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Hi Anon! The gift exchange originally had two purposes: 1 boost Louis-related content, 2 create bonds/make new friends. I have been trying to find a solution, because I don’t want anyone to feel excluded. The thing is, doing the exchange anonymously might be doable practically, but the fun of it all is by getting a name, looking at the blog, getting to know the person and finally making a gift that they will enjoy. Losing this experience wouldn’t be fair to the participant gifting you relative to everyone else.

Is it okay if I ask why you wanna stay anonymous? I assume you’re a secret solo louie and don’t want the people you interact with to know you are joining this exchange. Just so you know, this exchange is for everyone, no one is meant to feel excluded, and it is not fandom-politically charged. Everyone is welcome. So yeah, if you could explain why you want to stay anonymous that might help me understand and find a solution.

Here is my preliminary suggestion to you (meaning that idk how good this is, I’m still thinking about how it would affect other participants):

Make a new email address, make a new blog, post a bit on there, at least occasionally. You don’t have to add your name to your application, it’s optional. Age is mandatory, because I do want louies that are minors to feel safe. If you do that, and post a lot, then I might be able to add you to the gift exchange, with everyone else. You know how a blog has a whole personality? How it feels like you know the person? If you post a lot, and not just pictures of Louis, then the person who has to gift you can get to know you, your personality, see what you like, send you anon asks, etc. Basically, yes, I am asking you to make a separate solo louie blog, and for it to be an actual tumblr blog.

If you don’t want to make a solo louie blog and post on it because you really want to keep every aspect of your personality anonymous, then, still, I’d suggest making a separate blog, just to be able to post the gift you made easily at the end (since anonymous submission isn’t practical at all, just tested it with @hilaryezra (tysm ily) to see if it can be a solution, and it’s really not). But in this case, I (@tomlinsno) would gift you and you would gift me, I could do it since I’m organizing and I really don’t want to take away anyone else’s fun from the experience. The gift I would make you would be generic, probably fanart based on an already-existing picture of Louis.

Please explain why you want to stay anonymous in more details, just so I can determine what type of solution is appropriate.

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oh 🥺 thank you so much love!! and not pressured at all - i love being positive and it’s a good reminder to myself sometimes that i want to be positive and share that. i feel way better when i am being positive even if it’s hard, so it’s always really appreciated to know it doesn’t go unnoticed and it helps other people. and just in general you saying im a really good person is just…really sweet and really appreciated, and it means a lot 💜

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You’re so right 🥰💕🥳💛✨👑💅🏻thank you for this uplifting message. My heart will go on!! Go on supporting and loving fat ass Leorio that is!!! 🥰😋✨👐🏻

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god yeah-

i go from benrey to Gordon in terms of anxiety in less than 20 seconds and then 5 minutes later go right back to benrey

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if i ever get back to making the masks he’s the next on my list! i’m just very busy with other things atm so it might take a while

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1. We Fight Back - As It Is

2. Thelma and Louise - Nova Twins

3. Television All the Time - Gerard Way

4. Monsters (Acoustic) - All Time Low

5. Turn It Off - Paramore

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Oop that mans got some thicc, firm thighs that you can def have a lot of fun riding👀

He’s gonna be so fucking cocky about it, leaning back with his hands at the back of his head while he manspreads, watching you grind against his thigh with that smirk. You bet he’ll be throwing in some crude remarks here and there too, reminding you to go faster because “if you want to act like a horny little slut then you better do it well or else I’ll make you cum until you’re begging for him to stop” and “if you’re already dripping from my thigh then just wait till I stuff you full with my cock”. When you’re getting sloppier, that’s when he starts bouncing his leg and holding your hips down so he can see your pretty face as you cums on his legs, making you tell him how grateful you are that he lets you get off on his thigh.

(Come thirst with me uwu)

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WE STAN YOU AND YOUR DADDY whew being talked to like that really hits all the spots it really does!

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*slams foot on ground but in a happy way* YES!

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aw thank you gosia!! 🥺💗 right back at you 💞

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I had a message from someone who wasn’t able to send it anonymously, so I’ll copy and paste it here, to answer it. (Side note, is anyone else having this issue?)

“Hey there, I see that you have a pretty positive attitude in regards to your weight fluctuations, are you ever disappointed with them? Or is there any part to your weight loss that you’re unhappy with? I’ve never been able to stick with a diet long term, and I wasn’t sure if something can change your mindset over time. I know you’ve been on and off keto for a few years now, so i wasn’t sure.”

Thanks for the ask! I have to say, this time around I’m not bothered by fluctuations. I think because I’m exercising more now, the fluctuations aren’t as often, or they’re very small. I’m trying to have a healthier mindset about the scale, so I’m glad you can sense the positivity. When I don’t exercise as long (therefore burning less calories), if the next day I have an increase or no loss, I justify it saying that it’s because I didn’t put enough effort in. I try not to stress about it, because otherwise I would overanalyze what I ate or my macros or something, and that (for me) becomes a very obsessive aspect. I’ve been that way before, and I hate it. It creeps into my mind, and would be ALL I could think about. I didn’t like that.

That’s why now I try to do what I “know” is the “right thing”, such as exercising five times a week and drinking more water. Everyone “knows” this is how traditionally people live more active/healthier lives, it just takes some willpower to do it.

And I suppose as far as something I’m unhappy with, it’s hard to say! It’s still very early in my weight loss this time around, so I haven’t really had the time to be disappointed! If you meant it more like, “is there a place on my body that I wish would hurry up and shrink”, then I suppose my thighs would be that place. I can see my belly and arms shrinking, and my collarbones are coming back. So I suppose my thighs are the slow-losers…but again, I’m hardly a month in, and things take time! I suppose in two more months, I’d be able to more accurately tell you.

Thanks for the question :)

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