#kenma x reader
wake-uptoreality · a day ago
His drooling face is the most adorable thing you have ever seen. You wake up early just to stare at it. The little saliva dripping out from his opened mouth as he murmurs something in his sleep that makes you chuckle every time. He is surprised why you sometimes woke up earlier than him, but figures it out when he sees your gallery full of his sleeping pictures and one photo of his drooling mouth. He becomes so so embarrassed about it and whines to delete them all. You just laugh and kiss his forehead. "I just can't rest, when you are sleeping, making that adorable face babe" he flushes and pouts, while you giggle more. He is just so cute.
-> YAMAGUCHI, iwaizumi, tanaka, KAGEYAMA, BOKUTO, Hinata, KENMA, atsumu, OSAMU, DAICHI, semi, KORAI, kunimi, ROMERO.
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rinstaro · 2 days ago
no thoughts, just quality time with your boyfriend kodzuken, with his hand in your shorts mindlessly fingering you while he scrolls on his phone. you drool and whine softly, grinding into his palm. kenma doesn’t let you cum, not until he’s bored of whatever social media he was scrolling through.
when he does, he lets you have it all, his other hand coming to swipe at your clit while his fingers press into your g spot at a cruel pace. kenma kisses sweetly you while you cum, making your heart swell and your orgasm hit even harder. you gush and spray onto him, soaking his hoodie sleeve. once you come down, he kisses your temple, asking if you want something more or if you’re ready to nap.
he doesn’t need you to return the favor, but he definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it.
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reallyromealone · a day ago
Kenma time baybeee
It all started when (name) walked past briefly on the frame of his stream, chat practically loosing their minds at the slight glimpse of Kenmas boyfriend and began donating like mad, demanding he join the stream.
Kenma sighed before looking dead into the camera "I'll ask..."
And with that he muted his mic and walked off camera as the chat lost their minds.
"He agreed" kenma said as he slowly brought (name) close, the two bringing the guest chair and Kenma making his boyfriend sit in Kenmas spot "speak in the mic" kenma instructed his boyfriend who looked at the camera nervously"H-hello chat!" (Name) said happily albeit a bit nervous and Kenma stared down the camera as a warning for them to behave.
"Oh, what's that?"(name) turned and glanced at his boyfriend as the headphones chimed in his and Kenmas ears "the chats donating" kenma said softly to his boyfriend who looked back at chat and with that wonderful smile thanked them for being so kind.
"The chat wants to ask questions, you down babe?"
"Keep it PG you sickos" kenma warned with a glare and (name) read the first question "how did you two meet? Oh that's easy! He commissioned a custom desk from my shop two years ago! It's actually the one currently before us!"
"What do you do? I am a carpenter, specifically in furniture making"
"Who wears the pants? Well kenma and I both wear them but he prefers sweats and shorts" (name) said redirecting the question to something less weird in his taste as kenma watched with lovesick eyes, knowing the chat was already getting screenshots of it but he didn't care.
Eventually kenma convinced his boyfriend to play some video games, specifically horror games.
"Babe what is that?!" (Name) panicked as they played phasmaphobia and poor (name) wasn't having a good time "nonononono!"
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feral-pansexual · a day ago
You find yourself waking up, sprawled across Kenma's lap as he plays video games. You must have fallen asleep during the movie.. not that the person who's lap you're occupying seems to mind.
He barely glances down as you stir, attention quickly focused back to the TV screen. He must have set up his system before he had you lay down on him..
After he finishes whatever he's doing in the game, he absentmindedly shifted, laying his shoulders on the armrests of the couch and moving your head onto his chest wordlessly. Kenma lulls you back to sleep effortlessly, your head rising and falling with every breath he takes.
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undying-vagabond · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
kenma x f. reader
Whispering myriad of curses under her breath, [Name] slammed put down the controller, turning to her opponent who had the smuggest face she’d ever seen to this day. She tried her best to smile, extending a hand, “Good game..hehe..” Kenma raised a brow, taking her hand, giving it a gentle shake.
“Your face looks like it might break any moment.”
Hearing this, her eye twitched and she smiled wider. “Whatever do you mean?”[Name] was a pretty good player, above average for sure but it was hard to win when her opponent just happened to be a professional gamer.
Snapping out of her thoughts, [Name] tried to shake it off. With more practice, she stood a chance against Kozume. “Right!” she clapped, “A deal is a deal.”
Both had agreed that the loser would pay for dinner. However, they never established a price range. “I’ll chose the place since I’m paying.” She grabbed her bag, bouncing off the couch. “Not all of us can be a CEO” she muttered under her breath, though Kenma heard the comment perfectly.
He rolled his eyes, following [Name]. Noting that he’d taken his car keys, she tutted, shaking a finger, “Nuh-uh. We’re taking public transportation.”
“Like normies.”
“Like normies,” she repeated. Although [Name] had lost and she’d accepted defeat, it didn’t mean she wasn’t going to tease Kozume just a little. He disliked crowds and public spaces. So, taking the keys from his hand, she placed them on the counter and turned.
To Kenma’s misfortune the subway was packed, forcing him to [Name]. The two of them were pressed chest to chest. If she felt his heart racing then she was doing a pretty good job of hiding it. [Name] faced the opposite direction, staring absentmindedly. It gave Kenma a chance to admire her.
They’d met during university, sharing an economics course, the two eventually hitting it off (somewhat) when they got paired for a project, revealing along the way their love for games. [Name] quit university, never revealing the reason, which caused distance between them. It wasn’t till Kenma bumped into her on the street—the latter on her way to work when he impulsively challenged her to a game.
[Name]’s formality with him is something Kenma could never understand. They were the same age, plus they’d known each other for a while now. Though he didn’t voice that, merely following her when they arrived at their destination—which he didn’t know, [Name] refusing to reveal this information, giving him a devilish wink.
A group boarded the train, pushing him backwards. Fortunately [Name] noticed and she was able to grab him by the hand. “Okay… maybe stick closer.” Kenma had taken the subway many times when he went to school but it would still be a hassle if he got lost. He hummed in agreement, noting that she still hadn’t let go.
As if reading his thoughts, [Name] looked down, dropping the contact and leaving Kenma to miss her warmth. It was very much needed with the drop in temperature. After walking for a few blocks into a somewhat desolated area, [Name] stopped in front of a small shop. There was a genuine smile on her face as she opened her arms as introduction, letting out a “ta-da..!”
“It’s one of the last good ramen places. You better not complain!” she huffed the last part, unknowing that ramen was practically Kenma’s only meal in his personal dietary college menu.
Entering, [Name] greeted the owners—who came out at the sound of new customers—like they knew each other very well. “Mr. and Mrs. Miyamoto have been real kind to me.” The couple smiled, their eyes crinkling at the corners, offering them a drink which [Name] took on quickly. Kenma nodded in acknowledgement causing the older lady to gush over him, “Oh my! Your boyfriend is so handsome, [Nickname].”
[Name] choked, spilling liquid onto the wooden table. Throwing a napkin over her mess, she gulped. “No.. Miyamoto-san he’s not—” surely the heat had reached her ears and spread towards her neck. The old man quipped amicably, failing to make her feel any better, “No need to be shy, [Nickname]! It’s normal for young people to date!”
At that moment, she regretted bringing Kenma over. He was always too good for her; smart, cool, and now wealthy. In contrast, she had not even graduated and was living paycheck to paycheck. [Name] was too preoccupied with her feelings of inferiority that she never noticed the way Kenma would stare at her.
Kenma kept quiet. Realizing they’d accidentally embarrassed her, the couple excused themselves after the duo had ordered. The blush that painted her face was dissipating. [Name] sipped on her drink, making no effort to converse.
“You were right.”
[Name] turned at the sound of his voice, having been too engrossed in her meal. Kenma lifted the noodles, “It’s one of the best ramen I’ve ever tasted.” His comment brought a smile to her face. “Told you so.”
Once they finished, [Name] payed while Kenma waited near the door, lifting a hand to wave goodbye at the owners. He stepped out, feeling the cold breeze run through his body. There was a jingle as [Name] joined him. She waved a bag near his face, “On the house.”
She pulled out two taiyaki, handing one to him. Kenma bit into it, enjoying the sweet potato filling warm him. “Thanks.” [Name] had nearly finished hers, “Huh? Oh, yeah.. it’s nothing. We had a deal right?”
He nodded. “Perhaps we could do this again..” [Name] grimaced, “Mm no. At this rate you’ll leave me homeless” she laughed at the last part. “I’ll pay this time” he countered.
A grin molded her lips, “Oh yeah? You planning to lose?” Kenma mirrored her smile, “You wish.”
It was never about the game. It was never about winning or losing. All he wanted was a date with [Name].
Kenma wanted to be by her side. He was a bit of a coward to ask her out, fearing rejection since he was still confused on how she felt about him. Maybe this was like a game; he’d pass this level and would continue to do so until he was ready to face the final boss.
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215-luv · 15 days ago
HQ BOYS & HOW THEY KISS YOU // tw: slightly suggestive
SUNA: kisses you as he has his hand cupped on your cheek and an arm around your waist, pulling you extremely closer to him to the point where your figure curves against his body.
ATSUMU: is so desperate to have you pushed against the wall that the both of you stumble through things while he kisses you eagerly as his hands roam around your body.
OIKAWA: is extremely vocal when his lips are deep against yours. you hear his moans and whimpers as you sit on his lap with his arms tightly around your waist to pull you impossibly closer.
IWAIZUMI: the deepest groans come out of his lips and his eyebrows furrow as you practically devour each other. he keeps a hand on your lower back and one on the nape of your neck to push your head and deepen the kiss.
KENMA: lazy kisses and incoherent mumbling that results to the two of you wanting more of each other. desperation hints from the way he cups your cheek with his hand to angle your face, your noses nudging and kisses so sloppy that your teeth clashes against each other.
KUROO: he gives you one small kiss, and for a moment, he keeps his face close to yours, and you feel his breath touching your skin. then he cups a hand on the nape of your neck, pulling you back to connect your lips to him as he kisses you like there’s no tomorrow.
TSUKSHIMA: pushes you to a wall as his hands trail down to hold yours, placing them over your head to keep you pinned to the wall while your lips move in sync.
OSAMU: has his hands resting on your waist as he licks his lips, eyes wandering through your features before bending down to connect his lips with yours, finding himself a glutton for your taste.
AKAASHI: kisses you with the intention of being gentle and soft as his hand cups on your cheek while his thumb gently rubs itself against the softness of your skin, his soft sighs of pleasure flowing through your ears like a sweet melody.
USHIJIMA: has your back pressed against his chest as his arms hug you with your fingers intertwining, his lips molds itself from the side of your jaw down to the crook of your neck and shoulders, practically showering you with his lingering soft kisses.
ARAN: your lips move in sync as his hand slithers down behind one of your thighs, moving it up to his waist while his other arm encircles around your waist to balance your figure that’s pressed against his chest.
BOKUTO: your boyfriend, who is strong enough to carry you on his arms, has your legs crossed on his back as one of his muscular arms hold around your waist and the other behind your neck to angle your head for a deeper kiss.
KONOHA: pushes you down to any surface as his lips pucker to settle butterfly kisses all over your neck with his knee pressed between your legs.
SAKUSA: softly pushes you against the wall with his one arm wrapped around your waist as if to guide you while he positions his other arm on the surface of the wall next to your head, trapping you with his well-built body as he kisses you with furrowed eyebrows in concentration.
(some themes are inspired by this post!)
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txdxsh1 · a month ago
Tumblr media
genre: fluff and crack PFFTT
authors note: first post back from my hiatus :D you guys have no idea how excited i am to be writing again ! also 🤨🤨 this idea was a request and for some reason it literally just disappeared as soon as i made a draft for it so that was odd but we digress … hope you all enjoy 🫶
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
if you’re reading this far, please check out my new oikawa text post 😚 i would greatly appreciate it !!
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sukunababy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
— Bokuto Kotaro, Kozume Kenma, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Iwaizumi Hajime, Akaashi Keiji x f!reader
cw. oral, fingering, squirting, 69, face sitting — rbs are appreciated — m.list
Tumblr media
When he'd told you after a grueling practice with the team that he needed something good to eat you didn't think you'd find yourself with your thighs pinned open, your knees pressed to your chest and his tongue buried in your creamy cunt.
"Ko, please," you sob, your body twitching when he hums in response, just watching you with his golden eyes as he sucks on your clit, pressing his tongue to the bud when you pull his hair.
Your eyes roll to the back of your head when a harder lick makes your nub throb against his tongue, "yeah cumming huh" he coos against your folds, rubbing two fingers on your upper wall.
He almost cum in his boxers when you squirt in his face, your cum running down his chin as he runs a hand through his hair and pulls his fingers away from your sensitive pussy, "that was hot, pretty" he moans wiping the lower part of his face with the back of his hand.
Bokuto smiles satisfied as you slump down on the pillows, his eyes bright as he licks his fingers and pulls his fat hard cock out of his boxers, "you can do that here too, pretty."
Tumblr media
You're on your knees hovering over his face, the headboard clenched between your fingers as you sway your hips.
"Shit, fuck, Ken ..." you groan when Kenma grabs onto your thighs and pulls you down onto his mouth, his tongue sliding back and forth between your folds before he circles your puffy bud.
"Oh fuck," you gasp, eyes in the back of your head as he sucks hard, his fingers leaving marks on your ass making you squeal lewdly as his cock gets bigger and bigger in his boxers.
You think you're going to end up cracking the headboard as your knuckles turn white, your hips starting to spin on his face as you gush over his lips, "Ken, fu-fuck its good" you meow swaying back and forth, riding your high in moans and squeals.
Your slick slit tightens around his tongue as he pushes it in, fucking you dumb not leaving you any way to get up, "just a second" he hums against your core making you clench your thighs around his face.
Tumblr media
"Omi please ... it's too much" you cry when he holds your thighs wide open with his elbows and wrists firm in one hand, his tongue licking your pussy covered in your own cum.
"Can you please fucking stay still" he moans opening your folds with two fingers and starting to suck your nub into his mouth.
You pant wiggling under him as he circles your bud with his tongue, "it's too much..." you blab throwing your head back, your fingers grazing his raven curls as your cunt throbs on his lips.
You can feel a smirk on your folds as you arch your back welcoming another orgasm, your cream sliding down his chin as you tremble in his hands.
Tumblr media
Your eyes roll back in your head as you try to focus and relax your throat, the thick head of Iwa's cock presses deep in your throat making you gag causing him to moan against your cunt, "fuck, baby ... shit you're going to make me come."
He raises his hips to thrust deep before pushing his tongue into your creamy hole, his hands cupping your ass cheeks as he licks and sucks around your slick folds and your puffy bud.
"Fuck, Haji I'm gonna cum" you whimper as he starts rocking his head up and down, your walls clenching making your cream drip down his chin and his eyes rolling to the back of your head as you start sucking on his tip and jacking off what you can't reach with your mouth.
His cum is hot as it slides over your tongue, "fuck, baby ..." his moans are muffled as he slurp your clit, "you're so good."
Vibrations rattle your thighs on either side of his face, moans mix together as you cream on his tongue, "Haji, p-please" you sob as he keeps lapping at your sensitive folds with each tongue stroke, tightening his grip on your ass when you try to wriggle out of his mouth.
Tumblr media
His head hums as you moan lewdly, your head thrown back and your toes curled, "Kei, s-so good, don't stop, pl-please" you stutter clutching your fingers to his hair.
He can't help it, his cock throbs tightly in his fist as he desperately moves his tongue between your glistening folds, his moans sending vibrations through you making you squirm and moan his name in a messy way.
"God, ... fuck," you squeak closing your thighs around his head, his tongue never ceasing to lap at your nub before circling it with his lips and sucking it deep.
His moans are too much for you, as he hums against your dripping pussy you gush over his mouth, your tight hole throbbing around nothing as you ride your orgasm over his lips, "you're so fucking good" you moan meeting his blue eyes and a smirk on his lips.
Tumblr media
🏷. @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @yukikurankiryuu @duskamethystgirl @conchetucona @devilgirlcrybabiey @hitoshitoshi @tojibreedingme @littlemochi @weyheyavengers @rekis-doll @lovemegood @senjuasuna @devynfayrer @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @semisgroupie @hannas16 @kurtaclangobrr @itsmeseph @awkwardchick87 @ramens-posts @tsukkikeisimp @trueshellz @tojidilfs @iwaizumisbicep @jiminie-08 @simpforerenn @snoopysxng @toshigimmemilk @ray-lol
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igumie · a month ago
Haikyuu guys as dads
Tumblr media
info : fluff / cute Haikyuu boys being amazing dads / gn!reader like always
warning : kids 🤕✋/j
pairing : Bokuto, Atsumu, Osamu, Suna, Kuroo, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kenma & Sakusa
a/n : guys pls thank Sayu and Koi for proofreading this and saving me from embarrassing myself (in my defence I speak french and I’ve been having a writer’s block for a while now so I don’t know how to write anymore 😒)
Tumblr media
Dad!Atsumu who threatened the little boy at the park who dared to pick on his daughter and make her cry. Let’s just say that his manager and coach were not pleased to read the title trending on Twitter : “Star setter of MSBY BLACK JACKALS Miya Atsumu seen threatening an 8 year old boy at the park”
Dad!Osamu who always licks his son’s ice cream because “watch out! The ice cream is dripping. Here lemme get that for ya.” Never fails to make you laugh and to make your son huff in annoyance
Dad!Suna who naps with his 3 year old daughter slightly snoring and drooling on his chest. It’s a common thing for you to find them both on the couch, when it’s Suna’s turn to pick her up from kindergarten, when you come back from your work. And honestly, you wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Dad!Kuroo who loooves to go to science museums with his son. He will talk for hours about everything that’s there while his son watches him, not understanding anything, yet still having so much admiration for his dad. It’s adorable, but please don’t let them out of your sight because they will try to make something explode
Dad!Kenma who streams with his 5 year old daughter on his lap and plays Plants vs Zombies. And of course, he lets her throw the attacks because what kind of father would he be if he didn’t
Dad!Oikawa who takes his son to the planetarium once a month. He never wanted to be the type of parent to force a passion onto his kid, but when his son suddenly came up to him and asked about aliens and the universe, Oikawa just knew that he had to take him to, according to him, at least, “the most magical place on earth.”
Dad!Iwaizumi who plays the prince coming to rescue the princess with his 7 y/o daughter. Her laugh is one of his favourite sounds because it shows how happy she is. But when he’s the cause of it? Man almost has tears in his eyes. Almost, though. He’s in denial that you can clearly see the tears on his cheek lmao
Dad!Sakusa who strictly refuses to send his daughter to school if he learns that one of the kids is sick. If it had been him, he would’ve simply put on a mask, and make sure to stay as far as possible from the virus. However, when it comes to his daughter, it’s a different case. Because, “what if she got sick herself, and we had to take her to the hospital, but her situation only worsened, and in the end she can never live a normal life again because she got sick?”
Dad!Bokuto who watches a Disney movie with his daughter every Saturday night and will sing every single song with her while you’re filming them because they’re just so precious
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated :)
Tumblr media
Tag list (open) : @hajidni ; @duckymcdoorknob ; @rae-main ; @k-ryuuguji ; @cosmonettica ; @kodzukvn ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ; @jahnvi-d ; @chifemi ; @xiaos-boywife ; @jogeto ; @uxavity ; @sukxma ; @crazycookies73307 ; @missrown ; @kodzukoi ; @iwaso ; @boo-kugo ; @hello0i ; @neermozhi ; @oyasumiares ; @hirugummies ; @kiyunas ; @lilacveiledsea ; @blueberryfroyo ; @darlingimawitch ; @https-celestial-blessing ; @coffeeauthorvibing ; @dai-tsukki-desu
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luvjiro · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
warnings: various x fem!reader, fingering, pussy slapping, finger sucking
word count: 273
from jupiter: repost bc the first one didn’t show up in the tags, if you liked this pls rb/let me know! feedback is always appreciated <3
18+ content. minors dni. reblogs are encouraged and appreciated!
Tumblr media
pretty, slender fingers, smooth palms, calluses from work barely even noticeable since he takes such good care of his hands. uses the same hand cream as you because 1) it leaves his hands really soft and 2) it reminds him of you <3 soft, gentle fingers curling and uncurling, rubbing up against that spot that as you twitching and squirming and reaching out to grab his wrist because “it’s too much! ‘m too sensitive!” he thinks it’s cute how much you like his hands, how often you hold them, how often you guide them to your lips, sucking his fingers gently, letting him map out the entirety of your mouth. he’s not overly fond of his hands, but he can’t deny they look best when he’s making his pretty girl feel good.
sakusa, TSUKISHIMA, OIKAWA, kuroo, kenma, kageyama, SUNA, yamaguchi, TENDOU
Tumblr media
thick fingers, rough hands. keeps a two-strand thread bracelet along his wrist that he made in your favorite color. hands that lack gentleness when he fucks you, but are full of love nonetheless. hands that hold a bruising grip on your sides, hands that cup your face lovingly while his cock splits you open. thick fingers that dig into the fat of your thighs as he spreads your legs. warm palms that slap down onto your cunt over and over again while he coos in your ear. strong hands attached to stronger arms that wrap around you as he holds you close, confining you in his love. hands that look like they could cause damage, but are always oh-so tender when they’re on you
matsukawa, IWAIZUMI, ushijima, BOKUTO, MIYA TWINS, kyotani, daichi, HINATA
Tumblr media
© SUGUGS 2022. do not copy, repost, or translate my work on this platform or any other platform.
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sunaluv · 2 months ago
[how your relationship was revealed]
feat. timeskip!bokuto, kenma, oikawa
suna, atsumu, sakusa, ushijima ver.
Tumblr media
mannn people knew from the beginning.
he was literally going to post picture of the two of you when you were in the talking stage, but you had to talk him through why that was a bad idea :(
as soon as you said yes to being his officially, he flooded his story with months worth of pent up appreciation.
your face started appearing all over his feed more, and fans love you as much as they love him.
you tried telling him he doesn't have to post you all the time but he insisted
"you're too pretty to be kept a secret" :(
he has a whole instagram highlight dedicated to you.
everyone knew little ken ken had a s/o, but nobody knew what they looked like.
the most his viewers have seen was your hand coming across the camera, or under the neck shots of you as you walked past.
one day, the two of you went out, just normal grocery shopping
then a fan spotted you, and asked if she could take a pic with kenma before turning to you.
it took her a while but she somehow recognised your body from the one that floated around during his streams.
"no way! are you kenmas s/o?!"
she was a little loud and attracted other kodzuken fans in the shop and it turned into a whole fan swarm.
everyone was taking pictures and eventually the face of ms. kodzuken was revealed!
you started to appear more during his streams since your face was revealed, but everyone loves you :)
you were an idol with your own loving fanbase
one night you were live streaming in you and your boyfriend's shared house whilst he was away.
there was a dedicated room for that stuff so fans don't recognise the same layout from the two of you when you stream.
"who is your mystery man?" you read a comment aloud.
everyone knew there was someone in your life, but you were very tight lipped about who it was.
"should I tell you guys?" you asked your stream, watching as many fans begged and pleaded for you to spill.
luckily, oikawa arrived home just in time.
"honey I'm home!" he shouted jokingly.
with a bright grin on your face, you went to greet your man at the door, taking your stream with you.
"hi tooru" you pecked his cheek. "guys come meet my boyfriend"
oikawa had a brief look of surprise, watching your viewer count shoot up, but quickly shot a cheeky smile to the camera.
"parents fr"
you ended the live shortly after, watching as #oikaway/n became a trending hashtag <3
© sunaluv do not repost, steal, copy or edit
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wake-uptoreality · 15 days ago
Your child looks absolutely like him. Same h/c and e/c. Even the same features and personality. He absolutely loves it and teases you the hell out of it. Until... the same obsession over you starts when he/she grows up. has a lot of fight with his/her father over your attention.
-> OIKAWA, KUROO, Suna, Matsukawa, ATSUMU, Nishinoya, BOKUTO, Semi, SAKUSA, Tsukishima.
The child looks a lot like you. Making his heart go "badump~" since he has now two y/ns in his life and he will cherish your baby more than anything. gets 'the best dad' award.
-> Yamaguchi, KENMA, HINATA, Osamu, SUGAWARA, kita, Iwaizumi, DAICHI, AONE.
When your baby is born, he/she looks like both of you. Like 50-50%. But he is so happy that he barges into the room when the operation is done, the doctors couldn't hold him as he hugs your tired body. Crying with your baby with happiness.
-> kyotani, LEV, KAGEYAMA, Akaashi, Hanamaki, ASAHI, TENDOU, yaku, USHIJIMA.
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maytey · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ft. akaashi, oikawa, kenma, bokuto
cw: 18+ mdni, fem!reader, oral (f and m receiving), fingering, tit sucking, exhibitionism
a/n: went a lil crazy with these, i was having too much fun with the set up for each one
Tumblr media
❁ akaashi
between work and other unavoidable life things, it left like it had been an eternity since the last time you and your boyfriend saw each other. his roommate was going to be out that night, leaving the apartment to just the two of you. akaashi had the night all planned out. a nice home-cooked meal ready by the time you arrived. dessert he picked up that morning from a near-by bakery. and then taking his time with you in the bedroom.
after so long without seeing each other, there was bound to be some tension built up. there was only so much you could do on your own to relieve some of that tension. by the time he had you laid out naked on his bed, your pussy was a sopping mess. he had to peel your panties from your body. it embarrassed you, the obviousness of your desperation, but it drove him crazy.
he kissed your thighs, dancing around your needy pussy. pathetically thrusting your hips toward his face, you whined. “keiji, please. don’t tease me.”
he loved hearing you beg. it made him weak. his hands gripped your hips, holding you in place as his tongue licked the first stripe up through your folds. a stuttered sigh escaped you at the feeling, head thrown back against the pillows. your hands wove through his hair as his tongue flicked back and forth over your clit before his lips wrapped around it. he repeated the pattern of flicking and sucking. and then he was trailing one hand down, a slender finger slipping inside your wet cunt.
your back arched, a moan simultaneously slipping from your lips. akaashi rutted his hips into the mattress at the sound. he was always methodical and thorough when it came to your pleasure. he knew everything about you, knew just what to do to have your toes curling and mind going hazy.
with his mouth toying with you clit and his finger rubbing against that one spot, your thighs clenched around his head. you came on his face with a moan, back arching. once you came down from your high, he pulled his mouth off you. "one more," he said before dipping his back down and latching onto your clit yet again.
you were nearing the peak of yet other orgasm, his tongue and finger working in tandem, when you both heard the tell tale sound of his doorknob twisting. as soon as the door opened, akaashi was above you, leaving you empty and desperate. he tugged the sheets over your bodies for added protection. the look he leveled his roommate was serious. he didn't even give him a chance to get a word out, a flat but commanding, "leave," exiting his mouth. his roommate, wide-eyed and red in the face, nodded and backed out immediately.
akaashi sighed, forehead pressing against your own. his eyes were closed as he apologized. "i'm sorry, he was supposed to be out all night."
it was hard for you to care about being interrupted when all you could focus on was the ache between your thighs. you opened your mouth to say something but were interrupted by akaashi's phone vibrating on the nightstand.
he leaned over to check it. he let out a breathy chuckle. "it's my roommate, he said, 'i'm going to the store for a couple hours'." he looked back to you. "what do you want to do?"
you couldn't wait any longer, your desperation getting the better of you. you wrapped your arms around his neck. "fuck me, please."
he smiled, dipping down to kiss your lips, one hand running down your thigh and lifting your leg up. his fingers slid between your legs, making teasing circles around your desperate hole. "not until you give me one more."
❁ oikawa
after seeing you show up to his practice in that adorable sundress just this side of too short, how could he not pull you aside to the locker room. he didn't even bother telling anyone he was going to step away for a minute. he merely disappeared with you in tow. not a word was said until he had you straddling his lap on one of the benches, tucked away amongst the standing lockers.
his hands ran down your sides, toying with the hem of your dress. "you know i can't focus when you show up something like this." his hands slid down to your ass and he pulled you against the bulge in his shorts. "feel what you do to me?"
you wiggled against him, pulling a deep groan from him in response. his hands gripped firmly on your ass, head tossed back as he regained his composure. when he looked back at you there was an impish glint in his eyes.
"i can't go back to practice like this," he said. "you wanna help me?" you nod enthusiastically, how could you pass up such an opportunity? he grabbed your chin between his thumb and forefinger. "uh-uh i need to hear you."
"yes," you breathed, crumbling under the intensity of his stare.
"good girl." his hand reached around you and under your skirt to pull your wet panties aside. no time to undress at all, this was a time sensitive matter. your hand reached down to free him from his shorts. he guided you onto his cock, slowly sinking you down its entirety.
he stretched you so beautifully. you knew he felt it too by the way he sucked in a breath. never did he tire of feeling your tight pussy wrap around him. the hands on your ass helped you begin to move, steadily guiding you up and down. with the way his cock brushed against your sensitive walls it was near impossible to keep quiet.
once you'd built a steady pace for yourself, he tugged the top of your dress down, watching as your tits now bounced freely. he leaned down, taking one nipple into his mouth and sucking on it. the action had you instinctively pressing your chest against his face. he released your nipple, a string of saliva connecting it to his mouth. he looked up at you only briefly before latching onto your other nipple, leaving the other cold without his attention.
the door to the locker room swung open, heavy footsteps getting louder. with your back to the direction the person was approaching, you couldn’t see who walked in, only knowing it was one of his teammates or coaches. you tried to turn to look, curiosity getting the better of you. but oikawa grabbed you jaw, soft but firm, with his hand. “eyes on me baby.”
“is this really what you ditched practice for?”
you could barely focus on their conversation as oikawa’s thumb began to circle your clit, his other hand still guiding you on his cock. it was almost exciting being watched by someone. almost. his eyes remained on you as he spoke, "it's just a quick break."
"you've been gone for 15 minutes."
with how casual he spoke, it had to be a teammate. his thumb pressed harder on your clit, speeding up at the same time. you were right on the edge of your orgasm. though you tried to keep quiet with someone else present, a moan slipped out of you. your cheeks heated in embarrassment. you buried your head in the crook of his neck. your thrusts came to a total halt. it was too much.
the hand rubbing your clit moved to stroke your thigh. "the sooner you leave, the sooner i'll be back."
"it's kinda hard to practice without you," the teammate grumbled as he left.
oikawa rubbed at your back with the hand that was previously on your thigh. he placed a soft kiss to your temple. "i pushed you too far didn't i? i'm sorry. i should have just sent him off immediately."
you didn't want anyone but oikawa to see you in that vulnerable a state. it excited you at first but quickly became more than you wanted. you were going to suggest continuing, for his sake, when he pulled you fully off him and sat you sideways on his lap.
"when i get home, we're doing all this over and so much more," he said, stroking your cheek with a thumb. "i'm gonna spend all night apologizing."
❁ kenma
it was a casual day in, both of you doing your own thing while existing together in his room. stumbling upon a particularly suggestive picture on your twitter feed had your eyes wandering toward your boyfriend, arousal pooling between your legs at the mere thoughts running through your head.
kenma was seated at his desk, tapping and clicking wilding at his keyboard and mouse. he didn't notice you crawling under his desk. he only realized your there when your hand slid up his thigh, causing him to start at the sudden contact. he paused his game and slid the chair far back enough to peer down at you. his eyes narrowed, knowing you were up to something. and he had a very good idea as to what.
your hand slid further up his thigh, feather light against his cock. and then immediately pulling away. teasing him the way you knew he hated. "i'm bored," you said, fingers dancing along the waistband of his sweatpants.
kenma swallowed. he'd never admit it out loud, but he loved seeing you on your knees in front of him. your eyes peering up at him, silently begging. and yet you were still totally in control. the whole display had him getting harder and harder the longer he looked at you.
"can i play with you, kenma?" you asked, hooking your fingers in his waistband and tugging lightly. he nodded, eyes fixed to your lips. with his silent approval, you tugged harder at his waistband, his cock springing free. pre-cum was already beading on his tip. you smeared it around his tip before wrapping your hand around him. he moaned at the experimental tugs you gave him.
you licked up the vein on the underside of his cock, swirling your tongue around his tip and taking him all the way in your mouth and coming off him with an audible pop. he swore under his breath, head tossing back against his chair. "do that again."
using your hand to jerk him off, you said to him, "so demanding." you threw a teasing grin up at him, but obliged his request. the repeated action drew a moan from him.
you were just getting into a rhythm, taking his cock all the way in and pulling back to just the tip, when his bedroom door swung open. "yo, kenma we're gonna play--" his roommate, kuroo, cut off when he saw you, mouth still wrapped around kenma. you hurried to pull off him. "oh, i didn't know you were here."
kenma stood and pulled his sweats back up, moving to cover your embarrassed form with his own equally embarrassed form. despite the flush coating his cheeks, kenma's face bore a frown. "get out, kuroo, we're in the middle of something."
his roommate smirked, leaning against the door frame and folding his arms over his chest. "I saw."
"get. out."
kuroo raised his hands in surrender, chuckling under his breath. “alright, alright. but be safe kids. use protection.”
the door shut before kenma could respond. he let out a frustrated sigh, hands clenched into tight fists at his sides. he sank back down into his chair and turned to face you, nestled under his desk, face still warm with waning embarrassment. he buried his face in his hands. "i'm so sorry. i need to implement a stricter knocking policy."
it was funny to you, nekoma's former brain could analyze an opponent and form a counter attack fairly easily, but he didn't have to foresight to anticipate a possible intrusion while getting head. you wouldn't say that to him, though. not yet, at least.
for the time being, you handed him a controller. "why don't we play something together?"
❁ bokuto
the rush of victory was still fresh in veins, even after celebrating with the team. he snuck you away early back to his hotel room. with all of the commotion, he hoped no one would notice the lack of his overwhelming presence.
he was on you the moment you stepped out of the elevator. hands roaming down the length of your body, lips locking onto yours. he couldn't get enough of you. his hands slid down your back, stopping once they met with your ass. he gave them a rough squeeze. if he had to pick a part of you he loved most, your ass would be a top contender.
he only parted from the soft flesh to fumble with room's keycard, unwilling to let go of you anymore. he let out a small triumphant noise when he got the door open, making you giggle against his lips. he led you into the room, already having unzipped your dress by the time the door closed behind you both. you kicked off your shoes. he slipped the sleeves of your dress down your shoulders, letting it then fall and pool on the floor.
he pulled away from you. his gaze was intense, hungry, as he looked over your naked body. his hand cupped you jaw, finger sliding over your bottom lip, wet with your mixed saliva. the words that met you never failed to make your legs weak, "how did i get so lucky with someone so perfect."
he held the sides of your face in his hands and leaned in to kiss you once again. you made quick work of his clothes, parting from his lips for no longer than necessary. he loved the feeling of you kisses. no matter what they were always so sweet to him.
his hands moved to the backs of your thighs, picking you up with ease. he couldn't be bothered to carry you to the bed yet, instead sitting on the dresser and one hand already dipping between your thighs. two fingers slipped inside your wet pussy and he caught your first moan in yet another kiss. once he built a steady pace, he moved to kiss and nip at your neck, intent on leaving his mark.
at the feeling of you clenching around his fingers, he could have cum right then alongside you. he wanted to play with you a little longer, but he didn't have that sort of patience at the moment. he picked you up and set you on top of the bed, over the covers. he spared a moment to appreciate the way you looked splayed out on the bed. and then he was hovering over you.
he brought your knees up and lined up his cock with your awaiting hole. he shuddered as he sank into you. "feel so good," he muttered. he'd never get tired of the feeling. the pace he started was slow, pulling out and then sinking back in. letting you get used to him again before he really got started.
hooking your legs over his arms, he began to quicken his thrusts until skin started slapping against skin. your sweet moans filled the room, spurring him on. the way you squeezed around his cock made it hard to focus on anything else. whenever he was this intense in bed, he tended to get quiet except for his own noises of pleasure.
through the haze of your approaching orgasm, you thought you heard the sound of the door clicking shut. your eyes opened to find his teammate stumbling into the room. he froze and stared at the display in front of him. bokuto didn’t seem notice, his thrusts still pounding into your spasming pussy. you slapped at his chest until his intense concentration broke. he finally stopped, brows furrowing.
"what is it? what's wrong? did i hurt you?" you shook your head and wordlessly pointed at the sudden audience. he turned, eyes widening for only a second. “can you give us like 20 minutes to finish up?”
the teammate nodded, a faint blush rising to his cheeks. he nearly tripped in his effort to get back out the door as quickly as possible. you felt a little bad, having kicked him out of his own room. but that guilt faded away almost immediately. bokuto began moving his hips again, pulling an involuntary moan from you.
“alright, babe, we only have 20 minutes, we gotta make this quick.”
Tumblr media
@kazuwhora @aces-high @withlovetengen @amaejiki @renxnana 
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shoyotime · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
FT. kenma, atsumu, bokuto, ushijima
W. none
AN. repost.
Tumblr media
blinks blankly. he was grabbing some snacks from the kitchen when you randomly popped up with a goofy smile and a questionable stance in front of him. "is this supposed to be a new trend?" he waits for your response, only for you to shrug lightly before your smile grew wider. kenma places the packet of chips on kitchen counter before making his way towards you. "tell me if i'm doing something wrong?" and he inches closer, placing a soft kiss on your cheeks that leaves you flustered. he retracts slowly, gazing into your eyes as an obvious attempt at teasing you— which certainly worked, might you add. "was that right?" you sigh, averting your eyes to a stray corner. "you were supposed to hug me but i don't mind a kiss or two either."
this man has no clue. he was on his way to the bedroom after spending his afternoon watching match replays, only for you to greet him with a grin plastered on your face as you stood in front of him with your arms wide open. you stare at him, anticipating an answer, while he standing frozen with a perplexed face, brows creased in a way as if he's thinking of a potential response. a few seconds pass, and all he does is spread his arms in front of you, mirroring your actions. "are we t-posing?" — "tsumu, gosh, you're suppsosed to hug me!" a soft 'oh' escape his lips as he pulls you into an embrace, planting a soft kiss on your temple as you wrap your arms around his torso. "you're so dumb," you mumble, a chuckle rolls off his tongue. "at least you get to hug me." and he plops over the bed with your in his arms, pulling you impossibly closer. no, he's not getting off you anytime soon
you were lying idly on your bed when this impressive idea managed to slide inside your brain and within no time, you're on your way to your boyfriend who is busy doing whatever in his study. his brain went blank when he spot you standing with your arms wide open in the hallway, a smile climbing up his face before he sprints towards you, engulfing you in his arms ( or more like crashing into you ) as if you're going to disappear the next second. "kou what—" he pulls back, a bright smile waltzing on his lips. "what? i thought you were going to catch me." you pause, brows furrowed in confusion before you break into beads of laughter. "we're not playing that but sure, let's do it again." and he smiles, stepping away before standing with with his arms open in front of you. "your turn, sweets."
stares blankly part two, but gets the message quickly. he expects you to pull tricks on him every now and then, what he didn't expect was from you was you standing in front of him with arms wide open at eight in the morning. while you expected him to ask a few questions, ushijima pulls you into his arms without wasting another second. "did you miss me?" you didn't expect that question. well of course, he arrived late last night; late enough for you to be fast asleep. your lips curl into a smile as you pull away, hands still wrapped around his torso while his' are snaked around yours. "today's a day off so let's go on a date." now, who are you to refuse.
Tumblr media
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hajiberry · 5 months ago
“you’re so pretty”
“you’re pretty”, you said again, smiling as his cheeks started to heat up.
“Shut up”, he mumbled, throwing his arm over his face, laughing, you sat up, peeling his arm off his face and leaning in closer to him.
“Stop, I wanna see your pretty face”, groaning, he gently shoved your face away from his.
“Stop saying that oh my god”, giggling you leaned down, lightly kissing on his face,
“Naaah, my pretty boy”,
sighing he looked at you, studying your face before softly mumbling,
“I love you”, your face broke out in a huge grin,
“huh? couldn’t hear you?”, glaring at you, he rolled his eyes,
“You heard me you idiot”, reaching for your waist he pulled you on top of him,
smiling you kissed him, before mumbling out “I love you”,
raising an eyebrow he smirked, “huh? couldn’t hear you”
KENMA, sakusa, suna, kageyama, tsukishima
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m1kasun · 20 days ago
ft. kenma, aone, && osamu !! part 1 part 3
cw. THIS IS FILTHY, nonconsensual, oblivious reader, stealing readers toothbrush, stealing readers panties, pillow humping, eye fucking the reader, sniffing panties, taking readers vibrator, panties being licked, peeping on reader while she pleasures herself, recording reading taking a shower !!
authors note. I don’t really know how to write for kyotani so i replaced him with osamu!! hope that’s okay baby <3
KENMA: Kenma is slick af. You will not be catching him stealing your things or looking at you a certain way because this guy is that slick. He definitely jerks off to your photos. If you post on insta or snap he immediately pulls his cock out and will start the jerking. He steals a lot of your things, a lot. His favorite thing to steal from you is your panties. God he loves it. He likes to steal your red panties because it’s his favorite color lol. When he’s in the mood, he pulls out this box that contains stuff of yours and pulls out your recent panties that he stole when he went to your house. He jerks off to them by wrapping his cock around them and starts to think about you. Other times he’d just spit on his hand and he’d get off by just sniffing and licking it because he wants to smell your scent. He definitely records you touching yourself or when you’re in the shower. One time you were in the shower washing your hair and you had your eyes closed so you didn’t hear anyone come in and the whole time kenma had slightly opened the curtain to record you naked in the shower. He also stops by when he knows you’re the only one in the house. And he knows the time you start touching yourself so everytime you start touching yourself and let moans fall from your mouth, he whips out his phone and starts recording you so he can watch and use it for later.
AONE: This guy feels so fucking guilty about it but he just can’t stop. No matter how many times he tells himself, that this is the last time doing this because he knows it’s not. He has a lot of dirty thoughts about you. Mostly them are filled of you being under him, whining for more as he fucks into your pussy and fills you up over and over again with his cum. When you wear something that makes your body figure stand out, he cannot stop thinking about it for days. He thinks about it while jerking off and it gets him off so fast. Definitely takes your panties and vibrater. He likes your vibrator more because he can still smell and taste you. He likes to steal your vibrator after you’ve just used them because he wants to still smell and taste the remains of your cum on it. Later on he would bring the vibrator to his tongue and jerk off imagining that it’s you that he’s tasting. That’s it’s your cunt that he’s tasting. He likes to hump into his pillow and pretend it’s your cunt that he’s inside of. Your cunt that he imagines is so warm and tight. He steals your toothbrush im so sorry. it’s so weird but he likes to use it to brush his own teeth because he thinks it’s basically kissing you in a way. He doesn’t want you to ever find out because he knows that you wouldn’t be friends with him anymore and would call him weird </3.
OSAMU: Sneaky little bitch too. Has alot of dirty thoughts about you. He definitely likes to eye fuck you alot. He also stares at your breasts alot and your lips. He does that because he likes to imagine pushing his cock between your lips and likes to imagine sucking on your tits. He definitely steals a bunch of your panties. When he’s over at your house he would ask for a glass of water and you would go down stares to get it and he would go in your underwear drawer and would take three pair of panties and when you come back upstairs he would be sitting on your bed smiling at you innocently. Later on that night he would be in the bathroom pumping his cock with your panties and groaning imagining that it was you who was doing this. Touching him. He most definitely jerks off to your photos lmao. Whenever you post something he’s always the first like and one time when you posted yourself and your friends going to the beach, he saw you in your bikini, he was going fucking nuts. He orgasmed so hard that night lmfao. He does try to stop because he does get guilty about it but without you, he can’t cum as hard.
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215-luv · 21 days ago
SUNA: a deep yelp comes from his lips, the usual bored look he had on his eyes now replaced with shock as his hands naturally lands to the nearest surface, trapping you in his arms. with his face now inches closer to yours, he looks down at you, the tension between you two now rising. he raises an eyebrow with curiosity in his eyes as his deep voice flows through your ears, “hm, what’s going on in that little head of yours, bun?”
KUROO: a startled expression etches on his face, not expecting you to do such a bold action. although, he’s quick to recover from his shock as he shoots you a cocky grin, letting his hand fall to rest on your hip. “what’s this, kitten? if you needed me, you could’ve just said so yourself.” he chuckles, “but this,” his eyes then wander down to where you were holding his belt, “this is probably much better.”
ATSUMU: literally gasps out loud in shock, “oh SHIT you- you really just did that huh?” he curses, trying his best to compose himself although he’s actually a stuttering mess. with a deep inhale, he lets his hands find their place on your hips as he looks down at you with a certain look on his eyes, clearing his throat. “are we gonna make out or..?”
IWAIZUMI: he looks down at you, surprised. letting an eyebrow raise as if he’s asking for you to explain what was that for. however, with that look on your eye, iwaizumi swore something had bursted inside him that lead him unable to restrain himself as he slowly slithers his arm around your waist, the action sending you shivers through your spine while you watch as he reaches your hand that was holding his belt, raising it to let it rest on his shoulder. he chuckles under his breath while he keeps eye contact with you, “god, you really don’t know what you’re doing to me, do you?”
SAKUSA: both his eyebrows shoot upwards and his body freezes momentarily. you watch as his eyes looks at you with shock written upon them. he could barely let out a steady statement as his breath wavers, “..w-what.. what are you doing?”
OIKAWA: “okay, so, remember when iw— AH! OH MY GOD!” he screeches out dramatically when you unexpectedly pull him by his belt and his heart runs in laps. he looks at you with shock as you only shoot him an innocent smile. “sweetie, what was that for?!” he lets a hand hover his chest as you giggle, about to give him an answer when he adds, “but that was kinda hot though..”
YAMAGUCHI: a high pitched yelp comes from his lips and he stares at you with wide eyes, a flush creeping across his cheeks. never have you seen your boyfriend look so embarrassed and surprised your whole life that you had to let out a laugh, your reaction worsening the blush on his cheeks as he holds the wrist of your hand that was holding his belt. “H-Honey.. S-Stop..”
KITA: when you pull him by his belt, he let’s out a tiny oh, peering at you with curiosity. smh innocent bb. he gives you a look that encourages you to explain what you did, but somehow, inside him, he thought it kinda felt nice to have you pull him towards you that way.
KENMA: he tenses. it honestly never crosses his mind once that you would ever do the action of pulling him towards you by his belt—the gesture so unexpected that it leaves him a blushing mess. his body freezes in place and you watch as he looks at you with wide eyes. “(y-y/n).. what was that..?”
KAGEYAMA: he really went “oh shit” as soon as he feels that force on his hip—not expecting you to suddenly pull him in that way. his eyebrows raises in surprise while his head tilts in confusion, not sure what to expect when you’re innocently looking at him in the eye. and he blinks, “uh. hi?”
ASAHI: “AH!” he lets out a yelp that could possibly be heard up to the second floor. he looks back and forth from your face then down to where your hand connects to his belt, letting him compose himself for a few moments as he freezes in place. his eyes widens and he stammers like crazy. “S-Sweetheart.. What- What did you just do..?”
USHIJIMA: both his eyebrows raise upon the sudden pull of force on his hip area. he looks down at you as he holds a potted plant on his hand. you watch as he blinks down at you, as if looking for any answers through whatever emotion your face has on. you let him place his plotted plant on the nearest surface and he faces you, holding your hand that was on his belt as he raises it to his chest, letting his thumb softly rub on to your soft skin. “is there anything you need, honey? you can tell me anything.”
MATTSUN: when you pull him by his belt, he lets shock overcome him, both his eyebrows shooting upward. and yet, that shock is quickly replaced by a smirk as he looks down to where your hand is holding his belt. he lets out a deep “oh?” with a certain glint on his eye that deeply intensifies your need for him.
BOKUTO: “AH! WHAT AR—wait what’s this all about baby?” his mood alters in the quickest because one moment his eyes were widened like saucers and now he’s peering down at you with expectation. and you’re starting to think he’s just realizing how much he likes the way you pull him to you by his belt. you could see the blush appearing on his cheeks as he scratches the back of his neck bashfully—a rare thing to be seen from the bokuto kotaro. and he suggests cheekily, “you know.. maybe you should do this more often.. hehe.”
AKAASHI: he lets out the softest gasp from his lips as his widened eyes wander down to where your hand grasps onto his belt, and his mind really goes ‘oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god-’ but then he scratches that by clearing his throat, trying his all to keep his composure while barely managing to keep eye contact with you. “w-what is it you need, honey..?”
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