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#reader insert
angrythingstarlight · 2 days ago
May I contribute
Tumblr media
Bookworm! Bucky Barnes or Librarian! Bucky Barnes.
Like this man can open both books and legs.
Like one minute your both arguing over Shakespeare and the next he's having you read smut out loud as he gives you mindblowing orgasm again and again until you can barely make out the words on the page.
Paring: Chubby!Librarian Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 1.8K
Warnings: Smut, Minors DNI, 18+ only and always.
A/N: Don't copy, repost, rewrite or translate. I love likes, comments and reblogs! Written on my phone and unbeta’d
Tumblr media
Normally Bucky is a bit shy and reserved. Content to spend his days among his books, making sure everything is in order in between helping people discover new authors.
Some days you stroll into the library to find him with his soft belly pressed into the counter, one elbow on the marble surface, a book in one hand, his lips parted as he reads.
When he’s really engrossed in a story, a wrinkle forms in the middle of his brows and he tucks his bottom lip between his teeth. His glasses perched atop his head as he squints at the page.
Occasionally his vibranium hand will sweep across the counter, gingerly searching for his cup of coffee or a snack, his eyes never leaving the words on the page.
You only heard him raise his voice once. Someone, a know it all, tried to insult one of his favorite writers and your soft-spoken librarian lost his shit.
It was beautiful.
The way his eyes widen and he spluttered before finding his voice, eloquently arguing his point as his voice deepened until the man backed away. You smiled to yourself, so proud of him. And you giggled behind your book when he immediately reverted to his shy self the second he realized he had a captivated audience.
A crimson blush swept up his neck to his rounded cheeks, his sky-blue eyes flitting to you. He nervously chewed the corner of his lip, debating with himself. Bucky wanted so desperately to speak to you, but he was worried you would think he was brash after his impromptu outburst.
Bucky looked down at his book with a frown, his brows pinched as he studied the cover, it’s not his usual reading material. As much as he loves the world of elves, knights and hobbits, he didn’t think he could impress you with his vast knowledge of the fantasy realms.
So 'how to ask a woman out in five easy steps' it was.
“Who’s the lucky lady?”
Bucky startled, flinging the book on the floor. You both glanced at it and then at each other. His blush deepened, his face getting hotter by the second until he was sure he was going to combust.
“Um, I wasn’t, I can’t read-I mean I can read, of course, I can read,” he huffed, laughing to hide his growing mortification as he tapped the counter, “but I wasn’t reading that,” he finished lamely.
“Whoever she is, I’m sure she’s worth it.” You said wistfully, setting your library card down.
“You are.”
Bucky sharply inhaled, as if he were trying to pull the words back into his mouth. His eyes flicked up, not sure what he was expecting to see, maybe a look of pity or worse disgust.
Instead, your face brightened, and you beamed, giving him a radiant smile so beautiful that it made him dizzy.
Tumblr media
It took a few months but your sweet chubby boyfriend grew more confident around you.
Still sweet and shy as always until you discovered all you had to do was mix up elves and fairies, Roman and Greek mythology or gasp star trek with star wars and he would launch into these passionate tirades.
No, it’s not that you’re wrong Petal, it’s just that Zeus, well...he was nothing like Juno-he explained gingerly bordering between not wanting to hurt your feelings and being appalled by what you just told him-and hold on, hold on, I have a book.
Soon all you had to do was ask him to tell you about his favorite works and he would light up, clutching a book to his chest, his hand waving in the air as he spoke.
You could listen to him for hours, watching his mouth, occasionally breaking his concentration with kisses until his soft lips are swollen and he’s rattled.
Nothing compares to the sensation of him mumbling about a quest to reclaim a kingdom as he slowly melts into your kiss, his eyes fluttering shut as his words trail off into a moan.
Today his handsome face is flushed as he pushes his glasses back, fervently explaining why Langston Hughes doesn’t get enough credit. He’s pacing back and forth around the table as you scroll through your phone hidden in your book.
A particularly spicy scene draws your attention away from your man. Bucky’s rant tapers off to a suspicious hum as he watches you shift in your chair, your thighs clenching together. “Petal?”
You tap the screen trying not to squeal when the main character challenges the alpha.
“I can take it. Please.” You circle your hips, biting your lip when he grunts out a low, gravelly fuck. “Give it to me Alpha.”
You bite your index finger, thinking no you can’t, have you seen the size of his cock girl? You know can’t handle all that-
Bucky places his head on your shoulder. “What did you say?” His incredulous tone making you jump in the seat. Shit, did you say that aloud? Fuck.
“Oh hey Bucky,” you giggle, your face burning, damn it, you can’t let him see this, it’s just porn, you try to close the book over your phone but he places his hand on the page, tilting his chin towards you.
“Can’t handle a big cock, can you, Petal?”
Bucky picks up your phone, his eyes scanning across the page. “Remember, you begged for this,” he reads, his voice lowering, the unmistakable lust in his tone has you so damn wet.
Bucky places his cold vibranium knuckles on your jaw and pushes, just enough to turn your face to his, your lips brushing over his. “Is that what you like Petal?” He hums, his tongue darting across your bottom lip. “You wanna be my good girl?”
Fuck yes you do so badly. Hearing those words on his tongue has you dripping, your clit pulsating, begging for his touch.
“You want me to eat your sweet pussy until you beg me to stop.” He kisses right over your pulse point, fuck it’s getting hard to breathe. He’s not done, his lips ghosting across your ear. “You always taste so fuckin good Petal, you can fuck my face as much as you want.”
You whimper as he bites down on your earlobe. What happened to your sweet boyfriend and how are you so wet. Bucky places your phone on your lap, stepping around you, letting his finger trail across the back of your neck and you shiver, feeling those cold smooth digits go up your jaw until he’s tilting your chin up.
“Gonna split you open on my cock, fuck you so hard you won’t walk straight for days-“ he promises. “But first I want you to do something for me, Petal.”
Tumblr media
“Oh god, please I can’t Bucky,” Your sheets scrunched in your fist as you cry out. “Please, Bucky.”
A deep thrust has you keening, your walls clenching down over his thick cock, sensations clawing up your belly as his swollen tip finds that sweet spot. fuckfuckfuck, that feels so good.
“You’re taking me so well, Petal, being so good for me,” he praises, his soft belly grazing over your back as he thrusts into you. “Keep going pretty girl.”
You rock your hips back, craving more friction, needing just a little more to put you over the edge. Bucky pulls back with a soft tut as you drop your weight your forearms. You want to scream please Bucky, but you know what he wants.
You lift your head, blinking, trying to clear your blurry vision, the words swimming across the screen. “You swear you’re being split into two, ah fuck,” you gasp, his hips snapping faster into your tight pussy, a burst of pleasure has you pounding your fist on the bed.
You have to keep reading, fuck you’re almost there, the coil in your belly forming an almost painful knot as his strokes quicken. It’s hard to concentrate with him fucking you so good, but you know what’s about to happen if you finish and your pussy throbs around him.
You take a deep breath in, “-into two as he moves deeper and deeper,” the words spill out into an incomprehensible jumble.
Bucky places his hands on your waist, lifting his leg on the bed and he slams into you, thrusting so deeply needing you to feel every ridge and vein against your wet velvety walls, wanting you to cum for him. Your back arches as the intense sharp sensations burn across every fiber of your being, the coil shattering with each filthy sloppy grind of his cock into your aching cunt, your loud frantic moans drowning out his that’s it, that’s my girl.
Bucky’s own frenzied grunts echoing in the room, his pace erratic as he chases his high, your warmth squeezing him tighter until he spills inside you, filling you with his thick, hot cum as he praises you for making him feel so good, keep milking my cock, that’s it just like that, fuck you’re so good petal.
You collapse on the bed, arms splayed out, you vaguely hear your phone clattering to the floor as you sigh, soaking in the blissful sensations as your pussy pulsates, the small aftershocks of your orgasm vibrating through you.
Bucky pulls out of you with a wet plop, grinning at his cum seeping out of your puffy cunt. He lies beside you, a sweaty pleased smile on his face, propping his head on his palm.
“How was that Petal?” He asks eagerly, as if he didn’t just fuck your brains out.
You nod, panting heavily through your nose. “Where did that come from?”
Bucky sits up, stretching his arms behind his back. “I saw all those Alpha male books you’ve been hiding from me.”
He chuckles at your shocked squeak, dipping his head to give you a tender, loving kiss. “I may have read one or two and figured why not give my girl what she wants.”
“I’ll be right back,” Bucky smacks your ass, his fingers soothing away the sting before climbing out of bed. Your mouth drops open as you stare at your boyfriend. “Gotta get you cleaned up.”
He saunters to the bathroom, pausing in the doorway. Piercing blue eyes capture yours and your stomach drops from the look he’s giving you. Your heart skips a breath as his lips curl into a mischievous smirk. “Oh and Petal, I may have downloaded some books we can reenact. If you want of course.”
You dive off the bed, snatching your phone off the floor. You fumble through the apps until you find your kindle. And then you see what he bought, oh hell yes, hell fucking yes, you’re so excited you almost throw your phone.
“And Petal,” he starts, waiting for you to look up at him, “I got a few things in my personal collection I can’t wait to show you.”
“More books?” You ask, eyes widening when he shrugs. “Bucky what-what things?”
He winks. “You’ll see.”
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heli0s-writes · 14 days ago
Queen please give us Steve when the reader chokes him while sitting on his face 🙃
a/n: Thank you for sending this in!! Y’all love choking boys, good for u. Bucky’s version. 1k words. please stop reading if you are not 18+
brooklyn after dark masterlist
Tumblr media
Love carves a wild streak in him a mile wide.
Behind closed doors, his respectable poise turns dangerous; he’ll slink over on his knees, crawl up beneath your skirt and get you to sing.
You’re thrilled by it. You’re also a little shit who eggs him on by proclaiming, “Captain America, sir! Fucking you creatively is just fulfilling my civic duty!”
As if Steve isn’t a little shit himself.
He replies, “How ‘bout creatively fucking my face, citizen?”
You blink.
He’s usually very sentimental with oral. Licks you for hours like you’re the last bit of sweetness in the world, savors it long and lazy and delicate. But now he’s looking at you like a predator and your suspicion that the Venn diagram of Sex Acts Steve Rogers Is Interested In and Shit You’ve Seen On Brazzers might end up being one big circle just keeps being proven right.
Well, perfect.
You pat his chin, counting enthusiastic flecks in his eyes. Gorgeous and green and all that mouthwatering darkness slowly simmering behind it.
“What, you want me to sit on this pretty thing?”
“Civic duty and all that. You up for it, sweetheart?”
What an obscene image: Earth’s Mightiest Hero a slobbering and breathless disarray, coming up for air, licking the gloss of your cunt off his lips.
You salute, “Yessiree.”
Steve’s trying to pass out or something. At the very least develop a bruised jaw and a mean cramp for a couple of days.
He’s fastened his grip to your legs, grinding your slit on his swollen lips. He looks up from time to time, grabbing your tits and waist, but for the most part, he’s holding on tightly and making a real goddamn mess.
“You’re fucking delicious, baby.” The color of his cheeks is a stark white briefly as you lift off, then red again when he pulls you back down. “Uh-uh. Gotta have more of you.”
You moan on his velvet tongue at the sloppy sounds he makes, how he strokes himself behind you, turned on by your juices in his throat. He’s always stunning. Eager and devoted to the singular task of lapping at you like a starved man.
Two fingers twist inside before he corkscrews them back and shoves them in his own mouth. He repeats this again and again, like pulling a secret from your body only he’s allowed to enjoy.
“Yes,” he sighs, “Fuck yes. Fuck—mmm—"
You’ve already come once, and your head is still fuzzy with the aftershocks of it, growing fuzzier following the rapid buildup of his insatiable need for more.
You want to flip the script. Reward him, in a way.
You turn around, arch for the right leverage, the right angle.
This position gives you an incredible, uninterrupted view of his chest as it expands on a gasp—his tight abs flexing, his strong thighs rippling with power. And beneath you, his face, that glorious and prodigious mark of history revived as a man like a masterpiece, is currently being used as an object—a plaything— and he loves it.
You bear down, make him grunt.
“Steve,” you prompt, “I’m gonna put my hands around your neck. Tap me three times if it’s too much.”
His only reply is a sharp slap to your ass that makes you yelp—his signal for try me. Great. If he wants you to break his neck, fine. He heals fast anyway. You take your hands to his throat and wrap your fingers around as much as possible.
Steve’s muscles constrict, cock flexing with new arousal. You do it again and the sound he makes vibrates all the way up to your scalp.
He strains against your hold, pelvis thrusting into empty air as he makes a quick and keening noise. You release his trachea and Steve inhales a strangled breath, muffles a loud fuck! into the meat of your ass.
Excited, you tilt back and forth, ride his tongue, getting the suction of his mouth right, squeezing another warning when he moves away from it. You press a smidge harder, feeling the errant quiver of his Adam’s apple on your lifeline, thumping against your pulse.
Brazzers, eat your goddamn heart out. Captain America used like a fuckdoll out of his own volition. Getting choked while he works to come all over himself.
Right on cue, his fist returns to his groin, stroking himself— chasing the thrill of being restrained. He whimpers like a defenseless kitten— jerks off as a downright horny, nasty man. Two conflicts stoking the desperate burning in his lungs.
His forearm and bicep are bulging, knuckles pale, thumb repeatedly and expertly slipping over his swollen purple cockhead. His other hand cups around his sac, tugging and rolling the sensitive skin.
It’s fucking hot, seeing him turned on, playing at weakness, trusting you. You watch him edge closer each time his shaft drives out of his fist. His mouth is causing a racket with how he sucks and slurps. His breath is hot, puffing out in short, frantic pants. He’s nearly there, toes curling, thighs enormous and stiff—and then— with both his hands on his cock—two more twists and a full-body shudder that you’ll commit to memory for a long time.
He spills all over himself, impressive lines landing nearly up to his blushing chest. He stutters, ah—shit—fuck, mmmfff-- ah-ah, baby—and goes slack.
“That was…” he mutters, dazed, and loses his train of thought. His wet hair is splattered on his forehead and he’s gulping air like he’s trying to make up for what you smothered from him. “We gotta do that again.”
“Maybe,” you say back, pulling yourself off and next to him, kissing his pink nose and cheek, giggling when it smells like fresh pussy, “But there’s lots of other stuff to do, honey.”
His face lights up, giddy like a kid with a bag of new toys.
“I can slap you…” you suggest. “Get inside you. Fuck you like a girl.” And from the corner of your eye, you can see the subtle twitch of his cock, interested in your proposition.
“Y-yeah?” He swallows thickly, “You think so?”
You dip a finger into the sticky mess of his come pooled at the creases of his abs and smear it up. “Yep.” You pop the p and Steve’s eyes roll back, another grin pulling his face open.
His wild streak is a mile wide already, but you can’t wait to carve another.
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thot-writes · 7 days ago
i’m IN A HAIKYUU MOOD BABY so guess what? BED SHARING. and some pining sprinkled in for taste. *chefs kiss*
Tumblr media
what the boys do when there’s only one bed!! — haikyuu!! edition;
Tumblr media
Tobio Kageyama;
someone get an ambulance for this poor boy because he is skraight up having a heart attack right now.
bed? share a bed? with you? a girl? he, a boy? and you, a girl? and this, a bed? you? girl? help him.
he immediately offers to take the floor. you argue saying that it’s just sharing a bed and you can sleep back-to-back, but he’s far too flustered.
he even criticises you for being so willing to get into bed with a man and says you should be more careful.
“Or what? You’ll jump me?” you tease. “Little virgin Kageyama suddenly knows how to approach women?”
his face turns beet red. “I-I’m still a man! And don’t call me a v-virgin!”
“You are though, right?”
he almost says ‘yes’ but he shakes his head and squeaks out, “That’s besides the point!”
he ends up trying to sleep on the floor, but he can’t manage it. he tosses and turns so much you can’t even get some shut-eye.
“Kageyama,” you call out into the darkness. “Just get in already, I’m tired. You are too right?”
he is, and he can no longer resist the siren’s call of soft sheets and blankets. he hesitantly slides into bed beside you, trying to leave as much space between you as possible but he’s practically falling off the mattress.
you roll your eyes and tug him closer and he yelps. your bodies are pressed flush together, he can feel every curve and contour of you, and it makes his heart beat out of control.
it’s too comfortable, and he’s far too tired. instead of arguing some more he simply gives in and falls asleep.
he wakes in the morning with you spooning him, and his body jolts awake. despite his shock, you’ve got a good grip on him and he doesn’t want to disturb you, so he stays as still as his jittery body will allow.
the feeling of you pressed against his ass... shit, he’s definitely got a hard-on right now. but what can he do?! it’s still early, you’re not getting up for another half hour!
in the end he simply lays there, eyes wide and staring at the clock as he waits for you to get up.
when you do, he feels a little disappointed at your absence— then he slaps himself mentally for thinking that.
you don’t even bring up the fact that you were spooning him the whole night, you just ask if he wants to shower first.
he leaps from the bed with utmost urgency and runs to the bathroom. his shower is ice cold to take care of the situation down there.
oh yeah. he’s been in denial about it for some time, but this has just made it clear — he’s got it for you bad.
Kenma Kozume;
oh boy, he’s way too shy for this. what kind of cruel god inflicted this upon him? he can’t even look at the bed.
he wants to offer it to you, but his voice no longer works. you see his eyes darting to you, then to the floor, back to you, and to his phone. he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do!
you shrug your shoulders casually. “Guess we’re sharing, huh?”
he purses his lips and keeps his shocked gaze to the floor. “S-sharing... the bed..?”
“What else? You don’t mind, right?”
I’ll take the floor, he wants to say. We probably shouldn’t. I’ll go see if there’s another room available.
all good answers, but none that he can vocalise. he opens his mouth but closes it again.
you take his silence as a yes and set off for your shower. he stands there in awed silence.
when you’re both clean and in your pyjamas you settle into bed, patting the empty space at your side and beckoning him in.
now he feels too awkward to say no, so he climbs in next to you. his blush spreads all the way to his ears, and he can’t even look at you anymore.
his heart beat is so loud he’s sure you can hear it, but if you do you don’t say anything.
“Hey, Kenma,” you start. he stiffens. “This blanket is kind of thin, could we cuddle?”
right. he remembers that you get cold easily. it was hard to tell because his body feels so hot, but you’re actually shivering right next to him.
he’s so nervous... he doesn’t want to say no because you’re his friend and he wants you to feel comfortable, but even so... he’s never held hands with a girl before much less cuddled with one.
he nods and shuffles closer to you. you wrap your arms around him and sigh into his hair. “You’re so warm, I should bring you with me everywhere.”
you tuck his head into your chest and hold him close. his blush only deepens further, his heart hammering against his ribs. he attempts to calm himself down by listening to your steady heartbeat — how can you be so calm? is he just weird?
his thoughts are interrupted as you absentmindedly stroke his hair and it eventually lulls him into a deep slumber.
that night he has the best sleep he’s had in years.
Keiji Akaashi;
“Ah. There’s only one bed,” he notes monotonously. “I’ll go see if there are any other rooms.”
he goes to the front desk and explains the situation, but all the receptionist can do is apologise for the mix-up and says there are no more rooms available. he instead asks for extra blankets and pillows to be sent up.
he sets up a makeshift bed on the floor in the hotel room, and it actually ends up looking comfier than the actual bed.
as you settle in for the night, you look at Keiji with longing. you want to sleep there, it looks amazing. this stupid bed is lame and boring and you hate it — you wanna sleep on the floor too!
he eventually notices you and asks, “You’re staring at me. What are you thinking about?”
“That bed you made looks really comfy...”
“Ah,” he hums, looking down in thought. he likes it too... he doesn’t really wanna swap. “Then... do you want to share?”
he regrets those words when they leave his mouth. he shouldn’t have asked that, it’s too suggestive or disrespectful or something. you’ll probably hate him now.
he looks back up and realises he needn’t have been worried. you’re already clambering out of your bed and crawling into his. he finds himself blushing at your eagerness.
your eyes didn’t deceive you, the bed is divine. how is keiji always so perfect at everything he does? it pisses you off!
you lay face-to-face as you talk aimlessly about your days. keiji is grateful for the darkness, since it covers up his red cheeks.
neither of you remember when or how it happens, but you fall asleep in the same position you were laying in.
except, when morning comes, keiji finds that you’ve moved closer to each other and are holding hands.
he takes a moment to look at your interlocked fingers, your hand on top of his, then he gazes at your sleeping face. your lashes cast a small shadow on your cheeks, your lips are slightly parted as you breathe slow languid breaths. he’s blushing again, he can tell.
you’re so beautiful, he can’t help it. any man would blush having someone like you so close to them.
but there’s still some time before you have to get up, so he allows himself a small smile. he squeezes your hand (and to his surprise you squeeze back) and drifts off to sleep again.
Hajime Iwaizumi;
Hajime drinks respect women juice for breakfast, so when he sees there’s only one bed he instantly reassures you that he’ll sleep on the floor.
you two... kind of have a bit of a thing going on. you flirt with him a lot and he’s into it, but your feelings for each other are unclear. you probably like each other but... you haven’t talked about it.
“Come on Iwa-chan.” he cringes at the nickname, it reminds him of shitty Oikawa. “There’s nothing wrong with two friends sharing a bed, right? Don’t sleep on the floor, it’ll hurt your back.”
“You’re way too laidback about these sorts of things,” he sighs. “Shouldn’t you be more cautious? I’m a man, after all.”
you shake your head and smile. “Yes, yes, I know. Traditional Japanese values and all that. But those kinds of things never mattered to me, what’s the point in one of us being uncomfortable just to appease some stupid standard?”
he sighs again. you were always a progressive. not that that’s a bad thing, in fact he liked it— he agreed with you on many subjects. even still, he was raised this way, it’s not something he can so readily unlearn.
eventually he relents to your pestering, and after you’ve both bathed and eaten you tuck into bed.
hajime is stiff as a board. he has no idea what to do and is once again amazed at your lack of caring.
“Dude relax,” you tell him. “We used to share beds all the time when we were kids. Just picture that.”
“That’s different...” he argues weakly. “We’re grown up now, it’s weird.”
“You’re weird.”
“You’re weird!”
you bicker back and forth for a while, and Hajime doesn’t even notice that he’s completely relaxed now. being with you just feels natural.
you fall asleep facing his back, but by morning you’re lying on your back and his head is on your chest. it’s a position you often slept in as kids — since you’re two years older than him you always had to be his “protector”.
he’s even holding your hand like he used to back then, how cute!
you let out a lethargic chuckle and tousle his hair. he groans sleepily and says, “Five more minutes...”
he clearly doesn’t know what position he’s in.
“Alright, five more minutes,” you answer, pulling his warm body closer into yours.
Tetsuro Kuroo;
he’s a little less of a gentleman than the others, so instead of offering you the bed he votes to play rock paper scissors for it.
he wins, but seeing you on the floor made him feel too guilty. he changes his mind and offers you the bed, but you refuse.
“Why don’t we just share it?” you ask.
he looks at you in surprise, a faint pink on his cheeks. “E-eh?” he smoothly clears his throat. “I mean sure, why not? I never knew you could be so bold... you’ll make me blush.”
“I think I just did,” you point out.
he clears his throat again, louder this time. he’s practically coughing. “Uh! You were probably just imagining things.”
he shuffles over and you hop in beside him. sleep eludes you for some time yet, so you stay awake and talk. Tetsuro is actually a huge gossip, which you love. he trash-talks various people he’s interacted with recently and you chime in with dirt of your own.
“Why are we the only two sane people around?” you shake your head. you’re only half-joking.
“I don’t know, but we kind of are,” he agrees with a laugh.
you eventually fall asleep with your back against his, but Tetsuro struggles further.
truthfully, he’s been pining for you for months now. he can’t tell you— he’s tried multiple times but he always chickens out. he clings to the fabric on the front of his shirt, balling it into his fist and trying to still his beating heart.
you’re so close... he can feel your body, he can hear you breathing. he’s so in love with you he can’t stand it. he’s glad you can’t see his face right now because you’d surely make fun of him for blushing so hard. he can hear it now.
“Aww, big boy Tetsu getting all flustered over me?” is what you’d probably say. “Sooo cute.”
he blinks hard when he realises he just got a boner from thinking that. shit! why does he always get turned on when he thinks about you teasing him?
he refuses to touch himself while in a hotel room with you; he’s not a gentleman but that’s just a whole other level. instead he manages to will it away by thinking unsexy thoughts. it’s unpleasant, but it works.
before he knows it, morning comes. and he hasn’t slept a wink.
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angrythingstarlight · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
A beefy!Bucky happy trail.
That’s it.
That’s the post.
Tumblr media
I did not ask to be attacked on this Sinday. In my house. In front of my innocent followers. Also.....NSFW thoughts below. But soft NSFW.
Rain patters against the window, creating a soft steady drum that fills the peaceful, hushed room.
All you hear is his heartbeat under your ear, his warm skin on your cheek, your hand tracing along the firm planes of his stomach. You know each scar and mole on his body, a story written on his skin, your own personal map of Bucky.
It’s been hours of the two you wrapped around each other. You never want to leave this bed, the soft linen sheets tangled around his waist, your own bare legs stretched out next to him. You giggle when you realize that he’s snagged every sheet. Again.
Bucky is a blanket hog-no matter how many duvets and sheets you layer on at night, they all end up around him-you don’t complain, he’s warm enough to make up for it.
Any protest about you needing just one sheet Bucky withering away when he draws you into his side tucking you right under his bearded chin, a heavy warm arm draped over your waist, his deep voice in your ear, all sleepy and disoriented, mumbling that you’re just too far away, bunny, c’mere, I’m cold without ya.
Today has been one of those rare lazy days. No missions, no work, no phones, you turned off them before anyone could call. No need to make excuses for why you wanna stay in, you can save that for tomorrow. Sorry Sam, no brunch today, no Scott, you can’t borrow Bucky’s arm for Cassie’s show and tell.
The rain continues to drum on the rooftop; the skies fading to cloudy azure blues and grays, the light in the room dimming, as you continue to trace your finger up and down his belly. Across the soft tawny hair trailing to his growing bulge that’s not quite hidden by the heap of sheets gathered around his legs.
The pads of your fingers find the vein running down his stomach and you press softly, grazing it with the edge of your nail. His quiet hiss draws your eyes up, past his heaving flushed chest to his face.
Bucky is giving you that look. The one that sends you spiraling headfirst into the abyss, the one that will have you agreeing to do anything if he just keeps looking at you like that.
He’s gazing at you, love and adoration darkening his blue eyes. He always says you’re the prettiest girl he’s ever seen.
And when his blue eyes settle on your face, his breath shuddering and he stares at you, enraptured as if he could fall to his knees and worship the ground you walk on.
When he can’t keep his hands off of you for more than a minute, when he seeks you out in a room full of people, drawn to your smile, your eyes, your laugh.
When he tilts your chin up, just to get a closer look and maybe sneak a kiss or two....well you have to believe him. How can you argue with that?
“Whatchu thinkin’ about Bunny,” he enquires, voice rough, gravelly breaking the silence, his hand drifting over the small of your back. You shiver at the feel of his calloused fingers on your skin.
Pursing your lips, your playful eyes flit between his relaxed face and the tent between his legs. “You.”
A grin stretches across his face, his bearded cheeks creasing as it widens until the corners of his eyes crinkle. You trace the vein down, down, down, unhurried, hearing the small hitch in his breath as you push your hand under the sheets, keeping you from him.
Flicking them away, you lick your lips at the sight of him. Hard and throbbing, a long vein making its way to the red, swollen tip. You draw your thumb across his head, smearing drops of precum down his shaft with a twist of your wrist.
Bucky chokes out your name when you do it again, his cock twitching under your light touch. Glancing back up at him, his blue eyes nearly black with lust and need, his lips parted as he takes a deep breath in.
You preen, your giant super-soldier coming undone at your touch is well-it’s intoxicating especially when you make him groan, his hips lifting off the bed as you stroke him.
“Thinking about how much I want you inside me, stretching me until I can’t take anymore,” you confess.
“Hold on, hold on,” Bucky reaches down, his fingers closing around your wrist. “That feels too good,” he chuckles, needing you to stop because if you keep touching him the way you are, this is going to be over before he can take care of you the way you deserve.
And Bucky never lets you down.
“Get on top and use me, bunny,” he states, his hands folding behind his head. "If you can handle all this," he jokes.
You narrow your eyes at him. You can handle him, maybe. Damn, he's big. The last time he pinned you down and fucked you swore he was in your chest, unable to even scream as he pounded you. You may have passed out. Yeah, you can handle him.
You swing your leg over his large thigh, grabbing his shaft with one hand, bracing yourself as you ease down his thick cock. “Oh fuck,” you gasp, feeling the slight burn as you take him in, your silken walls stretching around him.
It always takes a minute to get used to him, each inch makes you feel so full, soft mewls slip past your lips as he disappears inside you. Slapping your hands on his chest, you drop your head, breathing through your nose. He’s so deep, so deep, all you can feel is him.
Bucky smooths his hands up your thighs, massaging small circles with his thumbs, “take your time sweet girl, doing so good,” he praises.
You circle your hips, nails clawing at his chest at the first burst of sensations. He lets you set the pace, a slow steady rhythm that builds until you’re bouncing on him, your tits sway in front of his face, his hands running up and down and your thighs as he continues to praise you for taking him so well, fuck you feel so good bunny, you’re so tight bunny, you feel so soft, so good, that’s my girl.
Your legs burn, muscles shaking as you chase your high, you slip forward, your hands sliding up to his shoulders. You’re so close, but you can’t move fast enough, tears prick your eyes as you try. “Bucky please’-” you cry out.
“You need me, don’t you, Bunny?” he murmurs.
Bucky sits up, pulling you into his chest, your nipples brushing over his sweat-laced skin with each frantic roll of your hips. You place your hands on his back, biting down on his shoulder. All you can think is how good you feel, so good, drowning in pleasure as you let him take control. His massive arms wrap around your body as he meets your thrusts, pounding up into your fluttering walls, the bed shaking and creaking.
“Bucky, fuck, oh fuck yes right there, right-oh fuck,” you rasp out, a bead of sweat rolling your spine.
Bucky sweeps his lips across your shoulder, peppering kissing along your neck, nipping and sucking bruises on your throat, you’ll proudly wear his marks for days his steady deep pace making you cry out. His name slurred on your tongue as the spring gets tighter and tighter.
Bucky wrenches your head back, biting your throat until you whimper his tongue soothing the small marks left behind. His feral eyes roaming over your pretty face with pride. He’s not going to stop until he sees you fall apart.
“I got you, bunny. Let go for me, go on, I got you,” he grunts, his lips slotting over yours. His grip tightens when a deep thrust hits your sweet spot so hard your body goes rigid.
“There you go, cum for me, cum for me,” he chants, his needy words muffled as he deepens the kiss, the feel of his wet tongue gliding past your parted lips drives you over the edge.
You keen, a high thin sound that makes Bucky smirk, your slick walls clenching over his cock, greedily pulling him back. Your hips jerking rapidly over him as your orgasm hits you, the tight spring coiling in your belly shatters.
Bucky groans in your ear, clutching you to his warm body as he pounds into your spasming cunt. It’s too much, yet you want more, the potent pressure building again. His face buried in your neck as his thrusts become erratic, warmth spreading in your pussy as he cums, his fingers rubbing your clit, “one more, bunny, need ya to cum one more time, “breathed into your skin until you wantonly sob, your body trembling as another weaker orgasm washes you over.
“Good girl,” he pants, lifting his head up, his lips moving over your jaw. More soft kisses peppered along your skin, his mouth slotting over yours passionately, languidly until you’re dizzy.
Breaking the kiss with a pleased sigh, he leans back on the sheets, keeping you flush against him, arranging your limp body over his.
“Let’s stay like this,” he hums when you sit up. “I’ll get you cleaned up and fed in a minute, just wanna feel you wrapped around me, bunny.”
You can do that. All night if he wants.
You smile, laying back on his chest, you card your fingers through his damp hair. The sounds of the rain pelting on the rooftop fading away as you listen to his deep voice telling you how much he loves you.
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noteguk · 18 days ago
white lies | jjk | m
— summary; in which Jungkook lies his way out of and into trouble. But he can’t tell white lies when it comes to you. 
— contents and warnings; smut, fluff, very minor angst, poor attempts at humor, athlete!jungkook x reader, childhood best friends, fake dating, idiots to lovers, far too many movie references, a tiny bit of jealousy, jk is a football/soccer player, mentions of alcohol and drugs, the catastrophic event that is a frat party, jk is kind of a himbo, so much sexual tension, mutual pining, a lot of touching, dirty talk, fingering, grinding, jk has a big dick, praise, body worship if you squint, unprotected sex (don’t.), pulling out, very mild possessiveness, mid-sex confessions, the L word…, Jungkook wants to fuck you in his team jacket because his tastes are very singular and you wouldn’t understand it 
— words; 13,3k
— author’s notes; I know what you’re thinking… and yes, every bad movie mentioned is real. Also, this is a self-aware cliche and 100% self indulgent. Have fun!
Tumblr media
When people first found out that you and Jungkook were friends, you received a very predictable, repetitive sequence of reactions.
First came disbelief. It was the most comprehensible one, at least from your perspective, taking into consideration that you and Jungkook were completely different people. He was loud (sometimes too loud) and outgoing, probably knew at least ninety percent of the campus population by name and city of origin. Jungkook was warm, friendly, the type of guy that you’d confess all your worries to if given enough time. You, on the other hand, was more on the “colder” side — you weren’t as inviting with strangers, and didn't mind going through moments of awkward silence. Jungkook was a talker and you were a listener; he was a daydreamer and you were a brute realist: maybe that was why your friendship worked so well. But most people couldn’t really get it. 
Second came the questions — the doubts, the sideway glances, even a few bitter comments if you were unlucky enough. Jungkook had kind of a reputation when it came to sleeping around, so most people jumped to the conclusion that either you were his favorite plaything (which might have been the most offensive thing you’ve ever heard) or that you were simply the rare one he had friendzoned because he didn’t want to fuck you (a big runner-up to that prize). Eventually, though, you settled their anguishes simply by saying that you knew each other ever since you were kids. 
Which took you to the final phase: relief and acceptance. The ones who saw you as a threat instantly relaxed, and the ones who couldn’t understand why he would “waste his time” with “someone like you” quickly understood that it was a deep, innocent connection that he was just “too sweet to let go.” Obviously, that didn’t make you feel any better. 
Truth was, it was kind of hard being friends with Jungkook. Mostly because the boy casted a light so strong that it was almost impossible not to stay in his shadow, but also because you always felt like you had to justify your existence every time he chose you instead of anyone else. You were the person he ran to hug once his team won; you were the one he ditched other people for, just to hang out with you. It made you insecure. And, yeah, there was also the fact that you had been madly in love with him for some time now, but that was unimportant. 
Well, until he asked you to be his (fake) girlfriend, that was. 
Jungkook, bless his heart, was never one of the brightest when it came to real-life situations. He could ace a test with no issue, but, when it came to reading the room, he was a lost cause — something a bit paradoxical when you realized how social he was, but, well, people probably thought his cluelessness was adorable. And that might also be the reason why he never caught onto your pathetic crush, but that was a different topic. 
“Why the fuck would I do something like that?” You munched on your chips, eyes flickering over the TV screen. The two of you had made the terrible decision to hatewatch all the bad shark-themed movies you could find, and now you were suffering the brain-smoothing consequences. “Sounds like the dumbest plan in the world. And I don’t understand what you’d get out of that.” 
He whined, throwing his head back against the couch. Jungkook had been trying to convince you for half a movie now, and he was running out of arguments. “I told you already,” he stressed, eyes locked to the white ceiling. With the living room completely immersed in shadows, the shades of blue and yellow from the television reflected off his face like a prism. “The boys have been teasing me because I could never hold a date.” 
“And? That’s your problem.” You looked at him, meeting his desperate stare. “And, honestly, why did you even lie about it? It’s true, you know it.” 
“You’re cruel.” Jungkook tugged the bag of chips off your hands, ignoring your complaints. “I have my reasons.” 
You laughed. “Yeah, what is it again? Waiting for the right person?” You teased, watching as his frown only deepened, his cheeks puffed out as he angrily chewed. “Come on, Cinderella, snap out of that fairy tale. Have you stopped to think how many nice girls you let go because of that stupid mindset?”
“It’s not stupid,” he murmured, clearly irritated. 
With a sigh, you shrugged. “Fine. It’s not.” You yanked the bag of chips away from him, slightly sad that it was almost finished. Unfortunately, your marathon had made you eat a lot more junk food than your body could probably handle, but that was a problem for the future you. Present you really wanted more chips. “I’m just bitter.” 
“We can agree on that.” He smirked, a devilish glint in his eyes that prepared you for the worst. “What was it that those guys called you in high school?”
You pointed at him. “Don’t,” you warned. 
But his smirk only grew, morphing into a full-blown (dazzling) smile. “Ice queen?” Jungkook tried. 
You rolled your eyes, sinking into the couch. “It’s a dumb nickname, shut up,” you groaned, trying to focus on the shitstorm that unreveled on the television. There was a priest trying to exorcise the ghost of a demon shark, and that was a thousand times more interesting than recalling the nightmare that was high school. “It got even worse when Frozen came out.” 
“Still gets to you, though.” Jungkook poked you on the shoulder, allowing himself one last laugh at your distress before striking once again. “So… wanna help me?” 
Yeah, like that would have magically changed, you thought. “I already said no.”
Jungkook leaned forward, pressing his forehead against his palms. He was in anguish, but you couldn’t feel that sorry when he had caused that himself. “But I already told them we were dating,” he whined, defeated. 
“Again, sounds like a you problem,” you said, throwing the empty bag of chips on the coffee table. “Just say that you panicked and made some shit up. Own up to it, you’re already a grown up.” 
Jungkook shook his head. “I can’t, they’ll never believe me again.” 
You sighed, crossing your arms. “Dragging this out won’t make it any better. You should tell them the truth,” you said, pausing for an instant. “Actually, I can’t see this ending well in, like, any possible scenario. Even Doctor Strange had better odds in Infinity War.” 
The fact that you liked Jungkook was the key point that he didn’t have access to, but that was very clear inside your head. Even in the best possible outcome, in which no one doubted a single thing and everything magically went back to normal, you’d still have to live with that weight inside your chest. Sounds pretty fucking painful to pretend to be someone’s girlfriend when you were almost considering selling your soul to turn that into a real situation. And then to be done with it like it wasn’t nothing more than a business transaction, or a platonic favor for a good friend... that would just suck, to put it lightly. 
Sadly, Jungkook wouldn’t give up so easily. “What if we, like, only do it tomorrow night?” He pressed on, turning to take a better look at you. He always looked so breathtaking, his gorgeous big eyes just staring at you like a cute dog pleading for a piece of meat. You could sense yourself starting to fold, and that was always a bad sign. “Just for a few of my friends to see us together, show that it’s the truth, and then I can just say that we didn’t work out and decided to stay friends.” 
“But it’s not the truth,” you stressed, turning your head back to the television. You were starting to get pissed at the fact that you’d have to watch that movie again to try and make sense of what was happening. But you were also sad because you were both considering his request and suffering in advance because of its unavoidable consequences. “I don’t wanna be just another name in your list of conquests, Jungkook.”
Correction: you didn’t want to pretend to be one. You were fine with trying something out (for real) with Jungkook, even if you didn’t get a fairy tale ending. You just didn’t want to play with your own emotions — and probably induce some emotional trauma — because your best friend couldn’t own up to the fact that he lied about something (again). 
And, yet, it was getting to you. Just like a vipers’ venom, it had started to spread inside your body, corroding the walls you had built up for yourself. Your therapist would rip you to shreds if she knew you were thinking like that, but maybe ignoring the only chance you’d have with Jungkook — real or not — would be the foolish decision there. 
Besides, it couldn’t be that bad, could it? You could push your pride aside and help a friend during a time of need… and who knows, maybe get a couple kisses along the way? And just for one night? You could do that… 
Back in the present, Jungkook was just now digesting your previous claim. “What? You’d never be just that,” he guaranteed, an expression of bewilderment plastered all over his obnoxiously handsome face. Every day was a new test from God, and you were failing miserably. “You’re my best friend. I’d do anything for you.” 
Ouch. That was a low hit. And worse? You knew that he didn’t say that with any malicious intent to manipulate you or anything — he genuinely meant it. Jungkook was such a sweetheart when it came to you, he’d stay up to help you with your projects; volunteer to take you out on an adventure when you were feeling down, even if he had to face the consequences of skipping practice later. He had done so much for you, and you couldn’t even push your feelings aside one time to help him out. 
Your high school insecurities were starting to erupt, and you were thinking that maybe those dumb nicknames were right. Maybe you were kind of a cold-hearted bitch. Especially when your best friend/love of your life was pouting and begging you to help him and all you could do was to mock him. 
Beside you, Jungkook deflated like the saddest balloon in the world, a long sigh leaving his lips. “You know what? You’re right, this is stupid,” he admitted, running one hand through his hair. You always wanted to do the same, it was so soft and puffy that you could get lost in it. Also, there was something about the tattoos on his arms, the veins of his hand, that just made you lose your mind. “I should just own up to it.” 
Took you a couple seconds for your rational brain to catch up to your horny one, but it eventually did. “It’s okay, I’ll do it,” you told him. “Just one night.”
“Really?” Jungkook’s eyes widened like a kid’s during Christmas morning, a beautiful smile overtaking his features. He jumped in your direction and, before you could even react, his strong arms were wrapping around you, pulling you into a warm hug. You were so fucked. “You’re the best! I owe you big time.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll remember that.” You placed your hand on his forehead and pushed him away, ignoring both his whiny complaints and the quickening of your heartbeat. “Now back to our shark exorcism.” 
Jungkook’s teammates didn’t get why the two of you were still friends. 
As Jimin, the world’s most competitive striker once said, some things are so obvious that you just can’t ignore them unless you have a secret agenda. When it came to that specific subject, the obvious thing would be that Jungkook had an earth-shattering crush on you, and his secret agenda was the fact that he was too blind to see that it was mutual, so he decided to repress it until it asphyxiated him. 
His teammates tried to warn him over and over again that you, in fact, were all heart eyes and chuckles when he came around, Namjoon even got close to creating an entire PowerPoint presentation about it, but all of it fell on deaf ears. Jungkook, in his blissful ignorance, just wouldn’t hear it. From where he was standing, there was just no conceivable way that his laughable childhood crush had any chance of being mutual. 
Jungkook didn’t know much about psychology, though, because, if he did, he might have faced those emotions head-first instead of avoiding them until they started presenting themselves in different, slightly destructive ways. When you repress something, it doesn’t really go away, it just settles somewhere else, like squeezing a handful of slime. No matter how much he tried to get a hold of it, it still slipped between his fingers — made him cancel dates last minute to spend the night with you, convinced him to do the dumbest things just to make you happy. 
And, now, in a weird projection of a personal fantasy, he was pretending to be your boyfriend. 
In his defense, it wasn’t a machiavellian plan he had meticulously constructed: it just kind of happened. Jungkook wasn’t exactly a poster child when it came to being teased — after all, he was used to be being the best at practically everything — and, when his teammates all ganged up on him during their break, claiming that he just couldn’t get a girlfriend even if he tried, both his annoyance and the practice-induced exhaustion made him say that he was already dating someone. 
“Yeah, right,” Hoseok had mocked, pressing a towel against his sweaty forehead. The changing room thankfully had a great ventilation system, combined with large windows, otherwise they would’ve died from the heat and the smell already. “Just say that you can’t take a joke and move on, Jeon. No need to lie about it.” 
Taehyung barged in before Jungkook could get a word out. “Besides, we know there’s only one person that can fit inside your heart,” he said, watching as Jungkook’s eye twitched. “How’s ___ doing, by the way?” 
“She’s fine,” he answered, monotone. 
“Yeah? Are you gonna ask her out or what?” Jimin teased, his voice coming from beyond a row of lockers. “Or are we free to do that?” 
In typical animal planet fashion, the locker room exploded in a roar of laughs and fragmented provocations, every guy trying to speak louder than the other. Jungkook felt himself shrink, his frown deepening as his heartbeat quickened. There was something burning at his insides, a mixture of shame and jealousy, and that was exactly what pushed those idiotic words out of his mouth. 
“Actually,” he started speaking when the thunderous laughter diminished, turning around to place his bag back in his locker. “I’m dating ___.” 
It was almost amazing how fast the room morphed into a crypt — the thick silence hitting Jungkook right in the face, weighing down and turning into guilt and worry inside his stomach. He was unable to look back and face his friends, instead pretending to be extremely interested in his bag’s zipper. 
Why did he always do that? Why couldn’t he tell the truth for once in his life? 
“That seems even harder to believe,” Taehyung was the first one to speak, the one brave soul that verbalized what they all were thinking. Simply as that, life returned to the locker room, and so did the sounds of his teammates laughing at him. “Just yesterday you were acting all nervous around her.” 
Jungkook slammed his locker door shut, turning around with a determined expression. “Well, yeah, because I was planning to ask her to be my girlfriend,” he had never constructed a lie so fast before, but, even then, Taehyung didn’t look like he was buying it. “I’m serious.” 
Which was probably the least trust-worthy thing he could say. 
“Prove it, then.” Hoseok smiled, crossing his arms. “Call her right now.”
“I’ll do you better,” Jungkook didn’t hesitate — a terrible sign, he realized one heartbeat too late; it was never good when his mouth decided to take the lead, allowing for the words to flow out of him before they could be filtered by his logical brain. But Jungkook was competitive, both in the field and in his personal life, and he couldn’t stand the humiliation that came from both losing an argument and being caught in a lie. As ironic as that was. “I’ll take her to Saturday’s party and you can all see it with your own eyes.” 
Jungkook was just buying himself some time, hoping that his charms would be enough to sweep you into his miraculous scheme before his teammates could realize something was off. Hoseok, of course, did not know that, but his expression showed that he wasn’t all too convinced either. “Sounds great,” he lowered his voice, looking at his friend up and down. “See you there, Jeon.” 
Jungkook left the locker room with a crown of victory hovering over his head and a bright, prideful smile — one which shrunk and shrunk as his day progressed and he realized that there was no way in hell that you’d accept to be swept into his personal melodrama. 
He had enough time between that conversation and the night at your place to go through all the stages of grief. In denial he found himself running from those cyclical thoughts, ignoring that it had happened in the first place — maybe it was all a big misunderstanding and his friends would let that situation go; maybe he didn’t have to sacrifice his friendship with you just to avoid being wrong about something. In anger, came anxiety, frustration at himself for being so dumb and impulsive, allowing for his ego to step in the way and shield him from reason. That one he suffocated with extra gym time and a consequential terrible cramp in his shoulder. 
Soon enough came bargain and Jungkook was thinking that, if he were to be very lucky, he could convince his friends that you happened to be way too sick to go to the party that night, and that, weirdly enough, you two broke up the very next day and you didn’t want to talk about it ever. Maybe he could go through all that in secret, use all his brain power to construct an elaborate, moviesque plan to get him out of the ditch he had dug himself and no one would ever know of his dirty lies. 
It was all for nothing, however — the depression stage materialized soon after, in the middle of his advanced calculus class, and Jungkook was practically imploding over the fact that he had managed to ruin everything between you two, and also between him and the rest of his team. That was it: not only would he lose his best friend (and perhaps the love of his life) but he would also lose trust and respect in the field. 
Acceptance only reached him when Jungkook was on his way to your place, and he came to terms with the idea that he was already in deep shit, so he should at least try and change that. He would ask you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a bit — even if he was positive you’d laugh until you were out of breath and never let him forget about it — under the possibility that perhaps, you’d say yes. 
Which, surprisingly, you did. 
Now, Jungkook wasn’t particularly emotional when it came to most things — even in the field, he managed to control that side of him well — but there was something intense bubbling up in his stomach as he made his way back to his dorm after the movie was over; a laugh that hung somewhere between maniacal and desperate that he couldn’t hold back. That could be bad, really bad. Especially considering that he didn’t have the slightest clue how he would hold himself back from just vomiting out a fervent love confession the second that you kissed him. 
Because that was supposed to happen, right? In a relationship, pretend one or not, people should kiss. He should act like your boyfriend, perhaps a fantasy that he had way too often, and still spare enough brain matter to remind himself that it was all fake. And that it was also all his fault. 
As established, Jungkook was the president of the company of putting himself in extremely uncomfortable situations. And, when the night of the party arrived, he decided to screw himself even further by lending you his team jacket. 
It was because it was cold, he tried to brainwash himself. It was because you were cold, because the night was cold, and not because he liked the view of you in it in the slightest. Or maybe because it was a bomb pumping his thorax full of pride and possessiveness; because it was making him believe, even for a second, that you two were part of a chimerical alternative universe in which you were together. Not at all. It was strictly business — the neighborly job of a worried best friend, at most. 
“Is this really necessary?” you spoke his doubts out loud, tugging at the sides of his large jacket. 
Jungkook managed to keep his cool, eyes darting around the peaceful streets. You two were close to the party, he could already listen to the repetitive beat echoing through the cool breeze, and every step he took amplified his anticipation by tenfold. “It speaks for itself,” he told you, his hand firm on your waist. You were wearing a sleeveless top and a skirt in the same color, and there was a stripe of exposed skin in between the two that Jungkook’s hand brushed against sometimes. He felt like he was a virgin again, hyper-aware of your body and completely unsure what to do with himself. “Besides, you look good wearing it.”
You rolled your eyes. “I look stupid.”
Jungkook glimpsed at you, a sleazy smile growing on his lips. “You look like my girlfriend.”
You snorted. “Oh, so I look super stupid,” you corrected, looking away. 
“Funny,” Jungkook answered, monotone. His smile melted away — there was no way in hell it was mutual, he thought, his friends were just fucking him over, trying to see him embarrass himself. “I hope you act better than you tell jokes.” 
“It’s probably as good as the effects in Birdemic,” you said. 
Jungkook shook his head — he had conflicting emotions when it came to that movie, considering that it was so awful that he laughed to the point of choking on his popcorn. You, being the empathic friend you were, brought up his near-death experience as often as you could. “At least that movie was funny, your poor acting will just be sad,” he threw back. 
“Thanks.” You giggled, making his heart leap inside his chest. Jungkook wanted to beat his head against the asphalt until that shy spirit of his middle school past left his body completely. “I’ll let you do the talking.” 
Jungkook nodded, allowing his gaze to navigate around the neighborhood — there were a handful of strangers in the streets with the two of you, but it was a shortcut to the frat house that not many people knew of. It brought along a peculiar sentiment of intimacy; the way your features were covered by the pale yellow of the light poles making him want to dive in and kiss you until he couldn’t even breathe. The realization that he could actually do that, under the excuse of a fake relationship, was one that almost knocked him out. 
“Just to be sure, by the way,” Jungkook started. “You’re okay with me, like, touching you like you were my girlfriend, right?”
You looked at him for a moment, measuring his expression. “Yeah, that’s part of it,” you told him. “I’m guessing you are okay with it as well?” 
“Fine by me.” Jungkook cleared his throat. The frat was literally just around the corner, buzzing into the night with a generic beat and the joyful yelps of hundreds of strangers. He usually enjoyed that cacophony of sounds, but, that time, it was like the screams from hell. “Just a couple hours, okay? Then you’re free.” 
“It’s fine,” you told him. “How bad can it be?” 
Short answer: bad. Long answer: bad, but with a twist. 
Jungkook looked around the party like he was a kid lost in the supermarket, his eyebrows furrowed as he searched for his teammates (which that whole spectacle was supposed to be for). You felt like a piece of a puzzle thrown in the wrong box, leaning against his toned body as he tried to think of what to do. 
“So…” You cleared your throat, trying to make yourself heard through the loud beating of the song. Jungkook followed your voice, leaning in closer. Maybe your heart skipped at that, but no one had to know. “What’s the plan, captain?”
Jungkook clicked his tongue. You two were leaning against one of the walls of the large living room, in a somewhat calm corner of the party. “I don’t know, I’m not feeling like being interrogated right now,” he said. “I think it’s better if we wait for the guys to get a bit more drunk so they don't think too much about it.” He sighed, looking around for a bit longer. “We could stay here for a while, just sit down and talk. What do you think?”
“Sounds good.” You breathed out. “I’m taking any chance to rest my feet at this point.” 
The ancient gods of the frat parties seemed to be on your side, because it didn’t take much longer than a couple minutes to find a sofa that 1) was unoccupied and 2) didn’t look like it had any suspicious fluids on it. You settled by Jungkook’s side, a breath of relief escaping your chest as you felt the pressure on your calves subside considerably — all you wanted was to go back in time and kill whoever thought high heels were a good idea. 
However, you relaxed way too early. 
You had to hold back a surprised gasp when Jungkook abruptly tugged your legs onto his lap, one hand finding the curvature of your waist instantly. 
“This feels... intimate,” your voice sounded stiff when you spoke up, pushing your skirt down. 
“Yeah, that’s the point.” His eyes roamed around the room for exactly two seconds before they widened just slightly, then snapped back at you. “Okay, two things.” Jungkook placed one arm on the couch behind you, murmuring as he leaned in. He had that scheming expression on his face that had been plaguing you ever since middle school, when he first discovered pranks, and you didn’t think that was a good sign. “First: Yoongi, Jin and Namjoon are here, and they’re looking— shh, don’t look! Dumbass.” 
“Sorry. You’re the dumbass,” you said. It was hard not to look when you felt as if you were under a microscope, watched closely by his meat-headed friends. Still, you tried to keep your composure. “And the second?” 
He exhaled, the hand that was on your waist traveling to touch your cheek. You wondered if he could feel how hot your skin had become. “It’s kind of the time that you have to commit to being my fake girlfriend,” Jungkook warned, stare oscillating towards your mouth. “I’m gonna kiss you now, okay?” 
Suddenly, you felt like you were right back in high school, about to have your first kiss and not having a single clue about how to do it. “O-Okay,” you whispered. 
Jungkook didn’t waste any time. Before you could think about something to try and break the ice, his mouth was on yours, silencing you and turning your thoughts into white noise. He kissed you softly, much slower than you had expected, giving you time to adapt to the tender movement of his lips caressing yours. 
You sighed, gradually remembering how to move your limbs. Your hands rested on his broad shoulders as he leaned his head to the side, opening his mouth just slightly and deepening the kiss. No matter how many times you had fantasized about that moment, it could never compare to the way his tongue slipped inside your mouth, nor the small grunt he let out against your lips. Kissing Jungkook felt like heaven and you had completely forgotten about your fake dating situation until he decided to pull back just a bit. 
“Fuck, you’re a good kisser,” he mumbled, nose bumping against yours. 
You let out a breathy laugh. “Why do you sound so surprised?”
“I’m not surprised.” His hand slithered down to your hips, his warm palm sending shockwaves through your body. You felt like you were in danger from the way he was speaking, his body moving closer to yours. “I knew you would be.” 
Jungkook didn’t even give you time to process his words before he was kissing you again — sloppier, hungrier this time. Again and again, he chose to throw gasoline into the flame of your desire, and what could you do but to melt under his touches, to kiss him just as eagerly. 
Faithlessly, you were trying to convince yourself that it was all an act, that he was just playing it up because he knew his friends were watching. But his hand just felt so firm on your hips, pulling you closer as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, fingers digging into the soft sea of his hair. It seemed so real when he moaned softly against your mouth, biting on your lower lip before tracing kisses down your jaw, towards your neck. 
Or maybe you were just so deep inside your own illusions that you didn’t want to believe that it was all for show. 
Your eyes parted just slightly, trying to find his friends amongst the crowd of strangers. It was extremely hard to think when Jungkook was sucking and licking his way down your neck, his hand squeezing your thighs. Apparently they were nowhere in sight, though, for those obviously bright orange jackets had left your field of vision. 
“Jungkook,” you called, surprised at how firm your voice came out. The boy only hummed against your flesh, not paying much attention to what you were saying. “I think they already left.” 
Still, it didn’t seem like he was willing to stop. Jungkook mumbled against your neck, his voice so low that you almost didn’t catch his words past the loud music. “Yeah, but someone else can be watching.” 
You didn’t know who, though, and you didn’t really care. You were more worried about the small bites he was placing on your skin, the soft sucking of his mouth that left you pressing your legs together, begging for relief. “Um, okay, but there’s a minor emergency,” you told him. 
That managed to get his attention, for the boy pulled back so he could look at you. “What is it?” He asked, worried. 
You shifted around on the couch, your legs still thrown over his lap. You noticed something hard poking against your skin, which gave you enough momentum to admit out loud that, “I’m, like, soaking wet right now,” you said. “My neck is super sensitive and I’m really trying to hold back here.” 
Jungkook froze, blinking a few times and your words settled in his mind. He would never understand how you could be so shy in one second, and then just throw that bomb on his lap like it wouldn’t make his dick rock hard in record time. “Fuck, how can you just say that so naturally?” He cursed. 
“Sorry.” You bit your lip. Jungkook had to fight the urge to kiss you again. “I’m just being honest.” 
How ironic was it that, while Jungkook lied his way through life, you had no problem throwing those random truths right at his face? The opposites do attract, after all. 
He cleared his throat, unsure if he should pull away or not. “Want me to stop?” 
“I don’t know,” you admitted, “I think this is getting weird.” 
Maybe it would be the perfect time for the world to just open up and eat him whole, considering that Jungkook had never felt so embarrassed in his life. “Weird how?” He asked. 
“Weird like… weird.” Self-expression under moments of extreme sexual pressure really wasn’t your forte. You broke eye contact, flustered, instead choosing to look at the cluttered coffee table by your side. Jungkook’s hand was still on your body and you liked his touch far too much for your own well-being. “Maybe it would be better if we just went home.” 
“Right now?” Jungkook whined. Sometimes he still acted like the kid you knew, all puffy cheeks and demands for attention; for things to happen the way he wanted. You, being the simp that you were, were his number one enabler. “One more hour, please? We’ve been here for so little time, I just wanna cover all my bases.” 
His pouty lips and needy voice was a Molotov cocktail thrown directly in your heart. “Fine.” You puffed out. 
“Thank you!” Jungkook beamed, leaning in to place a kiss on your lips. The action was so automatic, so unthought, that neither of you reacted to it for a second. “Um… why do you say we try the backyard? Jimin said he’d try some new barbecue technique or whatever, so maybe they’re outside.” 
“And after that we leave?” You asked. He nodded. “And you do the talking?” 
“I’ll try my best,” Jungkook agreed.
You sighed. “Okay. I need some fresh air anyways.” 
Back in middle school, you had a very eccentric world history teacher. You clearly remember one afternoon that she simply walked in and asked the class what was the worst type of torturing they could ever imagine a human could endure — which ended up being a great opening line to a very interesting class about the medieval times and the ways of the inquisition, but also something that plagued you for a long time. That night, when you returned home, you dove into the rabbit hole about the topic and (much to the horror of your parents) discovered a thing or two about torture methods. 
The key point, it seemed, wasn’t even about the actual physical act, but about the horrendous expectation that came from it. Psychological torture could break a person apart before someone even laid a finger on them. You knew that already, but you had never truly witnessed it until that night. 
“Well, guess I have to take back what I said,” Hoseok started, his speech slightly slurred by the alcohol. Jungkook was right, they were a lot less intense after a few drinks, and apparently weren’t questioning a lot either. “I didn’t think you two would ever end up together after so many years of bullshit, but here we are.”
“Cheers to that, brother,” Jimin barged in, raising his cup. 
Jungkook chuckled behind you. “You guys have no fucking faith in me.” 
As a typical former theater kid, you were naturally dramatic. But you weren’t kidding when you said that pretending to be Jungkook’s girlfriend might be a newfound method of psychological torture — especially when he made you sit on his lap, his head resting on your shoulder and strong arms wrapped tightly around you. It was because there were no more chairs left in the backyard, and he wanted to play the gentleman/possessive boyfriend and didn’t allow you to stand up. But justificatives were fruitless when you could feel him getting harder by the minute. 
“It’s not about faith, you just fucked me up,” Taehyung said. He was the least inebriated one out of the group, but that didn’t mean much. “I owe Yoongi like fifty bucks now, thanks, man.” 
Jungkook was probably going to say something equally ludicrous in return, but your  curiosity made you act quicker. “Why?” You asked. 
Taehyung clicked his tongue, leaning back against his chair — it was the type that folded in half, and you were thinking he would flip over any second now if he continued with those harsh movements. “Ah. No biggie. He was one of the few people who believed your boyfriend here when he said you two were together.” 
You giggled, trying to keep yourself composed. Unlike Jungkook, you were not very skilled when it came to making up lies at the spot, so you ended up deflecting a little. “Yeah, it was a bit… sudden. So I understand the surprise.” 
Hoseok yawned, throwing his head back. “Nah, not really a surprise.”
You blinked. “What do you mean?”
Jungkook narrowed his eyes, shifting a little behind you. You felt him tense up, which probably wasn’t a good sign. “Yeah, what do you mean?” He echoed. 
“I mean… that it wasn’t a surprise,” Hoseok repeated, raising his eyebrows in a quiet mockery, as if you had just questioned the color of the sky. “Yoongi was sure Jungkook had finally gotten the balls to confess to you. I, myself, didn’t think it was that likely.” 
Wait, what? Suddenly you felt like you were the one being lied to, and all of them were in it together, building this huge prank around that story just to humiliate you. There was no way Hoseok was serious about that, not when the booze was probably melting his brain. 
Before you could continue to think about that, however, Jungkook spoke up. “Man, you guys suck.” He laughed. “I told you I’d do it someday and you never believed it.” 
Ah. That was it. Jungkook had lied about it just like he had done countless times in the past. 
You deflated a little, a sting of pain inside your chest as the conversation continued to unravel around you. Right then and there, you felt like the stupidest person alive, with no right to complain about the consequences you knew would come from that idea. Even if you had almost convinced yourself otherwise, what probably happened was that Jungkook got cornered some time in the past about some other girl, and ended up telling his friends that he liked you instead, just to get out of that situation. Like some of his lies, it snowballed, and it took you to where you two were now. 
It was hard not to feel hurt, even if you still believed you were a bit at fault for agreeing to his moronic plan. You knew you’d end up like this, suffering over someone who didn’t see you the same way, and you still fell headfirst into that trap. Maybe you were the bad guy in that situation, maybe you were the creepy one for taking advantage of his situation just to feel his body against yours, just to kiss him and pretend that it was all true. Maybe you had no room to judge. 
If you concentrated really hard, you could probably pinpoint the exact moment in which you realized that you were head over heels for your best friend. It wasn’t as glamorous as you’d like, just a dirty thought catalyzed by your teen hormones that unleashed an avalanche — it had happened back in the dark, desolate lands of high school, when you were cheering for Jungkook during one of his games. It was an important one, from what you could remember, his brain buzzing with the tension of his senior year and the promise of a fantastic victory. As always, you were there for him: front row, face painted with the colors of your high school, and cheering him on. 
He smiled at you, like he always did, but there was something odd about it. Like a lightning crossing the sky, one simple (yet fatal) intrusive thought popped up inside your head: he’s hot. 
It was all downhill from there. As much as you tried to wave those ideas away, they kept growing and multiplying, finding new ways to justify themselves — not only was Jungkook hot, suddenly, but you also realized that he would be an amazing boyfriend. He was sweet, kind, funny, determined, a bit ditzy sometimes but nothing you couldn’t deal with. He heard you complain about your problems when needed, but also felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable with you. There were so many shared interests between you two that you were positive that you could talk forever and never run out of topics to discuss. Jungkook was a walking minefield and you just stepped right on it. 
And there you were, stumbling your way down into hell as your lives progressed, and Jungkook got into the same college as you. As predicted, he quickly grew to be the campus’ new star player: a great attacking midfielder, with the number 10 plastered on his shirt and a heart-stopping smile on his face. How on earth could you fight that temptation? It was like a re-enactment of Eve and the snake in the garden of eden. Only the snake had amazing thunder thighs that looked even better with his team’s shorts. 
You always asked yourself if Jungkook knew what he was doing when he used his shirt to dry the sweat on his forehead, leaving his glistening abs in full display; or maybe when he hugged and swirled you around after they won a game. Part of you wanted to believe that he liked you back, even if you couldn’t really see it. Most of you believed that he was just his personality and nothing else. 
“Hey,” he breathed out, voice husky against your ear. You thanked his oversized jacket for concealing the goosebumps on your arms. “You good?” 
Just on the brink of a meltdown, no biggie. “Yeah, I’m okay.” 
He hummed, nuzzling his face against your neck. “Just a little bit longer, alright?” He placed a tiny kiss there, but it was powerful enough to make you whimper quietly. No one seemed to notice, but you didn’t know why Jungkook did that when you had just told him that your neck was sensitive. “They seem convinced.” 
Maybe “they” should have you included as well, because you had to actively remind yourself that you two were just acting, that he didn’t see you that way. Nevermind the pool of wetness between your legs, nevermind the way your body was on edge with his strong arms pulling you closer; his chiseled abs pressed tightly against your back. Nevermind Jungkook’s sweet smell or the gentle touches of his lips against your skin. It was all fake, dollar store material. It was just a matter of time before your ride became a pumpkin and the dream was over. 
At the same time, you could tell that Jungkook was being affected as well — you could feel the outline of his hard cock poking against your ass when you pressed down on his lap; noticed the tense movements of his arms as they held onto your body. And when Jungkook spoke, with his head placed on your shoulder and a solemn expression on his face, you could tell that he got just a bit choked up every time you shifted around, brushing your ass against his erection. 
The human brain is amazing when it comes to searching for any reason to prove our own theories, however, and that was why you weren’t taking any of those signs seriously — cognitive bias was a thing, and you weren’t falling for its tricks. If there are people out there that believe that the earth is flat, even with a ridiculous amount of evidence against it, you couldn’t trust yourself in believing that you had enough proof to think that Jungkook was interested in you. Maybe your argument was equivalent to “well, I can’t see gravity so it doesn’t exist”, and you didn’t even know it.
So you decided to take it easy, to aim towards the side of caution, as the night progressed into the deeper levels of Dante’s Inferno. By the time that Jungkook decided that you two had accomplished your goal and it was time to get you home, you almost cried in relief. 
You two drove in almost complete silence, only sparsely commenting on a few occurrences of the night. There was a thick blanket of tension hanging between the two of you, a bitter taste in the back of your throat that you couldn’t ignore. It had been a fun night, yeah, but it was done with. Time to burst that bubble and crash back into reality. 
Thankfully or not, depending where you stood, Jungkook didn’t seem to be as worried about those details. He was ridiculously cheerful, beyond proud of his skills, and a little over the moon about the fact that he had been with you the entire night, acting out things he never thought would come true.
“There you go, all done,“ he exclaimed, victorious, the second you two walked into your apartment. “It wasn’t that bad, was it?” 
You scoffed, leaning against the wall so you could remove your shoes. “It wasn’t good either,” you said, monotone. You were physically, emotionally and psychologically exhausted, and you seriously didn’t want to look at his annoyingly pretty face for another second. “Have fun telling them about our instantaneous breakup.” 
At that, Jungkook visibly tensed up. “Ha. Yeah…”
You sighed, beyond pissed off (and heartbroken) at that point. You weren’t Jungkook, weren’t built to lie your way through life, to pretend as if the feelings inside your chest were not your own. “By the way — fuck, I hate high heels,” you complained, throwing your shoes on the floor with a bit more force than necessary. Jungkook flinched a little, distracted. “By the way, what did Hoseok mean by that?”
He blinked, swallowing dry. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck — think of something. “By what?”
You raised one eyebrow. “Saying that you’d never have the guts to confess or whatever.” 
The worst part was that Jungkook could see in your downcast eyes that you had no idea what you were asking him. You seriously couldn’t tell that he had feelings for you — or, if you did, you simply couldn’t believe it. Or maybe you just despised him on a level in which a crush would be preposterous to even consider. “Ah.” He clicked his tongue. Think, you dumbass! Come up with something! “That.” 
You were getting a little choked up now. There was no way you couldn’t notice the trademarked signals of Jungkook buying himself some time, trying to come up with something inside that evil head of his. Maybe you had been right thinking that he had mentioned your name randomly one day, just to save his ass, and now he was dealing with the backlash of his actions. “Yeah, what was it about?” You pressed on. 
Jungkook chuckled, nervous. “Man… I was really hoping you’d forget that.” 
You took a step closer to him, anticipating what was to come. If he was going to hurt you, you wished he would just do it quickly, without dragging it out so much. “Just tell me, Jungkook.” 
And he was trying. Kind of. Jungkook was looking at you like his brain was frying, the Widow’s blue screen reflecting off his widened eyes. “Fuck,” he cursed under his breath, stare falling to the floor. “I can’t lie to you about that.”
You scoffed, venom running up your throat. That was priceless. “You tell white lies almost every day, why is this so different?” 
“Because it’s not a white lie.” 
You furrowed your eyebrows and narrowed your eyes, taking another step towards him. “Why are you thinking about lying to me, in the first place?” You asked. “Even if… even if it will hurt me. I deserve to know.” 
“Uhh…” he hesitated, rubbing the back of his head. “Because the truth kind of sucks and it can fuck everything up. And I don’t wanna do that.” 
Apparently you were right about your previous theory, then. Jungkook didn’t see you the same way, after all. And that was fine (it wasn’t), but he couldn’t even grow a pair and tell you straight on. “So you would rather avoid it?” You didn’t relent, motivated by your frustration, your hurt, that sickly feeling of betrayal — everything at once. “That has been kind of a running theme with you, hasn’t it?” You stared at him, but Jungkook could only avert his eyes from your burning gaze, instead looking at his feet. “Fine. Don’t tell me if you don’t want to, but quit dragging me into these bullshit lies of yours. I’m tired.”
“No one has ever cancelled a date with me,” he blurted out.
You hesitated, blinking a few times as you digested his words. “What?”
He breathed out. “No one has ever cancelled a date with me. It was all me,” Jungkook confessed. “I lied to you about that because I wanted to spend more time with you. And I didn’t care about anyone else.”
Overwhelmed by a random wave of courage, his gaze snapped up at you. “I like when you watch my practice and bring me stuff, and I like when you invite me to those dumb movie marathons and make me watch the most disgusting shit,” Jungkook continued, his words falling incoherently from his mouth. You could only stare, flabbergasted, as he spilled months — years — of secrets all at once. “And I like watching you study, and I love seeing you laugh, I love spending time with you, and Hoseok is fucking tired of hearing me talk about it and do nothing.”
“I... don’t understand what you’re saying,” you told him. 
“I told the guys that we were dating because you were literally the only person that popped in my mind, and the only person I actually wanted to be with,” he just went on, not paying attention to your previous comment. Jungkook was a little on edge now, a bit breathless and wide-eyed. He’s nervous, you realized. It had been a long time since you saw him like that. “And this was the best night I’ve had in a while, just because you were there and I— I’m fucking everything up, I told you I would.”
“Jungkook,” you called softly, feeling as if every inhale was an olympic sport. Your heart was beating so fast inside your chest that you were afraid of having a syncope before you could hear the words you needed so badly. “Just tell me what you want to say.” 
He cleared his throat, shifting the weight from one leg to the other. “I’m like… how do I put this…?” Jungkook paused, took a deep breath, and dropped the bomb. “I’ve been kind of in love with you ever since we were like eight, yeah.” 
Record scratch. Freeze frame. “You what?” 
Jungkook chuckled. “Yep… awkward,” he said. “Sorry.” 
It hasn’t settled in just yet, which explained why you didn’t start screaming at him. “And you have the guts to tell me that I drop things naturally?” You asked. “Are you serious? You better not be fucking with me right now.”
He raised one hand and placed it on his chest. “I’m not, promise.” 
And then it hit you like a ton of bricks. “Jeon Jungkook!” You screeched, both hands flying to hold onto his shirt, rocking him back and forth with the strength of a thousand men. “I’m gonna make you swallow my fist!”
Jungkook was dumbfounded, ten times more confused than when you tried to explain to him the plot of the Velocipastor — which really wasn’t that hard, it was just a pastor who was also a dinosaur shifter. But his brain wasn’t good at following those types of unpredictable plots, and that counted your burst of anger. “That wasn’t the reaction I was expecting at all,” he murmured, voice flat with disbelief. 
But it was your turn to ramble incoherently. “You’re an idiot! You’re even worse than I thought!” You were still speaking loudly, letting all that frustration wash out of you, giving place to relief. “You made me go through all this fucking night, kissing you and pretending to be your girlfriend, while you actually like me? You prick!” 
You punched his chest — his stupid, muscular, rock-hard chest. “Ouch!” He whined, but you doubted it actually hurt. 
“I was almost crying because of how hard it was to suppress my own feelings for you,” you told him, pulling on his shirt once again. You wanted to take it off, wanted to kiss him until he was all that you could think about. But you also wanted to dropkick him straight to the deepest circle of hell. “And you like me back? Idiot!” 
“Wait, wait, what?” Jungkook’s eyebrows shot up, a perfect picture of his surprise. “For real?”
“For real.” Your shoulders slumped, the anger that possessed your body left you as quickly as it had arrived. “I’m in love with you too, you smooth-brained asshole. Ever since high school.” 
He blinked, dumbfounded. “I had no idea.” 
“Didn’t I tell you that speaking the truth is always the better option? You never listen.” You tugged on his shirt one more time, for dramatic effect. “Dumbass.” 
“You’re the dumbass. And no, I don’t think I do,” his voice was flat, mind navigating miles away from your place. “___?”
“What?” You barked. 
“How mad are you?” 
You groaned. “Pretty mad, why?”
It was his turn to take a step towards you, the heat that emanated off his body now surrounding you. “Because I’m gonna kiss you right now and I’d greatly appreciate it if you didn’t bite my face off.”
You sighed, relaxing against his torso. Jungkook’s hands came up to rest on your waist, guiding you closer to him. “I’ll try my best,” you told him, “go ahead.” 
Maybe all those foolish love songs and melodramatic romantic poets were onto something, because you swore you saw fireworks when Jungkook finally moved in, crashing his lips on yours. Yes, you had kissed him already that night, but there was no way those two situations could be comparable, not when you felt much lighter now that the secret was out, and that you knew what he felt when he pulled you closer, when he sighed against your mouth and caressed your lower back. 
Long years of friendship granted you the knowledge that Jungkook was tender with some things, rough with others — he was gentle with kids, with his other friends, with you; he was hard around the edges when it came to his matches (being especially fiery around championships), people he didn’t like, and goals he wanted to reach. As he kissed you, you could notice him trying to figure out which approach to take with you: his lips were soft on yours, tongue slowly exploring your mouth, but his hands were harsh, groping your ass as he pushed you up against the nearest wall, a growl vibrating inside his chest. 
Maybe it was a bit evil to push his buttons when you knew he was so dangerously close to snapping, but you weren’t in the right frame of mind — or, rather, you weren’t in any frame of mind at all. So, knowing very well that Jungkook was the most competitive person you knew, you pulled away from the kiss to say, “Come on, why don’t you kiss me like you mean it?” 
Which might have been the dumbest final words you could’ve uttered. 
You were graced with just a couple seconds of hesitation from his part — frustration and desire flashing inside his hooded eyes — before he was crashing his mouth onto yours once again. Jungkook didn’t say anything, because he didn’t need to: the messy, sensual kiss he gave you was more than enough to make you shut up. Just according to the keikaku, of course. 
His hands were in the back of your tights before you could think, pulling you up and pinning you against the wall. You moaned against his lips, a shaky exhale leaving your mouth when he rolled his center against yours — cock hard and heavy inside his pants, brushing against your covered heat. Jungkook did it two, three, four times, slowly grinding against you like he couldn’t hold himself back any further, groaning at the feeling. 
When he pulled away, you were almost seeing entire constellations forming in your vision, your breath labored and mind dizzy with desire. “Fuck,” he cursed, resting his forehead on yours. “Want you so fucking bad.” 
“Want you too,” you told him. “Bedroom?” 
He pulled back so he could look at you better. “Sure?” 
You nodded. “Sure.” Leaning in, you placed a timid kiss on his lips. “Want you to fuck me, Jungkook.” 
After all those years, that was all that he needed to hear. He was quick to pull you away from the wall, hands holding your body up and your legs wrapped around his waist. Jungkook knew your apartment like the back of his hand, but he still kept his eyes open as he walked towards your bedroom, your lips mindlessly attacking his thick neck. You had dreamed about doing that so many times and you could say with confidence that you weren’t disappointed by the shuddering breaths he let out, or the small grunts he gifted you every time you sucked his skin just right. By the time that Jungkook placed you on your bed, crawling over you, you were so wet that it was almost embarrassing. 
He looked at you like he was hypnotized, his hands roaming up your legs, slowly spreading them so he could place himself in between. With the action, your skirt rolled up, exposing your underwear. “Shit, I thought about doing this so many times,” Jungkook murmured, almost as if he was talking to himself. “I can’t believe it’s real.” 
“You’re so sappy.” You giggled, but you couldn’t deny that his low voice was getting to you. You shivered when his palms met the exposed skin of your waist, pausing in the space between your skirt and your sleeveless top. Jungkook was deep in thought, his gaze flickering all over your body. “What is it?” You asked. 
“You look so fucking hot in this.” He pulled on the large piece of clothing, his tongue coming out to lick his lips. “Wanna fuck you with the jacket on. Just the jacket.” 
You almost choked on your saliva — well that was something you weren’t expecting at all. “Seriously?” You raised one eyebrow, teasing him. “You have that much of a hard-on for sports?” 
Jungkook didn’t seem to be in the mood for jokes, though, because he gave you a serious answer. “No, I have that much of a hard-on for you.” He dipped in so he could nestle his face on the curve of your neck, humming as he inhaled your scent. Once again, you were faced with the contrast of his soft lips against your skin, but the rough tug of his hands on your skirt. “Wanna fuck my girl with only my jacket on, what’s so wrong about that?” 
You whimpered when he licked on your sensitive spot, trying to push your legs together, but being stopped by his presence between them. Jungkook successfully pulled your skirt out of you, throwing it somewhere on the floor. “Since when are you this possessive?” You asked. 
He moved back, hands progressing to your tube top and sliding it down. It seemed as if the world had conspired in his favor, because it was just so easy to leave you only with his team clothes on, the elastic material leaving your body quick enough. “I’m not possessive,” he responded, only half there. His brain was trying to understand the vision of you before his eyes, only with your panties and his jacket. Jungkook could feel his cock throbbing inside his pants, begging for relief, and he just knew that sight would plague him forever. “Wanna make sure that you know you’re mine, though. I’ve thought about this for too long.” 
As you fumbled for something to say, he dove back in, his mouth attacking your breasts with no time. Your back arched, fingers tangling in his messy hair as he sucked and licked your nipples, his strong hands squeezing your tits every time you moaned out. It was almost humiliating how reactive you were, with your shallow breaths and broken calls of his name, but Jungkook was fucking loving it, and he just wanted more of it. 
You melted under his touches as he pulled himself closer to you, his mouth tracing its way back to your clavicles, then your neck. Much to your dismay, his hands were still on your breasts, playing with your erect nipples as he finally found that one spot that made you yelp. 
“W-Wait,” you stammered, “my neck is sensitive.”
Jungkook knew that already. In fact, he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since you mentioned it back at the party; his cock stiff inside his pants at the memory alone. “I noticed,” he groaned, the vibrations of his voice spreading throughout your skin. One of his hands slithered between your bodies, hastily pulling your underwear to the side so his fingers could plunge between your folds. At the sensation of your arousal, Jungkook growled, pressing his erection against your thigh. “Holy fuck. You’re soaked.”
“I told you,” you said, feeling like your brain was about to melt and drip out of your ears. It was hard to concentrate when he was making out with your neck like that, sucking and biting the skin before liking the same spot he had just attacked. Still, the sudden plunging of his finger inside your pussy caught your attention in an instant. “J-Jungkook, I’m—” 
How shameful was it that you couldn’t even finish a damn sentence? Lust was getting the best of you, pushing your rationalizations aside and filling your lungs with desire. Jungkook soon added a second finger inside you, stretching you wide as he continued to fuck you. It was a fantastic sensation — his hand was much larger than yours, and you were sure you’d be able to cum like that if it kept it up for long enough. 
Jungkook moaned against your neck, pulling his head back so he could take a look at you. His cock throbbed at the sight of your dazed-out face, your parted lips looking so dangerously inviting to him, “Tell me what you want,” he asked, diving in to kiss you. He sucked on your tongue, making you whine as he pulled back. “I’ll give you whatever you want.” 
“Want you,” you said, nails digging into his shoulder blades. 
Jungkook liked the sharp pain that came from it, raising the speed of his fingers just a bit. “I’m right here.”
“No,” you whimpered, blinking back the tears of frustration that covered your irises. God, Jungkook couldn’t even believe you were all his. “Want your cock inside me, please.” 
Listening to you saying that was like experiencing a choir of angels singing directly to him. Jungkook had waited far too long to get you alone like that, so beautiful and pliant beneath him, and there was no way in hell he would deny you your request. 
So he got moving, his hand flying to the back of his shirt, which he tugged off with one swift motion. Your eyes fell to his toned chest, roaming his sweaty skin as he moved onto his belt. “Take those off.” He signaled with his head towards your panties. 
You nodded, sliding your underwear down and throwing it to the side. Even with his jacket still on — which, you admitted, it was both objectively and subjectively hot — you felt extremely exposed, thighs closing just slightly when Jungkook took his pants and boxers off. 
“Keep them open,” he warned, his stare stuck to your glistening folds, and you did. His face was one of sheer lust, tongue coming out to wet his lips as he placed himself back in place. “Wanna see you cum on my fingers,” he breathed, “but I’m too hard. Need to be inside you right now.” 
Your attention flickered downwards, pulled by the small collision of his cock against your clit. You winced at the feeling, but one of his large hands kept you in place as he moved closer to your heat. The constant drumming of your pulse was all that you could hear for a second, heart skipping a beat when you fully noticed his size. 
Would it be weird to say that Jungkook had a pretty dick? Because he did. And a big one too, which made you second guess your own limits for a moment. 
As if he was reading your mind, his cockhead pressed against your pussy, so warm and wet that Jungkook swore he was about to lose his mind — or what was left of it. There was nothing more that he wanted then to nestle himself in your heat, bury himself deep inside you until you were the only thing he could think about. “Shit, look at you,” he murmured, brushing his tip against your entrance. Your figure twitched under him, a soft gasp leaving your mouth at the feeling. “Bet I could slide right in.” 
He was hypnotized by the squelching sounds of your pussy, the way your opening fluttered around his crown as he slowly started to press himself into you. He wanted to do it slowly so he could pay attention to every detail of you, every small exclamation of pleasure that dripped like honey from your lips. 
The world around you two was getting smaller and hotter by the minute, suffocating you and pulling the air out of your lungs. Your eyelashes fluttered as Jungkook’s cock slid inside you, just the tip at first, your back arching as your walls clenched around him, almost as if your body was rejecting his size. “You’re so big,” you whined, burry eyes fighting to focus on his face. 
Jungkook, however, wasn’t looking at you, but at the way his member sank between your folds, diving into your wet heat. “Yeah?” He breathed out, jaw clenching. It was taking everything inside him not to start pounding into you. “I’m sure you can take it, don’t you think?” 
You nodded, and it took a moment for your words to catch up to you. “Y-Yes,” you said. 
Jungkook was more than halfway inside you now, and his mind was more than halfway gone, thrown out of the window and into the gelid nocturnal winds. The way you were wrapping around him should be illegal; you were so perfect that jungkook was sure he could never find a drug that would get him so high. “That’s it, be greedy for me,” he groaned, “take everything.” 
He went as deep as he could, his cock almost brushing against your cervix and your cunt throbbing against him. Maybe he had died and was in paradise, because there was no way he could be feeling so good. 
“Move, please,” you asked meekly. 
Lucky you, he was more than happy to comply. 
Jungkook tilted his hips back, until just his tip was still inside you, only to bottom out again, feeling as your cunt throbbed around him. He did this with unbearable patience at first, allowing your body to get accustomed to his cock splitting you open before he started to pick up the pace. Most of his self control had already burned out, though, at it wasn’t long before he was fucking you fast, rough; groaning at the way your tits jumped every time he shived his length back inside you. 
Once again, he felt like a virgin — you were too much, it seemed. Everything about you got him searching for the stars, wishing for more and moaning out every time your cunt squeezed around him. You were so fucking wet, he thought, so tight and warm, that he wasn’t even thinking about cumming, just about how wished to keep fucking you forever. At the same time, Jungkook was sure that he wouldn’t last long, not when you were looking at him like that, calling his name again and again until it silenced all his thoughts. 
Your breath hitched when his cock brushed against your sensitive spot. “Right there, right there,” you sobbed, nails scratching the skin of his arms. Jungkook caught onto your request straight away, keeping the same angle until you were a babbling mess under him. “Oh m-my god, yeah,” you cried out. “S-So good.”
“Fuck, that’s tight,” Jungkook cursed, his hands digging into your thighs, shoving them up for him so he could reach deeper, fuck you harder. He couldn’t stop moaning, gasping, producing the most beautiful sounds for you. “S-Shit, you’re just pulling my cock in. Your pussy feels amazing.” If given enough time, he could go crazy staring at the way in which his cock disappeared between your folds, only to come back dripping with your arousal, and then slamming back in. “You’re just so fucking hot,” he couldn’t help but say it out loud. “Play with your tits for me.” 
You didn’t have the guts to deny him, your hands palming your tits, squeezing the soft flesh. You whimpered at the feeling, eyes closing in bliss as he continued to fuck you. 
“That’s it, so good for me,” Jungkook praised, hips losing their rhythm for a second. His cock was already throbbing, orgasm threatening to hit him any time now. He needed you to cum first, though. “Your pussy too. Come on.” 
That time, you hesitated a little, a broken sob falling from your lips as you found his gaze. However, you couldn’t deny it — you wanted to be good for him, to get his praises again and again until that was all that you could hear. So you followed his command, two fingers, sinking into your wetness before trailing back to your clit. 
A rush of pleasure ran through your veins, pussy clenching around his cock as your moments grew desperate, needy for more. You were bordering on delirious by that point, your mind unable to focus on one thing, instead jumping between all the stimulation you were getting — your hand squeezing your breast; your fingers rubbing your clit; Jungkook’s cock drilling inside you. “T-Too much,” you cried. 
God, but that’s exactly what he wanted. Jungkook wanted to see that pretty, overwhelmed face of yours, wanted to show you that every minute of waiting had been worth it. “Yeah? But you can take it for me, can’t you?” He moaned under his breath, starting to get lost in his own pleasure. You were getting tighter by the second, which was a dangerous thing. “You can cream my cock if I ask you to, right?”
“Y-yeah,” you stammered. “I’ll do anything f-for you.” 
Jungkook sighed at your words, cock throbbing inside you. “Good girl, just like that,” he husked. “Such a good girl.” 
Tears started to prickle your eyes, and you didn’t know if it was because of how overwhelmed you were, or because your emotions were just now starting to tip over. “J-Jungkook,” you called his name, for a moment not knowing if you would follow it up with something else. His eyes found your own, dazed ones, and his heart skipped a beat at how beautiful and his you looked at that moment. “Love y-you.” 
Years of fantasizing about that confession could’ve never prepared the two of you for such an honest, unexpected moment. Jungkook felt his soul reach levels of happiness which he had never experienced before, mouth only able to say one thing in return. “Love you too.” He pressed his forehead against yours, movements becoming more sloppy, desperate. The new angle was an amazing discovery, his cock hitting that perfect spot inside you, which tore a loud cry from you. “Holy shit,” he moaned. “You’re getting so fucking t-tight around my cock.” 
“Close,” you breathed out, letting go of his previous requests and just taking your hands to his face instead. Jungkook stared at you like he could see the entire universe in your eyes, his hot breaths hitting your face in gentle waves. “K-Kiss me, please.” 
There was no need to repeat yourself. Jungkook crashed his mouth against yours, trapping you in a kiss that felt both like too much and too little at the same. You barely had any time to dive into the caress of his lips on yours before your high washed over you — walls spasming around his length as you dove into bliss; moaning into the kiss and holding to his broad shoulders. 
He broke the kiss right after, a stuttering, failed breath leaving his chest. “L-Love you,” he choked out, “so much.” Jungkook gasped. He was so close, but, at the same time, he didn’t want to let go just yet. It felt too good — having you was too perfect. “Can’t b-believe you’re mine.” 
You smiled at his state, one hand brushing the sweaty hair away from his forehead. “Love you too,” you said back. You could say it again and again, without ever getting tired. After so many years swallowing it down, nothing felt so free. “It’s okay, you can let go.” 
Jungkook nodded, only mildly aware of his own actions. With all the force within him, he pushed himself away from you, pulling out from your heat. Soon, his hand wrapped around his cock, using your arousal to pump himself towards his much-needed release. “Shit,” he choked up, throwing his head back. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna—” 
Jungkook grunted as he finally reached his high; cock throbbing in his hands. His cum splattered all over your belly, a few white ropes hitting the underside of your tits as well; dripping down to your mound and pelvis as his movements started to slow down. Even then, so fucked-out and overwhelmed, Jungkook looked like a god you’d be more than happy to worship. 
“Fuck,” he heaved, hooded eyes trailing over your form. By some miracle, probably the work of some mysterious sports god, his jacket remained untouched. “That looks so hot.” 
You smiled, taking a glimpse at your body. “And messy.” 
He let out a breathy, tired laugh. “Yeah. Gonna clean you up, just give me a second. I almost blacked out here.” 
Playfully, you kicked the side of his thigh. “You better,” you told him. “And don’t be so melodramatic.” 
“Rude.” He leaned in, placing a kiss on your lips. You still felt like you were dreaming, trapped in an alternate reality. If that was the case, you didn’t want to wake up. “Next time I’ll cum in your mouth so you’ll learn some manners.” 
Next time. Those words fell like a stone inside your stomach. It was pretty much impossible to mask your lovesick gaze now. “Yeah, bold of you to believe it’ll change a thing.” You pushed him off you, signaling towards the bathroom. “Go, be a good boy and go get me a towel.” 
Jungkook rolled his eyes, but did as you said, leaving the bed soon after. “I liked you better when you were pretending to be my fake girlfriend,” he spoke from the corridor. “You were more polite.”
“I was acting,” you said. “This is what you’re gonna get.” 
He laughed, appearing back in the room. “Ah, well, I guess I made my choice years ago.” 
That managed to shut you up real fast, heart hammering against your ribcage as Jungkook started cleaning you up. His movements were tender on your skin, feather-like touches that moved up your abdomen, to your breasts, then back between your legs. During all that, a familiar, comfortable silence fell between you two — one that you had grown used to; so empty and yet so full. 
After he was done, Jungkook discarded the towel, returning to his rightful place next to you. Like it was your second nature, you curled yourself up next to him, head resting on his chest and his arm wrapping around your waist. 
The world was perfect for exactly thirty seconds before he decided to ruin it. “So…” Jungkook started, a mischievous smirk already curling on his lips, “you like like me.” 
You scoffed, propping your chin on his chest and meeting his gaze. Jungkook was too cute and too hot for his own good, and his post-sex state managed to incorporate both elements in a hazardous combination. “Yes. And you like like me back.” You remarked. “Did you seriously have to go through all these steps instead of just, I don’t know, telling me?” 
He threw his head back, eyes closing in sheer desperation. “I didn’t know!” 
“Everyone knew!” You exclaimed back, flabbergasted. You couldn’t believe that all those years of shared distress could’ve been solved with the most basic common sense. “Do you think I watch your games because I like them? I tell you all the time I hate sports! Dumbass!” 
Jungkook flinched when you slapped the top of his head lightly, forging pain. “Ouch! You’re the dumbass. And I thought you were kidding.” He pouted, eyes drifting off towards a corner of the room. You could tell he was thinking, so you gave him his time. “But now that you mention it…”
You rolled your eyes, laying back down. “Yeah, that’s not so hard to—”
“I cannot stand body horror.” 
“What?” You shrieked, sitting up at lightning speed. That managed to be the most unexpected thing Jungkook had told you that night — scratcher that: ever. “You told me you loved watching body horror with me.” 
He shook his head, an expression of disgust on his face as he was reminded of every horror movie he had ever watched. “I almost puke watching it. I just pretend I enjoy it because it makes you happy.” 
For a moment, your mouth hung open, mind working a million miles per hour to make sense of his admission. Thinking back to it, you had noticed how frequently Jungkook went to the bathroom while watching Tusk; about how many times he coughed and turned his head away from the Human Centipede. “Oh my god.” Your shoulders slumped, your voice was a frail little thing, filled by disbelief. You couldn’t call him dumb when you had acted just the same. “We’re both idiots.”
Jungkook laughed as you returned to your previous position, placing a kiss on the top of your head. “Yeah, I think that’s the only possible conclusion.”
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nyctophilla-nightmares · a month ago
❧Public places they'll fuck you in❧
Tumblr media
Warnings- mentions of nsfw and sex,slight degradation.
↬ Characters- kaeya,childe, zhongli, diluc,xiao ,scaramouche
Tumblr media
So as always I am pretty sure that we all know that this needy, horny, cocky ass man would fuck you almost ANYWHERE ANYTIME ANYDAY when ever he feels like it,
So the most common places would be - his office, the library at the knights of favonious, jean's office, a public bathroom.
So be prepared when you would get pinned up against a wall and pounded into straight out the blue-
"N-nng~!" S-slow down-!"
Ah yes another normal day for the Calvary captain as he pounds into your body, which is pinned against the huge rack of books as they rock just as your body with every harsh thrusts he makes.
"Ah~! Quiet now love~ wouldn't want anyone to hear your pathetic whines now would we~?"
His hushed voice coos in your ears as his thrusts become violent,hitting all the right spots.
Orgasming from the intense pleasure you let out a high pitched moan which kaeya Barely manages to cut off as he, himself shoots his cum inside after just how hard you were clenching around him.
"Oh you little slut look at all the mess you've created on the floor"
Gesturing at the small pool of white liquid that had formed after dripping down both you legs.
"Better get cleaning slut~"
Oh I am so sure that he would literly rail you against a tree if you're both in the middle of travelling and he gets horny, or even behind a building
But the most common place would be the fatui tent if you happend to be his partner, or a public bathroom.
"Awww~! Is poor kitty gonna cry from so much cum~?
Mocking your shaking form that had been drowned by oversimluation. oh how utterly miserable you felt right now being pressed up against a tree in the middle of a forest which is likely to be filled with hilichurls, adventures and various travellers whom can walk in on your fucked up form anytime.
"Why-! are you crying now huh? Isn't this what you wanted~! You were just begging to cum a few minutes ago and now you're crying- what a whore can't even live up to her own words~!"
Once agian degrading you as he rocks your body with every thursts making your eyes roll back as endless tears fell out your eyes.
✿zhongli ↴
Ok I doubts that fucking you in public is a common thing for him because unlike kaeya we all know that this is a respectful man who would fukin cherish you and treat your body as the most finest art in all of teyvat
So him railing you in public will be really rare but he would probably only do that if you had been teasing him the whole day
So for starters the most common places would be his office in the wangshuu funeral parlour.
"Quiet down women-!"
His hushed deep voice half yells in your ears as he continues his violent thurst in you making the wooden table underneath rock violently as all the objects and document scrolls are long gone fallen off.
Truly this was all your fault, afterall it was you whom had come up with the idea of trying to tease him all day, thinking that giving slight touches on his body brushing your body against his was going to completely unnoticed thinking that brushing his thighs with your hands will not affect him at all.
Now look at yourself, your pathetic little figure sprawled down across his hard wooden desk as your cheek is pressed down on the harsh wood,ass up.
As he uses your body all to his liking, oversimulating you to no end.
"Filthy women, quiet down your pathetic whimpers and let me use you as the object you are"
Similar to zhongli''s him fucking you in public places will be really rare
But of course you being the horny slut you are you would try to tease him only to him railed against a wall
The most common places would be of course the tavern.
"You whore of a women!"
Exclaiming between harsh and violent thursts as diluc continues to endlessly rut in you even after cumming serval times.
There you were being pressed up against the wall of thw back room in the tavern where mostly the wine barrels are stored.
Your legs up his shoulders as he supports your half fainted form up, abusing your pussy over and over again
"You utter whore!- you dare try to make such moves on me in public and now pass out after I put you in your place!"
Ah yes of course the emo boi with anger issues
Oh I can totally picture him railing you on the wangshuu inn' s top floor, pressed up against a wall if not the wooden railing itself
He would probably be letting out all his anger out on you after coming form a frustrating killing spree of deamons only to be now get teased by you.
So ofc he'll be fed up and fuck you right then in there.
"P-pleas-! s-slow dow~!"
Being harshly cut off by your own very orgasm as Xiao keeps pounding into you as if he's some animal.
"Don't fucking talk whore, just moan out and let everyone know what slut you are-!"
Exclaiming between animalistic thrusts,xiao makes the wooden wall behind you rattle.
Poor you, just happend to be there when he was frustrated and thought that rilling him up was a good idea.
Now your overused and oversimulated body is pinned up against the wooden wall of the terrase at wangshuu inn as the cold air keeps on shivering your half naked body.
Stuck between the wall with your legs pushed up your chest as Xiao finds home between your legs, specifically focused on abusing your cunt.
"Pathetic whore who's only good for toying around with-!"
Similar to childe's the only public places I can picture him ruining you up in is
The fatui tent,like just imagine your his partner and one night when all of you are camping up in inazuma's forest after given the quest of taking baal's genosis.
You just so happend to run out of few tents and ofc scaramouche offers to share his with yours only to screw you up.
"Aren't you a slut-! Making such lewd expression to your superior-!"
Scaramouche mocked as he slams into you repeatedly taking utter joy im every single expression that decorates your features as he ruins your insides.
Wrapping your legs around his waist, as you stare up at him with your fucked out face, saliva dripping down your chin and tongue lolling out, pleading for more.
Completely bewitched by your expression, scaramouche wastes no time in thursting up like a literal animal making you orgasm once more.
"Oh you fucking whore I'll make sure you don't walk for days!-"
Tumblr media
👀 i did not proof read this bez i thought i might delete it if i did, but enjoy the fukin food simps ✋
Edit- can we all just please talk about THESE tho-
Tumblr media
Edit-2 holy hell did this just hit 1k-
Tumblr media
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directorstarc · 25 days ago
the femme fatale
synopsis: when your husband ends up mysteriously murdered, the BAU arrives to investigate. spencer reid is convinced that you had something to do with it despite your alibi being air-tight. you engage in a thrilling contest with him to profile each other.
pairing: spencer reid x reader
warnings: explicit sexual content, rough sex, hate sex, oral sex (female receiving), orgasm delay/denial, breeding kink, light d/s themes, references to past child abuse, references to past sexual abuse, dysfunctional relationships, morally grey character, minor original characters.
word count: 10.5k
cross posted on ao3
Tumblr media
"Fool me once, fool me twice
Are you death or paradise?"
Billie Eilish ; No Time To Die
It was your belief that every woman was given a piece of advice from their mother that she cherished dearly, followed precisely, and treated as if it was the gospel truth. This advice was generally received between the ages of fourteen and seventeen and young, impressionable minds latched onto it like a leech.
You repeated your mother’s words to yourself like an affirmation every morning, ingraining the thought into your brain so that it became as much a part of you as your limbs.
“Men are fickle,” Your mother had said, “A little bit like a butterfly. They flit from one flower to the next, moving towards whatever the newest, brightest thing is. Be smarter than them. Look like a flower, be the thorns.”
Look like a flower, be the thorns.
That was what you repeated to yourself as you checked your appearance in the decorative mirror in the hallway, hearing the bustling sounds of your guests outside. Satisfied that every hair was in place, you opened the door.
They looked at you curiously, evidently sizing up the new widow and her role in this entire massacre. There was a tall man with a deep frown etched onto his face, a woman with lovely flaxen hair and between them, a lanky man with a full head of light brown curls and a chiseled face.
The Governor was standing next to them.
“My dear,” He exclaimed, walking up to you and grasping your hands tightly, “How are you?”
“It’s hard to be well in a situation like this.” You replied demurely, forcing a pained smile on your face.
He nodded as you fought the urge to snatch away your hands from his clammy, sweaty grip. Thankfully, he let them go soon, instead busying himself with introductions.
“They are from the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI,” He said, “Hopefully, they can put an end to this mess once and for all.”
Stupid, meddling men, you thought bitterly, stupid, meddling men and their idiotic ideas.
“I’m SSA Hotchner,” The dark-haired man shook your hand firmly, “This is SSA Jareau and that’s Dr. Reid.”
You shook hands with Agent Jareau, whose grip was far less powerful than Agent Hotchner’s. You held a hand out towards Dr. Reid, who simply shook his head and gave you a wave.
“Germaphobe.” He explained meekly, giving you an apologetic smile.
You returned a polite smile of your own. The spark of curiosity had already been ignited in your brain and you found yourself wondering what other quirks the good doctor had.
You turned around. Your butler, Xavier, stood near the doorway with tea for your guests. Uninvited or not, you would never stray from the role of the perfect hostess.
“Where would you like to sit?” You asked, turning back to them, “The grounds are pretty lovely this time of the year. Though if you prefer the shade, we have a sprawling patio—”
“Here is fine.” Agent Hotchner cut you off curtly.
Internally you frowned, this man was going to be a problem if left unchecked. Externally, you smiled and nodded.
“Put it down on the table, please.”
Your butler silently moved to do your bidding. You waited till he had kept the expensive porcelain down and left before speaking again.
“Will you stay for tea, Governor?” You asked.
“I’m afraid not,” He snuck a look at his watch, “Best be getting back to the office now. Call me if you need anything…anything at all.”
“Thank you,” You smiled, placing a hand on his arm, “Really. I would’ve been lost without your help.”
God, sometimes you really thought you would throw up while uttering sweet, saccharine words to placate the egos of men. It was so easy to make them feel special, as though their little opinions actually mattered.
“It’s no problem at all, my dear,” He patted your hand, “You know I want this horrible matter resolved just as much as you. It’s still unimaginable that this should’ve happened to Lorenzo. Anyway…good luck, Aaron.”
He clapped Agent Hotchner on the back and left.
You took a seat on the sofa, pouring out the tea with a delicate hand. A thought passed through your head that maybe you should’ve poisoned it. No, dumping the bodies of three FBI agents was a little too much…even for you. Besides, you still had plans for the doctor.
“Where were you, the day your husband was killed?” Agent Hotchner asked, accepting the dainty porcelain from your hand.
“I left early that morning,” You answered, “I had a meeting at 9 am. I’m on the board of a charity that caters to the care of children with special needs. After that I went to the riding ground nearby. I was there till 3, after which I came back home.”
You quietly watched Dr. Reid inspect the titles on the bookshelf, remaining standing. There was just something so…interesting about him. His suit wasn’t all that stiff and formal like Agent Hotchner’s. His shirt was a checkered pattern, he wore a waistcoat in a rich, burgundy colour which contrasted well with his slate gray jacket.
He didn’t even seem to be paying attention to the interrogation, his cup of tea left unattended on the German silver tray.
“And what did you see when you got home?” Agent Jareau spoke this time.
“I—Sorry,” You apologised, “Don’t mind me saying this but I’ve already given the police this information. Why are you asking me this again?”
“We don’t look for the same things that the police do,” Agent Jareau said, “We analyse behaviour alongside evidence. Evidence can be fabricated, behaviour doesn’t lie.”
Oh, sweetheart, you thought, you have no idea.
“I see,” You nodded grimly, “The house was completely silent when I returned. I went up to the bedroom but Enzo wasn’t there. So I thought he must be in his office. And when I walked in…”
You sighed deeply, rubbing a hand over your shoulder.
“And where was the staff at this time?”
“Enzo was a little paranoid,” You replied, “Last year, a series of burglaries took place nearby. He didn’t really want to leave me alone at home all day with the staff, so they don’t work full-time. Except Xavier, of course.”
A look of confusion passed across their faces.
“Our butler,” You explained, “Xavier’s father used to work for Enzo’s dad. Xavier and Enzo grew up together and honestly, Enzo really saw Xavier like a little brother. He’s the only one who’s in the house twenty-four seven.”
“But Xavier was not in the house when the murder happened.” Agent Hotchner stated, his gaze resembling that of a stern parent who was trying to get their child to fess up to the mischief they’d caused.
“No,” You shook your head, “Xavier’s wife fell ill about a year ago. It’s really sad…she has pancreatic cancer. They have an eight-year old son. He goes to see her every Sunday. We try to help as much as we can.”
The two agents in front of you nodded, but Dr. Reid seemed to still be engrossed in your bookshelf.
“Something interesting, Dr. Reid?” You asked, amused by the way he immediately whirled around, “Your tea’s getting cold.”
“No, no,” He came back to the couch, “You own a lot of first editions.”
“I love reading. So did Enzo.”
“How long had you been married?” Dr. Reid finally asked you his first question.
“Would’ve been four years this November.” You replied, painting a sad smile on your face.
Most breakups happened after three months because people could only lie about their feelings and conceal their true selves for three months. You scoffed mentally, you could replace any A-list actress at this point. You’d been lying about your true emotions for almost four years.
Well, maybe not all four years. There had been something in the beginning. But that was so long ago that it was difficult to distinguish whether it had been love or greed. The latter did a deceptively good job at passing off as the former.
“You don’t come from money,” Dr. Reid said bluntly, taking you by surprise, “Your husband was twenty-four years older than you. Except reading, what did you have in common?”
Judging by the looks on Agent Hotchner and Agent Jareau’s faces, they were equally as shocked as you. Who would have expected that the doctor would be the one to stop skirting around the edges and get to the point? You had your bet on Agent Hotchner, but Dr. Reid surprised you, doing nothing to quell your growing fascination with him.
“I sense an implication behind your words, Dr. Reid.” You said dryly.
“Not at all,” He responded without missing a beat, “Merely trying to understand your strange…dynamic.”
“Say it, Dr. Reid,” You chuckled, “You’re asking me if I pulled an Anna Nicole Smith.”
The expression on his face didn’t change. At first you thought he was just trying to intimidate you, like Agent Hotchner with his deep-set frown. Then you realised he had no idea who Anna Nicole Smith was. The others did. A look of veiled discomfort appeared on their faces for a moment.
You didn’t bother to educate Dr. Reid about the scandalous, yet ultimately tragic life of Smith.
“No, I didn’t come from money,” You responded, “My father was an abusive addict, to put it plainly. He regularly hit my mother, though he liked to pass it off as “rough-housing.” In a desperate attempt to protect me, my mother moved. Of course, the consequence of that was that we lost access to the little money we did have in the bank and had to start over from scratch. My mother sacrificed a lot to give me an education.”
The words came casually. You looked for signs of disdain on their faces, as you had often caught on the faces of Enzo’s friends and family when you revealed your humble origins to them. The snobbish, little assholes would never consider you to be an “insider” so you’d given up trying. You despised those friends of his that you were forced to play nice in front of, the ones who openly flirted with you, trying to get you into bed with them and then gossiped about you at their little golf games.
“I met Enzo when I was twenty-one,” You continued your tale when they didn’t pose any questions for you, “I was working part-time in a diner, using the money to put myself through college. Scholarships only cover so much. It wasn’t the kind of place he frequented, but it was raining that day and he’d rushed in for shelter. It was…” A smile reappeared on your face, “It was straight out of a movie.”
You looked up at them. Agent Jareau was the only one who smiled politely at your words.
“Anyway, two years after that Enzo proposed. I said yes,” You shrugged your shoulders, “As for the age thing, I told you what kind of father I grew up with. I’m sure you can…fill in the blanks.”
“Was money a deciding factor in your decision?” Agent Hotchner asked.
Jesus, did this man never smile?
“Enzo helped me with college,” You raised an eyebrow, “At his own will. Not because I asked him. I wasn’t his charity case, Agent Hotchner. He loved me. And I loved him.”
You tried not to let your metaphorical claws come out yet. Their questions had become more direct after they came to know about your past. You guessed they’d already known but had just asked polite routine questions in the beginning to judge whether you were a liar.
People who lied about little things, inevitably lied about the big.
“He’s left all his money to you.” Dr. Reid commented.
“Yes,” You replied coldly, “Considering how he has no siblings or children, I don’t regard that as strange.”
“No pre-nup either.”
“I suppose he trusted me more than you do.”
Dr. Reid stared at you, his jaw tight and clenched. Judging by his demeanour, you guessed that he wasn’t usually confrontational and didn’t prefer to be so either. You wondered what made you different. He didn’t look like a blatant sympathiser of rich men, so you assumed it could only be his budding attraction to you directly colliding with his conscience. He was trying to discern if he had a crush on a killer.
Sweet, innocent, baby.
“Ma’am,” Agent Jareau extracted a photo from the file in her hand, “Do you know this woman?”
She put the large photograph down on the table, sliding it towards you. You didn’t have to look down to know whose photo it was. That little bitch.
Still, you pretended to examine the photo with great interest. Every inch of your body burned with anger as you took in her large doe eyes and glossy curls.
“No,” You shook your head, “Who is she?”
Agent Jareau placed another photo in front of you in response.
It was a traffic surveillance photo, no doubt, judging from the slightly blurry, static quality of it. There stood that little bitch, sidling up to your husband. Ex-husband. Whatever.
She was looking up at the sky and laughing, her hands on his chest. He was smiling too, the photo clicked midway between him raising a hand to tuck her hair behind her ear.
Like he used to do to you, your brain supplied unhelpfully.
“This is Isla Jenkins,” Agent Jareau said gently, “We believe that your husband may have been having an affair with her.”
You immediately dropped the photo on the table, as if it had burned your skin. Burying your face in your palms, you willed yourself to cry. One tear, no, even glossed over eyes would do. Crying on command was a talent you had had to acquire out of necessity.
“Did she hurt him?” You asked, lifting your hand and swiping at your eyes, careful not to smudge your makeup.
“We don’t know yet,” She replied, “But we are bringing her in for questioning.”
You nodded, lowering your face in your hands again. As if Isla fucking Jenkins had the balls to hurt Enzo. She was a pretty flower and men were butterflies. She didn’t have what it took. You weren’t threatened by some little girl who thought that her face and cunt would keep your husband interested. You had been that naïve little girl once too.
He would crawl back into your arms at night, arms laden with expensive tennis bracelets and designer scarves as a peace offering. You would pretend to be disillusioned by his constant, unexplained absence. Then he would fuck you into the mattress until all the help knew exactly what was going on behind closed doors. You would accept his gift and throw it into the pile of unopened, unused gift boxes that had been collecting in your closet.
No, you weren’t threatened. Not by little Isla, who thought he would eventually leave you for her. You were angry at him, for even thinking he could ever replace you. Sometimes you thought he was the only one who recognised the deviousness in you. It was why you were the one with the massive diamond on your finger. Not Isla.
Well, he did leave you, you supposed.
“You don’t seem surprised.” Dr. Reid pointed out.
“He, um…he seemed distant for a few months before…you know,” You swallowed, rubbing a hand over your face again, “I just—I thought it was work. Not…not this.”
“Do you suspect anyone?” Agent Hotchner asked, “Anyone your husband had problems with, anyone strange you saw loitering outside the house?”
“No,” You shook your head, “Not that I can think of.”
“What about the staff?”
“I don’t think they’re capable of this. Most of them have been with us for some time now. They’re all good people.”
Agent Hotchner nodded and got up. The other two followed suit.
“More agents might be along later today or early tomorrow to interview your staff,” He said, shaking your hand, “We’ll keep you updated.”
You thanked them, shaking their hands. All except Dr. Reid, who gave your bookshelf one last lingering look before following his co-workers out.
This time, you didn’t even receive a wave.
He sat in the back seat, looking out of the window as they drove back to the precinct. The warm Connecticut sun should’ve assisted in alleviating the sense of doom he was feeling, but it did nothing at all.
He’d met far more sinister people in his life. By that measure, you didn’t seem violent, angry or a killer. But there was something unsettling about you. Well, he knew what it was. Your shiny, pinned back hair, your lips painted with red, the way your expression revealed amusement even when you weren’t smiling. His brain had flooded with dopamine and norepinephrine as soon as he had laid his eyes on you.
In other words, he felt supremely attracted to you.
There was a Neoplatonic theory that if a person’s exterior was beautiful, then their soul couldn’t be corrupt. He knew that was bullshit but it still managed to work as a bias. It was hard for people to accept that someone who was conventionally beautiful could be a killer.
“Hm?” He sat up straight, devoting his attention to Hotch.
“What did you think about her?”
What did he think about you? He thought you were secretive and hiding something, even though you had frankly opened up about your childhood. He thought your choice of books was interesting. He thought you had perfected the art of making any man feel like he was special when you spoke to him.
He thought you were dangerous.
“Spouses are considered to be primary suspects in cases like this,” He answered, “But her alibi is air-tight. The M.E. said that the time of death was at 1:40 pm, when she was at the riding grounds. The manager saw her. Not that it means she couldn’t have been involved in some other way, even if she didn’t wield the knife herself.”
“You really went for it today, Spence,” JJ laughed, “I’ve never seen you so confrontational.”
Her statement fetched an amused look from Hotch which he saw through the rear-view mirror.
He could offer no explanation for that. Was he trying to prove that you weren't the killer by asking you difficult questions? And for what? So that he wouldn’t feel guilty about being attracted to a potential killer?
“She, uh…she owns a lot of interesting books,” He said, rapidly changing the topic, “They’re all about the same thing, or the same trope rather.”
“Which is?”
“Femme fatales. It’s arguably the most intriguing archetype found in literature,” He explained, his brows scrunching up in concentration, “It refers to a beautiful woman who uses her charms of seduction to ensnare her lovers, ultimately leading them to ruin. In the early 20th century, the femme fatale was also known as a “vamp”, after Theda Bara who played a seductive vampire in a 1915 silent film called “A Fool There Was.” It was considered to be a particularly scandalous film at the time.”
He paused, expecting an interruption and then realised he was in a car with the two people who usually never interrupted him.
“I noticed she owns “The Lady of The Camellias” by Alexandre Dumas fils. Not in the original French though, which was called “La Dame aux Camélias.” But then she also has “Goldeneye” by John Gardner.”
“Like the James Bond film?” JJ asked, twisting in her seat to face him.
“Well, in this case, the film actually did come before the book. It was adapted into a novel by Gardner later. More than Bond, it became famous for the portrayal of Xenia Onatopp, one of the most vicious femme fatales of all time who killed people by asphyxiating them between her thighs. Anyway, that makes it clear that she doesn’t stick to a particular time period of literature, she just likes femme fatales.”
“Maybe she sees herself as these women.” JJ said.
“Or she wishes she was,” Hotch added, “Either way, both those things can motivate someone to kill.”
“I think it’s the former,” He said, an uneasy feeling hammering against his ribcage, “The most read book on the shelf, if we’re going to judge by how cracked the spine was, is “The Cocktail Waitress” by James M. Cain. It’s about a woman named Joan Medford, whose husband dies in a mysterious car crash. She’s left to support herself and win back custody of her son by taking a job as a cocktail waitress. She meets two men, one who is old and ailing but rich, and another who is handsome but poor. They both appear to madly fall in love with her. But the police suspect that she is somehow involved in her husband’s death,” He cleared his throat, “Throughout the novel, death seems to follow her around. Anyone who falls in love with her ends up dead. She claims she’s innocent but then she is also the sole narrator of the story so there’s nothing to verify her claims against.”
Silence fell over the car. Once he had uttered the words out loud, he realised how similar you and Joan Medford were. The same soft yet nonchalant tone, the way in which you worked as a flame which attracted men like moths.
How far could coincidences go?
“That sounds like someone we know.” JJ remarked dryly, turning around to face forward again.
He ignored the conversation between Hotch and JJ about bringing in Isla Jenkins and getting in touch with the Governor.
He felt wrong and tainted for his desires. He prided himself on having more control than most men when it came to pretty women and their captivating eyes. But you weren’t just another pretty woman. More than pretty…you intrigued him. And he was nothing if not an academic, chasing answers and proof to confirm his hypotheses.
Getting any closer to you would be a mistake, he knew that. He needn’t look any further than into the file now resting on the dashboard. The gruesome pictures of your husband’s corpse should have been enough to shut down any curiosity you had evoked in him once and for all.
But even with an IQ of 187 and an eidetic memory, he found himself in the most stupid situations. He didn’t understand his own brain ninety percent of the time. How could he be capable of liking someone as sweet and innocent as Maeve, but then also be attracted to someone like you, whose very gaze spoke of secrets that he simultaneously was dying to know yet also didn’t want to be privy to.
The cruel, mocking voice in his mind decided to make itself known.
Maybe it’s a good thing you’re attracted to her, it said, at least you don’t have to worry about someone killing her. Apparently she does the killing herself.
It isn’t as though you’re completely unreadable. Most rich people have the same taste, just tweaked versions of each other. Their living room walls are covered with expensive art, usually of the abstract variety that they then tend to offer their own pseudo-intellectual explanations for.
Your walls are covered with photos of you and your dead husband. Normally, that would be taken as a sign of sweetness and love but the sheer number of photos is excessive. Most likely, they were there to remind your husband that he belonged to you.
You were dressed in sober mourning attire, a modest black dress, but your face was in direct contrast to it. Your lips were immaculately painted with red lipstick, your eyes were thinly lined with black to bring to attention your pretty peepers. That could also be perceived in two ways—one, you used the makeup as a cover-up for the vulnerability your husband’s death had left you with. Two, you simply did not care about your husband as much as you claimed you did.
Had he not been accompanied by Hotch and JJ, he would’ve stayed longer, asked you harder, more pressing questions until he managed to break that shell. Intimidation was usually Hotch’s forte, and it was quite successful when coupled with Emily’s good cop routine. But you hadn’t reacted to Hotch like young girls with troubled pasts and terrible fathers usually did. Your body had remained angled towards him even while you answered Hotch’s questions.
Intimidation wouldn’t work on you. If he tried yelling at you, you would laugh and spit it right back in his face.
Sometimes his intuition told him that some people should be avoided no matter how intriguing they are. And his intuition was usually right. Yet he continued to ignore it, neglect it, pretend it wasn’t there at all.
Recklessly, he snuck out of the hotel that they had been put up in. It was definitely one of the best places they had stayed at, considering that they were here as a personal favour to the Governor who had been a close friend of your husband’s.
If Hotch found out that he was going to see you at ten at night, he would definitely be suspended. Maybe even kicked out of the BAU for good.
Considering how smart he was, a literal genius, it surprised him how stupid you made him. But he knew you were hiding something. And he simply had to be the one to uncover your heavily guarded secret.
Your fingers glided gracefully over the black and white keys of the piano as you played Clair De Lune by Debussy. The music was the only sound filling the mansion, echoing around the high ceilings and the empty rooms.
You learnt to play at a much later age than most people. As a toddler, which was when most people first placed their fingers on the keys, you were too busy trying not to anger your father by even breathing. Besides, your family hardly had money for posh piano lessons.
No, you learnt how to play the piano after you started to date Enzo. He had noticed your fascination with the grand piano that sat unused in one of the many rooms in the mansion and had insisted that you take lessons, just to “try it out.”
But you had fallen in love with it and your teacher, an elderly woman named Carol, had insisted that you were a natural.
“Will you be needing anything else, ma’am?”
You stilled your fingers, cutting off the music abruptly. Xavier stood behind you, gaze lowered subserviently, but his stiff shoulders revealed the contempt he actually felt towards you.
“Again with the “ma’am,” Xavier,” You chided playfully, turning around to face him, “You know I don’t care for titles.”
He didn’t respond and neither did the stiffness in his shoulders melt.
You sighed, walking up to him and looping your arms around his neck. He almost fell over in his rush to step away from you, as if you were a jolt of electricity. When he looked up, his eyes were wild and filled with unadulterated rage.
“You’re mad at me,” You pouted, “I hate it when you’re mad at me.”
“What should be the appropriate reaction in this scenario?” He asked, practically spitting the words out at you.
“Please don’t be angry with me,” You pleaded, stepping closer and latching onto his arm, “I know this is hard, but—”
“Hard?!” He exclaimed, almost throwing you off balance with the force he used to free his arm from your grasp, “I’m going to go to fucking prison because of you!”
“Darling, you did put that knife in him, you know?” You said casually, “Besides, I’ll pay your defense attorney good money. He’ll plead insanity or something, you’ll be out in no time.”
“I put that knife in him at your insistence,” He hissed, “You…You forced me!”
“Will anyone believe that, Xavier?” You snapped, patience wearing thin, “Will anyone believe that you were forced into killing your boss by his wife who’s half your size?”
His face fell. You took that opportunity to sidle up to him once more, raising your hand to frame his face, rubbing your thumb over his cheekbone. He stiffened again but then his shoulders sagged, like he had no energy to move away from you anymore.
Just my luck, you thought, I couldn’t have an old, balding butler. Of course, I get James Dean as my butler and of course I sleep with him.
But in the end, it was a good deal. You were rid of your cheating husband, free of your affair who clearly craved more and hundreds of millions of dollars richer.
“You’re not doing this for yourself,” You whispered, ghosting a kiss over his clenched jaw, “This is for your wife and son, remember? I promise I’ll take such good care of them.”
Xavier was paid a handsome salary but medical expenses were costly on a whole different level. Jealousy and desperation were the two most volatile emotions and when mixed together, they could drive any Good Samaritan down the path of sin.
Xavier was no saint, you reasoned. What kind of man cheated on his dying wife?
Men, you thought, so predictable. All of them turned to dogs at the prospect of good pussy.
The jealousy was what had initially attracted him to your plan of getting rid of your husband. He was boiling internally, tired of being submissive to Enzo while having you moaning and writhing in his bed. But fate had come along and given him the push he needed. His wife’s condition worsened and the medical bills threatened to bury them underground. That was when you added a clause to your devious little plan.
Xavier would kill Enzo. Xavier would go to prison. In return, you would provide for his wife and child.
Jealousy was the reactant, desperation was the catalyst, Enzo’s cold dead body was the product.
“You promise you will take care of them?” He asked, the look in his eyes that of a mad man, “You promise, right?”
It should’ve irked you that ultimately, whatever affection he still felt for his wife and child had won out over his lust for you. But it got your job done, so how did you care? There were enough fish in the sea, anyway.
“Of course,” You crooned, “Cross my heart and hope to die.”
He would’ve criticised you on your choice of words had the door bell not rung all of a sudden. You stepped away from him immediately.
“It’s ten,” Xavier pointed out, looking at the clock, “Are you expecting someone?”
You moved back to take your seat near the piano. Flexing your fingers over the keys you replied, “That would presumably be Dr. Reid. Bring him in.”
You began playing again, drowning out Xavier’s brisk footsteps.
The predictability of men never failed to amuse you. They were all so easy to manipulate. Flutter your eyelashes, compliment their dumb interests and they ended up at your doorstep begging for a chance.
Of course, you weren’t sure that Dr. Reid would show. He wasn’t exactly your normal brand of men. He was highly intelligent, you could tell that much. But the urge to see if you could outsmart a smart man was too tempting.
“Oh—” You stopped playing and turned to face him as he halted mere meters away from you, “Hello.”
He simply gave you a curt nod in greeting.
“Xavier, that’ll be all,” You said softly, “Thank you.”
You pretended not to see the vicious look that Xavier threw at both you and Dr. Reid, a look of pure contempt. Nonetheless, he left the room silently.
“To what do I owe the pleasure, Dr. Reid?”
You resisted the urge to smile when you saw his eyes flit down to take in your appearance and then rush back up to your face again. Perhaps a chemise and robe wasn’t the most appropriate outfit for greeting guests but nobody expected guests at ten at night.
So he could bloody well deal with it. Besides, he looked like he was enjoying the sight of your body wrapped in satin and lace, though he desperately tried not to show it.
“I don’t think you’ve been honest with us.” He said.
“Do you play, Dr. Reid?”
“Do you play?” You repeated, gesturing towards the piano.
“A little.” He answered slowly, looking at you as if you were planning to beat him to death with the piano or something.
“Play something for me.” You requested, patting the seat of the bench, inviting him to come and sit next to you.
He stood rooted to his spot for several seconds, then came forward and sat down. His arm brushed against yours as he brought his fingers to lightly rest over the keys. You gazed at his long, slender fingers. If he had a girlfriend or a wife, well…lucky girl.
He began playing a sharp, violent piece of music that echoed around the walls. It made you think of all the gothic romantic films created in the early half of the 90s. A lonely girl in a big, haunted mansion, troubled by the ghosts of her past until the valiant knight came to save her.
So romantic.
Most people thought so anyway, but you hated those films. You hated the fact that the girl needed to wait for the stupid knight, that she didn’t try to fight her way out of it. Things didn’t work like that in real life. You had to save yourself or die. There was no knight who saved you from the abuse you’d suffered at the hands of your father. No one had stopped him from giving you a perpetual black eye or manhandling you like a rag doll when he was drunk. No one had come brandishing a sword and tried to save your honour when he decided that you were old enough to be considered a “woman” at the age of thirteen.
Dr. Reid had stopped playing and was now looking at you curiously.
“Storm by Vivaldi,” You stated, “Good choice.”
“What are you hiding?” He asked in response, twisting to face you.
“Do you often come into a widow’s home late at night and accuse her of things?” You enquired, raising an eyebrow at him.
“Most widows don’t own books whose stories strongly resemble their husband’s death,” He responded, “Tell me, why do you see Joan Medford in yourself?”
“I don’t see Joan in myself,” You laughed, a high tinkling sound, “I see myself in Joan. Big difference.”
“Mhm,” You nodded, “You’ll see in a lot of reviews about that book that Joan is a product of all the men in her life who very unfortunately happen to die. They’ll say she’s the sleazy little slut who chases the smell of crisp bank notes. She’s incapable of love, they’ll say. All these reviews are also written by men.”
You swivelled around in your seat and got up, trailing a hand over the cover of your piano, Dr. Reid’s eyes following you closely as you circumvented the instrument.
“But Joan was just trying to survive in a cruel, cruel world,” You placed a hand on Dr. Reid’s shoulder, standing behind him, “A world that snatched away her child from her. It’s not wrong to want your child back. Right, Spencer?”
His head whipped around.
“How do you know my name?”
“Relax, I googled you,” You laughed and patted his shoulder, “Lovely name, by the way.”
He stood up too and for a moment you thought he was about to leave. His shoulders were drawn tight and his brows were furrowed as he looked at you, as if he was sizing you up.
Try all you want, my love, you thought, I don’t betray my secrets that easily.
“See, I had a different theory about why you like that book so much.” He finally said, stepping closer to you.
“Really?” You looked up, realising exactly how tall he was.
“I think you identify with Joan because you see her as a victim at the hands of these men,” He said, voice dropping low, “And you see yourself as the exact same way in your life. A pawn for men who don’t understand your worth.”
Victim? The word made you want to scratch your manicured nails across his face. You were no victim. You’d made sure of that.
“An interesting theory, Dr. Reid,” You spoke through clenched jaws, “Care to elaborate?”
“Oh, Spencer is fine,” He corrected, “Since we’ve already crossed that barrier. You distrust men. It obviously started with your father. You play off the abuse you suffered with a casual wave of your hand but it haunts you every hour of every day. It started young, didn’t it? You were what, four? Five? You learnt to take it silently. But then it got so much worse. He molested you. Possibly when your mother wasn’t home and threatened you to keep your mouth shut. Eventually your mother found out. That’s when you moved.”
You tried to step away from him but your back hit the piano.
Smart man, you admitted reluctantly, trapping me to make me more vulnerable.
“If we look deep enough into your teenage years,” He whispered, making the words sound more sinister than they were, “We’ll find a slew of boyfriends, won’t we? Now, it’s true that hypersexuality due to childhood sexual abuse is more common among men, but it’s seen in women too. It lowered your self esteem, didn’t it? Made you think that all you were good for was your body and your looks.”
“You’re making me uncomfortable.” You answered, looking up at him with what you hoped were large, vulnerable eyes.
“No, I’m not,” He chuckled sardonically, “You want to hear what else I’ve deduced about you. All narcissists do.”
“I’m not a narcissist.”
“That’s what all narcissists say.” He answered, pressing closer to you. You could smell his cologne, something fresh and light, not weighty on your nose like your husband’s scent. Hate bubbled up inside you. How dare he come into your house and start rattling off facts about you? For the first time, you felt a certain annoyance with yourself too, for finding his intellect appealing.
You weren’t just a pretty face, but neither was he.
“You were smarter than most of your male peers in school and college, weren’t you?” He said, “But it bothered you that more often than not, only they got the recognition. People didn’t pay attention to your brain because all they would see was your face. So you started exploiting that. But then your husband came along and you believed…you believed that he recognised that you had more to offer than just your beauty. But he was just like all of them.”
“He was different!” You protested.
“No, he wasn’t!” Spencer raised his voice, silencing you effectively, “I’m guessing you already knew about the affair. You flew into a rage when you realised that even your looks couldn’t keep him around. And in that rage, you stuck a knife into him.”
“I did not!”
“Yes, you did!” He was shouting now, “Yes…you…did.”
The tears that blurred your vision took you by surprise. They weren’t forced. But the weight of your past hung heavy on your shoulders, everything that you had willed yourself to forget had been brought back up by Spencer. You were sure he could see the hate in your eyes as you stared up at him.
The tears seemed to take him by surprise too as he took a step back, looking unsure.
“Can I show you something?” You asked softly.
He didn’t respond or nod his head. But you took his silence as assent.
Slowly, you lifted your hands and pushed your robe off your shoulders, dropping it to the ground. It pooled around your feet, leaving you in your chemise.
Spencer’s face betrayed his confusion and he opened his mouth to question your intentions. When his eyes fell on your now naked shoulders, he shut it promptly.
It was clear as day that he hadn’t anticipated this twist to the tale.
“Is that—”
“Bruising?” You cut him off, “Yes. Do you want to see more?”
You slid the thin strap of your chemise down to your arm, revealing another yellowing bruise on your sternum. Once he had stared at it long enough, you turned around, letting him feast his eyes on the sickly yellow and green bruises on your back.
“You’re right, Dr. Reid,” You said, turning back around as you lifted the strap to its original location, “My husband was exactly like everyone else. I suppose there is some truth to the saying that girls choose husbands who remind them of their fathers.”
He stared at you with wide, unfocused eyes.
“You have a degree in psychology, don’t you?” You asked, “Then I’m sure you can understand how a person who was abused as a child continues to be afraid of their abuser or a proxy as an adult. He was so sweet when I met him, you know? All of…this didn’t start until a year ago.”
Spencer looked like he was fighting the urge to reach out and touch the bruise on your shoulder. You couldn’t tell if he was even taking your words in.
“I was terrified of my husband, Spencer,” Your voice had devolved into a plea, “I didn’t kill him.”
You saw his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed. He looked conflicted as his eyes flitted from your face, down to your shoulder and then back up to your face again.
“Yet,” He finally spoke, “It’s wholly possible that you got tired of being thrown around and decided that the only way for it to stop was to get rid of him.”
You narrowed your eyes at that.
“Victims of regular abuse are shy, reticent even,” He moved closer to you again, “They’re not confident, alluring butterflies like you. I’m guessing you took it silently when he hit you but you were already plotting his murder in your head.”
His words made anger flare up in you yet again. You willed yourself to calm down. It wouldn’t do to lose your cool in front of a behaviour analyst.
“I know why you speak to me with so much disdain, Spencer,” You muttered softly, raising a hand to cup his face, “I know why you look at me like you despise me.”
“Because I think you’re a murderer.” He answered bluntly, but didn’t make an effort to pull away from your touch.
“No,” You shook your head, pressing your body against his, relishing the way his breath hitched, “You feel guilty for being attracted to me. For wanting me.”
He gaped at you.
“What?” You scoffed, moving back, letting your hand fall from his cheek, “You’re not that hard to read. I know things about you too, Spencer.”
“I’m sure Google has been very beneficial to you in your mission to stalk me.” He responded coolly.
“Your father abandoned you when you were a child, didn’t he?” You said, tone soft and lilting, “You know how I can tell? By the way you look at Agent Hotchner. You look towards him involuntarily for validation, you crave his approval.”
“That’s—” Spencer stumbled over his words, “That’s not true.”
“Yes, it is,” You grabbed his hand, pulling him closer to you, “You’re the baby of the team, aren’t you? And as much as you love them, you wish they wouldn’t treat you like a child all the time. That’s why you’re here. Doing something as reckless as being pressed up against a woman who you think is a murderer,” You trailed a hand up his chest, “What would Agent Hotchner think of this, hm?”
You propped yourself up on your toes, brushing your lips against the skin below his ear, smiling to yourself when you felt his body shudder. You pretended to not notice how his hand grasped your wrist tightly.
“You haven’t had much luck in love either,” You observed, “Unrequited? Though I can’t understand why. If you were mine…”
“You would stab me to death?” He remarked dryly, making you laugh.
“No, silly,” You chided, “I would never let you leave my bed. You would stay with me…” You murmured, your onslaught of kisses against his neck becoming more confident as he made no effort to stop you, “All day…every day.”
“I would sooner die,” He mumbled, grip tightening on your wrist, “I don’t want to be in your bed.”
“Really?” You asked, moving away, watching his eyes flutter open at your sudden absence. His entire face seemed quizzical, with a touch of guilt.
“Because…” You made a show of pointedly looking down and then back up, “I think your dick disagrees.”
Nothing could have prepared you for the way Spencer’s hand went around your throat, pushing you back as your body collided with the piano, resulting in a very discordant array of notes. You quickly tried to mask the surprise on your face.
“I don’t care what you think you know about me,” He hissed into your ear, fingers pressing down on the sides of your neck, “The truth is, you’re nothing but a little narcissist with blood on her hands.”
“And you’re,” You gasped, trying to get the words out, “Attracted to me. What does that say about you?”
He yanked you forward by the throat again, pressing his lips against yours desperately. There was nothing gentle or sweet about it. You’d expected Spencer to behave shyly, taking it for granted that you would have to tempt him into sleeping with you and then hold the reins.
Well, you had accomplished the first part.
“Do you make this a habit, Dr. Reid,” You asked, as he propped you up on the piano, spreading your legs and getting in between them, “Sleeping with murder suspects? Do you like the thrill of it?”
“Do you make a habit of letting strangers fuck you right after your husband has died?” He retorted, looking down at you with darkened eyes, “His body isn’t even cold yet.”
“I wouldn’t know,” You laughed in his face, “I’ve never been married more than once.”
He tugged the thin straps of your chemise down so roughly that you thought he’d tear them right off. His face was buried in your neck, suckling and biting on the soft skin. It felt rough and animalistic. Like neither of you were completely human anymore, driven to rage and insanity by each other. This was how adversaries fucked, two people who realised that the other was equally as smart as them, equally as capable of ruining their lives.
While one of his hands held you up by supporting your waist, the other brushed under the hem of your chemise, determinedly rising up until he had rucked up the material high enough to reach your breasts. It truly dawned on you just how large his hands were in that moment. Your head fell back, mouth parting in a soft moan as you felt the callouses on his palm roughly rub against your skin.
“Do you want to know what else I know about you?” He asked, voice strained, “I know you see men as objects. Objects for your pleasure, for your satisfaction. And you discard them like garbage as soon as you get bored.”
“Well, maybe—fuck—maybe they shouldn’t be so boring then,” You wrapped your legs tightly around his waist, ignoring the loud protests of the piano keys beneath you, lost in the way his fingers were playing with your nipples, “Although you’re doing a pretty satisfactory job right now.”
He scoffed, harshly pulling on the front of your chemise, making it slip down to your waist. You could tell he was going to end up ruining the lace. The sting of his teeth around your nipples made you cry out as you gripped his mousy brown curls tightly. He hissed in pain and you giggled at his reaction.
“Well, I know that this is the only way you feel in control,” You said, “Everyone sees you as the shy little nerd, but then this side of you comes out and it shocks everyone—Spencer!”
He silenced you by pushing your panties to the side, curling a finger inside your soaking core, his thumb working to rub your clit. You watched his face twist into a sadistic smirk at the little whimper which left your lips. He added another finger, pumping them in and out of you roughly.
In that moment you hoped ghosts were real and you hoped your dumb ex-husband was watching his wife get fingered by a law enforcement officer on the piano he had specially bought as a gift for you. You hoped he knew exactly how it had felt for you to see him with that Jenkins bitch.
You hoped Xavier could hear you too, lying in his bed. You hoped he could hear your moans and whimpers and your occasional cries of Spencer’s name and that he knew just how replaceable he was.
They all were.
“You disgust me, sweetheart,” He whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “You’re letting the guy who thinks you’re a murderer fuck you. Are you truly that desperate? Your husband must’ve been a lousy fuck, judging by how tight you are around my fingers.”
The words were crude and cruel compared to the tender way in which he kissed you. He swallowed your moans and your gasps greedily, nipping at your already swollen bottom lip.
“You’re fucking an alleged murderer,” You spat back, “Don’t lecture me.”
There was no venom to your words. You couldn’t muster any in face of the familiar tightness you felt at the pit of your stomach, threatening to send you over the edge at any moment.
“Spencer,” Your head fell onto his shoulder, “Please, oh—”
“Are you going to cum?” He whispered in your ear, pressing his cheek against yours. You nodded, incapable of forcing words out anymore, too busy chasing your own orgasm. His fingers felt so impossibly good inside you—
And then they were gone.
“What the fuck?!” You head shot up from his shoulder as you glared at him.
“I don’t reward entitled little girls with multiple orgasms, sorry.” He shrugged casually, as though he was apologising for forgetting to bring you coffee.
You were so used to getting everything from Enzo that his response stumped you. Tears pricked at your eyes again; you were unsure whether it was out of embarrassment or frustration. Not getting something you wanted reminded you of your past, when you’d had nothing and no one. Sometimes you looked back and wondered how you’d survived then, without even the smallest fraction of the luxury you now possessed.
“Awh,” Spencer’s voice was mocking as he brought his thumbs up to the corners of your eyes, brushing away the tears before they fell, “Is the little girl going to cry? Not used to not getting your way, sweetheart? However did your husband cope with you, you insatiable girl?”
“Haven’t you heard?” You answered bitterly, “He didn’t. He just found a new slut to bury his cock in.”
A look passed over his face at your words. His eyes filled with something akin to pity for a brief moment before it was gone.
“You’re dehumanising her by referring to her as a “slut,” which I suspect is your way of lessening your hurt,” He remarked casually, letting you unbuckle his belt, “You have a hard time sustaining female friendships, even though you really want them.”
“I’m calling her a “slut” because she is one,” You scoffed, moving onto his zipper, “You would think my husband would have chosen someone prettier to cheat on me with, but no.”
“Narcissism,” Spencer pointed out, “Another defense mechanism.”
“It’s not narcissism if it’s true.” You said in a sing-song voice, hearing his breath stutter as you palmed his clothed erection. He was unfairly pretty, resembling a seraph with the way the golden glow from the overhead lights dusted over his high cheekbones. Corrupting an angel felt like a lovely way to spend the night except that you knew Spencer Reid was definitely a little bit twisted inside.
“Looks like you’re just as fucked up as me, Spencer,” You cooed, pulling his cock out of the confines of his boxers, “You wouldn’t be so hard if you were truly disgusted by me.”
He glared at you, but couldn’t manage much more as you thumbed over the flushed tip of his cock, swiping up the pre-cum that had gathered at the head. He watched you with hungry, frustrated eyes as you popped your thumb into your mouth, sucking it clean slowly.
You smiled at him, giving your thumb one last lick.
“Oh, is it my turn to analyse you?” You feigned surprise, “Right, right. Spencer, I think you consistently get attracted to the wrong women. The good girls are cute and all, perfect for taking home to Mom but it’s the bitches like me that you end up coming back to, again and again and again. Isn’t that right, Doctor?”
You noticed his jaw visibly clench.
“Oh wait,” You laughed, “Do the good girls tend to leave you too?”
He didn’t say anything, choosing to run the head of his cock up and down your slit, making you shiver in anticipation of what was to come. You bit your lip, your eyes closing at the gentle stimulation.
“You get on my nerves.” He simply said.
Before you could come up with a smartass reply or biting sarcasm, he pushed into you smoothly, dragging a high-pitched moan out of you. Your hands fisted the material of his cardigan in a desperate attempt to ground yourself.
He pressed his forehead to the crook of your neck. You could feel the rapid breaths escaping his lips as he struggled to acclimatise himself to the vice grip of your walls around his cock. Entangling your fingers in the curls at the base of his neck, you clenched around him, laughing at the muffled groan he emitted.
“Too much, Dr. Reid?” You mocked, though the breathy nature of your voice betrayed just how aroused you were too.
“Shut your mouth.” He hissed, yanking your hair sharply, shocking you into silence. The roots at your scalp burned but you didn’t have a chance to focus on that pain as he pulled out and slammed back into you.
“Fuck,” You whined, toes curling in on themselves, “Spencer, oh my god!”
The piano keys made horribly off-tune sounds with every powerful thrust of his hips but you could say without a doubt that this would become your favourite piece of music for a long, long time.
“You know,” His words came out in harshly punctuated gasps as he struggled to speak through the pleasure, “One defining trait of femme fatales is their rejection of motherhood. Yet you’re letting me, a stranger, bareback you. Do you realise how much control I have right now?”
You struggled to come up with a response, seized with anxiety over his words yet aroused by them. You felt his hand gripping your hips, leaving bruises over the bruises already present on your body.
“You’re terrified of the idea of having kids, aren’t you?” He asked, a breathy laugh escaping his lips and brushing over your shoulder.
“I just don’t want them.” You gritted out, the end of your sentence melting into a whine as he propped your legs up higher around his waist, penetrating you deeper. In a surprisingly sweet gesture, he brushed your hair away from your face, tucking the strands behind your ear.
“Nothing is as simple as that with you,” He shook his head, stilling his movements, “I’m not fucking you unless you tell me.”
“What do you want me to say?” You scoffed, annoyed at the fact that he’d curbed your impending orgasm again, “In case you haven’t noticed, men suck. If I bring a daughter into this world, she might face the same things as me. If it’s a son, I risk him becoming like my father. Either way, I lose.”
“I think you should be more scared that your daughter might turn out like you.” He mumbled against your lips, resuming his movements with more vigour.
You brushed aside the insult, paying it no heed.
“What about you, Dr. Reid?” You asked, pulling him even closer to you, “You wanna be a daddy?”
“Do you feel that?” He whispered, ignoring your question, “Me inside you? One mistake, the slightest delay, and you’d be stuck with my child.”
“Spencer, no—”
“Relax,” He laughed, “I don’t want a murderer raising my kid.”
The sense of relief which you felt was tinged with a disappointment that you didn’t recognise. You didn’t want children, but you wanted to keep Spencer with you. It felt like he understood you…even through the hate-filled vitriolic words you spat at each other, he was the closest thing you’d ever found to an equal.
You blamed it on the euphoric sensation of his cock pressing against your cervix. You didn’t like him, just his dick.
You were so lost in your thoughts that when he reached a hand between your bodies and began rubbing determined circles against your clit, you jolted. Neither of you exchanged insults anymore, too lost in the haze of arousal.
“Spencer, please, fuck…” You pleaded, starting to feel overstimulated with every brush of his cock against your walls, “Please, I wanna cum.”
“Aren’t you the most precious, polite thing?” He mocked, but his own face was screwed up in pleasure, brows knitted closely and breath escaping in gasps.
Your face was pressed into his shoulder, voice muffled by his cardigan. You felt tears prick your eyes. Your entire body felt like it was on fire, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Your mind didn’t want this to end, it wanted him to stay buried in you forever, but your body was slowly giving up.
“Go ahead, sweetheart” He whispered into your ear, making you shiver, “Cum all over my cock.”
He met your mouth halfway, drinking in all your soft whimpers like a parched man. Your orgasm crashed over you, aided by his slender fingers. To his credit, he held on throughout, only pulling out swiftly when you purposefully clamped down around his cock. Even when your entire body was starting to hurt from the overstimulation, you couldn’t help but cause mischief.
But you were nothing if not a generous lover. You grasped his cock in your hand, now slick from your cum. It only took a few rapid flicks of your wrist before he came all over your hand, biting down onto your bare shoulder to muffle his groan.
It had been animalistic and wild, from start to finish.
He watched you lift your hand to your mouth, nimbly licking it clean of his cum. You were scared he would break a key off your piano, judging by how hard he was gripping it.
You lowered yourself from the piano, one last dissonant chord following in your wake. Your knees felt like they would buckle for a moment and you tightly gripped onto Spencer’s hand, who had made himself presentable in the meantime.
He continued to look at you as though he wanted to say something but couldn’t find the correct arrangement of words. You leaned forward, pressing your lips against his gently and exchanging your most chaste kiss of the night.
“Good night, Spencer,” You said, softly squeezing his hand, “Get back safely.”
With that, you headed upstairs, no doubt leaving a dumbfounded Spencer Reid behind you. The urge to turn around and look at his face was great, but the theatrics of him having to see you walk away was greater.
You heard the front door open and shut even before you reached your room.
You turned on the shower, steam slowly fogging up the glass chamber. Stripping yourself, you examined the condition Spencer had left you in. Your hair was a mess, and there was a prominent mark in the shape of his fingers on your hip. He’d walked away feeling like he’d won your little analysing contest with that remark about children.
But at the end of the day, even Dr. Spencer Reid was just another stupid man.
After you escaped your father at the age of fifteen, you’d vowed to yourself that you’d never let another man hurt you in any way. You didn’t care much for promises made to others, but the ones you made to yourself? You took those very seriously.
You traced a gentle finger over the healing bruise on your shoulder, the one which you had given yourself by slamming your shoulder into the wall in this very bathroom. Just like the one on your hip and sternum. Xavier had assisted with the ones on your back.
You’d planned it in advance, done it two days before Enzo died so that when the cops inevitably arrived, you could have a backup of self-defence if things really went south.
You scoffed, feeling the warm water run down your body.
As if Enzo ever had the fucking balls to lay a hand on you.
He knew Xavier wasn’t the killer. Well, he was in the literal sense of the word but the idea had been someone else’s. Yours. He just knew it.
You were a wonderful actress, he had to admit. With your shocked gasp when Xavier admitted to the crime, your crocodile tears as you asked your butler why he would ever kill your husband when the latter was like a brother to him—every reaction, every little gesture was perfect.
But people could not be convicted on the basis of doubt alone. You had the Governor’s goodwill on your side and the heap of money that your husband had left you. On the other hand, the government could not justify keeping a case open and spending money on it when someone had already willingly confessed to the crime.
The way you shook everyone’s hand and thanked them profusely, the way you smiled at him sweetly as if he hadn’t been fucking you last night was all a sham.
You were the heroine, the director and the producer of this little charade you had launched.
He saw the little quirk of your lip as you watched him get into the car from your front door. He kept staring at you, waiting for you to break character and betray yourself until the car turned out from the driveway and he could no longer see you.
Everyone agreed that there was definitely something off about you but they couldn’t justify investigating you without proof.
He specially requested Garcia to put one of her alerts on you. If any other husbands mysteriously died and there was even the slightest premonition that you had something to do with it…he would find you.
Next time, he’d beat you at your own game.
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angrythingstarlight · 13 days ago
girl yessss and when they act all shocked and their eyebrows go up like “what did you say to me?” HA! boy…you fucking heard me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia Bucky x Brat!Reader
A/N: Sinday drabble #1. Do not copy, rewrite, expand, repost or translate my drabbles. Minors DNI. 
Warnings: Smut, choking, spanking. 
You repeat yourself slowly, smirking as you plant your hands on your hips. "Make. Me."
Bucky has been in meetings with sworn enemies, has sat next to men who tried to kill him, and yet no one has caused him to lose his temper.
His restraint and cold demeanor is fucking legendary. He can't believe that you, his sweet princess, is the one that's making him about to lose all control.
"And you can go fuck yourself too."
Hearing those bratty words leave such a pretty mouth ignites the darker side of him. Oh Princess he was really hoping to keep that part of him away from you.
Bucky counts to ten in his head, reminding himself that he's so much bigger, stronger than you are. He releases a slow measured breath. "I'm giving you once more chance to behave, little one. Now apologize and we can-"
"James, I said you can go fuck yourself." You preen knowing you're never allowed to call him by his first name. His brows lift in disbelief, nostrils flaring, he takes another deep breath in.
"In fact why don't you be a good boy and fetch me something to eat, I have important things...," your voice trails off into a low whimper as his slate-blue eyes flare, pupils blown wide with rage.
The sheer intensity of his piercing gaze makes your breath stall. You may have gone too far.
Fear surges through your stomach and your eyes widen as you watch his hands roll into large fists. His jaw clenches again, relaxing enough for his pink tongue to dart over his lips.
He can sense your apprehension, his cock hardening when you avert your baleful eyes, lips pressed together. No princess it's too late for you to shut that mouth. He's going to show you what its really good for.
Bucky cracks his neck, the loud crunching making you take a step back.
"Finish what you were saying, little one," he laughs, strolling towards you.
One hand in his pocket, the other gesturing for you to come here. "I wanna hear what you were going to do."
You glance around the empty office, the door is right behind him. If you can make it around him, you might be able to get away long enough for him to calm down.
"Try it little girl." He says, mocking your earlier tone.
Your eyes swing back to him and fuck. Fuck. You definitely went too far. His black shirt is crumpled by his feet, the matching suspenders pulled taut over his broad tattooed chest. He rolls his larger shoulders, veins running along his biceps as his muscles flex.
You take a wobbly step to the side. "Bucky," you start, holding your hands up. "You know I was-wait" you squeal.
Bucky rushes to you with a low growl. The world spinning as he grabs you. For a second you don't even know what's happening until you blink. Your legs swinging helplessly in the air as he hoists you over his shoulder.
"Now tell me what important things you have to do princess. I'm all ears."
He draws his arm back and slams his hand down on your ass, a sharp stinging pain ripples up your back.
"Bucky," you cry out, trying to wiggle in his hold. 
He leaves the office, strolling through the hallway until he reaches the living room.  Your desperate attempts to get down don't phase him, he continues to rain down slaps on your tender ass. "Bucky please."
"C'mon I want to hear every detail." He asserts, throwing you on the sofa.
You bounce once before sinking into the plush cushions. He's on you before you can stammer out another plea. Bucky's large yet nimble hands rip your clothes off with eases. Its disorienting, the way he can manhandle you without breaking a sweat, the show of strength has you aching. 
Pushing your knees into your chest, the soft linen of his black trousers smooth over your bare skin. Bucky gazes down at you, drinking in your gasp when you feel his hot swollen cock slide through your folds. “Go on princess,” he taunts slowly drawing out each word as he pushes into your tight sopping cunt. “Every. Last. Detail.” 
 You bite back a gasp, a familiar burning coursing through you as your stretched wide around his thick veiny cock. His hips snap forward, the sudden sensation of being so fucking full makes your mouth go slack, for a second all you can do is breathe as he goes deeper until you swear he’s in your belly. 
“That’s better,” he smirks, “guess all you needed to shut your fucking mouth was some cock huh?” 
He’s right. And now you want to be fucked until you can’t even speak. You know exactly how to get what you want too. Innocently gazing up at him, your hand twists around his suspender and you tug him down. “I’m sorry,” you say, brushing your lips over his. “I guess I wasn’t clear when I said to go fuck yourself. “ 
You pull back, chuckling at his sharp inhale. “Now be a good boy James and-” 
Bucky pushes your knees apart, his hips pound into yours, his cock splitting you open so good, your back arches off the couch, sensations surging through your cunt as you wail his name. 
Bucky grins, his hand wrapping around your throat as he buries himself in your body. “Oh I’m going to fuck myself alright. Tonight you’re going to be my own personal fucktoy.” 
He pulls your head up by your throat, squeezing harder as he stares into your eyes. “Let’s see how long it takes to fuck the brat of you, princess.” 
And I-  
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likeahorribledream · 20 days ago
okay I send a mini request?
Can it be please like in a new relationship with Bucky Barnes (like when the reader & him first start to date?) and she notices how touched starved he is - and maybe when she goes to touch him (in a non sexual way, like maybe she goes to take his hand or rubs his back??) he flinches at first? But soon realises that not everyone who touches him is gonna hurt him? 🥺 thats just what I’m thinking about this afternoon 😭
I hope this inspired something! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)
Thank you so much for requesting this. I loved the idea so much. It's a little different from what you suggested but I hope you still like it!
Missing Piece
Part Two
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 5k
Warnings: Not beta read, a whole lot of fluff, talks of anxiety and anxiety attack but it doesn't go into details.
This is my first request ever and I hope I did good. Feel free to send me more requests, I had so much fun writing this.
Tumblr media
When Steve first mentioned that Bucky would soon join them at the new house, everybody got a little wiry. The Winter Soldier’s reputation preceded him everywhere he went, his past was far from being a secret, whether you were an avenger or not.
You had gotten pretty close to Steve after you joined the team. Everyone had welcomed you with open arms and you had nothing to complain about, but Steve always went the extra mile. When you first moved in, he always made sure you were included in their group activities, if no one wanted to train with you he would always volunteer quickly so you wouldn’t feel like an outsider. The team had been together for a very long time before your arrival and it was never easy to let anyone in and to trust them, especially in life or death situations.
Steve had even made sure that your room was on the same floor as his so you’d know you always had someone you trusted around. He treated you like his baby sister and you loved it. He told you all about his life pre-serum and post-serum, telling you everything about his history with Bucky, never calling him once by the name Hydra had given him. You had heard so much about Bucky that you felt like you already knew him. You got excited when Steve told everyone he was going to join the team, from all the stories you had heard from Steve, he was definitely someone you wanted to have watching your back and to have as a friend.
Tumblr media
Steve walked in first to make sure that not everyone was waiting for them, like he had asked, as to not overwhelm Bucky as soon as he stepped inside. No one was really looking forward to meeting him, anyway. When he saw that the coast was clear, he gestured for Bucky to come in.
You had been reading in the other room, close to the front door, when you heard the door open, some shuffling and the door close. You stood up from the couch, securing your bookmark in between two pages before closing your book and holding it close to your chest as you walked over, grinning at Steve.
‘’You’re back!!’’
You looked around, not seeing Bucky anywhere. You frowned. You took a few steps towards Steve to hug him and that’s when you saw him, standing behind his best friend. Almost hiding.
You gave your friend a big hug before smiling at Bucky.
Bucky nodded towards you, not saying a word and avoiding eye contact. He looked at the book you were holding and focused on it instead of you. You kept your eyes on him for a few moments, looking at his face and how exhausted he looked. Not only physically but emotionally and mentally. You wanted to hug him so badly, tell him that he’s finally safe but you didn’t. You knew it would take some time before Bucky warmed up to you, and you were willing to wait.
Tumblr media
After that day, you weren’t hanging out with Steve as much as you used to do. You didn’t want to force his best friend to be around you, and Steve was the only person he knew and trusted so of course they were always together. You spent most of your days training at the gym or reading in your room, leaving the door open almost hoping someone would come over and talk to you but without Steve, you were always alone.
You were surprised when one day, as you were reading yet again, Steve knocked on your door before walking in, Bucky following right behind him. The soldier gave you a small nod before walking over to your book shelf and looking at every book you owned. Making a mental list of the ones he would to borrow one day.
Steve sat down next to you on your bed and wrapped his right arm around your shoulders, hugging you.
‘’Hi.’’ He grinned down at you.
‘’Hey, stranger.’’ You smiled, hugging him back.
He held you close to his chest, your head on his shoulder as you played with his fingers.
You were a very anxious person, always worrying about something or overthinking situations that happened long ago or could happen in the future, near or far. Steve picked up on it really quickly after meeting you. He did some research on anxiety and read somewhere that hugging anxious people helped calm them down, if they were ok with being touched. The next time he saw you, he told you everything he had learned about the subject. It touched you that someone had taken the time to look up ways to help you and to better understand you. You told him that you had read the same thing but you didn’t know if it worked with you because no one ever hugged you.
The next time he saw you getting anxious, he walked slowly towards you and held his arms open, giving you the choice whether you wanted to be touched or not at this moment. You didn’t hesitate before walking into his opened arms, wrapping your own around his torso and closing your eyes, resting your head on his chest. He hugged you so tightly, it was almost difficult to breathe but for some reason it only made you feel safer. From that moment on, he was always hugging you or holding your hands to ground you. The heroes living with them had gotten used to it but Bucky was surprised when he turned around to see you all over each other.
He noticed how relaxed you both looked, how at peace you seemed to be and he almost asked you to hug him in the same way but instead looked away, staring out the window. The thought of you touching him made his heart flutter while terrifying him at the same time. When strangers touch him, it never ends well for Bucky. Afterthe super soldiers left your room that night, Bucky asked Steve if you were his girlfriend and when Steve said no, he asked why he was holding you as ifyou were, that’s when he told him about your anxiety and that it was one of the ways he had found to ground you toreality when your mind started to go into the big, black hole that made you lose touch with your rationality.
Bucky spent the entire night reading about it on the internet, a tool he had found useful ever since he had ran away from Hydra, surprised to see that there were actual scientific researches about the whole thing. He thought about all the nights he had spent awake and terrified to go to sleep because of the things he would see once he closed his eyes, wondering if he had someone to hug would make him feel better. If he had you to hug. Without even knowing why, he realized that he had never craved someone’s touch more than he did yours. Maybe together you could help the other one heal but first he had to get over his fear of people touching him.
He decided to start small. Steve had told him multiple times that you weren’t scared of him but he wasn’t completely convinced, he was careful to not give you any reason to actually fear him.
Bucky joined yours and Steve’s conversations more often, not talking much but still participating. The first time you heard him laugh at something Steve had said, you thought your heart was literally going to melt in your chest. His eyes had lit up, the little creases around his eyes deepened and you swore in this moment you’d do anything to hear him laugh again.
After a while, you started to notice that Bucky was opening up to you more every day. You were happy about it; and scared you might do something wrong and make him shut you out like he did the rest of the people living with you.
A few weeks later, he started seeking you out on his own. Steve was gone on a mission for Fury, Bucky panicked, it’ll be the first time Steve would leave him on his own since he was brought to the house. Steve had told him that he’ll be okay, he wasn’t really alone. You were there, he could trust you. Then, it dawned on him. He was finally be able to spend time alone with you, without having to ask Steve and explain why he wanted to be alone with you. Panic was quickly replaced by excitement.
Tumblr media
You were in your room, sitting at your desk for once, looking at videos Steve had been sending you during his flight. You rolled your eyes every time you received a new link. The poor man thought he had just discovered all the hidden gems of the internet and you didn’t have the heart to tell him these videos had been going around for years. You were about to write back to him when you heard a small knock on your opened door. You almost jumped at the sound, no one ever came around when Steve was gone, you weren’t expecting anyone. You turned around in your chair and couldn’t stop the grin that spread on your face.
‘’Come in, James. You don’t need to knock.’’ You waved for him to come in.
His knees almost buckled under his weight every time you said his name. He had always hated it when people called him James but when you do, it had such an effect on him that he was sure he’d be ready to do anything for you as long as you kept calling him James. He cursed at himself in his head, he used to be so smooth. One tiny smirk and girls would line up to go out with him. He always knew what to say, how to make the girls blush. Now here he was, not being able to make a sound while blushing, just because you smiled at him and called him by his name.
He cleared his throat before talking, not trusting his voice after his little moment of weakness. He gave you a small smile and pointed his thumb over his shoulder, at your book shelf.
‘’I was- I was wondering if I could maybe borrow a book? I promise I’ll bring it back. It can be anything.. even if there’s some pages missing or somethin’..’’ He bit his lower lip to shut himself up, rambling too much for his own taste. You don’t think you had heard him say that many words in a row before and you tried to ignore the little butterflies that erupted in your stomach, all just from hearing the sound of his voice.
You brought a hand to your chest, pretending to be offended. Bucky opened his eyes wide when he saw your expression and cursed at himself, once again. Of course you wouldn’t want to lend him anything, he thought. It was stupid of him to even ask. Why would you trust him with anything? After everything he’s done, he’s surprised you even felt comfortable having him in your room.
‘’You think that I-’’ You paused dramatically. ‘’I have books with pages missing? Mr. Barnes.’’ You shook your head before continuing. ‘’I thought you knew me better than this.’’
He looked at you for a few seconds before laughing. It was definitely not the answer he was expecting. He was full on laughing, like he had done with Steve a few days ago, and you were glad you were still sitting because your knees went weak, once again, at the sound.
You had made Bucky Barnes laugh.
‘’Sorry doll, won’t make that mistake again.’’ He told you once he had stopped laughing.
You definitely needed to stay on the chair, your legs couldn’t be trusted around him, the new nickname having the same effect on you as his laugh.
Your cheeks felt hot as a bright pink crept up on your neck, all the way to your ears. Bucky noticed the sudden change of color on your face but didn’t say anything about it. He caught himself thinking about how soft your skin looked and about how much he wanted to brush his fingers on your cheeks.
‘’You can take whichever book you want, just not the one on my nightstand because I’m reading it.’’ You smiled.
It took Bucky about 5 minutes before finally picking a book. Well, actually it had taken him one minute to decide and 4 minutes to try to find an excuse to try and stay with you longer but he couldn’t think of anything. He grabbed the book and turned around, facing you to thank you and started walking out when you called out to him.
‘’Actually, I’d feel better if you read the book in my room. You talking about book missing pages worries me a little.’’ You teased, hoping he would stay with you.
He chuckled and walked back inside, holding both his hands up in surrender, one of them still holding the book. His heart started to beat faster at the simple thought of you wanting him around.
‘’Fair enough.’’ He smiled.
You pointed to the bean bag chair sitting in the corner, close to the book shelf and then to your bed.
‘’You can either sit there or on my bed.’’ Her eyes lit up and he recognized that look. He had seen it hundreds of times on Steve. That’s the look that came before he made a joke about him. ‘’Although, you might be too old to sit in a bean bag chair.’’ You stood up, pretending to look for the tag that had the warnings on it. ‘’How old are you? I think this if for child over 4 and adults under 70.’’
There it is. You had definitely been spending too much time with Steve, he thought before sticking his tongue out at you.
‘’My knees are probably in a better shape than yours.’’ He teased back before sitting on your bed, his back against the headboard.
You chuckled. ‘’Oh, most definitely.’’
You spent the entire day in your room reading while sitting next to Bucky on your bed. Never touching him, but being close enough that you could feel his warmth.
He couldn’t focus on the book at all, his thoughts always going back to how close you were sitting and how if he juststretchedhis hand out a tiny bit, he’d be able to hold your hand or wondering how it would feel to have you all snuggled up against his chest. He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t feel you moving your hand towardshis arm. You wanted to read to himsomething in your book that you thoughthe would love and without thinking you reached out to him to get his attention. Before you could even touch him, Bucky flinched so hard you thought he was going to fall off the bed. You brought your hand back to your body, holding it close to your chest.
‘’Bucky, I’m so sorry. I- I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry.’’
Tears started to blur your vision. You felt bad for not thinking before acting, you were scared that you had crossed a line and that he wouldn’t want to be around you and a small part of you felt sad that he didn’t want you touching him. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, so the tears wouldn’t fall. You weren’t about to cry in front of Bucky when he was the one that needed comforting.
‘’It’s okay.’’ He reassured you but it wasn’t okay. He was mad at himself for reacting in the way he did, when literally just seconds before all he could think about was feeling your skin against his own.
After what your refer to in your head as ‘’the incident’’, you were very careful to avoid any physical contact with Bucky. Every time you could feel him or his body temperature, you would take a few steps in the opposite direction to put some distance between the two of you.
Something Steve noticed the few days after he had came back from his mission. Bucky seemed almost sad and you well, guilt was clearly eating at you. Steve could tell something had changed while he was away but he didn’t know what. He didn’t ask questions, you would tell him in your own time.
Tumblr media
It had been a week since Steve had gotten back from his latest mission and he decided that a movie night was very much needed. He told everyone to be in the living room at 8pm sharp and that everyone had to wear their best Pjs.
‘’Yes Bucky that also includes you.’’ He added before his best friend had even opened his mouth to ask the question. He mumbled something under his breath, something only the other super soldier could hear. Whatever was said, it made Steve roll his eyes and chuckle to himself.
You ate dinner in your room, something that happened quite often, and decided to watch a few episodes of your favorite show while you finished dinner. You completely lost track of time, until FRIDAY’s voice echoed in your room.
‘’Captain Rogers would like to know if, and I quote, you had any intention on joining them in this lifetime?’’
You looked at the clock and cursed, running to the living room. Everyone was already sitting down and were waiting for you. You whispered a small ‘’sorry’’ before looking around to find an empty seat. There was one. Next to Bucky. You felt a little bit of anger towards your teammates for not wanting to sit next to him, it had been over a month since he had moved in, it was time they started warming up to him.
Little did you know that the empty spot next to Bucky had been left empty on purpose. He had been one of the firsts in the living room, he wanted to sit on the small sofa and to not be piled up on the big couch with everyone else. Every time someone had tried sitting down next to him, he glared at them until they sat somewhere else. Even Steve.
Tony almost warned you to not sit next to Bucky, that he didn’t want anyone sitting next to him but stopped himself as you sat down. Everyone was surprised that Bucky hadn’t glared at you, if they looked close enough they could almost see him smiling at you. A light bulb went off in Steve’s head and he smirked, understanding what was happening.
You were nervous to be sitting this close to Bucky, there was absolutely no space for you to move. You tried to stay as still as you possibly could to make sure you weren’t going to touch him by accident.
Bucky was looking at the screen but he wasn’t watching the movie. He noticed how you tried not to move but all he wanted was for you to be close to him, a lot closer than you were right now. He was racking his brain, trying to find a way to let you know what he wanted without having to actually say it out loud. He looked down at your hand that was laying flat on your thigh. The Avengers were way too engrossed in the movie to notice if he decided to reach over to you and held your hand.
He missed his old life. He missed his old self, the man he was wouldn’t be nervous at the idea of holding your hand. Hell, the old Bucky would probably be all over you; holding your hand, hugging you, kissing your cheeks and playing with your hair while you had your head on his shoulder.
You were sitting in a weird position and your butt started to feel numb. You needed to move. Looking at Bucky from the corner of your eye, you took your hands away from your thighs so you could uncross your legs and stretch them. You had been so focus on his face that you never saw his hand that had almost reached yours before you knocked into it as you moved. That also meant you didn’t miss the way Bucky flinched and recoiled, moving moreto his side of the sofa. Your heart tightened in your chest, a selfish part of you was hoping that Bucky would trust you by now.
You stood up so fast that everyone’s attention was on you instead of the screen.
‘’I don’t feel like watching a movie, I’m going to bed.’’ You mumbled before storming out of the living room. Bucky clearly didn’t want you anywhere near him and he should be able to enjoy the movie without having you ruining his night. You were always hiding in your room anyway, no one would miss you.
Steve looked at Bucky as confusion could be read all over his face, he frowned and waited for Bucky to say something but he just shrugged and looked away. From the outside, Bucky looked like he wasn’t fazed but inside, he wanted to explode. He couldn’t believe it happened, again. He didn’t mean to flinch, and hurt your feelings in the process.
The blonde stood up and walked over to your room. He listened for a few seconds to see if you were sleeping and when he heard you moving around, he knocked gently.
‘’Toots?’’ He called out. Steve had called you that once and you had hated it, so of course Steve started using it all the time and you secretly started loving it.
You opened the door and smiled at Steve. ‘’What’s up?’’
‘’Wanna tell me what happened with Buck?’’
You sighed and stepped aside, letting him in and closing the door behind him. You sat down on your bed and shrugged.
‘’I don’t think Bucky likes me that much. I thought we were getting along fine but he keeps flinching whenever I touch him and I totally understand why, with everything that happened to him but I don’t know.’’ You sighed and looked down. ‘’He almost looks disgusted every time I touch him by accident.’’
Steve started laughing, almost uncontrollably, the kind of laugh that would be contagious if it didn’t feel like he was laughing at you. You raised an eyebrow, frowning. You crossed your arms over your chest, hurt.
‘’Are you laughing at me?’’ He stopped laughing almost instantly and he shook his head, walking over to you quickly and sat down besides you.
‘’No. No, absolutely not.’’ He grabbed your hands. ‘’It’s just that Bucky is nervous around you.’’
‘’But why? He looks fine around other people. Did I do something wrong? If I did something he should tell me so I don’t do it again.’’ You pleaded.
‘’I assure you, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s the opposite. You’ve been nothing but sweet to him and he’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop. He doesn’t think he deserves kindness, from anyone, especially not from you. He’s so used to have people turn on him, he’s expecting the same to happen with you. Not that you would turn on him, but y’know.’’ He squeezed your hands.
You nodded. Of course you knew. Bucky spent the last 70 years being manipulated and tortured by people who claimed they were on his side. You wish you could make him see and understand that he isn’t the Winter Soldier anymore, that what happened was out of his control and that he deserved kindness and love as much as any of them did.
‘’I can’t believe I made this about me.’’ You dropped your head in your hands. ‘’I’m sorry, Steve.’’
‘’Stop it, don’t feel bad. This isn’t a ‘’normal’’ situation. It’s totally understandable for you to be confused. I’ve known Bucky my whole life, I can read him like a book otherwise I’d probably feel the same way you do.’’
‘’I should probably go apologize to him.’’ You started getting up.
‘’Apologize for what? For having feelings and being confused as to how to act because it’s your first time being around a former brain-washed assassin? Toots, there’s nothing to apologize for. It’s human nature, I’m sure he’s not upset with you in any way.’’
He wrapped his hand around your wrist, making you sit back down on your bed. He was right.
There was a small knock at your door, so small you would have thought you had imagined it if it weren’t for Steve turning his head to look at the door.
‘’Come in.’’ You said, sitting back down on your bed.
The door slowly opened, Bucky was standing on the other side of it. He had a sad look on his face.
‘’Is this a bad time?’’ He asked hesitantly.
‘’Not at all.’’ Steve said while getting up. ‘’I was just about to leave. Good night toots.’’ He kissed the top of your head quickly and walked out, closing the door.
Neither of you talked for a long minute before Bucky finally moved and sat at the edge of your bed.
‘’I’m sorry.’’ He said, looking down.
You were surprised by his apology because he had absolutely nothing to apologize for. You moved on your bed, getting closer to him while still keeping some distance between the two of you.
‘’Sorry for what?’’ You sounded confused, and you were.
‘’For flinching.’’ He mumbled, embarrassed.
‘’Oh, James, no.’’ You wanted to comfort him so badly, there was this urge inside of you that screamed to try to take away all of his pain. Without even thinking, you raised one of your hands to his shoulder but stopped yourself before actually touching him.
‘’Don’t.’’ He pleaded, looking at you with pain in his eyes.
‘’I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.’’ You looked down.
‘’No. Don’t stop.’’
‘’Wh- What?’’ You looked up at him.
He didn’t know how to ask. He wanted you to touch him so badly, just to feel your skin on his but saying Please touch me would sound all kind of wrongs. He looked down at your hand and then looked backintoyour eyes, hoping you would understand.
Then something clicked in your mind.
‘’You-... You want me to...?’’ You trailed off, scared to finish your question. What if you’ve been reading this situation all wrong and pushed him even further away, but he nodded.
‘’Please, sweetheart.’’ He pressed, he almost sounded on the verge of begging and he would probably have felt embarrassed if he hadn’t needed you so badly.
‘’Are you sure?’’ You looked in his eyes, the answer written all over of his face. He was more than sure, he had been waiting for this almost since the moment he first saw you.
You raised your hand again and slowly moved it towards him, giving him every opportunity to stop you if he changed his mind. You first thought had been to put your hand on his shoulder, then you saw how he was looking at you and couldn’t stop yourself. Your fingertips gently brushed against his cheek, easing him into it. This time he didn’t flinch and you were so relieved, you could have almost cried.
You wanted to go slow, not wanting to scare him but the moment your fingers touched his skin, he leaned into your touch, nuzzling his cheek closer toyour palm. He closed his eyes and sighed, content. He looked beautiful and you felt like your heart was about to jump out of your chest, it was beating so fast.
You brushed your thumb softly across his cheek a few times and slowly started to let go of his face. His eyes snapped open and he grabbed your hand with his, a small whine rumbling in his chest. You took his hand and smiled.
‘’It’s okay.’’ You whispered, scared that if you spoke up; it would ruin the moment or worse, you would realize this was all a dream and you would wake up.
You let go of his hand, shuffling on your bed until your back was against the headboard. You moved around a little bit, sliding a little further down on the mattress so only your shoulders and head would be held up by the headboard and your back rested on your pillows. You wiggled your legs under the covers and smiled. You extended both arms towards him, making grabby hands and grinning.
He smiled before quickly moving towards you. You lifted the covers so he could get under them, and let them fall on his lower half once he had settled next to you. You let him snuggle against your side, almost halfof his body being on top of yours as he tried not to crush you under his weight. You watched him as he got comfortable. Now that he knew how you felt against his skin, he didn’t want to let go and he was going to be as clingy as you would allow him to be. He had spent over 70 years without being touched in a way that didn’t make his skin crawl, he had over 70 years worth of loving touches to catch up on. He had found someone who wasn't disgusted by who he was and what he had done. For some reasons he didn't understand, you cared about him and actually wanted him in your life. He had found someone who didn't want to hurt him or manipulate him. He found his person.
His flesh arm wrapped around your middle while his vibranium arm snaked under you, wrapping you completely in his arms. He laid his head on your chest and closed his eyes, listening to your heartbeat. Your right hand went to his head, running your fingers through his long hair; over and over again at a soothing pacewhile your left arm wrapped around his shoulders, holding him impossibly closer to you. You closed your eyes and felt your entire body relax.
As you both fell asleep, you knew you weren’t ever letting the other go. You fell into place like two puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly. You had found the missing piece you needed, finally whole.
Tumblr media
Dividers were made by @bwbatta full credits to her and her talent.
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wolken-himmel · 23 days ago
In which Floyd, not realising how fragile (Y/n) really is, accidentally breaks her bones during one of his infamous hugs.
Now he's a puppy begging for forgiveness.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! In sorry!"
Floyd, kneeling on the floor just next to your feet, had his hands clasped together while his face was contorted into a desperate and pleading expression. His wavering voice was loud and booming, so much that even the usually so calm Jade, who was busy tending to your injured arm, winced whenever a sharp cry escaped his brother's lips.
You sighed while doing your best to cover up your left ear with your free and unharmed hand, only for the eel to shoot up and remove your hand from your head to instead take it into his own. A little bit exasperated by his antics now, you rolled your eyes and grumbled, "Floyd, please—"
Yet, Floyd would have none of it. "I didn't mean to hurt Shrimpy!" he wailed while tugging at your arm, making you fear that he would muster enough strength to accidentally dislodge the bones. You opened your mouth and were about to scold him for his behaviour, but couldn't bring it over yourself to chide him with the way he seemed so vulnerable and genuine. "I would never hurt Shrimpy!"
Exhaling in exhaustion, you gently muttered, "Floyd, it's alright—"
Much to your dismay, the merman was so caught up in his wallowing that he disregarded your attempts of comforting him and assuring him that, indeed, everything was alright. Continuing to cling to your hand with both his hands, he fell to his knees again and cried out, "Shrimpy must hate me now—"
"Floyd Leech!" you shrieked eventually. "Just shut up!"
His jaw fell down in surprise at your sudden outburst — even Jade seemed taken aback by the way you had suddenly raised your voice. In the silence, Floyd's sniffles rang through the empty infirmary, and it seemed like he had finally calmed down. "(Y/n)..." he muttered under his breath, and you truly thought he had snapped out of it — only for him to resume his crying and screaming seconds later, the volume of his hoarse voice having increased tenfold. "No, please don't yell at me! Don't be angry with me! I'm so sorry!"
A huff escaped your exhausted throat, but you did your best at lowering your volume and being more gentle when you whispered, "Floyd, can you please calm down? I'm not angry..."
"You're not?" Floyd asked, sniffling. "Truly?"
The way his eyes reminded you of a puppy made you laugh to yourself, and you could feel your exhaustion fly out of the window and instead be replaced by amusement. "Yes," you confirmed and pulled your hand out of his tight grip to pat his head, which did well in calming him down further. "Incidents like these happen."
"They don't," Jade chirped.
His remark caused you to roll your eyes in an exasperated way; the sadist truly was about to make your efforts turn into nothing but ashes again. So, turning to him and shooting him an angry glare that only served to amuse him, you hissed, "Hush, Jade. That's beside the point." The eel tending to your injured limb chuckled before going back to work on your arm, leaving you and his brother to your own devices. You hummed and turned to a whimpering Floyd again. "Anyway, what I was saying... Floyd, you're fine. I'm not angry or anything like that—"
When Floyd lurched forward to wrap his arms around your torso, evoking a shrill scream from your lips when he accidentally touched your injured arm, he cried out in happiness, "Yay, you're so nice to me!" Your lips were still parted in a silent scream at the throbbing pain in your arm, able to feel that your bones weren't where they should be. Yet, Floyd was too caught up in innocent bliss to care; there even were tears running down his face. "I don't deserve you..."
Laughing softly, you closed your eyes and eased up into your suffocating embrace. "You don't mean that, do you?"
"Hehe, of course I don't," Floyd mumbled in mischief. "I only deserve the kindest, prettiest, funniest, and tiniest shrimp there is!"
Your eyes softened at his words, and you could feel your annoyance and fury evaporating into nothing but thin air. While resting your head on his shoulder, you took a deep breath and inhaled his comforting scent. "Oh Floyd..." you muttered under your breath and giggled. "I just can't be angry at you..."
Floyd had a knowing grin on his lips. "I know~"
"Also, I would appreciate it if you loosened your hug a little bit," you muttered when you couldn't take the pain anymore, your face almost blue and your throat dry from the pain you had tried to endure up until now. "Please don't break the bones in my other arm as well."
"Oh—" Floyd immediately recoiled before glomping you again, but much less tight this time around. "Sorry, Shrimpy!"
"I swear... you're a sea puppy, Floyd."
"Silly Shrimpy! I'm an eel— not a sea puppy."
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angrythingstarlight · 7 days ago
Come Here and Show Me
Summary: Your man has been working hard, so you decide he needs a little stress relief. But you have to tease him first. Too bad Steve hates being teased.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Lumberjack Steve x reader
Word Count is around 1.8K
Warnings: Smut, size kink, minors DNI, Steve is 6'3, a hint of breeding kink
A/N: Unbeta'd, written on my phone. Do not copy, rewrite, translate or repost my fics.
You always thought nothing compared to Steve Rogers.
Until now.
Because nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to having a naked 6’3 Steve Rogers bound to your dining room chair.
Needy and on the verge of snapping.
Prominent veins in his neck bulging, a bead of sweat forming along his forehead. His defined muscular chest heaving as he curls his hands into fists. A hint of a flush rising across his bearded cheeks.
The legs of the chair creak on the hardwood floor as he adjusts his hips, his cock throbbing and stiff and leaking precum as it bobs between his large, thick thighs.
30 minutes ago.
Steve had walked into your shared cabin, shrugging off his woolly brown coat as he kicks off his dusty boots. He calls out for you while hanging his work bag on the doorknob.
Waiting until you hear his heavy footstep approaching, you stand up on the coffee table, letting his checkered flannel shirt drape over your body as you pose.
Your name fading on his tongue when he notices the candles flickering in the living room, soft music drifting in the air.
“Hey, sweetheart,” he greets, his eyes darting around the living room. All the furniture pushed to the wall. Except for the table, you’re using as a makeshift stage and the chair placed in front of it.
Steve skids to stop when he directs his gaze at you, his eyes widening. You watched his Adam’s apple bob twice, clearing his voice before he spoke. “You look amazing.”
His eyes trailing down your body, past his shirt slipping down your shoulder, over the slope of your breast peaking through the gap, down to your legs covered in the sheer diamond-patterned thigh highs.
“Fuck me,” he whispers when he spots the red garter around your right thigh. He can’t even think with you standing in front of him looking so damn good. “You’re beautiful, sweetheart, this is-goddamn I’m lucky,” The praises roll off his tongue as he walks to you. He halts when you hold up your hand.
“Strip down and take a seat,,” you ordered, holding up two striped ties.
A wide grin stretched across his face as he rips off his shirt, mumbling hell yeah.
“I swear to god sweetheart if you don’t untie me right now.” His warning trails off into a low growl when you bend over. You’re playing with fire, you know the burn will be worth it so you hook your thumbs under your panties and ease them down your legs.
Steve groans, a deep primitive sound that makes you throb. The restraints on his wrists strain and pull, his hands reaching for you because oh god your his pretty pussy is right there, right fucking there in front of his face, he knows you’re clenching down, your tight little cunt glistening and dripping for him, all he can think about is sinking into your warmth.
“Fuck I need you,” he moans, his darkening blue eyes watching your slick trail down your thighs as you spread your folds. Steve can’t control himself, the chair groaning and creaking under his weight, his entire body leaning forward in a desperate bid to taste you. “Let me stretch you, sweetheart, you know you want my cock, let me-,”
You straighten up, looking over your shoulder. “Oh, no baby, we’re not done yet,” you tease. Bringing your hand up to your face, you twist your wrist, letting him see your coated fingers. “In fact, I have- “you shrug, playfully tapping your lips as if in deep thought, listening as the next song starts, “-30 minutes left.”
His gaze hardened, an intoxicating array of emotions forming in the depths of his dark blue eyes. Lust, a tinge of admiration, and feral neediness. A wily smirk lifts the corner of your lips when he growls at you, his breath hissed through his clenched teeth. You know he’s going to tear you apart the second he gets loose.
You saunter to him, his large red flannel shirt fluttering around your body with every step. Your breasts swaying while you stretch your arms over your head. His hooded eyes drifting up and down your body, his heady stare searing you. The way he’s staring at you, mesmerized by your beauty, shallow breaths escaping his parted lips have you feeling like a goddess.
You straddle his hair-covered thighs, leaning back so only the tip of cock grazes your belly. He grunts, his aching, swollen head twitching at the soft contact. His eyes flit up at you through his long lashes and you shiver.
Steve promises he’s going to make you pay for this. You can’t wait. You roll your hips, humming to the music playing in the background. “Remember Steve, you’re the one who wanted an hour-long lap dance,” you tease, swiping your thumb over his bottom lip, dragging it down. “I’m only giving you what you want.”
His wet pink tongue darts out, sweeping over your thumb. Not breaking eye contact, he lowers his head, wrapping his lips around your thumb.
You keep dancing to the beat, lifting slightly until you’re hovering over him. Pulling your thumb away, you brush the tips of your slick covered fingers over his lips. He tries to suck them into his mouth, snarling when you rip your hand away.
“Now remember, no touching Steve,” you chide.
Steve tilts his head back, his eyes narrowing. “That’s it, I’m done, let me go.” He says, his gravelly voice deepening.
“I still have 25 minutes,” you retort, tapping his lips again, squealing when he snaps his teeth.
“You have what I give you, sweetheart. Now let me go.”
Swallowing thickly, you look down to see the restrains still in place. He can’t do anything until you set him free. Which means you can continue to do whatever you want. You grin, tucking your lip between your teeth. Steve’s face drops, shaking his head. “Don’t play with me.”
You shrug a shoulder. “I said no touching Steve.” You push a finger into his chest as you climb off his lap. “Now you’re going to have to watch me all the way over there.” You back away from him, running your hands over your curves.
Steve raises his wrists, the restrains fraying, his biceps bulging as he yanks as his binds. You giggle, watching him struggle to free himself, his movements stalling when you trace your nipples. His eyes aimed at your hand, cupping your tit. “I’ll show you how I liked to be touched and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about how to please me.”
It takes everything in you not to whimper. Your brain, or maybe your pussy, you don’t know at this point, is screaming fina-fucking-lly.
Steve blinks at your sassy quip. Taking a deep breath, he chuckles, softly at first, you take a step back as he gets louder.
The chilling sounds making you freeze as they wash over you. Dark. Low. You like it, your clit pulsating.
He lifts his massive arms up, breaking the ties, and stands up. The chair falling over with a loud clatter.
He storms across the room, tossing the ruined ties on the floor. He grabs your waist, pulling you into his warm chest.
“I’ll touch you whenever I feel like it, sweetheart.” His hands move down your thighs, around your ass, squeezing and pinching, he can’t get enough of you, his touch firm and possessive.
You squeal when he crouches down, hooking your legs under his arms, lifting you up as if you weigh nothing.
“You know why I can do whatever the fuck I want to you,” he says, his voice deceptively calm.
It’s not a question, you lick your lips nervously, drawing his attention, he takes your bottom lip between his teeth biting down until you whimper, his tongue laving over the dents he created.
“Because you’re mine.” His lips slot over yours, not moving. “So is your pussy. And I’m going to spend all night reminding you that you belong to me.”
“Steve- what,”
And he drops you.
At least it feels like he’s going to, your stomach plummeting as he loosens his hold. Letting you go enough, his cock gliding into your drenched cunt, the abrupt sensation of being full has you keening, his lips following yours, he swallows your shocked gasps while adjusting you in his arms.
“Oh god,” you choke out into his mouth, arching your back. Your eyes roll back as your walls flutter him. You love that stinging burn that spirals through you during the first deep stretch, your nails clawing into his shoulders.
"Talked all the shit and you're already cockdrunk," he laughs, his chest sliding over yours. "You're lucky this pussy is the best I've ever had or I swear I would make you beg for it."
He claims your lips again, deepening the kiss, his tongue moving over yours as he rolls your hips over his throbbing cock.
Your needy, wanton moans muffled by his passionate kisses, his chapped lips softly moving over yours. You feel small, petite in his strong grip. The onslaught of pleasure as he guides your body is incredible.
He’s ruthless, slamming you down on his cock, making you take each deep thrust, the wet sloshing of your cunt echoing in your ears, his cock splitting you in two so damn good until you can only hang on to him. "Fuck, don’t stop please don’t stop."
“I got you, sweetheart.” He breaks the kiss, smirking at your dazed face. “Still so fucking tight. Damn, your little cunt feels so good.” He praises, his lips dragging over your sweat-slicked throat. "'M gonna fill you up until I'm dripping out of you."
You want that, fuck you want to feel him inside you all night. “Steve, yes, fuck yes,” you groan.
Reinforcing his hold on you, he widens his stances and slams you down on his thick veiny cock, hitting that soft spongy spot repeatedly until you’re making sounds you don’t even recognize. You wrap your arms around his neck, sobbing his names into his shoulder.
White-hot pressure building in your belly, fuck you can’t take it, you need to cum; you need it.
“Good. Girl.” Steve looks down with smug satisfaction, watching his cock get coated with your slick, your walls clamping down over him. “Now cum for me. Right. Now.”
You do. Fuck, you couldn’t stop it if you tried. Your pussy sucking him back as the pressure snaps inside you.
Your walls clench down as you jerk wildly, rocking harder over him. All you can think is how it’s so good, unaware you’re chanting his name. You see stars, actual stars purples, and reds blooming behind your eyelids as pleasure wraps around your body.
Steve walks until your back hits the living room window, the cool glass soothing on your heated skin, sending a shiver down your spine. You're still a little delirious, your head lolling on his shoulder, gasping as your orgasm fades into small aftershocks. He places your trembling legs around his waist.
“I changed my mind.” His large hand wrenches your head back, you blink slowly, your heart hammering as his hungry eyes stare into your glossy ones. “Instead of the lap dance, I’m going to see how many times I can make you cum.”
He pushes you into the glass, his hands landing beside your head.
“And next time you think about keeping me from my pussy, I’ll edge you until you break. Understand?”
You give him a sated grin. “Promise?”
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sunnysmuseum · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
summary: It’s common knowledge that Levi doesn’t like to be touched. He doesn’t like people cleaning his room, for people to interrupt his meetings unannounced, to drink his tea from his cupboard, or to have to share his things. You’re the only exception, as everyone soon comes to find out.
tags: levi x fem!reader, secret (?) relationship being revealed, pure fluff, set in canonverse, levi is a lovesick boi, they/them pronouns for Hange (who is your best friend in this fic hehe)
word count: 4.8K
a/n: ah this is my first fic on here! it’s not perfect (obvi) but I worked hard on it and I think it came together quite nicely! I hope you all enjoy (if you do please consider letting me know) x
Tumblr media
Having made the relationship official a month ago, both you and Levi were still basking in the honeymoon phase of it all - the delicate rush of every touch, the soft lingers of affection at night, the sweet urge to spend every moment together. But Levi was firm: he wanted to keep it a secret from everyone.
So much of his life was in the public eye and he wanted to keep the best part of it so far - you - to himself. You’d practically melted when he confessed that to you one night, when the only light in the room was the soft moonlight cascading through the gaps in the curtains, and you’d wholeheartedly agreed. At least for the beginning rush, it would be nice to keep it between the two of you.
Except it didn’t last long - all because Levi was bad at hiding his affections for you in the subtlest ways. 
𝟎𝟏. 𝐩𝐡𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐭𝐨𝐮𝐜𝐡
“I’m not doing it.”
“You lost the bet, Jean, you have to be the one to wake Captain Levi up.” Eren complained, practically shoving his friend forward towards Levi’s room in defiance. Erwin had just dropped by to ask someone to fetch the captain for an urgent meeting, and being that it was 8am on a Saturday, no one wanted to be the one to force the corporal to wake from his peaceful slumber on what was supposed to be a weekend off. 
Jean, however, was hellbent on not having to be the one to wake Levi up. After all, his left arm was still sore from three days ago when Jean carelessly tapped the corporal in the back in an effort to get past the corporal, causing the short ravenette to instinctively twist the cadet’s arm sideways and respond with a harsh “tch. don’t touch me unannounced” as an apology. Jean could only imagine what horrible pain Levi would inflict on him if he was the one to wake up the corporal and tell him he had work in the morning on a Saturday. 
“What are you two arguing about?” your voice rang out from behind the two boys, a confused look crossing your face. Jean and Eren stood up quickly in alarm, stiffly saluting - an action which you waved off immediately.
“Uh, well, commander Erwin has requested that captain Levi join him upstairs for an urgent meeting.” Eren announced firmly, causing Jean to suppress an eyeroll - Eren was always so hellbent on impressing all the captains and higher ups in the Survey Corps, including you. Your eyes seem to light up at the mention of Levi, and a small smile spread across your face slowly.
“Oh, I can go wake him up for you.” you suggested casually, causing both boys to look up in surprise. 
“A-are you sure, captain (L/n)?” Jean asked carefully. You were known to always be willing to lend a helping hand to other cadets in need - that was why you were so popular among all the scout after all, for your generosity, kindness and wit (which somehow had not diminished despite years of witnessing horrors and violence as a captain). And Jean really didn’t want you to have to deal with Levi’s cold insults for him. “Because technically, the commander did order me or Eren to be the one to wake him up.” 
You shook your head sideways, waving off the cadet’s concerns.
“In that case, let me assist you. I’m sure Levi will be appreciative of your notice.” you said firmly, not taking “no” for an answer.  
Jean let out a quiet “yeah right” which was immediately silenced by Eren hitting the back of his friend’s head, causing Jean to yelp out in surprise. You simply laughed at the small interaction before leading the way, exchanging small talk with the two cadets on the way on how Jean’s training was going and how Eren’s experiments with Hange were progressing. Conversation flowed easily - Eren and Jean always found you to be one of the easier superiors to talk to - and before they knew it, you’d all arrived at Levi’s door. 
“Go ahead, Jean.” you said softly, gesturing to the door. Jean gulped audibly before knocking on the captain’s door quietly, testing the waters. Upon hearing no response, Jean knocked louder, only to be met with silence again. He looked back anxiously, to which you just smiled and asked him to move so you could open the door. 
Eren decided to stay by the door to watch the scene unfold (totally ready to see Jean’s ass get kicked) whilst you and Jean walked up to Levi’s bed, where he was laying facing the wall, a thin blanket covering his sleeping figure. 
“Levi-” you called out, receiving no response from him. And before Jean could warn you, your hand reached out and softly shook the sleeping man’s shoulders in an attempt to wake him. Levi woke instantly, his eyes wide open and his reflexes kicking into gear as he sat up straight and prepared to verbally lash out at whoever just walked into his room and dared to touch him awake. To Jean’s surprise, however, the angry look in the corporal’s eyes dissipated when his steely grey orbs met yours, his expression instead melting into one of .... calmness. Jean’s eyes shifted to look at your face as you frowned apologetically. 
“Sorry to wake you, but Erwin is requesting your presence for a meeting upstairs.” you added sheepily. Jean stayed silent, waiting to see if Levi would at least berate you for touching him, but again to his surprise: Levi didn’t. He only silently nodded before his eyes narrowed in on Jean, who was practically hiding behind you in fear. 
“And what are you doing here?” Levi asked out loud, his tone icy. Jean could feel his hands getting sweaty from all the stress but you seemed unphased, simply parting the curtains in the room to let the sunlight in. 
“Relax Levi, he’s with me. Jean, thank you for your help, but you’re welcome to go now.” 
Levi looked towards his doorway, causing Eren’s eyes to widen and quickly hide behind the door. The ravenette let out a quiet “tch” in annoyance as Jean quickly shuffled outside, leaving you alone with Levi. 
“Wait, the corporal didn’t kill you?” 
“No! And even weirder, he didn’t lash out at Captain (Y/n) for waking him up.” 
“Those brats speak so loudly that I can still hear them as they walk away.” Levi grumbled out loud, sitting up and resting his back against the wall in exhaustion. 
“You say that like we weren’t ever young and reckless.” you teased, walking over to sit on the bed. He simply hummed in response, letting you sit down in front of him and curl into his embrace. Wordlessly, his arms sneaked around your frame, locking you in place. 
“Levi, you have to be at that meeting-” you started, only to be cut off by Levi’s face burrowing into your neck. 
“Sh. Erwin didn’t specify how quickly I had to be there.” he grumbled into your neck, breathing in your scent. Poor Levi, you could still hear how tired he was from being woken up early.
“I know, but he did say it was urgent.” you pressed softly, moving up one hand to cup his cheek. He let out a quiet sigh, clearly unmotivated to move. 
“Fine. Five minutes, then I’ll go.” 
You laughed at his stubbornness.
“Okay, five minutes.” 
𝟎𝟐. 𝐜𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐦
Of course, out of all days that Connie could’ve pissed off Levi - it had to be during spring cleaning week. A playful argument between him and Jean had landed him five minutes late to that day’s morning training session, earning both him and his friend laps till dawn plus “cleaning until your fucking knees give out” the next morning. 
Connie’s arms were already sore from reaching up for every cupboard imaginable in the boy’s barracks, but at least he wasn’t placed on bathroom duty, he supposed - that misfortune had fallen on Jean, for accidentally laughing when Levi insulted Connie yesterday. After scrubbing the floors and dusting off the cupboards, his hands were already red and his legs felt like giving out. 
But Connie couldn’t rest, not yet, because Levi had ordered for him to clean till sundown. 
Whilst mulling over places he could clean next, the slightly open door to Levi’s office caught his eye and a dangerous idea popped into his mind - what if he cleaned the corporal’s office? If he did a good job, it could potentially impress his superior and save him from a further punishment should Levi deem his other cleaning unsatisfactory. 
Besides, Levi did say to scrub “the whole fucking building” clean till sundown, right? 
Picking up the bucket of water with his left hand, he carefully walked into the corporal’s room, opening the door slightly wider with his left foot. To his surprise, you were already inside, making Levi’s bed before you looked up at the sound of someone entering. 
“Oh, hi, Captain (Y/n).” he managed to stutter out nervously - was he about to be told off by a superior, he wasn’t sure. But you just smiled, giving him a friendly wave.
“Hi Connie! Here to clean Levi’s room?” you questioned, causing him to slowly nod. 
“I’m on cleaning duty and figured it would be a nice.... thing to do.” Connie said slowly, wording it carefully. You suppressed a knowing smirk - the 104th scout regiment were such motivated kids, they really wanted to impress Levi and it was rather cute in your opinion so you didn’t have the heart to turn him away.
“That’s fine! You can get started on the floors, I’ll focus on the desk and the cupboards after I’m done making the bed.” 
The two of you worked in comfortable silence, time passing by rather quickly with short conversations in between, until Levi’s voice cut in two hours later with a “what are you brats doing in my room.” You were standing on a small chair to be able to reach the top of his cabinet when Levi entered, his sudden entrance causing you to jolt in surprise and nearly fall over the chair - had it not been Connie’s quick reflexes causing him to bolt forward and catch to steady you at the last second. 
Whilst Connie’s heart was beating erratically at the clearly annoyed expression on the corporal’s face, you didn’t seem to mind, simply laughing at the fact that you nearly fell over - a sound which seemed to soften Levi’s tense expression the slightest bit. 
“Oh, you came back early! Cadet Springer here was helping me clean your room, and he’s done a pretty good j-” 
“I don’t recall ever commanding you to clean my room, cadet.” Levi interrupted, his icy glare directed straight at Connie. “Now leave. It’s sundown.” 
So much for a plan backfiring, Connie bitterly thought. He tried to keep his mind at bay by going to the dining hall to meet his friends, a solace which only lasted half an hour before Levi came by and requested to see him in his office. Connie knocked quickly and only entered before Levi ordered him to come in - the man looked somewhat menacing, sat down on his desk with his elbows resting on the table as he leaned forward to speak. 
“You cleaned my room today. Without my permission. Correct?”
Nervous silence followed from Connie’s end, and Levi’s eyebrows raised.
“I asked a question cadet, and I expect an answer.” 
“Y-yes sir, that is correct.” 
Levi stared blankly at Connie, each silent moment passing by only making the cadet’s anxiety worse. 
“Normally, I would hand out a punishment for the invasion of privacy AND the subpar cleaning done. However...” Levi trailed off, an unreadable look  overtaking his eyes for the slightest second. “You did prevent captain (Y/n) from suffering an injury today.”
“I-I did?” 
Levi ignored both Connie’s question and the surprise evident in his tone and continued.
“So I’m going to let you off with a warning.” 
“T-thank you sir!” Connie clumsily saluted, earning an annoyed sigh from Levi’s lips.
“But don’t make this a habit. Next time, it’s stable duty on top of laps. Understood?”
“Now get the hell out of my sight.” 
His friends equally were surprised when Connie arrived back at the barracks unharmed and with no punishment - and when pressed on why, Connie couldn’t give an answer. 
“I feel like it may have something to do with Captain (Y/n) but I’m not sure.” he muttered out sleepily before falling asleep. Jean and Eren exchanged looks that Connie couldn’t read, but he didn’t care at the moment - he was just happy he wouldn’t be on cleaning duty again. 
𝟎𝟑. 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐮𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬
You and Levi weren’t aware of it, but by the third week of your relationship being official, the rumors of you two dating had begun to catch on, due to both Jean and Connie’s respective experiences in seeing how the captain seemed to have a soft spot for you. The rumors had reached Erwin when he’d heard the 104th scout regiment boys up past curfew discussing the matter when he was on a walk last night around the building, but the commander dismissed it as simple gossip. 
He had more pressing things to worry about, anyways - like figuring out a way to convince government officials from Wall Sina to raise the budget for the Survey Corps for the next quarter. He’d need all hands on board to convince the officials - they were known to be snobby and difficult (viewing the Survey Corps as a dirty, low level job draining the kingdom’s expenses). 
And though Erwin felt slightly bad for calling Levi into his office for the third time that week - he needed to make sure everything was perfect. And the pile of expedition reports were not going to sort themselves out. 
“I’m hoping to read them a couple of our reports from the last few expeditions - including our findings, Hange’s research results and statistics on casualties and weaponry usage. Let them realize we’ve been making a lot of progress whilst maintaining minimal casualties.” Erwin explained, his eyes briefly leaving the stack of papers in his hands to peer up at Levi. The short ravenette simply nodded, his dull stare shifting from the blonde haired man to the report sitting on his own lap. 
The hours seemed to pass by quickly, the sunlight in the room starting to dim, and with at least one person dropping by per hour, it was easy for Erwin to keep track of the time. And with every person who dropped by, Levi would be noticeably agitated, clearly preferring to work in a silent environment. 
The corporal had flipped off Hange, told Mike to “piss off” and snapped at Moblit when Moblit had offered to take some of the paperwork off Levi’s hands. The signs of sleep fatigue were obvious on his friend, and it seemed like no one would be safe from Levi’s grumpiness today. Eventually, Levi retreated to the back room of Erwin’s office, complaining that Erwin’s “constant sipping and chewing” was driving him to the “brink of insanity.” 
Erwin noted in the back of his mind to not eat at his desk the next time when Levi was over in his office. 
Then at seven pm sharp, when almost everyone would be at the dining hall for dinner, you entered the room with a tray of food in your hands.
“Good evening, Erwin!” you greeted optimistically, as Erwin smiled in acknowledgment of your presence.
“Evening, (Y/n).”
“Is Levi here?” 
“He’s in the back doing some work, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to disturb-” 
You sped off to the back before Erwin could stop you, pulling a sigh from his tired lips. He stopped writing his pen stop mid-way through his paper, his ears perking up in case Levi were to lash out at you. Surprisingly, he heard... nothing. 
Not wanting to invade the private conversation between you two, the commander remained still, but he couldn’t help but slightly lean over from his seat to see what was going on. He couldn’t hear what exactly was being said, but you were leaning against the table Levi was working on, a soft smile on your face as you pushed the tray of food towards him. Levi scowled and pushed the tray back, seemingly rejecting the food. 
That caused you pushed the tray back more firmly this time, and though Erwin couldn’t see the expression on your face (as your back was turned away from him), whatever you’d said or done had changed something for Levi, as the corporal suddenly stopped arguing and begrudgingly started to chew on the piece of bread on the tray.
Erwin’s eyes widened and his mind immediately went back to the conversations he overheard from the boy’s barracks last night. 
Perhaps the gossip was a bit true. 
Erwin thought perhaps Levi ate the bread just to appease you and get you to leave, but he noted that Levi actually ended up finishing the food - and even brought down the tray to the dining hall afterwards.
Yep, Erwin decided - there was definitely something going on. 
𝟎𝟒. 𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐞𝐚
“Are you hiding something from me?” Hange complained out loud, suddenly turning away from observing Sawney and Bean to look directly at you. You were leaned against the brick wall, having been called down to assist your best friend in scribbling down some observational notes on the titans in the late of the night, so you were definitely not expecting to be interrogated on personal matters.
“Hiding what?” you questioned, confused. Hange threw their arms up dramatically, spinning around and staring you directly at your face.
“You’ve been acting weird lately - disappearing at odd times in the night, smiling way more... you’ve even been dressing differently on your days off. Are you-” they paused, a gasp escaping their lips. “Are you seeing someone?” 
Your eyes widened too quickly for you to deny it convincingly.
“You TOTALLY are! Who is it?” they excitedly screamed, so loud that it even startled the titans, as Hange practically threw down their clipboard and grabbed onto your shoulders. 
“Hange, we are literally in front of captured titans for a science experiment. And my love life is what you want to talk about?” you replied dryly, desperately wanting to change the conversation. 
“Obviously....” they teased, their eyes glinting with mischief under their glasses. You sighed, suppressing a yawn - it was already nearing midnight and the titans hadn’t done anything notable. 
“Okay, whatever, if we’re going to be staying up more, can we at least go get some caffeine? Like tea?”
“Psh. Levi is rubbing off on you too much.” Hange complained, but agreed, following you to the kitchen. You opened up the high cupboards and frowned, noticing that the usual set of tea leaves you’d use were completely finished. Hange leaned against the table, bored, one eye shut and the other only slightly opening to eye you down.
“What’s taking you so long, (Y/n)? Are you-” their voice dropped low in a teasing manner. “Are you thinking about your lover?” 
“What? No! It’s just- ugh, I forgot to buy more tea leaves from the market last week and I’m completely out.” you complained, turning around to look at your best friend with pleading eyes. “You don’t happen to have any tea, do you?”
Hange shook their head sideways apologetically and you groaned, resting your forehead on the cupboard door, until you saw from the corner of your eye, Levi’s stash tucked neatly into the corner. There was only a bit of it left, but it should be enough to make a single cup of tea, you reasoned. And when you reached for and pulled out the specific brand of tea leaves Levi always liked - he was intensely particular about his tea - Hange stood up straight in alarm. 
“Is that- is that shorty’s tea?” they questioned, causing you to hum in agreement, digging around the drawers for a strainer. 
“I’m pretty sure he’d KILL you for drinking some of his tea. Did I tell you that he nearly dislocated my arm last week for moving his tea cup so I could set down a stack of papers?” Hange complained, their voice slightly panicky. 
You laughed softly - you could totally imagine Levi doing that. 
“Don’t worry about it, Hange. I can handle myself.” 
They eyed you suspiciously but decided to leave it there, instead shifting the conversation back to your love life. All questions which you avoided expertly, though you did admit that there was someone special, an admission which caused Hange to squeal. 
“No, Hange, I won’t tell you who it is. They want it to be secret and so do I.”
Hange’s excitement noticeably deflated and their pout reminded you of a child’s.
“Wha- well for how long? Forever?” they pressed you as you began to walk away from the kitchen, the tea completed and warm in your hand. You two incidentally passed by Levi’s bedroom on the way back, his door swinging open unexpectedly as the disheveled corporal glared up at you two passing by.
“Would it kill you two to be more quiet?” 
You could see that his room was still brightly lit, and his bed was too neatly made for him to have slept already. 
“Levi, why are you up?” you asked worriedly. He brushed off your concern with an irritated glare. 
“Tch. Need to refill my tea.” 
“Oh, I accidentally used the last bit of your tea leaves to brew my own. Sorry.” you sheepishly added - you hadn’t thought ahead that Levi might be working late tonight and would need to refill his tea as well. 
Hange watched with wide eyes as Levi just sighed in response - he just sighed? why isn’t he drop kicking her or at least yelling at her! Hange screamed internally. The corporal instead gestured for you to hand over your cup, pouring half of the liquid into his empty cup, leaving the other half for you. 
“You owe me tea now, brat.” he added quietly, a soft affection escaping in his tone. You smiled apologetically.
“100% - next time I get a day off, I’ll buy you at least three bags. And go to sleep soon. You’re cranky when you don’t get enough sleep.” 
Levi tutted, rolling his eyes.
“I’ll think about it.” 
Now that Hange thought about it, they remembered Erwin making a comment earlier about you and Levi’s relationship - something about how you two were working better together than ever before, and when Hange pressed about it, Erwin quickly said that he meant it from a logistical standpoint from observing the latest expedition results. 
But the sudden fluster in Erwin’s cheeks - a telltale symptom of whenever he revealed something he knew he shouldn’t have - made it too clear to Hange that Erwin meant something more. But they hadn’t pressed on it at the time, not suspecting anything much. 
“Hange? You okay?” your question snapped Hange out of their trance, and Hange eagerly nodded, before falsely yawning and stretching out their arms.
“You know, (Y/n), actually, I think it’s probably good that we meet back up tomorrow morning. I’m exhausted.”
Hange definitely wasn’t, and they knew Erwin was still awake, and they 100% was going to tell Erwin what they just saw and crosscheck with him to see if he also thought you and Levi were secretly together. You frowned at their response, confused.
“But, I thought you still wanted to continue-”
“Good night, captain!” Hange basically shouted, running down the hallway. You shook your head sideways at their antics (their high energy never failed to amuse you) before looking back down onto your cup of tea. Well, you couldn’t drink this now if you were to sleep - at least not all of it. 
And that was how you found yourself back in Levi’s room, offering the rest of your tea to him. You turned to leave for your own room when Levi’s hand reached out to grasp your wrist, stopping you in your tracks.
“Will you lay down with me?” you asked hopefully, silently bribing him with your puppy dog eyes. He sighed. 
“In a few minutes.” 
You were too exhausted to argue, discarding your uniform layers until you were just left in your shirt and underwear before slipping into Levi’s bed. The last thing you felt was Levi’s warm arms trailing around your side and the sweet but sharp smell of mint tea on his breath, before you were lulled off to sleep, blisfully aware of the chaos that would ensue tomorrow.  
𝟎𝟓. 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬
You woke up before Levi, your vision still swimming with haziness from a blissful night of sleep as you blinked continuously to be able to see straight. Levi was still in deep sleep, and judging by the amount of light outside, it was still relatively early in the morning so you didn’t want to wake him up. You ran your fingers carefully through his short hair and he unconsciously nuzzled his head into your palm, an action which caused your smile to widen. 
He was so adorable sometimes. 
You knew he’d been overworking himself more than ever recently and if he was going to sleep in today for the first time in, forever, probably.... you didn’t want to wake him up so early. 
So you chose to get dressed in the dark, pulling on your pants, shoes, socks and jacket without opening the curtains to prevent any light from getting into the room and disturbing your boyfriend’s sleep. With one quick glance at Levi to make sure he was still asleep, you carefully closed the door and went down to the dining hall for some breakfast. 
“Morning, everyone.” you greeted Hange, Erwin, Mike and Moblit, who were all sitting down at the same table after grabbing some food. You noticed all of their eyes widen in surprise at the sight of you, causing you to laugh uncomfortably. 
“Why are you all staring at me like that?” you asked, sliding into a seat next to Hange. Everyone looked at each other uneasily, before Mike broke the ice. 
“Are you aware that you’re wearing Levi’s jacket right now?” Mike questioned coolly, taking a slow sip from his cup. Your eyes widened in surprise, your hands immediately flying to grasp at the jacket around your frame - shit, it was Levi’s. Levi had recently gotten a tear on the left side of his jacket from flying a little bit too close to an open mouthed titan to rescue a new cadet during the last expedition, and the story had spread like wildfire.
You recalled Levi saying he’d get to stitching up the fabric himself but he’d been assigned so much paperwork that he must’ve not had gotten to it, you realized. And the open gash was large, noticable and unique to Levi’s jacket. And if your colleagues could tell-
“Shit, is it obvious? Are other people staring at me?” you whispered quietly, frantically looking up at your friends. Hange only smirked.
“They’re all staring at you, (Y/n). The secret’s out the bag now.”
You looked around at the cadets seated near you, all of them avoiding your gaze to talk fervently with their friends. Your face felt hot with embarrassment  - this was so not the way you wanted your relationship with Levi to be revealed. Your embarrassment only worsened when not even half an hour later, Levi entered the dining hall, clearly missing his jacket, and sat himself down next to you.
“Well, that explains where my jacket went.” he said plainly, eliciting loud laughter from Hange and Erwin. 
“I’m so sorry, Levi-” you started, only to be cut off. 
“Don’t be. I’m pretty sure most of the regiment knew before today anyways.” Levi added as a matter of fact, seemingly unbothered by the new development. 
“W-what? How?” 
“No offense, (Y/n), but Levi acts quite differently when it comes to you that it’s rather hard not to notice.” Erwin commented quietly, a knowing smile on his lips. 
“Like how?” you scoffed, crossing your arms. 
“Like how he’ll let you wake him up without killing you. Or let you clean his room unannounced, interrupt his meetings, brew his last bit of tea... The last one was a dead giveaway, though I was hearing rumors among the cadets well beforehand.” Hange listed off one by one, counting off from their fingers.
“There were RUMORS?” you nearly shouted at your best friend, causing them to shrug nonchalantly.
“Couldn’t interrogate everyone, but Jean and Eren said you woke Levi up without him getting mad at you, Connie said Levi didn’t punish him because he caught you from falling over.... And Erwin told me last night that shorty even let you feed him dinner when he was working late.” they replied, pausing to take a bite out of their bread. 
Both you and Levi glared at Erwin simultaneously, causing the blonde to smile apologetically. 
“Regardless, I believe congratulations are in order.” Mike cut in, bringing down the tension in the group. 
“Oh yeah, we love you two being together!” Hange added excitably. 
Quiet murmurs of thank yous were exchanged, and eventually, the topic of conversation changed to the various activities of the day. Everyone shifted out of the table one by one, leaving you alone with Levi. 
“Why does your face look like that?” your boyfriend asked bluntly, noticing the oddly worried expression on your face. You shifted uncomfortably under his gaze, debating if you should reply. 
“I don’t know, I just... I feel bad that the secret is out now.” you said slowly, trying to gauge his reactions. 
Levi simply scoffed in response, blowing some steam away from his cup of tea before he spoke. 
“Don’t be. I guess I’m bad at hiding how fond I am of you... especially when there are nosy brats like Eren and Hange around us 24/7.” he added quietly, causing you to laugh quietly before looking up shyly at him.
“I guess that’s true.” 
The faintest outline of a smile appeared on his lips, along with a wicked glimmer in his steely orbs.
“Besides, now that the secret’s out, it means I get to do this.” 
His left hand reached for yours under the table, his slender fingers wrapping around yours and holding them firmly against his palm. He then pulled you towards him, shifting your body closer towards him, before placing your conjoined hands on the table. 
Everyone had to be staring now. 
“Thought you didn’t like PDA.” you mumbled quietly, fighting off the embarrassment rising in your cheeks. Levi only gave you a lazy smirk in response, cocking his head to the side ever so slightly. 
“I’ll make an exception for you.” 
Tumblr media
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thot-writes · a month ago
Tumblr media
you suck their tiddies headcanons — BNHA edition since u know i’m gon do it for other fandoms (18+ NSFW);
Tumblr media
Tamaki Amajiki;
Tamaki’s arm is draped over his face as his lips tremble weakly. a deep shade of pink peaks out from underneath, but he can’t bring himself to stop cowering.
you suck on his swollen nipple, using your free hand to toy with the other one, and his whole body feels like it’s coming undone beneath you.
he’s way too sensitive, it seems like any kind of touch is enough to drive him crazy, and you always abuse that.
he’s far too adorable for his own good, it’s not your fault to rough him up. he should stop seducing you.
“Mmmgh, y-you’re doing too much... it hurts.”
you pull away and give him a small kiss. “Sorry, babe. I got carried away.”
he shakes his head. “It-it’s okay... I liked it.”
“Should I keep going?” you smile.
he doesn’t answer, but you see him nod beneath his forearm.
Denki Kaminari;
“Haah! H-how are you so good— ngh!— at this?”
you fondle his chest with reckless abandon and leave a circle of hickeys surrounding his nipples. they’re already flushed and slick with your spit, and Denki is so painfully hard a single touch would probably send him over the edge
“It just comes naturally to me,” you joke. “I see something I like, I mark it— like that cute little ass of yours.”
he grips the sheets beneath him and looks at you. “Did you have to say it like that? That’s so embarrassing.”
you give a gentle slap to his left pec and he shuts up. “Don’t act like you don’t love it. Strutting around my house shirtless, you were just begging for me to do this.”
he bites his lip and blushes harder. “So... we still going?”
you lean down to lick his chest, keeping eye contact all the while. “Just try and stop me.”
Shota Aizawa;
Shota is leaned back casually at the head of the bed, breathing out a deep, pleased sigh as he drags his fingers through his hair
you’ve cupped his (surprisingly big) chest in your hands as your tongue flicks over the sensitive bud.
when you told him you wanted to do this he looked at you like you grew another head.
“Do I look like a woman?” is what he said to you.
“Your titties are big enough to motorboat, it’d be a waste to just leave ‘em unattended.”
he relented rather easily despite that though, he knew there was no stopping you once your mind was set on something.
he gazed down at you through half-lidded eyes, his breathing louder and sweeter than usual. you take a nipple between your teeth and it sends a jolt through his body, he lets out a quivering gasp.
“Y-you’re having way too much fun there...” he murmurs.
“You say that like you’re not pitching a tent right now.”
Eijiro Kirishima;
“G-geez... this isn’t manly at all...”
sweet Eijiro is straddling your lap with a blush that turns his face almost as red as his hair
you toy playfully with his chest as you eagerly suck at one of his nipples. Eijiro has his hands through your hair to steady himself against the merciless onslaught, and you can tell something feels particularly good when he tugs on it
his sweet, restrained moans fill the room along with the lewd sucking noises you’re making
one of your hands moves from his lower back to grab at the shapely flesh of his ass, and he unwittingly arches into you. he bites down on his lip and slowly gyrates his hips, wanting to feel any kind of contact on his sorely neglected erection
“You’re enjoying this quite a bit, aren’t you?” you coo.
he nods his head and whimpers in response.
you trace your tongue from his chest to his clavicle in one long lick. “I’ll make you feel good for as long as you want, baby.”
Shoto Todoroki;
when you asked to suck his tits, Shoto agreed without really thinking on it.
“Shoto, can I play with your tits?” you asked.
“Sure,” he answered, not missing a beat. it was only later on in the day that he realised what you asked him— he was just so well-trained at this point that he agrees to pretty much everything you ask of him
he’s leaned up against the wall, his hot gaze fixed solely on you as you have your way with his chest
his eyes drift shut and he leans his head back as your mouth encircles one of the sweet, sensitive buds. you have to lean down to get a good angle, but by god is it worth it
his moans and gasps are quiet, as they always are, but the way he presses his body further into your mouth is proof enough that he wants more
you pull away only to squeeze his pecs together and make circular motions on his nipples with your thumbs. you can scarcely hold back your desire for him, he’s just so perfect it’s annoying
when you see his mismatched eyes lingering on yours, you lean in and give him a short but breath-taking kiss.
“I hope you know that these — and you — belong to me forever,” you say as you press your foreheads together.
“Mmh. I’m yours. Do whatever you like with me,” he replies, a small smile tugging at his lips
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hunni-pen · 2 days ago
Back to Events
Asks Open
Tumblr media
Day 1: Facesitting- Miruko
Day 2: Begging- Dabi
Day 3: Temp Play/ Bondage- Shoto Todoroki
Day 4: mirror sex- Kuroo Testurou
Day 5: Shotgunning- Shinsou Hitoshi
Day 6: Size kink- Endeavor
Day 7: Oral fixation- Kirishima
Day 8: Rough/hatefucking- Bakugou
Day 9: Lingerie/Bondage- Mt.Lady
Day 10: cockwarming, hairpulling- Fatgum
Skipped day 11
Day 12: Rimming, Anal- Terushima Yuuji
Day 13: distant/distracted, hands/gloves- Overhaul
Day 14: Tentacles, choking- Tamaki Amajiki
Day 15: thigh riding, uniform- Bokuto
Day 16: Body worship, - Kenma
Day 17: seduction, masturbation- Denki
Skipped day 18
Day 19: biting, public- Shigaraki
Day 20: break day- Soft!Bakuou(no smut srry)
Day 21: orgy, facesitting- Bakusquad
Day 22: cuckolding, impact play- Erasermic
Day 23: Shibari, Size Kink- Ushijima
Day 24: overstim- Hawks
Day 25: sadomasochism, piercings- Tendou
Day 26: soft sex, sensation play- Sero
Day 27: degrading, against a wall- Villian!Aizawa
Day 28: oral fixation, restraint- Tsukkishima
Day 29: Somnophilia- Suna
Day 30: thigh highs, praise, size- Deku P1 P2
Day 31: misc. aftercare headcanons- MHA HAIKYUU
None of these fics are edited but I will be rearing some w different characters maybe. Look forward to Kinktober21
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angrythingstarlight · 2 days ago
Okay, so we know you don’t like Mr. Freezy, but how do you feel about this guy…
Tumblr media
…bending you over and taking you on the hood of his cruiser?
Yes... my kinda NSFW thots below. No minors. 18+ only. Lee has a big ole c*ck.  Vag sex, little bit o' dirty talk.
He bent you over, one large hand resting on the center of your back, your face pushed into the coarse tweed jacket that he placed on top of the hood.
His cruiser is parked on the side of the deserted paved road with your smaller car right behind it. The darkness is broken by the dim glow of the cruiser's headlights and a few scattered stars peeking through the cloudy night sky.
It's exhilarating.
Getting the sheriff riled up like this.
You had stopped by the station to pay off a few parking tickets when you spotted the sheriff giving a lecture to some of his recruits. 
All it took was a quip about his newly appointed deputy looking handsome in his freshly pressed uniform and you had Lee right where you wanted him. 
You were nearly home when the good sheriff pulled you over, giving you a ticket for speeding. 
You smirked as he wrote it up and when he tossed it you with a gruff goodnight sugar,  you casually asked when Mark would have a day off, you wanna see if he looks just as good out of his uniform as he does in it.
Lee stomped back to your car, peering in your window. His blue eyes darkening as he snarled, “repeat that for me honey.” 
Jealousy is a good color on him. You were soaked so fast, you think you made have stained your seat, your panties sticking to your pussy as he slowly grinned at you. 
Your hands are above your head, the cold metal cuffs digging into your warm skin.
Batting your eyelashes, you lift your head. "Aw dewdrop, all I said was Mark looked cute."
Lee glowers at your teasing tone, his calloused fingers pushing you back into position. He kicks your legs apart, pushing up your floral skirt with a rough yank, your panties dragged down to your knees.
The chill night hits your heated flesh a second before his large hand does. The loud smack resounding across the field next to you. “Now imma count to ten and you better apologize for disrespectin me in front of my men, little girl.” 
“Go on Lee,” you sass. “I'll count for you, ten, five, one.” You prattle off, swishing your hips back and forth. 
He chuckles, the sounds of his belt rattling mingling with your excited panting. “You don’t want me to count to ten, well let's see if you can take ten,” he smirks. 
Your eyes widen at the feel of his warm smooth tip moving through your folds. His large hands parting your sore cheeks and he pounds into you, his cock sliding into your tight hole so fast your back arches at an almost unnatural angle,  your drenched walls burning and fluttering as he stretches you.
 “What's that sweetheart, huh, go on and call me dewdrop again.” He taunts, pulling all the way out, smacking your clit with throbbing cock. “Go on, I wanna hear ya.” 
Grabbing your waist, he slides back into you, your pussy stretched wide over his thick length, he’s so deep you feel him in your chest. A shuddery gasp catches in your throat, your lungs not able to take the crisp night air in fast enough to match his rapid pace.
Oh, he feels better than you dreamed, his cock hitting spots you didn’t know you had until now. Your feet lift off to the ground until your toes are swaying over the dirt surface. 
“Look at you,” he crows, “taking all this dick like a good girl.” His large hand smacking your ass as he watches his cock disappear into your snug warmth. 
Your fingers curl, nails digging into your palm as you shamelessly sob his name. The vulgar sounds of his skin hitting yours gets louder when he brings your hips down, making you meet each deep stroke.  A knot forms in your belly faster than you expect, your eyes glazing over as the pleasure mounts until its almost unbearable.
 “There you go, thatta girl,” he grunts, feeling you tighten around him as he wrenches another needy moan from you. 
“Hell if you squirt all over my hood, I might reduce to your fine to fifty dollars.” 
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wolken-himmel · a month ago
In which the five Heartslabyul boys turn into hedgehogs due to a certain catboy messing with their tea.
Now, (Y/n) has to take care of them while making sure to not accidentally step on one.
Idea by @rosebe3.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Helloo? Is someone here?"
The garden of Heartslabyul was eerily silent as you trudged inside, making sure to close the creaking gate behind you, lest some hedgehogs or flamingos manage to get out again. Your eyes drifted around the area, and you could feel confusion bubble up in your dry throat when you could find no one occupying the small table filled with all sorts of treats and cups for the by now cold tea kettle.
Cautious on your feet, you ventured closer with the intention to investigate the curious sight. Indeed, the kettle was already cold, and the cups were still half-way filled and the treats still untouched. In the middle of the table stood a pinkish flask with a sign attached to it, reading: Drink me! On second inspection, the tea cups seemed to have a strange pinkish tint to them aside from their usual deep brown.
You furrowed your eyebrows and put your hands on your hips.
"Hm... where is everyone? Aren't they supposed to have a tea party right now?" you whispered to yourself while once again gazing around the vast garden of the dorm. Between the bushes, you swore you could see small shadows dart from one hiding place to another, always staying hidden from your watchful eyes. Eventually, you just shrugged and exhaled in feigned disappointment. "Oh well... whatever— it's better this way..."
Even with no one watching you, you felt like a horrible criminal as you advanced towards one of the rose bushes and crouched down to run your fingers across the smooth petals of a rose still left white and unpainted. Innocently whistling to yourself, you got out a gardening scissor from the pocket of your blazer. "So— I need a couple of roses since Headmaster Crowley just gifted me a vase..." you muttered to no one in particular, still hesitant and nervous. "And... if no one vocally objects in the next five seconds, I'll take it as a 'yes' to me taking just a few roses!"
Your other free hand cupping your ear, you listened intently for a reply — and when you received none, you giggled in mischief and brought your undivided attention to the rose about to be plucked from its bush. "Well— I can't hear anyone, so it should be alright!" And indeed, nothing and no one tried to stop you as you tugged at the flower and brought the sharp blades of the scissor closer to the green stem. You didn't get much farther: A pain soon spread through your index finger. Screaming, you recoiled. "Ouch! What the—"
Upon further inspection, you soon found a hedgehog stuck to the tip of your index finger, his teeth ferociously clamped down onto your poor digit. A whine escaped your lips at the way you had landed on your bum rather ungracefully, but you had more important things to worry about — like the angry red hedgehog glued to your finger.
"A... hedgehog?" you whispered under your breath as you carefully wrapped a hand around the small creature, careful to not hurt yourself with his spikes, and gentle eased him off your finger. The little guy seemed to relent eventually and merely watched in contentedness as you sucked on your injured finger. Once that was taken care of, you turned to him to shoot him a furious glare. "Ugh, you didn't have to bite me..."
The small hedgehog's lips curled up into an innocent smile as he endured your glare without a trace of fear — on second inspection, he actually looked very amused. For moments, your (E/c) eyes bore into his grey ones, and you were able to sense something akin to familiarity in that gaze of his. And then, it dawned on you, causing you to gasp. "Wait. Those angry grey eyes..." you murmured as you raised the animal to your eyes. "You look exactly like Riddle! How hilarious!"
Your words caused the small animal to squeak loudly and thrash around with his small legs — so small that you could barely see them underneath his round body. It seemed like there was something he wanted to tell you; sadly, you were the worst in your animal language class, resulting in you furrowing your eyebrows in confusion and worry at the small guy's growing anger. Much to your surprise, a total of four hedgehogs — all coloured in different hues — shuffled out from under the rose bush in front of you and climbed onto your outstretched legs.
A small giggle escaped your lips when you lowered your angry friend to the grass, which made him whine in frustration, and took the opportunity to gaze at the five hedgehogs resting on your legs — some of them dozing off, and some of them looking up at you with large button-eyes.
"Woah, and you look like Trey!" you cried out while picking up the green and orange hedgehog, one having a clover and the other a diamond on his forehead. Giggles escaped your lips as you cuddled them close to you, and they seemed eager to be drowned in attention, too. By then, your voice was sweet and high, and you were pretty much babbling at this point. "—and you! You remind me of Cater."
Yet, your cuddling session with the two was short-lived since the green hedgehog wanted to be let down, so that he could console the angry red hedgehog. The orange hedgehog on the other hand wormed his way out of your arms and dove into your left blazer pocket where you kept your phone. It was only then that you noticed a blue and another orange hedgehog fighting by your feet — well, it was more like the blue one wanted to sleep while the orange hedgehog wanted nothing more than to prevent that.
They both let out squeals of surprise when you grabbed them with one hand each and plopped them down onto your thighs, smiling down at them widely. "Deuce and Ace have look-alikes, too?" you cooed as you ran your hand over their soft spikes, although the mischievous orange one sometimes snapped at your finger — be it in a playful way. Not paying the troublemaker any mind, you continued to coo at the five hedgehogs. "What a coincidence."
Yet, you soon stopped in your tracks once you took a closer look at those five peculiar hedgehogs that reminded you of your five Heartslabyul friends. Ace huffed and puffed in anger when you stopped stroking his little paws, but you ignored him and merely stared holes into the empty air. "Coincidence..." you muttered more to yourself that to them. Pursing your lips, you furrowed your eyebrows in suspicion. "What if this isn't a coincidence? What if you five are actually— oh, what am I thinking..."
Soon, you were back to your old giddy self when you simply couldn't resist anymore at the way the blue hedgehog tilted his head at you and looked up at you with wide and dumbfounded eyes. Letting out a wistful sigh, you swooped all five of them up into your arms and cuddled them close to you. "Aw, all of you are so adorable! I could cuddle you all day long!" Yet, your glee died down when you peered down at the red hedgehog, your eyes unforgiving. "As long as Mr. Angry doesn't bite me again..."
The red hedgehog huffed in a way that you couldn't figure out whether it was a playful or an offended one; but you took his pacifistic reaction as a good sign. One by one, all of them weasled their way out of your grasp — all but the green hedgehog who seemed content just staying in your arms. As you were busy cradling the calm animal in your arms, your gaze trailed off to the blue and red hedgehog fighting over that place inside your crossed legs.
The usually so calm blue hedgehog looked like he was about to scratch the other one's eyes out — and you were worried, truly. Sighing, you set the green hedgehog aside and pulled the quarreling blue and red ones aside before they could tear each other's throats out.
You giggled and shook your head in a chiding way. "Hm? Oh— Ace-hedgehog! Don't be so mean to Deuce-hedgehog!" you cooed, watching in amusement as they glared at each other and seemed to have their small arms crossed. They began hissing when you pulled them into a tight embrace, their faces pushed up against one another in your arms. "Come here, my babies~!"
The red and blue hedgehog seemed to have calmed down soon when you could sense the faint feeling of small claws scratching against your pants and the sound of scratching reaching your ears. You looked down to find that other red hedgehog that had bitten you earlier pawing at your clothes in an attempt to gain your attention. Luckily for you, whose hands were full, the green hedgehog soon came to your rescue and calmed down his red friend enough for him to cease his attempts of turning your clothes into scraps of fabric.
"Trey-hedgehog, you're doing such a good job at calming down Mr. Angry!" you cooed, and the red hedgehog immediately perked up in anger and began to growl at you. He would have attacked you if it weren't for the green hedgehog, whose head you now patted eagerly. "You're just as gentle as the real Trey is!"
The next distraction was the sudden sound of something colliding with the soft floor, followed by another gentle thud. You peeked down to find the orange hedgehog happily laying on your phone, doing a surprisingly good job at turning the device on and opening the camera application. Not attempting to stop him in the slightest, you simply watched the orange hedgehog — the blue and red one still in your arms — as he snapped pictures of himself while posing in multiple poses that made you swoon.
"Cater-hedgehog? Oh? How did you unlock my phone and activate the camera?" you cooed, giggling. "I see— you're just as photogenic as the real Cater is!"
The orange hedgehog seemed even more exhilarated upon hearing your words and continued snapping pictures at the speed of light. The blue and red one begrudgingly stopped fighting as they enjoyed that special place in your arms. The green hedgehog was still busy consoling his red friend before the latter would explode.
"Forget stealing roses—" you muttered to yourself with a silly smile on your lips. "I'm in hedgehog heaven..."
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jungshookz · 24 days ago
jimin thinks y/n can’t commit to him and that’s not the truth at all
Tumblr media
➺ pairing; park jimin x reader 
➺ genre; balletteacher!jiminiverse!! honk honk humour!! a teensy touch of fluff!! depending on how you feel towards angst this is either hurts-so-bad-but-that’s-what-makes-it-good angst or oh-my-god-who-hurt-you angst!! seulgi is a pot-stirrer and she knows it and that’s why we love her!! 
➺ wordcount; 10.7k
➺ summary; after watching a particularly electric performance by mr. park and miss im, a little voice in the back of your head suggests there may be a slight possibility that jimin is still in love with his ex — which can’t be true... right?
➺ what to expect; “all i know is that i would not want to be the girlfriend who comes after im nayeon.”
(unfortunately i wasn’t able to track down the original maker of this gif but this is where i sourced it from! all credits go to the original creator of course :-))
                                     »»————- ☁️  ————-««
“let’s go for B... 1.” you mutter to yourself, punching the code into the keypad before sliding a couple of quarters into the slot of the vending machine
you listen carefully for the telltale sound of the coins clinking at the bottom of the metal box before grinning widely, “come to me, my sweet m&ms!” 
the vending machine suddenly whirs to life and you can’t help but watch in anticipation, the metal wires coiling downwards as the brightly coloured package of mini m&ms starts to move forward slowly 
of course, because nothing ever goes your way: you resist the urge to drop to your knees and let out a cry of anguish when it ends up getting trapped in between the wires only a second later 
“come on!” you snap, smacking your palm flat against the thick plastic barrier before letting out a huff, “you did that on purpose, you little tease.” you frown, jabbing your finger against the surface, “you’re trying to make me buy two packs of m&ms, aren’t you? well, your plan just might be working-” 
“hey, let me help!”
you turn your head to see someone jogging towards you and you immediately recognize him to be one of the boys from this dance academy (you and the others are guests here for today’s performance)
“this literally happens to me, like every single time i’m here.” he snorts, nodding towards the machine, “i’m pretty sure this thing is sentient.” 
“i think you might be right...” you smile shyly as you step aside, reaching up to scratch the back of your neck in slight embarrassment at the fact that he definitely overheard you having a full-on conversation with the vending machine, “it ate up six of my quarters.” 
“yeah, it does that a lot...” he hums, smoothing his hand up and down the side of the machine slowly, “i’m sure i’ve lost a fortune just buying snacks from this particular machine.” 
he’s... being a little sensual with it, but as long as you get your m&ms, you wouldn’t care if he started making out with the plastic barrier to get it to work 
suddenly, he raises his right hand and tilts it backwards so that the heel of his hand is sticking out before whacking it against the side of the machine twice, your eyes widening in surprise when the coils tremble for a second before jerking inwards and- 
“wow, look at that!” you nod, clearly very impressed with this vending machine whisperer’s abilities, “how did you figure that one out??” 
“you learn a lot about a machine when you’re buying snacks from it six days a week-” he grins, plopping your precious pack of m&ms into your hand before tilting his head at you, “you’re one of mr. park’s girls, aren’t you?”
your head snaps back up at the phrase ‘mr park’s girls’ and the little voice in the back of your mind can’t help but giggle at the fact that yes, you are most definitely one of mr. park’s girls
in fact, it can be argued that you are his only girl-
“oh! uh, yes- yes, i am one of- one of his girls-” you clear your throat quietly before pointing towards him, “and you’re... you’re with miss im?” 
“you betcha. i’m, uh, i’m jungkook.” jungkook sticks his hand out for you and you reach over to give him a firm handshake, “it’s nice to meet you!” 
“you too! i’m y/n.” you return his friendly smile before pulling away and shaking your bag of m&ms gently, “thank you for getting this for me, seriously. i can’t watch a show without a good snack.” 
“mm, i know that’s right.” jungkook agrees, turning to face the vending machine before glancing at you over his shoulder, “are you guys as excited for today’s performance as we are?”
“oh, 100%!”  you nod eagerly, your eyes lighting up for a second, “i’ve never seen- we’ve never seen mr. park, like, in proper performance mode, so we’re all more than ready to see him kill it on stage.” 
“yeah, we’re all pumped to see miss im in her natural habitat as well-” jungkook snorts, bending down to pull a bag of chips out from the slot of the machine 
he turns around, pausing for a second before reaching behind and pulling his phone out of his back pocket, “say, do you- do you have instagram or something?” 
“mhm!” you nod, patting down your pockets before pulling your phone out as well, “i actually don’t really post a lot on there, but you can still follow me if you want-” you smile, shoving the m&ms under your armpit so you can hurry to unlock your phone 
“oh, i pretty much only use instagram to look at memes, so-” jungkook snorts before stepping closer towards you so that he can look at your screen, “my username is j-j-k underscore 1-9-9-” 
“miss y/l/n!” you look up from your phone to see jimin walking towards the two of you, his face set in his usual very intimidating poker face, “there you are. i just did a headcount and i was missing one. why am i not surprised to see that it was you?” 
“mr. park! i- yeah, i just wanted to get a snack for-” you turn to point back at the vending machine, “there was a problem with the vending machine and jungkook came to help me-” 
“sorry about that, sir.” jungkook bows his head quickly before reaching up to rub the back of his neck, “i- she would’ve made it back to you in time but i- i kind of struck up a conversation with her, so i take full responsibility for-”
“jungkook, is it?” jimin interrupts cooly, his eyes narrowing for a second, “i think miss im might be doing roll call for your class. you should probably hurry back.” 
“ah-” jungkook turns to glance at you, the two of you exchanging sheepish smiles before he looks back at jimin with a chuckle, “yes, sir. sorry, sir.” 
you stay quiet as you wait for jungkook to disappear before your lips turn down in a little frown, “what’d you do that for? he was nice!”
“he was nice, but he was also interested.” jimin points out, taking a step towards you before jabbing a finger into your package of m&ms with a smile, “and you know there’s no eating in the theatre, right? i expect all of you to be on your best behaviour since we’re guests here, and i don’t want anyone complaining about my girls leaving chocolate stains on the seats.”
“i- yeah, i knew that.” you clear your throat, quickly shoving the package into the pocket of your hoodie before shrugging nonchalantly, “i was saving it for later! i was going to share it with you, but you’re being snooty so i change my mind now-” 
“i am not being snooty!” jimin gawks, crossing his arms over his chest, “it’s called common courtesy-” 
“i don’t know about common courtesy, i just think this costume is making you feel like you’re high and mighty-” you tease, reaching over to adjust the collar of his loose fitting blouse, “you look very handsome, by the way.” 
“mm, you think?” jimin hums, smiling fondly as he watches you smooth out some wrinkles on his shoulder, “am i still coming over tonight?” 
“mhm, mhm.” you nod eagerly, bouncing on the balls of your feet slightly as you pull your arm away from him, “the girls and i are going for dinner after the performance, so i probably won’t be back at the apartment until... i don’t know, seven-ish?” 
“okay, sounds good. i’ll probably stay here for a while to catch up with nayeon, so just text me when you’re done with dinner and i’ll head over to your apartment.” 
“yes, mr. park.” you joke, jimin snorting before nodding towards the hallway 
“alright, miss y/l/n. go and join your peers in the theatre — i’ll see you after the performance.”
you can’t hide the big fat grin on your face as you make your way down the hallway, your cheeks flushing lightly at the thought of jimin alone 
the two of you (meaning the relationship) have been really good lately and most of the time you feel like you’re walking on air whenever you’re around him 
it sucks that you can’t gush about this with any of your friends but as of right now it’s nice that you and jimin are in this happy little bubble 
things have been... really good lately.
                                     »»————- ☁️  ————-««
“god, i hope he rips his shirt off mid-performance.” lisa sighs dreamily, fanning herself as she looks at jimin on the stage, “i mean, i know it’s not part of the original performance, but it’d really spice things up and keep me interested-”
“oh my god, go touch some grass-” you giggle before swatting at her arm and pointing to the left, “and you’re supposed to be sitting over there!”
“i know, but i also know that you’ve been sneaking m&ms into your mouth and i want some.” she pouts, cupping her hands together before sticking them out for you, “gimme!” 
the two of you jump when you suddenly hear a loud clap and you turn to see jimin and miss im walking up to the front of the stage together 
you quickly pour a handful of m&ms into lisa’s palms before shooing her off back to her seat 
the last thing you need is for jimin to see you being a snack dealer 
“okay, folks! the reason why we’ve got all of you spread out across the auditorium is so you all have the chance to see different angles of our performance,” jimin explains, “we’re obviously going to have to ask you to put your phones on silent. also, no talking, no filming, and no snacking-” he pauses and you wince when your package makes a crinkling sound as you slowly tuck it back into your pocket 
“this is the balcony pas de deux from romeo and juliet-” miss im speaks up as she gestures to the backdrop behind them, “we actually performed this for our final assessment when we were students! obviously we passed with flying colours so you know this performance is going to be a good. does anyone have any questions before we begin?”
you smile brightly when you spot jungkook’s arm shoot up into the air and you’re reminded that you still have to get his instagram username after the performance 
“yes, jungkook!” miss im takes a step forward before leaning down a little so she can hear him more clearly 
“yeah- doesn’t the balcony scene have a kiss in it? are you two going to kiss??” jungkook asks, the group of boys immediately bursting into low ‘oooooh’s’ 
jimin and miss im exchange panicked glances before jimin steps up to answer the question, “ah- uh, yes, the... we did... kiss, but like- the focal point of the performance itself isn’t the kiss, so it’s really not that big of a deal-” 
“the ability to kiss wasn’t being graded!” miss im chimes in, earning a couple of chuckles from everyone (including yourself), “and we won’t be kissing for this performance, so you don’t have to worry about that! just focus on the dance aspect, please.” 
jimin clears his throat quietly and you notice the way his eyes flicker to you for a brief second 
you bite back a smile at how nervous he looks from the whole ‘are you going to kiss’ discussion 
it would be weird of you to be jealous over a performance-kiss 
it’s part of the performance! it makes everything more realistic!
even if they had to kiss for this performance, you wouldn’t throw a tantrum over it... because it’s not like he’s going to fall in love with her the moment their lips touch and run off into the sunset with her 
“okay, does anyone have any other questions?” 
you spot seulgi raise her hand from your peripheral vision and you turn to glance at her before looking back at the stage, blindly reaching into your backpack to pull out your bottle of water 
you definitely overdid it on the m&ms because now your throat feels all sticky from the amount of chocolate you just consumed 
“yes, miss kang?” jimin nods towards her and she clears her throat quietly, crossing one leg over the other before propping her elbow up on her leg and resting her chin on her palm 
“is it true that you and miss im used to date?” 
“-!” you immediately choke, quickly reaching up to wipe at the water dribbling down your chin before fumbling to cap your bottle
you turn to look at seulgi as if she’s crazy (because she actually might be for asking a question like that) and she offers you a little shrug and a smirk before looking back towards the stage 
“i...” jimin goes slack-jawed for a second before quickly composing himself, “well, that doesn’t seem to be the most appropriate of questions, so perhaps-” 
“we were together during our time at the academy, but- we are obviously no longer in a relationship.” nayeon clears her throat before turning to offer jimin a quick smile, “but we’re still on great terms, so if there are any rumours circulating about us, we’re shutting that down right now! any other questions?” 
almost immediately a bunch of hands shoot up into the air and you can’t help but look around incredulously 
obviously you’re curious about the relationship too but you’re not this shameless about it 
“okay- any questions that aren’t related to our past relationship?” jimin adds, nodding to himself when all of the hands lower slowly
oh, thank god 
“perfect!” he smiles, pressing his lips together in a tight smile before turning to glance at nayeon, “in that case, i suppose we should... get ready to perform?” 
“you know the rules of the auditorium, boys...” nayeon glances down towards her boys and jimin can’t help but snort quietly at the way they immediately sit up straight (and then he realizes that he has the exact same effect on you guys), “please be respectful audience members.” 
“oh my god, finally.” you mutter to yourself, settling back against your seat comfortably when jimin and miss im begin to get into position 
words can’t even describe how excited you are for this moment 
you finally get to see jimin in action and on top of that you’ll finally be able to tease him for his i-take-myself-super-seriously stage face! 
you feel your heart drumming in your chest from anticipation and you take your bottom lip in between your teeth to hold a squeal back as the lights start to dim and the familiar plucking of the viola and the light and airy whistling of the flute starts to fill the auditorium 
you’re almost immediately in awe at the sight of jimin slipping an arm around miss im’s waist before dipping her backwards gently while she outstretches her arm gently behind her 
you have half a mind to dig into your pockets to start snacking on your m&ms at this point in time to elevate your experience as an (unworthy!!) audience member 
“can you believe they dated?” 
you jolt in surprise at seulgi’s sudden appearance in the seat next to you and you gawk slightly before leaning over to look at where she was originally seated just a second ago 
how the hell did she get over here so quickly?! 
“seulgi, you- you’re supposed to be sitting over there, far, far away from me-” you hiss quietly, gesturing to the end of the row before frowning, “you’re gonna get us in trouble-” 
“oh, relax.” seulgi snorts, crossing her arms over her chest before slumping down in her seat a little, “it’s not like they’re going to stop mid-performance just to tell me to move down a couple of seats. you are such a stickler for rules, it’s actually exhausting.” 
“...okay, you can stay here, but-” you turn your head to look back at the stage, “don’t talk to me until after the performance because i really don’t wanna miss anything-” 
“why do you think they broke up?” seulgi interrupts, crossing one leg over the other before letting out a sigh, “because i’ve been scratching my head trying to figure it out.” 
“jesus christ, seulgi, i don’t- i don’t know! now shut up!” you whisper harshly, blindly whacking at her arm to get her to be quiet and just leave you alone, “i’m gonna move if you don’t-” 
“are you guys talking about mr. park and miss im?” lisa suddenly pops up in the row in front of you and offers you a bright smile when you give her a dead-eyed frown 
“you two need to go back to your seats right now, seriously-” you groan quietly, leaning over a little so you can focus on the performance 
the delicate chiffon of miss im’s skirt clings to her figure as she scurries to the other side of the stage, jimin following close behind with a gaze that screams nothing but yearning 
maybe you shouldn’t tease him about his i-take-myself-super-seriously stage face because he’s doing a really good job at playing a head-over-heels-in-love romeo 
also, not that this thought is related to the performance at all, but you were well aware even before today that jimin and miss im dated briefly in the past 
jimin brought it up when the two of you were talking about past relationships but you never really asked him to go any further because you,.,. weren’t super interested in talking about all of his ex lovers.,., which is understandable, right? 
(this is a lie. you were actually very interested in a discussion focusing on all of jimin’s exes but you also didn’t want to make it seem like you were obsessing over it, you know?) 
of course, you weren’t expecting to ever have to see miss im- or rather, nayeon- which you suppose was a little dumb of you to think considering the fact she’s a fairly well-known instructor at a fairly well-known dance academy so obviously you would end up crossing paths with her one way or another 
“hey, what are we all talking about?”
you resist the very strong urge to cuss everyone out when you’re suddenly aware that most of the girls basically have you and seulgi surrounded 
you better prepare yourself for a mild mr. park scolding session later because you know for a fact seulgi’s going to find a way to pin this on you (also, they seem to have figured out that jimin has a soft spot for you ((wonder why)) and is more gentle on you when it comes to chastising)
“how are you people not completely entranced by this performance right now?” you exasperate, gesturing towards jimin and nayeon before letting out a scoff, “we’re being bad audience members just by talking-” 
“okay, but you two were obviously gossiping just now and we want in!” 
“we weren’t gossiping!” you exclaim, “seulgi’s the one who came over here in the first place even though she knows she’s not supposed to be here-” 
“y/n just doesn’t wanna talk about her precious mr. park being in love with someone that isn’t her-” seulgi teases, your face immediately reddening at her statement, “it looks like someone still has a major crush on him-” 
“i do not!” you snap, crossing your arms over your chest before flopping back against your seat, “now everyone shut up. the good part’s coming up-”
at this point you might as well just leave because you’ve basically already missed out on half the performance 
you give yourself a second to calm down before letting out a slow breath and refocusing your gaze on the stage 
miss im actually looks like she’s floating when she’s on pointe which is incredible 
you watch as jimin loops an arm around nayeon’s waist before picking her up, spinning her around before she lands on her feet delicately as if her feet were made of literal clouds 
oh, wow 
you don’t think you’ve ever seen two people move together so effortlessly before... 
“god, look at her piqué turns... so good.” seulgi nudges your side and you immediately nod in agreement
finally she makes a comment related to the performers and the performance 
now that’s something worth whispering mid-performance for! 
“i probably look like a baby giraffe compared to her.” 
“true. also, all i know is that i would not want to be the girlfriend who comes after im nayeon.” seulgi shudders before shaking her head, “no thank you.”
“yeah, i-” you pause before quickly turning to look at her before chuckling nervously, “wait, what? why do you- what makes you say that?” 
“are you kidding me? look at her, y/n! first of all, she’s... probably the prettiest person i’ve ever seen in my entire life — and that’s a huge compliment coming from me because i like to think that i’m the prettiest person i’ve ever seen in my entire life — second of all, she’s obviously a super talented dancer, like... i’ve never seen anyone move the way she does- see, it really doesn’t make any sense as to why she isn’t dating mr. park anymore...” seulgi kisses her teeth before reaching up to stroke at her chin in thought, “because they make an incredibly attractive couple, don’t you think?” 
the corners of your mouth turn down in a slight frown as you swallow nervously, slowly turning your head to look back towards jimin and nayeon 
you watch intensely as she lifts her back leg, jimin securing an arm underneath her thigh and slide the other around her midsection before lifting her up swiftly  
well now you can’t even focus on how great the performance is because you’re too worried about the performers
“what are you two whispering about now?” 
you resist the urge to let out a groan when you feel ailee tapping at your shoulder impatiently and you huff before leaning over to prop your elbow up on the armrest 
forget it
you might as well just take a nap now 
seulgi grins before turning her body to face ailee a little bit, not so subtly gesturing towards jimin and miss im, “about how the person who comes after miss im is really going to have their work cut out for them-” 
“oh, totally. anyone mr. park dates after miss im would be, like, a super downgrade-” 
“i know, right?! that’s what i’m saying!” 
“can you imagine what their kids would look like? because i just know they’d have gorgeous babies-” 
“i don’t think-” your voice cracks and you clear your throat quickly, reaching up to pat your chest, “i don’t think it’s a very productive use of our time to talk about- y-you know, the point is that they dated, as in past tense! things obviously didn’t work out and... and they seem very friendly with each other now so there’s no point-”
“oh my god, they’re kissing!” seulgi interrupts you with a gasp, reaching over to grip onto your forearm tightly, “they’re really, actually kissing-!” 
your neck nearly snaps from how quickly you turn your head to look back at the front
an uproar of cheers erupt from the boys up at the front before they start to applause and woot wildly, some of the girls behind you joining them a second later 
oh boy  
you swallow thickly at the sight of miss im getting up onto pointe so that she can kiss jimin properly, her lashes fluttering while a giddy smile twitches at her mouth 
they truly are really, actually kissing right now 
but... well, it’s no biggie, right?
everyone already knows there’s a kiss in the original version (which, again, you’d like to reiterate that you’re completely fine with performance-kisses) but... after all the remarks that the girls have been making since the start of the performance... you can’t help but feel a little nauseous at the sight of your boyfriend kissing his ex...
but then again, it could be the m&ms that are making your tummy feel weird 
“-isn’t he already seeing someone??” you tune back into the girls’ conversation as soon as jimin and nayeon pull away from each other and you feel your shoulders relaxing immediately, “remember when he came to class with hickies that one time-” 
“yeah, but that was obviously, like... a one-night stand situation because we haven’t seen any hickies since-” seulgi shakes her head as she wraps an arm around the back of your chair so she can turn and face the girls, “so even if he is involved with someone right now, he’s obviously not taking the relationship seriously. it’s like- what’s that saying again? why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free-” 
“what does that have to do with anything?” you mutter, your eyes flickering back and forth between jimin and nayeon as the performance starts to come to an end
“god, you’re dumb. you know, you’re lucky you’re not bad looking.” seulgi snorts, reaching up to knock against the side of your skull, “it’s as clear as day, y/n-” 
you watch as nayeon presses her hand flat against jimin’s chest before slowly taking two steps back, their gazes locked as she brings her hand up and brushes her fingers over her lips with a soft giggle, all while the music begins to fade-
“-those two are definitely still in love with each other.”  
                                    »»————- ☁️  ————-««
jimin swallows thickly as the lights fade to black, the sparkling smile dropping from his face the moment he’s sure no one can see him anymore
everyone in the audience immediately bursts into an uproarious applause at the end of the performance and jimin perks up quickly when the lights come back up, nayeon rejoining him on stage so they can bow and curtsey 
“thank you! thank you so much, thank you-” nayeon laughs lightly, reaching up to rub the back of her neck as the cheering starts to die down, “so, um- that’s pretty much it from us, so if you guys could exit the theatre in an orderly manner, that’d be great...” 
jimin stays quiet as he watches you guys get up from your seats, his stomach twisting nervously when he notices that you don’t turn back to give him a second glance or anything 
“you did really well, by the way.” 
he turns his head when he feels nayeon nudge his side and he laughs lightly before nodding
“oh, thank you... you did a fantastic job as well.” jimin smiles politely, taking a minuscule step backwards when he notices nayeon stepping closer to him, “i, uh- i’m just glad i didn’t drop you like i did when we were practicing it for our exam.” 
“oh my god, i totally forgot about that!” nayeon giggles, “yeah, i don’t think our students would let us live it down if that happened-”
“yeah! uh- also, i thought- uh, i thought we had agreed to cut the kiss out?” jimin clears his throat before offering nayeon a shrug, “i mean, it’s not a big deal because obviously it’s part of the original performance, but- yeah, i thought we... said that we... weren’t going to include it... so i... i mean, i wasn’t ready, so... you know, chapped lips or whatever-”
“i know, but- i don’t know, it just felt right, you know?” nayeon takes her bottom lip in between her teeth before chuckling lightly, “i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have done it but you know what it’s like when you’re in the moment- i guess i was so into it that it just slipped my mind-”
“no, yeah, i- i mean, i get it. it’s fine, i just-” jimin chuckles before shrugging lightly, his eyes glancing towards the group of you huddled around the exit “it’s, uh- it’s fine.” 
                                     »»————- ☁️  ————-««
those two are definitely still in love with each other
those two are definitely still in love with each other
...are those two definitely still in love with each other??
your eyes flicker off to the side as you consider the question 
“earth to y/n...” 
“huh?” your eyelids flutter as you blink quickly, looking up to see lisa waving a hand in front of your face to get your attention
“what’s the matter with you?” she frowns before pointing her thumb over her shoulder, “c’mon, we’re going to dinner. i’m starving.” 
“right! dinner, right.” your poke your tongue against the fleshy inside of your cheek before letting out a chuckle and taking a small step backwards, “i... yes! just- just gimme one second to... um, i have to pee! i have to pee. so... i’ll meet you guys outside.” 
“fine, but don’t take too long...” lisa trails off, raising a brow when you accidentally bump into a garbage can behind you, “because the uber will be here in, like, ten minutes and you know seulgi won’t hesitate to leave you behind-”
“okay, ten minutes!” you nod quickly, shooting her a thumbs up before turning to head down the hallway, “i’ll be out in ten minutes, don’t worry-”  
lisa doesn’t get a chance to say anything else about your sudden suspicious behaviour before you’re bolting off and she shrugs to herself before turning to head towards the front doors 
“ten minutes, ten minutes...” you mutter to yourself, jogging up the back stairwell as you pull your phone out of your back pocket to check the time 
ten minutes is good!
you might be pushing it a little but hopefully seulgi will be a little lax and not force the uber driver to veer off without you in the ca-
you come to a screeching halt the moment you reach your destination, your heart pounding in your chest as you look at the name plaque on the door
miss im nayeon 
don’t do it, y/n 
you know it’s a bad idea
in fact, this is probably one of the worst ideas you’ve ever had 
your nose scrunches as you raise your fist towards the half-opened door and you pause for a second to reconsider this decision before-
“miss im?” you knock on the door twice before pushing it open a little poor, straightening your posture when she turns around to look at you, “i’m- uh, i’m one of mr. park’s students and i- well, i was wondering if i could come in for a quick chat?” 
“of course, of course! what can i help you with?” miss im smiles, gesturing for you to come in, “you’re... i think i saw your picture on jimin’s attendance sheet- you’re y/n, aren’t you? if you are, jimin’s told me a lot about you. he says you’re his star pupil.” 
“huh-!” your eyes widen at the compliment and you feel your cheeks flush before you cower down a little with a chuckle, reaching up to rub the back of your neck sheepishly, “that’s- no that can’t be true, i’m really not- the- the other girls- my fellow peers are very skilled-”
“oh, stop it.” miss im giggles, swatting at you gently with her towel, “take the compliment! there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you’re good at what you do.” 
“right. thank you.” you clear your throat quietly, a moment of silence ticking by before you speak up again, “so, um- can i- i just wanted to- i just had a question for you, that’s all. if that’s alright with you?
“of course!” 
“it’s actually not related to ballet at all, i- well, i-” you pause for a second before letting out a light laugh, “earlier, before you and mr. park performed for us, you guys... you know, you mentioned that you two were... a thing? or something like that?” 
“ah, okay.” nayeon chuckles lightly before shrugging, “i mean, it was a couple of years ago, so it’s really not a big deal...” 
“so who ended things?” you blurt out, nayeon’s eyes widening slightly at your sudden outburst, “i’m sorry. i-i don’t mean to pry, it’s just that- the girls and i were just curious! you know... girl talk and all that-” 
“trust me, i know how fun it can be gossiping about your teachers.” nayeon grins before shaking her head, “and i suppose it’d be good for you to pass this oh-so-valuable information along to your peers to keep you guys from whispering to each other in the audience while people are performing for you.” 
“...sorry about that.” you smile sheepishly, making a mental note to swat the heck of of seulgi later because of course her actions have gotten you into trouble again
just as you predicted! 
“mmhm.” she raises a brow before leaning back against her seat and crossing one leg over the other, “so, let me think- uh- okay, so i was the one who ended things. we were together for about... three... and a half years? definitely close to three and a half years. so... yeah! did that answer your question?” 
you can’t help but blink owlishly at her short response and you purse your lips slightly 
is... that it?
well, you literally only asked her who broke up with who, so she technically did answer the question but.,., still! you’d really like to know more!
“you wanna know more, don’t you?” she smiles as if she can read your mind and you chuckle sheepishly, feeling a little awkward about asking your boyfriend’s ex for details on their past relationship
“it’s just that- well, a three and a half year long relationship is pretty... intense...!” you clear your throat, taking a second to think about how you should phrase your next question, “so... if you were the one who ended things... was it because of something he did that made you break things off?”
“oh, no. not at all!” nayeon shakes her head frantically, “jimin was- mr. park was the perfect boyfriend. i, um... well, our plan was to work at HYBE together as instructors, but... i’d gotten another offer to teach here at JYP and it was too good to pass up, you know? i think you can kind of guess what happened next, but basically we promised to try to spend as much time together as possible, but our schedules never really worked together and we were growing distant so i... i don’t know, i just thought it’d be better for the both of us if we ended things. but dancing with him on the stage again, i-” she pauses, her gaze averting a little and her shoulders relaxing, “it made me think about... us... again.”
“...totally.” you clear your throat quietly, unsure of how you’re supposed to respond to her or if she was even looking for a response- 
“he showed up with a bouquet of roses one night, asking me to take him back.” nayeon speaks up again, a soft smile on her face, “it was raining that night so he was dripping all over my welcome mat-” she chuckles, “it, uh- it was cute. it was cute. i don’t know, i just- my relationship with jimin and all the time we’d spent together even before we got together... it was the first time i’d felt like i... belonged with someone, you know? i was just scared and... and stupid and i don’t know why i didn’t work harder to keep him...” she murmurs, her eyes softening slightly as she takes her bottom lip in between her teeth, “i don’t know if this is going to sound silly of me, but... sometimes i think about what life would be like if we were still together. to be honest, that’s part of the reason why i invited him to come perform with me for you guys. i just- i guess a part of me was curious to see if he still felt the same way...” 
...and that’s exactly what you were dreading to hear. 
this is exactly why snooping is never a good idea! because you find out a bunch of information that you weren’t aware of before that’s already starting to screw with your head 
you swallow thickly at the amount of information that’s just been dumped on your lap and you find yourself picking at a loose thread on your hoodie anxiously 
jimin showed up to her apartment with a bouquet of roses, completely drenched from the rain 
first of all: very cliché of him, in your opinion — and not that this is related at all, but you know that you would never pull the whole here’s a grand gesture to show my undying love for you move
and second of all: it’s become alarmingly clear that jimin was wild about nayeon (a three and a half year relationship would probably do that to someone) and now you can’t help but wonder if jimin might have some unresolved feelings due to the obvious lack of closure from the breakup... 
“i was actually- ha, i was actually thinking about asking him if maybe he’d be interested in grabbing a drink with me sometime and maybe we could talk about... us- do you think that’s- like, is that just wishful thinking?” nayeon sighs, scrunching her nose slightly, “would it just be crazy of me to-”
“you should do it!” you blurt out before you even realize what you’ve just said, “i think you should- i think you should ask him out... for a drink. maybe there’s still... something there...” 
oh my god, please shut up
you press your lips together to shut yourself up 
you basically just gave your boyfriend’s ex a free pass to go at him 
of course, she doesn’t know that jimin’s your boyfriend, so technically she thinks she’s not doing anything wrong but- 
what the hell did i just do?!
“do you really think i should?” nayeon asks quietly, 
a moment of comfortable silence goes by before nayeon suddenly perks up and lets out a groan and you immediately look up at her to see what’s wrong 
“i’m just realizing now that all of that was wildly inappropriate of me, i am so sorry-” she cringes, reaching up to pinch the bridge of her nose, “i just- it’s kind of the first time i’ve ever unloaded all of that onto someone so i guess all of it just came out-”
“oh, no, don’t worry about it!” you shake your head, “i- i mean, i was the one who came to ask you about the relationship- b-because my friends wanted to know, definitely not because i wanted to know- so- so it’s totally fine- anyways, i should probably get out of here-” you chuckle nervously as you get up from your seat, starting to walk backwards towards the door (you just remembered that the girls are still waiting for you and that they’d slaughter you if you make them wait longer than ten minutes)
“oh, of course! i’m sorry, i really am- i know you probably got a lot more than you’d bargained for, but- thank you, seriously.” she smiles softly, letting out a gentle sigh, “that was actually... a very therapeutic experience. you’ve been most helpful, miss y/l/n.”
“you too, miss im.” you nod stiffly, lowering your voice when she turns around to start rummaging through her bag again, “much more than you realize.”  
                                     »»————- ☁️  ————-««
it was just a performance with really good acting
it was just a performance with really good acting 
it was just a performance with really, really good acting! 
“-just a performance with really good acting and great chemistry, y/n.” you mutter to yourself, pulling a mug out of the cabinet and reaching over to flick the electric kettle on at the same time, “seulgi is wrong. seulgi will always be wrong. jimin is not in love with his ex. his ex is definitely still in love with him, but he’s probably not harbouring unresolved feelings for her-” 
to say the least, dinner with the girls was an absolute nightmare and did nothing to distract you from the current situation at hand 
while you normally enjoy the company of your friends paired with a crisp glass of wine, you definitely could’ve gone without them gabbing on and on about jimin and nayeon for the entirety of the meal 
lisa had even managed to sneak her way onto nayeon’s private facebook page to dig for old photos of her and jimin — which she found plenty of, and it was driving you a little crazy having to sit there and act like you were excited and as riled up about a baby-faced jimin and nayeon snuggled up together on the couch as everyone else clearly was  
you nearly collapsed on the couch from mental exhaustion as soon as you got home but you thought a nice cup of tea would help calm your nerves a little because you are very on edge at the moment... as seen by you having a full-on conversation with yourself in your dimly-lit kitchen. 
you turn around to lean back against the counter, gnawing on your thumbnail anxiously as you stare off into space 
could it be that you’re standing in the way of two people’s happiness? 
are you the reason why two soulmates can’t be with each other?
is it possible that jimin’s just shoving you into the nayeon shaped hole into his heart??
"...seulgi might be right. oh my god, seulgi might be right-” you let out a laugh of disbelief as you rip the top of the tea packet off, pulling the teabag out with fumbling fingers, “jimin might still be in love with nayeon and i’m the idiot that’s keeping them apart-” 
you want jimin to be happy... that’s all you want... 
and you know that he wants to be in a relationship where he can actually go out and show off the person he’s dating 
you know he wants to hold your hand in public and you’re always the one to pull your hand away whenever you see him reaching down for it 
you know he wants to be able to kiss you whenever he feels like it and you’re always the one to turn your head and pretend like you just spotted something interesting in the distance 
you know it hurts him a little whenever you suggest that you guys stay cooped up in the apartment instead of going out to a nice restaurant for a date even when he shows up in a crisp suit looking as handsome as ever 
you know that he’s suggested on multiple occasions that he go to the dean’s office to discuss the consequences of teacher-student relationships and you know that you’ve been the one to shoot him down each and every time he’s made that suggestion merely because you’re terrified everything’s going to blow up in your guys’ faces  
he wouldn’t have to sneak around with nayeon like he has to with you
your movements slow and your vision fazes out for a second as the chaotic little voice in your head makes its next comment: 
jimin would be happy with nayeon. he’d be much happier with her than he is with you... you know that, don’t you? 
and if it’d make him happy to be with nayeon... well, you should try your best to make that happen, shouldn’t you? 
                                      »»————- ☁️  ————-««
jimin lets out a little huff as he shuts the car door behind him, holding the key over his shoulder to lock it with a chirp-chirp! as he walks up to the doors of your apartment building 
you haven’t responded to any of his texts all night which he knows probably isn’t a big deal because you were probably too busy having fun with your friends, but he can’t help but think part of it might have to do with his kiss with nayeon and he’s fully prepared to explain himself and clear up any tension (if there is any, of course — hopefully not) 
he punches in the four digit code on the buzzer, pressing his lips together as he hears it ring once... twice... thr-
“hello?” your voice crackles through the speaker a moment later and jimin can’t help but perk up excitedly
“jimin! come on up- hold on, i’ll let you in-” the speaker shuts off abruptly before jimin hears the telltale sound of the door unlocking with a loud click! before stepping away from the buzzer and towards the door
you’re obviously letting him up into your apartment which is a good sign
maybe he was just overthinking all of this? 
after all, he thinks he knows you well enough to know that you’re not the type to be jealous over a surprise performance kiss because that would be petty and you’re definitely not a petty person 
he shoves his hands into his pockets after pushing the button for your floor, taking a step back to lean against the railing and crossing an ankle over the other before smiling softly to himself
he was just being silly 
anyways, he can’t wait to spend the night with you! 
to be honest, the only thing getting him through the performance wasn’t just because he loves being on stage and very much enjoys being in the spotlight but also,.., the whole time he was dancing with nayeon, he was imagining it was you instead 
he’s never danced with you before and tonight’s really made him wonder if he’ll ever get the opportunity to do so without anyone raising any eyebrows in suspicion 
"y/n?” jimin opens the already unlocked front door and steps in before shutting the door behind him and turning the lock with a flick of his wrist, “where are you?” 
“in the kitchen!” 
jimin takes his suit jacket off and hangs it over the back of the couch before turning to head towards the kitchen, reaching up to undo the buttons on his cuff so he can roll his sleeves up
“hey, you.” 
“hey...” you glance at him over your shoulder as he steps in and he smiles fondly at the sight of you digging your hand into a box of teddy grahams, “i’m having tea. you want a cup?” 
“no, i’m good...” jimin hums, turning his head to pop a quick kiss to your cheek 
he frowns when he notices you tilt your head away from him a little, “are... um, are you good?”
“what do you mean?” 
“you seem a little...” jimin trails off, a little unsure of how to word his next statement, “i don’t know. are you sure you’re okay?” 
“mhm, i’m good.” 
“okay, if you say so...” jimin clears his throat quietly as he rolls his other sleeve up, “how... was dinner?”
“good! that’s good. what did you guys eat?” 
“pasta! what kind?”
“some kind of a creamy pesto, i think.”
“mm. sounds yummy.”
jimin chews on his bottom lip anxiously at the deafening silence surrounding the two of you as he waits you to say literally anything else 
“okay, i think i have to say something about this because there’s some obvious tension here-” jimin claps his hands together as you turn around to face him, “i know that we told everyone that we cut out the kiss scene so trust me when i say i was just as surprised as you guys probably were when nayeon kissed me at the end. i wasn’t aware at all that she was going to do that because we obviously discussed beforehand that we were going to leave that out so after the performance i asked her about it and she said it just felt like the right thing to do in order to help build the story-” 
“oh, yeah.” you snort quietly before rolling your eyes and popping a biscuit into your mouth with a crunch, “i’m sure the two of you just wanted to build a better story. consider me convinced, romeo! it was a great performance.” 
“okay, i’m not a big fan of the attitude-” jimin narrows his eyes slightly before scoffing, “i’m telling you the truth, y/n. she kissed me, but it was just a performance. it wasn’t real and it doesn’t mean anything-” 
“you kissed her back, jimin.” 
“well, i’m sorry, but romeo doesn’t pull away from juliet in disgust in the original pas de deux so my hands were kind of tied-” jimin shakes his head in disagreement, “also, i cut the kiss short because if you watch the original performance, they kiss for, like, thirty seconds and romeo’s hands are basically all over her which i didn’t copy- and on top of that-! what kind of a performer and teacher would i be if i’d pushed her away and stopped immediately? there’s a level of professionalism that i-” 
“all i’m saying is that you seemed to be enjoying yourself a little too much, jimin.” you raise a brow before bringing your mug up for a quick sip of tea, “in fact, i bet you’d much rather be with nayeon right now instead of with me. i can tell.” 
“what?!” jimin exclaims, blinking rapidly in disbelief, “i’m- i’m here with you, y/n, i don’t want to be with nayeon- i- i- like, i just can’t believe you right now! i’m a performer, that was a performance- it’s like when actors have to kiss on screen, y/n! they don’t kiss because they’re in love with each other, they kiss because they’re just following the script- and, like i said, she was the one who kissed me and i didn’t even- i pulled away- why are you being so stubborn about this? what’s gotten into you?!” 
“well, what if i went and danced with jungkook like that, huh?” you ask, pursing your lips a little before wagging a finger at jimin, “i bet if i danced with- with jungkook like that, you’d be-” 
“fine! i’d be fucking fine! because the two of you are students! you are students enrolled in a dance academy learning how to perform, so obviously if you and jungkook were paired up and had to kiss for a performance, i’d be- you know what? no, i’m not-” jimin chuckles, holding both his hands out before shaking his head, “no. you’re not- you’re not roping me into this ridiculous argument. i’m- i’m just going to go because i don’t think we’re going to be able to have a very mature conversation about this so i’m just going to let you cool off-” 
“oh, surrrre!” you exclaim, trailing behind jimin as he turns to walk out of the kitchen, “just walk away from the difficult conversation, jimin, that always works-” 
“i’m not walking away from the conversation, i’m just putting a pin in it so that when we talk about it tomorrow you’ll have thought about it properly and you can tell me exactly why you’re latching onto this minor thing and not letting go-” 
“just admit that you liked kissing her! i know i’m right-”
“oh my god, stop!” jimin snaps, spinning around on his heel to face you again just as he reaches the couch, “you are being so unbelievably immature right now and- you know, it’s funny! on the way here, i was thinking about how you aren’t the type of person to get upset over such petty little things, but here are you! guess i gave you a little too much credit-” he scoffs, shaking his head in disbelief, “i’m- i’m genuinely speechless, like, i don’t know how i’m supposed to respond to you right now. if you could stop being selfish for one second and let me explain to you that i didn’t initiate the kiss, then-”
“selfish!” you gawk, crossing your arms over your chest, “you’re calling me selfish??” 
“i’m sorry, are you not?” jimin bites back with a raised brow, “from day one, you decided to keep us a secret. you’re the one who won’t hold my hand in public because you’re paranoid that someone we know is going to see us, you’re the one who refuses to go somewhere public for too long- we can’t even- we can’t even sit on a bench together to enjoy some fucking coffees without you cutting it short and rushing us home!” jimin laughs in disbelief, reaching up to run a hand through his hair, “you stopped me from going to speak to the dean about us in fear that we’re going to be punished for it- every decision in this relationship has basically been made by you and i just-! i- ...i just- honestly, all of this running around in secret is seriously making me consider if we should even be in a relationship-”
“well, maybe we shouldn’t be!” you blurt out, jimin’s eyes widening in surprise at your sudden outburst
he just said it to say it
he didn’t actually... he didn’t actually mean it... 
“i mean, it’s clear to see that we don’t work. a breakup was inevitable from the start.” you clear your throat quietly, “i think we should take a break.” 
jimin’s mouth immediately goes dry and he feels his heart twist in his chest 
your breakup was inevitable from the start? 
have you ever believed in the relationship? like he has? 
you’re... you’re really doing this? 
“i see.” jimin’s gaze hardens not long after and he takes a step away from you before clearing his throat quietly, “well, i don’t think we should take a break,” he shakes his head, shoving his hands into his pockets before shrugging casually, “because by saying that, you’re implying that at some point in time, we’re going to get back together. and i don’t want to be with someone who’s clearly ashamed to be with me. so, no — we shouldn’t just ‘take a break’, y/n. i think we should end things permanently, because i want to be in a real relationship instead of whatever the fuck this has been. a real, adult relationship with someone who can actually commit to me. someone who actually wants to be with me.”  
i think we should end things permanently, because i want to be in a real relationship instead of whatever the fuck this has been.
your heart plummets to your stomach at his cruel words and you find yourself unable to come up with an immediate response 
you were expecting some backlash, obviously, but this is... 
for a while it’s just you and jimin staring at each other, both your chests rising and falling shallowly from the harsh words that are now lingering in the air all around you 
part of your plan to make jimin happy included ending the relationship, and... well, this is exactly what you wanted, wasn’t it?
this is what i want. this is what i want. this is what i want. this is what i want. 
you remind yourself that you should be agreeing with jimin, that you should be over the moon that he was the one who suggested to break up so that you didn’t have to be the one to say it, that you should be opening the door and happily watching him leave your apartment, but in a moment of weakness- 
“i never said i was ashamed to be with you.” you disagree quietly, your voice barely above a whisper, “that’s not fair, jimin.” 
“you never had to say it for me to see it.” 
the way his gaze feels on you is cold, distant, unfamiliar, and you swallow thickly as you try your best to keep your composure
the sound of your phone chiming makes you and jimin both look down to where it’s sitting on the coffee table and he immediately swoops down to pick it up before holding it out for you to take, “you said you were never ashamed of me? call your friends and tell them who you’re in a relationship with. show me that you want to be with me, y/n.” 
“i-” your eyes flicker down to your phone and jimin raises a brow as he waits for you to take it, “...i...” 
“...yeah.” when it becomes evident that you’re not going to make a move, jimin pulls his arm away slowly before setting your phone back down on the coffee table, “that’s what i thought.” 
if you were really sure about him, he wouldn’t even have to had counted past one second 
not another word is uttered as jimin slips past you to head towards the front door
his hand falters as he reaches down towards the door handle and he turns his head slightly, hoping that you’ll run over to stop him from leaving 
he wants you to stop him 
he wants to hear you asking him to please, stay
ask me to stay, y/n. 
jimin’s eyes flutter shut for a brief second when he receives nothing but silence as a response and he nods to himself before opening the door 
his head swirls with remnants of the conversation the two of you just had but for some reason he can only think about something you’d said to him one morning about a month ago 
and he knows that now out of all times is not an appropriate time to be bringing this up, but... 
“you didn’t mean it.” jimin speaks up softly as he stares blankly down the hallway, “you didn’t mean it at all.” 
he hears the floorboards creak slightly and he assumes you’ve turned around to look at him, though he doesn’t have the strength to do the same 
“...mean what?” 
jimin usually likes getting up early in the morning because he feels more productive that way, but on the rare occasion that he doesn’t have any work to take care of, he likes to sleep in just as much as the next guy 
and you’ve always been a huge fan of sleeping in, but it seems that you decided to get up early today and let him rest, which was very considerate of you 
jimin’s lashes flutter slightly when he feels the mattress dip next to him and decides to keep his eyes shut when you’re suddenly speaking up 
“still asleep?” you whisper softly, propping your elbow up on the pillow before leaning your head against your fist 
it’s nearly noon and jimin usually gets up around 11:15 at the latest so and you were slightly concerned something was wrong which was why you came in to check on him 
you reach over to brush some of his hair out of his eyes and you smile lightly when his nose twitches 
you take your bottom lip in between your teeth as you continue to watch jimin snooze away
well, as long as he’s asleep... 
you swallow thickly as your fingers start plucking at your shirt nervously, your eyes glued on jimin’s face as you prepare yourself to say what you’re about to say 
there’s nothing to be nervous about 
this is a practice run! plus, he’s unconscious so he’s obviously not going to hear a thing 
you’re fine 
just do it!
“i... love you.” the three words tumble out of your mouth before you know it and you give yourself a second to think about whether this is totally cheesy of you or not (it definitely is, but you do you), “i think i’ll tell you soon, but... well, i literally just realized that i love you, like, two nights ago, so you might have to give me some time to let that settle, you know? promise you’ll know soon, though. i just- yeah. you make me super happy, so- so i love you. which feel so weird to say out loud but... yeah.”
holy shit 
out of all the things you were going to say, jimin was definitely not expecting that 
his heart practically soars through the ceiling as soon as he hears that phrase slip past your lips and it takes everything within him to not react and act like he’s still dead asleep 
“...okay. i'll go now.” he feels you press a light kiss to his cheek and he nearly cracks a grin at what you say next, “please wake up soon because i’m super bored.” 
jimin stays as still as possible as he waits for you to leave and he knows it’s not going to happen but he’s terrified that the sound of his heart literally pounding in chest will give him away 
the sound of the door shutting quietly has jimin immediately shooting up from the mattress, his eyes wide and twinkly as he stares at the door with a smile of disbelief, “oh... my god.” 
he grins to himself as he flops back down on the mattress, blindly reaching over to grab your pillow before smacking it down on his face to muffle the sound of his delighted laugh, “oh my god-!” 
you love him. 
jimin slams the door shut as soon as he slides into the driver’s seat of his car 
wide, watery eyes stare off into the distance blankly as he grips at the steering wheel, his knuckles going white from how hard he’s holding onto it 
you didn’t mean it
you didn’t mean it at all.
                                     »»————- ☁️  ————-««
you don’t know how long you’ve been sitting here on the ground in the dark with your head resting against the seat of the couch but it feels like it’s been a while 
you haven’t shed any tears which is probably a good sign, right? 
not crying about this means that you don’t care about jimin and the relationship as much as you thought you did and that you’re probably going to get over the breakup in no time
and for the record, you think you did a solid job at convincing jimin you were mad at him over a performance kiss that he didn’t even initiate 
you also think you did a great job at escalating the argument into... well, this. 
you stare blankly out the balcony window, the deafening silence of your apartment wrapping around you like a weighted blanket 
it’s over!
it was a difficult thing to do, but you did it! 
...’s... over...
it’s once those two words fully settle into your head that you’re suddenly aware of the lump in your throat and the slight prickle in your nose — and just like that, your chin begins to tremble as your eyes suddenly well up with tears that rapidly blur your vision
warm tears trail down your cheeks and drip from your chin as you turn to bury your face into the plush cushion of the couch, a muffled sob slipping past your lips as you pull your legs up from under you to hug them to your chest 
your heart aches horribly in your chest as your sobs increase in volume and intensity, the build-up of anxiety and emotions from the entire day finally being released in the form of breathless, pained cries
your phone buzzes on the table to remind you for the umpteenth time that you still have a new email that hasn’t been opened yet — but you’re a little too preoccupied with the excruciating ache currently eating away at your heart to even notice 
it’s over. 
June 29th, 7:18pm (4 hours ago)
Miss Y/N Y/L/N, 
Thank you for your patience. As per your request last week, the Dean will be available to meet with you this coming Friday (July 2nd) at 9:30AM. You will receive a text and email reminder two hours before your scheduled meeting. Please remember to bring your Student ID with you. Additionally, any cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the meeting. 
HYBE DANCE ACADEMY, Office of Administrations
🎙️offer y/n a shoulder to cry on or a tissue for jimin to wipe his tears with! (send in a character ask!)
✨why don’t you explore the rest of the library while you’re here? (full fics!)
💫or perhaps you want something shorter to read? (drabbles & mini series like this!)
🌟or something even shorter? (teeny tidbits!)
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getouswh0re · 6 days ago
❤︎ “two best friends in a room, they might kiss —“ “they will ~” ❤︎
an; how Tokyo Revengers characters react to you saying two best friends in a room might kiss
characters; mikey, draken, chifuyu, baji, mitsuya
Tumblr media
MIKEY’S eyes widen to the size of a saucepan the moment these words leave your mouth. Poor boy almost chokes on his saliva when he hears the words that have been on his mind all the time taken out of your mouth. Nevertheless, a smirk spreads over the teen’s face. You want to kiss? And him being one of your closest friends? Your wish is his command then. He’s definitely not letting this slip past his fingers.
A tug on your sleeve is all it takes to catch you off your guard as the blonde pulls you towards him — closing the distance as he does so. Everything happens within the blink of an eye that you need to take a minute to process; nonetheless, the frozen look on your face is eventually replaced with tinges of coral as you close your eyes, savouring your precious first kiss with your crush.
Tumblr media
DRAKEN narrows his stare onto you, an exasperated breath slipping from his lips the moment he figures out what you’re trying to imply. Despite playing cool on the exterior, he could feel his heartbeat getting frenzied; are you going to kiss him? The two of you are best friends, right? There couldn’t be anyone other than him who knows you the best, right? —
All of a sudden there is a peck to his lips, disrupting the blonde from the concoction of thoughts whisking haphazardly inside his mind. His usually menacing expression becomes frazzled instantly the moment his brain processes what just happened. Congratulations to you for being the first person to break Draken.
Tumblr media
CHIFUYU’S cheeks would grow beet red. Poor boy has been pining after you for months and trying to give his best shot — hoping that you would eventually pick up on the hints and reciprocate his feelings. Is this the chance he has always been waiting for? For him to finally open up with you about his feelings?
Swallowing a lump down his throat, Chifuyu could feel shivers surging through his entire body as he inches closer to you, his heartbeat rising to a crescendo; eyelashes fluttering with his eyes closed, the blonde is desperately stopping himself from trembling when a question from you makes the male freeze in his tracks.
“What are you doing?”
oh shit —
“I — I swear it’s not what you imagine y/n! I — I uh ... am curious about ... what you might mean by that — oh my god what the hell am I saying —“
“You don’t have to ask me Fuyu, cuz the one I’m going to kiss is you anyways.” You wink at him, planting your lips on him for a few seconds before pulling away, leaving a flustered Chifuyu behind.
Tumblr media
MITSUYA spares you sporadic glances, trying to figure out who the lucky guy is to steal your first kiss. A part of him wishes that it would be him, for he has fallen deeply for you ever since you offered to come over to his house and take care of his younger siblings, yet all of this is merely his imagination.
Mitsuya knows how amazing you are — believing that you deserve a lot more. But a relationship between you and him would not work (that’s what he thinks); he is a delinquent from the infamous biker gang in Tokyo, whereas you are the neighbourhood sweetheart that everyone would gravitate towards. Of course you’d find someone more deserving of your love (at least, that person would not be him).
He knows that his chances of being the guy you would kiss are slim, yet Mitsuya still hopes for his seemingly absurd dreams to become true.
But his worries are gone within the instant your fingers graze over his cheeks before you lean forward, planting your lips on his. Though shocked, the male has a widespread grin across his face as he bashfully fumbles over his words, still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that you choose him out of all people to share your precious first kiss.
Tumblr media
Cheeky bastard can read you like an open book and could probably figure out that you would kiss him; he is pretty certain about it, but an inkling of his mind remains dubious about whether the unintentional banter and flirting between the two of you is nothing more than ‘playful things’ that friends do. There is only one way to ascertain this.
“So Baji what —“ Pinning your hands above your head, it only inflates the male’s ego when he notices how your skin feels warmer upon touch, with you averting your stare from his as you stutter over your words.
“I know you want to kiss me y/n, there’s no need to be shy about it. Because I’m thinking the same as well ~” Breathing out a sigh of defeat, you could only flash Baji a sheepish smile, admitting that he has been the one you’ve had a crush on for quite a while. Knowing that you’re too scared to confront him with your feelings just because the idea of him not returning them back crosses your mind multiple times, a hearty chortle erupts from the division captain’s throat as he gives you a flicker on your forehead.
“Aw don’t worry, I only have eyes for you ~”
“Gah shut up! Just kiss me already!”
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angrythingstarlight · 4 hours ago
Oh. My. God. Now that I've seen librarian Bucky, I don't think I can get enough😍
Tumblr media
Librarian Bucky is a sweetheart.
He hides a copy of all the new releases so you get first dibs. Bucky shares all his favorite books with you and has given you some novels from his prized collection because you’re the only onr he trusts with them.
He has the best collection of sweaters and the best part is they smell like him. Bucky always had the biggest grin when he sees you wearing one of them. He doesn’t care that he’s almost out of clothes because you keep stealing them.
He has an amazing cologne, and you’ve sprayed it on your sheets. He blushed the first time he realized what you did and then bought five more bottles of it.
Oh, but he loves the way you smell, your sweet scent is something he can’t get enough of. You’re so pretty and soft. He loves how your body fits beside him, like the piece of the puzzle, making him whole.
He can talk for hours about his favorite subjects, but it’s never boring because he’s so passionate. His blue eyes widen and his chubby cheeks get flushed. And the excitement in his voice is contagious, you don’t even have to understand what he’s talking about you love hearing words roll off his tongue.
Bucky talks with his hands and sometimes you have to dodge them as he discusses his newest passion. Other times, oof other times he takes your hands in his and pulls them to his chest as he talks to you. His stormy eyes focused on yours, honestly it’s hard to breathe with him staring at you like that, his deep voice rumbling over you.
When he works late at the library, he’ll have you sit on his lap as he reads a novel. Your head on his shoulder as he rubs your back or thigh. Bucky gives you a kiss at the end of each page.
Now if you have to work late, he will wait up for you because he “can’t sleep without your leg on me Petal.”
And he loves you. So much in fact that he’s studied relationship books, carefully highlighting important passages because he wants this to work. He wants to make you as happy as you make him.
And those naughty things that you read. The ones that had his face bright red and burning to the point that he had to fan himself, he reads those too. Memorizing and practicing lines to surprise you with in bed.
Bucky will wake you up with breakfast in bed, he’s always making something new thanks to all the cookbooks he owns. Everything is delicious and there’s nothing like being fed by Bucky while wearing one of his soft sweaters.
Summer dates are incredible, walks in the park, traipsing around museums, concerts, movies and carnivals. He’ll take you anywhere you want to go. Because he simply loves being around you.
He could spend hours between your thighs, worshiping you until you beg him to stop. He’s learned to read your body, deciphering each sigh, moan and gesture until he knows exactly what you like. And he’s more than willing to do it over and over and over again.
Tearing you apart with his fingers, tongue and cock until you’re a breathless, whimpering, fucked out mess, limp and sweaty and dazed on the sheets. And he always asks you, “how was that? Good Petal? You like that?”
And all you can do is nod and wonder if you should cancel your plans tomorrow because it’s been 30 minutes, you’re still trembling and you can’t feel your toes.
Now it’s a seemingly innocent phrase. “You like that?” But your cunt clenches down every time you hear it now because it’s what he says after he’s tried something new, some position or trick he researched that has you moaning and sobbing “God yes yes I like it, fuck I like it oh fuck yes“ as your pussy spasms and you cum so hard your vision blurs.
Bucky is the king of aftercare. He will have you cleaned up and in one of his shirts while you’re still coming down from your post orgasm bliss. Bucky places his vibranium hand in a jar of ice so that he can soothe your heated skin, placing his hand on your forehead, back of your neck and anywhere else you want until you’re comfortable. He’s helping you sip some cold water and sliding pieces of fruit between your lips as he massaged the inside of your thighs as he praises you and showers you with so much affection that you feel like you’re floating.
And when you’re sleeping at night, your hand on his pudgy belly, your head on his arm, his heart melting as he watches your pretty face, he kisses your forehead and thanks every known deity that you walked up to his counter that day.
Because he’s in love and he’s never been happier.
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wolken-himmel · 16 days ago
In which (Y/n) can't help but ask Malleus about the truth behind some of the rumours that are told about fae.
Malleus is amused by his dear human's innocent curiosity.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
Your curious voice cut through the silence of the night like a sharp blade, so sudden and unexpected that even the usually so composed fae beside you jumped at your inquiry. When he turned his head to look at you, he was met with a sheepish smile, one that he found so endearing that he couldn't help but smile himself.
Tilting his head to the side in a child-like manner, which was a large contrast to his intimidating appearance, Malleus asked, "Yes? Do you need something of me?"
A small hum escaped your lips as you tapped your finger against your chin in an attempt to speed up your thinking process. Malleus waited patiently for you to speak. "Well, I was reading this book in the library the other day— it was about the fae!" you explained after finally having found a way to word your thoughts. "And well, I heard some interesting rumours about the fae some time ago... and what better thing to find out if they're true than to ask my fae buddy?"
Malleus' eyes lit up in amusement and curiosity, yet his expression always remained unchanged and calm. "How interesting, my treasure," he drawled, his voice slow and deep. "I shall entertain your whims. Go ahead and ask away."
The grateful smile you shot him made his heart flutter in a way he didn't think it could, and he attempted to scold himself because of his silly way of reacting to your gestures and words. Seemingly unaware of the effect you had on him, you opened your mouth to ask your first question. "I heard somewhere that it's dangerous to tell a fae your name," you murmured under your breath. "Is that true?"
The way Malleus paused for a long time caused you to grow increasingly nervous, waiting for his final answer with sweaty hands. Finally, it seemed like he had returned from his thoughts. "In general," he began in a rather ominous tone, "it might be a bad idea to tell a fae your name, correct." The frown that appeared on your face made him quickly put a hand on your own. "But do not worry. I shall not do you any harm, my dear. I could never."
"Phew!" Your concerned expression immediately vanished, and you gave his hand a small squeeze. "I knew I could trust you, Malleus!"
His eyes flashing a bright green, thus illuminating the dark night, he cooed, "You can depend on me."
Malleus' words caused a small stir inside your heart with how genuine and gentle he sounded. For a moment, silence befell you two, and the frontyard of Ramshackle seemed so tranquil and peaceful — only to be interrupted by you chiming out, "So... next question!" The fae's eyes grew in confusion at your sudden change in mood and topic, but decided to simply go along with it, nodding to urge you to continue. "I heard rumours about the fae stealing human children? Is that a common thing to do?"
Malleus seemed hesitant about answering this particular question of yours, and for a moment, you feared that you had ventured too far. When he simply shrugged in a casual and non-offended way, your shoulders visibly relaxed again. "Well, maybe you could ask Lilia one day," was his simple answer.
You furrowed your eyebrows. "Why Lilia?"
Your question caused Malleus to laugh, much to your surprise and confusion. Eventually, his laughter died down enough to let him speak in whole sentences again. Scooting closer to you, Malleus extended a hand to let his fingertips ghost over your skin chilled by the cool night air. You remained still despite the way his touch left goosebumps on your skin. "My dear," he whispered with a mischievous grin on his lips, "do you want to know why some fae like to steal human children?"
You jumped at the opportunity to agree, and immediately yelled out, "Yes, of course!"
Malleus grew even more amused by your eagerness. His voice died down to a small whisper, and his grip on your face tightened until you weren't able to budge anymore. "Some humans are just so adorable, precious, and bright that a fae cannot resist staying away from them," he explained while you merely watched him with big eyes, hypnotised and entranced. "You see, some fae tend to be quite possessive..."
Just as Malleus thought he had you fully under his spell, your own hand shot forward to wrap itself around his wrist. A large smile adorned your face as you removed his hand from your chin and instead took his pale hand into your own. "That's so very interesting," you replied and gave his hand a grateful squeeze. "Thank you for answering my questions so honestly, Malleus."
"It is of no problem." Malleus smiled, feeling strangely happy tonight. "Now do you care if I ask some questions about humans?"
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