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Lol this one is not an idea dump but one is on its way, trust me ;3, it's just a simple demon au request because I'm in need,,,, so, I'm sick, we still have no idea if it's either the flu or covid, but either way, the fact that I'm feeling like shit remains. Could I please have Yan demons Jade, Leona and Jamil taking care of a sick master, like,,, lovingly. I need demon boys spoiling me rotten -w- thank you for the attention 💕
Oh no Roxavvi!!!!! Ok Er sleep up!!!! Rest up!!!!! Eat your medicine ausnkwksowmskskm- you need lots of sleep ok? Please rest up!
You can tell I’m not good at looking after sick people- but hopefully your demons can do that job for me-
Yandere Demon Jade, Leona,Jamil with a sick master
It’s hard to think clearly, when you’re so freezing cold. Your head feels much heavier then usual, your body a hunk of metal that refuses to move. Heck,you can’t even remember being tucked into bed.
You remember the dull thud when your head hit your table, and everything went black, if that served any comfort.
Overworking? Something you ate? You weren’t too sure. Normally you’ll tide whatever sickness met you with a quick shut eye, but you can’t seem to drag yourself out of bed.
It can’t be that bad, right? Your leg slipped out of your blanket, stretching to the floor….
A click of a tongue startled you, before you felt the bed dip slightly to your left. A strange, musky sort of smell hit your nostrils. You would be annoyed, normally, but you’ve grown to associate that smell with a certain someone. It’s a smell of comfort now,oddly enough.
“Where do you think you’re going?” A Low voice, sounding as if it was scrapped by a throat of sandpaper. Strong, scarred arms close around your waist, pulling you into something warm, something firm.
Leona. Your Leona.
“I’m fine. I have to get back to work…” a unspoken command.
Let go of me.
He only holds you tighter, shivers crawling up your spine with his growl. Low, guttural, with a little more predatory energy then what was intended. Or so you’ll like to believe.
“Sleep. I’ll wake you.” Leona drawls, his… fangs grazing your earlobe lightly. His grip intensified on your arms. You tensed, shoulders hunched inwards. You nodded frantically , before he snorted, releasing his hold.
Sometimes you do wonder who’s the master, you or him.
You tend to fall asleep on your table. Jade’s well aware of this,actually. But it’s normally a slow process, with your head dipping slowly down, before coming to a graceful landing on your desk.
Today, your head hit the table with a loud resounding thud. He’s shocked, making a spring to your room. He’s throwing open the door, immediately making a beeline to your side. Your eyelids were fluttering, drifting in and out of consciousness. Holding the back of his hand to your forehead, Jade winces at the high temperature.
You’re running a fever. How did he not notice? How did he allow you to get this bad? Jade’s in pain , having failed as a servant. He’s looping his arms under your neck, under your knees, and carrying you to bed. Letting your head fall onto his chest, he tries to lower your body temperature. You always said he was cold… no?
He Lays you down, pulling the blankets over you. He’s standing over you, watching your face twist in pain, temperature soaring. Jade knew that humans got sick. He’s prepared for this exact scenario. But why? Why does he feel so helpless, watching you?
Your eyes open, just slightly. You stretch out your hand to him. A mumbled “Jade…” escapes your lips. Jade looks at you with widened eyes. How bad of a condition do you have to be to seek comfort from a demon? He’s moving to sit by your bedside, holding your hand tightly in his. Stroking your palm with his thumb, he’s immediately musing of various ways of how he’s going to keep a closer watch on you.
But for now,he’s going to give you the best of the best. For your recovery of course. Nothing more than that… he hopes.
It’ll be troublesome if he himself grew less then necessarily feelings for you.
You pick a piece of hair, twirling it around your fingers absentmindedly. A startled Yelp from Jamil, before he glanced down at you, the gold braided in his hair hitting against each other, much like a wind chime. You’ve taken the sounds as indicators of his mood.
The more noise it made, the more anxious he was. But it was surprisingly quiet today. You leaning into him, your head unable to string two coherent thoughts together. It’s been awhile since you got this sick. The last time was how many years ago?
Jamil grunts, before shifting you in a position that has you resting on his lap. His hand rubs comforting circles into your thigh. He’s surprisingly much more at ease than you thought he’ll be. Has he looked after other masters like this before? Did he say the same words of comfort to them?
You aren’t that special, aren’t you?
Jamil runs a hand through his hair, looking at you with such a anguished expression, it’s almost like he’s the one sick, rather than you. He’s mumbling, and In your state, you only catch “my fault… didn’t look after you…. My fault…”
You hold his arm to your chest, hugging it. Clinging onto it like it was the last thing grounding you from drowning into your sickness. No, its my fault. My fault for being sick. The words died on your tongue, and all you could do was hope that Jamil got the message.
Jamil sighed, before pulling you closer to him.
“I’ll do better,master. You don’t have to worry about me. Let me worry about you.”
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Reunion. Yan Chrollo x F Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: Yandere themes, unhealthy relationships, Chrollo is awful here Big Time oh lord oh god oh no, unbalanced power dynamics. Word count: 2.3k.
Tumblr media
It was a testament to the poor quality of your company when every red light you received felt akin to personal torture.
Optimism, that’s what you need. Some adjustment in your mindset that will allow you to view this glass as half full rather than half empty. Optimism. How you loathe the word. You felt optimistic this morning, while eating warm pastries from the hotel’s continental breakfast on your room’s balcony. At lunch when you visited a café and found your drink was already covered, another customer had paid it forward. There was no way you could’ve predicted the sweet taste of the day turning dry and sour a few short hours later.
He’s saying something, you think, spinning pretty words from the loom that is his mouth. You pay him no mind. Rather, you find interest in the shifting landscape of your hometown, as observed from the passenger seat’s tinted windows.
The video rental shop you looked forward to visiting every Friday has been replaced by a liquor store. Your favorite diner is gone now too, the land bulldozed and the signs standing upon its grave promising ample warehouse space as soon as next year. How odd, since the day they promised potential leasers the project to be complete passed about five years ago. A waste, what a waste. 
“Are you intent on ignoring me all night? That isn’t very mature of you, [First].”
Maybe you’d think better of it if you were in a clearer state of mind, since alcohol’s pleasant buzz holds you prisoner now, but you respond with unbridled antipathy.
“Did you expect me to be in a talkative mood?”
“When there’s so much to discuss, yes.”
He’s not wrong on that front. You’d rather cut your own tongue out than admit it, though.
“There isn’t anything to discuss,” your rebuttal comes swift. Panicked. “I just want to get back to my hotel and sleep.”
“Hence my driving you, dear.”
“No, you’re driving me because my mom insisted—”
The words lodge themselves in your throat and you make no effort to free them. It isn’t right. For him to be here, where you grew up. In the town where you got your first part-time job, begged your older sibling to drive you to the mall on the weekends so that you could hang out with your friends, crushed over a cute boy from your class who worked at the movie theater. Chrollo didn’t belong here. It’s intrusive, a violation, a breach of your personal privacy to the highest degree. If your body rejects foreign pathogens that would seek to do you harm, it only makes sense that you would give him the same treatment.
Home is supposed to be your sanctuary — his presence is defiling that. Corrupting and warping it as if to say you could never be rid of him. It didn’t matter if you locked the doors and held them shut. He would always find a way in. Always.
“Did you lose your train of thought?”
“Yes,” you lie without hesitation. He knows it, you’re certain he does, but he’s already claimed victory. In the aftermath of a battle, the victor takes inventory of what they’ve gained. That has to be what he’s doing now. Sorting through the spoils and gloating. 
“A pity,” Chrollo confesses. Though you don’t look at him, you can tell he’s smiling by his voice alone. “I would’ve loved to hear your thoughts.”
“Somehow, I’m doubtful about that.”
Yet again, in another show of mockery from a cruel and indifferent universe, the traffic light overhead turns red upon your approach. Just like its predecessor. And the one before that. You’d think it was rush hour by the traffic lights alone, but it’s eleven o’clock at night, and you haven’t seen another car in minutes.
“On the topic of your family…” he trails off, purposeful in prolonging the silence, so that your suspense might accumulate. You grip your clutch tighter. “I wish I’d gotten to meet them sooner. We never got around to it, did we? Ah, the stories from your childhood were especially a delight. The senior photo in your father’s wallet was too. You’ll have to tell me what quote you picked sometime.” 
You don’t want to think about it, you don’t want to think about it. How a murderer shook hands with your father. Made pleasant small talk with your mother. Discussed cars and current events with your brother. All the while you sat sinking in the restaurant’s booth, your appetite lost, forced to regurgitate some flimsy excuse about why your family had never met your oh-so charming ‘friend’.
“To think I’ve been your first boyfriend in such a long time, too. Your ex still lives in this town, doesn’t he? Working at that… hm, what was it… gas station. I wonder if I’ll get to meet him as well.”
“We are not dating, not anymore,” you remind him, aghast. “And that’s a respectable occupation, anyway.”
“By your father’s tone, he certainly didn’t seem to think so.”
That’s right. What an excellent job Chrollo did at establishing himself as appealing in every prospect, from the choice sports car sitting in the parking lot for them to ogle over, to paying for everyone’s dinner by the night’s end. How they must’ve thought reciprocating his affections would be a no-brainer. Still, you place no blame on your family — everything is his fault from beginning to end. There was a time when you were similarly so blinded by his presence that you assumed there was no darkness to be found.
“You have zero business judging the employment of others with the line of ‘work’ you’re in.”
“Perhaps. And yet,” with the hand not on the steering wheel, he motions to your person. “You have no problem wearing a dress I obtained from my despicable ‘line of work’.”
Heat rises to your face and situates itself there, letting you know it won’t be going away anytime soon. 
The garment had already cast guilt on you. After discovering the truth behind Chrollo’s weeks of absence and seemingly endless pit of money, you rid yourself of every material item he’d ever given you. Bags, jewelry, purses, shoes, and clothes; they were either donated or thrown out as looking at them for too long nauseated you. This dress was the lone exception, not that arguing this point would do you any good. You were reminded of your cousin’s wedding and the subsequent need to fly home for it while ridding yourself of his gifts.
The high-end places you’d undoubtedly be attending for such an event spurred you to save one, just one, of his expensive presents. Never had you expected to “coincidentally run in” to him and be subjected to his torments over the moral ambiguity.
After what feels like an eternity, he turns into the hotel you were able to reserve on a limited budget; a potential light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe he’ll part ways with you here. Sever whatever connection bound you in the past, giving you freedom to pursue a future without him in the picture. He should feel satisfied over the agony he subjected you to this evening. For months, if not years, you’ll endure questions from your family about that fascinating stranger who happened upon you that one night and proved himself a desirable bachelor. 
“Did you not work out? Have you ever thought about contacting him again? Maybe smooth things over?” Queries such as this would be your personal agony, handcrafted by the man in question himself.
“There’s no need to sit there and pout,” Chrollo reassures, though his words promise the opposite of that. “You look lovely in it. And as you said, I have no business judging others.”
He doesn’t, but he’s going to anyway. 
You shrink into yourself when he places his arm behind the passenger seat, a habit you noticed he has whenever he backs up. Before, it birthed life to butterflies in your stomach, but now, you want to create as much distance as possible. No space would ever feel like enough.
He turns the keys in the ignition and the car’s humming falls silent.
For some time, the both of you sit there, neither moving nor making a sound. Your eyes remain firm on your lap while you can feel his stare searing into your profile. You’re agitated, at a loss on what to do, and most pressing of all, you’re tired. His presence promises more than ill-timed appearances and caustic words meant to eat away at your high defenses. Considering this, your stomach twists painfully. No amount of faux bravado on your part can hide your apprehension from him. He smells it out, like a shark sensing blood in water.
All you had in your arsenal were words, sharp yet ultimately harmless words. What he boasted in his… you dread the thought.  
“What do you want, Chrollo?”
It’s not that you want to ask, but that you feel there’s no other option available. This was a merry-go-round ride that would keep spinning until one of you fell off, and if anyone was going to fall, it would be you.
“I’ll let you decide that.”
He sounds sincere, however, you know better than to believe that. Suspicion must be written all over your face. He takes your hand in his and you let him. You wonder if he knows it’s his hands you fear the most, rivaled only by his hollow eyes that at times appear omnipotent. As they do now. At any given moment, he could see all of you, while you saw a mere fraction of him. 
Maybe it’s a blessing he revealed only so much. If you witnessed the full depths of his depravity, you might never surface for air again, drowning in a vat thicker than tar. 
How can so much darkness permeate from another human being? It was times like this where you couldn’t be certain if he was one.
“I’ll either stay or leave by your discretion,” he announces, causing your eyebrows to scrunch together. Just when you thought you’d taught yourself to expect the unexpected with him, he finds new ways to throw you off-balance.
This has to be a trick. Something is hiding in the fine print, and you’re intent on finding out. “What does you staying look like?”
“You were always quick on the uptake,” he’s pleased, evidently, a factor he makes known by pressing a chaste kiss to your hand. All your self-control goes into not pulling yourself free. It may have been intuition or paranoia, but something told you he’d sooner let you dislocate your shoulder than allow you to pull away. Not after he’s waited months for this. 
“We’ll get out of this car together. You’ll let me into your hotel room — your bed — then your life. Your parents invited you to breakfast tomorrow, didn’t they? I’ll come with you. I’ll see your childhood home, look at old photo albums at your mother’s behest and laugh at the stories she tells me from your youth. I’ll compliment the arrangement of the furniture, how the colors go together just so. She’ll be simply taken with me. Your father, too, naturally. I’ve already begun to make excellent progress on that front.”
You don’t think you could breathe if you wanted to.
Chrollo leans in closer, his lips brushing against your ear, his voice dropping to an intimate whisper that made your earlier dinner want to claw back up your throat.
“I will attend your cousin’s wedding this weekend as your date. I’ll charm your aunts, impress your uncles. Play with your nieces and nephews. You can introduce me however you like. A friend, a colleague from work. They’ll know. They’ll read between the lines. They’ll ask when they can expect to see you walk down the aisle to me someday in the future. You can cry, if you so please, but they’ll simply mistake it as a maiden who is head over heels in love. I’ll tell them to keep their calendars free next June, and they’ll laugh, perhaps you will too.”
He squeezes your hand to anchor you. Otherwise, you think your mind would’ve given you the reprieve of going someplace else, someplace safe and sane and anywhere but here. Hell itself may be preferable, if you weren’t already there. 
“I will insert myself so deeply into your life, that to cut me out, you’d have to slice into yourself as well.”
You’re trembling now, like a leaf caught in a hurricane, with no hope of ever reaching solid ground again. Pushed and pulled by the whims of a being that so plainly outclasses you in every category.
What could you do? What could you say? Did it even matter what approach you tried to take? The web was spun and you were caught. The more you struggle the deeper embedded you become. 
So you play by his rules and voice yet another question you don’t really want to know the answer to. 
“And…” your lips are dry, so terribly dry, as is your mouth, “If… if I ask you to leave?”
He pulls back — not that it matters. It still feels like he’s there, the warmth of his breath, the woody notes of his cologne. Haunting you. Dominating you. Asserting that this nightmare isn’t over, oh no, it’s just getting started.
“That’s simple,” Chrollo takes your pallid face in his hands, stroking your cheek, gazing down at your through thick eyelashes. What gleams in his lifeless eyes, you can’t say for certain. You think it might be best if you remain ignorant to it. “You’ll come with me.”
A kiss to your cheek. He lingers this time, you’re in no position to protest. He savors the closeness he brought by interlocking you to his person with ironclad handcuffs.
“So, what will it be? I stand by what I said earlier. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Be a dear and share them with me.”
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HELLO MY LOVE! May I request some shower sex with my fave batfam member; Jason Todd? thanks in advance lovely xx ;)
Most of my content for any of the batfam will have the darling be the whole family's darling— unless specified in the request. I hope you don't mind! :)
Warm and steady, water cascaded down her body. Lucious curls straightened out with the weight of the moisture. Steam swarmed the bathroom, chaotic and heavy on the lungs. Humming a quiet song, Y/N ran her hands down her body, getting a glimpse of her distorted reflection in the rectangular metal piping of the shower. She’d been eating up a storm since her confinement in the manor. With the introduction of delicious home-cooked food and the surplus of finances to fund her sweet tooth, it was a given, and the results of her feasting showed. But it was everything Y/N loved and adored. The extra cushioning looked much nicer on her than without it.
Maybe I should work out?
It wouldn’t be much of a bad idea, adding some muscles to her arms and more specifically, her ass. It would look great on her— but was it really worth the extra effort?
Y/N laughed to herself, ducked her head to let the water pour directly onto her scalp and then when she straightened up, she gasped audibly and loudly. Arms wrapped around her waist and yanked her backwards, flushing her up against a very sturdy body. “I’m back.” A deep baritone rumble came from the chest of the assailant and Y/N didn’t have to look back to know who it was. Jason was home.
“I thought you were coming tomorrow?”
He buried his face into her neck, inhaling deeply the sweet scent of his beloved despite how diluted it was with the water raining down on them. “Finished early,” he grumbled. “Missed you too much, couldn’t wait to come back and see you again.” His hands trailed in opposite directions, one heading south and the other one up. “Fuck, I missed you so much.”
“Jason!” Y/N jerked forward when one hand grabbed her breast and the other cupped her groin. “I’m taking a shower!”
“So?” Jason left open-mouth kisses along her neck, a little displeased with the existing hickey on her neck. His hands started their torturous ministrations, arousing a pleasure in her she was wishing to lock away until after her shower. “We’ll fuck, get dirty and then wash up later?”
“Jason," this time it came out as a breathy whine when a finger slipped inside of her.
“Fuck, baby, you’re stretched open already.” It didn’t take much time for the awe and happiness that he wouldn’t have to do much to prep her to turn into twisted jealousy. He stopped everything and twirled her around, pinning her right up against the wall with a savage look in his eyes. “Who was it? Bruce?” There was a certain disdain in his tone, a little twitch in his mouth, his fangs making a short appearance with his snarl.
Y/N gulped. Fuck, if she didn’t find it hot.
He had her trapped, his arms on either side of her head, looking three parts angry and eleven parts sexy. Her eyes trailed to the muscles in his arms and the thick veins that protruded from them, twitching as blood ran through them— speaking of blood running…Y/N ogled down Jason’s stomach and abs and down to the little ‘v’ of hair and—
She flushed completely and her eyes shot right back up to his face, where a barely contained smug smirk rested. “Enjoying the view?” He stepped forward and Y/N instinctively tried to step back, blocked by the wall and instead, pressed herself further against it. He reached up and gripped her chin, forcing her to look at him. “You didn’t answer my question, princess.” Jealousy swirled with the steam, trapping her in the suffocating mixture.
“…It was Dick.”
“Dickie bird?” His gaze dropped down to her thighs where hundreds of love bites lay. “Yeah, that looks like Dick.” He dropped his hand, leaned in closer and forced his knee between her legs. “Spread ‘em for me.” Like she had a choice with the way he started nudging each leg out of the way. But she tried her best and held onto his shoulders as she shimmied her legs further away from each other. “What did he do to you?”
Slowly, he ground his knee into Y/N and Y/N inhaled sharply at the contact. “He— We did it in his room.”
His thigh was strong and sturdy between her legs, perfectly angled for her to grind herself on. Not one to hold back, she did, trying her best to hold onto his shoulders with the water falling onto them. She leaned forward and pushed all her weight onto him, knowing that he wouldn’t even think about letting her fall. One arm wound around her, kept her tightly secured.
“It wasn’t special.” Y/N rolled her hips against his knee. “He got upset that Tim had all my attention and when Tim left for patrol, he, ungh!” Jason had lent down to bite her shoulder, not enough to hurt and not enough to draw blood either.
“Keep going, baby. I’m listening.”
Leave it to Jason to get off on this.
His erection pressed right up against her thigh and he was also rocking into her. He suckled at her neck as she recounted her previous extraneous session with Dick. Like she said, Dick had gotten jealous that Tim refused to give up any of Y/N's attention for even a minute—and Y/N let it happen!—and had decided to ‘punish’ her. He pinned her to his bed and ate her out for days, edging her over and over again and abusing her skin. He left hickey after hickey all over her thighs, a reminder of his love and possession over her, and then pounded her into oblivion, drenched with jealousy and adoration, just like how Jason was smelling right now.
“Fuck,” he cursed, hips stuttering. His precum drizzled down her thigh. “I knew Dick was sick. Even the golden boy can’t get enough of you— where is he anyway?”
“Bruce needed help.” Y/N arched her hips up onto his knee and leaned back against the wall, letting him do all the work as she steadied herself. After all that edging and rough-housing, she was glad for some gentle loving. Having Dick join their session, knowing that was what Jason wanted, would have led to something aggressive and wild that she wasn’t really in the mood for now.
“Damn, that sucks.” Then he pulled away a bit and Y/N frowned at the loss of his warmth. Instead, his hand was back on her chin, tilting her head up to look at him. She struggled to keep her eyes open with all the water running down her lashes. “You good for a quickie? Or are you too sensitive?”
Y/N could melt at his thoughtfulness. If it had been Dick, he would’ve taken what he wanted and then apologised afterwards once she was too sore. Despite the jealousy that permeated in the air, Jason always put her comfortability and consent first. Yeah, Dick would’ve stopped if she asked, but there was something nice about the way Jason checked in with her first. “Yeah. Just vanilla today.”
“Vanilla’s my favourite flavour,” he winked. Y/N giggled and let herself be hoisted up, big, warm hands wrapping under her thighs and holding her securely. She wasn’t afraid when she was suddenly lifted into the air, for she knew far too well that Jason would never let her fall. He pressed her up against the wall and lined his reddening dick with her entrance. “Let me know if it gets too much.”
She wrapped her arms and legs around him and kissed him deeply. “I’ll be fine.”
Sex with Jason was always fast and rough, just the way they both liked it but there was an intimacy in this gentleness as he slowly filled her up. “Fuck, you feel so good,” he swore against her skin. “S’been too long, baby.”
The steam is joined with the pheromones of a horny omega and the stench of sweat. Moans fade away into the bellowing shatters of water on tiles. Jason’s dick dragged in and out of her walls slicked with both their essences. It dribbled down their thighs and onto the floor, washed away with the rest of the liquid.
Not one for praising her partner, Y/N's noises were kept to a minimum, only moans and heavy pants coming from her. Jason? He spared nothing, singing praises like gospels. He strained his arms, every single pain-staking workout worth it for all the strength he has right now, pulling her up and down like a lifeless rag doll, controlling all of her movements. There was something so erotic in using Y/N for his own pursuit of pleasure, forcing her to ride him mid-air.
“Dickie can’t compare, can he?” Jason’s attentive in the way he scented her, slathering her neck and collarbone with his own saliva and kisses, slathering her in nothing but him and him alone. No Dick, no Tim, no Bruce. “Only I can make you feel this good— ah, right?”
“You’re all—”
He didn’t let her finish her sentence, already not liking how it started. He pressed her right up against the wall and snapped his hips up sharply. The high-pitched keen she let out was worth it all. In this position, he hit a perfect angle, one that had her hips stuttering and moaning loudly with each thrust. Drunk on her scent, he felt his dick tightening and knew he wasn’t going to last long. Fuck, it’d been far too long since he had her tight walls wrapped around him. Almost a month and god, he missed her.
Y/N's body was on cloud nine, fogged up with lust and arousal like the condensation blinding the reflection on mirrors. With an impending orgasm, she started to unravel, no longer keeping up with his strengths and letting him use her body to his delight. Her legs lacked the strength to keep themselves up and fell to her side shortly. Jason paused for a mere second to rearrange his hold on her and now, he was the one keeping her up, letting her use him as her chair. She fell right into him and he caught her, strong broad shoulders keeping her up. “You feel so good around me, princess— fuck, you don’t know how much I missed this pussy.”
A few more well-timed thrusts and an exhausted refractory period and Y/N was coming, toes curling and nails digging into Jason’s back. She wailed, her whole body shuddering. Uselessly offering a few rolls of her hips, she rode out her orgasm.
Jason thrusted forward with all of his body and it forced her back, hitting the wall with a quiet wince. Jason shot forward, caught her lips in a passionate kiss and pushed forward, shoving himself deep inside her warm cavern, body stuttering as he came. Ropes and ropes of cum filled her up, simmering down the tingling edge of sex-craving desires he possessed.
They panted together, chests heaving into each other. “Good?” Jason asked between breaths.
“Amazing.” Y/N kissed him and Jason took it gleefully, ‘happy, proud, satisfied’ roaming around them. “But I’m getting kind of dizzy.”
“Shit! Forgot about that.” The steam had grown from little trickles of grey in the air to full-blown suffocating gas, forcing away all the breathable air. He shot off the water, holding Y/N up but shaking his head of the water. Y/N laughed, pushed his head away and called him a dog. He gave a playful “woof” and kissed her again, making sure to lick all the way up her lips to her cheek.
“Gross!” Y/N wiped her cheek with the back of her hand. Jason laughed joyously. They stayed still, basking in the afterglow and waiting for it to die down.
Y/N brightened up incredibly as a thought came to her. “Did you get me bounty?” She beamed happily when he nodded.
“Yeah. I saw some in the store and bought a few.” Jason shrugged. “Still don’t get what you like about them. Coconut and chocolate?” His face twisted into an expression of disgust.
“Is delicious,” she quipped. “It’s okay if you don’t like it, more for me.”
“Better hope Dick doesn’t eat it all.”
Y/N frowned, brows furrowing. “Dick doesn’t like bounty though?”
“Yeah, but he’ll still eat it all just ‘cause I got it for you.” Because alphas had this stupid desire to be the one that provides for their darling the most and her boyfriends especially had no qualms with sabotaging each other to prove themselves better.
“If he does, you gotta buy me more.”
Jason nuzzled her cheek. “Anything for you. I’ll get you a whole ass fridge full of bounty.”
Y/N drooled at the thought. “Get me ice cream, too.”
“Love potion from Baskins?”
“You know me so well,” she purred happily, returning the gesture.
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yandere-sins · 2 days ago
So I had a request. Could I get a Obey Me fix with Yan!Lucifer falling for a darling that recently fell from the Celestial Realm? Thanks so much!
Thanks for the request ♥ Enjoy!
»»————-———— ♡ ————————-««
"Does it hurt?"
You couldn't help yourself from chuckling bitterly at the sentiment, Lucifer's feather brush gliding through the scorched black remnants of your wings. He tried his best to accommodate the pain and crumbling of your once so beautifully pure feathers, but it was only a charade that you both played, pretending it would help to tend to them as if you hadn't fallen from grace. Of course it hurt; both his touch and your reflection in the mirror.
Nothing about the image reflected at you reminded you of yourself. You no longer felt like a beautiful angel, seeing how all that was pure and good once had turned to ash, hellfire having burned the ends of your hair crisp and short and swallowed the better portion of what had once been the most loyal wings of the Celestial Realm. Pride ruined men, but it also grasped its greedy hands towards the angels that were just a little too perfect.
Like you.
But in your case, it wasn't just a metaphor to describe the tragic end of your angelical self; it was the true, bitter reality. If not for God's favorite, the fallen son, the most beautiful of all angels, you'd not be in this situation. Had Lucifer not meddled with what he wanted but wasn't his to take, you'd not be sitting in his bathroom, miserable and in pain, having him brush and destroy the last bit of your scorched dignity.
Once you were respected, looked up to. Now, you were just another fallen angel like any other. Well, not exactly like any other, seeing as you were Pride's favorite, but close enough. At least you were ugly enough to match the pitiful, degraded angels of hell, with hellfire ash smearing down your cheeks like washed-down mascara and your body wrapped in bandages to cover the severe burns of your holy shell. The bodily wounds would heal, you were assured. You'd return a changed creature once you've accepted your new self. But could you ever, with much more severe wounds deep inside you?
Sniffling, your nose was still entirely clogged with snot from hours of crying and whining at Lucifer's feet. Had it not been his fault, you would have been glad that you weren't alone, in pain and devastated as you were. Emotions you had never had to feel before, unable to deal with them. Feelings you didn't know you could experience. If humans had to feel these, they were pitiful indeed. Damn it, that was very human of you to think as well.
"It'll get better," Lucifer assured you again, never letting you suffocate in the despair even if you wanted to. He watched your lifeless eyes staring into his bathroom mirror - trying to find any meaning to your life now - intently. Feeling every flinch of pain on your body with the tips of his fingers, he roamed you like the possession you were to him. His gaze looked deep into your soul, and you felt him sucking it out in the attempt to know you, absorb you even. He wanted to know everything about you, even the things you didn't say out loud.
"How can you say that," you muttered, voice shaking. A surge of anger spread through you, your wings bristling. Lucifer took a step back as they began to crumble, ash coating his clothes like a diminutive form of revenge. Your eyes met in the reflection, a not-in-the-least-regretful 'tsks' reprimanding you after he told you not to move your already fragile limbs.
"It was you who dumped that brazier over my head, and yet you don't feel any remorse, do you?"
Calling him out so crudely was something you had never done before. But what did it matter now? There were no virtues to uphold now that they didn't matter anymore. No one below the Celestial Realm cared for virtue, loyalty, or even truthfulness, and you'd never be allowed to return to where you belonged. You already didn't feel like you belonged there anymore either...
Still, you wouldn't have said anything out of respect, but Lucifer be damned, why should you care now? It was all meaningless now anyway.
"Settle," he merely instructed—or rather, commanded. His hand fell to your shoulder, assertively pushing you down into the stool. "Stop being hostile; I saved you."
At that, you couldn't help but fight against his push again, flaring the bony remnants of your wings and puffing yourself up. "Saved me? Do I look like I am saved?! You defaced me! Ripped me away from my life! What about forcing me to fall from grace was 'saving' me?!"
Lucifer's gaze fell from yours back to your wings. He took a step forward without hesitation, placing the brush on top of the healthiest remaining feathers again. The ones that the flames pooling around your feet hadn't reached only burned. Without humoring your outbreak of emotions, he began to brush them again in downward strokes, carefully, slowly. As if he knew what he was doing. As if he had done it many times before.
"You're beautiful," he whispered. "Your wings will come back stronger, and your tears will disappear in the embrace of my arms. And once you are ready to accept your new life, that I did it for us, you'll see what I've known much longer than you: that you love me. I waited for a long time for you to come to me, so you can't blame me for taking the initiative when you were finally within my reach. They tried to keep you away from where you belonged, right here, with me. We all flourished down here, and so will you by my side."
Defeated, you sagged into your seat, listening to the maddening lies he spun to defend himself. Of course, you couldn't expect an apology from someone that never apologized. If there was one damned soul out there that could get away with walking over all the others, it was Lucifer. And he was good at it too. With decades of experience ahead of you, you felt his manipulative excuses nib at your new feelings; the anxiety, insecurities.
"I won't let them hurt you any longer. I won't let anyone hurt you ever again, not even yourself. You still have to learn what it means to have fallen, but I will teach you. I'll be the strong shoulder you can always count on. I am...”
He took a long, deep breath, the mood changing as he grew more serious with every word he spoke. He was preparing for the final stab, the one that would change the outcome of the war raging between you two still. Putting his brush aside, Lucifer leaned down, kissing the space between your pitiful wings veneratively. His striking red eyes reappeared in the reflection behind you as his lips traveled to the back of your head, finishing the sentence against the remains of your once graceful hair that was turning darker by the second.
"I am all that you have now."
It was enough to make you weep.
Because he was right. You really had no one else. Everyone else down here wouldn't care, and everyone up there would disown you after what happened, thinking you did this to yourself.
"Feel free to unwrap the bandages and take a shower. You'll feel better," Lucifer ushered as you began to weep into your hands. Even when he left, rather coldly, making sure you'd feel the loss of his presence next to you all the more severely, you couldn't bring yourself to get up or do anything. You'd have rather burned with your last feather, save yourself from your fate as Lucifer dictated it to you so perfectly practiced for this moment. You'd have done anything, so you didn't have to rely on the devil that ruined your life.
But when he found you still in the same state as he left you minutes later, Lucifer merely sighed before a slight grin crept on his face as he reached for a towel. "Let me help," he offered in sinister innocence. You thought you reached the bottom of misery, but there was not one good intention in Lucifer's soul when the opportunity arose to show you just how much farther you could fall.
He might have been God's favorite in heaven, but there was a reason that Lucifer was the worst angel in hell.
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shinsosweet · 2 days ago
NPC | Idia Shroud
Warnings: Yandere, obsessive and possessive behavior, stalking, inappropriate actions, low-self esteem and self-hatred, Idia-focused, he’s a creep, Grim slander (I love you, Grim, I’m sorry...). Ask to tag!
 A/N: It’s kind of short but it’s ¿fine? since it’s mostly be getting into the groove of writing for TWST... hahah, right??
Tumblr media
Idia is such a loser, at least that’s what he thinks. He’s a shut-in, doujin-addicted, otaku who forgets to take care of himself and eat food that doesn’t consist of greasy chips and borderline toxic energy drinks, who has been wearing the same clothes for a week straight even though there’s a questionable stain smack in the middle of his shirt; the only reason anyone would look at him more than once would be to make sure they weren’t imagining a 1’83, messy and scrawny weeb making his way around campus.
But things change, outside influences - both positive and negative - have impacts on people's lives whether we want them to or not. When you came around, a curious non-magical human wandering around campus, how was Idia supposed to remain the same?
He became unbearably self-conscious, sure - he was never quite a fan of who he had become but it never got to this point, with you on his mind all of the time, how was he supposed to live with himself? He knew he was no better than a stupid, sidequest NPC in your story, a character you’d interact with to boost a certain skill level once every few events to clear a new stage. No, he wasn’t like Vil or Malleus, those guys were obviously meant as love interests, coded into your life to romance you and sweep you off your feet, meanwhile Ace and Deuce clearly had their script for the BFF trio with you installed early on, and that’s not even scratching the surface when it comes to the people in NCR; amongst such a wide and diverse, and clearly attractive, cast - you had to wonder what was supposed to come out of a character like him?
He tried cleaning himself up, showering a bit more and trying to wash his clothes and not wear the same two shirts on rotation, but he still felt off. You still didn’t pay attention to him, you still never once glanced his way and it was starting to become unbearable, it was as if for each passing hour you didn’t notice him, his need for you and your attention grew.
Idia wondered what he’d tell Ortho if he ever found about the cameras he had installed all over Ramshackle Dorm, how would he explain the ones nestled in your bathroom near your shower or the ones out with a more intimate view of your bed? But it was okay, Idia rationalized, Ortho would understand — he had been supportive up until now, right? He’d understand that his older brother didn’t stand a chance and that this was the only way for him to get close to you.
Whatever, Idia thought to himself one day as he walked through the crowded college halls, even if you did notice him, who's to say you’d be interested in him? With his luck, you probably already figured out he was the freak who installed all those cameras in your dorm — wait, did you even know about them? Ugh, he wanted to die, just thinking about it had him insulting himself for being such a creep; whenever he was alone in his room it all felt so natural but whenever he thought about it anywhere else he couldn’t help but feel like a degenerate. That’s what he was, he felt his chest tighten at the thought, a creepy nobody stalking the person they liked like some serial killer — no amount of showers, clean clothes, and slightly cleaner rooms would ever make up for the fact he was a creep who stalked you.
“Ah, there you are,” Idia’s breath hitches as he hears your voice, perfect, he bitterly thought, to add insult to injury the universe would now have him presence an exclusive cutscene with you and a love interest just to rub in the fact he didn’t have a chance with you, “hey, wait up! Please, Idia, right?”
It’s like the world stops as he hears his name come out of your pretty lips, he feels like he’s on cloud nine as he feels your hand reach out to touch his shoulder — he must have died, he thinks, and this was heaven, during his commute he probably tripped and fell and hit his head against something and since no one would help a loser like him he was left to die, there was no other reason for an angel such as yourself to reach out to him.
“Idia, are you alright?” You let go of him before making your way to look him in the face, “Oh, I-I’m sorry, I just stopped you out of nowhere and you probably had things to do…”
“Yes, I mean no,” he mutters under his breath, you had stopped him out of nowhere but he didn’t have anything to do, even if he did it would realistically be waiting for you to arrive home so he could watch you through the cameras, “it’s fine… y-you’re from Ramshackle Dorm, aren’t you?”
“Yes,” you smile, the previous frown in your face gone as you realize he wasn’t mad at you, “I’m sorry for approaching you like this out of nowhere but Azul told me you were really good with technology and, well…”
Oh, Azul… he knew the two of you interacted, he’d heard quite a lot about you through the “business man” (though he was often times more like a scammer, Idia thought), but that didn’t mean he liked the sound of his name out of your mouth; he’d much rather only hear his.
“I’ll just get to it,” you shake your head, “Grim said he’d found these little cameras all over our dorm, mostly in the common eras, it really freaked us out and I was wondering if maybe you could help us?”
You had found the cameras - they had lasted a good run, almost three and a half months, but that little grimy, irritating thing that called itself Grim had to find them, perfect. Amazing, spectacular - just what he needed… It truly was just what he needed.
“O-oh? H-how so?” Idia really didn’t know what exactly he was asking if he was honest, it was as if his lips were on auto-pilot, functioning without his brain’s permission.
“Well, we’d like to take them off,” you say, “but I think we should also figure out who put them there, for safety and… stuff. That’s where you’d come in, Azul said you were super good doing things like that.”
Take them off? No way, he wanted to laugh and then burst into tears  just thinking about it, if he took them off he’d basically be cutting off the only source of direct - term loosely used - contact with you, however; if he was the one who would help you then it meant he could just use it as an opportunity to hide the cameras better and even set up better equipment, right? Plus, he’d be in your dorm, in your room, that’s basically an off-the-limits zone for him most of the time but if you invited him over you’re basically giving him a cheat sheet.
“I… I guess I could try,” he’s really trying to act as cool as possible while overheating, if he were a machine he’d probably need to be unplugged and let to rest because the heat rushing through his body the longer he conversed with you couldn’t be healthy, but this was an incredibly valuable opportunity and he couldn’t let his virgin attitude fuck it up, “but I’d need to come over to y-your place and get it checked out m-myself… ifyoudontmind.”
“Sure,” he can see the way his words lighten up your smile, Idia can’t help the swell of pride that bubbles in his chest when he sees the positive effect he’s just had on you, “would tomorrow be okay?”
“Yeah, sure.” He’s hoping the curt, blunt responses are working - he needs to seem like a cooler, more leveled up version of himself lest he speaks too much and ends up babbling on about how he’s got a drawer filled with your items he regularly talks to.
“Ah, thank you so much!“ You smile widely, already feeling a weight lift off your shoulders at the prospect of finally getting rid of those cameras, “See you tomorrow, Idia!”
“Yeah… see you.” The flamed-hair boy couldn’t help the wicked smile that overtook his features, sharp teeth basically shining he saw your figure disappear into the crowd. So sweet and trusting, you truly were too good to be in such a school, this place was filled to the brim with predators, didn’t you know? And you had basically invited one of them into your home. Maybe you wanted this, Idia thought to himself as he hurriedly made his way to his dorm – he’d just skip the remaining classes and work on his new equipment for you, he still can’t believe it, he’s giddy just thinking about it, you inviting him over to your place, that’s basically flirting with him, you know?
He’d just have to make sure the next batch would be more discreet so neither you or that pest would find them.
He easily spends the next couple of hours planning where to hide the newer, smaller cameras - which he’d personally designed to make as high quality and discreet as possible -, he already had a few spots planned out, mainly new locations in your room and bathroom alongside the halls, kitchen, and some other rooms he’s seen you frequent. As he tinkered the hours away, awaiting for the time to finally head over to your place, he was left alone with his thoughts.
At first, he couldn’t deny being scared and highly irritated that his cameras had been found out, who wouldn’t be? Those cameras were not only incredibly expensive and high-tech but those were practically Idia’s only way to experience you comfortably. Not just that, but the fact it was Grim of all things to reveal their existence just adds insult to injury - that furball ended up ruining months worth of you-time and hours upon hours of effort. But the more he thought about it, the more blessed the situation seemed to become; this was a perfect opportunity to change systems, go for even higher quality video and cameras and even include a recording system, and to finally change his status from nameless NPC to primary love interest. Yes, that’d be nice, just thinking about it has the tips of his hair flaring pink and a blush forming upon his deadly-pale skin; he’d make sure to change the whole script, just for you, he wouldn’t tolerate any rival love interests anymore and he wasn’t going to let himself remain a side character.
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shiny-jr · 2 days ago
If there is still a free spot, "“I want to be yours, hold me tightly forever!”" with Azul.
Warning: Yandere thing. Gender-neutral reader.
Characters: Azul Ashengrotto.
Quote: "I want to be yours, hold me tightly forever."
Tumblr media
Love transcends both time and space, at least that’s what they said. Well, it was true, his love transcended the borders of dimensions and edges of realities. Azul’s love for you, the player, was so strong, that he gained sentience. His love was so powerful that it transcended past the screen of your phone, from his Twisted Wonderland to your Earth, from a mere supposed fictional character like him to a mighty player like you. 
Of course Azul continued his contracts and deal-making, but he focused the majority of efforts on you. You were simply unattainable, your vessel before him was like a hook dangling bait in front of him. He could reach out and grab it, but it was a trick. This vessel wasn’t the true you. It almost felt as if you were taunting him, nearly tormenting him, as you controlled him for mere minutes before your grace left him for another character. It was a few delightful minutes through, time he wished would last hours or longer, but all he could do to earn more time with the player was do what he was best at: scam work hard. 
You wouldn’t believe how easy it was to trick particular students you also happened to take a shine to. The younger classmates were particularly easy victims as well as the naive ones that are his own age. And with a little persuasion and some underhanded tactics, he could make even the most vigilant and strongest as his victims in his quest to become the player’s favorite. But merely being the favorite wasn’t nearly enough––
“I want to be yours, hold me tightly forever."
That was his wish, what he dreamed of happening when not only his love transcended past the screen but when he himself finally got through. Because if his affection could go so far, he was certain that he could reach the real you too.
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revellia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
⊹₊ ⋆ obsessionꜜ
sum: you’ve caught albedos interest which you wanted, but you weren’t fully aware of how he really was.
characters: yandere!albedo, jean, aether, sucrose.
c/w: gn!reader, kidnapping, drugging, mentions of violence, obsessive behaviour and manipulation.
Tumblr media
you’ve clogged his mind 24/7 and he has no idea why.
you two have been friends for 2 years? if not maybe a bit less but he has never though about you this way. you have always just been a simple friend to him, someone he would see once a week or more and have chats with. not someone he would always want to see everyday, have by his side and always be thinking of.
he was aware of this feeling but ignored it, not wanting this to get in his way of work. but you on the other hand, it was like love at first sight for you. albedo was the prettiest person you’ve laid your eyes on and you would always make the most of your time with him. you knew the feelings would most likely never be reciprocated and you knew because of that you should back off with the big chance of your heart being broken but albedo was too intoxicating.
seeing albedo was at the alchemy stand with sucrose you were surprised, he was back in the city? “hey guys! what’s up?” walking up to them.
“oh- oh! hello y/n.” sucrose smiled sweetly, returning the smile. “hello y/n.” albedo said sorting out vials on the bench. he was trying so hard to distract himself from looking at you because he knew if he did he would explode.
“so what are you two doing?” leaning on the bench in front of albedo making him freeze. “ah- just sorting out stuff.” sucrose said saving the situation when she saw albedos reaction to you.
“mmm…” you mumbled out staring at albedo. he would feel your gaze and his heart was beating (very) fast. “actually y/n.. albedo has something to ask you.” she smiled out nudging albedo.
“i do?” he swiftly turned to sucrose as she nodded her head. “oh i do.” he cleared his throat looking up at you, “y/n would you like to..” he cleared his throat.
was this it? was he going to ask you out? was this actually happening?
“… like to help me and sucrose out with work?” sucroses jaw dropped as she gave a hidden glare to albedo. “what?” you both said to albedo.
“is something the matter?” albedos facade calm face hid the internal blushing inside of him, he was so stupid why did he ask that…
you coughed, “actually i have somewhere to be, i’m sorry! i’ll definitely help out next time though.” smiling at them as you turned away sighing.
“mister albedo with all due respect.. you’re an idiot!” you could hear sucrose say to albedo as you walked away making you chuckle.
you got to the knight headquarter and knocked on jeans door. you heard a small, “come in!” and you opened the door.
jean was your older sister and you told her everything and because of this when she saw your face she already knew what had happened, “was this another albedo situation?” laughing at your disappointed face.
“yes, he was going to ask me out. i know he was.. but he backed out and instead asked me to help him and sucrose out with boring vials! i made an excuse that i had something to do because i couldn’t handle it.” groaning putting your head in your hands.
jean got out of her seat and came in front of the desk where you were, she rubbed your shoulders and moved your head to look at her. “look, you just need to give him some time. you know how he is in these situations.” giving another laugh at your glare to her.
you moved her hand off your shoulder, “it’s been what? 2 years? he should sort these feelings out already.” pinching the bridge of your nose. “just give up then? if you can’t wait anymore then back out.” jean said sitting back in her seat.
“no way. i love him too much.” she rolled her eyes at your incompetence. “i have work to do, complain to me after okay?”
“okay…” physically dragging yourself out of the headquarters.
you knew albedo definitely liked you, right? it was obvious! he just needed a little push to come true to his feelings… and you have exactly the idea. aether can help you out with it! he’ll definitely agree.
“no way.”
“aether pleaseeee?” you begged to him. okay so maybe he wouldn’t agree straight away.. but he will soon!
“paimon and aether have commissions to do! we are already too busy at it is! plus we aren’t that good at relationships…” paimon exclaimed.
“I have commissions to do you mean… and yes what paimon said. me and them aren’t that good at relationships.” aether said in an apologising tone.
“this is urgent! plus you don’t have to do anything hard. all we do is hang out at good hunter, act like we’re very close and make albedo jealous! then he’ll realise he loves me.” smiling at both of them.
“do we really have a choice?” aether laughed dreadfully. “nope!” you said excitedly.
“well paimon likes the idea of good hunter so let’s go!” said paimon already flying off to the restaurant. the male sighed, “so all i have to do is just act really close to you?” you nodded your head.
“and albedo won’t hate me after this right?” you stayed silent and looked around, “we should catch up to paimon let’s go!” you said running off.
aether deadpanned at your reaction, groaning at what he had gotten himself into. he followed after you two, running quickly.
when you three got to the table you made sure albedo was on the other side of the street at the alchemy stand, which he was. okay, plan starts now.
you got close to aether and put your hand on his and head on his shoulder. albedo noticed you with aether and when he spotted the way you had positioned yourself onto him he dropped the vial glass in his hand, albedo could feel his heart stop.
he felt bubbling anger in him. why were you with aether? did you like him? love him? did you move on from him already because of what happened the day before? he really didn’t mean to.. he wanted to ask you out, he did! you were just driving him insane and it was already so hard to hide it from you. he loved you truly, more than anything. he realises it now, he realises it just how you planned it.
from the corner of your eyes you could see albedo staring at you. a smirk appearing on your face, you pulled aether towards you into a hug, whispering in his ear.
“aether pretend to blush so it looks like i’m being seductive to you!” which was what you whispered into his ear. “trust me i already am.. this is so embarrassing.” he groaned.
albedo watched from afar, this sight was driving him crazy. why was aether blushing? did he like you? albedo can’t have that happen, he’s only just come to face his feelings and you’re already moving on? no. no…
aether saw albedos deathly glare to aether. even though it was a just a look it sent shivers down his spine. this didn’t seem like a ‘back off’ glare it was more like a ‘i’m going to kill you’ glare. pushing you away aether told you to look at albedos look but when you did he wasn’t there. where did he go?
aether moved to the other side of the table, not liking this ‘simple plan’ anymore. you laughed at him moving away, jokingly mocking him for being scared of nothing. you were about to move over to aether until you felt a sharp pain in your neck.
you felt dizzy, your vision was turning black and you couldn’t focus on anything. aethers eyes opened wide and he shouted for you, he then looked up and glared behind you. he swiftly got up and pulled out his sword.
“a-aether?” you muttered out before you blacked out, the last thing you remembered was chaos around you and paimons shouts for the traveller.
you finally woke up, the atmosphere around you was cold but your body was warm. you could feel weight on top of you and when you looked to see what it was, you saw a familiar blonde hair man on you. “albedo? is- is that you…?” you whispered out groggily.
albedo quickly looked up at you, a small smile appearing on his face when he saw you awake. “y/n.. my dear you’re finally awake.” you blushed at the endearment.
“where am i? and what happened?” you asked, you tried to remember something, but nothing came to mind. the only thing you could sort of remember was being shot in the neck by something.
“there was an attack at mondstadt by someone dangerous. there was chaos everywhere in the city.. many people died. but i saved you before you could get caught by the person and brought you to my camp in dragonspine.”
you froze at the sudden news. “albedo.. d-do you know who died?”
he stayed silent for a bit and then answered, “the acting grandmaster, traveller, his little friend and a few citizens.” you gasped and felt your heart sink, your sister? jean? no, no.. it can’t be real.
“show me! it can’t be true… there’s no way.” feeling a tear pour out of your eye. albedo sighed and shook his head. “i apologise but i cannot bring you to the city, it is dangerous and a threat to you. but.. hold on.” he pulled you out of the camp over to a ledge that looked over the city.
it was true, the city was in chaos. you could see people running out of the city, knights running in and people hiding in their homes.
you broke down and turned to cry into albedos chest. he wrapped one arm around your waist and the other rubbing your back. sighing into your shoulder as you sobbed speaking incoherent words.
albedos glad you didn’t see the bloody clothes in the corner of the camp, or the way how you were so oblivious that you didn’t realise the smirks he gave when speaking about the way mondstadt was a mess.
he finally had you, and you finally had him. albedo would never tell you he was the cause of the deaths or chaos, it would ruin would you two now have.
Tumblr media
extra: i’m finally writing another character other than ayato and scaramouche 🙏🙏🙏
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yandere-daydreams · 2 days ago
On the topic of yanderes who can control dreams! I can’t stop thinking about some dream creature who gives you never ending, horrifying nightmares when you do anything “wrong” and gives nice dreams when you behave to try and force you into being good
tw - implied imprisonment, emotional/psychological manipulation, controlling behavior, and slight codependency.
they can't control so much as... nudge, pull and edge and shift until your dreams are just a few shades sweeter or just a few shades darker, depending on what they think you deserve. if they could, they'd make it so that you only ever dreamed of them, that their name was the only word that crossed your mind and you only ever had thoughts of them, but the sleeping mind is nebulous and elusive, and to be completely honest, they're just not capable of holding up that kind of vice-grip - not for very long, at least. not if they ever want to do anything else to you.
so, they try to use their special talents rarely, only when they absolutely have to, only when you misbehave. they've never had much luck with good dreams, but they're better at nightmares, at taking you by the ankle and dragging you so far down, your cute little face scrunched up and you start crying out in your sleep, even if they haven't gotten anything more than a few muffled whimpers, just yet. you're so precious when you're in the middle of a bad dream, too, prone to latching onto anything nearby, to curling around their arm as they fill your head with all sorts of vile things. it's already starting to work, too. they don't think you've noticed the correlation, but you're already talking back less, listening to them more, acting less like a brat and more like the sweet, docile companion you should be, that you're so clearly meant to be. there are side-effects, sure, dark circles under your eyes, a new habit of jumping at loud noises and a sudden distaste for letting them out of your line of sight, but they don't mind doing a little more to take care of you. it's sweet, your new dependency, how desperate you are to stay by their side. it's nice. it's fun.
and all they had to do was give you a few bad dreams.
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lovelyspring7 · 21 hours ago
White Pearl | Yandere JJK x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You’ve been working as a stripper for a month until billionaire Jeon Jungkook suddenly takes an interest in you, actually maybe too much of an interest…
Word count: 4k
Genre: Yandere, sugar daddy au
Pairing: CEO Sugar daddy Jungkook x stripper sugar baby reader, short mentions of Cha Eunwoo & Jung Jaehyun.
Warnings: Yandere, stalking, obsessive behaviour, kidnapping, abuse of power, fight scene, non consensual touching, mentions of a dead father.
Authors note: Okay I’m really proud of how this turned out! I really hope you enjoy reading it and share feedback!☺️💜
Tumblr media
In three days, Jeon Jungkook will become the heir of his deceased father’s successful real estate company. Jungkooks fate was written from the moment he was born, it was only a matter of time before it happened. The old man had it coming, drinking aged scotch and smoking the finest Cuban cigars since he could remember.
Jungkook has never been close with his parents. He despised them. His parents wanted nothing to do with him, his only purpose was to take over his father’s company, and Jungkook knew that. That’s why he wasted no time trying to get closer to his parents. It was no use. They made that very clear when they sent 7-year-old Jungkook to a prestigious boarding school with other rich snobs.
Although, being an only child, rich and privileged. All he had to do was to snap his fingers and he’d get what he wanted almost immediately.
The newest expensive car? Check.
Private jets? Check.
Luxury real estate? Check.
You could say he had it all, at least the materialistic stuff.
“I’m sorry for your loss Ms. Jeon,” Eunwoo said, greeting Jungkook’s mother.
“Thank you Eunwoo, Jungkook’s in there.” She said, slightly smiling. Not seeming bothered by her husband's death.
“Hey Kook, how are you holding up? Your mom seems fine.” Jaehyun said, putting his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder in a comforting manner.
Jaehyun along with Eunwoo have been his only friends since boarding school. All 3 shared similar backgrounds, it was obvious that they were gonna be good friends.
“I’m fine, I think she’s okay too.”
It was true, his father’s death didn’t affect them emotionally as much as it should’ve. It’s messed up really, and he knew it too.
“So how much did you inherit exactly?” Eunwoo asked.
“A lot.” Jungkook laughed, “Hey how about I treat you guys to a drink.”
“Sure, or we could go to the club? There’s this new strip club, who knows what the girls will do for just a few bucks.” Jaehyun asked, raising his eyebrow.
“You want me to go to a strip club the same day my father’s funeral was held?” Jungkook asked, offended.
“I’m in.” He quickly agreed.
“Alright! Be there by 11 and bring a lot of cash.” Eunwoo cheered, grabbing Jaehyun on his way out.
“You're late.” Your co-worker Bora said, reapplying her cherry red lipstick.
“Yeah, I had to send in my assignment early today.” You said, taking off your jacket and stripping down.
It’s been a month since you started working as a stripper at Black Pearl Club. You had originally applied to work as a bartender at the club but didn’t get the job. So to pay off your student debt faster and the rent this month, you decided that temporarily working as a stripper wouldn’t be so bad. Just until you graduate college you thought.
“Okay well hurry up and get ready, it’s getting really busy out there.”
“I know I’m almost done. Just need five minutes.” You said putting on your pink glitter stripper heels and quickly doing your makeup.
“What?!” You yelled at Bora, startled by her sudden shouting.
“It’s freaking Jeon Jungkook.” She said, peeping out the door.
“Who?” You asked, genuinely confused about who she's talking about.
“You can't be serious? Jeon Jungkook, the heir to Jeon Real Estate.” She said, pushing down her top a bit to show more cleavage.
“Look! He brought Cha Eunwoo and Jung Jaehyun. Okay, I’m going out there and you better hurry before the girls claim them.” She said, leaving to approach both of the two guys she mentioned.
Successfully snatching both of them. Wow, the power of Bora you thought.
Taking a last glance at yourself in the mirror, you walk out of the dressing room and start dancing to the music playing. Still being very new at this, you don’t attract a lot of attention. Intimidated by the other strippers, you try to stay low. Meaning sitting on people's lap, feeding them shots, letting them feed you shots. You’d occasionally go on the pole, but on busy days like this, you tend to stay away and let the pros do their thing.
“How did you even become a stripper?” A voice spoke out, loud enough for you to hear.
“Excuse me?” You said, turning around to the bastard that said that.
“I mean, look at you. You don’t belong here.” He said, smirking while eyeing you up and down.
“Listen, sir, I don’t know what kind of sick role play you’re into. But I’m leaving.” You spat, rolling your eyes at the freak.
“Wait, hold on.” He said, stopping in front of you.
“I’ll pay 100 bucks in you sit on my lap.”
“Only by sitting on your lap?” You asked, skeptical by his offer.
“Just like I said, Princess.” He said, holding his hand out, waiting for you to grab it.
You reach your hand out to hold his as he leads you to a private VIP room. The room is very well decorated, the walls are painted in a matt black color, the velvet furniture, chandler, red led lights, and the strip pole in the middle of the room give it a very seductive and a sensual vibe.
No wonder why the room is so expensive, you have to preorder it days before. Now knowing he’s loaded because he just offered 100 bucks for you to sit on his lap. You started to think maybe you should’ve been nicer to him before.
He sits down on the velvet armchair, making himself comfortable as he sits you down on his lap. Puts his one hand on your right thigh and the other on your waist. Not knowing what to do with your arms, you gently wrap both of them around his neck. Takes a second to admire his features. He wasn’t ugly he was rather handsome. His tattoos and piercings make him look a bit imitating at first, but taking a closer look at his face, all you could see are those pretty doe-looking eyes and his cupid bow-shaped light pink lips.
“Like what you see.” He said, smirking. Knowing damn well you did.
Embarrassed that he caught you staring at him.
“It’s not ugly.” You admitted. Slightly grinning at your comment, “So, what brought you to work as a stripper?” He asked, scrunching his eyebrows together and tilting his head to the side.
“You’re seriously asking me that?” You sighed. “The rent is not gonna pay on its own, and neither will the student debt.” You said avoiding his eyes and biting your bottom lip. A habit you’ve always had when you get nervous.
You couldn’t see it, but you felt his aroused stare on you. You felt a slight shiver down your spine as you glanced down at your hands, thinking how much longer you must sit on his lap.
“You’re more of a white pearl.” He finally spoke up, changing the topic all of the sudden.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means that you remind me of innocence, purity, and beauty.” He explained in a charming tone, pulling you closer to himself as he brought his hand underneath your chin, slightly tilting your face up to meet his.
“I watched you the whole time you know, clearly you’re not cut out for this.” He said grinning.
“Give me a break, I've been here for a week.” I lied, feeling embarrassed.
“Hmm right, how about I make you an offer you can’t refuse.”
“What would that offer be?”
“Be my escort.”
“Okay bye,” I said trying to get up from his lap but his hand on my waist prevented me from being even able to get up.
“Easy baby. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about that kind of escort. Think of it more like a sugar baby.” He said, caressing your thigh.
“I’ll take you to parties, spoil you with gifts. I’ll even pay you a thousand dollars for each hour you spend with me.”
“Why would you want to do that?”
“Something tells me you’d seem fun to spoil.”
Thinking of the condition I’m in, it couldn’t get any worse. I already have another part-time job at the cafe that’s been kicking my ass as well. Sure it wouldn’t hurt to go to a few parties with him…
“Fine, but I’m not doing anything more than what I’m doing now.”
“Very well, I’ll pick you up by 5 tomorrow to discuss some rules that I have of my own.”
“Rules? What rules?”
“You’ll find out soon enough.”
He said, taking a card out from his front pocket, it seems to be some kind of business card along with a 100-dollar bill. He gently squeezed your thigh, “Just as I promised, see you, tomorrow princess.” He said, giving you the card with the bill, taking a last look at you before leaving you in the room feeling dumbfounded. You look at the card, it was black with gold engravings, along with his contact information. You read the name on the card, “Jeon Jungkook,” you muttered. No freaking way, the guy Bora was talking about earlier?
Now, this was your chance, if he’s loaded like Bora mentioned, then you could easily get your life together and not live in debt. Sure it’s not ideal, but it’s better than any other solution you had left.
You had just finished your lecture and were ready to leave campus to your home building. Feeling tired from not getting enough sleep from your busy work and school schedules. You rub your eye with your palm to try to stay awake, as soon as your vision sets you spot a black Bugatti parking in the nearby campus parking lot. The person getting out was none other than Jeon Jungkook. He looked a bit more casual than he did yesterday, yesterday he was wearing a classic suit with a tie. Today he wore a black silk-like blouse tucked into his pants with a black blazer, and to top it off, some silver piercings and a chain around his neck.
He walked up the stairs and greeted you with a smile “You ready?”
“How’d you know where I go to school?” You wondered.
“I have my ways” he smirked, reaching his hand out for you the second time this week. Rolling your eyes at his reply, you grab his tattooed hand. You could feel people staring at you, and for once in your life, you didn’t feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, or anxious. You felt safe. Still holding your hand, Jungkook opened the car's front door, helping you get in.
Yeah, you could get used to this.
The car ride was mostly quiet, thankfully he had put the radio on for you. It wasn’t long until you reached the destination, you knew it the moment you saw a huge tall building, one you couldn’t even imagine existed.
He parks the car and helps you out, next thing you know you’re standing next to Jungkook as he types in the code to enter his apartment. You couldn’t help but mildly widen your eyes when he opened the door to his penthouse. Amazed by how beautiful and big his apartment was, “Like what you see so far?” He smiled amused, putting his hand on your back and guiding you to what looked to be his office. You sit down on the other side of the desk, “So, where were we, baby?” He said taking out some paperwork from a file.
“You said you had some rules?”
“Right, they’re not hard to follow so it should be an okay princess.” He said, giving you a paper with the rules written on it.
Rule number 1
Until the contract expires, you’ll be living with Jungkook.
“Hm? What’s a wrong babe?”
“I can’t live here!”
“Why not?”
“I have my apartment, and it’s too far away from school and my jobs.”
“About that, you no longer work there. I mailed both the cafe and strip club, you quite a few hours ago.”
This bastard-
“And you have a chauffeur from now on. You didn’t think you’d be working there while being with me? It would be too stressful for you so I took care of it.” He simply said like it was no big deal, further pissing you off.
“Yes but…ugh never mind. But I’m sleeping on my bed.” You demanded.
“Whatever you say, baby.”
Rule number 2:
Jungkook will pick out your clothing.
“Really? Rule number 2.” You said, not slightly amused.
“Well, I have to make sure I take good care of you don’t I.” He said, grinning.
Fair enough, you thought.
Rule number 3
Always let Jungkook where you are at all times.
Reading all the rules, which was 3 in total. It didn’t seem so bad. So you agreed, signing the contract in a heartbeat. Later, Jungkook showed you around the penthouse, after all, your stuff arrives at his house, you unpack and get settled into your current home.
Jungkook had told you about a party tomorrow night. It was a celebration because he would take over his deceased father’s company.
And now, you’re currently sitting at the dining table, with Jungkook sitting at the other end as you guys eat dinner cooked by a professional chef. You weren’t gonna lie, it was the best meal you’ve ever eaten. Devouring almost all of your food, you finally dared to ask him about his father.
“You said something about your father passing away? I’m sorry, it must’ve been tough.” You said, giving him a weak smile.
His expression changed almost immediately as he stopped chewing for a moment, he had this cold look in his eyes. Almost like I had mentioned an enemy. Take a sip of the red wine before speaking. “Don’t be, the old man had it coming.” He said in an emotionless tone. Clearing up his throat, “We should get ready for bed, we’ll have a long day tomorrow.” He said, whipping his mouth with the napkin. Not needing to ask further questions, you quickly understood what kind of relationship he had with his father. Almost feeling bad for him, you agreed and went to wash up in your room.
“Princess, may I come in?” Jungkook asked,
“Yeah it’s fine, come in.” You shouted from the bathroom as you turned off the hairdryer.
“I brought you a gift.” He said, placing the large gift box on the dresser.
Excited to see what his first gift was, you pull the string of the white ribbon and open the box. Not sure of what it is, you take it out.
It was the most stunning red dress you’ve ever seen, you couldn’t help but to slightly open your jaw, amazed by how beautiful it was.
“I’m guessing you like it?”
“I love it.”
“There’s more.” He said excitedly, taking out a small jewelry box, you opened the box in his hands, and inside it was a simple yet stunning white pearl necklace.
He gently grabs your waist, turning you to the mirror as he moves your hair to the side, keeping eye contact with you through the mirror, he successfully puts on the necklace. He doesn’t let go, instead, he just stands there, still holding you as he admires all of you. “Fuck you’re so beautiful.” He whispered in your ear. You swallow harshly before speaking up. “We should go to bed.” You said in a low voice. As soon as you said that, he slowly let go of you, “You’re right, tell me if you need anything.” He said, looking almost embarrassed, wishing you a good night before closing the bedroom door.
Weeks had gone by, and everything was going great. Jungkook kept his word and he even sent you more money than he had promised you, plus the expensive gifts you’ve been receiving every day.
He was also getting less of a jerk compared to the night you first met. As each day went by, he was getting more and more caring and affectionate. For example, he’d visit you from his busy schedule during your school breaks to have lunch together to make sure you ate, and he’d often compliment you on how astonishing and pretty you are. He’d spend more quality time with you alone and not with other people, preferring to spend time with only you doing various fun activities you never thought you’d have the chance to. Turns out you had some things in common, you both preferred to stay home, watching old movies and stuffing your faces with food.
You arrive at Jungkook's penthouse late from school, and you see another gift placed on your bed. You squeal, excited to see what he had gotten you this time. You open the gift and inside is another dress to die for, but also a small white note.
Wear this tonight Beautiful and be ready by 7.
- Love, Jungkook
Putting the breathtaking dress on, you stop to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder what Jungkook exactly sees in you to think that you’re so beautiful. Taking a last glance, you can’t help but think how different everything would’ve been if you hadn’t worked as a stripper 2 months ago and met Jungkook. Trying to find the right heels for your dress, you heard knocking on the door. “Come in,” you say whilst sitting on the bed to put your shoes on.
“Are you ready? Oh here let me help.” He said, taking the shoes from your hand. Kneeling, he put your foot on his thigh as he gently slid on one heel after the other.
”Come on baby, I have a surprise.” He said opening the door for you. As mentioned before, Jungkook had become more affectionate. The whole car ride, Jungkook had put one hand on your thigh while driving, caressing it soothingly and delicately. You didn’t mind as it made you feel calm and safe.
Arriving at the location, it seemed like it was a dinner surprise at a very fancy restaurant. Standing outside of the building, you start to feel a little unsettled, Jungkook notices and walks next to you offering you his arm which you gladly take as you walk in together.
“This is very nice, thank you Jungkook.”
“It is my pleasure, expect more of these in the future Princess.”
“Welcome to Jungsik, I’ll be taking your order tonight.” The waiter said, turning to you as he smiled waiting for you to order.
“Thank you, I’ll have the-“
“Wait, I’m sorry, you look familiar?”
“Oh, I do?” You said anxiously.
You could see Jungkook trying to hold back, poking his tongue into his cheek, slowly curling his hand into a fist.
“Right! You’re one of the strippers at Black Pearl Club! Shit you looked so hot in-“
“Okay, that’s it!” Jungkook yelled, grabbing the guy by his collar, ready to grow the punch “Jungkook stop!” You yelled, looking at him terrified.
Jungkook turned his head to stare at you, breathing heavily through his nose, aggressively letting go of the trembling guy that trying to catch his breath.
“Come on baby we’re leaving.” He quickly said grabbing your wrist while shooting daggers with his eyes at the waiter.
You were shit scared, never have you seen him like this. Sure he could be a teasing jerk sometimes but on no occasion have you seen him like this. It was as if he wasn’t there at all, if you hadn’t stopped him from beating that guy up things could’ve ended badly. The car ride back home was silent, he was driving home so fast you were surprised the cops didn’t stop you guys.
“I have some paperwork to take care of. You can get ready for bed, okay princess.” He said, smiling weakly.
Not knowing what to say and frankly too shaken up from the incident, you just nod. Done preparing, you sit in your pajamas not wanting the night to end the way it did. After all that happened today, you wanted to make sure that Jungkook was at least okay. You tiptoe on the cold tile, ready to knock on the slightly ajar door.
“Yes, Son Jiho, at Jungsik restaurant. Take care of it, I want him gone for good.” Jungkook said, speaking through gritted teeth. Hanging up as he took a deep breath, a cruel smug smile formed on his face as he took a deep breath in, chuckling at the thought of that man’s death.
You stood there frozen with your eyes widened, your heart started beating fast and your chest felt tight. You finally took a step back, trying to recollect yourself. You quickly hurry back into your room, standing there for a second before quickly packing your old back bag. You had enough cash to get away from that crazy bastard. Packing all the necessities, you quickly got changed into some of the other clothes you still had left from before. Slightly opening the bedroom door, you peek to see if he was there. The lights were all turned off which meant he had gone to bed, carefully closing the door, you tiptoed to the front door. You type in the code but it won't open, you blame the dark so you try to type it again.
“Princess?” You heard his voice call through the dark. You slowly turn around to face him.
“Where are you off to so late at night?” He asked, walking closer to you.
“I forgot my book at the library the other day and I need it.” You said, trying to sound as casual and calm as possible.
“Oh really? So you didn’t happen to overhear me in the office earlier.”
He knows.
He started walking even closer to you, trapping you in the corner of the room.
You could feel his breathing down your neck. Swallowing harshly before speaking up. “W- what happened to him?”
“Oh you don't have to worry about that baby” he cooed, “but if you must know.” He said, looking into your eyes, as he gently stroked your cheek.
“He’s in a better place now.” He said, smirking.
Too scared to move away, you closed your eyes trembling out of fear. How did you get yourself into this mess?
“Enough about him. You weren’t leaving me, now were you baby?”
“No.” You whisper, lying through your teeth.
He exhaled out, relieved, “Oh thank god, my good girl wouldn’t leave me, not that you could anyways.” He said smiling, holding your face with both his hands, admiring your features.
“The moment you signed that contract you were officially mine.”
Your heart skipped a beat, trying to get away from him, “What? No Jungkook I-“
“I’m the only one that can look after you! Hell, I was the only one who helped you when you needed it the most! You need me!” He yelled as he got frustrated.
He tried to take a deep breath in, trying to calm himself down. “All, you need to know is that you’re mine, I’m not ever letting you go ever and the sooner you accept that, the better it will be for you.” He said, forcing a smile.
“Do you understand?” He asked.
You slowly nodded.
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you?” He asked again, trying to catch your gaze.
“I understand.” You choked out.
“Ohh there’s my good girl.” He softened, tucking your hair behind your ear.
“You must be tired huh baby?” He said frowning, letting go of your face as he held your hand instead.
“Now, let’s go to our room and get ready for the night princess.”
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glimmeringtwilight · 2 days ago
After Hours
Modern AU Zhongli fic for the follower celebration! Took me fucken long enough... Not edited (or at least not as much as I'd like).
CW: Implied drugging but not explicit, light yandere themes, heavily implied imprisonment, unhealthy relationship dynamics, boss/worker relationship. Overall this one's actually pretty tame, all things considered.
Word count: 3.4k
There’s something weird about the look in your boss’s eyes when you come in to deliver him his coffee. 
It’s a little ritual you’d started, something you thought would be nice (and maybe you want to suck up to him, just a little bit), bringing coffee to your boss. You made sure to bring coffee to some of the coworkers you liked as well so they didn’t tease you for your harmless habit, and if you were in a really generous mood, you’d bring some to the coworkers you didn’t always get along that well with. It was nice seeing them smile at you for once, even if it came from coffee bribes. 
It didn’t stop all the teasing, though. Appeasing your coworkers with coffee only goes so far. Still, they were careful to only tease you about your little crush whenever Zhongli wasn’t in the office, out on business trips or important meetings. 
You stopped arguing with them. You were a terrible liar, anyway, and it’s not like you’re the only one in the office with a crush on him. He’s handsome. You’re sure even some of your married coworkers have a crush on him. 
And bringing him coffee is harmless, anyway. His assistant used to do it every morning too, before he’d delegated her to something (assistant stuff, you don’t know what it is she does, exactly) that demanded her attention each morning and she no longer had the time. 
But lately, your boss has been giving you odd looks whenever you step into his office, coffee in hand, setting it on his desk in front of him before wishing him a good morning and returning to your own duties. 
You wonder if you did something wrong. Does he not actually like coffee? You assumed he did, asking his assistant for his coffee order so you could surprise him. He seemed pleased with it, at first. He always smiled and thanked you… What changed?
Maybe he was just humoring you before. Maybe you got his order wrong. Or you mixed up his drink with someone else’s… But nobody else complained about the coffee you’d bring them.
Today was another one of those days. 
Zhongli’s already poring over the reports from yesterday when you come into his office, pen quietly scratching against the paper as he writes. 
You set the coffee against his desk and he glances up from the papers to you, then to the warm cup. 
“Oh, thank you.” His tone is polite, but there’s that look again. You wish you knew what it meant. It’s not… anger. Or annoyance. If it were either of those, at least you’d know. You’d quit while you’re ahead, and stop this silly routine. 
But it’s not. And you don’t know what it is, so until he says something, you’ll pretend it isn’t there. 
“You’re welcome, sir.” You’re careful to keep your voice pleasant, avoiding his eyes. 
He doesn’t say anything else. He’s still staring at you. 
“...Well. I should get to work.” It’s awkward, like the smile you force before you turn on your heel to leave his office.
Zhongli calls your name and you stop dead in your tracks. Oh fuck. 
“Before you leave for the day, would you mind stopping by my office to help me with some of these reports? I’d like to borrow your eyes, if you don’t mind.” Oh. That’s it? Your shoulders slump with relief, and you don’t know when you’d hitched them up. You’d briefly wondered if he’d fire you over coffee, as silly as the worry seemed. 
“Sure thing, sir.”
You look over your shoulder to see a small smile on his handsome face, and you wonder if he knows this– knows how handsome he is, knows it’s part of the reason you’d started bringing him coffee every morning as an excuse to linger around his office longer than a simple “good morning” would permit. 
“Thank you.” He looks like he’s about to say something more, hesitating on the word resting still on his tongue. Then, he blinks, looking back down at the papers on his desk, and it’s gone. 
You turn and leave without another word. 
The rest of the day drags on, dulled by the prospect of getting to spend time after work with your boss. Sure, it’s for work stuff, but still! 
It drags on, but eventually 5:00 rolls around and you get up from your desk, not bothering to collect your stuff just yet before making your way to Zhongli’s office, knocking on the door. 
“Come in,” His voice rumbles from behind the door, and you step inside quickly, shutting the door behind you as you do. 
Zhongli’s sat at his desk like this morning, except now his coat is draped over the arm of his chair, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. You try not to gawk at his arms, pointedly looking at everything but him until you stop in front of his desk. 
He takes two stacks of papers, handing them to you. “I’ve already finished with these, I just want you to look over them and make sure I haven’t missed anything.”
You nod. “Sounds easy enough.”
He smiles, motioning toward the seat beside his desk, and you try not to linger on how close it seems to him, even if there’s a few feet between that chair and his own. You take a seat, thumbing through each stack of papers. It’s just reports. Nothing interesting. 
Zhongli goes back to work, and so do you.
You fall into a routine with him. Every day, when you come into work, he asks you to stay late again and help double-check his work. It’s a little odd, you realize. Why you? Why not his assistant? Your job description doesn’t even cover this. You just work in IT. 
Still, you don’t complain. You get the opportunity to spend time with your hot boss after work. You’re not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. 
It still unnerves you, the odd look on his face when you deliver his coffee. And sometimes you catch him staring at you out of the corner of your eye. But whenever you look over at him to catch him in the act, he’s poring over paperwork as usual. 
You don’t mind the routine, but… It eats into your social life. You find yourself only having time to spend with your friends on your days off, and even then, not always that. Work starts calling you in on your days off. You have to cancel plans more and more often. Your friends begin to drift away. 
It goes on like this for a month before you confront your boss about it, stepping into his office  like any other morning, coffee in hand. 
Your hand shakes when you set it down. He notices. 
Zhongli sets down his pen, focusing his attention on you and frowning when you shrink anxiously away. You know you need to have this conversation. You need to set boundaries, let him know he can’t work you to death like this, but…
It still makes you nervous. You’re scared he’ll fire you if you put your foot down, and you really, really need this job. No other employer pays as much as he does, and with the cost of rent where you live now…
“What’s wrong?”
“I..” Your throat dries up, and you swallow. “I wanted to talk to you. About my hours.”
He raises a brow, motioning for you to continue.
“I don’t mind staying a little bit after to help you look over reports and all, but I need my days off. I can’t keep doing this without a break.”
Zhongli looks confused. “I wasn’t aware. I noticed you’ve been here on a few of your days off, but I didn’t realize it was becoming a frequent occurrence.” 
You nod. “Well, it has.”
“Your department manager is the one who’s been calling you in, correct?” You nod again. “I’ll speak with him.”
Your shoulders slump in relief, thanking him as you slip quickly out of his office to let him go back to work. It’s a relief to know that he’s understanding, and a bigger one to know that he wasn’t aware you were so overworked. Even if he was the reason you were being called in (and not… whatever it was your manager was calling you in for. You’ll have to speak to him about it later), it probably wouldn’t have come from a place of malice. Everyone knows the boss is a workaholic. He probably doesn’t realize that not everyone practically lives in the office.
You get your days off that week, no calls from work. 
The next week, as you’re doing your daily routine with Zhongli and poring over papers beside him (at some point the chair you’ve been using was moved next to his own so you could share the desk, not that you’re complaining), Zhongli abruptly looks up from his work, setting down his pen. You look up from your own stack of papers, curious. 
“I’d like to take you to dinner.” What. You stare at him, dumbfounded, so he continues, “As thanks for your help these past few weeks.”
Ah. So not as a date. You try not to deflate. Still, it’s not like you’d want to pass this up. Free food is free food. And besides, it’s not a good idea to date your boss, no matter how handsome he is. 
It’s harmless. Just dinner with your boss, a small “thank you” for your hard work. You see nothing wrong with it. So when he makes a habit of inviting you to dinner, you don’t think anything of it. 
You try, at least, not to drink any alcohol on these dinners, wanting to avoid making a fool of yourself in front of your boss. It’s not that you have a particularly low tolerance to it, you just… Never learned to take small sips, instead downing your drinks as quickly as possible. Besides, agreeing to these outings was questionable enough, you don’t want to get drunk around him too and end up doing something you regret. 
But after a few weeks of this routine and a particularly stressful day of work, you give in and order some wine for the two of you. 
“I didn’t know we shared the same taste in wine,” Zhongli remarks, examining the label after the waiter sets it down on the table and leaves. “This is my favorite kind.”
You try to look surprised, as though you totally didn’t interrogate his assistant earlier that day. “Oh, really?” 
It’s not creepy. You only really chose his favorite wine so you’d feel less guilty for spending his money on it– even though he insisted on paying for these dinners. You were also curious to know what it tasted like, anyway, having never tried it yourself before. 
There’s a knowing look in Zhongli’s eyes, and you feel an embarrassed blush creeping up. “...I just thought it sounded interesting, honestly.” A half-truth. 
He pours you a glass and you drink it quicker than you probably should. Hey, at least then you can pretend the flush is just from the alcohol. 
You’re three glasses in when you realize that you’re definitely drinking way too quickly. Zhongli’s hardly made a dent in his own drink, making you wonder if it’s a stronger wine than you first thought. 
It was.
Those three glasses hit you hard, and even drunk, you still have the mind to feel ashamed. Ashamed isn’t the only thing you feel though, as Zhongli leads you back to his car and you take the opportunity to hold onto his bicep perhaps a little less innocently than you should. 
He’s unusually silent, so you assume you’re being slick when you squeeze his arm a little, feeling the firm muscle through his dress shirt. You’re being helped into the passenger seat, a little reluctant to let go of his arm, but you forget your reluctance when he has to lean across you to buckle you in. 
He smells like sandalwood, and… something else you’re too drunk to place right now. You’re not even sure if he actually smells like sandalwood, only placing the scent from candles you remember liking the smell of in bookshops. 
The car rumbles to life. Zhongli must have gotten into the driver’s seat while you were busy trying to dredge through your memories of scented candles and soap shops and bookstores to place what his cologne smells like. 
His car smells like him, you think absently. The radio plays at a quiet drone, too soft to really act as more than just background noise. Your eyes flutter shut. 
You open them again when you feel something jostling you. Zhongli murmurs an apology to you as he lifts you out of the car into his arms. You can hear his heart beating steadily against one ear, and the warmth of his arms paired with the gentle thump of his heart lulls you back to sleep. 
The next day, you wake up in a bed that’s not your own. 
You panic, sitting up. A sharp pain throbs behind your eyes at the motion, making you wince, but you force yourself to stand and step out into the hall. The marble tile is fucking freezing against your feet, biting through your socks, and you wonder what happened to your shoes. 
Hopefully, waking up alone means that nothing happened last night. That you just fell asleep drunk. That you didn’t fuck your boss, effectively throwing your career away in one fell swoop. 
You find Zhongli in the kitchen (after a few minutes of wandering around the halls– his house is fucking huge), already nursing a cup of coffee. It’s bizarre seeing him in such a domestic setting, dress shirt swapped for a black turtleneck. 
“Good morning.” 
“Good morning,” You glance around. “Um… Where are my shoes?” Smooth. You should write a book. Social Etiquette for Dummies. 
Zhongli, at least, doesn’t seem offended by your half-awake brusqueness. If anything, he looks understanding.
"In the foyer. I set them by the door." He pushes another mug your way, filled halfway with plain black coffee. “I’ll admit, I don’t know how you take it, so I figured it best to leave to you.”
Your hangover is both a blessing and a curse, distracting you from the awkwardness, but the throbbing of your head is killer. The light hurts your eyes, you feel nauseous… you regret waking up. 
“...How are you feeling?”
“Like shit,” You mumble, taking a sip of the black coffee he gave you, too hungover to care about the bitterness. At least it tastes like it’s quality coffee instead of whatever ungodly imitation of coffee seems to manifest in the breakroom at work. You’re convinced your coworkers just restock the breakroom with the worst “coffee” known to man as a prank.
Zhongli stands up, rummaging through some cabinets before you hear the rattle of a pill bottle. He comes back with two pills in hand, dropping them into your palm and returning to his seat. “Take the day off.”
“Sure.” Like hell you’ll look that gift horse in the mouth. You take the pills offered to you, downing the rest of your coffee with it and praying it kicks in soon so you stop feeling nausea swelling in your gut with every sudden movement. 
The two of you sit in comfortable silence as he finishes his own coffee, and you feel the pain slowly ebbing. When he finishes his cup, he takes yours and sets both in the sink before turning to you. 
“Do you remember when you first joined the company, what I’d said to you then?” He asks suddenly. 
You try to blink the lingering tiredness from your expression. “Er… no?”
Zhongli’s gaze turns distant, tipping his head up to look at the ceiling as he recalls, “‘You are a cut above the rest.’ Even then, I’d known you would do well at the company. Your past spoke for itself, and you’ve more than proved yourself enough with your work ethic.”
Where is this coming from? Why is he talking about this now? 
“I was a little disappointed when you turned down my offer of making you my assistant. I realize the job description is a little… lackluster, but it paid more than the position you applied for, and with your set of skills I thought you were perfect for the position.” Ah. You’d forgotten about that. He’d only offered once, but he looked understanding when you turned him down. You thought he’d forgotten too, honestly. 
“I remember,” You start, unsure of where this conversation is headed, “I just didn’t want to change my mind at the last minute and end up with a job I’m not motivated to do… No offense. I just… I had my heart set on the position I applied for.”
“I see.” He looks like he’s weighing your words carefully as he chooses his next ones. “And is it what you wanted? Is it your dream job, as it were?”
You laugh. “Well. No, honestly.”
“Then, what is your dream job?” There’s a slight bit of dread beginning to form in the pit of your stomach. It’s like he’s fishing for something, trying to coax a certain response out of you, but you don’t know what or why he’s doing it. 
“Well…” You humor him. You ignore the trepidation beginning to pluck at your nerves. He’s just asking simple questions, he’s not doing anything wrong… “To be honest, nothing. I’d rather spend my time traveling, seeing the world, learning new skills. I guess I could technically be a freelancer in that sense…?” 
“And are you happy, working with the company?” 
You should lie. You should lie and say yes, beyond the shadow of a doubt. What spills from your lips instead, is: “It has its ups and downs.”
Zhongli motions for you to continue.
“It…” You feel hot. “It’s… boring. But it pays well. And my coworkers are nice enough. Mostly.”
“Mm.” He taps his fingers against the countertop. “But are you happy?”
“I’m not unhappy. My job is fine.” 
Zhongli stares at you. You can’t bring yourself to meet his gaze. It’s sweltering in here suddenly, and his sudden strange line of questioning is not helping. His eyes hone in on the way you shift uncomfortably, tugging at your collar. 
“Are you feeling alright? You look… unwell.” That look again. The one he’d give you when you bring him coffee in the mornings, but it’s gone again when you blink. 
“I- I’m just a little warm, is all.” You excuse quickly, moving to stand. The room spins concerningly at the movement. 
He’s at your side the second you sway unsteadily, taking ahold of your shoulders to steady you and placing the back of his hand against your forehead. “You’re running a fever.” 
You interrupt him as he begins to guide you back to the room you woke up in by digging your heels against the tile (as ineffective as it is). “S-sir, I should really be heading home now.”
“... I’m afraid I’ve been pushing you too hard, lately. Please, just humor me and rest here a while until I can get you something to help you with that fever.” Zhongli’s stopped almost dragging you back now, but he gives an insistent squeeze to your shoulder. 
It feels less and less like a request as his grip on you tightens with your silence. 
You concede. “I suppose that’s alright…” 
“Wonderful.” You’re practically swept back up into the bed once he guides you into the room, toeing the line between appropriate and… something else. Zhongli’s expression is neutral, unreadable, and he pulls away when you settle back against the sheets. “I’ll have to run to the store to pick up something to help with the fever, just rest here until then.”
You… feel like you’re sat in the mouth of a predator, its jaws slowly closing around you. You nod. The room spins with the motion. 
Zhongli casts one last glance over his shoulder at you before shutting the door, and you belatedly realize what the look in his eyes was. Obsession. 
The lock on the door clicks, the jaws snapping shut.
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pynkgothicka · a day ago
Hi can I have yandere batman x Catwoman sister reader nsfw
Where the reader is Sleana little sister by two year's.
And Bruce finds out by seeing sleana going into a random amprtmet and he see her taking care of the reader saying she get money for medicine.
and Bruce looks deep into the history and falls for the reader.
And Bruce go to see the reader on the hospital and breed her with out anyone knowing and claims her as his.
Please and thank you and sorry English not my best and I am sick with coved in the hospital
Tumblr media
Dark! Yandere! Bruce Wayne x Fem! Selinas Sister! Reader
a/n: Im free from school so expect me to post more often!!
Tags/Warnings: DUBCON, DRUGGING, , GASLIGHTING, MENTIONS OF ANXIETY, mentions of meds due to this
Bruce knew something was up, Selina was never this secretive. He's usually the first to know of her exploits, mainly because she told him, but this was something he hadn't known of. So of course he trailed her, quietly watching as she went into a random apartment window. Bruce watched from the shadows.
Selina smiled at you and gave you a small bag. Then she sat down and talked to you, it lasted for about 30 minutes, of the both of you just talking and laughing. He was confused yet entranced. Bruce went back to the Batcave and instantly went to work. He started digging up any and all information he could find on you. He dug up all your medical files. He found out you were diagnosed with Anxiety a year ago, and Gotham being Gotham, put you on the most expensive set of pills known to man. As Bruce was looking further into your life however Alfred came behind him, clearing his throat before announcing his presence.
"Master Bruce, What is the end goal in all this?"
"I don't know Alfred."
"If you don't mind Master Bruce, I believe to have some insight on this."
"Go on."
Alfred took a big breath in before speaking. He knew that what he was about to say could break his relationship with Bruce.
"Master Bruce, you've lost a lot. Don't you think this is about needing to feel control over something. All this research and for wh-"
"She's a sibling to one of the greatest thieves in all of Gotham, Alfred."
"A thief that you trust. Why do this, can't you see that whoever this is has had enough out of life? You're placing yourself in it. You're being inconsiderate of Miss Kyle's privacy." Alfred pleaded, placing a hand against Bruce's suit. Bruce jerked away grabbing his helmet and storming off.
"I'm going out. And I will prove you wrong." Bruce hopped into the Batmobile and drove off. Alfred only took in a deep breath of relief. He knew that it was going to end bad no matter what.
You watched in a daze as the channels flipped rapidly Infront of you. You popped another chip in your mouth followed by a swig of juice. You bundled yourself up in layers of blankets. Everything was pure bliss. But you were pulled from that in an instant, as the apartment's doorbell rang. You never had visitors…
You turned off the TV and opened the door taking a deep breath in. At the door stood billionaire Bruce Wayne, someone you thought you'd never get this close too. He had a nonchalant smirk on his face.
"Hello, do you mind if I step in for a moment. It won't take too long, I just bought this complex and would like to know about my tenants a bit more." You took a deep breath in and stepped to the side, Bruce stepping past you. You closed the door and turned to face Bruce.
"I'm sorry it's a bit of a mess, I wasn't expecting company." You went to your small couch and folded the blanket you were cuddled under. You tried making room so your new found guest would be able to sit down. In which he accepted and sat down, and you sat down as well. "So, Mr Wayne… what would you like to know?"
Instead of answering your question he looked around. He looked at your array of pills on the TV stand as well. You completely forgot to put it up it Atleast throw something over them. "Are you sick?"
You took in a deep gulp before looking down at your nails. "Yeah, you could say that." You started to dig at the dirt underneath them trying to block out the awkwardness of the entire situation. Bruce stood up and walked over to your TV and picked up one of your orange bottles reading the label.
"This is treated for Anxiety, is that what you have?" He asked running his fingertip on the rim of the bottle. He made you uncomfortable and put you on edge. You nodded your head taking a deep gulp in. Bruce placed down the bottle and walked towards you calmly. He lifted your head with his fingertip. "You're so nervous, calm down."
You tensed up further as his rough finger trailed down your throat rubbing slow circles on your shoulder blades. You shook under his touch. He kneeled down in front of you, his hand now grasping your own. His stubbled face showed no emotion as he addressed you.
"Isn't it hard, living here in the worst corner of Gotham? Why do you put yourself through that?" Bruce asked, keeping his tone low.
"I can't afford any better, Plus where else would I go?" You confided in Bruce. You were so stressed out…
And Bruce took advantage of that.
"I can help you, I can do more than that even if you so desire." Bruce moved to where he sat next to you, your jaw following where it rested on his finger. You were mesmerized with him and what he could do to you. "All you have to do is rely on me, for everything…"
"Everything?" You muttered quietly.
"Everything. Your going to be so happy right?" Your heart rate picked up, the butterflies fleeing away from your stomach. All that rested there now was fear.
"I don't think I want that, Mr Wayne." You finally stated moving your head away. "In fact I think um… you need to go." Bruce placed his hand on your thigh squeezing harshly making you cry out. You tried to pry him away but he didn't relent, and just kept hurting you more. He leaned forwards and planted a small kiss on your lips. He leaned in again forcing his tongue into your mouth, and you began to choke as he shoved a pill down your throat. It melted as soon as it made contact with your tongue. Bruce pulled away and watched as the pill instantly settled in your system.
Your vision blurred and the room grew hot. All you could focus on was what was happening in front of you. Bruce taking off his suit and unbuttoning his button down. He tossed them on your carpeted floor, the muscles in his arms flexing as well. He leaned down to pull off your sweater for you. He leaned down to kiss you again, unclasping your Bra in the process. Bruce's kisses trailed down to your neck. He pulled down your shorts long with your panties.
"You're gorgeous." He muttered against your stomach, still kissing his way lower and lower. "Even when you're all dazed out like that." His voice rung in your ears echoing in the slightest in your jumbled mind. He finally got to where he wanted and placed open mouth kisses over your puffy cunt. You hold onto the side of your couch tighter, your head falling back. You were drenched in sweat as Bruce ate you out.
He sucked pockets of red hickies around your cunt, making you see stars. Your skin became hypersensitive as Bruce did his work. You were close to coming undone and tightly grasp your own arm. Bruce came up stopping you mid orgasm. Bruce unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardening cock. He scooped your own wetness and slicked himself up.
"I want to see your face when I get inside okay?"
"O-Okay…" He grabbed your waist and placed his legs on your shoulders. Bruce aligned himself up with your entrance, he looked directly in your eyes, and slowly pushed inside you. You instantly recoiled and closed your eyes shut. Bruce slapped your thigh, "Open up those pretty eyes." You reluctantly opened them and watched as he smiled, pulling out and slamming himself back inside you. Bruce seemed to glow in your drugged out mind.
He licked a stripe up from your knee to your ankle, continuing his slow and harsh thrusts. His hand made its way to your clit and rubbed in slow circles. "Don't you want to experience this every- fuck- everyday?"
"Yes!" You moaned out holding his arm. He pulled you up, and had you bounce on his cock your legs wrapping against his waist. Your own drugged up mind had no clue what it was agreeing too, all you wanted was to chase the high that Bruce brought you.
"Cum with me, please." Bruce begged you, pressing your lips to his own. You could taste yourself on his tongue, the salty taste plaguing your mouth. He finally came inside you, falling back into your couch. He held you close to him, and his head hung low. Your high was ever prominent and you clung to him, finally feeling whole for once.
"I'll get your stuff tonight, let's just sit here for a moment…"
Selina quickly found out you were gone and stormed his mansion. "Where the fuck is she!" She yelled, pushing Bruce. He didn't move an inch.
"I don't know who you're talking about. You need to leave Selina." Bruce stated firmly.
"Don't you dare pull that Batman voice with me, I know she's here!" Bruce pushed Selina out the door and watched as she hit the ground and scraped her arms. He then slammed the door in her face. Alfred stood next to him looking towards the door.
"Are you happy Master Bruce?"
"Couldn't be better."
taglist: @animefan3223
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yanderememes · 2 days ago
Hey so this has been literally living in my head rent free for the past couple of days so hear me out on this one so imagine that darling is just bunking with Dio one day and the next they're gone like they are nowhere to be found so Dio goes alerting the others and then they just destroy the entire house yet darling is still nowhere to be found so the villians start suspecting "Those pesky JoJo's" had something to do with it I can't finish it because Tumblrs word limit so run wild with this one
Tumblr media
Jojo house vs villain house in a nutshell
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aukanemin · a day ago
Tumblr media
As the poet dies with unfinished song, The groan of nightingale shall fill night all along As his gift is tart - as honey of wild, As words can't be spoken, and the silence - his bile
As I die - on arms of yours, Do not rush to mourn me first As how can I leave, return to dust, Without satiating my eyes, without soul to be hushed
I shall come when stars are dark, when the moon is blind, In the dark hour of hound, under your gaze entwined I shall stand and say "come, oh come, heart of mine, Allow me to see your dear face once again - in my mire.."
And sweeter than morning, brighter than day, You shall come out, my friend, for greetings to say, To take me on my long way With silver to head, with aspen for my stay.
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yandere-stan · a day ago
can you write something with lucifer? honestly, im not sure what, the rest is up to you, i just really wanna read something with him nddjsj im sorry this is so vague have a wonderful day
kk ive been watching a lot of paranormal things lately and apparently, in order for malevolent entities to take you, they have to be given permission. thats just so creepy and luci would just be perfect for this fjdhlsfjdslfjds so ya enjoy.
(Yandere, obsession, manipulation(maybe, i think?), scary dream shit idk what to tag this with honestly, possession) 
When you were younger, you were enamored with the idea of lucid dreaming. 
A world in your mind, in which you had complete control over. A place where you could do anything, be anything.  
You were never able to master it, no matter how hard you tried. By the time you realized you were even dreaming you’d wake up in quiet frustration. It was infuriating, but pointless enough to flit away as you grew older. Over time, you forgot you had even tried. 
But these days, the dreams you’ve been having were fairly....lucid. 
The trees were fake. The grass wasn’t alive. The animals you’d see once or twice were all in your head. Nothing was real. 
Even that man. 
He introduced himself as Lucifer. The devil. You supposed your subconscious wasn’t very good at making demons. He always looks so beautiful, an ethereal man that moves and talks and smiles and laughs so prettily. He resembles someone fit for gliding over celestial skies, rather than a creature of the night. 
“Do you like it?” 
The cup is still raised to your lips. You hum, too indulged in the tea to actually give an answer. It’s sweet, with the slightest hint of being bitter. 
“It’s good,” You finally say, “Is it a favorite of yours?” 
Lucifer sits across from you, swathed in black. You often wondered if he ever got hot wearing that, especially-here- in the sunny grassy plain your mind had concocted. You never had the courage to actually voice it, too scared that complex questions like that might break this world. 
“It’s close to becoming one,” He smiles, “Lord Diavolo brought this with him from his trip to the celestial realm. I thought you would appreciate it.” 
You nodded. You learned very quickly not to pry into terms such as the ‘Celestial Realm’. It hit a sore spot for him, made the wind blow a little harsher, the skies grow a little darker. 
Instead you placed your cup down, spreading your arms on the picnic table. 
“Is he still giving you a hard time? Lord Diavolo, that is.” Your lips curve into a sympathetic frown. 
He gives a sigh, looking much more exhausted. He’s so beautiful. They say the subconscious can’t make new faces, so it pulls faces from people you’ve already seen before. You wonder where you’ve seen this man before. 
“I wouldn’t necessarily call it that,” He says, “He means well, he truly does, but he’s too impulsive. Always wandering to the next thing too quickly.” 
You try to imagine it. Lucifer surrounded by stacks of papers, each with dangerously close deadlines. 
“I’m guessing that’s why he chose you then,” You say thoughtfully, “He trusts you to keep him focused. You’re his partner.” 
“Partner,” He breathes, like he thinks he’s undeserving of even uttering the word. 
“And,” You add in a much more joking tone, “He gives you a warm up before you have to deal with your brothers.” 
That gets a laugh out of him. It’s short, but genuine. 
“Speaking of, what have they done recently?” You ask, “Anything exciting?” 
“Not one day passes without our home being torn apart by their shenanigans,” He says, more out of defeat than anything else, “Though, lately, they’ve been much...quieter. It’s a bit unnerving.” 
Diavolo, his brothers, you know more about Lucifer than people who you’ve known for years. He’s so transparent with his issues, bringing them forth even when you don’t have a clear answer. Most times, however, you don’t think he’s looking for a solution. Je just wants someone to just sit and listen to him vent. As always, you’re more than happy to comply. It wasn’t like there was much else to do in this world. 
“I might just string Mammon up on the ceiling. Just as a precaution.” 
You laugh at that, “You know, sometimes, I feel like you enjoy torturing your brothers, especially Mammon.” 
“Was it too obvious?” He asks, and you laugh again. 
“It’s a little admirable, though. The lengths you’d go to in order to protect your brothers. You really love them, hm?” 
He hesitates, turning his head away in a rare display of embarrassment. 
“I...I have no choice but to care for them,” He sighs, “Despite the centuries they’ve lived, they still act like children, creating a ruckus all over Devildom.” 
You hum. The silence between you two grows, as you ponder over what Lucifer said. It feels nice. Good. It’s probably why you slip a little, say something you should have hid from Lucifer. A truth. 
“I think I’d like to meet them one day.” 
He doesn’t respond. Not immediately. You hear the rustle of heavy clothes as he shifts.  
“Meet them? Am I not enough?” 
It’s phrased as a joke, and you think he wants you to believe its one too. You almost smile, but the words are too harsh, a thin veil that’s covering something festering. 
“No, of course not,” You quickly say, “I just...well, you talk about them a lot. It’s not a crime to be at least a little curious, right?” 
“It’s not,” He replies, reeling himself back in, “It’s not, but, my brothers...they aren’t harmless. They’re demons, monstrous. A little human like you wouldn’t fare well with them.” 
“Yes, but-” 
“You’re helpless against them. They’ll use you as a toy. They’ll break you, treat you as something they own. When they don’t.” He’s hissing, low and sharp. Gloved fingers dig into the armrest, close to splintering them. 
You don’t know what to say, you don’t know how to even respond. It’s not the first time Lucifer’s lashed out, but he’s never been so vindictive, possessive. 
As if even the thought of you interacting with another being is infuriating. 
“It’s getting late,” You finally say, “I should probably get going.” 
Despite it never spoken, you know he’s aware of your words being a code, what you always speak whenever you wanted to get to your own world. Pouting is normal, as well as small bribes to make you stay. You don’t expect him to shift forward, putting his weight into his elbows. The smile on his face is back, but it’s colder. Crueler. 
“Oh? But you just got here. I can’t have you leaving so soon.” 
You watch him cross his legs, and suddenly the air feels heavy, like it’s pushing you to stay seated. Your fingers, grip the sides of your seat, trying to move but finding no strength. The aura suddenly changed, the once peaceful meadow was still bright, still airy, but it felt like a cage, trapping you with something inhuman. For the first time since you’ve had these dreams, your sense of control has vanished. 
Like it was never in your hands to begin with. 
You shake the thoughts away, finally managing to regain control of your racing mind. 
“I understand. But I need to go now.” 
The world begins to tilt.
“I’m glad you’re here,” He says, leaning back, “You’ve always been so easy to talk to. I think that’s why I’ve grown so attached to you.” 
Your face feels so heavy, your eyes are struggling to open. Everything suddenly seemed much....darker. 
Your voice sounds so far away, like you’re underwater. You’re trying to blink away the sudden fog in your head. 
“I think I...want to keep you.” 
What? You’re dizzy and his last words float away as you try your best to keep your balance. He’s there right beside you, catching your face in his hands. You dazingly look into his eyes. Red. He looks different. You can’t focus on anything right now, but there’s something floating behind him. Feathers. Black. 
His lips are soft, just barely brushing your cheek. You feel him smile. 
“May I come in?” 
Your mouth begins to open-
You wake up drenched in sweat. Your sheets have twisted, turning to resemble snakes, restraining your body. You’re quick to kick them off, finally managing to sit up. Your breathing is heavy, labored, like you can’t believe you’re still alive. 
It takes a moment for your heart to stop racing, a second for you to realize you’re no longer in that too-perfect meadow. When you finally get your bearings, you’re laughing, more out of relief than any real mirth. 
Your room is still dark, but the shadows are waning, washing away with the dawn slowly creeping through your window. You’re half-tempted to yank the shutters open, just so the darkness can burn away even faster. 
But you don’t, you barely even feel like you can move. The fear is still there, still thumping away in your heart. You put a hand on your chest, feeling it beat faster and faster. 
“It was just a nightmare,” Your voice is quiet, like you’re too scared someone will hear, someone might prove you wrong, “Just a nightmare.” 
May I come in, he had asked. 
You gave an answer. 
You just can’t remember what you said.
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yanokami · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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anewformoflove · 22 hours ago
wtf, wdym thats not flirting i just described how i want to eat them and lock them in my basement
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jackplushie · 2 days ago
Does that make idia the ultimate robot in automation au? Does he still build ortho and is a self improving robot?
Skynet type of thing but like, no world domina–
*flashbacks from chapter 6*
no, wait a minute
(Ultimate yandere in this au)
–The creator plush anon
Ultimate yandere lesgo it’s his time now-
These are all my own thoughts, and you’re free to come up with other characterisations for idia~
Idia’s a… interesting case if I have to say so myself. I like to think he’s a cyborg, a inventor driven to madness trying to overcome his mortality, replacing his body with metal and wires. Ortho was a creation of his, and he’s most faithful companion.
Idia’s mind is still wholly human, much to his chagrin. He truly feels that if Artifical intelligence took over, the world would be a much more peaceful place. If everyone only operated how they were commanded to, wouldn’t that make the world a better place?
Mc in this case may be a human who discovered Idia’s… lab, for the lack of a better word. Maybe strike up a friendship with the inventor, showing him the… warmth human company can provide…
Would you blame him if he grows a certain fondness for you?
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yandere-daydreams · a day ago
you know how nearly every animal is cute as a baby? well, i can imagine an unsuspecting person, probably far too young to understand how this supposedly cute defenseless animal will grow into a terrifying and dangerous monster in the span of a few more years. perhaps they save it from another person who’s hunting its species to control their population — with little regard to how one action, is going to fuck them completely over just as soon as the “cute” monster no longer grows as cute
tw - mentions of death/mutilation, implied stalking, obsessive behavior, and animal death.
well, they aren't really a pet, more like... a companion who just so happens to have some extra-sharp teeth, and claws, and eyes, when they hear a loud noise or you manage to catch them off-guard and their pupils narrow into those tiny black slits. when you were younger, you used to feed them, sneak cuts of meat and bowls of fresh water out to their den, but you're older, now, and so are they, and they've already done more than enough to repay you for what little kindness you could afford to show them. you find bloody rabbits on your doorstep every morning, a bundle of mangled wild flowers every afternoon, and at night, if you're lucky, they'll stop by for dinner before they start their nightly hunt, stay long enough to spare a few words about their day and their plans and, if the weather's poor and they can't set off as soon as they like you, sit by the hearth and help you drain a bottle of something strong and sharp before carrying you to bed when you inevitably pass out, your head in their lap and their pointed nails raking through your hair. it's easy to relax, around them. you know they'd never hurt you, if they even could.
that's why you worry so much when the bodies start turning up, nearly shred to ribbons, left on the outskirts of your little village. it's rare, infrequent, the corpses only turning up every few months or so, and you can't really bring yourself to believe it's anything more than a particularly brutal string of wolf attacks, but you know how harmless they are, how isolated their den is, and you can't help but ask if they've been acting with care, but urge them to spend the night in your cottage rather than those cold, dark woods. they were just so frail as a child, unable to hunt on their own or sink their teeth into anything more aggressive than a stray salamander, and even if they've grown taller, even if you will admit that they might be a little stronger than you, you don't want to leave them out there all alone - especially as the attacks start occurring more frequently, as the bodies begin to turn up dismembered and disemboweled rather than simply bruised and beaten, as you start to see faces you recognize among the dead. they're reluctant, quick to express their doubts and warn you that they don't tend to be as docile after sunset. still, you insist. they're your friend, after all, and you've been taking care of them for as long as you can remember.
besides, they couldn't even hurt a fly, right?
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pinksandss · 2 days ago
A continuation sneak peek of my yan!Ayato x gn!reader fic. I swear I’m writing on things I’m just in the process of moving it’s a nightmare lol ;_;
(My liege is used as a gn term for reader as opposed to Thoma’s natural vernacular of “my lady or my lord.”)
“My Lord requests your presence at the estate. I had orders to bring you an extension of his invitation.”
Mouth full of takoyaki, your hands hovering in midair, mid-reach for the plate as your eyes widened comically at the infamous Ritou fixer before you.
“Um, my liege? Are you okay?” He asked hesitantly. Like an idiot, you continued to stare before breaking your gaze and quickly trying to chomp the remaining food down your windpipe.
Along with your dignity, you presumed.
“Such an attractive little thing,” the Commissioner cooed, forgoing all formality and personal space and tracing your chin between his fingers. As much as you were touch-starved, you didn’t really want to deal with a potential political disaster from his display of affection.
“I—er—uh,” you stutter, face matching the pink hydrangeas of the estate, gaze quickly darting to see if anyone had the pleasure - or misfortune - of seeing Lord Ayato caress you like a cute kitten. “This is hardly appropriate, sir—“ you manage out once your voice returned to you. But, oh, no. The blue-haired man couldn’t possibly give you such respect when you were finally before him looking at him so adorably.
He shushed you quietly, placing his gloved finger over your lips as his eyes held a very odd glint to their natural purple hue. “I assure you that no person is around to disturb us,” he assured, gazing at you with a weird sense of - something, “after all, I value my scarce free time greatly. And, naturally, I value your time as well, [Name].”
Warning bells went off at full force in your body, Vision thrumming in tandem to your rapid heartbeat. It was in your plans to deliver a message, not be cornered by the Yashiro Commissioner himself. Not to mention his strangely lovesick gaze, hovering over you like a predator. Ugh.
What a day.
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twistedyanposts · 2 days ago
I'm an enabler, so let's say that in the yan self-aware verse, the characters aren't aware of how their chapter ends.
Which means the moment you're popped in there instead of Yuu, Riddle establishes a new Heartslabyl cast rule: The player is not to be left on their own.
Whether they know they were designed to be your first dorm dealt with or not doesn't matter to them in the slightest. If they don't know, then they believe that you chose them! If they do, then whatever highest power there is in the world picked them to watch over you! Either way, it was meant to be!
The regular NPCs of the world don't see you as who you really are. To them, there's no difference between you and Yuu. Tragic, really. But it helps them keep your existence in their world under the radar.
Ace and Deuce are the only ones in your class, and after that you get passed off to either Cater or Trey for club time. Trey knows they couldn't hide you from Rook if they tried, and Cater has a feeling Lilia already knows...meanwhile, Kalim is pretty oblivious. You aren't meant to know him yet, so while he feels something is off about you, something that makes him so much happier whenever Cater brings you to their club meetings, he can't quite put his finger on it.
When Ruggie is supposed to use his Unique Magic to steal Grim's sandwich, he ends up distracted and going back empty-handed. Not that Leona's too upset, because the news he carries with him is so much more interesting.
Plans have changed a little bit. The Magift tournament is tossed out the window, due to a much more appealing prize. The NPCs of Savanaclaw are pretty confused as to why they're specifically targeting members of Heartslabyl now, but to hell with it. Boss' orders, right?
In fact, Magift is supposed to be a no-holds barred game, ain't it? Well, now they've got a bone to pick with a specific dorm. Why not cripple them in advance, and prepare themselves for the hunt?
Ruggie is more than happy with the change of plan. Or at least, he is eventually. Because the more time he spends stalking after their newest prey, the oblivious first years you're always hanging around with, the more time he spends in your presence. Even if it is further away than he'd like...
Maybe it's because they drew power from you behind the screen before your appearance in this world, but for the folks who know who you really are, you're like a beacon of energy. For the hyena who's been starved for just about everything his whole life, living off of scraps, having you in front of him is a buffet that replenishes itself faster than he can eat it. His heart has never felt so full!
Jack was never on board with his dorm leader's original plan, no matter how much respect he used to have for him. As for the new one...it's a bit more complicated.
Sure, he resents Heartslabyl for keeping you away from the rest of them. What the hell! They didn't honestly think they could keep it up forever, did they? And it wasn't fair, either! It wasn't like they were the only people who had your attention. Main Story or no Main Story, you gave yourself to more than just their dorm, so to keep you all to themselves was just...agggh!
On the other hand, you had chosen on your own not to go to the other dorms, either...not that that was a bad choice. The other dorms weren't exactly full of trustworthy people. His own included. The path Leona is trying to lead them down has got to be the wrong choice. If you thought they were the best option, you would have gone with them! Riddle was able to see the error of his ways before...but so can Jack! So he'll prove to you that he can be trusted on his own, without the rest of his dorm! Then he can also protect you!
Last but certainly not least, Leona. He's less subtle once their goals have changed. Let Riddle show up, so long as he brings you with him. Hell, he'll take on the whole dorm at once as long as you're the honored guest. After the stunt they pulled, they deserve to all be turned to sand.
Something in the air had been off for a while, not quite putting him on edge, but more than enough to grab his attention. It was honestly kind of irritating, the way it kept him from being able to drift off like usual.
Looking back on it, he should've gotten off his ass and went looking for the source. Would've saved him a lot of trouble. At least now he gets to kill two birds with one stone. He won't make the same mistake those pesky herbivores did.
Once he's put them in their place, you won't be leaving. Ever.
After all, it's hard to be second place when you're the only one competing.
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