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iwangel · a day ago
Tumblr media
“baby—psssst, babe.”
you hear bokuto whisper from his place in the bed beside you, and although waking up in the mornings were always hard—when you hear the low hum of his voice rumble through his chest, you smile before moving closer.
there’s familiarity in the warm bicep that wraps around your waist to pull you into his chest after. smelling the lingering scent of his hair gel even though his hair now lay flat against his forehead, laced with hints of vanilla and mint—and you realise that you’ve never felt more at home than you do right now.
“baby,” bokuto whisper shouts again, nudging his face against your own before you finally open your eyes to meet the gold ones that although still heavy lidded with sleep, look at you like you hold his world—even though he thought you were always more than that.
“hi,” he giggles, placing a few butterfly kisses to your cheeks before he shoots you his first smile of the day when you breath back a “hi.”
you feel the weight of bokuto’s hand smooth under your shirt, tracing messy, wobbly hearts into the skin underneath and you narrow your eyes when you notice the way his lips are pulled into a pout.
you let yourself bask in the silence for a few, allowing the sleep to clear from your mind as you focus on the warmth of his palm against your skin, and when you begin to feel bokuto shuffle a little impatiently next to you followed by a soft whine, you soften before finally speaking again.
“happy birthday, kou.” you giggle, hearing a more tender laugh come from the man across from you before you feel his lips pepper a few more kisses to your temple.
bokuto’s hands move to guide your own to cup his face—gold eyes locked on your own as he nuzzles into the touch because you were warm too.
“twenty seven, baby.” he mumbles, blinking up at you expectantly and you feel your heart bloom as you watch another grin stretch his lips, and you’re reminded that maybe you do wake up beside the sun everyday.
you roll your eyes but you smile, shifting your position to lean closer before beginning to place kisses to bokuto’s face and you hear him count under his breath after each peck, his hands leaving yours to rest on your hips once more and he’s still warm.
hearing him hum and pull you a little closer with each press of your lips against his skin, leaning into each one in the hopes it’ll make it last a little longer.
“twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven—wait what about my normal good morning kiss.” he asks and his voice is almost tender, so you laugh before placing a final kiss against the tip of his nose, and he smiles an almost proud smile after, pulling you back against his chest and squeezing you slightly before pumping his fist above you both.
“best birthday ever, baby.” “kou, ‘ts just started.” “yeah but i just wanna stay here with you.” bokuto smiles, it’s enthusiastic and toothy—one that fills you with a warmth similar to the sun when it kisses your shoulders.
and you know the love you feel in his words is true, because all bokuto kōtarō wanted to do, was spend another birthday loving you.
Tumblr media
signed. ‘m not really here as often but i couldn’t miss my baby’s bday—happy bday to bokuto kōtarō, the selfship that’s been w me since the start, i will lovv u forever + thank u for helping me learn to love me <3
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yutari · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi's hand hurts.
if he’s honest, he doesn’t remember exactly what happened, it’s not much more than a blur of you—the color of your hair, the sound of your voice, your shaky fingers raising around his arm. he got angry, he wanted to punch the guy, he did punch the guy, and then he was being pulled away from the party and into his own apartment, just a few doors down.
you’d stumbled for his keys, reaching a hand into his back pocket where you knew he kept them, and he’d watched—a little pathetically holding his hand while he waited—and let you unlock the door for him.
and then you’d tugged him inside, told him to sit on his kitchen counter, and went rooting around in his freezer.
and now, his mind is still a little blurry, but you’re standing in front of him and cradling his hand in a bag of frozen peas, and you’re shaking your head at him and mumbling something that sounds an awful lot like a scolding.
and he hates that you look so pretty right now, that, when you’re being drenched in the yellow light of his apartment, when the moonlight can’t even reach you from his blinds, when your brows are creased together and you’re biting at your lip like you’re holding back things that are much worse than what you’ve already been saying (and unfortunately for him, he hasn’t really been listening to those things, so he’s sure he’s making things much worse for himself).
but you look pretty. despite everything, despite the way you sigh when you look at him, despite the fact that you’re his best friend.
“iwa,” you say, tone a little sharp. he snaps back then, gaze finding yours, and he realizes that the way you were biting your lip before wasn’t to stop yourself from saying something worse, but to hold back a smile.
and oh, you’re awful at that.
“are you even listening to me?” you ask, and you sound upset, but then you’re smiling up at him and he isn’t ignorant to the way your fingers twine around his. if he asked, he’s sure you’d say you’re just testing to make sure they don’t hurt. he’s not sure he’d believe you now.
“no,” he replies, “no, i wasn’t.”
you roll your eyes and sigh at him, but you also bow your head towards him until your hair just barely brushes his hand, and he realizes something awful as his fingers curl towards you, as they bend to your will and as he bends to your beck and call—as he wishes to curl his fingers around the curve of your jaw and rise of your cheeks.
he likes you, in the worst, most inconvenient way, he likes you.
and at the time, he hadn’t known why he punched the guy, had only known that the way he was looking at you and the way he kept pushing you to come with him had made iwaizumi angry.
and maybe he should’ve known when you looked so pretty, should’ve known when you smiled at him and he felt the way his own lips tugged upwards in an automatic reply, should’ve known when he texted you first thing when he was out of his classes and should’ve known when he couldn’t be with someone else without thinking of you.
he’s stupid, irredeemably so, but he likes you.
“i don’t know why i try with you,” you say with another little sigh as you bring your head back up, hands still never leaving his.
(he knows it’s for the damn frozen peas, he chooses to think otherwise).
“you know,” you begin, turning his hand in your palm, watching the way bruises bloom over his knuckles. “i could’ve handled it.”
he doesn’t speak, but he raises a brow at you, a little amused smirk pressing creases into his cheeks. you meet his gaze with a little roll of your eyes.
“okay, okay, no. i wouldn’t have handled it. stop looking at me like that.” he laughs at that one, and he doesn’t miss the way you smile at him. “but you didn’t have to do it.”
“and i did it anyway.”
“but you didn’t have to.”
and iwaizumi, irredeemably stupid, irredeemably head over heels for you, knows he didn’t have to punch the guy. he knows well enough that he could’ve just told him to back off, that he’s done it before, that he could’ve dragged you away and thrown some choice words back at him.
so he shrugs, a terrible blush collecting at the tips of his ears that makes him want to press the frozen peas there instead of his throbbing hand, and just looks at you.
“i didn’t like the way he was talking to you. that’s all.”
there’s a little silence that follows his breath, and, for a moment, he’s sure that there’s something you want to say, something on the tip of your tongue that you can’t quite let escape your lips. instead of saying anything though, you look down towards his hand, trace your finger over the knuckles and drag with it the cold water that’s melted onto his hand. you press one of your fingers into the bruises and he winces, hissing a little at the pressure.
“stupid,” you mumble.
“the other guy’s worse than me,” he says, and you laugh again, a weak little thing—hardly more than a rush of breath past your lips.
“i don’t think the other guy is holding peas to his hand right now.”
“good thing i’m not either. that’s what i have you for.” you narrow your eyes at him, leaning forward to swat his arm with the back your hand, but he catches it with his left hand before you ever make contact. “and i’m pretty sure i broke his nose.”
“you definitely did,” you say, a little lighter, a little laughter mixing with the syllables.
and then there’s another bit of silence that chases after your laughter, another moment of your fingers tracing patterns against his skin, of your eyes flitting over his face like you’re looking for something that even he couldn’t find.
he likes you—too much, so much that right now, he can only think about kissing you, can only think about bringing his hand to your jaw and guiding your lips to his. he wants to kiss you as badly as he wants to breathe, wants to kiss you as badly as he wants the throbbing in his hand to stop, wants to kiss you as badly as he wants to listen to your laugh and watch the curve of your smile.
he doesn’t finish the sentence, because next thing he knows you’re leaning up to him, abandoning the frozen peas to instead cradle his face in your hands. they’re cold against his skin, but they’re you and you’re sweet and gentle and suddenly your lips are on his and you’re kissing him for the first time.
and he’s being surrounded by everything that’s you, the smell of your citrus shampoo and your honey perfume, the taste of your mint chapstick on his lips, the feeling of your fingertips across his cheekbones and his along his jaw.
you go to pull away and he raises his left hand to your cheek, pulling you back into him because hell if he’s going to let this end early. he feels the way you laugh into him, feels the pull of your smile against his lips and god he’s going to fall for you.
when you do pull away, when he moves so his forehead is leaned against yours, so he can feel the fanning of your breath against his skin, he hears you whisper.
“you didn’t have to punch him,” you say, and when he goes to protest, you kiss him again, just for a moment to shut him up, “but thank you anyway.”
and then you kiss him for a third time, and iwaizumi decides he’d punch as many guys as needed just to feel this again.
(he doesn’t have to, you’ll kiss him as many times as he allows).
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are super appreciated! ❤︎
Tumblr media
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Smiling Bokuto Collection
Happy Birthday to this giant ball of happiness and energy!!💙💙💙
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Easiest person to find smiling pictures of. He is precious🥺💙
Tumblr media
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fairyoomi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
answers you very quickly. they’re somehow always quick to answer when you call/text them. and it concerns you. — nishinoya, BOKUTO, HINATA, koganegawa, hanamaki, tanaka, TENDOU, kindaichi, yamamoto, LEV.
will answer after 2-3 rings cause it’s annoying them. but calls you back once they see your contact and asks what’s wrong. — kageyama, DAICHI, sugawara, asahi, ARAN, KITA, semi, IWAIZUMI, osamu, shirabu, tsukishima, kuroo, YAMAGUCHI, yaku, sakusa.
they don’t answer. they’re dead asleep and doesn’t hear a thing. they call you back in the morning though. — ushijima, SUNA, atsumu, matsukawa, KUNIMI, OIKAWA, kenma, hoshiumi.
Tumblr media
© FAIRYOOMI 2021 — all rights reserved. please do not copy, modify, or repost my works and claim as yours. thank you :)
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koutarou-come · 2 days ago
i just imagine suna that one guy who steals your seat that you have been sitting on for the past month bc he's a 'lil shit :)
of course suna's that guy! lol
come send a request for my event!
Tumblr media
"um excuse me, that's my seat." you tapped your foot, your bag and laptop clutched to your chest.
you expected this whole thing to end fairly quickly, this was not the first time someone did this to you.
and in any other time, you wouldn’t have minded but this chair is literally perfect.
the chair occupant turned to look at you, his dark eyes looking bored and tired. his hair covered by his hoodie.
he raised his eyebrows in question and started to look around the desk and chair. even going as far as to look underneath the chair and table.
before turning to you with the most sarcastic smile and said, "i don't see your name on it."
you almost had to reel back at his childish response. not to mention his theatrics. "excuse me--?!"
you were about to give him a piece of your mind but it was 9 in the morning, and the pile of students behind you, pressuring you to move forward didn't help you either.
so here you were, stuck at the seat in the back, next to the students who barely cared about the class.
the professor was using a mic but with the outdated system it was basically useless.
an hour and fifteen minutes later, you feel like you just wasted the entire class, with barely any notes written down. your mind filled about the perfect seat you have been using for the past month and the guy currently using it.
it was the seat next to the aisle, right smack in the middle. where your eyes were perfectly in the eye line of the professor.
who even is this seat-stealing jerk?
everyone in the class basically sticked to their own chairs and didn't switch.
the class wasn't that big for you to not notice him and you familiarized yourself enough to know half the class by face. he probably came from the waitlist.
there wasn't any seating charts made for the class. but even so, that was your seat. your butt was perfectly comfortable in that seat, so no way in hell were you going to pick another chair.
you were determined to get it back.
so the next day, you woke up an hour early, ready to get that chair.
you arrived 15 minutes earlier than usual, and saw that your chair was unoccupied.
with confident and purposeful strides, you claimed back what was yours to begin with.
you started unloading your stuff, and getting situated in your seat. when he arrived and stop beside your table.
"really?" he called, looking more bored and tired than last time. "you're that petty?"
you inhaled sharply and pursed your lip before looking up at him--his face in disbelief, and you swear, you see a glint of amusement in his dark eyes.
"what do you mean?" you replied, looking at him from head to toe.
"you really got to class early just so you can get my seat?"
you twirled your pen, and turned away from him, "it's my seat." you clarified.
"you're crazy." he laugh incredulously.
pressing your lips together before taking a deep breath, "and you're an asshole." you smiled venomously.
he adjusted his grip on his books and placed his hand on the table, leaning to look at your face closely. "look here, lady—"
he smirked, "look, y/n," you see him fight back a smile and you fume, already so annoyed at his face. he was cute—yeah, too bad he’s annoying.
"it's a chair. calm down."
not one to back down, you started to push his face away from yours using your pen, "then you should've moved when i was being nice."
he clicked his tongue about to comment again when the wave of students began pushing behind him.
he quickly stood up straight again and walked before muttering, "this is war."
and it was (not really).
the next time, when you arrived 15 minutes early like last time, you huffed in annoyance as you saw him typing away on his phone and eating a wrap. on your chair.
"look who's petty now, arriving before me." you proclaimed walking briskly to the seat, dropping your bag on the side of the table.
you didn't even want to start anything you just wanted your chair back and possibly a high grade for this class. but this guy was something else, making it impossible.
"this has been my seat for a month, okay?" you explained, "just get up and choose another one."
he looked at his phone and rolled his eyes, "why don't you take your own advice and get another chair."
you inhaled, calming yourself down a little before responding, "i used it first."
"and i'm using it now." he dropped his phone to the table and interlocked his hands peering at you with amusement now clear in his eyes.
"you are so—“
"sexy? handsome?" he chuckled, "please, i am but a humble man."
"so insufferable and immature." you said through clenched teeth. "i hope you fail this class."
"please, tell me how you really feel." he said, smiling now.
you stomped your feet and sat in the seat behind him, "this isn't over." you proclaimed.
"looking forward to it, princess." he chuckled.
you started to unpack your things, grumbling and complaining. through your exasperation though, you fail to notice him steal glances at you and smile.
to be perfectly honest, suna didn't care about the seat. he was perfectly fine sitting in the back like he did at the start of the class.
but he can't help himself notice the pretty girl who sat on the same seat every time, diligently taking down notes and nodding at every word the professor said.
he can still hear you complaining at the back, and he had to bite down his lips to prevent the growing smile on his face.
and while the seat was perfect, you puffing and talking to him was an extreme bonus—even if it was filled with failed-grade-related threats.
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daichidaichidaichi · a day ago
Daichi likes to lay his cock across your stomach from between his legs and coo down at you about how deep he’ll be soon 🥴
“See that, sweetheart? See how deep daddy’s going to be inside you?”
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yunhodata · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
BLANC. | Do Not Edit/Crop Logo
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melsun · 2 days ago
how the haikyuu boys fall out of love. (angst)
; ft. suna, atsumu, bokuto, yamaguchi, oikawa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he falls out of love slowly. it happens in small steps, building up until he can't take it anymore. it starts with something small, like him not pushing his jacket on your shoulders on a cold night but before you know it he's started smoking again and your bed is empty. he won't communicate, you're not worth the effort. his warmth slowly withdraws, and suddenly every day is icy winter. you no longer receive his attention, everything you say is dismissed. you miss him, and he forgets you.
he falls out of love with a big bang. it just hits him that you're not the one. you're not the one he wants to share wins with. you're not the one his eyes search for. your support has started to mean nothing, and now you're just another squealing pig in the crowd. he will let you know this in as many words, because what use is it keeping you around if he doesn't want to? you're locked out of who he really is. you crave him, and he disposes of you.
he falls out of love guiltily. he doesn't mean to abandon you. but how can he stay with you when you just slow him down? you used to be his rock, but now you feel like an anchor preventing him from sailing. his excitement is dulled around you, because you just don't make him happy anymore. he doesn't have the heart to tell you, no, he can't see you cry, so he'll stick around. he doesn't mean to abandon you, but he does. he doesn't want to tell you, but you know you're the reason he can't breathe. you chase him, and he never stops running.
he falls out of love in denial. he doesn’t want to believe that you don’t calm him down anymore, so he doesn’t. he’s not himself around you, that much is obvious, but he tries so hard to be that it’s painful. he can’t accept the fact that you don’t make him smile anymore, because if not you then who will? his heart is in shackles knowing yours would be in pieces if he left. you provide, and he takes, he has nothing else to take from.
he falls out of love with purpose. you used to be part of his vision. he used to see you at the altar, then in his home, in his bed, in his arms, with little kids that look like you calling him “papa.” now no matter how hard he tries to include you, the idea sounds better without. and he‘s known for chasing his dreams. he will get what he wants. but he doesn’t want you anymore. his dream life just doesn't include you anymore. you stay, and he doesn’t see you.
Tumblr media
- reblogs are appreciated.
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ioveangel · a day ago
Tumblr media
with: hajime IWAIZUMI, kiyoomi SAKUSA
warnings: none !
isabelle says: for @yutari bc i love her and i was either going to 1. write this for her or 2. fly over to where she is and give her kisses! → haikyū masterlist <3
Tumblr media
*.⋆ʚ IWAIZUMI ⸻ has many aspirations and goals for his future, yet the dreams he wish to come true the most are the ones where you’re irrevocably his. no longer just a friend, but a lover.
why it took him so long to realise how his heart utterly longs for your affection, he’s not sure. but now, after a collection of hazy late night thoughts, he ponders upon worlds where he gets to kiss you until he’s ridden with butterflies.
when he closes his eyes he sees himself whispering words into your neck as you lay together. the words could be of the most basic and mundane, but they always find themselves clearing the path to i love you’s.
but then all too quickly, as dawn settles, he’s reminded that this isn’t a reality, that you’re only his friend. but how much longer can he go ignoring this eternal whirlwind of adoration that his mind harbours for you?
he doesn’t know it yet but you feel the same. the sun may never stay long enough to fall in love with the moon. but maybe just maybe this won’t be the case with iwa and you.
*.⋆ʚ SAKUSA ⸻ has always adored the dreams he has of you the most. he’ll never admit it, always prefer to tell you that he can’t remember where his imagination took him the night before. that the memory of his dreams left with the rising of the sun and the hiding of the stars.
but those are nothing but lies. while he truly may not remember all of them, he certainly remembers the ones that count. and sometimes he can’t help but wonder about recreating the soft scenes that has him smiling in his sleep.
he’ll silently take your hand into his and trail kisses over your intertwined fingers up to your wrists. his words are hesitant yet still firm when he looks you in the eyes and tells you that he wants to kiss you. tries so hard not to dissolve with a soft smile at the way you nod and lean in.
what’s more is that he doesn’t realise it but in the midst of his blissful dreams, his body as well as his soul reaches out for you in an infinite amount of ways. arms wrapping around your waist pulling you in closer, while his mind paints pictures of love.
he’ll never admit it but you’re always on his mind, day and night.
Tumblr media
MWAH! ଘ(ᵕ◡ᵕ) - reblogs are so so appreciated!
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atsumus-housewife · a day ago
Hi three, congrats on 5k! Could I get $15 with Kita? Thanks!
A gamble….will it pay off?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
$15 for the rice farmer and you won...kitsune!Kita!
Tumblr media
tags: fem!Reader, pet play, hybrid au, "farm" au, kitsune!Kita, talk of cum collection, exhibition, vaginal sex, knotting, creampie, cum play
->Check out the other slot boys and girls <-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The farm was booming.
The one and only place that had yet to get the ok to breed kitsunes. Which of course your company did respectfully. You all tended to the good boys and girls taken care of. Making sure they were all taken care of to the highest qualities of things.
The better the fur and kitsune kit produced. Well the better they sold.
So when your star stud was under preforming. It was up to you to find out what could help him out.
You'd been informed that hand stimulation wasn't working.
Visual stimulation wasn't working either. And a combination of the two just made Kita snappy and withdrawn. Not a common issue you'd had with any of the other kitsune studs. And he wasn't conveying to anyone what he needed.
Leaving you to believe there was only one thing the white and black fox man probably wanted.
"You can collect it out of me. It'll be safe. He knows to be a good boy."
That was all you'd told them. Some newbies confused. Other veterans under you knew what to do. And had seen it before.
So as a group of your coworkers stood around. It was easy for you to loose focus on them. And not on the flurry of white fur above you.
"F-Fuck- That's right. That's a good boy." Your moans bubbled up in your throat even as you tried to maintain your professionalism about it all. Hard to retain a grasp on that and your grasp on reality as the throbbing hot cock of Kita's kept pushing deeper and deeper.
Always a silent breeder. His grunts and soft moans like music to your ears as he snapped his hips into yours.
Cunt swallowing up his length much better than any of the disposable sleeves your company used. The real thing was reserved for best of the best. And that was Kita.
Panting into the crook of your neck. You couldn't help not wrapping your arms around him. Fur of his tail tickling you as he fucked you. Sending shivers up and down your spine with the way you felt his knot threatening to pop inside you.
"That's it- Mmm fuck- Be a good boy and knot me, give me all of it. All of your cum Kita." You coo as you feel the threat of his knot.
A grunt. His breath tickling your neck as it feels like his thrusts get harder. Almost like it's a challenge to hear your words. Eyes on the two of you as some of them shift and rub the front of their own pants. The sight of Kita's cock plunging into you leaving even the veteran employees hot under the collar.
Just as he'd done to countless other kitsune females. And all the disposal collection jackets. It was always your cunt that made him blow the biggest load.
Driving his knot inside you. A gasp leaving you just as a groan left him. Kita couldn't move his hips anymore. His knot swelling inside you to the point you could have sworn he'd grown since the last time.
The first spurt of his cum hotter than any of your human partners. Such as was a kitsune thing. Kita groaned and rutted his hips into you. Cum pouring into your insides. Your cunt milking his cock and all as his tip pressed against your cervix. How long he'd go was completely up to him.
When Kita finally pulled out of you. An accompanying pop to the sound of his knot leaving your full pussy. You had no idea the gush he'd release when he left you. Leaving you groaning as the good quiet boy came for the assistance of your mouth.
You licked up the mess. Cum no longer leaving his cock but still it seemed to pulsate and twitch against your lips. You leaned up and began cleaning him up as your coworkers came in.
More than just a few extra hands on you. You quietly sucked Kita's cock as they began dabbing and scooping up all the cum pouring out of you. Certainly enough to impregnant a few ready female kitsunes. You didn't think too much of that though with his cock in your mouth. Smiling around his length as you tasted the mixture of your juices and his cum.
Oh how you loved your job. The best farm there was. And it was this love and care that only produced the best kitsunes.
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lizethdraws · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i was feeling uninspired so I described hq boys to my sister and she picked out outfits for all of them 
I think she was pretty accurate with them haha
(and some bonus ushioi and kurodai for the soul)
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