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♚ ♛ Yandere GENSHIN IMPACT choosing wedding dress for their darling ♛♚



It’s easy to take off I mean it’s playful just like him a high leg split is the perfect wedding dress for childe’s darling giving it a classy and elegant look. Off shoulder will show your  gorgeous beauty bone also beautiful legs.

Location :- Bleach



The mermaid wedding dress shape is  flirtatious silhouettes, since it’s extremely fitted throughout the bust, waist, and hips—almost like shapewear. This attention - grabbing silhouette flares out at the knees adding wow factor giving you a red carpet-ready look. 

Location :- Yachts and Boats



Cape that falls allover embellished styles to elegant floor-length silhouettes from your shoulders, capes share the stylish and romantic qualities of a veil, giving you a Queen like effect.

Location :- Coastline Luxurious hotel that he owns 



Laced neckline dips into a “V” shape in the front and is usually paired with long thin straps creating a narrow waist, and they’re also one of the most elegant dresses that gives you a timeless wedding dress look. Enchanting and comfortable for the darling, as the net floating down your form will give you a dreamy look.

Location :- Historical places



Pearls are the ultimate classic and feminine detail. They are a subtle yet beautiful embellishment that evokes a sense of romanticism and are the perfect vintage detail to include in the wedding dress. Pearl-encrusted bodice detail is sure to be a stunning addition to the gown.

Location :- Country side

Pictures, idea and characters are not mine only the content is.

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Psychological horror movie but the main character is just used to this bc they have mental illness and just think it’s their hallucinations

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Another day waking up without my beloved besides me

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yandere oneshots - startrbl - 原神 | Genshin Impact (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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I just want you to stalk me lovingly, is that too much to ask?

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Yandere jasper x human reader

Title: mistress

Run. Run. You had to keep running. You had spent months pretending. Earning that crazy quartz’s trust locked up in her cave say she loved you and how she’s gonna make you into her perfect little pet. The last time you had seen a human was when Steven came to visit her and you had lost track of how long ago that was. Wait… light you could see the light of beach city sparkling through the trees. You sped up adrenaline pumping through your vines running faster than you ever had before a grin forming on your face. You were almost there. YOU WERE ALMOS- SNAP. You went tumbling to the forest floor scraping your arms as you fell. And then it hit you a searing pain unlike anything you had felt before. Quickly you clasped your had over your mouth silencing you scream and muffling your sobs you couldn’t let her hear you. You just had to crawl to beach city now you couldn’t give up now you were so clos- I don’t know much about how you work but I’m pretty sure your legs supposed to bend that way. You froze a gruff voice cutting your thoughts short. You know she said when I started putting these “bear traps” out hear I didn’t think I’d need to put them out this far but then I thought nahhh better safe then sorry. No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO months of planning playing along and pretending down the crapper. Come on now runt. You felt a large hand grab you by the hair lifting you up and dragging you along the forest floor only adding on to the pain in your leg. Please jasp- she suddenly stopped turning around and pulling you up so your eyes could meet her amber irises burning into your soul. I told you not to call me that she growled. I’m sorr *hic* I’m sorry mistress please I need to go to a hospital my leg it *hic* it’s gonna get infected. Jasper for once in the months she had held you captive she looked concerned her eyes scanning your leg the bear trap still attached to it. Before her grin returned and she summoned her helmet before saying don’t worry I know the perfect medicine before banging you in the head knocking you out cold

You woke groggy with a stinging pain in your four head. Runt dont worry I’ve got everything under control. M-mistress what’s going on why can’t I feel my- don’t worry your leg was gonna get infected so I just tore the thing off and cooked the stump besides she said chuckling I don’t really see you needing legs now that you have me


Authors notes: this felt incomplete soooooo send a ask if you want a part two

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I know you are so sad

You feel so alone, unseen

But it’s okay, my dear

You’re not alone

I see you, I hear you

I love you

I’ll always be here,

Waiting for you to see me

And when you do

I’ll take you in with open arms

No matter how long it takes

And then we’ll never be sad again

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Platonic! Yandere! Doflamingo X Daughter! Reader

I’m going to do it as a headcanon because I thought it would match more with what you asked for, I hope you like it.

  • Doflamingo loves his daughter too much, with all his strength for sure! But now he is furious and disappointed in her.
  • He is so enraged, but it is not totally with her, his anger is distributed, his mother, the people who should be watching you, the people who saw you go away and did nothing, you and him (Strange as it is appear).
  • He feels anger bubbling up in him, and he is likely to take his anger out on the first person he sees.
  • I’m not sure if he could ask for a reward for you, but if so, it will be the first thing he will do.
  • When Doflamingo hears you join the pack of straw hats, god …
  • They are screwed.
  • He thinks you ran away with their help, and now he wants to give them a slow and painful death, in fact he wants to make their lives hell.
  • He will hunt you down to hell if necessary, you are his precious daughter, your baby flamingo.
  • He’s just a father trying to protect his daughter, even if it means killing his supposed friends and keeping you isolated from society until you learn your lesson.
  • Doflamingo loves his baby flamingo, his little puppy, even if he is disobedient and makes his dear father very angry.
  • Good luck to you and the straw hat pack.

Sorry, I ended up posting in my original language, even though I posted it right, maybe it was an error, I’m sorry for that.

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Okay so three people have asked for Sapnap NSFW alphabet so I’ll get his done first since he’s in such high demand lol which is great for me since he is my favorite.

Notes/warnings: Gender Neutral, Smut

Sapnap NSFW Alphabet


Originally posted by grogunotfound

A= Aftercare (what they’re like after the act)

Sapnap is the type that no matter how rough or dominant they are during the act, right after he switches completely. He’ll ask how you feel while cleaning you up and ask if you need anything. He’ll probably slide one of his shirts on you just cause you look adorable in them before pulling you on top of him and wrapping his arms around you.

B= Body part (favorite body part their own or their lovers)

His- If he were to choose what his own favorite body part is, it’d probably be his arms. He can just scoop you up so easily in them and hold you so close especially since he can wrap them around you while you ride him.

Yours- Your ass. He is very much of an ass guy, he enjoys laying his head on it and even giving it a teasing slap or pinch very often.

C= Cum (anything that has to do with it)

He doesn’t care much for the bodily fluid unless it comes from you, then he craves the taste of you. But other than that he doesnt really want much to do with it.

D= Dirty secret (Pretty self explanatory)

He loves the thrill of the thought of being caught in the act. It’d take a while for him to bring this up to you but he’d love it if you went under his desk while he was streaming and gave him some attention while his viewers and friends had no idea…but they could probably get some clues with the face cam on.

E= Experience (do they know what they’re doing)

When you two first started dating he didnt have much experience but he did know the basics and he quickly learned since being with you.

F= Favorite position

His favorite position has to be when you’re on top and riding his cock. Though he’d still be dominant by grabbing your hips and thrusting upwards into you over and over again.

G= Goofy (how serious are they)

He is a goofball so he’d make a few jokes when the time is right, besides it’s good to laugh while you two are having a good time.

H= Hair (grooming habits)

He tries to keep himself well trimmed for you if you prefer that way but at times he just forgets about it which would probably lead to you reminding him several times.

I= Intimacy (in the moment romantic or rough/dirty)

He is more on the rough side because the thought of you not being able to walk the next day is just thrilling to him. But he does like being romantic and gentle when it comes to after a cuddle session or waking up in the morning. He loves morning sex.

J= Jack off (do they masturbate and how often)

Since being with you he doesn’t do it often any more, but whenever you two are apart best believe he’d love it if you sent a picture or two to help him get going.

K= Kink (kinks what they like possibly unusual)

Exhibitionism, as stated earlier he loves the thrill of being caught.

Restraints, at times he does enjoy restraining you just so you can’t do anything except melt into the pleasure he gives you.

L= Location (where they like to get it on)

The location literally doesn’t matter to him. In the kitchen, car, restaurant, etc. He can be pretty sneaky so you’d be fine in a public place but overall if you’re in the mood, so is he no matter where you are.

M= Motivation (things that makes them tick/turn ons)

When you rub against him or even just press yourself against him in the slightest, expect a horny Sapnap.

N= No (turnoffs or absolutely won’t do)

Anything that involves hurting you. He doesn’t enjoy the thought of you being in pain and as a matter of fact he’d try to prevent it as much as he could. But if you have a choking kink, he might let it slide.

O= Oral (receiving or giving and how skillful they are)

Loves it receiving and giving. He basically expects it in the foreplay. And this man is very skillful when it comes to giving, he can have your legs shaking and wrapping around his head in a matter of seconds.

P= Pace (how fast they are and how long they last in bed)

He tries to make the act not end quickly since he does enjoy taking his time with you. As for how long he can last, well not as long as you honestly but he sure as he try.

Q= Quickie (do they prefer fast and hard)

If the scenario were that the two of you were wanting a quickie cause you were in public then yeah he’d be fast. But no matter the scenario other than romantic ones he is very much hard and rough with his thrusts.

R= Risk (do they like to try new things)

He does like to try new things, often he would find things that interest him and bring them up to you for you two to experiment.

S= Stamina (how many times they can go and how long each round lasts)

He can go up to about five rounds max and each round can last from about ten minutes to an hour. It really depends on what he has planned for you.

T= Toys (are they game for using sex toys on themselves or lovers)

He isn’t a huge fan of toys unless it’s the occasional vibrator for you. He does enjoy using it at random times when you two are out and about and just surprising you. It gives him a sense of power.

U= Unfair (how do they tease or do they enjoy suspense themselves)

He is the biggest tease. He will have the biggest smirk on his face while he just edges you over and over again or just randomly pressing that vibrate button then acting like he did nothing.

V= Volume (are they loud, what sounds, and do they talk)

He is pretty vocal but tries to not be too loud. He does enjoy using dirty talk to help cover up some moans that may slip out while doing the act.

W= Wild card (random sincannon of any sort)

He always kisses you while you cum since he does want you to know that even after he might have been a little rough with you or even just doing the act in general he loves you for you and even would say countless things he loved about you.

X= X-ray (what’s down below in dem pants)

He’s a bit above average being about 6 ½ -7 inches.

Y= Yearning (sexdrive level)

He isn’t always horny but he is always horny. Does that make sense? He just is always down to do the dirty if you are.

Z= Zzzz (do they sleep after if so how quickly after)

He will not fall asleep until you do since he wants to make sure that all your needs have been taken care of.

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pairing: namjoon x reader (f)

warnings: kidnapped, yandere, mention of physical hurting.


It was another Saturday night, another movie night with Namjoon. Much to your uncomfort, your legs were on top of Namjoon’s, the heavy metal around your ankles bruising your skin. You tried hard to focus on the romance movie, ignoring Namjoon’s longing stare and his touches on your thighs.

You wanted to stop him, push his hand away, ask him to stop staring at you, but you knew what would happen. He wouldn’t hesitate to force himself onto you, he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you. Because in the end, all he needed was your obedience, so might as well obey him without him having to hurt you.

You paid attention to the movie, your favourite actor appearing as the supporting role. He was handsome and a dream man of every teen girl.

Namjoon noticed the small smile tugging on your lips. You’ve never smiled for him. So how could you even smile for someone who doesn’t even know your existence, and not for someone who loves you?

Namjoon was angry, mad. Grabbing your chin, he harshly turns your face towards his direction. “You’ve never smiled for me before, princess.” He growled, glaring right into your eyes. “But you know..” His smile returns as he rests his forehead against yours. “..he doesn’t know your existence, he doesn’t know you like I do.” Namjoon pressed a featherly kiss onto your lips.

“But seriously, you’re mine. This-” He takes your hand, pressing his lips on each and every one of your fingers. “-is mine so don’t you dare think of someone else and smile.”

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Yandere England x reader

England: hello darling, I see you are finally reading decent literature!:)

yn: yeah! Shakespeare is so interesting! It has so many dick jokes!:D

England: well I’m glad you enjoy it so much!:)


England: wait-

England, realizing that his favorite piece of literature has dick jokes in it: *collapses to the ground on one knee in dispair, with unwavering agony on his face, sobs uncontrollably into his hands

yn: *continues reading, unknown of the damage they have caused upon Englands sanity

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Yandere poly!Aged Up Damian Wayne and Jon Kent (romantic)

  • At first Damian and Jon see having the same obsession as another way to one up each other and prove who is really the best. They each want you for themself and they’ll play dirty to make that happen. You’ll have two very determined men on your heels vying for nothing but your attention and affection.
  • But it won’t take either Damian or Jon long to realize when it comes to you; two is better than one. You’ll get double the everything; double the love, double the protection, double the devotion and especially double the obsession. They’ll give you their all, everything they think you deserve and you deserve more than the world has to offer.
  • Both of them are very loving and utterly adore you. They’re nothing but devoted to you and only you. They’re both very obsessive and highly delusional. You’re they’re everything and that’s all that matters. You’re all that matters.
  • Jon is much more openly and publicly clingy compared to Damian. While Damian prefers to give you his everything behind closed doors. Now that doesn’t mean he isn’t loving and accommodating in public but Jon is the one who is mostly all over you. More times than not Damian has to pull him off of you and scold him.
  • They love to spoil you. Jon usually gives you hand made gifts while Damian will usually spend as much as possible to give something, after al you deserve the best. Sometimes though, Damain will make you something; handcrafted and made with love and the thought of you and your smiling face in mind. Jon will also save up all his money for whenever he finds something just right for you. They both live for the look on your face when you open their gifts but nothing compares to when you wear them, showing them off to the world.
  • They both are extremely protective of their obsession, their love, their life. They fuel each other’s mistrust and hate towards people they believe are out to harm or take away their darling. Even though they still have a rivalry between each other, it’s nothing that could tear the three of you apart. They’ll put all their effort and time that they used against each other in the beginning to whoever they see as a threat against their darling and their relationship.
  • Damian and Jon are both quick to rile up when in regards to you. They don’t take any kind of tak about you lightly, no matter who the one talking about you is. They’re both quick to defend when anything negative is brought up about. Whether you have actually been or done anything wrong, Damian and Jon don’t care. You’re their angel, their anchor. You can do no wrong in their eyes.
  • They can also be pretty possessive. Damian and Jon always have either an arm of hand on you at all times. Not to mention one of them is with you at all times. They’ll never leave your side for very long and they always have you in their sights; whether you’re actually in their line of view or they’re keeping an eye on you with the hidden cameras in your home. The only time your ever really alone is when they’re on patrol but even then you have all of Damian’s animals to keep you company or even Krypto.
  • They will both eventually want to start a family with their darling, as soon as possible. In all their fantasies; individual and together, they’ve dreamed of having a family with you and they’ll ensure it by any means. Soon enough they’ll get just what they want and you’ll all be one happy family, together. Not to mention having a family would keep you tied to them and it would only prove your love for each other. At least that’s what Jon and Damian think.
  • You’ll be completely smothered in comfort, love and affection. Not to mention the cuddles that come with the both of them. Everything they do is for you and that’s what drives them in their obsession. Damian and Jon are both determined and when they put their minds to something they get it done. They may not have gotten along in the beginning, hell they nearly killed each other, but in the end all that matters is you and nothing will come between them and their darling. Ever.
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