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#kenma x reader

AN: This is my first smut for the anime Haikyuu! I hope you all enjoy. I decided to start off my writing for the show with Kenma because he is my favorite. I mean look at him!!!


Originally posted by volleygifs

This was the dream. You and your boyfriend, spending time together at his place, you curled up with a good book lying in his bed, while he sat on the floor, back against the bed, playing his Nintendo switch. Neither one of you were big on going out, preferring dates where you both stayed in and spent alone time together. It was already hard enough finding time to spend with one another with you both being athletes, so this was nice. 

However, something has been on your mind lately. You and the other girls on the volleyball team had been talking the other day and the topic of sex had come up. The girls were all taking turns sharing stories about how far they had gone with their boyfriends and girlfriends, but as you sat silently listening, you realized you had nothing to share. Not that you would go into explicit detail anyway, but still. When you sat and thought about it, you and Kenma had never really done anything sexual before. As a matter of fact, you could probably count on your hand just how many times you two have kissed one another since you two started dating almost two years ago. 

But today that’s about to change. Today I’ll take things to the next level! You think to yourself as you close your book. “Kenma?” You call out to your boyfriend and he hums letting you know he heard you. “You can keep playing, but I’d like it if you came up here with me.” You say trying to sound innocent, not wanting to sound like you were up to anything. But if you were being honest, Kenma was so wrapped up in his game, you could tell him what you were wanting to do and he probably wouldn’t even have understood what you had said. “Ok.” He says standing up, not bothering to pause his game as he climbs into his bed next to you. He’s wearing gym shorts and you silently cheering in your head realizing this might just be a lot easier than you thought.  

He lays his back against the headboard, bringing his game console further up so it’s close enough to his face. You move to lay your head on his stomach and he says nothing, thinking you just wanted to lay there. That is until he feels your hand coming to palm his dick through his shorts. The sudden feeling of you touching him causes him to whimper and your eyes widen at the sound. You keep palming him though, loving the sound you were hearing. “Y-Y/N, w-what are you going?” You hear your boyfriend say, his breathing uneven as you continue your movements. “I’m just curious.” You say as you move your hand up to the waistband of his gym short, lifting it up and sliding your hand inside. Your actions cause him to pause his game and you bite down on your bottom lip as you realize that your boyfriend wasn’t wearing any boxers. “No boxers Kenma?” You ask, your tone teasing. “I took a shower this morning and just didn’t feel like putting any on.” He confesses before groaning as your hand wraps around his dick. 

But you take your hand away which causes him to whimper at the loss of your touch. You sit up and turn to face your boyfriend. “Take your shorts off for me babe.” You say and he places his Nintendo switch to the side and he immediately does as he is told. You stare at his cock marveling at it. It’s average length, standing erect at about 7.5 inches with about 4 inches of girth. He becomes insecure under your gaze. But those feelings wash away as you scoot down on the bed, moving so you are laying on your stomach in between his legs, a hand coming to wrap around his length again as you stare loving up at him, a smile coming to your face. 

“You really are magnificent, you know that babe?” You ask, moving slightly so you can lick the tip of his cock with your tongue. “I’m supposed to say that.” Kenma sighs, his head rolling back as continue to kitty lick his tip, teasing the poor boy. “Y/N.” He calls out to you, his voice barely above a whisper and you smirk loving the effect you were having on him. “Yes, Kenma?” You ask, your voice still holding on to that same innocent tone from earlier. “Please, don’t tease me anymore.” He begs and you can’t help but give in. “Ok. I’ll stop teasing.” You say before taking his cock fully into your mouth causing the “thank you” he was about to say to die on his lips as he gasps, feeling your mouth close around his member. 

You bob your head up and down, your hand wrapping tightly around the rest of him, guiding your saliva up and down his shaft, twisting your hand as you move. Your other hand comes up to caress and gently massage his balls, not wanting to leave them out. 

“Fuck.” You hear him sigh and the sound of your sweet little Kenma cussing has your pussy aching, loving you were the reason behind it. You shove your mouth further down onto his cock, gagging slightly as the tip hits the back of your throat. “Shit Y/N.” He gasps his head coming forward to watch you, his eyes wide as you pull back and he sees your saliva running down his length, pooling at the bass. You watch his reaction, biting your lip as you see his brows knitting together, his eyes clouding with lust as he watches you take your hand and begin stroking him again. 

His tip is now oozing pre-cum, letting you know he was close. You quicken your pace and watch as your boyfriend’s head falls back against the headboard, a mixture of groans and whimpers sounding from him. His chest rises and falls rapidly, his breathing uneven, as he feels himself about to cum. 

“Y-Y/N, I’m about to-” “I know sweetie. Cum for me.” You command and he does, your name falling from his lips like a prayer as his cum shoots out from his cock, the milky white substance covering your hand as you continue to stroke him, making his body shudder in delight from the overstimulation. 

You take your hand and look at his cum, covering your fingers. Curiosity gets the best of you as you take your fingers into your mouth and begin gently sucking on them, your eyes close and a moan escapes your lips as you enjoy the surprisingly sweet taste. When your eyes open again Kenma is watching you, his cheeks flustered as he struggles to gain control over his breathing. “W-what was all that for?” He asks and you smile innocently. “Nothing, I just thought since we’ve been together now for almost two years, we could take things a little further ya know? I thought this might be a good start." 

"Y-you want to do things like this with me?” He asks and your eyes widen in surprise at his question. “Of course I do Kenma. Why wouldn’t I?” “Well I’m not the most energetic person or anything and I don’t have any experience either.” He confesses, his head dropping so his hair falls in front of his face. “So?” Your answer makes him look up at you from underneath his bangs. “You don’t care?” “Of course not. I’m not experienced either, Kenma. You know that. But none of that matters. I really do love you Kenma and I want to show you that in every way possible.” You say and he brings his head up further to look at you. “You love me?” He asks and your eyes widen realizing you had accidentally confessed to loving him. Something neither one of you have done yet. “Yes.” You say, choosing not to back down or deny it. 

He looks down again as a smile comes to his face. “Cool, I love you too.”

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Kenma x reader fic Introduction


┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩

┊ ┊ ┊ ✫

┊ ┊ ✿⋆

┊ ⊹


Summary:You and kenma have always been the best of friends. Always geeking out over video games and animation, putting up with your cousin kuroo dragging you both around everywhere. Your friendship with him couldn’t be better, but what will happen when you start catching feelings for a certain someone? Only time will tell~

═══════ ❃ ═══════

Ever since your parents passed you’ve been living with your cousin Tetsurou and his parents. You both were already close cousins but after the death for your parents the situation brought you even closer. The bond you two had became more that of what a brother and sister share. As you’re older ‘Brother’ he took it as his role to protect you from anything and everything especially guys. However, Kenma was a different story. He never thought he’d be interested in his sweet little cousin until….

“Y/n come on get up already!” You suddenly felt the covers get ripped off of you. “I’m getting tired of always having to wake you up for school. I swear kenma and you need to stop staying up all night playing those games.”

Still sleepy you manage you manage to force your eyes open to see your older cousin. Yawning you manage to reply to him, “Do I really need to join you for morning practice? Besides it’s only 5 am school doesn’t start till 8:30 I could have slept another hour o-“

Before you even got to finish Tetsurou threw the nekoma school uniform at you earring him a glare, which he in turn played no mind to.

Rolling his eyes he exclaimed with a semi enthusiast tone, “No can do (n/n), we need our precious manager there to help motivate us!Now get ready so we can get to school besides I texted kenma he’s already waiting for us.”

With one last sigh you did as your cousin told you and got ready. “Today is going to suck.”

Little did you know today would lead up to evens that will possibly change your life~

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Pocky Game w/ Kenma


Originally posted by animanganerd

“I think if we split up the reading guides, we can get them done faster,” you said, splitting the six reading guides into two separate piles. “I’ll do chapters 20, 21, and 24 and you can do chapters 22, 23, and 25. Does that sound okay?”

“I guess,” Kenma said, his eyes never leaving his game and thumbs moving furiously. You looked up at him and rolled your eyes. He probably didn’t even hear what you said.

“Kenma,” you groaned. Picking up your textbook, you got up from the desk and walked over to his spot on your bed. The textbook was thrown on to the bed right next to him and, to your dismay, he didn’t even flinch. “We’re supposed to be studying!”

“Yeah, after this,” he glanced up at you to meet your eyes for half a second before looking back at his game. He, despite being in the middle of his game, took a stick of pocky and put it in his mouth.

“No, we have to study right now,” you whined. “We have a test tomorrow.” You took a pocky stick and ate one yourself. His eyes snapped up at you and gave you a disgusted look. “What?”

“Don’t take my food, Y/n,” Kenma looked back at his game and moved the box away from your line of sight.

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes. “I won’t take your food if you do your work. We agreed this would be a work day.” You sat down next to him on your bed and opened the textbook. Miraculously, you opened to the right page and started reading.

For awhile, the two of you sat in silence aside from the occasional sound of pocky being chewed. You did your part of the work and he played his game. The sounds of 8-bit lasers and heavily pushed buttons broke the comfortable silence and distracted you from your work. You soon got off the bed and went to sit down at your desk again in an attempt to better your focus. That proved to be ineffective when the sounds grew louder.

“Dude, hurry up and start your half of the work.”


“What do you mean ‘no?’”

“Exactly what it sounds like.”

“This is due tomorrow!”


“What do you mean ‘so?’ You’ll fail!” Kenma looked up at you and snickered.

“I don’t care.”

“Okay, you know what?” You thought long and hard about how to get him away from the game and studying. “They’ll kick you out of the volleyball club if you don’t do well.”

“Y/n, no they won’t.”

“That’s very bold of you to say.”

“It’s true because I’m the only setter and it’s mid season, so that would hurt them more than it would hurt me. Plus I don’t even care for volleyball that much.”

“Fine,” you said. “Let’s play a game to decide then.”

“Really?” He pauses his game and looked up at you, curiosity in his eyes. “What game?”

“The pocky game,” you said, going back over to him. You sat down next to him and smirked at his confused expression. “You and the other player put the ends of the pocky stick in your mouths and bite it until it’s gone. The first one to pull away loses. Or, if no one pulls away, the one to get the last bite wins.”

“Uh,” a light blush spread across his cheeks. “I guess that’s okay. What happens if I win?”

“Then you get to play your games and I’ll do all the work without bothering you. But if I win, we have to split the work. Do we have a deal?” You held out your hand.

“Deal,” he said, taking your hand. Kenma took one of the last remaining pocky sticks and put one end in his mouth. You leaned in and took the other end. You held up three fingers, then two, and then one before you both started biting.

At first, he made eye contact with you in a small attempt to intimidate you and make you uncomfortable. But the more you kept that eye contact, the more intimidating you seemed and the less confident he felt, but he kept going. Internally, he was nervous about any lip contact you two could possibly make. Kenma would never tell you this, but he had a crush on you, one of his best friends, and wouldn’t want anything to change between the two of you. As you two inched closer, the more he considered breaking away, but he was determined to win. When he saw your head tilt and close your eyes, he knew it was too late.

Despite seeing the whole scene unfold, he was caught off guard when his lips met yours. The kiss was a lot more gentle than he thought it was. Your lips were soft and warm against his, causing him to close his eyes. Your tongue swiped across his bottom lip, begging him to open his mouth a little. Shortly after he complied, you pulled away and did a little victory dance.

“I won!” You stuck out your tongue and showed him the piece of pocky you took from him. Kenma, a blushing mess, only stared at you when you put his textbook on his lap. “Time to get to work, dude.” After his initial shock wore off, he smiled and looked at you.

“Yeah, okay, Y/n.”

Im not sure why but this took a lot longer to write than it should have. I almost wrote one for Kuroo, too, but decided against it. Feel free to request something!!

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Boyfriend Material Pt. 3

- (Nishinoya, Kuroo, Kenma)

a/n: after writing this I really want a Kuroo..where do I get one 👀 part 1 part 2


Originally posted by genosus


  • Anyone who doesn’t know you’re dating must be living under a rock
  • This libero will talk about you all the time to anyone with ears and listening ability
  • Big fan of pda in any form, is not afraid to let the world know that you are his and he is yours
  • Is your #1 fan, supports all your hobbies, decisions, etc
  • Whatever you do he’ll want to learn too, because seeing you happy makes him happy
  • Is such a hyperbean, will want to constantly be on the move with you, which reflects on dates
  • Sky zone, the arcade, laser tag, or even just a simple pillow fight
  • There are ultra rare times when he will calmly relax with you, and those are some unmatched moments
  • Emphasis on ultra rare. This boy can not stay still even if his life depended on it
  • VIP ACCESS TO HIS HAIR DOWN!! Who doesn’t want that
  • Will lay his head in your lap and close his eyes will you hum and play with his hair
  • Needs you for support and to keep him sane
  • If the team ever loses and he begins to beat himself up for his performance, you are his rock and will support and comfort him until he’s not negative anymore
  • Definitely loves being babied
  • Constantly reminds you how much he loves you
  • And every time you tell him you love him back, it’s always like he’s hearing it for the first time
  • Is a blushing mess when he hears it
  • If you say it with Yuu, this boys face is as red as nekoma’s jerseys
  • Loves you so much it’s a mystery how all his love is miraculously contained in his little body

Originally posted by aishitetsuro


  • Although he radiates big dick energy confident energy, the captain is actually one huge romantic
  • Thought he was all bad when he smoothly asked you out, but when you agreed and went your separate ways he was a blushing mess
  • “Kuroo did you get sunburned or something? Your face is red” “SHUT UP”
  • Eases into the relationship easily, lives to let everyone know you’re dating the captain through soft pda
  • Loves the feel of your small hand in his
  • Will occasionally pick you up bridal style and just walk around, or if he’s feeling playful he’ll throw you over his shoulder and run around
  • Even though he’s a constant tease, he’ll never do anything you’re not comfortable with
  • Always wants to makes sure you’re safe
  • Texts you to make sure you’re home safe, makes sure you’re properly hydrated, has a jacket at the ready if you ever need one
  • Kuroo: “You home safe?”
  • You: “Babe. You’re outside my door.”
  • Loves having pet names for you: babe, baby, love, princess…KITTEN
  • You basically become the team’s mom (no. 2 to yaku of course) and they love having you around
  • Not only cause they genuinely enjoy your company but Kuroo is a little softer with them at practice when you’re there
  • Loves you to the fullest and will always make sure you know it

Originally posted by mikaslut


  • The chillest out of all the boys to date, no arguing on that
  • May have crushed on you for a while but kept it to himself, it wasn’t until you confessed that he admitted his reciprocating feelings
  • Is pretty on the down low about you two, mentions it one time to the team when they ask and that’s it
  • Has your initial and your fav emoji his bio and vice versa
  • Is so thoughtful and always thinks of you
  • Buys you little things like snacks or knickknacks just cause he thought you would like it
  • Now that you’re his s/o he’ll make sure to manage gaming a little so that he makes time to spend with you
  • But when you tell him you don’t mind if he plays when you’re there he big swoons on the inside
  • Lights up whenever you ask him to teach you how to play something
  • Going on dates are occasional, but the two of you love to have dates on animal crossing
  • Kenma: “Come out of your tent I brought you some flowers and caught some fish, we can have seafood tonight”
  • You: “Alright I’ll get a fire going”
  • Less into pda and bigger on thoughtful gestures, but likes to hold pinkies every once in a while
  • Says “I love you” in your softest moments
  • PLEASE protect this boy at all costs
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heya!! can i request kuroo, bokuto and kenma planning a secret picnic for their s/o like making sandwhiches, preparing the basket and all the goodies, ^_^

a/n: wow bri uploaded something after like weeks of nothing ???? EN KNEE WAYS this was a very cute request and now i want to go on a cute picnic date with someone uwu


Originally posted by houseofkarasuno


  • this romantic head ass is gonna make it a sunset picnic in the park
  • brings candles to make it a candlelit picnic once the sun actually sets
  • also gives you a bouquet of flowers that romantic fucker
  • a romantic picnic so expect some pretty fancy food
  • has one of those cheese and cracker platters, chocolate covered strawberries, wine juice
  • tries to be suave and pull them moves on you in the candle light
  • knocks over a candle and almost sets the blanket on fire

Originally posted by volleygifs


  • is overly excited to plan a picnic date for you
  • plans it for lunch time where the sun is bright, underneath the cherry blossom trees
  • little finger foods !!!! like a tea party hehe
  • wants it to be one of your most memorable dates so has the cutest little foods
  • mini pinwheel sandwiches, easy to eat fruits like grapes and strawberries, little brownie bits for dessert
  • spends the whole day lounging on the picnic blanket with you until the sun sets

Originally posted by bestboy-oftheday


  • knows you’ve been secretly wanting to have a cute picnic date
  • tells you to get ready for a dinner date but won’t tell you where
  • just tells you to dress comfortably
  • he secretly sets up the picnic in your front yard hoping you don’t look out your window
  • actually has the cute woven picnic baskets and the plaid picnic blanket
  • packs all of your favorites snacks, drinks, and makes your favorite type of sandwich
  • loves the look of surprise on your face when he tells you to come outside and you see the very cliche picnic set up
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Hi! 15 for kisses with Kenma?

april fools

who: kenma x reader

what: angst

plot: routine kisses where the other person presents their cheek/forehead for them / hello/goodbye kiss without even looking up from what they’re doing

wc: 634

note: using this for @haikyuuwritersmonthly prompt event! using the first prompt idea — april fools. also heavily inspired by this song

“Oh… Hi, Y/N…”

You don’t respond, hoodie blocking your view of the two-toned male standing in front of you. You’re absorbed in your studies — classes just started and you’ve found yourself in the place you used to go to all the time for studying last year. The library is where he met you, but it’s also where you always went to escape him.

“I’m gonna go out for a bit,” you said. Your voice lacked any sort of affection. You were only telling him out of obligation and he knew that.

“Where are you going?” he asked, not looking up from his gaming console. He stopped caring but he asked anyway. He didn’t care about what you did anymore.

Keep reading

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genre ; fluff

warnings ; none

taglist ; n/a


-ˏˋprompt: soft kissesˊˎ

hands on the other person’s back, fingertips pressing under their top, drawing gentle circles against that small strip of bare skin that make them break the kiss with a gasp & lazy morning kisses before they’ve even opened their eyes, still mumbling half-incoherently, not wanting to wake up’

prompt by: honestly idk, i saw it on google lol.


the bright light from the sunrise pooled into the room through the tiniest gap in the curtains, a line of light shining directly down on the sleeping boy.

white sheets were thrown over his lithe body, his honey-soaked hair billowed out on the pillows while the sunlight illustrated his milky skin. his chest moved up and down slowly as he sucked in steady breaths, uncaring of the quiet chirping of birds and the soft growling of cars.

the haze of sleep was still clouding his mind, his eyebrows furrowing slightly while he tried to hold on to the peaceful sensation of sleep. 

you shuffled beside him, your body draped around his meagre body while you stared up at him with doe-like eyes. the feeling of your soft fingertips running along his skin made him grunt softly, his eyes clenching shut before he relaxed again.

“kenma,” you whispered softly, trailing your hands up his neck while he still continued to try and fall back asleep. “wake up, kitten.”

you sighed when he didn’t respond, your fingers sliding under the back of his bed shirt while you pressed a soft kiss to his pink parted lips. you pressed another kiss to the other corner of his lips before you finally pressed your lips against his.

his lips were soft like velvet, like the finest silk in the land. you ran your fingers over the slight bumps of his spine, rubbing small circles over his pale skin while you continued to kiss him.

you giggled as soon as you felt kenma’s lips twitch, his head moving back slightly as a small gasp fell from his lips. his mouth curled into a small scowl as he weakly opened one eye to see you smiling like an idiot above you. he pushed you back down next to him, making you giggle again.

“time to wake up, kenma,” you murmured softly, teasingly running your fingers up his bicep while he let out a small grunt in response, keeping his eyes closed.

“’d’ wanna…” he mumbled, rolling over and slinging his arms around your figure. “‘m sleep…”

he curled up closer to you, nuzzling his cheek against yours before he lowered his head to rest it in the crook of your neck. his grip around you was loose but tight, his fingers clutching onto the hem of your shirt.

he really was like a cat sometimes.

you giggled softly and pressed a kiss to his temple, feeling your heart clench at how utterly adorable kenma was. seeing your boyfriend tired and delusional was always something that made you fall deeper in love with him. 

“’m minutes…” he mumbled, his words soft and jumbled while he still continued to curl his body even more.


“five more minutes?” 

you sighed softly and ran your fingers through his blonde hair, letting your fingernails grazing over his scalp. you knew if you agreed, he’d end up falling asleep again – like every other time. but, the way he was wrapped around you, holding you tightly was enough to make you give in.

“five more minutes.”

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hi im sorry that people aren’t listening to your rules, 馃様 i have no idea if this idea can be elaborated on and if you can’t think of anything just ignore this! but umm 馃憠馃徏馃憟馃徏animal crossing date with kenma! i hope you have a good day 馃ズ-togasknifes

okay so i currently have playing acnh with kenma in my drafts so i thought i’d do something a little different for this one hehe. it’s kinda inspired by what mo and i have been doing whenever we visit each other’s islands



Originally posted by volleygifs

kozume kenma

“Kenmaaaaa hurry up” you whined.

“I need to get these fossils today before I head over to your island,” he responds, not looking up from his Switch.

“Just get them later!!! You said we’d hang out on my island.” He looks up at the camera as you pout at him. He sighs in response, but you know he isn’t annoyed with you. You two were both stuck at home all day, so you came up with the great idea of having a date in animal crossing. You two were Facetiming, talking to each other while playing together as well.

As you got the notification that Kenma was coming to your island, you were in shock at what he was wearing. It was the outfit you had designed for him.

“Awww Kenma that’s the hoodie I made for you!!” He quietly responds with a “yeah, it is” but you can see him blushing. He’s not good at verbalizing it, but he really does appreciate and care for you.

As you two make idle chitchat over the phone, you notice him making his way around your island, making a little field of flowers.

“What are you doing Kenma?” you ask, watching his villager plant flower after flower.

“Your island is lacking flowers. So I thought I’d plant some for you.”

“That’s really sweet thank–” “Your island should be as pretty as you.” And now you’re blushing.

You two end up just joking around, making cute designs for each other and building items that add some creativity to your island. All in all, it’s one of the sweetest dates you’ve ever been on. You know he tries to show his appreciation for you, and you really see it when you two are playing video games together. And you’re so, so grateful for him.

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It’s my first time requesting anything so pardon me if not explained correctly 馃ズ but if you could do Kenma showing his true self or taking out his anger on his s/o in bed after he lost a important match? Since baby boy is usually shy I thought I would be a good plot. 馃ズ

I’m Sorry [2]

— Kenma Kozume


Originally posted by volleygifs

Word Count: 3.1K

Warning: Rough!Kenma, Overstimulation (?), SoftFem!Reader, Squirting, Oral (Female Receiving)

— 🐈 —

Kenma dipped down and captured your lips in his. The taste of his minty breath fogged your mouth and you moaned. The kiss was intoxicating. It was dimming your every other feeling except for one: lust.

After a while of a heated make out session of Kenma’s tongue tangling against yours, he began to pepper his kisses down your jaw then to your neck. His lips lingered at the nape of your neck as he suckled on your soft skin.

You let out a delicate moan and arched your hips to grind yourself against Kenma’s bulge. He let out a shaky sigh against your neck, the warmth of his breath tickling your skin. You bit your lip to try and hold back another needy moan. However, you couldn’t for long when Kenma nipped at your neck.

“Kenma,” you moaned.

You felt a smile grown on Kenma’s lips before he began suckling. You tilted your head slightly to feel the sensuality of Kenma’s touch. He was marking you, that was for sure. Once he pulled away, he softly kissed the base of your skin where he had applied a hickey.

“I have to cover that if we get home,” you told him softly.

“Tomorrow, at school, don’t cover it,” Kenma said to you.

He had gotten up to look at you in the eyes. His eyes were twinkling, but you know that the thought of Daisho was still lingering in the back of his mind. You nodded in response to Kenma’s demands and pulled him down to kiss you.

Shortly, you had flipped Kenma to be under you as you straddled his waist. His prominent erection was directly under your crotch and you shamelessly began to grind against him. Kenma’s moan was swallowed into your mouth. His hands shot up to grip your hips as he guided you back and forth.

You pulled away from the kiss and dug your face into Kenma’s neck. You were like a dog in heat, begging for an orgasm by shamelessly grinding your clothed core against Kenma. Kenma didn’t seem to mind. He was persistent on having you cum, and if this is the first, then so be it. He had so much more coming for you.

Your hips moved in a smooth rhythm. You could feel your clit continuously run over the lines of Kenma’s pants combined with your panties and it stimulated you to the edge. Your stomach curled and bubbled in excitement. Kenma noticed how frantic your thrusts became and he let you continue to ride on your own.

“Cum, Y/N,” he said breathlessly, stroking your hair.

His comforting and warm voice brought you to your first orgasm. Though it was only with your clothes on, the climax you had experienced had clouded your mind and made you breathless.

“That’s orgasm number one,” Kenma stated. You hummed into his neck. Then, he flipped you back under him. “Now for number two.”

You blushed as Kenma began to pepper kisses down your neck. He had rolled your shirt up just over your bra and sucked on the parts that were exposed. He left more hickies and bite marks. It was as though he had turned feral.

Kenma was so unusual. He seemed desperate for you, craving for you to have you yearning for more. He wanted to mark you and decorate you with purple love bruises. Just thinking about you thrashing under him in a way he had never done before had made his dick throb.

“Kenma, please,” you begged.

Kenma smiled. “Because you asked nicely.”

He moved down and pulled your legs apart, revealing your damp panties. It was already mixed with your arousal and your first orgasm. The sight had Kenma drooling and when he pulled away your panties and dropped them to the floor, his breath hitched.

“So wet,” he whispered.

Your hips bucked at his voice. He laughed softly at your reaction before stroking the wet folds with a finger. You let out a very pornographic moan that stirred Kenma’s delight. You sounded so beautiful and so fragile, Kenma couldn’t help but take in every ounce of noise and expression you made.

Kenma played with the folds of you pussy, stroking them playfully. He traced the puffy walls too, slightly sinking a finger into your sopping hole. Your hands gripped the hotel sheets tightly and Kenma’s saw your pussy clench at nothing.

“So sensitive,” he said.

You were sensitive. When his finger brushed over you clit, you squealed. Just the slight touch on your most sensitive spot was able to have you screaming and Kenma took note of that. He began to repeatedly brush over it.

“K-kenma,” you mewled. “I-I’m close…”

“Really? That’s so fast.” A victorious small smile embroidered itself on his lips.

He began to edge you closer and closer and watched as your legs began to shake. With his free hand, he pushed away your left leg and made sure you remained spread for him. He continued tickling the same bundle of nerves, this time much more faster and much more desperately.

“Ken-Kenma!” Another orgasm washed over you and Kenma watched as it poured out of your pussy.

He was speechless at the sight of your cum falling out of your hole. It was so mesmerizing to him. With his two fingers, he collected your cum and put it in his mouth. The taste of your juices were sweet yet salty at the same time, but nonetheless amazing. After tasting it, his mouth watered for more.

When he bent down and flicked his tongue over your sobbing pussy, you cried out and tried to shut your leg. However, Kenma reacted quickly and held them apart.

“Kenma, I-I can’t,” you said.

Kenma ignored you and continued eating your out. His tongue lapped your juices and swallowed them greedily. He began to glide his tongue over your clit before playfully flicking it over the bud. Your entire body rattled with sensitivity. You couldn’t hold yourself together as Kenma skillfully worked his mouth.

His pace was slow and agonizing. He was a lazy eater. Because of his excruciatingly slow pace, your pussy was throbbing for another release. Although you had yet to calm down from your previous orgasm, Kenma was merciless.

Kenma’s teeth slightly caressed your clit and your hands shot to grip his hair. The tug of your fingers that tangled his blonde and black locks had a moan tumble out his lips. The vibration of his voice sent a shiver down your spine. You arched your bag and tugged Kenma’s hair tightly.

“Kenma—” you cried.

Your eyes squeezed shut and you threw your head back. Kenma drank in your every move. His cock was hurting. The prominent bulge was straining even more tightly against his pants than before. To ease the pain slightly, he began grinding himself against the comfort of the bed.

As you moaned and whined, Kenma’s hips bucked desperately. Every thrust he did, he applied to your pussy. He began to slip his tongue into your hole. You cried as he moved his tongue in and out and his nose brushing against your abused clit. Not even a few minutes later, you felt yourself clench around the muscle of his tongue and you came.

You screamed loudly, not even caring if your hotel neighbor could hear. You couldn’t even hold the smallest moans in and you expect to be able to back away from your screams? No.

When your eyes fluttered open, you glanced down and noticed Kenma drenched in your climax. You gasped and got up.

“Kenma… I-I’m so sorry.” You were quick to apologized.

You had never squirted before, not even with Daisho. This was your first time, and to see it yourself embarrassed. However, Kenma seemed to have the opposite reaction when a smile grew on his lips.

“That was cute,” he commented.

“Cute?” You couldn’t even grasp onto what he had just said.

“Yes, cute,” Kenma repeated.

Before you could say anything, Kenma crawled up to you and kissed you. Your tongues began to dance together and you could taste your orgasm on his tongue. You moaned against him. The taste of yourself was invigorating and addicting, it was no wonder Kenma couldn’t get enough.

When Kenma pulled away, he began to strip himself of his shirt. You watched as his smooth light skin was revealed. The way his muscles contorted as he moved was enticing. The smallest things Kenma did was able to stir a feeling in your stomach, whether it be sexually or just emotionally.

“Well, aren’t you going to strip?” Kenma asked after he was only wearing his brief.

“Oh…” you flushed. “I thought…”

“That was orgasm number three,” Kenma stated. “We still have more to go.”

More? The look on your face contorted in slight surprise. You had already squirted. That was practically already your limit. Plus, you didn’t even think you could do more.

“Why are you stalling? Should I do it myself?” Kenma asked.

Sometimes you wished he weren’t so blunt. Shyly, you began to strip too, and once your were stark naked in front of him, Kenma’s eyes began to observe every inch of your body.

Kenma eyed the delicate smooth surface of your skin, the mounds of your breast, and the curve of your hips. The sight of you in front of him had his dick twitching with anticipation. You were so beautiful, so sexy, he couldn’t believe that he had allowed a prick like Daisho to stir anger in him.

Kenma’s hand went to grope your right breast. With his other hand, he caressed your left breast. You bit your lips and sunk back into the sheets as Kenma hovered above you. The sound of your soft and quiet moans had Kenma drool.

“I love you, Y/N,” he told you.

“I love—ah!”

The warmth of Kenma’s mouth had circled around your hard nipples. You flinched as his began to suck on it. Just like the hickies he had put on your neck, he began kiss at it and nip softly. His tongue swiped around the mounds of your nipples before he pulled away with a saliva trailing connecting to his lips.

You gasped as the cold air nipped at your wet exposed skin. You were so focused on the intense burning of your skin, you had failed to noticed that Kenma had already stripped out of his briefs until you felt his hand smoothly slide against your legs.

Your eyes saw the swell of Kenma’s cock, standing proud and needy for the taste of your pussy. You couldn’t wait either, already feeling yet another arousal pool in between your legs.

Kenma took hold of his hard cock and, with his thumb, swiped around his head to lubricate himself. You swallowed back your saliva as Kenma hovered over you once again.

It was a good thing you were on birth control. You and Kenma, whenever you were set on doing a quick fuck, was always dismissive with protection. Before you both even had sex the first time, you both had gotten tested. Your results, thankfully, were both negative.

“Are you ready?” Kenma asked, sliding his cock over your wet folds.

You nodded. “Yes.”

Kenma breathed out an okay before sinking his cock into your needy pussy. The feeling of his length wrapped inside your pussy awoke a familiar feeling in your body. The warmth of your skin as they rubbed against each other was explicit.

“Ah, Kenma…” you moaned delicately.

Your arms wrapped around his neck as he thrusted into you. His strokes was a normal pace, enough for you to hear the sound of your drench pussy squelching as Kenma fucked you. Groans and moans tumbled out Kenma’s lips as he thrusted over and over again into your pussy.

“Fuck,” he hissed.

It was rare that he cursed. When he did, it had sent tingles down your body. The sounds he made were erotic and lewd, nobody would have guess Kenma was capable of it. Only you knew this.

Eventually, Kenma couldn’t go at an average pace so he began to pick it up. His hips slammed against yours as he continuously dug his cock until it touched your cervix. A strangled cry left your lips as his pelvis had brushed against your clit.

“K-kenma, again,” you pleaded.

Your mouth fell open as Kenma did as you said. His thrusts grew much more rough and urgent. Your bodies slammed against each other. While you were trying to keep yourself from falling apart, Kenma was chasing his own orgasm.

In his mind, he was thinking of seeing your face contorting in bliss as you came for your fourth orgasm. The thought fueled his energy and only urged him to fuck you relentlessly.

“Shit, so good,” Kenma moaned.

“I’m—” you couldn’t tell Kenma that you were so close to cumming.

His thrusts were over stimulating you. Because of the occasional brushes over your clit, your mind was fogging and darkness was already spotting at your vision. You could barely speak, let alone formulate any words besides foul ones. Each time you tried to, moans fell from your lips followed by a loud scream of pleasure.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Kenma said again.

His eyes squeezed closed when you walls clenched around his dick. The muscles in Kenma’s body began to stiffen and tingles began to crawl up his spine. He was getting close to his climax so he began to quicken his pace to make you have yours.

“K-Kenma! K—ah!” Your nails dug into his neck as your fourth orgasm swallowed you whole.

Kenma had stopped thrusting completely. His dick was still buried deep inside of you. He intended to feel how your walls squeezed him. He groaned in pleasure at your pussy swallowing his dick as it covered him with its juices.

Just when you thought you were done, Kenma flipped you over saying, “On all fours.”

You weren’t even done calming down from your fourth orgasm. You felt like you couldn’t go anymore, you couldn’t handle it. But when Kenma had position you in doggy style and his fingers dig into the soft skin of your ass, you couldn’t deny it.

“I c-can’t, Kenma. I can’t g-go anymore,” you said through pants.

“But that’s only four. That’s not enough.” Kenma grunted.

“P-please—” You let out a surprised yelp when Kenma had slammed into your abused pussy.

Kenma set the pace fast and rough, not caring that your pussy could barely handle anymore. He was merciless. He wanted to fuck you until your entire body was exhausted, until it forgot how it felt like to be fucked by Daisho.

Daisho, that damn snake. Kenma snarled and thrusted harder and harder. His fingers were digging into your ass and bringing it back to his hips. You whined and moaned and begged, but your restless cries were muffled by the pillows of the bed.

The pleasure was so immense, you had no choice but to try and dim the intensity of your cries by shoving your face into the pillows. Just when you thought the pleasure couldn’t become more unbearable, the head of Kenma’s dick stroked against your g-spot.


“Ahhh, fuck, Y/N,” Kenma mewled.

The sounds of both of your moans filling the hotel room was so lewd. The smell of sex was sure to taint the room for a whole week. The sheets that were covered in your orgasm was surely not going to go unseen by the housekeeping attendants.

God, the thought of it embarrassed yet aroused you at the same time. As Kenma fucked you, he almost chuckled. Nobody would have guessed that he, a quiet gamer such as himself, would ever fuck you like this. It was so impossible to believe, even Kuroo, his closest friend, would laugh at the idea.

He watched your beautiful body bent over for him, quivering and sweaty. The fourth orgasm that had taken over you had no doubt taken a toll on your body. Even though Kenma had promised he would make you cum more times than you can handle, the feeling of remorse had finally got in touch with him.

He fucked you with the need for him to cum now. He wanted you both to cum at the same time, but when your pussy clench and unclenched around him, he knew that you would cum early. He couldn’t blame you after all. You were already so sensitive and your body would be more responsive than ever.

“Kenma, I’m—” tears fell down your eyes as you felt your fifth orgasm edging closer.

“Go ahead,” Kenma urged. “I’m close too.”

His thrust grew sloppy and had no rhythm as he approached close to his own orgasm. He groaned and squeezed your ass, using the last of his strength to flush your body against his.

After a few more hard and sloppy thrusts, you both released. The orgasm crashed into your like a tsunami wave while Kenma had felt like he opened a shaken up bottle of cold beer. He came into you, his warm seed spilling into your pussy.

Your body fell and Kenma’s dick slipped out. His breath was ragged and tired while yours was shallow. You felt incredibly lightheaded too. No words were able to formulate as you fell into the cushions below you. Before long, you knew that sleep was going to be your best friend.

Kenma didn’t even lay down. All he did was flip you over so you could look up at him.

Your shook your head, “Kenma, please I can’t go anymore.”

Kenma smiled softly and kissed your sweaty forehead. “I know. But we need to shower and even change the sheets.”

Right, you almost forgot you had squirted on Kenma and on the sheets. You nodded tiredly and tried to get up, but your body was too weak to reciprocate what you planned.

Kenma laughed lightly. “Never mind. Just lay down while I go fix a bath for us.”

You smiled at him and thanked him. “Thank you, Kenma.”

“Of course, Y/N.” He kissed you delicately before slipping out of bed and walking into the bathroom to prep a warm bath.

As you lay in bed, you didn’t even guess what Kenma had planned next for you. Yes, he felt remorse that you were undeniably exhausted from five straight orgasms, but he didn’t plan on stopping. Soon after you slipped into bath, he planned to take you again so that he could have you cumming for the sixth to seventh to the final time.

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hcs for kuroo, kenma, akaashi, and ushijima pls with s/o who loves to watch baking videos all day and doesnt pay attention to them

a/n: tbh this is me when I procrastinate except without the boys

Kuroo Tetsuro:


Originally posted by houseofkarasuno

—at first he’d be interested on what has all your attention and would watch as well right next to you

—though after a while, specifically 6 videos later, you don’t acknowledge his presence and that’s when he starts to become pouty

—”so are you gonna make me some of those?”

— “mmh you can try if you want.”

— “aren’t you watching them to actually bake them?”

—”its more satisfying to just watch then bake”

— kudos didn’t like that the videos were getting more attention than he was

— he’d snuggle next you you and imply more that he wants your attention


— why weren’t you paying attention to him??

— “what do you mean you only need three ingredients to make a cake? The chemical composition  isn’t even possible!” 

— “tetsu no one cares. It just looks and tastes good and that’s all that matters”


—he a smooth mf

—he’d manage to snake his arms around you, causing you to loose your grip on the phone

— “Im pretty sure you look and taste several times better than that cake”

Kenma Kozume:


Originally posted by mikaslut

— tbh he’s often engrossed in his own world 80% of he time

— though that doesn’t mean he isn’t touch starved ;-;

— it would be one of your lazy afternoons where you’d spend time at his house and just enjoy each other’s presence

— Kenma decides to take a break from placing his game to talk to you but what he saw in front of him was you just staring at your phone still staring at the screen

— he often did the same but weren’t you watching those baking videos since you got there??

— okay he’s def a hypocrite when thinking that but you said you came over to be with him

—and that day he felt a lil bit needier and touch starved than usual

— he moved a little closer to see that his suspicions have been proven right as you were watching another video

— he isn’t one for voicing out to much but when you still wouldn’t pay attention to him he’d snuggle up next to you more and practically be glaring at the screen

— he’s like a bby cat

— give him attention pls he won’t ask for it but is def tired of watching a whisk and cookies get more attention than he is

— jsjjsjsjs he really won’t admit it but bby really wants your attention 

— tho if u actually make the pastries or sweets he’ll forgive the videos a bit,,, just a lil bit 

Akaashi Keiji: 


Originally posted by houseofkarasuno

— he’d most probably be doing his own thing and doesn’t mind you watching the videos for a while

 — after he finishes though, he’d see you still watching and would continue to let you watch

— though once again,, you still didn’t realize he was done 

— akaashi understood why you were so into those videos


— he’d watch with you and soon end up spending time watching it as well

— once he realizes that instead of you noticing he was watching with you and that you were still watching the videos, he goes out of the door

—you were left a little confused but he said he would be back so you went back to watching

— around almost an hour, more or less, after, he came back smelling like freshly baked cookies holing something that definitely had your attention

— “you said you wanted something sweet so I followed the recipe”

— you got up and tried it, and holy fuck is he a great cook or what

— now he definitely had your attention and this man tried to hold back the slyest smirk he ever could have

— akaashi: 1  tasty: 0

Ushijima Wakatoshi:


Originally posted by yuseols

— you were watching one of his games, and that honestly It was something you did practically on a daily basis to show you support for the team

— though during a certain day when they were simply doing practice drills, you decided to watch a few baking videos to preoccupy yourself with

— ushijima isn’t the type to show off but lowkey likes it when you compliment him on his serves and when he knows you’re watching him

— when he turns his head to see the bleachers he sees you not staring at him like you always did, but at your phone

— during water break he went over to you and sat down to watch what you were watching and he honestly kinda saw why you were so interested in the videos

—and he’ll even make comments or ask questions

— “what’s sift? aren’t they just shaking the flour in a metal thing with holes? what’s the point of it?” 

—”it looks too complicated…”

— “are you going to make that?”

—when you don’t reply he feels a little sour

—unfortunately for him, the coach called him back saying that break was over

— tendon definitely teased him on how his precious s/o was looking at their phone more than ushijima himself

— he did his best to catch your attention. 

—his serves were on point, spikes strong as ever, and receives perfect 

— the only time you actually paid attention to him was walking back home with him and when you were about to ask him about practice he leaned on you 

—”I don’t like it when you give more attention to the cupcakes…” 

— he’s so cute skshswjn

general pic taglist: @kiracat13 @ultshongwon @imconfusedanditsok @lovelyvolleyball @hqkeiji [send an asked/reply to be added]

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may I request just a tiny lil somethin w/ kenma and carrot cake snsnsnsn just like eating it together is all and he has a sweet tooth for it it’s one of his favorite this ssnnsns thx

Carrot Cake || Kenma Kozume x Reader

> Word Count: 306

> Warnings/ Genre: pure fluff

> Summary: You and Kenma share a carrot cake.

> Note: Kenma doesn’t get enough love tbh. Hope I did you justice, nonnie! Oh, and by the way, this is when you and Kenma are married n’ stuff. ALSO THIS HAS SOME SLIGHT MANGA SPOILERS!!

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

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earlier today, i received a request to write for kenma, akaashi, and bokuto with a reader that suffers from bulimia. for privacy reasons, i’ll be writing this request here, instead of responding directly to the ask like i normally do!!

that being said, if you are suffering from an eating disorder or are having any type of problems that have only been intensified by the self-quarantine, i encourage you to talk to some you trust and seek professional help. at the end of the day, your health is the most important ❤️❤️❤️

warnings: (obviously) mentions of bulimia, eating disorders, + body dysmorphia

Kenma, Akaashi, + Bokuto w/ a bulimic s/o


  • being rather observant, kenma first notices your unhealthy relationship with food after seeing you rush to the bathroom rather large meals
  • at first, he didn’t pry too much into it, wanting to respect your privacy, but when it happens over and over again and he sees you continually restricting your calorie intake, he can’t help but confront you about it
  • it’s a tentative ask, since he doesn’t want to offend you. if you willingly open up to him about your eating disorder, he’d be grateful, but would be understanding if you were to react with hostility
  • since he doesn’t really speak much and is rather reserved, he tries to help you through his actions. he’ll always listen to your worries and will be there to reassure you via kisses. rather than saying that you’re the most beautiful person no matter what, he shows it by leaving an increasing amount of kisses all over your body whenever he’s cuddling with you
  • will also encourage you to seek professional help and will accompany you if you wish for him to do so. no matter how tired he is from gaming or streaming all night long, the trip out of his house is worth it for you
  • not much of a cook, but would take notes from your dietician on what nutrients you need and instead orders heathy take out
  • after meals, he’ll try to distract you by asking you to play games with him. if that doesn’t work, he’ll remind you that getting better is the goal and that maintaining a nutricious diet is the most important


  • i see him being the most knowledgeable about eating disorders out of the three, so he’s super quick to notice
  • rather than confronting you about it immediately, though, akaashi tries to tackle the smaller problems around it
  • when you two are out, he’ll compliment how you look no matter the outfit, and he’ll introduce you to his most encouraging friends. he knows bokuto is only ever capable of saying good things, so he thinks he’ll be a good influence
  • he’ll try to wait as long as possible for you to open up to him, but when he sees that you’re losing weight to an alarming agree, he can’t help but step in
  • even if you’re against it, he practically drags you to a physician or clinician. he knows you might end up hating him for being so insistent, but he can’t think of a better way for you to get immediate help
  • will go out of his way to cook for you in order to break your calorie restriction. reassures you that he only uses the best ingredients, so everything you’re eating is healthy. if you’re still concerned about it, he’ll make time so that you two can exercise together, since it’s the healthy way to burn calories
  • it usually ends up with the two of you messing around and making jokes, though
  • big on the check-ups and forces you to go to them regularly and always listens to your anxieties


  • not the most educated on this topic, especially since he’s the type of person who loves food
  • only notices when you start looking weak and literally begs for you to tell him what’s wrong; he doesn’t like being clueless about what’s bothering are hurting you and would definitely cry if you refused to tell him
  • at first he doesn’t quite understand. food is good, you’re beautiful, and when he’s eating with you, he feels extra extra good
  • becomes upset with himself that he isn’t able to return the same happiness at meals
  • tries to become educated by reading articles or watching videos online, but will ask his friends (keeping your name anonymous of course) on parts he doesn’t understand
  • he’ll ask you if he sees that you’re comfortable talking about it
  • the most vocal about reminding you on how gorgeous you are. not an hour goes by without him calling you or texting you about how you’re literally the most perfect person he’s ever met
  • he knows he’s not the brightest bulb per se, so he’ll also highly encourage seeing a professional for help. if you’re against it, he’ll carry you all the way, being conflicted that he’s making you upset while knowing it’s for the best
  • still, he’s a foodie at heart, and often shares whatever he’s eating with you. he’s less pushy about it if he notices you being uncomfortable, but always reminds you that you’re perfect the way you are before relenting
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emergency request, please. Kenma who's s/o's parents don't support her being bisexual. thanks.

Hi there love, of course. I’m so sorry, I know it’s not much, but have some *hugs* from me, I hope this cheers you up a bit!



  • Kenma doesn’t even really understand why your parents are treating you this way - it’s just so simple to him: you’re bisexual, and it’s just a part of who you are, why does it have to be anything more complicated than that?
  • He just wants to make sure you know you’re valid - he isn’t always the most wordy person, but he knows he has to say it out loud so that you know without a doubt how he feels
  • “I love you, just the way you are. I wouldn’t change a single thing. Okay? And if they can’t do that -” He stops then, because he’s not quite sure how to say it, and he buries his face in your hair.
  • “They’re wrong.” He finally decides on that. “So don’t listen to them.” 
  • Somehow he knows without asking exactly what you need to feel better, whether it’s just laying nose to nose as he gently runs his fingers up and down your arm, or playing with your hair as he presses tiny kisses to your face, or a game just to keep your mind off of it. He’s just good like that.
  • In the end he wants to focus more on making you feel better than trying to rehash anything your parents have said. He knows it’s probably pointless, and your well-being is what’s most important to him.
  • He’ll be there for you no matter what, and he just wants to make sure you know that.
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Song-fic 6/10 (Haikyuu!! Edition)

Pairing: Kozume Kenma x GN!Reader

Song: Online Love, Conan Gray

Genre: Fluff

Summary: He had fallen for you, the one who lived so far away, but kept so close to his heart.

Warnings: None

Request: Anon - ‘If you’re doing song fics…. Online Love by Conan Gray for Kenma 🤭 - 🧃’

Taglist: @baby-boy-taichi @strawberrytadashi @vventure @proplayer-kenma @the-black-birb @raekaashi @madireyn @noya-senpai-imagines @cuddlyasahi @cosmic-goddess-leo @kenmamazing @letmeshouyou @ardorwrites-hq-mha @atsumumu @spaceprincekai @miyulovestowrite @haikyyuwu @skyguy-peach


Originally posted by bestboy-oftheday


🎶You only pass through my city every once in a million seconds on a broken clock🎶

Kenma and you had been friends for a while now. Playing games online had led to exchanging numbers and so on. It started with a stream you were doing, he joined and you noticed the name. He happened to be a streamer that you really enjoyed watching and you ended up contacting him. The rest is history. You had also visited Japan a few times to meet him in person, but that’s a rare occurrence.

🎶Yet we talk like we’re living only miles only minutes from another, just around the block🎶

Talking every day had been a daily thing. Since he lived in Japan and you didn’t, it was hard to actually find a time to talk with one another without the timezones getting in the way. These were reserved times for both of you. You would talk about your day or a collab you wanted to do or were doing soon or even what you ate that day. It was amazing. Having someone that you can truly be yourself around. Kenma was truly amazed too, not really being social in person, but when it came to you, it was easy.

🎶As I stare at my screen, shining blue and green, all alone in a coffee shop🎶

Kenma sat in the booth you always reserved for when you visited his hometown. A small coffee shop on the edge of town, secluded and quiet. He was never one for coffee, but it had become a place he loved. Just like you had been someone he had learned to love. He stares at his phone, only a smile evident on his face.

🎶I can’t help but imagine what maybe could’ve happened if you weren’t just an online love🎶

As soon as your facetime ID popped on the screen, he answered. He didn’t want to waste a second of your reserved time together. Staring at you, he thought of what could’ve been if you weren’t so far away and if you were here with him now.

He wasn’t sad or upset, but he did like to dream of what might’ve been.

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