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putainsoif · 9 minutes ago
my mahito drabble is done! making the last final touches then it’ll be posted:)
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yanderes-galore · 19 minutes ago
Heya there! Here to ask for a TF2 yandere, I was mesmerized with how you wrote Pyro.
If Sniper ever kidnapped his lover, would he let her escape, just for the primal thrill of hunting her down and capturing her again? It would also give him an excuse to get rougher and dole out punishments.
Tumblr media
Definitely! I personally think Sniper loves the thrill of the hunt when it comes to you. Stalking you as he watches your every move before finally pouncing on you. Then it's back on the road with him again, unless he decides to let you out again.
But we all know how that would end.
Tumblr media
Yandere! Mr. Mundy (Sniper) Scenario
Summary: Sniper lets you go one day, and you make it for a solid three days before you are yet again pulled into his grasp. Sniper loves the hunt, it's entertaining for him to see your hope dwindle.
Possible Trigger Warnings:
Tumblr media
"I've thought about my actions and I've decided to let you go." You remember hearing Mundy say before dropping you off from the camper. It felt so fake, yet after two days you felt he foolishly believed meant it.
It was nice to be out of the camper, you had to get used to being on the road ever since Mundy took you in. For the longest time you had given up struggling, which made you wonder if he got bored of you and let you go.
The camper was stuffy and it felt nice having fresh air now. You didn't miss the man in the slightest. It was so nice to be out, but this freedom felt fake.
It felt as if it was all a ruse, that he had his eyes on you still and was waiting to take you back. Like he wanted to give you a taste of freedom, then brutally rip it away.
You tried to push these fears deep into the back of your mind, wanting to believe you didn't have to see Mundy ever again. They wouldn't let up in the end.
For three whole days you lived a decent life. A life similar to your old one, a taste of the normalcy you once had. You cherished those three days, and wished they could last forever.
Walking back to the hotel room you were staying in, you heard a familiar voice. A voice that made you drop your bags and cower. You'd rather die than hear that voice again.
"Oi, Doll! Did ya miss me?" He cooes, and you know it's Mundy. You didn't want to accept it, but you know it's him. The thought of being dragged back into the camper made you want to bawl, it made you feel pathetic.
You couldn't contain the small strangled 'No...' that falls from your lips as Mundy comes closer. A smug smirk is on his face as he crosses his arms.
"Fun game, eh? I thought we both needed something new. However, it's time to go back home now."
You quickly shake your head and back off, you'd do anything to not go back with him. Sniper cocks a brow at your hesitance, chuckling.
"Now you don't wanna go back? Doll, We played our game, it's time to go home, now" Mundy growls.
Despite his blatant threat you took your chances. You wanted more freedom even if you had to fight for it. No more camper, no more awkward and perverse touches, no more Mundy.
Your foot connects with the ground and you're off. A quick sprint makes you slightly faster than Mundy as you start the chase. A chuckle comes from Mundy as he hunts you down.
It seems the game had only just begun.
Tumblr media
Author's Final Thoughts: My HC is that Sniper just keeps you and him in a camper as he does his usual job. I also think he might let you out only to hunt you down again several times as a demented game of his.
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melancholysmelancholyyyy · 20 minutes ago
I'm so obsessed and attached right now,,,, , My thoughts ab that are soso strong right now even though I have nobody to feel that way for right now!!!!!! I'm still obsessed with my... .. Ex, you could say, but since she's unattainable I NEED someone else too !!! I hope someone comes along too that loves in the same obsessive way that I do <3!! I KNOW someone will !!! I just need to be patient and someone will finally love me someday !!!!
I am a LITTLE impatient though since I don't wanna accidentally get wayyy too possessive over any of my friends I have rn,,
(Idk what else to put for the tags, sorry! <3)
Also big tw for my blog//
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allmightsprettyhousewife · 23 minutes ago
"Dance" + Erasermic x Reader
Authors note: Hello!! Thank you for taking the time to read this one-shot! It's the first I've ever posted on here, and I would LOVE some requests and some criticism! WARNINGS: Yandere behavior, Stockholm Syndrome, mentions kidnapping
They're dancing again .I can hear the music upstairs even though I was many rooms away. Now and again, if I was listening closely I could hear them whisper my name, maybe let out a small laugh, only shared between the two of them. Part of me wanted desperately to join, to let them give me the affection I had been denying for months: let them call me their princess, and kiss me until I was gasping for breath.
"Stop it," I said aloud, shaking my head.
The rational side of me caught up. It said no, to remember what monsters they were, remember that they took me from everything. Kept me in this house with no other human contact. Threw me in a dark room with nothing but a bucket; let me starve until I begged them saying I’ll be a good girl and listen.
A cold shiver rolled up my spine, remembering the pain of an empty stomach. Since then, I’ve been more docile but reserved. A hearty laugh broke me from my thoughts.
'What could be the harm in going down, they love to remind me that this is my "home." I thought, and swung my legs over the bed, feet touching the cold floor. I groaned and reached for the slippers that Hizashi picked out for me, plush and pink. I stood, grabbing the red silk robe. Adjusting it as I walked down the hallway, walking down the stairs, careful not to make any noise.
I swallowed, the music growing louder with every step that I took towards the kitchen. I peeked around the corner, peering into the kitchen.
The scene was beautifully domestic. Music playing softly through the Bluetooth speaker on the counter, dishes discarded on the counter to instead slow dance.
"You can come in, we won't bite, songbird!" Hizashi turned around with a large smile. I jumped back in shock but stepped in.
"How did you know I was there?" I asked, leaning up against the counter.
"I have good senses I guess, gotta have to when you're a pro hero." The loud blond reached over and pulled me closer. He pulled me in between the two of them, my front facing Hizashi.
For once their touch didn't feel like acid on my skin, it felt warm, welcoming. But I wasn't about to say that. Shouta gently stroked my waist, smiling over his two favorite people.
Hizashi tore his eyes away and gave Shouta a look that screamed, "She's in our arms and isn't running!" I laid my head down on Hizashis's chest, letting the soft movements of her two captors lull her into a place of some kind of peace.
"We love you so much, songbird, don't you ever worry about anything. Sho and I will always be around to protect our favorite girl."
"Always and forever," Shouta whispered softly, staring at both of us with hearts in their eyes.
For the first time in forever, I relaxed, I just let them hold me. Everything else can wait, right now, I just want to be held.
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maruzzewrites · 23 minutes ago
Melone for the MBTI
cw for yandere stuff
Melone is CAML.
You really don’t expect Melone to be so cruel, but he is first and foremost a scientist. It’s so deeply ingrained in his brain that he has mess with things in the name of science or curiosity, that you are just one more little experiment, even if it’s one filled with love.
He is tricky in the way he appears pretty devoted, but has little regards to your mental state. You will be healthy and cared for in a physical way, but you can kiss your sanity goodbye, for all he cares about that.
Melone knows he isn’t that good to you, he knows he does immoral things. He isn’t so stupid to think his way of being is nice, healthy or fit for relationships. He just doesn’t care.
There is something to gain on his side, he doesn’t necessarily care that you can get something out of this. Your fault to be linked to a criminal, he guesses, it’s not like he told you he was a saint.
Paired with his lucid cruelty, Melone is a snake of a yandere. He is so fragile, you would never think that this man can hurt you for real. And if he can, there are ways to overcome him, because he is skinny and not violent per se. He also appears so cheerful and uncaring of people as a whole, what can he do to you?
And that’s how he gets you. You won’t see a professional assassin in him, not when he doesn’t want you to see it. You probably know he isn’t a lawful citizen, but can you really believe this guy is in the hitman team of the most dangerous organization in Italy? Don’t think so.
Despite everything, he isn’t as harsh as he could be. Science requires him to be ready to observe new phenomena and face variables he didn’t foresee. He doesn’t care to restrict you more than just being sure you won’t leave for good.
You’re his little rat into the labyrinth. You can’t really escape, but it’s interesting seeing you try again and again.
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i-cant-sing · 25 minutes ago
I 100% believe that Lady Dimitrescu baby’s the reader a lot not as much as Rei but still a lot mostly bc you’re so tiny compared to her and your sisters, you’re weak and little compared to them!! She probably carries you around like a cat-
I knew tall vampire Lady was everyone's favourite, but I wouldn't have guessed tall vampire mommy was in demand too-👁👄👁 I like how you guys find comfort in characters that are like anything but that (then again my comfort characters are Enji and Dabi, so who am I to say lol)
I agree with you anon. Alcina definitely babies the reader around, to the point you're embarrassed- for them. You're cringing so hard at the patronising tone they use for you, how Lady D refers to herself third person and urges you to call her "mama" or "mom", maybe even "mommy". And the sisters, idk which ones got what personality, but I like to think that one of them is a crackhead, one of them is a scaredy cat and then one of them is the calm, level headed one, so a combination of all of them is fun to see. I know they unite together when your life is in danger, but I imagine the three of them often fighting to be your favourite sister. And sometimes when things begin to get violent, you don't need to worry about getting caught in the middle, since vampire mommy usually comes and picks you up, scolding the girls before taking you away from them; a punishment for the daughters for not being able to control themselves around you. They'll have to apologise to both you and Alcina before she let's them near you again.
"Carries you around like a cat" HAHAHAHAHAHA spot on! Since this is how I've seen most cats react to being carried around:
Y/n, hiding under the bed and her soul almost leaves her body when she feels a large, cold hand clasp around her ankle and drag her out: AHHHH-
Alcina: ah, there you are darling! Wait- *immediately picks up reader, who was scrambling away, from under her armpits* Now, what were you doing down there?
Y/n, trying to push herself away from her, legs wiggling around in the air, thrashing around in Alcina's arms: let go-
Alcina, pulling you closer to her chest and using one hand to pin both of yours to your stomach: hush now. It's dinner time, no need to be cranky.
Y/n, tears of frustration building up because she knows Daniella cooked something awful because these vampires really don't have any normal tastebuds: no-
Tumblr media
Hm, I may write some headcanons for yandere alcina and yandere ethan winters, platonics of course, if you all like the idea?
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mango-bango-bby · 36 minutes ago
If the baking prompt for your 2k event is still available, can I please request Osamu for that? Thank you!
♡ Cupcakes ♡
(A/N: Samu is ultimate husband material 😌😌 I hope you like this!!! Also I know my friend @yandere-blueberry really likes Osamu so I hope they like this too 😘😘)
Content Warning ⚠️: None
Prompt List ♡
Prompt: Osamu + Baking (Yan!Osamu x GN!Reader)
Tumblr media
“Baby, you know I can’t bake. I’m a cook, not a baker” Osamu said at first when you asked to bake with him. You really wanted to bake some cupcakes with him, but he said no.
However you kept asking, over and over. Osamu finally gave in when looking at your face, a pout on your lips and puppy dog eyes staring up at him. He was just a pushover for you.
Osamu agreed to make cupcakes with you, luckily he had already had all the ingredients. So you wanted to start baking right away. You happily hum, reaching up to get the flour. Only your not tall enough to get it.
“‘Samu, help” you whine, reaching up still trying to reach the flour. He only chuckles at you, cracking the eggs over the bowl. It’s amusing to him especially when you huff and whine his name again. You can’t even reach the top shelf you need him to help you.
Osamu finally gets the flour for you handing to you. “Thank you” you sarcastically say.  Using the measuring cup the scoop out the flour into the bowl of all the dry ingredients.
You loved baking however Osamu wouldn’t let you, mostly because he only knows how to cook and feared he’d burn down the apartment building.
You grab the mechanical mixer, grabbing the bowl of wet ingredients and pouring it into the dry ones. Osamu watches you smile as you mix, you just look so content. He absolutely loves seeing you so domestic. It’s a dream for him truly, he’s waited for the day he could see you like this.
Osamu walks behind you, letting his weight fall into your back as he hugs your waist with one arm and uses his other hand to help you with the mechanical mixer. “You’re mixing it wrong, sweets” Osamu calmly says, guiding your hand to mix the almost completely mixed batter.
“You liar, you just wanted to hold my hand” you point out, knowing the way your captors mind works. He always loves being physically close to you, whether that be holding you hand, hugging you, or kissing you.
“You caught me” Osamu chuckles, resting his head on your shoulder. You like when Osamu gives you love and affection. Of course, in the beginning you didn’t. But after a while you realized how much he really loves you.
“Hmm?” “I love you”
“I love you too, baby”
Thank you for reading, darling!!
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inumakilovemail · 42 minutes ago
Now I can't stop thinking about yuuta's child being an absolute sweetheart with him mom but is a menace to literally everyone else. And people are just so confused bc yuuta and his s/o are actually nice people so they just wonder where the child got that attitude from -❤
oh boy! that would make for a really good yandere like their child is an angel in the eyes of their mother, they can do no wrong, they're always kind and loving but to everyone else they're so mean and threatening.
it's also a trait i headcanon yandere yuuta to have so u know!
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jjk-villain-redemption-arc · 49 minutes ago
jujutsu brainrot is infecting me
tw: ooc shit, toxic relationship, kinda gore, cannibalism, unedited
yandere!gojo breaking your mind by using your own humility and shame against you, only to patch it all up by convincing you that it's okay, only he can love those parts that no likes
yandere!yuuta being a psycho and wanting to get caught by you while he breaks in your apartment to grab your clothes and stare at you and your rooms, trying to figure out which rooms to chain down, so you can only go out when he wants you to
yandere!megumi stripping away each particle of your confidence and eating it up, making you hungry for his approval enough to get you going up to him, hoping for some encouragement with innocent doe eyes, and god does he fucking love the attention his selfish, needy crush gives him
yandere!yuuji pinning you down by your chest hard enough to hear a prominent crack whenever you move, little do you know he's going crazy when you panic, your heartbeat pulses so quickly against his hands, it's a reminder of how you're alive with him, for him!
yandere!choso hating you so much, because you of all people shouldn't be making him feel something so human. that's why he's so obsessed with finding out what's so good about you, why he feels like he wants to crawl back to the womb when he's near you when you were nothing but a walking clump of flesh that was soon to be imprinted by his fingers.
yandere!nanami disguising the papers on you as "work" papers, even if he knew you weren't that dumb and could read the information about you it kept, but whatever, he'd just pinch you and say about how could someone so dumb be able to read? you read it wrong, now you should know this isn't a bedtime story just like the ones he reads to you.
yandere!sukuna in his true form, completely clueless about how humans court, so whenever he starts eating people, he wipes the blood off his mouth and laughs wildly at the reaction you had upon seeing the entrails laid on the platter, topped with a heart, his heart. well, more like one of his hearts, so why not eat it and become one with him?
yandere!inumaki making sure to smash his lips against yours, swallowing up your protests by saying a muffled "sleep", he had no other choice when you saw him repeating "die" to your coworker's already dead body, hunched over and the outline of his spine moving with his heavy breaths
yandere!getou having humans worship you, before slicing their bodies open and into ribbons, and coming up to you to say that these are his sacrifices for you, his god, before he leaves you alone to rejoice with your dinner.
yandere!noritoshi pulling your scalp and arms until they're hot with scratches and making you address him by kamo-sama, he just can't get enough of how it gives him such a power trip as the clanhead, making it much worse when you said it to him with puffy crying eyes.
yandere!toji licking your blood, grabbing your throat and pushing his tongue at the blood that pooled around your forehead when he mashed it into the wall during a spar where he had gotten a bit carried away. the metallic pang reminds him of his own blood and it only works to fuel him more about being together with you, reigning victorious after a fight.
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mxnbluesandsoop · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❛𝖩𝗎𝗇𝗀𝗄𝗈𝗈𝗄 𝗂𝗌 𝗯𝗲𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗳𝘂𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝖻𝖾𝖺𝗎𝗍𝗂𝖿𝗎𝗅♥︎.❜
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animeskies · 58 minutes ago
Hello! I read perspective recently and I've been into it for a while now. I'm also new to the mha anime. And... im also dumb.
Can you explain what was the twist in the recent chapter? Sorry for asking. I am really new. Also dumb.
The reader seems really stressed. I hope she gets well soon. Why did you make the reader a bit emotional stressed and pressured? Is there any reason for that?
join the q&a for perspective
Hey anon, thank you for sticking around to read the rest of my series! 🙂 I’m gonna tag @vemuabhi from my taglist because I don’t believe she understood the plot twist either. 
Can you explain what was the twist in the recent chapter?
To be fair, I don’t believe anyone noticed the twist in Chapter 5 otherwise I’m pretty sure someone else would have asked a question about it by now lol. 
Anyways, I’m gonna quote a sentence from this chapter to explain the twist. 
“Yes. If I were to be completely honest, it’s almost like his quirk is brainwashing.”
Can you see how I bolded and italicised the almost part? This is a hint that Shinsou’s quirk isn’t brainwashing!!!! What does this mean? It’s mean that Shinsou’s quirk will be different from the anime/manga for Perspective. 🤯
The simple answer is that I’m changing Shinsou’s quirk for the plot because I can LOL. 
The reader seems really stressed. I hope she gets well soon. Why did you make the reader a bit emotional stressed and pressured? Is there any reason for that?
Yes, your guess is correct because there is a purpose for this development. The purpose will be reveal in the upcoming chapters. 
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itsjackywrites · an hour ago
Incorrect hxh
Ft y/n
Chrollo: what are you up to?
Y/n: none of your business Chrollo.
Y/n: talking myself up. i'm going on a big mission with the boyz
*3 hours later*
Paku, on the phone with Chrollo: yeah y/n lost an arm.
Y/n, moving around while machi is trying to sew the arm back on: Y'ALL LOOK NO HANDS.
Y/n: What do you think Killua?
Killua, not paying attention: uuuhhhh.
Killua: I agree with Gon.
Y/n: Killua...
Y/n: Killua, Gon isn't even here.
Leorio: man i fucking hate tonpa.
Kurapika: Leorio language, y/n is here.
Leorio: Oh yeah my bad.
Leorio: Man i fucking hate *covers y/n's ears* tonpa.
Illumi: okay first of all, you weren't allowed to have friends. Second, couldn't you really have chosen a better one.
Killua: i ask myself that same question everyday.
Y/n, doing just dance in the middle of the zoldyck mansion: HE WAS BIG AND STRONG IN HIS EYES A FLAMING GLOW.
Bisky: I only had y/n for a day, but if anything happens to them, i would kill everyone in this room and then myself.
Shalnark: you can't get everyone to like you. You're not y/n.
Machi: Not everyone likes y/n-
Shalnark: Who?
Machi: Well just not everyone lik-
Shalnark: i heard you. I need names right now.
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your-yandere-kiss · an hour ago
Just realized that I NEVER posted my All Hallows Eve event stuff on my Quotev (opps) so I’ll be posting all of it! I’ll be making a separate book for it, so check it out if you’re interested!
I want to do a yandere event this year as well...All Hallows Eve part two? Or should I do something new?
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captain-simpington · an hour ago
Misfortune 3
Okay, it's time to feed y'all I've got a longish chapter for you guys.
also, tell me if you want me to make some more side stories since im quite bored and would like to know if that would interest you guys.  Also, dip into my inbox im a little lonely you know we can talk about anything if you want :). okay, enough stalling here's your chapter. (TW: blood) 
All y/n knew is that she was running. from what she didn't know. she could feel her body turning down into an alleyway two shadows seemingly chasing her. she kept running hearing footsteps behind her and she found herself at a dead end. 'how cliche' she muttered and turned around slowly and watched as they got closer and closer, as it reached out its hand towards her. 
y/n eyes flashed open and she awoke with a start. she sat the movement alerting her dogs. who were instantly all cuddled up under her nuzzling into her body. stroking pumpkin's fur to calm herself down. she reached out to her phone to check the time seeing that it was still quite early. knowing she wasn't going to get back to sleep she got out of bed. She made her way to her bathroom to freshen up. She made it to the bathroom pulling out a towel to dry herself off with and started running some shower water. scrolling through her playlist to find the perfect song while the water was heating up she eventually sighed and just hit shuffle. stripping off her clothes and hopped into the shower. grabbing my towel and putting a little soup on it I began to bathe. letting my mind wonder it began to come back to y/n  dream, well more of a nightmare.
what surprised her was the fact that she hadn't been having nightmares since she moved. trying to dismiss the thought she played it of as the scary movie she watched a few weeks back finally getting to her. she shook her head and started to wash and dry her hair before stepping out of the shower. she dried her hands and reached out to check the time on her phone seeing only a thirty-minute change in the time she went to go put on some clothes.  she opens her closet to find a white sundress that she hadn't worn in a while. a small smile gracing her lips she decides she'd were it. pulling the dress over her head and fixing the ruffles on it she smiled in the mirror. she walked over to her shoe rack and decided to were some plain brown sandals. looking in the mirror she decided that since she had time she might as well put some makeup on. 
She went with a more natural look and just a pop of light pink lipstick. Satisfied she decided she just go early instead of sitting around her room. gripping a cute brown over-the-shoulder bag she grabbed a pair of shades and headed out. it was still a bit dark but the sun was starting to peek out from the dark. making her way to the shop she looked at the alleyway that she saw last time. the sun was pretty much already out, and nothing could happen in broad daylight. she started to walk into the alleyway to see a group of men standing there seeming to be arguing. not being entirely stupid I decided that id just take a long way. hearing shouts after a fully exited the alleyway. about to leave I saw a female with what looked to be a blonde wearing a schoolgirl outfit walking into the alleyway. 
I tried calling out to her but I just got ignored. looking at the alleyway and back to the streets that were starting to have people on them I found myself in quite a tough situation. On one hand, I could go and attempt keyword 'attempted to save her, but on the other hand, who am I to be playing hero I could very much end up in a bad situation. snapping out of my trance by a scream I sighed. Knowing that I would feel bad for the rest of the week if I didn't do something. walking tho the edge of the alleyway cursing it as if it was the alleyways fault 'and in a way it was'. I shook my head and looked into the alleyway to be surprised there stood the girl but not hurt. surprised I took a step further into the alleyway to find her putting the blood from the man she seemingly stabbed into a container. backing my way to the edge of the alleyway again I somehow steeped onto a piece of glass alerting the woman. she quickly turned to me. I turned around already hearing her cases me. running into a random store I looked up to be greeted by a surprising mop of black hair. tapping the I heard a groan and face me. seeing it as the same man from the bookstore and the news.' how convenient' i thought before shaking my head.  I looked him in the eyes seeing a glimmer of recognition in his eyes. before he could voice anything out I yelled out panting in between words. 
'wow I really need to get out more I thought' "girl.. chasing me... blood.. alleyway.. need help.." starting to finally catch my breath he looks at me a flicker of confusion crossing his face before my word complete sunk in he turned to the door and nodded.  "where" with that single word I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the alleyway. the men were there but the men were there seemingly knocked out. he looked shocked before pulling out his phone and calling someone. he put his hand on my shoulder and finished his call. he looked down at me and pulled me into his chest slightly. "come on let's get you to the station your an eye witness" he guided me back to the parking lot of the shop. he walked over to what I assumed was his car and sat me down in the passenger seat. 
I gave a small forced smile to him still a bit shaken up about what had happened earlier. he got into the driver's seat and closed the door behind him. trying to get my thoughts together to fully process what happened. "so what happened back there?" he had questioned not taking his eyes from the road. "Im not entirely sure myself, in the wrong place wrong time really... probably my quirk fault honestly." I had started mumbling the last part. although it seems like he heard it anyway. "what's your quirk, I remember your grandmother talking about it but she never went in-depth about it." he looked into the rear-view mirror at me before looking back the road. "well" I looked at him before looking out the window. "it's kinda complicated.." he didn't seem phased. "well we have some time before we get t the station so I don't see a problem." he stated in a stern tone. I could already tell there wasn't a way out of this. I sighed and looked at my hands there were tiny scrapes, 'wonder how I dint see these'. coming out of my thoughts I began to explain. 
wow, the dreaded cliffhanger 1.2k words chapter four will be out soon i swear... kinda. well anyways stay safe, stay hydrated, eat some good food, and remember captain loves you ok mwah~ bye~
caption simp 
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yandere-vent · an hour ago
aha! see bitch?? he likes me more my looks and the way i sound so get over yourself get the fuck out of my way because he still has a crush on me which obviously means your not good enough if hes flirting with me too and its funny how dumb you are to think he isnt cheating you for me because he is and it is funny.
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