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writingwithcolor · 18 hours ago
Black girl, white brother and imperfect Black parents
@lavender-letterbox asked:
one of the main characters is a black girl whose catalyst for action is the disappearance of her older brother. Said brother, we find out eventually, has been kidnapped and experimented upon by the government, and has gone through trauma and brainwashing. I didn’t want to make a black man into a torture porn character, so I made him a white man that their parents adopted because they were having trouble conceiving (until they had a surprise baby, the aforementioned girl, years later). But now I worry that by making the brother white, I am taking away what could otherwise be wholesome loving relationship between black siblings, which I know is important representation for many people. Their parents (also black) are not always totally perfect parents (the girl sometimes struggles with the feeling that they don’t trust her to make responsible decisions, for instance, and it impacts her ability to see herself as trustworthy) but they are very loving and protective of their children. Any advice would be appreciated on navigating this family dynamic!
I should note that this is not set in modern day–it’s many years in the future, in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world. Thank you so much in advance!
Adopting the white son
I do not know many Black people who go out of their way to adopt white children. I personally happen to know or know of two families total. One case she did not know the child or the family at all. In the other case she was close to the white family of the child she adopted. I see Black folks adopting Black and BIPOC mixed race children way more, personally. Of course, this isn’t to say it doesn’t happen! So I won’t declare it as unrealistic, just a bit more rarer than what I'm used to. Your story is in a whole different world, so perhaps things, and adoption options, are different.
Black sibling bond
I appreciate you don’t have a Black man being tortured.
If you’d like to create a Black sibling bond, and add some Black man representation...
You could always add another sibling, adopted or otherwise.
Or perhaps the parents end up with twins!
She might have a close Black friend or relative that is like a brother to her.
The Black parents
I don’t see issues on its face with the imperfect parents. Do perfect parents exist? Her struggles with them not seeing her as responsible enough is a common dilemma between parents and their kids and doesn’t necessarily reflect on bad parenting. I certainly dealt with that!
Perhaps they are:
Overprotective of their daughter
Strict and she’s clashing with their parenting style
She did something that made them lose some trust in her
There are misunderstandings that make her believe they don’t trust her as they should, but really they do and are afraid of real dangers out there
These are just suggestions. It seems like you have a good handle on things!
~Mod Colette
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gayherbert · 13 hours ago
Do you think they should sell weed at the grocery store?
i do i think it should be next to the gay sex aisle
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piaweinxx · 17 hours ago
what are you wearing today? btw, you hair looks amazing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and a pretty skirt but I've already taken it off 😊
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a--z--u--l · 10 hours ago
¿Me hacen el favor de contarme algo que los haga sentir bien? Aunque sea diminuto. Algo que les traiga paz, o felicidad, o alguna clase de clímax.
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todaysbird · 18 hours ago
i followed you and switched on notifications to help combat a severe lifelong bird phobia that was making it difficult for me to enjoy the outdoors, and i can say the lovely pics and bird facts have helped desensitize me a lot, so thank you for running this page! i'm still not exactly comfortable around them irl, but i'm much less likely to have full panic attacks when urban birds happen to fly past me in parking lots and such
I’m really happy to hear that! Lots of people have a fear of birds, including my mom, who didn’t know until we had them! I used to love rats but be really afraid of their movement patterns. I have 3 rats now :)
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maeborowski · 13 hours ago
Im not a furry but those werewerewires can get it
i love you but you are a furry
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mrspider · 24 minutes ago
i’m a mostly closeted transfem but we have almost the exact same hair and style so i feel like we’re in different trains passing eachother at the same station you know what i mean
i get you this is me with another one of my close friends too. maybe we can pool some change to get a train station soft pretzel to split
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sluttyten · 13 hours ago
for writing prompt 18,21,23 with Johnny :)
Johnny + “you need to use your words, love.” + “show me just how much you missed me.” + “show me exactly where you want me.”
You were the one that left Johnny, the one that called quits on this arrangement you had with him. You came to him for sex, he gave you gifts. Really, you'd been getting more out of the arrangement than he had been, but you weren't sure he ever saw it that way.
You were the one that got dicked down regularly, gifted multiple orgasms on a spectacular dick, as well as gifted jewelry and clothes and expensive dinners.
Johnny spoiled you, but you were the one that walked away from it all because you caught feelings and that's the one thing that Johnny had made clear from the start that he wouldn't give you. He wouldn't tell you he loved you, just give you sex and presents, and at first that had seemed like a good deal until suddenly you realized the sour taste in your mouth when you had to leave him.
So you'd left, but after a month away, here you were crawling back to him.
Johnny didn't even look surprised when he opened the door to his apartment and found you standing outside. You felt so small under his gaze, so desperate for him to accept you back. Your heart almost split from the relief when Johnny stepped aside and welcomed you in.
He got a drink for you, a drink for him, and you sat down across from each other in his small living room. And then you looked at each other in silence, sipping your drinks, neither of you saying a word until Johnny eventually got tired of the silence.
"You need to use your words, love. Why are you here?" He sits his glass down heavily on the side table.
You stare down into your glass. Do you tell him the truth? That you left him because you loved him, that you're back because you love him too much to be able to stay away? Does all of this just make you a masochist?
"Baby?" Johnny's voice is soft, prompting you to look up at him again.
When he looks at you as he is right now, as if you're the only person in the world to him, the words fly from your mouth without much more thought.
"I missed you, Johnny. I shouldn't have left, I'm sorry."
"You're sorry? Why?" He leans forward with his elbows on his knees. "The important thing is that you came back, right? Because you missed me. Do you want to show me just how much you missed me?"
This is how it always goes with him. Maybe a little brief conversation, maybe a drink or two or ten, but soon the situation turns toward sex. That is why this all started out, so you can't be surprised, and even now after a month away, you find yourself drawn into this usual pattern.
Your mouth fills with the hunger to have him.
"Come on, love." Johnny leans back in his seat, spreading his legs temptingly. "Show me just how much you missed me."
One moment you're sitting on the seat across from him, still holding your drink, and in the next you're on your knees in between his legs. Your glass is somewhere behind you long-forgotten, your hands too busy now with unfastening Johnny's pants, getting at his cock that you've missed so much over the last few weeks.
Your moans are all that you hear as you take Johnny's length into your mouth. You've missed having him fill your mouth, weighing down your tongue, gagging you as you push yourself to take him all the way in.
Soon Johnny's hand falls to the back of your head, stroking your hair as you bob on his cock, blowing him to your heart's content. You used to spend ages sucking on his cock, sitting dumbly between his legs with his cock in your mouth while he played games or worked on something on his computer.
Being back here makes you feel like no time has passed, that you've lost nothing with him.
"You're so good for me, love." Johnny tells you, his voice catching low, not letting out a moan, but letting you know that if he would let himself make such a noise in front of you, then he would have. Johnny was never one to let out sweet sounds of pleasure for you; he used his words instead, no matter how many times you'd told him that you wanted to hear him moan. "Missed your pretty lips around my cock."
His thumb traces around your lips as you pull your head up until only his tip rests between your lips.
"So pretty." Johnny's compliments have always gone straight to your head, but after being away from them for a month, this one nearly makes you lightheaded.
You sit back, letting your hand take over from your mouth, and you pout up at him. "I missed you, daddy. I couldn't stay away any longer."
"Yeah? Shouldn't have left me in the first place. No explanation or anything, just gone one morning when I woke up." He pushes his fingers into your hair, tipping your head back so you're looking him right in the eye. "You didn't answer my texts or my calls. And now here you are, back again as if nothing changed, telling me you want me."
You suck your bottom lip into your mouth.
Johnny tuts at you. "Is this all I am to you, baby? Just a cock for you to suck on until you get bored?"
But isn't that basically all you are to him too? Just a pussy to cum in with no strings attached?
You shake your head. He's more to you. Johnny is so much more than just his cock. You love him, and sitting here on your knees before him with his hand tangled in your hair and his cock in your hand, you know that more than ever. You want to be close to him. As close as can be because you want him.
"Johnny, I'm sorry."
He tugs lightly on your hair before releasing his hold. "You just want me. Well, go on, show me exactly where you want me."
It's extremely rare that Johnny lets you do what you want without you begging him endlessly for it, so for him to offer it up to you like this, it takes you a moment to kick into motion.
Johnny watches you with his cool gaze as you stand up smoothly. He watches as you strip out of your clothes, and it's only the slightest bob of his throat that tells you that the sight of you standing entirely nude in front of him is affecting him.
He drops his head back against the back of his seat when you step closer, swinging a leg over his lap to seat yourself there. His hands sit now on either armrest, unmoving even as you start kissing his throat, lightly dragging your wet pussy over his cock.
When this goes on for another minute of him acting entirely unaffected by you, a fear sparks to life in your heart, and you wonder if you're doing something wrong.
The moment you lift your head from his throat, you catch sight of Johnny's eyes closed, his lips parted, his face smooth with quiet pleasure. Then you spot one of his hands clenching the arm of his chair. Maybe he's not so unaffected.
He stays just like that even as you reach down between your body and his to angle his cock for you to sit down on him. The only change is his lips snapping shut, his throat bobbing once more. You like watching him like this, seeing these subtle details that you're sure he doesn't even realize.
Johnny lets you caress his face, only opening his eyes to watch you as you lift yourself up only to drop back down on his cock, your body moving in slow undulations. His tongue darts out to wet his lips, and you can't hold back anymore.
You've missed kissing Johnny.
His lips part against yours, and the moment that his tongue touches yours, it's like a switch is flipped. His hands leave the arms of the chair to plant themselves on your hips. He takes control, and you give it over willingly, circling your arms around his neck, drowning in his kiss.
Johnny directs your hips, keeping your hips rolling, bouncing you on his cock. You've missed him so much that the need to cum rises quickly; you've been so horny without him to satisfy you when you needed him to, so you haven't cum once in the month you've been apart.
Johnny smiles as you cum, clenching around his cock and letting sweet moans of his name out.
He keeps going, knowing just how easy it is to pull multiple orgasms out of you. You cum again just a moment later, clawing at his shoulders, which only drives Johnny to fuck you down on his cock faster, loving the feeling of you cumming around him. He fucks you until you're eyes burn and tears drip down your cheeks, and he kisses at your tears, pushing you into another orgasm with his fingers on your clit.
It's the fourth orgasm when you collapse forward, fingernails digging into his skin, your lips pressed to his neck. Your body shivers and twitches, pussy pulsating around his cock and so sensitive that you think just another orgasm might be the end of you.
Johnny, who (for the record, claims) he does not moan, lets out a sound then that sounds a hell of a lot like a moan, though it's cut off a little early. And then he cums inside you, and it feels so good after so long without it, that you feel a little drunk on the feeling of his orgasm mixing with your own.
And much like when you're really drunk, you're happy and crying and the words come out of you before you can think twice about them.
"I love you, Johnny," you cry against his shoulder, your wet cheek sticking to his skin. "That's why I left. I want you, I love you, I missed you."
His hands rub soothingly at your hips. His lips brush your shoulder. "That's okay, love."
That's okay. That's all he had to say when you confessed. Like, that's okay, I forgive you for stupidly falling in love. Or that's okay, but I told you I can't feel the same. You hold still in his arms. Maybe you should leave. Maybe this could've been goodbye, because the last time before this, you didn't think it was going to be the last time, but maybe this one could be.
Johnny strokes your hips, and then he slides his hands higher until he's combing his fingers through your hair and the other hand reaches for your hand. Softly, Johnny tells you, "I missed you too, you know. I didn't like waking up alone, having you leave my messages unanswered. Like, one day I had the world, and the next, I was adrift in space."
You sit up, pushing away from his chest so you can look at his face and make sure that Johnny's actually saying these words.
You've always been under the impression that although you definitely got more out of the arrangement since you got bomb dick and gifts, that you were the one that valued it more than Johnny even though he was the one giving you everything. You thought you were just a fuck, a pretty girl for him to give things to make her look prettier in his eyes. Because he'd told you with words from his own mouth that he wouldn't love you, but now here's these new words, telling you that you were like his world.
"You can't say stuff like this," you tell him, pressing your hand against his chest.
"Like what?" Despite those sweet words, Johnny's face is still the solid, cool expression that you so often see.
You frown. "You can't say stuff, comparing me to being your whole world. Not when you told me that you couldn't or wouldn't love me."
Now it's Johnny's turn to frown. "I didn't say that. I said that I wouldn't tell you that, not that I wouldn't feel that way. I'm not.... I'm not good at saying stuff like that, but that doesn't mean I don't feel that way. I like having you in my life, in my bed. I like treating you to gifts, taking you out, making you happy. You make me happy. I thought we were happy until you vanished last month."
"What a fucking miscommunication this has all been." You slide your hands over his shoulders, thumbs resting on either side of his throat. "I could kill you for the stress you've put me through. So you love me, even if you won't say it? That sounds like a problem I can work with."
Maybe it's a bigger problem, to have a man in your life that claims to love you without using those actual words, but you're certain, as Johnny smiles at you, as that cool facade of his breaks a bit to show you the sunshine he is beneath, that you can pull him out of that shell, disappear his fear of telling you he loves you.
requests are closed now! thank you everyone for sending them in!
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thelustiestargonianmaid · 20 hours ago
Music isn't real and people with ears made it up for clout
Ur mad you don't have ears and that ur head is round all over like a cue ball
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cowboy · 15 hours ago
is it ethical to call jerma a slut? it just comes out naturally
Ethical is such a funny word for this
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my-darling-boy · 12 hours ago
idk if this is a weird thing to say but you look just like my cousin who died from cholera 170 years ago. it's uncanny.
Well now I HAVE to see
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filmnoirsbian · 11 hours ago
Could we please have a recipe for the cake? It looks really good
1/4 cup flour
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
Pinch salt
3 tbsp butter, melted
3 tbsp oat milk
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup dark chocolate chunks
1 tbsp water
Mix everything together in your mug except the chocolate chunks and water (doesn't really matter what order), whisk thoroughly with a fork. Pour the chocolate chunks into the middle of the batter, and then pour the water on top. Microwave (I heated mine for 1.5 minutes, but I recommend checking yours after 1 and then adding in increments of 15 seconds as needed.) I topped mine with vegan whipped cream, but it'd good on its own or with ice cream as well. Enjoy! :)
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mrspider · 7 hours ago
sorry if this is weird but if ur comfortable answering could u maybe talk abt how big of a deal bottom growth is when u start t? im hesitant to start it bc thats not something i want but its hard to find ppl talking about it..
yeah i got u bud simple answer is it does happen (honestly its one of the first things that does) and if you dont want it, you can take finesteride to stop it.
personal answer is i didnt care about getting it when i started T, and now it fucking rules and i like it. its not bad or weird, its slightly uncomfortable the first two months but really you just gotta get some like. mens pants. or loose pants. but the benefit is you get twice as many nerve endings so. do with that information what you will
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thatsbelievable · 42 minutes ago
The true sign of living in a capitalist hellscape: asking if death pays well.
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crimson-snitch · 17 hours ago
avoiding eachother after accidental kiss, but mutual pining
thank you so much for this prompt!! it's been so long since i did a prompt but i'm tired so have a little ficlet <33
also, if you think this was just an excuse to put my favourite taylor lyrics together with jily, you’re right
send a prompt here!!
The affection she bears for him sneaks on her in the form of soft smiles and tender glances, overwhelmingly abundant in their presence. 
Too emotional, too much—and Lily can’t help it when her lips meet his one drunken night amid blasting notes and dim lit artificial rays. Fleeting, lingering, burning. Bruised lips, roaming hands, shared laughter, blinding ignorance of where he begins and where she ends.
A stumble sends her hip colliding with a table, reality crashing in, and she backs away. His hand against her cheek, thumb on the arch of bone, lips red—a sight Lily yearns so much it hurts.
I’m sorry, she stammers out, another step back prompting the absence of his warmth on her skin. 
It was accidental, the words shove at James, acidic as they’re forced out, and Lily turns away before the feelings catch up, before she can regret it.
The regret comes later, when she hides her crimson flush in the covers, when her feet subconsciously carry her to breakfast with a hangover headache, when green rests on hazel for a flash before he turns away.
It’s too soon, and yet, long overdue. It’s new, his touch, but she can still remember his habits from years ago. 
It’s fragile—what they have—and she fears she’s fractured it.
Later, Marlene inquires for information on the situation, flaunting yet another ‘awh, you fancy him so much, babe’ at her and Lily realises she doesn’t.
She’s past the point of fancying him—has been for a while.
Perhaps she could love him.
The thought elicits a turn of her head until James is in her periphery, hand submerged under the sinful mess of dark locks, grin transcendent. Trepidation creeps up her chest, burdening and heavy, and Lily forces the thought out.
Minutes of the class pass on, and the thought returns, unrelenting.
Tempting too, but she doesn’t attest to the fact. Each recurrence of it only serves to increase her desire of throwing caution to the wind, glances at his back proof of just how far she’s gone down the rabbit hole. All consuming in its notion, Lily barely notices the vacancy of the corridor she walks down.
Her name is called out, robe swaying as she spins on her heel.
A blink, and James walks towards her.
He’s here, confronting her, and she has no where to run to, cornered as hazel eyes search hers. Before he begins to say anything, she starts. This terrifies her, but she’s never been more sure of her feelings, and of their depth—which only increases with him around.
I know I was an idiot last night, she says, but I can make it upto you over firewhiskey this weekend?
Her question is sudden, preamble truant—but he’s quick to catch on, of course.
If you’d like, Lily adds as an afterthought, but the words barely escape her before James’ lips are on hers, answer murmured between them.
Her fears quieten with a touch of his hand, relief so acute, her cheek leaning into his palm as he presses one emotive kiss after another onto her lips, setting her ablaze. 
It isn’t their last, and she makes sure of it.
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my-darling-boy · 3 hours ago
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sluttyten · 14 hours ago
for the writing prompt Taeyong + 31 + 120
taeyong + making them cum their pants + going on a first date with them
Your first date with Taeyong wasn't anything fancy. You had several mutual friends, both of you had busy schedules, and your mutual friends knew that you were both busy and that you both had romantic and sexual needs that weren't being met. So they'd set you up together.
At first you weren't too excited about it. Taeyong's an idol and you know that dating an idol is probably less fun than their fans would like to believe. It's a lot of secrecy, lots of pretending that it's not happening.
But on the other hand, you were excited because Taeyong was extremely visually attractive, you got along well enough with him on the few occasions you'd met, and your mutual friend had assured you that Taeyong was in the same situation as you.
"You need someone to fuck away your frustrations with, or at least someone that makes you feel that blushy bright happiness of new love," your friend had said. "So just go out with him. Just, like, one date to see how it is."
So you had agreed, but the thing was that Taeyong was busy a lot of the time during the hours you had free. You worked a 9-5 type of job and he worked more of a 5 in the afternoon to seven in the morning sometimes type of job, which didn't allow for a lot of overlap.
Then the evening comes right as you're getting off work you get a message from Taeyong. "Are you free tonight for that first date?"
"Are you free? haha" is your response, because really your evenings are usually free; it's his that are filled.
It turns out his entire evening isn't free, but he doesn't have to go into the studio tonight until about 9, so for the next four hours he's yours.
Since you're already out, you decide that you can meet for a relatively early dinner and a drink. You both decide it'll be a semi-casual date since it's on such short notice; you'll be in your work clothes, and you truly don't even care what he wears, so when he shows up at the bar-restaurant you're kinda amused that he's wearing basketball shorts and a hoodie.
"Shit," he sighs, slipping into the seat across from you at this small round table. "I would've changed if I knew you were gonna look like this." He gestures at your tidily tucked in button-down shirt and the pressed black slacks you'd worn to work. "You look really good, honestly."
Taeyong might just be wearing a hoodie and athletic shorts, but he looks amazing too. "What you're wearing is just fine, Taeyong. You look really, really good too."
He laughs and leans back in his chair to look at you. "It's been a while since we've seen each other. When our friends suggested we go on a date, especially after they explained that we're both seeking similar things, I was eager to get to see you again. I've been thinking about you."
"Oh?" You lean forward. "What about me?"
Taeyong's eyes sparkle as he smiles. "I shouldn't say."
You're interrupted when an employee comes over to take your order, not that either of you had taken a look at the menu yet. You each order a drink, and when the employee recommends a dish, Taeyong just tells him that you'll take one for you both to share. As soon as the employee walks away, Taeyong leans forward again, resting one of his hands on the table halfway between you and him.
"And I do put out on the first date," he says in a quiet voice, "In case you were wondering." You hadn't really been wondering, but it's still nice to know.
"I thought you have work tonight. Do you have time to put out even if tonight goes that way?" You ask, tracing your fingers over the back of his hand. Taeyong flips his hand over, his fingers catching yours and holding on.
"Pretty sure I could make time for you."
Once more the employee interrupts by returning with your drinks.
After that, the conversation turns more towards other kinds of talk, like what you've been doing at work, what he's been doing in his free time, how you haven't gone on a date in months due to being busy and the last guy being a total dick.
You eat and you drink some more, though not too much since you still need to get yourself home and Taeyong needs to go record after this. But the longer you sit there with him, the less you want to part with him. Under the table his foot rests against yours, his knee is touching yours, and when an employee stumbles over the leg of Taeyong's chair, he scoots his chair out of the way, around the table toward you.
It's a round, small table, so it's not like he fully moves around an entire table to sit beside you. He just simply moved out of the walkway that cuts behind your table.
But it also enables him to lay a hand on your knee as he laughs at something you say.
And in turn, when he looks at you with his dreamy, sparkly eyes like he's trying to enchant you into kissing him (and he even bites lightly at his bottom lip as his gaze drops down to your mouth), you slip your hand over to his thigh, rather higher up than his hand on your knee.
Taeyong gulps.
You maintain a conversation with him even as you start rubbing his upper thigh, and to your delight Taeyong gives you coherent answers and even tells you stories without stumbling over his words even when you slip your hand more between his legs to lightly rub at his growing bulge.
The slick material of his shorts helps as you rub him over his shorts. Taeyong keeps his composure except for the blushing in his ears, but he soon pulls his hood up to conceal them, and you can't help smiling.
"Naughty," he gasps softly when you give his dick a squeeze. "Are you trying to make me cum in my pants in public? On our first date?"
"Is it working?" You move to withdraw your hand, but Taeyong's hand shoots down, gripping your wrist and keeping your hand right where it is. "Do you want me to keep going? Or we could leave. My apartment's not too far away, and--" You check your watch, then continue, "We still have, like two hours until you have to be at the studio."
"Yeah," Taeyong's voice has a surprisingly rasp to it. "Yeah, okay, lets go."
He now holds your hand tightly in his, and he stands up, tugging his luckily oversized hoodie down to cover any evidence of his erection. You pay for the dinner and drinks quickly, and then you're out of the building. You guide Taeyong down the sidewalk, around the corner, and then he's tugging you instead down into an alley.
The building's wall is still warm behind your back when Taeyong's warm lips meet yours. His kiss is uncoordinated at first, out of practice, but it takes just a moment for him to be smooth, opening your mouth to him. You like that he takes charge, cradling the back of your head against the wall, to preoccupied with kissing you breathless that he takes a few seconds to realize you're cupping your hand against his bulge again.
Taeyong moans, grinding forward against your touch.
He's already so hard, and you can tell that he's desperate for it from the way that he grinds forward so eagerly.
"Sorry," he murmurs when he breaks the kiss. "It's been longer than just a few months for me. Shit, I miss having someone else touch me."
You kiss him quiet. You curl your hand around the shape of his erection, jerking him off through his shorts, letting him rock into your fist, and it's really charming and cute that he's so into this, that you're going to be the first person to touch him and make him cum in longer than a few months.
Taeyong pants and moans against your lips, bracing his hands on the wall behind you as he fucks into your touch, grinding his hips against yours with your hand trapped between your bodies.
"Are you going to cum for me, Taeyong? They were right, you do need this." You kiss his jaw, and his cock twitches in your hand.
"I need it so bad." He gasps, pushing into your touch, pressing himself against you, chasing the tightening feeling in his abdomen. "But, god dammit, I want to feel you. I miss being skin-to-skin."
You can do that. You take your free hand and slide it under his shirt, your palm spreading out over the warm skin of his lower back. You dip your fingers beneath the edge of his shorts in the back, slipping lower, and when you grab his ass, Taeyong gasps and swears.
His hips jolt forward, cock twitching as he cums in his pants, the heat and stickiness of it soaking through the thin material of his shorts. His breath comes hard and fast against your lips, his hips still grind forward slowly into your touch, and you just smile at the feeling coursing through your veins having gotten him to cum just from that.
You kiss him again, and Taeyong's so soft now, collapsing against you, sinking into your kiss and your touch. He goes soft against your hand too, and you wipe your palm on his shorts.
"Guess that gives you time to get hard again before we get back to mine. I want to give you more of that skin-to-skin contact you want." You kiss him again, laughing when Taeyong moans, pushing forward into your palm. "Our friends were right. I think we'll have fun together, Taeyong."
He definitely agrees, stepping back to pull you back out of the alley, once more tugging his hoodie down to hide the cumstain.
And once you arrive at your apartment, you throw his shorts in the wash so he can wear them to work, but while they wash, Taeyong tackles you into bed to have the fun that you've promised.
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mrspider · 7 hours ago
if your comfortable with answering how has going on t effected your hairline?? i want to go on t but ive heard it can ruin your hairline and that part scares me a bit ^^’
not at all cuz i slap rogaine on my gay little head daily
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bondsmagii · 11 hours ago
Honestly, I don't get why people get so scared of the government spying us through it devices. Unless you're a highly wanted criminal, there's nothing to fear. The most they do to the average person is see their likings to recommended them shit on Amazon.
Sure, it's fucked up, but at this point there's no escape, the only way would be living in the wood with no devices, which is kinda impossible in today's situation. The only thing we can do is accept it.
I mean, I think it's because of the fact that if we're complacent with "well, I'm doing nothing wrong", we might not consider the government's concept of "wrong", and we might not notice when that definition changes. if we're complacent now, because we have nothing to hide, we'll develop an attitude where we believe if we just follow the rules, we'll be alright. it won't affect us, because we're good citizens. we have nothing to hide, right? so why should increased government surveillance worry us? we're good people!
so we become compliant, then gradually the government starts clamping down more and more, and exerting control more and more, and because we're so used to thinking of ourselves as "good", we assume that everyone being rounded up and "caught" must be "bad". we think well, they must be highly wanted criminals. why else would they have run into trouble? but these "highly wanted criminals" are simply people that the government don't like. they're antifa organisers. they're influential people involved with Black Lives Matter. they're union bosses. they're reporters exposing corruption and injustice. as the government increases its control, where does this end? eventually the government will clamp down harder, and the parameters of what's acceptable will get smaller. this is what surveillance and censorship always leads to, and the location data they collect from your phone can always be used to pin you right where they want to be. they have traced protestors like this before, and arrested them for the crime of simply being at a peaceful protest -- which is a protected right.
the "highly wanted criminal" argument was used to justify the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. it was used to justify the murders by police of countless innocent people, all black, because they "must have been doing something wrong". after all, if you obey the law, the police don't shoot you, right? it was used to justify the murder of Daunte Wright, who was driving with his girlfriend. it was used to justify the murder of Breonna Taylor, who was asleep in her own home. this kind of thinking has been used to justify countless atrocities over the years, from the murder of innocent people ("they must have been breaking the law!") to literal crimes against humanity ("those illegal immigrants must have been smuggling drugs over the border or something, otherwise they would never be locked up in cages for weeks!").
this is how they get you. this is how it happens. it's understandable to feel helpless, and to realise there's not much that can be done about it -- there isn't. but we should never normalise this line of thinking, and above all else, we should never accept it. government surveillance through your private devices is wrong. the data they collect on you can always be used against you. it is wrong that they collect this data. the fact that the government can keep tabs on you constantly through something permanently in your pocket is not acceptable or normal.
you do not have to accept something to participate in it. this is unfortunately unavoidable for now, but the only way to change it is to refuse to become complacent. please, think about what you've just said. don't let them get you.
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