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next in line 
you thought that suna had reciprocated his feelings towards you, until a game of truth or dare had told you otherwise. so, the one next in line gets his turn: miya atsumu.
ʚ suna rintaro x reader + miya atsumu x reader | college!au | 3.9k words
warning: alcohol, mentions of sleeping with someone, suna breaking our hearts
author’s note: EVERYONE !! thank y’all so much for the love y’all gave my last drabble! i was so surprised and wondered where everyone came from. we have over 200 notes on it !! please give some love to this work too pls !! <33 i’ll be writing a part 2 to this soon!
(p.s: i was inspired from picka: 30 days to love! this is inspired by me being upset over the partner game around day 20 😭)
Tumblr media
“hey! we’re playing truth or dare here! anyone interested, come through!”
a few bodies had moved from their previous spot, others had moved away from where the voice had come from.
a few familiar faces sat in the little living space near the front door. lots of the members from the college’s volleyball team were there too, including atsumu and suna. bokuto was there too, along with some unrecognizable faces. 
staring at the circle, you didn’t catch the ball of orange running behind you and ushering you into the space. 
“h-hey wait!” you stood your ground, feeting dragging every other step yet the sheer force of his running and pushing behind you stood a chance against your movements.
behind your ear, you hear hinata’s laugh as he was pushing you along. “come on, y/n! it’ll be fun! trust!”
you sighed, knowing that the only outcome to this situation was to play along. and played along you did, sitting right beside bokuto and hinata, you sandwiched between them. 
“hey y/n! how’s it going?” a roaring voice across from where you sat called out to you. staring up, you locked eyes with atsumu who was clearly already drunk from the amount of alcohol he had earlier and the glow of red on his cheeks, maybe from the alcohol or just the extra smiling he’d been doing the whole time. sat next to him was suna who was uninterested and on his phone with one hand, a bottle of beer in the other.
atsumu was one of your good friends and the one you got close to the quickest due to his extroverted personality. he was someone you could rely on, and him the same, with you always talking about everything from the one girl you hate in one of your lecture halls, to your crush on suna.
“hi, atsumu. i’m good. i’d ask how you are but i think i can tell,” you joked. he had smiled back at you with a much wider grin and chuckled before waving his arm around and shushing the group.
“alright guys, let’s get this thing started. hopefully all of you know what to do.” atsumu grabbed an empty beer bottle from his side and set it in the middle. “i’ll spin this, whoever the bottle lands on must answer truth or dare. pass a truth or dare, you have to drink!” from that announcement the crowd got a bit rowdier. claps and hollers circled around you before atsumu took the clear bottle and spun it.
the first round landed on an unfamiliar person, who decided to go for a dare right off the bat. he was forced to lick the underside of someone’s shoe, much to his dismay.
the second round had landed on yaku, who you knew to be someone on the volleyball team. he was given a truth to answer, which was to answer when the last time he slept with someone was. denying to respond, he had taken a shot and everybody moved onto the next victim.
a few rounds passed. several disgusting dares and shocking truths came out until the bottle had finally landed on you.
atsumu had stared up at you. “ah, miss y/n, truth or dare?”
“i’ll go with truth.” 
he smiled before he responded. “is it true that you’re still madly in love with suna?”
your mouth went agape. out of all things, he asked you this question? this was embarrassing for you, especially when he was sitting in front of you. plus when his name was mentioned, he had stopped staring at his phone and stared at atsumu before staring back at you with a questionable but upset gaze. 
suna and you had some history back then. you had found yourself knees deep in your crush towards him when you told yourself you wouldn’t find any romantic interest for the guy. yet, there you were, with your lies embodied in you. 
he had actually reciprocated the flirting that you had done with him, to the point where all your friends and even the team had wanted a happy ending for the two of you. he even took you out on a date, kissed you, did so much of the stereotypical romantic stuff that you were absolutely swooning over him. however, you just choose to keep your gigantic crush on him on the low.
“atsumu, really?” you groaned, but the others around you had been hyped from such a scandalous question. you quickly took the bottle of alcohol from the middle and poured yourself a shot straight into your mouth. sounds of disappointment surrounded you.
the bottle spun a few times, with even more truths and dares being given out. some players quit due to their alcohol limits being reached, and some were still left. including you, atsumu, and suna.
the bottle spun once more, taking a while to stop until its momentum slowed down and stopped right in front of suna.
“hey! i got one for suna when he answers!” a player shouted. something bubbled in your gut. not from the alcohol, but from the bad feeling you had gotten from the voice. it felt like it had mal intentions. 
“okay. i’ll uh, go with truth this time,” suna adjusted his position on the floor before looking at the onlooker. 
“are your feelings for y/n real?” this time, the crowd was rowdier than ever before. those outside the game came to see the drama going on, and all eyes were on the two of you now.
you glanced at suna before hiding your gaze to the floor. to be honest, you never knew where his intentions with you were. he had a hunch about your infatuation with him, but none of you really ever acted on it, only going for occasional flirting and the one kiss you shared. nothing more. but this question had certainly caught your attention.
suna stared out a little before he glanced towards you. he looked back at the ground before he spoke his mind.
“no, they were never there.”
saying that the silence was so loud you could hear a pin drop was a wildly low understatement. the silence was so loud that you could hear your own heart break. atsumu had embarrassed you first until suna had completely obliterated you. you were so embarrassed, you wanted to die. be swallowed up by the earth. have a plane crash into the house. everything but face the repercussions of the truth suna spat out.
there you sat, frozen solid. you stared at him back onto his phone, scrolling through who the hell knows. what he didn’t know was the amount of sheer shame he brought you. all you could do was sit there for the longest time and hold back your tears and onto your broken heart.
beside you, hinata had broken the silence first. “h-hey, suna, don’t you think that was a little too much?” from his question, all suna could say was one simple word:
and that broke you. you stood up and nonchalantly walked out the front door. you just wanted to get out of there, forget everything that happened tonight, cry yourself to sleep. you hated what suna did to you tonight, and you don’t think you’d have it in you to forgive him if he had the pride to apologize.
you were already out the door and a block away. behind you, you heard the heavy steps of running and heavy breathing. you came to a stop before turning and seeing the blond setter coming towards your way.
“atsumu? what are you doing here, go back to your party. i’m going home.”
out of breath, he took a moment to respond, hands on his knees trying to slow his breathing down. “can’t… go alone… walk with… you…” 
you put a hand on his shoulder for reassurance. “no, it’s okay tsumu, i’ll be okay.”
“no it’s too dark… rather walk you home myself…” atsumu slowly caught his breath. he stood up normally before looking down at your worried stare. 
“if you’re sure, then i’m okay with it.” you continued walking before he jogged up to you, standing on the side closest to the street.
“i forgot to apologize.”
you stared at the twin. his gaze was facing forward, face molded with his serious face. 
“for what, tsumu?” you questioned.
“i kind of brought up the whole suna thing. that was me being drunk. i’m sorry that it snowballed from there.” he looked down at you and smiled with a sheepish grin. you couldn’t help but to smile back, looking down at the ground before you while you two kept walking.
“it’s okay. really, i promise. no one really expected things to go this way. i’m just upset at suna i guess. he led me on this whole time.” you pouted. atsumu could see the disappointment in your face. oh how he wished he could be the one to turn your frown upside down.
he sighed before speaking up once again. “well, y/n. at least you know his true character. i’d say you dodged a nuke back there,” he joked with you.
you laughed back. “you’re right, but it’s hard to not forget about him, especially in my case where i was attached to him by the strongest glue imaginable.” 
atsumu had hummed to that statement and the conversation soon turned silent, the clacking of your heels and his steps the only sound around for you two to hear. not before long, you returned back to your campus dorm, where he stood at the entrance.
“well, guess we’re here huh? text me when you get inside. and text me if you need anything, okay?” atsumu had asked you, and you told him that there was nothing to be worried about before walking inside to your dorm.
but to his experience, one who says there’s nothing to be worried about is usually the one that you should be definitely worried about. 
for the next couple days, you stayed cooped up in your dorms. you hadn’t bothered to go to class or even open your computer. noticing your absence, atsumu decided to check in with you.
in your dorm, you laid underneath your blankets scrolling through social media before your phone buzzed and atsumu’s picture came up on your phone. you answered his call after a few seconds.
“y/n? how are you? i haven’t seen you since… you know.”
“i’m okay, really, don’t worry about me,” you let out a breathy laugh. you spoke in a tone that would hopefully convince him of your wellbeing.
but he wasn’t buying it.
“hm, okay. just checking in on you, bye!” he spoke before quickly hanging up on you. you thought nothing of it, tossing your phone to the side and taking a quick nap.
atsumu had hung up, but he decided that enough was enough and he had to go see you. he walked at a rushed pace all the way to your dorm and put in your door code. once inside, he took the elevator up to your floor, then walked out and straight to your door.
three knocks were heard. 
“who is it?”
you were met with silence. the knocks were heard again, at a quicker pace. 
you walked up and out of your bed and the knocks were even louder and much more frantic. you trudged to the door, and opened it to see none other than atsumu behind the wood.
“why are you knocking at my door?” you questioned him. you looked like a mess, but you didn’t care.
“i know you’re not okay,” atsumu breathed out. he noticed how pale you were, your eyebags grew more prominent, and your whole attire was unlike what you usually wore. you were more, put together, to describe it. yet here you were, looking like the total opposite of put together.
“i told you, i’m perfectly fine,” you grumbled. you walked back to your bed, letting atsumu in who shut the door behind him. your room was much worse— the whole room was dark, save from your screen on your phone. your trash can had been filled to the brim with tissues and junk food, clothes piled on the floor. you were normally such a neat freak too, but from looking at your state of your being and your room, he could obviously tell how much the situation at the party affected you.
he sat back on the edge of the bed, looking at you typing on your phone before going back to sleeping. he felt bad about everything, but more than anything he felt bad about suna saying that about you too. he wanted his friend to feel better.
“do you wanna go on a date?” atsumu spoke out loud. he had asked without hesitation and out of the blue, which definitely shocked the both of you.
you sat up from where you laid, looking at him in confusion. you were glad the room was dark though, because he would’ve seen how much your words had an affect on you. but maybe he could tell from the tone of your voice when you wondered about his question.
“i mean, as friends of course. but i wanna take you out, forget about that jerk. you deserve better, and you gotta get over him before you can find someone new.” atsumu had stopped looking at you from that point on, opting to stare down on your bed and playing with the fabric of your blanket that poked out. 
you thought about his words for a second. it would definitely be a great distraction, but you still had a crush on suna. it wouldn’t be so soon as to where you can find someone else. but, it would be fun to go on a date with atsumu for a day.
“okay.” he looked up from what he was doing, finding you gazing at him.
“yes really,” you smiled. he gave you a gentle smile back.
“okay, is tomorrow too soon? at 6?”
“no, i’ll be good then.”
atsumu smiled widely, hopping out from where he sat. “alright, guess my mission here’s complete! guess i’m outta here.”
“w-wait is that all you came here for? to ask me on a date?” 
the blond turned around once again and smiled at you. “no, my plan was to make you feel better again. seeing you genuinely smile today means i did my part. but we still have that date, so hopefully i’ll make you happy again!” he walked out but not before waving you goodbye and shutting the door on his way out. that miya may be the death of you, but at least he made living fun.
the next day, you had wallowed in self pity all day up until an hour before your date. atsumu had planned to pick you up later in the day, but you still had no clue on what to wear even minutes before he said he’d come.
with great timing, he had texted you asking if you still wanted to go on that date.
[yes, i’m still down. but what am i supposed to wear? i’m not exactly aware of date attire or anything.]
he texted back, telling you to wear something warm and casual, so you opted for a warm top and comfortable bottoms, making sure you’d be warm at this hour of the evening. 
[i’m here.] he texted you half an hour later. you walked out of your dorm and went down to the first floor. you walked out of the building to see atsumu wearing slacks and a hoodie layered by his volleyball letterman. he had been leaning on the brick wall, before noticing you and walking up to you.
“hey! you look good, y/n.” you smiled up at him.
“this was just something i put on. it’s nothing fancy or anything,” you spoke. atsumu laughed at your humble attitude.
“you still look good anyways. oh, and here,” he pulled out a bouquet of pink flowers. it was absolutely beautiful and smelled amazing.
“atsumu! you didn’t have to.” you flustered over the sudden gift. he patted your head before saying that this was a date, you deserve some flowers on a date.
he walked you to his car, but not before opening your door to let you in and closing it behind you. he circled around the hood to get into the driver’s side.
you buckled in and settled the flowers on your lap. “so, where are we going tonight?”
he started the car, then started driving out of the campus. “i got two things in mind that you’ll hopefully love. but it’s a surprise, so you’ll know when we get there.”
you groaned and he laughed. the rest of the car ride was some banter between the two of you while his playlist of your shared music was on a low volume before you arrived at some unknown location.
“where are we?” you spoke as atsumu had opened your door again. as you stepped out, your nose was flooded with the scent of all kinds of food. it was hard to figure out what was what, but nonetheless it made your mouth water. 
“a food festival. hopefully you haven’t eaten yet, but food’s on me. get whatever you want.” he held out his hand for you to hold. you looked at him before looking back at his hand, hesitant on whether or not it was okay.
“i don’t have chickenpox, y/n. it’s okay,” he joked. you grumbled back at him before holding his hand and he squeezed it in comfort.
the both of you walked around the food festival with you looking at all the options you had in front of you and him suggesting on what to eat. the both of you first tried some savory foods, grabbing one meal from a food stand and eating it before moving onto the next. some foods were absolutely amazing, others were not as good. but you continued to eat your hearts away with some meals, and ended it off with some different desserts.
“dude, i’m so full.” atsumu had stretched and rubbed his stomach. you did the same and laughed out loud. 
“me too, but that was great. never thought i would see the day where i eat a peanut butter and jelly mac and cheese.” you sipped on the drink you had bought earlier, and headed back into atsumu’s car.
“alright, part one done. now, it’s the second part of the date,” he spoke. he drove out of the parking lot and towards the hills. 
“where’re we going now?” you questioned him, but you would’ve guessed that he would be keeping it from you as a surprise.
“i have a spot where we can see all of tokyo and the bay.” he spoke, eyes staring straight ahead. you looked out the passenger window, taking in all the lights you can already see.
compared to the ride to the food festival, this one was quiet but not overbearing or awkward. in fact, it felt peaceful. the music was still playing over the radio but was nice background noise that accompanied the sounds of the car.
eventually, the car came to a stop. you stared out the windshield to be met with a view of tokyo. the lights were bright, the bridge in front of you sparkled as you saw several cars come and go on it. behind it were all the lights of the buildings in the busy metropolitan area, and on the bottom of it all was the bay, reflecting all of its lights and moving with the wind. it was truly a sight to behold.
“wow,” you broke the silence. “it looks amazing here.” the both of you stepped out the car and sat on the hood, where you continued to take in the scenery. 
“nice, huh,” atsumu spoke to you.
“yeah,” you responded.
you both sat in silence. the air was cold, and your hands froze. you shoved your hands in your pockets while atsumu rubbed his and blew his breath on it.
he shuffled around a bit, leaning his weight onto his other leg before breaking the silence once again. “what did you ever see in suna, by the way?”
to be honest, you didn’t know. all you knew was that you had a crush on him. but thinking more on his words, was there really anything notable about him that made you infatuated? maybe you liked him because of his looks, or his “love” that he showed you, or even the banter between you. maybe because he was a volleyball player and a mutual friend? but even so, there was nothing about him personality-wise that really attracted you. maybe you were just attracted to what he gave you instead of him as a whole.
small tears started spilling out, hitting a sensitive spot that had healed temporarily only to be forced open once more. “i don’t know.” 
atsumu held onto your hand. his was warm compared to the frigid feeling of yours. you were such a bright and warm person but now your hand felt like ice. was this the effect of what that middle blocker had done to you?
you looked at him, where he continued to look at the bay all while his grasp on your hand kept on. 
“be mine. i’ll treat you better. but i mean, you can say no too. i know it’s too soon, but i really admire you and you overall. and i want to be able to make you happy.” he squeezed your hand as his breath fogged out. this was surely a distraction from suna, but was it a good one? you were unsure.
just like how you felt about him attempting to court you.
“atsumu…” you looked down at your feet, unsure of what to say.
“it’s okay to say no, y/n. i just wanted to tell you. and if you do say no, i hope we can still be friends.” 
you looked out at the sights before you. would it really be better than what suna had gave you? atsumu on this date had been nothing but a gentleman. he was really caring towards you and even bought you flowers. suna hadn’t done that but he was also kind to you. so what would be different?
“atsumu i’m flattered, really, but i think i need time to figure it out. you’re really sweet but what would be different if i decided to be by your side?”
he squeezed your hand. “everything. we can take it slow, i’ll go the long way for you. i just want you to be mine.”
you were still hesitant. but as you wondered, you realized that maybe things could work out for you if you would open yourself up to the opportunity. so you spoke to him.
“okay. i’ll be yours. but you have to take me on another date. and prove it to me. prove that you’ll be better than him, then i’ll decide if i want to take your offer.”
atsumu smiled at your answer. he smiled and took your hand up to his mouth where he placed a gentle kiss on your palm. he grabbed your hand with both of his, and stared at your eyes.
“i promise i’ll take care of you. anything for the best."
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#20 — MAHALO
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: The MSBY team have two months to perfect their forms before the season starts. As options fly by, they all seem to take up the offer of visiting a beach training camp to adjust to harder conditions. The outing also attracts the eyes of other athletes, like the Schweiden Adlers. When forced to work hand in hand to master the sport, what will they do when they realize they have to deal with their biggest obstacle, Y/N, for two months straight?
previous — series masterlist — next
Tumblr media
walking into the home felt like a dream. the flowers that once laid in the bed out front now bloomed into a different color entirely, and the tree that used to have a tire swing connected was now much larger, yet bare. upon entering a wave of memories washed your brain, moments like when you were standing by the front door with your prom date, or nights where you softly closed the door to not wake your parents as you snuck out.
as you admired the old picture frames from youre childhood, a voice snuck up behind you, “It’s been a while since you’ve been here, hasn’t it?”
“Yeah,” turning to look at your father, you observed your surroundings more, “it still looks and smells the same though.”
“I made us your favorite,” his hand softly laid on your shoulder as he gestured towards the kitchen, “I hope you haven’t ate yet.”
with a small smile, you followed him to the other room, “No, I didn’t.”
reaching the island, your eyes followed your hands as they grabbed the corners of the counter, “Look, I know you’re probably upset with-“
“I’m sorry.”
“What?” looking up with widened eyes, your father abandoned the nearly finished dish he briefly focused on, coming closer to you.
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you out. I know this isn’t an excuse, but things seemed fine until they weren’t. I had no idea what was happening outside of my vision.” sincerity filled his voice as he apologized, the slight raise of his brows had your heart drop. although he wasn’t a man to admit his wrongs often, mainly because he always did what he thought was right, it filled you with nothing but optimism as your previous doubts made you believe it would have gone much worse.
“I hid a lot of it,” you admitted, taking partial of the blame, “but I still wish you’d talk to me about everything before demoting me completely.”
he shook his head, silently telling you to not blame yourself, “I should have spoken to you about it, and I didn’t realize it was a personal matter than work.”
“I don’t plan on going back.”
“That was something I figured,” his expression was reassuring, something you haven’t seen in so long due to your relationship being held as a career, “so if you decide to not come back then I’ll have to search for a new regional manager.”
once again, you were left stunned by his vague descriptors, “Regional manager?”
“I’ve fired Sako,” he focused his attention back on the counter, mincing certain vegetables as a side, “and he probably won’t be working at other companies like ours ever again.”
“How come?” taking a seat at the table, you watched as he poured his love in his cooking.
“You fail to remember my connections, no?”
“I just,” sighing, you felt your hand run through your hair in pity, “I didn’t expect you to sort of, blacklist him.”
“He refused to tell me the truth,” anger seeped through his words, as if his thoughts were inexorable, “and for that it’s unforgivable.”
“I’m assuming you learned the truth through Mika?”
“Yes, those messages really opened my eyes.”
“I see.”
the conversation paused for a moment, as if he was trying to figure out what to say. the situation didn’t seem nearly as bad as either of you thought, specifically because you both were foreseeing the other side being more irritable, but it was not the case. he brought his thoughts into alignment, continuing his task and the conversation.
“You’re your own person, yn,” he set the used utensils in the sink, while washing both of his hands, “and no one will ever tell you what to do with your life.”
“Dad, I-“
“No, you were right before,” grabbing a dish towel, he dried his hands before approaching your side, “I did this to your mother and drove her away. I refuse to let it happen to us.”
you laid your hand on his forearm tenderly, wanting to express how that would have never occurred, “I never planned on leaving you, you’ve done so much for me.”
“And yet I continuously lost your respect throughout time,” his eye contact didn’t waver, “and I don’t deserve your forgiveness.”
standing up, without hesitation you wrapped your arms around his waist lovingly, “But things will always work out for us, right?”
“Right,” he closed his eyes with endearment, “I love you.”
“I love you too, dad.”
one of his hands rested on your head as the other grazed your arm, “Never let a man tell you how to live your life,” his words were barely above a whisper, “Promise me you’ll find someone who will accept you no matter what, and let you be free. Not that you need anyone, though.”
“I promise,” he pulled away with a smile, before turning and grabbing the simmered-down dinner, “besides, I’ve already met someone.”
“Oh,” he glanced back with a teasing tone, “a day out of engagement and youve already moved on?”
“I moved on way before then,” giggling, you propped a leg on top the other, “but it was with the help of them.”
“Well, whoever they are,” he walked over to you, setting the plate before you, giving you a small kiss on the top of your head, “If they make you happy, I give them my blessing.”
“Now eat up, ku’ualoha.”
Tumblr media
fun facts:
— yns father is considering training mika in the place of regional manager, under yns suggestion
— mahalo in english is a way to show gratitude, equal to saying thank you
A/N: the routes will be posted separately, and it may be a few days!! very sorry about that, just haven’t been that confident in my writing the past few days and i really want to make sure they’re the best !!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
A doodle of football players atsumu and osamu and a drawing I’ll never finish of long hair fox suna
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Holden HQ GTS Monaro
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Tumblr media
220520 Wonderwall ArtLab Twitter Update
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Tumblr media
[6:31 P.M.]
“just one kiss.”
“one kiss-! bokuto, you’re crazy,” you hiss, hoping no one’s noticing your private conversation amidst the family barbecue. just to check, you peer over the taller man’s slightly hunched shoulders, catching eye contact with one of his aunties and grinning her way when she waves. only does the brightness in your eyes dull when you meet bokuto’s panicked ones.
“my sisters, the cousins-” he pauses to fling his arm in the direction of where his younger family members are, lounging in lawn chairs as they discuss school and their early jobs. “they don’t believe we’re dating!”
“and that’s my problem?” you frown, anxiety creeping into your belly at the mere thought of having an audience for a kiss that won’t even be real!
“our problem, y/n,” bokuto whines, visibly straining as he attempts to chip at your stubborn wall. “the favor was that you be my date to the family barbecue, pretending to be my girlfriend. well, we’ve got family who don’t believe it!”
“you didn’t mention i’d have to kiss you!“ you retaliate, peeking over at his cousins who’re staring rather skeptically, maybe even amused, at the two of you. it’d be a lie if you said they were totally buying your relationship.
to be fair, the way you both announced it was a little suspicious. just a few weeks earlier one of bokuto’s aunts offered to set him up with one of her employees his age to which he, in a panic, begged you to attend his family gathering to decline that. he hoped that in showing you off as his, they’d finally get off his back about having a significant other.
and it worked! … for some members of his family.
his older relatives only had to see your smiling face and holding hands to receive the memo and approve of his relationship.
his sisters and cousins? they’re not too easily swayed.
“isn’t it a bit convenient you announce your relationship just a week after auntie wanted to set you up with someone?” a cousin asked, amused grin adorning his face.
“yeah!” his older sister had chimed. “how dare you keep you and y/n’s status for so long!”
meanwhile, his other sister grumbled to herself in agreement, claiming that all this time while she thought you were just friends, you were supposed lovers?
“why is it such a big deal?” bokuto asks, genuinely curious, tilting his head slightly as his eyes widen in wonder.
the fact that he has to ask that, alluding he doesn’t think it such a big deal, makes you more embarrassed.
“because it is!” you huff, keeping your face straight so the rest of his family don’t sense your wary expression. “you don’t just kiss anyone!”
“you’ve kissed akaashi’s cheek when he was being asked out by that girl he wasn’t into! how’s that different?”
“it just is!”
how else are you supposed to say that kissing akaashi is different than kissing bokuto because you don’t have feelings for akaashi?
“please enlighten me.”
bokuto’s stubborn face is on now, furrowed brows and eyes lidded downward as his lips twist into a heavy pout. he’s concentrated, watching you closely and you know getting out of this will be difficult. he crosses his arms, awaiting your answer.
“it’s different,” you murmur, looking down at the green grass below you. the night air, humid from the time of year, blows against you, giving you a sense of coolness amidst your warm cheeks and beating heart.
bokuto senses the change in your demeanor, suddenly realizing that whatever’s in your head much be more serious than he’d originally thought. so, he gently takes your wrist and before you know it, you’re being guided back into his parents’ home.
“kotaro?” his mother asks, grabbing at his arm before he passes the older members of the family sitting in a circle whose interests are all suddenly piqued by him as well. “everything okay?”
bokuto gives his mother an easy grin. “yep! y/n’s just thirsty so i’m grabbing her some water from inside.”
accepting his response, she lets go and returns back into the conversation with the elders. bokuto continues to pull you inside until your in the cool, air conditioned room of the kitchen.
letting go of your wrist, he leans against one of the counters facing you. “i didn’t mean to push you into anything but you can always talk to me.”
you know you should’ve internally debated accepting his request for a favor more than how you quickly accepted. then again, how can you deny bokuto when he gives you those widened, puppy-dog eyes and watery pout all while clasping his hands in a pleading manner?
really, it was just unfair.
you didn’t actually think you’d have to do much at this function, though. maybe holding hands with him and allow his to hold you class as he gushed about some made up story about how you started dating; something like “we’ve been friends for years now but it was recently that I saw her in a different light so I just decided to tell her!” oh, how simple him confessing must be. too bad that’s all fake. still, you never expected him to actually ask you to kiss, nonetheless in front of his whole family.
it takes away from the experience. first, you have to kiss someone in a not serious way and now added to the fact that it’s for the show for someone else to see?
maybe it’s the root cause that you have feelings for the man that’s getting you so frustrated about it. that surely had to be it. but how on earth were you supposed to explain that to him without it explicitly telling him you like him?
“no, no, i’m sorry for over exaggerating,” you mumble. “it’s just different because we’re close friends.” bokuto opens his mouth, mostly likely to claim that akaashi’s also a close friend of yours but you don’t allow that. “and you’re different than akaashi.”
“i am?” he asks blankly, furrowing his brows deeper. you can’t tell if he feels utterly lost or maybe even offended in case he’s thinking he’s not on the same level as your other friend. maybe it’s a bit of both.
“yeah, it’s … ugh, do i have to explain it?” a sigh from you. “i shouldn’t have agreed to this.”
“oh,” bokuto lets out, visibly slouching. so you regretted being his fake date that much? he thinks he gets it now. “i’ll just say you weren’t feeling well and you had to go. you really don’t have to stay if it’s making you that uncomfortable.”
“no!” you quickly blurt, waving your hands in front of you. “that’s not what i meant!”
“seriously y/n, it’s okay. i overstepped by asking and you’re just being nice because we’re friends. i’m sorry-”
“i don’t wanna kiss you because it won’t be real!” you cut off his rambles from further making himself feel bad.
bokuto seems to not have gotten it completely by the way he looks at you skeptically. “huh?”
you sigh, face flushing deeper. “i don’t want to kiss you because it’ll mean more to me than it does to you,” you admit in a quiet voice. “the reason for the kiss would just be to win over your sisters and cousins but to me, it’d be more. so i can’t kiss you.”
“it’d be more?” he repeats softly, eyebrows lifting in slight surprise. his expression softens when you look down, avoiding eye contact with him.
to be honest, you don’t remember when you developed feelings for your friend. whether it was in the beginning of your friendship, having always thought he was an attractive man or being a stellar volleyball player, or if it developed over time, growing used to his platonic affection and kind words to you, at this point in time, you’re completely smitten.
and you’ve hidden it to the best of your ability in fear of losing him as a friend. from what you could tell, bokuto was friendly with everyone so he didn’t give you much of a reason o believe your feelings were reciprocated.
“yeah,” you trail off, shuffling your feet on the tiled floors in attempt to keep your attention busy. “sorry to just spring that on you, didn’t mean to.”
“no,” he says quietly, denying your apology, assuring you. “don’t apologize. it’s just, um, not what i expected.”
ah, the conversation you’ve feared. the awkwardness leading to the inevitable rejection from someone you considered a close friend. there goes that friendship. the pit in your stomach grows as your heartbeat continues to erratically beat in your chest.
you need to get out of this situation.
“yep, so i’ll be going now. tell your family i said bye and the food was delicious-”
you’re cut off when bokuto’s hand grabs your wrist again, this time more firmly, in fear you’d slip out of his grasp to leave his house in a hurry, which to be fair, was something you were planning on doing.
you swallow the lump in your throat, eying his hand on your arm. slowly, you look up at his face, sucking in your lips as you brace for the impact of his future words.
“what if i want to kiss you, though?”
“what?” you ask, shaking your head from his question, not expecting it.
“you said that it’d mean more to you because my reason is to get my family to believe, right?” at your nod for confirmation, a glum one at that, he continues, “but what if i also wanna kiss you just ‘cause? what if it means more to me, too?”
“bokuto…” you trail off, doubting his words. he really didn’t have to try and make you feel better with words.
“i’m serious!” he claims. “everything else would be a bonus. i’d kiss ‘ya without anyone watching if i could.”
your face burns even hotter at the insinuation of his words. so he’s not just trying to make you feel better?
“and well, now that I know the feeling’s mutual, can i?”
“huh?” you squeak when he takes a step closer to you, close enough you can feel his breath fanning your face.
“can i kiss you? for real?” he asks again, dipping his head down, believing — no, knowing — you’d say yes. and when you nod, ever so subtly, he molds his lips against yours.
it’s a soft kiss at first, a simple test of the waters, but when his hands go up to your cheeks and holds you face in place and your hands move up to clutch his waist, the time for timidness is over. bokuto kisses you with fervor, like a starved man, smiling against your lips when you squeak and sigh into his mouth, breaths of relief as if thinking finally, this is happening.
the way he kisses you has you dipping downward, clutching onto him so you don’t feeling backward, not that you would; he’d catch you before that could happen. you’re fully consumed by bokuto and though you’re head is spinning from the lack of air, you can’t will yourself to pull away. not when you’ve been waiting, yearning for this moment for god knows how long.
“kotaro, your mom said you were in- oh.” a voice calls into the kitchen, stunning the both of you in place, only making your face spring apart in surprise.
you spin around to face bokuto’s eldest cousin frozen in place at the entrance of the kitchen, blinking at the both of you. a moment passes with the three of you looking between each other and then his cousin relaxes.
“i’m just here for some plates,” he says coolly, swiping the plates conveniently set on the counter to his chest. “i’ll, uhm, leave you two to it.” the cousin then scurries out of the kitchen and it isn’t until your heard the back door swing open and close that you face bokuto who’s grinning down at you.
“what’d i say? it’s a bonus.” he wiggles his brows, insinuating that his eldest cousin was probably off affirming your relationship to the rest of the family, no need for some extravagant public display of affection.
you swat at his arm, only for his to take ahold of your hands and interlace your fingers. “what’re you-” you furrow your brows, to be cut off by his lips once more.
“making up for lost time.” bokuto smiles against your lips, sealing the space between them once more.
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deyjahvu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
holy shit guys spot the difference
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ceo-of-daichi · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Long heavy make out sessions with Daichi.
Desperate touches and clashing of teeth when he turns the more delicate kisses passionate.
His tongue rubbing against yours as he fights to taste as much of your mouth as physically possible, while you are doing the same.
Even when you both break for a breath you share the same air for that small moment, not wanting to move any further away.
Getting so lost in the moment that suddenly his weight is on you, his crotch grinding down so beautifully against your own.
Small moans and whines against his lips which only egg him on until he physically can’t take it any longer. He needs more.
Heavy make out sessions that lead to soft, desperate sex with Daichi.
As if you both went any longer you would perish without it, both so eager to feel the other.
Its hot, heavy and loud, he’s so loud when he’s this desperate. When he’s deprived himself for long enough that he cums quicker than usual, the groan that leaves his lips almost causes you to fall down after him.
But he couldn’t stop himself, just like he can’t stop apologising for how quickly he came, his fingers rubbing rhythmic circles on your clit and his mouth now attached to your chest.
By the time you are both done, you collapse in each others arms.
Soft reassuring words whispered between lovers, promises of forever and gentle touches are what follows.
You always wanted nights to start and end with Daichi.
Tumblr media
A/N | Idk what this is… I am tired and just really want this with Daichi🥺 This is the first time in a while I have spontaneously written something, it feels good!! Its not proof read and literally written in like 5 mins so I apologise for any mistakes!
Tumblr media
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animated-moon · 2 days ago
“happy birthday, my universe.” — s. tendou
contains : general fluff, accidental confessions, kissing, hand holding <3 + happy birthday to our favourite boy :(
Tumblr media
“hey, where did satori go?” the question made you look up from your conversation with semi. tendou was gone? but this was his birthday party, and in fact, the special day would be over in a matter of minutes.
“maybe he’s gone off to get some fresh air?” ushijima, out of everybody, suggested. you glanced in his direction, and he looked at you with an unreadable expression.
“i’ll go look for him. he’s the star of the show, after all,” you said, and you swore that ushijima had smiled a little. you stepped out from the well lit room and let yourself wander around, eventually ending up in the backyard. however, it became obvious that he wasn’t there.
“ooh, what are you doing here, pretty?” a familiar voice called out, and you almost jumped as you met eyes with tendou, sitting on the roof outside of his window with his signature grin upon his face. pretty. you sighed in relief, both at the fact that you’ve found him and that it was probably too dark for him to notice your flustered state.
“looking for you,” you said simply. “what are you doing out here?” he pat the space beside him, completely avoiding the question.
“come sit. please?” you eyed the man suspiciously, though tendo was one to beat around the bush. you gave in, however, seeing as it was the man’s birthday. you walked back into the house, ascending a flight of stairs and pushing open the door to his bedroom. it was messy as just you remembered it to be, with volumes of manga piling upon his table and papers tucked into bookshelves haphazardly. tendou was looking at you, a soft smile on his face as he watched you crawl out of the window and take a seat beside him. you swore you could almost see the reflection of the stars in his eyes, but it might’ve just been him. his eyes would always twinkle so prettily as he smiled. he seemed to hesitate before reaching a hand out in your direction.
“can i hold your hand?” he asked. and you nodded, placing your hand atop his and intertwining your fingers. no matter how many times you held his hand, the feeling was always so exciting, so pleasant. the expression on tendou’s face was unreadable as he slowly looked up at you.
“it feels like the universe is in my hands, y’know?” you murmured, and he seemed to catch that as his face turned just a little redder under the pale moonlight.
“you beat me to the teasing this time,” he said, and you could hear the fondness in his voice. “thanks for coming here with me.”
“of course,” you sighed, looking up at the night sky. miyagi was a gorgeous place, especially in the dark. “the moon is beautiful, isn’t it?” you heard a crash beside you as tendou scrambled, sitting up straight.
“you! you mean that!” he gasped, face full on red now.
“mean… what?”
“the! the moon! it’s beautiful!” he was nervous, and you could feel it from how tight he’d been gripping your hands. it took a second for the gears in your head to lock into place, and your eyes widened. you felt heat rush to your face as you turned to him quickly, shaking your head.
“wait! no! i didn’t mean!”
“you didn’t?”
“no! i… i did! but,” you stammered, way too embarrassed to continue at this point. tendou was gazing at you expectantly, and you don’t think he realize that he was putting the extra pressure on you to phrase your words right.
“okay okay, you’re losing me! yes or no?” he asked, and you almost laughed out of nervousness.
“yes! yes.” you managed to get out, and it was your turn to look at him as he processed the information.
“so you like me.” he repeated, voice shaking slightly as his lip curved into a grin.
“yes. i do.” at your confirmation, he jumped to his feet, pulling you up with him because of your still interlocked hands.
“you like me! you LIKE me!” he laughed, and it might’ve been the happiest you’ve ever seen the redhead. you echoed after him, watching him tremble with joy as he stared as you, the same glittering look in his eyes as always. “i… i was going to counter it with something more exciting, but then i realized that i might’ve been confused or wrong, but you like me!” you wanted to correct him, saying that you didn’t in fact like him — you love him, but you weren’t sure if he could handle any more than this.
in the midst of your celebration, you heard goshiki’s voice calling for you, and it seemed that your now-lover did too.
“we… we should get back,” you weren’t able to suppress the smile on your face — how could you? — and he was the same.
“thank you. thank you for all this.” he said, slightly softer so there wasn’t a chance goshiki could hear it (although you were sure everyone had an idea of what was going on). “and for accidentally spilling your guts to me.” you giggled at that.
“of course.” you replied, leaning in to press a soft kiss on his cheek. “happy birthday, my universe.”
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tsukina · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: The MSBY team have two months to perfect their forms before the season starts. As options fly by, they all seem to take up the offer of visiting a beach training camp to adjust to harder conditions. The outing also attracts the eyes of other athletes, like the Schweiden Adlers. When forced to work hand in hand to master the sport, what will they do when they realize they have to deal with their biggest obstacle, Y/N, for two months straight?
previous — series masterlist — next
Tumblr media
“So,” you licked the popsicle in your hand, your favorite flavor that they remembered, “You won’t tell me what he said?”
eyes watched the sunset in the distance, the beautiful rays bounced off the ocean sea and creative a unforgettable hue, “No, I’ve changed my mind.”
“Well,” you smiled softly at the group, all of them sitting around you as if you were a ducklings following it’s mother, “who am I to be mad at that?”
the wind blew against your skin, small bumps forming against your body as the temperature slowly declined due to the sun saying it’s temporary farewell. although the weather no longer was at its best, you couldn’t help but admire the moon as it slowly came out, having you reflected on what the day had been.
battles between your ex and family took more of a toll on you that you had hoped, but it was the beginning of the end. something that had to happen to move on. and as much as you anticipated this moment; words were still hard to form due to the overwhelming shock it had left on you.
it was as if you expected it to be much smoother, but it was easier said than done. to kiss and make up with your father was inevitable, you could never leave his side, but to get to that point you would have to set many boundaries and get rid of obstacles. for example, sako. someone you will never feel the need to see again, but knew it was going to happen due to connections. connections you didn’t see disappearing, so what it outlandish to believe you and your fathers relationship could be saved?
the conversation that took place not even an hour ago echoed in your brain, not to mention the explanation you owed the boys once they had arrived. explaining it all brought so many emotions out of you, and as you sat amongs the sand with your melting popsicle, tears that so desperately wanted that breakthrough, felt a release.
a release that was bound to happen. something that let go all sorts of weight off your shoulders. why? because there was no more hiding. to be the true you, to be yn ln. one that was once to believed unaccepted by the demented deep thoughts circulating your mind, but proven wrong within one summer. a summer you would never regret.
so, maybe they were happy tears. tears to mark the ending of a journey, and the beginning to yn. the one you’ve always been, and now will forever be.
“You did great,” the smaller man besides you gave you a rare, but small smile, “I don’t know if anyone told you yet, but I’m proud of you.”
“Thanks, Hoshi,” you wiped the tears off your cheeks as you took a deep inhale, “It’ll be okay, yeah?”
a hand found it’s way on your back, rubbing circles to sooth the hiccups that found their way through your body. with a subconscious lean in, you were granted the hug that you yearned for. the obvious cologne on atsumu filled your nose and he brought you closer in a reassuring grip, allowing you to focus your breaths with his as you calmed down.
it was an endearing silence. one that was much better than running laps around the story everyone knew. bringing up known details to cry on once again, it was time to loosen your tense jaw and think about what is to come, over what has already took place.
“You know,” you whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, “I don’t know what I’d do without you guys.”
“Have you thought about where we’d be without you?”
you pulled back from atsumu to look at bokutos bright and colorful eyes, “What do you mean?”
“Well,” his finger childishly balanced on his chin, “I think you keep forgetting what all you’ve done for us.”
“I agree!” the orange haired man beamed from over his teammates shoulder.
ushijima quickly joined in with one of his heartwarming grins, “You have helped us way more. Thank you.”
it may not have been their intention, but it opened up another gate within you. tears flooded once again down your swollen cheeks out of pure happiness. the caring men around you shocked at first, but soon laughed at your happy cries.
“Stop it,” your body began to shake between each word, “I don’t want to cry anymore.”
“It’s good to let it out.”
“So,” atsumu gave sakusa a side-eye, “ya want her to cry?”
“Don’t start,” he glared back, “you know exactly what I meant.”
“Sorry I haven’t said much,” kageyama finally spoke up, scratching the back of his head awkwardly, “but thank you.”
you stood up off the ground, stretching your legs swiftly before laying your popsicle stick amongst your belongings, “No need to apologize, Tobio.”
his gaze avoided yours as a blush creeped onto his cheeks, making you giggled at his soft interior despite acting so hard and tough.
“I don’t know if it’s true or not,” you observed the waves crashing, “but they say the sea heals wounds.”
“Ya, but thats only surface wo-“
“Shut up,” you quickly cut off the setter with a playful stare, “I bet it cures inside wounds too!”
“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” bokuto bounced onto his feet, “Race on the count of three?”
the competitive men slowly began to rise as your eyes shined at the challenge. without warning, you kicked your shoes off before taking a head start, “Three!”
“Hey! That’s not fair!”
“Yer a cheater!”
Tumblr media
fun facts:
— bokuto also cried a bit when he saw yn crying, but wiped his tears away quickly because he didn’t want to worry her
— atsumu tripped when he was racing to the beach
— sakusa was gladly last in the race because he couldn’t stop laughing at atsumu
a/n: early chapter!! one more to go before the routes !!! AAAA I CANT BELIEVE ITS ENDING!!
@galagcica @moonlit-mizukage @lilith412426 @navymacaroons @soudahearts @alyonasnake @probablygonnahurtsomebody @butterscotch-ripple-icecream @squidkidsc @notacats-blog @soranihimawari @therealpussybangs @whore-for-anime @rntrsuna @akaashis-wife @creepykawass @tirzamisu @doggonudezz @alpha-mommy69 @chibichab @strawberry-moonpies @taihjj @nichupichu @liraepa @yes-i-am-trash @tsukkimama @skomiomi @sputnikk @random-fandom-girl-24 @ti-mame @lahadadulce @euryrue @dilucsbby @we-love-fanfiction @candid-confetti @minnie7-kth @tenaciouswritersheep @shusbby @onigirintarou @hinahaikyuu @peachycandy10 @bakugouswh0r3 @reinertiddiejuice @akaxosa @snowcoveredkiss @shoulmate @atsuphilia @malxoxo @sugaslilsugabby @tweetybomb @atsumusplushtoy
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pov: your camera roll if kuroo tetsurou were your bf :”> (+ an extra manga ver of the first pic!)
i tried out a new colouring/rendering style and i really really like it!! will def be colouring like this more often :D
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loweater · a month ago
Tumblr media
Onigiri Miya
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omiishii · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
— still playing with this new style. I’m loving it. It’s so fun
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sailortaro · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
more omis but grown!
bonus miya twins from twitter:
Tumblr media
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izu-fi · 21 days ago
[ somethin's different ]
summary: you change your chapstick and he notices
note: sfw, fluff, gn!reader
wc: 500+
Tumblr media
“Wah're you dooimg?” You manage to get out with Atsumu’s hands squishing your cheeks. Instead of giving you an answer, he just keeps kissing you. Press after press of his lips against yours and your eyebrow furrows the same time his does.
After each peck, he glances at your lips and blinks, lost in thought before going back in for another kiss. "What d'ya do?" Atsumu finally asks.
You stare right back at him, trying your hardest to understand what he means by that. "Uhh... context, please? Why are you being weird?"
"Hey—!" Atsumu protests, "I'm not weird," He says as he plants another one on you. Pulling back, he sticks his tongue in his cheek; the way he always does when he's confused. He’s so adorable, it makes you want to squeeze the life out of him. "I'm doin' an investigation, 'kay?"
Before you can stop him, he goes back in for another round. Pushing at his chest you begin to laugh, "Atsu... what has gotten into you?" He can't help but grin every time he hears your giggles, especially when he's the cause.
Your smile meets his as he mumbles against your mouth, "Somethin's different... Yer kisses aren't the same today."
You frown. “Bad different?”
Atsumu abruptly stops his barrage of kisses to look you dead in the eye. “No, no, no. Yer kisses could never be bad, yer so amazing ‘n you’ve got the most perfect mouth in th— ow!" He rubs at the spot on his chest you punched, "I just said they were different s’all,” Atsumu fully pouts, muttering something about “holdin’ back yer punches…that kinda hurt, baby.”
You put both hands on his cheeks just like he did to you a couple minutes ago, bringing his head forward, placing a soft kiss between his scrunched eyebrows. “I have no clue what you’re talking about, but okay, weirdo.” You say, planting another one onto his nose.
Before you can climb out of his lap, he jolts forward and licks your mouth. “Wha— ‘tsumu!”
“Yer chapstick.”
When all you do is blink at him, he clarifies, “Ya changed yer chapstick. What is that, strawberry?”
“Oh,” you say, letting him lean back into your space. “Yeah, I wanted to try out a new one. Do you like it? If not, I can buy my old one again.”
“Oi,” He tuts, arms circling around your waist to bring you closer, “I didn’t say that. I like it. I like you,” Atsumu says as he rests his forehead against yours, his eyes smiling.
“You have a crush on me?” You raise a brow, teasing, “That’s embarrassing ‘tsumu…”
He licks at your mouth again in response. Ignoring your various protests, Atsumu manages to roll the two of you over so he hovers on top of you. “C’mere, gimme kisses.”
“No—! Stop licking me!” You giggle again when he brings his mouth down to the ticklish part of your neck.
“I have to get used to yer new chapstick, c’mon.” He whispers, trailing his lips back up to your face, littering kisses all over. “Kiss. Me.”
Well, when he says it like that…
Tumblr media
<3 likes + reblogs appreciated!
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elvyn · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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