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#iwaizumi hajime
takkyb1 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they come in pairs U_U
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inarizahki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cast: atsumu, bokuto, daichi, kuroo, tendou, terushima, oikawa, iwaizumi, sakusa, kita, f!reader warnings: alcohol, lots of temporary amnesia lmao a/n: drink responsibly kids
Tumblr media
absolute mess. like everything he does, he goes all out, so by the end of the night, he’s swaying all over the place and grinning madly, cheeks flushed red. when he sees you, he lights up and pushes off of his exasperated teammates so he can stumble towards you, arms outstretched for you to step into.
“this,” atsumu’s chest puffs up proudly, “is my wife.”
“tsumu...” you sigh.
“isn’t she amazin’? bet you’ve never seen someone so gorgeous before in your lives.”
meian, hinata, sakusa, and bokuto just snigger as you grimace when your husband continues, “you guys are just so jealous, aren’t you? princess, introduce yourself. tell ‘em how great you are.”
“tsumu, they were at our wedding.”
“that’s right, she married me, can you believe?”
“tsumu, they were your groomsmen.”
keeps glancing at you the closer you come, his eyebrows furrowing a little in confusion. he’s leaning so heavily on akaashi that the poor man is bent sideways trying to support him. when you come up to him, you laugh a little at the sight of this big man drooping over his friend. you lift your hand to push some hair out of his eyes, but he shies away from your touch, the visceral reaction nearly taking both men down with the force of it.
“kou? what’s wrong?”
he frowns and avoids your gaze, staring off into the distance resolutely. “i can’t go home with you.”
“and why can’t you go home with me?”
“look, i’m sure you really sweet but,” he holds up both hands, squinting to try and discern both before jiggling the left one and pointing to his ring finger. “i’m married.”
“you’re married to me, dummy.”
looks all stiff because he’s trying to convince himself he’s not drunk; he’s a model citizen and good cop, of course. but his eyes are a little glazed and it’s clear that his words are slurred when he starts flirting with you incessantly.
“looks like i’m a lucky man tonight.” your husband gives you a slow once-over, sliding his arm around your waist, “do you have a name? or can i call you mine?”
“we’re married, daichi.” you fail to suppress an amused grin, “i’m already yours. you don’t need to flirt like that.”
daichi shakes his head slowly, struggling to find the words. “that’s where you’re wrong. i still- still gotta make sure you feel wooed.”
“awww, baby...”
“gotta keep you around somehow.”
pda to the max, he becomes so clingy and touchy. sticks to you like a barnacle, long limbs draped all over you as you try to drag him away, his lips in your hair. tries to cop a feel every once in a while, thinks he’s being discreet about it but iwaizumi’s disgusted face says otherwise.
“i’m so glad you like me.” he looks at you with stars in his eyes, like he’s seeing you for the first time.
“i’m your wife, tooru.”
“you’re the best girlfriend i’ve ever had.”
“tooru, i’m your wife.”
such a sulky drunk, will sit in a corner, mask pulled up and arms folded, waiting for you to arrive. glares at anyone who looks at you when you walk into the bar. for some reason, thinks you’re always mad at him when you have to come pick him up and drive him home even though you really don’t mind. gets grumpy thinking about your hypothetical anger.
“omi...what’s wrong?”
sakusa glances at you out of the corner of his eye, tugging his mask down, “’re upset. i don’t like it when you’re upset.”
“i’m no- okay...what am i upset about?”
a disgruntled frown. “i don’t know, you’re the one who’s upset, you tell me.”
ushijima calls you because tendou is all but incoherent apart from his drunken complaints of missing you so much his heart hurts. and what does he get for his trouble? tendou shoving him aside so hard upon spotting you that the big man actually stumbles. your husband jogs toward you to give you a flailing hug.
“i didn’t think you’d actually come.”
“of course i would, when i hear my husband misses me.”
tendou sticks out his lip in a pleased pout. “wanna get out of here? i can be your next big mistake~”
“...satori, you’d never be a mistake for me.”
“’re gonna make me cry, sweet cheeks.”
“from what toshi said, looks like you already were.”
tries to be coherent but everyone can tell he’s lost it. swaggers toward you but ends up tripping and falling all over you when your blurry figure comes closer to support his unsteady body. squints at you to try and make out who you are, grinning toothily when your features become clearer to him.
“why’re you on top of me?” he slurs, “d’you like me or smthng?”
“don’t be stupid. also you’re literally the one on top of me.”
“ooh, so dooo.” his voice and face are both irritatingly smug. “you do like me. you wanna kiss me so bad.”
“we’re married, tetsu.”
checks you out when you appear in front of him, giving you a loud whistle. tries to look sexy by leaning against a wall or something but ends up missing the mark and nearly ends up braining himself on the sidewalk. catches himself and straightens, trying to look like the smoothest man alive by slicking back his disheveled hair.
“hey lil mama.”
“yuuji.” you purse your lips in disapproval.
“wow, you know, you look exactly like my girl. it’s a little creepy.”
“that’s probably because i am your girl.”
“oh shit,” your husband lights up and pats down his rumpled clothes in a ridiculous attempt to make himself look more presentable, “really?”
“wanna go on a date?? right now, let’s go. i’ll drive.”
“yuu, you’ve had eight beers.”
angry lil drunk, thinks everyone is trying to steal you from him. snaps at all his friends—cough oikawa cough—to keep their grubby hands off of you. takes off his coat to cover you with even if you’re all bundled up. he’s been drinking alcohol but he’s also been drinking his respect women you juice. gets angry thinking about all the distasteful behavior from other men he’s witnessed throughout the night.
tells you in an impassioned tone, words slurred, “listen to me. don’t ever take any shit from any man, not even me. beat the shit out of them if they treat you bad ok?”
“show me how you make a fist.” he grabs your hand. “you gotta- you gotta make sure to keep your thumb on the outside when you punch ok? here try it, throw one at me.”
“i’m not going to punch you, hajime.”
“but if i’m ever a dick to you-”
normally very good at controlling his drinking but not if the twins have anything to say about it. by the time they’re done with him, sometimes he ends up barely even knowing his name anymore. sleepy drunk, is half dead on his feet when you arrive. tries to look sober by blinking slowly, but his movements are a little uncoordinated. becomes ridiculously affectionate when he registers that it’s you in front of him, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and resting his chin on your shoulder.
“i should...i should bring you home with me...” he murmurs.
“shin, we live together.”
“my grandmother would love you.”
“shin, she knows who i am, we visit her every week.”
“she wants me to get should marry me.”
“shinsuke. we’ve been married for three years.”
Tumblr media
m.list // tip jar 
Tumblr media
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teesumu · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
request: “overhearing them talk about you after a fight. Like they’re pissed and ranting and don’t mean most of the shit they say. Maybe he says he wishes you weren’t together or that your too clingy/needy/annoying. And you just completely pull back. Avoid talking too much just not being you and they notice and think you want to breakup bc ur distant”
genre: angst to fluff
characters: miya atsumu, miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime
a/n: this is from 🌙 anon, hey babe you gave me a couple of ideas but i picked this one ahaha it’s a pretty common one but it’s a classic so i had to !! hope you liked it <3 also ty momo and mai for helping me think of ideas cuz i lack creativity dhdjsjfjfn
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Things between you and Atsumu had been on edge recently, and your latest argument hadn’t helped in the slightest. And while you were trying, it was tough to juggle university, work, and attending each of his games throughout the week, but he’d had a hard time understanding the crushing weight of your stress, opting to take the petty route instead.
“Ya know what, y/n, it’s fine. Ya want ta miss another damn game? Go for it, don’t need ya ta come anyways,” Atsumu huffs at you, shaking his head as he storms off, leaving you with your head in your hands and your laptop glaring back at you with your assignment. Sniffling into your palms, you felt the guilt eat away at you for not being able to support him through his career like you wanted to, so you wiped your face and got to work.
It took you hours of typing away at your screen, not letting yourself take any breaks, but you’d finally reached a good place to stop, having been productive enough to be able to spare yourself enough time to attend his game. Smiling to yourself, you got up to make your way to Atsumu, but you paused when you overheard your name as he spoke to the phone in the kitchen.
“Y/n’s missin’ another game, cos all that matters anymore is them. Can ya believe it, Samu? Spendin’ all their time havin’ fun datin’ an athlete, but when it comes down to it, they don’t wanna come be supportive. Don’t know what I’m even doin’ here anymore,” he muttered the second part, making you freeze. Eyes welling up with tears, you hugged yourself as they silently streamed down your face, stress of the week crashing down on you along with the hurt of your boyfriend’s harsh words. Quietly, you made your way to your bedroom, no longer hungry or in the mood for dinner.
Meanwhile, Atsumu’s gut pooled with guilt as his twin berated him for his words, heart clenching at what he’d said about you. It was a moment of frustration, but it was low all the same, and he regretted it deeply. Deciding he’d go find you, Atsumu began his attempt to be better to you, realizing he’d been unfair.
“Hey, baby,” he whispers. He sees you laying in bed, curled up and facing away from him side, unlike usual when you’re in bed waiting for him. “Don’t ya wanna eat, angel? Ya should have dinner before bed, ya know,” he says softly, sitting beside you. He can make out the red and puffiness of your eyes, and his heart sinks, thinking you’d been crying from the earlier argument. His thumb moves to trace your cheek but you flinch.
Atsumu’s heart drops.
“I’m not hungry,” you mumbled, voice dry. Running a hand through his hair, he looks to the side, unsure how to fix things.
“‘M sorry, y/n, didn’t mean ta be so mean ta ya, ‘m tryin’ ta be more understandin’. I get ya—”
“I’m also tired,” your voice cuts him off dryly, shuffling to face away from him. His blood runs cold when he hears you mumble your next words. “Don’t know what you’re even doing here anyway,” you mutter. His eyes widen and his mouth drops.
You couldn’t have heard. But you did, and Atsumu’s mind starts to race with thoughts of you walking out, and he feels himself shatter, panic clawing at him with a vice grip.
Frantically trying to get you to face him, Atsumu’s heart feels like there’s a gaping hole when you shove his hands off of him, turning to face him with a cold glare.
“Y/n, listen,” he whispers softly, but you cut him off.
“No, it’s okay. You don’t wanna be here, you don’t have to be, you can show yourself out in the morning. Don’t wanna keep a star athlete tied down to me,” you snarl, making his lips quiver. Blinking back tears, he tries to hold your hand, but once again, you snatch your grip away from his, scowling at him. But he can make out the hurt in your eyes so clearly.
“Baby, please, ya know I didn’t mean it,” he whispers. Instantly, you sit up, making his breath hitch as he stares at you. A tears runs down his cheek when you laugh bitterly.
“This whole week, this whole entire week I’ve been losing my damn mind to stress. While you’re having the time of your life being a fancy little athlete, I’ve been living my own life, Atsumu,” you snapped. He felt more of his heart crumble when you called him by his first name instead of your usual nickname. “And you’ve sat here and made me the bad guy for that. Do you hear me complain to my friends when my boyfriend can’t even spend one morning in with me because he’s too busy leaving for workouts and practice? No. Because I’m not selfish like you. So you can go ahead and leave—”
“But I don’t want to,” he whimpered, more tears running down his cheeks. Your heart aches a little for him, but more than anything, you were exhausted. Exhausted from being overworked, exhausted from trying your best, exhausted from being drained by the very person who should’ve made you feel better, and exhausted of screaming about the same thing over and over again. Shrugging, you, lay back down, turning so your back faced Atsumu once more.
“Whatever.” Sniffling, Atsumu molded his body around yours, clutching onto you tightly, tears hitting your neck as he sobbed silently.
“A-are ya really… are ya gonna a-actually make me go? We can… we can fix this y/n, I promise!” He hugged you tighter when you didn’t say anything, breath becoming more labored at the image of you making him pack his bags the next morning and go your separate ways.
He couldn’t bare that.
“‘M sorry! Really, I am, I know… ‘m not perfect, yer so outta my league, yer the one that shouldn’t be here, but… baby ‘m sorry. Promise. I’ll be better, okay? D-don’t make me leave, please don’t,” he whispered. Still, you said nothing. “Y/n?” His voice broke at the end, and along with it, so did your heart, making you cave. This was all you’d wanted, for Atsumu to simply understand how tired you’d been.
Turning, you held your arms open, making him instantly dive into them, clutching your tightly. Rubbing his back softly, you kissed his forehead.
“You know I don’t want to miss them, right?” Nodding, he buried his face into your chest.
“I know,” he whispers. Sighing, you stroke through his hair, pulling him impossibly closer.
“I try my best Tsum, but I don’t live in the same world as you. You gotta understand that, okay? I love you, I try my hardest to make it to every game, but I can’t. I just can’t, baby.” Looking up, his eyes stare into yours, glossy and wide.
“Just don’t wanna have ta live knowin’ ya’ll never come to one again,” he says quietly. You peck his nose, swiping away at a few stray tears with your thumb.
“You won’t, okay? I love you.” Digging his face back into your chest, he hugs you tightly, relaxing when you fingers gently threaded through his locks, scratching his scalp soothingly.
“Love ya too, ‘m sorry,” Atsumu mumbles, laying in your arms as you gently lull him to sleep for the night.
Tumblr media
Osamu slams the door behind him angrily and stomps to your room, taking his jacket off and throwing it somewhere in the distance. Running his hand through his hair, he tries his best to calm down, you coming into the room behind him with a scowl on your face.
You’d spent all of last night arguing, and it’d carried over to errands you both had been running today, specifically grocery shopping. Osamu had been increasingly snappier as he figured out the ins and outs of opening a new branch, and you’d tried your best to tip toe around his meltdowns, but you’d had enough of the attitude. The last straw was when he’d opted to give you the silent treatment while you tried to grocery shop, ending up with you both having a mini argument in the middle of the store.
“I can’t believe you’re making this so large, Osamu,” you spit, making him turn his head to you abruptly. His knuckles are white from his fists clenching, and he grits his teeth at your words.
“Yer kiddin’ me, right?” He gives you a hallow chuckle, no trace of amusement as he shakes his head and marches past you, leaving to go be by himself in the living room. With an exasperated sigh, you sit down for a bit, collecting your thoughts and trying not to let your anger for your boyfriend boil any further.
After some time, you decide to swallow your pride and apologize, figuring he’d been dealing with enough stress as is. Today as a rare day off for him, and you’d wanted it to be relaxing for him, and a good opportunity to spend time together.
But you’re quickly stopped in your tracks when you hear his voice as he speaks into his phone.
“And y/n’s not makin’ this any easier. Ma damn heads just about to explode, they can’t ever appreciate anythin’ I do. ‘M tryna ma darn best to juggle two restaurants and an ungrateful partner, what else do I gotta have on ma plate. I swear, y/n always has ta pick the worst times ta be annoyin’,” he rants, making your face drop and your heart clench. Beginning to doubt yourself, you slowly make your way back to your room, too scared to face Osamu in fear of making him even more stressed.
Osamu feels himself get toppled by the guilt as soon as he hangs up, thinking back to how patient you’d been with him during his mood swings, realizing that had the roles been reversed, he’d have lost his mind from being snapped at so often. Head hung low, he curses himself for speaking lowly of someone as precious to him as you, making his way to the kitchen to get dinner started as a means to make it up to you.
But forty five minutes later, he calls for you and receives no answer. Frowning, he makes his way to your bedroom, watching your mindlessly scroll through your phone as he stands at the doorway.
“Y/n, dinners ready, ya know,” he offers. You simply shrug.
“Okay, I’ll eat later.” Furrowing his eyebrows, he walks up to you, sitting beside you in bed.
“Don’t ya wanna eat now? ‘M hungry,” he insists. Again, you simply shrug, not daring to look up and meet his eyes.
“Whatever, Samu, I’ll eat later. You can eat without me,” you huff. You can’t understand why he’s so insistent to eat with you when your presence seems to put him so on edge. With a deep sigh, you finally look up at him. “Can you just go keep to yourself? I don’t wanna keep annoying you during bad times, okay?” Mouth agape, he stared at you in shock for a few moments before blinking to collect himself.
“Y/n, baby, ‘m sorry ya had to hear that—”
“No, you should be sorry you spoke to someone about me like that. If I bother you, I’ll keep to myself,” you mumble. “You don’t have to worry about me being ungrateful, I’ll just stay in here till you’re less stressed.” Osamu stares at his hands for a bit in shame, trying to think of how to best articulate to you he didn’t mean the words he’d rambled in his moment of rage. All that comes out is a whispered apology.
“‘M really sorry,” he whispers, grabbing your hand. You offer no response, scrolling through your phone with the other. Carefully, he comes closer, hesitantly laying his head on your chest, hugging you close. “I just… I don’t know how ta deal with the pressure, ‘s a lot. Didn’t expect it. ‘M messin’ it all up, even things with ya,” he confesses, voice small. “Didn’t mean it, I swear. ‘M really sorry.”
Finally, you sigh, carding your fingers through his hair, pulling him in closer. His face instantly finds your neck, clutching onto you tightly.
“You need to manage your stress better, Samu, you snap at me too much,” you mumble.
“I know,” his voice whispers.
“It’ll be okay,” you promise, kissing his forehead. “Let’s go have dinner, we can talk about it after.” Shaking his head, he grips you tighter.
“Wanna stay like this for a bit.” Smiling softly, you kiss his forehead again, settling down with him in your arms.
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi had woken up on the wrong side of the bed for what seemed like the millionth time this week. As much as he wanted to spend time with you, he simply couldn’t find it in him to enjoy being around you, or anyone for that matter. So, he’d spent the days out, keeping to himself and getting errands done while you patiently waited for him.
He’d barely responded to texts, missed out on meals together, and hadn’t spent time with you unless it was to sleep in bed beside you. You couldn’t help but get the wrong idea.
“God, for the last time y/n, I’m not tired of you, can you quit bringing this up again,” Iwaizumi groans, rubbing his face as he slumps onto the couch. Hugging yourself, you stand there, looking down at your feet and you shuffled around.
“Well, you don’t really seem to wanna be around me much and—”
“I’m busy,” he cuts you off. This time, irritated, you roll your eyes, looking at him with a glare.
“Well, it takes two to make a relationship work, and I still do my part when I’m busy. Quit running away—”
“I am not in the mood for this,” he cuts you off loudly, glaring at you with equal harshness, making your shoulders sag and eyes water. With a soft sigh, you simply turn around, giving up on the conversation and heading to your room.
You debate for the next hour what you could’ve done to have made Iwaizumi avoid your presence so much, and before you can help yourself, doubts begin to creep up and haunt you. You can’t help but wonder if he’d grown less and less fond of the idea of being with you, and before you can stop yourself, you rush out of your room, ready to find your boyfriend to try and have the conversation one more time.
But your heart is even more wounded when you hear his voice, your name tumbling past his lips, laced with bitterness rather than the usual sweet tone.
“And y/n is being so damn insecure about everything, no matter what I do, it’s always gotta lead back to them somehow. I’m just tired, I wanna be along, and all they’re on about it spending more time together, don’t I get enough from living with you?” Your ears and face burn and your hands clutch the edges of your shirt as you walk back to your room instantly, feelings too hurt to face him, embarrassment filling you from hearing the way your boyfriend had spoken about you to someone else.
Iwaizumi pauses when he hears the bedroom door softly shut, instantly realizing you must’ve heard. Quickly, he makes an excuse to hang up, hesitantly making his way to your bedroom, suddenly crushed under the weight of his overwhelming guilt.
Trudging into the room, he offers you a tight smile, one you don’t reciprocate. Sighing, he sits at the foot of your bed, fiddling with his fingers.
“I bet you heard that, huh?” Shrugging, you stared down at your lap.
“I guess,” you whisper.
“Listen, I—”
“Do you not love me anymore? Because then I don’t wanna waste my time somewhere I’m not wanted,” you cut him off, voice small, eyes welled with tears as you refuse to meet his own. Iwaizumi’s heart beats rapidly in his chest, panic arising at the thought of returning home with your belongings gone. With a harsh shake of his head, he comes closer, trying to grab your hand. You don’t let him.
“God no, baby, I’m sorry, okay? I just—”
“It’s whatever, Hajime,” you whisper, making his breath hitch. “Sorry I was so insecure, I bet that was annoy—”
“No, I’m sorry for not giving you any effort. I bet that was annoying. I’m… I’m really sorry,” he pleads. You don’t answer, and he feels himself slowly lose more and more composure. “Baby,” he whispers. “Can you say something? Please?”
“I don’t know what I’m supposed to say,” you mutter. “I don’t know what you want from me, or with me, or what I’m doing here anymore.” Taking a shaky breath, he grabs your hand, squeezing tightly.
“Just say you’ll let me fix it and I’ll show you why you’re here,” he pleads, voice wavering a bit. Squeezing again, he brings your hands up to kiss your knuckles, looking at you with wide eyes, pleading for you to say what he desperately wants to here. “Trust me, I’ll fix it.”
“You’ve been avoiding me all week, what was I supposed to think?” Nodding, he shuffles closer, eyes begging you to let him nearer.
“I know, I know, and I’m—”
“And then you spoke poorly about me to someone like it was my fault. How’s it on me that you can’t communicate?” Lips wobbling, he clears his throat, trying to fight back the tears at the thought that this could be the moment you walk out on him.
“I’ll be better for you,” Iwaizumi croaks. “I promise I will, I’ll be better about talking to you and I’m sorry I said those things, I didn’t mean them. I promise.” He continues to stare at you with wide eyes, making you bite your bottom lip. With one last heavy sigh, you reach over and cup his cheek.
“Okay, you better fix it then,” you murmur. “You can’t just disappear like that,” you warn. Nodding, he pulls you into his arms, resting his cheek on your head, sighing when he feels your hand trail up and down his chest.
“I know. Im sorry,” he whispers, kissing your head gently.
Tumblr media
reblogs are really appreciated !!
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weisying · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy birthday iwaizumi hajime! » 「10.06」
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rowdymice · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy birthday oikawaaaaa
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inarizahki · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Details: reactions to an accidental(?) locker-crashing manager  With: so many A/N: please im lov them
Tumblr media
— subtle flexing, stretching, fleeting glances to see if you’re watching; matsukawa, hanamaki, osamu, aran, BOKUTO ("manager, my shoulders are really sore, could you massage them a bit? 🥺")
— hurts himself tripping over a bench trying to cover up; hinata, kageyama, IWAIZUMI (pls, he doesn’t want his body exposed to the cute manager he’s been crushing on for the last few months), kenma, goshiki, hoshiumi
— pretends everything is normal and sidles up to you to talk to you while leaning against a locker...still shirtless; OIKAWA (get ready to be kabedoned), kuroo, daishou, suna
— spontaneous modeling session; nishinoya, tanaka, terushima, ATSUMU ("flash photography is allowed 😉"), tendou, lev
— turns red and just kind of freezes (deerinheadlights.png); yamaguchi, asahi, AONE (big baby, he hunches over and blushes so hard), kindaichi
— veryyy slowly finishes getting dressed; akaashi, SAKUSA (looks annoyed at you the whole time but he secretly likes it), kita, washio, semi
— kicks you out; daichi, tsukishima, kyoutani, USHIJIMA ("this is the men’s locker room 🧍🏻")
Tumblr media
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215-luv · a month ago
KAGEYAMA: he’s like a ‘touch her and you die’ type of guy which is charming and intimidating at the same time. he either just follows you by your side or behind you to watch out for ‘threats’ incase if you get hurt or something. this is probably one of the reasons why people don’t approach you a lot cause all they see is this scary ass setter ready to throw hands if they fuck up their chance to talk to you smh
KUROO: will have you wear his jacket everytime you feel cold so it turns into a habit that you’d run off to kuroo’s classroom to borrow his jacket and this dude LOVES it when he’s walking across the room to show everyone he’s handing you his sweater. he just can’t stop the smirk forming on his lips when he sees it being draped over your figure, because that way everyone will know you are only his <3
SAKUSA: death glares. definitely. mans will stand five meters away from you and will send a glare to anyone who dares to tries to flirt with you. he’s like kageyama?? but more aggressive because he wouldn’t want anyones germs to be touching you (he’s definitely got the cute hand sanitizers for you!!)
AKAASHI: hovers his arm infront of you or rather blocks you from the sight of the person who made you feel intimidated. that way, he has more control over protecting you from them. doesn’t even let them talk to you unless he is proven that this person won’t hurt you both mentally and physically.
IWAIZUMI: has his hand resting on your lower back. it makes him feel more comfortable cause he knows he can pull you against his body whenever you are about to bump against something. the same thing happened when someone accidentally collided their body against yours, causing your boyfriend to stay alert, pulling you close to him by your waist with a ‘tsk’ as he glares at the person who accidentally bumped you.
TSUKISHIMA: is the first one to speak up when someone tries to offend you. the teacher calls you out during class? your boyfriend immediately claps back with a witty remark that got the whole class laughing over their now embarrassed teacher. another time a classmate of yours told you to shut up and you bet this dude isn’t afraid to tell her off infront of the whole class. after that incident you were completely untouchable lmao. he doesn’t let anyone bully you but himself alone
KENMA: holds your hand with you behind him as the both of you are walking in a crowded area. actually depends if he knows the place cause there will be times where he will be the one to follow behind you - but that doesn’t stop him from having the fear of losing you himself in the crowd. holding your hand just makes him feel better knowing you’ll be safe on his sight <3
MATTSUKAWA: has a hand resting on your shoulder or waist when the both of you are standing - specifically those times where you’re waiting in line so he’ll get kinda bored and slides his hand on your shoulder, pulling your back against his chest so he can tuck your head under his chin (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
SUNA: tugs onto the hem of your shirt when he wants to pull you back or to let you stop on your tracks. he’s very observant when the both of you are walking around cause sometimes you get distracted to not notice your surroundings, so he’ll be in charge of keeping you away from getting yourself hurt. mans will just pull you on the back of your collar and wordlessly hold your hand so he’d be the one to lead the way instead.
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anxiousbabybirdb · 2 months ago
The following men would carry you to the kitchen at midnight because you wanted cereal and couldn’t walk after how hard they’d fucked you:
Tumblr media
Aone—cradles you gently in his arms and carries you to the kitchen, delicately sits you in a chair before he gets everything for you and brings it to the table. He never means to fuck your that hard, he’s just big in more ways than one.
Atsumu—he gives you a piggy back ride and keeps looking over his shoulder, smirking at you and how fucked out and cute you look. He sits you on the kitchen counter and you both giggle and eat a whole box of cereal from one giant mixing bowl.
Bokuto—he tosses you over his shoulder, still careful not to hurt you further, and drops you on top of the kitchen table and makes you sit there. He grabs everything, scoops you back up in his arms, then makes his way to the couch where he sits down, sits you between his legs, and rests his chin on your shoulder while you eat.
Daichi—he knows you can’t walk after the many rounds, so when you say you’re hungry, he’s sweeping you up in his arms and carrying you to the kitchen before you even ask. He sits you on a bar stool at the counter, grabs everything you want, and stands next to you, leaning his body on the counter while you eat. He watches you lovingly and when you ask what he’s doing, he says, “Wondering if this is night I finally managed to fuck a baby into you.” You choke on your cereal but it’s fine, he pats your back and then feeds you himself, a kiss between every bite.
Iwaizumi—he carries you like a koala on his chest, arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist. He deposits you on the kitchen counter before grabbing everything you want, and a bottle of water you didn’t ask for but is handed to you expectantly, and he stands between your legs and massages your sore thighs while you eat your cereal. He carries you back to bed gently and cuddles you has you cockwarm him all night sore body be damned.
Mattsun—teases you the whole time but ultimately picks you up and carries you to the kitchen like a princess, cuddles to his chest with his arms behind your back and under your knees. He sits you at the table and leaves to grab everything with a bow. He sits next to you and insists on feeding you because you’re ‘Daddy’s cute princess that can’t walk after being fucked so good’. A hefty smack to his arm gets him to stop teasing and he’ll just watch you eat all lovingly. Or you can let him feed you, honestly, he doesn’t mind.
Osamu—he carries you down like a princess, bridal style and immensely careful, knowing just how broken your body felt from his taking advantage of his first night off in weeks. He deposits you on the counter next to the stove and stands between your legs, trying to convince you to let him cook you something good, something healthy and nourishing and better than a bowl of sugary cereal. However, he relents and kisses the pout from your face when you assure him you just want cereal. He hops up on the counter next to you eating a bowl of fruit while you eat your cereal, stopping you to feed you little bites of fruit and steal kisses between bites of your cereal.
Suna—you’re hungry at midnight, the man is so game for that. He’s another one to give you a piggy back ride, careful but playful as he takes you to the kitchen. He sits you down in the living room on the couch and covers you with a blanket, knowing you’re probably cold from being naked aside from his shirt. He gets you what you want, adding a banana to the tray so you have something more filling, and brings a tray of cereal, fruit and water to you. He sits on the other end of the couch, your legs in his lap while you eat, his large hands massaging your calves and feet for you while you eat. The second you’re done, he’s pulling you in his lap and cuddling you though, wanting you close (and spitting in your mouth, it’s better than the cereal).
Tanaka—he happily carries you into the kitchen, koala style. He sits you on the counter, grabs everything, and hops up on the counter next to you. He feeds you bites of dry cereal from his hand and you do the same, pouring milk in one another’s mouth after each handful of cereal. It’s all laughs and smiles with him.
Ushijima—he carries you bridal style and carries you around the kitchen, stopping at the pantry for you to grab the cereal and at the cabinet to grab bowls and spoons, before he seats himself at the kitchen table and rests you comfortably on his lap. He presses kisses to your neck the whole time you eat and whispers sweet nothings in your ear.
Tumblr media
A/N: This was brought to you by cocoa pebbles at midnight 💙 And thank you to my evil twin Ryder for coming up with Tanaka’s, you’re a genius.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @introloves @goldenshoyo @chaoticryder @managertae @undxrworld @zhongh-li
Tumblr media
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takkyb1 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday Iwa-chan!!
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amalthea-000 · 2 months ago
‘ he compares you to his ex ⅱ ,
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst to fluff, arguments and what nots, some romantic undertones
☞ 📍 tw📍: swearing, slight insecurity, being compared to, judged eating habits (dm if i missed one)
☞ with: timeskip! suna, iwaizumi x f!reader
wc: 1356 words
note: again, please dni if you ever feel triggered with topics like these, your comfort first! default name for the exes lol please send an ask if you want other haikyuu men for this series. :)) thank you for reading and taking interest in this series, here’s the 2nd part requested by @iiishaa​  !!
| masterlist | pt. 1 with miya twins | pt. 3 kuroo & ushi |
Tumblr media
° iwaizumi hajime:
- having a boyfriend as an athletic trainer has its perks, he always makes sure that both of you are on top shape when it comes to health. but then again, your body could not handle the vigorous routines and diets athletes/clients he handles carry out. sadly, iwaizumi pushes you to limits beyond.
difficult it may be, you try to follow iwaizumi's instructions, almost treating you like his clients, who were professionals and amateurs. but you? you were far from those people, you'd like to have your own freedom when it comes to exercising and food intake, nevertheless you comply because the smile on his face during your sessions are worth the fatigue.
 although sometimes iwaizumi seems to forget you were not his client but his lover.
"look haji, I've been craving this meal since last week, can you get of my back?" you reason, as soon as hajime saw the bag you're holding he lectured you about how trans fats and carbs will affect your body, you sigh and sit on the table, "no matter how many times you say that, I'm still going to eat this ‘cuz i bought it, if you want some, you can join me" not sparing him a glance since the aroma of the cheeseburger makes your mouth quiver in excitement. iwaizumi scoffed, 
"mika wouldn't pig out like you. tsk."
 mika? pig out? you? your mouth fell open at the words that came out of iwaizumi’s mouth. you let out a small “what?” hearing what he said to you left nasty thoughts in your head, you lost your appetite and immediately threw away the take away bag. iwaizumi just stood there frozen, mouth agape at what he just said. as you exited the kitchen, stopping beside him, “sorry, i can’t be like your perfect mika” you voice was shaky but you roll your eyes and slam the door to your bedroom. as soon as he heard those words, guilt hit him like a wave.
 you completely understood that iwaizumi just wanted the best for you but you didn’t deserve to be treated like that. angry tears were running down your face, the lecture was understandable but to bring her up? was a low blow, does he still think of her? was she better than you? ugh. you bring your knees closer and cried.
 on the other hand, the man in question was pacing back and forth in the kitchen, trying to figure out how to approach you. why am i such a dick? he thought. he truly did care for you but it was purely accidental when he said that comment. he rubbed his faced with his calloused hands and decided to knock on the bedroom door, “hey” no answer. his heart dropped the moment he saw your slumped figure sitting on the window sill with your knees on your chest. the ache in his chest grew when he heard your muffled sobs. 
 he immediately sat infront of you and cautiously touched your arm rubbing it with his thumb, iwaizumi was never good with words but he made sure that every embrace and fleeting touches he gives you are full of love and affection. you look up and he winced at the state he put you in. “baby, shit- ‘m sorry” he leaned his forehead on your arm, “are you going back to her?” his head shoots up “no! baby, no” he pulls you to his lap and cradles your figure, “shit, baby no, i’m yours, fuc-” “really?” he pulls away and cups your face with one hand, “yes, baby, always” he kissed your temple, still holding you close, 
“’m sorry, baby. how about we get those burgers again?”
° suna rintarou:
- weekends with suna are the best, just like him you love staying in and lazying around your home. it’s either binging your favorite movies or just basking in each others’ presence. your personalities contrasted, you were more talkative and outgoing, as rin is more quiet and prefers to listen. no matter the tiny difference in your personalities you loved each other very much.
but there was something about this particular weekend where suna just wanted peace and quiet, maybe it’s the tough training routines but one thing was straight, he just wanted a quiet and relaxing weekend with you. but you had other plans, you made a reservation to this interesting place your friend told you about and wanted to take your boyfriend there. 
as soon as you got home you excitedly told him about what you had in store for the both of you. he groaned in annoyance but you shrugged that off, while you were talking, he took out his phone and just started scrolling, he was lowkey ignoring you, “are you listening, rin? i mean what do you think?” you ask, and that’s where the heated discussion about "trying new things” started, words were exchanged calmly but each rebuttal was filled with bane.
“we always stay at home, rin, atleast do this for me?“ you insisted, “it’s always about you, y/n“ he deadpanned, you scowl at him “what’s that supposed to mean? look, i planned this for us, to have fun“ suna raised a brow at you, “and what makes you think that i’d agree?” you were starting to get really annoyed by his attitude, “rin, what’s with the attitude? it’s just a one fucking day with me, outside” you got up from the dining chair to get a glass of water, 
“nari never forced me to do stupid things, but you? tsk. it was so easy with her.“
 before suna even realizes what he said you slam the glass on the counter, gritting your teeth, “fuck you, suna” and left. the middle blocker just sat there gripping his phone, a frustrated groan left his lips as he stood up, made his way to the couch and decided to wait for you to come home. suna may look calm on the outside but with every tick of the clock his worry increases and leaves vile thoughts on what might happen to you or if you decide to disappear in his life for good. he didn’t even notice how his eyes got moist due to the situation. 
“come back to me, baby”
 god knows how long you’ve been driving but you couldn’t face suna right now, not after the shit he pulled. without thinking, your mind led you to yours and suna’s bench on top of the hill near your apartment, you pulled over and rest your head on the steering wheel, and there go the waterworks. how could he just casually mention her? were you really forcing him to do things? does he really think she’s better? after sometime, your grew tired of crying and thinking, so you made your way home. either way you have to face him.
 as soon as suna heard the front door open, he scurried to you and took you in his arms, your body jolts at the sudden affection, you hear him mumbling thank yous’, sorrys’ and you’re okay multiple times. you never saw him this worried since you met him, it’s kind of odd but comforting. he led you to the couch and sat you on his lap and nuzzle his head to your chest, “princess, i’m really sorry, i fucked up, i know, just i- mph” he sniffed, to think that you ran out of tears from crying earlier, here you were again, suna always had his walls up, to see him this vulnerable melted your heart, beacuse it just shows he truly loves you.
 you wrap your arms around his neck, “i know, rin. ‘was really hurtful you know?” you feel him nod “do you still think of her?” his body stiffens and pulls away, “how could i think of her? when I think about you all the time?” he gently caress your cheek “’was just really tired, i didn’t mean it ok?” “okay” you latch your self to him again, “can we stay like this? forever?” you chuckle, his grip on your waist tightens and he plants a soft kiss on your nape, “forever.”
Tumblr media
hello guys! ahhh here’s second part with suna and iwa. hope you like this aisha & everyone! sorry if it wasn’t up to par but i did my best <3 well someone actually told me iwa’s line hahah ‘twas bad but hey i still got to eat hte burger ahaha ahh anyways thank you for reading this, lemme give you all hugs and kithes <3. stay safe everyone and sanitize well. drink water!!!
- khlara
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit​ @gayerthanthee​ @iiishaa​
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luvbub · 2 months ago
Hi lovely! Could you please write something where the reader took ages to be physically comfortable with the character like holding hands and hugging and then in a fight, they say something like “you’re too clingy” or something? Maybe with Iwaizumi, Atsumu and Oikawa? Thank you xx
calling you clingy
Tumblr media
feat.  Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Oikawa
♡ warning: hurt/comfort
♡ a/n: ??? sorry I dont know how to feel about my writing lol enjoy pls
Tumblr media
What you and Atsumu were arguing about was beyond your knowledge at this point. But the two of you were just throwing harsh words at one another, frustrated and tired that this fight was even going on.
“And you know what, you’re too damn clingy all of the time!” Atsumu spat at you. He was just listing a bunch of flaws you had, but that one stuck out to you the most.
Clingy? You took a step back from him, still trying to reel in his words. When the two of you first started dating, you let Atsumu know that it would take some time for you to get comfortable with physical touch. And he understood completely. It took you a long time to initiate intimate acts with your boyfriend, and you always felt guilty for taking too long. But Atsumu was always so patient with you.
So what went wrong now?
“You think I’m too clingy?” you ask, and Atsumu nods, still tense from the argument.
“Yeah, it’s nearly suffocating Y/n” he says, and you do your best to hold back your tears. Because it sure as hell hurts to hear your boyfriend to tell you that you’re too much- especially since you had to work really hard at getting used to being affectionate with him.
“I understand...” you murmur, apologizing for your actions. When the argument had eased up a bit, you went to bed, reflecting on yourself. Maybe Atsumu had a point- you did have always rush up to him for hugs and kisses. In your defense, you found them enjoyable- but if your boyfriend wasn’t comfortable with it.. maybe it was best to stop.
So that’s what you did. You kept your physical distance with him for the next few days. You didn’t kiss him good morning anymore, didn’t hug him was soon as he got home from practice. It was highly reminiscent of how you were at the beginning of the relationship.
And it took Atsumu a few nights to even realize this.
Obviously the first night after the fight, he didn’t try and initiate and intimacy with you since there was still some tension between the two of you. But as the days went on and things seemingly returned to normal, there was no denying that something was different about you.
He couldn’t place it at first. It was odd since you talked to him like you usually did. So what changed?
On your end, it was pretty easy to fall back into the habit of physically distancing yourself from your boyfriend- especially now that you knew how much it bothered him. But even if it was easy to revert back, you still couldn’t help but feel resentful towards yourself for even putting Atsumu in an uncomfortable situation. From all viewpoints it was your fault- had you toned down your actions maybe the two of you wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.
When he came home from practice one day, exhausted from overworking himself, all Atsumu wanted was to cuddle with you.
“Y/n!!! I’m so tirrreeeed” he jokingly whines, holding out his arms and expecting you to come up to him and wrap your arms around him like you always did.
“Oh, rough day at practice today?” you ask, not looking up from your phone.
Atsumu slowly drops his arms and pouts at you, making his way over to the couch and plopping right next to you.
He takes in your reaction, how you glance quickly over before adjusting yourself to be further away from him. You tried to make it seem natural- but Atsumu was sharp enough to notice how your actions were all intentional. Before you could distance yourself even more, Atsumu quickly rests his head on your lap- effectively leaving you trapped.
“I- ‘Tsumu what are you-” you start to ask before you hear your boyfriend mumbling.
“You’ve been avoiding me. Not hugging me like always, not cuddling me like you usually do... are you still upset with me?” he asks, a small pout forming on his face.
You blink a couple times, confused at his words.
“You said th-that... You said that I was too clingy... So I wanted to give you your space” you answer back, looking anywhere but your boyfriend’s face. Atsumu quickly sat up, grasping at your hands to hold them firmly in his own. When you finally look at him, panic is strewn across his face.
“Wait, no.. I didn’t mean that at all Y/n! No, I love it when you’re affectionate with me, all the time” he says, trying to reassure you and retract his own words.
Finally, the tears you didn’t get to cry that first night he berated you finally came out. You were sobbing- a lot, crying how unfair it was for your boyfriend to say something like that, how you missed having him so close to you these past few days. Atsumu pulls you closer to him and cradles you, letting you cry your feelings out.
“I’m so sorry Y/n, I really didn’t mean it though. ” he whispers softly as your sobs begin to die down. You don’t say anything back to him- only replying with a small nod. You understood him completely- but that didn’t necessarily mean you were over this issue. And Atsumu knew that. He knew that he had set things back a few step, something he would forever be kicking himself for.
But for now, he would be the one initiating all contact with you, hoping that he could undo his own mistakes and bring you to be more comfortable with him again. And for you, Atsumu was willing todo that.
It wasn’t even a serious fight. So why were you and your boyfriend just butting heads and screaming at one another? At this point the argument went from trying to rationally explain your side to just seeing who was able to piss off the other the most.
And it looked like Iwaizumi was winning.
“Whatever Hajime, why don’t you just fuck off” you yell, turning away from him and ready to just walk away from this whole dispute.
“Real funny hearing that from the clingiest fucking person on this planet” he yells back- and you stop dead in your tracks.
You turn back to face him, the anger from your face completely gone. Now you had a look of confusion and slight hurt.
“..You.. you think I’m clingy?” you ask, your voice a whole lot softer- a stark contrast to how you were just a few seconds ago.
And you had every right to this abrupt change in attitude, as your boyfriend’s words had struck a nerve with you. You were never the most comfortable when it comes to any sort displays of affection. Early in the relationship, every time Iwaizumi would try to hold your hand or wrap his arm around your shoulder you would flinch and scoot away from him. Of course this misunderstanding led to a rocky start, but after having an honest conversation with your boyfriend, he came to understand where you were at.
It’s not like you wanted to always shy away from hand holding and hugs- you yearned for them too. It was just that it would take a while for you to ease into these actions. And Iwaizumi never made it feel like a rush- like you had to quickly get over this little roadblock and be able to be affectionate with him. No, he waited for you- and even if you weren’t able to become fully comfortable, Iwaizumi was okay with that too.
So all of this seemed like a slap in the face to you.
Your sudden change in tone caught Iwaizumi’s attention and he looked at your face, noticing the ever so slight distraught on it. And in that same second, he came to realize his own words and the situation around it. You saw the instant regret he had.
“Wait no Y/n, I didn’t mean-”
“No, it’s okay Hajime..” you reply, trying hard not to think about it so you wouldn’t cry in front of him. But Iwaizumi read you easily. He nudged his head to the sofa.
He sat down first, patting right next to him for you to sit. But when you decidedly sit a bit further from him, Iwaizumi knew he already did some damage to you.
Of course you just wanted to jump into his arms and cuddle him right then and there as he tried to reassure you- but if he didn’t mean what he said, why would he even say it? Surely those words came from some truth, right?
Iwaizumi reached out his hand to grab yours and was relieved when you didn’t pull away.
“You know, I don’t know why I said that. To be honest, I was just frustrated. I mean I still am- since we never really resolved anything and since I hurt your feelings too. And before you could say you’re fine, just know that your face says otherwise.” he starts, watching as you close your mouth and pout a bit. He knew you too well.
“But, l don’t know if you believe me but do know I’m incredibly sorry for even saying that. None of it is true, you’re not clingy at all and I absolutely love it when you’re the one who starts all the affection”
You tentatively scooted closer to your boyfriend, gauging his reaction. Even after he had just went on about how he didn’t see you that way- you had your doubts.
Your boyfriend sighs, and in one swift motion pulls you into his arms, instantly cuddling you. 
Before he could even say anything again, you speak first.
“I know I know Hajime... You don’t mean it at all... but I’m still a bit cautious you know. Because I don’t want to be too much and I certainly don’t want you to lie to make me feel better...”
"I see... well I can’t argue against that- those feelings are completely valid. But if it helps at all, I’d like you to know that if I ever feel the slightest bit overwhelmed, I would just ask for some space and not insult you with things that aren’t even true, alright?”
You nod back at him, “I know Hajime” and you did. It would be hard to regain that bit of confidence you had lost, but hearing your boyfriend say these things made it all the easier for you.
“I’m glad” he murmurs, kissing your forehead. He honestly lucked out that things didn’t get any worse for the two of you. As careless as he was with his words, he was extremely grateful you were extremely understanding of him and his mistake. Oh how lucky he was to be with someone like you.
On days where the two of you were feeling especially stubborn, your arguments would last just as long. It was stressful for the both of you- obviously the two of you wanted for it to all be over, but you both were being absolutely stubborn this time around.
And as a way to ease up on his frustrations, Oikawa would often talk to Iwaizumi on the phone. Oftentimes you had walked past the bedroom, hearing snippets of the conversation. You would roll your eyes when you heard your boyfriend complain about how stubborn you were being- he was being childish after all. But one particular comment made you stop dead in your tracks.
“God- yeah Y/n is just... so clingy, you know? I feel like they’re just always attached to my hip no matter what.” Oikawa groans into the phone.
You quickly flee the scene, heading to the restroom in order to rethink what you had just heard. You sat on the floor of the restroom, and before you knew it, tears were rolling down your cheeks. Because out of all the possible insults Oikawa could have thrown at you- clingy was the one that shocked you the most.
It was honestly so hard to be affectionate with your boyfriend when you first started dating, for a multitude of reasons. First off, you just felt uneasy initiating touch with him just because you felt overly cautious with your actions. Second, his fans only made you feel less confident about your role as Oikawa’s s/o. His fangirls always tried to get close to your boyfriend, and seeing them get all touchy with him when you couldn’t only reinforced your reluctance.
But Oikawa was understanding, and for most of your relationship, he would be the one to start the cutesy actions, being very patient with you. The first time you even hugged him was the biggest deal to him.
So the fact that he called you clingy... made you feel conflicted. This entire time you felt insecure about not being enough for your boyfriend, and now you were too much. The best solution, in your eyes, was to take a step back. Keep a distance from your boyfriend and hope that giving him space would solve everything.
A week into your self-distancing from your boyfriend went by, and you were hating every single day of it. You wanted to curl up into him before going to bed, or hold hands with him in public like you used to. The other day you saw his fans clamor around him, and you felt that same stinging sensation in your heart that you experienced early in your relationship. How come he didn’t see them as clingy?
Whatever the case may be, you tried to carry on with your days. Even though technically your little spat from earlier had resolved itself, you still felt some tension being around Oikawa. And soon you found yourself back in the same place you were a week ago- outside the bedroom listening in on your boyfriend’s conversation with Iwaizumi.
“Iwa-chan, do you think Y/n is mad at me? They’re avoiding me and I’m actually really worried-” Oikawa stopped talking when he caught sight of you at the doorway. He hung up the phone, directing all of his attention onto you now. But before he could get a word in, you explain yourself.
“I’m not mad Tooru... I just didn’t want to bother you. I know I’ve been pretty clingy lately and I wanted to give you your space...” you mumble.
Oikawa gets up immediately, his brows furrow as he processes your words. Because not once did he give you the idea that you could possibly be clingy. In fact the only time he’s ever said that was-
Oh. Oh no.
“Wait Y/n I didn’t...” Oikawa stops himself. He can’t outright deny what he said, because he did say it and you did hear it.
“Look, I said that yes, but I honestly was just frustrated from out argument and I just started complaining about you to Iwaizumi. I don’t actually think that of you.” Oikawa. says, opening his arms up for you.
You hesitate for a second before walking up to him and hugging him back. Oikawa saw this hesitation and just wanted to turn back time to that day. Because even if you did know that Oikawa didn’t mean it- and surely he didn’t, his phone call with Iwaizumi just now proved that- that didn’t change how you felt. He still said it that first time, and that shook your confidence.
Oikawa hugs you tighter, “I messed up, didn’t I?” he sighs.
You lift your head to look at your boyfriend.
“It’s okay Tooru. I’m just a little shaken up but uh.. but I’d like to think that I’ll get over this” you reply with a small smile.
“Y/n, I don’t know why you’re reassuring me when I’m the one who should be doing that” he chuckles, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
When all was said and done, Oikawa carried you to bed for cuddles. And as he holds you close to him, he can’t help but beat himself over something that could have been so easily avoided. All he knew that for the rest of his life, he would try and show you how much he enjoyed your presence and be the one to start any form of physical affection with you.
Even if you got over this incident completely, Oikawa wanted to make it clear how much he loves and adores you.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST (bolded ones i’m unable to tag 🥺): @kaidashie @clumsydaisy @honicup @simplyarayofsunshine @elianetsantana @aoirohi @sunaluvs @excitedlysuffering @kaito-thedumbass @tadashi-simp @mattsunbeam @keijis--onigiri @heyheyitsne @chagi-nana @megumeee @lilytheprincesse3 @gabixiio  @neavil @p3rcylov3 @sashaadams18 @jarcinda @yeinscreation @i-need-entertainment @shonin-mai @shinsos-hoe @crescentbitch @xedspirits @cindyttnx @empreads @elidepenes @aukkape @the-astrumnauta @ssuna @krystalmoonuniverse @lilolpotato @akaahshii @sciencekidkuroo @kou-levisworld @bokubonk @chaelysian @keijitimes @jooppp @airybnb @rintarouv @tsumtsumya @mosssi @sakusasmaskkk @iloveu-xoxo @queerjaguar @tabipleats​
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ritnaro · 20 days ago
good luck charm
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes. hinata shoyo, atsumu miya, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto kotaro, ushijima wakatoshi, kageyama tobio, iwaizumi hajime, aran ojiro, suna rintaro x f!reader
cw. orgy? fingering, objectification? [they call you their good luck charm], oral [receiving and giving], face sitting, degradation, praise, nipple play, vaginal penetration, size kink, voyeurism, use of pet name "bunny", dacryphilia, mentions of past hookups, creampie, squirting, dumbification, double penetration, use of pet name puppy
wc. 5.8k
a/n. my part for @somecravings gangbang collab!! thank you for letting me join, also thank you to the lovely @iheartkuroorin for beta reading!!
+ @hqintheclub
Tumblr media
it started out nice, like most things do. a nice team dinner to celebrate the upcoming game, and the victory they were sure to win. then hinata pointed out to atsumu they were going to be late.
“late for what?”
atsumu slightly jumps at the sudden question, ushijima’s voice only deepened with the years, strong vocals were sure enough to frighten him. “nothin’ much, we’re just gonna pay a visit to our good luck charm” atsumu says.
everyone except the msby members looked at them confused, wondering what could he mean by—
“good luck... charm?” suna asks, a fire of curiosity evident in his eyes.
“our manager,” atsumu answers. “she’s the prettiest thing you’ll ever meet, a sweet lil’ thing that lets us fuck ‘er every day before a game”
“and we always end up winning the next day” hinata finished his sentence, a drunk look on his eyes despite him not having an ounce of alcohol. he was thinking about you, how pretty you’d looked the last time he and his teammates fucked you, and how you were probably waiting on them with one of your pretty matching underwear right about now.
“come to think of it, since we’re all in the same team... shouldn’t we share her with the rest?” bokuto says, pitching in an idea no one could refuse.
so you stand in front of your small apartment door after hearing the doorbell, expecting the same four men that would visit you every day before a match, certainly not expecting to find nine well built men waiting on you to open the door.
you hesitate to say anything, and for a split second, the thought of slamming the door crosses your mind. it would be rude wouldn’t it?
“hey darlin’” atsumu greets, the first one to step into your apartment and make himself at home. taking off his coat as you watch the rest of the team step in after him. “we brought some company this time” he smirks
“hope ya don’ mind” he places a quick peck to your cheek and walks over to the bedroom. you’re left to look as they follow atsumu to the room, each of them eyeing you out in your crop top and skirt, evidently a little too short for you as it outlines the curve of your ass a little too much. a provocative outfit you'd worn for the expected men, not for the newly visiting.
you're still shocked they could do something like this, a kin to bringing new customers to a lady of the night, after they've been so possessive over you.
your train of thought flashes over to previous nights where they would fuck you, one by one, making sure to put you in your place after being a little too friendly to someone. replays of all of them spitting in your mouth and telling you who you belonged to as they fucked you into overstimulation.
"ya comin'?" atsumu calls from the other room. you follow him like a lost puppy between all the tall bodies that surround you, to find him sitting on your bed, bed resting against the headboard in comfort.
you look at him concerned, "i didn't agree to so many people" you shoot at him while he fakes a pout in hopes you'll join him in bed while everybody watches.
"aww" he coos, opening his arms in a welcoming hug, positioning your hips to have you straddling him when you sit next to him on the edge of the bed. he leans close to your ear. "ya gonna leave 'em hangin' sweetheart?"
you pout at him, clearly mad at the fact that none of them asked you beforehand, even though they knew you could never refuse them.
you're so easy to persuade when it comes to anything sexual, just a slut for them. you bend over so easily, literally.
"you wouldn't want to leave a bad impression, would you babe?" iwaizumi pitches in, you don't notice how close he is to you until you feel his breath fanning over your neck, making you gasp at the warmth.
"n-no" you say, knowing better than to ignore his question.
"good" atsumu says, caressing the side of your thigh with his palms, calloused from all the balls he's served on the court.
"you wanna show everyone this cute lil' cunny?" he mutters close to your ear. deep down, you know it's his way of asking consent, his way of confirming if this is really ok with you and you're not just saying yes for the sake of being coerced into intercourse.
but luckily for him, you nod and turn around, resting your back on atsumu's chest with your spread legs. there's a small breath in unission from all of them, almost as if it had been building up from all this time.
suna is the first to step up and approach the bed while you look at him with awaiting eyes. he leans close to your face and whispers, "god, you're beautiful". then he presses his lips onto yours, the first kiss of the night, filled with hunger and want as he desperately dances his tongue in sync with yours.
he pulls away when he runs out of breath, a small string of drool connecting the two of you in evidence of the kiss you just shared. one of his hands has been tracing circles on your thigh all the while he kissed you, a distraction to his real intentions as he toys with the hem of your panties. a beautiful pair of white, lacy panties, though he finds you more attractive without them. he discards them to some other corner of the room, more focused on the naked skin of your cunt.
he's quick to run his fingers down your slit, watching the wetness gather on his fingertips and reveling in the gorgeous sight of your face. you're almost fearful, he can see it when you suddenly hold his wrist back when he threatens to slip a finger into your drooling hole. his fingers just seem so much thicker than yours, and even if that's the case for the men you'd been sleeping with prior to them, you were still a bit frightful everytime.
"don't worry, bunny" he deemed you a proper nickname, seeing that you were easily frightened just from the feelings of his digits massaging the outside of your lips. "i'll take good care of you"
with that he slips a finger inside you. he would be surprised about how smoothly it went in, but it's no surprise when he sees how you're dripping slick like a faucet, staining the bed sheets beneath you.
"good girl" he praises, slowly pressing inch by inch of his finger into you, careful to look for any sign of discomfort on your face.
he sees none, instead he sees you looking behind him, at all of them peering at how pretty you look when you're getting fingered by rintaro. they find themselves being drawn to you and your responsive body. suna's only put in one finger and you're already gasping and pawing at the bed sheets in hopes of relief.
"you like being watched?" he asks, though it comes off as him pointing it off, saying it in an as-a-matter-of-fact-ly manner. you can't do anything but nod and squirm closer to him as he starts pumping more of his fingers in your tight hole, watching as it swallows his digits whole and letting his imagination run wild. the thought of your tight walls enveloping him in your warmth like you do with his fingers has him hard in his pants.
"she's just a desperate lil' thing, likes bein' watched like the good whore she is right darlin'?"
"oh no, she's the prettiest thing ever" suna says, a big contradiction to atsumu's degradation disguised as praise. "look at her, taking my fingers so well"
"bet you're gonna cum soon, aren't you baby?" you suddenly feel the bed shift in weight. bokuto lays down next to you and plays with your pebbled nipples, watching them grow slightly harder under his gaze and sensitive touch.
small tears roll down your face as atsumu paints himself out of the picture, leaving you to rest on top of a pillow to replace his chest, it only gives you more space to squirm and arch your back against the mattress as you feel your orgasm approaching, your moans growing louder and your breathing becoming more agitated than usual, all things that made you look beautiful to everyone's eyes.
"wait- wait i'm gonna… fuck!" you draw out the last syllable as the tight knot finally snaps and you cum. you're shaking and squirming, cumming hard on his fingers while he doesn't stop hitting that sweet spot inside you, prolonging the feeling of your orgasm. you're greeted with a small smirk when you come down from your high, suna smiles at you teasingly while he drags your hips closer to him and picks you up, shaky legs too unstable to stand up by themselves.
you look back to the bed where iwaizumi is laid back, leaning on his elbows and giving you an expectant look. suna places you back down on the bed, leaving you a kneeling mess at the athletic trainer's feet.
"c'mere, princess" he says, and you easily bend to his will. you make your way to his lap, a perfect spot for his clothed cock between your legs. you feel the fabric of his briefs press against your naked cunt, he's already taken his shirt and his pants off, revealing his perfectly sculpted body to you and everyone else in the room. you grind down on him, your hands pressed on his chest for balance while you straddle him.
"no" he says, a simple answer to your movements. for a split second you thought he didn't like it, but then he lays down on his back and drags your hips closer to his mouth. a trail of wetness follows your cunt, from his waist to his chest, and he loves how it leaves a nice warmth to cover him.
"hajime i-!" you try to resist his grip when he pulls your hips down to meet his lips, but he's quick with his moves, stronger than you too, leaving you to try and move away from his mouth. his hands on your waist hold you down as he eats you out like a starved man, licking, nipping and biting at any flesh he can find, paying special attention to your throbbing clit while you grip the edge of the headboard for some sort of support. "no, please!"
he pulls away, "you don't like it?" he asks with a smirk on his face. he knows you like it, and he knows why you're screaming 'no!'. he purposefully started off with strong movements he knew would drive you crazy in a matter of seconds. he places a kiss to your clit, nothing more, expecting your answer.
"yes" you whine before gasping at the feeling of his tongue running up and down your folds, sucking on your clit and lapping up all your juices from your past orgasm. "oh f-fuck yes" you stutter, the stimulation made your mind feel hazy and all of your thoughts were discarded, the only thing on your mind.
you're too fucked out to notice how you're rutting your face against iwaizumi's lips, desperately chasing after your high while squeezing your thighs together around his head. hajime feels like he's in cloud nine when you're squeezing his head, there's no way he could suffocate from two thighs surrounding his head, but if there was ever the possibility, he would find it to be a great way to die.
"oh! hajime- hajime!" his name's paints your lips perfectly as you scream it over and over and cum on his face, a string of juices dripping down his chin. he does his best to lap at everything, but he finds himself pulling away to gasp for air and chuckle to himself, he's enjoying your taste a little too much.
he finally pulls away after you tug at his hair for mercy, and he lets go of your hips as he wipes his face with the back of his hand. you sit on the bed, as best as you can despite your weak legs barely able to keep you up.
"why don't you take your pick, sweetheart?" atsumu says, leaning closer to whisper in your ear. he takes you by surprise, but you still look between all of them, taking in the sight of their toned bodies. most of them had already taken off their clothes, saved for their boxers. "you deserve it"
you set your eyes on the black haired setter, kageyama. he seems to be the most nervous out of all of them, he constantly fiddles his fingers and looks down at the ground in embarrassment. you get up despite your shaky legs, and walk over to him, to most of his teammates' surprise.
poor boy, he can't even look at you without setting his cheeks on fire with a blush that covered most of his face. you put a hand to his cheek and press your lips against his. the kiss is messy, with a lot of tongue and drool involved as you pull him into bed with you. he's surprised to see when you collapse on the bed, your legs hanging off the edge while your cunt is on full display for all of them.
kageyama is selfish of time, slowly pulling out his cock and dragging it up and down your slit. his cock is could be described as pretty as him, with a nice upward curve and a small girth. it has a nice shade of pink on his tip and his hair is well trimmed except for a happy trail that leads down to the base. sure enough, its big and intimidating, but you can't be bothered to take your eyes off of it.
"please, tobio" you plead, spreading your legs as wide as possible, maybe to appear more appealing to him, in hopes he would stop toying with you and finally put it in to relieve the ache between your legs.
he pops the tip in and you gasp, he was way bigger than you expected. it makes you feel a pleasurable stretch, a burn that only worsens when he keeps pushing in, inch by inch. he's mindful of the tears that linger in the corners of your eyes, but he also can't help but bury himself further into your warm walls while you kick and whine.
"oh-!" you're cut off by his sudden thrust, instantly hitting your cervix and making your breath hitch. when he sees you react like that, he does it again, and again, until he sets a steady pace of his mind-blowing thrusts.
you cover your mouth with one of your hands. hoping to muffle your sounds in embarrassment but he pulls the hand away from your face. he takes your other hand, previously fisting the sheets beneath you as he puts them both under the grip of his wrist and places them above your head, pinning them to the mattress atop of you.
"don't be shy" he mumbles, despite the fact that he was the one who seemed to be shy. he fooled you with his nervous demeanor and his shy exterior, he was a beast when it came to moments like this, when he would fuck young pussy like yours until you were nothing but a babbling mess.
"fuck- i'm gonna cum, where do you want it?" you can't answer him, you're too lost in your thoughts and the way he leans down to suckle at your nipples, leaving slight teeth marks around the sensitive nub. the sound of his strangled groan is what brings you back to the way his uninterrupted pace makes your hips buck in rhythm with his thrusts.
"inside, please inside!" you whine, cut off by the familiar feeling of your orgasm. your back arches off the bed again and you scream his name, or at least slurred attempts of his name, you're too fucked out to realize you can't even say his name properly.
as you come down from your high, you're filled-- literally. the satisfying sensation of his warmth filling your walls and dripping out of your sensitive hole when he pulls out, it would be a heavenly feeling, if it weren't for the sudden emptiness in your cunt.
"poor baby" you hear that same teasing voice as before.
"feel all empty, even after tobio kindly filled ya up?" he coos, a childish tone lingered in his voice as he did very little to hide the fact that he was talking down to you. his hand caresses your inner thigh, though it's evident he has different intentions, and is merely trying to go easy on you. "wasn't enough for you, little cumslut?"
you nod and lean forward, where he's already taken out his cock. it feels heavy in your hand, but you still start pumping it with your fist, and stroking the tip with your thumb. he mutters a string of curses under his breath before pulling your hand away from him.
"don't be so eager, baby, there's people watching," he reminds you, and you lift your gaze to look back at the men in the room. it almost looks like a crowd, expecting to see you and atsumu do something— anything, to relieve their hard cock.
suddenly you're turned around and left on your knees, your ass exposed to everyone. you feel vulnerable like this, left to their disposal and nothing but a toy to be used and abused. you know you'll hardly get out of here without passing out. then, atsumu angles himself against your cunt, running the length of his cock along your folds and finally dipping into your clenching hole. he takes a brief moment to keep moving inside you, the feeling of your walls clamping down on him is a little too much for him to handle.
he can't describe the feeling of your pussy tightening around him when he does anything, if he slightly moves or if he does as little as unintentionally twitching inside of you. it's a vice, and he can't get enough of it, he's developed an unhealthy addiction to your tight core and he's not afraid to admit it. that's why you're more than just a fucktoy to him, that's why he didn't stop coming after hooking up with you just once, and even invited the black jackals team to join him.
“such a pretty pussy, suckin’ me in” he murmurs, leaning close to your ear and running his calloused hand over the skin of your neck. it’s so dainty, so unmarked and vulnerable, it would be so easy to squeeze his fingers and make you choke, leave you breathless and sobbing for him to slow down! like you’d done countless nights before. but he prefers to have that kind of sight only for his eyes.
“you’re such a good slut, wanna have yer mouth full too?” he asks, though it’s one of those questions where it won’t matter what you answer, because you can already feel the bed shift in weight in front of you, as you see a pair of thick thighs positioning in front of you, and you feel the heavy head of his cock tap against your cheek.
you look up to see aran’s face. it’s familiar, you’ve heard funny anecdotes about high school with him from atsumu, but seeing him kneel in front of you while you’re eye level with his waist, it’s undoubtedly intimidating. “c’mon sweetheart” the hand on your neck moves up, lifting your chin to give his former teammate a glimpse of your face. “why don’t you put yer mouth to good use?”
you nod and start with a small lick to the tip, while aran holds it in place against your lips, knowing your hands are too busy trying to hold you up while you fist the sheets, atsumu’s pace is relentless against your cunt, without a moment to spare on your sensitive body. he slowly inches his cock closer to you, until you have no other choice but to open wide and feel his heavy cock on your tongue.
you’re mindful of your teeth, trying your best to keep them away, but he proves to be too big. his girth makes the corners of your mouth ache at the stretch, he’s certainly a little too well endowed. he sighs and throws his head back, you imagine it’s because it feels good, but he’s afraid he’ll cum too quickly if he keeps looking at your face, tainted with tears and looking up at him with your cheeks hollowed out around his length. he doesn’t know how much longer he can go if you keep bobbing your head at the rhythm of atsumu’s hips fucking into you, it leaves him a mess, even if you’re the one who’s getting used for their pleasure.
atsumu sneaks the hand that was previously around your neck to your pussy, rolling small, tight circles into your clit. you’re suddenly seeing stars, feeling the inevitable knot in your stomach start to grow stronger and it’s harder to contain your moans, the vibrations of your voice make him more desperate to feel you. he can only imagine if it was him instead of atsumu who was buried in your tight walls, making your scream until you forgot your own name, until you were a dumb little thing for his cock.
“fuck- fuck!” a string of groans and curses leave aran speechless, gasping at the feeling of his warmth filling up your mouth and surrounding him while you try your best to swallow it, despite already having a mouthful of his cock.
finally, he sighs as he slowly pulls out of your mouth, a string of creamy white connecting the head of his cock with your sore lips at the loss of contact. you can’t have a moment to recover before you feel another one pressing against your lips, urging you to open your mouth. more tears run down your face before leaning in and licking up his length, from the base to the tip, hoping it would ease the ache it would probably leave in your mouth.
if aran was big, then you don’t know what to call ushijima. he’s almost the same in girth, except he carries a few more inches, and a pretty curve upwards, with a small vein running on the underside. you try to lick the head first, and even then it feels like a little too much for you, you’re hesitant to take him all in your mouth.
“don’t be scared, princess, he’ll take good care of you, right?” you can’t decipher if the question is meant for you or ushijima but it’s not like you’re be able to answer, not with the way your thighs and trembling and your pussy is clenching wildly around his cock.
“the best i can” he says, fisting your hair and pushing you to the base of his cock, where you almost gag and choke, if not for the soothing hand he runs along your hair. “good girl” he coos, a calm look on his face to contradict yours, there’s tears running down your face while you sob and clench the bed sheets between your fingers, trying your best to hold back from your impending orgasm because it feels so much stronger than usual.
“mmmh!” you scream around his cock when you can’t hold back, the feeling of atsumu’s cock hitting against your g-spot over and over, combined with the finger that keeps circling your clit, leaves you trembling and whining around ushijima, who doesn’t relent his hold on your hair. atsumu’s too busy to notice how you moan and choke around the bigger man’s cock, instead groaning and panting when you cum around him, your juices squirting and dripping down his thighs while your pussy tries to desperately force him out for any sort of relief, but he’s not done with you.
he gives a few more sloppy thrusts before pulling out and painting your skin with his cum. you were a masterpiece, to his eyes, when you were covered in his seed, he loved watching how it would drip down your ass cheeks, how it would slowly trickle down your cunt and taint the bed sheets beneath you. he moves aside to give the rest of them a clear view of your cum-covered body, how it trembles and shakes in fear. he runs a finger down your slit and you arch your back, keening closer to him in your post-orgasm bliss. you’re so sensitive and perceptive to his touch, he would almost feel bad for leaving you a mess, if it weren’t for the pretty sight of ushijima fucking your throat, using your mouth for his own pleasure as he forces you to take more of him.
“who wants to go next?” he asks, looking at the small crowd of people behind him, seeing a small spark inside iwaizumi’s eyes. he takes the initiative and walks up behind you, taking a hold of your shaking hips and lifting them, since you were practically laying down.
“you didn’t forget about me, did you?” he whispers, and you immediately whine, sobbing at the feeling of vulnerability. you feel as if you might really pass out if you have to go again, but you’re suddenly enlightened when he slowly pushes in through the tight ring of warmth, your cum filled pussy greeting him with an indescribable warmth that leaves his mouth agape.
you moan against ushijima one more time before you’re filled with his cum, overflowing your mouth and dripping down your chin when he pulls out. you choke and cough it out, gasping for air after he finished cumming on your cheeks, and pulling on the sheets because hajime’s already started thrusting into you without any remorse.
he's quick to move your hips back to him, his balls slapping against your clit every time he slams his hips into yours. “you like it when i fuck you like this?” you squirm and shy away from his hold, your body too tired to hold itself up, and your face is squished into the pillow with the hand he presses to the back of your head, making sure to ground your cheek into the bed. “‘course you do, you love it, don’t you?” he answers for you, knowing well you’re too dumb to tell him for yourself, instead squealing everytime his fat cock hit the spot deep within your walls, making you keen and whine under him.
he flips you over and presses your knees close to your body, fucking you in the tightest mating press he could, while you paw at his chest for any sort of relief. his lips ghost over your neck, and slowly make their way to your plump lips, sore after being filled for such a long time. it’s a miracle you still have the strength to reciprocate his kiss as he moves his tongue along yours. you moan at his taste, a few beers he had been drinking before coming over, while he drinks in every little sound you make against his lips.
“pretty girl, cum for me, i know you want to” he says, long and breathy groans shuddering against your cheek when he felt your walls clamp down around him, and his hands squeeze around the fat of your thighs, painful, but easy to ignore when you were cumming around him, gushing and throwing your head back in ecstasy as he never stopped thrusting into you, not even to let you come down from your high.
“s-slow down! please—“
“hold your legs up” he completely ignores and interrupts you, waiting for you to take a hold of the back of your thighs so he can toy with your sensitive nub, rubbing your clit until you’re screaming his name and shaking wildly.
you know you’ve gone too dumb for his cock when you feel hot spurts of cum shooting on your cheek, staining your dainty skin with creamy white, until sakusa has nothing left to give. how did you not notice him stroking himself to the pretty sight in front of him.
he’s the cleanest out of all of them, going to the bathroom and bringing back a few baby wipes to clean the mess he made. he knows they’ll probably make an even bigger mess of your face later, but he couldn’t stand the thought of such a pretty face being ruined with his seed.
“h-hajime! i’m gonna cum— i’m gonna c-cum again!” you scream, letting go of your thighs and instead clawing at iwaizumi’s back as you come undone, leaving red nail prints on his back, evidence of the great time he spent with you. he groans against your ear when he releases inside of you, a feeling of warmth spreading on your womb and overflowing out of your raw cunt.
“good girl… good girl” he praises, sighing and panting, trying to recover his breath after fucking you like that. his hands relax a bit on your body, and instead of roughing tabs of your skin, he runs his hands over your curves, soothing you in praise for taking all of him.
he slips out of your tight walls, and watches as it drips like a fountain, oozing out and joining the other spilt cum on the bed. he leaves a last kiss on your forehead before bokuto replaces his space in front of you, taking in the sight of your sweaty fucked-out body while you look at him with numbed eyes, too messed up to complain that it was too much.
you’ve taken him before, but now that your body is spent out and tired, you’re not so sure if you can make it through without passing out.
it takes you off guard when he lays down next to you on his side and flips you to be on your side, facing him. you find it out of the ordinary, since he would usually fuck you in a simple missionary, but not tonight. then you felt the bed shift in weight behind you and you understood why. hinata laid down on his side behind you, his hard cock rubbing on your exposed ass, covered in dry and new cum.
bokuto roams his hands over your body, kissing your neck while hinata toyed with your pebbled nipples, rolling them between his fingers and grinding against you. can you blame him? he’s desperate after watching you get fucked over and over, and even after he came from touching himself, he just hand to fuck your tight pussy to be satisfied.
both of them position their cock’s to your entrance at the same time, making you tremble in fear and anticipation of the pleasurable burn of your cunt. it didn’t prepare you at all, you still yelp when bokuto slowly pushes in, followed by hinata slipping in inch by inch, making sure to calm you with a few strokes to your perky nipples.
“shh… you’re doing so good” he whispers in your ear, and bokuto nods in agreement.
“can’t take it! ‘s t-too big!” you cry, wrapping your arms around bokuto’s shoulders and burying your face in the crook of his neck. you bite down on the skin of his neck for relief, which only makes his hips stutter against you, wincing in slight pain and moaning.
“sure you can, puppy” shoyo is next to start moving his hips to the rhythm of bokuto’s, making sure to follow his pace and hit that sweet spot within you at the same time. “you’re already taking it, see?” you look down between sweaty bodies and see your cunt, stretched out beyond what you thought you could take.
you pant and look back up, almost scared at the sight before you continue nipping and sucking at bokuto’s neck, suckling small bite marks on his skin and leaving open mouthed kisses all over him, until you reached his lips, which you kissed with more need and want than the rest of his body.
you almost bite down on his lip when hinata starts playing with your clit, as if the torture against your abused pussy wasn’t enough.
“please! i c-can’t!” you sob, new tears running down your face again, only proving just how dumb you were for them, just how stupid and brain-dead you’ve gone for having the two of them fuck you at the same time. you try to shy away from hinata’s touch, but it’s too hard when you’re practically sandwiched between the two of them, no other option left for you but too lay there, all read out for them, and take it.
“you keep saying you can’t…” shoyo says, slapping your sensitive clit and making you cry in pain. “but this sweet pussy keeps sucking us in, are you sure you can’t?” he’s mocking you, grinning like a maniac, you can feel it when he starts kissing your neck.
“no! no no, please! h-hahh!” you whine when you start gushing around them, squirting and gripping onto bokuto’s back for dear life, not enough to draw blood, just enough to leave him panting and hissing in pain while he emptied himself at the same time you came. he fucked his cum into you, spurt after spurt while hinata followed not long after, spilling his cum inside your tight cunt.
“fuck, puppy” bokuto groans, using his hand to slick back the hair that stuck to his forehead with his sweat, slowly pulling out and collapsing on his back to the mattress, with you trying to cuddle closer to him.
“c’mon bunny” you hear a voice, but you’re not quite ano to identify it in your hazy state.”you didn’t think it was over, right?” he asks, pulling you towards him to the edge of the bed, you immediately start crying again, for all the right reasons he slips in carefully and sucks on your chest, leaving hickeys over every part of your body he could cover in his marks.
he’s slow and considerate about you, trying his best to angle his cock to that special spot he’d abused earlier when he fingered you, until you squeaked and bucked your hips against him. he found it.
your tight pussy is sucking him everytime he pulls out, and now he understands what atsumu meant.
good luck charm.
damn right. there’s no way someone is losing after fucking this tight cunt.
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