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angrythingstarlight · a day ago
So, ummm Chubby Bucky and Alpine.
Tumblr media
This literally stole my heart ❤
Pairing: Chubby Librarian Bucky x Reader.
Warnings: Fluff. Alpine. Chubby Bucky wearing a sweater.
A/N: HC #1
Likes comments and rebogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend is a softie. He’s as soft as his belly and you love him even more because he’s such a sweetheart. You watched your soft-spoken librarian patiently guide his elderly patrons through the rows of books and read off titles until they find the one they want. He waives fines for any kid who forgets to return their books on time because he’s just happy they’re reading. Bucky orders your favorite books and hides a copy of all new releases under his desk so you always have first dibs.
So it’s no surprise that he would adopt a stray kitten.
The night he found little alpine, it had been drizzling all day. The library was empty most of the day, so he spent his time organizing the shelves, catching up on reading and sending you risque pictures. Even when he’s sending you a filthy snap, his face is burning and you can practically hear his flustered tone when he sends a message right after the pic, asking if you liked it. The familiar shade of bright red gracing his cheeks has you giggling even as you ogle his impressive body. Yes. You like. You like it a lot.
And you planned on showing him how much when he gets off.
You’re waiting for him outside the library in his car with the seat pushed back, your feet on the dash, scrolling through tiktok while Bucky closed up the library. The steady patter of the rain on the windshield lulling you to sleep. Fighting off a yawn, you smile when his picture flashes across your screen. “Hey, Buck-”
Bucky cuts you off with a frantic gasp. “Listen Peach, stay on the line with me, kay?”
You sit up, brows furrowing in concern, you hear rattling in the background. “What? What’s going on baby?”
Bucky clutches the phone to his ear, holding a novel in his other hand, slowly raising it above his head as he peeks around the corner. “Someone broke into the building. They’re messing up my children’s section.”
“Hold I’m coming in-”
“The hell you are! “M not letting some crazy person hurt you. I-” Bucky swallows, pushing down his nerves into his chest, he takes a deep breath. “I got this.” He glances at the book in his hand. “I have a weapon Peach.” Bucky takes another look at his book. Actually no. He really likes this one. He gently sets it down on a table and balls up his fist.
He flinches at the loud crash echoing through the library, whispering that he’s okay. Ignoring your pleas for him to turn around, he follows the noises. This is his library and he’s not going to let anyone mess up his library. Bucky also wants you to think he’s brave but he’s not going to say that aloud.
Bucky skids to a stop, his blue eyes widening in horror. It's not the upturned potted plants or the displays scattered on the floor that he's worried about. One of his favorite novels is on the ground, the spine cracked. Someone hurt one of his books. It takes a lot to upset your man. So when he hissed that he’s going to lose his shit on whoever destroyed a Tolkein book, you sit up even straighter. You feel a tinge of shame at the dull throb that blooms between your thighs. But damn, you didn’t know his voice could get that deep and his angry tone sounds sexy.
You’ll explore that later.
“I’m going to kick their ass, I swear to-” Bucky glances up. His phone drops to the ground and you hear muffled “Oh my god, oh my god peach.”
“Bucky? Bucky!” you call out. The sounds of clattering and a dull thud echo through your phone. You repeat his name but he doesn't respond. Without hesitation, you jump out of your car, you let out a frustrated scream as you get pulled back in by your seatbelt. After a brief fight with it, you manage to free yourself. You run up the stairs to the entrance and burst inside, glancing around the empty space, you sprint past the main desk to the children’s section. Your heart is hammering in your chest, shit why didn’t you grab a weapon. You start to take a book off the shelf figuring you can at least throw it at the intruder. Then you see the author. Oh wait, this is Livingston, no you can’t throw Livingston.
There’s a strange soft rumbling, it sounds so familiar but in your panic, you cant’ fully recognize it, almost like purring but that can't be right, shaking off the thought, you look around. You see a flash of brown hair through the spaces between the books. “Bucky,” you whisper, ducking down. “Are you okay?”
“Heeey Peach.” You tilt your head at his chagrined tone. “You look pretty.” That has you slowly standing up. “I love you.” Your deep sigh reverberates through the room.
You saunter to the next row and immediately burst into giggles. Putting your hand over your mouth, you struggle to find words. You can’t believe what you’re seeing right now.
Your 6’4” sweater-wearing chubby man is cradling an oversized cotton ball with blue eyes. You stare at Bucky with your brows raised. “So you gonna kick his ass huh?”
Bucky ducks his head, his pink lips stretching into a soft smile “Her.”
You know by the way he’s gazing at the curious little kitten kneading her paws into his belly that he already loves her. “Can we keep her Peach?”
Honestly, he doesn’t even have to ask, you’d do anything for this man. You take the fluff ball from his large hands and snuggle the sleepy kitten while he cleans up her mess. By the time, he’s done, he’s already named her alpine and he’s made a space for her by his desk.
You and Alpine wait for him to lock up and you all head back to the car. You shrug when he sees the passenger door open, his smile growing wider. “Thank you for coming to save me Peach.” He kisses your forehead, placing his hand on your back as he helps you inside.
Bucky settles in his seat. “And you,-” he points at the yawning cat on your lap. “-no breaking stuff, do you have any idea how much-” Little Alpine perks up at the sound of his voice and climbs over to his lap. She gazes up at him, purring loudly, she places her head and tiny paws on his belly. “You can do whatever you want.”
You chuckle, muttering, “big ole softie.”
Bucky grins proudly. “Damn right,” Covering Alpine’s ears, he leans over, “but tonight I’ll show you how hard I can get for you.” His lips slot over yours, kissing you until you’re dizzy. Pulling away, he turns on the car. “But first, we’re going to the pet store and buying everything.”
Narrowing your eyes at a still beaming Bucky, you shake your head. If he spoils her the way he spoils you, you know he’s really going to try to buy everything cat item he can get his hands on. “No Bucky, she only needs a few things.”
“All the things Peach. All the things”
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allfiguredout · a day ago
She’s Sleeping!
Yelena Belova X Fem!Reader
Warning: Mild language, some suggestive things
Prompt: You fell asleep in Yelena’s arms and Yelena does everything in her power to make sure you stay there. Even if it means silently fighting the avengers.
WC: 757
Tumblr media
A/N: sorry if this is short. I kinda thought of this at 11pm and I have to be awake in a couple of hours.
You were fast asleep in her arms, head laying on her chest, hands resting around her waist. The warmth you radiated and the tingling feeling every time you breathed sent shivers down Yelena’s spine. There was no way in hell she was going to ruin something so peaceful like this.
“Hey, Y/N!”
Well, your teammates begged to differ. Sam calls out for you from across the hall. The moment he comes into view, Yelena pulls out her knife and throws it at him. It barely misses his cheek as it sticks to the wall behind.
Yelena could only mouth her words. “She is sleeping.” Her expressions were clearly angry towards the Captain.
When Sam eyes you laying on Yelena’s shoulder, a grin spreads his face. He raises his hand to apologize before walking away.
Yelena sighs in relief, as she watches Sam disappears from the hall she turns to look at you once more, making sure you were still fast asleep. To her happiness, you were. She gently cups your cheek, looking at every single feature on your face trying to memorize it. The way your face relaxes when you sleep creates a twinkle in her eyes, a feeling that causes the ends of her lips to curl up into a smile.
It only seems the moment gets ruined once more as footsteps start trailing towards the area. Her guard is immediately up, the knife ready to be launched if that person dared to make a sound.
Unfortunately, the person who decides to walk through was none other than Natasha. She had a sly grin on her face when she sees her little sister cuddling with you.
Yelena mouths back, glaring harshly. “Don’t you dare.”
If Natasha was someone like Steve, she would’ve let the two of you live in peace. But because Natasha was always acting like a little shit around her sister, Yelena knew this was going to end up in a night.
“Leave us alone!” Yelena mouths.
Not even bother to whisper, she points at the two of you. “What, Yelena? I can't hear you?”
“Natasha!” Yelena hisses through her teeth.
“Yes, that’s my name.”
It takes all of Yelena’s power to not lurch at her sister. For if she did, she would definitely wake you up and she would lose the warmth on your chest.
“I’m happy to see that you two still have all your clothes on.”
“Stop-“ Yelena keeps hissing.
“I know you’ve thought about it before. You have a dirty mind anyway-“
“Natasha, stop.” With each word, Yelena’s voice begins to get progressively louder and louder.
“I’m just saying-“
“Эта сука,” Yelena grumbles.
“Language, Lena! That’s so foul!”
Yelena only boils over, throwing a knife right at her sister. Luckily Natasha dodges it in time as it hits the back wall with a loud thud. A thud so louder that your evened breathing hitches and your eyes shoot open. Great.
“Oh no, you woke Y/N up!” Natasha replies.
Yelena glares heavily at her sister. Meanwhile, you were trying to understand what the hell just happened.
“Lena?” You call.
Natasha had already walked away by the time Yelena could point fingers.
“Sorry, детка.” She says. “Natasha was just being annoying. I tried to make sure you didn’t wake up.”
You life her head from her chest, running your eyes to adjust to the scene around you. “Don’t worry, Len. It’s not your fault Natasha inherited the annoying geek that all the avengers have.” You quip jokingly.
You try to wiggle away from her, but she only pouts, holding you by the waist, preventing you from getting up. “No!” She pouts. “Stay here! You were so comfortable.”
You lightly giggle at her response, turning your body so you take her hands from your waist. “Lena we’ve been on the couch for two hours.”
“That’s not enough time!” She complains.
“Oh come on. Who says we’re not going to stop cuddling,” you reply. “Let’s just take this to my room? We can cuddle there and there will be no one to bother us. I can have FRIDAY lock the room too.”
Yelena’s eyes light up. “Really?”
You gently place a kiss on her nose. “You act like we’ve never done this before.”
“Shut up,” she says. “I like your cuddles.”
You help pull her up from the couch. But before you could lead to the room, she pulls you in for a kiss. You instantly melt into it, arms wrapping around her neck.
“I love you, Yelena.”
“I love you most, детка.”
Thanks for reading this short one! Sorry if I haven’t posted much this month, I’ve been slowly readjusting to uni and time isn’t as readily available as it used to be. But I tried my best. Anyways, I hope you have a great day/night, and may you always stay safe. If you need anything, I’m always right here! :) -Bolts
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sims2bellaswan · 2 days ago
Wedding headcanons | Genshin Impact x Reader
Headcanons for a wedding with Childe, Zhongli, Kaeya and Diluc [gender neutral reader]
TW: SFW, long term commitment, drinking, Zhongli’s immortality, ummm idk
Ever a family man, your wedding is more of a reception than a ceremony. You two spend a good few hours just greeting family and friends
The ceremony is traditionally Schneznayan, he really fought for that and you caved
It’s grand, it’s beautiful, you two look great together. He’s wasted no expense making this the most perfect day possible and it’s easy to tell
Your decisions resided more on your side of things like your clothing, traditional family choices, etc. And, while he picked the ceremony, you got to pick a lot of the reception and collaborated on the after party
He worked hard, so he gets to play hard! Hes going to drink and party with his family once you guys finish the wedding duties
The after party is simpler, by a long shot, it’s you and his closest friends and family all huddled in smaller room, dressed down and casually talking or dancing
The Honeymoon is where you guys fought a little more
He wanted to take a trip to Schneznaya and stay with his family and he was very keen on it. You begged for somewhere warmer or more reserved or more romantic! Anything!
You two could hardly decide, opting instead to go as many places as you two can within a two week period. Make a game of it
A smaller wedding is more his style
It utilizes a lot of traditions from Liyue that most people wouldn’t remember. Honestly, you had to scour history books while getting ready just to make sure you’re doing everything right
The reception is grand and lovely, but still very intimate. It’s more of a dinner than a party, which you can’t imagine Zhongli minds all that much
He’s very reserved during the reception, sticking closer to you or the table. Not that you mind, but you spent most of the night dancing with him
Your first dance is probably the most romantic moment of the evening. The lanterns dim, casting the room in a yellow-tinted glow. He looks at you with all the love in the world, you know because you could feel it coursing through you both.
You pushed for a longer honeymoon and for a nice, warm location. He pushed to stay in Liyue. You guys compromised by going to the beaches of Liyue
The honeymoon is when his immortality sets in. After all the excitement and fun, he’s left worrying that this’ll be a blip compared to his longevity. He loves you and that’ll last a million lifetimes but you won’t
You can calm him down if you know how but good luck getting thoughts out of his head long enough to enjoy your night
You hardly get a moment to yourself let alone to talk to loved ones! My man is all over you
The ceremony is sweet, you guys wrote your own flowery vows, how cute
The reception is a lot more fun, no kids, open bar, just dancing and partying. This is where we see Kaeya broing it up with his Knights friends, chug chug chug
The ratio of time spent dancing or sitting together compared to time spent doing anything else is way off. You guys dance together, you’re on his arm at the bar, his arm never leaves your waist, you know couple shit
He definitely wanted an after party, extra time to celebrate him and you? Why would he say no!
It’s giving crazy, it’s giving funky, it’s giving fun. The after party was you two and you’re closest friends finishing off the nights drinks
It would be very easy to say that very little of the honeymoon is spent sleeping. This is one of the more romantic of the honeymoons in the scenario so it’s a lot more couple time
Closer to Zhongli’s but somehow more intimate
There’s little partying, just the ceremony and dinner. Don’t get me wrong, people are having fun and it’s definitely a wedding but you aren’t seeing Kaeya and Diluc’s wedding being compared ykwim
The theme is very warm, very romantic. You find yourself leaning on him at dinner a lot, squeezing each other’s hand under the table as a quick “I love you”
The reception is a banquet at the manor. Close friends and family were invited and that’s it, you two wanted it to be very close knit and personal
The honeymoon is where it feels more like a regular wedding. You had to practically drag him on a vacation, but you finally got some relaxation with him
That doesn’t stop him from worrying about just about everything at home. Through dinner he’s whispering about grape prices rising and during your first dance you watch his face drop, probably remembering some paperwork or something
I’m seeing family planning during the honeymoon, I know what he wants. Secret family man, future dilf
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ssahotchswife · 2 days ago
A Bright Spot in the Dark
Tumblr media
Summary: Penelope Garcia goes on sabbatical for a month and her replacement shakes Aaron Hotchner up more than he cares to admit..
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x (fem!)reader!
Includes: Fluff, kisses, flirting, soft, smiles, emotions, sweet boy Aaron Hotchner, soft Hotch, Aaron Hotchner needs a hug, a touch of Kevin slander pfft
Word Count: 3.6k
A/N: This is posted on my ao3 (ssahotchswife)! Hi guys!! I hope you’ve all been having a good week so far and I hope it only gets better. Enjoy some fluff on this fine Wednesday! AO3 LINK
The BAU without Penelope Garcia was like a kindergarten class without a teacher: Pure Chaos. Garcia deserved the break, however, that’s why it hadn’t been a hard decision at all for Aaron to sign off on her time-off request. A month without the only real thread tying the team together – Aaron was worried. Of course, the team literally couldn’t function without a technical analyst, so they were bringing in a temporary substitute for Garcia, though no one could ever replace her skills in the Batcave. And Aaron really wasn’t looking forward to dealing with Kevin for a month.
The morning had already started off a little rocky; Jack woke up feeling sick and cried in Aaron’s arms until he fell back to sleep from exhaustion. He really had considered staying home from work, but he needed to be there to go over the basics of the job with Kevin. Jessica had basically had to shove him out the door to go to work, and he knew he wasn’t going to be the most pleasant man in the world that day. If he didn’t dislike Kevin so much, he might have felt bad for the guy that he had to deal with Aaron’s piss poor mood all day. But it was only Kevin.
Aaron’s day steadily got worse as he got stuck in traffic, dropped his coffee on the parking garage floor, and got stuck in the elevator with Erin Strauss who lectured him about the BAU’s budget and the temp coming to fulfill Garcia’s post for the entire ride up to his floor. The rest of the team was already in the bullpen by the time he stomped towards his office, he could feel the raised eyebrows and quiet whistles of the team behind his back as he shut himself into his office and wished for a lock on the door.
He’d barely gotten settled into his desk chair when a soft knock sounded on the door. Knowing it must be Kevin, Aaron shouted for him to come in, never taking his eyes off the file in front of him on the desk.
“I’m sure Garcia has already told you a lot of what to expect with this job,” He said.
“Oh, sir, I don’t think –” Aaron’s head whipped up at the sound of your voice. His eyes widened when he didn’t see Kevin standing in front of his desk, but instead saw you. Nervous, beautiful you.
“I’m sorry, who are you?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at you.
“I’m – um – I’m the temp?”
He tried not to profile you, knowing it could make people even more nervous around him, but it was hard not to. The way you’d phrased your job title as a question, the way you shifted from foot to foot nervously, the overly professional way you’d dressed. An overachiever, likely straight out of college or maybe grad school, used to being praised for your work by superiors. You were pretty, very pretty, but Aaron didn’t think that was his profiling skills saying that, not when the confused furrow of your brow made his heart flip. Odd.
“T-they sent me straight here after HR,” You said, clearly uncomfortable with silence. “And told me to speak with Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner.”
“Right,” Aaron said. “We were expecting Kevin.”
“I don’t know Kevin,” You said, sounding apologetic for whatever reason.
“Lucky you,” Aaron mumbled under his breath, blinking in surprise when you let out a soft chuckle at his words. “What’s your name?”
“(Y/n), sir, (y/n) (y/l/n),” You said, blinking up at him when he stood from his chair and moved to stand in front of you.
After a moment, you offered up your hand for him to shake. Surprise flooded in his veins at your strong grip. Maybe your lack of confidence earlier had simply been a response to the surprise of your new boss potentially not knowing who you are. The corners of your lips curled up into a little smile as you pulled your hand back. Aaron had to fight to keep the smile off his own lips at the adorable smile on yours.
“Follow me,” He said, walking out of the office, not needing to turn to know you were trailing behind him.
Down in the bullpen, he noticed the curious gazes of his team watching you. And, of course, he noticed the way Morgan leaned back in his desk chair and grinned up the stairs at you. Aaron couldn’t understand, nor care, about the flicker of irritation that fanned in him at Morgan’s clear attraction to you.
“You can meet the team later,” Aaron said, glancing over his shoulder at you.
“Okay,” You nodded decisively.
Aaron unlocked the door to Garcia’s lair, chuckling when he saw the bright pink letter left on the desk for you from the analyst. Stepping back, he let his eyes roam over you as your eyes widened with wonder at the sight of so many computers displayed before you.
“Wow,” You breathed. “Whoever this Garcia is, she’s a genius.”
“She’s something,” Aaron huffed out a laugh. “Do you need anything else before you get started?”
“No, sir,” You said with a smile. “But thank you.”
“Please, (y/l/n), call me Hotch,” Aaron said.
“Oh,” You said, blinking in surprise. “Right. Hotch.”
He lingered in the doorway for a moment, watching you ogle over Garcia’s set up. Aaron couldn’t help but smile softly seeing you be so impressed and excited at your new workstation. After a moment, he left you alone to fiddle with the high-tech equipment in front of you.
Back in his office, Aaron worked at his paperwork for hours, though his brain wasn’t exactly in it. Every time his eyes slid up to the photo of his son on his desk, a wave of guilt and concern would crash into him. He should be home with his little boy, checking his temperature, rubbing his tummy, kissing his forehead. But he was here, he was always here. It was hard for him not to be mad at you about it – sure, he knew rationally that it wasn’t your fault, but he was here instead of with his son because it was your first day.
At some point he heard you greeting the team, your voice friendly and anything but the timid, stammering woman who had walked into his office this morning. Sure enough, right on schedule, the insecurities started eating at him. Why were you so nervous to talk to him? Was he that unapproachable that even just being near him made people nervous? His bad mood was back again, giving him a headache that lingered until nearly everyone was gone from the office.
It was almost six when he heard the familiar soft knock on his office door, calling for you to come in.
“Hi,” You said with a little smile as you entered.
“Something I can help with?”
Oh – uh – yeah,” You said, your eyebrow twitching in confusion at his annoyed tone. “I just need your signature on this intake form.”
“Right.” Aaron scratched out his signature on the paper you handed him.
“S-sir – I – Hotch,” You started. “Is everything alright?”
“I just – you seem upset,” You said. “Are you alright?”
Aaron sighed, realizing what an ass he was being to you for absolutely no reason. It wasn’t your fault he was still here – it was this frustrating paperwork that he was still working on.
“Yeah, it’s – I’m fine,” He said.
“Well, that was unconvincing,” You shrugged. Aaron huffed out a laugh without thinking about it, looking up to see you biting your bottom lip through a smile.
“It’s my son,” Aaron said quietly. “He’s home sick and I can’t stop thinking about him.”
“You want to be home with him,” You observed.
“I do.”
“You better get moving then,” You smiled. “Traffic can be heavy at this time.”
“I have a mountain of paperwork to get through –”
“I’ll help,” You said, plopping into the chair across from his desk. “We can get this done a lot faster with the two of us.”
“You don’t have to –”
“I do now,” You said, looking at the picture of Jack on his desk with a smile. “This little cutie needs his daddy to come home.”
“(Y/n), really,” Aaron said. “You don’t have to help me.”
“I know,” You nodded, grabbing half of the stack of papers in front of him. “I want to.”
Aaron watched you, guilt roiling in his stomach at how nice you were being when just moments before he was blaming you for his still being there. In silence, you worked together, finishing the paperwork as quickly as you could. Every so often, he’d glance up at you, noticing the way your tongue stuck out of the corner of your mouth in concentration. Occasionally, you’d look up at the same time, smiling at him when you noticed he was smiling at you.
By the time you were both packing up to head home, Aaron was surprised how fast the time had gone. He didn’t usually enjoy working with others in silence, he found the quiet to be more deafening than if someone were standing in the corner screaming at the top of their lungs. But with you it was different – everything with you was different.
“Get out of here,” You smiled softly as you shrugged into your coat. “Go home to that beautiful boy. Oh – a little lemon juice in water with a pinch of baking soda will help his upset tummy.” Aaron looked up at you, confused.
“How did you –?”
“You held your hand over your stomach quite a bit today,” You bit your lip. “I just figured it was sympathy pains for your son – or maybe guilt that you’re here and not there. Or both.”
Aaron stared at you, dumbfounded. Your eyes widened for a moment, blinking rapidly.
“I – I’m sorry, sir, I don’t –”
“No,” He said, stopping your apologies in their tracking. “No, that’s – you’d make a good profiler, that was spot on.” He chuckled, rubbing a hand over his eyes.
“Hardly,” You huffed out a laugh. “I could never do what you all do.”
“What do you mean?”
“Staring evil in the face,” You practically shivered. “Even the small amount of paperwork and research I did while trying to do Penelope’s job today was a lot for the heart.”
Aaron was quiet for a moment, thinking your words over. Your brow quirked together lightly, your eyes casting immediately down to your shoes before finishing up packing your briefcase.
“You should take care of it,” Aaron said quietly.
“Take care of what?”
“Your heart.”
“Oh,” You breathed, sounding relieved. “Right, well.”
“Good night, (y/l/n),” He said, holding his office door open. “Drive safe.”
“Good night, sir,” You said. “I mean, Hotch.”
Aaron smiled at you, a real smile – one this office hadn’t seen in a long while. He watched you walk down the stairs towards the elevator, glancing over your shoulder at him as you hit the button and entered the metal doors. You lifted your hand in a wave, a small smile on your face, and before he realized what he was doing, Aaron raised his own hand to wave back to you – butterflies setting flight in the pit of his stomach. It had been many years since he had gotten butterflies.
He got them again later that night when he was home with Jack, holding the cup filled with water, lemon juice, and a pinch of baking soda up to his son’s lips. It was only ten minutes later when Jack smiled sleepily at Aaron from his side of Aaron’s bed, telling him that he felt “much better, daddy, much much better” before squeezing his stuffed animal and letting his eyes close to fall asleep.
The next morning, Aaron brought you a coffee as a thank you for helping him the night before and for helping his son. You’d seemed flustered by the gesture, but incredibly grateful as you accepted the hot drink. If he wasn’t mistaken, he saw you grin down at the cup, tracing your fingers over the looping script of your name where it was written on the cup when you thought he wasn’t looking. But that’s the thing: he was always looking. He couldn’t seem to tear his eyes from you for a moment if he could help it. Strange.
For the next month, you settled into a sort of routine, attempting to keep up with the team as much as Garcia typically did. Obviously, it wasn’t exactly the same, but no one faulted you for that – least of all Aaron. Especially when you seemed to linger in the office late until everyone else had left before slipping into Aaron’s office to help him with his paperwork.
“You really don’t have to help me every night,” Aaron said one night while you worked together, feeling guilty, as though he were taking advantage as you.
“Oh – I – am I bothering you?” You asked nervously. “I can leave you alone if you –”
“No,” Aaron said quickly. “I like the company – I like having you here.”
He watched as you smiled down at the paperwork you were fluttering through, feeling a smile of his own cross his lips. Butterflies again. Damn butterflies.
You were steadily becoming Aaron’s best friend, though he would be an idiot to say that his feelings for you were simply platonic. He hadn’t felt this strange charge of romantic feelings for another person in a long time – since Haley. It was foreign, and strange, like putting on pants that were a size too small. But it also made him feel alive – it made him happy to know he still had human feelings.
The problem was, every time he had convinced himself that you felt the same way – pointing to the way you joked with him, or smiled at him, or watched him when you thought no one was paying attention to you as his proof – he noticed the nervous way you moved about him and talked himself out of taking you into his arms at one of your late-night paperwork sessions and kissing you like he’d wanted to for weeks. And he was running out of time.
When your last case with the team came, Aaron felt the dread settle in his stomach. It was a case that required you to accompany the team with them on-site, which clearly excited you if the sparkle in your eyes when you climbed the jet was to be believed. And apparently, fate was on his side when the team paired off for room assignments, and he ended up with you. Dave had given him a knowing smile – clearly, his mentor could still read him like an open book – the Aaron had pointedly tried to ignore as he watched you twitch nervously in the elevator. The team had arrived late at night to sleep and join the police department in the morning. He’d thought of telling you now, telling you that he was falling in love with you, but Aaron’s heart dropped with every nervous glance you threw at him as you neared your shared room.
By the time the door swung open, revealing the single queen bed in the middle of the room, Aaron looked at you only to see you looking away in what appeared to be a nervous embarrassment. He sighed, feeling frustrated, and simply followed you into the room, dropping his things on the side of the bed you hadn’t claimed.
“I’m going to take a quick shower,” You said, not looking him in the eye.
Before he could get a word in edgewise, you scurried off to the bathroom with your go-bag and shut the door behind yourself. Being a morning shower kind of guy, Aaron dressed in his pajamas and sat on the bed. He called Jessica and asked after Jack, he sat and thought about you, he looked over the paperwork of the case, he stared at the bathroom door through the mirror and thought about you.
When you finally stepped out into the room once more, you practically jumped at the sight of him still awake and sitting up in bed.
“Are you really that afraid of me?” He asked, hating how whiny it sounded.
“I’m not afraid of you,” You said, the words almost sounding like a question.
“Are you sure?” He asked. “You’ve seemed nervous all night.”
“Oh,” You said, chewing on your bottom lip. “Yes, well, that’s – it’s not what you think.”
“You’re scared of me – not because of who I am, but because I’m your boss that you have to share a room with.”
“No,” You said quietly. “I promise, I’m not afraid of you, Aaron, it’s just – you’re very intimidating.”
“I didn’t use to be,” He sighed, trying to ignore the slip of his heart when you spoke his first name, flashes of who he was before this job, before losing Haley, time spent with his son streamed through his mind.
“Who did you used to be?” You asked with a little smile, dropping down onto the bed and sitting across from him with your legs folded under you.
“The type of guy who could walk through a grocery store and not wonder if my child and I just passed a serial killer,” He said quietly. “A man who smiled freely and easily.”
“You smile when you’re around me,” You observed.
“That I do,” Aaron sighed.
“Why is that?”
Aaron paused, remaining silent as he considered your words. Your brow furrowed in the middle as it often did when you were waiting for his response, once again he was struck by the desire to lean forward and kiss the little wrinkles between your brows.
“You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met,” He responded finally. “You – you’re good for me.”
“Well,” You grinned. “You certainly know how to compliment a woman.”
Aaron smiled tiredly at you, looking down at the way your hands fisted in the white cotton comforter. When he looked back up to your eyes, they were filled with concern as you looked at him.
“Why are you nervous then?” He asked. “If you’re not afraid of me.”
“Well,” You said. “I guess I wasn’t entirely truthful earlier, I am scared.”
“Oh,” Aaron said, his heart dropping lower than it had even earlier.
“But not of you,” You assured him.
“Then of what?”
“What I feel for you,” You said, after a moment. “H-how strong my feelings are for you – how sad I am to be leaving this job where I get to see you every day.”
He was quite literally shocked into silence – that didn’t often happen. Nothing in the world had prepared him to hear his every thought and feeling regurgitated to him from the woman he couldn’t seem to let out of his mind.
“Please say something,” You whispered.
“I just – (y/n), you have no idea how glad I am that this is your last case,” Your eyes widened as he spoke, and he would have laughed if he didn’t feel so serious at the moment. “With you in another department, I can ask you to have dinner with me when we get back to Quantico and not feel any guilt as your boss.”
“Oh,” You laughed lightly. “I see.”
“Will you?”
“I would love nothing more,” You grinned. “As soon as this case is done then, you and me – us – this can happen.”
Aaron couldn’t think of anything to do but smile at you, certain you could hear the heavy pounding of his heart in his chest. All he wanted was to reach out and kiss you. Once the case was over, as soon as it was done, then he’d have you in his arms.
“Aaron,” You murmured quietly. “You seem tired.”
“I’m exhausted,” He said. “To the bone, I’m just – I’m exhausted.”
“Then sleep,” You whispered, leaning in and pressing the gentlest kiss between Aaron’s eyebrows.
As you moved your face away from him, Aaron leaned back in towards you to capture your lips in a long kiss. When you separated a few moments later, your face reflected the surprise that he was sure was on his own face.
“I – I’m sorry –”
“I’m not,” You whispered, kissing him quickly. “But I am tired, and so are you.”
“Not tired enough to give this up,” Aaron smirked, making you smile.
“Sleep now and I’ll kiss you good morning when you wake up,” You said, holding up your pinky between you. “Promise.”
Aaron looked down at your pinky with a little smile, reaching his own hand up to lock his finger around yours. He used his grip around your finger to tug you in close for another kiss – now that he’d gotten a taste of you, he wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to give you up.
“You better take care of my heart, Agent Hotchner,” You whispered against his lips. “And I’ll take care of yours.”
“With my life,” Aaron said quietly, letting you tug him down to lay on your sides facing one another.
Your eyes were the last things Aaron saw before he drifted off to sleep, his pinky still curled between yours with your hands resting against the mattress between you. He hadn’t given a pinky promise in years, but he was nothing but grateful that he had given you one last night when he woke the next morning to you brushing the hair out of his eyes and leaning in for a chaste kiss to his lips. Only Penelope Garcia would know when the team got a look at the new spring in Aaron’s step, that her choice of replacement for herself had done her job correctly – you’d done the job that you’d been hired to do and you’d done the job that Penelope had known you could do better than any other after she met with you the first time: make Aaron Hotchner smile.
Taglist: @xstaywildmoonchild @stiles-argent24 @chelseyjoyce @torykjamie @wonderousnerd @doctorstethoscope @gspenc @geeky-daughter @aaronhotchie @enilledam @joyclubie @txtdreamss @madamsnape921 @hotchology @art-and-thoughts @rubym13 @anxious-enby @willowrose99 @themoontoyourshine  @averyhotchner @ssareidbby @ssamorganhotchner @jillys-feral-fandoms @ssahotchie @hushedlove @goldensonlyangel @angelic-kisses13  @multifandom-nsfw @hotchnersgirlfriend @meghannnnnn @ssahotchnerxx​ @cheasy-peasy-lemon-squeezy @itsmytimetoodream @usemelucifer @zetasaturno99 @silvermercy​ @0callme-mimi  My taglist is 18+, if you want to be added you’ll need to confirm that you are 18+ or have it in your bio. Thanks for understanding!
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nsfwmaemi · 2 days ago
Could you do public sex with Nayeon? Maybe they get caught by another member or close to getting caught?
I Must Have You (ft. Im Nayeon)
Genre : smut, public sex, m!reader x Im Nayeon
Word count: 1.4k+
A/N: Heavily unedited and I just came back after 2 weeks. Sorry for any mistakes :'>
Tumblr media
Fuck. What have I done to deserve this? It felt like forever since I felt this way. No, better yet, I’ve never felt this happy with my life. Perfect job, perfect home, and most importantly, perfect woman. I guess after five failed relationships my karma had to change at some point, right? Oh wait, hold that thought.
Nayeon’s tongue asks for entrance into your mouth.
Mmmm. Even the taste of her mouth tastes perfect. Tastes like camomile tea… did she drink that earlier? Oh, and a hint of waffles. I know she’s an early riser but how early did she wake up today?
It’s 5am. The smell of freshly watered greenery and the smell of blooming roses fill your noses. There are the sounds of birds chirping, wind blowing, leaves rattling. The sun, still rising as people are waking up to start their busy day. A peaceful morning. But as for you, your day already started an hour ago when your girlfriend woke you up for this spontaneous adventure. She brought you to the park to walk around, or at least that’s what she told you. While walking, she dragged you to this not-so-secluded spot in the park behind the 8-foot tall hedges on the edge of the park. She wrapped her arms around you, muttered the words “I must have you now,” then pulled you in for a kiss. And here you are succumbing to your spontaneous, seemingly horny girlfriend’s barrage of kisses.
You feel her hands cupping a feel down below. Shocked by how fast she was moving, you ask, “Are we really doing this right here, right now?”
“Shut up and lie down for me.” You could only do what you’re told. No more thoughts, only your beloved to think about.
You always take turns being the top. It’s in her nature. Sometimes she acts cute around you asking for daddy to punish her, sometimes she is sassy enough to leave you blue-balled if she doesn’t get her way. It’s always one of the two but you got used to it. You’re a switch anyways, so it’s fine.
She pulls down the basketball shorts you randomly picked up while being rushed by your girlfriend earlier, revealing your already erect shaft. Her eyes widen at the sight of your precum as she grabs your thing with her hand. “Oppa, I see you’re too excited.”
“Well, you passed on some action last night, making me sensitive. Is this what you planned all along?”
She doesn’t reply. Instead, she chuckles and fills her mouth with your cock. Yup, no teasing. Straight into the action. Enjoying her treat, she never breaks eye contact with you, feasting on your length while wearing that smile you first fell in love with. Feeling the dewey grass on your back, the wind blowing on your exposed bottom half, the love of your life salivating your sex, all overwhelm your senses. She makes sure her spit is spread all over your manhood before removing her cut-off shorts and underwear, throwing it aside by the hedges. As she rubs her pussy, you see some precum dripping to her thighs, then proceeds to position herself above your shaft.
She slowly impales herself, taking in your whole length. Her walls need no more lubrication because of how wet she already is. Both of you let out a moan, loud enough to express your satisfaction, yet soft enough to make sure people walking on the other side of the hedge won’t hear, if there are any. She takes her time adjusting before taking you in deeper.
“God, I missed this dick,” she mutters in between moans. She denied you sex three times the day before, so she is as sensitive as you.
Your hands feel what they could feel from your position. You start rubbing your palms on her creamy, luscious thighs, then move to her tiny waist, while your girlfriend picks up the pace. You grab her bouncing ass, bouncing more the harder she penetrates herself. Of all your past girlfriends, although hers isn’t the biggest, hers was your favorite. Daringly, she discards her crop top, tossing it near where her shorts are. Your almost naked girlfriend then unclips her bra, making her your fully naked girlfriend now. The thought of her being fully naked in public turns her on even more, so much so that she orgasms unannounced.
“Fuck!” The only word that comes out of her lips, alerting you after she has already ejaculated. Her pussy ejects only three-fourths of your member. You wait for her to recover as you enjoy the sight of her post-orgasm state. As you sit up, your hands move to her back to support her. You pull her in for a deep, but short kiss before heading down to her soft breasts. Not too big but not too small, just perfect. You kiss each nipple making sure they are still hard before sucking one. Her lower half twitches at first contact because of how sensitive she is. She hums in a seductive, yet somewhat melodic tone, like music to your ears.
5:30am. People start getting out of their houses to leave for work. You hear a couple of footsteps past the hedges. “Lower your voice. People might hear you.”
Desperate for more, she replies, “Then let them. Who the fuck even cares?”
“I’ll show you who cares.” Hands on her ample ass, you pick her up in the heat of the moment and bring her near the hedges for people to hear. You then start pounding her harder than before. This earns louder moans from her.
“Fuck!” A loud cry slips from her mouth, grabbing the attention of a few passersby.
“You ok over there, miss?” A random stranger asks.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tripped over a branch,” she answers back trying to conceal her moans as you pound relentlessly into her, but not too hard as to hear the slapping of your skins.
“Alright, be careful, ma’am.” The strange voice leaves.
“Told you someone cares,” you whisper into her ear. Hearing the stranger leave, you piston harder until she reaches her second orgasm.
Fortunately, she is able to warn you this time, “Babe, I’m cumming again.”
“Me, too. Let’s do it together.” You muster all your remaining strength to finish the deed until you reach your orgasm as well. You both let out loud synchronized moans, loud enough for people outside to hear. But it’s 5:30am, not everyone would bother asking why two people are groaning in the park. Besides, they’re adults. They’re old enough to know what’s happening.
You let her down from your hold as you struggle to regain your breath from your early morning workout. She, too, feels really exhausted from this. Aside from being physically tired, you still couldn't believe you had sex in public.
“Get a room.” A familiar voice sounds from behind you. You turn around only to see Jihyo on her morning jog. She stares at you judgingly, clearly knowing what happened from the sight of your naked woman and your dangling member. Hurriedly, you both grab your clothes to cover yourselves.
“Wow, I’ve walked into you guys multiple times now, but I didn’t expect to run into you guys here.” A smirk forms on Jihyo’s face as she says that.
“I’ll see you back in the dorm.” Nayeon voices begrudgingly while putting on her clothes back .You also wear your underwear and shorts.
“Let’s go.” You invite her back to your place. You hear Jihyo laugh for a moment before resuming her jog.
What a morning. Who knew sex outside would be this exciting? Not me, of course. I was never this daring until I met her. Still can’t believe how lucky I am to be with this precious woman.
You start walking as the two of you share a look. A look where you didn’t need words to know what the other was thinking.
I love you.
I love you too.
The sun shining, birds chirping, wind blowing as you walk hand-in-hand with your soulmate. A great way to start an already perfect morning. Arriving back at your place, she rushes straight to your bed. You follow her only to see her already lying down, inviting you to join her. You do so, cuddling her as she starts falling back to sleep. You give a light kiss on the forehead before joining her in her slumber. Perfect woman, perfect life.
A/N: I'm back baby. Lowkey missed writing smuts instead of code. Kinda feels weird writing again after so much coding and paperwork ngl, but it's fun!
Fun fact: Twice was what got me into K-pop and Nayeon is my first ult. Of course, this changed when I got into ITZY and IZ*ONE, but the first one is always important. Also just found out that we have the same MBTI type (ISTP). So I felt pretty good writing this.
On an unrelated note, I reached 400 followers last week, and both my Chaewon and Hyewon fics passed 250+ notes. Insane fucking numbers. Really appreciate every single one who reads my dumb fics.
Happy birthday, Nayeon, if ever you're reading this which I hope not.
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kemaono · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
PROMPT | Malleus comforting You after Ramshackle gets destroyed.
proofread and edited by theraedar
Tumblr media
Not only are you devastated but you are completely grieving. It all began when you found Grim after he had consumed that strange black rock. Unable to reach him as he turned feral and disappeared, you couldn’t help but worry. After all, he is now someone you’d consider a close friend since being in Twisted Wonderland for about a year. Your concern only deepened when he suddenly appeared captured by STYX only to be taken away before you with Vil and Jamil. You were left in the shambles of what you called home as the feeling of loneliness sank past your heart and deep into your stomach.
Malleus found you sitting outside of your ruined home on his evening walk late after the meeting with the others. He couldn’t help but notice that you were not usual yourself. Usually, you would notice the fireflies that greeted you before Malleus followed shortly after, but this time you didn’t. You sat there staring at the ground, deep in thought, with nowhere to go for the night. You couldn’t help but think about Grim and the others. You were on the brink of breaking down.
“What is the matter, Child of Man. Usually, you would have greeted me by now”
“T-Tsunotarou! You scared me.”
At first, you were hesitant about telling him what was on your mind. You didn’t want to bother the next heir to the Valley of Thorns with such trivial matters. But the knot in your throat and the tears peeking out from your eyes say otherwise. As one escapes, you quickly wipe it away so as not to raise any worries. But fail.
Malleus sits down next to you. “Do you wish to speak about what is troubling you, human child?” Receiving the permission to pour your heart out made your eyes pour your tears out instead. You couldn’t hold it in anymore even if you wanted to hold it in forever. Malleus conjures up his handkerchief and offers it to you.
“I’m- I’m just so stressed. I don’t know where STYX has taken Grim, and I’m so worried!” You continue to explain to Malleus how everything that had happened these past few days had been weighing on your shoulders and mind. You only wished for your friends to return safely. Not only that, but for Grim to continue attending Night Raven College as well, regardless of what Director Crowley had said.
You suddenly feel a hand pat your head. You had to turn your head to see for yourself that the hand belonged to Malleus. “Everything will be fine, human child. I assure you, once everything is figured out and we find Grim and the others, everything will return to what they once were. Do not weep anymore. Everything will be okay. Let’s go find a place for you to stay in the meantime. Shall the Diasomnia dormitory work for you? I can request Sebek and Silver to see to your accommodations if need be .”
You couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. You could tell he wasn’t sure what to offer in this matter. This was your first time crying in front of the Great Prince of Thorns. He was probably confused, but you knew he did his best to comfort you.
“Of course.” You smiled. “Thank you, Malleus.”
His ears perked up. That was the first time he had heard his name in your voice. He couldn’t help but smile a bit. His name sounded soft and sweet as it fell from your lips. “You’re welcome, child of man.”
Tumblr media
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kentimestwo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
sfw, fluff, VERY LIGHT angst, gn!reader
wc: 1.5k+
notes- read the TR manga and I had to write some fluff to cope :’)
Tumblr media
Draken’s never been particularly good with words. 
He can get the bare minimum out, sure. “I love you” when its important, the basic ‘sad’ ‘angry’ ‘scared’ emotions to explain how he’s feeling when you ask, and occasionally he’ll say something short and sweet to encourage someone—which, always without fail, manages to change said person’s life somehow, without him even knowing. But he’s really not good at explaining what he’s feeling in depth. 
That includes his feelings towards you. 
You and Draken aren’t official. The two of you hold hands, and kiss, and do things that couples do, but if someone asked what you are to each other, neither of you could really give a straight answer. You’re exclusive, but not technically dating. The two of you have mutual, deep seated feelings towards each other, and Mikey likes to make fun of both of you for the blushing and sweaty palms and stuttered sentences, but things have never gone farther than that and, recently, sex. 
You two spend a lot of time together. He spends many nights at your apartment, face pressed into your body somewhere while you run your fingers through his hair. At this point, you could probably say he lives with you—given how his clothes sit in the previously empty drawers in your dresser, how his toothbrush sits next to yours in the cup on your bathroom counter, how your grocery trips always end up with you buying his favorite snacks and drinks. 
Despite all of this, Draken still continues to struggle opening up to a certain extent. He isn’t against talking about his feelings, but he just doesn’t really know how to put them into words and coherent sentences. 
But you never minded; he shows you how he feels well enough with his actions. Ryuguji might not be well versed in the art of professing emotions, but the things he does with and for you are enough until he’s ready to talk. 
Tonight feels like a night he might be ready to start talking. 
Earlier, Ryuguji texted you. He told you to put on some warm clothes and come outside—where he was waiting, leaning against his motorcycle with a helmet in his hand. His smile was small, but noticeable as you walked closer to him. 
He hands you the helmet wordlessly when you get close enough, letting you stand between his spread legs so that he can put it on you and clipping the strap beneath your chin—careful not to pinch, as he always is—before he’s patting you head and turning to swing a leg over the bike. 
He waits for you to repeat him before he’s starting the bike, kicking the stand up and taking off, your arms wrapped around him tight and the wind whipping past you. You rest your head on his back, wishing that the helmet didn’t get in the way of feeling him beneath your cheek. 
The two of you don’t speak on the ride. You don’t know where he’s taking you, but you trust him. Chances are, it’s somewhere important to him. 
When Draken pulls over, you’re proven right. He took you to a beach—just a little thing, probably private, but it’s beautiful. The sand is nearly white, and the water is dark, but it sparkles under the bright moonlight, and you can’t help but think that maybe Draken looks for places like this so that he can surprise you every time he takes you somewhere new. 
You take off your helmet before Draken can reach for the strap and unbuckle it, and you send him a little wink and a tongue out in response to his indignant huff. The helmet gets hung on the handlebar of the bike, and Draken helps you off the bike and walks to the edge of the beach, where the sand meets concrete. 
“Take off your shoes,” he speaks quietly. You reach down to pull your shoes off and take the socks with them, stuffing them in their respective shoes and leaving them on the concrete beneath you. Draken does the same, pulls up the legs of his pants, and then grabs your hand and gives you a look. “C’mon.” 
Draken pulls you towards the water, hand gripping yours hard as he keeps his gaze ahead. When you’re both ankle deep in the dark, cold water, Draken looks down and lets go of your hand. 
“Had a shit day,” he speaks gruffly. You hum, but don’t answer. His brows furrow, teeth biting into his lip hard as he tries to think of what to say. You wait for him—he’ll answer you eventually. “Just thought seeing you would help, s’all.” 
Your lips spread into a smile. There’s something about the blunt nature of his confession that makes your heart race—that makes your cheeks feel warm and your palms get clammy. You shift from foot to foot, watching the water ripple around your feet. When you look up, Draken is still looking down at his own feet, fiddling with his fingers and blushing pink down to his neck. 
“‘M glad I can be of some comfort to you, Ken.” You answer softly. You almost wonder if he’s even heard you, but his cheeks grow even more red, and you know he heard you loud and clear. “I hope I can make your day better.” 
Draken huffs. His lips twitch up, and he turns to you and takes both of your hands to make you do the same. The look in his eye is almost painfully sincere, and you can feel your palms growing sweaty and your face heating further than before. He leans forward and presses his lips to your forehead in a chaste kiss. 
“You always make my day better.” 
You squeeze his hands gently, and he lets go of one of them so that he can turn back to the horizon again. You turn too, watching the stars twinkle and letting Draken take the time to figure out what he wants to say. 
Turns out he’s not ready yet, because he pulls on your hand to bring him back to his bike, where he hands you the helmet again and picks you up under your arms to set you sideways on the seat. He picks up your socks and shoes to put them back on for you while you put the helmet back on. 
“Wanna go to your place, if that’s okay. It’s too cold.”
You know Draken isn’t telling the truth. It’s not that cold—just a little bit chilly. But you don’t question it. You figure that he just wants to be somewhere that he won’t be getting interrupted. 
When the two of you make it back to your place and get upstairs, you kick your shoes off and Draken drags you to your bedroom. You lay down on your side, and he climbs in bed behind you to wrap his arms around your middle tentatively. You settle into him, sighing when he squeezes you and fits a leg between your thighs. 
It’s silent for a while, just Draken pressing his face into the back of your neck and placing sweet kisses there. You close your eyes contentedly and wait for him to speak. 
“I love you so much.”
Your eyes open, and your mouth parts on a gasp. You don’t freeze, but what he says surprises you regardless. You keep quiet, because it’s clear by the way his long arms tighten around you that he wants to say more. 
“I love you so much, and sometimes I’m just overwhelmed by it.” He says quietly. You hum, turning your head to press your lips to his in a chaste kiss before your hands are reaching down to intertwine your fingers with his. “I don’t know what to do about it.
“Sometimes I get scared you’ll leave me, but then I remember that you and I aren’t official and then I spiral because I want to be official with you, but I don’t know how to ask you. 
“I want it to be special. But I don’t know that anything I do will be enough for you.”
You turn your body to face Draken, hands cupping his face gently and watching him avoid eye contact. You huff, pressing a sweet kiss to his cheek and pulling back. 
“Look at me, Ken.” Draken looks to you nervously, his lip trembling, and you smile. It seems like that in itself makes him less nervous, because he sighs, sending you a little smile back. 
“I love you too. I’d really like to be official with you.” 
Draken grins, grabbing your face desperately before kissing you hard, laughing a little against your lips. When he pulls back, his cheeks are red and he bares his teeth in a wide smile. 
“Okay.” He breathes. 
Draken isn’t always good at telling you how he feels. He shows it, and he can explain the bare minimum, but he can’t always explain in detail the emotions going through him at any given time. 
But, you think, what he does now—the effort he makes—is enough for you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lay-z · a day ago
» no limit to your love «
MCU | Stucky x f!Reader | 18+ ♥
Tumblr media
Summary: Your period is kicking your ass, but luckily you have two wonderful men in your life who are eager to take care of you.
Warnings/Info: 18+ only! If periods or period sex grosses you out, this ain’t for you. | sexting; period sex; mention of (period) blood; explicit language; FLUFF; masturbation (m&f); creampie; threesome m/f/m; fingering; blowjobs; unprotected sex
Word count: 3.9k
My baby box is killing me today; we can all agree that periods, though necessary (I guess), suck. I usually get mine regularly, I don’t take birth control anymore since I see no need in using it and I’m pretty scared of the way it messes up my body; that’s just a personal preference though. So, this is for all my sisters who must deal with this shit, and sometimes even worse. My heart goes out to y’all! xoxo ♥
FYI, I finished this at 2 in the morning and didn’t proof read, so...yeah. lol
Tumblr media
You cling to the fuzzy heating bottle stuffed between the waistband of your sweatpants and your lower stomach. You’ve finally managed to find a position on the bed which somehow eases the period cramps who have been tormenting you since the early hours of the morning.
You’re late this month, almost a week, and though you panicked at first, a negative pregnancy test took a weight off your shoulders. No, your uterus just decided that work stress and a bad cold were enough to mess up your cycle for this and perhaps the next month. Damn you, mother nature.
Damn you, for real.
The painkillers you have taken some hours ago are already wearing off, and you’re bracing yourself for more pain, rocking back and forth in a fetus position, until you can take some more pills.
You’ve taken a personal day from work, many hours of working overtime for Pepper have allowed you to, and so far, you couldn’t do much but survive. She sent you an e-mail, telling you not to worry about her and get better soon, she’ll manage a day or two without her personal assistant.
You fumble around and find your smartphone tangled up between the many blankets, and when you unlock the screen a tired smile appears on your lips. Of course, your boyfriends have called and sent various messages; asking how you’re doing and if they can get you anything after work.
You wallow in your misery as you text them back, relying on their pity for you. Yes, you do enjoy the attention you get from them; it’s so refreshing to be with someone who reacts with understanding and sympathy to this time of the month. Especially if you’ve experienced nothing but the opposite before.
They reply fast. Steve sends you a selfie in his uniform, pouting with a sad face. You recognize the area he’s in, and the isolated corner he snuck to snap the picture. You’ve made out with him there before. A message follows, no emojis.
Hang in there, honey! We’ll be home soon
You bite your lower lip as your mind wanders to the hot make out session you and Steve had in that corner. It was in the early stage of your relationship with him and Bucky, when the three of you thought you were good at keeping it a secret.
Without thinking further, you roll over on your back and lift your shirt to expose your breasts, taking a quick nude for him. Except for your cheeky smile and tongue poking out between your lips, your face is not in the picture. One hand covers your breasts and nipples half-heartedly; you adjust the lighting a bit before sending it.
Bucky sends you a short video of himself blowing you a kiss with a wink, and you giggle giddily at the sight. It’s so cheesy, but you love it. There are voices in the background. Sam is laughing, probably pointing his finger at Bucky, who’s face changes into a sour frown as he looks away from the camera.
“Shut the fuc –“
The video ends abruptly, and you break out laughing as your fantasy fills in what probably happened next. You ponder what you could send him in return when a new message in your chat with Steve pops up at the top of your screen.
You’re killing me here, Y/N
Four sweating emojis and a burning heart; you click your tongue, pleased with yourself. You rub your thighs together and notice a familiar tingle growing in your groins. Mixed with the fading pain of your cramps, the feeling turns bittersweet.
Another message from Bucky:
Stevie gets blessed by a nude and I get left on read? That’s just rude, darling.
A single broken heart emoji. Ouch. You open the message and send him the same picture you sent Steve.
I got distracted by the thought of your cock in my mouth, love. I’m sorry.
You stare at the screen as the chat shows him typing, but Steve is quicker and sends you another message. Rolling your eyes with a smile, you switch chats and wonder why they don’t just use the group chat instead.
Why did Buck just bite his fist? Are you at least having fun tormenting us?
You send him a laughing emoji, and the woman shrugging her shoulders.  
I’m feeling twirly, Cap. Come home soon or I’ll have to take care of myself…
You stare at his simple reply with a grin.
I dare you, missy.
You close the chat, leaving him on read and open the picture Bucky just sent you. He’s in a bathroom, lifting his black shirt to reveal his muscular chest and flexing abs to you, but your focus is on the prominent bulge in his pants. Bucky has never been good at juicy nudes.
Tits for tits? Mine are better…is that a gun in your pants or am I just making you happy?
Careful, doll, you’re the twirly one here. I’ll show you how happy I am when I’m home.
You giggle and rub your thighs together once more as a thrill of anticipation shoots through your body, numbing the cramping pain for a moment.
Bet, Sarge.
Tumblr media
The cramps return as soon as you walk around the apartment for more than ten minutes, but you grit your teeth and swallow another round of painkillers with a tall glass of water. They should do for a couple of hours; enough time to get some food in your belly and take a steaming shower.
You cook fettuccine al burro, one of your favorite pasta dishes; it’s hearty dish, creamy and perfect for your current state, and you indulge in some homemade chocolate mousse afterwards. You put the leftovers back in the fridge, just in case your men are hungry when they come home, whenever that may be.
You know what it means to be part of the Avengers, even if you’re not one yourself. Even if they say they’ll be home at a certain time, something can always come up last minute and force them to stay at work longer. You know Pepper goes through the same thing with Tony, and it’s something you two have bonded over: worrying about your men.
You check your phone again after cleaning up the kitchen and putting away your dishes, and you rub your throbbing stomach soothingly as you stare at Bucky’s last message.
Something came up, we’ll try to get home ASAP!!
That was two hours ago, no further update, and you don’t want to annoy them with your neediness today. You put your phone on the wireless charger on your nightstand and grab your purple bath robe before you drag your feet into the adjacent bathroom.
Though reluctant and whiney at first, you soon relax as the hot water hits your tense muscles while the shower soon fogs up with steam. You take your time shaving, it’s hard enough to shave in the shower anyway, and you decide to wash and deep condition your hair, too.
As you look down, you can see thin streams of blood mixed with water run down your thighs, down your legs, and pooling at your feet before disappearing in the drain. You wash the blood away and decide to hurry up.
You feel your legs up for any remaining stubble one more time and find them smooth as ever, same for your freshly shaved pussy. It’s strange, but shaving always gets you in the mood afterwards, though the feeling of horniness is even more intense when you happen to be on your period.
You cup your hand over your folds and run your fingers over the soft skin as you face the shower stream. You’re suddenly very aware of your sensitive breasts feeling heavier than usual, and tender nipples as the water runs over your chest and shoulders. You flinch as you tease your clit the tiniest bit, and you let your head loll back with your eyes closed as you brace yourself on the wall with your free hand.
You lick your tongue over your wet lips and gasp as you get lost in the feeling of your fingertips rubbing circles over your clit, and you’re too occupied to hear  the shower curtain get pushed aside.
“Didn’t Steve tell you to wait for us, doll?”
You open your eyes just as Bucky slips inside the shower behind you, not caring at all about you currently bleeding. He covers your mouth with his fleshy hand, smothering your high-pitched scream, and wraps his metal arm around your waist to hold you still.
Your chest is heaving, heart thumping hard, and eyes staring wide as you grip and claw at both his flesh and metal hand with your own.
“Shhh, Y/N, it’s just me”, Bucky chuckles and kisses your temple. “I’m sorry I scared you, but I couldn’t help myself”
You exhale hard trough your nose, but your legs are still trembling, and your heart beating fast as he takes his hand off your mouth. Bucky loosens his iron grip around your waist and urges you to turn around.
Your eyes soften as you gaze up at his handsome face with his dorky smile.
“Hello, James”
“Hi, dollface”, he says and leans down to capture your lips in a sweet kiss; just as you’re about to wrap your arms around his neck, he grabs your wrists and holds your hands in place. His steel blue eyes roam over your naked, wet body and he licks his full lips in anticipation.
“Will you help me clean up?”, he asks with puppy eyes, that damn look which always gets him what he wants from you, and he holds the soaked-up bath sponge out to you.
You roll your eyes with a smile and take it from his metal hand before leathering it up with body wash. Bucky switches sides with you, so he can soak under the shower stream, and he pinches your ass cheek as you scrub at his chest and you tweak his nipple in return.
“Don’t play with me, Bucky”, you pout at him and nudge his chest as his flesh hand keeps fondling your breasts. “I’m tense, and you know what that means”
“Hm, I can tell you couldn’t finish”, he snickers but stops as you glare up at him warningly. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry – Y/N, no, don’t leave!”
You step out of the shower and dodge his grabby hands with a giggle as you reach for the fluffy, navy blue towel. He looks after you like a sad stray left in the rain, hair wet and dripping on the small carpet.
“You better hurry up, Buck, or I will have Stevie take care of me!”, you shout over your shoulder and know he could hear you, despite the running water.
You swiftly tiptoe back into the bedroom with the towel wrapped around your body, and your thighs are squeezed together awkwardly as your fear of leaking grows. Even if your boyfriends are neither grossed out by period blood, nor would care if an accident would happen, you still feel uncomfortable somehow, so you swiftly rummage through one of your drawers for a tampon.
Suddenly, strong arms embrace you from behind with a soft, drawn-out sigh. Steve nuzzles his nose into the nape of your neck and inhales your scent. His beard scratches your skin, but it’s not uncomfortable and you lean back into his bare chest, enjoying the feeling of home and safety.
“Captain Rogers”
His breath tickles your neck as he exhales sharply, chest vibrating with his low chuckle.
“Yes, ma’am?”
You turn around in his embrace and wrap your hands around his neck the way Bucky didn’t let you previously, and you run your fingers through his damp hair. He must’ve taken a shower in the guest bathroom downstairs.
Steve quirks an eyebrow at first, but obeys as you stand on your tiptoes, practically begging for a kiss. You force your tongue into his mouth, always bolder than America’s ass, and you can taste the minty toothpaste on his tongue.
“Did you eat leftovers and then brush your teeth for me?”, you ask as you pull back.
He nods with a sheepish smile. “I didn’t wanna taste garlicy”
You giggle and kiss him some more. However, Steve has more plans and lifts you off the ground with ease. He carries you over to the bed and places you in the middle of the mattress. His hands reach for the towel knot at your bosom as he hovers over you, but you panic a little and try to get up.
“What is it, honey?” He searches your face with worried eyes while you squirm and rub your lower abdomen.
Your body feels hot, your stomach is tight with want and the desire to be fucked rough and fast. A strange feeling, considering the pain and cramps. Shouldn’t this be the last thing you should want right now?
“I don’t know, I…don’t you guys think it’s gross?”, you ask meekly, biting at your lower lip as you stare up at Steve’s deep blue eyes.
His brows wrinkle as he looks down at you, and you tense up under his gaze until he cups your cheek and strokes his thumb over your skin soothingly.
“Is that what you fear? Me and Buck thinking that you or your natural bodily functions are gross, hm?”
He scoffs and pulls at your towel once more, this time you let him, and the knot comes undone with ease, baring your naked body to his lustful gaze. You watch his muscular chest heave as he inhales deeply, and your stomach flutters when you notice his erection straining against the fabric of his sweatpants.
“Honey…we could never”
Your nipples harden painfully as the chilly air in the room collides with your heated body temperature, and you grimace for a second and grip your breasts to soothe the pain.
“Stevie’s right, we could never”, Bucky agrees as he enters the room with a towel wrapped around his waist and droplets of water running down his toned body. “As for the mess –” He holds up two folded black towels with his fleshy hand and grins. “I got that one covered”
You yelp softly as Steve lifts you off the mattress again, bridal style, so Bucky can lay out the dry towels swiftly to prevent any “accidents”. You’re placed back down, and Steve wastes no time as he lays next to you. He spreads your thighs and puts one leg over his hip before his large hand dives down to cup your pussy leisurely.
Your one hand kneads your tit while the other holds onto Steve’s bulging biceps as he fondles your pussy. He sucks hickeys on your neck here and there, a bittersweet sensation as your groin is lit on fire and murmurs sweet nothings against your burning skin.
Your mind is slowly clouded up by lust, but there is one more pair of eyes watching the scene intently, and when you find Bucky standing at the edge of the bed with his cock throbbing in his fleshy hand, your head lolls back into the pillows, and a needy mewl escapes your throat while Steve rolls your clit between his fingers.
“Please, just…fuck me”, you whine desperately and paw at the waistband of Steve’s pants. You’re talking to both beautiful men, but one of them must go first after all, and by the second your pussy starts throbbing more, begging to be filled.
Your eyes are closed, your thighs spread wider as you wait eagerly for one of them to fuck you into the mattress. You’re not aware of the silent agreement between your men, they could be playing rock-paper-scissors for all you care, but there is some shuffling eventually, a switching of positions and finally, a heavy body on top of yours.
“I’ll go slow, doll”, Bucky mutters against your skin before nipping at your earlobe. You look into his dark pupils, enlarged by desire, and shake your head. You get a hold of his metal arm, braced next to your head while his other hand holds on to your thigh.
“Don’t hold back, Sarge”
His nostrils flare as he breathes hard, and if you didn’t know him so well, he would look intimidating. He lets go of your thigh and rubs his precum-leaking cockhead against your folds before penetrating your quivering cunt. His thick cock glides into you with ease, and the sudden fullness makes it harder to breathe for a few seconds.
“Fuck, you feel so good, baby”
Bucky ruts into you with rough, controlled snaps of his hips, and every stroke makes you see stars dance behind your eyelids.
“Steve”, you whimper as you take Bucky’s cock, and your other man appears next to you when you reach out your hand. “I wan-t you too”
“You’re so good for us, honey”, Steve says and kisses your knuckles affectionately. “always so eager to please, even when we want to take care of you”
Burying your fingers in Bucky’s thick hair, you capture his plush lips with your own, and moan shamelessly when he speeds up his strokes. You feel yourself getting greedy and needy while you chase your release, and you want both to come inside you tonight, too.
Bucky groans and slows down again when Steve pats his shoulder. Time to switch positions, you’re familiar with that cue. Your pussy clings to Bucky’s cock as he flips you over on all fours while Steve kneels in front of you now. You tits feel heavy and tender in this position, pressed against the towels, and you feel the need to have their calloused hands all over your body.
You gaze up at Steve with hooded eyes and poke your tongue out between your lips. He smirks at you, one hand down his pants as he pats your cheek with the other gently.
“Such a good girl”
A high-pitched moan escapes your lips as Bucky grabs your hips and grinds his cock deeper into your pussy at this angle.
“Careful with our girl, Buck, she’s so sensitive tonight”, Steve scolds him, but Bucky continues to fuck you just as deep though slowly.
“Now, open up, honey”, Steve coos, and you open your mouth eagerly to suck his cock. His slit is leaking precum, and he shudders when you lick it with your flat tongue. You manage to brace yourself on one hand and use the other to fondle his full sac as you try to take him deeper down your throat.
Bucky groans, his voice strained, and you know he’s close. You wiggle your hips encouragingly, and despite Steve’s warning, Bucky understands the assignment. His grip around your hips tightens and he adjust his stance before fucking into you mercilessly.
You moan around Steve’s large cock down your throat, tears mixing with the spit leaking from your mouth, and dripping on the towel below. His sac tightens, ready to combust, so you relieve his cock with a lewd smack of your lips and brace yourself on your elbows to take Bucky over the edge with you.
Your legs tremble, your muscles strain as the sounds of skin slapping skin, guttural groans, mewls and cusses fill your ears. The tightness in your abdomen comes to a peak and bursts as you come around Bucky’s cock with a helpless moan. He follows quickly as your tight walls convulse, and milk him empty. A few more lazy strokes before he pulls out with a satisfied huff and a gentle slap on your ass cheek.
You feel his cum leak out, tickling your folds as it drips onto the towel, and you shiver as he pushes it back into your pussy with his fingers.
“Will you look at that, Cap, I could get used to that view. Fuckin’ beautiful”
You feel a blush creep up your neck and spread over your face and ears as you collapse onto the mattress.
“Are you tired, honey? We can stop”, Steve mutters against your ear as he gently pulls you into a sitting position, but you shake your head with closed eyes.
“I want you to fuck me, too”, you answer, and your speech is slurred from post-orgasm-bliss.
Steve snickers as he pulls you into his lap. “All right, but don’t expect me to last long”
You massage his thick thighs as you try to get comfortable straddling him. Cum keeps dripping out of your pussy, but you’re scared to look though Steve doesn’t seem to mind.
“Come on now, honey, or do you want to keep me waiting?” You shake your head with a weak smile and whimper as you sink down on his cock. Bucky might be girthier, but Steve is longer. Your head lolls back and you hold onto his shoulders for leverage.
“There you go”, Steve praises though his voice is now breathy and hoarse. “so good for me, honey”
You bite your lip as you ride him leisurely, and when his hips jerk upwards, you cry out as he fucks deeper into you.
“Careful, Stevie, she’s sensitive tonight”, Bucky teases in a sing-song voice as he comes up behind you, resting his chin in the crook of your neck and shoulder when he starts caressing and fondling your tender tits.
“Shut up, Buck”, Steve mutters as he tries to focus on the feeling of your pussy clenching around his throbbing cock. You know he’s close, you can tell by the way his muscles flex and his brows knit, concentrating not to come too quick.
You roll your hips and arch your back into Bucky’s touch. He bites your neck and pinches your nipples again, and you mewl helplessly.
“Fuck”, Steve breathes as you continue to fuck him in your own pace. His fingers slip between your folds and the sight of his cock disappearing inside you doesn’t make it easier for him to stop himself from busting. He rubs your swollen clit eagerly, and the sensation shoots through your body like a lightning strike.
“She’s close now, Stevie”, Bucky chuckles lowly and the sound makes your skin crawl pleasantly. You gasp when pushes you down on Steve’s length without warning.
“Make her come, Cap, she can take it. Right, doll?”
You moan and nod eagerly as Steve picks up his pace suddenly. He ruts into you with vigor while Bucky grips your bouncy tits once more. Your head falls back and rests against his metal shoulder as your orgasm catches you hard and unprepared.
You clasp your hand over your mouth to muffle your scream while Steve follows suit, and you feel him release his hot, thick spurts of cum inside your quivering pussy. His cock keeps twitching as you squirm in his lap while you three catch your breath.
“So good for me, honey”
Steve cups your face in his hands and gives you a deep and sloppy kiss, all teeth and tongue before unhanding you, so Bucky can lift you off him. More cum leaks and runs down your thighs before Bucky sweeps you off your feet and carries you into the bathroom while Steve continues to recover.
Your legs are trembling, you’re utterly exhausted, cured of painful cramps as it seems, and satisfied. Bucky chuckles as he sees the dopey smile on your face.
“You look so beautiful, doll, all fucked thoroughly by your men like that”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Barbatos blinked, watching you from afar while you explore the room—well play pen— that he had been asked to decorate with. While he respects his Lord's decision, he had wondered why the Young Master had felt empathy towards this small child of all people.
Being aware of the things that had happened all along, with the victims, from men to women or even children, this was the first time that Diavolo had decided to keep a victim, which honestly, up until now made Barbatos thought of whatever has been on the Prince's mind back then.
He snapped out of his thoughts to see the child reaching out for him, hands out of the wooden bars and face mushed into it, the child must've thought that they will be able to fit in to be able to go out of the pen.
“What's the matter?” He showed them a soft and polite smile, showing a rattle toy and a big loop eared bunny.
The child however, only responded with a whine, still continuously reaching for the butler, opting for a lift. “Aaaahh- Yabubwu!!”
With a light chuckle, Barbatos reached out to lift the kid by their armpits as they giggle and laugh, hand finding his locks as they tugged on it. “Kya!”
“Ah, please don't tug that.”
And he reached out, prying their small stubby hand from his hair in a gentle manner to not hurt the kid. He felt his own heart thump in surprise when, in response, the child closed their fist on his finger.
Perhaps.. he could live with this.
Yeah, it might not be that bad..
Tumblr media
“Huh? This is..?”
Lucifer, after being called by his oh so dearest buddy, Diavolo to his office is no perplexed expression when his eyes now laid on the child that the butler has in his arms, babbling and smacking the rattle toy all along the place.
“Bwua!!” And a giggle was added.
Diavolo, chuckling at the sight of Lucifer 'showcased' the human baby to his stunned friend. “A deary darling that we rescued!”
“Who's a human.”
Diavolo beamed, “and a child!”
Barbatos grabbed a hold of your rattle causing you to whine, plopping you to your crib while you desperately try to reach out for the toy that he has in captive.
The demon crouches down to your height and shakes the toy, a smile ghosting his lips as soon as he heard your light laughs. “Abubububa!” And at your call, Diavolo pat the raven haired demon by the back. “Ease up!”
“No, no! this-” Lucifer struggled, pursing his lips when the Demon Prince approached your crib to coo at you, effectively making you laugh while Barbatos repetitively shakes the rattle toy with his hand.
An exasperated sigh left Lucifer's lips at the sight.
Tumblr media
“Have you at the very least named them, then?”
Diavolo halt from his coos and hummed, thinking about it, the child never had a name, well, they might have in the human world, but without any relative to ask—considering they've already took their last remaining breath two days ago—the child is now basically nameless.
“I haven't really thought about it.”
Lucifer nod, both in understanding and disappointment. No one really knows what that means though or if the other ups the latter.
“Well, you should name them soon.”
“Right. Then....”
Diavolo glanced at your form who sat down on the mat due to exhaustion. “Orias.” Barbatos blinked while Lucifer flinched, not really a scared one, but rather by surprise. His figure stiffen along with Barbatos as they held a small chuckle back.
“My lord, I don't think it's appropriate to name them after the Marquis.”
“Now that you mentioned it...” Diavolo sighed dejectedly before once again closing his eyes to think of a fitting name.
“What about y/n?”
“For once, you are great at naming something.” Lucifer coughed in his fist as he mumbled to himself.
“Then it is settled, they're named y/n.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
IN WHERE Childe has been tracking down an agent from an organization (for months now), needing information from her, he gets more than he bargains for when he backs her up in an alleyway, with a blade to her throat.
Tumblr media
“Are you sure you aren’t going to fess up?” The harbinger smirked.
He had you in a vulnerable position.
You were a part of an estranged organization, you and your group were seemingly mysterious, working in the shadows constantly.
Usually, you were never this careless.
The tall man was pressed against your back, he had one of his blades clutched against your neck, the tip of his weapon pointing beneath your jawline, and at the tender flesh of your neck. He drew small droplets of blood from your irritated skin, but he hadn’t cut deeper than what he needed.
He didn’t want to kill you, he couldn’t.
Not because you had such a pretty face, but because he needed information out of you.
And you didn’t seem to be giving him what he needed.
The two of you were tucked away in a small alley by the harbor in Liyue.
The sky was growing darker, and darker by the moment, lights, and lamps, from the city, began to illuminate the atmosphere.
The peaceful music playing in the center of the city wasn’t helping your situation either.
His opposite hand was pressed against your front, against your belly, to keep you against him.
His pink lips nearly caressed the shell of your ear, and you could feel his warm breath against your skin.
A sly smile pressed its way on your plump lips as you proceeded to struggle in the young man’s hold.
“It seems I may have underestimated you a little.”
“A terrible mistake,” he cooed, smiling as well, “I know, it happens all the time.” He grunted when your ass unintentionally ground against the front of his crotch.
“But, I have a job to do,” he needed to remain focused, but damn, did your ass feel amazing against him right now in this position. “I’ve been chasin’ you around for gods knows how long, and you’ve slipped through my fingers each time,” he complained, becoming somewhat bitter as he recalled his failed attempts of capturing you.
“Not this time, I’ve got you now. Right where I want you.”
You had a trick up your sleeves though.
You couldn’t give up the information you had so effortlessly, he was going to have to persecute you before you were to ever betray your organization.
Your boss would never let you live to see another day if you were to spill the beans.
So, as a last resort, you began your art of retreat.
“Right where you want me?” You purred, your dominant hand curled behind you, pressing against the male’s hard stomach for a moment, moving with grace as your fingertips ghosted over him, and the fabric of his clothes.
Childe felt his body tense slightly, caught off guard as your hand descended his slender body, your palm pawing at his cock that was residing against his thigh, though it was slightly hard from your struggling earlier.
The ginger sucked in a breath as you grasped him, slightly jerking your hand this time.
“I’m sure you do,” you cooed.
You noticed your captor slumping over, looming over your shoulder, but his blade was still pressed against your skin. His shoulders shuddered as your skilled hand continued your ministrations, his dick was getting harder, and harder, by the minutes that ticked on.
Childe chuckled, the hand on your tummy balled into a fist, bunching up the fabric of your clothes as well, pulling you seemingly closer, if that were feasible.
“I never took you to be so straightforward,” he choked for a moment when you pawed him again.
“I’m full of surprises, you should know that by now.”
“You’re right,” he groaned, pressing his blade against your neck anew, applying a bit more pressure.
“Fuck,” he cursed under his breath.
He seemed to be thinking, lost in thought for a moment, his hips bucking to meet your hand.
You heard a faint clinking noise, the blade at your throat was no more, disappearing in a bright blue light before the same hand that had been holding the blade grasped your throat. His fingers tightened slightly, he muttered sinful words in your ear.
“You’re playing with fire,” he muttered in your ear darkly, “but I think that’s what I like whenever I’m chasing you,” he purred, his broad chest vibrating against your back.
“We’re in public, and here you are, touching my dick when someone could see us.”
Was he trying to shame you?
You weren’t going to let such a thing fly.
“Oh~?” You whispered, “you should be the one feeling shameful, pulling a young lady, such as myself, into an alleyway, threatening me with a blade to my throat.”
He laughed, he slapped your hand out of the way, the hand that wasn’t grabbing your neck grasped your hip, his fingers dipping into your flesh, and clothing, with a vice grip.
He pulled you flushed against him so he could grind his clothed cock against your ass and in between.
“You may have a point,” he groaned.
The male trailed his hands in front of you, pressing you against the wall of someone’s house. His hands began to hastily undo your belts and the straps of your organization uniform, you smirked, laughing slightly as the buckles of your clothes jangled.
“You have any idea how badly I’ve wanted to fuck you?” He harrumphed as if this was all your fault.
Your pants were manhandled down your thick thighs, he cursed seeing the underwear you wore. It was sheer, almost seethrough, and there was a small, but noticeable damp spot. He licked his lips, your ass was practically swallowing the underwear you wore.
If Childe wasn’t turned on enough, he sure was now.
“I used to dream of this ass,” he admitted, kissing one cheek, before biting at your plump flesh, his other gloved hand pawing, and grasping the globe of your other cheek, his fingers dipping into your soft flesh.
“I’m flattered,” you wiggled your hips slightly, it caused your ass to shake in his face slightly and you swore his pupils dilated.
“Oh fuck,” he sighed, “keep doin’ that,” he encouraged as he undid his pants.
You did as he had asked, smirking as his hand grasped the panties you wore. He bunched them up, even more, pulling them against your pussy before he parted his lips to suckle on your folds even though your panties were in the way.
“Oh..” you bit your bottom lip, you continued to wiggle your hips against his face.
“You’re dirtier than I thought,” you giggled, you had taken notice that he was jerking himself off, his dominant hand grasping the base of his girth just beneath the tip, jerking himself and using his pre-cum as some sort of lubrication.
He pulled away, lips damp, and a dark look in his pretty blue eyes.
“Baby, there’s a lot you should learn about me,” he muttered.
You squealed, clamping a hand over your mouth when he shoved your panties to your knees, joining your pants and belt. His mouth returned to your sex, now bare and out in the open, glistening with some of his salivae, and a majority of your slick.
His tongue laid flat against your puffed pussy’s lips, his lips enclosing around your labia and fold before he started to suckle. With his tongue lapping at your center.
You could hear the lewd noises he made, his mouth vibrating against your pussy, moaning into you from the feeling of his hand wrapped around his cock, sending jolts of pleasure throughout your body. It felt similar to jolts of electricity coursing from your pussy, through your legs, to the ends of your toes.
You moaned, rotating your hips at an angle as if to make his tongue go deeper after he stuck his tongue inside.
“Oh..” you quickly clamped a hand over your mouth as a guard began walking past. However, he stopped, his back facing you and Childe.
Your eyes widened, and you sucked in a breath as the ginger bastard pulled his mouth away.
His fingers, slender but long, were between your legs.
His index and pinky parted your pussy’s lips as his middle and ring finger pushed inside your hole.
He thrust his fingers back and forth, your pussy squelched, even as your vaginal walls clenched around his digits. He pressed into you again, and he brushed his nose against the side of your face.
He gave a shaky breath, “keep your hands on that fucking wall,” he ordered, “and don’t make a sound,” he murmured, “I don’t want to hear a peep, baby,” he whispered, “or else that nice gentleman over there,” he whispered as he planted a small kiss against your neck, gingerly sucking on your sensitive skin, “he might hear us,” he teased.
Pulling his fingers out, he brought both to his lips, his tongue savoring the flavor of your sex. His other hand grasped the girth of his cock, guiding his hips forward to gradually brush the tip of his cock against your moist lips.
He eased himself in, his mouth parting in unison with you.
“Ooooh..fuck,” he whispered, sheathing himself in until his hips were met with your ass.
One of his hands grasped your hip, he pulled out till it was just the tip of himself before pummeling his way back inside. His other hand, the tips of his fingers dipped into his mouth, his saliva coating his fingers before he ultimately pulled them away and wedged his moist fingertips between your legs. His skilled fingers flicked friction against your swollen clit.
You clenched your eyes shut, your voice died amid your throat. A small smile pulled at your lips, your hips moved back, meeting the male’s thrusts.
You bit your bottom lip, “don’t be shy,” you whispered after suppressing a moan, “fuck me you mean it,” you encouraged him.
Your breast bounced with each thrust, every time your hips met with his.
“Harder,” you moaned, you could hear him slide his way back inside of you with each thrust.
“If I go any hard we’ll get in trouble,” he teased, “they’ll hear my hips slapping against this sexy ass of yours, and my balls slapping against you.” He droned on, lost in the pleasure of his cock stretching you out.
“Unless that is,” he bit down, gently, at your earlobe, “you want all of Liyue knowing you like sucking guys off in alleyways.” He snickered, but he had to restrain himself from making any more noise as you happened to buckle back against him.
He could feel himself getting close, and he was positive that you were close as well because the way you clenched around him felt heavenly, and he had still been rubbing furiously at your clit. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” he repeated in a mantra, his hips sped up, and the pressure from his fingers became harder.
You leaned back against him, mouth parted open, wordless throughout the whole turmoil of events as his pace sped, even more.
“Inside,” you moaned, “inside,” you whispered with a shaky breath.
He hummed, nodding his head, his lips caressed against your neck. His hips slapped against you one last time before he pressed you against the wall, keeping himself on your body.
Your hips twitched, your legs slightly trembling, identical to a newborn calf.
“Fuck, that was fun~” he cooed, a devious smirk crawled on his lips. “I knew you were fun. You must love it when I chase you around, and when we fight? You were probably thinking of me overpowering you, just like I did before this, and fucking you into any surface I could find,” he growled against your ear in a low tone.
You smirked, he had a point.
“I’ll make you a deal,” he whispered.
“I say, you tell me everything you know about that little group of yours, and when you do, you’re gonna come with me, I’m gonna fuck that pussy of yours again,” he purred, “a little reward for being such a good girl,” he hummed, “and then you can come with me, hm? And you can meet my boss,” he smirked.
“She can whip you into shape in no time, I just know it.”
Tumblr media
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tag! you're it - 6
Bucky Barnes x f!Reader
Summary: Bucky falls for Wanda’s college roommate, too bad she’s less that interested.
Warning(s): slow burn
AN: the series taglist had 2 spots open up & my permanent taglist cleared up a bit so if you'd like to be added just send me an ask :)
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Star Crossed
Tumblr media
Again, another banner made by yours truly.
But this little baby has been in my wips for probably two and half years so please take it easy if you notice a change in writing style.
But I hope you enjoy it regardless!
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook X Reader
Genre: College!AU, Theatre!AU, Romance, Smut.
Warnings: Profanity, drunken escapades (not like bad, kookie just drinks and is a little disorderly), smut in the forms of: Oral (f receiving), protected sex (it's possible in my writing), dirty talk, Sir usage, Dom!Jungkook, Sub!Reader, Virgin!Reader, Fuckboy jungkook. (If I forgot anything please let me know!)
Words: 20.7k (Haha, I can do it you see).
“For the final project of this class, the entire theatre class will be putting on a production of the classic Shakespearean play, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. You will be graded on your performance and cooperation with fellow classmates. As well as your delivery of your lines and dedication to the role,” your teacher droned on.
This was what you had been waiting for since the semester began. Seeing as how you were one of the few Performing Arts majors in the class. The only other one being your friend Taehyung, who was equally excited at the announcement. The rest of the class groaned in annoyance. The thought of having to be in a play in a drama class somehow putting them off.
“Now, we’ve placed all the male roles into one hat and the female roles in another hat. My TA’s will be coming around and you will be selecting your roles at random. No switching, I’ll know if you do. Rina, Jin, please pass out the roles and take yours as well,” Mrs. Abernathy announced.
“Who do you want to get?” Taehyung asked as everyone began selecting their roles.
“Probably Lady Capulet or someone like that. There aren’t that many large roles, for females anyways. I’d die if I was Nurse or someone like that,” you joked.
“I’d like to be Mercutio or Benvolio, one of the Montagues,” Taehyung mused. You nodded in agreement. Taehyung would suit either role he suggested. He had a very youthful air to him on stage, perhaps he would fit Mercutio the best.
When the last of the characters were being passed out, a large bang came from the door. Mrs. Abernathy rolled her eyes and stood from the front of the stage to the doors. The push handle clanged awkwardly as the aged wood revealed Jeon Jungkook. Resident fuck boy and religious party goer.
He actually showed up today, imagine that. Perhaps the idea of failing the class finally sunk into his thick, coconut skull.
“Dude looks like he had sex with a tornado,” Taehyung commented as he took his role from the hat.
“The bigger University on the other side of town had a massive party last night, what else did you expect from the Jeon Jungkook?” you teased. Taehyung snickered and Jungkook gave a lazy smile to Mrs. Abernathy as he no doubt tried to charm his way out of another knock to his participation grade.
“Dude! I got Benvolio, sick,” Taehyung smiled brightly.
“That’s awesome, you’re gonna do amazing,” you grinned, smacking his shoulder.
“Y/N, you have to pick a name,” Rina said, holding the hat out to you.
“Well there’s only one piece left so, let’s hope for the best,” you said, reaching your hand in.
Jin had made his way over to Jungkook and held out the scrap of paper towards him. “It’s your role,” he explained.
“Role for what?”
You scoffed and Jungkook turned his attention to you.
“Our final grade. We have to put on a performance of the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet,” you chastised.
“Oh shit, that blows,” he announced. A few classmates laughed, but most just remained silent.
“Mr. Jeon, you’ve already disrupted us with your tardiness. Snide remarks aside, why don’t you tell the class who you’ll be portraying?”
Jungkook took the paper Jin handed to him and he unraveled it slowly.
You were going to laugh if it said Peter or Tybalt. Both roles suited him perfectly.
“The role, Mr. Jeon?”
“Romeo Montague,” he said.
The whole room went deathly quiet.
“Are you fucking kidding me? A part of our grade rests on that fucker?” Taehyung whispered to you.
“I feel bad for the girl who has to play Juliet,” you said. Taehyung nodded in agreement.
“Well congratulations, Mr. Jeon. You have the honor of playing one of our famous star crossed lovers. Would the young lady portraying Juliet please raise her hand?” Mrs. Abernathy scanned the crowd. You were otherwise preoccupied, opening the folded paper with patience.
Juliet Capulet.
“What the fuck?” you exclaimed, standing up in horror.
“Miss Y/N!” You immediately shut up and sat down, biting your lip in embarrassment. The last thing you needed was attention.
“You should raise your hand, you’ve got the leading lady,” Taehyung stated. With a mute nod you raised your hand above your head.
“Disregarding your outburst, I am pleased to know that you are our leading lady, Miss Y/N. Jungkook, she is the best student in this class so I expect you to model yourself after her,” Mrs. Abernathy said.
“You got it,” he said, resting his eyes on you like a lion on a giselle. You bit your lip harder and tried to keep your annoying biological responses at bay.
“I’m so fucked.”
The rest of class passed by without much of a problem. Taehyung had to keep you in your seat most of the class, due to the fact you had to have the campus man whore as your partner for this masterpiece. The words of Shakespeare are wasted on him.
As the clock ticked into place, Mrs. Abernathy dismissed you. Taehyung was gathering his things when you saw Jungkook slip out of class unnoticed.
“Oh that sneaky bitch!” you whispered, rushing after him.
You made it into the hall and found Jungkook talking to a girl. She was beautiful, there was no denying that. She smiled so brightly when he spoke to her, you wondered what he could be saying that would make her so happy.
“Jungkook!” you yelled in a girlytone.
The beautiful specimen before him gave you an odd look then back to Jungkook. She gave him a disgusted grimace before stalking away with her perfect looking legs.
“Why did you do that?” he asked as you approached.
“Cause, we’re going to be busy for the next three months working on this performance project. No time to be getting distracted with members of the opposite sex. Or the same sex, whatever floats your boat,” you stated. Jungkook rolled his eyes.
“Look, I appreciate that you’re here cause you want me to succeed or whatever-”
“What the fuck are you smoking?” you asked, giving him a confused expression.
“Huh? Is that not why you’re here? Because you want to help the lost puppy?” he said, gesturing to himself.
You looked at him for a moment before bursting into hysterics. Jungkook looked at you with mild confusion and concern as he watched your form shake with laughter. Tears were welling up in your eyes with how hard you were laughing at his statement.
“Dude, if it wasn’t for all of our grades riding on this performance I would find it tremendously amusing to watch you crash and burn. However, if you had shown up on time, you would’ve heard our grading scale,” you said, wiping some tears away.
“Grading scale? Thought we just had to put on the performance?”
You sighed and shook your head. “Jungkook, if you really think Mrs. Abernathy would roll over and give us our grade on a silver platter then you truly have been smoking the entire semester. We’re graded on cooperation, performance, delivery and dedication. If you fuck up in any part of this, it reflects badly on all of our performance grades. If one leg of the table gets kicked out, then the rest of the legs are weakened,” you said, giving an example for good measure.
“You think I care?”
You were stunned.
“Do you truly think so little of everyone else that our final grades and futures mean nothing to you?” you stated for confirmation.
“Listen babe,” he said, leaning against the pillar. “I’ve got a thousand other things I’d rather be doing than sitting in the library with a bunch of virgins reading Shakespeare,” he announced.
“There’s no way someone could be that cruel. Jeon Jungkook, I want you to prove me wrong. We’re all meeting in the library tomorrow night around eight for a short rehearsal. Taehyung bet me twenty bucks you weren’t going to show,” you said.
“Looks like you’re going to be out twenty bucks,” he said, standing and beginning to walk away.
“H-How could I change your mind?” you asked, hoping that you sounded more confident than you felt. Jungkook’s frame stilled, before turning quickly.
“Change my mind? Oh, well... I guess since I lost my fuck for the night, you could replace her and I’ll be more than happy to show up tomorrow night,” he said, walking closer.
“W-what? Are you serious?” you asked as Jungkook managed to trap you against the very pillar he was leaning against earlier. He eyed you up and down, then looked into your eyes for a moment. Your breath caught and you tried to look away...
However, it was no use. Jungkook was a fuck boy for a reason... He was God damn beautiful to behold. Forget beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Anyone who didn’t think he was a piece of fucking art was blind.
“Maybe not, don’t really like stiff girls in bed,” he said, throwing a wink in for good measure. With that he was away from you and the air seemed to thin. You were panting ever so slightly, which made you even more ashamed.
“You’re truly an asshole Jeon Jungkook... And you haven’t changed at all,” you whispered, turning to walk back into the classroom.
Entering the library, Namjoon was the first to greet you as you all congregated around the tabled section of the room.
“Hey guys, have either of you seen Jungkook?” he asked, looking towards the doors. You scoffed and shook your head.
“He was very set in not showing his face here tonight,” you said with a bitter tone.
“Even if all of our grades depend on it?” Namjoon said with an incredulous look on his face.
“And we don’t have understudies, so, we’re genuinely fucked if Romeo doesn’t show up for Romeo and Juliet,” Taehyung groaned.
“Peace dear Benvolio, for we shall await Romeo in his tardiness,” you joked. Taehyung managed to crack a smile before the rest of you went to sit down.
The night dragged on and Jungkook showed no sign of turning up.
Everyone seemed to relax into their roles and reading became rather even, you were feeling rather confident...
Until a certain drunkard disrupted the scene.
“Jullllietttt,” Jungkook’s tipsy tone rang out.
“Ah, come on man,” Jimin said, looking up from his role as Count Paris.
“I’m here to rehearse, y’know, shaking spear or something,” he said, rubbing his eyes.
“Dude he’s fucking wasted,” Namjoon groaned.
“Taehyung, you might want to hold my hands down or get a camera out before I beat his ass,” you growled.
“What was all that talk about peace earlier?” Taehyung questioned as he grabbed your hand.
“Ooooh, look! Juliet!” Jungkook announced, turning to you.
“You might not want to get close to her,” Taehyung warned with a teasing tone.
“But she is my lady and my bride! Do I not have rights to see my beloved?”
Seokjin approached and finally grabbed a hold of Jungkook by the wrist.
“Jungkook, you’re drunk. We need to get you home and in bed before you do something you’ll regret,” he warned. Jungkook simply grinned.
“Do you think I haven’t done enough to regret already? Why do you think I’m drunk?” The room got quiet and Seokjin cleared his throat.
“Come on, Jungkook. Let’s get you home,” Jin said.
“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” Jungkook whispered, looking at you before stumbling out with Jin. The room was deathly quiet. However, everyone soon was over their shock and began to collect their items.
You couldn’t figure out why, but your heart was racing.
* * *
The next morning you found a very hungover Jungkook standing outside of the auditorium. He had sunglasses on and a black hoodie, making him look like the depiction of a My Chemical Romance fan from 2009. You sighed and attempted to walk past him, before his hand snatched your wrist.
“Hey,” he whispered, throat obviously dry from the mass amounts of drinking.
“You sound, smell and look like shit Jeon. What?” you asked, taking your wrist back from the warmth of his palm.
“So, uh... When would the next rehearsal be? S-so I know to avoid it, obviously,” he stated, horribly might you add.
“Jungkook, I honestly don’t know who you think I am but this is the worst attempt at subtlety I’ve ever seen in my life,” you muttered, rubbing your forehead.
“Fine, maybe I want to come and watch you all recite stupid shakespeare to each other for two hours,” he defended.
“I can literally feel my brain cells dying from this conversation, goodbye Jungkook,” you said, going to head into the room when he gripped your shoulder and pushed you against the cafeteria doors, out of sight from the auditorium.
Your heart leapt to your throat as he took off his sunglasses and revealed a deep, purpling bruise that made your stomach shift uncomfortably. Slowly, you lifted your hand to grazed his wounded flesh, before you caught your slight of hand. Brushing it off and pushing him away, you steeled your nerves.
“What the fuck has gotten into you? You’ve barely paid attention to me, any of us for the past four years, why change that now, Jungkook?” you asked, thinking back on his absence in classes and mainly sarcastic comments directed at others than yourself.
“I fucked up,” he whispered, looking down at your feet.
“On what?” you asked, wondering what any of this had to do with you.
“M-My scholarship for this school. If I fuck up another class, then I’m out. Done. Game over. My mom would be devastated if it happened, I can’t... Not to her,” he sighed. “I fucked it up, so I wanna fix it. But I can’t do it alone. My other classes it was a matter of showing up and actually doing shit. But this one, this one requires everyone, and I treated it like a game,” he said.
“You did, so why are you asking for help now? After all that you said to us, do you really think that any of us would help you?” you questioned.
“You always helped people back in highschool... Even if they didn’t deserve it, I remember,” Jungkook announced.
You swallowed thick. He did recall your weakness.
Watching others suffer made you sick. If there was something you could do in your power, it would be done. You never left someone behind, ever. He caught you out.
“I’m not like I was in highschool,” you tried, not even believing your own voice.
“Maybe not entirely, but moral integrity doesn’t change easily,” Jungkook reminded, sounded wiser than usual.
“I-I said-”
“You said it to me, back in the day when I believed I was nothing and treated everyone else like nothing. But I’ve attempted to change. Not that I’ve been wholly successful, but a try is a try right? So, give me a chance. Please, I don’t want to lose the one good thing I have going for me,” he pleaded.
“Jungkook,” you started.
“I’ll give you everything I’ve got, I promise to take it seriously. Just, work with me,” he begged.
“Yes! Thanks! I’ll see you guys at the next rehearsal-”
You yelled but he was already down the hall and too far away from your voice. You couldn’t help but feel played. He knew your weakness and exploited it to get what he wanted.
No, moral integrity took great effort to change. However, that relies on the person having morals to begin with.
* * *
That night as home, Taehyung sat on your couch eating your Doritos like the motherfucker he was.
“Tae, I don’t recall saying help yourself to my fucking Doritos,” you growled from the small kitchen.
“I recall you being a bitch about your food so I decided to scavenge and found a gold mine. Sorry you’re just now noticing,” he retorted. You frowned at his logic and decided to let it be. If you didn’t the sassy bitch would never forget it.
“Be that way,” you pouted, grabbing your freshly brewed coffee in a cracked mug. But it would have to do, because drinking coffee at 11:30 at night out of a bowl is pretty degrading.
Taehyung had originally come over to help you practice your lines and then do- “help” you with your algebra 2 homework... However, he’d more than likely get frustrated with your lack of understanding and do it for you. At least, that’s what you were banking on.
“Do you think Jungkook will show up on Thursday?” he asked, out of the blue as you sat down next to him.
“I fairly certain he made himself clear,” you stated, the conversation from earlier still not sitting well with you.
“I just can’t believe that someone could be that much of a dick! Like, for real. How many people have fucked him over in his life that he feels the need to fuck this many over now? I wanna kick him in his spleen,” Taehyung declared.
“Spleen huh? Odd place to kick,” you said.
“Bet he couldn’t find his spleen,” he huffed.
“Can you find yours?” you asked. Taehyung whined and shoved your shoulder before laying down on the couch.
“I hope he proves us wrong about him though,” Taehyung whispered, absentmindedly.
“Me too,” you breathed.
* * *
Wednesday night rolled around, you stood at your counter in the library where you volunteered. Honestly, it was free Wifi and putting books away half the time. That wasn’t such a bad gig. However, tonight was especially slow, and your mind was beginning to numb itself.
You hadn’t seen anybody come in the library for the past two hours, as it was reaching the late moments of the night. The time when people curled into their beds and fell into the blissful escape of sleep. Yet, here you were, caffeine fueled delirium sat behind the desk with dark circles that enslaved your features.
Trying to study your lines while keeping yourself awake was proving to be difficult.
Especially when the sounds started. It wasn’t frequent and there didn’t seem to be any kind of rhythm to it, but it was there most definitely.
And it was pissing you off beyond belief.
What made you furious was the next sound.
“Ah, Jungkook!” a girl’s voice mewled from towards the back.
“Shh!” A hurried whisper responded.
Oh that fucking degenerate.
You shoved your desk chair back and stormed towards the nonfiction section. When you arrived, there Jungkook was, his hands down an undergrad skirt and his tongue down her throat. You crossed your arms and stuck your tongue in your cheek out of irritation.
“Excuse me,” you announced yourself. The girl pulled away and looked like a poor deer caught in headlights. Obviously, it wasn’t her idea to get frisky in the library at almost midnight.
“O-Oh! I’m so sorry!” she yelped, bowing her head frantically.
“Sup, Y/N?” Jungkook said, pushing his hair back off his forehead.
“As much as I appreciate the fact that you’re showing the nonfiction books some kind of action, this isn’t what we meant,” you stated.
“Unfortunately we misunderstood,” he quipped.
“You’re fine, just go home dear,” you said to the panicked younger woman. She nodded before adjusting her skirt and collecting her purse and running out of the library.
“Yet another fuck you’ve lost for me, I’m going to expect reimbursement,” he smirked.
“Oh spare me,” you said, rolling your eyes. “What are you doing in the library with a girl? Thought your scholarships were at risk?” you bit back.
“Two tests today that I aced thanks to that young lady, I was just repaying her for her tutoring skills,” he winked. You resisted the urge to slap him, rubbing your temples to ease the dull ache that was appearing.
“Jungkook, I don’t care what you do in your free time. Dick down all the girls or guys you want, but not in the fucking library,” you growled.
“You just called it a fucking library, don’t give me ideas,” Jungkook warned.
“Listen, if you take furthering your education as a joke then so be it. But a majority of us here don’t, so don’t fuck with other people and pester them. Don’t get them in trouble because of your weird voyeuristic fetish. Get out or actually study something,” you said before turning to walk away.
“Are you available for study?” he tested.
“Depends, can I cut you open and see what happened to the brain in your skull, if it’s still there?” you questioned.
“So feisty, but perhaps I should clarify. I need help with my lines, are you available for study sessions? I recall you saying you’d help me.”
“First, you refused to take responsibility for your role as Romeo, then you exploit a weakness of mine to get what you want, then I catch you in the library attempting to get at it with a lowerclassmen, and now you ask for my help... Honestly, is there a brain in your head or is it just sort of... empty?”
Jungkook chuckled before coming closer, towering over you in an intimidating fashion. You felt fear spike into your throat. What was he doing?
“If you want an apology for my behavior, you can have one. I’m sorry I was a prick and put my wants over the common good, and am now only trying to do right by it because my future was threatened by my actions. However, did I not say I would give it my best shot? I meant that, but you’re helping everyone else but me... That seems a smidge like bias if I’ve ever seen it,” Jungkook tutted.
“Rehearsal is tomorrow night if you want-”
“Not my scene,” he joked softly. “No, I want private lessons from you, Miss Teacher’s Pet. Because you’re the best, and I want the best,” he sighed.
“You’re so fucking egotistical, if you think that statement will make me more willing to aid you, then you have lost your damn mind. No, Jungkook. I’ll help you like everyone else, at practice,” you stated firmly.
He leaned back and sighed, running his hand through his hair.
“What would it take to change your mind?” he offered, raising an eyebrow.
“I’m serious, I’ll give you anything you want if you just tutor me privately,” he said, speaking in earnest.
“Why do you want me to tutor you so bad? Isn’t there a sluttier underclassmen you could seduce to read Romeo and Juliet with you?” you said impatient.
“Nah, I’d get distracted. With you, I know none of my charms work, so it’s easier because then you won’t be begging for me before we’re halfway through an act,” he explained.
“Oh my God-”
“Jungkook is fine,” he teased.
“Fine, if you want me to tutor you privately then so be it. But, in exchange I need your dedication,” you started.
“Ah ah, you didn’t let me finish Jeon,” you warned.
“You want dedication you’ve got it! Not a problem!” he said.
“No sex, hook ups or parties until the final curtain of our performance. You can have sex with whatever after that. But you are easily distracted by women, booze and overall debauchery. So to curb that, if you want me to tutor you, you’ll follow that rule,” you announced.
Jungkook paled. The sight made you want to laugh. “Y-You’re not serious right? This is just a sick joke,” he asked.
“The only sick joke is the fact you think I’m kidding. I’m serious Jungkook, you’ll only get distracted by all of that. It’s two months,” you soothed.
“My dick will fall off! Can I at least get like blow jobs or something like that?” he pleaded.
“I think I made myself clear,” you stated.
“Jesus fuck, don’t you know how bad that’s gonna suck? Seriously, blue balls will be a worse distraction!” he complained.
“W-well I’m sure you’ll live,” you stated, flushing. Jungkook seemed to examine you closer before breaking into a wide grin.
“Are you a virgin?” he asked, getting closer.
“N-No,” you lied. “And it’s none of your business anyways. Do we have a deal or not?” you asked. Jungkook sighed before nodding.
“You drive a hard bargain, Y/N, but a deal you have. I won’t dick down the campus until after the final curtain. And you’ll tutor me privately?” he said, sticking his hand out. You pushed it away before looking him in the eye.
“I promise.”
* * *
“I can’t believe that you agreed to do something so nice for that fucking asshole,” Taehyung whined as you two walked through the grocery store.
“Because, the guy needs to know what it’s like to work hard for something. Trust me, I’m not going to make it easy for him,” you snarled. “The fucker is going to pay for acting like an entitled piece of shit,” you said.
“But, if you hate his guts so much, don’t you think that’s going to show in your performance?” Taehyung questioned, heading towards the chips. Smacking his hands you shook your head.
“I am an incredible actress thank you very much,” you stated, reaching for the ramyeon packages on the shelves.
“Are you seriously buying more of those sodium bombs? You’re already salty enough as it is,” Taehyung declared.
“Coming from the one who doesn’t pay my rent and doesn’t pay for my groceries and still manages to eat a majority of my food,” you growled. Taehyung bowed his head out of fear then pouted.
“Can you at least get the chicken ones?” he begged.
“Are you kidding? I’m no sadist,” you said, throwing the chicken packages into the cart.
Taehyung seemed appeased.
The rest of the trip seemed to go off without a hitch, until you spotted something that bothered you in the check out line.
“Oh, you’ve got to be fucking-” you growled before Taehyung managed to grab your arms.
There was Jeon Jungkook, dressed in his typical playboy-esque button down with almost half the buttons open, a girl at his side and a packet of condoms in his grasp.
“Easy, Y/N, we’re in public and neither of us have the bail money to get you out of jail this month,” Taehyung warned. You ripped your arms away and trudged towards the feminine hygiene section.
This was utter bullshit. Jeon Jungkook looked you dead in the eye and lied to you. Right to your fucking face and here he was getting condoms so he could continue on his escapades while you were supposedly none the wiser! You had a job, you had other things to do than worry about his grades and his life! So why the fuck did he think he had the right to walk all over your kindness?
Gripping the container in your hands you shoved past the people and made your way to the cocky bastard with your point in hand.
“Jeon Jungkook!” you growled, throwing the pregnancy test down at the checkout, along with his condoms.
“Uh hey, Y/N-”
“I expect you to pay for this, since it is your fault,” you said, crossing your arms and watching the face of the other girl turn up in disgust.
“What?!” Jungkook coughed, looking from you to the pregnancy test in shock.
“Don’t what me! This is your fault, so twenty bucks to find out if we’re royally screwed shouldn’t be that big of a deal right?” you continued to tease.
“Y/N, what are you-”
“Are you serious Kook? And here you were so adamant that we had to use protection but another one of your girls might be carrying your kid? What the fuck! Don’t call me again, have a nice fucking life, dickwad,” the pretty brunette stated before heading out of the line.
“Noona-wait!” Jungkook tried but it was too late. Her retreating form made your facade break and you erupted in laughter. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Jungkook had the audacity to yelp.
“Excuse you? Oh fuck no, Jeon Jungkook. What the fuck is wrong with you?” Getting closer to him you pushed your finger against his annoyingly toned chest and began your accusations. “I seem to recall our agreement didn’t have any kind of this action happening for you until the final curtain on our performance in two months buster, so care to explain why you're here buying baby repellant?”
“As I recall you pushed away my hand, so I don’t remember us sealing the agreement in any kind of fashion,” he said flippantly, smiling down at you with his cocky grin.
“You’re the worst person alive, Jeon Jungkook. How can you look into someone’s eyes and lie to them? Not only did you force my hand at this, but then when I try to make an agreement, some form of accord between the two of us, you are so quick to agree... However, I understand now that perhaps this whole thing has been a sham. You losing your scholarships, you fearing a disappointed mother-”
“Don’t. Speak. About. My mother,” he warned in a dark voice. You felt his grip on your shoulders as you were shoved back into the cart of an elderly lady behind you.
“Young man! You shouldn’t handle a pregnant woman so roughly!” she accused. Jungkook smiled at you before turning to the older grandmother.
“Might not even be my kid, who knows with this one,” he smirked before tossing the condoms back at you. “Save yourself the trouble next time and use these instead of trying to blame the hot one for all your troubles.”
You stood there in shock as he walked away, flipping you off as he went.
The feeling of tears welling up in your eyes made you so angry. He didn’t have the right to do that to you...
“Oh dear honey, it’ll be alright... A lot of men panic when a baby is thrown into the mix but everything will work out for the better. Just focus on being healthy, okay?” she soothed.
“Should never try to have a child with a child,” you scoffed...
* * *
A few days passed with no word from Jeon Jungkook. Taehyung approached you shortly after the incident and offered his spleen kicking services, which you hastily denied. You went to class and then to work and at no point did you see or think of Jeon Jungkook until you were getting ready to close up the library one night...
It was almost midnight, and you were fighting to stay awake in the silent library. Until a soft cough brought you out of it. You looked up with bleary eyes and saw the same underclassmen that was with Jungkook a few nights back.
“Hi, m-may I please rent this book?” she asked, holding a history of greek mythology book out in front of her. You gave her a tired smile before taking the book gently from her hands.
“Of course, what’s your name?”
“Mina,” she said. You nodded and found her in the system before dating and stamping the book with the proper information.
“Okay I’ll need this back in two weeks. Of course you can always come back and renew the rental period if you need it longer as well,” you said softly.
“I’m sorry!” she yelped, bowing low in front of you.
Confusion swept over your features before you responded. “Uh, for what?”
“For doing inappropriate things in the library with an upperclassmen!” she whimpered.
“Mina?” you asked, wanting her to raise her head.
“Y-yeah?” she said quietly.
“You’re not in trouble, and I don’t think any less of you... Hell I don’t even know you, so who am I to judge you?” you said.
“I-I guess, but I still feel so bad! Jungkook said-”
“There’s your problem, you listened to that idiot,” you scoffed.
“J-Jungkook isn’t a bad guy,” she whispered softly.
“Honey, men like him only want one thing from you and then-”
“He just wants to be loved.”
Her statement took you off guard.
“What? Jungkook wants to be loved? Honey, I don’t want you to misinterpret his attention as affection because it’s not-”
Mina stood up quickly. “I know. He doesn’t like me and only used me as a means to an end. I don’t mind that, because I found something out about Jungkook that he doesn’t let anyone know...” she whispered.
“Then why do you sound like you’re going to tell me?” you questioned.
“Because I feel like you’re the only one who could get through to him... Jungkook has dealt with a lot of shit throughout his life. Some of it undeserving,” she said.
“I know... I knew him in high school,” you declared. Mina got closer, more adamant.
“Then you know what his mother and father did to him right?” she said, a relieved expression on her face. You swallowed thickly.
“No, I don’t. I just know that he gets defensive when you bring up his mother,” you clarified.
“Oh... Well, before his father died Jungkook took beatings for his mother. His father was an angry drunk, the whole cliche. His mother didn’t want to leave him because she knew she couldn’t support Jungkook on her own. So, when his father had a stroke, Jungkook’s mother took his life insurance policy and bought him a train ticket here and five months of rent in his first apartment. She wanted him to accept his scholarships and to get the heck out of dodge, because just because his father was now dead, didn’t mean the other family members wouldn’t come looking for scraps of his insurance and money they owed him in life. So Jungkook is here, and his mother hasn’t been in touch for a few months. But Jungkook promised he wouldn’t be back until he graduated and was the first in his family to do so.”
Your stomach twisted painfully at the memories of Jungkook coming to class late and having bruises on his cheek or a stiff back. He blamed them on practicing too hard and hurting himself... But in reality he was suffering more than anyone could ever know.
“How did you find out?” you asked simply.
“Jungkook got drunk after one of our study sessions and spilled all after a rather heated call from an Uncle he’d met once or twice. Jungkook’s father was an Insurance Broker so, God only knows how much money he had. But money means next to nothing if the holder is abusive and a shit parent,” Mina commented.
“And you think I can do something for him?” you asked. Mina nodded her head furiously.
“You’re the only girl I’ve seen that doesn’t tolerate his attitude, if anything you give him a run for his money. Jungkook admires that in you, and therefore, you have a gap of space in his brain. Somewhere between the booze and the women, sits you... And I’m sure not even he knows why... What I’m trying to say is, Jungkook isn’t what he portrays himself to be... If someone could just take the time to get to know him, the real him, then maybe he’d have a chance at a happier life than the one he’s dead set on having,” Mina explained.
Your heart thudded painfully in your chest. Because you knew she was right. She was absolutely right about Jeon Jungkook...
And you had misjudged him.
* * *
The walk home that night was a silent one. Normally you listen to your favorite music, or listen to a new podcast episode... but tonight was for reflection.
Mina’s words struck a chord within you and now you had a massive mess on your hands. However, with your track record with the boy, reasoning with him wasn’t going to be very easy.
You rounded the corner of your street and smelt something awful.
“Ew, Jesus,” you groaned as you saw a man laying in a pool of vomit, surrounded by beer bottles and various liquors.
The stench was terrible, and you hoped that he would be gone by morning, when a familiar groan came from the body. Your head snapped back to the mass of a man laying on the ground. His hood was pulled all the way up his head, keeping his identity hidden from you. You crouched next to him slowly and pulled the fabric off his head, revealing Jungkook’s form to you.
He was pale, a mess of vomit and snot covering his face.
You bit your lip as you considered your options...
“Hey,” you said gruffly, prodding at his arm with your foot. Jungkook merely groaned and coughed, remaining still otherwise. “Jungkook, get up,” you tried again. However, he was out, completely and utterly wasted and laying in the middle of a sidewalk.
You sighed and rubbed your forehead in frustration. “Why is it that I’m always too nice to you,” you groaned and got down on your knees, pulling his toned frame up off the pavement. You huffed as you discovered that Jungkook was made of pure muscle, possibly some bricks too that were situated in his brain... Anyway, he was entirely too heavy for you to carry on your own.
“Y/N? What are you doing here, and why is Jungkook on the ground?”
By sheer luck and the will of whatever powers that be, Namjoon’s voice trailed through the air.
“Namjoon!” you yelped, dropping Jungkook ungracefully on the ground. He grunted in response, otherwise remaining silent.
“Hey, uh, what’s up?” he asked, putting his hand behind his head.
“Well, I was on my way home and found this mess laying in his own vomit... And, as big of a pain that he is, I can’t sleep tonight knowing I left him here if he needs help... Care to help me carry a drunken college student to my apartment?” you said with a weak smile.
“You’re too kind, you know that? This dick doesn’t really deserve it,” Namjoon stated. You sighed and rubbed your face.
“Maybe not, but everyone needs help every once in a while... And now I might have some leverage over him. If the campus finds out he was drinking and being disorderly, that could get him expelled, which I don’t think he wants,” you reasoned.
“Fair enough, lead the way.”
Heading back over to Jungkook’s mass of muscle you and Namjoon carefully lifted the man up and slung his arms over your shoulders. Namjoon and yourself locking hands and securing him in your grasp to ensure he wouldn’t get hurt.
“Jesus what does this fucker eat! I’ve only seen him drink booze and slam some burgers...” Namjoon groaned as the two of you struggled up the stairs.
“Juuuuuu-eck,” Jungkook mumbled.
“Just hang on a little longer Jungkook,” you eased, patting his hand. It was at times like these where having an apartment on the third floor of a building made you regret your kinder side. However, when you made it onto the landing, not without Jungkook almost causing you and Namjoon to fall backwards more than once, relief flooded your system.
“Holy fucking soccer players, this bitch is heavy,” Namjoon groaned, dragging his feet.
“Juuuu-” Jungkook kept mumbling.
“What do you think he’s trying to say?” Namjoon asked, offhandedly as you fumbled with your keys.
“Who knows,” you sighed, finally unlocking the door to your apartment and ushering Namjoon and Jungkook inside.
Stumbling through the halls of your small abode Namjoon and yourself finally navigated Jungkook to your couch. You groaned and fell onto the floor, rubbing your protesting shoulders.
“Do you think you’ll need help from here or do you got it?” Namjoon asked, rotating his arms in a similar fashion to yours.
“I think I can manage from here, but seriously, thanks so much for helping us,” you said sitting up.
“Us?” Namjoon questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“Oh! No-uh, that’s not what this is! We aren’t, I mean, I’m not. I could never-”
“Easy easy, I was only teasing,” Namjoon chuckled. You sighed and gave him a smile.
“But for real... Thank you, Namjoon,” you stated softly. He gave you a grin before patting your head.
“Don’t mention it, just kick his ass in the morning for being a dick. You think you can handle that?” he teased.
“With pleasure,” you agreed.
Namjoon left and you found yourself alone in your apartment with one of the most infamous sex Gods to ever roam the campus: Jeon Jungkook.
You thought you’d see if he would come to long enough to drink some water. Going to your sink you grabbed a cup and filled it with nice cool water. Adding a pink straw for your own selfish purposes you kneeled next to Jungkook’s sleeping frame.
“Hey, Jungkook,” you said, shaking his shoulder gently.
“Juuuu-u,” he groaned.
“Juuuu,” you teased back softly. “Drink this for me, yeah?” you asked, bringing the straw to his annoyingly beautiful mouth. You managed to poke the straw in between his lips, but Jungkook wasn’t drinking it. You fear that he might start suffering from dehydration and alcohol poisoning if you didn’t do something. And if he did go to the hospital then no doubt he’d be kicked out of school for good.
“God you always manage to be a pain in my ass,” you groaned. So with reluctance you went to your bathroom and grabbed a washcloth and some toothpaste. Coming back you took the toothpaste and squeezed it in his mouth because like hell you were going anywhere near him with alcohol and vomit breath. Jungkook sputtered and the toothpaste managed to get all over his cheek. Quickly cleaning him up and making a solid attempt at brushing his teeth you grabbed the water from the floor and pulled it into your mouth.
‘Here goes nothing,’ you thought to yourself as you leaned down and pressed your lips against his. You poked your tongue against his lips and managed to drop the water into his mouth. Rubbing his throat you got Jungkook to swallow calmly. Your heart eased at the idea of him getting the hydration he desperately needed. So you went in for another mouthful of water. Doing the same sort of dropping method, Jungkook swallowed more water.
You continued the process until the water was completely gone. Jungkook seemed to have regained some of his color too, that fact put you at ease. Moving to the bathroom once more you wet the washcloth and gathered some soap on it and walked out to the living room. Kneeling by his side again you brought the warm cloth to his neck and began wiping away the dried snot and vomit that remained.
Jungkook seemed to be more relaxed, his mumbling having stopped and breathing even. As you cleaned him up you wondered what brought him to the state you found him in. Did a girl do this? Or did something happen? Perhaps he has already been kicked out of school...
Your heart jolted at the thought. But, whatever the case may be at least he was off the street and cleaned up for the night.
Taking the dampened and dirty washcloth to your laundry bin you began getting ready for bed. Changing into your pajamas and washing your face as you hummed to yourself softly. You came out of your bedroom, holding an extra blanket and pillow in your grasp. Heading out to the living room you found Jungkook hadn’t moved. Lifting his head up gingerly you placed the pillow there so that he wouldn’t strain his neck. Then placing the soft blanket over his obviously exhausted self to finish it off. Next you set a bottle of aspirin and another glass of water on the table next to him for when he awoke.
As you headed for your bedroom, Jungkook mumbled again. But this time, you could make it out. “Mom, don’t go.”
* * *
Jungkook’s head was pounding when he peaked his eyes open that morning. His throat was a little sore, but he wasn’t as uncomfortable as he normally was. Usually Jungkook woke up on the floor of a frat house or something along those lines, but right now he found himself on a couch... A particularly comfortable one at that.
Did he sleep over at one of his hookups house on accident?
The smell of waffles made his stomach pinch painfully.
“Hmmhmm,” a voice hummed from the kitchen.
Jungkook swallowed thickly and turned to see medicine and a glass of water sitting on the table beside him. Quickly he popped the tablets in his mouth and drank the entire thing of water in a few gulps. Although, Jungkook wasn’t as thirsty as he normally was when hungover.
Feeling the blanket and pillow Jungkook wondered where the fuck he was. It wasn’t Mina’s place, because there were other girls that lived there and it would certainly be louder there. Wasn’t Seokjin’s place because he wasn’t rudely awakened to the sound of his hyung’s morning escapades...
He looked around and tried to find some sort of context clues to his location, but found none...
“So you’re awake.”
Jungkook jumped and turned his head to find... You...?
“Y/N?” he asked, looking confused.
“Ah, so you don’t remember,” you said, giving a soft smile.
“R-Remember what?” Jungkook asked, feeling his mouth go dry at the sight of you in the morning. Hair falling slightly disheveled but not unpleasantly so. Your face, still a little puffy from sleep. You looked incredible. Not to mention that he could distinctly see you forwent a bra at night.
“That’s a shame, I would’ve liked for you to recall your evening last night,” you smirked. Jungkook looked down at his clothes then back to you. If he’d had sex with you and was too drunk to remember then he’d surely throw himself down some stairs.
Time to put on a show.
“Of course I remember, how could I forget?” he asked, winking. You scoffed.
“Yeah, being covered in your puke and boogers was a pretty hilarious scene to stumble upon,” you grinned. Jungkook went slack jawed. Had he really gotten that drunk?
Holy fucking shit that wasn’t good.
“Uh... Well, you see-”
“Cut the shit Jeon, I can see it on your face you don’t remember squat,” you declared. Jungkook ran his tongue over his teeth in irritation but sighed in defeat.
“You caught me, care to catch me up?” he asked.
“Well, I was on my way home from working at the library, thankfully there were no teenagers trying to get freaky in the philosophy section last night,” you began. Jungkook couldn’t help it.
“Found my next hookup spot then,” he grinned.
“I’ll cut off whatever micro penis you have if you disgrace Zeno and Socrates with that type of debauchery,” you warned.
“At least I’d get your hands on my dick somehow,” he grinned. You gagged and left the room. Jungkook thought he’d scared you off when you came back with a plate.
“Here, eat it,” you said, holding it out for him. Jungkook was shocked to say the least.
“U-Uh, what-”
“Have you never seen a plate of waffles before? I made them for you, so eat them, jerk,” you chastised. Jungkook flushed and took the plate, quickly setting to work on devouring every bite. You set a cup of black coffee on the table and sprinkled something in it before Jungkook spoke up.
“What did you put in the coffee?” he asked, warily.
“Salt numbnuts,” you said.
“Why would you put salt in someone’s coffee?” he asked, raising a disgusted brow.
“Cuts down the bitterness, makes it easier to stomach. That’s why I made you waffles because it’ll help absorb the excess stomach acid you produced last night. You don’t have to drink it if you don’t want it,” you said.
“No no, I, uh... I’ll have it please,” he coughed awkwardly.
You nodded and sat down in the chair across from the couch and watched him eat. Jungkook seemed to be thoroughly enjoying every bite, until it was gone and he set his plate down and chugged his coffee.
“You’ll throw up all my hard work if you do that,” you warned.
“Sorry, it’s good and I’m starving,” he said. You nodded and crossed your legs. Jungkook’s attention immediately went to your legs that were slowly captivating him. The smooth expanse of your skin calling out to him, making him want to touch it.
Fuck, was he still drunk?
“Listen Jungkook, we have a month and a half until opening night and you still don’t know anything about Shakespeare so I think it’d be in your best interest to get on it,” you said, crossing your arms now too. Fuck... Were you trying to kill him?
“I appreciate what you’ve done for me,” he started, like he was going to say something else that proved otherwise.
“Then listen to what I have to say,” you tried. Jungkook huffed but nodded and leaned back against the couch. “Last night you were drunk and disorderly on campus property. Considering your current situation with the board and directors of the college, I think we can help each other out a bit,” you suggested.
“Is this bribery I hear?” Jungkook smiled.
“It’s not bribery, it’s a threat,” you warned. Jungkook’s smile diminished.
“Okay,” he said softly.
“If you don’t give me your best effort as Romeo Montague in the following weeks I’ll report you to the Dean and President of the school and request for your removal from this University,” you said.
Jungkook paled as if he really was going to be sick this time. “What? You’ve got to be kidding, Y/N, do you know what that would do to me?”
“Are you aware that everyone else’s grades depend on you as well? It doesn’t feel so good to be helpless does it?” you said in a cold tone.
“And everyone thinks you are so nice,” he scoffed.
“I put you up last night, cleaned the vomit off of you. Gave you a place to sleep that wasn’t the sidewalk where anyone or anything could’ve happened to you. I fed you... Now, I chose to do all those things for you. Kindness is expressed in many ways and by many different people. I’m not here to lecture you Jungkook. But, I am here to make a point to you. Help us, or you’re fucked. It’s as simple as that,” you stated.
Jungkook rubbed his face and then stared at you. His deep brown eyes were practically ripping into your soul. It made you waver slightly in your strong exterior. Because no matter how incredible of an actress you were, attraction was a fickle beast. You wouldn’t be so ignorant to say you didn’t find Jungkook handsome. His personality made you less aware of his physical beauty at times, but right now... He was stunning.
Hair disheveled and sticking up in a cute manner. His face flushed from sleep and still slightly pale from his sickness. His lips were red and pouty naturally that made you flustered. It brought you back to the night prior when you-
“Fine. You got me, Y/N, I’ll do what you want this time. For real,” he said.
“Your word means nothing to me Jungkook, you’ve screwed me over once. Just know that if you don’t follow through with your end this time... I won’t be ruining your chances with a beautiful woman... I’ll ruin your life,” you said.
The room became heavy and you found that it was your time to leave.
“If you want to take a shower, you’re more than welcome. I have some clothes in there if you want them. My cousin’s old stuff that I’ve used as old pajamas. But you can have them,” you said, beginning to leave the room. “And Jungkook?” you said, turning to him in the doorway.
“What?” he said low, obviously deep in thought.
“I don’t know what made you drink so much last night... But if you ever need some help, you can count on me. I promise.”
With that you left the room, and Jungkook whispered to himself.
“I remember.”
* * *
True to your statement, you met with Jungkook privately in the library. You were curious if he would show up, seeing as how you were certain last time he wouldn’t stand you up.
Although, like a scolded child, Jungkook showed up five minutes early to your scheduled appointment. He threw his bag on the floor and huffed, obviously disappointed he’d have to be here instead of getting frisky with young women. “Alright, I’m here, happy?” He questioned. You smiled simply.
“I’m happy for your sake, yes,” you responded cold.
“Alright, fine. No need to get all pissy, I’m here so, let’s get to work,” he said, sitting down in the chair next to you. You could feel his body heat from where you were seated. It made your heart race, uncomfortably so. Normally you could just ignore Jungkook’s playboy attitude but right now? He was affecting you just by sitting near you!
“Yeah,” you sighed, opening your playbook and handing him one.
“Thanks,” he said offhandedly before opening it. His eyebrows raised. “Why is it highlighted?” he questioned. You flushed pink and realized you did it without thinking.
“Uh, I-wanted to make sure this goes fast so, I highlighted your lines and stage directions for you when I did mine,” you explained. Jungkook raised an eyebrow.
“Why thank you sweetheart, how kind of you to think of me,” he flirted, getting closer.
“Come closer and see what happens, Jeon Jungkook,” you scolded.
“I’m curious to find out-OOF!” he yelped as your elbow hit his stomach. “Oh fuck,” he gasped in pain.
“There, consider your curiosity quenched,” you declared.
Jungkook simply coughed and shook his head. “Fuck dude, not playing with that again. Holy shit, I need my stomach to eat you know,” he whined.
Without lifting your head from your script you responded. “Last I knew you only used it to drink.”
“You give me and my remarks a run for my money, doll,” he smiled.
“It’s not a race if you’ve already lost Jungkook,” you sassed.
“Ooh shit-”
“Anyways, let’s start with your first scene. It’s with Benvolio, who’s played by Taehyung, so I’ll read Benvolio, you read Romeo. Action,” you said. “Good morrow cousin,” you began.
“Is the day so young?” Jungkook asked, sounding bored.
“Jungkook,” you scolded.
“Are you fucking kidding me? I say five words and you’re already stopping me?” he groaned in disbelief.
“Listen, in this scene Romeo-”
“He’s upset because he lost his side chick right?” Jungkook answered, reading ahead.
“What?” you asked incredulously.
“Wait, no...” he paused, reading further. “He really liked this girl... I see,” he concluded.
“How did you...?”
“He says it right here, I have lost myself. I am not Romeo, he is some other where.”
You were speechless. Of course it isn’t difficult to figure out that Romeo is missing someone he loves in this scene... But for Jungkook to pick up on it so quickly, it was rather impressive.
“Since you understand,” you began. “Try acting as if you miss someone you love. Someone that doesn’t want to see you, but you long to see them,” you explained.
“Easy enough,” he mumbled. His words made your heart skip slightly.
Did he miss someone?
“Good morrow cousin,” you stated.
“Is the day so young?” Jungkook repeated, this time, looking wistful and almost lost in thought. It was perfect, and he did it with only one repeat.
What the fuck was this dude’s secret?
You continued on, giving Jungkook subtle hints and letting him figure out the scene for himself. As you discovered, he was actually rather intelligent when he needed to be, and picked up on the intricacies of the Tragedy very fast. You just wanted to work through the first act today, so when you hit scene five, you were ready to call it a night.
“I think four scenes is enough for tonight-”
“This is where our character’s meet,” Jungkook grinned.
“Yes, this is the scene where Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time-”
“Don’t they kiss?” he asked, flipping through the pages.
“Jungkook you’ve done very well today and I’m tired so-”
“There! I say: Then move not while my prayer’s effect I take,” he grinned. “Ooh! We kiss twice in this scene!”
“Jungkook stop,” you rubbed your face.
“Come on, now you’re upset I’m getting into the literature?” he accused.
“You’re not getting into anything, come on, time to go,” you said.
“I won’t kiss you, but like you said. Mrs. Abernathy is one hard bitch, and if we fake it on stage surely we’ll suffer. Might as well kiss me and get used to it so the first time we do it isn’t on stage, can’t have you turning into a flustered mess,” he smirks.
“If you want to practice the scene so bad, call Mina, I’m sure she’d be thrilled to make out with you here. But I’m going home,” you said, standing up and heading towards the door. You felt Jungkook’s hand on your wrist.
“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” he whispered. You pulled your hand from his wrist.
“That I shall say good night till it be morrow.”
And with that, you left Jungkook standing in the room.
“I get that line now...”
* * *
It was two weeks until your performance and you were starting to work on the stage. Everyone had unanimously voted on having you be stage director, seeing as how you knew it the best. Mrs. Abernathy was nowhere to be found... It was up to you guys to pull this off.
It was about twenty minutes before rehearsal started and Jungkook still hadn’t shown up. Taehyung approached you with a bottle of water. “Do you think he’s gonna show?” he asked, unscrewing the cap and drinking.
“It’d be stupid of him not to,” you declared. “Hey, Baekhyun! Can you bring down the key light to a brighter setting? This looks too dark for it to be a market place in the middle of the day!”
“You got it!”
“Such a bossy lady.”
“Holy shit, is that Jeon Jungkook?”
“I thought we were fucked! Dude you made it!”
“Look what the cat dragged in.”
A group of people swarmed Jungkook and started to chat him up. Asking if he was serious about helping us so we wouldn’t fail. You watched as he eased everyone’s mind. Telling them exactly what they wanted to hear. “Plus, Y/N has been helping me a lot, so I think we’re gonna do great,” he said with a smile.
“Dude that’s awesome!”
Namjoon strolled up behind you and placed his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder. “Seems like he’s more alert than the last time I saw him,” he chuckled
“Less vomit and old vodka stench,” you reminisced.
“What?” Taehyung asked.
Oh fuck.
“Oh nothing, I just helped Y/N carry Jungkook to her apartment after we found him fucking shit faced on the sidewalk,” Namjoon explained. Taehyung’s eyebrows rose so high you were curious if they were going to fly off his face. You wouldn’t put it past them...
“Fuck you, we’re buying the good ramen next time you go grocery shopping for keeping that from me,” Taehyung growled.
“What do you mean we’re buying?! You and your bitch ass make me pay for it!” you yelled.
“Save me, Friar Lawrence!” Taehyung squeaked, looking at Namjoon.
“I gotta go read something about God or whatever, bye!” With that you glared down at Taehyung with murderous intent before you felt a tap on your shoulder.
“What?” you growled, before you saw pitiful Rina looking at you with the stage directions.
“H-here are the stage directions...” she trailed off. It’s a good thing she didn’t get Juliet, because if she had to put up with Jungkook’s constant borage of flirting her heart might give out. Lady Montague is plenty for her.
“Sorry Rina, just stressed is all,” you smiled. She nodded and returned your soft grin and ran off. You sighed and checked them over, approving everything and then handing them off to your Stage Manager Kai.
“Can you make sure that everyone has the directions for the first act please?” you questioned.
“Sure! I’ll get it done,” he smiled.
“You seriously look like some chaebol off of a drama series,” Taehyung laughed.
“Careful what you say, Benvolio,” you growled.
“Yes Lady Juliet,” he cringed.
“But soft, what beauteous body stands within my wake,” Jungkook teased, coming closer.
“I’m going to go find Jimin and see if the costume fitting is going okay,” Taehyung announced before walking off. Leaving you alone with Jungkook.
“Not one you’re ever going to see, what do you want Jungkook?” you asked, already exhausted from his conversation.
“You okay? You seem tired,” he asked, raising an eyebrow.
“I’m fine,” you yawned.
The past couple of days you’d been pulling all nighters studying for your other classes and tutoring Jungkook, as well as working at the library and making sure that everything runs smoothly for this production. It was starting to weigh heavy on you.
“Look kinda pale, have you eaten?” he asked, coming closer.
“I don’t have time for this Jungkook, go meet up with Jin so that you can get your measurements taken for your costumes. I think I got a few that might work, but there might need to be alterations and-”
“Do you want to go get something to eat after this?” he asked out of the blue.
“W-what?” you asked, turning to look at him with wide eyes.
“I mean, nothing fancy. But fuck even a bagel would be fine, you look like you’re gonna collapse,” he announced.
“Jungkook, I’m fine. Now either go get fitted for your costume or flirt with the undergrads, I’ve got other things to do,” you sneered. The second the words came out of your mouth you regretted them. He was just trying to be helpful at the very least. He didn’t have to be nice to you, fuck he was good at not being nice. But in the moment where he decides to show some semblance of kindness, you kick him to the curb. “Listen I’m-”
“No, I get it. If I start getting concerned about your well being, I must want to get in your fucking pants. So sorry, forget I asked,” he said, brushing past you and hitting his shoulder with yours. You sighed and rubbed the bridge of your nose, feeling a tension headache coming on fast.
“Are you alright, Y/N?” Hoseok, the gentleman playing Mercutio asked. “You’ve taken on a lot of responsibility, maybe you should go home for the day and we’ll just read lines-”
“No, it’s fine. I’m good, Hobi, thanks for asking,” you played off before heading towards a larger group of people... Desperate to forget the faint feeling curling up your spine.
* * *
It was two hours into rehearsals and you were really not feeling good. You kept telling yourself that it was just the lights and exhaustion. You were going to be fine. You’d go home after this and relax, make sure that everything would work out just fine. That’s all you had to do first.
Jungkook had kept his distance from you, only speaking to you when his character required it. You felt terrible, truly. You hadn’t meant to snap it’s just, seeing him being praised by everyone, when a week ago they were all ready to fuck him over and tell Mrs. Abernathy that he was on his own. It was so fake, so cruel.
“You okay?” Jimin asked, coming forward.
“Yeah, everyone keeps asking me that. And I keep saying that I’m fine, honestly,” you said. Jimin frowned.
“You look weak,” he said, crossing his arms.
“I’m okay, rehearsal is almost over. I’ll go home and get some rest,” you smiled.
“We’re going Scene 5 of Act I,” Jimin said. “Baekhyun wants to make sure that the ambient lighting he ordered looks right for the halls of the set,” he explained.
You nodded, it was a smart idea. “I’ll go get ready. Can you find Chanyeol and tell him I’m going on stage and need him to direct for me?” Jimin nodded but quickly held your shoulders. “If you don’t want to do this you don’t have to. We can call it for the night, we’ve done a lot already,” Jimin suggested.
“No, another hour won’t kill me,” you reasoned before handing off your clipboard and going towards the stage.
As much as you didn’t want to admit it, you really wanted to say yes. But what would everyone think then? Can’t last through a three hour rehearsal and she’s our Stage Director? What bullshit...
You can’t let everyone else down, so you’ll just do the scene and call it... Do the scene, and call it.
Not paying attention, you missed the last step heading to the stage and collided into a wall of muscle. Of course. “Sorry,” you whispered before moving to get off stage. A warm palm wrapped around your wrist.
“Y/N,” Jungkook’s voice soothed. “You really need to stop,” he said, almost pleading.
“It’s one scene Jungkook, I can do it,” you said.
“It’s one scene, it’s one beer, it’s one shot, do you hear yourself? Y/N, if you keep pushing you’re going to hurt yourself,” he declared.
“Jungkook,” you said, turning to face him. “This is my future, I have to get used to it at some point. We’re called starving artists for a reason. To express yourself in your art is more meaningful than food or water-”
“That’s bullshit, don’t give me that. You need to eat and you need to sleep right the fuck now,” he argued.
“Just leave it Jungkook!” you yelled. Everyone’s eyes were on the two of you.
“Then make me a promise,” he demanded.
“What?” you asked.
“Make me a fucking promise,” he held out his pinky. You scoffed and crossed your arms.
“A pinky promise?” you clarified.
“Don’t undermine the power of the pinky promise. If you break it I’ll cut your finger off,” he warned. You rolled your eyes and linked pinkies. “After this scene, you’re going to let me take you home with Taehyung so you can rest.”
“I promise,” you sealed.
“Don’t lie, cause you’ll lose a pinky,” he warned.
“Just not my right one, he’s my favorite,” you begged.
“Definitely will cut off the right one.”
The air felt cleared as you and Jungkook headed towards your positions. Everyone was in place and Chanyeol yelled action. Baekhyun hit the lights and the scene progressed fluidly. Min Yoongi took his place as Capulet, your father, which made you laugh. Yoongi seemed a more lackadaisical Capulet, but when he got into with Montague, played by Yugyeom, it was rather intense to say the least. Jimin was ready by Yoongi’s side as Count Paris, your suitor.
You watched as the scene unfolded, until Wendy came up beside you. She was the person playing as your Nurse. “You feeling alright, Y/N? You look a litt-”
“Hey, Y/N, time for you to head out,” Kai instructed. You gave Wendy a nod before the two of you went forward.
It was so bright out there, everything reflected harshly and it sort of made your head hurt. Not like it didn’t already, but that's besides the point. Everything was blending together. The lights and sound, you heard something like Jungkook’s voice.
“True beauty till this night!” he announced. You knew you must look a mess, but really this was a dry run. Surely everything would be okay. The scene was close to being over.
Wendy pulled you around to your proper spot before Jimin took your hand to start the dance. You knew it well, however in this state you found yourself heavily relying on Jimin’s movements to keep you steady. You cast a glance over Jimin’s shoulder to see Jungkook looking at you with frustration and... worry? But before you could make the decision of what emotion bothered his face Jimin had turned you around and it was forgotten.
You were handed off to one of the maskers and Jungkook interrupted your dance.
He fed you your cues, and you followed slowly, obviously off. However, if you just got through this last section...
“O then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do. They pray: grant thou, lest faith turn to despair,” he said, becoming closer.
Jungkook’s face was fading out of your vision.
“Jungkook,” you breathed before you felt your legs give out.
“What happened?”
You felt yourself swirling in a pit of dark consciousness. As if you were sleeping, but your mind was alert.
“Damn it, you dumbass. I told you,” Jungkook’s voice came through your thoughts.
“Y/N!” Taehyung’s worried tambre came from your left.
“I’m gonna get the nursing students! Keep trying to talk to her!”
“Y/N! Wake up,” Taehyung whimpered. You heard rustling and felt your upper half being lifted.
“Is she alright?” Namjoon yelled from backstage, coming forward from the sound of his footpath.
“Passed out,” Taehyung said.
“Check her pulse,” Namjoon said.
You felt a cool hand touch your wrist and could feel your own breath hitting your face.
“She’s breathing, but her pulse is kind of low,” Jimin answered.
The world became muddled and everyone’s voices weren’t distinguishable.
“Move aside please!”
“Move aside!”
Unfamiliar voices came from your right. Students?
“Are there any injuries?”
“No I caught her before she fell,” Jungkook explained.
“Okay, have you tried to get her to come to?”
“She’s not responding to anything, but she’s breathing,” Jimin said.
“Alright, let our teacher know we are bringing in a possible dehydration and malnutrition case. We need an IV...”
Their voices faded away as you tried to open your eyes. But you found that you wanted to sink deeper and deeper into sleep.
“Alright bring the gurney in!”
Slowly, you were lifted into the air and placed on a cold surface. Someone’s hand was locked in yours as you made your way out of the performing arts center. Metallic doors shut and it was still. You must be heading towards the infirmary wing.
“What’s your relationship with the patient?”
“I’m her boyfriend.”
Then you fell into unconsciousness.
* * *
Your head throbbed and your tongue sat heavy in your mouth. You moved your shoulder, trying to open exhausted eyes. Peaking one open you gazed around the room.
Bright white and faded pastels greeted you as your vision cleared. The room was bare save for Taehyung falling asleep in the chair next to your bed. Slowly, you reached out for him. Taehyung was in different clothes than the last time you saw him. How long had you been here?
“Ta-e,” you croaked, voice sounding foreign to your own ears. Taehyung perked up in his seat, eyes falling on you immediately.
“Holy shit! Y/N!” he exclaimed, rushing forward and wrapping his arms around you. “Don’t you dare do that shit to me again, what the fuck you dumbass,” he cried, hiccuping into your hair.
“Tae,” you complained, bringing your hand up to rub his forearm. “Can I have some water,” you asked. Quickly, Taehyung pulled away and went to get your request.
“Here, sip slow,” he encouraged. You did so and Taehyung pet your hair softly.
“What happened?” you wondered out loud.
“Dehydration, malnutrition and anemia,” Taehyung answered.
“You worked yourself too hard, idiot,” Taehyung scolded.
“I-I, I’m sorry, I let everybody down. Holy-oh damn, I’m so sorry-”
“Shut up, bossy lady,” Jungkook’s voice came through the room.
Taehyung and you both turned to look at him. Against your own reasoning, your heart beat accelerated. You swallowed thick and put your head down.
“What do you want, Jungkook?” you asked.
“You passed out, being my partner in this, I thought I should come and see how you were doing,” he explained.
“Since when did you care so much?” you grumbled. Jungkook sighed and rubbed his face.
“Anyways, you’ve only been out for a few hours,” Taehyung soothed.
“Thank you,” you said, keeping your eyes downcast.
“For what?” Taehyung asked.
“For staying here with me Tae, you didn’t have-“
“I didn’t, Jungkook's been here a majority of the time. I went to yours and got you some clothes. The students said you could leave and go home once you woke up. Jungkook is the one who-”
“Taehyung, shut the fuck up,” Jungkook warned. You looked over to him and raised an eyebrow.
“You stayed with me?” you questioned. Jungkook bit his lip and looked at his shoes.
“Yeah. Taehyung was too overwhelmed and everyone else was trying to figure out what the fuck was going on, so it just made sense,” he reasoned.
“It was crazy, he carried you out like a movie star! A real Romeo,” Taehyung teased.
“Taehyung,” Jungkook growled.
“Oh stop the pissing contest. Taehyung, can I have my clothes please?” you asked. He nodded and walked over to the door and went out, leaving you and Jungkook alone in the fluorescent lights.
“You scared the fuck out of me you know,” Jungkook whispered. Your head perked up and you gazed at him in shock.
“Don’t do stupid shit like that again. You’re smarter than that,” he grumbled.
“Excuse me?”
“I don’t want to have to see you like this again. I-It bothers me to see you with all this shit around you,” he huffed, looking off to the side. His cheeks were tinged pink and your heart thrummed against your chest.
“Jungkook I-”
“Hey, Y/N! I got your clothes,” Taehyung announced, coming back in with a grin on his face.
“Feel better, Y/N, I think I’ll manage to practice tonight so you just take it easy,” Jungkook said, turning on his heel and heading out the door.
“Jungkook wait-” you started, before you attempted to get out of bed. But Taehyung grabbed your waist before you could even get close to doing what you wanted.
“Hold your horses, and take them to the old town road before you start moving and shit,” Taehyung complained, forcing you to take a seat. “What’s gotten into you?”
“What, what do you mean? I feel fine, so don’t worry,” you shush him, putting your hand up.
“Bitch sit your slightly too big ass down,” Taehyung said.
“The fuck did you just say?” You growled, looking at Taehyung with murderous intent.
“Calm down, you’re just being so antsy, it’s not like you,” he stated, raising a brow in your direction.
“Well I want to help him, we’ve been practicing all of this for so long,” you said, looking at the ceiling in defeat.
“We still have two full weeks before curtain, don’t make it so we have to do it without you because you got yourself put in an actual hospital,” Taehyung commented.
“I won’t Tae, I promise. I’ll go home and get some rest,” you assured your startled friend.
“You better, because we’ve got an A to get bitch, let’s get it!”
* * *
It was the night before curtain.
You’d done as promised and kept to a much more regular sleep schedule and ate healthy meals to keep you going. But there was Jungkook too.
Ever since that day you passed out, he’d changed.
He was quieter around you. Not joking like he would with the other students. Not that this bothered you at all... Okay maybe a little.
Especially when he would flirt with your fellow students.
That, for some reason, really grinded your gears.
Jungkook, however, was the picture of a perfect student with your help.
Showing up on time, lines memorized and ready to cooperate. It was odd to see such a change. But you guessed that he really didn’t want to fail. And neither did the rest of you.
Although, you and Jungkook still hadn’t practiced your stage kisses. You knew they were going to be real ones, but you weren’t sure you could handle that at this point. With all the weird things happening with Jungkook and your brain in general, you weren’t sure what to do. Jungkook had just kissed your forehead when it was time to do the stage kisses, but that certainly wasn’t going to convey a deeply in love couple.
Taehyung reassured you that when the time was right you would be able to kiss and everything would turn out fine, but in reality, you were just nervous as hell. You hadn’t ever really kissed someone before. The only thing that had come close was when you gave Jungkook water in your apartment!
Just the thought of it had your face heating up in a hurry. So you quickly fanned yourself, trying not to freak out.
“Hey, Y/N,” Jungkook’s voice came from behind you. You jumped, turning around quickly to scold him, when you stopped. He looked concerned about something.
“Everything alright Jungkook?” you asked. He nodded, but grabbed your wrist and started to pull you away into the wings of the theatre.
“I need to talk to you,” he said.
“Okay?” you said back, confused. But then your mind began to race. What could he want? Did you do something wrong? Had you done something that made him uncomfortable? What was he so concerned about?
“We need to start kissing for real, otherwise Abernathy will tan our hides. I don’t want to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, but I think that we should do a couple practice ones before just so we aren’t awkwardly trying to figure it out on stage,” he explained.
That was all.
Jeon Jungkook.
That was fine. It was normal. People your age kissed other people all the time right? This was a totally normal thing for him to ask. Especially since your characters were supposed to be in love. You had to kiss. It was supposed to happen. But were you supposed to be this nervous about the whole thing? Was your mind supposed to be racing like this the whole time you were thinking about it because you were pretty sure-
“Y/N?” Jungkook asked, looking at you expectantly.
Then you realized you’d been standing there like an idiot without answering him.
“Oh fuck, I’m sorry,” you said, putting your hand on your head.
“Are you alright? Have you been eating and everything? Do you need water?” he asked, genuinely concerned for your well being.
“Yes, yes Jungkook I’m fine. It’s okay. Honestly. I-I just spaced out is all,” you answered lamely.
“Okay, so, what do you think. Can... Can I kiss you?” he questioned.
“Um, yes. That’s fine. But, we... Not here, let’s go up to the light booth,” you suggested.
“Um, why?” he asked, as you started dragging him up the steps towards the booth.
“Because, it’s quiet up there and... Uh, no one can see us?” you offered.
“I’m not gonna, like, stick my tongue down your throat or anything. We just need to kiss,” he said like it was the simplest thing in the world.
The pair of you entered the lighting booth and you shut and locked the door. Jungkook looked at you with confusion written on his face, but didn’t say anything.
You stood there, looking at him expectantly.
“Well?” you asked.
“What?” he answered.
“Are you gonna kiss me or not?” you asked.
“Y/N, you seem to be getting a little confused here. When I say I’m going to kiss you, I mean I’m just going to, ya know. Kiss you, not like, grope you or something,” he said, rubbing his neck awkwardly.
“No, I know, it’s just...” you trailed off.
“Just what?” he persisted.
“Imayhaveneverkissedanyonebefore,” you rushed out.
“I’m sorry, you’re gonna have to slow that one down speedy gonzales,” he said, looking at you in confusion.
“I may have... never kissed anyone before,” you said slower this time.
Jungkook gawked at you for a moment.
“What?!” you squeaked.
“I just...”
“I know, it’s super lame and I’m a pathetic little virgin who doesn’t know what she’s doing but that’s not the problem here. Just kiss me and get it over with!” you said.
“Y/N,” Jungkook said, walking closer.
Your heart jumped into your throat. Watching him come closer and closer to you as you decided if you wanted to bail or not. Fuck everything, because you weren’t sure what you wanted right now. But one thing was for sure, when Jungkook had you backed up against that wall, your heart was beating so loudly it was almost certain that he could hear it.
“Jungkook... You’re getting kinda close,” you said quietly.
“You said to kiss you, I can’t kiss you from across the room,” he said, putting a hand next to your head against the door.
“Jungkook,” you said his name softly.
“Yes, Y/N?” he said, cool as a cucumber.
“Maybe we shouldn’t do this,” you said, turning your face away from his. When he gently grabbed your chin and pulled you to face him once more.
“You’re so skittish, like a little bird. It’s okay dove, I’ve gotcha,” he reassured you.
“I-I,” you whispered, looking deeply into his eyes.
“Shhh,” he said, coming closer.
You closed your eyes.
Feeling the soft pressure of his lips against yours was... overwhelming to say the least. He kissed you softly, and briefly. It lasted maybe five seconds. But you weren’t too sure. Jungkook started pulling away, when you did the unexpected.
You grabbed his shirt and pulled him back to your lips.
All the words that were too confusing to say. Everything that you’d felt over the last three months, heck especially these last two weeks were flooding into your kiss. Anger, frustration... But also, fear, longing, and... maybe? Affection.
Jungkook made a muffled noise against you, but you were too scared for this moment to end. You didn’t want to let him go. Because if you did, then you may never catch him again. You weren’t going to sugar coat it. You weren’t really the prettiest thing or the most daring girl out there. But you loved yourself and loved what you did, and that passion is hard to find nowadays.
Jungkook grabbed your shoulders and pushed away from you for a second before looking at you in confusion.
“Y/N, what-”
“Jungkook... I’m sorry I didn’t mean to come onto you like that. That was extremely inappropriate-”
“No, Y/N, that’s not it. It’s just. I didn’t know... Y/N... do you... do you like me?”
You thought about it for a moment. Did you like Jungkook? Your heart was racing and your mind was reeling.
But your mouth was opening before you could even stop yourself.
“What if I said yes?”
Jungkook’s face turned tumultuous. You should’ve known better than to show your cards to the shark.
“Y/N,” he whispered.
“It’s fine Jungkook, I shouldn’t-”
“I’m sorry I can’t be who you need, but if you want to use me... Use my body, I can do that, I just-I don't have a heart to give you,” he said lamely. You knew it was a line he used frequently. Just by the way he said it.
“Jungkook, you have a heart. You just are too scared to give it away to anyone.” You swallowed. “I should’ve known better.”
Jungkook reached out for you as you started to walk out of the booth. “Hey come on, don’t make me seem like the bad guy here. I never said I was gonna date you, I just said I would kiss you so that you wouldn’t be so nervous to do it on stage, don’t blow this out of proportion,” he said.
You ripped your hand from his and turned on him with a fierce look in your eyes.
“Listen good Jeon Jungkook. You are one of the most vexing individuals I have had the misfortune to know for my entire school career. You are constantly asking for handouts and for people to pity you. When we both know you are entirely capable of learning, and doing things for yourself. I don’t know why you feel like you need to play the victim in every scenario, but it gets old really fast. You don’t need my help anymore, and I don’t need yours so, let’s just agree to be lovers on the stage,” you couldn’t help it, but you choked up at the last part.
“What the fuck is your deal? Play the victim? I don’t-”
“Shut your fucking mouth Jungkook, I don’t want to listen to this, I’m leaving,” you said, opening the booth and running into Taehyung shortly thereafter.
“Um, they said we need to run-”
“I’m done for the day. We’ve practiced enough. Send everyone home for the night,” you said, walking down the steps and out the doors. You heard Taehyung talking to Jungkook but you weren’t concerned with what it was.
All you knew was your heart was broken.
* * *
Crying in your room that night was moderately sad and humiliating. But mostly, you just felt foolish. How had Jungkook and his stupid little smile made it’s way into your heart? And when?
You guess that during your sessions you’d stopped acting...
You genuinely thought his jokes were funny, even if he was copying some of Jin’s jokes... Every smile, every wink, it all read differently to you. You really thought he... Really thought he liked you.
“Let me in you sad bitch,” Taehyung’s voice came from your front door.
You hurried towards your entryway because for you to hear him in your room meant that he was probably screaming his head off in your hallway. And you really didn’t need another noise complaint because of the little weasel. Even if he was your best friend.
“What,” you asked flatly, looking at your best friend, arms full of snacks.
“I come bearing gifts,” he smiled.
“I don’t want them,” you sniffed, raising your head and turning it away from him.
“Don’t be a little shit, let me in so you don’t have to be sad all by yourself,” he said, shoving himself inside the room.
You rolled your eyes and watched as he waddled inside your apartment. Situating himself on the couch he grabbed your remote and scrolled through the channels. You leaned against the entrance to your bedroom, looking at him as he pressed play on the new Ghost Adventures episode.
“Well,” you said, raising a brow.
“We both know you’re upset, don’t pick a fight with me right now,” Taehyung warned.
“You spoke with Jungkook after I left,” you said, rubbing your elbow.
“Yeah, I asked him who the fuck he thought he was and why he played you like he did, and I wanted to ask you why you couldn’t see it,” he said, eyes turning sharp and looking into you.
“I-I couldn’t tell the difference after a while. I really started to enjoy his company, I really started to-to like him Tae,” you whimpered, the tears started hot again, coming down your face.
Taehyung was by your side in a second.
“Babe, don’t cry you’re gonna make me cry,” Taehyung whimpered.
“Did-Did he say anything else?” you asked.
“No, I was too busy running after you to really interrogate him. He’s not worth it, he’s not worth this Y/N, you have to believe me. I understand you wanted him to be more, but he’s not your Romeo. He’s not someone that wants love,” Taehyung said.
“Everyone wants love, and the people who seem like they want it least, want it the most,” you corrected.
“Don’t be a little know it all, just, come here,” Taehyung mumbled, bringing you into a tight hug.
“After tomorrow you never have to see his stupid face again.”
You didn’t.
You showed up, performed your heart out and the whole class got an A.
Even Jeon Jungkook.
Mrs. Abernathy was proud of the production and gave you and Jin special letters of recommendation for your futures.
You hardly saw Jungkook for about a month after that. A rare appearance in the halls of your college but, otherwise. He was a ghost.
But the heartache was still very much present.
Taehyung tried to convince you he wasn’t worth it, but there was something in you that told you otherwise. That there was something more, that you weren’t the only one feeling this way. But, you tried not focusing on him and the pain. You just... existed.
You went to class, participated but overall?
You weren’t nearly as devoted as you usually were.
Taehyung noticed almost immediately.
“I swear if this is about Jungkook-”
“Tae, it’s really nothing. I’m fine,” you tried to push him away, but he was as persistent as a bad case of lice.
“You’re not fine, Y/N. You’re holed up in here all day, you took a majority of online classes this semester. If this is over him, Y/N I’m telling you-”
“He’s not worth it, he’s not worth it. I know Taehyung! You tell me every day that I shouldn’t be this heartbroken, but I am! I can’t help how I feel. How I’ve felt about him since... Since we were younger,” you said softly.
Taehyung sighed, rubbing his face. “Come out with me, lets go get a coffee or something,” Taehyung suggested. Only for you to shake your head and go back into your bedroom.
There’s only one solution to this, Taehyung thought.
Get to the root of the problem.
And the root was a weed called Jeon Jungkook.
* * *
Jungkook woke up with an empty bed.
The girl he slept with must’ve let herself out.
His head ached from the night before. The loud music and lights from the club no doubt had a hand in his raging migraine. He went out and noticed that there was already coffee on, he took some black, and before he could stop himself he sprinkled a little salt in, something that had become customary in his morning routine.
But he couldn’t help but pause this time.
A banging at his door caused a sharp pain behind his eyes to make him almost drop his coffee. Jin was more than likely still asleep so he hurried to answer the door to avoid the wrath that was Jin in the morning.
“Yeah yeah yeah, I hear you hold on-what?”
Jungkook was confused.
There stood Kim Taehyung. Someone he really didn’t expect to see ever again in his life.
“You have some nerve Jeon Jungkook,” Taehyung said, standing in front of the younger male.
“I really don’t know what you’re talking about, did I sleep with an ex of yours or something?” he asked, rubbing his head slowly.
“No, but you fucked up with my best friend and now we’re going to get to the bottom of it,” Taehyung said, barging his way inside. Jungkook was so stunned that he just shut the door and let him walk into his living room.
“So what are you here for exactly?” Jungkook asked, sitting down on the couch.
“I’m here to find out what the fuck you said to Y/N to make her shut down like she has,” Taehyung said, eyes burning with a ferocity Jungkook had never seen from the usually happy go lucky man.
“I-I don’t really remember-”
“Don’t bullshit me Jungkook. I was right there outside the light booth that day, you rejected Y/N, but what did you say to her?”
Jungkook sighed and looked at him.
“I told her the truth.”
Taehyung scoffed, rolling his eyes to top off the expression of disbelief. “You told her the truth huh? Told her that you’re a fucking pansy who can’t commit to anything or anyone?”
“Listen man-”
“No, you listen Jungkook. Whatever you did during your tutoring sessions with Y/N, changed something between the two of you. She hardly leaves her apartment, she doesn’t hang out with her friends, whatever you said to her into the lighting booth must’ve really hurt, so I’m here to find out how bad the damage is so I can try to salvage the person she is, because you fucked her over so hard,” Taehyung growled.
Jungkook swallowed hard.
You weren’t hanging out with people? You were isolating?
“I told her that we could fuck, but I’m not going to date her. I-I told her I didn’t have a heart to give her,” Jungkook mumbled.
Taehyung laughed, a somber sound that Jungkook didn’t know could come from the man.
“You absolute fuck.”
“I told her the truth, Taehyung. I don’t know what you want from me,” Jungkook said, trying to keep his flippant attitude.
“You know she won’t let me say anything bad about you. She thinks it’s her fault, she pushed you into a corner. When in reality, you pushed her off a cliff. You’re such a fuckhead Jungkook. The genuine article, truly,” Taehyung scoffed.
“S-She won’t?” Jungkook said, looking down at his coffee cup in his hands.
“She’s too nice, too forgiving. You could live a thousand lifetimes and not deserve her,” Taehyung glowered.
“It’s not up to you to decide if I deserve her,” Jungkook snapped quickly.
Taehyung raised a brow at the tone in Jungkook’s voice. What was that? Was that defensive?
“Unless you aren’t really indifferent to Y/N, unless you feel the same way!”
Jungkook’s cheeks turned bright pink as he tried to get the image of your soft features out of his mind. Taehyung smirked, so the great fuck boy Jungkook was falling for the drama nerd. How poetic.
“You’re right though. It’s not up to me, who she decides she wants in her life is entirely up to her. But I want you to know something,” Taehyung said, leaning in.
Jungkook couldn’t help but do the same.
“She’s hurting right now, and it’s your fucking fault. So either fucking do something about it or, let her down easier. Don’t hurt my friend any more than you already have, Jungkook. Please, she’s too kind for her own good-”
“I remember,” Jungkook sighed.
“Then don’t take advantage of that anymore,” Taehyung said.
“Oh, one final thing Jungkook,” Taehyung announced, turning to square up with him.
Jungkook was cut off with a harsh fist in the face. Jungkook fell backwards, coffee cup shattering on the ground and slicing his forearm. Not enough to need stitches, but enough for it to burn.
“Fuck you for hurting my friend,” Taehyung said, shaking his wrist and turning on his heel and heading out the door.
Jungkook watched as the man left, and a deep pit in his stomach grew.
* * *
You finally left your apartment for the first time in a long while. To be fair it was for only the essentials.
Cup noodles and some other cheap easy to make food that would keep your belly full for the time being. But if you were being honest, you couldn’t really taste what you were consuming anyways.
It was late, probably past ten o’clock and you were walking around in your pajamas and not really thinking too much as you handed your card over to the clerk. You paid for your food and gathered up your bags and headed towards the door.
You let the wind bite your cheeks.
Slowly, you made your way home. You made it to your apartment building when the acrid smell of alcohol burned your nose. You looked around and saw someone laying in the bushes outside your building.
“Ew, come on,” you complained. Just as you were about to turn and go on your merry way, the person on the ground moaned.
“Juuuuu,” a deep voice hiccuped.
Your heart stopped in your chest.
Gently you placed your items on the ground and headed towards the individual. Looking at the boots you already knew who it was.
“Jungkook,” you whispered.
“Juuu,” he groaned, turning over and attempting to move.
Why was the universe throwing fastballs when you were still in the little leagues here?
“Jungkook,” you said a little louder. His head lifted from the ground, his bleary eyes met yours and the dope smiled.
“Y/N! You’re there!”
“Yes Jungkook, I live here,” you sighed.
“I know, I ‘member, ‘s why I came by,” he murmured, sitting up on his knees.
“Jungkook you should go home,” you said, moving to turn away.
“Wait, pwease, lissten-I wanna talk to you,” he slurred, already trying to stand up.
“There’s nothing to talk about, Jungkook,” you declared, turning around when you heard his hoarse voice cry out for you.
“Pleeeaassseee, Y/N, dun leave me out here. I juss wanna talk,” Jungkook pleaded, eyes bright in the dark.
You sighed, looking up at the stars in the sky and you knew you were going to cave.
You always would.
“Can you stand?” You asked, looking at his state.
“Um, maybe?” He questioned, going to stand up when he wobbled on his feet and fell forwards. You rushed towards him to catch him, but forgot how bulky the man actually was, causing him to collapse on you in a heap of drunken confusion.
You huffed out a breath, looking up at Jungkook whose face was inches from your own. Now, you had a good look at him. Even in the dark you could see the purpling of his skin. You didn’t even think before bringing your fingers to the damaged skin and looking at it with concern.
“Ouch,” Jungkook said when you ran your finger across his cheek.
“Who did this to you?” you asked, grazing along the lines of his swollen skin.
“Dosn madder,” Jungkook said, pushing up off of you and rolling onto his back.
“Yes it does, who hit you?” You asked as Jungkook managed to stagger to his feet.
“I deserved it,” he gritted out, suddenly sounding more sober than he had earlier.
“Jungkook I doubt you deserved getting punched in the-well, maybe I can’t say that,” you said, rubbing your face awkwardly.
“I deserved it,” he repeated, walking down the street on wobbly deer legs that had you worried he’d fall into traffic.
“Jungkook!” You cried when he stumbled over the curb. Rushing forward you grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the road and towards you. “Come back to mine, sober up and then head home.”
Jungkook knew that he shouldn’t be entitled to your kindness, especially after how mean and heartless he’d been towards you that day. He was surprised you had managed to pull off acting the day after with him during the showcase.
It truly was a testament to you, and your ability to be professional.
Jungkook felt horrible suddenly.
Both mentally and physically.
“Oh fuck,” he choked before doubling over and vomiting on the street. You sighed and rubbed his back as he retched.
When he was done you brought out some tissues and wiped his mouth, tossing them into the garbage next to you. “Come on,” you encouraged, holding your hand out for him to take.
Jungkook’s drunken mind couldn’t resist the feeling of your skin on his, so he took your hand. You led him up the stairs. Jungkook followed, eyes big as he watched your hair flow back towards him. He could smell your shampoo and it made him want to fall asleep.
Soon you were unlocking your apartment. Jungkook leaned against the wall, looking over the railing and getting vertigo so he quickly came back to you.
You pushed your door open and ushered Jungkook inside, getting him settled on the couch. You tugged his shoes off, putting them by the door. You took your own off and ran to the kitchen to get him some water and mints.
When you returned, Jungkook was passed out on your couch. You couldn’t help the soft smile that made its way to your face.
Carefully, you laid him down and covered him with a soft blanket.
“Sweet dreams, Jungkook.”
* * *
You woke up to the smell of something burning.
Quickly you hauled yourself out of bed and ran towards the kitchen. There you saw Jungkook looking at a piece of bread with moderate confusion. He must’ve sensed you staring at him because he turned with a shy smile on his face.
“Normally I don’t have this much trouble with toast,” he admitted.
“Mine’s broken, you can only put it on setting one so it doesn’t burn,” you said.
“Ah, I see,” Jungkook sighed. “Well have you seen those life hacks where you can-”
“Jungkook,” you said, stopping him.
He silenced himself quickly.
“You were drunk, outside my apartment building. Why?” you asked, not beating around the bush.
“Because I wanted to apologize, but I felt so damn guilty that I thought I’d do some shots of liquid courage before I came here to talk to you. But two shots turned into a few more and suddenly I’m shit faced outside your apartment building at some godforsaken hour,” he said.
You took his words in.
“Apologize?” you asked.
“Um, yeah. Apologize,” he said, rubbing his neck awkwardly.
“For?” you pushed.
“For being a dick, and not being considerate of your feelings when we spoke in the lighting booth,” he said, putting his hands together.
“Okay,” you said. “Apologize.”
Jungkook took a deep breath and looked you square in the eyes. “I’m sorry for being such a dick. I’m sorry for not taking the performance seriously in the beginning. And most of all, I’m sorry for hurting you and insulting you. I shouldn’t have suggested we have sex with no strings, that was disrespectful and rude to you.”
You nodded your head for a few moments.
“Okay,” you said again, going to move past him to get a second round of toast going.
“I have this odd feeling I’m not forgiven,” Jungkook said, biting his lip and turning to face you.
“It might be because I’m still thinking about whether I forgive you or not,” you said honestly.
Your heart pounded with each word.
Jungkook’s face fell. “I-I understand,” he said, swallowing hard.
“What you did really hurt me, Jungkook. I’m a person with feelings, not some object,” you lectured.
“I know that, fuck Y/N, I know. I messed up, I betrayed your trust or what little faith you had in me-”
“You did,” you nodded.
“But I’m honest when I say I didn’t mean to.”
You rolled your eyes.
“Why are you asking for forgiveness Jungkook? What’s one hurt girl compared to the tens of girls you’ve wronged before me?”
“B-Because they weren’t you.”
“Nice line, but you’re going to have to try another one,” you scoffed, trying to hide the shimmer of hope that started because of his words.
“I’m serious Y/N, they weren’t you. They placated me. Let me do whatever I want, you’ve never let me do that. You’ve challenged me, made me work to get what I want. I-I like that... I like... you,” Jungkook whispered.
Your heart jumped to your throat. He said everything you wanted to hear. Was he just that big of a fuck boy to know? Or was this a genuine confession.
Only one way to find out.
“I like you too, Jungkook,” you whispered, shutting your eyes tight. Hoping that he didn’t shatter you with your statement. You felt like a cracked wine glass, fit to crumble with a simple breath.
You waited for his laughter, for the mockery.
But when you opened your eyes, all you saw was Jungkook. A bright beaming smile on his face. “Y-You’re serious?” He asked, walking forward and taking your hands in his.
“Yes,” you grinned back, gripping his hands tightly.
“Fuck yeah!” He yelped, bringing your hands to his mouth to place an endearing kiss on them.
“Jungkook,” you blushed.
“Give me a chance, tell me I can call you mine,” he pleaded, looking up at you with such dreamy eyes that had your chest clenching in emotion.
“Jungkook I don’t know-we’re still-”
But before you could continue his lips were on yours.
You wanted to put up a little bit of a fight, but you couldn’t. Melting into his embrace you moved your mouth against his gingerly. You’d only ever kissed him, but the feeling was still overwhelming.
He pulled away slowly, eyes trained on your face.
“I should’ve let you finish, I’m sorry,” he said, biting his now damp lips.
“I know I should be mad, but I can’t be,” you sighed.
“So, before I rudely interrupted you-”
“Yes, I want you to call me yours. I want to call you mine,” you whispered. Jungkook beamed at you, grabbing your waist and pulling you to him in a flourish that was entirely too theatrical. But it was perfect.
“You’re mine and I’m yours,” Jungkook breathed over your lips, leaning to seal them together again.
As cheesy as it was to say it, your mouths fit together perfectly. Like ‘they were made for each other.’ However, it was the most accurate statement your distracted mind could think of while Jungkook practically ravaged your mouth.
“Fuck, I need you,” he growled, pulling away.
You flushed bright pink and Jungkook did the same.
Then the stammering began.
“I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that-we don’t have to do anything, I wasn’t expecting-”
You brought your mouths together hurriedly. Jungkook’s eyebrows shot up in surprise, but you mimicked his motions from earlier, and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders to pull him closer. Jungkook grunted lightly, but kept your mouths together.
His hands stayed at your hips, but you wanted them to go further. To touch you more.
Lips smacking gently in the quiet room, you begged.
“Jungkook, please.”
Jungkook’s eyes turned dark as he brought you even closer, if it were possible. But then, a softness took over his features. “Are you sure? We can just kiss, or just-um, hang out? Fuck I don’t know Y/N, but we don’t have to go all the way.”
“But I want to,” you urged, pushing him towards your bedroom with a force he didn’t know you possessed.
Suddenly, Jungkook’s back hit the bed. He blinked a few times before you were crawling on top of him, kissing up his neck clumsily before connecting your lips softly. Jungkook’s hands worked on instinct, running up your sides and landing just under your breasts.
You licked at his lips shyly, wanting him to open his mouth. Jungkook sat breathless for a moment, before doing as you desired, opening his mouth and letting you take control for a bit. Although after too long you bit down on his lip a little too hard and he winced, pushing you back by the shoulders gingerly.
“Baby,” the word rolled off his tongue too easily, but made your stomach fill with butterflies regardless.
“Sorry, sorry,” you apologized, just as out of breath as he was.
“Don’t be sorry, it’s just, you don’t have to know what you’re doing. If you need me to guide you, just tell me. I’ll help you,” Jungkook soothed, finding your hands and intertwining your fingers together.
“Okay, I will,” you nodded, leaning down to kiss him again.
Jungkook eagerly accepted your mouth and adjusted your chin gently, locking the two of you into the perfect kiss. His rhythm guided you along, you followed him breaking apart only to breathe for a few seconds before reconnecting your mouths.
His lips were addictive, plump and swollen from yours.
But there was something in his eyes that made you pull back for a moment longer than usual.
“What is it?” You asked, sitting up on his lap and suddenly you felt the problem.
Jungkook was hard, extremely so, against your thigh.
He flushed and sat up to move you so you wouldn’t touch him-but you grabbed his wrist.
“Show me how,” you said, settling back into his lap. Jungkook swallowed hard and angled your hips against his crotch.
“Push forward,” he encouraged, looking down at your clothed centers touching. You did as he said, pushing forward with your hips, causing Jungkook to moan softly. His hardness rubbed against you as well, making a small squeak escape from your lips. Jungkook’s ears picked it up though, causing him to look at you with a small smile.
“Does it feel good?” You asked, pushing again, watching as his face scrunched up. He nodded slowly, before grabbing your hip and grinding back against you. You gasped out, his hardened length brushing against your sensitive center surprising you. You wanted more.
Without much more urging, you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders and ground against him harshly. Jungkook groaned against your lips, making you look at him with a deviousness that had his heart pounding.
“Feels so fucking good,” he agreed, licking his lips. Your chest was throbbing along with his trapped length. You could feel the wetness leaking into your flimsy pajama shorts. Your panties were probably in a miserable state. With a direct thrust to your wet core, Jungkook watched your face and saw your eyebrows raise in surprise.
“C-Careful,” you begged.
“You like that babygirl?” He asked, biting his lips harshly as he moved again. You gripped his shoulders as you felt him grind against you.
“Y-Yes,” you whimpered out.
“You’re soaking those pathetic little shorts, you should take them off,” Jungkook said, a low growl in his voice.
“Okay,” you agreed, standing up off of him and pulling your shorts down to reveal your pastel yellow panties, a cute little bow in the center decorating the band.
“Mmm, maybe you should take those off too, they’re ruined anyways,” Jungkook suggested. You nodded slowly, pulling your panties off in a clumsy fashion. Just as you were about to toss your underwear to the floor, you looked up and saw Jungkook holding his hand out expectantly.
“Give them here babydoll,” he said, hand still extended palm up.
“I don’t think that was a question sweet girl, give me your panties,” Jungkook commanded, you swallowed hard and handed them over. Jungkook smirked and grabbed them and tucked them away in the pocket of his jeans.
“You plan on wearing those later?” You asked, irritated that he managed to embarrass you like this.
“I plan on stuffing them in your bratty little mouth if you keep talking back to me,” he snarled, standing up and taking your jaw in his hand.
The position would scare some, but you felt the light pressure, Jungkook wasn’t doing this to hurt you. He wanted you to fall into a character.
“Sorry sir,” you breathed. Jungkook’s eyes widened before his lips were on yours, desperately searching. His hand remained on your jaw, kissing you with a force that was surprising. Jungkook brought his other hand to your waist, bringing you closer to him while he ravished your lips.
You brought your hands up to rest on his wrist, kissing him back with a lack of technique but it seemed to egg Jungkook on more. He moved your mouth along with his, making you rub your thighs together as your center heated up even more.
“What’s wrong babydoll? Need something?” He asked, placing his hands on your shoulder and hip.
You swallowed hard, before grabbing one hand and placing it over your core. Jungkook’s eyes shot up in surprise. You angled your hips to rut against his hand gently, a soft whine coming from your lips causing Jungkook to move his fingers for you so you could grind down against his hand, giving you sharp pleasure you hadn’t felt before.
“Right there,” you encouraged, eyes sparkling in the morning light. Jungkook started rubbing a little harder, kissing your jaw while you panted into his ear.
“Is it good? Feel good on your little pussy baby? So wet, wanna taste you, eat you up,” Jungkook moaned against your skin.
“You can do whatever you want to me sir,” you whispered, hips bucking against his fingers.
“Yeah? Let me do whatever I want to your body? Think you could take it?” He asked, wrapping his fingers around your throat loosely.
“Make me take it,” you brought your hand up to his fingers and made him squeeze.
“My babygirl is so naughty, who knew,” he grinned salaciously.
“This isn’t fair, take your pants off too sir,” you whined, reaching for his zipper. His hand gripped your wrist, stopping you in your tracks.
“Baby,” he tutted. “Don’t get greedy now.”
You whimpered out again, but moved back to let Jungkook take over. He was quick to flip you on your back on your bed, where he previously found himself. But this time you were without shorts and panties and Jungkook wasn’t a man to let opportunity pass him by. Quickly, he was placing kisses on your thighs and all over your lower stomach. A soft mewl came from your mouth when he placed a gentle kiss to your clit. Jungkook looked at you for a moment, confirming this is what you wanted.
“Please sir, please eat me out,” you begged lightly.
Jungkook growled deep in his chest. But kissed your lower stomach lovingly, laving his tongue over your heated skin. “I will. Has anyone ever-”
“No,” you answered fast. “You’ll be the first.”
“Such a sweet thing and no one’s had a taste? How sad, but I plan to enjoy every minute,” Jungkook said, licking his lips in anticipation.
“Please, hurry. Make me feel good,” you pleaded. Jungkook’s eyes sharpened at you and you shrunk against your sheets.
“Don’t make me punish you little girl, I won’t be kind even if it is your first time,” Jungkook warned.
“Yes sir, I’ll be good, I’m sorry,” you said quietly. Jungkook moved from his position between your legs and went up to your mouth.
“I know you’ll be my good girl, won’t you? My good girl,” he confirmed before placing a solid kiss on your lips. You wound your fingers in his hair and pulled him closer. Jungkook groaned into your mouth, hand coming up to cradle your face and the other settled right underneath your breast. You felt his thumb rubbing right along where your bra would sit, waiting.
“You can touch me, I want you to touch me,” you encouraged, placing his hand on your chest gently, squeezing just enough to make your breath catch in your throat.
“I’ll touch you until you can hardly take anymore,” Jungkook smiled, placing another quick peck to your lips before settling between your legs.
Jungkook wrapped his arms around your thighs and spread you open for him. You blushed, cheeks turning hot as Jungkook marveled at your beauty. Carefully, you reached out and touched his face. His eyes snapped to yours and you gave a gentle smile. Jungkook placed a kiss to your wrist before finally moving down to your center.
Gingerly, as to not startle you, Jungkook made a big lick along your slit. You jolted despite yourself, breath catching in your chest. It was an unusual feeling, but not unpleasant. Not by far. Jungkook gauged your facial features and continued slowly. Making bigger lips to start, not focusing on any particular area, but bringing you little sparks of pleasure regardless.
Then, Jungkook licked over your clit for a just a moment, watching as your hands gripped the sheets a little tighter. So far you hadn’t been very vocal, and Jungkook was wondering if oral just wasn’t your thing or if you were nervous. Reaching up with one hand, Jungkook intertwined your fingers.
“Relax babygirl, it’s just me. I wanna make you feel good,” Jungkook said, kissing your center again.
“I just, don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to be feeling,” you said, embarrassed.
“Does it not feel good?”
“It’s a little weird,” you confessed.
“So you don’t like it,” Jungkook said, looking a little put out.
“No no, just... Try it again, if I still don’t like it I’ll tell you,” you said.
Jungkook nodded before going back down, licking a little more directly against your clit. You felt a sharp pang of pleasure go through your lower stomach at the action. You shuddered in his hold, feeling the start of a fire in the base of your belly.
“J-Jungkook,” you whispered, biting your lip.
“Yeah?” he asked, lifting his head. You about kicked yourself for making him stop.
“Keep going, please keep going,” you begged
A bright smile took over his face as he nodded, diving back in with renewed vigor. Jungkook was eating you out like a man on death row would his last meal. His eyes were closed, face screwed up in pleasure as he continued to lick and slurp at your core with an intensity that bordered animalistic.
“O-oh!” you cried out, head throwing back against the bed in pleasure.
“Mmm, baby you taste so good,” he moaned. “Gonna make you cum like this.”
“Ah!” you gasped, gripping Jungkook’s hand tightly.
He kept up pace, sucking on your lower lips with a dastardly look on his face. You could feel the coil in your stomach tightening. The heat rushing up from your stomach to your neck and face as you panted in pleasure. Jungkook brought your clit into his mouth and sucked harshly. You cried out, tightening your hand on his as your mind started to spiral.
“Come on baby, I know you wanna cum. Just cum, you can do it babygirl,” he cooed, almost patronizingly. But you couldn’t help yourself, every flick of Jungkook’s tongue had your mind going blank and soon you felt your body spasm and a strike of white hot bliss flushed over your being.
“Jungkook!” you cried out, his hand the only thing keeping you grounded.
“Good girl, what a good girl you are Y/N, my precious girl,” Jungkook whispered softly as he brought you down from your high.
Your heart was pounding in your chest and you were breathless as you looked up at your ceiling. Jungkook placed a final kiss to your center before coming up and taking your lips in his. You could taste yourself on his lips, it wasn’t an unpleasant taste, just different. But, the longer you kissed in the brightening morning light of your bedroom, you found you couldn’t hold off anymore.
“Jungkook, I'm ready,” you said when he finally pulled back from you.
His eyes shone like two pieces of obsidian glass as you looked at him above you. Jungkook gave you a boyish smile before nodding quickly. His body heat was replaced with the cold of the room. Soon, he was stripping himself of his clothes, so you decided to pull the last remaining piece of your own off as well.
Jungkook was lean and built strongly, with a narrow waist and damn near perfect proportions. His arms came to embrace you as you kissed him. Jungkook licked at your lips slyly, having you open your mouth to accept him.
The wet sound of your kissing filled the room as Jungkook adjusted you on your bed. He arranged the pillows and even had you put one under your butt to lift your hips up better. He kept coming back to your lips for more and more kisses as he did this, making your heart shine with adoration.
Finally, Jungkook seemed appeased with your placement on the bed and then his face went pale.
“Fuck, I don’t have any condoms,” he frowned, rubbing his neck.
“I do, in the bedside drawer,” you said, pointing towards the piece of furniture.
“Gotcha,” Jungkook answered, scrambling off the bed towards the table. He opened the drawer, found the box and opened them with ease. You swallowed hard as he spit in his hand and rubbed his length a few times before rolling the condom on.
Soon he was back on your bed, crawling forward and placing random kisses all over your body.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered.
“Thank you,” you flushed.
“Gonna make you feel how beautiful you are to me, how beautiful you are no matter what,” Jungkook said, mostly to himself.
“Is it gonna hurt?” you asked. Jungkook furrowed his brow.
“It might sting for a second but if it hurts more than that then you need to tell me,” Jungkook said. You nodded and nestled into the sheets reaching for him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.
“I trust you,” you breathed as you separated.
“I trust you too,” he said, a smile on his face.
“Go slow?”
Soon, Jungkook was lined up with your entrance and pushing in. He was right, it did sting a little bit, but what replaced the stingy achiness was the full feeling.
You gripped his forearm tightly, and Jungkook paused. “Are you okay?” he asked. You nodded, not trusting your voice at the moment.
“Need a second?” he questioned.
“Y-Yes,” you said. Jungkook brought himself down onto his elbows, kissing your forehead gently before another sweet kiss was pressed to your lips.
You could feel him everywhere, it made your heart race. Jungkook pulled back and you urged your hips forward, wanting more of him inside of you. He was eager to comply. Kissing you again he pushed forward the rest of the way and finally settle within you.
“Is that it?” you asked, panting slightly.
“Yeah, that’s it,” Jungkook chuckled lightly.
“Fuck, you’re huge,” you groaned, gripping the sheets tightly.
“Does it hurt?” he asked, worried.
“No,” you moaned out. Jungkook felt his stomach clench at the wanton sound of your voice.
“Want me to move baby? Want me to pound your pussy so hard you can’t leave this bed for the rest of the day?” he asked, teasing lilt in his voice.
“Yes sir, please!” you cried out.
Jungkook, despite wanting nothing more than to ravage your body, gave a few shallow thrusts to make sure that you were okay with the sensation. If the moan that came from you was anything to go by, he would say you were enjoying yourself.
“Fuck, pussy so tight, so good baby,” he moaned, pushing himself forward and smacking his hips into yours.
It felt like your blood was on fire in the best way possible. Jungkook was thrusting inside of you at a pace that was alarming, but felt so good you couldn’t tell him to slow down or stop. You honestly didn’t want him to either.
“S-Sir, so big, I-I can’t-”
Jungkook smirked before bringing your lips together in a passionate kiss.
“You can take it, can’t you baby? Or I’ll make you take it, stuff you so full of my cock that you won’t be able to think of anything else.”
“P-Please, give me more,” you begged, moving your hips back against his instinctively. Jungkook seemed happy to deliver, pounding against you so hard your body moved up the bed. Jungkook grabbed your leg, lifting it to his shoulder.
You cried out as he slipped even deeper inside of you. Jungkook groaned and kissed your calf before plowing into you at an even scarier speed.
“Fuck I can’t hold it,” he whimpered.
“It’s okay, I’m there. Touch me, touch me please,” you mewled. Jungkook nodded and brought his thumb to your clit, rubbing it diligently.
“Fuck fuck fuck, baby, so close, feels so good,” Jungkook cried out. The sweat had collected on his brow and was pooling down his spine.
“Jungkook!” you cried out at the cord inside of you snapped for a second time that night.
Jungkook couldn’t hold on as you tightened exponentially around him.
“Fuck Y/N!” he whimpered, curling forward as he emptied himself into the condom.
The two of you laid there in the afterglow, Jungkook was panting hard as if he’d ran a marathon. Your heart was in your throat as you ran your fingers through his sweaty hair.
“I really like you Y/N,” Jungkook whispered. “I’m not just saying that. I-I really am glad I can call you mine,” he breathed against your swollen lips.
“Me too,” you said, kissing him deeply. “Now, hurry up, we’re doing that until I can’t feel my legs.”
Jungkook laughed.
“Whatever my babygirl wants.”
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bots-and-cons · 2 days ago
Optimus, Ratchet, and Bee separately babysitting playful kid.
I wrote it so the child is the reader's kid and the bots ended up babysitting, because the reader had a meeting or something. Motivation is at an all time low, but I wanted to get a post out, so here is something
•You couldn't get a sitter so you asked Bee if he could watch your kid for a while, two hours tops
•He of course agreed, because "how hard could it be?"
•You leave your kid and Bee at the base and go to your meeting
•You're like "it's gonna be fine… right?"
•Bee just kinda sits on the floor, watching the kid play with his dolls and cars
•But then, the kid starts climbing him and babbling about something
•Bee just makes sure he doesn't fall and the kid actually climbs quite high, before starting to cry because he doesn't know how to get down
•Bee just coaxes the kid to get onto his hand so he can put him back on the floor
•After the kid calms down, he is climbing Bee again, because why not
•When you came back to the base, your kid didn’t want to leave to go home
•Bee is just happy that you came back because even though he had fun, the kid is quite a handful and he doesn’t really know how to deal with someone who is so dependent on others
~Optimus Prime~
•Optimus nods when you ask him to babysit but when you leave him alone with the kid, he has no clue what to do
•He just sits on the floor and watches the kid play by his feet
•The child sometimes offers him a stuffed animal and he takes it and holds it in his servos
•The kid is obviously like “play with me” and starts pouting
•Optimus doesn really know what he is supposed to do so he just copies what he has seen you do with the kid and starts singing and dancing the stuffed animal around
•The kid is mesmerized, because Optimus has such a nice singing voice and she starts dancing with the stuffed animal
•That makes Optimus smile and he just keeps singing
•The kiddo does her best to sing too and it’s adorable
•Optimus thinks the is super adorable and the time goes by really fast and then you’re already there to pick her up
•10/10 would babysit again
•Ratchet isn’t really enthusiastic about looking after such a small child and he has work to do too
•But you manage to talk him into it, even if it’s more like you just announcing that you’re leaving and then Ratchet noticing he has been left alone with a 5 year old
•The kid plays by herself for a while but, she wants attention and to show Ratchet the cool things she has built out of lego
•Ratchet turns his attention to the kid and eve though the lego are too small for him to play with her, he gets to play with few stuffed animals that are on the couch
•In the end it turns into a tea party and the kid falling asleep on the couch with Ratchet watching over her
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skz-bb · 2 days ago
3:24 | Han Jisung
Tumblr media
pairing: reader/Han Jisung
characters: Reader, Han Jisung, the rest of Stray Kids are mentioned!
word count: 2.4k
warnings: Dom!Reader, Sub!Jisung, handjobs, nipple play, Jisung kinda has a praise kink, (but they don’t really go into it) aftercare
summary: You honestly just wanted a movie night, just to hangout with your boyfriend and his friends. Han pretends to be sick to get some alone time with you, he’s pretty smug that it works.
Saturday nights in the Stray Kids dorm meant movie night, though two members seemed to be running a little late tonight. Walking from the kitchen to the living room, you settle the bowl of popcorn in your lap as you claim the plush recliner. As you wait, you throw glances towards the entry way, waiting on your boyfriend, Jisung, and Chan to return. An hour before, Jisung grabbed Chan’s wrist and pulled him out of the room, kissing your cheek and rambling about some new beat that was stuck in his head.
Out of the corner of your eye, you see a hand start to sneakily reach for the bowl of popcorn. You quickly move it out of the way and throw a kernel at Hyunjin, who tries to dive and catch the popcorn in his mouth.
You giggle as you threw another popcorn kernel at Hyunjin, the blond attempting to catch it in his mouth, but failing to do so. Chan walked in with a disappointed look on his face, glancing at the kernels surrounding Hyunjin’s spot on the floor.
“And this was a good idea because?” Chan asked with a sigh as he took the last remaining seat on the couches.
“You made us wait too long, hyung,” Hyunjin whines out, pushing himself back to lean against Changbin’s legs, the older sitting next to Felix on the couch.
“Where’s Jisung?” You ask after you see no sign of your boyfriend, knowing he should have come back with Chan.
“He stopped to get something out of his room, you might want to keep an eye on him, he said something about not feeling well earlier and he kind of looked feverish.” Chan said with a concerned lilt in his voice. You were about to reply when you heard footsteps coming from the hallway.
“Hey, baby,” You called to your boyfriend, seeing him still in his sweats but also wrapped in a blanket, having picked it up from his room along the way. You could see what Chan meant about him looking feverish, his cheeks taking on a red flush and his eyes somewhat glazed over as he made his way to you. He just gave you a smile as he settled into your lap on the chair, sitting sideways so he could lean against you and have the arm of the chair to support his back. He held the popcorn bowl in his lap and ate a few pieces, rearranging his blanket to cover you as well.
“You feeling okay, Ji? You’re looking a little red right now,” You ask as you bring a hand up to his cheek, feeling the warmth coming off him. Jisung looked at you with big eyes and mumbled that he was feeling fine, bringing his head down to relax on your shoulder.
You try to shrug off his odd behavior, bringing an arm around him and rubbing his back, causing him to relax further against you as Chan hit play on the movie.  
You settle in to watch the film, some Marvel movie by the looks of it, but notice that your boyfriend hasn’t stopped wiggling and shifting in your lap since the movie started a few minutes ago. You bring a hand through his hair, hoping that would settle him down like it normally does. As the movie’s volume is high, it was even hard for you to hear Jisung, but after a few minutes you can start to hear little whines and grunts coming from him. “You sure you’re okay, Ji?” You whisper to him. “Yeah, s-stomach just kind of hurts, I g-guess,” came his stuttered reply.
You slip your hand under the blanket and under his sweats, starting to gently rub against his stomach, him letting out a stifled gasp as you accidently pull the material of his pants. “Why don’t we go back to your room and lay down then,” You gently suggest, nudging him to stand up. As you both stand, Chan looks over towards you and gives you a smile and a nod as you point towards Jisung’s room.
You gently lead Jisung back to his room, an arm firmly wrapped around his waist. Your thumb slowly moved under his hoodie, rubbing soothing circles into his hip, encouraging Jisung to lean more into your frame.
Nearing the room, you nudge the door open and softly push him onto his bed. With a dramatic flop on the mattress, he looks up to you and pouts. You quickly take to rearranging the blanket around him, kissing his feverish cheek before saying, “I’m going to run to the kitchen really quick and get you some water and medicine,” walking out the door before Jisung could stop you.
As you’re getting the water, having already picked up the medicine from the bathroom, you can hear the movie echoing from the living room. You peak in through the door to see the movie not even at the halfway point and the seating in the room having completely shifted after you and Jisung had taken your leave. Chan and Felix had taken residence in your armchair, Minho, Changbin, and Hyunjin on one couch while Seungmin and Jeongin took up the other.
You smile to yourself as you quietly open the door to walk back into your boyfriend’s room, but the smile quickly drops as your eyes widen, taking in the sight in front of you. Your ‘oh so sick’ boyfriend, sitting up on the bed and palming himself through his sweats, the feverish tint on his cheeks being a heavy blush.
“You little brat, you were faking the whole time!” You gasped, causing Jisung to jump, not hearing you walk in over the sound of the movie echoing through the dorm. You shut the door and set the medicine and water on the bedside table, slowly making your way to the bed and standing in front of your guilty looking boyfriend.
“Hmm, what should I do with you, Sungie? I don’t know if a bad boy should even be able to play tonight. Maybe my sick little baby should just go to bed,” you sigh, crossing your arms. “No! I’ll be good, I promise!” Jisung was quick to whine. He held his arms out, making grabby hands towards you. You take a step closer, and he wraps his arms around you, burying his face in your stomach. You hear him still mumbling, muffled by your sweatshirt, him repeatedly saying he’ll be a good boy.
“Okay, but only good boys get to cum, Sungie. You have to listen to me,” You say as you bring your hand through his hair, tugging to making him look up at you. “I really need you to be quiet for me, we don’t want to be caught,” You smirk as you pulled at his hair again, him letting out a broken moan. You keep him sitting on the edge of the bed, crawling around him to lean against the wall.  
You pulled against Jisung, making his back flush against your front. You slowly bring your hands around to his front, lightly brushing over his nipples through his shirt then back down, stopping at the waistband of his sweats. He starts to shift, restlessly moving as you continue to tease him.
“Open your legs a little wider, Sungie,” You whisper in his year, kissing his neck.
He whimpers in response, immediately shifting his legs open more as you bring your legs in on the other side, keeping his legs open for you.
“Already so sensitive, baby,” You chuckle as you rub over his nipples once more through his sweatshirt. “Can’t wait to see how sensitive you are without this in the way,” You whisper as one hand bunches up the sweatshirt.
Jisung lets out a shuddering breath as your hand slowly trails up under his sweatshirt, leaving a trail of goosebumps the higher you get. He lets out a sugary sweet moan as you reach his nipples under the sweatshirt, trying to turn his head and bury it in your shoulder.
“Be quiet Sungie, you wouldn’t want all of your friends hearing us, right?” You ask, letting one of your hands drift lower, toying with the knot of the sweatpants. You tug at the string a few times, but not enough to untie the knot. You let your hand move even lower, lightly palming over the bulge in his sweats.
“What is it, baby?” You ask as you hear Jisung quietly gasp your name. “Please,” He whimpered in response. “Please what, little one?” The pet name making him push against you even more, “Off, please take it off,” He whined out, pulling at his sweatpants and sweatshirt.
“Such a polite baby,” You said while kissing his temple, “Arms up,” and he quickly complied, letting you pull off the pink sweatshirt.
You hook your chin over his shoulder, slowly palming him through his sweatpants. He’s letting out muffled moans, trying to keep quiet even though you both can hear the echoing of the movie from his room.
After a particularly rough squeeze, you see Jisung’s hand shoot up to his face, biting at his fingers as a way to suppress his moans. “Hey, none of that,” You say as you gently pull his hands from his mouth, kissing over the bite marks on his fingers. You give his hands a loving squeeze and place them on your knees while saying, “Keep your hands there, sweetheart. I don’t want you hurting yourself.”
You continue with your light touches, bringing one hand up to the waistband of his sweats and thumbing at the skin under the material. Jisung starts shifting in your hold, fisting the material of your pants as he tries to find friction. You look up towards the closed door of the room, seeing a mirror hanging on the other side, reflecting the image of the two of you back.
“Look at that, Sungie,” You whisper as use one hand to tilt his face up to the mirror, then fully bring your other hand under his sweats, your fingers trailing gently along him.
Jisung followed your gaze, looking into the mirror. Actually seeing your hands on him made him blush deeper, letting out a deep moan as you start pacing your hand. He tried to tuck back into your neck, feeling shy as he watched his reflection, but stopped as he kept your grip on his face. “Keep watching, baby. Don’t hide that beautiful face,” You whisper and kiss his forehead. You drop your gaze back down to his sweats, seeing a small wet patch where his tip is straining against the grey material of his pants.
You take your hand away from his face and softly pat his hip, signaling for him to lift his hips as you push down his sweats. You spend the next few minutes teasing, switching from light touches to fast jerks. As you quicken the pace of your hand, you look back in the mirror. His pink cock starting to twitch in your grasp as you see his eyes rolling, only seeing the whites.
He lets out a whine as you loosen your grip, rutting into your hand to find more friction. “I don’t know, Sungie, do you think you deserve to cum yet?” You ask, teasing your thumb over his slit.
“I’ve been good!” He whines out, fisting your pants where his hands still rested on your knees for emphasis. You shift your legs in response, causing his legs to open even further.
“I don’t know, you did lie to both me and your hyung earlier, little one,” You sighed, bringing your hands down to stroke his thighs, lightly massaging and teasing them. “But I guess you have been a good boy for me, tell me when you’re close,” You say as you bring your hand back up to him, gripping at his base and quickening your movements.
Jisung started to squirm, the sudden stimulation pulling more moans from his mouth. You smirk as you start teasing the head, “Feel good, baby?”
He nodded in reply, panting against your neck. He starts to thrust into your hand quickening the pace. “Pl-please, close, I’m close,” He stuttered out. You bring your free hand back up to his nipples, pinching and pulling at them as he whines.
“Let go, baby,” You whispered in his ear when you see him losing control, watching as his face turns to bliss in the mirror. You keep up a steady pace, milking him as he’s coming back down, only stopping when he twists in your grasp with a quiet whine, body shivering from the pleasure. You tuck his head into your neck when you see the floaty expression on his face and lean over to grab a tissue from the bedside table, gently cleaning his stomach from the sticky mess.
You quietly chuckle as you grab the glass of water you brought in when you thought he was sick, Jisung’s dramatics really did pay off in the end. “Can you drink this for me, baby?” You ask as you bring the glass up to his lips when he pulls his face from your neck. He tried taking the glass from you with shaky hands, but you kept your grip, not wanting him to spill on himself.
After drinking half of the glass, you put it back on the table and bring your hands up to his arms, gently rubbing from his wrist to his shoulders. “You were so good for me baby, listened so well,” You said, Jisung giving you a cheeky smile and a happy hum as he leaned more into you.
“I’m going to get you something to wear, Ji,” slipping out of the bed and arranging him to be lying down on the pillow. You quickly grab him a pair of boxers and an old sweatshirt of yours that you keep in his closet. Jisung was pliant as you redressed him, climbing into the bed next to him and cuddling close. You pull the blanket over you as he settles his head on your shoulder, arm around your waist.  
“Thank you for tonight,” he mumbled, smile on his face.
“Anything for you, baby. Just maybe next time, if you want alone time, we can just go to my apartment. You didn’t have to pretend to be sick for us to be alone,” you giggle, brushing your fingers through his hair.
He looked up at you with a cheeky smirk, “Well, it worked, didn’t it?”
Hopefully you guys enjoy! It’s been literal years since I’ve written smut, so hopefully it’s not too bad 😅 like/reblog and message me, I always love to hear from you guys💕
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animeomegas · a day ago
So uh.. would you be willing to spear more Neji face sitting crumbs 👁👁 I’m so sorry but it’s just 😩
Hehe, it is a rather delightful topic 😉 I'm sure I can spare some crumbs before I head to bed!
N-sfw under it~
Neji loves loves loves face sitting.
As I mentioned before, he's very apprehensive to try it at first because he's scared of hurting his alpha by accident.
But once he gets into it, it becomes one of his favourite things in the bedroom, hands down.
It also fits pretty well into some of the roleplay scenarios he's into.
Neji likes roleplay where he's some sort of powerful person being ravaged by an underling or something like that.
For example, prim and proper prince being seduced by their bodyguard, or naïve duke be taught about sex by his dedicated servant.
Face sitting fits those scenarios really well.
Once Neji gets properly into it, he needs to grip onto something. Either his alpha's head, the bedframe, his own hair, doesn't matter but he needs something.
After he realises that he isn't going to hurt his alpha, Neji fully gets lost in the pleasure and definitely ruts against his alpha's face, lol.
After a face sitting session, Neji's legs get too wobbly for him to be on top for any further play. He has to lay down for a bit hehe
Neji isn't super loud in bed, but face sitting is one of the times he's a little louder.
Hope those crumbs were enough for you! 😉
Have a good day <3
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heessseungi · 2 days ago
blitzed confessions ✰ sixteen: fix your quality
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: Drinking and smoking were some things that you had never really participated in throughout your nineteen years of living. Growing up, you had always witnessed the people around you experiment with so, both good and bad outcomes of which. They weren’t terrible ideas in your point of view, but of course not the best deeds to be partaking in. So when your best friend, Jay, had suddenly texted you at 2:11 AM to meet him at the block of abandoned buildings a few streets away from you, you knew it would be nothing good.
masterlist | < prev - next >
taglist [open] : @glowitss @faatnaa @hobistigma @lokideadontheinside @blossomnct @ghjasksdk @aj-1154 @woonieiv @redikuluspupil @bakukags @eclisqc @lemonqal @enhacolor @jisungs-tummy @youreverydayzebra @bbanggami @kyleeanne
(send asks or messages to be put on the taglist!!)
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hoshis-writing-corner · 2 days ago
Hi, your writing is absolutely wonderful 💖 Could I please request/ask for some headcanons with a reader who doesn't want to sit on yanderes Yoriichi, Insouke and Tanjiro (Separate) lap since she's a bit chubby and is kinda insecure of how she looks like me (Believe me, people are just brutal when it comes to those sort of things 😭😒) Hope I didn't make you sad and if I did, I'm really sorry TvT
Who said I was sad? This is a chub appreciation tumblr don't worry! ^^
-He promised that he would be fine and he loved your chub, if anything he adores you for it, so after you told him you didnt want to squish him by sitting on his lap he was flabergasted to say the least
-He begged and pleaded to you several times to atleast sit on his lap he even promised that he would be fine and he loved your chubbyness, if anything it makes you look cute in his eyes
-Finally after giving in and deciding to sit on his lap he was like a happy puppy that finally got a treat, by giving you constant kisses and compliments that turned you into a flustered chubby puddle
"I love you no matter how you look, so don't be scared ok?"
-This angry boi was stubborn when it came to you, he asked you several times to sit on his so how dare you bully yourself and say you might crush him, Look at him, he's strong hell he even lifted up tanjiro and zenitsu on his back for christ's sake.
-He would be a pouting mess all day too, refusing to look at you unless you sat on his lap, sometimes he even falls asleep in that same position so you HAD to sleep aside him cus he makes you feel safe.
-After relentless days of asking you to sit on his lap you finally gave in and sat down on him, making your pouty boar into a happy one.
-Expect him to show you off to tanjiro and zenitsu "see I told you she has trust in me!" "Atleast I have someone fluffy to sleep aside at night".
"My pretty chub, soft and fluffy"
-He's not taking no for an answer so expect him to lift you up and force you to sit down on him, refusing to let go unless he thinks its time to let you go
-And even if you dont sit on his lap he just might ignore you on purpose so you have a reason to speak to him
-After being ignored for like an hour or 2 you finally sit down on him, making him smile and kiss you cheek and neck
"My little fluffball"
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fanfic-she-wrote · 2 days ago
Spin the bottle
Otto Octavius x reader
No warnings, just fluff. Hope you like it! 😄
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It had been a long week...a very long week filled with what to seemed to be endless hours of studying and not nearly enough sleep. Luckily for you, there was a lovely invention called coffee. But now as the week finally ended and you finished your exams you decided to relax and celebrate with your friends over some drinks. Instead of meeting up at one of the local bars, you decided to take advantage of the nice weather and have a picnic on the grounds of the campus eager to avoid all the usual noise and rowdiness.
"Brought the best booze my dad's money could buy!" Harry exclaimed with a wide grin joining you and placing down a case of beer with some fancy name you had never heard of before on the picnic blanket that you, Peter, MJ, and a couple others were sitting on.
As you sat there happily, laughing and drinking the evening away with your friends when you noticed someone approach the bench near you. Looking closer, you saw that it was none other than Doctor Otto Octavius. Quietly, he sat down and opened his book, oblivious to the fact that you were staring at him. He had given lectures before and you found you had a bit of a crush on him.
"Ah, Doctor Octavius! Care for a beer?" Harry asked, also noticing the doctor.
Otto quickly glanced up from his book and answered, "No thank you, Mr. Osborne." Harry knew him?! Why didn't he say something before? You wondered, downing your last sip of beer tossing the bottle down beside you.
"Hey! I got an idea!" MJ spoke suddenly, reaching for your empty bottle already sounding a bit tipsy. She placed the bottle on its side in the center of the group. "Let's play spin the bottle." She said, making Peter choke.
"Really? That's for teenagers." Harry groaned, leaning back on the grass. You thought him of all people would be into this. He was practically the college playboy. Although you had to admit it was a bit silly.
"Afraid?' you teased.
"Of what?" He asked raising a brow.
"That you won't live up to your reputation." You retorted with a smirk. MJ and a couple others chuckled.
"Fine! Ok, let's do this." He agreed, sitting up and rolling his shoulders back.
"Who goes first?" You asked, looking at each of your friends.
MJ leaned forward. "I will." With that she spinned the bottle. You all watched silently as the bottle spun around. Slowly, it came to a stop right in front of Peter. His face turned instantly pink. Poor guy. You thought, giving him a reassuring pat on the back. He was already so shy and now he had to kiss his crush in front of everyone else. You kind of felt bad for him. You watched as he and MJ exchanged a quick sweet kiss. How cute they were. If only Peter would admit his feelings...
"My turn!" Harry said, eagerly reaching out to spin the bottle. Once again, silence as the bottle spun around on the blanket. When it stopped everybody burst out laughing, except for Peter who had been chosen once again. Harry shrugged and got up, walking over to Peter. You knew he was going to ham this up as much as possible. As he bent down to give him a kiss, you looked over your shoulder and noticed that instead of reading Otto had become interested in your game, sneaking peeks every so often. You almost wished he would join you. A wish you would soon regret.
"Y/N, your turn." Harry told you returning to his spot. You took a deep breath as you reached for the bottle secretly praying that you wouldn't get Harry or Peter. As much as Harry was your friend, you definitely did not want to kiss him. And poor Peter couldn't take it if he got picked again. With a twist of your wrist you spinned the bottle. Everyone watched it as it spun around and around wondering who it was going to choose next. You bit your lip feeling slightly nervous as it slowly came to a stop...right between you and Peter. You blinked, unsure what to do. Suddenly everyone gasped. You looked up, confused. "What?" You asked. Harry snickered and pointed behind you. Your eyes widened as you looked over your shoulder now realizing why everyone had reacted the way they did. The bottle had landed on Otto.
Unknown to you, he had been watching and was just as stunned. Quickly, he hid behind his book hoping that nobody would bother him. Truth was, he noticed you during his lectures and often he found himself wanting to get to know you better. You were always so polite and insightful, not to mention beautiful...
"Doctor Octavius?" Harry called out. Damn it.
"What is it?" He asked, looking up from his book again.
"The bottle. It...uh...landed on you." He told him.
"But I'm not even playing." Otto pointed out. It was true, he was just sitting there minding his own business, but that didn't matter to a group of drunken college students.
"Rules are rules." Harry insisted, looking smug. You glared at him. Obviously this was payback for that remark earlier. Otto sighed and placed his book down on the bench. You felt your face becoming hot as all eyes fell on you. Beside you, Otto offered you his hand and helped you on your feet. He placed a finger under your chin and titled your head up to face him. You stared into his deep brown eyes and found yourself completely lost in them as you had many times before. Slowly, the whispers from the group began to fade away and all you could hear was the beating of your own heart as it pounded in your chest.
"You don't have to do this if you don't want to." You assured him.
Looking down at your lips, desiring them against his own he answered, "Who says I don't?"
Before you could answer he leaned down and placed a kiss upon your lips closing the distance between you. As you melted into his kiss you failed to hear the many "oohs" from your friends, only he mattered now. You let out a sigh as you felt his hand press against the small of your back, pulling you closer. This was heaven, you thought as you wrapped your arms around his neck deepening the kiss.
When you finally pulled away, you noticed everyone had fallen silent each with an equally surprised expression across their faces. This was something none of them had expected, including you. You both let out an amused chuckle before returning to where you had been sitting. This time it was your turn to look smug having beat Harry at his own game. Perhaps playing spin the bottle wasn't so silly after all...
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ggoldensalmomroe · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
a/n: due to timeskip hanma being in my mind for the past few days, here’s a piece that my brain had to create.
pairings: sugardaddy!Hanma Shuji x fem!reader
warnings: degradation, spitting, oral (m. receiving), just hamna being hanma
Tumblr media
Hanma Shuji, one of the most dangerous men in Japan, known for being one of the top admins in Toman. His sadistic antics make it hard for anyone to truly understand what his motives are. The violence, danger and risk of death all fulfil the man’s need for thrill.
As to how you manage to have such a man spend every penny he had for you was the greatest skill you possessed. He found you working at a quaint little cafe, an establishment he happened to own. The way you would welcome him with warm words and such a polite smile brought a glimmer of light into his dark days.
“How long have you been working here?” He asked one day as you poured him a cup of freshly brewed coffee. A pout pushed itself onto your lips, “About three months, why?”
He waited until the pitcher of warm liquid landed onto the table top, his hand taking yours into his. “Honey, let me show you something better than his tacky ass place. Come with me, won’t you?” he cooed, his lips brushing along the skin of your hand.
The words couldn’t leave you any quicker, “I will, I’ll come with you, Hanma.”
From that day on, all you’ve come to know what luxury beyond what the mind could fathom. Hanma only put you in the best fabrics, purest of golds and jewels and the most expensive of bags and shoes, all to your liking.
He even took as far as purchasing a penthouse in Japan’s most expensive city for the both of you to live.
As glamorous as it all was, you hated how Hanma threw you to the side when it came to work. Once his phone began ringing, that would be the last you’d be seeing him for at least a week. He never communicated anything to you, leaving you completely in the dark.
It follows the same pattern, Hanma ignores all your calls, texts, and pleas for attention. As much as it annoys you, he loves it all the more. He loves driving you near mad for him, up until the moment he finally picks up the fourth call in a row. Your needy whimpers sing in his ears, the thought of ruining the pretty face he loves so much flooding his mind.
“Do you need something?” He asks harshly, the scowl seeping with each word. You hate yourself for allowing him to speak to you in such a manner, but the aching within your body always tells a different story.
You wouldn’t dare be so bash as to tell him that it was him and the safe presence he offered, so a simple white lie seemed to be the best route. “I want a new purse, can I get it?”
The line goes silent for a minute, Hanma processing what it was you truly wanted. “We’ll talk about when I get home. Alright, princess?”
Just like that, you had Hanma coming back to take care of you and the heat piercing between your legs.
Once he got home, you instantly clung onto him, leading Hanma back to the bedroom. You wore his favorite gold lace set, something that would get your message across with ease.
Catching whiff of your lustful plan, Hanma sat you down on the bed with him standing in front of you. “Did my pretty girl miss me?” He chuckles, the pad of his thumb grazing along your glossed lips.
“Hanma, you’re so mean to me! I hate when you–”
He brought his lips to yours, a sloppy kiss that forced your head back a bit. Any strength you had to argue left suddenly, Hanma’s tongue tracing your lips gently. Your lips latched onto his, the pressure of the kiss growing immensely. Hanma pulled away, the clear thread of saliva connecting the both of you.
“I know, I know, you’re needy. You miss me stuffing that tight cunt of yours with my dick. How about you take what belongs to you, hm?” He suggests, bringing your dainty hand to the pulsating bulge in his pants.
You took it upon yourself to tug at the zipper of Hanma’s gray slacks, ripping away anything that acted as an obstacle. Your glanced up at him, the waistband of his briefs lifting from your forceful grip.
There beheld a proud look on Hanma’s face. He was sitting pretty with seven inches of pure bliss, veins and precum dripping from the flesh pink head adorned his shaft. The sight was almost enough to make you gasp, but it was nothing new to you.
The flat of your tongue slid along the underside of Hanma’s dick, coaxing a sharp inhale from him. He ran his hand through the mix of golden-black locks, all to have the perfect view of his hungry girl.
The tip of your nose was met by Hanma’s pelvis, taking the entirety of him into your mouth. Uour hands wrapped around the base, squeezing his shaft without a care. Your head happily bobbed up and down, your hands moving at a slow yet deep motion, Hanma’s favorite combination.
“Such a disgusting mess in that mouth of yours. Let me help you,” he snickered at the spit ridden you’ve become, his thumb keeping your lips parted. Hanma lowered his mouth to yours, a pool of saliva pouring onto your tongue. Without delay, he stood himself back up and shoved the head of his cock into your mouth, violently snapping his hips.
Your nails left small red curves imprinted into his bare thighs, grasping for something to keep you conscious. As much as you hated it, you loved the way Hanma treated you so coldly. It only made you want him even more, craving his touch whenever possible.
“You want more don’t you?” He grins, his hips continuing to buck into you. Your lips slid back from his length, your eyes filled with plea. Yet, the most sinnful of smiles curled onto your lips, a sly sentence leaving from you.
“What can I say, I really want that bag.”
That’s how you found yourself on top of him, the pesky clothes tossed about, chest pressed flushed into each other. Your arm hooked around his neck for support as you straddled him. Hanma was always one to get straight to business, taking care of you was no different.
Hanma’s hands kneaded your plush ass, gently stretching the mounds of flesh apart. The burn of your slit was pushed to the side, Hanma wedging his length into you. He slid you down along the girthy shaft, your walls sucking him in with urgent demand.
“Fuck, look at how you’re taking me in, baby. I love how greedy you are, my pretty slut,” he spits into your ear. Your forehead rests inside the crook of his neck, your staggering breaths warming up against him.
Once you felt Hanma’s pelvis, you couldn’t wait any longer. You lifted your hips up, the sharp rush of nerves tingling through your spine. Just as you believed the upper hand was in your favor, Hanma yanked that silver spoon from your drooling lips.
‘Aht aht aht, I didn’t tell you to move. Stay still you little cockwhore, I like basking in the moment,” he gripes, slamming you back down. A whine pours from you, the palm of your hand crashing onto his chest.
"I hate you, Hanma!” You sob, your eyes filling with tears. If Hanma was good at one thing, taunting you for crying was an art to him. Once you finished your words, a loud crash landed against your ass, Hanma’s palm being the cause.
"Wow, a week away's must've hurt you so much," he gasps sarcastically, blowing a false kiss to you. The tips of Hanma's fingers dug into your skin, hardening his grip. The look of dominance coated his face as he spoke, the bratty persona dwindling from you.
"You don't hate me, you love me. You love what I can supply for you, what I can make you feel. You need me, and I need you," he hummed, Hanma pushing up into you. His strokes hit you deep, grazing past the sweet spot that sent your body into complete turmoil. The lewd sounds of your squelching cunt pulling Hanma in echoed around the room, something he looks forward to each and every time.
The soft, airy moans flew from your lips as Hanma relentlessly drilled up into you, your body jolting with every thrust. Your stomach tensed with each drive, the narrowed eyed look on his face.
Everytime Hanma took control, it fueled such a fire within your body. It turned you on beyond words, knowing that he would never fail in bringing your body to the brink of pleasure. That is, until he decides to make you do some of the work yourself.
The better you please yourself, the more Hanma showers you with presents.
“If you want that new purse, you’d better work for it. Daddy’s money isn’t free,” he whispered, his hips dropping back onto the velvet sheets. You nod your head slowly, the ridges of your teeth digging into your plump bottom lip.
Your hips laggardly pulled up from Hanma, a steady pace. In the midst of you current task, he slid a hand down between you both, his fingers rubbing your clit viciously. A gasp left your lungs, the overwhelming sensation from Hanma only threatened the knot in your stomach to snap sooner than planned.
Eventually, you couldn’t take it anymore. Hanma refused to give you a moment’s break, adding his own thrusts back into the equation. He was in love with the idea of having his precious girl practicing lose herself, to claim you as his own.
He would cover your neck in marks, the pain and pleasure melting into one. Just as he delivered it, your loved to receive all the man could supply. It was the unspoken rule between you two, Hanma was in charge, leaving you to take in all he was willing to give.
“W-wait, you can’t keeping doing that…” you trailed off into a mewl. Your body met its limit, the gummy walls clamping around Hanma. He held you down on his lap, watching as you twitch in his hold. He squeezed you in closer, even laying a trail of kisses along your jawline.
“Aww, since when did you get so greedy? Only making yourself cum,” he grins, his hand firmly taking hold of your jaw. Hanma presses a small peck onto your lips, the pity he had sinking into you. Even the look of awe couldn’t wave the man, his need to teach you a lesson edging him on. Hanma’s arm encircled your waist as he pinned you back on the bed, the positions of command swiftly switching.
The hand with the character for punishment lace around your throat, his hunkering frame casting a shadow over your quivering body. The same grin graces his face, his heartless way of signaling the hell he was about to rain onto you.
“Are you ready to take your punishment?”
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