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vylequinne · a minute ago
I can count on you to use at least one fun word in your tags or ask responses or posts in general and that's just dandy, I love it
ALSO even trade of nicknames mutuals mmhmm love that too
I do love wordplay/fun words. I usually have a subconscious list I rotate through every now and then. Potation just got added and you can be on me using that within the week somehow. I like zingers and one liners a lot too. I blame cheezy movies occupying 90% of my brain at any given time.
Nicknames are great. Everyone should experience the joy of having a nice nickname at least once, preferably until the end of time.
Thanks as always, Nowl!
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foxglove-airmid · a minute ago
Ok sadly must say Im super chaotic but at the end of the day im the person who decided studying for my final bio exam wasnt as important as baking cookies and finish making chocolate for my friends cause it was christmas soon
Ya girls secondary house is hufflepuff
I think the fact I bullshitted my way through that bio final and still got one of the highest grade all because I stayed up baking for my friends says a lot about the ravenpuff energy xhxjxjdn
Zia I immensely admire your attitude to life, baking for friends is ALWAYS more important 😌
I am also developing a deep admiration for your ability to bullshit through exams??? I do not have that ability, I just have the teachers tell me what is going to be on the test 😂
I am shocked that I got it wrong!!! I am normally so accurate! I blame it on never having met you properly but I am still appalled at myself 😶
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silverlightqueen · 2 minutes ago
LOL i just had a thought. where does chan fit all that anger? such big words for such a tiny man istg :’) he needs to chill. felix’s dad could literally flick him into astral projection if he doesn’t stop upsetting felix 💀😂💀😂💀😂
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ivyprism · 2 minutes ago
Hewwo my fwiend! <3
I have a question, how the match ups work? I mean, I know that you choose what is compatible with the person who asked for it,,
But what more?,,
Pretty much exactly what you said! You give me a description, I take time to find out which character is for you! I give hang outs and if you want a platonic or romantic match up, I'll give you one.
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nintendocrowbro · 2 minutes ago
Ever seen a shooting star?
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wintersbarnes · 2 minutes ago
ahhh congrats on 1,2k !!! 💙 wanda or natasha for the make me choose kshdfkshjg also 🎵 if u want! again congrats <33
Thank you so much!! I’m working on the make me choose now, so I’ll tag you in that when it’s done!!
As for a song, my recommendation to you is “Running with the Wolves” by AURORA 
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prettyboydream · 2 minutes ago
he did , but then his subtwt didn’t want it ans then he said he didn’t care
ohhhhhhh george 🤝 sapnap: Not Doing things bc their fanbase said so
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vanillaknj · 2 minutes ago
this the most ghettoest shit they've done in a while, like first they get demoted from the big 3 cause they're broke and now this ✋🏽😫... SM has no shame
NAW BC YOU’RE RIGHT ASF TS JUST SOUNDS SO GHETTO I- pls nct hollywood, really- SM really likes pushing the bar 💀 they’ll go broke fr if they keep shit like this up 😫😫
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enbies-and-felonies · 2 minutes ago
*happy stims a little* my inbox has some very lovely messages in it rn and just,,, i love you guyssss
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cellabrated · 2 minutes ago
mikey and makeup mutual! (or. “knowledgeable about specific and very cool things”. makeup is one of them and dissertation words don’t alliterate.)
mikey n makeup hell yeah!! i still need a red eyeshadow tho :/
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zutaralesbian · 2 minutes ago
what other gallavich and villaneve fic ideas do you have????
Well the ones in THIS post are going to be the ones I attempt to start working on once my Big Bang fic is finished and wrapped up. But other ideas I have that may or may not see the light of day:
- An AU where Eve is Villanelle's handler and they're attracted to each other but on Eve's side it feels forbidden. Might throw in a twist where Eve is secretly a spy trying to take down the twelve but she ends up falling in love with Villanelle.
- Teacher/Parent AU (well sort of) where Villanelle is attempting to raise her younger sister Irina after her adoptive father Konstatin died in a car accident. Eve is Irina's middle school science teacher that Villanelle quickly develops a crush on. Lot's of steamy parent/teacher conferences and mischievous matchmaker Irina.
- Childhood best friends to lovers AU where Ian is a prince and Mickey is a knight who was trained from a young age to be Ian's protector.
- Anastasia AU where Ian is Anya and Mickey is Dimitri. Technically this fic already exists but it was abandoned and that haunts me. Maybe enough to write one myself lol
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silverlightqueen · 2 minutes ago
BESTIE YOURE BACK OMG!!! ahskdjdldsls
i was starting to wonder where you disappeared off to.
and yeah lol he did get fed up with me. it’s okay bestie I BELIEVE IN YOU!! YOU GOT THIS!!! 💪🏻💪🏻
or maybe just don’t diet and eat healthily. and just,,, work out. that works great too. diets are a scam anyway lmao.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
also here. to motivate you, here’s the poster man for health, the legend himself: felix’s dad 😍😂
I’m only half back bestie, give me a month and (hopefully) I’ll be back to regularly uploading, I just need to get all my assignments and exams out of the way!!
I’ll try my best bby, thank you for the support!!
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ask-minus-lemon · 3 minutes ago
* AA turned to the others and said something in gibberish, whatever it was made the others feel safe as they quickly came to the edge of the box, staring up at him. They ranged in sizes but none were bigger than the size of a himan finger, all looking identical besides AA having a heart on its shoulder and the type of gray being different in all of them, they seem like very social creatures *
[he frowns, looking from AA to the other anons] I’m going to feel bad if I eat you..
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belphesnore · 3 minutes ago
lmao anon is right. you're a salty little bitch
seething behind that lmao arent you
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bwunni · 3 minutes ago
Hi! Your blog is lovely and it makes me happy! I also just wanted to say: may I ask you to tag “food” under foodie posts please? Thank you in advance and I hope you’re having a wonderful day! 💖
thank u so so much!!! and yes absolutely! i’ve been getting rly lazy with tags im very sorry about that ;o; <3 
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So Kay, wanna tell your loyal followers if you’ve stolen any hearts over your amazing thieving career? Totally not sent by Ema or anything
“That's a little personal, isn't it?”
Tumblr media
“I have a girlfriend, and that's as far as you're getting!”
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benzodiacs · 3 minutes ago
big tiddy goth mutual
i may be goth but my tits are actually microscopic :|
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foxsake5 · 3 minutes ago
🐨 Ep. 4 Clip 5 (Tuesday) 🐨
- Ep4 clip 6  - Ep5 maandag 11:03   - Ep5 holy woensdag - Ep4 clip 5 (Tuesday)
Keeps your eyes peeled for 🐨💕
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athenadykes · 4 minutes ago
okay WAY too high but it is in the thousands ig
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hamnet · 4 minutes ago
august leo 👁👁
same! this is very exciting to me i don't know many people born in august aajsjdkdk anyways this is just more proof that the best people are leo's
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