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#iwaizumi hajime
luvbub · 2 days ago
Will you do the "texting fiancé the night before the wedding" for Akaashi, Ushijima, Iwazumi and Oikawa? 🥺😘 It was so cute, I love fluff! Your adorable posts help me forget about crap happening irl. 🥰
texting your fiancé the night before the wedding part two
Tumblr media
feat. Akaashi, Ushijima, Iwaizumi, Oikawa
♡ a/n: ahhhh I didnt think this would be popular but im glad you like it hehe
♡ part one
Tumblr media
it was the night before your wedding, and your friends insisted that you and your fiancé follow the tradition of not seeing one another before the wedding
not that you believed in such a stereotype (whether or not your fiancé did, you weren’t sure to be honest)
but you still followed in the tradition just for the heck of it
as you lay in bed, still awake, your mind came up with a devious little joke for your fiancé
picking up your phone, you sent him a quick text to mess with him for a bit
we still on for tmrw?
you stare at your phone- waiting for a response. you knew he saw your message but for some reason he wasn’t responding
but ten minutes later you finally got a call from your fiance
“hi Keiji, what’s up?” you answer, acting nonchalant
“uhh not much... just hanging out with some of the guys.... how about you? You good?” Akaashi replies, and you notice how stiff and awkward he sounds- as if he’s treading lightly
“I’m alright!! Just excited for tomorrow” you chuckle, and you hear Akaashi let out a sigh of relief from his end
“That’s good... anyways I suppose I’ll let you rest now. I love you” Akaashi says, sounding more relaxed
“I love you too~” you tell him before hanging up the phone
honestly, you thought he would be more inquisitive regarding the text you sent
but before you could set your phone down, Akaashi calls once more
the moment you pick up the phone Akaashi is already speaking, skipping the greeting entirely
“you sure you’re okay? I just wanna make sure you’re feeling well and not having any problems..or doubts” he asks and you find your lips curling into a smile
“please Keiji, if this is about the text I sent just tell me” you chuckle, and your laughter calms your fiancé down a bit
“...yes it is” he sheepishly replies
“I’ll have you know that I was just messing with you. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow you know” you reassure
“please, you had me absolutely worried there. what am I going to do with you” Akaashi groans- as relieved as he is, he honestly should have known you would mess with him like this
“well.... you’re gonna marry me tomorrow! that’s what you’re gonna do” you respond, and you hear him let out a soft chuckle
you were right- he was going to marry you tomorrow
and honestly, Akaashi couldn’t have been any more excited
you weren’t sure how he would respond to it to be honest
but surely you didn’t expect Tendou to send you a text
god y/n, what on earth did you text wakatoshi? he’s pacing the room right now freaking out about something
a few moments later, Tendou sends you a video
and sure enough, you saw your own fiancé walk back and forth in the room, mumbling
“what did Y/n mean by that text? why did they ask if we were still on for tomorrow? we are still on, aren’t we? I should ask but what if I accidentally make things worse?” Ushijima says to no one in particular
you were surprised to see your fiancé in such a state
what seemed like a little joke actually made your fiancé terribly worried, and as adorable as he was, you did feel slightly guilty for causing him this much trouble
he was too nervous to even confront you about this, you knew you had to ease his worries
picking up your phone again, you send him another text
oops! sorry love, I meant to send this to the photographer!! love you <3
that should do the trick- and it did. because a few seconds later you got a text from him
got it. love you too
you chuckle to yourself, his reply definitely masked how relieved he must have been
your phone dings again, this time a text from Tendou
oh he’s alright now, false alarm I suppose
the text was followed by a picture of Ushijima smiling at his phone, looking like the biggest weight was lifted off his shoulders
honestly, you didn’t have the heart to tell him that everything was just a little prank
maybe somewhere down the line you would, but for now you would keep this your little secret
you get a text back almost immediately and as you expected- Iwaizumi does not fall for your trick
keep it up and the answer might be no
you roll your eyes, deciding to video call him
when Iwaizumi answers the call, the first thing he sees is your pouting face
from his surroundings, you could tell he was at a restaurant and you were a bit shocked that he actually picked up your call
“you’re so mean Hajime” you fake sob in front of him
“and you’re not good at pranking others” he teases, a small smile forming on his face
but before you could respond, you hear a familiar voice in the background
“OH is that Y/n!! hi Y/n!! excited for tomorrow?” Oikawa asks, grabbing Iwaizumi’s phone so that he could talk to you
in the background, you could hear your fiancé yell at his best friend for stealing his phone
“yes I am actually. I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long now” you admit, and you watch as Oikawa’s eyes light up
“you can’t see this Y/n, but Iwa is totally blushing right now. Wow, he’s such a sucker for you” Oikawa says
“I- YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL THEM THAT” Iwaizumi shouts, causing you and Oikawa to cackle
“anyways Y/n,” Oikawa continues, ignoring his friend, “before you called, Iwa said you texted him. and when I saw him check his phone, there was a brief moment of panic before he put on his ‘cool guy’ face. So I’m just saying, even if he seems like a brute, he’s secretly a softie~ oops okay Iwa looks like he’s about to lunge at me Y/n gotta go”
Oikawa quickly hangs up the call, leaving you to muse on this new information
interesting, so his response to you earlier had all been a facade
not that you were surprised, you knew your fiancé like the back of your hand
still, it was cute that he still tried to act all cool in front of you, and surely it wouldn’t be the last time he would do this
he read your text almost immediately after you sent it
you held your breath in excitement as you stared at the screen of your phone- you saw he was typing something
but then he stopped
and a few seconds later you got a video call from him
when you pick up the phone, Oikawa’s face is extremely close to the camera, and you can see the suspicion on his face
“exCUSE ME?” he screeches, and you immediately burst into laughter
“hello to you too Tooru, how are yo-” your words are cut off by him before you get a chance to finish
Oikawa knew he was overreacting- he knew you were messing with him
but still, seeing that text made him a bit frantic
because what if you had been serious and it wasn’t a joke?
Oikawa wasn’t going to let his guard down the night before his wedding
even if he was absolutely sure it was a prank, he needed to hear reassurance straight from you
“heh, it was just a little joke Tooru” you tell him, and he immediately relaxes
you see him close his eyes briefly, taking a deep breath as if to calm himself down more
“thank you. Anyways that was the absolute worst joke on this entire planet Y/n!!!” he whines, unsure if he hated the fact that you had said such a thing or his reaction to it all
“I know I know, and I’m sorry if I worried you” you apologize, but the smile you had never left your face
Oikawa found himself smiling back at you. the sight of you alone was already bringing great comfort to the setter, and he found himself in awe at the fact that he was going to marry you tomorrow
he honestly felt like the luckiest guy in the world- he was marrying you
and there were so many things he loved and adored about you
except your jokes
your jokes were clearly not one of them
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ritnaro · 2 days ago
kinktober day 9: iwaizumi hajime + somnophilia 
Tumblr media
cw. nsfw, mdni, [consented] somnophilia, vaginal penetration, mentions of masturbation, praise, slight overstimulation [blink and you’ll miss it]
wc. 600
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+ @hqintheclub​
Tumblr media
it’s not most mornings when iwaizumi gets to wake up so peacefully. normally he’s waking up at the crack of dawn to the sound of his loud alarm, rummaging to turn it off before it wakes you. and every one of those days he wishes he could stay a little longer, that he could wrap his arms around your waist to see you wake up when the sun hits your eyes through the window.
thank god it’s his day off, he couldn’t handle another day touching himself in the shower to the thought of your sleeping form.
“h-hajime” you stutter. he grins, even in your sleep you’re thinking about him, whispering his name in such a sultry tone, could it have to do with the fact that he was rubbing the head of his cock along your folds?
“shh, you’re doing so good” he whispers, lazily stroking his cock alongs your cunt, and slowly slipping in. you’re still sore from last night, but he’s sure you’ll enjoy waking up to him filling you up to the brim with his cock, he can tell by the way a small gasp slips from your lips.
he cursed to himself, frustrated at himself for not being able to hold back. it’s your damn face, that blissful expression you have, your parted lips and the slight blush on your face, it drives him crazy. the grip on your waist tightens up, his fingers digging into the skin while he pulls out and slips back into you.
he does his best not to wake you yet, he’d much rather you wake up with his cum dripping down your thighs, but a few thrusts and your eyes are fluttering open, along with your whines and cries. 
“ah- hajime! hajime, f-fuck!” you curse, desperately pawing at the sheets, looking for relief while you buck your hips back to meet his pace. his hand slips down your stomach, spreading your lips and gently rubbing your clit. 
when you gave him full permission to do whatever he pleased with you while you were sleeping, you caught him by surprise. it’s not to say he didn’t enjoy the idea of having his way with you while you slept, but he always thought of you as such a dainty little thing. that’s why, even now as he takes you when you’re most vulnerable, he’s still gentle with you, his thrusts hard but slow at the same time, gently building up your orgasm. 
“god, you look so beautiful like this, my pretty girl” he groans, leaving love bites along the skin of the back of your neck. his praise makes you clench around him, making it hard for him to keep bucking his hips into you, but making it more rewarding for him, knowing he was making his pretty girl feel this good. 
“f-fuck iwa, ‘m gonna cum, please don’t stop, p-please” you whine, tears rolling down your cheeks. his fingers skillfully speed up, knowing just what he had to do to push you over the edge and give you your well deserved orgasm. 
you cum around him, your whole body shaking and trembling under his touch, and god with the way you kept chanting his name over and over like a prayer, he followed shortly after, spilling his cum into you. 
his thrusts were sloppy from his orgasm, but he didn’t feel like stopping until you tapped your hand on his shoulder, wordlessly telling him it was too much. he sighed in relief, happy to finally fulfill the fantasy that had been haunting his head for the past few days. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© ritnaro 2021 | all content belongs to ritnaro, do not modify or repost
thank you for reading, reblogs are appreciated <3
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sunamayo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
grocery shopping with him
characters: suna rintarou, iwaizumi hajime and miya atsumu
warnings: not proofread
Tumblr media
suna rintarou
you know the type of kids who put stuff in the shopping cart when their mom isn’t looking? yeah that's suna. “rin?” “yes?” “where did this come from?” “you put it there” “nope i didn't” “well someone did it's not gonna walk here by itself” he shrugs. He will say no when you ask if he wants something but then fills up the trolley with his things. Most of the time it’s things you know he won’t like and will probably throw out after taking one bite which he always does but still gets them because “they look good” you don’t bother making lists anymore because you can never stick to it when you're shopping for groceries with suna. At the end of the day you two buy everything but the things you need. “rin we literally didn't buy most of the stuff we needed” “but we bought some stuff though, can’t we just have that” “we’re gonna have chuppets for dinner?” “yes”
iwaizumi hajime
he makes a list and will stick to it no matter what. takes ages looking at things. he’s very picky with what he is getting, checks the ingredient list and other stuff. you love the little concentrated face he makes when he’s checking them.“hajime, baby?” “hmm” “you have been looking at that for 15 minutes now, can we go?” “hold on a sec angel, ‘m not done'' asks a thousand questions when you take something that's not on his list “is that good?” “what's in it?” “let me check the ingredients and stuff” but lets you take it anyway cause how could he ever say no to you. he is also probably the type of person that smacks fruits to check if they’re good or not.
miya atsumu
gets lost. he gets lost almost every time you two go grocery shopping and most of the time it’s because he keeps on stopping to check out snacks and you leave him behind and you have to hear him whine about it for the next few days. “babyyy ya left me?!” “how could ya leave me like that?!” “i thought you were lost,'' he pouts. “so you weren’t scared that you were lost?” “no”  you sigh “i thought you were behind me tsumu, i’m sorry baby” “yeah and what about last time when you almost drove off without me” “baby that was one time." If you ever accidentally push him with the cart he will act like you stabbed him or something. “OWWW” “shit ‘m so sorry babe, are you okay?” “are ya trying to kill me or something?!” “it was on accident baby i’m sorry” “that was no accident that was a murder attempt right there.” he spends the rest of the day whining about how you're trying to kill him. push him a few more times.
Tumblr media
a/n: suna is me lol but anyway enjoy! reblogs appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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crimsonchxins · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi doesn't do well with hangovers.
he doesn't like the idea of waking up in the morning with the overwhelming urge to throw up and a pounding headache that won't be going away anytime time soon and with not a single shred of memory of exactly what the hell went down the other night.
so exactly why is he on the living room couch with a pounding headache and an overwhelming urge to throw up.
iwaizumi feels like he has run a marathon when he attempts to sit up from the couch.
"morning, sleepy head."
oh he know that voice, it's your voice.
you head over to him with two mugs of coffee in hand, a grin on your face as you sit down on the coffee table opposite of him.
oh god, you saw him drunk last night.
"okay," he groans, he knows he's gonna be stripped naked with teasing comments when he sees that grin on your face, "yeah, i was drunk, yeah, i probably did something stupid, and yeah, i know i look like shit now,"
"how low do you think of me," you squint your eyes at him, and then you laugh, it's a small laugh, "i'm not gonna tease you, jeez, i just want to know what got you absouletly wasted last night."
so he wasn't just drunk, he was wasted —awesome.
iwaizumi can't remember a thing, everything is just so foggy which really has him questioning how many drinks he exactly had the other night.
he rubs his temples, "i think there was a restaurant," he says, "i know there was wine."
you giggle, "you told me you were going out with the team for some drinks."
oh that's right, he did go out with the team — it was just to celebrate a match they won and then they headed to a restaurant where most had drinks, he just didn't expect himself to get drunk — well, wasted.
"yeah," he says, "that's pretty much about it — how did i even get here?" if iwaizumi was absouelty wasted in your words, there is no way he could've gotten here by himself.
"well," you say, "one of your friends dropped you off here, said that you had way too much to handle," you laugh, "oh god, you were smiling like a idiot the whole time."
he grunts, "there we go."
you laugh, like you just recalled something absouelty hilarious, "oh my god, you were absouletly gone — i mean haji, you were flirting with me."
and that's when everything hit him like a fucking train.
iwaizumi remembers everything now and the blush on his face is enough evedince of that.
he remembers that it was a little around twelve am, and you were getting a little droopy while the effect of alcohol still hasn't worn off of him, and you were both sitting on the couch, the tv on and he was laying on your shoulder.
"you're pretty," he had said, and you laughed, "why don't you tell me that when you're sober, big guy?"
"i don't need to be drunk to tell a fact."
"you are drunk, though." you chuckled then.
"whatever," he rolled his eyes, "i like you, you know."
"you do?"
"yeah, lots," he giggled, the evidence of the alcohol is the red that blooms on his as he gets off your shoulder and lays down on the couch, "you're nice."
and then he passed out.
he passed out.
iwaizumi's not very sure whether it's good thing as he was spared the embarrassment of spilling something else, or if it was a good thing because he never really got to hear your response.
so he hesitantly asks, "and, what did you then?"
"i laughed," you say, "i think — i mean, you were drunk haji, you said all sorts of things." and you're smiling, you're smiling so very brightly and purely.
"yeah," it's quiet as he nods his head, "yeah."
you chuckle, shaking your head and handing him his mug of coffee, "here, now get up, it's already twelve pm."
and you leave, heading to your room to do whatever.
iwaizumi likes you — he loves you, he really does, he's just not sure if you feel the same.
but he doesn't know that you're hoping with everything that he meant what he said the other night.
Tumblr media
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bokubear · a day ago
those things | hq boys
SUNA was watching the stars. your text alerted his half-slumber. “please come over” it read. less than 20 seconds later he had dressed himself. hurricane, tornado, tsunami, he would be there. knocking repeatedly on your door. “you-you wanted me?” he would gasp. “suna.. you ran all the way here?”
SAKUSA clambered into his bed. he was so very sore. his muscles screamed for a rest. his spine aching nonstop. “baby..” he whispered, placing his head into your chest with a content sigh. “hold me.” he would mutter, melting in your touch.
KAGEYAMA would practice. not on volleyball, but cooking, cleaning, etc. he wanted to always be able to care for the household with you. those days when he cooks something and waits eagerly for your reaction to the dish. a little to sour? his brows knit, determined to fix it.
OIKAWA wakes up early. every day, he feels the need to get ready for the day extremely early. he makes it a routine to kiss your ear, down across your jaw gently. he barely places his lips on your skin. “darling.. sleep in. i’ll be back my love.” he will soothe, brushing any strands of hair from your face
IWAIZUMI workouts every day. without fail. he has for years. it’s practically a habit. he invites you and guarantees he will be your gym buddy. you come with a friend, he’s still spotting you without saying anything. slaps your ass when you do squats. it’s hot.
plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited ©
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bethanygrace19 · 2 days ago
Things the haikyuu boys’ would tell after you’ve slept
ft. Suna Rintarou, Iwaizumi Hajime, Matsukawa Issei
-Suna Rintarou It was a Friday night. A night where everybody clashes on their bed, thinking about all the events occurred that week. Some people go out, some stay in, and then there’s you and Suna. Who’s all wrapped up in tangled sheets, a tv show muffled in the background, the soft color of the LEDs adding a bit more effect to the comfortable atmosphere.
You were tired, worn out even. This week hasn’t really been the best for you and Suna could tell. You may not notice it but Suna has always kept an eye on you. He knows you better than you know yourself. And he knew that right now, you needed to rest. So all he had to do, was pull you into his chest by your waist and you were out cold. Small snores adding to the already comfortable silence.
He started running his fingers through your hair, eyes still fixated on the tv.
“You know y/n, I’ve always been so envious of you ? You may not see it but the world does. I do. The amount of hard work and effort you put in everything you do, is something I wish I did. You will tell me to shut up if you were awake right now but it’s the truth baby. You really are the iron man in the relationship. When I fell in love with you, you brought a side of me I didn’t even know existed. A side I thought I will never get to experience, that is until I met you. You taught me how to love, how to find love in the simplest of the things, to appreciate even the littlest of the things. Rain meant nothing but sadness to me but you said that there’s more to it. You taught me how to find happiness even in those darkest of days. If I know what love is, it’s because of you baby. And I’m grateful, for having you, for getting to call you mine. I’m not the best in words but I’m trying. I love you so much, it scares me. I’m scared that you might get bored of me and leave me. If you do, I won’t be able to handle it well baby. I’m way too obsessed with you. Weird right ? But I just want you to know, I love you y/n, very much, and I’ll keep loving you”, he said, kissing your temple,and slowly drifting off to sleep.
-Iwaizumi Hajime Honestly speaking, Iwa didn’t believe in love at first sight. Hell, he didn’t even believe in love. So it was a shock to everyone, because of how head over heels he was for you.
He didn’t know how to love, what to do or where to begin but he tried. For you.
But you taught him, taught him the meaning of love and he’s grateful he got to experience such a beautiful phase of life and that too, with you.
So it was no surprise, finding him talking to your sleeping figure on a normal Friday afternoon. Practice got cancelled due to the heavy rainstorm so you both decided to stay in and take a nap. Well, at least you did.
“You know baby, how I used to the hate rain ? Cause every time it rained, coach called in and cancelled the practice. But now, it’s hard to hate it. I enjoy it now and….it’s beautiful. So thank you for opening my eyes babe. But you know what’s more beautiful ? You. *scoffs* They said love will make you do crazy things and it’s even more crazier that I’d do anything for you. When you said you liked me, for me, I felt like I won in life. This is the first time, I’ve been recognized by my true self. Or even chosen over my best friend. Don’t get me wrong though, Oikawa is amazing, but when you said you liked me and not him, I felt alive, like I was actually important to someone. So thank you y/n, for giving me a chance and for loving me. I know I’m a bit hard headed sometimes, but that doesn’t make me love you any less. I hope you know that. Anyways, sleep well princess, I’ll have lunch ready for you when you’re awake”, he said, placing a small kiss on your cheek and heading towards the kitchen.
-Matsukawa Issei School ended, sky turning shades of orange, indicating that’s it evening of a normal autumn day. You and Issei were walking together hand in hand to the station to catch a train back home. Both of you tired from the days work. Few minutes of standing in the waiting room and your train arrived. You entered in first and took a seat next to the window, leaving Issei to sit on the edge. You leaned on the window, eyes slowing closing and before you know it, you’re fast asleep. He notices this and puts your head on his shoulder.
“You know something Y/N ? I always, and I mean always, wondered why you would choose someone like me ? And I know you’ll disagree to this but it’s the truth you know ? There’s Oikawa and Iwaizumi and yet you chose ME! I don’t get it. Sometimes I feel like you could do better, cause there are so many options available for you. Don’t get me wrong though baby, I love you, god I love you so much but…..there are days where I feel like you’ll get tired of me and…..leave me. And I don’t want to experience such a day in my life. So that’s why I’ll do my best! Do whatever it takes to make you happy. You don’t ask for much, always putting others before yourself and that’s one of the reasons why I’m head over heels for you. *laughs* Everybody on the team says I’m a simp, and they’re not wrong. And this simp is madly in love with you……mate I hope you’re sleeping or else we’re gonna have a problem…..” he finishes, a tint of red dusting his face.
Sighing, he rests his head on yours, just looking out the window when, “AND CUT! That’s was so good bro! I didn’t know you could get all sappy!”, Makki said. Issei’s eyes widens in horror. “WHA- WAIT! MAKKI ? WHAT’RE YOU DOING HERE !?”, he asks, face even more red. “Shhhhh! You’re gonna wake y/n up! And dumbass…..did you forget, we go home in the same bus, EVERYDAY!”, Makki says, rolling his eyes. “Right….listen…did you, uhm, you know-“ “Did I record your sappy speech ? HELL YEAH! YOU BET I DID! I’M SHOWING THIS TO THE WHOLE TEAM!”, Makki says, laughing out. Knowing it’s too late, Issei just slumps back into his seat, glancing your way to make sure you were still asleep and you were, small snores escaping your lips, making him smile.
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tsumuluver · a day ago
kunimi, iwaizumi, sakusa, ushijima, kageyama, tsukishima, semi, michimiya, daichi, yamamoto, futakuchi, asahi, kuroo, konoha, akaashi, makki, ennoshita, osamu, daisho, hirugami
tendou, bokuto, hinata, atsumu, suga, KENMA, oikawa, aone, yamguchi, nishinoya, yachi, goshiki, konganegawa, terushima, kindaichi, lev, kyotani, fukunaga, komori, shibiyama
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shugojima · 2 days ago
Iwaizumi Hajime (27) Athletic Trainer
We're a thristy whore and this is kinda light hearted so don't take it too seriously.
Your brother Koutarou had a private lesson with their trainer and dragged you along since you had to drive him there for once due to his car being checked. He could just get the keys and drive by his own? NEVER.
He's a total jerk and probably hits the first traffic light, like he did with his own just a few days ago. Fucking idiot.
He asked you if you'd wait for him until they finish. Rolling your eyes at him you agreed and walked into the big training center with a huge sign on the front that said "Iwaizumi - Personal Training"
As you stepped foot in it, you were stunned by the luxurious furniture. Your jaw dropped even more when your brother said "The guy that owns it is a friend of mine! Well, more Akaashi's but we get along pretty well too!"
"What kinda rich ass friends do you have?? Is he good looking? If so, introduce me tf?"
"You're not hitting on our trainer, you hear me?! We're here for him to help me stretch not you!"
It was a joke. It WAS a fucking joke.
But that joke quicky turned into something meaningful as Mr. Arms came to pick up his next client.
"Bokuto! You doing fine?"
"Yeah, kinda. But my wrecked car still makes me sad."
He laughed and slapped the back of Koutarou's head as he went "Then stop being a dumbass and start driving fucking careful!"
You liked him already.
"Oh, Iwaizumi Hajime, nice to meet you. You're his sister right?" He asked as he smiled. Beautiful. Fucking beautiful.
"Yeah... sadly. Y/n, but just call me good gi-." You said as Koutarou shot you an angry look.
You took the stairs to the second floor and Iwaizumi hold a white heavy door open for you to step inside the little gym.
"You can sit over there if you want. We'll need some time."
You nodded as you sat yourself on a bench near the big windows and watched as the two of them spoke a little about this and that, before Iwaizumi started helping that stupid motherfucker to stretch.
"Down... down... just like that."
Man... he looks mighty fine in that black work uniform of his. His arms are something else but lets not forget about that juicy ass and those thick ass thighs... lord. I'm a simp.
"Y/n!! Keep your unholy eyes off him!" Your brother snapped you out of your sweet day dream.
"I was only admiring the hard work he probably put into getting those thighs.. jeeez..." you said rolling your eyes at him for the 5th time today.
You could tell Iwaizumi was a little caught off guard by the way you act around each other and the way you freely admitted you drooled over him. He just chuckled realizing Bo's sister was kinda horny, checking him out.
"We'll go with some light exercises first." He said as he continued doing his job professionally. "Good... hold it.. hold it.. a little deeper."
"You can go a lil deeper somewhere else..." You muttered under your breath but he heard you clearly and smirked as he kept on instructing Koutarou.
When they were done with their little session my brother wanted to head for the showers so you told him you'd wait for him here, while Iwaizumi was getting some things to clean up after them.
"Why aren't you waiting downstairs?"
"Because I smell a huge dick opportunity, my oblivious little brother."
"Yo be a lil quiet he might hear you."
"As if he doesnt know you wanna be screwed by now... good lord.. do what you have to do but finish by the time I'm done showering. And no fucking details on the ride home!!"
"Fiiiine... ugh."
So you were leaning against the wall as Iwaizumi cleaned the equipment he used as you started walking over to him and his stunning green eyes found yours.
"Y/n. Can I help you with something?" he politely asked as if he doesn't already know what you want him to help you with.
"Hmm... I might have an idea..." you said as you came a little closer and ran your hands over his delicious biceps.
"You know.. I could use some help with stretching too.."
He bit his lip slightly and smirked "I'd fuck your desperate pussy right now if it wasn't for me being at work."
Yeah whatever you gonna give me this dick..
"But.. but I really need it bad! Please~ I promise to be a good girl for you and finish you off fast, Daddy."
"....Fucking whores got the nerve." he said as he grabbed you and threw you on the bench, you were sitting on earlier, ass up, wasting no to to lift your cute skirt before he took the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down just enough to free his thick hard cock.
"You want my cock, yea? Fine. Girls like you like it big don't they?"
Sliding two fingers in between your lips, he slid them up and down to fully cover your pussy in your arrousal, before he put his fat tip to your drooling hole and... "Take it, bitch." ... thrusted so hard into you, you swore the whole second floor knew you got screwed right now. But do we care? Hell nah.
"Huh. Bit off more than you can chew, babe? That sucks."
Hell he fucked you stupid and even if it was only like 10 minutes you get to enjoy his fat cock, you were already so exhausted. It was hard to keep up with him, the stamina and the strength... my god...
He suddenly pulled out and left you empty and whining "Put.. put it in!! P-please!" you begged and tried lowering myself onto him again as he just laughed.
"Already addicted, hm?"
"Y-yes! Now could you please continue!??"
"You know actually I'm already late to my next session."
You turned your head and looked at him in disbelieve.
An evil smirk on his face he pointed at his cock, all messy from your juice "I told you I have a session now. Lick the rest of your pussy off me. I need to hurry."
"Come again?! Theres a fucking towel!"
"Oh so you don't want that private special treatment next sunday?"
"Nevermind, Daddy!!"
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dollta · 4 hours ago
⨳ 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 ― hq cast.
Tumblr media
: pairings % kuroo, kita, sakusa, iwaizumi x gn!reader
+ notes ♡ not edited - felt like doing some cute, fluffy headcanons of what these boys love about you, you jus don't know it yet <3
Tumblr media
; kuroo loves your charm.
it's extremely endearing the amount of charm you happen to possess; even if that be by nature, kuroo just finds it so attractive. and to say that this man isn't easily whipped for you, would be a lie, because he certainly is. you just have his mind on lockdown twenty-four-seven, and he feels so damn special to be one of the only few people to experience that side of you. but, whenever he does catch you being all lovey-dovey with him, it might be hard to scrutinise his true feelings at first glance; he doesn't want you to see how many laps his mind is running... simply because it might be an embarrassing amount. but he can't help it, though? you're just so damn cute all the time! however, your charisma is most evident when you're trying to elevate people's happiness, whether that be about themselves or a certain situation ― he just loves when you're not afraid to be yourself, and how openly expressed you are as a person. it makes him feel at home.
; kita loves your honesty.
some people might not like this side of you, but kita does! and that's how he fell in love with you. besides? whenever you're bold enough to show your honesty towards others, he feels so damn happy seeing you expressing yourself without a thought of concern. i guess it also comes with the idea of being individualistic, and he finds that so, so sexy. because who wouldn't? especially when it's the love of their life? but with the both of you sharing similar principles, communication in your relationship is like a bag of chips. at first, there might not be much there, but at the end of the day, it doesn't take either of you long to settle issues out. kita just knows ― 100% ― that you are going to be the mother of his kids. he would never, ever trade anything to lose that.
; sakusa loves your aura.
something similar to charisma, but it's more your company that omi loves to be in because it's so damn. calming? he literally thinks it's a privilege being in an angel's company like yours, only because of how good you are to the man. having you around just feels right, and omi literally thinks you're gods gift (no joke). you know how to put up with his groggy moods, bringing a smile to his face with ease. but when you do put confidence in yourself and tend to switch off the negatives, he now understands why he is so attracted to you ― it's because you're just so easily adapted to his personality and that's the type of dynamic he needs to have a long, lasting relationship with you.
; iwaizumi loves your kindness.
yeah, yeah... iwa might get a little jealous of how nice you are to other people, but pushing all of that aside? he knows it's genuine and he finds that so heart-warming to experience; especially when you know the difference between kindness and flirting. your goodwill towards others isn't an excuse to articulate but to feel more compassionate, confident, useful and in control. and this man sees that crystal clearly ― too clearly, in fact, he's downright mushy when witnessing the force of habit you have, simply because he knows you're exactly like that behind closed doors. he also spots how appreciative and optimistic you get whenever you show kindness outwardly, so why would he want to take that away from you? he loves seeing you happy.
Tumblr media
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hq-girl-next-door · 2 days ago
Iwaizumi + Dumbbells‼️‼️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hajime Iwaizumi x GN!Reader
Prompt: Dumbbells
Tags: Fluff, Swearing
It seemed like there wasn’t a time that Hajime wasn’t working out. Or working with what ever team he needed to be on at that given moment. Even when he is home and has some free time to himself, he has his own gym room that he goes off to. 
You weren’t at all a stranger to this. And honestly you didn’t mind, as long as he continued to make time for you too. Which he did very well. One thing you hated however, was the fact that Hajime would bring out his equipment all throughout the house. Without even realizing it too. So every now and then you’d be walking in your home and all of a sudden stub your toe on a dumbbell.
Today was one of those days.
“Ah!” you cry out a bit loud, looking down to see one of your husbands 10 pound dumbbells on the ground. That you so greatly stubbed your toe on. “Hajime!!” your tone far from pleased as you called his name.
Prompt as ever, you see your husband come into the living area of your home. Only to look at you and where you were standing. A look of frustration and hurt on your face as you glare at him. 
“I thought we talked about this...” 
“Huh? What are you-” Hajime’s eyebrows pinched together from any kind of accusation from you. But when he noticed that you were pointing down at the ground he sighed out and looked to the side. “Shit-”
“Yeah damn right, shit. Why do you even have a room full of all your exercise stuff if you bring it out to the rest of the house??” your hands flailing a little in the air while you spoke.
Without a word, Hajime came walking up to you. Making you quiet yourself and watch what he did. To your surprise, he knelt down at your feet. Lowering himself even more so that his lips could gently kiss the top of your toe. 
Seeing this lovely action from your husband made all the anger melt away. Even if your toe did continue to throb just a bit from the pain. An audible sigh escaped your mouth. 
“I’m sorry. I’ll be better about that.” Hajime mutters as he carefully moves the dumbbell aside so he can stand up in front of you. His hands reach down find your own, holding them gently. 
“You promise? Cuz that really hurts.” you whine softly with a frown, only for your husband to cock a smile at you.
“I mean, if you watched where you were going...”
“Heh I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.” he uttered softly and leaned into you. His grin never leaving as the tip of his nose lightly nuzzled the tip of your own nose. “I promise.”
Tumblr media
Send me a Character + Inanimate Object or Place
Tumblr media
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lazy-azie · 2 hours ago
is enemies with benefits a thing?? because if so….. 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
enemy!iwaizumi, with his broad shoulders and cocky stance. you hated the way he managed to make every girl swoon. you quickly understood why, though, once he had your feet over his shoulders and his dick kissing your cervix.
enemy!sakusa, with his perfect curls and straight posture. you hated how blunt he could be, and how he refused to get his hands a little dirty. well, that was up until he was knuckles deep in your wet cunt.
enemy!osamu, who you wished could be more like his ditzy brother. to your face, osamu could be so cruel. it was the complete opposite to how gentle his tongue was with your needy clit.
enemy!noya, who was like the more hyperactive — and perverted — version of your best friend hinata. he’s so competitive, too. always insisting that you admit how much better his cock feels, compared to that redhead’s.
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ackermelon · 2 days ago
I cannot stop thinking about Seijoh 4 at Graduation
I imagine Hanamaki and Matsukawa standing in front of Iwaizumi's house, clad in their suits, looking like proper men for once. Oikawa walks out first (because of course they got ready together), using Iwaizumi's driveway as his own red carpet, flaunting his assets and revelling in the shower of compliments he got from Iwaizumi's mother and his friends.
Then it was Iwaizumi's turn, peeking his head out to see what the commotion was about before stepping outside. The neighbours all looked out their windows as Seijoh 3 whistled and catcalled Iwaizumi, just to fluster him, because blushing Iwaizumi was a sight for sore eyes. There was some truth to it, eyes entranced by the way his suit hugged every curve, unfortunately covering those strong, defined biceps.
Perhaps Oikawa then cried, having realized that that would be the last time they would do that as high-school students. Those biceps he loved so much wrapping around him, giving him a reassuring squeeze, a silent "you'll be alright", and Oikawa didn't feel so sad anymore.
Iwaizumi would walk with him, hand rubbing over his suit-clad back while Matsukawa and Hanamaki walked behind them, hand in hand as they tried to take in every detail of their last walk to school together.
It’s the end of an era.
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roobgumball95 · 2 days ago
oikawa getting help from his fans on how to confess to iwaizumi…. pls imagine it.
oikawa: how do you ladies pluck up the courage to do this???? i’m so nervous (ノ_<)
fan 1: don’t be shy!!! anyone would be lucky to have you as their boyfriend :-)
fan 2: do you need help with your confession letter, oikawa-san? ^_−☆
oikawa, sweating: ladies i CANT do this
fan 3: you can do it! ^^
oikawa, trying to escape: NO
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itsmiyamore · a day ago
Title: Seven of Hearts
Written by my wonderful friend @/illumishousewife on AO3
Pairing: Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, Hanamaki Takahiro/Matsukawa Issei
Rating: General Audiences
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death
Word Count: Approx. 2.7k
Trapped in an alternate universe, four best friends struggle to compete in games for their lives.
Additional Notes:
Inspired by Alice in Borderland
▪️Read on AO3
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violetarks · 2 days ago
i think i'm no good | knew you weren't just pretty
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
chapter four | contents page | chapter six
anime: haikyuu!!
character: iwaizumi hajime x reader, miya atsumu x reader
summary: y/n is a manga artist and writer that seems to project her emotions onto the work called “officially gone”. when she has to find new inspiration for her next arc, her marketing manager gives her a number of a friend he knows will help. but can y/n keep her personal life separate from her professional? will it help her feel better about herself, or even worse?
taglist: @ysatrap @perqabeth @myasaaaam
▹ y/n and atsumu talk sometimes over twitter since he started posting more about 'officially gone' after meeting her.
▹ tetsu keeps the numbers of anyone he's ever contacted. he still have the number of the bakery place he and kou ordered from in high school. it's been years since he's used that.
▹ hajime has already finished reading 'officially gone' vol one, and decided to order the next three vols. he's a little annoyed since it'll take a week to arrive.
▹ hajime was texting y/n while on break with atsumu and tooru. atsumu was sneaking peeks at his phone because he's usually never distracted. he's jealous that hajime got the number of one of his favourite authors.
▹ tooru has been the top model only twice while wakatoshi has claimed the spot five times. tooru thinks wakatoshi is his enemy. wakatoshi sends tooru emails with applications to join his agency.
▹ tetsu seems to stalk the people who talk about 'officially gone' on twitter, which is how he saw atsumu's post. he just likes to keep track of the way readers take in new chapters.
▹ kei feels like he babysits y/n, even though he's younger than her and she's his boss. he thinks she dives head-first into situations without thinking it through.
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tastybluesprite · a day ago
Tumblr media
Credit: SKAi13 Kalypso hours (Twitter handle: ACatNamesSkai)
(Didn’t know who made it so thank you @giggly-squiggily for letting me know!!!)
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takkyb1 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they come in pairs U_U
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