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Some Chick Like You (2) | Bakugou

a requested one shot | part one

the people asked, and I delivered (: thank you so much to the anon that requested part two— here you go <3 also isn’t the anon asked thing cute? Should I keep doing it? Omg idk lmaoooo but yea enjoy!

SUMMARY the one where you don’t really know what to do with yourself when you find your friend kissing your neck on top of you in nothing but pure desire— especially if he’s one of your boyfriend’s biggest rivals.

PAIRING Pro-Hero!Bakugou x Fem!Reader & Angry-Boy!Izuku


WARNINGS explicit language, a little bit of physical shit, angst (I’m so sorry bby Izuku), and fluff bc I’m a weak bitch no I don’t take constructive criticism!


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Meet My Brother

chapter 30 of So Happy Together


note: WOW CHAPTER 30!?!? this story has come so much farther than i expected it too, and id like to thank you all so much for supporting it! im going on a hike today, and i go back to my classes today so im posting now as i may not have time later!

“Elaine Higgins.” 

 You heard applause as her name was called. You stood up along with Phasma, and your grandfather. You all cheered, and called her name. In the front of the auditorium you saw Matt stand up and clap. Immediately you saw a hand swat at him as he sat back down. At the same time you saw her family clap and cheer in another part of the auditorium. You smiled as you sat down, and watched her walk across the stage. Luke handed her a piece of paper, and someone took a picture of them shaking hands. You all cheered again as she walked away. She looked off stage, and shook the paper in the air as she walked offstage. 

“Are you still feeling bad?” your grandfather asked once she was back where she needed to be. 

“No, I definitely feel better.” 

 He smiled, and hugged you as another kid got called. Hux was next. You weren’t as anxious for Hux to go. After prom you felt confident he would keep in touch. You watched the stage, as the kid walked off stage once he was off you heard his name. 

“Armitage Hux.”

 You all stood up clapping, and cheering. You saw Matt stand up again as he cheered for his friend. While you were cheering you realized nobody else was cheering for him. You assumed it was because nobody had known him since he was supposed to graduate next year. You again watched as he walked over to Luke. He handed the paper over to Hux, and said something as he did so. They shook hands. The picture was taken. Hux walked off as you all cheered again. You all sat back down as it was official. Hux, and Elaine were officially graduates. You sat back and let the realization wash over you. The hardest part was over. You just had to get the rest of graduation over with. There was one more name you were waiting to be called. Not because you were happy for them, but because you were happy to see them gone. 

 A few minutes later it finally happened.

“Ben Solo.” 

 You hear some scattered cheers. You saw a few kids cheering. Of Course you saw his family cheering up front. The one person you didn’t see was Rey. it was odd. Especially considering it was her boyfriend walking across the stage. you knew she didnt want to walk, but to not be here for Ben is weird even for her. In a swift moment you let some kindness shine through you. You stood up, and cheered for him. Your grandfather, and Phasma following suit. He looked into the crowd. Even though you were far away you could tell he was looking at you. You smiled at him as you cheered for him. He smiled back as he walked. Luke looked out at you too, and he smiled. Ben finally reached him, and Luke handed him a paper, and hugged him. The picture was taken, and he walked off. You cheered again for him. He looked back at you and smiled like an idiot. He stayed looking at you, and you kept eye contact with him. That was until his dumbass fell down the stage stairs because he wasn’t paying attention. You sat down as you hear everyone gasp. 

  After Ben’s stair mishap there weren’t many kids left. You sat, and listened as their names got called. Soon Luke gave his final speech, and it was over. You all rushed outside, and stood by the exit where graduates walked out to wait for Elaine. Anxiously you stood by the door hoping she would be one of the first ones out. To your dismay Ben was the first one to walk out. As soon as he stepped out he saw you. He stopped in his tracks, and looked down at you. After what felt like hours of longing stares you finally spoke.

“Hey man, congrats.” You held your hand out for him to shake it. He smiled and shook it.

“Thanks. It means a lot that you still cheered for me.” you both still held hands as you spoke.

“Any time. I mean not anytime seeing as you only graduate like once or twice in your life.” 

“Yeah.” he smiled at you. You couldn’t help but stare into his dark eyes, and hope you didn’t get lost in them again.

“I’d better get back to my grandfather.” you slipped your hand out of his, and his smile fell from his face.

“I’m not doing anything, like a party or anything like that, but uh you should still definitely come by.” 

“I’ve got Elaine’s party at my grandfather’s house.” 

 “Oh yeah, that makes sense. Sorry.” Why did this feel so awkward? When you two first met you could go back, and forth with flirty banter like it was a sport. Now being near him felt so new. 

“Anyways, congrats. Guess I won’t be seeing you around any more.”

“Guess not.” both of you stood in silence for a second.

“I mean, unless you came by the house to hang out with Matt.” he said.

“Oh, yeah I forgot you’re going to a local college.”

“And I mean, maybe you would sometimes, possibly wanna see me?”  looking down at the ground you smiled.

“I dont know Ben.” he smiled again. you both stared at each other before he spoke.

“I miss hearing you say my name.” 

  Just in time Elaine came through the door. You looked at her, and ran over to her. She took you in her arms, and you both jumped up, and down screaming over her accomplishment. You looked back, and Ben was gone. It would be a lie if you said you weren’t disappointed, but right now you wanted to focus on Elaine. She was talking about how happy she was when Hux walked out. You hugged him too, and you all talked before walking over to where you knew everyone was waiting. Everyone Buzzed, and talked about what had happened. Elaine’s family took her to the side so they could take pictures. You, your grandfather, and Phasma took pictures with Hux. 

 Once everyone was done with pictures, and talking your grandfather told Elaine’s mother that you both were leaving to get the finishing touches on the party done. You all slipped away, and headed home. Phas, and Hux came with you guys. It was dark, and the air felt thick. Rain was coming, and you had to hurry to the house to get her plant inside. When you all arrived at the house you raced to the backyard. You quickly grabbed her plant, and brought it inside. The little plant sat in the den where you know it wouldn’t be found seeing as most parties your grandfather had were in the formal living room. 

 Rushing downstairs you saw Hux setting up with Phasma. They were getting the food out of the fridge while your father put Elaine’s wrapped gifts on the table in the dining room. Walking into the kitchen you heard Phasma talking to Hux.

“I don’t care if you expected it, it’s just fucked up.” 

“What happened?” you asked walking in

“Hux’s parents didn’t show up to graduation.” Phasma said as she angrily unwrapped a cheese and fruit platter.

“They didn’t?” 

“Yes, they did not, and for the last time it’s not surprising. I expected them not to.”

“No I agree with Phas, that’s fucked up.” Phas nodded her head. 

“You do not know Brendol Hux. Not showing up was the best thing for him to do.”

“I’m sorry.” you said.

“Don’t be. I have you guys, Elaine, and Matt. I don’t need him. I won’t ever need him.” you walked over to him, and kissed his cheek. His face turned red, and you walked out of the kitchen, and into the dining room. You saw your grandfather setting the gifts up with Gideon sitting by the door. Walking over to Gideon you opened the door for him. He ran out, and you followed after him. Closing the door you grab one of his balls from his toy bin. Once he saw it in your hands he perked up. His upper body got closer to the ground. His ears moved forward a bit. You pretended to throw it, but he knew better. He kept his eyes on your hand, and you kept teasing him by pretending to throw it. Finally he got impatient and started weakly baying. Once he did that you knew he was getting tired of being played. You threw the ball, and watched him dash after it. He followed it into the forest, and ran back with it in his mouth. You did it a few more times, trying to tire him out before the party started.

 The sound of thunder filled the air, and you knew it was time to go in. you call Gideon who trots over to you. You wipe his feet, and mouth, and open the door for him to head in. He walks over to his bed in the living room, and lays down. Hux, and Phasma were sitting on the couch talking when the doorbell rang. Your grandfather walked over to grab it. Phas kept talking about what you all were doing to celebrate your last day as a group. Hux suggested you all do another Lake day, but Phas felt you all needed to do something bigger. 

“I don’t know. It’s our last day as the first order. Like for real.” Phas said.

“Not really, we are all  going to remain friends.” Hux said as Elaine walked into the living room.

“Yeah, but Hux it might be a really long time before we all get together again. I mean Elaine’s home town is 6 hours away from here, Matt lives 4 hours away, and I’m probably going to go to California with my parents.” Phas said before you spoke.

“Yeah Hux she’s right. This may be it for the first order.” 

“Whoa, hey. I don’t know what conversation I just walked into, but this isn’t it for us.” Elaine said as she sat on the couch next to Hux.

“I’m not saying it is. It’s going to be a long time before we are together again. This needs to be special.” phasma said to all of you.

“What if we went skating? Like we did for our first hang out as a group?” 

“Hux! That’s a good idea, but I still feel like we should do something else along with that.” Phasma praised him.

“What if we went camping?” Elaine asked.

“Ok I won’t lie, camping sounds fun.” you said.

“So do I!” Elaine said.

“Let’s take a vote!” Phasma said as she stood up.

“All members of the first order should be here if we are going to vote.” Hux reminded her.

“He’s right, let’s wait for Matt.” 

 Elaine’s family came in from where they were talking to your grandfather. You got up to greet her parents who you hadn’t seen in a long time. You caught up with them a little while everyone else carried on with the party. There weren’t many people there yet, but it was enough that the living room felt crowded. You made your way to her brothers finally, and you smiled before hugging them both. 

“Andrew, dude I haven’t seen you in forever.” you said as you hugged her oldest brother.

“I know kiddo, I’ve been busy with you know the whole wedding planning thing.” 

“I know, I heard you’ve got your hands full with the new Fiance.” 

“Dude, busy doesn’t even cover half of it! He had me out for 6 hours tux shopping.” Chris complained.

“Sorry for wanting to look good on my wedding day!” Andrews’ voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Apology accepted.” Chris hugged his brother as he playfully punched him. Just then the doorbell rang. 

“I’ll leave you boys alone.” you walked towards the door, and opened it. On the other side were your parents. Elaine invited them the day you went to prom, but you honestly didn’t expect them to show up. Your mother pulled you in for a hug, and for once you hugged back. It was still weird having them around more, but it was nice to know they really did care enough to try and fix what was wrong. Your mother let go, and your dad came in for one too. Once he let go you let them inside. You immediately brought them over to where Elaine’s parents were.

“Hey Damien, Alicia? These are my parents. Mother, father, these are Elaine’s parents.” you announced to them as you brought them over.

“Hello! It’s so nice to finally meet you both I was starting to feel like you guys didn’t exist.” Alicia jokes. 

“Well, I’ll be quite honest we have not been the best parents lately, but we are trying.” your father confessed

“It’s perfectly understandable, I mean aren’t we all trying?” Damien said to him. You walk away to let them talk while you wait by the door for more guests. You look around to see what was happening. Part of you is happy your parents decided to come. It’s nice seeing them actually put effort into being better parents. You watch as they laugh, and converse with not only some of your friends, but their family too. Never in your life would you have guessed this would happen.

 Once you hit a certain age you assumed that they would always be the same. Then they just got worse. Now this. You decide not to dwell on it too long, and look around again. You see Elaine introducing Phasma to her brother Chris. Next to them Andrew, and Hux are talking. Probably about something smart. Or stupid. Part of you always wondered if the reason she liked Hux so much was because she reminded her of Andrew. They both had this awkward energy about them, they both loved debating entirely too much, and they both were extremely mature for their age.

 Soon the door rang again. And again. And again. When you were sure nobody else would be coming you walked away to hang out with everyone. You had only met a few of Elaines extended family. You knew her aunt Jas, who was her mother’s sister. You had met her dad’s cousin a few times. You even met her grandmother who she was named after. You were excited to finally meet all her family. People you had only seen in photos or heard stories about were finally in front of you. Right when you were meeting another one of her family members there was a knock at the door. You went to grab it thinking it was some more of her family. 

“Hey Y/N!” Matt said as you opened the door.

“What are you doing here man?” you hugged him.

“My brother wasn’t having a party so my family thought we could come, and meet her family.”

Just then you see Han, and Leia coming up behind him they smiled and waved as they walked in. Coming up next was Ben, and he was walking with someone. It was someone you know for sure hadn’t met, but you recognized him in some way. He was the same height as Ben, but he seemed bigger somehow. Ben and the stranger got closer to the door, and you were able to get a clear sight on him. He looked like Ben. A lot like Ben. except his hair went down to his shoulders, and had a bit of curl to it. He had the same broad nose as they did, but he seemed to have more freckles on his face. He didn’t let his facial hair grow out like Ben did. He had the same dreamy brown eyes that all Solo men had. The only thing making his different was the scar that went from his cheek to the middle of his forehead.

“Oh yeah, Y/N meet my brother, Kylo.” Matt announced. 

“Nice to meet you.” He said in a monotonous voice.

“Nice to meet you too, I hear a lot about you from this one.” You gesture over to Matt and he smiles.

“Are you the same girl my brother has been crying about?” He asked you. Ben cleared his throat and shoved Kylo inside the house quickly.

“I think you would like Kylo. He’s got super dry humor.” Matt says as he walks in. you follow behind to see how Elaine, and Matt’s parents meeting each other will go. You watch as Elaine and Matt beam during the introductions. It’s so sweet how excited they are to share a family. You walk around to see how everything is going. All the parents were talking in one area, and the rest of her family mingled with your friends. You hear another clap of thunder from outside, and look out the window. You see Hux sitting on the table in the yard. He’s tossing a ball to Gideon, and watching him chase it. 

  Making your way through the crowd you finally get to the door leading outside. Quietly you open the door, and step out. He’s got the ball in one hand, and something else in another. You get a bit closer to him, and watch as he throws the ball again.

“Hux?” you gently call out. As he turned around to look at you tears fell from his eyes.

tags: @wumboho @pylopenpolo @duty-isnt-always-honour @wondering-wishing-well

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I am so sorry I have absent from the writing for LoT but I am a perfectionist I hate half arsing fic. 

I loved this idea, I took a spin to it.

 It all started with you wanting a sandwich. The team had split off after the mission to decompress. You had one thing in mind and that was to get a sandwich. That saying you would if you didn’t end up screaming first. 

“What the hell are you doing?” You were in the kitchens entryway. A face popped up behind the counter. Of course it was him. “Behrad why am I not surprised.”

 “Okay before you flip out more. I was just well err… .I can totally explain.” He gestures to the mess he made on the counter. 

You walk further in and cross your arms.

“Go on then.” 

You could see him trying to think of an excuse and failing. “Surprise!!” He flung his arms wide. 

“Oh boy, a mess to clean up. You know how to treat a girl.” You deadpan.

“Okay, this really was meant to be a surprise. I overheard you saying how you were getting hungry and I wanted to make you something really tasty and urm. I may have overloaded the food generator with too many demands at once. I know. Your mad but I really did want to surprise you.” He rubs the back of his neck nervously.

You really do try not to crack a smile.

But the fact that he did all this was super sweet of him. 

“Okay Casanova, lets start with dealing with this mess and then retry this again.”  

His thousand watt smile grew as you spoke.

“I really am sorry.” 

“I know B. That is why we love you.” 

You kiss his cheek, then walk to the kitchen island to start cleaning up. 


I kept it short coz I didn’t want to over do it.

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☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆
REQUEST || “Can I request some soft hcs for Oikawa, Suga and Akaashu comforting their gfs when they are having one of those trashy days where every single inconvenience makes them want to cry?” — anon
PAIRING || Akaashi Keiji X Reader, Oikawa Tooru X Reader, Sugawara Koushi X Reader
TYPE || Headcanons
WARNING || just heart cutting fluff
AUTHOR’S NOTE || auscbaisjncoa i kinda have one rn bUTTTT writing this made me feel so much better cuz i was just imagining it :eyes:
☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆


》 Ah, Akaashi.

》 The lover

》 Dude, I don’t even think you can feel down when you’re with Akaashi

》 He makes you feel so loved and worth that honestly, it’s hard to have these types of days

》 As it should be! >:( You should feel loved!!

》 But they do happen and Akaashi is prepared every time they do

》 He notices them quite early on because of your loud sighs, staring off into the distance, and ruffling of your hair

》 He has his eyes on you 24/7 babyyyy

》 He’ll get you to drop whatever you are doing, and just either sit down with him on the couch or lay next to him

》 If it’s on the couch, he’ll sit you on his lap, your legs around his waist and your face towards his, and just looks into your eyes

》 He’ll brush light touches on your cheek with his thumb in a loving and caring manner

》 As he presses his forehead against yours, he whispers sweet affirmations about how much he loves you and how much he values your time together

》 He says things like “I appreciate everything you do for me”, “I love every inch of you and everything you do”, “Thank you for staying by my side”

》 Sometimes you place your head on his shoulder as he rubs soothing circles along your back

》 This calms you down and even manages to make you tired

》 You fall asleep in his arms owo

》 If you lay next to him, he would pull you close into his chest and start petting your hair

》 One arm is wrapped around your body while the other encases your head

》 His natural body scent mixed with the faint smell of his body wash helps ease your emotions and relaxes you

》 He becomes much more affectionate and physical with you during these times and will try to touch you with gentle fingers

》 No words really need to be exchanged because his actions make up for the silence

》 Ah, I’m getting soft uwu

》 Akaashi is really calm and caring during these situations and he will make sure that you are feeling 101% better after it

☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆


》 A cinnamon roll!!!

》 Suga is like a big momma

》 He will be attentive 25/8

》 He notices that you get frustrated more often and even the smallest strand of hair that won’t stay in place, gets on your nerves

》 Those tears will start sprouting and mama bear mode: activate!

》 He will sit you down and attempt to calm you down

》 He’s a listener, so he will look at you with empathetic and considerate eyes as you pour your heart out to him

》 Anything, even if you think it’s dumb to be sad about, he will listen to everything

》 Holds your hand as comfort and runs his fingers over your knuckles

》 Lots of kissies too

》 On your temple, your hand, cheek, lips

》 His kisses make all the boo boos go away

》 He lets you sleep either on him or having your head on his lap

》 As you’re talking, he just admires the outline of your face and the way your hair falls

》 When you are done, he will offer you words that make your heart swell and will also ask if there is anything he could do

》 If you are stressing over work or school, he will try and assist you with whatever he can, he just doesn’t want to see you down like this

》 Will also cook meal for you too

》 Your favourite meals? He already researched the whole internet, asked your family, and tested over 50 times just to make it perfect for you. So, he always has the ingredients ready

》 Suga is a big mom and is there for you all the time, just like how a real mom would be uwu

☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆



》 He would be the one that would wrap you up in a blanket

》 It legit that thing where you wrap up the sad person in a blanket like a burrito, lay the burrito next to you, hug the sad person, and then feed the sad person

》 You are sad person

》 He is such a flirt so I think sometimes he doesn’t really realize if you are sad or feeling down

》 But his comment do make you kinda smile

》 Like what he says is so cringy that it kinda hurts

》 “Volleyball is just hardcore hot potato”, “If two people read each other’s mind, whose mind are they reading?”, “Butter is just food lotion”

》 It’s so stupid that they make you smile

》 He’s just like ???

》 When he does realize you are sad, he will try to be the loving boyfriend, but he kinda fails

》 He makes you laugh though

》 He’s good at that

》 He’s trying ;-;

》 He’ll run a warm bath for you and just assumes what would make you feel better

》 Calls Iwa for backup to be honest

》 Lots of hugs 

》 He likes hugs so; therefore, you should like hugs too

》 Holds you and sways until you calm down or cannot breathe

》 Either way, he’s done his job

》 Oikawa is a shitshow, but he never fails to make you smile

cheese cult bbs ❤ : @akaashichigo @drainedjaz @haikkeiji @annalyn-annalyn @writingsbycrackhead @sosugasweet @cali-writes-sometimes  @simping4ratsumu @ushiwakaa @from-left-to-write @akaashit-baeji  @kxgeyamasmilk @agaassi @hanibuni @cupofkenma  @kawanisshi @milkandc00kiez @thiccbokuto @shinsukestan @sufiawrites@wakaitoshi @skyguy-peach @fern-writes-ig @briswriting @miyuswriting @raevaioli

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This is dedicated to everyone who basically partied with me in the past 24 hours but especially everyone giving me all the good ideas last night. Please enjoy! 

Starting with the first 302 words: 

Seto Kaiba sent his limo to pick you up. The driver came up to your door and presented you with a bouquet of white roses. The note on them read: I look forward to seeing you tonight. Perhaps you should consider keeping these flowers, but the jury was out on that one. You put them away on a table, not wanting the driver to have to wait for you to get out a vase and fill it with water. 

Then the driver escorted you down to the limousine sitting on the curb in front of your building. He held open the door for you, and you expected to see Kaiba sitting in the backseat, but it was empty. The driver helped you into the backseat. “Mr. Kaiba says to help yourself,” he said before closing the door. 

In the backseat of the limo, there was a full ice bucket tucked between the cushions and a champagne bottle sticking out of it. Help yourself indeed. You stayed seated with your hands to yourself, wondering what type of game Kaiba was playing. You weren’t a college girl who would get herself drunk on a bottle. 

But now that you were sitting in a limousine, you had to wonder if you’d put on the right clothes. Your outfit had been a source of stress all day. Should you listen to him and wear something nice? Should you dress the way you would for a real date? Should you keep it casual? Did you want him to think you tried to impress him? 

The questions plagued you, even now that it was too late. You told yourself you couldn’t change. You needed to commit to this outfit. 

Your anxiety couldn’t take the hint. 

By the time the limousine made it to the mansion, you wanted to 

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Go back to the beginning here:

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Summary:  Modern AU. Ahsoka Tano, Anakin’s sister and your student, insists that you would be perfect together. But whether it’s stubbornness or fear, the two of you deny it and go about your lives. However, the universe has other plans and ends up pushing you together, which results in you meeting in random places. (AKA the 5-ish places you run into Anakin)

Pairing: Lawyer!Anakin Skywalker x Writer!Reader

Words: 3.2k

Warnings: Mild angst, the bare minimum courtroom shit I know, the smallest bit of fluff at the end

A/N: REPOST! I edited this story so that Anakin is a lawyer rather than a detective, because it just didn’t sit right with me to make him a cop anymore. Hot lawyer Anakin is among us!!! And hot lawyer Obi-Wan!!!


Originally posted by gentlemanuniverse

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Originally posted by coredrive

Description: He got what he wanted and yet….He knows it’s wrong and what he should be doing is helping you but something dark and twisted urges him to push you far beyond your limits. For once he wanted you to lose your mind over absolutely nothing so he can finally be someone for you to lean on. 

Word count: 7.6k lmao

Pairing: The Mandalorian/Reader

Rating: Smut 18+ uhhhhh 

A/n: I would have gotten this up so much sooner but I literally write at a snails pace I’m so sorry

Tags list!:  @dyn-djarin​, your throne my dear, bc you are the only tag lmao ily




     There was a pretty big language barrier no matter where you go in the galaxy. 

     You practiced as many as you could, even if it’s just the basics. Realistically, it was part of the job. You’d have a hard time trying to strike a deal with someone if you couldn’t even stutter your way through a sentence. 

      But, every one of them was a bit different or stranger than the last. You’d pride yourself in the unusual array of dialects you had picked up on but sometimes, some phrases were universal. 

       That ol’ Sol system saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” seemed to transcend every language gap as you stood over thousands of credits worth of illegal narcotics gone rancid. 

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Fandom: The Umbrella Academy
Pairing: Klaus x f!Reader
Word Count: 5k
Rating: T (for now, might change in later chapters)
Warnings: Swearing, Blood, Violence

Summary: The story of Number 8: The Firestarter.  Reunited with the rest of the Umbrella Academy by your former caretaker’s death your worries swiftly shift from avoiding your former flame to stopping the apocalypse, in true dysfunctional fashion.  But who knew that saving the world might bring you and Klaus back together again?

Tag List: @x-a-delama-x @supergeekfangirl @nevadawolfe @magic-multicolored-miracle

[ ONE | TWO ]


TWO — Run Boy Run


Originally posted by ewangmcgregor

[ Fifteen Years Ago ]

“My name’s Grace, and I’ll be taking care of you.”

The woman that stood before you looked like she’d been plucked from another era.  She seemed too pristine to be human and there was something lifeless about her bright eyes, but her smile was warm as she bent down to look you in the eye and she made you feel at ease.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“It’s [Y/N],” you answered, taking her outstretched hand.

“That’s a beautiful name.  I couldn’t have picked one better myself.  Come, I’ll show you to your room and you can clean up before meeting the others.”

A flutter of apprehension tickled your stomach as you followed Grace down a long hallway, leaving Sir Reginald’s office behind.  

You’d read several of the Umbrella Academy comic books as a child, so you were already somewhat familiar with the other teens you were soon to meet, as well as their respective abilities, but that didn’t make it any less daunting and you chewed the inside of your lip as you walked.

Cleaned and dressed in your new plaid skirt and blazer you followed Grace and Pogo down to the courtyard where the others were lined and waiting.  As soon as you stepped outside several of them nudged each other, staring at you with a mix of wary interest.

You didn’t blame them.

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His Girl-part 3

Summary- MJF needs to get home to see his new baby girl. This is set before part 2 because I didn’t know I was going to be writing this 😁

Tag list- @mondaynightr0llins @seywolf @princessducky @librathepheonix13 @Sadie-deegan @lilred91 @fiskers7136

“Damn IT RHODES!” I yelled slamming my hand down on the wall. I NEEDED to go home NOW! Y/n went into laybor a few hours ago Unexpectedly. She wasn’t supposed to have the baby for a few more days.

“Maxwel, you need to stay calm.”

“Shut up.” I mumbled, running a hand threw my short hair. Cody wouldn’t let me leave, saying ‘it wouldn’t be fair’ to the other talent if I left. Fuck him. How the hell am I supposed to get out of here?

“Max?” I looked up to see Dustin and Brand.

“Get moving.” I mumbled. Not bothering to insult them.

“Ok, what’s wrong? As long as I’ve known you you’ve always taken every chance to insult me.” Brandi said, crossing her arms ove her chest.

“Non of your damn Buissnes.” I snapped, glaring at them.

“How’s Y/n?” Dustin asked. He was probably the only one in her family that even tried to contact her. I closed my eyes, trying not to let the tears fall, but one slipped out. “In laybor.” I wispered.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” Brandi yelled, grabbing my shoulde. I immediately shoved her awayz “why don’t you ask your husban.” I snapped, as more tears rolled my face. “I’m going to miss the birth of my child because your husband fucking hates me!”

Brandi’s eyes looked as though they were lit on fire. “You go. I will deal with Cody.” She said pushing me away. I didn’t even care how I looked as I ran off. Dont worry Y/n. I’ll be there soon


“can I help you?” The nurse at the front desk asked giving me a fake smile. “I’m here to see Y/N Rhode. she’s having a baby, and I’m the father.” I said, attempting not to roll my eyes at her.

“Let me find the room number.” She said, looking back down. At this point I dis roll my eyes. I could feel the tears from earlier dried on my face. “Ok! Y/N Rhodes gave birth to her daughter about 2 hours agog her room number is 403.” I ran tow the room, weather She was done or not. The only thing going threw my mind was that she already gave birth.

I knocked on the door lightly befor opening it. “Y/n?” She was sat in the bed hold a small bundle that could only be my daughter. She looked up and a smile grew on her face. “Max!” She said reaching an arm towards me. I practically ran over, grabbing her hand. I kneeled next to her, resting my head on the bed, not letting go of her hand.

“I’m so sorry.” I whispered, a new set of tears forming. “Max?” I lifted my head to look at her. her hand reached out, wiping a tear from my face. “Do you want to met your daughter?” I stood up immediately, causing her to laugh.

I took the baby from her. I looked down. she had my eyes and the Rhodes signature blonde hair. “Her name is Ally.” Y/n said. I smiled down at the small baby.

“Hello Ally. Did you know your daddy is the best AEW wrestler? And if anyone hurts you, I will kill them.”


Ideas for what you guys want to see in the next part.

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Pairing: Gibbs x reader

Warnings: only fluff!

Word count: 1,135

Request by: kittenlittle24

“Could you please write an imagine where reader is Gibbs’s best friend from childhood, knew his mom, was there for him when she killed her self but au where there’s no Shannon and kelly and they get married and reader names their daughter Ann after Gibbs’s mom”


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The thin gown you’re wearing is doing nothing to quell the feeling of immodesty you have, though you’re sure that has everything to do with the thoughts running through your head as you watch Leonard lay out instruments for the next part of your physical.  The biobed is doing a great job of giving you away, too, with its quick and incessant chirping as your heart races.

“Anxious, darlin’?”

You let out a nervous laugh and give a single, sharp nod.

Something like that, anyway.

It’s your own fault for having skipped your physical in the first place.  Scotty had gotten wind that you’d missed out on getting your quarterly clearance for safety-critical work and had sent you packing straight up to med bay.  As luck would have it, Leonard was the physician on duty.  Deciding you would rather not risk a reprimand for putting it off until Dr. M’Benga could see you, you sucked it up and went ahead.

You’d made it through most of the exam without issue, but then Leonard had informed you that your annual pelvic exam was due this time and you’d been so surprised that you just nodded when he asked to go ahead.

Now you’re regretting your choices.  As he guides you to lie back, not unlike he’s done in the bedroom countless times, you feel a mingled sense of dread and anticipation.  The feel of his gloved hands on your thighs as he helps you position your feet in the stirrups has you biting your lip to hold in a moan.  You can feel your face radiating heat as lust and embarrassment fill you in equal measure and you suddenly, desperately find yourself wishing you’d told Leonard about your medical kink a long time ago.

A sudden touch between your legs makes you gasp and you reflexively try to close your thighs around Leonard’s examining hand, but he puts an elbow up to stop you.

“You’re not anxious; you’re enjoying this.”

A statement, not a question.  You know there’s no sense in hiding the truth any longer and you nod, reaching up and hiding your face in your hands.  Leonard chuckles softly, the back of his other hand coming up to brush your thigh, wordlessly encouraging you to ease up.

“I’ll clear you for duty and give you exactly what you want if you promise to come back and see Geoff in a couple of days for a proper exam.  Deal?”

You swallow thickly as you feel his fingertips brush your labia, parting them just slightly and teasing at your entrance.  You buck your hips as he slowly sinks a finger inside of you, nearly setting off a climax already.

“Deal,” you whimper.

You can practically feel Leonard grinning coyly.

“Then just relax and let the doctor work, darlin’.”

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Zuko x Reader; Part 3; 1.4k words

Series summary: The recently crowned Fire Lord Zuko meets a new friend of his Uncle’s, a special fire bender that quickly grabs his interest over a cup of tea and the discussion of the arts. 

Catch up here!      PART ONE       PART TWO


Originally posted by thewokewordsmith

It was the next morning, early enough that the sun was still rising, the buildings casted in a partial light. You were busy in the back of your shop, starting to work on other commissions for your little business before heading to the Royal Palace. You didn’t want to acknowledge it but you were beyond excited to see Zuko again. Even if he was probably the most awkward person to be Lord of the Fire Nation.

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✨I won’t trust or open up easily, so it’s always difficult for me to make friends. I don’t like talking about emotions. I get angry easily. Impatient, can be impulsive sometimes and regret it. I can work well under pressure. I’m practical, organized, perfectionist and strong willed but can procrastinate when it comes to studying. very awkward whith physical contact, I never initiate it. (pt 2/3)

✨I’m rebellious and not girly (I do have a soft side, I don’t show it though). I struggle to express affection even if I care for the ones I love. I hate noisy crowded places. I have low self esteem and deal with mental health (intrusive thoughts mainly, also feel a bit depressed and anxious sometimes). That’s it! I hope it’s alright! Thank you so much💖 (pt 3/3)

of course, dear!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus


I pair you with Hazel Levesque!

  • she’s a quiet girl, so she prefers to hang out inside rather than go out. she’s got a lot to catch up on from the years she missed, so she likes to watch movies and/or read books with you
  • she’d love to take a self defense class with you. it’d have to be earlier in the mornings, and then afterwards you two go out for lunch or get takeout and hang out at one of your houses
  • make her a best friends playlist she literally will never stop listening to it. it brings a huge smile to her face
  • you both have best friend bracelets with gems in the middle that she found. hers is galaxy purple and yours is milky white
  • she’ll respect that you don’t like talking about your emotions, and she’ll learn to read your emotions from your body language best friends just have that sixth sense
  • given both of your impulsiveness, the two of you probably do breathing excercises together or yoga or something of the like to relax and keep your minds healthy yes, you do stupid best friend yoga poses and couple yoga poses just for the hell of it
  • she will initiate hugs. this girl will wrap her arms around you when she gets excited and pick you up. you two also definitely have a secret best friends handshake and it baffles the others because it’s so long
  • you two are both full of spunk and fiery passion and when you set your minds to it, can accomplish anything. during battle ya’ll are the best team
  • she doesn’t enjoy big noisy places either and would much rather take a walk through the woods and discover new things that way. sometimes Frank comes along and the three of you end up playing hide and seek and Frank usually wins because he cheats takes animal form
  • Hazel is there to help you through anything. she’s exceptional at just listening and her touch is soothing to the soul. she knows how bad it can be because of what’s she’s seen in her brother, and therefore she knows just when to take your hand and give it a reassuring squeeze or tell you just how much she appreciates you.
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Phantom thieves x reader

Kinda just a crack fic of everyone playing Uno

It’s truly such a shame murder is illegal- and that the group you’re currently with has every capacity of making you regret such actions, confess, and get your ass thrown in jail for manslaughter. Cause oh by God if these two factors weren’t so feasible, you’d deck Ryuji right here and now for all your worth. A fucking +4 card laid before you, taunting you and the effort you took to cut your hand down to only one card. Giving the blond a scowl you picked up the cards, double checking to see if any of them are yellow (the new designated color).

You could see Akira holding up an okay sign before turning it upside down, laying down a reverse yellow.

Well, just gotta- skip Ryuji then.

You could tell he was one second away from flipping you off if it wasn’t for Mishima grabbing his hand. The kid wasn’t even playing he was just tapping away on his phone, doing something that seemed, to him, far more interesting than joining in on a game with his favorite thieves. Not to mention he was taking full advantage of the snacks Haru brought as he was snatching up cookies between almost every turn. You’d rather be flipped off than have to deal with the incessant tapping of his fingernails. But thanks anyway, Mishima.

Ann changed it to green, Shiho kept it going, Haru +2ed Yusuke (he was only full of cards, never food), Sumire skipped Akechi. Overall is was a plain old game of Uno with the occasional bickering and Akechi’s death threats- which were sometimes very valid, not that you’d ever admit that aloud. It even got to the point that it was so predictable, Akechi and Akira kept winning somehow, that Makoto tapped out in favour of a book and some coffee; though that didn’t stop her from telling Ryuji and Futaba to stop the cussing once every few minutes as if she expected her warnings to actually work.

Overly predictable that is, until Morgana piped up, his little ears perked and if he had the capability, surely a smirk would there as well. “What about we add in some rules?” His cackle was clear as day, but you have to say, that’s where the fun really started.

New rules: whenever a 7 is played, the person who set it down has to switch hands with whoever they want; whenever a 0 is played everyone has to give their hand to the next person in the rotation; you can lay down a card over an exact match even if it’s not your turn (did these sound familiar?).

Though you have to add, it was a good thing Morgana shot down Akira as soon he opened his mouth. Knowing him, Akira would try and make a custom card that would somehow screw over everyone but him- or just Akechi depending on his mood.

So you all continued to play with these new rules.

It was oddly intriguing watching Akira reshuffle the deck as he ran over the rules again just to make everything clear, and soon everyone had a hand of five and a mischievous smile ready to piss off whoever was next in line.

And chaos commenced:

“Sumire, I love you, but I swear the next time you skip me I’m revoking all senpai privlages” Akira growled out, still pissy at losing the game for the first time to someone other than Akechi. Hell, Haru still had that wicked smile clearly on her face even with trying to hide behind her cards- never would have thought she was such a sore winner; and Akira a sore loser to match.

You could hear Ryuji gawfing at Akira’s statement but before he could even make the joke he was barely even managing to choke out you cut him off, flipping him off as a taste of his own medicine. “Privileges?”

Akira’s heavy sigh as he side eyed you, maybe just trying to take a peak of your cards, barely outweighed the flustered glare Sumire was shooting at you. “The one time I’m not making a dirty joke.”

Ann and Shiho had no ability to be sneaky when it came to their very obvious tag teaming. Ann kept holding her deck out that little bit more than necessary and Shiho only ever played a +2 when Ann had something to stack on top of it. Even with this no one said anything cause they somehow managed to rack up twenty cards each. Maybe it was pity, maybe it was being too into the game to care but those two weren’t getting anywhere so what’s the harm.

…Never mind, Morgana called them out after Shiho hit him with a +4.

Ryuji always preferred to cut to the chase, but in this case it was conclusions as he kept calling Akechi and Haru out for having uno when in reality they just kept their cards in a stack rather than fanned out to keep praying eyes off their deck.

Is anyone in this game not trying to cheat? Jesus. Though you did accept a +2 card from Akira so he could lay another one down after to punk Yusuke. So yes, everyone was cheating.

Once everyone’s turns got switched around for say the third time now, you were placed next to Morgana, you were anxiously waiting for him to hit you with a screw over card. And why you may ask? To do this: as one second after a paw somehow managed to lay down a red skip card you were chortling, “are you kitten me?”

You could hear Morgana’s sharp hiss and the audible groans from both Futaba and Makoto at your joke, but that didn’t stop Yusuke giving you a resounding high five as he laughed along with you.

Futaba kept switching out her hand with Akechi’s even when she clearly had other cards to play, cause you all figured out real early Akechi likes to keep his hand organized. So she plays a seven, grabs his cards, shuffles them, and then gives them back her next turn like the little devil she is. Are there even that many sevens in a deck?

Mishima piped up after a bit with all the cookies gone and the cards you’ve been playing with creased, which for some reason are covered in sharpie that has stained all of your hands. “Hey guys there’s been a few new requests since eyou guys started, and it’s been two hours now. Shouldn’t we call it?”

At the question all twelve of you looked at eachother, and then back to Mishima. “No.”

And Sumire hit Akira with another skip card. You could almost hear his silent scream.

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Requested by anon: hihi, i see u write for american horror story? could u write xavier and u cuddling all fluff and cute but he says some dumb but cute idiot shit that ruins the softness? thx

Pairing: Pre Camp!Xavier Plympton x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, tiny bit o mature humor?, short story (sorry!)

Note: This is my first Xavier fic! I thought what he says fit his character well, so after asking a friend, I decided to include it, I hope you like it! 😂


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Taglist: @matth1w​, @redspaceace

Masterlist | (being posted after more Cody fics are posted) Cody Fern Masterlist

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Originally posted by thompsonntessa

  • Being very close to Diego when you were kids
  • The two of you were inseparable, and you were incredibly protective of one another
  • Diego more so of you, just because he’s got such a fiery personality
  • Often being the one who has to stop Diego from starting a fight, and being the only person who can calm him down
  • Not always successfully, though
  • Training together, and Diego always pushing you out of your comfort zone
  • “Diego, I’m tired. If I have to punch the punching bag one more time, my arms might fall off.” “I don’t care. Let’s go another round.”
  • Having similar powers, and having your own signature knives that you through
  • Getting into mini argument whenever one of you steals the other’s knives
  • “You know these are mine!” “Shut up, Diego, I was in a rush!”
  • Growing apart when you start getting older, especially when you all leave the Hargreeves mansion
  • Diego starts going down his own path of vigilantism, but you don’t follow him
  • Not being the greatest at keeping in touch with one another
  • But every now and then, Diego will turn up on your doorstep in need of your help
  • And even though you may lecture him, you always help him no matter what
  • Because you know that when you need him, Diego will always be there for you, too
  • No matter how much time passes with the two of you not seeing each other, when you reunite, it’s like the two of you were never apart
  • Backing each other up when you have family arguments
  • “You’re delusional if you think I’m going to side with you over y/n, Luther.”
  • Always roasting each other to the point where your siblings aren’t sure if you’re joking or genuinely fighting
  • “Jesus, Diego, do you wear any colors other than black? Who’s funeral are you going to?” “Yours.” 

tag list: @egg2k16 / @cnco-babes / @floup-doodles / @batfam16 / @redbullchick / @fangirlsarah16 

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You’re starting to wonder just what you’ve agreed to as the silence in the room starts to become deafening.  You can’t see a thing through the silk scarf Kent has tied expertly around your head and you can’t hear what he’s up to either.  The room feels empty, though, and you’re starting to wonder if he’s left you there to think about what might be coming next on purpose.

There’s a shift in the air around you, subtle but distinct, and you realize that Kent has come back from wherever he’d gone to.  You tense a little as you feel his weight settle on the bed next to you, anticipating his touch.  

When it finally comes a few moments later, you shriek at the bite of something cold on the sensitive skin just below your breast.  You quickly realize it’s an ice cube as you feel Kent slide it down along your sternum, trailing it toward your navel and leaving a thin line of water in its wake.

“W-what are you doing?”

You curse the traitorous waver in your voice as Kent delicately slides the ice cube lower, circling your navel.

“Waking up your nerve endings,” he explains.  “You’ll be begging for mercy by the time I’m through.”

You whimper as he leaves the last sliver of the ice cube to melt in the dip of your navel.  You can feel the water beading and trickling down the side of your belly, tickling just the slightest bit.  You’re quickly distracted from the sensation as Kent touches a fresh ice cube to your skin, picking up where he’d left off and tracing a line down to the apex of your thighs.

“Be a good girl, now; spread your legs for me.”

Your heart skips at the order and you comply slowly.  Your chest heaves with your heavy breathing as the ice cube continues lower.  Your body is so warm that it melts quickly and Kent picks up a third piece, this time touching it to the inside of your thigh.  You can feel goosebumps erupt all over your body and you squirm as the ice cube moves toward your core.  Kent takes his time, drawing out the teasing, retrieving yet another ice cube in the process.

When his touch comes back this time, the cube circles your clit and stars explode behind your eyes from the intensity of the sensation.  You’re so overwhelmed by the sting of the ice that you barely hear him speak.

“Cum for me.”

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