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Tumblr media
summary: who knew a mere crush on your high school best friend could be so destructive in the end?
pairing: iwaizumi hajime x fem!reader
wc: 3.6k
genre/cw: pining (seriously, severe one side pining), best friend!iwa, angst (no fluff), naive!reader, reader who doesn’t set boundaries, memory-style fic (lots of flashbacks n past tense), college!au, (mentioned)high school!au, ft. oikawa, mentions of makki & mattsun.
a/n: dedicated to bby @apricunts bc this has been in my drafts forever </3333
Tumblr media
knock, knock, knock.
you rub at your eyes, whether it was to push the fatigue or still festering sadness, it’s not clear, as you tread from your bedroom in the direction of your apartment's front door. your feet pad quietly against the hardwood floors as your arms wrap around yourself from the chill summer night air coming in from the open window of your living room that you forgot to shut before heading to bed.
approaching the door with a perplexed expression, you raise slightly on your tiptoes to look through the peephole but it's too dark in the hall – you really need to talk to your landlord about that broken automatic light – to see who's there.
you pray it's not some sort of stalker or murderer knocking on your door, and decide to pull it open with a tired, “hello?”
it's after midnight, though, so who the hell is knocking on my door at this time?
maybe it's ms. kim from the apartment above yours who lost her cat again and she's wondering if she'd snuck into your place through the fire escape, an event that never actually happened but she claims to have.
it was an annoying instance at best, having the woman appear at the strangest hours of the day, whether it be midnight or at the crack of dawn, worrying about her cat. although, you did understand on a certain level, caring for an animal companion and being worried of their safety, ultimately you were usually bothered.
“y/n.” the deep, gravelly, familiar voice is what makes your eyes spring open and you snap your neck up to meet the eyes of the subject on the other side of the doorframe.
“what’re you doing here?” you ask coldly, demeanor immediately shifting as you bring your hand up to clasp the door and begin shutting it. “go home.”
“wait, no, y/n.” the man on the other side of the door, iwaizumi hajime, easily braces the impact of the door shutting on him by holding out his arm, one much stronger than yours, and preventing it from closing. “will you please hear me out?”
curse his strength, really, you can't help but think with an eye roll.
“what on earth makes you think i should?” your eyebrows furrow in frustration and the tiredness your mind and body feel don’t help your mood as you stare daggers at the frowning man.
you’re broken, you believe.
and you blame the man in front of you for it.
“i... i-” he’s at a loss for words, evident by his stammering. the flush of his cheeks – wait, did he run here? nevermind, that doesn’t matter– deepens as he struggles to find the words.
but you don’t let him.
“how many times are you going to put me through this, huh?” you ask, humorless chuckle bubbling in your throat. “you want me one day, the next i’m a friend and and until now, i’m a stranger you couldn’t care less about. pick a damn dynamic and stop playing with me, iwaizumi.”
you’re exhausted at this point. tired of the game iwaizumi has you playing. though, it not very fair when he’s the one playing you.
it's a cat and wand game, you think. iwaizumi’s the one holding wand, dangling the fun colored stick with feather and beads hanging off it in front of you as you try to grasp at it; but you’re never able to, since iwaizumi pulls the wand out of sight before you have the chance.
that’s how your … relationship? friendship? that’s how whatever the hell you had was.
it wasn’t a secret that you had a thing for the guy — your mutual friend, oikawa liked to call it a lot more than a thing, sometimes chanting that you were indeed in love with his best friend to which you'd quickly yelp for him to shut up in case he heard him.
but the truth is, you could never have iwaizumi.
that much he made obvious.
you started off as friends, you recall, meeting in high school and living on the same block. when your mother met his, as embarrassing as it is to say, he was coerced into walking to you home in fear for your safety when you had after school clubs that ended rather late.
and iwaizumi always obliged. because he was a good guy.
fast forward to your last year of high school, and meanwhile your friendship developed into a best friendship, you’d also developed quite the crush on the guy. and ... well, it was sorta obvious; your cheeks were always flushed around him and you smiled more than anyone ever saw at school.
he never voiced it if he noticed, though. sometimes during high school, you wondered if iwaizumi himself were so oblivious to your feelings but where you stand now, you believe he simply ignored your feelings.
that didn’t stop him from indulging it though, did it?
he bought you lunch, invited you over to his house with oikawa or his other friends from the volleyball team that were in your year. he made you part of his group; it was out of mere convenience: the formation of a friendship solely because it was so easy to.
"hey doofus," he'd greeted, approaching you at lunch, while you picked at the jello cup you'd bought from a vending machine since you inconveniently forgot your bento at home. "have some of mine."
he plops half a sandwich onto a napkin in front of you before sliding into the cafeteria seat across from yours.
"thanks," you'd murmured, hiding the flush of your cheeks as you stared down at his offering.
"do i need to start packing an extra bento for you now?" iwaizumi asked, amused tone filling his voice, and he leaned forward to ruffle the hair atop your head. "i think this is the second time this month."
"shut up!" you fired back as he laughed at your forgetfulness. still, the gesture warmed your heart, evident by the darkness of your cheeks.
it meant much more to you than it meant to him, you conclude, looking back at the smiles you shared in those hangouts with a bitter taste in your mouth.
things started to change when your friends, other girls from your class or clubs, became involved. iwaizumi – and oikawa, since he was sort of a celebrity at your school – were suddenly in your own personal friendships. you believed it was for the latter’s sake and your friends, who had an utter crush on the man as every other girl at your school did. but now thinking back at it, the former had a hand in that, too.
iwaizumi dated your closest friend at the time. funnily enough, she was the only friend you'd blatantly told about your crush on iwaizumi, something she claimed to have supported and shipped with her whole heart.
so to hear about their relationship maybe a month later? stung to say the least.
she'd said he confessed to her, something iwaizumi later confirmed, and admitted that amidst your own rambling about the spiker, she'd developed a crush as well and couldn't say no.
you think that was the first time iwaizumi unknowingly broke your heart. of course, your close friend did, too, and you chose to break off the friendship, something which she unsurprisingly didn't mind since she got what she wanted in the end. so why couldn't you let go of iwaizumi? well, it wasn't his fault he had feelings for someone else.
you blamed yourself for your own sadness, however, scolding yourself that you never came clean about your feelings for him so how was he supposed to know? additionally, you were the one who didn't want to tell him in the first place in fear of ruining your friendship if your feelings weren't reciprocated.
when they began dating, you were no longer prominent in his mind. to put it bluntly, he forgot about you. you were left at the school doors receiving texts that he’d already left to walk your friend home, apologizing with some sad emoticon as if he truly cared. no longer were you invited to hang out like you used to, maybe seeing him in passing in the hallways at school and greeting each other with distant waves.
when he did see you in school for more than a few seconds though, maybe in between classes on a break that he wasn't spending with her or when she was busy, all he could do was talk about her.
"y/n, you don't even get it, she's like, the best," he'd gushed one day as he scribbled down notes for your upcoming anatomy exam.
"yeah?" you muse rather dryly, attempting to zone out during these sorts of comments. it's not exactly easy hearing the guy you like talk about the girl he's dating, so ignoring it was the next best option.
"definitely, she made me brownies last week? i think i finished them in a day. god, she's a great baker. did i mention her parents own a bakery? we go there after school all the time and ..."
and he went on and on, unaware of the frown on your face when he's not looking, nor the forced smile when he happened to meet your gaze with his.
but they eventually broke up ... and dynamics changed again.
suddenly, iwaizumi was back in your life, sitting next to you at lunch, exchanging words as if no time had passed.
and stupidly, you forgave whatever feelings he’d caused you. because he was a good guy! he didn’t actually mean to hurt you, he probably didn’t even know!
he was more forward than ever before, even breaching the line of flirting with you. your hangouts weren’t explicitly called dates but they sure as hell felt like it: the charming smiles your way, the smooth words about how pretty you were, the brushing of hands when walking beside each other, it was too much to debate…
"your hair is up today," iwaizumi'd observed, looking over at you for more than a glance as you walked down the familiar streets leading to your neighborhood.
"yeah, the weather's too warm to keep it down."
"it's nice, i like it."
five simple words, just five words, and they made your stomach do somersaults. you started wearing your hair up more often, with the mere hope that your friend may have commented (maybe complimented) again about it.
soon enough, he was initiating the skinship with you, tucking hair behind your ear when it fell while you did homework together. he grasped your hand when you were walking too slow for him on your way to or back from school. it became so normal that before you knew it, you didn't realize it was almost couple behavior. well, not until that talk.
"you haven't kissed anyone?" iwaizumi had gaped, sitting up from his relaxed position on your bed as he scrolled on his phone.
you'd been sitting at your desk, working on a project while iwaizumi kept you company, throwing off ideas for suggestions.
"nope," you answered embarrassedly, cheeks flaring at the fact. you were in your last year of high school, surely it should've happened by now. well, it's tough when the guy you want to kiss is only your closest guy friend and you're too afraid to ruin the friendship. "you must know that, what other guys do i hang out with?"
"my teammates," he said bluntly with a shrug.
"you think i'm snogging with oikawa or something?" you couldn't help but laugh at the disgusted expression of his face.
"no! i dunno ... maybe makki or mattsun."
"no way." your laughter fell to a giggle. "it is sorta embarrassing though."
"not really."
"is, too!" you spun on your chair to face him. "imagine how embarrassing it'll be in college and someone asks me about my first kiss and i'll have to say it hasn't happened yet!"
"doesn't matter," iwaizumi shakes his head. "first kisses don't really mean much."
"really?" you murmur, frown forming on your face. "i want my first kiss to mean something."
"you're so sappy." he rolls his eyes. "but i mean nobody cares about first kisses. you can lie if anything and just say you kissed someone in high school.
"haji, you know i'm a bad liar."
"fair enough." he takes a long sigh and glances around your room. "kiss me then."
you did a double-take at that, first instinct saying you misheard him and you sputter, "w-what did you say?"
he shrugs, ignoring your horrified expression. "kiss me then, get it over with so you can tell your future boyfriend that you did have your first kiss and it won't be so embarrassing."
"that's not funny," you huff, looking away from him as a pout forms on your face.
"i'm not joking!" he laughs. "it's just an offer, you can reject it if you want."
you pause at that, peeking over at him through your periphery, and noticing his truthful, yet all the same nonchalant expression, you seriously think about it.
oh, how wrong of a choice this was.
having your first kiss be your best friend friend you have feelings for meanwhile he believes he'd just do you a favor saving you from embarrassment.
"you'd do that?"
"i'm your best friend, ain't i?"
you should've say no, you really should've.
you remember his lips were soft, melding against yours and guiding you through most of it due to your lack of experience. and damn, was he a good kisser. you expected a mere peck, something that lasted maybe a few seconds, not the make out session it turned out to be that lasted minutes. by the time you separated, you'd both had flushed cheeks and swollen lips, laughing afterward about the bizarreness of it all.
alas, you fell harder than before. the crush grew into a deeper emotion, maybe grazing the concept of love, but you never got to explore that feeling further with him.
iwaizumi got another girlfriend.
the second heartbreak, all by the doing from the same man as the first. surely, you looked too deeply into things? you were reaching for signs that he liked you back and it was actually truly platonic everything he was doing and saying before?
you felt like an idiot.
once more, your lunch table was left with you at it, maybe some friends from your classes, but no iwaizumi. your walks were lonely again as were the shared chat messages with him, having days or weeks pass before a new text chain.
you remember calling yourself stupid while hot, angry tears rolled down your cheeks. yourself! you blamed yourself for the heartache you felt.
you barely remember their relationship, facing iwaizumi's avoidance once again, but this time ten-fold. maybe you also played a role in avoiding him, too, far too afraid to face him while he looked so lovesick; too afraid you'd simply burst into tears.
you all soon graduate. iwaizumi decided to go abroad to the united states, a decision not agreed with by his girlfriend, leading to their inevitable breakup.
a few days into the first semester of your college experiences, iwaizumi texted you.
9:12 A.M. [hajime :3] hey y/n 9:12 A.M. [you] why aren't u asleep? isn't it like 1am there? 9:14 A.M. [hajime :3] couldn't sleep 9:15 A.M. [hajime :3] i miss u :(
here we go again …
you struggle with the long distance friendship only slightly, your biggest enemy being the time difference. but voice memos and scheduled texts are a best friend in those times of need. you wake to sweet morning messages from your former friend, recalling his day and wishing you a better one.
you don’t remember how you were so willingly open to begin a friendship with iwaizumi again, let alone while he’s in another country.
maybe he’d come to his senses?
iwaizumi hajime was afraid of being alone. he’d keep anyone around to just to keep that from happening. so when he went abroad to a new place with no one he knew, it’s only obvious he’d reach out to you, the girl too naive to say no to him.
in november, he ghosts you.
you receive no messages, no facetime calls, nothing. it was as if he disappeared. you were worried for him at first, unsure if he lost or broke his phone. until you see his instagram story as see he’s been hanging out with a new group of people.
oh, so once again, he found his new home of a friend group, becoming comfortable in the new country he was a adjusting to.
it was that moment when you realized you were a filler person. the buffer between his phases, his friends, his girlfriends. his team was his core, he couldn't take them for granted and return when he wanted to, he simply couldn't do that. you though, someone who looked at him like he hand placed all the stars in the galaxy, he could.
during his times of loneliness, needing any distraction, you were it. the distraction; the temporary fix while he healed or was in search for someone new.
no tears spill over your cheeks when you come to the realization. your eyes, brimmed with tears as you stare in fury at that damn group picture with him and strangers you decide you loathe for no good reason, redden as you suck it up and refuse to let them fall.
iwaizumi returns to japan for summer break, expecting to reunite with his old best friends and have the summer of his life before returning back to school for the fall semester.
just a few weeks earlier, oikawa had texted you about a group dinner they (they being him with the addition of matsukawa and hanamaki) were going to in reuniting with their old teammate and friend.
given all that’s happened, you pass on the offer.
“huh?” oikawa had sounded into the phone when he calls you in confusion at your response. if anything, he’d think you’d be the most excited for iwaizumi to come home.
“tell him welcome home from me,” you mumbled out, promptly ending the call with no explanation. no 'i'm busy,' no 'aw i'm sorry i can't make it!'
just 'no thanks.'
oikawa isn’t stupid, though. he quickly pieced your past the best he could from being a third person party looking in on you and iwaizumi's friendship, in addition to your tired tone. you’d gone through enough, so he really doesn't blame you. therefore, he doesn't beg or try to talk you into going, that'd just be unfair to you.
that dinner was tonight, the night you had no plans filling your evening, deciding to stay home at your college apartment, enjoying your own independence away from your family's home.
you saw the posts your friends, his fellow old teammates, had made, welcoming iwaizumi back home on their instagram stories, so the reminder just made you sad all over again; so sad that a man, a boy, could throw your heart for such a whirlwind, shredding your idea of love in your own mind.
iwaizumi, who's staring at his shoes quietly, finally breaks the silence with a small, "i'm sorry."
you can't help but scoff at that. "sorry? you're sorry?" you laugh again. "iwaizumi, go home." the name still feels foreign on your tongue, having been used to calling him by his first name for most of your friendship.
he looks up, panicked eyes boring into yours. "i didn't mean to hurt you! i swear, i was dumb and stupid a-and-"
"but you did," you cut him off and your tone has dropped considerably. you're exhausted. "goodbye, now. enjoy your summer."
"y/n, please!" he pleads exasperatedly, lurching forward in attempt to enter your apartment but your hand across the doorframe gives him a sign he's better off not.
you've never confronted him like this about your feelings. and maybe that was your fault for allowing yourself to be strung along this far. but at least you're holding your ground now.
"i tried going home, but god, the feeling of not seeing you at dinner. i just, i need you to-"
"to what?" your brows furrow deeper, anger seeping back into your body. "you need me to what? forgive you? call you hajime and pretend like you didn't break my heart countless times? get over it, iwaizumi. it's over. whatever this is, it's done."
"y/n," he trails off, shoulders falling into a slouch as his eyes widen in fear.
"you hurt me." your words cut through him like a knife, nothing but defensiveness and hurt lacing your tone. you ignore the wobble of your lower lip as you speak and push back the burning behind your eyes. "i loved you and you hurt me."
iwaizumi's face pales and he opened his mouth, though nothing comes out. you nod to yourself, reading his guilty expression.
"so go home and forget about me. it shouldn't be so hard since you've done it a few times already. good night." you take advantage of iwaizumi's frozen state, caught up in his own mind as he wracks his head for something to say, closing the door in front of him with a satisfying the thud. it'd be more satisfying if you were to slam it, but given you're a respectful tenant, aware of your neighbors and what time it is, a polite door shut is enough.
and as you walk back to your bedroom, shoulders shaking from the sobs you've kept in all night, all you can think is:
you wish it were ms. kim nagging about her damn cat that was at the other side of the door.
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feat. hajime iwaizumi
warnings: angst, suggestive
Tumblr media
you’re not dating iwaizumi.
you’re not dating iwaizumi, no—but the familiar feeling of butterflies takes hold of your stomach when you feel the gentle grip (that you’ve noticed he only uses with you) of his large hands against your wrist, his fingers grasping your skin and pulling you into an alleyway. you yelp at the sudden grasp and he looks back at you, a smile on his face that is oh-so familiar but unimaginably sweet.
you’re not dating iwaizumi, and the feeling of the cold bricks against your back should be uncomfortable because it’s nighttime and, well, freezing cold outside, but you find yourself bearing it because you can’t really focus on anything but his arms that are placed on either side of your head. not to mention the erratic hammering of your heart against your rib cage.
six months ago, hajime iwaizumi broke your heart into pieces. it was bound to happen in your opinion, but it still doesn’t change the hurt you felt all those months. you loved him—and you’re scared because you still do, and even though you were the one to initiate the break up, hajime promised he’d always be there for you as a friend whenever you needed him.
and god, it doesn’t help that his stare right now is so intense. that he looks at you with so much purpose, like he’s okay with falling in love with you. the overbearing confidence he’s showing makes you shy away instantly. his presence itself is sweltering; he surrounds you in burning rays that set your skin ablaze, and when he takes a hand and places it on your face as if you’re a delicate porcelain doll that could break—you figure you’re quite literally screwed.
my treasure, he whispers the words against your lips, a tactic he uses on every girl he’s wanted to take home. but you know hajime. all too well, you fear; he’s filled with empty promises, false assurance, and (if it isn’t already worse enough), vain apologies that are absolutely fruitless (his efforts are appreciated, though).
and even though you know better than to fall into his trap, you can't help yourself when you feel the corners of his mouth curling up against your own, the familiar feeling that drives you insane every single time. even so, he teasingly runs his lips across the bridge of your nose and around the smooth skin of your cheeks. giving you a taste of what it would be like. what a life with him could be like. a fantasy you could only dream would come true.
it’s said that's why you let his lips crash against yours, his rose lips perfectly suited to your own like he's telling you something—trying to entice something from you that he himself can't explain.
hajime iwaizumi is a treat you shouldn’t indulge in; a sweet you’ve eaten too much of yet can’t seem to stop yourself from going back. he’s delectable, in the most sinister way possible, and you despise him for it.
because you’re not dating iwaizumi, yet when he lifts a pointer finger on your chin to tell you how beautiful you look, he swears it’s because it’s genuinely what he believes, and nothing more. despite this, he doesn't ask you to be his, and you don't ask him to be yours.
you’re just friends, after all.
his promise of only being friends seems pretty fruitless, too.
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are really appreciated!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bunch of Haikyuu doodles i've been doing on twt
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seijoh 4 on a road trip:
oikawa: chronic snacker. eats all the snacks in the first three hours. is either awake and causing annoyance or completely racked out against the window. has to pee at the worst possible times. always wants to be on aux but nobody likes his music except him. sometimes takes pity on iwa and plays the alphabet game with him. tries to help iwa change a tire but has no DIY skills. he gets shotgun
iwaizumi: the constantly exhausted driver. hates every song that plays except “””the classics””” (zztop, ac/dc, etc.). loves playing “the alphabet game” but no one ever wants to play with him. can and will do the “dad hand” whenever someone has snacks in the back seat. complains about oikawa always being asleep but smiles over at him napping when he thinks no ones watching.
hanamaki: in charge of the aux and refuses to take requests from oikawa. absolutely will not play the alphabet game. would not help iwa change a tire. “are we there yet???”. was in charge of packing drinks, did not pack drinks. always wants to stop at every scenic outlook just to make fun of oikawa taking a billion pictures. is always either playing footsie with mattsun or putting his legs in mattsun’s lap. he gets backseat
matsukawa: wanted to be in charge of aux, instead iwaizumi made him in charge of directions. doesn’t know his rights and lefts so he just points as says “that way”. buys snacks every time they stop. refuses to play the alphabet game with iwa. would help iwa change a tire. only falls asleep on makki’s shoulder and nowhere else. brings cigarettes just to make iwa mad for smoking in the car. he gets backseat
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@animangacreators challenge 03 → alphabet challenge
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• scars fade (Chapter 4)
Iwaizumi's sins cost him the one thing he didn't want to fuck up. Yet he still did.
Oikawa can count on one hand the actual times he punched Iwaizumi in the face. This was one of them. And it wasn't just once that he did.
This is the story of how Iwaizumi fucked up so bad Oikawa had no choice but to step in and save the day. And whether it'll be a happy ending or not, it's all up to you.
warning: contains cheating, explicit language, mature themes
then • now  • next
Taking the Shinkansen that fated morning seemed like a faraway dream as you stretched, already prepared to get out of your apartment and begin your day. You didn't think you would be as impulsive as you did that day, jumping on the train with a suitcase filled only with bare necessities, for an escape that somehow turned to an adventure.
Sure, you loved every second of it, despite the heavy burden in your heart and the little hopeful voice in your head that didn't fail to remind you how it would've been better if the people you love were there with you, the longing for your family hitting you in the guts hard. Nonetheless, you trudged on, swallowing the bitter pain and salty tears in exchange for a breath of fresh air and bright new mornings.
It took months before you stopped breaking into tears, especially at night. Some people were kind enough to ignore your bloodshot and puffy eyes most mornings, while others were forward enough to offer their own way of comforting others. That was how you made the handful of friends you have now, regardless of how you presented yourself at first. They were good people, warm and kind enough to somehow cover the iceberg of sadness and loneliness lodged deep in your heart.
Taking your bike off the stands, you hop on, waving good-bye to Sanae-san, the kind old lady downstairs of the apartment you were renting. It was a modest space, a somewhat traditional store on the quieter part of town. Sanae-san was the first person you met in this town, stumbling in her store after an hour of walking from the station. By some miracle, she was renting out the floor upstairs and you jumped the gun, deciding right then and there to grab it.
Since your line of work was flexible, with you working from home, arrangements were quickly made, enabling you to resume work without any hiccups or delays. Your editor, bless him for being oblivious and professional down to his bones, didn't pry and simply asked appropriate questions. Still, you asked that they keep your location private, strictly keeping the information to himself. He agreed, simply because 'your current output exceeded past performances.' You wondered, whether that was a good thing or not, but you'd gladly take it since it kept you well above water.
With more time in your hands, you decided to volunteer in the local town center, helping out wherever was needed. It helped take your mind off things, giving you new perspectives and experiences. You also learned new skills, since the jobs ranged far and wide, from gardening to plumbing to sewing to everything in between. Most of your time was spent on the daycare though, since they're always short-staffed and overloaded with kids. You've spent enough time with the kids to be on first-name basis with all of them.
You were running away, that much you knew. After letting your parents know that you will be away for an indefinite period, that you were alive and well and sane, and that you love them enough to come back one day, you turned your phone off. You buried the device under a mountain of clothes, deciding to wait until you've recovered enough not to turn into the cowardly, pitiful mess you were before holding the thing again. It took five months before you had the courage to plug the device back into life. You left it to charge, going through your day until it was night time and you had no more tasks to do and use as an excuse to forego the situation, left with no choice but to only woman up and face the reality you ran away from.
A hundred calls, voicemails and a thousand texts, the number dwindling down as the time you were away grew longer, before finally stopping once the limit was reached. You scrolled through the messages, a bulk of them from Tooru.
I miss you, my wife~ .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.
I punched Iwa-chan for u!! Now come back or I'll punch him again!
Makki's pretending Iwa-chan doesn't exists!! I'm so sad (╥﹏╥)
I love you forever. Pls come back soon o((*^▽^*))o
You shake your head, feeling the corners of your lips tilt up. Tooru and his emojis never failed to make you smile, always one of the constants when you have Oikawa Tooru in your life. The urge to send an outrageous emoji back was so hard you had to physically move away from the devilish object.
When you felt less driven to reply to Tooru, you picked it up again, this time listening to Hajime's voicemails.
The first few were more static than words, and you felt yourself choke up on the tears. You spent the night listening again and again to his voice, somehow enveloping you in the feel and warmth of the home you missed. Under the heavy haze of sleep and exhaustion, with the phone clutched tight in your chest, you listened to him tell the story of how three people met and stuck together for years, before two of them fell in love and got married and lived happily.
Only it wasn't happily ever after, you thought before succumbing to exhaustion and sleep.
then • now  • next
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Tumblr media
ID cards
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🤲☀️ and iwaizumi please 🙇‍♀️
hehe, sure <3
Prompt: How to make sense of this?
How are you both supposed to make sense of becoming adults? In your twenties, you are thrust into the world with little to no preparation, there is no life vest, no white flag to wave in surrender. It's harder when the person you miss the most can only be reached by phone.
"When are you coming home?" you ask, dreadfully tired and lonely.
"I don't know, baby." Iwaizumi looks at his calendar, unable to find an empty spot in it. "The semester's packed with projects and my summer internship will start right after spring classes..." He doesn't know if he'll have time until the year's out. "I'll let you know if I can come home."
It's the 'if' that kills the both of you. The unknowing of whether or not this can continue to work. Missing birthdays, spring holidays, and anniversaries.
"We're almost there," he tells you. "We're almost done. Then I'll be all yours."
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au where iwaizumi always buys flowers from your shop every feb 14 for the last four years until one day you muster the courage to strike up a conversation.
“you always get the biggest bouquet. whoever receives them must be happy every valentine’s day.”
and he gives you a small smile. “yeah, he’s probably happy.”
“you see,” iwaizum says, “these flowers aren’t for valentine’s day.”
he gives no further explanation so you’re left puzzled as you watch him leave the store. later that day, you finally learn the man’s unspoken words as you realize that your shop is the nearest flower boutique to the city cemetery.
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rntsuoka · a day ago
Tumblr media
my dumb grass baby
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apricunts · a month ago
cw. fluff to smut, pussy eating, overstimulation, big dick dilf!iwaizumi (mdni!)
Tumblr media
you met dilf!iwaizumi through his daughter. you're her aftercare counselor and she adores you like you're her mother. she's a sweet little girl that's always attached to your hip.
for the past couple of weeks, she's been trying to get your phone number to keep in contact with you and you told her that she needs to ask for her parent's permission. so she begs and begs her dad, and while he does know about you, he doesn't know you, so he ends up telling his daughter no which makes her very sad.
anyways, staff appreciation week comes and his daughter begs iwaizumi to get a gift for you. she made sure to ask you what your favorite snacks are. he agrees and has his daughter picks out what she wants to get you. the next day, she ends up giving you an entire box filled with snacks. surprised and super appreciative, when she's called for dismissal, you run along with her to thank her dad. meeting him for the first time ever, you never knew what to expect but not that! you don't expect a man as beautiful and fit as he is.
he's in his mid-thirties while you're in your twenties. there's little signs of his aging, like the few strands of gray hair that appear. his face shows that his youth is slowly disappearing and he has eye bags. he has facial hair, but not too much. no mustache and the stubble growing back. he's fucking hot and you're gawking at him. you give him your thanks and before you can head back inside, he looks back at his daughter and asks for your number.
"she's been asking for permission to give you my number," he tells you. laughing, you nod.
"yes! she's been badgering me about it and i told her that i needed your permission," you say. "i mean, if you're comfortable, im completely fine with it."
exchanging numbers, your heart pounds at the smile he gives you before driving off. after that, you sort of develop a relationship with iwaizumi. he checks in with his daughter and you always let him know how she's doing. to others, it doesn't seem suspicious in anyway. other counselors have parents regularly keep in touch with their children through them.
however, from harmless messaging, it sparks into more when you're invited to his daughter's birthday party where it's now outside of school boundaries. his daughter was so excited to see you and iwaizumi loves how you interact with her. you're really good with children as you help along with her friends and guiding them. you and iwaizumi also got to know each other, where you learned that he's an athletic trainer. you tell him you want to become a teacher and currently getting your bachelor's towards education.
he then offers a job in babysitting for the times he wouldn't be able to watch her. you gladly say yes for the extra money. from that point forward, things get more intimate with you and iwaizumi. his hand starts to linger longer than it should, eyes on each other for more than the usual seconds, subtle flirting not exactly subtle. you can't say you regret any of your choices when iwaizumi has you pinned to the bed.
your legs quiver as the bed's completely soaked in your juices. shaking, you're restrained by the strong hold of iwaizumi as he laps your pussy. puffy and swollen, they're overstimulated yet still aching for more. as they pulsate, you start to squirm in iwaizumi's hold. you've came at least twice and he's reluctant on letting you go, wanting you to cum a third time before he even thinks about pulling away.
"fuck, give me another one," he grunts. "i know you can."
"i can't!" you whine despite that same feeling in your stomach, that approaching twist of another orgasm and the quivering of your cunt against his tongue that tells him otherwise.
"yes, you can." he's relentless as he inserts three fingers and sets an antagonizing pace that has you creaming in no time. you cry out as he doesn't slow down, painting his fingers white while his lips are on your clit. your moans are high pitched and drawn out as you come down from your high and finally relax.
you're given a few more seconds to relax. iwaizumi looks at with hungry eyes, sucking off his fingers clean of your cum. his hair is disarray, little droplets of what your pussy had to offer coating it very slightly. just from the look in his eyes and the way he crawls on top of you, where his cock only gets harder just at the sight of you, you know that you'll be getting little to no rest.
and despite the squirming and claims of how you can't, your fingers travel down to his happy trail as you play with it for a second before cupping the erection that's just jumping to make an appearance. fuck, he feels huge. girth thick to where you're sure your hand can't wrap around its entirety and long enough to have your pussy aching. he hisses at your touch, cock so sensitive from the neglect. "don't be a fucking tease and take it out."
"feels so big," you whisper out and happily oblige to his commands. cock popping out, your mouth waters at the sight. "y'are so big."
he doesn't give you time to do anything else, pulling your hands that dare to linger away and into a tight hold over your head. pulling one leg up over his shoulder, you whine at the pain but endure it nonetheless. your sweet cunt is already clenching for what he has to offer. "are you gonna take it?" he asks, leaning down closer to capture your lips in a hungry and ravenous kiss. "are you gonna be a good girl and take it?"
"yes!" you cry. "yes, i will."
Tumblr media
notes. im nothing but a whore :)
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fols-eli · 3 months ago
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sukunoon · 23 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
꒰ WHEN YOU SEE HIM SHIRTLESS ꒱  —   bokuto, atsumu, iwaizumi, sakusa, suna x gn!reader
synopsis  — seeing your other half shirtless is a normal part of a relationship, but how do they react when it’s your first time seeing him without his shirt on?
cw  — suggestive, shirtless 2d men, pet names (baby, darling, angel, pretty baby), kiyoomi is shirtless AND pantless :),
a/n  — this is technically a repost but i re-wrote these, hopfully making them better bc before they were gross👎 enjoy <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
—  b. kotarou
he couldn’t help but text you as he opened the door to his apartment. after sakusa’s spike to his stomach, he needed to tell you not only how cool it was, but how much it hurt. it wasn’t long after his last text that you were at his doorstep, gladly being invited in by his voice echoing throughout the small apartment. “ko?” “baby!” he popped out from the doorway of the bathroom, a giant smile on his lips. his legs moved on their own as he approached you, his instinct to kiss you upon seeing your beautiful face. he cupped your cheeks, his lips grazing over your own before he pulled back, your cheeks hotter than they usually are. his head tilted in confusion as he stood there half-clothed, his chest—his abs—put on display just for you. “baby? are you still in there..?” he knocked lightly on your head, completely clueless of the effect he had on you.
—  m. atsumu 
a sigh fell from his lips as he threw his jersey to the side, practice had been tough on him recently. though, he couldn’t figure out why that was. he was just so stiff, and his sets were lacking, it had stressed him out. of course you knew that, he couldn’t not tell you what was going through his mind. he huffed as stretch his back, putting his arms above his head. his eyes found the mirror above his dresser, a small smirk appearing on his lips as he looked at the body he’d made for himself. “h-hey ‘tsumu, i brought food..” his attention was now on you who stood in the doorway of his bedroom with food in hand, it was evident by your face you were flustered, and he knew why. he smiled, stepping towards you with dark eyes. “well thanks angel.” he took the food from your hands, quickly giving you a kiss on the cheek. he smirked, his lips grazed your own before he let out a breathy chuckle. “like what ya see? first time if i remember correctly.”
—  i. hajime
he let the water slide down his throat, quickly wiping the sweat from his forehead after his morning run. he sighed, setting the bottle onto the kitchen counter as he pulled his tank top over his head before throwing it over his shoulder. you said you were going to stop by earlier in the morning, though he figured he’d have time to shower, make the two of you lunch, and be able to hang out the rest of his day off. thoughts of what to make you filled his head as he opened the fridge. “you look a little sweaty, haji.” you giggled, making him turn to you as you eyed him. he grew flustered at your sudden appearance. “i thought you were coming over later..” “i told you i was on my way.” now that you mentioned it, he did feel his phone buzz in his pocket, though he never got around to checking it. after that moment, after your little smirks towards him the rest of the night there was no way he was going to live down your teasing. he just hoped you wouldn’t tell oikawa.
—  s. kiyoomi
his wet hair dripped water onto the bathroom floor, his reflection staring back at him in the mirror. his curly hair covered his face, his towel loosely wrapped around his waist as water droplets slid down his chest. the steam from the hot shower dispersing through the crack in the bathroom door. with a little shake of his head, he pushed himself up from his hunched over position at the sink, and pulled open the door, the cold air hitting him suddenly. goosebumps appeared on his skin as he threw his towel over his hair, hoping to not get the floors of his bedroom soaked. he paused as he looked through his drawers, hearing a small creak of the floorboards. his eyes flickered towards his door, where — to his shock — you stood. “darling? what-” “sorry omi!” you yelled, your voice cracking as you slammed the door. he flinched at the loud noise, you reaction confusing him until he realized where his towel wasn’t. he slammed his head against the edge of his dresser, his face turning bright pink as his eyes grew wide.
—  s. rintarou
he laid on his bed, spread out on his back as a hand was set gently on his bare stomach, another holding his phone as he scrolled through tiktoks, trying to waste the time away so you’d get there sooner. and it worked, you finally strolling your way through the doorway. his eyes flickered towards you for a moment, then back to his phone as he scrolled to the next video. “what are you watching, rin?” he let out a small hum, glancing up at you from where he laid. your face grew hot, this being the first time you’d seen your boyfriend without a shirt on. a smirk made its way to his lips, he knew, and you knew he knew your body was heating up. he dropped his phone next to his head, quickly pulling you onto the bed with him, making you fall onto of him as he nuzzled his nose into the crook of you neck. “y’know you like seeing me half naked, pretty baby.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— join the taglist! : @justaselfishperson​ @kouily​
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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waveoftheocean · 20 days ago
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07.20.22 happy birthday oikawa  💙 💙 💙
reunion!!!!! (aka oikawa and iwaizumi may not play volleyball on the same team anymore but they always, always come back together eventually)
(redraw of this post from 4 years ago but now hq timeskip canon has happened and i will be emotional over it forever and ever)
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r-indou · a month ago
Tumblr media
different porn inspired scenarios <3
CONTAINS: fem!reader, stepcest, sir kink, slight manipulation in kuroos?, face sitting, squirting, dilf!tsumie, voyeurism, throat fucking, fingering, creampie, cheating, hand job, not proofread. was in my drafts for too long sobs
Tumblr media
“god- your cunt feels so fuckin’ good, angel. such a pretty slut for me, lettin’ me fill you up in this place,”
bo gets full on messy when desperation coils in his tummy, detaching himself from the fact you both may possibly be in a public territory - like right now for an example. your panties are pooled around at your ankles as you keep a tight grip onto one of the flimsy bookshelf’s you two were surrounded by, bumping your helpless body against the wooden shelving as your study partner fucks you as if he’s never been in pussy before. you just looked so pretty and fuckable sitting in your tiny penny skirt, how can he not fill up that cute cunt of yours till it’s brim?
he reaches those spots inside you that no one else can ever, gutsy groans and grunts sinking deep in your ears as your feeble pussy clenches around him. he wants to pull another orgasm out of your spilling cunt to fulfill his ego, to see how many times that big ass cock of his he’s so proud of can get you to cum in a place like this. you’ve kept yourself far apart from pda and anything else that falls under it for as long as he can remember. but here you were– allowing him to take you out a couple feet away from strangers, plainly out of character for you cause he’s got you thinking with your lil cunny now.
his golden orbs are diffused with lust, the striking veins that are popped up from his heavy cock scratch your muggy walls as his two thumbs circulate at your asshole, pushing the thick tips of his fingers past the incredibly tight hole, stimulating it to inch you to your nth orgasm of the evening.
“yeah, baby- make a mess on daddy’s cock. want everyone to hear how good you’re getting fucked.”
“you wanna be a healthy girl, don’t ya, princess? then lemme see you swallow every drop for me, ‘kay?”
you give kuroo’s throbbing cock a handful of sweet wet kisses before finally taking him in your salivating mouth, pink flushed tip immediately giving the back of your throat a tap. his hard length stretches your throat painfully, jaw aching as you gag around him. his small coos and praises results into your panties drenching beneath you, squeezing your thighs together desperately to feel any form of friction before moving down a hand to rub your covered cunt.
“yes yes yes- keep going for me, angel. don’t fucking stop,” he begged above you, back rested comfortably against his office door as he takes the front loose hairs that were framing your cheeks behind your ear to keep them out of your way. his cock laid heavy on your tongue, chocking onto it continuously as his precum twirls on your tastebuds. it’s almost like he had bruised up your esophagus, his girth that was nestled in your warm mouth made it tragically difficult to accommodate to.
bulky curses collapse off the tip of his tongue as he arrived at his gazing high. you’re moaning around him as he releases chains of his seed down your throat, absorbing every drop of it like a champ.
“told ya i’d fit in this tiny pussy, baby. shiiit- you’re drippin’, who made ya this wet, sweetheart? who got ya all messy like this?”
he’s fucking into you like a feral cat, rutting inside your sopping hole till your salty tears make an appearance in your eye ducts, enhancing your flustered cheeks as drool leaks out of your parted lips. your fuzzy eyes were closed shut, incoherence being the only thing voiced by you as you make every effort to take the entirety of his gigantic size inside you.
all the disgraceful guilt that had puzzled up within your stomach washed away once you felt the blitzed sensation his fat cock formed against your clammy walls. but the ugly reality still remained: you’re fucking a married man. a man who has built a adoring family with a woman he addresses as ‘wife’.
did that fact matter to you right now though? absolutely not.
the thick strands of pubic hair kiss your skin with every one of his daring thrusts, pushing himself far deeper then he already. and it hurt so bad, so bad you were pushing his hewed abdomen away cause you couldn’t handle it anymore, “‘s too much, sir! p-please! wanna cum for you! wanna cum so bad!”
atsumu’s response was a cold laugh, one that didn’t fall flat to send shivers down your spine. yet your blatant begs were ignored, and instead he fucked you harder than he ever has– cocktip pounding your sensitive cervix till he’s got you gushing all over the bed.
“your girlfriend is so sexy? yeah i know she is- i’m lucky aren’t i? why don’t you tell everyone how you’d die without this dick, baby?”
kenma read a comment aloud that caged his eye from the pc screen, leafing through all the other vulgar ones that were being sent in like waves. you giggle at the compliment before shyly thanking his audience, now jerking your boyfriends dick faster and faster.
this all started off when you kissed his clothed crotch through his grey sweats, crouched down far enough to keep yourself out of frame. rubbing the rounded swelling that had formed wasn’t exactly in your plan either, but it happened so naturally. it wasn’t intentional to make him lose his every match he played in, though that’s the sole reason why frustration spiraled within him– overlooking the twitch guidelines and letting all his 20k+ viewers watch you stroke his cock.
“you see that, y/n? they want you to spit on my dick and put it in your mouth. think you can do that for ‘em?”
why of course you can! you do just what the stranger suggested, spitting on his cock before swirling the tip of your tongue at his head. once you took him in with your mouth, your nose is brushed lightly with the coarse bristles of his pubic hair, throat choking on him urgently. you two had just established a fun game- scrutinizing the comments and carrying out with it for the next two whole hours till you’re completely fucked out and faint.
“look at this sloppy pussy- leakin’ all over the place. tastes so good, too- don’t wanna stop. feels nice, don’t it, pretty?”
kag’s tongue is lapping passed your messy hole, humming in satisfaction against your sex as he licks at your dripping folds. his dick grows harder under his shorts, waiting impassively to get this orgasm out of you to fuck you with his cock next. who would have thought on a monday afternoon tobio would be delivering a box of pizza and his skillful tongue.
his big hands stay put on your ass, sleek fingers digging themselves into the fat of your cheeks as you grind yourself on his pretty face. the pure mixture of your juices and his saliva shell his mouth, slurping away as he gives your soft bum a savage slap. your puny legs are shaking, back sitting in a high arch as you tell him how fucking good he’s making you feel.
but your two legs aren’t the only thing that’s shaking– your feathery voice can’t help tremble while you weep to him about how badly you wanna cum on his face. the adrenaline pumped in his bloodstream hearing you speak in such a salacious manner.
“you close, huh? c’mon baby, give it to me. cum on my face like a good girl,” he praised against your puff clit, his fingers tinkering with your pussy till your sobbing frantically through your first orgasm.
“all wet just for me. this what you wanted all day, princess? for this cock to get you all dumb?”
yup. that’s exactly what you wanted. for his cock to make you go stupid. you’re letting him treat you like a meaningless sex doll, bucking your hips as his fat cock works an orgasm in you. your pussy hugs him so finely, he’s built an ugly addiction to fucking you after every stressful meeting he holds.
it didn’t help hajime with you being such a tease around the office either– calling him when he’s having a one on one with an important client to tell him how much you miss his cock in your wet cunt, breeding you up with his cum till your stomach bulges, or purposely wearing the most provocative pair of clothes you can get your hands on.
you’re pushing your legs against your chest, blurred eyes rolling as far back as humanly possible as his length pulsates in your weeping cunt, “shit- you’re fuckin’ tight. did this cute lil’ pussy miss daddy?”
the sultry way you moan his name is just enough for him to cum inside your tight hole, your sweat draped bodies trembling in sync as he paints your walls pearly white.
little did you two know, the whole staff was crowded behind the door, listening in to your guys’ skin-slapping ruckus.
“couldn’t wait till we got back, princess? wanted these fingers inside your pussy all day, didn’t you?”
he’s so mean. a true bully. it’s not his problem you’re engaging in a conversation with your guys’ parents when he decided to take a gamble and smother your arousal with his fingers under your sundress. and now you got your bare legs drenched in your juices. you can’t challenge a complaint either, by some miracle formed your mother chose to let the local radio station keep playing it’s mainstream songs, even turning it up a couple volumes high once you’re done speaking or else the filthy sounds of your soaked pussy squelching wouldn’t be hidden away.
but that moment didn’t last for long. suna failed to keep a chuckle in once you shamefully stuttered at a question your step dad prompted, wicked digits curved upward towards your plush walls. his lower lip is caught between his teeth in a bid to hold in his sinful laugh, cock throbbing madly below the thick denim fabric of his jeans.
you smack your mouth shut before closing your weak-kneed legs around his silk coated hand, sprinkling your fluids all across your step brothers wrist and the warm leather seat of your parents suv, letting your sharp whines pierce the palm of your hand.
he let’s a single finger run up and down your wet folds, arousal swelling up on the side of his finger before sliding it between his lips, your compelling sweet taste plastering over his flat tongue.
“always loved the way you taste. so you’re gonna let me fuck your pretty face when we’re home though, right?”
Tumblr media
© R-INDOU 2022
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hawberries · 26 days ago
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sorry my brain has been soup, here are these guys
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