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#genshin venti
unboxingaparadox · 15 hours ago
"Sing for me, my muses."
An idea I had at 2 AM that I needed to share. This may or may not imply a sub-AU I want to make. someone needs to bonk me
You sat cockily in your throne of noctilous jade, gold, and other valuable gems. You wore the finest clothes any nation could offer, feeling the silk rest on your skin delicately. Zhongli had his head rested on your right leg and Diluc on the other; the poor winery tycoon was blushing like no tomorrow, unable to come to terms with the situation. On either side of your throne were lounging chairs currently occupied by Kaeya on your right and Childe to the left. Between Zhongli and Kaeya sat Thoma, and between Diluc and Childe was Xiao. You had set them up so that at any point in time, you could easily scratch any of the mens' heads lovingly while paying attention to whatever, or who, was in front of you.
You looked down upon Venti and Kazuha, who both looked at the men surrounding you with bubbling envy. Deep down you knew damn well the two men below you would do anything for a spot next to you. Yet you acted innocent, acting as if nothing was wrong.
"Is something wrong, Venti? Kazuha?" You purred, lips curling into a smirk. You enjoyed this situation well; if they were going to treat you like a God, then by all means you were going to act like one.
"No, your majesty." The Archon said through gritted teeth, giving a mean look to Kaeya and Diluc.
"No, your excellency." The wandering samurai bowed his head a little.
You subconciously rubbed Thoma and Dilucs' heads. "Then why haven't you played anything? Does their presence disturb you?"
Kazuha spoke first. "No, your excellency. I was calming my nerves; it's an honor to play for such a high audience."
"And you, Venti?"
"I wanted to see what song would please you the most, your grace. I'm sorry for the wait."
"I see, and no need to apologize. Now, sing for me, my muses." Lies. You had already caught in that they were jealous of the six men, wishing you would have room for two more. But maybe in a different time they'll each get to dwell and indulge in their own little fantasies. Right now, both musicians need to perform.
They started their duet in a light, beautiful melody. It made you picture Mondstat's scenery and landscape, the gentle hills and lush forests. Next was the steep mountains of Liyue, the sound of the harbor and its people, all told through the influential power of music. Third was Inazuma, envisioned in a fast-paced tune that symbolized the bolts of lightening, the gentle scenery of Watatsumi Island and the peacefulness of Narukami Islsnd. Last was Dragonspine; the music made you feel its icy winds and harsh waters, the unforgiving landscape that encouraged adventurers to never come back.
Their performance was stunning, seemingly paralyzing your movements. Thoma pressed his head against your hand to feel your touch again, relieved when you patted him in reassurance. Diluc however, although prideful, let out a quiet and soft whine that you stopped running your fingers through his hair. When the bard and samurai finished, their hearts swelled with pride as they saw how enraptured you were with them, going as far as to demand an encore. And with you as their God, being the every so loyal servants they were, they continued their performance.
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entwinedfxte · 2 days ago
hello my loves i also sell stickers and this is an interest check just in case any of you would like to support a struggling university student ♡ (they're Vinyl laptop stickers!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gensimp-impact · 2 days ago
ello ello!! i’m super new to this so i hope i do this correctly,,, can i have chai with venti/any other character you might want where reader is aromantic/asexual and comes out to them? they’re super nervous, considering people haven’t always been the most convinced that they don’t feel romantic/sexual attraction :)
thank you!
Characters: Venti
Warnings: people being rude
Pronouns used: they/ them
☕Hii, don't worry, you did good! Hope ya like this!
Tumblr media
· Venti get’s suspicious when you open your mouth to say something and then don’t say anything or change the topic when he asks you what you have to say.\
· He won’t push you to say anything but he knows that something is weighing on you and he makes sure to let you know that you can tell him anything that’s on your mind.
· Listen Venti been around for ages, he’s well aware of what being ace/aro means and he has absolutely no problem with it.
· A true bro
· Will definitely fight anybody who has something rude to you or if you prefer not being put on the spot, he gets passive aggressive.
· That person’s food flying off their table? a coincidence~
· Venti will support you regardless and doesn’t mind helping you out if your ever in trouble with certain people.
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mettwurstbrot · a day ago
Tumblr media
change my mind
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scrivenger-grimgar · 2 days ago
headcanon: bc venti is made entirely of elemental energy, he has a lot of control over his body! for example:
he can control when or if he gets drunk
or how dense his body is, phasing through things even
he could make his teeth just a bit sharper, skin just a bit grey-er, just inhuman enough to be unsettling.
he can perfectly mimic other peoples’ voices
he can contort his body in ways that are beyond humanly possible
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1000feuille · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
POV you are childe: you just walked out of northland bank and see these three peddlers
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golden-wingseos · 6 months ago
when you don't say "i love you" back
featuring —
✧ albedo, xiao, venti, diluc (separate) x gn!reader
warnings ―
✧ not proofread, diluc story spoilers
notes ―
✧ i've been hanging around the haikyuu side of tumblr recently and............................. Yes, here's the post this is inspired by: "haikyuu boys when you don't say i love you back"
Tumblr media
he was heading back up to dragonspine
you know, the usual. and usually, you'd say "i love you!!" to him before he left.
because that's what lovers do.
"See you, [Name]. I love you," Albedo spoke softly, voice hushing once it got to the 'I love you.'
"See you!" You smiled, giving the alchemist a light peck on the cheek as you saw him off at the gates of Mondstadt.
But he did not budge.
"I love you," He said once more.
"See you!"
" . . . "
literally glares at you
albedo may not be the... best when it comes to love. but even he has enough social skills and awareness to say "i love you" back!
he will sit there. and stare at you. until you say "i love you" back.
"Albedo?" You pinched the blonde's cheeks, watching his teal eyes narrow, arms crossed as his gaze pierced your heart like cupid's arrow.
"... I love you."
he doesn't say anything back. he just walks off after that
yea. u better love him!
he turns around to get a lil peek tho. like a little "bye"
Tumblr media
xiao doesn't say "i love you" a lot. he rather have his actions speak louder
but this was a little harmless prank, right?
"I love you," Xiao whispered, as if he were saying it to himself. Atop the world, on this mountain by your side, he could only focus on the race of his heart and the warmth of his ears and cheeks.
Yet even if it was barely above the sound of the wind, the adeptus knew you heard him.
But you did not respond.
It makes sense, Xiao thinks. You wouldn't be focused on him anyway.
So he says it again, louder, loud like the beat of his heart and the rush of his blood.
"I love you."
Your [e/c] irises darted towards him before looking away.
he stares at you like albedo. trying to process whether you heard him or not
he thinks you did... right? i mean, you looked at him!
and then, xiao starts to doubt himself. was he not loud enough? did you hear him but no longer love him?
so many questions start piling on top of him, like anvils smashing against his chest as he struggled to think properly
noticing his sudden change, you quickly catch his gloved hands in yours, muttering a small "i love you too."
and then he relaxes
you loved him. the him who was rude, the him who he closed off from the world
what an honor.
Tumblr media
literally just repeats it over and over again until you answer
you know when a child asks you a question? and then you ignore them? but they keep asking it over and over again? yeah, like that
"[Name]! I love you!" Venti called, rushing up to you from his spot under the tree at Windrise, a goofy smile on his face.
"Venti!" You held your arms out, waiting for the bard's hug as he stopped midway, just out of arm's reach.
"I love you!"
No response.
"I said I looove you!"
He blinks once, then twice, then thrice.
"[Name], I love you!"
"Yes, I heard," You restrained the laugh bubbling inside your stomach, heart melting at the sight of Venti pouting and leaping out at you.
"Say it back!" He wailed, pinching your cheeks as you both toppled down onto the grass, giggles erupting from your lips.
"I love you too!"
"That's more like it!"
venti - 1
[name] - 0
Tumblr media
like xiao, diluc doesn't say "i love you" often
he only says it when he's vulnerable, when it's just the two of you. when his heart is exposed, so are all of his emotions
so him saying "i love you" is most common when you're asleep and he gazes at you. it's most common when he's about to leave for his darknight duties, when he's about to go out and risk his life for mondstadt
it's more of a promise, than anything. it's a vow that he'll come home to you at the end of the day
"Oh, leaving already, Diluc?" You peeked your head out the door of your shared room with the typhoon, the sounds of the clock ticking reigning over both of your ears as the crimson-eyed male nodded.
"I'll be back soon. I love you," He put on his boots, preparing to step out of the door and into the night.
But he didn't.
"I love you," He repeated, ears turning red as he looked up at you from his spot on the first floor.
"Mhm!" You nodded.
". . ."
diluc is very... awkward. he doesn't want to come off as pushy, but he wants to hear you say you love him back!
so he leaves. into the night, to think about whether he did anything wrong. were you perhaps... falling out of love with him?
he comes home earlier that day
"[Name]... do you not..." He shakes his head, staring at you from the doorframe as you peered up at him from the book you were reading.
"Do I not what?"
HE DOESN'T WANT TO ASK... he thinks it's embarrassing
so he just says "nevermind" before getting into bed, eyebrows furrowed in deep thought as he continues to ponder over whether you love him anymore
"i love you too" you smiled, your response delayed by a few hours or so
diluc heaves out a sigh of relief
"i was about to say..."
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