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#yandere scenarios
schwarmerisch · a day ago
Tumblr media
notes: yandere, gn reader, religious imagery, some brief not s/fw, kidnapping, minor character death, violence.
word count: 2.3k
Tumblr media
“I pray for you poor souls,"
Your voice was hoarse, croaking out into the darkness. A blind fold was tied securely around your eyes, unlike the soft silk you were so used to. It was rough, a grating piece of cloth. Far from the piece decored with patterns of lace, made from the finest silk money could buy, commissioned to 'compliment your features'.
Rope scratched against your ankles and chafed the delicate skin around your fists. You could feel the frays poke at you. He would never bind you in such a cheap material. The chains and cuffs were much nicer, sturdier, forged to fit perfectly around your wrists. He was a perfectionist to the most miniscule detail, always obsessing over the strangest, most trivial things.
“I didn’t take you as the devout type.” That voice, by far was the most foreign thing. Oddly, it wasn't condescending, rather sounded like they were speaking from pure curiosity. It was a bit gruffy, rumbling and deep.
Focusing on the direction of the sound you deduced the person was standing in front of you, not directly, maybe a few feet away. It didn't echo and the ground you sat on was uneven, a thin sheet was all you had as cushioning. Based on these facts, you made the assumption that you were more than likely in a tent.
The jagged floor poked and prodded at your underside, not like the comforter that was so easy to sink into, so easy to feel like you were laying on clouds. That would be, until feathers began to feel like rocks. When silk became sandpaper, and the weight of your chains finally began to take its toll.
This, what you were bound in now, was far more welcoming than whatever he offered.
“I’m not, not really.” Soon came your simple reply. It was honest, your first prayer was done in a moment of pure desperation. You begged for atonement as he came to put a pestilence on your life, pleaded for god’s you never had faith in the first place to be your salvation. They went unheard, Archons were apparently quite unforgiving.
You haven’t been on your knees for that purpose ever since. The only worship you got down for left bruises in the back of your throat. The only devotion you had left a salty taste that refused to be washed from your tongue.
“Is that a threat then?”
“A warning.”
He’d tell you the same thing when you asked a similar question. You winced a bit when you realized you had quoted from him. The notion that you had began to pick up on his vocabulary left a sick feeling in your stomach. Admitting that would mean his influence had preached it’s way into your brain.
“Things are much easier when you give in, aren’t they?”  He gives a crooked smile, wiping the corners of your glassy eyes with his thumb. His satisfaction shows in the crinkle below his eyes, you’re learning to be everything he wanted:  obedient, needy, good.
“Are you threatening me?” Despite yourself, you couldn’t hold back from quipping back at him. You could tell he found it quite amusing, that snappy tone with his semen dripping down your chin.
His hand moves to pat your head in a rather degrading fashion.
“Foolish little thing... I’m warning you.”
“I’m not a God-fearing man.” When you snap back to reality your current captor had replied. You grimace when you consider calling him a fool.
“You should be.”
“Why is that?” There was a bit of strain when he talks now, a little simper hidden behind a soft lilt in his voice. He isn’t taking you seriously, you can tell that much. That willingness to hear you out quickly dwindled, not that you could blame him. You never had much patience for preachers either. You could hear some light snickering in the background, he must have some lackeys.
“Because I believe that’s your only option.”
“You must be put a lot of faith in your husband.” His unfazed reply makes something click to you. He genuinely doesn’t realize what he’s done, how great a sin he has committed, what divine powers he’s messing with. You pity him, pity this man dearly.
“Pft-!” You take a moment to recompose yourself, almost breaking out into a fit of laughter. “Faith isn’t the word I’d use. Neither is husband.” Sure, you were just playing with semantics, but there was some sardonic sort of humor to be pulled out it. You’d suck whatever could entertain you dry, a situation like this was the really the only thing you had to joke about anymore.
Maybe it was a bit sadistic of you to be this nonchalant with the knowledge of the inevitability you held. You were preparing for a reckoning, but all you could do was make one-sided jests with the man before you. 
“How important do you think you are?” The man spat back at you, not quite angered, still mocking you.
“Utterly priceless.” You leaned forward a bit, pursing your lips as you sounded out each syllable slowly. You know it very well, you are his most prized possession. A belonging he has so long yearned to procure, something so expensive he’d refuse to do away with even with broken long beyond repair.
He took a long time to teach you how he liked to be worshipped. Long sermons of holier than thou perversions, and during these orations he made sure to tell you what a cute little thing you were, what a treasured item. All praises befitting that of a doll sitting pretty on a shelf.
“I adore that expression...” You kiss his tip, maintaining unwavering eye contact with him, keeping that doe-eyed look you know he just melts for. You lick up a prominent vein before you take him into your mouth, just the way he taught you to. “You look your best when you’re all mine.”
He was sure to insist you revere him like a God. Some might find that treatment done from pure callous, but you knew better. From months of observation you’ve taken his behavior and learned it like a scripture. No one knew it better than you. Your god was a mighty one-- a mighty insecure one. A childish one, who’d go to hell and back to bring his most precious toy back in his holy hands.
Your current captor seemed at least willing to match your humor.
“I’ll get down and repent then. You’ve awakened me.” Him and his men subsequently broke out into a tantrum of overbearing laughter, to which you forced yourself to laugh along.
“Can I get your name?” Once the laughter died down, you asked him a tender a question. A serene smile on your face as you leaned against the curtains of the tent. You’d satisfy yourself with this final knowledge, to make this man a true disciple in your suffering.
“What for?” The questioned seemed to catch him off guard, his answer seeming more impulsive than the prior in your conversation.
“So I can remember you.” 
You weren’t lying to him. Despite the fact his intention were to ransom you out, you found yourself quite endeared. Maybe it was just because he was the first man other than him you’d spoken to in a countless amount of time. In the moments before the bloodbath would occur, you’d like to spend it fondly.
“I’m not a man to be remembered.”
What a gruff man, was he really just getting bashful now?
“Well now you are. Tell me your name.” You made your tone final, it was odd to sound so demanding to someone who had just kidnapped you, but nevertheless, he finally acquiesced.
“That’s a beautiful name.”
For once he seemed rendered speechless. Here you were, bound, blindfolded, being held for a ransom-- complimenting the man behind it all. You wondered if it was out of nothing but pure spite for him that you felt no aggravation toward Shosei. Your heart even began to pang with guilt, knowing the fate he had unknowingly sealed himself into. Surely he had it coming if this was how he made his money, yet you couldn’t bring yourself to believe that.
“Shosei. You should run away.” Your disposition made the turn for the serious. You lowered your voice to make the matter sound more grave, a bit more urgent. By his lack of reply you were sure he was startled, not only by the contents but the sudden tone change of your words. “My husb-... The man you sent that ransom letter to, he’s-”
You were cut off by the sudden entrance of one of Shosei’s men, bursting into the tent, nearly ripping the fabric door off in the process. The man was panting, his chest heaving like he just ran a marathon.
Ah, it must be too late.
“Boss! There’s Fatui approaching the camp.”
The abrupt bone chilling aura makes your heart skip a beat. You hear a large amount of feet beating against the tent ground. Fevered shuffling sounds overwhelming your ears as all the lackeys around you began to run around. The thought reminded you of the way ants would scatter after their burrow was destroyed. Aimless running, no real way of defending themselves against a threat so much greater than them.
Shosei must’ve left with the crowd, you could hear him barking orders in the distance. You wondered how much longer you’d be able to hear him. When his voice would suddenly be cut off, when the tell-tale buzzing of electricity starting to thrum in the air would begin.
You wondered when you’d be able to hear him. The chime of his garish ensemble rattling behind him like a death hymn. You hoped dearly that Shosei would be able use the chaos to make a safe escape, but you knew that was pipe dream. Your God was not a forgiving one. He was ravenous, selfish, and most of all-- desperate.
He would rampage until he was sated, you were sure that no death could be worse than the divine retribution he would strike down upon these men. No sinner would go unpunished, not for this slight they had committed against him.
Your pulse beat in your ears, blocking out all other sound. A cold wave embalmed you as the hairs rose on the back of your neck and your mouth ran dry. You realized it. It was just now you had begun to feel afraid.
You briefly wondered if it’d be wise to plead for Shosei’s safety, but you quickly corrected yourself on that thought pattern. The only pleas he would take were for him, solely him. You were sure the only thing he’d take from you now was you begging for him to save you, to hold you close and assure you everything was alright.
Not that he’d do any of that. Merely imagining him comforting you was enough to make you break out into hives.
It was an overbearing ruckus outside, one that you tried desperately to tune yourself out of. The yelling, the stomping, the pitiful sound of swords being drawn against actively firing gun shots. If they were lucky enough to survive Fatui firearms they would be in for a rude awakening against a Harbinger. 
Their time was nigh, it would truly take an Archon to intervene to stop their fate now. If you took from experience, no repentance would be enough for any of the seven to offer an ounce of strength. Faith in God’s was a silly thing, like any other conscious being they were just looking out for themselves in this world.
It was unfair, so unfair.
Wind racked against the tent gently, the fabric shook and whistled papers astrew. You smiled cynically to yourself, trying to focus on the empty noises in the now lonely tent, do your best to focus on your breathing and not the vivid screaming, and the thrumming and the crackling, and the bells chiming. The feet stomping and the bones cracking. The pleading and the crying. The rifles fired and...
The hand on your cheek.
Your chin trembled, and your face felt so much hotter. You mumbled incoherent things through your teeth and choked on your sobs. The tears crept from your eyes and refused your attempts to resist them, You melted into the hand that caressed you so gently, and realized it was trembling. The thumb tenderly gathered your tears and wiped them from your face.
You felt another hand reach around to the knot of the blindfold before pulling back. 
That action was revealing of a certain man’s insecurity, and you immediately slinked back from his caress, shoulders tensing on impulse. What a selfish man, expecting you not to look at him when he’s vulnerable. What a fragile hearted man. 
You heard a deep, unsteady inhale. Was he holding back tears? How cruel of him not to let you delight yourself in that sight. Was that how it was? Everything could be taken from you, but nothing could forsaken that was his. Your God was utterly naïve to believe he could shoulder that all his own.
You’d wait patiently until the day it’d get to heavy for him to bear. You’ll wait patiently until your salvation. When those weights finally bear their pounds and snap his strings.
“Escort them back.” that was the only thing he’d say to you. You listened closely as he left the tent, and your binds you were being undone. So rather than face you now, and admit any weakness in his heart, he’d preserve his pride by running away.
What a heartless man.
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yanderemommabean · 7 hours ago
Omg, Queen Bee hand picking Male bees (drones) to impregnate you as she watch from her throne as they fuck you dumb. 🤤🤤
“Oh please. They aren’t quaking and moaning like they should be! Either step up your game or get me a drone who can. And don’t forget to sweet talk them, our precious little human needs to know what a good job they’re doing”
She totally fucks herself as she watches, loving how you’re bred and taken apart by the towering, muscular drones. If there’s one thing her and her husband know, it’s how deliciously thick their cocks are. Watching as you’re absolutely fucked stupid is one of the greatest events to participate, if you’re lucky enough to be chosen.
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nonameyoon · 2 hours ago
Yandere! OT7: They start developing their obsession~
You might want to read (this) first before you read this part.
Warning: This contains Yandere themes. If you do not like/feel uncomfortable with this kind of content, feel free skip this post.
Is quick to notice, but doesn’t really care.
Wants to play with you 24/7.
Always checking if you’re online or not.
Once you two exchange numbers, he asks if you can play or simply talk with him through a call or something.
Late nights with you everyday. Either texting, in a call, or playing.
Video chatting. He loves video chatting.
Seeing your cute smile and face makes his heart flutter.
“Hey, let me see that smile again,”
“Are you flustered? I just said I love your voice,”
“How have you been, gorgeous?,”
Loves when you get nervous whenever he compliments you.
Almost had a panic attack himself when you started flirting.
“Woah… don’t say that, you’ll actually make me fall for your hard,”
Flirting 24/7 while gaming.
From then on, he doesn’t really care if he starts developing an extreme obsession.
He just wants you for himself.
Tumblr media
Shit, you wanted to meet up with him again?
This man is so nervous, it’s cute.
He doesn’t really notice his growing obsession at first.
Merely thought it was a simple ‘crush’.
Thinks you’re perfect whenever he sees you.
Whoops, there he goes again, ‘accidentally’ grazing his hand over yours while you both play piano together.
Loves to watch you play.
At some point took some pictures of you without you noticing.
Then… things get a bit.. extreme.
He starts following you around without you knowing.
Has to learn every single detail of your life.
Watched you give piano lessons once and one of your students almost caught him.
“Shit…. I can’t watch you from here anymore,”
“You’re going to get me caught, sweetheart,”
Takes pictures. A lot of them.
Craves your attention 24/7.
“Come on, call me, text me, do something! I’m tired of watching you from afar,” he would mumble to himself, watching you pick some fresh food from the supermarket.
“Wow… I didn’t know you played more than one instrument,”
Admires you so so so much.
Tumblr media
His eyes would scan the crowd so many times searching for a certain someone.
Wait, that’s not you. No… that’s not you either.
Where the hell were you?!
Did you not know he would preform that day?
Maybe you got bored of watching him.
Did you lie about being his biggest fan? He doesn’t like liars.
Oh shit, there you are.
The moment he sees you, his world lights up like a bright candle lit in a dim room.
He can’t stop smiling the whole performance.
Gets really cocky and confident just so he could show off in front of you.
Looks at you almost the whole performance.
Makes sure you’re taking videos and cheering for him, even if you aren’t a couple yet.
Once he finishes, he waits until you approach him like always.
When you do, you would start chatting a lot, he won’t let you leave.
If you don’t approach him however, he will be in a bad mood all day.
How could you?
Thinks about you 24/7 honestly.
Oh how he can’t wait to have you in his arms.
“I wish you cheer for me for the rest of your life,”
“I’ll have you right besides me forever. Then we’ll support each other in everything,”
Just you wait.
Tumblr media
He knows he’s obsessed with you.
He’s a smart man.
But if it makes him feel love, then he doesn’t care.
You guys text 24/7.
Usually conversations about stuff you love.
He loves hearing your voice, so he always waits for you to send him voice messages.
He’ll replay them when he misses you.
Loves hearing you rant about whatever bad or good thing happened in your life that day.
When you two meet up again, his eyes are on you 24/7.
Whoops, was he supposed to be reading? He honestly can’t focus when you’re there.
He doesn’t mind tho.
He realizes his obsession is getting out of hand when he threatened a guy who was simply looking at you.
“You should really read this one, baby,”
Oh? You got flustered? Good.
Gives you nicknames like baby, doll, sweetheart, etc.
Helps you with whatever you need, from house chores to studying.
Honestly he got close to you in a matter of a few weeks.
He’s proud of himself.
Although he’s been in your apartment a few times, he’s never taken anything from it.
He has taken a few pictures of you when he stayed over.
Tries his best to stay over for whatever reason he comes up with.
“I’ve been out all day and my house is still far away, could I drop by your apartment for the night?,”
He knows exactly what to say to get you on his side.
Tumblr media
Although it took him some time to get your full trust, his obsession developed very quickly.
I mean, you were an angel.
So after bugging you to’ please go out with him’, not even on a date but as friends, you finally gave in.
And oh boy, what a flirt he was.
Complimenting you 24/7.
Telling you how amazing you looked and how he loved your laugh.
He did every single thing possible to make you possibly fall for him just as hard as he did for you.
Tries to make you jealous.
Once you two become good friends, he gets really clingy.
“Can we go for a walk later?,”
“I miss you angel, let’s FaceTime,”
“You’re going out? I thought you said we were going to hang out today,”
Yeah, lies a lot.
Makes you cancel plans because he tricks you into believing that you had already made plans with him.
Doesn’t like your friends, but acts as if he does.
He wouldn’t want them to talk bad about him to you.
Shows up at your apartment at random times and convinces you that you invited him the night before.
You feel too bad to make him leave because he’s just so sweet.
Although you hate to admit it, you fell hard for him.
But you act as if you didn’t.
You’ll eventually confess, he just knows it.
Tumblr media
Literally memorized your work schedule.
Basically became a regular customer.
He knows there won’t be any new clothes or anything, he just wants to see you.
You’ll get scolded for chatting with him during work hours.
He doesn’t care though.
If he can’t make it to the store, he’ll blow your phone up with messages.
You’ll have more than 30 notifications when you finally check your phone after work.
He’s a bit…. Suffocating.
But you don’t mind much.
He makes it up with his personality.
His boxy smile makes you forgive him for not letting you work correctly.
Wants to take you out on a date but will not ask until you show some kind of interest in him.
Once you do go on a date however, he’ll start to get weird.
Well, more clingy.
He’ll want you to spend more time with him, and although you don’t mind it much, it still gets a little overwhelming.
He tries his best to not be clingy.
You appreciate the effort and end up wanting his presence to be around you more and more.
At the end of the day, you’re left wanting Taehyung right by your side.
And he is.
“Don’t worry, I’ll have you in my arms eventually,”
Tumblr media
He won’t be so obvious.
But he will do some things that might give you a hint he’s ‘interested’ in you in some way.
When you arrive at the gym, he’s already there waiting.
He’ll greet you with the biggest smile and waits for you to get ready.
That’s when things get real.
Whoops, his hand accidentally gripped your hip a little too tight, but that’s alright.
Oh no, your hands grazed each other for a little too long.
Oh? You want him to show you how to do something? Let him get behind you and guide you through every step.
Honestly, he doesn’t have to do this.
He just wants to be as close to you as possible.
You wouldn’t say anything though, thinking it was just his way of teaching.
It’s weird, but he loves to take in your scent.
Maybe he’s behind you and he’ll get close enough to smell the slight perfume that still clung to your neck.
When you greet him (specifically hug him), he’ll take that moment to catch a whiff of your hair.
Loves your shampoo.
He once took the cloth you were using to clean your sweat and shoved it in his bag without you noticing.
He has very VERY strange behavior you don’t catch up on.
It’s safe to say he’s very careful about you finding out about his obsession.
“Can’t wait to see you tomorrow,”
Tumblr media
Tag list: @mwitsmejk @minshookie29 @articpup @silversparkles11
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crazyushijimalady · a day ago
The idea of Thor and his hammer inspired an idea in me: So what if reader has the same ability except instead of a hammer, the reader summons a scythe? I don’t know… I have a fixation for scythes these days lol. Could I have headcanons regarding how yanderes Rengoku and Giyu and Tanjiro (Separate) would react? Thank you :)
i really have to confess that i am absolutely obsessed with marvel these days floeofppfpspspfps
!tw: blood mentioning!
Tumblr media
-i think he'd find it quiet funny
-like, as soon as your scythe flys into your hand, he'd be surprised but would start to laugh charmingly shortly after
-"this is a really nice weapon of yours " he'd say
-but just because he is amused by this ability doesn't mean you won't have a serious talk with him
-if you two are in public, he'd wait until you're home
-if you guys are already home he'd tell you right away after shoving aside his amusement
- "as much as i find your ability quiet alluring, it is also very dangerous and I hope you're aware of it"
- after thinking about it he wouldn't like you summoning your scythe neither you using it in general
- it isn't that he doesn't have trust in you to not get hurt (a very little bit maybe), it's the scythe he doesn't trust
- be sure that if you ever cut yourself when using the scythe, you won't find it again
- if you ever did in the past, Kyojirou would ask you if it ever happened recently and you're fine if you any no
- he'd take away your scythe if you said yes though
- at first he'd just hide it from you but he realizes that he has to take better safety measurements when your scythe manages to find it's way back to you after you summon it
-when he sees the scythe laying in your hand he'd be outraged, angry at himself for not thinking about it enough
- you will never ever see your scythe after that again, he'd either lock it away somewhere far away, bury it, or put it back into it's origins if he has to
Tumblr media
-shocked, he'd be absolutely shocked
-it'd take him several moments before he realizes what happened just now.
- but he'd keep quiet and stare at you
-and stare,and stare,and stare
-you'll eventually ask him what's wrong and he'd let his gaze just wander to the scythe in your hand
- he's concerned about you,wants to keep you safe and secured
- he'd actually like to lock you away nut je doesn't, he knows boundaries (more or less and for now)
- when you realize he isn't very happy about your ability he'd just stretch out his hand, waiting for you to hand the weapon over to him
- and if you won't do it right away, he'll wait
-and wait,and wait,and wait
-if you still refuse to give him what he wants, he'll just take it
- within the blink of an eye he'll have one of his hands over yours, the other on the handle and trying to make you let go
- he has to twist and turn your wrist and the scythe and when you realize you loose your grip on it, you'll snatch it into your direction fastly
-of course you get hurt by that, a small cut formed on your shoulder that soon enough starts to bleed slightly
- you almost thought you won but your keep forgetting that Giyuu always gets what he wants
- he ripped the scythe out of your hand harshly and you got no time to react
- "see, it's dangerous " he'd quietly say
- he laid the scythe on the ground and walked up to you
-he'd inspect your injury and treat it, holding you down so you won't reach the scythe
- he'd openly tell you that you shouldn't dare use it again while patching you up
- he'd probably bring his triumph over who got the scythe in the end up when he thinks you're disobeying him or forget how much stronger he is
Tumblr media
-as soon as the scythe would lay in your hand, he'd tell you about his concerns
- different than from what Giyuu is, Tanjiro talks about his feelings honestly and directly
- "(Y/N) that's so dangerous! are you even aware of the danger?!"
- he'd plaster your mind with 'what if's , not stopping once
- if you told him you're fine, he wouldn't accept it
- you are so blinded by your ability that you can't measure the danger, you need him to tell you
- he knows what's best for you after all
- he eventually would make you believe yourself that it's dangerous
- it's not that he forces his opinion on you ( it I actually) but he let's you think about it yourself
- he doesn't want to be the villain so he makes you believe that it was all your own decisions to hand him the scythe and give him the promise to never use it again
- of course he'd still get rid of it, just in case
- if you ever broke your promise you couldn't tell him, you couldn't ask him where the scythe went and why it doesn't come to you when you call for it
- and if you do, he'd play the victim
- he'd make a sad face and maybe even she'd some tears
- "..but...(y/n) made a promise.."
- seeing this sunshine like this would of course break your heart and you'd never tell him/do it again
- if you happen to miss your scythe too much, he'd try to find something else for you
- something harmless of course, maybe even for kids
- would probably hand you a tiny stick first
- if you're unsatisfied with his offered he'd only go three steps higher before his boundaries are reached
- don't you ever dare to get another scythe secretly, it doesn't even matter if you use it or not
- this would probably be the first time you'd ever see him truly mad at you
- he'd explain his concern and feelings, confiscate your new scythe and make you feel bad so you apologize
- he couldn't bring himself to nit talk to you though, it would be a bigger punishment to him than to you
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epicnessqueen · 2 days ago
Escaping? (Scenario) Nightwing Aka Dick Grayson X Reader (DC) (Yandere)
[Hello My Sexy Readers, I am here with the part two chapter today which is the full done request of this from tumblr. Anonymous asked:
Can you do a Yandere Nightwing when his s/o tries to escape?
I was going to do it in the last chapter but stuff happens. Today I am going to updating both already updated the one before this, so look for it, it is Nightwing Base Headcanons and Now it is time for this chapter I hope you all enjoy this update!]
(Nightwing) (Caught By A "Hero")
(Dick's POV)
I woke up groggily I should have known. My sweet (Name) was being to good tonight. But to find a drug that I could not smell or taste. My little Robin had been so bad. She knew I was just showing her how good we could be together that I could make her happy. And yet she is still fighting me. She was so stubborn. I might have to trim her wings so she does not fly away again after this.
I get up. Good thing she gave me a lesser dose. She must not have factor in my tolerance to them. Not that she knew about that. I get into my suit and put on my mask running out into the night. She did not know I put a tracker in her. It was just in case she was kidnapped.
I never thought I would have to use it to find her from escaping. I did find her and see her throwing things in her bag in her apartment. She looked so scared and panic. My poor little Robin. I walk in.
She jump. Then saw I was Nightwing. She did not know I was Nightwing so she must think she is safe with me.
Which she always has been.
"Nightwing?" She asks. "I need your help I had been kidnapped by some mad man!"
"You been a bad girl My dear Robin." I say and take off my mask and her eyes go wide.
I was not going to punish her for calling me a mad man. She was just denying our love. I will have to do a better job at courting her.
"Your coming home (Name)." I say. "And we are going back to the shackles until you learn to behave. I know you were scared and dont understand how you feel but I will help you."
Her eyes went from me to the door.
"Don't try it sweet (Name)." I tell her. "You know you will not get far and you will just hurt yourself."
I hold out my hand to her. "Come here, you know it is safer with me. That I am the only one who loves you so."
She shook but walked to me and I take her in my arms and kiss the top of her head. She shook.
"Hey hey! In a few months everything will be back to normal! We can even go back on dates! Just be a good love for me, and I can show you how perfect and happy we will be!" I say and kiss her gently.
[Okay this was a bit more scary than I thought it would be anyways I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and stay sexy!]
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lovesickloverboys · 3 months ago
the rock, immovable; the sea, ever turbulent
Yandere! Osial X F. Reader X Yandere! Zhongli
Tumblr media
Art by: @Ruu_GI on Twitter
-> 1.8k words
It was a dark and rainy night, when the little fishing village you would grow up to call your home, came upon a swaddled little infant abandoned near the entrance of their hamlet.
It was said that a returning fisherman had come upon the baby girl as he made his way back home, after a disappointing day of finding no catch. The fisherman and his wife, who had been married for years, had no children to call their own, thus finding this abandoned child was nothing short of a miracle.
"I might not have caught any fish that day, but I found you instead--a gift from the gods," your father, that old fisherman, would fondly boost whenever he recounted that story.
Your father's words were more or less right--literally, for you had the miraculous ability to predict the future.
At first it was written off as mere coincidences and lucky guesses on your part, before people began to talk with awed voices and widened eyes, as things seemingly happened just the way you predicted.
A sudden flash flood, some curious outlander's arrival, an abrupt change in the weather, sudden good fortune--the gods had seemingly blessed you with this ability to peer beyond the veil of the future, so it was no wonder you became so popular, eagerly sought out by everyone from business owners to fishermen, and neighborhood aunties to youths in love.
Your parents were proud to call you their child--you were the very apple of their eyes. And it was for this very reason that they disliked other villagers' overt interest in your ability.
Back then, you couldn't understand why, the villagers all loved and admired you--what was so wrong about that?
But now, as you stood before the angry faces of the very same villagers, glistening under the covers of torrential rain, your heart ached in understanding, your mind finally illuminated--these people, who you've known all your life, never truly loved you, not like mother and father, who were now both long gone.
You were but a tool to benefit these villagers--a tool that was now faulty, having lost its purpose.
It was slow, insidious--first the crops, then that little earthquake, followed by a heatwave--you began to make mistakes, at first pardonable--the tight lipped smiles said as much, but the predictions only continued to deviate from the truth by a growing degree, and with that, so did the discourse surrounding you--it seemed like you had finally lost your favor with the gods, they whispered, what if your wrong predictions lead to irredeemable disasters? What use were you, when your faulty ability only led to confusion and discord?
"You shall be sacrificed to the Lord of the seas," one of the village elders stated, face deeply lined, and black eyes cold as they glinted under the orange glow of an oil lamp.
You remembered him--you had failed to predict the loss his family would come to endure--the drowning of his beloved son on one cold winter night.
You wondered if he ever thought of your late parents--how they would have felt to see him sentence you to death, like he just did.
"This is the only way our village can be spared from another tsunami," another elder spoke up--another recognizable face.
You finally understood what all those tentative smiles meant, the ones directed at you growing up--these villagers had always feared you, or rather, your ability. They feared that you could simply wish for bad things to strike them--their businesses and crops, and livelihoods and families--as if you weren't just a mere child with an ability you never asked for.
You wanted to say as much now--that you were never in control of this ability to begin with, that you couldn't influence or direct or change the future, or their fates, in any manner. You were just as much at the mercy of the divine as they were.
But looking at their cold faces now, clean of those false, caring smiles they had once directed at you--you remained silent. It was clear as day that they already decided your fate--rather ironic, all things considered.
You held your head high as they lead the procession to your doom--up a craggy cliff, and down to the dark, stormy waters below.
You felt everything--the rush of the wind, the weightlessness of your body, your hair flying up against gravity as you walked off the edge of the precipice and took the plunge--and you hoped, for one final time, to see your parents again before you turned to nothingness, doomed to drift through space and time as mere elemental particles.
That stormy night, a sudden tsunami swept through the little village, wiping out everyone as they slept, along with the guilt they harbored.
Rumors said that a colossal sea monster had been sighted that night, breaking the surface of the Sea of Clouds all for but a mere moment--so abrupt and so stupefying that nobody quite believed the sailors' accounts to be true.
"Call me Osial."
Those were the first words he had said, his form so handsome in an otherworldly way that you could only take him in awed silence, and you'd have not registered his words were it not for his commanding voice.
Of course, as someone who had lived by the sea, you knew of his name--uttered in reverential whispers as they spoke of his incomprehensible strength and might.
So why were you, of all people, in his palatial estate, leagues beneath the sea?
The sea embraced those that embraced it in turn, he had explained, with an enigmatic smile.
In the years that you came to know him--first as your savior, then as your husband--Osial, as inhuman as he was, was gentle.
His touch was gentle, his gaze was soft, his lips even softer, and his voice soothing, rumbling and warm.
It was exactly because of this that you were shocked into silence, for he nearly threw his favorite cup of wine at you when you expressed your wish to see the outside world again, the one bathed in warm sunlight and not perpetually dark under leagues of ocean water.
That world had chewed you out and abandoned you, even before you knew how to comprehend human language, he testily replied, so why then do you wish to leave the world beneath that embraced you so lovingly?
At his words, you remembered the warm voices and gentle smiles of your humble father and mother. Hadn't they loved you sincerely?
You said as much, only to receive a cruel laugh in return.
And yet, they have abandoned you just like your birth parents, for they were mere mortals, Osial pointed out with a sneer.
"My love for you is eternal, just as I am eternal."
Given his reaction to your mere suggestion, you knew that what you did would result in a far worse consequence, but your longing for the warm, golden sun was even stronger than your desire to stay willingly imprisoned in your watery abyss, as grand and as opulent as it might be.
So you took your chance, rising out of the Sea of Clouds for the first time in years, and sighing in rare contentment as you felt the loving rays of the sun on your skin.
In the years that you had lived with Osial, the outside world had changed. It should have been expected, you supposed, but the breathtaking changes nevertheless struck you with awe and amazement.
Perhaps it was this curiosity that you displayed, that first drew in his attention.
Possessing dragon-like amber eyes, and a gentlemanly disposition, he had introduced himself as an appreciator of good cuisine, gaze turning to the food displayed by a vendor, the one you had been eyeing with curiosity.
When you mentioned your lack of currency--if the gentleman was surprised, he didn't express it, merely ordering for two with a pleasant smile on his face.
Neither did he express surprise--outwardly, anyway--as your widened eyes gazed at the sprawling, bustling settlements dotting the coast of the Sea of Clouds, but you could feel his curious eyes studying you in silent contemplation.
That time, you were not yet aware of the intertwined fates you shared with this seemingly young man.
The final time you meet either of them--they were not just a learned gentleman and your husband, but Morax, the Lord of Rock, and Osial, Overlord of the Vortex.
Your last memories were of you making one final choice--your gaze shifting from the amber eyes of one, to that of your once savior and once prison warden, watching the latter fall as the former impaled him with a giant polearm.
And as you watched him--your husband, crashing into the surface of the ocean, you remembered the goodness you had experienced with him, his promise of eternal love, regardless of how stifling it was--if this was the end of the eternal love he had described, then what was the purpose of outliving that promise?
You had no one else left to cling to.
And so you joined him once again into your watery abyss, once your home, and now your grave, embracing your lover for one final time, unaware of the shocked amber eyes of the slayer above.
It was dark, and damp.
Suddenly you found yourself writhing in utter agony--you were a sea monster, impaled by the Geo Archon's polearm, and being driven into the ocean bed. No matter how much you tried, you couldn't free yourself once you were pinned to the seafloor, while bitter, tumultuous rage built up within you as you struggled in vain.
Just as suddenly, you came upon the face of a woman, the vision soothing you...
"...Are you alright, (Y/n)?" a deep, warm voice spoke up from beside you, causing you to turn around and face the man lying beside you.
Taking hold of his idle hand, you murmured, "I had that dream, once again."
Zhongli merely hummed in return.
"Is it possible... that these are truly memories of a sea beast?" you asked in wonderment, as you laid your head on his chest, feeling each steady thump of his heart beat, "...Sometimes I hear the ocean call out to me, like it wants to draw me in."
Long fingers ran through your hair strands as your lover gently replied, "I cannot say that I have heard of memories, especially those of monsters, being experienced through dreams."
You sighed in response, once again feeling sleepy at the soothing motions of his fingers.
"It must just be my overactive imagination, then," you yawned out with a chuckle.
It was rather true, for you could dream of things from seemingly a bygone era, dreaming of all manners of sights and people you had never met before in real life. Maybe it was a result of reading all those historical tomes that you treasured.
Zhongli joined in, laughing softly as he watched you fall asleep with fond, amber eyes.
"Perhaps that really is the case, my dear."
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yandere-romanticaa · 25 days ago
"Thoma, I think we should break up. You're so busy with the Yashiro commission that I barely see you, not to mention you always spend time with Miss Kamisato. I think its for the best."
character interaction - Thoma.
Tumblr media
Time seemed to stop for Thoma as he almost dropped the wallet he was holding in his hands, pure shock on his face. A cold sense of dread washed over him as his eyes widened, mouth open ajar. He watched you turn your back away from him, he watched you leave.
He watched you go.
Hot tears threatened to spill, he was dizzy, so so dizzy. Why was this happening, what was going on?! Weren't you happy with him, hadn't he done everything in his power to love you? Sure, he was a busy guy, but he was going to set all of that aside just to be with you! You were obviously uncomfortable with how much time he was spending with Miss Kamisato, he could fix that, he really could! Baby, there is no need to be jealous, he loves you, you, only you!!! His heart beats for you, he lives to serve you, you are the one and only apple of his eye!!
His breathing was ragged, his feet were going to give out any second now. He was numb, he was so numb, and yet, he felt like the coldest of ice had pierced right through his heart. His vision was blurry, his head was spinning, what is going on?
Why is it getting so dark all of a sudden?
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yandere-daydreams · 4 months ago
Title: Caretaker.
Pairing: Yandere!Diluc x F. Reader (Genshin Impact).
Word Count: 3.7k.
TW: Timeskip (About 10 Years Post-Canon), Non-Con, Rough Sex, Slight Breeding Kink, Unbalanced Power Dynamics, Intimidation, Mentions of Blood/Injury, Implied Past Trauma.
Tumblr media
You should’ve made more tea.
Or, tea that kept for more than an hour, at least. You would’ve preferred something stronger, earl grey or assam, but Cecil’s favorite had always been peppermint, and Diluc kept it in overstock year around, and it was easy to make, easier than anything you would've liked more. It’d dropped below room temperature half an hour ago, lost all remaining flavor five minutes later, and you were left to trace a finger around the rim of your porcelain cup, to stare at the portraits of dead men with blank stares that decorated the walls of the Dawn Winery’s main hall and wish you hadn’t insisted that Adelinde get some rest while you wait for Master Diluc to return on your own.
It wasn’t like this was outside of your normal routine. Even if Diluc had returned at a reasonable hour, if Adelinde hadn’t made the mistake of voicing her concerns, you’d likely be woken up within the hour by another maid, told that Cecil had another nightmare and sent to his bedroom to comfort him. You’d be lucky to close your eyes again before sunrise, when you were tasked with organizing his schedule, contacting his tutors, and relaying his progress to Diluc, of course, his fatherly concern greater and less proactive than most’s. Losing a little sleep wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. You’d doubted you’d remember such a minor inconvenience, in a few hours.
Still, you would’ve preferred to lose that sleep with better tea.
Ah, speak of the archons. Cecil was a quiet kid, too shy for his own good, and yet, you would’ve been able to recognize his footsteps from the other side of Mondstadt, quick and clumsy, not unlike that of a newborn deer. He was running by the time he arrived at the main hall, and he didn’t bother to slow down when he found you, letting himself collide with your legs at full force, his face soon buried in your lap and his tiny hands grasping at your skirt. You only clicked your tongue, reaching down to comb a hand through his messy hair. Darker than his father’s, just as eye-catching. You’d have to brush it out properly, tomorrow morning.
“Another nightmare?” You asked, keeping your tone soft, light.
There was no response. Then, a small nod.
“About the soldiers?”
“About father.”
You sighed, more out of sympathy than frustration. You waited for him to breathe, to relax, to raise his head and let go off you and pull himself into the little nook you’d tucked yourself into, a make-shift booth that'd been built into the wall decades ago. His eyes were bloodshot, downcast. He must’ve been reading, after you put him to bed. Adelinde would urge you to chide him, but Diluc would only grin and tell you to keep his library stocked. “He’s late,” You admitted, albeit hesitantly. Patronizing him would’ve been pointless. He was better at seeing through lies than most adults, and you’d already learned your lesson, on that front. “But, I’m sure he’s alright. You remember what the maids always say about your father, don’t you?”
That earned a small, fragile smile. “There’s no sword in Mondstadt that can best his claymore.”
“That’s right.” You allowed yourself a small smile, too. “And, if he could pluck the stars front the sky and give them all to his son, he’d do it in a heartbeat. He wouldn’t leave the manor unless he knew he could come back to you, safe and sound.”
Cecil was beginning to bite the inside of his cheek. It was a bad habit, but one you could talk about later, on a better day. “What if he got hurt?”
“That’s why I’m here, right?” You winked, patting the spot just underneath your hip, the orb of glass and metal hidden underneath your apron. “I wouldn’t mind letting him in on our little secret.”
Cecil giggled, this time, and some of his anxiety seemed to fade. Not a lot, but just enough to give you hope that one of you would be able to sleep tonight, even if you doubted you’d be so lucky, yourself. “Do you think he’ll come home soon? I…” He shifted, nervously. It was a good kind of nervous, though. The excess energy of a spoiled child ready to flourish under his father’s attention. “I’d like to eat breakfast with him. With you, too. All three of us, together.”
It was easier said than done, but you grinned and stifled a laugh and ruffled his hair until he tried to bat your hand away, releasing an agitated huff when you refused to budge. “I’ll see what I can do,” You said, sweeping his bangs out of his face before letting him go. “But, you have to get yourself to bed, first. If you stay up any later, you’ll sleep straight through until lunch.”
He pouted, and he complained, but with another minute of teasing, another yawn, he was on his way to his room, and you were left alone. In a manor as busy as the Dawn Winery, even something as simple as a meal was hard to promise, but Cecil was a good kid, mild-mannered to a fault, and it’d be a shame to disappoint him now, after he clearly gathered up so much courage just to ask. You could only hope Diluc would be generous enough to lend you a few hours of his time, when he returned.
You moved to take another tiny, tasteless sip, but the sound of a hollow thud draw your attention to the entryway, to the mass of black fabric and tangled red hair dragging itself through it. You waited until he’d shut the door behind him, until his frantic breathing steadied into something just as labored, but more paced than his prior, feverish panting. You placed your mug on the short, wooden table in front of you, creating a hollow thud no louder than a footstep on thick carpeting, and his head snapped up, his eyes toward you.
It took him a moment to say anything, but no more than a moment. “Where’s Adelinde?”
His shirt was torn, red staining white fabric and dripping from a long gash along his torso. It was getting on the rug. “She’s already retired for the night.”
“And my son?”
“Cecil’s asleep, for now.” You stood up, brushing off your skirt. “I told him you’d be able to have breakfast with us. I didn’t think I’d have to question whether or not you would survive that long.”
You approached him slowly, and he let you, remaining silent as you pulled his arm over your shoulders and worked your own around his midriff. He hesitated, but relented quickly enough, slumping against your side. “My chambers,” He muttered, his voice low, raspy. “I don’t want anyone else to see me like this.”
You only nodded. “Of course, Master Diluc.”
His room was on the second floor, in the farthest wing of his manor, and you tried to keep his weight off of his injury as you pulled him forward, pretending you didn’t notice the way he swore under his breath, how the gash across his chest seemed to grow wider with every step. When you finally reached your destination, it was all he could do to collapse onto his bed, wrinkling expensive satin sheets as he struggled to keep himself upright.
“Lock the door,” He ordered, and obeyed, wordlessly. When you finished, he was already unbuttoning what was left on his shirt, shrugging it off, exposing all the minor wounds you’d failed to notice, earlier – scrapes, cuts, burns, what you could only guess was mild frostbite. You winced before you could stop yourself, and Diluc caught you, smiling absentmindedly. “Two abyss mages, maybe three. I’d usually be more presentable, but… this one caught me off-guard.” His hand drifted to his side, to the burnt skin that covered it. “Does blood bother you, (Y/n)?”
“No, it’s just…” You thought of Cecil, of the last time you’d taken him into the city, of how he’d tugged at your sleeve whenever he saw something that reminded him of his childhood idol, and allowed yourself to smile, too. “Cecil’s going to be devastated when he finds out you know the Darknight Hero and haven’t introduced him, yet.”
That drew out a laugh, but it was cut short by a soft, pained hiss. He doubled over, and you rushed over to him, moving to rest a hand on his back before thinking better of it and latching onto your own wrist, instead. “Master Dil—”
“Bandages. There’s a roll in my wardrobe. I can handle the rest on my—”
You didn’t let him finish. You weren’t used to it, the strain, the energy it took, but the breeze came naturally, cold and sharp, winding around your arms and your legs and around Diluc, too, in a soft, slow cyclone.
You kept your eyes closed, but you could feel the world around you, the wind outside, his injuries – open and torn, then healing, then gone completely, phantoms of pain that only existed in memories and the scars they left behind, the rough patches of skin you weren’t skilled enough to smooth over. You could feel your Vision, heavy at your waist, still hidden but undoubtedly glowing bright enough to be seen. It felt good to use it. It felt right. It wasn’t something you had the luxury of using very often, even if you always kept it on-hand. It wasn’t something you should let yourself use, now, but you'd told Cecil you would. The last thing you wanted to do was start breaking your promises, now.
Neither of your spoke after you finished. Diluc broke the silence, first. “I didn’t know you had a Vision.”
“No one ever asked.”
“You could’ve joined the Knights, or the Adventure’s Guild. Either would kill for a Vision bearing recruit” It was an observation, not a question. You didn’t respond, you couldn’t, not without admitting how weak you really were, how rarely you could afford to heal anything but scraped knees and low fevers, but Diluc didn’t seem to need you to. His eyes were clouded over, his speech still slurring. You’d fixed him up as thoroughly as you could, but he’d lost a lot of blood. Adelinde would have to keep an eye on him, tomorrow. “Why are you working for me?”
“Cecil’s a lovely boy, and I’ve always been good with kids. I thought my talents would be better used here than on the battlefield or behind a desk.” Diluc looked at you, doubtfully. You dropped your gaze to the floor, sitting down next to him. “My current salary is twice what it would’ve been, with the Knights. I need mora more than I need blood on my hands.”
“I’ll give you a raise, after this.” He’d almost certainly forget, but you appreciated the sentiment. “But you do have to answer by question, first.”
“I want to be comfortable.” Not a lie, but not the truth, either. Not the exhaustion, or the hunger, or the nights spent in filthy, crowded taverns, serving drinks and smiling until your cheeks hurt and letting drunken, pink-faced men grope at whatever they could reach just so the owner would treat you to a cold meal and a few hours of sleep in the storeroom, or the relief you'd felt when Barbatos gave you his blessing, when you were given something to prove you were worth more than a life spent struggling to get by.
Diluc had only ever showed you hospitality, and there was no doubt in your mind that he was a kind man, but he was a rich man, too, one raised too far from the city to understand the kind of suffering its walls could inflict. He couldn’t understand how you’d really lived before you came to the Dawn Winery, and you had no interest in trying to change that. “I’d like to travel, too, once I have enough saved up and Cecil gets too old for a nanny, and I want to learn how to use my Vision properly, but… I’m alright with just being comfortable, for now. I really just want to be comfortable.”
He shifted, repositioning himself, his hand coming to rest on your thigh. “I could keep you comfortable, if that’s all you want.”
Something twisted in your chest. You smile cracked, then fell away completely. “Master Diluc, I—”
“Cecil adores you. You’re all he talks about. I feel like I’m the one you’re looking after, sometimes.” You tried to stand up, but his hand shot your arm, holding you in place. His grip wasn’t tight, not yet, but the threat was there, and that was enough. It could hurt. He could hurt you, and it was hard not to imagine that he would, if you tied to pull away. “Adelinde speaks fondly of you, too. I’ve never seen her so impressed by another servant, let alone a nanny. Part of me still can’t believe you’ve earned her favor so quickly.”
“With all due respect, I’m not—”
“You’d make a good wife.” A pause, a sharp tug, dragging you back into the spot you’d been a moment ago. As if you’d never moved. As if you hadn’t already refused. “You’d have free rein over my manor, and my fortune – within limits, obviously. I could make you happy, keep you safe.” He was closer than he had been, than you wanted him to be. You didn’t dare try to push him away. “You’d be comfortable, with me. I’ll make sure you’re comfortable.”
You considered screaming, but thought better of it quickly. The door was locked, and Cecil’s room was the closest, just down the hall. No child should have to see his own father acting so… acting like this. “Please, sir, you need to rest. You’re not thinking straight. You lost a lot of blood, and—”
“And you’re being stubborn.” Blunt nails bit into your skin, nearly drawing blood. Now, it hurt. “Honestly, I expected more from you. This is no way to treat your husband.”
As soon as the words made it off his tongue, you bolted. Ripping yourself out of his hold, you moved to make a run for the door, but even injured, even delirious, even half-dead, Diluc was still stronger than you could ever hope to be. Before you could take a step, you were on the ground, on your stomach, Diluc on top of you, pinning your wrists to the small of your back with one hand and the other tearing at the collar of your dress, at the strings of your apron. This time, you screamed, too panicked to care who might hear, but Diluc covered your mouth before you could make a sound. “Don’t,” He spat. Not a question, not a warning. Just an order, the kind you’d let yourself get a little too used to obeying. “I can make this good for both of us, or I can make this good for me. Is that what you want, (Y/n)?”
You didn’t respond at all, at first.
Then, you felt the heel of his palm digging into your spine, his breath on the back of your neck, and reluctantly, you shook your head.
It was a slow, jerky motion, obviously forced, but he laughed and pulled away, regardless. “I’ve been dying to do this since the day you arrived.” His voice was lower, now, calmer, and he took the time to unbutton your dress rather than tear at it, to let it slip over your shoulders, to make you feel that much more exposed. You heard your Vision hit the floor, solid and chiming. Something inside of you cracked. “You’d be such a good mother to Cecil. It’s nearly been a decade since he’s had one, and he’s got a bias towards you. He’ll be ecstatic, once I tell him the news.” Another soft chuckle, a warm hand splayed over your shoulder blade. You felt sick. “Once we tell him the news. He’ll be disappointed if you’re not there.”
You felt his hand on your waist and curled into yourself, instinctively, but he was only lifting you up, placing you on the center of his bed, leaving your dress on the floor. It was a small dignity, so late and so insignificant, it almost made you feel more pathetic as he positioned himself between your legs.
He was older than you, more experienced, and it showed in the way he traced his thumb over your slit before pushing your panties to the side, the way his lips brushed against your collarbone as he buried two fingers in your cunt, how he pried and scissored and stretched you open until your thighs were shaking and your silence was interrupted by little, whiny nothings. You let your head lull to the side, your eyes clench shut, but you could still feel it, harsh and intrusive, and he was still on top of you, his chest hovering just above yours, his mouth on your neck, pressing soft, wet kisses into whatever he could reach. It was disgusting, it was repulsive, it was—
He pulled away, and you whimpered, the noise pathetic, pitchy.
The shame was instant, loathing for him and for yourself taking its place a second later. Not that it made a difference, to Diluc.
“That’s my good girl.” You felt his hand on your jaw, his fingers still damp with your slick. He wasn’t rough, but he didn’t have to be, not when he was so close to you, warmth radiating off of him like a secondary sun, not when he kissed you like that, hard enough to bruise, deep enough to leave you squirming and breathless and frantically trying to shove at his chest. By the time he pulled away, your lungs ached, and he was smiling, grinning from ear to ear. “Such a fragile little thing. You never would’ve made it on your own, but I’m here. I’ll take care of you. I’ll keep you safe.”
You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt his thumb run across your cheek, until you opened your eyes and noticed how blurry your sight had gotten, how easily the world was reduced to a smear of black silk and red hair, scarlet and bright. Like fire.
Like blood.
“I’m not—” Your voice was shaking. It made you sound smaller than you actually were, weaker. “I have a Vision, I’m not fragile—”
“Even the archons can make mistakes.” You heard the click of a belt, the sound of fabric against fabric. A terrible, cracked sob slipped past your lips before you could choke it down, but Diluc only cooed, above you, purring at the sound of your misery. “You belong here, with your family. With me.”
You tried to respond, to deny it, but something nudged against your entrance, thick and hard and burning, and it was all you could do not to sob any louder.
He tried to be gentle, at first. He moved slowly, kept his hands on your hips, let you bite moans of pain and pleasure indiscriminately, but as soon as he bottomed out, as soon as you clenched around him, your body reacting despite your mind’s desperate attempts to make it stop, he growled, bared his teeth, pulled back and began to thrust into you with no reservation, no dignity, no regard. There was more pressure than anything, on the back of your throat, on your stomach, on your pussy, tying knots in your core, letting all the heat and friction and everything build up until it was unbearable just to think, just to try and distance yourself from your own helplessness. It didn’t hurt, not really, not the way you wished it would, but you couldn’t rationalize it, tuck it away in some deep, dark corner of your mind and wait for it to end. You couldn’t get away from it.
You couldn’t get away from him.
There was a grunt, then his hands drifting, falling, wrapping around your thighs and wrenching them upward, into your chest, folding you over entirely and letting himself abuse that soft, sensitive spot inside of you, too deep not to make you cry out. If Diluc was perturbed, if he’d heard you at all, you couldn’t tell. His face was already buried in the crook of your neck, his mouth already moving, rambling about nothing. It was gibberish, nonsensical to your hazy mind and spiraling thoughts. You couldn’t make out a word.
Not until his hips faltered, at least until his pace slowed for just a fraction of a second and, with the softest tone you’d ever heard from him, he finally said something you understood.
“You’re going to be such a good mother.”
Instantly, you wished you hadn’t heard anything at all.
But, it was too late. You couldn’t block anything out, anymore, not white dots blotting out your vision, not the tension in your body suddenly dissolving into a kind of ecstasy so overwhelming, it almost hurt, and not the feeling of Diluc’s teeth digging into your neck, of something hot spilling into you, burning, letting it spill out of your cunt and drip down your thighs as he rode out his own orgasm, nursing you through yours, at the same time.
Even after he stopped moving, he didn’t pull out. He stayed there, above you, inside of you, and when you looked away, curled into yourself, he kept himself busy by taking one of your hand, intertwining your fingers with his. It was almost sweet. It was almost comforting, in some twisted, broken way.
It was almost enough to distract you from wide his smile was, how happy he looked.
Happier than you’d ever seen him, before.
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love-infested · 20 days ago
"Toxic Desires..." Part 2
Warnings/TW’s: Yandere, Implied Kidnapping, Dubcon, $mut, Gender Neutral Reader but hinted AFAB Body, Toxic/Unhealthy Relationships, Power Imbalance, Use of Collar/Leash, Slight Degradation, Forced Eating Out, Strap-Ons, Some Blood (Not yours), Dry Humping, Size Difference, Mirrors
Itto Arataki:
Tumblr media
You had your hand clasped on your mouth as you held your weapon nervously in your hands. He was much bigger and most likely more stronger... You really thought he was better than this, but all of your previous opinions on Itto were gone when he broke into your house. Blood traveling behind him.
No longer was he your friend. He was the fucking demon he truly was.
You peered around the corner. Where did he go? You thought as you gripped the sword. As if plucking feathers, Itto easily grabbed the sword away from you and threw it far behind him.
"Get the fuck away from me!" You cried and attempted to run.
Before you even made a step away, fingers dug down into your hips and he turned your body just as quick to face him.
Blood was on his face, but there no wounds. Then, his lips smashed onto yours tasting metallic. His rough hands picked you up and slammed you against the wall.
"You're mine now, got it? Ain't no one else to snatch you away from me, m'kay?" He growled out with a large grin plastered on his face.
He had your hands pinned against the wall, and all you could do was feel his erection hardening against your sex. As much as you squirmed, the more friction you could feel made your body feel more heated.
And Archons did Itto feel it to. His hands left yours as they attached themselves to your hips now, guiding your hips to eagerly meet his in turn.
"Fuck, I'm not even inside you yet and you're making me feel this good already?" He groaned into your ear as he continued rubbing his large erection on you, making you breathless.
You could feel your stomach tightening up as you continued letting him rub against you.
You bit your lip down, trying to prevent hear from hearing your orgasm, but the most you were able to do was let out a shuddering breath as you felt the waves of pleasure ripple through you.
"You already came?" Itto stopped and pulled down his pants. "Its my turn now, baby. I don't want you walkin' tomorrow." His huge hands gripped onto your clothes, ripping them apart..
Tumblr media
You didn't want to be here in Inazuma no longer. Between losing your vision and being completely naked in front of the "Goddess", you wanted nothing more than to run far away. To swim, if you must, to get away.
Her fingers snapped, pulling you from your throughts. Here, Baal sat on her throne like chair, breast out and legs spread revealing her cunt. She pulled the leash which was connected to your collar, your face against her glistening slit.
"Worship your Archon, and perhaps I'll reward my sweet, mortal pet..." She had a light smirk, her purple eyes filled with nothing but lust.
You glared up at her, spitting at her instead. She didn't look surprised and instead grabbed you by the collar and hoisted you up to meet her face.
"Fucking pathetic. Now, I believe I asked nicely. Worship me, or I fuck you without any preparation. Choose wisely." Baal said as her sharp nails continued to dig in your neck. She let go of your collar and let you drop undignified to the ground. She grabbed your head and faced it to her cunt.
You breathed lightly, smelling her arousal completely and complied, giving a few licks before your tongue entered her. Her hand found its way on your head as she grinded herself on your face.
You wanted this over with as your tied hands from behind your back ached. You nibbled light on her clit and lapped up as much as you could. She could get herself over just by using your face, anyways. Baal's light moans were all you could hear among the squishing noises.
As you continued eating your damned kidnapper out, you could feel her muscles contract, signaling her release. She pressed your face harder, your mouth pressed up completely against her lips almost as if you were kissing it.
She let you go and you pulled away quickly. Your face covered in her juices. You glared, but all she did was laugh lightly and kiss you on your lips. Tasting herself on you.
Behind her, she pulled out a makeshift cock and strapped it around her waist. Your eyes went wide as she coated the strap heavily in lube.
"My pet, let's see how much you can take of me~" She grinned as she brought you upon her lap. The texture and girth of her, as much as you hated to admit it, felt so good...You couldn't stop grinding upon her. Truly like the bitch you were for only Baal.
Tumblr media
Albedo to many was calm, cool, collected, but overall, distant. He was handsome as well, but he almost felt inhuman. Much like a beautiful sculpture. So shockingly handsome, but far from human.
If only they knew the truth as Albedo had your naked form sat on the desk, your legs wrapped around his bare torso. What was once suppose to simply aid him in an experiment led to him locking you down here with him.
"I don't say this often, s/o, but you make me feel things I didn't think was possible. The more I look at you, the more I want you to be far away from anyone else but me." Albedo said as his eyes were inches away from yours, his bare collarbone heaving.
Letting in a breath, his finger traced your mark covered neck. Who knew he had so much spent up sexual desire?
Then, he grabbed you up from the desk and placed you open his lap facing forward to the wall. Albedo expertly guided his cock again into your already swollen hole.
"No more...can't take no more." You sobbed lightly as you felt him enter you. A part of you loved the feeling of him deep in you, but you were already pushed past your limits as you squirmed in his lap.
Albedo pressed a kiss to your neck as he grabbed your face and pushed it to see the mirror in front of the both of you.
"Look at how well you take me. Such a perfect right." Your teary ears gazed at the mirror, and your cheeks heated. You felt utterly disgusted with yourself.
His hands grabbed underneath your thighs, bringing you up and down on his cock. Albedo's eyes were glued to the mirror, concentrated on how well he went inside you. Your hands gripped onto the armchairs as he thrusted in and out of you.
What was he going to do with you when he finished? Came into your mind as you paled. The way he obsessively talked about you did not make it sound like he was going to let you go anytime soon.
"Wah!" You choked out as you felt him hit that all too familiar spot.
"Ah, I found it again." Albedo said out loud lowly. "I know every crevice of your body." He spoke as he continued thrusting up into you.
He wet thrusts against yours rang out in the room accompanied by your pitiful moans. You felt drool dribble out the side of your mouth. It was all too much to take in.
Albedo gripped your face and kissed your cheek. "You are my favorite experiment. Don't think for a second that I'm letting you go after this."
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yandere-sins · a month ago
The Prince’s Lover
Horrortober Day 10: Hide “Where are you~”
Please brain let tomorrow be the day I actually sit down in the morning and write my scenarios, please! I am begging OTL I’ve been not trying to write my stuff last minute for the last 10 days but I failed. Every time.
Warnings: Yandere, Death mention, Blood mention, Threats, Failed Hide-and-Seek Characters: Diavolo x Reader
Tumblr media
Castles had many benefits, though not in your case.
They were spacious, well-equipped, safe, and stacked with staff members. There were endless hands to work on and clean everything around, food stored so that every last-minute wish could be arranged. Garden, greenhouse, galleries, a ballroom, sheer endless amounts of beds and bathtubs, all gilded and polished. It was a perfect system of a whole village in just one building, one very, very large structure. It was everything.
Everything you hated.
In your eyes, it was your gilded cage because none of it was in your favor. Maids were plucking each other’s eyes out just to draw you a bath in the expensive bathtubs, but at the same time, you couldn’t leave your room without a guard breathing down your neck. Their cold, undead eyes followed your every step as they placed themselves along the walls on your walks, even if you just wanted to get from the library to the greenhouse. All while an army of servants tended to you, constantly picking at your clothes and giggling merrily.
When you said you wanted something, you were given it in a matter of seconds. You really didn’t mean it literally when you say you could eat a horse, but they still served it to you as if it was the simplest dish in the world. A whole horse, cooked and stuffed. You were so full of regrets for the many curses you had spoken in their presence, but their prince ordered them to fulfill your every wish. No matter what.
There was no private time, even when Diavolo was visiting. Too many eyes for your comfort prying into the life you never asked for, but he was insistent on the necessity. You hadn’t read a book without at least five pairs of eyes staring down at you in what seemed forever. And even if you should be happy for the ‘freedom’ Diavolo gave you, it was still limited to the castle, making your life quite mundane once you saw everything there was. How much longer would you have to endure it?
How much longer could you endure it?
Pulling your legs tightly against your chest, you cowered behind the giant statue of someone or something. It was hard to see from your position, and you never thought you would need to memorize all the artistic displays the castle held. Your corner was dark and hard to see, but also a tight squeeze. Still, it gave you the only thing you really wanted right now: alone time.
As weird as it sounded, you never did anything nearly as difficult as to escape your entourage, and you still heard their frantic steps rushing over the marble floor as they searched for you. It was almost comically how panicked they were that they lost you, so much so, you wanted to ask them if they were sure they looked at all your favorite spots. But what did a human have to do to be alone for a while, just take a deep breath before pretending your life was fine again?
Right, play hide-and-seek with the annoying maids and butlers at your service. Pulling your legs even closer despite having reached your limit, you assured yourself that you were safe and everything was okay. But really, when had been the last time everything had been good?
When you were still with the Demon Brothers? Way before that, in the human world? In your childhood? With how many bad experiences you had made by now, it became harder and harder to find the good ones in your memory. It was hard to believe you had been happy before when all you felt now was dread. From when you awoke in the morning until you were pulled into a hug before bed at night, your life had become dreadful and a farce.
Your body still remembered the nights you had been punished into submission and acceptance, just to make the pain stop. And whenever you questioned the reasons, you would start crying, like on the first day that Diavolo announced you wouldn’t leave his side anymore. You cried and cried, and he merely held you, and you let him, stupidly. Once, he had been your friend, a trusted person. But it was in a demon’s nature to betray humans, and here you were, exploited and ‘loved’ as he claimed.
Laughable. You never asked to be taken as his lover. As a human, you had no right to the throne, so all you could ever be to the prince was a bed warmer. In the past, you wanted to be his friend, but how could you be friends with a truly disgusting personality like his? Pride you could deal with. Greed, envy, wrath. You’ve been through all of those things, and though they could get out of hand, you had dealt with them. But Diavolo… he was all of it and more, wrapped nicely into the form of a charming prince. But behind his smile and warm words, he was the devil incarnated, and you forgot about that for too long.
All he did for you, claiming it was out of love and to protect you, was only making you miserable. He wanted to keep you like a glorified pet, the one that would wait for him to come home after a long day to cuddle up to. Empty promises were all he made when you asked for your life back, to go out or see anyone else than the servants and him. Sometimes it was ‘soon’, sometimes ‘not right now’. You couldn’t hear it anymore, the excuses and the glares that followed. Whenever you were acting out of the fantasy he wanted to play, you were punished with less freedom, a maid coming to you in the morning to tell you the prince ordered to stay in the room for the day. Diavolo didn’t even have the guts for that.
All the presents he bought you, all the material goods you owned because of him could not make you happy. And much like the servants at your disposal, Diavolo’s gifts suffocated you. You didn’t smile anymore, receiving another one, but he’d keep going until you did. Perhaps it was just him. He was suffocating you, and you breathed a deep sigh at this realization.
It was nice to be alone for a change. Truly a good time to think. You immensely enjoyed it. Diavolo wouldn’t allow you to be alone, and the butlers and maids were ordered to say in close proximity to you. Somehow you felt bad for them, since they were dragged into this just as much as you were. But who knew life would end up like this? You, a prisoner of love. Captive of the Prince of Devildom. Unwilling lover and yearner for a different life. That would be your gravestone inscription, you decided. The hiding almost made you poetic now.
A jarring shriek interrupted your thoughts, followed by a sloshing sound. You stiffened in your hideout, listening intently at what was happening. Loud, apparently enormous footsteps were drawing closer to your hiding spot, and your brows furrowed as you couldn’t make out anything. “[Name]!” a familiar voice called out, and you recognized Diavolo behind it. Strange, you didn’t expect the servants to get as desperate as to confess they lost you to their master.
“Where are you~” he purred loudly, and for a moment, you considered standing up to face him. But what good was a place to hide if it couldn’t save you from the real threat out there?
His footsteps came closer and closer, and you saw his feet emerge before you saw anything else. “Found you ~” he announced gleefully as if you had been playing a game all along. Your whole body tensed up, and you pinched your eyes closed as you expected him to pull you out, but his hands gripped the statue you had used to hide behind and threw it over instead. The loud bang made you squeak in shock as the art burst into a million tiny pieces alongside the marble floor it hit, and you were face to face with your captor grinning victoriously at you.
Shivers overcame you as you saw his demon form, wings protruding from his back and horns decorating his head. But the most gruesome detail about him was the blood splattered all over his chest and face. Diavolo let out a long sigh, bringing his hand to his heart before his previously aggravated features softened. At the sight of you, his lips turned back into a more blithe smile, and the piercing color of his eyes calmed as well, making him appear more human than demon again. Another one of his tricks.
“Finally,” he sighed. “I’ve been looking for you forever.”
Diavolo leaned down, wanting to lift you from the floor, but you slapped his hands away. For a brief moment, he hesitated. Then he picked you up anyway, if you liked it or not. “Whose b-blood is that?” you stuttered, finding it now smeared all over you as Diavolo situated you against his chest. Nuzzling his face into your collarbones, he hummed before mumbling. “I wonder…”
Without another second of delay, he carried you off, back to your room, you assumed, and in horror you had to witness the blood trail coming from the direction. There were some maids crouched around a big puddle of the red liquid, looking up at you sheepishly and a little… disappointed. But they went back to work quickly, cleaning the area. In between the red laid a previously white apron. One that the maids wore to work and which was always kept pristinely clean, unless…
“What did you do?” you whispered as you watched the servants clean even long after you two passed.
“They lost you. They disobeyed me.” 
Diavolo’s curt answer ran like a cold shudder down your spine. Unless they were dead. That was the answer you were looking for. “Why would you do that?! They did nothing wrong!” you yelled at him, aghast, punching your fists onto his shoulders. They didn’t, you thought. I ran and hid.
Guilt was eating at your entrails as you thought that, cutting through them like a hot knife. You shouldn’t have these thoughts, not if you wanted to survive even a little longer in this demonic castle. There was no use having sympathy for people that enabled Diavolo’s cruelty! But it was your fault… wasn’t it?
“So they don’t do it again,” he replied. Simple, factually, a matter of fact. He didn’t want them to disobey his orders again, so he set a statement. A life was lost for nothing but a statement. That’s how disposable those serving him were. Incredible that you ever thought of him as a kind ruler, long before he obsessed over the idea of your future together. 
“But don’t blame yourself too much, Love,” he chuckled as if he read your mind, and you hadn’t even noticed you had already reached your bedroom. He set you down in front of the door, and for once, you couldn’t see even one guard in the hallway. It was a strange kind of freedom, one you could only achieve with Diavolo, but you didn’t mind being alone with him. There were so many things you wanted to tell him. Insults and a piece of your mind that threatened to burst out of you, but he caught your lips before words fell out of your mouth. The taste of blood sullied the kiss in a way no one should ever have to experience.
“They learned their lesson,” he chuckled, reaching behind the door and pushing the handle. 
“It’s time for you to receive yours.”
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hisvillainess · 3 months ago
What is your opinion on yandere!grand admiral levi??
Tumblr media
yandere!grand admiral levi, you say? well *cracks knuckles* here we go
Tumblr media
𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌. gn!reader x yandere!levi, dom!levi, yandere behaviour, toxic and possessive behaviour, dark themes, established relationship, thigh fucking if you squint, 18+ minors do not interact.
𝖆/𝖓. i focused more on yandere behaviour than sexual interaction so please be nice 🥺 this is my first time writing yandere.
we all know levi to be our beloved shut-in otaku but when the demon prince honours him grand admiral of Hell's navy, it certainly came as a confidence boost.
he has a newly found sense of pride from this position and he wants to take his lovely partner with him every step of the way. he expects you to be there as a doting lover, available to pat his back whenever he pleases. because you are his partner, right?
𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖆𝖉𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎 is obsessed with you. he insists you come along whenever he makes visits to the vessel. they’re usually out at sea for weeks and nothing satisfies him more than to have you all to himself in his territory — surrounded by nothing but large planes of water and unknown sea creatures in the depths. there's no where for you to go and with no cellular connection, none of his brothers can contact you. you were all his.
𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖆𝖉𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎 is possessive. when you meet the rest of his fleet and he sees how friendly they are with you, the avatar of envy doesn't take this lightly. he obviously isn't as sadistic as lucifer, but in a place where he holds all authority, he isn't afraid to let the team know who you belong to and what will happen if they try anything funny with you.
out of spite, he fuck’ll you hard and loud in his cabin for his entire fleet to hear. your cries echo throughout the confined corridors and in most cases, they'll wake up to the clanging and squeaking of your metal bed. he'll make sure you whine his name loud enough to put the fleet back in their place and will evidently be pleased when they can't even look you in the eye the next morning. rumours have spread around the team that levi might even throw them in the brig or summon lotan if they dare look at you for too long. this is not completely true but since he commands them, they won’t risk it anymore.
𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖆𝖉𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎 expects you to enjoy his job as much as you do but when you've been out at sea for god knows how long and constantly have to listen to the admiral babble on about military jargon that you don't even understand, you begin to feel homesick. you’ll ask levi "when is this over?" or "do you think your brothers miss us?" and he’ll take offence to this. he's still insecure deep down so he’d respond with "do you not want to be with me, mc?" "are you not my partner?" "why are you thinking about them when you're with me?" thus summoning his demon form. he’s so mad that he’ll drop all duties he has for the day, shut you in his room and pin you up against the wall with his tail wrapped around your torso.
he’ll question you almost threateningly “i finally stopped being a loser and got myself out of the house, and all you want to think about going back there? are you not proud of me?” while snaking his tail around your thighs and spreading them open. he’ll give you a suffocating kiss to shut you up, thigh fuck you while you’re still pressed against the wall and use his tail to rub your sweet spots until all those thoughts are out of your head. after you’ve reach your high, he’ll make you look out the porthole in his room, forcing you to admire the abundance of aquatic life in the view. “why would you ever want to leave when you can look at this! with me!”
𝖌𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖆𝖉𝖒𝖎𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝖑𝖊𝖛𝖎 hasn’t left the shut-in otaku life per se, but instead channels all his dark desires when he’s the comfort of his ship and he feels so lucky to do that with you!
Tumblr media
© Hisvillainess — all rights reserved. please do not modify, claim or repost.
𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖘. I know you just asked for my opinion but I got carried away. I hope you enjoyed it (:
if you’re interested, apply to my taglist HERE ♥️
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yanderemommabean · 7 hours ago
My mind has been consumed by yandere monsters, dragons, werewolves, minotaurs, the yandere bugs, and now I'm thinking of a Yandere King Bee. Big strong bee man holding and snuggling you with his Bee Queen wife, both of which are bi icons of course, and ensuring only the best for their adorable little darling
Oh god imagine how they decide to keep you. You visit their planet with either your crew or on a lone mission, dropping off supplies and goods for trade and to greet the leaders of this specific hive. The King is handsome, built and lean but easily capable of slicing someone in half if he so pleased. The queen is just as breath taking, her lips kissing your head softly as her antennas take in your scent to recognize you.
While you play with the younglings and enjoy a bit of leisure time after checking your list, they stand guard and communicate with soft buzzes and chirps.
“Darling you can’t hide your thoughts from me. I know by that look that you want them”
“Oh don’t act like you’re being modest either! Those pheromones aren’t exactly hiding your desires either!”
“Hmph, guilty as charged. But who could be blamed? They’re so kind, and the hive loves it when they come around. It’s a shame they can’t stay longer. Unless…an unfortunate accident were to extend their stay?”
You begin to say goodbye, sending a message to your captain that the goods were delivered and the bees were still welcoming and even eager for your next arrival scheduled for next month. Right before you head towards the exit of their kingdom, large soldier bees begin blocking your way.
You think you possibly said something wrong, knowing how possessive and obsessive these bees can be about their leaders, and try to start apologizing for anything you could’ve done, only for one of them to simply lift you up and begin sniffing you.
“Ah-I see our soldiers like you as well” the king muses, appearing from behind you as you grimace and try to just accept the odd affections of each bee as they pass you around.
“Pardon my manners here but-what exactly are they doing? I don’t want to make them think I’m hostile or anything” you admit with a meek voice, shrieking nearly as one bee began to slide their hands up your torso to try and see where the opening to your suit was.
The queen gives an amused smile as she leans on the shoulder of her husband, eyes half lidded as she presses a finger to your lips. “Don’t fret, little one. These kind soldiers are helping us to scent you is all”.
Wait what? Is that a common thing? If so it’s never happened the other times you’ve visited, usually just kind greetings and even some honey to take home. (Not that you needed to know but it was sometimes a courting gift as well, as other bees have pined for your affections like the King and Queen).
“I-I’m sorry, could you uh, not be so handsy?” You mewl, only for a soft kiss to be placed on your lips, hushing you.
“Relax, our cute little pet. The Queen and I simply have new plans for you is all”.
(-Mommabean hope y’all liked ^_^; )
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nonameyoon · 12 days ago
can you do a drabble or something about Jungkook’s child and JK? so basically Jk asks mc if she had to pick one person to save between the two of them, start off with her asking JK and him obvs saying her not his child and then he asks her and she says their child bcuz technically he is both of them and parental love 💕
That little Brat || Yandere!Jungkook~
Tumblr media
A/N: ahhh!! I absolutely loved this idea so much! I just had to write something for it (I was kinda having some writers block)!! Thank you so much for the request darling!! Hope you like it!
Warning: although this is about Yandere!Jungkook, there really isn’t anything that needs a warning in this one!
Pairing: Yandere!Jungkook x reader (fluff)
Word count: 0.7K
You were currently sitting on the couch with your son and husband each on both of your sides. You were watching a movie on the big screen TV in front of you, though it was getting pretty late, even for you. So when your son laid all his weight on your side and slowly drifted off to sleep, you weren’t surprised at all.
You smile, pushing his hair back with your fingers and gently caressing the side of his head.
“So the brat finally fell asleep, huh?,” Jungkook asked, peering over your side to catch a glimpse of the sleeping child next to you.
“Yeah, it’s pretty late so I knew he’d fall asleep soon,” you chuckle, gently scooping up your little boy in your arms.
“I’ll put him to bed, it won’t be comfortable for him here,” you said before walking to your son’s room, a quick Jungkook following you, completely forgetting about the movie he was watching.
You were in the process of tucking your son in, trying not to wake him up and to your luck he didn’t. This made you smile wider and lean in to kiss him on the forehead.
“I love you (S/N),”
A not so quiet scoff was heard from behind you, and of course, Jungkook was the reason for it. You sigh and look at him with an eyebrow raised, but he simply rolled his eyes.
“You know I love you too Jungkook, so don’t get worked up on me again,” you say, playing with your son’s hair.
There was silence for a few seconds, but do Jungkook, it felt like eternity. So he spoke up.
“If you could save one of us, who would it be,” Jungkook said out of the blue, making you turn your head to his direction with a confused expression.
“That was random?,” you say, but he only pushes forward.
“Come on, answer. Who would you save, me or the little brat?,” he asks once again, nodding towards your son. You sigh again and turn around to face him.
“Who would you choose? (S/N) or me?,” you rest your hands on your hips expecting him to at least have some trouble deciding, but to your surprise his quick answer caught you off guard.
“You obviously,” he simply replied, leaning against the wall with arms crossed. “Now it’s your turn to answer,” he didn’t even have to think twice about it, but I guess that was normal for him at this point.
You nod and think for a second, making Jungkook anxious. Why did you have to think? Wasn’t the answer obvious? You’d pick him right?
His eyes widen at the sound of his son’s name, but before he could even think to do or say anything, you continued.
“I’d save (S/N), not because I love him more, but because he reminds me so much of you. I think I’d be a little less sad because I’d feel like you would live on inside him,” you look up at him but continued speaking. “He’s the product of our love and a little bit of both of us is inside him. So I don’t think I could ever let my child get hurt,”
Jungkook was silent, but he was listening to you carefully. Of course, he was still butthurt over the fact that you chose your son, but he felt a little better with your explanation.
“It’s not like I’ll ever let any of my boys get hurt anyways,” you giggle, warping your arms around Jungkook’s waist. He smiles softly and cups your face in a loving way.
“Although I hate the fact that you said (S/N), I’m flattered by the way you explained it,” you giggle at his words and lean in to give him a gentle kiss on the lips.
“Mommy..?,” the soft voice snaps both of you into reality, making you turn to him.
“Can I sleep with you tonight?,” (S/N) asked, sitting up from the bed and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. You let go of Jungkook and take your boy in your arms.
“Of course you can baby,” you smile looking at Jungkook “right kookie?” You asked for reassurance, earning an annoyed nod from him. But as you walked away to take (S/N) to your room, he looked back at Jungkook with a big mischievous grin. Jungkook’s eyes widen at the sight of his son winning at his own game.
“You little brat, you planned this all along, didn’t you?,” he mumbled under his breath, annoyance sparking up inside him. This was war.
Tag list: @mwitsmejk @minshookie29 @articpup
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crazyushijimalady · a day ago
How would yanderes Deku, KiriBaku(poly) from BNHA and Yoriichi from KNY react to reader having an overprotective cat or dog like it doesn’t really like it when someone comes near her and growls?
my dog really thinks she protected my family from the dangerous mail man and my friends that obviously wanted to stab me and bury me in our garden. she really thinks barking keeps everyone away, as if their evil would just vanish lmfao(sorry that yoriichis one is so short btw :/ and I am also VERY unsatisfied with this but we're not gonna talk abt it :') )
Tumblr media
- of course you told him about the strange nature of your dog, of how it'd snuggle onto you, lay in your lap, in between you and your guest
- you knew deku is more of a cat person so it was another reason to 'warn' him before the first time he'd enter your home
- when you open the door, your cat is already sitting in the hallway,awaiting you before it hisses at the sight of deku and flights into your bedroom
- you apologize and he tells you it's fine, he still got a bit scared tho
- your cat doesn't visit the living room izuku and you sit him, he's glad about it
- but of course your cat is too curios and visits, much to your guests disappointment
- he doesn't hate your cat though (not yet at least)
- Izuku sits right next to while the two of you watch a movie, both your lower halfs buried under s blanket
- he jolts a bit aside as the ball of fur jumps between you and him
-you seem unfazed, you even start to pet your cat while he nearly dies a heart attack next to you
- now he has to pull his hand aside that laid between you and him, touching your blanket covered thigh slightly to make space for the cat
- as soon as you stop petting the cat he tries to push it away, make it move so he could put jis hand back
- but it doesn't, in fact it even starts hissing at him
- in the end, you decide to push the cat away, annoyed that it hissed at your friend again
- you apologize again and he tells you what he told you before : "it's fine"
- he truly didn't knew that such a small creature would be capable of annoying him that much
- he feels victorious when you force the cat to leave
- he would NEVER admit that he doesn't like your cat , like never ever
- because what if you search for a partner that can deal well with your pet? he could pretend like he does if it's for you
Tumblr media
- katsuki is an ABSOLUT cat person, you can't convince me otherwise
- eijirou is an ABSOLUTE dog person, again no convincing otherwise
- so no matter if you have a cat or a dog, you'll speak to one of them (I'll go with a dog here tho)
- as soon as you open the door to your home and your dog greets you happily, kiri would almost STORM into your apartment to pet him
- like, he'd be faster than lightning
- bakugou wouldn't mind the dog at all though, he'd even ignore it
-kiri would play with your dog for a while before you'll ask him which movie he'd like to watch
- as soon as the three of you decided, for a horror movie(much to kirishimas displeasure), the dog is almost forgotten
- "hold onto me (y/n) if you're scared" katsuki would say and kiri would say you couldn't hold onto him too
- he's clearly incapable of protecting you though, it shows after the first jump scare
- baku has his arm over the back of the lean of the couch, kiri hold onto your arm tightly
- of course your dog is not okay with that and soon starts to growl as he realizes
- you have to pause the movie since he growls so loud and it's distracting
- you ask your dog what's wrong, even walk through every room to maybe find something that could cause your dog's growling but find nothing
- you keep playing the movie as soon as he stopps but when kiri takes your hand again, he starts again
- "put him in another room maybe" bakugou says, he really doesn't care about your dog
- he'd even go as far as to say he hates him, he's not a dog person anyways
- you concede defeat and do so, much to both males liking
- you three decide to not to do movie nights at your place ever again
-the two boys also agree that they both HATE your dog, but they won't tell you of course
Tumblr media
-a cat person,straight up
- he loves your cat as soon as he spots it (even more since it's yours)
- you two decided to watch a movie even before he came to your place but before you can do that you have to answer his questions abut your cat
- when you're finally done with that part, yoriichi and your cat already seem to be friends but it for long though
- he sits too close to you, at least when you'd ask your cat
- but you can't so your cat has to make it clear
- it hisses at him when he was about to put his arm around d your shoulder, much to his surprise
- "what's wrong all of a sudden?" he'd ask the cat
- not understanding he'd put his arm around you anyway, angering your cat even more
- it'd hiss, try to bite and scratch him
- at some point he'd probably find it quiet amusing and even jokingly throw a pillow at your cat to block a 'attack'
- you'd have to be the one to make your cat stop by locking it into another room
- yoriichi would stretch out his tongue to the cat when it looks over your shoulder in his direction
- you'd apologize to him but he'd just tell you he likes your cat
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Yandere Diabolik Lovers Reactions to You Being their Soulmate (Soulmate AU)
(I wrote this without a specific au in mind. Anything italicized are his thoughts)
~Shu Sakamaki~
He wouldn’t really care at first.
“Oh, it’s them. It could be worse I guess...”
Only later, once his yandere obsession grows will he actually care about you. He will use the soulmate excuse to justify any of his actions.
“What do you mean I can’t? I am your soulmate you know. We’re destined to be together. You don’t have a choice.”
~Reiji Sakamaki~
He would be happy about it, but wouln’t show it.
“Good. They’re my soulmate. This makes things easier.”
“Yes, I’m your soulmate. Do you have a problem with that? No? Good. You know you don’t have any right to resist.”
~Ayato Sakamaki~ 
He would be happy about it, now he has you all to himself and a reason to justify it.
“This way they can be all mine.”
“Of course your soulmate would be yours truly. You’re all mine, got it, pancake?”
~Kanato Sakamaki~
He easily upset (when is he not) if you reacted badly or if he perceived your reaction as negative. 
“They’re my soulmate, isn’t that great, Teddy? This way we don’t have to eliminate anyone.”
“I’m your soulmate, we’ll be together forever. What is that expression? Are you unhappy? You are, aren’t you? THERE’S SOMEONE ELSE YOU LOVE, RIGHT? DON’T LIE TO ME!”
~Laito Sakamaki~
He would be very excited.
“Little bitch is my soulmate? Now I get an excuse to do all sorts of things to them.”
“Hey little bitch, you know we’re soulmates, right? Get ready because I won’t be gentle…”
~Subaru Sakamaki~
He would be relieved, but not show it.
“I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t them...Maybe this means my feelings are natural...”
“You’re my soulmate? I don’t really care. Did you hope it was someone else? I wouldn’t blame you.”
~Ruki Mukami~
He wouldn’t be sure if this was real/if he deserved it.
“Have I really become Adam? Do I deserve this?”
“That’s right, I’m your soulmate. I have become Adam. You’ll accept this fate, livestock.”
~Kou Mukami~
He would be in denial.
“Them? They’re my soulmate? This can’t be right… Am I really good enough for them?”
“Hey little maso-kitty! Soulmates? Are you sure that’s right? Oh no I wouldn’t mind, but you know you’d have to give back whatever you take from me, right? It’s a give and take world after all.”
~Yuma Mukami~
He wouldn’t be that excited, he assumed it would be like this.
“They’re my soulmate? Alright then.”
“We might be soulmates, but don’t think I’ll go easy on you now, sow.”
~Azusa Mukami~
He would be happy about it.
“ my...soulmate? I...couldn’t ask for...anything better.”
“Are you...happy too, Eve? We together forever. I don’t even...have to do earn you. Life...can be so kind.”
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lovesickloverboys · 7 months ago
Yandere! Diluc X Reader
Tumblr media
Art by: @bear_nyanM on Twitter
You can also read this fic in Russian! Translation done by @irenedewainwright
You couldn't quite stand looking at your son's eyes for too long.
Now, no one should get it wrong--you loved your little boy with your whole heart and soul; he was the apple of your eye--the very reason for your being.
And, thank the heavens, he resembled you in many ways too, possessing the same shade of (h/c) hair, the same set of lips, the same adorable nose.
It was the subtle details however--the slope of his cheeks, the arch of his brows, the overall shape of his sweet little face, that hinted at who bestowed the other half of his being. And the most glaring feature of all, the evidence of his distinguished ancestry--were his wide, bright, fiery eyes. They resembled hot lava; they resembled fresh blood on the gleaming surface of a sword every time sunlight refracted through those crimson irises, and... it made you sick to your stomach.
You always tried your best, truly, to smother the quiver of your heart and the twitching of your lips, and you sincerely hoped you succeeded every time, because your boy was but an innocent child. Yet, from time to time, you'd lose yourself in those scarlet eyes, the burning hues at once resembling the blazing, soft hair that your hands were once familiar with. You'd see him when your son appeared exasperated with something, your blank, unfocused stare causing him to complain even further, unaware of the memories that played before your eyes, again and again.
You'd see glimpses of him in his innocuous habits too--your son's partiality for grape juice (surely tastes couldn't be inherited?), his quiet determination when it came to swinging his wooden sword (despite it being nearly twice his height), the way he'd hold himself, making sure to keep his outfit neat and tidy no matter how much play fighting he partook in with the rambunctious neighborhood children.
You sometimes wondered how he would respond if he--God forbid--ever discovered the truth of the matter--that his father was very much alive and well.
It made it difficult--nay, impossible--to look into his eyes and spew out your lies, when it seemed like the man himself stared back at you, judging your very actions, dissecting your very soul.
"Can we buy some grapes, mama? Please, it has been so long since I've had them!"
Shaken out of your reverie, you sighed inwardly as you glanced at your boisterous son, whose grip on your hand tripled in strength as you two approached one of the fruit vendors of the busy marketplace. His eager eyes were glued to the stall, and you sighed once more, knowing it would be practically impossible to leave the swarm of busy shoppers without buying a batch of his favorite fruit.
"Calm down now, sweetie..." you muttered as his impatient feet drove you forward with him, and before you knew it, the aged lady who helmed the stall grinned at him, her eyes forming crescent moons as she asked, "It's grapes again, isn't it, little one?"
You sheepishly smiled at her as you pulled out a pouch of spare change.
Diluc knew he stood out starkly amongst the local populace, but if his intel was accurate, it wouldn't matter even if the curious citizens began to talk. His arms crossed against his chest, he leaned against the wall of an alleyway, lips set in a tight line and mercurial eyes vigilant.
Five years, nine months and twenty-one days.
You had left his arms exactly five years, nine months and twenty-one days ago, and each day had not been any less agonising than the previous. He refused to believe you had done it willingly--initially, anyway--surely you didn't have a reason to complain about a thing, or have want for a thing, when he practically indulged you in every possible manner.
Diluc was certainly aware that he wasn't the best when it came to the mushy-gushy, drippy aspect of relationships, not like that brother of his anyway, but he had tried his best, and, at one point, he believed he very much succeeded in conveying his sincere feelings to you. Of course, he had to do some work backstage, pull certain strings--but things had been going just fine.
So imagine his utter and terrible surprise when he found an empty, cold bed awaiting his tired self, you nowhere in sight.
Like a wild, hungry dog desperate for the scent of a bone, Diluc plunged himself into a years-long search for a clue of your whereabouts.
At first he was certain--it had to be one of his countless enemies who did it--after all, what better way to get to someone than by hurting the one who was most precious to them? Yet, as his maddening, bloodied search for you continued, not even a faint scent of you lingered in the air, and he finally began to consider some possibly alternate explanations for your disappearance.
You had certainly done well, very well for evading him of all people for so long, and now, he sincerely hoped your luck finally ran out.
He had questions--so many questions for you, about you, about the apparent child that accompanied you. It took him all the patience of his lifetime to rein in his temper and anxiety when he heard of this child's existence.
Surely you didn't forget him so soon? Surely you didn't settle down with another man, and bear a child that was never supposed to exist?
Diluc breathed out hard, eyes shutting momentarily as he composed himself. Despite it all, more than anything, he was excited--giddy, eager, desperate, hungry--to lay his eyes on you, to drink in your features, to hear your voice, your peals of laughter, to touch you all over, and to feel your warmth.
Fate favored him at last--he knew it when his ruby red eyes glanced across the street, as if instinctively sensing your old, but very familiar presence--like the lingering scent of a beloved perfume--and widened as they locked onto your figure. His breathing turned shallower and his legs nearly flighty as they screamed at him to run up to you, to engulf you into a rib-crushing hug and to kiss you a dozen times, and a dozen more, until your lungs were deprived of all air.
Despite the terrible desire, Diluc controlled himself. This was the last leg of his stint in purgatory, he'd have you in his arms in just a bit, so he took one, last, deep breath, and pushed himself off the brick wall, feet evenly paced as they began to track you through the busy footpath traffic.
His eyes intently studied you, and he fleetingly wondered if you could sense his presence. His gaze then shifted to the young boy holding your hand, and for perhaps the second time in his life, his heart stopped.
The crowd continued to weave around his frozen form, the marketplace chatter of buyers and sellers bartering and bargaining remained just as loud as before, but Diluc's ears might have as well gone deaf for he could only hear the conversation you two were having, and his eyes could only stare back at himself--because really, where else could that boy have gotten those eyes from?
His knees nearly buckled and his heart thundered about within his rib cage, but he managed--he managed enough to steadily walk up to the most--to the two most important people in his life.
"That won't be necessary."
The words were innocuous enough, but it was the baritone of his voice--still so familiar, as if you had heard him at dawn, greeting you a good morning with a chaste kiss--it was that shockingly familiar tone that froze you to your spot.
Your palms clammed up with cold sweat, something your son must have noticed, as he glanced at your connected hands before giving it a tug.
The fruit seller looked at the man behind you appraisingly, before accepting the freshly minted coins his outstretched, gloved hand presented. Then she winked at you, a playful twinkle in her eyes as she said, "My, what a handsome husband you have. Why didn't you ever mention he was visiting?"
The young boy besides you was frozen too, his red, red eyes looking up in awe and admiration at the man before him.
"Wah! Mama, look! Our eyes are exactly the same!"
Slowly, slowly you breathed out, goosebumps prickling your skin as you felt his familiar burning gaze at the back of your head. You didn't have to turn back to know who it was.
Almost instinctively, you tightened your hold of your son's hand, so much so that he let out a surprised yelp, and for a wild second, you contemplated making a dash for it, but decided against it as the horrible realization began to sit in, your stomach sinking, and a stray thought colored your vision: this was the end.
This was the end of whatever normalcy you had cultivated for yourself and your child, through blood, sweat and tears. Behind you was Diluc, and he had finally gotten to you in the end.
A few terrible seconds passed--and they felt like an eternity to you as you finally, almost mechanically, turned around, your movements stiff and face grim as you finally built the courage to face your husband.
One glance at his eyes and you looked away.
You weren't ready.
You were never ready, and never will be, yet the end has arrived for you, nevertheless.
Diluc studied you hungrily, his eyes roaming over every inch of your face and your being, before letting out a soft sigh, in soothing, beautiful relief.
Yes you were alive, and yes you were right before him, living and breathing.
The thumping of his heart finally began to resume a more normal pace--this, this was a new beginning.
A second coming of his dreams, the dawn he craved for so many years while he lived in perpetual darkness.
A glance at your eyes and he could almost instantly notice the hesitancy, the fear, and... the resignation.
...It didn't matter. You were here, and that was all that mattered. Your feelings, reasonings and false beliefs would be dissected and corrected at a later time; Diluc simply filed it away in his mind as he cast another once-over upon you, and after seemingly finally reassured that you were really before him, the redhead turned his attention to the curious boy beside you, who openly stared back at him in both awe and nervous apprehension, his eyes--so similar to his, that Diluc couldn't help but stare back in quiet amazement--rounded with curiosity and eagerness.
A small, hesitant smile tugged the corners of his lips as he replied to the boy's earlier remark:
"...There is a reason why we have the same eyes."
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yandere-romanticaa · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
... the look of absolute, raging anger in Itto’s eyes as you lay there in front of him, blood oozing from the corners of your bruised lips, your body limp from the exhaustion and sore from the bruises that littered your body from head to toe. Itto was for the most part, calm, very calm. His breathing was heavy, his footsteps were so quiet you'd think that he almost wasn't there. Outstretching his strong arm towards you, his fingers gently traced your beaten face. Anger boiled in his heart as raging screams started to echoe throughout the massive field you were in.
You were foolish enough to take a commission in regards to handling some treasure hoarders, underestimating their skills along the process. They caught you off guard in the dark of the night, stealing you away into their camp as they toyed with you, threatening to gut you like a fish as you begged them to set you free, that you wouldn't go anywhere near them but the cruel men just weren't having it.
He knew something bad was going to happen, that's why he followed you. That's why there's red hot blood on the ground and his hair, that's why there is the disgusting smell of gore on his weapon. The cries of the men fell on deaf ears as he swung his claymore like a madman, slicing through anything and anyone that dared to stand in his path. They ignored your pleas for mercy, why should he listen to theirs? He was going to teach these bastards a lesson, and they were going to pay with their lives. He made a mental note to be extra sweet towards you, to spoil you a bit more than usual once this was all said and done.
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yandere-daydreams · 2 months ago
Hi! For the 20k event, could I request Zhongli with Anonymous? Like, he's been sending someone gifts regularly and has decided he wants to collect what he's owed for them. Thanks in advance!
Prompt: A for Anonymous.
Pairing: Yandere!Zhongli x Reader (Genshin Impact).
TW: Stalking, Obsessive Mindsets, Mentions of Blood, Implied Self-Mutilation (?).
Tumblr media
The first gift comes in the form of a single glaze lily.
Caught in full-bloom, wrapped in course fabric and left on your doorstep without a attendant, without a letter, without a name to connect it to. It's a childish act, something a young apprentice would do to impress the distant daughter of their master, but you've always had a soft spot for flowers, and it's such an innocent gesture, and it leaves you giddy, giggling, excited enough too tell Hu Tao why you're smiling at your paperwork, and by association, Zhongli, the consultant she always seems to keep on-hand. She's happy for you, even if she does taunt you for your new, bashful admirer. You're happy, too. The glaze lily makes you happy.
The basket of tall, spiraling shells makes you happy, too. As does the bottle of foreign wine that comes after that, and the dried wild flowers, and the branching, ornate hairpin, endowed with so many tiny jewels, it almost hurts to look at, when it caught the sun.
By the time the month passes and the gifts have begun to appear on your bedside table, rather than your doorstep, your excitement begins to wane.
Not that you aren't grateful, even if a small, nagging part of you has always been aware that you really have no reason to be. Every gift is lovely, on its own, always something you'd stopped to admire in a storefront, that you'd mentioned off-handedly in passing conversation or expressed some desire for in some other minor, private way. They're thoughtful, lovingly wrapped in silk or paper, and sometimes, just sometimes, there's a note, a scrap of an explanation to make the colored bath salts and herbal incense seem less odd. Your admirer (still nameless, still anonymous) compliments you often, but it's always respectful, always absent-minded, as if leaving hand-embroidered sashes splayed across your kitchen counter was more of an idle pastime than an actual hobby. As if they're already your lover, simply leaving presents around your shared household for you to find.
They're fond of expensive things, fineries from the other side of Teyvat, but their attention strays, every now and then, their tastes vary, and the leave other things, stranger things. Horns, polished and curved, the kind shed from monsters you'd only ever heard about in storybooks and wive's tales. Fangs, yellowed and gnarled, often still bloody, often still warm. Scales, fanned across the foot of your bed, deep scratches littered across their smooth, golden surfaces. As if they'd been ripped from the back of some great beast, each one fought for, torn out with claws and teeth and little else. Each one struggled for, as if their removal had not been painless.
And you do want to be thankful, however unasked for their presents might be, however invasive their methods might've grown. You want to be sympathetic, you want to be patient, and you don't want to be as afraid as you are that someday, the gifts might be less innocent than seashells and flowers, that the notes you can no longer bring yourself to read might stop being absent-minded and start calls for attention, pleas for your returned affection, threats scrawled across the wall in the same neat, curling font you've been trying so frantically to ignore, beyond all of your better instincts. You don't want to be afraid, you don't want to hate such a desperate, hopeless romantic as violently as you do, but...
But, when you express your paranoia, your fear, your concerns for your safety to Hu Tao, one day, over tear-ridden paperwork and the latest present, another glaze lily, as if to win back your favor, as if to comfort you, you accept her offer, or rather, that of her silent, stoic shadow. Zhongli's always been kind to you, after all, as rarely as the two of you interact, and you're more thankful for the spacious home he keeps, just outside of the harbor, than you'd ever been for any of your admirer's gifts. You're thankful for his smile, when you accept, and for the note he gives you, telling you where to meet him after you collect your things. You're thankful for him.
You're even thankful for his neat, curling font, so clean and so familiar, you can't bring yourself to try to remember where you might've seen it, before.
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love-infested · a month ago
"Toxic Desires..."
Warnings/TW's: Toxic/Yandere Relationships, Dubcon, Power Imbalance, Smut, Breeding, Some Degradation, Gender Neutral but hinted AFAB Body, Slight Exhibition, In Heat, Use of Aphrodisiacs, Half Dragon Form! Zhongli, Cocky Zhongli, Slight Manhandling, Size Difference
Tumblr media
Zhongli had you pinned against a wall, his body was towering over you completely. His eyes held such a predatory gaze you've never felt more fear than you have right now.
His pupils were golden slits as light golden brown scales lightly were placed on the sides of his face and body. He also had a whole foot of height added onto him, completely entrapping you. If you could look further up, you were sure you saw horns. His also had the lines of geo - black and gold - running up and down his arms.
"Zhongli? Let me go... You're scaring me." You looked down, refusing to meet his eyes.
"In the nicest way, human, you're lucky I've restrained myself thus far." And you felt his cock press up against your hole, slowly grinding himself on you.
You felt yourself bite your lip, but a loose moan escaped. You could feel yourself responding to his actions.
"Mm, can't wait to breed you full. To carry my children. You'll be a divine parent with me." His hands let go of your wrists, only to rip off your lower clothes, quickly gaining access to your cunt.
He let his hard cock go unrestrained from his clothes and quickly grabbed you and slammed you on the ground. His hands slowly eased your legs up and onto his shoulders, allowing his dick to lay against your folds.
It was too big, was it even possible? Zhongli licked his fingers, and you noticed an almost serpent-like tongue wrap around his fingers before he scissored your cunt.
"Fuck, you know how much of privilege it is to be fucked by a God like me?" You felt his hand disappear, his cock slowly inching into you.
You let out low gasps, feeling himself enter you. You gripped the ground as you felt Zhongli's hands grip down on your thighs, hearing him let out a low hiss of pleasure.
His thrusts, were inhuman. He knew almost exactly where to hit your good spots as well as keeping up at a pace that left you begging for more and more.
You felt yourself almost ready to orgasm and then he thrusted up into a place you didn't even know was possible. You moaned wantonly as you felt yourself orgasm.
However, Zhongli did not stop. His hips were still slamming into yours.
"Feeling stuffed of me already? Better prepare yourself, mortal, I'm not leaving you until I know you'll be carrying my children."
Tumblr media
As per usual, you were at Childe's side in the bank. Today, he didn't want to leave you at your "shared home", which was more like a glorified birdcage for you. It was boring in here, not much to do, but play with your fingers in the seat he pulled up for you to sit next to him.
Childe, on the other hand, was too busy working on paperwork. His light scribbling was heard lowly in the office. You looked up at him and could see the frustration that laid upon his face. His hand writing was getting a more out of control, angrily scribbling.
Suddenly, he stopped. A blank smile replaced his features as you saw him grip the bow that was leaned against his desk.
"Ah, silly me! Why do that when I have you here, hm?" Childe then turned to you, grabbing your hands into his.
"I need you to fulfill a spouse-ly duty of yours..." And Childe pulled you onto his lap.
Childe's hand went immediately down to your cunt, causing you to let out a surprised gasp. Slowly, he started rubbing up and down your underwear to give you that needed friction.
You let out small gasps. You hated how easily he could wind you up and knew your body like the back of his hand.
You heard him unbuckle his belt then he slid your underwear to the side. Effortlessly, he picked up your body and guided you to sit perfectly on his cock.
"Fuck, you're always so good for me... Always my good little slut, hm?" His hips thrusted up into you, the slaps of skin echoing in his office.
You felt yourself moan into the corner of his neck, holding onto his shirt for balance. You felt his cold lips nibble up and down your neck.
Next, there was a knock on the door and Childe's thrusts came to a halt. However, he made no move whatsoever to take himself out of you.
"Don't, Ajax. Please." You buried your heated face into his neck even deeper to hide your embarrassment.
"Come in quickly." Childe barked out, and a poor Fatui member took one step in, thankfully far enough to not see any exposed parts. Despite being masked, the way his body trembled every so gently showed he wanted to be anywhere but here.
"Harbinger Tartag-" he began but was quickly cut off.
"Leave the papers on the ground and get out. Unless, you want to be my next training dummy?" Childe questioned, his hands digging possessively into your hips.
The Fatui member left without a word and Childe grinned. "No one else but me can see you like this." He let out a near growl before he continued thrusting into you, faster than before.
"You'll always be known as the Harbinger Tartaglia's little cumslut~" He whispered into your ear.
Tumblr media
"Awe, can't handle your wine?~" Venti drawled out. The glass of wine that once was happily in your hands dropped to the ground with a loud crack, splattering everywhere.
"I-I'm sorry, I guess not, haha..." You leaned yourself against the massive oak tree. "I'm really sorry, Venti, I'll buy you another one." You felt sweat drip down your forehead as your clothes felt a little too heavy and hot.
You felt Venti grab your shoulders and lead you to sit down against the tree. His bright blue eyes didn't show much concern, as much as you could gather, but rather, excitement... You felt his hand brush against your neck and you felt your face grow hot.
"I-I want to go home. I'm sorry to cut our night short, but I feel really, really sick." You pressed a hand against your forehead, its already slicked with sweat. Your lower core also felt strange.
"Awe, poor baby, where does it hurt?" Venti said, dropping down to his knees in front of your lowered form. His face got closer to yours, inspecting the droplets slowly forming on your face.
"Too close, Venti, please..." You tried to look away from him but only to feel him straddling your waist as soon as you knew it.
"How about this..." Venti said, inching closer to your ear. "How about, does it feel better when I do this?" And you felt his hips rock lowly against your clothed mound. You couldn't help but let out a shudder of relief.
"Ah, I see the problem here!" Venti giggled out. "Don't worry, my love, let me help you out, hehe~"
'Love?' Venti's never called you that before and you tried to push away, but it felt so nice. You felt his hands prod at your lower clothes, slowly pulling them off. His hands slowly drifted into your underwear, pushing them to the side. Then you felt his hands prod into your wet cunt, inserting them slowly as you let out low moans at the penetration. You felt your hips rock back into his fingers, trying to add as much stimulation.
Venti kissed the corner of your mouth, then moving to your lips and slipped his tongue in your mouth. His fingers expertly found your clit, adding pressure to your pearl all while keeping his fingers steadily pump in and out of you. His mouth left yours, a strand of saliva connecting you.
"Just let your Archon help you, okay? I'll take such good care of you..."
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yandere-sins · 2 months ago
Could I request a yandere vampire viewing humans to be nothing more than food, only to find their Darling stand out amongst the many mortals they’ve consumed over the years?Instead of draining their Darling prey dry in a few weeks like usual, the vampire decides to keep their Darling - to savor, to play with, and cherish in its own way - much to Darling’s dismay at seeing no end or escape in sight. Bonus points if the vamp bite can be pleasurable or painful, depending on the vamp’s mood, and can be used as a reward or punishment as needed. Double bonus for nsfw bits if you’re feeling up to it
I just felt like writing about bitemarks, make of that what you want. Thanks for requesting!
»»———————— ♡ ————————«« 
You winced as they put the weight of their arms on top of yours, tangling their fingers with yours. With your arms stretched out by long, silk fabric and suspended in the air on either side, you had crumbled to the ground, exhausted, drained, spent. Only making you more vulnerable than you already were. You looked up into the mirror before you and at yourself, your eyes lidded from getting no sleep ever since you arrived, and your body missing its energy, skin sunken in as if you were sick.
The vampire let out a satisfied groan, watching you through the reflection in the mirror. Of course, you couldn’t see them in return. You just felt them. You felt their breath against your cheek, the weight of their body as they leaned on you and your feeble condition, and the itching pain from the bite marks that were all over you.
When you were chosen as a sacrifice, you naturally felt the weight of the world on your shoulders. Unlike the many sacrifices you had witnessed over the years, you tried to put on a brave smile, help with the preparations, and even changed your diet. All so that the last few hours of your life would be meaningful. But in reality, you were horrified. Scared and unwilling to die. Creatures like the vampires should be flogged and not appeased with sacrifices they could eat. You weren’t cattle! You were a living, breathing human! However, now that you spent days with them, you realized that it was absolutely impossible to be anything other than a blood donor.
Over and over, their fingertips tapped on the marks they left behind from their teeth. Some started bruising, hurting under their touch. Others were still oozing crimson blood after being torn open. Your life had become much worse than that of cattle. You wouldn’t die as quickly as a cow or goat. You had to endure until you either were killed out of boredom or drained dry to the vampire’s pleasure.
“Tears ruin the taste,” they scolded you, indifferent to the feeling of helplessness and fear you were experiencing. Instinctively, like the people-pleaser you were, you tried to wipe them away, but your hands were still suspended in midair, hanging from the walls on either side of you. If only you could have had a bit of dignity, maybe dying wouldn’t have been so bad. But they restrained you like the sacrifice you were, making you look at yourself in the mirror as they tortured you.
You didn’t even want to think about what they’d do to your body after you died.
Long, cold fingers wrapped around your throat, the mild strangulation uncomfortable yet able to make you focus on it instead of everything else. Deep breaths, the villagers said. Whenever the vampire touches you, take deep breaths to keep calm. Struggling was futile anyway, and you are a sacrifice, not a wild animal. The villagers told you that as if you should be proud of your position, but how in the world could you be proud of what you had become?
One hand wandered upwards to your face, the fingers slim like spider legs, but you couldn’t help but notice that they had begun to warm up, and you assumed that was thanks to your blood. They crept up on you until you had to fear their long nails were going to pluck out your eye. Squeezing them both close tightly, you hoped to at least not experience that horror, only feeling how one of the fingers brushed by your eyelashes, wiping away the tears for you.
Blinking a few times, the hand disappeared, and you heard a very disappointed sounding, “Salty...” from behind you. Twisting your head to look back over your shoulder, you were met with the bright crimson eyes that drilled into yours, their hand slowly lowering from their mouth after they had a taste of your tears and an unsatisfied expression on their face.
“Told you it ruins the taste,” they shrugged, elegantly gesturing that they didn’t care for your tears, and you almost felt inclined to apologize.
“Please...” you muttered, finding that your mouth was terribly dry.
“Hm?” they perked up, having forgotten how your voice sounded after days of silently accepting your fate.
“Please end it,” you pleaded, close to tears again. “I-I’m ready. I don’t care what happens, but I can’t live like this anymore. Please, have mercy!”
You were tired. So, so tired. You wanted to sleep or eat. Go back to your family and see your friends again. But knowing that would never happen, if you at least could die, then you wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.
Instead, fingers wrapped around your chin, their presence suddenly in front of you. Forcing your head back, you were stared at from above, just two red orbs enveloped in darkness, and it was hard to maintain eye contact with them more than ever. “Who do you think you are? Thinking you can make demands?”
“N-No,” you pressed forth through the pain of your jaw crushing under their grip and your bruises ripping open from the strain. “I’d never dare!”
“Good.” Instantly, the vampire’s mood seemed to change back to the usual indifference, and they kneeled down before you. Their right hand brushed down your neck and along your shoulder, getting covered in the red color of your blood before they brought it to their lips, licking it off their knuckles. “I gave you these for a reason. They are a perfect imprint from me on you, so no one will dare to feed off my property. And I’m not done with you yet.”
Speechless, you wanted to say something, but the situation was simply overwhelming. Why would they want to mark you? Why was it important who you belonged to? You were just a sacrificed ready to be consumed.
A flinch escaped you as they leaned forward, and you were expecting another burning bite, but instead, lips pecked at the bite wounds tenderly, one after the other. Again and again, until the kisses became fervent, tongue lapping out, sucking at your skin. It stung and burned, and you had to bite your lip tightly as to not let out a sound. Your body grew hot and felt like it was pulling at your open skin; it was almost too much.
Until you suddenly felt hot breath against your lips, opening your eyes alarmed. With an eager tongue, the vampire tasted from the blood on your mouth before parting your lips, breaths and tongues mingling. You expected to taste your own blood, but it tasted sweeter than you could have ever dreamed about. Sweet, enticing, and hot, that’s what the kiss felt like, even though your body was struggling with the pain and the hand on your throat cutting off more air than you could take in. And yet, as if magically pushed towards the vampire, you only leaned in more, tried to get more of the sweet pleasure of their tongue. Just as surprising as it came, it ended, and you were left gasping as the vampire pulled away.
“Better?” they asked, and through your fogged brain, you weren’t sure you understood. “Don’t ever ask to die again. Remember, you are mine forever.”
With them standing up, you got a glimpse of yourself in the mirror again, and you blinked a few times at the image before you. All over your left shoulder, there was no mark left, and your skin had puffed up again, eyes wide open and awake. The vampire disappeared behind you again, but you quickly felt their arms wrap around your torso, a feeling you knew well by now. “If you’re truly that miserable, tell me. I wouldn’t know. I don’t understand you humans. But know that my help comes at a price.”
Finally, you were able to puzzle together your thoughts. The healthy feeling you had, together with your body looking perfectly fine, must be the vampire’s doing. They must have used some kind of magic or trick on you, but having exhausted themselves by doing that, that probably meant...
Their fangs protruding from their mouth, they dragged them along your supple skin, searching for the best spot to bite down. Fleshy, warm, and soft. Where the blood would spurt out from the slightest irritation. Clenching your teeth, you couldn’t help but try to fight their tight embrace, tried to get out before it was too late. But your struggles were futile, only pressing you up into their fangs until you felt them sink into you inch by inch.
Your ears buzzing and your heart racing as you were fed from, you only shut your eyes tightly, holding back the gasps and moans, not wanting anyone to think this was actually enjoyable. But the sweet taste on your tongue remained, as well as the feeling of their lips against yours, making you wonder what they meant when they claimed you for ‘forever’.
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