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@thirsthourdemon, @tellmesomegoodstory, here is what I wrote for day 28 of @yandere-sins‘ Yantober prompt list :D I combined another prompt and a request. I really hope I managed to write what you had in mind when you requested this from me! It was kind of hard for me to make Satan yandere in this prompt, so I’m sorry if it’s not entirely what you wanted :(  I still hope you like what I wrote for prompt 28: submission

Warnings: slight nsfw-ish, (Y/N) is demisexual disaster

Word count: 849

(Y/N) always felt like something was wrong with her. Despite being half succubus for hundreds of years, she’s still a virgin.

Whenever she spoke to other succubi, they told her spicy stories of one night stands or fun adventures they had in the bedroom, showing off their conquests from both Earth and Hell. When they learned that (Y/N) was half-succubus, they wanted to hear similar stories from her too, but all she could do was timidly admit that she hasn’t even kissed someone yet, let alone had sex. She simply didn’t see the need to do it, especially not with someone she barely knew.

Perhaps her vampire blood was the cause of it, but that didn’t really matter. In the end, she saw this as a problem and it made her feel almost ashamed of herself, like she was a misfit, a mistake of nature that wasn’t meant to exist. For a succubus, it’s only normal to have a high sex drive. So why didn’t she have one?

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Title: Into the Void

Pairing: Yukako Yamagishi x Female Reader (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Warnings: hair cutting

Word count: 1k

This fic is inspired by one of my interaction posts for yandere yukako.


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~The only thing you had ever done wrong was catching the eye of Razz and Lucky. You, someone who was so headstrong and independent. You never needed anyone, but you were always there for people when they needed you. And that was why you had made both of them fall for you.

~You were just always so prideful but never rude. You knew your worth and you never allowed anyone else to put you down.

~That was why Lucky and Razz started to like you so much. Lucky looked up at you while Razz really admired that you could be like that, especially when many people didn’t believe you.

~They rarely met humans like yourself, that’s why, you were like a gem for them, a gem that they didn’t want to lose. 

~The sad thing was that neither of them liked one another. Lucky hated Razz and Razz found Lucky to be annoying. So the option of trying to share you weren’t there.

~Razz and you always were on the same level whenever you would talk, and that was why you enjoyed being around him. That was also why Razz believed that you might have liked him more than you liked Lucky.

~Lucky, even if he was of a similar age as you, he was always like a child, looking up to you and you couldn’t help but feel a parental affection towards him. That was what Lucky always used to get your attention away from Razz.

~Razz and Lucky are around the same level of strength, so killing one another wouldn’t be an option, that’s why they would probably target one another’s family and friends and anyone else that matters to one another, in hopes of making the other back off from you.

~In the end, both of them would be completely broken down from the losses and huge amount of Lv, and all I can tell you is to run from them as far as possible, because they will be cruel, and will do anything just to get you. 

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I just created him, I don’t have all the answers my dear anons. Also I am not that clever actually, so I don’t know!

Then again, why does it need to be so difficult, just ask him to work out with you until you are stronger than him and then kill him? That is… if you can bear to see him cry as he makes his last breaths, asking why you’d do that and telling you he loves you one final time… 

You monster…. ):

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You won’t meet his eyes. You’ve dipped your head, bowed before him, staring straight at the ground, as if you’re scared of his gaze.

“I’m sorry, Seto,” you whisper, voice cracking - why? Is he really that intimidating? - “I love someone else. We have to break up.”

A pause.

“That’s alright.” Seto says at last. His voice is slow, as if thoughtful, as if figuring out which part of his tongue is producing the vowels, and which part is producing this awful bitterness. “Yeah, no worries.”

Audibly exhaling - Seto watches all the tension drips away from your form - you turn as if to walk away. Your eyes still don’t look up at his; what is about the floor that you’re finding so captivating today? And, just as you take your first step, Seto reaches out. His fingers trap your wrist, slamming it behind your head so your shoulder screams out.

“Just one thing,” he murmurs, and, unconsciously his voice has deepened, like it’s a growl, “why did you date me, if you had someone else in mind?”

“I didn’t want to say no.”

You’re still staring at the fucking floor.

Thus, it’s your fault that Seto’s second hand slaps you, forcing your gaze upwards, letting him finally see those pretty eyes of yours, the way even your irises are shivering, and the way the corners of your eyes are already moist with tears.

“You know that’s called leading someone on, and, frankly, I never pegged you for a whore.”

“I’m sorry.”

Your eyes glisten like jewels when you cry.

“Who is it - this fucker who’s stolen your heart?”

He hears their name stick in your throat, so he tightens his grasp, just a little, to remind you that he can’t hear you when you whisper.

“Please don’t hurt them.”

“That’s not a name,” he releases your wrist, and steps back, and his lips curl into a casual, almost amiable, grin, “but, hey, you know what to do if you if you want them intact.”

When he starts walking away, there’s silence, with the exception of the heel of his shoes against the cold floor. But, then, a second sound: your footsteps, trotting after him, pitter-patter, like rainfall or a young puppy. Yeah, exactly like a puppy. One who’s still learning the command ‘stay’.

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((I was slightly confused about what you wanted, so I did their preferences! If you wanted something different, feel free to ask away~))


* His age: Human age: 1323 years old, Monster Age: 27 years old

* His height: 5'8 feet

* His yandere type: Possessive Yandere

* His dere type: Bakadere

* His Sexuality: Cisgender male Gynesexual Panromantic

* His Preferred Genitals (For himself): Male genitals (7 inches long and 4 inches wide)

* His preferred style: Classical Style

* His preferred role in the bedroom: Submissive

* His preferred hobby: Calligraphy


* His Preferred Genitals (For his partner): Male genitals

* His Preferred Gender: Doesn’t have a preference

* His preferred style (For his lover): Boho casual style

* His type: Someone that knows how to put him in his place. That would keep him wanting for more and would fight him for dominance, before winning. He also would like someone who would be a flirt and a tease, but never would give him want he wants, leaving him always wanting for more. 

* His preferred role in the bedroom (For his partner): dominant

* His preferred height: someone taller than him

* His preferred relationship with his family: He wouldn’t really care about how you treat his brother.



* His age: Human age: 1176 years old, Monster age: 24 years old

* His height: 7'5 feet

* His yandere type: Lazy Type

* His dere type: Darudere

* His Sexuality: Cisgender male Pansexual Alloromantic

* His Preferred Genitals (For himself): Female genitals

* His preferred style: Casual fashion

* His preferred role in the bedroom: Submissive

* His preferred hobby: People watching


* His Preferred Genitals (For his partner): Male genitals

* His Preferred Gender: Doesn’t have a preference

* His preferred style (For his lover): Grunge Style 

* His type: Someone that doesn’t mind him being not really motivated to do much, but would always try his best to motivate him. Would show a more dominant side both in the bedroom and in the relationship, but also wouldn’t be completely an asshole and would be there for him when he would need you. Of course, he would be there for you when you need it too.

* His preferred role in the bedroom (For his partner): Dominant

* His preferred height: Someone shorter than him or someone around his height.

* His preferred relationship with his family: He would like that you and his brother would actually at least be on neutral terms, as he really loves his brother.



* His age: Human age: 1372 years old, monster age: 28 years old

* His height: 5'4 feet

* His yandere Type: Manipulative Yandere

* His dere type: Tsundere

* His Sexuality: Cisgender male Bi-curious Demiromantic

* His Preferred Genitals (For himself): male genitals (6 inches long and 3 inches wide)

* His preferred style: Minimalistic style

* His preferred role in the bedroom: Service dominant

* His preferred hobby: Badminton


* His Preferred Genitals (For his partner): Doesn’t have a preference

* His Preferred Gender: Female

* His preferred style (For his lover): Chic fashion

* His type: Someone that will let him take care of them. Honestly, he doesn’t mind anything else. They can be violent, abusive, annoying, anything, as long as they let him take care of them. 

* His preferred role in the bedroom (For his partner): Pillow prince/ss

* His preferred height: Doesn’t have a preference

* His preferred relationship with his family: As long as you don’t abuse or mistreat his brother, then he doesn’t mind too much.



* His age: Humage Age: 931 years old, monster age: 19 years old

* His height: 7'2 feet

* His yandere type: Stalker Yandere

* His dere type: Dandere

* His Sexuality: Cisgender male Androsexual Biromantic (Male preference)

* His Preferred Genitals (For himself): Female genitals

* His preferred style: Casual fashion

* His preferred role in the bedroom: Submissive

* His preferred hobby: Baking


* His Preferred Genitals (For his partner): Male genitals

* His Preferred Gender: Doesn’t have a preference

* His preferred style (For his lover): Office fashion

* His type: Someone that is domineering. All his life, he had followed rules and what others had asked him to do, that’s why he would probably be unsure of what to do if his lover wouldn’t take control over his life. He would probably like to be roughed around a few times too.

* His preferred role in the bedroom (For his partner): Dominant

* His preferred height: Someone around his height or shorter than him

* His preferred relationship with his family: He would like for you and Slim to get along. Maybe even be in a relationship with him too, as he would want his two most important people to get along well.

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is it really so bad to want you all to myself?

i can’t bear to share you with anyone at all!

you, your love, your everything,

it’s mine and mine only!

the thought of anyone else having you makes me absolutely sick!!!

you understand, right, love?

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~Perseus and Cygnus never got along, but the moment that they found out that the person that they like liked both of them, their hate was buried deep into the ground, as they decided that the wisest thing would be to help one another out when it came to pursuing your love.

~Perseus, the more serious one of the two, and obsessed with following rules, was the one who helped create boundaries, and rules to follow so everyone would be comfortable in the relationship.

~Cygnus, the more aggressive one was the one who always kept everyone else from both Perseus and you. He was the protector of the group, seeing as he was taller than Perseus.

~In general, things worked pretty well between the three of you. When Perseus worked, Cygnus was with you and when Cygnus worked, Perseus was with you. And when they both had free time, they shared you without any problems. 

~Just because they got along with sharing you, it didn’t mean that they got along on other things. The chances of finding them fighting about the silliest thing were possible, like who had to clean the dishes, even if it was your turn and you accidentally forgot.

~They went out of their way to find some dirt on the other one, just to incriminate each other in your eyes so you would want to spend more time with them and not the other one.

~But again, that hate would be buried the moment they needed to keep you safe from people who were trying to take you away.

~Perseus always tried to talk people into leaving you around, and if that wouldn’t work, Cygnus would go ahead and hurt them badly. In general, it was a perfect arrangement even if there were silly fights from time to time.

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~Casanova is a very straightforward person. If he wants something, that he will make sure to get that. That’s why, with a shy lover, he would probably not change much, and instead, he would force himself a lot more, because you never tell him what you really want, so what does he have left? Of course, to do what he wants with you in hopes that you will enjoy it too, eventually. 

~Rus would probably never help you. He loves you, no way around that, but his brother’s happiness goes first for him. If his brother is happy hurting you, then he will mostly turn a blind eye and ear, and simply sleep it off, like he always does, so do not go searching for help from him.

~Sadly, because of that, your life would be pretty miserable. They love you, but they will put their own pleasure and feelings before you. 

~Of course, besides the abuse, Casanova has his sweet moments too. He always spoils you with gifts of the best quality and gives you affection. He is also very protective and shows his love without a second thought.

~Meanwhile with Rus, he might not help you at the moment, but you can always get him to comfort you after everything is done. He will hold you in his arms and whisper that everything will be okay and that Casanova loves you, that Rus loves you.

~Being in a relationship with them while unable to stand your ground would be the end of you, because Casanova will think that because you are in a relationship with him, you are giving him natural consent, meanwhile Rus will always put his brother’s happiness before anything else.

~But if you are able to look past that, and see how much they actually love you, then things won’t be that bad, for the most part.

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