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#obey me diavolo
Lucifer: Mc is making me get eight hours of sleep each night, drink six cups of water each day, and, worst of all, she’s making me eat REGULARLY!
Diavolo: What?! Why?!
Lucifer: Because she ‘cares about me and my mental and physical health’. It’s not fair!
Diavolo: Totally not fair!
Lucifer: Stupid Mc and her stupid ‘caring about me’!
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locallucifersimp · 2 hours ago
Lucifer: I hate everyone and everything
Diavolo: Hey Luci!
Lucifer: ...I don't hate one thing
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devildomqueen · 2 hours ago
Obey Me As The Golden Girls Quotes #2
Tumblr media
Asmodeus: “I do love the rain so. It reminds me of my first kiss.”
Simeon: “Aw, your first kiss was in the rain?”
Asmodeus: “No, it was in the shower.”
Diavolo: “Is there anything else we can get you, MC?”
Barbatos: “A little tea perhaps?”
MC: “I’m not in England, I’m having a heart attack!”
Mammon: “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress.”
MC: “You’d have to be dead six months to fit in it.”
Leviathan: “Oh, Lucifer! Thank goodness you’re here!”
Mammon: “Arrested for prostitution! I can’t believe it!”
Beelzebub: “Lucifer, we’re innocent!”
Lucifer: “I know that. I can’t believe these dumb cops would think anyone would pay money to sleep with you.”
Simeon: “ rude person!”
Lucifer: “Go easy on him, Simeon.”
Diavolo: “Let me tell you about a lesson I learned when I was a little demon.”
Diavolo: “If you hold the bird gently, the bird will stay.”
Diavolo: “If you squeeze the bird, it’s eyes will bug out.”
Luke: “...”
Mammon: “How do I look?”
Lucifer: “Mammon, you look incredible!”
Mammon: “You really think so?”
Lucifer: “I really think so. I’ve never seen you look so stunning.”
Lucifer: “Who’s the designer? He deserve a Nobel prize for this miracle.”
Mammon: *Glaring*
Satan: “Is that all you care about? Money and applause?”
Mammon: “And sex. For which I generally get applause.”
Demon: “Leviathan?”
Mammon: “No. And if I start acting like him, pull the plug.”
Asmodeus: “Mammon, at 2 AM this morning, I was entertaining a gentleman caller when Lucifer opened the door at the most inopportune time! I coulda lost my balance and chipped a tooth!
Mammon: “You think that’s annoying? He came into my room last night when I was re-enacting the plank scene from Peter Pan!”
Satan: “What the hell goes on at night in this house?!”
Solomon: “These your roommates?”
MC: “Yeah.”
Solomon: “Which one’s the slut?”
Asmodeus, Belphegor & Mammon: “I am.”
Lucifer: “...”
Asmodeus: *zzz*
Lucifer: “Asmo, wake up, my partner will be home any minute!”
Asmodeus: “Oh! Where’s my shoes!?”
Lucifer: *sigh*
Mammon: “Do we have any orange juice left?”
Satan: *stares at Mammon while pouring the rest of the orange juice into his glass*
Satan: “No, we’re all out.”
Asmodeus: “It’s so hard to dress for the psychiatrist. You wear black, they think you’re depressed. You wear red, they think you’re angry. You wear a negligee, they think you want to sleep with them!”
Solomon: “Why aren’t you arrested more?”
Mammon: “So, big shot, did you get the tickets?”
Satan: “Can’t you say ‘hello’ first?”
Mammon: “Hello, big shot. Did you get the tickets?”
Simeon: “Is that all you Italians know how to do? Scream and hit?”
Diavolo: “No! We also know how to make love and sing opera!”
Lucifer: “Now what’s wrong?”
Mammon: “I lost it, Lucifer!”
Lucifer: “You never had it, Mammon.”
Diavolo to MC: “You’re still as pretty as a ladybug sunning itself on a lily pad on a misty spring day, south of savannah.”
Mammon, mumbling: “Could you be more specific, big daddy?”
Asmodeus: “How do I look?”
Leviathan: “Like a widow in mourning.”
Asmodeus: “Good, he’ll know I’m available.”
Solomon: “Asmo, did you know at a truck stop in Tuscaloosa they have an egg dish named after you?”
Asmodeus: “Really?! How’s it prepared?
Lucifer: “Over easy.”
Mammon, filling out a crossword: “‘I am nothing but a cheap, tawdry slut’.”
Satan: “Don’t tell me...Is it...Asmodeus?”
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! Theory Time ! (! Spoilers !)
Yeah Solomon in lesson 46-12 that he HAD someone he loved but it wasn’t mutual ? So Solomon loved that person but they didn’t ? Maybe it’s stupid theory but what if Solomon was a FRIEND of the man Lilith fell in love with? You know they were three best friends at first then Solomon and that man fell in love with Lilith but Lilith choose that man and Solomon cared about both of them and he wanted them to be happy with eachother so he let them. (of course he was sad). He didn’t even confess his true feelings to Lilith because he didn’t want to  destroy their friendship.Then his friend fell ill, Lilith died at war. Maybe he was trying to heal his friend himself?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maybe he summoned Barbatos to help him heal his friend ? Solomon back then valued his friend and love.
And another thing I like to think and that is his hair weren’t always white. Maybe they were black, brown ? You know he’s very VERY very old so maybe how did he age so his hair just turned white?
Now that flower Solomon is holding in his new card animation :
I think it’s carnation.
Tumblr media
Meaning of flower:  Love, purity, good luck fascination and distincion
When were are at it...
Does Simeon, Luke and Solomon know that MC is Lilith’s descendant ?
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kcabyap · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I-I want you to!
I want you to!
Dia this is not a laughing matter I want him to--!
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breadb · 3 hours ago
Warnings: Spoilers!!, A little tiny bit nsfw/spicy???
Random obey me screenshots I have saved bc appearently this is some form of content
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I only saved this (↑) bc of the weird laugh at the end
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Luci being seggsy while mad😫
Tumblr media
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avigenshin · 5 hours ago
Ghost! Mc. I took this from @obey-me-rules-my-life-now 's hc (I hope you don't mind..)
Tumblr media
Some of my own small hcs
🌸 diavolo can see ghosts. So he's the only person that can see and hear Mc clearly
🌸 Mc can't is bound to house of lamentation and can't leave
🌸 Diavolo visits to tell her abt the newly dateables + luke
🌸 Mc can posses items and sometimes leaves sticky notes for the brothers to find
🌸 Mc will knock stuff over to get the brothers attention if they're no sticky notes
🌸 At random times of the day the brothers can hear Mc singing or humming. Trying to put one of the brothers to sleep.
(what's the black stuff on her eyes? Idk lol i just put it there cuz i thought it looked cool (◕ᴗ◕✿) )
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obeyme-ever · 6 hours ago
Okay! I have something (hope its okay...)
🎃- when he first brought it up, Louise swore she thought she heard him wrong.
“I... what?” Blinking owlishly for a solid few seconds before it finally sank in. Pacts with Diavolo. Wait, a pact with Diavolo?
“” She squeaked pointing at herself, face immediately turning as red as her hair,”A pact? With you? Are...” she swallowed the lump on her throat,”Are you... certain? I-I mean, not that I doubt your judgement but— u-um—!” Ach, look at her! Louise isn’t usually as red faced and flustered as right now, but the implications are making her more flustered than she thought...
The demon in front of her chuckled nodding, “I realized you have pacts with all the brothers but you don’t have a pact with me.” He pauses grabbing her hands, “You’re my Queen the love of my life how could I not want a pact with you? What if you’re in trouble one day and I wasn’t near.” The thought made him frown he was certain on this decision even consulting his loyal butler Barbatos.
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lilred8220 · 11 hours ago
OBEY ME! Head cannon Pact marks!
Tumblr media
Nooooow, not sure if the MC character will ever make a pact with Diavolo and Barbatos buuuuuuut, I can dream, can't I 🤷🏻‍♀️ and this is what they would look like.
Tumblr media
I imagine the Mc and Diavolo would make a pact some time after SPOILER ALERT, he confesses to them.
Maya would be conflicted because she does truly care for him but, turn him down because of her feelings for Mammon. He decides to get a pact with her anyway so their bond would grow deeper.
Maya would get the pact mark on the upper right of her thigh of her right leg.
Diavolo would get his on his right forearm.
Maya would be simply amazed that Diavolo would trust her enough to make a pact with her to begin with. But to mark himself? She honestly never thought that would ever happened and would treasure their pact and their new found bond.
Diavolo would look at his pact mark very frequently due to him never....NEVER making a pact before and he would find it hard to believe. He will look at it at aw from the incredible bond he now shares with Maya.
Tumblr media
I'd like to think that the Mc and Barbatos would have to be much MUCH closer then how they currently are in the story so far. And I actually believe they would make a pact AFTER Diavolo. Yes. He'd be the last one to make a pact with the Mc in my opinion.
Maya and Barbatos would talk about about a pact very lightly at first but, would talk about it more and more as time goes on.
Maya would get the pact mark on the upper left of her thigh of her left leg.
Barbatos would get his on the left side of his neck.
Maya would be very happy to make a pact with Barbatos. It would have taken a long time to get a pact with him and would take an even LONGER time for him to mark himself. She would feel very honored that he would do that for her, something that he wouldn't even do with Solomon.
Barbatos, having made a pact with Solomon, isn't too at aw with it like Diavolo. However, he would find himself looking at his pact mark for a long period of time. He definitely wouldn't tell Solomon and if he found out, he definitely wouldn't mark himself for him. No matter how many times he asked. And he would ask. Every chance he got.
Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
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squeaky-ducky · 11 hours ago
Please indulge me for a second, because this idea has been stuck in my head for weeks:
Diavolo and Beel as bouncers for The Fall.
Yes, they are wearing shades and those black security shirts.
To get in, you must pass "The Vibe Check"
Your other options are to play "Yeeted or Eated"
(I'm sure you can guess who does what in that scenario.)
Diavolo is gonna hit you with a dad joke.
To pass the vibe check and get into the club: Laugh, laugh you fools!
To pass, get in, AND get a round of drinks on the prince of the Devildom himself: Respond with a more powerful dad joke.
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saerran · 12 hours ago
prompts I plan to ask my favorites to write when their requests re-open!
mystic messenger:
1. saeran and mc as hs lovers (because I’m a sucker for high school AUs <3)
2. mc making v blush like a tomato, muahaha 
3. raising a kitty with ray or jumin
4. okay, hear me out on this one. mc and v wear matching outfits, kfashion of course, and they have a little photoshoot on the streets. just overall having a romantic time :’)
5. mc wearing cat ears in front of zen >:)
obey me:
1. mammon stealing mc’s wallet but he’s a flustered mess after they offer to trade it back for a kiss
2. mc doting on lucifer, THE avatar of pride, in front of the brothers
3. diavolo being showered with kisses (I’m so sorry but he deserves it)
4. mc flustering solomon. someone please bring him off his high horse LOL
5. the brothers are bullying luke and mc stepping in like “I WILL PROTECT THIS CHILD AT ALL COSTS”
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radarchives · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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matching-with-my-demons · 12 hours ago
Demon Brothers And Royals With AN MC That Wants to Become a Demon
A/N: Sudden urge to write this and was suddenly 3 pages into a google doc- have at thee-
Warnings: None??? I think??? Angst if you squint maybe-
Summary: You know you're life is barely a moment in the lives of the demons you love, so what better way than to become one, so they don't lose you.
(the Gif doesn't quite fit this but I look it so fuck it-)
Tumblr media
The eldest is... hesitant, to say the least.
Don't get him wrong, he understands, and he doesn't want to lose you either, but this could do more harm than good if something went wrong.
He won't stop you, and he doesn't hate the idea, it's more he's just worried.
He will definitely research it, asking everyone with knowledge on the subject for their opinion to relay to you later.
At the end of the day it is your decision, and he'll be by your side if you decide to go through with it.
At first doesn't agree, but the more he thinks about it, the more he realizes how little time he has left with you if you stay mortal.
Immediately on board.
Mammon usually the most serious brother, but he loves you, and never wants to lose you again, so he's very openly supporting your decision.
Your his human, and while you may not be human much longer, he'll still love you either way!
You? A demon?
Will never admit it to anyone but the thought of you in a demon form made his nose bleed just a shit ton bit-
Unsure of it, but he trusts you, and he'll be by his Henry's side no matter what!
But when he realizes that if something doesn't happen, you'll be gone within the next 100 years, he's immediately hoping this will work.
Immediately hits the books.
You're extremely stubborn, so he knows the best course of action is help make this process as safe and comfortable as possible.
Completely understands, and is on board immediately.
He loves you, and you've made his life so much more lively and bright.
He'll do whatever he can to stay with you for the rest of eternity.
On board immediately.
The thought of you getting old in wrinkly is a huge fear of his, and if he can prevent it HE. WILL.
Doesn't understand why for a while, just thinking you want to be more like the brothers, but one night while he was taking a bath, it hit him like a truck. You were mortal. If you didn't do something like this, who knew what little time you'd have left.
Ran out of his room soaking wet and naked to hug you and cry, the thought of losing you for good was too much.
A lot more clingy after this.
He had thought about this before multiple times, how you wouldn't live forever.
But you thought of something he didn't think would be possible, becoming a demon to stay with them.
Low-key cried, was also on board.
Was more protective of you after this, the reminder of your mortality, coming from you, really shook him up.
Please give this man a hug.
Also thought about it before.
A bit cautious at the idea of you going through a process to do it, but believes you, and trusts your decision.
Just hugged you for a while to calm himself down.
This does not mean he doesn't get more clingy- because now you are sandwiched between Beel and Belphie most nights now.
Thinks it's a great idea, in all honesty.
They all love you, and you've helped him and his brother more times than he can count.
You make the Devildom exciting, and honestly, the fact you treat him like a friend and don't put him on a pedestal is relieving and a wonderful change of pace.
The one to help you change from human to demon, with a little bit of Barbatos' help.
It's an exhausting transformation process, and he'll be there every step of the way.
Literally saw this coming, so he's not surprised.
That being said he still is doing his best to keep you comfortable and safe through the process, helping Diavolo when the prince needs.
He's had time to think it over, and accepted your decision, you make the Prince happy, as well as so many other people.
And though he'd never say it, he'd miss you dearly if you left.
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wolfess19 · 14 hours ago
Dreamcatcher Collection - Side Characters Edition
A while back I completed the set for the brothers, and I meant to do these next but work got me tied up 😅
• Art by me
• Characters are copyright of NTT Solmare
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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erratiomerula · 15 hours ago
@lorddiiavolo​ said; ‘post-argument’ sex 
fifty reasons to have sex meme || accepting ↳ 15 )  ‘post-argument’ sex
             Anger and irritation still boiled through her veins as she tried to take stock of the back room of her shop, but her focus simply wasn’t there. Who did he think she WAS, to insist that she needed some sort of protection after she had cracked the last ‘mission’ she had been given to solve. She took PRIDE in the fact that he had never required the help of anyone of high status ever since she had plummeted from the heavens— and what seemed to make it worse is that it had all happened in her shop. She had been the one to storm off, while she was relatively certain he still lingered out on the sales floor. But she didn’t CARE in that moment, as she willed her crimson gaze to scan over the products that lined the shelves around her.
             It seemed like hours had passed, but in retrospect was likely only half an hour at most, before she could hear footsteps drawing near. The bell had not chimed to alert her to any new customers, and it had never chimed to signal Diavolo’s departure, so there was only one person it could be— and she wasn’t about to turn her attention away to so much as look at him even as he drew nearer. “ I thought I made myself clear. ” Words still full of bite spoken, attention fixed as slender fingers ghost along a shelf, reaching high for a book that was grabbed by large hands first. An annoyed sigh leaves her lips, but her train of irked thought derails when his arms encircle her waist to bring her back against his chest.
             At first, irritation only flares, but the flames of her anger web away with his lips meeting the skin of her neck. He’s ROUGH, and she swears she hears the barest hint of a growl rumbling somewhere deep in his throat. She curses her carnal desire even as her eyes roll back upon his teeth hitting a sweet spot that only he would know about. Quill pen rolls from her finger to the nearest shelf, pale digits coming to rest atop his arm as she takes a deep breathe in an attempt to center herself. Saleos knows this isn’t about the issue presented with the argument beforehand anymore, and she knows Diavolo well enough at this point that he wanted one thing— if only she would offer it.
             And she would, with a momentary hiss and click of her tongue. They both knew what to do to each other in order to kick start their endless sexual desire for the other, and he had done it. Prying his hold loose enough to allow her to look back at him, she clicks her tongue again before gripping his face with one hand and roughly kissing his lips. “ Insufferable. ” It’s all she offers before he urges he forward, her grip finding purchase on the shelves she was meant to be counting. There was never anything equally more convenient and infuriating than wearing something as easily accessible as a dress than in that moment, tanned hands easing the fabric over her thighs and hips.
Tumblr media
             “ You better not damage anything back here. ” Her words barely manage to leave her lips before roaming hands bring forth a moan from her throat— his teeth leaving their imprint from her shoulder all the way to her jaw. He wastes no time pressing himself against her entrance, teasing her clit and making sure she’s dripping before he guides himself inside. Her thighs quiver, inner walls clenching around his size before his thrusts convince them to give way.
             “ Fuck. ” Nails dig into the wooden shelf at her mercy while their mutual frustration melts away, replaced with intoxicating pleasure that made the demoness forget to even CONSIDER the state of her shop. The only thing she could think about was how good his roughness felt— how full he made her feel. Her skin might as well have been ablaze, set aflame by his teeth, his lips, his tongue— his touch.
             Perhaps they could renegotiate after her was done muddling her thoughts and fucking her like she deserved.
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fictiffelix · 15 hours ago
so umm
Who's your favourite demon brother at the moment?
I haven't been able to play a lot bc midterms 😔
But probably Lucifer
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softpatts · 15 hours ago
══════ .・♡︎・.    ҉  ・゜✰・。.
Warnings;; none !!
Notes;; HI- IM NOT DEAD LOL IVE JUST HAD NO MOTIVATION- schools been really stressful as well,, but hopefully i can get back to posting regularly soon :)) <3
══════ .・♡︎・.    ҉  ・゜✰・。.
okay first things first,, this man loves being called nicknames just as much as he loves calling you them !! 
he loves your reaction as well,, thats probably his favorite part !! whether you get embarrassed or retort with an equally adorable(or cringey) nickname <3
starting off with what he calls you,, he has called you,, many,, many nicknames
some of them are more of a spur of the moment thing,, those tend to be really cheesy n just,, why???
as for calling HIM nicknames,, anything works !! but his favorites are "darling" "my prince" and "my love"
they just make him melt !! <33
if it's in more of a professional setting,, hell get a bit embarrassed,, not because of the nickname itself of course !! but more because he knows that hell definitely get teased by some of his colleagues
though i suppose hell just have to retort and call you your nicknames in public as well !!
good luck with that though,, because as soon as he sees your reaction to it in public,, hes never gonna get enough <3 
Okay so this man,, as much as might not seem like it,, is an absolute sucker for nicknames
he loves some of the more proper sounding nicknames,, such as "dear" "darling" "my love" things like that !!
if youre one who gets more embarrassed when shown affection like that,, hell get somewhat smug about it
hell have a little smirk on his face,, n hell ask you whats wrong,, once again repeating the nickname at the end of the question
though if you dont have that reaction no worries !! if you call him one back,, youll probably manage to make this man blush ><
its quite the sight honestly,, a light pink dust across his cheeks as he struggles to form a sentence without stuttering
try not to tease him to much !! he can easily fire back with something thats sure to make you blush <33
some of his favorite moments are late in the night,, hes laying in bed whilst holding your sleeping body,, hell kiss your forehead and whisper "i love you dear, may you have the sweetest dreams."
its so adorable and sweet <33
when it comes to his favorite names youve called him,, its a tough choice between "dear" and "sugartits" (though said in a really weird voice)
no i will not provide context,, thats for another post im working on <3
WOOH okay,, so his nicknames are so,, so sweet
id like to think he isnt actually much into nicknames,, just your name seems a lot more intimate than any nickname could ever be
though he will slip in the occasional "angel" every once in a while
those occasions are usually after beinggg,, *ahem* intimate with each other,, or while you two are laying in each others arms
the origin for the nickname is quite simple,, he just finds you so,, angelic,, youre too good for this world and youre so pure,, no matter what you say !!
most of the time he calls you by your actual name,, but he says it in such a way that makes your heart melt !! <3
now onto calling hi m nicknames,, he loves them !!
he didnt actually care much for being called anything other than his name for a while,, but after you explained to him that it was,,, a tradition in a way !! when it comes to dating in the human world,, he was instantly hooked !
Its gotten to the point where if you call him something other than his designated nickname he begins to worry youre upset with him,,
but dont worry dear simeon !! im sure they just forgot,, or theyre having a bad day <3
his favorites out of what youve called him would have to be just "baby" its simple yet it makes his heart flutter ><
though some of them can get a bit strange,, he mostly sticks to the usual "babe" or "love",, but theres no promises he wont randomly come out with some weird extremely long name that makes you wanna barf
since hes a human too,, hell already know about calling your s/o petnames n such,, and i dont think youll have to ask him !! he quite likes it,, though i dont think he could love anything more than saying your name
hes another man whos an absolute sucker for just regular names,, he loves the way it feels when he says it ><
now when it comes to calling him nicknames,, he could really care less !! though be careful,, because if you call him some strange goes name he can sure as hell fire back with one twice as worse
though if he had to pick a favorite itd be "my love" not love,, but MY love
its the "my" part in there that he loves,, he loves the inotation that hes yours :))
══════ .・♡︎・.    ҉  ・゜✰・。.
Tags !! ➪
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radarchives · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
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