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ssaleil · a day ago
A Lazy Saturday Morning
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x (f) reader
summary: It’s a lazy saturday morning that starts off with your bodies connected
warnings: smut (if u squint), fluff, crack maybe but I ain’t cracky, cockwarming a little too much, jk and reader took lazy a little too literal, indecisive reader?- dirty talk I think so, is there even plot? Yeah kind of but I won’t go into too much detail.
a/n - I was reading a smut before this and honestly I don’t think I ever read a fic that has cockwarming that rlly got to my expectations so ig I’m making one myself. No idea if I’ll do justice to my idea tho T.T MAJORLY UNEDITED !!
“Hm…good morning~” you hummed, greeting your boyfriend happily as you push yourself even closer to his shirtless body, loving the feeling of warmth that his body made you feel.
“Good morning, love.” Jungkook replied lowly, pulling you closer to him with his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. Placing his nose on your head, inhaling the strawberry scented shampoo you used.
“It’s time to get up, babe.” You tell your boyfriend although you actually didn’t want to get up yet, you had to follow your daily routine or else you’ll end up procrastinating for the rest of the week.
Jungkook groaned against your head, pushing his naked body on your own naked body. Your eyes widen in shock (well not really, you were used to it oop) upon feeling the growing boner in between your thighs.
“Really, Jungkook?” You deadpan at him, squinting your eyes as you stare at his face. He stared down at you, an apologetic gaze with a soft smile plastered on his face.
“I’m sorry” your boyfriend whined, starting to grind himself onto you as he nudges his face into your neck to inhale your natural scent. Your scent was always something he adored about you especially since he was sensitive to scents but yours smelt like comfort and home.
You moaned, feeling his hard cock sliding itself in between your slit when he started grinding himself on you. “J-jungkook…I’m still tired from last night. I-I can’t.” You say, wrapping your hands around his neck, fingers caressing his nape as he left light kisses all over your neck then interchanging between sucking and licking on your sensitive parts of your skin.
“Then you don’t have to do anything. I’m feeling lazy today so why don’t I just bury my cock in you and leave it in until I soften?” He suggests after pulling away from you, eyebrows raised while waiting for your reply.
You hummed simply nodding your head. “Fuck.” Jungkook curses under his breath while raising your left leg to position it on top of hip before slowly entering you. “You’re already so wet and still so tight, babe. God you feel so good around me.” You moan at his words, turned on and needy.
He continued to push himself in you until he bottomed out. Your moans erupted together, his cock had hit your g-spot so easily that you could come this instant.
Jungkook desperately wanted to move and pound into you but he knew how sensitive and sore you still were from last night so he didn’t want to push it instead he kept his promise and stayed in you. Letting you warm his cock.
“The last time we did this was last week. God I miss this!” You giggled tiredly, “Really, Jungkook? We literally have sex almost everyday.” You roll your eyes, landing a harsh slap on his bicep that caused him to yelp at the stinging pain. “Hey! You didn’t have to do that! And no, this is different from our fucks and making love. You’re cockwarming me!” He stated proudly as if he had a point.
You scoff at that, “whatever helps you sleep at night.”
“You help me sleep at night.” Jungkook smirks at you, pulling you up to lay on top of him. You didn’t even bother to react on his sly comment, used to those kinds of words coming from him every now and then.
With you laying on his torso, you had your naked bodies pressed together with your hands intertwined. Both of you just immersed in the feeling of warmth. Loving the fact that your boyfriend’s dick filled you up to the brim with your walls clenching tightly around him that received moans and groans that made you gush out arousal around Jungkook’s cock.
You were torn between wanting him to pound you into his mattress with his inked hand wrapped around your neck and just staying still and not have you unable to walk forever. You decide on the latter, pressing kisses all over his chest, leaving marks along the way until you come up and plant your lips on his.
Jungkook immediately reciprocates the kiss, letting you enter his mouth with your tongue and explore his warm cavern. You whined, kissing him even harder while you start to grind you lower body onto his, hissing in the kiss due to the pain caused by his cock. Midway into grinding on him, you could've sworn that you just felt him grow bigger inside of you, pushing the head of his cock even more to your g-spot that caused you to moan into the kiss.
"Fuck." You curse as you finally pull away from the kiss, a string of saliva following along. Jungkook however still tried to connect your lips again but you immediately push him back down to lay on the bed that made him pout sadly.
"Why? Did I do something wrong?" He worriedly asked, eyebrows furrowed together. You shake your head, "no don't worry." you sigh afterwards laying your head back on his chest.
Jungkook doesn’t push it and just lets you do as you please. Although, he would really appreciate it if he could kiss you again. “I want to kiss you more.” He says so suddenly that it shocks you for a second because of how random it was. “Didn’t we make out long enough?” You ask, staring up at him with a playful stare.
“Nope.” He emphasized on the p, pouting his lips at you to ask for more. You chuckle at his cuteness, leaning in to only leave a peck his lips then going back to your original position.
Jungkook whined at that, unconciously pushing his hips up, thrusting his cock into you, drawing out a chocked gasp from you. “Goddamit, Jungkook!” You hiss, hitting his chest as you sit up.
He smiles cutely at you, “as if that’s gonna work.” You say, rolling your eyes at him before an idea pops up in your head.
You no longer felt sore and sensitive down there so you decided to just go through with your idea. With you still sitting on Jungkook body, warming his cock as replacement of not being able to fuck you, you start to roll your hips, receiving a shocked gasp from your boyfriend.
Jungkook looked at you with wide eyes, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He didn’t speak but the way his eyes would look down to where your bodies were connected and up back at you, you knew he had no idea why you were suddenly moving when you had specifically said that you were still sore.
However, you don’t say anything about what you were doing, simply smirking at him before raising your body just until the head of his cock was left in you then thrusts your body back down onto his cock, soliciting a loud moan from Jungkook you continue to do the same ministrations over and over again.
“_-__, fu-fuck! Fuck god!” Jungkook swears, his back arching up to your body causing your breasts to brush against his chest. “P-please just ride me, s-stop teasing. Ugh!” You raise an eyebrow at him, a wave of arousal surrounding his cock as you watch his body sweat, face sultry from pleasure.
You couldn’t help it, you had fallen in love with Jungkook way too deep to not do as he asks. Pushing your body down on his cock again, you start to bounce on his cock. Grinding your hips on his from time to time to let the ache in your thighs to fade a little before returning to bouncing on him faster.
“Is this what you want, babe? Me riding your cock like a good cockslut for you?” You ask, rolling your hips sensually, clenching hard around your boyfriend’s dick trying to make him come.
“God fuck yes! You’re so good for me.” Jungkook groans, placing his hands lower down to your hips to guide you while he starts to rut up into your own heat, helping you out. You moan, your body falling back onto his chest.
“J-Jungkook, I’m gonna-gonna come soon!” You announce, hands gripping the sheets while trying your best to match up to the hard and fast thrusts from him.
“M-me too! Fuck let’s come together, love.” Jungkook replies, pushing your body off of him to lay you on your back, spreading your legs while pulling your left leg to rest on his shoulder all without pulling out of you. He continued to pound into you, reaching even deeper.
You could feel him hit your cervix and your g-spot at the same time that made you whine and moan even more. Clenching harder, feeling your high coming really soon.
“Does this feel good, hun? No longer sore just by having my cock inside of you that you start to bounce on my dick out of nowhere? I thought you were in pain huh?” Jungkook whispers in your ear, voice falling an octave lower as he circle his thumb on your clit.
“I-I’m g-gonna-“ before you could even continue finish, Jungkook leans down and kisses you passionately, feeling loved by his kisses. Then did you come, moaning into his mouth. Jungkook comes right after you, pushing himself deeper into you to fill you up to the brim, painting your walls white with his cum.
You both stay that way, tired as Jungkook stuffed his face into your neck, keeping you close to him with your hands interwined. When you finally feel him soften inside you, you start to push him away from your body. “Get off of me before you get hard again.” You stricly command, knowing very well that a round 2 may come if you don’t get him away from you quick.
However, it seemed like you pushed him away too late because he was already starting to harden once again inside of you.
“You totally did not just leave your cock into me and let it soften.” You grumble, groaning back onto your pillow.
“And who’s fault is that?” Jungkook asks cutely, letting his head fall to the side while he awaits for a reply.
“Yours, idiot!”
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lilacvelvett · a day ago
jungkook diet (lose 6kg in a week)
found his diet on youtube— want to try it out and share it with others especially bts stans who want to try this diet that jungkook did for the butter comeback. It honestly seems very easy and healthy, it’s always worth a try, i even find myself interested in trying it. You can lose 6.6kg in a week by following the diet strictly and consistently, if you feel you want to alternate some meals into your day, please do so. I personally don’t think the diet is “unhealthy”, it just seems very annoying having to only eat salads. Again, you can find other healthy alternatives for a meal if you’re tired of salads. Please do this diet safely and don’t criticize jungkook for his weight loss methods. If anything, it’s much more healthy eating than starving so i applaud him for his efforts and sharing his journey. <3
also be aware that jungkook did mention to not eating for five days !! (wish I could) and only drank water to lose face fat. That is a method to reduce bloating— just remember you can easily gain that weight fast if you’re not consistent and debunking back into bad eating habits.
diet :
firstly, a day before starting the diet, cleanse your body by eating healthy (no oily food, no bread (gluten), sweets, carbonation) you don’t want to be bloated or have any junk in your body— you want to start with a light weight and keep your body focused to cleansing itself for the upcoming days of this diet.
- salad everyday (every 4 hours, add any protein and vegetables just NO dressing ) tip : use olive oil instead, it’s much more healthier and has better benefits
- exercise 5 times a week (morning and afternoon)
- kombucha (I personally recommend drinking it 3-4 times a week, too much can be bad for some bodies) <3
- drink only water ( especially after eating, helps with cravings)
- detox drink (any sort of gut relief or gut health detox drink)
- this was not what jungkook mentioned, but I’m sure he wouldn’t eat late (pass 8pm) since it causes bloating and fat to take longer to burn. Just make sure to eat at the appropriate times and not later than 7-8 pm
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
let me know if you guys want more kpop diets in the future <3
[I tried adding the link to his v-live, but it won’t let me, so if you want the video, plss message me and I’ll gladly share it] 🧚🏻‍♂️🪐
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taeyungie · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they’re so cute 😭
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intokook · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
did you know i have the fattest crush on him...
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jung-koook · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
barefaced jungkook is so breathtaking
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