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#hq x reader
inarizahki · 2 days ago
Sunnyyyyy I'm drunk and I need to know which HQ dudes think you're such a sex goddess that they brag about you to their friends and even offer to give them a demonstration or trial just to prove his word.
Ily and Im so happy you're back - my bf has been giving me weird looks all day for wheezing over your messages and I had to explain that my true love has returned from the war
hELP i hope you’re sober now to read this SKSJSK ily hoe
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, minors dni, f!reader, objectification
Tumblr media
he’s so enthusiastic about you, just wants to share how amazing you are to anyone who’ll listen, gets a little carried away with locker-room talk sometimes but it’s all with pure intentions, promise.
hinata stares at bokuto with wide eyes even though he’s blushing down to the very roots of his hairs, and stammers out his question. “you’’ve actually passed out? while...”
bokuto nods, big frame vibrating just thinking about it. “yeah.”
“it...she...she tastes that good?”
“did...did you forget to breathe or something?”
bokuto just looks at hinata gravely. perhaps the ginger would never truly understand. maybe he would need to let hinata experience it for himself sometime. because when it comes to burying his face between your thighs and getting drunk on your pussy, oxygen is really just an afterthought. “...yeah.”
he’s the absolute worst, just subjects his closest friends to all the sordid details about your sex life and for all his intelligence, is pretty careless about where and when he does it.
you’re not even sure how to begin murdering your boyfriend. perhaps kenma would help you hide the body.
kuroo’s standing on the other side of the couch, eyeing you as you glare at him furiously. “now just...angel, just calm down for a bit, okay, and let me explain...”
“i can’t-” you fume, grabbing a throw pillow and flinging it at his stupid face. “i can’t believe you would say those things. and to kenma?!”
“it’s only because you make me feel so good, it was an accident- wait- ouch, i swear- i just couldn’t help myse-” 
“he was livestreaming!”
shameless, absolutely shameless about it- will talk about you to anyone with ears, but his descriptions are always so vivid that his victims usually find it difficult to look you in the eye after.
“toshi!” you greet him with a big smile, unlinking your arm from tendou’s to reach forward for a hug that he returns stiffly. you’re pressing up to him like this and he really tries not to look, he does, but curiosity gets the best of him and he ends up casting his gaze downward anyway.
they’re sensitive, ushijima remembers his friend’s words with frightening clarity. soft and warm and squeezable, and he’s really trying to think respectful thoughts but all he can focus on is how tendou had grinned and winked at him and said, “i can cum just by fucking them.”
when ushijima’s finally able to extricate himself from your grip, he tries not to think about the very last piece of tendou’s spiel. the part about how if he wanted to...try fucking your tits for himself...feel what it’s like...tendou would be more than happy to share. and that you wouldn’t mind at all.
it’s just so frustrating when none of them believe a word he says about you and he’s usually tipsy when he’s doing it, so one day when he’s in the middle of defending you wholeheartedly, the offer just kind of...slips out.
“m’not lying,” koganegawa whines, “she’s really just that...tight- that’s the word i was looking for...just s...s’fucking hot ‘n amazing....and god, the way she clenches...” he trails off when he thinks about it- the sight of you gasping and squirming under him, tight cunt struggling to accommodate the sheer size of his length.
“or maybe,” tsukishima interjects snidely, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “you just can’t last.”
koganegawa’s cheeks flush an angry red and he shoots to his feet. he points challengingly at tsukishima, then at kyoutani, who looks like he’d rather die than be here. 
“then try her yourself ‘n see! tomorrow, my place, ten o’clock. bet you wouldn’t last either!”
doesn’t do it excessively, only on a need-to-know basis. he’s always so smug about it too, because he knows that out of all his friends, he has it best. which is why dangling the idea of them having a taste of you usually comes out as a taunt.
“c’mon,” hanamaki drawls, “all we’re saying is that it must suck to be you- no pun intended. we’ve seen you in the showers. no way it fits.”
a smirk curling up on matsukawa’s lips as his friends dive into a thorough discussion about how dreadful of a life he must lead, to not know what a good blowjob feels like. he humors them for a few moments before chuckling, “ fits.”
iwaizumi frowns. “and...she’s okay? she doesn’t choke?”
“oh, she chokes. but that’s the best part,” matsukawa grins at iwaizumi’s surprised expression, thinking about the way your pretty lips stretch so wide around him, nose pressed into curly hairs at the base of his cock. “hums too. hums and swallows and moans and shit, feels just as good as her pussy.”
the ensuing silence prompts matsukawa to smirk proudly. “happy to give a demonstration, maybe a free trial too...if i fit, i’m sure you all would too.”
“ piece of shit.”
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · 2 days ago
sakusa x gn!reader
Tumblr media
sakusa pouts as you coat your lips with lip balm, running the stick over your top, then your bottom lip, over and over. he watches the stick go from left to right almost resentfully, but still entranced nonetheless. you can sense his stare on you in the back of your mind, but you're too preoccupied, focusing on the task at hand.
he huffs when you still haven't put the lip balm away five seconds later. he's being dramatic, he knows. but it's for good reason.
"don't you think you've put enough?" he practically mumbles out aggressively, "maybe even too much?"
that makes you pause, your hand in the air, lip balm still on your lip. you look over at him questioningly and hesitantly. "...what?" you put the cap on and put it away, slowly rubbing your lips together.
his eyes catch on the movement of your lips and he gets temporarily distracted before he sighs and bites the inside of his cheek almost sheepishly as he looks to the side.
you tilt your head, eyes scanning over him as you try to figure him out. "you don't like when i put on lip balm?"
he shakes his head, like a child and you can't help but find it cute.
"why not?"
he hesitates for a few seconds before speaking up. "cause you don't let me kiss you till it dries off."
when he glances over and notices the smile growing on your lips, he clenches his jaw and crosses his arms, looking even more like a small child that didn't get their way.
you scoot closer to him and coo, "aww omi––" his shoulders sag and you can tell he regrets ever opening his mouth. "tell you what, i'll give you a free pass this time, kay?"
he hates himself for this, but your words make him perk up immediately, he's that whipped for you.
he tries to appear nonchalant as he turns to you, eyes flitting up to yours as he uncrosses his arms at the soft touch of your hand, urging them open.
he may be completely whipped for you, but as you press your lips against his and let out a content sigh, sinking further into him, one hand on his shoulder, the other in his curls, he realizes he doesn't care one bit. he slides an arm around your waist and tugs you closer. if he's only getting one kiss, he's gonna make it count.
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 12 hours ago
falling for a fan
Tumblr media
feat. MSBY boys (Sakusa, Bokuto, Hinata, Atsumu)
♡ a/n: wow my first post in such a long time sjdfsjkfdfsdhkj forgive me
Tumblr media
“Oh, look who’s here” Atsumu chuckles, nudging Sakusa shortly before the game started.
Sakusa followed Atsumu’s gaze to the audience. He couldn’t tell who exactly Atsumu was looking at.
“What are you talking abo-” his words fell short when he saw exactly who the setter was referring to.
There you sat amongst the other spectators, chatting with your friend seated next to you.
Earlier this morning you unfortunately bumped into the volleyball player at a cafe. Atsumu, Bokuto, and Hinata were also there- which was cool- but Sakusa was your favorite of the players. Normally as a fan, this would be a momentous occasion for you- meeting your favorite athlete in the outside world doesn’t just happen to anyone. But you literally had bumped into him.
And may have spilled your hot drink onto him. You panicked, immediately finding the closest source of napkins to pat some of the drink off his chest.
“Oh I- I’m so sorry!” you cry out, frantically dabbing his shirt. And when you came to realize you were touching the chest of essentially a stranger, you freaked out even more.
Sakusa wasn’t sure if the warm feeling inside of him was from how cute you were or the fact that your drink was spilled on him. He went with the former. Unfortunately, as soon as he reassured you that he was alright, you took off.
The other three cackled at the situation, but they found more amusement in the blush that was sprawled across their friend’s face.
So when they recognized a familiar face in the audience- one that was wearing a Sakusa jersey- of course they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease him.
“Aw it looks like the cutie that Omi has a crush on is also a fan of is~ what are the odds~” Atsumu says, inciting laughter from Bokuto and Hinata.
“Atsumu whenever you set me the ball I promise you that I will spike it directly onto your face” Sakusa replies almost immediately.
Atsumu wasn’t fazed at all, instead his lips curled up into a smirk.
“That’s if you can even keep your eyes on the ball and not on your crush”
Sakusa snaps out of his daze, coming to the realization that he had been staring at you this entire time. To his surprise, you were looking right back at him. He tentatively raises his hand up to wave at you before turning back around and rejoining his team.
“Don’t worry Sakusa, after the game we’ll help you find them!” Bokuto pats his friend on the back. And that was a promise.
Back in the audience, you’re surrounded by screams of excitement. Nearly each person around you thought that Sakusa was waving at them specifically. You could have sworn that perhaps Sakusa’s attention was towards you, but what were the odds that was the case?
Unbeknownst to you, the odds were ever so in your favor.
 You often attended volleyball games- as you were a large fan of the sport. Specifically you tried to show up to as many games as possible for your favorite team, the MSBY Black Jackals. And today was no exception. You sat in your usual spot, donned your Bokuto jersey, and anticipated for the team’s win.
Except something made you uneasy this time.
From the corner of your eye, you sensed that someone was staring at you. No- the guy next to you definitely was staring.
“Can I help you?” you suddenly ask, turning to face the stranger.
The man, who admittedly had a pretty face, seemed surprised you suddenly talked to him.
“I- sorry. It’s just.. okay I’m not sure if you’ll believe me if I tell you.”
“Well might as well tell me, don’t you think?” you gesture at him to tell his story.
The man sighs, “So one of my best friend’s is a player for the Black Jackals and uhhh okay he’s been talking about having seen a really cute fan lately. He’s pointed them out to me a few times and just my luck they happen to be sitting next to me today”
Your eyes narrow at the boy. You would’ve thought in a situation a strange man would’ve hit on you. Never would you have expected him to be advocating for his best friend.
“I don’t believe you” you tell him- it seemed too outlandish that any professional athlete would take notice of a fan.
The stranger chuckles and looks over to the court. The game was entering a new set, and the teams were in the process of switching sides.
You watch as the guy cups his mouth with his hands, shouting out Bokuto’s name. The two of you were seated fairly close to the front, so it wouldn’t be hard for Bokuto to hear.
“HI AKAASHI” Bokuto yells back, waving at his friend. Akaashi gestures to you, and Bokuto’s eyes widen at the sight of you, a rosy blush forming on his cheeks. He quickly turns his back on the audience to rush to where the rest of his team were. But every so often he would peak back at you, only to turn his head back quickly.
“I told you so” Akaashi nudges you, giving you one of those ‘I-told-you-so’ smirks.
You gripped the bottom of the jersey you were wearing, feeling quite flustered yourself. No, because wasn’t this too good to be true?
“And you’re absolutely sure he likes me?”
“Did you- did you not see his reaction to you? He’s probably worried right now that I’m saying bad things about him you know.” Akaashi chuckles.
You swing your legs a bit, processing the information given. Either this was all the truth, or this was the most elaborate prank ever set up. You’d like to believe that Bokuto and this stranger were above pranking strangers, so you took the leap of faith.
“Alright Akaashi, if that’s the case then do you mind introducing us after the game?” you ask, smiling at him.
Akaashi smiles back, nodding at your request, “Honestly, even if I didn’t, he would probably try to find you”
He turns his head back to the court, and surely enough, Bokuto was staring at the both of you. Akaashi gives his friends a thumbs up and nudges you to do something too. You wave at Bokuto with both hands and watch as his already flushed cheeks become even more red.
One thing’s for sure, neither you nor Bokuto were able to focus on the game.
Out of all times to run into your athlete crush, you were hoping it wouldn’t be while you were buying his merch. Of course the universe seemed to be against your side today. Because when you turned around right after purchasing the cutest little Hinata plush, who else would be standing in front of you than the volleyball player himself?
“Oh, you have excellent taste if I do say so myself” he teases, smiling at you.
“If I’m being honest... I had to settle because they ran out of Atsumu plushes” you sigh, watching as the smile on his face drop.
“I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I swear there are still Atsumu plushes at the vendor I promise” you begin laughing- the sight go Hinata’s unamused expression made it all the more funny.
“Bullied by my own fan... betrayal never comes from the enemy huh” Hinata dramatically sighs, causing you to playfully hit him with the plush.
“Had I know you were this dramatic, I would’ve chosen Atsumu as my favorite” you say.
Hinata scoffs back, shaking his head, “Please, Atsumu is ten times more dramatic than I am. I’m pretty sure he’s the reason why I act like this sometimes”
You laugh even more. Was it supposed to be this fun seeing your favorite athlete? The atmosphere was so nonchalant- you would’ve thought that things would’ve felt super intimidating or nerve-wracking. The only thing that was making you nervous was the fact that Hinata was way cuter than you could have ever imagined. Other than that, you felt comfortable around Hinata- it was nice.
However, as the small talk progressed, Hinata was anything but calm. Admittedly, Hinata had first approached you because he saw someone buy his merch and got excited at that. First, he didn’t expect you to be so cute. Second, he definitely didn’t expect this short conversation with you to be so wildly entertaining.
He found you charming and endearing- your laughter was something he could listen to for hours on end. And Hinata felt his heart beat just a bit faster.
As the two of you were winding down on the conversation, a bit of panicked settled in Hinata’s mind. Would this just be a one time interaction with you? If Hinata left to get ready for the game, would this be the last time he would run into you?
“Would you like to grab something to eat after the match?” he suddenly blurts out. Hinata didn’t mean to be so forward, but he knew he didn’t want to pass up any opportunity to get to know you better.
You were taken aback, and you felt the heat rising to your cheeks as you agreed, scribbling your number on the back of your receipt for him.
Hinata pocketed the paper, saying goodbye to you before rushing off to the locker rooms. Surely his cheeks were red by now. But he didn’t care at all.
His teammates could tease all they want, but the only thing on the forefront of Hinata’s mind was you.
No one told you.
You kept repeating that in your head throughout the game. It was your first time even watching volleyball- your friend had invited you because they had an extra ticket. All you knew is that you were supposed to cheer for the MSBY Black Jackals.
No one told you that you were supposed to stay dead silent when Atsumu was serving.
When hundreds of eyes glanced over to you, Atsumu’s included, you absolutely wanted to fold up into a ball and disappear. It wasn’t until after Atsumu’s serve that the silence was dispelled and the gym began to slowly get noisier again.
That was when your friend told you about Atsumu’s need for absolute silence.
On the court however, the team was in hysterics over your little blunder.
“Do you think they’re a fan of the other team trying to screw you over?” Hinata asks as the teams switched sides for the next set.
“I doubt it- did you see the look on their face? Absolute embarrassment. Probably a new fan” even Sakusa chuckles at the incident.
Atsumu on the other hand, stayed silent. He couldn’t get the image of your flustered, panicked face out of his head. It was endearing to him. Sure you had messed up his routine but you were so earnest in your cheers and so apologetic face was just too cute for him.
Once the game was over, Atsumu immediately made it to the doors where the audience would exit the stadium. He made sure to stay obscured from the crowd so they wouldn’t attract any attention from him. His eyes scoured the many people walking past him, and when he saw a familiar figure, his eyes widened.
He hurried up behind you, tapping your shoulder quickly. As you turned around, your smiling expression soon turned into surprise when you saw Atsumu’s grinning face.
“I- oh uh hello!” you stammered, absolutely flustered that Atsumu was standing right in front of you.
“Oh hey, you’re making the same face you made when you-”
“Shhhhhhh! Don’t say it out loud, there are people around,” you quickly interrupt his teasing, “it’s my first game, how was I supposed to know any of the etiquette”
Atsumu felt his heart flutter at the sight of your little pout. You were just too cute.
“Well- wait sorry I don’t know your name” Atsumu says, looking expectantly for you to answer. You were honestly surprised that he even wanted to know your name. You had just assumed it was a one time conversation where he would tease you and then leave.
“I’m Y/n” you introduce, your cheeks getting warmer when you see Atsumu smiles after hearing your name.
“Well Y/n, would you like to grab some coffee or a small bite to eat? I’d be glad to teach you all of the rules and etiquette to volleyball. Just so you don’t embarrass yourself during our next game.” you weren’t sure if Atsumu’s smug grin made you flustered or made you want to hit him. Maybe both.
“Please, now I’m just tempted to scream each time erode you serve” you roll your eyes at Atsumu, letting him lead you outside.
He hopes you keep your word. He would absolutely love it if you showed up to every game just to scream for him.
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sunaerin · 2 days ago
imagine your anime boyfie - x fem!reader // mdni 
tw: possessive dom (?), biting
and we’re back with the imagine your anime boyfie!! sorry it’s been so long since i wrote for this series, and i hope you can forgive me for it being much shorter than usual ... 🥲 i hope you guys enjoy !!! <3 
also... sorry, i know i said i’ll post my omi and suna fic... but i lost both of the docs, so... ya girl out here crying her eyes off... but i’m still determined to write it again because I LOVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH. okay. that’s all. bye y’all. 
Tumblr media
your possessive boyfie that would place their arm around your shoulder, holding the base of your jaw, using his grip to let your lips pucker so that they can smash their lips onto yours — blood boiling but yet face full of nonchalance as they kissed you fervently with their eyes glaring at the one person across the room that’s been annoyingly checking you out the whole night. 
Seeing you squirm as you released a breathy moan with a tug to the collar of his shirt, he’ll smirk into the kiss as he whispers something lewd into your ears, causing your cheeks to flush and the knot in your stomach to tighten as you witness the clenching of his jaws that beautifully lined the sculpture of his face — defining every detail that further illuminated his beauty. 
Taking your hand as he led you out, most definitely taking note of the handsome veins that ran through his forearm as he gripped your hand in dominance. your man won’t fail to look down at the person that had the audacity to stupidly drool over what was his, and with a devilish and threatening smirk to his face, without ever losing eye contact, without ever losing superiority, he’ll purposely brush past them — making it known, more so forcing it down, that you were his, and that in no world, nor in any other alternate universe would they be able to have you — absolute none…
So, in thanks to the stranger, your boyfie will make it a blatant fact that tonight will be a night of remembrance — not for him, but to a faultless you… And poor you, you’ll be the one that gets stupidly fucked and absolutely railed as he pounds his frustrations out on your abused pretty hole, as trickles of sweat ran down his face, plopping down onto the crevice of your back, with lips bruised and muscles sore, as he mumbled under his breath about some bastard that practically eye fucked you. but yet his threatening voice was still interlaced with love as he serviced you of pure ecstatic pleasure and never did he fail to adore and worship every inch of your body. chanting and moaning of how fucking good you made him feel — emphasizing his belief that you were just so perfect for him. 
And when he hears you cry, begging him to slow down, urging him to look at you — that you were here, that you were his... but triggered once more of the memory of the stranger and his apparent insecurity, he’ll growl into your ear as he marked up your sore body, planting your body straight into the mattress as his sweaty frame laid heavily on top of yours, breaths now exhausting to inhale from the thick scent of sex permeating the room, with speech incoherent and sloppy; he fucked you deep within, causing his ass to clench and his balls to slap against your tender wet cunt. 
he’ll continue to stake his territory, by letting you know his truth, but yet for whatever reason his voice was infused with some sort of insecurity, because you felt his body tremble as he struggled to breathe, and his voice hitched as he tried to speak his next words. as if his raging persona couple minutes prior was only but a fantasy, you felt his hand hover yours that were tightly gripping the bed sheets, and another firmly wrap under your belly, and with his face deeply planted into the sweaty cavern of your neck, as he continued to push balls deep within... as if he feared of losing you — doing whatever he could to just be with you.
you heard him croak with an undertone of sadness, with a deep yearning for an embrace,
“Tell me youre mine, please.”
because despite knowing that the stranger didn’t deserve you... deep down your man also knew, he firmly believed, that you were far too great for him, far more worthy to receive love than what he could ever fathom to give — for any other world, or for any other alternate universe — but yet you still chose him... and despite being internally grateful...
how could he not be possessive over someone like you? 
↳ suna, iwaizumi, sakusa, atsumu, kuroo, tendou
Tumblr media
taglist (let me know if you would like to removed!)
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taglist here !
© sunaerin 2021. Please do not plagiarize or repost any of my works.
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bratinc · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
+ headcanons. 658 words.
+ contains. kuroo, tanaka, and bokuto.
+ warnings. fem reader, degradation, praise, blowjobs, slight exhibitionism, praise.
+ note from val. yeee- this might’ve been a self insert but.. oh well.
Tumblr media
takes it as a challenge, he won’t even bother muting his mic.
he’ll just spread his legs to give you easier access and let you do your thing.
bites his lip and frequently looks down to watch you sucking his cock because he thinks you look so pretty on your knees for him.
he cusses a lot more than usual and might accidentally moan when you take him deeper into your throat.
covers it up really well, the only person who can really tell when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be is kenma.
“Fuck! I’m—shit, I’m hit! I need fucking back up.”
he’s barely paying attention to the screen, his character just kind of stands there awkwardly
the only reason he’s still playing his game, is because he’s stubborn and he doesn’t want you thinking you won.
won’t give you the chance to tease him because as soon as he’s close he’ll just slam your face down on his cock.
he probably ends up apologizing afterwards and says he was just in the moment
he’s so excited.
the moment you put your hair up and get on your knees infront of him, he’s got a huge smile on his face and he’s pumped up.
he looks so good when you’re giving him head that you end up getting horny too
those low groans and growls that he lets out are music to your ears.
gets super distracted and barely even acknowledges his teammates that are yelling at him through his headphones.
“Sorry, they’re— fuck! they’re- um, they’re— uh, I-I gotta go do… stuff! I’ll be right back.”
he’ll mute his mic and stop holding back all his moans, letting his filthy mouth run free.
“Yeah, baby. Fuck! Just like that keep— keep fucking going. Ah, shit! You’re gonna make me cum.”
he will cum all over your face or down your throat, there’s no inbetween.
definitely the type to brag and hype you up to his friends, might accidentally tell them what you guys just did.
as soon as you take his cock out, he’s giving you all his attention.
he won’t even remember the fact that he was playing a game literally .5 seconds ago.
loves to caress your face when you’re sucking his cock, he’ll just gently rub your cheeks.
also has a very intense stare on your face the entire time.
he’s obsessed with watching you struggle to take his cock into your throat.
an absolute god at praise, he doesn’t shut up the entire time, praise him back and he will be on cloud 9.
he’s always moaning out you’re name, telling you how good he feels and how pretty you are.
“You’re so cute, puppy. So fucking p-perfect— god! I love so you much, you’re amazing.”
he’ll start thrusting into your mouth when he’s close and by the time that he’s about to cum he’s basically fucking your face
definitely forgot to mute himself and gets really embarrassed when his teammates say they heard everything
Tumblr media
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belsumu · 2 days ago
random texts with…kuroo !! (pt. 2)
warnings; cussing, mentions of food
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
copyright © 2021 by @belsumu. do not steal, edit, repost, translate, or claim as yours.
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melsun · 2 days ago
[ 7:15 p.m ] - IWAIZUMI HAJIME
Tumblr media
+ a/n : shitty drabble bc i feel shitty. sign to dctv??? dunno anyway enjoy !!
Tumblr media
"don't feel good," you say, pulling on iwaizumi's t-shirt, hands slipping under the sleeves to squeeze his arms, "iwa-," you sigh, "-i don't feel good."
it's nothing serious, really, just one of those days. so of course, you turn to your boyfriend for comfort—even if you're not sure what the matter is.
he seems to understand this too, turning towards you—his arms hook themselves under your legs, pulling you onto his lap as he places a kiss on your shoulder—"wanna watch a movie?"
"yeah," you nod, shifting so your back faces him, reaching for the remote lying next to you on the bed to switch the t.v. on- "godzilla?," you suggest, making iwaizumi grin in agreement—(it’s his favourite movie, as is yours;
and he's very proud of the fact that you share his taste in movies. oikawa is against it ("it's because you're lonely, oikawa" mattsun has commented) and has tried bribing you into saying you hate watching that boring movie with those ugly creatures. unfortunately for him, the brunet's disappointment is far funnier to you than iwa's can ever be).
”you sure you’re fine?,” iwaizumi asks, his arms locked around you, fingers tracing circles onto your thigh— he wants you to know he’s here for you, no matter what.
and when you feel yourself relax into his chest, feeling his warmth enveloping you— you can’t help but nod. even if you aren’t fine, with iwaizumi—
—you will be.
Tumblr media
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ohmiyaa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
oikawa, the immature yet patient boyfriend, that takes you wherever he goes because he just loves being around you.
oikawa, who grows restless at night when you’re not there beside him and finds it hard to stop thinking about you.
oikawa, who’s more passionate about you than he ever has been about volleyball.
oikawa, who takes iwaizumi’s taunts and teases just to be able to look at you and call you his.
oikawa, who loves when you come to game night with the seijoh 4, but doesn’t appreciate when mattsun asks you to be his partner to piss tooru off.
oikawa, who always allows you to steal his hoodies and shirts no matter what, but loves them even more when you give them back and they smell distinctly of you.
that oikawa boy that happens to love you so much that he hesitates to accept the offer to go play for argentina’s volleyball team because it upset you so much.
oikawa, the boy who loves when you agree to watch movies with him, even if they’re the shitty alien movies he enjoys so much.
oikawa, the boy who accepts the alien-themed stuffed animals you religiously buy him so he has a closet full of them.
oikawa, whom allows you to play with his hair even when he treats it like one of his prized possessions, just because it makes you so happy when you try a different hairstyle on him that makes his face look weird.
oikawa, who picks you up in his arms on graduation day and spins you as his encore of iwaizumi, hanamaki, and matsukawa cheer and whoop now that you’re all officially free.
oikawa, who could never ask for a better partner.
and finally, that damn tooru who finds your face in a crowd of thousands at his olympic match against japan next to mattsun and makki and waves, smiling that perfect smile.
Tumblr media
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kissmeomi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings : degradation, use of handcuffs, biting, sadism, creampie, use of the nickname princess, it ends with fluff (sort’ve-ish).
pairing : mafia! kotaro bokuto x female reader
synopsis : bokuto loves wrecking his girl and then treating her. she’s just so pretty, you know? | (reposted from old blog)
drabble : 0.65k words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You just had to be needy and pushy during an important meeting. You just had to keep running your fingers up his inner thigh and knowingly tease him to the point of getting hard in front of all his men. Whether his men had noticed or not, he didn’t care. Kotaro was just fed up with your antics. He’d told you that this meeting was important for his business, but of course, he should’ve expected that you’d take that as an invitation. Of course you’d be a fucking brat, because you knew it’d get you fucked hard enough to turn your legs to jelly. While also permanently wrecking your spine.
His hands are on your lower back, pressing you into the mattress as his hips ram into your ass. The sound of your skin slapping together fills every corner of the bedroom, but not loud enough to drown out your whimpers and cries. Kotaro relishes in the fact that he has you broken down, sobbing, pussy weeping around his cock.
Your tears leave salt lines down your cheeks, making them itch. “Ko- fuck, ‘s too much.”
“You’re gonna take it.”
His hands move up your back, one hand wrapping around the front of your throat to pull your gaze to his. The other grips the chain of your handcuffs.
“Because you couldn’t wait to be a slut.”
You shiver, eyes welling up from the look of anger, yet pure satisfaction in his. Kotaro smirks down at you, letting go of your neck to lace his fingers with yours. The silver chain rattles as he presses his body flush against yours, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. He kisses the tender skin, nipping and sucking every few centimeters, while his hips continue to bruise your ass.
His skin is on fire and he can smell the new perfume he’d bought you, clinging to the skin behind your ear. It made him groan, biting down on your shoulder. Even when you weren’t being used and broken in, you walked around smelling like him, wearing the things he bought for you. Because you were his.
Kotaro funded your expensive wardrobe out of guilt for how rough he was with you during sex. But it also made him hard, seeing all the fine silk and lace. He couldn’t help but stare at you every morning when you got dressed and he often took his time slipping the fabric from your body.
Being able to see how his men ogle you and try to hide their hard-ons out of shame, made him feel cocky to the highest degree. Only he could see you completely naked, soft skin pressed against his, moaning only for him, your gummy walls molded to fit him perfectly. His hands had left imprints in your hips, reminding him of how many times they’d been there.
With a choked moan of your name, he’s cumming after you, fucking you through your orgasm. He doesn’t stop till he’s positive he’s left every drop inside you. Kotaro stills for a few moments, gathering himself enough to reach for the key to your handcuffs. He tosses them to the side, pulling out of you so he can roll you onto your back and take your wrists in his hands.
“You okay, princess?” Kotaro gently rubs at the raw skin, leaning down to kiss you softly on the lips. “Was I too rough?”
You shake your head, pulling his hands to your mouth so you could kiss his knuckles. “I liked it. Promise I’d tell you if I didn’t.”
Kotaro smiles, getting off the bed to retrieve a black velvet box from a shelf in your shared room. When he sits back down beside you, he pulls you into his lap, helping you straddle his waist.
“Close your eyes for me, doll.” He mutters, taking a sterling, Chanel necklace from the box and putting it around your neck. His newest gift while he’d been away on business.
You open your eyes and he starts rubbing soft circles into your sides, looking at you like he always does. Utterly enraptured by your presence.
Tumblr media
© kissmeomi 2021 ⤏ do not steal, plagiarise, modify, or repost my content. do not recommend my work outside of tumblr.
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Tumblr media
You’re jealous but you can’t do anything because you’re not dating him - Part 5
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Pairings: Lev x Fem! Reader
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Requested by: @sad-b-tch
A/N: Only one story in this part because I am travelling for a few days and I won't find the time to write for a while. This was written in a hurry and is not proofread so pls 2 forgive any errors.
I'm not sure how exchange programs happen in Japan but when my friend went to Germany, she lived with a student's family who had agreed to host exchange students at their home. That is the concept I followed in this. Also, since it was never clarified which of his parents was Russian, I have assumed it was his mother in this story. Also, I have used like 2 Russian dialogues in this fic with the help of Google so if they're wrong, I'm sry pls lmk I am not friends w any Russian people. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
Tumblr media
Haiba Lev is a friendly guy.
"A little too friendly sometimes", you think as you watch him grab Sofia's arm and drag her away to her next class, leaving you in the hallway.
Of course, Lev had been assigned to host and guide the new exchange student from Russia. Sofia Volkov. A girl who is so breathtakingly gorgeous that she might as well have descended from heaven. Hell, she is so beautiful that even you find yourself developing a girl crush on her. Ever since she arrived at Nekoma a week ago, at least 9 people have asked her out on a date. She, however, rejected them all.
Even though Lev does not speak Russian and Sofia cannot speak a word of Japanese, you can't help but admit that he was the perfect choice to be her guide around Nekoma. Sofia seems to have warmed up to him quite a bit in such a short time. He is just that kind of person who can communicate with others so easily and effortlessly.
"Did you see Lev hold Sofia's hand just then? Do you think they are dating?"
"I wouldn't be surprised if they are. She seems to spend all her time in school with him even though she's already living in his house."
"Yeah. If anyone in this school can match Sofia in good looks, it is Lev."
Every hushed whisper you hear about Lev and Sofia feels like a stab straight through your heart.
Stupid rumour mongers. You know they are not dating. Lev would have told you if they were. Yet, thinking about the possibility of them getting together...
You see Lev returning from Sofia's class. He has a giant smile on his face that makes your heart do backflips. God, why did he have to be so pretty?
"Y/N! Thanks for waiting!"
"Of course!" you smile at him, "How is Sofia liking it here?"
"I think she is settling in well. Mom seems to have fallen in love with her. They keep chatting away in Russian late into the night. I have heard more Russian in the past week than I have in my entire life."
You chuckle. "Aww. Your mom must be happy to have someone from her homeland around. She must miss it awfully."
"She does. If it were up to her, she would probably keep Sofia with us forever. She even joked about me marrying her just so she could stay here."
The smile on your face disappears as soon as you hear that. It was a joke. Just a simple joke. You try to console yourself but the worry shows in your face. Thankfully, Lev is too busy chatting away to notice.
"... So I thought I would show her the Tokyo Skytree tomorrow. I think she'd like it, yeah?"
"Yeah, she would."
"Mum insisted I take her at night because it is prettier with all the lights."
It's also more romantic.
"Yeah, night sounds good. She will like it."
"Y/N? Are you okay?"
You look to your side and find Lev looking at you, his head cocked and brows slightly furrowed with worry.
Your internal battle must have shown on your face. "Yeah, yeah. Sorry. I'm all good, I was just trying to remember if I finished the assignment for the next class."
It is a lame reason but it is all you could come up with on the spot. The bell's ringing for the next class saves you from further questions.
It has been 2 days since you last met Lev or even spoke to him properly. He was, understandably, busy showing Sofia around town. He had invited you to accompany them but you had been busy with family stuff and couldn't join them. Still, when he did not reply to your texts as fast as he usually does, you couldn't help but feel a little upset. It also didn't help that your mind ran wild with the possible scenarios of Lev and Sofia getting together.
But as you go about your day in school as usual, chatting and laughing, you begin to feel a little stupid for getting so worked up over nothing.
That was until you met Sofia after school.
She had been waiting to walk home with Lev outside the school gate. As soon as she saw you two approaching, she waved in your direction, a big smile on her face and said something in Russian. As soon as Lev heard her, he turned red as a beetroot.
However, before he could respond, he was hailed by someone from the Nekoma VBC.
What the hell was that about? You think as you watch him sprint towards Yaku-san, still blushing furiously.
Sofia's voice pulls you from your thoughts. She is standing right next to you and is smiling at you. You can tell that she wants to talk to you. You smile back and patiently wait for her to speak.
"Eyy- uh -" she looks around and points at Lev.
"Lev? You want to tell me something related to him?"
She nods eagerly and points at him again, "Boyfriend."
It feels like someone has suddenly dropped a brick in your stomach.
"B-boyfriend? Are you saying Lev is your b-boyfriend?"
"Da! Yes! Boyfriend! boyfriend!!" she jumps up in excitement at finally getting through, smiling and nodding eagerly at you, "Lev Boyfriend? Da?"
The smile on your face is long gone. It is all you can do to keep yourself from bursting into tears right there.
So that's why he was blushing.
"Hey, sorry about that. Yaku-san wanted to tell me about the club meeting later tonight. We can walk home now."
You had not realized Lev had made his way back to you. You turn your face away from him so he won't notice the tears that are now forming in your eyes.
He comes up to Sofia and repeats the same sentence to her in broken Russian.
You definitely won't be able to maintain your composure the entire walk back home.
"Actually, you guys go on ahead. I have some things I need to buy for mum so I'm going in the other direction."
"We can come with you!" Lev says, smiling.
"Oh, I'm pretty sure you'll just get bored there. I'll text you once I'm home," you say and start to sprint away from them, not wanting to spend another second there.
"Wait! Wait! Why are you running away? Y/N!" Lev's extremely confused voice calls after you as you try to get away from them as quickly as you can.
From the corner of your eye, you see Lev start to run after you but Sofia grabs his arm and stops him. That gives you a few moments to slip away, tears streaming down your face as you run.
It doesn't take him long to catch up, though, as you hear him huffing and puffing behind you just a few minutes later. "Y/N! Please! Stop!"
You quicken your pace and try to give him the slip again but it's impossible to keep up with his long-ass legs and you feel a strong grip on your shoulder, trying to get you to stop. You finally do.
Lev gently turns you around to face him and he is shocked to see the fat tears rolling down your face.
"Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no! I am so, so sorry. Sofia told me that she told you. I am really, so, so, sorry."
"I- It's o-okay. Y-you have nothing to apo-apologize for. You d-did nothing wrong," your silent crying has now turned to full-blown sobs now that Lev himself has confirmed the worst.
"I did. I should have been the one to tell you. I told her not to say anything, I wanted to tell you myself but she got excited and jumped the gun. Please, I am so sorry, I never wanted to make you cry like this," Lev's face is contorted with worry and it looks like he might cry too.
" 's ok. I w-will be fine."
"And it is totally okay that you do not feel the same way. Please believe me, I am happy with being the way we always have been."
His words give you pause.
"Sorry, sorry! I shouldn't have brought it up right away!"
"What do you mean I do not feel the same way? The same way about what?"
Lev stares at you blankly. "Uhh, Y/N, what did Sofia tell you?"
"That you're her boyfriend?"
"Did she really say I am her boyfriend?"
"Well, I couldn't understand most of what she said. She was pointing at you and saying 'boyfriend' and when I asked her if you were her boyfriend, she got excited and started saying 'Da' and 'yes' and 'boyfriend'".
"Oh. OH," Lev's eyes widen as realization hits him. He suddenly starts blushing again.
"Y/N. Sofia was not saying that I am her boyfriend. She was asking YOU if you would like me as your boyfriend."
You stare at him blankly, unable to make sense of what he is saying.
"Y-you see. We were talking about crushes and stuff and I accidentally told her that I had feelings for you. She got excited and wanted me to confess to you right away but I... Well, honestly, I was scared. She was so sure that you liked me back and I was just being dumb by not confessing so she decided to take matters into her own hands. But...wait! If you misunderstood her, why did you run away crying?"
"Because she was right."
"She was right about me liking you back. When I thought you two became a couple... ever since she has been here, everyone is always talking about how beautiful she is and how good you two look together. I am not blaming her at all. She is gorgeous and really nice. It is just that... even the thought of you being someone else's had been making me sad for a while. When she spoke to me, I jumped to the worst conclusion and I just couldn't hold myself together so I ran away."
"REALLY?! You really like me back?!" Lev's expression has changed from worry to that of pure joy. He is smiling so wide that you can't help but smile at him through your residual tears.
He takes your hands in his and brings them up to his lips, placing a soft kiss on each of them.
"Ty budesh' moyey devushkoy?" he says, his green eyes glazed over with a softness as he looks into yours.
You giggle. "What does that mean?"
"It means 'will you be my girlfriend?'"
You lean to place a kiss on his forehead, smiling widely as you pull back.
"Da. I will."
Tumblr media
Hope you liked it! <3
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mil0lee · 2 days ago
head empty just…
osamu freshly out of the shower, hair dripping down his tone body. what started out as a simple kiss and grab of your waist turned into him pounding into your pussy. your chest laying flat against the mattress as one of osamu’s hands has a tight grip on your hair, every snap of his hips pulling a little bit more. His other hand lashing a smack on your ass.
“thats it pretty baby, give me- oh fuck- one more” you can only feel yourself lose it when one of his hands reach around to rub fast circles on your clit, pushing you over the edge and feeling yourself hit your high. he slows down his pace finishing with a firm smack on your ass and grabbing the fat of it.
he moves closer so your back and his chest are flush against eachother. “how bout’ one more pretty darln’”
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inarizahki · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[KITATOBER — 4 — double penetration]
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, minors dni, poly relationship, locker room sex, double penetration
a/n: i am a whore
Tumblr media
“just like we practiced, m’kay?” Kita’s breath is warm, brushing over the back of your neck as he places a soft kiss against your skin. you nod, reaching a hand back to thread your fingers through his hair, keeping him close.
it’s quiet, save for the sounds of your shuddering gasps, labored breaths from the man whose lap you’re on, and wet slaps of skin on skin. everyone else is gone for the day...or at least, you hope they are. because if anyone were to enter the MSBY locker rooms right now, they would be greeted by quite the obscene sight. 
“practice...?” Atsumu draws back with difficulty, eyes unfocused because of the dizzying pleasure he’s feeling from your tight walls clinging to his pulsing length. big hands settle on your hips, stilling you. he frowns at you on his lap, and then at Kita behind you. “you’ve been...doin’ stuff without me?”
you giggle at the pout on his face, tracing his lower lip with your thumb before leaning in to kiss the frown away. “for your reward, silly.”
Atsumu’s expression softens, lips curling up into a pleased smile. “my reward?”
“yes,” Kita replies, and something coils tighter inside you when you hear the clinking sound of metal behind you as he undoes his belt buckle. “we had every faith that you’d win.”
“mm,” you nod, echoing the sentiment by rolling your hips, forcing a choked groan out of Atsumu. “congratulations again, baby. you did so well out there.”
“a-ah...fuck, so what...what’s my-” he doesn’t even get to finish his sentence before he’s letting go of you in favor of gripping the wood of the locker room bench beneath him so tightly his knuckles turn white. his pupils are blown wide open as he stares at you, gaze flickering to Kita. “holy shit- oh my god.”
you place a hand on his chest and push Atsumu down slowly so he’s lying on his back, trying not to think about the sheer stretch. tears of pleasure and pain prickle your eyes and you gasp, dropping your head down and squeezing your eyes shut as Kita presses in from behind, his cock joining Atsumu’s in your already stuffed cunt. 
“fuck- fuck, oh my god,” Atsumu babbles, hands coming up to frame your face, “this? this is my present? spoil me.”
“mmh-” you whimper, trying to relax your muscles as Kita slowly sheathes himself inside your wet heat. he runs a hand up your back, murmuring sweet praises in your ear as you take him- "you’re doin’ so feel so good...almost there, just bear with it for a little while longer, sweetheart.”
and then he’s all the way in and Atsumu’s swearing up a storm and you’re lightheaded at the thought of two cocks inside you, pressing against each other, stretching your pussy out so much that you’re don’t think it’ll ever be the same again. Atsumu’s gaze shifts to over your shoulder, where he must be able to see Kita. his cock twitches inside of you...or maybe that’s Kita’’re so far gone you’re not sure you know left from right anymore.
“y’know...Atsumu,” Kita leans over you, bracing a hand on the bench next to Atsumu’s head. his voice is low and raspy and just a tad bit breathless as he pulls his hips back slowly before pushing forward again to sink back into you, eliciting a strangled sound from you and yet another curse from Atsumu. the friction must be overwhelming for the setter because he looks like he’s going to pass out, but he remains cognizant enough to pay attention to Kita’s words as the other man grips your hip with one hand and starts to thrust.
“’ts goin’ to feel so good when she cums around the both of us.”
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
hq boys that complain when you spend more than half an hour in the store, but glare at you, growl out a "no.", put an arm around your waist possessively and keep pushing the cart when you tell them they can leave and you'll uber home yourself.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi + kyoutani + osamu + daichi + kageyama + tsukishima + kenma + sakusa + ushijima + ukai
Tumblr media
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shoyotime · 2 days ago
note : angst :› | unedited lmao
Tumblr media
it's cold.
the heater didn't seem to work. the couch wasn't getting warm even though you'd been sitting at the same place for twenty minutes now. all the windows were shut, it was just you and picture of a certain someone you wished was holding you right now.
the silence was deafening. you heard the calloused winds howling outside, the clock's ticking almost transcended your heart beats, there was water dripping somewhere, maybe it wasn't silent after all. maybe you lied.
just like when you said you were fine.
but iwaizumi wasn't a fool. he knew how you feel. that's why he found himself stepping inside your place, not ringing the bell because oikawa once told him not to and treat it like his own home. hajime never listened to him, until today. he crouched in front of you, holding your hands in his, they were cold.
he was cold, you were cold.
colder than ever. you refused to let your eyes meet his', so you continued to stare at the blank wall in front of you. he noticed your disheveled hair, you still looked pretty, though. then his eyes travelled down to your lips, when was the last time you drank water? probably last night, when you were having dinner with oikawa.
it's pathetic, you concluded. letting yourself hurt again and again, did you even deserve that? probably not. and three years ago, you promised yourself you will never fall so hard again. but you broke your rules for oikawa, for he made the fall feel like flying.
you felt tears brim your eyes once again as iwaizumi's grip fastened around your hands. "i feel cold," and among all the words you wanted to share, that's all you managed to whispered.
you wondered if he knew what you mean. the warm, fuzzy feeling inside you that kept you warm through out the winters, disappeared. you wonder if iwaizumi knew that. midst all, you also wondered if oikawa knew this, and also that you needed him, because it was getting colder.
"will you dance with me?" you asked, this time a bit louder, and for a second, your eyes met. iwaizumi didn't question anything, and so you both stood up, his hand on your waist and yours around his shoulder. his cheeks grew pink, but that's because of cold, or that's what you tell yourself. there was a familiar melody in your head, and you danced along with it.
"you should eat something," he whispered.
you declined. "i want to dance."
"y/n," you stopped, head hanging low as you responded with a faint hum. "did oikawa dance with you?"
and crouching down, you let the tears flow.
"haji— i'm sorry," you sniffed, burying your face inside your hands, unable to face him because you were too scared and ashamed of yourself. "i'm sorry for using you. i miss him— i miss tooru a lot," your cries got louder as his hands pulled you closer.
iwaizumi knew what you were thinking. probably, you were calling yourself horrible, pathetic, terrible, shameless, and everything that you were not. through the years, he watched oikawa fall for you everyday. oikawa might be a dumbass— but he was your dumbass, and his too. he also watched as he asked you out, then proposed you, iwaizumi was always there. a side character— maybe— because despite being in love with you, he did nothing. a lead always ends up with another lead, not a side character.
"it's okay," he whispered, rubbing circles on your back to soothe you. there was a wet patch on his shirt, thanks to your tears. iwaizumi didn't care, though. "you can use me all you want," because i'm in love with you, he wanted to say, but words never left his mouth.
and now it has been months since oikawa passed away. summers had arrived, but it keep getting cold, no matter how much warmth iwaizumi offered.
Tumblr media
taglist : @bubble-bootie @weeb-nation @hello0i @lomlparker @pockydays @stffychn @discountkiyoko @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmaslov3r @kaeyazuha @watashiwakurapikapls @setsunaia @uxavity @kawaii-angelanne @admiringlove @corporeal-terrestrial @escapenightmare @ebiharachan @milktyama @mysterystarz @sassyglassesbunny @buzymanifesting @criesinpisces @kotarousproperty @kellesvt @elitparadox @crapimahuman @maixcore @smolmo @http-kimara @random-734 @perqabeth @kur0-kawa @rinyx @siriuslychim @omiikeii @yumisballs @bbykotarou @milkbreadforlife @anniesfavoritesimp @ririakaashi @lexasaurusr3x @tsukishimarawr @sun-drak @strangechaos @sanzusgrl @itsmeaudrieee @ghostietales @iwaizumis-bitch @luvzsuri @carmillous
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amjustagirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
domestic interludes: akaashi keiji
Tumblr media
pairing: akaashi keiji x reader genre: domestic fluff wc: 750 warnings: food as love summary: akaashi wants you to take care of yourself. please.
Tumblr media
“Have you eaten?”
You glance up from your laptop screen, your neck immediately screaming its relief. Your eyes need a few moments to refocus, bleary from hours of online lectures and tutorials, but they finally settle on your extremely handsome boyfriend - a welcome sight, even if he is frowning at you.
“I’ve eaten. Really!”
He knows your tricks by now. “When?” he asks, frown deepening when you look down guiltily and actually need to use your fingers to count the hours that have passed since your last meal.
“Um…I think I ate breakfast?”
He gives the clock an unimpressed look. You follow his gaze, realise that the sun has long set, the hour hand indicating it’s already ten o’clock. You run through a litany of excuses - you had work in the morning, tutorials to complete in the afternoon, a lecture to attend in the evening. You barely even had time to use the washroom, let alone think about ingesting anything.
But Akaashi merely stares at you flatly. “Is this a healthy way to live?”
You hang your head. “No”, you admit, sheepish. “But - Keiji, listen - “
“Is this how you should be treating your body? By starving yourself and overworking yourself to the brink of burning out? Your body needs food and rest. Feeding it coffee and trying to run on four hours of sleep a day is just not sustainable.”
You’ve run out of excuses, and you know it. “I know”, you say. “I know, Keiji, please don’t nag. I’ll take care of myself better, I promise!”
“Will you really?”
Fuck. An angry, irritated Akaashi Keiji, you can handle. No, the Keiji standing in front of you, where he furrows his brows at you and just looks at you with disappointment pooling in his eyes is too heavy a blow to your fragile little heart.
You promptly burst into tears.
“I’m sorry”, you bawl, rubbing your wet eyes with clumsy palms. “Work and school have just been a lot recently, and I just let things slip. I know I should be taking care of myself better, and I know I’m not sleeping enough or eating right - but I forget, I know I should get my shit in order and be a grown up - ”
You think he’s given up on you when he doesn’t respond. He has every right to - you haven’t been a functional human being, existing just to work and attend school, unable to take care of your basic needs let alone be a decent partner to him. He should walk away from you, because you’re hopeless, immature. You have no idea why he’s even stayed this long.
But a clattering in your admittedly empty kitchen makes you look up.
“There’s nothing much here”, he mutters to himself, scavenging through drawers, though he does eventually find some leftover soba noodles, a stray egg from your fridge. A kettle squeals on your rarely used stove, and in a few minutes, the noodles soften in the rolling boil, seasoned with your last bit of instant dashi stock. A sleight of hand involving an egg and a can of mackerel and you suddenly find a steaming bowl of noodles sitting in front of you.
It smells divine. He hands you a pair of chopsticks. “Eat up”, he says, voice gentle. You sniffle, but you do as he bids, slurping mouthful after mouthful of noodles, made all the more delicious because Keiji cooked for you.
“I just worry”, he says, looking at you tenderly. “I’m busy at my job and I can’t come over to check on you often enough-”
“I don’t wanna be a burden!”
He sighs, smoothing a hand over your hair. “You’re not a burden, dear heart. I just want you to take care of yourself better. Your stomach lining will break down from acid if you don’t eat regularly, and you can’t work or even focus if you don’t have enough fuel to function.”
You gape at him. “You’re not gonna leave me?”
He frowns, confused at you. “Why would I leave you? I just want you to eat, for goodness sake.” Then he sighs, a soft exhale that blows you away, a sustained gale of kindness and concern.
“Will you do that? Take care of yourself - not for me but for yourself”, he takes your hand, a thumb brushing against your pulse. His eyes brim with warmth and understanding. You are on the verge of crying for the second time of the night.
Your Keiji, the best thing in your life. How could you possibly refuse?
“I promise”, you vow, sticking your hand up, an approximation of a scout’s salute. “I promise to fill my kitchen up with edible goods, eat at regular intervals, and I’ll even sleep before midnight, how’s that?”
Akaashi snorts. “Add vegetables and fruit to the list of groceries you get.”
“That’s asking too much”, you joke.
“Do I have to show up on your doorstep with a carton of produce? I’ll toss in bitter gourd, I remember how much you hate - um, love it - ”
He plays dirty, despite looking prim and proper. But he knows your Achilles heel.
“That’s not asking too much at all!”
Tumblr media
m.list.~ taglist.~ a/n: for all of you who aren't taking care of yourself, make sure you're eating right, sleeping right - don't burn yourself out on both ends.
much love, nikki jie <3
Tumblr media
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heyhoneyybunn · 2 days ago
Girl, You’re Toxic
Tumblr media
Relationship: Kuroo Tetsuro x f!Reader
Warnings: fluff, girl tryna steal your man 🙄🙄🙄
Word count: 1.0k
Tumblr media
Series masterlist | part [2] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6]
Tumblr media
“Is she going to be there?”
“No need to be jealous baby, you’re the only one I want.”
Rolling your eyes had become such an occurrence that you were scared they’d get stuck at the back of your head at some point. Smoothing out the ruffles of the dress one last time, you stepped out of the bathroom, surveying Kuroo as he fixed his cuff links.
“Ready to go?”
He turned to you, eyes tracing over your figure, appraising the way the dress complimented you perfectly, when his eyes met yours again, you gulped at the intensity of them.
“Don’t know if I want to go anymore,” he purred, tongue sliding over his top lip as you smacked his arm.
“Get moving.”
“Yes ma’am,” he saluted before picking up his coat and guiding you to the car, “Can’t wait to show you off tonight.”
The work party was no different from usual – unstimulating and repetitive. Going around on Kuroo’s arm, greeting everyone with fake smiles and faux greetings was getting tiring, that was until you reached a particular person.
“Kuroo!” The lady before you exclaimed, engulfing him into a tight hug. She pulled back before finally taking notice of you, “…and Y/n.”
“Hello Emiko,” you politely smiled, gripping Kuroo tighter, from the corner of your eye, you noticed the slight tip of his lips, his cocky expression making him look ten times more attractive.
Emiko was your beloved boyfriends work friend or as she liked to call it ‘work husband’. Ever since she had joined the company she had been trying to weasel her way into Kuroo’s life, never hiding her true intentions – to steal him away from you.
She believed that one day he’d realise that she was the one for him, so deluded in her fantasies that you didn’t have the heart to tell her about the new ring on your finger.
“Kuroo, can you get me another drink? I seem to have finished mine,” she giggled.
As he left, Emiko’s expression dropped to one of disdain. Her usually pretty features contorted into a look of contempt as she regarded you from under her nose.
“You’re unbearably happy,” she muttered.
You smiled behind the drink in your hand, “Still trying to steal my man, Emiko?”
“He won’t stay with you forever.”
“Think he’ll leave me for you?” you laughed, swirling the liquid in your glass slowly, “Please, he’s not stupid.”
“You’re right, he’s not stupid, which is how I know he’ll realise I’m the one he deserves,” she sneered.
Your voice dropped to a low murmur, “Daydream about him all you want – just don’t confuse fantasy with reality.”
With those departing words, you drifted to the snack table, ready to indulge in some food. Making eye contact with Kuroo who was back with Emiko, you gave him a knowing look to which he replied with a cheeky smile causing you to again, roll your eyes. It amused you to no end to see how hard she tried to persuade him to fall into her clutches – at the ready to snatch him away. You weren’t worried – you knew no matter how hard she tried, that he’d always come back home with you.
Deciding between a slice of vanilla and chocolate cake, you felt a presence sneak up behind you.
“Enjoying the party?”
Following the voice, you saw Kai, one of Kuroo’s associates, his golden locks were tied back into a bun as he greeted you with a contagious smile.
Giving him a bland look, you disregarded the cake in favour of conversing with him, “Does anyone enjoy them?”
“Emiko seems to be having fun.”
You laughed loudly, “So I’m not the only one who noticed.”
“Doesn’t it bother you?” He asked, scrutinising you intensely.
“I know he’d never do anything,” you admitted, stepping closer to him slightly, “But it might be nice to give him a taste of his own medicine.”
It wasn’t long until you had caught Kuroo’s eye, he sauntered up to you both, full of confidence as his arm snaked around your waist pulling you into his side and more importantly – away from a smirking Kai.
“What’s going on here?” He asked cheerfully, only you could detect the hard undertone of his voice.
“Just having a chat,” Kai disclosed gleefully.
“You seem to be getting along well,” Emiko quipped, scurrying after Kuroo like a lost little puppy. At her words, your boyfriends grip on you tightened slightly.
“Excuse us, it’s getting late and my fiancé has work tomorrow.”
Your head snapped up at the raven haired man who was smirking down at you. You sent him a telepathic message, I thought we were going to wait before telling anyone. He shrugged, unbothered, just finally happy to be able to openly claim you as his.
“Fiancé?” Emiko squeaked as Kai congratulated you, slapping Kuroo on the back in a brotherly fashion.
Waving goodbye to everyone, you flashed the pretty ring on your finger, revelling in the way Emiko froze up. And when you walked out of the building, hand in hand you basked in the look of pure defeat that graced her face.
“Although you look incredibly cute when jealous, I will never try to make you feel like that again,” Kuroo promised, voice solemn as he drove back home. The plan was triumphant, giving him a successful taste of his own medicine – which left him with a nasty aftertaste and a clearer head.
“I’m glad you learned your lesson.”
Tumblr media
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ovurtime · 2 days ago
(whatever format you’d like boo <3) mkay mkay, what do you think tsukishima and kageyama’s love languages are? cuz. i feel like. your take on this would be *chef’s kiss*
𖧷 their love languages!
with: t. kei and k. tobio <3
tw: literally none, just a shit ton of fluff
ollie's notes: this is such a big compliment im :(( both of them are among my top ten in hq and i LOVE THEM <333 ofc kei is my #1 🗣 its like falling in love with a mirror image of myself its awful ;-; also,, new hc/drabble format? i kinda like it ^^ i ain even gonna cap: i feel like both of these assholes are touch starved ..... do with that what you will. this also ended up being mmmuuuchhh longer than expected
Tumblr media
𝐊𝐀𝐆𝐄𝐘𝐀𝐌𝐀 is so in love with you it hurts. he has no clue what to do with all of this overflowing affection and adoration he holds, therefore leading to all the little ways he expresses his enamor. when showing his love, his defaults are quality time and gift giving. what better way to show you he loves you than to take time away from his precious volleyball court and spend it with you? in no way is it a burden to him when he abruptly cancels his practice one day, preferring to spend his waking hours alongside you in all your glory.
gift giving is a different story all together. he saves these acts of affection for the times when he's unable to take a day off, for instance, when he's abroad for a tournament and you had to stay in the coziness of your home. you see it in the way he leaves presents in plain sight, wrapped (to the best of his ability; at least he can say he tried) and signed with a note beside it, or when you wake up to a knock on the front door, only to be greeted with a luscious vase of flowers on your doorstep.
when on the receiving end, kageyama melts when confronted with physical touch and words of affirmation. speak those three little words after a quick peck and he's like putty in your hands. it never gets old to him- telling him that he's the most beautiful boy you've ever seen, praising him, basically anything gets to him. i have a feeling that he'd find compliments regarding his volleyball skills fairly endearing. he's been told his entire life that he's a total prodigy, yet hearing his talent recognized by you gives the praise a whole different meaning. it's almost as if he didn't truly believe it until those remarks left your mouth, therefore causing him to cherish them even more.
just hug him. he just wants somewhere to unwind that isn't the court, and your embrace is the most comforting of them all. run your hands through his raven hair; place your hand upon his cheeks and feel all the little ways his face makes him unique. let yourself get lost in his gaze and he leans forward to place a saccharine kiss on your lips; let yourself go within his presence, as will he.
𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐌𝐀 hates how sappy he gets around you. he finds it quite embarrassing; will it stop him from loving you? absolutely not. i've got a feeling that his way of showing affection is portrayed through physical touch and acts of service. tsukishima gets the ick when people he isn't close with touch him. given everybody on the team (and the gym three squad, represent <3) are fairly close to him, he doesn't necessarily mind- but if its some random person coming up and grabbing ahold of him, he'll clench up and immediately swipe himself away from their grasp. with you, though- its completely different. he'll come up behind you and set his chin atop your head, ruffle your hair, slide his hands in your jacket pockets, etcetera, etcetera. he welcomes your hugs with open arms, never turning down a request for cuddling. its something about the way you feel in his embrace; he can't really pinpoint it- he can only recognize the way he feels in your arms.
  equally, if you ever need something- consider it done. oh, you're struggling in literature? he's scheduling a time for your study session. you need help with some work you've been meaning to catch up on? he's pulling his laptop out and helping you through every step of the way. even something as minute as carrying a bag or putting groceries away: it's all the same to him. tsukishima's a smart boy, what better use of his skills and knowledge than to lend some to you? if it takes some of the weight off your back, he's willing to do it. of course, there are boundaries- much like any other healthy relationship-, but to the public eye, he seems like such a pushover for you. one time it got so bad that the school thought you were blackmailing him into doing all these things for you... needless to say he cleared it up and now everybody thinks you two are the cutest couple.
  when on the receiving end, tsukishima fawns over receiving gifts, physical touch, and words of affirmation.
  receiving gifts and acts of service are two different things; they might seem fairly similar at first glance, but they hold much different meanings. he loves when you suddenly hand him a small to-go box, wrapped in a neat ribbon and signed "yours truly," for him to then open it up to find a fresh slice of cake. it doesn't have to be things as costly as cake, either: you could give him a pencil after seeing that his was wearing down and he'd try his best to never lose it. give him a keychain and he'll wear it proudly on the zipper of his bag, flushing a bright red whenever somebody asks where he got it.
  with physical touch, he'll take any chance he gets to be back in your arms again. he really values the 50/50 idea of relationships, also keeping in mind that sometimes one can't give their 50 percent, causing the other to give more to make up for the lost effort. that doesn't discredit his love for when you initiate things, though. sure, yeah- he gets the whole "50/50 until someone needs a little help" thing, but its a nice reassurance when you run up and hug him instead of it being vice versa- bonus points if he gets a kiss.
  oh boy- words of affirmation. much like kageyama, i kinda feel like this one is a given, being his whole "its just a club" thing throughout the beginning of his first year in high school. he's heard it time and time again: he's got the height, he's got the brains- so why doesn't he just try harder? i feel like due to this constant degradation, he's really hard on himself. not just in volleyball, but in other aspects of his life, too- so hearing that he is enough and that he's doing his best is music to his ears, especially when coming from you. just check up on him!! tell him you love him and give his stupid face a kiss. watch the glasses, though.
Tumblr media
© ovurtime2021 - do not copy, edit, claim, or repost as your own. please :D
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toorusluvr · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# characters: oikawa tooru x f! reader
# cw: college!au + hate sex + academic rivals + unprotected s*x + oikawa hit it from the back mhm + hints of insecurities
# word count: 2.5k
# a/n: hii! i’m back with another kinktober post! just realised that december is one day away phew. as usual, this isn’t proofread or beta-ed :/ anyway, reblogs and likes are very much appreciated! thank you for reading! <3
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Tumblr media
“Again, Y/N got the highest mark for this quiz. Congrats, Y/N. Oikawa Tooru placed second again. Hm, what happened to you, Oikawa? Did something happen?” Oikawa rolled his eyes at the sound of his professor’s voice in front of the lecture hall.
His professor could have not mentioned it at all. If possible, don’t ever bring up his name again to add salt onto his wound. He always compares your grade to his, as if it’s a competition between two high school kids.
Oikawa looked at you and you moved your gaze quickly. The professor handed Oikawa his paper, in which Oikawa thanked him. He groaned seeing your marks only two points ahead of him. “Fucking asshole,” he mumbled under his breath when he noticed his foolish mistake on the quiz.
You went back to your seat and Oikawa brushed past you. You felt chills all over your body as his masculine scent filled your nose. That guy hates you with a burning passion, you’re sure of it. It’s not even your fault that the professor decided to be a jackass about your grades and compared it with Oikawa’s grades.
Both of you are the most excellent students in his class. And, Oikawa’s the star athlete for your college’s volleyball team. Maybe your professor just doesn’t like athletes in particular because they appear to be lazy. Rest assured, Oikawa’s not one of them.
It’s surprising that you can’t talk bad about him even once. Maybe, just maybe, you have feelings towards him but you can never confirm your hunch. He’s a closed book and he only likes popular girls, to a contrary belief.
A few weeks later, you got invited to one of your classmates’ party at his place. In which you accepted, only because he’s such a gentleman.
Walking into his expensive mansion, you started to feel nauseous. The stares you got from the guests only made it worse. You inhaled a deep breath, walking straight to where your friend was waiting for you.
After a few minutes, you finally settled down with your crowds. You let out a relieved sigh after finding comfort in a cramped place. Everyone’s either busy drinking, dancing their asses off or making out on the couch. Major yikes, you grossed out.
“I can’t believe I got to live the day I got to meet you at a party,” a voice appeared beside you. And, the voice apparently had a red cup in his hand and took a sip while glaring at you.
“Yeah. Nice to see you too here,” you huffed. Crossing your arms to your chest, you walked off annoyed by his attitude. Cocky bastard. You guys never talked. Yeah, who else would be smart enough to talk to their rivals?
Rivals, my ass, you muttered.
Oikawa pulled your wrist and your body collided onto his toned body. Your whole body slammed into his and both of you almost fell on the floor. “What the?” you half-yelled at him.
His arms wrapped around your waist, and a stupid grin plastered across his face. “Oh. Why are you so flustered, babe? Is something wrong?” he tried to touch your face but you swerved.
You felt your chest getting heavy, exhaling nervous breaths. His warmth engulfed you. That alone was enough to make you nervous. “I’m so fucking sick of hearing the professor comparing our grades. Aren’t you tired, babe?” you heard him ask.
“If you have a problem with that, you should confront him. Not me,” you gritted through your teeth. Your eyes fumed with nervousness and now has turned into anger. “Now, let me go, will you?”
Oikawa huffed. “Why would I deal with him when I can deal with you instead, hm? Let’s have some fun tonight. I would like to see if you actually have a life other than studying. OR,” he paused, meeting your eyes once again. His other hand grips your wrist tightly.
“You actually flirted with him,hm?” he made a false accusation that made you want to throw up just by hearing it. What does he want? He wants the professor to stop trash talking him? Then he should be the one who confronts the professor about the matter. Not by lashing out his anger at you.
Oikawa’s anger flowed in his systems. He’s so fucking exhausted of being compared to someone else the entire time, everywhere he’s been to. He only has one wish and that is to stop hearing bullshit about not being good enough.
“What?” you asked in disbelief. “Are you dumb? Oh, maybe that’s why you always rank second, don’t ya?”
That was not what you meant. You’re infuriated that he accused you of something you’ll never cross the line. Both of you looked into each other’s eyes with hot steam coming out from your heads. Like a freaking furnace.
You pulled the damn trigger. The one trigger that Oikawa hates so fucking much.
Oikawa pushed the bathroom door open, shoving you inside. He locked the door and pinned your back against the bathroom counter. His arms caging your body. Your hands gripped onto the edge of the counter top. As he leaned closer to you, you flinched. Your eyes shut closed, fearing what he’d do next.
“Look at that. You’re a coward, aren’t you? Why? Are you afraid of men? Or are you a virgin who’s never been touched by a man before? That’s quite sad, don’t you think so? What a waste of that smart brain of yours,” Oikawa poked your forehead with his index finger.
His right hand crept to your neck, fingers around your throat, firmly squeezing your sides. “I would love to fuck your brain out,” his tongue licked your earlobe, eventually making your body squirm.
You tried to push him away but your body wasn’t responding to your brain. It’s like you’re ready to give him everything. Take it, take it all. You won’t be here if you aren’t ready for Oikawa Tooru.
Feeling the soft lips of his on yours, you finally succumbed to everything you have to offer him. The kiss was rough and desperate, just like how your body was betraying you. Oikawa tilted his head, his tongue swirling around yours. His other hand dropped to the hem of your dress, hiking your dress mid-waist.
He broke the kiss, leaving you panting for air. Oikawa spinned you around and pushed you onto the counter. He bent you over, pushing your body forward. His huge hand spanked your bottom. You let out a  sharp gasp of pain after the shock.
“M’gonna fuck you dumb until you can’t think straight anymore,” he leaned down next to your ear, tickling your senses.
Your neck craned when Oikawa’s lips ghosted over your sensitive skin. His hot breath fanning the smooth lines of your neck. “Don’t think about the professor when I’m the one fucking you tonight,” he threatened.
You almost gagged. “Fuck off,” you flipped him off. “Wrong move, babe,” Oikawa pulled your hair, arching your back towards his front. “I know how girls like you go after their professors to get good grades,” he grasped on your hair tighter.
The stretch burnt your scalp. “No. I didn’t do that!” you cried in pain, almost breaking down. But, you didn’t want to let Oikawa feel like he won tonight. “I’d never do that,” your voice almost came out as a whisper.
Oikawa let out a sinister laughter. “Pathetic,” he snickered. He let his slender fingers stroked the wet patch on your underwear. “Soaking wet,” he whispered in your ears. “I wonder what you feel every time I’m around you. Do I make you nervous?”
In your defense, yes, you do get nervous around The Great King. He sends butterflies in your stomach. Sometimes, you feel hard to breathe every time he’s close to you.
“No. Why should I?” you groaned but Oikawa tugged on your hair again, hurting your scalp.
He despises liars the most. They irk him. Being honest and straightforward is his forte. “Don’t lie to my fucking face, bitch,” he hissed. Oikawa heard you wince in pain, asking him to let go of your hair.
“Okay! Fine! You won! Yes, you do make me nervous!” You surrendered. You felt pathetic to have fed him your ego. Your effort to not lose to him has gone to waste. It’s a pity that you gave in too early.
Your labored breaths filled the temporary silence in the bathroom. Oikawa gazed down at you, trying to meet your eyes but he just couldn’t. There’s an indescribable feeling every time he’s around you.
“Good. Because you should be. I am always better than you no matter what that stupid old man said,” Oikawa said. He bent you over, pulling down your underwear and your skirt. “Let that sink in. No puns intended,” he added.
His awful joke confused you. “What?” you replied in confusion. Then you heard snickers coming from him, dismissing it as it never happened in the first place. What a wrong time to be joking around.
“Look at that pussy greedy to be fucked,” he smirked. Oikawa didn’t wait for any longer. He unzipped his pants and freed his throbbing cock, impatiently waiting to thrust into your sweet cunt. The same feeling he gets every time you wear an insanely short skirt to class. You give him a fucking boner in class. Now it’s payback time.
He had one of his hands wrapped around the shaft of his cock, slowly stroking his painfully erected dick. The tip flushed with a hint of rose pink, slits beaded with pre-cum. He tipped his head back, groaning under his breath as he gave his cock a few pumps.
You propped your elbows on the counter, back fully arched for your rival in class. The insanely good looking brunette you kinda have a crush on while having a stupid rivalry with him.
Oikawa cursed under his breath. Your pussy felt so tight, clamping around his cock so well that he almost came under two minutes. His cock is barely inside you, and he’s already on the edge of cumming inside you.
The feel of his girthy cock filled your insides, eliciting a soft moan from you. As he pushed in deeper, your body rocked forward, eyes completely shut and silent moans followed afterwards. Your insides are fully filled with Oikawa’s pretty dick, stretching your wall.
“Oh, my,” you inhaled a deep breath.
Oikawa pulled your back to his front, grabbing your face closer to him. His lips found their way to your mouth, giving you open-mouthed kisses. You slowly felt his hips slowly rocking into you. You continued kissing him, surrendering your power to him just for tonight. Tonight, the Oikawa Tooru owns your body.
Another hand of his snaked around your waist and grabbed it tightly. He groaned softly when his cock found your sweet spot that made you struggle to kiss him back. A sly grin formed in the corner of his lips as he discovered your most sensitive spot. “God, you’re so tight,” he panted, looking down to where he thrusted his cock. Your pussy clamped around him like no one else has ever been inside you before.
“Harder, please,” your voice almost sounded like a whisper.
Oikawa leaned down, “What did you say? Harder? It almost sounds like you’re begging me to fuck you like a good slut. Is that what you are?” He taunted you, driving you to your limits just for the sake of his ego. Just for once, he wanted to see you crumble upon him.
“I have never seen you get so devastated like you are right now,” he added. “Come on. Use your big words like you always do in class. I want to hear it now. Or you have forgotten all of them because my cock turns you into a stupid whore?”
He pulled on your hair, making you arch your back to his front. Your ass brushed against his groin and the angle made his cock brushed against your sweet spot again. You moaned, this time mixed with pain from the hair pulling.
“Answer me when I ask, whore,” his voice hoarse. Oikawa’s breath turned shallow as he eagerly waited for your response.
“Y-yes. Yes. Please… Just fuck me like a whore you want me to be, Oikawa,” you throat went numb as you said the words you never meant. Anything to strike the guy’s ego. Both of you could benefit from this. No one is losing or winning. Fair and square.
Oikawa let go of your hair, pushing your face downward. You could feel the warmth of your breath as you buried your face in your arms. He picked up his pace, harshly slamming into your hips. His hand stilled on your waists, tightly grabbing on each of them as his cock relentlessly fucked you without bothering to wear a condom.
He’s always careful but God knows how hard he prayed that night he wouldn’t knock you up after. “Shit,” he mumbled under his breath. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead, his hair sticking onto his skin. His whole body turned hot, and sweats glistened his abs underneath his shirt.
You shrieked when the coil started building up in your core, torturing you with each second. “O-oikawa, I’m close,” you exhaled shakily. You grabbed onto whatever’s in front of you to hold on for your dear life.
Just when your orgasm was about to crash, someone knocked on the door. “Who’s inside?” they yelled from outside, voice muffled with the booming bass in the background.
Oikawa groaned in frustration. “Fuck off. Scram,” he shouted. The footsteps then faded into the hallway. He turned his focus back on you. “A whore like you don’t deserve to cum unless you beg for it.”
Your hunch was right. There’s no playing safe with this guy. With a heavy heart, you pushed away your embarrassment and ego. Just for tonight. Just for tonight, you keep on saying to yourself.
“Pl-please,” your voice stuck in your throat. You inhaled, “Please make me cum. Please.”
Your pleas didn’t impress him. Again, his thrust built your orgasm and you were running out of breath. “Please, please, oh-god, please!” you begged. Your mouth started to water when his cock hit your sweet spot again and again. “My- ahh, Oikawa, please! I’ll do anything you want!” you made a promise.
Oikawa’s ears caught the last plea. “That’s what a good little slut would say. You finally use your big words,” he snickered. The smug smile he had on his face would never be erased.
You nodded eagerly. “I’m so close,” you half-whispered with your lower lip bit to muffle the noises you’re making.
He grabbed onto your hair, yanking it towards him and harshly thrusted into you. You moaned over and over again until your orgasm broke loose. Both of you breathed heavily, occupying the silence in the bathroom.
Oikawa planted his forehead on the back of your head. His nose sniffed the flowery scent coming from your hair. “You owe me one, my good slut,” he said with a smug smile.
Tumblr media
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hours-of-eros · 2 days ago
— About Kuroo Tetsuro, Gift
Tumblr media
Heads empty. Just Kuroo Tetsuro buying you those cute little bells anklets as a gift. And when he has you on your back, legs on his shoulders, he can’t get enough of the sound the bells makes when he’s pounding your tight little pussy.
« You okay kitten ? You look like you’ve seen god. »
A cocky smile spreads across his ridiculously handsome face as you’re blinded by your orgasm.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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matsuemi · a day ago
Tumblr media
warnings :: overstimulation, breeding, service doms, mentions of getting pregnant, cumplay-ish
including :: bokuto kotaro, kuroo tetsuro
emi's note :: wow, i think i went crazy with kuroo's lol, but enjoy! <33
Tumblr media
bokuto daydreams about it, stuffing you full of cum, a sleazy grin as he rests his chin on his hand. and when he comes home to you wearing one of his jerseys, he goes feral. cock shoved inside you while he pushes your head down against the pillows. groaning loudly when you moan out his name.
he doesn't stop even if you beg him to. "just one more time puppy, lemme cum— o-one more time—?"he hisses, when you say you're sore and that it hurts. he assures you that it'll be the last time, and it just feels so good he just has to cum. and when he finally stops, he brings two fingers to keep the cum inside you, and he closes his eyes, shuddering at the idea of you carrying his baby.
Tumblr media
"mmh, tastes good." he sighs right after cumming inside you, taking a bit of the seeping cum and spreading it all over his fingers and sucking on it, a little giggle coming out of your lips before you're taken by surprise, lining himself against your poor sore hole, "what are you doing tetsu?—"
"what do y'think baby, gonna have to taste s'more of that." he chuckled before slamming himself inside you, back arching when you feel him bottom out, a hitched moan pushed out of you. "you don't mind me tasting you a bit more right baby, i bet you do, clenchin on me like this, you absolute slut."
"and it's all for me."
Tumblr media
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