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venteas · a day ago
a/n: hi guys welcome to the one random time i post … anyways, this is from my dm convos with @saekogun , so credits to her for that <3
warnings: MINORS DNI, yandere content, fem! reader, slight size kink, manipulation, smut, praise, kidnapping, guilt tripping, aether has a sister complex (?), unedited
aether probably met you on his travels throughout teyvat, and thought you were the cutest thing! for one, you were one of the few people that seemed to genuinely care about his end goal of finding his sister, and weren’t just using him for your own benefit. you put up posters, you searched frequently, and reported any suspicious abyss activity to him. back then, you didn’t think there was a chance that any of these actions would have negative consequences. perhaps you should’ve paid more attention, if even the gods appeared hesitant to get close to the boy from another world, why shouldn’t a mortal like you hesitate? you were foolish.
the signs of his ongrowing obsession were small, but they were there - his clinginess, the way he’d always grab for you wherever he went, constantly showing up to your house n asking if you needed any help … you figured he was just grateful, and it was sweet. but at the same time, it was so overbearing :( you can’t go more than an hour without him stopping by to see you, even if he was in another nation, or preparing to go somewhere. it was a little scary - you were beginning to worry you had become a distraction for him, maybe he was forgetting why he was helping all these people in the first place?
“aether, don’t forget why you’re here,” you tell him one night, leaning against the try at windrise. “i love spending time with you, but … you can’t forget about your sister, okay? she’s more important than i am, and besides, you don’t want to lose he-”
you probably shouldn’t have said anything. if you hadn’t, perhaps things wouldn’t have escalated so much. sure, he might still be obsessive, but you’d have your freedom.
“m not gonna lose her. i’m just making sure i don’t lose you, too.”
“lose me? hey, you know i’m not in any danger here! ever since you defeated stormterror, mondstadt-”
“it’s not safe at all,” the blonde murmurs, voice barely above a whisper. “not for you. not when you keep running around with every person in town the way you do - acting like you’re innocent as if i don’t see you flirting with every person that helps you out - s that what our relationship is? just another person who you can charm into helping you?”
he’s delusional. “n-no, aether, that-s not-”
“i don’t wanna be a fling for you, you’re special to me - like my sister. don’t wanna lose you to this world,” he mumbles, mostly to himself. his hand, once intertwined with yours, is now gripping your wrist, skin feverishly hot. you attempt to pull away, but aether won’t let you, chasing your skin. “stop squirming. m just trying to protect you.” he promises, even as he pulls a small device from his clothes. even as that device seems to make your world spin, even as you feel like you’re being sucked in.
yeah, he practically moves you to another world - a teapot, he calls it. he keeps saying everything he does is to protect you, cause you mean so much to him, but even someone as kind as you can’t rationalize the things he does.
especially not when he’s fucking you like a rabid animal, grunting into your ear as his hips snap against yours. “my perfect girl,” he whispers, hand rubbing your clit as he pounds into you, even as your cries for him to stop fall on deaf ears. “so good, so pretty like this … m so glad you’re here, so glad i met you.”
you can barely form coherent thoughts with the way he’s thrusting into you, choked sobs and whimpers are the only things your mouth manages to form. you feel so fucking full.
you’re so small underneath him it’s embarrassing, the traveler you thought to be a pushover manhandling you like you’re a ragdoll, and you feel so, so helpless. “gonna fill you up, gonna make sure you can’t ever leave me.” he tells you, hips stuttering as he whines, a completely different sound from moments ago. “gonna make sure no one can take you, ruin you before anyone else can.”
that has you letting out an involuntary whine of his name as you cum around him, causing aether to immediately shake with pleasure n throb inside you, completely filling you up - you’re so fucked out you can barely register his, “i love you. love you s’much.” before his nails are digging into your skin and he’s demanding for you to tell him you love him, tell him you love him now, tell him he’s the only one that can make you feel this way.
and you do, of course you do, because you’ve never been able to say no to him, have you?
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yandere-daydreams · a day ago
Hi! For the 20k event, could I request Zhongli with Anonymous? Like, he's been sending someone gifts regularly and has decided he wants to collect what he's owed for them. Thanks in advance!
Prompt: A for Anonymous.
Pairing: Yandere!Zhongli x Reader (Genshin Impact).
TW: Stalking, Obsessive Mindsets, Mentions of Blood, Implied Self-Mutilation (?).
Tumblr media
The first gift comes in the form of a single glaze lily.
Caught in full-bloom, wrapped in course fabric and left on your doorstep without a attendant, without a letter, without a name to connect it to. It's a childish act, something a young apprentice would do to impress the distant daughter of their master, but you've always had a soft spot for flowers, and it's such an innocent gesture, and it leaves you giddy, giggling, excited enough too tell Hu Tao why you're smiling at your paperwork, and by association, Zhongli, the consultant she always seems to keep on-hand. She's happy for you, even if she does taunt you for your new, bashful admirer. You're happy, too. The glaze lily makes you happy.
The basket of tall, spiraling shells makes you happy, too. As does the bottle of foreign wine that comes after that, and the dried wild flowers, and the branching, ornate hairpin, endowed with so many tiny jewels, it almost hurts to look at, when it caught the sun.
By the time the month passes and the gifts have begun to appear on your bedside table, rather than your doorstep, your excitement begins to wane.
Not that you aren't grateful, even if a small, nagging part of you has always been aware that you really have no reason to be. Every gift is lovely, on its own, always something you'd stopped to admire in a storefront, that you'd mentioned off-handedly in passing conversation or expressed some desire for in some other minor, private way. They're thoughtful, lovingly wrapped in silk or paper, and sometimes, just sometimes, there's a note, a scrap of an explanation to make the colored bath salts and herbal incense seem less odd. Your admirer (still nameless, still anonymous) compliments you often, but it's always respectful, always absent-minded, as if leaving hand-embroidered sashes splayed across your kitchen counter was more of an idle pastime than an actual hobby. As if they're already your lover, simply leaving presents around your shared household for you to find.
They're fond of expensive things, fineries from the other side of Teyvat, but their attention strays, every now and then, their tastes vary, and the leave other things, stranger things. Horns, polished and curved, the kind shed from monsters you'd only ever heard about in storybooks and wive's tales. Fangs, yellowed and gnarled, often still bloody, often still warm. Scales, fanned across the foot of your bed, deep scratches littered across their smooth, golden surfaces. As if they'd been ripped from the back of some great beast, each one fought for, torn out with claws and teeth and little else. Each one struggled for, as if their removal had not been painless.
And you do want to be thankful, however unasked for their presents might be, however invasive their methods might've grown. You want to be sympathetic, you want to be patient, and you don't want to be as afraid as you are that someday, the gifts might be less innocent than seashells and flowers, that the notes you can no longer bring yourself to read might stop being absent-minded and start calls for attention, pleas for your returned affection, threats scrawled across the wall in the same neat, curling font you've been trying so frantically to ignore, beyond all of your better instincts. You don't want to be afraid, you don't want to hate such a desperate, hopeless romantic as violently as you do, but...
But, when you express your paranoia, your fear, your concerns for your safety to Hu Tao, one day, over tear-ridden paperwork and the latest present, another glaze lily, as if to win back your favor, as if to comfort you, you accept her offer, or rather, that of her silent, stoic shadow. Zhongli's always been kind to you, after all, as rarely as the two of you interact, and you're more thankful for the spacious home he keeps, just outside of the harbor, than you'd ever been for any of your admirer's gifts. You're thankful for his smile, when you accept, and for the note he gives you, telling you where to meet him after you collect your things. You're thankful for him.
You're even thankful for his neat, curling font, so clean and so familiar, you can't bring yourself to try to remember where you might've seen it, before.
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random-yandere-fandom · 2 days ago
The Genshin self aware au characters with a reader who enjoys drawing
Albedo is beyond pleased that you, too, like drawing. Since he has spend so much time with that hobby he knows where the best places to sketch are, if you’re interested he’d be glad to accompany you to them. Or do you like drawing people? The alchemist can’t deny how proud he’d be if you’d draw him or use him as a reference, maybe you can even draw each other? He understands how annoying it can be when people ask to be sketched though and so he tries his best to start small, if you struggle to outline a hand he could pose if you want him to. Whether you decide you’d like to portray him or not, he’ll enjoy talking with you about the subject, interested in what style you prefer, what colour schemes catch your fancy or what types of pencils you use.
Zhongli is fascinated. The archon could watch you for hours, simply admiring you and the same counts for any of your drawings, never mind if they’re finished or not. He analyzes the lines and colours and wonders how you looked when you paint onto the blank canvas. How fitting, for a god like you to create once more. Once you’ve told him of your hobby he has everything prepared, it doesn’t matter if you use pencils or crayons or watercolours. You’ll get an entire room dedicated to the pastime and before you know it Zhongli has build an entire building to keep and exhibit your finished pieces. It’s your decision on who you let enter but know that the entire cult would like to visit. It’s a perfect reward, to let one of your worshippers tour and appreciate your works if they’ve done particularly well. None of them will push you, however, especially if you make it clear that you’d rather keep them private. All the more so Zhongli, who can’t help but flaunt the fact that he personally ensures that your masterpieces stay intact.
Childe is the kind of annoying person that once upon discovering your hobby, asks to be drawn. He’ll be ready to pose, quickly brushing his hands through his hair so it looks somewhat tidy before you can even answer. Upon your refusal he’ll be sulky, trying to convince you otherwise before deciding to just sit down beside you and watch you paint whatever you’re currently working on. He won’t be sad for long though, getting quite invested and before you know it he is showering you in compliments. The only two ways to truly get him to shut up is either giving in and sketching him or offering him to draw, too. Both will render him quiet, the first one ensuring that he won’t move because, yes, Childe, I’m still drawing your face right now which means you shouldn’t talk or I’ll mess up. The second one will have him focus completely on you, sketching your figure amidst a bloody battlefield with him kneeling to your feet, offering up his blade. 
Amber highly respects your hobby. She can’t help but be in awe whenever you show her your latest piece and always manages to compliment exactly what you worked the hardest on. It’s easy to open up to her and show off your drawings when she is so easily enamoured with them. The archer would also love to watch you drawing, observing how your pen glides over the paper and your concentrated gaze focuses on the task on hand. If you feel uncomfortable with that she’ll lay off, laying down on a nearby surface and closing her eyes, simply relaxing and enjoying your company. From time to time she’ll remind you to drink some water but other than that you can be sure that you won’t be interrupted. Otherwise she’ll bring you things she knows you could use as a reference, the outrider is always on the look out to bring you knew pieces that you can incorporate in your art, whether that be flowers or treasures.
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ddarker-dreams · a day ago
i absolutely love the way u write yan childe. him making sure everyone has such positive views on him and thus having them basically gaslight darling into being w him is genius. love the idea of like his little siblings loving darling and being like “when r u getting married!! :0” and darling can’t possibly break their little innocent hearts so they have to just grin and bare it
childe is well known in every community he becomes apart of, and oddly enough, his status of a harbinger seems to fade into the foreground once you get to talk to him. he speaks to people like an old friend, making them feel like they're the only person in the room. he possesses some sort of youthful charisma that makes it hard to dislike him. well, you have plenty of rude things to say about childe, but that's just you. it's a different story for everyone else.
you can't escape his shadow even when he's not present in the room. your boss, coworkers, friends, family, and everyone in between has nothing but the kindest words to say about him. should you ever try to voice your dissent, they'll laugh it off. surely he can't be that bad, right? yes, he's a harbinger, but he's helped you out so much! your parents no longer need to worry themselves over the bills being paid every month, that kind young gentleman happily offered his assistance. your siblings can go to that school they always dreamed of now, money is no longer an issue.
it's a dream come true to everyone but you.
childe doesn't need to remind you of what's at stake, you're reminded on a loop everyday.
you weren't surprised when you met childe's siblings. he's made it obvious to you that he's a family guy, so you knew what to expect. you had to constantly remind yourself that they're not involved in this. they don't know the full extent of what their loving brother does, the bloodlust that runs through his veins. they just see him as ajax. and the ajax they know would be a dedicated husband to you. that's what they'll say, their faces reflecting their glee over the chance to have you in the family as well.
childe just hums along in agreement, mentioning how he'll need to get the heirloom ring that he inherited from his parents out soon.
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chococolte · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
childe as a yandere!! requested by one of my bffs @soft--n3ko <33
word count. 672
cw. yandere, unhealthy relationships, posessive/obsessive behaviors. i do not condone yanderes irl. pardon if i'm missing something, this is the first time i'm doing this!!
an. sorry this is so bad omg and so short im sorry!!! i didn't have very long to write this before i had to go do something also, this is gn reader!
Tumblr media
When at first Childe showed interest in you, you thought he was joking.
He had to be, right? He was so... him, and you were so you. He was the eleventh harbinger, and you were just someone trying to get by.
It didn't help that Childe was a known playboy. You wanted to save yourself from getting hurt. Childe was handsome, you couldn't deny that— neither could you deny the way your heart fluttered when he looked at you. You knew that if he continued to court you, he would succeed, and that you would end up hurt when it turned out all those times he promised forever was just to tug you along.
You wanted to believe differently. You desperately wanted Childe to want you as much as you did him, but the thought also scared you. What would it mean if Childe, someone who never took anything seriously except if it concerned his fun, took your relationship seriously?
Childe starts off normal. He doesn't do anything to scare you away— that's the last thing he wants to do— but you can't deny the weird sense of foreboding you feel when around him. As if at any moment he could snap.
He does everything in his power to stay in your good graces, and for the most part, he succeeds. He cooks your favorite dishes and cleans up after you, although you've told him time and time again that he's a harbinger and should not be doing that for you— he'll smile and say 'okay,' but then he goes and does it anyway. He just loves you so much!
Childe wants you to depend on him. Not in the 'surrender all your control to me' sort of way, but the 'let me take care of you', sort of way.
At first, he'll start small; he'll buy you things that he knows you need or want. A small gift there, another there. If you need something and it's out of stock? Not anymore! Childe will pop up out of nowhere and hand it right over, brand new. You might ask him how he got it, but he always refuses to answer— you think that might be for the better, if the scent of iron on him is anything to go by.
Eventually, you start to turn to him for help all on your own. Have some debt you need paid off? Childe will pay it off for you, no worries. There's this thing you really, really want, but can't excuse buying it with your current budget? Childe will get it for you, and more!
Childe needs reassurance often that you won't leave him. When he came to you, teary-eyed and flushed, asking you with a shaky voice if you really, really loved him, you were surprised. You didn't expect someone like Childe to be so... soft, underneath it all, but it was endearing to you. You cupped his cheek and told him yes, you really did love him.
As soon as you assure him, Childe becomes more clingy. You'll find him hovering around you more often than not, always glaring at everyone around you as soon as you turn your back. As soon as your eyes are back on him, however, Childe becomes more akin to a puppy, pawing you for attention.
Childe gets jealous easily. When your attention isn't on him, he becomes a pouty, angry mess. He's patient enough to wait until your done doing whatever your doing before asking for affection, but sometimes, he really can't take it.
When you're talking to someone else and ignore his attempts at garnering your attention, Childe starts to whine. That's usually when you glare at him— which, more often than not, leads to him shutting up, but only for a moment.
He just loves you, okay? Is it so bad that he wants your attention on him all the time? You're just so warm, and nice, and lovely, and he just loves you so much! Spend some more time with him, please?
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nicebonescomrade · a day ago
To be Worshipped by Gods (1)
I've fallen down the SAGAU rabbit hole and I never want to get out ❤ but no I've been genuinely enjoying everything all the lovely authors have written and I really wanted to add something, so here it is!
This was heavily inspired by the works of @wisteriaisekai, @streimiv, and @myuni-moon so credits to them and their absolutely magnificent works! Please make sure to check their tumblrs out and give them lots of love!!
Just a note, this is my first time using and posting on tumblr so if the formatting looks weird then it's probably because of that. And now, let's begin! Also note that Ei's part might seem shorter than the rest because I'm only AR35 and have just begun her archon quest.
All deities, small or big, weak or strong, are aware of your existence, of a divine being so much more powerful and ancient than they could ever hope to understand. Of a God who made the very earth of Teyvat sing, its winds chime like psalms, and make the electrified air hum and buzz, for that God is the Creator, the Maker that has blessed them with the precious, unparalleled gift of life. It is thus only natural for the deities of Teyvat, some so stubborn and prideful, to bow upon their knees and pray to you, be it for power or peace, health or wealth.
The Archons of today are no exception to this:
Zhongli has always worshipped you, wholly and fully and never faltering in his offerings to the revered shrine he had personally made for you using cor lapis and the rarest jades and jewels, some of which merchants would kill to get their hands on. He had built the shrine with his own two hands, each stone and rock tenderly placed, for he would never dare insult or disrespect you.
The shrine is the one place every Archon and deity could go to and never fear any fight— it is a revered and holy site, and none of them will dare sully the shrine with blood, grudges, and fights. It is also a place Zhongli feels calmest— but that is to be expected, for he is sure that it is your divine presence, even stifled, that allows his weary and tired soul to rest, that allows all whispers of erosion and past regrets to be whisked away from his mind.
All the more reason for me to believe, to be thankful, is what he tells himself as he lays a bouquet of wild glaze lilies at the base of your shrine, right beside a box of warm, home-made food.
It is, thus, through the Archons of this generation and past that the people of Teyvat now pray to you in war and in peace, place offerings at their doorways for prosperity and protection and have festivals in your honor—
Such as Mondstadt, where Venti adores singing about you every Windblume and Ludi Harpastum, letting the people hear all about how magnificent and wonderful you are, for you embody everything and nothing, just as you embody creation and destruction, peace and war, life and death.
How utterly perfect you are, he sings with happiness and reverence in his heart, with joy at being able to call you his beloved God. Often, when he's neither doing bard duties nor at the tavern bothering Master Diluc, Venti slips away to Stormterror's Lair to remember the days of Decarabian's tyrannical rule. Back then, Venti had not been quite as staunch and devoted in his belief in you, for he had so foolishly blamed you for the people's pain and subjugation.
It all changed with his beloved friend's last words— for what he said had been a prayer of thankfulness from the heart, with happy tears in his eyes and smile on his face:
"Thank you, Divine One, for giving us strength."
Venti had at that exact moment understood— because yes, just as you had filled Decarabian with so much hate and malice, you had as equally given his people the strength and hope to push back and reclaim their freedom.
How could he not devout himself to you then, when he finally knew of your kind heart? Of your utter brilliance, which can be seen in your creations.
Never again will Venti be so callous and negligent in his reverence for you, this he had sworn to himself.
On the other hand, the Raiden Shogun's summer festival pays respect and thankfulness to all that you have created for them, for all the joys you've allowed them to experience and all the bountiful lands you've given them. The Tenryou Commission reminds all its military units, led by Kujou Sara, to always remember to pray for you during battle just as they pray for the Raiden Shogun.
Ei, in the only time she comes out of her plane of euthymia, performs a personal ritual in a secret room in the Tenshukaku, dedicated all to you. She thinks of you, of an Eternity achieved with your blessing, of an Eternity spent worshipping you, and scatters sakura blossoms into the skies. She hopes with all her heart that at the very least, you are aware of the sakuras.
All of this and more is the reason why when Albedo approaches Venti to tell him of a machine his master had made but never got to finish meant to summon their beloved God, the Archon does not hesitate before he agrees. 
He'll never pass the chance to have you, his precious God, here with him in Teyvat— he already plans to show you all his secret, favorite spots. No doubt you already know them, but he still wishes to spend as much time as possible with you, to have the winds that so freely obey him caress and hold you. 
The only issue is— he has to bring in the other Archons, for the machine requires a great amount of concentrated elemental energy, far more than any human, be they vision-bearers or not, would ever be able to wield. 
Venti controls all winds of Teyvat, it takes but moments for him to tell the other three Archons of the plans despite his initial sulkiness and displeasure. In no time, the three Gods of Freedom, Contracts, and Eternity find themselves enclosed together in a lab deep within Dragonspine. 
Everything has been prepared and they are all more than ready to meet you— they've been ready from the very second they opened their eyes, took their first breath, and began to command the elements. 
All that remains is to bring you here, to the world you had so lovingly created for them. No offering, no song, no festival could ever show the true depth of their love and devotion for you, thus it only stands that they must do more for you. 
But first, you must be here for them to worship you properly as you deserve. 
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giorno-plays-piano · 2 days ago
Would You Have It Any Other Way?
Tumblr media
Pairing: Shigaraki Tomura x reader
Warnings: yandere, post noncon, kinda Stockholm Syndrome, threats, Shigaraki and reader taking a bath together.
Words: 1.2k
Summary: "You will never ever whore yourself to any pretty hero, you hear me?" His wicked whisper makes shivers run down your spine, and you struggle to look him in the eyes. "I'm the best you gonna get, so get over the way I look."
P.S. This is kinda a sequel to this story, but you don't have to read it to understand the plot.
Shigaraki hates taking a bath. A nihilist to the core, he sees no need in any comfort, and a quick cold shower to wash away the dirt and blood is his absolute maximum. You can't even tell how much time and efforts you spent to get this psychopatic manchild into a bathtub, but, finally, he's laying there quietly as you sit behind him and rub shampoo into his wild hair.
He stares mindlessly at the ceiling, and you think that even someone like him can appreciate the pleasure of being in someone's care. You're very gentle, pouring warm water on his head and shoulders, massaging his scalp as you run your fingers through his messy hair, doing your best to untangle them carefully because Shigaraki literally looks like a wild dog.
Letting out a loud sigh, he tilts his head back and stares at you when you're already washing away the shampoo, satisfied with your work.
"How about you blow me off after this?" he asks you nonchalantly, and you grimace, looming over him.
"After all I've been doing for you? Don't you think it's you who should be blowing me off, huh?" Your irritation is obvious, but Shigaraki doesn't seem to mind as he snickers, and you see his bared teeth.
Huffing and puffing, you take a small jar from a shelf and come back to him, opening it to smear a fruit smelling balm on his cracked lips. You swear one day, when he'll be driven completely crazy, he might eat them till there's no flesh left.
It doesn't take Shigaraki too much time to sneer and look at you with suspicion, "What are you doing?"
"Trying to make you look human," you roll your eyes while spreading the balm onto his skin, "I don't want to get cut with these lips of yours."
"Oh? Since when do you care how I look?"
You feel something dangerous in his voice, realizing you are on shaky ground. What the hell? What triggered this psycho again? You can't believe it has something to do with his appearance. Shigaraki can't care less about his body as long as it functions and moves him from one place to the other.
"Do you feel ashamed of how ugly your boyfriend is? You didn't seem to mind it yesterday night."
Now you hear Tomura is fucking angry, and it's never, never good for you. You have no idea what he's gonna do, but you don't wanna find out.
You grunt, "If I cared about having a pretty boyfriend, I'd date someone like Hawks."
"How the fuck do I know who you dated while you were out there with the heroes?"
He is holding to the edges of the bath, watching that not all his fingers touch them, but his gaze is directed at you, and it's so full of hatred it physically hurts. Getting up, he grabs you by the back of your neck roughly, bringing your face closer, and you gasp, wincing from the strength of his grip.
When his lips touch yours, it's something between a kiss and a bite: it's painful and forceful, but you don't try to fight him, letting him take out his frustration on you because it's better to submit to him now rather when Shigaraki's going feral. You lick his tongue as he grasps your hair in his hand painfully, the balm on his cracked lips getting smeared onto yours, too. Kissing him until he finally lets you go, completely out of breath, you inhale loudly, blood rushing to your head and making you feel dizzy.
"You will never ever whore yourself to any pretty hero, you hear me?" His wicked whisper makes shivers run down your spine, and you struggle to look him in the eyes. "I'm the best you gonna get, so get over the way I look."
You don't need to be reminded you're literally chained to him, unable to even leave the premises unless Tomura's going with you. In fact, you're very lucky he let you live the night when you were caught, keeping you at his side as his "girlfriend". Moreover, others took you back without a single word as if you had never left them for heroes, and a part of you still felt guilty for betraying them. If you left heroes for villains and then came back, Endeavor would burn you to ashes himself, regardless of your excuses.
It's not that bad here, you think when you look at Shigaraki, his hand still grabbing your hair. If you don't make him angry, it's not that bad.
Then you think you know why he's getting all riled up because of some stupid balm: the thought of you not wanting to be at his side for whatever reason drives him mad. The thought of being rejected by someone who absolutely has to be with him is a thing that will always make him lose his mind.
"I put a balm on your lips because I like to kiss," you grunt, closing your eyes with a sigh, "and it's more pleasant to kiss you if your lips are soft."
There's an awkward silence as you wait for him to say anything, but Shigaraki doesn't speak, just letting go of your hair so you can finally take a more comfortable position as you sit back, taking a breath. You take it he is no longer mad at you, but you're not sure, so you sit quietly while he lowers himself in the bath, and his colourless locks are flowing underwater.
He stares at you again. It's uncomfortable, and you look somewhere else just not to return his gaze. Funny, you think as you lick your lips, a fruity taste on the tip of your tongue, that he still didn't wipe off the balm.
"Get in here," he finally says as he stretches lazily, catching your arm, but not hard this time, just taking your hand in his.
"What, in the tub?"
You blink, staring at it and wondering if you two are going to fit.
"I'll drag you here in your clothes right now," Tomura warns you - the next second you're starting to undress, quickly folding your clothes and leaving them on the chair where you just sat.
Maybe he really calmed down, you hope as you stand in front of him, naked, and Shigaraki snickers when you carefully get in, nearly falling on him. Soon you lay on top of his body, your chest pressed against his as you feel every single scar and scratch on his body, his leg in between your thighs, one of his hands in your hair. Watching your face intently and seeing no revultion, Shigaraki seems to come to his senses, realizing you really don't care how he looks.
You wonder why he's still worried about whether you want him or not. It's not like you have options, is it?
Lowering your head to his shoulder, you breathe in, your nose tickling his bruised neck as you try to relax, warm water easing your tense muscles. You don't feel disgusted even the slightest bit.
In truth, Shigaraki's body is the least of your worries.
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kxxaeya · 2 days ago
TW: Yandere, unhealthy obsession, stalking,
Tumblr media
He knows what he’s doing is wrong, on so many different levels and if the other yaksha’s saw him in this stage he would be tormented for the rest of his existence, turning every corner and sending him a dissatisfied glare while he only could only do nothing.
They are not here anymore, they have no say in my behaviour…
But he just couldn’t help it, following you home from a little ways behind. That was normal? He was an all mighty powerful adepti, protecting the people that reside in the the land of Liyue.
It was pretty often he got called by a helpless villager, asking to be accompanied home in the mid night. And he could only sigh, grabbing their arm and speed walking them home, how dare you waste his precious time for something so worthless, your house is a damn two minute walk.
I’m only doing this for your safety, why can’t you see that?
He much rather be watching you walk out of the wangshu in, waving at your co workers before making your way home in a comforting silence.
God, your little steps made you look so small and tiny, you would need someone to protect you from all the dangerous harm that lived all across Tayvet.
See, I told you need some protection. If I hadn’t stepped in you would have been slaughtered.
How could you be so dumb? Waving and walking past a group of treasure hoarders as they eyed you like a bag of mora, did you not see their lustful eyes? He should teach you some proper experience if you wanted to be a traveler, doing this like this would get you killed.
Disposing of every threat that dared to cross your path… just like he did with that damn pathetic harbinger.
Please stop resisting, I know you need someone to keep you sane for the rest of eternity.. let that someone be me.
You only need one person in your short life, and he’s already claimed that place. Why waste your time on them, turn around for once and notice me god dammit.
He’s been here all along after all, carrying this heavy grief of dying along.
But he shall not worry about that after all, since you two belong as one, just as it should be.
Watching him treat you out to expensive dates, while I could only watch with despair from afar.
He’s gone now so you shouldn’t worry, hey… why are you crying? I, I only did what was necessary. He wanted to keep us apart, so don’t worry my darling, together we shall live in peace until your time runs out.
It’s all your fault I’m like this, you wanted this didn’t you? For me to be so enhanced by you, wanting to spend every waking moment in your presence?
Starting a family sounds nice, although I can only tolerate you. I’m sure you would look very good as a parent… holding my descendent in your arms.. yes, let’s make plans for it.
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mochitaekookie · 2 days ago
Yan! BTS as your highschool boyfriends
Genre:- yandere
Warnings:- stalking, manipulation, yandere behaviour, classmates to lovers.
W.C:- 2.6k
A/N:- Taehyung's and Jungkook's part was taken from my wattpad, which were posted a long time ago, so maybe the English might be bit..... idek.
Also most of these don't even make sense 😅😛
Asks are accepted. 🙂
Kim Namjoon
You both met when you transferred to his highschool.
As the class president, he was supposed to show you around.
You were so timid and shy when you introduced yourself.
"Love at first sight." That's what he believed when you both made eye contact.
Cliché, but that literally happened.
Namjoon was a man of reasons and he really didn't believe in that bullshit.
But when he saw you, all his senses and reasonings were thrown out of the window.
He purposely confused you about the corridors so that you could ask for help to him and him only.
And you did.
By the end of the year, you were completely dependant on him.
Summer vacations approached and he would take you to hangout.
During the end of the the vacations, he confessed to you.
Who would reject him?
You wanted to give him a chance, so you agreed.
But this man knew that you are not completely in his grasp.
So he played the role of a perfect boyfriend.
He made you feel special.
And that's when you really fell in love with him.
He knew he had won. And he he is never letting you out of his grasps.
Kim Seokjin
This man.....
Honey, be grateful that he even glanced at you.
You were the quite student of the class, who never talked to anyone unless necessary.
But you had caught Jin's attention. He wondered why wouldn't you swoon over him like all the girls did?
Approaching you was the best option.
You were quietly doing your homework in the library, until you saw a certain handsome boy coming your way.
You hid your face in your work as blush crept your cheeks.
You had crushed on him for a long time now. But decided to move on once you realised he'll never even talk to you.
He came and sat right in front of her.
She could also feel the heavy gaze on her.
"Hey." Was all Jin said.
She looked up at him and replied "hi" burying herself in her books again.
"Why don't you talk to anyone?" He asked. "Because I'm shy and an introvert." You answered.
He just sat there staring at you until you were irritated and decided to leave.
You walked past him, but he caught you by your wrists.
He stood up from his seat and towered above you.
He was wordlessly staring at you, until you yanked your wrists from his hold and ran away.
He smirked as he saw you running away from him.
He looked at his hand which had grabbed yours.
"Now I know why I want you." He muttered.
The next day, you found Jin sitting at the place beside yours, instead of your friends.
"What are you doing here?" You asked. He just shrugged his shoulders in return.
You decided sit there as there were no other place vacant.
Besides, ignoring him would be easy, right?
That's what you had in mind, but here you were secretly cursing the man beside you.
He was constantly irritating you, playing with your hair, blowing your ears.
" go to your girlfriend or someone, stop irritating me." You muttered. However you were shocked to hear that he was single.
But why were you relieved? You didn't have anything to do with him.
The next day was Valentines day. You were surprised to find a bunch of roses in your locker.
"Do you like it?" The said man appeared out of nowhere.
You raised your brows at him, and he nodded meaning he had done all this.
"I like you." He said nonchalantly. Your eyes widened at him. Why tf would he like an introvert like you.
As if all this wasn't enough, you got a news of his father being your father's boss.
Jin would literally come to your place anytime he wanted to. He was such a sweet boys to your parents.
You thought he had a simple crush, which will move on as time passes by.
Until one day, his father came to your place asking for your hand in marriage for his son, Seokjin.
Your father couldn't deny, since he was his boss.
So, it wasn't even a surprise that the next day, you and Jin should up hand in hand to school.
But they failed to see that your smile wasn't genuine, but forced.
You felt Jin squeeze your hand "good girl." He muttered.
He would literally beat people infront of.
No surprise he even planted a chip on your phone.
Min Yoongi
Ever seen a nonchalant, cold person being a complete lovestruck puppy for someone?
But here he was, smiling to himself as he stalked you from a distance.
You were in a cafè with a friend, your coffee forming a moustache on your face.
"She is so cute. Don't worry, baby, you'll soon be mine and we'll go on a lots of coffee dates" He said to himself.
The next day, he literally waited for you at your locker.
The moment you came into his he went from 😑 to 😃
Some of the students were shocked to see him smiling. Some girls even blushed.
You thought he would leave, but he just stood there.
You stared at each other, until you decided to ask him yourself why he was there.
"I was waiting for you." He said straightforwardly, but he was freaking on the inside.
When you asked him why he just replied with "I wanna take you out on a date." He said as if it's the most common thing.
Your eyes widened at his statement. Why would he want to take you on a date.
Without a word, you just left. You thought he would leave you alone.
But here you were, getting irritated by the man who was following you.
He kept pestering you for a WHOLE MONTH until you finally decided to go on a date with him.
And that one date was so memorable for you.
Yoongi, who was the emotionless boy out there, was cracking lame jokes and throwing cheesy pick up lines.
You both had soon officially started dating and everything was fine.
Until you had witnessed him threatening a boy. You just waved it off, seeming he was simply jealous and the threats were empty.
That's when one day, you saw him all bloodied clothes.
That night you locked yourself up in your house.
The next day, you completely ignored him, which got him triggered.
He shoved you in the Janitor's room during your break and that's when he threatened you as well.
If only you had taken his jealousy seriously, maybe some people would have been alive by now.
Jung Hoseok
This sunshine literally dances around you.
He was a classmate of yours, whom you never saw losing his cool. Always smiling.
Because of his aura, he had many friends and admirers.
But he admired you.
You were his sunshine. Only his.
He has had a crush on you for a long time now. Until that puppy crush was turned into obsession.
One day he asked you out and you decided to give him a chance.
When he took you out on first date, he made sure you would never forget.
And forget will you? He was such a sweetheart.
He was literally showing you off.
"A caramel machiato for me and my girlfriend." He would say, even though the person taking your order did not even ask.
You had seen the sunshine side of him, but never seen his wrath.
Maybe if you had seen his wrath, you were way better than not wanting to anger him.
You once faced his wrath when some mere nerd asked for your number.
Your boyfriend literally grabbed him by his neck and slammed him in one of the lockers. Giving him a death threat. All in front of your eyes.
The next moment, you both were in Janitor's room, passionately making out.
"You are mine and only mine." He muttered and dived in for another kiss.
You only knew that he threatened people, but what you weren’t aware of was, that he literally killed people behind your backs.
Park Jimin
Oh, this small duckling wouldn't harm anyone!!!!
But he did.
Even before you started dating, he would threaten any male who asked you out.
According to him, you both were soulmates and meant for each other.
You weren't able to live without him, that's why you asked him for cuddles!!!!
When he had asked you out, you politely rejected him.
This baby was really sad.
"I know you love me, but you are shy!! I understand baby." He said.
The next you were confused as to why were the other students teasing you. Its then one of your friends told you that Jimin had announced to the whole school that you both were dating.
When you confronted him about this, he said the same thing "we are dating!!! You love me too!! You are just shy to admit it."
When you asked for a breakup, because according to him you both were dating.
He indirectly threatened you "you want to break up with me? Baby, the other will hate you then. So, it's better that you stop this and accept me." His tone changed in the last sentence.
Kim Taehyung
You had been classmates for a long time, but never actually had a conversation with each other.
But little did you know, Taehyung was already head over heels for you and desperately wanted you.
He had made sure no one asked you out, if anyone did, it was their last day of seeing the sun.
One day, you had forgotten to do your assignment and had to face detention.
Taehyung was there as well. He took this opportunity to chat with you.
Assignments were long forgotten when you both chatted as bestfriends.
Long after, he confessed to you "Y/N I like you- no I Love You. Please give me a chance." You didn't feel like denying him as he seemed genuine.
So you decided to give him a chance. And that's when your true horror began.
He was straight up possessive. Never letting you interact with anyone, not even females.
Your freedom? What the hell does that even mean?
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook, the school's heartthrob. Every girl in your school woo-ed at him.
He never even bothered to bat an eyelash to them. That's, until you came.
A girl, with positive and cheerful aura, who made his heart flutter for the first time.
He literally exploded when you sat beside him during one of the lectures. That's when your friendship started.
But he wanted more than that. He wanted you to be his girlfriend, future wife and mother to his children.
Days passed by, he love for you increased day by day and he was fully head over heels for you.
One day he saw you with one of your classmates and got jealous.
That was the time he decided to confess to you.
When you accepted his feelings, he couldn't believe his ears. Did you just say yes? He gave you a bone crushing hug.
Months passed and he got more jealous day by day. He started threatening everyone to stay away from you. Blackmailing your female friends to stay away from you.
His jealousy was the most dangerous thing in your relationship.
Anyone who dared to flirt with you suffered. A senior, dared to have a crush on you and leaving you a confession letter was found dead.
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blzzrdstryr · 2 days ago
Midnight chatter
Yandere Diluc x gn!knight!reader
Wordcount: 2385
CW: Yandere, drugging, kidnapping
This was a third week after his return and fifth day of the tireless fight with winery work, when Diluc received an unexpected guest. During his travels across the world, the winery business fell into disrepair and almost collapsed, so once he learnt the state of the wine industry he decided to settle in his office and try to battle the endless reports about necessary expenses and small profits all on his own.
He started to work with the first rays of sunlight well into the night, squeezing every bit of energy his body had, not only because financial issues could affect him personally, but also because of the night vigilante of Mondstadt title he took upon himself.Due to the increased workload he couldn’t find time to patrol the dark streets and alleys of the city, while experience and conscience didn’t allow him to thrust the safety of ordinary citizens into the hands of bumbling, cowardly and lazy knights.
The day soon turned into the late evening, and dawn winery workers started to go home, when someone knocked on his door. It was Adelinde.
Her steps were faster than usual, her stoic face shadowed by the note of concern. Diluc wanted to say that no, he won’t go and have a rest, but she spoke first.
“Master Diluc”, she stopped before his desk: “we have a guest, a knight”.
He lifted his head shifting the eyes from the report to the head maid and pondered - despite his long absence, a lot of people in the city had a general idea how much he dislikes the Favonius Order and so a rare knight would actually dare to bother him, unless… Unless, they were acting out an order from someone high-ranking, like Jean or Varka for example.
Apprehension that his former colleague somehow learned of his nightly escapades sent an unexpected wave of shivers and vague feeling of unease, but he didn’t let it get to him.
“Ask why this knight is here and if it’s something unofficial tell them to leave”, he ordered, at which Adelinde blinked, slowly and tiredly, as if she was looking for the strength to tell something incredibly upsetting or scary.
“The thing is, master Diluc, that I already let them in”.
“Without my permission?”, his eyes widened at that, and the heart started to pick up the pace. What if this knight was really sent here by Varka or Jean? If it was true, Adelinde, unknowingly set him up to fail.
She was looking after him from his earliest childhood, so she was allowed to do and say more than any other of his staff, yet this perceived audacity was unheard of before.
“They were badly injured and said that they needed to stop for the night and once it’s over they will travel to the city with the first sun rays. We helped them to patch up their injuries and offered a room for guests, yet they declined and remained to sit on sofa”, the maid explained absolutely unfazed, after noticing Diluc’s dissatisfaction and then added : “If you are that displeased, master Diluc, I can tell this tired and battered knight to get out from here into the dark night”.
Her voice remained even and emotionless as usual, but even like that young Ragnvindr could hear a light mocking in her words. And to think about it - he got so freaked out over some silly coincidence - the knight stopped here because of the injuries, not some insidious scheme.
“Alright”, Diluc admitted defeat: “they can stay… and offer them some food and tea”, he added just as Adelinde’s hand touched the doorknob.
“Will be done”, she replied before exiting the office. The corners of her mouth slightly moved and crept upwards.
Despite his earlier goal of finishing as much work as he can, Diluc couldn’t do anything. Small digits and letters started to float and dance before his eyes while the long lines fused together, when he tried to analyze the state of wine business in naught. But the worst thing was the fact that his thoughts strayed to the topic of mystery knight again and again and Diluc lost count how many times he caught himself thinking who this person is.
He sat like that for a while, until the cinnabar of dying sky got replaced by the darkness and pleasant chill of the night.
Diluc scolded himself for his uncharacteristic indecisiveness, standing up from the desk and locking the office, when this thought, loud and persisting, knocked into his head again. Wouldn’t it be nice, he wondered, to learn who this night is, and finally decided. After all the thoughts about them pestered him for a long time.
Quietly and carefully walking through the unlit corridor of the winery, he confirmed that all servants and workers had already left for sleep, some into the rooms of the main building designated for them, some into the cabins around it. All in all, he was confident that there’s no one except him, the knight, Adelinde and a couple of other maids.
His steps were quiet and slow and not even a single board in the wooden floor creaked under his weight as he knew the winery like the back of his hand. With a bated breath he made his way downstairs, making out vague shapes of the familiar objects. Moonlight pouring out through the windows illuminated only the silhouettes, but even with that he quickly noticed the unknown frame.
The person was half-sitting half-lying on the sofa, and their sword and armor were placed nearby the furniture, reflecting the pale light of the moon. They weren’t moving, seemingly asleep. Diluc couldn’t make out their face even after making a coming closer, so he decided to take the risk and summoned a small wisp of flame.
The dancing light illuminated everything in a small radius and what he saw made him jolt and take a step back. You were the mystery knight.
Why are you still a knight? Where were you? Who injured you?
Still shocked by the previous revelation, Diluc accidentally knocked over the breastplate with his foot and it fell on it’s side with a loud thump.
You woke up.
“What… Who?”, you stirred and half sat on the elbow: “Ah, it’s you” and saw him :”What are you doing here?”.
Caught red handed, Diluc didn’t find any words - it was so sudden and unusual to be caught unaware, and because of that doubly unpleasant.
“This is my winery and I am free to do whatever I want”, he decided to hide the awkwardness behind the faux annoyance.
“Easy, easy” you half smiled, half yawned: “I just managed to fall asleep”. You yawned again and blinked at him with sleepy tired eyes.
“I have sleep medicine if you want some”
You got surprised and touched by his sudden responsiveness: “Thank you, but I think painkillers would be better. My body is aching and that’s the main problem”.
Maybe because of the trembling, dancing light or maybe because of the recent sleep you imagined worry and pity twisting his facial features.
“I have it too. Wait here”, he quickly replied and vanished into the dim darkness of the winery, not giving you any time to answer, as you were left to sit and wait for him. Diluc, to your own surprise, happened to be extremely stealthy, able to move without producing a single sound.
“Here”, you first heard and then saw him,as Diluc used pyro vision to light the nearby candlestick and then opened the medicine vial he brought and handed it to you: “Drink it all”.
“Thank you”, you whispered to him, taking the painkiller before making a big gulp. The taste was horrible, so horrible in fact that you almost immediately started to violently cough. Well, if it’s as effective as foul, then I will be good as new in no time, you thought to yourself, suppressing the urge to throw up.
Diluc stood nearby and observed your reaction, his hand extended on his own when the coughing started as he awkwardly tried to pat your back in the gesture of comfort. “I will be here with you until you fall asleep”, he stated once the fit stopped and then, seeing your highly raised brows explained further: “Painkiller takes time to work. Tell me if you won’t feel better”.
You nodded in response, and closed eyes, listening to the sensations of your body. Your injuries still burned and screamed and throbbed, yet a strange numb sensation started to slowly surround you. Just like Diluc said, medicine would need time to fully settle in.
“If you're here can you talk with me?”, you decided to shorten the time in conversation: “Ijust wanted to talk with you. For a really long time”.
“About what?”, he allowed himself a shadow of the smile, Diluc that you used to know peeking through the gloomy facade, like a long awaited sun or it’s reflection on the tranquil mirror of the water surface. Next words stuck in your throat, bitter and acidic and totally unfit, and you had to force them out through your own hesitance to destroy this calm.
“What happened that day? The day before you left. I asked Jean and Kaeya and other knights who were present with you, yet no one said anything”, the water surface bubbled and the visage of that old, sunny Ragnvindr shattered into thousand pieces. The person before you adopted the same cold facade of annoyance and indifference.
“Why do you need to know it?”, he answered the question with another question and you sensed barely buried hurt and grief.
“You leaving hurt. A lot”
“That’s why you are still a knight?”, you quickly nodded at that.
A minute passed by and he still stood, without saying a single word, thinking what to do. On one hand, he didn;t want to open up, the story of his eighteenth birthday was incredibly painful and personal experience to be shared so freely, on the other hand he yearned for your understanding.
"Alright", he broke the silence:"Let's make a deal, you answer my questions and I'll tell you the whole story after. Deal?"
Diluc looked at you again, looked at the bruises and cuts, still peeking through the bandages and for a second his mind lit up with one thought alone: what disgusting bastard did that to you. He suppressed the rapidly rising rage, deciding to start from the most important.
"Is my leave the only reason why you decided to stay?" his heart picks up the pace again, he needs to know the answer.
"Basically yes, you knownI didn’t do it for my parents… I just.. That tragedy, I know it's not my place, but… I always wanted what happened to you. I asked this question to myself everyday and night, and I missed you terribly".
His breath hitched and he lowered his gaze. For some reason you always managed to fluster him with the words alone, even if it wasn't your intention.
"Your parents must be happy", h e changed the topic, stifling the heat in his heart.
"Yeah, they're ecstatic that I stopped being difficult and made their aspirations real. Hm, do you have any other questions?"
"What happened to you? ",he pointed at the bandages covering most of your body.
"Ah, catching treasure hoarders does that to you, usual stuff", you dismissed his concerns and Diluc started seeing red from the way your voice remained so calm and unbothered. Usual stuff? Usual stuff?!
"Grandmaster could send anyone else", he snapped:"Favonius Order has more than plenty of vision holders, they should've sent one, instead of you! You could die!".
Diluc’s sudden explosion left you speechless, but soon your own weaved words of irritation:"Ordo Favonius doesn't consist of Jean and Kaeya only. We can't let them handle all the hard and dangerous business all the time. Ordinary people like me can still help, even if the gods didn’t favour us. Don't think of me as some helpless idiot just because I have no shiny vision to show off"
Your heated response seemed to work and Diluc turned red from embarrassment, realizing how annoyed you got, despite the worry for your health and still present anger at the other knights for letting you get hurt. He also didn’t like how you looked at him, reprimanding and disappointed.
"Alright, sorry", he cleared his throat:"where were you before? I haven't seen you anywhere"
"City gates aren't the only thing that needs guarding. I was sent to the Liyue border, to make sure that no treasure gang crosses it. I think I will get sent there again, once I fully recover".
Diluc got angry at that too, yet this time he suppressed unpleasant feelings, already knowing how you will rebuke and reprimand him again. There's no convincing to be done, as you won't change your opinion. You left him no choice for what he was going to do.
"Alright, you answered all my questions", he said before changing topic again:"Did painkillers start working? I have another".
Being so engrossed in the conversation you forgot about the ache, yet once he mentioned it your body started to hurt with a renewed strength.
"Yes, I would like one", you decided and Diluc vanished in the unlit hall yet again.
"Here", he handed the small bottle to you already opened. The new substance was different, sweet and viscous. You managed to take two sips before your eyelids started to feel up with lead, and soon even lifting a hand seemed like a highly arduous task. Whatever the thing that Diluc gave you wasn't a painkiller.
"What…", you uttered, before your body relaxed and you fell asleep once again. Diluc bent over, looming over your unconscious form, as his hands carefully took the bottle away. He didn’t want it to somehow fall and injure you
This is a necessary measure, Diluc assured himself, before making a plan of actions. He would need to fake your disappearance and forge enough leads to direct investigation into the completely opposite direction, but now he needed to wake Adelinde up and ask her to prepare the room in the basement. He didn't want you to be uncomfortable in your new home.
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Mikitaka isn't a real yandere, he just asked for advice on human love to Yukako, and well, we all know how that went,,, he did liked the yandere lifestyle tho
Tumblr media
The "kidnapping, forcing, and threatening my darling isn't love?" gang
The master: Yukako
The teacher: Rohan
The student: Mikitaka
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yandere-daydreams · 2 days ago
I (Intimacy) With Lucifer please?
Prompt: I for Intimacy.
Pairing: Yandere!Lucifer x Reader (Obey Me).
TW: Imprisonment, Unhealthy Relationships, Slight Codependence, Emotional Abuse.
Tumblr media
It was in your best interest to be asleep, by the time Lucifer came to bed.
It wasn't like you couldn't be. For as often as he lectured his brother, he must've been the worst out of all of them, prone to pushing himself just a little too far, to staying up just a little too late and working himself for just a little too hard, to dragging himself back to his room in the small hours of the morning, strung-out and barely able to hold himself up, only to close his eyes for a handful of minutes before getting up, again. He liked to be with you, when he came back, to pull you into his lap and use a portion of his precious, precious spare time to kiss your forehead and mutter sweet, idle threats into your hair whenever you tried to pull away, but if you were already asleep, already as vulnerable as he wanted you to be, he was willing settle for tucking you against his chest, for holding you until he finally gave into his exhaustion, as well.
And, on the nights you couldn't sleep, when you lost track of the time or just couldn't seem to forget that you were in a strange place being held captive by a strange creature with strange desires, you were good at pretending to, at keeping your eyes shut and your breathing shallow and your body still as the door creaked open and you felt the mattress dip, his weight settling just behind you. You were good at ignoring the arm draped over your waist, the chest slotted against your back, the chapped lips on the corner of your jaw. You were good at--
"I know you're awake, love."
You were usually good at it. He was early, tonight. This didn't count.
You didn't respond, but you curled farther into yourself, and Lucifer laughed, the sound deep, heavy with exhaustion. "As stubborn as always, I see." You could feel his fingertips on your hip, tracing aimless patterns in your skin. "And when I get to spend so little time with you, as is. Playing dead is a little unfair, isn't it?"
"Maybe you'd get to spend more time with me if you let me out of this room."
It came out more hostile than you meant it to, more venomous, but there was only another chuckle, in response, a light kiss to the nape of your neck. He was still dressed, for the most part, only his coat and shoes discarded. You doubted he'd bother taking off anything else, tonight. Not when comfort had always been so secondary, to him. "We've talked about this. If I left you to your own devices, you'd go back to wasting your time on Mammon's schemes or locking yourself away with Satan and his rotting collection. I still wouldn't get to see you, but it'd be..." A hand, splayed across your stomach. He was so much bigger than you. All of them were, with Lucifer, it was so much more noticeable. He always found a way to make you feel so much smaller. "It'd be different. I wouldn't be special to you."
He was touching your face, now, cupping your chin. Tilting your head to the side, forcing you to meet his eyes. "I am special to you, aren't I?"
You couldn't look away from him, not completely, so you settled for focusing on the collar of his shirt, wrinkled and unbuttoned. A rare sight, considering his usual composure. "I mean, I can't say that I'd ever been kidnapped, before I met you."
His expression faltered. Not by much, the suggestion of a smile wavering for a fraction of a second, but it was enough for you to notice, and for Lucifer to let you go, to pull back, to hide himself away in the dip of your shoulder, his lips ghosting over your skin, his teeth, too, pointed and prominent enough to keep you stiff, on-edge, despite how little interest he seemed to have in doing anything more than taunting you. "I am," He mumbled, answering his own question. His arm fell to your midriff, drawing you closer to him. Encouraging you to return the intimacy, if only by not fighting to escape from it. "I will be, with time. I'll be the most important person in your life."
One more kiss, soft and lingering, pressed into the delicate space just above your jugular.
"It's not like you have anyone else, anymore."
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yandere-sins · 2 days ago
I love the stuff you got here! Can I request for a yandere Dabi with a feisty darling? Thank you so much in advance!
Thanks for reading! Enjoy ^^
»»———————— ♡ ————————««  
All the kicking and screaming truly was a vain effort, but Dabi liked watching you trying your hardest nonetheless. Your body was writhing beneath him, legs pulled in to keep his hovering form from descending onto you, and your elbow in his throat to keep his mouth from closing in as well. “You stink!” you complained loudly, and Dabi smirked, knowing full well he didn’t take the time to wash up after the last mission.
Knowing it would bother you even more.
Sure, he could have been nice. Let you get accustomed to him through time—but why would he? It was so much more fun to destroy your will through the desperation that came with being unable to do anything against your captor. Dabi knew you cried yourself to sleep when you thought he was out for the day. That you got up to try and unlock the door. He even mumbled ‘in his sleep’ just to enjoy the seconds of silence as you held your breath. While you weren’t a game to him, this situation sure was.
However, by now, he wouldn’t have minded if he could have had just one calm evening with you. It didn’t matter to him that you were here for a week already or that he was crossing boundaries you wished him not to. Every time you spit into his face, Dabi felt the same thrill he only knew from burning enemies. But what you didn’t realize was that you were enabling him to do those cruel things even more. And frankly, despite the fun he was having, it was slowly getting exhausting to deal with you. Not even he knew how long he could keep up playing nice with you when you were challenging him every second you two were together.
“I didn’t think it would be so much trouble,” he sighed to no one in particular. Rolling his eyes away, even your struggles ceased for the moment as you raised an eyebrow. Luckily, you didn’t know what he meant, or you might have laughed at him. Still, truth be told, the whole ’falling in love’ seemed easier when presented in movies and the occasional manga he was handed.
Catching your free hand suddenly pushing into his face, Dabi grinned, sticking out his tongue to give it a lick, risking your reaction to his taunt. Repulsed, you pulled back, instead building a fist, but throwing your shoulder into his direction with it, you neglected the push on his throat, allowing him to dodge the punch by kissing you. See? Much better, he thought, nibbling at your teeth while your struggles grew angrier.
It had been a while since he got to kiss you, but your lips were still as soft and plush as he remembered them. Your taste lingering on his tongue almost made him proud, reminding him that you were using his toothbrush in an attempt to clean your teeth at all. He wasn’t that terrible of a boyfriend, was he? After all, he not only saved you from the mundane life you were slipping into, but he also cared for your well-being enough to allow you to use his property.
“Have you struggled enough?” he taunted you, only moving his lips inches away from yours to talk. Crushed under the weight of his body, and perhaps shocked by the sudden affection, you had stopped fighting for the moment, only to bare your teeth in frustration, snapping for him. Today wasn’t the day you were going to become docile—that much he understood.
Pity, really, but Dabi would survive it. Leaning down to escape your futile tries to bite him with another kiss, he reached up to your hand buried under his body until you were flinching too hard to return his affection. The singeing heat of blue flames licking at your wrist was enough to bring tears to your eyes. No matter how feisty, aggressive, and - in a cute way - defiant you were, in the eyes of danger and pain, you were nothing at all.
Not like Dabi didn’t know what he was getting into before capturing you. Diligent worker, just defender of society, and as sweet as a piece of cake. Mind you, he didn’t only mean your ass with that. Those were the three things he used to describe you when he asked for permission to bring you in. Shigeraki only, understandably, sighed at that, shaking his head as if Dabi’s arguments hadn’t been convincing, but it was one of the only favors he ever asked him for. One could think that you were a bit more grateful for his hard work, but no, at the end of that memory, you were crying.
“God, I hate you!” you screamed at him, tugging your wrist out of his grip. Oops, he thought, seeing the burn at your skin, and feeling the heat as well as you pulled it close to his face while covering your eyes. That would leave another mark for sure.
“That’s rough, sugar,” he pouted, trying to shove your arm away from your face, but you only stirred beneath him, trying to turn to the side. Now you were sulking. Even if it should have been him sulking after you’ve been mean to him all week. It wasn’t Dabi’s fault that he fell in love with you. Really, it wasn’t anyone’s, but you sure liked to blame him for it. But in the end, it was always him who was left scarred by your words, his heart throbbing sadly at how cold you were treating him.
However, as it seemed, you understood your place after the threat he burned into your wrist. Getting back onto his palms with an arm on either side of you, Dabi watched as you turned over, finally free of his weight. Pulling in your legs, your once so tough demeanor seemed to change. When you put down your arm, he could see how you were trying your best not to meet his eyes, staring stubbornly at the wall, but you still hadn’t lost your fire. Just like his blue flames raging all over you when you tried to defy him, your eyes were burning with the flames of hatred and frustration. Those flames had yet to turn into ash, but Dabi was happy to see you so alive after all.
Chuckling to himself, he gave you a disgusting smooch to the cheek. Too long, too wet, too unwelcome to be anything but a statement. “I won,” that’s what it said, and the flames in your eyes only began to stir more from the arrogance Dabi was displaying to you.
“You’ll find out it’s not too bad with me soon enough,” he promised, stretching as he got off you. You didn’t move now, didn’t react to his words, and it was a behavior he knew all too well by now. Funnily, you were trying to scold him by ignoring him. It wasn’t working, but it amused him enough to wear a broad grin on his lips. Have it your way if you so pleased, but Dabi decided to take a shower with your shared toothbrush to let off some steam. There was so much more he could do to you that you feared to even think about. So much more that he could break your feisty attitude with. But he was waiting to use it at the right moment. The moment it would make the biggest impact on your life.
The pillow hitting his back only made a sad ‘thud’ before falling to the floor. Looking back over his shoulder curiously, Dabi saw you sitting on the bed, your arm still up in the air after your throw and lines of fallen tears adorning your cheeks. Ah, your cuteness knew no limits, frustration plastered all over your face. Frustration with him, your situation, everything. You hated him, and Dabi loved you for it.
Picking the pillow up from the ground, he sauntered back towards you. A short, rampant outburst of blue flames cooked the poor fabric and feathers into mere dust that dispersed in the room. His grin only grew uncomfortably broad, staples tearing at the charred skin. Your eyes grew wide like a deer in the headlights as you looked at him, almost as if you had a sudden realization.
How dumb of him to not notice earlier when he was toying with you.
Notice that the moment he had been waiting for was already there.
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yan-dreams · 9 hours ago
Hey! I really love your writings and they always made me happy especially in my blue days! Anyway, this got me thinking.... what would scaramouche's reaction when he accidentally hit his darling's head while they are in the middle of punishment too much that it results a catatonic darling. Will he regret it or will he grow bored out of them for the lack of reaction?
Thank you so much! I'm super happy to hear that my works can cheer you up!!
As for your question, he'll definitely regret it. Eventually.
Warnings: Abuse, unhealthy relationships,
At first, he thinks you're just messing with him, but after a while of threats having no effect at all, he'll start to realize that you're not. When that happens, it's not pretty. He'll leave the room and take out his frustrations at whoever's closest to him (His poor, poor employees...) He's angry, but not at you. He's actually angry at himself, not that he'd ever admit it.
Once he's calmed down, he'll call practically every doctor in Teyvat. It's terrifying for the doctors to work under him (he's breathing down their necks the entire time), but they can't exactly refuse.
You'll likely recover, considering just how many experts are looking after you. When that happens, Scaramouche will reprimand you for being so weak, though it'll be quite obvious he's worried, with the way his hands shake and his brows furrow.
The way you get treated will be different from now on, more gentle, like you'll shatter at even the slightest touch. Your interactions with people other than Scaramouche were already very limited, but after the incident, they'll be cut off almost completely. He's a lot more hesitant to punish you, and certainly won't do anything physical again, so you'll have a bit more freedom. All in all, you'll get a softer and more clingy version of Scaramouche, you gave him quite a scare, and he won't let you do it again. Don't expect to be out of his sight more than necessary, even if that means dragging you along on his jobs.
He'll protect you, so just follow along, don't leave him again.
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ddarker-dreams · a day ago
Trepidation. Yan Feitan x Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: Yandere themes, unhealthy relationships, mentions of minor character death.  Word count: 1k.
Tumblr media
Feitan wonders if you know he can sense your presence even when you tiptoe gingerly down the stairs.
Your aura is distinct and a quality of yours he’s intimately familiar with. Walking amongst bustling crowds did nothing to dilute it — he’d hone in and continue his pursuit — observing how you’d occasionally glance over your shoulder for a person your gut told you was there. You’ve remained much the same in that regard. Doing everything you can to minimize yourself, so that the viper in waiting couldn’t strike.
The faucet squeaks when Feitan turns it on, the once clean basin decorated in runny shades of crimson which join together in a macabre whirlpool. This is his least favorite part of the job. Setting out your toys and playing with them is the fun part, but putting them away is such a bore. How thoughtful you must be to come seek him out, now of all times, offering yourself up as a sacrifice for his entertainment.
You’re idling just outside the kitchen right now. Feitan imagines you must be proud of yourself — you missed the creaky floorboard at the bottom of the stairs and you’ve regulated your breathing. Surely, that must mean he isn’t aware that you’re on the same floor as him, right? That’s how someone like yourself would think.
He turns the running water off and dries his now clean hands, considering the possibilities.
What sort of cute expressions would you make if he were to sneak up behind you? Would your eyes go glossy and glaze over with tears? Or would you stutter out an apology, shrinking into yourself and avoiding his piercing stare? You’re fun to mess with. So expressive, always wearing your heart on your sleeve. You couldn’t hide anything from him.
“Come here, [First],” Feitan calls over. He hears the hitch in your breath and suppresses a smile. It wasn’t the most idiotic conclusion you’ve come to, he supposes. Purposefully avoiding areas of the rickety home that could alert him was a good idea in theory. Unfortunately for you, you weren’t dealing with a regular person. You were contending with someone who didn’t even officially exist by official standards.
Feitan senses your apprehension — you take a step back but stop — likely trying to gauge his mood and intentions. He’s feeling considerate today after the successful session in the basement. The information he needed didn’t take long to extract and was already confirmed by Shalnark to be genuine. Thus, he exercised more patience, allowing a generous few seconds for you to deliberate further.
You round the corner, entering the kitchen with a weak smile and stiff posture.
The two of you stare at each other for what feels like an eternity until you break the silence, your voice accompanied by the steady drip behind him.
“I, um, noticed that the… sounds stopped,” you fold your hands together. “So I thought it might be okay for me to come see what the story is.”
Feitan presses into the taboo subject that renders you so visibly uncomfortable, treating it like a pressure point for his own amusement. “And what sounds would those be?”
A gleam flashes in your widened eyes. He knows it all too well, the quiet unease that he instills. He sees it when you work up the courage to glance down the basement stairs, when you catch stains of an unidentifiable nature upon his clothes, and when he lies down next to you at night. What he wouldn’t give to hear the thoughts thrumming in your head. He’d listen to them on repeat, never skipping a track as if it were a prized record.
“Screams and snapping.”
“I finished with him,” he offers the explanation you didn’t want but couldn’t fully ignore. Make pretend had its limits. “What, did you want to see for yourself? It’s not too late.”
The sinister yet taunting tone in his voice makes you shudder.
“Oh, no thank you,” you shake your head. “I was just thinking… how does it not bother you? You must’ve felt sick once, right? When you were younger, maybe…”
Feitan considers your words. He can tell you’re rambling to cover your anxiety, but there’s a hint of curiosity beneath the layers of faux nonchalance, a curiosity that wasn’t there before. He’s never cared for others getting to know him. It’s pointless, a waste of his time and theirs, if they have much time to live after proving themselves a nuisance.
His answer is short and straight to the point.
You blink as if taken aback by the curtness of his admission. “No? It’s never affected you any?”
“Why should it?”
Little by little, your posture shifts, taking on a new form. Feitan has seen many expressions etched onto your face since he’s taken you. He’s memorized them all, fantasized over them, unable to forget the addicting exhilaration you brought him. It didn’t matter to him if he couldn’t understand his attachment. Making sense of abstract concepts was never his priority, so long as he was enjoying himself.
That creed changes when you utter your next words.
Feitan clicks his tongue, then says, “Repeat yourself louder.”
He heard you. He just didn’t want to admit it.
“I think that’s really sad.”
You can’t be this good of an actor to betray Feitan’s scrutinizing eye, or you would’ve utilized this skill sooner. Perhaps when he questioned you about the loosened padlocks on the door, and you broke down, confessing to your transgressions against him. Or maybe that time where you pretended to be sweet on him, all so you could swipe the keys he keeps in his pocket. It would’ve served you better then. Meaning that this has to be an authentic reaction.
You’re looking at Feitan with pity.
The corner of his mouth twitches behind his bandana. He could understand your fear. Could understand your anxiety, indignation, hatred; every negative emotion on the spectrum that you threw at him in fits. Those had come as a result of your kidnapping and subsequent isolation of a man you considered a stranger. He expected them, even prepared for it in advance so nothing could blindside him.
But this… he doesn’t know what to make of it. Or why his chest is tightening in new, thrilling ways.
Feitan closes his eyes, and muses to himself,
This must be why he couldn’t imagine ever getting rid of you. After all, who in their right mind would give Feitan even a shred of compassion? He doesn’t think he’ll ever tire of the things you do.
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raggaraddy · a day ago
Clear your mind
Summary: Trying to quiet your anxiety and calm yourself, you seek out Yoongi for comfort and intimacy. However, it doesn't go like you expected.
Trigger warning: Smut, imprisonment, yandere themes.
A/N: I was going to make this a 'You tease/instigate sex with Yandere BTS' OT7 reaction. But I got carried away and they all got hella smutty and too long. So I'll release them individually. 😂💜💜💜
Assassin! Yoongi
Ever since you had been taken by Yoongi, you had developed a hatred of the date. You hated knowing what month it was. You hated knowing what day it was. All the date did was remind you how long you have been stuck in here and of all the things that you were missing out on in the real world. So at all times, you actively avoided knowing and you could go for weeks without learning where you were in the year.
This morning though you had accidentally turned on the television to the standard channels and were greeted by the host of a morning show gladly welcoming you to January 6th.
So now, not only were you aware that it had been nearly 18 months since Yoongi had dragged you back, but also that today of all days was your parents anniversary. It wasn't exactly something you had celebrated when you were with them, but knowing that this was another year they had without you, without knowing what happened to you, set off a spiral of emotions.
You spent the entire day in a fog consumed by intrusive thoughts. Agonizing over every stray concept, every remembrance of each person you had left on the outside. Leaving you in pain. Leaving you lonely and sad. And when you feel like this all you ever want is to be comforted by the only other person in your world. To be close and connected to him. To remind you what humanity should feel like.
But things are rarely on your terms. While, on the rare instances when you engage him Yoongi seldom refuses your advances, he also makes a point of refusing the things you outrightly ask for. Whether it's out of spite, pettiness, or to refuse you any kind of control, you're not sure. But you do know that approaching him could easily result in you being locked away with your raging anxiety, all because you unintentionally provoked him.
Laying in bed staring at the dark empty nothing of your ceiling, you decide the panic and turmoil that is flowing through you is more frightening than the risk of angering him. You need to be distracted, to be linked with another person and to feel better.
If you are careful, if you're lucky, you should be fine.
Undressed and nervously fiddling with your fingers, you tip-toe down the hall to his bedroom. Thinking through the best way to engage him as you cautiously open his door. Approaching the shadowed outline of his bed in the same manner.
Gingerly you lift the corner of the blanket, sliding into the bed alongside him. Pulling the covers over yourself.
"What the fuck are you doing?" He grumbles, half asleep.
You don't want to speak and chance him denying you. But if you're actions are too indirect or unclear, or if you confuse him in any way, he's going to get frustrated. Your actions need to be gentle, but decisive.
Taking advantage of him being on his back, you sit up and swing your leg over his waist. Feeling uneasy that your position results in suddenly tearing the blanket off of him, you hesitate but still lower down sitting on his covered upper thighs. Trying not to settle your full weight.
In the pitch darkness, without being able to read his expression, you are doing your best to move slowly. Now that it is obvious what you are after, you're allowing him every instance to tell you to stop. However, with no physical indication that he is unhappy, you begin to move instinctually. Rocking your hips on his lap.
Your heart is beating heavily. You don't know if he will like it this way. After all this time, Yoongi only ever has sex with you in one way. You don't think he likes the intimacy of you seeing each other, so he always faces you down and takes you from behind. And you have certainly never been the one on top.
Gradually your movement is starting to make you feel good and with his stable reaction, your worries begin to fade. You know how selfish he is with sex. You know that if he wasn't enjoying this he would have either kicked you off or he would have taken control. But so far, he's calm and you can feel him getting stiff between your legs. Until he says otherwise you're going to savour the freedom of going at your own pace.
Balancing your weight by pushing down on your thighs, you continue rotating your hips. The longer you go on the firmer you can feel Yoongi growing, and the harder he gets the wetter you become. Even to the point that you've soaked his briefs. Grinding a wet patch into the outline of his cock. Your body starting to shake. Your breath trembling. The need to feel more of him becoming overbearing.
Lifting your hips, you rest one hand on his stomach for stability, the other guiding him into place. A shiver running up your spine as you sink down. Surprisingly, it's not just you that reacts vocally. While you whine at every inch of his hard thick cock that fills and stretches you, a series of low breathy moans pour from Yoongi. His fingers kneading your thighs, digging into your skin until you've swallowed up his entire length.
Sliding down him momentarily you remain delicate and measured in your actions, slowly pulling his underwear down his thighs. Filling with a deep sense of desire at feeling his erection spring free. Returning to the same position, resuming the same rolling massaging motions, you press his dick between your palm and your pussy. Rubbing your opening along the length of his shaft, stroking him through your folds, covering him in your juices as you whine and pant.
Knowing that he is letting you take your time and be in control is affecting both your body and your mind. You're gaining confidence and encouragement. Becoming desperate for him, not just as a distraction anymore but as a deep sexual desire.
And while you are the one dictating the overall tone, you can feel Yoongi becoming unravelled beneath you. His deep breath, his hands clinging to your thighs, the small way his waist juts up to meet you. You can feel his urgency and need.
"Fuck," he growls. Sending a pang of pride through your stomach.
In circular motions you raise your hips, riding him at a steady pace. Taking him inside you to the base with every rotation. The curve of his dick making your eyes water with how deep he is, how good you feel.
But still, he's restraining himself and you don't feel at risk of being overpowered. He seems to genuinely be enjoying what you're doing.
Never did you think he would behave this way. Never did you think that you could make him act this way. And the contentment that comes with his behaviour is driving you mad with lust.
Though neither you nor Yoongi seems ready to rush this.
What started as you wanting to use him to placify your mind has turned into something much more intimate. A form of connection and tenderness that you have craved for so long.
Even in a moment where your hand slid down your thigh and rested on top of his, Yoongi didn't recoil like you expected he might. Instead, he astonished you further, holding your hand, interlacing your fingers. Making your heart ache for an instant.
It's a lengthy, passionate session of you moving intuitively. Steadily building up your pleasure. Your core squeezing him so tightly as you finally erupt. Whimpering out cries of euphoria as something so intense takes over you. And with your desperate faltering strokes, he also gives in to ecstasy.
In the darkness, as your bliss fades and with only the heavy breathes of you both, you again feel aware of your actions. You think you should leave quickly. He never lingers after sex and you don't want to ruin such a sincere experience by being over-familiar and annoying him.
"Fuck, Y/n," Yoongi groans, with a harsh snap of his hips as he explodes. His fervid reaction sending a wave of goosebumps along your skin. Your body enduring the physical strain of your movements a moment longer, eager to extend his pleasure and milk every last drop of his cum into you.
Promptly climbing off his lap, you swing your leg back over. But Yoongi doesn't let you go far. With his hand still on yours, he pulls you towards him. You're fatigued limbs easily conceded and you topple, dropping alongside him.
Curling into you he wraps his arms around your back, pulling you tightly to his chest, tucking your head under his chin. Your still deep breaths taking in his warm scent. Feeling the heat radiating from his chest and the way it moves with every inhale and exhale.
"You can stay if you want," he whispers. Your heart flutter as you melt into his embrace.
You can't believe how affectionate he is being. How kind.
Tumblr media
"I want you to stay." He admits. His grip tightening around you a little firmer as your disarmed body gives the answer for you.
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yan-stars · a day ago
YEAAHHH WOOO BAIZHU TIME SEXY SNAKE MAN how about umm the devil and the lovers for baizhu <33 -🐚
SO TRUE!!!!!! baizhu the world tbh. i hope i characterized him ok ;-;!!!! always a joy to see u in my inbox my lovely 🐚 anon!!!
Tumblr media
twitter id for art credit:
the devil - what taboo things would this yandere do to their darling?
do i really have to say it? this man is going to use you as an unwilling, unaware guinea pig for some of his... medicine. nothing that would actually hurt you, of course- perhaps something to make you relax? you always seem so jumpy and uneasy in baizhu's presence for whatever reason, so this should calm you down! yes, yes, that's right, lay your head on his lap and allow him to stroke your hair, cooing about how utterly adorable you are when you're in this state. goodness, how could he resist slipping a relaxant- or even an aphrodisiac- into your tea when you're so precious and needy like this?
the lovers - how would this yandere deal with their darling being in a relationship with someone else?
to say the least, baizhu is not pleased. honestly, he's a successful doctor, incredibly influential in liyue, he has plenty of money- and yet, you choose someone else? how utterly irritating. though he feels his sadistic urges growing the longer he sees you with that idiot you call a lover, he knows he isn't physically capable of doing anything like that himself. so, why not hire someone to do the dirty work for him? he has money to spare, so it's very easy to find someone to just... break a bone or two, perhaps? nothing to kill them, no, that's his job! hm, perhaps some arsenic disguised as a pain killer will do the trick? so many options, he's not sure what to choose! though baizhu knows one thing for sure- the moment the news gets around that your lover has passed, he will be the first one by your side, worming his way into your life once and for all.
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cheesus-doodles · 11 hours ago
Another Idea: Toman darling came out of puberty looking like a model and people are hitting on her and of course Toman beat them up, but they didn't know that she's dating Chifuyu or Senju lololol (Time leaper darling)
just for some reason suddenly really really felt like writing this - like i can't stop thinking about it kinda level 🤡 i swear im working hard on the baji kazu fic - it should be out next week Friday - pls don't hate me pls winky wink anon 🙏🙏🙏 i love u all equally i swear on Baji
a/n: the brainrot too strong send help i feel like i would explode if i dont keep writing
Recommended Readings: A Friend In Me Part 1 | Part 2
Valentine's Day
tw: afab reader, mild violence, yandere
Tumblr media
"Please go out with me!"
The sun had just started to rise over the horizon outside the vast windows that lined the school corridors, rays of morning light bleeding into the night sky. You had barely taken a few steps down the main hallway of your middle school, yet Baji had already lost count of the number of times you had to turn down various shitstains that dared to approach you.
"I appreciate the thought Tsuta-kun, but I'll have to turn down your offer." You smiled, your eyes soft and kind even as you patiently turned down another schoolmate, one hand pushing the offered chocolates back towards your gifter. The respectful option was, of course, using both hands to reject the honestly gorgeous gift, but your other hand was busy - fingers intertwined tightly with Kazutora's behind your back, a precaution that you had deemed necessary given the death glares you could feel radiating without even turning around to look.
Hooking your arm with your other apparent bodyguard, you tossed one last gentle smile at your now dejected looking schoolmate, one smile too many in Baji's opinion, before tugging your two friends along down the corridor, trying your best to ignore what you knew was hateful glances shot backwards at everyone and anyone that dared turned their gaze your way.
The beams of light that twinkled into and hurt your eyes through the outside foliage as you all but dragged your friends into your homeroom only seemed to confirm the sinking feeling in your gut. This was going to be a long day.
Your teachers had barely questioned, or barely dared to question, the extra students that had pulled chairs up to your table - busy themselves with scribbling large neat words onto dusty blackboards instead. Most likely that had to be the reputation your friends had built themselves at your school over the past two years or so despite not even being students themselves; even your teachers could recognise them by face, and were reluctant to cross them. What had started as just Baji and Kazutora in the morning had somehow grew into all six of your friends, making seating at your small single-person table extremely tight.
Class had been all but dead silent today, with only the sound of scratching chalk, and then the sound of breathing directly in your ear after Mikey had arrived, breaking the seeming tension in the air; Mikey choosing to seat himself directly in your lap, all but draped over your shoulder. But then again, you mused on the unusual quietness, it might have just been the nervousness of having to approach the candy of their eye, whoever the lucky individual may be, and you found that you couldn't really blame them.
Your locker was full. Stuffed to the brim with boxes of every color and size, you didn't need to turn around to know what kind of look the six boys that had tailed you all the way through the corridors, all in some way attached to your limbs or clothings, were sporting.
At least out here, there was the usual hustle and bustle of the lunch crowd flowing towards the cafeteria, combined with the occasional calls of 'Happy Valentine's Day!' and the rustle of boxes being exchanged. Letting out a sigh while running one hand through your hair, you had to admit you were stumped. What to do now?
If you had to be honest with yourself, the attention that you started receiving from both male and female students seemingly out of the blue, beginning in your final year of middle school, made you feel very uncomfortable in your own skin. Model material, was what you heard from a scouter along the central shopping street, before he was all but dragged off by his collar by Mitsuya. Breathtaking, was another that was muttered as you were approached with flowers, before he too, was lifted by the back of his shirt and taken away by Draken. But it was hard to believe what you hear, especially when you stood in front of your full-length mirror at night, pinching your skin and your face when you were alone in the dark.
The eyes that trailed you as you swept past in the streets and school corridors made you feel even more exposed, though the occasional black Toman jacket that your friends seemed more than willing to loan you hanging from your shoulders over your school uniform did somewhat make you feel safer.
"You know what, just leave it." Slamming the locker door back shut, you turned around, and instantly, the furious looks all but evaporated from the faces and eyes of your friends, replaced by almost excited ones when you held up a medium-sized paper bag, one that you had hidden in your locker earlier, before the heaps of gifts had been shoved in through various slots in the door. Chocolates. Even better, it was your handmade chocolates.
"No need to rush." You laughed, as each boy eagerly reached in to grab their box, all the same size yet wrapped in paper with patterns similar to the furoshiki of their bento boxes.
"Can we open them now?" Pah-chin seemed particularly impatient, his hand already tugging on the white ribbon that wrapped around his.
"Of course you can. Go right ahead, Pah-chin." You beamed, happy to see that your late nights and sore fingers were well received, even as you continued running your fingers through Baji's hair, who had buried his face into the crook of your neck after giving a particularly nasty look to yet another student who was trying to approach you with a box in hand.
Yet it seemed that your bag wasn't as empty as previously expected despite all six founders having received their gifts, Draken's sharp eyes quickly spotting one last box, albeit a much smaller one compared to theirs, that still weighed down your paper bag. "Who's the last box for?"
"Fufu." You absentmindedly replied, one hand scratching the back of your head, before your brain finally caught up to your mouth. Shit.
Mistuya lazily raised one eyebrow at you. "Fufu?"
"One of my favourite community cats." Came your hopefully smooth response, the sun seemingly doing you a favour by momentarily shining directly into your friends' eyes, giving you just a mere second to school your face. "The little white and orange tabby."
"Can cats even eat chocolate?"
Chuckling, you retrieved the box, gently unwrapping the ribbon and removing the lid. Peering inside, neat rows of white fishes and hearts lined an equally white piece of baking paper. "White chocolate with tuna. I'm sure it'll be a hit."
The boys wrinkled their noses, their jealousy now all but forgotten as your friends quickly dug into their boxes, the gushing of chocolate in their mouths washing away their previous annoyance.
"Fufu!" Throwing your arms around him from behind, Chifuyu let out an oof as your full weight was placed momentarily on him, his arms coming round behind to catch you and gently lower you back down to the ground. The sun was now much lower on the horizon compared to lunch time, the dark of the night creeping slowly as the light retreated behind the hills in the distance.
"So I heard that I'm a cat now eh?"
The tall walls of the shopping centre blocked most of the bustle from the street, with just a muffle of sounds bleeding into the alleyway where your boyfriend had been waiting. You giggled as he turned to playfully ruffled your hair, gingerly picking out and handing over the last box, a small white one wrapped delicately in pink ribbon. "Better than being a boy around the others right?"
All he could do was smirk in response, accepting the small box from you - he already knew the answer to that, the brutal beatings he witnessed dealt out by Baji towards his supposed rivals all too clear in his mind.
"Careful, there's a piece that's tuna." You mumbled, rubbing your face into his sweater, the weariness from the day's events starting to get to you.
But it seemed your warning went unheeded. "Oh fuck, that's nasty! Tuna?!"
Although all you responded with was a roll of your eyes as he hacked out your gag chocolate into a piece of tissue, the 'I told you so' clear without being uttered, the gentle, adoring smile that reflected in your eyes never left your face. Hooking your arm into his, you leaned your head on his shoulder even as you tugged at him to walk. "Come on kitty cat, let's get out of here before you get caught."
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starling-fantasies · 18 hours ago
Okay but deadass I think Xiao as a yandere would be very interesting and I wanna see your spin on it. Only if you want to ofc.
yandere xiao headcanons
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Who knew the vigilant Yaksha could get so violent for his sweetheart?
Pairing: yandere!Xiao x GN!reader (they/them)
A/N: FIRST XIAO REQUEST— this was probably my favorite set of yandere headcanons to write for! So thank you again for the submission! (Art belongs to @/stardustinqs on Deviantart)
TW: THIS IS YANDERE CONTENT. It will include many dark themes such as g0re, st*lking, k*dnapping, m*rder, dr*gging, unhealthy obsessions and many more, please don’t read if you’re easily triggered by this stuff
Xiao has issues with understanding what people call “human emotions”
He’s never concerned himself with mortal activities, and he’s never had an interest in it whatsoever
The adeptus saw it as something pointless and ridiculous, something he shouldn’t waste his time on
But things started to change for him when you decided to drop by at the Wangshu Inn to try to meet the vigilant Yaksha
And fortunately for you, you did! However the encounter was a bit bumpy to say the least
He wasn’t too pleased that a “mere mortal” just so happened to disturb his peace and quiet
But he’s never really had anyone come willingly to visit him of all people, due to rumors surrounding him, so he did his best to be humble
Despite him coming off as rude at some points, the encounter wasn’t too bad, though it didn’t last very long
He disappeared two minutes into the conversation, and Xiao was nowhere to be found
So you decided to stop by again, but with help from the staff, you brought Xiao his favorite dish, Almond Tofu
However you figured that’s be a bit too “boring” as you’d call it, so you decided to bring something else with you to surprise the Yaksha
The adeptus leaned against the railing of the Wangshu Inn, taking in the fresh breezes of air tickling his handsome features. His cat-shaped eyes opened when he heard the light footsteps of a familiar someone, a skill he picked up a while ago. “Oh, it’s you again. What do you want?” Xiao asked, his tone anything but pleased.
You just slightly giggled at his demeanor and handed him a plate filled with his favorite snack, making Xiao quirk an eyebrow at this. “I uh— I made this for you. I heard that this was your favorite food anyways,” you answered to the adeptus lightheartedly, making him hum and take the plate. “I appreciate the gesture, I can’t stomach anything else anyways. Though I’m confused on why a mortal like you would come back to see me anyways.” The Yaksha pondered slightly, looking at you in an unreadable way.
But you only clasped your hands together and smiled at him. “Well, I think you’re quite amazing, Adeptus Xiao. With your dedication to protecting Liyue, it’s quite admirable. I appreciate something like that, I just want to get to see you- hell, maybe even get to know you a bit more and show how grateful I am.”
Xiao’s heart stopped at this confession. It was so straightforward and… sweet, it made his heart flutter a bit. The adeptus only scoffed and waved you off, pink blush dusting his face. “Whatever just— get out of here, if you find yourself in any form of trouble, speak my name.”
You could only giggle at his actions and wave Xiao goodbye before walking away from him. The amber-eyed male only gave himself a moment to compose himself before he noticed something next to the plate of food. A bracelet made from leaves, shaped in butterflies.
Maybe this mortal wasn’t so boring after all… he was more than intrigued.
A few days after that, you happened to call his name when you got caught up in quite the storm
Getting chased down by a bunch of hooligans who tried to take your stuff (and maybe your vision too)
Not to mention the lightning storm was quite bad, on top of your injuries from the gang, you were quite jacked up
The moment you screamed for his name, was when the “fun” really started to sink in
When Xiao appeared to help you, the way you ran into his arms in desperation, the way you were muttering helpless breaths to him and calling for his name
It made him feel… alive, in a sick and twisted way, he’s never had a mortal run up to him like this in ages
After all, almost every mortal he encountered would usually fear him in some way
Needless to say, he took care of the criminals with ease and precision, maybe showing off here and there
Xiao then patched up your wounds and bid you farewell, but it didn’t stop there…no no no, the game has just begun
It would take a bit for Xiao to go full on yandere mode for you, the first incident was just the start of it all
And when he finally lost it, you better pray for your life if you’re one of his victims
Protecting Liyue didn’t matter to him anymore, he only wanted to protect you
Xiao wouldn’t be a very self-aware yandere, after all he’s been doing many violent acts for years, he most likely forgot what true peace was then
So his kills would be fucking brutal. He wouldn’t hesitate to do anything gory or disgusting at all
If anyone just so happens to talk to you and it made him angry, don’t expect to see that person the next day
Even if he doesn’t kill them, that person will avoid you out of fear that their life would get taken away
When you do start to notice that they’re avoiding you, Xiao will comfort you and assure you that they’re not worth your time when you’re feeling sad about it
It’s a sick way of manipulating you so you can be “protected” by him
Kills by Xiao are messy and brutal
He just wants to get the job done, he won’t bother to torture his victims because he sees it as a waste
However he still makes sure that the victim suffers their fate, because scums like them don’t deserve to be in the calming presence of you
Also barely bothers to clean up too
So when the people of Liyue find out about a ruthless murder, you’ll run to him for comfort of the situation
And Xiao would be very pleased with the outcome of his work too, because he’d have his beloved running straight to him
Xiao always appears before you when you’re in danger, even when you don’t call for him
He wants to protect you at all costs, even if he knows you’re fully capable of it
When it comes to stalking, you never catch him in the act
The adeptus very quiet and stealthy, he can even make his footsteps as light as feathers, so you’ll never spot him
When Xiao does stalk you, he starts to act very very strange, such as giggling a bit maniacally or hugging himself
So he usually does his daily stalking when you’re out in the open with no one around, he just admires you from a distance
He’d also gift give you a lot of stuff in secret too
He learns about what you like via going through your things or just listening in on conversations
Xiao would leave them next to you when you’re sleeping or outside of your house, and he makes sure you skyways pick them up
If you happen to not find them, he’d give it to you personally, which would make you question how he found out about your favorite stuff even when you’ve never told him
Xiao would never dare to hurt you physically
However he would guilt-trip you and emotionally manipulate you a lot as well, and it’s a huge pain in the ass
You wouldn’t realize what he was doing to you since you trusted him enough
But that was your biggest mistake ever
Because now he’s got ahold of you, and he’ll guard you with his life
No matter the cost..
You walked around the cold silence of Liyue, all alone in the woods, searching for any form of comfort. These past events have been getting to you. The disappearance of your friends, all the nightmares, everyone hesitating to get near you and deliberately avoid you.
It’s becoming too much.
You needed someone, anyone, who wouldn’t just leave you alone for once. And so you called his name.
“A-Adeptus Xiao..?”
And as he promised, he appeared before you, looking at your gloomy figure. Despite his gruff exterior, he softened at the sight of your fragile form, and the crucial look in his eyes weakened a bit. However, this was all just a facade he kept in front of you.
“What happened to you? You look spooked,” The guardian Yaksha spoke, keeping his exterior soft to help console you. You bent down with your knees on the ground as you held onto him, soon making Xiao follow your actions. “I-It’s… it’s everything happening— people in Liyue are going missing left and right— not to mention everyone else is dying.. I-I don’t know what to do anymore… I’m scared…”
Deep down inside, the Yaksha was ecstatic. He finally reached his goal, of having his darling fully depend on him. The smirk on his face was inevitable, but you couldn’t see it due to the fact you buried your face into his shoulder. Xiao sighed and kept up his calm facade before hugging you, calming you down. “Don’t worry, mortal. I will be here to protect you, as you know, speak my name when you seek for me, I promise I’ll be there for you.”
You let a small smile slip onto your face from Xiao’s words, but something didn’t feel right. This didn’t feel right. You’re not supposed to be feeling like this, like you’re in danger. At the very back of your head, you’re telling yourself to run, to get as far away from the adeptus as possible, but you didn’t know why. But it was already too late to run. It was too late from the very start.
Aa you were about to pull away from Xiao out of instinct, he only secured his grip on you, and you could feel his amber gaze staring deep within you, he only merely chuckled before continuing to trap you within his arms. You can’t run from him now, you’ve gotten too close, and you shouldn’t have from the very start.
“… Don’t worry my sweet sweet Y/N…. I’ll keep you close to me, so I can protect you forever.”
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