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March 31, 2020 vs June 6, 2019

that’s, what, ten months?? holy god ive improved, what a freaking redraw. wish i had a more reliable pen for outlines but the one i usually use has died ✌🏻😔 rip in peace, penny the pen

this is a redraw of the piece i did for romans bday last year. there’s definitely been an improvement and im so much happier with where im at now in terms of art 🖤🖤🖤 even though i messed up the mouth, but i blame my pen for that one haha (once i get a new black pen it’s over for you hoes)

i am glad that the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fairly odd parents-esque crown that floats atop romans head lmao

@thatsthat24 @thejoanglebook @roman-sanders-protection-squad

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Yo so like i redrew one of my (really) old drawings. I’d say theres quite a bit of improvement.



anatomy is right. color palate is consistent. simplistic shading is done well. Background is both visually appealing and does not take away from drawing. lineart is clean. overall a simple but pleasing piece



excuse me what the fuck is this. why do the eyelashes look like broom bristles. Who the fuck let me have access to the smudge, fill, and airbrush tools. the white gaps in the lineart is going to haunt me in my sleep. Also what the fuck are those ears. excuse me i am offended by my own art.

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