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The Quintessons really out here being the US Government (profiting off of climate change, inciting war in lesser developed countries and selling arms to both sides, being real jerks, also that whole thing where the Transformers were originally slave robots)

Rodimus saying of that whole Tale Of Two Cities deal “All those hundreds of years of war, and the only real winners were the Quintessons” man you’re SO close to the point Roddy

Anyways, Spike’s an intergalactic diplomat! Forgot to mention that earlier, but that’s so cool! I remember when he was a kid dreaming about visiting Cybertron…they grow up so fast *sob*

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I’m reading the short story “Prime Spark” by Sean P. Fodera from the Transformers Legends short story anthology, and while I like the premise (Armada Optimus, recently killed off by Megatron’s Hydra Cannon, ends up in Maccadam’s Old Oil House–which, being owned by one of the Thirteen Primes, exists outside normal spacetime–and meets up with Beast Wars Optimus, Beast Machines Optimus, and Generation One Optimus), the fact that the first three of those Optimuses are voiced by Garry Chalk is making it hard for me to keep track of their voices in my head.

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To everything in this scene. Fav parts are as follows;

  • The way Prowl says, “Lockdown.”
  • Lockdown complementing Prowl, and Prowl being like nope and just boosting away
  • The fact Lockdown first attack is an attempt to catch Prowl. With a net…
  • Lockdown stripping off his poncho like those men who rip off their shirts or roll up their sleeves when they’re about to get serious
  • The whole fight scene
  • Prowl and Lockdown simultaneously stopping to tell Starscream to shut up
  • The way Lockdown says,“ notice anything odd.”
  • The way Prowl says, “Where’s Starscream?”
  • Them just immediately stopping there fighting when Starscream is gone
  • That Lockdown is just as chill as fuck about Starscream getting away, and so is Prowl
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I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone say that starscream wouldn’t actively seek or even like conflict in his romantic escapades and you know what I Dig It

Like, he desperately wants to be loved, liked, admired, and approved of. More than one version of Starscream has been shown as his most glowing and obviously content when he’s telling people what to do and they’re doing it. He gets incensed the instant somebody contradicts him or disagrees with him.

Why would somebody who desperately craves respect that much and who turns into a towering fury the instant somebody contradicts him want to date someone who doesn’t worship the ground he walks on?

There are people out there who can have healthy debates with their romantic partners. Starscream… Starscream isn’t one of them. He could possibly be eased into healthy intellectual debates once he feels very secure in a relationship, but that’s not gonna be a selling point for him.

I can think of a couple Starscreams that might be the exception, but only maybe, and certainly not to the “NEEDS conflict/hostility/enmity in his relationships” extent I’ve often seen Starscream taken to.

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so apparently these guys aren’t on my blog yet so take ‘em.

First is a TFA Smokescreen, not much to say other than he takes after tfp smokes personality-wise. i’m not good w cars but he’s a nascar boy.

then an OC medic, forgot if he was Remedy or Malady, somehow Remedy feels right so there ig. He’s one of those motorized “ambulance” tricycle things in countries that are starting to develop better medical care. He’s v old and v patient.

Then we got Frequency, a monoformer engineer. They’re my favorite haha. I really vibe with the secretly evil autobot government, so they got empurata-fied bc they kept breaking squatting/loitering laws. It’s not their fault they’re homeless and aren’t applicable for shelter programs. Remedy took charge of them after the Incident, allowing them to join the guard. They’re bitter as fuck and forgot what their gender was, and nothing vibes right so they’re nb.

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When you start working on a TFSona and you go from drafting designs to formulating a possible heirarchy of Insecticon hives native to Cybertrons and how they may or may not function in relation to generalized Cybertronian society so you can figure out how you’re weird shape changing robot praying mantis can fit into any franchise whatsoever and make up so many headcanon along the way that you may as well just write a fic about it.


If anyone wants to see/read my breakdown of insanity, feel free to give me a boop.

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I made a half-tfsona, half-oc following the idea from @pastelpaperplanes (ignore the tag if bothersome, sorry).

Her name’s Epigome and she’s a monoformer working in search and rescue with her two cryo-condor companions/partners, Flightwise and Broadspin (they were modified to cassette form as well).

Fun Fact: she tried acting and was considered just an imitator (epigone) of someone decent to the point it stuck as her name (with an m instead of an n because both she and I have auditory processing issues and I can’t spell). Her original name was Quantum.

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Results are in!!!

The winner of the poll is Rodimus, so the ship in my self insert story will be Rodimus x Keela.

The story will be called “Life in the Stars” and I’m going to post it here and on Ao3. The ship will be a slow burn btw, cause that’s how I roll. lol Also, regardless of the fact I do ship Keela with Magnus/Minimus, she also becomes a really close friend with him. That means she will have a lot of moments with him, plus being around him has major plot points.

I’ll start working on my story tomorrow.

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