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Originally posted by rafaelsilva

  • You got closest to Nicky and Joe because they became like parental figures for you
  • You were so lost and confused when you first found out about your immortality
  • You didn’t know how to comprehend any of it, and you felt so incredibly alone
  • Joe and Nicky were incredibly patient with you
  • It didn’t matter how many questions you had, how trivial you felt they were, they would listen to them all and answer them the best they could
  • They knew that not being able to see your friends and family anymore would be taxing on you, so they did their best to help you feel like you were part of a new family with them
  • They were willing to be with you every step of the way as you processed everything
  • And Nicky is such a good listener, you always feel so heard and comforted with him
  • Training with them and learning to use different types of weapons
  • Joe teaches you how to use a sword, Nicky teaches you how to use a sniper rifle, although you know you’ll never be as good as them
  • You’re always the most coordinated with them in a fight, seeing as you trained with them and have similar techniques 
  • Joe’s sarcasm always makes you laugh, and the others make remarks about how his sense of humor is starting to rub off on you when you become increasingly sarcastic
  • Sometimes getting in trouble because of it, because you’ll always laugh when Joe says something snarky, even if you’re in danger
  • When you get more comfortable with them, you always tease Joe and Nicky about how romantic they are 
  • “Even in the midst of a fight, the two of you can’t stop staring into each other’s eyes.” “Well, they are very hard to resist.”
  • Them telling you stories about their first encounters, and you love hearing about how they went from killing one another to falling in love
  • And subsequently, they love hearing stories about you and your own life, even though you don’t have nearly as many stories as they do
  • Them teaching you different languages 
  • The three of you love placing silly bets with one another, sometimes Booker included, just to lighten the mood
  • Despite how dismal life can get sometimes, Joe and Nicky are your best friends, and they can always make a bad situation better
  • And even though being part of the Old Guard is something you never would’ve imagined, you’re glad to be part of the group, and to know such amazing people

tag list@ruvaakke​​ / @lxncelot​​

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Writing Prompt 468

You leaned against the tree, crossing your legs as you looked up at the green canopy. People from the village told stories about this forest, how it was haunted or that an ancient race of ancient beings inhabited it. If you were found by one of those beings, you’d be whisked away to their world.

Yoy smiled as you heard the birds chirp. You’d much rather be whisked away by a powerful being than be in the village. They’re said to be beautiful, enchanting, so it can make it easier to lure you away.

You took a book out from your backpack and opened it, blinking. Where you had las bookmarked it, there was text and an intricate illustration of said human looking beings. Confusion and panic started to set in as you flipped through the book frantically, none of the words or pictures there any more.

You closed it and opened it several times for good measure.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

A twig snapped nearby. You swiveled your head towards the sound, gawking at not what, but who you saw. An exact replica of one of the ancient beings depicted in the book. They looked like one of the nobles. It was quite eerie.

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Reader who has a mighty spike

Not @ me for playing Genshin Impact nonstop instead of doing my WIP 😔


Hinata and Kageyama were having another dispute.

The former had accidentally spiked the ball to the the back of Kageyama’s head—apparently it had happened before, because the setter was scolding him about it. “Kageyama it’s so easy for you to say!”

[Name] was in no way part of the volleyball team; they just liked to attend practice and watch the boys play. They had formed a friendship with several of them so they were never told to leave.

“I don’t see what’s so hard about it.” [Name] offhandedly blurted out whilst chatting with Kiyoko. This did not go unheard by Kageyama, who was already in a bad mood.

“What did you say?”

Behind him, Hinata and a few others waved their hands but [Name] was ballsy, repeating their previous statement without flinching.

“I’d like to see you try it then.” Clearly they had no idea how much work and dedication went into spiking. Even professional would occasionally mess up.


The parents of the team attempted to diffuse the situation but [Name] was already marching towards the end of the court.

Removing their sweater and throwing it to the side, they grabbed a ball and positioned themselves. By now, the team had shifted sideways, curious about the outcome.

The first try was a fail, hitting the net. Tsukishima let out a snicker. For someone who talked big, [Name] was only proved The King right.

Kageyama had his arms crossed. [Name] ‘tched’ glancing at him with a pout. “That was a warm up.” He rolled his eyes but said nothing.

Grabbing another ball from the trolley, [Name] bounced it on the floor, taking a moment to breath in. Their gaze focused.

The ball zoomed by in a blink, shocking the members of the team. It was silent for a moment before several of them erupted in cheers, Tanaka and Noya toward them. Hinata shined with surprise, wanting to be taught how to hit it so precisely.

Yamaguchi and Hitoka let out sighs of relief, initially pitying them for fear of being clown. Their admiration for [Name] leveled up after that. Tsuki was quiet, not expecting for them to actually do it.

Kageyama’s eyes widened before scowling lightly. He grumbled “Whatever”

Eventually Daichi reigned them all to practice again, the arguments having died down with that spectacle.

After that, there were days where the team would now force [Name] to help them practice, especially Hinata.


To no one’s surprise, Oikawa was overworking himself again.

The team had already tried to work some sense into him but he kept blowing them off. Even for Iwa, it was hard to break their captain out of that state.

They eventually turned to [Name]. As their manager, it was their responsibility to look after the players. Even so, they sighed. It was always a pain whenever Oikawa got like this. His motivation was understandable but he needed a limit.

And that limit was now.

“Hey, quit being so stubborn and take a break.”

“You don’t understand.”

Oikawa was normally v soft towards [Name] as their precious manager but not today. He brushed them off so easily, choosing to continue with his spikes. His missed that one, after a sharp pain shot through his knee. It wasn’t entirely apparent, but [Name] was observant.

Going back to retrieve it, Oikawa didn’t notice [Name] grabbing another ball.

“Like hell I don’t.”

Before he could return, a ball smacked against the wall, missing the pretty setter by a hair. Oikawa turned to see their feet hitting the ground, a stern expression on their face.

Perhaps the only way he could understand as through volleyball.

The other members were like 😮 not expecting their manager to do that. As far as they knew, they never played volleyball??? Sure, they could handle the basics but that spike was monster-like, rivaling that of their captain.

Oikawa was convinced to sit for a while. Next time he didn’t want it to be his head. He’d surely be killed.

[Name] kneeled before him, now gentler. “Let me massage your knee” they said, removing the pad. Oikawa blushed at their actions, apologizing softly about his attitude.

In return, they smiled, “Don’t worry. I think you know next time I’ll break your ankles if you keep acting like this.”

“You wouldn’t!”




Even though [Name] was Ushijima’s partner, the team didn’t know much about them.

They were on the quiet side, attending their practices to observe since Ushijima would walk them home. Sometimes the team even forgot they were there.

One day, Tendou thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. It was break time anyway. Approaching them, he inquired if they could play volleyball. [Name] was a bit surprised by his question but answered that they vaguely knew how to spike, which instigated the guess monster into asking them to demonstrate.

Some of the younger members looked at Ushijima but he seemed unconcerned but was on the look out in case [Name] felt too uncomfortable. Drinking from his water he watched as his s/o shyly approached the court.

To be honest, the expectations weren’t that high. [Name] didn’t practice any sports and just because they were dating their captain didn’t mean they knew how to—

Their jaws nearly dropped to the floor at the sound of the ball smacking the floor. Did it deflate??? How could someone who had no use for spiking be so good at it???? What a powerful hit???

Well, they certainly learned something new about [Name] that day.


[Name] was tired of waiting.

They had planned to play a new game with Kenma but he was still practicing even though it was supposed to be cancelled because coach Nekomata had a meeting.

Nevertheless, here they all were. Kuroo was being specially strict, wanting to win their game with Karasuno.

Kenma had tried to skip but the rooster haired captain literally dragged his ass back to the gym. [Name] stared as they practiced spiking. They began to whine about it, not so quietly either.


Tired of their antics, Kuroo finally approached them. “What will it take for you to shut up?”

[Name] grinned. They definitely had a trick up their sleeve. “Make a bet with me. If I win, you let Kenma go early. If I lose, he stays.”

He mulled it over. “Okay, but you have to break past one of my blocks.”


Blocks were his strength. He was literally a middle blocker. Kuroo certainly lived to his title as ‘Scheming Captain’

Kuroo had a smug expression. “Take it or leave it, kitten.”

💢 oh it was on!

With fire lit inside them, [Name] marched towards the court. Kenma stared at them as if they were an idiot. “You don’t know a thing about volleyball”

[Name] waved him again. “I’ve seen you do it a hundred times, it’ll be fine. Pack your shit so we can goooo.”

Kenma muttered something along the lines of “that’s not how it works” but got off the court as Kuroo was joined [Name].

They bounced the ball harshly against the ground before clutching it with a grin on their face. “Prepare to have your arms broken Kuroo. Maybe you’ll think twice about calling me kitten you rooster headass—”

Before they could continue, Yaku broke their snarky comments.

Throwing the ball up in the air, [Name]’s eyes never left it. Kuroo, though he knew they didn’t play volleyball, still didn’t let his guard down. Though [Name] was cocky, he didn’t wanna underestimate them and loose.

The force that they utilized to hit the ball was enough to break a few fingers, it flew past Kuroo and smashed the floor. The sound of it was terrifying.

Kuroo was surprised, not expecting such a violent yet potent spike. I guess it wasn’t a joke when they said they’d break his arms.

He prepared to congratulate [Name] when—


They groaned in defeat, cheeks puffed out in frustration.

Kenma: I told you

[Name]: shut up, the bet was that you could go early. I’m not a member so I’m free to go loser 🤪 see ya!

Needless to say, Kuroo may have won but he would keep a close eye on [Name]

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Originally posted by rainbow-motors

summary: after a drunken night, you wake up to dean winchester lying in your bed.

pairing: dean x reader

word count: 338 words

warnings: mention of assault (the fact that it can happen, but it doesn’t happen in this), alcohol, cussing

author’s notes: shhhhhhhhhhsdlfajldkj i don’t know why i wrote this but here it is

The sun rose through the curtains and your eyes fluttered open.  Your alarm started blaring in your ear and you quickly turned to shut it off, groaning softly.  It was a Saturday—why was your alarm going off at six in the morning?  You squeezed your eyes shut after a moment before you slowly sat up.  You were awake—might as well get up and get started.  

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“You have the most incredible neck.  It’s like a sexy goose.”

You pressed a hand to your mouth, holding back a laugh.  You had just taken a hearty drink of your beer.  Jaskier looked towards you, blushing.  You swallowed your drink quickly before you smiled at him.  

“I thought it was cute.”

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Dio x f!reader

I’m sorry if there’s any errors, I have written a lot of fanfic but not on Tumblr, I originally wrote this with an OC but decided to make it a reader one so if there’s any indications of an OC I apologize!

Many years had passed since Dio lay in the coffin. Even through almost a century, she was all he thought of. y/n. An ethereal name for an ethereal beauty. She was the only human he would ever let hold his heart in their grasp, tangible and liquid under her skillful fingers. Y/n Pendleton, the younger of the two Pendleton women, her hair h/c and eyes shimmery e/c. How he wanted to touch her, hold her, love her. It wasn’t until his fate was handed to him did he realize he had made the wrong choice. He spent many many moons crying to Jonathan’s skull about how he was sorry, how he shouldn’t have done it. How he should’ve loved her like she deserved. She would be dead by now, a box of bones in the ground. He could bring her back to him, he knew he could. Jonathan’s ghost was an ever present reminder to keep his sanity, even if the man was his arch nemesis, his company was welcome. “We both lost our chances at humanity long ago, Dio. y/n is dead, as is Erina. I cannot see her nor the pearly gates of Heaven until you are dead, I’m sure she’s waiting for you…” Jonathan smiled to Dio. He sneered. “I’m a monster, Jonathan. I have a seat in Hell with my name on it,” he sighed. “No man is beyond His love, Dio. Even if you have the blood of hundreds on your hands, I think you’ll join us one day…” Jonathan said to him, his cold, transparent fingers touched his arm reassuringly. It didn’t quell his feelings.

March 15, 1938, the date y/n died. Loving sister and mother. Dio’s eyes shot wide. Had he gotten her pregnant? Was his daughter dead? So many questions danced in his brain. How beautiful their child would’ve been, the most perfect being to grace the earth. His claws dug up the Earth ferociously, finally making it to the coffin. It was black and gold, intricately made and beautiful. He didn’t care. He wrenched it open, finding bones inside her dress, a beautiful black dress with lace and silk all over. He grabbed her wrist, using a claw to get to the marrow. Once he found it, he sliced open his own wrist, or Jonathan’s, letting his vampiric, everlasting blood mingle with her marrow. Skin and muscle regenerated in seconds, but she was still dead. Her face was pristine, youthful and beautiful. He placed a kiss on her cold lips, shaky hands wrenching the stone mask from his bag, placing it on her face. It’s spines dug into her skull, her eyes bursting open beneath the mask. His breath hitched. The mask fell from her face, her body still deadweight. She slowly lifted her head. “Oh, Dio…” she croaked, throwing herself on him. While he wasn’t looking, she violently smashed the mask to ash. Her newfound strength allowed her to, Dio sneering at her, but he could never be mad at his Iris. He kissed her softly, the most gentle he had ever been. He finally had her back.

Jotaro gazed at the woman sitting before the window. She had killed Vanilla Ice before he could kill Iggy or Avdol. She was dangerous, but youthful and beautiful. “Who are you?” Polnareff asked. “y/n Pendleton. Call it a favor for my great nephew, Joseph. I’m afraid my time as immortal has ended, though. Tell Joseph I said hi, and Dio… I’m sorry,” she said. The sun rose, its ethereal glow casting upon her as she prayed, dust replacing her beautiful form. In the golden light, another woman appeared, blonde hair and blue eyes. Jotaro recognized her from an old picture, granny Erina. Beside her was a man that looked like him. Jonathan. “We can be free, Jonathan…” she cried softly. “I know, y/n, I know,” the man smiled with soft tears running down his cheeks. The light receded, their forms glittering golden as they melted into the sunlight. “That was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” Polnareff mused.

“No, Kakyoin, you’re needed here. Take a chance, find love,” y/n said, his spirit ready to ascend. With a heavenly touch, his spirit went back, the hole in his stomach receding to a large gash. She watched Dio fight sadly, waiting to take his soul to their final destination. He was growing more powerful, but Jotaro proved resilient. Star Platinum pummeled him, forcing him to submit. His ashes scattered, and Jotaro saw the trio again. “Come now, Dio. You’re forgiven,” her echoey voice said. Joseph stared in shock. “Aunt y/n?” He gasped. She spared him a smile, leading a much younger looking Dio Witt her. “It’s time to go home, Dio,” she smiled, a small smile on his face as he took her hand.

Well, that was only the beginning of the young Brando’s story, born from the daughter of Dio and y/n.

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This’ll be the second time I write this scenario! I will focus more on the date itself with this ask, though.

Oof, this turned out a bit longer than I’d usually do for scenarios, NGL.

Hawks x Reader: A Coffee Date on a Rainy Day [Scenario]:

“Here you go~.” Keigo had pulled your seat back for you with his feathers as you approached the table. You couldn’t help but to giggle at his actions as you sat down, letting him push the chair back in. Once he made sure you were comfortable, Keigo sat down across from you.

The cafe that the both of you chose for your date was quite the hole in the wall. It was a secret place that not many people knew of with its short number of tables and booths, dim lights, large window walls, and wooden floors and tabletops. It wasn’t incredibly fancy, but the nice charm that filled the shop had you loving the place. And even though the only reason you were there was to avoid being seen due to how famous your date was, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Seems like it’s quieting down,” Keigo spoke as he stared out the window. It was pretty foggy due to the fact that it had been raining the whole afternoon, but you were both still able to gaze out of it. The rain had been much more intense when it first started, but now that the streets were coated in water droplets and puddles, it seemed to settle for a nice steady drizzle now.

“Well, that’s good. I mean, you’re almost helpless when it rains,” you teased. Keigo gave a playful roll of his eyes.

“My wings aren’t the best when they’re wet, but I’m still good at what I do.” As he spoke those words he gave you a very suggestive look, making sure to keep hold of your gaze. And even though you felt your face getting warmer, you just couldn’t look away from him.

“I bet you are,” you told him with a slight raise of your eyebrow.

“Well, you should know already, my sweet little dove~.” Oh, it was no secret by now that Keigo could effortlessly flirt, which you had to admit, never failed to get you riled up.

As the rain continued to pour outside, even starting to pick up a little, a waiter came and filled your orders, which were out in no time. The fast service wasn’t anything new due to how little patrons usually frequented this establishment. You did wonder how they managed to stay in business, which you did speak with Keigo about during your second date there.

‘Who knows, maybe some patron with extra money to spend makes donations to keep this place alive. It is, after all, good for famous people who want to go out without being bothered by fans. It’s also good for dates.’ You remembered exactly what he said.

Hawks was, of course, the only famous person you’ve ever seen near this place.

“This weather makes me just want to cuddle up and relax,” you said, arms coming to wrap around yourself in spite of the warm cup of coffee in your hand as you stared out the window.

“And we can do just that, babe,” Keigo chuckled, “I mean, I’d love to hold you close and rock you to sleep.” You smiled softly as he spoke, his soothing voice like music to your ears when accompanied with those particular words currently coming out of his mouth, “We don’t have to do anything else. I just want you in my arms.”

That offer was, of course, too perfect to pass up on.

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I’m glad someone said this. I love my lil spider boy~


Originally posted by theyebrow

Virtual Dates

Peter Parker x Reader

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Word Count: 1.3k+

Warnings: Fluff, coronavirus (COVID-19), quarantine, Zoom dates, love confessions, barely proofread, slight spoilers for ‘Marley and Me’ but I don’t actually say what happened.


Peter was used to wearing a mask, since he got a head start on the rest of the world. But that wasn’t enough; things still had to change. During the early stages of the pandemic, Mr. Stark had insisted that Peter and Aunt May move into the Compound. He said it was so that Peter could continue his training without having to go back and forth, but he mostly cared about making sure Peter was staying safe. He knew Peter would want to sneak out and stop crime, no matter what. At least with Peter in the same building, Tony could keep an eye on him; make sure he wasn’t sneaking out at night.

Tony was in the process of developing masks that would protect the wearer from the virus better than a regular mask would. Meanwhile, Bruce was attempting to reverse-engineer a vaccine. But until either one of them could make a breakthrough, Peter was on house arrest. Aunt May agreed that it was for the best, but it was still hard for him to accept.

What made the whole thing even worse was that Peter couldn’t see his girlfriend during all this. He tried to talk Tony into letting her move in as well, but that was a no-go. There were too many security risks involved; it just wasn’t something they wanted to deal with. The other Avengers tried to make him feel better by saying things like “it’ll be okay”, “she’ll understand”, or even “you can always video call her”.

Video calling.

Peter hated video calling.

Yes, it allowed him to see his girlfriend. Yes, it allowed him to have conversations with her in real time. But could he hug her? No. Could he snuggle her? No. Could he laugh at her and kiss her when she gets popcorn butter on her lips? No. And those were Peter’s favorite things to do! He loved when she would come over after a long day just to snuggle him on the couch. Aunt May loved Y/N almost as much as Peter. She trusted them enough to let them hang out in Peter’s bedroom unsupervised, but they usually fell asleep in the living room anyway.

So, here he was. In his ‘temporary’ bedroom, in the compound, on his bed, laptop in front of him. He groaned, “Pick up…” Peter knew he was talking to himself. But maybe she could sense his impatience and answer his call faster. It must have worked, because the screen showed her face only a moment later.

“Hey!” Y/N answers with a bright smile, even though it’s almost eleven o’clock at night and he can tell she was about to fall asleep.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call you earlier. Mr. Rogers thought watching a movie together would be a nice team-building experience right now and he made it a requirement that we all attended— he even made Aunt May come! I was going to text you and tell you I wouldn’t be able to call you but he took my phone and told me not to text during the movie even though we were just in the media room and the lights weren’t totally off— I’m sorry.” Peter spoke quickly, not even looking at Y/N’s face as he did. He thought she’d be mad and he honestly wasn’t sure if he could handle seeing her ‘I’m disappointed’ face right now.

But then he heard a laugh. A small, tired giggle drifted through the speaker on his laptop and he looked up. Y/N was just grinning at him, “Are you done rambling?”

“I think so.” He smiled shlyly, knowing how awkward he can be.

“Good because I’m not mad. Really. It’s okay,” Peter could feel his face getting red now. “What movie did you watch?”

He groaned, “Marley and Me. Mr. Rogers wanted to watch something happy to ‘boost morale’ and Mr. Stark told him it was a happy movie about a dog, so he went for it. He got really upset at the end.”

“Oh no…”

“Oh, yes! So I was crying, May was crying, Mr. Rogers was crying— Pretty much everyone except for Mr. Stark and Dr. Banner, but that’s because Dr. Banner was asleep.” Peter covered his face with his hands as he remembered everyone frantically looking for tissues. Everyone knew it was going to be sad (except for Steve), but everyone thought they’d be fine. Plot twist: they weren’t.

“Awee, babe~ You cried?” Y/N cooed mockingly. Peter rolled his eyes.

“You would too!”

“I never said I wouldn’t! I just asked a question.” Her smile was radiant, even though it was on a screen. She never failed to make Peter smile.

“…Yeah, I cried…”

“You’re so cute.” Y/N’s face was half-buried in her pillow as she smiled at him.

Peter pouted at the camera, “No, you’re cute.” He could hear Y/N snort a laugh.

“Okay, fine, we’re both cute. Happy?”

“Very.” Peter winked, causing Y/N to snort again.

“Stop! I’m too tired to stop my snorts from coming out.” She whined, not wanting her boyfriend to see her like this.

“Then don’t stop them! I don’t care if you snort, it’s adorable~ I just wanted to see you.”

Y/N’s face falls the slightest bit, “I wanted to see you too.” She doesn’t mean to sound sad, but she’s tired so her filter is basically gone.

“I miss you.” Peter’s voice is solemn as he looks at the screen longingly. He really did miss her.

“I know… I miss you too. But, hey— at least we can still kind of see each other? We can still talk.” Peter nods, still not fully convinced. “Wait, don’t you have to train in the morning? You need to sleep.”

Peter sighs, leaning toward the camera with a smile, “I should go to sleep, but I don’t want to. I want to stay up and talk to my beautiful girlfriend.”

“Well your girlfriend is about to fall asleep, so you’ll have to settle for listening to her snore.” Y/N joked, closing her eyes but still facing the camera.

“You don’t snore.”

“I do, you just love me too much to notice.” Peter’s chest tightened up as her sleepy words sunk in. They haven’t used the ‘L’ word yet, so what was he supposed to say to this? Did he love her? Well— yeah, duh. That’s a dumb question. But does she love him? Is it too soon for that? They’d only been together for a month before everything shut down. Technically, they’re on month 8 or 9, but do virtual dates really count?

“You’re right. I do.” Peter’s brain shut down after he said that. It’s all out there now. No going back.

“I’m always right,” Y/N hummed, sinking further into her pillow, “Imma go to sleep okay? You can stay on or hang up, but I’m really tired.”

He was partially relieved that she didn’t mention what just happened, but also kind of sad that she didn’t say anything back. Maybe she just didn’t feel that way?

“Okay… I’ll probably hang up once you fall asleep. Goodnight.” He looked down at the keyboard, fidgeting with his fingers; thinking he messed up. All until Y/N spoke.

“Goodnight, Peter. I love you.”

Peter’s face broke out into the largest smile he’s ever had. “I love you too.” Only moments later, Y/N was asleep, but he couldn’t bring himself to hang up. So he didn’t.

The next morning, Aunt May came to his room to wake Peter up for his training. Before she could say anything, she spotted the laptop and the video call that was still going. Y/N was still asleep on the other end, and the whole scene brought a smile to Aunt May’s face. She brought out her phone and took a quick picture.

She was going to have a word with Tony Stark.


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50 Wordless Ways to Say “I Love You”: 4. Making their favorite meal when they are having a hard day.

Pairing: Five Hargreeves x Reader 

Word Count: 2,749 words

Warnings: Referenced animal death/gore


“Are you sure he’s okay?”

Klaus sighs loudly, bringing his foot up to his face with practiced ease. “He’s probably just stewing over his training again,” the boy says, flexing his toes gingerly before blowing on his big toe. You purse your lips at his words, screwing the cap of black nail polish shut, and Klaus looks up at you from underneath his eyelashes. “It’s Five, [Y/n]. You should see him when you leave for the weekend. Total shut in.”

“But he hasn’t even come down for lunch or supper.” Setting the nail polish down, you tuck your knees up towards your chest, brow furrowing. “I mean, he doesn’t usually do that, does he?”

“I dunno. Sometimes!” Klaus exclaims, throwing his hands up. “You know, he talks all the time about what a mess I am, but he’s hardly more functional than me.”

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Guilt That Eats You Alive


Word Count: 1.56k

Warnings: brief mentions of a child’s death, some gore, murder, survivor’s guilt

Tag list: open, send an ask/dm to be added


Forgot to mention this in the previous chapter, but the story won’t follow the Haikyuu plot line & the third years (Oikawa, Iwa, etc) will be second years for the majority of the story.

Morning arrived, signaling that it was time to wake up.

(Name) went about her routine, fitting into the Seijou uniform, before going downstairs.

Everything was quiet except the low volume on the television; her father was probably at work already. Descending, (Name) found her mother staring at the TV with wide eyes. The matriarch was an emotional person so it wasn’t rare to see her expressive features contorting.

“What’s with that face?”

The young student herself hadn’t looked at the screen, focusing her attention on the food that was neatly placed on the table. Popping a piece of French toast in her mouth, she swiveled from her place upon hearing no vocal response. Tears leaked out of her mother’s eyes. (Name) almost choked on the bread, “W-wha…”

The woman wailed exaggeratedly, clinging to her. “Oh (Name)! Some poor kid has been taken! They found his severed arm—” she couldn’t finish her sentence, sobs escaping her trembling lips.

Not knowing what to do, as this reaction caught her by surprise, (Name) patted her mother’s back awkwardly. “There, there…”

She was then informed how one of the neighbor’s child never returned home after they went out to play. They didn’t include many details as it was upsetting enough, but if they were to go about the gruesomeness of the previous murders, it wasn’t pretty. (Name) recalled the kids she’d seen last night, gulping guiltily, a sick feeling in her stomach. She wasn’t sure if it was any of them though. Deciding it was best not to tell her mother because she’d make a big deal out of it she glanced down at her school shirt, now drenched in tears.

“I’ll be leaving..”

That seemed to snap her mother out of her depressive state. She wiped her eyes, the motion reminding (Name) of a child. “Eh? You are not going to eat?”

(Name) grimaced as she put her shoes on. “I lost my appetite.” Halfway out, the sound of the door closing resonated throughout the empty house.

Concentrating in class proved to be difficult, (Name) kept backtracking to this recent murder. Thoughts ran wild as she wondered which of the children had been taken. Or if one of them had even been murdered in the first place. Worst of all, the idea of a tiny human being ripped to pieces so savagely till there was only an arm left made bile rise to her throat. “(Surname), perhaps you could tell us the answer to this problem?”

Her seat was smack in the middle, which is probably why the teacher was able to notice her distracted expression. Right on cue, multiple pairs of eyes turned to look at her. It didn’t take a genius to see that (Name) most definitely did not know the answer to that particular problem.

Ugh. Today was going to be a long day.

Exiting class, (Name) noted that Issei had the same miserable face as her. Joining him for lunch, she whispered. “D-did you see the kids after leaving my house?” There was a tinge of hope coating those words, silently praying that she was wrong.

The middle blocker shook his head solemnly, recalling last night’s events.

Matsukawa walked home, the lights barely offering comfort to any passing pedestrians although there wasn’t anyone outside. At least not at that hour. They all knew better.

The wind blew a bit harder than before, prompting the young male to fasten his pace.

He was almost home when he encountered a familiar looking ball, it’s crimson color stood out amongst the empty street. Approaching it, Issei squatted down, looking both sides in search of the kids but there was no one in sight. He figured they went home. That was the best case scenario and the one he hoped for.

A crunching sound caused him to stand quickly, his fight or flight activating. Still, the street remained empty.

Few seconds after, a policeman emerged from the shadows. He frowned at the Seijou student. “You shouldn’t be out this late.”

Issei didn’t need another incentive, he gave a quick nod before heading home which was two blocks away. He spared a glance back, noticing the man pick up the ball he was staring at before looking his way.

Their eyes met and Matsukawa couldn’t help but walk faster.

That was the last thing he saw regarding the incident. When he woke up, his father was already working on the funeral arrangements. He seemed more somber than usual.

After watching the news, he realized why.

(Name) took a serious tone that greatly contrasted her playful personality. “Issei, has your father mentioned anything?” Matsukawa’s family owned a funeral home and they’d been in charge of preparing the few bodies recovered.

His brow furrowed, “Not to us. But I heard him say it must’ve been an animal..”

(Name) cocked her head to the side, “An animal capable of such brutality?” It seemed unlikely but she wasn’t an expert so she figured authorities knew what they were doing.

Apparently the mother of the child had only managed to recognize it as part of her son because of a particular birthmark. A shudder passed through their bodies at the thought of anything tearing through skin so easily.

“Mattsun! (Name)-chan! Thank goodness you’re okay!”

They were greeted by their captain, who had a worried glint in his eye. He stood from his seat, waving at them. Both joined their group at the table. Iwazumi directed his gaze at her, “We heard the murder was near your house.”

She and Issei shared a look. Guilt ate at them. Should they report this? Would it really make a difference? Perhaps if they’d warned the kids to go immediately or escorted them home, then no one would be dead.

It was a horrible fact that they’d have to live with. “Yeah..”

Practice was cut short that day for obvious reasons. Police were now patrolling streets, especially those were the crimes were committed. While these murders had absolutely nothing in common—age, gender, social status—the masses were outraged that a child had been killed and law enforcement had no idea as to who the culprit was. Investigators were left in the dark, scratching their heads for clues.

As always, Matsukawa and (Name) headed home together. The latter had to pick up an order from a store but Issei worried when their manager said she’d walk ahead. He didn’t explicitly vocalize it, but (Name) could tell from his face. “I’ll be fine. My house is not that far.” She left him little room to argue so he let her go, hoping she’d be alright. It was still early and police were at every corner.

On her way, (Name) noticed a small memorial outside the kid’s house, confirming her fears. Albeit, she didn’t see the children’s faces clearly, the boy was definitely familiar. Toys, flowers, and letters had been deposited on the ground.

She stood there for a moment, saddened by this. Moping in front of a stranger’s house wasn’t going to do her any favors so she made a move to leave, only to see a child in front of her. He stared past her, at the memorial, looking lost with glazed eyes. “Big brother was eaten by a monster..” She opened her mouth to answer but was at a loss.

(Name) glanced around, searching for his guardians but saw no one in sight. Was there even a correct response to this statement? How could you comfort a child whose brother had been torn to pieces.


Suddenly, a woman appeared, looking breathless as if she’d run all the way. In a brusque manner, she grasped the child’s arm, pulling him towards her. In her other hand were several grocery bags. “You shouldn’t run off! Do you want the same thing that happened to your brother to happen to you!!?” The little boy whimpered and (Name) like she was intruding.

The woman’s voice was sharp, cutting like a knife. Her feet shifted nervously; the mother cast a glare at (Name) who stood awkwardly. She pushed past her into her house, slamming the metal gate. Flinching at the rude behavior, she decided it was best to go.

On a certain level, (Name) understood why she did it. After all, having your child butchered was unforgivable, on every account. The least thing the woman wanted was another of her boys gone.

Death was a heavy burden.

(Name)’s felt like she weighed a ton, dragging her entire body. It felt like forever when a sudden voice came out of nowhere. “He’s right, you know.” She looked around, spotting a hunched figure in a wheelchair.

A lady with graying hair appeared to be the owner of the voice.

To make sure, (Name) glanced about again. “I saw that thing before it took the boy, lurking in the woods. Stalking its prey.” Once again, she was at a loss for words. To be told something like this was alarming. A nurse came to fetch the elderly woman, saying she shouldn’t scare the neighbors as she steered the wheelchair in another direction.

(Name) most often saw the old woman outside in her garden or whenever her son would occasionally visit. Nevertheless, she became increasingly spooked. Though it was day, she no longer felt safe, cold seeping through her body.

The young student hurried her steps to the point where she was jogging, never stopping till she reached the safety of her home.

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New Tattoos and Scars


There isn’t much content with one of my favorite side characters so I made some!

((please do not judge I will not hesitate to delete this in a heartbeat))

Pairing: Hardcase x Reader

Word count: 1.4k

Warnings: nsfw, 18+++ no minors 🔫


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Originally posted by iluvluvnutella

“Jae-ha, could you please pass me the roasted duck?”

You were surprised when he flat out ignored you, choosing to drift over towards Yona. Raising an eyebrow, you slid over to where Yoon was watching the whole thing. He looked just as confused as you.

The Happy Hungry Bunch was spread out around an empty field, lounging around while the pretty boy genius cooked up some dinner. Jae-ha went off with Yona and you suppressed a sigh. Lately, he had become more and more distant with you, and it was starting to drive you a little crazy.

You both were young, even though he was older than you. A lot of people said your marriage wasn’t going to last, but you didn’t care and you thought he didn’t either. Now, you were having second thoughts, the insecurities getting the best of you as you watched him flirt with Yona.

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Originally a prompt from @supernaturalimagine: Imagine being a hunter with TFW and getting diagnosed with cancer, so the boys help you through everything

Word Count: 1802

Warnings: Cancer, awkward hugs, angst, mentions of medical testing including blood, alcohol as a coping mechanism

A/N: This became a truly self indulgent piece, I wrote this while nearing my own five year anniversary of beating cancer and I thought (and still think to this day) “What if it came back?”

The day you hoped would never happen and dreaded has finally come. It was supposed to be so simple. Go in. Draw some blood. Get the results and OK from the doc. Leave and be on your merry way. There weren’t supposed to be any extra tests. No CAT-scans. No ultrasounds. Not this. Please, God, not this. You were supposed to die on a hunt. Maybe by demon or eaten by a werewolf or hexed by a witch. Not something as ordinary and mundane and everyday as this.

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Summary: When one becomes a man, one puts away childish things–and Remus Lupin’s case, childish things include hope and love and happiness.

Rating/Warnings: T (very strong anti-werewolf views, references to sex)

Note: It has occurred to me since writing this that I don’t really understand how the werewolf registry would work. I mean, the Ministry already knew he was a werewolf pre-Hogwarts, but then no one seemed to know but Snape. PS. The reader isn’t supposed to be in the right here, just as they are not supposed to be in the right when they express any bigoted views.


The final exit of Hogwarts’ seventh year students rarely saw less enthusiasm than it did in 1978. Few of the freshly-minted fully-qualified witches and wizards boarded the waiting train with burgeoning careers or plans for their futures. A handful of Slytherins remained unaffected by the dour mood—several had ministry positions waiting for them, or claimed that they did—but the rest remained stiff and pale and lost. There was a war going on, after all, and now there would be no castle walls to keep out the worst of it.  

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Hey there! So I’m here to make an announcement:

Tomorrow I will be posting the first chapter of my Harry Beltik miniseries!!!!

I am soooooo excited and can’t wait to talk to you about it and hear what you guys think of it.

If you have any questions, send them my way! I’ll be happy to answer! And if I you plan on reading it, leave me a comment or like!

See you tomorrow!




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AYE, this was really cute to write! Azul’s is a person favorite of mine~

Please Enjoy~


Fem!Reader Gushing About Them

  • Ever since Azul has met [Name], he couldn’t help but grow a crush on them. The fact that she was always so supportive and would never tease him like the tweels. She was loving and cared for his well being, the thought alone made his heart flutter.
  • He’d never thought of telling them since he didn’t want to break that wonderful friendship he’s made with them. He’d have to pretend to be someone else in order to stay same-face with them, giving no clues that he likes them.
  • He happened to be passing the school library when he heard a commotion on the other side of the doors. Realizing that it was [Name] and her friends, his first reaction was to hide in the janitor’s closet. Why he did that was beyond him, he’s her friend for god’s sake!
  • Listening to hear if they’d leave, he catches something that makes him tremble in his shoes.
  • “I know the guy traumatized you, but you guys were dumb enough to make a deal with him. Azul isn’t that bad of a guy, he’s really nice… maybe even charming.”
  • “You’re just saying that because you have a thing for nerds.” Azul recognizes the snarky first year, getting irritated that he called him a nerd.
  • “At least Azul can pass potion magic history. He’s one of the smartest people in this school! There is nothing he can’t do! He’s so cool!” Azul melted at hearing that, a nervous smile appeared on his face. He had to slap his hand over his mouth to keep in his girlish squealing. 
  • Once [Name] and her friends were long gone, Azul patted himself down and attempted to calm down. He quietly left that closet, making sure that nobody would see the dorm leader exiting a closet room. 
  • All Azul needed right now, was a pillow and a pot. He had a lot of gushing he needed to do in private.

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Pairing: Din Djarin x gn!reader

Word Count: 1269

Warnings: depressed reader, cliches, established relationship, not proofread

A/N: I think i kept it fully gender neutral, please let me know if I slipped up so I can fix it! There’s one spot you’ll hit (you’ll know it when you get to it) that’s a massive cliche of a line, but I couldn’t resist it. I’ve been having a rough go of it all lately, so this is VERY self-indulgent, but I realize I’m probably not the only one so I thought I’d share it here even though I know it’s later at night and probably a lot of people won’t see it. It’s the first time I’ve been brave enough to write Din, so hopefully he comes across. Gif is not mine. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

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Part One: Discord and Vulgar Men

AN: Not gonna lie I have no plot for this book it’s all for funsies, there’s cute fluffy moments but do you end up with anyone? Who knows? Definitely not me! Also cause of formatting the Tumblr ver looks different from the Wattpad ver sorry for minor inconsistencies


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