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This is why you should never trust an Imp – Part 3.

Supercorp, Kara Danvers x Daughter!Reader, Lena Luthor x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 2255.

“So, Kara knows.” Brainy says after you finish telling him your story.

“She hasn’t received any verbal confirmation, but yes.” You close your eyes thinking about how you might have ruined everything. “Should I expect to be stuck here forever?”

“According to my calculations…” Brainy says and you snap your eyes open to look at him. “There’s a high probability of my calculations being inaccurate.”

“What are you saying?”

“Look. The fifth dimension is unrelated to the sheer fabric of the regular dimensional space-time.” Brainy is about to open his mouth again and you interrupt him.

“So, you can’t do any correct calculation because Mxytopelek powers don’t respect the rules from our dimension.” You add and he looks at you perplexed, like he didn’t expect you at all to have understood that. “Luthor’s brain.” You explain yourself and he agrees with his head. “So, what do I do now?”

“I…” He looks at you and clasps his hands together. “Don’t know.”

“Great.” You give him a forced smile. “If we have no idea of what will happen next, can I please, please tell my moms the truth?”

“There’s no way to know the outcome of this, but you are aware of that.” He says and you agree. “I would say, do what’s best for you.”

He doesn’t have to tell you twice. You’re already flying back to the penthouse catching both of them off guard.

“Ok. Listen, I might be tearing the fabric of spacetime, but, well. Here goes nothing.” Kara turns back at you with a smile on her face. Lena has her eyebrows furrowed. “How do I explain it?” You take a deep breath. “Lena figured out how to combine both of your DNA’s so you two could have a daughter. Then I was born, like fifteen years ago. Or seventeen, I’m not sure.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Lena is completely in disbelief, but Kara doesn’t seem at all shocked. You were right, she knew it.

“Let her finish, love.” Kara asks and you agree.

“Kara, she’s saying she is our daughter, I think I’d remember if I had a daughter.”

“Right, well, remember that hypothetical question about time travel?” Lena shakes her head agreeing and Kara looks back at her, confused. “Yeah, well, it’s not really hypothetical. Cause, you see, I met this imp from the fifth dimension…”

“Mxyztplk!” Kara yells and you agree with your head.

“He said he would show me my future, and I got curious about what I was going to choose. You know, powers or science or robotics (I’m really good at that), and I wanted to see if you guys would be happy with my decision, but I guess he tricked me…”

“He does that a lot.” Kara adds, trying to make your story more believable to Lena.

“I should’ve known better. I am really stupid.” You look down ashamed and Kara goes to you and holds your chin.

“You are not. He’s an evil prankster, and you could never have guessed what would happen.” She makes you look at her and you smile at her.

“Yeah, well. There are a few possibilities of why no one remembers me. Y’know, different reality, memory wiping, maybe this is all a dream. Brainy have considered the options, but since the fifth dimension doesn’t oblige by the same rules from our dimension, there’s no way of knowing for sure, so if he doesn’t come, I might get stuck here forever, and if this is true then I needed you to know who I really am.”

“You’re our daughter.” Kara says with the biggest smile on her face and you smile at the realization that she’s happy about your existence.

“Ok, wait.” Lena stands up and walks to where you are both standing. She seems to analyze you for a second. “Why do you look so much like Kara?”

“Kryptonian DNA is actually dominant, and since the two chromosomes involved didn’t share similar sequences, if you had decided to combine them, it would probably have damaged the cells, producing genetic abnormalities. Since you couldn’t combine them, you chose to use Kara’s DNA so I could have powers.” You say and Lena’s eyes grow bigger. Kara is smiling next to her. “You know, the usual.”

“At least she has your brain.” Kara says looking very excited.

“Yeah, she used her DNA for that part. Anyway, I would love to tell you guys more, but if I’m being honest, I’m still hungry. You think maybe I can eat some more, momma?” You look at Kara and she smiles from ear to ear.

“You hear that, Lena? I’m a momma.” Kara says making her way to the kitchen and grabbing a few things she can cook. “So, you eat like a Kryptonian.”

“Like half a Kryptonian, which is already way more than any normal person.” You are almost going to the counter when you go back to Lena, who’s still pretty shocked at your existence. “Mom, are you ok?”

“Yes, I’m fi… Wait, why am I mom and she is momma?” Lena still looks very confused, but she’s leaning into this.

“You guys taught me my first words, so I’m guessing you two chose that before?” You sit on the other side of the counter and Kara puts a plate of waffles in front of you. You start eating immediately. “Or, I don’t know. Kara looks this adorable all the time and I caught her vibe?”

“I look adorable!” It’s Lena’s defense and you go back to her, so you can hug her. She doesn’t hug you back, but also doesn’t pull away.

“Of course you’re adorable, mom.” You smile at her and Kara agrees with her head. “Maybe I call you mom ‘cause you’re the one who carried me for 9 months and so I had to make up something else for Kara?”

“I like that explanation better.” Lena smiles and Kara chuckles.

“And I like the other one.”

You go back to eating and they stay on the other side of the counter whispering to each other, you laugh at that.

“Hey, um, just so you guys know, I have super hearing.” You say and they both look back at you. Lena sighs and Kara laughs like it was really stupid of her.

“Well, as much as I want to get to know you, and I love the fact that I have a daughter…” Lena says turning back to you. “You have to go back to your own timeline. Or reality. Or even get out of your dream state.”

“Wait. Why?” Kara looks at her and pouts. “If she was erased from our timeline then I guess is ok, but what if she’s from another reality? What if she’s not our kid, and she leaves and… I won’t be a momma anymore.”

“She makes a good point.” You say looking at them. Lena looks at you and then back at Kara.

“Kara, you’ve been a momma for half an hour.” Lena crosses her arms. “I get why you want her to stay, and I want it too, but don’t you think that if she’s from another dimension her real momma is missing her?”

“Oh yeah, that’s a better point.” You agree with your head, and Kara looks back at you like you’re not helping.

“But, but…” She goes to you and holds your face with both hands. “Just look at her, Lena, she is so adorable, and cute, and beautiful.”

“Kara, she looks just like you when you were younger.” Lena rolls her eyes, and you smile squished between Kara’s hands.

“EXACTLY!” She yells excitedly. “Please, let’s keep her.”

“Honey, she’s not a dog.”

“Lena, she’s our daughter!”

“Ok, wait. We don’t know that. There’s like a 50% chance she is not!”

“That means there is a 50% chance she is! I like those odds!”


“Can I just say something?” You raise your hand and they look at you. Kara finally let go of your face and you smile at her. “Mxytopolik said he’ll come tomorrow to pick me up, so… Maybe we should wait and see if he’s keeping his word?”

“I doubt that.” Kara says and you look at her.

“This will give us more time before mom invents a time machine or something.” You raise your eyebrows a couple of times and she smiles, looking back at Lena.

“I say we wait!” She holds you sideways. “Let’s go flying together! I’ve always wanted a kid to fly with me.”

“I’m a teen, but ok.”

You had a fun day flying around National City with Kara, and eating all the pastries you could. You showed her the house you all live in, and even stopped a robbery with her. At lunch, Kara dropped you off at L Corp, so you could spend some time with Lena, while she went to work at CatCo. Lena didn’t have much time for you, but you two still talked about science and your inventions in her free time. It was great, which only made you miss your timeline/reality more.

It’s been fun hanging with your moms, even if they have no idea of who you are. You never thought that telling them the silliest things of your routine will make them so excited. Kara almost peed herself when you told her that you fought Mister Freeze and won, and Lena’s face lit up when you told her that you have your own lab at L Corp and that you two often work together. You didn’t know these things made them so happy.

At night you went back to the penthouse with Lena. Kara was so excited about the next day, she had it all planned out. It was very disappointing when you told her that Mxytoplolik would probably come to pick you up. But as the night went by, you realized he had absolutely double crossed you again.

“He’s not coming!” You say walking from one side to the other. “He’ll leave me here! Stranded in the future!”

“Did you guys set up a time?” Kara asks and you go back to her.

“No, we didn’t set up a time! Who sets up a time with an imp?” You cross your arms and Lena takes a deep breath.

“It’s ok, we can figure something out. You’re smart like me, we will think of something.” Lena says being the voice of reason like always.

“What?” You cross your arms. “We don’t even know if I’m still in my timeline, or in a different reality, we don’t even know if this whole thing is actually real. We literally know shit about this.”

“Language!” Kara makes a hard face at you and you soften your features.

“You definitely sound like my Kara.” You sit back in the chair in front of them. “I’m sorry, I’m just afraid. If you’re not my moms, then the real ones are probably so desperate right now.” You hold your necklace in your hand and a tear falls from your eye.

“Hey.” Kara goes to you and squeezes your knee, reassuringly. “We will figure this out. I promise you.” You shake your head agreeing and she looks at your hand squeezing something. “What’s that?”

“Oh, um, it’s the necklace grandma Alura gave it to you.” You show it to her. And Kara’s eyes pop out right away. “I didn’t take it! You gave it to me when I turned 13!”

“Except, my necklace is right here.” Kara stands up, getting the necklace out of her shirt and you furrow your brows.

“There aren’t two necklaces in your timeline, right?” Lena already knows the answer, but she wants you to get there too.

“I’m not in my timeline.” You say completing Lena’s thoughts and she shakes her head agreeing.

“See! Now we know, so we just have to, um, figure out how to create a portal to your dimension.” Lena says trying to look confident and you agree with your head.

“You can call the Flash! He can help with that, he is always-”

“Who’s the Flash?” Kara asks and your face drops.

“Well, if the necklace wasn’t proof enough.” You’re sad again. You can’t stay where you are. Your moms are probably worried sick knowing that you’re gone. How are you even going to explain yourself to them?

Actually, that’s not what you’re worried about. You’re worried about never seeing them again. Kara and Lena from this reality are amazing, and they sound just like your moms, but now that you know you’re not with your real moms, it’s not enough. You need your Kara and your Lena.

“Hey, we don’t need the Flash, we can do it. Me and you, kid, we can do it.” Lena goes to you. She kneels before you, and pulls you in for a hug. “I promise you, I’ll do whatever it takes to send you back to your moms, ok?”

“Thank you.” You hold her tight, and it doesn’t take long until Kara joins the hug.

“We’ll figure this out.” Kara says with her chin on top of your head. “I’m just really sorry you’re not my daughter.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that too. You deserve a kid so adorable, and cute, and beautiful like me.” You all laugh, and Kara kisses the top of your head.

“Come on, smart-ass. Let’s figure out how to create a portal.” Lena is the first one to let go, and you stand up right after. “Let’s get you home.”

You smile to yourself. They might not be your moms, but you already love them dearly.

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— how they act when they’re jealous

  • Characters: Eleanor ‘Nell’ Crain, Luke Crain, Shirley Crain, Steven Crain, Theodora ‘Theo’ Crain
  • Warnings:
  • Requester: anonymous
  • Request: “Could you do hill house preferences(Theo, Nell, Shirley, Luke and Steven) for how they act when they’re jealous?”
  • A/N: hope it’s okay!

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Can we please have more explicitly nonbinary Y/Ns in reader insert fics? Gender neutral is good, but it would be nice to read about my favorite characters acknowledging and accepting my identity.

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THE war was long over, but the war inside Eugene’s head went on and on. If the young man could recall, his last dream was neutral, and he was on the train ride home. What could be worse than to finally sleep soundly in a warm bed again, only for the traumatic visuals and sounds of agonizing screams to work its way into slumber?

You were now ready to sit up, turn the lamp on and hold Eugene until he could feel he was being held by you and not a man in uniform. His hand gripped around your arm, begging to be held tighter as his cries carry on.

“You’re okay, Eugene.” You whisper to him. His breathing was on the boundary of ease. Your words were true. “You’re okay. You’re home.”

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Finally, a follow up to A Stolen Moment!

I’ve had this sitting in my notebook for a while and decided to type it up and post it.

Summary: Implied reader x Alucard. The reader shares what’s bothering them the night before they go to war.
First person POV

Word count: ~950 words

Again any feedback or comments would be appreciated :) 

Link to Part 1


When the shadows receded, I found that we were now standing on the roof of the east wing one of the tallest parts of the house. Funny because from here, I could actually make out the room where we just had our meeting a few minutes ago. I turned to Alucard and found his red eyes focused on me. His gaze taking in every change in my expression and my every movement. I looked down and realized I was still holding onto him but decided to distance myself before saying what was truly bothering me.

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Kakashi x Reader

A/N: this is SFW, unless y'all want a NSFW part 2, then I’ll be glad to give y'all some of the nasty! Lol this ended up being like a mystery Guy type kinda thing, not at all what I intended but that’s how it ended up. I just didn’t realize that I didn’t say the guys name till the end of the story and felt too lazy to go and add it in. Lol, so sorry! Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you want a part two!

Ever been a young kid with a crush on an older boy? An older boy from another village? Granted, I’m twenty one years old and he is in his early thirties now, but you just KNOW he would never think of you the same way because one) he is older than you, two) he is literally the hottest guy around and could have ANY girl he wanted, and three) you would never even have the chance because you also happen to be the sister of the one tailed host? Not to mention that my fraternal twin brother has magical puppets that could kill you just from being fucking creepy. Yeah… that’s me. Always admiring from afar. Always wondering what could be and what it be like to actually have someone like you back. 

“(Y/n), you’re spacing again.” Temari spoke as we ate our ramen. She was sitting next to her boyfriend, Shikamaru. She was so lucky. 

“Aug this is such a drag. Just talk to him.” Shikamaru chimed in.

“And have my soul leave my body? Yeah, no thanks! I’d rather just think of the "what could be’s” instead.“ I spoke, just barely above the whisper so the  person wouldn’t overhear. "Besides, it’s not like they like me back.” I rested my chin in my hand and picked up noodles with my chopsticks just to let them fall back into the bowl.

“Come on now, this is just getting ridiculous. Just tell him! The worst he could do is say no.” Temari tried again but I huffed, feeling thankful these were the only two in the whole world who knew about my secret crush.

“And then feel foolish and heartbroken? To feel like I could never show my face in the Hidden Leaf again? Once again, no thank you.” The couple sighed but didn’t press any farther. Finally, they gave up.’ I sighed to myself before trying to finish my bowl of ramen.

The three of us finished our food and set about wandering the village. Not like we haven’t been here tons of times. I’m not really sure why I tag along with Temari when she comes to visit Shika. Maybe it’s because I just want to get out of Suna, get away from all the sand. Or maybe it’s because I just want to see his face and torture myself with something I could never have. 

Temari and Shika were a few places ahead of me, talking and Temari giggling at something her lazy ass boyfriend said, a small smile gracing over his face as he looked at my sister. I couldn’t help but space off and stare at them for a moment. They were so in love even if they didn’t realize that they were yet. Out of all the guys my sister dated, he was definitely my favorite.

“Oh! Fuck!” I shouted as I bumped into something hard and fell backwards, landing hard on my ass. A small shriek leaving my lips as I fell. 

“Oh! I’m sorry.” That voice… oh fuck that voice. I looked up to see a worried expression written all over his face. “I wasn’t paying attention!” He stuck out his hand for me to grab and as I did so, a small blush graced my cheeks.

“O-oh, it’s okay. I wasn’t paying, um, I wasn’t paying attention.” I laughed nervously. A small smile and an expression of relief flooded his face.

“Neither was I. Sorry if I hurt you." 

"Nah, it’s all good.” I said, my head looking down, hands behind my back, kicking an invisible pebble away. The two of us didn’t say anything for a moment, just kinda… awkward?  Yeah… awkward.

“Well, I should go. I’m meeting my team for training. Uh… see you.” And he took off. I starred until he was no longer a speck in my sight of vision.

“That was so fucking painful, (y/n).” Temari groaned as she and Shikamaru walked over to me.

“Aug! I know! I just…. WHAT DO I DO?!” I Groaned, feeling so weird that I, a great sand ninja, can’t even talk to the guy I like without sounding like a complete nerd. 

“Just talk to him.” Shikarmu said, his voice bored with a hint of “I’m so done with this shit” tone in his voice. 

No one said anything after that, they knew I wouldn’t talk to him. So, we continued on our merry way around the village. At the end of the day, Termaro decided she was going to stay at Shikamaru’s place instead of the inn. With our goodbyes said, I headed towards the inn to silently cry to myself and maybe self pity eat more ramen. But as soon as the inn was in sight, I heard someone calling my name. Not just any voice though, his voice. That smooth, rough voice that could only be his. 

I turned around and there he was, in all his handsome glory. Perfect hair, contagious grin, beautiful eyes… amazing body. “(Y/n)!” He breathed out heavily. “I… I need your help!” I smiled at him.

“Sure! What’s the problem?” I asked, keeping the blush that threatened to invade my face at bay.

“You see, there’s this girl. She is super smart and really fucking gorgeous and I was wondering…. Could you please tell me what you would think would be the best way to ask her out?” He spoke, a stupid smile on his face and a small blush also dusting his perfectly sculpted cheek bones. My heart dropped to my stomach. He didn’t like me. I fucking knew it! But that didn’t stop the tears slowly making their way to my eyes. I blinked and took a deep breath.

“Well,” I began, “I always imagined a guy coming up to me, holding a single purple flower. He would be all nervous and shy about it. He would just smile and say he liked me and wanted to take me out.” I spoke honestly. Yeah, a bit cheesy, but it’s cute! Fight me! He nodded in response and smiled.

“Thank you so much!” With that he took off. I turned and hurriedly went to my room. I literally just told the guy I liked how to ask a girl he liked how to ask her out the way I dreamed he would ask me out.. I should’ve just given him my dream wedding plans while I was at it! I flopped on the bed and gave a loud groan. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I should’ve just told him I liked him a while ago and MAYBE that would be me he was asking on a date.

I decided to get a shower, the long three day journey here and walking around all day left grimy and disgusting. I stripped off my clothes layer by sweaty layer and hopped in the shower. The water felt great running over my skin, I scrubbed away the dirt and washed my hair. I stepped out just in time to hear a knock on the door. I wrapped a towel around me, thinking it was Temari forgetting something. I walked to the door and opened it, only to see HIM standing there, holding a small purple flower. My eyes widened and I think my heart stopped beating for a moment.

“K…Kakashi?!” I squealed. He didn’t say anything, his only visible eye wide as he looked at me. I looked down, forgetting for a moment that I was only in a fucking towel. I quickly closed the door just enough to hide behind it. “Wh-what are you doing here?” I asked, trying to keep my nerves at bay.

“What? Oh! Um.. well…” he just handed out the small purple flower towards me and I swear I would have fainted right then and there. “This is… um… well… um….” He stumbled over his words and I swear my face was a dark crimson. “Would you maybe wanna go out to eat tomorrow?” He asked looking away. 

“Yes.” I wasn’t even sure if I spoke it or said it, I was so in shock this happened. Was I dreaming?

“Cool, well…bill see you tomorrow then!” He turned quickly and left before I got the chance to do anything else. I looked at the flower he gave me as I closed the door. 

After so long, I finally got the chance to go out with Kakashi! Temari would be happy and Shikamaru would finally get the chance to say I told you so. Only one more problem to be handled….. Kankauro and Gaara. 

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Pairing: Risotto x AFAB Reader
Fandom: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Word Count:
SFW, AU - Tattooshop, Mentions of Blood, Flirting, Sexual Innuendo
People say, getting your first tattoo is an addictive experience. Most come back for more. You can only confirm this. So the obvious choice was to combine your line of work and private passion. As a tattoo model, you visit many events and a lot of artists have immortalized themself on your skin. But one artist in particular has stayed on your mind over the years.
A/N: For (obvious) reasons, the reader’s appearance is described in this one. Though I say the reader has tattoos, it is never describe what or where. This chapter is not yet beta’ed. All mistakes are, as always, mine.

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In which you sometimes forget that you’re dealing with ghosts and can’t actually touch them.

Platonic!Alex Mercer x reader, platonic!Reggie Peters x reader, platonic!Luke Patterson x reader

Oh, it’s gender neutral reader btw

WC: 6k

A/N: It’s finally finished! I worked really hard on this, so I hope you like it. For some reason I can’t tag the person who commented on my post about the concept for this story, but I hope this finds their way to them :)

Ever since the three ghost boys have appeared in your life nothing has been the same. Your sister Julie who had lost such a big part of herself when your mother died finally had that back and you’ve never been prouder of her. The music she was making with the guys was so beautiful and you would never stop being grateful to them for doing what you couldn’t, bringing music back into her life.

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that “cheeks tint pink” part in reader-insert fics always kill me 😭 cause i’m black 😐 there is no cheek tinting pink for me

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This is kind of fucked up.

(Port Mafia Dazai)

(Y/n) point of view

Slapping Dazai across the face for the smart-ass comment he made was probably the most stupidest thing I’ve ever done. My stomach dropped and my eyes widened. Knowing that I was on deaths door and seconds away from never being seen again had me ready to burst in tears.

The mistake had fogged my mind and had my attention completely, kicking my senses into over drive, knowing that I had just slapped, “Osamu Dazai”, “The Demon Prodigy”, “Youngest Executive in Mafia history”, “My superior”, had me shaking like a leaf in a storm

Red-hot, that’s what it felt like. It took a few seconds to figure out that he had just slapped me across the face. Most likely payback, although it wouldn’t had been the first time he had slapped me and honestly it probably won’t be the last.

3rd person point of view

Kicking your legs out from under you, he starts to beat you. Kicking you in the stomach and looking at you with eyes full anger. Yanking your hair, he smashes your head into the floor and smashes his newly polished right boot into your windpipe.

“You ungrateful, disgusting bitch, did you really put your fucking hands on me.” He scoffs.

Dazai takes his boot and removes it from your throat. Only to stomp on your stomach. Kicking you in the ribcage multiple times before spitting on your face.

Bending down, he yanks you up by the hair once again.

“On. Your. Knees.” Each word, a little more scarier and deeper than the previous one.

Trying to scatter as quickly as possible to your knees was a little hard. With - most definitely - bruised ribs and a huge headache that doesn’t help the burn in your scalp, you hesitate but follow orders to the best of your ability.

Unbuckling his belt he drops it to his side, probably to be used again. Yanking your neck back so it’s craned to look at his dead eyes, is sickening. Taking his hand from your bruised scalp, he unbuttons his pants, pulling the zipper all the way down, he slides his pants and boxers down his pale thighs. Exposing a bandaged torso and wrapped up thighs, he wraps his large, pale, slender fingers around his cock. Giving it a few pumps he taps it against your lips, pre-cum staining your lips.

“Open your mouth you dirty whore, before I shove it down your throat and make you choke on it.” Each word makes you sick and disgusted by this monster.

Opening your lips slightly, he shoves his cock inside. Immediately gagging on it, you feel tears streaming down your cheeks as you close your eyes. Feeling a harsh slap across your cheek has your eyes shooting open. Meeting the unbandaged eye of the devil himself, has more tears streaming down your cheeks as your throat gets violently fucked against your will.

“Fuck yes, you feel good. Your throat is so fucking tight and warm, shit.” He looks down at you and grins, “You like making me feel good, huh?” You nod hesitantly.

“Yehs siwr” It comes out as jumbled and scratchy. Drool leaking from your cum stained lips, falling on the dirty floor and making small wet spots.

He grins, “Good, ‘cause this is the only time you’ve ever made me feel good, you useless cumrag-ah fuck, your such a disgusting whore for me, huh.”

Small whimpers fly out of your mouth, wet tounge gliding on the underside of his cock, rubbing over veins. His cock pushes so deep you feel a lump in your throat, your eyes bulge and you immediately try to pull back, pushing, hitting, scratching anywhere and everywhere.

Dazai tangles his slender fingers in your hair and you feel his cock twitch. He holds your head all the way down, your nose is touching his pelvic bone. Big fat globs of tears and spit start to flow even more. Your struggling becoming apparently useless as you feel a warm, thick substance leak down your throat.

You freeze. Your bulged eyes shooting up, to look at him through sticky tears and wet hair, sweat dripping down your temple.

He laughs.

Taking his cock out he tucks and fixes himself. His hair is slightly wet and his lips slightly bloody from, most likely him biting them.

He tilts your chin up, looking you dead in the eye, “open your mouth.” It’s a simple demand but an impossible task. Your jaw feels sore, swollen and you wouldn’t be surprised if it was dislocated somehow.

Getting impatient he yanks your jaw open, the inside of your mouth is coated in cum. He spits in it. Some of the cum glides down your throat from the added liquid and it’s makes you wanna throw up. Shoving his fingers in his pocket, he takes out his phone and snaps a picture. Do you really blame him tho? How could he not, you look so pretty.

Lips swollen and bruised, saliva and cum dripping from them. Fat tears streaming down your face. He clearly sees the trails they left behind on your face. Fuck it makes his cock hard again. You look so sad, why? Doesn’t matter, your still so pretty.

Giving one final command, he leaves.

“Swallow, Whore.”

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Originally posted by thehauntingsource


  • steven is kind of annoyed when you show up in the middle of their bickers sometimes 
  • steven is also annoyed about the fact that his best friend is dating his brother
  • but he has to learn to tolerate it because there’s nothing he can do about it
  • he’s actually happy that luke is dating you because you’re perfect and you and luke are a perfect match
  • you’ve read his book….. and you’re stuck between him and the crains
  • always being there for luke, but also having to be there for steven
  • you try talking to steven and offering advice
  • he’s always thinking about you
  • luke’s always thinking about you, too
  • you think about the both of them
  • steven likes to see you as his muse sometimes
  • you know about their history with the house, but they never want you to ever step foot inside of it after all those years
  • always being curious and asking steven about what happened
  • always being polite to nell, theo and shirley
  • you always feel like you have to give the crains some space whenever you feel like your presence isn’t appropriate
  • you got to meet their father for the first time as well but it was brief 
  • one day you all get together and they always think of you as part of the family
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— how they react when you get hurt

  • Characters: Annie January, Frenchie, Hugh Campbell, Kimiko Miyashiro,  Queen Maeve
  • Warnings: injury/violence
  • Requester: anonymous
  • Request: “Can I request the boys preferences(Annie, Maeve, Kimiko, Frenchie and Hughie) for how they react when you get hurt?”
  • A/N: hope it’s alright!

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  • if you are the same age as her, flora doesn’t really tell you about the lady in the lake until it starts to get too risky to not tell you at all
  • she wants to protect you ofc as does miles
  • you grew into the habit of saying “perfectly splendid” to literally everyone
  • you attend home classes with her and miles
  • after finding out about the lady in the lake, you help flora and miles keep miss clayton away so she doesn’t get harmed
  • always sitting by her at the lake
  • she sings to you sometimes
  • you’re the one who wants to protect her from the lady in the lake
  • finding out the meaning behind her dolls
  • she has given you a doll made by her and you always cherish it
  • always visiting her at the manor and playing with her
  • mostly hide and seek
  • flora always introduces you to everyone even though they already know you by now, flora just likes to make an entrance for you
  • being a special guest in story time
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Love Potion

  • gif credit: @chibisgotovalhalla
  • pairing: Hvitserk x Plus Size!Reader, Hvitserk x Thora (mentioned), Plus Size!Reader x Guthrum (mentioned)
  • type: one-shot
  • word count: 3835
  • ao3: amyponders
  • warnings: implied sex, tooth-rotting fluff, angst, requited unrequited love, witchcraft, jealousy, soft!Hvitserk and brief dark!Hvitserk
  • summary: Hvitserk volunteers to help you try a love potion on him and he finally works up the courage to confess his feelings for you.
  • a/n: I ripped this out of my heart and it hurt so good
  • taglist: @xbellaxcarolinax

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Spin the Bottle (Part 2)

  • gif credit: @ivarswickedqueen
  • pairing: Hvitserk x Plus Size!Reader, Ivar & Plus Size!Reader (platonic)
  • type: two-shot
  • word count: 2309
  • ao3: amyponders
  • warnings: soft and I do mean soft!Hvitserk, implied sex, kissing, awkward crush, unrequited crush, language, some angst?
  • summary: Still at the party, Hvitserk and Reader sneak off to a room together where he keeps acting weird much to Reader’s amusement but he finally convinces her to let him take her out on a date. 
  • a/n: @xbellaxcarolinax my lovely beta once again came to the rescue when I was stuck; thank you so much for all your help with this story! I loved all your suggestions. How are we this in-sync? 😭💚
  • taglist: @xbellaxcarolinax, @flowers-in-your-hayr, @alexhandersen-marcoilsoe-fandom

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Wordcount: 3,326

Warning: Ideologically sensitive and gore. 

It’s been a while since I posted a one-shot, so I dug around and found this gem I wrote two years ago.

Shooting a gun was easier said than done. But Alfred always seemed to get everything, winding up showing you the ropes. Whether it was starting up a fire, making a water filter with a bottle and sand, or how to kill a human-turned-flesh-eating freak, without him, you would have been a goner. Or worse, turn into exactly that. Having served a few years in the military, like all soldiers or well-read folks, he was part of the small percentile with a higher chance of survival. And being on his good side, his best friend even, it only guaranteed the same.

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Jotaro eh? I hate to be one of those annoying girls but….. Shiiit man he’s got them daddy vibes!! Honestly 90% of the men in JJBA has daddy vibes.

Btw if you have some JJBA asks feel free to send them to @jojo-r-us Where my JoJo themed blog is. I mean if you want to… It makes it easier for y'all in the long run if you just want to see jojo stuff. Anywayyy I should do something for Star Platinum sometime…


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- he’d be one scary ass yandere honestly.

- Naturally, even before what happened in Egypt, he is a bit protective of those he cares for. Even if you couldn’t tell in the slightest that he ever thought about you…or even saw you for that matter.

- His instincts are never wrong and he has the mindset that he’s correct. What- you disagree? No. He’s correct. You’re wrong.

- He’s not a musclehead though, he’s smart. Probably far more brilliant than people give him credit for.

- He’s smart enough to know that how he obsesses over you- your hair, your eyes, the way you cross your knees repeatedly when you’re bored in class, how your eyelashes look when your eyes are closed, the gentle rising and falling of your chest while you sleep- is not normal.

- God, he could happily think about you for days.

- Outwardly, he’d merely look like a devoted boyfriend. Oftentimes barely even devoted.

- His mask of indifference and apathy come in handy when sheltering the darker part of himself from the world.

- He’s been known to swear and threaten those who even mildly inconvenience him, but may the Lord have mercy on those who inconvenience you.

- He’ll personally escort them to Hell’s Lake of fire and brimstone.

- He will manage to do all of that and more while making the same expression he always does.

- That mask of his is the perfect intimidation tactic against those who dare to even glance your way- which in fact is rather rare to begin with due to the giant of a man who oft times towers over everyone, preventing others from even realizing there was another person there- As the smallest narrowing of his eyes, the slightest twitch of a finger, could and would send fully grown men running.

- You were rather oblivious to this, as people were already intimidated by Jotaro when you weren’t dating him, so it came as no surprise that people still were.

- Even as a yandere he is a man of few words, though if you’re sly about it, you can get a few words of praise or affection from him.

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[9:13 AM]

You woke to a shaft of sunlight falling through a crack in the curtains and dust motes circling through the air. Your bed tilted a little as Hendery shifted next to you and you looked over at him fondly, watching as his eyes scrunched closed as a bream of light hit his face. He tilted his face back into the shadow, and then appeared to wake up more fully. He tilted his head toward you, careful to keep his eyes out of the sun. His voice was gravelly as he said, “Good morning.” He yawned and lifted his head up for a second before reconsidering and letting his head floomp back into the pillow. You scooched closer to him and reached out to pat at his hair, which stuck up in every direction like Siri trying to get you to your destination in the most roundabout way possible. You laughed as you did so and he wrinkled his nose, flipping onto his stomach to hide his face in his pillow.

“Hey, come on,” you pleaded softly, your own voice rough with sleepiness. “I’ll stop petting you if you don’t look at me.” It was your threat that made him grunt and turn his head to the side to look at you, eyes full of joking betrayal. Everyone knew you gave the best faux head massages. You kissed from his temple down to his ear, where he whined from the tickle of your lips. You moved from there to the corner of his lips and then you laid back down next to him, sinking into him as his arms wrapped around you; you thought you felt the press of his lips against the crown of your head.

“I love you,” he murmured.

“I love you too,” you replied, snuggling deeper into him. I love you too, and I won’t ever let you forget it.

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Micah Bell HC’s - Accidental Date Night

Okay so I was standing around waiting for my drink to come out and I thought ooh i want to go on a REALLY cheesy date with Micah and felt inspired to write about it, also keeping it pretty gender neutral for everyone to enjoy!!


  • Dutch sends you and Micah into Valentine to investigate a possible stagecoach that’s supposed to be passing through with a bucket load of payroll.

  • You head over to the saloon fully intending to coax some poor drunk into giving away information but you end up sitting at the bar with Micah who is uncharacteristically in a good mood.

  • He pays for all your drinks in hopes to impress you with the earnings of the house robbery he pulled off the day before.

  • As drinks started flowing between the two of you, Micah slowly started to let his walls down as you noticed he visibly began to relax into your side.

  • You found it almost bizarre that he could have a normal conversation with you where he wasn’t actively flirting with you or trying to start an argument.

  • “I remember when I first fell of my horse, ‘was only eight years old… my daddy always said it took a man to ride a horse n’ never let me learn on a foal- my foot was too small to fit in the stirrup and the next thing i knew was rollin’ around in the dirt”

  • You just had to laugh along with his story as you imagined a little mini Micah running around trying to ride a fully grown horse, his chest puffed standing in a triumphant pose, with his hands holding the gun belt that threatens to fall down on his too small waist and mud smudged across his face, sticking to his hair.

  • Micah couldn’t help the fluttery feeling he got when he saw you smile, the way your eyes crinkled at the corners mixed with the fact the HE was the one to make you smile gave him this overwhelming sense of pride.

  • As you both begin to feel pleasantly buzzed Micah kept brushing his arm against yours, craving any sort of contact or attention you’d give him because my gOd was is man touch starved.

  • The only time he laid a hand on you was when a drunk asshole came over and tried to take you over to the piano for a dance and something more.

  • “Now darlin’ why don’t you come over here and let me show you a good time eh?”

  • Micah’s arm came to wrap around your waist and pulled you to his side protectively as he grunted at the man to “fuck off before i show you what a bad time looks like…”

  • The two of you moved into a quieter corner of the saloon after that, sharing a bottle of whiskey and continued your conversations with the surprisingly polite and soft Micah Bell that you were so unused to.

  • In the dim light Micah’s eyes are really blue and you couldn’t stop yourself from staring at him adoringly.

  • When it was well into the night and you were both drunk enough that it was time to make your way back to camp.

  • As you left the saloon and made your way over to the horses you reached forward, taking his arm and leant up to place the softest kiss you could muster in your drunken state onto his cheek only to miss and kiss the corner of his mouth instead.

  • “Thank you Mr. Bell, I had the most wonderful time”

  • The look of utter embarrassment and shock on Micah’s face along with the flush down to his chest made you give the biggest smile of the evening which turned Micah into this happy puddle of dopamine

  • Once Micah got over his internal breakdown “OH MY LORD THEY ACTUALLY KISSED ME” phase he’s back to his confident and charming self again.

  • Micah holds his hand out to you and picked you up to put you on the back of Baylock.

  • yes, your horse is right next to him but shhh he’s trying to be romantic for a change.

  • You spent the ride home with you arms wrapped tightly around his waist and your head resting on his shoulder as you drift off to sleep.

  • You wake up the next morning in your tent, a blanket wrapped around you tightly with a piece of scribbled paper and coffee laying next to your bedroll.

  • “Found the stage- heading to Annesburg with army payroll, meet me at Emerald Ranch and i’ll take you to dinner with the winnings - M
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Take My Hand.

Bts Fanfic.

Words: 1146.

Summary: Everyone knows Jungkook as the guy who can do everything perfectly, there’s not a single thing he doesn’t excel at. You unwittingly catches his eye, when he finds out that he didn’t get the top marks on an essay and You were the one who actually did. He goes out of his way to get to know You after that. Jungkook x Shy Indian Reader.

Genre: fluff I guess? Slight angst? Im honestly just winging this rn 😂😅

Chapter 1/??

Whoa, Im actually doing this, posting my first bts fanfic. I’m still a new Army but Ive read so many amazing fics and I just wanted to write something of my own so here I am. Please leave comments or anything really to tell me what you think of this. This is also cross posted on my AO3. If ya wanna check it out there.


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Was it possible to die of embarrassment, if not then that was definitely what will be written on your headstone? Here lies Y/N Y/L/N. She died in her English Class from embarrassment. Well, you thought, if you just don’t react to what Professor Moon says then no one will even know that you were even in this lecture. 

It’s not like, many people even knew you existed anyway, that was how you liked it. The fewer people that know of you, the less you get involved in the most random and useless drama that happens in University.

Thankfully before Professor Moon could go on waxing poetic, about how well written your essay had been. The next professor who had the room came, so Professor Moon let your class go saying that if anyone had any questions about this last assignment then they should come to her office now but after today she won’t be listening to anyone about this specific assignment.

For someone who despised running, you were running as if your life depended on getting out of that room. No one knew who you were, its not like someone was going to stop you to ask about the essay. But your mind didn’t like being logical and so you were running out of the class like you had dementors after you. 

Not even caring that Linda and Raj were waiting outside to go to lunch with you. You didn’t stop until you were well out of the building and practically fell onto a bench outside the building panting.

“Yah, why did you run out so quick?” Raj said to you as he and Linda caught up to you on the bench, they took a seat next to you and Linda handed you a bottle of water from her bag.

Smiling gratefully at her, you drank the water and gave her the bottle back. Turning to look at Raj you just sighed before taking a breath to tell them the story.

“Professor Moon thought it would be a great idea to talk about how my essay got the top marks in class and how well written it was, she probably would’ve said more but thankfully the next professor came” you explained to them as you got up and started to walk, the other two coming to stand on either side of you.

“Okay, but that doesn’t explain why you were running from the class babes,” Linda asked.

“Well on the off chance that someone wanted to talk to me, I had to run out to avoid them,” You say as you open the door to the Costa and get in line to order. You see the other two go to find somewhere to sit while you order for them. This was a routine you had.

When it is your turn before you can even say anything the handsome barista Jin smiles at you.

“Lemme guess Y/N, Hot Chocolate for you, Chai Latte for Linda and an Iced Americano for Raj” You nod your head, every worker at the Costa knows your order, it would be weird if after almost 2 years they didn’t know, even if you came alone you only got one thing, but you were rarely alone and with either Raj or Linda when you came to Costa. You pay and go to wait with your friends for your drinks. 

Drinks in hand, the three of you start the walk to your dorm.

Jungkook knocked on the door to Professor Moon’s office. After hearing her let him in, he walked in and took a seat in front of his professor, she smiled at him.

“Jungkook you did well on this essay, why are you here?” Prof. Moon asked Jungkook. He sighed before he replied to her.

“This is the first time that I haven’t gotten the top marks in this class and I’d like to know what this Y/N girl did to get higher than me” He told Prof. Moon seriously. 

Prof Moon looked at Jungkook, she knew he got good grades in her class but to think that this was the first time he didn’t get the top marks was laughable since this wasn’t the first he was second to Y/N. In every other assignment so far, he had either gotten the same marks or lower than Y/N. This was just the first time that Prof. Moon felt the need to tell the class about the high quality of essay Y/N had turned in.

“To clear things up Mr Jeon, you do not get the top marks in this class, that honour belongs to Y/N, the only reason I told the rest of the class was that everyone else’s including your essay was not at the level I expect and so I thought that by highlighting Y/N’s essay it would encourage people to want to do better.” Prof. Moon told Jungkook.

Jungkook was shocked, he knew that the essay he had submitted wasn’t his best work, he had written it 2 hours before the due time. Hungover because of the party that they had in the BTS dorm. However, to find out that he didn’t get the top marks generally in this class was what he was still processing. 

Whenever he asked any of his friends in the class about their grades, his were the highest and so he had just assumed he was the one getting the highest in the grades in the class.

To find out that, this Y/N girl had been getting the highest grade and he didn’t even know who she was, was another thing for him to unpack in his head.

“If the essay, is what you wanted to talk about Jungkook, then I suggest that you reach out to Y/N and ask her for tips to improve your essay, that was the reason I mentioned her essay so that you students can work together in improving your work, rather than me leaving comments that none of you read after seeing your grades,” Prof. Moon said to Jungkook before going back to looking at her computer and ignoring Jungkook which he took as his cue to leave.

As he was leaving Jungkook turned back to Professor Moon. “Uh, the prof who even is Y/N? I’ve never heard of her before today and I most definitely have no idea what she looks like,” he asks Professor Moon.

Shaking her head. “Well, I guess being part of BTS will come in handy now to find Y/N won’t it Mr Jeon, close the door on your way out, I’ll see you in the next class and no I will not give you Ms Y/L/N’s University email”

Well that didn’t work so now Jungkook was left to ask his hyungs and hope one of them knew Y/N.

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