Brothers With A MC Who Runs Away From Them Because They Have A Crush On Them
Lucifer's intimidating, and he knows it, but can MC please not run away every time they see him? Is he that scary?
Whenever he gets a chance to finally talk to MC, they scuttle away on seeing him. And when Lucifer tries to talk to them they make up random excuses. Come on, you can't go feed Cerberus when his brothers hesitate!
MC better not try to run away from him again....
Lucifer cornered them one day after he had enough. Kabedoned them and tilted their chin up, staring into their nervous eyes...
He could feel MC fluster and splutter, and a smirk adorned his face when he realized they find him attractive.
But when MC confessed they have a crush on him? Lucifer's silent pining bore fruit. MC likes him back too, he knew they would!
Well, a date to Ristorante Six won't hurt now, would it?
This human scuttled away on seeing him! It's hard, when you're their protector and you can't see them, because they keep hiding on seeing you!
Mammon had to resort to holding MC's hand so that they won't get lost in the Devildom streets, which resulted in a flustered pair. If only MC knew Mammon pines hard too ...
He wasn't good at taking hints, he got annoyed when they kept avoiding him! So much that Mammon cornered them and asked in a show of boldness the reason they kept avoiding him....
Their confession and flustered face made Mammon blush on his own...
He will try to turn the situation around on them, but don't worry MC! Mammon loved you too! Just hold his hand and he'll blush!
Poor snek dug himself deeper into the hole of self-deprecation when he observed that MC avoided him...of course they would, he's a worthless otaku after all....
And when they were near him, both him and MC were a flustered mess. Now, now, have you ever sat next to your crush? You know the feeling.
It resulted in Levi sulking whenever MC avoided him, and it wasn't doing any good, so much that the brothers finally decided to lock the pair in a room until they sorted out their feelings.
It was a nervous moment, until MC finally confessed they like him, and Levi's brain blue-screened.
Him? Him?! A worthless otaku like him? Was that the reason they were so shy around him?!
Now Levi's the flustered one.
He thought MC was avoiding him out of dear at first. He's the Avatar of Wrath, and that's an intimidating title. So Satan tries to make himself as approachable as he could.
Offering to go to cat cafes together, reading or going for a walk. He wants to prove he's more than his wrath...
But his offers were brushed away as MC ran to their room, leaving a confused and dejected Satan behind.
He doesn't quite get the cause for their behaviour, until he sees them getting incredibly shy when Satan passed them a book that had fallen on the ground...then it clicked.
They like him, don't they?
Well, you never know unless you ask. Got some time, MC? The garden looks lovely today...
He isn't that repulsive, come on! He's beautiful....right?
Asmo was annoyed whenever MC ran away from him, for he thought they disliked him. But when they started getting shy with only him, then it clicked.
That wasn't dislike, that was a crush! MC likes him! Quite cute to see them all flustered and nervous, isn't it?
For a while, it was quite fun to tease them and watch MC get shy and flustered. But it only resulted in them going around in circles.
So Asmo invited them to his room for a self-care session, and when they finally got comfortable enough to confess he wanted to hug them there and then.
Asmo's over the moon.
Poor boi thought MC didn't like him at first. They always ran away from him and didn't speak much to him. It was a common sight to see Beel's frown when MC walked away from him.....
If he walked into a room, MC weasled out of there. If he offered them his food, which was a rare phenomenon in itself, they'd shakily take it and run away.
Beel assumed he might have done something he shouldn't have, so he approached them when they were alone and asked if he's done anything wrong...
When the truth came out that they had a crush on him, Beel blushed as he smiled. They like him!!
Would they like to go and have some food with him, please?
He didn't voice it, but he felt they were avoiding him since he...He deserved it, after all.
And so he kept quiet. But it soon became clear that they didn't hate him outright, but rather kept avoiding him. He'd walk into a room where MC was and they'd go out. Sit near them and they'd change seats.
It was like a stab to the heart for Belphegor.
He couldn't quite figure out their motives. So he softly asked them to stay when they tried to leave the room, and what followed was a long conversation.
He should have told MC that he liked them too, but his heart gets caught in his throat every time.
But now, he'll pour his heart.
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Store worker: would Mr Lucifer come to the front desk
Lucifer, arriving at the front desk: Hello, is there a problem?
Store Worker:*points to mammon and Mc*
Store worker: I believe those two belong to you?
Mammon and Mc, simultaneously: we got lost :(
Lucifer: I didn't even bring you guys here with me-
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threeleggedcrow · 6 hours ago
😳dang okay
Tumblr media
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lyssaterald · 6 hours ago
Tags: LuciferxMCxDiavolo, trauma, mention of rape, kidnapping, mentions of drugs
It had been months since you returned with Solomon to the human world, since the brothers had staged a small "kidnapping" and whisked you away to spend one last night with them. They had given you their most precious items to enable you to summon them. You had almost given up your life for them to continue on without you. You couldn't have, wouldn't taken his life, not after everything they had done with and for you.
So, it was a giant surprise to you when your ex picked a fight and the scale of the argument was almost epic. It was almost a knock down brawl, something he never expected and something his goons never expected, but in the end you weren't strong enough and you couldn't do more than veil Lucifer's ring and Mammon's key ring. Everything else tangible from the brothers was torn from you within a few moments and your ability to say the words cut off by a gag that wouldn't come out for months except when someone was using you.
It took months of compliance for them to believe you broken, months of abuse and changing hands when your ex got bored. They had started shooting you full of drugs the second they got you,but every exchange saw a new drug you were addicted to and withdrawing from.
But you never stopped trying. Never, for a second, stopped hoping they would respond to the aborted or butchered summonings. They knew you were missing, had to. Unless they had never cared for you beyond your connection to Lilith...
But you never stopped trying, no matter how they used you. Every scrap of freedom you could earn, every trick that would earn you words you could speak while they fucked you, it was always with hope.
And finally, finally it worked.
They had you at a hotel that night for whatever they would use you for and had just shot you up with a new drug. They thought it was funny to watch you stumble around the room, mumbling to yourself as the high took hold and crumbled your reality.
“Hear me, denizens of darkness, you who are born of shadow and you who give birth to it.
Hear me and do as I command!
I, ___, call upon you to send forth one of your number!
I summon the avatar of Pride, Lucifer!”
Safety. You craved safety and Lucifer had always made you feel safe. No matter when he threatened you you had always understood his motives to protect his brothers, his lord, his realm.
It wasn't until after you stumbled into the bathroom to throw up that you heard the hard words and then the screams that you could feel the small seed of hope you'd been nurturing for months bloom.
You were sitting in the tub when he found you, vomit all down your clothes and the bathroom because the sounds of even your tormenters hadn't been easy to bear.
"You real?" you ask, because you have to.
It's the drugs that make you ask, that make you doubt, but it's the smell of blood and Demonus when he dips down to collect you that has you snuggling into his chest and curling your fingers into his best.
"I am so sorry," he murmurs into your hair and you feel the dampness of tears mix into the words.
"Don't leave me, Lu," you whimper, tears streaming now. "Don't leave me, don't leave me, don't leave me."
It's someone else's hands on you that have you screaming and fighting, words from another lost to your ears. There's a spray of warm blood, a rushing wind, and then the sulphuric smell of safety/home hits you and you let the darkness finally claim you.
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