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#reader inserts

I’ll take requests for One-Shots, Preferences, and Headcanons for most characters and/or ships from any fandom listed

I Will NOT write:

  • NSFW. I don’t feel comfortable writing detailed nsfw. Implied is as far as I’ll go. 
  • Ships that are illegal, incest, and/or abusive (ex: Eren Yeager x Levi Ackerman)
  • Fics with detailed abuse, sexual assault, teen pregnancy, self-harm, or anything else that can be seen as extremely triggering.
  • Canonly gay characters as straight
  • Fics about real people/celebrities
  • Ship fics with characters under the age of 15
  • anything to do with major gender dysphoria (for personal reasons)

I Will write:

  • fem!reader inserts, male!reader inserts, and/or gender neutral!reader inserts
  • male x male ships, male x female ships, female x female ships
  • trans!reader inserts 
  • Alternate universes
  • Crossovers
  • readers with mental illnesses (however, i might deny the request if i am too uneducated about a mental illness)

Please reblog my fics, especially if you requested it. I appreciate all the feedback I receive. 

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for my next tickletober fic (wake up) I need y’all to pick a fandom/pairing bc I cannot decide lmfao. Here they are:

A. Sastiel (Sam x Cas from Supernatural)
B. Bucky Barnes x Reader (from Marvel)
C. Spencer Reid x Reader or Morgan (from Criminal Minds)

please just shoot me a message with the letter, leave it in a reply, or send it in an ask. I need this for my sanity. thank you!

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| anon requested …

poly hcs with dr. coomer and bubby.

  • dr. coomer is the most affectionate of the two! he loves giving and receiving hugs and kisses, especially from you since he thinks you do it best.
  • he is very soft and constantly warm, which is a plus if you ever get cold, this man’s like your personal space heater
  • his hands are always soft, the skin and all, he’s very gentle and careful not to squeeze too hard when he takes your face into his hands to give you a kiss
  • his kisses are kind and light, ranging from a quick peck to a more meaningful one that lasts a few seconds, an “i love you” following close after
  • he also likes to press kisses into the palms of your hands and pull you into embraces, he’s just very whipped and wants to let you know he loves you constantly
  • bubby isn’t super fond of affection all the time, but when he does get in a touchy mood, he likes to wrap his arms around you and bury his head into your neck
  • he, unlike coomer, is constantly cold to the touch, which is nice for cuddling in the summertime, but not so much winter unless you have a warm, fuzzy blanket
  • he will absentmindedly hold your hand as he’s reading or doing research, rubbing circles and random shapes into your hands-think of that scene from up where they have chairs seated right next to each other and they’re both reading, reaching over for the other’s hand, whatever he’s doing he just.. *reach expectantly*
  • his kisses are more needy, especially after the black mesa incident. he’s never really had experience with physical affection until you, but he likes what he gets out of it, especially since it’s you
  • he thinks you’re absolutely divine, and while he doesn’t say it much he thinks about you constantly and is equally as whipped for you
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Hi hi!

My name is Meows and welcome to my reader insert blog!

You can read my rules for requesting here and you can read my fandom list here!

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask! Looking forwards to write for you all! <3

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| anon requested

a carnival date with gordon.

  • he’s 100% going to try to impress you by scoring one of the biggest/cutest stuffed animals there
  • he has pretty good aim and knows from experience how to beat the rigged rides there, so the ping-pong-ball-in-the-cup game is nothing to him
  • y’all go on the merry-go-round and take selfies too, just cute ones with his arm around you and you kissing his cheek
  • you two wait in lines for good food like elephant ears or snow cones and you share too, two spoons, two halves!
  • it’s really fun, the music only makes your spirits brighter, and he’d bring joshua too! if he does, you three have a blast, watching the small boy on fast rides and yelling his name, waving while he passes
  • the smile on your face is the most memorable of the entire trip. he takes mental pictures constantly, and the occasional phone picture, but sneaky since he knows it’d be more genuine if you didn’t know he was taking one
  • you two simply hold hands and talk about the rides and what you want to do next while gordon realizes this is exactly how he wants to spend his life
  • it’s with you, the one who makes him the happiest boy, and it doesn’t even have to be marriage that sets it in stone, he’s content with just being with you and making more memories like this in the future
  • needless to say, he’s absolutely whipped and can’t wait for the next carnival to come to town.
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Title/Summary/Request/Warnings: S/O Cheats And Their Partner’s Reaction


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🌸 YOU!!! UR SO SWEET THANK U?? u can rq anything at any time :D i’m really glad to hear you liked them & i’m really excited to do this rq it’s so soft 👉👈 i sincerely hope ur doing absolutely fantastic u superb little friend!


[ finding out you have a crush. ]

  • OH YEAH, teasing is very very expected from him, he will make little remarks like “man, y/n you’re looking pretty red.” while standing like two inches away from your face
  • he’s very flirtatious, but among everything else he’s confused about it. why would someone as remarkable as you be into a boy like him? he thinks you deserve much better than what he has to offer
  • he’ll probably begin walking closer to you, until you two are lightly brushing your hands together, but he doesn’t move or push away like he might with others
  • the others can tell he’s into you too, just by how he’s acting around you. it’s not often he catches feelings for someone, but when he finds out they like him back it’s practically a dream come true, especially if it’s you
  • he would tease you mercilessly, calling you affectionate nicknames like sweetheart, just out of the blue to see your reaction
  • gordon and tommy don’t hear the end of it, he bottles his feelings until people closest to him are around to listen (unless of course it’s you)
  • he obviously asks you out, but not in a normal way, he doesn’t want to make things awkward in the off chance you don’t like him in that way and however he found out was just a fake
  • he simply asks you to dinner or frozen yogurt, without mentioning the date aspect. when you do show up, his hand is out and ready for you to hold, a smile on his face as he waits for your acceptance
  • you’ll probably have to ask him if that was a date-date and more than friendly, because he’s somewhat oblivious to what others can or can’t pick up
  • he’s very intelligent yet a little stupid socially. he definitely gives you a kiss on your cheek as you part ways, saying you should join him again very soon
  • he’s very excited, much like a little boy on christmas day, he’s bouncy the day after, not a single snarky remark leaving his mouth, much to everyone’s surprise

Originally posted by zihette

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[ poly relationship w s/o ]

  • gordon isn’t super affectionate, but benrey is! benrey is very lowkey about it though.
  • neither of them are too into pda or anything like that, but they do hold your hands! they sort of just picked a side and stuck to it, you in the middle
  • it’s just like that during cuddle sessions too, one will be behind you and one in front, with you on your side
  • if benrey is facing you, he likes to give you soft kisses on your face before resting his forehead against yours while gordon holds onto you from behind, a gentle hand playing with your hair
  • if gordon is facing you, he likes to just hold you very close, pressing kisses against your forehead and very hesitant to let you go, while benrey is behind you, whispering nice things into your ear
  • when the three of you go out to a movie, or park, or anything you must be in the middle, it’s just a thing for them
  • the two of them are very protective over you, especially gordon. he doesn’t want you to be taken from him or vice versa, they both want you safe and cared for
  • so communication is very important to them. if you’re uncomfortable with something and you tell them, i swear to you it will never happen again
  • when you’re lounging about at home, benrey will often have you sit in his lap, gordon holding one of your hands, just to let you know he’s there, rubbing shapes into your hand and smiling
  • benrey is very soft when he kisses you despite his harsh nature. you’re probably the one person he’s 100% gentle towards other than people like tommy. he’ll simply brush against your lips and tell you he loves you, a lazy smile on his face, cheeks just dusted with red
  • gordon is somewhat needy when it comes to kisses. he’s afraid of having you being taken from him or you leaving, he has major separation anxiety. he’ll give you two, three, four kisses in a row before he’s satisfied and moves on with his day, smiling as he does

Originally posted by adorkwithhats

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 Hi love, first of all, i know you got my messages but just want to say again, i’m sorry this happened to you and i hope this can put a smile on your face as no one deserves to feel shitty or sad. Plus it’s Henry and i love him so i’m glad you picked him for this. Enjoy…

Pairing: Henry Cavill x Reader

Warning: slight angst but mostly fluff.

Word Count: 1,767

GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @supersweetstache go check them out 🥰

Nothing Like Your Last


Originally posted by supersweetstache

You take a seat next to Henry, holding up his phone to film as he continues to work out, sweat glazing his forehead. 

He turns his head to look and smile at you, earning a giggle from you as he does so. One thing you’ve not necessarily noticed yourself but others have, the way he looks at you. Henry’s brothers say it’s that smitten look. The look of love. But you’ve not said those words yet so you always wave them off when they tease you.

You feel it though, love. Whenever you’re around him, it’s like nothing else matters or exists.

“You coming to join now?” he asks, standing up and putting the weights down, you smile and walk over, placing his phone on the side. Kal nudges at your leg, whining until you kneel down to give him fuss “such a good boy” you talk in a baby like voice to him, as if he’s going to talk back. Instead he just barks, his way of agreeing you guess.

You lie down on the floor in a sit up position, Henry puts some weight on your feet so you can properly execute a good 10 without flailing all over the place.

“So i was thinking we could chill tonight. Chinese takeaway, lord of the rings and all that” 

One of the many things you adore about Henry is his geeky side. He loves gaming and lord of the rings and it’s the cutest thing when he get’s excited about them.

“I’d love that”

With the 10 sit ups completed, he then sits down so you can help him do his own, obviously more than 10 but you only workout to keep fit. Whereas he does it because of filming and to bulk up.

Suddenly, you hear the phone ring in the other room “you gonna be okay here for a couple minutes?” he asks, resting his hand on your arm in a protective manor, waiting for you to give the go ahead. Which you do. He rushes out to go answer and you carry on.

You do some Russian twists, some push ups and a plank. All of your usual work out exercises. 

Just as you’re doing the last couple of Russian twists, you feel a huge shooting pain up your side. You wince and feel tears brimming but as soon as you hear Henry’s footsteps, you stand up and shake it off. 

“Shall we warm down and then shower?” you ask and he nods, you try to get through it without him noticing, thankfully he doesn’t.

Once you finish, you both head for the shower. He starts kissing you and being overly affectionate.

He’s away all day tomorrow filming so you won’t see him until really late, so he’s probably just making it up to you now. By the time you wake up tomorrow morning, he’ll be gone.

You shove on one of his rugby shirts, some knee high socks and panties before joining him in the kitchen for dinner. He ordered a Chinese as soon as you got out of the shower.

“Something smells good” the smell brings a huge grin to your face. Well, that and Henry standing there laying the table. 

It’s times like these where you picture a future with him, where every night is like this eventually and that thought fills your heart with the biggest amount of happiness.

You sit down, eating away as he tells you about how filming has been going for The Witcher season 2, hearing him talk about something he’s very passionate about is just another thing that makes you fall more. 

“So what time are you off out tomorrow?” you ask, shoving some chow mein into your mouth, not even caring how un lady like you look. Henry never complains so surely he doesn’t mind.

“I have to get up around 6 and i’ll be back around the 8 in the evening” you just continue to eat, humming in response “It’s just a couple of scenes tomorrow but the makeup and hair is a nightmare to get on and off but don’t worry, as soon as i get home. We have a couple of days to relax. Just me and you” he stands up to collect the plates and put them into the dishwasher, kissing your forehead as he walks past. 

The rest of the night is spent with cuddles, making out and a whole lot of laughs. 

Which is not unusual, you always find yourself laughing a lot with him, he knows exactly what to say and do to keep you feeling good and you’re the same with him.

You’re gonna find it hard to be away from him tomorrow but it’s just one full day right? It won’t be long until he’s back in your arms.


As you get out of bed and head to the kitchen for some breakfast, you spy a note on the counter. 

‘Good morning baby,

Obviously i had to leave early 

But i cannot wait to get back to you tonight

Lots of love

H x’

You smile at the note, your tummy full of butterflies as you go about making some breakfast and tea for yourself before settling down in front of the tv.

If there’s one thing to be said about Henry being away it’s that you can watch shows like Love Island and Dance Moms. He tried to get into them but failed. So you watch whenever he’s away. 

You finish with eating and stand up to go clean your mess up but when you reach up to the shelf for dishwasher stuff, a shooting pain rushes through your side. Making you wince like you did yesterday after hurting yourself during the workout. 

You never told Henry about it because you were embarrassed and worried that he’d laugh.

The memories of your last relationship come flooding in despite your best efforts to prevent it.

“Get up for god’s sake”

“I can’t, it hurts, i can’t move it” you protest, trying to defend yourself against his venomous words.

“I’m sure you do this on purpose you know, injure yourself to get out of housework”

You don’t, you’d never do that. 

You hurt yourself on a run with your friend Jules, but he doesn’t care about that right. He just cares that the dusting hasn’t been done, neither has the washing up.

“I’ll just put some ice on it for a couple hours, i should be fine soon”

“No, the dishes have been sitting there all day whilst i’ve been at work and you really think i’m gonna do them. I’ve had a stressful day as it is, don’t need you making it worse” 

“Okay, i’m coming. I’m sorry” you use the arm of the sofa to get up before you begin to limp and hop to the kitchen, ready to finish the housework.

He’s right. The last thing he needs is you making things more hectic for him. 

You soon wipe the tears that you didn’t even realise were falling from your eyes and go about sorting this pain in your side.

You rummage through the draws and cupboards, searching for any form of painkiller. As you pull open the last drawer, there they are. Paracetamol. 

You take 2 immediately and pray that it’ll magically go away soon or better yet, that it’ll go before Henry returns.


 “Honey, i’m home” he calls out before appearing in the doorway, a huge cheshire cat like grin plastering his face.

“I’ve missed you” you run up to him, he squeezes you tight, bringing the pain on again. 

“Ahhh” you whimper, clutching at your side like it’ll somehow bring the pain to a halt.

“What’s wrong?” he pulls away from you, lifting your chin up so you’re looking directly into his eyes. 

“It’s noth-”

“Come on, it’s clearly something” he walks you over to the sofa, sitting the two of you down and you lift your shirt up to point to your side.

“I think i pulled something yesterday during our workout” your voice laced with shame.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” you shrug, but before you can even look away from him, his index fingers keeps your head in place, keeping your eyes on his.

“I don’t know. I guess i was just embarrassed”

“But why? I don’t get it”

“It’s just my ex used to pick on me whenever there was a slight sign of weakness. He’d make me feel like i was a dead weight, useless. He’d even go as far as to make it harder for me to heal and i just i don’t kn-”

“Hold on. Baby, you should know by now that i would never do any of that. You mean the world to me, if you’re hurt i want you to be able to tell me. Maybe that was his style but it’s certainly not mine”

“I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to assume the worst of you but i-” he cuts you off again.

“Don’t apologise. It’s my job now to prove to you that i’m nothing like your last, i’m always here to take care of you, make you feel good about yourself and this is one of those times where i need to take care of you. Let me go and get some ice for it. Wait here” he makes his way into the kitchen. 

You hear the freezer door open, along with the draws until a simple “there they are” comes from the kitchen, you giggle and seconds later, he re appears. 

He helps you lie down, placing the ice to your ribs area and handing you some more pain killers.

He brushes the hair out of your eyes, lowering his head to kiss your lips.

“Thank you” you mumble

“Don’t thank me. It’s my job to take care of you. If i plan to love you forever, then i might as well start as i mean to go on” your heart skips a beat as he says it.

That word.


“You love me?” 

You see his cheeks turn a little red, he looks down, chuckling.

“I do, but don’t worry, i won’t force you to say it-”

“I love you too”

He kisses you once again.

“Please don’t ever be scared to talk to me okay? Like i said, i love you, i want the best for you and i’m not here to hurt or upset you”

“What did i do to deserve you eh?” you both smile, forehead to forehead.

“I was about to say the same thing. But I guess we both got lucky”

“I guess we did”


General Tag List: @deadlymistress24 @coffeebooksandfandom @princess-evans-addict @chris-butt @holtzkinnon @mychemicalimagines @llamadelreyx @haus-of-bitch-talk @buckstaybucky @thewinchestergirl1208 @chrissquares @patzammit @adriannajackson @dummiesshort @cevans-fics @americasass91 @toni9 @aaliferouss @bradfordmyworld 

Just Chris & His Characters Tag List: @onetwo3000 @persephonequeenofthedead @whiskeytangofoxtrot555 @rynabarnesrogers @princess-evans-addict @stxvercgersslut @chris-evanslover @bval-1 

Henry Cavill Tag List: @summersong69

If you want to be added to my Henry Tag List, drop a comment, an ask of or a message and i’ll add you. Thank you

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A/N: I’ve been meaning to write something for Lucas Lee for a long time and well the unholy thoughts that i get when i see him have caused this and i’m not sorry for dragging you all to whore land with me !!

Reblogs are encouraged and welcome just don’t steal my work.

Pairing: Lucas Lee x Reader

Warnings: FILTH 18+

Word Count: 3,007

GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @a7estrellas​ go check them out 💙


Originally posted by a7estrellas

You’d think that by now, you’d be used to his life, used to the endless stream of girls that follow him around and send him nudes. The girls that would do just about anything to get even a taste of him. But you’re not. 

Even now, 5 years on, you still get jealous. 

Lucas Lee is a womanizer and you’re just another victim, under his spell.

The only difference between you and the other admirers is you actually get to fuck him, taste his tongue as it explores your mouth, feel his hands all over your body. But it’s just casual, for now. You want more from him.

Hence the jealousy.

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I’m doing Fictober 2020! SO excited! (I know, I know, I started late. 🤪)


  1. “no, come back!”
  2. “that’s the easy part”
  3. “you did this?”
  4. “that didn’t stop you before”
  5. “unacceptable, try again”
  6. “that was impressive”
  7. “yes I did, what about it?”
  8. “I’m not doing that again”
  9. “will you look at this?”
  10. “all I ever wanted” OUT OF TOWN, SORRY! :(
  11. “I told you so”
  12. “watch me”
  13. “I missed this”
  14. “you better leave now”
  15. “not interested, thank you”
  16. “I never wanted anything else”
  17. “give me a minute or an hour” (…I was lazy…)
  18. “you don’t see it?” (I NEEDED A BREAK I’M SORRY)
  19. “I can’t do this anymore”
  20. “did I ask?”
  21. “this, this makes it all worth it”
  22. “and neither should you”

  23. “do we have to?”
  24. “are you kidding me?”
  25. “sometimes you can even see”
  26. “how about you trust me for once?”
  27. “give me that”
  28. “do I have to do everything here?”
  29. “back up!”
  30. “just say it”
  31. “I trust you”

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Series: Wynonna Earp

Disclaimer: Plot and pairing are mine and the rest is borrowed in this work of fan-made fiction off of which no money is made. 

Pairing: Bobo Del Rey x GN!Reader

Rating: PG

Constance Clootie is a thorn in your side considering how awful she is to the Revenant you care about. Dealing with the aftermath of meetings between them is hard…especially on your heart…


Keep reading

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if I rewrote my old draco malfoy x readers, would anyone read them?

like…I don’t write for Draco anymore but i just thought….since I don’t like how they were written previously….and I also don’t like him anymore. Maybe I should rewrite them for others who DO like him still? cause like my writing has improved a fair bit since I wrote them.

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Hey love! Thank you for the request, i’ve chosen Chris for this one, i hope you love it and sorry about the wait!

I really hope you love it, i’m sorry if you don’t. Feedback is always welcome, it helps me improve.

Reblogs and feedback are encouraged, just don’t steal my work!

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: angst… lots of angst and sadness and a lil bit of fluff.

Word Count: 1,200 (only a short one)

GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @reveriemind go check them out 🤍



Originally posted by reveriemind

Two hours and five minutes. It’s been two hours and five minutes since either of you said a word to each other.

Chris rarely let this side show, the side of him that’s insecure. The side of him that doesn’t feel even remotely good enough or worthy of love. But you never imagined it would ever come down to this. The silence is broken by him, he’s sat on the floor in the shower, crying. 

He had been away for months on a press tour for the final Avengers movie, you spent the entire time missing him like crazy alongside Dodger who was waiting for the day where he could tackle his dad to the ground and lick his face.

Today was that day. Except the happiness and positive vibes didn’t last long. You decided that once Chris’s family had left that you were going to let him relax whilst you cooked and did all the heavy lifting. 

Press tours can be exhausting, answering the same questions over and over, travelling a lot. It always takes it’s toll on him but this time. He returned with much more on his plate than just being tired.

No this time, he returned, filled to the brim with anxiety and insecurities.

You first noticed it when you hugged him earlier, he squeezed you so tight that it hurt, like he was scared of you leaving him almost. 

Then when you cooked dinner, he was constantly zoning in and out of the conversation. You had to repeat yourself a couple times. 

You waved it all off until he asked you a question that you never expected to come from him.

“Why are you with me Y/N?”

You immediately turn to look at him as your eyes lift from the book that you’re engrossed in. 

“What’s brought this on?”

“Just answer me, please” he sighs, desperately.

“Chris, i-”

“Please” he begs once more

“I’m with you because you make me happy and i love you. Chris, you might not believe me but it’s true. I never had a lot of luck with men before i met you and then you came into my life. You made me feel beautiful and good enough. You made me the happiest i’ve ever been”

He looks down at his hands.

“Now, i’m gonna ask again. What’s brought this on?”

He shakes his head, almost like the thought of answering that question makes him wanna puke

Now two hours and five minutes later, here you are. Rushing to your boyfriends side as you hear him sob in the bathroom. He never did tell you what brought the random insecurities on, the second guessing. He just waved it off, smiling softly as he continued to watch tv. You aren’t one to push him into telling you if he doesn’t want to, so you let it be. Until now.

“Chris what’s wrong?” you get into the shower, pulling him into your arms. 

“You deserve so much better than me” tears fall from his blue eyes, rolling down his cheeks. The shower water cascades over him, soaking your shirt but you don’t even care. 

“What? I don’t think it can get any better than you Chris” you pull away to cup his face with your hands, making sure to look right at him as you speak. 

“How do you think it makes me feel when i have to constantly travel around?  Leave you here in Boston whilst i do long press tours. It’s exhausting and it’s not fair to ask you to wait around for me until i get back”

You sigh.

“Baby, i don’t care about that. Sure, when you’re away it hurts, i miss you like crazy. I count down the days until i can see you, touch you and have you back in my arms but i know it’s all just work and you have to do it. I have my own career too. Please don’t work yourself up over this”

“But what if a guy comes along, he’s better than me in every way. What if he approaches you and i’m away. What would you do?”

“No. You’re not about to do this. Even if there was better out there, i don’t care. Because all i want is you, the only man i want is you. I knew how hectic your schedule could get when i first started dating you. So i hate to break it to you but i’d tell that guy that i’m taken and very much in love”

Stop lying Y/N. You’re seriously telling me that if someone else came along that you’d turn them down, for me?”

“I wouldn’t turn them down for you, i’d turn them down because of you. Because no matter how hard i try to fight it, my heart races when you’re around, my legs turn to jelly. I get nervous, even after 2 years, you still make me nervous. You make me feel the happiest i’ve ever been and nothing or no one could ever change my mind or make me leave”

His teary eyes meet yours.

His body falls onto you and you hold him.

“I feel the same way about you. You seem to relax me just by looking into my eyes. My heart is full when i’m around you”

He doesn’t have to say another word, the crying continues as you both just sit there. You feel a wave of sadness flood your body. Seeing him like this is horrible. It makes your heart ache.

“Please don’t ever hold all of this in again. Whenever you feel sad, about anything then come to me. I’m here. I’ll always be here. I love you”

“Sometimes i find myself wondering what i ever did to deserve someone so caring, kind and thoughtful” he smiles, wiping his tears.

You stand up and he does too.

“I love you so much Y/N. I’m sorry. Please forgive me” 

“I don’t want to hear any apologies. Just make sure you don’t let that build up again” you both step out and you hand him a towel. He dries off, gets into some boxers and follows you into the bedroom. 

After a long day of tears. You’re just about ready to spend the night, cuddling your boyfriend and reminding him how incredible he is.

He pulls you closer to him, your ass brushing over his crotch.

“It feels so good to be home” he lets out a deep breath. One you’re sure he’s been holding in for hours.

“It feels good to have you back. Welcome home baby” you turn around, wrapping your arms around his neck as he lowers his head to kiss you. It’s full of passion.

Chris wears his heart on his sleeve pretty much all of the time but there are a couple of occasions in which he waits until things get on top of him before he talks about them. You just need to make sure he knows, you’re always here for him whenever he needs you.

Because insecurities are all part of being human and sometimes, all he needs is some reassurance. You’re more than happy to give that to him. Anything for the love of your life.


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🌸 omg absolutely!! thank you for redoing your ask, i understand what you want either way though hehe! <3 i hope you’re doing well and that you like this!


  • on the outside he seems really cold and standoffish, however when he’s alone he can get that way himself, especially when he’s hyped about a game he’s playing
  • so when he sees you let loose in front of him he’s just kinda *surprised pikachu* because you don’t hide it from him?? you’re not ashamed of it??
  • and if you are he’s going to reassure the shit out of you and try to get you to be hyperactive on purpose just egg you on until you show your true self
  • he doesn’t want you to hide anything from him that you don’t have to, he just wants you to be comfortable around him!
  • after all, you’re the one he trusts the most, and he hopes it’s the same on both ends
  • he doesn’t think it’s annoying either, if he sees you jumping around in excitement he’ll probably crack a smile
  • he thinks it’s adorable, really, it makes his day seeing you so excited and he takes mental pictures every time
  • he physically can’t be so energetic all the time, he’s constantly tired and he has the worst sleep schedule
  • but you give him life? even if he’s dead tired, he’s excited to see you up and going
  • he’d genuinely to anything for you, whatever you’re hyped up about he’ll ask about it or get into it himself so he knows more about the things you like
  • he already has a lot of stim toys, so if you fidget a lot he will give them to you, no questions asked
  • putty? yeah. bracelets? yeah. those twisty fuckers that’re colorful? yeah
  • he gets the both of you matching chewy necklaces or something in the shape of a heart with his as blue and yours as your favorite color
  • he thinks of the little things like that! even if they’re small and insignificant, he’s observant

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A/N: I was supposed to be sleeping but here i am, ideas running through my head. I hope you guys love it.

Also credit to @stxvercgersslut​ for some of the dialogue. Thank you so much!

Yes, another Ransom fic bc clearly i can’t control myself when it comes to this man.

Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader

Warnings: Angst/sad, smut and swearing. Dirty talk!

Word Count: 2,528

GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @capsgrantrogers​ go check them out ❣️


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Hugh Ransom Drysdale. The playboy. The heartbreaker. And ultimately, the man you love. 

The two of you met a year ago at a stupid dinner party that your parents forced you to go to. They insisted that you needed to get out more, make friends and maybe meet someone. A man. 

They were always pestering you to find someone because as they always said “we don’t want to be geriatrics when you get married and have kids” and you always used to laugh and play it off as sarcasm but oh they were being deadly serious.

You hadn’t been with anyone… ever. You were a virgin. 

And Ransom could smell your innocence the second you stepped through the huge double doors. 

He sipped at his whiskey as he stared you down, eyeing every inch of your body. Head to toe. He called it an evaluation, something that you later learned from him. He told you he liked to suss the women out before approaching. And that’s exactly what he did.

Eventually when he’d found his way to you, you’d had 1 too many vodka and cokes. Ransom chuckled as he watched you waving at everyone and smiling like a cheshire cat. You were adorable. Like an apple that was juicy, he wanted nothing more than to take a bite. 

You spoke for hours, about everything and anything until he had no choice but to get you a cab. You were struggling to stand let alone keep a conversation going. 

He took your number and sent you on your way, promising himself that he would see you again. And that’s exactly what he did.

That brings you to now. 

You’re in a bar, with your girls. Drinks are flowing and music is blaring. You pull out your sexiest moves.

Ransom is sat in his huge house, watching tv and relaxing for once. Not the way he usually spends his Saturday nights but a break from the partying is just what he needs.

He sees his phone light up with a text from you. 

A picture. Of you, in the bathroom of some bar. 

You look good. Actually no, you look incredible, stunning. 

After that dinner party a year ago, you two have spent a lot of time together. But not in the way that people might assume. See, you had a deal with Mr Drysdale. 

A fuck buddy deal.

You use each other in times of need and hunger. 

You hooked up on drunken night, the night in which Ransom stole your virginity. It’s not like you cared about it though. You were the last of your friends to lose it and you got desperate. So after a night of flirting, he kissed you, you kissed him back and the rest is blatantly obvious.

The next morning however, was not as predictable. In fact, you shocked yourself with your actions and words, Ransom did too.

“Let’s just sleep together, whenever we both want it. No strings…deal?”

He asked. And to anyone else, agreeing to such a deal would be ludicrous. You’d literally just lost your V card the previous night and were you really about to start a fuck buddy relationship with the towns most notorious playboy? Indeed you were.

He was shocked that you agreed. But happy nonetheless.

And now here is he, clearly expecting a booty call tonight. 

Which is what he gets.

You decide it’s time to leave, one too many drinks later. 

A cab pulls up and you give the driver your address. Pulling your phone out as he starts the engine. 

Ransom sees his phone light up once again.

“Hey trouble”

“Come to mine”

Ransom chuckles, hearing you be so forward is always amusing to him.

“Sure, when?”

“Now. I need you, now” 

He doesn’t need to be told twice. He slips his long brown coat on, grabs his keys and heads out to drive to your place.

It doesn’t take long for you to get home and as the cabbie pulls up. You notice the famous beamer. You pay the man before getting out and running to your front door. 

“You requested my services?” he smirks

“Just shut up and take me to bed already” you unlock the door and his lips crash to yours.

He picks you up, your legs wrap around his toned waist. He kicks the door shut, locking it quickly before carrying you upstairs to your bed.

He lays you down, pulling from you so that he can undress.

“You look so fucking good” he groans, watching you undress too. Your naked body is now exposed.

“No teasing tonight, i can’t wait” he parts your legs with his knee, sliding a condom down his shaft and lining himself up.

He always insists on protection, mistakes can happen and he’s not ready for the pregnancy scares just yet. In fact, he doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready.

He’s a promiscuous man, his reputation is important to him. 

You knew full well when you met him that he was trouble, you knew the darkness that surrounded him and what he was all about. You didn’t care though. You still stepped into hell with him, starting a dance with the devil himself. Knowing it was destined to lead to only one place. Heartbreak.

The thrusting pace picks up. His head is buried in the crook of your neck. His grunts continue. His cock balls deep inside of your tight and needy cunt. 

“So fucking soaked for me aren’t you? Always so tight too” your breathing picks up, your nails scratch his back. The pleasure is immense and you never want it to end. 

The way he makes your whole body shake as you cum is a feeling that you never want to live without.

“F-fuck. Ransom, right there” you instruct, your fingers now running through his hair as the other hand reaches down to squeeze and grip his ass. Something he confided in you that he very much enjoyed.

“Such a dirty girl for me, taking my cock like a good little slut” the names make your eyes roll to the back of your head. Your back arches off the bed, your chest touches his. 

There’s one thing you’ve never told Ransom and that is how you feel. How much you love him. 

His mere presence sucks the air from your lungs, the smell of him intoxicates you. The way he carries himself turns you on. He’s everything you shouldn’t want but do. The bad boy that isn’t good for you.

Everyone and everything else goes blurry or disappears whenever he’s around. He draws you in like there’s somehow an invisible rope. That he’s pulling on. You’re merely his puppet. He controls you. You find yourself waiting for him, even seconds after he leaves. You pine and crave.

“Please, keep going. I’m gonna cum” a breathy moan slips.

He lifts your legs up, resting them on his shoulders so he can hit your spot better.

You know it’s game over now.

Your peak is edging closer.

“You look so fucking sexy taking all of me” he continues to drag and slide his cock in and out.

“Fuck. I’m gonna cum. God. YES” and just like that, your world spins, you fall over the edge. 

“I’m right behind you baby”

You feel his size twitch inside. His mouth falls open, his eyes close. A loud moan leaves him. You’ve never felt love like this before.

“God i love you so much” you pull him down to kiss his soft pink lips. Then you freeze, so does he.

“Wait” he pulls out, disposing of the condom and moving away from you.

“You what?” he laughs.


Time for plan B.

You start groaning and giggling as you roll around the bed. Butt naked.

Ransom lets out a deep breath. Holding his hand over his heart.

“God, i forgot about how much you’ve clearly had to drink tonight. I thought you meant it then”

“I want another drink. Get me another drink. Preferably vodka” you shake your head as you make your demand, slamming your hand down on the bed. 

You don’t want another drink. It’s a cover up. If that wasn’t already obvious.

You feel your cheeks heat up from the embarrassment of your rejected confession. He wasn’t too happy about it. He clearly doesn’t like the thought of feelings creeping their way into your head and heart.

Feelings and relationships aren’t his style. That’s for sure.

He moves back toward the bed, getting in and throwing the covers over the both of you.

“No more vodka. You need to sleep” he laughs but you push him away from you, moving to the other side, far from him.

“I want to sleep apart tonight. You stay on your side” you mutter, waving your hand towards his side of the bed.

Incoherent mumbles leave your mouth as you drift off into a deep and much needed slumber.


Ransom slowly opens his eyes and they quickly close again, the sun is too blinding. You both forgot to shut the curtains last night, too caught up in the moment and besides after the sex you were both exhausted.

He looks over at you, watching as you stir before rolling over to face him. Mascara all around your eyes, lipstick smudged. You never bothered to remove your makeup last night. Looks like you forgot to do a lot of things before dozing off.

You throw your arm around him, resting your head on his chest.

“Morning panda” you smile, eyes still closed, you’re still half asleep. 

His low and raspy morning voice causes your heart to flutter. Your lady bits to throb. And the whole dam zoo to enter your tummy.


You try to stop yourself but you can’t, it just comes out, like word vomit.

“I love you” you freeze seconds after. So does he.


Ransom soon moves your head off of him, pulling back the covers and scooting off of the bed.

You rub your eyes as you sit up, turning to look at the alarm clock on your bedside table. 


“Ransom, it’s 6am where are you going?” you decide to play dumb.

“This was a mistake. This deal. You know i don’t do feelings. You said you were fine with this arrangement and then you go and say you love me… TWICE”

You watch him search around the room, picking up his previously discarded clothes and attempting to put them back on one at a time. But you stop him.

“Ransom you’re acting like a petulant child. Feelings aren’t some disease that you have to keep away from and avoid yet you’re so scared that you freak out whenever someone expresses how they feel about you”

“Well i’m sorry for how i am Y/N but this is me, love it or hate it. You’ve known this from day one, it’s not new information”

“God. You’re such a dick. It’s not like i fucking meant it anyways so calm your tits” you spit, shoving past him and into the bathroom.

“Bullshit Y/N you said it last night, i put it down to you being drunk and then you say it again this morning and i’m supposed to believe that it was a throw away comment, a lie”

“Yes. That’s exactly what you’re supposed to believe. Now get over it. I’ve told you i didn’t mean it so let’s just drop it” you sigh, turning the shower on and getting in. He joins. 

“Fine. I’ll leave it”

Ransom’s heart is still beating fast. He hopes for your sake that you are telling the truth.

Commitment and monogamy are two things he’s not capable of. Two things he’s come to despise.

You finish up in the shower and head into your closet to change, Ransom dries off and slips his cable knit back on, along with his boxers and slacks.

“You had me worried with that i love you shit” he turns to you as you head downstairs to see him out.

“I can tell. You were acting like a disgruntled pelican. It was quite amusing actually” he mocks your laugh.

“I genuinely thought you meant it. I was shocked. The whole love thing just isn’t for me. A guy like me just can’t be tied down” he shakes his head, a smirk forms.

“Yeah well, you’re not the only one that’s desirable you know” he motions for you to continue.

“I had a couple eyes on me last night, turned a few heads”

He shoves you playfully. 

“Well as long as they know and you know that i own that pussy then i’m fine with you exploring”

“Really? Not the answer i expected from you. The king of being territorial and selfish” you joke.

“I guess i’m full of surprises and besides, we both know if i’m the only one that sleeps with other people then this little deal of ours wouldn’t be fair now would it?” you shake your head in response to his question.

“It would not. Anyways i really must kick you out now, i have to get ready for a Skype meeting” you open the door and he backs out of it.

“You know the drill sweetness, whenever you need me” he uses his hand to make a telephone gesture, shooting you a wink before turning around and jogging over to his beamer.

You shut the door and sink down to the floor. Pulling your legs to your chest. Tears fall.

Your heart sinks. You feel like he just ripped it out and stomped all over it. 

Everything goes blurry as your tears fill your eyes. Everything feels hazy. 

You’re quite literally scattered into a million pieces.

It’s like he comes around and your whole world lights up, like stars in the night sky. Almost as if you come alive when he calls. Like you were floating around before. And then, much like today, he leaves and you don’t hear from him for a week, sometimes two. 

It’s like torture, every second of it. Every waking moment that you spend waiting for him to return. You can’t escape it. You can’t escape him. And you’re not sure if you even want to.

The crippling pain that’s shooting through your entire body right now is the worst that you’ve ever felt. You always knew that he slept around, that you weren’t the only one, it was this unspoken fact. But there’s something about hearing him speak those words. 

You feel sick and dizzy. 

But admitting to him that you weren’t lying would mean losing him completely. 

And that’s something that you know for certain that you aren’t ready for. Something that you know would completely ruin you.

So it’s time you stop this nonsense. Stop these tears. You have at least week before he wants you, maybe even two. Who knows?

You can do this. 

You need him in your life. 

Even if having him means pushing your feelings down further and further. Blocking them out and ignoring them. Then that’s what you need to do.

Even if it kills you inside.

You need to do it.


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