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D7 Amethyst and/or H3 Ray for the expressions?

Here ya go! Both were super fun to draw!

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So idk if u already have this song on ur cult playlist but the song Arms tonight by Mother Mother! There’s a theory that when the lyrics say “dying/die” it’s actually a metaphor for an orgasm. I’m just imagining Richie will call rituals that sacrifice ur body to him resurrections to ur king

I do not but it sounds perfect!! Thanks for the rec!!

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Richie and Eddie having sex in front of myras corpse? Fine, didn't blink an eye but Eddie using his moms dildo? Wow I was genuinely shocked, but I loved the kind of twist that Eddie was secretly also doing all these fucked up dark things

Sweet little baby Eddie K could NEVER…. or he totally, totally could

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List 5 things that make you happy, then put this in the askbox for the last 10 people who reblogged something from you. Spread the positivity! 馃挅

1. Writing - a great escape from everyday

2. Rain - the way it washes the grime of the days away

3. Coffee - yet I can’t make a nice cup if my life depended on it

4. Snow - especially after a heavy snowfall and everything is muted and muffled and quiet. Perfection.

5. Socks - the tackier the better.

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absolutely not shipping because it would be gross but do you think robin and max would be friends. and also ops on lumax as a ship.

i am SO sorry i left this in my inbox for like. a month. because i got hit with a lot of shit and i always wanted to give this ask a proper answer and i’ve just decided there’s never gonna be a perfect time SO here goes:

max and robin: GOD yes they would be friends. i feel like they’re both kinda desperate for female companionship (max canonically, robin we don’t Know but as a lesbian i can guess that she probably doesn’t feel fully comfortable with her female peers). i think things may be kind of awkward at first, as they can both be a little abrasive and robin isn’t the Best at interacting with younger people, but i feel like they’d probably have a lot of overlapping interests, also i think robin would introduce max to feminist theory and really hone her “of course i support men’s rights men’s rights to shut the fuck up!” energy into a well-forged weapon

lumax: so here’s the thing. lumax is like the Only valid canon ship on the show (not factoring in jopper bc they aren’t rly quite canon also they’re my parents so they’re in a different league). they’re really cute! lucas is so genuinely sweet and he cares about max, and max can kind of let her guard down around him, and they’re both willing to go to bat (haha) for one another. unlike every other fuckin romantic pairing on the show, they have fun together, and they’re actually FRIENDS! they enjoy spending time with one another! they get along!

all this said, max is a lesbian. she just is! i’m sorry, she is! here’s the thing, okay? i’m perfectly happy with lumax in the show’s canon. i think their relationship feels authentic and appropriate for kids their age, and they’re good for each other. lucas is such an angel and i adore him and i could go on about how he’s such a good kid and how he’s attentive and respectful of her emotions and desires and boundaries and it’s adorable… but i simply cannot ignore max’s big ole lez vibes! like, girls who want to be dating their boyfriends don’t constantly dump their boyfriends on a whim with zero regret! i personally interpret her actions as those of a girl who has a close male friend she really likes, who doesn’t quite get that she’s allowed to just like him as a friend. i think that she loves lucas, figures that she likes him like a boyfriend, and goes with it because she doesn’t know she has any other option. that, or she knows she’s gay and is kind of convincing herself that she likes lucas to avoid having to deal with the ramifications of the truth.

anyways though like i know the show isn’t gonna go the lesbian max route, and i think lumax is a genuinely sweet ship built on friendship and respect, so i really appreciate and enjoy it despite my own strong feelings on max’s orientation <3

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Hey guys! So with the crazy online schooling transition and the semester starting to wrap up with projects and tests, things have slowed down on my end. I just wanted to quickly let you know that I still have your asks and am indeed working on them, abit slowly! Here are the people who have asked stuff so far (just so you know you didn’t get missed by the radar). 

Listed oldest to newest (I’m working on the oldest first):

@crosoverlandstudios09​ (her ask has one more part to it that I’m currently partway done with) 




An anonymous ask



Thanks so much for your patience guys. I really appreciate you and you’re all awesome! 

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i think the other midwestern anons were too excited to talk about something other than corn that they couldn’t bother to differentiate themselves

honestly mood. i don’t blame them, that and tornadoes ig it’s okay though bc i think we got it sorted out. it’s also hard to find kpop fans around here, well nctzens to be exact dkajfa

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joel always gets pissed off at everything and that shit is ANNOYING 馃檮

like I understand it sometimes, like when he got mad at rk? okay. but when he gets mad bc people talk about him partying or shit like that…. why u care!!!

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If he doesn’t like smooches what about a very nice dinner then a run through Depths of Malatar?

sure! as long as he gets to be the one who makes the dinner

oh and speaking of depths of malatar, i have this one screenshot of him after running through it from a while back but i forgot to actually post it until now fiansjajsd

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You are absolutely gorgeous.. Stunning

Thank youu

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maybe at the end of every school year the styles gift their babies teacher with a pair of gucci glasses

Lmaooo all of the teachers fighting over who gets Harry’s kid in their class that year not only because they’re a sweet little angel but because their gift giving skills are SUPERB

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Hey, so the art you did for Dulce et Decorum Est is just fantastic and so tender. I’m probably going to read it now. That whole verse is like 145k?!? Wowza! Your style of lineart is super pretty and I haven’t really seen anything else quite like it. It really does something for me so I’m excited to come back to this piece later with context and just let it punch me in the gut full force. I can’t even tell by looking at the summaries if this verse has a happy ending so I may be about to SUFFER :)

Thank you! I’m glad you like my art.

Strange Moons has a lot of situational angst (war and the fact that they can’t quite be together), so I’d say there’s suffering lol. But, I don’t think it’s too overbearing and it leads into another story, Sleight of Hand, that takes them from WW1 up to the present. So, canonically happy ending… Eventually! I hope you enjoy it. @racketghost is certainly talented.

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