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#iwaizumi hajime

haikyuu characters responding to ‘would you still love me if i was a worm?’ ❞

⊱┊[based on texts with my irls]

⊱┊[warnings : typo at sakusa’s and tsukishima’s (i-> it), excessive use of the word 'bitch’]








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✨kagehina & iwaoi wallpaper✨

hey hey hey babies, ı made two wallpaper, the second one is prettier than first one ı think.

( ı was fangirling when ı am making iwaoi’s wp🤍🤧)

( and these two song’s picture is mine lmao, ı took ss ^^)

( and andd the second song: that’s so us by allie x is remind me iwaoi so much when ı am listening🥺🥺)

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here is what i believe the world of haikyuu would listen to, and spotify playlists that correspond to it. 



daichi sawamura ➝ anything acoustic, would lay his life down for bon iver; his top playlist

koushi sugawara ➝ metal, loves getting out his anger to megadeth; his top playlist

asahi azumane ➝ psych rock and acid rock, he thinks it makes him give off a cool vibe but really everyone thinks hes a pothead; his top playlist

yuu nishinoya ➝ 10 years behind song trends and charts in general, literally just found lady gagas ‘just dance’; his top playlist

ryuunosuke tanaka ➝ latin hits, because he understands that theyre ahead of the curve and more fun; his top playlist

tobio kageyama ➝ okay hes a “hyperfixates on one genre for a bit and then jumps to another” type of person. his current fav? italo disco. his current top playlist is this

shoyo hinata ➝ powerhouse female rappers only, or elevator jazz, theres no in between; his top playlist

kei tsukishima ➝ indie and alt rock but he will curate you any genre of playlist if you ask nicely; his top playlist

tadashi yamaguchi ➝ pop punk and hyper pop because hes gay but still needs angst; his top playlist and this playlist

ennoshita chikara  ➝ shoegaze because he likes pretty noise and being a poser; his top playlist

kiyoko shimizu ➝ shes into vibing/ambient music but has a soft spot for riot grrrrrrrrrl (she needs to get out her anger somewhere); her top playlist, her riot girrl playlist

hitoka yachi ➝ whatever taylor swift is writing; her top playlist (its called taylor swift is gay)



tetsuro kuroo ➝ a mix of top 40 and soul, basically anything he can drink to; his top playlist

morisuke yaku ➝  lo fi indie because hes a bad bitch with taste, loves bedroom pop as well; his top playlist

kenma kozume ➝ hyperpop, nightcore, he uses the bpm to keep himself awake; his top playlist

lev haiba ➝ italian opera because he doesnt understand it but it seems emotional; his top playlist



tooru oikawa ➝ beach rock is his guilty pleasure but hes a top 40s kinda dude, but occasionally branches out to more alt rap; his top playlist and his morning playlist

hajime iwaizumi ➝ drake, he is the living embodiment of the rap caviar playlist; his top playlist

issei matsukawa ➝ alt rap and hip hop because what else would you smoke to; his top playlist; his top playlist and this dominc fike playlist lol

takahiro hanamaki  ➝ midwestern emo!!! his top playlist

akira kunimi ➝ alt hip hop, rap rock, anything he can drive his car a little too fast to; his top playlist



koutarou bokuto ➝ he’ll “listen to anything but country” but in reality he plays spotify’s auto generated work out playlists; his top playlist

keiji akaashi ➝ hozier and lorde were his most played artists last year because dark academia is a life choice; his top playlist

akinori konoha  ➝ garage rock and punk; his top playlist



wakatoshi ushijima ➝ carrie underwoods biggest fan, but a big fan of folk indie; his carrie playlist for before games, and his top playlist

satori tendou ➝ musicals, hes a theatre kid at heart; his top playlist

tsutomu goshiki  ➝ cannot stop listening to french music and he thinks it makes him look cultured; his top playlist

shirabu kenjirou ➝  ska (which came before reggae) and because why the fuck not; his top playlist



atsumu miya ➝ r&b and edm lmao listen he needs something that helps for pre-gaming GAMES and PARTIES; his top playlist

osamu miya  ➝  jazz rap creates the perfect vibe to cook and eat; his top playlist

rintarou suna  ➝ horrorcore, alt hip hop, what? hes a sadboy; his top playlist

shinsuke kita ➝ classical music, im sorry its true; his top playlist



takanobu aone ➝ anything made before 1990; his 80s playlist, his 70s playlist, his 60s playlist

kenji futakuchi ➝ the only person who ACTUALLY listens to a little of everything. he is a music connoisseur and actually not that much of a snob about it, turns out he is redeemable; his top playlist

kanji koganegawa  ➝ queercore, he doesnt know it means the lgbtq+ faces of punk rock, he just really loves the name of the genre and the anger it comes with; his top playlist



yuuji terushima  ➝ never grew out of his edm phase; his top playlist

sakusa kiyoomi ➝ lmao oh boy hes really into specific sub genres like post-punk, industrial, darkwave, vaporwave, witch house, hauntology; his top playlist

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- hotter than cocoa


synopsis: in which iwaizumi drives you around for a little date

type: iwaizumi x gn reader, fluff, oneshot, for my 100 event. sagittarius ; iwaizumi as requested by an anon.

word count: 1.4k

notes: one more to go after this! and then I’m finished with my event and can move onto other works I have in mind 👁️. but thank you @peach-pops for the Iwa brainrot to help me finish this pfft.


There was nothing more gorgeous to Iwaizumi than seeing you in the passenger seat next to him. The way you shot up from excitement and grabbed his arm when a favorite song of yours came up, how your eyes gleamed and danced in your seat. Iwaizumi settled you back down, saying that it was “unsafe to be bouncing around that much” before you complied, crossing your arms and grumbling to yourself. When you pouted, his hand reached to pinch your cheek, teasing you and saying it was alright and to continue.

By then the song had changed, an unrecognizable tune that the both of you were unfamiliar with. You had glanced at one another, eyebrows raised as his hand fumbled with the dial of the stereo, changing the station to something the two of you were more inclined to listen to on this starry night.

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haikyuu!! boys with a sick s/o

pairings: hinata x gn!reader, iwaizumi x gn!reader, tsukishima x gn!reader

a/n: yes ofc<3 ilyt:)

warnings: a couple swear words



  • the two of you playing in the rain was probably not the smartest decision.
  • instead of him dragging you home, you had to drag him home.
  • he didn’t wanna miss practice
  • but before he could even walk into the gym, you grabbed him by his wrist, as your brows furrowed.
  • “sho! daichi already said that you can’t come to p-practice today! you’re sick!” you scolded him, sneezing in the process.
  • he pouted, “but baby~ i wanna play.”
  • you rolled your eyes and you dragged him all the way to his house.
  • he wasn’t as upset once the two of you were finally home, cuddling eachother as you both slept.


  • you’d organized a date.
  • you were going to go out to a fancy restaurant iwa had made reservations for
  • except, you woke up that morning with the worst head ache of your life.
  • not only that, but had a wretched fever too.
  • but still, you didn’t want to cancel considering the two of you were so excited!
  • you decided to push through the school day.
  • luckily, the brunette didn’t see you much that day, and you hoped the sick feeling you felt would go away
  • however, now iwa was knocking on your door
  • he realized you were sick as soon as you greeted him
  • “h-hey hajime..” your voice sounded very strained and you sniffled.
  • he entered your house, making his way to your kitchen as you questioned what he was doing.
  • “go back to bed. i’m making you some soup.”
  • you tried to tell him that you guys could still go to the restaurant, but he resisted.
  • “i honestly don’t care about a stupid restaurant if you aren’t feeling good. id rather take care of you.”


  • you woke up feeling horrible.
  • with a blinding head ache and barely being able to stand.
  • but alas, you had an extremely important test that you didn’t want to miss.
  • you’d studied so late last night that you must’ve gotten sick.
  • you hadn’t seen your boyfriend until lunch, only because you both had busy days that day.
  • when he finally got to see you, he was automatically worried.
  • immediately figuring out the fact that you’d come to school sick.
  • he rolled his eyes as he wordlessly picked up your bag, walking away.
  • you asked what he was doing, he responded with, “you’re sick dumbass. i’m walking you home.”
  • he ignored your attempts to stay at school.
  • “no. you have to stop overworking yourself.”
  • he was right. you did have a problem with overworking yourself.
  • when you finally got home, he insisted on making some soup for you, telling you to rest.

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a/n: hello!! aah thank you i love this idea soo much, he’s such a softie omg <33 i hope you like this unplanned first date with iwa!!

genre: fluff

pairing: iwaizumi x reader

  • on his way out of the gym he sees you sitting by yourself on a bench near the school
  • or at least someone who looks just like you
  • come to think of it, he has only ever seen you with a big smile on and that person is pouting
  • so no, that can’t be you….right?
  • you’re the most optimistic and cheerful person he has ever met
  • with your warm presence and that sort of smile that makes people smile too
  • it’s your positive attitude that is just so magnetic to others
  • like when you get all excited about little things and start jumping around
  • or the way you make sure to say hi to everyone whenever you walk into a room
  • you have this charm that allows you to get along with everybody and always have something interesting to say
  • he realized pretty soon that he’s so whipped for you
  • but at the same time he’s not that good with words so he prefers to keep his feelings for himself
  • he strongly believes that actions speak louder than words
  • so he doesn’t give you compliments to show you how deeply he cares
  • instead he tries to make your life easier in any way possible and always find time for you
  • and when the two of you are together he gives you his undivided attention, wanting to make you feel special
  • ”hey, what are you doing?”
  • when you see him getting closer you rub your watery eyes and put on a fake smile
  • ”oh hi hajime! did you just get out of practice?”
  • he nods, sitting by your side
  • the grip on your phone seems particularly tight and your legs don’t stop bouncing
  • ”you didn’t answer me”
  • ”today i was talking with some classmates and someone said that it would have been nice going to the park, so i went home to prepare a picnic”
  • you show him the bag with the snacks that you made
  • “but nobody showed up?”
  • ”no, i’ve been here for more than an hour now. i must have got too excited and understood the wrong meeting time”
  • you shrug, avoiding his burning eyes
  • ”did you try to call them?”
  • ”yeah but they didn’t pick up, they must be busy”
  • he huffs, clenching his fists
  • ”they don’t deserve you”
  • ”what are you talking about? it’s my fault tha-”
  • ”stop, it’s not your fault. let’s go now, you’ve already wasted too much time”
  • getting up, he invites you to follow him
  • ”where are we going?”
  • ”well the park, of course”
  • and when he sees you smile, finally a genuine one, his heart melts
  • finding a nice spot beneath a tree, you settle down the blanket and the snack bag
  • even if his cheeks are red for the entire time, talking and joking with you result as easy as always
  • and your sincere laugh is the only thing that matters to him right now
  • ”it’s already getting dark”
  • he starts to clean up, not noticing that you got closer
  • when he suddenly feels your head resting on his shoulder
  • freezing on the spot, he looks down at your relaxed expression
  • ”thank you, i’m sure you were tired after practice. you didn’t have to stay with me”
  • ”but i wanted to, really”
  • he offers to walk you home but when you try to tell him that he has already done so much for you, he simply takes your hand and starts walking
  • he’s not quite sure why he did it, because now he can’t meet your eyes, slowly dying of embarrassment
  • but seeing your hands intertwined together feels just so right
  • when you arrive on your front doorstep, he tries to saying bye as quickly as possible
  • he can’t think straight and the sound of his racing heart in his ears make it difficult to understand your words
  • shyly waving at you, he walks away
  • he wanted to say so many things to you but at the moment he’s getting so overwhelmed by his emotions
  • his legs are shaking, his face burning, his palms hitching
  • when suddenly everything stops
  • he can only focus on the two arms wrapped around his chest and the hand resting on his heart
  • you hug him from behind, nuzzling your nose into his back
  • ”thank you”
  • ”you already said that”
  • ”not just for today but in general”
  • he turns around to face you
  • damn you’re even prettier under the moon
  • ”you’re always so nice to me. do you really think that i didn’t notice that my water bottle is always full when i’m with you? or that you accidentally always have an extra hoodie when i’m cold?”
  • ”well you take care of everybody, someone has to do the same for you”
  • you impulsively give him a peck on the lips, immediately regretting your choice
  • but when you try to apologize, his hands gently cup your face pulling you closer to give you a proper kiss
  • leaving the two of you breathless and panting, he leans his forehead on yours
  • ”i won’t let a day go by without seeing you smile”
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iwaizumi hajime falls out of love because of pride.

he knows that the downfall began the second he raised his voice and drowned out the sounds of your voice. the sounds of reason, he later chastises himself. 

he thinks that for a while, for a long while, love will still stay. because love was you.  and everything that was you had always been hajime’s truth. it regarding love, life, its highs and lows, and all the things in the inbetween, no matter what shade of gray it was covered in. 

anger, he thinks has always been a bitter look on anyone, but on him, it looked almost alien. he stares at the mirror, and blinks once. then his eyes trail to the spot behind him, towards the spot on the wall where he knows the photo of the two of you used to hang and blinks again. 

there’s bits of shattered glass on the ground that he knows he should have picked up first before he opened his mouth, but something just tipped over before he could get the chance to allow reason to guide him. perhaps it was the weight of reality, his job, or of the growing distance the two of you had been tiptoeing around, but it just snapped.

“i don’t even love you anymore,” he said, and he flinches at his reflection staring back at him in apathy in the mirror.

“dumb fuck,” hajime whispers, and he knows he should pick up the phone and call you by now, but he knows you like he knows himself.

he knows at best you’ll pick up the phone and tell him fuck you, and hajime thinks he can’t handle the weight of your honesty and heart break right now.

the ring you left on the table gleams in the light and hajime swallows, tilting his head back and running his hands over his face  once again.

“fuck,” he says.

the worst part is even though he knows this is an end, the fact that eventually a day will come in the midst of your absence where he’ll fall out of love, and even though the thought is just reality–he just can’t find it in him to accept it just yet.


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WOW… ok this is lowkey kinda hard

(thank you for the ask btw!)

but hmm, I would LOVE to see an interaction between Atsumu and Oikawa, like MY GOD they both give off major chaotic and cocky energy and I kinda just wanna see em’ go at it…

erm, and maybe sakusa and iwa. they’ll probably will relate to eachother by talking about how their current/former setters (oikawa and ‘tsumu) are terrible people.

wanna chat? send an ask or pm :)

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Haikyuu!! guys when their significant other has to study for exam season.

✨ Suna Rintaro✨

  • “You’re having an exam? when?” “Fine I’ll wake up extra early to prepare breakfast for you that day".
  • Actually hates waking up early but will do it for you since he knows college is important for you.
  • Ask you questions regarding the subject and writes down new questions to help you study.
  • When he arrives from training and sees you’re still studying he feels sorry.
  • Doesn’t really understand why you have so many exams and test in general.
  • “What you do want to eat? let’s order something”.
  • If you’re studying during his free days, he brings to your room fruits and candies for you to eat.
  • Doesn’t show it but he really feels nervous for you.
  • “If you have a good grade, I’ll compensate you *wink*”
  • Motivates you to study even more as “You’ll be the economic pillar of this household”.

✨ Iwaizumi Hajime✨

  • Doesn’t seem to care.
  • If you stay up too late he actually worries about your sleep schedule.
  • Wakes up with you and makes you breakfast or bento if needed.
  • Teach you how to stretch properly after you spent +10 hours studying.
  • Won’t bother you unless you call his name.
  • “I’ll make soup for dinner so once you’re finished go downstairs”.
  • Texts you before and after your exam/test: “Good luck, don’t get too nervous you’re really smart. Love you” “How did you do? Now take a rest”
  • Might be curious of what you’re studying, so he makes his own research.
  • “Seriously I’m impressed, you’ll be an amazing professional after graduating”
  • Kisses your neck when he sees you focused.
  • “Don’t overwork, promise?”
  • “I’ll make sure to take you to a spa or a nice place during summer break, ok? the two of us”.

✨ Tsukishima Kei ✨

  • “What are you studying?” “Oh, nice, then I’ll be in the next room listening music”
  • Goes shopping and brings all kinds of sweets and food you like.
  • Doesn’t really say much because he knows you feel stressed.
  • If he sees you having a mental breakdown mid study he might embrace you and murmur sweet things until you calm down.
  • Helps you to read and reread presentations or papers.
  • Will NEVER allow you to not sleep: “It’s 1 AM, time to sleep, let’s go you can wake up early but for now… let’s sleep”.
  • Feels sorry every time he acts like a jerk and knows is exam season.
  • Boost your confidence everyday telling you how smart you are.
  • “Let’s think positive this time, ok? You’ll do great”.
  • Might get needy if the exam is important and you don’t spend time at home or with him.
  • “I’m so mad right now but I’ll way until exam season is over, ok?”
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