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#hq x reader

❁ corsage: i match you up with… kageyama tobio




May I place and order for a corsage?

I’m a pretty relaxed and go with the flow. I can be shy when I first meet people but once I warm up I’m bubbly and kinda a mom friend. I like to take care of my friends! I manage to stress myself out a lot so most days I’m running around looking kinda crazy! One time I ran face first into door due to panicking over an assignment. I’m clumsy like that and try to laugh at myself than focus on what others think. Thank you so much 👉🏼👈🏼❤️🥺

a/n: hiii !! i hope you like this one !!


  • you were one of yachi’s close friends that she went to when looking for a new co-manager for karasuno and that’s where you met kageyama
  • he was pretty intense as always but that never really stopped you from approaching him, especially when you noticed he was really tired and needed some water
  • kageyama likes how you always care for your other teammates and seeing your bright presence in the clubroom cheers him up a lot
  • he tries to find ways to hang out with you more by coming to your classroom during lunch (he brings hinata with him and makes an excuse to ask to help with his homework)
  • during games, kageyama notices that you’re way more stressed than he is as you go around making sure that nobody else is nervous
  • he’ll calm you down with a pat on your head and when he sees the shy expression on your face he’s like ‘okay, they’re kinda cute’
  • doesn’t stop thinking about how cute you are and he doesn’t know how to express himself 
  • ofc all his other friends notice and help kageyama with asking you out
  • ok it was mostly hinata and tsukishima saying they’ll ask you out and kageyama got competitive
  • he ended up asking you out after practice one time after a lot of stammering and blushing 


taglist (check out my post for details on being part of my taglist):@montys-chaos@miyumtwins@strawberriimilkshake@pocubo@sugawara-sweetheart @akaashisbabydoll @laure-chan@therainroguefanfiction@atetiffdoesart @stephdaninja @oikaw-ugh@charliefredb​ @dramaqueenweeb1469 @tremblinghearts @applepienation @doodleniella @haikyuu-my-love @waitforitillwritemywayout @kattykurr @atsumusdomain@goodfoodxoxoxo@ah-kaashi@guardianangelswings @definitely-yours @amberalisa @whootwhoot@liz-multifandom-hotel @kac-chowsballs@procrastination-lady

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Aaand Suna~ my favourite tired-ass lookin fox ✨ my favourite broke back mf

Lmao enjoy or don’t, whatever you wish to do 😂 also, special thanks to @bitweird1 for helping me with the plot 😭💙



Take A Break (And Give Me Some Of That Attention)| R. Suna x Cheerleader!Reader


˗ˏˋ [ Cheerleader!Reader Masterlist ] ˎˊ˗


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❁ bouquet: oikawa tooru + asking you to dance with him



@anon:  Congrats 🥺💗 Can I pls get a bouquet with oikawa?? Thank you so much:)

a/n: hehe, i already had something like this in mind specifically for oikawa. hope you like it bby !!


“are you sure you know how to work this?” you raised your eyebrows as oikawa punched a few buttons on the machine. 

“yeah! i used to do this all the time with my sister,” he grinned. 

“there are so many people here though,” you glanced around the arcade. 

“don’t worry about it! there’s a ton of things to look at here. they’ll just look at your weird, stiff dancing and then look away.”


“sorry, i meant amazing, wonderful dancing,” oikawa hopped up to his feet and moved to the platform beside you where all the arrows on the floor were. you watched as the screen before you flashed with the song title you and oikawa were supposed to be dancing to.

“oh my god. whitney houston? really?” you groaned at your boyfriend.

“that’s cause i wanna dance with somebody,” he playfully winked at you. “now come on! it’s starting!”

unlike you, oikawa was an expert at these arcade dancing machines. you, on the other hand, kept pressing the wrong arrows at the wrong time. hell, even pressing two arrows at the same time was hard.

“come on, y/n! you’ve got to time it!” oikawa laughed at your evident frustration and held your hand. “come on, together. left, left, right, up, down.”

“ugh, it’s too fast!” you groaned but following the instructions oikawa was calling out helped you a lot more. 

“there, you’ve got it!” oikawa grinned, high-fiving you after you got your mediocre score. 

“i can’t believe you got a fricking perfect score,” you pointed at the screen on his side. oikawa grinned and flashed a peace sign. “i can’t disappoint whitney, after all. so, wanna go again?”

you looked at him with ‘seriously?’ written all over your face before sighing and conceding to your boyfriend’s request. 

“fine, but make it an easier level.”



taglist (check out my post for details on being part of my taglist):@montys-chaos@miyumtwins@strawberriimilkshake@pocubo@sugawara-sweetheart @akaashisbabydoll @laure-chan@therainroguefanfiction@atetiffdoesart @stephdaninja @oikaw-ugh@charliefredb​ @dramaqueenweeb1469 @tremblinghearts @applepienation @doodleniella @haikyuu-my-love @waitforitillwritemywayout @kattykurr @atsumusdomain@goodfoodxoxoxo@ah-kaashi@guardianangelswings @definitely-yours @amberalisa @whootwhoot@liz-multifandom-hotel @kac-chowsballs@procrastination-lady

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you sure can!! feel free to request as much as you’d like <3!!


you turned around to find kageyama following you yet again.

“tobio,” you sighed, “are you sure there isn’t anything you need?”

kageyama scratched his arm as he looked away from you.

you narrowed your eyes.

he’d been acting strange ever since you returned from visiting your parents, but you couldn’t pinpoint what was up with his behavior. he’d pop his head into the kitchen during breakfast, yet, as soon as you made eye contact with him, he was as good as gone. and you weren’t sure if it was just you, but you swore you could almost feel his hand hover over yours sometimes before he immediately retracted it.

but, if you were honest, the weirdest thing he’d done throughout the past two days would have to be how he’d see you walking near the couch and he’d glare at you - you weren’t sure if he was glaring at you or at something behind you.

it was getting annoying, to say the least. while you were aware that tobio wasn’t the best at expressing himself through means that didn’t involve volleyball, you expected he’d try to be more vocal about what he wanted when it came to you.

you pinched the bridge of your nose and turned around to look at your boyfriend. you yelped when you saw him directly behind you. when did he get there?

you raised your eyebrows when you saw how bashful he looked. kageyama was usually upfront with you, even when he craved attention, so to see him silently following you around your house with a shy expression on his face was certainly something new.

“tobio,” your tone was gentle, “do you want something from me?”

you smiled as you saw how he shook his head, yet there was a persistent shade of red that gave away his intentions.

“i just want to be near you,” he muttered.

you felt heat rush to your cheeks, and your heart fluttered as you realized that he was just being clingy after you were away from him for so long.

you smiled and held your arms out as a silent invitation to a hug. you chuckled at how he significantly perked up and enthusiastically ran into your arms.

“there we go,” you kissed his cheek, “i’ll give you all of my love, tobio.”

you felt him nuzzle into the crook of your neck. you pulled him closer, and you ran your fingers through his hair.

“you can stay by my side as long as you want, tobio,” you kissed the top of his head, “i‘m not going anywhere.”

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Fancy Seeing you

pairing: Kuroo x reader, mentions of ex!atsumu x reader (purr)

Summary/warnings: what better way to start off the new school year than running into your ex at the bar while your bf is getting drinks. oh did I forget to mention they hate eachother?/um just language. Aged up obvs, implied frat boys in rival frats

a/n: listen here—eye been rewatching Greek and Atsumu gives major cappie energy and yeah Kuroo is Evan (I might make this a series bc listen I adore the cappie dynamic and I obvs love atsumu) anyways yeah this based on first ep when we literally meet both boys first time in this nearly identical situation (also really needed to get this out at 2am)


“(Y/N)? Is that you? To what do I owe this pleasure?”

It takes everything in you to not roll your eyes at the voice that interrupted your piece. The chair emits the quietest screech, drowned out by the usual commotion around as your new guest settles in front of you. It’s a Friday night, and you’ve decided to head out to the best bar in the city for a good time before the stress of a new school year hits.

“Can’t say the sentiment is mutual Miya,” the words are dry and eye the empty beer bottle wishing your drink would just hurry up already. Especially if you now had to deal with him. “Do you have any shame?” The question comes after sparing a glance at his attire. Or lack of. Clad in just a pair of shirts and cowboy hat, he leaves little to the imagination.

“Come on and drop the formalities love. I think were way beyond that,” he reaches for the bottle himself groaning to himself as he realizes that it is indeed empty. “I’m just giving everyone an early Christmas gift if I do say so myself.”

“What do you want Atsumu.”

“Can’t a man just come to the best bar in this town and grab a drink or two,” his shrug is followed by a a careless lean an the table. Arms folded and a twinkle in his eye. “Just so happened to be my lucky night seeing you here. I know it’s been tough since I broke up with ya and all but-“

“Pretty sure I dumped you Atsumu.” You couldn’t even hide the massive eye roll that followed this time. The smirk that had been etched on his face dropped just the slightest before he continued going on about ‘tomato, tomato’.

“Same thing really. Now-“

“Babe. Your drink.” A familiar arm rests around your shoulder as a new drink is placed in front of you. You lean into the warmth, a silent thank you before Atsumu starts back.

“Ah I see you’re here with rooster head. Charity work?”

“Lesser Miya. What’s with the outfit. All the alcohol you boys consume over there seep into your brains and you’ve all forgotten how to dress?” The snort you let out doesn’t go unnoticed by either of the men shrugging when Atsumu looks at you with feigned hurt.

“Freedom Kuroo. Not that ya can even breathe in those monkey suits ya guys wear over there,” he grabs the drink that was meant for Kuroo before taking a sip. “Speaking of freedom, (Y/N) and I were just reminiscin’ on the past and all the fun we used to have. Like Christmas”

Leaning forward in your chair you turn to look back at Kuroo who was just eyeing the blonde in front of you who was sporting a look of pure victory. “Tetsu just let it-“

You’re cut off my lips roughly coming against yours. The hand that was previously around the back of your chair coming up to cup your jaw as his tongue slips past the seam of your lips. This time it was his turn to smile in victory eying the blonde as you eagerly returned.

“I see that’s my cue,” Atsumu mutters out annoyance laced in his tone. You can’t help but shoot him sarcastic puppy eyes as your pull away from Kuroo and wave.

“Later Atsumu”

“Bye bad dye job”

Rolling his eyes, Atsumu finishes off the rest of Kuroo’s drink before handing the empty glass to him. “Thanks for the drink pal.” His attention turns back to you for a moment as he tips his hat “I’ll see ya around pretty.”

You let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding as Atsumu departs, disappearing deeper into the bar. Kuroo’s looks down at you carefully “you alright there?”

Standing up you face him to press your lips against his for a moment. “Peachy,” you him arms interlocking around his neck. His settle on your waist before you both start laughing.

“I cant believe you dated him,”

“I was young. And dumb.”

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characters - timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtaro, sakusa kiyoomi, hinata shōyō, iwaizumi hajime

a/n - hi my love!! ‘m so happy you like my writing, i done a drabble similar to iwas for a matchup so i just kinda vibed w that idea <3


ATSUMU he was always able to tell if you weren’t feeling good, so when you weren’t there to greet him at the door as he returned home from practice he felt the pout grow on his lips as he went looking for you. finding you in your shared bedroom as you wrapped yourself in a blanket with a sniffle. he was quick to approach you, gentle whispers of your name as he softened when he seen your tears - reaching his hands inside your blanket to pull you close to him instead “come on baby, cmeer what’s gotten ya so down?” smooshing his cheek against your head as he rocked you gently on his lap “talk when yer ready alright, but i won’t be letting ya go until then, promise.” turning his head to place soft kisses against your head as his hand gently rubbed your back, there was always a certain warmth as you lay wrapped in his chest that reminded you that thorough everything - you’d still always have him and that was enough, he was always enough.

BOKUTO despite people’s opinions he always paid close attention to others emotions, especially yours - being able to tell just from the slightest movement just how you were feeling, seeing the slight fidget of your hands he was quick to pull you into him - hand gently cupping your cheek as he turned it to face him, amber staring into your eyes as a silent reassurance that he was here, always - as his hand moved to soothe through your hair, peppering kisses against your face as you felt a smile grow against your lips, for him. moments like this always reminded you that when you ended up lost in a storm, the sun that came after always looked a lot like amber eyes, salt and pepper coloured hair and a bright grin that always shone brightest when it was for you.

SAKUSA moved to greet you at the door as you returned home from work, arm outstretched as you felt the warmth spread through you at the gesture - although touch with sakusa had become common at this point in your relationship you still smiled at the rose that bloomed on the tips of his ears as his eyes avoided yours shyly. hands gently intertwining as he escorted you to the bathroom, feeling the tears prick your eyes as you were greeted with a bath, candles lit as they illuminated you both and a bottle of wine “you’ve worked hard this week, i know it’s been hard so, get in with me?” feeling a chaste kiss brush against your cheek as you realised that love happened so naturally with kiyoomi - loving him was never a compromise because he always ensured that it was felt.

HINATA bounced in from practice as he locked eyes with your trembling figure on the couch, rushing to you as his finger gently tilted your face to meet his own - concern diluting his features as he gently wiped your tears “don’t cry please, ‘m home now i’ve got you.” you nodded as you wrapped your arms around him, inhaling his familiar scent, the familiar scent that smelled a little like peppermint and a lot like home - it grounded you, feeling his own arms wrap tightly around you as you allowed them to help you heal as the adoration in his eyes never faltered as they stared longingly into yours, bright grin returning to his face as if a silently reassuring you that you’d be okay.

IWAIZUMI you returned home from work to the smell of your favourite food, iwaizumi’s figure greeting you shortly after as you sighed contently - allowing yourself to melt into his touch as his arms wrapped around you “hard day?” you hummed, happy just being in this moment a little longer but gasping as he now carried you bridal style towards the living room, but quickly softening once again as you seen the title screen displayed on the tv, dinner on the coffee table and favourite blanket on the couch as you felt the awkward shuffling from beside you, eyes avoiding yours as pink brushes his cheeks “you need to make sure you’re not overworking yourself. figured we could have a movie night or something. i made your favourite” you smiled as he sat you down gently on the couch, patting the space next to you as you felt it dip under his weight, an arm coming to wrap around your shoulders but your gaze never left his face. seeing the title screen reflect in his eyes you decided that maybe you preferred watching your favourite movies through a canvas of olive. love with iwaizumi was subtle, but he always made sure it was felt.

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❁ single florals: bokuto koutarou + forehead pats



@sweetbastard​: Hello relatively new follower here :) I love your writings they’re always so much fun to read! If i could request single florals for bokuto (my favourite himbo) with forehead pats please ❤

a/n: ahh hello !! welcome!! it’s nice to have you here. hehe i hope you like this request!


“y/n! y/n! could you help me dry my hair?” your boyfriend grinned, bounding up to you in the living room where you were busy reading a book. 

“again?” you laughed as bokuto nestled himself on the floor, right in front of where you sat on the couch.

“it always feels nicer when you do it,” he hummed, leaning back against your legs.

“alright, alright. hand me the towel,” you stretched out your hand to him. even before you two got together, bokuto had always been an affectionate person, not only around you but pretty much everyone he met. you remembered vividly that one time when he and kuroo just met and bokuto was already giving him bear-hugs when saying goodbye.

bokuto’s hair was wet from coming out of the shower and you gently rubbed the towel all over it to dry. you noted the calm smile on your boyfriend’s face as he leaned backwards into your touch. when his hair was just slightly damp, you ran your fingers through the wet locks and rubbed at his scalp gently. bokuto loved when you ran your fingers through his hair.

“all done!” you smiled, patting his forehead.

“aw, already?” bokuto pouted at you. “my hair’s still kinda wet…”

“you know, there are other ways to get my attention, honey,” you laughed, crawling off the couch and into his lap. bokuto’s arms were instantly wrapped around your waist.

“i know, i know,” bokuto giggled, nuzzling his nose against yours. “i just love the things you do for me.”



taglist (check out my post for details on being part of my taglist):@montys-chaos@miyumtwins@strawberriimilkshake@pocubo@sugawara-sweetheart @akaashisbabydoll @laure-chan@therainroguefanfiction@atetiffdoesart @stephdaninja @oikaw-ugh@charliefredb​ @dramaqueenweeb1469 @tremblinghearts @applepienation @doodleniella @haikyuu-my-love @waitforitillwritemywayout @kattykurr @atsumusdomain@goodfoodxoxoxo@ah-kaashi@guardianangelswings @definitely-yours @amberalisa @whootwhoot@liz-multifandom-hotel @kac-chowsballs@procrastination-lady

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𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒅𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒎𝒆𝒎𝒕𝒔 𝒐𝒇 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆


09. i hate it here

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warnings: none!!

a/n: i apologize if this seems like an abrupt way to end the story (it’s not really the end, there’s gonna be one or two more updates) but i was having trouble figuring out how to continue the story so i’m really sorry!!!

reblogs are always greatly appreciated!!


taglist: @elianetsantana @iwavibes @tetsoleil @tsukike @halesandy @420-uwu @michaki @babyoomi @crescenttooru @keisurin @hajiswife @solar3lunar @trashy-simp @darlingkuroo @cutiekawa @anejuuuuoy @okneegiri @red-riots-crocs @prettyinblack231

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I took some creative liberties with this one anon, I hope that’s okay!! I love writing for Tsukki for some reason, even though he’s like..not even in my top ten lmao. Idk he’s very fun to write so thanks for this request!!

TW: Panic Attacks, Mentions of PTSD/Anxiety Disorder


It had been a long time since you were this upset. Painful memories flashed by as you felt as if your heart was about to beat right out of your chest. Despite the quick gasps of air you kept intaking, it felt as if your lungs weren’t getting any oxygen at all. Everything felt blurry, the world out of focus as tears began to stream down your face. Your mind was racing far too fast to have any sort of coherent thought besides whatever it was that triggered such a violently emotional reaction.

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Reacting to their s/o getting hate on social media because of their size


⇢ Includes : bokuto , terushima , yaku 

⇢ Genre//warnings : comfort, f!reader // self-doubt , insecuritiies , body image

⇢ WC~ 0,8K

a/n:  My requests were closed by the time but I liked your idea and my brain decided to make something  so here you go love! Hope you like it!

reblogs are very appreciated ;)

  • he has always been very protective with you and even though he checks up on you daily he is also very,  blunt
  • constantly having emotional drops makes bokuto very conscious of how ugly insecurities can be
  • however, for bokuto to notice those insecurities in you, you must talk about them with him
  • this means, when you start wearing more oversize hoodies and long sleeve shirts, he doesn’t think it is because of other’s opinions
  • in fact, the sight of you wearing more of his big t-shirts and sweaters makes his heart warm.
  • but he can’t deny the way your mood switches every time you check your phone.
  • it is the moment you flinch away from him when he is about to tickle your tummy, he realizes there is something wrong.
  • so he asks you
  • bokuto usually is not a very good listener but he puts extra effort to listen to each word that slips through your lips,
  • through your whole explanation, his brows remain furrowed and his chest feels heavy. bokuto is someone very empathetic and seeing you on the verge of tears hits him hard
  • “but..w-why would they say that? you are gorgeous”
  • bokuto quickly holds you tight against him, pressing your head into his broad chest
  • he makes sure to name every single part of and your body that makes his heart flutter, smooching your face to emphasize each word
  • this will have him awake until his head cracks a solution but as for now, he is gonna throw at you all the praises he can think of
  • “have i told you how insane it is that i get to call you my girlfriend? no? well i’m a lucky guy”
  • awooga this cocky mf….sorry
  • terushima is also super protective with you maybe as much as bokuto, but is much more hotheaded
  • he loves to show you off so someone degrading you because of  something as your size definitely gets into his nerves.
  • he squints his eyes, opens them wide and squints them again, staring at the disgusting comments
  • he is pretty impulsive, so he starts tapping angrily the keyboard, throwing swears under his breath as he replies
  • this is another one who goes straightforward about it
  • when he sees you walking around the house with those oversize clothes you no longer used, his usual grin curves down
  • your eyes widen when he pulls you onto his lap, hands firmly on your thighs making soothing motions as your legs straddle him.
  • “okay, i know what’s bothering so please talk to me.”
  • he won’t let you go until you tell him how you are feeling and for him there is nothing more important than you knowing how mesmerizing you are
  • like bokuto, he is not such a great listener and you know it so watching him looking directly into your eyes and nodding makes your heart soft
  • so for tersuhima, an immediate solution to cheer your mood is spoiling you rotten,
  • he takies you to the mall, encouraging you to try on almost all the store and with every outfit you try on his eye glisten and a wide smile spread on his lips
  • you both leave the mall with hands and arms stuffed with bags and he is more than happy.
  • “you are so fucking beautiful, you know that? yeah?”
  • yaku is calmer and more subtle addressing this situation, unlike the other two, but that doesn’t mean he is less protective with you
  • don’t get me wrong, he gets into beast mode whenever you are involved.
  • it is in the small things he notices there is something up
  • how you start covering up, how you take longer to choose your outfit and then take some good 20 minutes before changing it again
  • but as i said, he will first observe and give you reassuring words before asking you what is going on
  • he patiently waits for you to open up with him and tries to ignore the anxious feeling he gets by watching your head down
  • so when you feel confident enough to tell him, yaku listens attentively immediately clasps his fists, anger boiling in his stomach
  • “they did what?!”
  • he stares at the comments for 10 solid minutes, fingers holding his chin analyzing them
  • “you know these are nonsenses, right?” “m-maybe they are right mori”
  • as i said, he will try to keep his composure but nothing makes him more crazy than you doubting about yourself
  • yaku grabs your hand and drags you to your bedroom, standing in front of a mirror with you
  • “i’m in love with everything i see, okay? everything”
  • then, kinda like bokuto, he enlists all of the reasons he finds you beautiful but the difference is that gives you an arguments for each of the things he loves about you
  • remember when i said he goes into beast mode…after you are smiling again he non-chalantly asks you
  • “now, beautiful, any idea where do they live?”
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Miya Atsumu is a big, strong man. Of course right? Volleyball player on track to be scouted by professional leagues, he is a big, strong, capable man; but it’s freezing cold when he steps outside of the university building. Exposed fingers just about to go numb as he holds the stacks of books in his hands. He insisted on going at the same time as you to pick up yours and his textbooks. He whined that he should carry your books along with his, “Wouldn’t want my girl to carry something heavy.” But the difference between you and him, you actually wore gloves in preparation for the cold weather. Yet, Atsumu was still a big, strong, capable, prideful, man. 

“I can carry my books Atsumu.” You try to take from the stack in his arms. 

Atsumu tilts his body away from you, an obvious shiver going through his body and his teeth chatter as he speaks, “I got it babe.” Only, every step he takes towards the dorms feels like eternity and his eyes desperately look for some safe haven along the way. 

You ponder whether to let him suffer to teach him a lesson or give into the puppy-like expression he gives, hinting at you to drag him into the nearest building. Your fingers tug at the arm of his coat, a big padded black coat that you forced him to get because he swore the thin jacket he stole from Osamu was enough, “I’m hungry, can we stop at the cafeteria?” 

He lets out a small whine mixed with relief, “We’re almost to your dorm.” 

Despite the fake protest, Atsumu willingly lets you drag him into the building; warmth stitching to his finger tips, legs starting to revive from the dead, arms aching from the heavy textbooks and the attack of winter. 

“Better?” You hum as he sets the textbooks down onto the table. 

Arms stretched before he shakes his hands of the cold, “Hm? Come on, you know I could have made the trip.” 

You nod your head unconvincingly, “Sure.” When you take off your gloves, you grasp at his fingers, freezing, “You’re going to get frostbites if you don’t invest in a pair of gloves tsumu.” 

His cheeks flush, your fingers on his makes his fingertips burn. Your palm pressed against his makes the tips of his ear grow more red. Atsumu can’t tell if he’s blushing hot or still numbingly cold. But he feels his heart encased in warmth, body energetic, mind impulsive; Atsumu removes his palms from yours. He presses them against your cheek, keeping you still as he dips into you, dry lips pressed against yours; passionate as he could only be, breathless just as he always left you, soft just for you. 

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First time with Matsukawa

pairing: Matsukawa x f!reader 

genre: smut (18+), virgin! reader, penetrative sex 

word count: 680

warnings: dd/lg, use of bunny, corruption kink, vulgar language 

I love this man. Matsukawa Issei is so hot and I headcanon he would be such a good partner. I actually see him more like a hard dom that has a way with words but soft daddy Issei 🥺 I also chose the man with the biggest dick to write about a virgin reader but oh well  also, I’m fully aware it’s unrealistic to finish your first time but Mattsun is a different breed okay 

“Is my little girl ready? It’s gonna hurt for a little bit, mkay?”

Matsukawa is so gentle with you, such a kind and caring lover. He only wants the best for his little girl, which is why he took weeks stretching out his innocent virgin baby. Your fragile body is so receptive, every touch elicits pretty whines and moans Issei wishes he could play on repeat. He’s trained you to get addicted to his touch, from the way his tongue feels as it flicks over your hardened nipples to the light tracing of his fingertips against your inner thighs. You ache for him, every kiss and caress only adds to the desire building up and he knows it. He can tell you’re getting restless, you want more – you need more. 

“P-please daddy, I- I wanna feel you”

You whine as he takes his fingers out of your needy cunt before presenting them before your lips. He gives you a knowing look as you shyly take his digits into your mouth. Swirling your tongue around the slightly rough skin due to years of volleyball, he bites his lips at the sight of your eagerness. Letting the saliva dribble off your slightly swollen lips he takes his own fingers into his mouth, relishing off your taste. 

You’re positioned on your back, legs on either side of his, as he towers over you. Leaning down to give you a kiss, Issei whispers encouraging words in your ear. Giving him a firm nod when he asks if you’re ready, he begins to rub the tip of his enormous cock against your clit. Your own juices mix with his precum as he runs the tip along the opening of your lips, feeling you squirm beneath him. He grabs your hand and tells you to hold onto it before pushing just the tip into your hole. 

His other hand petting your hair and telling you to keep your eyes on him, he pushes another inch in. He knows it’s hurting you. His sweet pure little girl squeezing his hand with a strength he didn’t know you possessed, he knows he should slow down but there’s something about ruining you for the first time that makes him thrust a little further. 

“I’m sorry, I know daddy’s hurting you right now. I promise I’ll make you feel good soon, okay?

He shushes you and kisses away your tears as he pushes another two inches into you. You look stunning in his eyes, completely fucked out and he’s barely halfway in. He gently kisses you, silencing your screams, as he nestles another inch into your pussy. You know your daddy would never hurt you, but the burning pain from his massive cock is so much more overwhelming than you could have imagined. The kisses pressed against your neck, your special spot at the base of your jaw, helps you relax and Issei takes this opportunity to thrust one last time. Matsukawa is now inside you and you’ve never felt this full in any capacity. He wipes away your tears, letting you get used to the feeling of him inside you before continuing. 

“Shhhh, daddy’s right here. You’re doing so good for me, bunny”

“P-please…wanna feel you”

Smiling down at your pouty face he begins to move his hips slowly, making sure to check in with you. Soon enough the room is filled with the lewd sounds leaving your lips. With each thrust, you can feel him hitting a wall deep inside you. He’s so big you weren’t even sure it would all fit but now he’s ramming into you evoking all sorts of sounds. 

“F-feels funny Issei”

Your walls are closing in, gripping his incredible length, as you approach your first penetrative orgasm. You’ve become so tight it makes it hard for him to move, so his thumb finds its way to your clit. With his cock still filling you up and his finger now working its magic on your sensitive bud, he brings you to the brink. 

“That’s a good girl, cum on daddy’s cock. You can do it c’mon”

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Hello, first of good job on becoming a lawyer I’m sure that wasn’t easy, also I really love this request. I do theatre, and music so I can kind of relate. I’m so happy you enjoy my work. Im going to do kenma because why not. Also keep dancing and enjoying your life. Also sorry this came in really late.


  • He thinks it’s so entertaining
  • Especially since your always moving around a lot
  • When he first saw you doing your little thing you were in your room
  • You both agreed meeting at your house after volleyball practice
  • Tbh I’m suprised you didn’t hear him come up because he was basically yelling while going to your room
  • He barged in while you were inthe middle of dancing
  • He kind of just sat there smiling waiting for you to notice him
  • When you turned around and just saw him you kind of frozed
  • He just kept complimenting you, and praising you like a dog im sorry I’ll stop
  • Anyway there is no doubt in my mind this dude will dance with you
  • This guy is so energetic so you moving around a lot os good for him
  • Now singing
  • Tendou can sing really well actually so you guys will have little sing offs
  • We know that Tendou a little tease so he’ll definitely sometimes do the choreography you created bad on purpose
  • When he is really soft he will ask you to sing to him
  • Also when your dancing he’ll just sneak up behind you and star dancing
  • 10/10


  • He is absolutely in love with you
  • Thinks it is so cute when your just doing your own thing
  • Like Tendou he is really energetic so for you to be dancing and jumping around a lot is nice
  • Now when he realized that you do this without telling him
  • Emo mode
  • But he got over it
  • Anyway, Bokuto will just randomly start dancing when your just listening to music
  • Please compliment him he basically needs affirmation to live
  • He brags soooo much to the rest of the team about you
  • Tsukishima tried avoiding him for atleast 2 month because he does NOT want to hear Bokuto yelling about you
  • he also can sing pretty well
  • Just imagine that deep voice YES
  • But since he is a literal child he will beg you to dance or sing for him
  • He’ll also try learning your dance move to impress you
  • He thinks that you are the most wonderful thing on this earth


  • Okay Kenma is not the most energetic person
  • Tbh when he first saw you basically jamming out he didn’t know what to do
  • So this boy just stood next to your door waiting for you to finish
  • He isn’t the easiest to make shy or fluster
  • But when you turned around and just smiled at him he lowered his head attempting to hide the blush on his face
  • Unlike Tendou and Bokuto he won’t just start dancing with you
  • He dosent really dance at all, but he honestly thinks your dancing really cute
  • Your voice sounds very nice to him
  • But once he was mad because he lost a game cause of kuroo
  • And you had music on and it was hella loud, everyone and the neighborhood can hear his Screaming screeching honestly
  • Now when you are doing chores while dancing he’ll kind of look at you with the cutest smile
  • If you ever ask what he thinks of your choreography he will always give you a positive answer
  • He thinks your really adorable and will hiss at anyone who says otherwise
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Summary: During the two months that the boys have before the Spring Nationals, Kageyama does recon and your schedule starts to look more hectic. Then during one of your trips to Tokyo for another training camp, Bokuto decides to have his talk with Kageyama and it makes him realize some things about himself. 

Pairing: Kageyama Tobio x Fem!Reader

Genre: Rom-Com, Slice of Life, Sports, Fluff

Warnings: None, I think?

Word Count: ~4.2k

Taglist:  @misnmatchedsox@monviemoo@love-beyond-words@bbecc-a@live-2-fangirl@2busyfangirling@ifeelblueming@tobiosbbyghorl@vanillakylee@neokawa@kooks3uphoria

Author’s Notes: Hello you beautiful souls, here is the next part of the series! Kind of a filler, kind of not in a sense LMAO Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy this update! Friendly reminder to drink some water and take care of yourselves :) I know where I live it’s been raining on and off with the weather being pretty chilly. We can’t get sick now, can we? Then lastly like always, this will be cross posted on AO3 as well! Taglist is still open <3

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 5.5 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10 || Part 11 || Part 12 || Part 13 || Part 14 || Part 15 || Part 15.5 || Part 16 || Part 17 || Part 18 || Part 19 || Part 20 || Masterlist

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a million two. ✗ miya atsumu, oikawa tōru.


a million one, a million two…
 a hundred more will never do.”

atsumu and oikawa are drowning in affluence— they get everything they want handed to them on a silver platter due to their pro-athlete careers. yet they’re willing to share you, their most favorite sugar baby, for the night.

an authors note: this is long, like quite possibly the longest thing i’ve written on this blog and nasty, enjoy!

content warning: 18+ content including a threesome, light face slapping, manhandling, crying, face fucking, spit/drool, squirting, double penetration, slight incoherence, dumbification, condescension, praise, creampie, cum play.



You can feel it on your skin. You roll around in the slippery fabric covering Tōrus bed, wearing only your most intricate set of lingerie. You can’t remember which one them had gifted it to you, but you made a point to put it on underneath your party dress.

The dress that’s laying on the floor and was thrown onto the marble with little care.

“Hey,” Atsumu calls, patting your cheek before tracing his fingers along the curve of your jaw. His thumb toys with your bottom lip, silently wishing you’d wrap your lips around it as he watches you through a fervent gaze, “Pay attention, babydoll.”

“Is she spacing out already?” Tōru asks as he struts into his bedroom, hands in his pockets. His eyes narrow upon seeing Atsumu shower you in attention.

“‘M not,” you huff. You lift yourself up, knees digging into the mattress as you do so. Resting your cheek on Atsumus shoulder, you meet Tōrus eyes and practically purr, “I just wanna play.”

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characters - timeskip!suna rintarō, miya atsumu, kuroo tetsurō, oikawa tōru, tsukishima kei

a/n - warning ⚠️ suggestive themes, very slight degradation/name calling but it’s not meant seriously and a little groping. hi bb! don’t worry it ain’t too suggestive i got you, i hope you enjoy it tho <3


SUNA he normally just rolls his eyes at you or hits back so fast you end up being the one blushing. except one night as you sat at the table with a grin, thinking about how to tease your boyfriend next, eyes glancing to your side as he turned around at the feeling of being watched - his slightly narrowing at the mischievous glint in yours. watching you closely as you leaned in, breath tickling his neck as you whispered a dirty joke in his ear - his face remained unphased as he cleared his throat, shuffling slightly on his chair as the silence ingulfed the room before you flinched slightly at the feeling of his fingers ghosting up your thigh before they grabbed at the flesh, slender fingers from his free hand coming up to grab your chin as you gasped - once again being met with fox like eyes that matched the smirk that now spread against his lip “you want to act like a brat? i’ll treat you like one.

ATSUMU he loved the dirty jokes you used to tease him, playfully teasing you back wearing a constant smirk on his face and a glint of something darker in his eyes as you now sat facing him on his lap, swollen lips and messy hair from the way his fingers carded through it moments ago - his appearance similar, flushed cheeks and the gold of his hair unruly but he always suited it that way, the last of the air in your lungs being almost knocked out of you as your back hit the couch, now caged against his hard chest as a suprisingly gentle hand moved to brush the hair out of your face, his lips travelling down your neck as he groaned against you before biting the flesh just enough to elicit a moan from you, tongue running over the raised skin as it began to flush red “where was all that confidence ya had earlier baby? yer already a mess for me and ‘ve not even touched on that joke ya made, am sure ya won’t be laughing if a leave ya like this.”

KUROO will literally have no problem teasing you back - he’ll be so quick to lean in towards you, you can almost see the mischievous spark in the amber that always made your heart race. it was the same look that now looked at you as you sat on top of his desk in his office, watching the way he rolled his sleeves up to his elbow with half lidded eyes as he moved to lean over your body - caging you against his desk as he took the lobe of your ear between his teeth, eliciting a whine from you as he pulled away to kiss up your jawline before his stare landed on yours once again, same lazy smirk staring back at you except a little more sinister “you want to repeat your joke from earlier kitten? use your words for me.”

OIKAWA loves dirty jokes, you basically both have an ongoing battle to see who could make who blush first, but a lot of the time it ended with you in your current position - pressed up against the wall hours after his practice had ended as his own body was the only thing ensuring your legs wouldn’t buckle. feeling the warmth from his hand coming to lay flat against your ass as he palmed it gently, peppering light kisses to your cheeks as a sickly sweet grin appeared on his face “this was what you wanted right? teasing me like that y/n-chan?” teeth coming to pull gently against your bottom lip, causing you to gasp as he took it as an opportunity to push his tongue past them to swallow the surprised moans that left your mouth - pulling away almost instantly after “so needy.

TSUKISHIMA definitely rolls his eyes at you and tells you to shutup but his heart is beating so fast, he has the faintest blush on his cheeks but he will never admit it - he just needs a moment to get himself together before you’re in for payback for making him flustered. you shuddered as you felt the familiar touch trace from your hips to your waist as you let out a whimper at the feeling, eyes widening when they met his from his place beside you on the couch, scoffing as he leaned closer “what was that? the slightest touch and you’re already squirming?” seeing a victorious smirk flash across his features as his lips were now dangerously close to your ear “pathetic.”

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kenma: look, i’ll be a good boyfriend. i’ll fuck you until you squirt, i’ll make sure you’re happy, take you out on dates…

kenma: but when it comes to smash, i draw the line. i’m sorry. i love you but i cannot and will not let you beat me at super smash bros.  

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hi !! i’m joy and i guess you could say that i am a new haikyuu writer on here ?? i’m still lowkey struggling on how to use this app hehe !! i write smut, angst n fluff for haikyuu !! my blog is very ask oriented so i focus more on asks which means that i write more headcanons rather than drabbles or fics but occasionally i can try !! the benefit of this is that i can get your guys requests done quicker :D please check out my blog where u should see a post where i have written rules for my blog :) please feel free to request so i can start writing mwah 😙 reblogs are appreciated!!

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