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#lucifer obey me

Man, what the fuck


I wanted Diavolo but I guess this is the game saying I don’t need anymore envy cards…

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(posted from my personal twit but this was too cute not to upload here)

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Hiiii! I’m still working on finishing other illustrations but I realized I never posted my mc before! Her name is Willow! So many sketches of her and Lucifer have been hiding on my laptop for over a year now and who knows when I’ll finish them lol

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wip lmfao

my apple pencil died in the middle of the sketch so i just started doodling w my finger and now i’m definitely adding a jealous mammon in the background

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Incorrect Obey Me!

Lucifer: Mammon, I’m your brother so I have to be honest with you.

Lucifer: I don’t care about your problems.

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Obey me au where everything is the same but Lucifer actually raised Satan as a child and not a brother that’s all i ask

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MC Buys Dinner

Okay, so I’m a hoe for Little Ceasar’s pretzel crust pizza, and it just came back, so here is some dumb bullshit. Okay bye!


7:39 PM- Human World Manor

Lucifer, walking into the kitchen where Beel is snacking: Beel, have you seen MC? It’s past 7:30, and dinner isn’t ready.

Beel: MC left. They were watching TV before running out of the door.

Lucifer, aura rising: Well, I suppose a punishment is in order-

MC, kicking the door for help: I’m back, and I bought pizza!

Beel, runs to the door and opens it: You had me at pizza.

MC, carrying 20 boxes of pizza, 5 boxes of cheese bread and a bag with Asmo’s salad: Thanks, Beel!


7:45 PM

Mammon, sitting in the living room for movie night: Finally! I’m starving. What kind of pizza did you get?

MC: It’s something you’ve never had before, something only humans would be chaotic enough to create.

Lucifer, opening the first box: MC, I swear, if you got pineapple pizza, I-

Lucifer, sighing and pinching his nose: MC, what the FUCK is this?

MC, grinning from ear to ear: It’s pizza! Pretzel crust pizza. It’s a pretzel with salt on the outside with liquid cheese sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. It sounds disgusting, but it’s the best thing that has ever been created.

Belphie: Okay, but WHY did you get 15 boxes of it???

Beel, drooling and grabbing 10 boxes for himself: That sounds fantastic.

Asmo: Yuck! Honey, just think of the grease and the sodium in those things. You’re going to have a heart attack. Thank Diavolo you got my salad.

Levi: Whatever. At least I still got my veggie pizza.

MC: Oh come on!!! You gotta try it. It’s to DIE for. Please~?

Satan, frowning: Fine… but just one.

Beel, eats 3 slices at once, tears in his eyes: MC, I wanna marry you.

Mammon: Tears, really? It can’t be that good. ………. Oh shit.

Belphie, curled up with 4 slices: Okay this is worth it.

Levi, angrily taking 2 slices: Hey, don’t take a box for yourself!

Satan, genuinely surprised: Hmm. Not bad. The cheese sauce and pepperoni work surprisingly well…

Lucifer: This is extremely unhealthy. ……You’re safe this time, but don’t expect another pass MC.

Asmo, sighs, taking the smallest slice: Have you all lost your minds? That will be awful for your pores! I’ll take a tiny one to make you happy, but that’s it. I have to keep up this regimen.

MC: Of course, King!


7:50 PM

MC, talking about the movie: Oh, come on! That plan won’t work at all!

Levi: I didn’t realize Mammon was in this movie.

Mammon: Oi! Are ya calling me dumb again?!?

Asmo: *grabs one more slice when no one is looking*

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Lucifer: I slept like 5 minutes last night but then I drank like five cups of coffee so if I die today don’t worry I’m probably just sleeping. Probably.

Beel: I swear to god I love storms so much. Look at that lightning. MmmmMM. That’s hot.

Satan: hahaha lightning’s literally hot did you know that? science fact of the day.

Mammon: sometimes i think about how i’m a third wheel even though i don’t even have enough friends for any of them to be dating hahahahah

Belphie: *softy, every five minutes* fite me you puny weak ass bitch ill destroy you an steal all your secrets i may or may not be a spy

Solomon: bitch that’s not food what are you doING

Diavolo: I don’t get these memes. Someone exPLAIN pleA S e.

Levi: my friends are loser s but thats okay because im secretly cool alright guys

Asmo: im not a child how dare you speak to me like one okay now im going to drink this milk angrily please never talk to me again,,, jk jk please talk to me i need attention

Mc: whomst the fuck?? hurt my hubby?? im afraid im goig to blast ur ass to space.

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Someone to Mc: must be nice to be surrounded by demons who are like legends?

Mc: Haha yeah…

*Begins to think back hours before*


Lucifer: 😡

Belphie: *quietly naps*

Beel: Mc! I’m so happy you are here! :)

Asmo: Can I just go back to my room?

Levi: AH! *shrieks*

Mammon: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *Shrieks higher*

Mc: All I ask was who wants some pizza?

*Back to present*

Mc: Yeah, everyone is well respected to each other.

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The more I think about each brother, the more I like them. I like all 7 of them for different reasons. There is no way I could choose one of them. Even Mammon, who I hate but love still (he such a stupid idiot) ugh… Like🥲 and then there’s Simeon, Solomon, Diabolo, and Barbotos on top of that!? How? Why? How? I just want to be friends with them all…

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