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bts-trans · 2 days ago
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211204 Big Hit’s Tweet
[#오늘의방탄] iHeartRadio Jingle Ball's Faves #BTS! Happy Jingle Ball (  ˃̶͈̀ ⁻̫ ˂̶͈́ )੭ु⁾⁾💜 #방탄소년단 #BTSARMY #KIISJingleBall
[#Today’sBangtan] iHeartRadio Jingle Ball's Faves #BTS! Happy Jingle Ball (  ˃̶͈̀ ⁻̫ ˂̶͈́ )੭ु⁾⁾💜 #BTS #BTSARMY #KIISJingleBall
Trans cr; Faith @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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btsaudge · 2 days ago
Happy Birthday, Seokjin!!!!!!!!!!!
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nunuxhoho · a day ago
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04/12/21 Wonho Universe
Wonho privet message: "Just in case you missed me. I went to Jungwan hyung’s wedding today ! "
wonho was at the wedding !!! they were all there! 😭😭😭 all SEVEN of them!
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bts-hyperfixation · 15 hours ago
Kinktober Day 31 - OT7/Pregnancy? (conception)
Warnings: Y/N goes into active labour, there is a warning and a break in the text if you want to skip this section. Everything else is pretty vanilla
Part 1 / Part 2/ Part 3
By the time Jimin finds you the next day, it’s late.
The sun is long gone, and you’ve finally recovered from the jelly legs the sadistic line had left you with.
“How are your legs today, angel?” He asks, leaning over your shoulder as you work from your desk.
The whole house had heard you screaming as Tae and Hobi pushed you to your limits the night before.
Jin had made sure there was extra breakfast brought to you.
Joonie had checked in on you at least 4 times.
Yoongi and Jungkook kept texting to check you didn’t need anything.
And Taehyung and Hoseok must’ve sent more than a dozen bouquets from different florists across the city.
“They are finally sitting still, why do have a feeling you’re here to change that?”
He mocks being shot, dramatically back bending over onto your desk.
“You wound me, my love.” He says falling to his knees.
He rests his face against your thigh, fingers coming up to walk along in front of his face.
“I just wanted to check on how you were feeling, because I love you, and I care, and I”
“Am horny?” You finish for him, reaching out to stroke his cheek.
He turns his head to kiss your palm.
“Is it so wrong to see my beautiful girlfriend, whom I have not been allowed to make love to in almost three weeks, and want to make long and passionate love to her?”
“Of course not Chimmy-bear.” You squish his cheeks between your fingers, and he grumbles at you.
This spurs him out of teasing and into action.
He stands and pushes your office chair across the room towards the bed.
He then sits in front of you and pulls you on top of him.
It’s far from graceful but that doesn’t seem to be one of his main concerns at the moment.
You wriggle over his crotch, trying to balance yourself despite his rush.
He is already pulling your shirt over your head.
With your top out of the way, he shuffles to take his off and then pulls you close so your chest lays against his.
“We are going to make this so easy baby; I just want you to relax and go your speed.” He says littering your face with kisses in between actual pecks.
“Is that just your way of telling me you don’t want to be on top today?” You raise an eyebrow.
“It might be, but only because you look so good from down here, and it feels amazing.” You roll your eyes at the pouting dancer.
“I thought the whole idea of this week was for me to be worshipped and pampered.”
“Yes, but being last, I’m fairly certain I’ve already lost. This is my consolation prize.” He states matter of factly, thrusting his clothed erection into you.
Even after the week you’ve had, your pussy still throbs at the thought of him inside you.
You relent on the teasing and stand above him on the bed to remove your bottoms as he does the same.
His hands run up your legs, grabbing you at the knees to make you fall back into his lap.
You manage to stop yourself just shy of landing directly on his dick and breaking him in half.
“You are going to need to be far more careful if you actually want to get some tonight.” You tut, leaning forward to bite his pouty lip.
His hands run along your thighs, settling where they meet your tummy.
He uses the leverage to push you back, making your wet pussy rub against his hard member.
He uses you to lube up his dick.
Deciding he is ready and that you can’t wait any longer to have your remaining boyfriend after so long, you line him up and settle down on him slowly.
He groans as each inch sinks inside of your heat.
You grind against him as you get used to the feeling of him inside.
Your clit rubs along his pubic mound providing just enough pleasure to get you started.
You moan in his ear as you lean forward, purposefully riling him up.
As much as he claims he wants to be lazy, Jimin is looking for any excuse to take over and fuck into you from below.
You begin to bounce in shallow motions.
It drives him nuts.
You can see the strain in his face as he waits for you to go faster, harder, deeper.
He needs more friction than you are willing to give him right away.
“You know…” You tease sitting all the way back, drawing lazy patterns on his chest as you pretend to think about something. “I think my legs are just too tired for this Jiminie.”
His hip jolt underneath you.
“Lean forward again.” He growls, not giving you much of a choice as he pulls you down by your biceps.
He thrusts hard upwards hitting right against your g-spot.
You arch your back, so your clit rubs against him every so often adding just a little extra to your pleasure.
His high comes much faster than yours.
His thrusts get sloppy and his rhythm falters.
He pushes hard up into you as he cums and you lean back so he can put his hips flat on the bed.
You start to finish yourself off.
You reach to rub at your clit while you can feel him softening inside of you.
But he practically slaps your hand out of the way.
He replaces it with his own, rubbing fast little circles that he knows will get you off every time.
You unravel into him is a matter of minutes.
“We should get cleaned up.” He says brushing your hair away from your face.”
“Don’t you want to sit here and make sure it sticks like the others did?” You ask genuinely confused.
“Nah at this point if it stuck it stuck. And if we stay like this for much longer we will be stuck.” He laughs.
------ Under this point, Y/N is in labour
9(10) Months Later
“I need to know who the father is!” You scream halfway through labour
“I thought we agreed we didn’t want to know.” Namjoon tried to reason.
“I need to know who I need to kick in the nuts for putting me through this.” You force through gritted teeth. The other six men in the room crossed their legs at your announcement. Namjoon squeezed your hand harder.
“We can talk about this after baby, focus on pushing for now. As soon as this is over you can kick every one of us if you need to.” Yoongi soothes, reaching around Namjoon to stroke your sweaty hair from your face. You breathe and push through another contraction.
“Okay baby number one is crowning.” The doctor calls from between your legs. That had seemed like a wonderful surprise at the time. Twins. Two beautiful little babies to love. Now it seemed like absolute hell. “This next push is going to be the worst as the shoulders come through.” You groan and dig your nails into Namjoon’s skin. The poor rapper was going to need to get that seen to when this was through. But there was no way he was letting you go now.
The entire labour last 19 hours from start to finish. The twins were born 24 minutes apart and they were both beautiful. A little curled up and smushed as newborns tend to be, but gorgeous nonetheless. The nurses took them to be checked over as you settled back into the hospital bed. The doctor didn’t walk away yet though. You still had to get through the afterbirth, and lucky you that meant two placenta’s. You could’ve cried as you watched the bloody masses get pulled away and put in a dish. Taehyung nearly threw up, he had to cuddle into Jin just so he could stay in the room. He was too tempted to keep watching the horror show unfolding before them.
Jungkook mopped your head with a cool towel as the Namjoon disappeared to get his hand checked. He had been surprisingly steady throughout the birth, although you had your suspicions that he was now sitting on the bed with you because he had to and not only because he wanted to.
------ Y/N is out of active labour
The others bickered around you. A noise most might find annoying, but you find it comforting.
“He definitely has my nose.” Jimin proclaimed proudly.
“No! Did you see the shape of her eyes? That baby girl has WWH written all over her!” Jin shoots back.
“His smile was too boxy to be related to any of yours,” Taehyung stated as if it was an already proven fact.
“You are joking if you don’t think her pout wasn’t the perfect little heart,” Hobi adds to the discourse.
“I really don’t think it matters guys.” Yoongi tries to mediate. “Y/N? Do you still want to know?” You shake your head sleepily.
“No, maybe another time. We have to put Kookie as the father for the public anyway.” You shrug. Jungkook puffs up excitedly next to you and you elbow him. “This isn’t favouritism Kook.” You remind him.
“Whatever you say, we all know the truth.” There are multiple eye rolls throughout the room. Just then Namjoon walks back in with his hand bandaged and the room goes quiet.
“Where are our babies then? I need a cuddle.” He announces looking around the hospital room.
“They are here.” The doctor says re-entering the room.
“Is everything okay Doctor?” You ask getting more and more anxious the longer your babies are out of your arms.
“Perfectly healthy, you’ve got two strong little ones there.
“Now about the paternity…” He starts.
“Thanks, doctor but we don’t want to know right now.”
“That’s fine I just need to tell you. As your twins are fraternal, and we have taken their DNA to test… their results came back as half-siblings. They have different fathers. It’s actually incredibly rare for this to happen. I’ve never seen it in my career, well not until now at least” The doctor explains as the nurse lay your twins back in your arms.
The entire room is silent, you could hear pin drop. The doctor excuses himself to give you all some time. Jin is the first one to break the silence
“I was joking when I said I was going to fuck you so hard I’d change Jungkook’s baby to mine…” He looks genuinely shocked like he is so sure that’s what must‘ve happened. Yoongi slaps him around the head and then walks over to take one of the babies from you. He takes your little girl and cuddles her close.
“I don’t know about you guys, but I really don’t care if this is biological, this is my daughter and that is my son,” Yoongi says unable to look away from the baby in his arms.
There are murmurs of agreement through the room as the boys crowd in closer to get a good look at the newest additions to your family.
Kinktober Masterlist 2021
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gyeheoni · a day ago
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christmas lights - cover by verivery 🎄
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btsaudge · 14 hours ago
Bangtan ~ VOGUE | GQ KOREA
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taee · 14 days ago
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bts at the 2021 amas red carpet
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gyeheoni · 2 days ago
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