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#jeongguk x reader
athenakyle · 17 days ago
Jeongguk wakes up and realizes that it’s your arms holding him close and he panics. Last night had been the most incredible night of his life, but it was just a dream… right? There’s no way that you’re here in bed with him, there’s no way you would allow him to taint you, to paint your skin in sin the way you had last night, right?
You sigh softly, eyes fluttering open as a blush rises to your cheeks when you realize you’re naked in bed with him, “Hi,” your voice is soft, melodic and calm, everything that Jeongguk is not.
“I have to go.” He jumps out of your embrace so quick it was as if your touch burned him. You watch in amusement as he struggles to pull on his sweats, falling into a seated position on the bed in his haste.
“It’s Saturday,” you laugh gently as you reach for him, “And this is your room.”
The two of you stare at one another for a moment as the smile begins to slip from your face at the lack of emotion displayed on his.
“I can’t be here right now.” He pushes off the bed, not able to take the look of confusion and hurt overtaking your features.
“Gguk wait,” you call out to him, struggle to stop him as you get tangled in the sheets.
“Just forget anything happened.” He turns away from your face, not able to handle the way you were looking at him.
You stand and stare at his back, the lean muscle marred by your nails from the night before. “Gguk, look at me, please.” You reach out to touch him, stopping short when he turns to face you.
“This was a mistake,” his voice is firm and void of emotion, “it didn’t mean anything.” He knows his words are a lie before they even leave his mouth. You however don’t, and judging by the way your eyes get glassy, he’s a better liar than he realized.
He stands firm, not daring to repeat himself, but also refusing to take the words back.
“Oh,” you retract your hand and will yourself to not cry as you pull his sheets tighter as if they can protect you from this moment. “Well,” you take a breath and pull yourself together, “I will think the opposite if it’s all the same to you.” Your smile is bittersweet as you remember the way he held you close, and made you feel cherished and loved, “I prefer to remember, because last night meant something to me.” You search for your clothes, and quietly slip them on.
He remains silent and turns away from you as you put yourself together. The quiet of the morning amplifying the sounds of your sniffles as you struggle not to cry.
He’s still staring out the window refusing to face you by the time you’re fully dressed, “You might look back on me as something you regret, like last night a mistake,” your voice cracks, “but I’ll look back on it fondly, because it was with you.” You wait for a beat, hoping for some sort of acknowledgement. “Right,” you nod and through the reflection he can see the tears streaming down your cheeks, “I forgot, you’re no longer the boy who said he’d wait another 19 years so long as I was his first kiss.” You chuckle but it’s full of bitterness and hurt, “I knew your reputation with women, shame on me for thinking that I was different.”
Jeongguk closes his eyes, willing the tears away when he hears his bedroom door close and your footsteps fade down the hall.
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yumeyooa · 18 days ago
[11:48 PM]—i’m not the type to risk it all, but you got me acting irrational
—pairing: jeon jungkook x gender neutral! reader; genre: angst; light fluff; college au, no label au, rated g wc: 0.6k+; warnings: toxic relationship, jungkook is drunk
Tumblr media
He was here again. 
Jeon Jungkook stood outside your door, drunk out of his mind, while his friends Jimin and Taehyung looked at you sheepishly. 
“Sorry (Y/N), we wanted to bring him back to his apartment, but the stupid idiot locked himself out. You were the only one nearby.”
Of course, he would. Typical. 
With a sigh, you let the men in, allowing them to dump Jungkook on your worn-out couch before they fled, something about heading over to another bar to end the night with a bang. 
Whatever that meant. 
Honestly, you should have said no, you thought to yourself as you stared at Jungkook’s slouched figure on your couch. You should have shut the door the moment you saw the ridiculous smiles on Jimin and Taehyung’s faces. But no, the heart that you thought had learned from its numerous mistakes was still a fool. 
Your relationship with Jungkook was interesting, to say the least. When you had first met back in your freshman year, like the young, naive kid you were, you fell smitten for him. 
Who wouldn’t? He was Jeon Jungkook, the heartthrob of your entire campus. His very presence had many swooning. It was only natural for you to fall for his charms. 
Yet the way it happened was unusual yet oh so cliche as if it came straight out of a romance novel,
You still remember it clear as day. You were running around campus, trying to get to your club’s meeting as fast as you could, cursing cause you were late. And it was the first meeting too. What a way to make an impression, honestly. But as you made your way up the stairs of the old building, you bumped into someone, screaming in surprise as you felt gravity do its magic and pull you down the flight of stairs, thrusting you straight to your doom. 
Yet a pair of arms wrap around your waist and hold you steady, and you open your eyes to meet Jungkook’s, a worried gaze lacing through his face. 
And you had fallen. Ironic, really. 
Since then, you found yourself swept away by his charms. Being around Jungkook was like a roller coaster ride that you could never step down from. You knew it was wrong to let yourself get played by him over and over again, but you couldn’t help it. Jeon Jungkook had you perfectly covered under his spell, and there was just no way out. 
As you wipe the sweat from his forehead gently and tuck him into a soft blanket you had grabbed from your closet, you feel yourself sigh. How much longer was this going to last? By the looks of it, he was probably messing around with some other girl before he got to your apartment, as seen by the blatant red lipstick mark on his cheek. It made your heart clench painfully. 
You knew there were other people out there, better people who would treat you like you were their world, yet your heart always found itself drawn to him. And you hated it. You hated how Jungkook had you wrapped around his finger. 
“(Y/N)...” you hear Jungkook mumble in his sleep, and you freeze, turning to gaze at him once more with pained eyes. But you couldn’t deny the rapid beating of your heart. Perhaps there was a chance things could work out. Even if that chance was only minimal. 
And so you reach out your hand to run through his hair, basking in the sweetness of the moment, because who knows when this would ever happen again. “Good night, Jungkook,” you whisper ever so softly, a prayer laced in between, hoping that he would one day reciprocate your feelings. 
But for now, this would have to do, as you smile at his sleeping figure and turn off the lights, heading back to your room. 
Perhaps tomorrow would be a better day for you and Jungkook. 
Tumblr media
➢ taglist (send an ask to be tagged): @mwitsmejk​ 
© yumeyooa 2021. All rights reserved. Copying, reposting, translating, and modifying in any platform aside from a03 and tumblr or by any means is NOT permitted and will be dealt with accordingly.
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allthelovefromstylesxx · a month ago
Visitations of the Heart | jjk
- Jungkook x reader; angst
- Warnings: angst, death, reader is dreaming of Jungkook who has recently passed away (so themes might be triggering)
- Word count: 1k+
- Summary: Jungkook visits you in your dreams
- Author’s note: here’s a small jungkook drabble. I hope if you stumble across it, you enjoy!
You’re falling. Your body tumbling through the clouds, but the ground seems to be no where in sight. It seems endless, like you will be plunging through the sky forevermore. That’s when you hear it. A soft voice, like an angel, cutting through the air.
“You’re alright y/n. Listen to my voice, let it guide you down, down, down.” The voice is no louder than a whisper, but you can hear it perfectly, even through the wind that whips near your ears. Right after hearing the voice, you notice your speed slowing down. Now you’re floating, making your way slowly through the clouds, no longer free falling. It’s nice you think. You close your eyes and enjoy the decent down. To where you were going, you had no idea; but you like this. You crave the assurance of the voice again.
“I’m right here,” it says. Almost like it knew that you needed its comfort again, for it to keep guiding you, consoling you. There’s something so familiar about the voice, but you can’t place your finger on it. The deepness, the tenderness of it; you’ve heard it before. You’re sure.
“Why am I falling?” You ask. You’re confused. Why are you here? Where are you going?
“You’re taking a journey to visit an old friend,” the voice replies. “You haven’t seen them in quite some time, they miss you.”
You hear the voice explain what’s going on, but you’re still perturbed. Something’s wrong. There’s a heaviness surrounding you despite that you’re floating now instead of rapidly falling.
“An old friend?” you ask. You can’t think of anyone you haven’t seen in a while. All your friends are healthy, happy, and present in your life. There’s still a cloud of ambiguity, like you’re purposefully being blocked from seeing the full picture.
The clouds start to thin out and that’s when you make out the ground. Although it’s not a normal ground, its soft and fluffy, like it’s made of clouds.
You gently land on your feet, looking around for your supposed “friend.” You frown; you see no one around you. You are alone. The heaviness that envelops around you intensifies and your chest starts to ache. It feels like someone is pushing a dagger through your heart. You look down at your chest and see nothing penetrating it, no blood. What is going on?
“Y/n,” you hear. The piercing you felt in your chest immediately subsides.
It’s the voice again, although this time its louder, and seems to be close to you. Unlike how it was when you were in the sky. The voice from up there felt like a mist surrounding you, everywhere around you. But this, this voice is coming from a specific spot behind you. It’s sharper, more clear.
You turn around and gasp at what, rather who, you see. It’s him. Jungkook.
When you turn around, Jungkook smiles at you, like you are his whole world. His eyes crinkle when his lips upturn, he’s giving you his full smile, the one you loved most dearly.
“Jungkook?” you whisper. You can’t believe you’re seeing him.
You walk slowly up to him, afraid that if you run up to him, he will disappear as quickly as he came.
“Hi bunny.” That’s the nickname Jungkook gave you when you guys were dating. Although you always argued that he represented a bunny more that you did. Though, you secretly loved the endearing nickname. It made you feel like you were completely his.
Tears are falling down your face while Jungkook swiftly takes you into his arms. He wraps them around your frame, pulling you tightly into him. He smells familiar, something that you’ve missed. You wrap your hands around his neck, your nose in the crook of his neck.
“I’ve missed you so much,” you choke out.
“I know baby, I know. I miss you too.” At this, he clenches his arms around you even more, the action causes him to lift you slightly off the cloudy ground.
You continue to cry into his neck, relishing this moment because you sense that it’s not going to last. The heaviness is seeping back into your chest, the point of the dagger teasing your heart.
“Please don’t go. Don’t leave me.” You plead.
You look up at him. He smiles gently down at you, bringing up a hand to brush your hair away from your face, tucking it behind your ear.
“You know I can’t stay,” he repines.
You’re grasping at his hands now, they are resting delicately on your face. His thumbs stroking underneath your eyes, wiping away the constant flow of tears.
“But I love you,” you argue. “Why did you leave me?” You’re sobbing now, still in Jungkook’s hold.
“No one knows why some people’s time ends before others, but just know that I’m here waiting for you when it’s yours.”
He looks down at you one last time before he says, “I love you so much, bunny. I’ll see you soon.” When you look back up at him, he’s fading away into the clouds.
“Jungkook!” you scream. You don’t care how crazy you seem. You keep wailing for him to come back, already missing his warmth.
No matter how much you scream into the void, he doesn’t return. Your voice starts to hurt, and your throat becomes scratchy. Exhausted, you lie down on the soft ground, deciding it’s time to rest.
You jolt up in bed. This was the third time you’ve dreamed of Jungkook this week. It was understandable, the anniversary of his death was in a few days. He always comes to you in your dreams, which makes you miss him even more.
You check your phone and see that it’s 2:37am. You put on the song Lo Que Construimos, a song you’ve recently found comfort in. You let the soft melody coax you back to sleep.
The next day you pick up Jungkook’s favorite flowers, tiger lilies, and make your way to the cemetery. You sit down in front of his grave and place the flowers down. You sigh as you prepare to talk to him as if he were still here, hoping that by some chance, he’s listening.
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ughcore · a month ago
Tumblr media
- atu!jaykay ; masterlist 
“there’s no greater evidence of the thin line between love and hate than your relationship with jeon jeongguk.”
jjk / enemies to lovers to established relationship + slice of life au
warnings: explicit smut, oral (m & f receiving), creampie, lowkey dom!jaykay, pet names :), impregnation kink :), body worship, choking, pussy spanking, masturbation, sensory deprivation, spitting, fingering etc....
note: oneshots will be updated as the order changes. they are not posted chronologically, though they are listed as such.
ongoing (currently 27k) 
Tumblr media
x mine for the night (m) - jeongguk last night in town brings some surprises x addicted to u (m) - you and jeongguk come face to face after six months x caught in the moment (m) - taehyung organises a trip to the cabin x 01:14am (m) - you come home from work and find jeongguk asleep x it’s always you (m) - you take jeongguk to your parents house x right here (m) - jimin comes along and causes problems for you and jeongguk
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minloop · 3 months ago
Less Than Three | JJK
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: streamer!jeongguk x reader
genre: fluff, gamer au, streamer au, established relationship
rating: pg15
wc: 6.6k
warnings: language, sweet fluff, the chat loves yoongi, probably poorly edited
summary: donate for a date with yoongi OR you fell asleep before 100k
Tumblr media
a/n: oh my gosh i have been writing this for so long and i finally found the motivation to finish!! im excited to write more streamer!koo and i hope you guys enjoy these cuties...; also the title is less than three because i love watching a stream and hearing the automated voice say it whenever someone <3 in their message, it’s cute
also this is based off of this request i got after i dropped stream simulator i believe...?? read the ask here :-)
p.s. peep the announcement at the end 👀
**italics are donations being read out by the automated voice dono reader thingy and if it’s just the indent its a message in the chat
[stream simulator masterlist]
Tumblr media
The jingle of the lock on the opposing side of the door draws Jeongguk from the trek to his office, feet sliding along the tile to let you into your home, socked toes pushing the flooring with haste. Your gazes lock upon his quick rip from the wooden frame, a peck dropped  to your wind kissed cheeks. His hand grazes your torso with an easy scoop of  fistfuls from your grip, goodies overflowing from paper threatening to burst. There’s a light in your eyes to match the buzzing of his skin, your jacket shed and shoes toed by the door to precurse your silent trail in his strident wake. 
Jeongguk all but dumps freshly purchased products along the expanse of the counter, shining from the recent wipe of lemony disinfectant, quick reflexes saving the spill of a peculiar prism he doesn’t recall jotting on the list that now lay balled and forgotten in the center console. He cards a hand through darkened locks, finger catching in the slight tangle of the curled tresses, tossing the box to one side, abandoning curiosity in favor of the newly wrapped plastic containing a game he was insistent on purchasing for the looming event, eyes glazed with the wrap coated words dressing the heavily graphed casing. 
You meander the kitchen, adjusting the hanging of decorations, yanking free the postings on the front face of your fridge to save from possible embarrassment of half scrawled groceries that now lay mostly eaten in sealed cabinets, adjusting a timed photo of your arms perched along the top of Jeongguk’s head, his hair resembling a dark and lonesome pea at that particular stage of your early romance. 
You curse nearly tripping from the strategic protrusion of broom bristles nudging your ankle from a half open cabinet, a glare tossed in Jeongguk’s direction, the culprit busied earlier in the day with a routine swipe of the first floor. Muscles nudge at your half slumped frown line, Jeongguk too far into one of the bags to notice the holes burning his side profile, his lips puckered in silent awe, eyes set aglow under the glare of the kitchen lights. 
“Cupboard closed next time please, babe.” His head tilts in recognition, case clattering along the marble countertop, stopping him midstep when he attempts to remedy his error, fingers slowly sliding it to the center. Your hand finds the tip of the broom handle, expertly sheathing it behind the door to shut with a resounding click that once more draws widened pupils. 
“I was gonna do it!” Jeongguk takes in the press of your irises and the pout of your lips that forces the apples of your cheeks to ready attention, pushing the settled curve of your eyes, dark bags formed underneath from the early morning rise. He smiles, despite the scold in your gaze, your adoring nature outweighing your attempt at authority. “I don’t know why you’re freaking out so much, everything will be perfectly fine.” 
“Not freaking out,” You take the extra few paces until his waist is within reach, arms securing his dainty lower frame, face nudging the thick of his hoodie prepared to lose yourself in his heady scent. 
His chin rests atop your crown, wisps of breath warming your scalp with the press of his nose, the thick strands rounding his cheeks intermingling with your freshly washed roots. You mumble into fabric, a rumble coursing through him whilst your muffled vocals tickle at his abdomen. His chin lifts, finger finding the underside of your own, gently raising until he’s sure to make sense of babbled incoherence.
“One more time?” Fingers clasp at his lower back, a hum of distraction and light sway along the short of the kitchen floor halted when Jeongguk takes control, his hands sliding the length of your spine, setting a fire along the column of nerves where your top bunches,  your squeal following his less than elegant boost of your frame onto the counter, some far off object rolling to the floor. 
“I’m just nervous,” You hush, pushing back to the counter with your arms splayed, waiting for the pull of Jeongguk’s dimples, that reassuring smile that never ceases to drain you of the doubts that routinely flood your mind. His palms plant to the base of your thighs, soothing circles making race along the covered skin. He’s close enough that breath dances along the plains of your face, the scent of mint half covered with the sugary course he all but inhaled at breakfast. 
Neither of you speak for several heavy moments, Jeongguk pushing the tip of his nose to your warm cheeks, nudging with a softness you’ve grown so fond of, while his lips follow not far behind, gentle presses that tickle and tease until your making purchase at the blades of his shoulders, urging him closer. You barely notice his gentle slide of your body to the edge of the counter, marble eating at the fabric of your joggers, body pressing against his to consume a heat always ready and waiting. 
“There’s no reason to be nervous,” He murmurs into the space where neck meets shoulder with another press of his lips, slightly sticking with the moisture of freshly applied balm. You only offer a light hum, nearly agreeing with his every word under the guise of proximity. You press your forehead to the crown of his nuzzling cranium, forcing him to vacate his chosen rest, your hands creating a pattern along his impressive shoulders, up to his rosed cheeks, capturing him in embrace. 
It’s with ease that you slot your nose just adjacent to his own, always one of your favorite features, or perhaps the one that always seems to catch your attention in the most endearing way. It’s second nature to imagine the scrunch of excitement or tease that often befalls him, forcing your lips to part in a grin. You take note, tracing him with a care that only lovers can emulate, extra time brushed on the darkened divot of his memorized cheek. 
The gentle tap at the door sends Jeongguk stumbling backwards, his cheeks in a pretty flush, eyes widening as if your visitor has x-ray, able to see the happenings of your cluttered kitchen counter. “Are you expecting someone?” 
“Yes, so are you, love.” You chuckle, sliding until your feet hit the ground, sidestepping Jeongguk to get the door. Your knuckles curl around the cool handle, gently greeting the figure standing impatiently on the other side. He barely waits for the complete pull of the barrier before his boots are squeaking past you into the warmth, one hand clutching impressive suede while the other cups to his lips to accept gasps of heat. “Hello to you too.” 
“It’s cold, what were you two doing?” His feet stutter midway into the kitchen, your face almost pushed into the rear of his coat. He takes in the accidental mess, then the warmed cheeks of Jeongguk with a pull of his confirmed brows. “Gross, sorry for the interruption.”
“I-we weren’t doing that!” Jeongguk scrambles, crouching to pluck the objects littering the floor near the counter, evidence to Yoongi’s falsified conclusion. The pleas are half heard, Yoongi’s mission to further fluster complete, your chin coming to rest atop his shoulder to peek the bag dangling from his fingers with such care. “Is that your new setup?” 
Jeongguk eagerly runs an arm along the countertop, the knock of restored items deleting his previous progress to make room for Yoongi’s impressive case. You follow to where his sudden unboxing is ready to occur, pushing into Jeongguk’s side for a better view, his arms circling your frame to adjust you before him. Your verse of the technological  is pitifully less so than either of the men surrounding you, Jeongguk’s smile aimed at your blind excitement as Yoongi reveals the shine of his new camera. 
You always find wonder in the object of exposure, the medium lens the avenue of fame for so many, including Jeongguk. You find amazement in his ability to reveal so much of himself for little revelation in return, the monetization of his stream companied with the return of his sizable channel appearing miniscule compared to the microscope he allows himself to be seen through. 
It plays in part to your continued nerves despite welcome receivings from your far and few appearances in his many onscreen ventures. You’re glad to be on the other side, watching the way he handles the finesse of the industry, stepping in with the occasional suggestion and watching his beautiful mind bring it to ready fruition. 
“Wow, it’s so pretty.” Jeongguk and Yoongi chuckle, your finger nudging at one side of the weight in Yoongi’s hand, the sturdy material reflecting kindly in the bright of the room. He passes it to Jeongguk, your head nearly careening with his in your haste for closer look. He fiddles methodically, quiet hums and mumblings leaving his pursed lips at regular intervals, you simply nodding along to his silent observations. 
“This one has a lot more filters than mine, is it the newest model?” Jeongguk finally glances up to Yoongi who’s already begun unloading more equipment than you found logical for the bag he’s pulled it from, a magician in his own right you conclude. His confirmation is in grunt, body stooped over his mission, his own string of incoherencies falling in huffs thereafter.
You pull your phone from the confines of your pocket, camera slipped to screen straight away. You snap a few pictures of the space, sure to catch the gentle pull of Yoongi’s features as a master of his craft and the amused concentration of Jeongguk, his eyes sliding to your lens a millisecond before the click of completion, lips pulling back in readied grin, fingers thrown in peace. 
“What are you doing?” He pulls your device, snapping a half devised shot of you before your offered explanation. 
“Behind the scenes, the room where it happens.” You fret with a few misplaced strands of his hair, yanking your phone from his grip and once more catching the frame. His eyes are a pleasant roll, freckles and moles dancing along his cheeks with the upturn of his decadent grin. “Thank you for helping, Yoongi.” 
He stands from his lowered position, waving the pleasantry to the wayside, stepping over to your fridge for what you’re sure will be the first drink of many this evening. “Do you know how many dms I got last time? Not saying I enjoy the attention, but this gig has its perks.” 
“So your main motivation is my audience thinking you're hot?” Jeongguk is only half surprised, his head dipping with silent amusement, quickly replacing the camera when it nearly jumps from his grip. 
The last time Yoongi made an appearance on screen was  followed by the steady flood of questions inquiring his eligibility. Jeongguk’s reaction was initialed by ignorance, but an hour in and he was encouraging them to seek his friend’s hand themselves. Reception was more than any of you were expecting, the constant buzz of Yoongi’s phone forced to silence before the night’s end.
You can recall the paint of his cheeks, gummy grin stretched to an adoring expanse, his steps not without a hop for the rest of that evening. The sweet cameraman and long time friend more than deserving of the praise and attention, though he would never ask for it, only revel in endearment.
“Hey, you’ve got your ooey gooey sickness, let me find mine.” Jeongguk shrugs, his fingers curling in the material of your shirt to pull you into his chest. Habit befalls his lips to your head, your own hands bunching into his sweatshirt at the sudden display. “Though I don’t think anybody can be as sick as you two.” 
You choke on dry nothingness, pulling from Jeongguk with a step in Yoongi’s direction. “Love is a funny thing, Min Yoongi, it makes you crazy. You’ll see,” You grab hold of his cheek’s pliable precipice, gently tugging the skin, much to his dismay. Your pull away leaves him stained pink, his reaction a gentle swipe of the assaulted area. 
“Did you grab the extensions I asked for?” Jeongguk panders toward his office, steps suddenly pepped with impending excitement. You nod toward the bag nearest him, the only one untouched in previous chaos. His hand is quickly triumphant in its sudden dive, eyes alight when he pulls free the neat bundle of cords that are sure to be tangled in the circus beneath his desk before the hour’s finished. “Gonna go make sure the new ring light is working and then mess with some settings for later. Can you set everything up here?” 
“Sure thing, love.” Your thumbs shoot in agreement, hand slotting to your lips to send a pucker his way, his arm extending with dramatics to catch the bit of air in a clutch to his chest before the corner swallows him whole. 
“Are you ready?” Jeongguk steps into the living room where you sit, legs pulled on the sofa, Yoongi fiddling with your excited pup Finn on the adjacent recliner. You assume his words are meant for your friend, too entranced with the attempted shot of a tongue to a nose set to dodge with ease.  Your chin tucks into your sweater,  forgoing response only to be met with his hummed, “I mean you, ya goof.” 
You lift your gaze, the galaxy staring back with a smile reflecting his given moniker stretching his muscles with unfiltered glee. His hand extends in wait for your own, soft and landing in his palm no less nervous than earlier in the day. Jeongguk pulls you to your feet, waiting for the stiffened step you take toward him. The blunt edge of his thumb drifts the corner of your lip, following the muscle into the smile that shoots straight for the strings of his love organ beating rapidly in his chest, sure it’s tripled in size since you walked into his life. 
“Mmhm.” You respond tight lipped, Jeongguk’s grip strengthening around your clammed skin, assurance that your nerves will be short lived once you're paired before his monitor with the encouragement of his thousands of subscribers. 
Jeongguk steady leads you to his office, the space set in an ambient blue lighting, not too much on the eyes, but allowing for your immediate comfort in the daunting enclosure. Already waiting for you is the chair, a hair shorter than his own and all the more ordinary, the gesture expected but still urging you forward with a ready surge of confidence as you fall into the dense cushion. 
The hum of his lobby, the curated tune waiting for his imminent countdown before the red of the camera set to record, is audible from the dormant headphones with their cords draped along a colored keyboard, neon lights shining from slivered cracks to reflect along the thin black expanse. You snag your usual pair, Jeongguk plopping next to you and doing the same, the phones pushing his hair so it bunches around the thick circumference of the half circle leading to the speakers pressed to his ears. 
“So cute,” Your words mumble but the mic inches from your face echoing the pitch in your headphones, your shoulders jumping from reverb scratching at your drums. Jeongguk shifts in grimace, working at the control panel with quick precision.  
“Say again?” He half teases, hands quick to adjust your mic and the settings to be sure his audience isn’t assaulted just the same. You scramble forward, legs of your chair catching against the decorative rug, feet fighting against the fabric friction to crane your neck closer to the mic. 
“I said-” You playfully tug at his hair from the back, tongue poking out when his stare trains on you with brows raised and pupils in comical squint. “You’re a cutie.” 
Crystal clear Jeongguk raises his fist in triumph, his free hand landing on the push of his mouse, ensuring the windows for his stream labs and the various sources for the evening’s festivities are pulled forth. Your legs lift onto the chair in a comfortable criss-cross, one hand landing along the comforting fabric of Jeongguk’s shoulder, dragging along with the intent to sooth, head tilting to rest against the crest, watching him expertly navigate what, to you, appears nothing short of mazelike.
“I think that does it,” His tongue pokes at the inside of his cheek, pushing the flesh and nudging you from his shoulder. “You good?” 
“Yeah, I’m just chillin.” 
“Good,” He chuckles, hand moving to the control board raised on the nifty shelf you watched him assemble just a week prior, the desk now free of extra clutter, though momentarily covered with your various snacks and drinks, to satiate the hunger that always seems to loom on camera. His fingers hover over the button programmed for countdown, eyes jumping to his monitor, suddenly remembering. “I have no idea if Jin is ready.”
“I think he’s wondering what you’re doing,” You giggle, pointing toward the rapid shift of notifications drifting along the bottom of the left most monitor, Jin already teasing Jeongguk about starting nearly thirty minutes after he’s rallied the troops with the post of a tweet. “It’s all you, love.” 
“It’s all us,” He grins, starting the countdown and pointedly ignoring your comment about his cheesy rebuttal. 
Your attention lands on his screen labs, the chat already in a frenzy, their comments and pleasantries toward other respective viewers unrestricted by time zone turn to greetings to Jeongguk then to you as the time dwindles down, screen zeroing in on your smiling faces. 
Jeongguk is in it immediately, music dressing his playful words as donos sound in your ears, urging the hype train to continue to the next level, white words painting a level 3 across the screen. The funds immediately begin to fill the bar Jeongguk has placed in the bottom left of the screen under his sub count. 
Hi y/n you look amazing as always <3
“Hi, thank you, you’re so sweet!” Your hand comes to cover your immediate smile, never unfazed by the comments directed toward you. “How are you guys? I’m excited.” 
“I think they’re really happy that you’re here,” Jeongguk points toward the chat, already filled with compliments, some adding a comment or two about Jeongguk. 
“Are you happy I’m here?” You tease, already aware that he’s ecstatic to have you with him. 
“I’m always happy to have you with me,” He directs his hand to your own, fingers clasped and raised to his lips for a quick kiss. You’re not deaf to the sounds of gagging that can be heard from the open door, chuckling when the viewers also take note of the unfamiliar sound between their cooing at your display of affection. 
“Alright alright, I guess we should get down to business. It looks like you guys have already got it covered though,” Your eyes follow the trail of his own, the bar indicating funds donated up significantly in only a few minutes. “So, as you’re all aware the funds for this stream are going to…”
Your mind wanders as Jeongguk explains the nature of the stream, his eyes alight with a passion that pulls you from bed every morning. His skin glows under the flood of mood lighting and his eyes reflect the screen that he’s staring into with such intent. You don’t know when your hands shifted, now allowing him the freedom of his thumb to glide along your knuckles but it forces your smile to widen. He loves what he does and you adore the platform that he’s built from the ground up, memories of his days playing for crowds of a couple hundred surfacing. 
You pay no mind to the drift of silence until his eyes are on you, lip quirking unsure. “What?” 
“Nothing, I just love watching you.” You smile fondly, his head tilting in habit as his gaze averts back to the screen successfully flustered. 
“Anyways! We do have a couple of surprises for you guys throughout the night when we reach certain goals, brought to you by your favorite tech nerd.” He fiddles with his controls until you’re both minimized and Yoongi’s taken over the screen, arms perched atop the counter, drink dangling in hand. “Say hello to the people, Yoongi!” 
“Hello to the people,” He raises his hand just a tad, award winning smile tugging at his cheeks. His hair’s gotten longer, kissing his lashes in dangled fringe. You’re very conscious of his attraction and not the least bit confused about the attention he’s receiving. He’s already begun to sort through the mess that Jeongguk and yourself left behind, not wasting time setting up his own lighting and subsequent tasks. 
As if he senses your silent thoughts, Jeongguk leans into you, drawing your attention for a sweet moment of unspoken reassurance. Your free hand finds its way to brushing through his soft locks, glad for the prompted affection, before you engage with Yoongi once more. 
“Are you excited, Yoongs? I know everyone is very excited to see you,” You tease, leaning over to catch a glimpse of the questionable messages being sent by many of those present in the stream. “The chat is very excited. Are you sure we can’t make one of the prizes a date with you?” 
“I don’t know if they could handle it,” He teases, distracting himself with the fiddle of a contraption you can’t name. “But if you guys can get to twenty thousand we’ll have a fun little date right here on stream.”
You're unsure if it's the natural charisma that seems to ooze from Yoongi with perfect timing, but his teeth grab hold of his lip and his eyes are dazzling under the artificial kitchen lights. It almost has you grabbing your own phone to add to the donations already piling in. 
“You guys are already halfway there,” Jeongguk muses. “I was gonna suggest we start a little gaming, but I think we should just chat for a bit.”
“Yeah, I think that would probably be best. You guys are really on your game tonight, I’m already honestly blown away by your generosity.”
“Well, I’ll be here...waiting alone.” Yoongi sighs, drawing out the words in feigned sulk. As if to add to the dramatics of the scene, Jeongguk transitions back to full screen with a shrug ignoring the influx of protests from Yoongi and viewers alike. “I’ll remember that!” 
“So!” Jeongguk half spins toward you, glancing between you and the chat in thought. “Should we do like a game or have you guys ask us questions or something?” 
“Let’s just talk about our day, how are you guys?” Your eyes squint, the pace of the comments almost too hard for your eyes to track. Jeongguk does the same, his frame leaning a little closer, allowing your chin to rest on his shoulder.
it’s 3am here, but you better believe i will go to work with no sleep for this extra serotonin !!!!
“I mean, maybe get a little sleep,” You advise before Jeongguk’s fingers pull to his lips and he shushes.
“Ya know, I for one think that sleep is overrated. If your boss asks you why you’re slacking off tomorrow I give you permission to blame y/n because we need you here right now...fueling our egos.” 
“What? It’s not like they’re gonna track you down, and if they do just pretend you don’t know…” He glances at the screen, “—joonstiddiecommitee.”
“Hey…” You glance at one of the comments in the chat, recovering from laughter at one of Jeongguk’s bits. Your finger traces it, highlighted in purple as it disappears from view. “That dono said you almost have a hundred k subscribers.” 
“Holy shit—”
You’re almost at 100k, how are we gonna celebrate mom and dad?
You’ve grown used to the dedication of Jeongguk’s followers referring to you as such, a little flustered in the beginning but altogether endeared that you’re considered a part of the community. Jeongguk is far too stunned to speak, making sure that the numbers are real, he and Jin conversing back and forth in their private thread. 
A cooking stream would go crazy if y/n’s insta is anything to go on
“I think we could definitely discuss something like that,” You cover, drawing Jeongguk from his haze. “What do you think? We could do a bunch of fun stuff, on stream and maybe a couple of youtube vids?” 
He finds your gaze and you don’t miss the shine in his eyes, clearly overwhelmed with the support he’s gained in such a short time. He attempts to speak but the words appear to jam at the push of his tongue against his lips, too choked for words. You want nothing more than to pull him into your arms, but the moment seems too intimate for a stream of thousands. Luckily, those eager for response on the subject of celebration are no match for the feral fangirls who just want a date with the illustrious Min Yoongi. 
i just got paid and spent $100 just for a group date with yoongi, is it 2k yet??? <3
“As a matter of fact,” You look at the bar in the corner, filled just past $20,000. “I think you guys have earned a little lovin’ from Mr. Min.”
“Damn right you have,” Jeongguk surprises you with his speech, clearing his throat when the words come slightly cracked. Your eyes find rest on his profile, searching for indication of the emotion threatening to bubble over the surface. “I know by now that you guys only pretend to come here for me and you’re really here for Y/n and Yoongi so, because I am incredibly grateful for all of your donations, Yoongi has prepared a nice little ‘date’ for you guys.”
“Oh man, I have half a mind to go to the kitchen. Who wouldn’t want a date with The Min Yoongi?” Your tone is a tease, repentance clear  in the way your arms encircle Jeongguk’s shoulders and your lips press against his cheeks before he has the chance to feign dramatics at your play.
“Yeah yeah, you guys go have fun in there while we have fun in here. Take it away Yoongi!” Jeongguk’s fingers dance along his keyboard with a few thick clicks before the viewers are transported to the kitchen where you can already hear Yoongi pleasing the crowd. 
You sit for a moment, waiting for Jeongguk to speak, his cheeks puffing in and out from his heavy intake. His fingers trace the length of your arms still wrapped around him, finding your fingers to clasp. 
“A hundred thousand subs huh?” You hush, nose pressing to the crook of his neck, ready for the reaction slow to come. The number has been something of a figment, always a passing phrase or the root of a bit on stream. To Jeongguk it was the root of his what-if dreams, always thought untouchable so that everything up to now was enough to satiate his hunger for success. 
Your mind reminds of the excitement that traced his galaxy gaze when there were one hundred people just watching his stream. You recall his excited exit from his office, just a makeshift closet in your old place at the time. His equipment was severely lacking, his charms the only thing for him to go on in the early stages. 
“I mean, we’re not there yet.” He mumbles, his chair slightly sliding, legs bouncing against the wood flooring. He stares at the steadily moving bar, lip between worrying teeth and his pupils flitting in every direction imaginable.
You both drown the incessant pings flooding from messages courtesy of Jin and the periodic bouts of laughter mixed with Yoongi’s growling timber drifting from the kitchen. Your hand houses the edge of his cheeks, forcing his gaze to yours, irises plagued with that faraway look he often adopts.
The room is hot, a light sheen kissing his skin and his sharp inhales relaxed to barely audible pants. You ignore the way his eyes study you, the base of your neck already beginning to tingle under his heavy stare. You wonder if you have the same effect on him or if you’re alone in your constant state of baffling adoration for the man with just inches between. 
“You’re there, babe. If not tonight then tomorrow or the next’ve worked so hard for this.” You assure, tracing the skin of his cheek, pressing your lips briefly to his own in hopes of soothing the nerves to make way for the excitement you can feel pulsing through him. “You’re allowed to be excited and emotional, we’re all right here with you.” 
“Do you remember when I hit a million on youtube?”
“Hmm, yeah. I remember because I was on my way home and you called me completely amped and asked me to pick up some of those cheap confetti launchers from the drug store,” You muse, the day is vivid in your mind. Jeongguk’s ramblings had been only half coherent, your eyes wide as you listened to him ramble whilst attempting to focus on your surroundings. He eventually told you to stop off for the confetti and he’d explain when you got home.
“Yeah, I’ll never forget the way your face lit up when I told you.” Your foreheads press, noses grazing each other with every word spoken. You almost miss the way one of his hands momentarily lifts to rest against his ear before it makes its way to your own. “I think...I don’t know maybe it’s stupid, but I think this just feels different.”
“Good different?” 
“Maybe? It’s definitely been more difficult to gain support as a streamer. I mean with youtube my videos are there for people to find and watch over and over, in rapid succession if they want, but here I have to be fresh and consistent, constantly making people want to come back.”
He glances at the monitor, the chat getting on well with Yoongi whose smile hasn’t moved an inch since he went live. There’s a ghost of the same on Jeongguk’s lips, reading the comments that flow, mentally tracking the donations he’ll call out when he gets the chance. 
“I think I was choked up for a second back there because I never thought that they’d show up for me and I was always fine with that, fine with my little audience, but they did show up. They really showed up. This is...this is like my job now.” His words are coated with the bewilderment in the wide of his eyes, gesturing to the impressive set before you. 
“Yeah, it’s all you.” 
“No, it’s us. ” He’s quick to remedy, chuckling at the thought of doing it alone. It’s true that he has help, you, Jin, Yoongi, but he doesn’t give himself nearly the credit he deserves. “It’s why I’m glad to have you on streams and in videos, I know my audience loves you, but no one loves you and having you here more than I do. You’ve been with me every step of the way and I know for a fact that I couldn’t do it without you. I hope I never have to.” 
“You never will,” You pull him in again, this kiss longer than the last, his hands finding your waist to gently transition you from the comfort of your chair to that of his lap, discarding your headphones to avoid the tangle of cords in favor of limbs. You don’t mind, rather prefer the comfort of his sweats to the increasingly uncomfortable cushion. Time is no object with your bodies moving in tandem, mouths breaking only for air, a questionable crash from the kitchen the only thing invasive enough to interrupt. 
Both of your heads dart to the screen, Yoongi’s cheeks reddened and the jagged edge of a plate clutched in his grasp. 
It’s late, Jeongguk notes, his fingers moving nimbly along his controller never losing focus on the task at hand. The chat is still lively, infinite time zones a blessing in times like these, and donations have winded down, but he decides that a night of 100k is a night well spent, not to mention the sizable donation he and his team have pulled together. Yoongi’s long since retired for the evening, your kitchen clear and his only presence the occasional chat comment from the comfort of his bed.
His eyes dart to the sub-count, the smallest gap keeping him from reach of his reachable dream. He’s keeping himself in high spirits in the hopes a donation or two will come through, his eyes already burning from the hours spent staring into the glare of the screen, wishing he’d let you buy him the screeners you so happily had waiting in your cart before today. 
Speaking of you, you sit without a phrase, the barely there wisps of your exhaled breathing the only indication that you’re still in the room. He imagines you’ve slipped to a zip of your lips when he began to play, your own anxious habits invading even when you aren’t the one clutching the plastic remote that he chokes in his palms. Last he checked, you were occupied with Finn, the scratch of his paws drawing your attention when he trotted ceremoniously into the room. 
He enjoyed the attention of you and the chat fawning before Jeongguk began his game at which point you scooped him up to cuddle while you watched, now from either of you no sound could be heard.
“I’m telling you, this speed run is fucking impossible.” He huffs, his fifth try still just shy of the 6 second mark he so aims to please. He waits for the inevitable comments coaching him on his wrongs, calls of names and veins pumped full of ego telling him they could do better. 
“Let me see you do it then, Hobi.” Jeongguk’s finger flashes obscenely at the camera, clicking through the team discord to navigate Jimin’s video. His mouse is hovering over the screen. Before he can click the link, the next donation flashes on the screen and his fingers stop cold. 
✔😈 hobi-mang: man that run was ass can i quit? LMAO
✔😈 chimmychimchim: bro check the discord, joon posted a yt tutorial
I might be surviving on ramen until my next pay, but it’s worth it. thanks for all you do to put a smile on our faces, now wake mom and celebrate 100k <3
His eyes skirt to the corner of the screen and like clockwork a message from Jin sounds in their private thread as well as his own donation sounding off in the chat, already filled with celebratory emotes to congratulate him. 
✔👑 jinhit: HOLY SHIT WE HIT 100K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“Wow, I don’t even know how to process. Everyone who was gifted a sub tonight say thank you and everyone who gifted and donated you guys are absolutely insane and I love you. Moonchildjoon thank you for fifty tier one subs that’s crazy, I’m serious everyone say thanks!” He’s rambling, his thoughts too much of a maze to collect coherency, his eyes scanning the chat while attempting to keep up with his messages. 
pov: watching jk lose his mind while his girlfriend is knocked in the background lmao sdjndndn congrats king 🙌 <3
Jeongguk glances to the side, losing his mind for a reason completely new. True to the many messages flooding the chat, you are none the wiser to the current mania manifesting inches away. Your eyes are slotted closed, arms wrapped around Finn, now happily wagging his tail as Jeongguk’s attention shifts, and your hands are gripping the sleeves of your sweater in paws. He forgets for a moment that he’s running a stream upward of six thousand people, one hand shooting out to tap the bridge of your nose watching the way it immediately scrunches under his soft hand. 
stop it with the cute shit, you know we’re all single
“Sorry,” Jeongguk chuckles, instead nudging your arm until your eyes begin a rapid blink finding home in his looming presence. “Hello there, stream too boring for you?” 
“Wha-I fell asleep?! How embarrassing, I’m sorry!” Your hands come to rub at your sleep heavy eyes, Finn not taking kindly to the disturbance urging Jeongguk to take him away. 
“It’s no big deal, we hit a hundred thousand subs while you were snoozing but it’s whatever.” Jeongguk shrugs it off, turning back to the monitor with a knowing smile, lowering Finn to the ground in preparation for the inevitable. You slowly stretch your limbs, moving your chair close enough that you can be a part of the stream again. 
“Oh, well that’s good I was afraid that—wait…” You swipe your eyes, clearing the extra fatigue as best you can. Jeongguk can see the words processing, the dilation of your pupils shooting to him then the screen then to him once more. “OH MY GOD JEONGGUK!”
As expected you’re in his arms with seconds to spare, not a care in the world as you hold him close, lips pressed to his before you hastily realize the screen is still recording your every move. You hastily retreat, hands pressing to his cheeks with a play scowl. 
“Why didn’t you wake me?! Why didn't you guys tell him to wake me?!” Immediately the response pour in, throwing Jeongguk to the wolves in favor of remaining in your good graces. 
“Wow, thanks guys. I woke you as soon as I could, I had to take a second to process!” He pleads, pulling you into his chest, lips falling to your crown. “We did it.” 
“I’m so excited, you guys!” You turn your attention to the camera, though Jeongguk never waivers his grip, your hands carding through his hair. “Did you already tell them the plan?” 
“Of course not, I wanted you to be awake for that part.” 
“Ahhh, yay!” 
“So guys, we talked a lot about this milestone while you were off making eyes at Yoongi and we decided that it would be fun to do a streamathon. Seven days of streams, whatever you guys wanna see us do and we’ll even throw in some extra youtube content.” Jeongguk explains, pleased with the immediate positivity. “And  before you ask, yes, everyone will be involved.”
“We thought it would be fun if you guys voted on stuff, like a cooking stream or a fun game you want us to play. We’ll pick a week within the month and make it all about you guys!” You hop in, Jeongguk’s lips lifting in fondness for the ease with which you’ve taken charge.
He recalls the days of hiding behind the lenses and the uncredited addition of your ideas for videos. He much prefers having you by his side, a steady presence in what he loves. He adores the shyness that still paints you when the camera is rolling and the bouts of confidence that not even he can see coming. He loves that people get to see the person that has made all of this possible, that they accept you and love you as much as they do him. 
“Anything to add, love? Koo?” Your hand hangs before his face, snapping him from thoughts occupied with the occupation at hand. “Stream too boring for you?” 
“Ha ha, I was just thinking about how happy I am.” You grin at the words, chancing another peck to his lips. “But no I don’t have anything to add, except that I think this is where we say goodbye.” 
“Yeah. It’s been an amazing night you guys, you raised a hundred thousand dollars for charity and you matched that in subs. I can’t begin to tell you guys how thankful I am to be a part of such a wonderful community and to be able to come here and hopefully make your days just a little better. So, thank you guys so so much and we’ll see you soon.” 
Tumblr media
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untaemedqueen · 3 months ago
Husband!Jeongguk x Pregnant Wife!Reader
WordCount: 19.8k
Genre: Angst, Healing, Smut, Marriage!AU
Trigger Warnings: Mentions of Kidnapping, Mentions of Small Amounts of Food
Warnings: Heart Breaking Thoughts, Angst, Healing, Emotional, Praise, Fingering, Begging, Daddy Kink, Thigh Riding, Fellatio, Lactation Kink, Milk Drinking, Throat Fucking, Glazed Donut!OC, Cunnilingus, Degradation, Somewhat Dom!Guk, Sub!OC, Squirting, Rough Pregnant Sex, Finger Sucking, Multiple Orgasms, Creampie
A/N: Soooooo this is a fic I've been working on since February, FEBRUARY! And it's finally done. I'm really so so so proud of this fic. I worked super hard on it. It's a fic about love and healing, coming back to a loved one after something shakes their relationship to the core. It's uplifting and comforting and it makes my heart warm. I hope you guys enjoy it! Really huge thank you to @xjoonchildx​, @ladyartemesia​, @ppersonna​ for sticking with me and reading every little change I’ve made to it!
Tumblr media
Silence -- the absence of sound is sometimes deafening.
In silence, true silence, other sounds tend to bleed in like a gentle hum.
In Jeon Jeongguk's silence everything is always louder -- the clock ticking away seconds, the sound of his own heart beating catastrophically slow, the sound of gentle breathing across the room.
It drives him insane.
It drives him up the wall.
He's been so used to sitting in silence that everything just sounds so fucking loud.
The way nails are currently scratching against the rich fabric of the arm chair across from him.
The sound of a bus honking in the distance.
It all resounds through his skull.
"-Guk. Jeongguk?"
Taking a sharp breath, he looks up at the nail scratching culprit.
"Yes, Dr. Kim," he breathes, loosening his tie.
"Namjoon, please. Do you-Do you want to talk about your progress this week?" Kim Namjoon inquires, looking down at his clipboard.
Guk tilts his head, watching Namjoon's fingers card through the multitude of sheets.
What has he written down?
"There's been no progress this week." he replies, looking down at his lap.
Dr. Kim nods astutely. "Well it takes time for people to come back to themselves… as well as others after what your wife went through. It's only natural."
The only thing that Jeongguk thinks is how unnatural life is at the moment.
"Are you experiencing anger?"
"Experiencing grief or loss for what your life used to be?"
Oh, yes.
"Are you trying to be strong for her when you can barely stand on your own?"
Fuck, yes.
"No." Jeongguk states, looking up at the therapist.
Namjoon seems to take a pause to scribble something down and the younger man can't help how he sits up straighter to maybe get a peek at the writing.
"Well, if that's all you feel the need to say, hopefully next week will be more insightful for you. It takes time for someone to get over trauma, this has also been traumatic for you." Dr. Kim announces, intertwining his hands and placing them softly down on the clipboard.
Jeongguk looks at the clock, hearing the telltale ticking that seconds are passing. "Sure. Yeah."
"Next week then, Jeongguk." Namjoon says, giving him a small smile that dimples his chin.
Jeongguk is slow to get up and walk out of the room. Everything feels heavy around him, his own heart has felt like one hundred pounds since you finally came back to him.
But once he's out of the therapy building and in his own car. He can't seem to stop the gut wrenching sob that flies free from his chest.
His eyes screw shut and his forehead slams into the steering wheel.
"Oh, God!" he gasps, tugging and pulling at his tie that feels like a noose around his neck. He fumbles with the fabric before chucking it onto the dashboard with a wail.
"God! Fuck! Dammit! Goddammit!" he screams, slamming his hands against the steering wheel. His hand slips a few times, pressing up against the horn and the sound resounds throughout the almost empty parking lot.
In his swimming misery, all the months without you seem to bleed through his memory.
"Y/N," he gasps, pressing his bruised fist to his forehead and squeezing his bloodshot eyes closed.
One memory always gnaws at him in the silence. It stains his soul like coffee on white fabric.
He's gotten so used to seeing the cream colored walls of the police station that in some sickening way it feels like home.
"Can we go over it again, Mr. Jeon?" Detective Kim inquires, stirring his coffee slowly.
Jeongguk swallows thickly, looking over the man's cluttered desk. His hands shake nervously and his fingers clench and squeeze at the still air.
How many times does he have to repeat himself?
But he's so broken and desperate that he complies.
"My wife went to the supermarket to get groceries to celebrate that she was pregnant with our first baby." he whispers.
Just even stating the words sends his heart bleeding.
How many times does he have to repeat the worst day of his fucking life?
"The Atlantis Market?" Detective Kim inquires, narrowing his eyes at the case file.
He knows this already. Why is he asking?
"Y-Yes, it's where she always goes. She likes the meat better there than any other market." Guk whispers, closing his eyes.
"Right. And when did you notice she was missing?" Kim asks, sipping his coffee.
The slurping is incessant and Jeongguk's eyes spring open at the loud noise.
"T-Two hours she left. She always calls me when she gets to the supermarket. She always stays on the phone with me. She didn't call and hours passed."
He relives it daily and to tell this detective it again for the seventh time is heart wrenching.
"And you don't think that maybe she just ran away? Maybe it wasn't your baby… Maybe she went off with someone else?"
The accusation sends fury coursing through your husband and he bares his teeth at the question.
"She would never leave me. We love each other, we've been together since highschool. I went to that fucking supermarket and found the door to her car open and her car keys on the ground." he seethes, slamming his hand onto the wooden desk.
Detective Kim doesn't move, he doesn't flinch, he just hums in agreement which is insulting enough.
"Right, it says that in this missing person's report. Well, let me just make it clear that she has been missing for three months already. We have no leads and we don't know if we'll ever find her."
"You're the POLICE. It's your fucking job!" Jeongguk shouts, standing up and leaning down onto the desk with his fists.
"I'm just giving you the statistics, Mr. Jeon. No need to act violent." Kim warns, narrowing his eyes up at the broken younger man.
"I'll show you violent. Find my wife. She's fucking pregnant for God's sakes! She's in danger!" he spits, feeling the nervousness grow and peak inside of him.
"Are you threatening a police officer, Jeon Jeongguk?" the detective quips, standing up on his own volition.
"Find my wife!" Jeongguk seethes, kicking the chair over and leaving.
Tumblr media
Getting home, Jeongguk rattles his keys loudly before placing them in the dish by door.
"Baby? I-I'm home," he calls throughout the house.
He's learned over many trials and errors that it's best if he announces himself before entering any room. It seems to calm you in some way.
He finds you in the kitchen, temple pressed to the window as you watch the rain fall onto the back patio.
"It's coming down a lot out there," he breathes, looking you over.
Your hair isn't combed through and you still look pale but you're home.
"Y/N?" he calls softly, setting down the take out onto the kitchen island.
He hasn't been up for cooking lately, he's been too much of a nervous wreck.
You haven't so much as even looked at him since you've been brought back home. But, he's okay with that, just you even being here is perfect.
"I g-got us jjajangmyeon for dinner, I know you really like it from Golden Tiger." he whispers.
He nods a bit when you cup your growing stomach and just stare out the window.
You don't eat with him. You don't like it. It makes you scared.
He finds his chest clenching and he tears his eyes away from you. His fingers card through his long blond hair and he takes a deep breath to try and calm himself.
"I'll just leave it here then. Don't let it get too cold, it won't be yummy." he croaks, grabbing his take out container and a beer from the fridge.
He finds it easier to eat in his home office.
Picking up the black bean noodles with his chopsticks, he stares at the wedding photo of the both of you after you graduated college.
The smile that you give him is so blindingly beautiful and your eyes are alight with love and compassion for your husband.
He stares at it until his eyes are blurry with tears and suddenly he's lost his appetite.
"Fuck," he curses, throwing down his chopsticks and covering his face with his hands.
The silence echoes throughout the office and he can barely string a thought together.
But then his memory cuts through everything and it grounds him with peace even for a minute.
"You look like your brain is gonna explode!" you tease your husband, peeking your head into the home office.
He looks up from his computer, giving you a chuckle and then a pout.
"I'm so swamped with emails," he whines, opening his arms childishly for you.
You can only giggle, skipping over the large rug and sitting on his lap.
He groans teasingly, burying his face into your neck and sighing.
"Why am I so swamped, baby?" he whispers, kissing over your skin.
"Because you're a genius and everyone wants your help with building. What did Forbes say about you last month? Oh yeah! 'Jeon Jeongguk is the world's youngest ever architect that built a skyscraper that exceeds all expectations of reality.' And they're absolutely correct." you beam, planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek.
He laughs gently, rocking you back and forth on his lap. "Man, how did I get a wife that's beautiful, amazing AND smart?"
"Oh, you definitely got lucky." you quip, laughing loudly when he begins to tickle you.
Guk stares at the doorway, bringing the beer bottle to his lips.
"Oh, babe, what am I gonna do?" he breathes, putting his head back to the top of his office chair.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk's bed is cold, it's always cold these days.
You don't sleep with him anymore but he understands, you don't like contact of any kind. He can't imagine what you've been through or what you feel.
You certainly haven't voiced anything about the terrible experience you've been through.
Sometimes he can hear you crying late at night. He can hear your small sobs and it tears him into pieces.
In the moonlit room, he stares at his gold wedding band. His eyes drift to your empty side of the bed and like a child, he grabs your pillow. Burying his face into the soft fabric, he sighs loudly.
The room swallows the sound, and from the guest bedroom down the hall -- he hears your sob.
Guk's eyes squeeze shut and he prays that sleep will finally find him soon.
He's exhausted.
All he does is stare at his phone.
Jeongguk just stares and stares at his phone, willing it to ring and to tell him that you're on your way home.
He's cancelled all his major building projects for the foreseen future and everyone completely understands. Or so they say.
He has enough money to sit in this same exact seat for the next twenty years and wait for the phone call.
He's not fucking giving up.
He's not taking his eyes off the phone for a minute.
He owes it to you, the woman who he's pledged his life to, to get you back.
There's always this feeling -- this rush when a phone lights up.
And that rush only happens to people who are desperately waiting. Whether that be for a job interview, a text from their crush, an email from their boss telling them they got the day off.
But when his phone lights up, he thinks solely of you.
And after months of devastation and painful waiting -- Busan Police Department calls.
"Y-Yes!" Jeongguk screams into the phone, his index finger shakily tapping the speaker button.
"Mr. Jeon? Jeon Jeongguk? We've found your wife. She was left abandoned off the Olympus Expressway."
His nervousness doesn't cease and he feels like he's going to throw up any second.
He doesn't know why the question passes his lips but it does. "Is s-she alive? Is my wife alive?"
"Yes, Mr. Jeon, she's alive, she's being transferred to the Busan Hospital as we speak."
He falls out of his chair, wailing loudly. His hands clamp over his mouth and he gasps for air like he's been deprived of it.
"Mr. Jeon? Are you coming to the hospital? She won't speak to anyone."
His eyes squeeze shut and his heart pounds so loudly, he thinks it might explode.
"Jeon Jeongguk? Hello?"
"Yes! Yes, I'm coming!" he screams, putting his hands to his forehead.
"Any progress this week, Jeongguk?" Namjoon inquires.
Your husband stares straight ahead at the ornate clock on the wall. He shakes his head, swallowing thickly.
"We always sit here in silence, is that really okay for you?" Dr. Kim asks, crossing his legs and pushing his glasses up with his middle finger.
His lips puff out in thought and he sputters them softly. "There isn't… anything to talk about." he breathes, shaking his head.
Namjoon hums thoughtfully, tossing the clipboard onto the table beside him. "I beg to differ. There's a lot of pain in the situation that you're trying not to resurface."
Just the mention has Guk blushing and the first reaction is to get violent. His eyebrows furrow and his nostrils flare at the therapist before him.
"This is painful, Jeongguk. And you trying to bury it deep inside of you isn't going to help."
Your husband scratches at his neck, looking down at his wedding band. He closes his eyes and takes a deep, soothing breath.
"Why don't we try an exercise this week? Hmm? Homework isn't the proper word to call it. Are you up for it?"
Guk sighs, spinning his wedding band on his finger as he thinks. Anything would be better than this. He loves you so much that he's willing to try anything. So he nods.
"When you get home, even if Y/N doesn't talk to you or look at you. Why don't you tell her one of your happiest memories you can think of that involves her? Even though she isn't speaking, she can still hear you. I think that might be healing for you -- maybe her as well." Dr. Kim suggests, smiling kindly at his patient.
There're so many moments, how could Guk pick just one?
"Alright. I can try." he bleats, looking back up at the clock and hearing the seconds tick away.
"Good! Next week we'll talk about how that felt for you."
Tumblr media
Jeongguk shakes his keys, setting them down in the bowl by the door.
"Baby, I'm home!" he calls loudly, sliding his feet into his slippers.
The house feels colder today and he knows that winter will soon be nipping at the world's ankles.
He's a fabulous architect but his heat proofing in this house wasn't the best.
You're sitting on the couch today, staring aimlessly at the wooden floors.
"Are you hungry, babe? I brought you home some chicken soup. It's good for our baby girl." he inquires, walking past you and towards the kitchen.
He sees you thickly swallow and it makes his heart thump harder within his chest.
He leans down on the marble island countertop and he stares straight ahead for a while. He remembers when you first put up the small paintings that make up this large masterpiece above the dining room table. He fell in love with it so quickly.
He feels deathly nervous, like the day when he asked you to marry him.
"Y'know," he begins, he takes a deep breath and he just bares his soul before you, because it's just natural, "I remember the first day I ever saw you. It was in seventh grade and you had on the school uniform but you had these fake red highlights in your hair. They were, like, woven into your ponytail holder."
His fist tucks beneath his chin and he smirks at the memory. "I just knew you were going to get in trouble for it because it was against school code. I remember telling you about it too and you just stared at me and said, 'So?' And I was like, 'Damn, this girl is so badass. I wanna be this badass.' Mrs. Park came up to you and you didn't give a flying shit when she reprimanded you. And I remember that I stared at you like you were the sun. I wanted to know you immediately, I wanted to be by your side. I wanted to be your friend. I was falling in love with you then."
He hums sweetly, wrinkling his nose at the memory.
"I just wanted to say that. I know it's really difficult for you right now. I understand. I can't begin to understand what you went through." Jeongguk breathes, opening up the fridge and grabbing a beer.
When he looks over towards the living room, he can see you staring at him through the turned off television and his eyes suddenly burn with raw emotion.
"I-I miss you." he gasps, putting his hand to his heart.
He stands still for a while, just letting the both of you look at each other after so long. He blinks his eyes rapidly when his tears get in the way of being able to see you.
When you finally look away, he takes a deep breath through his nose.
"I-I'll be in my office. I know you find it hard to be in the same room as me." he breathes, rounding the kitchen island and heading down the hallway.
When he opens the door to his office, he has to cup his hand over his mouth at the sound of your voice.
"I miss you, too."
He slides down the back of the door, pressing his forehead to his knees and he bites down hard on his index finger to quiet his blubbers.
You spoke to him.
"What are you doing?!" you giggle as your husband slides his hands over your eyes.
"It's called a surprise, you've never heard of one?" he quips, kissing the crown of your head.
You hum playfully, folding your arms and relishing in the way his chest contorts against your back.
"Why am I being blinded? What's the surprise?" you inquire, tilting your head until you finally whisper, "Is it something kinky?"
Guk laughs loudly, letting his head loll back. "You fuckin' wish." he teases.
"You're right, I do." you jeer, allowing him to guide you along farther.
"Silly," he chuckles, promptly stopping you.
You feel his hands begin to get a little sweaty and you know this only happens when he's deathly nervous.
"Gukkie? What is it?" you ask sweetly, running your fingers over his bare arms.
"I just hope you like it." he breathes, pressing his lips to the top of your head.
"I like everything you do, Guk," you reply, drifting your nails over his skin.
"Remember in eighth grade I promised you that I would build you a house?"
"Yeah out of popsicle sticks and spit," you guffaw.
He takes a deep breath, pulling his hands away from your face.
When you open your eyes, the bright sun makes you squint but the gasp that leaves you has him stunned into silence.
"Oh my God, Jeon Jeongguk!" you yell, bunching your hands up into your hair.
The house is sleek and modern with asymmetrical shapes and big open windows.
When you turn to him, his eyes are wide with nervousness. "D-Do you like it?" he bleats.
You have no words, instead you decide to tackle him onto the front lawn.
He groans loudly, wrapping his arms around you like always. "Is that a yes?" he chuckles.
"Yes! Yes! I fucking love it! I fucking LOVE it!" you screech, cupping both sides of his face and pressing a wet kiss to his lips.
God, it's fucking cold in this house. Guk shivers beneath the blankets and he can only imagine how cold it must be in the guest room.
He explicitly made it colder so guests wouldn't stay as long.
There is a rule, y'know. Guests are like fish -- they stay for three days and then anything after that, they start to stink.
You must be fucking frigid. But he remembers when he checked on you one night soon after you came home and you screamed so loud that it scared him to his core.
He doesn't want to frighten you.
He tucks his body into fetal position, squeezing his eyes shut in hopes that he'll just pass out sooner or later.
The silence in his room begins to echo like white noise and he can only whine softly.
When he couldn't sleep before you were taken, you used to play the sounds of the sea for him. He can remember the waves crashing against the coastline and a seagull or two crying out high above the water.
He hasn't heard the sounds of the beach in so long.
He lays like this for a long time, just keeping his eyes shut and listening to the heater click and roll every so often.
But then he hears the sound of feet.
Your feet.
They pad slowly throughout the hallway and he takes a sharp breath when they stop in front of the master bedroom.
The door creaks open and his bottom lip purchases between his teeth. He makes no movement. He doesn't know why you're in here but he doesn't want to scare you away.
After a while, the sheets ruffle and your side of the bed dips.
He presses his lips into a thin line, feeling his hands begin to shake with nervousness. He can't possibly move, he wants you to stay right where you are.
You take a sharp breath between your teeth that makes his heart beat faster and when he slowly opens one eye, he can see you rubbing your growing stomach.
He swallows the sob that threatens to escape and he squeezes his eye closed one more.
He finds it comforting to hear the sounds of your shallow breathing. He relishes in it in all honesty. He adores it.
It's the one sound he probably couldn't live without, besides your laughter.
And as he drifts off to sleep, he can hear waves lapping against the shore.
Tumblr media
"So, how was your experiment?" Namjoon inquires.
Jeongguk finds himself smirking, running his fingers through his hair. "I think it went really well."
The therapist sits forward curiously, widening his eyes at seeing Jeongguk give a semblance of a smile for the first time in a month.
"Would you like to share that experience here?" Dr. Kim inquires.
Your husband sighs dreamily, staring down at his wedding band.
"Well I did as you suggested and I told Y/N about the first time I ever saw her. When I looked over at her, she was looking at me for the first time since she came back. It was through the television but… she was really looking at me. I told her I missed her and-and she said it back! Last night, it was freezing in the house and Y/N came and laid down with me in bed." he gushes, putting his hand over his heart.
Namjoon smiles, his deep dimples etching into his cheeks. He quickly writes something down before setting the clipboard aside. He gives your husband his undivided attention, intertwining his hands in his lap.
"Well, that must feel amazing. Especially after feeling alone for so long." Namjoon beams.
Jeongguk nods almost childishly. "It was amazing. I didn't get to touch her and we didn't talk but finally she was in our bed again, y'know? And she told me she missed me too, which felt incredible."
Dr. Kim has seen your husband for a while now and this is the most he's ever said in a one hour session.
It's honestly a relief to see Jeongguk actually coming out of his shell, if only on a miniscule level.
"Well, I think the exercise definitely helped, right? I mean, Jeongguk, this is progress. I'm sure it feels amazing."
Guk nods, leaning back comfortably into the couch. "Yeah," he laughs, "I'm so elated. I don't know what else to say."
Namjoon leans forward, putting his elbows to his knees. "Well then, I think we should make another exercise for you guys."
Your husband listens attentively, crossing his legs and sitting forward.
"Maybe this week we can delve into staying in a room with Y/N. How does that sound? You can stay in a room with her and just talk for awhile and even if she doesn't respond -- that's okay. She was listening to you the other day."
Jeongguk nods, a small smile playing on his lips. "Yeah, I'd love that."
Tumblr media
"Baby? I'm home!" Jeongguk calls loudly, tossing his keys to the side table.
He peeks into the living room and you're not sitting in the same seat he left you in when he left.
His eyebrow quirks up and he looks into the open kitchen only to find an empty space.
His first thought, however terrible it is, is that you've left.
You got so scared that you bolted after sleeping with him in bed last night.
"Y/N?!" he croaks loudly, tossing the bags of dinner onto the kitchen island.
His mind begins to muddle and his hands start to sweat at the simple thought.
He rushes down the long hallway of your home, checking his office, his bedroom, the guest bedroom.
You're nowhere to be found.
"Y/N!" he yells, shoving open the nursery room door.
You flinch gently when the door makes a loud noise and Jeongguk is immediately calmed by your presence.
"I-I'm so sorry. I just thought you left. I didn't mean to scare you, please forgive me." he begs, shutting the door as quietly as he can.
You're staring at the crib your husband bought just a month or two ago.
Before you were taken, this room was completely empty. You hadn't talked about themes or what you would need but while you were away when Jeongguk wasn't staring at his phone, he was setting up the nursery.
He didn't know the gender then, of course, and he only found out at the hospital when you were picked up from the Olympus Expressway but teal was always pretty to him and it's one of your favorite colors.
"I know you like teal so…" he finds himself at a loss for words.
You pick up a small stuffed animal that sits in the crib and hug it to your body.
Jeongguk shifts from one foot to the other uneasily. He just hopes and prays that he hasn't frightened you too badly.
"Do you…Do you wanna talk?" he inquires softly, sitting down on the floor.
You stare at the white and teal abstract paintings that make up the wall.
Your husband looks down at his hands, staring at his wedding band like always.
"I-I know you're having such a difficult time adjusting and God, I can't imagine what you went through but I miss you, baby. I miss you so much. I would stare at my phone all day just waiting to get a call from the police…" he breathes.
He doesn't look up at you, if he does then he might be too nervous to speak his truth.
"If you hate the nursery we can always change it. I just needed to do something. I needed to prepare for you to come home because I knew that you would. I knew you would come back to me."
He can see your feet turn towards him and you slowly but surely make your way beside him before sitting down.
You're about a foot apart but he takes that. He takes anything you want to give him.
"I love it." you breathe, looking down at the teddy bear and running your fingers over the soft fur.
Your voice sends him spiralling and he clenches his hands together to steady himself.
"I don't have a great sense of style like you, so I just bought a bunch of stuff and placed it everywhere." he chirps, looking around the room.
"Hate the changing table." you whisper.
The notion makes him laugh and he finds himself chuckling heartily at your words.
He hasn't laughed in so long that it feels euphoric.
Jeongguk turns his head to you, his blonde hair falling into his eyes. "I love you. I know you're probably not ready to come back to me yet but I'm always here waiting."
He can see your eyes becoming glassy and it's like a dagger to his heart. He presses his hand to the left side of his chest, taking a calming breath through his nose.
You don't move and you don't speak, you just stare down at the teddy bear that absorbs any falling tears that escape from your eyes.
"Are you hungry?" he inquires, folding his arms.
You sniffle gently, pressing the teddy bear to your growing stomach.
He doesn't want to force you to do or say anything. So he just sits beside you. Because he always will.
Silence takes over the room, coating Guk in white noise.
"I thought I was gonna die." you announce softly, playing with the hem of your dress.
He squeezes his eyes shut, his bottom lip starting to quiver at your admission.
"I didn't think I would ever see you again," you gasp, gripping the teddy bear tighter.
Jeongguk can feel his eyes burning with raw emotion. He can feel his body shutting down to it's baser instincts.
"I never gave up hope. I always knew you would come back to me. I just knew it." he breathes, looking over at you.
You give a small nod, wiping your cheeks almost childishly.
"Thank you for speaking to me. I miss your voice." he whispers, looking up at the ceiling.
There's silence again.
"I wasn't allowed to talk." you murmur.
His fists squeeze tightly at the admission and he can feel this anger swirling deep within his gut.
You haven't said anything, especially anything about when you were taken so the small sliver of information you've given him makes him see red in that quick minute.
"Did they…Did they hurt you, baby? Is that why you won't let me touch you?" he inquires softly.
You swallow thickly, standing up and putting the teddy bear back in the crib. "I'm hungry." you bleat.
Jeongguk realizes he's stepped too far for where you're comfortable, so he nods in agreement.
"Yeah… Of course. I brought home some sesame chicken. Come." he says quickly, trying to take your mind off of everything.
"What do you think?" you ask your husband, picking a small onesie off the store rack.
Jeongguk lowers his sunglasses, staring at the small article of clothing.
"It's yellow," he replies, garbled around a piece of hotteok.
"So? You don't like yellow?" you quip, looking down at the small bumble bees buzzing around the fabric.
"You're not pregnant yet," he states, sitting down on one of the benches near the shoes area.
"So? I can't buy a onesie if I'm not pregnant?" you gasp playfully, pressing the baby clothes to your chest.
He looks at you incredulously, fighting the smirk that threatens to spread over his lips. "What're you saying? You wanna have my baby?"
You roll your eyes, placing the baby clothing into the cart. "Isn't that every woman's dream?"
He blinks. "To have Jeon Jeongguk's baby? Yeah probably."
Your snort seems to carry through the thin air of the department store and Guk watches as you rifle through more clothes.
Wiping his mouth with his napkin, he takes you in. The way you sway to the music that creeps through the loudspeakers and the way your fingers deftly card through the small onesies.
God, his life is so perfect.
You're so perfect.
He's the epitome of luck and he surely believes he saved the king in his past life to be so blessed this time around.
"I love you," he breathes, pushing his sunglasses to the top of his head.
Your smile is blinding and you cross through the aisle, sitting down on his lap and hooking your arms over his neck.
"I love you, too." you coo, booping his nose with your index finger.
You ate in silence but at least you stayed in the same room as him.
Guk noticed how slowly you ate, like you were savoring it as if it was your last meal or something.
He appreciates that you spoke to him if only a few words. He'll cherish it forever if he's being honest.
But with the absence of sound, he found himself thinking of so many questions that won't leave his brain.
He knows you're not ready to answer them. You may never be ready.
But he has them prepared just in case.
Now, laying in bed, he hopes you'll come and sleep with him again like last night. He hopes it wasn't just a one off.
Jeongguk's head lays down on his pillow and he stares at your side of the bed.
He likes that your side is still a bit wrinkled from last night, it reminds him again that you were next to him.
When he hears your small footsteps, he closes his eyes. He pulls a soft throw pillow to his chest and hugs it as tightly as possible.
It feels like an eternity, waiting to see what you'll do but then finally you slip into the bed beside him.
He peeks one eye open and he's met face to face with you.
You haven't been this close in ages.
"Hi baby," he whispers, closing his eye.
He can only chant to himself, 'Please don't leave. Please don't get scared.'
He can feel the bed dipping closer and closer to him and his eyebrows furrow curiously.
You're moving towards him?
He can feel the soft skin of your arm grazing against his and a shiver runs up his spine.
He whimpers gently, embarrassingly so, at your body so close to his own.
Guk can feel his eyes welling up with tears.
He takes deep, calming breaths to try and steady himself.
“D-Don’t move,” you beg of him and his body goes rigid at your request.
His eyes snap open and he watches you lean in slowly. He holds his breath, swallowing thickly when you press your forehead to his.
Fat, salty tears roll down his cheeks when your stomach presses against his arms.
You take a sharp breath between your teeth and it echoes through him like he’s a vast canyon.
Jeongguk can feel his hands sweating and he wants to hold you so badly it’s almost ripping him apart. But he keeps true to your request, locking his joints in place.
“Okay,” you breathe nervously, closing your eyes.
Your lips move ever so slowly towards his and he squeezes his eyes shut.
When he feels the soft petals of your lips against his, his whole body relaxes and he sobs weakly against you.
He doesn’t kiss back, he just allows you to do what you please -- to take what you need.
Your small hand wraps around his wrist and it dangles limp within your grasp.
“Baby,” Guk sobs softly as you pull away.
You don’t reply, you just lay his hand softly on your stomach and turn onto your back.
His sobs crack with the sheer amount of pain and relief in his throat. He can barely hold himself together and when a tiny patter makes itself known under his hand, he begins to wail.
You squeeze your eyes shut, covering your face with your hands and even though this is so painful -- it’s so healing.
“T-Thank you,” your husband cries, burying his face into the throw pillow he holds so tightly to himself.
“Love you,” you whimper, turning your head and staring at the closed windows.
He nods childishly, running his hand over your growing stomach.
“I love you too, baby. So much.” he gasps, feeling his heart begin to bleed again.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk doesn’t even give Namjoon a chance to sit down. He starts speaking the minute he steps foot into the therapy office. “She kissed me.”
Dr. Kim grabs the arms of his chair, slowly sitting down and raising an eyebrow. “Jeongguk, that’s amazing.”
Your husband doesn’t even sit down. He feels like he’s floating on air and he wants to keep it that way. He paces back and forth behind the long couch, pocketing his hands deep into his pants.
“She’s making so much progress so quickly! I’m so proud of her!” Guk whines, lolling his head back.
The therapist writes something down on his clipboard, looking up at your happy life partner. “Would you like to talk about how this happened?” he asks with a small smile.
Jeongguk is like an excited puppy, rounding the couch and throwing himself down on it immediately. “Well, I did exactly as you said. I stayed in the nursery with her for a while and I was talking and she talked back!”
Namjoon hums thoughtfully, scratching his nails to the fabric of his chair. “Did she say anything important? Anything that would help us delve deeper into what happened to her?”
The happiness starts to bleed out of your husband as he replays your words from last night through his head. “Y-Yeah. She said she thought she was going to die and she was so afraid that she would never see me again.” he bleats, looking down at his shoes.
Dr. Kim nods, setting aside the clipboard and folding his hands. “That must have hurt.”
Guk can’t help the frown that spreads over his features. “Yeah, it did hurt. I asked her if they hurt her and if that’s why she won’t let me touch her but she didn’t give me an answer.”
There’s silence again and Jeongguk finds it just as uncomfortable as all the other times before this.
“She’s definitely still learning to cope and she’s almost certainly healing little by little. Did you do anything else with her?” Dr. Kim inquires.
“We ate dinner together and… God, Doctor Kim, you had to see her. She was eating so slowly like it was her last meal or something.” your husband bleats.
Namjoon nods understandingly. “She might not have been given a lot of food when she was taken. It’s good that she eats slowly.”
Jeongguk didn’t even think of that… he feels like an asshole now.
“And what about last night? Did she sleep in bed with you?”
Oh, but that question brings back the excitement.
“Yes! She laid next to me in bed and-and she asked me not to move. So I didn’t but she leaned in really close and kissed me for the first time in… forever. She also took my hand and put it on her belly and I felt the baby move.”
Namjoon purses his lips impressed. “Well, that’s amazing. Maybe we should think about bringing Y/N to a session maybe next week. What do you think about that?”
Your husband nods almost instantaneously. “Anything that I can do for an exercise to help her?”
The therapist narrows his eyes thoughtfully. “Try to just talk to her some more? Next week, if she wants to come for a session then maybe we can work on her being okay with some simple touches.”
Jeongguk nods, a surge of hopefulness fleeting through him. "Okay!"
The flowers and plants in the backyard have been doused and seemingly flooded by the constant rain.
It's killing your tomatoes and you can only scoff as the rain continues to batter down outside.
"Do you see this?" you gawk to your husband, tapping your nail against the glass door to the back patio.
Your husband turns away from the television to look at the downpour outside.
"I know, it won't stop. How am I supposed to go survey the land for the new Seoul project if there's flooding everywhere?" he gripes, setting down his beer.
"Uh. Yeah. But my tomatoes!" you whine, turning to him with a pout.
He can only smile at your pouty face, standing up off the couch and opening his arms for you.
"I'll get you new plants if these are damaged. You know that, baby." he coos.
You hum in agreement, wrapping your arms around him and tugging him tightly to your body. "But then I'm gonna have to start all over again. Amena and Allegra have been growing for a year already."
Jeongguk can only snort, running his hand over your head in the most soothing of ways. "You named our tomato plants?" he quips.
"Yeah! They're like my children! I water them everyday, I talk to them so they become big and strong, I love them." you retort, running your hands underneath his white tank top.
"God, I need to get you pregnant already. I think you're going crazy." he jeers.
You snort, placing your temple to his chest and feeling his even, strong heartbeat that's become the song of your life.
"I hope I don't get my period this month." you breathe, closing your eyes.
He smiles, placing his chin atop your head as he stares at the torrential rain outside. "Me too, baby. Me too."
Jeongguk has become a master at the staring game.
He stares at you every second he possibly can in hopes that he can memorize every single thing about you.
But tonight, he just lets everything go.
He stares up at the ceiling instead of grabbing a pillow and pressing it to his chest. He watches the shadow of tree limbs dance across the moonlit ceiling and it shrouds him in ethereal comfort.
Out of the corner of his eye, he sees you enter the bedroom. While you do make yourself small, he can see your hands pressed up underneath your belly almost as if you need the support.
You're slow to climb into bed and he moves the throw pillow out of your way without a single word.
You've done really well today, you held eye contact with him many times and you even answered a few of his questions.
He has faith, now more than ever, that things can go back to the way they were.
"Baby?" he inquires softly.
You grab his hand and place it on your belly without a word.
Turning your head to him, he knows you're listening even if you don't speak.
"Will you come with me for a therapy session next week? Doctor Kim thinks it would be a good idea." your husband asks, tracing the outlines of the warped branches on the ceiling.
"Yes. I want to heal." you whisper and he gives a small smile at your words.
"I think you're doing better and better everyday." he announces, running his thumb over your distended belly.
You shiver at the movement but you don't push him off.
Leaning over to the nightstand, you grab the lotion that hasn't been used in months but Jeongguk can already smell the telltale scent that is purely yours.
You hold it out, looking at your husband with doe-like eyes and he can only smile.
He sits up with a giddiness that has his limbs trembling with excitement.
"If you don't like it, tell me, I'll stop right away." he promises, pushing the comforter off the both of you.
You take a sharp breath at his closeness, looking up at the ceiling to calm your erratic heart.
He lifts his long t-shirt that you wear for sleeping and he can feel his eyes burning at the sight of you.
Tying his hair up in a ponytail, he can see how taut your belly is -- how well his little girl is growing inside of you.
"Oh my babies," he coos gently.
He bends down, keeping his eyes on your face. His lips pepper small, open mouthed kisses to your taut skin and you wriggle beneath him.
You don't want to push him away but you haven't been loved like this in so long -- it makes you nervous.
You squeak gently when he kisses your belly button. His hands are so warm at the bottom of your bump and you shiver.
"Too much? Am I doing something wrong?" he asks softly, watching your hands bunch up the sheets.
"N-No," you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut.
There's a layer of sweat that begins to build on your scalp and you know it's because of the nerves.
"You're so beautiful, baby. Thank you for carrying our daughter." Guk breathes.
He pulls away from your stomach, you've done really well so far letting him kiss you like this without flinching away from him.
He squeezes some lotion into his hand, hoping to warm it just a bit before spreading it out onto your skin.
You wince at the still cool lotion and your limbs tense up when his hands glide effortlessly over your bump.
It's terrifying to be touched but knowing that it's Guk -- the only man you've only ever known or loved makes it just a bit easier.
"Wonderful, you're doing wonderfully babe." he promises, dutifully lotioning your belly.
You look so motherly below him, like an angel of fertility and he can't stop the tears that obscure his vision.
When he sniffles, your eyes snap to his and you can see the sheer amount of adoration he holds behind the windows to his soul.
"I love you," he breathes, running his hands over your sides.
Swallowing thickly, your hands, as shaky and terrified as they are, cup his face. Your thumbs swipe away his tears and he can only sob more at the feeling.
His slick with lotion hands, wrap around your wrists and delicately he presses kisses into your palms.
"You're home with me now. I'm never going to let anything terrible happen again. I'm going to make sure you're safe. I swear. I promise," he gasps out against your soft skin.
You can barely contain the sob within your own throat but you nod childishly at his words.
He covers his face with your hands, crying loudly into the cover you've given him.
"I love you, too." you promise quietly.
His eyes flutter shut and he can only give your hands more kisses until his tear ducts have no more salty tears to shed.
"You're so beautiful and so precious to me. I love you so much." he bleats, letting your hands go.
He continues his work in silence apart from sniffles and rubbing his red cheeks onto his bare shoulders. His fingers are gentle against your tummy and you know he needs this.
He needs this connection with your daughter because it's been so sorely missed. You had her and only her when you were taken away but Jeongguk had nothing.
He had nothing but heartache and waiting.
When he's finally finished, he sets the lotion back on the table before throwing himself down beside you.
"I miss holding you," he chirps, reaching for the throw pillow to hug.
You bury your terror deep down inside, moving closer and closer to him until your stomach is pressed up against his.
You both collectively shudder at the touch but when his arms wrap around you and you smell the familiar scent that is purely his… you find yourself relaxing even in the slightest.
"Thank you," he gasps, running his hands over your back.
His face buries into your hair and you can only give a meek nod.
"Oh fuck, this feels good." he whispers, closing his eyes.
Tumblr media
Your husband holds the door open for you and you shuffle slowly into the therapy office.
Jeongguk didn't know how difficult it would be for you to go outside but when he put his hand in yours, it helped in ways he could never imagine.
"Hi Y/N, it's so nice to meet you," Dr. Kim greets sweetly.
You give a small smile, sitting on the far end of the couch and tucking your legs beneath you as if to make yourself miniscule.
Namjoon looks you over before nodding to himself. He puts the clipboard down and watches your husband take a seat at the other end.
"Jeongguk has been telling me about all the amazing progress you've been making." Namjoon informs you.
Guk takes in the therapist then. He's soft and sweet with you but not so soft that he'd be talking to a child or someone young. He's had to do this quite a few times, he surmises.
"You don't have to talk if you don't want to. This is a safe space to just be," the therapist looks pointedly at Jeongguk, giving him a soft smile, "how has your progress been this week?"
Your husband smiles at the question. "She's doing so great. She let me put lotion on her belly and she slept in my arms all night long last night, didn't you baby?" he gushes, looking over at you.
You nod, looking over at him and giving him a small smile.
"Well that's great. It seems a lot of progress has been made. Y/N, did you know that when your husband first came here he didn't talk at all for the first month?" Namjoon inquires, pointing his pen at your significant other.
"No," you murmur curiously, staring at the handsome blonde man you adore.
Dr. Kim appreciates hearing your voice even if it's soft and short.
"Well, I didn't want to talk a lot because I felt foolish." Guk admits it easily.
You pick your head up fully then, giving your attention to him.
"Why is that, Jeongguk?" Namjoon inquires.
Your husband clears his throat awkwardly, looking down at his wedding ring and widening his eyes. "I felt like a failure… Cowardly, too. My wife was missing for months and I did my own search in finding her and came up with nothing. Then, the police -- they were all brazen assholes that even when they found Y/N they just threw her into my care without any extra help or reasoning behind anything… She was afraid and I-I felt guilty."
You swallow thickly, leaning across the couch and wrapping both of your arms around his right bicep.
He does what's always been normal to him, kissing the top of your head.
Namjoon watches as you shiver but don't pull away and he hums in agreement.
"Why did you feel guilty?" he prods, crossing his legs.
"Well… I'm her husband and I let such a terrible thing happen to her. I'm supposed to keep her safe and I-I fa-failed. Then when she came back to me, she was so frightened and I was at such a loss of what to do, it… it ripped me apart inside."
Namjoon can hear your small gasp even if your husband doesn't and he nods understandingly. "Y/N, do you have anything you want to say about that?"
You hug Guk tighter to your body and his eyes squeeze shut. "It's not your fault. It's no one's fault." you bleat sheepishly.
Dr. Kim nods astutely, leaning forward until his elbows are on his knees and his hands are intertwined beneath his chin. "Nobody in this room is at fault for what happened. There are terrible people in this world that sometimes make horrible choices and it affects others."
Then there's silence for a second and you watch Jeongguk spin his wedding band around on his fourth finger.
He only ever does this when he's deep in thought. On instinct you reach over and press your lips to his cheek and his hand comes up to cup the side of your face sweetly.
"Y/N, do you still feel the need to flinch away or scream?" Dr. Kim asks and you can feel your face paling in color.
Your eyebrows furrow and you hug Guk tighter to yourself.
He looks over at you and you can see the pleading in his eyes -- he needs you to talk about this, he needs to understand.
"Yes," you chirp, looking down at the knees of your leggings.
What a simple question.
Jeongguk coddles you to his body and he watches as your pupils shake back and forth. This is when you're deep in thought.
He closes his eyes and he knows that you probably won't answer, you aren't comfortable with this man.
"Because they used to hit me." you breathe, closing your eyes.
Guk takes a sharp breath between his teeth, turning his face away from you as his jaw clenched tightly.
"Did they know you were pregnant?" Dr. Kim asks, picking up his clipboard.
You shake your head and your husband can feel your hair whipping around at your answer.
"Did you tell them that?" Namjoon asks, pushing the bridge of his glasses up with his middle finger.
"Yes, then they stopped." you reply.
"Fucking pieces of sh-"
"Jeongguk. For Y/N's sake, we're not going to get angry here. We're going to just listen and understand." the therapist cuts him off quickly.
Squeezing his fist tightly, he brings it to his forehead before nodding weakly.
He doesn't want to scare away your progress but this ball of hatred within him grows tense and feels more like fire with every passing second.
"What did they want with you? Why were you taken? Do you know?"
Your teeth nibble at the inside of your cheek and you can feel the sensitive flesh becoming raw and cut up with every worrying clench.
"It's okay if you want to wait to spea-"
"I don't." you squeak quickly.
Namjoon nods, leaning back in his chair and extending a hand for you to speak when you wish.
"They were doing drug stuff." you blurt, finding it kind of relieving to speak about it.
"Oh? And did they make you do drugs?" Dr. Kim asks.
Jeongguk scoffs so loudly that it makes you cower but he's quick to apologize profusely and kiss the top of your head repeatedly. "Baby, no. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, baby girl."
"Jeongguk." Namjoon chastises softly and your husband holds up his hands apologetically.
"They didn't make me do drug stuff. I bagged up drugs… I think it was cocaine or something but I'm not sure… I don't do drugs." you announce, squeezing your husband's arm sweetly.
The therapist watches how your legs tug out from underneath you and slowly plant onto the carpeted floor. He doesn't speak, he waits for you to.
"My ankle was chained to some type of radiator. The metal got warm at night so… that's how I knew. I wasn't allowed to speak and they conditioned me to it. So I didn't or… couldn't tell them I was pregnant. But one of them, Taehyung, noticed after a few months. I can remember them fighting about it or yelling about it for a while."
Jeongguk watches how you stare off into space and he wants to pull you away from those memories and shield you so badly but you need this. You need to speak about it to get over it.
"So one day when everyone was out to lunch, Taehyung asked me if I was pregnant and I said yes. I don't think he liked keeping me there in that state and he kept rambling on about two mouths would be worse than just one. So he told me he was going to kill me and put an end to my misery. And I thought that would be best."
Guk squeezes his eyes shut, biting down on his lip to the point that it might draw blood but then you begin to speak again.
"I was waiting and waiting to die but it never came and then at night, a bag was put over my head and I was knocked out. Then I woke up on the Expressway six months after I was taken." you state, looking down at your husband's wedding band.
Jeongguk shudders and he takes a deep, calming breath through his nose.
"Thank you for telling us, Y/N. I know this certainly can't be easy to relive. But now that it's out in the open, we can work on rebuilding your relationship with Jeongguk. How does that sound?"
You nod immediately, looking up at the blond haired man you adore.
Namjoon gives a small smile, putting his clipboard aside.
"I think the next exercise you should do as a couple is to continue to heal together. Whether that be physical or talking. It's important to get back to the patterns you had before this."
"Physical?" Jeongguk echoes, tilting his head.
The therapist takes off his glasses, cleaning them with the hem of his sweater vest. "Sexual intercourse is healing, Jeongguk."
Your husband blushes a furious pink that radiates to the tips of his ears.
"That doesn't mean you have to rush home and try it. You should build up to it. Allow things to become comfortable again between the both of you. You can only start to heal when you allow yourselves."
That resonates deep within you and you find yourself yearning for comfort after so long.
You want to be back to your full self, even if it would take a day or a year to get there.
Tumblr media
"That was great babe, you did amazing. I'm really proud of you," Jeongguk gushes when you both finally get home.
The small smile you give him has his heart melting with love and he holds back the biggest urge to throw his arm over your shoulders.
You know that this must be torment for your husband and the guilt within you is constantly growing.
When you walk into the kitchen, it piques Guk's curiosity. He watches as you rifle through the cabinets and fridge with nosy eyes.
His elbows lean down on the kitchen island and his hands come up below his chin to investigate.
"Whatcha doin', baby?" he chirps, watching you grab a carton of eggs.
"Cooking." you reply softly, setting ingredients down on the counter.
"Wait, really?!" he gasps, standing up straight and widening his eyes.
"Take out food is bad for you," you whisper, tying your hair up.
"No, but… baby, you must be tired. You don't have to cook. I can cook." he says quickly, rounding the island to be beside you.
He towers over you and the sweet smell of his cologne puts you at ease even if he's just a touch too close.
"You don't know how to cook," you remind him, flipping open the rice cooker.
He scoffs, widening his eyes playfully. "Yes I do! Why would you offend me like that?"
You giggle gently, a simple reflex and the both of you freeze.
Wow, you haven't laughed in… ages. It feels so good to laugh.
Guk swallows thickly, hoping that this isn't the straw that breaks the camel's back.
Your laugh is so pretty, prettier than most things in this universe and his stomach does flips at the simple noise.
Your cheeks even hurt from the smile you produced, those muscles haven't been used in forever.
Jeongguk waits patiently to see if you'll be the one to speak up and he's grateful when you do.
"I'm sure that you remember the fried chicken," you offer, grabbing the bag of rice from the bottom cabinet.
"Okay!" he groans, "how was I supposed to know the oil was too hot? In what universe do things immediately char when put into hot oil?"
"This one," you quip softly, smiling to yourself as you add water to the cooker.
His arms wrap around your belly, caging you into his grip and you're so distracted with the fun memories that you feel no discomfort at all.
This is natural.
This is good.
Feels damn good, too.
"I've made other food that's been tasty." he counters, kissing over the back of your neck with soft, sweet lips.
You shiver at the feeling, letting your eyes flutter closed.
It's so natural to tease your handsome husband and on instinct you do so with a playful tone.
"The galbi, the egg fried rice, the hamburgers, the pizza, the sweet and sou-"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah alright." he murmurs, chuckling into your ear.
You hum sweetly, shutting off the water and letting your body get comfortable with the familiar arms around you.
Of course this isn't easy, it isn't easy to try and force the terror that is constantly awake inside of you away. But because it's Guk, your husband who you love more than anything, it makes it just a little bit easier.
"What're you making for dinner anyway?" he inquires, kissing the crown of your head repeatedly.
With each kiss, his pectoral muscles ripple against you and you've forgotten what it's like to appreciate your god of a man. Before you were taken, you worshipped his body like he was a god. And you think that's been sorely missing for him as well.
"Egg fried rice." you reply, turning around to him.
He takes a sharp breath between his teeth at the sight of you so close to him. Taking a step back, he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable but your hands reach up to his hips and still him.
"Just stay," you whisper, watching his eyes become glassy.
Cupping his cheeks with your hands, you smile up at him gently.
His eyes flutter shut and he's in such incredible peace.
"Kiss me, please." you ask of your husband.
His eyes spring open and he hums with uncertainty.
"Are you sure, baby? I don't want to rush our progress. I don't want to scare you." he coos, running his hands over your belly.
"Kiss me." you repeat.
When he bends down, your breath hitches and your nervousness grows with each second. His large body seems to drape over you like a shadow and your heart begins to hammer with fear.
You want to scream out in this second, cower away from him and everything the world has to offer.
But then his lips press to yours. He's soft and gentle, letting the petals of his lips caress yours with such love and adoration. That fear -- that anxiousness is gone as quickly as it came.
The smell of his cologne breeches your senses while you kiss, it echoes and spreads through your limbs like a forest fire.
Jeongguk cups your cheeks with his hands, wiping away tears that you haven't even noticed have breached past your eyelids.
"Oh my baby," he gasps, pulling away and pressing his forehead to yours.
"Thank you," you whimper, hugging him as tightly as you can to your body with the obstacle of his growing daughter in the way.
There's something about you on early school day mornings. Maybe you just look better in the chilly air or maybe your presence just warms Jeongguk to the point of comfort.
"Morning loser!" he jeers, fumbling with his tie.
"Oh, I'm the loser, am I?" you quip, leaning back against the large cherry blossom tree beyond the gates to your high school.
"You're our loser," Jimin teases, walking past the both of you with his textbooks pressed tightly to his chest.
Flipping your other friend the middle finger, you blow a bubble in your gum. You watch as Jeongguk continues to fumble with his tie, earning creases and wrinkles in the fabric.
"Oh lord, it's like watching a 'how to fail at life' video." you roll your eyes, grabbing the lapels of his school uniform jacket and shoving him up against the tree.
He sneers at you, widening his pretty mocha eyes and you can only snort in response.
"My dad didn't teach me how to do this before he went away for his job." he gripes, gripping the bottom ends of the tie in his fists and furrowing his eyebrows.
You take pity on him then, watching his annoyance truly bubble to the surface.
"Here," you breathe, smacking his hands away from the tie playfully.
You start to tie his tie properly, blowing a large bubble that he pops easily with the tip of his finger.
"First day of the new school year, this should be fun." he says, pushing some hair back behind your ear.
You shiver at his touch, lowering your head as your skin begins to heat up with embarrassment.
"Oh God, just kiss her already. Gross!" Jimin calls you both.
Your eyes snap to one another and Guk lets out a playful chuckle. "She doesn't know what's good for her!" he teases, winking down at you.
You grumble your protestations quietly, tying the tie so tightly that he coughs loudly.
"God," he groans, moving the neck until he's comfortable.
"I do know what's good for me!" you bite back, slinging your backpack over your shoulder.
"Oh yeah?" Guk quips, walking after you, "Then kiss me."
His large eyes are devious and his eyebrow juts up with playful intentions.
"You can't do it, can you? You can't just-"
You press your lips to his roughly, not knowing how to kiss since this is your first time. His large hand cups the back of your head immediately, sighing gently against your lips. It's messy and there's a lot of teeth but your heart thrums knowing Guk is your first.
When you pull away, you want to flee almost immediately but Jeongguk doesn't give you the time. His arm wraps around your shoulders and his smile is so large and giddy that it could rival the sun with its brightness.
"So you like me, huh?" he quips, running his thumb over your red, raw lips.
"Shut up!" you hiss, pulling his tie towards school.
Jeongguk groans loudly when he climbs into bed. He turned the heat up all the way but there's still a chill in the air that makes him tug the comforter over his bare chest quickly.
He can only smirk when you step into the doorway in only his t-shirt.
"You're getting so big that your belly enters a room first, y'know," he quips.
You snort softly, a noise that used to be common but it's the first one in months.
"Dinner was delicious, I missed your cooking so much." your husband breathes, hooking both of his hands behind his head.
"You didn't cook at all?" you inquire gently, climbing into bed beside him.
He turns his head lazily to you, raising an eyebrow. "You think I could cook for myself when I was so worried? I can't cook to begin with."
"Oh, so you admit it then." you sigh, placing a throw pillow beneath your bump and turning to him.
He laughs, crinkling the corners of his eyes cutely.
The moonlight casts a bluish glow over his face and arms and you can't help but begin to lose yourself in his handsome features.
His breath starts to catch in his throat when he looks at you, your eyes are speaking thousands of words of ardor and he can't help the tug of his heart at the sight.
"Doctor Kim said we have to have sex," you bleat.
"We don't have to do anything, baby. If you aren't comfortable, then we aren't doing it." Guk deadpans, running his hand over your belly.
When the light hits his irises just right, the beautiful mocha color seems to burnish holes into your skin.
His hand cups your cheek and your eyes squeeze shut at the soft warmth.
You don't know what you're ready for in all honesty.
You don't know what you need if it isn't Jeongguk.
And you want to try at least something to feel closer to him.
"I-I want to try something," you whisper uneasily.
Your husband leans up on his elbow, looking at you with curiosity written all over his handsome face.
He looks you over, pushing the comforter off of his ever heating body and your eyes fall straight to his torso. His abs are thick and noticeable, the muscles flex and ripple with each deep breath he takes and you find yourself heating up at the sight.
The black ink of his tattoos litters his body in all the right spots and all you can think about is how much you've missed him.
"What do you want to try, baby girl?" he coos, running his hand through his long blonde hair.
"Well if you stay still… maybe I can…" you can't even find the words, your throat tightens up and you feel completely lost at what to do.
Before you were taken it was so easy to fall into bed with your husband and now it's like you're grasping for straws.
Jeongguk hitches up the leg of his briefs, raising an eyebrow. "If you're really serious about it then take what you need."
"That's selfish," you mutter, looking down as his thick thigh muscles twitch suggestively.
"Hey, hey, hey," he coos, tilting your face up with his index finger, "you need to feel comfortable again. You have my patience, my love, my heart, anything and everything. You take everything you want and need from me without guilt. I'm your husband, there's no way I could be selfish with you."
He's always been this way with you, ever since middle school. Jeongguk has always given you more than you give him and that selfless nature of his always has your heart bleeding in ways you may never understand.
You lean in slowly, your breath hitching at the closeness of him and his eyes flutter shut in anticipation.
"Take everything," he reminds you, running his fingertips over your stomach softly.
Guk can't help the mewl that escapes his throat when your lips press to his. He lets you take the lead, keeping his hands to himself politely.
Your kisses are slow and nervous but Jeongguk appreciates them all the same.
"Don't be nervous, baby. I'm right here. You're safe." he promises, pulling away for air.
You don't want this pressing anxiousness, you just want to be normal again. That's all you want.
Your hand shakes when you wrap your hand around his wrist.
"Mmm, that's it. Guide me, babe. Show me where you want me." your husband breathes out, kissing over your jaw with gentle pecks.
"Uh…" you chirp, settling his hand between your thighs.
He hums sensually, letting the heat from his digits warm your soft, cool skin. "So pretty," he purrs.
You gasp loudly when he cups your sex and his eyes are immediately on yours.
"Just relax, baby girl. If you don't like it or you aren't comfortable just tell me. I'll stop right away, okay?" he promises, kissing your lips ever so gently.
You give a meek nod, whimpering when his digits drift over the seat of your panties.
"Baby girl likes it. You're wet already." he breathes, inching his body closer to you.
He can feel the stickiness of your panties and his hips rut into the air at the feeling.
Jeongguk has been so depraved of everything besides the overwhelming feelings of guilt and loneliness he feels deep down inside.
He parts your folds through the sodden fabric, immediately connecting the pad of his thumb to your swollen clit.
"How's that, baby? You like that?" he gasps, watching you writhe under his sweet touch.
You mewl softly, squeezing your eyes shut and nodding.
There's this nervous pit within you that seems to be diminishing by the second. Every deep breath your husband takes and every word of praise that drips from his lips lulls you deeper into his comfort.
"Can I take your panties off?" he inquires sweetly, hooking his fingers into the sides.
Your hips lift within a word and he peels your underwear away at a deathly slow pace.
Your arousal is messy and stringy, breaking away from the soaked fabric to cling to your pussy lips and thighs.
Jeongguk groans wantonly, tossing the fabric away in a fury.
You've both only ever known each other's bodies. You lost your virginities together, you've both only loved each other so much that every part of your bodies is solely for the other.
Even if Guk hasn't had you in months, it's a muscle memory remembering how you like to be pleased.
"You're soaking wet, baby." he gasps, running his fingers over your puffy lower lips.
"P-Please," you whimper childishly, spreading your legs.
The wanton groan that rips from your husband is animalistic and needy at best but it pushes all your fears away in that moment.
"What're you begging for, hmm?" he coos, kissing over your neck.
"I don't know," you laugh, turning your head to him.
His smile is heartbreakingly gorgeous and he kisses you with the intensity to rival a thousand men. If this was any other time you would have pulled away but the arousal that's searingly hot and coursing through you only wants more.
You moan into the kiss, earning a gentle whine from the man you love.
"Is this what you want?" he quips, thrusting two fingers deep inside you.
Your stunted moan is loud and your chest heaves at the fullness you feel.
It's always amazing how he fills you up without even trying.
"Fuck, your pretty cunt is so tight." he groans, curling his fingers expertly to the sensitive bundle of nerves within you.
"G-Gukkie!" you whimper, placing your hand on your growing stomach.
"Feels good, baby? You like it?" he asks sweetly, placing his free hand atop yours on your belly.
You give a meek nod, mouth dropping open when he starts to pump his fingers in and out of you at a snail's pace.
"You're so beautiful," Guk breathes, pressing his thumb back to your swollen clit.
He rubs loving, smooth circles to the nub, praising you when your moans reach a loud pitch.
"That's not what you call me in bed, baby. You know better. Come on," your husband goads, lifting his long t-shirt to look at your stomach.
"Daddy," you preen softly and he smirks at your sweet tone.
"Good girl, there it is."
His fingers fuck into you faster and your hands can't stop raking over the taut muscles of his stomach.
Jeongguk feels like he doesn't have a second to waste. He wants to please you in every way and show you how much you've been sorely missed.
"What am I going to do with you? You're too gorgeous to be in my bed." he groans, pressing his lips to the swell of your stomach.
Your hips wriggle for more and he pulls out altogether. Adjusting the painfully hard erection beneath his boxers, he lays down on the bed.
"Come take everything from me, baby," he announces, opening his arms.
You feel so empty, so needy and bothered that you immediately heed his command.
Whimpering softly, your legs part over his thick thigh and he gives a warm smile up at you.
"You're so beautiful," he avows, running his hands over your sides.
His thigh is smooth and rigid beneath you. You emit a whimper throughout the quiet room as you begin to rut yourself against his muscles.
"God, you're so wet. My thigh is soaked. Fuck." Guk curses, moving your hips faster.
Looking down into his eyes, they're drunk with adoration and lust.
You're too grateful to feel so peaceful and calm in this moment. You can think of nothing else besides the man beneath you.
"Daddy, I-"
He hums in agreement, tucking his bottom lip tightly between his teeth.
He can only look at your body with wonder. You're so perfect and you always have been. You've always been a dream to him and he's so happy you can be back here in his arms.
Pushing the shirt up higher, his hands graze over your large stomach and he whines softly.
"You look so amazing carrying our daughter." he praises.
His thigh muscles flex tightly for you and your hands scramble to press against his chest at the feeling.
The pressure is so intense and so amazing, you can only babble meaningless words and sounds.
Your head lolls back and your nails scratch against his golden honey skin when the bubble inside you begins to expand.
It's been so long since you've felt this kind of relief that it's approaching at a rapid pace.
"Does it feel good, baby girl? You wanna cum for me?" your husband asks, drifting his hands over your bump.
"Yes," you squeak, allowing him to intertwine your hands together.
"Yes what?" he quips, looking down at his soaked thigh.
"Yes, daddy." you breathe, letting your head loll back.
"Good girl, I bet you're real close, hmm? Just let go, baby. Take what you need."
His hands on your skin are so gentle and sweet that it's easy to fall over the edge with someone to catch you so earnestly.
"I can feel your clit throbbing, shit," your husband whines, running his fingers through his hair.
There's a moment when everything goes still. It's just you, your husband and your deep seated pleasure. You can only begin to relish in it when time starts up again.
"Daddy! Cumming!" you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut.
"Look at me when you cum, I want to see your pretty face."
Your eyes snap open on his command and suddenly that bubble inside you bursts.
The pleasure is so intense and so mind shattering that you can only make small gasps and whines as it courses through you.
Your hips rock slowly and your brain short circuits at the explosive feeling.
"Gukkie!" you cry out softly and when your body begins to rack gently, he sits up in a flash to coddle you.
"You're okay, I'm right here. You're safe, baby." he avows, running his hand over the back of your head.
Your chest feels tight and you hug him so closely that there isn't any room for anything else.
"Are you okay? Do you want me to get you water?" he inquires sweetly, kissing your temple.
"Don't leave me." you beg, laying your head down on his shoulder.
"I would never dream of it, baby." he whispers, rocking you slowly in his arms.
Your eyes flutter shut and the small pattern of irregular shapes that your husband draws on your skin calms your heart right away.
"Felt good, huh?" he chuckles, combing his fingers through your hair.
Your nod is childish and sweet, earning a bright smile from the man before you. "I love you, y'know?"
"I love you, too." you whisper, laying down beside him as he falls back.
He looks down at his soaked thigh with a wry smile. "I still get you flooding like a river."
"You're still cocky," you sigh, burying your face into his shoulder.
He laughs loudly, wrinkling his nose. Turning to you, his thumb drifts over the apple of your cheek and he can find no greater peace than this.
"Are you comfortable? Do you need anything?" he inquires.
You shake your head softly, getting comfortable beside him. "Just you."
Those words shoot straight to his heart and he feels like he's falling in love all over again.
"Are you in pain, should I help you?" you murmur tiredly.
Clicking his teeth, he kisses your forehead. "I'm never in pain when I'm with you. You should know that by now."
"I didn't feel scared at all. It was really nice," you bleat, feeling your head get heavier on his body.
"I'll show you that you don't have to be nervous or scared anymore. I promise," he whispers, smirking when your lips part in your unconscious state.
Tumblr media
You're still quiet when you speak but at least you're speaking.
Guk is over the moon with how close you let him get. He can hug you and kiss you now without feeling your body tense up so tightly.
On one hand he feels guiltier, if he would have just talked to Dr. Kim from the start, maybe your healing process would have begun months before this. On the other hand, just seeing you heal is worth its weight in gold.
"So… progress? Do we want to touch on that?" Namjoon inquires, giving a smile when you sit beside your husband and not at the end of the couch.
"We got closer this week than we ever have yet." Jeongguk tells him, letting his arm go lax so you can wrap your hands around his bicep.
Namjoon's eyes widen and he nods pleasantly. "I see. How was that for you, Y/N?"
You hum softly, watching as your husband spins his wedding band. "It felt good to just relax and not be scared."
"Ah, I see. So it pushed away everything you were nervous about?"
You nod pleasantly, looking up at Jeongguk who gives you a wink in reply.
"I was really nervous at first and my heart felt like it was going to explode but then after a while it kind of melted away," you squeak, feeling your neck and ears heat up out of embarrassment.
"That's really good. It's healthy. Not many people c-"
"But I felt guilty," you chirp, cutting off the therapist.
Dr. Kim narrows his eyes at you curiously and so does your husband.
Namjoon's hands politely fold and he tilts his head when you try to make yourself smaller.
"Why, baby?" your husband pouts, running his hand over the back of your head.
"Well I didn't do anything for you." you bleat, looking down at the sunflowers that make up the bottom of your dress.
Guk frowns deeply, drifting his thumb over the base of your neck. "Baby, you know I don't care about that."
Namjoon takes off his glasses, cleaning them with the hem of his shirt as he takes in your interaction. "So, Y/N, you felt guilty that you couldn't please your husband like he pleased you? Is that right?"
Your nod is miniscule but he does catch it when he puts his glasses back on.
"I see. Well that's quite good in a way, isn't it? It means that you love your husband so much that when you can't give back everything he gives to you it makes you feel as if you've been selfish."
"I've always felt that way. Jeongguk always gives me everything and I feel like I never do nearly enough for him in return." you gasp, accepting your husband's hand when he intertwines your fingers together.
"Babe," he murmurs, brushing a few stray hairs back behind your ear.
"It's natural to feel that way. It just goes to show how much you love him." Namjoon announces, crossing his legs.
Guk pushes the side of your head until you're leaning your temple against his shoulder. His lips glide over the crown of your head and you squeeze his hand tighter within your own.
"I'm going to give you an exercise this week, Y/N." Namjoon says, putting his clipboard aside.
You perk up at his voice, tilting your head curiously.
"Please Jeongguk how you think he should be pleased." the therapist says, folding his arms.
"I'm sorry," you whine to your newlywed husband.
He looks up from the end of the bed, running his soft hands over your calves.
"Don't be sorry, you can't help it." he coos sweetly, kissing over your exposed skin.
"I want to go out and play," you whine, looking out the bay windows of your hotel suite.
The sun is high in the sky and the palm trees sway in what you can only assume is a sweet, cool breeze.
Only on your honeymoon would you get jet lagged and sick.
Guk chuckles, crawling up the bed to lay beside you. "We have so much more time to enjoy Bali, it's okay. You just need to focus on getting better right now."
"But it looks so cool outside," you whine, turning to him with a pout.
He taps his index finger to the tip of your nose cutely. "Just relax, baby. You're not going anywhere until you feel better."
Taking the cold towel off your forehead, he dips it back into the warm water.
"You don't have to stay with me, you can go out and have fun," you suggest, closing your eyes.
"I have all the fun I need in this room. I have you." he whispers, smothering your cheek with kisses.
He lays the warm rag back onto your forehead and he can't help the love that blooms throughout his body when he looks down at you.
Sure, your face is a bit pale and peaky and yeah, your body is covered in a film of cold sweat but God, you still look like everything beautiful and perfect in this world.
"You're so sweet. I don't know how I ended up with someone as perfect as you," you murmur, letting the fresh sea air blow through the window over your body.
His smile is wide and loving, a billion sweet thoughts coursing through his head at all times.
"I think you're perfect. I've loved you since the moment I saw you." he breathes.
"Stop one up-ing me. It's not good for my mental health," you jeer, letting a small smirk grace your features.
Your husband chuckles, kissing the top of your head repeatedly. "No one could ever love you as much as I do."
"Now that I believe," you sigh happily, feeling your husband lay down in bed beside you.
"Just worry about getting better and then we can go play with dolphins."
"Dolphins. Okay, just dream of dolphins." you breathe blearily, accepting the tired state the medicine is putting you in.
Jeongguk gives a lopsided smirk, watching your head tilt towards him.
"Beautiful as always," he whispers, pressing his lips to yours.
Your husband was surprised to hear that you felt guilty in all honesty.
You've never voiced it in that way before.
"Do you think that you don't do enough for me?" he inquires curiously, setting down his chopsticks.
You look up from your food and suddenly the guilt is tripling and swirling around in your gut. "Yeah, sometimes." you whisper.
"Why?" he asks, picking up his plate and bringing it to the sink.
Staring up at the paintings above the dining room table, your head tilts. "Well, you've always been this big love bug and I'm not always like that. You're really selfless and I'm not."
He clicks his teeth softly, turning to you and crossing his arms. "I love you the way you are. I love everything about you… I always have."
"That's what I mean. That selflessness." you breathe, turning to him and giving him a small smile.
He chuckles sweetly, a sound that you adore more than anything in the universe.
When you stand, he quips an eyebrow.
Being kidnapped was terrifying, coming back was just as scary but not being able to show your husband how much he's adored and loved… well that's just as frightening.
Even though you still have this constant looming of nervousness that enraptures your being, it doesn't supercede the need to show love to your husband which you're grateful for.
"What is it?" your husband coos when you grip his wrist.
You don't reply, pulling him towards your bedroom silently.
"Baby?" he inquires, allowing you to take him to your room.
Closing the door behind you, you want to flee but you stand your ground, pushing against his chest until he's seated on the foot of the bed.
He stares up at you curiously, putting his hands behind him to balance himself.
"I love you," you avow.
"I love you too. Baby, what is it? Are you alright?" he asks curiously, tilting his head.
Your knees touch down on the soft carpet underfoot and his eyes widen.
"Wait, babe. It's okay. You don't have to-"
"I want to," you promise, cutting him off.
He takes in your doe-like gaze and he hums unsurely to himself.
"Come kneel on the bed if anything, I don't want your knees to get hurt." he breathes, pushing himself back to give you room.
See. He's too sweet and gentle to be unappreciated.
You take his advice, climbing onto the bed between his parted thighs.
Licking his lips slowly, his eyes watch you like a hawk.
"Y/N, we don't have to do this right n-" he groans softly, cutting off his words when you graze your hand along his soft cock.
His eyes squeeze shut and you're almost too quick at unbuttoning his jeans.
He lifts his hips, his pretty lips parting for air and his chest seems to tighten.
You're sure he's been aching since the other night when you fell asleep on him and the answer becomes known right away when you pull down his briefs.
He's already rock hard, the long, thick length seems to twitch and pulse for relief. The bulbous head is a maddening red and he seems so sensitive that even the soft graze against his heavy balls has him whining.
"G-God," he hisses, laying back.
You lick your lips, watching as precum begins to bead at the tip.
You've only ever had this man beneath you and God, you're lucky to have him.
"Take your shirt off," he begs, tugging at the hem.
You do as told, suddenly too concerned with pleasing him than to feel any sort of nervousness.
"Fuck, your tits are huge." he groans, palming your breasts softly.
Taking a sharp breath between your teeth, you can only whimper at his touch.
"Hurts?" he asks sweetly, pulling away.
"No, no. More. Feels good. They ache." you coo.
He tugs down the cups, widening his eyes at how different they look than what he's always been used to.
"Damn," he mumbles, sitting up.
"This is about you," you whine, palming his cock.
He moans so loudly that it ricochets through you and you can already feel your panties dampening.
Jeongguk is quick to tug off his shirt, giving you full view and access to his God-like body.
"Your nipples are so puffy." he bleats, running his thumbs over them.
"Jeongguk," you croon softly, trying to admonish him but it isn't coming out as such.
When your nipples begin to harden, small beads of milk start to gather at the tips and his eyes shoot up to yours.
"I want to taste," he growls, laying you down.
He isn't sure if it's because you look so motherly and so angelic or if it's something that he didn't even know would turn him on but the sight of your breasts leaking is sending him into an animalistic fury.
"I'm supposed to be making you feel good!" you gasp, feeling his lips drift over your clavicle.
"You always make me feel good," he murmurs, scoffing loudly when you begin to jerk his cock in hand.
His lips are warm and sweet against the swell of your breasts. You can feel the pufts of hot air he expels with each groan and scoff as he snaps his hips to your hand.
The tip of his tongue peeks out between the sweet pink petals of his lips and he looks up at you for confirmation.
Your smile is enough for him to continue and his hand presses to the distended side of your stomach as he makes his dissent.
Flicking the tip of your nipple with his tongue, your milk is sweet and enrapturing against his taste buds and he preens at the taste.
"Fuck, it's so sweet." he gasps, wrapping his lips around your stiff peaked bud.
You can only whine sweetly, carding your fingers through his hair when he suckles harder.
"D-Daddy! Oh!" you cry out, running your thumb around the head of his cock.
His precum is thick and sticky as you spread it around the head and he shivers against you.
You feel relief and intoxication when he continues to suckle. "Feels so good, the other one. Please."
He complies immediately, moving to your other breast and suckling.
"Oh fuck, baby. I want your mouth on me," he begs, letting your nipple go with a noisy pop.
It's easy to get back into this routine, shoving him down to have full access to his body.
Your tongue swirls around the bulbous head of his cock, picking up the thick, sticky precum he beads endlessly.
"Holy s-shit," he groans, moving your hair out of your face.
Gathering your hair into one fist, he runs his free hand along your cheek.
With every dip of your head, a string of curses greets your ears and you know how much he's enjoying himself.
"God! You've always been so good with your mouth. Fuck!" he curses, letting his head thump back to the pillow beneath him.
His cock begins to throb as you swallow around him and the hiss of pleasure he seethes through his teeth has your loins unfurling with sickly sweet wanting.
"W-Watch your stomach." he begs when you swallow him to the hilt.
Your nose brushes against his bare public bone and your husband is quick to wipe the tears off of your cheeks.
"My cock is too big for your pretty throat, huh? You're making a mess," he coos, drifting his thumb over your precum and spit covered chin.
You don't care how messy you look, you just want him to feel good because he deserves it. He deserves everything.
You begin to fuck his cock into your mouth faster and Jeongguk can only hiss and groan semblances of words.
"You- Ooh, fuck! You're so go-good at this. Shit!" he cries out, lifting his hips off the bed.
Whimpering gently as his cock begins to throb in your throat, you grip onto his thick thighs.
"You're gonna make me cum, Christ!" he moans, tugging on your hair.
With each dip of your head, his precum squirts onto the flat of your tongue and you're so lost in the world of pleasing your husband that you can't think of anything else.
"Off, get off. I want to cum on your belly." he gasps, pulling your hair.
With a noisy pop and a soaked chin, you let his cock fall free from your mouth.
You lay down at his command, running your fingers over his abs as he jerks his cock in hand.
"You look so fucking pretty with my baby inside you, I'm-I'm gonna cum all over this belly," he whines, his blonde hair falling into his eyes.
Tucking his bottom lip between his teeth, he gives a long groan. "Baby!"
Your thighs rub together for any and all friction you can find, staring up at the handsome man. His eyebrows knit and his mouth drops open into a silent scream.
Palming your leaking breast, he curses once more before ropes of his cum land on your distended stomach. "Fuck!"
He sits back on his heels, looking you over with lust drunk eyes and the goofy grin he gives you makes your heart hammer inside your chest.
"Damn," he breathes heavily, putting his hands on his hips, "you look so good covered in my cum."
You can't help but give a sweet giggle, letting your head loll back to the mattress.
Jeongguk takes in the silence and for the first time in a long time, he doesn't find it eerie.
"Are you aching?" he whispers, spreading your thighs.
You hum nonchalantly and when he looks down at your swollen cunt, he narrows his eyes at you. "Don't try to hide your need from me. I see your clit throbbing."
"This was about you," you offer, sitting up on your elbows.
"Don't care." he chides softly, wiping your stomach with his briefs.
His arms wrap around your thighs and your breath hitches in your throat when his head bows down.
The gentle kiss he gives to your swollen bundle of nerves has your hips lifting off the bed.
"You deserve to be pleased more than anyone in this universe," he coos, licking a flat strip up your sex.
"Guk!" you gasp, fisting your hands into his hair.
"Play nice," he jeers, attaching his perfect lips to your clit.
He suckles harshly, flicking his tongue back and forth until your chest has no more air to expel.
"You're so sensitive when you're pregnant," he breathes, entering two fingers into you slowly.
You whine his name, arching your back at the fullness you feel. His fingers curl perfectly inside of you and you can already feel your head swimming with pleasure.
You didn't register just how needy you were until this moment. You were too busy trying to please the man you adore.
"Daddy!" you whimper, letting go of his hair to fist the sheets in your hands.
He hums softly in agreement, slowly adding a third finger.
It's pent up wanting that floods through you at a blinding pace and your mind goes blank in an instant.
Jeongguk fucks his fingers into you faster, keeping his eyes plastered on your stomach which seems to get tighter and tighter by the second.
It's never taken him a long time to get you to your peak and it was and is something he's still constantly proud of.
"Oh my God!" you whine, throwing your head back.
When he hears your sobs of pleasure, he lifts the hood of your clit, taking his time to caress the throbbing bud with the tip of his tongue.
"I'm gonna cum. Daddy, pl-please let me." you beg, squeezing your eyes shut.
He hums in agreement, suckling harder until your legs are twitching and freezing in place.
The pads of his fingers flick against the velvet walls inside of you and suddenly your orgasm is blinding.
Your body racks with cries and your eyes well up with pleasured tears.
"You squirted for me, baby girl." Guk coos, pulling out of you and licking his fingers.
"Oh fuck," you gasp, putting your hand over your heart.
Your husband chuckles, inching up the bed until he's face to face with your stomach.
"Hi princess," he whispers to your daughter, running his hand over the soft, smooth skin.
It takes you a while to gather yourself after that explosive orgasm but hearing Jeongguk speak so sweetly to your daughter brings you back down to Earth.
"I really missed you, y'know," he avows, kissing your belly, "Daddy is gonna work really hard to make sure you and mommy are super safe and happy. Okay? Does that sound good?"
There's a tiny kick beneath his hand that has him chuckling in an instant. "Did you miss me too? We're all gonna heal together as a family. I'm going to spend the rest of my life making up for those months, alright?"
When he looks over at you and his hair falls into his large mocha eyes, you can only smile warmly.
"I love you," you breathe, feeling butterflies swirl around inside your stomach.
He smiles brightly, rubbing smooth circles to your distended skin. "I love you, too baby."
Tumblr media
Healing isn't always a one track thing. Sometimes there are setbacks and turns, other times it takes years.
You feel lucky to be getting your life back so quickly and it's only because your husband is the most supportive man of all time.
"So how was this past week?" Doctor Kim inquires, running his hands over the knees of his pants.
Jeongguk kisses the top of your head, wrapping his strong arm around your shoulders when you coddle to his side. "She's doing incredibly well."
You can only beam at his words, sending a shy smile the doctor's way.
"Y/N, how did you feel about the exercise? Did you show Jeongguk how much he means to you?"
"I tried," you breathe, recalling that night. "But it's a two way street with us, I guess."
Namjoon nods, setting down his clipboard. "And you know what? That's okay. In my opinion it's better to have things equal on both sides. It's a good thing that Guk adores you so much that he doesn't want things to be one sided."
"That's right," Guk whispers, intertwining your hand with his.
You look down at his wedding band, leaning your head on his shoulder with a pleasant sigh.
"And what about the anxiety, Y/N? Did you feel much of that?"
Your cheeks burn at the intimate question but you answer the doctor anyway. "No, it all just kind of melted away. I was so focused on pleasing him that it just kind of… faded."
Dr. Kim nods, crossing his legs and taking off his glasses to clean them. "You're healing. That's so important and you're doing it the right way -- together. Soon, you won't even need to come here."
Jeongguk runs his thumb over your bare shoulder, kissing the top of your head until your mind goes blank with only positive emotions.
"What should our exercise be this week?" your husband inquires.
Namjoon tilts his head, looking over how healthy the bond between you both has strengthened. "Just relish in each other's company."
"I really hate this," Guk sighs, wrinkling his nose at the design he's drawn.
The disappointment in his voice draws your attention and suddenly you're draping your upper body over the back of the couch.
"I think it's pretty, what's wrong with it?" you inquire.
He sighs, tossing his pencil down and running his hands through his long hair.
"It just feels so… rigid and so… fucking… bland. It has no soul in it. There's no emotion."
You don't know how he's always been so creative. It's always been a wonder to watch him work whether he was just doodling random cartoon characters or he was trying to create a new look for an upcoming building.
Your husband's eyebrows are notched together tightly, completely absorbed by everything wrong with the sketch.
"It feels so impersonal. There's no real soul in it. No real connection." he seethes, frustrated.
You pout in his direction, wishing you could distract him for just a second.
He's been so caught up in this project it's almost eating away at him.
Guk hasn't been sleeping or eating the way he should, he hasn't been enjoying life since the beginning of this project.
So you do the one thing that will get his attention.
Peeling off your sundress, you stand up off the couch.
Your husband runs his hands over his face due to his frustration and his breath catches in his throat when his eyes open.
"Oh baby, I'm sorry. I'm not really in the mood to-"
"Just let me take care of you," you cut him off, unlatching your bra and letting it fall to the dining room floor.
Jeongguk takes a sharp breath between his teeth, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you between his now parted thighs.
His hands run over your curves, looking up at you with soft, loving eyes.
"You're so beautiful," your husband breathes, leaning in to kiss between the valley of your breasts.
You hum softly, letting your fingers card through his black locks.
His lips pepper more loving kisses to your skin before he's stopping.
"That's what this project needs. More curves! More fluidity! Motion! Something with emotion!" he cries out, sitting up straight.
You sigh, putting your hands on your hips and narrowing your eyes at him.
"I know! I know! You're so totally pissed at me but just stand there for a few minutes," he beams, grabbing the large sketching pad and his pencil.
"Mkay," you concede, watching his eyes drift over you slowly.
"You're my biggest inspiration! I don't know why I didn't think of this before!" he whines, running one hand over your bare side as his dominant hand sketches fluid lines.
"I love you," you remind him.
His hand stutters on the paper and he looks up at you with the most blinding of smiles. "I love you too, gorgeous. Always."
Today was the first day you've had company over in your house since you've gotten back home.
Jimin has been privy to everything being your husband's best friend and he's kept completely silent on the topic which you find yourself grateful for.
But the most frustrating part throughout the whole evening is feeling your friend tiptoe through every conversation you both have.
He stops talking every five seconds as if he's thinking over what he's going to say before actually saying it just in case it triggers something inside of you.
And while you're grateful -- you wish it hadn't come to this.
"Your tomato plants look healthy," Jimin breathes, nodding towards the back patio.
"Jeongguk took good care of them while I was gone." you chirp, feeling your husband's lips press against your temple.
Your best friend clears his throat, slowly nodding at your admission.
Long gone is the frail woman who would jump at each and every small sound and every quick movement.
You just want to be normal again. You don't want to be the kidnapped victim anymore.
You want to be Jeon Jeongguk's wife.
You want to be the mother of a precious little girl.
Not someone who's been taken.
Jimin taps his fingers to the arm of his chair, bringing the mouth of his beer bottle closer to his face.
He's thinking again. Thinking of what to say.
Looking down at your lap, your fingers drift slowly over the swell of your stomach.
"The baby's getting big." your best friend comments.
Your husband takes the opportunity to fawn over you, pulling you close to his sweet smelling chest. "Yeah, she is. We decided to go with Haneul for her name. It's something uplifting and healing. We definitely needed that after everything that's happened."
You're more than grateful that Guk isn't too shy around the subject.
Ignoring the situation is one thing. Pretending like it never happened would kill you inside.
Jimin clears his throat, taking a deep swig of his beer.
Maybe it's your pregnancy hormones or maybe it's something even more troublesome that bubbles with a fury deep within you.
"Jimin. It's okay to talk about it, y'know." you announce, crossing your legs.
"N-No, I know. I just-" he doesn't finish his sentence, looking down at the knees of his pants.
"I'm not scared or ashamed of it anymore. We've both started to heal properly. It's alright for you to speak about it."
Jeongguk kisses your cheek, curving his hand around your distended stomach.
"I know… I just…"
"You don't see me the same anymore? I'm not the same girl that used to stick my used gum in your hair when we were in sixth grade? I'm not the same person that helped you lose your virginity in college by introducing you to Byul? Yes, I was kidnapped. I was handcuffed to a radiator at night. I bagged up drugs for free and got like twenty grains of rice a day. I wasn't allowed to speak. I was losing the feeling in both of my legs when Haeneul kept getting bigger because I couldn't walk anywhere. But I'm okay now. I'm still me. I'm still the same nasty, irritating bitch that made fun of you for that lopsided bowl cut you decided to do on yourself so you could look like Rain."
Jeongguk and Jimin blink in unison.
Your husband kisses the top of your head repeatedly, hugging you closer to his body.
Your best friend stares at you and you can practically see the rusty cogs turning in his mind.
"It wasn't fucking lopsided. All the girls loved that look." Jimin says finally, smirking over the top of his beer bottle.
"Yeah, keep telling yourself that, bud." you giggle, letting your body relax against Guks.
"I'm sorry, Y/N. It's just taking me a while to adjust to you being back. I don't want to upset you." your friend apologizes, leaning forward and placing his hand on your knee.
"You can't possibly upset me, I'm stronger now. Stronger than I've probably ever been," you promise, placing your hand atop his.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk groans loudly as he jumps onto the bed.
His hands open and close childishly, giving you a big smile when you shed his t-shirt from your body.
"You okay?" your husband inquires, running his hands over your thighs as you straddle his waist.
"Yeah, I just don't want to be 'the victim' anymore. I'm healing and I want everyone around me to heal as well."
He nods in agreement, sitting up and drifting his lips over your collarbone.
"I got something you can heal if you're up for it," he quips, pulling your bra strap and letting it snap back into place.
You hum to him, gasping softly when he tugs down the cups of your bra.
"Fuck," he curses softly, suckling softly at the thin skin of your neck.
His chest presses against your stomach and when the gentle kick of your daughter reminds him she's also there he can only smile against your skin.
His hands rub at your distended sides, kissing down the swell of your breasts. "Daddy needs some one-on-one time with mommy right now."
You let out a breathy laugh only to suck a sharp breath between your teeth when the tip of his tongue flicks at your nipple.
Your back arches and Guk takes the opportunity to unlatch your bra, his hands cup beneath your breasts, pushing them up for his viewing pleasure.
"Such pretty tits," he hisses, suckling from one nipple to the other until you're a shivering, sobbing mess before him.
It's a downright sin how fast you get wet for him. He could snap his fingers and you'd be sodden in an instant.
"D-Daddy," you preen softly, combing your fingers through his hair as he pushes your breasts together.
He suckles on both nipples at once, keeping his eyes glued to your pleased face.
Your hips roll against his hardening cock, whimpering when he flicks his tongue quickly against both stiff peaks in tandem.
"You're soaking through your underwear like a little cumslut," he hums, running his hands over your back and laying you down softly.
Jeongguk kisses down your body slowly, drawing out long sighs and whines from you until your mouth is dry and aching.
He leaves hot, open mouthed pecks along the swell of your stomach as he makes his descent.
Your hands are shaky, eyes widening to watch him.
Grabbing needily at your thighs, he kisses over your clothed pubic bone, grabbing the band of your underwear with his teeth and tugging playfully.
"Fuck, you get my cock so hard," he breathes, pulling down his briefs.
His thick cock bobs in the air, pearling with precum and twitching with neediness.
"Christ," you whine, reaching forward to touch it.
He stops you in an instant, kissing up your forearm and hooking his fingers into the sides of your panties.
Guk pulls down your underwear slowly, licking his lips at the amount of arousal that is spread over your bare lower lips.
Tossing the underwear away, he spreads you open with his index and middle finger.
He hums aloud, watching your entrance pulse and quiver, begging to be fucked.
"Pretty little pussy just dying to take my fat cock," he groans, burying his face against your core.
He suckles at your lips, your clit, your thighs, adoring the high pitched whines that emit throughout the room.
"Daddy, please!" you cry out, lifting your hips for more.
Slowly, he enters two fingers into you, kissing up your belly.
You gasp loudly, letting your head loll back at the full feeling.
He curls his fingers to the spongy spot within you that makes you boneless before him.
"M-More!" you whine, fisting the sheets.
He smiles against your skin, adding a third finger.
Your chest heaves and you tug gently on his hair.
"You wanna cum? You wanna soak the bed for me? Hmm?" he inquires cheekily, kissing up to your breast.
You nod quickly, letting your mouth drop open when he begins to fuck you faster with his fingers.
He suckles at your nipple, groaning at the milk that enraptures his taste buds.
Your toes curl and your eyes become spotty.
"I want you to squirt all over my fucking hand." he seethes through his teeth.
The sounds of your wet cunt echo throughout the bedroom and your eyes squeeze shut at the oncoming pleasure that creeps steadily through your body.
"Your belly is getting so big, I love it. You look so beautiful carrying my baby." he murmurs, nipping at your ear lobe.
Your hips lift, moans turning it babbles and semblances of words from different languages.
When he feels your pussy begin to throb around his fingers, your husband moans into your ear. "You're gonna cum for me, aren't you? Cum for daddy, get my hand nice and soaked."
"F-Fuck!" you squeak, pulling at the sheets until they're pooling around your body.
Then the bliss enraptures you, you cry your husband's name loudly, slamming your hips down to his hand with a quickness to ride out your high.
You can feel your arousal squirting out of you in waves and Jeongguk groans loudly at the sight.
Pulling his fingers from your core, he rubs your clit quickly, adoring how your body shudders.
"Good girl," he coos, prying your legs open and entering his fingers into his mouth.
Whimpering gently, you run your hands over his arms, willing your breathing to return to normal.
He runs his hard cock through your folds, tucking his bottom lip between his teeth.
"Your pregnant cunt is so warm," he breathes, thrusting deeply inside of you.
You moan for him, wrapping your legs around his waist and hooking your ankles together.
His thighs spread wider, placing his hands on your belly and running his thumbs soothingly over the skin as you accommodate to his large size.
He starts off slow, letting the bulbous head of his cock drag through your plush walls sensually.
"Oh fuck, yes," he hisses, peppering kisses over your knee and down your thigh.
Your husband takes his time, letting his hands roam over your body.
He's afraid to cum too quickly, it's been a long time since he's been inside you.
Lifting your hips off the bed, he palms the skin of your backside.
"Yes, God, right there!" you whine, digging the heels of your feet into his back.
"Yeah? Right here?" he teases, thrusting hard to the one spot that has your mind swimming, "Like that? Your pregnant little pussy wants more right there?"
You cry out loudly, bringing your hands to knead at your breasts.
"Yes, daddy! More! Please!" you beg.
"Open your mouth," he instructs, letting one of your cheeks go.
Doing as told, he enters two fingers into your mouth. He keeps them flat on your tongue, picking up speed with his hips.
You whine and gargle against his digits, keening loudly when he throws your legs over his shoulders.
He angles himself forward, minding your large stomach.
"You feel so fucking good around me. You're so fucking wet, sloppy little pregnant hole just for me."
You sob loudly against his fingers, letting him fuck you down the bed.
His teeth nip at your calf, groaning at how impossibly tight you are for him.
"What's that, baby girl? I can't hear you. You want it harder? You want me to wreck your pregnant pussy?" he hisses, hooking an arm around your thighs and pressing them tightly against his body.
You scream against his fingers, your second orgasm approaches like a freight train and you know all too well that you won't last much longer.
"Fuck, look at these tits," he groans, pulling his fingers from your mouth and drifting them over your hardened nipples.
"Da-Daddy, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna…" you whimper, scratching your nails down his thighs.
"Oh, yeah? You wanna cum on this thick cock? Go ahead, baby girl. It's all for you," Guk moans, sliding his knees under your backside and ramming the head of his cock into the soft patch of nerves within you until you're squirting for him once more.
"Christ!" he cries out, pushing your legs off his shoulders and angling his body over yours.
He's seemingly hypnotized by the way your breasts heave upward with each thrust and he keeps his hands on your belly, rubbing smooth circles to the skin.
"Tell me you love me," he begs, squeezing his eyes shut.
"I love you," you sob, watching his long blonde hair fall into his eyes.
"You're never fucking leaving my side again," he seethes, leaning down and suckling at your breast.
"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," he sobs against your nipple.
You feel it then, his cock thickening and throbbing for release within you.
"Where do you want it?" he gasps, looking up at you.
"In me, cum inside me! I want to feel it!" you beg, running your nails down his arms.
"Oh, baby!" he moans, thrusting slowly and deep until warm ropes of cum lather your spent walls.
He lets out a shaky sigh, pulling out of you and spreading your lower lips. "Push it out," he instructs.
You do as told, pushing his cum from your blissed core.
"Fucking hot," he murmurs, kissing over your shoulder and laying down beside you with a groan.
His hand cups your stomach, his face nuzzles into your neck and your rapidly beating heart begins to even out once more.
"I love you, baby. More than anything or anyone in this universe." he avows tiredly.
When he feels the gentle kick of your daughter beneath his hand he lifts his head. "You too, princess. I love you too."
You smile at the sight, closing your eyes.
There is no one in this world that could help you heal like your husband beside you.
Tumblr media
"Well," Dr. Kim breathes, "I think this is going to be our last session."
"Really?" you inquire, wide-eyed.
He nods in agreement, taking off his glasses.
"You've healed so much over this past month. Faster than I've ever seen before. You're an incredibly strong woman." the doctor announces.
"Well I have the most supportive partner," you smile, nudging your husband who winks at you in reply.
"You'll still need to be open with each other. You'll need to rely on one another and keep it up but that hole within you is filling up more and more each day."
Jeongguk nods astutely, kissing your temple sweetly.
"You both are the perfect example of healing with a loved one. I can see how much you love each other. I can feel how much you adore the other and that's powerful. That can get you through anything."
Your chest puffs up at the therapist's words. There really is no better person to heal with than Jeon Jeongguk.
"I love you," he whispers into your ear.
"I love you too." you reply, intertwining your fingers.
"And on that note, that ends our session." Namjoon smiles, putting the clipboard on the table and putting his glasses back on.
In this moment, Jeongguk takes in the silence and he relishes it.
While it's loud and it's deafening, it calms him.
Because when you're by his side, the silence sounds like the most healing, romantic song.
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whatifyoulivelikethat · 4 months ago
ruined, m | jjk
pairing(s): jungkook x reader
summary: Why is there a mostly shirtless man in your bedroom and why is it Kim Namjoon's, your roommate's, fault? All you want to do is play League of Legends, not be visually attacked by ridiculously attractive Jeon Jungkook as his six friends perform living room karaoke at the top of their very drunk lungs.
warnings: rated M (18+) for language; classic Namjoon ripping clothes; you don't have to know how to play LoL, I explain most of it; smut (fem reader, dirty talk, begging, scratching / marking, nipple play, edging / orgasm denial, handjob, (unintentional?) voyeurism, little bit of cum-eating, choking, cowgirl, cock warming); non-idol!BTS – purple-haired, kind-of-a-brat, sub!Jungkook x gamer, noona, dom!reader, ft OT6 being chaotic in the background XD
@yn-the-reader linked me in this and I was already writing about him. a prophet, maybe? XD
You died.
Not literally, but also literally.
Now you had thirty-seven seconds of gray screen to figure out why the fuck Jeon Jungkook had busted into your bedroom on this cheerful night with his black dress shirt three-quarters of the way unbuttoned, revealing most of his – oh, sweet Satan, very muscular – pecs and the upper half of his abs. He was holding something in his hands, looking helpless and sad, while you were panic buying Liandry's Anguish and experiencing a special form of anguish yourself.
“Noona, um–”
That’s right, because you were in the middle of a League of Legends game, playing Cassiopeia, the Serpent’s Embrace, also known as half-snake lady or the lamia of the champion roster or a mean version of Monster Musume’s Miia (if you know, you know, and if you don’t, be glad you don’t). Your roommate was having friends over after going drinking. All this was fine and dandy with you, because you were going to spend all night wearing headphones and playing League of Legends, therefore ignoring the outside world, until the outside world came to bother you in the form of Kim Namjoon’s – your roommate’s – mostly shirtless friend Jeon Jungkook.
He wasn’t mostly shirtless most of the time, only right now.
“Noona, Namjoon-hyung ripped my shirt…” Jungkook whimpered hesitantly, chewing on his lip. He looked awkward and distraught despite his long dark purple hair giving him a rather fierce, bad-boy look.
Namjoon was a great roommate. He was smart, conversational, and insightful. A chat with him usually led to an enriching, open-minded perspective. He was relatively clean, considerate, communicative, nonjudgmental, fun to be around, and only set the kitchen on fire twice.
The second time was your fault.
You shouldn’t have let Namjoon in the kitchen the second time.
Also, Namjoon with his friends was a wildly chaotic time. All of his friends, especially drunk, were fucking nuts. Normally, they were probably relatively calm people (maybe not Kim Seokjin or Jung Hoseok, they were very excitable), but together they were a mess. You often wondered how they could function as a group.
Currently, however, you were trying to collect your brain cells as you had mere seconds before respawning onto the platform and were forced to play again. Timing in League of Legends was very important. Seconds can mess up wave management of minions and wave mismanagement can lead to game losses if you weren’t careful. The nuances of the game were often ignored by casual players.
You were, in short, a nerd about it.
“Fucking s-shit, what h-happened?” you sputtered out, turning back to your screen, unable to look at mostly shirtless Jungkook because he was MOSTLY SHIRTLESS. Honestly, he had quite nice pecs, and you should not be thinking about that, but it was incredibly distracting, just like how it used to be distracting when Namjoon was shirtless, but several years of living with him made you accustomed to his impressive pectoral muscles, to the point where you could joke about them with him.
But this was not Namjoon – this was his younger friend Jungkook and you had no idea Jungkook was ripped, mostly because you didn’t pay attention to Namjoon’s friends.
There were too many of them and you were too introverted for that.
“I don’t know, he just grabbed my shirt and it ripped and I managed to find all the buttons, but, but…”
Cassiopeia respawned on the platform and you couldn’t ignore the snake lady any longer. You had to play the game because four random people on your team were counting on you and you couldn’t exactly type, sorry, there’s a hot man in my room with his shirt practically off and I don’t know what to do with my life, so you had to suck it up and play the damn game.
Right-clicking and keeping your eyes only on your computer monitor.
Half-listening to that trembling, silvery voice coming up behind you, making your hairs stand on end even though all he was doing was dumping the tiny buttons on your desk.
Oh, fuck me, you thought to yourself.
“Can you repair it? Please? My mom bought me this shirt and Namjoon-hyung said you can sew, so maybe you can sew them back on? Please?”
“Yes, Jungkook, I can, just not right now, I’m in the middle of a game,” you rambled, suddenly trading damage with the enemy Viktor, trying to avoid the laser from the Machine Herald, swearing under your breath as you stutter-stepped and stunned him, poisoning him quickly enough with your abilities to avoid dying. “I will help you, I just – fucking shit, get the fuck away from me Udyr, fuck!”
“Wow, you curse a lot, noona. It’s kind of funny.”
“I – fuck– I mean, sometimes, and what are you guys doing out there? It sounds like a deranged cabaret club,” you remarked, ticking your head towards the direction of your bedroom door.
“Karaoke!” Jungkook replied brightly, still standing behind you, why was he standing behind you, it was freaking you out a little, but Ocean Dragon was being taken and a team fight was about to happen, so you had to ignore it and support your teammates in chasing down the enemy support.
Seokjin hit a high note that was so shrill that you heard it through your headphones.
“… Wow, he’s got some lungs on him.”
“Do you wanna join us, noona?”
“I can’t sing.”
“Neither can we.”
“Pretty sure all of you can sing better than I can, even Yoongi and Namjoon. I’m fucking terrible.”
“I’m not that good.”
You barely survived with thirty hit points after that debacle of a team fight, but your team had the dragon and you all were slowly on your way to victory. You pressed the ‘B’ key to return to base, but kept your eyes on the screen, lest Udyr, the Spirit Walker and serial bear stun-slapping enemy jungler, ran your ass down and killed you.
“Jungkook, your voice is absolutely heavenly. Fucking beautiful. I’m sure every human being on Earth would want to be serenaded by you.”
Silence that you didn’t notice was awkward for him because you were too busy letting out a sigh of relief and building your next item, typing quickly to your teammates. You all were about to set up for vision around Baron Nashor, a large purple worm-dragon monster that when killed provided a significant, sometimes game-ending buff.
“R… really?”
“Yeah, and you’re handsome, gorgeous, and hot as hell too, so the whole damn package,” you responded absentmindedly, realizing the enemy were trying to split-push and trade objectives so you sent some pings to your teammate to take care of that as you accompanied the main group to help clear waves of minions.
You heard him shift beside you and suddenly his face was next to yours, watching your screen closely.
Side-step, cast your ultimate, cast your Miasma ability to ground the enemies and prevent them from dashing away, switching between auto-attacking and piercing them with Twin Fang, all in the span of a mild freak-out because why was Jungkook so FUCKING close?
“Wow, you’re so good at League.”
“I’m Diamond rank, so not that good, but definitely better than all seven of you combined.”
“Haha, true, we’re all pretty bad,” Jungkook laughed next to your ear and, oh, shit, is warm breath feathered on your neck, why weren’t you wearing a turtleneck or something and not your self-cropped oversized band t-shirt and slinky black leggings, why weren’t you cocooned in layers of clothes, because you were quickly highly aware of how attractive Namjoon’s friends were.
To top it all off, you were in the middle of a game, so you just had to tolerate it and stay calm for the sake of your teammates and your elo.
“Maybe you could teach us and we’ll teach you something in return.”
“You guys don’t even listen to each other, why would I assume you all would listen to me?”
“I’d listen to you, noona.”
Now your team was doing the Baron dance, skirting in and out of vision, daring the other team to make a move, daring each other to make a mistake so the other could capitalize on it, slowly, slowly, watch the waves, watch the minimap. Careful. You could control the situation if you were calm and not too trigger-happy. Tension in your fingers and tension in your neck because your roommate’s friend was right next to your head, observing your every move.
His violet hair brushed your shoulder.
Soft, delicate strands against your skin.
“You’re more experienced, so you would know what to do.”
Your support snap-engaged a fight and you were immediately in the zone, right clicking rapidly, cycling through your abilities, keeping track of the opponents’ spells, determined not to let any of them get away, following your teammate’s calls and not hesitating, because hesitation as death and loss, and you were so close to winning you could taste it, going after it with passionate vigor and a slow-forming grin, seeing and hearing the in-game announcer declaring, QUADRA KILL.
You didn’t kill all five of them because someone took the pentakill from you.
You might have cared about that except your ear exploded into clapping as Jungkook excitedly applauded for you, cheering you on, reminding you that a mostly shirtless man was standing right next to you.
Thanks, Namjoon, you thought sarcastically.
“Wow, you played that so well, dodging the Viktor ult and stunning three people like that–”
You felt your cheeks heat at the compliments, busying yourself with your team killing Baron. You didn’t usually have someone commenting on your games. Your eyes flickered to the small buttons on your desk.
Especially not a mostly shirtless guy.
Mostly shirtless hot guy.
Back to screen, seeing your jungler’s typed instructions, suggesting you all to destroy as many structures as you could and then prepare for the next fight for Ocean Dragon Soul and – oh? Your eyebrows raised as the screen abruptly jerked to the enemy base, the nexus inside exploding into shiny gem-like fragments that became the VICTORY banner.
“They surrendered?” you uttered with surprise, clicking on the CONTINUE button. “Why?”
Your eyes flickered to the kill score.
“Oh, thirty-two to nine… maybe that’s why….”
Your team had the nine deaths and the opponent team had thirty-two so, well, maybe that’s why they surrendered the game.
“Aw, that’s no fun,” Jungkook pouted as you clicked on the damage screen. Second most damage. Okay, you could take that. You were a little distracted.
“So, about your problem–”
You spun around to, ack, realize that, yes, Jungkook’s shirt was still flapped wide open to expose his chest like an unwrapped piece of caramel candy. He seemed to realize it too, making a surprised face and yanking the sides closed, as if you hadn’t gotten a damn eyeful already.
“I can resew the buttons back on, but you should borrow a shirt from Namjoon in the meantime,” you managed to say, clearing your throat. “Because I, ah, can’t really sew it when you’re still wearing the shirt.”
“Oh… Oh, right, yeah.”
Then he started yanking his shirt out of his slacks.
Usually, you didn’t care about this stuff. Men were men. They had chests. But you had things you liked too. Just like how men like tits and ass, you liked well-built pecs and forearms. Actually, you appreciated a nice ass and thighs too. And cute faces. Fuck, you loved a cute face.
“Uh, Jungkook…”
He looked up, questioningly. Big round brown eyes, his violet bangs framing his chiseled jaw, parted pink lips, the small mole underneath his lower lip looking so, so kissable, quivering slightly.
Fuck, Jungkook had a cute face.
His shirt was very open.
Fuck, his lightly tanned skin.
He was hesitating around a button, his deft fingers flexed, ink black tattoos standing out on his knuckles and the back of his hand. Your legs were slightly spread, thighs flush to your gaming chair. Half a second and Jungkook’s eyes flickered back up to your face, pretending he hadn’t been looking.
You raised your eyebrows.
“Are you really just gonna strip in my room and walk out asking Namjoon for a shirt and hope none of the six guys think anything about it?”
His eyes shifted around your room. Bed with black sheets and black velvet duvet. Television with your gaming consoles. Your collection of character figurines from various games. Your black denim jacket hanging on a hook, covered in monotone patches that you had sewn yourself, mostly occult-themed, skeletons, skulls, cats, ghosts, potions, eyeballs, that kind of thing. Back to your desk.
Your legs.
Really staring at your thighs, hips, and crotch.
Up your torso, your hands, your exposed collarbones.
Your face.
Guarding his expression, testing the waters.
“Maybe,” Jungkook said slowly. His eyes darted away and back, teeth catching his lower lip. “I really am hoping you can fix my shirt.”
You watched his face carefully, the flare of darkness in those brown orbs, a hint of naughtiness, dancing with danger. Jungkook had a mischievous streak. You could tell by the way he interacted with his hyungs, listening but talking back, helping them with things but not without a roll of his eyes or a smart remark added, probably because all his friends were older and he was the youngest. He knew he could get away with it.
In short.
“What would you like in return, noona?” Jungkook purred, smile dancing on his lips.
Honorifics were supposed to honor you. Show a sign of respect and all that shit.
All I wanted to do was play video games, you grumbled internally. Not suddenly have a thirst fest for one of Namjoon’s best friends. You narrowed your eyes a little, seeing the smirk on that perfectly shaped mouth. He’s not stopping either.
Outside your room, something fell with a loud crash. Probably Namjoon by the depth of that startled yelp. Everyone else started laughing and a very loud, cheerful melody was blasting from the living room television. Nobody was coming to investigate you and Jungkook.
“Turn around and ask for a shirt,” you sighed, waving a hand. “Then take off your shirt in the bathroom and then, only then, do you come back and give me your dress shirt.”
You saw Jungkook frown, not expecting that as your answer.
“Oh. Okay.”
He seemed disappointed, lowering his hands.
The silky fabric of the dress shirt slid off his right shoulder, partly revealing his tattoo sleeve and fully revealing his right collarbone and shoulder.
You sucked in a breath, eyes flickering to it. Then his face. Then back to his body. Fuck. Fuckity fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. Jungkook jumped, startled by the fallen fabric and reached over to grab the fallen collar. Your hand moved faster than you had time to think. You had good reaction time. It was the gaming obsession.
You slapped his hand down.
Jungkook squeaked, head snapping up, purple hair floating around him, gold chain on his neck glittering as he swallowed hard, Adam’s apple bobbing. Strangely, his chain resembled your sterling silver choker that you were wearing right now, except you also wore another necklace with a circular white gold pendant with your zodiac sign.
Not that anyone was ever close enough to inspect it.
“N-Noona?” he breathed, sounding strangely winded.
You hadn’t meant to do that. Your body reacted faster than your head.
Fuck, he had a nice body. His pecs. Even had a nice dark nipple – well, he probably had two, but you could only see one at the moment – and it all trimmed down to a slim waist and shapely hips. You could tell because of his tailored black slacks. He had been wearing a blazer earlier in the evening too. It was probably on a chair somewhere in the apartment.
What did Jungkook need to look so damn good for?
“Where did you guys go to be dressed like that?”
Yes, you were really just going to interrogate him with his shirt dangling off like that.
Jungkook chewed on his lower lip, the tiny mole underneath bouncing up and down as he spoke. “We went to a fancy hotel rooftop bar to celebrate Yoongi-hyung’s award that he won at the music show for producing that song–”
“Ah, right, Namjoon mentioned that earlier today.” Dress code must have been black tie.
Those dark brown eyes found yours, observing you carefully.
“I would have liked to see you there, noona.”
You stopped staring at the tattoos on his bicep and made eye contact. Fuck. Those eyes. Sparkling with deviousness. Trying to see how far he could push your buttons.
“I wonder what kind of dress would you have worn?” he murmured, musing to himself. “I bet you would have looked hotter than any girl there.” Jungkook smiled, playful and boyish. He wasn’t being sleazy about it. Every word was light and honest. “A tight little black dress? Maybe bright red? Short, because you have incredible legs. It would be a crime not to show them off.” He was only complimenting you. His tone wasn’t trying to be suggestive.
You didn’t close your legs. You had nothing to be shy about.
Instead, you leaned back in your gaming chair as if it was a throne, resting your left elbow on the armrest and your chin on two fingers, thighs wide open, and your other hand in between them, fingers curled inward to your inner thigh.
Jungkook’s pink lips curved ever higher, ever more roguish.
“Whatever you would have chosen, you would have looked so, so sexy.”
You ticked your head.
“I know.”
Because you did.
Look here, Jeon Jungkook, I’m here minding my own damn business and you’re here inserting yourself into my life, so if you can’t handle me knowing my self-worth, you can fuck right off.
He reached up and tucked a bit of his purple hair behind his right ear, grinning at you.
“You sure you don’t want anything from me?” he asked, a slight flicker of pink tongue between white teeth. “I can give first and then you can decide whether or not you want to help.”
Honestly, those sultry eyes could stop a heart.
You removed your hand from your chin, tapping the air with those two fingers in a dismissive manner.
Outside, Kim Taehyung and Jung Hoseok were singing a soulful duet and Park Jimin was hooting at inappropriate moments to ruin the atmosphere as much as possible. That raspy, breathless laugh was Min Yoongi, who was probably doubled over on the floor in his expensive suit. Classic genius music producer of the year behavior right there.
Jungkook tucked his hands in his pockets, shirt sleeve falling down, revealing his blacked-out inner elbow. Mountains with a dark sky. It must have hurt, doing something like that. Still, he did it. For aesthetics?
You heard the smirk rather than seeing it, mostly because you were looking at his body.
“I would look so damn good on you, noona.”
You closed your eyes slowly and reopened them to look directly into those dangerous, dangerous eyes.
“Lock the door.”
Not really an order. More of a statement. Jungkook could do it or not, you knew. He couldn’t be coerced to do anything. He did things because he wanted to do them. He was nice because he wanted to be nice. He was childish when he wanted to be childish.
Jungkook was obedient when he wanted to be obedient.
He turned around, went to your bedroom door, and locked it.
Well then.
He came back and stood in front of you. A little closer now.
You cocked an eyebrow. “They’re going to come looking for you.”
Jungkook smiled down at you. “I’m sure they will.”
You frowned, lowering your hand to tap the end of the armrest. “They’re going to think I started this.”
“You kind of did.”
Your eyes narrowed sharply. He grinned, taking a step closer.
“Because it’s not my fault you look so good,” Jungkook breathed, voice deepening, leaning down, your expression unchanging, not pulling back but not encouraging anything either. “Not my fault your body is hotter than a summer. Not my fault your confidence is the biggest turn-on I’ve ever had in my life.”
Your thighs were still as open as his shirt.
Jungkook put his knee in between them.
His dress shirt was basically almost completely off his body now, falling off the left shoulder too and dangling off his forearms, exposed collarbones and shoulders, tan skin taut over muscle. A delicious body line, so fucking close to you that you could feel the heat. You still didn’t do anything. You weren’t going to do anything. You didn’t prompt this. You were simply minding your own business commanding a snake lady to victory, not expecting to get seduced by a mischievous bunny-like smile and a tiny black mole under a cute pout.
“I can’t help myself around you.”
You usually didn’t say more to Namjoon’s friends than a mere hello, not wanting to bother them with your presence. They were all men after all. You expected them to want bro time or whatever. Also, you were too busy being obsessed with men that didn’t exist in real life to pursue men that did exist in real life.
At least League of Legends had 3D models so no one could say you lived only the 2D lifestyle.
That didn’t mean that you didn’t partake when the dinner laid themselves out to be eaten. They often had to, because you wouldn’t pay attention otherwise.
Purple hair drifted into your vision, surrounding you in a curtain of violet and dark brown eyes, warm exhale and trembling pink lips, trapping you in Jungkook’s gaze, but you refused to relent, keeping your gaze even. Steady breaths to disguise your racing heart.
You kept your hands closed to prevent him from seeing your shaking fingers.
“Every time I see you, I want you to touch me,” he whispered, trying to hide the edge of nervousness by lowering his voice, enticing you to lean in to hear him better because someone was wiping a damn window in the living room outside your door or was that Kim Seokjin laughing?
There was no difference.
Jungkook’s forehead touched yours and you stopped thinking about Seokjin.
“I just want you to feel me up, rip my clothes off, and fuck me until I can’t think straight. Use me, abuse me, wreck me, ruin me,” he shuddered, definitely thinking about it, and one blink and you spied the obvious tent in his pants.
“Maybe I’m a lazy girl,” you finally said, touching your nose to his, inhaling his breath, a little bit of alcohol, a little bit of fruitiness, and that hint of cologne, fresh, clean, and intense. Something else too. Musk, maybe his pheromones or something like that. Whatever it was smelled fucking delicious, just like you. What did your perfume smell like? Spiced fire blended with addictive sweetness.
You shrugged casually.
“Maybe I’m a pillow princess.”
Jungkook chuckled.
“I can tell you’re not.”
You had to smirk.
Of course, you weren’t.
You closed your thighs around his knee and squeezed, raising to your tiptoes. He gasped softly, shivering at the simple touch of your soft thighs pressing around his muscular leg. It was disturbingly noisy out there, but here it was silent, pared down to your breathing and Jungkook’s breathing, mixing together, blazingly hot, closer, closer, doing the careful dance, daring each other to make the move that was so obviously going to happen.
“What are you gonna say when they ask you where you’ve been all this time?” you whispered, avoiding letting your lips brush against his.
“The truth.”
His tongue flickered out and barely touched your lips.
You didn’t make a sound.
Jungkook moaned, the sound drifting into your throat, and you could taste his desire.
“I tripped and fell into your lap.”
Your lips curved into a smirk.
He kissed you.
His hands on the armrests of your rolling chair, pushing it back into your desk, pressing his lips to yours, inhaling deeply, wanting to breathe you, wanting to taste you, wanting you, shivering as you finally touched him with your hands, but this was you, and your first touch wasn’t going to be wasted on a conventional innocent touch.
Your fingers closed in on his rock-hard erection and stroked him through his pants.
Jungkook moaned your name right in your mouth, eyes half-lidded, his violet hair encircling your face as he rolled his hips into your palm, whining deep in his chest.
“Fuck, yes, noona, play with me…”
You flitted your tongue between his lips and he chased it, begging you for more, and yet you continued to tease, light flicks between those soft pillows, nipping at them, even pushing up his lower lip so the tip of your tongue could draw a small heart around that mole, kissing it, so gentle, so delicate. His entire body shook, your hand palming his hardness through his pants, nails scraping against his balls, caressing all of it, acting like you owned it. Jungkook was certainly humping your hand like you did.
“You only want me because I didn’t want you,” you taunted, not bothering to hide your smirk and your slight disapproval.
“That’s not true,” he panted, attempting to get you to touch his chest, pushing you back into your chair, and yet you kept the fingers of your free hand on the cusp of what he wanted, heat close but no contact, causing him to whimper every time your fingernails barely nicked his skin. “I want you because you’re pretty, gorgeous, and hot as hell.”
Hm, that sounded familiar.
“I want you because I love watching you play your favorite games,” he chuckled, kissing the side of your lips, nose to nose. “I want you because I love that little smirk you make when you do something good. I want you because I love that aggressiveness that comes out and how you seem to lose your filter. Shit, it’s so fucking hot when you’re focused. Makes me wanna see your face when you’re pinning me down and having your way with me. Makes me want to obey you and disobey you at the same time, because I want you to reward me and punish me, I just can’t decide, fuck, you make life so hard for me.”
He punctuated hard by violently humping your hand, rattling your desk with his force.
Outside you heard Namjoon yelling “CANNONBALL” and throwing himself onto that giant gray furry beanbag you paid far too much for about six months ago. It was now a household party favorite, due to its massive size and fluffiness. At the moment, it sounded like a pile of six guys in semi-formal clothing was beginning and, instead of watching this heap of hot dudes being constructed, you were making out with the seventh guy’s face and grabbing his dick.
You’ll take this trade.
You felt Jungkook’s hands groping around, undoing his pants and the zipper, trying to get you to touch more, more, desperate for you to be all over him.
“P-Please… please, I don’t know when they’re going to notice…” he pleaded. “You’re so close, so close, ah, I can’t think, please…”
“Shh…” you soothed. “The door is locked.”
Your fingertips finally touched his chest, not disappointed in the slightest when you touched those delicious-looking pecs. They felt just as nice under your palm, his pounding heart and wanton moan vibrating up your arm.
“Aren’t you a needy little brat trying to distract me from my games, hm?”
Your fingertips hooked over the waistband of his boxer briefs.
“You’re going to have to face the consequences, Jungkook.”
You said his name like a delicious sweet about to be eaten, growl in your throat as you yanked down his underwear, capturing his lips, robbing him of his cries as you clawed down his chest, grasping his cock and pumping him, long, complete strokes from base to tip, curling your fingers around his balls, juggling them with your fingers teasingly as he squirmed and groaned. Your free arm shot around his back, digging your nails into his spine, not letting him get away. His black dress shirt was falling, falling to your floor, his bluish-purple hair in your face and his strong hands on your shoulders, sliding down, kneading your breasts through your clothes, whining that you were still wearing a bra – of course, you were, six dudes were coming over and they didn’t need to see your magnificent nipples on display, although clearly one of them wanted to see – and he was trying to get to the hem of your shirt, but you smacked his hands away, building the pressure and speed, pre-cum leaking between your fingers and adding slickness to lessen the dry friction.
Fuck, you could smell him and he smelled so fucking good.
“Noona, please…” Jungkook gasped, hands on the armrests of your chair, tipping his head back at the pleasure, pants at his fucking knees, chest, crotch, thighs on display. “This is… embarrassing…”
He meant him being mostly naked and you being dressed.
You shrugged, acting indifferent. “Not for me.”
He whimpered at your words, so noticeably dominant despite not using an aggressive or commanding tone. Either that or he was very invested in you jacking him off. You suspected it was a combination of the two, considering how eagerly his cock twitched when you answered.
“What should I do, Jungkook? Should I let you cum? Or should I play with you and stop, make you put your clothes back on and walk out there, desperate to be finished off?” you mused aloud, running your nails up his back, not that hard, but he leaned back into it so they sank into him, wordlessly begging you to do it harder, so you did, setting your jaw and scratching at his back, forcing him back into position. His cock throbbed in your hand, pulsating wildly.
Hm, he really loved it, huh.
“P-Please… wanna cum, please don’t be mean…” he gasped, thrusting his hips into your punishingly tight grip.
“Hm, why does it matter? You’ll just run to the bathroom and finish yourself off anyway, right?”
“Want you to do it, please,” he begged, his long hair curling around his jaw, dark purple locks framing the sharpness, lashes fluttering as you rubbed your thumb against the underside of the head, smearing pre-cum over the slit. “Your hand feels so good, so fucking good, better than I thought, please, I need you to touch me or I can’t get off, please…”
You removed your hand.
Jungkook cried out in denied despair, pitch hiking, the sinful sound clearly audible despite the debaucherously loud ruckus outside your bedroom door that included not one, but two people howling like werewolves for some unknown reason. At this point, you were mildly curious.
But you had a job to do.
He grabbed the front of your shirt, almost sobbing with need. Somehow his violet hair was a mess and you hadn’t even touched it. It cascaded over one of his eyes, an indigo curtain, the other chocolate orb shaking and pupil dilated, black prominent in the dark brown.
“Please don’t–”
You shoved two fingers from your right hand into that pleading mouth and raised your left.
He choked, gagging a little on your fingers.
You stuck your tongue out and licked your palm, slathering it with a thick layer of slick saliva.
Jungkook’s eyes widened at the dirty action and then rolled back into his head as you wrapped your hand around his aching cock once more, now covered in saliva, swiftly and fervently jacking him off, hard, fast, tight, nearly choking his cock, pushing his chin up and his chest to your hungry mouth, tongue and teeth and lips, all over those dark nipples hardening under your persistent touch, heedless to his rising moans, so very obvious now what was happening in your bedroom.
It didn’t bother you at all. Jungkook walked in here and asked you to wreck and ruin him, so you did exactly what he asked you to do, leaving harsh bite marks and slippery saliva all over his soft skin, your perfume rubbing off onto his body, coating his chest in your scent and his pulsating thick length with your spit, and he was so fucking hard that you were impressed, feeling his mouth suck on your fingers desperately and wetly, your name a messy garble above your head.
“Fuck, yes, umpf, oh fuck, I’m so close, so close, gonna cum, goona cum for you…!”
You had no idea who called his name through your door, because the next second Jungkook was pitching forward and shooting his cum up your thigh and chest, thick white strings painting your leggings and band t-shirt, soaking into the fabric and creating a sticky mess on your skin, your head lifting in response to his movement to avoid knocking into him, your fingers sliding out of his lips, strings of saliva snapping as they left, and suddenly Jungkook’s face was in your face, his lips on yours in a passionate kiss, rutting into your hand to increase the sensitivity, shoulders and hips flinching, whimpering gratitude and ecstasy into your mouth, his hands in your hair, kissing you deeper, more ravenously, ignoring the questioning voices, lost in the pleasure of his orgasm.
You heard Namjoon say outside your door, “I think he made his move.”
You asshole, at least warn me, you thought irritably.
“You’re so good… so good, exactly what I need… I knew you would be… fuck…”
You thrust your tongue into his lips once and backed off, chuckling as he whined for more.
“Go ask for a shirt.”
Jungkook shook his head rapidly, violet hair flying everywhere. Your hand was still wrapped around his semi-hard cock, his cum dripping onto your wrist. His ears were turning red.
“I can’t… They know something is going on…” he mumbled, scooting closer to you, as if your body heat could somehow mask the fact that you just jacked him off with six of his friends standing outside your bedroom door whispering.
“Maybe you wanted them to know.”
You squeezed his ass and he trembled, clutching your shoulders.
“Easy way to tell them that you want to be owned by me, right?”
You could tell by the way his eyes were darting around rapidly that the thought crossed his mind more than once.
You said it loud enough for a keen ear to hear it if they were really eavesdropping. You looked up at Jungkook, his eyes immediately fixating on yours because of your tone.
In control, not to be questioned.
“Get on your knees.”
Dead silence outside your bedroom.
“B… but…”
His cheeks flushed pink.
You took his chin and pulled him down to your face, murmuring to that mole under his lips, pecking it daintily, almost innocently, his wispy moan drifting over your nose. Your words were barely above a whisper, only for him.
“You made a mess. Clean it up.”
You stroked Jungkook’s chin with your thumb, your other hand tucking his long hair behind his ear.
“I’ll let you sleep in my bed tonight, so be a good boy for me right now and I’ll let you be a bad boy in bed.”
His head tilted and Jungkook whispered your name into your mouth, drenched with desire.
You smirked, stroking his jaw fondly.
He got to his knees, in between your open thighs, leaning forward, subservient eyes on your face as his pink tongue extended, licking at his own cum staining your clothes, eyes closing at your hand on the top of his head, not directing the movement, but reminding him who was in charge here, reminding him with nails in his scalp that he was going to be fucked until he couldn’t think straight.
Used, abused, wrecked, ruined.
“I don’t wanna.”
“We both know you do.”
“But I want to fuck you,” Jungkook protested, speaking softly because everyone was sleeping, or at least it seemed that way, not that either you or Jungkook cared, because you were forcing him to his knees on your bed, pushing his torso back, nails digging into his chest, towering over him, his naked body already covered in your bites and scratches, focused on his inner thighs and chest, none on his neck because that’s where he wanted it the most.
And you knew it.
“Noona, please…”
He said please a lot for someone who did not, in fact, want to be pleased, but tortured.
You grabbed him by the chin, cocking an eyebrow.
His hands were behind him, arms shaking as they held him up, shivering delightfully under your petrifying gaze.
“Please what? Hm? Saying please when you come crawling into my room, begging for dirty things with your friends right outside, saying please when you interrupt me and distract me, jeopardizing my chances to win my game?”
You leaned in close, you knowing you were only crafting a scene, him knowing that you didn’t actually care, but Jungkook wanted to hear the words, wanted you to put that malice in your tone to caress his ears, wanted you to cannibalize his sanity and put him in a different headspace, his cock already responding to it, bobbing in the air, purple-red and achingly hard from multiple orgasms, and he still wanted more.
“Saying please so you can say please when you’re under me, helplessly begging me to let you cum?”
You could hear his whines vibrating under your fingertips, pupils blown wide, lower lip trembling, begging you already, such a needy little thing, those lovely brown eyes full of submission, muscles tense with anticipation, every passing second spiraling him into increased frustration, because instead of doing anything, you were only smirking wider and wider, pushing his head back.
“Well? Tell me if you’re a dirty boy or not. Maybe I’ll do what you want.”
His violet hair cascaded to his shoulder blades, his low moan coursing through your fingertips and the heated air of your bedroom.
“Y… Yes, I’m a d-dirty boy…”
“Noona,” you prompted.
Just because you could.
His lips curved into an open smile, two of your fingers hooked over his lower lip, fingertips rubbing his tongue. Your thumb nail pressed into his mole.
You ripped the condom open with your teeth, which was not advisable unless you were the kind of person that practiced that for hours on end, spending an obscene amount of money on unused condoms to perfect your technique, because nobody wants a broken condom or lube in their teeth. Why would you want to learn such a thing? You were a stickler for details. A perfectionist in perfecting a perfect display of raw dominance.
You spat out the torn corner onto Jungkook’s chest and he whimpered, unashamedly amazed.
Your left hand removed the condom from the package and your right slid out of his mouth and encircled his neck.
You inspected the condom, lazily turning it to the correct position, fingers pressed to the sides of his neck, leaving plenty of space for his trachea between your thumb and forefinger. You didn’t bother looking at his face. Instead, you spread your legs, poised and naked over him and his throbbing cock.
Your right hand started choking him.
Your left hand started rolling the condom down his thick, hard length.
Your name leaked out of his lips in a thin gurgle, his eyes rolling back into his head.
“Say please, Jungkook.”
A sharp, distinct order.
“P… Please…” he gasped out, chest shuddering.
Your hand tightened around his throat and your pussy clenched around his cock as you forced yourself down on him.
“Oh, fuuuuuuuck…”
You didn’t bother asking if he liked it. His vicious fisting of your sheets and trembling body, cries and cock included, told you everything you needed to know. You only watched the color of his cheeks, knowing there were limits to how long you could choke him. Therefore there was no time to be wasted, already starting your favorite pace, rough and hard, filling yourself with that delicious cock built to take your abuse, jaw set, gripping his throat, blood pounding under your fingertips, slapping hips to crotch, heat sparking though your veins, hotter, hotter, your smirk growing more and more smug, tongue tracing your lips as you witnessed Jungkook’s descent into sin, raising his head so he could watch you bounce on his cock with hazed brown orbs, mouth open, tongue lolling out, circulation thinning, purple hair wild around that cute, distressed face.
You let up the pressure on his neck, dark snicker rumbling in your chest.
“This pussy worth it, brat?”
The rush of missing blood into his brain, the suffocating pleasure of your pulsating walls wrapped around his twitching cock, your authoritative growl and merciless words tearing through him – you saw it all taking over Jungkook, forced to respond honestly from pure instinct because there was no time to compile pretty words or a smart comeback.
“Yes, noona, yes, I love it, I love it, this brat fucking loves what you do to him…”
You immediately choked him again and slapped your pussy onto his cock like you were whipping him.
His eyes rolled back and a wild moan tore out of his chest, cut off by your hand.
The bed creaked under you, bearing the weight of your roughness.
“I know you love it,” you snarled, leaning in, fucking him into your bed with vigor, straining his knees, so uncomfortable and so comfortable for him at the same time, pain and pleasure, clearly something he craved and loved from how hard he was. “You said you need me to touch you or you can’t get off.”
You knew that couldn’t be true.
Jungkook probably got off hundreds of times thinking about you, otherwise he wouldn’t be so ecstatic about you violently riding his dick right now.
His teeth sank into his swollen lower lip, staring at you through his lashes, his voice a thin whisper laced with insatiable need.
“I can’t cum without you anymore.”
You removed your hand.
Your hips stopped abruptly, fulling sheathing his cock inside you.
His shout was so loud and desperate that you had to conceal your surprise, not expecting the frantic ferocity of his tone, nearly an agonized sob as he grabbed your upper arms in a crushing grip, his indigo locks crashing into his high cheekbones, sticking to his sweaty face and sharp jaw. It took everything in you to stay calm, everything to not give in and let him have what he wanted. Maybe it was stubbornness, maybe it was knowing the role you were playing, maybe it was the sadistic side of you, who the fuck knew, but there was only a beat of hesitation, a second of you staring into those beautiful dark brown eyes, so perfect.
Just perfect.
Perfectly wrecked, willing to do anything in this moment for you to continue.
Before he could utter a peep of a plea, you shook out of his grip and seized his head, crashing his lips onto your neck.
Jungkook bit you.
Instant, searing pain, taking out all his sexual frustration on your neck, sucking at the skin, hot tongue lapping, groaning, moaning, half-crying because you didn’t move. You just sat on his dick and forced his mouth onto your neck, gleefully savoring his despair, closing your eyes and allowing yourself to feel the pleasure, his hands and nails digging into your waist, his teeth latched to the side of your throat, his stiff cock shuddering inside you, your tight heat keeping him hard but not letting him cum, repeatedly squeezing the engorged head brutally, driving him insane.
You could feel his lips move, but you muffled his words, pushing his head into your neck.
Deep inhale, his wonderful scent filling your nose.
Riding the high that was Jungkook’s desire for you, fingers tangled into violet strands.
He felt so, so good, spoon-feeding the dom in you with his tiny whimpers and distraught sniffles.
“P… Please…”
You pressed your lips to his hair, murmuring his name sweetly.
No quiver to your tone, only serene calm.
His hands slid up your back as your hips began to rock, slow, so painfully slow, building the frenzy layer by layer, his hardness swelling inside you, his soft lips pressed to his hickey onto your neck, even more turned on because he knew you let him mark you, he knew in this moment you were his and only his, everything he wanted and more, his hips rising to meet yours, deepening your thrusts, matching your force, burying his face into your skin and your scent, wanting nothing more than your command over his body.
You turned his head, tucking his hair behind one ear, speaking dark whispers into that curve.
“You look the best when on your knees for me, Jungkook.”
He shivered, your name falling sloppily from his lips, drunk from your power and lost in his service.
You let go of his head and grabbed his shoulders instead, putting all of your weight onto him, now letting yourself chase it, chase the orgasm that you had been building for yourself all this time, letting yourself feel Jungkook and feel the full force of the pleasure he gave you, because, yes, of course, you served him first before you, even if it didn’t seem like it.
Because when it came down to it, Jungkook came to you, opening himself petal by petal to show you his vulnerable side, testing the waters, hoping, wishing, praying that maybe, just maybe, you were the kind of person that he was expecting, wanting, needing, and you, knowing how difficult that was because, well, you had made it difficult, only focusing on games and not on those longing eyes that watched you whenever you came into his view.
Eyes that you looked into now.
Half-lidded, glazed over, fucked-out, still honest.
His large hands were still on your waist, holding you to him as you rode him with furious slaps, muscles flexed in his chest and arms, tattoos on his right arm tense and taut from holding this position for so long. He looked so good. Felt so good. Had an amazing cock.
And fuck.
Jungkook had a cute face.
You genuinely smiled.
“I’ll take care of everything,” you drawled, injecting your words with conviction and adoration.
That did it.
His lips parted, low groan emitting from his throat as his head tipped back, purple waterfalling onto his back, thrusting up into you and shooting into the condom with fierce jolts, unable to hold back any longer, his entire length flinching uncontrollably, sweet whimpers at his release, feeling sorry that he didn’t let you cum first, but that didn’t matter, because you rode through it, already there, falling, falling, your sigh like laden smoke as your orgasm slammed into you, welcoming the bolts of cruel pulses flying through you, concentrated onto your core, Jungkook’s moans hiking into pitched ecstasy at the convulsing clenches of his oversensitive, overused cock, arms embracing you tightly, hugging you for dear life, chest to chest, pounding heart against yours.
Your fingers tangled into his hair.
His hand fitted around your head.
Lips to lips and you took care of everything, claiming that mouth as yours, holding him up even though you were the one in his lap, your kiss onto that perfect mole under that pretty pout, cherishing every mumble of your name, lowering him onto your pillows, soft kisses in between. You took care of everything, lifting yourself off him, chuckling as he whined, pawing for you to come back, but you rapped his knuckles and calmed him, removing the condom and cleaning him off gently with a towel, soft kisses in between because he wanted the attention, deliberately not closing his eyes until you crawled back into the bed, tucking the covers around you and him, Jungkook immediately turning and yanking you into his chest, nose against your skin.
“Who’s the pillow princess?” you teased, ruffling his long violet locks.
His lips pressed onto your hickey, his mark on you, and he sighed in content, drifting into sleep.
In the morning, you found a pile of five guys in the living room sleeping in various positions on the giant gray furry beanbag and the sofa. Jungkook was in your bed, passed out. The last guy, Min Yoongi, was in Kim Namjoon’s room, sleeping on his bed, because he was a smart man and took advantage of a perfectly good bed that five drunk hooligans undoubtedly forgot about.
You chuckled and rubbed your neck as you brushed your teeth, seeing yourself and the large purple hickey Jungkook had made last night in the bathroom mirror.
You went back to your room after retrieving the sewing basket from the living room, spending the morning calmly stitching the small buttons back onto his black dress shirt as the seven guys in your apartment continued to snore away.
Then you went back to playing League of Legends.
Ah, Cassiopeia, I had an eventful evening, but I have returned to you.
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hopelessfountainjoonie · 5 months ago
If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power II
Tumblr media
Note: I'm going to be honest. I really hate this chapter. I'm more excited for what happens in Daegu and the future so I just wanted to skip ahead. There are parts in this I really hate but whatever. Sorry if there are spelling mistakes. I'm tired and I want to get this out. Please give me your thoughts!
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Pairing: Jeongguk x reader (eventual ot7 x reader)
Word Count: 8k
Series Content: Vampire! au, Dystopian! au, Dark Fantasy
Summary: You’d been wanting to put an abrupt end to the reign of the kings ever since they’d murdered your parents. Your superiors constantly tried to convince you revenge wasn’t part of your destiny. Your life changed for the second time when you came across a vampire separated from his clan. All you had to do was bring him home and you’d get your wish. What could go wrong?
Warnings: vampires, violence, threats of violence, murder, dystopian, bullying mentions, rights for y/n bc she hates math, y/n starts to have a panic attack but calms herself down, animal death (for food but is shown in detail), JK kills a hare and it makes y/n freak out, y/n may seem kinda likes she's flip flopping but that's the trauma talking, y/n imagines JK killing her, graphic detail of jk skinning and removing the rabbits bones with his bare hands (i try not to write stuff like this so descriptive but it's important to y/n and Jk's relationship i promise), Jeongguk's just trying to help y/n out but like boy that's nasty why you doing that, y/n thinks any emotion other than anger is weak, discussion of shared grief, impersination of dead relatives, reference to torture
Tumblr media
When you awoke the sun appeared to have gone down, but for how long, you were unsure. You cursed to yourself. You should have woken up a few hours ago to go hunting for spare supplies but there was no point in being angry about it now.
You pushed yourself to your feet and glanced around the room to see Jeongguk was gone. Walking to the shattered mirror attached to a long dresser, you picked up a shard of glass and quickly examined your neck. There appeared to be no small holes anywhere on you. You had half expected him to try and take a bite out of you in the middle of the night but you guess it never happened. He certainly was a very strange vampire.
The only equipment you kept on you last night had been your dagger in case the worst happened, so you began the arduous task of refastening all your weapons and tools to your hunter-issued leather armor. You secured your hair out of your face with the spare pins. You were taught to either keep your hair short or long enough it could be tied and tucked away into your armor in case a vampire tried to grab it during an attack. Once finished, you exited the bedroom and went downstairs to see the vampire browsing through the bookshelf in the dark living room.
“Hey,” you called out to him to see him jump and look up at you. “I overslept so we need to go. Now. I should have woken up earlier to look for supplies. We’ll have to do that before we start heading to Ulsan.”
His gaze shifted to his feet as he spoke, “I was going to wake you up earlier but you looked pretty exhausted when the sun started to go down so I gathered some supplies for you. I hope that’s okay. They’re on the island in the kitchen.”
Your eyebrows furrowed as you followed him to where two duffel bags sat. You grabbed your flashlight from your belt and began searching through the first bag to see it was filled with mostly food. It was filled mainly with quick snacks to eat but there were also a few meals you would just need to add water to. Luckily, he didn’t pack any kitchen pots or utensils. Those were all at the safe houses you would be going to so you wouldn’t need to bring any. The food wouldn’t last you most of the journey but you should be able to make it last until you made it to Daegu at least.
The second bag had a first aid kit, maps of the other cities you mentioned, some pens, a lighter, a spare change of casual clothes for the both of you, and blankets.
For someone who had never left his home before, he knew just what to pack. You were incredibly thankful to see that he grabbed the maps. You’d never traveled anywhere near Daegu so most of this trip would be unknown territory for you, not much unlike the amount of experience the vampire beside you had. The maps would help you to make sure you stayed on track. The last thing you needed was to run out of food and other supplies because you got lost. You already had a compass on you but the maps would help.
Expecting little from him, you’d supposed that you’d only be seeing food and, possibly. a first aid kit. It was also nice that he hadn’t grabbed any weapons either because you’d had more than enough already on you. Most of these supplies were to aid you, instead of him, but you supposed a vampire didn’t need much of anything besides a supply of blood. You wished you’d had some way to store extra blood. It wouldn’t be easy to find animals for him to eat every day to subside his hunger. It wasn’t great either that you were mainly relying on a black market blood merchant in Daegu and the other cities to help ease your vampire companion’s hunger. However, you didn’t have another option.
You also were trying not to worry about what would happen when you reached vampire territory. If you came across any vampires, they’d for sure kill the both of you on sight. They fantasized about trying hunter blood and viewed animal blood as sustenance beneath their kind. Avoiding the populated areas as you had planned would be the best way to avoid a situation like this, yet, the possibility of not finding any animal blood was unnerving.
“How’d you find all this stuff while the sun was still out?” You asked, upon facing him. Though you were unable to see him in the dark, you assumed he must have at least had a few slight burns on his exposed limbs.
“I found a hoodie lying around in one of the closets next door and thought I should take a look around while you were sleeping.” He said. “Someone had a locked pantry and that’s where I found all the food. I don’t know how much humans eat so I only packed it in one bag but I can show you the place if you want to take more with us. The other things were just lying around in different apartments.”
“No, I think this is good. It should last us until we can get to Daegu to restock. We don’t want to carry too much since it’ll weigh us down. Let’s get going. We need to get to the first safe house before the sun comes up.”
He nodded and grabbed the two bags from the island and began walking out of the apartment. You followed behind, questioning how he was able to carry the two bags as if they were totally empty. Jeongguk also had no problem opening the elevator doors by himself and helping you down the elevator shaft. You know vampires had more strength than the average human but he seemed a bit stronger than most.
After exiting the building, you took out your compass and the map of Busan. You studied the map and pointed in the direction you needed to go. While you were kind of familiar with parts of Busan, you’d never been sent to Ulsan. You could only hope you knew what you were doing.
Geography and tracking were two things you seemed to struggle with most during your school days. Sure, you were able to memorize the names of places and where they were but getting yourself there was difficult. You also weren’t great at tracking where an animal or vampire went, it was typically your partner's job, though finding blood or footprints wasn’t that difficult. The endurance and fighting skills you possessed were far more superior than your survival ones. It was a bit ironic considering you were born to farmers and where you were at in life at this very moment.
Your father had tried to show you how to hunt when you were five but did the killing part himself. Your older sister was the better tracker out of your siblings so she would go off to get meat with your father while your brother and you would help your mother with maintaining the farm. You didn’t change much it seemed.
When picking your routes, you tried to choose driving roads so it’d be easier to not get lost. It’s partially why you also chose to get on trains. Trains weren’t the safest bet for either of you, considering the heavy guard presence they would have in any area you went. However, they were faster and you just had to fool a couple of underpaid watchmen. You’d probably be facing a light interrogation but it was nothing you couldn’t handle. Getting to Seoul from Daegu is the part of the journey you were more worried about.
Hoping your traveling companion hadn’t noticed you struggling with finding your sense of direction, you kept your eyes trained ahead of you. You’d taken out the large crossbow that hung over your back. That was something unusual for you as you didn’t exactly like how long it took to reload. Walking down these empty streets unnerved you and shooting anything that jumped out at you would be easier than stabbing it with a dagger.
You were hoping some animal would happen to cross the road in front of you so Jeongguk could be fed as soon as possible. Not looking forward to seeing the vampire hunt, you were growing disappointed at the lack of animals as you both trekked on. There were some birds but they were too fast. Maybe you would see a deer or a hare before reaching the safe house.
Feeling the man next to you sneaking multiple glances at you, you sighed, “Is there something I can help you with?”
“Do you know how much longer it’ll be until we reach the safe house?”
“I don’t know. At least another hour or two.” You said, “Why? Are you getting tired?”
“No, but you are.”
Your head snapped to the left to glare at him, “I’m not getting tired.”
“But your breathing pattern has changed. You’re panting more.”
“I’m fine.” you near growled.
If he thought you were tired before walking the twenty miles you needed to today, then he had another thing coming. Jeongguk should have seen you take your hunter exam. If you didn’t walk thirty miles in eight hours, you would have failed. You nearly shivered thinking about that horrible test again.
Sensing you were uncomfortable, he licked his lips before opening his mouth again. “I can carry you if you need me to.”
“And just how are you going to do that? You’re carrying two duffel bags.”
“Oh, if you think that will stop me, then you have another thing coming, dear huntress.” He was smirking now.
Ugh, of course, he was bragging about his strength.
“In any case, I’m fine, thank you.”
“If you say so.” He scoffed under his breath.
“I’ll have you know that I once had to walk at least thirty miles in eight hours.” You retorted. “I even walked more than most for my exam.”
“And how many miles did you walk for that?”
“Forty-two.” You said with pure smugness. It wasn’t often you got to brag about your accomplishments. Everyone you knew was always too busy trying to beat you up first. The smile on your face vanished the second you had heard him chuckle.
“What’s so funny?”
“That’s nothing compared to how far I can run.” He said.
“Yes, well the undead run at a faster speed so that doesn’t exactly count.” You rolled your eyes.
After that little enjoyable conversation, he quieted down once again. For someone who needed another person to get him home, he sure did have a lot to say. You didn’t have to help him, now did you? Brat.
This whole thing made you think back to the time you’d accompanied Suk-chin on a mission. He’d been ordered to grab some low-ranking vampire for interrogation and he never stopped talking. Mostly, he blabbered on about how his clan was going to kill you both. Once he realized threats of violence weren’t getting him anywhere, he decided to start flirting with you. You had been glad he wasn’t making particularly unsavory comments about your body but you definitely weren’t interested in dating a bloodsucker. He had been a little funny at least.
You’d never found out what happened to him once he’d entered the dungeons. Though, you wouldn’t be surprised if what happened to the others was the same thing that happened to him.
Why were you suddenly reminiscing so much? First, you remembered something about your parents which you never let yourself do. Then, you remembered the time a vampire flirted with you while you were around a man who was essentially your caretaker, an event not important enough to remember for even a fun story while drinking with friends. This odd vampire you had found, knowing only for a day, mind you, was bringing out emotions in you that had been buried long ago and you didn’t like it. You dared to even joke with him.
Choosing to occupy your thoughts elsewhere, you knew you had to be getting close to the safe house now. The hand holding your crossbow reached behind you to secure it back into place on your back. You then pulled the map from its secured pocket, unfolding it to examine just how much further you had left to go.
Doing the math to figure out the answer was confusing. If you had a piece of paper, you could stop and calculate it but doing it in your head was messing you up, causing you to trip over the numbers. It must have shown on your face because Jeongguk gave you a questioning look.
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m trying to figure out how many more minutes it’s going to take to find this stupid safe house but I have to do math and-”
“I’m not the best at math but I can give it a try.” Letting out a groan, you handed the unfolded laminated paper to him, slapping it on his chest. You didn’t bother passing the flashlight, knowing he’d be able to see the map perfectly fine in the dark with his enhanced vision.
Certain at least a few minutes had passed, you glanced over at him and saw him mumbling to myself. You let him do his thing and waited for him to give you an answer.
“Right there!” Shouting, he pointed at the small unpainted shack in the not-so-far distance.
“You didn’t know the answer, did you?” He didn’t bother answering, only looking at his feet. “Oh well, we’re here anyway. Let’s take a quick look inside, see if we need to chop wood, and then we’ll get you something to eat.”
In front of the door, you handed him the flashlight. He understood your command and held it over the lock as you pulled out your lock picking kit.
While you weren’t the fastest at it, you got the door open in no time. You secured the set back in its pouch and kicked open the door. There appeared to be no one hiding in here so you grabbed the flashlight from Jeongguk and began looking for firewood while he sat down the duffel bags in the kitchen. There was a good amount of firewood in the house but you knew there were stacks of wood outside that could be chopped if you were in need of more.
With that, you nodded at your vampire companion and went outside and into the woods to look for an animal. You took off the crossbow and held it up ready to fire. Jeongguk’s fingers were bent, ready to strike at anything that moved.
It was then you noticed how long his claws were. Like most vampires, they were black and sharpened to a point. If he hadn’t needed your assistance to get home, it couldn’t have been easier for him to rip into your stomach or slit your throat back at the apartment complex. He was strong. It wouldn’t take much pressure to dig into your skin until your life essence flooded out of you, a waterfall to prove how stupid you’ve truly been in his presence.
A rustle in the bushes alerted your attention, along with the vampire it seemed. Jeongguk sniffed the air, a dark grin you didn’t like crossing his lips as fast as he licked them in anticipation of a meal. He leaped into the bush and you heard a small whimper, it didn’t take a genius to know what happened. Seeing an unmoving hare in his arms, you began to walk back to the shack and purposely avoided looking at him as he feasted on the fresh kill. ‘You’d been right about not wanting to hunt with him’ you thought to yourself as you put away the crossbow, a hand drifting to touch the jewel on top of the hilt of your most cherished possession.
Hearing the sound of him slurping the blood from the organism he killed with his bare hands left you feeling hollow. You may be glad it wasn’t a human he was draining but did he really have to be so loud. It made you feel tense when it shouldn’t have. It was something you had expected would happen. Not knowing why, you covered your ears and focused on finding the shack. He probably was too busy to notice but you hid your hair over your hands just in case. If he asked why you had done such a strange thing, you weren’t sure you would hold yourself back. From yelling at him or killing him, you did not know.
Once back inside, you began working on making a fire. The kitchen didn’t have any appliances so you had to use the fireplace to roast the hare. You loaded two logs into the brick fireplace. Using your flashlight you glanced around the room, finding the things you would need for a fire on the nearby table.
You began by crumpling some newspaper and sticking it in the center. A bundle of kindling was placed next with two more pieces of wood on top of the logs already in the fireplace. Grabbing the nearby lighter, you lit the kindling and watched as the flames burst into being. You removed the metal bar used to cook animals and slid the screen closed, walking towards the kitchen.
Shining the flashlight around the room, you noticed many tall white barely lit candles. You made short work of them and illuminated the small shack. Most of the candles were located in the living room and kitchen area but there was one on each of the nightstands in the sleeping area so you elected to light only two. Now that you could see in the shack, you closed the curtains and moved to your next task. Skinning and cooking the hare.
The vampire was leaning against the counter, licking at the bloody holes he’d left in the animal. It was a different site compared to the feral feeding you’d seen before making the fire. He’d seemed like someone else when focused on hunger. You shouldn’t have been so scared. He was a predator, after all, and it was something to be expected. Yet, now, the male was licking the wounds of the dead animal, almost as if trying to comfort it, a trait you’d never seen a vampire do, ever.
“Are you done? I need to skin it.” You stated, not looking into his eyes.
Jeongguk stiffened, clearly noticing your discomfort. He moved his mouth away from the animal and dug his fingernails into the back of its neck, creating a long incision. Then, he used both hands, ripping the fur off and laying it fur side down on the counter. Snapping the leg and head bones, he placed the body parts on the counter. He licked the pieces clean of the little specks of blood that had remained in the hare before its dissection. Jeongguk placed its innards with everything else and handed you the meat, after running it under the faucet. With shaking hands, you grabbed the meat and scurried back to the fireplace.
While he’d been skinning and de-boning the hare for you with his bare hands, you couldn’t help but stare into the lifeless black eyes of the animal as he did this with no warning. His pure strength, no holding back, frightened you. Vampires were able to rip apart limbs from any living thing but it was different to see one do it to a small defenseless creature up close.
You had been transformed into the hardened steel of a hunter at the age of eight years old. There wasn’t a capacity for fragile emotions like what you were currently feeling left in you. That had died when your farm was poisoned with blood and purified by flames.
Maybe it hadn’t though? Fear was the one emotion above all others you had to dispose of. It made people freeze and forget what they were doing. It ended in the deaths of many hunters and trainees more skilled than you. If you wanted to get your vengeance, then you would need to control all of your emotions. Today, however, your brain had other ideas. You didn’t know what was happening to you and that last time you’d been this scared was that night.
Some vampires had been created with special abilities but usually, you didn’t encounter ones with strong powers. One of the vampires that night had frozen your family as they picked them off one by one. The only reason you hadn’t been first was that you slowed your heartbeat and held your breath, feigning death, but everyone else hadn’t done the same and was unable to move as the blood was drained from their bodies. Perhaps, something similar was happening now.
Maybe his ability had to do with memories or emotions. It would explain the sudden change in you since the moment you’d met him. As soon as he went back to his family it would go away and you would have everything you have ever wanted to be handed to you on a silver platter for all of your hard work. All you had to do was lock your heart away in the glass box again and hide the key where even you couldn’t find it until you’d completed the mission. You were strong enough to do it.
Ulsan wasn’t more than four hours from here so the progress you needed to make tomorrow wouldn’t be that bad. Your muscles were definitely stiff but you could allow yourself to relax on the train and while you were in Daegu. There would be too many hunters and humans for any vampires to try anything, temporary companions included.
With a deep breath, your eyes focused on the meat as it slowly began to char. For someone who didn’t often use her survival skills, you weren’t doing too bad of a job. Cooking a hare wasn’t that hard but you were at least doing it right. It made up for the frustration you had at yourself for your lack of a sense of direction earlier.
Have faith in yourself, Y/N. If you were an incapable huntress, then you never would have passed your exam. You’re following your destiny with each step you take, little one. You didn’t expect Suk-chin’s words to come back to you at this moment but you were glad he professed to be so poetic.
The hare was now fully charred as you removed it from the fire. A small plate from the kitchen had appeared on the table while you’d been focused on cooking your meat, along with a cup of water and a snack from the bag. Gazing around, you noticed the person who’d placed the items there was no longer in the kitchen but instead in one of the beds. Jeongguk was lying facing the wall.
Shrugging, your stomach grumbled as you moved your meal from the fireside table to the coffee table so you could sit on the couch to eat. There hadn’t been anything you could use as seasoning or sauce for the meat in this safe house. Washing the tasteless meat down with water, you felt your body relax at the alone time you were left with.
Back at the hunter associations headquarters, you were allowed to retreat to your room as soon as your duties were done. No one bothered you there anymore and you enjoyed eating with your canine much more than in a cafeteria full of hunters who thought you were nothing but a loathsome little cockroach. Sometimes Suk-chin would come to join you and have a small chat. You didn’t have many friendly interactions with those around the base so the human companionship the older man gave you brought you the little joy you were allowed to feel. Your dog didn’t like others much, preferring to remain quietly by your side, but Mochi liked to play with the older man. It was how you knew at least he was trustworthy.
You wondered what he was doing right now. Had he come back from wherever he was sent to hear you were missing or was he still on the hunt?
And what about Mochi? The grandmaster disagreed with everyone who didn’t want you to keep the animal so you knew he wouldn’t starve. He always said the dog was a symbol of strength and shouldn’t just be thrown outside like any other animal the children tried to sneak in. However, you knew it wasn’t good for him to be away from you for too long so you couldn’t help but pray he wasn’t growing too lonely.
You washed your plate and cup, placing them on the drying rack. One by one, you walked around the small shack and blew out the candles. The bed you chose to sleep in was the same row as your companion, with one bed in between you. Without any dressers or wardrobes, you put all of your equipment on the unoccupied bed. You chose to only keep on your underclothes, which consisted of a thermal long-sleeved shirt and a pair of leggings. With the dagger tucked under your pillow, you closed your eyes and allowed sleep to take you.
You were the first awake and you were glad to see that this time the sun had yet to set. Rubbing your eyes, you pulled yourself to your feet. Before doing anything else, you began strapping your leather armor and weapons back onto your body.
Walking to the kitchen, you put away the dry dishes in the cabinet and poured some water onto the fire to douse the flames. The blankets were then folded and put back into the duffel they came in. There wasn’t much else for you to clean up for the next hunter that would visit so you grabbed a protein bar to eat before it was time to head back out. The vampire had yet to awaken so you decided to rouse him once the sun started to go down.
It was strange that he slept longer than you. Vampires technically didn’t need to sleep if they had access to blood as the bags of life essence brought them more energy than sleeping ever could. Some chose to sleep because they just liked doing it but you imagined your vampire companion was a little tired because the energy he got from the hare’s blood had mostly left his system.
Jeongguk was pretty groggy when you shook him awake but he complied, immediately putting on his shoes and grabbing the duffel bags. You left the shack right on time and locked the door behind you.
Walking to the train station felt a lot less tedious than yesterday since you knew the walk was going to be nowhere near as long. Though, the air seemed tenser. It was likely because your traveling companion hadn’t looked at you for even a second. Instead, he decided to stare at his feet. He would only look up if he heard any unfamiliar sounds that alarmed him. Something was clearly on his mind but you weren’t going to bother him about it if you didn’t have to.
“Hey, how much farther is it?” Jeongguk asked, still not looking at you.
“It should be a couple of hours away from where we are now.” You said, “we need to talk about some things before we get to the train station.”
At that, he looked over at you with his body stiffer than it was a moment ago. You took that as a reason to continue.
“No matter how hungry you get, you cannot let anyone, from now until we leave Daegu, sees your fangs. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get you some blood next so you’re going to have to control yourself or we won’t make it out of there. Do you understand?”
“Yes.” He nodded at your request.
“They’re going to ask a lot of questions that you can’t answer so we need to have a story you’ll remember. If you tell them too many unprompted details, they will get suspicious and put us in a cell. Then they will call for a Nightstalker. Do you know what a Nightstalker is?” He nodded, a grimace washing over his face. “Good, then you know that we have no margin for any mistakes whatsoever.”
“If the night stalkers catch us, we die.” He muttered.
“And it won’t be a quick death.” You swallowed. Though that was the path you were supposed to take, you knew what happened to those on the other side of their blade. The screams of the traitors from the dungeons were loud enough for anyone in the compound to remember.
After a moment, Jeongguk looked up to you, his brows furrowed in concentration, “So, what do I need to remember, huntress.”
There weren’t a lot of good reasons for a patrolling hunter to be with someone who wasn’t also in hunter clothes. If you’d had a spare uniform, you could tell the guards you were headed to some random place with a new recruit and they wouldn’t bat an eye. However, that was something you, unfortunately, didn’t currently possess and wouldn’t be able to get. There was only one option.
“You’ll have to pretend to be the son of a merchant. You got separated from your family when a vampire attacked your family's carriage. I found you injured in Busan.” You said slowly, repeating the words in your mind that made the most sense to you.
“Will they really believe that?”
“Yes, one of the rules in the hunter's handbook is that we have to help any merchants in need. If we didn’t help the merchants we find then there would be no supplies left for us to…acquire.” Forcefully steal. “During the attack, you saw your mother die and that’s when you ran and hid in an old building. You saw me on patrol and asked for my help.”
“Why is lying about my fake dead mother necessary?” He asked.
“Any strange behavior they think you’re doing will be explained away by sudden grief. Oh, and your family sells meat and produce from their farm. It’ll explain any blood that might be on your nails but try to hide them in your shirt around humans. They’ll know what you are if they see how sharp and dark those nails are and I don’t have a file.”
“I’m glad you don’t.” He shouted back.
“Why’s that?”
“Vampire’s nails aren’t supposed to be short unless they’re being punished. Long nails and fangs are a sign of how strong you are.” He said, staring at his nails. “Don’t they teach you that at vampire killing school?”
Interesting. Nails are more about vampire customs than they are about killing humans. You had assumed they cared for their nails so much because of how easy it was to kill a human with sharp ones compared to dull ones. You were sure the grandmaster knew that but why didn’t they teach the trainees that? It probably wasn’t that important when they were trying to slice you open but you thought they taught trainees everything they knew about vampires. It was their lives that were on the line, after all.
“We need to come up with a fake name for you and your fake parents. They might ask who your father or his company is.”
“Let’s call my mother Aera and my father Won-shik.” He said, “I guess my name can be Kim Won-Jae.”
“Call me Ji-ae around the hunters. They know exactly who y/n is and they probably hate her too.”
You hoped the guards here wouldn’t ask any questions that you didn’t already give pre-thought-out answers to Jeongguk. Usually, they just wanted to know your name, where you were headed, and for what purpose as they had to write it down per protocol. You thought it would be sweet revenge to use Ji-ae’s name if they ever came looking for you. A lot of hunters knew you as a bit of an urban legend and it would draw too much attention, whether they wanted your autograph or if they wanted to spit in your face. Nobody knew Ji-ae.
“Were those actually your family's names?” You couldn’t help but be curious.
“Aera was my mother's name but that wasn’t my father's. It was actually my uncle and his son's names.”
“Would anyone be able to figure that out?”
“Only a couple of vampires know it. Very few. And you’re the only human that will ever know.” He responded.
They’re dead, He means.
“I’m sorry for your loss.” You said looking ahead, without thinking.
For a moment, he was half surprised at the compassion you decided to show him, an evil vampire. “Vampires. It happened centuries ago so no one would remember them.”
“Does it still hurt?”
“Sometimes.” Jeongguk said.
The moment you saw the guards at the train station you took a deep breath, straightening your back. You needed to appear strong otherwise it would be easier for them to know you were trying to deceive them. It was just any other day as a huntress. Jeongguk knew what he had to do.
“Let me do as much talking as I can and try to keep your answers short when I can't.” You mumbled, knowing he would be able to hear but not anyone else. He angled his head slightly down, in a way to indicate to you that he understood.
Waiting in line, you did your best to keep calm. Jeongguk appeared to be unfazed but you had a feeling he was probably panicking just as much on the inside. You felt his pinkie wrap around yours in a brief moment. Though it had disappeared the second you glanced down. You almost thought it had been your imagination. It’s going to be okay.
You had never taken the train very much when you went on missions. The elders never sent you too far from the base so the last time you’d been on one had been for training with an established hunter. Unsure of what tests they did to figure out the difference between a vampire and a human, you tried to look ahead to figure it out.
They used to cut people with a knife to see if it would heal fast but it turned out to be a bigger issue than it was worth because they always ran out of band-aids or the cuts would get infected. Then they tried making people bring their own blade to cut their own hand but that often turned into irritated villagers trying to stab guards for not letting them through. The last time you were here they would check your mouth for fangs so you figured they were probably still doing that. Jeongguk would pass that test quickly without an issue since he wasn’t a fledgling or consumed by hunger yet.
Other than them checking your mouth, you weren’t sure how else they would test you. Most of the ones they tried were related to opening a small incision to see if it healed or what shade of red the blood was but a grandmaster had banned those some time ago. Their focus had likely shifted to studying body language when asked who you were and where you were going.
When it came to be your turn, you opened your mouth wide, nudging Jeongguk to do that same. He used gloves to lift your upper lip and see in with a flashlight. There was no change in the guard's body so you both must have passed the test.
“Where are you going?”
“Daegu.” You answered.
“For what purpose?” His eyes narrowed at your companion.
“I need to get him home.” you said, “He’s the son of a merchant.”
“Interesting,” The man's gaze shifted from you to Jeongguk, “What’s your name boy?”
The man in front of you did not look like someone you would want to be around longer than you have to. He was an older man with dark eyes that made you uncomfortable the more you looked into them. He must’ve been assigned here for a while for he was sporting stubble and slightly long dark hair. You’d never seen him around headquarters so he likely didn’t know you.
“Won-Jae, his father-”
“Quiet, huntress. If I wanted to ask you, then I would have.” He snarled in your direction. Well, he certainly was a peachy one.
“As she said, my name’s Kim Won-Jae,” Jeongguk said, no change in his body language.
“And what’s a farm boy like you doing out here if your farm’s in Daegu?” The brute smirked, thinking he caught your companion in a gotcha moment.
“We were visiting relatives in Busan when our carriage got attacked by vampires.” He swallowed, his voice dipping to a low octave, filled with pain and anger as if he would cry. “They murdered my mother.”
“What’s your father’s name, boy?”
“I’m familiar with most merchants who pass through these parts and I don’t remember ever meeting a man by that name.” The man's hand reached for a revolver, secured at his waist. You tried to not show it on your face but the panic increased your heart rate.
If you had to kill him, you would. You weren’t interested in leaving a trail of bodies from here to Seoul but if he was determined to stop you because he was on a power trip then so be it. Nothing you’d said or done was alarming. The only way to make money out here was to become a traveling merchant. Some left Daegu and some didn’t. The lie he came up with was perfect. This guard just decided today was the right day to be an egomaniac.
“And why is there only one hunter with you?” The man's gaze shifted to you. “I thought you hunters were supposed to be traveling in pairs.”
“I found him on the way back. My partner was already headed back to headquarters. I couldn’t find her. Now, are you going to let us on the train or are you going to have to explain to whatever Nightstalker you call for that you stopped a merchant's son without any proof he might be a vampire?” You said, narrowing your eyes at him.
“Listen here, little girl-”
“Let them through. Now.” The voice came from behind you and you didn’t have to look behind you to know that he was the head guard.
“But sir-” The man's voice quivered and it sent joy through your system, a sweet sensation.
“The train is late already. Would you like to explain to me why that is?”
“No, sir.”
“Then step aside as you were told.” He did as told with the head guard, walking through the gate first with you two following behind him. You bumped your shoulder, harshly against the guard as you walked past him. Good riddance. “Before you board, might I have a quick word, miss?”
Nodding at his request, you motioned for Jeongguk to go ahead and board the train. He bowed to the man in thanks for diffusing the situation and hurried off to find a seat for the two of you.
“I hope you can forgive us when you make your report to the grandmaster, Y/N L/N. I will be dealing with him accordingly.”
“Oh, you know who I am?” You blurted out the answer, embarrassed. Apparently, you were more popular than you thought you were.
“Of course, not everyone can kill a small group of vampires as a child with no training,” he chuckled, a joke. “I am friends with Suk-chin. My name’s Byeong-su.”
“I see. Might I make a request of you, sir?” You smiled and relaxed your body. Your guardian didn’t have too many friends but those that he had he told you were trustworthy. You’d heard him fondly mention this man's name before, though the memory was vague, you had to ask.
“What is it?”
“Could you not tell anyone I was here? And tell him that I’m alright.” He nodded in response to the request and you bowed, in thanks.
“Good luck on your journey, huntress.”
And with that, he walked away from you and towards the front of the train, likely to get it started on its way to Daegu. You walked up the steps and began looking for your traveling companion. He was seated at the back in a closed compartment, raising a hand once he saw you. Once inside, you locked the doors and fell against the seat, letting out a huge breath of air.
“Is everything alright?” Jeongguk asked, concerned.
“That man who helped us get through the gate is a friend of my guardian. He recognized me but agreed not to tell anyone we were here. If he hadn’t been there...” You stopped yourself from continuing.
“Then we need to be more careful, don’t we?” You nodded in response to his question, feeling tired.
This journey was proving to be very stressful on your body. Suddenly, you were incredibly exhausted and fully prepared to sleep on the ride to Daegu. You hoped the journey was going to be easier from here on out but you doubted it.
With the hunter-controlled areas, you only had to make sure they didn’t notice something was up with the man with you. In the vampire-controlled areas, you would need to have fang marks on you and pretend to be his walking blood bag, something you completely detested. Both areas presented different challenges.
“You know, if we’d gotten the nicer one we would have made it through. Your lie about going to visit family was perfect.”
“I only did what I thought you would have.” He smiled at you, making heat rise to your cheeks. You don’t know why his sentence had the effect it had on you but it made you feel kind of giddy. “How long do you think we’ll be in Daegu?”
“Two or three days. We can’t stay there much longer than that. Knowing the grandmaster, he’s going to send hunters out to find me after a few days. We need to get out of here before any of the ones in Daegu are alerted about me or find a trace of our whereabouts. I don’t think they’ll be sending Nightstalkers but if they do, we’re screwed.”
“Would they send Nightstalkers?” He whispered, his eyes studying your face.
“I don’t know. I don’t think I’m that important but he might deem my life too valuable.”
“Are you really that good at killing my kind?” This time he didn’t sound angry like he had earlier. Jeongguk just sounded curious.
“I wouldn’t say that.” Your face scrunched in discomfort as you scratched the back of your head. You didn’t want to brag but other people made it sound like you were that good but if you had to face the kings tomorrow you knew that you’d lose. “It’s more of that they think I have a lot of potential to be one of the higher-ups.”
“So what’s my cover story for getting in there?” He asked.
“The same story we used today won’t work.” You gazed out the window as the train took off. It wouldn’t be more than two hours until you reached the city. The cover story needed to be good. If you got stuck with a rude guard again, you doubted you would have someone to save your ass for a second time.
“I’ll go by my uncle’s name this time.”
“We can keep a similar story to the last time. I found you when your traveling merchant family was wiped out by vampires but you wanted to become a hunter after it happened. I couldn’t take you to headquarters yet because I have a time-sensitive mission in vampire territory.”
“Will they ask about this mission?” He wondered.
“If they do, I'll just say I'm meeting up with a group of other hunters to annihilate some coven.” Maybe it wasn’t airtight but they wouldn’t ask more than that. Most guards don’t really care why you’re in Daegu. It’s pretty obvious why you’re making a stop there from the direction you were coming from.
“Is that what you usually do? Annihilate covens?”
“Only if they get too close to headquarters. I’m only ever sent out on patrol where there’s the one vampire or a small group who just murdered some humans for sport.” You sighed. They didn’t like to let you out much because you would be starting Nightstalker training in a few months. The elders didn’t want you to get yourself killed before then but you couldn’t let anything about them slip.
“We’re not all like that, you know.”
“Like murders?” He nodded. “Yes,vampire-controlledNightstalker they are, Jeongguk. You might not have killed yet but one day I'm sure you’ll grow sick of animal blood like the rest of your coven probably has.”
“They don’t kill anymore!” He shouted. You almost felt bad for arguing this with him. He truly didn’t understand what it was like out here, outside of his castle. When you got to the vampire controlled parts, he’d understand. He’d see what it was like to be what he never could be. What it was like to be a human in a vampire world.
“Anymore.” You snorted, repeated his word back to him with a sarcastic smile. “Why do you think the hunter association was created? You wouldn’t stop killing us and our families so we had to make you stop. Once you got a taste of your own medicine, only then would you understand what it’s like for us to be human. I’m sure all of you have forgotten that by now.”
He looked as if you had just stabbed him in the heart. Good. “If you hate us so much, then why’d you agree to help me?”
“The grandmaster won’t let me avenge my family until I'm a nightstalker. I’m sick of waiting, hearing about all of the terrible things the kings do to people. If I can get a temporary alliance with a clan, then I'll get what I want. What I’ve always wanted.” You let a sinister smile slip. Perhaps, he would see that you weren’t doing any of this to be a good person. There was no room for human kindness in this world, especially from you.
“What comes after?”
“After?” The question perplexed you.
“After you kill the kings?”
“I don’t plan on surviving. I’m going to kill the seven most powerful vampires in all of Korea and all of their little henchmen. I’m not going to make it out of there but I’ll take as many with me as the earth permits me to. And then they’ll never be able to hurt another like they did me.” You said, not looking at him, knowing he would disagree. Everyone always told you to live as the last of your family line but that was stupid. Your story was one of many in the number of humans killed by the kings but maybe it could end with you.
“Your order doesn’t deserve you.”
You weren’t sure what that was supposed to mean and you didn’t feel like continuing this conversation anymore. If he wanted to live in a fantasy world where his ‘family’ wasn’t as flawed as they actually were, then so be it. You knew those in your order weren’t saints but at least they were trying to save humans from being slaughtered like cattle.
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[♡] you were well aware of jeongguk's really great features and body proportions and how all the mothers would melt at the sight of him in the waiting area of the ballet class of your daughter. He had told you the many times he had caught them staring and how he quite enjoyed it, so you weren't surprised at how he went all out with his outfit when he had to go, some nice fitting jeans and a nice shirt that would always make you melt, and you weren't even surprised at how he didn't even try to hide the smirk on his lips as he arrived and said good afternoon to the group of ladies with a deep tone that accentuated his busan satoori, the one you were now immune to it after all these years (except when you were doing adult stuff), and would actually make you laugh. it was amusing to see how the ladies stopped the things they were previously doing just to see him be.
"Hey, superstar, we're here to see your daughter, this is not a fashion show" you quickly whispered in his ear as you pinched his ass cheek, making him feel flustered and making it impossible to hold back a chuckle.
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krreader · 6 months ago
diamond maknae | too suspicious.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jeongguk x maknae!reader ; bts x reader (platonic) fandom: bts warnings: eighth member of bts!reader ; mentions of sex genre: fluff ; smut word count: 1.1k+ other: for more diamond maknae content, please check out my dm masterlist
a/n: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REQUESTING THIS, I had a blast writing it
Tumblr media
Oh, how much you loved concerts in countries other than South Korea.
Korea was and would always be your home and doing concerts for your fans there would always feel special, but in other parts of the world, you could just be more.. free in what you were doing on stage. Nobody batted a single eyelash if you exposed a bit too much boobs, in fact, they all screamed even louder if you did so.
One thing that you incorporated into this world tour was that you had special performances in every single country. Just you.
For every country, you were performing a different song, had a different choreography... just to spice things up for people. You knew that tour details would always get leaked, so this part would be the surprise that fans were able to look forward to each and every time.
And well, today had more than one surprise in store for them.
Because while you were usually performing on your own – this was supposed to be your solo performance, after all – one of your members joined you this time.
“I like it,” Jeongguk had said as he had watched you practice for this performance back home in Korea, walking around you in a circle, his hands buried in his sweatpants. The next part, he whispered into your ear as he stood behind you, though, “But it could use a bit more spice, you know?”
You let out a snort, still breathing heavily and watched him through the practice mirror, “And what exactly did you have in mind here.”
It was as if he had been waiting for an opportunity like this. Jeongguk didn't waste a single second , grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards his body, his other hand sneaking around your waist and his fingers gracing your butt, “Me.”
“That's not a good idea,” you giggled, trying to escape his hold, but he just pulled you closer towards him, “How would we even explain that. Me performing like this with you as my partner... that's too much.”
“You said you wanted them to be surprised. They will be.”
“This isn't surprise anymore, Jeongguk. Doing this will make the rumors blow up.”
One of his hands came up to your chin and he made you look up at him, a confident grin on his face, “Fine by me. Let the entire arena know that I'm the one you're riding.”
“Jeongguk,” you pushed him back, but laughed wholeheartedly.
“Come on, let's just try this. I bet it would look amazing.”
That's how this entire thing had started and it didn't take very long for you to realize that he was right. What had been missing from your performance had been a partner. That was the last piece of the puzzle. The moment he joined in, it was perfect.
But it was also... very sexy.
So... you didn't tell anyone about it. Not even your members knew.
You wished you could have seen their faces when Jeongguk suddenly ran on stage, just in time for the last part of your performance.
The fans screams roared through the arena when they spotted him and they became even louder when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards him. Just like in the studio, he turned you around and wrapped one arm around your middle. You continued singing, him smirking at you while his eyes were clearly saying: “I want you so badly right now.”
And while you had been completely aware of your surroundings before, the moment he was here with you, everything else faded away. You still performed well, even better than that, if you were to give your own humble opinion, but there were absolutely zero boundaries anymore. Despite you having set them with him beforehand.
“No funny business,” your words. Out the window the moment that he looked at you like that.
You turned around in his arms and the two of you began dancing to the song like you had practiced, but the looks, the “inappropriate” touches – according to Bang later – and the fact that you two made it so obvious that you were fucking might have been a bit... too much.
You only realized that after the concert was over and Namjoon was yelling at the two of you. To be fair, you only listened with one ear, as you were simultaneously reading the thousands of tweets in regards to the performance.
“Hey! I'm talking to you!” Namjoon yelled, not believing his eyes that you'd be this disrespectful.
But you just chuckled and read out loud: “I never thought I'd want to be sandwiched between (Y/N) and Jungkook, but here I am, gay and straight at the same time.”
Jeongguk pretended to give more of a shit than you, so he only smirked a little.
“Do you think this is a joke?” Jin asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest, “This is going to get us in so much trouble.”
“What, exactly?” you looked up at them, “Because the alternative would have been one of our backup dancers that are all 3+ years older than me. Did you want me to dance with them like this? Did you want them to touch me like that?”
That made them shut up relatively quickly, but Namjoon, as the leader, was understandably still upset, “This was inappropriate to say the least. You're like our sister.”
That made Jeongguk snort and get up, ruffling through his wet hair, “But she's not, hyung.”
That pissed Namjoon off even more and he ran after Jeongguk when he walked out of the room, probably to give him yet another earful. The rest of the group spread out, some grabbed a bite to eat, others just rested... and then there was Taehyung, narrowing his eyes at you as you were still scrolling through Twitter.
He hadn't seen any of these tweets himself, but he pulled out his phone a moment later and went through the respective hashtag, just to see what people were tweeting about.
And it was only the first tweet that he saw that nearly made him throw up, “They're definitely fucking,” he read out loud.
You instantly looked up at him, your eyes a little wider than before. Taehyung had looked at you normally, but when he saw your looks, his eyes widened too, his mouth opening and then closing again, especially when you looked back down to your phone without denying it.
The tweets ranged from sweet “I really hope they're happy if this is true” messages to 18+ “Idk what I'm more jealous of. That Jeongguk gets ridden by this queen or that (Y/N) gets fucked mercilessly by this king” tweets.
And let's just say that Taehyung fell into a deep deep dark hole of imagining it all... and hating every second of it.
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kimkaelyn · 6 months ago
Jeon’s Coffee and Crystals
Tumblr media
Summary: You had somehow managed to get lost on the streets of Busan during a massive thunderstorm. Soaking wet, you stumble upon Jeon’s Coffee and Crystals, and the very hot owner is kind enough to let you seek refuge inside.
Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Female Reader
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Cursing, reader almost gets kidnapped.
Author Notes: This is written for BTS Writing Cafe’s coffee and cakes drabble event! This is based on the prompt: “there’s a little fantasy cafe tucked away behind bushes and vines. The owner, mysterious and eccentric, has a secret behind the cafe that should never be seen by mortal eyes.” I’m not sure if I’ll turn this into a multiple part fic, but we will see!
Enjoy! Don’t forget to like and reblog!
Tumblr media
“Damn it!” You cursed to yourself as you turned into another alleyway. This had to be the worst day of your entire life. First, you spilled your morning coffee on yourself. Second, you were late for your class- again. Third, your phone died when it was on 30% while you were following the route back to your apartment the map was showing you. Which is why you are currently lost on the streets of Seoul in the middle of a downpour. You knew you were terrible at directions, but that’s why there is the blessing that is Google Maps. You had too much confidence in yourself for once, which caused you to believe you could find your way home on your own. Boy, how wrong you were.
“Ugh!” You groaned out as you came to a two-way stop. Left or right. As you internally debated, you failed to hear the hard footsteps approaching you from behind until a slurred voice called out to you.
“Now what issss a pretty lady like yooooooou doing out here allllllllllll alone~~~?” The man was clearly drunk if his slurred speech was anything to go by. You slowly turned around to face the man. You gulped as you faced him.
“Oh, I’m just on my way home.” You said, trying to sound confident. Your left hand gripped harder onto your purse. Your fingers twitched, preparing in case you needed to grab the pepper spray you always carried as self-defense. "I'm just a couple of blocks away."
"Ohhhh realllly?" The drunkard slurred out. He took a swaying step in your direction. "Maybe I could walk the prettttty lady home?" He giggled to himself.
Your stomach sank as he came closer. "Uh, that is not necessary, sir. I am fine." You backed away from him, and your back instantly met the brick wall behind you. He was still coming towards you. "I can walk myself home."  
"Noooo, I will take you home." Suddenly he took a deep breath in. In a matter of seconds, his whole demeanor changed. His eyes took on a dangerous glint as he looked you up and down. "Oooooooh, you smell niceeee." Suddenly he leaped towards you, reaching out with his hands to grab you. You reacted just as quickly and dashed to your right, going down another alleyway. "Oh, I loveee the chase, girlie!"
Get away. Get away. Get away. You chanted to yourself as you took all kinds of twisting turns, trying to lose the drunkard chasing you. You take a couple of turns, but he's still behind you. After another turn, you see some light illuminating from behind some vines. You dash towards the source, praying to any God above that it was a place to hide until the drunk gives up the chase.
As you approached, you saw a run-down sign that read, "Jeon's Coffee and Crystals". You didn't have time to dwell on the odd name as you frantically searched for a door handle amongst the vines. Ah-ha! As soon as you saw it, you hightailed it inside. You closed the door behind you as swiftly as you could and instantly crouched to the ground.
You held your breath as you heard the man's footsteps fast approaching. You could hear him panting just outside the door. "Oh man," He groaned to himself. "Where'd that bitch go?" After a couple of more seconds, you heard his footsteps retreating. You waited until you could no longer hear them before slowly standing up. You held your shaking hands to your chest as you regarded your surroundings for the first time.
Someone cleared their throat behind you, causing you to nearly jump out of your skin. You swirled around and came face-to-face with probably the most beautiful man you have ever seen. He had beautiful doe eyes, a strong jawline, and the most perfect lips ever. His eyes regarded you in curiosity as he waited for you to say something.
"What are you doing here, little human?" Your mouth parted at his odd choice of words. What did he mean by human? "How did you even get in here?"
Before you could say anything, you and the mystery man's attention were caught by a set of heavy footfalls going up some wooden stairs. Your breath left you as a man, wait no, a thing came into sight. The first thing you noticed was the dog ears on top of his head. He looked just as surprised to see you as you were to see him. "Hyung, who's this?" He asked the other. You watched as the new one sniffed the air like a dog. "She's a human." He said as his face turned from surprised curiosity to cold sternness.
"Well, of course, I'm human," You blurted out. "And you should be too!" All of a sudden, your head felt dizzy. You grabbed your forehead as a pulsing headache made itself known. Your eyes found those of the first man again, but instead of the brown color, you found yourself staring into a dark abyss.
"Sleep." The man commanded and before you knew what was happening, your knees crumpled beneath you and your whole world went black.
Tumblr media
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athenakyle · 24 days ago
Fratboy Jeongguk Drabbles: And I Love You 3000
Sometime during sophomore year...
Taehyung’s already a little drunk when you bump into him and he throws his arms around you in celebration, “Selfie!” he all but shrieks before giving you 2 seconds to appear somewhat normal as he smooshes his cheek to yours, taking a photo.
“Good game today Taehyung!” you laugh as you hug him back, “That double play you made in the 7th inning was amazing!”
“You saw that?” He looks genuinely surprised.
“Of course I did! How could anyone who was there have missed it?” You look at him like he’s crazy.
“You were at the game?”
You nod, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!”
“I thought Guk said you couldn’t make it, that you were flying home today.” His alcohol induced brain seems to slowly catch up with his words. “Wait… if you’re here you didn’t fly home this morning!”
At that you blush, heat filling your cheeks, “I may have intentionally missed my flight.” You admit, causing Tae to chuckle. “I couldn’t bring myself to miss Guk’s championship game. Although I doubt he saw me there, I wasn’t able to sit in my normal seat.”
He grins, “Looks like Guk is going to get to check off everything on his bucket list.”
At that you cock your head to the side, reminding Tae of a curious kitten, “What bucket list?”
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Pushing through the sea of people you head towards Jeongguk's room, thinking he may have ducked in for some quiet, despite is frat boy jock status, he still got painfully shy at the most inopportune times.
You had just rounded the corner when you see his door open, and Pang Mina steps out, Jeongguk behind her. Jumping back so you aren’t seen, you peek once more and see Mina wrap her arms around Jeongguk, his hands falling to her waist as she pulls him closer. Not wanting to see anymore, you turn and leave, wondering why it hurt so much to see him with her.
It takes you a few minutes to exit the house, friends stopping you along the way to wish you a great summer, and although you return their affection warmly, once you’re outside you can no longer hide your disappointment.
When you find Yoongi waiting by the curb, he immediately knows something’s wrong. “What happened?”
“It’s nothing,” you shake your head, “I just couldn’t find him.” You shrug and Yoongi knows you well enough to let it go, for now.
“Alright,” he offers a soft smile, knowing you’ll tell him eventually, “after you.” He opens the door for you to slide into the awaiting cab.
Jeongguk is sulking in his room when Taehyung flings the door open, “Gukkie’s got his first kiss!” he exclaims, his cell phone held up, flash on, clearly filming whatever he thought he was crashing in on.
“What the fuck dude?” Jeongguk holds a hand up to block the obnoxiously bright light.
“Where’s y/n?” Tae looks around the small room as if he could have missed seeing another person in the room.
The younger male scoffs, “What are you talking about? She left this morning remember?”
“No she didn’t,” Taehyung turns his phone off, “I just saw her in the living room, she was trying to find you.”
At this the star pitcher rolls his eyes, “You’re drunk.”
“Yes,” Tae doesn’t deny it, “but I’m not wrong,” he scrolls through his phone for the selfie he had taken earlier, “she said she skipped out on her flight, she didn’t want miss your” he wiggles his eyebrows, “big championship game.” He shows the photo to Jeongguk, who’s eyes go wide at the screen.
Your face smooshed uncomfortably close to Tae's, but there's a bright smile lighting up your features that makes his heart skip. From the angle he can see that you’re wearing one of the baseball jersey’s that the school sells to support the team, and he hopes that it’s his number 97 that’s emblazoned on the back.
“I told her you were probably in your room, she headed this way to find you.”
“I dunno, maybe 5 minutes ago?”
“Shit.” Jeongguk stands, “Mina was here 5 minutes ago, I didn’t see y/n.”
Tae wanders to the window as the bright yellow cab catches his eye, “Well she might have seen the two of you,” he points to the car that you’re getting into.
“No!” Jeongguk throws open the window and climbs out, (thankful for the first time that noobs get relegated to the first floor), racing after the cab carrying you away from him.
The cab makes it to the end of the street before the driver notices Jeongguk running after it, “Um, should we be concerned that one of the frat boys appears to be chasing us?” he meets your eyes in the rearview mirror before sliding to Yoongi’s, “You stealing his girl?” he teases.
You whip around to peer out the review window as Yoongi release a sound that can only be described as disgust. Your heart soars at the sight of Jeongguk chasing the cab.
“Can you please pull over?” you plead with the cabby who smiles and does as you request.
Hope flares to life in Jeongguk’s chest as he sees the cab pull over and the door fly open. He doesn’t slow down until he’s standing in front of you, resting a hand on the trunk, panting and out of breath as you gaze at him with a gentle curiousness in your eyes.
“I expected the university’s star athlete to be in better shape than this,” you tease as you wait for him to catch his breath. He sends a playful glare your way causing you to giggle as you feel your face heat up when he stands to his full height, causing you to look up at him.
“You were going to leave without saying goodbye?” he sounds wounded that you would even consider leaving him without a word.
“I can’t exactly miss another flight home Guk, my parents would send the national guard.” Your comment causes Jeongguk to chuckle, not knowing you were entirely serious.
Silence descends on the two of you as you each unknowingly struggle with wanting to say more, but unsure of how to proceed.
You cave first, “Taehyung told me about your list of goals.”
His eyes go wide as his cheeks tinge pink, “He told you that?”
You nod, “Let’s see, pitch a no-hitter, have your name in lights, and kiss a pretty girl.” You tick them off with your fingers. Avoiding his gaze you look over his shoulder, to where you can still hear the faint sounds of the frat party that rages on, “Congratulations, Mina’s really pretty.” You offer him a diplomatic smile before looking away, “Good game today Jeongguk.” You spare him one more glance before you move towards the cab.
His hand on your wrist stops you.
“She’s popular, pretty and she wanted to kiss me,” he tugs you gently, “she’s everything I thought I wanted.” The words hurt, but you can’t bring yourself to disentangle yourself just yet, “Except, she wasn’t you.” You turn around, eyes meeting his, “She wasn’t you, y/n.”
“She wasn’t you,” he closes the gap and tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear, “and I couldn’t.”
“You didn’t kiss her?” you voice is soft, barely above a whisper as your brain processes the implications of his words.
“No,” he shakes his head, “I waited 19 years for this kiss, and I didn’t want to waste it.” He bites his lip, nerves coursing through him, “I’ll wait another 19 if that’s what it takes for my first kiss to be with you.” He admits as you stare up at him.
Before he can process what’s happening, you’re surging up on your toes, wrapping your arms around him and pressing your lips to his.
You giggle when you pull back and he chases your lips, his eyes still closed. “You may be able to wait that long, Gukkie, but I can’t.”
His eyes open as he smiles down at you, “I’ve wanted this for so long.” He whispers before cupping your cheek and sealing your lips to his one more time.
“Alright love birds, that’s enough.” Yoongi’s voice breaks through the night, and you pull back from Jeongguk heat flaring in your cheeks. “We still have a plane to catch.”
Jeongguk places one last lingering peck to your lips, “Call me when you land?”
You nod, “I promise.”
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yumeyooa · 2 months ago
revenge is brutally sweet | jeon jungkook
Tumblr media
—jeon jungkook’s life so far has been going well. he’s the guitarist of the most famous band in the scene, he’s got the girl of his dreams, and everything he’s ever wished for is in the palm of his hands. what he doesn’t expect though, is to wake up one day in the middle of a controversy. what the controversy is, you may ask? a new band has been hitting the charts, and their lead singer is none other than you, a former member of the band and his ex-girlfriend.
➢  pairing: jeon jungkook x female! reader
➢ genre: angst | slight fluff | band au | slight highschool au | post breakup au | exes au | r 15 | guitarist! jungkook | vocalist! reader
➢ word count: 14.6k+
➢  warning: profanity | heavy drinking | toxic relationships | messy break-ups | self depriciation | bullying | messy closure | this is just very much super angsty
➢ love letter: AH SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG T_T I kinda drowned in midterms AHSHSHs but I hope you enjoy this fic <33 there’s more to this angsty collection to come so stay tuned!! 
navigation | collection masterlist
Life couldn’t be any better. 
This is what Jeon Jungkook constantly told himself every morning after his short, fifteen-minute shower while messily tousling his hair in an extra-soft towel as he takes in the dreary yet somehow vibrant view from his penthouse apartment, soaking in the sun’s rays. 
The city was busy, even though the sun had just risen and bloomed into full glory. The streets were filled with people rushing to get wherever they needed to be, cars driving past with the fervor of a shackled mad man on wheels. If Jungkook looked closer, he would have probably seen the black exhaust drifting in the air from the fumes of those ecologically damaging vehicles or the frantic looks on an office worker’s face as they hurriedly crossed the street obviously late for work. 
But alas, Jungkook couldn’t care less about the trials and tribulations of some strangers he didn’t even know. After all, his life was going great. In fact, he was literally walking on cloud nine at this point and felt like nothing had stopped him. 
Of course, it wasn’t always this way, which was why Jungkook appreciated his success tenfold. 
He, like every other success story, had started from the ground up. Music was something he had always dreamed of doing for the rest of his life. Ever since his grandfather had first shown him how to play the guitar, the melodies had wrapped their whimsical tunes around his heart and made themselves stay. It was fascinating to him how playing a couple of strings could produce such music that could move souls and bring smiles to people’s faces.
And ever since then, he was hooked. Every chance he got, he would play the guitar even if his parents tried to pry him off it. 
They wanted him to be a doctor after all, and there was no way in hell he was going to go by their wishes. While being a doctor was great, it didn’t ignite the same spark that music did, and for Jungkook, he would rather die than live a life without his flame running ablaze.
So, against his parent’s wishes, he pursued a career in music. It wasn’t easy, of course. At first, he had no support system for his dream. His friends and teachers ridiculed and discouraged him, saying that the future was bleak and he had no hopes of making it big. But if Jungkook knew anything about himself, it would most likely have to do with the fact that he was extremely stubborn and persistent, much to the disappointment of the adults in his life. 
So he continued. He continued reaching his dreams, joining every music-related activity he could at his age until he finally met Mr. Park.
Mr. Park was a bright man who came in one day as a replacement for their music teacher, who was an old lady who stuck to the classics and had a somewhat deceiving grading system. He came into class with disheveled hair, an unkempt tie, and when he turned around to write his name on the board, the whole class laughed as they could see his heart print underpants peeking through. 
But despite his clumsiness and seemingly carefree nature, Mr. Park was a master at his craft. He was the epitome of what a music teacher should be; exceptionally skilled, eloquent, and passionate about what he did. But Mr. Park had another talent that not many knew about, which was the eye for potential.
And Mr. Park saw potential in Jungkook.
He had taken Jungkook under his wing and taught him the ropes of music life. The keys of the piano, how notes were read, how symphonies were made. And the more Jungkook learned, the more he yearned for a life surrounding music. When he voiced his wishes to Mr. Park, expecting to receive the same rejection he had always known, he was pleasantly surprised to find out that he had his support.
Mr. Park was the very first person who saw that Jungkook could have a future in music. He was the very first person who showed Jungkook that there was a path for him to take that was far better than the path his parents laid out for him. A rocky path filled with trials and tribulations but ultimately reaped great rewards in the end. 
Like a moth drawn to its flame, Jungkook was attracted to the seemingly devastating path because somehow, amid the darkness, there was hope. Hope for a happier future, a future that wasn’t filled with regret and mourning but full of triumph and satisfaction. Jungkook would be a fool not to pursue the latter.
And thus, in hopes of finally seeing the light, Jungkook decided to start his own band. 
It didn’t start off right away, though. After all, no kid at his school wanted to be part of a band that, in the eyes of their parents, was a complete waste of time. Jungkook kept his small dream hidden deep within his heart, yet even so, it still burned with an unyielding passion. Even if years passed and no opportunity for him to start a band was in sight, Jungkook didn’t give up, knowing that his persistence would one day reap great rewards.
And finally, his chance came in the form of you. 
From the very beginning, Jungkook had always thought you were strange. In a prestigious school known for being the epitome of perfection and class, you were the odd one out, sticking out like a sore thumb with your disheveled appearance and undignified manner of carrying yourself. Almost immediately, you were set to be the outcast, ridiculed by your peers for your looks and mannerisms, even if, in Jungkook’s opinion, you weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary.
Unfortunately, the world is never kind to those who are different. 
Jungkook’s phone rings from where it is laid on his bedside table, the alarm blaring loudly, causing a shift in the once serene atmosphere of his apartment. Jungkook pays it no mind at first, choosing to finish drying his hair before finally picking up the phone, voice groggy and slightly annoyed from having his peaceful morning interrupted.
“Who is it?” He hastily asks, not meaning to sound as harsh. But could he really be blamed when it was 7 AM in the morning, and he wasn’t expected to show up to any scheduled event until noon?
“Jungkook!” An exasperated voice exclaims from the other side of his phone. It was Namjoon, his manager, Jungkook, quickly concludes. Although it was rare for him to call so early in the morning, especially in such a panicked state. Perhaps he forgot to inform him of a schedule? Although that was annoying, Jungkook wouldn’t really mind. After all, work made money. But if that were the case, it would have been odd for Namjoon to be so panicked about it. The man was known for being reasonably level-headed even in times of extreme stress, so perhaps it was something else entirely. 
“Did you read the news?” Namjoon quickly adds before Jungkook could ask what was wrong. At his question, Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, quickly sitting down on the side of his bed and grabbing his iPad from the same bedside desk, unplugging the charger along the way. 
“No,” he says as he types up the password into the Home Screen, laying his phone in between the juncture of his shoulder and ear. “Is there something I should be concerned about? I mean, it’s not like I got into a scandal or anything, right?”
Well, partly.
The moment Jungkook opens his Twitter, he’s surprised to see more notifications than usual. Of course, it was a given for him to have a ghastly amount of notifications as a celebrity. He did have a large fan base, after all. But the numbers on his screen far exceeded that of what he was used to, and amongst those notifications tagging his account, one article stood out amongst the rest, and the headline made his blood run cold.
“What the fuck?” He whispers, staring at the article in shock as if he couldn’t believe his eyes. “Am I seeing this right, Namjoon?”
The man on the other side of the phone is silent for a while before Jungkook hears a sigh. “Unfortunately, yes,” Namjoon says, and Jungkook can almost imagine the way he’s probably rubbing his temples together while sipping his cup of black coffee in his office out of stress and frustration
“(Y/N) is back,” he says, causing shivers to run down Jungkook’s spine. “And apparently Jungkook, she wrote a song about you.”
Tumblr media
 The day Jungkook finally mustered up the courage to talk to you for the first time was an experience, to say the least. For what felt like years, albeit it was only a few days, Jungkook had been observing you from the sidelines, watching as you were berated by his classmates, who apparently had nothing better to do with their time. 
A part of Jungkook always felt guilty for never standing up for you. He knew you needed a friend. Someone to confide in this hellish school that made it seem as if it were every man for himself. But he was a coward, raised and molded to never take a step outside the boundaries he had set for himself, like a doll.
Although, with Mr. Park's influence, Jungkook could finally break free from his shell, even if it were just a mere few steps. 
"Here," he says nervously, handing you a carton of banana milk that he had picked up from the nearest vending machine the moment he saw you storm out of the classroom in tears. Even then, your classmates had laughed, mocking how sensitive you were, which disgusted Jungkook. Didn't they have any ounce of shame for making a person cry like that?
You look up from where you sat on the school's staircase, eyes puffy from crying so hard, a stream of tears still flowing down your face. You looked like an absolute mess, and the sight only caused Jungkook's heart to clench even more. He sat beside you, albeit a bit distanced because he couldn't help but feel awkward. This was your first conversation, after all. 
You stare at him, not entirely understanding why he would extend kindness towards you. Was this a trick of fate? Was he doing this so you would someday do his bidding in the future? The kids of this school were scary, even scarier than the monsters that hid underneath your bed or the creatures that roamed around in the dead of night. Even amidst the light, they scared you, and you were terrified that the man offering you some banana milk would be just the same. 
"You don't have to take it if you don't want to," Jungkook says, after realizing you were staring at him warily, cautious over whether or not you would accept his gift. "Sweets always cheered me up whenever I feel down, and I thought maybe it would cheer you up too!" 
If anyone were to see your interaction, they would have burst out laughing from how awkward it was. You who were wary and cautious, and Jungkook who was awkward and shy. A stark difference between your usual timid behavior and Jungkook's confident act. In fact, if anyone else were to see this, they would have never believed their eyes. 
It was odd, after all. And you knew this very well. Which was why you were so confused at Jungkook's behavior. Why was he approaching you so kindly when everyone else ridiculed and shunned you out? You were different, someone who didn't deserve to be there. An imposter, an intruder. It didn't make sense for him to act friendly. 
"Don't take this the wrong way," Jungkook continues, setting down the banana milk in the space between the two of you as he fiddled with his fingers, a habit he had picked up over time. "I'm not doing this to mock you or make fun of you later down the line… I just really don't like the way they're treating you. It's not right."
You're stunned. Rightfully so. This was the first time someone had ever gone against what others did to you, despite him doing so behind the scenes. A weird sensation bubbles up from inside you, one you can't quite place. But what you do know is that amidst it all, there's warmth. Jungkook's words sounded genuine and sincere, not like the usual condescending tone you were used to hearing from the rest of your peers. 
He genuinely seemed to care. 
Jungkook's eyes widen in surprise when he sees you grab the carton of banana milk, opening the straw in pushing it through, taking a sip. You sheepishly stare down, not even bothering to look Jungkook in the eye before muttering. "I prefer strawberry milk… but this isn't that bad... I guess… Thanks…" 
His eyes gleam, happy that you've accepted his offering and watching with a content smile as a small smile of your own forms on your lips, a far cry from the mess you were mere moments ago. He had somehow managed to cheer you up, and that was better than anything Jungkook could ever ask for. 
"No problem. Next time I'll buy you a whole box of strawberry milk!" He exclaims, excited for what was about to unfold between the two of you. 
But he would have never expected this. 
And on this week's celebrity news: Former Vocalist of The 97, (L/N) (Y/N) debuts solo with her new single 'Move On', which fans speculate is a direct message to her ex-boyfriend and former bandmate Jeon Jungkook. 
"Fuck!" Jungkook exclaims, overcome with emotion, as he watches the news unfold in the conference room of his label. He had quickly made his way over the moment he saw the headline, confused, devastated, and most of all angry. 
What in the world were you thinking, dragging him down like that?
"Jungkook, calm down," Namjoon says from the other side of the room, trying to prevent Jungkook from destroying the room. Jungkook was strong. And if he really wanted to, he could turn the whole conference room upside down in a blink of an eye, and Namjoon really didn't want to deal with whatever consequence would follow should Jungkook actually decide that he'd destroy the conference room. 
"How the fuck do you expect me to be calm, Namjoon?" Jungkook asks, exasperated as he walks from one end of the room to the other. "This is going to ruin my fucking reputation. And it's all because that bitch is too bitter about our breakup that she decided to fucking write a song about it."
"Hey." Another voice calls out, stern and ready to scold. Jaehyun, the band's bassist, glares at Jungkook with as much disdain as he could muster, not believing the words that came out of Jungkook's mouth. "No matter how you feel about the situation. I'm not going to stand by and let you call (Y/N) a bitch. She was and still is our friend. Just because you're so caught up in your perfect reputation doesn't mean you have to bring others down in the process, Jeon." 
It was rare for Jaehyun to ever call Jungkook by his last name. The two were as close as could be, having been the best of friends for more than ten years and counting. Jungkook knew he could trust Jaehyun with his life and vice versa, so it shocked him to hear that his best friend was defending her. 
"But Jungkook has every reason to be mad, Jaehyun!" Another voice pops up, this time a more feminine one that has Jungkook's heart-melting just a bit. Eunha, his current girlfriend, and the one who was there for him when you left him. She was the band's current vocalist, and Jungkook couldn't feel any more grateful to have someone as supportive as her in his life.
"She's using a personal situation to make her more popular, all the while bringing us down in the process! There's nothing else to call her but a bitch when she's hurting the band she started with! Is that how she says thank you when the band's been nothing but good to her?
It's incredible, Jungkook thinks to himself, how he was able to find someone like Eunha. She was the most compassionate and understanding person in the world, a far cry from what you had become. Bitter, selfish, and downright ungrateful. You probably wrote that song out of spite just to get back at him when he did nothing wrong in the first place. You were crazy, and he was glad Eunha allowed him to see through all of your lies. 
"Shut the fuck up, will you?" Jungkook's eyes darted in surprise to Yugyeom, the band's drummer, who had just cursed at his girlfriend. He glares at the drummer, mad at the fact that the usual happy-go-lucky man was now acting bitter in front of his girlfriend, who had done nothing wrong. Were his bandmates woven that deep within your cruel lies?
"Excuse me, what did you just say?" Eunha asks, appalled, tears forming from the corners of her eyes, which only causes the anger within Jungkook to grow. How dare they. How dare they make Eunha cry when she was doing nothing but telling the truth?
"You heard me, Eunha," Yugyeom continues, paying no mind to the burning rage that was about to burst within Jungkook. "I said shut the fuck up. So what if (Y/N) wrote a song about Jungkook? Why does it matter? She has every right to. I mean, our next single is literally a song Jungkook wrote after the breakup, so why the fuck are you berating her for doing the same?"
"Because she's hurting our reputation!" Eunha exclaims, clearly frustrated at how Yugyeom and Jaehyun weren't getting her point. "And besides, she was the one in the wrong during the breakup. What right does she have to make a song about it?"
Jaehyun scoffs, glare intensifying, causing Jungkook to clench his fist at their hostility. "And how do you know that when you only heard Jungkook's side of the story and not (Y/N) 's? For all we know, Jungkook could also be in the wro—"
Before Jaehyun could finish his sentence, Jungkook explodes, immediately rushing over to where Jaehyun sat and grabbing him by the collar, causing the rest of the band and Namjoon to panic, trying to break them apart, while Eunha watches, scared. 
"You motherfucker," Jungkook curses, hand raised into a fist, ready to punch Jaehyun in the face with all the force he could muster. But before he could do so, Namjoon and Yugyeom immediately held him back, causing Jaehyun to let out shaky breaths as he glared at Jungkook, hurt, confused, and angry. "Why are you defending her? She was the one who hurt me! You're supposed to be my fucking best friend!"
"Maybe if you actually listened to what she had to say and what she was going through, then we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place," Jaehyun screamed back, anger slowly growing as each moment passed by. "You've always been like this Jungkook, self-centered and fucking mean. (Y/N) was right for wanting to leave."
"What did you say, you fucki—"
"Enough!" Namjoon screams, holding his ground. This had gotten out of hand, and it was beginning to stress him out, and clearly, that same stress was spreading through every single person in the room. This wasn't even supposed to be that big of a deal. All they were supposed to do was listen to the song you wrote, and come up with a statement, So why the hell did this turn into a full-blown fight?
Gosh, Namjoon needed a raise. 
"Jeon Jungkook calm the fuck down, or I'll have you on probation, you hear? The same goes for all of you. I don't want to hear any bullshit about who's right or wrong in the relationship. All I need is for us to listen to the song and figure out what we're going to tell the higher-ups. So stop acting like you're a bunch of teenagers and sit down."
Usually, Namjoon wasn't this scary. But there was a glint in his eyes that taunted the band. And they knew that in the heat of the moment, the best thing to do was to shut up and listen. Besides, he was right. The way they were going, no progress would have been made, leading to further complications. With a huff, Jungkook sits down, staring grumpily into space. He wasn't comfortable with what had just occurred, a frenzy of emotions bottling up inside him from the outburst.
Luckily for him, Eunha was quick to hold his hand into hers, soothing him enough to calm his nerves and mentally prepare himself for what was about to unfold. Because he knew he wasn't going to like it.
And true to his words, the moment Namjoon pressed play, he didn't like it. Not one bit. 
Jungkook couldn't quite pin why your song made his blood boil and heart clench. From an outsider's perspective, it was a good song. A really good song. As a musician himself, Jungkook would never deny that. You had a knack for creating some really great tunes that were out of this world, after all. It was the very thing that made him ask you to start a band with him in the first place. 
But there was just something about this piece in particular that seemed different. Your very aura was different, Jungkook concluded as he watched the video, listening to the way you screamed about how good it was that he was able to move on while you haven't. How you laced memories and fragments of your relationship and expertly wove them together to create a masterpiece that echoed into the very depths of his beating heart. 
It left a bitter taste in his mouth. Because amidst the chaos, you looked free. 
There was something beautiful about the way you were in the middle of a room up in flames, almost to the point where Jungkook knew that it was metaphorical. You liked metaphors. Jungkook remembers how long ago, when the band was just the two of you, you mentioned how metaphors brought out the beauty of the world. They made the ordinary extraordinary. They made the dull come to life. Metaphors were beauty itself, and that's precisely why you loved to play with them so much. 
It's funny to see how that part of you hadn't changed, even after how many years. 
"Jungkook?" Eunha calls out to him, a concerned look gracing over her face. "You okay?" 
Honestly speaking, Jungkook didn't know. The high of his anger had finally settled, and all Jungkook felt was a burning numbness scouring through his veins. It's laughable how mere hours ago, Jungkook was sure that today would be another great day to celebrate how amazing his life was. Yet, here he is, in the middle of a conference room, watching as you submerged yourself underwater at the last scene of your music video, feeling empty. 
He doesn't directly answer Eunha, afraid that if he were to say anything, unwanted words would slip from his lips, and he would unleash another round of chaos and hell. And he was too mentally exhausted to go through that again. So he merely nods, clasping Eunha's hand gently and sighing as Namjoon pauses the video, turning towards the group. 
"Well," Namjoon says, surveying the room to see the band's reactions. But who was he kidding? He knew damn well that the band wasn't nearly overjoyed seeing and hearing what their old friend had to say, especially Jungkook. The poor kid looked lost. "That's that. It looks too vague to be considered a song catered to Jungkook, so I'll inform the higher-ups that it has nothing to do wi--"
Suddenly, Jungkook stands up, causing a deafening silence to befall once more as everyone watches him with cautious eyes, afraid of what he was about to do. 
"I'm going to get a drink," is all he says, moving to head out the door. No one really says anything in protest, Yugyeom and Jaehyun still feeling the aftermath of the previous fight. Only Eunha seemed to be visibly bothered, scoffing at the rest of the team's reactions before quickly latching on to Jungkook's arm. 
"Babe, it's still early in the morning. At least let me accompany you?" She asks, that hopeful glint burning brightly in her eyes, to the point that it makes Jaehyun recline back in his seat uncomfortably, not liking the way she seemed so unnatural. You were never like that. And while Jaehyun knew it was wrong to make comparisons, he couldn't help it. 
You were his best friend just as much as Jungkook was. 
"I'll go alone," is all Jungkook whispers, shrugging Eunha off who is about to protest, but Namjoon is quick to shut her up with a gentle hand on her shoulder, shaking his head when she tries to chase after him. Jungkook needed to settle down and sort his thoughts through if he ever wanted a chance at getting through this situation with you. 
And maybe, just maybe, he could finally make amends. 
Tumblr media
“Do you have a dream?”
This was the question that started it all, Jungkook supposed. He remembers the very day you asked him that one decisive question that, looking back, changed both of your lives. For good or for worse, Jungkook wasn’t sure. But as he reminisces the memories of the past and tries to figure out where everything went wrong, he couldn’t help the gut-wrenching feeling that settles within him. It’s so upsetting, in fact, that the moment Jungkook arrives in the pub across the street, he immediately drowns himself in a bottle of soju. 
The two of you were spending the lunch break in the empty stairwell, the same place where the two of you first met and the same place where the two of you gradually started to hang out. It was a quiet space, free from the condescending eyes of the perfection-seeking kids you called classmates. It was a space where you and Jungkook could be free, even for just a little while. 
Sipping on his banana milk, Jungkook looks at you curiously. You were staring at the strawberry milk he had bought you, fiddling with it nervously, not even bothering to look him in the eye. He wonders what goes on through your mind, what thoughts dance around within its hollow crevices, shaking you up and causing you to become a nervous wreck. Especially when the question wasn’t as bad as you were probably thinking. 
“Hmm, do you want the honest answer or the answer everyone wants to hear?” He asks back, looking up at the ceiling. For an elite school, they didn’t do well to maintain the more hidden areas. Was that a sign that they really didn’t care about things that weren’t relevant to them? Maybe. Maybe not. Jungkook didn’t particularly care. It was just more bearable t stare at the ceiling than sit in awkward silence, 
“Honest,” you say after a few moments, much more confident than a few moments ago. After hanging out with you for a few months and observing you within the silence of your conversations, Jungkook somehow knows that no matter what he’d do, you would forever be shy. Regardless if you knew someone well or not, the first moments of conversation would always be parallel to a first meeting. It was a curious thing, honestly. But it was more intriguing once he realized that your confidence grew the more you spoke. 
In a way, it was kind of cute. 
“I wanna make music,” Jungkook says after snapping himself out of his trance. He once again averts his gaze from yours, but this time it wasn’t to avoid silence, but rather to think, to immerse himself in his thoughts. Because this was the first time, someone had asked him what he truly wanted to do with life. The first time someone wanted an honest answer from him, not a polished response set up to please his parents and peers. 
“Not the classical kind, though,” he continues, smiling softly to himself. “Not really fond of it as much as you think.” From the corner of his eyes, Jungkook can see you gaping at him in surprise, and it causes him to chuckle. You were never really expressive beyond the weary walls of the seemingly abandoned stairwell. To the rest of the student body, you were expressionless. Someone who took all the beatings and ridicules with a blank face. As if you were a doll, waiting to be ruined. 
But here, you were much more alive. Much more expressive than Jungkook was used to seeing. It was as if the (Y/N) beyond the worn steps of the stairwell was an entirely different person. A mask you placed upon yourself to protect your heart from the cruel reality you had come to face. And Jungkook was more than fascinated at the fact that you had brought that mask down for him. 
“If I could, I’d do rock, maybe even some metal If I got enough courage,” he continues, smiling to himself unknowingly giddy at the sight of you. “There’s just something different about it, you know? The music runs through your system and gets you all hyped up; you just can’t resist it. And when the beat drops, it’s as if your emotions are on an all-time high, and it weirdly makes you kind of free. It made me realize that this was what music was supposed to be, I guess.”
“Wow,” you mutter, after staying within the silence of your initial awe. “That’s... poetic.” Jungkook laughs at the look of disbelief in his face, shooting his empty carton of banana milk in the air and watching in satisfaction as it lands straight into the empty trash can just right down the corner before turning to you, a grin high on his lips. 
“Oh, come on,” he whines, rolling his eyes playfully. “Why do you sound so surprised? Do I not look like I’d be a good musician?”
“It’s not that!” You quickly exclaim in your defense, flailing your arms in the air to avert Jungkook’s thoughts about the situation. Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook was only joking, highly amused at your reactions, wanting to see more. “I just assumed you’d be more into sports, you know, since you’re so good at it? If you ask me, you kind of look like you’d do well in either football or basketball… so I just kind of assumed that was what you wanted to actually pursue. Not that wanting to pursue music is a bad thing! It’s great, it’s just that rock is kind of unexpected....” 
You were beginning to ramble at this point, the shy sheep from within you bursting forth as you fiddled with your thumbs nervously, anxious to see Jungkook’s reaction. Would he be mad at you for assuming things about him off the bat? Probably not, right? You did initiate the conversation by asking him what his dream was, after all. Wait, maybe this was your fault. Gosh, you should have just asked any other question that wasn’t as deep. 
This friendship thing was too difficult for your liking. 
As you bury yourself in your thoughts, Jungkook couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. It was small at first, almost going unheard by you who was so deeply consumed by the matters of your mind, but the more Jungkook laughed, the louder he got until he was full-on cackling, much to your dismay, confusion, and shock. 
“What’s so funny?” You ask frantically, trying to make sense of his actions. Did you say something wrong? As far as you knew, you hadn’t, but what if you had and accidentally crossed the line? You hoped not. You really didn’t want to screw any chance you had at having a real, genuine friend. But to your dismay, your questions remain unanswered as Jungkook continues to laugh, almost as if he wasn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. 
“Hey!” You exclaim, pouting. “Stop laughing at me, Jungkook!”
“I-i’m sorry,” He says after a few more laughs, trying to wipe the tears that were beginning to form in his eyes. “I couldn’t help it,” He laughs again, although this time, it seems as if he’s calmed down, sporting a cheeky smile. “Your reactions are just something else!”
Jungkook watches as you become flustered, once more, much to his fascination and amusement. He’s never been the teasing type, or more like, he’s never had the opportunity to become the teasing type, especially with the perfect image he had to curate in front of his peers. But he liked this. He liked being friends with you. It made him all the more free. 
“What about you?” He suddenly asks after a while, feeling that it was high time to cut you some slack. You look up at him in confusion as if you had entirely forgotten why this entire conversation had happened in the first place. “Do you have a dream?”
It’s silent, yet this time, Jungkook notes, the silence is uncanny. It’s not the same comfortable silence that Jungkook is used to whenever he was hanging out with you. It was as if the silence had suddenly crashed down and enveloped the cheery atmosphere in its deceitful arms. A trap, if you will. 
And Jungkook was unsure whether he wanted to break free from it or stay there with you. 
But you take the first step, finally looking up to meet him in the eyes, and Jungkook can feel his heart sink just a tad bit from how empty and solemn they were. “I don’t think so,” is all you say, brushing off the concerned look on Jungkook’s face with a smile. “I’ve never really given it much thought. That’s why I asked,” you chuckle halfheartedly, staring up at the ceiling. “Although I think it would be nice,” you say, smiling a bit more genuinely. “You know, to have a dream?”
Jungkook doesn’t know what to say. How was he supposed to react to that, anyway? No matter how difficult his life was, he had always had a dream. It kept him going, made him push through no matter the difficulty. Dreams were the driving force of life. The hope amidst the darkness. To not have a dream, even just a small one, rattled Jungkook. 
It terrified him because now Jungkook realized that he knew nothing about you despite you being his first friend. He didn’t know the reason why you decided to become a living doll in the eyes of others. He didn’t understand why you subjected yourself to such suffering when, from the small talks you and Jungkook had with each other, you seemed to have a loving family. 
He wanted to help you, to be there for you. Because he wasn’t sure whether or not you were actually feeling lost. That’s what friends were for, right? Jungkook wasn’t exactly sure on how to do this whole friendship thing, but if there was one thing he did know, it was the fact that friends helped each other. 
And Jungkook would be damned if he couldn’t help you in any way that he could.
Tumblr media
Soju bottles littered the lone table that Jungkook sat upon. At this point, he wasn’t sure how many bottles he had drunk, but it sure was many, more than he could handle if he were, to be honest, but amidst his drunken state, he just couldn’t find it in himself to care. 
Why was he acting like this anyway? 
He was supposed to be happy. His band was one of the most successful ones out there. He had thousands, if not millions of fans, who supported him in everything he did. So why, just why was this insignificant matter affecting him so greatly?
Was it because it was you?
“Dear, are you alright?” The old woman, running the pub asks, concerned as she sets down a piping hot bowl of warm hangover soup, which has Jungkook’s mouth watering to the point where drool almost seeps out, mainly because he only had a bite of a sandwich on his way to the office which Eunha forcibly made him eat. But even so, he couldn’t bring himself to eat, especially with the array of emotions that were burning deep within him. “Do you need me to call someone for you?”
Jungkook stays silent, not even bothering to respond to the old lady, who only grows wearier at the lack of response. He didn’t mean to be rude. It was just that he couldn’t find the strength to actually do anything but wallow in his own misery. His thoughts were going on haywire, with no place to land in sight. 
What had he done to deserve this? He was sure he had done nothing wrong, so why were you doing this to him when all he had done was, be nothing but nice to you? He had supported you ever since the beginning, and this was how you repaid him?
He doesn’t notice how the old lady leaves to call someone from the company, despite him not saying anything. It was probably for the best anyway. He was too out of it to even ask for help. The old lady was right and kind for going out of her way to do this for him. Although it made sense, after all, this specific pub was where Jungkook had been drinking ever since he had reached adulthood. 
Maybe she would call Namjoon? It was likely, but Jungkook hoped not. He was sure that if Namjoon were to see his sorry state, he would scold him until his ears bled out. Although he couldn’t really blame Namjoon, if any manager were to see their client drinking away their woes like he was, they would probably freak out. Primarily since he was known for drinking at most two bottles. Jungkook just really didn’t want to deal with Namjoon right now, especially after what had transpired earlier. 
He hoped that she would call Eunha. Sweet, loveable Eunha, who was there for him when the shitshow that was his breakup with you went down. Even until now, Jungkook was still in the dark of why you had left him and the band, but Eunha was the one who stayed by his side. Ever since he had met her two years ago when she first entered the company, they had become the best of friends. And now she was his girlfriend, and he couldn’t be happier. 
All of a sudden, a familiar voice wafts through the empty pub. One that has Jungkook’s head whipping everywhere it could to figure out where it was coming from. It was sweet, melodic even. But at the same time, it had a hint of melancholy and freedom? Why was the voice so familiar? Where had he heard it before? 
Jungkook’s eyes darted around, trying to see if he could spot the culprit behind his dilemma until they finally landed on the wide TV that sat in the middle of the pub, presumably for their customer’s enjoyment. And lo and behold, in his eyes, he sees you. 
It was a local music show where famous stars would often find themselves performing to promote their new music. He assumed you were there to perform your new single, the one song that had him sitting here broken and destroyed with pride in your chest. Did you enjoy this?
Did you enjoy knowing that he was broken because of you?
He hated it. He hated how bright your smile was the moment he caught sight of the camera focusing on you as the hosts began their interview. You were brilliant, cheery, happy. And it sickened Jungkook to the core. Why did it seem like you were doing fine when he was here all bothered? How selfish could you possibly be? 
But as much as it hurts him, he can’t find it in himself to look away. It’s a strange sensation that Jungkook couldn’t quite explain. Why couldn’t he avert his eyes from you when all he’s been feeling today was pain? It didn’t make sense. But honestly, Jungkook couldn’t tell what made sense anymore. 
He watches you sing, hearing those blasted lyrics that made him rage just mere moments ago. Yet, this time, the lyrics made his heart clench. Perhaps it was the fact that your performance seemed more genuine because you were singing live. But why? Why were you singing those lyrics as if they had genuinely happened to you? Jungkook never caused you any pain, so why did it seem as if you were hurting more than him? 
The thoughts were too much. It was driving Jungkook crazy, and all he wanted to do was drown in them. He didn’t want to think. Thinking heightened the pain that brimmed deep within his chest. He just wanted to float in the ocean of his misery and stay there, hoping that someday he would land ashore and the pain would come to an end. 
Maybe if he took one more shot, it would help? 
He pours down the last remaining soju into his shot glass, not caring if it overflowed and spilled out on the table. Rationality was far out of his mind at this point. All Jungkook wanted to do was do anything that would make him feel numb. 
He raises the glass shakily, ready to feel the burning sensation of the alcohol run down his throat, that temporary relief that made him sink deep down into this endless cycle of emptiness. Yet, it doesn’t happen. 
A hand shoots down to stop his wrist. It’s a familiar yet unfamiliar hold, something Jungkook can’t quite place. Where has he felt this hold before? He looks up, his eyesight a bit blurry from his drunken state, so he squints, trying to see clearly. 
Who was it? Namjoon? Eunha? Heck, Jaehyun?
Turns out it was none of them. 
When his sight finally clears, he gasps in shock, breath hitching in his throat as he takes it all in. Because the person, whose hold was familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time, wasn’t his manager, nor was it his girlfriend or best friend. 
It was you. 
The person, the old lady, had called to get him was you. 
Well, Jungkook be damned. 
Tumblr media
When you got the call from the old lady, you were on your way to your new studio after finishing up a schedule you had prior. The past few weeks have been busy for you. Leaving the band and Jungkook was no easy feat. It was a decision that you knew was a high-risk, high reward yet at the same time had higher chances of failure. 
After all, even if you hated to admit it. Without the band, you had nothing. 
Sure, there was the fame that came with all of the band’s success. You were the vocalist, after all. It was exhilarating knowing that millions out there would be listening to your voice, singing music you created with people you loved dearly. But in the midst of all of that, there was nothing. 
Jungkook, Jaehyun, and Yugyeom had everything going on for them. A backup plan in case the band didn’t succeed. A plan B, if you will. It made sense. They had privilege dripping from the palms of their hand, after all. Even if they had their own troubles and doubts, they didn’t have to worry about finding another way out because there already was a path laid out for them in the beginning. 
You went into all of this, risking everything. 
It was a choice that you had seemingly made on impulse if an outsider were to look back at the situation. When Jungkook had asked you to start a band with him, it was during another one of your many lunch dates, as you two had jokingly called it. Only this time, the two of you weren’t sitting on the cold and empty stairwell, but instead, you were in the old music room. 
“I can’t believe this,” Jungkook mumbles to himself as he cranks the rusted door of the old music room open. People barely used it nowadays, much to his disbelief yet relief at the same time. He couldn’t blame them though, the brand new music room was much more enchanting, filled with top-of-the-grade musical instruments than anyone would drool over. 
Well, at least it meant that he could have autonomy over the room (even though that wasn’t really the case). “You’re telling me that you never heard rock or metal before?” He gapes in disbelief as he sits on one of the dusty desks, looking at you with an outraged expression. You sheepishly enter behind him, taking a sip of your drink as you took a seat beside him. 
“You never asked,” is all you say, shrugging. Jungkook looks at you once more incredulously, as if he couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. “That’s because I assumed you would have known what rock and metal are! They’re like the greatest music genres of all time. How can you not know it?”
You shrug once more, not really having an answer. Well, you did, but it was probably stupid. After all, if this was his reaction to you not knowing about rock and metal. What would his response be if he were to find out that the only music you’d ever listened to was classical and nursery rhymes? Yeah, probably not a good idea. 
“Well, get ready then,” he exclaims, bringing out his phone, much to your surprise. Model student and Mr. Perfect Jeon Jungkook breaking a school rule? Who would have thought that you’d ever lived to see the day? “Because you’re about to experience an awakening, I tell you. A revolution!”
It’s amusing, really. You had never seen Jungkook as passionate as he was at the moment. Was this what it was like to have a dream? His eyes lit up as if sparkles were floating around him. As if he were about to step on cloud nine and enter paradise. He was bouncing his leg lightly in excitement, a goofy smile on his face that kind of reminded you of a bunny. 
Maybe having a dream wouldn’t be so bad, after all. 
He immediately scoots over to you once he has his phone ready, grabbing his earphones and plugging it into his phone, handing you the other ear. You hold it, a small smile on your face, and hook it unto your ear, not really knowing what to expect but excited all the same. After all, this was the music that made your best friend passionate and hopeful for the future. For sure, it wouldn’t be bad, right? 
Well, to say the least, it was an experience. An experience you couldn’t quite tell if you enjoyed or couldn’t fathom. It was entirely different from the music that you were used to. From the bright and soothing tones came ones that were heavy and thundered on your ears. Yet, in a way, it was exhilarating. 
You could see why Jungkook was attracted to this style of music. In a way, it was unhinged, a little more rebellious than the traditional types of music you were used to. But that didn’t mean it was worse. In fact, that’s what made it more exciting. Jungkook was right. In those few minutes that he had introduced you to the world of rock, you’ve gone through an array of emotions, from confusion to thrill and excitement of the highest level. The rollercoaster of new sensations was, to say the least, intoxicating, 
Because immediately you got hooked. 
“Wow,” you mutter, looking up at Jungkook, who was looking back at you with lively eyes. “That was… something else.” 
“Right?!” He exclaims, immediately jumping off the desk to grasp your hands in excitement; it was endearing to see. Jungkook rarely got riled up like this. Music truly brought out the best in him, you thought to yourself, watching as he continued to dangle your hands in his. “Isn’t rock just amazing? Oh, what I’d do to pick up an electric guitar and play,” He sighs, and you can tell from the far-away look on his face that he’s daydreaming about something and the sight warms your heart. 
“You should,” is all you say, startling Jungkook out of his trance. “I think you’d do absolutely great in music, Jungkook! You should go for it.” Jungkook looks at you, stunned. He blinks, trying to process what you had just said, before clasping your fingers a bit tighter, unsure of himself. 
“Really?” He mutters softly, “You really think I can do it?”
“Of course,” you encourage with a bright smile. “If it’s you, then you can do anything!”
It’s silent for a moment, with Jungkook deep in thought. But you don’t necessarily mind, as more than anything, you understood the weight of your words. Being Jungkook’s friend meant that you stuck by him through a lot of undesirable moments, moments that both of you promised to never speak of unless it was absolutely necessary. 
You knew how much he longed for his dreams. Ever since that rather inspiring conversation you had around a week ago, you knew just how much Jungkook bottled up his true passions and desires, even though there were moments wherein he would freely let them out. 
“Then you have to be there with me,” he says, eyes filled with determination. “I don’t think I can do this without you (Y/N).”
Looking back at it, you chuckle at how swooned you were with Jungkook’s words. It was crazy to think that he had swept you off your feet with a mere ten words that ultimately decided the course of a good chunk of your life. You let him, and for that, you were to blame, But that didn’t necessarily mean that you regretted your decision in its entirety. 
Suddenly, your phone rings from beside you, and you grab it from where it lay in your purse, only to see an old number that you hadn’t seen in a while. It’s been a year, you think, as you accept the call, pressing your phone to your ear. “Hello?”
“(Y/N) dear! It’s been such a long time!” You smile at the cheery sound present within the old lady’s voice, although you can’t deny that you hear a twinge of worry within it. You used to go to her pub every so often back when you were still in the band. And the old lady had been such a sweet soul, acting as some sort of parental figure to you and your bandmates through the years. 
“It’s good to hear from you again,” you mutter, pleasantly surprised at her sudden call but also a bit suspicious because you had no idea what she was calling for. “May I ask why you’re calling me?”
“Ah!” The old lady exclaims, and suddenly the initial chirp present within her fades into a frantic tone that has your eyebrows furrowing in confusion, not sure what to expect. “Do you mind picking up your boyfriend?”
You blink, confused and startled. “I’m sorry,” you say, still not processing it clearly. “What was that?”
You hear a sigh from the other side of the phone. It sounds tiring, exasperated even, Which shouldn’t be the case since the pub usually opens up later at night. It was only open during the day for company employees. And what sane person would cause trouble with this much sunlight out? 
“Your boyfriend dear,” the old lady continues, sounding absolutely done, yet at the same time, the concern was still there, and you swear you hear the sound of glass falling in the back, causing your eyebrows to furrow in worry. “He’s been drinking for hours, and this is more than he’s ever drunk!”
You stay silent, letting it all sink in. The only person she could have possibly been referring to was Jungkook. There was no doubt about that. After all, the old lady’s pub was where you and Jungkook would often find yourselves having late-night rendezvous, drinking the night away as you bonded over whatever life was throwing at you within those moments. 
But now, the pub gave you nothing but pain. 
“Grandma, I’m sorry to tell you this, but me and Jungkook aren’t—”
“—So you’ll come, yes? Thank you, dear! Truly a lifesaver!” 
She hangs up. You stare at your phone in disbelief, shocked at the predicament you had unknowingly gotten yourself into. What were you supposed to do now? The responsible thing to do was to probably phone Namjoon and tell him about the situation. But with what had just transpired earlier today with the release of your single last night and your performance this morning, you’re not so sure he would appreciate any sort of contact from you. 
With a sigh, you turn to head towards the pub. No matter how much you hated Jungkook for the way he treated you within the last few stages of your relationship, you couldn’t leave him alone to wallow in his misery (even though there was a part of you that was secretly glad that he was torn because of you). It would be too cruel of you. Especially considering that Jungkook had been a significant part of your life. 
Huh, guess you haven’t moved on as much as you thought you had. 
Even just reaching the pub brought back memories that you wish wouldn’t resurface. You and Jungkook used to wrestle over who would open the door for the other, and more often than not, Jungkook won. But you weren’t one to lose quickly, even to him. 
The familiar jingle that came with opening the door brought a pang of nostalgia to your heart. When you and Jungkook would enter the pub, just ten seconds after the jingle faded away, the old lady would come out of her quaint kitchen and say
“Welcome home— Oh, there you are, dear!”
Not exactly how you remembered it, but it was still familiar all the same. 
“Hello grandma, how are you?” You greet with a solemn smile, watching with fond eyes as the old lady comes up to clasp your hands within her own. “Oh dear, I haven’t seen you in forever. Why haven’t you visited in so long?” 
You’re not sure what to say. How are you supposed to tell her that you left and broke up with the man she asked you to pick up? That would put her in an awkward position, and you didn’t want to cause stress for the already weary lady. 
“Oh, never mind that,” she says, luckily dropping the subject. “Come in, come in, your boyfriend’s over there drinking in the corner. Did something happen? I’ve honestly never seen him drink this much before. At this rate, he’s going to finish my soju supply before I open up for the night!” 
You enter the main area, and immediately you’re hit with the familiar, comforting scent of alcohol and home-cooked meals, as odd as it sounds. Although the smell of alcohol was by far heavier in the air, and as you turn to look for the source, your eyes land in Jungkook.
And you’re, for lack of a better word, shocked.
It was almost as if he was drowning in an ocean of soju bottles, with some of the alcohol dripping off the table and into the ground or his clothes. Partly because he was pouring himself another shot, which you know he can’t take.
He could barely handle two bottles when the two of you were dating, so why did it feel like he was drinking more than ten. If he wasn’t stopped now, something majorly damaging could happen to him, and as much as you never wanted to speak to him, you couldn’t just ignore him when he was literally on the brink of life and death.
You stomp on over to where he’s at, hastily quickening your steps as he’s about to down his last shot, and before you can even think about what to do, your instincts act on their own, and your hand reaches out to him, stopping him.
No words are spoken. Rather, you can’t find the words to say as you watch with solemn eyes as Jungkook looks at his hand confused. He tries to shake it, to move his arm so he can bring the shot glass to his lips, but you remain firm in your grip, clasping just a bit harder so he wouldn’t push through with the shot. 
He looks around, following the trail left by your grasp until he meets your eyes, and already you can feel the whirlwind of emotions bubbling up inside you. This was the first time you and Jungkook have met after the breakup after leaving the band. You never expected the two of you to meet this way. Although, you supposed life was funny like that. It liked to throw unexpected situations in your face, especially in the most inappropriate times.
You watch as he squints, trying to make sense of who you were before he gasps, arm slacking, falling into the side as the alcohol from the shot glass splatters into the air. He squints once more as if trying to ensure that what he was seeing in front of him was real before stammering. 
“(Y/N)?” He whispers, broken, voice breaking. You try not to let your emotions show, knowing that if you do, he’d only lure you back into him, which was something you did not want at all. You were done. After many months, heck years of being torn apart by him, you couldn’t afford any more pain. It would break you even more than it already did, 
“Hey,” you whisper back, breath hitching as you watch the way Jungkook’s eyes widen at the sound of your voice, loud and clear for him to hear. Even with his drunken state, he can’t deny the pang of nostalgia that runs through his veins once he finally registers that it’s you standing before him. In the flesh. Not a vision on TV or a picture of you from his memories. 
It was you. 
“What are you doing here?” He slurs, trying to reach out to you, but you move away, refusing him any form of affection. Because you two were too far gone for that. 
“Grandma called,” is all you say, the disappointed look in Jungkook’s eyes not going unnoticed. “Asked me to pick you up. Said you’ve been drinking more than you used to and… I can see that.”
You gesture to the empty soju bottles that littered the table with a grimace, turning back to Jungkook only to hear him scoff and point a finger to you accusingly, although with his drunken state, his posture was way off. “Who do you think’s to blame?” He asks, sarcasm laced within his tone. You raise an eyebrow at that, choosing to let him continue before you could offer back any sarcastic remark of your own. 
“It’s you!” He continues, slamming his fist to the table, much to your surprise. “You and your stupid fucking song…. I mean, what the fuck is up that?”
“What the fuck is up with what, Jungkook?” You quip back, eyeing his fist cautiously in the case he would do something dangerous that would either injure him, you, or if worse comes to worst, both. 
“Don’t play dumb with me,” He continues, and Jungkook can feel the irritation, frustration, and fatigue build within him now that he’s finally gotten a chance to let all these raging emotions out. “You know what you did! Why’d you do it, huh?” His voice grows louder, causing you to flinch as you move your chair back just a bit. 
“Why’d you have to ruin my fucking reputation?” 
All of a sudden, it’s like something in you snaps. 
You can’t believe it. You can’t believe the audacity Jungkook had to say something as outrageous and stupid as what he just said. The emotions that were already burning up within you finally exploded as you stared at him with all the anger and disbelief you could muster. 
And here you thought he was drinking because he had finally realized all the wrongs he had done to you. What a fool you were. 
“Excuse me?” You say, exasperated. “What did you just fucking say?”
“I said what I said (Y/N),” Jungkook continued, not noticing the way rage was about to take you into its waiting arms, only to allow you to explode upon him with all the pent-up hurt that you’ve accumulated inside you. “You and your fucking song ruined the band any my reputation. Is this how you repay me after everything I’ve done for you?”
You blink. The words slowly make their way towards you as you try to process them, letting out a chuckle at how ridiculous his words were. “Are you being serious right now?” You say, scoffing at how there wasn’t an inch of regret on Jungkook’s face. “You’ve got to be joking, right?”
You want to give him the benefit of the doubt. You want to give him a chance to prove your ears, mind, and heart wrong. That he wasn’t actually thinking those absurd thoughts that had your gut-wrenching and your heartbreaking after already being broken. This couldn’t be the Jungkook that you knew, right? He wouldn’t be this cruel, right? 
“Do I look like I’m joking?” 
“You piece of shit.” You spat without even realizing it, surprising Jungkook. He’s sobered up just a little from your outburst, looking at you like a deer caught in headlights. For a moment, you regret speaking without any thought. But the more you try to rationalize it, the more the anger burns. This was unacceptable. 
“Reputation?” You scoff, looking at him incredulously. “You’re fucking worried about your reputation when there are bigger issues to be addressed here?” 
“(Y/N) I—”
“Shut up, Jungkook,” you say, cutting him off coldly. “You don’t get a say in this when all you’re worried about is your reputation over a broken relationship with someone you’ve grown up with for the past thirteen years!” 
Wide-eyed, Jungkook gapes at you, and you, in your disgruntled state, take this chance to get back at him, unleashing all the feelings you’ve buried deep inside you. 
“You dare ask me why I’m treating you this way when you’ve been nothing but nice to me?” You mock, his words hurting more than they should. “Do you even bother to ask yourself as to why I broke up with you in the first place, Jungkook? Why I left? Did you even bother to listen to my song?” 
His silence echoes throughout the pub, further shattering any lingering hope that you had about the situation. “No,” he says after a while, firm in his belief as he stared back at you, although his gaze seemed as if it could easily water away. “Didn’t think it was necessary; after all I did nothing wro—”
“—You treated me like shit for the last two years of our relationship, Jungkook. That’s what you did wrong.” You exclaim, not wanting to hear his excuses. “Are you really this blind to not know? To not see your own faults?”
How could he? You think to yourself, the unbearable pain of this revelation thrumming through every fibre of your being. It was painful. Painful to hear that he hadn’t even thought about the situation through your lens. He was too absorbed with what he had going for himself that he failed to see the world through your eyes, and it frustrated you to no end.
Because that breakup broke you like no other. 
Choosing to leave wasn’t an easy decision, by no means. You had risked everything to help support Jungkook in hopes that you would find a dream of your own. You joined the band, knowing that you would put your family’s safety and security at risk instead of pursuing a more stable career like starting a business or becoming a doctor.
You became selfish to follow Jungkook, so of course, you were attached. 
Jungkook, in a sense, was your world. You suppose, looking back at it now, that wasn’t the healthiest decision you took for yourself. But at that time, you could not help yourself. He was your first friend, your first love, your first everything. Jungkook showed you the ways of the world and then shattered it without a care. Of course, more than any other breakup, it would tear you apart.
Because to be honest, loving Jungkook made you happy. You remember when he first asked you out. Probably one of the best moments of your entire life. It happened after your band’s first major gig to open up the local summer festival. The two of you were still calming down from the high of the performance, excited, thrilled to have finally been given the opportunity in front of a bigger crowd. It felt surreal seeing the fascinated faces and happy smiles as they listen to your music.
Jungkook was right. This feeling was incredible.
“Holy shit. That was amazing,” Jaehyun laughs, hugging Yugyeom before turning to hug you and Jungkook. “I can’t believe we just did that!” 
“Do you think they liked us?” Yugyeom, ever the timid one asks. “I felt like I made a mistake somewhere along the second cho—“
“—Who cares, man?” Jungkook says, cutting Yugyeom off with a playful slap to the back. “We just fucking performed our first major gig. This isn’t time to be wallowing down on our mistakes. This is a time to celebrate!” 
You and Jaehyun hollered in agreement, following Jungkook as he dragged Yugyeom backstage where the four of you packed up, took a few commemorative pictures, and made your way towards the nearest convenience store to celebrate the night with some good old ramen, ice cream, and whatever your hearts desired.
It was a fun night, one filled with laughter as the four of you joked about whatever your mind could think of. Jungkook boasted about how he was right about their band getting somewhere, of how Jaehyun and Yugyeom, who were much more hesitant in joining the band, and after months of no progress, we’re beginning to regret it, had nothing to worry about. 
Jaehyun and Yugyeom even mustered up the courage to do a speed eating challenge, grabbing about her round of hot piping ramen and racing to see who could eat it the fastest, despite the heat burning their tongues both literally and figuratively.
It was a night where for once, the four of you didn’t have to worry about life outside of the band. Didn’t have to worry about the social pressure from school or home, Didn’t have to worry about stupid tests or becoming the best, for once the four of you could just be yourselves. Unapologetic and free.
When Jaehyun and Yugyeom decided to pack it up and head home, saying that if they didn’t arrive before their dreaded curfew, then their parents would literally send them to the pits of hell, you didn’t notice the way Jungkook grew silent. Maybe you did, but you were too preoccupied with the nauseated looks on Jaehyun and Yugyeom’s faces as they headed towards the public restroom to flush out the ramen in their system. 
“Hey (Y/N)?” Jungkook asks once Jaehyun and Yugyeom are nowhere to be seen. You hum in response, turning to look back at him, and immediately your eyes become overwhelmed with worry at the serious look on his face as he gazes up at the night sky, seemingly nervous and scared.
“Will you go out with me?”
It’s unexpected, a bomb to your heart if you could call it. You gasp the moment the words flow out of his mouth, staring at Jungkook in shock. Did he really just ask you out? 
You think it’s a joke. A cruel trick of nature. But by the way, Jungkook nervously fidgets from where he sits, and his eyes nervously dart around. Like they usually do during nerve-wracking situations like these, you knew in your heart that his words were true.
And you couldn’t be more overjoyed because you had fallen for Jeon Jungkook too. 
Throughout your many years of friendship, you had gotten to know Jungkook inside out. You were there when he threw a mini tantrum over missing first place in the final exam by one point, knowing that his parents would be disappointed in him. You were there when the two of you went out to buy his first-ever electric guitar after months of saving up money secretly. You were there for him when he was convincing Jaehyun and Yugyeom to join the band, even when he was about to get into a fight with Jaehyun over the matter.
And like clockwork, you had fallen.
It wasn’t particularly hard to do so. Jungkook had this certain charm to him, after all. He was an enigma. He could draw people into his rhythm like it was nothing and have them follow to the beat of his own drum. Sometimes you wondered if there was a hidden secret with the way he could so easily attract people, but the more you hung out, the more you realized that wasn’t the case at all. He was genuine in everything he did.
“Yes,” you say without hesitation, causing Jungkook to whip his head to face you in the blink of an eye, mouth slacking in shock. He blinks, you smile, and suddenly a smile of his own is forming on his face, reaching all the way into his eyes. 
“For real?” He whispers, not wanting this moment to slip away from his grasp. He was so close to having you in his arms, something he’s wanted for the longest time, that he was afraid that if he spoke any louder, he would ruin any chance he got. But your reassuring gaze and gentle hold immediately calm the raging wave of anxiety within him. “For real,” you affirm, and suddenly you’re in Jungkook’s embrace. 
It’s a warm embrace, one that has you returning it back with the same vigor, the same excitement bubbling in your chest. This marked the beginning of a new chapter for you and Jungkook, one where the two of you would walk down the unclear path you have chosen, still remaining by each other’s side, but this time, with hands intertwined.
You just wished it didn’t go up into flames like this.
You blink, snapping out of your trance as you gaze at Jungkook. Once more, seeing the way his lips were pursed into a thin line, his brows furrowed as if he had a lot going on through his mind. Which was only fitting. He had to, or else this wave of hurt and pain would only intensify and turn into something you would never be able to control. 
Remembering the happy moments was something you had promised yourself not to do, for it only brought you into another world of pain after looking at how the two of you were faring now. But in the midst of agony staring right at you, you couldn’t help but let yourself reminisce in hopes of relieving some of that anger and hurt so you wouldn’t do anything out of hand. 
“Tell me, Jungkook,” you finally say after a moment of silence, and you want to curse yourself for the way your voice cracks at the end. You had to be strong. You had to get through this. Because there was no way, you were going to let Jungkook ruin you once more. “How do you think our relationship was going within the last two years?”
Silence befalls the room for what feels like the millionth time, But this one is heavier than the last. Jungkook looks at you with such a severe gaze that you almost falter, forgetting the fact that he’s drunk with the way his eyes bore into yours. 
You dread his answer, not knowing what to expect. With the way, he was acting, and with all the things he’s said and done, you knew that his words would only hurt you even more from here on out. You clutch the fanfic of your sweater tightly, hanging on by a thread. 
But he says nothing.
The heavy silence lasts longer, and the more it persists, the more disappointment and disbelief creep into the cracked crevices of your already broken heart. Was he really going to act this way? Saying nothing at all? Did your relationship mean nothing to him in the past 2 years? 
“Unbelievable,” you mutter, letting out a scoff as your eyes scan his figure. He’s hunched up as if unsure of what to do, what to think, or what to say. There’s probably a flurry of emotions running through his mind, but you don’t pity him. You hope it continues to weigh heavy, as it did to you for the last three years. 
“I was miserable, Jungkook,” you whisper, recounting the memories you had buried deep within, afraid to open them up again at the cost of your already fragile happiness. But to be truly happy, one needs to let go of all the agony locked within. “Ever since Eunha came into our lives, you started treating me like a side character, as if I wasn’t your girlfriend.”
“And no,” you say sternly, already knowing what Jungkook was to say by the way his eyes widened and his mouth slacked, an arm up in protest for your words. “I’m not blaming Eunha entirely, contrary to what you may think. Sure, her arrival started it all. Sure, there were times where she acted so out of line that I wanted to slap her in the face n’s remind her who exactly she was talking to. But I couldn’t. Do you know why, Jungkook?” 
His eyebrows furrow in confusion, and you take a deep breath as you gather your thoughts. This was the first time you were finally going to let out all of your frustrations that’s been building up inside you for the past few years. It was a nerve-wracking feat, but a necessary one nonetheless, as even in those few moments of speaking, you were starting to feel just a bit more free. 
“Because I didn’t even know who I was anymore.”
Jungkook’s never been this confused in his life. 
It’s as if you had dropped a bomb on him without warning, causing him to be in a frenzy. What did you mean? How could you blame Eunha? Eunha was a sweet girl who could do no wrong. She was there for him whenever he needed that extra support, whenever he needed someone to ground him in this cruel, unforgiving world. 
She was there when you weren’t and was a constant in his life. How could such a sweet girl like her be the catalyst of this catastrophic situation? It had to be a joke.
“You’re lying,” he mutters, shaking his head in disbelief. The pain in his heart was coming back again, and just when he thought he had finally gotten rid of that after drowning in alcohol moments ago. This was your fault. You and your stupid song, your stupid lies. You were driving me crazy.
“I’m lying?” You ask, and Jungkook looks up to meet your eyes, feeling another burst of pain shoot through him at the agonizing expression on your face. Why did you look so hurt? He did nothing wrong. He didn’t hurt you. He couldn’t have. He had always been there for you. He was the reason you could do what you could in the first place. There was just no way that misery was because of him.
“Jungkook, did you even realize that with how much time you were spending with Eunha, you weren’t spending time with me anymore? Remember how you used to walk me home at midnight after your time at the studio and my radio show? You stopped doing that ever since she appeared.”
“For days, I stood outside the company for hours, waiting for you to bring me home because you promised that you’d never miss it for the world. And on the day that I finally decided to check up on you, worried that you might have been overworking yourself? I see you in the studio, laughing with Eunha.”
 Jungkook wanted to scream. He was stressed. He had to make music. Why couldn’t you understand that? 
“And when I confronted you about it? You shrugged me off, saying I was overly dramatic.”
You are. Jungkook insists in his head, thoughts spiraling. What’s wrong with him not bringing you home. Even if he was your boyfriend, he was not obligated to, right? You were supposed to understand him, right? That’s what lovers are supposed to do.
“I thought to myself, maybe you were right. Maybe I was overdramatic, so I did what you asked and shrugged me off. Yet, with each passing day, it felt like I was a stranger in your eyes. Do you even realize Jungkook that ever since Eunha came into our lives, we’ve only been on three dates?” 
You’re too demanding, his mind screams. Three dates? That was plenty for successful stars of your caliber. You had to understand that being under the limelight meant that he couldn’t reserve all the time in the world for you. 
His heart clenches painfully again, and Jungkook feels a sob hitch in his throat. 
“It hurt.” You cry, letting out the words that Jungkook wanted to say. “It hurt so much watching the love of my life and my best friend toss me to the side. Where was the you that promised that you’d always be there for me? Where was the you that promised to stay?” 
You’re crying now, tears streaming down your face as the words you’ve kept hidden for the longest time finally make their way out of your system. Every part of you was screaming in agony and pain, and you can feel the mended parts of your patched-up heart slowly break again. 
“Jungkook, I loved you. I loved you so much that I risked it all for you. I joined the band even though I wasn’t sure of our future because I saw how happy you were. You showed me what happiness could be, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that, but at the same time, you showed me firsthand real pain and heartbreak. And I don’t think I can ever forgive you for doing that.” 
No. Why? You had to forgive him. You were his best friend. Stop. Stop speaking. Stop it. 
“I left because I wanted to keep what we still had within our memories.” You whisper, remembering the night you finally came to your decision. Remembering all the times you cried and broke down, not knowing what to do or where you should go. All the times where you forced yourself to put on a smile on your face and act as if everything was fine even though it wasn’t. 
“And I hoped that in leaving, we could pick up all the broken pieces and create something new with them. Maybe it would not have been a relationship as strong as the one we’ve had before. But at least it was something. And at least I would have still had a connection to you.”
You’re calm now, in a much better headspace than before. But that didn’t mean the ocean of despair that you surrounded yourself in dwindled in the slightest. It was still there, waiting in silence for the moment it could envelop you once more into its treacherous arms and drown you in its suffocating whispers. 
“But what the fuck is this?” 
You can feel the tides begin to sway, and you will yourself desperately to keep them down. With how the situation was unfolding, you needed to be the bigger person. For your sanity, For Jungkook’s, and for the closure that you both needed, which you weren’t sure would ever peacefully come to an end. 
“I never thought that you’d think of us like this Jungkook,” you whisper, and much to your horror, a tear slipped from the crevices of eyes as you hurriedly wiped them, standing up to grab your purse as you stood to leave the pub, not caring one bit if Jungkook got home safely or not, you were too overwhelmed to care. 
“I thought you loved me,” You whisper as you turn to look at him one final time, and all of a sudden, Jungkook is hit with wave after wave of sadness, anger, pain, frustration radiating from you. It suffocates him, and the only thought running through his head were questions of him hurting you? Was this really all his fault? 
“But I guess you only loved yourself.” A chuckle falls from your lips as you make your first step out of the door. Not paying mind to the old lady who looks at you with a worried gaze, you turn to open the door of the pub, only for someone else to beat you to it. 
Lo and Behold, It’s Eunha. 
“You,” She gasps as she takes in your disheveled and exhausted state. Although that immediate shock quickly disappears as she catches Jungkook’s equally petrified state from the corner of her eye. She then glares at you, but you honestly can’t find the energy within you to care.
Because this was never about her in the first place, even if in some way she plays a small part. 
“What did you do?” Eunha spats as she rushes past you to go to Jungkook, not even bothering to hear you out. You sigh, gathering the last remaining buts of courage within clenched fists, and make your way out of the door, leaving Jungkook, your broken heart, and the memories you two shared behind for good. 
Not caring what he would do with those fragments in the end. 
Eunha exclaims, immediately hooking her arms around him and hoisting him up into an embrace. “What happened? What did that bitch do?” But Jungkook doesn’t answer, thoroughly overwhelmed by the range of emotions that had just surpassed him from his conversation with you. 
Was it truly his fault? Was he the reason why things had turned out this way? There was no way right. He had treated you right, right? 
Jungkook tries to convince himself that he’s done nothing wrong, that he was perfectly innocent in this situation. But that nagging feeling deep within his mind and soul screams at him to finally realize the truth. He’s scared. He doesn’t want to know what lies beyond the bubble of happiness he had placed himself in. He doesn’t want to feel the agonizing pain he’s put himself through without realizing it. 
But not doing so would kill him more than knowing the truth ever will. 
So he opens the door to the truth and wallows in the misery of what he’s done. 
To be fair, there was some truth to Jungkook’s words. He had treated you like you were the most precious thing in the universe. And that was because, for the longest time, Jungkook did consider you highly special to him. You were his first friend, the first person he could confide his feelings in, the first person who showed him what love could be like. 
You grew up together, cried together, had your first drink together, stood on stage for the first time together. You had done just about everything together, and Jungkook cherished you more than anything in the world. 
In everything he did, he always tried to make you a part of it. Whether that meant buying your favorite drink or sending you pictures of whatever he was doing, Jungkook always wanted to help you see the world through his eyes because you deserved that much. 
Ice cream dates, sneaking out at night to have some chicken and beer, random dates at the local arcade, a stroll at the beach. You and Jungkook had practically done it all. So, where did it all fall apart? Where did Jungkook go wrong?
“Jungkook?” Eunha calls out, and Jungkook finally musters up the courage to look at Eunha, who was worriedly trying to get him to answer her. Her hold is familiar, something he’s been used to in the past two years, yet at the same time, something was missing within her warmth. An unexplainable feeling he couldn’t quite describe.
And then he realized it wasn’t you. 
Just when did he go astray? When did he start treating you like you weren’t the world to him? For sure, it wasn’t a singular moment. It was most definitely a culmination of many events that led up to his demise. But just how did it happen? 
He looks at Eunha’s worried eyes, those same eyes that he thought meant the world to him within those two years of your break up. Yet, for some reason, he just couldn’t look at them in the same way anymore. Not when there was this hollow emptiness in his heart that called out for you and only you, 
It was like a game of tug and war in his heart. He still loved Eunha; that much was for sure. But he couldn’t deny the love that he had for you as well. He remembered how Eunha was like a breath of fresh air for him. In the midst of all your nagging for him to take care of himself when he was working his ass off making new songs and dealing with management, Eunha was there to simply smile and encourage Jungkook. 
Like a fool, he got lured into Eunha’s charm and held onto it, not noticing that he was letting go of you in the process. 
His heart wails. It cries in pain and desperation of the love it has lost. Why did it have to be this way? Why was Jungkook such a fool? So consumed by his own selfishness, he abandoned the love you two shared and sought another, and now he was reaping what he had sown. 
You were gone. You would never come back. Whatever love you had between the two of you had left and died out. The world was cruel. It had given Jungkook so much hope yet took it away from him the moment he slipped up. Yet, he couldn’t really blame them. He couldn’t really blame you. 
Because he knew you had tried, he could see it in the way your eyes still cried out in pain when you see him. He could hear it in the agony of your voice as you sang passionately in your songs. He knew you did your best to pick up the fallen pieces and try to mend them back together. But all Jungkook did was rip them apart all over again. 
Life couldn’t have been any better for Jeon Jungkook until suddenly it was not. 
And he was the only one to blame. 
Tumblr media
© yumeyooa 2021. All rights reserved. Copying, reposting, translating, and modifying in any platform aside from a03 and tumblr or by any means is NOT permitted and will be dealt with accordingly.
➢ taglist: @wearenot7withu @nadiaislas @bbydoejk​ 
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allthelovefromstylesxx · a month ago
Upcoming fic title: Drew Barrymore
Any guesses what the plot will be about?🤔
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taesinferno · 7 months ago
#7 just screams Kookie to me so please do 7 and Jungkook?
"Jungkook, I swear I'm not playing," you huffed as you tried to reach his arm held tauntingly above you, your phone in his grasp.
"Why? What's on here you don't want me to see? You turned the brightness down real quick when I walked by," he provoked with a teasing smirk on his face.
"None of your business." your face flushed red as you made a final grab for your phone, but his arm's reach was lengths above yours, leaving you unsuccessful.
"You want me to give you your phone back?" you nodded quickly. "Make me."
Your eyes narrowed at him. He was gonna regret those words coming out of his mouth.
You pushed him back against the kitchen counter of your dorm suite, catching him by surprise as your hands snuck under his shirt, roaming around his taut muscles, him frozen from your ministrations. his mind malfunctioned. you, his best friend's roommate, and sworn enemy, was feeling up. he wasn't expecting this at all.
You looked up at him with your pretty gaze, leaning closer to his mouth. Oh my god, were you going to--
"Ah, fuck," a loud whine erupted from his mouth as he brought his hands down to clutch his nipples, the ones you had just twisted so evilly. you giddily grabbed your phone from his unawares hands, successfully retrieving your prize possession.
though, despite all the fuss you made around him not seeing what was on your phone, you turned around at the keeled over boy to throw a simple "nipple clamps. im ordering nipple clamps," before retreating back into your dorm room, leaving Jungkook with a painful hard-on staring after you with an open mouth.
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minloop · 5 months ago
cherry blossom | jjk
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: jeongguk x reader
genre: fluff
rating: pg15
wc: 2k (yes it is a drabble shut up)
warnings: swearing
summary: spring is blooming and so are you OR he loves the beanie you knitted for his round ass head
Tumblr media
a/n: hello, hi, this good? idk, but i wrote it because im trying to do that again; this is based on the tebori tapioca couple because i really like them a lot...ALSO i said i would write about beanie boy and here he is :D
tebori tapioca
Tumblr media
Petals dipped in white are decorated in the jagged pink crawling from the root of thin strengthened stems fluttering like wisps from trees freshly bloomed to kiss at your cheeks, tilted upward toward a sky painted in streaks of voluminous clouds. You lift one hand to trace the expanse of day, finger a brush concentrated on the perfect mural, eyes zeroed to see the work of the blue plained aerial. You grasp a stray petal mid-air, charting the exposure of edges fragile and torn from the efflorescent cherry blossom, its trunk the perfect home for the boy whose head appears anywhere but the moment. 
You bring the petal to trace his cheeks seeking the protrusion of his nose, effectively startling the stupor that held him captive. His eyes dance the length of your arm up to your collar, landing on your own gaze in wonder, always amazed by  feelings that engulf him like licking flames. He tilts his head until the warmth of his cheek rests in the palm of your hand, cradling perfection and its questioning peep. 
“Sorry,” You murmur, thumb soothing circles into pliable skin, eyes doubled in apology despite the fondness stretching the muscles of his face, tugging at the edges of his lids. 
“Don’t be,” He hushes plucking the petal, blowing it into the subtle breeze that kicks at the skin of your ankles, traveling the length of your leg, ignorant to the tingle that already resides from the steady grip of a tattooed hand tracing the skin exposed from the ride up of your hoodie. “We came here to be together and I’m zoning out.”
You crook your arm into the grass, still damp from the press of morning dew, petals sticking to your palm as you push forward, Jeongguk cautiously tightening at your waist. The hand that still rests against his cheek sneakily climbs to tendrils peeking from beneath the beanie dressing his head, black knitted and all consuming, wrapping the strands of curls between nimble fingers and urging him to press his lips to your own. 
“I don’t mind, I’d rather sit with you in complete silence than listen to Jimin complain about whatever it is he was complaining about today.” You speak after the first heady press, foreheads gathered in collective rest, lashes just missing with each flutter. You can barely recall the words tumbling forward, but you can count on the attentive nature of your chosen lover to keep you on track, his eyes never missing the beat of your quivering lips. 
“Hmm, but i wanna give you all of my attention.” He pulls you so you’re falling, forcing you onto his lap of denim, your arms finding rest around his broad shoulders. He nestles his head into the crook of your neck, bringing light to the fabric engulfing his head of curls. 
It’s a recent niche, the adornment of the extra layer, a gift from you meant to reside on the side of winter wardrobe. It dresses him well, mirror selfies and dates spent walking the string lit streets of your cozy strip not without the attention of head-on-a-swivel passersby. You don’t mind the look or the attention that you believe present without the added statement, but you often miss the ease of a hand through thick curls and the added volume on humid occasions. 
“Now who’s zoning?” Jeongguk teases, nudging the underside of your chin, fingers retreating to avoid your gentle nip. 
“I was just thinking about you,” Your words are spoken with lips folding inward to rest between the set of your teeth, hands tugging at the top of his hat, almost pulling it free before he swats at your offending limb tugging it back into place. 
“Oh yeah?” You arch into him when a sudden gust of wind wraps around your bodies, biting at your arms left exposed by your insistence of warmth from the saturation of rays that swallow you whole, only missing direct contact by Jeongguk’s insistence that you seek refuge in the crowding branches of the beautiful earthy growth of the ascending blossom. 
“Yeah, you and your beanie. Why won’t you let me see your cute ass head, you nerd?” 
“Excuse me? I like the beanie, it was a gift you know.” 
He’s proud of his counter, head resting against the trunk of the tree before he’s suddenly guiding you from his lap to join in the jump to his feet. You’re like jello, too long spent lounging in the thick of your bubbled comfort, nearly knocking into him out of the habit of proximity and lack of control over your physical being. 
“Not only was it a gift,” He continues, clasping your hands, swinging it between you as you once more find the path riddled with abandoned flowers and the remnants of blades from grass freshly mowed, the smell still lingering with each foot forward. He brings your connected palms to press to his lips, holding them in place for a momentary hum before your nerves are tingling under the sensation and you're trying your hardest to pull away amidst  squealish giggling. “It was handmade.” 
You stutter, feet catching at the tip, threatening to eat concrete were it not for the quick reflexes and unbridled strength of Jeongguk’s arms. He drags you from the center of the path, the resounding tinkering of a child’s bike bell screaming to make way for the train of tasseled training wheels that are suddenly on your trail. It gives you time to recompose, Jeongguk far too busy waving in kind at each passing darling regarding him with various poked tongues and toothy grins. 
“Babe, you good?” He finally returns his attention, the rough pad of his thumb coming to swipe at the hairs that fall from the folded lip of the beanie, tickling at the plains of his forehead that hold just enough sheen from the day's heat to allow the dense fibers to stick to his skin. You fight the temptation to replace his hand with your own, always happy to feel him beneath you, feening for the closeness of closed doors and your head tucked beneath his chin, fingers tracing the ever defining muscles that tease through his t-shirt. 
“I’m fine...I just didn’t realize you noticed.” You shield yourself in the thick of his hoodie, tugging the sleeve to hide your eyes from his prying gaze and infectious grin. You question your own sanity when the remembrance of his attentive nature and the dreamy sigh he’d emitted upon the first snug of the thick fabric to his skull, only compliments spewing thereafter. 
“That I noticed...?” You’re dim witted to the point of ignorance, though his bait works as your face slowly unsticks from the dark material eating his chest, replacing your face with the wrap of your knuckles and the avoidance of eye contact in favor of tracking a peculiar worm inching toward fresh dirt. 
“Koo…” You whine, the nickname and high pitched yearning a new habit Jeongguk has taken in kind. His adoration for you only grows more with each day, your habits taking hold of him like the magnet that you are, an attraction unyielding and all consuming. Some would say that it’s a sickness, but the rapid pump of his love organ and the coos that ooz from him with the precision of a clock at your every utterance feels wholesome.
You’re home, a refuge after long days of piping tea and pounds of tapioca, waist deep in the give and take of the service industry. The only being that makes him feel like giving his all is no effort wasted, always looking for more ways to please even with your assurance that just  halfway makes your heart soar into a galaxy of his own making. 
So he grips you tight and reels you in, inhaling the scent of the light shampoo that laces your scalp and pretends that your whines are only an amusement, a reason for the further push of his pestering. His hands trace the peak of your shoulder blades, easing them of the tension from your bout of shyness. 
“Love, why wouldn’t I notice? Why do you think I love to wear it so much?” 
“Because you’re perfect,” You melt, shuffling on the balls of your feet, hands shoved into his pockets to hold steady in a world constantly rotating around you, dressed in whites and pinks, the songs of birds humming in the trees that arch above you. “But seriously, how did you know? I didn’t say anything because I don’t think it’s very good and I almost didn’t even give it to you because—”
“It’s perfect.” He cuts your words with his own followed by a kiss, much longer than the one previous, your face heating under the awareness that you’re no longer shielded by bud kissed branches in your own corner of the world. The same corner that started it all just months prior. 
Your palms rest against his chest, a gentle pat urging him to part from you despite your own inward cries of the opposite. He obliges, a smile of coyness splayed along his cheeks, pushing at the scar that kisses the apples of his skin. 
“I did notice an attempt at the stitching of initials under the lip...still need some practice I see—”
“Love, that’s so mean!” Your pats previously gentle now offer as much force as  you can muster, easily sending him staggering on his feet, too consumed by his own childish laughter at your rather rugged stitchwork, a poor attempt at further customization. “Ugh, I didn’t think you would notice.” 
He pulls the beanie from his head, hair falling in a mess of dark curl that traces the frame of his cheeks, somehow rounder today than the chiseled jaw that you often find ingrained in your memory. You ache to take him between your palms, a smattering of kisses stored for later use when you aren’t teetering the precipice of embarrassment. A feeling of routine self indulgence that is altogether useless under the watchful eyes of the dream before you.
He delicately dips his finger into the folded hem of the hat, lengthening the elastic trim that suctions around him to keep it secure around his head. He traces the thread that just barely makes out the letters initialling his name, imagining the formation of your lips as you repeat the two syllables with the puncture and withdraw of every stitch. 
It’s clear as the blue dyed sky, the vivid poke of your lips when you realize the curve of the ‘J’ is more of a divot than a definition but push on to the ‘K’. You only add the extra inches when your mind begins to overthink when in truth he’ll love anything from your hands, from your mind and the blood pumping through your veins. 
It wasn’t the accidental revelation of the stitching when he pulled it from the first wash that clued him in. The fabric unfurled from its position of origin, the letters staring back, accented with the perfect attempt at a heart stitched in white. 
No, he finds solace in the patch of thread missing from the edge of the shape meant to mimic the geometry of the organ itself.
It speaks true to the way he feels when he’s not with you, like his heart couldn’t possibly be whole when he’s not taking in the breathlessness of your laugh or the way you pout his name without warning. 
It was the tremor in your hands as you delivered the gift wrapped in faux gold, edges of the paper curled from the lack of a package and a mind too jumbled to think of a bag. Your delivery paired with the fumble of words hushed in rushed breath was clue enough of your attempt at discretion.
It’s in these moments, hat in hand and your eyes scrutinizing the thing when you’d told him how handsome it made him look just weeks prior. He gently pinches the scrunch of your nose, forcing your eyes to his own, hat pulled back over his head. 
He doesn’t miss the quirk of your lips, the hat no longer an object of disdain when it's a part of him. The day you met was the day that you made your place within him and it's in moments like these that he feels whole. 
“I can’t believe you thought for a second that I wouldn’t.”
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99liners · 7 months ago
tatemae: 建前 — au!timeline and OC profiles;
a/n: my regular readers know this very well that i do not like to overly explain the “y/n” character and try to keep her as much flexible for every spectrum i can. naming my ocs is also something i am not used to but for this series, i have to do it. you can still read the individual stories with reader inserts and i am naming my ocs for sequel / guest appearance purposes.
regarding the names, all of them have arabic / urdu / norse / japanese origin (if any of you thought that my ocs would have english names, y’all wildling). you can think of it as a nickname that you might have adopted, for whatever reason (get creative people, jaimie is not going to be around forever.)
so without further ado, let us get into this!
jeon jeongguk x aeira
Tumblr media
jeon aeira:
eira / aeira (welsh); snow
birth year: 1997. twenty-four (24) in 2021.
occupation: interior designer 
owner of snow interior designers co.
she is the childhood friend of taehyung’s wife, tanaz
jeon jeongguk:
birth date: September 1, 1990. thirty-one (31) in 2021.
occupation: detective 
senior detective of the violent crimes squad of seoul police department.
age gap: seven (7) years.
gguk met aeira when she was twenty-two (22) and he was twenty-nine (29). they dated for a whole of six months and got married immediately after gguk proposed to her. now aeira is a stay at home entrepreneur, she takes care of her company from behind the scenes and does not actively participate in work anymore, just the way gguk likes it.
term of endearment: baby
Tumblr media
kim taehyung x tanaz
Tumblr media
kim tanaz: 
tanaz (arabic); worthy of praise
birth year: 1997. twenty-four (24) in 2021.
occupation: doctor (does not hold a license to practice cause of the miscarriage scandal)
used to be a resident at gangnam healthcare centre (owned by her father)
childhood best friend of aeira, jeongguk’s wife.
kim taehyung:
birth date: December 30, 1989. thirty-two (32) in 2021.
occupation: doctor (masters in surgery)
chief of surgery at gangnam healthcare centre
he grew up in the same neighbourhood as kim namjoon and jung hoseok (who does business with tae’s dad) so they share a good bond with each other.
age-gap: eight (8) years.
tanaz caught taehyung’s eyes when she was one year away from finishing her mandatory internship at the hospital before receiving her degree on medicine while taehyung was in his last semester of masters on surgery. at the time, tanaz was twenty-two (22) and taehyung was thirty (30). after taehyung set up the whole thing, they were married by the time taehyung joined her father’s hospital as a surgeon and easily rose up in the ranks. now, tanaz has retired from her practice owing to the miscarriage scandal.
term of endearment: luvie
Tumblr media
nodus tollens:
park jimin x rei
Tumblr media
park rei: 
rei (japanese); a graceful, innocent person
birth year: 1998. twenty-three (23) in 2021.
occupation: lawyer
former junior attorney at min specter firm
she is an orphan so jimin is her only family.
park jimin:
birth date: October 13, 1989. thirty-two (32) in 2021.
occupation: k-pop choreographer
joined as a dancer in the academy but now he owns fifty-one percent stakes of the academy.
age-gap: nine (9) years.
jimin met rei when she was in her fourth year of law college (8th semester) when rei was twenty-one (21) whereas jimin was thirty (30). he then paid for her last year of tuition when she ran out of her scholarship money. after finishing her degree, she started working at min specter firm (partly owned by min yoongi) for six months but she got fired owing to jimin’s misbehaviour at her workplace. she is now a stay at home wifey.
term of endearment: doll
Tumblr media
kim namjoon x aria
Tumblr media
kim aria: 
aria (arabic); melody
birth year: 1996. twenty-five (25) in 2021
occupation: physicist (masters in advanced physics)
she had moon when she was twenty-two (23)
kim namjoon:
birth date: September 12, 1988. thirty-three (33) in 2021.
occupation: professor and experimental physicist
has an IQ of 173
comes from a family full of academics
his cousin is kim seokjin and he grew up in the same neighbourhood as kim taehyung & jung hoseok, so they share a good bond too.
kim moon: born in May, 2019. two (2) years old.
aria caught namjoon’s eye in his class the first day of his teaching career when he was only a guest lecturer to the grad class in addition to being a full time senior experimental physicist. at the time, aria was twenty-two (22) and namjoon was thirty (30). he deceived aria about the plan b pills and got her pregnant when she was planning to leave the country for further studies. they had their daughter, moon and now aria is a stay at home mom.
age-gap: eight (8) years.
term of endearment: darling / little dove
Tumblr media
jung hoseok x dany
Tumblr media
jung dany:
dani / dany (arabic); someone who is merciful
birth year: 1996. twenty-five (25) in 2021
occupation: professional chef
she had hyuk when she was 24.
jung hoseok:
birth date: February 18, 1988. thirty-three (33) in 2021.
occupation: CEO of a multi-million dollar hotel conglomerate.
childhood friends with kim taehyung and kim namjoon (they all grew up in the same residential complex)
jung hyuk: born in July, 2020. one (1) year old.
dany started working at one of the top hotels of hoseok as a sous-chef and caught hoseok’s eye at once. at the time, dany was twenty-two (22), and hoseok was thirty (30). hoseok showed his vulnerability to dany, a wish to break free from his traditional family but ended up being the spitting image of them by enforcing the same traditions and outdated customs on dany.
age-gap: eight (8) years.
term of endearment: hun
Tumblr media
min yoongi x shiza
Tumblr media
min shiza: 
shiza (urdu); a gift
min yoongi:
birth date: March 9, 1987. thirty-four (34) in 2021.
occupation: criminal lawyer (holds a masters on criminal law and criminology from Oxford University)
Tumblr media
kim seokjin x inaya
Tumblr media
kim inaya:
inaya (arabic); a caring person
kim seokjin:
birth date: December 4, 1986. thirty-five (35) in 2021.
Tumblr media
you can ask me anything. just make sure to mention the character/story you are referring to, in the ask. (e.g: adronitis!knj or kaiho!jjk)
look up the tag “tatemae series” on my blog to read all the asks and my ramblings/discourses related to the series.
feedback is deeply appreciated.✨
series masterlist | masterlist | bangtan masterlist | rules | request box
- jaimie.
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littlesubmissivebunny · 9 months ago
Yandere! Jungkook x Reader: Part Two
Tumblr media
As Jeongguk drives back to his apartment with you, he can't help his mind wondering about inappropriate thoughts of you. He quietly groaned as his thoughts turned more and more dirty. He wanted to bend you over the hood of his car and shove his hard cock into you as you scream. Feeling your tight virgin pussy wrap around his length as you beg him to stop and let you adjust to his size. "G-guk! P-please! It's too much" You scream as he keeps pounding into you not giving you time to rest. He suddenly grips your hair harshly pulling your head back you wince clenching around his cock as he chuckles softly. "I know you like this Y/N! You love it when I'm rough with you babygirl." He said pounding into you harder and faster. You're so close to your climax, when you finally do cum you scream his name loudly. Suddenly Jeongguk snaps out of his fantasy as soon as he hears you gasp and let out a scream. What he sees stumps him. "JIMIN!!!" You screamed as you rushed to help Jimin. Then It hits Him your ex was not his hyung but Wooyoung. Somehow he mixed up the two and hurt his hyung. "Y/N WAIT!!" Jeongguk exclaimed as he ran out to help the both of you. You turned to Jeongguk with tears in your eyes, "help him Guk! He's been shot!" You cried. Jeongguk looked at Jimin and saw that the bullet wound was in his abdomen and not head. He breathed a sigh of relief "Jimin-shii! What happened?!" Jeongguk asked, relieved but also worried. "I was on my way to tell Y/N that Wooyoung was cheating on her but I ran into him when he was chasing Y/N down and shot me!" Jimin said, breathing heavily. Your eyes widened in disbelief. Wooyoung did this? Jung Wooyoung, your ex boyfriend who could pose as Jimin, shot Jimin!? Your head was spinning, you felt faint and walked backwards to lean against Jeongguk's car. Your breathing was ragged as you tried to calm down. But everything fell into place for you. One, Wooyoung wasn't who he said he was. Two, Wooyoung always carried a gun with him at all times and three, you KNEW if Jeongguk hadn't saved you Wooyoung would have surely killed you for finding out he was cheating. You let out a pained scream as the world came crashing down. Jeongguk stared at you as you were trembling. He helped Jimin into the backseat and rushed to you, he wrapped his arms around you as he tried to stabilize you. Finally you snapped out of your panic driven mind and clung to him tightly too scared to move or say anything. "Guk, take me home. I-I d-don't want to l-leave home for a while." You said scared. Jeongguk held you tighter and nodded then looked at Jimin smirking. Jimin smiled and took off the fake bullet hole prop. You got back into the car and waited for Jeongguk to start the car again. "Guk, thank you. I'm yours and only yours from now and evermore." You said smiling as he got into the car and drove off.
Jeongguk smiled to himself. "You've always been mine, Y/N."
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hopelessfountainjoonie · 5 months ago
If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power I
Tumblr media
I listened to XYLØ non-stop while working on this so I would recommend you to listen to the ganglands of my heart and yes & no eps. Pairing: Jeongguk x reader (eventual ot7 x reader) Word Count: 9k Series Content: Vampire! au, Dystopian! au, Dark Fantasy
Summary: You’d been wanting to put an abrupt end to the reign of the kings ever since they’d murdered your parents. Your superiors constantly tried to convince you revenge wasn’t part of your destiny. Your life changed for the second time when you came across a vampire separated from his clan. All you had to do was bring him home and you’d get your wish. What could go wrong?
Warnings: Violence, threats of violence, death, vampires, bullying mentions, I don't follow grammar rules sorry, animal death (you don't see them die but there is a description of their bodies), cursing, mentions of food stealing, mentions of being beaten, we stan sweet vampire Kook 😌✊🏻, but he will fight if he has to, Y/N has an attitude bc she has a lot of trauma, the vampires are just as mean as the humans, eventual smut (I think), unhealthy relationship dynamics, partially unedited bc I can't look at this thing one more night, the hunters association is really terrible ngl
Tumblr media
As a trained hunter, you’d been forced to go on patrol in a lot of places you would rather avoid. Some sectors elicited a feeling of quiet subtle unease while other areas had given you the feeling of impending doom just waiting to strike. You tried not to focus on your feelings because avoiding blood-sucking vultures required all of your senses.
However, being in the Jung-gu district felt different. Despite it being one of the smaller areas, you’d never heard people complain about any sector nearly as much as they did about Jung-gu. While it wasn’t exactly something you‘ve never experienced before, there was fallen debris everywhere (unsurprising) and it reeked of corpses. Just about every step you took, you could see another person, lying there in the dirt like a forgotten memory. Sometimes you wanted to take a picture of their face or load the body onto a cart to be taken home to solve just one of the many missing person posters you’d seen posted on the boards all over the country. Except, that isn’t your job. You are a vampire hunter, not a detective. The biggest reason you suspected no hunter liked this sector was likely because it had been the place where the most hunters were attacked. Vampires naturally frequented the area since it was surrounded by populated human sectors. They would stage small crimes that appeared to be done by humans and then they’d strike. A few months ago they’d spread rumors that humans were being burned in house fires and then ambushed the small party of investigators. By now, it was mostly abandoned by humans but that didn’t stop the rumors about the various murders possibly happening here. Investigators had long stopped coming out here no matter what rumor they heard. They cared more about solving crimes in Daegu or other highly populated human areas. Even your order had stopped sending numerous patrols out to control the sector. If the bodies had puncture marks, they were probably just dumped here to avoid punishment. Recently, Vampires were no longer allowed to leave corpses in areas where humans were for fear they’d run off to a hunter-protected one. If they had non-vampire wounds then it was probably because of a robbery and killed here as it was usually merchants that went through this sector. Or families who thought they found a shortcut. So why were you, a low-ranking hunter, patrolling the worst sector in Busan based upon a rumor you’d heard at least a dozen times? Another family killed by vampires? That wasn’t exactly anything new for this sector. You hated that it happened but how were you supposed to find the one who did it when it took a day to get here on foot while vampires had super speed. “Can’t we just leave already and say there’s nothing here?” You groaned, trudging through the bits of gravel. “We’ve been wandering for hours.” Ji-ae may be in front of you but you just knew she was rolling her eyes at you, still not saying a damn thing. You don’t know why the Hunter’s Association professed to pair the two of you up. You were “reckless” and used blades while she preferred to be silent and use bows or guns. What was even so reckless about getting up close and personal to stab them in the heart, proving you were just as ruthless as them? Stealth kills were a waste of time as far as you were concerned. Running in and striking them before they knew it meant you wasted less time and killed them honorably just like your teachers always said to do during training. “We aren’t going to find anything.” She hissed at you to be quiet and, not that she would notice, but you glared at the back of her head. You really had been wandering the city for a while now, though. Maybe not quite hours but you were sure you’d seen that corpse before. You typically weren’t the kind of person to become easily paranoid but today, for some reason, you’d never felt more uneasy. Maybe it was seeing all these bodies in one night or maybe the cold weather was getting to you. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, attempting to calm your nerves. A tactic your superiors had taught you when you broke a girl's nose for trying to bully you out of eating dinner because she just had to have your meal as seconds. Your eyes flew open when your body was forced to come to a stop at the outstretched arm in front of you. “What’s-” She shushed you again. There was literally nothing strange in front of you and you certainly didn’t hear
anything. Though it wasn’t easy to see in the dark with the street lamps and all other electric light sources being dead, all the buildings were the same crumbled columns of grey. Letting out a groan of annoyance, Ji-ae’s hand shot to point to the body in front of her illuminated by her flashlight. It was the body of a woman about mid-’30s. She had two puncture wounds in her neck. You leaned down and swiped a gloved finger at the wound. Your suspicions were proved correct, rubbing the ruby red liquid between your thumb and pointer finger. “It’s-” “Shhh!” She hissed. They could still be around here. You wiped your hand on your leather pants. Pulling a flashlight from your pocket, you shined the beam on the ground. There didn’t seem to be any footprints or surrounding bloodstains. You walked closer to her and lowered your voice to a whisper, “They’re probably long gone. The storm must have blown away the trail.” “We’ll check some of the surrounding buildings,” Ji-ae said. “Eye witnesses claim they saw a figure hiding out in a building around this area.” “Who? We haven’t even seen anyone out here and we’ve been here the entire night.” You’d been patrolling this sector since sunset and certainly didn’t see anyone that wasn’t a human corpse or your brooding partner. While some humans still lived in Jung-gu, they didn’t come out when guards or hunters came, even during the day. “We’re just wasting time. Let’s just head back and report what we’ve already seen. It’s practically sunrise anyway.” Give or take a few hours. She glared back at you, “If you’re that much of a coward, then head back yourself. Best trainee my ass.” “Nice.” You snorted in response, “I’ll look for any traces around the surrounding buildings.” “Hey!” Ji-ae tried to stop you with a hand but you slapped it away from you, continuing to walk around. If she wanted to spend the whole night here, then fine, but you weren’t going to stand around to be insulted by another one of your peers you were supposed to trust to watch your back. “Be careful.” “And don’t be reckless,” You’re sure she wanted to say. They were all the same. Every single partner you’ve ever had thought you were the greatest trainee and turned on you when you weren’t interested in bragging. You didn’t understand why you couldn’t just bring Mochi with you instead. A Korean Jindo was a far better partner than any of these idiots you got paired with. The elders made it obvious they considered you to be a potential successor to the grandmaster, a position only the strongest hunter was to be granted. They wanted to know all about the vampires you’d killed before becoming a trainee but reminiscing about the worst night of your life didn’t sound like fun small talk to you. Unfortunately for them, you didn’t kill vampires to feel like a chevalier, some champion to all of humanity. You wanted to kill vampires because they were vermin that preyed on the weak. Many of the trainees had experienced something similar to you but your story went differently than theirs. They were usually brought to a hunter by whatever villager found them, after the vampires killed their family. The hunters were the ones to find you covered in blood. Some of it was your family’s and some was theirs. Most of the trainees just hid until the vampires left or were killed by someone else. There was no shame in how they managed to survive but you killed the ones who hurt your family with a dagger. The grandmaster took an immediate interest in you. Very few initiates managed to kill one vampire prior to joining the order, let alone four. You even survived meeting two of the kings. No hunter met the kings and lived to tell the tale. He knew you were special and didn’t care to hide it. Maybe he thought the other kids would look up to you and try harder. Maybe he thought being isolated from your peers would make you a stronger warrior. Whatever the case, it didn’t matter. It didn’t take long for almost everyone in the order to resent you. The other trainees and even full-fledged hunters were quick to trip you during one on
one practice matches and other various cruelties they knew they could get away with. The amount of people in your rank that you could trust on patrol not to leave you for dead couldn’t be counted on more than one hand. You tried to be more empathetic towards your peers but there was no point. They didn’t want to see things from your point of view. You didn’t choose to be singled out by the grandmaster. You assumed that you would be a patrol soldier all your life and would have to beg to go on a mission to slay the kings. Despite it all, you weren’t afraid of them. You ate your food fast in the sight of the leaders of your organization and anticipated when your jealous peers would strike. They were predictable, not an enemy you needed to be overly concerned with. You’d fought them back enough times that they only tried to make your life hard in smaller ways. Your real enemy was something much bigger. Something everyone smart was right to fear. The Kings. Everyone acted like they were a fictitious boogeyman because they’ve never seen them with their own two eyes but you knew better. The kings had spies everywhere and knew how to hurt your organization. A simple supply run could easily end in a massacre of all the hunters involved but they always assumed it was just a group of hungry vampires. Maybe they just didn’t really care what vampire killed their peers. They were all vampires that needed to die, in the end. They also thought you lied about meeting the kings. You were a child and saw fancy clothes paired with vampire's teeth. They could have been any vampire of nobility. You didn’t know what any of them were called officially but you knew three of their names. The order confirmed it could only be them. It’s how they knew you had met the kings. The kings were effective because the regular hunter didn’t think they were actually real. The other clans weren’t as secretive. They could send one or two night stalkers into their compounds and they would be able to get out with a plan of the building, how many vampires were there, etc without even being seen. Somehow, though, the kings always caught them. Even though it has been a few decades, the hunters didn't know much more than their names. Any night stalker that managed to get into Seoul never came back to headquarters. You took out the flashlight and began searching the areas around the buildings. Just like you had expected, you found a lot of untouched dirt and decades-old dried blood on the crumbling walls of the surrounding buildings. A big storm had stopped you from patrolling through here immediately after the order received the report of a family being sucked dry by vampires. Ji-ae and you had been on your way to the sector but had to stay at a safe house until it lessened. It was sprinkling still which was probably why there was no trace of anyone being here. Heading back towards Ji-ae, you kept the flashlight on just in case you happened to see something. In this area, there seemed to be less human corpses but you weren’t sure why. When you got back to the spot you ditched Ji-ae at, you didn’t see her. You supposed she wasn’t going to stand around and wait for you to come back but it would have been nice. After grabbing the thin silver whistle that hung around your neck, you blew into it once. You stood there for a few minutes waiting for a response but then you heard three consecutive whistles. Immediately, your eyes grew wide and you ran in the direction it came from. As much as you didn’t like Ji-ae, you weren’t going to let her die in a place like this. The whistle likely came from the area you were in before so it took a bit of backtracking. You started to slow your pace to a jog and brought up the dagger, ready to strike. You don’t think you’d ever been more annoyed to see someone standing completely fine. For someone who professed to follow every rule in the Hunter’s Creed, she sure didn’t know how many whistles meant what. This was a double whistle situation if anything. She was not in any immediate danger. Upon reaching her, your mouth
hung open ready to start screaming at her. However, she was the first to speak “We’re investigating that building.” She pointed to a dilapidated apartment complex with the door torn off. The building had clearly seen better days. Most of the windows were shattered or half-broken. Chunks of floor and walls were missing. “Why?” You asked. There was nothing around here to indicate that the building was of any interest from what you could see. “I was looking around the side and something felt off. There’s some fresh blood not far inside and I heard something.” She replied, nodding to the one she stood in front of. “What’d you hear?” “I don’t know what it was.” She said. “Ji-ae, there’s bodies all over the sector. A human probably went in there to hide and got drained. I don’t think we’re going to find any sort of trace of the vampires that had been in the area.” “I get that you think it’s a waste of time but like I said there are recent bloodstains on the floor in this place. I checked.” She said. “If it’s nothing, we’ll head back to base. If not, you might get to show off” As annoying as she was, Ji-ae wasn’t a liar or stupid. If she was convinced she’d found signs of a vampire, then you had to at least give her the benefit of the doubt and check. If exploring this building is what it took for her to relent and head back to headquarters, then so be it. You had a dog eagerly waiting for you back at the base. Time to speed this up. You turned to her to find out what little plan she had cooked up in that brain of hers. Neither of you had any idea of the layout inside which left you at a bit of a disadvantage. You both agreed, silently, it’d probably be best for you to take the higher floors while she swept the bottom ones. The last thing you needed was for one of you to get shot by an arrow because the other got spooked. That happened one too many times after your first and only patrol with Mark Lee. You didn’t know if she was just as skittish but you weren’t exactly eager to find out. You’d read once that some of the tallest apartment buildings in Korea have 72 floors. Luckily, this one only had fifteen. The first floor was basically just a lobby with an elevator. Near the front door, sat an office with a shattered long window behind a desk where a receptionist once sat. The sitting area had aged with most of the furniture torn apart, lying forgotten on the floor. Small droplets of fresh bled led the way from the entrance of the complex to the elevator. The door to the stairwell was busted so you’d have to climb up through the broken elevator. Hopefully one of the doors to the stairwell could open at the second level. It would be taxing to go through seven floors each but the sooner you did it, the sooner you could leave. Elevator shafts were rarely ever built with ladders so it was nearly impossible to climb up one. The elevator had been stuck on the ground floor so all you had to do was jump on top and open the doors. Once on top of it, you lent a hand to your patrol partner, pulling her up, and opened the doors together. It was a bit of a struggle. If a vampire was in there, they knew someone else was in the building. If it was a human, they may have not had the capability to hear the two of you. Ji-ae had already begun checking apartments on the second floor while you followed the sparse blood spatter to the stairwell. Bloody handprints were on the elevator doors, showing the person had closed the doors, possibly in a hurry. It was impossible for you to tell if it was human blood. Maybe a strong injured human closed the doors and ran upstairs to hide? Maybe a vampire got caught in the middle of a meal? The door to the isolated stairwell opened with ease and you headed to the top floor trying to follow the blood trail. The stairs were a dark grey and it caused the few dark red drops of blood to blend together. You kept your eyes focused on scanning the white doors for any red marks. The area appeared pretty clean until you reached the tenth floor. The red staining of the metal handle of the door was the
first thing you noticed. However, It looked like there must have been some kind of fight between two vampires. There was some dark red blood on the edge of the door and door frame to the 10th floor, meaning someone tried to slam the door on someone else’s head. You withdrew the emerald encrusted dagger from its sheath at your belt. Putting the small flashlight in your mouth, you opened the door and closed it behind you slowly after stepping through the doorway. You used your free hand to grab the flashlight from your mouth and began examining the hallway. There was more blood spatters littering the floor of various sizes. The fight must have started in the stairwell but mainly taken place in this hallway. You followed the blood trail to a body at the end of the hallway. Sliding the dagger in the same hand as the flashlight, you bent down to take the body’s pulse. Nothing. That could mean a dead human or a vampire in either state. Noticing his head and arms were twisted at an unnatural angle, You slid a gloved finger in his mouth to confirm it was in fact a dead vampire. Only fledglings and fully dead vampires were unable to retract their teeth. The hole in his chest with a missing heart lying a few feet away also told you enough. During the attack, the man’s neck and arms must have been snapped before his heart was ripped from his chest. However, you weren’t too concerned about the dead vampire or the state of him. Vampires tend to go feral over food or territory disputes anyway. It wasn’t uncommon. Vampires, no matter their allegiance, liked to claim sectors as their hunting grounds and didn’t like outsiders trying to invade it. Unless they were in a vampire-controlled city that was allied to their master, food was scarce. They had no problems ripping each other's heads off if it meant they’d get all the humans in the area all to themselves. However, no one held any sympathy since their food scarcity was due to their own greed. Humans faced a similar issue when it comes to food. Most people had turned into farmers to grow their own food, not daring to enter cities. They didn’t have the numbers or weapons to go on a supply run in any big city. Some vampires would attack the countryside but they were rarely carried out in a sizeable group. That’s where your organization came in. The only big city they controlled was Daegu and had set up a food ration station for those who needed it. Most who came ended up staying in the encampment right outside of the hunter checkpoint. Most humans didn’t like either group but they were far safer around hunters than the vampires. All they had to do to stay was donate a small portion of their earnings or goods to the association. It was a beneficial arrangement for both parties. The door right behind the body had blood on the knob. Taking a deep breath, you readied yourself in case the vampire that was likely on the other side of the door decided to ambush you. Perhaps you should get your partner but you knew you could handle one vampire. It might be more feral while eating or it might be weaker not having consumed much blood. Whatever the case, if you could take on the king's henchmen at six years old and win, then you can take on whatever thing lurked in this apartment. Not wanting to lose your light or lower your weapon, you sacrificed the element of surprise and kicked the door open. Nothing immediately came to jump out at you which you took as a good sign and continued on. It wasn’t an overly large space. The place had a bit of an open floor plan with the kitchen and dining area being right behind a bookcase in the living room. There was a door to what you assumed was a supply closet right by the entrance. The bathroom was located to the left of the kitchen. A staircase was built against the right wall towards the entrance, leading up to a bedroom you couldn’t see into. The design was very minimalist and you bet it must have been a nice place to live before the world looked the way it does now. A lot of windows too, you noted, not exactly the best place for a vampire to
hide out, aside from the bedroom. It was obvious the vampire was likely upstairs in the room without windows or the bathroom downstairs but you’d prefer to be thorough and check the whole space. The first part you checked was the supply closet. It was far too small for a person to hide in. The previous owner kept their cleaning supplies in there with some linens stacked on the top shelf. Closing the door, you moved your eyes to the small office area by the door to the apartment. A dark wooden desk with a glass top and matching chair sat there covered in various papers and folders. A dusty old laptop and an empty coffee cup sat atop some of the papers. A tall long-dead plant had been placed in the free space next to it to give the small office space some color, you guessed, once upon a time. While you weren’t much of a reader as you learned later than most, you’d always escaped to the library as a child whenever the other trainees decided they’d torment you that day. You couldn’t understand the strange letters that littered the pages of the books at the time but the pictures appealed to you. You tended to be attracted to the ones with pictures of old technology you wouldn’t be able to use in your lifetime. The things that still worked were kept in vampire territories but the majority of the technology from before the war had been lost. The Hunter’s Alliance didn’t really figure out how to use much old technology other than some basic medical equipment and electricity. They figured there’d be time for all that when all the vampires were dead and it was time to rebuild human civilization. You only cared about the first part. You turned from the desk and walked down to the bathroom. Noticing the door had been locked, you bent down on the floor, set down the dagger, and pulled out your tension wrench and feeler pick. You weren’t sure what was hiding in there so when you heard a click, you put away the tools in a pouch on your belt, grabbing the dagger once again. With a kick, the door flew open and your senses were overwhelmed. You were unsure of what furry creatures had died in here but it was clear something had a few days ago. Pulling the respirator mask from your belt and fastening it to your face, you bent down to examine the animals, they looked like they’d only been dead for a few days and there weren’t massive piles of carcasses. Upon closer inspection, you still couldn’t determine what animal they had been when they were alive but they were slightly crushed. You’d heard enough times that vampires absolutely hated the taste of animal blood if their incessant bitching about it was anything to go by. They threw a tantrum at the mere mention of it so threatening to feed them when they were questioned was always effective. Seeing the remnants in this bathroom didn’t make any sense. Why would a vampire choose to eat animals instead of trying to hunt at one of the many small villages outside of the city? Taking a quick glance around the bathroom, you noticed dried blood in various spots. It mainly stained the sink and bathtub in a light layer, though there was a handprint on the mirror. The handles to both faucets had blood and the way it was smeared made you wonder if the person had been in a panic. Like they were trying to get the blood off of their body as quickly as possible. Regardless, you were done in here. After closing the door, you locked it and took off your mask. You were starting to wonder if anything was even still here. Everything you were seeing didn’t follow the typical patterns of signs of vampires you knew. They didn’t panic when they were covered in blood. In fact, it usually made their bloodlust worse. You continued on to the kitchen and living room area. Nothing really looked off. Everything was covered in dust in the kitchen so it was clear to you the vampire didn’t come in here. However, that did make sense since the dining table was right in front of a window. While sun exposure took hours to kill them, it was incredibly painful so it made sense for this person to avoid this area. The
living room area wasn’t much different. A few books had been pulled off of the shelf but that was all that was touched in here. Perhaps the vampire had been hiding out here while waiting for someone. They appeared to have been trying to pass the time. It wasn’t exactly the place you would want to stay permanently unless the windows were covered. The vampire may have been hurt and was waiting to recover or they were waiting for their coven to come find them. With nothing else to discover, you headed to the upstairs bedroom. This door too was locked so you quickly did your thing. This was the last room you needed to check and then you could get out of here. Immediately, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. There was no shuffle of movement or other such sounds indicating the presence of someone. While vampires didn’t breathe air, you could probably hear the creak of the floor if they had moved. The room seemed darker than the others which was likely due to the lack of windows in this room, at least from what you could tell. You noticed the furniture in this room wasn’t quite the ideal place to be either. The wooden headboard of the bed had split, half of it resting on the bed and the other half lay forgotten on the floor. There was some blood here and there on the floor but not enough to warrant your concern. It looked like it led the untouched wardrobe against the wall. The vampire probably came in here and would leave the remains of their meal in the bathroom. No one would have been able to hide under the bed, considering it was barely held together. Most of the furniture was small and would easily give away that someone was hiding. All the furniture except the wardrobe. Though the wardrobe has holes in it, you were unable to see into it but if anyone was in there they could probably see you. You waited a few moments for something to jump out and attack you but nothing ever did. It would seem that you would have to make the first move. Putting the flashlight in your mouth, you threw open the doors to the wardrobe and prepared for a fight. Hiding in there was a man who physically didn’t look much older than you. His eyes were wide in sheer panic and his gaze, filled with apprehension, noticing your outfit. You didn’t notice the pure hatred or sickening elation vampires usually held in their eyes. If you didn’t know better you would say he was scared of you. The next thing you noticed about him was that he had been feeding off some animal but had dropped it when you opened the wardrobe. Blood was dripping out of his mouth and down his chin. His hands were also stained with his sharp nails extended. He was ready for a fight but wanted to finish eating you suppose. You also noticed his fangs were extended but not too long. He must be a younger vampire so he likely wasn’t as strong as you expected. He wasn’t young enough to be a fledgling as he retracted his teeth as fast as the animal hit the floor. Fledglings didn’t know how to retract their teeth and would have to wait for their hunger to subside in order to lose the fangs. However, that didn’t make sense. You imagined him to be feral with hunger but if he retracted the fangs then that wasn’t the case. If he was expecting you to attack him immediately he’d keep them extended so it’d be easier to kill you. Maybe he was better at cutting people open with his nails? Perhaps he was prepared to hurt you if he must but didn’t want to. No. He’s a vampire so that would be ridiculous. His lip quivered as he opened his mouth. A soft voice penetrated the tense atmosphere, voicing his fears aloud, “P-Please, I don’t want to- to” He cut himself off at the crack in his voice. It almost sounded like he was actually emotional about the possibility of having to try and kill you. You almost believed him but you’d seen this act before. Vampires tried it all the time to get the better of hunters. It was always clear from their eyes what they actually meant. If there was one emotion you knew, it was pure rage and he didn’t possess it somehow. The last time you had believed
an act like this your partner had died. It didn’t matter how many nights you had to spend cleaning headquarters and being screamed at by your superiors because they couldn’t match the shame you had felt in that instance. Ji-ae was still here and you couldn’t let that happen to her. Vampires were excellent pretenders but the eyes were the window to the soul that died long ago. You don’t know how long you stared at him, gaping like a fish. Shouldn’t you just kill him already? But for some reason, your brain bounced back and forth between the idea of killing him and closing the doors, leaving with Ji-ae. It wasn’t a logical dilemma but a moral one. A dilemma you never expected to have. He wasn’t acting like his kind and neither were you, it seemed. His head snapped to the side and back to you in an instant. “She’s coming!” He cried in a whisper. Before you knew what you were doing, your mouth hissed, “Stay there and keep quiet.” You quickly shut the doors to the wardrobe. The sound of footsteps grew louder as you sheathed the dagger and pointed the flashlight at her. There was no way she swept the whole building that fast. She must have heard you kicking the doors. “Where are you?” Ji-ae asked, sounding more tired than before. “Here.” She poked her head in and gazed around the room. “Did you see anything downstairs?” “No, You?” You shake your head at her question. “Alright, I guess we should head back then. I guess you were right.” She glared at you before leaving the room. If she only knew. You watched her form head out and down the stairs. Your gaze shifted back to the wardrobe, wondering if you should do anything to help him. No, you’d already betrayed yourself and your order enough by not sticking your dagger in him. He was a vampire and he could take care of himself. Just as you began to leave the room something tugged at your wrist. Your head turned to see the man gripping it as hard as he could. When did he open the closet doors? And why didn’t he listen to you? You opened your mouth to tell him you had to go but he shook his head vigorously, lip quivering. “Please, help me.” He whispered. If he was this reliant on another person, he had to have been from an important clan or bloodline. Those who left a clan or didn’t have one had to learn to survive. Royalty lived in cities or fortified camps. Their rules always differed but young members were usually babied and relied on their family for food. He must have been separated from his family. The important clans were supposed to be having a meeting somewhere. Ulsan possibly? It’s where red velvet was rumored to be. No one was able to get close enough to find out where or why. Red velvet was small but each member was just as strong as five night stalkers. They didn’t stay in one place too long so it was hard to determine what humans they killed and what their plans were. Rumor has it the kings were trying to find a bunch of the clans to create an alliance and red velvet was one of them. You weren’t sure what the alliance was for but you knew it wasn’t for anything good. The kings usually invited other vampire clans to Seoul but there was also a rumor the blessed prince might be missing. You didn’t hear any of the details when the other hunters were gossiping but you knew it was a big deal. He never left Seoul ever before so the hunters assumed he was the weakest member. If they could find him, then they could find out everything about them. Could this man in front of you be the blessed prince? “Are you coming?” Ji-ae shouted up the stairs. If you didn’t join her, you were certain she’d come back up just to yell at you. “I have to make sure she leaves. I’ll come back, okay?” His grip tightened again, “Do you promise?” You opened your mouth to respond but hesitated. His doe eyes were crystal pools of brown you couldn’t bring yourself to lie to. Would you actually come back? This was basically treason to your order if they found out. “Promise?” He had asked again, louder this time. “Alright, I promise. Keep the closet closed this time.” As you walked
away, his hand slipped away from you. You could feel his gaze on you as you left the room and you only visibly relaxed when you jogged down to the stairwell. Ji-ae leaned against the railing and glared at you. She was just as sick of being partners as you and with the sun coming up, sleep must have been calling to her. You couldn’t wait to ditch her and start dealing with the vampire in the other room. “Go on without me. I’m taking the long way back,” you stated, instantly noticing her eyes narrow at you. You needed to sell it. “Why?” She questioned, pushing away from the railing. She crossed her arms across her chest and slowly walked towards you. You knew Ji-ae intended to intimidate you into backing up into a wall but two could play this game. You mimicked her stance, planting your feet and crossing your arms across your chest with a smile. Your gaze looked her up and down before replying with a bored, even tone. “Because I want to.” The smarter option would have been to say you wanted to look for supplies. However, she was a by-the-book type of person. She never said you were a traitor or called you that word but her constant suspicion of you implied she thought it. You weren’t here to get supplies and you’d never expressed the desire to do that on a mission before. She’d check with your past partners and find out you didn’t usually walk back alone but you could deal with that later. You just needed her to get fed up enough that she’d leave and go back to headquarters alone. As stupid of a response as it was, there was no logical reason for you to stay in this area when you’d been complaining about it the entire time. Either she was going to believe you were still some kind of lone wolf type or she wasn’t. You could kill her if she managed to figure out what you were up to, you supposed. Maybe the guy upstairs could drain her dry and take care of her body if you asked him nicely. It’s too bad that explaining Ji-ae’s disappearance to the elders wouldn’t be a good look on your already spotty reputation. Though, it was leagues better than being caught aiding a vampire. Kind souls didn’t belong in the Hunter’s Association and the elders always made sure they were disposed of. No one ever said exactly what happened to them but they were forgotten. Mentioning a traitor's name could get you at least ten lashings, if you were lucky anyway. Ji-ae continued to eye you. On the outside, you tried to imitate the look of the deadpan edgy bitch everyone in the hunters association assumed you to be. However, on the inside, your heartbeat so fast you’re sure the anxious vampire hiding in the closet upstairs could hear it through the walls. Ji-ae sighed, her eyes shifting to the door, “Whatever just file your report when you get back. I’m not doing it for you. Or looking for you if you go missing.” “Yes, well, I’m sure you’d love that.” Her response was the sound of the door slamming shut.
From a broken window, you watched her make her way out of the city. You supposed you should probably worry about her being on her own but it had to be getting close to sunrise. If she was going to be attacked, it’d be by a human. An unlikely scenario for someone in hunter clothes. Though you couldn’t see her anymore, you waited by the window for a good while just to make sure she was out of earshot. The last thing you needed was for her to turn around because she heard voices. After about ten more minutes, you ran back to the closet where the vampire man sat hugging his knees to his chest. He looked up at you with his doe eyes, much less distressed, which was confusing since you had basically threatened to kill him. Perhaps, you didn’t need to point the dagger at him anymore but you had questions that needed answers. If you liked his answers, then you could put it away. “So who are you?” “Jeongguk.” He replied, his gaze focused on the blade pointing at him and then moving back to your eyes. Maybe, he was still a little anxious. “Did you kill that woman outside?” You could see the gears turning at a snail's pace in his brain. “Mid 30’s. Two puncture wounds in her neck. Ring any bells? You’re the only vampire around.” He shook his head vigorously. “No, I don’t drink from humans.” You lowered the blade and looked him up and down, “What are you talking about? You bloodsuckers never stop complaining about animal blood.” He only swallowed as a response so you took that as your cue to continue.
“ Alright, let me explain something to you. You can retract your fangs so you’re not a fledgling.” You paused to see him shake his head in confirmation. “It’s rare for vampires to travel alone and yet here you are. Thus, you can only be one of two things. A vampire of nobility who got separated from his family or you were abandoned because you weren’t strong enough. I’m more inclined to believe the former. Noble vampires are picky eaters who only drink the blood of the highest quality. Explain.” “I’m not a fledgling but I can’t stomach human blood. I tried drinking from a blood bag once when I was younger but it tasted strange. I can only drink animal blood.” Jeongguk admitted, looking down at his hands. “Strange?” “Yeah, it was sour, I guess.” That wasn’t something you’d ever heard before. You’d never met a vampire who only drank from animals unless they’d just been turned and that didn’t last long. Baby vampires had obvious difficulties controlling their instincts when it came to drinking human blood. It sometimes made them sick with a stomach ache or a headache if they drank too much. Even when they were satisfied, they’d lash out at anyone who tried to take their food. Once they got used to animal blood, their master would start mixing the animal and human blood together like a mixed cocktail until they were ready for a complete switch. They always compared the taste of the mixed blood to watered-down red wine and animal blood to cheap rosé. Real blood was spoken about like it was the nectar of the gods. Nothing tasted like it, apparently. “What actually happened when you drank human blood?” “I threw it up. I felt sick for days and didn’t want to eat anything. My hyungs said it was like I had human food poisoning. I don’t want to drink it, ever.” He responded. “What about the dead vampire in the hallway? Why’d you rip his heart out?” You questioned. “I hunted something to eat not far from here and he didn’t like that. He said I had to hand it over but I was so hungry. I hadn’t eaten in days and he wanted me to just leave without getting a drop.” His eyes were filled with pain as they went from his hands to your face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kill him but he wouldn’t leave me alone. I just wanted somewhere to stay until my family came to find me.” Just as you thought. “Did you see who killed the woman?” “It was probably him. He wiped the blood from his mouth when he found me. I haven’t seen or heard anyone else.” He said. “So why did you decide to just leave the remains of the animals you ate in the bathroom?” “I couldn’t just throw them out the window when I already had to snap their necks.” He sounded surprisingly passionate, almost as if he didn’t want to kill them. He turned away from you, casting a glare to the wall. The scent also probably wasn’t that big of a deal to him. Vampires were used to the scent of decay. It must have blended in with everything else. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” His behavior remained unchained. “So how come you stayed here instead of trying to get home?” “I tried to go home but then I got lost and then everybody said the hunters were coming and I knew I had to hide or they’d -” He cut himself off, gazing up at you with a quivering lip. “Are you going to kill me?” “No.” You replied without hesitation. “So where were you trying to get to?” “The train station. My hyungs always said to get to a station if we ever got separated and take the train to Seoul. Or wait until they came back for me.”
Seoul. He had to be part of a very important clan if he was trying to get to Seoul. The man was definitely either part of the Bangtan clan or he was from one of the clans they wanted to meet with. Though, You didn’t want to get your hopes up and assume he was literally from the monsters themselves. Yet, it was growing to be more likely with every word he spoke.
Bangtan, particularly the kings, were known to be an incredibly close coven. While more than two or three didn’t leave the city together, you’d heard tales of what happened to those who tried to come between them. The rumor was all seven of them were closer than brothers but hunters did love to gossip about vampires whenever they weren’t killing them. You always hoped that hadn’t been true as it would be difficult to pick them off one by one when the rest would be hellbent on revenge for taking their mates from them. It may not be uncommon for vampires to have more than one mate but it was a horrific situation for those hunting them. It also didn’t make sense that the man in front of you was one of them because he would have to be the youngest member. The blessed prince never left the palace, let alone the city. He was constantly surrounded by guards and your fellow hunters didn’t even have a clue what his name was or what he looked like. Those who did manage to gather any intel on the prince were likely one of the many hunters who entered the city, disobeying orders. If there was one place that was hellbent on murdering hunters, it was Seoul. Hopefully, Jeongguk was part of one of the visiting clans like TXT or Stray Kids or from someone allied to Bangtan that lived there. No matter what clan he was from, they would owe you a debt. You could have anything you wanted and you knew just the right price. Every ounce of information they possessed to sneak into Seoul and slay the kings. It was the one thing your organization needed to finish them. Once and for all. “Well, you got pretty close. The stations no more than twenty minutes from here.” He scrambled to his feet, making his way to the entrance of the apartment. “Where are you going? The suns about to come out.” You asked, never more perplexed. Had he never been out in the sun or did he just not care if he got burned? “But we need to get on the train.” “Do you want to burn to death?” He shook his head at the question with a pout. “We need to wait until night. There are hunters occupying pretty much all the stations from Busan to Daegu. We’ll have to get to Daegu from Ulsan, no one really patrols that spot much. Then we’ll probably hit Daejeon, and then Seoul. At most, it should take us two weeks to get you home.” He nodded and sat down on the floor. Though you’d never been anywhere near Seoul, you’d been forced to learn geography and which cities belonged to who. You had cursed your teachers at the time but now you couldn’t be more grateful you’d spent so many hours in your youth meticulously studying maps. You grabbed the map out of your bag and started laying them on the floor in the order of the route you figured you’d take. After grabbing a few highlighters from the office downstairs, a couple pens, you sat down to figure out your stops and exact routes. You colored the entire route in a neon yellow from Busan to Seoul. Each city along the way was then circled in a blue pen. It wasn’t allowed for you to carry multiple maps when you could carry more weapons on patrol so you’d have to grab others at the station. You also marked the stops where you’d need to rest or resupply. Most were inns in small villages that wouldn’t ask too many questions or unoccupied hunter safe houses but you would have to stop in a few of the bigger cities. Boarding the train in Ulsan wouldn’t be too difficult since it’s one of the few free cities left. Daegu was a major hunter association base so you had no idea how you’d make it in and out of there with your vampire package in one piece. After that, it was all vampire-run cities. You could get past them by pretending to be Jeongguk’s human blood bag. It wasn’t an idea you were enthused about when other vampires would check for bite marks. As long as you didn’t take the trains and took abandoned highways, you’d likely make it to Seoul in no time. Before you left, you’d need to get ahold of some food for the both of you to hold onto until you reached Daegu. You’ve also been scheduled on back-to-back patrols with little sleep for
the past few weeks. Despite being in the same house as a vampire, you should try your best to get some rest for the journey you’d have ahead of you. Putting the map back in your pocket, you turned towards the man, “How long will that last meal last you?” “A few days at most” “We’ll have to keep you well-fed for as long as we can. Once we get to Daegu you might not be able to eat for a few days. There’s probably a black market blood merchant but they might not sell animal blood.” You muttered to yourself. “Would you be able to wait until after we leave the Busan?” You weren’t aware of the specifics surrounding animal vs human blood. Human blood could last five to seven days in the vampire body on average but animal blood was a different story. Animal blood supposedly lasted as long as human food did for you. It was another reason vampires didn’t like drinking it. He nodded. “You’ll have to hunt on the way. Be ready to leave at sundown. I’ll be out before then for a few hours to see if I can find some supplies to last us until we get to the Ulsan train station.” He nodded in response again. You headed for the stairs, deciding it’d be best to sleep in the living room. This house didn’t have any great spots for you to sleep so you’d have to settle for the least dirty part of the floor and maybe use the linens in the closet. You weren’t going to take your chances with the half-broken bed where you’d be sleeping a few feet away from a vampire. “Wait,” His small voice called out to you, “You can sleep up here and I can go downstairs. It’s less dirty in this room.” “Aren’t you going to burn? Plenty of sunlight is going to come in through the shattered windows.” Jeongguk shook his head, “I’ll be fine. I can sleep in the living room.” Your eyes studied him for a moment. While it would be more difficult to escape the house if Jeongguk attacked you, it wouldn’t be his best option. You may have told him how you’ll get him home but you doubted he had any clue how he’d get there. Plus, there are quite a few blankets and pillows up here from him hiding in the closet. “Alright, suit yourself.” He flashed you a small smile, getting up from his position on the floor. Jeongguk exited the room without another noise. Presumably, he was setting himself up downstairs where he’d sleep patiently until you came to get him later. You grabbed the pillow and blankets out of the closet, creating a small bed on the floor. Though it wasn’t the most comfortable makeshift bed, you’d certainly slept in worse places. It was nice to sleep with a roof over your head even if a vampire that could kill you in your sleep was also in the same house. Jeongguk didn’t quite seem like the type to do that but it was better to think about the possible negatives for when it did actually happen. The chirping of the birds, though you may be a light sleeper, never kept you awake most days. Tonight was far different from anything that ever happened in your life. After years and years of begging the Hunters to do something, anything, against the kings you were finally going to make progress. If this journey was successful, you could return Jeongguk to his clan and get the information it took to infiltrate Seoul. You would finally get into the city and kill those seven bastards before they knew what hit them.
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part 17: nominated
in the cards
A social media au where you are a psychic and when Jungkook comes to you for a reading, you predict he will die in 30 days
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a/n: this chapter is at such a convenient time bc bts was just nominated for a grammy 😭💜 anyway tell me what you think!
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