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You’re the one that’s talented and wonderful 🤧💖Thank you so much 😙

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Send a word and I will write a drabble or headcanon based on it


It was a little strange at first, walking into his empty home and pulling the door closed behind him. After so many days with company, returning to his usual solitude should have been a relief - and in some ways, it was. Yet at the same time, Basteaux keenly felt the viera’s absence. He had to admit to himself that he had enjoyed the unexpected roommate. Now that they were gone, the home felt much quieter. Somehow it even seemed darker.

He missed them. But people came and went in his life, and he knew better than to let anyone get too close to him. Taking a deep breath, Basteaux set his bow and quiver on the table and moved to make himself something to eat. It took two tries, however, as he automatically started preparing enough for two people.

Just a few days of having someone around, and his whole routine had already adapted. That scared him more the more he thought about it. Thankfully Fymh had left. If Basteaux was smart, he would distance himself completely from the odd viera and not let them past his defenses a second time.

But if he was honest, he had liked the company more than his so-called smarter side wanted to admit.

((Fymh belongs to @grumpy-limsan-customs-cat ))

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Well let’s talk about that! Mike and Micky (in MY headcanon) met on april 20th! Now I know what you’re thinking! Funny 420 joke! Nope! It just makes sense! But it is funny tho ahahah. So obviously the anniversary of Mike moving in would be a year later, April 20th, 1966. By that time,all of them are living together, all four of the boys! So I think rather than celebrating the day he moved it, it’s the day they met(obviously) so Micky celebrates it that way! Cuz it wouldn’t make much sense for Micky to celebrate the anniversary of the day he moved into his apartment if they’re not living there anymore.

I think Micky definitely does celebrate the day he and Mike met! But Mike, forgetful as he is, has No idea what’s going on. So it’s kinda like a funny little thing “you forgot our anniversary?!” Kinda thing aahahaha,but Micky doesn’t get mad tho I think he knows mike is always confused and forgetful 😂 that’s just who he is

I wanna say that Mike and Micky met Peter on September 15th! At that time they were gigging as Nesmith & Dolenz. And when peter joined their group they became Nesmith, Dolenz & Tork! Then I wanna say Davy came into the picture around mid to late November! Probably the 20th - 25th then they’re Nesmith, Dolenz, Tork & Jones for a while and,,, y'know what I got side tracked y'all already know this jwnsh

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i’ll answer these for theo :3


1. what would they never do?

he’d never try to hurt dallas or donnie, but sadly he does end up doing that, sometimes. otherwise, theo would never force himself onto someone. he may have a very bad temper and get into fights, but he does not assert his dominance sexually. also, theo can be a bully at times, but he sticks up for people who otherwise have no support.

2. what have they never done that they want to do?

until he’s older, theo struggles a lot with expressing himself, both physically and emotionally. he always wanted a more punk appearance, desiring to express himself more vibrantly both physically and otherwise, but because of his home life, that would be difficult for him.

3. is there anything they absolutely can’t believe people do?

not really. theo knows of how warped the world is, and it’s made him pessimistic to say the least.

4. what is the most embarrassing thing they’ve done?

theo doesn’t have a lot of awareness of what is embarrassing or not, and generally he doesn’t care. he does consider his infatuation with donnie/dallas to be inappropriate given the time he’s grown up in and a lot of internalized homophobia, however.

5. have they done anything they thought they’d never do?

yes, more frequently as he gets older. theo does end up killing people (in self defense, or to defend others), and as violent as he could get, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever hit that point. he also ended up doing a lot more than he ever thought he would, in both good and bad ways.

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let me restate my comment from my previous post: i never said they were obligated to post

Second: this fandom is toxic af so no matter what BTS, they are always going to get hate. Always. Nothing is going to change that. Ever. It’s the way it is - as unfortunate as it is. Not 100% of people can be pleased. So should we not at least be happy that they spoke up on an issue that is cocerning not just the country of the united states but different countries all over the world?

damn! seriously. also when the fuck did i ever contribute to any hate against bts? check your facts next time nonnie because all i said is that it would be really nice if they would considering how much they as artists learn and respect from the black community.

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I have. Uh. A lot in my queue of “things to write”, but you can feel free to lmk whats on your mind and i can try and add it with the others?

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aww that’d be so sweet….imagine if it happened all the way after their arcs were resolved, aka after anything post-kh3, post-Subject X stuff, post…whatever happened to Eph lmao then having. Just them sharing their most important moment together at dawn…

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79. For what reason would your oc turn into a villain? And if they’re already a villain, vice-versa?

This is actually a very good question! I will say that Dominic is extremely driven by what he perceives to be justice, so getting him to become antagonistic could be somewhat easy, but also would require him to go down a certain path.

Dominic is a character that is primarily shaped and motivated by the abuse he endured from a woman who claimed to be the guardian of both him and his older brother, Sol. As a result, he strives to do all he can to bring safety and peace to others who have been abused, especially young children. Justice is something he’s incredibly passionate about, however, his perceptions of what justice really means is somewhat muddied due to his intensive trauma. Sometimes this can lead him to contradict himself, despite trying his best to never compromise his morality, even when the situation would best benefit from it. When others don’t agree with him, he often feels hurt and frustrated, which can lead him to lash out and hold grudges.

If someone wanted to make a villain out of him, they’d have to really work to appeal to him both emotionally and morally. Dominic will always do what he thinks is right; he does not give a singular shit about what anyone else thinks or even if the law opposes him. If someone would be able to manipulate him into believing he’d be better at following his own goals and moral code by switching sides, he’d do just that. It might not be easy to do that since he’s far from being either stupid or naive, but that would be one way to do it. 

However, it probably wouldn’t be wise for, say, someone like Lilly to manipulate Dominic in the same way she manipulates Pandora. While Dominic is by no means incapable of change or anything like that, he is not a man that is easily molded. He’s stubborn and entirely self-driven. If you want him to do something for you, then you better find a way to convince him that’s what he wants as well, or you’re better off just getting it done yourself. No matter the price, he will never do anything he doesn’t agree with, so he’s not exactly the manipulator’s first choice of targets.

That being said, he would probably make for a potentially terrifying and intimidating foe. Dominic’s what you would a well-intentioned extremist. He’s gained a bit of a reputation, both positive and negative. He’s seen as an absolute doll in the eyes of abuse victims as they often go to him for help, assuming he doesn’t reach out first, and will try and provide them with the resources they need to leave their environment safely… before hunting down their abusers and beating them viciously, leaving them nothing but broken bones and teeth. The latter is what earns him a more negative reputation to everyone else, as you could probably guess lmao.


Shiloh Starfall:

84. Is your oc more masculine, feminine, androgynous, or something else entirely?

This is a very good question as well! I’d say Shiloh prefers to present as androgynously as they possibly can. I’m not talking about the more flamboyant, David Bowie type of androgyny, but more so the subdued kind as they really dislike make-up or anything that could make them significantly stand out.

While Shiloh is genderfluid and regularly goes through periods where they feel like a male, female, neither, a mix, or something else entirely, they don’t really feel the need to change their appearance or use specific pronouns based on that. Shiloh’s dysphoria is relatively low, so even if they feel like a girl at some point, calling them “he” or “they” doesn’t bother them. Pronouns don’t equate to gender so much as they can help an individual present a certain way, so it has no effect them personally.

However, part of why Shiloh doesn’t like to change their appearance very much is because they suffer from high anxiety. Change, no matter what kind it is, is something that deeply freaks them out. The mental image of one day looking like a super masculine individual only to then appear as a feminine person the next, wearing make-up and skirts, makes them extremely uncomfortable. That being said, sometimes Shiloh does want to present a little more masculine or feminine based on what gender they feel they are, but when they do, they prefer to be more subtle about it.

Some examples of how they might do this usually involves how they might style their hair that day, if they choose to wear a hat of some kind, whether they shave their leg/arm hair or not, etc. Otherwise, Shiloh prefers to stick to the middle as much as they can, which is androgyny.


Evelyn Lockhart:

86. What would someone assume about your oc based on their appearance? Would those assumptions be correct?

This is also a great question!!

Evelyn is definitely someone who defies a lot of expectations with her appearance. For starters, she cuts her hair short and dyes it red. Right away, that fact alone breeds a lot of assumptions–– some about her sexuality (which is kinda funny since she’s as straight as a pole lol), but most of it about her personality. A lot of people think that if you cut you’re hair short and dye it that you’re loud, confident, and/or rebellious; a stereotypical punk, if you will.

While Evelyn does find punk culture to be fascinating from an artistic and political level, that really doesn’t have anything to do with why she dyed her hair red or cut it short. Coloring her hair is simply a way of expressing herself artistically speaking; that’s all. Red’s her favorite color and it also happens to be the color of her eyes, so she wanted to dye her hair red. As for cutting it short… there’s a few different reasons for that. While she does enjoy having short hair as it’s easier to maintain and can shape it however she pleases, the main reason as to why she started cutting it short is because a certain family member got into a fight with her right before she left her home for Drake City and pulled her by her hair. 

It wasn’t the first time they had done that, so as a result she had began to resent the length of her hair. When she left the Ichor Empire, one of the promises she made to herself was to ensure sure that no one would ever grab her like that ever again, so she cut it. Cutting it’s length is sort of symbolic for her since it represents cutting out some truly awful people in her life as well as starting to take more initiative of her as well.

Anyway, moving on, similar thoughts could be considered or assumed of Evelyn as she also has a tattoo on her left arm! However, sort of like her hair, Evelyn mostly got her tattoo because she wanted another way to express herself with her body and the meaning behind it is very important to her. It’s a red heart with a white banner across it that says “Lockhart” on it. For those reading who don’t know, Evelyn was raised by her older sister for the majority of her life since their parents both died when she was very young. When her older sister got married, they all took her brother-in-law’s surname. Evelyn didn’t really want a new last name, but since her sister and her sister’s spouse were her legal guardians at the time, she didn’t have much of a choice.  

After she comes to Drake City illegally, she had no documents to tell her that she had to keep that stupid surname; so she decided to reclaim the one she was born with. However, she has nothing to “officially” call her that, she sort of feels a sense of emptiness despite telling everyone she knows that her and her daughter’s last name is Lockhart. Sometime after she meets Doug, she opens up to him about this and he makes a suggests that she should get a tattoo. She objects at first–– (she works at a Daycare! What would her boss say?) but she eventually gives in as she secretly really loves the idea. (Doug goes with her to offer her moral support as the needles make her a bit squeamish lol.)

Anyway, to her, the tattoo is not only a bit of validation to the kind of person she wants to be, but it’s also a nod to her parents as well as her daughter. She’s a Lockhart before she’s anything else as far as she’s concerned.

Another thing regarding Evelyn’s appearance is that she, like most vampires genuinely look human. There’s a lot of speciesist stereotypes created by non-vampires about how they think vampires should look, so thankfully most don’t pick up on the fact that she’s a vampire. At least not right away. Her fangs are also a bit smaller, so a lot of her co-workers don’t notice them. Even so, she’s trained herself to smile only with her mouth closed around those she doesn’t trust. Vampires are a very tiny minority in Drake City and there’s a lot of prejudice based around them, so she tries to avoid detection as much as possible.

The only other thing note-worthy about how she looks is that she tends to wear a lot of red. Most assume it’s because she likes red, and she certainly does! XD

Anyway, as for if the other assumptions are correct or not… I suppose in some aspects, those who might assume Evelyn is a rebel or a punk are actually kind of right! While cutting your hair isn’t really a big deal in the Ichor Empire, coloring it is. So are getting tattoos. She went against her society’s norms to express herself how she personally wanted to. It was also a way of rebelling against those who hurt her and reclaiming a part of her identity.

That being said, Evelyn’s far from being loud or confident. She’s paranoid and mousey, therefore preferring to keep a low profile, so they’re wrong about that. 

Thanks for the ask, @verminator-rex!! Sorry this got so long and disorganized!! I didn’t think Evelyn’s part would get so long, but…. whoops! XD

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