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#obey me beelzebub
hisvillainess · a day ago
ohhhhh thirst you say
how about or favorite demon king Daivolo and size kink.... hehehe
(psa I hope you know who this is)
i'm going to add Beel to this too because i want to and no one can stop me. you're so silly for sending it off anon haha love you.
𖤐 ───── 𝐬𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤! ───── 𖤐
𝖋𝖊𝖆𝖙. switch!diavolo, beel, gn!reader
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. size kink, oral (m receiving), deepthroating kinda, mentions of topping/domming diavolo, mating press position with diavolo, 765 words, no explicit mentions of readers body type besides being smaller than them, minors do not interact
𝖆/𝖓. they're big, beefy and their backs must hurt from carrying the biggest cocks in DevilDom.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 𖤐 𝖉𝖎𝖆𝖛𝖔𝖑𝖔
Poor Diavolo. He’s so clueless about his size that he doesn’t even know how much his cock is splitting you open. Even after lots of foreplay, beads of sweat will roll down his temple as he gently tries to push the tip in, slowly stretching you out while it’s coated in lube just so it can fit you. It’s so thick and heavy that it almost feels like your first time and the Prince shudders from the warmth of your walls squeezing his length. It hugs him so tight that you’re practically milking him and turning him into a sensitive mess — even with shallow thrusts. Diavolo initially takes it slow so he doesn’t hurt you but after his whole dick is completely inside you, he can’t promise he won’t go feral. Once pain turns into pleasure, he won’t hesitate to put you in a mating press. He’ll tower over you and have your knees pressed against your chest. He’s so close to you that can even feel the muscles on his thighs tense up as he’s pounding you, making the bed shake mercilessly. Both of you would be whimpering and moaning, fucking each other into pure bliss. He doesn’t even notice how you struggle to hold onto something — anything — because his large frame is going at you so hard that you need to grip onto something for stability; otherwise you’d just flail like a limp doll if you didn’t. Your hands are either bunched into fists in the sheets or they’re prettily decorating his neck as you hold on for dear life. Sometimes he helps you by firmly pressing your elbows into the mattress to hold you in place; his grip will never falter and you’ll be quivering until the moment you cum. He’s the switchiest of switches so let’s not forget when you top/dom him. You basically fuck yourself dumb on his cock, making him a whining baby while he desperately bucks his hips just to have more of you. It’s exhilarating for him to see someone smaller than him taking control of his large self — he relishes his power taken away from him in exchange for immense pleasure. The way you take the lead can turn even the big, scary Demon Prince into a needy sub. He almost sees the size difference as a challenge and he loves that you can overlook that. Diavolo didn’t even know he had a size kink until he started craving your touch in these ways. If he’s chatting to you in front of others, one look at your body will send him visions of the two of you ruining each other. He might just have to take you somewhere private and deal with those thoughts his way — most likely against a wall or on his desk. 
𖤐 𝖇𝖊𝖊𝖑𝖟𝖊𝖇𝖚𝖇 (𝖈𝖜. oral ((m receiving)), deepthroating kinda)
Beel is precious. He knew he had a size kink the moment you struggled to give him head. Your lips were only halfway down his shaft and tears were already pooling in your eyes. He was worried about hurting you but those thoughts instantly left his mind when drool began bubbling at the corners of your mouth because you were trying so hard to deepthroat him. The slobbering made his dick immensely wet; he could have busted a nut just from feeling you struggle down his shaft. It was kind of like an awakening for him — an ‘ah, I get it now’ type of thing. Your hands hugged the base of his cock as you started bobbing your head and Beel tossed his head back as he simultaneously pushed yours down. He fucked your mouth slowly while suppressing the loudest groan. “Fuckkk— you feel so good.”  His cock felt so big in your mouth, he just wanted to push it in even more. He loved seeing your eyes widen, your cheeks hollowed and tear-stained because you were doing your best to suck it. He truly felt bad but to him, you looked so adorable trying to endure the burning in your cheek as it adjusted to his size.  He loved it when he popped it out of your mouth and saw the size of it compared to your head — so thick and veiny. With his hand wrapped around his girth, he used the pressure in his thumb to gently tap the swollen head of his cock on your tongue, drawing strings of saliva from your taste buds. Beel may be a sweetheart but you know how he is when he wants something so don’t underestimate how dirty he can be ESPECIALLY when you’re on your knees for him. 
Tumblr media
© Hisvillainess — all rights reserved. please do not modify, claim or repost.
tags: @babydai @thesimphouse
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yukihaie · 2 days ago
Genre: Fluff with some crack
This can be deemed as romantic or platonic [except for Luke's part. His part is strictly platonic]
He's not having it when he's busy.
Will frown and glare at you if you keep poking.
You think I'm scared of you, Mr. Pridy McPrideface?
Just keep poking him, but make sure you poke him with longer intervals. Probably around 5 minutes before another poke?
That's his reaction if he's busy though, but do it again when you two are cuddling.
"Beep!" you poked his cheek softly.
Lucifer will only look at you with wide eyes before cracking a smile.
"Why are you always so cute?"
Might give a kiss or two on your hand if he's in the mood.
His pride does not permit him to poke you back so you just have to keep being the one who pokes him.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks. But in some rare occasions, you can see him blushing when you booped his nose.
Confused at first, but lets you be.
If ya wanna keep touchin' the Great Mammon, who's him to stop ya? secretly likes it
Understands that you poke him to get his attention.
One time, he was rambling on and on about his gambling adventure. But once he felt a gentle poke on his arm, he stopped talking and paid attention to you.
Since you used this method on him, he'll use it to grab your attention too.
Please expect yourself to be poked a lot because Mammon doesn't like it if you're not paying attention to him.
"Hey! Pay attention to me!" Mammon poked you several times on your cheek.
Please give him his well deserved attention along with some headpats to soothe your first demon.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks and arms. Boop his nose too, he likes it very much.
Blushy boy.
Very surprised when you first poked his arm.
The sudden contact between your finger and his flesh made him blushed for about 10 minutes.
Please give him some space and time to calm down.
If you want to keep poking though, you need to announce it first so he didn't scare himself.
"Levi, I'm gonna poke you on your cheek. Meep!"
Waaahhhh!!!! Why are you so cute?! THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE THAT 'I Was Reincarnated To A Rock Kingdom Where My Job As The Babysitter Is To Poke The Rocks On The Garden But Then A Handsome Knight Came To Me And Said That I've Been Poking Them The Wrong Way And Now I Won't Be Paid By The Royals! What Should I Do? Please Help Me!' LIGHT NOVEL HE READ LAST NIGHT!
Secretly wants to poke you back but is very scared.
But with enough time and courage, you'll find yourself getting poked by him too.
When that time comes, please give him your best smile and some head pats as a 'Good Job Well Done!'
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks
Really doesn't mind at all.
You're poking him while he's reading? Okay, glad you're enjoy yourself, MC
You're poking him while he's playing with cats? Aww, you want attention too? Maybe later, after he's done playing with the cats.
You're poking him while he's eating? Umm... Okay...?
"Kitten, I'm glad you find it comfortable being with me, but I'm eating right now. So, maybe later?"
If you decide to poke him while meowing (because that's what I do to my friends), you'll find him blushing and demanding more pokes because he wants to hear you meows.
If he's in a good mood, he'll poke you back as a sign of affection.
Overall, the best reaction in three realms. Tantan husband material
Favourite place to be poked: Arms
Actually likes it a lot.
His love language is physical touch and having you poke him gives him the message that you're comfortable around him.
Will poke you back immediately.
"Do you like touching me that much, Darling?" he poked you on your cheeks.
Might turn into a cuddling session, if you agree.
You can poke him anytime you want. He'll gladly accept it.
Except, maybe when he's applying his makeup or styling his hair.
Then, he'll get pissed off.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks, arms, hands, palms. Boop his nose too, he thrives on it.
Doesn't mind 2.0
Will smile after you poked him.
Glad you're feeling comfortable around him.
Actually wants to poke you back but Belphie warns him not too.
With his strength, he might accidentally stab you with his finger.
And the poor guy do not want that.
But regardless, he will show his appreciation everytime you poked him.
"Beep!" you ran towards him and poked his arms instinctively.
"Good morning, MC! Want some sandwich?"
If he's in a good mood, he'll give you a hug as a reply.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms and cheeks (if you can reach them, at least)
Hated it at first.
You're disturbing his sleep and for what, exactly?
But grows to like it very much.
Seeing your smile after you poked him makes him feel all tingly and warm on the inside.
Will not poke you back unless necessary.
"Hey. Hey MC. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, listen to me. Hey MC hey." This demon surely knows how to play his card well.
"What is it, Belphie?"
"Nothing, just want to say that you look great focusing on your studies like this." He gave you a cheeky smile before lying back down to continue his nap.
Maybe not so necessary...
But hey! At least the cow man's happy :D
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks. He also likes to be booped on the nose, so please do it often.
Loves it very much.
Poor lonely prince is very glad to know you're comfortable with him.
He never gets treated like that because of his position, and seeing a powerless human like you poking him? He'll gladly accept it.
Will want to poke you back.
It's only fair that you get to know he's comfortable around you too. Just as much as how you're comfortable around him.
"Good day, MC." Diavolo gave you a smile when he saw you approaching him.
"Meep!" you poked his arms as a reply.
He let out a hearty laugh, "Well, glad to know you're doing fine."
You'll probably get lots of lectures from Lucifer when you touched Diavolo so recklessly, but the demon himself don't mind, so please keep poking and give him your attention.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks, arms, chest
Doesn't mind 3.0
Only smiles when you poked him.
Will not poke you back, but will drop everything he's doing to give you attention.
Except, maybe when he's attending to Lord Diavolo.
"Apologies MC, but I'm in the middle of making some tea for Lord Diavolo. Maybe we can spend some time after this?"
But still, if you choose to keep poking him while he's working, he might give you a kiss or two on your forehead to make you stop.
He's a hard working butler. If Diavolo didn't notice your constant poking on Barbatos's hands, he probably won't rest at all.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks and palms.
Doesn't mind 4.0
Finds it amusing, even.
Will laugh and smile.
This angel is very honoured to know you like being around him.
Will definitely poke you back.
Likes to see your smile after he pokes you.
"Beep! You've been poked by moi."
"Hello, MC," Simeon poked you back on your arms, "How's your classes for today?"
Now that he's used to poke you as a sign of greetings, he found himself poking Luke next.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms, cheeks and also palm. Also liked to be booped on the nose.
Why are you treating me like a child, MC?!
Acts like he doesn't like it.
But actually likes it a lot.
But still! Why are you treating him like a child??
This little angel is clever enough to get into college at such a young age.
So no, he's not a child.
(Keep telling yourself that, Luke :D)
So just poke him. This little child secretly likes the attention.
Will accidentally poke you back if he's too excited and in a very good mood.
He still doesn't want to admit that he likes it though.
Favourite place to be poked: Cheeks
Poking war.
The first time you poked him, he instantly grinned and ran to poke you back on your cheeks.
And so, you've been in a poking war with the sorcerer for about a few months now.
Lucifer and the brothers can't catch a break everytime Solomon comes to visit the House of Lamentation.
Because you two will run around the house for your war.
In truth, he actually likes them.
So please don't forfeit or admit defeat or declare a truce.
Favourite place to be poked: Arms.
This headcanon is dedicated to my Meowmies [Syira-chan & @/chii70599] because they both know how annoying I can be when I'm constantly poking them; especially during Chemistry and Maths class. Now that we're not in the same class anymore, I'm gonna restrain myself from poking anyone who's sitting beside me (not that I can though :') My trust issue said 'no')
Taglist: @ninefuckingoneone @candymeowz @humans-are-weird-by-an-alien @liraajustsimpin @nishayuro @hell-temptations @chii70599
Thanks for reading! Any form of feedbacks are highly appreciated! 🌼
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the-devils-girl94 · 2 days ago
Sinful Thought #4
Chubby MC: *scared to ride Beel's face because of weight insecurity/afraid they might break his neck*'s okay. Break it. No, really break it, break it it's fine.
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sevendeadlymorons · 21 hours ago
MC who is very flinchy? Like not that they got abused or anything but they just flinch at like everything. I do this alot and its kinda annoying to other people lol
I do this too! Literally no reason other than it surprises me-
Brothers Reaction to a Flinchy MC
Damn bitch who hurt you?
Thought it was him at first, then thought it was past experiences, but was relieved to find out it was just your personality
Always looks at you with a raised eyebrow whenever you flinch around him, watching you get embarrassed and finding it quite cute
Tries his damn hardest to get you to stop flinching around him
What you flinching for, human? I didn’t even touch ya
Actually kinda internally panics that you’re scared of him and he did something wrong and freaked you out
Luckily it’s just you as a person but he still freaks sometimes
Honestly, he’s started flinching with you in a way, for some reason. He doesn’t get it either…
Why are you flinching at a nerdy otaku like him?
Turns out you flinch on impulse which is actually kinda similar to him except his is more trauma from all the times he was strung up with Mammon by Lucifer-
Checks himself every time you flinch and backs up, thinking it’s his fault even though he knows it’s not
Barely makes sudden movements around you now
Damn bitch who hurt you? #2
He knew some humans flinched because of bad pasts so he was relieved to find out you just do it naturally even if that’s not normally normal-
Surprised but humoured every time you flinch at minor sounds or movements
Very calm and steady movements around you but sometimes will accidentally scare you, not on purpose, he promises
Oh honey, I won’t hurt you!
Quite surprised at first when you jumped 6 fucking feet in the air after he grabbed you from behind
Turns out you were quite a jumpy one so he started to take the surprises to a minimum… sometimes
You’ll never stop startling him whenever you flinch though
Did… did I do that?
His heart kinda hurts when he sees you flinch at his sudden actions and immediately feels bad
Feels a bit better when he finds out it’s just on impulse and half the time you don’t realise you’re doing it and he’s not actually scaring you
Does his very best to make you feel safe and calm around him and rarely surprises you too much
Did I mess you up that bad..?
Apparently not, when he found out you did it just on impulse
Sometimes enjoys messing with you and sees how high he can make you jump by coming up behind you and scaring the ever living shit out of you
He won’t ever stop blaming himself for making your flinchiness worse, though, perhaps-
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yoirienery · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Barbatos blinked, watching you from afar while you explore the room—well play pen— that he had been asked to decorate with. While he respects his Lord's decision, he had wondered why the Young Master had felt empathy towards this small child of all people.
Being aware of the things that had happened all along, with the victims, from men to women or even children, this was the first time that Diavolo had decided to keep a victim, which honestly, up until now made Barbatos thought of whatever has been on the Prince's mind back then.
He snapped out of his thoughts to see the child reaching out for him, hands out of the wooden bars and face mushed into it, the child must've thought that they will be able to fit in to be able to go out of the pen.
“What's the matter?” He showed them a soft and polite smile, showing a rattle toy and a big loop eared bunny.
The child however, only responded with a whine, still continuously reaching for the butler, opting for a lift. “Aaaahh- Yabubwu!!”
With a light chuckle, Barbatos reached out to lift the kid by their armpits as they giggle and laugh, hand finding his locks as they tugged on it. “Kya!”
“Ah, please don't tug that.”
And he reached out, prying their small stubby hand from his hair in a gentle manner to not hurt the kid. He felt his own heart thump in surprise when, in response, the child closed their fist on his finger.
Perhaps.. he could live with this.
Yeah, it might not be that bad..
Tumblr media
“Huh? This is..?”
Lucifer, after being called by his oh so dearest buddy, Diavolo to his office is no perplexed expression when his eyes now laid on the child that the butler has in his arms, babbling and smacking the rattle toy all along the place.
“Bwua!!” And a giggle was added.
Diavolo, chuckling at the sight of Lucifer 'showcased' the human baby to his stunned friend. “A deary darling that we rescued!”
“Who's a human.”
Diavolo beamed, “and a child!”
Barbatos grabbed a hold of your rattle causing you to whine, plopping you to your crib while you desperately try to reach out for the toy that he has in captive.
The demon crouches down to your height and shakes the toy, a smile ghosting his lips as soon as he heard your light laughs. “Abubububa!” And at your call, Diavolo pat the raven haired demon by the back. “Ease up!”
“No, no! this-” Lucifer struggled, pursing his lips when the Demon Prince approached your crib to coo at you, effectively making you laugh while Barbatos repetitively shakes the rattle toy with his hand.
An exasperated sigh left Lucifer's lips at the sight.
Tumblr media
“Have you at the very least named them, then?”
Diavolo halt from his coos and hummed, thinking about it, the child never had a name, well, they might have in the human world, but without any relative to ask—considering they've already took their last remaining breath two days ago—the child is now basically nameless.
“I haven't really thought about it.”
Lucifer nod, both in understanding and disappointment. No one really knows what that means though or if the other ups the latter.
“Well, you should name them soon.”
“Right. Then....”
Diavolo glanced at your form who sat down on the mat due to exhaustion. “Orias.” Barbatos blinked while Lucifer flinched, not really a scared one, but rather by surprise. His figure stiffen along with Barbatos as they held a small chuckle back.
“My lord, I don't think it's appropriate to name them after the Marquis.”
“Now that you mentioned it...” Diavolo sighed dejectedly before once again closing his eyes to think of a fitting name.
“What about y/n?”
“For once, you are great at naming something.” Lucifer coughed in his fist as he mumbled to himself.
“Then it is settled, they're named y/n.”
Tumblr media
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koumine · 2 days ago
All of these pre heat headcanons have given me brainworms so I'm going to give mine too...
Starting off with my favourite boy Mammon:
He HORDS everything that is remotely shiny so if anything goes missing from MC or the other brothers there is a high chance that's in Mammons nest and usually everyone will let him have it for the duration of the pre heat/heat, unless maybe its one of satan most precious books or something asmo was planning on wearing. Cue Lucifer being exceptionally tolerant of Mammons behavior only during his pre heat because he understands the struggle. The avatar of greed will not tolerate something getting "stolen" from HIS nest.
Also I do really see him in his binge day eating the comfort sweet/food of MC and then when they ask who ate it deny it infront of all the others, but then calling MC to his room and crying profusely about it from guilt (MC you got cuddle this messy boi)
If MC has a pet cat it will become Satans emotional support animal, so hope that the cat likes Satan because if MC ain't there he'll want the cat with him EVERYWHERE and will be terribly heartbroken if it goes away
His favourite activity is for MC to read to him while he cuddles next to them. Bonus points if he can simultaniously pet the cat
Beel eats less and becomes actually a bit picky as incredible as that sounds. He will prefer high sugar and fat foods (he needs to stack energy for the time that is coming) and will ADORE even more than usual if MC is the one that cooks them.
This is the only time when Beel prefers sleeping to working out since it makes him even more sore. Know that during pre heat Beel will expect to ALWAYS be the little spoon.
I headcanon Asmo to have the most powerful heat and pre heat since he is the avatar of lust so this man will be basically glued to MC (when he can manage to be) even better if he can convice them to stay all the time in bed with him to cuddle since he's the one who physically suffers the most. Also this is the only time when he allows himself to be not perfect in his appearance always (be proud MC since he lets you see him in this "disgraceful state") so he will mostly stay secluded in his room with a heat pad on him.
LOVES if MC decides to do 'simple-stay-in-your-room-spa-day' that consists of brushing his hair, massaging him where he feels more pain, doing face masks and eating comforts food...
So this is the first part of the pre heat headcanons I have because I needed to get them out of my sistem while still thinking how to properly write the others since english isn't my first language and these are the first proper headcanons I have ever written... I hope they are good.
these are very good! <3 feel free to send more if you want to. :3
some bonus thoughts from me:
"MC you got cuddle this messy boi" 👏👏👏yes, you must give him all the cuddles he needs, and also you must feed him additional sweets
canonically he is very happy to sleep with a pile of money when he's got it, so he'd definitely curl up with his pre-heat hoard and guard it the whole time.
so just uh be prepared to probably also cuddle Mammon's hoard a bit lol
bonus points if he can simultaneously pet a cat, cuddle MC, have MC read a book about cats to him, and wear his cat onesie that he definitely has
if there's a sad part in the book MC reads to him, he will cry. More cuddles are the only solution
MC notices that Beel needs large amounts of high energy foods during pre-heat. MC realizes that many of these things are easy to make. MC gets a dangerous glint in their eye.
MC takes over the kitchen.
MC makes. So. Many. Noodles.
Beel feasts.
DMs with Beel while he's laid up in bed during his pre-heat:
MC: Beel, you need anything?
Beel: :( send nudes
MC: ?
Beel: autocorrect. send noods please :(
MC: :D coming right up
Asmo gets achy a lot during pre-heat :( massages help, as does cuddling up with his favorite human
MC is far superior to a heat pad lol
MC also feeds Asmo as many sweets as he wants
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munnerz · 2 days ago
ok so nobody asked for this but here’s a list of how tall I think the Obey me! characters are in order of tallest to shortest:
Beel: 6’7”/200cm
Diavolo: 6’3”/190.5
Lucifer: 6’1”/185.5
Simeon: 6’/182.6
Levi: 5’11/180.3
Solomon: 5’9”/175.3
Mammon: 5’8”/172.7
Barbatos: 5’7.5”/171.45
Belphie: 5’7”/167.6
Satan: 5’5”/165.1
Asmo: 5’3”/160
Luke: 4’11/149.9
This doesn’t include their demon/angel forms (for those that this applies) because then the post would simply be too long.
Maybe one day I’ll draw their demon/angel forms, who knows.
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flaming-hotcheeto · a day ago
Asmo: I'm never going to use math in the real world
Satan: so we go in on the count of three
Asmo: oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · 2 days ago
So, here's an idea for a hc/scenario; how would the demon bros react going to a (finnish) sauna with the mc? Even if the mc is a more intense sauna go-er i doubt the warmth would much bother them but well. For chaos points the mc brings a vihta; a bundle of birch tree sticks with leaves that one smacks themself (or others) with. It's for aromatherapy and massaging/stimulating the skin-
This one took a bit longer than usual because i dont know how to read apperantely.
Tumblr media
The idea was offered out of nowhere, but after some convincing you managed to get the brothers to go with you to a human realm sauna. This is how it went:
- you barely managed to get him to come because of "work" and "diavolo" and blah blah blah
- but seriously it took pretty much everyone to get him to come with you guys to the sauna, you mightve even convinced Diavolo to help out a bit with this workaholic dad
- enjoys the warmth and the dumb conversations that happen inside the sauna once it happens, specially since it seems to be that most of his brothers are also calm and relaxing
- when you bring in the vihta and start smacking him he ends up confused. "What are you doing MC?"
- ends up enjoying the stimulation it gices to him however. He pretty much enjoyed the experience
- didnt took much to convince him, all you have to do is sit next to him i guess
- tries to relax but i like to think he is a bit to energetic so he isnt a fan of just sitting and talking
- doesnt like the smacking either at the start but he grows to like it
- cant choose between wanting to come to see you in the bathing suit you were gonna wear or if it was for relaxation, it ends up being both
- do you remember that one episode of the anime where they go to the beach? This is his second chance at seeling pictures of lucifer, and its the second time he fails because of the steam messing up the camera lens
- convincing him might take a bit since he is a very self concious boy, it doesnt help much either the part where he can only wear a bathijg suit or a towel
- once you manage to drag him along with the boys you'll find him sitting in a corner trying to play on his DDD, only for the warmth of the room to ruin the experience.
- will end up joining in on the conversation once it starts to be about Mammon's dumb adventures
- the vihta does its job but in a very confusing way for him
- could go worse honestly
- went with the purpose to relax, somehow left feeling more uncomfortable than before
- another victim of not being able to process the smacking of the vihta, ends up not working on him and if anything stresses him out
- dont ask why it just happened
- ended up falling asleep during the conversatipn because of how warm the sauna is, no one bothered hin or tried to pull a prank on him because of the same reasln he fell asleep in the first place
- made sure his towel was well put on so that nothing funny ended up happening
- takes of the towel the moment he enters the sauna, then he realizes that this isnt that kind of situation so he putted it back on
- went to see you in the towel/suit but also to have a nice relaxing day with his brothers
- hey its family time you know? Gotta share them beauty and relaxation tips when you can, that was how satan fell asleep in the first place
- will also sit next to you to practice these relaxing methods while pissing off Mammon in the process
- this fine individual has definetely done this before so it pretty much ends up being another day in his life
- im pretty sure you cant bring food into a sauna but this man doesnt care, what are you going to do?
- Its the avatar of gluttony, he is hungry, he will sneak in food or will commit a crime for not being allowed to bring food
- listens to the conversation and drops a couple of stuff, however he doesnt speak much
- enjoys the vihta alot, he is a big boy and probably needs a massage now and then, so he wont complain at all about the spanking
- just dont be a dick and spank his face or whatever cause of course he'll get upset about it
- is only going because everyone else is so.
- definetely falls asleep thanks to how warm the sauna is, he might even lay next to satan (no cuddling however because its still a sauna and touching people in saunas is sticky and gross)
- started participating in the conversation but then fell asleep
- idk man this boy just likes to sleep alot like dont be surprised if he ends up just sleeping the entire time
- is probably the only one who'd get splinter by laying on the wood thingies for so long
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alice-revolution · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
<artist: 2020hyk│ひよこ│ggg_p008>
permission to post was granted by the artist.
editing and reposting in any platform (FB, Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc) are prohibited. please kindly like and retweet their arts on Twitter, Pixiv and Instagram.
✿ claw machine
admin fluffy ( ◞・౪・)
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bluepsychichumancop · a day ago
random obey me! headcanons no one asked for
Asmo is left handed
the brothers place bets on what Mammon will to try to sell next
Beel once ate one of Satans favourite books and felt guilty so he offered him a bit of his food as his brother went through the 4 stages of grief (i know its 5 but he skipped the first one and just went straight to anger)
Asmo is pansexual
Satan and Belphie have those cute kitten sneezes whereas Beel and Lucifer sound like they will blow the entire house down
Asmo helps Levi with his cosplays
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souielle · 20 hours ago
pls imagine how absolutely feral beel would become if you take him to an eat-all-you-can buffet
the apologetic glances you'd make at both the customers and the restaurant staff as they stare at beel in pure awe while he gulfs down plate after plate when you've barely finished your first
the happy look on his face as he tries out every dish offered, him excitedly giving you suggestions on entrees you should try next
the way he would pout at you when you tell him that he only has half an hour left to eat, but instead of continuing to sulk, he sees it as a challenge to see how much more food he can stuff himself with under thirty minutes
then as you both head home, he looks at you with the biggest smile on his face, thanks you for the amazing day, and makes you promise to do it more often :') eeeeeeeee beel babie <3
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books-and-catears · 16 hours ago
Prompt Request Series
[Requests Closed]
Tumblr media
Prompt List
&: Angst, @: Fluff,
$: Suggestive (not for minor babies)
Too Late for Apologies (Lucifer) &
Two Truths and a Lie (Belphie) &
Consequences (Belphie) &
Too Good to be True (Mammon) @
Goodnight not Goodbye (Lucifer) &
Pride's Secret Heart(Lucifer) &@
Souvenir (Satan) @
Meant to be(Satan) @
Just for Show(Solomon) $
Your Royal Guard(Beel) @
Friends to Lovers(Levi) @
Cat Tricks (Satan) &@
Show Don't Tell (Lucifer) &@
Princely Desires(Diavolo) $
Lazy Cuddle Hours(Belphie) @
A Happier Ending(Satan) &
Liar Liar(Asmo) &
You'll Always be My First(Mammon) @&
Only Humans in the World (Solomon) @
Love in many forms(Beelzebub) @
Hold On Tight(Luke) @&
Playful Prince (Diavolo) $
Our Rain Song(Lucifer) @
Teasing the Tsundere(Mammon) $
Safe with Me(Mammon) @
Sly and Cozy (Belphegor) $
Not Alone (Leviathan) @
Fine By Myself (Mammon, Levi) &
Choose Me(Mammon) &@
The Angel's Type(Simeon) @
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sevendeadlymorons · 22 hours ago
[Request] If you haven't done so already, could you do HCs of the Demon bros with a partner who has adhd? 🥺
Omg yes of course! I have ADHD so this’ll be so fun to do
Brothers Reaction to MC Having ADHD
Wow what a handful you turned out to be…
But he doesn’t particularly care, he’s dealt with Mammon for long enough to know how to deal with it and learn to ignore it
He’ll remind you to take your meds if you have any and comes up to your room with a glass of water at the same time each day
He actually quite enjoys seeing you so lively sometimes and it’s one of his favourite things about you
Loves your little quirks like how your eyes wander around the room when he’s talking to you and it looks like there’s elevator music playing on repeat in your head
Your fidgeting and constant need to procrastinate to get out of work will never not distract and wind him up though
He totally gets not wanting to do anything and procrastinate until the last second
Takes time out of his day to get you to focus (to the best of his abilities)
You two have hobbies that you do together and also quit at the same time together after losing hyper fixation on it after a few days
He’s completely supportive of your unfocused and goofy behaviour and has even started to love your wandering eyes and bouncy legs
Sometimes your constant need to do something distracts him from his work but he enjoys taking time away from it to be with you <3
Lucifer has to stop you two from making expensive impulsions—
He’s another one that completely understands your lively and unfocused personality
You two have the worst sleep schedules and you each take turns trying to wake the other up since time management is just awful
Even with a whole day nap, he understand completely if you feel burnt out and unbothered and lets you rest on his shoulder while he games
You two are the bosses at oversharing your hobbies and interests and chatting everyone’s ears off
He’s learnt to get used to and accept you switching off mid way through his rant about how amazing Ruri-chan is
Helps you focus on work and take any necessary pills the best that he can
He doesn’t necessarily get it but he’s read plenty to understand how you may feel
Makes sure you take pills regularly and directs you back to your work while encouraging you, though sometimes, he can come off as kinda naggy
Finds it quite amusing how you find a way to keep talking about things you love until he can recite everything about the topic off by heart
Helps you wake up and get to RAD on time and even got to the point where he bought you a straight up alarm clock
At first he felt quite offended that you would ignore him when he talked but slowly learnt you couldn’t help it and began being patient with you when you would zone out
Impulsions are awful between the two of you
Can’t even stay mad at you after you moved and smudged your freshly painted nail varnish that he just perfectly finished 2 minutes ago
He learns to love your frantic mind and all the fidgeting and talking and makes sure he’s the one to take care of you, always
Tells you to take your necessary meds and drink plenty of water, oh, and don’t forget food!
Let’s you take social breaks to recharge after he convinces you to come to a large party he was holding
Very supportive of you, even when you’re acting like Levi and can’t stop talking
No impulsions are too many for the two of you. Lots of shopping and spree buying shit you don’t need with persuasion from the other. You’re terrible influences to each other, honestly
Completely supportive of you and tries to understand as best as he can
He loved when you had a hyper focus on the gym and would join him for a while; and honestly was pretty disappointed when the fixation died
Brings you food and drinks whenever it slips your mind and comes up occasionally with your meds when Lucifer tells him to
Your bouncy leg and constant need to move is adorable to him in a way
Has ended up having to drag both Belphie AND you into the dining hall for breakfast since you both just can’t seem to do mornings
He’s gotten used to interruptions whilst you overshare and listens to you patiently with a smile
Your ability to keep him awake with your hyperactivity is honestly a God send to the entire house
It’s either you’re both sleeping for a day or two or you’re keeping eachother awake with your information dumping, there’s no in between
Literally nothing gets done. You’ll have plans for 11am with him and you’ll both wake up at 2pm wondering what fucking year it is
Honestly he barely remembers to feed himself so don’t expect breakfast in bed
He has to help you all the time with your incapability to fall asleep, either that or he has to bear with your constant humming and rolling around for 5 hours straight
He tries his best to keep up with your activeness and sometimes even ends up loving doing things with you
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thats-sami · 3 days ago
Solomon: Hey guys I cooked something!
MC and Beel: *smiling through the pain*
Solomon: Why is Beel crying?
MC: those are tears of joy *sniff*
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candymeowz · a day ago
Lost In Forever IV
Tumblr media
When you're trapped in a 'romance' movie where the protagonist isn't willing to let you out, the demon brothers search for a way to get in.
Tw: Yandere themes and anything that comes with / Cannibalism (?) Beelz being Beelz
First | Prev
Tumblr media
Asmodeus joined Leviathan and Belphegor, crowding around the third-born's computer. Not managing to join their other brothers when the portal had closed on itself, they decided to help in other ways instead. Sounds of chattering came from the other side of the room, where Diavolo and Barbatos were preparing the necessary runes to reopen the portal with Solomon pestering them on the human-safety level of the spell.
Asmodeus looked at the computer screen.
"Have they found it yet?" he asked. "Mc's location, I mean... Oh, I do hope they're doing okay..."
"About as okay as someone on the verge of death, I guess," Belphegor whispered.
"Leave your dark humor for another time," Leviathan grumbled. "They're not a normie, they're not gonna die on us... They- they can't. We were going to play a new game tomorrow.."
Asmodeus looked over Leviathan's shoulder to observe the virtual map he managed to conjure of Ariel's world, tilting his head at whatever codes the third-born's typing. He couldn't understand a single thing, but his eyes widened when he spotted some similar silhouettes around Ariel's 'playroom'...
"Aren't those... part of the demons who were rebelling in the far west?" he asked, pointing towards two demons waiting outside the torture room, their posture indicating they're idling around, chatting with each other.
Leviathan stopped typing, the sounds of his fingers hitting the keyboard disappearing and, after a beat passes, Belphegor dashed to fetch Satan's notebook. He compared the pictures to the silhouettes, observing the shape of the horns and wings or tails, and realizing...
"This- this wasn't accidental, was it?" Belphegor chuckled, wanting to laugh hysterically. "They planned it. Those demons bloody planned this entire thing!" His hands were itching to go through the screen and choke the demons to death.
Actually, no, death is too merciful. They should be thrown into the seventh layer of hell and tortured of all eternity. How dare they let you go through such horrors?
"They're going to run into them," Asmodeus whispered, leaning back as he sees his brothers approaching the torture room. "They're going to run into them!"
"What are you trying to say?!" Belphegor shouted, annoyed yet worried by Asmodeus' panicky behaviour.
"Satan, Mammon, they're about to run into the demons!" Asmodeus gestured towards the screen.
"And?" Leviathan asked, furrowing his eyebrows. "Lucifer and Mammon's among them, so they should be alright, right?"
"You idiot! Don't you remember they're in a completely different world?" Asmodeus smacked his older brother's head. "The power dynamic is completely different there, we have no idea exactly how strong the opponents are in that world!"
Leviathan froze.
Asmodeus is right. When he and Mammon were in there, there's a significant power decrease, which is why Ariel was able to hold them captive for so long... So if that's the case, and the demons from the west somehow grew more powerful, then- then even having the first and second most powerful brother wouldn't guarantee they'll make it out alive! So now not only does he have to worry about Mc, but four of his brothers?-
"Why are you frozen?" A shake from Belphegor snapped him back to reality. "We need to warn them!"
"Ah, rig-right!" Leviathan tapped away on the keyboard, writing the codes to connect him to Satan's in-movie phone.
"Come on, don't fail me now, coding skills!"
Mammon's running. His feet thudded against the sticky, blood-ridden ground as he passed through the grimy halls, rushing towards your general location with his brothers close behind him. Ignoring the foul scent that invades his nose and the darkness and blood of the imposing walls to the best of his abilities, his heart thumped repeatedly in his chest as he kept moving forward. This hallway brings back memories Mammon'd rather keep suppressed, but for you, he'll face it a million more time if he has to.
You were barely recognizable when Diavolo had managed to open the portal, Ariel's dress covered in blood red... And even then, the prince doesn't have full control of inter dimensional travelling, causing only four brothers to manage to pass through before the portal collapsed onto itself.
It's a miracle Belphegor hasn't lost a limb.
"Right!" Satan said, and they turned right. The plan was to be in and out as fast possible, the only mission being to get you out alive. "Left!"
The fourth born's eyes were flicking between the screen and his surroundings, making sure he hasn't mistaken the routes they're taking.
A new message popped up from Leviathan.
He squinted at the screen.
Clicking it, he skimmed through the text and immediately halted, shouting a warning to the others in alarm.
The brothers froze. Before any of them could ask Satan for his reason, he screamed "DUCK!"
"Duck? Satan-" Lucifer's question was cut off when the wall in front of them exploded, small pieces of debris flying around, Satan shielding the only means of communication with Leviathan using himself. The wind blew strong, but his legs were stronger. They held him firmly to the ground, unwilling to let their owner fly away with the forces of the wind.
"So this is the avatar of wrath, huh?" A demon chuckled, appearing from behind the explosion. Their smirk quickly turned into a sneer. "Pathetic."
Satan looked back up, barely dodging an attack to his neck, eyes flashing green as he turned around to see the purple demon charging at him once more, claws out and eyes feral. He sidestepped, but didn't manage to avoid the slash towards his arm.
"AAARGH!" Satan screamed, wondering how they were fast enough to rival him. Wrath overtook him, and he quickly stabilized himself. "I'll get you." His voice was barely a whisper, and ahead he charged.
"Do you think you can actually-" The demon was bulldozed by a flurry of red, his sentence interrupted by his own loud cry. Beelzebub mauled through the demon, eyes pure black as he started ripping off the flesh, and the Avatar of Gluttony was hungry for more.
"I'll leave 'em to ya, Lucifer!" Mammon yelled, as vast arrays of colours filled the room. Satan looked over to the eldest, seeing him fight a blue demon. He's using more energy than what's usually necessary to fight a lower class demon, but he's handling it well.
"Go find them, Mammon, Satan! Beel, hold them back!" came Lucifer's voice.
Satan took a sharp breath, nodding once at Lucifer as he rushed after Mammon.
"According to the map, they should be around in this room- Mammon!"
"MC!" Mammon yelled, dropping to his knees besides you and inspecting you. Satan wasn't far behind. You were so lifeless, as if all your previous energy had been drained out of you and in it's place left nothing but a skeleton with some fat and flesh. Satan checked your breathing and...
You're alive.
He gave a nod towards Mammon, lips thin but eyes hopeful, and with one gesture, they both went to unchain your limbs, Satan's mind filled with thoughts of you and only you.
Catching sight of the table of weapons, enchanted, dangerous, and used, his anger flared up, and the more he thought about it, the more he longed to crush Ariel's skull and give her the most torturous death in the history of demonkind.
Something suddenly knocked Mammon over to the side, crashing him into the wall with a loud 'thump' before he slumped down to the ground in a pile of heavy limbs, head bleeding. And, he's...
He's not getting up.
Instead, a recognizable demon did, in all her wretchedly haunting self, ethereal in the way her misty hair floated behind her and her formerly white dress drenched in blood, human red and demon black. Ariel. The most horrid scowl he's ever seen in his life was plastered on her face as she glared at Lucifer, coming out from the hole in the wall Mammon made.
Lucifer adjusted his collar, spotting Mammon's unconscious self before his red eyes turned brighter and he lunged at the she-demon.
"You're quite the feisty one, aren't you?" Ariel laughed. "Let's dance, pride."
Satan went to move Mammon out of the thick of the fight as Ariel dodged his oldest brother's attacks. He checked Mammon's pulse and was relieved when the second-born opened his eyes.
Another crash, Ariel casted an explosion spell near Lucifer, and Mammon straightened up, panicking as he looked for you. He spun his head around, searching until he saw you safe in Beelzebub's arms, bleeding, but breathing.
"They're loosing too much blood," Beelzebub informed, a waver in his voice. Conflicted. He didn't know what he needs to do. Should he hurry back to the portal and save you? Help Lucifer fight Ariel?
A whip was swung from the entrance, aiming at one of Lucifer's blind spots.
Tumblr media
Next (To be Continued)
A/N: When I say I have no plot, I mean I have no plot. Idk what this is and I'm crying at how OOC they seem... But one more chapter to go! Probably! I hope! It looks like it's gonna be two or three more chapters... *Smile crying. Whatever, I finally wrote my first fighting scene 😆 It might be all over the place but hey, it's a start~
Also, I refuse to even write the f word so please excuse the use of 'bloody's and 'damn's and other such alternatives~ Fun fact, I sometimes read the f words in stories as 'duck', so, uhh... that's that.
Hope you enjoyed this! Feedbacks are greatly appreciated~
Pssst, here's some love to make up for the time you had to wait (。・ω・。)ノ♡ and a candy, too. 🍭 Take a few more. 🍭🍭🍭 And more. *Proceeds to drown you in candies and hands you your favourite food. *Sneaks back into my cave to play games- ehem, I mean, write more fics and do my schoolwork.
Have a good day~
Taglist: @yukihaie @loev4eva @cakenpiewhyohmy @tisafinedayforsimping @spoon-chan @vildonna @starrynightnight @darkdaria1 @bissshitu @sucker-for-angst-and-fluff @bittersweet-berry @christinawayne @wilddreamer98 @otaku-explosion @ryokuu @kaijindesu100 @littlefluffbunz-4208 @pen-ink-therapy @miss-puregotti @reachie-mcclaw @lucigirl-katie
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annebelle93 · 2 days ago
The brothers as things my nephews said
I have a few nephews and nieces (big family) and they always say and do the funniest things, so here’s a few things that gave me very “the brothers” energy. (The things are translated, because we don’t usually speak English)
Walks in the room to find a chocolate bar on top of the ant farm.
“Why there’s candy outside? It’ll melt” nephew runs to me
“No! Leave it there! The ants were not doing what I wanted, so I left it there to torture them” grabs ant farm “now they’ll know what it’s like”
Returns candy bar and slowly walk away
Playing in pool with older nephew on a Sunday.
“Can you sleep in my house today?”
“I’m sorry, I have to wake up super early tomorrow to work, so I’ll go home today” looks at me confused
“Why do you work?”
“To have money to pay bills and buy you things”
Gets up from the pool and run to his father, returning with some coins
“Here’s money, you cans sleep in my house now”
Arrives at my grandma’s house with Pokémon cards, very excited.
“Did you know I had a bunch of them when I was your age too?” Looks at me in disbelief
“I don’t believe you.” Proceeds to test my Pokémon knowledge, asking about evolutions and legendary Pokémons. After I get everything right, looks at me awe “you are so much cooler than my friends. Can you be my best friend?”
Very distressed, screaming at me for allowing his younger brother participate the game we were playing (and the younger brother winning the game).
“I hate you! I hate you!”
“Well, if you hate me then I guess you won’t want to go to my house play with Jake, The Cat ever again”
Stops screaming and look confused, then goes to the kitchen for a moment and returns calmer, but crying a bit
“My mom said hate is a very strong word. I don’t hate you” begins to sob “can I see Jake now?”
Younger go take a bath and returns after a few moments, bathed. Stops in front of me and begins to pose, run fingers through hair and offer the neck.
“What is it, baby?” I ask when he looks disappointed at me. His mom says
“You have to smell him and say he smells nice and looks handsome, or he won’t stop posing”
“You smell very nice and look really cute” he pouts
“Handsome no?”
Niece finishes having lunch with a very satisfied smile.
“Ah, I ate so much I don’t think I can eat more”
Grandma places a large cake in front and she asks for the biggest piece
“Didn’t you just say you were full?”
“I have a full separate stomach just for desert. And a fries one too”
After a few requests, finally sleeps at nephews house. At the time to do so, both nephews climb in my bed and lay one at each side.
“What are you doing?” Their father asks. The oldest look at me, dead in the eye
“You are not sleeping in your bed, so you might have nightmares. I have to sleep with you so you won’t be alone”
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luminari-mc · 18 hours ago
Lucifer: Why does MC keep calling my butt "cake"?
Beel: Maybe because they want to bite it? You know, like you would with a cake?
Lucifer: ...
Lucifer, quickly typing to MC on his phone: You, me. We need to talk. In my room. Right now.
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