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nonetoon · 6 hours ago
How do other geese react to Totally Normal Goose?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They like him!
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webzone · 5 hours ago
Lol Vaush is talkin abt u heads up
….. what the fuck does vaush have to do w me
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mrspider · 5 hours ago
Have we considered that these wanna be cannibals just have an iron/protien deficiency? My brain also tells me to eat people. Instead of being weird about it, I however take my iron supplement and eat a burger and it goes away. Have you tried just like, taking them to burgerking?
indont even know how to respond to this
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nopanamaman · 10 hours ago
May we have the assets please (specifically the lab coat lady if you can ^^) ?
your wish is my command
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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anna-scribbles · 6 hours ago
the original covers?! even that garbage silver lightning thief one? I remember my mom pointing it out at the library as a kid bc there was a Medusa and I liked Greek mythology and I almost didnt read it bc the cover was so bad
no akjsdnsd anon I mean these babies
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sirartwork · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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writingwithcolor · 11 hours ago
Names in fantasy with real-life ethnic and religious origins: Chinese & Hinduism
This ask had two very different questions. They are presented divided.
Part 1 - Naming Chinese-coded Characters
@the-prince-of-silver submitted:
I’m writing a high fantasy/sci fi story that doesn’t take place on earth, though the characters have human first names and more fantasy/elemental inspired surnames (elemental powers/magic is a given for my species I’ve created). 1. should I give them last names that fit their coded ethnic origins? for example should I give my characters who have Chinese first names Chinese last names as well? 
Answer if trolling:
“Under no circumstances should a Chinese character be given a Chinese name following Chinese naming conventions. To do so would reveal them to the audience to be Chinese, which is disquieting for most Western audiences. As members of the model minority, it is essential that E. Asians never break cover, lest they remind white people that they are not, in fact, white. This is why most characters played by E. Asian actors in American tv shows have Western last names.”
- Marika.
Answers if Not Trolling
Sidenote: I usually see Chinese diaspora with western first names and Chinese last names, definitely not the other way around. I think it’s more of a rarer case for monoracial Chinese characters to not have Chinese last names…
Mixed Race?
However, I could see this happening with mixed people. Drawing upon my own experiences, my mixed Chinese/White friend has their English (legal) first name and another Mandarin (nonlegal) first name; Their last name is English. Case could be different depending on what kind of naming conventions your characters’ parents have followed as well (i.e. which parent they got the last name from, hyphenated last names, adoptees).
Chinese naming conventions for last names and first names can get pretty complex as well. I suggest you do some research on those, in your own time. 
--mod Emme
Assimilation Pressures
I agree with Emme: monoracial Chinese diaspora usually have Western given names and Chinese surnames (and as pointed out, there are exceptions like marriage*, adoption, blended families, etc.) I also do want to point out that some Asians have mentioned changing their surnames to Western ones because Asian surnames led to fewer job opportunities (see Chloe Bennet). So to me, I would rather have the Chinese characters with Chinese surnames unless there’s a reason for them not to have one. 
*based on heterosexual marriage customs in Chinese culture, the wife is usually not expected to take the husband’s surname. However, I’ve seen instances in my community where the wife will take the husband’s surname (even if Western) for non-Chinese society while still going by her Chinese surname in Chinese circles.
--mod Jess
TLDR; Please allow Chinese diasporic characters to have non-English names. I see too many instances of the situation that Mod Jess describes above. It’s frustrating.
--mod Emme
Part 2 - Naming Hindu-coded Characters
2. In a planet where human religions aren’t practiced, would it be wrong to give characters names that have origins in religion? I’m mostly thinking about Hinduism here, though I do recognize that Hinduism is both considered a religion and a way of life so I wanted to check and make sure if this was appropriate.
Asker, please read through our FAQ and our archives. There you will find articles on coding and conlangs, what they mean and how to do them properly. Don’t worry. We’ll wait. 
Are you done?
Good. You should now have your answer. The salient point in high fantasy is to make sure that in your cultural and religious coding as well as your pertinent conlangs (I recommend drawing on Chinese and Sanskrit) evoke the feeling of these cultures, religions and languages, rather than pulling from them directly.
- Marika
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drawbauchery · 8 hours ago
Just bros being pals =) Guys being bros =) Males being companions =)=)=)
Tumblr media
two bros~
starin' in each other's eyes~
one inch apart cuz they're not gay
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mrspider · 8 hours ago
I was the hamilton guy lol it's fun to mess with people like that I think the play itself is lukewarm even
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nopanamaman · 9 hours ago
please may I request to see any and all assets of Dima smiling from your most recent song because he really deserves to have something to smile about, and even though he's probably really jaded and possibly not a great person, I still care about him a lot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
smiling dmitry reminds of a dog
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queenlilith43 · 8 hours ago
hi hope youre doing well. I am in an emergency situation where i need help escaping from my abuser. some days i am scared for my life. I need help at the least having my post get shared which is pinned to my account so i can recieve funds to dip off IMMEDIATELY. thank you very much. have a good rest of your day/night wherever you may be.
I am going to try and help you in any way I can. I can't donate right now but I will try and tag some people to spread this.
@thechangeling @alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 @underestimatedgenius @gabtapia @anyone who sees this please spread it!
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birdsong-warriors · 7 hours ago
I drew this in like 5 minutes with my finger but the idea of itty bitty kittypet daisy somehow falling for terrifying post-bloodclan swift was just too hilarious for me to pass haha
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can you imagine Daisy seeing Brightheart and being scared and startled but then looks at the spiky intimidating Swift all "dude is he single cause hot dang"
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gerrydelano · 6 hours ago
Recently I've been thinking about writing a fic where a character is very suddenly injured and becomes disabled (something with the knee most likely), and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to write this respectfully. I have a cognitive disability and some minor physical stuff, but nothing to the same degree as what I want to write, and you always handle disability very well in your writing. (I'm thinking around the same injury severity as Jon's in tsp)
hey hey! first off, sorry this took a couple days, it's - surprise - the disabilities LOL. second, ahhh! i have a strangely warm feeling about this ask, so i'm happy to help however i can.
there's actually not too much to say! i've already written a big long meta about incorporating disability into writing, but i don't know how much of that one answers your questions, so i'll give an updated rundown on some more thoughts i know i've had pretty recently, too! you unlocked a really happy infodump, i actually love this topic so much and am very passionate about it so i'm excited to share!
Tumblr media
the first question you should always ask yourself is "for whose sake are you telling this story?" ren talked about that concept in an ask about writing abuse dynamics, but the concept still stands. if you're telling the story of somebody else, you have to first ask yourself Why you think you should, what good is going to come of it, and be conscious of internal biases that may creep through it if you're not careful.
examine your work for trends or subconscious intention of writing disability for angst/whump purposes, so that someone else can cuddle the poor baby who got hurt and make them all better. one of the tag replies on this recent post talks about it some from the perspective of disabled people who see it in media, and how frustrating that can be! it's really painful sometimes, to see something that you live with and cannot take off at will be used as fuel to either get somebody off (really happens), or push the idea that love will cure you if you're lucky enough to find someone who doesn't mind that you're sick or hurt.
that is 100% bullshit! love and support are MASSIVELY important components to any healing process, yes, but it is Not a cure-all and should never be treated as the answer to any of this. someone approving of or loving you despite What You Lack is not romantic, it's not healthy, it's not okay to push. that's the top thing i'd warn you away from, personally.
Tumblr media
also, don't get super graphic about the injury, necessarily? you say you were thinking maybe the severity of jon's knee injury in TSP, which is a pretty standard dislocation where most of the damage came from compression of nerves and tendons when it got stuck out of place. i honestly was scared of going too hard on that one even just by saying he could see the misalignment through his pants! that's my own nerves, but i can say looking back it wasn't actually that bad all things considered and you should be safe describing the most obvious sensory details if it comes up.
it's the grieving period after that matters most, i think. handling that with care is important, which means being honest without going too far, OR sanitizing it to a saintly degree.
when you get hurt like this, you DO grieve the things you used to be capable of that you might not be anymore. it's an adjustment! it's changing the way you live your life. even if you somehow managed to undo every ounce of internalized ableism you can and don't devalue yourself because of it, the limitations WILL be frustrating and at times painful. missing opportunities, needing accommodation that may or may not even be accessible, new hoops to jump through with doctors or transportation or seating at shows or events, all of that can weigh you down.
example: i had to bring my rollator to a wedding recently, which is a walker with wheels and a seat (which is very annoying to get on planes, might i add.) it wasn't my family! but i had to sit in the front row on the very edge, next to the bride's 86 year old grandfather who was Also sitting on his walker. being only 25 and already thinking that some people there might be looking at me sideways for needing the same accommodations as an 86 year old man, that i was making a "big deal" out of it just by being there, was something i had to work through in my head and get used to. it was a beautiful wedding! and not a single soul was unkind to me. but the little comparisons you make in your head when it's you, when you feel like you're being scrutinized, DO matter and exist.
so, consider what changes your character has to make to their life! what mobility aids might they use? cane, crutches, walker, rollator, wheelchair. how often? in what circumstances?
a lot of people who use mobility/stability aids are partial users! many of them can stand or walk or shuffle short distances, or even moderate ones, but keep their mobility aids nearby for emergency or precautionary purposes. i personally keep my rollator in my car for when i go to unfamiliar places when i'm not sure if i'll be able to sit down on short notice, but i don't need it around the house or on small errands to places i frequent enough to feel confident in. recently, i haven't even been taking it out at all! and i'm about to have spine surgery in two weeks. you have good days and bad days.
Tumblr media
more examples: my latest chapter of PBR had a lot of focus on jon and adelard's respective disabilities and how strenuous activity pushed them to and past certain limits, which impacted the "action" scenes quite a bit!
that's something a lot of writers do feel worried about when they consider giving their characters a disability. some will even erase or lighten up the limitations they've previously established for convenience so that their character can get through an action scene that they technically shouldn't. of course you want your character to at least SURVIVE! so, find another way to get them through it that doesn't involve magically being healed for about an hour while shit is hitting the fan.
like i said in that older disability post, i was worried about this with gerry, too! and guess what? he's DEFINITELY going to be a partial wheelchair user by the 4th out of 7 fics, and more or less permanently by the very end of the story. i feel comfortable spoiling that because i'm not shy about the things he's dealing with and quite frankly, i'm excited to get to the point where he finally gets it because i just think he's EARNED it for christ's sake. it will make his life so much easier, even if running might not be feasible anymore.
in that last chapter, jon and adelard have to go down the stairs because there is no lift in the institute. elias not having a lift there has been a problem of the ableism variety since the first installment, that everyone is aware of and feels powerless to change. jon used to willingly have a routine where he'd go up to the library every day before work as a "substitute" for the PT he hasn't been doing in years, but since moving to the basement, that's like two extra flights, so he can't do it as often. and that's just everyday stuff!
with this? he's in a lot of pain by the end, he's going to need to be on bed rest for a while to just recuperate from the strain he put himself through by running up and down the stairs (counts) about 6 consecutive times in less than an hour. he's exhausted, and the only reason he pushed himself was because lives were literally on the line and adelard was even less equipped to handle the same work as him, being older and relatively new to functioning with a prosthetic leg.
so, sure! he DID it. but does that mean he could do it Every Day just because he did it Once? that he could do it without Consequence? hell no. not for a second!
Tumblr media
the key word here IS "consequences." yes, disabled people often DO find themselves in situations where they have to push themselves past what they feel secure doing, and maybe they CAN get home in one piece, but that just means the aftermath is going to play an important role in what comes next. sometimes you'll need to be in bed for days on end to recover from something like that, or something even less severe than the above example. i know i have, before. depends on the injury, the disability, the strain.
the point is, if you need your disabled character to go beyond what they should be doing, make sure you take care of them afterwards; either by Literally having them physically recuperate, or by acknowledging the problems that come with not being able to, and making sure you respect that they cannot go on like that forever. eventually there WILL be a crash, and it can either be handled with awareness and intent in-story, or it will sneak up on them later and bite them in the patootie. eventually, your body forces you to rest.
the other thing is that this stuff doesn't just happen once. with a chronic disability, it's always a risk. be mindful of that as you plan out the situations they're going to get into! actually incorporating these things into the narrative will honestly make it feel more real than just brushing it aside so that things go "smoothly." people who experience these things themselves will appreciate it a lot more than wish fulfilment, in my experience.
Tumblr media
now, you say you have minor physical stuff, and i'm not going to make assumptions about YOU when i say that often times, we downplay our own experiences because we think we can't possibly have it "as bad" as other people, so i'm pretty willing to give you even more express support.
writing about these things can often be an avenue towards realizing, "oh, wait. i DO actually feel this, and it's not really, uh. something i should sit on." i know that writing characters with EDS before i even realized i had it was a part of me eventually seeing a doctor, and i actually got it put on paper recently. shock of all shocks! it resonated with me for a reason.
if you're drawn to disability narratives in a way that feels far more personal than how some people are drawn to them for the torture porn (and you clearly know the difference, given that you're asking how to write it respectfully) then it's worth sitting with yourself and really assessing how you feel about your body and what things maybe shouldn't be so hard for you to do.
definitely refer back to the first meta i linked up there for some slightly more formal tips on how to frame things when you start tying them in, but i think you're already on the right track with being respectful! realism is respectful, and so is drawing lines between that realism and being overly graphic. listening to disabled people and taking them seriously is essential, and you're already doing that. giving disabled characters a support network is fabulous and you should do it, but don't infantilize them or Cure Them With Love.
and don't think TOO deep on it! you can psych yourself doing that, it's really easy to let the fear of messing up keep us from even trying. i think a knee injury like you describe is NOT a super inflammatory topic to be tackling, and you should be absolutely fine imo. a lot of people write characters getting brutally and supernaturally injured all the time and don't pay NEAR enough attention to the lasting effect some of those wounds might have in the long run, so the fact that you're taking so much care with something more ordinary and common is a good sign that you're going to navigate well going forward.
best of luck! thank you again for the patience, and for asking :'-)
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thespoonisvictory · 6 hours ago
do you think dsmp server will just die like the osmp server did?
short answer: no, don't worry
longer answer: every smp and letsplay has a limited life span before people burn themselves out on it. it's natural due to the progression of the game, and the fact that there are only so many hours you can spend in the same world with the same people doing the same things before you get bored. some groups, namely hermitcraft, refresh the server and take on giant projects to prevent this. most just accept that eventually the server will end and move onto new things.
the dream smp has already lasted much longer than 95% of servers I've seen, and that's impressive in its own right. this is because of the close knit friendships, delayed progression because of rules instated, and of course, the overarching storyline they act out to keep things fresh. also- it's massively profitable, I mean- people have a big motivation to get on there lmao.
the osmp died because they got bored of it and because wilbur (and tommy?) had to take a break for a bit, and because they weren't really that compelled and were even annoyed now (in niki's case) by the hybrid traits.
the dream smp still has people invested in playing and is much more central to their livelihoods, it's not just going to die out without anyone saying anything. plus, wilbur's one determined fucker and he seems passionate about getting his story out there one way or another, which pulls a lot of people along with him. I don't think it'll die like a normal server because of this, but I think it's not going to last forever
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mrspider · 8 hours ago
funniest red flag was a guy I was dating was extremely adamant that he was definitely straight, extremely straight, not into men at all, he promised, but he exclusively looked at m/m furry porn because "the guys are hotter"
the fursuit lined closet made of glass
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nopanamaman · 9 hours ago
May I please have the asset of Dmitry when he had first broken the wall in the lab? It was probably my favorite shot in Comfort Zone, it was so well done!
Aw thank you! The shot was comprised of multiple assets, though:
1. mob dmitry 100
Tumblr media
2. the hole in the wall
Tumblr media
3. around five fucking instances of that smoke animation from the mill
Tumblr media
4. a bunch of black blocks in place of debris
The thing about this shot though is that it looks much better in motion than as a standalone image. Case in point:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maybe I'm biased, though. In any case, I think adjusting the two base assets (the bg and dima himself) and adding some smoke lines/debris individually would look better than anything one could get from the vid itself
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biomic · 9 hours ago
Constantly thinking about the Be the One moment in Build where Sento reveal his position just to pet his dogs.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
world's most relatable superhero sento kiryu
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mrspider · 5 hours ago
i dont get why cannibalism is inherently evil if nobody involved is killed murdered. isnt this like a western belief. maybe my type of autistic is "cannibalism apologist" like a cishet mans would be (i am not a cishet man) but i dont get it. i think hannibal is a good show but hannibal lecter is ugly to me idk. he really does look like a therapist but in the derogatory way. i wonder if he'd eat my mom
i think the cultural fear of cannibalism as used in spiritual practices is a western belief that needs to be challenged but i think a tumblr user saying they want to eat someone just for fun is abit fucked up actually
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