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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 2 days ago
Diavolo: What scares you the most?
Mc: Lucifer without caffeine.
Diavolo: Lucifer..?
Lucifer: … Me without caffeine?
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Tumblr media
+ genre... smut with fem!reader
+ synopsis... once mc realizes what’s been happening, she decides to confront the undateables and demands an explanation as to why they used a charmed toy instead of coming to her directly.
+ tw... dubcon, toys, mentions of edging and cockwarming
+ a/n... i know it’s been long awaited, so i hope you enjoy it!! 
Tumblr media
> It isn’t so much as you who figures out that the fleshlight is hexed but the prince, himself. He ends up using it so much that he strips it of the magic hiding the curse, and then he panics. > He doesn’t know what to do. It wasn’t like he knew you would be able to feel everything he was doing. It was an honest mistake but, damn, did it look terrible on his end. So what does he do? He seeks advice from a confidant. > Barbatos gets an instant migraine whenever Lord Diavolo explains the situation at hand. Ultimately, he convinces the prince that the best option is to confront you and be honest about it. > So, he does. Of course, you’re utterly shocked that it was the Prince of the Devildom bringing you orgasm after orgasm during the night, and he apologizes immensely, swearing to never use it again. > Only... you stop listening halfway through— interrupting him to tell him that he won’t need to use it anymore, because he can have the real thing instead. Suddenly, his cheeks are as red as yours.  > You two coordinate a schedule; during the break between second and third period, you head to the bathroom and lock yourself in a stall, sending him a text to let him know you’re ready for him to use the toy. > Sometimes he’ll keep it on all day while he sits on the throne, a smug expression on his face throughout the day because he knows that you’re walking around his kingdom stuffed full of his cock.
> Like Diavolo, Barbatos’ magic is extremely powerful, and eventually the butler is able to sense that the fleshlight is hexed. He decides that its best to confront the person he’s been violating at once. > Drawing up a summoning circle, he recites a spell that ends up teleporting you to his room and when you arrive, the butler can’t seem to look you in the eye. He certainly hadn’t expected it to be you of all people. > You’re in the middle of asking him why he summoned you when your eyes land on the fleshlight sitting on the table to his right. Your cheeks flush crimson, and that’s when Barbatos begins explaining. > He glosses over the lewd parts, strictly sticking to the technicalities of the curse and how Solomon had tricked him into using it. Then, he finishes with a genuine apology, an uncharacteristically remorseful expression on his face. > Once he’s done talking, you can’t help but laugh at how ludicrous the situation is, tossing your head back and clutching your stomach. Wiping a tear from your eye, there’s a sly smile on your face as you ask him how you felt. > His eyebrows raise in surprise before a smirk tugs at his lips. “You felt... ethereal. Should I assume it feels even better in person?” It doesn’t take long for him to find out that it does.  > He reserves the fleshlight for when you act up, deciding to make you clean up the Royal Palace while he uses it. He likes watching your legs tremble as you try to dust off the shelves that are a bit out of reach. 
> It takes nearly a year for you to figure out who’s responsible for the late night sessions that left you reeling. You’re walking down the hallway of RAD when you feel something start prodding at your entrance. > Rushing to the bathroom, it’s become routine to lock yourself in a stall and cover your mouth with your hand as the phantom cock slowly rubs along your walls. It’s never hard, always gently stealing your breath away. > After it finishes, you clean yourself up and walk out of the bathroom... only to walk right into Simeon walking out of the boy’s bathroom across from you, his cheeks flushed as his eyes meet yours. > When all the pieces finally slide into place, you’re grabbing his wrist and hauling him off to a janitor’s closet so you can have a private conversation with him, demanding to know why he’s been doing this. > It’s clear as soon as the question leaves your lips that he doesn’t have the slightest clue what the hexed fleshlight truly does. He’s stumbling over his words and is visibly distressed.  > You have to beg him to look at you before you tell him that you don’t mind, as long as he’s the one he’s doing it— which ends up causing him to malfunction even more. You shut him up with a kiss. > You end up being the primary user of the fleshlight, bobbing it up and down Simeon’s cock as you lay beside him on the bed. His moans mix with yours as your climaxes hit you at the same time.
> Solomon believes he’s performed the perfect magic trick. Not only does he get to fuck you whenever he wants, but, with the portal that allows him to view others with their knowledge, he gets to watch you too. > The only reason he gets caught is because of chance. You happened to be near his room when he was starting to use the toy, and you decided to try and find a place you could stay to wait it out. > As you got closer to his room, you could hear his moans through the door, your ears perking up at the sounds. Blinking several times, it took you several moments to realize he was grunting in time with the thrusts into your cunt. > Before you can stop yourself, you’re banging on his door, yelling for him to open up. You don’t care if the rest of Purgatory Hall hears you. Damn the sneaky bastard for pulling a stunt like this. > When he opens the door, he looks more suspicious than ever, his clothes wrinkles and hair disheveled. You don’t fall for the charming words that spew from his mouth, stomping in as obscenities fly from your lips. > You insist he throw it away, but he begs you to at least let him keep it as a prototype. It is his invention, after all. You two set up a spell that ensures he can’t use it without your permission. > Months later after you two become friends with benefits, you unlock the spell and grant him permission to use it. What a stupid decision. He immediately uses it to torture you, tying you up and edging you without having to lift a finger.
Tumblr media
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
Lucifer: ...
Barbatos: ...
Diavolo: Everyone, meet MC. Our new human exchange student.
Lucifer: That's a sheep, Diavolo.
Diavolo: No. This is a human. I got them straight from the human world.
Barbatos: Young master, Lucifer is right. That is a sheep.
Diavolo: But... How?
Sheep MC: *scared and trembling*
Lucifer: *sigh* Just return it, Diavolo. We can't have a sheep as an exchange student.
Diavolo: ...
Diavolo: No. This one is staying.
Barbatos: Young master—
Diavolo: *hugging MC* It took me an hour to catch them. I can't just let them go.
Lucifer: So in short, you stole it.
Barbatos: Poor thing... It has been traumatized.
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books-and-catears · 2 days ago
Rent-A-Lover MC
Tumblr media
"This is simply embarassing. This has never happened to me before." You shook your head in disbelief.
"Oh come on, MC, it's no big deal." Solomon chuckled, leaning against the window-sill. "Everyone impulse buys now and then. You can't always be in control of your finances."
"I just got paid two days ago, Solomon! My next payment won't come in until next month!" You groaned. "Why did Lucifer let me get drunk and buy everyone drinks?"
"Well in his defense, he was more hammered than you. And everyone will gladly pay your expenses for a month after you were so generous last night." He laughed as expected.
"You know I won't allow anyone to do that. I don't like people paying for me in general. Not even borrowing. It feels..ugh." You had to physically shake the cringe off.
"Okay then, how about money in exchange of services?" Solomon smirked this time, sideeyeing.
You launched your biggest pillow at him. He caught it deftly. That annoyed you more. You threw another one. He caught it again.
"You can't seriously be suggesting I-"
"If you assumed something unholy, it's your mind that's dirty MC. What I have in mind is perfectly innocent."
"Ugh. Fine. Let's hear it. If it's even remotely as dirty as I'm expecting it to be I'll chuck my entire bed at you."
"Okay okay hear me out first, fiesty."
In the group chat (no Luke):
Mammon: Oi, MC! Solomon has been in your room for too long! What are you doing in there, McShady?
Solomon: What did you think we were doing, Mammon? ;)
Satan: The winky face is not helping your cause.
Asmo: Ooh Solomon, you still haven't lost your stamina~
Beel: MC, are you okay in there? Why aren't you responding?
Belphie: Why do we even allow Solomon to be alone with MC?!
Lucifer: Enough with this. All of you are bombarding Diavolo and my phone's with unecessary messages. MC, please reply so these buffoons can give it a rest.
Satan: Look at you trying to be subtle when you care just as much. Pathetic.
Simeon: Ah it never ends with these two. It's adorable in a way. And Solomon shouldn't you be heading home now?
Diavolo: Never a dull moment with you lot haha. But what ARE you doing Solomon?
Barbatos: Would you allow me to assist you back home if you're exhausted Solomon?
Solomon: My word, everyone seems to be want to remove me from your room MC, even though you asked me to stay.
MC: Hey guys, it's okay. He was helping me with something. And it's done now.
MC: So after I completely embarassed myself and forgot about my budget Solomon told me about another way to earn some money in case I really need it.
MC: You know how in Japan, you can rent lovers? Like that anime Rent-a-girlfriend, Levi? You know it?
Levi: ...Yes. W-what about it?
Satan: Given the context and Levi's unusually dismal response to MC's mention of anime - I don't like where this is going.
MC: Of course there's lots of rules and and anything physical is off the table. The services simply supplies as a partner in case there's places you want to go like social gatherings or even human world tours.
MC: And I would like to offer similar services. Do you have any safe human-safe demon network where I can apply? Only for this month!
Brothers: .....
Lucifer: This is absolutely ludicrous. I'm sure Diavolo will not allow this and-
Diavolo: Can I avail your services MC?
Lucifer: Diavolo!
Simeon: Ahem...I need someone to accompany me to the human markets too so may I as well?
Asmo: Does this mean I can have MC to myself without Mammon barging in and claiming MC?
Solomon: Yes. MC is contractually your partner for a specified time period after all.
Barbatos: I think this is the most human safe network of demons right here, MC. You shouldn't venture elsewhere.
Beel: Since when do we get earthquakes in Devildom? The whole floor seems to be trembling?
Belphie: That's our brothers racing to MC's room. Come on Beel no time to stand around!
Solomon: Just letting everyone know the first slot is mine.
Mammon: LIKE HELL IT IS!! MC wait for me!
Levi: LOLOL do you even have any Grimm, Mammon?
Lucifer: I'm coming home right now. Everyone stop this nonsense.
Diavolo: Barbatos and I would like to accompany you.
Simeon: I'm on my way!
MC: ....In hindsight, this was a bad idea.
To be continued...
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ruucellcore · a day ago
Bunny Diavolo 🐰
Tumblr media
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sofiafushiguro · 2 days ago
Hello!! Could I plz request Obey Me brothers + Dateables reaction to their s/o being able to shapeshift into anything weather it's an existing or extinct animal to a mythical being and they're also immortal and go into heats/mating season?
Also MC's a bottom.
: ̗̀➛ Hi, baby! This is actually my first request on my new blog so thank you <3 although I just did Diavolo from the dateable bc I couldn't genuinely think of something for the rest lol :(
Also, for reference, I tried to use the animals from the "Raise" event.
Tumblr media
└➤ 𝖕𝖆𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖌: Obey me! brothers + Diavolo x hybrid! gn! mc (separately)
└➤𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖈𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖙: 1.0k
└➤⚠️𝖙𝖜: hybrids, monster fucking, mentions of heat season, matting press, oral sex (reader receiving), mentions of breeding, praising, marking, biting, somnophilia. All characters are 18+ here.
Tumblr media
𝖑𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗 x dragon! mc:
The thing Lucifer finds the most fascinating in you is your large wings. He thinks they are imposing and show everyone who is in charge; a real sign of a magnificent persona. Lucifer also knows that young dragons feel those urges too, and of course, as your significant other, he oughts to take action. He would take good care of you, caressing every part of your body while whispering sweet nothings to your ear; he wouldn't care if you bite him with those sharp fangs of yours, if you wanna mark him, he will let you. But be careful into wanting to take control of the situation because Lucifer won't hesitate into tying you to the bed and force you to watch him get off while you beg him to touch you.
𝖒𝖆𝖒𝖒𝖔𝖓 x hawk! mc:
His favorite season of the year is spring, not only because the trees in the Devildom start to burst but also because he knows it is the breeding season - literally. You've explained to him million times that you can take care of yourself on those days and that he has nothing to worry about, but still, Mammon insists that he must take part in this because it is his duty as your significant other. He enjoys it a lot because he gets to be with you while in his devil form. What Mammon likes the most, is how clingy you get after being fucked dumb. You don't care that his cum is spilling from your aching hole, or that minutes ago, he was slapping your face with his hard cock, because you need to be close to him while he whispers to you how good you were.
𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖓 x siren! mc:
Sirens are known for sinking human boats to force the sailors to have sexual intercourse with them; that's why when you told Levi that you only wanted him and no one else, he felt as if he was an angel again. He is flattered by your words. Why would such a beautiful siren like you like to expend their most precious days with a demon loser like him? These things don't happen every day, and because of this, he is confident that he will make you feel special. Levi is another one that enjoys being in his demon form, that's why he isn't afraid of showing you his scales while you sink your nails into his shoulders, begging him to slow down because it is too much for you, but poor Leviathan, he is so excited that he can't control himself.
𝖘𝖆𝖙𝖆𝖓 x cat! mc:
Oh, boy! When I tell you that Satan is the most attentive and delicate boyfriend for a sweet, cute creature like you, I mean it. Lord, he takes his time understanding what's going onto that little head of yours and why sometimes you are more clingy and needy than usual, wrapping your tail around his legs and licking his hands. Satan likes to praise you, telling you how good you're milking his thick, large dick while fucking you from behind and burying your face on his mattress.
𝖆𝖘𝖒𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖚𝖘 x bunny! mc:
No one understands and takes care of you like Asmodeus. During most times of the year, he loves how affectionate you are, constantly rubbing onto him and circling his legs, and to be honest, he can't blame you. He is just so gorgeous that he would do the same. And, of course, as the most beautiful demon in the entire universe, Asmodeus cannot help being loved by everyone around him, driving you crazy and full of jealousy. Why does he need other people praising him when that's your job? But don't worry, because Asmo would never do something as cruel as leaving you, that's why he lets you bounce on his cock until you feel it is enough for you; he is a sucker for your cute ears curling when you cum on his shaft. Do you need 4 rounds? Maybe 5? Even if you need to pull an all-nighter to calm his little, needy bunny, he gladly pleases you.
𝖇𝖊𝖊𝖑𝖟𝖊𝖇𝖚𝖇 x puppy! mc:
As time passes, he starts to learn those particular necessities that his puppy needs. Eating together and petting you right behind the ears is awesome, but sometimes you crave a little more. He is a patient demon, I mean, having to deal with all his problematic brothers is not an easy job, but Beel loses himself when he sees you excitedly following him everywhere, moving your tail, and never leaving your side. What is wrong with you and why can't you know your place? It takes you a few thrusts of his cock touching every part of your insides to know that you are his favorite, but that as well, he needs some time alone. He fucks you stupid that you completely understand what he's trying to say by the end of the day.
𝖇𝖊𝖑𝖕𝖍𝖊𝖌𝖔𝖗 x squirrel! mc:
His favorite part of being with you is when you wake up after hibernation. Don't take me wrong, he loves sleeping next to you and taking care of you, but it drives him crazy when you wake up needy and clingy for him. It is as if you haven't seen each other in years, but you two know it's been only a couple of months since Belphie's thick cock was filling you up completely, and as a normal demon, he has business to take care of. While you're peacefully hibernating, Belphie takes advantage of your sleeping state to fill you countless times with his hot cum, watching with lust how your tail bristles by reflex while you cum unconscious.
𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖛𝖔𝖑𝖔 x lion! mc:
The ruler of the Devildom has a busy schedule, no doubt about it, but he always makes sure to take some time off and spend it with his lovely creature. Rolling onto your back you expect Diavolo to pay attention to you, but he is focused on some royal duties he needs to take care of, leaving you lonely and unsatisfied. However, as soon as he has some free time, he is rewarding you for being patient and waiting for him, making you cum on his tongue million times before lifting your hips, pulling your knees to your chest, and looking after you as a king would do.
– all rights reserved © sofiafushiguro 2022.  please do not repost, plagiarize, distribute or translate my work on any platform
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plushyfluffy · a day ago
Don’t Leave
Pairings: Lord Diavolo x Gender Neutral Reader
Warning(s): Reader became a toddler, jealous Barbatos
Tumblr media
One moment you and Solomon are just joking around trying out new potions here and there and then a second later you were gone and replaced by a cute baby toddler.
“Oh shi— (Y/N) did you touch that blue po—“
But before Solomon could finished his sentence you, who turned into a toddler, began to cry.
“I guess your mentality also matched your age.”
Without no other options he called Barbatos for help. The butler called his young master and the seven brothers to see what’s going on.
“What in the Devildom did you do?”
Lucifer rubbed his forehead as Solomon hold your wailing form in front of the demons.
“Woah, so that’s what (Y/N) looks like when they are still young!”
Mammon exclaimed with excitement lace in his voice.
“They are sooo cute! But I still prefer their mature body though.”
Asmo said while taking a look at your toddler form.
You began to wail even more loudly when they began to crowd you. At the same time Diavolo and Barbatos arrived at Solomon’s room.
“So Solomon, did you succeed?” The soon-to-be-king’s booming voice greeted the noisy room.
“Something like that...?”
Solomon walked to Diavolo while holding you up to him. When you saw the prince, you stopped crying and immediately reach out for him with your short arms.
“Dwaaahh!” You smiled and shouted.
Everyone in the room was shocked because first, you just cried when they tried to grabbed you and second, you didn’t tried to pull his hair like what you did to the Avatar of Pride.
“Oh? So you would like for me to carry you?” When he reached out his arms to carry you, you immediately leaned in and stared at him wide eyed.
“Diawow” Was all you said and leaned in to his warmth. Everyone awed at your cuteness.
“My lord, it seems (Y/N) took a liking to you.”
“Really? That’s great! Let’s take them to the castle!”
You matched his enthusiasm when you raised your hands and laughed.
“It seems like little (Y/N) would also love that.”
With that Diavolo walked away, with Barbatos following him, the brothers and Solomon just stared at the scene mouth wide agape. Except for Lucifer who was busy fixing his hair.
A few minutes later Diavolo was in his office doing some paperwork while you were on top of his lap.
A moment earlier, when Barbatos tried to lure you with some toys, you didn’t budge, instead you focused on Diavolo, trying to talk to him with some words that neither of the demons understand.
When Barbatos knew that you wouldn’t be lured by some toys he tried to carry you but you cried and punched the demon out of his life. Diavolo just laughed and hold you back.
Now there is a rule in the Devildom. Whenever you are still in your toddler form, don’t ever, ever try to take you away from Diavolo, if you still value your life.
Now it’s been 3 hours since that event and Diavolo asked Solomon on how long until you get back to normal.
“Well it will take until tomorrow or until a week.”
Was all he said. Until that time you won’t get out or leave Diavolo’s presence.
Now it’s bedtime for Devildom and now you are in a deep slumber still on top of Diavolo’s lap. The prince tried to move you in his massive bed but you just woke up and cling to his clothes, and don’t want to let go.
So Diavolo just continued to carry you while he’s working. Now Barbatos just warned him to have a rest, and right now his lying on his bed while you on top of him, sleeping loudly with some drool staining his sleeping shirt.
Smiling, it’s like a dream come true to have you two hang out without the brothers interrupting, but he still prefers it if you are in your normal form and age.
The next day or night to say the least. When Barbatos opened his young master’s room, he saw you in your back to normal form on top of his young master.
You two look content so he just left you both even though there’s a boiling jealousy burning in his veins
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idiot-simp · 2 days ago
Mc: *lies* guys I'm really bored
Mammon: i really need to do some things with the others
Mc: awh okay
*the next day*
Mammon *drags mc to the main room*
Mc: hey!
Asmo: 3..2...1.!
All the brothers, side characters and the new exchange students: Happy birthday mc!!
Mc: awhh thank you so much!!!
Mephisto: *whispers* I have never seen a human so happy before
Thirteen: *whispers* yeah it's kinda weird
Raphael: *whispers* that's because you're never happy and never been in your entire life
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lightvsdark18 · 2 days ago
What they will look like in the future
(inspired by @levi-but-human )
Slightly shoulder length hair that's always combed back, chiseled jaw, five o'clock shadow, and piecing eyes. His appearance will strike fear in anyone who doesn't know him.
Pass the shoulder length hair that's neatly tied behind his head, wrinkles on his face, and has the typical older butler look. [This idea]
(He gets his angel hair back ;-;) Shoulder blade length hair that is pinned up during work, slight wrinkles on the face, and slightly kinder eyes.
Facial hair on the jawline, a bit stronger build, tough guy look, and hair slicked back.
A bit muscular, jawline length hair that's slicked back, and slightly tougher looking clothing style. Cool guy look.
Combed to the side hair, academia and gentleman clothing style, glasses, and slightly sharper jaw and eyes.
A bit pass the shoulder length hair, more relaxed clothing style, doesn't cover freckles, and seems more comfortable in his skin.
Head shaved on the sides, sharper facial features, tougher and intimidating look, and no longer pretending to be naive and innocent.
(Husband Belphie) Mullet, a bit of facial hair on his chin, shows both eyes, and soft bad boy clothing style.
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cacophonouschaos · a day ago
Obey Me MC who got bitten by a radioactive spider -Datables Version-
A/N: This is reposted cause me me big dumb. Thanks to yaboihack for correcting me.
Brothers version
Of course your powers and abilities don't stay within the House of Lamentation walls, specially when you've been swinging around Devildom doing your superhero gig.
And so the others find out.
-Is immediately intrigued.
-He's met sorcerers, witches, and plenty of supernatural creatures..but this is the first time he's ever met anyone like you.
-When you tell him how you got your powers, he wanted to see if he can recreate the infamous spider through magic.
-It resulted in him creating monster spiders that the two of you had to work together to defeat before they can wreak havoc all over Devildom
-The magic experiment was a failure..except for one lone spider.
-So you know how Simeon rarely gets mad or upset. Well, you've had the previlege of seeing that side of him.
-It was during another Devildom event that unsurprisingly turned into something complicated and required you, the brothers, the Purgatory Hall group, as well as Lord Diavolo, and Barbatos to do whatever it is that you need to do to get things back to normal.
-You ended up partnering with Simeon on a quest and right in the middle of it you jumped into action, using your webs to swing right at the monster to give it a good hit.
-You swing towards the monster despite Simeon warning you not to. But it's okay, you got this. You calculated every move so nothing goes wrong.
-But something almost goes wrong…luckily you were able to narrowly miss death, defeat the monster, (hey what else is new!) and land on the ground safely.
-You turn grinning at Simeon, thinking he'd celebrate the win with you. But he is not smiling. In fact, he looks pissed.
-Why would you do that? What if you had gotten seriously hurt? What if..what if something awful happened to you?
-These words spill out of the angel's lips, his hands grasping on your shoulders. You can feel him shaking and finally understand that he was upset because he was scared.
-You assure him that it's fine, you're a superhero! His expression doesn't change and he asks you if superheroes are incapable of dying. The question takes you aback, and honestly brings back some unwanted memories, but you were able to answer him and tell him no.
-His frown is still in place but his expression softens as he makes you promise to never jump into danger like that again.
-You didn't have the heart to tell him that as a superhero, sometimes you don't have a choice but to jump.
-Thinks you're just the coolest. Part 2: Cute little angel edition!
-He dressed up as your superhero alter ego on Halloween and it's the most flattering thing (this headcanon was thought of by @luxthestrange! I made a mistake in the previous post and tagged the wrong person! But fixing it now and crediting the correct person! I love this one and it's too cute!)
-Levi made the costume and it isn't like he was bonding with a demon or anything like that! Even though you could see he was having as much fun during the process of making the costume as much as actually wearing it.
-Hey, remember that spider that was created from Solomon's magic experiment? Yeah you can probably see where I'm going with this.
-Luke comes to you and tells you that he got bitten by a spider and he's been feeling weird. And you realise he's literally experiencing all the things you've experienced when you got bitten. Except amplified as it's mixed in with his already existing angel powers
-Cue you freaking the hell out! He's an angel! How can this happen? What does it mean? He already has angel powers now he has spider powers too! This doesn't make any sense! It's almost as if the powers that be that is writing your life don't know how angels work!
-But the technicalities don't matter, what matters is that Luke is going through something that you know isn't easy and he needs you to guide him through it.
-Of course you end up being Luke's mentor.
Lord Diavolo
Honestly thinks that all human beings can do do what you do. You had to explain to him that not every human have superpowers, and tell him the story of the spider bite
When word gets to him that you've started your own superhero group in Devildom, he is extremely amused and finds the whole thing interesting.
Devildom has become more interesting to him since your first patrol.
It's a curious thing.
He's met you before, he's sure of it. A human who got bitten by a radioactive spider and ending up receving remarkable powers and abilites from it. The human losing their parents, and then uncle, and another important person in their life
He's seen something like this before.
Except you had a different face, a different name, and even a different gender.
Ah no matter. It's must be just a timeline thing.
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h0neywell · a day ago
My Mc - I am an adult. I am going to treat every situation like an adult.
Also my mc -
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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infiinnityverse · 2 days ago
Let’s talk Mammon
Spoilers from here on out!!
One thing I’ve found interesting is how the Avatar of Greed attracts wealth but always has terrible luck and always in debt. He’s good at math, which means he knows how interest works. He works as a model so he gets paid well. It’s canon that whenever he sticks to someone they are suddenly overflowing with grim, so why doesn’t that happen to him?
Mammon is one of the lords of the Devildom, and despite his antics is well respected and worshipped by witches and humans. He must receive a lot of gifts that he can sell to pay back his debts. Which brings me to my next question: If he attracts wealth, how does he dig himself into more debt? How does Mammon the Avatar of Greed have such terrible luck that he’s always broke?
You would think that with his modeling job, and his worshippers gifts would get him out of debt. But, he only gets himself into more debt. Another thing I find shocking is how anyone would think of trying to get their money back from him. He is one of the most powerful demons in the entire Devildom, and he’s getting harassed by collectors?
To me these things don’t make sense. This is just some food for thought.
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chirp-a-chirp · 2 days ago
Lucifer: *Talking to the five youngest brothers and MC* Diavolo wants to find further opportunities for humans and demons to work together. Keep this in mind at dinner tonight.
Satan: Why? What’s wrong?
MC: Who’s cooking dinner?
Lucifer: Solomon and Mammon
Tumblr media
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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days ago
The demons MC's targeting: *gathered in a single place because they've received a message from their companion*
The demons: Are you sure he's here? Did he succeed on killing that human?
MC: No. *steps into the room*
The demons: !!!
MC: *holding the hand of the demon they killed in their apartment* Well, what did you even expect that would happen? Anyway, blood message does actually work.
The demons: *starts snarling at them*
MC: Let's see... 198. I wonder if I manage to collect all of you here.
MC: I'll do a quick headcount. Now do me a favor and behave accordingly.
The demons: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
MC: 196... 197... 198. Hm. I think that is all. Though...*looking at the bloody mess*
MC: Should I ask him to help?
MC: *shrugs the idea off* No. That'll be unprofessional of me—
Barbatos: *chuckles* It's not. Let me help you clean.
MC: ...
MC: What are you doing here?
Barbatos: You missed lunch.
MC: Ah.
MC: ...
MC: Does that mean I won't have any food to eat?
Barbatos: *shows them the lunchbox* No. What kind of a husband I am if I neglect you?
MC: ...
MC: Sure. Anyway, would you like to step out for a moment?
Barbatos: Hm? But I'm here to help.
MC: As I've said a while ago, it's unprofessional.
Barbatos: Okay. If you don't want me to, can you at least let me stay here?
Barbatos: *frowning*
Diavolo: What's wrong, Barbatos? Is MC not done yet?
Barbatos: I believe they're almost done by now, young master.
Diavolo: Then what's with that face?
Lucifer: He's complaining that he has been kicked out when he tried to offer his help.
Barbatos: I'm not complaining about that.
Lucifer: You're sulking. Visibly.
Diavolo: Well, maybe MC was just shy? I mean, you're two are a couple but you don't live in a same house.
Barbatos: ...
Barbatos: Are you saying they're feeling distant to me?
Lucifer and Diavolo: ...
Lucifer: Were they not from the beginning?
Barbatos: No... MC was always considerate of me...
MC: *opens the door to the office* Dear, I'm sorry for making you wait. *has changed their clothes*
Barbatos: *his face brightens* No. You're just in time.
Lucifer: MC, I've heard from the other students that everything is spotless.
MC: There were places that needed deep cleaning, but it was manageable.
Diavolo: You seem exhausted. Why not take some rest here?
Barbatos: You can sit on my lap and maybe take a nap as well.
Lucifer and Diavolo: ...
MC: I'll take that offer. Thank you. *goes to actually sit on his lap, facing him*
Diavolo: Uh... I think we need to give them some privacy, Lucifer.
Lucifer: You should've just given them a room!
Barbatos: You smell nice...
MC: Because of the fabric.
Barbatos: *chuckles*
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books-and-catears · a day ago
Avatar of Chaos :
Two Truths and a Lie (6)
Taglist: @tanspostsblog @kurisu55 @i-would-try-me @attackonhoseok @justeclem44 @eliciana @whatthehechappened @luciferwifu @splashporpoise
<- Chap 5 ||
TW: Violence, Slight gore
Tumblr media
"Let's go there next! Hall of Mirrored Selves!" You pointed excitedly. This was a last exursion before everyone would get busy preparing for the play. You decided to go to a carnival.
"Eh? A mirror maze? Come on MC, we've been to these plenty of times in the human world." Belphie yawned, readjusted the pillow in his arms.
"It actually might be worth checking out. This one seems to be enchanted." Satan was peering down at the description written on a wall outside it. "See the truth through the eyes of the beholder at the end of the journey."
"Hmm does that mean our reflections will change depending on who's seeing us in the last mirror? Hmm seems safe enough." Lucifer agreed. "Let's get going then."
"Hmm it couldn't be worse than Asmo and Levi screaming on the rollercoaster clutching onto Mammon and Beel for dear life." Belphie smirked as he followed everyone else inside.
The mirror maze was easy enough to figure out. Satan and Belphie conspired to confuse Lucifer by scattering random similar looking objects they could find on the floors.
Lucifer didn't fall for a single one, while Belphie got lost instead. Satan guided you forward but Lucifer had to go back to fetch Belphie who gave up trying and started taking a nap against one of the mirrors.
"I have to admit, this is rather nice." Satan took your hand, when he noticed you both were alone. "Let's go together shall we? I'm holding you because I want to make sure you don't get lost."
"Of course. Thank you Satan." You almost wanted to spare him. He was being a sweetheart after all. But it was too late for that.
"Yes I think we're on the right track, just a another left turn and straight on like this- Satan? You okay?" You were navigating along with him when he suddenly stopped in his tracks.
"Is that the last mirror, MC?"
Satan's voice was deadly low. He pointed leftwards. You nodded your head.
"And it's supposed to show you how everyone else sees you?"
"Not everyone at once of course! If you stand in the mirror with someone it shows you how they see you I think."
"Stay here for a bit, will you MC? I just need to check something." He lets go of your hand and moves forward.
You stay back. You already know what he's going to see.
Satan already noticed Lucifer and Belphie heading this way. He angled himself in a way that he could see their reflections in the mirror with him.
"I knew it. I fucking knew it."
You heard a low growl followed by a CRASHHHH. You hurried over to his side careful not to come directly in front of the mirror.
Satan's hand was inches deep in the middle of the now cracked mirror. He'd punched the glass in. And you saw why.
The cracked and splintered glass reflected black hair instead of blonde. Red and black clothes instead of blue and green. Red eyes instead of green. Lucifer's face instead of his own.
His biggest nightmare glaring right back at his face.
"Hey...hey, it's okay." You said softly as you came into the frame too. His shoulders relaxed, his eyes softening down again. "I'm here now."
The reflection was not Lucifer anymore. It was him, with his fist on the glass and persisting rage in his eyes. The realest version of him.
In a world without you, he would have burnt this place to the ground with both Lucifer and Belphie in it. Yes, Belphie too. Because clearly he too saw him as Lucifer's clone.
But as you stood next to him, he saw your hand in the mirror reaching for his, pulling him back. Tending to his wounds. Atleast you saw him for him. Right now that was enough.
"I'm so sorry. I never should have brought you here." You blowed air on his bleeding knuckles, making him stand away from the broken glass shards on the floor.
"No. It's okay, MC. I'm glad to finally confirm the truth for once." His voice had bitterness and relief at the same time.
"I'm so sorry Satan I- AHHHHH!"
You jumped back, staring at the mirror in horror. There was no you. There was a twisted and cracked face of Lilith. Her body but with your clothes. A set of bloody fingerprints around her neck. Bruises over her arms.
Identical to the injuries Belphie inflicted on you that night.
Satan noticed it too. He also noticed Lucifer dragging a sleeping Belphie in the distance. So this is how they saw you? Pathetic. Absolutely delusional.
"Shhh it's okay. I'm here too. You're not whatever that abomination is."
Your reflection turned right the moment he walked into the frame. Your eyes glistening with unshed tears. Satan wrapping his arms around you protectively.
This was you and him. The only two people who saw each other for what they truly are.
His heart had turned cold against his brothers for good. If Belphie and Lucifer saw him that way, the others who openly and blantantly made jokes about it were probably worse.
"Let's get out of here, Satan."
Noone wanted it more than him. Never mind the others. They can go to hell. It was unsaid but you both understood it.
You left the maze, his wounded hand on your waist. Your eyes still glistened almost as if you didn't plan this whole thing meticulously. Comforting him as if you didn't manipulate each reflection to your will.
And when Satan shut himself up in his room, refusing to talk to anyone but you, only going to meals after his brothers were long finished and gone, you sat there with an agonized look on your face - as if this wasn't EXACTLY what you wanted.
. . . .
. . . .
"Your time is up, Diavolo. Choose. Your life or his? Choose or you both die." Your voice echoed in the empty room.
Diavolo's head hung low as he sat still in his chair, magical chains keeping him locked in his place.
Lucifer sat unconscious sitting in the chair opposite to him. His body tied identically to Diavolo's.
A long black sword hung in the air, suspended between them. The demon blade, the only weapon strong enough to kill a demon with one hit.
"Young Master, No! No you don't have to do this!" Barbatos screamed in vain. He was sitting in a movie hall, watching it all happen on screen.
"Shhh Barbatos. I never guessed you'd be the loud type at movies. Just sit tight won't you?" Solomon sat next to him, eating popcorn.
Barbatos tried to move, but he locked in place. Bound by his pact with Solomon. And Solomon was on MC's side. "But Young Master he's going to- he's going to-"
"You did nothing when you knew Belphie was going to kill MC. Why is this so hard?" Solomon said nonchalantly, voice laid with venom.
"I chose me. Take my life. Spare him, please." Diavolo's voice was desperate. "He's been through enough hurt."
"Very well." You smiled, finally coming into frame, right underneath the blade.
You reached for it and it fluttered downwards like an obedient child. You didn't even need to touch it. You simply motioned at the Prince.
Diavolo smiled looking directly at Barbatos through the screen. "Thank you for everything, Barbatos. As a last request, please avert your eyes from the screen."
"Young Master- No- no-" Barbatos struggled in vain. Even with his demon form unleashed, his tail did nothing. It couldn't even touch Solomon nor reach MC.
The sickening sound of metal cutting through skin and bone. Barbatos saw a hazy outline of Diavolo's heart being pierced straight through through tear-brimmed eyes.
He screamed louder than he ever had. But Diavolo stayed unmoving. Only you moved forward, closer and closer until your face completely filled the screen.
"This is what happens if you tell anyone about me. So...shhhh, okay?"
You pressed a dainty finger to your slightly smiling lips. Solomon clapped and cheered next to him. "My my, that a was good show wasn't it? I guess you can wake up now. The exit is that way."
Barbatos woke up in cold sweat. Again. He already agreed to keep their secret - why were they still threatening him? And why do the images get more vivid every time?
He glanced at the clock. 5 a.m. A dream at dawn.
According to some human cultures, dreams dreamt at dawn are very likely to come true. A threat within a threat. Did you just like tormenting him that much?
Is this how much pain they caused you?
Barbatos knew the answer. And shivers ran down his back realising you were still being merciful.
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aikofanfan · 13 hours ago
Fall for you all over again
I was struck with inspiration and I’m just self indulging cuz Lucifer has me in a choke hold. Yep.
He wasn’t sure how long it had been since you had passed on. Human age getting to you and a chilling remind of how short a human life truly is.
No matter how much time had past, how many more people he met or how many things changed. The ache in his heart never went away.
And he’s not sure it ever will.
He could see it in his brothers as well. They still caused trouble but he could tell it wasn’t the same. Not without you.
He’s caught each of them, even himself, hanging around your old room.
They kept it clean even though it was never used after you had gone.
Truthfully things were about as normal as they could be. Yet at the same time it never felt normal.
Now here stood Lucifer with the young prince talking about new human exchange students. He was listening, well half listening.
“Lucifer.” The stern call of his name brings back to reality.
“Hm?” The avatar of Pride hums in reply.
“I know it’s been well over 50 years since they…look my point is. Are you sure you want to be talking about this? I can just discuss the matter with Barbatos or someone else.” Diavolo asks. He could see the sadness still lingering in Lucifer’s eyes. “After all this is how they came about. How you met.”
“I’m fine, Lord Diavolo. Don’t concern yourself with me.” Lucifer states. Once again pushing down his feelings. Diavolo doesn’t speak right away but knew better than to pry and keeps talking.
Lucifer listens. Remembering back to the day when he had picked you for the first exchange program.
Remembering the less afraid and more confused look on your face when you had arrived.
Remembering how the two of you did not get along at all at first.
Remembering the night you had finally formed a pact with him.
The memories bring a small smile to his lips but the burning on his neck was new.
Wait a moment…
“Urk!” Lucifer hisses and placed a hand on the back of his neck. It burned. Really burned. But why? That was were his pact mark was but it had long since fated away. Why?
“Lucifer? Are you alright?” Diavolo at some point was now at Lucifer’s side. The door to the young prince’s office swings open and Barbatos appears.
“My lord, Lucifer. Please come outside.” Barbatos ushered, showing the most emotions Diavolo as ever seen. The prince helps Lucifer stand up right and when the demon reassured the prince he would be fine, they head outside.
They find that the Devildom sky had a huge swirl in the center. More demons had come out to see what was going on, taking pictures and recording.
“This…” Diavolo scans the sky and looks to his butler, when Barbatos nods and confirms his thoughts, he turns to Lucifer.
“I assume you two know what’s going on.” Lucifer says rather than asking.
“Yes.” Diavolo answered and shifts into his demon form. “This happened when you and your brothers fell from the celestial realm.”
“So that would mean…”
“Someone else is falling.”
Lucifer followed the two, also shifting to his demon form.
They go to the center of the Devildom. Barbatos shooing away the coward that has formed there and making space as they wait.
“I can’t imagine who would want to fall.” Lucifer thinks aloud. Soon the swirl or rather vortex grows larger and larger until they see a figure come out from the middle.
Lucifer winces and holds the back of his neck again. It burns more but now he feels this pull, a ghost like pull as he looks up and ignores the concerned look from Diavolo.
He watches the figure spread their pure white wings, now slowly turning a pitch black as they fall farther into the Devildom.
Wait…no it couldn’t be….
He meets the gaze of the person as they grow closer. Lucifer acts before he can think, his wings flapping and he’s rushing upwards and ignores Diavolo and Barbatos.
It was you. You fell from the celestial realm. You were the one falling- no flying towards him faster and met half way in the air, holding each other tightly.
The burning on the back of his neck wasn’t random pain. It was his pact mark coming alive again. It all made sense.
“Why?” He asks as the two of you land and slide down to your knees, still holding each other.
“I fell for you once, falling for you again is easy.” You giggle. He’s told you that becoming a demon was painful but he never said not to fall after leaving the human world. But enough of that.
You pull him into a deep kiss, pouring so much love into it that when you pulled away he was panting a little and face a flamed with blush.
“I just…” Lucifer was at a loss for words. You choose him over a after life in the celestial realm.
“Don’t try to understand, Lucifer.” You say in a hush tone as you cup his face. Your wings at this point were now a pitch black like his. You wrap your wings around him and kiss him again.
“I’ll choose you every time, Luci my sweetest darling.” You whisper against his lips.
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urmothathe2nd · a day ago
dialuci headcanon time!
Lucifer only acts like his real self when around Diavolo (and sometimes his brothers)
Diavolo is the only person that can break down Lucifers prideful facade
I’ve seen a post about how old everyone looked age wise and Lucifer definitely looks like a mid 40s and Diavolo looks like he's mid 20s
Their dynamic is old, almost retired teacher and his young, newly hired co-worker that happens to teach across the hall
Diavolo will give literally anything for Lucifer to be happy. One time barabatos had to physically stop him from fighting God
Diavolo will also buy anything that catches Lucifer’s eye. He feels a shirt and seems to take a liking to it while shopping? Boom, ten of those shirts in his closet the next day. He tries on some shoes while shopping? Boom, the entire collection in his closet
Diavolo talks A LOT and Lucifer happily listens
When even Lucifer visits the castle for work is usually just end up being cuddle sessions
Sex started off really slow and affectionate and slowly started to become rough as their relationship grew
They are exact opposites but work so well together
Their nail polish was definitely meant to match each others hair
Lucifer is very shut in with his feelings while Diavolo is very open with them
Lucifer has had to stop wearing low cut shirts in public because Diavolo wouldn’t stop kissing his neck
Both are very horny all the time
They've probably fucked everywhere in the castle (only Barbatos knows where they haven't)
Pretty much always eat dinner together
The bros have gotten used to Diavolo coming over all the time
They had two weddings, a private one and then a public one due to Diavolo being royalty
Yes his proposal was something corny
Also had two proposals (also due to royalty rules)
One was on a date with a ring, the second was a traditional proposal
Traditional proposal (for Devildomians): Dance with them at the Ball of Royalty, which is an annual ball held in Devildom where any and all royalty are asked to attend. Usually if planning to publicly propose they will announce before dancing begins. Afterwards you are to bestow a crown upon your fiance’s head at the end of the dance.
The private wedding reception ended in Mammon trying to steal both wedding rings while being incredibly drunk
Diavolo wears his wedding ring on a necklace he always wears and Lucifer wears his on his finger
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devildompossum · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I wonder why diavolo is grabbing black feathers in his loading screen
I mean there's only two characters with black feathers- and I seriously doubt the implication that he's grabbing Satan's boa
There have been multiple hints of lucifer possibly pulling away from diavolo, specifically after the play at the coliseum he says something about if lucifer will always be able to follow diavolo (it's late I don't remember it exactly).
It's also interesting how they seem to turn golden as they fly away from.... whatever it is he's holding. I know it's probably just a closer to light source thing, but it's fun to think about
I dont know it's just kinda interesting
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midnightsunnyday · 2 days ago
A Family Affair (Part One) (Black MC)
The Brothers, along with Lord Diavolo and Barbatos, join MC for one of the biggest gatherings of the year: a family reunion. However, it wouldn't be a day without their typical shenanigans. A continuation of this headcanon.
A/N: It's close to that time of year again, though being with family isn't possible for most of us. So I wrote this based off my own familial experiences, yet are greatly exaggerated. I hope you all enjoy it!
MC, on the phone with their parents: yes, we'll be there in 7 minutes. Yes, all the brothers are here this year. Yes, and their guests. No, he didn't bring any more wine. No, I'm not asking him that. What you mean "why the hell not?" O-ok...ok! Bye, momma *mumbles* Demon Lord give me strength.
Lucifer: is everything all right?
MC: it's...nothing. Just my parents being...parents. But seriously, y'all are going to have so much fun! Trust me.
Lucifer: despite my concerns, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thank you, MC.
Asmodeus: finally! I've been waiting all year for this day. Me and Aunt CeCe have so much family gossip to catch up on.
Leviathan, in his announcer voice: last time, we left our hero, the great and powerful Leviathan, broken and defeated by the all knowing Grand Master Devon, the self proclaimed and undefeated Greatest SSBU Champion, Ever! Now, having dedicated himself to the ways of the warrior, Leviathan has only one goal: to gain the title and bring honor back to his family name!
Mammon: ha! You got wrecked by a 12-year-old.
Leviathan: shut up! Devon isn't just any 12-year-old. He has the spirit and heart of a 5,000 year old sensei. Plus, he's really good at video games.
Belphegor: hmm. Then I'll probably just hang out with your older cousins again.
MC: and "go for a walk," right?
Belphegor: I'll have you know that I simply acquired a growing appreciation for nature.
Beelzebub: it's a good thing we're at a park then. There's all kinds of nature here.
MC: *pats his head* oh Beel. You sweet, summer child. Never change.
Satan: I think I'll go look for your uncle again, MC. He's very knowledgeable and we've had some interesting conversations last year. Though he had a rather intense fascination with Egypt. That and he kept referring to me as "colonizer."
Lucifer: though I share in everyone's enthusiasm, remember we are guests here. MC's family has graciously allowed us to return, so it's imperative that we show our best selves at all times. And just as last year--
*collective groaning*
Lucifer: --go on. Say it.
Everyone except MC: no using our powers, no mentioning we're demons, no mentioning we attend RAD, no mentioning we're the literal envoys of the seven biblical sins, no mentioning our actual ages, no mentioning our real names, no mentioning the Devildom, no stealing, no maiming, no sodomy, no hypnotism, no blasphemy, no betting souls, and no eating MCs family.
Mammon: we know, we know! Gah!
Belphegor: seriously. You made us recite it so many times that it's literally seared into our skulls.
Lucifer: as it should be.
MC: also, please do keep in mind certain...physical abilities.
*Everyone turning to look at Beelzebub*
Beelzebub: *frowns* I know, I know. No sports. Especially football.
MC: thank you.
Mammon: seriously bro. You're nothing but doom and gloom. Try to lighten up, will ya? We're going to be around MC's family and first impressions are everything. Don't want them thinking you're unsuitable or anything.
Lucifer: and just what exactly does that statement imply?
Mammon: n-nothing. All I'm saying is we've got nothing to worry about. MC's family loves us. Though they love me especially.
MC: it's true. Unfortunately, my family has already upgraded Lucifer from "rich boyfriend" to "rich husband."
Mammon, mumbling: god damn showoff.
MC: though my grandma thinks I should divorce him, take half, and split it with Satan. Which is admittedly tempting.
Lucifer: I was in agreement until that last part.
Satan: your grandmother sounds wonderful. Can I meet her? 
Mammon: tch. No offense, but your family has bad taste. I mean, what could they possibly see in a boring, old, sadistic stiff like Luci--ow! What you go and hit me for?
Satan: still, I can't help but feel somewhat vexed over the fact that out of all of us, it was Mammon and Lucifer who were requested to return the most.
Asmodeus: right? Out of the 115 messages I read from MC's phone when they weren't looking--
MC: --hey!
Asmodeus: I'm only mentioned a mere 28 times! Apparently some members of the family believe--and I quote--"am low key kind of messy."
Mammon: well, they ain't wrong though.
Asmodeus: MC, I love you to bits, but your family clearly has horrible taste in men, especially if that man is Mammon.
MC: ok, rude. Also, I'm sure you'll have just as much opportunity to impress them this year, yet I need you to stay at least a smooth 5 on the charisma scale…better yet, make it a 3.
Asmodeus: *sighs* fine. Anything for you, sweetie.
Mammon: *smirks* yeah, that's too bad, bro. Looks like the Great Mammon has you beat in the likable department.
Asmodeus: we'll see about that. I plan to have MC's family so enthralled with me that they won't even notice your obnoxious pressence.
Lucifer, looking out towards MC's family: wonderful. I see roughly a hundred or so ways this can all go horribly wrong. Nevertheless, we've arrived. Now then, everyone out of the car, and let's try to get through this day without accidentally murdering someone. Diavolo forbid.
Belphegor: speaking of which...
Diavolo, gazing around excitedly: human gatherings are quite tremendous aren't they, Barbatos? Just look at how happy everyone is.
Barbatos: that they are, My Lord.
Diavolo: Barbatos, we've gone over this. You can't call me "Lord" here. And that includes "Master."
Barbatos: oh, right. Do forgive me, um, sir.
Diavolo: *sighs* I suppose that'll suffice.
Belphegor: why is it that he's here again? The man sticks out like a big, swollen, red thumb.
MC: well, he was just so excited when I told him about the last gathering, and I didn't want to say no so...*shrugs*
Belphegor: *rolls eyes* typical.
MC: besides, if his goal is to unite the three realms, I think it'll be nice for him to experience what a human family is like. And look, he's already fitting in.
*Diavolo and Barbatos being surrounded by a group of children*
"You're really tall."
"And big!"
"Your hair is pretty!"
"Who wears a suit to a family reunion?"
"Aye, Big Red. Let me hold liiiiiike....$20."
Lucifer: should I tell him about "holding the twenty?" It's not really what one thinks.
MC, thinking to themselves: it's fine. Lucifer still doesn't know why Diavolo is really here. Everything will work out just fine. After all, what's the worse that can happen?
*from off in the distance* "What the...MC? Aye y'all, MC still alive!"
*the air fills with confused yet enthusiastic talking*
MC: *groans* though it looks like I'll be explaining my "trip to Europe" story for a minute.
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symphonicmetal101 · a day ago
Hmmm….. Diavolo and fluff! If that counts as a genre!
Yeah!! Fluff/crack/angst (horny is done through my other blog/req through dm)
You loved the rain. Always had. You knew you looked a little odd, several demons looking at you in complete confusion, unsure of what to make of the lone human as they rushed to get to cover. However their looks and bustling about did not deter you from simply standing in the pouring rain, face towards the sky and a small smile, letting your stress and worries slip away with each drop, if only for a little while.
Your moment of serenity was soon interrupted by a very concerned Diavolo, as he tapped your shoulder to get your attention.
"Is this a human custom? Most demons take cover from the rain...are you like a flower? May I join?!" He beams as he stands next to you, waiting your permission despite his dampening hair quickly getting into his eyes. Wanting to enjoy the rain, you simply nodded. "I would love for you to join."
After a few moments just enjoying the rain Diavolo speaks up again. "May I show you something I have not had the opportunity to enjoy since I was a child?" He extended his hand with a bright smile. Despite the onslaught of the rain, his hands were still surprisingly warm as he tugged you gently to join him as he ran and jumped into a puddle, laughing boisterously, beckoning you to join him. Your laughter soon joined his, as the two of you danced and jumped in puddles until neither of you could handle the cold anymore. Thankfully, Barbatos was prepared, picking both of you up and returning ro the Demon Lords castle for a change of clothes, tea, and falling asleep in the comfort and warmth of each others arms.
Ay Landy you know Jm a simp for this man I had to make this a lot shorter than I had in mind to still jave brakn cells afterwards fbsjfndkxk
Thanks for the ask!!
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