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#obey me brothers
harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
MC: *on the verge of dying*
Asmo: Don't die! You haven't fucked yet!
MC: *sits up and whacks him hard on the head* I'm asexual. *then falls back to the ground*
Asmo: Eh...?
The brothers: *laughing their ass off, completely forgetting to send MC to the hospital*
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orphicepiphany · a day ago
Long Pointed Ears
Tumblr media
I love the idea of all the brothers have long pointed ears. They convey their emotions whether they like it or not, and they find it embarrassing when they try so hard to hide their feeling that so obviously show up through their ears. When Mammon is upset and comes up to you to cuddle and you can see his ears are lying down flat, closer to his head. Seeing the tips of Satan’s ears turn red when he sees you doing something adorable. Seeing Lucifer’s ears perk up and his head on a swivel because he hears the slightest sound of Mammon across the house. Asmo who loves adorning his ears in jewelry and them fluttering when he gets excited on how pretty it looks. But I also love the idea of the bros one day suddenly noticing how round and small (at least compared to theirs) your ears are. Beel and Belphie who curiously sneak up next to you while you’re lying on the couch and flicking and softly pulling your ears, whispering on how weird and tiny your ears are. Levi who randomly pops up asking you tons of questions on how you hear and how your ears work. But seeing the brothers with long ears would be such an adorable experience that I would love to see.
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raven-darkessence · 2 days ago
compilation of wips i did during midterm exam week......cus i was too lazy to study.....aced all my laboratory tests tho
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i'll probs never be able to finish this...
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obey-me-answers · 2 days ago
friendly reminder that no matter your flaws or insecurities the brothers love you and will always be there for you (:
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ghibaby · a day ago
What about a scenario where Diavolo summons an Mc that just shot of a rocket launcher
Diavolo: WELCOME!—
MC: 💥💥💨💨🚀🚀sound of rocket launcher *breaks to the roof
The brothers: was that a rocket launcher?????...
Lucifer: I think it's time to cancelled the student exchange program, Lord Diavolo.
Diavolo: maybe you're right.....
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sourluci · a month ago
Tumblr media
Everytime he give me that look 😳😳 my 🐱 goes 💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💢
please don't repost my art, reblogs are appreciated 💖
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pen-observing · a month ago
Hi! If you will have any inspiration about this
What do you think would be little things that brothers would bring you as courting you? As like birds or penguins with rocks and sticks?
Thank you 💜
sjdaj this was fun! i did have an image of lucifer bringing feathers as a meme in my mind for a sec
what the brothers bring you while courting you/wanting to impress you:
He is what many would consider to be a classic idea of a man. Tall, dark, handsome with refined taste. Because of this he tries to be refined in what he brings you as well. Why should you two not share such traits?
Lucifer because of this relies on the extravagant, classic choices. Most of all – jewelry.
Rings, necklaces, bracelets – everything he sees while out on an errand that catches his eye.
He also tries to match some items with you. He has a golden pen, why shouldn’t you have one as well?
However, one thing that gets in his way is that: no matter how strong his impulse to buy or obtain rare jewels is – he cannot always give them to you.
He overthinks it.
‘if I give them two rings two weeks in a row, would that be too much? Would they then spend money to buy an outfit that matches it? Would the gifts lose their meaning if I don’t space them out? If I continue to give them so many gifts, they would feel responsible to return them so they would spend more money on me and we both know that I am the one who has more money so--’
All these thoughts come to him. Sometimes Lucifer even thinks that your pride would be hurt if he gives you jewels so often.
He tries not to go overboard but he knows that there is a whole desk drawer of little boxes just waiting for the right time to go to you.
No matter how much Mammon may chase gold and sparkles – he is no Lucifer and there is no way that he can just rely on jewels.
Sure, on very special occasions he manages to surprise you with them and that does make it more meaningful.
Mammon puts aside everything else and actually gets a job whenever your birthday is close.
So what else could be bring you?
He is well aware of how birds bring branches or rocks – how sometimes they even spend so much time flying high above and continuously dropping walnuts for others on the road until they crack. His approach is similar.
When you have issues or need to open something – he always offers himself.
It is a bit silly but being there for someone counts.
Besides this – every trinket that he sees somehow ends up in your room
Plushies, fun masks, nail polish that matches his, a leaf that fell in his hair while he was sleeping under a tree and dreamt of you.
He also brings postcards, magazines, photos you might enjoy.
Once he brought you a heart shaped stone and bragged about how his keen eye managed to observe it in the clean river!
Something in every corner of your room will be adjacent to him.
“What if I brought you branches?” “What?” “Nothing!”
He just wanted to ask!
Lucifer is impulsive in buying just one thing, Levi, however, is impulsive all around.
And that impulsivity goes in many directions.
He is able to use and calculate all his Akuzon points to make sure that you get 10 products instead of just 1.
He takes it very, very seriously.
Sometimes he buys you way too many snacks, other times he orders 5 costumes
Often his courting relies on the thought; what if we shared this!
His mind says that the more you have in common the better match you are.
This is why he brings matching keychains or slippers or even computer backgrounds and mousepads.
He still knows that ‘matching’ does not fully count but it really warms his heart when he sees that you are willing to share and indulge in those small things that would not really matter to others.
It gives him a confidence boost and reassures him that you are in fact open to him.
However, something still has to be yours alone.
Yours alone, from his hands and he needs to make sure of that.
Levi does bring you pearls like penguins do.
And he did in fact spend a long time underwater making sure he brings the best ones.
Just... never show him the video that trended of a female penguin cheating on her partner in the human world.
Satan, no matter how much he tries to deny it, is in many ways similar to Lucifer.
He might dress the way he does but he tries to be a classic gentleman in this regard.
He does bring jewelry too – however he never brings it without a deeper, more profound reason.
‘so what if this ring is rare? What does it matter to them? Nothing.’
He has to hear you say it is very pretty to give it to you.
The necklace needs to remind him of your eyes or he is not buying it at all.
Because of this – he is very picky so few gifts are of this nature.
What else does he bring?
Satan writes you notes all the time.
Sometimes they are there to remind you of water or meals, other times they are short quotes.
In fact, he brings you annotated books; lines that remind him of you; quotes of feelings he knows thanks to you.
He brings you parts of himself and looks for parts of you in everything.
This is his idea of courting.
And don’t be surprised to get letters (wax made by him) under your door even if you live close by.
Unlike the others, Asmo has no problems with giving you whatever his own impulse says to.
Why should he hide these 2 perfumes that he bought thinking of you and wait for 3 weeks to present them to you?
No, do it right then and there because your heart felt the love or do not do it at all!
Because of this, his impulse costs a lot. Only second to Lucifer.
Asmo wants to give you luxurious things but he knows that jewelry alone can get boring rather fast and is limited by time and fashion and practicality etc.
So he gives you luxury in everything.
New lines of fragrance are yours as well as his, new skin care products that few humans can buy just show up at your door.
Does he also give you framed photos of him? Yes
Does he give you best silk? Also yes.
Why should the two of you not enjoy these things? You deserve it after all.
Still, Asmo is very sentimental too.
He gifts you photo albums of things that make him feel so. Memories of trips and walks; of sleepovers and quiet nights as well.
Yes, luxury is there but this small pretty pen is cheap and has hearts on it! He simply has to give it to you!
Beelzebub knows the ‘proper’, ‘correct’ or expected ways to court someone.
He knows what gifts others give and why.
But, all of that seems vanity or showing off to him.
It just wouldn’t feel right to give you a framed work of art or color stones that glimmer if it does not really awake something.
His gifts are as gentle as him.
Yes, food is the most obvious choice but he really does worry if you are eating well because humans are fragile.
Flowers that he sees in shops or on walks.
While once walking with Luke he saw some and said how pretty they would look on you. Luke taught him to make flower crowns for that reason.
Most of his gifts are handmade.
He wants to help you on his own no matter what.
The most consistent gifts however are those that you said you needed.
Doesn’t matter when you said it or how, maybe it was just a passing thought, but he remembers and he gets them for you.
it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he manages to mix up all of these ways and refuses to settle down on just one type.
This is because he is similar to Beel.
Beel gives you thinks you said you needed; Belphie gives you those you did not even notice.
He is constantly observing you and being as smart as he is – nothing escapes him.
You don’t have to complain how you grew bored of your boots or how annoying those headphones are.
He just notices it and gives you new ones.
Sometimes he looks at you during a party in Diavolo’s castle and things that a necklace is missing and would actually be useful in the future as well; so, he buys it.
Books for assignments you are not aware you will need next year find their way to your table. Yes, it is a year but he is a published Devildom scholar so trust him with this.
Paintings, matching rings with stars, a keychain of some small alien from a human TV show etc.
He treads the lines of outlandish with luxury and simple.
Seeing you surprised no matter what because you never mentioned these things always brings him joy.
a/n: how tf do you spell jewelry is it this or jewellery or i hate his word pls
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v4mprs · a month ago
Tumblr media
warnings: none
pairing: gn!mc x brothers
genre: i have no idea..
request from anonymous: MC gives the brothers chicken nuggets at 3am!
i love my inbox 👩🏻‍🦲
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐂 𝐠𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐧𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐭𝐬
Tumblr media
Lucifer ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• he’s very confused why you came to his office at 3am..
• then you pull out the plate of chicken nuggets 😀👍🏻
• stares at you
• “Uh.. Thanks MC.. Please get to bed now.”
• when you leave he actually eats them
• thinks they’re a pretty good snack
• but if you continue you this he’ll get annoyed :/
• he wonders if this is what human do at 3 am..
• if you wanna please him you hafta try harder then nuggets at 3 am 🗿
• rates them 3/10
Tumblr media
Mammon ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• lowkey screams because what in the devildom are you doing breaking into his room at 3 am?! also you kinda woke him up lol
• you need to calm him down unless you both wanna be hung from the chandelier together (sounds pretty romantic tbh..)
• you pull out the plate of ✨nuggets ✨
• ….
• he scratches his head and stares at you in disbelief
• “The great Mammon won’t take your silly traditional human food!!”
• when you walk away he grabs the plate of them and eats them in 5 minutes
• he kinda likes them
• probably choked on at least 1 because its so dark in his room
• he rates them a good 8/10!!
Tumblr media
Leviathan ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• oh boy
• dude was actually streaming when you walked into the background of his face cam
• you basically stood there like 🧍🏻‍♀️/🧍🏻‍♂️ for a good 5 minutes.
• doesn’t notice you until some people point it out in the chat
• screeches..
• “W-what are these?! You made them for m-me?!”
• no leviathan i made them for henry 👩🏻‍🦯
• exams them
• forgot his stream was going on when he was eating them
• rates them a 6/10
• also your gonna be famous for being in that bg
Tumblr media
Satan ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• bookworm was sleeping
• great time to wake him up and give him some chicken nuggets
• thinks its one of his brothers at first so he goes into demon mode
• calms down a little when its you (he has a big soft spot for you.)
• although he may be cranky
• “… Really MC, you woke me up just for these? Thanks..”
• doesn’t eat them because he falls right back asleep
• -1/10 he ate one in his sleep and choked on it
Tumblr media
Asmodeus ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• do not wake him during his beauty sleep just for nuggets!
• pops up in his bed and declines kindly
• but he asks if you wanna join him in bed ;)
• ^ for sleep ofc!
• 0/10 asmo didnt accept
Tumblr media
Beelzebub ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• smelled them from a mile away
• hugs you and takes them
• eats all of them including the plate
• “Thanks MC, I was just getting my midnightsnack.”
• 100/10 Beel is in heaven ✨
Tumblr media
Belphegor ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• no.
• you cant wake him up, hes on hibernation mode for the night
• 0/10 hes asleep
Tumblr media
© v4mprs, please do not translate my works in any languages, repost, steal or copy without permission.
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
Lilith: *squirms*
MC: Don't move too much. I'm trying to be gentle with you. *goes back to kissing her*
Lilith: *feels her body weakens*
MC: *stops* *displeased*
Lilith: I-I'm sorry... I didn't—
MC: It's fine. Take some rest. We'll continue once you have your energy back.
Lilith: *face saddens* Okay...
Abazeth: Don't be so hasty.
MC: I know.
Abazeth: ...
Abazeth: *chuckles* No, you don't. *pours them a cup of tea* I know you're not satisfied with the results now. But you need to trust the process.
MC: She's recovering, Abazeth.
Abazeth: Trust me. She doesn't.
MC: ...
Abazeth: What you're seeing in her is her desire to be wanted and protected. If I were her, having someone who locked me in a cage for years, emotionally abusing me, and suddenly caring about my well-being... I would probably feel something... That could be mistaken for a pure love.
MC: ...
MC: Is that how you see it is?
Abazeth: Yes.
MC: ...
MC: *starts to chuckle then grows into a full laughter* If she is, I want to see it! I want to see and feel that twisted pure love she has on me, Abazeth!
Abazeth: As I said a while ago, don't be hasty. She will do it in the future.
Abazeth: That's why, you need to focus more on the other problems.
MC: *has calmed down* Right. How should we start with the prophecy?
Abazeth: If you're a bit indecisive, how about we roll the dice?
Satan: The human world is under attack.
Diavolo and the others: ...
Satan: ...
Satan: It seems that I shouldn't have reported this situation since you're all busy.
Diavolo: No... Tell us the details, Satan.
Satan: Fine. Celestial Realm angels have been attacking the human world and causing havoc. Thousands have been dying every single.
Satan: Fortunately enough. They're only killing the humans.
Mammon: How can you call this "fortunate"? Huh, Satan?
Satan: Why? Do you think I have sympathy over humans?
Lucifer: That's enough. Humans are not important to us. We need to solve this crisis and take Lilith back to us.
Belphie: How can we do that when she's clearly disgusted of our existence...
Beel: Belphie...
Belphie: I've never seen sister... give that look to anyone... especially to me.
Levi: It's MC's fault. Lilith can't change like that on her own!
Satan: *scoffs* Yeah, right. Is that easy to all of you here to blame MC? Lord Diavolo hasn't even give you an explanation. As usual, you're all being one-sided.
Diavolo: You know something, Satan.
Satan: What of it? I'm not planning to tell you even if I do.
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exchangestudentmicha · 2 months ago
The Brother’s During their Heats
I’ll probably end up making separate fics for each of the brothers, because if I put it all here this post will be stupidly long (Although, its already stupidly long lol)
Warning: teratophilia, NSFW
A demon’s heat usually comes around once a year and lasts around 1-3 weeks
You can always tell when his heat is coming up
He gets more affectionate towards you, gets more abrasive towards everyone else, and gets very protective of you
He usually uses suppressants to get through his heat, but they can only do so much, especially once you’re there since heats tend to get more intense once the demon has chosen a mate due to their heat actually having a target
Eventually, usually around the 3-7 day mark depending on his stubbornness, he’ll end up locking himself in his room to deal with his heat
He’ll RARELY come to you for help due to his pride, so you usually have to go to him once the House of Lamentation starts to fall apart (well at least more than usual) due to having no Lucifer to keep his brothers in line
And when you do go to him, you’re welcomed to the sight of Lucifer in one of his more released demon forms. Wings and horns out, legs turned into more birdlike forms with massive talons coming from them, claws coming from his hands, and his dick looking rather inhuman under his hand that was furiously pumping it
As soon as he notices that you entered his room he freezes
“You… You shouldn’t be in here MC… I told you to stay away from my room…” His voice is raspy from all of his moaning…
“You’ve really come to help me out? You really have no idea what you’re getting yourself into…”
You’ll have to do some convincing before he’ll let you help him. But this time not because of his pride. He knows how intense his heats can get, and he doesn’t want to end up hurting you
But once you convince him that you’ll use your pact to stop him if it gets to be too much, and that yes, you will be able to handle this, he finally agrees to take your help and then immediately casts a couple spells on you.
“Are you wondering what those spells were? They’re nothing much, just a simple protection spell keeping me from harming you too badly, and an aphrodisiac spell to help you keep up with me~”
He’s so squawky before his heat starts
No, I’m not even joking, every single time you touch him he squawks due to him being so sensitive. It’s honestly kinda adorable.
But once he does start his heat, he’s SO unbelievably cuddly, like his tsundere side kinda goes away and he can’t keep himself off of you
He usually tries to take suppressants to help him, but he honestly forgot to take them this time around. He was making bank at the casinos that week can you blame him? Yes, yes I can
So yeah, after a couple days he locks himself in his room or more everyone shoves him in there because they literally have to rip him off of you
At first he’ll be pretty quiet, trying to deal with his heat by himself
But as his heat progresses he’ll start to lose himself in his heat, and end up blowing up your phone, desperate for any sort of help from you
So when you go to his room to help him or to tell him to stop spamming you like crazy you’re welcomed by the sight of Mammon in his more released demon form beating it in a nest filled with random treasure, money, blankets, and whatever clothes or miscellaneous objects you left in his room before his heat started
“A-About time you got here- hah fuck… You smell so good… Get over here… Please…” He whines while rutting into a pillow with one of your shirts on it
He’s borderline delirious because of his heat, but even then, he won’t touch you until you give him the ok
“H-Here, drink this, its an aphrodisiac potion. I may have um… borrowed it from Asmo.” *doubtful MC noises* “Ok, ok! I stole it! Just drink it already! I need you so bad…”
As soon as he can tell that his heat is coming, he just disappears.
He has a tried and true method that he uses every year when he goes into heat. Suppressants, hentai, and fleshlights
And everything was going perfectly. Until you got worried because you haven’t seen him in a couple days and since he won’t answer his DDD.
So you ask his brothers if they know what’s going on, and they tell you that he’s probably going through his heat since he does this every year
You’re less worried now that you know that he’s fine, but upset when you hear that you probably won’t see him for another week and a half.
So it’s a lonely couple of days for you as you wait for Levi to come out of his room since his door is locked
Until, one night you find a trail of water in the hall when you got up to get some water
Which leads to a soaking wet naga Levi who’s pitching quite the tent in that towel around his waist
You would’ve heard him griping about a broken kettle or something if it wasn’t for you being distracted by your heating face, his massive tail, and his weirdly wiggling tent
The only thing that gets you out of your trance is his high pitched screech… “M-MC!!! W-W-What are you doing here?!?!?! Wait! Umm…” He screeches as he desperately tries to hide his raging boner
He doesn’t calm down until you walk up to him and tell him how much you’ve been missing him this entire time (and that you’re more than willing to help him with that boner of his)
And as soon as he hears you say that, yo feel his tail run up your leg as his heat takes over
“A-Are you sure you want to do this MC? Because you won’t be leaving my room for the rest of my heat…” He asks as you confirm that you do want to help him
He immediately drags you to his room and you find yourself in his bathtub bed with him shoving a bottle in your hands”
“Drink this, it’s an aphrodisiac, I was saving it since it was a special edition and since the bottle looked cool, but this is a much better use for it.” He said before muttering a spell, “Huh? What was that? Its just a water breathing spell… I um… Like to spend my heats in my tank if that’s ok with you…”
His heat always irritates him, so whenever his heat starts to come around, he’s pissed at everything give the poor man some chocolate he’s going through demon PMS
About the only thing he isn’t regularly angry at is unsurprisingly his books and you
So usually you’ll go a couple days just thinking he’s in a bad funk, so you’ll hang around him, helping him with his wrath and helping him keep calm by either reading to him, or having him read to you
It isn’t until you notice him purposely scent you that you know something is up. As I’ve said in other posts, he NEVER scents purposely unless its to piss Lucifer off. And you would think that it would be that, until you realize that Lucifer hasn’t been able to get near you due to Satan being in his little wrath funk.
Now thankfully when you mention it, Satan has the incredible combination of enough brain cells to explain what is going on while not having enough pride to just not explain it and expect everything to work out
So you do get the answer of why he was so mad this whole time, and that answer was that his dick was yelling at him to mate
He tried to get you to go to your room (or at least not in his room) so that he could take his suppressants and then lock himself away to deal with his heat
But you have other ideas and refuse to leave, instead offering your help with his heat
“MC, you have no idea what you are getting into, a demon’s heat is an intense experience.” He growls quietly, “I won’t have much control over myself, even with suppressants. Especially when you smell like that…”
Now most humans would’ve probably had second thoughts about this, but you are MC the human with near non existent self preservation skills
“You’re really that determined to help me? Well then, I guess it’s going to be a long week and a half for you.” He chuckles before muttering a spell that causes your entire body to heat up, “Thankfully I have a few spells to help you keep up with me.”
Everyone can tell when he’s going into heat, and part of that is because he never uses suppressants. The pheromones he gives off during heat are intense to the point where you can actually smell them. (They’re not that strong to you but when you’re near him he always has this sweet scent around him)
His pheromones get so bad to the point where the brothers say ‘fuck it’ and lock him in the attic because they’re sick of smelling and hearing him
But unfortunately for everyone, Asmo’s heat is the longest of the brothers, lasting almost a month in total, so everyone has to deal with his smell and his moaning coming from the attic for about 3 weeks every year
You get fed up with it around… 5 days into it since your hear his moaning and wining for you every single night when you try and sleep. Not to mention his brothers griping about it during the entirety of the 5 days
So, after 5 days of shit sleep you decide to march up to the attic to see if you can get Asmo to shut up you may have had to steal the key to the attic from Lucifer’s room but… details
And when you open the door you’re, unsurprisingly, greeted by Asmo moaning loudly while jacking off and thrusting a dildo in his… pussy? Wait when did he have a vagina???
You didn’t mean to stare, but you didn’t expect him to have both parts (In hindsight you’re not exactly surprised since he’s the avatar of lust)
“Mmmmm… MC… Are you gonna help me or are you just gonna stare at me? Because I’d love for you to join me~” He moaned while his eyes glowed slightly, indicating that he was attempting to use his charm on you
You feel your face heat up as you watch Asmo grind on the dildo in him, “Although… I might just like you watching me just as much~” He said before moaning again
Something in you snapped when he did that, and next thing you know you found yourself pinning him to the bed, “Excited, are we?” He said as his tail wrapped around your waist, “Although, before we get started you may want this, its an aphrodisiac made from my venom, its powerful stuff. It’ll help you keep up with my desires~”
The first sign that Beel is going into heat is that the fridge is just gone. He just skipped eating everything in the fridge and just ate the fridge itself with all the food in it the second sign is Satan is yelling about it in the kitchen
The next sign is that Belphie has confiscated your bed due to Beel locking himself in their room and refusing to let anyone in
So of course once you hear that you go to check on Beel, he never just shuts himself away like this unless something is really bothering him (Also because he isn’t answering his phone)
And once you get there, the only thing you hear from inside his room is the crunching of snacks before it suddenly stops, then you hear a low growl come from behind the door along with a loud buzz
“MC… Is that you? You smell so fucking good... Ngggg… Y-You need to leave, I’m in heat… I-I… I don’t want to scare you or freak you out… Or worse, hurt you…” He said as you saw what looked like a stinger trying to poke out from under the door
You tried to reassure him that you wouldn’t be scared of him, and that you would in fact, gladly help him with his heat, but he still wouldn’t unlock the door
“I-I don’t know… I’m not like my brother’s during their heats… I um… my tail… It… Has eggs…” He mumbled, expecting you to be freaked out by that. But, you were unsurprisingly not freaked out, and instead of running, you grabbed his tail and rubbed the tip slightly
A deep growl came from him as he scraped his claws against the door, “Hah… Hah… More… Please…” He purred as you reminded him that you would still gladly help him.
His tail suddenly yanked itself back under the door before you heard the door unlock. You took his invitation and walked into the dark room to see Beel nowhere
You went to call out to him before the door suddenly closed behind you, causing you to turn around and see Beel’s purple eyes from above the door before you’re tackled by him to the ground
“Drink this, it’ll help you last longer with me. It’ll also probably make the mating process a bit more comfortable…”
As soon as he starts going into heat, he gets so pissy. He becomes the biggest brat ever and is angry at everyone except you. With you he’s just more cuddly than usual (if that’s even possible)
Of course, that’s usually not too odd, he’s usually already really bratty to most of his brothers. It’s not until he actually goes at Beel a bit that you notice that this is not normal
But Beel doesn’t seem upset??? And when you ask him why, he just says that Belphie gets like this every year during his heat.
Of course after hearing that, you immediately go to him to confirm. And of course being the little shit that he is, he replies with, “Why? Would you like to help me with it?”
Once you confirm that you would in fact love to help him with it after trying to hide your now burning face he smirks
Now the rest of the brothers would rather just hide from you and deal with it themselves due to heats being so intense. But Belphie, the possessive bastard, would rather stake his claim on you once he has consent, and what do you know, now he does
“Well then, go up to the attic and wait for me, I have to get a couple things first~” He says before giving you a kiss and running off
You hear some arguing and a bit of clashing downstairs while waiting for him, but completely disregard it when he walks in and locks the door before immediately starting to strip and transform into a more released demon form than his usual one
“It’s gonna be a wild ride for you, but this should help you get through it…” He says while handing you a bottle, “Hurry up and drink it, I want to breed you already…”
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hoodedpanda333 · 3 months ago
The boys react to MC falling asleep on their shoulder while watching a movie.
(I'm 3/3 on the sleeping head canons. I write these when I'm super tired so perhaps my subconscious is telling me something? Nah!)
At first he stiffens at the sudden contact
Once he realizes what's happening, his signature smirk snakes its way onto his face
He supposes he could allow you to rest for a bit
He certainly doesn't wish to be the one waking you up
Won't hesitate to pull you closer to him
You'd be more comfortable with your head in his lap
So that's where he puts you
He's careful not to wake you up
Is no longer paying attention to the movie
After all
What scene could be better than the one before him?
Literally jumps when you're head makes contact with his shoulder
Makes his surprised sound, you know the one
Tries to play it off like it's nothing
Everybody can clearly see he is struggling™
His eyes keep darting between you and the screen
His hands are so fidgety that he eventually pulls out his DDD in order to distract himself
He keeps coughing so he can hide his blush with his hand
Never wants this moment to end but holy hell MC how do you expect him to be ok after this???
Wasn't really watching the movie anyway
Too busy playing his NinDevil Switch (idk) to look up at the screen
That all changes when the fire nation attacks
And by fire nation, I mean Levi's fiery red face
The second he feels you on his shoulder he is gone
No Levi here, nope
Just a life sized cardboard cutout he got from some human world convention in Tokyo
No but really
It's hard to tell the difference with how still he is
Without moving a muscle he looks at your sleeping face
Bad idea
He isn't sure what he's supposed to do in this situation
What would The Lord of Shadows do at a time like this????
Please stop cozying up to him like that MC, you're killing him!!!
The movie was boring him anyway so he was, of course, reading instead
He didn't even notice you laying your head on his shoulder
Upon feeling the weight, he just assumed you were reading along with him
He starts to whisper the story aloud to you
Loud enough for you to hear him
But quiet enough so he didn't disturb the others
It makes it halfway through the rest of the book before he hears your soft breaths
He steals a glance and can't help the light blush that comes over his face when he sees you sound asleep
He's unsure if you had been asleep the whole time or not
He hopes him reading was soothing enough for you to fall asleep
He continues reading the story to himself
Absentmindedly, his hand begins to pet your head
His focus is too shot to continue reading
His mind too busy imaging him reading you to sleep every night
Oh no
MC you fool!
The second your head rests on Asmo's shoulder, your peaceful sleep was as good as gone
He immediately scoops you up and sits you in his lap
The rest of the night he is just gushing about how cute you looked
At some point he goes off about getting a pair of matching…
We'll just call them Pj's
Eventually he starts nuzzling against you
He's so warm and soft, no wonder you fell asleep on him
You'd honestly do it again–
He squeezes you in the midst of your thoughts
Or...maybe not
Can you blame him, though?
Already on his fourth bowl, Beelzebub is more interested in his popcorn than anything on the screen
Ever had the argument of what snacks belong at a movie theater?
Beel just says "yes"
And yet, somehow, even with all the scents and flavors around him
He instantly recognizes yours
When you rest your head on his bicep (he's a tall boi ok?) he thinks you're asking for some food
It takes him eating the share he put aside for you before he notices you're asleep
He's just so precious ok
He immediately picks you up and carries you to your room
He gently places you in your bed
Before he leaves, however, he's stopped by a sleepy little tug on his tank top
Chuckling, he lays beside you
He's too nervous to hold you in fear of crushing you accidentally
So instead he decides to continue his binge with the snacks he took with him
After all, carrying someone works up quite the appetite
Would you be surprised to hear that he was asleep?
It's already super late and sitting next to Belphie always makes you slightly tired due to his demonic influence
That and the face that his pillow is against your arm
And he always looks so cozy
Just watching him was enough to cause you to drift away
You're head rests against his
The cow patterned pillow is barely enough for the two of you to share
You're both sound asleep with the remaining brothers watching you
Perhaps feeling their jealousy, Belphie grins and pulls you closer to him
Amazing what he can do in his sleep
The un/datables
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gxr-dove · a month ago
Hellooo I hope you are having a nice day ૮₍´。• ᵕ •。'₎ა I just thought of a good headcanon lol Where Mc sleeps in the brothers room. The demon wakes up seeing Mc sleeping with their shirt up. What will they react? a Gender Neutral Mc pls♡. Take as much time you like :DD
Obey Me! Brothers React to GN!MC Sleeping With Their Shirt Up
I love this request! I’m not sure if you wanted a long or short description of their reactions, so sorry if I did this wrong.
The moonlight bleeds through the curtains and onto his eyes
He’s used to waking up early, but with the amount of work he has to do today he can’t help but sigh
He hears a shift in your position next to him
He thinks he may have accidentally woke you up. But you only shifted a bit to the point where..oh..oh my
His eyes meet with your now exposed stomach.
Since you’re asleep he lets his pride down a bit to let some blush spread across his cheeks.
How can he start his day when you’re already effortlessly making him want to stay in bed
“My dear you really do have a strong influence on me.” He whispers.
He wants to stay with you, but he has a lot of student council business to do. He reluctantly gets out of bed, but before he does so he makes sure to pull down your shirt so that you aren’t cold, and kisses your forehead.
A sudden soft tap on his head wakes him up
“Oi whaddya think ye-” the sight of your lifted shirt cuts him off.
Your arm is stretched while your hand is slightly on top of Mammon’s head.
Your peaceful sleeping expression. Your steady breathing which he can see by the rise and fall of your exposed stomach
He recovers from his sudden shock and calms down
He takes his time to observe you while you’re asleep. It would be too embarrassing if you caught him staring at you the way he is now.
He’s not thinking about anything else right now except you. He wants to savor the sight of you all to himself right now.
“Why dya have to stretch so carelessly.” He mumbles while a flush takes over his cheeks.
Hesitantly he pulls down your shirt which slightly traces your side
If he knows you’re ticklish he’ll smirk and tickle you awake
There is a slight increase of heat on his stomach
He wakes up to this sudden change in temperature. Only to see that your shirt has lifted
Since you both practically sleep on top of each other in the cramped bathtub you accidentally lifted Levi’s shirt a bit as well. Your stomach pressed gently against his.
His face is flushed and his mouth agape as he processes the situation
He immediately moves back a bit to create some space, however, there’s not much room to back up.
He tries to look away, but he can’t help but look back down to your stomach against his. A now pleasant warmth between the two of you.
He then looks to see your peaceful facial expression. Now he really doesn't want to wake you up.
“Ehh why does this have to happen now.” He complains in an embarrassed tone
He tries his best to lower your shirt and his shirt. He won’t be able to fall back asleep after this, not when his heart is beating so fast.
Your back faces Satan as he slowly opens his eyes
This is around the time Satan wakes up, but you usually wake up a bit later, so he takes this time to enjoy this kind of moment of only you two together in each others company
He moves a bit closer to you which causes you to shift onto your back. At first, he freezes because he’s afraid he woke you up, but his expression quickly changes to amused as he sees your shirt lift a bit
He definitely doesn’t mind waking up to see you in such a peaceful yet vulnerable position
He’s happy that you feel comfortable enough to expose your stomach to him just like a cat who exposes its tummy to show trust in their owners
Thoughts of both you and cats make him smile contently as he admires you
“Such a cute kitten you are.” He says quietly while he gently places his hand over your stomach, rubbing it gently
Asmo follows his daily morning routine and wakes up before you
Normally he’ll let you get your beauty rest, and will kiss your cheek before he starts getting ready for the day
But as he lifts his mask off he sees a cute and pleasant surprise
Your shirt must’ve lifted up while you were turning in your sleep
He hums in amusement as he admires your sleeping form and your adorable exposed stomach
“How are you so effortlessly cute so early in the morning” He sighs in admiration to himself
He caresses your face and your arm, and he can’t help but give in to his urges as he moves down to flutter small kisses all over your stomach
You may giggle or wake up to the sudden gentle pressure of Asmo’s kisses
Beel wakes up to his daily cravings. He usually wakes up around the time breakfast is being made.
But before he can get up he remembers that you slept with him last night. Your weight on one of his arms.
He turns from his back to face you, only to look down and see that your shirt is up.
A prominent blush quickly spreads across his face as he quickly looks at your exposed stomach
Beel is a gentleman and will pull your shirt back down.
He huffs a bit and smiles at you, the blush still lingers across his cheeks as he plays with the end of your shirt.
“Oh, you almost made me forget about breakfast.” He says as he notices the time. He’ll caress your face as he moves his arm from under you and gently shakes you awake.
But if he were to see you with your stomach exposed like that again, he’ll play with you a bit and gently nibble your tummy, tickling you awake.
Normally you wake up before Belphie, but today he wakes up before you
His tired eyes slowly open to meet your face
When he looks down he sees your shirt that’s lifted up a bit showing your stomach
His eyes widen for a split second in surprise to your stomach displayed before him
His lips curl into a small smirk as he quietly chuckles to himself
You look so lazily cute he can’t help but lay back and look at you for a bit
He moves his hand to trace your side. He won’t pull it down right away, he likes feeling your skin, but after he’s satisfied he’ll pull your shirt back down
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ionianstar · 8 months ago
NSFW // Obey Me! Brothers Sexual Preferences Headcanons
Wow this got out of hand. I’ll link the New Dateables one as well. I apologize for length lmao
Tumblr media
- call him Daddy, Master, Sir, all that shit.
- Humiliation/Degredation. Gotta earn that praise though
- he'd be sorta into exhibitionism but he wouldn't go as far as to label it. He likes seeing his person flustered over him touching them, and he likes to touch them in public to see that reaction
- introduce him to collars and leashes and you're done for.
- he will choke you
- marks like bites and bruising so you have a lasting impression of him on you
- takes a great deal of pride in marking you as his
- will accept hickeys and scratches
- moans more than you think
- very into impact play (spanking and whipping)
- "my little ..."
- "my starlight"
- "angel"
- (consensual) SOMNOPHILIA. Will use you when youre drifting off to sleep, you are his toy to play with when he pleases.
- aftercare isn't always cuddling in bed.
- Sometimes he'll have to go back to his office but he'll wrap you up in a robe and let you sit in his lap while he works, absently stroking either your arm or thigh or back
Tumblr media
- Tell him he's a good boy, your good boy, and he's blushing and leaking already
- may have a mild humiliation kink to cope with his trauma but may not even be aware of it.
- tie him up and make him beg.
- tests his patience but also allows him to be close to you
- body worship, both ways
- E D G E H I M
- but also let him tower over you and demolish you
- maybe restrain his hands too, he'll love that
- bites, hickeys, bruising, both ways.
- whines and whimpers and mewls, soft noises
- occasional soft swearing under his breath
- peg him. peg him. peg him. milk him dry.
- cuddle him afterwards and reaffirm positive things about him. He may be extremely emotional after and holding him is a great comfort for him.
Tumblr media
- peg him
- soft dom/mes are his thing
- be gentle with him
- but tease the fuck outta him. He will leak instantly.
- loud. Gag him or put a hand over his mouth while he moans and he'll love you forever
- just dom the fuck outta him. He wants to be slutted out and used
- give him positive feedback during everything
- "you're doing so well, baby"
- "does it hurt, love?"
- "tell me how much you love it. Tell me how good I make you feel."
- cowgirl and sensual spooning are his favourites
- aftercare for him is alot of cuddling and positive affirmations.
- he may move to his computer but he'll just put on something for you both to watch and settle back in with you
Tumblr media
- he is a notorious tease. Do not trust him
- ////// C O C K W A R M I N G //////
- it's more of a way to exercise control over you and he loves that shit
- jealous sex will be a thing.
- E X H I B I T I O N I S T
- he'll buy a remote control/bluetooth vibrator and make you wear it when you leave hom together
- just to see you stutter and try to maintain your composure in front of persons.
- make you wear it at the dinner table. Everyone can smell your arousal and that fills him with an obscene amount of pride
- 100% would finger you in a movie theatre with people around
- palm or stroke him "absently" through his pants while he's busy
- he will remember and return the favor later but for now fuck yes please don't stop
- very sensual
- enjoys making out and making you ride his thigh
- sense play. lots of feathers and candle wax and ice cubes
- slow sex usually
- hard rough sex when he's mad
- Nibble on his earlobes, fucks him up everytime
- sensitive neck. Give many hickeys
- grunts and groans, generslly quiet
- "Kitten"
- "Lovely"
- "Angel"
- collar, cat ears, buttplug with tail, you are now his kitten
- marks you as his very plainly
- likes when you dig your nails into his skin
- very much into pain and pleasure
- aftercare is curling up and listening to him read to you.
- He'll place soothing kisses and ice packs on particularly deep bruises and praise you for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
- fucking switch. Can dom but prefers to be a sub for you
- Spank him occasionally, watch his eyes roll up into his head
- likes to draw out play time
- mutual masturbation.
- body worship, both ways
- the most adorable mewls and whines and the loudest, filthiest moans
- Occasional overstim
- likes to be filled so will always have a dildo or buttplug
- He will 100% ride your thigh. He enjoys it
- Doggystyle is fun cuz he can be in control there.
- will suck you off/eat you out with great enthusiasm
- he likes to be praised and will give praise always
- faint, barely there hickeys but S O M A N Y.
- aftercare is 100% always a soothing bath with hair washing, body washing
- followed by gently rubbing lotion all over your body
- could be followed by a massage, his treat, or another round of sex
- but of the slower, more gentle kind
Tumblr media
- D O G G Y S T Y L E
- Will fuck you into the mattress
- hot kisses on your neck with a hand ghost over your throat and one around your waist to hold you in place
- surprisingly enjoys being edged
- will make the tiniest noises and it's so fucking cute
- restrain him. He could probably rip them off if he wanted to but he likes to relinquish that control sometimes
- always afraid he'll hurt you so is generally gentle and sensual
- but get him worked up enough and he will spear you
- lovingly.
- loves getting hickeys, mark him up
- Its one of the few ways he can pleasure you fully without thinking of possibly hurting you
- please give him all the kisses
- mutual masturbation just so he can watch you and marvel at you
- aftercare is getting you some water and snacks and cuddling with you.
- will let you lay on his chest as you both snack.
- will suggest a movie or maybe a hot shared shower.
Tumblr media
- (consensual) S O M N O P H I L I A
- sleepy sex is wonderful
- doggystyle or reverse cowgirl.
- don't worry, he'll help.
- Dom in any situation. Cannot turn it off.
- maybe maneuvering penetrative sex is too much work, he will fuck your thighs and use his own precum as lube
- rutting against your ass and moaning so quietly in your ear
- lots of ass squeezing.
- wandering hands when you cuddle that somehkw always end up in your pants.
- you are not complaining in the slightest though
- lazy hickeys on your shoulder
- likes to give out spanks occasionally
- lots of wrap-arounds and sensual spooning
- call him Daddy once or twice and watch his dick jump. try it, just once
- not loud but swears alot
- will murmur in your ear exactly how good you feel around him and ask you in return to tell him exactly who is making you feel this good
- will never hesitate to use a vibrator on either of you. Makes orgasming easier and he just likes how they feel
- when the energy hits him tho,,,,
- will pound you into the mattress and slut you out
- aftercare is a quick shared shower and then cuddles in bed until he falls asleep.
- sometimes will stay awake and talk for a while, giving you the softest of kisses
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books-and-catears · 3 months ago
MC's primary sin is same as the Brothers
Tumblr media
"Now this is just a theory, but I believe all humans have a primary sin. It could be any one of the Seven sins. And humans are said to be most attracted to the demon of that particular sin." Satan read from a book he'd borrowed from MC.
Rest of the brothers sat up straighter, more alert. "So what this suggests is if MC has the same sin as the one we represent - they are more likely to be attracted to us?" Belphie asked, his eyes wide open.
Satan nodded. "I'm going to go ask MC right now!" Mammon stands up.
"How would MC know what their primary sin is?? Is this something humans are actively aware of?" Levi questions.
"Well some sins are surely more obvious than others." Lucifer explains, "For example, Lust, Gluttony and Sloth. They have more obvious signs."
"Oh this whole concept is so exciting. I hope MC is Lust. It would give me so much reason to keep them with me all the time." Asmo gushes.
"If MC is Gluttony, I will make sure they are well fed at all times." Beel said, joining Mammon now. "So let's go and ask MC."
"Ask me what, Beel?" You walk into the room, looking for them. "There you all are. I was wondering why noone is in their room."
Everyone shuffles uncomfortably not knowing how to ask you. Satan clears his throat and raises the book and you instantly understand.
"Ah my primary sin? Is that what you want to know?" You ask, smiling. All the brothers nod in unison, over eager to hear the answer.
"Well my primary sin is..."
You can see his chest swelling up and a smirk gracing his lips shamelessly.
Being a prideful being yourself you smirk back at him playfully, knowing how much he loves this answer.
"Well I wouldn't expect less than the strongest sin from you, MC. Always headstrong and adamant." He teases, walking over to you and holding out his hand.
"Oh but we must be headstrong Lucifer. Even at our weakest, we must look strong. Or else everything will come crumbling down, won't it?" You say, taking his hand and pulling yourself closer to him.
Lucifer feels something stir in his heart. An intense falling sensation. And suddenly, you seem to look like the most beautiful thing he's ever seen in his life.
"Let's take this to my room shall we? We have a lot to private." He whispers into your ear and drags you off.
You can hear Satan, Belphie and Mammon grumbling in the background.
Mammon lets out a laugh of victory, almost jumping in the air.
You smile at his antics and move closer to him, greedy for more of his reactions.
"I knew it! Of course MC would be Greed too! I was your first for a reason after all, MC!" He impatiently grabs at your arm and pulls you close.
"Well indeed. For once you might be right Mammon. There's a lot more I want from life and I want to savour every bit." You pinch and palm his cheek lovingly.
Mammon laughs some more in his brothers faces, "You hear that?! Now you all can't stop me if I interrupt your time with MC. They are all mine!"
You blush and hide your face in his shoulders as he skips back to his room with you.
Lucifer sighs and hides his face in palm, while Levi and Asmo whine about how unfair this is.
Levi looks like he's simultaneously seen a ghost and his favourite Ruri Chan come to life. Really? Him?
You smile at him sheepishly. You're no different than him after all.
"I-I can't believe Henry is really...MC is really..." Levi stuttered and paced back and forth trying to get to you..
You reach for his hand and hold it tight, pulling him in. "Yes. Your MC. And Your Henry. We crave the same kind of happiness don't we?."
"I wanted this.. I really did but I never thought...Ah this is the best day of my life! Come on MC, we need to celebrate!" Levi takes off at full speed as you struggle to keep up with his excitement.
Mammon and Asmo rack their brains trying to make sense of how Levi and you are similar while Beel stares sadly at the cupcakes he was saving for you.
Satan looks so happy at first, he shoots up from his seat eager to hold you before he stops. But he stops looking unsure, are you sure about this MC?
You step towards him and hold his hands by the wrists tenderly and place his palms on your cheek and nod to reassure him.
"Wrath isn't exactly something which is as easily forgiven as the others, MC. You're always so kind it's impossible that you are Wrath too. It's always a struggle to control and when it takes over-" Satan started to explain, holding you delicately.
"-you turn into something you can't recognise. But I do recognise it Satan. The monster you turn into is the same as mine. I'm a human, so it's less clear maybe. But whatever we're made of, you and I are the same." You place your hands over his and smile.
And that's all it takes for his eyes well up and a smile break out as he holds you tight by the waist. "Well let's remember this day with a cat picnic, huh MC?"
Lucifer smiles a sad smile while Belphie and Levi sit there horrified with this new found discovery.
Asmo squeals in happiness and almost pounces on you then and there. He can barely hold it in anymore.
You accepting his advances with open arms and kissing his cheek only drove him crazier.
"I knew it, MC! I always knew!! You have always loved me so dearly and never turned me away. I knew you were meant to be mine." He hides his head in your shoulders.
"Lust is more than it seems, Asmo. Lust stems from a lack of love. And you deserve so much of it." You say threading your fingers in his hair.
He almost cries hearing that, holding you tighter. He can't decide if he wants to hold you and cry or just nestle himself inside you. "We must go immediately MC." He says, he must hold you in every way possible.
Satan half smiled while Levi grunted and picked at the carpet and Belphie just scowled at your retreating figures.
Beel stands up immediately and holds out a half full box of cupcakes. His smile is wide but his eyes are full of thought.
You take a cupcake and hold it to his mouth. He takes a bite and urges you to eat the rest. An indirect kiss.
"Is that why you understood MC? Is this why you never got angry at me for being hungry all the time? You even gave away your breakfast to me...weren't you hungry too?" Beel asks, holding your hand tenderly.
You smile and hold his big warm hand with both of yours. "Hunger hits you worse when you're lonely. And with you? I was never lonely Beel."
He is absolutely beaming as he swiftly keeps the box away and hoists you up in his arms. His hunger too seemed to have gone away. "MC let's go to that park you wanted to see."
Belphie smiles seeing his brother's happiness while Levi and Satan stare awestruck.
Belphie smiles slyly as he quietly makes his way to you and sits on the couch next to you, and pulls you down to join him.
You lazily land right in his lap, not bothering to move. You rest your head on his shoulder.
"You know for Sloth, you are way too active in this household. I don't see you missing out on chores." Belphie asks, playing with your hair.
"Well it isn't like you dont do any of your chores, Belphie." You laugh, ruffling his hair,"But we do feel most at peace doing nothing dont we? Perhaps like looking up at the stars knowing you won't have to face any consequences and you can just lie there, causing no one any harm."
Belphie's eyes grew wide. He had never gotten this level of acceptance from anyone but Beel. He smiles against your shoulder before pulling you up to the planetarium wordlessly.
Beel smiles for his twin, munching on his cupcakes while Lucifer and Mammon stare horrified.
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yeet-me-dad-dy · a month ago
I like to imagine being a free use toy for the demon brothers. You gave them all permission to find you and fill you with cum whenever they feel like it, regardless of what you’re doing.
Lucifer tends to find you late at night, usually in your room, to take his frustrations from work out on you. He fucks you hard and fast and cums as deep as he can, over and over and over. Once he’s finished, he cleans you up, gets you some water, and then curls around you to sleep.
Mammon. This boy. You would think that the Avatar of Lust would be the one to use you most often, but it’s actually Mammon. This boy fucked you once when he was bored and now he’s greedy for you. He’ll seek you out to bury his cock in you whenever he has a free moment, then keep fucking you until something interrupts him. You’re usually brain dead and definitely overflowing with cum afterward. He’ll stay to cuddle so that he can catch his breath, but leaves you to clean up on your own. If you fall asleep with him, you will absolutely wake up to him humping your leg, still asleep, or fucking you softly while he spoons you. So much somno with this boy.
Leviathan is the least likely to use you, but sometimes will while you’re watching a show or gaming together. He’ll start by sliding his hand down your pants and stroking you, then end up pinning you down and fucking you hard as he gets more worked up. Likes to cum on your stomach and chest. Will help you clean up afterward, and cuddle if he’s feeling confident.
Satan finds you when he’s pissed. Sex with him hurts like a bitch because he takes all of his wrath out on you. You can expect to be clawed up and sobbing by the time he’s done with you. He likes to fuck your mouth and always cums down your throat. Sometimes, if he’s really mad, you’ll find yourself with a bulging stomach afterward. You can forget about any sort of aftercare.
Asmodeus loves fucking you in the shower; it’s his favorite, though he does also love late night or early morning bed sex. He’s a lot softer than his brothers, and he likes you to fuck him just as much as he likes to fuck you. Loves how it feels to cum inside of you, but will cum wherever, as long as it’s in or on you somehow. Master of aftercare. Will absolutely clean you up and hold you after.
Beelzebub doesn’t find you often, usually after a victory in Fangol. He likes fucking you against the wall, and you’re grateful that he’s strong enough to hold you up because the man is huge and as soon as he enters you, you lose all strength in your legs. He nibbles as he fucks you and bites down hard when he cums. He always cums inside. Will help clean you up, but usually too hungry after to stay and snuggle.
Belphegor is the one who texts you to come to his room. Sex with him is a breath of fresh air, because this boy is so soft. Will fuck you in missionary in his bed in the attic, peppering you with kisses and hickies the whole time. Cums inside because he’s too lazy to pull out. You’re the one takes care of aftercare with Belphie, simply because after he’s finished, he falls asleep on top of you, cock still inside. You hold him close and card your fingers through his hair until he wakes up, which can take a while. The others have come in to find you trapped beneath him more than once.
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queazy-and-uneasy · a month ago
The Brothers Finding Out You Read Smut Fics/ Erotic Novels (OM!)
shut up
cw: mentions of nsfw
gn! reader
“Hey, MC-“ He suddenly opened the door, as if he lived there with you. Your face went still as you almost threw your D.D.D out of your hands, trying desperately to hide your embarrassment. He was clearly confused by your reaction, closing the door behind him.
He narrows his eyes, folding his arms across his chest in a stern manner. “MC? What were you looking at?” He asked, like a pissed father. You shook your head frantically, biting your lip.
“Nothing! Nothing whatsoever! I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You sputtered, trying to make it evident that you did not want him seeing what you were reading. He stared into your eyes, that gaze that just makes you want to spill your guts.
“Sh- Shut up! Just go away, I’ll tell you later. Just.. not now, okay?” You mumbled, planting your face into your hands as you avoided his look. He furrowed his brows.
“MC. Show me what you were looking at. Or I’ll force it out of you.” The way he spoke was so forceful and dominant, and the certain story you were reading made that feeling in your body even more intense.
“I’m not going to tell you, Lucifer!” You whined, picking at your nail polish nervously. He glared at you once again, planting both of his hands on his hips.
“If you refuse one more time, I’m going to tell the others about this little incident, and they’ll figure it out for me. You’ll never hear the end of it if I let that happen.” He smirked arrogantly, clearly knowing the thing you were looking at was a bit risqué. You groaned.
Frowning, you grabbed onto your D.D.D once more, watching as he held his hand out in front of you. You slowly placed it down in his palm, a shameful look in your eyes as you watched him open back up to the page you were looking at. It took him a little bit, but eventually he got to the part that made his eyes widen.
He was obviously shocked, considering you’re not the “overtly affectionate” kind of person, but the thing you were reading definitely showed your true colors. The whole time he was reading it however, he had this big pompous smirk spread across his face. He figured out your dirty little fantasies.
It makes your skin crawl knowing that man has blackmail on you.
Walking into your room, you were met with a sight you least expected to see. Sitting on top of your bed was the one and only, THE Mammon. He was staring at your phone with a beet red face, biting down on his lip furiously.
Knowing what you were recently looking at, it didn’t take long to put two and two together.
“Mammon!” You shouted, your face becoming heated with embarrassment. “What the hell?!” Your voice cracked slightly as you lunged on top of him, clawing your phone out from his hands.
His eyes went even more wide at the current position he was in, trying his best not to have a fucking heart attack. “I- I’m sorry, MC! I was just lookin’ for my phone ‘cause I left it here last night! I saw that your phone was on and I just wanted to see what you were lookin’ at!” He explained, trying his best to not make you mad.
You bit down on your lip, grinding your teeth together. “How… far.” You uttered. “How far did you read..?” You’d hope it wasn’t too far. That thing got very intense very fast.
“Almost all of it.” He blurted. You hid your face in one of your very many pillows, whining softly.
“Why? Why would you do that?” Your voice muffled, rubbing your legs together as he tried to find a reason.
“I don’t know! I was just curious on where it would go, I guess.” He ran a hand through his hair, refusing to look at you. You were both embarrassed as hell.
You slowly took your face away from the pillow, holding your hand out in front of his chest.
“We never speak of this ever again, deal?” You offered. He quickly took your hand and shook it frantically, taking this opportunity to also book it out of your room, his face still bright red.
“Are you sure you don’t wanna play?” He looked over his shoulder at you, a slight pout in his lip. “It’s more fun when you play it with two people.” You smiled softly, laying inside of his bathtub that he sleeps in on your back. You’re one of the only people he lets do that, only because your his best friend.
“I’ll play with you after i’m done reading this thing, okay?” You giggled, your eyes trailing over his face. His frown quickly turned back into a smile as he nodded, placing his headphones back over his ears.
The room was filled with little grunts coming from Levi, clearly frustrated with the game he was playing. It didn’t take too long after for him to pause the game, looking back at you with a raised eyebrow.
“What are you even reading anyway? It’s so long.” He questioned, placing his controller down onto the floor and walking over to where you were laying. You hid your screen on your chest, making sure he didn’t see what the words on the screen said.
You took a deep breath in. “Just uh, headcannons about characters from this show I watched up in the human world.” You described. You tried to make it sound boring, but if anything, it made him much more anxious to see what you were reading.
“Oh! Can I see?” He asked, grabbing the phone off of your chest. It was a little out of character of him, you will admit, but it’s Levi. Your face heated up a bit as you tried to convince him not to read it.
“Levi, I don’t really think you’ll like it.” You explained. You were well aware he read the same kind of stuff from time to time when he felt like it, but it was still a bit embarrassing to have someone figure out this stuff about you.
“It’s fine.” He uttered, reading through the top parts a bit, until he scrolled to the actual juicy parts. He was caught of guard of course, definitely not expecting you of all people to be reading the kind of stuff he does. But, then again, it’s just another thing you two can bond over. It’s not that awkward as you thought it would be, and you actually end up reading a bunch of those stories together.
Of course, Levi was squirming a whole lot, reading such lewd stuff next to his best friend who he was or nah not have a thing for…
He was a bit surprised to see you in the library, reading. That wasn’t something he found you doing very often, usually you’d be goofing off with mammon or cooking with Beel. But no, here you were, reading a book all by yourself in the library.
“MC?” He asked, catching you a bit off guard. You slammed your book shut, setting it down in your lap while Satan sat down on the couch next to you. “Didn’t expect to see you here.”
“Exactly.” You hummed. “Nobody thinks they would find me here, so it’s the perfect time to get peace and quiet.”
He smiled at tour happy expression, taking a glance down towards your lap to see the book you were covering. “What is that you’re reading?” He asks.
“Oh.. Uh..” You blushed a bit, staring down at the book lacking a sleeve. “It’s something my mom got me as a present. I’ve never gotten to reading it before. It’s kind of a gag gift…” You trailed off, trying your best to not tell him what the book actually was. But too bad for you.
“What is it about?” He questioned, running a brief hand through his hair. You swallowed heavily, biting down on your nail.
“Uh… It’s about this guy who meets this girl and they fall and love and all that stuff… and they… y’know, a lot.” You avoided directly saying what the book is about. His eyebrow perked up, chuckling slightly.
“I think I’ve heard of that one. 50 Shades Of Gray, right?” He smiled. You nodded slowly. “That’s a really popular book, I presume.”
“It is.” You laughed. “My mom got it for me because she knows I like love stories, but I guess she didn’t know that this book was erotica and not romance.” You laughed, causing Satan to laugh along as well.
He cleared his throat softly, placing his book to the side. “Do you think when you’re done with that, you could lend it to me?” He asked. You were a bit confused at first, but you agreed regardless.
“Of course. You can have it any time, it’s not really my type of book.” You laughed nervously, trying to shake off the warmth covering your body head to toe.
He seemed to like that response, nodding towards you. “We should read it together.” He smiled. You hesitated slightly, but you didn’t outright say no.
“Are you sure? It might get a bit awkward..” You uttered, avoiding eye contact with him. He shrugged it off, scoffing closer to you in the process.
“Here,” He picked the book up from your lap and held it in between the two of you. “I’ll hold this side, you can turn the pages, okay?” You smiled softly at his gentle demeanor, agreeing to what he said.
But of boy did you not expect it to get so intense.
It started off all fun and lighthearted, and how it’s going, let’s just say, the two of you are going to be on that couch for a while.
(i will get beel, belphie and asmo done in a later post!!! thank you for dealing with this shit lol)
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