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no thoughts just bokutos thick thighs and the way his thick fingers would dig into your thigh as he grinds his leg against you, absolutely fascinated with the way his digits just sink into your plush hips and the way he can make you fall apart using just his knee <3

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can i tell you a secret, sakusa-san?

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Haikyuu: Tokyo Training Camp

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If anybody wants a Haikyuu Matchup I’ll b doing those cause I’m bored so send em in 🗣

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haikyuu boys with an artist s/o

a/n: literally did this in english class

genre: fluff

warnings: none


he himself absolutely sucks at drawing, painting, literally anything artistic

so when you come around, telling him you’re an artist, he’ll find it so cool

secretly really wanted to you draw him at the start of your relationship, but never asked

he isn’t afraid to give you feed back when you ask for it.

once found your sketchbook open on your desk when he can over one day and found the page to have a few rough sketches of him. he got so flustered but he was so impressed


like kageyama, he too isn’t even slightly artistic.

sure, he’ll doodle random things in class but they really aren’t any good.

he didn’t really know how good you were until he was standing inside your room, awing the multiple paintings, sketches, and drawings that littered your walls.

takes so many pictures of them, and brags about your talent to the twins, kira, anyone who’d listen really.

he’s a really good model. he’ll stay really still for a long time lol

gives you actually really good ideas on things to draw. he’s shockingly really creative


omfg. as soon as he finds out you’re an artist he doesn’t stop asking for you to draw him.

and when you finally do, he starts complaining about how sore he is from staying still. like atsumu it’s been 5 minutes chill

when you’re done tho, and he sees it he’s SO HAPPY he’ll probably try and keep it and brag to osamu about it.

i can totally see him try and draw by himself but get frustrated mid way through and just rip up the paper😭😭

asks you to help him learn tho:,)

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asahi’s Instagram feed from the EXCELLENT asanoya fic “Love Is Stored In the Second Mandibular Premolar” by @huntingthehaggis on ao3!!!!! sometimes you’re a small gay libero and you thirst follow a guy on Instagram who turns out to be your dentist & that’s VALID

ink & colored pencil on paper, 1/16/2021 (click for higher resolution)

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sum thoughts:

suna is not a stoner. I just can’t see him as one, even though a lot of his fanon character is built around that (I can’t tell you how much stoner suna stuff I see everywhere).

suna is lazy, yeah, but he’s very dedicated to volleyball and his teams. I can’t see him doing anything that would put that into jeopardy, esp since he goes pro (it just goes to show how much he truly cares about the sport, despite slacking off a little). 

he’s also got a little sister to think about, and we all know he’s a tsundere. I think that he’d want to be a role model for her, and smoking would make him kinda the opposite.

not to mention, weed is very illegal in Japan. It isn’t even legal for adults to possess, let alone a teen.

anyways, those are just my thoughts! I don’t have anything against stoner suna hcs or anything I just thought I’d share what goes through my mind lol

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you’re cuddling with keiji; you curled up against his chest and his body engulfing your petite one. at your feet there’s your cat, rubbing its head against them. it meows softly, wanting attention too. you slightly push away from keiji and pat the spot between you and him, calling the pet over. it quickly makes it way to you, purring happily as it settles against your boyfriend’s chest.

you pout, realising your cat stole your spot. keiji looks at you as he rubs the cat’s head, giggling when he sees you pout. he gestures you to move closer and you oblige, scooting closer until your pet is squished between the two of you.

it doesn’t seem phased; it actually seems happy. it rolls over and presses its head up against your chin. you look down at it before pressing a kiss against the spot between its two ears. keiji is looking at the both of you, a loving smile on his face as he mumbles to himself: “both my kittens are so pretty.”

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───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───


Below are the houses with which some of our finest students have been sorted into along with key characteristics pertaining to them. Each house is equal, but the one you are sorted into will hold a dear place in your heart as your housemates will be like your family. Feel free to get acquainted with the customs of each house in the days before the first term. 

I wish you all the best with your sorting ceremony,


───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───

GRYFFINDOR ➝ daichi, ushijima, iwaizumi, aran, yaku, tanaka, nishinoya, hoshiumi, hinata, goshiki

HOUSE AESTHETICS ➝ freckles on your nose from sun exposure, the horizon seen from the top of a mountain, freshly squeezed orange juice, beat up sneakers from years of wear, wildflower bouquets, rubies on a crown, old movie tickets kept in your pocket, lightning storms in the summer, dirt paths leading you to a forest, apple pie baked in the morning, bandages wrapped around your fingers, cherry lip balm, fraying denim, popping of champagne bottles, t-shirts tossed to the side to dive headfirst into a lake, names carved on the trunk of a tree, mismatched earrings, stained glass windows with sunlight filtering through them

LOVE FOR A GRYFFINDOR ➝ forehead kisses, engulfing you in back hugs and rocking you from side to side while humming, singing along to your favorite song, a polaroid picture of you in their wallet, introducing you to their family with pride in their eyes, holding your hand tighter when navigating through a crowd, getting you a locket with a photo of you two as a birthday gift, saying “I love you” as soon as they realize

WHAT SETS THEM APART ➝ the ones willing to take the jump without knowing if the water is too cold or too shallow, the ones who stand by your side and fight for what is right, the ones who are not afraid of what others think, the ones who run to the ends of the earth for you, the ones who are fearless

SHENANIGANS IN THE COMMON ROOM ➝ bringing in plates of food from the great hall and creating different concoctions in the middle of the night, making giant pillow forts and chatting there until the early morning, sneaking out to the quidditch pitch to watch the sunrise

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Thank you for the request!! My phone isn’t working well so it’s a bit short, sorry about that! I also considered Bokuto as a match. I hope you like it though!


Tendou Satori


Tendou loves the height difference and he loves playing with your hair. He loves your curves and he’s been bullied too so he understands how you feel. He’ll reassure you all the time that he loves how you look and he really does. If you tell him your feeling extra insucure one day he’ll ask to stay home and cuddle while watching movies, he’ll spend the whole day just telling you how much he loves you and complimenting every part of you, telling you over and over how perfect you are. You’ll have to do the same for him at times though, he acts like nothing bothers him but the bad thoughts do get to him at times. He loves your personality just as much as he does your body. He will spend hours just talking to you and spending time with you. He’ll love taking you to his games and he LOVES listening to you play ukulele. He apsolutley asks you to teach him how to play and then starts carrying his own ukulele everywhere just to bring it out at random times and sing the worst songs he can dream up. He’ll ask you to duet with him too. He’s very affectionate and will want hugs and kisses constantly but he’ll first check what you’re okay with. Overall you two are just a really cute couple and people wish they had what you have.


Rules / Masterlist

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true north.

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daichi’s hands are rough and calloused with marks of a busy teen. they’re warm and gentle too. love. so much love is in then. the way he braids his sisters’ hair, remind his brothers to go to bed, cooks and cleans for his busy mother even after school and volley ball has worn the soles of his shoes. daichi’s hands are safety. a promise of “i’ll love you forever” when he holds yui’s hand, and he drags her close to him, so she doesn’t feel alone. or when he hands sugawara a water bottle after he had a panic attack in the school bathroom. daichi’s hands are built from his beating heart of love and care for those who make him smile.

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tiddie comfort

tsukishima kei, tanaka ryuu, and aone takanobu

the boys feel better when they have something to hold..

warnings: it’s sfw, floofy, aone feels angsty maybe that should be a warning

a/n: there’s no nudity, but i don’t think grabbing a tit should be considered smut maybe that’s just me


tsukishima kei


he’d be knocking on your door in his sweats and jurassic park tee, but he’s happy to see you in his hoodie draping over your figure.

“do you always answer the door in your underwear?”

“only for the wandering dinosaur enthusiasts that knock on my door at—” you check the clock hanging on the wall, “wha— almost midnight? what are you doing here?”

he’s holding a dinosaur stuffie that was definitely meant to be given as a gift for later is being used to shut you up when he says “i couldn’t sleep, so i came here.”

you coo at him anyway and he’s pressing a kiss to your cheek and closing the front door behind him and leading you to your room so he can lay down.

sleep still isn’t coming when a curious thought comes to mind as he feels your chest squish against his arm.

“can i try something, baby?”

you’re murmuring an answer, but you definitely jump when you feel a hand fondle your breast before you feel him settle and after awhile his breathing evens out.

“kei?” you turn and find him drooling a little, but you smile and peck his cheek before leaning over to set his glasses on the nightstand when he follows you in his sleep.

his grip tightening on your tit as he hums and lets out a breath.

you’d definitely be teasing him about this in the morning.


tanaka ryuu


tanaka is at your door, but he’s keeping to your deal, getting movies and you getting snacks.

pecking your lips and cuddling up next to you on the couch while you both begin watching a movie you picked and tanaka is usually laughing with you as you both make fun of the main characters in the movies.

tonight he’s oddly quiet and you want to ask what’s wrong until you feel a tug on your shirt and find your boyfriend staring up at you with puppy eyes

“can i hold one now?”

you’re rolling your eyes and pecking his nose before agreeing, he gives a laugh like he’s won the greatest prize at a fair and he’s playing with the skin up your stomach before letting one of his hands cup one of your boobs. he’s sighing and moving closer.

“you’re such a weirdo”

“you could rule the world with these babies.”

he smiles wide when you laugh and lean up to give you a kiss before settling back down to lay next to you.

but like all the times tanaka succumbs to this habit of his, he ends up falling asleep during your movie nights and curling closer into you.

you peck his forehead and his brows twitch and his fingers twitch on your chest.

“you came just to do this didn’t you?”

the sleepy smile he gives you is answer enough and he’s giving your chest a nice playful squeeze.

“nah.. i came for you.” he’s falling asleep when you hear him mumble, “i came for them too.”


aone takanobu


aone loves your presence whether its you at his house or him at yours, but you both had gotten used to your routine.

for his good days he comes home and lets you fall asleep on top of him, but tonight is different.

it’s one of those days where gravity seems to press down more than usual, but he’s happy to see you none the less and it’s on these days that you have to ask him what kind of day he was feeling.

“tired, huh?” he’d nod as he’s back fresh from a shower, “wanna come cuddle?”

he’s coming to lay half on your chest and his breathing evens out the more he lays on your chest, he’s drawing shapes into your sternum, glancing up asking you how your day was.

he listens for so long and you can tell he’s on the brink of drifting, but he’s fighting it.

“aone?” your voice draws him out of his sleepy stupor and he’s looking up at you, seeing you in his jersey definitely makes him feel some type of way

you can tell because of the way he smiles a little and that he’s still so proud that he got you to himself, he’s leaning down asking for a kiss that you’ll gladly return.

he plops down behind you and pulls you so you’re back is flush to him, his hands go under the jersey to rub at your stomach so soothingly before he taps so you’re looking back at him.

his face is a little pink, “can we.. do.. what we did last night?”

your smiling and it makes his heart swell in his chest at how giving you are, “if it makes you feel better.”

he’s softly kissing your lips and letting the pads of his fingers massage and up your front before cupping your chest and burying his face in your neck.

you try not to laugh, but it’s hard not to see him so flustered because of this little habit he’s picked up. it’s your steady breaths and warmth in his hand and the heat rolling off you in waves thats making him drift.

one glance back and you can half see him, but you know for a fact that the lax hand on your chest means he’s asleep.

“night, baby.” you whisper as aone cuddles you further.


© all work belongs to syds room 2021. do not modify, change, or copy works for use.

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Out of everyone I’ve written for you two were my favorite to match up thank you so much for requesting!! Also, if you ever want to talk about anything please don’t hesitate to message me. I have extreme social anxiety and even if I may not understand everything you struggle with I’m always willing to listen. Stay safe, you’re loved and appreciated I promise. <3

Sakusa Kiyoomi


This is apsolutley a match made in heaven, and NOT because you’re also a germaphobe that’s just a plus. The real reason you and Sakusa work so well is because of how you fit together. People in both your life and his will often struggle to understand you, a lot of people would rather be loud and social and they might not understand why you don’t like being in crowds or touching often. Sakusa however does understand, the first thing he’ll notice will be that you’re a germaphobe and hate crowds. It’s rare for him to see so of course it will catch his attention. Even so the more he sees you around the more he’ll want to spend time with you, eventually he’ll be more comfortable around you and want to become friends, he would deeply appreciate that you aren’t the type of person to want to touch someone you barely know. After you’re good friends he wouldn’t try to touch you but he also wouldn’t mind if you touched him, he might be surprised but he’ll be fine with it since he knows you’re clean and don’t touch others often. After your relationship progresses and you start dating he’ll have really strong trust in you, he wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t. If you tell him about your past relationships he’ll be crushed at the fact that anyone could put you through that. If he finds out because you flinch when he touches you he’ll be sure to apologise and assure you he would never hurt you and that he loves you. He’ll be very understanding of your boundaries and often ask you before initiating any type of physical contact, he’ll also want to have a long talk with you so he knows what he can and can’t do. He’ll want to keep strong communication throughout the relationship to make sure you never feel uncomfortable, because of this it’s rare for you two to fight and if you do you’ll make up quickly. Most of your dates will be at home or in private places, usually indoors. If you do go out you try to keep to yourselves. Sakusa loves taking an interest in your hobbies, he would love to see your art and would easily be convinced to play video games with you. He’d like it if you showed him some of your favorite songs and in return he’d show you some of his. He’d love watching you do your makeup but would think you look just as good without. He would love your freckles and probably give them kisses all the time, or trace his fingers over them. You both push each other to do your best and find comfort in each other when you need some time to relax. Some people may not understand your relationship but you two are perfect together, you bring out the best in each other and still love each other at your worst. You two make the best couple by far.


Rules / Masterlist

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ukai keishin taking in an injured crow and taking care of it until it’s healed and ready to leave. he doesn’t think much of it. maybe a bit sad to see the bird go. but later on the same bird and maybe a couple others come to him to give him tiny gifs. he starts to feed them bird seed in return and gives the birds names. basically,,, ukai accidentally becoming friends with crows.

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kenma, staring directly at lev: do u ever have the urge to tell someone to shut up even when they aren’t talking

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