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four seven eight; intermission.
wordcount: 4k
glimpse: you don’t plan on coming home tonight.
alternatively, you and yoongi go out for drinks together.
[ part one + intermission + part two + intermission 02 + finale ]
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You and Yoongi go way back.
The two of go way back to when you would occasionally see each other in acting workshops, a silent understanding between the two of you that you were both supported by parents that went through hoops to get you there. The two of you were similar, wearing white shirts that’s been scrubbed vigorously by your mothers along with the newest, trendiest shoes (they aren’t even broken in) in order for their children to fit in.
You didn’t know each other back then, but there was a mutual respect.
The two of you go way back when you were past the workshop days and into the harrowing realities of being fumbling extras who didn’t even get paid, all for the desperation to put atleast something in your resume. The two of you would find yourselves in the same sets sometimes, in the backrooms eating packed lunch in the fear that eating from the catering table where the actual actors eat would deduct money from your already miniscule paycheck.
The two of you weren’t close at all back then, but you knew each other’s names at the very least.
You go way back when you’re past awkward filler roles and into the laughable arena of applying to become a supporting cast member in the background. You had no choices for roles, or atleast didn’t have the liberty to do so because you were that desperate. It was a matter of perseverance over dignity, taking forgettable roles left and right and moving on to the next.
You and Yoongi go way back, but not a lot of people know.
You’re bound to see articles about it someday now, a complete video compilation of all the dramas the both of you appeared in together, be it a role that’s equally as forgettable or shitty.
There’s no doubt about the media traffic the two of you will accumulate once that happens, especially now when the two of you are in a club where phones weren’t required to have stickers on the cameras. 
“Wanna grab a drink?” he asked just an hour ago, making it his celebratory treat since the pilot episode officially premiers tomorrow; that was the first reason. The second, more pressing reason was because you seemed like you needed it. 
When your on-screen partner blanks out for a minute when the interviewer asks her if she has a partner in life, Yoongi’s first thought is to take said on-screen partner out for drinks as stress relief.
Unsurprisingly, this is the first time Yoongi’s ever experienced the exact scenario.
You can count on Yoongi to make the club seem like a relaxing place while you’re in his presence. It’s always just been the same about him even when the two of you were merely strangers; calm. Somehow the two of you are thinking of the same thing because the scene that unfolds now — the two of you out of work and hanging out together, just like old times.
Yoongi’s calm but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t have a big mouth. He asks before he thinks this time, a question that undoubtedly crossed his mind even before tonight.
“Why did we even stop being friends?” he asks curiously. He was just like you in a sense, actively choosing to address whatever it is that bugs his mind.
The two of you are alike in that sense that you don’t find yourself being weirded out from the otherwise intimate question he just asked, giving him the first answer that appears in your head when you think of him and the past.
“You got too big for me.”
Yoongi, for a lack of better term, became an overnight success after he was announced to portray the younger version of a veteran actor in a periodical drama. It was sudden, you knew he didn’t expect it either back then because just the other day, the two of you talked about applying together to a completely different production. Yoongi had a role to appear alongside you, as the barista who luckily had seven lines of dialogue in a romcom whereas you had three. 
The barista gig was the biggest role he had yet, but the night that the periodical drama’s casting was announced, and Yoongi didn’t answer your calls and you didn’t see him the next day either for the shoot — you knew.
You knew that Yoongi made it big.
“Did I really?” he tilts his head, chewing on his bottom lip in thought. No, the overnight success he had wasn’t fifteen minutes of fame. It’s been years and he only gets bigger. But hearing what you thought of him, the claim that your friendship fell out because he got too big for you, Yoongi suddenly doesn’t feel so good.
You affirm and the two of you know that he didn’t really need much more confirmation. Yoongi’s expressive, you could see every emotion and realization that queues behind his eyes. He wasn’t predictable per se but he was readable; attainable if you will.
Yoongi’s curiosity is far from satiated because this time he scoots closer to you, shoulders bumping and head tilting to get the point across that he’s absolutely serious about what he was gonna ask next.
“Hey, I have another question,” he hums, stifling a chuckle when he runs the question through his head and realizes that he must be really nosey to ask you this directly. “You can just dodge this if you want to.”
You shrug emptily but there’s a mutual understanding that the two of you are alike, knowing from the get-go that you aren’t avoidant. 
“But what was that awhile ago?” Yoongi finally bursts at the seams because the question’s been bugging him for hours now, recalling the urge to ask you right then and there during the live interview because he was that curious. “You’re not really single, are you?”
The laugh that escapes you is needed. It’s sudden and short but it’s welcome. There’s nothing particularly funny about the question, it was just that from the entirety of the people you came across after the interview, from the executive producer, to Jimin and the staff members who knew of the truth, all the way down to your stylist Seokjin who’s your husband’s cousin — it’s Yoongi that asks about you the situation first.
“I’m married, unfortunately,” you snicker, shaking your head before taking a sip of your drink that you’ve neglected for far too long. You admit it, a little bitter knowing that the truth of it to Jungkook who’s the other half of the marriage, treats it as if it’s a hard pill to swallow.
If Yoongi’s surprised, he doesn’t let it show. You’re certain that he must have an inkling somehow because you weren’t hiding in the first placing, knowing that you’ve taken calls from Jungkook and told him I love you while he was getting prepped in the same dressing room.
“Ah, I was supposed to confess that I have a crush on you. Too bad.”
Yoongi doesn’t have to think if you’re surprised because you clearly let it show.
“Shut up,” you egg on, lightly slapping his arm while coming closer to interrogate him further. “Do you really?”
Yoongi isn’t drunk. He’s only had half of a drink and all he has is a sheen pink flush. The two of you came here together in his car and he sure as hell won’t let you drive his car back (no offense) especially because he was stingy with others driving it.
It’s a revelation that slips casually out of him, and Yoongi can’t tell why doesn’t feel nervous at all. Saying that he has a crush on you not a second after you told him you were married isn’t the brightest idea at all. He doesn’t even know what exactly compelled him to say it out loud because he thought he would only keep it to himself all this time.
But just like you, Yoongi isn’t avoidant.
“I had a crush on you when we were just extras back then but it passed,” he admits, crossing his arms while laughing. “Then we reconnected and yeah, I think I have a crush on you again.”
“Too bad that I’m married then,” you joke with your tongue on your cheek, scoffing playfully while looking down on your knees that are just right beside each other while there are no other people in the booth.
“Aw. Can’t you keep me on the side?” Yoongi returns the joke, making you laugh harder that it makes him turn even more sincere. “No but really, I don’t have a crush on you in that homewrecker way or something.”
Ruining your marriage is the last thing he’ll ever do. When he admitted his crush on you, he did it for the sake of just getting it out there, no other ill intention behind it.
“I just admire you, if that makes sense,” Yoongi says truthfully, and your knees tremble at the sincerity behind his words. He was just so expressive that you don’t have to work your mind over it, because if Yoongi told you now that he loves you, you would believe him. “I admire you in that co-worker with good work ethics, dream person type of way.”
You aren’t this silent. Normally you’d have a comeback ready but Yoongi was just so like you that seeing a mirror image of yourself say something beyond sincere renders you speechless, your voice later returning meek.
“Why would you admire me?”
Yoongi doesn’t know why you’d even ask but he indulges you, peering down when he gives you a small smile.
“Like you said, I got too big for you.” Read: When I got too big for you, I missed you through it all.
Yoongi doesn’t regret admitting his crush on you but what he does regret is the realization that comes along with it, making him scoff. His posture slips down from the booth, making his head eye-level to your neck.
You return the gesture, slipping down the tiniest bit so he could rest his head on your shoulder.
“Why didn’t I reconnect with you earlier? That’s stupid of me,” he scolds himself, sighing at what could’ve been the easiest fix to your friendship because of distance you had from his overnight success. He tries not to dwell on the lost time, instead going back to his previous point. “But do you get what I’m saying? I wish that when I got big years ago, you went big with me.”
“I wished I could take you with me.” 
“I wished you took me with you back then,” you admit sincerely. You weren’t really angry at Yoongi back then because you were happy for him — you knew that if anyone were to be an overnight success, Yoongi would be the one who’s able to sustain it.
You were upset, not angry. You felt that it was unfair, not because you weren’t just suddenly casted as a younger version of a veteran actress just like Yoongi, but because Yoongi suddenly forgot about you. Because he got too big for you and suddenly, you weren’t the friend he’s known for years. Overnight, you were forgotten as the friend who gave him numerous pep talks that one day, the two of you would make it big. He made it first, and didn’t spare a single text as to how you’ve been.
“I used to always bring up your name as my on-screen partner for whatever role I got,” Yoongi adds. This is the first time you’ve heard of it along with the other countless things he’s said tonight, sending you a sheepish smile. “This was the only time they heard me.”
You’re not mad. You’re secure to the point that you know you would’ve been casted still in In Terms of Eternity even if Yoongi didn’t boost your name. But god, your pride’s taken too many hits that you aren’t as safeguarded anymore so you ask, wanting to hear it from himself.
“If you didn’t recommend my name to Namjoon and the rest before I auditioned, would I still have been picked?”
“Of course you would.” 
Yoongi answers immediately and it’s almost as if he’s mad that you even doubted it, head rolling on your shoulder to feign flicking you on the forehead, making you dodge it nonetheless.
“Look at you. You thrive on your own,” he nudges you, no hesitation in his tone. “You’re only gonna get bigger from now, Y/N. Your only way is up.”
You might have took a while to make it big, but atleast you’re here now instead of later and that’s what matters.
“You’re gonna be bigger than me,” Yoongi says with conviction, the sudden tone of seriousness in his voice making you nervously chuckle.
“Can’t we just maintain whatever it is that we have now?” your lips quip, unsure if you even wanted to know the answer.
Most times, takes more from you than what it gives. You know it because your manager engrains it to your head to the point that you don’t associate yourself to controversy even if it would give you publicity. You practically became big overnight, no hesitation in saying that you’re scared you’ll fall just as quick.
“Was it scary back then?” your voice turns small, making Yoongi peek at you from having his cheek pressed to the fabric of your hoodie. “Was it scary making it big overnight?”
“It was,” he hums, almost wincing. “It still is.”
“What’s your husband’s name?” he suddenly asks, making you answer just as quickly because you thought he was changing the topic because he was getting uncomfortable.
Yoongi smiles, patting you on the knee. “Jungkook would be there for you when it starts getting scary.”
“I don’t think he would be there for me,” you admit in a scoff, the sudden downpour of what seems to be your insecurities making your head hang to look at your hands. “What would you feel if your husband can’t go to your huge drama’s presscon because he celebrated his anniversary with his ex?”
Yoongi winces now that he’s given the context, making him whistle before downing his shot.
You nod in understanding because hearing it doesn’t really sound as pretty, an uneasy chuckle leaving you as you open up further. “We’re kinda going through a rough patch right now.”
“Nah,” you reply. “Just a break from each other for a month. I’ll crash at a friend’s house tonight, wake up early tomorrow to get my stuff while Jungkook’s asleep, then drive to my old house and spend the rest of the month there.”
“So I can still be your side piece for a month?”
Yoongi’s funny.
Yoongi’s endearingly playful that it makes you laugh heartily, making you forget for a second that you thought you were just gonna come to the club with him to get some drinks and mope. “You’re annoying.”
He definitely doesn’t have the full picture yet but he’s starting to piece it together. Yoongi will only take what you give and not overreach for any more because he doesn’t want to intrude, yet the question leaves him once again before he gets to think.
“He loves you though, right?”
“I know he loves me,” you mean it. You know it. There’s guilt that sticks to your throat because you think you’re being irrational and selfish for what you’re about to say next, but you can’t swallow it; you need to spit it out to get rid of it. “I just want him to love me more than I love him.”
“I get that,” he nods, eyes slowly blinking. “Who doesn’t want to be loved more after all?”
“You,” you automatically snort, looking down at him on your shoulder. “Didn’t you just ask twice to be my side piece?”
This time it’s Yoongi who laughs harder, throwing his head back that it momentarily makes him lose the center of his gravity that you have to hoist him up by the arm.
The two of you were alike in that sense too, maybe. That once you were happy, you lose all perception of what’s around you.
What’s only thirty feet away from you is a struggling media entertainment intern that’s desperate for his news breakthrough, having half the mind to wander into a club to blow off some tension.
Thirty feet away from you is a desperate, struggling intern who has the newest version for a phone and has zoom on his camera. 
Thirty feet away from you, and perhaps either thirty minutes or thirty days away from you, is a snowball waiting to happen. But you don’t know, and neither does Yoongi.
“Hey Y/N?” Yoongi nudges you with a slightly voice that’s increasing in concern, slowly fixing his posture until he’s sat properly on the booth.
“What does Jungkook look like?”
“Big nose and big, big round eyes,” you describe, tilting your head at what other features make him distinct. “On the buffer side. Has a tattoo sleeve.”
“That checks out,” Yoongi nods at you robotically, humming with no tune to it. “Your husband’s here and I think he wants to kill me.”
The sentence alone makes you straighten your posture, whipping your eyes around to see correctly enough, Jungkook marching towards you. He looks broody, the way he walks to you determined not helping your inner thoughts either.
He gets to you even before you could exit to save yourself from the scene he’s unlikely to cause but you’re still willing to avoid, the voice getting caught in your throat when he wastes no greetings.
“You’re drunk. Let’s go home.”
“Yeah, she kinda went crazy on the gin,” Yoongi inserts himself to the conversation, nodding and saying the truth to ease the situation he’s just known of minutes ago.
Jungkook clenches his jaw, snapping before he belatedly gives Yoongi a pointed glare.
“Shut the fuck up. I wasn’t talking to you.”
Your friend’s fazed, the realization that he was rendered speechless from your husband’s bluntness making him resort to mumbling to himself. “And he’s the main piece.”
You can’t say your goodbyes properly to Yoongi because you try to match Jungkook’s pace, walking alongside him with an edge to your step. “Why are you here?” you ask bitterly. “Our break started today. You don’t have to pick me up. You didn’t even pick me up when we weren’t on a break.”
Jungkook’s beyond irritated with you but that doesn’t mean he won’t open the door for you, walking to the driver’s side before closing the door with enough force to rattle the car. He’s jealous and he’s just angry, breathing noticeably heavy when he returns your attitude.
“Why, did I ruin your fun with Yoongi?”
“You actually did, yeah.”
“Is he a newborn? Can’t support his head at all so he puts it on your shoulder?”
It’s perhaps a fault in your part that you let Yoongi rest his head on your shoulder but in your defense, you saw no malice in it because he’s just a friend. You don’t know if Jungkook sees it for the way that you do, but it’s clear you had no intention of pissing him off because in the first place, you didn’t even expect to see him picking you up at the club.
The two of you are angry and never did it mix correctly. Jungkook’s too jealous and way in over his head that he can’t even form words, and you’re too frustrated that you can’t form the right ones.
“I’m single,” you pipe in the temporary status gently to remind him because come to think of it, Jungkook found you because he chose to. You don’t even reckon telling him of your whereabouts since you weren’t exactly on speaking terms since this morning.
“I’m your husband.”
Jungkook says it with absoluteness, his eyes trained on the side of your face because you don’t even want to look at him.
“I’m not hearing you.”
His breath clearly hitches but you have no patience left in you to form guilt, all of you remaining of energy being dedicated to your change of plans. 
You figure that you must have left a couple of shirts and more in your old house that you moved out of after marrying Jungkook. If you go in there now, your month-long break could just finally start and no more of this — no more of Jungkook’s sudden appearances he didn’t even grant you when you needed him.
“Drop me off at my house.”
Jungkook was just about to start the car and go the route to your home with him. It’s muscle memory at this point to know the route but what you’re asking of him now is to take him to the route where he doesn’t belong — where only you’re alone, as if you didn’t have him.
“I’m not asking, Jungkook.”
There’s only so much prior guilt that Jungkook could take so without another word, he complies.
By the time you and Jungkook start the drive, there’s only silence.
No one follows you because the intern who used to stand thirty feet away from you when you were still in the booth, remains in his seat and reviews his footage of you and Yoongi.
The guy had stopped long ago when you left Yoongi because when the guy with the buff physique comes in, in a black bomber jacket no less, he doesn’t think twice of it and even hides his phone.
He wouldn’t think that the guy is anyone intimately related to you. To him, he was just one random guy that seemed to get into his shots — either he was your bodyguard or your manager.
Not your husband.
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Tumblr media
pairing: Jungkook x Taehyung genre: Established relationship, Angst word count: 2.5k words
summary: "Have you ever thought of anyone other than yourself?”
a/n: this is a short fic inspired by Happier Than Ever (ASTN cover) warnings: brief mention of intrusive thoughts / attempt, panic attack, gaslighting, and hint of toxic relationship
Tumblr media
“‘Cause I’d never treat me this shitty, you made me hate this city.”
‘Please, please. One reply, so that I know you’re safe.’
Jungkook doesn’t know how long he’s been staring at his phone. All he knows is it’s been weeks since Taehyung left without a trace. It’s his fault why he left. He knows it is. He was an asshole. A manipulative, egocentric asshole who didn’t realize his mistakes until it was too late. Now, the love of his life is nowhere to be found.
He’s been cooped up in his and Taehyung’s room ever since Taehyung disappeared. He can hear his hyungs’ footsteps outside of the room, talking amongst themselves, begging him to come out, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He thought he deserved to be at least punished for the shitty things he did.
“Kook? Hey, come on. You wouldn’t find Taehyung this way,” Jin says while leaning against the bedroom door, hoping that Jungkook would listen for once.
Jungkook dryly chuckles, “You can’t find someone who doesn’t want to be found, hyung.”
Jin sighs. He looks at the others behind him and shakes his head. They all drag themselves to the living room, looking dejected.
“Has anyone heard from him yet?” Namjoon asks. The others shake their heads.
“I tried calling and texting, but he doesn’t answer. I don’t even know if he reads them,” Jimin whispers, already on the verge of tears.
“Has anyone tried asking his pa—”
Hoseok was cut off by the sound of a door opening and saw Jungkook standing outside of the room with bags under his eyes, looking like absolute shit.
“Hyungs,” Jungkook mumbles, eyes glistening from unshed tears, “I know one of you knows where he is, please,” he begs.
“Jin hyung? Hobi hyung? Jiminie?” He looks at them one by one, pleading with his eyes. He slid down to the floor when none of them answered.
Jungkook lets out a shaky breath, “I’m sorry. It’s my fault he left. Now, he’s not talking to you guys either.”
Yoongi heaves a deep sigh, having enough of seeing Jungkook like that.
“You never heard it from me, all right?”
Everyone snapped their heads toward Yoongi, looking at him in disbelief.
“You… You knew all this time?” Jungkook says, feeling betrayed.
“Yoongi… Why?” Jin asks.
Jungkook grabs Yoongi by the collar and shouts, “You knew all this time, and yet, you let me suffer like this?”
Yoongi furrows his eyebrows, “Have you ever thought of anyone other than yourself?” He calmly says.
“W-What?” Jungkook lets go of Yoongi and backs away.
“Are you really this selfish?” Yoongi angrily says.
“I’m not—”
“Have you ever thought that maybe this is what he needs? To be away from you?” Yoongi runs a hand through his hair, frustrated with Jungkook’s behavior, “You think he left just to hurt you? To make you suffer? You think he did this out of revenge?”
“No, but I—”
“Taehyung left because you hurt him. He left because you made him suffer. You invalidated his feelings. You tried to manipulate every fucking situation that doesn’t go your way. He got tired of putting up with all the hurtful shit you do and say to him. He got tired of you telling him how to feel. He got tired of waiting for you to come home in the middle of the night, only to be drunk out of your ass and ignore him in every possible way. He got tired of always putting you first. You made him feel worthless that he almost tried killing himself!” Yoongi exclaims.
“That still didn’t give you the right to keep this to yourself! You have no right to meddle in our relationship!” Jungkook shouts.
“Guys, stop, please,” Namjoon tries to calm them both down.
Yoongi walks closer to Jungkook, glaring at him, “Don’t tell me shit like that. You’re not the one who sees him cry every single night. You’re not the one he calls for help whenever he’s on the verge of giving up. Where were you when he had his panic attacks? Nowhere. Because most of the time, it’s because of you,” he points at Jungkook’s chest. 
“Have you even said sorry at least? Just once, and meant it. Have you? Have you ever asked him how he felt? Have you ever looked at him, like really look at him? Because one simple look will show that he’s not fucking fine. You’re too invested in yourself that you can’t even notice that.”
Jungkook looks at Yoongi with wide eyes, tears slowly streaming down his face, “I…”
“Yoongi, please,” Jin whispers, “this won’t fix anything. Fighting him won’t fix anything.”
“I’m not…” Yoongi sighs, “I’m not fighting him. I’m telling him everything he needs to know, so he can realize how fucked up this whole situation is.”
“I… I know, okay?” Jungkook’s voice cracks, “I know I fucked up. I know that now. Please, hyung. Tell me where he is so I can make this right,” he cries.
“I made a promise, Jungkook. I don’t want him to suffer anymore.”
“Hyung,” Jungkook got down on both knees, pleading with Yoongi, “I just want to talk to him. I want him to know that I regret everything, that I realize my mistakes now and I’m ready to own up to them. I just… want to know if he’s safe.”
Yoongi takes a deep breath, “He’s staying at my friend’s house in Daegu.”
Jungkook has never stood up that fast in his entire life. He hugs Yoongi and grabs his keys, “Thank you, hyung. Thank you.”
He was about to leave when he heard Yoongi speak, “Hey. I’ll text you the address. Fix this, all right?”
Jungkook nods and gives them a small smile before he dashed to his car.
‘I’m coming, baby. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…’ He kept apologizing in his head, trying to think of everything he should say to Taehyung to make him forgive Jungkook. It was a long shot but he’s ready to do everything in his power to make this right. He can’t lose him like this. He won’t let it happen.
Hours later, Jungkook finds himself in front of a small house in the middle of nowhere. There’s rice fields everywhere and about two or three houses in sight. He’s nervous. Of course, he is. He doesn’t know how Taehyung will react once he sees him. He feels like his heart’s going to beat out of his chest from all the anxiety he’s feeling.
‘Okay, let’s do this.’
He knocks on the door twice. Silence. 
He knocks again.
“Tae?” Jungkook calls out, “baby, I’m here. Please, open up.”
He tries to peek in through the windows, but it seems like no one was home. He’ll just have to wait until—
“How did you find me?”
Jungkook spins around and sees Taehyung standing still, carrying some groceries. He almost cried then and there while observing Taehyung’s appearance. He looks tired. He has bags under his eyes, he looks pale, and he lost a lot of weight. The eyes that once looked at him with so much love and adoration before have now become dull and full of hatred.
‘Have I really been this clueless?’ Jungkook thought.
“How did you find me, Jungkook?” Taehyung asks, his face void of any emotions.
“It doesn’t matter but hear me out. I just wanna say I’m—”
This is the part where he apologizes. 
One empty word from him, and Taehyung’s world starts spinning around him again.
“You’re what? Sorry? Again? For the nth time?” There was little to no care in Taehyung's voice as the words came out. The usual warmth that wrapped around his words was long gone now – Taehyung is far long gone and part of Jungkook knows this.
Jungkook had already apologized for a lot of things, of course, without sincerity. It would usually be over mundane things like forgetting to get the trash out, washing the dishes, and picking up after himself. Not once did he ever apologize for all the hurt he had caused Taehyung; for all the times he missed the monumental parts in Taehyung’s life, whether it may be his college graduation or his promotion at work, not even when Taehyung found out his estranged father he was once close with died due to the pandemic.
Jungkook wasn’t there with him, and he never apologized for it. Instead, he blamed Taehyung for being so mentally absent and lacking the usual care from him. Out of all the problems Taehyung had to weigh on his own, Jungkook never helped him to lift it off. It also circles back to him. It always has to be about him.
“If this is another apology, I don’t wanna hear it,” Taehyung stands stoically, tiredness very evident in the bags under his eyes. 
Jungkook freezes in his spot, unable to think of anything coherent to say. He wants to open his mouth, but he knows no words would come out. An unsettling feeling sat in the pits of his stomach, forming a black hole of emptiness, knowing that Taehyung is exhausted from all the empty apologies he had said.  
He can only think of one thing to say.
“I love you, Tae,” the words stuck on Jungkook’s throat, choking him. 
“If you ran away to spite me then—”
The next part? He blames Taehyung after the heartfelt apology.
“Spite you?” Taehyung bitterly chuckles. 
Poking his tongue in his cheek, he narrows his gaze on Jungkook, “If you really meant all the things you were sorry for, then you should’ve worked on it proactively instead of putting all the blame on me.”
Jungkook’s brows furrow, “I told you I’m trying. I am fucking trying.”
“But I never see you try, Jungkook.” 
This doesn’t seem to be the answer Jungkook was hoping to hear with the way his frown deepens.
“I waited for change and I kept forgiving you. All I’ve ever done for the rest of our relationship was wait and make up excuses on your behalf until I…”
“You what?” 
Taehyung remains silent briefly, making Jungkook even more anxious.
“Until you what, Tae?”
“...until one day, I felt nothing. Nothing for you, nothing for us.” 
Normally, Taehyung would be shedding tears by now, but this time he doesn’t. 
“You tell me you love me and how I’m the luckiest person in the world to have you, but why do I feel like it isn’t like that?” Jungkook thought he saw a flash of hurt in Taehyung’s eyes for a brief moment, but Taehyung held his ground.
“You could’ve told me that’s how you felt all along instead of running away from me,” Jungkook’s jaw clenches.
Followed by the part of more blaming until one of them finally caves in.
“You always had an excuse for everything, Jungkook. Whenever I feel bad, it doesn’t matter who owns up for the mistake because it will always be me who’s at fault. Not you,” Jungkook’s gaze flickers as Taehyung’s words draw a pang in his chest.
“I always begged for you. I always sought your validation, for your forgiveness,  hoping that maybe someday – just maybe – you’d see me as an equal. As your actual partner. But no,” Taehyung’s lips form a small, sad smile as he looks down.
“I realized I’d be wasting the rest of my life waiting for you to love me the way I love you; you’ll never do that and that’s okay. Really.” 
‘We can’t end like this.’
Jungkook could lie his way out and win Taehyung back. One excuse on top of another lie, and not once did he admit his narcissism and selfishness. Now that Taehyung is suddenly reminded of everything, he asks himself: Was it so hard for him to break things off with Jungkook to save his sanity? Or was it hard for him because he had grown codependent with him?
He could stay for five more minutes listening to another sob story Jungkook pulls out of his ass, but this time he’ll never believe it. 
Sighing deeply, Jungkook’s doe eyes start to well up with tears he never knew were there, “Is there any way I could fix this? I promise I’ll be better next time.”
Taehyung raises his brow, his eyes boring into Jungkook, “You had all these years to fix every crack in our relationship but you never did. What makes it different this time?”
‘I don’t even fucking know.’ 
Taehyung could see how Jungkook is inevitably failing to think of another affectionate alibi to win him back.
Giving it one last shot, Jungkook lifts his head and looks at Taehyung with sincerity. He comes closer and hugs him but Taehyung never extends his arms nor does he reciprocate the contact. 
“We could try to rekindle our relationship, you know, like going out on dates like we used to and things like that,” Jungkook suggests, convincing Taehyung as hard as he can.
It’s funny how it felt right to be held by him. Like their bodies molded together perfectly. Jungkook’s touch was familiar, and if Taehyung hadn’t known any better by now, he’d probably think he belongs in his tight embrace. 
Taehyung smiles pitifully, “It doesn’t work out that way. Not anymore.”
‘Don’t leave me. Please.’
“I’ve never loved anyone the way I did with you, Taehyung, don’t do this,” Jungkook raises his head, arms still around Taehyung as he looks at him, eyes pleading. If there’s anything people should know about him, it’s that Jeon Jungkook never begs.
Taehyung musters every power left in him to push Jungkook away, “You were in love with the idea of me in your head. The Taehyung who always said yes to everything you said, the Taehyung who tried to be okay because you never cared to listen to anything I had to say, the Taehyung who became your emotional punching bag. I… I can’t keep living that version of myself anymore.”  
‘That’s not true. I love you as you are.’
Jungkook feels smaller by the minute, but he still tries to power through.
“Tae, you can’t be serious. You can’t just throw away the years we spent together.” 
“But I don’t love you anymore, Jungkook.” 
And that shattered him. Hearing Taehyung say the words he dreaded to hear. Seeing how Taehyung is no longer his, how it’s over for the wonderful chapter he thought they both wrote. It turns out it was only Jungkook who was happy because everything was according to his terms of what a happy relationship was like.
“Why can’t you just give us one last try before we call it quits?”
Like always, when he takes him back again, it’ll be another suffocating cycle that Taehyung will choke on. The cycle of solitude will repeat as long as he stays because there’s no way Taehyung could say no to Jungkook.
But this is the last time.
Giving him an empty smile, Taehyung backs farther away from Jungkook, “I’m done begging for love, Jungkook. I’m done begging for you."
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revivalwrites · a day ago
The Operator
Tumblr media
Synopsis : there is nothing normal about Greenwood University. however, the school is your only option. it is even more fearful when the person everyone told you to stay away from, Jungkook , is the one who won’t leave you alone.
parings: yandere! inhuman jungkook x original character / overprotective sibling taehyung x original character
warnings: yandere behavior, light smut, mentions of sex, violence, mentions of miscarriage, inhuman behavior, graphic details
NEW: TAGLIST, ask to be added @mwitsmejk @jeonzll @silversparkles11 @douknowbts @bangtanxcoffee
word count: 5.6k
series masterlist
chapter 15: this is not the end
"I want unity between Ringstar and Bangtan. The planets are neighbors and although our planets can not physically combine we can combine in spirit and leadership. Bangtan has some important resources that Ringstar enjoys, vice versa. Wouldn't it be amazing to share each other's culture and to travel to each other's planet?" Jungkook explained to the council.
Since Jungkook's public outburst both Bangtan and Ringstar leaders have come together for a meeting. It was important they discuss new plans since the operator has arrived. Some looked at him with shakeable fear and admiration while others looked at him with detest.
"No! Queen Shay has ruled for centuries with King Ash before you killed your father years ago! And now we are suppose to accept you because you are a baby made out of infidelity? You have no right to rule Ringstar. You are not full blooded let alone made out of pure love. You're an abomination. Ringstar should not combine with the trash planet that created you." One of the elder councilmen of Ringstar declared.
The room's attention was on Jungkook waiting for his reaction. He bellowed out an amused laugh.
"Old man. I am the son of the most powerful man who ever lived and was born into a bloodline whose power came from an ancient Ringstar rock. There is nobody more capable and deserving than me to rule. It's my birthright!" Jungkook yelled in defense.
The old man stood up from his chair. "Maybe it is. But I can not see it in my heart to support a mistake like you."
"How about we actually see your heart?" Jungkook sneered as his eyes turned purple. Using his telekinesis he ripped the man's heart out without lifting a finger. The man's heart landed at the middle of the table as he fell over in death.
The table gasped in shock and fear some even backing their chairs away.
"M-May I say something?" Queen Shay asked. The beautiful queen's eyes was close shut trying to avoid the gore that was in front of her. 
"Of course my Queen." Jungkook retorted.
The queen took a deep breath before standing up.
"If anyone should be mad about Jungkook's birth and ruling its me. My late husband cheated on me with my late best friend and had him. I ached in pain at his infidelity. But his infidelity was his. None of this is Jungkook's fault yet he has made it his responsibility to consider all of us his people. We should all be honored. I have ruled for many years and have grown tired. I may look like I am in my twenties but the reality is I am hundreds years of age. It is a time a younger, more visionary person rises. Even at a young age of 17, Jungkook was operating all of us. Never in centuries have everything been as peaceful as it was when he ruled. We must be able to change and unite for the better." Some of the councilmen clapped at her words as Jungkook respectfully bowed at her.
"Thank you so much Queen Shay. The respect I have for you can not be expressed in words. But to the councilmen who disagrees please know you are just councilmen, men who gives counsel not decisions. I will unite the two planets and the Pukkas and Abom system will be restored!" Jungkook announced once again making the men silently look down.  While others simply nodded in agreement.
"Now can everyone except the Queen and my brother be dismissed." He continued. The room quickly left scared to be in his presence any longer.
"My my, have you grown Jungkook. I am proud of you." Queen Shay admired as she hugged him.
"I am honored to have your support my Queen. I do not know how my father could cheat on a beautiful woman like you."
"That is a good observation. How did you and King Ash even meet?" Jimin asked.
"Growing up I studied the dance of ballet. I've became very good at it so as an adult I joined a huge ballet show with other dancers. The show was very famous, one day surprisingly Ash and his family joined. Ash loved my dancing and thought I was beautiful so after the show he came to meet me.
I felt I had to since he was the Prince. He soon became instantly in love with me and demanded to take me on these extravagant dates. Eventually there was talks of marriage which I couldn't decline since most royal marriages are arranged. I detested him for not giving me a choice in our marriage. He also didn't allow me to publicly dance or go anywhere without security. The lifestyle wasn't for me at all.
Eventually I learned to get use to the lifestyle and eventually him. We started working together as Queen and King and became closer. Sometimes we would have casual sex but it wasn't passionate because I didn't love him. I never fully gave myself to him. He hated that I didn't love him as much as he loved me.
After years he became cold and I guess he started cheating on me. In other circumstances, I feel like we could've worked. Perhaps if I was a ballet dancer and he was just a middle class man who went to the show." She explained smiling at the thought.
Jimin looked at Jungkook seeing if he felt any reaction to the story. "Sometimes I feel guilty for killing my parents and it was wrong of me to take away yours." Jungkook said looking at Jimin who was not expecting his confession.
"I'll admit I took our mom's death very hard.  A part of me hated you for taking her life but she did try to kill you. I also disagree with you for killing my father today. I know they both deserve death but I could never forget the good times I had with them. Part of my power is seeing people's happiest desire and I just always wanted to see you happy again so I just dealt with it no matter how bad it hurt." Jimin cried Jungkook embraced him in a hug.
"I'm sorry hyung I should have thought of you. For now on, I will always think of you." Jungkook said holding in tears.
"Oh c'mon join the hug." Jimin laughed through his cries as Queen Shay hugged the two boys.
After a while they let each other go. "Speaking of happiness how is my love doing?" Jungkook ask Jimin.
"She's with her family. She was shocked at your decapitation ceremony. Anyways, we went to the doctor's and we found out she has basic powers and a long lifetime. The doctor said she might even have other powers." Jimin explained.
Jungkook did not look happy at the news and that confused Jimin. He thought he wanted her to have powers.
"Hyung do you mind that I speak with Queen Shay alone?" Jungkook weakly asked. Jimin eyebrows creased in worry but he listened to Jungkook and left.
"What's wrong?" Queen Shay asked.
"I-I don't want Storm to die." Jungkook admitted eyes getting glossy at the thought.
"But she's going to live for hundreds of years."
"That's not enough!" Jungkook yelled. He sighed at his outburst. "I'm sorry. It's just that I'm immortal and I don't want to outlive her I want to be with her forever."
"Jungkook, the reason your father and his ancestors died is because of the weapon that was created to destroy immortal beings. Your father killed his father to get the kingship and the same happen before that. Immortality is not as forever as you think." The Queen explained.
"Have you forgotten that the weapon didn't work on me?"
"But I know something that will work. Nobody knows this so you must not repeat it." The Queen said in a serious tone.
"I'm immortal."
"H-How? You're not of the royal blood line?"
"Immortality is hereditary in your father's line which is how you received it. Meaning it’s in the baby's blood. Long ago, I became pregnant. It was a secret only between the castle. Unfortunately, the baby died before I could birth it. When I found out I became weak and my heart stopped. I also died. Days later, I woke up I discovered that when the baby died the amniotic fluid somehow gave me it's powers it was meant to have."
"So you're saying I have to get Storm pregnant then kill the baby and then her?" Jungkook asked.
"What! No! I'm saying that previously your grandmothers never had immortality because the amniotic fluid was only in them for 9 months and afterwards the sac is removed. If she was pregnant and you stored a vial of the fluid and injected in her after birth she would also be immortal."
"Oh, well we're not exactly at that base yet."
"Until you are keep a close watch on her." Queen Shay warned.
"I can't believe you. I was sleeping good until random soldiers walked in and brought me here!" Storm complained.
"But I've missed you and I know you've missed me too." He whined.
"You saw me this morning!" She argued as she took the looks at the bedroom. It was the most luxurious room she's ever seen, clearly meant for a royal.
"That's was a long time. Can you stop complaining I want us to go to bed."
She sighed before getting settled on the bed. "We're on a planet with many rooms so what's your excuse now."
"I like to keep my valuable possessions close in case someone tries to steal it." He explained wrapping an arm around her body bringing her closer.
"Did you know I have so many family members? I can't even tell you all their names Jungkook but they were so nice." Storm told him.
"I'm so glad. You deserve to be surrounded by people who love you." Jungkook praised giving her a slight peck on the cheek.
"What did you do today besides decapitate Jimin's father?"
"Seriously? Are you ever going to stop?" Jungkook asked removing his arm from her.
"Stop what?"
"Your random bitchy comments. One minute you're nice and then you say something like that." Jungkook explained.
"You expect me not to react to you killing people like its normal!"
"If it bothered you as much as you wished it did you wouldn't bother to even be civil with me. Stop sending such mixed signals."
Storm felt she should defend herself more. But Jungkook was a smooth talker that could make a guilty person think they are innocent and a innocent person think they are guilty. "I-I'm sorry but its kind of hard to forget things like that. I'm not used to seeing so much justification for murder."
Jungkook turned her chin so it faced him. "You told me on Earth that you liked me. It's nobody here to judge you butterfly. Stop convincing yourself that liking me is wrong and let yourself live and be happy. It's better to accept it now because i'm never letting go of us."
Perhaps he was right. It's not like Jungkook was a bad person he always been kind to her. She stared into his eyes and slowly nodded her head.
"Your eyes. They have pink specks. It's beautiful." He observed staring at her.
"Can I see your eyes?" She quietly asked him. He closed his eyes for a slight second. Opening them his eyes were now purple. "I like your eyes too."
"Really? I sort of hated it growing up because I was the only person with purple eyes. Sometimes, when I'm angry or stressed my veins underneath turns black." He explained.
"Purple represents wisdom and healing and in some strange way I think you have helped me heal, with meeting my family and everything. I hate to admit it but you probably protected people in Greenwood with your system and that takes wisdom."
"Wow! My baby is finally complimenting me." He praised pecking her on the lips.
When his lips parted from hers she did the unexpected and connected their lips again in a slow kiss. Excited from her surprising actions, he kissed her back this time more roughly and gratifyingly. Their lips met together rythymitically in desire.
Jungkook faintly pulled at her bottom lip cause her to slightly arch her back. He used this opportunity to pull off his shirt and quickly connect his lips again to hers as their tongues wrestled each other. His hand found his way under her shirt holding onto her waist as she pressed her arms around his neck.
Jungkook's hands found her breast, as he obscurely squeezed it causing her to let out a moan. The noise was pleasing to his ears and excited him even more. "Good girl, you want the whole castle to know that you're mine." He teased.
His seductive tone of voice caused her break free from her trance. Despite her actions, she was not ready to go this far with him. "We need to stop!"
"Why? Because you moaned?"
"No! T-That was my stomach! I'm hungry." She lied.
"Hungry or Horny?" He teased.
"Ok fine! I got a little excited but not as much as you clearly are!" She declared looking at his sweatpants.
"Don't create problems unless you're going to fix it love." He joked as he let himself fall to his side of the bed.
She glared at him for his obscene comments.
"Hey, i'm kidding. Besides we're going to be with each other all the time we'll have sex eventually. Perhaps after I marry you."
"No!" She gasped.
"You can't wait that long?" He questioned.
"No. I mean yes. Fuck, I mean since when did I say yes to marriage. We've only been on one date?"
"I'm your king you have to marry me if I ask you. It's the tradition here."
"You're talking crazy so I'm going to sleep." She yawned before laying down to go to sleep hoping that he was just bluffing.
Storm woke up with arms around her torso and breathing on her neck. She tried to break free but it only resulted in her being hugged tighter. "Trying to run away baby?"
"No, I just need to get ready. I'm suppose to hang out with my cousins and we've been sleeping all morning."
"I never gave you permission." He said finally being fully alert.
"I shouldn't have to ask for permission to see my family. Besides, don't you have alot to do for someone who run two planets?"
"Yes, but I want to spend time with you. You can do these things with me. I don't want you to leave my sight."
"Wasn't one of the reasons you tried to convince me to enjoy Ringstar was my family and now you're telling me I can't see them." She complained as she gave one final jerk from his arms breaking free.
"I guess your logic makes sense but only on one condition." He proposed.
"What is it?" She asked happily.
"You have to open up your mind to me so if anything happens I can find you." He suggest with a slight smirk.
"What no! That means you can like read my mind."
"No, I can't read minds only control them."
"That's even worst! I don't want you to mind control me." She argued.
"I'm not. Look, I can't read your thoughts and I don't want to control you. If you open your mind up to mind to me I can track you." He explained.
She looked at him looking for any hint of lies. She expected this was the only was she could leave so she nodded her head. "Alright how do we do that."
"Just take my hand and look into my eyes." He explained. She obeyed and look at his purple eyes.
"Is it working?"
"No because you're nervous. Relax baby."
She took a huge breath and relaxed her mind as she stared at him.
"Can you hear me?" She heard a familiar voice in her head causing her to jump in shock.
"What the hell!" She shrieked.
"Oh it works." He smiled. "Have fun love." He gave her a peck on the cheek before leaving the room.
"That's suspicious." She thought to herself
Low music played in the background of the room of artists foreign to Storm as Jennie and Lisa started to dance with cups around their hand.
"Is this like a party?" Storm asked.
"No, its too early for parties! This is just a get together with a few friends that's coming over." Jennie drunkenly laughed.
Jisoo stared at Storm's demeanor looking for clues. "So where were you last night after all those security guards." Jisoo questioned.
"Oh take a guess!" Rosé scoffed.
"Jungkook?" Jisoo yelled. Storm nodded her head causing Jisoo to squeal. "So are you guys like a thing? Because Rosé claims you're the next queen."
"I guess we're a thing but I don't think it will last enough for me to become Queen. He'll get tired of me after a while. 
"Sweetheart, Jimin told me Jungkook has never shown interest in a girl until you. Giving all the things he have done to get you here, im pretty sure you're stuck with him for life." Rosé differed.
Storm eyes widen in shock as she didn't say a word.
"Wait do you want to be with Jungkook?" Lisa asked stopping her dancing.
Storm sighed. "I mean if I'm being honest, being with him feels like a vacation. I'm kind of happy I'm here because I met you guys. Also, I like the way he makes me feel wanted and protected."
"But?" Jennie said.
"My anxiety is through the room. Part of me misses my friends back home and my career. I have so many questions! What if he doesn't want me after a while? Why do I feel like my freedom will be lesser and lesser everyday on this planet? Can I really handle this lifestyle that Jungkook have? Why does he even want me I'm not good enough for him? What would everyone I love think of me for being with a dangerous man like him? What would my mom thought?" She ranted.
"Woahhh." Lisa sighed.
Jisoo rubbed her back in comfort. "Did you hear the speech yesterday? Jungkook didn't even want to leave his own planet, why would he get tired and leave you? He could have easily left his less modern home planet and only ruled Ringstar. He doesn't care if something might seem obsolete in people's eyes. If he loves something than its good enough for him."
"Why do I get a feeling that you never chose to be with Jungkook?" Jennie rose the question.
"Because she didn't." Rosé answered for her. The girls were stunned at the answer.
"Be honest, if you had the opportunity to go back home right now would you?" Lisa asked.
Storm pondered on the question. She was happy here but it also felt forced. Earth was her homeplanet just like Bangtan was Jungkook's. You see how quickly Jungkook left Earth despite liking the planet. It's not wrong of her for missing Earth.
"I-I think so. I just wish I had the option of visiting both planets. But I had to beg Jungkook to get me to come here so I highly doubt he'll let me go anywhere else."
"We don't judge you for liking Jungkook. Lots of girls here grew up liking him knowing he was dangerous. I just wish you had more control over the situation. And as for Lily? Aunt Lily would've never taken the job from Queen Shay to leave her family behind to find Jungkook if she didn't respect him. Jungkook is known as the most powerful and fair king to ever exist. The only ones who don't respect him are ones who are prejudice." Jennie explained.
"Speaking of Aunt Lily...How did she die Storm?"
Storm nervously looked away scared to tell them that it was her brother who killed her. They would even loose more respect for him if she admitted Jungkook was involved.
"Car accident. She hit a tree that struck her vital organs and the car caught on fire." Rosé answered covering for Storm.
The girls looked down bowing their heads in respect for her legacy.
"Car accidents kill people on Earth? Poor Lily if she was on Ringstar she would have never died this way!" Jennie cried.
"Guys I know we're all upset but Lily was never afraid of death and she left a beautiful daughter behind." Jisoo reasoned.
"You're right! So let's all forget our problems. All that anxiety and grief can go away." Rosé chirped as she pulled out a huge bottle of alcohol.
"Go Storm!" The group chanted as she danced along to the music with a bottle in her hand. A few friends had come over so they all decided to open up a few alcohol bottles and dance to music.
Storm had never tried the strong taste of Ringstar's alcohol so as a result she got drunk pretty easily.
She left the dance circle and figured it was time she calmed down a little and sat on the couch beside Rosé.
Storm gave Rosé a huge smile."You know I love you couszy right?"
"I love you too but chill on the drinks." Rosé told her.
"I knowww but I've never tasted anything so good before." She giggled slurring her words.
"Just stay here i'll bring you some water."
Storm waited impatiently furiously tapping her feet. Her eyes were averted when she noticed that her cousin's friend Gabriel was approaching her.
"Hey, it's Storm right?" Gabriel asked taking the empty seat beside her.
"Storm yeah but like my mom did name me Nari."
"Nari, hm. That means Lily in Korean." Gabriel informed her.
"Yeah that was my mom's name. How do you know that? Do you know Korean?"
"I know alot of languages babe."
"Mmm. Must be nice." She stated wishing she knew the language. "And your name is?"
"Gabriel. Would you like to be saying that name many times tonight." He flirted causing Storm to gag in disgust.
"Ew! Come up with better pick up lines."
"You're right. I could've said something better." She said.
"Besides, i'm in a relationship with the king."
Gabriel stared at her with a goofy smile. "You are not dating King Jungkook. The man just came on this planet after years and I've never seen him with anyone." He laughed.
"I am though, I have no reason to lie. We met on a distant planet called Earth."
"You're one of those delusional fangirls aren't you? You look too weak for him." He asked.
"I'm still stronger and more powerful than you." She bragged.
Gabriel fell into pits of laughter. "You? Please. Just because you're related to Rosé and her cousins don't mean you're powerful."
"I can tell the future." She defended.
"Alright." He laughed. "Read my future."
She closed her eyes focusing ignoring his laughs. Since she's been on this planet she felt more powerful. With alcohol in her system she felt more confident to test them.
She analyzed his future by imagining his face, more specifically eyes. "I-I can't tell you because its very short."
"Short? Do you even know what planet you're on? We lives hundreds of years and barely age." He argued.
"Well, not for you."
"You're a literal nobody. Don't try to predict my life or I'll shorten yours." He threatened before leaving the couch.
Storm rolled her eyes at Gabriel's threat. Clearly alcohol don't calm everyone down.
Rosé finally arrived with a glass of water. "What was that all about?"
"Men being stupid." Storm retorted.
Rosé hummed in agreement. "Yeah Gabriel can be dumb sometimes. Speaking of men I was surprised Jungkook let you out here with no security guards or nothing."
"I knowww." Storm slurred. "He said I can come as long as I do some weird mindlink with him."
Rosé eyes widen in shock as she pulled Storm towards her. "Look at me." Rosé looked into her eyes and groaned.
"You're so naive sometimes! Your eyes literally have purple specks now." Rosé yelled.
"What? Why purple?"
"Because Jungkook literally can see and hear everything you do."
"What? He told me he can only locate me?!"
"Yeah locate by literally stalking you through your own eyes." Rosé explained.
Storm let out a shriek as she closed her eyes. "Okay for now on just whisper in my ear."
"What? He can still hear us if I do that you idiot!!"
Storm sighed before opening her eyes. "I'm so glad I didn't get dress or use the bathroom."
Voices could only be heard when the music stopped. The small crowd looked around the room in confusion. "What happened to the music?"
The room suddenly went dark prohibiting everyone's vision.
Jungkook angrily pulled Storm's hand as he dragged her towards his room. "H-How did we get here so so so fast?"
He ignored her words pushing her into the room. "Hey what happened back there?!" She asked.
Jungkook stayed quiet and only glared at her. His cold stare intimidated her so she looked at her hands and let out a gasp as she saw the blood on them. Looking up at Jungkook she finally saw this his hands we're splattered with the red substance.
"Why is there blood everywhere?!" She panicked. "Hey! Stop ignoring me."
"You got drunk." He scowled.
"So? It's what people my age do. That still don't explain why there's blood on your hands."
She looked at him desperate for an answer. "Protecting you like I always do while you're out being immature." He scolded.
"Who did you kill?" Storm yelled at him.
"Your little friend Gabriel."
"Gabriel? Why? He didn't do anything wrong!" She defended.
"He flirted and insulted you. I heard everything." He shouted back.
"You killed someone over an insult? You can't be serious! I thought you were killing people who we're murderers and rapists but it seems you just kill anyone who pisses you off!"
"I have the right as king to kill anyone I see fit. You should've known better then to try to defy me, love." He said in a calmer matter.
"So you get to kill anyone you see fit because you're king but anyone else who does that is an Abom and must be killed? It's not adding up 'love'" She mocked.
"Think of it like this, nobody like Gabriel will every try to flirt or insult you again because they know you're mine." He explained.
"Why do you care so much about that? Are you insecure in yourself? Regular men will tell the person to go away."
Jungkook laughed. "The fact you will even compare me to one of those insecure regular men is hilarious to me."
"I see something in you I once saw in myself but it was taken away from me by the cruelness of this earth. The real question is, are you so insecure you can't see how special you are? If I don't protect that then you will end up just like me!" Jungkook continued.
"Trying to fix my life won't fix yours. When are you going to stop trying to control everyone and everything and let yourself live and be happy?" She reasoned.
"You're my way of living. I'm happy when i'm with you." He said in a quiet tone. She looked at him with sorrow eyes. She felt bad for him and finally understood why he was doing all this.
"Look, despite everything you've done I want to give us a try. But I can't do that if you're going to be so impulsive." Storm reasoned.
He looked at her with a plain expression. "Thank you baby but unfortunately that don't mean shit to me."
Her eyes widen at shock. "I'm the one who is control in this relationship I don't need your approval on anything. This whole time I've been nice to you and look where that's gotten us. Since you want to villianize me, I'll be the villian."
"What are you saying?" Storm asked fearing the answer.
"Don't expect to be going anywhere outside this room for a long time."
"Your coronation is set for next week. I've been arranging easier and faster traveling from Bangtan to Ringstar for the event." Jimin explained to Jungkook who had his hands buried in his face.
"Ok." He retorted.
"Are you good?" Jimin asked his younger sibling.
"Yes, everything's good Jimin!" Jungkook answered annoyed at his questions.
Jimin shook his head. "No it's not. We need to have a talk."
"No we don't hyung. Unless you're going to talk about the 1,000 things I need to do as King then leave." He said raising his voice.
"Stop ordering me around for once and listen." Jimin yelled. It was very rare that Jimin raised his voice so Jungkook allowed him to continue.
"Where has Storm been? Rosé and her family have been asking about her."
"She's safe, that's all that matters." Jungkook responded as he took a deep breath. "Are you done now?"
"No, I'm not. I heard that you killed Gabriel.....and that guy at the meeting? What's been up with you Jungkook. You use to give people chances and now you're just killing people?"
"Really Jimin? It's not like i'm killing a child, these are people who are going against me." He defended.
"Killing people who disagree with you is what your father use to do. I remember you being the man who gave Aboms a chance to change and Pukkas a chance to prosper. A real king shows people a better way not kill people who gets in his way."
"Don't compare me to my father!" Jungkook yelled. He tried to compose himself a little. "I know i've been doing things different but I'm just under so much stress between uniting two planets, these events, bringing back the system, and Storm isn't behaving! My powers are stronger than they have ever been and if I don't let it loose I fear it will change me." He ranted.
Jimin moved his chair closer to Jungkook's. "I want to help you but for once you need to take my advice." Jimin told him.
Jungkook head hung low as he slowly nodded in defeat.
"Did you not listen to Queen Shay's story? How she could never truly love King Ash because he didn't give her free will? How their relationship was only sexual and no passion or love? How King Ash cheated on her with our mom?"
"I would never cheat on Storm!"
"Maybe you won't. But she won't truly love you if you if you keep restricting her.”
“Eventually she will learn to love me.” Jungkook assured him.
“No, eventually she will hate you.” Jimin argued.
“I have an idea.”
“I’m listening.” Jungkook retorted.
“Let her go home and I’ll guarantee she will come back, and when she does you don’t have to worry about her disobeying you or not loving you.” Jimin proposed.
“No! That’s out of the question. I’m never letting her go again.”
“You didn’t let me finish. I’m more powerful now that I’m on Ringstar. Are you forgetting I can see everyone’s happiest desire? And Storm potentially has the power to predict the future, mostly in dreams. What if I projected your happiest desire of being with her in her dreams while she’s on Earth? She would think it’s her future and every night you will be the only thing she will think of. She will miss you and her family so much she will beg to be back on Ringstar, and be completely in love with you.” He explained.
“That’s crazy Jimin! I can barely go a day let alone a year without her. Besides, I don’t want to brainwash her into loving me.”
“It’s not brainwashing Jungkook! She already likes you. I’m just showing her the future with you so it can be real to her. She needs to thinks her loving you is her choice. She will come back to you on her own and you two will be happy.”
Jungkook couldn’t believe that he was contemplating this idea. But he knew with all his kingly duties that was piling up, and his change of behavior, that it wasn’t healthy to be around his love. His temper has been on edge lately and his powers have been aching to show. He didn’t want to hurt her.
“I-I can’t just leave her on Earth by herself. She could die there.”
“We will have Rosé be there to watch her.”
“Rosé.” Jungkook questioned. “The same girl who tried to take Storm away from me?”
“Then who else?” Jimin asked.
“You.” Jungkook said making Jimin furrow his eyebrows in confusion. “I trust you with her.”
“But whose going to help you rule the planets?”
“You can do both. If you are transmuting to Ringstar and Earth you can tell Storm about everything she’s missing and she will want me even more.”
“That’s perfect actually. I still have my company on Earth to watch over.” Jimin said smiling that his idea was coming together.
“Hyung, I’m putting alot of trust in you in this. Your plan better work.”
This was the hardest day of Jungkook’s life, letting go the love of his life. The only thing that made him happy.
But he knew it was his only choice. He knew the only way he could be happy if she was truly happy.
He didn’t crave for a fake love that was completely forced.
Don’t get him wrong, if he want’s something he will have it at any cost.
But perhaps it was time for him to pay the cost and not her.
He will let her think its the end of their love story so she will crave for a sequel.
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hobipost · 27 days ago
need to know
Tumblr media
— explicit drabble; jungkook x f. reader; someone call the horny patrol 🚔 i randomly remembered this jungkook existed and almost A YEAR LATER he still has me in a chokehold...
Tumblr media
You won't lie, you always wondered what Jungkook would be like if he was rougher in bed. He's much more into vanilla sex, and you have absolutely no complaints about it. Zero. Sex with him is always good, and you love the slow, steamy kinda thing.
You don't know what came over to him, you're sure you never let it out of your mouth. Jungkook simply came home after a concert, and with no further explanation dragged you to his room and proceeded to make almost every single little dirty desire you've been having the past weeks come true.
It started with his fingers. The tattooed ones. Two plugged into you with so much ease it felt like he used a whole bottle of lube. Well, he actually used it later to eat you out. It tastes like grapes and is one of his greatest purchases. Jungkook is used to fingering and eating you out, but this time... The way he didn't take his fingers away even if you were scooping up in bed, or how he spitted on your pussy like it wasn't wet enough — it's simply not a Jungkook thing. Then, after you cummed so hard you felt your throat starting to get sore from the screeches of pleasure, he took you from behind, edging you to the point of tears, marking your skin, tattooing it as his. Your hair was a mess in his large, rough hands, and every time he increased the pressure, your pussy spasmed around him.
Truly, he stopped sometimes to ask if it was okay. "I can take it. Fuck that pussy open," was your response. And so he did.
Burning like fire and tingling everywhere — if you have to describe what you're feeling for hours now, this would be the perfect description. Your poor knees and thighs are already sore from riding this man for god knows how long, but you can't stop. Every time you go up leaving only his tip inside, you can't resist coming back down until you feel him in your gut. Fuck. Is this why people are obsessed with rough sex? You can understand why.
"Kook," you whine, voice so thin and small you sound like a helpless woman. "I c-can't..."
Jungkook only forces his digits on your jaw. "You can and you will. Don't you dare stop now that you're almost there."
You take his words and use the back of the couch as leverage, knuckles white from the pressure of your fingers, but you don't stop. Slower, on a sensual and rough grinding, but you keep going. He's right anyway. Your trembling legs are trying desperately to close around his thick thighs to no avail. Jungkook, however, looks peaceful like he's just lounging on a random episode of In The Soop. That fucker. Meanwhile, you're fighting for your life against his dick. How can he last so long?! You lost count of the times you came and you're so sore you can imagine all the struggle to walk for the next days, and he just cummed once.
"Baby. Oh my god." Almost yanking the couch's back cushions, your whole body trembles in the arrival of your nth orgasm. The first reaction you have is trying to raise from his dick and press your clit to intensify the sensation. To breath some air for god's sake. But Jungkook has different ideas, simply holding your hip and forcing you back down on his cock, unmoving, making you soundly choke like it's on your mouth. With your clit now pressing against his hip, you have nowhere to put your hands, and they glide against his body with ease in search of some consolation because this is wrecking you. Your poor body is curling like a ball in his arms, brain shutting down like an overloaded windows 97.
Sweat is everywhere, you look like you both just came out of a boiling shower. Jungkook is gorgeous, a living sculpture crafted by gods — but now, fuck... His eyebrows, big nose, jawline, neck, chest, hips, thighs... No part of him isn't stimulating you in some kind of way right now.
"Stay still."
"Jungkook..." A pleading for mercy.
"Stay. Still. I wanna feel you clench around me. Fuck. How can you get so tight?"
You don't know how long it takes for your high sensation to subside, but when it does, you're hyper-aware of his thick cock still buried inside of you. Breathing like you've been underwater all this time, you whine weakly when he moves to trace his nose through the length of your sweaty neck, dick moving slightly.
Jungkook suddenly manhandles you to lay on the couch, and your legs try desperately to close because you know what that means. You're still sensitive and puffy. You can hear your poor pussy screaming at you Woman Give Me A Break For God's Sake. But Jungkook buries himself even deeper, making you choke a moan again.
"B-baby! What happened to you?! Oh my god!"
"Don't you like it?"
You take in his figure above you, glistening, hard, smelling like sex, and like Jungkook (you can't explain it but it's your favorite smell). His tattoos look like contemporary paintings, and you want to kiss them. Want him to take you from behind while choking you with that tattooed hand. Want to suck that goddamn silver ring on his lip.
"I fucking do."
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rendaze · 5 months ago
one morning stand (m)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ featuring . . . dom nerd!jungkook x gn!reader
+ summary . . . in which you and jungkook have one night stands with roommates and happen to be sneaking out at the same time.
+ genre . . . smut, fluff
+ wordcount . . . 7.9k
+ warnings . . . don't be fooled by the first half being fluff lmao; rough sex, a lot of dirty talk (jk will not shut up), heavy degradation (use of ‘slut’, 'whore', etc.), consensual slut-shaming (reader is into it), exhibitionism, cumplay, cum swallowing, unprotected sex, breeding kink, reader gets tied up at one point
Tumblr media
Most mornings arrived like a lover’s gentle touch, beguiling the horizon’s rays to surface with a golden grace; yours, however, often arrived with an acute headache, nausea, and the race to gather your clothes and dip before your one-night stand roused from snore-filled slumber. Though short was the list of things worse than hangovers, the dreaded walk of shame was often far more perilous with its intricacies and social hazards.
Between tossed beer cans and workout gear was a Chewbacca-themed alarm clock ticking away the minutes until it would wake its owner with a recorded growl. You, still in disbelief you had slept with a man with Star Wars paraphernalia, quickened your pace.
Some would call you tactless, but you were simply realistic. What else could come out of meaningless breakfast offers and forced conversations if not minutes wasted on both ends?
By the time you had wiped your face clean and thrown the prior night’s clothes over your head, the sun had arced through the sky with an obstination better suited for the winter months. For it was not the light that had awoken you, but the quiet rumble of steps falling down staircases as those who lived in the party house began their morning clean-up.
This, you’d argue, was the worst part of falling asleep after a hook-up: avoiding the ‘walk of shame’.
And it appeared as if you weren’t the only one facing this conundrum.
You opened the door to see a figure lurked near the hallway’s end, fluffy hair peeking at the crowded living room. The young man stuck close to the wall as if he were one with it, desperate to remain hidden. His coffee-colored eyes scanned the scene as if envisioning a multitude of escape routes and calculating their likelihood of success. His frown said that he wasn’t too pleased with the conclusion.
The sigh was a familiar one – one that had been directed towards you one too many times.
His shoulders jumped as if he were the hare to your fox, fight or flight senses kicking in at your abrupt arrival.
Jeon Jungkook. Captain of the debate team, frequent charity donor, homework answer sharer, your seatmate, and the last person you’d ever expect to encounter on a Sunday morning.
His neck, besmeared with an array of violent hickeys, whipped towards your standing figure. He shushed you with a finger to his pink lips – an image you’d seen whenever you would bother him with useless remarks in the middle of a lecture.
You crept beside him, crouched to copy his pose. Though you nodded, your mind meandered yonder. The Jeon Jungkook you knew from History and the Jeon Jungkook who wore beer-stained Hawaiian polos appeared as two separate entities. One you were familiar with, the other you were unsure of.
He fixed his hands through his hair and buttoned his shirt higher, clearing his throat with a demure smile better suited for school hallways than sticky trash-covered floors. “Hey, you,” his voice cracked, causing the ‘you’ to sound like two words smashed together.
“What are you doing here?”
“What do you mean?” His brows raised as if the answer hadn’t been right in front you – which it had been, in the form of violet blotches and scratch marks across his sun-blessed skin.
“Did you trip down the stairs and pass out?” You half-joked. It was arduous to imagine how the teacher’s pet who did algebra for fun could find himself in the same spot you were in. ‘It’s relaxing!’ He’d argue, before timing himself on his Samsung’s stopwatch and beginning another worksheet while waiting for the professor. You were more inclined to believe the scratch marks had come from some cat Jungkook had pet-sat than someone he had fucked a room across yours.
His doe eyes grew, as if both offended and bewildered. “Do you seriously not-” The approaching sound of steps slashed his sentence short.
They must’ve been done cleaning the living room – which meant they were heading straight towards you.
Jungkook had always been quick to raise his hand during lectures. It was as if he was in constant competition with himself, as no one else bothered. And his answers were always right.
You weren’t sure if this one was; not when he nearly dislocated your shoulder dragging you up to a stand, and especially not when he shoved the pair of you into the nearest room.
With the precision of a bomb defuser, he closed the oak door as silently as his sweaty palms could.
“Jungkook, what-”
He pressed the rough pad of his fingertip to your lips.
Imprisoned within the cage of your ribs, a nestled heart thud.
This was the closest you’d ever been to him.
In the dim room, light fragments leaked from the doorframe’s gaps and highlighted his face in soft shades. You thought about sunlight: how it travelled at a nearly instantaneous speed, how distant it journeyed if only to linger on him, and how, in its earliest hours, it turned Jungkook’s brown eyes into honey.
This close, you felt more than heard the pace of his breathing; the warm air caressed your forehead as he leant past you to make sure the door was shut.
The silence allowed you to observe the room you had been pulled into, though you found it to be less of a room than you’d given it credit for. While the floor and lower shelves were crammed with an assortment of shoeboxes and house slippers, the upper half was littered with winter coats and gear. In the limited space, you could hardly exhale without your chest touching his.
It was a closet. Jungkook, in his panic, had trapped you both in a closet.
Beyond the door was the loud banter and cacophony of people as they cleaned up the prior night’s apocalyptic aftermath. Crushed plastic cups. Mops against floors. Changed bed sheets.
The two of you waited. A minute passed. Then, another. And another. They continued to clean the area outside where you hid, each too-close step causing him to flinch.
Whether it be his proximity or your ennui, you could no longer take it.
“Okay, you might have a problem with being seen but I don’t.” Your movement stirred a response from his then rigid frame. He had to maintain his golden boy reputation, after all. You, contrarily, had no notoriety of which you were caged by. The general population didn’t care about you the way they did Jungkook. The simple miracle of him attending a party would already be made a spectacle by Monday.
He reached for your wrist as you clutched the doorknob. His pout (which was horrendously endearing) compelled you to pause. “Please.” He kept your gaze, as if it were an insurmountable fact that one didn’t go against his wishes when faced with such a guise. You loathed how he was right.
“Fine, at least entertain me,” you whispered. Already, he looked as if he regretted not letting you go. “I’ve never seen you at a party before. Didn’t think you were the type to hook-up.”
You’d expected him to flush at your confrontational assumption, rather than the raised brow and head tilt you were met with. “And why’s that?”
“Because you’re so… you.” At his look did you shrug, rattled mind settling for the first adjective it thought of. “You’re cute.”
“What? It’s a compliment.” You pat his head.
“What am I? A dog?” He huffed, blown air inflating his cheeks. He swatted your hands away and crossed his arms. You didn’t think it was a good time to point out how, in that moment, he very much looked like the kicked puppy he tried not to be. “You know, I’m not as innocent as you think I am.”
“Evidently not,” you said. “Or you wouldn’t be here, stuck in a closet with me, sneaking out after a one night stand.”
“Who said anything about a one night stand?”
Your brow raised. “You have a partner?”
The dark did little to conceal the crimson burn of his cheeks and ears. “No, but I’m just saying. I hypothetically could have one. You don’t know me.”
“We’ve been seatmates for five months, Jungkook.”
“And not once have we actually talked.”
“Unless I’ve been talking to your secret twin, I don’t know what to tell you.”
“You complaining about our prof everytime she gives out an assignment isn’t a conversation.”
“Only because you’re a teacher’s pet.” You huffed. While he might not have appreciated your circadian quips, you didn’t think it was the worst seatmate bonding time. “Which brings me to my next question: why’d you go last night?”
“I can’t go to parties like a regular college student just because I’m me?”
You sent him a pointed look because, yes, you didn’t think he went to parties like a regular college student. While you might not have known what he got up to during his free time (seeing as he didn’t have social media), you were certain that none of it involved vomiting in his grandmother's antique vase after declining a three-way with his dealer and her boyfriend – something that has totally never happened to you.
“What?” he whined.
“Who’s the lucky person that managed to drag the golden boy away from his studies?” If you were sure of anything, it was this: infatuation led people to the most unexpected of places. For what other reason would you stay entrapped in a closet with a man in a Hawaiian polo?
His hair, as wavy as a stygian sea, bounced as he shook his head.
“If you don’t tell me, I might accidentally start speaking too loudly,” you teased, voice rising in volume.
Panicked, he placed his palm over your lips. “Keep your voice to a whisper.” He sighed, relenting. “I… I came last night because I wanted to see you.”
You blinked.
“To see me?”
His bunny teeth gnawed his lip. “I’ve always thought you were kinda cool.” His hands rose to cover his overheated ears. “C’mon, you definitely know I like you. I always act like such an idiot around you.”
You didn’t know. How could you have possibly known when he never spared you a second glance?
Reading your disbelief, he continued. “You don’t remember the notepad incident?”
The cogs in your brain turned until a memory snapped to the surface; one of him leaving his desk unattended during lecture, and you ruffling through his post-it notes out of boredom (because for reasons unknown to you, he had dozens in numerous colors). What you weren’t expecting to find were short letters—if they could even be called that—written in the backs of them. They talked about infatuation and the art of unrequited passion, thoughts you’d never associated Jungkook to having. So engrossed in their messages, you hadn’t realized when he had come back. “Who’s this about?” you had asked him as he swiped his stationary back from you, face flushed.
“You said it was poetry.”
He groaned. “What about all the times I let you copy off my homework?”
“I thought you were just being nice!”
Jungkook pouted, his foot softly stomping in frustration at your idiocy. “I’m not that nice.”
“Then why didn’t you approach me?” You hadn’t seen him the entire night.
He took a step back. “You were… busy.”
“Oh.” Your stomach dropped. “Jungkook, I-”
“No, no,” he panicked. “You don’t have to explain yourself, you don’t owe me anything. Seriously.”
“But I still feel bad.”
“Well, don’t, it’s not like I didn’t… yeah.”
“Well, the past is the past.” You forced him to meet your eyes with a tug of his chin. “We can always make up for lost time.”
His adam’s apple bobbed. “What?”
Your hands trailed his arms, surprised at the hard muscle. He shivered as you blew on his ear. “I’ve always thought you were cute, too.”
“Wait, really?”
“Yes, really,” you giggled. “You don’t think I have good taste?”
“If you did, I would’ve fucked you last night.”
You liked this bolder Jungkook. The one who met your gaze rather than shied from it.
“Well, if you had approached me, maybe you would have.” Your hands trailed his chest. “But we can always do it now.”
“What? Now? There are people outside.” His words supposed one thing but the hands resting on your hips said another.
“Should’ve thought of that before you dragged me in here.”
He curled inwards. “Sorry about that, by the way. I panicked.”
“Yeah, I could tell.” You pressed against his chest. The rise of his heartbeat drummed against your skin. “But if you hadn’t then I wouldn’t have been able to do this.”
The back of your hand grazed his crotch.
The teasing motion awoke in him something you had yet to see. His eyes darkened as he took a step closer to you, hands spread against the door behind you. He trapped you between his arms, his breath cascading across your skin. So slowly did he lean in that your wrist’s pulse began to tick like clockwork, as if it too were counting the seconds until he closed the gap.
When he did, you were knocked breathless.
His kiss was rough, not at all like the way he pressed against you. It was soft and passionate. Strange yet comfortable. Everything and nothing like you’d expected from this Jungkook.
Your hands ran through his hair, tangled in its softness. He tasted like mouthwash and smelled like baby power. He was the definition of intoxication, and you were content to be engulfed in his waters.
Pushing his hair from his eyes, he used his other hand to drag you closer to the center of his storm, the music of lips against lips a resounding orchestra. His giggles as you touched his neck were just as melodious as he wrapped his arms around your waist as if the closet were a ballroom and you were its guests.
There was no need for violas or harps, not when he pressed against you in harmonic promises. Soft groans fell from his lips faster than wisps of smoke dissipating after a lit candle had been extinguished. More than the fear of getting caught, you thought of the pressure of his hand on your back and his nose touching yours. You’d lost count of the times you had stepped on Jungkook's feet in the dark but his smile never dulled. He was the sun to whom you’d risk lighting yourself ablaze for even just a moment of his warmth.
In the eye of the storm, you were but a bird, flailing about until you could take off with outstretched wings and storm-swept feathers. You had taken care of a bird just like that in your adolescence, young and injured. You nursed it to health until its wings could carry its weight across the ether canvas. The next day, you’d seen a pack of hunting dogs and feathers across the field. You never took care of another wounded bird again.
You wondered if that were you, rising only to fall. It’d been years, yet the memory lingered. Would he only stay for as long as you were risen or would he be the genesis of your undoing?
Jungkook was infamous for all the wrong things yet loved for all the right ones. He was smart, diligent, outgoing – but he was also awkward, arrogant, and obsessive, only caring about his grades even if it meant putting his peers down and eating alone at breaks. He did internships and extracurriculars all day and studied until the break of dawn, but with every second that his rare attention was spent on you, your delusions that he was telling the truth about liking you grew bigger and bigger.
You were aware of all of this and still you fell into the depths of his being so completely that to let go of him would be to drown and never resurface. You didn’t believe that it was his intention to be so beguiling, but it didn’t stop him from entrapping you in the net that you had crafted yourself.
He liked you. Three words, he had said. Three beautiful words. When he looked at you like you were the answer to every question he had been asking the universe all his life, how were you supposed to want to let go? He said it once more against your lips. Then twice. Then thrice, until you no longer cared if you’d wake up the next day and find that only feathers remained. And so, you said those three words back, even if it would be the cause of your ruin.
You had no want for his reaction to your scarce genuinity. So when he inched away to confirm that he hadn’t misheard you, you pressed against him harder. “Did you-”
“Shut up,” you were quick to reply.
His tongue slipped between your lips. He sucked on the muscle as his once shy hands roamed behind you, squeezing your ass. Motivated by your soft groans, he ground his crotch against your front.
“I want you to fuck me,” you panted into his open mouth.
For a second, he stilled, as if shocked by the bluntness in which your words pierced him.
“You want that?” he tested the waters, resuming your kiss.
But you were impatient. “Please, Jungkook.”
“You really want our first time to be in a closet where anyone could hear us?”
“Yes,” you said. You wanted it. Needed it. “You could fuck me anywhere, I just need your cock in me now.”
“Fuck, that’s so hot,” he groaned, unable to stop the jerking of his hips against you.
You smirked against his lips. “Really? Never thought my innocent little seatmate would be into this sort of thing.”
His eyes narrowed. “You really want me to prove it to you, huh?”
You played along. “I really don’t know what you mean.”
“You want me to treat you like the slut you are?” he teased. You shook, putty under his words. “You’re really sure?”
The dark rings in his eyes softened as he waited for your consent. His hands caressed the outside of your arms with a gentleness so sudden it gave you whiplash. Not that you needed his forbearance.
“Please, Jungkook, I want it.”
The heat between you returned at your panted answer. “You like being called what you are, huh?” The tone of his whisper made his voice that much more provocative.
“If I’m a slut, then what are you?” You eyed the marks on his neck with a grin.
He laughed as he dragged against your clothed core. His lips hovered over your own, smirking as you chased it when he pulled away. “You talk too much.” He tapped two fingers against your bottom lip. “Real sluts know what to do when I do this, don’t they?”
He pressed you harder against the door with his hips as you began to suck on his fingers. You had half a mind to tease him as he had teased you, but you had never been a patient person. Your tongue slobbered all over his digits as spit fell down your chin and onto your chest. You sucked and sucked; it rolled in your mouth the way you wanted to do to the cock rubbed against you. You humped him like a bitch in heat as his fingers reached as deep as they could in your mouth, trying to locate the spot that would make you gag.
He smirked at the sound when he found it. “Can’t even take my fingers? How is my cock ever going to fuck your warm throat?” His unoccupied hand applied pressure around your neck. You gasped at the new feeling and the delicious lightheadedness that came with it.
“Filthy slut, fucking some guy you barely know when you know I like you?” He grabbed you by the chin, forcing you to keep eye contact with him. “Had to watch you act like a dumb whore just for some cock when you could’ve had mine so easily, baby. I had to fuck some random chick because of how hard your little outfit made me.” He grabbed your hand and placed it over his clothed crotch. “You feel how hard I am? This is all for you.” He sighed. “Whoring yourself out for some other guy and not even offering me your services? I’m disappointed in you.”
The prior night had been a drunken blur, and you could barely recall how you grinded against the stranger you’d spent the evening with. Apparently, he had seen it all; how that other man had almost fucked you in the middle of the dance floor, lips pressed against your neck, fingers pinching your nipples through your top.
Jungkook grabbed your face. He squished your cheeks together until your mouth opened. His tongue swirled in his mouth to collect his spit. “Say ‘ah’,” he cooed, before dripping his saliva down your throat. He used his thumb to push back the bits of it that leaked from the corner of your lips. “Swallow.”
Your body burned as you swallowed both your pride and his fluids. He pried open your mouth after he watched your throat bob to ensure you had swallowed every last drop. “Messy slut,” he degraded.
His lips collided with yours once more. A nasty, wet kiss, that left your toes curling and lower stomach fluttering. He sucked on the skin all around your face, dragging his tongue back and forth as if claiming ownership over you in the messiest way possible. He suctioned his way to your collarbone, only stopping to help you out of your top.
“You’re so fucking hot,” he groaned. “I’ve jerked off to you so many times – even when I was fucking someone else last night, I thought of you. Do you know how difficult it was not to moan your name? I can’t believe I finally get to taste you.”
“But I wanna taste you first.” You pushed him away to unbutton his shirt.
His defined abs were a surprise in itself, but they weren’t what caused you to gasp.
“Okay, I know now that you’re not my innocent little classmate, but I didn’t expect this.”
‘This’ being the two metal rods pierced through his nipples.
He snorted at your genuine reaction. “Yeah, yeah, geek in the streets, freak in the sheets,” he said. “Now, suck.”
You didn’t need his command to lower your head and place his pierced nipple between your lips. You lapped at the left peak, the cool metal resting on your tongue.
He only bothered to unbutton and lift his pants low enough to free his cock. It bounced against his stomach, rockhard and covered with pre-cum.
Jungkook was huge. And he knew it.
“You’re…” There were millions of words in the dictionary, yet none could describe how wanton he left you feeling. His hands gripped the base and tapped it against his stomach. A droplet of cum leaked down the side, and it took all your mental strength not to drop to your knees right then. “Can I please suck your cock?”
He pet your head. “You’re only an obedient puppy when you want something, hm? Bet you say that to all the other guys you whore yourself out to.”
He pushed on you until you fell to your knees. You kept your gaze on how he licked his lips and looked down on you, though it was difficult when his large cock swang near you like a meal to the starved. He slapped his dick around your cheeks and forehead, his pre-cum rubbing across your closed eyelids to your chin. He avoided your lips.
You thought yourself akin to Tantalus, a man cursed by Zeus to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches; when he’d go to drink, the water would recede, and when he went to eat, the branch moved out of reach.
“How badly do you want my cock in your dumb whore mouth?”
“More than anything.” Your hands tightened around his thighs. He still wore all his clothes, and the image was as teasing as the cock he continued to slap you with. “Only need you.”
“Oh, I know that, baby,” he said. “The question is whether you’re a good enough whore to deserve it.”
“Please let this whore suck your large cock,” you begged, taking a page from his book and staring up at him with puppy-dog eyes, mewling against his leg. “I’m just a dumb bimbo willing to do anything for cock.”
He, finally, tapped his length against your lips. You waited for his command before you licked the head, scared he’d retreat if you didn’t obey him.
“Open,” he said. A word you’d never been happier to hear.
Prepared now for his length, you held in your need to gag as you slid him down. His brow raised, impressed. “You must’ve taken a lot of cock down this throat, you’re too good at this.”
Deeper and deeper, he went. You winked when your lips met the base of it.
“You’re too fucking good, bet you have a line of guys dreaming about your pretty lips wrapped around them.” His hand pushed and pulled you harder, treating you as nothing more than a toy thats only purpose was to suck cock. “Do you know how my friends talk about you? They think you’re so pretty, baby. I can’t even blame them for talking about how much they wanna fuck you. Turn you into their cockslut. They’re so jealous that I get to see your cute face everyday. Of course, it’s not only your face that I look at.”
With the way your arousal increased with his every thrust, it was as if your mouth was connected to your hole.
The room filled with his heavy breathing. He bit his fist to keep quiet, conscious of the noise that continued to permeate the hallway a door away. You whined when he threw his head back, no longer able to watch how his skin pinked and his pupils widened at your ministrations.
Jungkook was ethereal, using your face as a glorified hole for his pleasure.
“Doesn’t take much to turn you into a cockslut, does it?” He pulled you to your feet, ignoring your complaints of wanting him back in your mouth. “You’re so easy that it’s almost boring.”
Every word out of his mouth made your core clench.
He turned you to face the wall and pulled your bottoms off to have access to your hole. You jumped when he lightly spanked your center.
When he noticed the ceiling hook directly above you, he grinned. “Lift your arms, slut.”
Your back to him, you couldn’t see how he grabbed one of your clothes and used it to tie your wrists to the hook. He adjusted it until he deemed you comfortable enough.
He pinched your ass, spreading your cheeks to reveal your winking hole. “Such a slutty fucking hole, all for me, isn’t that right?”
“Yes,” you said. “All for you, only you.”
“You probably don’t even need to be prepped, huh? Sluts are always ready.”
Still, he sat down on his calves and began to trace you with the rough pads of his fingers. His other hand held onto your hips as you began to buck around, the touch so teasing that it left you desperate for more.
You were no stranger to sex and the pleasure that came with it, yet Jungkook’s touch felt so different from all the others you’ve been with. Even your own hands, hands that knew your body better than anyone else, paled in comparison to his teasing movements. He would give you just enough of what you needed before retreating, leaving your body in a constant tug and pull of ecstasy and wanting.
And then his lips. Plush and soft. He kissed around you before diving in, his tongue making a home for itself in you. The muscle wiggled around to touch your tight walls.
“I knew it,” he groaned, losing himself in you. “You taste so fucking good.”
Wads of his spit were shoved into you with his fingers. He would gather his saliva and finger it as deep as he could, repeating the process until you were overflowing. It wasn’t even that he was prepping you, you realized, he just loved turning you into a messy slut covered in him.
He spat onto your ass once more, massaging it into your skin.
“I’d ask if you were ready for my cock, but I know you are,” he said, pressing his chest onto your back and rubbing his length down your crack.
“I need it.” You rubbed your ass against his crotch, enticing him to fuck you full.
So, he did.
“It slid right in,” he moaned. “Do I have to thank whoever fucked you last night for loosening you up for me?”
You wanted to watch him, but the knots above you were too tight to turn. All you could do was hang pliant, nothing but a body to be used for Jungkook. After all his teasing, he didn’t wait for you to adjust to his ginormous length before bottoming out. His pace was rapid as he jackhammered into you.
Your mouth hung open, brain emptied in pleasure.
“I’m gonna need you to be quiet, baby,” he whispered in your ear. “Wanna be a good slut for me and keep that whore mouth shut, hm?”
You’d been left drunk by his words alone, the consonants and vowels swirled in your mind until all you could think of was the shaft that dragged against your insides. Back and forth. Back and forth.
“Nothing but a dumb little fuckhole for me to breed, isn’t that right?”
It became more difficult with every thrust to hold back your moans without hands to bite on.
“You like that?” He delivered a harsh thrust into you. “Want to be nothing but a cumdump? Gonna make you take all my cum, have it dripping down your thighs as you walk home, forced to think of me fucking you every step of the way there.”
“Fuck,” you hiss. “Feels so good.”
“Did I say you could speak?”
You whined when his cock slipped out, fearful that he might leave you unfinished. Instead, he rustled through your fallen clothes on the floor. When he stood, you had a suspicion of what came next.
He shoved the wad of lace into your parted lips.
“Snap your fingers twice if you want out, okay?”
He slid his cock back into you, moving at a slower pace this time. He would pull out until only his head remained, before violently shoving back in until his balls pounded onto your ass.
“I think I like you better like this,” he smirked as he tugged your chin to face him. He angled your face side-to-side, as one would inspect goods in a market. After a moment, he nodded in approval. You could imagine what he saw: a slut with snot dripping from their nose, tears raining from their eyes, and new marks littering their neck replacing the ones before it. “You know what I’d do if you were mine?” He sniffed your neck, hot breath tickling your skin.
Your head shook.
“I’d fuck your pretty ass until it’s dripping with my cum. Would plug you up and have you walk around and attend class, feeling all of my seed in your belly with every little movement you make. You wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything without my help, hm, baby? I’d turn you into a dumb little bimbo who needs me for even the littlest tasks.” Your eyes rolled at the purr of his tone as he whispered every single thing he’d do to you against the lobe of your ear. “Good sluts take whatever I give them.”
“I need that so bad,” your voice came out muffled from beneath the fabric. You wanted to tug your wrists from where he’d tied them above you and feel his skin beneath your palms.
He caressed your nape with a condescending laugh. “I know you do. I’d train you to be the perfect cumdump. My cumdump. Would have you wearing the shortest clothes and bend you over every surface so that everyone passing by could see your messy hole. And you’d love it, wouldn’t you? Would love everyone watching you, knowing that I’m the only one allowed to touch you… until I ask my friends to play with you, of course. I’m not that selfish.” You tightened around him. “Oh, you’d love to be passed around and gang-banged. You’d be so filled up with cum that your stomach would bloat.”
Clearly, he had an exhibitionist streak (among a plethora of other kinks). Something you should’ve guessed by how quickly his pants tented when you suggested fucking in a closet. Evidently, you had the same streak, if your clenched slit had anything to say for it.
“You’re so fucking tight. I never wanna leave this hole.”
You were thankful he had stuffed your ruined panties in your mouth lest he heard your mindless babbles as you neared your climax.
His hips began to thrust even faster than you would’ve thought possible. Your heart spiked as each motion made noise loud enough for the outside to hear – but you could no longer care, lost in the sensations of his hard cock belitting you into nothing more than a hole to fuck.
“You take my cock so easily. Didn’t even need much prep. You’re just a common whore, aren’t you?”
You feverishly nodded.
He reached around you to remove the wad of cotton from your mouth. “Where do you want my cum?” he groaned, the words rushing from his lips as he chased his climax.
“In me,” you cried into your shoulder, barely conscious enough to not want to get caught. “I need you to fill me with your seed.”
“Fuck,” he moaned. “You’re so hot, you know that? Could fuck you for the rest of my life.”
In and out. In and out. His hips moved so swiftly that you could no longer think, sufficiently dick-drunk. He no longer cared about pacing, simply using you as a doll to get off.
“I want you to cum with me,” he said. His dominant demeanor faded as he desperately clung onto every inch of your skin, hand roaming your sides as he chased his end. His fingers began tugging at your nipples roughly, urging you to reach the finale with him. His words were breathlessly rushed as if they fell from his lips without thought: “Need you to cum, need to feel you cum around me. Shit. You look so pretty fucked out. Such a good slut for me. You’re doing so good, baby.”
Your orgasm crashed against you like a tidal wave, unexpected and violent. Your body thrashed against your binds, hips jerking back and forth as pleasure overtook you - possessed you, almost. Your hole pulsed against his cock, tightening around the length as fluids overflowed.
He jerked into you once more, his cum painting your insides. Soft expletives fell from his lips between praises as he gently rocked his hips into you to ensure his cum wouldn’t spill.
The sensation of his cock slipping out of you felt like heaven and sin.
You hadn’t orgasmed so destructively in… you couldn’t remember having ever experienced anything that came close to that. You weren’t certain if it was because of the risk of getting caught or because Jungkook was that good. Perhaps, it was a mix of both.
You shook at the binds above you, tired from your orgasm.
He wasn’t quite finished, however.
You waited, confused, until you felt his tongue lap your hole, sucking his cum out of you. Sensitive, your feet kicked at him to stop, but he was relentless in his mission to fill his mouth with his own seed.
Your stomach curled at the mischievous glint in his eyes as he stood. He pried your mouth open with his fingers before depositing all of his saliva-mixed cum onto your tongue. “Don’t swallow yet, baby.”
He leaned on your body with a softness that matched his gaze, his hand resting on your hip, his chest on your back. His fingers played with the fluids in your mouth, swirling it with your spit until it combined into a mess that ran down your chin (which he licked up and spat back in). Content, he finally commanded you to swallow.
The thick concoction ran down your throat slowly, becoming a part of you. You groaned at the heady sensation alongside Jungkook’s pliant kisses around your nape.
He gently untied your wrists from the hook, rubbing the skin from any soreness. When he was done, he rocked your tired body back-and-forth to soothe you. You crumpled onto his figure as if your bones had disintegrated to dust.
“We… We really just did that.” Jungkook had finally come back to himself, doe eyes widened as if he had broken from a spell. “Are you alright?”
You laughed breathlessly. “Yeah, you?”
He nodded, scratching at his nape.
The next few minutes consisted of an awkward dance, the pair of you picking up your clothes, constantly stumbling against each other in the process. Each time, Jungkook would avert his gaze to the ceiling or the floor – whatever he could do to give you privacy in the confined quarters of a storage closet. The silence was so thick that to distort it with words felt unnatural. He only spoke to tell you that the hallway was quiet, no longer occupied by the residents of the house, and that you were both free to leave unnoticed.
Even the goodbye was stilted, as if you had been possessed by beings other than yourselves during the incident and were now left to deal with the consequences.
Under the morning light outside, Jungkook flushed as red as a polluted sunset. He gingerly waved from where he stood, making sure that you got into your Uber safely (only after nagging the driver to escort you with utmost caution). Your lips parted, but the words wouldn’t surface. Instead, you settled for a wave back.
A smile cracked on his lips as he watched your car hug the corner of the street and disappear from view.
The next time you saw Jungkook was during a lecture. His glasses were back on his face, sweater vest tucked into his trousers. He looked nothing like the man who had fucked you dumb the weekend before, back to being the epitome of what you’d expect every nerd who took college too seriously to look like.
You took your usual seat beside him, unsure if bringing it up casually would make him uncomfortable. Already, his cheeks and ears were red, and you could almost feel the heat radiating off of them.
You exchanged shy greetings before returning to your individual tasks: him, pretending to rewrite notes (when really he was doodling on the corners of his notebook), and you, pretending to send a text (when really you were swiping your homescreen back and forth).
He shot you furtive glances when he thought you weren’t looking. His fingers drummed against the table and his knee shook as if he was working up the courage to say anything. Gone was the boy who had had all the words ready in the palm of his hand that morning.
“Hey,” you smiled. “Did you start on the final project already?”
His head whipped towards you, wide eyes and parted lips telling you he hadn’t expected you to make the first move, perhaps content to fester in the ruined classmate relationship after your somewhat strained goodbye post-rendezvous. How does one act after confessing your feelings and subsequently fucking in a closet? You knew how to react to hook-ups, and you knew how to react to confessions, but both? At the same time? Your head spun.
“I- That-” He struggled to gather his words as each consonant slipped through his fingers like fine sand. He, a past valedictorian, had been left dumb. “I did,” he croaked out. “You?”
“Of course, you did.” You laughed, the sound more metallic than you’d intended. “I’m gonna start next week.”
“Cool,” Jungkook replied.
The silence thickened the air between you like smog. The minute stretched on for forever, the pair of you waiting for the other to break the silence first in an unannounced game of chicken.
“I just-” “I don’t-”
Your voices overlapped each other, causing you to exchange awkward grins.
Jungkook cleared his throat. “Can I start?”
You told him to go ahead.
“I just wanted you to know that I meant what I said about liking you.” He rubbed his nape. “I didn’t mean for what happened to happen, but I don’t regret it.”
His gaze burned into your own as if he were searching for any clues as to what you felt. It was terrifying, the sincerity in which it pierced you. But you had no want to run from it. Not anymore.
“I don’t regret it, either,” you said. “Plus, that might’ve been one of the hottest hook-ups I’ve ever had.”
He blushed. “And about the ‘me liking you’ part?”
You dragged your chair closer to his. “After the way you treated me, how could I not?”
It took him a moment to compose himself, back ramrod straight as goosebumps ran down his arms at the turn he hadn’t expected the conversation to take. He anxiously glanced at the row behind where you two sat, teeth biting into his bottom lip in a way you found infatuating. You were thankful to every god out there that he had been caught in traffic that first day and forced to sit in the back row beside you. Jungkook, who had been nothing more than a cute, grade-conscious stranger at the time.
The minute it took for him to steel his nerves was worth it, you found out.
Just in time, the professor walked through the door and began taking attendance. You were so focused on waiting that you jumped when Jungkook’s hand began trailing up and down your thigh.
Your eyes widened.
“Did you really like it?” he whispered.
“Like what?”
“The way I treated you.”
There were thousands of ways you could’ve affirmed his statement, but you settled for a nod.
His hand moved up your inner thigh, nearing your crotch. The upward jerk of your hips caused a satisfied smirk to settle on his lips. “If you want to continue being my good pet, then don’t make a sound.”
So enthralled were you in his touch that you hadn’t realized that your professor had called you. Twice.
“Present,” you yelled, embarrassed by the startled shakiness in your tone.
“Good pet,” he praised, rubbing harder through your clothes. “You want more?”
Jungkook licked his fingers with a nymph gaze. With his free hand, he unbuttoned your pants.
Paranoid, you glanced around the lecture hall.
“Don’t kid yourself,” his low tone caused goosebumps to run across your arms. “I know a common whore like you wants to be stared at while being used.”
His hand dipped into your underwear, moving directly to your hole. He rubbed the area around it before inserting a finger into you, deliciously wiggling it around. His spit allowed it to smoothly enter you with a soft ‘squish’.
In front, the lesson had begun. Not that you could pay attention. Your focus zeroed in on the intoxicating slowness in which Jungkook made a toy out of you, hand moving back and forth.
“Can someone please read the first section on page 130?”
You froze as your professor began glancing up and down the rows in search of a prospect, disappointed at the disinterested gazes of her students. This would be the time that, like clockwork, Jungkook’s arm would raise. And yet it stayed, connected to you below the table.
A historical moment: Jungkook not volunteering.
Instead, he did something entirely different.
You gasped when he grabbed your arm and made you raise your hand.
“Great,” the professor acknowledged you, gesturing you to begin.
You quickly flipped through the pages, hands shaking when you realized that Jungkook wouldn’t stop. If anything he began to finger you faster, hitting the area that caused spots to cloud your vision.
Your voice shook as you read out the passage. Scattered letters chased each other on the page; your eyes raced to keep up with them. Had the words always been so small?
Jungkook had fingered you dumb enough to forget how to read.
“Though scholars believed that–” He pushed his fingers directly against your most sensitive spot. “–That, um, though they believed that–”
You accidentally made eye contact with a few of your classmates, their impatience with your slow pace making it hard for you to wring the words into sentences. Your voice came out breathy yet stilted, guttural stops after every few words.
When you finished the section, you leaned against the back of your chair in relief as the class resumed. Jungkook, however, was a stranger to giving you breaks, simply speeding his ministrations.
The feeling in the pit of your stomach heightened the faster he went. Your eyes bounced around the nearby rows to check if anyone noticed the slight creaking sound that came from this new speed, but were reassured to find that everyone was busy analyzing a chart on the projector.
When you turned to face him, you were pleased to find that half of his notes were in scribbles. You’d be quite offended if your tightness around his fingers weren’t at least a bit of a distraction to the star pupil. You had half a mind to joke about fucking one of your classmates to borrow their notes to lend to him just so that he’d jealousy-fuck you the moment class dismissed. You were just about to when you felt it – that tell-tale tightening.
“Jungkook,” you whispered, your legs beginning to shake. “I’m coming.”
His lips brushed against the lobe of your ear. “Cum for me then, slut.”
You breathed so heavily from holding back your moans that you became lightheaded, lost in the euphoria of your danger-filled release. The world was but a blur as you crumpled into your seat exhausted. You hadn’t even realized how Jungkook’s fingers slipped out of you, nor how he buttoned you up and kissed your forehead.
Above, the bell ringing signalled the end of the class, alongside the routine sounds of chairs scraping against hardwood floors and stationary being stuffed into totes and backpacks.
The two of you were left alone in the classroom, eyes finding one another in the solitude.
You grinned, still in a daze. “There isn’t a CCTV in here, right?”
He moved you onto the desk, hands gripping your hips. “Even if there was, would you care?”
And the answer was ‘no’, you didn’t. As long as you were wrapped in your seatmate’s warmth and greeted with his shy yet teasing smiles, you wouldn’t have cared where he touched you. What could’ve been a one morning stand began a series of trysts both public and private, and you both wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Tumblr media
thank u for reading!! <3 if u liked it let me know ! : ✉
Tumblr media
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rosedtae · a month ago
Peach | JJK
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x female reader
Genre: smut, fluff, established relationship
Summary: the one where you won’t stop poking your bf’s ass so now you gotta face its consequences.
Rating: 18+
Wordcount: 2 k
Warnings: brat oc, spanking, kinda ass eating?, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, creampie.
a/n: I saw a video and it inspired me to write about bf!jk. This is actually the koo morning couple, maybe I should just make a Drabble series for them (¬◡¬)✧ anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this pwp, do let me know your thoughts about this one! Oh and also, it’s not proofread so ignore any grammar mistakes that might be there hahaha…ha.. (・_・;)
Song: juicy by doja cat
Tumblr media
“Fucking y/n, do it one more time and I'm gonna fucking punish you,” Jungkook spits with a poker face, lips drawing into a tight line as the darkness in his eyes shows how serious he is being right now. His harsh tone shoots arousal straight down your nether region as you bite your lip, raising your eyebrows in a challenging way. 
It all started when you got home to a hungry Jungkook looking in the fridge for something before he found the said something— his banana milk. He didn't notice you entering as he continued drinking the milk, still looking in the fridge. You planned on giving him a tight hug but your eyes fell on his butt instead. His butt definitely did get bigger from all the workouts he has been doing. Your eyes sparkled with a glint of shenanigans that filled your mind. 
You smacked his ass making him yelp in surprise, spilling some of his banana milk. “Hello there,” you chuckled at his surprised expressions before kissing his pouty lips. Jungkook didn't have any problem with you smacking his ass but he would much rather spank you. But you didn't stop there, there was just something about his bubbly butt that provoked you to smack it. It was probably because he was starting to get annoyed and you just love being a brat to him (you deserve to spank him a little considering all the times he has colored your ass red from his spanks).
After being asked several times to not smack his ass you decided to poke it instead since he didn't say anything about poking. Your finger poked his ass making him jump a little, not expecting you to literally poke him. “Hey, leave me and my ass alone,” he huffed before rolling his eyes, gently rubbing the spot where you poked him. You giggled at his response not paying any heed to his complaints.
This brings you to your current situation. Jungkook’s eyes travel from your raised eyebrows to your bitten lip, sensing the brattiness radiating from you as you bring your finger up to his ass daring to poke his cheek again for the 6785th time. “That’s it,” he growls, getting up to catch you. Seeing him finally come for you makes your heart skip a beat as you start running towards the living room. 
You squeak loudly when he cages you between his arms, lifting you up. He settles down on the couch, bending you over his knees. “I warned you so many times but you were just begging to be punished weren't you,” he asks rhetorically while his fingers skim the silhouette of your tiny shorts. Your pussy lips get wet as he massages your inner thighs, moving north to squeeze your ass. “hmmph..,” an involuntary breathy moan escapes your lips making Jungkook snicker. “What was that? Don't tell me you are enjoying your punishment,” he lands a sharp smack on your ass. Your cheek burns with a sharp sting and before it could lessen he lands another smack on the same point intensifying the stimulation. You bite your lip to endure the pain as it slowly starts arousing you. 
Jungkook takes off your shorts in a swift motion to look at your painted ass. His gaze on your ass turns you on even more as you squeeze your thighs together to get some friction. Jungkook’s sweatpants tighten at the view of your pathetic administrations. Your thong sticks between your asscheeks, getting coated by your wetness. He rubs your stung skin gently, making you purr like a cat. Even the smallest of his caresses hold the power to provide your body with so much pleasure. He halts his rub once he remembers that this is supposed to be your punishment. 
He hooks his finger on the band of your thong, stretching it out before releasing to make it snap against your skin. You whimper in reply, making him rub your ass to soothe the pain. “Don’t whine now, you asked for it,” he says nonetheless still caressing you. Jungkook takes off your thong, sensing your discomfort as the fabric starts clinging onto your wet pussy. 
You gasp at the feeling of your swollen lips getting hit by the cold air. “You were so keen on poking my ass,” he says in a deep low tone, “let’s see how you take it when I poke yours.” Your walls clench around nothing in anticipation. Jungkook mounts your ass up a bit to get a better angle before ducking his head to bite your cheek gently. Your red ass makes it hard for Jungkook to control his urge to just pound into you in this instance. But he’s a man of patience— at least in bed. 
He kisses both your cheeks softly, while his tattooed hand makes its way between your legs to collect your wetness. A trail of lewd noises escapes your lips at the touch of his fingers with your desperate dripping pussy. Your hips move on their own in an attempt to rub your clit against his sweatpants but his large veiny hands halt your movements. “Patience or I won’t touch that little clit at all,” he warns, moving his arousal-coated finger to your tightest hole. 
Jungkook’s fingers slowly rub your asshole in circles trying to stretch it. He pulls your cheeks apart before spitting on your hole, making you gasp loudly. You never tried any butt stuff and the foreign feeling of having Jungkook play with your hole to his desire makes you excited and nervous at the same time. He slowly tries to insert his finger in your fluttering hole. His spit and your arousal lessen the friction. Your hole clenches as soon as the tip of his finger enters inside you. 
“Jungkoo— mhmm,” you whimper in almost pain as his finger stretches you out. A bubble of pleasure starts building up at his touch but an uncomfortable ache accompanies it. You let out a cry, furrowing your brows at the sensation of his finger moving inside. Jungkook feels your body stiffen, and halts his moments, “how does it feel?”
“Good..b-but it hurts,” your fragile voice replies in an unsteady manner. He slowly pulls his finger out, not wanting to hurt you even a little bit. His nose nudges your asshole as his lips skim over your folds. His tongue moves over to your asshole, stimulating it with kitten licks while his index and middle finger rub your folds together. You feel light-headed as the pleasure starts building up. “Ye-yes, please don’t stop..,” you barely manage to form a sentence once his fingers start playing with your clit. Your core tightens as the euphoric feeling starts flooding in, bursting the bubble of pleasure any second now. But Jungkook stops milliseconds before your climax, making you groan in frustration. 
“Whyyyy,” you whine noisily. “Because this is your punishment baby,” he replies with a smirk on his face, working back on building up your climax. Playing with your clit, he builds up your orgasm only to deny it. “Jungkook please, don’t tease me,” you try to soften him by using your pouty soft voice. But it only seems to turn him on even more as he pushes you to lay flat on your back. 
“Take it off,” he motions towards your top. Your earlier battiness leaves your body as you become compliant, your orgasms are in his control after all. Your top hits the floor accompanied by your bra, making you bare under his hungry eyes. His body hovers over yours, as he traps your lips in a hungry kiss. You tilt your head to allow him access to deepen the kiss. Your hands desperately tug his shirt over his head while he swallows your huffed moans. You arch your back, pressing your tender breasts against his buff chest. “Fuck,” he moans in between the kiss at the feeling of your perky nipples.
He kisses your jaw eliciting pornographic moans from you, turning your throat dry. He kisses all the way down to your boobs, sucking bright hickies on his way. His lips wrap around your left nipple, flicking and sucking it to his heart’s content, while his other hand pinches your unattended nipple. Your eyes shut close at the sweet electric feeling, making you squirm underneath him. Your fingers tighten their grip on his hair, pulling it slightly as your feet push the band of his sweatpants down in an attempt to take them off.
Jungkook releases your nipple with a pop, “always the eager one.” He kisses your belly, moving down to torture your pussy again. Your clit is extra sensitive from all the edging, and when he finally kisses your clit, you feel like you are going to lose it. He presses open-mouthed kisses to your clit and licks your entrance alternatively to slurp all your juices. The view, the sound, the stimulation—it becomes all too lewd for you. “I’m gonna—,” you are not even able to finish your sentence when your climax hits you like a fucking full-loaded truck. 
Your mind goes blank as the only sound that fills your ears is that of Jungkook still latching onto your wetness. You don’t register that you are basically riding his face. The ecstatic feeling starts dying slowly making you come back to consciousness. Jungkook’s face between your legs makes your pussy throb like you didn’t just have a mind-blowing orgasm. “More,” you whine, needing his cock inside you. You cup his cheeks pulling him up to kiss his glistening swollen lips, courtesy of your bites. 
Your kiss turns sloppy as you brush your hips against his in need. “Please babe, I need you in me,” you whimper before kissing his lips in desperate need as if you won’t be able to breathe without having constant contact with them. He kisses your eyelid softly, “I got you, love.” He pumps his rock-hard dick, lining it up with your entrance— coating it with your wetness before he finally, finally enters inside. 
Your eyes roll back at the warm fulfilling feeling, which keeps building up as his dick slowly enters deeper inside your walls, stretching you out real good. His mushroom tip nudges your soft spongy spot once he bottoms out. You relish the feeling for a few minutes before asking him to move. Your nails scratch his back, hugging him tightly as he starts picking up a rhythm. He removes your hand from around his neck only to wrap his fingers around yours. He looks straight into your eyes, holding your hand tightly as he starts thrusting in faster. 
His tip directly hits your g-spot repeatedly, making it hard for you not to cum. “you will cum with me only,” he groans, “hmph- I’m close, just a bit more.” His thrusts start getting deeper and rougher, picking up a fast pace. You try your best not to cum but his delicious thrusts make it hard for you not to fall over the brink of orgasm. “That’s it, you are a good girl aren’t you?” He coos, to which you reply by nodding frantically, “y-yess.”
“That’s it cum for me,” he orders in his dominant alpha tone which makes you shudder. Your walls clench around him as he spills his cum inside your little pussy. You both moan at the same time as your orgasm synchronizes. “I love you,” he whispers, rolling his hips to help you both ride your orgasms. You nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck, pressing small kisses in reply—not being able to form a comprehensible sentence.
His body slumps on yours, once you both reach down your highs. Your fingers run through his hair as he hugs you tightly. You lay like that for a few minutes before you get up to grab your top. “Where do you think you are going?” Jungkook wraps his arms around your waist, throwing you on his shoulder swiftly, as he makes his way to your shared bedroom. “Wait, babe, put me down,” you giggle softly.
He lightly smacks your ass before biting it, “I’m not done with you yet.” 
Tumblr media
・゚: *・゚:* *:・゚*:・゚・゚: *・゚:* *:・゚*:・゚・゚: ・゚: *・゚:* *:・゚* ゚* ・゚: *・゚:* *:・゚*
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-Rose 🤎
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whipped - JJK
Tumblr media
↣ another day, another trend that you’re forced to participate in with your boyfriend. It was his idea but he somehow gets sidetracked, with his head between your thighs.
Tumblr media
pairing — tiktoker!jungkook x reader
genre/rating — R | fluff, smut, crack, pwp
word count — 5K
warnings/tags — college au, sorta established relationship, strong language, barista!reader, thigh kink (ofc), kinda famous jk, explicit smut — big dick jk, manhandling, exhibitionism, dirty talk, biting/scratching, hickeys, fingering, oral (f & m), hair pulling, clit biting, degradation, spanking, pussy slapping, squirting, deep throating, cum eating, choking, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, doggy style, unprotected sex, cum on chest?, aftercare
a/n — if you don’t watch tiktoks, that’s fine, he kinda explains it in the fic. I couldn’t get tiktoker!jk out of my head.
Rubbing at the itch on your forehead, you’re scrubbing down the counter with tired arms, switching from one to the other while your co-worker sits at one of the tables, giggling at her phone screen now and again. If it was any other day, you would ask her to help but you’re not in the mood for another argument. Today had been one of those days, the kind that made you regret ever begging for a job here at the café. You were forced to deal with two elderly woman who chewed your ear off about not having oat milk. Despite you telling them – multiple times – that you don’t handle inventory.
Then you messed up two orders, which was entirely your fault. But you know that it could’ve been avoided if Mina got off her phone for a minute and remembered that she had a job to do instead of taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi here.
“You’re so lucky,” she whines, face lit by her red screen.
Rinsing out the cloth, you untie your apron, finally, then set it in the drawer. You would ask her what she’s talking about if you haven’t heard complain about it a million times.
“He’s like…perfect,” she sighs dreamily, the same song replaying in the background as she drools at the screen, “how does it feel to have a famous tiktoker, who’s not only hot, but rich too, as your boyfriend?”
You didn’t think she was expecting an answer until she slots herself in front of you, eyebrow lifted in question.
“Did you know that he just hit ten million followers?”
You sigh, throwing on your jacket before fitting the grey beanie over your head, looking around her to find your scarf.
“I know.”
“How does it feel to have the JK as your boyfriend?”
Shrugging, you brush past her and switch off the lights, grabbing the keys from the counter. This is what you have to deal with every evening after work. Once she mistook your anger for insecurity, so you decided not to entertain her.
“Have you seen the girls in his comments? Don’t you ever feel even a bit intimidated?”
You shrug again, much more tense this time, “I don’t. To me, he’s just Jungkook.”
She chuckles, manicured nails tapping at her screen, “I find that hard to believe.”
“Well,” you begin, gritting your teeth, “I don’t care if you believe that or not. Here.”
Clumsily, the ring of keys slip through her fingers when you toss them in her direction, she scrambles to pick it up from the tile.
“See you on Monday.”
Hearing her curse under her breath, you laugh to yourself as you step out into the cold, shoulders hiking up when a particularly frosty breeze hits the back of your neck, through the thick material of your scarf. Perhaps you are nettled by the fact that Mina nags you about the same thing all the time. What does she want from you? To admit that deep down, you’re really insecure and threatened by Jungkook and his fans? Most of the time, you don’t keep track of what he posts. Except when he asks if you could make a video with him.
And he doesn’t mind. He knows that you’re a busy woman and have other things to see to before spending hours on an app you don’t understand. But you try to understand, for his sake.
Like the calm before the storm, you drag your weight up the quiescent stairway, knowing that it won’t be long before your dorm would be vibrating for the start of the weekend. You come to an abrupt stop at the end, seeing a black, hunched figure sitting against your room door. Heartbeat accelerating at your boyfriend’s bunny smile.
“Hey,” you grin, falling into his embrace when he rises to his feet. You giggle when he lifts your beanie a bit to kiss your forehead, hands clasped behind your back.
“Hi, I brought the noms.”
You inhale deeply, pulling away to see the brown bag in his hand, “what is it? Thank you, baby.”
He follows you into your room, shutting the door behind you while you set down the bag and unroll your scarf, scratching at the little dents it made in your skin after you wrapped it a bit too tight.
“I was feeling for curry, so I got that for us,” he replies, coming up behind you to prop his chin on your head, “but we can order something else if you like.”
Lifting the small container from the bag, you moan when the steam wafts over your face, jowls tingling when the spicy fragrance hits you.
“No, it’s just what I needed.”
He chuckles, helping you offload the rest of the containers.
You lick the side of your thumb, shrugging off your jacket before you get any gravy stains on the white collar.
“I’m gonna shower first,” you inform, peeling off your socks, “I feel gross.”
He nods, already digging into the rice, “okay, it’ll be warm by the time you get back.”
You hold your index finger up threateningly, “hey! Don’t start without me!”
He pokes his tongue into his cheek, closes the container slowly then flops down on your bed with a sigh. One of your plushies bounce onto his chest.
“I was just tasting.”
You share a look when your stomach growls, crying for food.
“Better make it snappy.”
Tumblr media
By the time you’re done eating, you’re too full to move an inch, sprawled across the bed with Jungkook’s head in your lap. He’s scrolling through Tiktok while you’re attempting to round up your paper. But it’s proving to be a difficult task with your energy running low and his lack of earphones. You’d just have to complete it sometime this weekend.
When he hears your laptop close, he turns his head to the side, doe eyes gleaming.
“You’re done?”
You shake your head, “I’ll just finish it tomorrow.”
With a pat to his hand, you help him under the blanket with you, cozying up to him with a blissful sigh. But he continues to fidget, and you feel your heart speed up with lack of sleep, the beginning of a headache stirring. Did you fall off to sleep that quick?
“What’s wrong?”
He tugs you closer to him, nose nudging yours when he sets his head on your pillow.
“Did I wake you?”
“I don’t know,” you laugh, rubbing at your eyes, “was I asleep?”
Goosebumps trail the line his index finger draws on the side of your face, creeping down over your back when you breathe in his heady scent.
“I think so,” he whispers. You lean forward to slot your lips over his, hiking one leg over his waist when his palms slide under your t-shirt.
“Missed you,” he mumbles against your lips, “are you tired?”
You smirk, “why?”
His gaze flits somewhere behind you, then to your chest as he props himself up on his elbow. You mirror his action, swiping across his chin with your thumb.
“If you’re not tired…there’s something I wanted to do.”
“Well, I’m not tired anymore. What is it?”
He rubs the back of his neck, not quite meeting your gaze, “it’s for a tiktok.”
You open your mouth to protest but he cuts you off, grabbing at your hands.
“We don’t even have to do much! Just sit here on the bed and cuddle. That’s all. It’s like seven seconds too!”
“It won’t take long. Please,” he continues to beg while you snigger at the way he’s behaving, “you know how much I like having videos of you on my page.”
You fiddle with the aglets on his hoodie, “I know, I just…don’t feel like…I spent the whole afternoon working on my paper. And then work was shit.”
He coos when you pout, bringing you into his arms.
You melt into his embrace, burying your nose in his hoodie to inhale his comforting scent, “can’t we just cuddle?”
Shivering slightly when his fingers run under the band of your panties, you tip your head up to look at him, chin pressed into his toned chest.
He sucks his lower lip into his mouth, little beauty spot under his lip disappearing briefly.
“Of course we can,” he smiles, lips grazing your nose, “after we’re done making this tiktok. It involves cuddling.”
You blink, mildly confused. “Fine.” As if you could say no to that face.
Goofy grin reappearing, he grips your head in both his hands and smashes his lips to yours. Before you can even attempt to kiss him back, he pulls away. Grabbing his phone and scooting up on your bed.
“Okay, you’re supposed to sit here,” he points at the pillow, fluffing the frills a bit then fits his hand in yours, directing you to sit against the headboard, “and…wait—”
You follow his gaze to your black Nirvana t-shirt, “what? God, Jungkook. I am not changing—”
“No, no,” he interrupts, lifting the hem of your shirt which has your cheeks heating just a bit, “you’re not wearing any pants under.”
Narrowing your eyes in his direction, you smack his hand away, “should I…put on pants?”
He looks to be contemplating for a while before he nods, “yeah.”
Sighing deeply, you walk the short space to your chest of drawers. By now, you should be accustomed to Jungkook and his weird requests. But this isn’t even the worst one. At least you don’t have to leave your dorm room this time.
“Yeah,” he whispers behind you, chest hitting your shoulder as he reaches over to pull out your black gym shorts, “these ones.”
You cock an eyebrow, “are you sure?”
He examines the clothing, smiling stupidly to himself, “these are the ones. Put them on.”
Yanking the flimsy material from his hands, you sit at the edge of the bed as you pull the shorts up your legs. He stands at your side like a puppy holding his leash, waiting for you to take him out on a walk.
Even if you are a teensy bit annoyed, you really can’t be mad at him for too long. With his big, doe eyes, messy hair and puffed-up cheeks. For him, you try to keep up with the latest trends on Tiktok but you don’t have enough time. Even if you say that you’ll spend some time on that confusing app before bed, you’re exhausted by the time you’re home from work and end up visiting his page only, then falling off to sleep.
You know that he has quite a large following, girls thirst over him in the comments, even if he posts a video of his right hand alone. But at the end of the day, he’s your man and you’re in some – most – of his videos.
Bending over to pick up a ball of socks that had fallen out of your drawer, you yelp when he smacks your ass cheek. Spinning around to glare at him.
“Couldn’t help myself,” he smirks, black eyes flashing, “I love it when you wear that. But then again, your ass looks good in everything you wear.”
You clear your throat, glancing at the bed behind you, “let’s get this over with.”
He nods, unlocking his phone as he sits in front of you on the bed, “the Wi-Fi here sucks.”
You chuckle, running your fingers through his silky hair as you peek over his shoulder.
“So, what am I supposed to do?”
“Well,” he begins without lifting his head, “I already filmed the first part this morning and then it’s gonna transition to me and you sitting here.”
You nod, “okay, and do I have to like…say anything?”
“Yeah,” he says softly, “I’m gonna be sitting like this…but between your legs. I’m just waiting for the audio to load.”
Yanking his head back with your grip on his hair, your eyebrows pinch together, “didn’t we already make a Tiktok like that?”
He wiggles out of your grip, nudging your thighs apart for him to get more comfortable, “yeah, but this is a different one.”
He holds the phone up to your face, “this is the first clip.”
‘Wake up in the morning brush my teeth before I see my queen—’
It’s a video of him, you can tell that he just woke up by his tangled hair and half-lidded eyes, holding his toothbrush before it pans to the side and cuts off.
“And that’s where we come in. I’m supposed to say this bit—"
‘Wow. Who are you?’
He points to you, “and then you say—”
‘Bitch I’m two-phone Baby Keem.’
Your eyebrows shoot up to your hairline, “that’s the song?”
He nods eagerly, “mhm. See. It’s just a short video.”
You stare at each other for a while. He’s waiting patiently for your answer before you nod and move up on the bed, smiling to yourself at how excited he is when he slides down and sits between your legs. Resting his head just below your crotch, he holds his phone up while you prop your thighs over his shoulders, fitting your fingers in his hair once again.
You’re familiar with this position, so he didn’t need much direction but it’s not like you could pretend as if his whole head is not…there. In that region…The region he claims to love so much.
He reaches up to knead your thigh, the other hand occupied by his phone, “it’s taking so long to load again.”
“It’s—” The words die on your tongue when he tilts his head to mouth at your inner thigh, tattooed fingers running over the delicate skin slowly “—it’s okay.”
Suddenly, you’re feeling all the pressure of his head between your legs, even more when he lifts his head up to look at you menacingly.
“I know you like it when we sit like this.”
Maybe. But you prefer other positions.
You try to hide how his fingers pinching at the meat of your thigh isn’t affecting you. Hoping you aren’t soaking through your panties and shorts because it feels as though the apex of your thighs has gone numb but too sensitive at the same time. Air a little warmer despite the window being left open a crack.
“Did it load yet?”
Shivering when he starts to nip and tug at the skin, your fingers twist in his hair.
“Did what load?”
You crane your neck to look into his phone, masking your arousal with anger, “idiot. The audio?!”
He flings his phone to the side which misses the edge of the mattress and clatters to the floor. You’re about to yell at him when he spins around and begins to kiss the junction between your leg and thigh through the fabric of your gym shorts. Your hands fall to your sides, mouth hanging open.
“What are you doing?”
He hooks your legs over his shoulders once again, adjusting his position on the bed to lie flat on his stomach, “what does it look like I’m doing?”
“What ab—” your eyes scrunch shut when he drags his nail down the centre of your folds, finding the outline of your puffy clit with ease.
“Fuck that. You smell so fucking good.”
Of course. He was that close. Obviously, he’d smell you. And it’d be easier for him to recognize your scent after he spent hours trying to suffocate himself between your legs. You should’ve known this would happen. Are you angry? No.
“Jungkook…wait, did you lock the door?”
He doesn’t respond, just lifts an eyebrow when he tugs on the band of your shorts. You raise your hips as he pulls the material over the globes of your ass, flinging it in across the bed to find his phone lying somewhere there. Abandoned.
Lip caught between your teeth, your fingers curl around the blanket when he lifts the band of your panties and it tugs on your folds, sticking to your pussy which clenches around nothing. One thing you always seem to forget about Jungkook, is that he starts off slow, takes his time at first before he loses his patience. By the time he’s done with teasing you, your mind becomes fogged with nothing but lust.
He mouths around your pussy, licking and sucking everywhere except where you need him the most. And he continues to grab at your panties, pulling it up, as high as it can go as you squirm with the friction that’s not enough. Grinding into the flimsy fabric while he paints your thighs with his teeth.
You hips fall to the bed pathetically when he clicks his tongue, spreading your thighs further apart for his greedy stare. He taps your clit once and you jolt, a whimper spilling from your lips while you feel your juices seep through your panties.
Feeling his hot breath penetrate the sodden material of your underwear, your hips jerk up reflexively when he taps your clit again. Harder this time.
“Touch me. Please. Want your mouth, your fingers. Anything.”
He chuckles darkly, “why?”
You groan, “why? Fuck Jungkook. Because—”
A gasp gets caught in your throat when he tears at your panties and pinches your clit. Caught between his fingers lightly, but the sensation has more arousal dripping down your folds, slipping between your ass cheeks.
“Watch your mouth.”
He draws his hand back and slaps your clit, dragging his thumb along your slick folds.
“S-sorry,” you choke, tugging on the sheets so as to not grind into his hand that’s running down your pussy deliciously, gathering your slick on his hands before coming up to rub tight circles on your clit.
“Such a slut,” he says clearly, voice calm as if the hand on your cunt doesn’t belong to him, “you seem to forget your place.”
Your nails pierce into your palms as he drags two fingers up and down your inner folds, moaning at how good it feels when he presses down harder, nearing your pulsating hole.
“Take off your shirt,” he orders, lips grazing your clit, “let me see those pretty tits.”
Swallowing thickly, your breath stalls in your chest when he sinks two fingers into your heat at once, tongue curling around your clit while you’re trying to remove your t-shirt from around your head. You collapse onto the bed, resisting the urge to play with your nipples with his vigilant eyes on you, waiting for you to make the wrong move.
“Jungkook, yes…”
He swirls his tongue around your clit, fingers thrusting in and out of your cunt until he finds your sweet spot, hooking his fingers against it when you cry out his name.
The loud squelching of his fingers pushing into your pussy is embarrassingly loud, slick dripping down his hand while he continues to roll his tongue against your clit. His hot breath, paired with the skilled movements of his fingers and tongue sends a spark up the length of your spine. You feel the knot build in your abdomen, back arching off the bed when he picks up the pace, reaching up with one hand to push you back down.
You’re buzzing with desire, thrashing under him as you hear him slurp up your juices sloppily, grinding his fingers into you with vigor. Pressing into that spot until you feel yourself reach the edge.
“I’m gonna fu—”
All you hear is the sound of the door handle clicking before you sit up on your elbows to see Hana and her group of friends standing at the doorway.
“Oh fuck.”
They stand motionless, and you’re trying to yank Jungkook away, shame washing over you as he continues to lap at your pussy, watching them from his periphery. You can hear them whisper, and you’re wondering why the fuck they aren’t going anywhere until you grab your penguin plushie and throw it in their direction.
Still gawking at your boyfriend between your legs, they make their way out and until the door clicks shut do you fix Jungkook with a shocked stare.
“Why didn’t you stop— Shit!”
He flicks his tongue over your clit at breakneck speed, adding a third finger to the mix as he sinks in and out, matching the pace of his tongue to have your thighs shaking around his face.
“I know you liked it,” he growls, the sound reverberating through your core, “I felt you clenching around my fingers when they came in. Such a fucking slut.”
He wiggles his hand, crooking his fingers against your walls, spurred on by his filthy words. The knot builds again, eyes watering while you jerk your hips up. Grabbing at the sheets, you spill onto his hand, screaming out his name as he continues to stretch you out. Heat washing over your body. He licks at your folds noisily.
“That’s it. Let them hear you. Let them know who’s making you feel this good.”
He suctions around your hole, drinking up every last drop while you twitch, still coming down from your high. You watch through blurry vision as he hops off the bed, the front of his hoodie drenched with your cum. You would’ve been embarrassed, if it wasn’t a regular thing with him.
Milky skin exposed, he balls up his clothes and sets it down on your desk, tugging at your hand to signal for you to sit at the edge of the bed. You feel desire recollect in your abdomen as you see him take off his watch. The sound of his rings hitting your nightstand is something you love hearing, knowing what’s about to happen next. You’re already salivating, core throbbing all over again when you see him roll his palm over his girthy length.
Delicately, he pulls your hair over your shoulder as you lie down at the edge, parting your lips immediately when he lines his cock up with your mouth.
You stick out your tongue, tasting the precum smeared across the tip before he nudges it against the corner of your mouth. Hissing when the wet muscle rubs against his frenulum.
“Look at you,” he grits, thrusting into your mouth experimentally before pulling out and gripping the base, other hand fitted tightly around your throat, “worried that your friends might see you but you’re still letting me fuck your throat. Knowing they can walk in again.”
You mewl, eyes flying shut when he pushes his hips forward, balls slapping into your face as the tip hits the back of your throat, causing you to grab his thighs with the burn. He draws his hips back, giving you some time to breathe before you open your mouth again and take him further, relaxing your throat as he grabs your hands in one of his. Holding it to the side.
“Fuck, just like that.”
Lips sealed tightly around his cock, your tongue presses into the veins on the side, eyes prickling with tears when he takes control and rocks against your face, throwing his head back while his fingers press into the sides of your throat. Your spit dribbles down your lips, hitting the rug beside his toes which curl with pleasure.
“Such a pretty little slut, letting me use her mouth however I like,” he grunts, gaining momentum as he presses down on your sternum, thumbing at your nipple before hunching over your form.
You can feel the sweat collecting at the back of your neck, jaw beginning to ache when he holds his cockhead deep inside your throat, tears slipping down the side of your face. Whining around his length, your eyes fly open when his calloused fingers slide below your navel, stopping over your clit. Thighs trembling as he spreads your folds, pressing his index and ring finger into your heat while he grinds the heel of his palm into your clit.
“C’mon,” he growls, voice strained as you feel his balls clench against your nose, “give me another.”
You plant your feet on the bed, taking mangled breaths through your nose while he stretches you open on his fingers once again, still sensitive from your first high, you squirm and moan with his cock lodged in your throat. Burning when you feel your second high splatter against your thigh, messing your sheets once again.
His heavy cock hits your cheek when he pulls out of your strained mouth, dragging you by your ankle to pull you further down on the bed. The only thing you see before he spins you around and raises your back to an arch, positioning your ass against his cock, is the sweat glittering on his skin, hair dripping as it lays flat against his head.
You’re still buzzing from your first high, holding yourself up on tired limbs as he spreads you open with the tip of his cock, sighing out your name before you feel his hand meet your ass. Hands giving up while your cheek presses into the blanket, drool slipping out when his cock rubs against your folds.
“Good girl,” he pants, and you can tell by his prolonged thrusts that he’s trying to drag out the sensation. Feeling each vein press into your walls once he sinks into your cunt.
You’re babbling, hair sticking to your shoulders with how much you’re sweating, mouth hanging open as he splits you open on his cock. He twists you around harshly, pressing your knees into your chest as you both watch how his cock disappears into your creamy cunt, air creeping out of your lungs.
He directs your attention to his face with a hand around your throat, taking your bottom lip between his teeth.
“Such a greedy little cunt,” he grunts, eyes not leaving yours, “still want more? Want me to fill you up with my cum? Hm?”
You nod, rubbing your lips together to prevent yourself from screeching, eyes rolling to the back of your head when his big cock goes deeper and deeper with each ruthless thrust.
If you weren’t so fucked out, you would notice that he’s quiet once he’s close to the edge, eyebrows knitted together as he concentrates, rolling off the last bit of energy as he chases his high. He whimpers when your walls close around him, hissing when your nails draw lines down his back.
“Fucking hell,” he groans, cock twitching inside you as his thrusts become shallow. His eyes lock with yours, wet hair brushing your forehead before he kneels on the bed and sets down your legs, index finger flicking at your clit twice before your mind goes blank for the third time tonight.
“I’m cumming, fuck—“
He thrusts into his fist, directing the hot spurts of cum onto your chest with a drawn-out groan of your name. You gasp when some hits your chin, dripping down your sides filthily.
You’re lax in his arms, reaching up half-heartedly to help him clean you up and change the beddings. Sitting at your desk, you watch as he struggles to fit on the sheet. You would’ve helped but he insisted that he could do it himself. Smiling tiredly, you thank him as he tucks you in, leaving the blanket folded over so he can join you in bed.
“Are you feeling cold? Do you want me to close the window?”
Humming, you roll over onto your side under the blanket, unable to fight the exhaustion any longer, especially when the fresh sheets feel so good against your skin. Behind closed lids, you sense the change in lighting after he settles in behind you, pecking the skin of your shoulder. You’re about to fall off to sleep when you realize that your roommate and her friends saw you butt-naked with your boyfriend’s mouth on your—
“Jungkook,” you call, nudging him with your shoulder, “are you awake?”
“Yeah, what?” He croaks. You melt after hearing his whiny, sleepy voice, turning around in his hold to poke his cheek.
“Hana and her friends saw us.”
His mouth quirks to the side, eyes remaining closed, “so?”
“So? Are you kidding? I was naked and you were…I’m pretty sure they’re all fans of yours!” You whisper-shout, smacking his arm lightly when he pinches your ass.
He speaks around a yawn, cuddling you closer to his chest, “so what if they’re my fans?”
You blink, “I don’t know…What if they tell everyone and you lose followers…or something like that?”
His eyes crack open, face going blank for a split before his eyebrow jumps.
“Everyone knows I have a girlfriend. Why would I lose followers if everyone knows that my girlfriend and I fuck? Which they probably already know.”
Your cheeks heat at his crude words.
“Besides, I could have one billion followers but only one would matter to me,” he says nonchalantly, shutting his eyes as if dismissing the conversation.
Pulling away to get a better look at him, you slide a hand over his tattoos, stopping at his shoulder.
“Oh yeah? Who would that be?”
His arms encircle your waist, sharing body heat as your form melds to his. Heart fluttering in your chest at his boyish grin.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
‧✧̣̇‧ Gym Bunny Masterlist
‧✧̣̇‧ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
‧✧̣̇‧ Genre: muscle pig!Jungkook, strangers to lovers au, fluff, angst, college au, very enthusiastic kook, shy chubby reader, self hatred to self love au.
‧✧̣̇‧ Warnings: Toxic friends, reader learns to love herself, cuss words, accidental boners, some mean comments about reader from her friends and Kooks bestie who hates YN.
‧✧̣̇‧ Summary: After being tired of feeling insecure you decided to take your friends advice and hit the gym. The only problem is you don’t know what to do, but luckily the very muscular and scary guy next to you offered to teach you a couple things. He just also happens to be the sweetest man you’ve ever met and not scary at all. You catch yourself falling in love with him on your journey of self love, but old insecurities stop you from doing anything about it.
Teaser ʚïɞ
Chapter 01 ʚïɞ
Chapter 02 ʚïɞ
Chapter 03 ʚïɞ
Chapter 04 ʚïɞ
Chapter 05 ʚïɞ
Chapter 06 ʚïɞ
Chapter 07 ʚïɞ
Chapter 08 ʚïɞ
Chapter 09 ʚïɞ
Q&A ʚïɞ
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—suck it up! (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: jeon jungkook x fem!reader
⟶ genre: vampire!jungkook / college au / friends-to-lovers + fluff / smut
⟶ words: 9,784
⟶ rating: 18+
⟶ summary: being jungkook’s best friend means you’re used to his strange and chaotic ways but lately he’s been acting a little too strange, like thinking he’s turned into a vampire kind of strange.
⟶ warnings: pretty much a crack fic!!!, dumbass new world vampire jungkook who is completely incompetent as a vampire, general dumbass-to-lovers shenanigans, twilight references, sweet love making, dry humping, jungkook comes in his pants, riding, marking, biting, a brief mention of blood (so blood play?), breast play, fondling, possession kink??, oral sex (f receiving), cum eating, clit play, fingering, missionary, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, creampie
⟶ note: happy halloween!!!👻 to celebrate, here is my fic for the nightmare on tumblr.com collab with the lovelies @underthejoon @bratkook @junghelioseok​ @hobidreams @kpopfanfictrash @suga-kookiemonster !!! pls keep an eye out for their fics when they drop bc it’s going to be fangtastic! this fic was inspired by an old tumblr post i’ve seen but i’ve since lost the link to it! also dedicating this fic to the loml @rockwithwoo​ !! <3
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s been acting strange lately.
Then again, Jungkook’s always been strange ━ like the text-you-at-all-hours-of-the day strange, drop by your house unannounced when it’s two in the morning and he’s craving burgers from the diner down the street strange; or send you one of his many unsolicited memes (yes, like quoting dead Vines and dumb Tiktoks and forwarding you horrendous selfies you’ve sent him and snapshots he’s taken of you when you’re least expecting it) from his repertoire at any given moment strange (because he seems to have a meme for every occasion. No, seriously. Like, every occasion).
Or practically begging you to tie his hair back in a bun and put a face mask on him too (strawberry-scented, of course, because when you found out he loves the smell, that’s all you started buying) when he joins you for a much needed pampering night; or trying to open a stubborn jar of salsa for you by banging the sealed lid of it on the floor as if that’s going to do anything; or, like that one time, he couldn’t stop calling you “sus” any time you did something to vaguely annoy him (like telling him you’re going back to sleep on those occasions he shows up at your door at 2 a.m.) because his world was still stuck in the gaming universe of Among Us which he won’t stop playing. 
It’s the kind of strange that you’re well accustomed to by now because even you act that way around Jungkook often, caving in at 2 a.m. and letting him drag you out for food, purposely beating him in his video games to see him throw a tantrum whenever you win and then proceeding to call him a “bitchface” when he complains, or throwing off your bra from under your shirt when you’re curled up on the couch with him for movie night and announcing proudly that you’re apart of the “free the tiddies committee!” whenever he looks at you in sheer utter horror, fearing something fatal like a nip slip to taint his supposedly oh-so-innocent eyes (even though you’ve already seen him butt ass naked because, when Jungkook’s super drunk and around a body of water, he likes to get nude).
The kind of strange that, really, isn’t all that strange to you as his best friend but certainly a little odd in behaviour to an objective outsider’s point of view even though they’re probably just as messed up around their closest friends. The kind of strange that just comes with having known each other for a handful of years now, learning every nuanced quirk about one another like the back of your hand. 
But the kind of strange Jungkook has randomly been possessed by lately is much harder to wrap your mind around. Because he still acts like regular insane Jungkook but you can tell there’s something missing, like a piece of the puzzle that makes him, now just a fragmented version of who he once was. It’s not as if he’s sick (aside from a week or so ago when he came down with a sudden flu that left him bedridden for a few days), and it’s not as if he’s stressed from school because he’s always been the type to ride the wave of life without much cares. He’s just been far more distracted lately than usual, and not because his stupidly beautiful mind is too busy thinking up whatever his next big project is. 
It starts one Friday night, when you had asked him to come over to yours for a marathon viewing party of every horror movie you can think of to get into the “Halloween spirit,” as you had so eagerly proposed. When you answer the door to his incessant knocking, he’s greeted to the sight of you wearing one of his old hoodies that is much too large for you and, he hopes, some sort of shorts beneath it as the hoodie ends around mid-thigh on you, but his eyes are too busy sweeping across the smooth expanse of your exposed legs to really pay much attention. 
“Finally!” You huff aloud. “Took you long enough.”
“Had to secure the goods,” he says. Whereas you’re expecting him to brandish the takeout boxes of Chinese food you had asked him to pick up on the way, he instead gestures smugly to his own face and wriggles his brows. “As I’m sure you can tell.”
You roll your eyes, snatching the bag from him before he can protest. “You look like Shrek’s left ball sack but, yeah, sure. The goods.”
“Ouch, spicy!” Jungkook quips, quivering with laughter. “Someone’s hangry, huh? It’s a good thing I didn’t come a minute later or else you probably would have ripped my head off. Oh, and I made sure to get you extra orange chicken this time because you almost had a mental breakdown last time when they forgot to give you it.”
“I was on my period!” You pout. “It wasn’t my fault!”
You turn on your heel to walk away, assuming the boy will follow you into your apartment as normal. Before you can even move an inch, Jungkook stops you.
“Uhh…?” he trails off expectantly. He’s still waiting on the other side of the threshold of the door.
You pause in your tracks and quirk an inquisitive brow, shooting him a bewildered look. “What?”
“You gonna invite me in or what?” Jungkook asks.
It’s an understatement to say the question puzzles you. Instead, Jungkook watches as your face contorts into a baffled expression before bursting out into laughter hinging on blatant confusion. “Are you joking?” 
“No, why would I be joking?” Jungkook retorts, clearly just as perplexed as you. As if he isn’t your best friend, and as if he hasn’t made himself at home numerous times before. “Umm, it’s called being polite, dude. It’s your home.”
“And, by proxy, yours too,” You point out. “That didn’t stop you from coming here after class last week because you weren’t feeling well ━ without telling me, I may add ━ and nearly giving me a heart attack when I came home three hours later and thought you were an intruder.”
“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you trying to cave my head in with an umbrella stand,” Jungkook snorts. 
Still, you’re left staring at him as if anticipating him to break out into a shit-eating grin and say he’s just pulling your leg. When he gives you an exaggerated look as if to probe you to answer him faster you simply just shake your head and decide to ignore it for the night.
“Well… Come in!” You sigh at long last. 
“Thank you!” Jungkook sighs as well, like the whole situation exhausted him. He takes a step over the threshold and into your home, though he nearly stumbles when you grab his arm to tug him in quicker. 
“I’m hungry,” You say in defence, “and I’m gonna need your shoulder to hide behind during jumpscares.” 
“Say no more,” Jungkook beams, and the rest of the night unfolds in the most ordinary way possible that leaves you wondering why you were even beginning to worry about Jungkook in the first place.
Tumblr media
As the days go on, you start to realize that maybe you were wrong. Things have only gotten stranger, and so has Jungkook.
You only notice this when Jungkook stands you up for one of your usual routine lunch dates before your next shared class on one Friday afternoon. It isn’t uncommon to see the boy rushing to whichever restaurant or café you’ve decided to meet up at a few minutes late, and so you don’t necessarily find it too strange when he doesn’t arrive ten minutes past your meeting time. Twenty minutes starts to thin your patience. Thirty minutes makes you concerned. To make matters worse, he doesn’t answer your numerous phone calls or texts and, growing tired of looking like an idiot waiting at a table for two alone, you decide to leave forty-five minutes later only to try Jungkook’s apartment first in the hopes of finding him.
You’re more than relieved to see him when he answers the door to your knocking, though you suspect Jungkook doesn’t even register the fact that he’s missed your lunch date judging by the way he answers his door. He’s a whole mess, dark hair sticking up in every which way, gaunt skin unusually pale making him look like death. He’s startled to see you standing at his doorstep, brows knitting together and, past that, he winces at the artificial dim lighting of the building’s corridor as if it burns with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.
“Hey.” His voice is hoarse when he speaks. “What are you doing here?”
“Um…” You trail off warily. “I thought we meet for lunch every Friday? And we have class soon.”
“Isn’t it, like, midnight?”
“It’s almost one.”
At this, Jungkook gawks at you in disbelief so you resort to showing him your phone and the time displayed. It doesn’t help with his gawking (or the wincing ━ you swear you almost hear him hiss at the abrupt bright light like he’s a vampire or something). “Shit, is it? I didn’t even realize.”
“Clearly,” You scoff. You lean in a bit closer to him, squinting eyes observing him intently. “Did you even sleep? You look like you just crawled out of the sewer drain.”
“Oh, nah,” Jungkook says casually, waving a hand airly as if to dismiss the issue. “I started binge watching this new show on Netflix and I guess I lost track of time.”
Now, it’s your turn to gawk at him. “A whole twelve hours?”
“Yeah,” Jungkook laughs, as if this is just a common mistake everyone makes. “Shit, I’m sorry. I missed lunch?”
“Yeah, I was sitting there by myself for almost an hour,” You tell him, which makes him flinch again. “Wasn’t it your idea to try that new ramen place anyway? The waiter probably thought I looked like a dumb ass. He felt so bad for me, he didn’t even make me pay for the drink I ordered.”
“Nah. Nope, that’s definitely because you’re hot and he wanted to shoot his shot,” Jungkook corrects. You roll your eyes at him as he pries open his door to let you in. “Come inside. I’m just gonna hop in the shower real quick and we can go to class together.”
“Huh━ Wait a minute,” You stammer, flustered. It’s easy to forget about his weirdness as of late, and definitely when you realize that aside from a few odd quirks, he’s still just your Jungkook. As he ushers you inside, you stop just in front of him. Leaning on the tip of your toes, you reach out to smooth out a stray lock of his hair flopped on the other side of his parting. It’s an all too gentle of a caress, and though Jungkook’s used to your tender ways, sometimes it makes him want to scream in a good way. Like right now. “Don’t you feel like death? You should rest, Koo; I can go and give you the notes after.”
Jungkook hates how his heart flutters at the mention of your cute little nickname for him. He shakes his head. “I’ll be fine. I promise.”
He seems fine, which is even more worrying. Your nose wrinkles as you wonder how many energy drinks he’s downed in the last twelve hours to have the stamina of a god, and you hope he doesn’t go into cardiac arrest because of it. 
“And I’ll make it up to you for not showing up to lunch today,” Jungkook says brightly. He feels a brief moment of bravery ━ or maybe he’s lost all sense because he is delirious at this point ━ and snags it before it can leave him. “Let me make you dinner tomorrow night.”
A taunting smirk dances at your lips. “Do you even know how to boil water?”
“For you, I do.” 
“Cute. It’s a date. Uh, I mean, not a date-date but… You know what I mean.”
Jungkook brandishes a big, charming grin, mirroring yours which seems to stretch wider in the passing seconds. Not a date, but maybe something like it. He hopes. Instead of replying, he pokes his fingers into your ticklish sides, causing you to squirm against him. He slips from your grasp before you can retaliate, heading towards his bathroom with one final, “I’ll be ten minutes, max!”
“By the way━” Before he can leave you entirely to make yourself at home on his couch, he hears you call out jokingly, “You think I’m hot?”
Your question makes him choke but you hardly give him a chance to respond, instead cackling maniacally with laughter and leaving him dumbfounded.
Which is probably for the best. Because, despite maybe feeling and looking like shit, the one functioning brain cell in his head definitely does think you’re hot ━ but that’s a different kind of strange Jungkook isn’t prepared to discuss with you just yet.
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s never one to break his promise, especially when it comes to you.
Which is why you find it both a little bit unusual and entirely heartbreaking when he doesn’t show up for your not-really-a-date date. Stranger still is the fact that he had been texting you up until you had arrived at his apartment, which only then were you greeted with radio silence. You try to make excuses for him. If he was sick, that’s even worse, because then you really can’t do anything to help him. If he’s napping, then you’re certain your knocking and texts would have woken him. Not a single call or text to explain himself, nor was he even home (at least, that’s what you’re telling yourself, because the thought of him being stowed away within his apartment while you stand on the other side of the door awaiting him, crushes your heart just a little more). Your final conclusion is that he must not be home, ditching you last minute. And while last minute plans were bound to arise, his silence was enough to irk you. 
You leave him three different voicemails, the last one ending on a rather angry, “Jungkook, where the fuck are you?” before you realize there’s no use in saving the night.
At the very least he gets back to you on Sunday evening, texting you just once to say pitifully, “sorry about last night, something came up. Can we talk?” but you choose not to reply.
Until you’re forced to face him that Monday afternoon. Admittedly, you were only looking for Taehyung to discuss an upcoming assignment you had both been paired up for one class when you remember tragically that he’s also best friends with Jungkook. So, stumbling upon the two boys seated at one of the many small round tables outside the campus café when you had only been expecting to see Taehyung is not at all what you were prepared for. Jungkook looks paler than he should be, and even more dishevelled than before when you saw him at his apartment. He’s in the midst of a serious conversation with Taehyung, nursing a cup of black coffee. 
“Yeah, I dunno,” he can be heard saying. “On Wednesday I was out all day and I got this wicked sunburn.”
“Dude, it’s late October,” Taehyung deadpans. “It’s cold. Today’s, like, the one kind of good day we’ve had. How are you getting a sunburn?”
“I have sensitive skin━ Hey, wait! Y/N!”
You groan inwardly when you hear Jungkook call out your name. You’ve only just rounded on your heel to promptly march away when he spots you, giving you less than a minute to brace yourself before he hurriedly excuses himself from Taehyung and sprints after you.
“Where are you going?” he beckons, oblivious. “I haven’t seen you all weekend. Wait, can you just slow down━”
“In case you haven’t noticed, Jungkook, I’m not in the mood to talk,” You grumble. “Since you completely bailed on me again. It was your idea to have me over.”
Jungkook almost physically recoils from you at the disappointment lacing within your words. “Look, I know it was a dick move, but I had a good reason.”
“Then let me hear it.”
He lets out an exasperated groan, hurrying to step in front of you. He stops you in your tracks at once, and it’s only then that he notices how much space you’ve both put between yourselves and Taehyung, who still seems very much confused. Now, Jungkook runs a hand through his hair. He seems fidgety, perhaps a little embarrassed, as he glances over his shoulder and then back down at you.
“Can I tell you something?” he asks. “And don’t laugh. Or do. I don’t know.”
“What is it?”
“Well, I was cooking with garlic the night you were supposed to come over ━ I was gonna make us ramen, like really good, home-made ramen, with lots of cheese, just how you like it━” He rambles onward endearingly, “And I got this weird rash so I looked it up on Google and all I’m getting is that either I’m allergic to garlic, which I’d rather die than be, or all this vampire bullshit so in conclusion I think I’m a fucking vampire.”
He can’t believe he just told you that. The silence that follows is enough to make him want to crawl into a hole and never see the light of day again. But he looks concerned enough, bordering on near mania, and so maybe you should be a little concerned too. Only you know how Jungkook can be, and sometimes his wild imagination likes to get the best of him. Except, the last time Jungkook insisted he had superpowers, he was drunk and fresh out of high school.
Realizing Jungkook is awaiting a response, you can only blink, at a loss for words. “Uh…”
Jungkook grimaces. He can sense he’s losing you, but he quite literally needs you the most now more than ever. “I know it sounds crazy, but everything’s just been feeling so off lately and━”
“Did Taehyung put you up to this?” You demand. “You’re joking, right? A vampire? And a rash, really? That’s low, Jungkook. I’m used to being blown off by greasy men who only think with their dicks, but I expected more from you. You were talking to me all the way up until I showed up at your door. If you didn’t want to hang out, you could have just told me. I wouldn’t have minded.”
“No, that’s not it at all. I promise━”
“Whatever,” You huff angrily. “I’m going home.”
You push past him to march off, and Jungkook decides it’s better to let you cool off than to hold you back. Still, he panics. “Wh-What about Taehyung?”
He asks it as if you really care, as if you’ll stay just for the boy who has already been left behind. Jungkook’s just grasping at straws though, desperately trying to make sure you’re not actually mad at him, though he fears it’s far too late for that. 
You’ll come around eventually, he tells himself. Hopefully.
Tumblr media
Jungkook hasn’t been sleeping much, which is so unlike him.
But time seems to start to blend together, melding morning with night. That, and he can’t shake the multiple anxieties that still riddle his body like how 1) he thinks he’s a fucking vampire, and 2) you’re probably never going to talk to him again. Which is why he’s more than pleased when he opens his apartment door the day after your argument with him to find you standing at the threshold. For a moment, Jungkook thinks that maybe he has fallen asleep finally, and is lucid dreaming a fantasy of you. Then, he actually realizes you’re there. The pissed off scowl directed towards him etched deep into your face is hard to mistake as anything other than reality. It surely hits him hard enough, nearly sucking the breath out of him to see you there.
“Can I come in?” You ask.
Jungkook nearly shoves the door aside. “You’re not mad at me?”
As you waltz past him, Jungkook stumbles to follow after you as you lead him into the kitchen. 
“I think you’re an idiot,” You retort, matter-of-fact. “But you’re my idiot, so I could never be mad at you. I was just━” You let out a sheepish sigh, and Jungkook’s glad you’re too occupied to notice him get flustered when dub him your idiot. “I was just angry you blew me off. I’m sorry I overreacted, Jungkook. But can you blame me? I had no idea what happened to you. What if you were dead?”
“No way,” Jungkook says softly. “You’d know if I was dead because I’d come back as a ghost to haunt your ass for all my hoodies and food you steal.”
“Not funny,” You grumble begrudgingly. 
“Kind of is,” he quips. Then, a little more tenderly, he adds, “I’m sorry too.”
You bite at your lower lip, gazing up at him. You hum in response, and whereas he thinks you’ll reply to him, you instead snicker teasingly abruptly. “You know what’s actually funny though? You thinking you’re a vampire.”
Jungkook sinks miserably into a chair at his kitchen table. He digs the heel of his palms viciously in his eyes and groans tiredly. “Don’t remind me. You think I’m insane, don’t you?”
“The opposite, actually. For now, anyway,” You admit. “In fact, I’ve decided to humour you. So, I took it upon myself to do some light research━”
It’s only as you say this that Jungkook finally registers you’re cradling a heavy looking book in your arms, but that’s only because you slam it down onto the kitchen table in front of him. Then, Jungkook is finally able to process what book it is, his gaze sweeping across the cover. 
He gasps as if he’s never seen anything more horrifying. “You read Twilight?”
“Don’t sound so hostile,” You protest stiffly. “You’re basically Edward Cullen. Kinda weird, impossibly fast, freakishly strong━ Well, I mean, you’ve always been like that, so, in a hypothetical situation where you are, y’know, a vampire, I don’t think you’ve changed much. But that being said, you have been exhibiting some weird vampire-like behaviours.” 
“I sparkle in the sun?”
“Real vampires,” You tell him this pointedly, as if you personally know an undead cryptid yourself. “That one night you came over to binge movies, you didn’t come into my place until I invited you in. Vampires can’t enter a home without an invitation.”
Jungkook snorts. “That’s a stretch. So I’m a vampire because I’m being polite?”
But you continue on as if he never even said anything. “You’re losing track of time, and vampires don’t sleep. You thought it was still midnight when it was one p.m.”
“Easy to do. I was bingeing Squid Game.”
“You think you’re suddenly allergic to garlic, and I overheard you telling Tae you got a sunburn even though it’s been forecast lately.”
Jungkook pauses, mulling over these facts. Sure it’s insane, but so is him thinking he’s a supernatural mythical creature of the night. But what if he truly is one? 
“How’s your appetite been?” You interrogate now.
“The same, I don’t know,” Jungkook shrugs. “Food hasn’t really been hitting the same. I think I’m still recovering from that cold, honestly. But lately I feel like I’m craving something…”
“Like what?”
Jungkook blinks. “Dunno. Taco Bell? Haven’t had it in a while.”
Your eyes flicker over him as if you’re reading him, brain calculating every nuance and quirk of his to decipher what’s wrong with him, if anything ━ and maybe you are. Who’s Jungkook to say otherwise?
“Jungkook,” You giggle at long last. “I’m just pulling your leg. I don’t actually think you’re a vampire, and I don’t think you genuinely think you are either.”
“I think you’re tired,” You say, matter-of-fact. “You’re still recovering from that cold, and you’ve been so busy with schoolwork that I think you’re just over-exerting yourself.”
And when you say it like that, Jungkook has no reason not to believe you. In fact, the longer he listens to you, the longer he basks in your calming presence, the quicker he is to deduce all at once that maybe he is getting ahead of himself. There’s no such thing as vampires, after all.
So, he glances up at you, quirking a brow. “Then what’s my remedy, since you seem so sure of it?”
You purse your lips in a pensive pondering. Then, you lean forward, grabbing at his hands to lift him to his feet in a flourish and he follows suit, ignoring the way his stomach feels light and airy at the touch of your soft hands. “Rest, and lots of it. Specifically with your best friend.”
Jungkook watches you in awe, a small flustered grin on his face. “Is that so? I like the sound of that. Think I have a few things to make up for anyway, if you’ll accept my apology.” 
He wonders why he was even worried in the first place. As he pulls you over to his couch for a night of binge-watching and solely platonic cuddling (he swears), your grip tightens on his hand and you pull him back to you.
“Wait,” You stop him, a mischievous look shimmering in your eyes. You’re so close to him now, he feels light-headed. “On one condition.”
“You come with me to Jimin’s Halloween party,” You propose. When you see him start to roll his eyes, you can’t help but giggle. “C’mon! It’ll be fun. I even found the perfect costume for you.”
“Oh, yeah?” He decides to entertain the thought. “What is it?”
“A vampire, duh.”
Maybe he should have seen it coming. Maybe not. But, as Jungkook has learned over the years, some things when it comes to you are just always unexpected. 
Tumblr media
Jimin’s Halloween party falls on a full moon which, really, should have been a bad omen for Jungkook.
But Jungkook’s more concerned with the fact that Jimin’s party couldn’t have come at a much better time. Despite the sweaty jostling bodies ━ consisting mainly of frat boys who somehow managed to snag an invitation ━ adorned in half-assed costumes, wasted and faded, it comes as a saving grace as a way to let him forget all about the chaos of his life the past few days. Then there’s you, of course, and when he’s with you, everything seems to be better. So, bad omens are certainly not something Jungkook tends to look out for, specifically following his descent into supposed vampire madness.
“That’s your costume?”
Jungkook asks you this in a dazed gawk the night of. He’s only just arrived at your apartment and has caught sight of you in the tight silk slip dress that clings to your every curve, black lace thigh-highs, and red-soled heels. A sheer black mini-cape falls over your shoulders and your lips are painted a dark rouge. There’s a dribble of fake blood falling from one corner of your mouth, and on the left side of your neck are drawn on bite marks. It makes his own “costume” ━ black trousers, a linen Victorian-era styled shirt with the top few buttons left undone, and his wavy hair left in messy and voluminous tufts ━ look lacklustre. Elsewhere, you can’t help but think about how truly and devilishly handsome he looks. 
“Why? Is it not good enough?” You ask, obliviously. 
Jungkook wonders if you do it on purpose. He’s never seen anything sexier, and he hates not being able to be the one who gets to enjoy you. “N-No. You look fucking hot.”
You roll your eyes, scoffing at him as if you think he’s joking with you. “Ha ha. Very funny, Koo.”
“No, seriously. It really makes my costume pale in comparison,” Jungkook says. “I didn’t even try. Sorry.”
But what Jungkook considers to be the bare minimum is somehow devastatingly attractive to you, though that seems to be just one of Jungkook’s many charms. The most striking part of the costume at least are his crimson red eyes, which you take it upon yourself to point out.
“You look good,” You tell him confidently. “Cool contacts, by the way.”
“I’m not wearing contacts.”
“Oh.” You trail off. “I get it. That’s a joke.”
Jungkook looks puzzled. He opens his mouth to ask, “What are you talking ab━” but you grab his hand in a hurry, springing out the door and past him as you exclaim, “No time to talk. We’re already late!” 
And Jungkook would have been concerned with your hastiness, had it not been you; instead, all he can do is stumble after you and your whimsical ways, completely bewitched by you.
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s fucked. Like, royally fucked and it’s all because of you. 
You spend the majority of the party next to him, whereas typically both you and him splinter off for a bit to chat with other friends before reconvening. Instead, you’ve dragged Jungkook along with you to dance, and then the other half of the party is spent giggling to each other in a corner of the room, and by the end of it Jungkook thinks the room has started to spin. You tend to leave that effect on him a lot. Eventually, he does wander off to grab a drink but is distracted by a sudden conversation with Jimin. He’s gone for the better part of an hour before he comes stumbling back to you when you realize something’s wrong.
“Hey there, champ. You doing ok?” You ask.
He grins upon seeing you, however sluggish and crooked it may be. His hand falls to the small of your back. “I feel fine. More than, actually. In fact, I need to tell you something. Like, seriously.”
“Let me guess. You’re a vampire?”
“No,” Jungkook snickers. “Come with me.”
So you do, following after him as he leads you through a weaving path around the jostling bodies and outside of Jimin’s house into the backyard where it’s much quieter. At long last, it’s just you and him and Jungkook hasn’t been more nervous before. Now or never, he tells himself.
“What’s up, Koo?” You ask him gently. You reach out to straighten the mess that is his hair, and he leans into the palm of your hand. “You’re acting stranger than usual. Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look so good.”
But Jungkook’s mind is so clearly elsewhere. He feels as if he’s drunker than drunk, seeing the world in a haze that won’t go away no matter how many times he tries to blink it away. He gazes at you now with his big doe-like eyes. “I like when you do that.”
“When I do what?”
“Touch my hair,” he hums. “Or when you look at me like I’m the most important thing to you. Like you maybe even…” He shakes his head as he trails off, though it’s mostly a weak attempt to recollect himself. Everything’s starting to look a little fuzzy. “What I’m trying to say ━ what I’ve been wanting to say for so long ━ is that I’m kind of in love with you.”
There it is. Jungkook feels as if a weight has been lifted off his shoulders, and all he can do is stare at you fondly. Or try to, anyway. 
You blink. “How much have you been drinking?”
That’s definitely not the response Jungkook had been expecting. He sways dangerously close to you, shaking his head wildly. “I haven’t. I only had one drink.”
“You’re drunk.”
“No, no, I promise,” he whines. “I’m so in love with you, I━ Is everything spinning? Hold on, I think I need to sit down━”
But Jungkook does not sit down. Rather, he nearly faceplants the hard ground had it not been for you swooping forward at the last second to catch his heavy weight in your arms. 
Then, he passes out.
Tumblr media
So, as it turns out, Jungkook is a vampire.
That seems to be less shocking to Jungkook, however, than the earth-shattering revelation that Taehyung is also a vampire and you knew. But that’s a fact that Jungkook has made certain to mention to both Taehyung and you often the entirety of his morning the day after the Halloween party. 
“Dude, what the actual fuck?”
Taehyung sighs wearily. He’s seated across from Jungkook on an armchair in his living room, nursing a cup of coffee that Jungkook is positive does nothing for him and his weird vampire body aside from the fact that Taehyung has claimed he just likes the taste of it. Meanwhile, you’ve only just shown up to his apartment, still dressed in your cheesy vampire costume, minus the cape. After Jungkook had fainted the night before, you had desperately reached out to the only person you knew could help, resulting in Taehyung dragging Jungkook back to his apartment. Now that he’s awake and alert, Taehyung has spent the better part of the morning explaining everything to Jungkook, and the younger boy can still only properly register one thing. 
“I can’t believe you never told me you’re a vampire,” Jungkook admonishes Taehyung. Then, he twists in his seat on the couch to gawk up at you. “And you knew Taehyung was a vampire all this time and you never told me? What the fuck?”
“It’s not something you just casually bring up in conversation,” You protest, “especially to someone who wasn’t a vampire up until a month ago!”
Jungkook falls short, if only because he knows you’re right. “Touché.”
“So, how did this happen?” You ask. “Like where have you gone in the past few weeks that’s out of the ordinary, or have you met someone new?”
“Not really,” Jungkook says. Then, he chuckles mostly to himself. “Except… Well, there was this email that I got ━ I thought it was just spam, to be honest, but it sounded kind of cool so I clicked on it. Something about a ‘vampires only party.’ I was like, what kind of weird Halloween themed rave is that? And who the fuck invites people over email to parties? Boomers? Anyway, it had a location and time and everything. So, I went.”
Taehyung grimaces. “You went to some random party alone?”
“Yoongi went with me,” Jungkook informs. “Kinda lost sight of him halfway through the night, and then I blacked out. I’ve never had so many drinks in my life. The next thing I remember, I was in my bed at home and I got that weird cold.”
Taehyung looks mortified. He facepalms himself, groaning into his hand. “Ugh, Yoongi that cryptid bastard. Why would he bring you to one of those parties?”
Jungkook nearly chokes on nothing but his own saliva as he registers this. “Hold on, Yoongi’s a vampire too?”
“I’m so sorry, Jungkook,” You deplore sorrowfully, and sheepishly. At least your sudden wave of regret is a blessing to Taehyung, who doesn’t think he has it in himself to explain to Jungkook that Yoongi is, in fact, another vampire. “I should have brought you to Tae sooner, but how was I supposed to know you were being serious? That one time when you were drunk and we were up at the lake, you were pretty convinced for a good second there that you had telekinetic powers.”
“That’s totally different, because this time I was actually starving,” Jungkook retaliates, then pauses. He casts one glance over at Taehyung. “That is why you said I fainted, right? I was hungry?”
But Taehyung isn’t paying attention. Instead, he clears his throat, pushing himself to stand to his feet. “Right, well, I think I’ll leave you guys to it. I’ve done all I can for now, and gave Jungkook something to tie him over so he can get his wits back because, yes, Jungkook, you were technically starving. Anyway, I have a midterm in, like, ten minutes so I gotta go.”
“Wait━” Jungkook stammers, flustered. “There’s so much to talk about still. What if I get hungry again?”
“You won’t. Not to that extent, anyway,” Taehyung waves this off carelessly as he shrugs into his jacket. “You only need to feed once a month to keep yourself alive. Unless you have a blood bond with someone, but that’s a whole conversation for another time when I don’t have a business exam all the way on the other side of campus.”
“Blood bond━ What the━”
But Taehyung’s gone before Jungkook can finish his sentence, saluting the younger boy and waving you a parting goodbye before he’s shutting the door behind him as he slips outside. When it’s finally just you and Jungkook once again, he glances over at you tenderly. He wonders if, aside from everything else, his embarrassing proclamation of love to you is on your mind at all.
“So…” You wander over to stand next to him, your hands reaching out to hold the sides of his face to guide him softly to face you. “How are you feeling?”
Jungkook leans into the palm of your hand. “I feel great. Honestly. Kind of like I have a bit of a hangover, but it’s going away slowly.”
You hum in response, busying yourself by brushing the hair out of his eyes. You study him for a moment, your dazzling stare flickering over his face. “Your eyes aren’t red anymore.”
“Yeah, Tae said they go red when you’re really hungry.”
“I liked it. It was kind of sexy.”
Jungkook groans. He moves his head out of your grasp to burrow it instead into your stomach as he pulls you close to him. 
“You know what you’re doing to me, right? When you say stuff like that?” He looks up at you finally, his wild hair flopping back into his eyes despite your prior efforts to fix it. “Why didn’t you say it back?”
“Jungkook,” You let out a little breathless, amused laugh, “you literally just found out you’re a vampire and you’re upset because you think I curved you?”
“Did you?” Jungkook asks apprehensively. “Whether I’m a vampire or not, it doesn’t change my feelings about you.”
You smile timidly, your arms moving to wrap around his neck. “When I wanted to hear you confess your love for me ━ or when I worked up the courage to do it myself ━ I was hoping it wouldn’t be when you’re a newly turned vampire, fighting off starvation.”
“You’re in love with me?” Jungkook repeats, awe-strucked. 
He knows you’re just teasing him though, can tell by the dreamy look on your face, and the way your grip around him tightens. Suddenly, he wants nothing more than to have you indescribably close to him. His impatient hands tug at your waist to pull you onto him, falling to your thighs as you clamber onto his lap to accommodate him. He cradles you close to him, leaning forward to press his lips to yours, and all he can feel is your sweet smile smoothing over his mouth.
“That’s good, because I’m crazy about you,” he murmurs huskily into the kiss. “When I felt like everything was spinning last night ━ that’s how you make me feel on a daily, but in the best way possible.”
“Jungkook,” You breathe out a moan. “Keep kissing me, please.”
So, he does, only this time the kiss is needier. As he sucks and nibbles at your lower lip, your hips start to move, slowly grinding against him. The skirt of your dress has hitched up your thighs, letting your clothed core rub perfectly against his hardening dick. Something about seeing you so desperate for him drives him wild, still wearing the pretty silk dress now practically begging him to tear it off of you as one thin strap falls down your shoulder.
“Fuck, you’re so hot,” he whines into your mouth now. “Want you so bad.”
You whimper aloud, tugging at his hair. He moves his mouth down to kiss at the underside of your jaw, then along your neck, sharp teeth dragging along your sensitive skin. 
“Not gonna bite me, are you?” You muster enough wit to ask.
“I don’t know. Would you like it?” As if to test this and tease you, he nibbles at your throat lightly. Still, it’s enough to make you gasp, pressing your hips a little more firmly into his. “Could mark you all over. Let everyone know you’re mine.”
“P-Please,” You simper delightedly. “Make me yours, Jungkook.”
“Fuck, that feels so good,” he moans. “Keep doing that.”
His hands fall to your hips, guiding you back and forth on him. All he can imagine is what it would feel like to be in you, his dick burrowing into your walls, wrecking you in such a way that makes you his. You’re so wet already, he can feel it even past your soaked underwear as you rub yourself on him in a frenzy to get off. His tongue lavs at a sensitive spot against your neck, sucking a hickey that you know will appear by tomorrow morning. 
“Oh, Koo,” You rasp. “I might━ I’m gonna━”
But your voice splinters off into a whimper. He wonders why until he feels your pace stutter above him, and you cling onto him as your orgasm approaches. A cry of his name sounds from you, and then your hips are snapping back into pace over him as if to ride out your high. 
“Fuck, wait━” He rasps. 
Only, your eager gyrating against his hips holds more of an effect on him than he likes to admit and, before he can even think to brace himself, he comes in his pants. But it’s not his fault ━ you’re so tragically sexy. To finally have you like this in near shambles, and his dick isn’t even in you yet, sends him into a spiral. 
“Ah, ah━ Oh, fuck,” he grunts. 
His head falls limp to bury in the crook of your neck, holding your shivering body close to his. As you calm from your high, Jungkook busies himself by kissing his way down to your collarbones, and then to the top of your breasts which start to spill from your dress. 
Your fingers thread through his hair, pulling him even closer to you. “Want you inside me, Koo. Now, please.”
“Don’t have to tell me twice,” he chuckles darkly. 
At once, he whisks you away, strong arms hoisting you up and hooking your legs around his waist. He carries you into his bedroom and plops you down onto his bed with a soft bounce and an innocent squeal from you. Then, he clambers over top of you only to be eagerly pulled down by you for another longing kiss. 
Finding a brief moment of clarity, he can be heard murmuring against you cheekily, “Kinda cool and sexy, huh? That I’m a vampire.”
“Yeah,” You hum, distracted. You bite at his lower lip. “So cool and scary, a vampire that comes in his pants.”
He stifles his smirk, fingers poking at your sides. “Hey! That’s unfair. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to have you like this? Dreamt about it so much.”
“Yeah?” You taunt. “How do you want me?”
“Anyway you’ll have me,” Jungkook pleads. He reaches between your legs, his fingers rubbing slow circles into your soaked pussy. “Let me turn you into a mess.”
You moan softly. “Please, Jungkook. Get me out of this dress.”
“Wait, no,” Jungkook stops you at once when he senses you start to shift around beneath him. “Keep it on. It’s hot. I’m surprised you’re even still wearing it.”
“I couldn’t sleep after Tae took you,” You admit sheepishly. “I didn’t know how you’d be, so I just sat around waiting until I could come visit.”
Despite trying to relate to how terrified you must have felt to see your best friend so sickly, your worrisome tone is enough to make Jungkook’s heart swoon now. He kisses delicately at your temple. “I’m sorry I scared you.”
“I’m sure you’ll make it up to me,” You snicker languidly. 
“I promise I will,” he whispers, his free hand rubbing comforting circles into your hip. “Where do you want me first, baby?”
You gnaw at your lower lip, legs instinctively spreading wider for him. “Your head between my legs sounds nice.”
“Anything for you.”
He flashes you one charming grin before he wriggles his way below your waist, pushing your thighs apart. He helps you shimmy out of your panties, though keeps the stockings still on you. He presses his thumb to your clit, then swipes his finger down and back up again along your glistening folds, letting his tongue indulge in a taste as he follows his finger. A wanton moan immediately eclipses your lips, and Jungkook sighs into your pussy. For whatever reason it may be, every sense of his seems to be heightened tenfold, and your leaking arousal is enough to drive him insane.
“God, you’re dripping,” he grunts. “I can practically smell you. So sweet. Tastes just as sweet too.”
He licks at your clit next, teasing the hard muscle of his tongue against your sensitive bud. Meanwhile, he pushes two of his fingers past your folds, sinking knuckles deep into your sopping cunt with a wet squelch. Your head tosses back, hips jutting upward to meet his mouth.
“Jungkook,” You whine. “F-Fuck━”
“You like that, huh?” he murmurs against your heat. “Want you to make a mess all over my face, baby. Fuck, need to taste it so bad.”
He wraps his perfect mouth around your sensitive clit and sucks hard, as he twists his two fingers inside of you. Your walls clench around him so tight, he craves nothing more than to bury his leaking cock into you, but the thought of having you come undone with just his fingers is enough to nearly send him over the edge. He moves his mouth down to lap at your arousal, his tongue joining his fingers. Your hands fumble to grip at his hair, pushing his head further down. He growls into you from your eagerness, as his own yearning to please you further overtakes him. 
“Oh god, Jungkook,” You cry. “Fuck, fuck━ So good. I’m gonna come━”
He refuses to stop until he’s brought you to your orgasm, fingers and mouth working hard in a foul and obscene manner. All you can hear is the sound of his tongue and fingers plunging into your wetness, and it’s what ultimately pushes you over the edge. Your whimpers are choked, your hips selfishly grinding against his tongue and fingers as a sudden gush of wetness leaks from between your thighs and all over his face.
His hooded eyes flicker upward to catch your reaction, and he moans into your pussy at the sight of it. Just a haze of exhaustion and bliss, staring down at him both lovingly and as if you want nothing more than to make him come. Your dress has long since lost its use of covering you, the straps hanging uselessly down your arms and uncovering the tops of your exposed breasts. 
“Shit,” he hisses as he pulls back from you. He licks clean his glistening lips and hoists himself back up to you only to be yanked down by you for a messy kiss. “I need to be in you right now.” 
Your delirious giggles reach his ears faintly. “Your dick’s not gonna break the bed like in Twilight is it?”
Jungkook’s brows furrow together. The reference, while obscure, doesn’t entirely fly over his head if only because you’ve forced him to watch the tacky movie series one too many times. “What?”
“I dunno. Don’t vampires have inhuman strength?”
“I’ll have to get back to you on that one,” he snorts. “What does that even mean? How can you even break a bed━”
“I mean… All I’m saying is I wouldn’t be mad.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
You roll your eyes. “Do I have to be any more obvious? Don’t hold back. I want you to rail me, Jungkook.”
“Oh. Gotcha.” 
Now, that Jungkook can most definitely do. He’s quick to shed his own clothes until he’s in nothing but his underwear, to which you finally take the liberty of helping him remove the remaining article of clothing to sate your own desires. Peeling back the thin material, his dick springs free from the confinements and your hand grips him at once, stroking him firmly. He weighs heavy in the palm of your hand, angry tip already glistening with cum from his past orgasm that you oh-so badly wish to lick clean. 
His breath hitches in his throat at the feeling. “Ah, fuck, if you keep touching me like that, I’ll come right now.”
“Don’t see a problem with that.”
He grips your hips, yanking you further down the bed to him with a taunting grin. “Next time I come, I want it to be inside of you.”
Your legs almost immediately spread wider as if to accommodate him, whimpering in response as your walls clench around nothing but the thought of him wrecking you. He grasps himself in his fist, pumping his length leisurely a few times before leaning over you, one heavily tattooed arm planted next to your head propping himself up. He teases the length of his dick along your folds, gathering your wetness, before pushing the tip past your walls. He coaxes into you with ease from how filthily wet you are, and he growls. You simper with delight in response as he sinks further into you until he’s hilt deep. He pauses as if to give you time to adjust, but really it’s just because he gets distracted in slowly kissing your lips.
“Fuuck,” he sputters, nearly collapsing against your chest. “So fucking good. Like you were made for me.”
“All yours,” You mumble in a daze. Your walls clench around his throbbing dick, probing him to move. He thrusts into you steadily, deep and long strokes that make you mewl. You cling to his face, desperately sucking on his lower lip. “Ah━ Feel so full, Koo.”
“Fuck, need you to ride me,” he grunts. “Make this dick yours.”
His words make your face warm, your head spin. He grasps your waist and shifts you both around until he’s on his back and you’re straddling his hips, his dick still nestled in your leaking pussy. Your hands first plant themselves down onto his chest, anchoring yourself in place so that you can lift your hips and drop them back down onto his length, adopting a pace that has you bouncing on his cock. 
“Ah━ Ah━ Fuck, yes,” he rasps, a drowsy smirk unfurling across his lips. “Just like that, baby.”
He watches your every move, the way your dress has started to pool at your waist, only barely holding on by the straps that have now fallen to your elbows. Your breasts jostle with each frantic thrust of yours, and Jungkook can’t help but chase after you, wanting nothing more than to be close to your figure. He sits up at once, wrapping his arms around your waist as his chest presses taut against yours. The sudden change in position has his dick shifting just right in you, adjusting to a new angle that makes it seem as if he reaches your cervix and has you gasp out loud.
“You’re so fucking sexy.” He catches one of your breasts in his mouth, teeth nibbling on your perked bud. His hand flies up to grasp at the underside of your other breast, kneading the soft flesh between his fingers. 
“Wanna hear it,” You moan. “Tell me I’m yours.”
“Of course you’re mine, baby,” he confirms. He busies himself by biting all over your chest, from between your breasts, to along your collarbones. He nips and sucks at every inch of your skin, just to hear your pretty, broken simpers of pleasure. “All mine. Shit, you take me so well.”
You can feel his teeth graze your skin upwards to your neck, sharp canines poking against your throat. Your fingers dig into his shoulders as your hips work wildly against his. His own arm stays hooked around your waist and helps guide you, an ironclad grip that helps anchor you in place when he takes the lead and rams his dick up into you. At once, you fall limp in his arms, propping yourself up lazily a bit more on your knees for him to have more room to fuck himself into you the way he wants. 
“Jungkook,” You sob, elated. “J-Jungkook, fuck!”
“Let me hear you,” he growls. “Tell me you love me.”
“Fuck, fuck, Jungkook, I love you,” You cry. “I’m so━ So in love with you. I want you so bad.”
The words sound mellifluous to his ears, and he wants nothing more than to listen to you say it again and again. It certainly makes all the pain and confusion from the last week of finding out he’s a vampire all worth it.
“Come for me,” he grunts now. “Wanna feel you cream all over my cock. Make a mess for me, please.”
That’s all you need to hear to let go, dissolving into a shameless mess in his arms as you wet his cock. He holds you close as you stall above him, writhing into his chest. You clench so hard around him that he almost gets off right there but he refrains, instead slowing his pace to roll his his up into yours to allow you to ride out your high gently. 
“Fuck, yes,” he lets out a breathless chuckle. “Just like that.”
Then, in the next second, he’s pulling out of you, much to your dismay. It doesn’t last long, however, as he carefully pushes you onto your back and stuffs his aching cock back into your swollen pussy again as a gasp of exhaustion slips from you. He falls flat against your shivering body, nuzzling his face in your neck.
Now, his pace is desperate. He snaps his hips into yours so frantically, so sloppily, chasing his own high with gritted teeth. You begin to feel the tinge of oversensitivity but you hold off, waiting for him. Your thighs open wider, allowing him to sink further into you; your walls clench tightly around him, his cock itching to feel its release. You keep your stare on his, watching him with fucked out eyes and your lower lip wedged between your teeth. Jungkook’s nearing his own end too, growing weary, beginning to make the burning lust in his eyes grow fuzzy. He needs to feel his release. He needs you. He’s just so insatiable for you. 
You jut your hips forward. “Close?”
He nods breathlessly. He watches as you crane your head in response, stretching the expanse of your neck to him. 
“Go on,” You rasp, fingers scratching soothingly at his hair. “You can bite me.”
He doesn’t miss the way your lips curl back into a tired, amused smirk. This time he knows it isn’t a joke and had he not been such a mess, he may have genuinely laughed. But he can’t resist you, nor can he resist the taste of you. It’s a sudden desire that seems to creep upon him all at once as he reaches his end. The little extra push to reach his high. He leans forward, his teeth grazing your throat as he continues to thrust into you sloppily, his canines poking at your skin. Then, he sinks his teeth into your flesh.
A shock of pain shoots down your spine but it doesn’t last long under the overwhelming wave of pleasure you feel. The taste of your blood coats his tongue warmly, sweet and saccharine, and it has him yearning for more. Something about it seems to drive him to the brink of euphoria, his head spinning once again. He moans into your neck, loud and unadulterated, his pace still hasty and careless. He comes with one final deep, shuddering stroke into you, milking his cum into you in a sticky mess. It has him whimpering into your neck, a sound so surprising and sexy that you can’t help but moan in response. He sluggishly grinds his hips into you to help ride out his high and then, when his hunger is satisfied, he stops, collapsing against you.
His tongue instead lavs at your throat where his teeth have left behind marks, soothing the dull ache that you hardly even notice now. His dick stays wedged between your thighs, an amalgamation of yours and his cum leaking from your wrecked cunt and down his length. 
“Sorry,” he says sheepishly, a timid smile on his face. He kisses all over the bite mark, then up to your lips. “Does it hurt?”
“Not really.” You take a moment to reply, so caught up in the way he’s still making you feel. Then, he sees you stifle your own amused snickers. “You’re kind of a freak though. Getting off by biting me.”
He quirks a brow, a charming grin tugging at his lips. He nips a little more lightly on the other side of your neck in retaliation, causing you to gasp. “What does that make you then? Practically begging me to do it.”
“Did not!” You push his head away from you, earning a chuckle from him. He catches your hand in his, pecking your knuckles sweetly. “You know… Tae said something about a blood bond and how you only need to feed once a month. If it’s something that you need to do from now on, I won’t mind you doing it with me.”
Jungkook’s grin widens impossibly more. “Are you asking me to go out with you?”
You scoff. “You vampires are so weird.”
“Yeah, but you’re kinda into it. Admit it,” he quips smugly. “Just your cool, sexy vampire boyfriend.”
“Who comes in his pants.”
“You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”
You know he’s only being dramatic about the whole thing, but something about hearing him dub himself as yours makes your heart swoon. You can’t help but reach out to kiss him, slow and steady. Maybe, you think to yourself, it is kind of cool and sexy; and maybe, Jungkook thinks to himself, being a vampire isn’t so bad, after all. Somehow, miraculously, it was the push he needed to bring you two together.
Jungkook gets lost in the taste of your lips for a moment too long, so utterly in love with you, when he hears you whisper a little teasingly and entirely ardently, “Oh, suck it up.”
Tumblr media
⟶ All rights reserved to © jungkxook. I do not allow reposting, translating, or any sort of modifying and reuploading of my work. 
⟶ Feedback is always appreciated! 
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jungk0oksthighs · 24 days ago
Over The Odds Collection
Tumblr media
ceo!jungkook, sugardaddy!jungkook, smut, angst, fluff, S2L
All chapters & drabbles will be updated in chronological order (banner created by the multitalented @opaljm THANK U SM)
Teaser | 1.6k 
In which you first encounter billionaire Jungkook and his best friend Taehyung.
Terms and Conditions | 5k
Jungkook makes you an offer you’d be a fool to refuse 
The Contract | 4.k
Being different to his usual sugar baby, you convince Jungkook to make some changes to his contract
➳ Drabble 1 | Blank Cheque | 1.2k jk pov ➳ Drabble 2 | Best Friend | 1.4k jk pov
Publicity | 4.4k
You and Jungkook go on your first official date 
➳  Drabble 3 | Unrequited | 1.5k jk pov ➳  Drabble 4 | Regrets | 3k  
Do Your Worst | 6k
You and Jungkook go on a trip
➳ Drabble 5 | Best Friend pt.2 | 1.9k jk pov
The Confession | 5.5k
Jungkook reacts badly when you bump into your ex in the club
➳ Drabble 6 | Best Friend pt.3 | 1.6k jk pov  ➳ Drabble 7 | 134340 | 1.2k
파트너 | 6k
In which you meet Jungkook’s parents
➳  Drabble 8 | Fallout | 3k jk pov ➳  Drabble 9 | Outside | 1.4k ➳  Drabble 10 | The Argument | 1.4k
Between Us | 4.4k 
You drunkenly admit how you really feel about Jungkook to your best friend Jimin
➳ Drabble 11 | Weird | 2.3k
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Tumblr media
a rainy sunset | jjk x reader
↣ synopsis: your best friend would give you the world if he could, always sighing to you and staring at you with the most in-love look on his face, he’s devoted to you but you don’t see him the same way till your roommate dares to say something about it, then the way you see him starts to change faster than you thought.
↣ pairing: jungkook x reader
↣ genre: unrequited love, best friends to lovers au, smut, fluff, angst
↣ warnings: unrequited love (for a bit so you won’t suffer that much), slow burn, sad jungkook (sorry in advance), oc is a little bit blind, mentions of sex, smut (spitting), fluff, angst, soft Kook. this one is too long!
↣ author’s note: lately jungkook has been bias wrecking the shit out of me which is how this ended up being cooked. if there are any grammar mistakes please let me know- or pretend you didn’t notice jahdjs. and if you’d like, I would love to see your comments on it. also, I stuck at editing so please try to ignore my awful attempt of “covers”. Enjoy! 🫰🏻
↣ songs:
• we made it - david hugo
• 18 - one direction
• hand over hand - roland faunte
• you are in love - taylor swift
• all yours - metric
Tumblr media
Tiny drops start to fill the window of the front seat, there he sits waiting for you to come back from picking up your coffees. Was he nervous? Hell yes. Anytime you are near him he can’t hold it together, his mind is all over the place and couldn’t think straight. The car door opened and knew it was you, sitting with that beautiful smile of yours when your eyes meet, and so he grins.
‘‘The next time you’re getting them, I can’t see him anymore like this’‘ you say a tiny annoyed. Not to him obviously, you can’t get mad at him. But to the coffee worker who asked you out a thousand of times to make up his mistake.
‘‘I promise, angel’‘ it rolls out of his mouth so naturally, and you kinda enjoy when he called you like that, never letting him know how excited you get about that pet-name. He held both of your coffees and sat there while you started driving.
Watching you all the way to college, letting the rain be the perfect background music to that intimate moment (for him) you two share, where the silence wasn’t uncomfortable. He prefered silence sometimes, otherwise he felt that any minute he would end up confessing his love to you. And he can’t do that, he can’t risk to lose your friendship.
He crosses his arm through your shoulders to keep you close to him once you are walking through the hallways, everyone watching you and so you roll your eyes. Jungkook has this fame. This fuckboy fame and almost every other girl hates you for thinking that you had something with him which sounds completely stupid to you because if he did then he wouldn’t be fucking around. Not that you care.
‘‘You two should get married already’‘ Jimin jokes once you get to him at the cafeteria, and so you roll your eyes again while he chuckles.
‘‘She’s playing hard to get’‘ Jungkook’s voice got you surprised and so you frown looking at him. Soon enough meeting his bunny smile.
‘’Okay, both stop it’’ you suddenly say amused, missing his arm once he released you only to get behing you and hug you, resting his chin on your shoulder.
He might be used to doing it, but it feels amazing every time he does it again. He wants to hold you all the damn time. He knows everybody is watching and he doesn’t give a damn. Jungkook wants every guy to know that you are his to hold. Even though you aren’t, but seeing him holding you like that is enough for them to stay away.
‘‘I need to go meet Lia now, I’m gonna be late for class if I stay here listening your nonesense’‘ you feel Jugnkook’s breath from his chuckle against your skin and you can’t help but smile. That comfort you always feel while letting him hold you, really- nothing compares.
‘‘Oh, you love us’‘ Jimin’s voice followed, with his sweet smile receiving your eyes once they meet his.
So you wave them goodbye, heading straight to your classroom only to find Lia outside, greeting you and catching up in just a moment. You met her three years ago, when you started college and she is your roomie, it kinda all started from there but you grew to becoming best friends by now. See how everyone says every blonde needs her brunette? Well, she’s your brunette and you love the fact she’s your partner in crime too. You’re not these fuck girls, but you’re no saints either, simple but complicated.
‘‘So, you’re gonna stare dumbfound or we’re actually going to class?’‘Jimin’s teasing voice crashed into Jungkook’s thoughts.
‘‘Shut the fuck up. I’m not staring at her’‘ he tries to defend himself, but the grin on his hyung plump lips grows wider releasing what he just said. ‘‘Oh, shut the fuck up’‘ he repeats, and so Jimin repress the urge to laugh of his best friend.
Damn, he really is the worst hiding his crush. Jimin thinks. He also thinks that by now he could’ve just told you about it and one, get over it, or two, be all over you.
The rest of your classes went smoothly, a lot of homework and study sessions but you’re doing alright now sitting on your couch while watching some tv, just resting from your last session. Your thoughts start to consume, you should really start to work out again, given that you quit two weeks ago from your lack of time, but now that you actually got to arrange all your times, you were good to go.
The knock on your door gets you back to earth so you go straight to open it, smiling wide to the Jungkook in front of you with his books in hand. You roll your eyes to the sight knowing already he was there to try to study. You never know why because he actually can do that by himself but you don’t complain either, it’s always nice to have him.
It’s no surprise to you that many people think that you’re dating, even that you’re both in love, and in some kinda way you are. You feel in love with him, but there’s a lot of ways to be in love, you know? What you feel it’s not a romantic way but more like a platonic one, and you’re fine with it, you’ve made your peace of mind. There was a time when you thought that you felt a tiny bit something, but that quickly faded away when you noticed how much he enjoys hooking up with every random girl, you don’t judge him, but of all people, you know that no fuckboy can’t be changed, at least not by you. God, you’re sure if you met Jungkook years ago, you would have been all over him, you’d be in love with him and trying to change his ways. But that time is way passed now.
‘‘Where is Lia?’’ he asked leaving his books fall to the center table.
‘‘She’s at the library, said she would be home by 7′‘ you check the time while mention it. Just 6:30pm.
He comes closer to you, with his bunny smile that you always adore, it takes you one minute to take in the outfit he’s wearing, no in a checking-out way but you always do that because you’re such a fan of his style. His white oversized shirt adorning his torso and some pants to-match. This wasn’t his best look, this is his look to stay at home and you loved it even more, to see his domestic way besides the all-black looks.
“Kook, I’m heading to the gym now but you can always study here. I should have let you know sooner but I was just thinking about it before you arrived. Lia could keep you company” you offer seeing the confusion on his face for a brief second, only for him to shook his face while adverting his eyes to you.
“Do you really think I’m here to see Lia?” you know what he is implying but you never thought about it, the thought never came to you and now that it does it feels kinda awkward. Lia is so pretty, yes, but you thought that there are some boundaries given that she’s you’re roomie and he’s your best friend. “Stop with the spacing out, angel. I can come to the gym with you anyway”
“Oh no, you don’t have to-”
“Let me correct myself. I’m coming with you, now go get changed and I’ll be back in a bit” he mumbles before leaning to leave this cute kiss at the top of your hair.
You both spend so much time together is insane, but you’ve grown to his company every minute that when a day pass when you two don’t see each other feels kinda weird. You even remember when he told you he was signing in at the same college you are, assuring you that it didn’t matter to him where he would go to only if you were there. You remember the feeling that brought you. Butterflies, you felt actual butterflies and the smile that followed you from that exact moment no one could erase it. It is amazing the things he would do to make you happy, to be with you. And if you were to ask him, he would give you the world if he could. Nothing is impossible for him when it comes to you. When he calls you «angel» he means it, you’re his angel. You were there for him when he was at his lowest, you helped him to get back on his feet and mostly, you always give him a new reason to be happy.
So you don’t think twice before heading to your room and changing onto some gym outfit, a light blue crop top covering your upper body and the matching set with some leggings, tugging your hair in a pony tail and arranging your backpack with stuff you need. A couple of minutes later the sound of his knocks are there and so you open the door, again, taking in the sight in front of you not noticing how strong he is fighting with himself to not check you out right there, he bit his lip once he finds out you’re checking him out to. So he takes advantage of this moment to properly check you out.
The outfit hugs your curves in the right way, and god, how he worships your body. You’re no model, he knows that, he’s seen your flaws and if somebody were to compare you to other beauty standards he knows they would find a lot of things missing in you. But not him, you have the right amount on the right spaces. Sure, maybe it’s because he’s in love with you. But given he’s a gym-rat, he knows how toned your body is. And you’re aware, since you were little you were into sports, any kind of sports really. From practicing swimming, soccer, gymnastics, ballet, cheerleading and dancing. You were into everything, and when you grew up, you got into the gym. So you’re more than fine for him.
“So, are you not gonna talk at all or…?” Lia’s voice makes you jump a little, eyes big while finding his and he finding yours.
“Jeez, Lia. You scared the hell out of me” with your hand on your chest you dare to speak and clear your throat just so this time your voice can be clearer. “We’ll go to the gym, okay?”
Jungkook is still in his world, thinking about you, feeling this exciting thing on his insides once he remembers you were checking him out too. Too! You were checking him out!
“Kook, let’s go” you speak again, brushing past him and hoping he would catch up with you which he does, not after saying goodbye to Lia. He’s a man with manners after all.
But he has way too manners, you think. Everyone loves him, everyone gets fond of him and every girl is willing to risk anything to get on his pants. You do too, in some way, that’s one thing you really have in common. You’re way too lovable, every guy Jungkook’s met and happens to meet you too, immediately falls in love with you. They can’t help it, he damn well knows this. He can’t help it too. But you don’t try to make everyone to like you, is this thing you have in you. Your warm smile makes everyone feel welcomed, and that’s just another reason he finds to love you. You’re natural. You’re naturally lovable.
It took you some time to get to the gym, it’s late so by this time is packaged, but you don’t care when you have this big guy with you. He spent all the way telling you about his day while you filled him in with yours too, trying to make you laugh at some really bad jokes.
God, can she be more beautiful? That’s all he thinks all the times. He admires you way too much. Everyone things it’s almost stupid of you for not noticing this, but Jungkook can’t blame you, you’re not aware of all the stares you receive every time you go passing by.
“So, you want me to help you out?” he really asked hoping you would say yes, once you both had locked your stuff and keeping only the essential: water and a towel.
“Let’s do some stretch together” you offer instead and so he nods, walking with him to grab mats and laying them on the ground. If there is one thing you really adore, is stretching out. Sounds funny, but the way your muscles hurt when you try to push further, instead of being a bad pain turns to be the greatest relief for your body.
So he left you to do yours while he tried to concentrate on his, it’s not like he watches you like some kind of pervert but he cannot help but glance at you every now and then, how those leggings really hugs your thighs. Damn.
“Kookie!” an annoying voice is heard and all you do is roll your eyes, turning to see the girl coming straight to Jungkook, passing you like you weren’t even there.
“Ivy, what’s up?” he tries to reply as nonchalant as he can, knowing that you’re staring right at them. You try to ignore them this time and keep up with your stretching session as fast as you can so you can get away from this scene.
“Can you come tonight?” she obviously flirts with him and implies what you know too well. “Please, Kookie. I miss you. And I know you miss me too” she is speaking way too much but how is she to know that he’s deeply in love with you? And even if she does know, she wouldn’t care.
Jungkook doesn’t reply, just sighing in defeat while noticing you’re clearly ignoring both of them. Why can’t you care?
“Y/n!” another voice’s heard and you stop your session just to turn and found your new male friend from class, smiling wide while he comes way too quickly for Jungkooks like to hug you.
“Kookie, let me stretch out with you” he can’t quite hear what you just told your friend, making his eyes return to the girl in front of him. Before he can articulate something, she’s already showing his back to him, doing some positions that would obviously get his attention.
He’s a man, for God’s sake. He can’t help but stare at the way her ass is leaning, just reminding him the time he fucked her from behind a few days ago.
You notice and you frown, can she be more obvious? Who does that? Not that it matters to you, but still kinda low for your likes. So you invest yourself in your chat with Jay. You met him at this one course you started last week, it turns out he loved History as much as you do, you just met with him in class so being this the first time you see him outside just four walls.
“Actually, I haven’t been here for a while. I don’t know where to start again” you mumble to him, deciding to ignore the scene behind you.
“Come with me, I can help you with that. We can be work-out buddies” his smile reaches his eyes and yours does too. He’s kinda cute.
Well, not kinda. He’s way too handsome.
“Ivy, I didn’t come here with you” his voice makes you turn again and so this girl is clinging to his arm.
“Kook, it’s alright. I’m going with Jay”
He frowns. So this male friend has a name.
“It’s fine. I’ll see you later, Kook” and so he watches you leave chatting with him. He frowns and rolls his eyes at Ivy still next to him.
He’s pissed. He came here with you. You came here with him. Why are you leaving with him? He would never do that to you. And so he feels it again, those so called awful feelings he hadn’t feel in a while because you hadn’t pay attention to many men beside you. Jealousy.
Jungkook stays in one corner the whole hour he’s training, being able to see you smile, chat and laugh while working out with him. The sweat’s covering his face and he even can see drops falling from his front, his hair sticky and his clothes full with sweat too. He left Ivy just a few minutes after you left, he deeply knows you didn’t left on purpose but more to not to interrupt something, which wasn’t even happening in the first play. So then he thinks, she must have watched him checking her ass out. God, he hates himself. If there’s one thing he always tries to avoid is to showing this facet directly to you.
He sees you leave so he heads quickly to the showers too, washing his body as quickly as he can just to dress up. Put on the cologne you so much like as you once admitted to him. And he heads out again, right outside the gym. His hoodie on with a mask too, he gets out this cellphone while he waits for you, not that you know though. Jungkook finds himself searching pictures to get some tattoos, he’s been wanting to for some time now but he is just waiting the contact from Jimin to get the job done.
“You really killed me there. I won’t be able to stand up tomorrow” you speak opening the doors with Jay by your side.
The workout was pretty intense, it was his leg day so you decided to join him and even though you didn’t take the same weight he did, it was pretty heavy still and your legs were shaking.
“I promise I won’t be that awful next time” he mumbles while smiling, still walking with you until a couple of steps later Jungkook stands in front of you.
“Kook-” you sound surprised. Why on earth do you sound surprised?
“I was waiting for you” he shrugs, this time looking at Jay.
“Jay, this is Jungkook, my best friend. Kook, this is Jay” you introduced, why didn’t you address him at something too? You leave it all to his imagination and he doesn’t like it, like there’s a free spot.
“What’s up, dude?” you bit your lower lip at Jungkook’s words, he is doing it again. He’s trying to sound intimidating and by the way he’s looking at Jay, he’s succeeding.
“Hey” Jay replies with an awkward smile, facing you this time so he can kiss your cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow” and then he leaves before you nod at his words and wave him goodbye.
“Tomorrow?” Jungkook dares to ask.
“He’s with me in that History course I told you I would take. I met him last week and we got along” you shrug, it’s the truth.
“And that’s why you left me when we came together?”
You’re glued to your spot, trying not to advert your gaze to him, finding the wall really interesting now.
“I didn’t leave you, Kook. But you know I’m never cockblocking you” you whisper lowering your face, so he takes one step more to be more close to you.
“Angel, I don’t care if you cockblock me”
“Look at me” he pleads knowing damn well you would say no, so once you shake your head he grabs your chin to up your eyes to him. “You always come first”
You know that. But still, you are never getting on the way of him getting some. Even though he thinks it’s dumb of you to think he would actually prefer to get laid rather than to be with you. He would always choose you. There’s not even a second choice. It’s just you at the top of the list, if there ever has to be one.
“What if she’s the love of your life and you’re missing once in a lifetime chance just to be with your best friend?” he can’t help but laugh, finding it cute that you’re not trying to exaggerate, your brain really comes to that terms.
“Trust me, she’s not”
The week flew before you could even notice, you’ve been drawn in paper works and essays and readings and well… a lot of everything. You feel mentally and physically exhausted, which is why you refused to Jungkook’s invitation to the party at some frat house, because first of all, frat house? Second, well, you’re really tired and only you could stay in the shower way longer than you’ve been there but life has other plans and you start to listen your best friend’s voice chatting with Lia.
You spent the last two hours with Jay at the gym, the two of you have been too close for the past week and you’re kinda liking it more than you should probably, but he’s just too warm and funny, you can’t help yourself but grow attached to him.
While you apply your skincare routine once fully dressed with comfy clothes, you’re fearing for your life because Jungkook knows you avoided him while walking to the gym with… him. It’s not like you purposely tried to avoid him, but he was busy with that other girl and you didn’t want to interrupt something. Of course in Jungkook’s head everything happened a tiny bit different.
He didn’t like it, at all. He’s not the jealous kind, he knows he’s better than anyone and he knows you could be more than happy with him if you ever gave him the chance. But he cannot help it, seeing you smile with other guy, like smile in the way you’re staring to catch feelings or already have them, it always pains him. Why don’t you look at him that way? Of course he’s aware that you hold so much love for him when you stare at him, but it’s not the same.
If only he could be brave enough to risk your friendship for only one second and let you know how he really feels.
“Y/n! My petite rose!” Jimin exclaims dramatically once you get out of your room and you chuckle at him.
“What are you two doing here? Weren’t you going to a party?” you ask before smiling to your best friend and his male best friend.
“Surely, but this dude wanted you to come with us”
Lia stares at both of you in a funny way, not that you notice because you’re too busy telling your best friend how tired you are. She finds it even funnier how can you not realize how he feels for you, he’s not even trying to hide it. And yes, Lia knows that what you allow him to do- in physical matters, it’s only because you love him, not maybe quite the way he feels about you but you still do and for you it is quite normal. She cannot really understand how you haven’t giving in just yet, Jungkook is way too hot and all that closeness- she doesn’t get it. Honestly, the first time Lia met Jungkook she could only think about hooking up with him but that only lasted a few hours because soon she met you and he was with you then, as days passed, she noticed how he treats you and other girls. There’s no comparison. He always puts you first, Lia noticed that he doesn’t care if other girls are drooling over him, he’s only drooling over you.
“I can stay with you then” Jungkook finally gives in after listening you tell him how exhausted you feel.
You chuckle and shake your head, as you walk to the mini kitchen you have there, Jungkook following you and getting a bit away from the other two, not that you have privacy now because your room is no palace.
“What will all your conquests think about it?” you tease him as you serve some chamomile tea into your favorite cup, Jungkook gave it as a present to you for no specific reason. If he ever saw you glance at someone you liked, he always got it for you.
“You know I don’t give a fuck about them” he stands in front of you.
And he doesn’t give a fuck about them. Not in the mean kind of way. It’s not like he goes around fucking every girl he finds, talking sweetly to them and promising something he can’t keep. He’s straightforward, he only hooks up with girls that are on the same page as him. He doesn’t dare to promise anything because he’s too busy being yours to even fall for somebody new.
“Go, Kook. I swear I’m fine” you try to reassure him. “Lia and I are watching some movie and then straight to bed. I don’t have energy” you pout and how he wishes he can kiss you.
“Dude, hate to interrupt but Ivy’s already waiting for us outside” Jimin enters your conversation.
The girl from the gym?
You’re taken back for a minute, he never hangs out with girls he hooks up, he’s not the kind to repeat.
Jungkook swears he wants to kill Jimin. He can see the confusion bathing your eyes. He wants to reassure it still doesn’t mean anything, he needs to tell you but you’re quick to push him to the door in a jokingly way. If he’s dating her, then you’ll only wait for him to be ready to talk about it.
“She texted me, she looks like your girlfriend” Jimin scoffs, Jungkook for sure wants to kill him now.
“Girlfriend, huh?”
“It’s n-”
“Go, Kook. She is waiting for you” you don’t meant for it so sound bitter but it comes that way, and Jungkook somehow feels like you’re disappointed at him.
You’re not jealous. Well, not that kind of jealous at least. It’s just weird. You’d swear that if he ever dates anyone he for sure would tell you first. But he’s not doing it. And Jungkook knows exactly what you’re thinking but he has no time to clarify things while you push him with something like a smile plastered on your lips, waving him and Jimin goodbye. He sighs defeated and walks towards Ivy, wearing this tight dress making him roll his eyes, she tried too hard. 
You close the door immediately, turning to face Lia and she only smiles at you, telling you how she’s preparing popcorn so you can both eat while watching the movie she gets to pick. 
Your sudden thoughts are consuming you whole, why are you still thinking about them? Your mind drifts to how he never pushes you away when he is in a relationship and he’s been, he’s quite loyal and has never cheated on anyone, but maybe now he’s pushing you away. Your mind blocks that he just literally told you he would rather stay with you, and decides to only remind the fact that the whole week when he was supossed to come with you, you ended up seeing him everyday at the gym but with her. Maybe it’s happening already, you are pretty sure he has to put some boundaries with you, he has to, he can’t be treating you like you’re his everything all the time, especially not to put you above his girlfriend. 
The movie starts and you thank God for the distraction, you really need it, so Lia sits with you and start eating some copcorn. 
Yes, you go to the gym. No, that doesn’t mean you have to cut all the food.
‘‘You’ve never been afraid that might happen to you?’’ Lia suddenly asks when the scene shows the girl not telling him how she feels and only when she is about to, he is already dating someone else. 
‘‘What do you mean?’’ you don’t wanna know, you try to play dumb.
‘‘You know exactly what I mean. What if it happens to you and Jungkook, and you never get the chance to tell him? Or what if you find out you feel something for him only when he really dates someone else?’’ her questions makes you feel dizzy. 
‘‘I don’t feel that way about him, Lia. And I’m pretty sure I never will’’ you try to sound firm, but it comes out weaker.
‘‘Yeah, sure’‘ she teases you. ‘‘Because you absolutely didn’t look jealous when Jimin brought that Ivy girl’’
‘‘I am not jealous!’’ you exlaim way too quickly and she giggles at you.
Lia thinks you’re already on your way there. 
‘‘Let’s just watch the movie’’ 
The movie continues and it gets worse. He feels the same way and only when he is about to tell her, she’s already dating someone else. Miscomunication, what an awful thing. It’s worse. Your thoughts get worse than they already were. Now you cannot keep your mind off Jungkook and Ivy. If she really is the one for him, then you’re gonna be happy about it, you don’t want anything else but to see your best friend being happy and loved. 
But why does it taste bitter to swallow that pill?
It finally ends and you can’t wait to sleep on it, you need to. Lia’s already sleeping on the couch so you turn the tv of and head to your room, snuggling in the blankets to fully cover your sore body and you’re feeling glad that tomorrow is a day you have free. Well, not entirely. Jay did ask you to go grocery shopping with him and you agreed because you need it too and since Lia’s not a fan then you always have to do it alone or with Jungkook, but you’re aware that now you will be doing most of the things alone. 
Your phone starts ringing in your hand and before you can answer, the hour displaying marks 2:45 am. Then the name catches your attention and a sudden smile appears on your lips.
‘‘I was just about to fall asleep’’ you whine to Jay on the other line.
‘‘Really? I’m sorry’‘ he apologizes, making you smile again. ‘‘I just want to see you. I’m in the common room’’ 
‘‘I’ll be there in five’‘ you’re quick to answer. 
Without overthinking about it, you’re on your feet and get out of your room in absolute silence. You surely want to avoid Lia’s questions. So you’re quick to get to the common room, already watching him back to you and then you remember he went to the party too, but why is he here so early?
‘‘Good, you came’’ he turns once he hears your steps and smiles sweetly at you. ‘‘Look’’ he points at the paper bag he is holding and your brows furrow.
‘‘What is that? You try to convince me to drink?’’ you amusingly say.
‘‘Come here’’ and so you do, standing so close to him and sitting on the couch once he does too. He’s been attentive the whole week and you like the feeling it brings you, for sure you’re attracted to him, but you haven’t allowed yourself to take another step because well,  you feel like you need to know him more. You’re not easy to date anyone, it comes pretty hard for you to finally decide to start a relationship. 
He gets out of the paper bag two ramen cups and you smile widely at the sight, not that you’re hungry, you never eat past 9pm and well, it’s past that hour now.
‘‘I’m sure you’re maybe not even hungry but when we stopped to buy some beers and just happened to watch your favourite flavor if my memorie doesn’t fail, and I just felt like I needed to bring it to you’’ the fact softens your heart.
‘’Jay, that’s sweet of you’‘ you honestly tell him, taking one of the cup to start eating one he hands you the chopsticks. ‘‘But you didn’t have to go back to the party?’’
‘‘Well, I told them to text me when the party’s over so I can go to pick them up. I think they’ll be fine without me for a while’‘ he giggles, watching you eat the ramen and so he starts too with his own cup.
You both suddenly start chatting about the party, he filling you in with some events so you don’t feel left out. He asked you to go to the party too but you refused and explained, he understood quickly. Jay even told you he saw Jungkook at the party and asked you if he has a girlfriend, so you only shrug because you’re not sure. Easily, an hour pass and long before you both end the ramens, it’s not like you were leaving it full when he brought it to you. It was only fair to eat it. 
Jay feels attracted to you, it’s no secret, but wasn’t quite sure if it could be something else until that night, standing on his way to pay the beers when he spotted the ramen and instantly thought of you. He felt like he missed you. 
Truth be told, you never dated. You have never had a boyfriend, not in the way you know you’re dating each other and stay loyal to one another. Some years ago you were hurt, a guy who you didn’t even dated hurt you. Almost sounds like a joke but it hurt like hell, you spent almost three months crying for him, which sounds pathetic because honestly he didn’t deserve you. But not the last, he hurt you. So probably that’s why you’re not such a fan of dating. Of course you hook up, sometimes a little bit casual but you refuse to get yourself into a serious relationship because it just doesn’t fit you. 
‘‘You look really pretty’’ he says out of the sudden and when you turn to look at him, you’re able to notice how close he is right now to your face. 
‘‘Are you flirting with me?’’ you try to tease, but he takes it as you’re flirting too. You can’t say you’re not, but you can’t say that you are indeed flirting back. 
Your breath get stucked in your throat once the proximity becomes more, his breath is hitting your nose and he’s attentively staring at your lips. How much he wants to kiss them. 
‘‘Am I interrupting something?’’ your best friend’s voice makes you jump in surprise and stand up trying to put some distance between you and Jay. You don’t even know why you’re doing it. You just did.
The night and lack of light makes it hard for you to fully drink in his mad expression he’s not even trying to hide. Ivy is clinging to his arm and by the way she looks you asume she’s wasted. 
‘‘You’re not’’ you whisper as soon as Jungkook takes a step closer to both of you. 
‘‘I thought you were too tired’’ he speaks through clenched teeths.
Jungkook doesn’t even know why he is that mad, it’s not like he’s never seen you kissing other guys. But this time hurts badly and he doesn’t know the meaning behind his deep feelings. The only thing he’s aware of is how his heart shattered once he entered with Ivy and saw you there, with him, almost about to kiss him. Before his mind could cope the fact that he shouldn’t interrupt you, his mouth just goes straight open and decides to speak for itself. 
‘‘I was, Kook’’ you whisper again. 
The ringing of Jay’s phone saves you from the awkward moment you were caught in, he just replies quickly and nods to Jungkook. No words exchanged, it’s almost as if both of them are in some competetion you don’t even know of. 
‘’I’ll call you tomorrow for the grocery shopping, ok?’’ Jay turns to you and mumbles, you only nod trying to smile at him as a way of apologizing for the interruption. 
Jungkook just knows Jay explicitly tells you what you're going to do together only for him to hear too. He can't help but roll his eyes. Grocery shopping, that's the one special things you do with him. Because it is too formal. Everytime Jungkook asks you to come with him, he likes to think that's how you would look like if you ever got married. Because yes, he imagines the future with you. Stupid of him.
‘‘I assume you were too tired to come with me” he mumbles, rolling his eyes clearly annoyed and you can’t believe him.
“What’s with you, Jungkook? What I do when I’m not with you shouldn’t matter or make you mad at me. I certainly don’t get mad at you for coming home with her. Or when you ditch me the whole week at the gym only to be with your girlfriend”
Jungkook’s eyes are as wide as a black hole can be, he has never seen you this mad. Not at anyone, not at him.
“You know what? I’m too tired to do this right now. Go home with your girlfriend” you scoff once he tries to opens his lips, but you don’t give him the chance.
You’re not sure why he’s mad at you and you can’t figure out why on earth the girlfriend thing rolls out of your mouth like it was the worst crime.
So what if he has a girlfriend? It shouldn’t matter to you. It’s none of your business, at least that’s what you’re trying to tell yourself. Over and over again.
And your best friend watches you leave, not that he can’t do much with Ivy clinging on his arm, eyes completely closed and he’s sure she won’t remember a damn thing about him rejecting her a thousand times at the party. But he had to bring her home, as much as he hates the idea of you thinking he’s dating her, he wouldn’t just leave her there when she went with him. Jungkook knows well there’s a lot of boys that take advantage of other girl’s state of drunken, hence why she carried her all the way to her dorm. Leaving her on the couch and rushing out of there.
He tries to call you but you’re sure you dismiss every single one of his calls. He misses you as hell. And you miss him too, but you’re not ready to talk about all the abrupt feelings that brought you seeing him with someone else. Both of you spent the night sleepless, he for sure is thinking about apologizing and be happy if you are. He don’t thinks he’ll ever get over you, Jungkook is way too sure he will love you for all his life and even if he could live another one he would too.
You can’t put your thoughts together, you spend the whole night rolling in the bed as your mind tries to figure out why on earth are you suddenly that jealous.
And, why are you jealous?
24 hours.
It’s only been 24 hours since the last time you saw him, and you’re for sure that’s the most time you’ve been without seeing each other, calling or just texting each other. Inside your chest residing a sour feeling. But still, you’re trying your hardest to avoid it because you’re not sure how you should deal with all those feelings. Most of all because you’re not even sure if he indeed has feelings for you.
There was this one time when you thought about loving him in that way, but god, you came to the conclusion that with him it was all or nothing. Like you’re jumping to the deep blue sea, and you’re not sure where will that leave you; drowning or being able to swim.
Which is why you’re trying to avoid being with your own mind, hence why you’re buried now in your studies at the library. In one corner, in the hope he will not look out for you there- because he is, there’s 15 calls on your phone as proof, but you’re not able to deal with all that yet. In all those years of wonderful friendship you two had never met in a situation as the one from last night.
Jungkook feels desperate to say the least.
And Jimin notices as he places one bottle of soju in front of his friend, having the feeling that he really needs alcohol in his system.
“I think you really should tell her, man” of course those words leave his mouth. But Jungkook is not sure, and he stops his zoning-out just to stare back at his hyung.
“What if she doesn’t feel the same?”
There it is. His most enormous fear of them all.
He’s scared as hell that you won’t even take him as a friend anymore. Of course he fears rejection, who doesn’t? But he really don’t want to lose you. You’re his everything.
“So what if she feels the same or not?” the blonde shoots shrugging, “I mean, sure it would be wonderful for her to love you back. But man, it is eating you alive. Having all those feelings and never telling her about it”
Jimin has a point though.
Jungkook is not aware how much he can go without telling you how much he loves you- not in the friendly way you love him. But as in his willing to give you his heart eternally if it’s fine with you.
His best friend can see the way Jungkook is debating himself, an internal battle with his mind and heart, not sure of what should he do. Well, he knows what he should do, he’s not sure if he has the courage it takes to pour all his love to you.
“Just fyi, she’s at the library as we speak”
That’s all it takes for Jungkook to grab his jacket and putting it on to get the hell out of those four walls about to stress the shit out of him.
Okay. It is now or never.
His thoughts are consuming all time and space, he’s not mentally aware of how quick his legs are taking him to the library, hair getting sticky to his forehead. He is running to you. He needs to tell you.
As he enters the library, there are barely some people there. He eyes-search you at the tables but there’s no sight of you, maybe you left already, and somehow he is about to walk away from the stupid idea of telling you how he has felt about you since the first time he saw you. Yes, it was love at first sight for him.
“She’s at the History section,” as he is about to turn around, a male voice gets to him. Turning around Jungkook recognizes the guy, he’s not friends with him but every time he comes with you there he is at the same spot.
“Thank you” Jungkook gets to say out of his breath before walking over there.
His steps feeling heavier as he reaches the aisle.
He’s scared as hell.
The beats of his heart increasing as he sees the way you frown before staring right in front of you, at the sudden figure. And you tense. Staring at the way his chest rises, like he came running to get here, if you only knew.
Jungkook clears his throat and exhale before standing next to you, feeling as he just emptied all the oxygen his lungs provide him with.
“Y/n” he says it hushed - almost whispers it, and you feel your sanity dematerialize and your insides burn. Why does it feel like this only hearing him saying your name? He’s called you that a hundredth times.
“Kook, I’m busy” hoping it would convince him to leave you alone. But of course he doesn’t. Instead he bites his lower lip, getting a step closer to you.
“I need to tell you something, now” Jungkook completely ignores your words. There is nothing clear for him right now, except the fact that he has to tell you about his drowning feelings. He’s not sure if he can deal with them anymore.
Silence descends for a moment when you decide to stare at his eyes. Wrong move. Why can’t you even look at him now?
“I’m in love with you, Y/n. I’ve been in love with you for a very long time now,” so, the truth is out but he doesn’t stop there though he feels like he should stop, his tongue doesn’t respond to him. “From the first time I saw you- you’re, you’re different”
He just ran out of oxygen yet again.
There is panic in his eyes. Also relief that he finally told you. But panic takes over once again as he realizes that you just zoned out. Eyes at his lips when he muttered those words and then ending in his beautiful eyes once he shuts.
“Y/n,” he whispers softly. “I’m in love with you”
Closing the space between the two of you, the adrenaline in Jungkook made him do something that was so unlike him, with you at least. Before realizing what exactly he was doing, his lips are on yours, moving slowly and softly in that aisle surrounded by books. Old books, and at the moment Jungkook even dares to remember all those times you told him how much you love the smell of old books. Perfect, you would say.
For a small second it feels like things are going to be alright.
The moment feels so surreal and his heart feels like it’s about to burst- Jungkook’s smell that you love so much is intoxicating you as you are kissing him back. You kissed him back. Your lips are moving in sync with his as his hand is wrapping around your back.
Somehow, for Jungkook, it feels so good to be true.
When he pulled away, trying to process his lucky, then he realized that indeed, it is too good to be true.
You don’t have to say anything, the way you’re looking at him is speaking for itself.
There is no sign of relief on your face, not even pity. Instead, your lips are pressed into a thing line as your eyes bored into him, not being able to comprehend what just happened.
Jungkook then feels it again. His heart tearing apart. Because rejection is one thing, but being rejected by you, the love of his life, is even worse.
“Kook-” your voice sounds soft yet guilty, because you’re not sure what you should say. You’re not even sure about the thousand feelings that erupted from your heart as his lips pressed to yours. Hell, you’re not even sure if those are indeed feelings or just some rush of the moment. “I’m sorry-”
Jungkook is not quite sure if that’s all you said or not, that’s the last thing his brains registers before he felt as his whole world was put to a stop, as he sees the way you walk out of the library. Out of him. Out of his feelings.
Just like that, you’re gone.
Waking up has never felt that pointless to Jungkook, it has feen like that for one week. Seven infernal days without you. Seven infernal days since you went away.
For a moment, as Jimin carry his body out of the bed yet another day, he wishes he could turn back time and never tell you a thing. Just to go back pretending he has no feelings for you and to enjoy the excruciating pain that brought him to pretend he could just be your best friend.
Jimin forces him to go to classes, he has to attend or else he could be dismissed. Jungkook doesn’t care. What does it matter when his heart is being broken by his one and only? The one who was always there to take care of his wounds. The one who always was there to kiss it better. Not literally, but still.
Of course he went straight to your dorm after his heart touch confession, knocking desperately as he realized it took him so long to go after you. Exactly 30 minutes, just standing in the middle of those ancient books, holding as much history as you both do. He was willing to offer you not more that his friendship. He couldn’t lose you.
But you weren’t there.
Lia received him with a pity look, as she said, “she’s gone, Jungkook. She told me she’s going for a few days”
His hope vanishing just like that.
What he didn’t know then -and still doesn’t know- is the state you were in when you left that building, feeling overwhelmed at the single reminder of what just happened. And worse, the way your heart responded the second his lips touched yours. Which is why you gathered some stuff as quickly as you could, only informing Lia you would stay away only a couple of days -not too sure how many of them-, she could only just nod in response, seeing how upset you looked.
Which is how you ended at your brother’s house, texting him you would be crashing in for a few days while he’s away at his honeymoon, still.
“Sure sis, take whatever you need” he replied back.
Your mind was -is- all fogged with strange feelings, feelings you sweared you would never see yourself going through. And yet, there you are. Still replaying how soft Jungkook’s lips felt against yours, how your heartbeat suddenly announcing so loud and how you felt safe. Safe.
There was three times when you called Jungkook’s phone, backing away the moment you heard his voice answering the line and hanging up again. You weren’t sure what you had to say, because your feelings were all over the place. Till the last time, Jimin was the one to get the call after watching Jungkook get his hopes high thinking it might be you, only to get them crashed as he whispered, “wrong number”
“Y/n, baby, you can’t keep doing this to him,” he softly mumbled, “call him only when you’re sure about what you will tell him, other wise, don’t do that to him”
Kinda hurt. But at the same time was one kind of awakening for you. Because of course you needed to talk to him- yet you weren’t sure what you would tell him. Hence why you decided to prolong your crash at your brother’s place.
Lia has been calling you every day, telling you how worried she feels because you just locked yourself away from anyone. But that’s exactly what you needed, your own thoughts and feelings to get them resolved. You asked for him, how he’s been and she straightforward would tell you he was pretty much a ghost. Heart aching of what you’re doing to your best friend.
That’s pretty much how your days were spent, by that time anyone would consider you a plant decorating someone’s house. Only existing. Mind drifting to Jungkook, and one night it hit you.
Just like that.
You found yourself craving more of his kisses.
More of his touch.
More of him.
You couldn’t help but feel scared. Frightening because you are sure he could give you the world, then reminiscing all those times you caught the way he stares at you; like you carry his entire universe in you. He loves you so much, and you can tell only by the way he looks at you. No words needed.
Like that time you cried to your sleep years ago, almost every day because some guy dared to hurt you and he was there. Gently caressing your hair as you sniffled in the crook of his neck, and he held you, reminding you how much he loved you.
Or that time he wrote a poem about you. The way he spoke, the gently pronunciation of every word while reading it in front of the class. He looked so nervous, and yet you tried to calm him down assuring him that every one would love the poem as much as you did. Silly you.
Or all those small talks as he drove you anywhere you wanted to go or anywhere he wanted to take you.
All those coffees at midnight while you spent the whole night talking about everything and nothing- the world putting to a stop as you watched the starry skies above you. Heart on your sleeve as your tongue could only mutter stupid-not that much stupid things, him listening with adoration, like you were some pastor offering eternal life to his hands in exchange of nothing.
Now you could hear it in the silence as the only sound loud and clear is your heart beating strong as the epiphany hits you, see it with the lights out as you’re about to sleep; you love your best friend.
“Don’t get in the middle, little Prince. Let’s go” you could hear Lia’s voice from outside Jungkook’s bedroom. Where you’re currently in. Sitting. Waiting patiently for him to come back.
“But I wanna see-” even from inside you could perfectly picture the pout on Jimin’s lips as he complained, at the last thing you hear is the door closing.
You don’t know how much it has passed by, you’re just hopefully waiting for him. Longing to see the bunny smile he always draws with his lips as one of your lame jokes or dramatic sarcasm, or the way the smile reaches his eyes before even doing it with his lips, eyes lighting up at happiness.
Heart pausing once you hear the door closing again.
“Jimin-ah, are you home?” God, you even missed his voice.
Only to a second later opening his bedroom floor, taking in all he is. Large t-shirt doing a lame job at hiding his broad shoulders and arm muscles, large matching joggers that almost make you forget how good he looks without them. Wet hair as the delicious smell of fresh shampoo gets to your nose, mixed with that male-fragrance you so called, always denying the hold it has on you. Some strings even hitting the bridge of his nose.
“Y/n?” he blinks a few times, eyes sparking with hope as he sees you sitting at the edge of his bed and you suddenly feel small in front of him. Ant-size if you had to compare.
“We have to talk,” you can only whisper as you get closer. Skin burning only to the sight of him. Body reacting to him even before any touch between the both of you. That’s how week you’re on your knees for him now.
Jungkook can’t quite decipher how you sound, and he panics for a brief second- already defeated at the thought of you friend zoning him. Not that you haven’t done it before, but this time being so directly, now knowing how he feels for you.
“Okay-” you are standing too close to him. Still now sure how you can start.
So you bite and hold onto your lower lips at your eyes descend to the mole on his lower lip. And he sees it. It makes him a whole wreck. Kinda what you’re feeling right now.
You take his wrist, afraid that he might storm off any second now, pretty much like you did. Before being able to process what is going on in that exact moment you try to look into his eyes to figure out what he might be thinking, trying to search for only a bit of a clue - but you can’t because you immediately turn to his lips again. And not even a second later, you press your lips against his.
Jungkook feels he might be dreaming, everything happening way too fast for him to understand when he feels your hands wandering from his wrist to his broad shoulders to press him closer to you as you deepen the kiss and he lets himself go, allows himself to enjoy the feeling of your soft lips and the thousand butterflies that are released on his stomach, going wild with every touch- just exactly what is happening to you at the moment.
The way you kiss him- feels different, it feels less hesitant and more determined and best of it, it feels loving. Jungkook can feel it. Which is why he drives his hand to your waste and tugs you even closer to his chest.
The way his other hand finds your cheek, his thumb carefully caressing it as he deepens the kiss; the way you feel him chuckle lightly while kissing you - the kiss was different for him, way better than your first one, because this time you decided to kiss him. Your choice.
As you pull away carefully, you flash him this sweet smile of yours, one that always melts his heart and whole being, “Can you hear me out?”
A few moments later, the two of you are sitting down on the edge of his bed. He couldn’t help but smile, smile wide at seeing your swollen lips because of him. Rosy cheeks all flushed because of him.
“That night- you caught me off guard,” you start whispering, feeling ashamed by how you left. “I know I hurt you by leaving, but I wasn’t sure what I- you already knew about your feelings way before that night, but I didn’t, Kook. I’m sorry that I left that way, I needed to figure out what I feel”
His insides are bursting as you try to avoid to look at him, feeling so embarrassed and shy out of the sudden. Of all people, you love your best friend.
“When you kissed me,” you whisper again, this time turning to his eyes and that light sparkle don’t go unnoticed by you, making you smile fondly. “It made so much sense suddenly. But I didn’t want to just give in to the thrill of the moment. And when I was alone, all clicked. All those moments we shared. It made me realize I’ve been so blind because you’ve always been there”
“I like you” he’s quick to say.
“I like you too” you couldn’t help but grin, like a fool for him. Feeling your insides twitch when his hand hold yours and intertwines your fingers.
His teeth are showing as he smiles, your favorite smile of his.
“I will tell our kids about this, you know?” he tries to tease you, and you roll your eyes without being able to delete that smile on your face.
“Kook?” you need to tell him. You do.
“Mh?” he only hums in response, not able to advert his gaze from you.
“Can I kiss you again?” you ask and before he knows, he’s furiously nodding.
You don’t waste any time, grabbing his face and pressing his soft lips onto yours. You pull away only for a second, but then kiss him with fire pressure right after, arms heading to his biceps. This time, he responds as passionate as you, returning your kiss eagerly while his tongue starts to rummage inside your mouth. His hands move to your hips, making you sit on his lap with not that much effort, pressing you more into him. You feel his firm body and as much as you enjoy how your lips kiss his, you need more.
“I want you to fuck me” you breathlessly whisper and his eyes widen at your words.
“Fuck, angel. Are you sure?” Jungkook asks, feeling his body getting warmer just from the simple thought.
Is all it takes for him to crash his mouth against yours, but this time you pull away from him to push his chest causing him to stumble and fall down the mattress. He seems surprised, but the corners of his mouth twitch in amusement.
“You’re out of words, baby?” you tease him, cocking your brow at him confidently as you see the tent being formed in his sweatpants.
You don’t know where you’re getting all this confidence from, all that’s clear in your mind is that you need him. But seeing the way he’s feeling, it sparks something in you, other than the pleasure forming between your legs.
“How can I not be out of words, angel? Look at you,” he points out, curving his lips into a smirk as he watched you suddenly standing in front of him. “Fuck”
You surprise him again as you play with the hem of your blouse for a while before you take it off, Jungkook only watching you with amazement and desire in his eyes. You’re totally sure that no one has ever looked at you like that. And you love it- you absolutely love it.
“Fuck, angel” Jungkook breathes, plopping himself on his elbows as he watches you undress yourself, now taking off your jeans. Your eyes never leaving his. “You will be the death of me”
You’re left in your red lacy underwear as you crawl onto the bed, sitting on his lap again. Biting your lip once you feel the hard bulge right against your throbbing core. Jungkook’s hand finding their way to your hips almost too naturally, his fingers grazing over your naked skin. And you shudder, despide of his touch being warm and calming. Then you mindlessly shift on your spot, both moaning at the friction of your crotches rubbing against each other and he swears, he wants to hear you moan to him forever.
He hugs you closer to his body unable to hold himself any longer, not when you moan his name like that- in one swift movement rotating your bodies, switching your position. Causing you to help, surprised by the sudden movement as you lay on his previous spot.
“I want to taste you, angel. I’ve been wanting to taste you since a very long time”
And with that, he cups your clothes pussy and you whimper, feeling yourself to clench around nothing. You’re eager for his touch, desperate even.
He pulls away for a second, your sight straight to him when he takes off his t-shirt, showing you his abs now and you gawk at the sight. Of course you’ve seen his abs before, but this time is different, and you catch the grin on his face as he looks at your eyes, staring deeply to his abs. Perfectly marked and showing off all those hours he spends at the gym.
He doesn’t allow you that much time to look at him, he pushes your legs apart, eyes glancing at you for permission. And you nod too quickly, gaining a chuckle from his lips as he lays between them but not before he spares a glance at your clothed core, sucking in breath.
“You’re beautiful, my love” he tells you, velvet voice as his hands play with the lacy hem of your bra before he hooks his fingers underneath the material, pulling it down letting your breasts pop up.
Your nipples perks right up while being met with cold air and Jungkook hums in approval, getting closer to one of the to suck it.
“Fuck!” you shamelessly moan out, probably too loud but you’re alone.
“Fuck, indeed” he whispers with a grin against your nipple, circling his tongue around the perked one.
His praise and dirty words are doing much more to you, than you’d like to admit. It’s enough to let you buckle your hips into his, causing the both of you to moan. “Easy, angel” he hums, undoing your bra before your breasts are freed from the material.
A fire blazes warmer as Jungkook slides your panties off too, he wants to take his time to admire you and at the same time, only wants to have you right now.
“You’re so fucking wet, angel” he goads, groaning as he presses his fingers into your clit, watching your hips worse from the bed beneath you.
“Please, Kook” you babble, lips parting and eyes fluttering shut at the tingling sensation of his fingers.
He grins, feeling so hot as he slides two fingers past your slick folds and buried them deep inside your cunt. Jungkook gives a few lazy pumps of his index and middle finger before sinking his head down between your legs and licking a wide stripe from your quivering hole, making sure to man-oeuvre around his fingers, to your clot. He flattens out his tongue and repeats himself twice, thrice.
Your hands find its way to Jungkook, as you take a generous amount of hair and tug at him, pulling him toward your pussy for more. Instinctively, your legs part to give him more room to play with you. He makes sure to give your clit extra attention as he draws lopsided and rough circles on the sensitive bud, causing your back to arch significantly off the bedspread and further into his awaiting mouth. Your hands fighting the grip on his hair and you shiver at his ministrations.
“You’re fucking delicious, love” Jungkook breathes into your dewy lips. The movement of his lips against your pussy sources a sigh and loud moans to creep past your lips, letting your best friend know just how good he is making you feel.
His fingers never stop in tandem with his tongue. With every suction of his mouth comes a harder thrust of his fingers, knuckles deep and never missing a single beat, pulling your orgasm closer to the edge.
You raise your head and are graced with the most wonderful view of Jungkook from below you all fucked out, just from eating you.
“Spit on it,” your pleasure speaking for itself.
You can feel Jungkook smile against your slick pussy at your words. Removing his head from it, you watch as his chin is connected by a string of your arousal as he looks towards the mess he has already made. His chin is glossy and wet. God, you could get used to that sight.
“You’re fucking filthy, baby”
Rather than letting the fluid leave his mouth, he takes his time and lets the liquid leak from his mouth slowly. You watch as it drops from his tongue and climbs out of his mouth before the first drop lands on your clit, now connecting the both of you. The never ending drool between the both of you finally snaps and Jungkook’s eyes return to your pussy, watching his spit mix with your arousal and trickling down past your ass creating a wet patch in his gray comforter.
“Oh, fuck, Jungkook” you moan, voice breaking as his two fingers leave your sloppy cunt with a pop, collecting the mixed fluids and stuffs his fingers back into you, curling at the right post, “Shit, that feels so good”
Jungkook’s cock can’t help but twitch inside his sweatpants, already eager for you. If you only knew how many times he spent dreaming of a moment like this, when you could finally be his. And now there you are, right beneath him, body shivering in pleasure as your moans fill up the room.
Before you can open your mouth again, he’s already kissing your swollen clit who begs for attention, a loud moan from your lips finding its own way you.
Gripping the sheets tightly into your fists, you whimper as he licks a long stripe against your slit before he starts sucking you everywhere again; your slit, folds, clit. He’s restlessly moving, one hand gripping your hip while the other one is on your stomach, holding you down.
“Please fuck me, baby” you tell him breathlessly, knowing well he’s savoring you. Of course you’re enjoying the pleasure his mouth provides you, but you feel like you’re going to cum any second and all you want is to feel him inside you.
“Patience, angel,” your heart skips a beat at the nickname again. You should be used to it, but you’re not, not when his tongue is savoring his own spit and your arousal, driving you crazy with each movement.
“Oh angel, you have no idea what the cock of mine could do,” the low and dark chuckle leaving his lips causes your walls to wrap tightly around his fingers, which he obviously feels by the way he smirks.
“Please, baby” you beg. You don’t care how desperate you sound, because at the simple thought of him finally being inside you makes wetter.
“As you wish” he mumble with a smirk, shifting his body up but still careful enough not to crash you underneath his weight.
Your nails find their way to his hard muscles, gripping his abs in your small hands, “I want to taste you” you timidly say, right before biting your lower lip, eyes looking at his visible bulge.
“Next time angel, we’ve got plenty of time” butterflies in your stomach going crazy as his words, at the same time he kisses your nose softly before he reaches to his nightstand.
He notices your curious eyes as he opens the foil package, “I’m not ready to have a baby, y’know?” He jokes, and your stomach funnily tickles at that. Only the thought making you feel excited, you, in some future carrying his child makes you happy. As if everything’s just fitting in the right place. And weirdly, it turns you on.
“We’re gonna have a baby?” you tease him, although you feel a little bit nervous while waiting for his answer. You really want to know, behind the tease.
“Oh no angel, we’re gonna have a lot of babies” he whispers, giving you a soft peck before his bunny smile appears again.
He slightly pulls away, dropping the condom onto the mattress as he pulls down the sweatpants.
Fuck, he isn’t wearing any underwear.
“I was just hoping to get some sleep” he shrugs as if he’s just talking about the weather, when your eyes are trained on his pulsing cock with read head. Pre-cum slowly pricking from its tip. Fuck, he’s thick. You can’t help but simply admire it as he pumps it couple of times, smearing the pre-cum over his cock head. Feeling yourself clenching at the sight.
“Maybe I should leave you to rest” you try to tease him, his eyes snapping open to you as he scowled.
“Fuck no,” he mumbles as he reaches for the condom that lays beside your head, sliding it down his throbbing cock, “I’m not letting you go, angel”
It doesn’t sound as if he’s just talking about the moment, it sounds as a promise and by the way he’s looking at you, you know that is his promise. You still can see it, the love and honesty behind the way he looks at you. Jungkook kisses you, before he guides his cock to your entrance, smearing your wetness around his cock so it’s be easier to slide in with the condom.
“You’re ready, love?” he softly asks, parting your folds with his cock as he slowly waits for your approval.
“Please” you whisper, too much enthusiasm and impatience in your words, causing him to smirk.
With that, he slowly pushes in, letting you a time to adjust to his size as he still keeps filling you. Surprisingly, when he’s all in he doesn’t stop and simply pulls out before filling you again. You don’t need to read his mind, you’re fine with just reading his eyes and the pleasure that drowns them. At first, he’s slow, savoring the way your walls clench around his throbbing duck, your nails scratching his back at the pleasure as your lips part to leave space for moans to escape your mouth.
“All good, baby?” he breathlessly asks, carefully holding himself so he wouldn’t crash your body.
“Harder please” you have no idea you could feel pleasure as intense as you are now, not with him, or with anyone. But God, you’re so eager for more of him. Causing him to pull out and slam his cock into you harder this time. With each stroke, moving harder, rougher and faster causing you to moan loudly his name.
It feels so good. Too good for you to enjoy it for too long as you start to feel the knot in your stomach. But how can you possibly hold back? Your palms spreading against his ass cheeks, encouraging him to fuck you this hard as he buries his head in the crook of your neck, groaning, trying to silence his own moans as he chases your pleasure.
No other dream he’s had in the past would do.
Jungkook feels as if he might explode of how good you feel. Your walls clenching around his cock filling you in.
Lacing both of your hands together at the back of his neck, you draw him closer and kiss him once more, tasting his soft lips against yours. God, you for sure want to have more of this. You need more of this.
“You feel so fucking good around me, angel”
Moans and grunts fill the room from the both of you as Jungkook starts with an unrelenting pace from the get go, watching you coat his cock in your slick over and over. His hands digging into your hips as he pulls you back to fuck yourself on his sick, hitting all the spots inside you that neither your fingers could ever dream of reaching.
Sounds ever so quickly are drowned out by the slapping of skin on skin as he fucks into you faster, harder.
“Shit, babe, so good-” if you’d give him the chance, Jungkook would spend every minute of the day inside you only to hear your moans again and again. Not being able to get enough of them.
He leans down to trail soft kisses down your neck over the exposed skin, with every touch of his lips, Jungkook makes sure to suck on the skin and bite down hard enough to leave teeth marks. Feeling how much you like it as your insides clench around him, pounding into you.
Your mouth twists into a wicked smile at the action and you watch through lustful eyes Jungkook matches your smirk along with you as he keeps thrusting in and out of you, allowing you to see stars with every press of cock against your cervix.
“I wish you could see what I see,” Jungkook groans staring at you, so lost in his pleasure and yours. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on”
That’s when you can’t hold it anymore and he feels it, he hears your moans- undone by all of him. You cling to him tightly, as if your life depends on it. Giving in to the sensations and losing yourself entirely. Plunging over the edge when you come.
Darkness closes when you moan his name out loud. Brushing, biting at his lips for Jungkook to cum as well as you feel his thrusts getting sloppier. How beautiful he sounds when he moans. Breath hitching as his body fills yours, and you feel his muscles contracting, shuddering while he gives in entirely.
He didn’t just fuck you.
He made love to you.
And he would do it all over again.
His hips slow down, movement gentle when he finally pulls out and grins before pecking your lips softly, he’s not able to hide his excitement and neither he is trying. His hair is a mess and you smile right back at him, -knowing you might look way much worse.
He then rolls out of bed and you watch him disappear into the bathroom, probably to toast the condom filled with his cum. Jungkook then returns in record time to clean you up- softly, as if he’s afraid of hurting you. Funny, considering he just fucked your brain out. And making you giggle the entire time. Then chucks the tissues into the nearby garbage, he collapses on top of you again.
He kissed your forehead, then your cheeks, then your lips. Pulling you into him, he entangles his legs with yours and your hands are now cupping his face. That sweet skin of his as you feel it caressing one of his cheeks with your fingers, your free one getting out the sticky hair off his forehead for you to have a better sight to his eyes.
“Kook-” you whisper, he can’t get enough of you saying that nickname. You’ve called it before like that, always. But now, right now he feels it too. “You’re my best friend”
His smile becomes wider. Teeth showing as he crunches his nose, not being able to believe it. Because even before you say the words that are about to leave your mouth anytime now, he knows, you’re in love with him too.
The vacancy that was in his heart is no longer there, not since the moment he met you. Not now. You hold it. That place is yours for as long as you want him. He is yours. Jungkook is all yours. There is no need for him to use his actual words, you somehow are able to see that from the way his eyes sparkle as he looks at you. This time leaning in to catch your lips in a soft kiss, not having enough of the way you taste.
“I love you,”
As those words leave your mouth between the kiss, he’s smiling again. He can’t help himself. His hands straight to your legs as he caress your soft skin. He wishes to hold you forever.
“It’s always been you, angel” he whispers as he tries tu pull away only to have a better view of you, but you don’t allow him, you’re pulling him to your lips again as you can’t take enough of his kisses. “I love you”
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sombreboy · 4 months ago
Hellbound⇢demon!jjk [E]
Tumblr media
⇢Explicit (18+) ⇢Pairing: Demon JJK x female y/n ⇢Genre: yandere, smut, supernatural ⇢Word count: 14.5k ⇢Warnings: profanity, heavy dubcon, virgin y/n, descriptions of painful sex, crying, oral, dirty talk, biting, licking, fingering, abundance of cum, jealousy, ok jk gets kinda soft for her cuz he luvs her, kinda ends on a cockblock enjoy
A/N: An rp with apple anon, turned into a 14k beast despite not being finished. It’s the same lovely anon that wrote Unsullied with me, and I love how unrestricted our stories are. This is unfinished because I had a rough time, but I wanted to still post this and keep it documented. Enjoy, don’t read this if you’re sensitive to dubcon and rough themes. xo
Tumblr media
[22 years ago.]
"I'll do it." Your mother said to the smirking demon in front of her.
"I swear to give you my first-born daughter on her 21st birthday."
And thus, sealed your fate before you were even born.
Tumblr media
Your birthdays were never special. It had troubled you as a kid, the fact that your mother never celebrated you, or even congratulated you, like your friends parents would on their birthdays. But as you became older, the less you cared. You treated the day as any other, to try and forget about your mother's constant absence. She'd always chose her work, friends, boyfriend or something else over you, and that was that - you'd learned to live with it. The only meaning your 18th birthday had held was that you finally could move out and live on your own, in your own apartment.
You looked at your phone, the numbers 23.47 shining towards you, as you walked out of the bus, heading home. You hadn't planned to work so late, but you really needed the money.
Looking forward to the slice of pizza waiting in your fridge, you opened your front door, and headed for the kitchen. Cold pizza slice in hand, you looked at the clock again, watching the seconds pass, until finally. 00.00. You sighed. Happy 21st birthday to me.
You switched on the lights to your living room, and almost choked on the pizza as you laid eyes on the stranger standing in front of you.
He was anything but ordinary, standing tall in the middle of your room. He was dressed in all black, contrasting the silver earrings that dangled between long strands of raven hair. It was almost comical, how such a visually pleasing being suddenly appeared in a small, simple apartment. It was of no matter, however, as he had decided that you no longer will have to worry about whether or not you will be able to afford rent from now on. Because, now.. After 21 long years, you became his.
“Hello, Y/N.” He dug his ring-adorned hands into the pockets of his jacket, flashing a pearly, pleased grin your way, “Finally, we get to meet.”
Your first thought was to scream for help, a stupid thought really since no one would care. It wasn't like screams were abnormal in the area you lived.
Your second thought was that the man in front of you was a burglar, but there was two very obvious things talking against this conclusion;
First, the man had greeted you, with your name. Why would a burglar care to learn your name? And why would he stay around to greet you?
Second, well.. he didn't look like a burglar. The more you took in his features, the way he stood, the way he spoke, how he smiled at you, the clothes and accessories he wore.. this man reeked of expensiveness, so why should he need to steal?
Against all odds you managed to swallow the slice of pizza in your mouth, and with eyes bigger than the moon, and with as much courage you could uphold, you asked,
"Who are you?"
He didn’t answer right away and allowed the tension to linger in the air for just a bit longer. As he did so, silent footsteps echoed as he took a step forward, approaching you slowly. He’d been patient, waited years for this very moment where he could come to you.
“I’m Jeon Jungkook.” He said lowly, fiery gaze zeroed in on your form. Another step closer, he wished to eliminate the distance between the two of you. With a swift motion, his hand withdraws from his pocket to reach out, offering it to you. His long, slender fingers are calloused, prettily dressed in jewelry, “Your new master.”
A feeling you cannot pinpoint spreads throughout your body. It was as if a natural primitive instinct kicked in. As he came closer, with eyes so intense it felt as if they burned your skin, the instinct told you to recoil, to hide, to flee. Despite this, you stood completely still, with eyes even bigger, looking at the hand nearing you as your brain processed his words.
Jeon Jungkook, your.. master?
A crease appeared on your forehead, and out of habit you tilted your head slightly. Is this a joke?
You look up from his hand, meeting the man's red eyes, that you could have sworn were onyx just a second ago. When you open your mouth to speak you realize that you've unintentionally held your breath, so with a meek voice you say out loud, "I don't understand. What do you mean?"
“Your mother.” He said it was obvious, “she gave you to me.”
Jungkook could tell from your confused look that you still didn’t understand. His amused grin grew wider, completely in awe at the fact that your own mother didn’t say a single thing to you about her deal with a demon throughout your entire life.
“Do you know the expression ‘To make a deal with the devil?’, Y/N?” He asks, this time taking another step, now so close he could breathe in your scent. He keeps his hand in the air, so close to your cheek that you could feel the warmth radiating off of him, but he doesn’t touch you. “Your selfish mother got everything she could ever wish for, and in return, she promised me her first born.” He sighs adoringly, “and that’s you. Technically, you were never hers to begin with. ”
The fight-or-flight response is on high alert, alarm echoing inside your brain. But it's as if your body doesn't understand, for some reason you still can't move away. You can't even turn your head away from his hand. The man, Jungkook, is so close that if you'd just tip forward a bit, your nose would touch his chest. And as you unwillingly take in his perfume you realize the feeling you couldn't pinpoint earlier.
There is something about Jungkook's demeanor that feels.. predatory.
You don't know whether to cry or laugh at the words that fall out of his mouth. The logical part of your brain tells you to call a mental hospital, seen as they've clearly lost a patient. But there's also a tiny, tiny, part of you telling you to read all the signals, the way he makes you feel, and believe, how crazy it may seem, that he's telling the truth.
You ignore that part.
"Okay, mister, I don't know you. I don't know how you got here, where you're from, or how you know my name, but you have to go, yeah? I promise I'll not call the police if you just go. I've had a long night and I'd really just like to sleep."
Jungkook’s smile faded as quickly as it appeared, replaced by a look in his eye that could burn you from the inside out if he so chose to. His irises swirl in a dark red, like the fires of the underworld itself resided in him. People say one’s eyes are the mirror to your soul, and if so, the demon’s shall reflect that he is merely a piece of your own personalized hell.
“You have no say in this.” He says without a stutter, becoming less courteous of you as he takes the liberty to cup your jaw in a claw-like grasp, cold rings pressing into your skin. He tilts your face upwards to look at him, and there’s a hint of amusement in his eyes. Like a sparkle of mischief. “You need to understand this as soon as possible, angel..” He pauses to lean forward, closing the short distance between your lips in a kiss. It’s possessive, quick. Within the span of a few seconds, he withdraws to meet your eyes again.
It happens too fast for you to fully grasp it. His eyes meeting yours, feeling as if they could rip your soul from you in a heartbeat, his hands on you, holding you so hard it's difficult to breathe, and then.. His lips feel warm against yours. In the matter of seconds that your lips touch, it feels as if he molds you to fit perfectly to his own.
Shock. And then, realization. This man took your first kiss. He stole it.
The very few boyfriends you've had in your life flashing before your eyes. The boyfriends that had all mysteriously disappeared before you'd had the chance to give them even a peck on the cheek..
Some of the fear you've felt turns into anger, enough to make your body move. Finally free from the paralyzation and with adrenaline pumping in your veins you scream.
"No!" and put your hands on his chest to try and push him away from you, "Why?! You can't do that! Stay away from me!". Realizing you wouldn't be able to move him even an inch, you instead raise your hand to slap him across the face.
However, before you’re even able to attempt to hit him, your wrist is squeezed tight in his large grasp. His patience is running low, not used to the rejecting behavior. On the other hand, he would be lying if he said he didn’t find it interesting– maybe even exciting that you’re not immediately compliant with him. Part of him found thrill in the mere thought of the possibilities, and slowly corrupted you to become his perfect pet.
“Cute. I suppose it doesn’t matter what I say.” Jungkook sighs, his expression softening slightly. It contrasts the iron-hold he’s got on your wrist, and the way he uses his larger frame to step forward, forcing you to walk backwards towards the living room couch. “I came here to claim what’s mine, not to chit chat, after all.”
You gasp from the pain of his hand crushing your wrist, and the small wave of strength that had temporarily hit you disappears in a heartbeat. Left is only fear for the man, the...demon?, in front of you.
He's too strong for you and you have no one to call to for help. This can't be happening. It's a dream, this must be a dream.
But you don't wake up.
Instead you feel the armrest of your sofa against the back of your legs.
He came here to.. claim?
Full-blown panic and tears are now visible in your eyes, "Please. Please don't. I'll give you anything you want, just leave me alone, please." With your free hand you again try your hardest to push the smirking red-eyed demon away.
The demon says nothing in response to your pleading attempts for mercy– to tempt him with the promise of anything he wants to just stop. But there’s nothing that you could ever offer him that he doesn’t have. There’s nothing else that he truly desires more than what he’s got in front of him at this very moment already.
Tears glaze over your wide, panicked eyes– and he couldn’t resist the urge to stare right into them with awe. It’s an expression he’s seen countless times, but when it is you… it stirs the demon’s excitement like nothing else, an urge and curiosity for just how long it will take for you to give up your sobbing pleas.
“Are you scared of me, Y/N?” Jungkook asks with a wolfish smirk on his lips, knowing the answer too well. His grasp around your wrist remains strong, already seeing possessive marks blooming on your skin in the form of his fingers, with small indents from his rings. His free hand itches to touch you more, so he wastes no more time in indulging– starting to smooth his warm palm up your thigh, “You don’t think I’m pretty?”
You're not scared. You're fucking terrified.
"Wh-what?" you stutter. Not sure if you've heard him correctly. In this situation.. He wonders if you think he's attractive? Ignoring the question, your legs begin to tremble as his palm burns your thigh.
His eyes on you are too intense, the red in them like fire. Your tears are still falling, like big rain drops, and you lower your gaze.
"Please, Jungkook." you beg again, unaware of the fact that the sound of his name from your lips just stir up the demon even more.
“Say it again,” Jungkook’s tongue snakes past his lips to dampen them with saliva, sincerely enamored by your state. Frightened, yet he can tell you resist less– hoping your words would be enough to reason with a demon. Pure, and foolish of you.
He leans in close, face hovering above yours. With a stare so intense he’s sure you could feel it, he searches for your averting gaze. He looks down for a split second, seeing that you’re looking at where his hand slowly touches up your thigh. With a raised brow, he keeps roaming his palm up your body, underneath the hem of your shirt to directly feel the soft skin of your stomach. His nails graze against your ribs, searching for a reaction. “Keep saying my name like that… I might reconsider.” He lies. How could you possibly think a creature from hell would ever have something to even resemble a conscience.
The panic makes it difficult for you to breathe, only small sips of air pass your lips at a time, and it only gets worse as his hand wanders across your body, the trail so hot that you wonder if it'll leave a burn mark.
And it really is foolish of you to believe him, but what else can you do? And you're just a naïve human after all, so despite everything, a flicker of hope appears inside you. Maybe.. maybe he'll stop.
So trying to control the shakiness in your voice as best as you can, with pure and innocent eyes, you meet his burning eyes once again, "Jungkook. Whatever you want, just let me go. Please. Please, Jungkook." With your free hand, although everything in you screams not to, you carefully reach to lightly touch his cheek. Stupidly hoping that the gentle act will make the demon change his mind.
For the first time, you touched him. Albeit unwillingly, for the purpose of mercy, it didn’t matter to him– it stirred him just the same to feel your trembling hand against his cheek.
“Hmm…” Jungkook leans into your touch, closing his eyes as he pretends to reconsider. However, it doesn’t take long before he slowly opens his eyes again, the amber glow in his irises burning with mischief. It’s barely noticeable, but a smile twitches on his lips when he looks you dead in the eye and whispers, “No.”
Without another word said, he repositions his hands on your waist, spinning you around so that his chest presses against your back, holding you close. His warm breath fans your cheek when he leans forward, instead moving down to play with the hem of your pants.
The small glimpse of hope gets crushed down in an instant.
His breath against your cheek and the closeness of his body gives you goosebumps. The trembling of your body is uncontrollable. If you doubted his intentions before, they were clear as day to you now. You had never been near a man like this before. Never touched the way he touched you. Actually, never touched at all.
How did you even end up here?
With a weak voice and glossy eyes, you whisper, "Did you tell the truth?.. Are you a demon?" a shaky inhale, "Did.. did my mother sell me to you?"
“Mmhm.. It was an easy decision for her, too.” He confirms, and you could definitely hear the amused tone in his voice. He swiftly peels your pants down while speaking, thrilled by your trembling thighs beneath his touch.
“She didn’t blink twice before saving herself over you. And she got everything she could ever wish for. But, then again, so did I..” Jungkook looks down, using a stern palm to press against your back, forcing you to bend forward and jut your ass out for his viewing pleasures, “My own little pet. It’s hard to get deals like these, not many will sacrifice their own offspring for vanity.” He mutters, eyebrows drawn together as if he couldn’t believe it himself. Humans are greedy, yes, but never has he met a person that was as selfish as your own mother. However, he’s sure he would take better care of you than she’s ever done— he’s confident that you’ll learn where you really belonged all this time, and that it’ll make you realize that nothing will be as fulfilling as being his.
Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard for you to believe. You'd never felt like her daughter, other than in theory. You knew her fame was the only thing that meant anything to her. But still.. that she'd sold you off like that.. to a demon. It made your heart sink like a stone.
Though those thoughts were quickly replaced by others.
The embarrassment from the position he'd put you in, and the fact that you were almost half naked in front of a man, made your cheeks glow red. You just wanted to sink through the ground and disappear.
How could you get away from a demon? A demon that had bought you, no less.
You can't, is the answer.
As if the minutes you'd spent in the demon's company had taught you nothing (really, how could you ever be so naïve?), with head held low over the armrest and with a trembling voice, you whispered, "If I..." it was as if you had to force the next words out of your mouth, "...if I do this for you... will you then leave me alone?"
While you spoke, Jungkook had already been playing with the fabrics of your panties, tugging them down to make a point when you’ve finished your question.
You still didn’t get it. You were still in denial. However, you slowly accept small facts, such as wrapping your head around the fact that you were created to become a demon’s possession, and nothing else. So he knew, with time, you’d accept him as well.
“What do you think?” The demonic undertones of his vocal cords kick in, becoming a mixture of his own soothing, alluring voice, laced with the deep baritone that boomed in his chest. She’s trying to negotiate with a demon, he muses with a smile. You’re still so innocent and holding on to hope, even as you’re bent over the couch’s arm rest. He uses one hand to squeeze the flesh of your ass between his lithe fingers to earn a reaction.
Humiliated didn't even begin to cover how you were feeling. That combined with your still growing fear, made you feel sick and dizzy.
His deep voice made your heart beat even more erratically, and you wondered for a split second if he could hear it.
You flinched away from his hot touch, and dropped down on your knees. Your trembling form makes it impossible to stand. As quickly as you could on shaky legs, you turned around and pushed your shirt over your knees to try and cover yourself up.
Looking up at the demon's powerful frame hovering above you, with his ruby eyes watching you even more glowing than before, made you feel smaller than ever.
With panic truly sipping into your voice now, you nearly screamed, "I just don't understand. What more could you possibly want?!" eyes still begging, "If I promise to do as you say this once, won't that be enough?"
Tilting his head down to look at you, his raven curls fall forward to frame his face. His eyes glow with amusement, slightly squinted as he gives you a toothy grin.
“You will understand with time.. Which we’ve got plenty of.” Jungkook steps forward, caging your sitting form with his spread legs, your back cornered by the couch. He doesn’t rip his gaze from you for even a split second, maintaining eye contact. Slowly, his hand reaches down, softly dragging the pad of his fingers down your cheek, “It is not just your body that I claim,” he clarifies, running his fingers through your hair, “But your soul. It belongs to me,” he tightly closes his fist around a strand of your hair, but he doesn’t pull, “You’re bound to me for eternity, Y/N.”
"An eternity?" You mumble.
You were bound to this demon.. for an eternity? The vastness of the word is incomprehensible for a 21-year old that had barely started living.
You breathed more slowly as you observed him observing you. The look in his eyes shifted between how a lion looks at lamb, how a man looks at a prized possession, but mostly his eyes were dark with lust. His lust.. for you? You had never been wanted before. By anyone.
Your face burned bright red with embarrassment as you realized how close you were to his crotch. And although you tried to look anywhere but there, the tightness of his pants, how it hugged certain parts, was difficult to miss.
His grip on your hair tightened.
“Precisely.” The demon blinks slowly, his gaze following yours to where his hardened length strains the fabrics of his pants. With a smirk on his face, he breathes out a chuckle through his nostrils.
“But now is not a time for discussion, little angel,” Jungkook tugs at your hair, using his free hand to tap at the metal buckle of his belt, “If you’re going to look, do it properly,” He speaks with a commanding tone, “Undo my belt.”
You were weak and helpless under his muscular body. Your try to negotiate and beg hadn't worked, and there was no way for you to escape him.
Despite this, there was something in you that refused to just surrender. Although fear still made your body tremble, you looked the demon in the eyes, and with a raised brow asked, "And what if I won't?". Clearly never heard the expression: don't poke the bear.
“Hm…” Jungkook seems displeased with your answer, and it’s clearly displayed in the way his jaw clenched tightly, brows tightly knit together. His stare is intense, and if he could devour you with a single look, you’d be dead meat already.
“I’d like to think I’ve been quite patient with you,” He no longer smiles, instead his words come out as stern as his jaw is tense. Bringing your face close, he keeps you in a tight hold by your hair, while using his other hand to undo the belt on his own. Rustling is heard, the teeth of his zipper almost deafening in the quiet apartment when he slowly pulls it down. He slips the belt through every loop, taking it off completely to throw it on the couch, the metal part hitting the floor as it hangs loosely off the edge, “I’ll admit, I admire your resilience.”
The demon looks at you when he wiggles his hips slowly, pulling down his pants to his upper thighs, just enough to display more of himself. His length strains against his underwear, leaving much less to the imagination through the thin fabrics. He palms it, giving you a nice display of the outline as he lets a sigh push past his lips when he gives it a squeeze, “But in the end, the only choice you’ve got is whether you want this to be a punishment or a reward.”
A small scream escapes your lips as the demon tugs on your hair harshly. You instinctively raise your hands to hold the chunk of hair, to ease the pain on your scalp. As a consequence, your shirt, earlier held down by your hands, slides over your knees, making your thighs visible to the demon again.
Your defiance crumbles a bit at the sternness of his words. Your, usually, submissive nature crying out for you to just obey, to not make it worse for yourself. But still you don't just want to give up. You have hopes and dreams, things you want to do and see. Should you just give that up because a demon shows up and demands that you're bound to be with him for eternity?
Albeit foolishly, you think that if you just do as he wants for now, there might be a chance for you to escape him later.
If looks could kill huh? Well two can play that game. You meet his stare (also to try and ignore observing the actions of the hand that's not holding your hair and what that little sigh of his unwillingly does to your body) equally intense, and through gritted teeth hiss, "Fine... master."
“Better.” The demon praises. Although you’re still giving him an attitude, he’s more so pleased with the fact that you’re complying– whether it’s fake or not.
“Since you like using that bratty mouth of yours so much, how about we make it useful.” He says, tongue swiping across his upper lip at the mere anticipation. He slips his hand beneath the hem of his underwear, tugging the fabrics down to expose himself to you. He wraps his lithe fingers around his rigid length, feeling it twitch in his hold.
“Look how hard you made me, and you haven’t even touched it yet..” He sighs, searching for your averting eyes. When he notices that you don’t immediately look, he brings your face closer, giving you no other option than to look or to shut your eyes, “I said look at me.”
And you do. You do watch him, unwillingly or willingly, you're not even sure anymore. He's dragged you so close that you're bended forward in between his legs, literally face-to-face with his crotch. With cheeks still tinted, you observe his long and slim fingers, how the veins in his arm bulge as he moves his hand. And you feel his pleased smirk on you from above, as your eyes finally focus on his length. You have nothing to compare to, but you're sure that he has to be big. So painfully hard. And you.. made him like that?
You don't understand the effect the demon has on you. You shouldn't feel like this, don't want to.
Even though you still fear the demon, you know that it's not only that that's making your heart race now, making you feel so incredibly warm. Without intending to do so you let out a soft whimper. The sound having an immediate reaction on the demon.
The hand intertwined with your hair trembles the second you make such a sound. That’s when he knew that his patience was all worth it. Years and years of waiting for this moment, and it’s all about to pay off.
“Such pretty sounds.” The demon praises you again. He finally lets go of your hair, trailing the pads of his fingers down your face until he reaches your lips. He grabs your jaw, digging his nails into your cheeks to force your mouth open, “Bet you’d sound even prettier with me inside.”
Jungkook smooths the dripping head of his cock against your lips, not putting it any deeper yet, “Stick your tongue out for me.”
You'd never admit it, but hearing just that small amount of praise is enough to make you crumble. It spurs you on. You want to be praised. You want him to praise you.
As if your body isn't yours anymore, like your mind has finally surrendered to him and left him in complete control, you instantly do as he commands. The smell of him is musky, the weight of him heavy on your tongue. The precum continues to smear your upper lip.
Although you'd forgotten it for a moment, this is all completely new to you, and so you have no idea of what it is you should do.
You raise your head to meet Jungkook's eyes again. The intensity almost makes you want to take cover. If they burned before, they are deep molten lava now.
Jungkook’s pupils expand when he sees your growing submission, the black almost covering the entirety of his eyes, the thin irises of red burning with intrigue.
“See? Isn’t it much more pleasant when you comply..” He playfully coats your upper lip with his precum, then proceeds to rub it against your tongue. He exhales a soft sigh. He’d longed for this.
“Relax now.” He lets your jaw go, stroking the back of his hand down your cheek softly. It’s affectionate, a contrast to what he’s about to do. Without much of a warning, he snakes his large palm behind your head, pushing you forward to take his cock into your mouth. He doesn’t stop when your throat constricts, instead, he just chuckles breathily, and pushes you deeper until he can feel the back of your throat press against his tip.
You're not prepared. Suddenly all you see, hear and feel is him. He is inside you. You can feel every bulge, every vein. And it hurts.
To relax does not feel possible. Without much thought you grab his thighs to try and push your head away, to escape the pain, but the demon's hand is firm, keeping you in place.
You gag and try to swallow, but he's so big, taking up every bit of space in your mouth, that even that feels impossible.
Tears and spit are streaming down your face, muffled cries leave your lips. But he doesn't bulge.
You can't breathe. Your nails sink deeper into his thighs. Your eyes begging him to stop.
“Tsk,” The demon shakes his head, and holds your head firmly in place for a solid few more seconds– but what felt like much longer for you, until he finally withdrew to let you breathe. Thick strings of saliva still connected your lips to his cock. The cool air on his wet skin had him immediately missing the warmth of your throat, “Crying already? Are you overwhelmed?”
Jungkook waits for an answer this time, wanting to hear the strain in your voice as you speak. But in the meantime, he takes a step back to get a good look at you. His eyes rake down your body like he can see through your flesh and straight to your soul. A smirk appears on his face, crooking a brow.
“Well? You promised to do this for me. Shall we move on?” He motions with his hand for you to stand up.
You drink down air as soon as his cock leaves your mouth. The taste of him is still very much evident. It feels as if you have bruises down your throat.
You can sense his pleased eyes on you and with a hoarse voice you hiss "Overwhelmed? It hurts! You're enjoying this? You enjoy hurting me?", the effort of talking makes you cough.
Despite your harsh words, his satisfaction in you clearly has a big impact on your body, arousal growing, dripping down your legs. But why do you feel like this? Could the immediate control he has over your mind and body be.. because you're bound to him? That you quite literally, were born to be his?
You shake your head at his command, but as if on your own accord, you feel your legs stand anyway.
“Good girl.” The demon watches you get up on unsteady legs, unsubtle in the way his gaze immediately searches for the glistening trail dripping down your exposed thigh, “You’re right, I do enjoy this… And it looks like you do as well.”
Jungkook slowly circles around you as he seems to observe you yet again, the sound of the heel of his shoe loud with every step that oozes with power. He owns this room, his mere presence dominating the surface he walks on– the air the two of you shared.
“Look at you,” He finds your eyes again, stepping closer until his breath is all you could taste. His hand snakes down your hip, to the front of your stomach, brushing his thumb over your gut, “I can taste your arousal on my tongue, and I’ve only used your mouth so far…” His smooth tongue pokes out, dragging it slowly up your cheek in a possessive manner until he reaches your ear, whispering into the shell of it, “Do you want me to taste it? I’ll allow you to choose this once.”
You make a sharp intake and almost fall on your knees again as his wet muscle meets your cheek, goosebumps covering your arms. The primal way of marking you stirs you up even more.
You can see in his eyes how much he wants you, craves you. It's not something you're used to, rather the opposite, but oh, you do enjoy to feel wanted.
His hand on your stomach is teasing you.  You need more, further down. You rub your plump thighs against each other as you feel your core pulsating. Desperately needing some sort of release. But you can't do it on your own. You need him.
With a quickening breath, tasting him in every intake, you mewl, "Please.", not even entirely sure of what you're begging for, but unable to form any other words.
Seeing you in such a subservient state, so quickly, made the handsome demon smile approvingly. He expected more resistance, but he was happy that you seemed to accept him gradually. May it be the heat of the moment, but he’s convinced that after he’s claimed you fully, you won’t be able to fathom being separated from each other.
“You know.. I couldn’t possibly deny you when begging so sweetly.” Jungkook says as he guides your body to take a seat on the couch, then drops to his knees on the floor with a thud, “Show me..” he coaxes you to spread your legs, practically already doing it for you by grabbing your knees and parting them, “Look at you, how badly you must desire relief already..”
Since your underwear is long gone the demon has a free view of your glistening pussy.
The reddish hue on your cheeks intensifies when you feel his eyes focus on your intimate parts. You want to hide, embarrassed of the way your wetness stains the sofa, of how he is the one that makes you feel this way. But at the same time you get impatient.
The image of the demon on his knees in front of you just makes you even more desperate. The emotions overtaking you are completely new to you. All you know is that you need him to do something.
"Yes. Please." You answer him with a groan, squirming under his strong hold. "It's so sticky. So hot. I can't.. I need... please, master."
The corner of Jungkook’s lip twitches into a faint grin. Your choice of words stirred his gut pleasantly, fanning the fire of his own arousal.
“You’re becoming unbelievably sweet.” He inches closer until his lips barely graze your clit. He inhales deeply, humming happily while his eyes look up through raven lashes, doe and almost innocent– playful, as if he wasn’t between your legs, “Think you taste just as sweet as your words.”
Without wasting more time, his long, flattened tongue snakes out past his parted lips. He drags it upwards, from your hole to your clit. Instead of waiting for your reactions– or to ask if you liked it, he continued to repeat the action, allowing himself to indulge without holding back.
You adapt to the feeling of Jungkook's tongue against your cunt quickly, losing yourself to the pleasure provided by the skillful demon.
Your hands find his raven locks, tugging them harshly, to push him away or get him closer you don't even know.
Your long and sharp nails dig into his scalp, but it looks like the demon barely notices it. Rather, it seems to spur him on further. His tongue assaulting your clit harsher, the sounds of him sucking and slurping ringing in your ears. The coil in your stomach intensifies, and you squish him in between your thighs, a loud scream leaving your lips at the desperation for relief, no thoughts in your head but that, to cum. And you are so, so close.
"Please please please." You repeatedly whimper.
And your prayers get answered (or maybe not since it is a demon you have in between your legs). You watch him, the powerful, beautiful, demon on his knees before you, worshipping your cunt, and ecstasy fills you. Making you cum hard on the demon's sinful tongue.
“Mmf…” The demon hums, lapping up your sticky arousal, not giving you the chance to come down from your orgasm until he stops. He enjoyed the way your body began to twitch and squirm from oversensitivity, holding on to your thighs to not let you move away from him until he gave his say so.
“If I was mortal I would’ve been suffocated with the way you squeezed me between your legs,” Jungkook smirks as he places one last kiss on your swollen clit, just to earn another whine. He looks up at you through dark lashes, eyes filled with nothing but a black void that wants to swallow you whole, “My, where are your manners?”
The way the demon says it is mocking, with a smile on his lips– lips that are glossed over with a layer of your orgasm, drooling down his chin. His dexterous tongue snakes out to swipe it away and savor the taste, then wipes off his excess saliva with the back of his hand.
“We shall continue, angel.” His toothy grin grows as he reaches for your waist, dragging your body down into his embrace. He swiftly turns to rest his back against the front of the couch, your legs spread apart to straddle his thighs. He looks up at you again, lips pressing together in a coy pout, “Do you know what I want you to do now?” His question works simultaneously with the way his gaze lowers to where his cock lays, lazily tucked into his underwear and opened pants. There’s a dark, sticky stain where the outline of his tip is, impatient and dripping with his own need. He looks back up at you, and it’s as if his normally razor sharp gaze seemed doe in comparison, pleading with you to take it out. However, the way his fingers dug into your waist in a claw-like manner reminds you that there are no other options than the ones he provides.
Your face is flushed, heart beating erratically, still very much affected by the orgasm provided by the demon. Where are your manners? You, still only a naïve human, play the teasing demon right into his hands, mewling “I’m sorry.”, as the realization that you’d just used a demon to get off hits you.
But yes, you know precisely what he wants from you, and you also know that you have no choice but to comply. Meeting his gaze with doe eyes of your own, you whisper shyly “I… I have never, uhm, done this, before…” Unaware that the demon already knows, having personally taken care of the occasional suitors that have looked your way…
Still, you move your hand to timidly touch the wet patch on his underwear, then lifting your fingers to your lips, tasting his need on your tongue. The action immediately earns you a groan from the demon, making you feel more confident. You trace the outline of his cock gently from the base to the tip before you carefully drag down his underwear and release him. The demon’s painfully hard cock standing tall against his stomach.
"…Will you be gentle?" you ask quietly. Although you most certainly already know the answer to that.
“Gentle…” The demon snickers at your question, shaking his head. He grasps your chin, drawing you in to kiss you deep and quick. His long tongue swirls around yours, then withdraws as a messy string of saliva follows his lips.
“I have been awfully gentle with you already, you know?” He continues to speak while using the saliva he’d stolen from your mouth with his tongue, spitting it into his hand, then brings the slickness of his palm down to coat the dripping head of his length, mixing it with his precum.
“You must know how meaningful that is,” Jungkook grasps his length tight in his fist, stroking it a few times while looking at you— through you, motioning with his free hand for you to scoot closer, “Sit on me, then. Show me your pace, use my cock.”
The demon's actions were lewd, but to your own surprise you found yourself liking it. How he moved with such certainty, such power. How he held, and kissed you -like he owned you.
Buttons of the shirt Jungkook was wearing had gradually opened up more and more. His muscular and broad chest was visible to you. You saw black ink cover his body. The art, and himself, is beautiful. His whole self was really the embodiment of sin, and you found yourself lusting for him more and more. Your core is stirring once again.
"Will you give up your power to me then?" You say, timidly innocent -albeit teasingly, head slightly tilted. Putting your hands on his thighs to help move you forward a bit, but not enough. Maybe forgetting the fear you felt for the demon earlier a tad bit too fast. So affected by the lustful haze the demon has put you in.
Or maybe, you realize slowly, you've just never wanted it gentle. You so desperately want to be desired, craved, loved. Maybe as a demon's pet you will be.
The demon grins, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. The closer the two of you become, the stronger the bond grows. He can tell that your desires grow stronger than your logic– giving in to allow him to claim you.
“You’re asking too many questions,” He says as he grabs your hip, displaying only an ounce of his strength by the way he easily lifts you closer in his lap. He doesn’t let his stare waver from your face while he guides the bulbous head of his cock where it belongs, “You had your chance to do it your way, but you chose to be a brat. Perhaps.. you like it better this way?”
Jungkook isn’t blind. He can feel the heat inside of you just from letting his tip tastefully graze your slick entrance.
“Once we’re truly one, you’ll never be the same.” His voice is raspy with desire. He has little patience left, and so his hand on your hip begins to drag you down, slowly having you take his rigid length inch by inch. He gasps quietly, feeling just how tight and warm it is makes him smile through his heavy breaths. You’re pure-- now to be claimed and corrupted by a filthy demon’s cock, parting your flesh to make space for him and him only.
A weak whimper escapes your lips. You move your hand to his, trying to halt his actions, but to no avail. Jungkook continues, filling you up, nudging your cervix. Never have you felt full like this. Even though you're so aroused that you're dripping on the demon's thighs, you're also untouched. Your walls are stretching for the very first time, and it hurts. Tears threatening to fall once again.
You take short intakes of air, your chest moving up and down rapidly, as you try to adjust to the feeling of him inside you. Of how he molds your insides to fit only him.
His dark orbs meet yours and you can see your own lust-overtaken eyes reflect in them. And you realize that the pain can bring pleasure too.
"M-more." You plead with a strained groan.
The demon's words are true. You are changing. He is changing you.
“More.” Jungkook repeats with a grin, as if teasing you for your contradictions. Your expression distorted into pain, your body trembled in discomfort– and yet, you pleaded for more of him. A demon.
“Do you feel it?” He asks, hot breath gently fanning your face as he speaks. He lifts your hips again, dragging his teeth against his bottom lip from the friction of your snug insides being taken from him, only to plunge you back down on his cock. He doesn’t wait for much of a response from you before picking up a rhythm, repeating the action of bouncing your, to him, weightless body, “How hard I am because of you?”
Fucking a demon must be the highest of sin, but right at this moment, you don't even care. You cannot think straight. Only feel his burning body against yours. And the strangest thing of all is how much you like it. How you feel such belonging in his arms, like it's where you should be.
The pain is still there, but you embrace it, welcome it. You put your hands around his neck and cross your legs behind him. Your thighs are squishing his sides, grabbing on tightly, as he continues to hold up your body and thrust into you faster. Surely leaving marks from how hard his grip on you is.
You groan again at his words. "Yes. Feel it. Hurts, ugh, so good." Incoherent words and whimpers continue to leave your lips.
The demon currently has you wrapped around his finger, but maybe you have a hold of him as well. Like he says, he's clearly also very much affected by you. And you can't help but wonder if it's something more than just a deal made with your mother.
It's a struggle, but between heavy breaths you manage to voice your thoughts, "Why, ahh.. why me?"
“Why? It’s always been you, Y/N..” Jungkook answers mindlessly, too caught up in the heat that embraces his cock every time he lets your body descend on top of him. His eyes flutter shut, a deep sigh slipping past his parted lips. It’s as if he’s in heaven— or at least, as close as he could get to what he thinks resembles it.
“We’re made for each other– you were made to be mine.” He opens his eyes to look up at you, with his wide, amber gaze. They seem to soften at the sight, finally, as he realizes that you’ve accepted him fully… almost.
It's always been you? You don’t quite grasp the deeper meaning behind the words, as the lust clouds your thoughts. You only feel a pleasant stir in your stomach at his possessive claims. “Mmh, yes, Jungkook, made just for you.” You moan, agreeing without a second thought. Your confirmation has immediate effect. Jungkook shifts his angle, making him press your spot harder. Eyes looking down, you watch fascinatingly at how the demon's cock disappears inside of you, at how you both become one. You're soaking his length, dripping down on both his and your legs. The sounds emanating every time he moves inside you are obscene and filthy. You feel as though the very thin line between pain and pleasure is completely dissolving. Leaving instead a oh so addicting mixture of them both, making you crave more, and more. Your walls clamp down on him even harder. A loud moan sounding from you at the intoxicating pleasure he provides, as you near your second orgasm of the night. "I need it. Need you. Fill me up, master, please." You whimper as your eyes travel upwards again, observing the way his muscles flex, of how he's holding you so tight. You meet his gaze, his eyes solely and utterly focused on you, as if no one else exists.
For the first time, Jungkook is the one who follows a command. One that slipped past your lips so sweetly he’s unable to reject the power you hold over him as well. “T-then make me cum…” he huffs between labored breaths and low moans. He snaps his hips upwards, harder, fucking his thick cock into you without restriction. It’s impossibly hard, swollen and ready to burst at any given moment. “Give me some more noise,” The demon pleads and commands at once, his strong hands squeezing the flesh of your ass between his fingers, easily moving your body like a rag doll to fuck down on his length. The wet sounds drive him mad— a clear proof that you’re enjoying it just as much as he does, if not more. “I’ll c-cum, fill you up so well… claim you fully, finally— uff..”
Every thrust of his gets you closer. Eyes rolling back at the sheer power the demon presents as he handles your body as he pleases. You listen to his demands, letting your sobs of pure bliss echo even louder. “A-aah, so so close, please, ugh, give me everything. M-master, please cum” The utter desperation in your voice would’ve made you embarrassed, if you weren’t so gone in painful pleasure. Truly losing yourself on a demon’s cock. One more hard push against your spot is all it takes for you to crash down around him. Head thrown back, toes curling, walls convulsing, trying to milk him dry, as white euphoria spreads throughout your body.
One last punishing thrust is all it takes before he stills your body on top of his own, cock buried as deep as physically possible. The moment he felt his length he tightly squeezed by the soft warmth of your insides, he loses his composure.
 “Fuckin’ hell…” he spits curses as he comes, wrapping his arms around your waist to hold you tight. He buries his face in your soft chest, muffling his deep moans, body trembling with every constricting pulse of your cunt. The demon doesn’t move the entire time, stuck in his frozen state of letting it all out— thick, hot gushes of cum filling you up with every throb that stirs inside of you. It isn’t until now that he truly feels that you belong to him once again, this time it is absolute. He sighs, pleased with what he’s accomplished. He places gentle kisses on your chest as a reward, still holding you in his arms to offer leverage when he feels your body relax more and more as you come back down from your orgasm.
“Y/N..” He looks up at you, craning his neck to hover closer to your lips with his own, “kiss me.” A kiss with a demon to seal your promise. It’s merely a courtesy, an old tradition— not to mention, he’s claimed you fully with his own seed. But Jungkook is old fashioned at heart, and craves to feel the dedication through such a simple act that could feel more intimate than anything he’s done to her tonight.
The way Jungkook holds you, with an unexpected preciousness, and the tenderness of his kisses, leaves you feeling content and warm. You can’t quite understand it, but it’s as if something has finally fallen into place. The odd sense of belonging and familiarity you've felt during the night growing. Though you’re currently too tired to dwell on it further. Even in the claws of a demon, and despite how you succumbed to pleasure and thereby truly gave up your mind and body to him, there is still a softness, holiness, inside you, buried in your soul. So, you release your strong grip around his neck and slowly, carefully, raise your hands to trace the features of his face. You travel from his nose, to his cheeks and chin, before finally letting your fingers follow the form of his red lips. You wish so deeply for him to praise you, so with lips nearly touching his, you mumble, “Did.. did I do good?”, before you finally move forward. Gently letting your lips meet the demon’s.
“Mmm.” He hums into the kiss, letting his lips linger on yours for a moment before pulling back. He moves a loose strand of your hair behind your ear. “Beyond my expectations.” He lets his fingers comb through your hair slowly, then looks sighs pleasantly. “Are you in any pain?” He asks, suddenly a bit worried about your well being, “it was your first time.”
You look at where you both are still connected. His length acting like a plug, keeping his semen deep inside you, your lower belly slightly swollen at the amount. The feeling is unfamiliar, but not unpleasant. You'd most certainly feel the effects of your rough first time tomorrow, but right now you're just in a dazed bliss. Fulfilled, at Jungkook's approval of you. So you shake your head slightly. Burying your face in his neck, you mumble "No.. but.." A yawn. "Sleepy..". Eyes closing as the fatigue takes over.
The demon freezes for a moment, feeling your body relax against his. It’s different than subduing you to simply fuck— he wasn’t prepared for the… incredibly gentle and timid way you seemed to trust him. He’d lie if he said he didn’t feel something stir in his chest. The urge to protect grew even more, you seemed so small and fragile.
“I’ll…” he looks around your apartment. It seemed too tedious to move you to his home, and dragging you down to hell is in no rush as of yet.. believe it or not, he might be a demon, but he’s not about to strip you from, what he’s heard, is the best years of a young humans life. Besides, he doesn’t mind the human world. He’s been around for your entire life, so what’s some more. “I’ll put you in bed..” he mutters as he stands up slowly, easily carrying you in his arms. His cock slips out, a quiet sigh once again leaving his lips. He feels his cum seep out of you and against his legs, and he grimaced slightly at the feeling. It’s scorching hot. “Maybe a wash first.”
You nuzzle further into his arms as he carries you to your bathroom. His strong and large frame taking up almost all the room in the cramped space. You knew it was strange, how you gave up yourself to him so easily, and how you now so desperately craved his touch and attention. But you can’t help it. You’ve been lonely for so long. He slowly releases you to stand, still a tight grip on your arms to keep you from falling on your wobbly legs. You fear he’s going to leave you there, and instantly you look up a bit more awake, “Don’t.. don’t go.” You quietly whimper.
Jungkook’s amber eyes widen as he looks back down at you. His heart— or whatever is in there replicating it, seems to malfunction and skip a beat for a short second. Then it tightens in his chest—painfully.
“I won’t go. Never again.” He says back, just as quiet. He hugs you close, using a free hand to turn on the shower head to wash you down. Now he’s got you, he will definitely never let you slip away again.
You nod a bit absentmindedly, feeling comforted by his words, but still too tired to question exactly what he means - Never again. With struggle, you try your best to stay awake as he cleans you. His hands now so gently touching your body. Eyes looking at you with something close to devotion. The thought would have seemed impossible only hours ago, but.. you feel… safe. When he turns off the water, deeming you clean enough, you lift your hands to lay around his neck again, wanting to stay as close as possible. You timidly place a small kiss on his chest, before you softly murmur “Mm’ so tired.. Is it okay if I, hmm, sleep now?”
“Yes, angel… sleep.” Jungkook wraps you in a towel before he carries you again, guiding himself to find your bedroom. It’s not much, compared to his own house— but it’s sweet. He gently puts you down on the bed, taking the towel off again before he places the blanket over your body to keep you from catching a cold. The demon takes a seat at the edge of the bed, looking at you. He says nothing, but he somehow ends up admiring the soft features of your tired form. When he thinks you’re asleep, he carefully stands up to curiously roam your bedroom, looking at simple things such as the little books on your shelf.
Bright sunlight is coaxing you awake. You slowly open your eyes, lifting your hands to try and rub the sleep from them before you can focus on the sight in front of you. On the edge of your bed there is a man. The man. The demon. Jungkook. Your breath hitches as memories return to you. Blood rising to your cheeks as you remember exactly what happened last night. How you pleaded for pleasure, how he touched you and how you touched him. How you begged him not to go. For a second you're overcome with the urge to hide underneath your blanket, though you realize that won't help much. But you still pull it closer, trying to cover your naked body as much as possible, although he's already seen it. He's seen more of you than anyone. That the memories are indeed real is obvious in the soreness throughout your body. You feel tender bruises cover your body, your limbs weak, but most apparent, is the pain in your lower abdomen. It really happened. Now that your mind isn't clouded by lust, you feel shy and uncertain again. You don't know what to say or do. And his intense eyes on you doesn't make it easier. With a meek voice you say the first thing that comes to mind, "Uhm, good morning.."
"Good morning, angel." The demon sat idly next to you, as if he hadn't moved for hours. And he hadn't, since he doesn't need to sleep, he merely observed you for the entirety of the night. "Don't be shy with me," he smiles, reaching out to brush away stray hairs that covered your face, "I've seen it all. Besides, you're mine now. He blinks slowly when he hears your stomach grumble, tilting his head slightly as his eyes glance at the clock on your wall. "It's still early... Let me get you something to eat."
The casual possessiveness stir your emotions once again. His actions felt so certain, so confident. You feel yourself lean into his touch, a pleasant shiver down your spine at the warmness of his skin. This feeling. Yesterday you’d ignored it, but you knew you couldn’t any longer. There is more to it than that deal with your mother, you’re sure of it. Because how could a person you’ve never met before, feel so familiar? So... right? You needed to know. But as your stomach growls again you nod at his suggestion. And despite what he said, you can’t help but reach for your nightgown, thrown on a stool beside the bed, and put it on quickly. You let your feet touch the floor to stand, but you’re too swift, too weak still, which makes you quickly lose your balance.
Jungkook quickly gets up on his feet to catch you in his arms, and tsk's quietly. "Suppose I did not put enough consideration into your fragile body last night. Not as sturdy as my own." he sounds amused though, yet he doesn't let you go as he ensures your balance with the strength of his own body. "Are there any nearby food places? Or do you have anything I could cook up." He might be a demon, but he's not clueless. Having endless amounts of time on his hands, learning about simple pleasures such as human food was one of his odd interests. Only this time, it would be his first time offering it to somebody.
You blink a few times in surprise. Was this really the same man as yesterday? The sin incarnate? So soft now, in his actions and words. You don't flinch away from his touch but let him hold you up. Fearing your legs might not hold you on your own. "You.. want to cook? ...for me?" You can't help the small giggle that escapes you at the thought of the mighty demon cooking by your cheap, slightly broken, stove. "Hm.. well I guess I have some eggs? And there should be some bread and maybe fruit too somewhere." You continue as you look up at him again.
Jungkook scrunches his nose in response, but he’s unable to hide a small close-lipped smile. “What’s so funny about that?” He holds you tight by the waist and guides you towards the kitchen to keep him company, setting you down by the kitchen table. He then looks at you for a moment, then shakes his head. “Humans are so weak.” He sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, and looks inside the fridge for what he’s got to work with. Without much else to say, he grabs everything he finds fit and begins to cook, swiftly and confidently that it will be of taste for her. After all, he has a bunch of what flavors would suit her best.
"What's not funny about the big bad demon cooking for a "weak" human?" A chuckle. "Don't you have a reputation to uphold?" You ask teasingly. Although he was completely out of place in your run-down kitchen, the demon moved around with ease and confidence. The image weirdly domestic. You couldn’t even remember the last time somebody had cooked for you. You lift your legs, sitting criss crossed on the chair, as you continue to watch him work on your breakfast. He'd left his shirt off, leaving you free to roam your gaze over his muscular back and arms. Yesterday he'd asked you if you found him pretty. You bite your lip. Just “pretty” wasn’t enough. The man, demon - you remind yourself-, was simply.. “..perfect.” You sigh. A stark blush spreads across your cheeks as you realise that you unintentionally said it aloud.
“Mm? You think so?” Jungkook smirks as he looks over his shoulder at you. He definitely heard you, and it made him crook a coy brow, cocky and knowing that he is attractive— especially for you. “Here’s your ‘human fuel’, angel.” He scoffs with a smile as he brings you a large plate, stacked with various goods like omelet, some sliced fruits, and triangle cut grilled cheese sandwiches. He might’ve gone a bit overboard—- but he wouldn’t settle to give you any less. “Taste it.” He commands as he takes the seat in front of you, crossing his arms over his broad chest. He watches with curiosity.
With cheeks still tinted red, even more so by his continuous use of that pet name, you move your gaze from Jungkook to the plate in front of you. “Wow!” You gasp joyfully, your eyes wide looking at the chef-like food he’d prepared for you. “It looks amazing!”. You say as you grab a fork to taste the omelet, more than happy to oblige his wishes. A pleasant moan leaves you as you savor the dish. It was safe to say, the best eggs you’d ever had. “A demon chef.” You note, chuckling, as you continue on to taste the fruits -deciding on trying a piece of pineapple. The sweet juiciness makes you hum gleefully. Spilling a bit down your chin. You consider his words, “‘Human fuel’, does that mean you don’t eat?” You had no idea of how demon anatomy worked and you didn’t want to impolitely eat without sharing.
“I can…” Jungkook reaches out and grabs a piece of the pineapple and pops it into his mouth to prove his point. “But I don’t need to. It does nothing for me.” He does watch you with intrigue though. Although he has no need for food, just like he has no need for sleep— he can still enjoy the flavors on his tongue. “I can still taste perfectly fine, though. I like this..” he steals another piece of the fruit with a smirk, letting it rest on his tongue before chewing it. “Sweet. Like you.”
The demon was determined to never let the blush leave your face, it seemed. You smile shyly nonetheless. But the subtle reminder of last night makes you remember all the questions you have for him once again. Your eyes flicker between him and your plate, trying to find the courage to ask him.
“Uhm.. Jungkook?” You start timidly, chewing your lip. “Last night you said that my mother sold me to you but.. there’s something more right? Something you’re not telling me..? I mean, yesterday, it somehow felt like… I knew you… and now, after all that happened, I should be scared of you, shouldn’t I? But I’m not.. at least I don’t think I am.. I just don’t understand…” You sigh. “And then.. what did you mean when you said you’ll never leave me again?”
Jungkook’s eyes seem to study you for a moment, silently swiping his tongue over his lower lip to get rid of the sweet pineapple juices.
“That’s a lot of questions at once, angel..” he says, leaning back into his seat again and crossing his arms. He sighs, but he seems to give in when he notices your curiosity— subtly laced with pain of the unknown feelings between the two of you, “I made sure she made the deal with me because I wanted you specifically for a reason.” He pauses to ensure that you’re keeping up, then continues. “You and I used to be angels.” It’s a big bomb to drop at once, and he’s not sure how you’d take it. Either way, he leans forward and places his elbows on the table, leaving his hands open for you as an offer, “Father… god didn’t like that at all…” a displeased expression forms on his face from the memory, “and banished us… separated us.. and I was sent to hell. Hence why I am now a demon.. and you..”
Jungkook takes a breath as if he’s the one who has to keep his composure. “You were sent back to be reborn as a human, thinking I would never find you again.” He looks down at the table, and a small smirk tugs on his lips. “Foolish of him to underestimate me. I would go through every inch of this earth to find you. And I did. And here we are.” He looks back up at you and smiles. “I’d never leave you by my own free will. I was forced to. But now we can be together again.”
You blink a few times, trying to find your voice, to find words to say. “An.. angel?” You mumble. Well, it made sense in a way. If there are demons -and you were sure of that, you had no doubt that Jungkook was in fact a demon- there should also be angels. But that you had been one? That you had been banished, that Jungkook had been too… There was so much, too much, to take in, to grasp, but it was one detail that stuck with you. That made everything else fade in comparison. “You… waited for me? Looked for me?” You whisper. You lift your hands carefully, only hesitating for a second before you put them in his waiting ones. Your smaller hands fit so perfectly with his. As if they belonged there.
“Yes,” Jungkook nods, smiling softly when he realizes that you seem to begin to understand. He squeezes your hands gently in his, “everything I’ve done and will do is for you.” He means it. There isn’t a single stutter or sign of hesitation in his voice as he speaks directly to you, even seemingly relieved that you now know his truth, and took it awfully well in comparison to what could’ve been. No screaming, no running… things seemed to go his way. “I’ve gone through heaven and hell to reunite us.” He gets up on his feet, circling the table until he kneels on the floor next to you, still holding your hands. He looks up at you through fluttering, raven lashes, and kisses your knuckles, “I took fathers punishment for you. There is no one that would do this for you— except myself. Do you know, just how deep my desire for you goes..”
And you crave that affection and desire so deeply. It’s everything you've wanted, and never had anyone given it to you. Always alone. But maybe.. maybe not anymore. Maybe you’d just waited for him, just as he had been waiting for you. His soft warm lips against you gives you pleasant goose bumps. You release one of his hands to gently caress his cheek before moving down to trace his reddish lips, wanting to feel them against yours again. To taste him. But you need to hear him say it first. The words you’ve so desperately searched for. Even though his actions may have proven it already, you want to hear the words leave his lips. With your thumb still stroking his bottom lip, you meet his eyes. "You.. you love me then?" Perhaps your own desire for love runs just as deep as his desire for you.
“Love…” Jungkook repeats the word softly, the slight movement of his lips almost like a kiss against your thumb. His doe eyes look up at you, and for once, they weren’t that of a powerful, intimidating demon. Now, he could easily be mistaken for a regular man, with nothing but sweet affection in the way he looked at you. “I love you more than I loved god.” He says it quietly, because he’s never said it before. Not like this. He defied his own father for love. He went against god's will to have you— and that is just how deeply he knew that you were his very reason for existence. “I’ve always loved you, since your soul was created. In every form you’ve had— I loved you.” He doesn’t hesitate, but he seems to be getting carried away with what must be his feelings. He hadn’t felt this strongly— until he really started talking about it out loud to your face. His eyes widen, staring up at you with a look that becomes more and more possessive. “I have you now. So I will love you forever.”
Your heart clenches. It feels as if you're drowning and can breathe clearly for the first time, all at once. You don’t care that he's a demon. You don’t care that his words are just as much a declaration of obsession as it is of love. You ignore every bright shining red sign. He loves you. He did everything to get to you. And for you, that's everything that matters. You can't find the right words to say, don't know how to express what you're feeling. So you show it instead. With eyes glittering like stars you bend forward to let your lips meet his. Softly, as you share a breath between each other, you whisper "I'm yours."
Jungkook smiles into the kiss, cupping your small face in his hands to keep you lingering. He withdraws after a moment, looking up at you with his dark, infinitely deep eyes. “I have a question…” he says then, standing up straight. His hands settle on his hips, tilting his head like a curious puppy, “do you like it here? On earth, I mean. This life.”
You blink in surprise at the sudden question, and the sudden cuteness (in which you can’t help but inwardly coo at). “Well.. I-.. I haven’t really thought about it.. But, yes and no, I guess?” You say, a small frown appearing as you try to gather your thoughts. “My mom and I, as you might understand, didn’t have the best relationship. She.. she was never there as my classmates' parents were. Never cared about me at all. And I couldn’t figure out why. What I had done to make her feel that way. And so I spent most of my childhood sad. Sad over.. not belonging anywhere.” You sigh. “And then in my teens, I was mostly angry. Angry that she’d treated me this way. Angry that I wasn’t pretty or interesting enough for anyone to notice me. That.. nobody wanted me.”
“But-” You continue as you look up at him, a small smile on your lips. “ - during all that, I also felt hope. Hope for a better life. I waited, longed, to grow up, to move out and finally create the life I wanted. And that’s beautiful, isn’t it? That one can decide one’s own purpose? I haven’t really gotten where I want to be yet though. I’ve been working all my adult life to save up money to--…” A thought suddenly crosses your mind, and you turn your eyes from Jungkook to the clock on the wall. Your eyes widen and you quickly stand up, slightly panicked. “Oh no!” You scream. “Work! Jungkook, I’m late!”
Jungkook glances over at the clock as well, and his eyebrows raise when he looks back at you and smiles. "Want me to take you there?" he asks as he grabs your hand to help you out of the chair, "I want to go too."
A few months later.
“Oh, Jungkook, you’re too funny!” Your new, pretty, co-worker Hana laughs as she playfully puts her hand on his shoulder. You can’t hear Jungkook’s answer, other than that it makes Hana giggle even more. With a huff of annoyance you drop the dirty dishes in the sink with a crash. For the last couple of months Jungkook had stayed with you, following you everywhere you went, including the bar you worked at. Not a surprise, the deadly handsome demon always made quite the commotion. Females and males, customers and colleagues, often fought over his attention, though got disappointed every time at his lack of interest. His attention was solely on you. And you’d gotten used to it, the feel of his eyes on you at every time -especially when you talked with male customers-. Every time someone got rejected, it gave you a small wave of satisfaction, although you would never admit it aloud. But now. Now, Jungkook wasn’t only talking to Hana, who was so obviously flirting with him, he let her touch him, practically encouraging her to continue, and he’d turned away from you. He hadn’t looked at you the whole evening. You bite your lip, staring at them both as you tap your foot angrily.
“Hey, Y/N, everything alright?” Seokjin, the bartender asks. You look up at the male standing beside you. Eyes suddenly sparkling as you get an idea.
Jungkook's toothy smile quickly vanishes the second he actually glances back at you, noting just how close you're standing to your coworker, Seokjin. He's surely handsome, without a doubt. He doesn't immediately say or do anything, but continues to idly listen to Hana ramble. It turns into a blur the longer he feels your presence mix with another man's. He nods mindlessly at Hana's words, finally unable to look away from you, crooking an eyebrow in your direction.
You feel Jungkook’s eyes turn to you. Finally, you have his attention. But you don't stop there. Seokjin had, for as long as you'd known each other, shown an interest in you but you'd been too shy and insecure from the previous few, short-lived, relationships you'd had to dare indulge him. Now, though, maybe you could use that.
"Yeah, everything's fine Jinnie!" You say cheerfully, giving him a big smile. Seokjin shows a look of surprise at the sudden nickname and interest, but he gathers himself quickly. "You look great today Jinnie, did you do something to your hair?"
You'd never really flirted before so your skills were pretty much non-existent but Seokjin didn't seem to mind. Smiling confidently at your comment, he smugly answers, "I tried a new gel actually, fun that you noticed."
"Mm, yeah, it looks great on you Jinnie! There's just a hair strand there sticking out of place, here let me." You say, trying to sound enticing, as you lift your hand to smooth down a lock of his hair. Coming real close to him in the meantime. "There! Now you look perfect." Seokjin almost drools, his eyes as saucers at your closeness. You feel Jungkook shooting daggers at you and you know that you've probably gone too far already, still you perform the last part of your plan. Using every bit of acting skill you've got, you reach for a glass on the shelf next to Seokjin, but you "lose balance", and with a small whelp you stumble right into him. He grabs a hold of your waist and pulls you closer into his embrace to stop you from falling. You only stay in his arms for a moment though.
Jungkook can tell what you’re trying to do— and even more so, he can sense the way Seokjin reeks with desire for you. It made his lip twitch, and he hid it with an annoyed sneer.
“Jungkook? Are you listening?” Hana lays a deliberate hand on his strong bicep to get a feel, but she gasps when his rejection comes in the form of suddenly stalking towards you instead.
“I’m parched …” Jungkook took a stance by the bar counter, his voice cutting through the tension between you and Seokjin, snapping him back to reality. His eyes flicker between the two of you, and his gritting smile tenses, “How about serving me a drink instead of playing lovebirds?”
Seokjin turns his eyes to Jungkook, flicking nervously at the demon’s intimidating gaze but, surprisingly, doesn't move away from you. Feeling confident at the sultry smile you give him, before you turn your attention to Jungkook. With a voice laced with venom you say, “Oh, I bet your throat is dry after all that talking. Why don’t you ask Hana for a drink? I’m sure she’d be happy to serve you.”
Jungkook’s cheek protrudes as his tongue rolls against the inside of the flesh, a telltale sign that he is not amused by your attitude. A small smirk plays on his lips, though.
“Y/N.” He says your name sternly, laying his palms flat on the counter surface. His tattooed, vascular hands move delicately as his fingers tap against the material, and he stares right at you. “Come with me. Now.” He doesn’t look back when he turns around to head towards the back door of the bar building, knowing there’s not many people around at this hour. He knows you’ll follow. Or at least, if you knew what is best, you would, or he would ensure this is the last time you’d play with his possessive nature.
You consider ignoring him for a moment, but decide against it. You hadn’t really wanted to make him angry.. you just.. wanted his attention.
“Y/N?” Seokjin mumbles hesitantly as you move to follow Jungkook.
You feel slightly guilty for using him and try to give him an apologizing smile, “It’s alright Jinnie, I’ll talk to you later, okay?” Jungkook waits for you in the back alley shadows. His own dark form almost blending into the background. Although it’d probably be better to just apologize for deliberately pushing his buttons, seeing him instantly makes you think of Hana again. Of her hand on him, him smiling at her. He had started it, you’d just given him a taste of what it felt like. “What do you want?” you snarl, eyes harsh. “Shouldn’t you go back inside? I’m sure Hana is looking for you.”
Jungkook steps out of the shadows, illuminated by the faint light attached to the building. His arms are crossed over his chest, jaw clenched tight in a frown. "Hana?" he repeats the name, staring you down harsher with each word you spit. He steps closer, the crimson swirling in his irises glowing in the dark to remind you of what he is. It might've been easy to forget as of late, as he'd spent months living with you, more.. human. But tonight, it seemed like jealousy had gotten the better of them both. "Oh, the girl..." He hums, tapping his fingers over his bicep, "Is that why you began to cling onto another man? So easily?" Another step closer, and his frown forms into a sneer, "Jealousy."
Jealousy? You hadn’t put a name to the emotions you felt, but he was correct you realized. You were jealous. He stands so close to you now, the smell of his cologne distinct. Your instincts tell you to back away, recognizing the danger the demon exudes, but you don’t. Instead you mimic his hold, crossing your own arms over your chest.
“Didn’t feel so good did it?” You counter, looking up at him. “Seeing me in Seokjin’s arms? His comfortable strong hold around me... Mm, you know what? I actually think he's rather fond of me, don’t you?” Grinning smugly as you taunt him. You’ve taken it too far, you know it. But you can’t stop. You’ve never felt like this before -entirely, and utterly, consumed by jealousy.
“Don’t say that..” Jungkook didn’t like it one bit. He knew— of course he knew. He could sense how badly Seokjin wanted you, just as he could sense the caution the man had around the demon, without surely knowing why. “Don’t taunt me, angel. You might think this is funny, don’t you…” he stands right in front of you now, reaching out to caress your cheek, moving your hair away from your face. He’s gentle, and yet there is a tension in his fingers. He held back urges to tug at your hair— to grab you by your neck. Jungkook looks down at you and growls quietly. “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill him right now.”
“You wouldn’t!” you growl back. “Don’t you dare touch him, Jungkook.” You roughly turn away from his touch, unknowingly pushing him even further into finally snapping. Maybe that is what you wanted all along. For him to show that you’re his. And to show that he’s yours.
"Why? Do you care about him?!" Jungkook cages your body with his, slamming his fists into the wall of the building behind you, back still facing him. His heavy, heated breaths fan against the back of your head, and it's impossible to not notice that he's angered. "I could kill him for simply touching you-- you have no say in it. I've done it before for less, I..." He grits his teeth, his nails clawing the walls until they crumble in his fingers, pebbles rolling by your feet. Within a split second, one hand moves up to brush away your hair from your neck, leaning in close to press his lips against it, "You're driving me crazy when you act like this.."
Your heartbeat quickens and your eyes widen. He’d done it before? It should terrify you, the sheer strength and power he presents, the lengths he’d go for you... but it doesn't. Instead you feel the insecurity and jealousy you’ve felt dampen. He had done it for you. Not Hana, or anyone else. It was proof- was it not? Of his devotion and love. Only for you. You face him again. Only a few centimeters apart. His eyes are fire, his breathing heavy in anger. The tension between you is palpable-- burning. You lift your heels to reach his height, a hand on his chest to keep your balance. You look into those deep red eyes and move closer, your lips grazing his as you speak, “Show me then. Show me how crazy I make you.” Moving your lips to whisper in his ear, “Hm? Master~~.” Before giving his cheek a possessive lick, as he’d done to you all those months ago.
Whatever you were doing to trigger a reaction from the demon, it seemed to work. In fact, it might've worked too well, as he didn't hesitate to shove your back against the building with a thud. If he weren't aware that you're merely a human, he would've used much more of his strength. And even then, he used more than he should've. But it was what you asked for-- for him to be rough and careless. You just brought it out of him too easily.
"That's more like it," Jungkook approved, though he knows you're playing with him. Part of him enjoyed it, the way only you could stir his emotions and put his desires in a hormonal twist, "Maybe I've been too soft with you lately, huh? Do you miss this?" The demon's strong hands tug at your clothes, ripping the seams to expose your chest for him. He didn't care-- he could buy you a new one. Hungry eyes glance down at the plump of your breasts, hidden beneath a bra that he's quick to rip apart with a swift snip of his strong fingers between the cups. He smiles happily, shamelessly indulging in the way your chest subtly jiggles as they're freed. "You just needed to be reminded of how much I love this," he grabs one breast in his large palm, licking his lips at how the supple flesh warms his skin. It is claiming, as if it belongs to him to take, "This body, isn't that it?"
You barely acknowledge the pain in your back from his roughness. Welcoming the bruises and marks made by him. The proof of his desire for you. It's true, you have missed this side of him. When he’s so blinded by lust for you, acting by raw unfiltered hunger. Providing you with equal parts pleasure and pain. It’s when you feel the most wanted. And you crave that. More than anything, you so perilously crave feeling truly claimed by the demon. Your nipples perk quickly in the chilly night air. The thought of someone seeing you in such a wrecked manner, only in a thrashed top and short skirt, combined with the demon’s, as always, skilled hands on you makes your arousal grow quickly. But as always, you want more.
“Yes, mm please master, show that I’m yours” You moan, gasping as his grips on your breast hardens, “Show who owns me.” Your hand finds his raven hair, nails grazing his scalp, urgently tugging his roots as you try to pull him to your chest. Wanting his mouth on you-- needing it. “Please.” You beg, eyes desperate.
A low, demonic growl rumbles in his chest-- a clear approval of the way you plead and whine for him. He obliges, letting his tongue taste the skin of your chest before sucking it into his mouth. He hums quietly, his other hand lifting your skirt. A swift knee digs between your thighs, rubbing against your panties as his teeth graze your nipple in a playful bite. "Yeah? Right here? So that the entire block can hear you-- So that damn coworker of yours can hear just what kind of a demon-slut you are." Jungkook switches and gives your other breast the same treatment, sucking and biting at the skin until it's blemished with his possessive markings.
A/N: Yeah we didn’t get further than that sorry for cockblocking you. I could’ve removed the entire scene and just ended it earlier, but I didn’t want to. Thank you for reading it, and imagine the rest of the smut on your own. xoxo
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jiminrings · 6 months ago
how long will we fall
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
wordcount: 14k
glimpse: if it’s fate, it should already be set onto your skin — that’s why jungkook’s initials are already on your finger. he’s always there for you, but not only for you. if you’re his fate, he’d rather not have it.
alternatively, jungkook’s your soulmate, but he doesn’t want to be.
[ soulmate au, painful f2l, unrequited love (at first), a lot of angst, more fluff n wholesome moments, emotional constipation, yearning, jealousy, swearing, reverse cards that make u cheer, redemption arc, i swear to u that this does not hurt as much as heartburn did ]
notes: i'm back with a big fic!!! :D this was originally supposed to be named something else but i realized that the title was Too Serious and u know what,,, ten listens later as i write this, i realized that i'm obsessed with this song that i received from this ask and wow thank u so much anon <33 although the rec isn't originally for this fic, it fits perfectly and i can't thank u enough <33
as always, lmk what you think <3 send in feedback n love to my askbox anytime!! even replying to this post sends me over the moon :)
There will never be another Jeon Jungkook in this world — that much you're sure of.
You're sure of it because it feels as if it's a universal truth. An irrevocable and irreversible one that you don't bother verifying because Jungkook carries his presence with finality, obvious that he carries security within himself the most.
If he were to slip away from your grasp for any reason beneath or beyond you, you’d know that he leave a vacuum in his wake. Jungkook isn’t yours for you to lose, but he is yours for you to long for.
You know this because Jungkook is the type of beauty you won't ever grow used to despite spending years, with him and around him. You're both seniors in college and yet you don't feel like it, despite being born just a couple months earlier than him (therefore older) which irks him to this day. You don't feel like it because his presence alone makes you feel like you're in elementary figuring out your heart flutters from square one.
If he were to star in a show, he’d be the mainstay character everyone fawns over. He would be the one to stay in the biggest trailer, have the most doting team, and have the brightest lights on him. If Jungkook was a star, he’d rake in all the money by himself.
If Jungkook were to be yours, you’d never want for anything more.
“Are you seriously — don’t sleep on me!”
Jungkook’s voice is the first thing that snaps you out of your reverie, reminding you once again that you think of him even if he’s already in your presence, an endearingly-type of new low for you.
“I wasn’t sleeping on you,” you snort with a defensive cross of your arms across your chest, the prospect of rest making you yawn in suppression with your mouth closed, eyes tearing up and your nostrils flaring instead.
“Yeah but you were zoning out on me,” he sing-songs in faux irritation, twirling on his chair with an accusing point of his finger, “and that means I have two minutes left to talk to you before you fall asleep.”
The only reason you’re awake is because Jungkook practically begged to keep you up as emotional (and actual) support for the entirety of the assignments he’s been cramming.
You share a spacious dorm and yet the two of you are cooped up in his room because his mind would overload if he’s in someplace else, eyes surely gonna shake if he were to write essays on the coffee table in the living room or at the bar stool in the kitchen.
“What do you need me for now?”
It’s nice being needed.
It’s nice being needed that despite Jungkook’s initials on your ring finger that tied him to you as your soulmate, and his unawareness of it, Jungkook needs you.
The initials on one’s left ring finger develops over time. Some take mere years after their birth while others take decades. Starts off faint until they become clear red letters right on your vena amoris, inked on the skin above the vein that’s closest to your heart.
It gets fully-developed when it’s fully-realized. Having Jungkook’s bright and clear on your finger didn’t necessarily mean your initials reflect the same condition on his.
It was personal preference, really — whether or not you choose to cover up the soulmate mark or not. You’ve always chosen to cover your finger up with a ring because you didn’t want to freak your best friend ever since childhood that simply put, the two of you are soulmates.
Jungkook, just like you, chooses to wear a ring. In fact, he even wears the same one that you do because he argues that even if you’ve bought the silver signet ring first with the money you’ve saved up for years (it wasn’t cheap at all), he thought about it first.
That’s where the connection ends; only goes so far for the two of you to have matching rings to cover up your soulmate marks.
Jungkook, adamantly and stubbornly since the start, doesn’t like looking at his ring finger.
Even before there were faint outlines of ink, too vague for it to resemble your initials, eight-year old Jungkook would start having things around his particular digit, whether it’s a two-day old ring pop he leaves in the fridge or a piece of yarn that accidentally almost cuts off his blood circulation.
You remember Mrs. Jeon sheepishly explaining to curious onlookers whenever both of your families would go out for trips and that out of the two youngest members of their entourage, the handsome child with the wide eyes would have some sort of cover on his ring finger at an early age, be it an oven mitten or a headband scrunched up.
“I like not knowing who’s apparently meant for me.”
You’ve asked him multiple times throughout your life, all for Jungkook to be consistent and give you the same answer every time.
The same answer when you were kids as you repetitively flicked the tip of his ring finger with your eyes closed as instructed by him, in panic to make him feel something because he’s covered his mark with yet another ribbon too tightly, and in respect because even he himself didn’t want to see the ink.
The same answer when you were teenagers and you’re getting Christmas gifts together and Jungkook just looked too much like your ideal boyfriend with the way he’s lining up for you on the counter and is watching over all the items, pulling you closer every now and then when the prospect of losing you to the crowd gets higher with every rush.
The same answer now while you’re passing the time on his bed as he’s hunched over his desk, a harmless question included randomly into your series of sleep-induced curiosity; the question of why he doesn’t want to know about his soulmate, asked in the same breath of casualness to whether Jungkook preferred his rice better cooked with too much water or too less of it, or if he’d go home for the holidays with presents already prepared.
“Is that a kink?” you scrunch your nose at his unwavering consistency, knowing you would’ve liked it for any other situation besides this.
Jungkook breathily laughs, shrugging his shoulders carelessly as if the two of you are talking about the weather and he’s admitted that it’s been years since he’s last looked at a forecast willingly.
“I don’t wanna know, really. I still breathe without knowing who they are.”
The way he says it is easy, no underlying malice indicated in his tone at all. He says it in the way as if he’s been asked this a hundred times and his response is natural and well-lived, not once changing.
“I don’t believe in fate.”
Hurt doesn’t even explain half the pain in your chest all this time but in this light with the way you’re simply asking him why he doesn’t want a soulmate, why he doesn’t want you by extension — it’s only an ache.
It’s only an ache that pacifies on your bones instead of gnawing on them. It’s drawn-out yet dull, the pain not striking you enough to the point that you even hum at him to elaborate.
“Because what if I don’t end up loving them? What if the one I end up loving isn’t the one the universe apparently destined for me?” Jungkook goes on, lips in a slight pout. “Love doesn’t have initials.”
You sink further into his pillow, playing with your fingers yet retaining your gaze on him.
“You don’t have to love your soulmate.”
Read: you don’t have to love me.
Additionally: you don’t have to love me because having you in this platonic way atleast gives me the semblance that you love me even by a fraction, but if you love me in the same way I love you, it’d be nice.
“You say that now to make me believe in them,” he snorts, twirling a pen between his fingers with a genuinely curious gaze, “but what happens if you aren’t the one they want?”
You haven’t been doing anything and yet you still stop in your tracks, the question echoing in your mind as you repeat his query out loud.
“What happens if your soulmate doesn’t want you?”
What does happen?
You don’t die. You don’t puke flowers.
There’s no catch to it. There’s no grand consequence to having your soulmate not want you.
It makes you think once of your present situation and rethink twice of every decision you’ve ever made beforehand when your ring finger was still plain and devoid of his initials; when the only person you’ve made plans with and for isn’t just yourself, when it wasn’t him.
Jungkook doesn’t want you.
What’s supposed to happen to you?
“I need you to stop zoning out and help me make this essay!” he whines demandingly and it’s the last thing that pulls you out of your thoughts, sitting up straighter.
“If you start asking now, I can actually start helping you, y’know?”
Jungkook’s in STEM while you’re a literary major, the obvious exchange of help being convenient, yet the only difference is that when you make him answer your worksheets, you don’t wait until it’s three hours before the supposed deadline.
He’s giddy now that he’ll get to finish his last assignment due, eyes scanning back to the instructions because his attention span’s already been spent looking at his phone.
“What's love to you?"
You freeze at the abruptness but you move on just as quick as you were surprised, remembering that it’s just the guideline for an essay and not the turning point you’ve expected it to be for a split second.
“How do you want me to answer that?
You ask lightly, humorously even, as you stand up from his bed, running a hand through your hair and working the knots of out of your neck before you get to work.
“I want you to answer it in the sense that I have a paper about love due tomorrow. At 12:00 in the morning.”
“Why?” Jungkook giggles additionally, nudging you with a shit-eating grin and a playful glint on his eyes. “How would you have wanted to answer that?”
“Nothing else,” you smile faintly, scooting him to out of his seat and switch positions so he could sit on his bed while you type for him at his desk. “I’m answering it in the sense that you would be lost without me.”
“Are you sure about that?”
It’s only meant to be a tease but it hits home nonetheless. Maybe it’s because you’re in your soulmate’s room underneath his lights and you’re visible to him. Maybe it’s because your mark pulses just ever so slightly underneath your ring, irritated and itchy underneath the silver as much as you feel hurt.
“Lost without me in the sense that you’d fail your subject if I don’t help you with your essay now."
( ♡ )
Anyone who’d meet Jungkook for the first time is likely to think of three things.
He looks clean. Handsome in a way that he looks effortless even if he wears the same oversized black shirt every guy wears outside, enough to garner second glances for himself. He’s tidy in the facet that he looks like he takes care of himself but not vain, far from annoying prep kids he scoffs at.
Jungkook looks rich and is rich. His family doesn’t come from generational wealth and yet they thrive from their own holdings, learning early-on that they owned a cottage near the beach and rented it out as they moved next-door, and the next thing you know is that at present, they own multiple properties and ventured out into food business that make absolute bank.
He carries himself with the stature that he knows what he’s doing, back sometimes slouched but dignified nonetheless, the air of importance surrounding him. Jungkook was raised in comfort but he’s humble, that much you’d bet your whole life into believing. He was the type to have pocket money whenever he goes out but he spends it in the same way you do, calculating his expenses mentally as if the bills in his wallet wouldn’t pay for the video games he’d want and even have some change afterwards.
He’s aware in the sense that he doesn’t forget where he comes from, admitting to you numerous times that his family having much disposable income sometimes bothers him. Jungkook thinks there’s an itch behind his ear whenever his dad proposes to eat at a five-star restaurant for dinner; that there’s a guilty pout on his face when his mom takes the initiative to buy him new sets of clothes because his shirts look too lived-in, even if he knows to himself that his wardrobe needed a change.
He’s down-to-earth and it reminds you of the way he’d forego all of his Fisher-Price toys just to try and plead to you if he could borrow your hand-me-down stuffies from your older siblings. Mr. and Mrs. Jeon are nothing but humble in the same way that they raised their child, despite the fact that in rare times, they have the taste for the finer things in life.
Mrs. Jeon’s beyond generous during the holiday seasons and you recall her gifting your mother the expensive casserole you’d catch her looking at in adoration whenever both your families had dinners, customized to her favorite color and attached with a heartfelt letter from Jungkook’s mom. Mr. Jeon practically adores your dad and looks up to him like a younger brother would, always taking him to fishing trips just and buying two pairs of the same things so the two of them could match.
Jungkook was raised-well and if it’s even possible at this point, he gets much more endearing in your eyes.
“Why would I not walk you home? We live together, if you haven’t realized.”
He says it when he sees you in campus as he drops everything to walk you home, even if your shared apartment isn’t his destination for the time being. He goes out of his way to ensure that if you stay home while he goes about his plans, there should be food in the fridge and cupboards that you’d actually like. He’d lock the door and try to budge it open from outside, and once he’s assured enough that it remains secured, he’d go about his routine of texting you to call him if you need him.
“You can have mine. I’m full anyway.”
Jungkook says it whenever the two of you end up ordering new items from menus and you end up liking your dish, offering you his plate nonchalantly. He insists that it just tastes average for him, and if he sees you hesitating on stealing some from his portion, he’d go as far as telling you that it tastes horrible so you wouldn’t feel guilty.
“Look! My mom sent you these! I told her you liked them.”
He calls you over every time his family’s goodies for him for the month arrives at the mail, laying the package on the floor as he waits for you to unbox it with him because he knows just how much you like going through things and organizing them. Mrs. Jeon always made sure to include something specifically meant for you in Jungkook’s box — whether it’s the family-sized portion of your recent cravings or your favorite hair treatment in bulk.
“Hey, wanna go on a drive with me?”
He asks you whenever he sees you too absorbed and frustrated in your studies in conjunction with whatever work gig you have at the time, heart panging to see you struggling to take care of yourself because he knows you have the tendency to try and finish everything as fast and as good as you could, not stopping even at personal circumstances. He’d simply put your pair of house slippers on the floor for you to wear, pull you up by your armpits to urge you to come with him, and he’d just drive. Would go through a drive-thru and take off from there, not pressuring you to open up to him at whatever cost.
Jungkook can’t sense you in the same way you do, like a soulmate would, but he cares for you in the way that he can tell when you don’t feel like functioning at all and you’re shutting down; you’re shutting even him off and that’s when he knows that something’s bothering you to no end even if he can’t decipher what is it.
Whatever’s in his power, Jungkook sits next to you, lies on top of you, and does almost everything to invade your personal space whenever you shut down — just because he doesn’t want to give up on you like how you do with him.
If anyone were to meet Jungkook for the first time, they’d know he’s uniquely himself.
He cleans up extremely good as he wears a suit to the grand opening of his family’s café, a dream of his mother ever since she was a teenager that became fully-realized and he can’t be any more happier seeing his parents content.
He greets people left and right with genuine happiness to see all of them ecstatic and supportive, eagerly shaking their hands with a full smile on his face. He draws everyone in effortlessly as if he’s inertia itself, well-aware that it can’t only possibly be you that looks at him with this much reverence.
There’s a red string of pull and you feel it when Jungkook stumbles on his feet on his way to you, feeling your body being slightly tugged downwards but you pull yourself up just as quick, playing it off by pretending that there’s a speck of dirt on your shoes.
He’s been looking for you for the past five minutes because it’s his mother’s fault that she wanted two floors for their café and it’s packed immediately on opening, pointing at you eagerly as he weaves through people. “There you are!”
It’s not your first time meeting Jungkook but you feel the same three things each time, heart swelling in size in familiarity of the person who inhabits it the most.
Jungkook giddily laughs and takes his position beside you, slinging an arm around your shoulders and making conversation with your parents for the umpteenth time, your head instinctively bending to lean against him. He looks every bit the part of the person you love the most in this world, despite being unsure if you even deserve to in the first place. He looks every bit of the guy that makes you realize you can’t deal with having anyone else’s initials on your finger, the words slipping out of you naturally.
“You look like someone’s first love.”
( ♡ )
You’re flawed.
You’re flawed and you don’t need anyone to tell you so in order to give yourself a wake-up call.
You’re flawed in a way because you feel dumb being so lovestruck and devoted with little to no point of salvation. You pride yourself in not being selfish but you’d be lying if you say don’t once hope that Jungkook would look at you in the way that you do. Every now and then would you feel the urge to demand from him insistently every second of the day that he should love you. That he owes you atleast that for the years you’ve spent helplessly trying to put him first rather than your own sanity.
But it feels wrong. It is wrong.
Jungkook doesn’t owe you anything and you know that much.
He doesn’t owe you anything and you shouldn’t expect for him to pay attention to you even if you’re his designated driver for the night, celebrating the end of the stressful semester by unwinding at a club.
He doesn’t owe you an explanation when you see him not fending off the countless girls that go up to him and get their hands on whatever they could; doesn’t owe you an apology when you see him leaning down fondly to kiss someone who isn’t you — someone who isn’t his soulmate.
You would’ve been alone in your booth and the club in general (your soulmate’s out of the equation because he looks like he’s in a different realm entirely) if not for Hoseok, someone who’s perhaps your second best friend right after Jungkook.
It’s merely a coincidence that the both of you are here at the same time, him being the one to easily spot you as he weaves himself in your company seamlessly because he’s been meaning to escape all his frat brothers who annoy him more these days.
“I have something to say to you.”
Hoseok breaks into your worrisome silence, beckoning you over even if the two of you are sat right next to each other with your shoulders bumping.
“No. no. Come closer,” he insists and it makes you roll your eyes at what he could be playing at this time, indulging him by putting the side of your face right against his playfully.
Hoseok’s even more rational and realistic than you could be. In fact, he’s followed your gaze the entire night and he wonders how you haven’t grown tired. He knows about your helpless pining for your soulmate who doesn’t even want to know about you nor your existence, and all he can do is watch.
“You’re insane if you think this whole thing wouldn’t end up anything but extremely painful.”
His words are in a harsh whisper but it feels as if he’s yelled at you right to your ear, making you flinch away from his softly with a defeated pout on your face.
His words come out of nowhere but the rational part of you, the one that disappears whenever you’re vulnerable in this state longing after Jungkook, already knew that you’ve had this coming for a long time.
Hoseok doesn’t sugarcoat his words and it’s what you need almost all of the time. He’s harsh and unforgiving and it reminds you that you have a friend who isn’t Jungkook — someone who isn’t as gentle or kind; someone who grounds you rationally whenever you get too far up your head.
“Let me live, Hobi.”
“What you’re doing isn’t living, Y/N.”
He thinks for a second that he’s being too harsh but he realizes that maybe, just maybe, you need the truth no matter how cruel it could be. He figures that maybe you’d need someone to call you out instead of pitying you over what they could clearly see. “Tell me,” he murmurs, crossing his arms as he looks at you whose eyes are avoiding his gaze.
“Do you live for yourself first?” he nudges you by the shoulder, lightly tapping your ring with his finger. “Or do you live for Jungkook?”
Do you live for yourself first,
or do you live for Jungkook?
You’re dead silent and it’s the type that Hoseok doesn’t want to hear, mumbling to yourself before leaning to his neck to sniff whatever remnant he has on.
“God, what are you on?” you’re deflecting and you know it, cracking your knuckles at the process. “Let me have a hit of it.”
“I’m serious over here.”
Hoseok sees right through you and you feel like crying, recognizing the familiar solemn look on his face because like everyone else who has even the faintest idea of your situation, he pities you.
“And I’m telling you this as someone who cares for you,” he lightly swipes underneath your eyes that are welling up with tears before they even get to fall, effectively prying them out. “Let go of him while you still can.”
“How do I do that?”
You’re breathless in exhaustion but it’s not as if you’ve done anything physically strenuous to be in such a state. You haven’t done anything but it feels as if the wind is knocked out of your lungs and it doesn’t come back to you even if your sail blows.
“How do I do that if Jungkook asks me what do I want for dinner?” there’s trepidation underneath your tone and Hoseok recognizes it, the tremble in your fingers visible even if you have them clenched. “How do I do that if he holds my hand when we cross the street and shields me in crowds?”
“How do you expect me to do that when he calls my parents on weekends and tells them that he’ll always look out for me?”
You’re not scared of letting Jungkook know but rather, you’re scared of your inevitable fall. You’re not scared of the white hot pain you anticipate to feel when the moment finally comes that he says it straight to your face that he doesn’t love you; you’re scared of what happens to the two of you after and what’s left of it.
“How do you expect me to stop loving Jungkook when he acts like he loves me back?”
“He doesn’t.”
“And I know that.”
You’re flawed in the way that you’re self-aware. That you’re painfully mindful of your own emotions and multitudes. You hate that you’re as logical as you are emotional and for once, you just wish you didn’t know better.
You wish that you’re insensitive and reckless. You wish you were more cunning in the sense that you disregard Jungkook completely and stop at nothing to try and get him to look your way with a different gaze.
You wish that you’re anyone but yourself, someone who’s deserving of Jungkook.
“What do I do now, Hobi?” you lean into him because you can’t support yourself and he knows it, the weight of your heart being heavier than your head on his shoulder.
You’re flawed because you suppress a coo at the back of your throat when Jungkook stumbles over to your booth and immediately wraps his arms around you, drunken babbles leaving him as it’s a sign for you to take him home.
You’re flawed because you hear your soulmate speak as you bid goodbye to Hoseok for the night, only smiling when you hear his words. It’s a pain that doesn’t encompass you, rather, it’s a pain that’s hot enough to burn your flesh yet just warm enough to quell the pain in your bones.
“You're my best, best friend in every universe. Y’know that?” he hiccups, eyes completely glazed and rubbed raw as he looks at the side of your face while you haul him to your car. “I hope you know that.”
( ♡ )
Your door opens up before you even realize it.
Actually, Jungkook opens your door before he even realizes it.
He’s woken up in a rush with a single text from his dad that they’re coming over to visit and normally it wouldn’t bother him. Waking up abruptly in the morning isn’t a problem to him and so is making a game plan in cleaning everything up to make sure it’s spotless to his mother’s standards.
What is a problem is that when he entered the bathroom to brush his teeth without a shirt on, he sees the reflection of his hickeys from the night before glaring right at him.
However, what an even bigger problem than that is when he tries to wake you up by knocking on your door with the pleads of helping him cover his marks up, it automatically opens when he twists the knob.
“Y/N, no! Why’s your door unlocked?”
His eyes widen in panic and worry, wondering why it wasn’t even locked in the first place. Better yet, has it never been locked ever since? When he leaves you alone in the apartment, do you go out of your way to unlock the main door that he secures closed on the way out?
“And why aren’t you even moving out of bed when someone’s inside your room? What if it isn’t me? What if it’s someone else who did the exact things I did?”
Jungkook’s more worried than he is mad even if his tone’s jittery, hands on his hips as his mind makes up for the whole nine yards. Seriously, does he regard your safety more than you do with your own? Leaving your door open is beyond unsafe. Were you being more forgetful these days? Does he not look over you enough?
You’re oblivious to his panicked state as you burrow yourself deeper into your sheets, eyes remaining peacefully closed because it doesn’t surprise you anymore when he suddenly inserts his presence into your vicinity.
“But it’s you,” you sleepily mumble, half-coherent with the way you hug your pillow closer. “Aren’t you the one who kept knocking at my door?”
He scoffs because you do make a point even if he refuses to admit it, but it just ticks him in a way that you regard his concern for you so lightly. “That’s different and-…”
“And now you’ve opened it yourself and invited yourself into my room.”
“Yeah and that’s okay because it’s me!” he gestures out but he forgets that you’re not even looking at him, unaware of how he looks genuinely upset and worried at the moment. “But what if it was someone else, hm?”
“Like who, an intruder?” you suggest even if you don’t know where this conversation is taking you, your careless words leaving you before you even realize because you don’t have half the realization to think about them deeper. “You’ll protect me if there is one, right?”
Jungkook freezes in his tracks and he suddenly feels no point in trying to berate you further, the stark suggestion that was only meant to be light-hearted painting him a grave image he wasn’t even trying to conjure, trying not to snowball for the worst possible scenario.
He should always be there for you, that much he knows.
“Fucking idiot, of course I would,” he huffs that you even doubt his prioritization for you and it makes you snort because you clearly hear it, turning to face the other side as you make no move in shooing him away and instead try to go back to sleeping. “But starting now, promise me you’ll lock your doors and wake up immediately when someone knocks, alright? You hear me?”
“Cross your heart on it,” he says it out of habit even if he knows you wouldn’t do it anyway, sitting on the vacant side of you bed as he tries to shake you awake. “Anyways, I need a favor from you.”
It’s never been lost on you that unlike every other time, Jungkook wouldn’t willingly come to you this early into the night without needing something from you for his own benefit. You don’t get your hopes up that perhaps this time, he comes to your bed just to hold you in warmth amongst his embrace because it’s something only a fever nap could do for you; clearly not sick enough to see that image.
“What do you need me for now?” your eyes start blinking open as you shift to look straight up at the ceiling, casting a glance on Jungkook who has a sheepish pout on his face.
“Please cover up my hickeys. I’m begging you."
You don’t even flinch once and he’s nervous at how it seems like you didn’t even hear what he said, prompting to explain himself further. “Mom and Dad are visiting and they’re already on the way.”
You’re used to this.
There shouldn’t be any surprise factor to know that the time Jungkook wakes you up outside for the purpose of not making you late to your classes or to your errands, it would be for his sake. He wakes you up for the sake of himself, asking of you to cover up his hickeys because he’s ever the angel to his parents and he can’t do it himself.
Jungkook wakes you up for you to see marks that link him to another woman, even if it’s just for a night, while he covers up the only marks he has of you on his finger and he doesn’t even know it, completely devoid of the only linking thing you have with him.
“Get me my makeup bag.”
He immediately knows where it is and he manages to mumble out a rushed thanks, sprinting back to where you lay. In fact, you have a separate concealer in Jungkook’s shade already that you don’t even need to turn the light on to know it’s a perfect match.
You sit up lazily and cover up his hickeys like it’s routine. You see him everyday as he belongs to everyone but yourself, and the physical proof of it doesn’t hurt you as much as you expected it to be.
He lays down on your lap and neither of you talk.
You skim past the hues of pink and purple on his neck as if you were born simply to see them on your soulmate’s neck, as if you were conditioned all your life to be the one to cover up hickeys on Jungkook’s skin as your sole purpose. You do the process of covering it up over and over again until you get rid of the marks that remind him he isn’t yours at all, right until he sits up to admire your handicraft.
“Woah, it’s like it wasn’t even there! This is so-“
“Now get out.”
Jungkook’s eyes widen as he gets whiplash from your hostile tone, but he probably chalks it up to you being sleepy, him interrupting your rest, and you desperately wanting to get back to it.
He’s out of your room to now clean up the entire place but your tone doesn’t leave him still, making him sigh out loud while he tries not to overthink it.
You’re just sleepy.
You’d never get mad at him.
Jungkook’s eyes blink once, twice as he resumes wiping down the counters, slower and more thoughtful this time.
You’d never get mad at him, right?
( ♡ )
The day is slow and so is the pain in your heart.
You can’t put a finger on it exactly, but being with Jungkook in any other form besides a soulmate doesn’t hurt you as much nowadays. The hurt is there but it’s never really left anyway. The vacuum in the shape of Jungkook from within you has been there for so long that the hurt you feel seems like a routine at this point.
You look for him in the way when there’s a misplaced decoration on the shelf; a single magazine missing amongst a row of books. You look for it, but you come to accept it. You don’t look for Jungkook in the way when you realize that an heirloom is missing from your possession and you tear around the whole place to seek it.
Having Jungkook away from your grasp feels as normal as you have him within yours platonically, the two weighing the same amount of harrowing.
“I have an idea,” Jungkook proposes to you over the couch when he’s shouldered dinner and it’s just yet to arrive, passing the time by being around you even if your attention isn’t on him. “What if you look at my soulmate mark?”
You’ve only been endlessly scrolling through your feed and as much as you expected Jungkook to bother your silence with one conversation or another, you didn’t think it’d be this.
Rarely does it cross your mind nowadays that you’re soulmates before you’re best friends turned roommates. In fact, not once did you wander about him today and admittedly in realization, it scares you before it relieves you.
“What for?”
“Shit and giggles, I think,” he replies with much amusement but the determination in his eyes tell you that he’s more than insistent. “Don’t tell me about it though. Don’t tell me even a single clue.”
You will yourself to look back at your phone, to ignore him as if he hasn’t said the stupidest yet simultaneously brightest proposal he’s ever given you because it’s too sudden. You’ve waited for years but now that Jungkook’s asking you to look at his mark in behalf of him, simply for shit and giggles, you worry that it’s too sudden. Too early. That the moment you’ve waited for years is too abrupt and now you’d rather wait for another lifetime for it.
“What’re you doing this for?”
You repeat the question again but you’re equally as serious the first time around, seeing his brows furrow because he feels like you’ve changed the atmosphere without him knowing.
“I suddenly got curious.”
“You don’t get curious.”
“I know, I just get easily influenced,” Jungkook sheepishly admits, scratching the back of his head because it seems to him that you’re cornering him and shutting him down for no reason at all. He doesn’t necessarily know why he feels intimidated by you, but it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try to ease the tension by explaining himself. “Remember when I asked you to cover up my hickeys last week?”
“What about it?” your eyes narrow in genuine wonder, prompting you to think just how long Jungkook’s been meaning to ask you this.
“You weren’t wearing a bra that time.”
The words tumble out of Jungkook’s mouth continuously and he only has the mind to look embarrassed by it when you sputter out loud, averting his gaze to suppress a laugh,
“Jungkook-!” your pupils dart wildly, appalled and embarrassed at the same time when you defensively cross your arms across your chest even if what he’s pertaining to has long been finished. “Of course I wasn’t wearing a bra! It was 5 AM and I was still asleep when you kept knocking on my door!”
“And I wasn’t looking!” he defends himself with a laugh, head automatically shaking as he tries to reach out to you but you only swat him away. “I just glanced once because I realized it but I didn’t look again, I swear!”
“Well sometimes, you should keep your mouth shut!” you squeak, rolling your eyes as you try to get away from his further by moving to the opposite end of the couch. “I would’ve been able to live in peace without knowing you saw my boobs through my shirt.”
“It’s normal! Just like you seeing me without a shirt! We live together, stupid. It was bound one way or another,” he argues, earning yet another frustrated groan from you.
You power through the embarrassment because you’d look like such a sore loser if you walk away from him now, hiding your face to a throw pillow as Jungkook gathers his wits while he tries to get closer to you, abandoning his spot on the other end of the couch.
“Not only weren’t you wearing a bra-”
“Watch it,” you seethe when he gets close enough for you to flick his forehead harshly, earning a whine from him in the midst of laughing as he gets choked up.
His cheeks are tinted pink and it’s clear he can’t breathe well with how much he’s entertained, clearing his throat a few times and having to look away from you because your face alone apparently sends him into a fit of giggles.
You think this is the end of it. You think Jungkook’s effectively forgotten about his previous proposal and you’d be able to end the night with a good dinner and no confrontations at all, but your expectation gets spoiled as soon as you started hoping.
“You weren’t wearing your ring too.”
Your heart drops before you even get to digest all of the words, the hurt hitting you before the impending realization.
Jungkook’s face twists in worry to see you so shaken up when he barely did anything, certain that you wouldn’t look this pale over a few minutes of teasing and banter. He tilts his head at you and it prompts you to straighten up and fix the worry in your features, good enough for him to continue.
“Don’t worry, I didn’t look. Besides, your mark was turned away from me the entire time because you were dabbing on my neck and I was getting sleepy while you did it,” he shrugs carelessly and it’s the first time you could physically feel the relief in your shoulder that melts all away the tension, the feeling so fluid that it feels warm.
“It was still dark too,” he adds in recollection, a faint smile on his face as he gestures to you and motions at your chest vaguely. “All I saw were just like… peaks and shadows.”
“Shut the fuck up, Jungkook,” you snap but there’s no real bite to it. In fact, it even sounds sweet but he doesn’t know how to read between the lines and therefore nestles to your side in rising worry.
“I’m sorryyy,” he drawls out and the moment he feels you pat his nape with your confirmation that it’s okay and doesn’t really matter in the first place, he springs up back to his straight posture against the cushions of the couch, an eager smile evident.
“Anyways, that’s why you have me wondering what’s underneath my ring,” he connects seamlessly, obviously unaware of the way you’ve tensed up beside him. “Now come on, it’s okay! Think of this as me making it up to you. You can go look.”
Jungkook turns his position on the couch to face you, his left hand raised right in front of you and he’s laughing with unknown nerves, the feeling being akin to being tickled because he anticipates it fully, but the sensation feels different every time.
Your mouth dries when you’re faced with the same signet ring that you wear yourself, right on Jungkook’s digit. The shiny silver stares back at you in the eye and you can’t take your gaze away from it, the familiar piece of jewelry looking more unrecognizable the longer you look at it.
You don’t know what you expect from it when he teasingly starts to pull his ring up without any big movements to reveal the ink that’s underneath, but as much as you don’t know what you want to see, the trepidation blooms fully in your chest for you to have the mind in stopping him.
Jungkook’s confused and shocked to why you suddenly refused, recalling that just two seconds ago, you were all for his fun little proposal but now you’re no longer on-board.
He’s familiar with the conflict in your eyes, he just doesn’t recognize what’s it supposed to be. He sees the cracks of your hurt, he just doesn’t know the focus of it,
“Why not?” he frowns, genuinely curious to see you avoiding his gaze.
“I shouldn’t be the first one to see it.”
“I trust you, though.”
It’s what hurts all the more because he trusts you to see the initials of what would lead him to his soulmate, to you, but not in looking at you face-to-face for you to become the very thing he doesn’t want.
“Maybe next time, Jungkook.”
The mood is somber and he doesn’t know what to make of it besides the fact that you worry him deeply, bending downwards to have a glance at your face. “Do you wanna talk about it?”
He looks down on his ring but now he suddenly feels off-put looking at it, obscuring his mark that makes him curious.
“Does it have to do with your own soulmate not wanting you?” he jokes around lightly to ease the mood and if only he knew that he’s hurting you right where it hurts, he would’ve shut his mouth int the first place.
You’re bitter, harshly biting the inside of your cheek to prevent yourself from crying, voice straining as you try to bring back the playful atmosphere.
“I’ll have you know, I’m easy to love, Jungkook. Try it sometime."
He giggles right to your face — laughs at your hurt, right to your vulnerability and the little pride you have left.
“Silly,” Jungkook ruffles your hair in much amusement, eyes crinkling in giddiness because you’ve bounced back from the minor inconvenience in his eyes just as quick. “I can’t love you.”
( ♡ )
Jungkook’s family has a new house.
What’s different this time is that the house they had built isn’t for business purposes to be occupied by long-time tenants nor short-term guests. The spacious three-floored house is wide in technicality but it feels quaint and warm with all the furniture and personality inside it. Most vacation houses and cottages they had built are neutral, the life of the space completely dependent on its future inhabitants. But this house of theirs is clearly their own, the evidence of the three-member family visible from floor to ceiling.
Your family’s at the top of the guest list for their housewarming and it’d be a lie to say that you don’t feel fond seeing your parents and older siblings’ reaction to the welcome that the Jeon family gives. They’re nice hosts with the way they usher their visitors to the catering tables but they’re even more warm and familial with the way they give you your plates themselves, taking you by the arm as they tour your family around their house way ahead of everyone.
Mr. Jeon gushes to your dad how they have a pond out back and invites him to accompany him next week to buy fish for their deck, Jungkook’s dad insisting that he drives the two of them and they can go for street food right after.
Jungkook takes pride in touring around your mom and your older siblings by proudly introducing them to the other visitors, all along the lines of how you’re all basically like family ever since they’ve moved in next door to your family, their humble beginnings in the form of their original house where they started from scratch.
You stand meekly by the corner, against one of the towering pillars as you watch everyone interact with each other. One thing about the Jeon family is that they’re just the type of successful no one could ever be bitter of because they’re immensely kind and genuine, not a trace of bitterness being seen in any of the faces you see.
You know the last thing you should be feeling at the moment is displacement because as far as you knew, your family’s the talk of the household right after the hosts’. You should know out of all people that you belong in this environment that’s nothing short of familial and supportive, but it’s unavoidable.
It’s unavoidable because you see exactly why Jungkook doesn’t need you.
It’s inevitable to feel out of place because in yet another house that serves as a home for Jungkook, you realize why he finds no need nor significance in having a soulmate because he has everything he needs and more.
He has everything that completes him and balances him perfectly. He stands on his own two feet and is able to be happy without knowing who the universe has assigned for him. He lives and breathes without knowing you and it’s perfectly okay.
It’s perfectly okay for him to not want you and only live for himself because he doesn’t owe you at all.
Jungkook doesn’t owe you the love that you give him and that’s perfectly okay.
Everything should be perfectly okay because he is and yet you don’t know why your eyes are downcast despite everyone else around moving on without you. No one owes you anything and you should know better than to even voice the tiniest bit of sentiments you’ve been repressing all this time because the hurt you feel should only be yours.
All the while, you’re oblivious to how you’ve gained the attention of the woman who knows Jungkook the most before you.
“It’s Jungkook, isn’t it?”
Mrs. Jeon stands before you and your eyes flit to hers in an instant, pupils trembling to see what she could possibly mean.
You think you could salvage the pitiful situation she’s caught you in because of course, there’s no possible way that she could know, right? Even your own family doesn’t know of the initials that are inked on your finger and they’re your own flesh and blood. If anything, they should be the one who’d figure it out first.
The lie you were supposed to tell her gets caught in your throat because from her gaze alone, the same gaze you receive when Hoseok speaks you the truths you always try and make excuses for, you know that she knows.
Mrs. Jeon sees right through you before Jungkook and the realization crosses her face that the two of you only stand parallel.
“I’m sorry,” she apologizes, the dots connecting in her head much faster even if it’s years worth of all her intuitions, the gravity of it only hitting her now. “I’m so, so sorry.”
“There’s nothing to be sorry for.”
You quickly shake your head even if she holds your hands in hers, her eyes wide and glassy to see her son’s soulmate in this light. She’s always treated you as a daughter and at first, she thought it’s because she only has a son. That maybe it’s because Jungkook’s an only child and she’s always wanted a daughter figure in her life. That maybe, she just happens to love you more than any of the daughters her friends have because she’s known you the longest.
She feels so remorseful that she should’ve listened to her instincts more and not just glaze over the fact that perhaps, you were her son’s soulmate. She feels that maybe she could’ve protected you better by saying that sooner or later, Jungkook would outgrow his phase of sleeping around.
She’s not blind to see the makeup that covers her son’s neck whenever she comes over, no matter how seamless it is. However, she’s blind enough to not see that it’s you all this time and how you’ve been hurting far longer than you should’ve.
“But what about you? What happens to you?”
“I’ll be okay, mom.”
She told you to call her that, much like how your mother insisted that Jungkook calls her that too. You reassure her endlessly that she shouldn’t feel sorry at all because it’s no one’s fault, and if it’s anyone whose blame should befall on, it should be you.
“Why did it have to be you?” her lip blubbers and it reminds you of her son, seeing her clench her eyes at the second wave of realization that you must be so hurt beyond salvation. “Oh god, I’m so sorry, Y/N.”
You don’t deserve the apology but hearing it makes you awed, your own tears welling at your eyes because for once, even if it’s the person you’ve least expected to say it to you, you feel seen. You feel remorse and pity without being looked down on; something you haven’t been able to experience in a long time.
“You deserve someone better than Jungkook.”
She looks up as if it would resolve anything. Mrs. Jeon looks like she’s begging for the universe to befall and it catches you off-guard with how she’s hugging you so tightly.
If she prayed to the universe for a short second, then the universe must’ve loved her enough to grant whatever it is that she wished for. The universe doesn’t befall on you but rather, it marches up to you with a furrow in his brow and his jaw clenched.
“What do you mean better than me?”
Jungkook didn’t mean to eavesdrop in the first place but he couldn’t hold himself back from inserting himself into the conversation that two of the most important women in his life were having, thinking it would be something he’s familiar with given the way the two of you looked shellshocked at each other.
“What are you talking about?”
He harshly whispers and neither of you meet his desperate gaze, not one bit of reassurance trying to confirm nor deny what he had just heard. He looks at his mother clutching your hands, thumb particularly rubbing your signet ring like how she would with a wound to soothe.
The realization and the heaviness that come with it are unlike no other.
“In my room now.”
Jungkook seethes as he doesn’t wait for an answer, pulling you desperately upstairs. He’s fuming even if his grasp on your wrist is gentle. He’s furious at you even if he nudges you inside his room, closing the door behind him firmer than he’d ever think of.
“You are so fucking evil.”
What you could only see at the surface is that he’s mad, the maddest you’ve ever seen him. You don’t know if he’s mad at you directly but you feel the bite of his words nonetheless, catching you in surprise that you stutter.
His expression can’t be gauged and neither can he discern what he feels. All he feels is that he’s in the dark and he’s disoriented with how blinding the light is that’s focused on him now, voice turning hoarse with how overwhelmed he feels.
“How long have you known? How long were you lying to me, huh?” he has his hands on his hips, looking at you as if he’s never seen you before and all he knows is that he’s angry at you. It feels like he doesn’t know you besides the outline of you that blindsides him. “How many people know that it’s me? How did it happen that my mother knew that I’m your soulmate before I did?”
You’re mad at him too. You’re angry at him because he speaks down to you in the way as if he doesn’t know you and all you’ve done to him is hurt him when not once did you betray him to be treated hostile as such. All you’ve done is give and it feels like Jungkook’s asking you to give him the satisfaction of being angry at you, one that he feels entitled to.
“I didn’t let you know because you didn’t want to. You’ve said it yourself a hundred times!”
“How would I have known that my fucking soulmate was standing in front of me the whole time?” he raises his voice, eyes widening. “Almost my whole life, Y/N! You knew and you didn’t even question my beliefs once?”
“And I know you don’t love me for almost as long as my whole life too. Even if I told you, it wouldn’t have made a difference. You wanted to be free and I let you!”
He scoffs, throwing his head back to mock you. He’s never the one to cry when arguing but the frustration wells up in his eyes because it all feels too much.
“So now you’re holding your heroic act against me? You already know how I feel about soulmates. You already know what I don’t feel about you! You could’ve just left and I would’ve understood!”
“No, Jungkook. You wouldn’t have understood,” your finger points at him and you don’t feel the slightest bit of remorse that you’ve offended him. “You wouldn’t have understood because not once were you in my shoes. I didn’t leave you because you didn’t want me to leave!”
Jungkook would make you cross your heart multiple times for you to never leave him. You were older than him by a few months and at one point, Jungkook must’ve looked up to you. He would’ve made you cross your heart to not leave him in the playground as kids and to not leave him to eat alone at lunch as students. He made you cross your heart to not leave him for longer than necessary as roommates, and cross your heart to lock your doors so he’d be able to sleep securely at night that nothing and nobody can harm you.
“You’re right, I wouldn’t have wanted you to leave,” he grits his teeth, looking at you menacingly with stray tears on his cheeks. “But when I said that, I meant that in the sense that you shouldn’t ever leave your best friend.”
“You could’ve left me as a soulmate and I would be okay, Y/N,” Jungkook emphasizes and it’s not lost on you what he’s asking from you now. “But you’re still here! You’re still around me and it’s like you’re expecting me to love you back!”
You’re flawed but you know better than to let Jungkook construct his own truths that the both of you know are lies, persistently shaking your head as your eyes prick in frustration.
“I would never force you to love me back and you know it, Jungkook.”
You mean it with every fiber in your being because it’s tattooed into your mind that he doesn’t owe you anything at all. You love Jungkook simply because you do and you don’t expect it to be requited.
You mean it genuinely when you say that not once have you ever pressured him to love you back but it falls on deaf ears because he goes on, no matter how much you try to get it through his mind.
“I don't have to love you. Goddamn it Y/N, atleast give me a choice here. Don't just chain me to you!"
You resist the urge to grip at your hair as you cry, sobbing frustratedly. His words no longer hurt but what instead hurts you is that he makes you out for someone who isn’t you, the little pride you have left forcing you to stand up for yourself and become rational. “Hey, hey. Listen. Two people can be soulmates and not be in love with each other, y'know? That's possible."
“It’s not-“
“I’m already in love with you, Jungkook! That's the problem!”
You burst as you raise your voice and the little moment of calm gets washed away because Jungkook retaliates even louder, his chest heaving as he points at himself.
“I’m the problem now? You've been begging me all this time to love you back, and now I’m the problem?"
“You're not getting my point, Jungkook!"
“I’m really not getting your point here because you're making it sound like it's my fault that you love me!"
You try to breathe deeply, running your hands through your hair as the words slip out of you. “Maybe it's your fault, have you ever thought about that? You act as if you love me-"
“What the fuck? I’m kind, Y/N. Being kind is different from-"
“Best friends don’t-“
The words get lost on your tongue.
You stop yourself and it’s as if one seed of clarity plants itself in your mind, the sudden silence making Jungkook cease the heaving of his chest as none of you speak a word.
You’re flawed but this is the only time you feel that it’s fine to be as such, figuring that if you want to salvage the tiny bit of whatever compassion you have for yourself, you should no longer try. The tensions melts away from your shoulders and Jungkook feels the way the atmosphere once again changes before he knows it, wide eyes trying to gauge what exactly is happening.
“I’ll stop — cross my heart.”
( ♡ )
Jungkook doesn’t want to lose you.
It’s your university’s semestral break for the holidays and throughout the entire time, you haven’t contacted him.
You don’t contact him even when it’s the day before Christmas and there’s two minutes left on the clock before it’s the 25th.
The two of you are apart this time. You’re in your childhood home while his family stays over in their new vacation house. His parents miss your family beyond measure but they’d overheard your fight and decided that maybe having a different celebration this year, one that’s only the three of them even if it’s not as boisterous and fun being with your household, is for the better.
The wound’s still fresh. The sting’s still there and it’s barely healing.
That’s why Jungkook sends you a quick series of texts before his family feasts without you.
i’m sorry for the things i’ve said, i was really rude
i don’t want to lose you
happy holidays btw, we miss you
see you after break :)
( ♡ )
It’s like it never happened.
It’s like Jungkook didn’t cry himself to sleep and feel extremely lethargic because as soon as break was over and the two of you are back into your shared apartment, you act normal.
You act as if nothing changed and it drives him out of his mind for you to be so casual despite everything because it’s like this time, he’s the only who’s affected by the entire situation that’s unfolded. The two of you’ve already exchanged apologies and reassurances that you’d move on collectively but now that he thinks about it, Jungkook never should’ve agreed to move on.
He never should’ve agreed to move on because out of the two of you, you’re the only one who isn’t on a standstill.
He’s distraught that even if it’s the same scenario and scenery before the two of you even blew over, you move on from him faster than he thought you could. Jungkook almost cried himself to sleep when you weren’t home by 9 PM from your classes and you looked genuinely confused to see him pacing by the kitchen, waiting for you to come home.
He feels like he’s losing it by the minute when you wake up by yourself and not without his incessant knocking that you’d be late for class if you stay in bed for a minute longer.
His heart feels like it’s about to break down when you don’t call him over to say hi whenever your parents call you, only getting to hear your conversations through the door as he suddenly feels that he’s excluded from all the things he shares with you.
He reminds himself that he wanted this. He reminds himself that he said he wanted you to leave during his family’s housewarming party, that he then retracts his statement and said he didn’t want to lose you over the holidays, and that all throughout the years he’s been with you — he’s never wanted you.
Jungkook reminds himself that he’s still with you.
He’s still with you, that much he knows.
He just isn’t sure if you’re still with him.
( ♡ )
Jungkook didn’t expect for this to hurt so bad.
He didn’t expect to be so lost into his thoughts that he couldn’t sleep in his room and marches right outside the living room wearing a new pair of socks that he didn’t expect to be this slippery, not registering into his mind that he’s done household chores the whole day to keep his mind preoccupied and that the hardwood floors are squeaky clean with wax.
He didn’t expect that he’d slip and fall on his arm painfully that it makes him wince, groaning at the impact of his body weight crushing his arm and for such a striking pain to travel to his elbow all the way to the tips of his fingers.
Jungkook didn’t expect for it to hurt this much because you don’t come out of your room to help him and he can’t take it, frustrated as he can’t get up that he does nothing but yell out your name multiple times.
All his calls for you effectively summoned you out but you’re more confused than you are panicked, a gasp leaving your lips when you see him lying in pain on the floor.
“What happened to you?” you ask in worry as you try to pull him up without hurting him, making him wince while trying to answer your question nonetheless.
“Huh?” he lets you carry him up to sit him down the couch for the meantime, assessing just how bad his fracture looks like to see if you’d have to drive him to the hospital. “What do you mean? Didn’t you feel the pain?”
Jungkook knows about the red string of pull and his eyes blink twice in confusion because you only realize what he’s talking about belatedly, the genuine confusion in your face making him swallow the lump in his throat.
“Oh. I didn't feel it. There wasn't a pull."
“Stop joking with me."
He clenches his jaw at how you could manage to play with him over such an important matter, even more baffled when you defensively shake your head and even breathlessly laugh.
“I’m not, Kook! I swear, I really didn't."
“Bullshit,” he rolls his eyes casually, deadpanning at you with a gasp emerging from his lips. “You knew I broke my arm and intentionally didn't help me!”
“Jungkook, I swear on my life,” he sees you hold up your hand in the air in a promise, tiny giggles of disbelief leaving you as he genuinely can’t understand where exactly is the humor you find in this.
He purses his lips and tries to look deeper for anything in your eyes that give you away even the slightest bit, pointing at your ring. “Take it off."
He watches intently the way surprise sweeps across your features and he thinks for a second that you’re just lying to him — you wouldn’t really take off your ring because doing so would confirm his hopes that it’s his same initials with the same vivid shade of red, right?
But you do it nonetheless.
Truth be told you’ve only removed your ring once since the incident because you didn’t want to be reminded of whose initials were underneath it, but it surprises you that your compliance gets the better of you and you take it off from him.
Jungkook’s stare falters to see the very thing he’s asked for.
What he could only make out clearly now is the J in the middle of his first and last initial, the two other letters clearly not as prominent. You’re shocked to see the difference from when you last saw your mark, the first J and K by your ring finger fading in contrast.
“You can’t — is this true?” he finds himself swallowing the lump in his throat painfully, taking your finger into his own hands that he barely winces using his other arm, rubbing his thumb against your skin to see if it was just some trick. “Surely you can’t spell my name without the jeon and the kook, right?”
His breathing is too heavy and you don’t speak either. The two of you have heard about this once when you were children from both of your mothers, all blissfully too young and unaware to consider the possibility that it might just happen to the two of you.
“About the mark-…”
“My mom said-…”
The two of you pipe up at the same time but Jungkook lets you go first because even if you haven’t spoken at the same time as he did, he wouldn’t have been able to finish what he was supposed to say.
You say your next words honestly, in a gentle and soft voice but it lands loud and disruptive to Jungkook’s ears, making him want to clamp his ears shut because he refuses to believe.
“It could be because the universe is reassigning me a new soulmate.”
“Y-yeah,” he clears his throat as if it would stop the tears that are threatening to fall on his cheeks, looking down on his lap as he unconsciously hunches on himself. “I remember our moms saying this when we were kids.”
“Mhmm,” you hum in recollection, pointing to him eagerly because the two of you are at the same page. “I asked my mom about a week ago then an hour later, I got put into a groupchat with all the moms of the friends that I have."
Jungkook weakly snorts to match your energy because he’s weak. He’s too weak to raise his head to face how you’re so nonchalant about this and this time, it’s him who’s hurting so badly.
“Everyone's bets are on PJM — Park Jimin! Who would’ve known, right? The J initial makes sense."
Jimin, a family friend of a family friend.
Jimin, the one kid in preschool that always wowed the parents and the teachers because he talks like how a fourth-grader would and knows how to do addition with the carrying.
Jimin, a distant friend who studied abroad for college and whose news broke out that he’s coming back home during his break and plans to settle here in your city.
Jimin, someone who’s theorized to replace Jungkook.
“Don't even joke about that. I’m serious,” he mumbles under his breath and the croak of his voice gives him away, suddenly standing up from the couch and forgetting about his physical pain entirely, bidding you a quiet good night that he could only know is not something that he’d be getting underneath this dark.
“I’m gonna go to sleep."
( ♡ )
Jungkook wishes that his eyesight wasn’t so clear.
He wishes he didn’t heed his mother’s warnings of not looking at screens for too long too closely and his father’s insistence that he takes his vegetables and vitamins.
He wishes that his vision is poor because in that way, he wouldn’t be able to notice how the silver that’s against your skin looks different; how he couldn’t tell that it’s shine isn’t the same that he’s used to seeing and how it’s no longer the signet ring that looks like the same piece that he wears on your ring finger.
“Did you change your ring?"
He asks you one morning when you’re making breakfast. He memorizes seeing the furrow in your brows and the realization in your face as you look down on your hand, his words clicking into your head in understanding.
“Oh yeah, I did.”
Your ring’s now of a thicker design with intricate details and swirls, the band of it seemingly molded into decorative crosses. It looks heavy and of high-quality and Jungkook’s certain that your ring’s more expensive this time, clueless to where and when you got it.
The groove of the silver reminds him of the letter P, and his mind goes to Jimin’s family name instantaneously — and it makes Jungkook pray that he’d rather have his vision tainted than to ever see it on your skin.
( ♡ )
“Where are you going this early in the morning?”
Jungkook can’t bear to sleep in his bedroom anymore nowadays because it feels to confined, not wanting to be alone with his thoughts and insecurities which is why he chooses to sleep in the living room where it’s open and he has everywhere else to look at besides his ceiling.
He hasn’t even been sleeping well in the first place which is why he’s alert from his shallow nap when your door clicks open and he sees you already bathed and dressed.
“My dad told me to join him fishing,” you answer when you move on from the surprise he’s given you, releasing the hand from your chest as you calm down. “He’s fishing with Jimin’s dad.”
You’re too busy packing snacks that you don’t register how there’s pillows and blankets on the couch because Jungkook sleeps out here nowadays, compared to your assumptions that he’s just gaming or doing his assignments. Your back is turned to him which is why you don’t notice his face that looks crestfallen at your further explanation, heart sinking in thought.
“Oh,” he stabilizes his voice as best as he could, eyes set at the back of your head as he tries not to give himself away. “Would Jimin be there?”
“Not sure. I’ll see when I get there.”
He nods once, biting on his lip as he tries again.
“Is my dad coming with?”
“O-oh,” the realization crosses your mind that your dad’s companion when it comes to fishing and perhaps any other activity is Mr. Jeon, only hitting you now that you haven’t heard the mention of his name. “I honestly don’t know.”
That’s the thing of both your dads and Jungkook aches at the thought if his time is over. If his family’s time is over with yours. If it’s too late and the ink on your finger can no longer be traced back to him.
If it’s still him.
“Drive safe, m’kay? Call me when you need me.”
You don’t approach him for a goodbye hug and he feels too odd to only keep to himself as you leave out the door, not looking back even once.
Call me even if you don’t need me.
The words only remain on his tongue because speaking it out loud is pointless. It’s pathetic to be said out in the open because you aren’t there for him to look like a fool in front of. He looks pathetic as he waits for you.
It’s because you don’t call him throughout the day to ask if he’s already brought out the meat to defrost for his lunch or what he wants for dinner because you’re ordering on the way home. It’s because you don’t tell him to text you repeatedly so you wouldn’t fall asleep in traffic and miss out on your dad’s banter. It’s because even if he doesn’t need anything from you; even if you aren’t willing to give and he’s eager to take —
Jungkook will always need you.
( ♡ )
The pain Jungkook feels in his bones simmers before it bubbles over.
It marinates and lulls into his skin warmly before it stings. It’s a soothing type of heat that he mistakes for tension before it starts to sting. The pain he feels in his heart all the way down to the pit of his stomach stings before it boils and bubbles at his skin.
The pain he feels burns him unlike no other.
It’s the type of hurt he feels that no matter how much he rubs at his skin and cries his eyes out, it doesn’t relieve him even the slightest bit. He doesn’t feel the calmness when he goes through every single thing that used to soothe him before, every chance at salvation only for the pain to burn deeper making him more frustrated than the last.
Jungkook cries his eyes out every night and he thinks he’s exhausted all the tears out of himself because he finds himself knocking on your door, waiting for you to grant him entrance as he keeps his breathing at bay.
It’s late at night when you’re buried into doing your requirements that you tumble out of your chair to open the door for Jungkook, figuring that it must be an emergency with the way his knocks are desperate.
His eyes land on you the moment you open the door for him, words crawling out of his mouth as he pleads.
“Let me kiss you."
He’s no stranger to the confusion in your face and it feels as if nothing from the two of you would surprise each other at this point. He knows you’re tired and busy but he can’t stop himself to just reserve what he feels tonight and save it for the morning.
Your mouth flounders in wonder, closing it when you figure that nothing else would be lost from you.
You let Jungkook kiss you.
You taste as sweet as Jungkook thought for you to be and more and he cries. He cries as you allow him to kiss you for the first time and let him knock his forehead against yours as his cheeks are damp with despair, eyes looking down on your finger instinctively.
You know exactly what he’s looking at and it makes you sigh solemnly, pressing your knuckles against your sheets so he wouldn’t be able to see.
Jungkook refuses to give up because this time, he interrupts you with an even deeper kiss that you accidentally moan into, lost into your senses by the surprise that it makes your eyes close.
He tastes you deeper and longer and he feels like he can’t breathe, inhales feeling heavier and his exhales being fewer that you have to put a hand on his chest to nudge him away from you, a pitiful look spanning across your eyes that makes him shut his.
“Kissing me harder isn't gonna help.”
His initials on your finger don’t magically turn more vibrant, more alive. He thinks he’s exhausted every single tear he could possibly cry but it’s seemingly not over, sobbing into his hands right in front of you.
“Why are you not freaked out that your mark's disappearing?! It's changing! I-it might not even be me anymore!”
Jungkook sobs brokenly when he used to not be able to even have his voice tremble at your presence. His shoulders hunch and give out and you have no choice but to catch him with your hands, fearing that he’d tumble out of the edge of your bed and fall on the floor.
“I thought you wanted this. I’m not consciously controlling this, Jungkook. It's just the same when you had no control of your mark not appearing on you."
His words haven’t left you but so is the remaining little love you have for him, knowing realistically that a single night of confrontation isn’t enough to undo years of loving.
“It's on me now. I-It's showing up on me, but it's disappearing from you."
His sobs wrack his own body and you think for a moment that he’s about to pass out with how much he coughs from getting choked up, springing more tears into his eyes as he feels like puking.
“You started to accept it when I started revoking it."
You mumble to yourself in realization and what pains him is that he’s heard it loud and clear, crumpling into your figure as you unconsciously realize that your hand soothes his back.
Jungkook cries the most in his lifetime, tucking his face into your shirt as he shakes his head back and forth like it was a nightmare he’s just forced to live out, words repeating over and over again.
“Don't shut me out."
He clings onto you more than he’s ever had.
Jungkook looks for you in everything and tries to weasel his way into every day that passes, not the least bit of embarrassment creeping up to him on how he looks like a fool every time you leave him hanging and alone.
He apologizes to you day and night until you grow tired of him; until you roll your eyes at him to give it a rest and just shut up at that point onwards.
He endures the hurt and the rejection you give him over and over again; not even going up to par with half of the hurt he’s unknowingly given you all this time.
Jungkook knows he’s flawed — but he’s certain that he’s not flawed enough to stop trying.
He wakes up to the morning light and goes to sleep at the evening glow with only the prayer that he becomes better, better enough to be deserving of you and better enough to be someone the universe would shift connections for.
He’s flawed, but not flawed enough to think that you owe him your love, regardless of his efforts.
The days are warmer and the gaps are fuller when there’s an incessant knocking on your door. The lights are softer and the nights are kinder when there’s a figure that wedges itself beside your bed, a quiet hum to his voice.
“I told you to start locking your doors.”
Jungkook feels the tiny exhale of breath that leaves you before it turns into a giggle, hugging your pillow closer.
“But it’s you.”
He smiles.
“But it’s me.”
Jungkook lies next to you a little closer, his arms bigger compared to the last months that he now manages to cage you fully and have his hands be able to cup yours without having to stretch further.
There’s nothing cool to the touch because nowadays, you let your ring finger breathe as much as he lets his own mark to be seen.
“There are three types of love, y’know?” he hums to your ear when he knows you’re just about to be lulled back to your sleep, able to see you clearly in the dark because no matter what light the both if you are underneath in, he only sees you.
“I was your first, right? Jimin's the second, I’m sure,” he breathily laughs, taking away the hair from your nape because he knows that it bothers you. “I can be the third. I-I can be your third love. I’ll work for it."
For only a second too long that it’s quiet, your voice cutting through the air.
“You can't be my third love, Jungkook,” you hum just as long as his heart stops beating. “You're my only love."
Your eyes are still closed when you silently profess the love that’s never left you, oblivious to how Jungkook is as stiff as concrete behind you that you feel his shoulders lose the hurt immediately. “I’ve loved you three times through."
Jungkook could only hope that it’s not the sleep talking.
He knows you’re real beyond anything and anyone. You’re tangible and fragile and he’s come to learn it a thousand times more. “I’ll love you three times more."
For the longest time on end did Jungkook feel that he’s been falling but the impact never comes. He would’ve wanted to feel it, but either way, he’d know that it would be fine. That he would be fine. That the two of you will be fine and it’s you who he entrusts to spend all of his infinites with, no matter the hurt.
“I love you more than you'll ever know.”
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darkestcorners · 3 months ago
raven | yandere!jungkook au
Tumblr media
— pairing: cult leader!jungkook x reader ( f )
— genre: yandere, angst, smut
— warnings: NON-CON , S/A, triggering themes, arranged marriage ( sort of ),  obsessive & unhealthy behavior, manipulation, supernatural themes, gore and violence, blood, mentions of child sacrifice, mentions of rituals & the occult, mentions of religion, jk is just a straight up menace in this im sorry
— word count: 15k
summary : There’s an evil that lurks in your village but you’re convinced it has noting to do with the sweet baker’s son you are meant to marry.
The shift in the air was felt instantly, like a black cloud summoning from beneath the mountains ahead. Yet the sky was clear as ever, the sun bathing you completely.
You gripped the basket in your hands tighter, not being able to shake away the dreadful feeling that came over you. There was many dangers in the forest, but there also many dangers in the village, people had grown desperate over the years.
The immense poverty had struck your home even more brutally than the other neighboring villages. It was not rare for thieves to linger behind the shadows, waiting to strike and snatch up the little food you had managed to gather.
Luckily for you, most people wouldn’t bother to steal what you were carrying. There was only a handful of berries, alongside some herbs for some tea to make for your father tonight. He had been having terrible body aches and you had little to no knowledge on remedies but an old woman had told you about certain herbs that were found far south of the forest, not too deep in but if you followed a distinct path that had been carved out and layered with stones, you would come across the desired bushes that grew various gifted plants.
The wind had picked up, growing slightly colder and your ears were alert, listening to how it rattled through the tall trees that surrounded you. The sudden sound of cawing made your head look upwards, your gaze landing on a raven that flew above your head. The cawing continued and your curious nature watched the black feathered bird fly lower, turning its wings downwards. Your eyebrows knit together as you watch it turn around, headed dangerously close to your head.
Instinctively, you duck your head and stumble to the side, afraid that the creature had somehow mistaken you for its prey.
It flies past you, obnoxiously cawing one last time before you watch it disappear behind the trees.
You huff, finally turning back around and continue to walk down the stoned path with the basket you nearly dropped on the ground from the stumble you took.
Your eyes soon met the small cottage that belonged to your father, and you slowed your pace just a bit when you noticed him standing outside with a worried expression on his face. His eyebrows were pinched together, his wrinkled face giving away the clear distress he was in and for a moment, you wondered if he was feeling ill.
“Father?” You called out, not that you needed to grab his attention, his eyes had already been locked on your figure the moment you had noticed him.
“Where were you? I’ve told you I don’t like you wandering off into those woods.” Your father stressed and you glanced behind your shoulder, your steps quickening towards him.
“I was just picking some herbs, don’t worry.” You gave him a sheepish smile, holding up the basket in your hands and his face relaxed.
You knew he was referring to the many lives the woods had claimed over the years but there had not been any sudden disappearances in months. The last girl that had not returned from her evening walk was believed to have gotten lost or died due ti the cold cruel weather that tended to fall against the village in late December.
Yujin. She had not been a close friend but you had practically seen the girl grow up, she was just a few younger than yourself. There wasn’t a day that went by where you wouldn’t see her wandering around the village.
It was tragedy, her father and brother had spent weeks searching for her, and her mother had spent months praying for her return but all hope was lost when one of the village boys had come across one of her boots up deep in the forest. With dried blood tainted on the material. An animal had likely feasted on her before anyone was able to find her body.
“I need you to stop by the bakery for me.” Your father tells you, running his hand down your shoulder gently before giving you a stern look.
“But be careful, come back before night falls.”
Your nerves spiked up slightly when the baker’s son crosses your mind. You had avoided going to the bakery lately, fearing that your frequent visits would be perceived wrongly by your father. It was no secret he wished for you to wed soon, and of course the first suitor in mind was none other than the well known baker’s son.
“Just a slice of bread, right?” You reply hesitantly.
“It’s all we can afford. This winter isn’t going to treat us well.” Your father grunted with a discouraging grin before going to open the cottage door.
You give him a final nod before you make your way towards the familiar route that led you towards the nearby bakery. The village had reduced in population over the recent years, you had remembered it being much more lively but as time passed, more and more people had headed up north with no return. They seemed out for better jobs in more populated areas and some even reached the capital. Although word was that a lot were met with the same unfortunate luck .
The few children that ran around your were enough to temporarily lighten the gloomy atmosphere and you were thankful for that. You smiled as you saw the two young ones skip pass you, their fits of giggles ringing throughout the air.
Your eyes fell upon the many stacks of breads and pastries laid out in front of you as you came to a slow stop in front of the bakery stand. The smell of it instantly sent a rumble to your empty stomach.
“The usual?” You lifted your head up to meet the dark doe-eyed gaze of the boy that had burdened your mind for far too long.
He gave his usual friendly smile, the one that made his nose scrunch up in the most endearing way. It always made your heart flutter despite the lack of feelings you tried to have towards him.
“Jungkook,” You greeted with a smile of your own.
It wasn’t as if there was anything with Jungkook, in fact, he almost seemed too perfect for you. He was handsome, hard working and well-mannered. His father and him had moved here just a few months ago, and in that short amount of time they had already established a positive and stable job for themselves. His father was an excellent baker, and while there wasn’t much to compare him to, it was obvious he had earned the rightful title of the local baker of your village. He was generous with many struggling families and children, and his son was no different.
“Just one.” You whispered, pointing towards the loaf of bread on the rack while you held the silver coin tightly in your palm.
“You know it’s always two for you, little bride.” Jungkook said with a half smirk, ignoring your request and sliding you over two loafs of bread. You tried not to squirm over the nickname, it was always made your cheeks heat up. He had called you that from the moment he first saw you, referring to the all white attire you had been wearing and it soon became an ongoing inside joke between the two of you due to the fact that you happened to nearly always favor being in white clothing.
As more time passed though, he had also hinted at the obvious desire to court you and make you his bride.
You never took it seriously, just mindless flirting that you didn’t mind from a good looking man but it soon started to look more like a reality when your father had taken notice in the interest Jungkook had taken in you ever since he arrived here.
It made you feel burdened. You weren’t naive enough to think that you could escape marriage forever, it was what was expected of you and any young girl your age. However, the thought of it still frightened you deeply, you would have to leave your father behind and go live with someone who you only spent limited time with for the rest of your life. Besides, you worried most for your father’s health, your absence would leave him vulnerable to illnesses.
You just wished you had more of a say in the matter.
When you went to hand him over the coin, Jungkook gave you a knowing look.
“You should know better by now that I won’t accept that.” He said in a lower tone, bending closer to you over the racks.
“I’m afraid you’re going to run your father out of business if you keep doing that.”
“I only do it for you.” Jungkook assured you with another teasing grin as he leaned back away and his eyes traveled down to your basket.
“I saw you walking towards the woods earlier.” He comments, raising an eyebrow in concern. “You must be careful, there’s been rumors.”
You knit your eyebrows in confusion as you slid the loafs of bread inside your basket.
“What kind of rumors?”
He stared at you for a couple of seconds in silence, pursing his lips.
“Of rituals being performed.”
His words did little to ease your curiosity, you frowned as you waited for him to elaborate. You only prayed it wasn’t what you was poking at the back of your head.
“..Many think there’s a witch among us, my father said there’s talk of her performing rings of fire and luring children into the forest.”
“What?” You ask with wide eyes.
It wasn’t uncommon for there to be rumors of witches but you never actually brought yourself to believe in one ever being close to you. The idea itself frightened you, you had heard tales of them ever since you were a little girl, your parents had always warned you of their ill intentions and sadist ways. Of course, the church had also feared them performing rituals and sacrifices and always advise you to stray away from anyone who even looked like they indulged themselves in sinful acts.
“But there hasn’t been any children that have gone missing..” You shook your head in deep thought, letting yourself glance towards the direction the group of young kids had just passed by you.
Jungkook tilted his head to the side, lips setting into a straight line.
“Witches don’t tend to take children right away..they gain their trust, bewitch them until they follow them blindly .” He says, eyeing the direction in which you had settled your gaze in.
His words only installed more worry in you.
“God, that’s terrible.” You held onto the cross around your neck, reciting a muted prayer. “Saints must protect us.”
Jungkook watched you, not uttering a word in response as he simply nodded. If you had been paying closer attention, you would of noticed his focused look on your necklace slowly turn into a sharp glare.
But you didn’t.
“If only saints could protect us from all evil..” Jungkook whispered with a tight lipped smile.
“You must be careful, you shouldn’t trust anyone around you.. at least not right now.” He added carefully, a concerned expression taking over his youthful features.
You take in his advice, silently agreeing with him as your mind wondered off to few other women in your village. Instantly, you grew a bit suspicious of them but you knew it wasn’t wise to voice out any of your doubts. In your paranoid state, anything could appear odd and you didn’t want to be the cause of convicting an innocent soul to a cruel punishment.
Your eyes trailed down Jungkook’s figure, he was wearing his usual attire. Long sleeves as always, but they did little shield the obvious large built and muscles underneath. It was hard not to stare but you forced the inappropriate thoughts out of your head.
“I better get going, my father told me not to be long.”
Jungkook lips tilted when you abruptly looked away from him, clearly taking notice in your lingering stare.
“Thank you for the bread as always.” You mumbled out hurriedly and turned to leave but his voice made you halt your movements.
“Wait, do you want me to walk you home? It’s already getting dark.” He reasoned behind you and you glanced to see him taking off his apron already.
The sun was indeed making its grand exit, scurrying behind the evergreen mountains and causing the sky to become decorated in orange hues.
“It’s really okay, it’s not a long walk.” You told him but you already you lost the battle, Jungkook was always a complete gentleman and you knew he would not rest until he made sure you made it home safely.
It was moments like this you began to wonder if being wed to him would not be so bad after all. However, your own selfish desires to remain free of the responsibility that awaited you once married always won over instead.
He came to walk beside you, his tall height towering over you slightly as you both made your way down towards your cottage house.
It was silent for a couple of minutes but it was not an uncomfortable type of silence. You were surprised by how comforting his presence was and how safe you felt with him by your side.
“I just realized, I’ve never visited your house.” You voice out, the question was subtle but you hoped he caught onto it. The truth was that you didn’t even know where Jungkook and his father lived, or even in what direction their cottage was.
He smiled, looking down at you before he turned his gaze up ahead again.
“Does that bother you? You will become quite familiar with it once we have wed.”
You almost trip over air once you completely take in his words and you flash him an incredulous look.
“Stop talking nonsense.” You let out a nervous laugh, shaking your head from side to side in embarrassment.
His steps slowed down as he gave you another grin, turning to face you completely.
“I’m serious, you know how much I like you.” He shifted his face over to the side, finally trapping your gaze that was trying to avoid his desperately.
You stared into his dark eyes, the glint in them was unreadable to you despite his sweet and sincere tone. It made your stomach dip with uncertainty but you couldn’t deny the warmth it brought you as well.
“You have not let my mind be at rest every since I first saw you, little bride.” He confesses, eyes scanning over your taken back expression.
“You don’t mean that.” You reply in a light tone , you remembered that day you first saw him a couple of months ago. The first day of June, it was just the start of the long summer months and his unfamiliar face caused temporary gossip throughout the village. Mostly among the other young girls, he became well-known before they had even opened the bakery.
It was hard to ignore him, he had been the first person you had seen on the way over to well that day. His eyes had not left you for a moment, and he had wasted no time in skipping over to introduce himself.
“I do.” He insisted with a more serious expression, his eyes softened as he looked down almost shyly.
“I mean, I really do care for you. I would only hope you could one day reciprocate my feelings.” He finished in a whisper, frowning a bit.
The wounded look on his face reminded you of a puppy, it made your heart sink instantly. The last thing you wished was hurting his feelings. Not after all his noble acts towards you.
“Please, don’t be offended.” You reach out to grab his hand, squeezing it.
The action brought his eyes back up to you, surprise coating his face.
“I just mean that I find it hard to open my heart up to someone so quickly.” You explain, raising both your eyebrows to emphasize your point.
Jungkook stared at you, a slow blink breaking his steady gaze on you.
“It’s been months though.” He blurted out, a pout forming on his lips that caused you to let out an unexpected giggle.
You weren’t prepared to hear his straight forward response,the way he had said it reminded you of a child instead of a grown man.
His face lit up at the sound of your laughter, showcasing his perfect wide smile that formed wrinkles at the side of his eyes.
“I suppose you’re right.” You state, laughter dying towards the end of your sentence.
You felt him squeeze your hand back, his thumbs lightly caressing the top of your hand. It was as if you had indirectly accepted an unofficial proposal. It felt like you did. Something about the way he was looking at you now felt too invasive, it was the look of a lover and while your heart was beating rapidly at the sight of his awestruck face, there was still a hesitance on your part to fully give yourself away.
It was the stubborn need to hold onto a part of yourself you were too scared to let go of just yet.
The perfect suitor was standing right in front of you, a man that many girls would envy you courting.
So, why was it so hard for you to accept your fate?
You twisted and turned in your bed, shivering as you tugged the thin blanket tighter around your frame. The howling wind outside rattled your window, you were afraid it would break at any moment, the wind was too angry tonight. Your room felt as if it might as well be outside, skin feeling almost numb. No matter how much you closed your eyes, sleep didn't greet you. Your head felt heavy, unable to let you escape from your more than anxious reality and refusing to whisk you away to the dreams that promised a temporary relief.
A sudden pungent smell was what awoke you completely. It had distracted you enough to lift your head up, your eyes searching the dark room.
It was the smell of fresh bread, almost sweet as if someone was baking pies of some sort. You knitted your eyebrows in confusion. It definitely couldn’t be your father, he must’ve been in a deep sleep by now. You heard nothing that indicated he was in the kitchen, no sounds of any pans or pots rustling. Just silence, and the whistling winds outside. Not to mention, your father never cooked and much less baked.
You sat up, throwing your covers off your body despite the cold chill that sent shivers down every part of you. Your eyes left your door and trailed over to your window. Could the smell be coming from outside? It was unlikely, the next cottage was too far from your own and you doubted you would be able to smell anything from so far away. You never had up until now. But where else could it be coming from?
Lifting yourself off the bed, your bare feet tip toed over to your window. You would be insane to open it at this moment, if you thought it was cold now, the violent winds on the other side would humble you quickly. But as always, your curiosity got the best of you and as the smell lingered in the air, you couldn’t resist. You pulled open the window, the ice cold air hitting your face in an instant. You knitted your brows, the pitch black sky glared back at you and your eyes searched the empty space ahead of you. You didn’t know exactly what you were looking for but it was no surprise that there was in fact not a single thing in front of you.
Then you heard it.
For a second, you thought you were indeed dreaming. The soft hums rang in your ears, as if they were singing along to some melody. You didn’t hear the voice sing any actual words, you could only hear the persistent humming getting louder and louder. You stepped away from the window and tilted your head. Had you officially gone insane? There was no soul in sight, the lonely night was the only thing that looked back at you.
Where was the voice coming from? It was neither too high or too deep. Just truly enchanting. Your eyes stayed glued to the forest, there was no way it could be coming from there, right? Surely you were hearing things.
However the humming didn’t go away, seconds passed , minutes even and the sound still rung heavily in your ears. As if it was calling to you, your head felt light all of a sudden. The forest had never looked as inviting as it did now, it was all you could focus on. You didn’t seem to mind the icy air that came twirling through the window and entering your bedroom.
You gasped, jumping back in fright. You whipped your head around, searching for the sudden voice that had called your name. You were expecting your father by your door but the empty space proved you wrong.
Had you gone insane?
Frozen in place, you stared blankly at your dark room that held the presence of nobody but yourself. Yet why did you feel like you were not alone?
Your face soon dropped when you took another deep breath, the once delicious smell of bread was slowly disappearing but in its place came the scent of something rancid. It was unlike anything you had ever smelled in your life, it was almost too unbearable.
Nausea washed over you, you held your hand over your nose and mouth as you took a glance back towards the window. Once again, there was nothing that could have hinted where the scent was coming from but it was so terrible that you could only wonder if anyone else had been awoken from their deep slumber to investigate it.
It smelt like rotting flesh.
In fear of gagging from the revolting smell, you were quick to step away from the window, not even noticing how closely you had been attached to it. Your hands reached to close it and you once again struggled against the strong winds but finally managed to shut it after few stubborn attempts.
You let out a breath, the smell still heavy in your nostrils but what had gone away completely was the humming. You realized how silent it was all of a sudden and you wondered if you had imagined the voice calling out your name. It couldn’t be, right? The ugly childhood tales of wickedness haunted your mind again. Your fingers trembled slightly as you came to grip your cross around neck, pressing your lips to it.
A yelp left you when an abrupt thump broke against your window. You flinched to the side, your eyes inspecting the wood that covered the open space.
You swallowed, taking a step towards the window again and against your better judgement, you opened it once again to investigate the sound. You squinted at the freezing wind and looked downwards instantly.
Lying on the ground was a dead raven.
The darkness that surrounded in that moment felt anything but comforting, a slight chill traveled down your spine but this time it wasn't due to the coldness of the night.
The next morning you woke up tired, your body aching from your impulsive actions that had led you to practically freeze to death the previous night. The lack of sleep hadn’t helped. You forced yourself to forget what had happened, blaming it on your own delusions. You still felt unsure if it was perhaps a dream after all, a quite vivid one at that but still just a figment of your own imagination.
You blamed on the rumors that had surged over the past days, what Jungkook had told about the possible witch amongst your villagers.
There was no possible explanation other than your own paranoia creating a scenario of your deepest nightmares.
So you went about your morning, you finished tying the shoelaces on your boots when you heard the sound of two voices talking outside your bedroom door. You paused your actions, your eyes now glued to your door.
You got up from your bed swiftly, walking over to it and creaking it open. Peaking your head out, you instantly saw a familiar attractive face seated at your kitchen table.
What was he doing here? A part of you already feared you knew the answer to that question.
The moment you stepped outside your room and crossed the small space towards the kitchen, Jungkook had already taken notice in your presence. He immediately lifted himself off his seat, slightly bowing towards you.
“Good morning, little bride.” He greets you, his hair was slightly damp, signaling he had likely just finished bathing himself moments before coming here. His long dark locks resting just above his neck.
Everything about him resembled a prince in that moment. Despite his casual fitted long sleeved dark shirt and pants that gave away no evident status or wealth, something about his presence was enchanting and gripping.
You turned towards your father, your eyes asking him the silent question. His wrinkled face held a delighted expression but you didn’t miss the tense smile his lips formed.
“Jungkook has come to ask me for your hand in marriage, I assume you are not the least bit surprised by this.” Your father spoke with a chuckle, his smile widening when he took a glance towards the man across from him.
Your stomach dropped at the revelation, of course you had been expecting it but somehow it had not truly sunk in until now. There was always a chance that Jungkook would change his mind, that he would find you far too frigid and boring for his liking.
Clearly that had not been the case.
“M-Marriage?” You say, forcing a smile out but your eyes still refused to meet your soon to be husband. Your hands came to fold in front of you, your body stiffening slightly.
The most conflicting emotions were running through you.
“Yes, you are to be wed in a few weeks.” Your father stated as he stood up, making his way beside Jungkook. He gripped his shoulder before giving it a pat. It looked amusing for a second, your father’s petite build beside him made him look frail despite you always thinking your father had a rather strong built for his older age.
You bit your lip nervously, not knowing what to say so you simply said nothing.
“Are you not happy?” Jungkook’s voice rang in your ears but it took you a moment to finally lift up your chin to fully face him. Your eyes caught his in an instant, that doe-eyed look staring back at you but this time his eyes were desperately awaiting your response. An uncertain look was behind them. He seemed just as nervous as you, almost looking afraid of your reaction.
“That doesn’t matter, does it? After all, I know what’s best for my daughter and I have the last word on the matter.” Your father cut in with a firm look sent your way, silencing your next words before you had even fully spoke them.
“I trust that she will be in good hands, she’s of age. Even a bit overdue some would say.” Your father added teasingly at the end and it brought another insincere smile to your lips. You simply hung your head in acceptance, not even noticing the tears beginning to brim at your eyes.
Jungkook didn’t spare your father a glance but his words seemed to satisfy him enough because his face relaxed, a warm smile tugging his lips as he stepped towards you. You hold your breath as he stands in front of you, his welcoming presence suddenly intimidating you for a reason you couldn’t explain.
He brought your chin up, thumb caressing the side of your jaw. 
“Soon you will be mine, little bride.”
Ever since your engangement, you had been actively avoiding Jungkook. It wasn’t something you would ever admit, and certaintly not to your father but you had been spending most of the days stuck inside your room. You had not gone to the bakery once this week, and you had not even seen Jungkook’s father ever since he had stopped by later that same day Jungkook had asked for your hand. He seemed happy enough, more than happy by the news. You knew Jungkook’s father was kind from what you had seen of him and you should be feeling lucky to have him as a future father in law. However, no matter how smoothly things had went for you, it seemed so unfair to not even have a say in the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with.
Your father had practically given you away as if you were cattle.
It had stung, the way he had not even given you a chance to ask you about your true feelings. You knew it wasn’t anything unusual, fathers always had the last say, it was the way it always had been. Yet you were foolish to think your tight and close bond with your father would make you an exception. That he would somehow value your opinion on such a serious matter, that he wouldn’t so easily hand you over.
Ever since your mother had passed away when you were a little girl, you had been attached to your father greatly. You feared life would take him away from you and leave you to fend for yourself with nobody’s love or protection. Your father was a simple carpenter, and while you had grown up struggling, he always managed to take care of you and never let you go hungry. Your father had also never remarried, you often wondered why but you let yourself believe it was due to the great love he had held for your mother. Perhaps, he truly never managed to let himself find another like her.
It made you believe he had also attached himself to you, that you were the last thing he had of her so he wouldn’t so easily let you go to the first man who he charmed him.
In reality, none of should have shocked you. Your father had evidently been fond of Jungkook since he had first arrived to the village, he had told you about how charming and nice the baker’s son was nearly everyday. 
You let out a sigh as you leaned back against the cottage door, your eyes were settled on the forest but you soon felt something hit the side of your feet, causing you to flinch your head towards the object.
A leather ball sat by your feet.
“Sorry!” You hear the small voice of a young boy say, you turn to eye the small child and flash him a smile.
“It’s alright.”You reply, bending down to pick the ball. His small boots padded against the ground, running directly towards you with such speed that he nearly ran right into your legs.
You hand him over the ball and watch as he gives you a regreful look, reaching out to take it. As he holds it against his chest, his eyes soon are glued to your own chest which causes you to glance down. Your cross necklace hangs  from your neck and you’re confused to realize that the little boy seems to be glaring directly at it.
“Is something wrong?” You question.
His round eyes meet yours before they narrow back to your necklace, his face scrunching up in disgust.
“You shouldn’t be wearing that.”
His words leave you stunned for a moment, your mouth hanging then closing rapidly as you think about what to respond to such a comment.
“W-What?” You stutter, breaking out into an uncomfortable laugh.
You think that he’s messing with you for a second but his face remained void of any amusement. There was no trickery in his eyes, just pure disdain. 
“I said you shouldn’t be wearing that.” The little boy repeats louder, scowling at you as an empty look takes over his eyes. “He doesn’t like it.”
Your eyebrows furrowed as you frown down at him, you tried to swallow down the strange feeling that came over you in that insant.
“Who’s he?” You ask him with an evident shake in your voice. 
The little boy continued to glare at your cross, as if it was physically disturbing him. He doesn’t answer your question, he simply gives you one final look before darting towards the woods. His impulsive action sends you into another panic, watching as his small legs work their way incredbily fast towards the countless tall trees ahead and soon enough, his small figure dissapeares amongst the wilderness. 
“Wait!” You call out to him, looking around to see if anyone else happens to be near you to call out for help. You wonder where his mother could have been and how mortified she would be to find out her son had just sprinted towards the infamous woods everyone had been warned to not enter, much less vulnerable children.
A frustrated groan leaves you as you run after him,forcing your legs to catch up to him before he is in too deep. These woods were hard to navigate and he would be lost in no time if he wanders too far off. Your breath hitches as you make your way through the wide spread of greenery, branches and leaves snapping underneath your boots. Your eyes are dead set on finding his small figure but they fail to locate him in the midst of the fog that has settled and contiues growsmore with each step you take. Your eyes squint through the white mist that makes it all much more difficult.
“Where are you!” You yell out in desperation.
No voice responds, there is an unsettling silence instead.
You are forced to slow down when you feel the burn in your chest, your heavy breathing turning into slight wheezing. Your heart thumps in your ears as you look around you, noticing how you are recongizing where you are less and less. You could only pray that the fog clears up, the cloud-like appearance making it impossible to fully make out the paths before you.
Where could he have went? Where was he even going to begin with?
Questions fill your mind as you take cautious steps further into the forest, you’re not sure which direction your are headed towards anymore. You wrap your hands around yourself, your eyes hyperfocused on every little movement around you.
But you what catches your attention is something you wished to have never come across.
Your eyes land on a red substance on the dirt ground beneath you. It was a puddle.
You nearly step on it but you see it right on time to dodge it. You shift to the side, nearly tripping over at the sight.
There was a puddle of blood in front of you.
Unable to fully comprehand what it indicates, your mind seems to be in a complete daze as you stare at it. 
You hold in your gasp as you see the trail it leads to. A perfectly straight trail of blood leading into the fog. 
It seems like hours pass before you decide to take a step forward. Everything in you was telling you to run back, to run away from this but your body felt like it was floating. It was as if a string was pulling you towards it, like a puppet being tugged towards her puppetmaster. Your eyes were unable to leave the trail of blood as you blindly followed it, the smell of iron quickly hitting your nostrils. You cringed at the scent, your stomach aching in discomfort.
Your heart had not stopped beating rapidly, your chest rising and falling with every step you took.
In your focused state, you had not even notice the black bird that had been following you closely above you. His wings flapping against the eerie and humid atompshere.
There was a figure in the near distance, you could make it out from where you stood. It was small, like that of a child and your heart nearly bust at the sight.
“Hello!” You cry out towards it, fully expecting to see the little boy who had foolishly ran inside these woods in front of you and you did see him with the next step you took.
But he surely didn’t see you.
Those round big eyes he had glared at your necklace with were no longer there. Instead, there were sockets, empty sockets of where his eyes used to be. Blood dripped down his chubby cheeks as he stood stiffly in front of you, not even the immense fog could hide the gruesome image of his face.
A scream left your lips at the terrifying sight, your body flinging backwards and onto the ground. 
Right into the pool of blood.
You couldn’t even bother to pay any mind to the liquid smearing your dress and skin, instead you continue to stare in horror at the little boy with no eyes. He had not moved an inch, his body remaining still as his lips widened into a full smile.
The disturbing act brought a new wave of horror into you, your body backing away instantly as your hands moved back against the dirt in an attempt to put as much possible distance between you and the young chiild. Then, the sound of a loud cry hit your ears, making your head flinch upwards. Your eyes met the sight of a raven sitting on a tree branch above you, his long beak opening and closing as the obnoxious screaming continued to ring throughout the space. 
“Stop!” You pleaded at the creature, as if it would listen to your distressed state and take pity in you.
The screams only continued and your fingers dug against the soil, forcing you to regain balance in order to stand on your feet and run but a pair of boots soon came into your view , making you stop your movements completely.
“Little bride.” Jungkook’s familiar voice broke you out of your misery, and you just about broke your neck when you looked up towards him. He stood over you with a concerned expression over his face, his eyes trailing down your figure in suspiscion.
How did you not hear him approach you?
Where had he come from?
“J-Jungkook, please help.” You wail at him and his hands come to instnantly grip your forearms, pulling you up onto your feet. His hands don’t let go, holding you close to him as he shushes your cries but you refuse to look back towards the little boy. 
“H-He has no eyes! We must find help!” You sob against him, gripping the material of his thin shirt as you shake your head in terror. Your eyes are tightly shut, trying your hardest to get the image out of your head as you tremble against his arms. When you notice him not moving or saying a word to you, you shake his shoulder, urging him to walk forwards.
“Jungkook! You must help the little boy!” You cry out again, completely breaking down as you more tears stream down your face.
“Y/n.” He speaks slowly, gripping your shoulders as he lowers his face the yours. Despite the blurry vision that awaits, your force your eyes to open. 
“There’s no child here.”
His words made your blood run cold. You looked at him, refusing to accept what he had just said to you. You begin to shake your head in denial, knitting your eyebrows as you point behind you, still refusing to turn your neck.
“N-No, what are you talking about? There’s a little boy there, he has no eyes!” You repeat, your hand shaking as you continue to point but Jungkook simply stares at you, eyeing the direction you keep signaling towards. His eyes are calm but you can see the growing concern in them.
“Little bride, calm down. There’s nobdy there.” He tells you gently, his hands running down your shoulders soothingly but you pull away from his grip.
“No! T-There’s blood on me! Don’t you see-”
The words die on your lips the moment you take a look down at yourself, your clothes is clean of any blood. No red liquid taints your skin or dress, just dirt from your unpleasant fall. You swallow thickly, your mouth going dry at what you’re seeing.
Jungkook is studying you carefully, he’s looking at you as if you’re a fragile doll that’s moments away from breaking apart right in front of him.
“What blood, little bride?” He speaks in a deep whisper , eyes trailing down your ripped sleeves and exposed neckline.
It’s a rhetorical question, it’s clear in the way he says it. Your eyes dart around you, trying to figure out what had just occurred. There was no way you could explain this.
“I swear, I saw it.” You stress, your teary gaze catching his worrying one.
Jungkook bites his lower lip, bringing his hand against your shoulder again.
“We need to get you home.”
Did he believe you?
Another terrifying thought fills your head.
“The witch..” You say , your bottom lip wobbling. “ It has to be the witch.”
You recall back to what he had said to you, to the sightings of a ring of fire in the forest, to the luring of children.
“A little boy ran into the forest, I-I followed him here.”
“That’s what they do , isn’t it?” You question anxiously, desperate to find an answer to soothe your scattered brain. “ Can..Can they cause illusions?”
Jungkook fell silent, licking his lips as he brought his dark eyes back to you.
“Yes,” He drawls out, eyeing the space behind you again. “Spells can be used to cause many different illusions, to torment those they desire to play with.”
You nod, your breaths still uneven and far too unsteady.
“May God protect us.” You say as the realization that you might have fallen victim to black magic settles in. You felt your skin crawl at the mere thought, the sinister act shook you to your core.
Again, if you had been paying better attention you of taken notice in the wickedness behind your soon to be lover’s eyes, and the way he seemed to suppress a laugh at your words.
“I must get you home, you’re freezing.” Jungkook insists, bringing your attention back to him. His hands came to hold you again, wrapping an arm around your shoulder as he slowly guided you forwards and through the darkening forest. You didn’t protest, welcoming his warmth and safety. Somehow, his presence made you believe you were safe from all the dangers that creeped around you, from every bit of sinister words that were spoken in the language of the dead and damned.
“You know, they say witches often rarely prey on the weak minded.”
You steal a glance at him, his eyes don’t meet yours but you could tell he could feel your eyes on him.
“It would be far too easy, they settle most of their attention on those they see as a challenge, those they think they can corrupt.”
You didn’t ever consider yourself to be particularly strong minded. In fact, most times you found yourself to be too complicit in order to always uphold the peace. It was the way you had been raised, to listen and not rebel against those who knew better than you, to your elders and parents. To be meek and sit by like a lady should.
What you were was stubborn, incredibly stubborn in your own personal thoughts and beliefs. While you may have never outwardly voiced them, your mind had always been fixed and rigid in nature. You suppose your faith was what Jungkook may have been referring to, you were never one to give into temptation and sin, not even when it was a single grasp away.
“Saints protect us, we must trust they will always save us from harm and evil.” Your fingers came to touch the cross on your neck, remembering the strange reaction it had evoked from the little boy.
His face was still terribly marked in your mind.
“Of course. As long as you keep believing that, no harm will come your way.” Jungkook responded, tightening his grip on your shoulder.
Your body felt weak, your muscles tense yet your limbs felt like they would detach from you at any moment. You could feel a thick layer of sweat on your forehead despite the cold weather. Instinctively, you let your head drop against Jungkook’s chest, eyes threatening to fall shut. You didn’t protest when you felt his arms underneath your legs, lifting you up and carrying you against him as he took hurried steps through the forest.
Your eyes blinked slowly, everything around you felt fuzzy but when you gripped Jungkook’s shirt material around your fingers, tugging the top of it slightly down unintentionally, you didn’t miss the dark writings of ink on the top of his bicep.
When you awoke the next morning, your father was by your side. You twisted, feeling the familiar bedsheets underneath you and you swiftly lifted your head up in shock.
Had you passed out in Jungkook’s arms?
“My dear, be careful.” Your father scolded, pushing you back down against the pillows. His face was twisted into a deep scowl, wrinkling the space between his eyes.
You looked down, still unnerved to find that you indeed had no blood on you, no evidence of what you had endured in the forest. It was starting to resemble a terrible nightmare, and you didn’t like how unclear and fuzzy the memory was. The images were still vivid yet it felt so distant, you couldn’t explain the feeling. Not to mention, your entire drowsy state felt so out of place, like something you had never felt before, not even when you had fallen ill in the past.
“What did I tell you about going into those woods?” Your father told you with a disappointing look as he sighed.
Taking a look around , you were half expecting to see Jungkook here beside your father but he wasn’t. Your curious eyes met your father once again.
“Jungkook had to leave, he insisted on staying until you woke but he needed to tend to the bakery so I practically forced him out the door.” Your father answered your doubts.
You instantly felt bad, already feeling guilty for what you had put him through. He must’ve of been so taken back by the state he found you in, you still wondered how he had even managed to find you or how he knew where you had been. Perhaps he had seen you sprint towards the forest like he had last time. Embarrassment washed over you the more thought of what he must have thought of you, had his perspective of you changed? You couldn’t say you would blame him. Nobody would want to wed such an insane woman.
However, you knew it was unlikely he thought negatively of you. He seemed more worried than frightened when he had found you. After all, he was the one to warn you of the apparent evil that had come to the village and of the said witch. You knew he had believed you when you told him what you had seen.
He had to.
“I must go apologize to him.” You say, already starting to get off the bed.
“I think that’s wise, the poor boy looked worried sick. He said you had took a great fall and found you lying on the ground already unconscious.”
You eye your father. Jungkook had lied to him? You couldn’t say you weren’t grateful for it. None of what you had witnessed would sit well with your father, he would of wondered if you had lost your mind. He wasn’t the type to ever believe too much in superstitions, he always believed good would outdo evil and there was nothing to fear other than God himself.
Your father suddenly caressed your hair, you blinked at him in slight surprise.
“I’m proud of you, you know? You have taken the marriage news like I hoped you would. You’ve grown up so much.” He tells you with a sad smile, his rough fingers sliding down to the top of your shoulder, lingering there.
You parted your lips but no words fell out.
“I know you must think it was easy for me to give you away but it wasn’t. I would have wished to keep you for a little longer.” He confesses, his voice deepening towards the end and his eyes hold an emotion you can’t quite detect.
Nonetheless, his words bring you some comfort and relief. The knowledge that it wasn’t as easy for him as you had assumed brought some ease to your worries and wounded heart.
You nod, giving him a tight smile as you break away from his hold.
“I wish I didn’t have to leave you behind either, I worry for your health.” You tell him in a defeated whisper as you lift yourself fully from your bed.
You wobble a bit as you walk over to your door, regaining the balance you didn’t know you had lacked in first place. The room feels heavy and once again, everything feels odd. You attempt to shake off the feeling, blaming it on the fatigue from the events you had endured.
“I’m going to head to the bakery.” You tell your father as you open the door, slipping outside and you hear him follow closely behind you.
Your basket is on the kitchen table, you wonder if you should bring Jungkook and his father some herbs you had picked out the day before as way to express your gratefulness.
“Be careful.” Your father says before you grab your basket and slip out the small cottage.
The wind hits your face instantly and you let out a sigh in relief. Despite the chilly breeze, you are glad to get a full breath of air. The cottage had felt stuffy, heavy and as if it was closing in on you. Your boots pad along the ground as you make your way towards the village bakery, your hands are still trembly and your steps are a bit clumsy. Evidently you had yet to regain the same tranquility you had before you had entered that forest.
As you pass the usual group of children, your eyes unconsciously scan over their faces in search for the familiar face of the little boy you had followed into the woods. You find that none of the children resemble him in the slightest which eases your worries. If what you had seen in the forest had been true, then you are certain his parents would have already caused an uproar and sent villagers in search for him.
On the contrary, the village seemed quiet. Even the children were not causing as much noise as usual, there was no playful laughter or mischievous footsteps. They sat together by the well, playing with their wooden toys in silence as their eyes discreetly followed you.
You sent them a friendly wave as you passed them, the bakery coming into view instantly but you were upset to see that Jungkook was not behind the racks of bread like he always was. In his place was his father instead.
“Hello dear,” His father greeted with you his usual wide smile.
You would admit there little to no similarities between Jungkook and his father. It made you believe he had taken after his mother. The man held no features that gave away Jungkook was his son. At least in that you were similar, you too had taken after your mother instead of your father in terms of looks.
“Hello sir,” You bow slightly towards him. “ I-I was wondering if Jungkook was around? I wanted to speak with him.”
“Ah, no he’s not here at the moment.” He replied in an even tone, glancing down towards your basket.
“Did you need some bread?”
You follow his gaze but give shake your head.
“Oh no thank you.” You refuse politely, suddenly wondering if Jungkook had mentioned the incident to his father. “Do you know when he will be back?”
“He shouldn’t be long.” He smiled, a smile so wide yet it didn’t reach his eyes.
“He’s been wondering why you had not come by this week.” He adds, the smile fading “ I think he was quite upset that you had been avoiding him.”
Of course. You felt ashamed that his father had to point out your absent behavior and unwillingness to visit the past few days right after you had gotten engaged. It made you seem rude and uninviting which was the last thing you wished to be seen as by your future father in law.
“I’m so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to avoid him. I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed.”
His father nodded, seemingly understand your reasoning.
“It’s alright, I’m sure he will understand.” He says, the smile returning. “ Jungkook is such a kind man, isn’t he?”
“Yes, he must’ve gotten his kindness from you.” You reply with a grin, tilting your head to the side. “ What was he like as a child?”
Your question is meant to be innocent, an attempt to further get to know the man who was going to be your future husband in just a few weeks time. Despite how caring Jungkook seemed, it felt like you still didn’t know much about him or his childhood. He had not talked to you much about why he had even moved to this village and what exactly had brought his father and him here.
“As a child?” His father repeated with a blank stare.
You await his response but his face remains stoic.
“As a child..he was..” His eyebrows knit together as if he’s in struggling to recall a memory.
“I’m not sure.” He finishes, cocking his head to the side as that empty stare returns to his eyes.
You raise an eyebrow in question, becoming uncomfortable with the situation unwrapping in front of you. Had you heard him correctly? Was it possible you were still drowsy from your sleep and misheard him?
“I-I’m sure he was just as kind.” You comment shyly with a nervous glance.
His father simply stares at you, as if he was wondering why you would ever ask such a question. Had you overstepped? Perhaps his childhood was a subject that was not meant to be touched.
You felt like you had to keep apologizing.
“Jungkook is a kind man, yes.” He voices out with an almost calculated and practiced smile taking over his face again.
His odd behavior was beginning to unsettle you but you couldn’t figure out if it was you who had who was not taking a hint. Was this his father’s way of telling you to not probe into matters that didn’t concern you?
The thing was, Jungkook did concern you now. He was going to be your husband, everything about him was meant to concern you as his future wife.
“Right, well I must get going then. Can you tell him I stopped by?” You ask him, already turning to leave.
“Of course.” You hear his father reply from behind you as you make your way through the village. Your gaze is focused on your boots padding against the cobblestone path beneath you but you lift up your head as you take in your surroundings more in detail.
The few people walking amongst you hung their heads low. You didn’t think anything of it until your eyes traveled further across you, noticing more people also not lifting their heads up. You frowned, turning to glance back.
Jungkook’s father stood by the bakery stand like a statue. His face held no emotion, just a vacant stare that seemed be focused on nothing in particular.
The first person you did manage to meet eyes with was the local wood cutter which happened to be the Yujin’s brother, the girl who had disappeared in the woods a few months ago. He stood outside his home with his hands folded. When he noticed your stare on him, he immediately looked away as if he had seen something horrible. He kept his eyes on the ground, refusing to look towards you.
This made you frown deepen, frustration and blatant confusion bubbling up inside you. You hesitated for a moment before you stalked over to him, practically trapping him when he flinched back at your sudden arrival.
“Taehyung.” You address the young man and watch his eyes slowly lift to meet yours again.
His hair covered most of his forehead but you could see his unwelcoming gaze from a mile away.
“Do I know you, miss?” He replied curtly.
Your jaw dropped, eyes widening at his words.
“Y-Yes, it’s me? I’ve known you practically my whole life. “ You tell him, almost wanting to let out an unamused laugh at his act. Why was he messing with you? You two were far too old to be playing such games.
You knew Taehyung as much as you had known his sister. Obviously you were not that close by any means but you were not strangers. You had grown up with both of them and were friendly with each other.
“You’re not a fellow follower.” He says as he sígnales towards your neck and you don’t even have to glance down to know he was referring to your cross.
Fellow follower.
“I am, I’m a follower of Christ just like you and everyone else.” You scoff with a shake of your head. He was surely messing with you now.
Taehyung’s face twisted in repulse as he took a step back.
“Get away.” He spat before he turned to open his cottage door, slipping inside and harshly slamming it in your face before you could utter another word.
His actions left you stunned. You stood there for a few seconds as you tried to process what had just happened.
He had lost it.
You back away from his door, turning back to walk towards your home as you hurried your steps this time. The air seemed to be suffocating you now, it stung against your skin as you neared your cottage. You avoided taking a glance towards the woods that had gifted you the most unpleasant of memories but it was as if your curious nature knew no bounds.
Once you nearly reach your home, your head turns towards the tall trees before you, and you nearly halt in your steps when you notice a tall figure a few feet away. You crane your neck, trying to make out what it is. The figure is wearing a cloak but the never ending fog that had still not left ever since you had entered the woods lingered lowly, messing with your vision.
Your breath hitches when it turns its head, it’s a man. A very familiar looking man.
His side profile is evident, the sharp and attractive features are ones you would recognize anywhere. On his shoulder there was raven, a very large raven that stuck to him like a loyal pet.
Jungkook had not taken notice in you yet, he seemed distracted in something ahead of him. But the moment he fully turned around, you duck your head behind a bush. You squatted, your muscles straining as you prayed that the useless plants would hide you enough from his view. You poked your head to the side, eyeing the way his figure disappeared into the heavy fog.
You wasted not time in breaking out into a full run towards your cottage, your heart began beating again rapidly against your rib cage as you tried your best to not completely break down. You shut the door behind you, locking it in place as you let your back crash against it.
“My dear, what’s wrong?” Your father’s voice was heard in the distance but your mind was too preoccupied in filling out the puzzle.
Jungkook’s warnings about the witch. The little boy you had followed into the forest, what he had said to you about your cross. The ink on his skin.
It was all hitting you at once.
But it couldn’t be, could it?
He doesn’t like it, the little boy had said to you.
The unexplainable behavior you had just witnessed from his father, the strange behavior of all the villagers. Your mind ached at the very conclusion of what it could all lead to.
“There’s something wrong with Jungkook.” You whispered in terror to your father who had already made his way towards you.
Jungkook was the witch.
“I can’t marry him, father. I can’t marry him!” You shook your head rapidly, recalling every memory you had of him, every word he had ever spoken to you.
Every little detail you had overlooked. It was all starting to make sense yet your heart was refusing to give into your logical instincts. How was it possible? You couldn’t have been that foolish, could you? How was it possible that such evil had made its way into your village, into your home.
“What are you talking about, child?”
“H-He’s not who we think he is, I just saw him by the forest.” You begin to explain , coming to grab your father’s hands as you plead him to listen to you.
“He’s a witch! Please don’t make me marry him! Father please!” Your father doesn’t seem to know how to react, his eyes scan over your face as he furrows his eyebrows.
“Don’t be talk such nonsense.” He sputters out but you don’t the doubt in his voice, the tremble in it.
A violent knock makes you jump, your father flinching back as well. You both turn your head towards the door, your body is ready to go into full panic at any second.
“Who is it?” Your father calls out and you can tell how nervous he has gotten. He squeezed your arms back, silently commanding you to not speak a word.
“It’s Jungkook, sir.” The voice you once believed to be gentle and soft speaks at the other side. Your eyes are wide with fear as you take a glance towards your father. He swallows, giving you a warning look.
“She’s not here at the moment, boy.”
“I never asked if your daughter was home.” Jungkook stated in a neutral manner.
You lick your dry lips, your mouth becoming dry as the newfound anxiety starts traveling through your body. Your fingers are shaking against your father’s hands. You both remain silent , not sure what to respond but Jungkook doesn’t seem to have much patience because his next words are even more unsettling.
“Open the door.”
It’s a command.
He didn’t sound like the usual sweet boy you had interacted with all these months. No, he sounded like the monster in all of the bedtime stories your parents used to tell you about, he sounded like the very evil he had warned you about. 
“I’m sorry, my child.” Your father tells you and your taken aback by the overhwhelming emotion in his voice, his eyes telling the same story as his regretful words. “ I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”
His eyes are glossy now, evidently trying his hold back his tears and that alone makes your heart drop. That feeling you had felt on your walk home from the forest that day you had gone to pick herbs returns in an instant, the dread running through your veins again and you feel it. The dark cloud was back but it was inside your home now and hovering right above you.
“What?” You force out, no longer curious but downright terrified about what his next words would be. Your eyes narrowed in suspiscioun, there no reason your father would be saying this to you if he didn’t know what was happening and what awaited outside.
“What did you do?” Your father closes his eyes at the slight crack in your voice, tears finally slipping out and trailing down his cheeks. He clenches his jaw as he hangs his head low but all you could focus on was the growing chaos outside, the the sound of cries hitting your ears and your heart sunk when you realized it was women who were crying out.
“What did you do?!” You demand again, raising your voice and you could feel the newfound tremble making it’s way through your hands as a heavy lump formed in your throat.
Your father ignored you.
“Go hide.” You started to shake your head but he closed the space between you two and gripped both your shoulders now, leveling down to meet your eyes.
“Go hide right now and don’t you dare come out. Go!” You flinched at his shout but followed his orders, your body felt like it was moving on it’s own your mind had completely disconnected itself from your doomed reality. You made your way down the narrow hallway, not even knowing where you could possibly hide yourself in such a small space. There was no way you would be able to successfully hide somewhere where he wouldn’t look.
You let out a sob as you paced back and forth inside your room, for a second you thought about escaping through your window but you knew you wouldn’t make it far when you caught a glipse of a line of black horses in the near distance. Your eyes squinted as you saw the figures mounted on top of them, the long cloaks that hung over their bodies and the symbol on them that you couldn’t make out.
“What the hell?” You muttered in misery, the sight itself felt like it was sentencing you to your end.
Turning back around, you ran towards your closet, opening the wooden doors but then you shut them again.
Too obvious,you fool, you thought to yourself.
In your panicked state, the only other place that crossed your mind was throwing your body underneath your bed. So, that’s exactly what you did. You crouched down, sliding underneath and shifting your body towards the middle, making sure no part of you was visible to the eyes of an intruder. You let out a breath, watching as your tears fell against the floor beneath you as you held your hands together at your chest.
It was quiet for a long time, too long. The only thing that was heard was distant voices and the sound of the stampede of horses, the heaviness of the arrival marked in the trotting of their hooves.
For a hopeful moment you begin to think Jungkook has left. But then, all the little hope leaves your body when your head the crashing sound of your front door breaking. You stiffen, hearing heavy footsteps make their way into your home. Your eyes are glued to the bottom of the shut door that is a few inches away.
You hear instant shuffling, the footsteps making their way down the hallway. A door is opened but it’s not the one that belongs to your room, it’s your father’s. You hear stuff being thrown around, glass shattering against the floor. Your hands curl up into fists, your eyes lowering down to your neck as you take the cross hanging from you into your shaking hands.
You hold it and press it to your mouth.
Then, your door is finally opened widely and you become frozen. Not a single inch of you dares to move, you hold your breath as your eyes take in the familiar pair of dark boots that walk inside your room, you take notice of the bronze chains hanging around them. He walks in confident slow steps, crossing over to your closet before ripping open the flimsy doors. It takes everything in you not to flinch at the sudden sound and terror of it all. You watch as he continue to walk around to the other side of the bedroom, your eyes not leaving his boots but they disappear out of your eye line when they had over to your window.
A few excruciatingly long seconds pass before you hear him walk back over to the door and you’re about to let out a relieved breath but once he reaches it, he halts in his steps. You watch as he steps back, turning his body and his boots are nearly right directly in front of you.
“You know, I’ve always wondered why humans are so blinded by their faith,” Jungkook speaks out-loud and you shiver at his tone, it’s deep but crisp. Like that of someone who knew exactly what they were always saying, that knew what to say.
“Blind faith is such fickle thing, so bound to disappoint you, time and time again.” He continues, taking a closer step towards the bed and you shut your eyes tightly, the tears had not stopped for a second. “But then, I realized that’s the appeal.”
“It makes humans so easy to maneuver, compels them do the most heinous of things.”
“Tell me,” His voice is nearly on top of you and you can’t help the yelp that leaves your lips when he suddenly bends down and a harsh grip is felt around your wrist, tugging you forward.
He wasted no time in bringing you to your feet, holding you up with ease despite you attempts at resistance.
You let out another cry, eyes opening fully as you come face to face with him . You hold in a gasp, Jungkook looked the same as ever but his eyes were ancient. Sharp eyebrows that only enhanced his unwelcoming stare and harsh appearance. He wore a dark red cloak, the hood covering most of his hair but you could see the dark strands poking out. There was bronze designs decorating it, patterns you had never before seen and would rather not find out what they represented.
It was then when you realized how naive you had been.
Jungkook had always been a stranger, he had never revealed his true identity. He had only fed you the image of a commoner, the image of another noble peasant. One that he was sure you would never suspect of, that nobody would suspect of.
His kind eyes and endearing smile that had once made you fall for him were nowhere to be found now. This wasn’t the shy boy desperate for your love and attention, the one eager to marry you. This was someone much older in wisdom and experience despite the youthful appearance.
It was the oldest trick in the book and you had fallen for it so easily.
“Was it your blind faith that made you believe you could escape me, little bride?”
You were full on wailing when you were dragged out of your bedroom, you had dug your feet against the floors but the man holding you was far too strong, lifting you with ease and he gripped a fist full of your hair when you attempted to throw a hit at him.
“Try that again and see what happens.” Jungkook hissed in your ear, tugging your hair more which caused another whimper to leave your lips. You can’t help the shock that runs through you at his actions, the man you had been promised to would have never laid a finger on you. That was it though , that man never existed.
Your eyes caught sight of your father who was tied to a kitchen chair, ropes were tied around his limbs, completely immobilizing him. That wasn’t it, there was also a black cloth tied around his mouth, leaving your father unable to speak out towards you. You watch him groan instead, his eyes bulging out as he took you in.
“Let him go!” You yelled out , twisting against the strong grip that held you and you felt Jungkook turn you around, black gloves hands grasped your chin, forcing your gaze to meet his again.
“So sacrificial for daddy dearest who so easily gave you away to me.” He tells you as he glances towards your father and when he looks back at you, his eyes scan over your face as realization settles on him. A newfound smile tugging his lips.
“Oh,” He whispers in feigned surprise. “ He hasn’t told you yet, has he?”
Shame and anger fills you at the knowledge that he was right. You were yet to fully understand the severity of what your father had done and why you had seemed to know exactly what Jungkook was.
“Whatever it is, it can’t be worse than what you are doing to me! You witch ” You scream at him, clenching your teeth.
Jungkook’a face darkens at your words and you’re expecting a slap to your face but it never comes. Instead, he lets out chuckle, one holding no humor.
“Is that so?” He asks you, cocking his head to the side. “Why don’t we ask your old man what happened to that young girl who disappeared in the forest then?”
Jungkook’s eyes bore into yours as your lips continue to wobble, snot running down your entire face, down your neck.
“Yujin was it?”
Your eyes dart back to your father, sweat is glistening down his forehead and the veins by his head pop out. He groans in response.
“The girl he brutally raped and left for dead.”
His words are like a straight arrow to the chest.
“No,” You shake your head, not believing the words you just heard. There was no way what this monster was spewing was true.
“That can’t be true.”
Eyes are set on your father again but he refuses to meet your gaze. Your heart sinks as he hung his head low, his fists clenched at his sides.
“Of course it is.” Jungkook replied with a wicked smile, grasping your jaw and tearing your eyes away from your father. “ I saw it all happen.”
“Why do you think he was so quick to accept my proposal? After all, I was the one who had to clean up his dirty work.” He scoffs, sending a glare towards your father. “ He didn’t even hesitate to offer his daughter when he realized what I had witnessed him do.”
His words evoked another wail from you, the revelation much worse then what you had imagined. You couldn’t even bring yourself to look towards your father, your heart felt like it was being shattered into a million pieces. You wanted to deny it, to not believe anything that he was saying but you knew it was true. Your father had already convinced himself with how he had not looked up once towards you.
Disgust filled you, growing nauseous at the very thought of the man who cared and loved you all these years had committed such a sin.
“I’m sure he wouldn’t have stopped there.” Jungkook continued, raising a dark eyebrows “You should be thanking me, who’s to say you weren’t his next victim?“
That caused your father’ face to flinch up. Strained groans leaving him as he frantically shook his head side to side in protest. The thought was repulsive and your skin crawled at his crude comment.
“Stop!” You demanded in an angry cry, refusing to listen to more of his sadistic descriptions.
“Why are you doing this?”
“To show you how the most holy of souls can be deceiving.” He tells you, eyes traveling down your neck and exposed chest area.
“To show you that karma often comes in human form.” Jungkook finishes with a grin, tapping the bottom of your chin.
Your father glared at Jungkook but you knew it must of done nothing to waver him because a few seconds of silence passed before Jungkook pulled you up against him again. His eyes took you in, and you didn’t like the invasive stare he gave you, it sent a shiver down your spine. He looked like he was in deep thought, his gaze then slowly drifted to your father’s as his lips tilted into a predatory smirk.
“I think we should show your father how much I appreciate our little deal.” Jungkook whispered against your cheek and you flinched back at his hot breath, your body instantly stiffened at his words.
“And what happens when you try to break that deal.”
“P-Please no, Jungkook.” You pull against him, only praying to somehow find a glimpse of that man who had charmed you all these past months. To find some of the kindness he had given you. “You don’t have to do this, y-you have been so good to me.”
“Shh,” He whispers into your hair. “ I’ll always be good to you, my little bride.”
He moves you both towards the kitchen table until your backside bumps against the wood. His fingers slide down your arms in slow motions before he tugs down the ends of your ruffled sleeves and he turns you around completely.
“As long as you behave.”
His words sent another wave of terror through you as realize what is about to happen. You instantly start twisting against him, letting out another blood-curling scream but his fingers come to wrap against your neck, squeezing harshly and you let out a choked sob.
“I know it’s technically tradition to bed on the wedding night but I do things a little differently.” His hands leaves your neck to come pull off the corset around your chest, not bothering to untie it, he simply rips it off in one quick motion. Your head is positioned downwards, your back arching as he bends you over the table and your hands come to grip the edges of the wood.
A whimper leaves you as he pulls the bottom of your white dress over your back, leaving you completely bare underneath, your boots hit against the legs a chair next to you as you hear him shuffle behind you.
“No!” You resist again but it’s useless, his fingers are around the back of your neck still and you feel him bend over to your ear, his hair tickling the side of your forehead.
“No?” He taunts back as his other hand palms your cunt, fingers sliding through your folds and your face scrunched up at the unexpected pleasure your body felt. You hated the wetness that begin to pool over his fingers as he continued his strokes.
“I think you’re more than ready for me, little bride.” Jungkook whispers harshly against you, and you shut your eyes when your hear them struggling cries of your father behind you. Utter shame and embarrassment was all you could feel on top of the immense fear that only got worse with every second.
Jungkook lifted his head back up and you hear his sickening voice direct itself at your father.
“Why do glum, old man? You get to see your precious daughter become a woman.”
You let out a breath when you feel the hard sensation against your entrance, Jungkook hands come to tightly grip your waist as he thrusts forwards without warning. You feel his length fill you up, forcing your walls to stretch and you instantly feel the burning sensation. A pained whimper leaves you, your fingers tightening against the wooden edges of the table.
He leaves no room for adjustment, his pace instantly brutal and relentless. Your body jolts with every hard thrust, each one seeming to suck air from your lungs as you involuntarily let out a whine.
“You have such a pretty cunt, taking my cock so well, my little bride.” Jungkook grunts behind you, the sound of skin slapping against skin was all that could be heard to your ears, not even the screaming and distressed chaos of the outside could distract you from your own miserable reality.
With the shake of the table, you watch your basket you had placed earlier on it fall to the ground, the berries and herbs falling everywhere on the floor.
“Ah!“ You voice at the feeling of particular hard thrust and you feel Jungkook’s hands move up your waist, coming to fully rip apart the front of your dress, the thin material tearing easily and making your breasts spill out. He grasps them harshly as continued to pound into you, your back arching at the force of his length filling you up completely. The feeling is so new to you, so unnatural and you bite your lips in order to suppress the moans threatening to slip from your lips. Your body was betraying your heart and mind, giving into the pleasure it was being subjected to.
“Fuck, you’re even better than I imagined.” He rasps as he continues to grope every inch of you, fingers pinching your nipples hard , causing another painful sensation to surge through you. His fingers flick on the nubs, while his other hand massages your other breasts.
“P-Please” Your vision is growing hazy with every roll of his hips, the wetness of your heat mixing with his own. He ignored your pleas, only letting out satisfied grunts of his own as his hand left your chest to come grasp your ass, smacking it roughly as he came to lay his fingers steadily against your lower back. Your body shakes in what you can longer decipher as pure fright or pleasure, most likely a combination of the two as you feel the pressure in your gut grow. You knit your eyebrows together at the overwhelming strange sensation you have never before felt and let the side of your face drop against the table, slightly turning your neck to catch a glimpse of the monster behind you.
Jungkook's face is narrowed in concentration, eyes locked on his cock thrusting in and out you, but when he catches sight of your teary gaze on his, he sends a sultry smirk your way. His pupils are completely blown out, the feeling of pure ecstasy and sin is clear in his eyes as he lets his head fall back in pleasure , the hood of his cloak falling off, revealing the rest of his dark locks.
“Does it hurt, my little bride?” He breathed, bringing his hands around your waist, hoisting your upper body up against him again and your head lifted up automatically. The tightness continued to build in you, growing more with each thrust.
“Looks like your daddy was even kind enough to grant me a little virgin,” He chuckled breathlessly behind you and you tremble when you feel his fingers travel down to your wet folds again, rubbing harshly against them. You let out another high-pitched whimper, finally feeling that tightness come undone, the forced orgasm sending waves of unwanted pleasure through you and your body soon falls limp against him.
Jungkook continued to roll his hips, making you feel another strange sensation, it's too much, far too much for your body.  A pained cry leaves you once again as you feel hot liquid filling your insides, you flinch forwards but Jungkook’s grip is like steel, keeping you in place as he slows his movements. You feel him thrust a few more times before he pulls out, the action should have brought you some relief but you nearly recoil when you feel the warm feeling trailing down your legs, his release tainting you completely.
You let out a shaky breath.
It’s over.
Your legs are too weak to maintain your weight anymore and you let yourself slowly side down to the ground, letting out ugly sobs as you hang your head down in shame. You didn’t want to even glance at your father, the feelings of humiliation and anger were too conflicting. You couldn’t bear to even acknowledge he had witnessed every moment of that. Your eyes travel down your legs, noticing the slight blood stained on the bottom of your calves. You try your best to cover your exposed chest but the rip Jungkook had made is too severe, so you simply attempt to cross your arms around you as you turn to your side.
You hear Jungkook adjusting himself, the sound of armor shifting and you take a quick glance at him positioning a dagger on his belt. His face holds no emotion as he stares down at your figure. You watch him slide on his black gloves again before he kneels down in front of you, yanking your chin upwards.
“You better hope you’re as fertile as you look and feel.”
With that, he pulls off his long cloak, covering you with it and tying it around your neck. He makes sure every part of you is covered, tying it in the middle parts as well. While he’s moving aside your hair from the hood, his eyes fall on the cross on your neck, and his gaze hardens instantly. He gives you a knowing look before his gloved fingers lift it up.
“You won’t be needing this where we are headed.” He states as he rips it off your neck, throwing it harshly against the floor.
“No!” You reach out to go grab it but he pushes you back with ease, a glare forming in his dark eyes at your defiance.
“Why continue to pray to a God who let this happen to you?” He smirks, raising an eyebrow and you’re surprised to feel how much his words impacted you in that moment. The vulnerable state didn’t help the already whirlwind of emotions bubbling inside you, and you can’t help but wonder if he’s right.
“ How pathetic are you? Hm? There’s no God that will help you now.” His voice takes an edge towards the end as his face inches closer, his forehead touching yours.
“No miracle will be able to take you away from me.” Jungkook says, his voice deepening and swear you could see the raging fire behind his eyes. “The only God you will worship from now on is me.”
The smell of smoke greets you the moment you step outside, Jungkook’s painful grip is on your arm once again and you’re practically dragging your feet to walk. Your legs feel sore, and you feel disgusting, used. Your body has not been able to stop trembling and it only worsens when you take sight of what’s happening ahead of you. Angry fires are being set on countless cottages, there’s women weeping on the grounds with lifeless bodies on their laps as they try to shake them awake. The cries of babies tug at your heart and you grow nauseas at the revolting scene in front of you. Dozens of cloaked figures just like the one beside you are throwing women in carriages, chaining them together as they gather the children into a completely different carriage. 
What’s even more horrifying is that none of them are protesting.
They walk in straight lines, eyes void of any emotion or life. They don’t seem the least bit phased by the chaos amongst them, they follow the men in cloaks blindly with steps that resemble that of soldiers. 
You let out a gasp when you recognize a familiar face.
The small figure walks behind a man and woman, a white cloth is wrapped around his eyes but the circular stained spots on the material suddenly make you realize that the boy had no eyes. The blood of his wound is clear on the cloth, giving away the unforunate reality. 
The little boy from the woods.
It had not been an illusion.
Bile threatens to move up your throat at the sight, your palms coming to cover your mouth as you watch him enter one the carriages.
But not before he turns his head, nearly twisting his neck in an unnatural angle and sends you a wide smile.
Jungkook takes notice instantly, his eyes closing in on him and he reminds you of the very creature you had seen on his shoulder earlier. He looked like a raven in that second, caustiously observing one of his preys. Everything about him seemed to fit the ill perceived animal, he carried the heavy and dark energy of a bad omen.
How had he masked it before so well?
“Children make the best sacrfices.” He breathed against your cheek, his hold on your waist tightening as he let one his hands come lay right above your lower stomach.
You recoil at what he is implying.
“Come along, my little bride.” He guides you away from the crowd, dragging you over to one of the carriages that awaits. 
You turn your head, sending one last look towards your father’s limp body that still was inside your home. Jungkook had slid a sword right into his neck, and another in his groin. His lifeless body was tied to the chair still, blood seeping through the wooden floors as his eyes stared upwards. His head had flopped to the side, allowing him to look at you, even if there was no remains of left of him. 
Jungkook yanked your chin towards him, gloved fingers bruising your skin as he sent you a threaning look before he motioned you to climb into the carriage. He shut the door behind you and your fingers gripped the metal bars of the opening. You officialy felt like a prisoner, and not at all like the bride he claimed you as.
“Get comfortable, we have a long ride ahead.” He tilted his lips upwards,  brushing his hands agsint your fingers before he turned to walk away.
Your jaw clenched, more angry tears falling as the carriage begins to move and you feel so helpless. A new fear came with getting taken from the only home you had ever known, your fingers tightened against the bars, as if they would stop the carriage from moving. Your body swayed with every movement of the carriage, the sight of your village becoming smaller and smaller and the smell of smoke soon clearing from your nostrils but the burning sensation lingers.
It wasn’t until there was no sight of flames , no sight of the familiar cottages and certainly no sounds of heart wrenching wails that you let your head drop to the side. Your eyes stared at the sky, memories of  your life at the village flooding in and you wished you had savored the last moments of freedom you had before tragedy had struck.
Before evil had taken you.
The cawing was back, and so was the raven. Your eyes zoomed in on the creature flying high above and you glared at it. There was no knowing if it had been the same one you had seen in the woods all those times but somehow you felt like it was, the cawing sounded like mockery to your ears.
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bukguhope · 2 months ago
A ONE TIME THING - jjk one shot
summary: after a one night stand with the campus fuckboy you think that would be the end of it, but someone can’t get their mind off you
themes: one night stand, fuckboy! jungkook, mature
Tumblr media
you are kind of an unseen student at university, just in the background of things. yes, you went to every party and yes you occasionally hooked up with guys there. but were you well known, absolutely not. you liked it this way, you could have all the fun you wanted and were never the end of the rumours that circulated everyday on campus. jungkook, however, was the opposite. he was most definitely known on campus, hard to say if it was for the right reasons. you always heard some sort of story about it at least once a week and they generally seemed to be about his sex life. apparently he was very - experienced in that field, at least that’s what you were hearing constantly. never did you think about him or the stories too deeply, to be honest you never expected you’d ever talk to him. that was until you found yourself in his dorm after a party.
“be a good girl and lay on your stomach for me” oh he was good with his words that was for sure. immediately you followed his instructions, the alcohol in your system making you a little to eager for him. “you’re so good for me, listening to my every word. what did i so deserve such an obedient girl” you were gonna say something but you mouth was stuck open once one of his fingers made its inside you, the sight hidden by your skirt that was left on. “so wet for me and i’ve barely touched you yet” he groaned in your ear and you had to suppress the noises that want to escape your throat. you definitely didn’t want everyone in the dorms surrounding the pair or you to hear you like this. but that was getting increasingly harder, especially when he slipped a second finger in. you couldn’t help it at this, a moan slipping past your lips. “god you sound so fucking hot, moaning like that for me. what if someone heard, you probably love the thought of that right? everyone hearing how good i make you feel” now that almost broke you, yeah - definitely good with his words. “say it, you want them to know right” letting out another moan you nod your head, finding it hard to even say a single word. he didn’t let it go though, he moves his fingers faster
“say it y/n” he says through his teeth and you almost roll your eyes but his fingers were just moving so well inside you, you’d say anything
“yes - god jungkook yes” you fumble with words and he lets out a chuckle, suddenly pulling his fingers from you and you’re about to complain before you’re flipped on your back and you notice he’s taken his jeans off.
“love it when you say my name like that” he groans before leaning down and smashing his lips into yours. it’s messy and sloppily but you loved every second. the way your tongue moved against his had his hand spinning and when your hands went behind his head and gently pulled on the hairs attached to the nape of his neck, he knew he was done for. letting out a moan he moves his lips to your neck, leaving a bright purple bruise right in the middle of your throat. now he was confusing himself, he never did this. fuck he never even kissed the women he hooked up with, and he’d never engage in the idea of leaving marks. but tonight, with you, he just couldn’t stop himself.
“mark me” you gave him a look but he simply moved his neck to your mouth and you weren’t about to decline. instantly you attached your lips to his neck, sucking so nicely he couldn’t help the moan that left his mouth. hearing that made you hips buck into him without even thinking about it. then you leant up, and licked a strip behind his ear and that almost made him go feral. “fuck y/n” he lets out a little breath and moves away from you, looking at you. the sight that meets him almost makes him groan, you led there looking up at him with swollen lips and the pretty hickey decorating your neck.
“i need to be inside you, now”
waking up the next morning was hell. your head was banging and your body hurt. seeing your phone on the table beside jungkooks bed you pick it up and check the time
sighing you look over your shoulder, jungkook was led peacefully behind you, arm slung over your waist. he looked cute you had to admit, but the thoughts running through your head clouded admiring him. you certainly knew of his reputation, that didn’t bother you at all. but the thought of being talked about by everyone on campus, now that did. you were laid back, but only because no one cared what you were doing. if people began to talk you’d just be annoyed so, you gently got out of his embrace, dressed and left. then you headed back to your dorm, glad no one was around to watch your walk of shame. once inside you sighed from happiness and quickly got changed before face planting your bed and immediately falling back to sleep. back at jungkooks dorm he groaned as his eyes began to open, his head hurt and his throat was incredibly dry. blindly he reach an arm across his bed, only to be met with his sheets. opening his eyes fully now he saw that your were no longer in the room. honestly he didn’t even know why he was searching for you in the first place. under normal circumstances he would be relived to see his nightly hook up left on their own, they usually took some convincing to get out in the morning. he reached over to his phone to see the time
putting the phone back down and rubbed his eyes and sat up, his thoughts immediately going back to last night, to you? a smile suddenly crept on his face before he caught himself and stopped. what was going on with him? thinking back his hand reach up to his neck, god- what had gotten into him? he put it down to the alcohol and being in the moment. shaking his head, he got out of his bed and went about his day. he remembered he actually had a class today, luckily it was a 2pm start so he wasn’t going to miss it, like he usually did after a party. after getting ready for his day he made it out of his dorm around 1:30pm and after meeting up with his friend taehyung the questions immediately started.
“saw you left somewhat early last night, who was the lucky girl this time?” jungkook chuckled at his friend, it was always the same. he’d leave once he found a girl to spend the night with, next morning his friend asked questions “dude is that a hickey?!” a slight blush made its way up jungkooks neck, a hand going up to rub the mark.
“we’re not children tae, it’s normal to have one or two after a hook up”
“yeah for other people, not you. wait were you kissing?!” jungkook didn’t know what to answer that with. he knew that he was acting out of character last night, did he drink more then he usually did? he wasn’t sure but what he did know was that you were running towards him just outside the music buildings doors. a grin making his way to his face thinking about what was about to happen, something that usually happens after a hook up. the girl gets attached, starts to get clingy before finally taking the hint that it was a one time thing and he’d never take it further with them. as you got closer he was preparing his rejection in his head, his ego growing each second. just as you were about to reach him, his mouth opened to begin speaking, and then - you were gone. you ran right past him. he doesn’t even think you saw him stood there. dumbfounded he looked back in your direction, watching as you entered the building, not even looking back in his direction. a scoff made its way out his throat and he turned back around. taehyung gave him a side eye before looking in the direction he just was before turning back. “was it her? did you sleep with her last night?” jungkook scowled at him before moving from his spot
“doesn’t matter, iam going to class” he mumbled before walking away from his friend, ignoring him calling after him. he left it a little late to walk in but he got sat down just in time. he sat at his usual spot in the back and noticed you sat a couple seats in front. he couldn’t help but just look at you, he was actually annoyed. he had no idea why he was so irritated, what was making him tick? he couldn’t even focus once the professor began speaking, all he was focused on was you. he watched as you took notes and listened intently. was it the fact you bruised his ego? did you even bruise his ego? his mind was working overtime to figure out why he was so pissed off. why? because you left before he woke up? because you didn’t even acknowledge him before class? he didn’t even think he wanted you to be there when he woke up, or to attach yourself to him. ones thing for sure, he was pissed. and it made him even more mad that he didn’t know why he was. jungkook barely even realised the class was over until everyone around him was getting up and leaving. he quickly gathered his stuff and began walking out the hall when he knocked into someone. his notepad flew from his grip, before he could reach for it the person who clashed with him was offering it back to him. looking he noticed it was you.
“sorry about that” you said as he took it from you and then you walked away. sorry about that? is that all you had to say to him? he was just stood frozen in his spot but the hustle of people making their way past him kicked him out of his daze. walking out of the hall he was once again thinking about you. now he was just annoyed he couldn’t get you off his mind. meanwhile, you had just met your friends hoseok and namjoon on the chilling space just outside the music building, after attending your only class of the day, that you were almost late for, you were happy to be relaxing. sitting on the big patch of grass, your friends greeted you.
“here’s misses track star, where were off to so fast earlier?” namjoon teases and you give him a smile. he was in year above, and was so welcoming when you had met him. he immediately introduced you to his friend hoseok and since then it was you three together always
“almost late for class this morning, running my ass off to get in on time that professor gets so anal about people arriving late” you explain, laying your head down on hoseok’s lap. you were never the one to shy away from contact with friends, it meant nothing to you aswell as them.
“and were you running late because you left that party early with a certain someone?” namjoon is instantly intrigued in this conversation, always needing some excuse to make fun of you
“oh what a dirty little stop out. who is this certain someone?” you roll your eyes at them, always so nosey.
“i need better friends”
“excuse me we are the best” hoseok claims patting your forehead. sighing you begin to answer their questions
“yes i hooked up, yes i only got back to my dorm this morning. not like it hasn’t happened before” you explain casually, you never hooked up often actually this was only the third time since you started attending university and the first two times was the same person. you were never one to overthink these situations, you knew what you wanted and what the guy wanted.
“funny you left out a certain little detail? the person you left with” hoseok states and namjoon grabs his arm in a hurry
“who was it? who was it?” he asks making you laugh, these were the only two people who could know who it was. you knew they wouldn’t be going around telling everyone within earshot. yes, they loved to gossip but they’d never use your personal affairs to do so
“a mr jeon jungkook” hoseok confirms and namjoon let’s out a hearty gasp before he laughs, you couldn’t help but grin at his actions.
“you didn’t?” he asks and you simply shrug your shoulders. of course you knew why this was such a scandalous piece of information but at the same time it definitely wasn’t jungkook’s first time hooking up with someone, so it shouldn’t be that surprising.
“how was it? i’ve been dying to know if the rumours are true.” hoseok asks looking down at you in his lap. and you think back to what you remember, the rumours were certainly true. it was possibly the best sex you’ve ever had and you probably wouldn’t it turn down if another opportunity arises.
“i don’t kiss and tell gentlemen, you’ll have to make your own guesses as to if those rumours are accurate” then your friends let out squeals making you laugh. what you weren’t aware of were the daggers being sent your way by the man in question across the field. he watched as you laughed with two guys he didn’t recognise. why was he even watching you anyway? and why did he want to rip you from the guys lap? he wondered if he were your boyfriend and if that’s why you snuck of in the morning and haven’t made a move to talk to him.
“do you know those guys over there?” jungkook asks his friend and points his chin over to you and your friends. taehyung looks over and tilts his head.
“nope, no idea” his friend replies and jungkook nods his head, still looking over “actually, that guys hoseok i think. the one with the girl in his lap. he’s in one of my modules” jungkooks jaw tightens, so the mans name he wanted to punch the shit out of for no good reason was hoseok. interesting. “why you asking?” his friend inquires and he had no idea how to reply. mainly because he didn’t even know himself.
“just curious” he replies and his friend nods. before anything else can be said jungkook looks in shock as you and the guys are making their way over to his direction. why was he feeling nervous. but those feelings soon disappeared when you walked right past him, laughing with those guys.
“bro what’s your issue? been giving glares to them for the past five minutes?” this sentence shook jungkook out of his trance and he looks over to his friend
“no, iam just looking around” taehyung raised his eyebrow at this. but didn’t push further, he knew his friend was hiding something in his head but he wasn’t going to dig for it. and that was the end of it, until the next weekend and he saw you again. red plastic cup in hand and laughing with your friends in the hall outside of a party some guy was hosting. his mind and been thinking about you all week, seeing glimpses of you in class or in the yard didn’t help. with the alcohol in his system his mind was ticking even more then usual, and with the way you kept walking past him all night not even saying anything made him go even more insane. and when he caught sight of you dancing with hoseok, now his body was thinking on its own as he stormed his way over. taking your arm in his hand you look to him.
“i need to borrow you” he says through gritted teeth and before you reply he’s pulling you outside and away from music. it was summer so the there was nice warm breeze. once he was satisfied that the pair of you were in private he stops walking and just stares at you. and you awkwardly stare back. he dragged you out here and now he was just, looking at you. to be honest, he hadn’t planned this far ahead. so with the silence growing, you decide to break it
“you okay?” you ask and it was like a fire ignited within him
“am i okay? is that all you have to say?” he asks through gritted teeth and you look at him confused. you had to admit his now rosy cheeks and flared nostrils made him look cute. but he was clearly angry “do you remember what we did?”
“yes, but why are you mad?” he doesn’t know what to reply to this, he racks his brain for an answer.
“i- uh. god i don’t know” jungkook stumbles over his words and you have to suppress a smirk at this. you were very confused though, wasn’t this meant to be the one time thing king? mr one night stands galore? why was he stumbling over his words and asking if you remember having sex
“so you pull me out here, to ask if i remember us having sex and you don’t know why you’re angry?” you ask and he looks down slightly, embarrassment growing on his face
“i just- i - why have you been ignoring me? and why did you leave without saying goodbye?” man he was definitely embarrassed now. he even cringed at himself, he had no clue why he was even asking these questions. never before has he gone to one of his hooks up, asking why she left him the morning after.
“because it was a one time thing? and i haven’t been ignoring you, i’ve never even talked to you before that night. did you, want something more from that night?” you were afraid of the answer, but you were suddenly more scared of him saying he didn’t want something more. you had the best night with him, and the thought of doing it more had been clouding your mind all week. but you would never have thought he would come up to you, asking questions about that night. that’s why you left it, he liked one night stands and you knew that.
“i guess you’re right about that, but i just- god you won’t leave my head!” he finally breaks “why will the memory’s of you not leave my fucking head? i can’t even sleep without dreaming about that night. shit i can’t even walk around campus without trying to look out for you. iam not like this, i don’t get caught up on people i hook up with, what in the fuck have you done to me?!” he’s borderline shouting at this point, chest heaving trying to catch breath after ranting so fast. you watched amused with your arms across your chest before finally saying something
with that your hands reach out to his cheeks and pull his down to you. planting your lips hard onto his he reciprocates the kiss in a flash grabbing onto your waist and pulling you into him. the kiss is slow and you both take your time to enjoy it before you pull away and his lips follow yours subconsciously. catching your breath you start speaking
“wanna come to my dorm?”
“fuck yeah”
[final part]
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bangtangalicious · 7 months ago
soaked n’ slippery (m) | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x f.reader
genre: smut, pwp, oneshot, loss of innocence, childhood friends to lovers, fluff
summary: a horny jungkook finds it hard to focus when you decide to join him in the tub
wordcount: 2.4k
tw: explicit smut, super NEEDY!koo, you know how it is, cumming untouched, unprotected sex, koo is super whiny and horny, begging, pleading, neediness, attachment issues, slight manipulation, masturbation, breast play bc kook likes tiddiez, assume legal age, bathtub sex! slight obsessive themes (cute/immature way not creepy), stuttering, feverish behavior, innocent!koo & reader, inexperience
a/n: this is a drabble inspired by this request. its part of the touch me wherever au but can be read as a standalone! | masterlist
Tumblr media
“Y/n” Jungkook’s head flew back, hitting the edge of the tub as he hissed your name. Hand gliding up and down his cock, mind completely blank. Except for you. 
“It’s not FAIR” He yelled, tugging harshly at his length, wincing at the tight grip he was subjecting himself to. He didn’t want to jack off to you. He hated it. He wanted your hand on his cock. He wanted you to please him. It just didn’t hit the same, and if anything it just made him more frustrated. 
The way you’d look at him, eyes glinting with mischief whenever the two of you would mess around. He wanted to see those eyes. He wanted you. Now.
It wasn’t his fault he felt like this. As if you even left him with any options, what with the way you’d eagerly volunteer to sit on his lap so that your friends could have places to sit. Even then, the bumpy roads would have you bouncing your ass on his lap. He’d groan, burying his face into the side of your chest. Then you’d turn, smile at him and giggle. 
He’d drag you home, pull you into the bathroom. Skirt hitched high, panties cuffing your knees. He’d bend you over and slide his cock against you. A mumbling mess of words falling from his lips as he’d explain to you: 
“C-can’t...I c-can’t hold back. I need this”
He really couldn’t. Jungkook tried but he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. So instead, he’d rub them against your clit, feeling how drenched your little panties got whenever he did. 
Study sessions were spent humping one another like rabid animals in the corner of the library. Clothes on, voices hushed. He’d rut himself into your ass through his grey sweats, holding your breasts tight as he’d shush you, wiping his tears on the back of your shoulder. 
It was a pain like no other. His head pounding, body aching with the craving of you. You. You. You. You were all he could think of and it drove him insane. He just needed to touch you, to take in your scent like it was the only air he could breath. He wanted to hold you, to feel your skin hot against his own. His mind went haywire as he pumped harder. 
His grip tightened, tugging relentlessly at his length as he whined. He was so incredibly close. The end was in sight. The thought of you, oh your pretty lips and pretty eyes. 
"Oh Y/n...fuck...please Y/n please” He cried, eyes shutting as he felt tears building in them. He told himself it was because of the soap in his eyes but deep down he knew he just couldn’t bear the sensation of you. 
A soft tapping echoed through the room.
He clamped his hand over his mouth to muffle his moans. Cock throbbing in his palm under the warm water as he inhaled sharply. 
“Hey Kook...can I come in? The other bathrooms are taken" 
Shuddering, he gulped. The dryness in his throat, evident as he called back. 
“Um. Y-yeah” 
He slid his back against the porcelain edge of the tub, sinking as deep as he could, hoping to hide the guilt flushing his cheeks. He heard the door open and shut. Footsteps getting nearer and nearer and nearer until--
Jungkook jumped. Feeling your soft hand on his bare shoulder. Suddenly your face was right there. Right next to him. Biting down on his lip hard, he looked into your eyes. Mistake.
He came everywhere.
You smiled at him brightly, blinking innocence, not noticing the white liquid shooting up beneath the soapy suds. Jungkook’s face was aflame. He was terrified. Ashamed. 
Wordlessly you began to kick off your leggings. Jungkook’s eyes caught by the skin of your thighs, unable to look away from the way your bright blue panties snuggly hugged your figure. 
It looked so...warm. He wanted to sink his teeth into the flesh. He wanted to bury his head between your legs and never leave. You must smell so good, the thought alone making his heart race. 
“W-what are you doing?” His voice was breathless. Under the water his cock twitched, begging for any stimulation, the tender warmth of the water acting as a reluctant tease. The pressure, overwhelmingly unsatisfying. 
You giggled. 
And then your top hit the floor.
You stretched your arms above your head, breasts jumping up. Jungkook gazed at you. Your body seemed to beckon him. Tempt him. Touch me. 
His fingers curled in tight fists, when really they wanted to grab at your chest. To squeeze everything they could hold. He wanted to see your flesh bulge between his grip, wanted to touch you everywhere all at once. 
His hand steadily made its way back over his cock as you struggled to peel of your panties, bouncing on one leg and almost tripping over in the process. Bent suddenly, Jungkook could enjoy a clear view of your ass, wiggling in front of him as you finally kicked off the flimsy garment. 
Sliding up he extended his hand helping you step over the edge and into the tub. It was a tight fit, the tub clearly not meant for more than one person. Nevertheless, you sank into his essence, suds shaping over every nook and curve of your silhouette.
He stared at you. Watching, jaw clenched tight, face about to burst, as you played with the suds. Taking a handful and gathering them over the top of your chest. 
His lungs tightened. He couldn’t breathe. 
Frictionless, your legs glided over his thighs. Smooth to the touch, he ran his fingers around your hips cautiously.
“Come here...” Gripping your waist, he pulled you flush against his chest. Your body smacked into his with ease. “I like this” In small circles, he pushed the suds up your back, massaging the soap into your soft, oh so incredibly soft, warm skin. “I like when you’re close to me. You're so w-warm and you smell n-nice”
You arched into him, arms instinctively wrapping around his shoulders. You didn’t know his face was barely inches away from your chest. You didn’t know what to make of the hot prodding between your legs as you shifted your weight towards him. 
Jungkook felt like he could explode. Chest was rising and falling fast. Breath heavy with lust. The crook of your thigh catching his cock in a jerk of pleasure. It felt so good, being pressed up against you, but he needed something more. This? No. This wasn’t enough. 
Grabbing a handful of suds, he let them drip across your chest. You looked at him questioningly, but did nothing to stop him as his hands massaged the soap across your supple skin. 
Tugging and pushing at your chest with his large, hot hands. His fingers curved around them, squeezing them just barely. Then again and again, fingers flicking across your nipples. His face drew close. Sighing loudly he rest his cheek atop your racing heart. 
You liked it. You liked he feeling of his wet hair tickling the top of your chest. You shivered, his warm cheek traveling in small strokes, up and down your chest. 
He nodded his head, relishing your proximity, soaking in your heat. He rolled onto his forehead, nose pressing underneath your heavy breast. Now heaving with need. 
“You smell so g-good. Smell so good I can’t” His voice vibrated through your chest. “I love it. I love it Y/n I can’t stop thinking about it. You’re so pretty...body so soft just wanna t-touch you everywhere a-and kiss you everywhere and lick you and bite you and--” 
Your heart pounded, throbbing against every inch of your body. You were too preoccupied with the intoxication of his touch to notice his desperate grabs, kneading your ass. 
Slowly dragging your hips back. Just a tad. And then back up. Flush against him. Back and forth he pulled you, and unknowingly you began to widen your thighs. Just to feel him a little bit closer. “Yeah...yeah oh god, just like that. K-keep doing that, please come--come closer I--more” 
Your clit grazed against the thick skin of his cock. It was enormous, both in size and the way it pressed hard, provoking your hips. Making them stutter as you curled into him for more. Your arms around his neck, hand pulling his face into you--gasping. 
Jungkook began to grow impatient. You had pushed him right to the edge. He craved you, he needed to feel you, needed to be inside you. Eyes shot with lust, he didn’t know what he was doing, lip jutted and trembling.
Staring mindlessly at your breasts, he finally decided to take his tongue, one sharp flick had you clamping down.
“Jungkook” There was something in your voice. Something so wonderful that he loved to hear. A pained desire. A whimpering. The sounds leaving your lips only made him want you more.
His tongue swiped again, attacking your perky bud. You inhaled sharply, holding your breath as you looked down. Jungkook liked the way you reacted. So he did it again.
He sucked lightly, lips pressing against your nipple as he rolled the bud lightly between his teeth, tugging at it, coating it against his tongue, before letting you go with a smack of his lips.
“More” Sobbing, his hands pushed up your back, pulling you so close you were practically one. He shook his head, suffocating between your breasts before gasping for air. “I need more. I need, please, I can’t. I need it. It hurts so bad, oh fuck it hurts so bad I can’t do this...I w-want you...Y/n” 
Only you could make it stop. Only you could set him free.
Tears streamed down his face. Sniffling he reached between his legs, adjusting his cock so the tip nudged between your slick folds. The water made it easy, seamlessly he was able to sink into you. 
He pushed in a little, nails digging into your hips. He trembled, looking to make sure you were okay. Mouth wide open, eyes clenched shut. Burying your face into his neck, you held onto him tight as he went in a little further.
Your walls were tight. So incredibly tight. Jungkook groaned, what with the way your pussy clamped down on him, the sweet heat giving him surging pleasure as he pushed even deeper.
Just like that you were one. He was nestled inside you, panting heavily. Whines spilling from his parted lips. He latched onto you, rubbing suds all over your body, enjoying the way you twitched for him. Not able to get enough of you. 
And then his hips jerked up. Water spilled over the edges as he began to bounce you off of his hips, Splashing everywhere, you leaned forward onto his chest, whole body slick against him, effortlessly moving to the rhythm of his need.
“Ahhh. Right there! Right there y-yes pleas..ahhh feels so good Y/n I..I feel so good I literally feel so good don’t stop” He couldn’t keep quiet. Not when you fit him so perfectly. Not when your pussy gripped his veiny cock in a way that had him coming back for more. And more. 
“Don’t ever stop, please, please” He whined as though he were throwing a tantrum, completely and utterly taken by the sensation of you. Heat rose inside him, pulling you harder onto his cock so he could push further and further. The pressure feeling so good. The tightness. The wetness. And you. Pulsing over him. Wanting him just as bad. 
Meeting your eyes again, his gaze fluttered for a moment to your lips. They looked so delicious. 
So he kissed you. He kissed you softly, sighing into your mouth. Then harder, dragging his tongue over your lips before swallowing them into another kiss. He breathed you in. Heart trembling, body shaking as emotion made his brain circuit. 
You groaned into his mouth as he burst inside you, hot streams of cum filling you beneath the water. Simultaneously you surged, pleasure overtaking your every nerve. You trembled, twitching as he remained, balls deep inside, lips against yours, drinking in your every moan.
The two of you panted. Breath perfectly off beat. Your body limp against his own, sinking into half empty tub. Jungkook finally opened his eyes, seeing you, cutely buried into his chest. He stroked your shoulder fondly. Around you, the tiles were covered in water. The two of you had made an absolute mess.
He could feel you smile. See the shyness in your eyes when you looked up at him briefly before hiding your face away. He stopped you, hand cupping your cheek, pulling you up to him. 
“Can I kiss you one more time?” He whispered onto your lips. Nodding slightly, he wasted no time in slanting his mouth against yours. This time with less fire, instead, a softer, more tender touch. 
It felt just as good. If not better. Sighing he parted from you, unable to look away. “You’re just so pretty Y/n...you’re the prettiest girl I know”
“Can we do it again?” You pushed your chest up, letting him feel you. He caught on, smirking slightly as his palms slid over your breasts again, loosely tossing them in his hands. 
“Always. I always want you okay? Always wanna touch you like this” Nose tracing down your neck, he began to litter kisses all across your shoulders. You purred, covering his hands with your own to squeeze you harder. 
You leaned down, kissing his forehead, his cheeks, his jaw, and were about to close in on his lips when suddenly--
Knock knock.
“Jungkook! Have you seen Y/n?” It was your father. Jungkook gulped, pulling your face into his neck to keep you quiet.
“O-oh, um, no! I was just finishing up in here. I-I can help you l-look for her, j-just give me a m-minute Uncle!”
“Alright. Thanks kid” He held his breath as the footsteps dissipated. Silently, Jungkook released his hold on you. 
Your eyes met briefly, worry-filled. Until the two of you burst into a fit of giggles, laughing heartily before your lips found one another again. 
a/n: thank you so much for reading! hope you enjoyed <3 
read the original here! touch me wherever 
scenarios: when you get a crush | when he takes your virginity | if he got you pregnant | kink discovery: dacryphilia |
drabbles: tickle me there | touch yourself here | wanna touch you
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strawbkoo · a month ago
just wanna feel you | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
You haven’t seen Jeongguk for a while due to your conflicting schedules. You finally have free time and when he comes to pick you up, you find yourselves releasing all that pent-up tension. 
pairing: jeongguk x fem!reader
rating/genre: m | established relationship au, pwp pre much, vvv indulgent smut
word count: 2.8k
warnings: fingering, bit of distracted driving (he was careful tho!!!), jjk likes calling oc ‘slut’, humiliation, degrading, car sex, unprotected sex (wrap it up y’all), lot of begging from oc, spitting, bit of dom!jjk ig, n subby!oc <33
a/n: i decided rather than focusing on the fic i’m currently writing, i’ll detour n write some self-indulgent smut!!! it barely has any plot tbh jus like the teeny tiny amount hehe,,, enjoy!! n lmk what you think <33 
Tumblr media
“Hey, baby,” Jeongguk whispers as he leans over the console to kiss you, tilting your chin up. 
You smile into the kiss. Missing Jeongguk came easy with the nights he spent away because of his work. While he was cooped up in his office, you had been studying for your university finals. This meant that whenever Jeongguk had any spare time, you had your nose buried in study materials. 
Pulling him closer by his nape, you felt yourself melt into the kiss. It had been so long since you last kissed each other like this. You had been craving him more than ever during the stress of your exams. Knowing Jeongguk is feeling the same, you savour the kiss as much as you can before he has to pull away to start his car. 
Jeongguk drives out of the parking lot of the campus dorms, turning right towards his condo. He lived almost 40 minutes out. Although you both discussed maybe staying over during your exams, you had decided against it as the library was closer to your place. It took a lot of restraint to not just agree and face the early morning traffic, but Jeongguk wouldn't have any of it. He has always wanted you to prioritise your education first as someone much older with his master's, an amazing job in financial planning to back up his hard work. 
You met when you wandered into the city after your last class of the day. He had found you on his company steps, crying over a failed test and a broken heart (which sucked, your ex broke up with you after finding out you failed your exam - asshole). Jeongguk had comforted you, lending you a shoulder to cry on and a slice of banana bread as a nice gesture. 
Eventually, you had come back, leaving a coffee and a muffin with his secretary as a thank you. A few days later, you bumped into him again at the coffee house you worked at and had lunch. After a few months of pinning, you gave in to his asks to go on a date. And now? You're rarely without one another. Spending your time together either locked away in his condo or with your friends. 
It had been odd at first, Jeongguk being 32 and you only being 21. Sure your friends winced a little, but once they got to know Jeongguk and how lovely he was, everyone fell for him. Jeongguk has a young soul when he is with your friends. Always excited to go out for a few drinks or even try new restaurants that opened up near campus. 
His friends welcomed you too. Having been the only girlfriend he had introduced to them, they realised you were special. They would invite you out to the bars they go to, the higher-end restaurants and trips (all paid for because you are just a university student with more debt than savings, let's be real). Their favourite thing to do with you is inviting you to their condos and having you cook for them. They were always so busy, and even though most of them knew how to cook, they rarely did as it took up too much time. It made your heart swell whenever they would thank you for the meal with mouths full. 
Turning to your side, you take Jeongguk in. His hair was still styled from his evening at the office, button-up with the first few buttons undone and sleeves rolled up, black slacks hugging his toned legs. He was still in his work attire, making him look more delectable than you realised. 
Something you also missed, besides his company, was the feeling of him inside you. Filling you up with his cum after he pounded into you, whispering how much he loved how wet your pussy would get for him. The mantra of mine into your neck as he nips and sucks the sensitive skin. The rush of pleasure while he got you leaning against the wall and eating you out like his last meal on Earth. God, you missed the feeling.
Squirming in your seat, you try to level your thoughts. But the heat pooling between your legs is a constant reminder of what you crave, of what you need. Your breath hitches when he grabs your thigh, giving it a light squeeze and sending you a small smile. 
Watching his hands knead your thigh, you can’t help but think of when he has your legs pinned over his shoulders, hands gripping your thighs as he fucks into you deep. When he got you bent over in bed, thighs apart, spreading your pussy for him to lap at. 
Shuddering at the thought, you lick your now dry lips. You got to get ahold of yourself. There are still 30 minutes of driving until your reach home. You can’t get this riled up so early on. 
Jeongguk notices how you have been squirming, taking glances at you in concern. He gives your thigh a hard squeeze, your head tips back in a silent moan, and suddenly he knows what's happening. Smirking, he watches through his peripheral as he grips your thigh harder, sliding his hand up and down your leg. 
He missed you immensely. Jerking off to the photos you sent weeks before didn’t feel the same. Jeongguk would cum only to feel himself getting hard a few minutes later. There was a deep ache within him, one that wanted to bury his cock so deep into you, brewing once again. His mind churned at the thought of sliding in and out of your dripping pussy, watching you moan as he pinned you down.
Fuck, he thought, what do you do to me, Yn?
It was late at night while Jeongguk was driving, barely any cars on the road. So, he began kneading your thigh, slowly going up. He watched as you bit your lip, eyes closing at the feeling. 
You looked over at Jeongguk, noticing his eyes zeroing in on how your face contorts as he gets closer and closer to your pussy. 
“Please,” you moan. “Please, please, please.”
Jeongguk smirks, the tips of his fingers brushing against your underwear. He could feel the wet spot on the thin material making his cock twitch in his pants. He looks at the road, ensuring there are no cars before focusing back on his baby. He has never been so thankful to Seokjin for convincing him to buy the new Tesla model. 
“Use your words, angel,” he coaxes, his fingers pressing gently into the sensitive skin on your inner thighs. 
You grab onto his wrist, bringing his hand between your legs. You shuffle down slightly only to grind against his palm. He cups your pussy as you grind up into him. The friction is not what you want, but enough to have your head thrown back, moaning into the quiet space of his car. 
“Please touch me, Jeongguk. Want you to make me cum.”
That is all he needed to hear before he’s trailing his fingers across your underwear, feeling how you already soaked through them. Jeongguk groans as he watches you part your legs, pulling up the hem of your skirt, giving him full reign to touch you. 
Jeongguk’s eyes are back on the road as he notices another car approaching. But his fingers slide your panties to the side, immediately finding your slit. He barely pushes the tips of his fingers in, pulling out and smearing your cum on your clit. 
His thumb pressed against your clit, circling the nub and making your back arch off your seat. Jeongguk cannot help but glance over at you, watching your reactions to his touch making the tent in his pants tighter. 
“Fuck, Jeongguk,” you pant. “Feels so good!”
“Yeah? I’m barely touching you, baby. You're so desperate.”
Mewling at his words, you nod, looking into his eyes. You were too hopeless to care whether or not you were cumming on his cock or his fingers. You just wanted to cum so badly it was starting to hurt.
Not long before Jeongguk pushes his middle finger in you, making you whine. His fingers are thick and stretch you nicely - but not enough. He can tell by the way you grind against his palm, so he adds another and another. Three fingers moving in and out of you as his thumb circles your clit. You should be thinking of how uncomfortable the position must be on his wrist. But you can't focus on anything, except how good his fingers feel, and how you haven’t felt them in so long. 
“So close to cumming, aren’t you, Yn? Couldn’t even wait until we got home, just had to have me now, huh? What a fucking pathetic slut.”
The shame washes over you, and you can feel how wetter you get from it. Something about how well Jeongguk can use his mouth, whether on you or whispering dirty nothings. But right now, all you can focus on is how you can feel your orgasm building up.
"Want your cock, baby! Please, wanna have you fill me up with your cum!"
His fingers move faster in you, squelching with how wet you are. Whining, you cannot help but look down. Jeongguk’s fingers stretch your pussy out, thrusting deeper when you arch your back.
“I can see how close you are, baby. You’re gonna cum now, aren’t you? Guess you are a slut. Such a messy baby whining for my cock yet you can barely last with my fingers.” Jeongguk slides out of you, pulling your thighs further apart, leaving you whining before he slaps your pussy. 
“Shit!” Your back arches as Jeongguk slaps your pussy again. His hand pulls your thighs apart each time. 
Jeongguk feels smug watching you, grabbing you by your chin and forcing you to look at him through the haze, “Look at me when you cum, slut. Wanna see how you look as you fall apart on my fingers, yeah?”
Jeongguk’s fingers enter you, thumb circling your clit. He thrusts his fingers deep in you, squelching sounds picking up as he picks up his pace. You watch him glance over at you, hand still on the wheel. Biting his lip as he strains to push you closer over the edge.
“Cum for me, baby. Show me how good of a slut you are.”
His words have you moaning out his name, your orgasm rending you numb. You could feel how hard your legs were shaking as Jeongguk tortured your clit. He pulls out only to slap your pussy, making you hiss at the feeling. Your head rolled back, panting against the seat. 
Jeongguk continues to palm at your crotch, his eyes now focused back onto the road. He can barely think straight with how hard he is. And he is sure as hell not waiting to get home. 
You barely register that he parked on the side of the road before Jeongguk gets out of the car. He opens your door, grabbing you by your arm and pulling you out before slamming you against the side. 
His lips slide against you, hungry and desperate for you. His hands wander up to your shirt, pulling it down, your tits spilling over the top. Jeongguk’s mouth immediately descended on the softness of your breasts, biting and sucking at the plush skin. His hands knead your tits, sucking on your nipples desperately. 
Your mind is reeling with pleasure, so overwhelmed you barely know what to do. Grabbing Jeongguk’s hair, you push his closer to your chest, arching into his mouth. 
Grabbing the door handle, Jeongguk’s opening the door and pushing you in before he gives in and fucks you out in the open. 
“Fuck, you drive me fucking crazy. Couldn’t wait until we got home, huh? Got me this hard.” He grabs your hand, placing it on the tent in his pants. “What are you gonna do about it, baby?”
You can barely utter a word before he’s on top of you, pinning you down to the leather seats. Closing the door behind him, Jeongguk’s hands roam across your body, pulling your shirt off and unclipping your bra. Still, in a daze from your orgasm, you can barely comprehend what’s happening.
Jeongguk squeezes your tits, tongue flicking over your nipple. The way you jolt closer into his mouth has him smirking. He knew what to do to elicit a reaction out of you. He unbuttons and untucks his dress shirt, rolling his sleeves further up his arms. He unzips his pants and pulls his cock out, watching it slap against him.
You prop yourself on your elbows, not having much room to move, you watch Jeongguk jerk himself off a little before sliding your underwear to the side and placing the tip at your entrance. You practically hold your breath as he pushes in slowly, arm stretched out against the window. 
You both moan at the feeling, it’s been too long. Whining from the stretch, you fumble to grab onto Jeongguk’s waist, nails scratching against his skin. He fills me up so well, you think to yourself.
“God, you’re so tight. I fucked my fingers into you, and you’re still this tight?” Jeongguk curses. “What a pretty little slut you are, taking my cock so well. Like you were made for it, baby.”
He bottoms out, and you grab at the seat, holding on as Jeongguk grinds into you. You can feel every inch of him, every touch of his skin, the way his fingers tuck the hair falling on your face behind your ear. Everything. Everything is heightened, and you can’t help but moan aloud from the feeling.
“Jeongguk, please,” you beg, your voice going hoarse. “Please fuck me.”
Jeongguk groans, his head tipping back, pulling out until just his tip nestles in you. He grabs your hips and lifts them, your legs winding around his waist. And without warning, he slams his cock into you. The pace is slow, but he’s going so deep you can barely breathe. His hand settles on your lower stomach, pushing down gently and making you whine. 
“Can feel how deep my cock is in you, baby. Like being fucked full, don’t you?”
You nod, fingers trying to grab at the leather behind you. Your skirt pulled up, and you watch it flap against your tummy as Jeongguk thrusts pick up their pace. 
“Yes! Yes, Jeongguk! Just like that, baby, please!”
He pulls his cock out before slipping back into you and fucking deep into you, his pace brutal. His hips slam into you, and you try to grab at one of his arms, something to hold you steady. 
You’re being flipped over before you realise it, skirt pulled up and Jeongguk’s cock buried deep in you once again. Your face is pressed flush against the leather seats, your hips craning upwards to meet his thrusts. You can feel the tears prick at your eyes, the drool pooling beneath you. All of this means nothing compared to the feeling of being full to the brim with Jeongguk’s cock. 
Reaching between your legs, you circle at your clit matching the pace set by your lover. 
“Tsk, did I say you could touch yourself? What? So desperate you need to cum again? Slut. You take what I give you!”
Before you could protest, a hand comes down and smacks your ass. You jolt, arching your back. Jeongguk grabs at your hair, pulling your face upwards. He hunches further over your body, tapping your chin for you to open your mouth. You watch as his spit drops from his mouth and slides to the back of your throat. He then pushes your face down against the seats, thrusting into you deeper and faster. His inhumane speed has you keening, and before you know it, you can feel your second orgasm approaching. 
“Baby, please, I’m gonna cum.”
“Already? Fine. Come on then, slut, want you to cum on my cock.” 
Jeongguk’s fingers are playing with your clit, sending you over the edge,  toppling over with the full force of your second orgasm. He fucks into you rougher, working you through your orgasm before you feel yourself filling up with cum. Jeongguk’s fucking his cum into you, head tossed back, hands still tangled in your head and holding your hips. 
“Fuck, baby.”
Your legs give way, and you feel Jeongguk pulling out. You can feel the cum dribble out of you, sliding down your legs and onto the car seats. Gross. 
Wiping you with wet wipes he’s got in his car, Jeongguk gently flips you onto your back - practically having to unstick you from the seats. You feel the breeze when he opens up the windows.
“You really couldn’t wait until we got home?”
“Seems like someone else couldn’t either?” you snicker, watching as Jeongguk smiles and rolls his eyes at you. He’s tucking his cock back into his pants, zipping them up, before helping you put your shirt back on.
“You’re just too hot to resist, baby, what can a man do?”
Tumblr media
a/n: lmk your thoughts by sending me an ask i would love it vvv much :DD
© strawbkoo 2022 do not copy/repost/translate
Tumblr media
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bebejungkook · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
‧✧̣̇‧ Gym Bunny 07
‧✧̣̇‧ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
‧✧̣̇‧ Genre: muscle pig!Jungkook, strangers to lovers au, fluff, angst, college au, very enthusiastic kook, shy chubby reader, self hatred to self love au.
‧✧̣̇‧ Warnings: A lot of self hatred from reader, fatphobia, cussing.
‧✧̣̇‧ Summary: Your confrontation with Taehyung hasn’t left your mind so Jungkook invites you back to his place after your workout for a weekend of movies and legos. But one of his Roommates plans were canceled so she decides to stay with you two.
‧✧̣̇‧ Word count: 2.9k
Gym bunny Masterlist ♡
“Taehyung, the way you acted on my birthday was unacceptable, it was immature and you not only hurt me but my friend! This isn’t the first time that you’ve done something like this and unless you start acting like a real friend to me then I think it would be better if we weren’t friends anymore. If you can’t accept me as I am then I want nothing to do with you!”
Well that’s what you wish you said at least. But you didn’t, you couldn’t. You couldn’t tell him what you really wanted to say.
He just looked so shocked, and apologetic. You felt like maybe he was sorry for what happened?
Taehyung stuttered and his words were jumbled around and it made you nervous.
It's been a couple days but it played in your mind, like a movie, over and over again. The same scene where you and Taehyung sat at the ice cream shop. He waited patiently for you, worried about what you’d say. He was sorry for making a big scene at your birthday but he did it for you.
You took another deep breath before speaking, chest puffed out, courage surging through your veins.
“Taehyung on my birthday you did something that really hurt me and I-“
“Y/n I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Taehyung reached for your hands, he brought them closer to him, a familiar touch but it didn’t feel the same like when Jungkook did it. With Jungkook you felt reassurance and you felt like he was truly sorry, but with Taehyung it was like if he only apologized because he felt bad for what he did and not because he hurt you.
The difference brought back the ache in your heart and with each beat you felt less love and less courage. It was like the nerves splashed water on the fire you had been building in your chest.
You didn’t end up saying what you wanted but you did tell him you needed some time apart and that your relationship with Jungkook was not his business.
He seemed to get it but you still didn’t feel good about it.
“You can forgive me right y/n? I’m just looking out for you…”
Those were Taehyungs last words to you, after he spoke them you felt all the love you had for him drain from your body. You looked at the man in front of you and ultimately felt nothing.
Which confused you because his past actions never affected the immense love you harbored for him, but now you just can’t see him the same.
It’s been on your mind ever since, you felt so many things even now when Jungkook is helping you stretch.
You groaned laying flat on the yoga mat as Jungkook pushed on your outstretched leg to help you get the stretch you’ve been working hard for. You didn’t actually need Jungkooks help to stretch but he was way stronger than you and you liked the way he made your legs ache afterwards. You would have been embarrassed but Jungkook had a way of making you feel comfortable in his presence, he always quietly encouraged you and you liked it when he called you a good girl.
Now Jungkook was on his knees pushing your leg forward and completely avoiding your eyes. You couldn’t tell but he was fighting off the biggest boner he’s ever had. His heart was hammering in his chest and he hasn’t even done his own stretches yet. Jungkook won’t tell you but helping you stretch is his least favorite part of the workout, not because he doesn��t like helping, No.
Truth be told it was actually his favorite part of the workout. He loved seeing you underneath him, eyes closed and stuttering breathes, he loved hearing you groan his name when he goes just a little bit too hard.
And he especially loves feeling the full meat of your thigh pressing on his chest, and sometimes on his own thigh since you tend to rest on him mindlessly afterwards. You were too in your own head to realize the things you’ve done to him. Like right now you haven’t been paying attention to the way he kept his distance from you, all because your mind was plagued with the memories of the pathetic confrontation you had.
You finished your stretches and Jungkook sighed in relief that you didn’t notice the bulge that formed in his shorts. Instead you sighed loudly, still laying down on the mat, not yet ready to continue.
“Still thinking about that stinky man?”
“You did good though,” Jungkook smiled and patted your thigh,” you at least told him that he hurt you and you needed space.”
“But I wanted to tell him more, I wanted to tell him that it’s not the first time he’s done something like this,” You covered your face with your arm, feeling completely disappointed in yourself,” I didn’t even mention the kiss.”
“Yn,”Jungkook sighed, patting your thigh again, just because it’s become a habit of his now,” I’m proud of you, you know? What you said was enough and maybe next time something happens you’ll be able to tell him! Don’t stress over that cheese head anymore.”
“Cheese head?” You giggled, and Jungkook swore he felt fairies fluttering around you, like a Goddess that was loved by all. He blushed and quickly looked away from you before his heart explodes.
“Yea cuz-“He pauses and blinks, not knowing where he got that insult from,” I don’t know there’s an insult there somewhere.”
“That’s a weird insult.”
“Whatever my point is, fuck him.”
He was right.
You did good.
You won’t be so nice next time.
Next time you’ll tell him to fuck off and-
Jungkook interrupted your encouraging thoughts, with a gasp,” hey we should have a slumber party this weekend! You haven’t had your cheat day right? We can order a bunch of food and watch movies while I build my Lego set.”
You excitedly cooed,“Can I help you build it?”
“Actually I got you your own, an amateur level one,” Jungkook smirked,” mines a pro level.”
Jungkook got you your own Lego set?
Your heart was set ablaze, it warmed your whole body up from his small gesture.
Don’t over read, he just doesn’t want you breaking his.
But you couldn’t help the way your heart felt.
“What kind did you get me?” Your lip’s quivered.
“That flower one you sent me from tiktok.”
Your heart burst even more. You nodded your head, feeling the last bit of excitement you needed to finish your workout.
The next day Jungkook picked you up early since according to him, he had so much planned.
He was excited especially because both his roommates wouldn’t be home so that means he can get as loud as he wanted to and no one would tell him to shut up. Jungkook held your hand as he guided you to his room, to show you his new shelf.
But then he suddenly stopped causing you to bump into his broad back. You moved to the side to see why he stopped and what you were met with made your jaw drop open.
A goddess maybe?
You couldn’t help but stare and you haven’t even see her fully yet, just her long elegant legs.
“What are you doing here Noona? What happened to your camping trip?” Jungkook felt a little embarrassed seeing his roommate laid so comfortably in his bed. He hopes you won’t get the wrong idea of their relationship because of it.
“Stupid bastard canceled on me,” She groaned and finally sat up to see him,” oh? Who’s this?”
You froze in place when her cat-like eyes caught your presence, Jungkook was too excited to introduce you so he didn’t feel the weird tension in the air.
“Yoonji Noona this is YN!” Jungkook squeezed you so hard you felt your eyeballs would pop out any second. When he let go, you finally were able to fully take in Yoonji.
She was absolutely gorgeous, from head to toe. Long straight raven hair and a body you've always wished for, curvy and flat in all the right places. If Aphrodite was here right now in person, she would be Yoonji. You felt yourself cringe at the thought of someone this gorgeous looking at you. Something about the way she sat, cross legged on Jungkooks bed made you feel like she wouldn’t hesitate to make you cry.
She probably would have been able to tell Taehyung off.
You think she’s the strongest woman you’ve ever seen, aside from Yoon but Yoonji looks like she’d tear Yoon to shreds. And she would enjoy doing it too.
A true Vixen.
Yoonji purred,“I finally get to meet the famous YN,” she looked you up and down, not smiling at all, just judging,” I’m a little disappointed though- thought you'd be prettier.”
Jungkooks head snapped towards her, eyes and heart on fire,“Noona what the fuck-“
“Relax, I’m just kidding! You’re very pretty,” She smirked,” I honestly really admire the courage it must take for you to look the way you do and still dress cute. props to you!”
Jungkook doesn‘t know if that’s a compliment or not, you are the most courageous person he knows but not for the reason Yoonji says. You are courageous for dressing this way and absolutely killing him with how cute you were, but he was sure Yoonji didn’t mean it that way either. He takes a while to respond but you beat him to it.
“T-Thanks.” You stutter out, feeling the air knocked out of your lungs. Her comment hurt more than any comment you’ve ever gotten. You don’t know why, it just hurts.
You felt yourself fall back into the shell that you’ve worked so hard to come out of, you moved back to hide behind Jungkook, but he catches your hand when he feels you move. He feels annoyed and embarrassed, Jungkook didn’t like seeing you shy like this, although it was cute he admits, but it hurt his big heart.
He wanted to see you smile again.
“She is courageous,” Jungkook put his arm around you to once again squeeze the color out of you,” I mean to pretend to be a human in disguise? You must be a hero back on your planet y/n.”
You cuddled into his side, too shy to continue his joke, but you had to,” I’m honored on my planet, they have a statue of me and everything.”
“As they should.” Jungkook smiled, completely forgetting about Yoonji who was cringing at the stupid little joke you two had, you both sounded like teens who didn’t have a grown up life.
“Anyways,” she got up from the bed,” Yoongis in Japan so I guess I’ll be hanging out with you two.”
Jungkook bit his lip, shrugging his shoulders but you felt the way his hands went tense in yours. It worried you but you’re sure everything would be fine.
And everything was fine, until it was time to eat and Jungkook didn’t order the cheesy fries and chicken wings like he planned, he let Yoonji order but she ordered you a salad.
“Oh sorry, I just thought it would be better for her to eat a salad.” She cooed, shrugging off the scowl Jungkook had.
Which pissed Jungkook off, he was this close to speaking up but you reassured him it was okay, you loved salads anyways. Jungkook huffed in his seat, waiting for Yoonji to step out before he spoke to you.
“I'm sorry about Noona,” his voice was soft with a hint of regret.
“It’s okay,” you smiled and brushed the strand of hair that was covering his pretty eyes,” just enjoy yourself and don’t worry about me, besides we still have those yummy cakes.”
Jungkook sighed,” we can still Fuck those up I guess…”
You smiled but felt bad knowing he was beating himself up about your ruined evening. Even though you still enjoyed it, you just liked being with him. Jungkook sets the movie up and sits next to you, so close his thigh is practically on top of yours, he really wants to lay on your lap and let you play with his hair but Yoonji would probably call him a baby for wanting this type of attention. So instead he settles on to your side, loving the way your body shapes with his.
Yoonji stares at the way you two are so close to each other, she doesn’t like it since he’s not paying any attention to her. Usually he’d do whatever she wanted, making sure she was comfy but he was now doing that with you and she’s not liking how being ignored feels. And she especially didn’t like how she was about to sit on Jungkooks lap, only for him to scoot closer to you, if that was even possible. He smiled at her and continued watching the movie, not seeing the way she rolled her eyes. She settled next to him feeling cold and bratty.
Jungkook didn’t notice since he was busy with you, laughing and giggling like little school girls spreading secrets. It annoyed Yoonji so bad but she figured Jungkook had some weird fixtation about you so she let him have his time with you.
He’ll get bored eventually.
You noticed though, that Jungkook was a lot calmer than usual. He let Yoonji choose the food and movie, which was okay with you but you grew worried when he didn’t bring out the lego sets. He was excited about it and had been spamming you with snaps and texts of him building his new shelf for it, but you waited until you two were alone again, in the safety of his room to ask about it.
You laid in his bed, holding his pikachu plush in your arms. You felt sleepy but his behavior nipped at the back of your mind, fending off any chances of sleep you had.
“Jungkook,” you whispered, into the dark hoping he was still awake,” are you sleeping?”
He grunted, you heard shuffling before feeling a pillow land on your face,” scoot over.”
You looked over to see Jungkooks half naked figure crawling on to the bed, you blushed, chest squeezing so hard you felt your breath flutter away. You tried to make yourself smaller against the wall so he could fit, but he has a small bed. He lays next to you, arms behind his head and facing the ceiling. You’re on your side facing him and taking in his side profile. The curve of his nose is gorgeous and you want to trace it with your fingertip, but stop yourself because he’d definitely tease you. Instead you squeezed the pikachu and spoke up, because he’s being awfully quiet.
“You didn’t build your Lego set.” Your whisper brought chills to his warm skin, dancing into his heart, making it beat to the rhythm of your breathing.
“Maybe tomorrow,” Jungkook sighs loudly and you can tell he has something on his mind,” I just hope Noona will be gone.”
“Why?” You’re curious why he would say that, she was his roommate and best friend after all. Shouldn’t he be most comfortable with her?
Jungkook takes a while to answer, you think he fell asleep but his voice is quiet and serious. Something you’ve yet to hear from him.
“Noona thinks my hobbies are for kids, but the box clearly says 100 and up,” he sighs,” I can play with them until I’m 100, but after that I’ll have to find a new hobby. Maybe I’ll crochet.”
You knew that he was trying to make you laugh but you couldn’t help the awful ache you felt in your heart from his shy words.
“Your hobby isn’t for kids, kids play with them but they’re not for them. I was excited to see you build that gold glove thing.”
He snorted,” gold glove thing?” Jungkook turned to his side to look at you,” you’re joking right?”
You were, you just wanted to make him smile since he’s always the one making you smile.
“The thing the big purple guy has on.” He groaned, unbelieving that you didn’t know where it was from since you just watched it together last week.
“Y/n go to sleep I can't take your clownery anymore.”
You giggled in your hands like a child who played a prank on their parents, and Jungkook felt like a proud parent, you’re not usually one to joke around but he sees you trying to make him feel better.
She’s so cute.
You felt sleepy and a little delirious. You wanted to reassure him more and ask him about Yoonji but sleep always wins. You yawned one final time before lowly whispering.
“We’ll build it tomorrow, don’t worry I won’t make fun of you kookie.”
Jungkook cuddled into his pillow feeling his heart on cloud nine, you've never called him a nickname before, but he loved the way it sounded from your pretty lips. He only wants you to call him Kookie from now on, nothing else. He watched your eyelids flutter shut, your smile was still planted on your face which made Jungkook feel a whole lot better. You were so sleepy and even comfortable in your spot that you didn’t realize that Jungkook stayed next to you. You didn’t mind though, his presence was warm next to you and his breathing rocked you to sleep.
And you really didn’t mind when his arms pulled you into his chest, you were too sleepy to protest anyways.
Besides, it just felt right being next to him like this.
A/n: Just a sweet chapter that I really hope isn’t boring at all …. 🫶🏽 I also hope you guys aren’t too hard on YN we gotta remember how hard it is sometiems to tell a loved one that they hurt you … pls give me feedback guys I have a praise kink and need to be told nice things so I can continue writing <3 I don’t always respond but I read and cry over everything!!!
🏷 : @novastarpie @kookiecrumb @gethatcake @soeur-de-ame @moodyroom @3greasy-shirt3 @kmpac @artistkoo @lovelykookiee @hoebihoeshi @suzysuee @pimpnameyannie @cuteipat @bruisedscrewedandtattooed @bbtsficrecs @yvesismywife @luvjeongjaehyun @mrcleanheichou @bngtn-vault @hey-itslulu @claireesaa @4evahevah @tinyoonsblog @babygirl-panda19 @yeonjun4beagles @yady24 @eternalkoo @betysotelo18 @lillypads-brokenstems @little-body-big-mess @che-er-ful @canarystwin @baekfast-club @pennyllanne @jakey-sims @aminaob-blog @jungoomoles @peachy-tata @nikkitasevoli @minseok-mochi @sweetcheeksdna @zorosluv @hisokascrunchyhairstrands @faeviii @bri-mal @girlsforgloss @miharus-world
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rosedtae · a month ago
Koo morning | JJK
Tumblr media Tumblr media
→ pairing: Jungkook x female reader
→ genre: fluff, kinda secret relation
→ summary: your boyfriend finally comes back from his work trip. (With a surprise at the end)
→ wordcount: 1.9 k
→ warning: sleepy fluffy koo, too many pecks, slight mentions of sex nothing too smutty.
→ a/n: a little drabble because bf!kook has been hittin different lately. Some hardcore fluff. I hope you like it, I was really excited about posting this one. Send me your thoughts in my inbox-- here. I really love and appreciate your views and feedback🤎
→ song: Blush by Taba Chake
Tumblr media
“Mhmm,” you purr, twisting your body when you feel a giant arm wrapped around your waist restricting your movements. Heat radiating from the body next to yours tempts you to nuzzle your face in the crook of the neck of the source. A deep sigh escapes your lips once the familiar woody scent infiltrates your nostrils.
 “Morning sleepyhead,” Jungkook’s raspy morning voice greets you. The tip of your finger skims over his Adam's apple to feel the vibrations induced by his voice. You pull your head away craning your neck to get a better view of your boyfriend. His hair messed up in the sexiest way possible– a total contrast to the bunny smile he’s flashing your way. 
“Koo morning baby,” the sleepiness evident in your tone makes ‘good’ come out as koo instead, earning a chuckle from Jungkook. “Koo morning,” he mimics in your sleepy tone before pressing soft feather-like kisses all over your face making your lips curl into a smile— eyelids fluttering shut as you struggle to wake up. Your fingers find a place in his messy hair not being able to resist the feel of his silky tresses.
You missed him, a lot. Waking up next to him cuddled in his arms, ranting to him about your day while he whispered sweet nothings to uplift your mood, him cracking random jokes that always make your belly hurt, or even the sweet silence that settles between the two of you, you didn't realise how much you yearned for these moments, how much you yearned for him— until he went on his work trip that lasted for two whole weeks. 
Surely the most dreadful two weeks of your life. He had been working on his project day and night giving it all his attention. You are glad it's finally over.  
“You have no idea how attention deprived I had been,” you pout. 
“Oh were you now?” he coos, lips skimming over your forehead as you nod in response. “But you were sleeping quite peacefully, not really giving a fuck.”
“Were you watching me sleep?.... creep,” you fake cough the last word playfully. “Well it's not really my fault,” Jungkook looks at you with pure adoration, placing a hand on your cheek to caress it, “you were drooling all over my arm.”
“Jerk,” you hit his chest lightly laughing at his stupid joke before rolling your eyes. “I'm having second thoughts about wanting all your attention now.”
“Good thing you don't have a choice,” he pulls you closer by his arm that is warped around you. Nuzzling his face in your hair, he mumbles, “Missed you.” And he really did. Six months into your relationship, you are still in your honeymoon phase. Jungkook loathes the time that is spent without you. “Time spent without you isn’t worth remembering” —he nonchalantly said it one evening when you went stargazing, it made your heart ache with affection as your cheeks grew hot.
When he was done working on his latest project the first thing he did was call you. He called you in the middle of your work to inform you about his flight back home. “I hope I didn't disturb you,” he said in his pouty voice. “Well, not really cuz you have been running on my mind since you left and I can't concentrate on anything,” you ran your fingers through your hair whispering the words as you made sure no one else heard it. “Aah, no wonder my feet were throbbing,” he replied in a fathomable tone as if believing the reason to be the true cause, being the natural flirt that he is.
You were at Jungkook’s apartment waiting for his arrival when you heard him enter. Launching yourself on him you hugged him tightly making him stumble a bit. He hugged you back once he placed down his bags, bodies fitting perfectly like the right pieces of a puzzle. You clung to him like a koala as he carried you to his bedroom. 
He sat on the bed with you straddling his lap. Your fingers played with the hair on the nape of his neck as your lips pressed soft kisses on his neck. Enjoying the intimacy of the moment as he gave you spoilers about his upcoming project. 
Jungkook’s fingertip gently traced the contour of your face, eyes following his finger. He tugged a strand of your hair behind your ear shifting his gaze to your lips before looking into your eyes. “I missed you,” the words spilled from your lips as your eyes grew shinier. I love you was all he said before cupping your cheeks as he leaned closer to place a gentle kiss on your lips. 
You sighed in satisfaction, feeling the press of his pillowy lips against yours. No rush, he kissed you so softly like you were made of glass. His tongue slipped between your lips and you felt warmth pooling in your abdomen. Every stroke of his tongue against yours made you melt even more. You love his soft kisses, they always make you melt until you are nothing but fluid, flowing right into his arms.  
“I should go shower now,” he patted your hips as a signal for you to get off of him so he could get up but you only replied by whining as you nestled your face in the crook of his neck. Jungkook chuckled at your neediness, “I’d love some company you know,” he stood up carrying you. “ But I don’t wanna shower right now,” you whined. “Pretty please, I’m too tired to wash myself,” he pouted giving you his puppy eyes. And who were you to say no to that face, you melted just like that.
And that's how you ended up in the bathtub, sitting between Jungkook’s legs, back pressed against his chest as he rubbed suds on your shoulders gently massaging them. You rested your head on his shoulder, smiling at him now rubbing the suds on your chest. “Weren’t you too tired to wash yourself,” you brushed off some pieces of his hair that were poking his eyes.
“Uhm,” he nodded, gently caressing your thighs. “But you just feel so soft,” he pressed a kiss right below your ear making you squirm. Taking some suds in your own hands you rubbed them on his biceps. His hands traveled down to your legs before you shut them close. You tutted, placing his tattooed hand away from your legs, “you should rest, the last thing I want is to strain you.” 
Jungkook pouted at your concern. You know that he has the sex drive of a beast and two weeks without sex is a lot for him but you don’t want to exert him after a tiresome 8 hours flight. “How about this,” you patted his hand, “let’s rest tonight and I’ll do whatever you want tomorrow if you are not feeling jet-lagged.” His face immediately brightened up from your offer. “Anything?” he smirked. “Anything,” you nodded. “Done,” he sealed the deal by placing a feather-light kiss on your left eyelid. 
You got out of the tub when the water started losing its warmth. Jungkook sat you on the counter before patting you dry with the towel. You took the smaller one and rubbed it on his head, in an attempt to dry his hair. Once free from all the wetness, you decided to wear one of Jungkook’s loose white shirts before going to bed.
You started searching for shows to watch while Jungkook plugged his phone in the charger. “Let’s watch the new episodes of twenty five twenty one,” he suggested, shaking his still wet hair “You didn’t watch it without me, did you?”
“Umm maybe-“
He gasped furrowing his eyebrows as he gave you the look of being betrayed. “Of Course I didn’t, I was just messing with you,” you cooed, opening your arms for him to hug you. “Good,” he bent down to hug you before settling on the bed, pressing a kiss on your cheek.
The light drops of water from his wet hair press against your right cheek, cooling it. You stayed in that position, watching Netflix before eating the pizza you ordered earlier. 
“I think we should tell your hyungs about us,” your fingers fiddled with the fabric of the comforter. “You sure baby?” Jungkook asked in surprise, the glint of happiness apparent in his eyes. “Yes, are you ready though?” You asked just to make sure.
“Of course I am,“ he pressed his forehead against yours nudging your nose with his, “I can’t wait to tell everyone that you are mine and I’m yours.” 
“Ishh so cheesy,” you replied, scrunching your nose but smiling like an idiot nevertheless. 
“Let’s tell them tomorrow though, I told them I’m coming tomorrow because I wanted to spend tonight with you,” he let out a breathy chuckle before pecking your lips. “Gotta think of a way to tell them, make it special maybe?” He pressed another peck on your lips.
“Okay,” you pecked back, starting a war of pecks that ended with the room filled with the sound of your giggles. You spent the rest of the night talking about things that happened while he was gone, things that happened during his trip, updating each other. You didn’t realise when you fell asleep, surrounded by his clean scent.
Tumblr media
“How’s your jet lag?” Your fingers trace random patterns on his chest, getting a little annoyed at the cloth of his shirt for blocking skin-to-skin contact. “I actually feel pretty good this time, no jet lag,” he shakes his head.
“Good, can you take off your shirt now,” you pout, all you want to do now is feel his skin. You love running your hands on his back, his chest, just his bare skin. It feels smooth and warm. “Are you trying to instigate something, miss y/l/n?” He gives you a smirk accompanied by a raised brow, “but I shall do as you say,” he starts unbuttoning his shirt that you are wearing.
“Hey, not this one,” you giggle as he starts tickling you, after unbuttoning a few buttons at the bottom of your shirt. He places soft kisses on your stomach all the way to the waistband of your underwear, not stopping the tickles. 
“Jungkook,” you run your fingers through his hair, holding his head to stop the tickles. He smirks at you before nipping at your belly button gently. Your stomach growls making him chuckle, “looks like someone’s hungry, let’s go,” he picks you up, hooking his hands under your thighs as he exits the bedroom to go down to the kitchen. “Don’t forget about your promise,” he reminds you with a smirk.
You wrap your hands around his neck, placing a kiss on the top of his nose distracting him as he walks downstairs. He walks down carefully making sure not to stumble or get distracted by the attack of your kisses. Once you reach down the stairs safely, he captures your lips with his for a deep kiss, punishing you softly for your earlier distractions. 
“Mhmm,” you moan between the kiss as he places you down on the kitchen island, pulling away to break the kiss. “What are you doing here?” He asks with wide doe eyes.
You turn around to see a large banner which has welcome back! written on it, and the surprised faces of his six hyungs. “I gave you the keys for emergency,” Jungkook placed a hand on his mouth.
“You told us you were coming back today,” Namjoon argues before shifting his gaze to you.
“And you two,” Hoseok points his finger at you before pointing it at Jungkook and then back at you. “Ishh, my eyes,” Yoongi squeezes his eyes shut dramatically. 
Gasps and huffs fill the room as you look at Jungkook, his face mirroring your expressions. 
Well, at least now you don’t have to think of a way to tell them….
A very koo morning indeed.
Tumblr media
・゚: *・゚:* *:・゚*:・゚・゚: *・゚:* *:・゚*:・゚・゚: ・゚: *・゚:* *:・゚* ゚* ・゚: *・゚:* *:・゚*
if you liked this fic, don’t forget to like, comment, or send me your feedback, your views on it. I’d love to read your views.
-Rose 🤎
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strayberryminhos · a month ago
Tumblr media
Bickering & Butterflies
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: enemies to lovers
word count: 5.6k
fic tags: enemies to lovers, bickering, flirting, college au
author’s note: based on this post and my very specific tags for it lol
summary: Jeon Jungkook is the epitome of obnoxious - always arriving to class five minutes late in his fuckboy hoodies, with nothing but a spiral notebook and his cellphone in his hand. Every day, he sits beside you and every day, he pokes you in your arm just as lecture is starting to ask you for a pen. Each time you consider giving him the telling off he deserves, he flashes that stupid, sheepish, puppy-dog-eye smile at you, and you cave. Only for the brat to spend the entirely of lecture chewing on the cap of the very pen you’d lend him! Yeah, you kind of can’t stand Jeon Jungkook. So then why does your heart race a little bit every time he pokes your arm? And why, when he’s absent, do you find yourself almost *gasp* missing him?
Tumblr media
The first day, you could forgive it. Everyone was a little out of sorts on their first day, rushing around campus and trying to find their classes. You could forgive it, when the boy rushed in a few moments late, the door to the lecture room swinging open and banging jarringly against the wall. You could forgive it when he sauntered in, in his oversized black hoodie and combat boots that squeaked annoyingly across the tile floor. You could forgive it when he sat next to you, setting the single black spiral on his desk with seemingly nothing more in his possession apart from his phone - taped together with clear, plastic packaging tape. You could even forgive it when he poked you in the arm and whispered, “Hey, you got a pen?” You wanted to tell him off a little, give him a bit of a lecture just so it’d stick and he’d remember his own supplies next time. But then the boy shrugged so sheepishly, puppy-eyes on full display as he sent a soft, shy smile your way. And you couldn’t help but cave. You gave him your best pen - the one that wrote smooth as silk. 
What you could not forgive however, was the fact that the little brat proceeded to chew the cap of your pen throughout the entire lecture. 
You kept shooting him glances, hoping he’d get the memo and your furious stare would be enough for him to stop his disgusting habit - at least when it came to your own property. But he completely ignored you, eyes focused straight ahead. Except for the one time he actually caught your gaze, and lazily smiled - well, smirked - around the cap of your pen. You swore steam must have shot from your ears. It only served to widen his smile. 
“My pen, please,” you’d said at the end of class, holding up your palm expectantly.
“Right,” he grinned, slapping it down in your hand.
You made an entire show of wiping the cap off on the leg of your jeans.
“Do you always slobber on other people’s property?” 
The boy just smiled brightly - large brown eyes practically sparkling as he said, “Nah, just yours.”
“Flattered.” You’d responded flatly, tucking the pen back in your pencil case, and making a quick exit, still feeling very much pissed off. Who the hell chewed on other peoples’ pens when they were so kind to lend them in the first place?
It turned out, this was not a one-time thing. The following class, Wednesday, the exact scene repeated. He burst in, late, with just his notebook and phone. Right as the professor was starting his lecture, you felt the dreaded poke to your arm.
“What do you want?” You hissed.
“You got a pen?”
“Are you gonna slobber all over it?” 
“Quiet in the third row,” the professor scolded before turning back to the blackboard.
“You got in trouble,” he sing-songed, much to your dismay.
“Are you ten?”
“Maybe. So…pen?”
You wanted to say no. You were prepared to say no. You were turning to say no, when….he flashed that signature sheepish smile and puppy eyes. You groaned, reaching into your pencil case and pulling out the pen he’d used Monday.
He beamed, taking off the cap and sticking it on the end, before resting it to his bottom lip. You were seething again, watching as he tapped the pen to his lip before sticking it in his mouth and began chewing. You were aghast. Even more so when the professor called on you to answer a question about the reading assignment from Monday, and you couldn’t because you’d been too busy glaring laser beams at the boy next to you.
“Try paying closer attention, Y/N,” the professor scolded. You wanted to melt into your seat then and there. To your dismay, the boy began to snicker. You had half a mind to yank your pen out of his mouth and thwack him on the head with it.
On Friday, you swore you weren’t going to give in. There was no way. You were beyond pissed off now. Now, it was starting to affect your behavior in class, and you were not about to let that continue. Nope, it was time to put a stop to all of this. He’d just have to start bringing his own pens to class. 
Of course, when he arrived late, poking you in the arm, you made every attempt to hold true to that. You turned to him to tell him enough was enough, that he needed to bring his own supplies. You barely got a word out before his puppy-eyes widened in full-force and he let out a quiet little, “Please?”
“Ugh, fine!” You caved, handing him what you dubbed ‘his’ pen.
“Thank you,” he smiled shyly from the side of his eye as he began to scribble down the professor’s notes from the board. You would be lying if you said you didn’t find that soft, shy little voice of his adorable. But then you saw him bring the pen to his mouth and chew and you were livid once again. 
At the end of class, he handed it back to you with a soft smile.
“I’m Jungkook, by the way.”
“Y/N,” you said, taking the pen and, again, wiping it on your pants leg. 
“Nice to meet you, Y/N! So, are you a literature major too?”
“I’m annoyed is what I am, Jungkook. Every day you come to class without a pen, and you ask me for one and then have the absolute nerve to chew on it like a puppy! Who even does that?”
“Then stop giving me pens.”
You blinked.
“What?” Jungkook grinned, chuckling slightly, “You’re the one who keeps giving them to me.”
“B-because….” you felt your brain short-circuit. How could you possibly explain to this little brat that it was because of his big, brown eyes and little pout that had you so completely whipped every single day. 
Jungkook just grinned, “Have a good weekend, Y/N.”
You stood there, watching him head out the classroom, and something in your stomach flipped. Jungkook was an absolute brat. You were not going to cave to him. Monday, you were going to be firm. No backing down. No caving. You were going to show him!
Monday came, and with it, your professor writing the dreaded words - POP QUIZ - on the chalkboard. You froze in place. What would Jungkook do if he didn’t have a pen again? There was no way you could let him get a zero on the quiz because he didn’t have his supplies with him. Though maybe it would teach him a lesson….still, you knew you couldn’t do that to him. So when the door clamored open and Jungkook rushed in late, as usual, you were already digging “his” pen out from you pencil case.
He looked at it curiously.
“Pop quiz,” you said as means of explanation.
“Ah,” Jungkook took the pen from you, “And here I thought you were just charmed by me.” He had the nerve to wink at you. You were about to tell him off, when the professor called the class to attention.
“Alright everyone! First pop quiz of the semester. I’ll pass out your quizzes, please just circle the answer you think is best. No talking. And no looking at your books. This quiz should be fairly easy if you did the reading.”
You turned your attention forward and waited for your quiz. You were done giving Jungkook any attention. You needed to focus.
The professor passed out the quizzes and just as you began to read over it, you saw Jungkook begin to put the cap of your pen in his mouth. After a week, it was already all mangled and gross, and he began to chew on it in earnest, making a smacking noise as he did. You tried to focus on your quiz, but after you realized you had spent five minutes on one question because you kept getting distracted by his chewing, you decided immediate action was in order. You reached over and smacked him on the arm.
“Ow!” Jungkook hissed, shooting you a glare. He actually had the nerve to glare at you!
“Stop chewing on my pen, asshole!”
“What’s going on over there?” The professor glared from his desk, “You two, focus on your own papers.”
Sighing, you turned back to your quiz, not wanting to risk being given a zero or something. Jungkook surprisingly finished first, standing to take his quiz up to the front, but not before flicking you on the shoulder as he passed. You gasped, glaring as he handed his quiz to the professor with a charming smile. What a dick. 
Not long after Jungkook took his seat, you got up to turn in your own quiz. Before you passed him, you pinched him on the arm, making him bite down on a cry.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” He asked, rubbing his arm when you returned to your desk.
“You started it.”
He stuck his tongue out at you. You rolled your eyes.
“You are an actual five year old. You’re a brat and you drool, are you sure you shouldn’t be at the campus daycare center?” 
Jungkook let out an amused bubble of laughter, “Nice. And don’t blame me just because I totally have you wrapped around my finger.”
“Oh you do not!”
“Oh yes I do! You hate giving me your pen, knowing I’m just going to chew on it, and yet you give it to me. Every single class.”
You gave him the middle finger before turning back to the front of class, waiting for the other students to finish their quizzes. Beside you, you could hear Jungkook chuckle.
The next day, you again swore you weren’t going to give in.
Until you felt that familiar poke on your arm. And saw that familiar puppy-dog look.
“Oh damn it,” you slapped the pen down on his desk.
“Thank you!” Jungkook grinned, bright as ever.
At the end of class, the professor passed back the quizzes from before. For whatever reason, he’d decided to just go one row at a time, and hand the stack to the first person in each row to pass back to the each person. Which meant Jungkook would be seeing your quiz as he handed it to you. You inwardly groaned. You knew you’d done well, but still….it was the principal of the matter.
“Oooh, someone didn’t do too hot,” Jungkook giggled, staring at your paper with a scandalized look on his face.
“Gimme that!” You tried to grab the stack of quizzes from his hand.
“Maybe you should study harder next time, Y/N.”
“Alright, alright,” he gave in, handing the rest of the quizzes to you. Sighing, you passed the rest of the stack to the person beside you, before looking at your own.
“Jungkook, this is an 87. I did perfectly fine.”
“Hmm. Maybe. But as someone who made a 98, I’d have to disagree.”
“You didn’t!”
“But I did,” Jungkook jutted out his bottom lip in mock sympathy. “Maybe study harder?”
You couldn’t believe it. “You are such an ass,” you snatched your pen off his desk, shoving it back into your pencil case.
“You forgot to wipe it off.”
“Oh fuck you!”
Jungkook just laughed, bright as ever. “Look, Y/N, if you ever want to study with someone to help you bring up your grades, just let me know….”
“Jungkook, you are single-handedly the most obnoxious person I’ve ever encountered!” You stood from your desk, swinging your backpack onto your shoulder, lightly kicking him in the calf has you walked past. You could still hear him laughing as you headed out the door.
“Ugh, I cannot stand him! He is such an ass.”
“But….you keep giving him the pen?”
“I don’t know why! But I do. But Jimin, I’m telling you, next class I am refusing to give in to him! No amount of puppy-eyes can sway me. I am done. He is an ass. He chews on my pen. He mocks my grades. I don’t even know how he’s doing as well as he is! He doesn’t even bring a book to class. Just his stupid spiral and his busted up phone. And yet he’s out here making close to 100s. It’s just not fair!”
“Alright, so stop giving him your pen. But at this point, it’s been two weeks, and I just…”
“What? What do you ‘just’ Jimin?”
Jimin took a sip of his boba tea, “I just don’t see you doing that.”
You rolled your eyes, “What is that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing. Just…it’s been two weeks of this. You haven’t put a stop to it yet, so I just don’t see you doing it now. That’s all. Besides, it sounds like the two of you have this whole little….thing going on.”
“There is no….thing….going on between Jungkook and me,” you soured.
“Alright, alright,” Jimin held up a hand, “But I’m just saying….wait….Jungkook? As in Jeon Jungkook?”
“Uh…yeah? You know him?”
“Yeah, he works the nightshift here at the tea stand with me.”
“Yeah. He’s actually really sweet, and lots of fun to work with. But…he’s under a lot of stress. This tea stand job is one of three he’s juggling on top of his schoolwork. Maybe…that’s why he doesn’t have school supplies. But it doesn’t really make sense. He said his older brother is like super strict about his grades. I don’t imagine he’d be letting him off to class without at least a pen.”
You were beginning to understand there was a lot to Jungkook you really had no idea about. You’d sat next to him for the last two weeks, bickering and bantering back and forth, and you knew absolutely nothing about him. You decided maybe you should change that - get to know him a little bit. After all, if you were stuck next to each other in class, you might as well. You decided next class, you were going to stand firm on the no-pen thing, but make a genuine effort to get to know him better. And when Friday came, you found yourself genuinely excited for class, and getting to talk to Jungkook. Jimin had said he was really sweet and fun. You wanted to know more of that side, and not just the menace that slobbered all over your school supplies.
You found yourself anxiously waiting for Jungkook. Every time the door open, you found yourself looking up expectantly. But every time it did, someone other than Jungkook came into class and found their seat. You were starting to deflate when it’d been ten minutes into class, and no Jungkook. You found yourself missing the familiar poke to your arm. You found yourself even missing the puppy eyes, and maybe even the awful, horrid sound of his chewing. It felt weird not having Jungkook here. And for some reason, you found yourself worrying. You hoped everything was okay, and you felt childishly sad that you’d have to wait until Monday to see him again. 
After class, you met up with Jimin at the tea stand after his shift.
“Jungkook wasn’t in class today.”
Jimin passed you a strawberry melon tea he’d held over for you as you both took a seat on one of the benches, “You sound sad about that.”
“Well….it was weird not having him there.”
“You missed him!”
“I did not!”
“Oh you totally did!” Jimin giggled, “You have this whole little crush going on and you missed him!”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about Park Jimin.”
“Uh-huh...” Jimin took a long sip of his tea, giving you his best judgmental side-eye.
“Stop that!”
“I’m not doing anything.”
“You know what you’re doing!”
Jimin chuckled, “Alright, alright. I just think it’s interesting is all.”
“Nothing is interesting. Drink your tea.”
Jimin giggled.
Monday, you took your seat, placing the pen on top of Jungkook’s desk, and waited patiently, hoping he’d come today. You tried not to turn every time the door opened. Annoyed with yourself, you pulled out a book from your backpack and buried your nose and your focus among the pages. It was ridiculous to be paying so close attention to every single opening of the door. You were going to just focus on your book, and if Jungkook came, well…
Suddenly you felt a poke, not to your arm but to your side. You yelped, flinching slightly, hearing an amused chuckle beside you.
“Brat,” you closed your book, turning to him. Jungkook just beamed, bright and happy.
“Hi yourself. Where were you Friday?”
“I was sick,” Jungkook slid into his seat, “Why, did you miss me?” He flashed you his best, most obnoxious smile. You groaned.
“Don’t flatter yourself. I was just….curious is all.”
“Uh-huh. Right.” 
You rolled your eyes. Jungkook reached for the pen, uncapping it, but didn’t put it to his lip this time. In fact, all of class, he didn’t once chew on it. You were about to comment on that at the end of class, when he said, “So….I missed one day and I feel so behind. Would you mind if we meet up and you go over what I missed Friday?”
And there it was. The shy, sheepish smile, the soft puppy eyes.
“You sure you want to get class notes from someone who makes 87s?”
Jungkook ran a hand through his hair, “Hmm. Good point. Maybe I should ask the professor who has the second highest score and ask them. But….maybe I can risk sub-par tutoring if it means getting a tea with you?”
“Oh, you think if you flirt, I’ll say yes?”
“I mean, it’s worked this far.”
You nearly choked on your spit. Gathering your composure, you tucked your hair behind your ear and hoisted your bag onto your shoulder. “Meet me at the tea stand in ten minutes.”
“Alright. See you then, Y/N.”
Jungkook flashed you a bright smile, and you swore you could feel butterflies blossom in your stomach. Stupid Jungkook and stupid butterflies.
You told yourself it was just because you were windblown from your walk across campus earlier that you were ducking into the bathroom before meeting Jungkook, to run a brush through your hair and check your makeup in the mirror. It had absolutely nothing to do with him that you reached into your bag and sprayed your favorite jasmine spray. Nope. Nothing to do with Jungkook at all.
You found him sitting at one of the benches, already sipping a tea. There was a large cup of something that looked suspiciously like strawberry melon. 
“What is this?” You asked, sliding into the bench across from Jungkook.
Jungkook shrugged, “Park Jimin meddles. He texted me a few days ago and told me I should bring you a strawberry melon tea sometime.”
“Well, thank you,” you took a sip of your tea, “You didn’t have to buy me a tea.”
Jungkook shrugged again, this time a pink blush stained his cheeks as he mumbled a quiet, “I wanted to,” to his hands that were folded on the table.
“Well I appreciate it a lot. Thank you. So…English Lit 315, huh?”
“Yeah,” Jungkook winced, “I missed that one day and I feel I’m behind by like a whole week!”
“Well, thankfully you really didn’t miss too much,” You pulled out your binder and flipped to the section from Friday. “Here are the notes you missed, and Friday we have our first test.”
“Okay….has anyone ever told you you take like, ridiculous notes? Do you just write every single thing down?”
“Pretty much.”
“Wow. And….it’s all….color coordinated.”
“Yeah, it helps those of us who make 87s,” you lightly kicked at his ankle under the table, making him laugh, and suddenly it was as if the air around the two of you was suddenly much lighter. Jungkook laughed too, flicking you on the wrist. 
“Alright, I’m just gonna copy this down and we should be good.”
You watched in shock as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pen.
“You have a pen?”
“Of course I have a pen,” Jungkook ran a hand through his hair, “But how else was I going to strike up a conversation with the pretty girl beside me?”
“I cannot fucking believe you! You had a pen this entire time and every day you were taking mine and chewing on mine and….and….did you just….say I’m pretty?”
“Well, yeah,” Jungkook glanced up at you, suddenly a lot shier than a moment before, the blush returning to his cheeks and that sheepish smile back on his face. “Is that okay to say?”
“Yeah…yeah it is,” you nodded, your brain still trying to process what had just happened.
“Okay, good,” Jungkook turned back to the notes he was copying down. You brushed your hair back behind your ear, fidgeting slightly as you took another sip of your tea he had bought for you. Nothing about any of this made any sense. Jungkook was obnoxious. He was a brat. There was no way he had lied this entire time just to talk to you. 
“You lied to me,” you blurted out accusingly.
“Excuse me?” Jungkook chuckled, glancing up from the notes, “Y/N. I never lied to you.”
“But…but you…”
“All I ever said was ‘you got a pen?’ Your answer was to give me one every single day. I never once said I never had one.”
Your brain was still playing catch up when you tossed your arms over chest and said, “You are seriously the most infuriating person in the entire world, Jungkook.”
Jungkook just laughed, going back to his notes.
“Did….did you just call me a brat?” He laughed, amusedly as he set down the pen and turned back to you, his brow quirked.
“What? Like you’ve never been called that? I’ll bet you’ve been called that more times than either of us can count.”
“Well, yeah,” Jungkook chuckled, “Mostly by my big brother though. And it’s usually followed by a headslap,” Jungkook narrowed his eyes at you, “You aren’t going to slap me, are you?”
You couldn’t help but smile as you shook your head, “Not that I haven’t considered it. And I don’t doubt you didn’t deserve it every single time, by the way.”
“Mean,” Jungkook stuck his tongue out at you, “I have a feeling you and Yoongi-hyung would get along fantastically.”
“Mean? You say about the person who has let you borrow pens and chew on them for like the past three weeks, and is letting you copy their notes now so you won’t fall behind? I see how it is.”
Jungkook lightly kicked at you under the table, “And you say I’m a brat.”
You gasped, opening your mouth to retort, but coming up short as Jungkook simply chuckled and turned back to the notes. After about ten minutes, he’d gotten everything copied down, and you weren’t really sure where to go from there. For some reason, you hated the idea of saying goodbye and going your separate ways until Wednesday. You were enjoying spending time with him, and even though it was mostly spent with him copying notes, the two of you still had a whole back and forth of kicking each other under the table. It was ridiculous and stupid and for some reason, the butterflies were back in full bloom.
“So….do you want maybe….”
“Oh shit!” Jungkook glanced at the clock on his phone, “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’ve got a shift at the bookstore in ten minutes. I’m running late!”
“Oh,” you tried not to visibly show your disappointment, “Yeah, Jimin mentioned you worked a few jobs around campus.”
“Jimin exaggerates,” Jungkook chuckled, tucking his spiral under his arm, “I just work here and the bookstore a few times a week. It’s just my hyung and me, and he already spreads himself thin making sure I’m looked after. I’m not gonna have him worry over me more than he’s going to anyway.”
You hoisted your bag onto your shoulder as you said, “I stand by you being a brat. But you’re sweet too, Jungkook.”
Jungkook’s blush deepend as he lowered his gaze, suddenly intently interested in his clompy boots, “You think?”
“Don’t make me regret saying it. One question though,” you asked, following him towards the bookstore, “Do you always chew on all pens, or just mine?”
Jungkook tossed a grin your way, “How else was I supposed to get you to pay such strong attention to me every single day?”
“Jeon Jungkook!”
Jungkook giggled, running off towards the bookstore, leaving you standing on the quad with your mouth hanging open. 
Friday, you took your usual seat, waiting for Jungkook. Sure enough, five minutes into class, the door banged open and he hurried inside, taking his seat next to you. Within a few seconds, you felt a poke to your side, making you flench.
“I know you have a damn pen,” you turned to him, unable to hide your smile when you met those brown eyes.
“Just saying hi,” Jungkook grinned, “But I do know of something you don’t have.”
“And what’s that.”
Jungkook just smiled, quickly writing something down on a corner of his notebook, before ripping the corner off and passing the scrap of paper towards you.
“Okay, that was the cheesiest thing you’ve ever done, Jeon.”
Jungkook just giggled, “What? I figured if we’re going to be study partners now, you needed my phone number. After all, we’ve got to get that 87 up for the test.”
You stuck your tongue out at him, “And what makes you think I’m going to text this number? You spent the last weeks chowing on my pen like a chew toy, and I don’t appreciate those snide comments about my grades, Jungkook.”
Jungkook just smiled, “You’ll text it.”
“And what makes you so sure?”
You should have seen the puppy-eyes coming from a mile away, that same sheepish smile and soft little, “Please?” 
“You know there’s gonna come a time when that doesn’t work, Jungkook.”
He shrugged, unaffected, “Maybe. But I’ve yet to see it.”
You rolled your eyes. After class, you stood from your seat, swinging your backpack on and giving Jungkook a sharp flick on the shoulder just for prosperity. You weren’t as easy as he thought you were. You weren’t going to just text him right away simply because he flashed his puppy eyes and said please. 
Nope. You were going to stand firm. You were not going to give into Jeon Jungkook. Not this time around, any way.
Your resolve lasted all of ten minutes.
Is that my contact name in your phone? Aww, babe! You have the sweetest nicknames for me <3
I could change it to asshole, asshole.
LMAO okay, okay. I’ll try to behave.
Is behave even in your vocabulary?
Depends on who you ask :) Though should I *really* be taking vocab lessons from someone who makes whole letter grades beneath me? O.O
I will block your number. And refuse to sit next to you on Friday.
Nooooo! :( I’ll be good, I promise!!
Uh-huh. Sure. I’ve yet to see it.
:p So wanna make friday interesting?
I’m scared….
Shut up :p Whoever scores the highest on the test buys dinner when we get the grades back
You sound confident, Jeon
Just based off prior experiences, Miss 87 :p
Put your tongue back in your mouth. Alright. sounds fun. instead of just dinner though…. ….lowest grade buys pizza for movie night at the other’s dorm highest grade picks the movie!
Friday came and went, and all weekend you found yourself texting back and forth with Jungkook, much to Jimin’s amusement. You couldn’t help but smile every time your phone pinged, a little jolt of excitement racing through you whenever you saw the contact name in your notifications: Brat (Affectionate).
On Monday, once the tests were passed back, you steeled yourself. Jungkook checked his paper, grinning as he set it face down and folded his arms smugly over his chest, waiting for you to get your test back. Once you did, you peeked at the grade and smirked. 
“On the count of three,” Jungkook said.
“Alright. One.”
You both flipped your tests over, jaws dropping when you’d revealed identical 95s. 
“Well….now what?” Jungkook asked, almost looking disappointed. The lack of smile on his face was something you quickly wanted to correct. 
“Hmm. I buy pizza and you pick the movie?”
Jungkook beamed, “Sounds good! I like extra pepperoni.”
“You’ll get the pepperoni it comes with and be happy.”
Jungkook chuckled, “Fair enough. What movie do you think you might want to see?”
“Hmm….it has been awhile since I watched The Hannah Montana Movie….”
“Kidding! Come over at seven. I’ll text you the address.”
Jungkook arrived at seven sharp. You’d just finished shooing Jimin out three minutes prior, begging him to go spend the evening with his own boyfriend and leave you alone for the evening. After making you promise to tell him all the details, Jimin had finally left to go find Taehyung, and the doorbell had rung announcing Jungkook. You quickly smoothed down your hair and checked your outfit in the mirror by the door before answering. 
Jungkook was not dressed in his usual oversized baggy hoodie. Instead, he was dressed in a soft pastel purple sweatshirt with white stars all over it, and light washed blue jeans. He looked cute as hell, and very cuddleable. You almost couldn’t wait to get him on the couch with you.
“Hi,” he said shyly.
“Hi. Come in, come in.”
“Right,” Jungkook stood a little awkwardly in the entry way of your dorm apartment, and it was then you truly realized just how shy he really was. In spite of all the teasing and bantering, Jeon Jungkook was truly shy at heart. It was the most endearing things.
“Come on,” you said, taking his hand in yours and tugging him towards the living room, “You have a movie to pick out.”
Jungkook’s walls began to crumble slightly as he grinned, happily following you to the couch, “Hmm….what about horror?”
“If you pick a horror movie, I will never speak to you ever again.”
“I’m kidding,” Jungkook giggled, “Alright, let’s see what’s on Netflix. Ooh, Spiderman!”
After deciding on Spiderman and placing the order for the pizza - with extra pepperoni, but Jungkook didn’t need to know that just yet, the two of you settled onto the couch, leaving a cushion between you. You still didn’t really know where you stood with him, or what this whole thing was just yet. You didn’t want to presume, and Jungkook hadn’t made any effort to pull you closer to him, so….
“Still can’t believe you actually made the same grade as me,” Jungkook crossed his eyes at you, “I must be slipping.”
Fuck the empty cushion and the awkward shyness. You narrowed your eyes at him, barely giving him a moment to continue being a little shit before tackling him back against the couch cushions and tickling him. After a few minutes of letting himself be tickled pink, you suddenly felt a hand wrap around both your wrists, stilling you. Swallowing thickly, you realized just how dark Jungkook’s eyes had become.
“Honey,” his voice was deceptively sweet as he smiled saccharinely, “Do you really think you can beat me in a tickle fight?”
Your life genuinely flashed before your eyes before the doorbell rang, pulling you away from his threat, the tension suddenly dissipating. Everything suddenly felt awkward again as you both sat up and untangled from each other, cheeks red with embarrassment. You stood to go get the pizza as Jungkook attempted to smooth his hair. 
“Extra pepperoni?!” His eyes lit up when you sat the box down on the coffee table.
You shrugged, handing him a slice on a paper plate, “You said it was your favorite.”
Jungkook pinkened, taking a small nibble of his pizza before suddenly letting the shyness crumble again and saying, “Don’t go thinking this is making me give into Hannah Montana,” he stuck his tongue out.
“Stick your tongue out again and it’s gonna get bitten,” You said without thinking.
Jungkook nearly choked on his pizza, “I-is that a promise?”
Shit. “You want it to be?”
You were sure he was blushing down to his toes as he reached for the TV remote, turning on Spiderman, mumbling softly, “Maybe not when I have pizza breath.”
He looked so precious and pouty, you couldn’t help but lean over and press a kiss to his cheek, watching him blush even redder. 
“Put the movie on, JK.”
An hour into the movie, and the pizza was devoured and the two of you were cuddled up on the couch together, you tucked into his side, his arm over his shoulders, his fingers playing softly with your hair. 
“Hey, Jungkook.”
You felt the butterflies swarm in your stomach for a moment before they stilled. Nothing about this moment feeling any kind of anxiousness. You felt one hundred percent confident as you said, “Kiss me.”
He didn’t have to be told twice, leaning down, intwining his fingers in your hair at the nape of your neck as he brought you close to him. The kiss was every bit as sweet and gentle as you knew it would be, Jungkook absolutely perfect. But he wouldn’t be the brat you knew, and would one day very soon, love, if he didn’t say upon breaking away, “I suppose it’s safe to say that chewing on your pen paid off?”
You smacked him with a throw pillow.
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