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#kpop fanfic
feistyjy · 23 hours ago
How To Deal With A Bitchy Wife III
Tumblr media
"Good Morning oppa", the door opened as your new secretary walking inside with the bright smile on her face and place her bag on the table.
"Morning Nay, how's your night? Are you sleep well?", you asked.
"Mhmm..", she come closer towards you and sit on your laps then do the usual greeting everytime both of you meet by eating each other's face.
"Cupp mmmhhh nggghhh aahh.."
Since the night of Nayeon's welcoming party as your new secretary, her bitchy side towards you starting to fade away and introducing the new side of her — the flirty bright woman with lots of aegyo who always clinging to your side everywhere you go like a kids who doesn't want to lose her dolls.
While for Nayeon, she had a change of heart from how she saw you as a sex criminals who only take advantage of her body to the gentle and caring man who treat her like a queen on the night that she spent together with you for the first time after how rough you treat her beforehand.
From that moments, her relationship with you getting better and she start seeing you as a man while you treat her just like a special person. Way more closer than your relationship with your last secretary, Sunmi.
Both of you already spend many nights between the business trip with her or she go straight you your apartment for a quickie like what you did last night but Nayeon never sleep in the same bed with you inside your apartment because she's still be someone else's wife, that's what make you sick of the excuse that she usually made.
She can't stand how sad her husband will be once she ask him for a divorce.
"Mmhhh..", you release your lips from hers and staring at each other for awhile before you give a peck on her lips for the last time. She look elegant with the cream turtleneck, the matching brown skirts above her knees and brown blazer.
"Why you wear turtleneck on summer Nay? I can see some of the marks that I made last night", you caress her hair and pat her head.
"I'm don't want to cover it anymore oppa but you know how the other workers gonna think if I just show it", she lean her body on your chest.
"Then you're not cover it when you sleep with your husband last night? Did he said anything about it? Did he spit some hurtful words to my bunny?"
"No, you don't have to worry oppa. Coward like him would never scold me or anything like that."
You trying to steal a kiss on her lips while Nayeon just hold your head with her hands and move her position facing you while keep sitting on your lap. She kiss you passionately and rubbing her ass on your dick indirectly, "Mmhhh your dick keep poking my pussy oppaahh, do you want me to take care of it hmmm?"
"Isn't that why I signed you Nayeon?", she smirked.
You push your chair backward a little bit to make a space as Nayeon kneel and begin to unzip your pants then pull down your underwear that showing your cock standing rock hard, Nayeon lick her lips as she found again the thing that she craving for in these past few days.
Nayeon staring at you as she put your cock inside her mouth and suck it while moving her mouth upwards slowly, "Nngghhhh Naaayyy.."
She keep her eyes on your face to monitor the expression that you make because somehow she feel proud by herself if she make you feel good even it's just with her mouth. She moving her head up and down, sucking the tip of your cock with her big hand stroking the shaft quickly.
"Oohh keep going baby mmhh you're mouth feel so good on my cock", Nayeon move her hand to squeeze your balls while she fuck her own mouth into your cock and moving her head faster just like how you fuck her.
Sluuurrpphh sluuurrppphh sluuurrpphhh sluurrpphh aahhh..
You place both of your hands on the back of her head to move her head faster also you can shove your cock deeper inside her mouth, Nayeon just follow your order and even use her tongue to wrap it barely around your cock. The feeling of the warmness from her mouth with her blowjob skills that improving make you feel close in no time.
You keep banging and banging her head on your cock, don't care if she gagged or choked because of how rough you fucking her mouth as what's matter is that your cock is ready to burst.
But both of you suddenly stop as you hear the knock from your office door.
Tok tok tok ... tok tok tok ...
"Be quiet okay..", Nayeon nodded while she spit on her palms and rubbing it around your cock.
You shout to order the guest to come inside and between many of your coworker, unexpectedly her husband is the one who step inside to meet you. You had a lot of thought in your mind, but a little tease wouldn't be bad right? Just wonder how she will react once she heard when her husband talk about her.
"Excuse me."
"Let me guess what you want to ask, is it about Nayeon?", you asked.
"Yes. I'm sorry if it maybe strange to say this, I think Nayeon is having a hard time. If you think for the best, just fire me."
You look at his face and observe him carefully because you getting suspicious as he sound more like a husband who try to protect his family before it get broken but for you, the other side look greener and you willing to do anything to claim it.
"Regarding Nayeon. Regarding you. Leave it to me", you said.
"Y-Yes, but where is Nayeon?"
"She went to get some documents now. Oh right by the way, happy birthday to you. I'll allow you if you want to leave at lunch and celebrate your birthday with your wife or maybe do you want to celebrate with more people?"
"Thanks boss, but I think I'm gonna celebrate it at lunch by eating some good food then back here again", Nayeon who still hiding under the desk just listening carefully with her mouth slowly sucking you dick.
She aware that she hasn't being a good wife for him who serve for her husband but on the other side, Nayeon never receive the pleasure that she crave for or the kind of relationship that she wants.
"Alright then. You don't worry too much because I'll take care of her, you got a really good wife", you said the last sentence frankly while he trying hard to control his facial expression in front of you.
"W-Well thank you for you time boss", he bow politely before walk towards the door and leave the room with his heart burst in jealously. As soon as the door closed then you turn your attention back to Nayeon who spacing out with your dick inside her mouth. "Who said that you can stop before I cum Nayeon? Focus on your job then we'll talk about it later."
You pushing her head repeatedly that make her shocked while she buried her face until your cock reach the entrance of her throat, "mmmhhhh sluuurrppp sluurrrpph aaaaahhhh.."
Your cock getting fully erect again in her mouth with some stimulation of her tongue that you feel around your cock. But again, another distraction keep coming as you start to enjoy the pleasure that Nayeon give when the door suddenly opened with familiar voice that coming from it.
"Yah oppa, where's your secretary? I can't found that whore anywhere..", she asked.
"I told her to bring me some documents from-aakkhh!", you jolted a bit as you feel your balls squeezed so hard with Nayeon who sucking your cock harshly until it make a sound because she feel mad after being called whore by her ex-rival — Sunmi.
"Yah what are you doing there oppa?!", she notice the strange sound that vaguely could be heard. She walking towards you while Nayeon pretend to not care with the guest that usually came once in two weeks, "Aish can't you just not sucking his dick everytime I came here huh?!"
Nayeon quickly response as she let go of your cock from her mouth because she doesn't know why Sunmi always get on her nerves, "Why?! Are you jealous?! I know Oppa won't play with you anymore because your pussy already gaped right?!"
The tension getting fired up then you quickly zip your pants again as you try to separate them, "C'mon Nay, Sunmi, can both of you just calmly greet each other everytime you meet huh?"
"No!" "No!"
Both of them said it at the same time rejecting your suggestion then bickering again because of why they have the same answer, just childish at it's finest. Not long after that, Sunmi push her a little bit to make a space for her to hug you.
"Yah! Watch your hands!", Nayeon said.
Sunmi wrap your body thigh that make Nayeon envious even though she always spend more time with you than the ex-secretary. Sunmi whisper at you, "Sometimes it isn't always a bad things when you take what other's have. Just think of your purpose to make her live a better life, even though you need to be a villain first — she worth all of it."
You break the hug and stare at her, "That's the plan, Sunmi. That's all I need to do", Sunmi steal a kiss on your lips then place some files on your table before she quickly leaving your room because she feel enough teasing Nayeon.
"That's the Club's report oppa, I'll leave okay. Take care of that whiny whore hahaha", Sunmi said it while running towards the door.
"Yah come here! I'll tear you mouth if you dare to kiss him again in front of me!!", Nayeon fumed.
In your eyes, Nayeon look so hot when she get annoyed or sulky when you tease her. That's one of her charm that make you adore her more than just an ordinary secretary but how about your forbidden relationship with Nayeon who still legally married? How about the dates that you spent?
The reality is there's no answer yet as both of you never said the words 'I love you' to each other but Nayeon know that the feelings is mutual and both of you always proof it by actions, you're pretty sure that her husband knows that her recent attitude mostly affected by you but keep his mouth shut.
He do what he need to do as a husband but you can't love someone just like that where the wife really takeover him while the husband always prioritize his wife's happiness, that's not how it's work. He just create the space for someone to fill the spot that he can't and his wife's gonna have a choice to make since he let her behave like that from the start even without creating some lines.
People's mindset are different, but in the world that you lived in. It's just eat or be eaten.
Nayeon approach you with her pouty lips as she glaring at you then sit on your lap again and softly kiss your lips. She put her feeling with it and she show you her sincerity through the way she kiss you, but she release it not long after that as she wants to play some push and pull with you.
"That's for erase the mark from Sunmi, you will get a punishment if I caught you easily give your lips to her again oppa."
"Erase? I thought you confessing to me just now, feisty bunny", you pinch her cheek that make it getting more redder as she blushing madly. "I-It's just your thought, you know."
She trying to hide her face by covering it with her palms because she get embarrassed because of your words but you hold them with your hands as you land a peck onto her lips, "I love you too, Im Nayeon."
Both of you staring at each other for awhile, until the gaze cut the air and the eyes finish their talks. Nayeon bite her lips seductively and you waste no time to kiss her again as you don't know how many times already.
"Mmmhhh cuupp nnggghhh eeuumhhh", the office room feel like heaven as two creatures who falling in love with each other pouring their hearts out from the intimate session and using their kiss to confess their feelings.
Nayeon let go of her lips first then giggle when you give her one last peck before you hug each other, "Nayeon, I'm sure you heard my conversation with your husband before. I have something in mind and it includes about our relationship and the one that you have with that man, but I will only do it if you agree for it."
"What is it oppa?", she asked.
You begin tell her about your plan clear and slowly to make her understand because you already impatient to replace the rings on her finger with the one that you gonna put it in by yourself at your wedding. Sounds too optimistic for a sancho but it is what it is, love can make people do crazy things.
You told her that you're gonna give a birthday present for her husband and all of the details that include her in it about what she need to do, convince Nayeon that you will accompany her to lift the weight on her shoulder since it's hard for her to carry it alone.
"Are you sure about this oppa?", Nayeon hesitated because she get anxious about your plan.
"I need to do this to make you solidify your choice, Nayeon. Hug me if you agree or go to your desk if you don't."
You close your eyes and lean on your chair while Nayeon getting more anxious because there's a lot of things going on inside her mind. Is he really gonna marry her? Can he handle her mood swings? His personality won't change right? There's many more about it but after all the time that she spent with you, she know that you're gonna treat her well and she just erase all the negative thoughts as Nayeon give you her warmest hug with a smile engraved on the bunny face.
"We leave after lunch okay", she nodded before leave you towards her desk to finish some task that she can finish before the clock point at twelve.
You're there smiling as you get excited with the plan that you're planned since few days ago and it's just need her agreement because what you have to do now is just to make a call. Yup that it is, you took your phone from your pocket and press some numbers on the dial pad before you place in on your ear, "... Do as what I told and just leave the target only with his underwear on."
The man that you talk with begin executing your orders that you gave them. There's few people of them, some skilled thugs that going inside Nayeon's apartment and moving all of her clothes and stuff to your place before they heading to go outside your office. They wait and wait until they got the sight of their target, then quietly make him unconscious before they bring him with them and left the target alone inside the place that they barged in beforehand.
Of course, with only underwear on.
What you've done is totally disrespectful and there's no sign of sympathy towards the other since you're the type of a man who gonna do anything to reach your goal, that's why now you're a boss when her husband is just your underlings.
Once the lunch time is over, you accompany Nayeon to the probate and family court as one of the parts of your plans also as the only present that Nayeon gonna give to his husband. There's took about few hours for them to check the documents then sign here and there before she receive the files.
Her heart keep beating fast as Nayeon is on the way to her apartment and thinking about the so-called 'birthday party' that you gonna arrange for her current husband but ready or not, she need to go pass through it for the sake of her own happiness. She breath deeply and steadying her heart as both of you arrived then walk to her apartment, where her husband already waiting.
The door closed.
Since you're already coming inside Nayeon's apartment before and as the plan maker, you guide your secretary to her bedroom then found her husband with his each elbow and knees tied together. His mouth sealed with the duck tape that make he can just glaring at both of you as you coming there with holding hands.
You place her bag on the ground while Nayeon keep her head down because she just can't look at him. Her husband still glaring at you as if he gonna kill you right there while you just take it easy and put your arm around her neck to make his wife closer to you.
"Why you look at me like that? I thought you already know about our affair. We're here just gonna celebrate your birthday and I will give you my present first okay, so just chill and enjoy the show", you mocked.
You turn her body to face you and convince Nayeon to pretend that there's only both of you inside the room while her husband look pissed as he leaning on the headboard of the bed. "I will let you free from your burden Nayeon, so follow me okay..", she nodded.
You took off her blazer with her nipples perked underneath the thin cream turtleneck then Nayeon closed her eyes when she feel your lips touching hers, she clung her hands on your neck and open her mouth to let your tongue in — exchanging saliva with her lips sucking yours. "Eeuunngghh mmmhhh cuuppp aahhh", she push the back of your head to deepening the kiss but the audience seems not liking the show so far.
You took a glance at him then lay her body on the bed right in front of him, you massaging her tits with the lips that still connected with Nayeon's while for her — the weight on her shoulder slowly lifted because of your stimulation that she received.
"Mmmhhhh!! Mmmmpphhh mmpphhhhh!!!", her husband trying to release himself because of the rage mixed with jealousy.
"Touch me more oppa..", Nayeon begged.
"As you wish my lady", you lick her clothed nipples alternately while your hands raise her skirt. You caressing her inner tight slowly that make her amused with you touch, let her feels the how her body getting aroused before it reach her uncovered moist pussy.
"What makes my bunny can be this naughty hmm?", you crawling down until your head placed right facing her pussy.
"I just want to be a good girl for you oppaa - aaaaahhh", Nayeon lift her hips a little once she feel you tongue give a big sweep on her pussy. It's getting fun for you as her husband can't stop screaming while his wife already deafened by her lust.
You spread her pussy a little bit just to make her clit pop-up then you insert the tip of your fingers into her pussy and stroking it quickly. "Mmmhhh don't tease meee oppaaahh", her legs shaking because Nayeon trying her best to keep her legs spread to make you easier to please her pussy.
"Why? I thought we're the one who tease our audience Nayeon. He keep looking at me, do you think that he capable to make you feel good?", you look at him with your hand keep stroking into her pussy.
"What are you talking about oppa, I won't even let that coward touch me. My body only belong to you."
You insert more fingers and stroking it faster with your tongue dancing around her sensitive clitoris. "Aaaaahhh", Nayeon massage her own tits and hug your head with her legs as she can't hold it anymore. Her husband going crazy as her force to close his eyes tightly while he hear her wife's moaning getting louder and louder to show how happy is she.
You suck her clit with all your might and stroking harshly your fingers into her pussy, then no longer after that Nayeon grab your hair and cursed out loud and burst the squirt hard as she reach her first orgasm.
She doesn't know why that she getting more hornier than usual, is it because of her husband who's watching? or is it because of how needy is she? Whatever the reason is, she just feel much happier than before and from that moments she is not a wife anymore but a woman who hungry for a pleasure.
"Look how he make me cum this hard, coward like you will never satisfy me with your midget cock you know", you spread her legs and raise her hips a bit before you rubbing your palms on her clit then spray her husband face with the holy water that coming from her pussy, "Aaaaaahhhh drink thaatt you scumm."
After she finish her orgasm, you placed her all on fours as both of you facing her husband. The squirts that sprayed on his face unintentionally going inside his eyes that make he can't open his eyes properly but you can still feel his strong gaze towards you. You unzip your pants then kneel behind her as you lining up your cock then slowly insert it into her tight fat pussy.
"A-aaaaccchhh sooo biiggg nnggghhh", Nayeon whining loudly in front of her husband's face as you begin thrusting your cock slowly to build up the pace while you use your hands to slapping and squeezing her perky ass several times. "Nay, do you see his cock bulged? Why don't you play with it, I guess it won't take long to make him cum."
"Not a bad idea oppa", Nayeon pull down his short and that's the first time she look her husband's cock and it's smaller than she thought even it's fully erected.
There's some stains of precum around his pee hole while Nayeon not hesitate to put in inside her mouth. "Mmmhhh how do it feel my husband?", she intentionally call him her husband to turn him more and make him cum quickly because deep inside she feel disgusted and nauseous because his cock taste salty.
She moving her head up and down quickly while she using her big hand to pinch the balls of her husband. The view in front of you just turn you on even more and feel more delighted because you already own this petite woman and the other side Nayeon can feel your cock growing bigger inside her, "Mmmhhh fuuucckk nngghh faster oppaa mmhh fasteeerrr aaaaacccchhhh!!"
Plak plak plak plak ...
You put one hand on the ground and put one of her legs on top of your leg then fuck her ruthlessly like a dog with using your other hand to push her head deeper into her husband cock repeatedly, "Aaaaagghhhh glock glock ggggrrllllhhh nnggghhhh aaaggghhh oppaaaa mmmmpphhhh."
She squirts again with your cock still buried inside her pussy and wetting your legs while you still pushing her head until her nose reach his pubic hair as you force her to smell it. Nayeon feel that she's gonna puke anytime when her husband cumming so much inside her mouth and she have no choice to swallow most of it.
"Huuueeekkkk aaakkkhhh!", she spit the cum that left on her mouth onto her husband face and let him feel how disgusting it is after that.
"Is it that bad honey?", Nayeon nodded while pouting cutely at you that make you instantly kiss her lips. "Let's make him taste our cum Nay, let's give him a blessing on his birthday."
"That's the plan oppa", she grinning seductively.
She stand up on the bed and put one of her legs on the headboard that make her pussy just right above her husband's head with her back that she bend a little bit. You following Nayeon and standing behind her as you slapping your cock on her pussy several times that make the juice around her labia drenched on her husband's face and hair, "Oppaa~ fuck me alreadyy.. uuuuhhhh yesss like thaaatt.."
Her pussy filled again with the cock that make her crazy and the one that show her a true pleasure of having sex. You put your hand on her shoulder and banging her pussy roughly since her pussy getting more slippery that make you can easily penetrating her, "Mmhhh ooooohhhh if you keep fucking me like this I'm gonna be crazy oppa nghh."
"Don't hold back Nayeon, you can cum all you want, so am I."
Her body jolted every time she take a hard pounding from you while the liquids already spilled out of her pussy and land right on her husband's face, "Nnngghhh oppaaaahh fuuucckk Im cumminngg uuuuunncchhh."
Ccrrrrrrrrrtttt cccrrrrrrtttt ...
"Aaaakkhhh", Nayeon squirting uncontrollably and pour it more and more on her husband's face as it mixed with your cum while you already shoot your load at the same time when she reach her orgasm again.
But it's not over just like that and you won't let it anyway. You keep pounding your cock roughly inside her pussy while you push her head on the wall while for Nayeon, her lust already blocked all her senses and she can't control her body anymore. She doesn't know how many times she cumming because all she feel now is only pleasure all over her body.
While on the other side, your stamina getting drained as you endlessly fucking her hard and no longer after that you feel that you're almost reach your limit. "Nnngghhh fuck I'm close Nay aaaghhh", her eyes half open with saliva dripping out on her jaw as she help you with moving her hips.
"Yeesss yesssss cumming inside me oppa, fill you seed in my womb mmmhhh aaacchhh impregnate meee fuck fuck fuuuuuucckkkk!!!", Nayeon screaming loud.
You stroke your cock deep inside her pussy several times to make sure that your seed planted inside her womb and leave it there for awhile as both of you finish your orgasms.
After that you pull out your cock slowly and your cum spilling out from her pussy while Nayeon just stick her pussy on her husband face then rubbing it to flatten the mess all over his face. "Hmmm look at how handsome you are", Nayeon smooch his lips while her husband don't have a courage anymore to look at her.
You and Nayeon tidying each other's clothes then after that, she hold your hands again after placing the divorce files with her wedding ring on it in front of her husband. He crying quietly after he can't bear with how humiliated he is, mentally and physically.
You making out with Nayeon for a moment before she holding your hands to go in your place and continue planting more seeds inside her but you stop to give your last words.
"Like I said before, you have a really good wife and the problem is you have a Ferrari but you don't know how to drive it. See you on the court and Happy Birthday!"
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fanfic-wonderland · 2 days ago
Alive. [Jeong Yunho]
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Yunho are roommates, but not in the way that one would think.
Genre: Fluff, a little bit of angst maybe
Warnings: None
You're so busy going back and forth, from reading the book laying on your side to taking notes on the notebook on your lap, that you fail to notice the way the tall boy is watching you closely, his body mimicking your position as he sits on the other side of the couch with his legs crossed. You only turn your whole focus to him when you catch a glance of the way he shifts, through the corner of your eye. "Sorry, Yunho," you give him an apologetic look. "I know I said I'd spend the rest of the day with you, but I promise that as soon as I'm done with this I'll be all yours."
"Oh, that's okay," he says with a small shake of his head. "I like watching you do homework."
You chuckle. "Creepy much?"
"Not like that." He rolls his eyes, but laughs along. "You just look cute when you're concentrated on something."
"You're telling me that I look cute right now, wearing this stained shirt and with my hair going in each direction?"
"Well, I happen to think so." Yunho shrugs.
You shake your head. "Oh, you poor thing. You really need glasses."
"I really doubt that someone like me needs glasses at this point." he jokes.
Another hour goes by before you're finally done with college work for the day, and you could not be more relieved by that. You turn to Yunho, who has thrown his head back to look up at the ceiling. "So, what do you wanna do?"
He looks at you with wide, excited eyes. "You're done already?"
When you nod, he grins, scooting closer to you as you put all of your things aside on the coffee table. "Can we watch a movie?" he asks with a hopeful tone.
You smile, because there is no way you could ever deny him anything. "Of course we can."
You let him choose the movie this time. Ever since you introduced him to streaming platforms, he has been asking to watch movies nonstop, but you are always the one to pick what to watch. Not because you necessarily want to, but because he always asks you to do it. You know more about the most recent films, after all.
It takes a while for him to pick -he's either seen the movies with you already, or he has not heard of them at all-, but he finally lands on a random comedy movie that catches his attention, which you play immediately. You only remember the first half; It's not a bad movie, you've definitely laughed at some parts, but sleep begins to overtake you in the blink of an eye. You feel bad because Yunho has been looking forward to spending time with you for a while, and now that he actually gets to do so you're half-asleep. You start giving in to it before you could realize, and soon you know it you're completely gone. It doesn't feel like too much time has passed, though, when you hear him calling your name. You wake up with a small jump after you come back to your senses. "Aren't we going to watch the movie?" you ask him while rubbing the sleep off of your eyes.
He laughs softly. "The movie is already over, dummy."
Surely enough, when you turn to the screen in front of you the credits are already rolling. That only makes you feel worse. "Oh my God, Yunho, I'm so sorry."
"Why are you apologizing?" he furrows his eyebrows. "You don't have to apologize for anything."
"I ruined our only time together." you frown.
"No, you didn't. You're tired, and It's understandable because you've been working really hard lately." you notice how his hand goes up to reach out and touch you, but then quickly decides against it. "Besides, we're technically always together."
"Yeah, but I'm always busy." you say with a disappointed sigh.
He gives you a reassuring smile. "You know your presence is more than enough for me, right?" before you can say anything to that, he stands up. "Anyway, you should definitely go to bed now, It's getting late."
Once you brush your teeth and change into something more comfortable, you do not waste any more time to get into bed. Yunho stands near the doorway in order to turn the lights off. "Stay with me." you tell him when you see him opening the door to leave.
There is a small moment of silence before the door finally closes again, and he's laying next to you in no time. You lay on your side so that you can take a better look at him; he's also facing you. It's nice and comfortable; you have never felt otherwise around him. "Y/N," he speaks quietly. "thank you."
You're confused. "Why are you thanking me?"
"Because, thanks to you, now I don't have to live inside these walls on my own any longer" he answers, not once breaking eye contact with you. "I don't think you realize this, but you make me feel alive again."
You smile sleepily. Without thinking, your hand reaches up to caress his cheek, but you are only met with the coldest sensation. You can't feel the softness of his skin under your fingertips, just an empty void. Although you already know that's going to happen everytime you try, a small part of you never stops hoping that one day you come in contact with the person right in front of you, with his flesh and bones and a beating heart. "I wish I could touch you." you whisper.
He stares at you, the saddest you've ever seen him. So much different than his usual, cheery self. "Trust me, everyday I wish I could hug, kiss, and just feel you in every way possible."
You don't want to feel sad about this for the thousandth time because, whether you like or not, this is both of your realities, and there is nothing you can do to change it. The only thing that helps is that you get to be with him until you ever decide to move out, which you are certain that that will not happen any time sooner, because you really cannot imagine your life without him. Even if you are not able to live a normal life with him, you will always choose him over anyone or anything.
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gyuury · 21 hours ago
PICK UP! — a soobin smau
Tumblr media
— synopsis: you've got dumped by your boyfriend of 2 years, and now you're depressed. how do you cope? by drinking of course. anything else? oh right, by ranting to his now abandoned number through voice message while you're completely wasted. but what happens when the abandoned number had a new owner and he has actually been listening the whole time?
Tumblr media
pairing: soobin x fem!reader (ft. professional dancer!yeonjun) genre: fluff, angst, (attempted) comedy, non idol!au, a socmed!au but there will be written parts, love triangle? warnings: swearing, pining(?), a ton of fillers, possibly slow updates, my bad humour; different warnings each chapter status: ongoing!
+ a/n: this is my first time so don't go so harsh on me bc im not rlly familiar w being funny😞 also, this is inspired by the kdrama "More Than Friends" I highly recommend checking it out if you enjoyed this :) i would also like to thank May for helping me fill in plot holes i didn't even notice,, even tho that meant for them to know almost everything that would happen!! srsly tho, ty may. they practically co-wrote this💀
taglist: @enhyphun , @tyunni , @beomgyuanti send an ask!
Tumblr media
profiles 1 — profiles 2 — profiles 3
one: normal teenager stuff (stay tuned!)
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seospicy · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Han Jisung x reader. (s, f)
Author’s note: This is inspired by a friend of mine in high school, one day he told me a wet dream he had of me in details that I doubted if he really was dreamed of me or it was a wild fantasy he had of me but I remember my reaction vividly, I was like “Yeah? That’s so sick” then continued working on my math homework. WILD TIMES INDEED!
"So, I watched this French movie last night," you started speaking as you put down your can of beer on the coffee table. Han gulped down his beer, brashly wiped the wet patch of beer on his upper lips with the back of his hand. "You know how I do whenever I watch a movie, right?" You glanced at him to seek affirmation, He nodded, "yeah, you would probably be too immersed in it," "Exactly!" You exclaimed, then shifted on your seat to face him on the beaten-up couch in your rented studio, "and the actor is also hot that I ended up dreaming about him last night," Han chuckled, "that's so typically you," You laughed at his take on you because he wasn't entirely wrong, "Okay, this might be embarrassing, but I dreamed of having sex with him," you shyly admitted. Han's head perked up in your direction, started to get intrigued by your statement. You stifled a laugh, "I haven't had like a wet dream like that for," you paused to rake your memories, "I don't know how long," Han chuckled at how your cheeks reddened by your own confession. "Like," you took a quick sip of your beer, "I woke up feeling hot and bothered. I might have had clenching over nothing in my sleep too," you sighed, "so pathetic," you sneered, pitying yourself. "How is that pathetic?" He asked you in pure confusion. You shrugged. "I think everyone at least had a wet dream once in their lives," he stated. You pursed your lips, but he was right though, "maybe I'm just touch-deprived," you shrugged again. Han took a long swig of his beer that you were sure he had done with his can. "Now that you talked about it," he paused to lean forward, propping his elbows on his knees, "I had a wet dream to last night," You rolled your eyes, "You mean you watched some good porn last night, huh?" You sneered. He cracked up laughing at your wild guess, "no, really," You scoffed in disbelief, "I mean, what's the possibility of us collectively having wet dreams at the same time last night?" You laughed at how absurd it was to you. "Do you want to hear it or not?" He asked, half-laughing along with you. He licked his upper lip, "It's okay if you don't want to," You put on a serious face, "okay, let's hear it," you said to him, folding your hands together on your chest. Han cleared his throat, "so in this dream," he paused to glance at you, and you glanced back at him, "so, in this dream," he started again, "I was in my a friend's house, and there was no one there," He shifted in his seat, rested the side of his body against the couch, "there was a trail of clothes on the floor," he explained, his hands started making weird gestures, "there was a dress on the floor, and not far from it, her bra so I followed in the track," "Don't tell me it leads to a house made of candies and sweets?" You teased, suppressed a laugh as you said it. Han shot you a look, glaring at you through his dark eyelashes. You held your hands up at him, "okay, no more interruption," you promised, making a zipping motion along with your mouth. He squinted at you, nodding. "Anyway, so I picked up her clothes off the floor while following in the track," he paused to prop a hand against his head onto the headrest of the couch, "and turned out, it leads to her room," "My eyes found the last piece of clothing was her underwear, a pale pink lacey underwear, the color was so soft and pretty, just like the color of her nipples," he described, eyes stole a glance at you. You stifled a laugh. "I found her on the bed, laying on her side," he went on, "she wore nothing, just lay there fully naked on the bed, her eyes looking at me with such anticipation as if she's been waiting for me," He heavily sighed, "I walked closer to her, I just stood there looking down at her. She's so," he paused to emphasize what he tried to say next, "beautiful!" He rubbed his lips with his thumb and index fingers, eyes looked down yet his mind clouded with the thought of the girl in his dream, "her hair sprawled around her head, the white sheet did nothing but made her even more fascinating to look at, like she has this glow around her," his breathing became heavier. His eyes shifted at yours, unwavering. He shot you a smile, a sly smile that hinted something hidden behind it. He sharply inhaled and continued, "I put my hand on her cheek, swiping my thumb over her lips in which she eagerly took into her mouth. I felt her tongue swirled around my thumb, slick and hot," You found yourself feeling hypnotized by the way he recited his dream to you. There was something about it that forced you to listen to the rest of it. "I trailed my fingers down her neck and down to her chest," he swallowed at the imaginary touches he made in his head, "She's so soft all over," he whimpered. "I placed my hand on the dip of her waist, the curve of her hips, and I have this urge to just lay beside her," "Did you?" You asked. "I did," he answered, "I lay beside her and just touch her all over. She's so so, so soft," he said it like words couldn't fathom his admiration. "I kissed her bare shoulder," he continued, " then I lifted her arm and kissed that heart-shaped birthmark she has on her inner arm," Your mouth parted at the mention of the birthmark that caused you to glance down on your heart-shaped mark on your inner arm. When you looked up, Han gazed at you. He knows that you knew he had been talking about you, the girl of his dream. "So, what happened next?" You asked, dared yourself to gaze back at him. "I kissed her mouth," he raked a hand through his hair, "she tastes like fruit juice and cream," he sighed, "she tasted so heavenly," You bit your lower lip, unwittingly rubbing your thighs together. "Or that's what I thought she would taste like," he added. You raised one of your eyebrows at him. "I hate to tell you this, but the dream ended just like that," he informed. "Were you hoping for more than just that?" You teased. He let out a long sigh, "I wouldn't even dare to dream it but, yes." "Have you told this friend about this dream yet?" Your voice went lower as you asked him this. He gave a firm nod, "yes," he answered. "What was her reaction?" You asked to tease him more. He shrugged. "Well, a good friend would help you make your dream come true," you said with a smile. Han looked at you, his mouth slightly curled in the corner. "Can you close your eyes?" His head turned in your direction with a puzzled look on his face. "I have something for you," you softly spoke, "can you close your eyes so I can give it to you?" Han looked bewildered but curious at the same time, he stifled a nod, "Yeah, okay," then closed his eyes. You slowly got up from the couch, your heart beating so fast you were afraid Han might hear your heart drumming out of control. You took another look at him to make sure his eyes were still closed, then took off your shirt and let it drop onto the floor. You lingered for a moment there, looking down at him, then walked backward and took off your skirt next. You made a trail with your piece of clothing that led to your bedroom. When there was no piece of clothing left on you, you climbed onto the bed and lay on your side on the bed.
Han has his eyes closed for a while now, he anticipated you to tell him to open his eyes at some point, but it was too quiet now. He opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was your shirt on the floor right next to his feet. He got up and followed your trace of clothing littered on the floor that guided him to your bedroom. His breath caught in his throat when he found you lying naked on the bed. When he thought nothing could get better than his dream, well, he was wrong. It was far better than his dream. He approached you, and if it wasn't for the way your chest was heaving, he would have thought he was back inside his dream. Your eyes looked up at him, trying to keep your calm despite blood rushing throughout your body, making your skin blotchy red. His hesitant hand reached for your cheek, his thumb swiped over your lips, and just like he was expected, you took it into your mouth, gently sucked on it, swirling your tongue around his rough finger pad. "Are you real?" He asked, his voice was so low it was almost like a whisper. You grabbed his hand by his wrist, "You can touch me as much as you want later," you said, then got up to kneel on the bed, "now can we pick up from where your dream ended?" You asked, eyebrows raised. Laying your hands flat on his chest, you leaned in to kiss him on the mouth. You looped your hands around his neck, pulling him deep into your kiss, he held your face with both hands. He pulled away to catch a breath. "So, how did I taste like?" You asked. "Heavenly, " he said with a smile. He pressed his lips on yours again, your hands feverishly unbuttoning his shirt, in which his hands soon helped you get rid of it. You tugged your hand on his belt, struggled to unbuckle it with your lips still connected with his. Han chuckled into your mouth, removed your hands to unbuckle it himself. You sat down on the bed as he pulled down his jeans, licking your lower lip the moment your eyes landed on his firm cock. You stuck out your hand, and he took it, you pulled him, brought him down with you onto the mattress. Bodies slithering against each other hands endlessly savoring each other's touches, drinking in the pleasure it brought on you. "The condom is there," you informed, "it's in the drawer," you pointed to the bedside table. His hand shortly reached to pull open the small drawer and took out one foil packet from a box. He got off of you, kneeling on the bed. He tore the wrap with his teeth, and you watched as he fiddled with the condom. His eyes looked back and forth between you and the tas in hands. You noticed that his hands were slightly shaking. You sat up, took the condom from him, helped him with it. "Is it that uncomfortable when I look at you?" You softly asked him as you rolled it down his length. "No, it's just me," he stuttered. You smiled at him, inching closer to him to place a tender kiss on his mouth. You looked up at him when you broke the kiss, "if it's that uncomfortable to you," you turned your body around, kneeling with your back against him, you hand searched for him, "then we should just do it like this," you bent over on the bed and went on all fours for him. He went along when you pulled him with you, molded his body on yours, you looked over your shoulders, "so you don't need to worry about me looking at you," you added. He gave you a rushed kiss, a hand gripped you by your jaw to deepen his kiss. You felt his cock graze your thigh, arching your back to seek more friction with him. Han seemed to notice how needy you were for him as much as he wanted to be inside right now. Retracted his mouth from yours, he traced his hand along your back and down to that beautiful arch of your back, then caressed the supple flesh of your rear before palming your drenched core. He hummed as he had anticipated this very moment as he carefully pushed his length inside you. You balled the sheet in your hands, feeling his cock deliciously stretching your walls. He let out a raw groan when he buried deep inside you, hands gripped each side of your hips. He attached his body with yours again, mouth hastily found yours, you voluntarily turned your head to the side to let him capture you in a dizzying, breathless kiss. He started thrusting, buried his head on the crook of your neck, you heard every noise he made as he was fucking you. "You feel so good," he cooed, his breath felt hot on your skin. You lowly chuckled, "better than you've dreamed of?" You asked him. You heard him smiling against your ear, "beyond," he answered, truthfully it took everything in him to form an answer when he was too blissed out to fathom his thoughts into words. He looked down at the way your hand and his were rested next to each other, he placed his hand on yours and laced it together, "now, it's perfect," he muttered. You couldn't help but smile at the small endearing gesture he made toward you, and at the same time, overwhelmed at how he slowly fucking you into oblivion. You wondered if it was all a dream because this was too good to be true.
taglist: @changbinscypher @octalalica​ @fabudabu​ @channinn​
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koakyuu · 2 days ago
—nishimura riki
Tumblr media
PAIRING ▸ riki x reader
GENRE ▸ fluff, enemies to lovers, comedy
SUMMARY ▸ When Riki’s prank leads to the both of you having after school detention, he insists on walking you home
DISCLAIMERS & TAGS ▸ fem!reader, mild-strong language, written in 2nd person, lots of bickering, pranks and revenges, cringe nicknames and neoduri with— with spammm
Tumblr media
"Nishimura get back here you bastard!" You yell, chasing Riki out of the classroom and into the hallways where his long—way too long— legs make it easier for him to rush up a flight of stairs and disappear from your sight.
You stop in the middle of the staircase, hunching over to catch your breath whilst also trying to calm yourself down. Why were you mad?
Riki threw slime in your hair.
You mentally curse him out, grip on the handlebar tightening. A sigh leaves your lips a mere second before you push off with all the force your legs have and run up the stairs at full speed. Fortunately for you, passing students quickly get out of the way, leaving you a clear path. You don't know if some people flinch because of how pissed you look, or simply because they got scared seeing a five-foot-seven girl charging in their direction with a weird, pink gooey lump tangled in her hair. Either way, you looked terrifying. Something worse than in a horror movie.
You halt at the top, head spinning from left to right in search for the boy who you would do anything to punch in the gut right about now. At the end of the corridor to your left, you spot a blond-haired boy. A big, toothy smile plays on his lips as he holds his index finger and thumb in an "L" shape on his forehead, hopping from side to side.
The corner of your lips twitch in fury and in a split second, you're after him again. You're a few meters away from him when Riki realizes he's done for once you get your hands on him and runs.
"Stupid asparagus! Screw you and your stupid skyscraper legs!" You attempt to shout, but your words come out in something that resembles more a screech. Like those over dramatic freshmen you saw last week that were crying their lungs out because a student pushed them out of the way.
Riki turns around, still running and tips his head to the side. Annoying rhubarb shaped kid, he looks like he's having a field day whilst I'm over here running as if Pennywise is chasing me with that dumb red balloon of his.
"Hey Sunshine! Love that new headband of yours! So pink and slime-y!" He sticks out his tongue. He's too busy laughing at you to notice his surroundings and trips on a pencil case. Unfortunately for him, he's not quick enough to save himself and ends up on the floor, gasps and shocked mutters erupting around him.
You take this as your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and get on top of him, fingers grasping his collar. That dumb smirk is wiped off his face and fear finally rises into his features. He vigorously shakes his head. "Y/n— no wait it was just a pran-"
"Kim Y/n! Nishimura Riki! What on earth are you two doing?" A sudden authoritative voice booms and you both freeze. "On your feet. Now."
Both you and Riki stand up, hands behind your backs and heads down. You hear Riki trying to hold on a laugh when he looks at your disheveled hair, and you stomp on his foot. He winces in pain, and you have to fight back a smirk. Deserved.
"Now would you two please tell me what in God's name were you doing causing such a ruckus in the hallways?"
Your head whips up so fast you almost pull a muscle. Suddenly, it's hard to swallow when the man's cat-like eyes stare right at you, clearly unhappy. "He put slime in my hair, sir!" You point to the six-foot-three kid next to you accusingly.
Whispers fill the corridor. Some giggle at how ridiculous your hair looks, others just look at you weirdly before entering their respective classrooms. Riki clears his throat next to you and speaks up. To you, rather than the teacher. "It was a prank! Your grumpy face needs a little brightness before it gets all wrinkly and you look like an old granny at 20!"
"Excuse me?!" You grab his collar, pulling him down to your height. Geez you gigantic creature, you could almost be mistaken as those ugly abnormal titans that run like crazy.
"Enough." You both flinch at the hard voice that sounds a lot more irritated than earlier. "Detention after school. Both of you. Now scram."
"Yes, sir!" The both of you now at him before walking away, heads down in shame. You manage to walk down the stairs without any bickering. Though you really—really— wanted to pinch the boy's ears in revenge.
The halls downstairs are empty, and you can only assume everyone is already in class. You're too busy trying to remove the slime from your hair to notice Riki slowing down until he's walking behind you, and in one quick motion, he shoves his foot into the back of your knee, making you let out an oomph! and fall flat on your face.
Riki's loud laugh rings in your ears as you groan and get up on your feet. You decide that you have had enough of his bullshit and raise your leg and—
"Ow what the hell! Why'd you kick me?!" He cries out in pain, clutching his stomach.
"Ugly giraffe. Because of you I have to wash my hair again today."
"Oh please, we both know how I'm just dripping with good looks, Sunshine." You gag at his cringey words, shaking your hand and waving him off as you continue walking and ignore him to save your sanity.
Tumblr media
When the bell rings, a scowl paints itself on your face as you shove your stuff into your bag. You wave off your friends and watch them leave. Your frown deepens when Riki's head pops up in your face and you stumble back.
"What the hell Nishimura! Have you ever heard of the term personal space?" You watch him straighten himself up and raise an eyebrow.
"I don't know, Sunshine. Please do tell me what it is." He crosses his arms, a crooked smile picks at his lips and you almost explode again.
"Whatever." You mutter, aggressively throwing you bag over your shoulder and stomping out of the classroom, Riki following close behind.
You find your way to the detention room, bowing to the supervisor. Plopping down on the desk in the back corner, you glare at Riki, who sits down next to you.
The universe works in your favor and for the next hour, Riki finally leaves you alone.
But of course, you were too optimistic about him. As you walk out of the gates, you feel a harsh tug on your bag and stumble back, crashing into a certain blond-haired boy.
"What do you want now, Nishimura?" You attempt to take a step forward, halting because Riki still has a grip on your backpack. "Can you like— I don't know? Get the hell off of me?"
You struggle against him, and when you think he's finally done Riki wraps his arms around you. "Hey! What the—"
"Oh my God you're going to burst my eardrums, Sunshine." Riki's unexpectedly deep voice echoes in your right ear. Chills run up your spine and you stop breathing for a moment. "Let me walk you home."
"What? No! Scram you lanky giant!" You finally push him off you, turning around to face his amused expression.
"Why not?" He raises his chin, peering down at you.
"Because I don't want you to?"
"But why?"
"God can you leave me the hell alone?" You massage your temples, tapping your foot on the ground in irritation.
"If you let me walk you home, sure."
At this point, you've had it. You stare at him for a moment, bottom lip trapped between your teeth. After a few seconds, you sigh in defeat. "Fine. But don't get used to it, Nishimura."
His face lights up. "Awesome!" That stupid gummy smile is back on his face and you roll your eyes, crossing your arms.
You walk away from your weirdly excited classmate, half wishing he was joking but alas, Riki runs up to you, skipping in front of you as the both of you cross the street and walk along the sidewalk.
You pass a few blocks before Riki pulls you in a convenience store. "Now what are we doing here, Nishimura?"
You're too tired too lash out at him, and he somehow notices, which makes his stupid smile grow bigger. He completely ignores your question and searches the isles. You automatically follow him, not wanting to be left stranded in the middle of the store.
He stops at the instant noodle isle, crouching down to scan the different cup noodles. He picks one up, shoving it into your hands. "You like Neoduri, right? With spam?" In a mere second, he's gone from your field of vision.
You're surprised at how he knows your eating habits, jaw almost dropping as your feet suddenly feel heavy when you try to figure out wherever the hell he wandered off to. Luckily for you, he's already back with a can of spam and soda, piling them up in your arms along with the snacks he chose for himself.
When he takes your arm to go pay, you almost drop everything, but he doesn't notice. If he did, he didn't make it obvious. Riki slides a twenty dollar bill to the cashier and thanks her when she hands him his change.
"Hurry up Sunshine, I'm starving here." He says, which makes you scowl.
"Then why don't you help me instead of making me carry all of this, huh?" Again, he completely ignores you and sets his bag down on a table instead. You follow suit, glaring at the boy who innocently smiles.
You're confused when he's gone again. You notice how the ramen he bought for you is nowhere to be found on the table. Why did the universe have to give that kid such long legs he disappears so quickly? Geez.
A few minutes later, Riki comes back, only to find you hunched over the table, head resting on your folded arms. An airy chuckle leaves his lips, setting down the cup in front of you and sliding into a seat.
Your eyes flutter open at the sound of a can being opened and you straighten up, meeting Riki's gaze. "Well good morning, sleeping beauty. Did you have a nice nap?"
He mocks you, and you roll your eyes. "Shut up, Nishimura."
"Oh please you love me."
"To hell with that."
"You can't deny it forever, Sunshine. Now eat up." Riki takes the wooden chopsticks that sit on the top of the ramen cup and breaks them apart, handing them over to you and pushing the soda can in front of you.
You're too hungry to come up with a response and instead listen to him, opening the lid and halting when you see that Riki already put chunks of spam into your ramen. You shake your head, disregarding it and digging in.
"You should really stop skipping lunch, Sunshine." Riki suddenly says, which makes you choke on your noodles.
"Why should I?" You manage through coughs, and it's his turn to roll his eyes.
"Stop being so stubborn, you know you never have enough energy to concentrate in class."
"And how the hell do you know that, Nishimura? Do you stare at me in class or something?"
"Well," he pops a chip into his mouth. "It's kind of hard to miss a zombie in the back of the class, ya know?"
"Oh shut up, Nishimura." You roll your eyes again, and he laughs.
The both of you are suddenly silent, atmosphere growing thicker. But yet somehow, it's still a comfortable silence. At least, until Riki opens his mouth again.
"Riki, Sunshine. Not Nishimura. Just Riki."
You scoff, “Y/n, Riki. Not Sunshine. Just Y/n.” You mock him, and confusion grows on your features when Riki smiles widely.
“What now?” You groan, gaze landing on his fluffy hair just a second before going to his stupid, punchable face.
“Nothing, you just called me Riki.”
Crossing your arms, you raise your chin at him competitively. “Yeah, now you better stop with the stupid nickname.”
He nods, “Fine, I will.”
“You better, Nishi— I mean—Riki.”
Riki giggles at the way you corrected yourself and goes back to eating. You two spend the next few minutes in silence as you finish up your food before heading out.
You’re quietly walking alongside Riki when he suddenly stops a passerby who’s walking his dog. “Oh my gosh, is that a Golden Retriever?”
The dog’s owner smiles fondly at the Japanese boy, “Yes, her name is Layla. You can pet her if you’d like.”
At that, Riki’s eyes light up so bright you could’ve sworn no star could compare to them. You watch as he gets on his knees and pets the dog who returns the affection, practically jumping on his lap and he laughs in contentment.
“She seems to like you a lot, child. She doesn’t usually like people.” The man says, making you smile unconsciously.
“She’s so cute!” Riki pets the top of her head one last time before standing up and bowing to the man who bids you both goodbye.
When Riki turns to you, his brow raises. “What are you smiling at?” He tilts his head to the side.
You immediately frown, clearing your throat. “Nothing. Let’s go.”
Riki can only chuckle at your reaction, watching you walk away. Your hair is still a mess, but at least you got the slime out and managed to brush it a little, though you’ll definitely have to wash it later to get rid of the residue.
“Hey Sunshine!” You cringe at the name, lip twitching in anger.
“I told you not to call me tha-!” You stop when he holds up his phone, pointing to the device. Your eyes widen in horror. His lock screen is a a picture of you sleeping comfortably in the convenience store. Your heartbeat speeds up and blood rushes to you face as you clench your fists at your side. The boy only adds fuel to the fire inside you by sticking his tongue out and dashing off.
“Nishimura Riki!” You roar, feet kicking off the ground as you run after him, yelling out profanities as the boy only laughs at you.
Oh boy, here we go again.
Tumblr media
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At first sleeping with Yeonjun didn't seem like a mistake but now that a week has passed you know that it was.
He was acting weird. The casual bickering turned into silence. The studying together turned into empty seats. The making eye contact in class turned into acting as if you didn't exist.
And what did you do? You started acting the same way he was acting. No more games of I Hate You But I Want You. This was a new game.
You Are A Mistake And We Fucked Up.
Somehow you were fine with that, you know you only hooked up with Yeonjun because you were bored and stressed.
About to leave your room to go to class, you stopped, finding him outside your door. Immediately you felt yourself getting defensive, "What? I exist now?" Yeonjun ignores your question and walks past you into your room. What the fuck was he doing? You closed your door and turned to him, seeing how he ran his hands through his hair over and over, pushing it back from his eyes. He barely looked at you, glancing away and out your window instead.
"Hey! What's your problem?", you ask, snapping your fingers at him.
"You!", Yeonjun snaps and you freeze, startled by his outburst and confused as to why he's so angry, "You're fucking trying to trap me! And if you think getting pregnant will make me be with you you're wrong! We hooked up. You opened your legs like any other girl on campus would and you think because I stuck my dick in you that it means something!"
So that was it. Yeonjun thought he got you pregnant, he was scared, and being a pretentious asshole about all of it.
You had to laugh, rolling your eyes, and your laughing didn't improve his mood, a disgusted scoff leaving his lips. "I fucking knew it.", he scowls.
Deep down it kinda hurt that Yeonjun thought all you wanted was to get knocked up and trap him. He didn't use protection that night in the library closet, both of you weren't really thinking that night about anything but getting off, a momentary distraction from college.
You didn't like him assuming and hurting you like this so you wanted to hurt him back. That's what you do, right? Someone hurts you, you hurt them back.
Seeing his lips open to start yelling at you again you take one step towards him, "You fucking idiot!", you snap, cutting him off. Yeonjun shuts up. "You think you're that special?! That fucking you in that closet was anything more than a distraction? You think I'd get pregnant by you? Who are you? You're no one to me, just some guy. You aren't special, Choi Yeonjun!" By now you were fuming and the look in both your eyes and his was nothing but anger. "You're the one who didn't use a condom that night!-"
"Who was the one saying 'Cum for me!' 'I need to feel you!', Yeonjun yells back.
You wanted to shove at him but you were both adults and getting physical wasn't a good idea. Honestly you might end up fucking again if you touched him.
"For your information I'm on the pill!", you retort, "Thanks for asking.", you turned from him to walk to your bathroom and grabbing what you needed from under the sink cabinet.
Yeonjun was pacing and he stopped when you threw the handful of pads at him, of course they didn't hurt but you were making a point. "If you want I can show you that I currently need these."
He only looks at you, "You aren't special, Yeonjun.", you tell him again.
Your hands shook and you pushed your own hair from your eyes. What you didn't see was that what you said actually hurt Yeonjun. But he hurt you first. It was only fair.
His tongue pokes the inside of his cheek, both of you were struggling with the anger. People probably heard you both fighting. You didn't care and he didn't seem to either.
"Glad we had this talk. That night was a mistake. Looks like I dodged a bullet.", he tells you, his tone went cold and as he left he had the audacity to wink, keeping up his cocky persona.
You didn't break down to tears until your door clicked shut behind him. You'll skip class today.
(No title but I thought it would be nice to continue this.)
Tumblr media
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neokittyy · a day ago
Two Moons: Chapter 4
I’m a wolf and you’re a beauty. 🌙
Preview: A gray wolf appeared slipping through the trees and pausing several feet away. It was a male alpha, taller in build than most but slender, posture almost graceful. His coat was a pale gray, nearly silver, head lowered in greeting. You'd never seen this wolf before and shrunk further back into the water, thinking of the vulnerable position you were suddenly in.
Preview, Prologue, Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3
Summary: The Lee pack merging with yours would ensure the future of your kind. But you never expected to end up caught in the middle of the two pack leaders.
Pairing: Baekhyun/reader, Taeyong/reader
Featuring Neos: Ten, Jaemin, Haechan, Johnny
Genre: ABO, Smut, PWP
Warning: 18+  Alpha/Omega dynamics (can be interpreted as dubcon but is not intended). Please read to your comfort level.
Tumblr media
Days turned into weeks, and the truth is, you barely saw much of Taeyong. He would have slipped from your mind completely if it wasn't for the dreams. He visited you often in them, and there were no longer any guests. Just you and the pack leader.
The mornings were as physical as your sleep, Baekhyun always happy to soothe you, thrilled by how needy you'd become. Increased sex drive a sign of an upcoming heat. You wanted to be excited, feigned a smile for him-- but the guilt grew worse each passing day. You would awake desperate, mind a fog but your body, your wolf were hungry, greedy, preening at the touch of the alpha. Needing to be satisfied. Your confusion was overwhelming but you couldn't tell Baekhyun the truth either.
This should have been a time to celebrate and enjoy with Baekhyun. If this was a sign of your heat coming it was something you'd both waited so long for. Dreams were just dreams-- out of your control and without meaning. When you awoke, the alpha in your bed meant everything. He was your reality. You didn't want to give your alpha any more reasons to worry.
Dinners were the only time you saw Taeyong and even then he wouldn't show often. The leader avoided most social events and if he attended, avoided you. At least you felt like he did.
Baekhyun said the wolves were busy and on edge, anxious to wrap things up before winter. So you focused on your work helping where you could, guiding the omegas in preparation for the new season. You made sure to gather breeding supplies for yourself as well-- just in case.
~*~ It was an unusually warm day, rays of sunlight drifting over the grounds and you ventured to your favorite spot in the forest. It was tucked away, rarely visited by those in the pack. A small but beautiful spot to swim, Baekhyun had shown it to you when he'd discovered your love for the water. It was a place you'd frequented together, one that his family had once brought him to as a pup.
But today you'd come alone, sprawling out to read for a bit before wading into the water. You were floating on your back, enjoying the feel of the sun on your skin when you sensed movement approaching. Heavy footsteps. Four legs. You quickly sunk into the water down to your neck to hide yourself. It was common for wolves to skinny dip around here and you'd run in form, not bothering to bring clothing whenever you came here. You suddenly regretted that decision, because the incomer was not Baekhyun.
A gray wolf appeared, slipping through the trees and pausing several feet away. It was a male alpha, taller in build than most but slender, posture almost graceful. His coat was a pale gray, nearly silver, head lowered in greeting. You'd never seen this wolf before, and shrunk further back into the water, thinking of the vulnerable position you were suddenly in.
The alpha turned around quickly, moving back behind the trees out of sight. A moment later Taeyong appeared in a pair of swim shorts and a t-shirt. You felt yourself grow warm, feeling exposed, crossing your arms over your chest under the water. But the sense of threat was gone.
"I'm sorry if i scared you."
You lifted your head slightly, taking in the scents around you. The forest smelled stronger than him, the absence of his scent irritating your wolf.
You had not imagined it.
“I'm not scared.”
Part of you felt that was a lie.
Taeyong stared at you, face expressionless. Then he reached down, pulling his shirt over his head. Your mouth dropped slightly, eyeing his exposed skin. He was thin with broad shoulders, lean muscles traced with veins. He held his shirt out to you walking closer to the edge of the water.
You wadded closer grabbing it and he turned around. Getting out you pulled his t-shirt on. It felt too intimate, wearing his clothes, the material sticking to your wet skin and you felt yourself blushing. But at least you weren't fully nude anymore.
“You can turn around now.”
Taeyong turned, unable to resist the way his eyes drifted over your body. You stepped back into the water and he stared at your ass, running a hand through his hair anxiously. He should leave. The thought crossed his mind, but instead he followed you into the water. Instinct winning out.
You sunk back into the water facing him as he suddenly disappeared diving under the surface. He remerged after a moment, closer to you. The alpha pushed his hands through his lengthy wet hair slicking it back, lifting his face to the sun peaking through the trees above. He looked peaceful. You took in his side profile, jaw sharp, nose strong and defined. There was a small scar near the corner of his eye, and even that was endearing. 
He looks beautiful.
You swallowed, blinking yourself out of the revere and staring instead at the dark rippling water.
"I'm sorry if I interrupted your swim."
You glanced at him, swimming lazily in place.  Trying to calm the nerves you felt.
"Why do you keep apologizing? And where have you been?"
He laughed.
"Should I apologize for that too?"
Maybe he was nervous too. The air between you two awkward. Tense. But you were unexpectedly happy to see him after so long, your wolfs tail wagging at the sound of his soft laugh and you found yourself wanting to push passed the awkward tension.
You shook your head, swimming in a circle around him. "How did you find this place? I don't get many visitors."
Taeyong floated in place, watching you. "Baekhyun and I used to visit, as kids. I come here when I miss the sea."
"Oh. Then I guess I should remember to wear a bathing suit next time."
Taeyong laughed again, softly. "My shirt is always available."
You raised your eyebrows and he cleared his throat quickly, swimming under the water once again. This time he emerged a few feet away shaking the water from his hair. You both swam quietly for a bit, enjoying the water and the sun. With each moment the air grew more comfortable, relaxed. The water was always relaxing to you, and you wondered what it would be like to swim in an ocean with it's crashing waves.
"Do you miss home?"
He floated onto his back as he spoke. "Of course. But being here is more important right now."
"What's it like there?" You mimicked him floating onto your back, enjoying the warm water around you, watching the sky above.
He tells you of the city, the vastness of people, of sea-life, of mountain range. Protected by the ocean on one side, the towering mountains on the other. Speaks of it as a modern place, influence from the humans more imbedded into their way of life. There were others, like Jaemin. Previously human. Or those who were comfortable, slipping in and out of the human world undetected. They brought their knowledge and resources back to the pack. It seemed like an alien place to you. Willingly visiting humans?
"You feel more connected there. To the rest of the world."
"Is that why you left?"
"I needed to find my own way. I wanted to help people. Our pack thrived and I wondered if there was more I could do out there."
"Did you find what you were looking for?"
Taeyong stared at you. “Almost.”
He swam closer gaze on you steady.
“Maybe I needed to come back home to find the rest.”
He was walking through the water toward you and you gave him a first genuine smile.
“Well you're helping us now.”
The alpha stopped a foot away, freezing. His eyes softened, reigning in his wolf that tugged him toward you like a magnet.
"This pack is my family." He looked away. "Baekhyun'"
You bit your lip, thinking of your alpha, watching the water.
"He is. He saved me you know, gave me a new life and a new family."
Taeyong was quiet, the sound of the forest filling the silence.  
"You can come visit sometime. With Baekhyun,"  He said after a while.
You glanced at him, smiling at the thought. "Then who would run the pack?"
He looked at you sideways, running a hand through his wet hair. "Actually...about that. I might be stepping in for Baekhyun for a few days."
Your smile falls slightly, confused. "Why?"
"He'll be visiting my pack to retrieve something personal for me. It'll be just a few days. There and back."
Your amusement vanished, tensing at his words. "He--what? He's leaving, now?"
Your omega went into panic, swimming quickly toward the edge of the water.
Water splashed as you turned back suddenly toward him, panic rushing into anger. "He offered to go?"
The alpha backed up slightly, eyes wide in surprise.
"He did--"
"-- or did you ask him to go--"
Taeyong held up his hands as if to appear innocent, eyes huge and glinting with the reflection of the water.  It was strange how quickly his demeanor could change.  "No I didn't, please listen to me. I planned to go myself but it would delay the work. Baekhyun insisted...I came to see if you could convince him to stay."
Your mind reeled. You'd been inseparable for weeks unless he was working. How could Baekhyun think now was a good time to leave the pack? To leave you?  
"Why do you care if he stays." You turn, noisily exiting the water and shaking it off you.  Making a show of how irritated you were. "You're the reason he's leaving."
The alpha puffed his cheeks out, slightly amused by this side of you. He followed you out of the water calmly.
"Trust me, it's better for all of us if he's here."
You glared at him, irritated by his cryptic words. His and Jaemin's. The calmness you'd felt in the water was gone. You stared at each other for a long moment, but it felt like the comfortable energy you'd had was also gone.
"I need to find him." You rushed off toward the trees Taeyong had appeared from, peeling off his t-shirt once you were hidden from view and throwing it back through to the clearing. Then you jumped into form, bounding forward, anger growing with each stride home.
You threw on some clothes before heading downstairs, Baekhyun arriving shortly after looking tired. You cornered him immediately, needing answers.
"You're leaving?"
Baekhyun stared at you for a moment, blinking wordlessly. He started ruffling his hair, something he did only when nervous. “Ah…” Carefully walking around you heading toward the kitchen. "Taeyong found you then."
You followed him to the kitchen watching him fix a drink. The staling was too much. You stared at him as he took a deep drink, eyes desperate.
"Baekhyun...answer me."
He placed the glass down, approaching you, bringing you into his arms and looking down, lightly pressing his forehead to yours. "Listen to me. I know you're going to worry. But this is something I have to do. There's something he needs.” He brings a hand to your face, brushing your hair out of it gently. It’d dried out by now, long and loose around your frame. “Some medicine. He can't continue work himself without it."
"Why can't he go?"
"He's working too y/n. His wolves are busy working, as are mine. They're doing the jobs they came here to do.”
You sighed, frustrated. “There has to be some other option—"  you were grasping at straws. The alpha shook his head.
“If we want to make winter they can't stop. I can afford to go, and we are indebted to them. I owe him this.”
You could feel the tension rising, and you knew he was right, knew you were being petulant. But you couldn't control yourself, couldn't hide the anger on your face, nothing felt as important as staying near your alpha right now.
“You could send any alpha, any pack member in your place.”
“This is not on them. I have a duty to the pack, these things fall to me, you know this."
"What about your duty to me?"
"You're being unreasonable."
You pulled away shoving away from his body in frustration. "Your duty to your pack? Your duty to your pack is to breed, to continue the line, to be with your mate. What alpha in their right mind is leaving their mate weeks before winter--"
Baekhyun growled, slamming a hand against the counter to silence you. "Enough. I am not those alphas. Even if I wish it was that simple, just you and I."
He looked at you sadly, almost with pity and you feel diminished. Small. His eyes seem to harden and you were scared but you don't speak up. He was stressed, he had been for a long time. The pressure of leading, of producing an heir, of stepping into his father's footsteps. His responsibilities always seemed to take precedence but all you wanted was him. It was as if he was already far from you sometimes.
“I'm bringing two others. It's all we can afford. I can't send them off alone.”
But you'll leave me alone.
The tears that had welled up fell, spilling in frustration. Baekhyun sighed pulling you back into his arms, squeezing you, feeling guilty. Feeling like he could never do the right thing one way or the other. "You can't leave me right now,” you mumbled against his chest.  
"I'll be back quickly."
Baekhyun kissed the top of your head, squeezing you tightly against him as you cried. His scent surrounded you, and your tears came harder as your mind raced. He was the only thing that kept you anchored each day, helped you come down each morning when your body ached passed the point of coherent thought. He was what kept you secure, gave you clarity when things felt uncertain.
"I'm scared Baekhyun."
Baekhyun frowned. He knew you well, knew your moods. The reaction felt unlike you, but this had been the case for weeks. You hadn't been yourself since the arrival of the Lee pack. And the truth was, he did worry about leaving you here without him. He did not want to go, not now. But he had to lead. He always had to lead.
So he cupped your face in his slender hands. "It'll be fine, my love." Kissed over the tears.
You lift your bleary eyes to his at the nickname you liked best, your voice small as you spoke.  "What if my heat comes?"
Your alpha sighed. It was his fear too. But winter was a few weeks ago, and omegas rarely went into heat before then. It was looming, and he knew he had to do this immediately. There and back.
“We've been waiting for that for a long time. I have to do this  right away so...  I'm leaving tomorrow." You froze in his arms and he rushed through his words at the look on your face, knowing you were ready to interrupt. "I know it's sudden, but I have to be back for you as soon as I can. It'll only be a few days , 3 at most.”
Long enough for a heat to come and pass. The words hurt.
You pulled away, going quiet, giving up. Resigning yourself to your fate. You'd shown all the signs of a heat approaching and he was still leaving you.
"Will he die without this medicine?"
Baekhyun looked taken aback for a moment, then chuckled lightly shaking his head. "Would you have him die for your alpha?" His tone was slightly playful, acting shocked, mouth pouted as he spoke. You let out a weary laugh smacking his chest in annoyance that he could get you from angry to a smile so quickly. He grabbed your wrist drawing you back into his body. You looked up at him and he looked like himself again, eyes a warm chocolate. Leaning forward, nose brushing against yours and you felt the familiar sense of calm spread over you lifting your mouth eagerly he kissed you softly cradling your face in his palms.
"I don't want to be alone," you murmured against his lips.
He shook his head, opening his eyes. "You won't be."
You moved your face to his neck, wrapping your own arms around him, squeezing like he would escape and disappear. "What do you mean?"
Baekhyun paused, afraid he'd upset you again. But he had to do what was best for you safety until he was back.  
"I need you safe. So I asked Taeyong to stay here while I'm away."
You jerked away abruptly, looking at him like he was insane. "You what? No. That's really not...necessary. I can stay with Ten."
He shook his head. "No." Tone resolute.
"You won't be safer with anyone else, and I trust him. I will not leave you alone with Ten and whatever alpha he's taken a fancy for that evening."
You had the urge to tell him everything, the dreams, the way you felt when you first met him.  Wanted to tell him that when you said you were afraid, this was why. The last thing you wanted was to be away from your alpha and under the watch of Taeyong. You felt anger at his name, now certain this was all his fault.
But you couldn't bring yourself to tell him. You were afraid.
This was going to be worse than you'd imagined.
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neopuppy · 24 days ago
Focus (M)
Tumblr media
Best Friend follow-up
Preview: “ don’t actually read fanfic.. right?..” you nervously ask Jaemin. Too nervous to look him in the eye after everything. Imagining all the types of stories he found while snooping through your phone.
Jaemin’s head lifts from your shoulder, chin resting upon his palm. A mischievous gleam gazing down at you. His other hand reaching up tapping the tip of your nose with one finger. “No.. but I read some of the ones you had saved. Couldn’t help but notice you re-visited that one about an omega initiated into the pack by taking every alpha at once. That must be your favorite.”
Pairing: Jaemin x Jeno x Johnny x Jaehyun x female reader
Word Count: 5k+
Genre: dubcon/consented noncon(don’t read if that makes you uncomfortable. thanks.), pwp, explicit language, alcohol/drug mention, one shot, 4J five-way, M/F, they’re all meanies🥵
Smut Warning: roleplaying, manhandling, oral, fingering, double penetration, degradation(heavy), overstimulation, breeding, bulge kink, somnophilia, multiple orgasms, omorashi, squirting, crying, rly self indulgent smut
“Jaem…please, enough.” You croak, fingers roughly digging into his scalp. A weak fight to push him away from your aching center. Jaemin grunts, face lifting slowly showing off shiny pouted lips. Mouth wrecked and swollen after eating you out for the last hour.
“You love to lie don’t you? Think I can’t taste how wet you get when I don’t stop? Could have told me you were so into this sooner. Would have fucked you before anyone else had the chance.” Jaemin finishes mumbling around your clit. Tongue lapping and swirling. Lifting away only to cover your mound in spit. Dragging down between your folds. Your thighs shut around his head shaking in fear of another orgasm ripping through your body. Weakness overpowering your need for anymore.
“Please..I’m tired, please.” You sigh out your best attempt at begging cutely. His face lifting blinking slowly, adding thoughtlessness to his words.
“Say pretty please alpha.”
It’s embarrassing the way he knows exactly what buttons to push now. This is what he always wanted after all. Whimpering in defeat you nod, sniffling the pain between your legs away- “Pretty please alpha.”
Jaemin dawns a shit-eating grin. More full of himself than usual. He finally had his way with you. Sitting up his biceps flex around his chest. Fingers tracing down past your entrance tapping your rim. “Haven’t even ate your ass yet. Isn’t that what best friends are for?”
“Ugh..” you squirm away. Head shaking in disagreement. “Jaemin…alpha, whatever. Seriously no more. I’m gonna pass out.”
Jaemin sneers, pushing the tips of his fingers in despite your pleading. “Isn’t that what you want though? Stupid little slut wants to wake up full of cock and cum. Fucked into submission by every alpha in the pack.”
“Fuck… you asshole. How much did you read!” You muster up enough strength to pull away. Rolling onto your stomach. Jaemin’s hand immediately comes to your ass squeezing.
“I read a lot sweetie. Enough to know what you really want. I always knew you were pretty nasty. This was more than I expected even from you though.” He leans over. Lips dragging up your back listing out the different kinks he found in your saved tags.
Turning away again you lay near the edge of his bed. Glancing over remembering how he fucked you hung half way off. How could you you settle for anything less now..
Jaemin lets out a satisfied sound nuzzling up to your side. Kissing your arm and shoulder leading up to your neck. “Fine.” He mumbles pressed up to your collarbone. “I’ll let you rest. No promises you won’t wake up with my dick inside your tight needy little pussy.”
“You don’t actually read fanfic.. right?..” you nervously ask Jaemin. Too nervous to look him in the eye after everything. Imagining all the types of stories he found while snooping through your phone.
Jaemin’s head lifts from your shoulder, chin resting against his palm. A mischievous gleam gazing down at you. His other hand reaching up tapping the tip of your nose with one finger. “No.. but I read some of the ones you had saved. Couldn’t help but notice you re-visited that one about an omega initiated into the pack by taking every alpha at once. That must be your favorite.”
“Jaeminnnnn…” whining, you shut your eyes. Heat rising between your chest in embarrassment. His belittling laugh following adding fuel to the growing flame.
“You really like this don’t you?” Jaemin questions licking your jaw up to your ear. “Since I’m such a good friend.. I’ll have to make sure all of your little fanfics come to life. Don’t think I missed that anime one about fucking the entire swim team either.”
Your eyes practically jump out sitting up abruptly. Hissing from the pain between your thighs. Lower back beating and pinching after one too many climaxes. Pitifully shoving his shoulder, you roll over on top of him. Jaemin’s hands coming to rest on top of your waist. Fingers gently tickling where the middle of your back dips.
“Be nice to me! You’ve humiliated me enough.” You turn extra whiny hiding your face in his chest. Jaemin smiling, pulling you into a tight hold. Chin nodding against the top of your head.
“As long as you like it. I’ll play with you however you want baby.”
“This is some pretty weird shit.” Jaehyun taps Johnny’s phone screen. Huddled up to his side reading over the story Jaemin sent to their group chat. The four friends gathered together eating lunch focused on this unfamiliar topic.
“Girls are complex. They don’t get off as easily to the same shit we do. I can get a boner sometimes just from staring at peaches for too long.” Jeno replies across the table. Reading through another story Jaemin had left open on his phone.
“You watched that video too huh?” Johnny’s eyebrows wiggle. Turning his attention back to the texts taking over his screen. “I’m for sure an alpha. Bet she thinks about me when she’s reading this shit.”
“She’s thinking about me you prick.” Jaemin snaps back. Phone clicking shut. “Anyway. I’m only showing you guys this cause I have an idea.”
“This knotting thing sounds cool. I wanna be stuck to a pussy for hours..” Jeno interrupts. Moving over to sit at Johnny’s other side continuing to read.
“Heats? Ruts? I’m for sure the alpha she’s thinking about.” Jaehyun adds. Nudging Johnny in the shoulder with a smirk. “She always begs me to cum inside.”
“Dude me too. You aren’t special.” Jeno interjects, two thumbs pointed at himself. “I’m for sure the alpha of her dreams.”
Jaemin’s teeth grind together. Snorting annoyed with a tap of his fingers along the table. “Johnny, your parents won’t be home this weekend right?”
The larger man shrugs nodding- “They never are. Would lose out on their monthly casino points. Why?”
“We’re gonna win the meet on Saturday. Let’s celebrate after.” Jaemin reaches into his back pocket. Pulling out a tattered ziploc bag filled with white rolled up joints surrounded by little green trees. “Each of us chip in $40 for alcohol. I’ll smoke you out free. Compliments of my baby buds sprouting up again.”
Jeno’s eyes light up reaching with grabby hands. Too late, Jaemin returning the bag to his pocket.
“Sounds good, the usual. Don’t worry Jaem, I’ll fuck your little friend real good.” Johnny shoots him a wink. Jaemin’s face falling into a serious one.
“Listen you jerks, I showed you these to give you ideas. This is what she’s into, so read that shit. Take notes if you have to.” He counters, nodding Jeno’s direction. His friends nose scrunching in offense.
“This somnophilia thing sounds good.” Jaehyun’s dimples peak as he explores more stories under the tag. “She wants to be fucked unconscious? I can do that.”
“I’ve for sure fucked her unconscious before.” Johnny locks his phone. Arms lifting up flexed around his head proudly. Leaning back rested against his palms wiggling his brows confidently. “Like it’s hard? She can barely handle my dick. How’s she gonna take all four of us.”
Jaemin’s neck straightens shooting his friends a look similar the stare he gives his swim opponents. Arrogance and pride radiating through his sharp features. Always up for a challenge silently letting all know he won’t lose.
“She’ll take whatever we make her take.”
“It’s like you’re trying to get me drunk or something.” You note. Forehead crinkling together watching Jaemin fill your cup up for the fifth time.
“What if I am?” A taunting evil smile takes over his face. Cup shoved back into your hand with a click of his tongue. “Drink up baby, drunken pussies what I’m thinking tonight.”
Scoffing you take a sip of the gold liquid. Tongue and mouth numbed to the disgusting aftertaste. Gut warm, heating up your skin as the alcohol flows about your body. “You don’t need to get me drunk to fuck me anymore. There’s no turning back from what’s been done now.”
“Maybe I have other plans for you. Have you not realized that yet.” Jaemin presses against your hip. Soft length pressing into you to make it clear he still wants to fuck.
“You’re impossible.” Sipping between your slurred response. You shimmy free from his weight. Pushing your drink to his chest. “Naughty naughty boy getting me drunk. Now I have to pee.”
Jaemin sets your drink aside pressing forward, lips dipping to your ear. “Wanna go right now? I’ll let you piss on me baby. That’s what you really like right?”
“Jaemin!” Extra whiny and under the influence you slap him away. “Stop making fun of meeee!”
You have to stop yourself from stomping your foot. Stomach too full of alcohol sending you warning signals to hurry up and find a bathroom.
“You’re so mean.” With another push at your friends chest you nearly run away. Fearful he’ll catch you, wanting him to catch you in the back of your mind.
“You have no idea.” Jaemin whispers to himself. Staying put in place watching you saunter down the hallway. Knowing your way around Johnny’s house easily. With a snap of his index finger and thumb, he moves ahead. Tapping Jaehyun and Johnny’s shoulders as he passes the couch. Both pausing their game to acknowledge the knowing nod he sends them. Jeno perks up from where he’s sat on the floor waiting his turn.
“Oh fuck yea.” He smiles, shooting up to stand full of excitement. Too excited staggering back after one too many shots. Jaehyun keeping him held steady having drank less than the rest. Too full of energy still after winning his race to get drunk.
“Watch me be the only one that doesn’t end up passed out with whiskey dick.”
Jaemin halts Jaehyun, directing Johnny and Jeno toward the hallway you disappeared into. “You two go first, we’ll meet you in Johnny’s room.”
“We’ll be up in a bit.” Jeno throws up two fingers waving off his friends. Johnny leading him down toward the bathroom. Right on time as you head out shutting the door behind you. You squeak caught off guard with the two of them looming before you. Both surrounding you with a serious mood.
“Hey, guys.. What’s…what’s up?” You swallow, pressing your back to the hallway wall. Johnny making the first step toward you. Large arms placed around your body with his elbows planted by your head. He sucks in his lower lip, white teeth digging in holding back a smirk.
Slowly sucking air between, Johnny leans closer. Lips mumbling on your forehead. “Need you. We need you right now.”
Jeno falls by your sides, head tilting on the wall. Blazed hooded eyes blinking with extra effort. He reaches between your faces gripping your chin to look at him.
“We can smell that wet omega pussy.” Jeno says with a wink. Your lips part open in gasp, Johnny quickly shoving three fingers in your mouth.
“You’re gonna listen to us baby. Don’t make a sound.” Johnny wraps a long sturdy arm around your waist hauling you toward the stair case. Gagging around his fingers hitting the back of your throat as Jeno assist him taking a hold of your ankles. Both throwing a quick glance around before rushing toward his bedroom.
As if on queue you cough out shaking your head releasing a sad excuse for a sob. Johnny pulls free slapping his palm over your mouth.
“Are you stupid? Is that how we’re gonna play this little act? Pretending to be the dumb innocent omega?” His wet lips brush your skin with each stern word. Tone strict and demanding setting your knees to quiver. Jeno’s grip reaching the backs of your thighs as Johnny shoves into his room.
Jaemin and Jaehyun sit on his bed ready to go. Jaehyun smiling ear to ear waving around a sheer scarf.
“If she won’t stay quiet, I have other ways to handle that.” Jaehyun stands up allowing the two carrying you to toss you onto the bed. Jaemin leaning over your chest taking a hold of your jaw to make you look at him. The lost gaze passing through your eyes letting him know how ready you are for this.
“You be a good girl, take everything we give you.” Jaemin instructs quietly only for you. Multiple hands reaching for your flimsy garments tugging them free from your figure leaving you vulnerable to all their hungry stares.
“Look at that pretty pussy baby.” Johnny sighs, pulling you leg apart sliding a hand down your inner thigh. Jaehyun tugging your other ankle away to completely expose you. Your eyes roll shut bursting into a heated cry. Their four lewd lust filled gazes burning into your core. Hole gripping at air releasing an obscene sound of wetness. Body betraying you in reaction unable to resist the impure thoughts of what was about to take place.
“Fuck, you’re such a needy slut.” Jeno groans. The first to reach between you picking up your gushing arousal with two fingers. Trailing them up to your clit pressing down sending your hips bucking up.
“What if…” Jaehyun traces down your inner thigh. Hand maneuvering past Jeno’s to your entrance. Eyes glinting in Johnny’s direction.
“You’re right. Let’s find out how much a whore can handle.” Johnny’s fingers slip down meeting Jaehyun’s. The two teasing your hole stirring a fear in your chest. You move to sit up ready to pull away. Jaemin tsking, shifting behind your back. Your arms tugged behind in his hold.
“You knew better than that, omega.” His mocking tone whispers against your ear. Holding you in place with his bicep hooked around your arms. Jaemin circles around you slapping your chest harshly. A scream flying from your lips as the three men in front of you smear your arousal around. Jaehyun gliding two fingers inside your awaiting entrance first. Johnny easing two thicker ones by his side.
“Damn baby, you’re so fucking tight. How’re you gonna take all of us.” Johnny murmurs, lips pressed to your ankle. Toes curling up by their heads where they have you held open. Jeno works your clit into a frenzy, rolling his digits back and forth.
“She can take it.” He emphasizes shoving two more fingers in. You shout in response, Jaemin pinching your chest. Biting at your ear telling you to keep quiet.
The three thrusts in stretching you around their digits. Cunt closing up over them instinctively. Jeno dropping a wad of spit right between their combined fingers aiding in the easy slip and slide fucking into you past their knuckles.
“S’too much!!” You croak looking to Jaemin for relief. His eyes widening, lower lip pouting. Arm pulling you back into his bare chest firmly.
“I think it’s not enough sweetie. Don’t make me gape you open with my dick in there too.” He grins, kissing the bridge of your nose. “Now be a good little slut and take it.”
You sigh defeatedly, dropping back into his broad shoulder. Eyes tempted to shut, struggling to stay open in awe. Three built up swimmers stretching your cunt open. Stomach twitching with every thrust of their digits working together. Jaehyun slaps your clit, jaw clenching biting out to keep your eyes open.
“Do as your alphas say, we’ll fuck you full of cum just how you want.” Johnny mutters. Lips kissing the back of your ankle. His tongue languidly grazing up the sole of your foot to your clenched up toes. His mouth expands sucking down your toes, slitted eyes boring into yours. Tingling shots of heat erupt in your stomach. Jaehyun’s tongue lapping between your toes. Free hand swiping your bundle of nerves side to side. Jeno reaching a thumb below pressing your clit. Their fingers relentlessly burying inside.
“I’m….I’m…too much alpha..” again you look to Jaemin. Your face torn, tears sitting at the rims of your eyes.
“You wanna cum baby?” He kisses the corner of your mouth. Hushing the question softly. Your head shaking in response.
“I’m…I’m…” bursting into another cry, tears stream down your cheeks. Embarrassment clearing your mind enough. Bladder full of alcohol needing release. “I’m gonna….gonna..”
“Do it, piss all over them.” Jaemin urges you on. Hand reaching down pressing your stomach further in.
“Ah fuck!” Arching forward with a howling scream you let go. Noisy trickling sounds of piss creating a filthy mess on Johnny’s bed. Your face turning digging into Jaemin’s neck crying harder, overwhelmed and ashamed.
“That was…” Jeno huffs. Chest rising and falling rapid with need. Lifting his hand licking clean the combination of wetness and warm liquid. “Fuck, you’re so hot.”
“Come here.” Jaehyun growls grabbing a hold of your shoulders. Pulling you to straddle his lap, hard cock meeting your pulsing middle eagerly. “Fuck yourself on my cock. Don’t make me wait.”
Jaemin shoves in behind you, hand sweeping the crevice of your ass. Teeth returning to your earlobe nibbling. “You’re gonna be so full just like the fucking whore you dream of being.”
Jaehyun grips your hips, tip of his length fucking up breeching your pliant heat. Jaemin swiping spit slicked digits around your rim behind you. His free hand pushing your shoulder down moving you lower. Jaehyun’s size spreading you open inch by inch.
“Jae…” you fall forward nestling Jaehyun’s chest. The two sharing a curious look to who you were calling for. Jaemin spits between your cheeks holding you apart. Dick angry and hard dreaming about this moment. Gripping around his base he presses forward. Cock head prodding your rim slowly popping in. Your stomach arching into Jaehyun’s further pushing him inside balls deep. Their low groans filling your blurry mind.
“Always take me so good.” Jaehyun cups your hips swiveling up. Fat cock stirring your insides distracting you long enough for Jaemin to thrust inside.
“Fuck baby, you’re so tensed up.” Jaemin slaps your ass. Bending over taking a hold of your hair. Cock slamming forward insistent on entering. “Come on, good little whores can do better than this. Are you our good little whore or not?”
Your head nods rapidly, sniffling and crying between Jaehyun’s pecks. The other rolling his eyes at Jaemin’s question. “Whores like this need to be trained to take cock.”
With that he buries his toes into the bed, knees bending throttling up sending you bouncing. Jaehyun delivering brutal thrust after brutal thrust. Your lower half rolling back down on Jaemin’s length with each slam of his hips. Ass clapping against his pelvic bone. Your screams muffled into his chest. The two working in synchronization fucking you in matched time. Thin wall separating them painfully rubbed raw with each heavy thrust.
“Ass feels so good.” Jaemin’s face rolls against your shoulder. His eyes scrunching up willing himself to not bust so quickly. Jaehyun exerting harsh grunts below you using powerful force to thrust up. Leaving Jaemin with no choice but to let your backside fuck back into him. “So good, you’re such a good omega.”
“Jaemi….Jaemin..” clawing at the sheets around Jaehyun’s head your face turns. Eyes half-lid wantonly begging for extra attention. Jaemin’s lips finding yours with a soft kiss continuing to mutter on about how fucking amazing your dirty little fuck hole feels.
“Built like a perfect slut, made to take dick baby. So fucking hot.” Wrapping your hair into his fist Jaemin sits up. Hips pistoning with speed. Your mouth hung open screaming jabbered curses. Incoherent nonsense spewing out.
“Cum…give me cum!” You beg hearing extra groans from your side. Johnny and Jeno stroking their lengths holding back their own feral need to fuck you stupid.
Jaehyun’s the first to let go, cum painting your insides past his sloppy thrusts. Thighs burning and giving out with one final plummeting shove inside. Cock burying in sinking nails into your hips. Face contorted rasping a painful grunt. Release hot and thick filling your pussy up. Jaemin keeping you held in place with a hand on your waist. Head pulled back as he loses any last hint of sense. Frantic movements pushing him over the edge. Hips slowing to a stutter, gritting a growl out. Hot bursts of cum filling your ass up.
“That’s it, you deserve all that cum baby.” Ready to collapse Jaemin groans shoved back by Jeno’s palm slapping his chest.
“Our turn.” His hoarse voice breaks, pulling your used body off the two. Johnny helping him, pausing to cup your cheeks. Your eyes rolling shut sucking in shallow breaths of air.
“Stupid baby got more than she bargained for.” He smiles full of excitement. Pushing your limp upper half down. Jeno slaps your ass, pulling your hips up. Cum coating your ass has them both moaning. Johnny sucking in a hiss between his teeth.
“What a dumb little cock sleeve.” He sighs circling your winking rim. Fingers pushing Jaemin’s cum back inside. Sliding out with a loud pop that would send flames of embarrassment to your cheeks. Too fucked out and drained by now to care. Johnny gives Jeno a nod, throwing his leg over your lower back, large hands pushing your shoulders down. Not that it mattered, you weren’t going anywhere.
Jeno gripping your hips keeping you on your knees. Asshole and pussy on full display for both of them. He shifts between your spread thighs. Wasting no time seething inside your gaped hole. Jaehyun’s cum allowing his thick size to fill you up. His neck rolls back, hips stilling grinding his length inside. Head shaking in disbelief stammering muddled words- “Ugh, how are you still so tight. Thats a good slutty pussy.”
Johnny squeezes around his cock, tip teasing your rim clenching around nothing. Puckering wet sloppy kisses at his slit as if your bodies still begging for it. Your mind too far gone to disagree. Jaemin sits up placing your cheek on his thigh. Hands gently stroking through your hair, cautiously taking in your passed out face. This is what you wanted after all.
“Hurry the fuck up Johnny.” Jeno expels behind him. Cock thrumming inside your pulsating cunt. Nose crinkling up as he slides out. The combination of your gripping heat and cum sliding down his balls turning him feral.
Johnny grunts in response. Tip of his cock finally plunging in. A small whimper escaping his lips as he sinks in slowly. Your ass taking him in with no fight, Jaemin leaving you nice and prepped.
“Fuck look at that, look at the way your ass opens up for me baby. Oh fuck, such a needy slut even passed out.” Johnny says to himself. Head shaking impressed and astonished. Surprised you still haven’t woken up. Jaemin checking in, continuing his soft petting.
Johnny manages to get in more than half way. Thighs straining and flexing holding himself up in a squatted frog like stance. Years of athletic competition keeping his physique toned and strong. He was always the best at fucking you for hours on end.
Mewling sleepily your eyes stir. Lashes fluttering against your cheek. Jaemin shushing you coaxing you back to a blank empty state of mind. Johnny pushing the rest of his size in. Thick cocks beating between your walls intensely. Stomach full as Johnny reaches around to hold you. Jeno’s length pushing the skin under your bellybutton out further.
Your knees slip apart opening under their weight barreling into you. The two beginning to thrust. Johnny pushing in while Jeno pulls out. Your body puty in their hands. Only held up by the arms wrapped around your middle.
Strings of curses flow from Jeno’s mouth. Hips jerking, cock pounding deep inside where you need. Awakening you enough to squeak out soft whimpers. Pussy aching and sucking on Jeno’s length with every draw of his hips. Johnny’s hand finds the back of your neck. Shoving you against Jaemin’s thigh uncomfortably as he buries inside your ass with precise thrusts. The sheer size of them together splitting you apart.
“Yea that’s what you want. Taking it like those omegas. Fuck you stupid like you deserve hmm.” Johnny laughs for a second. Lips pulling back too focused on filling your ass up. Abs tight in his movements. Clenching and unclenching around them with each unforgiving penetrating deliver they give you.
“Always knew you were good for nothing but taking cock.” Jeno grits. Filling you with the entirety of his size. His familiar raspy voice reaching your ears. Mind registering that Jeno and Johnny were the ones taking turns using you. “Taking four cocks just like a whore.”
Your eyes roll up panting out desperate for oxygen. Immobilized under their strength as they fuck you. Thick fat cocks making you take it over and over.
“I…shit shit..” Johnny wheezes breaking off into a growl. Hips stilling, cock pulsing. His eyes scrunched shut spilling a thick load of cum inside your ass. Too much cum to contain. White gooey ropes seeping around his size adorning your hole. “Oh fuckkk..”
Jeno’s length circles insides your tightening hole. Cock massaging your inner-walls moving in and out easily. It’s too much, the way you’re just letting them use you. Jeno’s gasps and breaths cut off losing his sanity over it all. Sex filled air turning his brain to mush. He cries choking back a sob. Drawing back slamming in, Johnny moving off allowing him to fuck you mercilessly.
“So good baby, perfect little fuck…fuck toy.” Jeno’s mind spins. Losing himself in your pussy. Fucking into you with abandon, growling as he cums. He falls over holding you with a bruising grip. Fingers digging hard enough to leave marks. Sounds of skin slapping skin bolt throughout the room with each impactful final thrust he gives you. Pussy squeezing around him up milking every last bit of cum.
Letting out a whine he pulls out feeling overly sensitive after cumming so hard. Falling flat on his ass in a daze ready to pass out himself.
“Up up baby. I need more after that.” Jaemin pulls your limp body laying you on your back. Smacking your cheek soft enough until your eyes flutter open.
“Jaem… no more please..” your begging falls on deaf ears. Jaemin shoving you further up Johnny’s bed with force filled anger. Pent up frustration at it’s peak watching you fucked over and over. The look on your face through each orgasm giving away how much you loved it.
“Shutup.” He snaps. Tossing your loose legs back into your chest. Abused used up pussy on full display. Cum leaking out of your swollen entrance. Seconds of pity cross his mind noting the pained way your pussy appears. Teeth gritting losing that thought just as fast.
Your hole expanding lewdly pushing out a dollop of cum. He hisses past pursed lips, cock dragging the mixtures of multiple creampies between your folds. Pussy parting around him practically screaming to be filled up once again. “Sluts love to get fucked baby. That’s all you are, a pathetic little slut.”
Jaemin fucks you full for a second time. Cock seeping inside you like it’s meant to be there. Walls snuggly wrapping around him despite your protests. Daring to exhale a sigh of relief as he stuffs you full. Exhausted beyond belief you shiver a few more tears out with a nod.
“Cum in me.. alpha.. please” your cracking voice pleads. Dizzying need for Jaemin to fuck you full one more time taking over. His brows raise in ridicule biting his lower lip.
“Gonna give you what you really fucking want baby. For being such a good omega you earned it.” Jaemin goes hard. Shoving into your hole repeatedly at a frantic pace. Loads of cum drip down to your ass landing at your lower back. He fucks in too hard rendering you into a ball of shattered whimpers. “Your pussy can’t get enough of me. Milking my cock like you need it to survive baby. Fuck fuck, you’re so good.”
Johnny rolls over, arm sliding between your bodies. Tongue running up your wet heated cheek. Fingers tapping your swollen bundle of nerves adding further humiliation. Your lower half jumping up thrusting Jaemin’s length deep inside. Bulging at the space between where your stomach and mound meet.
“Fuck baby, that has to hurt.” Johnny pats the prodding skin meanly. A sadistic yet sweet smile spreading his cheeks. Nose shoving into your jaw reaching for your clit. He moves in time with Jaemin’s thrusting. Rolling you in circles fiercely under a firm touch. Your back arching forward shooting a scream up your dry throat. Neck falling back letting out a tormented scream. Johnny flicking your sensitive nub just right, too good always too good.
“Cum, come on baby cum.” He chants, lips brushing your jaw line. Teeth nibbling down your exposed neck. “Cum, cum.”
“Ohh fuck!” You pitifully wail. Jaemin fucking harder in response to your gripping heat. Palms slipping down the backs of your thighs pushing your knees to the bed. Hips bones snapping against your ass with every rough thrust. “No more!”
Tossing you head side to side you cry out loud. Walls squeezing and sucking him in your release. Wet cock seething in past your orgasm. Jaemin’s neck flexing, growling as his lips fold in. Teeth tightly clinking together. Hurdling impactful thrust down shoving you up Johnny’s bed.
“Fuck!” He falls over with one last thrust. Eyes scrunched up dropping his weight on your chest. Thighs falling around his hips. His heavy breaths hitting your shoulder near tears himself spurting out weak shots of cum deep inside. His face falls into your chest whimpering.
“Fuck.. fuck that was...” Jeno mumbles at your other side. Hand rubbing over his face lost to pleasure. Lingering high spinning his thoughts too fast to process. “Fuck. What the fuck.”
Johnny smiles lazily tickling fingers up and down your thigh. “We didn’t even cover the half of it baby. You’re nastier than I thought.”
Jaemin sighs finally catching his breath. Layering kisses up your neck muttering how good you did. Cock softening inside you satiating the painful ache. He sits up, slowly drawing out his length hissing. Face amazed gazing at his size covered in cum. With a lewd pop free, he holds you open admiring the way his load bubbles from your overused hole.
“Next time.”
a/n: this mess is not proofed sorry.
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v-hope · 2 months ago
“it's 2am. your lover is still playing video games in the living room, so you grab your pillow, settling yourself in between your lover's thighs as you watch them play, and soon enough, you're asleep again” with 🌺 jk pretty please??
Turning over to find nothing next to you in bed, where every single night your long term boyfriend would be, you whined — eyes heavily opening and adjusting to the darkness of the room as you heard a muffled sound coming from the living room.
Looking at the hour on your nightstand’s clock displaying the numbers 2:00, you sighed. Although it was no surprise for Jeongguk to be up at 2am on a Friday night, you were not happy over the fact that he was awake in the living room and not in bed with you, maybe watching a movie or trying to hold back eventual giggles as he watched funny videos on his phone as you soundly slept beside him.
Not giving it a second thought, you removed the covers from your body and grabbed your pillow, holding it tightly against your chest as you made your way over to the living room. Even though the only light in the room came from the TV, it wasn’t hard to find Jeongguk right in front of it, with a blanket covering his legs while he sat on the couch next to a fast asleep pupper — Tigger being just like you when it came to cherishing your sleep.
Standing by the entrance and staring at the PS controller in his hands, your eyes instinctively travelled to the TV, not being able to keep them from rolling in amusement. Of course he was still trying to pass the one stage he had been stuck in for a few days now.
Now, after three years of being together, you knew well enough you would not convince him to go back to bed until he was ready to let the game go. No matter how many times he nodded and hummed to let you know he was listening to you, he would always end up being too invested to actually go to sleep like you told him to.
So, not even trying anymore, you went up to him.
Jeongguk smiled as soon as he was aware of your presence — not a word coming out of his mouth, yet pausing his game and holding the blanket on his lap up for you to get in with him. Doing as he had silently motioned for you to, you sat down between his legs, resting your back on his chest, and smiling contentedly when he tucked you in with him and pressed a small kiss to the crown of your head, before his arms rested around you so he could keep playing.
“Are you winning?” you asked, eyes already closed yet still being nosy as you were.
“Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?” he answered with another question.
You smiled tauntingly. “Do I take that as a no?”
This time, a quite loud giggle escaped your lips, after hearing a small, whiny ‘aish’ coming from your boyfriend’s lips.
Opening your eyes and staring up to him, you reached up to plant a sweet kiss to the spot under his jaw. “I’ll have you know I only date winners, bun”.
“Yeah… Not sure about that, petal”.
Jaw hanging open at his passive aggressive comment towards your asshole of an ex, who was hardly ever brought up anymore, you gave him a light shove — one that had him both laughing lightly and calling you out on almost making him lose.
“Well, I’ll have you know I only intend to date winners from now on” you corrected your previous statement.
Jeongguk smiled at that, eyes still fixed on the video game in front. “I thought you only intended to date me from now on? Considering we’ve already made our life together?”
“Mhm…” you pressed a kiss to the crook of his neck. “Like I said, a winner”.
Your words earned a snort from him, shaking his head in amusement.
“Give me a few more hours and I’ll be just that”.
You whined, throwing your head back on his shoulder and hugging your pillow tighter to your chest. “It’s already two in the morning”.
“Exactly,” he nodded. “There’s a whole night to go”.
“But I’m tired” you pouted.
“Then close your eyes, baby”.
Huffing at his smartass answer, you ended up doing as told, letting go of your pillow and turning slightly towards him, so you could nuzzle his neck and place your arms around his waist.
“I will change the Play Station to our bedroom so you have no choice but to stay next to me while I sleep”.
Jeongguk chuckled silently at your supposedly threatening words, causing a smile to curve up the corners of your mouth over the way his chest trembled because of that.
“I tend to curse and whine a lot, though” he pointed out what you already knew — if anything, he was trying his hardest not to do any of those things right then, so you could have a good sleep. “You won’t mind?”
You shook your head no, a tired yawn coming out of your mouth as you inevitably began to drift off to sleep. “As long as I get to sleep with you…” your shoulders moved up in a faint shrug. “Plus, you won’t have me coming here being all clingy and keeping you from moving while I lie on top of you like I am now”.
He smiled wholeheartedly, pausing his game for a moment when he felt your body relax on his when you finally entered your dream, as if you had not been bickering with him only ten seconds ago.
Resting his back down lower against the couch so you could lie down more comfortably on his chest, he adjusted his arm over you so you wouldn’t slide down, later removing a strand of hair from off your closed eyes and lovingly staring at your sleeping face for a few seconds; not being able to hold himself back from pressing a lingering kiss to your forehead before he could resume his game.
“I don’t mind this at all”.
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hueseok · 3 months ago
mio angelo.
Tumblr media
synopsis: › it’s no secret to the whole nation how powerful the jeon family was. the efforts of the highly respected don jungsoo was the reason why the name of their clan continues to be a name that people thought greatly of and sometimes even feared. despite your father working alongside with the don, you never truly understood what the family possessed to earn them such acclaim; that is until you got closer to one of his grandsons, jeon jeongguk, that you caught a glimpse of how much power they truly seized as you see it first hand and become a part of it yourself.
Tumblr media
pairing: jeongguk x reader
word count: 33.3k (🤠; use the browser when reading to avoid the app from crashing !)
rating: 18+
content: fluff | smut | angst | mafia au | established relationship au | inspired by ‘the godfather’ (so a lot of scenes may have similarities from the novel / movie) + ‘vincenzo’ | ft. lawyer!reader, soon-to-be mafia boss!jeongguk (kinda a spoiler, but kinda not) | this fic is prose heavy !!
warning/s: swearing | mature themes | mentions of smoking, drugs, prostitution, violence, crimes, and murder | explicit sexual content | dirty talk | nipple sucking | creampie | fingering | multiple orgasms | oral (f. + m. receiving) | one mention of breeding kink lmao | praising | begging | choking | riding | cum eating | taking it from behind (lmao idk what it’s called) | overstimulation | unprotected sex (this is fiction okay - be safe irl !)
Tumblr media
Your father has always been in debt with the Jeon Family; most specifically to their head, Don Jungsoo.
When you grew up and finally had the right amount of curiosity to ask why, Inhwan only smiled and said that the Don helped him in developing the winery—the winery that today stands as one of the most sought out wine companies in the country, slowly expanding to neighboring nations and even across other continents. He said that because of the Don’s generosity with assisting him in starting the business, taking care of matters that involved papers and endorsements and the easy transportation of goods to various well-known distributors, he was able to build a better future for your mother in about five years’ time, right before they were married and naturally, right before you were even born.
He was able to buy a massive house. He was able to raise you in a very comfortable environment, making sure that you grew up to be greatly taken care of; that you never once felt abandoned or alone, that you wouldn’t have to think twice in asking for something in whatever it is that you wanted and needed. Eventually, he was able to send you off to prestigious schools throughout your studies, even enrolled you to some classes that could develop a fundamental hobby such as drawing and playing the violin, taking any kind of measure without hesitation as long as it will assure him that he has truly done everything he can to lead you to a great future.
When you asked why Don Jungsoo offered so much to him despite the both of them not being blood related, he responded by saying “Your grandpa and him go way back. He always says that if it weren’t for your grandpa, he wouldn’t have found the success he has today.”
Hearing him say that, you were eager to meet Don Jungsoo, mostly because you never had the chance to meet your grandfather who passed away just months before you were brought to the world. At the age of twelve years old, while getting home from school that day, you were granted that opportunity as you arrived at the villa and saw an elderly man conversing with your dad in the common room, the both of them in the middle of a warm handshake, kind of like a goodbye.
That’s when you officially first met him, the Godfather, as Inhwan introduced you, promptly apologizing to Don Jungsoo for only doing so at that instance. Don Jungsoo harbored no hard feelings of course, knowing that it was nothing personal and was merely just a loss of opportunity because of the winery that Inhwan had to constantly oversee and the errands he had to do for the Family. Besides, Don Jungsoo already had the chance to meet you at your baptism and at a birthday of one of his grandsons that Inhwan and his wife were invited to, but you were very young back then to even remember it yourself.
As your eyes met that day, Don Jungsoo regarded you with delight almost immediately, fondly commenting that he thought you definitely inherited certain facial features from the father side of the family and that you have grown from a cute baby to a wonderful little girl. You smiled as he did, mumbling a shy thank you before instinctively hiding behind Inhwan’s waist, a gesture that Don Jungsoo chuckled at. It didn’t take long before you politely said goodbye when he once again concluded his meeting with your father because of the short interruption, the two men he brought along with him expressing their farewells to Inhwan too with a squeeze on Inhwan’s shoulder and also a pat on the back.
Even if that day was so long ago and was only a fragment of your childhood memories, you can always still remember that moment as if it just happened not that long ago. That day was indeed remarkable for you, since there stood the man that your dad has been talking about with so much honor and respect; the man that apparently raised your family from the ashes, the man who gave your father the chance to redeem himself, that it shouldn’t be questioned why Inhwan would treat Don Jungsoo in such a way.
You didn’t need a grown-up’s mind to realize that Don Jungsoo was an influential man. He showed it in his speech, his luxurious suit, and the people he seemed to have posing as his guard. He gave off an air of utmost authority, like there was no mistaking that he was a force you didn’t want to be reckoned with, a figure that people didn’t just respect, but also feared—and for most of your life, you only thought that it was because he was filthy and crazy rich. After all, rich people had all the means in the universe that could grant them the power to rule the entire world.
In Don Jungsoo’s case, his clan, the Jeon Family or more publicly known as JSG Group, was known to be the owner of a power company that chose renewable energy as its priority, the said establishment considered as the best across the state and among its competitors. Aside from the financial gain they already acquired with their principal enterprise, they have bought other businesses that stem from different fields—food and restaurant, motor vehicles, and even health care institutions.
They also had a lot of significant contacts, all who were as filthy and crazy rich as they were—were even secured when it came to legal matters because of the people they knew that were distinguished law practitioners; moreover, they had many friends that were involved notably in politics. It was those reasons why Don Jungsoo was named as one of the most powerful men and richest men in Seoul and has contributed so much with the immense accomplishment of your father’s winery as well. From your knowledge, JSG Group was a major shareholder of the wine company and has appointed Inhwan as the CEO to supervise its growing business.
Amidst all of that though, you shouldn’t have been naive enough to think that the winery’s said triumph was only made possible because of the Don’s well-known colossal wealth. You shouldn’t have been too dependent on the explanation that it was because Don Jungsoo was just inherently successful for everything to just go the way he wanted—for everything to fall into place in just a snap of his fingers.
It was only when you got particularly closer to one of his grandsons, Jeon Jeongguk, that you got a glimpse of what the Family precisely ran that made them so acclaimed and worshiped. It was only then did you understand and get to know what goes on behind the scenes that brought the Jeon Family such eminence, and whether your knowledge of it was for the better or for the worst, you didn’t really know.
You and Jeongguk have been well acquainted since your youth. You knew him as the Don’s grandchild, the youngest in the eight that he had, and is said to be even affectionately referred to as Don Jungso’s ‘golden boy’ for he truly could do no wrong in his grandfather’s eyes.
To the Don, Jeongguk was shaped and made to be part of the business from the second he was born. Don Jungsoo said this with utmost confidence and pride in every chance he got for Jeongguk held all the qualities that he was expecting to come from an adequate head of their organization in the future. Jeongguk grew up to be a man who honored the Family’s good morals; a man who knew of loyalty, who valued true brotherhood; a man who knew when to use his brain or wield his fist; a man who you could sit down and reason with with the aim of diplomacy; a man who was adept in getting in the good sides of people, even the enemies, with his sweet tongue.
In Don Jungsoo’s three sons, there were always two or three qualities that were missing in his personal criteria for him to applaud them like he applauded his golden boy. His eldest son, Jeongguk’s father, thought too much, hesitated a lot in his choices, always wanted the majority to decide on something before he decided himself; the middle child, has never been interested in taking part of the business and most of the time remained distant with the Family in general, often treating it as nonexistent when got together with the rest of them on holidays and such; and as for the youngest, he was seen as too much of a coward to be relied on in any important mission by the Don, but he was at least dedicated in helping out in the best way he could to not be appreciated still..
As for the Don’s grandchildren, he had six girls and two boys. Since it was never an option by the Don to begin with to inflict the problems of the Family business to any of its women, his six granddaughters were ruled out automatically in his head and he only spoiled them of gifts and of love as his means to let them have a taste of what the business provided. In regards to his grandson aside from Jeongguk, who came from the middle child, the boy was much like his father who didn’t want anything to do with their source of outcome for him to be taken into mind. The Don respected the decision of his middle child and didn’t force him or his son to embrace their living, though he at least expected that they remain close to the family when it came to personal matters.
Jeongguk entered the business at the early age of 15 years old. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, for it was too young and too soon, but it was a time where there was prominent tension between the Four Families of Seoul that Jeongguk’s father convinced himself that would feel more at peace with if he knew that his son at least knew how to use a gun. Of course, the Don wasn’t consented first before Jeongguk was taught to defend himself and Don Jungsoo disapproved of Hanseo’s decision, as he always did, however, there was nothing even he could do to reverse what has already been and instead of acting like things were the way they were, in a poor attempt to save whatever innocence that is still left on the boy’s mind, he permitted Jeongguk to be introduced to their ways and to the Mafia.
Just a year after Jeongguk was brought in, he “made his bones” by being a member of Inhwan’s regime and partaking in an operation that had something to do with confronting a businessman to cave in to what the Don offered. The man was supposed to pick sides, to choose between serving the Jeon Family like he has been for half of his life or the Lee Family who came into the picture and threatened to do expeditions for them, and when the businessman declared that he was now loyal to the latter and detested his association to the Jeon clan, Inhwan permitted Jeongguk to do the honors of assassinating the traitor a few days later, thus, officially acknowledging him as a made man.
For the years that followed, Jeongguk became Inhwan’s right-hand man. It was the Don’s intention to place Jeongguk under Inhwan’s faction rather than Hanseo, for he thought that having Hanseo show his own son the ropes of the business was a little unhealthy given the man’s known wariness for the safety of his only child. So, Jeongguk became closer with Inhwan instead when it came to anything related to the business; the Caporegime he was serving trained him to be better and to be sharper in what he did.
“Jeongguk, you’ve met my daughter before, right? ____?” Inhwan said as he welcomed the grandson of the Don to his home, walking with him to his office supposedly but before they could get to the room, they had to pass through the kitchen where you were preparing yourself a meal.
Jeongguk, now 23 at that time, glanced at you and was able to instantly discern your familiar face. You’ve been a guest at some parties that his family has held in the past, he has heard your name escape past people’s lips multiple times before in casual conversations, but this was perhaps the first time that the both of you were exchanging introductions. He only knew you as Inhwan’s daughter who the Caporegime always mentioned in great esteem for being the top student of your university’s honor list; the only daughter who Inhwan cherished after his wife passed on ten years ago and who typically lived in the campus dormitory since she attended college, hence why he never had the chance to see you so close before (aside from the fact that he has studied overseas for the last four years, of course).
You made eye contact and the second you two did, Jeongguk approached you in courtesy, extending out a hand. “It’s nice to formally meet you.”
You looked at your father then back at Jeongguk, wiping your hand on the towel by the counter and finally shaking his hand. “The pleasure is all mine.”
When Inhwan and Jeongguk arrived at the office, it was obvious that you were still in the young boy’s mind. He never said anything about you again throughout the affairs he had to discuss with Inhwan though, as he thought of it as disrespectful to be straightforward with his attraction towards you to your father, but it was from that day forward that he began visiting your household frequently, even the dormitory you stayed at during weekdays, just to get to know you better, and let you get to know him more too. He was definitely interested in being more than friends, but he wanted things to run naturally and not come out as forced for him to be truly blunt about his feelings.
“I’ve been hearing that you’ve been spending a lot of time with Inhwan’s daughter these past weeks,” Hanseo, Jeongguk’s father, opened up for dinner one night. “You like the girl?”
“Would he spend the majority of his time with her if he didn’t?” His mother, Yeonjin, retorted.
Hanseo remained serious as he spoke again. “If your intentions aren’t good with her, you should drop it, Guk. She’s the daughter of one of our close family friends. It’s not good to go behind Inhwan’s back and steal his child away. If what you’re only looking for is one good night, don’t try finding it with ____.”
Jeongguk laid down his spoon gently. He was slightly offended to be viewed in that kind of light by his Pop, but he was a young man after all, and young men certainly didn’t go for serious relationships these days. “Should I ask Inhwan first before I pursue anything serious with ____ then?”
His parents shared a look; Hanseo snorted even in amazement while Yeonjin remained smiling.
“Are your intentions good with ____?” Hanseo repeated.
“I like her,” Jeongguk said. “She’s interesting, and she’s kind, and she’s beautiful, and most importantly, she gets me. We can talk for hours and I wouldn’t know because time doesn’t move as fast when I’m with her.”
Hanseo continued staring at him, analyzing him, trying to guess if he was being honest with what he just said. After what seemed like a minute of scrutinizing Jeongguk, he shrugged as if it was suddenly not a big deal. “I’ll talk to Inhwan, get him to agree in setting you up with his daughter,” Hanseo assured him.
“I can do that myself. I’ll talk to Inhwan.”
“You want to talk to Inhwan yourself?”
“Yes. I want to assure him that I’m serious with what I want with ____.”
“In that degree, we might as well just arrange the both of you two wed.”
“No, no,” Jeongguk shook his head immediately, “I don’t want it to be forced. I don’t want to rush things. I just want to know that it’s okay and my personal interests won’t affect the Family.”
The following day, Hanseo still talked to Inhwan about Jeongguk’s attraction to you as a heads up. Inhwan just chuckled, admittedly fond with Jeongguk to think of it as a bad idea, nodded, and said that as long as Jeongguk won’t do anything that would harm you or disrespect you on purpose, then he was going to be on board with whatever relationship Jeongguk was going to have with indeed his only daughter; his permission was the least of what he could give considering that Jeongguk was the Godfather’s grandson. Besides, he really wasn’t a stranger to Jeongguk at this point; he practically raised him along with the others with Inhwan’s significant role in the Family business to perceive him as not a good fit for you.
On the Friday of that very week, Jeongguk went to the campus grounds of your university. He waited outside the building where he knew you would be taking your last class, leaning against the hood of his lavish Maranello with his arms crossed and his sunglasses on the bridge of his nose. Passersby ogled at him; murmured about his vehicle, some even took sneaky snapshots to send to their friends about how there was such a car in the premises. Even Jeongguk himself was well talked about by the students, with his right arm covered with elegant yet intimidating tattoos, the striking manner in which he stood and leaned there, and the fact that he was wearing this orangish yellow short-sleeved Fendi button down and was pulling it off despite how its color and style contradicted to the dangerous aura he was giving.
When you got out of the building, still conversing with a classmate, it took you a few more seconds to notice him; if it weren’t for a distant voice of another classmate saying how there was a ‘literal world treasure’ before his eyes, you wouldn’t have curiously looked forward and saw Jeongguk there, already staring at you, head tilted to the side while he indulged himself in the beauty of your appearance. As you regarded his presence with a smile, he lifted his sunglasses, pushing it past his forehead and over his hair, and flashed a smirk at you.
“Who’s that hot piece of ass?” Your friend, with her jaw slightly hanging down, blatantly asked. “Do you know him?”
“He’s a family friend.”
“A family friend?”
“A good family friend.” You grinned all knowingly. “I’ll see you next week.”
You skipped down the stairs without giving your friend a chance to interrogate you further and stopped right in front of Jeongguk who met you halfway. He had a handsome grin on his face and upon your arrival, automatically reached out to get your bag for you, a gesture that you stopped from happening by swaying your tote bag and books to the other side of where he was reaching for.
“Are you just going to act like you coming here is a thing we planned?” you asked with a chuckle.
The grin hasn’t left his mouth, only transforming into a playful one. “Sorry. I’ve always been under the impression that on one of these days, you want me to whisk you away before you get home and take you somewhere far.”
“Ah, of course, you have read my mind and obtained one of my deepest desires. Though I’m assuming this far place we’re pertaining to is the beach? What’s with this polo?” You couldn’t help but tease, even touching the hem to straighten it for a second.
Jeongguk remained looking at you, shamelessly ignoring your teasing. “Pop already talked with your Dad. And I already talked with him too.”
“Talked about what?” You were still examining the print of his top.
“About us.”
That had you flickering your gaze up to meet his, your delight not being concealed as the ends of your lips twitched. “What about us?”
Jeongguk rolled his eyes. “Come on, don’t pretend that you don’t know what this thing is between us.”
“I’m not following, Guk.” The mischief in your gaze said otherwise and he chuckled, shaking his head, successfully getting your belongings this time when he reached for it. “What is this thing between us? All I know is that we’re great family friends and that—”
“Go out with me,” he cut you off, not letting you go longer with your act, “go out with me and let me show you a good time. More than great family friends tonight. What do you say?”
“Tonight?” You at least looked pleased and willing. “I might have to ask my father first.”
“I told you, I already asked him.”
“Even with what you want to do tonight?”
“All I want to do tonight is to take you out on a date. Just putting it out there just so we’re clear.”
You chuckled, nodding. “Yeah, crystal clear.”
“All I need is your yes, ____,” he added. “Won’t you give me that yes?”
He knew he was going to get what he wanted either way in how you smiled, how your cheeks blushed, and how you were abruptly getting fidgety, a thing you did that he noticed would only showcase itself whenever you were giddy or nervous. Nonetheless, the rush of serotonin didn’t stop you from teasing him again when you gave your answer. “I would, but I’m not exactly dressed in an attire that matches yours. I mean, I don’t even know if I have something that’s as flashy as that in my closet.”
“You’re really amused with what I’m wearing, aren’t you?”
“I just have never seen you in anything other than black or any other dark color.” You snorted. “But I like it. You look good. Very suave, still.”
“You really think that?”
“Yeah, I’m serious. You look very handsome.”
Jeongguk had noticed too that you were not one to shy away from speaking your thoughts out. It was another trait he liked about you. “Alright, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, come on—” he laughed when you did— “get in the car and I’ll drive you home first so that you can change.”
You nodded, eagerly heading to the passenger’s side, Jeongguk doing the same. “Where will you take me after that?”
“To the beach. Like you said.”
You laughed louder at that. “Sounds amazing.”
He opened the door for you and pushed it closed once you were settled inside.
Jeongguk did take you to the beach that afternoon. It was counted as your first date. You laid in the sand with him, the both of you talking about your day and other things that came to mind. You ate some cheap good food at the near convenience store, an occurrence that Jeongguk almost stopped from happening since he wanted to take you somewhere nicer for dinner, but you refused and insisted that you didn’t want anything heavy or expensive for that matter; you just wanted to be with him and act like teenage couples that couldn’t get rid of the too-happy smiles on their faces while they spent the day with their lover. Of course, you didn’t tell him the last part verbally, didn’t tell him directly yet that you wanted him to see you as a lover, but Jeongguk got the message and exactly went along with what you secretly hoped for.
By the time the sun was nowhere to be seen and the night had fallen, he told you that you two should probably get going home. The ride back was approximately 30 minutes long and he didn’t want to abuse the trust that Inhwan granted him by keeping you up too late and until the last minute for the first date. Thankfully, you agreed without a fuss, and for the whole time he drove you back to the villa, your hand was intertwined with his, laid on your thigh that was closer to the gearstick so he wouldn’t have trouble switching gears and holding your hand at the same time. He had to pretend that he wasn’t too happy with the show of affection you were sharing with him, but there was no mistaking from his expression throughout the drive that he was thrilled.
“Thank you for today, Guk,” you said as he stopped in front of your home, pushing the button that unlatched the seatbelt. “I had fun.”
“Thank God.” He laughed and so did you. You gazed at each other for a while before he squeezed your hand and let go, about to unfasten his seatbelt. “Let me walk you to the front door.”
“That won’t be needed.” You held his bicep to stop him, a successful tactic. “Dad’s probably home already and I know you say that he’s okay with us doing this but I still prefer if he wouldn’t see what I’m going to do.”
He knitted his eyebrows together, close to asking what you meant but you had already launched yourself towards him and kissed his mouth, catching him completely off guard. “Good night,” you said then, grinning, though your attempt to get out of the vehicle urgently after you said that failed to do a dramatic exit as Jeongguk gently pulled you back with a gentle hold on your wrist to kiss you again, this time in a fuller and proper way.
His calloused palm landed on your cheek, another on your neck, and when he leaned away in what seemed like hours of your lips on the other, your tongues clashing at one or multiple points in fervor—it was only so he could do the boyish gesture of smirking at you, kissing you again instantly afterwards, a soft groan rumbling in his throat while he kept you a bit longer in his car than he planned. That night marked the beginning of your budding relationship with him.
It also marked the moment when he realized that it was your nerve and determination that Jeongguk truly loved the best when it came to you. However, it wasn’t going to be for another few years that he would soon discover that just like everything in the world, your nerve and determination had limitations of its own, that there were going to be occasions wherein you would back out and play it safe—and he was willing to fill that portion of cowardice you possessed with the courage he was born with and worked hard for in his bones.
Growing up, Inhwan never pressured you with the possibility that you’d have to take over the winery once you were old enough. Instead, he insisted that you follow your own dreams and he will be here, always right behind you, supporting you in any way that he could to make sure that dream of yours would come true.
Truth be told, it was never his intention to build the wine company in hopes that it could be a permanent business for his children and grandchildren—at least not at first when Don Jungsoo proposed the idea to him. The Don only told Inhwan that he should think of another venture that the Jeon Family can go into, a venture that would serve as another front for the real Family business, and in return for his efforts to build this future company and act as its CEO for the following years to come, he would be granted most of its earnings, since being so would not cause an issue with the Family due to his record of loyalty, which Inhwan felt very grateful for.
At Inhwan’s motivation, you decided to go towards the path of being an accomplished lawyer. Of course, that would take more years of studying and more years of general sleepless nights and frustration until you probably would have to wish death to fall upon you later on. But you were determined to prove yourself out there and do something that your heart genuinely longed for, not caring how long it would take and how much you would have to endure just to be at the top of your game. Inhwan, like promised, was more than willing to provide you with everything necessary for a bright road heading to your dream.
Inhwan knew you were an intelligent woman. The fact slapped him in the face every time you talked and made comments about the news or the wine company, speaking your mind out even at times no one frankly asked for your thoughts. You weren’t only smart because you knew how to memorize the texts on your school books—you were a true intellectual. He knew that and knew that he didn’t need to ask the Godfather to call important contacts to be guaranteed that you will get into the finest law school in Seoul once you were a few months away from finishing your undergraduate studies—but he still did, just to double-check, just to feel at ease that he won’t have to answer to his daughter’s disappointment when you discover that you didn’t get in.
You still got in though, thank goodness, without any of the Family’s special friends pulling some strings for him, earning it fair and square. The next thing you know, you have already spent four years in law school and have graduated, eventually passing the bar exam, your name printed as one of the top scorers. Once again, Inhwan was grateful that he didn’t have to contact anyone, knowing that if you discovered what he did, you would take it as more of an insult than a favor since more than anyone, it was supposed to be Inhwan who trusted your ability to pass on your own.
In celebration for yet another impressive feat of yours, he hosted a big get-together in the villa, inviting the Family and other people to share the momentous occasion with the both of you. Inhwan, though positive that the Don has not changed his mind in including women openly in the business, knew that the Godfather would find your obvious achievement beneficial to the Family, so he made sure to give highlight to your passing (even if it was just the start) as much as he could. You’ve been dating the Don’s grandson for four years now after all; it was only natural for Inhwan to always want to bring you into a better light and deem you as indeed worthy.
“Guk,” you breathlessly chuckled, your boyfriend’s tongue swiping against your skin, “they’re going to notice we’ve gone missing.”
Jeongguk pulled away from your neck, the skin of your throat littered with red marks that you’d have to cover up by changing into a turtle neck after the both of you were done. “So what? They’ll just understand that I’m just giving my smart girl her present.”
“And what is your present?” You couldn’t help but release a small moan when he lapped his tongue once more on your flesh and pressed himself against you deliciously harder on the mattress. “Your dick?”
“What? You don’t want it?” He snickered.
“You can’t be serious.”
“I have a greater gift other than my manhood, angel.” He leaned back fully, a handsome grin on his features, his arms supporting half of his weight as he hovered you. “Do you wanna see it?”
“Your manhood? Well, we both know it’s not something I haven’t seen before—”
“No,” he rolled his eyes, snatching a long kiss on your mouth for your silliness, “my gift. What I bought for you.”
You raised your eyebrows. “You really brought something for me?”
“Of course.” Another kiss, now on your forehead, and he stood up.
He went to your dresser, took the small paper bag that you didn’t even notice the first time around for you were too preoccupied with Jeongguk’s lips to mind anything else, and sat down on the spot he was in just seconds ago to officially present it to you. You watched in anticipation as he brought a black box out, your eyes widening impulsively at what it possibly meant and what it had inside though before you could speak, Jeongguk beat you to it. “I’m not proposing. In case you were thinking about that,” he said, placing the paper bag he didn’t need anymore on the floor.
You released a huff of relief. “I would have said no anyways.”
He flashed his eyes on you, hurt. “Really?”
“You’re not proposing, right?”
“Yeah, but it’d be nice to know that if I was, you would have said yes regardless.”
“I would have, but just not at this moment. Wouldn’t want being engaged to you steal the limelight of my accomplishment.”
He snorted. “Can’t say you’re wrong. It’d be a nationwide phenomenon.”
“Sometimes, you can go too far over the top of your head, sweetheart.” You gently held his chin to drag his face closer so you could plant a kiss on his mouth.
Jeongguk smirked and opened the velvet box. There inside lay a thin gold chain necklace with five diamonds, the five of them glittering and placed tightly next to each other in the middle. You unconsciously held your breath at its gorgeousness, your interest in jewelry not being hidden at that instant, for you can’t deny that as you got older, your love for shiny things increased too, but then you thought about how this must have cost a fortune—not that it would be any problem to Jeongguk if it had—that a frown came to your face the next instant.
“I didn’t spend that much on it,” he defended immediately, aware that you would open the topic of how much was this. “This didn’t put me close to bankruptcy or something.”
“Huh, that’s not at all a very guilty thing to say, Guk.”
He chuckled at the sarcasm. “Well, okay—you can’t expect me not to go all out sometimes. You deserve gifts like this.”
“Do I really?”
“Of course, you do, angel.” He took the necklace from its box. “Turn around for me. Let me put it on you and let’s see what it looks like.”
You obliged, scooting towards him and spinning around to let your back face him. You swept your hair to the other side and lifted it up, Jeongguk swinging his arms over you and laying the necklace flat against your skin, the five diamonds just by your collar. The cold sensation of the chain made goosebumps rise on your nape; Jeongguk locked it in place and lightly pulled the diamonds lower to fix it on your neck.
He kissed your shoulder sweetly when he was done. “Okay, let’s see it.”
You both stood up, trudging to the full length mirror you had in your room. As you stood before it, you could clearly see the diamonds gleaming with enthusiasm; you’re already sure that no one would miss it when you go outside and greet some guests again. You know they would automatically think that it was Jeongguk who gave you such an exquisite present, considering that even though your father would not hesitate to give you expensive jewelry like this one, Inhwan didn’t exactly have the same good taste as your boyfriend to have the necklace mistaken as his gift.
“Looks like it was made for you,” Jeongguk commented with a proud smile, kissing the same spot on your shoulder. “Do you like it?”
“I love it.”
He chuckled, encircling his arms around your waist, still placing sweet kisses on your skin.
“How much is this?” You still couldn’t help but ask.
He shook his head. “No, no, this is a gift, I won’t tell you how much it costs.”
“Just give me an estimate, Guk.”
“It’s as grand as my love for you.”
You scoffed. “I’ll be offended if I discover that this isn’t as expensive in my head.”
He laughed. “I assure you it’s worth a lot. When have I ever given you anything that didn’t match your significance to me?”
“That’s your flaw, really. You spend too much.”
“I don’t mind.” He nuzzled his face on your neck. “Not if it’s for you.”
You turned around and embraced his torso, smiling, touched and swooned by his words as he always had the ability to do. You pushed yourself upwards with your toes, properly kissing him on the lips and Jeongguk reciprocated the gesture with a content smile, his hand on your hip tightening.
“Thank you,” you murmured. “I appreciate it, you know I do. But next time, how about you give me something that isn’t too glorious, alright?”
“No promises.”
You narrowed your eyes on him, a complaint bubbling inside you though just as you were about to say it out loud, Jeongguk was quick enough to prevent your actions by capturing your mouth again with his, humming in a teasing manner as he slowly led you back to the bed.
Three knocks on your door interrupted the moment, the two of you freezing at the sound. “Guk? Are you in there?” A familiar voice was heard from the other side of the door.
“No, he isn’t,” you promptly lied.
“____, I can sense that you’re holding him captive even from miles away.” He chuckled.
You sighed and untangled yourself from Jeongguk, opening the door.
There outside at the hall stood Seokjin, the adoptive brother of Jeongguk who was also a good friend of yours and an already valued lawyer himself. He was five years older than him and six years older than you, and being someone who always treated you like a little sister of his own, especially when you started to date Jeongguk, he was always kind to remind you since your law school days that if ever you needed anyone’s guidance about your shared field, he was there and was only one call away. You told him you were certainly going to take him up for that someday when you indeed needed his help, very comfortable with him to possibly open the topic in the future.
Seokjin glanced at Jeongguk. “Your grandpop wants to talk to you.”
“What is it about?” Jeongguk was smoothing his hair.
“Business, as usual.” Seokjin looked at you next. “Sorry for stealing him away—and in the middle of your party too. But it’s important.”
“No worries, I understand. Besides, Dad might not be too thrilled if he caught us in here before you have. We were just going to join the others again anyway.”
“Ah, yes, remember to keep yourself pure before marriage, ____. Saving yourself for your wedding night is definitely still the trend with the old folks.” Seokjin grinned.
“A possible yet at the same time impossible task,” you further joked.
“I’ll see you again later, okay?” Jeongguk appeared beside you to head to the door, pecking your cheek and glancing at his brother. “Jin, look at what I’ve bought, isn’t it beautiful?” He pointed at the necklace you wore.
Seokjin turned his eyes on it like asked and pursed his lips in approval, staring at it with an amused expression, nodding. “Gorgeous. You wear it well, ____. Of course, that is if we’re talking about the diamond necklace and not the forming hickeys.”
Your face burned; you tried to look nonchalant to preserve what’s left of your dignity, moving your hair then to the front to conceal the love bites. “Well, both were given by this clever guy right here.” You glared at Jeongguk who was staring at your neck now with an even prouder gaze. You hit him on the stomach because of it.
“That doesn’t come as a surprise.” Seokjin snorted and patted Jeongguk’s back as the young man stepped out. “We’ll catch up with you again after we’re done. I won’t keep him for too long.”
“No, it’s really alright. Settle what needs to be settled. In fact, don’t bother to return him if it’s that important.”
Seokjin laughed, pushing Jeongguk away before the latter could snap something back. “Noted. Congratulations again, princess. I look forward to seeing you in court one day.”
“Thanks, Jin. Hopefully not against each other though.” You smirked.
He chuckled and strided forward with an arm around Jeongguk’s shoulders, leading him to the direction where your father’s office was located.
You’ve been informed that the Jeon Family has been talking about matters concerning the winery. The Don, being the Chairman of the board, was discussing affairs with Inhwan that you weren’t really aware of for your father never liked sharing them with you.
It was odd in your opinion, to still be kept under the light about anything that involved the wine company, for you’ve had the impression that once you grew up and has made it apparent that you could be a good help to the business despite your choice of profession not entirely centered around it, he would be more open to letting you in the scoop. Instead, you still had to mostly hear news about what he planned for it through hints from Jeongguk or other employees. Whenever you’d ask Inhwan yourself if there was anything you could do for the business, he would only squeeze your shoulders as he hugged you from the side, assuring you that you didn’t have to worry about anything, and that he could manage on his own and with the help of the Don just fine.
You let it slide but you were always salty about his secrecy deep down as you even reckon that Seokjin was more involved with it than you were. You’ve eavesdropped once in a conversation shared by your father and his friends at the patio of your villa that Seokjin was practicing his law degree exclusively for the Don (you’ve taken it as he was a part of the lawyers representing JSG Group), meaning he probably took care of anything related to the legalities of the winery too.
In a part of your mind, you didn’t get why Seokjin wouldn’t want to kick start his career first by gaining experience and taking a lot of various cases first rather than working for one big client after graduation. You knew the Don probably could offer him a sum that no client could ever give him, but in regards to the practice of law itself, you weren’t so sure. It seemed to be working out for Seokjin regardless though; he has always been sharp-witted and sensible anyways to not make the right decision.
Eventually, you’d have the opportunity of knowing exactly how sharp-witted and sensible Seokjin can be; you’d be far astonished to the point of actually beginning to deem him as a better lawyer than you were yourself, because unlike you, Seokjin had a certain quality within him that made him the perfect legal adviser.
Jeongguk, since the day he became a made man, was always reminded that everything that revolved around the Mafia was strictly business. The transactions, the meetings, the negotiations, and even the violence that may come along with it if diplomacy was not the effective way to go was part of the whole ordeal. He had to instill in his head from the very start that nothing from their world should be taken personally—even if a member gets hurt because of another Family or a mafioso becomes a traitor to their organization. Everything was still going to be considered as business or done for the sake of business; nothing should ever be taken personally or with the aim to hurt the mafioso’s personal life.
That was one of the reasons why the Cosa Nostra was still seen as an honorable society despite the dangers and the various dirty businesses it carried out. Even though their people were comprised of crooks, thieves, murderers, and other nouns to describe generally bad people, they still had a set of morals of their own that they religiously kept within themselves and followed. However, there were flaws and loopholes to those ethics they observed, and the thin line that separated business matters and personal matters was something they overstepped at times in being too inflamed with their innate greediness.
“Are you sure it just happened? No one attacked my father?” Hanseo frustratingly asked through the phone. “How about that guy? Jang Yeocheol? He was obviously more than displeased when the Don refused to fund his plan for that wack of a narcotic casino. He didn’t do anything about it?”
Jeongguk waited patiently in the single leather chair inside the office. One thing he was sure of is not to rush and ask questions when Hanseo was asking them to someone else and was obviously agitated over the line. The person he was talking to was the Don’s bodyguard, the person who was in charge of driving him in and out of the office and to any other errands he wanted to go; his name was Yoongi and from Jeongguk’s knowledge, he was also one of Inhwan’s most trusted men, a guy he considered as his right-hand man since Jeongguk formed his own regime.
“Okay. I’m sending men there for backup. No doubt the news is already out about the Don’s condition.” Hanseo ended the call and glanced at Jeongguk.
“What happened to Grandpop?” he put forward.
“Stroke. Just fell in his office chair and his secretary found him there. Don’t worry, he’s okay, he was spotted early on and the doctor in charge of him is Dr. Hwang. I’m sure he’ll be doing anything to make sure the old man’s okay. You know him, don’t you?”
“Yeah.” Jeongguk nodded. “He owes Grandpop a lot of favors. Should I do something? Should I go to the hospital too?”
“No, no, I don’t want you going there until I’m sure there really isn’t foul play involved. I know it’s not unlikely for Pop to suffer from something like that, the man’s not getting younger after all, but it’s still better to be sure. I’m going to have them review the CCTVs at the office; I’ll ask a guy I know to look through the phone calls of anyone close to the Don recently. Especially Yoongi—just for a safety measure, I don’t think that kid has it in him to betray us if that was the case.” Hanseo dialled another number on his phone.
Jeongguk took out his phone as well, the other one he used for the business. “Don’t you want me to call anyone too? The other Three Families might be jumping on this opportunity to put us in the bad light; for sure they’ll have the people think that his condition is worse than it already is.”
“I already have Seokjin working on that. He’ll be talking to the director at HSN News to make sure nothing leaks or at least nothing makes a big deal out of it. Why don’t you just go ahead and talk to your uncles? Ask them where they are and how they’re doing.”
“Really? That’s all you want me to do?”
“Yes, Guk, just go ahead and do it for me.” Hanseo made a hand movement that meant ‘go do it’ as he said his greetings to the person who just answered his call.
Jeongguk started calling his two other uncles at his father’s request; the second eldest, though having never shown his obvious affection for their Family, was panicked when he got Jeongguk’s call, quickly asking if the Don was alright. Jeongguk assured him that everything was okay and that they were handling it here in the headquarters, a.k.a. the home of Don Jungsoo itself, efficiently. His uncle murmured his praises of thanks to the heavens and promised that he’ll be travelling as fast as he could back to Seoul, in which Jeongguk immediately said that the best thing that he could do there is wait for a while until they confirm that matters are truly fine; once all of that is done, Jeongguk will ask Inhwan to send a couple of men over to his uncle so that his travel can be arranged, a preposition that the second eldest son of Don Jungsoo agreed without further complaint.
For the youngest of his two uncles, the Family scaredy-cat as Hanseo liked to tease his brother for, already knew what was happening when he answered the call. It was obvious that he was shaken but was gratefully getting his shit together as he told Jeongguk that he’s already digging into it too. This uncle of his talked about how even though the Don was already in his late 70s, he still believed that his father would not fall into sickness like that, a statement that Jeongguk had to disagree to since it was him who had to see the Don every single day and see him act more like his age the more time passed by, but he chose not to say anything for the sake of his uncle who still thought of the Don so highly that even natural causes just didn’t seem plausible for him.
After Jeongguk was done making that last call, he was about to go back to the office and update himself with the next course of actions that Hanseo must already be devising when he saw your Caller’s ID flash on his screen and he figured you must have heard the news too. He answered quickly, hearing your concerned tone over the line right as he pressed the phone again against his ear.
“Hey, Guk, is he alright?” you asked, your sweet voice entering his ears that he unconsciously relaxes, not noticing that for the past thirty minutes or so of talking with his uncles and going over with what he knew so far, he has been tense and sweating through his palms.
“Yeah, he is. They’re still checking on him though but he’s fine.”
“That’s great to hear. I was surprised when I saw the article online. Do you know that they already wrote something about Don Jungsoo?”
Jeongguk closed his eyes in exasperation. “Now I do.”
“It’s horrible. I mean, I understand that they may think that the news would downplay the company but why would they go as far as reporting a personal matter like that so quickly. It’s practically inhumane.”
“Yeah,” Jeongguk sighed, agreeing despite knowing the precise answer to your wonder—that the news of the Don’s illness would bring definitely confidence in the other Families, that others would assume that the Jeon clan wouldn’t be as powerful as they were without Don Jungsoo, given that the majority of the important contacts they had were acquired thanks to their loyalty to Don Jungsoo.
A short pause. “How about you, sweetheart?” you asked. “How are you holding up?”
He shrugged even if you couldn’t see it. It was the first time someone asked how he was doing after the whirlwind of events. “I don’t know. I’d say I’m okay but I don’t know. I don’t feel good.”
“You must be feeling bad, I’m sorry for asking a stupid question. Your grandfather is in the hospital for god’s sake—it wouldn’t be unusual for you to feel that way. Should we visit him where he’s admitted later when I’m done here? Or you can go ahead and I’ll follow.”
“Sure, just right after I check in with Pop. I’ll pick you up and we’ll go there together.”
“Okay, whatever you say.”
“Thanks for asking how I am, angel.” He sighed, a small smile appearing on his features. He hated it when you downplayed your thoughtfulness by claiming it was stupid; he didn’t want you to think that he didn’t think it was sweet or touching. “I needed to hear your voice after the news. It’s a nice reliever, you know?”
“He’ll be fine, Guk.” You assured him. “The Don’s a strong man—a good man too. He’ll be okay.”
Jeongguk nodded. “Yeah, of course. He’ll be fine.” A thought jumped in his mind abruptly. “How’s your day, by the way? Have you talked with your dad?”
“Yeah, he called. He said he’ll be sending a chauffeur for me—for what reason, I don’t know what; he said that he just wanted me to get home safely. I declined though, I told him I wanted to talk to you first. Does this have to do anything with the Don?”
There were these moments wherein Jeongguk was positive that you knew much more than what you let on. He never would think you were stupid to not get what the Family really did after all these years of your father being a caporegime and your romantic relationship with him who plays an important role in the business; it’s just that a lot of people typically only assumed that the Don’s power and wealth all rooted from the power company and the other ventures the Jeon Family pursued, that it wouldn’t surprise Jeongguk if that’s what you only thought of as well. However, there were always said times like these in which you’d give him a flicker of awareness that he’d also always find himself second guessing.
Before he could have answered, Seokjin, who had slipped inside the office with Inhwan earlier while Jeongguk was conversing with his uncles, peeked outside at the hallway and looked at him. “Your pop’s asking you to pack it up quickly. You still talking with the two?”
“No. This is already ____ I’m talking with.”
“Hurry up, kid.”
Jeongguk hated it when Seokjin called him ‘kid’, even if it was used in a context of brotherly affection. He watched as the acting Consigliere disappeared inside the office again; he focused his attention back to you, still on the line and waiting. “I have to go,” he said, not bothering to pick up where the conversation was on. “They’re asking for me.”
“Yeah, I heard.”
“I’ll text you if I get the go signal, alright? Don’t go anywhere and just stay in the firm. I’ll fetch you myself when I finish talking to them.”
“Is it really that bad for all of you to behave this way?” Your tone was joking, light, but he knew that it was a serious question.
“No, no, it’s just a precaution. I think you’re already aware that Grandpop has a lot of enemies, don’t you?”
“I know. I just don’t know why you’d have to be careful with me too.”
Everything in the Mafia was business, nothing should ever be personal; alongside that, the Families mostly kept their words in never hurting women or children. “Just a precaution,” Jeongguk repeated. “I want—and I’m sure Inhwan wants as well—for you to be safe,” he explained.
You didn’t push it. “Okay then. I’ll be here and I won’t go anywhere unless it’s you who’s taking me.”
“Good. I’ll see you later.”
“See you.”
Jeongguk got the memo four hours later that the men that Hanseo hired to investigate the Don’s case concluded that there was no foul play involved and that the stroke the Don experienced was merely a normal occurrence because of his old age. Hanseo and the others expected it already, for since the last weeks, there have been instances in which the Don’s speech would be incomprehensible, a usual symptom for the illness. However, every time they raised the concern to the Godfather, insisting that he should go and see a doctor, even going as far as bringing the doctor themselves in the headquarters, the old man dismissed every single one of their attempts and said that he was doing well.
“We still need to secure the hospital though,” Jeongguk added after. “A lot would take advantage of Grandpop’s state. They’d want to use the excuse of his body failing on its own when they succeed in doing whatever bullshit they’d come up with in trying to get rid of him.”
“That won’t be a problem. We’ve got soldatos there from Inhwan’s regime and Seokjin already talked to the Chief of the Seoul Police Department to make sure it’s handled properly there at the hospital,” Hanseo said. “I’d ask you to send more from your regime, Guk, but let’s not draw too much attention.”
“I agree,” he nodded. “Can I go there now then? I’d like to visit him, see how he’s doing personally,” Jeongguk asked.
“Sure.” Hanseo nodded with a sigh. “Your grandma is already there so look after her too, she must be in shock as well. She always scolded him with the smoking and the drinking all these years that I bet it’s what she’s going to nag about once Pop gains consciousness. Plus, from now on, I’d like it if someone who’s actually part of the Family to be beside Pop’s bed all the time.”
“Okay.” Jeongguk looked at Inhwan. “I’m picking ____ at the firm. I’m going to be bringing her to the hospital too. Is that okay?”
Inhwan always appreciated Jeongguk’s respect for him whenever it came to you. Jeongguk never once made it look like he was unworthy of Inhwan’s trust since the both of you started going out by blatantly using his title as the Don’s grandson to do what he wanted. “You do that,” Inhwan urged.
“When do you plan on proposing to her?” Hanseo suddenly brought up while Jeongguk was heading to the door. “It’s been what? Five years? When are you going to tie the knot?”
Jeongguk glanced at Inhwan the same time Seokjin did, the Consigliere hiding the amused smirk that was beginning to show with a glass of scotch being raised to his lips. “Are you seriously going to bring that up right now, Pop? In front of Inhwan?”
“Oh, don’t mind me,” Inhwan looked teasing, “you know you already have my vote, Guk.”
“I appreciate that but I don’t plan on proposing yet,” Jeongguk said.
“How come? What are you waiting for? ____ already graduated, she’s already doing well in her job. The both of you can start trying to make a family. It won’t be easy to do that in the future, I’m just saying. We’re looking at the worst case scenario here, and you know that if anything happens to Pop, you’ll be my underboss.”
“Not yet,” Jeongguk only reiterated. “And Grandpop’s going to be fine. There’s no need for me to rush into these things.”
“Jeongguk,” it’s Seokjin who spoke next, “you do know that when the Don wakes up, he won’t be the same anymore, right? He’s already having problems with his talking even before this happened; no doubt we’ll have to expect worse for the following days.”
“Propose to ____,” Hanseo said in a more authoritative voice. “Then when Pop wakes up and he’s doing okay—if he doesn’t look as bad as we’re expecting him to be—let’s get you and ____ married. We’ll have the Don attend and then it’ll be shown on the news how the Don still has the strength to attend to one of the momentous occasions in his grandson’s life.”
“So, you want to use an intimate and personal event in my life as a publicity stunt?” Jeongguk scoffed.
“Don’t take it to heart, Guk.” His father frowned. “It’s for the Family.”
“It’s bound to happen sooner or later anyway,” Seokjin added. “You’ve been trying to find a ring, haven’t you?”
“Not really the time to bring that up, Jin.” Jeongguk clenched his jaw, though his annoyed expression quickly faded and he found himself nodding at the end. “But fine, alright. I’ll do it if it’s the way we should go.”
“Great.” Hanseo smiled. “Let’s just pray harder that the old man gets a full recovery then.”
Jeongguk drove to the law firm you were working at with the thought of marriage in his head. It wasn’t like it never hit him that it’s about time that the both of you get wed; Hanseo already pointed out that it’s already been five years, Seokjin already mentioned it too that he’s been finding an engagement ring as well. It’s not like Jeongguk still had his doubts most especially, he was already sure from the moment that the two of you uttered your first I love yous to each other in the past that you were going to be the one and only woman he’ll want to hear that from—no one else.
He was just afraid of pulling you into the Family further. It was inevitable and a given already, as he never once thought of letting you go for the sake of your possible safety. It was selfish and terrible of him but he always thought that if other members of the Family could do it and still keep their wives and children safe, why can’t he? After all, the Mafia might always resort to violence and blackmailing when certain happenings don’t fall in their favor, but as much as possible, they tried to not step over the line and harm a Mafioso’s blood family. Doing so would bring shame to their values and would wage a war between the Four Families as they’d support their member’s want for vengeance and justice. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
Jeongguk only hoped that it’ll always remain that way for as long as the two of you lived. He doesn’t think he would take it if something happened to you because of the business he was involved in. It was already bad enough that you’re the only weakness of your father, the only person he cherished now after your mother’s passing; now you’ve managed to become Jeongguk’s apparent weakness too.
He soon arrived at the entrance of your firm’s building. He already texted that he was on his way minutes ago, so he was pleased to see you marching out of the doors quickly once you saw his vehicle, hopping inside the passenger’s side and automatically leaning towards him as you gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“You good?” you asked straight off the bat, a hand on the back of his neck, fingers lightly massaging his nape.
Jeongguk relaxed again at the action and stared at you before being the one to lean towards you this time, kissing you on the mouth, longer and fuller. “I am,” he said as he let go, facing forward. “All thanks to you.”
You snorted while putting on your seatbelt. “Well, I’m glad. I take it that there are no concerning affairs about the Don?”
He only shook his head in confirmation, driving forward. It didn’t take long until you both were at the hospital; Jeongguk was satisfied to see that there were a significant number of men there at the entrance, alert and eyes continuously scanning the area. When they took notice of the Don’s grandson, one of Inhwan’s men, Yoongi who was mentioned earlier and was proven innocent, greeted the two of you and insisted on letting a soldato park the car so you both could head on your way. Jeongguk thanked him and proceeded on grasping your hand, pulling you with him as he followed Yoongi towards the Don’s room.
Jeongguk hardly looked at his grandfather while consoling his grandmother along the side. He never saw Don Jungsoo as helpless as he looked at that moment; the Don has always been a hero in Jeongguk’s eyes; his protector and the person he was sure would never desert him even if worst comes to worst. Even if the doctor in charge of Don Jungsoo already assured and explained to Jeongguk that they’ve already put the necessary meds to stop the blood clot and that they’re also monitoring the Don closely, Jeongguk somehow was still not at peace.
He looked like he was though, that he was calm and composed, thanking the doctor with such politeness the Don would commend him for before Jeongguk added that if his Grandpop comes out of the hospital better and healthier, he’ll put in a word to Hanseo to reward the doctor for the service.
“Do you want me to go out and buy food?” you whispered to Jeongguk as he stared at the television, his face expressionless and making it obvious that whatever was playing in the screen wasn’t capturing his interest; his grandmother already left to eat and get some clothes at the Jeon Residential Area, so it was just Jeongguk and you for the meanwhile until his uncles and cousins would arrive. “Guk?” You placed a hand on his thigh when he didn’t answer.
He dazely turned to you. “Yeah?”
You smiled. “Are you hungry? I can go out and buy food and you can stay here.”
“No, don’t leave.” He shook his head, scooting closer to you on the sofa you were both situated in. “I’m not that hungry yet. Are you?”
“Not that much.”
“Okay.” He held your hand and pulled you towards him with it, just so he could place an arm around your shoulder. “We can just stay here until Uncle comes.”
You gazed at him from the side. “Tell me what’s bothering you, sweetheart,” you murmured as you leaned your head back at his bicep.
He dared to smile. You always had a knack at reading his mind—it’s either that or he’s been visibly bothered for the past minutes for you to finally say something. “Just worried about Grandpop. Hate seeing him like this.”
“Yeah, I know. This sucks.” You pressed your lips together. “Dr. Hwang said he’ll be fine though. He’s already pulling through, all we’re waiting for is when he’ll wake up.”
“I have no doubt that he’ll be fine. I just don’t like waiting. I don’t like this stage—the uncertainty. Until I see his eyes open and have him talking to me, I’ll always feel bothered.”
“We can visit him everyday until that happens. Will that make you feel better about this? I bet it’ll make the Don happy too; he’ll be pleased to know his favorite grandson has always stuck by his side.” You grinned, teasing a little.
“How do you do that?” Jeongguk abruptly blurted and you raised your eyebrows. “How do you make things feel so easy? So light?” It wasn’t the time to act lovey-dovey, especially a few steps away from the Don’s bed, but Jeongguk got reminded of his father’s request to propose to you and marry you soon, and he deemed this second as one of the reasons why having you his wife would be one of the best decisions he’ll ever make if he decides to finally go forth with it.
“I’m made for you like that.” You smirked, squeezing his hand. “I’m your personalized lover.”
Jeongguk laughed. “That’s corny as fuck.”
“Excuse me? I’m trying to lighten the mood here more and you’re going to insult my attempts?” You were already laughing with him though.
“I love you.” He grinned and ducked his head to kiss your nose since your lips were too far from reach. “Always be my angel, okay?”
You dragged yourself higher to do his unfinished task, kissing him on the lips, just an innocent peck. “I’ll stay on your shoulder forever.”
“You better.”
You kissed him again. “I love you too, Guk.”
He sighed in content, petting your head gently while you laid your temple against his chest.
Jeongguk indeed came to the Don’s hospital room everyday after that, staying longer than you could as you had a job to maintain, keeping himself updated first hand about any news about his grandpop’s health. For days he sat at the farthest side of the sofa while various visitors offered their wishes of recovery to Don Jungsoo, holding the old man’s hand and kissing it, crying on it even as if to show how sincere they were, praying profusely for his fast recuperation. Sometimes they’d offer their wishes to Jeongguk or to Hanseo when the latter was present too.
Finally after nine days, the Don opened his eyes and Jeongguk was there to witness it happen, immediately jumping out of his seat and pressing the nurse call button as per protocol right after.
The Don looked at him, his old and misty eyes staring at Jeongguk. “Hanseo?” he said and even with the error, Jeongguk still smiled.
“It’s Jeongguk, Grandpop. It’s me. I’m here.”
“Jeongguk,” Don Jungsoo repeated, slowly recognizing him. “Jeongguk, my golden boy.”
Dr. Hwang and the nurses swarmed inside the room quickly and soon enough, the other members of the Family were already there too, having just gotten the news thanks to Jeongguk who called his father as soon as the medical staff were taking care of the Don. Even you managed to arrive at the hospital upon Jeongguk’s text swiftly, entering the VIP room with Inhwan and approaching Don Jungsoo alongside your father, the old man offering you a tired yet pleased smile as your gazes connected and you bowed in respect.
You stayed with Jeongguk for another two hours before one of Jeongguk’s uncles convinced him that he should go home, take a nice shower, and rest while they take their turn in looking out for the Don. Jeongguk agreed and obviously asked if you could come home with him, which you nodded to, said your farewells to the Don, and then fled with Jeongguk to go to their home at the Jeon Residential Area. Once there, you stayed in his room as he took a nice bath, sprawled your body on his bed and waited until he was done so you could ask what he wanted for dinner.
He came out of the bathroom just as you were talking with a fellow associate at the law firm on the phone. You ended the call shortly at his return and smiled at him; Jeongguk went to his wardrobe to pick out some clothes, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist that you would have been fazed about if it wasn’t an already common sight to see. Nonetheless, it was still a sight that you were happy to be blessed with, your eyes trailing to the curve of his tattoo-filled arms, his defined chest and abs, right over to his muscular back that Jeongguk noticed you were truly ogling at when he glanced at your direction.
“You’re drooling, angel.” He smirked and you flickered your stare back to his eyes. “You like what you see?”
“Don’t I always?” You let out a huge breath, Jeongguk grinning and walking to your spot on the bed.
He leaned down, tilting his head to the side and pressed his mouth against yours. You ultimately melted at his touch and your insides easily squirmed in desire with that one gesture. Jeongguk felt the same way, felt the same impulse to go where this was headed faster. Being the patient and considerate man he always was however, he waited until you made the second move, the move that will reassure him that you wanted it as much as he did, and the instance you tugged his towel downwards that caused it to fall down, he didn’t waste time in pushing you forward so that you’d lay on the bed and under him.
The Jeon Family was still a little old-fashioned sometimes because of Don Jungsoo; the Don still expressed his disapproval of premarital sex whenever the subject rose as he’s a firm believer that a woman should be kept pure before the night of the wedding. It was an ironic principle by the Don really, as he still condoned the organization protecting one of the largest strip joints in the city and subsequently caved into the business of prostitution as well. Perhaps it was just a value he wanted to keep within the family—a value that Jeongguk has honestly not been able to keep with you.
It was foreseeable though as you and Jeongguk were in your prime, only in your late 20s, still considerably young; the both of you were also a good looking pair and a very smitten one too. It simply would be impossible to think that nothing happened at least once in the five years you’ve been a couple. If that was the case, people would have to commend you two for the self-control and the dedication to keep the Don’s virtues within yourselves as well.
For the past week, Jeongguk has been longing to have you this near him. He’s been too preoccupied with his grandpop’s condition and what’s been going on in the business too that he hasn’t indulged himself in anything that could keep his mind away from it. With the Don unable to lead, it was Hanseo who acted as the boss of the Jeon Family; whether a lot approved of it or reckoned Hanseo as a great successor so far, Jeongguk wasn’t sure. He didn’t want to hear anything that would cause unnecessary anger and stress on his part, so he chose not to hear the opinions of others about it. He only knew that Seokjin argued a lot with Hanseo just to put his father in the right mindset.
It’s obvious that Jeongguk has indeed been craving this with the harsh slams of his hips against your thighs as he spreads you further. It’s been seconds since he triggered an orgasm from you after eating you out like a starved man, shoving two fingers in and out of you rapidly as well, intent on making you come and get you prepped for him as fast as he could for he truly has been too eager to feel you around him again. Two weeks of not getting to make love with you was too much of a long time for Jeongguk to put it plainly.
“You wasted your shower,” you moaned as he lifted a leg of yours over his shoulder, your intention to tease apparent even if you were already being railed deliciously.
“I can just take another one. With you.”
You felt the pit of your stomach beginning to knot once more in pleasure and Jeongguk grunted as you squeezed him tighter. He dropped your leg and fell forward, latching his mouth around a nipple while a free hand groped your other breast. You gripped the hair at the back of his head, tugging its strands firmly, prompting a louder grunt from Jeongguk that sounded more of a growl than any other sound he has made and he let your nipple go to return to your mouth.
“Fuck—” you cursed with a hiss— “I’m gonna come again.” You whined.
“Touch yourself for me,” he softly ordered.
You followed his command and reached down to strum your clit hastily, Jeongguk pounding his cock inside your cunt in a sloppier manner. He too was close and was already aiming to take the both of you to your highs without any more delay. In a few more thrusts, more dirty whispers on your ear as he coaxed you to come again—to milk him dry and to let yourself go—your second orgasm rippled through you greatly; your loud noises of ecstacy probably being heard beyond the four walls of Jeongguk’s bedroom that he covered your mouth with his own to not let anyone near catch it. He might be delighted to let anyone know you were being treated well in the bedroom, but he still valued your want of privacy.
“Can I come inside?” He’s heaving, sweat running down his temple and chest. “Please? Please let me come inside your pretty pussy.” Jeongguk was whining at that point, dragging every bit of his control to not blow his load just yet.
You nodded, eyes closed, muttered yes over and over again, and with your permission, Jeongguk came inside you like stated. He groaned against your neck, forehead crushing the pillow by your head, his sweet moans eliciting goosebumps to rise on your skin. He gave you a couple of slow thrusts and then pulled out, kneeling on the mattress between your legs to stare at his cum seeping down your cunt. He grinned, stroking the tip along your folds in satisfaction, pushing two fingers in to keep his load in it, and when he was done, he crawled to your side, gently hauling you to his chest.
You ran your palm on his opposite shoulder and squeezed it while your cheek rested on its twin. “I’m tired.”
“You can take a nap,” he whispered, planting kisses on your forehead and hair, anywhere his lips could touch.
“I feel icky down there.”
He laughed and you pushed yourself up to glare at him playfully. Jeongguk remained grinning; he cupped your face and kissed you on the lips again. Soon you were on your back like earlier and he was hovering over you, the both of you making out. “Angel,” he mumbled, the endearment he loved using the most because of his reasoning that you were one of those heavenly creatures yourself, rang in your head in a more loving way, and you clung yourself against him closer, “you’ll marry me if I asked, right?”
You released his lips, pushing his face away, your thoughts returning to earth at his out of the blue inquiry. “What?”
“Marry me,” he said with more conviction, his eyes staring through yours. “I’ll make you the happiest woman alive.”
You chuckled. “I already am.”
“Then make me the happiest man alive by saying yes.”
“I love you. You love me. We’ve been loving each other since forever. Why don’t we officiate it?”
“Is this your ‘I just got laid and I feel high’ brain speaking?”
“____…” he called you by your name, a rather rare occurrence if it’s just the two of you than most people would think; you understood then that he was really being serious, “I want to marry you.”
You gazed at him, your hand pushing his hair back away from his face. You appeared amazed, like you were waiting for the punch line of his joke or for him to generally just take his words back—but it never came, Jeongguk just remained staring at you, waiting for you to answer, and with a shaky exhale after realizing he was for real, you nodded. “Okay. Propose to me then.”
He kissed you; he placed his lips close to your ear; he murmured and confessed his love to you all over again. You smiled all throughout, your heartbeat beating fast and your eyes welling up as you listened to him recount dozens of memories with you, memories that you weren’t even aware he remembered up until that moment. As his finale, he asked you again if you would do the honor of marrying him, to make him the happiest man alive, though barely finishing his sentence, he abruptly propelled himself up from his position and rummaged for something in the bedside table at your left, and when he let you see what he stole from the drawer’s contents, it was a red box.
“Have you always had that right there?” you exclaimed, amused.
“No, just last night. I was beating myself up for not being able to think of a creative way of proposing soon and I might have shoved this ring too hard inside the drawer.”
You chuckled. “You’re unbelievable, Guk. You’re naked and you’re proposing and now you’re telling me you’ve endangered my supposed engagement ring?”
He ignored your teasing, acknowledging it only with a grin. “Will you marry me?” he finished his propal and opened the box; as expected of Jeongguk’s superior taste, the diamond ring that was placed in the center was so gorgeous you widened your eyes in astonishment.
You stared at the ring longer and looked up at him; you tipped your head to the side for effect and gestured to him to come closer. He did with a roll of his eyes, setting his head near yours and you hooked your arm around his neck, pulling him lower before whispering too in his ear. “Yes.”
What happened next was consisted of childlike giggling, Jeongguk pushing the ring on your ring finger, Jeongguk tackling you in an embrace, the both of you telling each other “I love you so much” until the phrase wore out, and then the inevitable love making for the second time that evening that also came to be more heartfelt than the last one—one that Jeongguk automatically added to his long list of unforgettable memories with you, his soon-to-be wife.
You didn’t want anything too flashy, that’s what you made clear. You wanted the wedding ceremony to only be attended by close friends and family; you wanted it to be intimate and personal as a wedding you thought should be. And although Jeongguk agreed and understood your point when you told him that, he expressed early on too that it was not going to be easy to make it happen for the sole reason that the person you were marrying was the grandson of the great Don Jungsoo—meaning that flashy and well-publicized would be the adjectives that would describe your wedding with him and not intimate and personal.
“I’m sorry,” he apologized sincerely right across from you on the table; the two of you were having lunch in some fancy restaurant near your law firm, the topic of wedding plans arising while you ate. “I wish I could say that I can just go ahead and tell Grandpop that I’d like to keep our wedding private, but you know how he is. You know how this family is.”
For the last few weeks, the Don’s health has been better. There were still risks, of course; he wasn’t magically cured from all illnesses just because he woke up and recovered. He was still an old man after all, and ever since the incident happened to him, his speech has notably become incomprehensible at times; a part of his face also slightly drooped, though you wouldn’t really notice it unless you’ve been staring at the Godfather your whole life and was sensitive to changes like that. As for his body though, he became thinner and in every step he took, looked like he grew heavier too. However, in regards to Don Jungsoo’s wisdom and ability to share intelligent thoughts, it was still gratefully there, just shared in a fashion that was a bit slower than before and perhaps harder to understand.
“Yeah, I get it,” you said. “What if we just elope and get married at some place like Vegas instead?” You were clearly joking. You showed it in the small upward curve of the other end of your lips, but you knew that Jeongguk sensed that there was still some genuinity hidden behind your light guise. “I’m kidding,” you added for a quick measure.
“I’m sorry,” he repeated.
“Don’t apologize, sweetheart. There’s no reason for you to do so.”
“It’s just that I think I’m depriving you of spending our wedding day the way you want it. Haven’t you dreamed about something like this when you were young?”
“I did. I forgot about it eventually too. It’s not a big deal.”
“It’ll be a big deal to me if my beautiful bride won’t be happy on our special day.”
“Keep up the flattery and I’ll assure you that your beautiful bride will be happy.” You chuckled.
“Okay, how about this—” Jeongguk reached out and grasped your hand— “you do everything you want for the wedding and I won’t object. You can pick the theme, the food, the cake—everything. The only thing I’ll be having control over is the extra guesses for the ceremony and reception.”
“Guk, come on, I won’t deprive you like that. This is your wedding too.”
“I just want it to be memorable and have it the way you want, angel.”
“As long as you’re the one I’m saying I do too—it’ll be memorable and be exactly like I dreamed of. Don’t worry.”
Jeongguk grinned. “You mean that?”
“Would I have said yes if I didn’t?”
He chuckled and brought your knuckles to his lips, smooching it loudly in a playful yet sweet way.
Two months after that, you had your engagement party at the villa. Your home was big enough to accomodate people and it was a good thing that at least in that event, you had only spent it with your close loved ones and not anyone who wanted to suck up to your groom and steal him throughout the whole event, perhaps drowning him in unnecessary praises and ego boosts to get a good word from Jeongguk to Don Jungsoo. It was Jeongguk’s promise that he would ask the Don to keep the engagement party as exclusive as what you wanted, and indeed it is what happened.
There were people from your law firm, friends from college and from law school, and as for Jeongguk’s peers, he invited only a small number of people he knew; he told you they were mostly family friends, some college friends too, and close relatives. Your father, Inhwan, couldn’t help but invite his own set of guests, mostly people he knew through the Don. Of course, that only meant that the Don and his wife were also present in the event, along with Jeongguk’s parents, Hanseo and Yeonjin, and Seokjin with his wife as well.
A lot of people gawked and praised your diamond engagement ring, gushing how it looked dashing on your beautiful hand and how Jeongguk must have really gone all the way to buy it for you. In the moments your fiancé heard such admiration, he, who was standing beside you all day, smiled and squeezed your waist, glancing at you before declaring that it’s because you only deserve the best every single time. Ladies shared meaningful looks of envy with each other and teased you for being so lucky; gentlemen whistled in hilarity and gave Jeongguk playful pushes. Anybody with two eyes saw how you both shared great love and respect for one another, that it was always either admirable or gut-wrenching (in a good way).
“Are you ready to be part of the family?” Seokjin suddenly popped beside you and handed you a champagne flute. Jeongguk just left to go to the bathroom and unbeknownst to you, had asked Seokjin to take his place for a while until he came back.
You thanked him. “Is that question some kind of test?”
“Yep. If you say the wrong answer, I get to claim that fancy ring as my prize.” He nodded at your hand where the ring glimmered in the hanging lights. “I think I can support my family with that for over a couple of years.”
You snickered at his sarcasm.
While you were growing up, you have always admittedly been closer to Seokjin than you were with Jeongguk. Before your fiancé officially entered your life and claimed what would soon be his permanent place, it was Seokjin who you frequently saw and hung around with. The two of you had a similar sense of humor that you found clear connection in; he was and acted like an older brother you never had—in Jeongguk’s case, he already was an adoptive brother of the young man for since the death of Seokjin’s parents when he was in high school, Hanseo, who was his godfather, took him in the family. Inhwan was there to fend for him too, hence why you two became close, however, there was a period in your friendship wherein it faded out a little when he went to the States to pursue his baccalaureate and Juris Doctor degree, a path that you too was supposed to take as an aspiring lawyer yourself but with your father having no one close to real family if you did, you opted to stay.
“Is it odd that I’m a little nervous about it?” you asked him after a few seconds of silence. “Like, me and Guk have been together for so long, and I know his family likes me, but why do I still feel like they might change their mind when we get married?”
“As in Yeonjin becomes an evil mother-in-law?” He smirked and you gave him a look at the question. “Your worries are pointless, really. You know they already adore you. Hell, even the Don loves you and that’s an achievement of its own. You don’t have anything to be troubled about, ____.”
“The Don loves everyone.” You sipped on your flute.
“He loves everyone who his family loves,” he corrected. “To others he’s just kind and generous.”
You scrunched your forehead together and stared then at the Don who sat on a table far from yours. He was talking to Hanseo and Inhwan, a rather somber expression on his face; his mouth moved in a slow and steady bearing. You’ve thanked him earlier for going still despite his obvious declining health. He was still able to do things on his own and appear like he has always been, but being one to know what’s really going on behind the glamour of Don Jungsoo, you were aware that his first case of having a stroke took its toll on him; a fact that you noticed the Jeon Family has been trying to conceal.
“Seokjin, can you be honest with me?” you suddenly began.
He glanced at you. “About what?”
“The reason why your family insists on having the wedding as soon as possible.” You turned to him. “It’s because of Don Jungsoo’s condition, isn’t it?”
“Why do you say that?”
“Just an observation.” You shrugged nonchalantly.
Seokjin raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you think questions like that ought to be asked to Jeongguk instead?”
“I already did.”
“And what did he tell you?”
“He said that he wants his grandfather to be present and healthy on the special day, that’s why we should get married as soon as possible.”
“Then that’s the reason.”
“That’s a reason,” you said. “I have a feeling there’s more.”
Seokjin stared at you and brought the rim of his champagne on his lips. “You’re a smart girl, princess,” he replied. “And because of that, I’m sure you’ll figure it out on your own.”
You dared to snort in amusement. You knew that Seokjin was another one who didn’t budge, but it was still worth the shot.
You wanted to be let in with whatever has been happening since the Don’s mishap as you didn’t think that the way they reacted was how a normal family would when the head of your clan just suffered from a stroke. They were still sympathetic, of course, overly concerned about the health of the Don, however you had felt the tension that rose within the Jeon Family in the days that Don Jungsoo remained lying unconscious on his hospital bed. You saw how troubled Jeongguk was, even saw your father look visibly stressed, though what you had found most peculiar were the way outsiders were reacting to the news of the Don falling ill. They were taking every opportunity to bring down his name and his family—referring to him with titles such as ‘mob boss’ and ‘king of the underworld’ that it was impossible for you not to be curious.
“What did I miss?” Jeongguk returned to your place with raised eyebrows. “What’s with the serious faces?”
“I was welcoming ____ to the family,” Seokjin told him.
You decided to play along. His disregard of the last conversation probably meant he wasn’t keen on talking about it again. “More like threatening me. He wants to steal my ring.” You laughed at the same time Seokjin did when he heard you.
“I’m going to see this more often, aren’t I?” Jeongguk’s arm snaked around your waist while his eyes moved back and forth between you two. “The both of you just constantly ganging up on me with inside jokes or whatever?”
“Maybe. That’s what makes ____ the best sister-in-law, though.”
“The only sister-in-law actually.” You snickered. Seokjin clinked his glass with yours.
After the engagement party took place, came the rapid planning for the wedding. Don Jungsoo was ever so kind to pledge that all expenses for the ceremony and the reception were to be paid by him, an offer that you wanted to reject for even though you appreciated his kindness with all of your heart, you didn’t want to burden him and take advantage of it in that kind of extent. Jeongguk convinced you not to do so and just go along with it though; he said that The Don gained happiness by doing favors like that to his loved ones, especially to his favorite grandson, as he proudly claimed. Jeongguk insisted that it would bring great satisfaction to his Grandpop to know that he made a huge contribution to an important event of both of your lives.
So, you agreed, and in five months’ time, the wedding ceremony commenced and with just a blink of an eye, you found yourself being a true married woman to Jeon Jeongguk. You vowed to love him endlessly and to always be by his side in a cathedral that fit hundreds of people, people who you either knew well or have never met in your whole life. But you found yourself not caring as much with the amount of individuals present like you initially did. All you cared about was how handsome Jeongguk looked in his midnight blue tuxedo and his hair styled in a fashion that had one side slicked back and the other had some strands falling on his forehead, his big and boyish grin that he displayed right after when he shed some tears as he saw you walk down the aisle, his promises of devotion to you from that point forward, and especially the strength and earnestness of his kiss when the priest finally said “You may now kiss the bride”.
“I love you,” he whispered to you as he leaned back, his face only centimeters away, those words the only thing processing in your head while the crowd clapped and cheered
You grinned, kissing him more. “And I love you.”
The reception was held in one of the Don’s owned properties, a spacious mansion that no doubt was able to cater the hundreds of guests present. It was decorated in line with yours and Jeongguk’s chosen theme for the reception which was rustic, fitting the also rustic architecture of the venue. There were dark wooden chairs and tables covered only partially with white linen tablecloth; hand-tied bouquets and florals with greenery on baskets at some parts of the walls; antique ornaments and lights hanging on the ceiling; and the ambiance of the place was simply just the way you both wanted, delighting you two when you first arrived.
You slightly grew self-conscious with the amount of guests again when the host introduced you and Jeongguk as a married couple. You scanned the audience and saw a lot of familiar faces—and they were familiar not because you knew them personally, but because you have seen them on TV or in a newspaper once. You were aware that the Don had a lot of friends from the entertainment industry too, but you didn’t think that some of them would actually be close enough with the Don to be invited to the wedding.
“Just say the magic word and I’ll bail us out,” Jeongguk said against your ear while a distant relative of his sang in the center of the hall. The fun games were over and the program was going towards its end, the only thing left were the warm messages and the performances that your loved ones prepared for the special day.
You turned to him and chuckled. “First of all, I have no idea of this magic word that you’re talking about. Second of all—that eager to get me alone, huh?”
His eyes glinted.
You two made a pack since your engagement party that you would not partake in any sexual acts (the most would only be making out or groping if the libido was too tough to handle) before the wedding to make the night of the honeymoon more awaited for. It wasn’t even that long, to be frank (okay, maybe it was—five months was a considerable long time) but it was the longest in a while that you haven’t had sex since you started doing such act with him. Jeongguk was okay with the idea and agreed that it’ll make the wedding night more worth the wait.
However, earlier at the room where the both of you changed into different clothes for the reception, Jeongguk had kissed you and you kissed him back with the same flaring passion he was showing, prompting an unplanned heavy make out session that also brought a palm of his on one of your ass cheeks, your husband squeezing it and groaning, murmuring how he couldn’t wait until later to have you again. You jokingly slapped it away and told him to be more patient, which he groaned louder for and kissed you one last time before finishing on dressing up.
“You’ve been driving me crazy all day,” he continued, still whispering close to your ear. “You looked so gorgeous in the wedding dress—and now look at you right now, angel. You’re really giving me the impression that you truly are a gift from the heavens.”
You smiled. You were wearing a more daring attire for the reception, a lace maxi dress with a straight neckline and thin shoulder straps; it had a slit on the right side just above your knee as well, but it wasn’t that aspect of the dress that made it daring, it was the fact it completely exposed your back from behind and only had strings tied across its ends to make it appear not completely backless.
“You can take it off for me later,” you told him with a smirk.
Jeongguk huffed at that. “Don’t plant the idea in my head or I’m going to have a boner all night.”
“Well, it’s only fair. Do you think I’m fine with your chest practically in my face?” you retorted, and in cue, flickered your gaze down to his chest where the polo he was wearing had three buttons opened, giving anyone the view of his impressive pecs.
He seemed pleased that you noticed it. “You’re more than welcome to take it off for me too.”
“I’ll rip it off you, sweetheart.” You chuckled and pecked the corner of his mouth. He hummed and placed a cheeky hand on your upper thigh at the action, and when your eyes followed where his hand was travelling, you automatically lowered it down to your knee. “Guk.”
“Okay, okay,” he frowned and faced his palm up, an invitation for you to intertwine it with his and you accepted the offer, “I’ll behave.”
For the rest of the night, after the special performances by good friends and family, the reception felt like a campaign and Jeongguk was the candidate as it neared its conclusion. Acquaintances and business partners talked and congratulated him—they congratulated you too, of course, but you sensed that it was only mere politeness that made them do so. Their real target was still the Don’s grandson and having the chance to butter him up for the sake of getting on the good side of Don Jungsoo. In fact, you think that Don Jungsoo was perhaps more acknowledged than you throughout the evening as you recalled the amount of men that went to his table and shook his hand in eagerness for the duration of the function.
“Really, Dad? You’re going to cry at this last moment?” you teased your father; his expression was solemn and he had his lips pursed as you bid him your farewells to go to the airport where you’ll be flying to Jeju Island for the honeymoon. He didn’t cry when he handed you to Jeongguk at the cathedral, or shed a tear when you shared your father-daughter dance at the reception, but now it looked like his tear ducts were finally surrendering in defeat.
“I’m not crying,” he denied, though his hug was tight when you embraced him. “You take care of yourself, okay?”
“I’m still coming back after two weeks, you know.”
“Yeah, I know, kiddo.” He pulled back and kissed you on the forehead, holding you out within arm’s length to gaze at you fondly. “I guess I’m a little overreacting. Imagine if your mom was still here.”
“No doubt there’ll be waterfalls coming from her eyes.” You joked. One of the fond memories you had of your late mother was how easy it was to trigger a tear from her.
“Inhwan,” Jeongguk just finished instructing some men to help with the luggages so he decided to join the two of you, “or is it Dad too from now on?”
Inhwan laughed lightly as the young man stood beside you. “Sure, why not? You’re officially my son-in-law now anyways.”
Jeongguk gestured for a hug and Inhwan complied. He patted Inhwan’s back and said with a soft voice, “Don’t worry, I’ll do everything I can to always make ____ happy. She’s safe with me.”
“I know you will.” Inhwan grasped his shoulder when they both leaned away. “That’s why I like you so much, Guk. You’re a good one, you take care of my kid well.” They shared a smile.
While they continued to talk, you approached Hanseo, Yeonjin, and Jeongguk’s grandmother. You told them your thanks again for being part of the momentous occasion and for helping in making it happen in the way you wanted. Hanseo told you that it was no problem; Yeonjin kissed your cheek and said she was happy to finally have a daughter herself; Jeongguk’s grandmother embraced you and gave your cheek a kiss as well, saying there that she should begin passing on famous recipes in the Jeon household to you. Next, you moved to the Don who was just about to go ahead and sit at the backseat of his designated vehicle, but upon seeing you walk to him, stopped and waited until you two were finally standing face to face.
“Thank you so much for everything today, Don Jungsoo,” you said, bowing to show your respect. Even though the Don has been nothing but kind and goodhearted to you in the past years you have known him, you were still cautious whenever you interacted with the old man for the reason that is you were still intimidated by his presence and the powerful aura he gave off. “I appreciate it so much, truly, I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for being so generous.”
“You’re part of the family now, ____,” he clasped a hand of yours between his and tapped it gently, “so please feel comfortable to call me as Jeongguk would. It is I who should be thanking you for being there for my grandson no matter how difficult that boy can be. Everything I’ve done is nothing compared to the joy you’ve given him amidst the hardships he goes through everyday.”
“Oh, it comes both ways, I assure you. Jeongguk was clearly raised well for him to be this wonderful.”
“I hope that stays for a long time then—you and Jeongguk respecting and loving each other. One thing I’m sure in this withered life of mine is that loyalty plays a huge part in how events play out. The best investment you can ever have in your life is a good partner to spend it with.” He gave your hand another pat and then he let go. “Tell me if Jeongguk ever gives you a hard time and I’ll teach him a lesson.”
“That’s impossible, Grandpop.” Jeongguk walked from behind you and hugged his grandfather goodbye. “I don’t think you've noticed but ____ clearly has the pants in this relationship.”
They laughed, the Don’s laughter coming out as a wheeze though the smile on his face was unmistakably and genuinely amused. He said his final farewells to you two and you told him yours, saying too that you hope for him to keep on getting better that the Don appreciably smiled at and said his thanks. You watched as the vehicle he was in drove away, two more following closely behind as another led the path, placing the car where Don Jungsoo was in the middle.
“Ready to go?” Jeongguk asked when it was just you two there.
You smiled at him. “Yeah.”
You arrived at Jeju Island at about 10:56 PM that night. Out of all the places you could have gone to, you and him decided that Jeju Island was the one to go for the honeymoon because it was the same place where you celebrated your first anniversary in the past. Besides, you two didn’t want to go to another beautiful country and exhaust yourselves more with the travel time and all the arrangements you’d have to do for the location you’d be staying in for two weeks. The hotel you’ll be residing in was sponsored yet again by Jeongguk’s family.
“I hope you’re not too tired.” Jeongguk smirked at you while you both walked out of the elevator to head to the suite you were going to settle in for the mini vacation.
You glanced at him and smirked back; your hands were intertwined and you were swaying it back and forth childishly. “Me? Of course not.”
“You sure?”
“One hundred percent. How about you?”
“You really want to ask that?” He was looking at you differently now, eyes shaping themselves in a manner that you were all too familiar with.
“Well, I’m asking you because I’m just hoping you won’t sleep on me. I know we haven’t gotten proper action in months for you to miss this opportunity but let’s be real—when you’re tired, you’re tired.”
“I swear, I’m not.” He chuckled and paused with you as you arrived by the door. “I’m too pumped for me to be and indeed miss this opportunity.” He brought out the keycard, pressed it against the intended spot, and you heard the lock disengage with an audible click
At the sound of that, you began to get jitters. It was another one of those funny things you’ve been experiencing with anything related to Jeongguk since the engagement—that even though you’ve been with him practically half of your life and was one of the people you could be your absolute self and be assured you won’t be judge—you were starting to feel awkward and shy at times, such as this moment right here where even though Jeongguk had already kept the keycard back in his pocket and had opened the door to welcome yourselves to the room, you were frozen on where you stood, your feet seemingly stuck.
He appeared to have sensed your sudden showcase of reluctance for he abruptly faced you, his hands going on your bare arms as he smiled. “Let’s go?” He tilted his head towards the suite. Your luggages were already there, placed kindly by the hotel staff while you and Jeongguk were finalizing some papers at the lobby.
You shook every feeling of wariness away and nodded. At the gesture, Jeongguk’s smile widened into a grin and as fast as he could, he scooped you in his arms in what popular media would call ‘bridal style’, emitting a surprised yelp from you though you prevented your mouth from producing more noise by covering it with a hand while he walked further inside the room, kicking the door close behind him.
“Guk!” You laughed and he did too, face getting closer to yours until he captured your lips successfully.
You reciprocated as soon as you felt him kiss you, your arms being thrown around his neck so you could support yourself better. Jeongguk laid you down on the bed and you realized that rose petals were on them when your back hit the mattress, your eyes opening and spinning down to check if what you were thinking of were true and true enough, there they were. You had to make a mental note to thank the owner of the hotel for being accommodating enough to do the effort of creating a romantic atmosphere; they might do this as a standard for newly-weds, but the owner was a good friend of Hanseo’s so you wanted to express your gratitude personally.
“You said I could take this off, right?” Jeongguk ran his hands on the sides of your dress and you nodded.
He moved his mouth to your throat and kicked off with what he’s been yearning to do for those whole five months of not getting the proper taste of you. Despite the longing and the anticipation though, Jeongguk didn’t act rashly; instead he did anything rather excruciatingly slow—the way his lips moved against yours, how he untied the straps that enabled your dress to stay together, the manner in which he removed it from your body, planting wet kisses on your skin where the fabric of your dress previously glided on… fucking hell, you didn’t know whether you were trembling already because of his obvious unhurriedness or because you knew where his ministrations were going to take you.
“So pretty,” he breathed out raggedly as he squeezed your breasts. You were completely undressed before him as he intended, the only thing left was your white laced underwear that you wore to match the dress. “I think I’m going to nut by this sight of you alone, angel.”
You dared to chuckle. “Is it my turn to rip your polo off now?” Your hands were fondling the collar of his top.
“Be my guest.” He smirked.
Unlike him, you were swift in unbuttoning his long-sleeved polo, hastily pushing it past his shoulders to slide it off his arms. In the approximately ten seconds you did that, you kept on kissing him, sucking lightly on his lower lip, Jeongguk helping you in discarding the material away from his body as well. When that was done, he surged forward, laying over you on the bed, and you quickly carried on with removing his pants, briskly unbuckling his belt and unzipping it to grant you the freedom to tug it down his thighs.
As he pressed his body against you, you ultimately felt his hardness on your stomach, a sensation that you groan at, your insides tingling. You instinctively reached down and grabbed his cock over his boxers to feel it more, massaging and groping it, just the way he liked and what Jeongguk responded to by nibbling your jaw harshly. “Fuck,” he moaned before uttering a warning, “not too fast, not too fast.”
“Want you,” you pant, ignoring his protest, your palm not slowing down, “right now, Guk. Want your dick in my mouth.”
“Yeah?” He grunted, disposing of his boxers and flinging it off his feet. “Does my pretty wife want her mouth fucked first?”
You grinned at the title. It made your pussy clench into nothing. “Yes.”
He gnawed at your jaw before leaning back. “Scoot higher for me.” He instructed and you followed, backing up on the bed until you stopped at the pillows by the head. There were still petals all over the sheets that you had to flick them away with the back of your hand.
Jeongguk trailed his kisses from your knees up to your inner thighs, hands sensually caressing your sides then your breasts. He always had a thing for your tits; he received pleasure from just seeing them cupped by his hands, loved it when it jiggled when he fucked you hard—the image of that alone popping in his head making him harder. Without delay then, he proceeded on going forth with your request, Jeongguk kneeling over you, both of his knees on either side of your shoulders, the tip of cock on your chin.
There was precum leaking on it, a sight that you salivated at. Jeongguk gave his shaft a few strokes, teasing you by gliding the end of his dick on your lips. “Shit,” he groaned when he indulged himself in finally pushing his cock inside your mouth, “that feels so good already, angel. Just like that—I missed that mouth.”
His thrusts were relaxed. He didn’t really want to rush. He gently ran his fingers through your hair and pushed all loose strands away, wanting to get a clear view of your face. You had your eyes closed and you were bobbing your head voluntarily to meet each thrust of his hips. At one instance, you let the tip reach the farthest it could go and you gagged a little, pulling back with a heavy gasp. Jeongguk stretched behind him and touched your clothed heat, feeling how soaked it already was and how just a light press brought a lengthy moan out of you.
“Fuck, fuck.” He cursed as he fucked your mouth faster, your hand palming his balls, though upon the last minute, once his cock was starting to pulsate and his balls were tightening, he pulled back.
You exhaled, some saliva connecting your lips and his cock, and Jeongguk kissed your mouth sloppily before he slithered down to stop right in front of your cunt, working faster now as he pulled your underwear off and dived right in between your legs, sucking and slurping on your clit with a profound determination. His groans and grunts added to the pleasure—you loved hearing him get so into the act of whatever it was that he was doing to drive you crazy—craved it at times even, his sweet sounds even staying in your mind after you were both done. Jeongguk spreaded your lips and spat right on them and went back in, growling.
“So sweet. I’ve been dreaming about tasting this pussy again,” he said, two fingers rubbing it as his tongue licked your clit. “I could drink you up all night.” He inserted the fingers right in your hole and you mewled, arching your back slightly at the movement, moreso as he rapidly pushed it in and out, all the while still sucking your bundle of nerves. It felt like it was going on forever; everything was so good and your toes were curling already in anticipation. He switched between fucking you with his digits and his tongue, your walls welcoming the muscle every time and giving him something to taste.
“Ah—holy shit, I’m close—” you grabbed a fistful of his hair— “fucking hell—I’m going to come.”
The usual thing that Jeongguk would have done was keep up with his speed until you were coming on his face, your juices right on his mouth, his chin, just everywhere—but he stopped, for he had already thought that if there was anywhere you would be coming on for the first time in the last five months, it was going to be on his cock. And so he pulled away and hauled you closer by dragging you towards him roughly with your thighs. You gasped at the sudden showcase of strength, Jeongguk dropping back over you to devour your breasts.
His shaft was pressing against your heat, so near that it was causing you to be more impatient. Jeongguk nibbled a bud and squeezed the other, noisy and so fucking erotic it was sending you off to another space. You couldn’t take it anymore; you tried rubbing your folds together on his dick.
“Fuck me, Guk—please, please,” you begged and cried. “I can’t—I wanna feel you so bad now.”
He stopped paying attention to your tits and looked up, his hair messy and his eyes completely dazed. He brought himself higher so your faces were in level and kissed you; you still tasted what’s left of you in his mouth. “You want my cock inside your pussy?” he asked.
You nodded hastily. “Want it, please.”
“Really? How much?”
“So fucking much.”
“Is that the best thing you could do?” His fingers wrapped itself on your jaw and he tightened his grip. It didn’t hurt, just made you steady—made you pay more attention to reality; he knew you liked it. “Beg harder for it, angel,” he said, looking straight in your eyes now.
You whined. “Please, please, please—I want it.” You marveled his chest, your palms appreciably massaging his pecs. “I want you to fuck me hard—want you to come in my pussy, fill me up so fucking good.”
“Yeah?” His fingers moved to your throat as he leaned back. “You want me to knock you up on our wedding night?”
“Jeongguk—please—fuck me, please.”
He dared to chuckle at the desperation. “Well, who am I to deprive my wife of what she wants, hmm?” He began to align his dick on your entrance. It’s been too long since his manhood was directly on your heat that even he shudders at the contact. “My beautiful wife deserves to be fucked good, doesn’t she?” It was obvious how the fondness of calling you his wife was already planted within him in the not even 24 hours of being married.
You were definitely not thinking straight anymore as he pushed it in. “Yes, yes, yes—” you moaned the words out in a chant, the stretch his cock does to your cunt compelling a louder cry from you in pleasure.
Jeongguk too was desperate. He fucked you fast and hard straight off which your slickness allowed him to do so without difficulty. His fingers that remained on your throat tightened in just the right amount, choking you in just the right way as he kept himself at a distance while he hovered over you. Jeongguk has always been a mix of aggressive and loving when it came to bed; it was either he was too aggressive or excessively loving, both that you didn’t have any complaints about. At the end of each ‘session’, he always satisfied you nonetheless and made you feel absolutely amazing—you never had one encounter with him that had you dismayed or upset after.
You were really getting close the more he rocked against you. You weren’t one too hard to be pleased—to trigger an orgasm from—especially if it’s Jeongguk we were talking about here, and given the five-month long of abstinence from sex to make this first night of the honeymoon extra worthwhile, you were too sensitive to hold back and control yourself from coming already. Jeongguk of course sensed that you were close, he groaned and growled whenever you clenched around his cock, your warm walls bringing him to the edge alongside you.
“You gonna come, angel?” He let go of your throat and was spreading your legs further, pushing and bending you forward. “Gonna come for me?”
You nodded, unable to speak, and he gave you one last hard kiss before he paused in working his hips to start lifting you up, erupting another whine from you for you were already there at the very last second when he did so, though you tried to make yourself as light as possible as he sat and made you sit on him, his cock not leaving your cunt. You got the hint and attached your mouth back on his, riding him in a fast pace instantly, continuing on where the both of you left on.
Jeongguk gave your ass a hard slap and gripped them firmly, bouncing you up and down on his dick faster. “That’s it, that’s it,” he grumbled, sliding his hand down to strum your clit, “that’s right, fucking use my cock to get off. That cock is fucking yours to use.”
You threw your head back and he used that as an opportunity to lavish on your chest, sucking and licking, and with the overwhelming sensation of his dick, the friction, the stimulation on your clit—in an abrupt snap, you came hard without warning, practically screaming his name as you did so, thighs convulsing uncontrollably, Jeongguk moaning too, cupping your face and dragging it close to his so he could kiss you and add to the pleasure you were experiencing.
You rode him until your thighs were aching and until he was on the verge of coming himself. Jeongguk urged you off him and turned you on your back when he was close, the side of your face falling on the mattress. He held your hips up, pushed your upper half down further, and fucked you senseless immediately, not wasting time, overstimulating your sensitive pussy but it was too good to ask him to stop.
“Fuck, you feel so fucking good—so tight, don’t know how I fucking lived without the feel of this for fucking months—” he moaned and gave your ass another hard slap, the sound of it ringing in your ears and making you clench. Jeongguk cursed again at the action and bent down to press his chest against you, sloppy kisses given on your shoulders and neck. “I’m gonna come. Gonna come inside you.”
“Please,” you choked out.
“You too. Come with me, angel.”
“Guk,” you whined, your tone protesting.
He was ramming onto your harder, his hips going haywire, and his hand went under your bodies to caress your breast, fingers pinching the bud. “Please—fucking, holy shit—I know you can. I know you can come for me. You’re my good girl. My sweet—” he shoved his cock deeper, pulling back from the tip and then pushing it all in— “sweet, fucking, beautiful girl.”
It is when he did that previous movement for a couple of times and whispered more praises in your ear that you found yourself experiencing another orgasm the same time that finally he too came with a very audible groan, his thick seed spilling inside you and filling you up. He squeezed your ass harshly, nails digging on them a bit, and then he pulled out after a few more thrusts, eating your pussy from behind right after as if everything wasn’t enough. He groaned at the taste of his cum mixed with your juices; he felt blood rushing to his dick again at the arousing taste of it and the image of your swollen cunt a second ago with his seed pouring down.
“Guk,” you whined, “too… too much,” you said when it was really starting to hurt.
Jeongguk leaned his face away and calmed down, granting soft kisses on your buttcheeks, his kisses travelling upwards until he had you laying on your back again, his mouth back on yours. “I missed fucking you,” he declared explicitly and you had the nerve to laugh, the pit of your stomach tingling in agreeableness.
“Told you it was worth it,” you bothered to joke and Jeongguk chuckled, his breathing ragged but he was composing himself, raising his head and looking at you.
“You’re worth it,” he said.
Your heartbeat escalated—as if it hadn’t been beating fast enough with the events that just transpired—and you placed your palm on his cheeks, stroking it affectionately. “You too. I love you so much, Jeongguk.”
He nuzzled his nose against yours, smiling, endearing bunny-like features showcasing themselves; he appeared like a different person from the man who was just drilling your cunt a while ago. “I love you much more, my angel.”
“No, no, that’s unfair. No one gets to love the other more.”
“It’s true though,” he argued. “But I didn’t mean that as a way to compete with what you feel—I’m just saying I love you much more. Much more than I can always say.”
You squinted your eyes at him and laughed. “Okay, Dr. Cheesy.”
“You laughing at me?” He playfully grazed his teeth against your earlobe and you squealed, Jeongguk chuckling.
You smiled so wide that your cheeks hurt; you kissed him repeatedly, wounding your arms around his shoulders, sighing in peace and thanking the universe for setting you up with a man as extraordinary as your husband. He returned the gesture and the both of you continued to consummate your marriage again and again throughout the night, the passion and the intimacy undeniable as what should be expected with newly-weds who were deeply in love with each other.
That prevailed in the next few days to come. You and Jeongguk were going at it like—well, as you liked to describe him as—as bunnies. You two were practically never seen outside the hotel suite except for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, sometimes even skipping going to the buffet area and opted for room service instead. Though when all the oxytocin died down (there were still left, but controlled) and you weren’t taking the other’s clothes off in every chance that either of you could get, you went to the beaches and famous travel spots around the island.
There you had the opportunity to do all the things your busy lives couldn’t let you two do. Both of you went hiking to famous mountains, visited majestic waterfalls and caves—you and Jeongguk even went horseback riding where he showed you some serious skills that you don’t think you’ve had the chance to see before, and generally just headed to all the tourist attractions your itinerary contained. All throughout, you forgot about your life waiting in Seoul for a while, this honeymoon with Jeongguk proving to be an event that you most definitely wanted to recreate in the future if said life allowed you to.
“I don’t know if I’m aroused or disturbed,” Jeongguk whispered to you while you two stared at a sculpture of a man and a woman clearly having sex; the woman was doing some kind of handstand and the man was behind her, supporting her and quite frankly, had his penis inside her too. One of your destinations was the famous Loveland in Jeju Island, where apparently there was really a lot of R rated art involved all over the park just like what you’ve been briefed about.
You snickered. “Maybe we’ve been having sex too much that it’s not as exciting to see.” You tilted your head to the side to get a better look at it. The details amazed you.
“Absolutely not,” he disagreed with a scrunched forehead, gazing at the sculpture too in interest still. “Do you think we can do that position later?”
Your hand flew up to hit his chest at the sudden question, eyes widening. “Jeongguk!”
“What?” He was grinning already though. “Is it wrong for me to ask?”
“Can you not ask it at this second?” You laughed. Your face was already burning at just the thought of Jeongguk having you in that position.
“So, you’re down to do it then?”
“No,” you gave him a look, “and even if I was, I don’t think I can carry myself and be able to do what the lady is doing.”
He nodded as if he was in deep thought. Jeongguk was wearing a familiar button down polo that day, the same orangish yellow Fendi one you had teased him for when he first officially asked you out, and even in the five years that has passed, he still looked unbelievably delicious on it, his tattoos that have gained in number on full display and a new set of sunglasses hooked on the front of his top, tugging it lower than normal. “I mean, we can do it while on the bed, like without you doing the handstand.”
“You really want to try it, don’t you?”
“You mentioned us having sex and now you planted the idea, angel. It’s your fault.” He smirked.
You rolled your eyes and looped an arm around his. “Let’s get out of this place before you get any more ideas.”
“Is that a yes?”
“It’s a no, sweetheart.”
You still did it however—the revised version of course—that very night as well. You’ve concluded once more that there’s just no way you could ever resist Jeongguk the moment he begins working his charm. He knew exactly what to do to get what he wanted; you thought that it’s because he always got what he wanted too in the entirety of his existence that he was already a master in memorizing what people wanted to hear or see from him to make them do him the favor. At some point when you were just starting to get friendly with Jeongguk, you constantly teased him for being a spoiled grandson of the Don and he would retaliate playfully that you were a spoiled daughter too by your father. You had said that ‘okay, that makes us even then’, but you still thought that your level of being spoiled was no match to his.
Despite that, Jeongguk never appeared to be arrogant or entitled. He was raised well by his family who were the first to get a taste on how to slowly rise up to power by working diligently and then getting the eventual desired result. From what Jeongguk told you on the intimate nights you have shared before, his father introduced him to their business at a young age and taught him everything necessary to know, his knowledge increasing the same time his age did in due course. He studied overseas for college at the Don’s wishes, returned after he finished and got his degree, and met you officially a few months later when he entered your home with Inhwan. Since then and since you pursued a relationship with him, Jeongguk has never been anything but lovely. It caused you suspicion at first for you didn’t believe that a man your age could be that mature and that understanding, but Jeongguk was simply ‘built different’ that you later on went along with the fact that he was just truly extraordinary.
When the last four days of the honeymoon came in, business related calls were disturbing you and Jeongguk at random hours of the day. You had an associate you worked on a case with who was studying and running errands for you for the meantime, a minor real estate case that was going to have its first hearing in a month, and the topic he usually brought up when he continuously called or messaged you. Jeongguk, on the other hand, seemingly had more pressing issues with JSG; he was the President of the company after all.
You peeked out on the balcony where Jeongguk just answered a call. “Guk? The car we booked to that dining place just arrived. The driver’s already in the lobby.”
He glanced at you. His face was serious and he raised a hand up, a signal to ask you if you would wait. You nodded and pretended to let him mind his own business while you checked your purse if you’ve forgotten anything—you said pretended because even though you were doing all that, you stole subtle glances at his direction, his back facing you and the only view you had the opportunity to see through the glass door. However, his arm movements were still discernible and at the instance he suddenly brought a hand on top of his hair, distressed, head nodding vigorously, you were positive that he just received some kind of bad news.
You no longer hid how you were staring at him; you paused whatever it was that you were being busy with and waited until Jeongguk finished the call. As he did, he didn’t even bother putting his phone back in his pocket; he just raised the hand that was holding it to accompany the other one already on his hair before sitting down on the sun lounger with a motion that came out like he slipped. You didn’t think twice about marching out to talk to him.
“Hey,” you gently touched his back, “who was that? Anything wrong?”
Jeongguk looked up and your worry escalated when you got a glimpse of his tear-filled eyes. “He passed on, ____. Grandpop—he didn’t… he got another stroke and—Pop said he didn’t make it this time.”
“Oh my god—Guk, I’m so sorry.” You automatically engulfed him in an embrace and Jeongguk fully let himself cry in what felt like frustration, his face turning towards your neck where you felt his tears dampen your skin. You whispered words of comfort as he sobbed, rubbed his back and carressed the back of his head; Jeongguk showed you a newfound kind of vulnerability at the knowledge that his grandfather was no longer alive and made it apparent that you were going to be here for him and that everything was going to be okay.
You didn’t know the true impact of it—but the death of Don Jungsoo was definitely the last thing any member of the Jeon Family wanted, which meant unlike what you were murmuring, everything was not going to be okay.
The trick with the wedding worked. Seokjin informed Jeongguk before he got in the car to the venue of the reception that there were for sure spies sent from the other prominent Seoul Families to oversee the ceremony. By that time, the associates would have already informed their Caporegimes and the Caporegimes would have already informed the underboss as well who would have relayed the message to their respective Dons. Jeongguk was glad to hear that, thankful that at least their efforts of arranging everything and marrying you quite early on than what both of you preferred didn't go to waste.
For the first week of the honeymoon, at early dawn when he woke up before you would, he’d shared a call with either Seokjin or his father. They included him in all business related transactions and heard his side to forward it with the Don when they discussed it with him. Don Jungsoo only approved or declined any plans they had or prepositions from other people they received, then Hanseo acted his demands out as the active underboss. Don Jungsoo was going to retire soon, the Godfather established it when he was restored to health, and wanted Hanseo and especially Jeongguk to be more concerned with the business now that he was a few steps away from officially handing over the business.
Though upon the Don’s sudden yet still foreseeable death, despite how they’ve been preparing for something as terrible as this to fall to the Jeon Family, Hanseo was still shaken to be deemed as the new Don of the clan and be the head of their syndicate. Even if he saw himself as adequate and intelligent enough for the position, Hanseo knew he wasn’t as great as the late Don Jungsoo to live up to his father’s shoes. Perhaps his son, Jeongguk, was more fit for it than he was ever going to be, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to bestow such responsibility unless Jeongguk was given no choice. For now, Hanseo had to do extremely good on his reign and prove to the members that he was deserving to be the Godfather.
Ultimately, Jeongguk took the death of his grandfather more badly than he thought. He was still rational and handled it the way Don Jungsoo would have wanted him to; however deep inside, there was a fire of hatred and anger burning inside of him that he only released in sessions at the gym where he boxed his frustration out, upset that Don Jungsoo’s passing had to happen when he was having the time of his life with you. He didn’t regret the honeymoon or wished that he had done anything differently in the last few weeks—it was just he didn’t understand why an unfortunate incident had to fall upon his Family when he thought things were beginning to go back to the way they were.
Jeongguk remembered how Don Jungsoo didn’t like the plan with the publicity stunt at the wedding when Hanseo informed him. He shook his head profusely, saying then that weddings are intimate ceremonies and should not be mixed with business; he said that he didn’t want his grandson to get married out of the blue just so they can show off his (then) improving health to the other Families.
“I was intending to marry ____ soon anyways, Grandpop,” Jeongguk reasoned. “Why not hit two birds with one stone?”
“You are?” Don Jungsoo mused. “You’re not saying that just to appease me?”
“It’s true,” Seokjin vouched for Jeongguk. “Guk’s been thinking about it even before we were planning this.”
The Don snorted and smiled, the first since a while. “Well, it’s about time. You need a woman like that in your life, Jeongguk. You don’t meet a lot of her kind these days.”
“I agree.” Jeongguk chuckled. “So, we’ll go forth with it, won’t we?”
The Don shrugged. “All I have to do is to not look sickly, don’t I?”
“Which I’m sure you’ll do fine, Pop,” Hanseo assured himself more than he did to Don Jungsoo. “Dr. Hwang said you’re improving. We’re going to plan the wedding and hold it as early as we can too.”
“Alright. Tell Inhwan not to spend a dime on his daughter’s wedding. I’m willing to pay for all the expenses.”
“That includes my share too, right?” Hanseo joked and the Don cracked another smile.
It did go on to be successful as they hoped. The Three Families that stood along them—the Lee Family, Yang Family, and Park Family—got the message that Don Jungsoo was well and managed to attend his grandson’s wedding in a great state. Operations continued to be quiet and the waging tension within the Mafia faltered as no one no longer questioned the health of Don Jungsoo, thus seeing the Jeon Family as credible once again. Of course, it wouldn’t have been too long as well before they all of the sudden hear the revelation that the same healthy man they were told about suffered a stroke while sleeping and no longer woke up.
“Let’s book the next flight back to Seoul,” you said after minutes of just holding Jeongguk in your arms. He was sobbing, his nose running and his head already thumping because of how hard he has been pouring his emotions out.
Jeongguk cried like a kid and he hated it whenever he did. It was not something he had control of though and he was just thankful that it was only you who had the chance to see him that way when he broke down after being called and notified by Hanseo. “Not yet,” Jeongguk replied, “I’ll, I’ll have to… I’ll have to call—”
“I’ll do it,” you finished for him, stroking his hair one last time and standing up to go back inside the room and get your phone.
He held your wrist; he looked a little disoriented to form his thoughts properly and his cheeks were still wet, his eyes glassy from sobbing. “No, ____, it’s best if—”
“I’m going to call my dad and he’ll be in charge of our flight back,” you cut him off again. “Or would you want me to call Seokjin instead?”
He stared at you, puzzled for a millisecond, but he was always under the impression that you already had an idea of what he and the Family truly did. You just didn’t confront him about it or made it too apparent that you knew something that wasn't intended to be known yet. Well, at least, not yet, you didn’t. “That would be better,” he affirmed your last statement. “But you should use my phone. This phone.”
You nodded and got the phone from his grasp before doing as said. Jeongguk was transparent to you early on that he used two phones; he used one for personal matters and the others for business affairs. Your number was on both devices.
Seokjin indeed handled yours and Jeongguk’s safe flight back. As you both arrived at the Jeon Residential Area—the place where the houses of the Don, Hanseo, Seokjin, and yours and Jeongguk’s were already built along with the other vacant ones intended for guests—there were a large number of men waiting for both of your arrival. Seokjin was there by the gate, a phone in his hand, talking to somebody else, though when he spotted the two of you getting out of the car, he rushed to end the call and walked towards Jeongguk, embracing the younger boy tightly with only one arm while he used the other to reach for you as well.
“I’m sorry the honeymoon was cut short,” Seokjin said.
“Jin, don’t be ridiculous, that shouldn’t be something to apologize for,” you answered.
“Grandma’s been crying for hours,” Seokjin said again, this time more to Jeongguk, “you two should go ahead and make your presence known.”
“You should go ahead, angel.” Jeongguk rubbed your back. “I’ll just talk to Jin for a bit.”
You nodded and walked to the front steps of the door. Once you entered and was out of earshot, Jeongguk turned back to his adoptive brother who had a melancholic expression. Seokjin’s eyes were a bit puffy and when he talked earlier, his voice was hoarse, meaning that like Jeongguk, he had been mourning over the death of the Don.
“Where’s Grandpop now?”
“At the mortuary. Your dad’s there with him and Inhwan and some members of his regime. They’ll be bringing him back in an hour or so or whatever how long it takes to get the old man ready. We’ll be holding the wake here in the house and they’re already preparing the space for it, some people are already cleaning it—the garden, that’s where it’ll be, yeah.” Seokjin appeared as disoriented as Jeongguk was in Jeju Island. “You have a cigarette, Guk?” he abruptly asked.
Jeongguk sighed at him. “No. I already quit, remember? I thought you did too.”
“Yeah, but I really need a smoke right now. All of this is making me crazy.” He sighed and glanced at some of the men who were nearby to where they were standing, one of them taking something from inside their jacket to reveal a cigarette box, Seokjin dashing to the guy and getting a stick, placing it between his lips and letting the soldier light it up for him. Returning next to Jeongguk again, he puffed out a smoke with a relieved breath. “Don’t tell my wife about this,” he told him.
Jeongguk grimaced. “I don’t need to. She’d smell it on you immediately. And seriously, Jin, you were doing well on not lighting a single cigarette for over a year.”
“Just one and I promise, I’ll stop,” Seokjin said and began speaking again, his previous sentence not taken seriously by himself. “I’m going to arrange a meeting with all of the Don’s important and political contacts after his funeral, one by one.” Seokjin got straight to the point. It was a time for grieving supposedly, but business doesn’t stop along with everything else when something terrible happens, and so Seokjin wanted to get it out the way as soon as Jeongguk arrived. “They’re going to be talking to Hanseo—I’ll be there too, of course, and so will you—and we’re going to see if they’ll remain affiliated with our Family. It’s best if we establish that early on and be clear where we stand. Without the Don, we’ll surely be losing half of our assets if Hanseo doesn’t convince them that they’ll still be gaining something from us.” He blew out more smoke.
Jeongguk watched it get lost by the windy night. “That’s good. We should keep the business going as it always has been. No need to make it a bigger deal than it really is. I mean, it is a big deal—we just don’t make it look that way to others, don’t make it seem like we’re lost or that we even think that the business is going to be hopeless from now on. It’s common sense and the obvious response but I wanted to reiterate it to let you know.”
“I get it. We can talk about that more when Hanseo gets home with the Don. We’ll discuss it too with Inhwan at the office.” Seokjin finished the cigarette quickly and threw it on the ground, crushing it with his feet. Though living within the Jeon Residential Area and accepted as an official member of the real Jeon family, he never once called the Don ‘Grandpop’ or Hanseo as his ‘Pop’. He always placed a barrier between himself and Jeongguk’s family but strangely cared for them like he was blood-related still. When it came to Jeongguk, he treated him like a real younger brother. “How are you, kid? Before I forget to ask and force you to go follow inside the house.”
Jeongguk chuckled halfheartedly. “I’m fine. I feel like shit. But I’m fine. You?”
“Likewise.” He snorted. “I’m just wishing that we’ll pull through this as smoothly as we can.”
They went inside after the short conversation and Jeongguk’s mood further deflated at the sight of his grandma in absolute tears. His mother, Yeonjin, was comforting the old lady and you were there doing the same, serving her with a warm cup of tea to soothe and calm her with Seokjin’s wife. Seokjin went to the kitchen to grab a mint and Jeongguk approached you four sat on the couch, going beside his grandmother and embracing her. He listened to her stories of distress, of how she loved the Don and has never loved another man in her whole life besides him. She said that though it hurt to have him leave earlier, she was glad that Don Jungsoo had passed in a peaceful death—in his sleep, and not by any means of violence, to which Jeongguk agreed to with a nod.
By 2:07 AM, Jeongguk’s uncles had arrived and they’ve taken his place beside the grieving wife of the Don who still couldn’t sleep until Don Jungsoo’s body and casket was placed at the garden and properly arranged. Jeongguk excused himself after giving his greetings to his uncles and subtly searched the house for you; he last seen you go upstairs where the bedrooms were with Yeonjin, and peeking at each one when he went upstairs to look harder, he saw you at one of the guest rooms, laying on the mattress though he was fast to notice that you had your eyes wide open to assume you were already sleeping.
He entered and purposely made enough noise to have you acknowledge him, and you did with a snap of your head to his direction, your eyes softening the second your gazes met. “Hey,” you said.
“Why aren’t you asleep?” He walked to the side of the bed where you were at. “Our luggages are back at our house, just so you know. We’d have to unpack but we can do that in the morning. The master’s bedroom is already ready though; you can sleep there for the night if you find it uncomfortable here.”
You slowly sat up and leaned back at the headboard. Jeongguk perched close to you and grabbed a hold of your hand on your stomach. “Aren’t you tired?” you questioned.
“I am.” He pressed his mouth together. “But I want to wait until they bring home Grandpop though. You should go to sleep, angel.”
“Why don’t you take a nap and I’ll wake you up when someone comes and finds you?”
“I think we both know better than to assume I’ll be waking up that easily with a nap.”
You chuckled. “I’ll kick you off the bed then if I have to.”
“I’ll wait with the others,” he said with a smile. “Besides, I haven’t talked to Pop in person. Haven’t seen Grandpop again either. I don’t want to wait too long for that.”
You nodded and fondled with his fingers. “Well, can you at least lay with me? For five minutes?”
Jeongguk chuckled, poking his tongue on his cheek before it was his turn to nod slowly, gesturing for you to move and give space for him. “For just five minutes.”
He laid down and wrapped an arm around your shoulders while you hugged his torso and pressed your cheek against his chest. You heard his fast beating heart, heard each breath he took, and the both of you said nothing for a short time. Jeonggguk ran his thumb up and down your arm and you played with the fabric of his shirt, the silence comforting yet daunting in an odd way for Jeongguk who abruptly thought of your actions back at the suite in Jeju. At that second, he was thinking if he should begin introducing the concept of the business to you—just a snippet of it—a vague description that would give you an answer but a lacking one for the events that would come. He could never explain the whole thing to you, the Cosa Nostra, unless it was the most ideal thing to do anyways; he stuck by their code and even if he didn’t, he didn’t want to stress you with the knowledge of what his Family did.
You managed to fall asleep in his arms and Jeongguk gently moved you to a better position on the bed before he kissed your temple, tucked you in, and left the room to go downstairs. It was 3:39 AM and he was sure that they were already arranging Don Jungsoo’s wake at the garden. His ears caught the engines of vehicles and the slams of the doors, followed by incoherent chatter and clicks of glasses that no doubt were shared by Caporegimes who fled from their territory to visit the Godfather.
“Guk,” Hanseo said when Jeongguk appeared from the staircase, “I’m glad that you’re here.” He was holding a glass of whiskey in another hand, eyes bloodshot and face looking older.
Jeongguk frowned as he walked towards him. “How are you, Pop?”
“We’re on our own now, Guk.” He ignored the question and clasped a hand on Jeongguk’s opposite shoulder. “I’m counting on you the most starting from now on. You got that? We have to keep the business running steady now that Pop’s gone.”
“Don’t worry,” he sighed, “we’ll sort it out.”
“I know, I know, of course, I do.” He drank the entirety of the glass in one gulp. “You’re my underboss now, kid. You’ve always been a strength in the Family—now I need you to divide your regime, your soldatos, to other factions—you’re going to be more hands on in this than you ever were.”
“Alright.” Jeongguk agreed. “I’ll do anything you want me to do. For now, you should stop drinking. You don’t want to get too drunk to entertain the soldatos and the guests that’ll go here. We have to talk too with Seokjin and Inhwan later.”
Hanseo nodded rapidly and to prove that he wasn’t going to drink more, placed the glass down on one of the tables in the living room with a rather loud thud. Jeongguk gave him a look but said nothing and just focused on striding to the garden where indeed the coffin of the Don was now situated. He inhaled deeply and watched the men from the funeral home organize the flowers and other necessary stands; his grandmother was also there, wiping the glass that enclosed Don Jungsoo in the casket that made approaching him harder for Jeongguk. Though when he and his grandma made contact and the old lady beckoned him to come closer like a child, he did and ashe saw him lying there, at peace and groomed in the best possible way, Jeongguk no longer found it hard to accept the reality of his passing, the thought that the Godfather deserved the long rest he had in stored now was enough to make Jeongguk feel better about it.
The wake of the late Don was attended by various personalities. The most controversial being policemen, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, and even politicians. Of course, the Dons of the other Three Families paid their respects as well, personally coming to the Jeon Residential Area and even going to the funeral afterwards when it was held a week after it. During that period, Jeongguk discussed with Hanseo and Seokjin repeatedly, sometimes including Inhwan at the meeting too. They handled everything needed to be addressed about the business; they went with what Seokjin said prior, which was talking with the contacts of Don Jungsoo and ensuring that their affiliation remained with the Jeon Family. Majority of them guaranteed that they’ll be honoring their friendship with the Don even after his death and that it can be counted on that their loyalty will still stand with their clan; the little others left though asked for understanding and some time to think about it for some organizations have also begun negotiating with them.
“It’s the Lee Family,” Hanseo said, sitting on the leather chair inside the office of Don Jungsoo; it felt strange to see him over there instead of his grandfather, Jeongguk thought, “they’re hoarding as much as they can. They’re trying to bring themselves to the top again. They even took the bait of Jang Yeocheol’s casino plans that Don Jungsoo didn’t want to take part in.”
“It’ll bring them more money, that’s why,” Seokjin said. “The casino will be used for narcotic operations. They’ve agreed to finance Yeocheol’s business and even pledged to protect him from the authorities with their legal contacts. It’s a logical route to go. Drugs are the leading commerce now, it’s being introduced in South Korea further; however, it’s the kind of filth Don Jungsoo didn’t want us to go with. He was already aggravated with the strip joints and all that when we caved into prosititution—drugs was the last thing he wanted to have associated with our Family.”
“Yeocheol will certainly want to talk to you again, Pop. He’ll want to restate and propose that we invest in him once more now that you’re the new Don. He’ll be hoping that you won’t have the same mindset as Grandpop and accept his offer this time,” Jeongguk told Hanseo.
“I wouldn’t want to go against one of my father’s last decisions.” Hanseo leaned back on his chair and sighed. “If Yeocheol arranges a meeting, we’ll entertain him, out of respect and courtesy. Ask a few questions too that we didn't get to ask last time for it was Pop leading. But we won’t dive into the business of narcotics, that’s already for sure. Do you have any objections about that, Consigliere?” He nodded at Seokjin.
“I’ll be honest,” Seokjin started off, “if it was Don Jungsoo who was about to get offered with it again, I would have said yes at this instance. Like I mentioned, drugs are the leading commerce these days, and I genuinely think it’d be good for us if we take a shot at it while it’s still slowly booming in the country.”
“But I’m not my father,” Hanseo supplied Seokjin’s reasoning early on and Seokjin nodded.
“You’re not, and we’re still at risk of losing some of our contacts and our legal defenses—one of them is even part of the Supreme Court and two are senior prosecutors. What Yeocheol wanted from us was legal protection, that was his main target, given Don Jungsoo’s connections and his power. So without that, I can only guess that his offer won’t be as grand as the last one. He’ll try to maybe it a little higher so we’ll bite, but the determining factor on how much we will gain from this is how much we will invest in the business still. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that—it’s just that are we going to be comfortable with the fact that the Lee Family is going to gain more from it than we will?”
“I’ll go with you when he asks for another meeting,” Jeongguk said to Hanseo. “I’d like to hear his offers face to face again.”
“What happens when the offer’s good then? Do you think we should go for it?” Hanseo asked him.
Jeongguk shrugged. “I doubt it will be significantly better, or I at least doubt it’ll be better than the Lee’s. We’re going to be second in his priority list with that Family in the picture. But with the question of whether we should go for it or not, I’d like to reckon that we should. Let’s not involve ourselves with the operations though, it will be too risky for us, considering our state at the moment, but perhaps we should focus more on financing and a bit of what we could do for legal protection as an initial contribution to his business. Then we can see where it’ll take us or maybe we’ll just stick to that initial contribution, to honor what Grandpop’s would have wanted.”
Seokjin and Hanseo shared a look; the both of them were thinking of the same thing, Jeongguk had the same rationality, practicality, and leniency as his late grandfather. The way he even enlightened them with what he thought held the same aura as Don Jungsoo. “Okay,” Hanseo showed his approval with a raise of his eyebrows, “it’s time for us to wait for their move then.” He concluded their discussion at that note.
Another week passed and Seokjin received a call from Yeocheol himself, the man asking if he could arrange a meeting with the new Don of the Jeon Family just like what Jeongguk had predicted. Seokjin told him that he will contact him again after he forwards the message to Hanseo and within the next two days, the appointment was made to happen, Hanseo, Seokjin, and Jeongguk present at the private room inside a restaurant that Yeocheol booked for the occasion. There they discussed about the business, what Yeocheol wanted, what the Jeon Family would do and get if they partake in it, and at the end, Hanseo still declined as what Don Jungsoo did—the only difference was that Don Jungsoo was better with his words and better at appeasing the person he’s breaking the news on that the Jeon Family will not meddle with their affairs.
In Hanseo’s case, he didn’t possess that kind of ability, didn’t have a smooth tongue or the charm to win the favor of the opposing party despite his decision, and so when they left the venue, Yeocheol was mad and contacted the Consigliere of the Lee Family. He was going to make Hanseo regret his choice and withdraw it.
RMEC Law Firm was recognized to be one of the best law firms in the state. It garnered clients with high ranks in your society and housed lawyers at the top of their game, including you who was appointed as an associate in the two years you’ve been lending your service to the company. Don Jungsoo asked Seokjin to endorse you to the Chairman after you passed the bar exam and Mr. Kim, the mentioned Chairman, in respect and with the aim to give back to the Don’s generosity for what the latter has done to him before, gladly took you in and played a big part in boosting the early stage of your career by assigning you to their uppermost clients.
You have been so grateful to Don Jungsoo, you expressed your thanks by sending flowers that he liked to his main office and boxes stocke bread that he liked to share with his men, and it was well appreciated by the Don as Jeongguk told you when the both of you saw each other that very day, saying that the Don was glad to see such a gesture from you.
Now, it has been almost two months since Don Jungsoo’s death; things were going back to normal but at the same time, going off to another direction. His family no longer looked disheartened or grieved so openly like they did on the first days of his passing; they were more focused on maintaining the JSG Group’s reputation and business to still be caught up with their own personal stress of losing a loved one. From your husband’s words when you asked if he was truly fine, the Don would have wanted them to move on quickly and get on with life rather than mourn never endingly—so that is what they were doing.
Three knocks on the door to your office made you look up from the papers you were reading and when you did, your gaze fell on Jeongguk who had a hand on the handle and a handsome smile on his features. You returned the smile and marked the last page you were scanning before standing up to meet him halfway.
“You didn’t say you were going to visit,” you said with a chuckle, Jeongguk placing a paper bag on the long table you had in your space before stretching his arms out.
“If I did, it wouldn’t be a surprise.” He embraced you and kissed you swiftly on the lips.
“Still, a warning would have been nice.”
Another kiss and he leaned away after, you instinctively glanced at the glass windows to check if anyone was there snooping. You had learned it the hard way when a couple of associates saw Jeongguk burying his head on your neck in mid-make out session and biting along your clavicle when he visited you in the past; that act of his became a hot topic for a solid month—how the extremely attractive and rich fiancé then of ____ was close to eating her alive in her office.
However, that wasn’t the reason why you were cautious at the moment. Aside from the teasing that you received from your co-workers when they heard the rather spicy incident, there were also questions that arose that time that made you uncomfortable and a little worried for they were clearly said with malicious intent about Jeongguk’s family.
“Is it true that he’s the grandson of the mobster?” a female junior associate of the firm asked you, bumping elbows with you while all of you waited for the President to arrive at the conference room. It was the perfect moment to bring such a topic up as all of the lawyers were there to curiously listen.
“He’s probably a part of it too.” Another one, a male and a few years older, reckoned with a chuckle. “It’s a family business when it comes to those things.”
They looked at you to wait for an answer but you only pressed your mouth together, an action that meant you were clearly going to keep your lips sealed and not give them the satisfaction of biting back. You were still considered a rookie within the respected lawyers sitting with you at the long table and therefore didn’t want to cause any fuss on your part.
“His family runs JSG Group, a shareholder of this law firm,” Namjoon, the son of the Chairman who also worked as an attorney in the firm, piped in nonchalantly in behalf of you and you turned your eyes on him along with the others there, “and I don’t think it’s good to conspire and gossip against a member of a major shareholder, Mr. Oh.”
“We’re not conspiring, Namjoon. We’re just joking and bantering here. Aren’t we, ____? Mobsters aren’t a thing now anyways. This isn’t the 1950s. It’s not like the Mafia is still here.” The former man grinned at you as if you were good friends.
You didn’t answer again; you just kept on staring at him with a blank face until he grew disturbed and was looking at the woman earlier for a supporting comment. She didn’t say anything too though, and the two of them settled uncomfortably on their seats and feigned innocence as they brought another topic to the table.
You smiled at Namjoon in thanks and he gave you a small nod, resuming his skimming on the folder in front of him. He was untouchable because of his position and influence in the company; you were glad that he was your senior when you were only interning in the firm.
In regards to what your two co-workers mentioned about Jeongguk’s family business, you decided not to concern yourself with it further by searching for answers. They didn’t try poking you around with their ill-natured remarks after the incident at the conference room; they left you alone pretty much the following weeks, avoiding you like the plague but you couldn’t care less to wonder why their approach to you drastically shifted. Deep down though, you were assuming that it had something to do with their stunt reaching the Jeon Family, particularly Jeongguk who might have heard what happened through Namjoon as they were friends themselves.
You already had an idea that the reason why Don Jungsoo was so respected and acclaimed was because of something related to that kind of occupation or involvement with affairs that weren’t exactly clean business; it explained why their family a lot of enemies, why a lot feared them, why majority sought for the day that Don Jungsoo’s empire would fall. That’s why you kept a safe distance from it all as well—because you didn’t know how you would react when you do confront Jeongguk about it and he verifies your theories. Just like what’s been happening since the late Don’s death; you were aware that something was going on within the business due to Jeongguk’s frequent bad moods and his late night departures. He has been busy for the past weeks and has been stuck with his father or Seokjin most of the time too—you noticed and acknowledged all of that but didn’t say a word about it. You’ve been in this kind of phase with your dad, wherein you wondered and got worried all the time, so you had a clue or two on how to live with it with forced ease and ignorance.
Jeongguk followed your glances at the windows and smirked. “Paranoid that someone will catch us again?”
You went back to him and snorted. “You really know how to read my mind.” You proceeded on walking to the paper bag where there were small boxes of take-out from your favorite dining place. “What’s with the surprise visit though?”
“Can’t a husband surprise his wife at work?” He snatched another kiss, on your cheek instead, and helped you in unpacking.
You gave him a look of teasing doubt, causing him to chuckle. Jeongguk was always sweet and loving, but he wasn’t one to think of surprises or gestures of affection like this for you to believe him.
“What’s with that look?” he exclaimed with a laugh.
“Oh, you know what this look means, sweetheart.”
He rolled his eyes, surrendering then. “Fine. I know I’ve been absent, alright?” he explained. “I just wanna make it up to you.”
You smiled. “That’s very sweet of you, Guk, but you do know that I understand that things have been busy right? You don’t have to force yourself to do these things just because of guilt.”
“They’re not just because of guilt, silly. I’ve been missing you too. I came here because I wanted to see you.”
Your smile widened to a grin. “So, does that mean you’ll be joining me here? You’ll eat this lunch with me?” You were hopeful now but he frowned right away. He has been absent a lot. You’ve spent many nights being able to fall asleep on the bed and not have him beside you.
“Uh, not now,” he sighed as he gave you the direct answer, “later though, I promise. I’ll join you for dinner—I’ll even cook for dinner and then you can have me all night.”
“Is that for real this time? You won’t run away while I’m taking your pants off because someone called?” You reminded him of what happened the other day when you two were heading to business and then he abruptly left you to take care of matters concerning the company.
“Yes, I won’t bail on you tonight.” He moved behind you, hugging you from there and encircling his arms around your waist. “Pop’s heading somewhere too and Seokjin has the same plans as I do, which is to obviously woo the wife. So, I swear, you’ll have me as much as you want, angel.”
You laughed, swiftly kissing his exposed cheek as he laid his chin on your shoulder. “Good. Also, now that you mentioned it, I think Dad’s going to be with Pop. I invited him for dinner first since he kept on saying he was feeling lonely with me not always in the house anymore but then he said he had plans tonight.”
“Dad has been guilt tripping me about that too.” Jeongguk chuckled. “He said that since I took his daughter away, he’s starting to know more about the rooms of the villa. Has he told you that he’s turning one of the guest rooms to a home bar?”
“Wow. He decides to do that the second I move out, huh?”
“It’s a fun concept. Just wish he had done it too when I had more reasons to go there.”
You snorted and Jeongguk grinned.
As you finished placing the take-out on the table and opening all the containers, Jeongguk made it known again that he wouldn’t be able to stay long and that he had to go; he had a meeting with a potential investor, he said, though he added as well that your dinners plan with him later will still go according to plan like he promised. You nodded and he gave you a long kiss on the mouth and on the forehead as an apology for going out so soon before leaving you alone to eat the delicious lunch he bought for you, which didn’t seem as appetizing as it usually was without Jeongguk to share it with.
At 7:31 PM, you were driven home to the Jeon Residential Area by your chauffeur. Arriving at the huge gate that secured the premises, you took note of the seemingly hundreds of men hired to guard the whole sector while the vehicle you were riding passed through. They doubled the security four days ago for a reason you didn’t know—and you didn’t ask, just mentioned it casually one time as a way of saying that you found it still concerning despite your indifference; Jeongguk assured you that it was nothing to worry about and it was just—as he always says—a precaution.
You thanked your driver as he parked in front of your home with your husband and bid your good night, hopping out and walking towards the front door. The car only left when you had closed the door and were taking your shoes off, the smell of familiar home cooked food blessing your nostrils that you hurriedly went to the kitchen to see what it was. You were definitely surprised to see Jeongguk behind the stove with an apron on the moment you stepped in, and you remembered a part of his promise where he claimed he was going to cook dinner for the two of you tonight.
“You really are cooking,” you said with an amused huff.
He lifted his gaze up and placed his spoon down. “Correction, I cooked. Past tense. I’m already done. You’re right in time.”
“Is it any good?” you teased; you marched forward to give him a kiss of greeting on the lips which he happily obliged to.
“Of course, it is. You insult me, angel.”
“I was kidding.” You swayed your hip towards his to set him off balance.
He chuckled and pinched your side as a payback that you whined at before he nodded to the dining table and turned off the stove. “Let’s set up the table and eat.”
Among the other things that Jeongguk hasn’t been doing because of the past busy month was cooking, and it was because of that reason too why having dinner with the food he just cooked made the night a special one compared to the others in a while. He truly cooked better than you and was more useful in the kitchen. You were sure of that because unlike you, he grew up with a mother and a grandmother who taught him all the basics and guided him with the recipes he knew of today. You, on the other hand, mostly relied on YouTube video tutorials and did a lot of trials and errors on your own. It wasn’t until you and Jeongguk were getting serious that you began learning from Yeonjin to be a better cook yourself.
“What do we have for dessert?” you asked after swallowing your last spoonful of rice. What he prepared was delicious and fulfilling that you’ve been going on about how good it was while you ate, your husband’s ears reddening at the endless compliments. Not one to draw attention to himself for a long time though when it came to you, he’d ask you more about your day and open random subjects to get out of the limelight.
Jeongguk glanced at you; he still wasn’t done eating. “Each other.”
You kicked him under the table and he almost choked, startled. “You’re ruining my mood for good food, sweetheart.”
“Am I not good food?”
“You’re not even food.”
“Okay, I’ll rephrase that—am I not good to eat?”
You snickered and continued staring at him, the grin on your face remaining. He really was the most ridiculous man you have ever met sometimes. It was one of the qualities you loved most about him too though.
“There’s ice cream on the fridge,” he added shortly with a laugh and you thanked him immediately, standing up to get yourselves some mugs so you can start scooping for the both of you. He was in the middle of drinking water when the doorbell rang multiple times, sort of like in a frenzy, and he placed the glass down to attend to it. “I’ll get that.”
You watched him leave his chair and you went back to your quest. It was probably Seokjin who was ringing the doorbell at this time of the night, you thought, as he was the only one present in the Jeon Residential Area like you and Jeongguk were. This kind of circumstance happened frequently anyways that you didn’t even bat an eye as the sound of the doorbell echoed inside the house, you just assumed that it was his brother who wanted to talk to him urgently about god knows what. Though you can’t lie and say that you didn’t find the frantic doorbell ringing didn’t put you off guard even a little bit.
You were glad actually to have someone as close as Seokjin within the compound. It enabled impromptu lunch double dates with his wife who you were getting close with since you got engaged to Jeongguk. She was a beautiful and nice lady, only three years older than you were; she worked as a preschool teacher in a nearby school, which you praised her for because you don’t think you’d have the same exact patience as her when it came to kids to tolerate a job like hers.
“That son of a bitch!”
The ice cream scooper you held fell on the sink where you were washing it because of Jeongguk’s sudden booming voice and shout of profanity. You froze for exactly two seconds, time moving slowly, your heartbeat quickening, and with the wariness that was beginning to erupt in your system because of what you heard, you headed to the hallway where the front door was to see what the commotion was all about.
There you saw Seokjin hissing at Jeongguk, his hands firmly gripping his shoulders, his words inaudible and incoherent from the distance between you and the two of them; as you made your presence known, Seokjin’s eyes flickered to you and his eyes softened for a quick second, a look of downcast falling on his features.
“Hey, Jin,” you started it off casually, your voice unconsciously quivering at the nerves, “I thought you were off to woo the wife?”
Seokjin stared at you in a manner that you didn’t like. It screamed pity and guilt and sadness and the next thing you know, he was turning away from you in frustration, his hands on his hips as he faced the other side of the front door that was still open. You snapped your gaze to Jeongguk then and he was approaching you, his eyes glassy and stern; in each step he took, your heart dropped lower and lower, the uncertainty and the possibilities of what might have happened supplying frightening thoughts in your mind. It all came to a stop when Jeongguk carefully held both of your cheeks, his thumb rubbing your skin gently as if you were this fragile being.
“Guk,” you gritted your teeth, the anxiety was bubbling up too fast for you to handle; you’ve just been enjoying dinner with him, what have possibly gone wrong for the mood to shift like this? “what is it? Is everything alright?”
“Angel, listen hard, okay? I don’t want to repeat it again,” he said in almost like a hushed mumble. He knitted his eyebrows together, his tears piling up further—were they in sadness or anger? You weren’t so sure yet. “Pop and Dad got shot. We don’t have a definite lead on who might have caused it and now they’re in the hospital. But ____, Dad… your father… he didn’t—they couldn’t do anything anymore.”
Your heart was sent crashing down, you even think that you heard them shatter to pieces. His words entered your ears effectively but they weren’t processing well. You felt sick all of the sudden and your head was starting to hurt at this overwhelming want to sob, your eyes welling up. “What?”
Jeongguk gulped, his palms moving from your cheeks to your hair in an attempt to caress you in comfort. “He didn’t make it, angel. When they arrived at the scene, there was no pulse.”
“What? That can’t be true.”
“They did everything they could.”
“No,” you held on to his wrists, pushing him back, but he was strong and so he stayed holding you, “no, no, no, Guk—what? He can’t be—that’s not possible—it can’t be. I was just talking to him earlier—I even sent him a text while I was being driven home—” you were starting to hyperventilate, your tears running down. Jeongguk pulled you to his chest; you were thrashing and you were sobbing uncontrollably, the reality in which your father was dead was sinking in and causing your temples to ache further— “no, he can’t be—whoever told you that—it’s bullshit!” You looked up at Jeongguk, the way you looked at him was pleading, in defeat; your gaze was telling him that you wanted him to tell you the opposite, you wanted him to assure you that Inhwan was still alive. “Tell Seokjin—whoever it was that said, that said that—that said that Dad is dead—is a liar!”
He only stared at you in return, his own tears falling on his face. Inhwan was a prominent figure in his life as well, and to say that he was devastated and angry by the news would be an understatement. The sight of hum crying with you made you sob harder, his expression of loss and regret; it made your knees weak and your surroundings ringing deafeningly that caused Jeongguk to carry you in his arms better—it was getting impossible to breathe then and your vision was turning crucially blurry.
“I’m sorry,” Jeongguk whispered, embracing you tight, letting you sob hard on his chest, “I’m so sorry, angel. I’m so sorry.”
Before you could even think of replying, to demand an answer from him why he was apologizing, you passed out in shock of the overwhelming events, and Jeongguk caught you quickly, shouting at Seokjin who rushed back inside to get you. Together they carried you to the living room sofa, Jeongguk ordering Seokjin to get a glass of water while Jeongguk called Yeonjin if she could come to your household and take care of you. His mother agreed, already aware of the unfortunate event, and after they said their assuring words to each other, Jeongguk hung up and waited until you woke up.
As you did, your eyes blinking and brimming with tears once more, he kissed your forehead and stroked your hair. “I’m going to take care of this,” he said in a promise. You were coming back to your senses and you were remembering what your father suffered from. “I’ll handle this. I’ll find out who did it and, and—I’ll kill the bastard myself.”
You were still groggy and disoriented but you understood his statement perfectly. You gazed at your husband and saw now a new guise being shown on his face; it was familiar and foreign all at the same time. You’ve seen him aggravated before, have seen him being so frustrated when things didn’t go his way—but this right here… this dangerous and angry bearing he had, it was a totally different expression that you haven’t had the chance to see in the past decade of knowing him. It scared you and it urged you to think about Jeongguk’s well-being more than the horrible news earlier for a split second. “Jeongguk…” you whimpered.
“I’ll kill him.” His jaw was clenched. “I’ll make him regret what he did, angel. I promise.”
“Guk…” you breathed out and tugged on his forearm. He looked at your grip and allowed you to pull him towards you, to wrap your arms around his neck to cry some more. He sighed against your neck, whispered his apologies over and over again though with no explanations why, and when you decided to finally respond to what he was telling you, Jeongguk stiffened in surprise, not expecting that you would request such a thing, especially at your state, but who was he to judge and deprive you of the opportunity? So, nodding and kissing your cheek, he agreed.
You just told him you wanted to kill the man who did the shooting incident that led to your father’s death yourself, and indeed that was going to be what Jeongguk would enable you to do.
The bastard’s name was Lim Sehyung, a man who was an associate for the Lee Family. He was known to be precise and attentive to what is being asked of him by the Caporegime he was under, and for his latest assignment, he was to shoot the Don of the Jeon Family as a threat from the Lee clan that meant Yeocheol, who was under their wing, meant serious business.
To do that successfully, he followed the pattern of Hanseo’s whereabouts, he bribed a dishonest Mafioso within the Jeon clan, and offered the person more money if he gave the information that Sehyung needed. In only two weeks after his Caporegime told him of what he needed to do, he executed and met the unsuspecting Don Hanseo while he was leaving a restaurant with his Caporegime, Inhwan. He shot the Boss three times, all in the parts that wouldn’t be fatal because his death was not what the Lee Family wanted yet, but he wasn’t as merciful to Inhwan who he showered with bullets and who fiercely fought back, shooting even the latter’s forehead for a safety measure.
Within the two weeks after he committed the crime as well, the same Mafioso he bribed would be forced to reveal Sehyung’s identity as the soldato of the Lee clan who did such a terrible act—the said mafioso was beaten until he spilled the beans when Seokjin received the tip that he was was the one who sent the details of Hanseo’s frequent whereabouts to Sehyung, and when he did confirm that he was the one who betrayed his Family and conspired with Sehyung, in Jeongguk’s rage, he personally sliced the mafioso’s tongue off, asking Yoongi, who was the reserve Caporegime of Inhwan’s faction and was the acting one upon his captain’s death, to send the piece of muscle to Sehyung as a warning that they were aware of his doings and that he would be next. As Yoongi agreed and got to business, Jeongguk shot the mafioso with one bullet to his brain.
That was one of the few times that Jeongguk’s anger got the best of him. Because of the Lee Family’s schemes, his father was in the hospital trying to recover from his bullet wounds and his wife, you, just lost her father; to top that all of, he was now hailed as Don Jeon, the head of their syndicate with Hanseo’s bad condition and his uncle who didn’t have the wits to lead willingly giving the title to him. Jeongguk accepted the responsibility right away as soon as Seokjin informed him of the shooting, knowing that it was him who was supposed to help his late grandfather’s empire rise up again, and even that was a hard task on its own, what he found harder was breaking the news to you that night when your dad was murdered.
Inhwan was cremated after you visited his body at the morgue. Jeongguk was there with you when you did, and he took note of how you only hugged and sobbed against the lifeless body of Inhwan; you didn’t pull the sheet away from his face to look at him for one last time. When Jeongguk asked you about it as gently as he could, you told him that you didn’t want your last memory of your father to be of an unrecognizable dead man’s face who was killed without mercy.
Your answer made Jeongguk angry again though he had more control of his temper by that time and knew he had to be logical now in the steps he would be taking in the future. Amidst all the noise and the tabloids spreading more dirt about the Jeon Family because of Hanseo’s misfortune however, Jeongguk never heard one question from you about it or at least an answer why your father was involved with the mess and had received the most lethal blow. He knew then that you knew of what he did and what his Family was capable of; he guessed that he should have known anyways because of what he said on the couch the night the two men were shot and what you said in response to his proposal.
Seokjin helped you with the legalities regarding the winery. He was the one who pulled the strings and transferred all the entities to your name. It wasn’t a hard task and a big deal since you were married to the Chairman—Jeongguk was now the acting Chairman as well—so, just like that, you were appointed as the new CEO to lead the wine company.
“Guk,” you murmured to him before sleeping, two days before you would meet the man who arranged the demise of Inhwan, “promise me you’ll always be safe.”
He exhaled harshly, pressing his mouth on the corner of your lips. “I promise, angel.” It was a white lie. In the business, he could never be safe, but he would try to do better from that on just for you.
“You’re the only one I have now.” You told him that in a showcase of vulnerability and your voice trembled as you did. “I can’t afford to lose you too.”
“You won’t.” He ran his fingers through your hair, lulling you to sleep for it was only then he’s able to leave you to the care of his mother. “I’ll always be here. I won’t go anywhere. You can’t get rid of me that easily.”
You cracked a smile, though a tear also fell out of your eye in that instance and he held you in his arms again until you were truly asleep. He left you in his mother’s safe keeping, hugged and assured his mother too that everything was going to be fine, and left that night to go to his grandfather’s house where the main office for operations was still organized and discussed with his Consigliere, Seokjin.
There they devised a plan that would be soon the prominent factor of why a war between the Four Mafia Families of Seoul would commence, the infamous bloodshed making it to national television as men were found dead on the streets and institutions were burned to the ground—and alongside that plan was the objective of being the winning syndicate out of the four, the strongest Family to be glorified and recognized, a ploy that would also be successful in months to come thanks to the combined ruthlessness of Jeongguk for their enemies and Seokjin’s intelligence that contributed to their excellent strategies.
His prime concern for now was having Sehyung pay for what he did to Hanseo and to Inhwan. On early Monday morning, Jeongguk had the solution for that problem as Yoongi called him and informed that they had taken Sehyung into captivity. He was pleased and impressed that Inhwan’s reserve Caporegime was truly competent to do the job right; he told Yoongi that he would receive a great sum of money for his adequacy and relayed to him all the details on where to bring Sehyung and what to do with him for the meanwhile.
“You think ____ can do it?” Seokjin asked him a day before Sehyung’s murder. They were lounging in the office, at their grandfather’s den, having just finidhed talking to some men over the phone to carry out their plans.
“Do what?”
“Kill someone.”
“I don’t know.” Jeongguk shrugged and brought his glass of whiskey to his lips; despite his nonchalance, he was greatly worried about you. “____’s capable of anything as long as she puts her mind to it.”
“Yeah, but killing someone, Guk. That’s a whole different story and you know it.”
“I won’t force it on her. I’m just giving her what she wants—if she decides not to do it, I’ll gladly finish the job.”
“You sure she wants that? She wasn’t just acting out of her emotions that night?”
“I asked her a couple more times after that night and believe me, she’s… she really wants to do it.”
Seokjin nodded in understanding and Jeongguk, who knew where his brother was coming from, made sure you were still 100% on board with your idea on the day he was going to bring you to the warehouse where Sehyung was already beaten like a pulp, like the soldato he trusted and conspired with, already on the brink of death and the only thing keeping him from hell was the bullet you were going to shoot.
Jeongguk knew you weren’t one to be squeamish easily, but if you were to see someone being beaten and kicked over and over, pieces of their flesh flying everywhere, he wasn’t so sure if that was still going to be the case; that’s why he opted not to let you watch the bastard get beaten in front of your eyes.
“You sure you want to do this?” Jeongguk questioned as you both got out of the vehicle. The warehouse you were walking on was a favorite torture place by the Jeon Family; it was only natural that Sehyung was going to be executed here. “I’m giving you an out right now. I’ll send you home with Seokjin and I’ll do it.”
“No.” Your expression was serious but your tone was uncertain. “I need to do this.”
“You don’t need to do anything. If you’re doing this because you think Inhwan would have wanted it for you—”
“Why else would he have taught me how to use the gun?”
“For self-protection,” he replied coolly.
You glanced at him, your eyes wary and yet determined, and he held out his hand. You sighed, taking it, and he led you to the doors where a couple of his men were there along with Seokjin, Yoongi, and of course, Sehyung who was tied in a chair. Stepping past the entrance, he caught a clearer sight of the bastard’s face and saw that it was almost indescribable by how much they’ve assaulted it; from the way your hold tightens on his hand, Jeongguk knows you were seeing it too.
“You sure you want to do this?” It was Seokjin who asked you that again while he approached you two, a gun ready in his hand. “Have you ever held one of these things before, princess?” He teased you.
“What do you take me for, Jin?” You had the nerve to chuckle.
“I’m just making sure you know what you’re doing,” Seokjin said, handing the gun not to you at first, but to Jeongguk. “Can’t turn back time once it’s been done.”
“He’s right,” Jeongguk agreed. “One last time, angel. You can back out now and I’ll do it.”
“I want to do it.” You gritted your teeth together. “I thought you were going to let me do it?” You were staring at Jeongguk with a hard gaze.
He returned your stare; he was analyzing every feature on your face, trying to detect anything that would give off your reluctance. Seeing none, only your frustration, your glassy eyes, and your pressed lips, he picked your wrist up and placed the grip of the gun on your palm. “Safety lock is still on. Do as you like then.”
You huffed out a breath and strode forward to where Sehyung was situated. Jeongguk followed but stopped at a distance to give you your space, Seokjin following beside him and halting at the same time, copying his movements. Together they watched you stand a few centimeters away from the man who shot your father, your arms raising and the gun you’re holding being pointed at Sehyung immediately.
Sehyung sat there immobile. His eyes were opened but you could barely see that they were because of how swollen it appeared. His whole face was a bloody mess and so was his body, streaks of blood shown on his clothes and some still pouring from cuts on his skin. As he noticed your presence before him, he lifted his head up, smiled mockingly, scoffed—and then with every last bit of strength he had, he spat blood beneath your feet and chuckled.
It was in that second, when Jeongguk thought you were finally brave enough to pull the trigger as soon as possible, that your hands began shaking, the breath you let out quivering as if you were cold. It was the least of what he was expecting from you—he reckoned that you would have shot the man at exactly the instance a droplet of blood landed on your shoe in irritation of what Sehyung still had the guts to do—but it made you react the opposite, made you second guess your actions and hesitate.
“Whaing ait yor ating fore?” Sehyung’s speech was gibberish as he taunted you, a large number of his teeth no longer in his mouth and his consciousness was fading out slowly. “Kill me, you bitch!”
Jeongguk gazed at you from behind, waiting like the rest, his fist was formed beside him in anger of what Sehyung uttered but he controlled himself to give you your chance—to give you what you asked him to. Everyone present anticipated your next move, to see the wife of the Don commit the same grave sin they have to be a made man. However, when the sound of your scared whimper entered his ears instead of the fire of a gun, when he saw your composed stance loosening and your feet staggering back because of the intimidation of your father’s killer, Jeongguk dashed forward automatically, threw the promise he made to let you shoot the man far off his mind at that instance, and positioned himself behind you, one of his hands on your shoulder and one on both of your hands that were holding the weapon.
You had all the nerve and the determination in the world for a lot of things; you studied law, you handled pezzonovantes as clients, you managed to be with Jeongguk even on the days you knew there was serious danger lurking around him and his family—but out of all the things you’ve been brave for, you certainly couldn’t do it for this one, and Jeongguk didn’t want you to go forth with something you obviously weren’t ready to do. He realized then at your reluctance and frightened state that he didn’t want you to get blood on your hands, to be responsible for another person’s death. You were one of the few glorious things in his life, the guardian on his shoulder that reminded him of the goodness still in this world, and he wasn’t going to change that just because of what you thought you wanted to do.
Ever so gently, he took the gun from your grasp and moved his palm from your shoulder to your eyes, covering them, using it to turn you around until he pulled you to his chest. There you sobbed, latched onto his shirt, and whispered apologies for not being able to get on with but Jeongguk didn’t mind them, he was focusing on holding the gun properly with one hand to assure you that you didn’t do anything wrong, the best he could do was just shush you in comfort.
“It’s okay, angel,” he mumbled, his hand on your eyes moving to the back of your hair, caressing it while he continued to shush you like a baby. “I’ll do it for you.” He pressed a kiss on your temple.
As the last syllable flowed from his mouth, he didn’t prolong it any longer and shot Sehyung twice—one on the head for what he did to Inhwan and the other on the mouth for the foul name he called you. You flinched in his arms at the booming sound, much more because of the sudden drop of Sehyung’s chair backward at the force of the bullet lunging in his brain, and Jeongguk calmly handed the gun to Yoongi who was waiting by the side to get it from him.
At the same time Jeongguk shot Sehyung, a soldato of the Jeon Family shot the underboss of the Lee clan while he was exiting the golf he frequented in at another location, and while that was taking place, another also gave Jang Yeocheol the taste of his own medicine under Seokjin’s orders for planning such treachery to the Jeon Family. Those murders would erupt the war between the Four Families of Seoul and would force Jeongguk to urge his Family (and all his loved ones) to go to the mattresses with him to protect themselves from the awaiting bloodshed from the rivalring organizations.
“It’s done,” he said.
You exhaled, nodding, and instead of being repulsed for witnessing Jeongguk murder a man in front of you like he abruptly feared as the bullet went through Sehyung’s forehead, the thought occurring to him that he has shown his worst side to the woman he loved, you embraced him tight and took heavy breaths to calm yourself. It was then that Jeongguk vowed to himself that he will never let you see him kill or harm another man ever again.
He was positive now that you were absolutely certain of what he could do, what his Family was capable of, and how much power they truly possessed. For the months to come, he would have to be more transparent to you than he has ever been before to keep you safe and to assure you that he too was going to be safe. The War of the Four Families was going to be the reason why you would be the first lady to join the Mafia in the Jeon Family, joining hands with Jeongguk and Seokjin as the three of you bring your clan back to the summit.
“Thank you,” you murmured and he looked down at you, strange to hear your gratitude considering what he did to obtain it. He was still expecting you to run away or to at least stare at him with disgust. The only thing you did was keep him closer to you, not wanting to let go.
He smiled and kissed your hair. Jeongguk was going to look after you until his very last moment on earth, both for his sake and for the sake of your late father.
“Anything for you, my angel.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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𝒎𝒚 𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒆
Tumblr media
𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: fixing ties is a part of your job, so why is your boss acting like it isn’t?
𝒊𝒏𝒔𝒑𝒊𝒓𝒆𝒅 𝒃𝒚 “𝒎𝒚 𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒆” 𝒃𝒚 2𝑷𝑴 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒊𝒕𝒔 𝒎𝒖𝒔𝒊𝒄 𝒗𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒐
Tumblr media
𝒑𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: bang chan x fem!reader 
𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 13k 
𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: smut, fluff, slight angst, and established relationship || ceo!bang chan x secretary!reader
𝒔𝒎𝒖𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: romantic sex, dirty talk, (some) possessiveness, marking, oral (female receiving), praising, “sir” kink (? 👀), (some) begging, unprotected sex (remember to always stay safe!!!), creampie
a/n: this is a gift to all you who submitted ceo bang chan asks and to everyone who followed me! thank you so much for 500 followers. i’m a bit late, but thank you! <3 thank you all so much!
little update (061921): three steps back has been posted!! this is a prequel to this fic, but you don’t have to read it in order to understand this one!! 
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
here we go again.
being the bang chan’s secretary meant that you had to accompany him to every event that required a plus one— public events, soirees, sales pitches, all the like. for the longest time, people have linked you to him and that wherever he went, you were expected to be there. it was almost like clockwork and here you were, beside him again, as he talked to mister seo changbin, the company’s vice chairman and chan’s right hand man. you relax your shoulders slightly.
don’t get it wrong, you loved being with chan and getting to see all the wonderful event venues around the country. people in chan’s level and caliber always threw the grandest of parties and though it was tiring just following your boss around, it was still better than staying at home and fixing chan’s schedule for the week. you also get to meet other high profile names in the industry and the company’s investors, most of which are also in the party tonight.
the party was thrown by the company to celebrate another successful sale made by none other than bang christopher chan. everyone who’s here is here to celebrate chan’s leadership and his success as the company’s youngest CEO. and, not to mention, as changbin lovingly put it just now, “his cockiness”. you giggle beside chan, smiling sheepishly when he gives you a playful glare.
when chang— mr. seo excuses himself to go grab another drink from one of the waiters roaming the hall, chan turns to you with a soft smile, his eyes content. “enjoying?” he asks as he gently swirls the wine glass in his hand.
“trying to,” you tease. you stand up straighter beside him, aware that people have eyes on you. it was one of the complaints you had about being next to chan. he was the center of attention everywhere and because you were beside him always, people tended to stare after they give chan a bow or even if they were gazing from afar. you always had to look presentable and though it came with the job, it gets tiring after a while. chan raises an eyebrow.
“what’s wrong?”
“nothing,” you smile. “just a little uncomfortable. that’s all.”
chan hums as he blinks. he surveys the hall before nodding. “if you want, you can go talk to some of the people here.”
chan barely allowed you to leave his side during public events. since you became a staple of his public appearances, seeing him alone always rose some eyebrows. so, why was tonight any different? you scrunch your eyebrows, swallowing as you tilt your head. the side of chan’s lip quirks up as his eyebrows mimic yours. it takes a second for chan to realize why.
“don’t worry about me,” chan laughs. “it’s a company event, so, i guess i can let you go for a bit.”
you look around the hall, frowning to yourself when you don’t spot any familiar faces. how were you supposed to interact with the businessmen in this party and wouldn’t it be weird if you just slid in the conversation? chan senses your hesitation, sucking his lips in as he gazes at the area.
“there’s, um,” chan moves in closer, tilting his glass toward the direction of a small group, “hwang hyunjin. do you remember him?”
of course, you do. chan sent you to the man’s office to confirm a sale a few months ago. you tripped in front of his desk and he only stared at you when you dusted yourself off. it wasn’t the most embarrassing moment in your life, but it was up there on the list. you huff softly.
chan hums once more as he glances at you. “you can talk to him or“—he tilts his glass to another group— “to the people in the office.” he takes a quick sip of his wine before grinning. “get the latest office gossip, like who’s dating who, you know? just all that fun stuff that i don’t get to know.”
office gossip? chan’s asking for juicy office gossip? you can’t blame him. out of all the people in the office, chan’s not the go-to person to talk about office drama. part of you feels bad, but then again, why would he care about one of the interns getting dumped if he’s too busy making sure the company doesn’t go under?
you fight the urge to giggle as you nod. chan catches the smile on your lips and he shakes his head, a soft ‘tsk’ leaving his lips.
“go on,” chan shoos playfully. “go socialize.” you give him a quick bow and before you could say anything else, mr. seo comes back, a full wine glass in his hand once more.
you step aside to look at the two groups chan pointed out. you could play it safe and go to the group you see around the office or you could shoot yourself in the foot and go to the group of millionaires.
you look behind as you feel chan’s eyes on you. once your eyes meet, he raises an eyebrow as he takes a sip of his wine. maybe you could impress him by going to the other group. the thought makes you turn away from him, feet moving in the direction of hwang hyunjin’s group.
you realize that this was a bad idea the moment the blonde-haired man spots you walking towards them. he raises his glass to greet you, head tilted to the side in curiosity and amusement. when you get nearer, the chatter in the group dies down and your mouth grows dry. their stare burns your skin and you can’t help but feel out of place.
“miss y/l/n,” hyunjin calls out, opening his arm out to invite you in the circle. “what brings you to our humble group?”
humble is not a word in this group’s vocabulary, that’s for sure. you smile at them as you inhale through your nose. this is a chance to mingle with the country’s richest and though you were nervous, it wouldn’t hurt to make a good impression, right? transactions in the future should be easier if you play your cards right. so, you part your lips and hum, “mr. bang wanted to get insider information and sent me over.”
the group laughs, almost rhythmically, like it’s been practiced before. nevertheless, the air grows lighter and beside you, hyunjin cracks a smile.
“that bastard. always one step ahead of us,” one of the men laughs. the other men join in and the conversation picks up where it left off— something about the trends in the market. not the most interesting of conversations, but you were already here.  hyunjin keeps his eyes on you and he leans over to your side.
“thank goodness you didn’t trip this time around.” your cheeks flush red and you laugh the statement off as you shake your head. “i thought i’d have to relive it all over again.”
“it must have been a nightmare, mr. hwang,” you play along softly. hyunjin hums.
“a nightmare for you, a comedy for me.”
if this was bang chan, you would have shamelessly smacked him. the thought makes you realize how easy-going everything is when it came to your work relationship with chan. after all, the two of you have been working together for almost a decade. during that time, you’ve gotten to know chan in ways his right-hand man hasn’t and he’s gotten to know you in ways previous employers haven’t. the line between work and friendship has been blurred for a long time now, but none of you have complained.
“i’m happy my pain provided entertainment, mr. hwang,” you tease. hyunjin chuckles before finishing his glass of wine. behind you, you feel a set of eyes travel down your back. you ignore the feeling.  
despite your lingering thoughts of chan, you couldn’t help but admire the man beside you. just like your boss, hwang hyunjin is one of the younger CEOs in the industry. he was younger than chan, but definitely carried himself in a manner that exuded superiority and grace, like he was on par with the men he’s standing with.
it seems to be the case because one of the businessmen in the group calls his attention, bringing him back to the conversation he was part of earlier. you frown when you see how loose his tie is around his neck.
someone’s secretary isn’t good with ties.
“not a good look,” you remember chan saying. like second nature, you reach over to grab hyunjin’s shoulder, gently turning him to face you. your hands find their way to the man’s tie, sliding the knot up to tighten it. when you look up, hyunjin’s eyes are on you and so are the eyes of the men around you.
the group grows silent and both of your breaths hitch. you’re frozen in your spot, blinking as you see hyunjin’s cheeks turn bright red. his eyes scan your face, panicked and confused. your hands on his tie start to shake and as you’re about to apologize, you feel a hand land on your lower back.
“i’m afraid i’d have to steal her for a bit, hyunjin,” you hear behind you. you bite your lower lip as you lean away from hyunjin, settling into the familiar hand. it takes a second for the blonde-haired man to recover, but he laughs, rubbing the back of his neck as he forces a smile.
“go ahead,” hyunjin chuckles shakily. “i’m not about to steal your secretary from you.”
“i’d like to see you try,” chan laughs and as if on cue, the others laugh with him. you give hyunjin an apologetic look when your eyes meet and he responds with a quick bow of his head like it was his fault. you put on your best fake laugh, your heart beating in your ears.
once the men stop laughing, the jokes thrown out earlier dissipate into thin air. and as much as you’d like to believe that these men were all friends, you were knowledgeable enough about the industry to say that this was all for show— the bows, the greetings, the jokes, the laughs, them coming to the party to “celebrate” chan’s success, all of it.
hyunjin’s the first to speak again, moving away from you and chan to close the circle and get away from the awkwardness that has formed between the three of you.
you feel chan remove his hand from your lower back and he uses it to grab your hand. “let’s dance.” chan whispers in your ear. you wet your lip as he leads you to the dance floor and the crowd parts to make way for the man of the hour and his plus one.
chan has always made you feel like you were the only woman in the room and he does it again tonight when he circles around you, his hand not letting go and his eyes never leaving yours. chan grins as he closes the gap between you and you hear your own breath stop. your eyes trail down to his lips when he wraps an arm around your waist.
your heartbeat rings in your ear once more when you and chan start swaying in time with the music. “i thought you didn’t want to dance tonight,” you whisper.
“it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun, you know.”
you rest your forehead on his shoulder as you scoff internally. bang chan, the man whose head is always filled with work, even during events like this, now wants to have fun and dance with his secretary?
you could laugh, but instead you let him lead you on the dance floor. you and he have never done this and you wonder if he feels as nervous as you are. but knowing him, he would never show it, at least not right now.
as the both of you settle in the feeling of each other’s warmth, he mumbles, “you feel it too?”
you shiver as you lean back from his shoulder. you wanted to ask what he meant. was he referring to the way your heart skips a beat when you catch him staring from his office window or when he throws you a soft smile when he walks by your desk? or was he talking about the way his hand lingers for way too long when you give him his coffee or the way his hand subtly reaches out for yours when it’s close to his?
you weren’t stupid. of course, you’ve felt it. everyone in the office has, except for bang chan himself.
maybe it’s not insanity after all. your colleagues aren’t talking out of their asses and there’s a chance, no matter how small it is, that bang chan felt it too. whatever it may be.
chan clicks his tongue when you don’t answer, his eyes scanning your face as you struggle to come up with a coherent thought. he breaks the eye contact before looking around the hall. “everyone’s watching.”
you feel a quick pang of pain in your chest. bang chan, the youngest CEO of his family’s company and the smartest out of all the men in here, is the most oblivious man you’ve ever come across. heat creeps up onto your cheeks and you mentally smack yourself in the head. you were crazy for even hoping that you were both on the same wavelength. it’s just not possible, no matter how much you romanticize the whole situation. you swallow as you nod, hanging your head gently as the both of you continue to sway.
“don’t be shy,” chan chuckles softly. “you’re doing great.”
“yeah, right,” you mumble, playing off the embarrassment and the pain bubbling in your chest. you see a flash of worry pass chan’s eyes, but he doesn’t say anything.
the dance floor slowly fills up with the other couples in the hall, taking the prying eyes off of the two of you. for now. you let out a shaky exhale as chan’s hand squeezes yours.
“you also did great with hyunjin’s tie.”
you raise your eyebrows in surprise, letting out a soft, but nervous giggle. “i have enough experience with yours, sir.” chan snorts before rolling his eyes playfully. he spins the both of you around, wading through the other couples as smoothly as he could manage.
“my ties are of better quality, miss y/l/n. you, of all people, would know.” chan chuckles before his eyes leave yours. he pulls you in closer to him, inhaling softly when you collide with him. what that was for, you don’t know, but you’re close enough to feel his breath on your skin. there must be something in the air.
or maybe he’s just drunk. who knows, really?
“right,” you tease after a few beats of silence, “your ties are imported and his are...?”
“probably imported too,” chan shrugs. “he has the money.”
you scrunch your nose, pulling back from his embrace. “you have to make up your mind. you either talk about him behind his back or you compliment him.” chan tilts his head as he shrugs again, eyes filled with amusement. “you can’t do both.”
“i can do both,” chan mumbles. “i just did it, yes?”
you feel a set of eyes on the both of you, but this time you couldn’t care less. chan, with his charm, wit, and annoying smile, has managed to calm your nerves yet again. it makes you wonder if there was ever a line between friendship and work with the two of you.
you’re taken back to reality as you and chan sway in a comfortable silence, letting the orchestra take you to a world only the two of you knew. you sigh as you turn your head and rest your cheek on his shoulder. you inhale the scent of his cologne, the one you’ve come to know and love after all these years.
“hey,” you hear chan say after a while. you raise your head to meet his eyes before raising an eyebrow. “don’t fix anyone else’s ties when we’re together, okay?”
“are you jealous?” you taunt as you try not to focus on the fact that bang chan’s lips are right there, plump, red, and lonely. chan scoffs, his arm around your waist tightening.
“should i be?”
you laugh, throwing your head back dramatically as chan twirls the both of you around. when he stops, your eyes meet again and he gives you another grin. “you sound like you are.” his grin disappears as quickly as it formed, turning into a small, playful snarl.
“do i? that’s interesting,” chan teases, his shoulders relaxing ever so slightly. “i just,” he breathes, “don’t appreciate you going around the place fixing every man’s tie in here.”
you giggle, lightly smacking chan’s shoulder. “i fixed one, chan,” you snicker. “i fixed one tie. one!”
“that’s one too many ties, sweetheart.” the nickname travels throughout your body. it’s something he’s never called you before. you blush once more, turning your head away from him as you pretend to look at the other couples dancing. chan hums in front of you, unwrapping his arm around you to instead plant his hand on your waist.
“i was just doing my job,” you mutter. chan licks his bottom lip before he responds. your breath stops when you catch him taking in your facial features, but within a second, his eyes travel back to yours.
“i don’t think ‘fixing hwang hyunjin’s tie’ was part of the contract you signed years ago.”
“but fixing your tie is?” you retort.
chan grins at how fast you respond, shrugging playfully before twirling you around. the couples beside you gasp and giggle, your cheeks heating up at the sudden motion and attention. when you return to chan, he’s chuckling as he wraps his arm around your waist again, pulling you into his torso once more.
“you signed up for that the moment you were hired,” chan mutters, lips painfully close to yours. you swallow as your body starts to grow hot from the lack of space between the two of you.
for a moment, the people around you disappear and you could only focus on the way chan’s breath comes in contact with your skin. when he notices your eyes on his lips, he grins as he continues. “that means you’re only fixing my tie.”
you bite your lip when he leans in to whisper, his arm lowering to a place that you weren’t used to, “and the last time i checked, we’re still in a party thrown for me. in my company. in my house.”
your eyes widen when he pulls away, putting a small space in between the two of you. his arm loosens around you and you can’t help but long for its warmth again. your cheeks are flushed red when you part your lips to say, “chan, i—“
“don’t apologize,” chan interrupts, tilting his head as his arm comes back up to its previous position. it’s as if the words that left his mouth earlier were nothing important, like it wouldn’t keep you up at night. “just do better next time.”
you were used to hearing those words from chan, being his secretary. you had to admit that you  weren’t the best one for the job, almost always messing up the man’s schedule or just being plain absentminded while you’re sat on your office chair. you’ve lost track of how much you’ve put chan through, but it was always the same seven words he utters when he helps you clean up the mistakes. it’s a miracle you’re still his secretary, almost a decade after.
“as always,” you stutter softly, your breath betraying you when it hitches.
you see the couples on the dance floor dispersing and before you could move away from chan, he pulls you back into his chest to whisper, “let’s get out of here.” you raise an eyebrow.
“this early?” chan nods in response.
“in 10 minutes,” he turns the both of you to the direction of the back door, “i’ll be waiting for you over there.”
you blink at him as his words replay over and over in your mind. bang chan was the type to finish parties to the point that sometimes, you and he were the last people to leave the venue. but now, he wants to leave the party that was thrown specifically to celebrate him?  
“this is new,” you choke out. chan chuckles as he steps away from you, hand still not letting go of yours. he brings the back of your hand to his lips and gives it a soft peck. his lips linger on your skin and when his eyes come up to meet yours, he smirks.
“10 minutes.”
Tumblr media
when you look at the obnoxiously large clock on the stage at the end of the room, you realize that the minutes have flown by before you even started counting them.
meeting chan’s eyes from across the room, you knew that it was time to leave. he puts his wine glass on the table beside him, giving one of the businessmen a pat on the back as he excuses himself. when he disappears into the crowd, you clasp your hands together as you wonder what he had planned for the remainder of the night.
your eyes fall on chan when you arrive. he’s resting his back on the wall behind him and his shoulders are slumped, a stark contrast from the way he looked inside earlier. his hands are inside his pockets and the top two buttons of his black formal polo are now unbuttoned. he’s looking at the floor as he waits, his foot tapping to the rhythm of the song being performed in the other room. the echo of your heels in the empty room grabs chan’s attention and he raises his head to meet your eyes, a smile on his lips. 
“ready to go?” he asks.
“to where, exactly?” you hum, grabbing your phone from your dress pocket to give chan’s driver a quick text.
like the way your breath hitches, your movements halt when chan opens the back door for you. shouldn’t you be the one to open it for him and not the other way around? you motion forward with your hand and chan shakes his head.
“ladies first.”
“listen, i don’t know what you’re doing,” you start, “but i know you’re expecting something in return after this.” chan lets out an exhale through his nose as he smiles. “so, i think you should step out first.”
“maybe, i just want to do something for you this time,” chan shrugs. “have you ever thought of that?”
chan watches the way your cheeks heat up and before any of you could say anything else, you hear a honk outside. he’s the first to break the eye-contact, looking behind to wave at his driver. he turns his attention back to you with a cheeky grin on his lips.
“like i said, ladies first.”
you narrow your eyes toward him, but you step out nonetheless. behind you, you hear the door close and chan’s walking toward the car before you could blink. you follow after him, your heels clacking on the concrete. you overtake him as you near the car, your hand gripping the handle to open the door for him. his hand makes contact with yours, enveloping it as he does the same.
your eyes meet and it might have been because of the cold night air, but you see the color of bang chan’s cheeks turn into a light shade of red. you try to stop yourself from shivering when he grips your hand tighter to open the car door. your eyes don’t leave him as it opens and he motions for you to enter first.
you hesitate. wasn’t this your job?  
“y/n,” you hear him call, “i insist.”
you sigh, but don’t say anything else when you slip your hand out of his grip, ducking as you get inside the backseat. chan follows soon after, closing the car door and greeting his driver as he relaxes his back on the seat behind him.
chan’s driver turns to him as he asks, “where to, sir?”
he answers, “take us home, please.”
and with that, chan presses the button to slide the partition close.
the words that left his mouth almost give you whiplash. it was such a simple sentence, but somehow, your brain couldn’t comprehend it. you open your mouth as you turn to give chan a look. he reciprocates as he cocks his head to the side, chest glistening underneath the streetlights. 
“i apologize if that was a bit forward, but is it okay if i bring you to my place?” your boss hums, putting his arm on the curve of the backseat. “i figured we could work there instead of the office.”
you let his words settle into you the same way you lean back on the seat. your mind travels back to the calendar you prepared and submitted to him last sunday—a couple of meetings on monday and tuesday, a press conference on wednesday, and a celebratory party on thursday. and since everyone’s too hungover to function the next day, friday’s scheduled to be a lighter one, as requested by chan himself. you furrow your eyebrows, looking up at the ceiling to wonder, did you somehow forget the details you put on the schedule?
and not just details, but work? didn’t you and chan rush two days worth of tasks the previous nights so that the both of you can, as you quote him, “enjoy the party”? but, here you were, on the way to his house to work. again.
chan catches the look in your eyes. “it’s nothing heavy. i just need your help.”
“and why wasn’t this plotted in your official schedule?” you question, letting your eyes drift to his, an eyebrow raised.
chan’s eyes widen and he brings his forearm up to scratch the side of his head. “it’’s really not that important to warrant a spot in my calendar.”
“but, important enough for you to ask for my help?”
the color on chan’s cheeks disappear and his smile drops the way his arm does to his side.  he scoffs softly. “if it’s work related, of course.” he shakes his head. “you’re my secretary. a part of your job is to heed every call.”
“is this what i have to do since you opened the door for me earlier?”
“‘this’ being?”
“staying up all night with you again. working.”
chan rests his elbow on the window beside him. “that’s never been a problem for you, y/n,” he pauses. “why is it a problem now?”
you weren’t one to complain, but was it such a bad thing to long for a break? sure, the party takes place inside the company’s hall, but you didn’t have to be hunched over a desk, reading through paperwork to summarize and report or make him coffee to keep him awake. you weren’t required to do things for him—to work— because the both of you were there to have fun, mingle, and socialize with all of the other hot shots in the industry.
you were hoping, even just for one night, that you’d escape work responsibilities, that chan would have something fun planned for tonight.
but, maybe you expected for too much from bang christopher chan.
his dry laugh interrupts your thoughts. “unless you’d rather be with hwang hyunjin on that dance floor?”
“hwang hyun— are you kidding me?” you exclaim, eyes wide, as you turn to him. “you’re picking a fight because of hwang hyunjin? i can’t believe this.”
you huff as you cross your arms in front of your chest, looking away from chan to gaze out the window. the previous topic of the calendar is thrown out and it joins the blur of the buildings moving past the car. never in your life have you despised a three-letter word until now, when memories of tonight are slowly overpowered by the word tie. 
you hear chan take a deep breath and you couldn’t help but wonder if the man is actually jealous. if so, you’d prefer he tell you, rather than going back and forth. but then again, you were perfectly fine sitting like this with him—silent and unmoving. it stays like this for a few good minutes, until, in the corner of your eye, you see chan’s knee start bouncing. if it weren’t for that, you wouldn’t—
“i don’t see the big deal,” you sigh exasperatedly. “it’s just a damn tie.” before your hands even fall to your lap, chan’s eyes are on you like they never left.
he turns his body to you, motioning with his hands as he frowns. “it’s not just a tie to me. do you know how close th—“
“so, you are jealous?” you ask, putting a hand on your forehead as your skin heats up. “you’re jealous because i fixed another man’s tie?”
he furrows his eyebrows, shaking his head, as he grips the curve of the backseat. “i—“
“chan, you’re not even wearing a tie tonight! what am i supposed to fix—oh my god!“
the air in the car grows heavy as you try and catch your breath. chan slowly lowers his head to gaze upon his exposed chest. the tips of his ears turn red and it quickly travels down to his cheeks and neck. he swallows as he rubs his nape, a sheepish grin replacing the frown he had on earlier.
it was moments like this that make you wonder if chan’s really the smartest man you know.
“i guess you’re right,” chan whispers. “i’m sorry.”
“you should be,” you say in disbelief. “god, chan, it’s not like i wanted to do it!” he raises his eyebrows, letting out a soft hum, as he nods at your words. you crinkle your nose as you continue. “it was an honest mistake that i”— you point to yourself—“wholeheartedly regret doing and before yo—“
“i just don’t like other men looking at you the same way i do,” chan cuts you off, volume higher than usual. “okay? that’s it.” your boss slices the air to, quite literally, cut the tension. “end of argument.”
absolutely not. not after what he just said.
chan shrugs as he turns away from you to rest his elbow on the window once more. your heart pounds in your chest as his words float around in your mind, attacking every single thought that had made its presence known. your mind becomes an empty void and when you come to your senses—one of them—your skin forms goosebumps.
and it’s not because of the ac in the car.
“help me understand what’s happening right now, chan.”
“y/n,” chan groans softly. “if only you saw the way hyunjin looked at you. his eye—“
“i tripped in front of him!”
“and that’s the charm of it all,” chan states as he turns to look at you. your eyes meet and your heart skips a beat. you blink at him and he sighs.
“you’re different from all of the other women in there. you’re a breath of fresh air.”
your shoulders relax, but your hands begin to sweat. your anger and frustration have now been replaced by confusion and the butterflies in your stomach, which have been reserved for the man in front of you, start flapping their wings as your cheeks heat up. you’re about to ask what he meant, but chan parts his lips and it shuts you up quickly.
“it’s hard to let our guards down. the industry’s full of competition, full of rivalry, so you have to have thick skin,” chan pauses to shrug. “the businessmen in that party don’t care about my success, nor do the media. they only care about what’s next for us, what’s next for the company, all that good stuff.” chan sighs, “you know what i mean.”
“because of that,” he clicks his tongue, “i can’t have friends, nor can i have relationships because i’m never sure why they’re with me.” chan laughs bitterly and you feel a bit of resentment seeping out as he continues. “is it about the money? the fame? corporate espionage? fuck if i know,” chan looks back out of the window. on his thigh, you see his fist clench.
it was at this moment that you knew that this was not bang christopher chan, but this was only chan beside you, the complex, but relaxed and soft-spoken man you were privileged enough to know and spend time with during late nights in the office. a side of him no one else saw, but for some reason, he was willing to share as you sat beside him on his office couch.
the silence that comes after is louder than anything you’ve heard at the party earlier. you decide to take the leap, reach out, and hold his hand.
“y/n,” he breathes out, stopping your hand. “you’re different, okay? you’re different because you’ve never made me feel that way.” chan runs a hand through his hair. “the men and women in the office tiptoe around me, like there’s eggshells or something,” chan hangs his head down as he taps his fingertips on his thigh. “but you, you barely ever do.”
your breath catches in your throat and you whimper, “chan—“
“i’m not finished,” chan jokes shakily, turning his body to you this time. “you’re not afraid to make mistakes when you’re around me, laugh at my jokes, or sometimes, you just sit there and listen to me ramble.” chan smiles to himself. “you tell me what’s on your mind, your opinions, your views and most of the time, that’s the highlight of my day, not”— he motions with his hands—“the sale i’ll be making in the afternoon or the press conference we’ve got planned.”
us, we. always the duo, you and chan were. but why does tonight feel different and why is the sparkle in his eyes more prominent than before? “hell,” chan rolls his eyes playfully, “you even answer back to me. not a lot of people get that privilege.” even if your eyebrows are furrowed, your lips part to let out a soft giggle.
“and it does infuriate me,” he chuckles, shaking his head. “but i’ll let you do it.” chan lets his eyes meet yours and you freeze.
“over and over again.”
you feel as if a strong wind blows in the car, knocking you back into the seat. you grip the side of your dress to keep your hand from shaking. chan’s stare burns your skin and you try your best not to melt into the car itself. he inhales, “whenever you talk back, it makes me feel human. it reminds me that”—he puts a hand over his chest—“i’m not perfect, that i make mistakes, and that i should let my pride down sometimes.”
“sometimes?” you interrupt. chan’s ears perk up when he hears you and he lets his shoulders relax, his eyes growing soft and a grin forming on his lips. 
“yes, sometimes,” chan snickers. “but, i guess what i’m trying to say is,” he sighs, “you make me feel human, not a business drone or ‘the most successful CEO of the year’.”
before you could respond or even make sense of the point, chan quickly adds, “and you probably made hyunjin feel the same way when you tripped. i remember you told me that he bursted out laughing as soon as you left his office.”
“yeah,” you deadpan. “thanks for that memory.” beside you, chan chuckles and the car slows down when the light turns red.
and with a small smile on his lips, your boss at the other end of the seat looks back out of the window. in the corner of your eye, you see chan’s hand on the middle of the seat. you’re almost tempted to take it into yours as your mind travels to the words he uttered only moments ago.
there’s a reason why he’s awarded as the country’s most successful CEO. chan, as lovingly labelled by the media, is the industry’s Wolf, a title that was given to him during his second year in the position. and though many have come close, like the blonde-haired man in the party earlier, chan has never been overthrown by any other. sharp and smart, bang chan has done more than his father ever could, bringing the company to the international stock market and to other heights that only the other CEOs could dream of.
but, all these achievements came at a price. it’s lonely at the top, as they’ve said, and with bang chan, you saw that very statement come to life. chan, because of his reputation and riches, has closed himself up to make sure his mind and his company stays ahead and clear. that, of course, meant that he had to solve his personal problems on his own.
because who would the man on top run to when there’s no one else with him?
however, with his words, you realize that, maybe, you were that person for him. the person he can laugh and joke around with. the person he can talk to freely, ramble to, and spend time with. the person that allows him to be himself, no judgements, no pressure.
though, you’ve always felt some sort of tension between the two of you, it was enough to know that chan saw you more than just his secretary. you’d rather have him that way, than nothing at all. you turn to him.
you’re about to thank him, but chan’s voice rings out in the car as the light outside turns green. “and apart from all of that, you’re gorgeous too.”
“excuse me?” you choke out, eyes widening. chan turns to you, an eyebrow raised as he exhales through his nose. a soft ‘what?’ leaves his lips. “did i have too much to drink tonight?” chan merely chuckles at the question.
“you didn’t have any,” he responds. you shake your head as you shift uncomfortably in your seat.
it couldn’t be possible. was this a dream? first, chan became slightly possessive and now he’s calling you gorgeous like it won’t affect you, like you’ll believe him. the world must be punishing you right now, but if you close your eyes, maybe you’ll wake up in your apartment like it’s groundhog day. as you try and shut the world off, chan calls out your name and it brings you back to the car.
“do you want me to repea—“
“no!” you exclaim, leaning over to grab chan’s forearm.
chan glances at your hand, then at your lips. it’s through this subtle action that you realize how close the two of you are. he blinks at you while his cheeks become coated with a nice shade of red, but he doesn’t pull his arm away. “well, you heard me,” he utters. “i apologize if i don’t say it enough or don’t say it at all.”
you’re about to lose your mind.
“but, um,” chan uses his free hand to scratch the back of his neck, “you really are beautiful. hwang hyunjin knows it, changbin knows it, the staff in the office know it, and i know it.” chan pauses as his eyes scan your face for any reaction, to which you respond only with your mouth slightly opening.  
he huffs as he furrows his eyebrows, “i know it because i get to be with you everyday and i’d be stupid to deny it to myself any further.”
“and yes, it does bother me when men stare at you,” chan continues. your chest tightens and you couldn’t breathe, but it’s somehow the good kind, the kind that you don’t want to end, the kind that you could get used to.
“they see how much of a great woman you are, in the office and out of it. i’m glad they do, but at the same time,” chan pauses to remove his forearm from your grip. he wraps both of his hands around your wrists.
“you and i have been together for so long that i can’t see myself working with anybody new.” you blink. “what if they take you away? what if they offer you a higher salary or promise you more opportunities? or what if the—“
“chan,” you whisper, “just tell me what you want to say.” the man in front of you lets out a shaky breath and when he opens his mouth once more, a mess of incoherent words come out.
“just give it to me straight.” you plead. both of your eyes lock as his breath intertwines with yours.
you’ve only really lit one firework in your whole life.
how it goes is you strike a match to ignite a spark and while it travels down the incredibly long wick, it gives you ample time to run away and cower. the experience of running and waiting was thrilling, but what came after was underwhelming—the spark did not carry over to its destination.
but as chan presses his lips on yours, his hands tightening around your wrists to pull you in closer, you’re finally able to see the spark reach its destination after the 8 years of long, agonizing wait. the firework fires up into the sky, the black canvas being painted by a million different colors all at once. chan removes his hands around your wrists to cup your face.
now, you can say that you’ve lit two fireworks in your life.
compared to the absolute chaos happening inside of your body, the kiss is slow and gentle with chan’s lips, soft and plump, perfectly fitting into yours like a puzzle piece you never knew was missing. you tangle your hands into his hair to push him into you deeper and chan lets you, tilting his head to the side.
chan’s hand is the match that ignites another spark in your chest as it travels down to the side of your neck. your heart pounds louder when his hand settles on your skin, the heat from his fingertips combining with the heat that has formed on your neck.
you find yourself leaning back to the corner of your seat and before you could process it, chan’s on top of you. your skin forms goosebumps when his hand moves down to your waist. when you arch your back and push your torso onto his, you rip a soft groan from the back of his throat.
chan pushes himself off of you, his pupils dilated and his breath not being remotely enough for him.
“what was that for?” you whisper, your chest heaving. outside, you see his mansion come into view.
“you said to give it to you straight.”
but, fuck, you wanted more. you wanted curves, zigzags, waves, all of it. as long as chan’s lips are on yours again, you wanted it all.
Tumblr media
truth be told, you’ve never set foot in chan’s house. you’ve only seen the mansion through the car window, but you knew, one way or the other, you’ll be able to see what lies inside. of course, you were his secretary. heed every call, right?
you just didn’t envision that it’d be in this way.
you don’t finish your sentence as you’re gently pushed back onto the front door once it closes. chan’s on you like the way he was in the car, but this time, he’s closer, the distance almost non-existent as he puts his hands on your waist. goosebumps arise from your skin as his lips find their way to your neck. you’ve always thought you were stronger than this, but you’re already gasping for air when he starts peppering kisses down your skin.
“chan,” you breathe. he comes up from the side of your neck with his eyebrow raised and a small grin on his lips. “i thought we had work to do.”
chan hums nonchalantly in response and he merely dives back in your neck, closing the space between the two of you like you weren’t close enough. you find yourself tilting your head to give him more access and chan, being the smart man he is, notices this immediately. he grunts softly and you shiver, his lips latching onto the sides he hasn’t taken in.
you bite your lip, but as much as you were enjoying the attention, especially after 8 years of longing, you and chan had to work. knowing him, he’d value work over this in a heartbeat. you try and push him off of you, but he only tightens his grip.
“chan,” you whine, “this can wai—“
“no,” he mutters as he pulls you into his torso, “it can’t.” he hovers his lips on yours, his hot breath hitting your skin. “i don’t want to wait anymore.” you gasp when he squeezes your waist.
“i can’t. not anymore.”
though chan’s tone is stern, there’s longing in his voice like he’s a man who’s been denied of life’s pleasures for years and frankly, you feel the same way. he didn’t have to say anything else before you’re clashing your lips into his, your hands travelling to his hair and tugging on it. chan presses his body onto yours and you’re pushed back on the door again. you whimper.
chan’s clothed torso is hot against yours and its heat travels down in between your thighs. your wetness pools in your panties and before you knew it, he’s unwrapping his arm from your waist to lift you up. your legs wrap around his torso in an instant, like the both of you have done this before. he grins into the kiss, his hands finding their way to the curve of your ass as he starts walking to his bedroom.
even with his eyes closed and his neck craned up to keep his lips on yours, chan wades smoothly through his furniture and the both of you make it up the stairs with no problem. you should have been more concerned, but knowing bang chan, he’s got you. always have and always will, that much you know. he does, however, accidentally slam you onto his bedroom door. you wince.
“sorry,” chan mumbles. “won’t happen again.”
“excited?” you tease softly. chan chuckles against your lips as he reaches out to grab the door handle.
“very.” you feel a gush of wind hit your back as the door opens. his lips are on yours again as the both of you make your way in.
he lies you down on the bed, your hair splaying all over your shoulders and on the sheets behind you. when chan pulls away, he latches himself onto the skin behind your ear and you sigh as you put your hand on the back of his head. you arch your back into him when you feel his member hardening from below you and all he could do is chuckle, though a bit shaky.
chan runs a hand down to your waist as you spread your legs open to accommodate him. “you’re already so beautiful,” he breathes on your skin, “and you aren’t even naked yet.”
your breath catches in your throat, whimpering in response. it was overwhelming enough to learn that chan finds you beautiful, but to think that he’s thought of you unclothed? you could die happy now, as cheesy as that sounds. he comes up from your neck to press a soft kiss on your jaw. his free hand trails up the side of your body, fingers playing with the zipper located on the side of the dress.
“may i?”
the question rings out in the room and it echoes in the confines of your mind. such a simple, harmless question, but you feel blood rush to every part of your body. your legs close around his torso, your clit starting to throb at the prospect of being undressed by the man you’ve been hopelessly in love with. you nod and chan whispers a soft ‘thank you’ as he starts unzipping your dress.
as you feel your dress start unravelling with his touch, you inhale, taking in chan’s scent. it’s a combination of mint and lemon and it’s something you’ve gotten used to after years of working with him. it’s never been anything but cologne to you, but tonight it’s ambrosial and intoxicating. you let yourself drown in it, closing your eyes as chan’s lips continue to do their wonders on your neck.
the cold air hits your skin once chan fully unzips your dress and it brings you back to his bed, in his presence, in his hold. you whimper softly in his ear. he squeezes your waist, grunting as he presses a soft kiss on your shoulder.
“i can’t believe we waited this long,” chan whispers. you giggle before slowly slipping your arms out of your now loose dress straps. you don’t break the eye contact as you tug your dress down to your chest. the dip in between your tits catches chan’s attention and he breaks the stare to shamelessly trail his eyes down.
chan licks his bottom lip before he looks back up at you.
“we don’t have to wait anymore,” you reassure, reaching a hand up to swipe your thumb over his lip, glistening and swollen.
at your words, chan’s eyes dilate and darken. the color of his cheeks turn into a shade of red and as you’re about to tease, chan tugs your dress down your chest, exposing your breasts in all of its entirety. heat travels all over your body and your nipples harden under his touch. chan dips down to your chest like the bead of sweat trickling down your back and you can only moan when his lips start sucking the skin in between your breasts.
you whimper when he cups one of your tits, kneading it softly as he continues to suck on the skin. your hand finds its way to chan’s shoulder and you grip it as he pulls away with a soft pop. chan gazes up at you before smirking, your words failing you once again when he attaches his lips beside your nipple, nipping on the skin to leave another mark.
you moan his name as your hand latches onto the back of his head, pulling him into your skin even more. his teeth graze you and you arch your back into him, only to be pushed down by his hand on your waist. he doesn’t say anything once he pulls away, only going back in to leave more marks on your chest.
as if the marks weren’t proof of who you belonged to, chan utters, “mine.” you squeeze his shoulder tighter. “all mine.”
maybe, this is why chan’s called “the Wolf”.
your mouth falls open, his name falling off of it as his lips wrap around your nipple. the hand on your waist moves back up to cup your other breast. one of chan’s fingers plays with your other nipple and your hips lifts up to meet him, your heat making contact with his member. chan groans onto your skin, the vibrations travelling back down to where you ached for him.
“you say my name so prettily, babe.” the nickname shoots you straight in the chest and your heart aches. never in a million years did you think that chan would be on you the way he was now. the thought makes you whine softly. you feel chan’s hand move away from your breast. it follows the curve of your body and it slips in between your thighs, making you spread your legs even further apart. chan chuckles breathlessly.
you shiver when he presses his fingers in the front of your panties and you bite your lip when he starts rubbing, his tongue on your nipple following the motion of his fingers below you. as most new lovers, however, chan’s missing where you needed him most and you move your hips to help him find it. chan’s off of your nipple the moment you call out above him, chest slightly heaving as he looks up at you.
“can you move—“ you pant, “to the left?”
it takes a second for him to realize, the movement of his fingers slowing to a halt as he tilts his head. he blushes softly when he does and he chuckles. “i... just—“ he complies with your needs, but he’s still not—
“oh fuck. yeah,” you cry out when he finally finds your nub. “right there, chan. right there.”
“yeah baby,” he grunts, a smirk taking over his lips after. “i feel you.”
it’s amazing how chan’s making you see stars when he’s only rubbing you through your panties. chan notices this too, pecking one of the marks he left on your chest as he hums, moving down in between your legs. he inhales softly, fingers still making circles on your clit.
“god,” he groans. “you smell so sweet.” your wetness gushes out of you and you grip the sheets beside you, biting your lip as you feel his hot breath caress your folds. chan raises his eyes and he licks his lip when your eyes lock.
“i want to taste you.”
so simple, so straightforward, yet so obscene coming from the mouth of an executive. chan grins when you breathe a ‘yes’, your back arching when he hooks a finger on the waist band of your panties, teasingly taking his time as he pulls it down your thighs. you buck your hips up and chan snickers, “okay, okay. i got it.”
he puts your panties aside before he comes back up to your torso. his clothed member is dangerously close to yours and you’re almost tempted to grind yourself onto him. “let’s get this off,” chan mumbles as he tugs on your dress. “now.”
it may be the secretary in you or it may just be the lust that’s driving you at this point, but you’re scrambling to help chan get rid of the dress that’s clinging to your body. you shiver when it’s removed fully, the dress hitting the floor with a soft thud. chan looks down at you and he lets out a long breath like he’s been holding one in. you blush and instinctively, your hands try to cover your body. he frowns as he leans back down to grab a hold of your hands.
“no,” he mumbles before pressing a kiss on your lips. “your body’s beautiful. you’re beautiful. don’t hide from me.”
chan lets go of your hands and you let them fall down to your sides. “do you know how long i’ve wanted to see you like this?” he mutters as he kisses down your torso. goosebumps form on your skin. “especially when you wear those skirts.”
your heart pounds in your chest when he settles in between your thighs, kissing them before he dips down to press a kiss on your clit. your hand goes to his hair, your core clenching at the feeling of being empty.
“oh, that’s so cliché,” chan interjects, a playful smile on his lips as he raises his head.  the atmosphere in the room changes and you find yourself opening your eyes as you prop yourself up with your elbows. you raise an eyebrow as heat travels to your cheeks.
“if i got off to that nickname, i would have had a hard-on every time you called me sir.”
you roll your eyes with a huff as you lie back down on the bed. “just get on with it.”
“wow,” he laughs softly, “my secretary’s ordering me around now?”
truthfully, you loved banter with chan, but not tonight. not when he’s there, in between your thighs, purposefully ignoring the sex that’s staring him straight in the eyes. always the tease, bang chan was. you’re just not having it tonight.
“i’m not your secretary right now.”
you hear chan inhale sharply and within a second, he’s on your core like a fiend craving a shot of his drug. your hand’s on his hair again, tugging on it as you moan incoherently. he licks a stripe from your hole to your clit, the lewd sounds of his tongue lapping your wetness ringing out in the room after. your hip bucks up when he starts sucking on your clit and he puts your leg over his shoulder in the process to give him more access to your folds.
“you’re so delicious,” chan groans. “better than anything i’ve ever tasted.” you moan out brokenly, pulling him back into your clit like your life depended on it. he chuckles against it and the vibrations allow an explosion of a million fireworks inside of you. your mouth falls open the way your legs do, your moans filling the room with the sound of chan’s full lips on your pussy.
chan smirks below you, obviously pleased by the way your body is reacting to him. it’s embarrassing, but that’s what he gets for taking his precious time with you. you know he won’t let this go any time soon, but you couldn’t care less. he pecks your clit before pulling away. your clit throbs at the loss of the friction, but chan makes up for it when he plunges two of his fingers inside of you.
the intrusion is sudden, but welcome, as your back flies off of the bed with a loud cry, sitting up as you grip his shoulder. chan mewls softly as he plants a hand outside of your thigh to support himself as he leans up to crash his lips into yours. you taste your juices on him when he swipes his tongue on your bottom lip and your wetness seeps out, dripping onto the sheets below you. his fingers continue their assault on your pussy, alternatively thrusting and rubbing your walls.
chan pulls away from the kiss and a string of your combined spit attaches itself on his bottom lip. he breaks the string by licking his bottom lip and you find it unfair how chan’s lips just continue to look immaculate despite how swollen and red it is. he simpers as he rests his forehead on yours, sweat starting to form on its sides.
“do you hear yourself, baby?” he purrs. “do you hear how wet you are for me?” for him, for him, for him. all for chan, all for the man you’ve loved for years now. your hand wraps around his nape, pulling chan into your shoulder as he continues to thrust into your heat. he groans as he bites down on the skin, the sound of your slick overpowering anything else in the bedroom. you feel the familiar coil starting to form in your lower regions.
your cunt clenches around his fingers when he curls them and your hips start to gyrate. “y/n,” chan moans, “you’re getting so tight.” you whimper his name as your wetness coats his fingers even more, the sound and the smell of your sex getting more and more prominent as the coil in your stomach threatens to unravel for chan.
“cum for me, baby,” he growls. “cum.”
chan wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you into him as ecstasy takes over the entirety of your body. you shake and tremble in his hold as he whispers sweet nothings and praises in your ear. his fingers slow to help you ride out your orgasm and he hums as your legs continue to shiver at his sides. he thrusts his fingers in once, twice, before he pulls them out, pulling away from the embrace to lick his fingers clean. he groans in delight.
you’re panting as you push chan onto the bed, getting on top of him before pressing your swollen lips onto his. naturally, his hands fall onto your hips as your lips move in sync. you run your hand down his clothed chest, the satin feeling supple against your fingertips. your desire, fuelled by the adrenaline surging through your veins, makes you whimper as you pop open the remaining buttons of chan’s polo.
every pop is significant to the way the both of you are letting yourselves go, baring your bodies and souls to each other after years of not being able to, after years of merely hoping. your heart pounds as you rip open chan’s polo, sighing as his torso shines underneath the light streaming inside the bedroom. chan pulls you back into his lips with a gentle hand on the back of your neck.
chan’s lips are soft on yours and you let yourself get carried away as you cup his face. chan hums as he sits up to remove his polo, lips not moving away from yours. he throbs in between your thighs and you gasp. chan takes this opportunity to slip his tongue to connect with yours and the both of you create a new language in the process.
“you’re so beautiful, y/n,” he whines as the both of you pull away. “you’ve always been so beautiful.”
you blush, your hand caressing his cheek gently as you utter a soft ‘thank you’. you share one more quick kiss before your hand moves down his torso to start unbuckling his pants. “let me return the favor.”
“no,” chan answers, reaching down to hold your wrist. “you don’t need to.”
he tightens his hold on your wrist as he pleads softly, “please. you always take care of me, y/n.” he leans up to mutter on your lips, “let me do that for you tonight.”
you weren’t strong enough to refuse the offer and you let chan raise you up from his lap, only to be lied down on the bed once more. you relax into the mattress as chan positions himself in between your legs. as he unbuckles his belt, your mind travels to the moment in the car and you can’t help but wonder—
“you meant what you said earlier, right?”
chan’s eyes are on you immediately as he hears your voice, his hands stopping. “of course, i did.”
“you didn’t just say that to get in my pants?”
chan bites his lip to suppress a laugh and he shakes his head as his hands resume their task earlier. “no,” he giggles. “if that was my plan the whole time, i would have just said ‘hey, i’m bang chan’ and your pants would have slid right off.”
you throw your head back onto the pillows as you laugh softly. “that didn’t happen when you interviewed me.”
“yeah, well,” chan mumbles, sliding out of his pants, “it’s happening now.”
“8 years after, but okay.”
“it’s still happening, so my point still stands,” chan shrugs, chuckling when he sees you cross your arms in front of your chest. “i’m sorry,” he laughs as he leans down to kiss you. “i’m kidding.”
“you’re so full of yourself, babe,” you tease.
your smile disappears when chan’s cock springs out of his boxers, thick and hard, with the tip red and glistening as pre-cum leaks out of it. the base is adorned with his veins, prominent enough to show up in the darkness. his cock twitches and your mouth opens, salivating at the sight of him. 
when you look back up, you let your eyes take in chan and you marvel at him, basking in the presence of a man whose body looks like it has been sculpted by the Gods up above. shoulders broad, muscles defined, your core throbs and tightens at the promise of getting to have him tonight.
it was here that you understood that you didn’t need to be swept off of your feet or be brought to anywhere else fancy when bang chan, in all of his glory, is no place you’ve ever been to. you’re more than willing to get to know him tonight and let him take you where he pleased.
“you’re about to be full of me in a second,” he jokes, smirking. his cheeks turn pink and you try your best to ignore the fondness brewing in your stomach. despite putting on his confident facade, you know chan is as nervous as you are. “lie back.”
you rest your back on the sheets below you, your legs opening to welcome chan in between them for the second time tonight. the feeling of his hands on the side of your body awakens something feral in you and before you can process the reaction, you buck your hips up onto him, your wet core brushing his hard cock. he groans as he pulls away, spitting on his palm before smearing it all over his member. you lick your lip before reaching up to hold his nape once more.
“ready?” he asks as he pumps himself, lining himself up in front of your core.
you feel as if you’re walking a tightrope when he asks you the question. one misstep and you’re falling into everything that encapsulated him, into everything that was bang chan. were you ready to let go and let him overwhelm you? after 8 long years, you finally let your foot slip and the next thing you know, you’re looking back up at chan, hand squeezing his shoulder as you say,
“ready as i’ll ever be, baby.”
it’s as if the gates of heaven opened when chan pushes himself in you, the both of your moans creating a melodic symphony that echoes in the bedroom. his girth parts your walls and the feeling burns ever so slightly. you whimper as you bite your lip, throwing your head back onto the pillows. a comforting hand rests on your waist as he stops at his thickest.
“you’re so big,” you choke out. he hums as he leans down to bury his face in your neck to smile against it. chan presses a soft kiss on your skin as he bottoms out, groaning softly when your cunt clenches around him. you put a hand on his back, pressing his skin as he pulls out fully. he pushes back in roughly, the sound of his balls hitting your skin echoing in the whole room. you claw at his back as you arch yours, gasping, and he grunts softly.
chan starts thrusting, his skin grinding against your swollen nub. “your pussy’s so tight, babe,” he moans. you sigh in response as your legs wrap around his torso, pushing him in you even deeper. you needed him, you wanted him, and you’re here to make sure you get to experience bang chan in ways you’ve never experienced him. it doesn’t matter how many he’s had before you. what matters is that he’s in you now, thrusting his cock and taking you to heaven.
“you’re so good,” you praise, voice cracking as a whine comes out. “you’re so good to me.”
“yeah?” chan breathes, a smug smile forming on his lips. his chest heaves as he continues to ram into you. his skin is hot against yours and you drown in the feeling and in his scent. “you’ve thought about this before, haven’t you?” you whine in response. “such a dirty mind for a refined secretary. ”
chan bites down on your shoulder before slowing his thrusts, raising his head from your neck. “turn around.”
it doesn’t register quickly, but once it does, you’re off of his cock to get on fours, planting your hands on the soft mattress and arching your back to expose yourself to chan. he groans behind you, hovering over you as he puts a hand on the headboard in front of you.
“tell me what you want,” chan whispers, pressing a soft kiss on your shoulder.
“baby, please,” you cry. “you know.”
chan snickers, pushing only the tip of his cock in. “i need to hear you say it.”
“tell me, baby. tell me what you want.”
“your cock, chan. please, i want it. i need it. i want to feel you inside me, please. pl—“
chan squeezes your hips before pounding his cock inside of you. you cry out his name, throwing your head back as your eyes close. you get lost in chan’s grunts, letting them wrap themselves around your body the way chan’s arm snakes around your waist. he pulls your body back into him, your back flushing against his chest. the sounds of your slick coating chan’s cock as he continues to ram into you rings in your ears and you feel your clit ache below you.
“god, baby,” chan grunts. “it’s like my cock’s made for you.”
you whine at his words, your hand making its way down to rub circles on your clit. chan growls softly, removing his hand from the headboard to hold your wrist.
“let me,” he mutters. “let me take you there.”
you weren’t about to say no.
the promise of an orgasm looms on you as chan draws rough circles on your clit. his thrusts start to syncopate from his rhythm and he pushes you back down on the bed gently. you bury your face on his soft sheets and you turn your head to the side as you moan and whine an incoherent mess of praises and curses. you grip the sheets as you spread your legs apart and your thighs start to shake as chan presses his fingers down on your clit.
“baby,” you rasp, tears forming in the corner of your eyes, “i can’t—“ 
chan grunts, “you want to cum for me again?”
“yes, please, please, pl—“
“gush on my cock, baby. let me feel you.”
it’s pure ecstasy when you do, letting yourself go in the pleasure of everything that was bang chan—his moans, grunts, breathing, cock, everything. you cry out into his sheets and grip them until your knuckles turn white. your legs try to close as your whole body shakes and just like the first time, chan takes you to a place you’ve never been, your vision turning blurry as he continues to pound you. your toes curl as you moan his name,  like it’s the only word in your vocabulary. behind you, chan whines softly.
“where do you want me to cum?”
you don’t respond immediately, body shaking in the aftermath of your orgasm. “inside,” you pant. “give it to me.”
chan cries, “jesus, fuck.” he loses his rhythm completely as he leans over you, his sweat falling on your back. “shit, y/n, baby, i— ”
he thrusts a few more times before he grabs your hips, pulling you into him with a groan as he spills his cum, hot and sticky, inside of you. your pussy clamps down on his cock as he grinds inside you to ride his high out, his hand finding its way to the dip of your back. he pulls out after a short while and you whine at the emptiness that comes with it. you do, however, feel both of your juices seep out of you, dripping down on his bed sheets.
“what a sight,” chan mutters behind you as you let your body fall on the bed. you giggle softly as you close your legs, the high wearing down as your body starts to feel heavy. you have a feeling you’d be sore tomorrow, but the both of you weren’t expecting many to come into work, anyway. so, you’ll end up getting away with it. for now. the bed dips beside you and chan pulls you into him, your back against his chest.
for a moment, you listen to his breathing and focus on the way his fingers lied on your stomach. your eyes start to grow heavy, but you hear chan whisper, “are you okay?”
“i am,” you respond softly, turning around to face him. once your eyes meet, chan smiles as he tucks a hair strand on the back of your ear. his hair is disheveled and wet with sweat, but still, chan looked as well put together as he always does. you lean up to kiss him, your lips moving slowly on each other. when you pull away, chan’s eyes are twinkling and he lets out a soft hum of satisfaction.
“so,” you mumble, playfully tapping his bottom lip, “are we still going to work tonight?”
chan groans, throwing his head back with a chuckle. “it can wait.”
“no. it can’t,” you tease, pressing a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth. chan’s arms around your waist tighten as he pulls you closer.
“don’t use my words against me,” chan grins. he places his hand on the back of your head, lightly stroking your hair. your eyes grow heavy and the next thing you know, you’re wavering in between falling asleep and staying awake.
you do hear chan’s voice in the midst of all of this, a soft and gentle, “hey, i love you.” you feel him kiss your forehead before you blissfully fall into oblivion.
Tumblr media
you wake up when chan’s bedroom door bursts open, the door handle hitting the wall.
you raise your head, squinting as you watch chan come in with a tray of food. the aroma hits your nose immediately and your stomach growls softly. he gives you a quick, apologetic smile as he puts the tray down at the edge of the bed.
“good morning,” he greets, running a hand through his hair. he sits down beside the tray and he grins. your eyes travel down his figure, the black formal polo from last night is on his torso again, paired with the boxers, you could only assume, he was wearing last night.
friday, a new work day for the two of you. “good morning to you too, sir,” you mumble before rubbing your eyes. your chest stings from all of the marks from last night and you wince. chan lets out a soft hum, reaching out to hold your hand in his.
“did you sleep well?”
“yeah. thanks to you,” you tease. chan runs his thumb on your palm, inhaling as he looks up at you, cheeks pink.
a comfortable silence falls in the room as the both of you sit in each other’s company. it was overwhelming enough that you woke up in chan’s bed, but now he’s cooked you breakfast, plated it, and put it on a tray to bring to you. it didn’t even occur to you that he knew how to cook. you smile to yourself as you realize— you didn’t know everything about him yet. you part your lips to speak, but you didn’t notice chan doing the same.
“oh, you go firs—“
“no, you can—“
the two of you huff simultaneously, laughing at each other. “you go first,” you giggle. chan nods, coughing into his fist with a smile.
“about last night,” he starts, “i hope i didn’t hurt you too much.”
you look down at your chest playfully as you shrug. “it’s no big deal,” you hum. “i enjoyed it.” chan chuckles in response. he watches as you reach over to the plate, letting go of his hand as you bring the plate to your lap. “did you enjoy?” you question.
“yeah, of course,” chan responds immediately. “what’s not to enjoy? i mean, you were spectacular.”
“i could say the same to you, mister ‘no, i can’t wait anymore’.” you joke. chan’s cheeks flush as he scratches the back of his head sheepishly. you dig in your breakfast as chan does the same, the both of you eating in silence. you rest your back on the headboard and you watch chan. his hair is made already and he looks like he’s ready to start the work day. you bite your lip as you look down, your body merely being covered by the duvet. suddenly, memories of last night flood your mind and you sigh softly.
chan catches it immediately.
“where does this lead us?” you ask, putting down your utensils. “you know, this—“ you motion between the two of you—“whatever this is.” you didn’t know what answer you’re waiting for, but you hope it’s positive.
chan thinks for a moment and the silence is deafening. he puts his hand on your thigh,   putting down his plate beside him. “we can tell the office that we’re dating or...” he trails off, looking up at the ceiling, “we can keep this between us for now.”
your eyes widen, coughing as you struggle to come up with an answer. you and chan were together now? chan mentioned the word already, right? his eyes grow worried and he comes over to stroke your back. “did i say something wrong?”
“no, god, no, i just didn’t expect—“
“that i liked you back?” chan furrows his eyebrows. “i think last night was proof enough, baby.”
you blush, covering your face in your hands. chan chuckles softly as he leans over to move your hands away. “we can figure it out as we go,” he hums. “you don’t need to give me an answer right now, okay?”
you nod, your mind in shambles. your breath hitches as chan presses a kiss on your wrist. he looks up at you, “once we’re done eating, we can start the day.” you blink at him and he merely laughs.
“are you even ready for today?” he asks, tilting his head to the side, a smile on his lips.
the question hits you in many different ways, your mind travelling back to the last words you heard from him last night. are you ready to finally be with chan after all these years? you scan his face, taking him in as his smile reaches his eyes. chan looked beautiful and you know you wouldn’t be anywhere else, wouldn’t be with anyone else because all you needed is in front of you and he always has been. both of you were just too stupid to admit it to yourselves.
you straighten your back, clear your throat, throw your disheveled hair behind your shoulder, and smile at him.
“ready as i’ll ever be.”
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taeghi · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Y/n, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await for your owl by no later than 31 July.
an nct dream smut series ⚯͛
genre : smut, angst, some fluff 
-- warnings : explicit & vulgar language, sex lol, maybe some “alcohol”
Huang Renjun and the MUGGLEBORN
Tumblr media
-- pairing ϟ  pure blood ravenclaw!renjun + muggleborn ravenclaw!y/n
summary ϟ pure blood ravenclaw!renjun and muggle born ravenclaw!y/n have always despised each other. the difference in their magical blood has separated them in terms of who is the more incrediable wizard, though what happens when they put that fact aside and actually get to know each other? 
-- includes ϟ  enemies to lovers, hate sex, awkward tension, choking kink, oral. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-- pairing ϟ  slytherin!y/n + gryffindor!jeno
summary ϟ  sarcastic syltherin!y/n meets charming gryffindor!jeno. since draco malfoy graduated, y/n has become one of the most hated slytherin in hogwarts, yet, jeno is still infatuated with her and will do anything to be given her time of day, even if it means sabotaging his reputation by casting a particular spell to win her heart. 
-- includes ϟ  cocky jeno, possessiveness, hickey’s, spanking, dirty talk
Tumblr media
Lee Haechan and the SLYTHERIN ROYALS
Tumblr media
-- pairing ϟ  slytherin!haechan + hufflepuff!y/n
summary ϟ  royal slytherin!haechan has an obsession with the lower class hufflepuff!y/n. haechan’s royal blood permits him to talk to anyone that his family deems unworthy; this includes y/n’s family. though they know they can’t be seen with one another, that doesn’t stop them from seeing each other in secret. what happens when the slytherin royals come for a visit and find out about the two?
-- includes ϟ  corruption kink, dom!haechan, sub!reader, dirty talk, voyeurism, secret kisses in the hallway, hand holding. 
Tumblr media
Na Jaemin and the YULE BALL
Tumblr media
-- pairing ϟ  hufflepuff!jaemin + gryffindor!y/n
summary ϟ  hufflepuff!jaemin flirts his way into gryffindor!y/ns heart even though she thinks he’s the most annoying wizard ever. na jaemin is known as hogwarts’ sleaziest wizard, and y/n is the only witch that won’t put up with it. what will other students think when they see the two-step into the yule ball together?
-- includes ϟ  voyeurism, switch!jaemin, switch!y/n, praise kink, fingering. more to come....
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kpop---scenarios · 10 days ago
Day Eight: Cream Pie
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bang Chan x Reader x Hyunjin
Warning: Unprotected Sex, Cream Pie
Word Count: 1,088
"Let's go." Chan sneers, pulling you away from the man you had just been talking to. 
"What is your issue?" You ask, as he drags you through the haunted house, ignoring the actors playing dead as they jump out at you. 
"Hyunjin." He yells out to the black curtain that hangs in front of you both. His best friend emerges from behind it, looking at the two of you and Chan's fuming face. 
"What's up?" He asks, noting the tension between you two. 
"I need to use your curtain for a bit." He smirks, looking back at you before back at Hyunjin. Hyunjin begins to laugh as he realizes what Chan wanted, he nods his head as a signal for you and Chan to head behind it.  
"Chan, can we just talk about this?" You ask as he pushes you against the wall. He doesn't say anything, only grunting as he pulls your pants down, along with your thong. You can hear him behind you unbuckling his belt, pulling his hard cock out, pushing it into your ass. He presses his body against yours as he whispers in your ear. "Don't make a fucking sound." He says, kicking your foot to spread your legs more. He squats down, adjusting himself before he rams his hard, veiny dick into your wet hole. You gasp loudly, forcing Chan to cover your mouth as he drives his cock into you. Your mouth opens as you pant heavily, Chan is quick to plunge his finger into your mouth, making you suck on it as he fucks you. 
On the other side of the curtain you can hear Hyunjin scaring people, knowing that there was only a sheet of fabric separating you and Chan fucking from a ton of strangers made you so fucking hot. He takes his finger from your mouth, grabbing a clump of your hair, yanking your head back. "You think you can flirt with someone else and you wouldn't be punished?" He grunts, plowing into you. "Think again, you're mine.I decide who you can be with, or who fucks you." He finishes. 
"Oh god." You moan in a whisper. "Yes yours." You pant, reaching between your lips to rub your clit. 
Chan pounds into you, the sound of your skin slapping together blends in with the screams of those being frightened. With your other hand you reach under your shirt, grabbing your breast and pinching your nipple, rolling it between two fingers. "Cum." Chan demands as you keep working on your clit. You're close, the adrenaline and rush from the possibility of being caught made you hornier than ever before. Chan grunts loudly as you clench yourself around him, your orgasm hitting just at the right moment, you scream out as Chan plows into you, chasing his own high. His hands secured around your waist as his head digs into your back. He cums inside of you, filling you with his creamy load. You're both panting as he pulls out of you. You're leaning against the wall, his cum dripping down your leg as you try to regain some strength. 
Hyunjin walks in, looking at Chan before turning to you, seeing your legs spread, pussy wet and full of cum, he instantly gets hard. Chan looks at Hyunjin noticing him eyeing you up, he walks to you to whisper in your ear. "Want another dick inside you?" He asks. You turn your head, seeing Hyunjin standing there, his cock bulging against his pants. Chan stands up, smiling. "Would you ever fuck your best friends girl?" He asks hyunjin. 
"With permission." Hyunjin answers, hoping this is going where he thinks it is. 
"And Y/N, would you fuck my best friend?" He asks. 
"It's up to you, I'll do anything you want." You sigh, pussy craving more. 
"You want another round with Hyunjin?" He asks. You nod your head, a little whimper escaping your lips. "Fuck her. Cum inside her." Chan tells Hyunjin. Hyunjin looks at him, unsure if this was a test or a joke. "I'm serious. I'll go scare people, fuck my girl, man." Chan tells him, walking away and passing the curtain to do Hyunjin's job. 
"Are you sure?" Hyunjin asks, making sure you really want this. You chuckle, turning your head to look at him. 
"Fuck me, Hyunjin." You moan, spreading your legs more and sticking your ass out. He groans as he unbuckles his belt, pulling out his throbbing, cum dripping dick. He lines himself up with you, pushing inside, stretching you out. "Oh.. oh fuck." You moan, your hands on the wall. Hyunjin starts slowly, pulling out before slowly sliding back inside you, teasing you. 
"More.. please.. harder." You gasp as he pulls out before slamming back into you. Your eyes roll back as he grunts loudly, his breath uneven as he chases his high. You begin to play with your swollen clit again, groaning and gasping as you rub your sensitive bud. 
"Fuck.. your pussy is so fucking tight." He moans, his fingertips digging into your hips. You can hear Chan on the other side of the curtain, scaring people, the screams of others. You scream loudly, Hyunjin's hand reaches around to your neck, squeezing tightly as he pulls your body into his. His thrusts are hard and fast, his orgasm coming quickly. 
"You better cum Y/N." He grunts in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. "Cum now. I'm gonna cum." He groans 
You clench around him, your orgasm coursing through your body, making you jolt. Hyunjin cums, moaning and breathing into your ear as he fills you up, mixing his load with Chan's. He breathes heavily as he pulls his throbbing cock from inside you, allowing the mixture of cum to spill out of you. You're spent, struggling to pull your pants up. Hyunjin kindly helps you, trying to make you look not so fucked out. 
Chan comes back into the room with a smile on his face. He and Hyunjin are talking, something about round two, but you don't pay much attention, as you lean against the wall with your eyes closed, you're ready for bed. Chan puts his arm around you, and so does Hyunjin, helping your tired body out of the haunted house and to Chan's car. They slide you in the back seat before Chan gets in the front and Hyunjin in the passenger. Chan looks back at you before turning on the car. 
"Sleep on the way home baby, we're just getting started tonight." 
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mercurygguk · 14 days ago
crazy | jjk (m)
— a ‘hair dye: the collection’ drabble
pairing; jungkook x f. reader
rating; 18+
warnings; indicative of smut, some fluff if u squint
— gif credit; @jung-koook <3
Tumblr media
jungkook is finally returning home to you and his apartment today, his body tired and sore from being on the go for several weeks in a row. there was a new song coming out, a new music video that needed to be recorded, an award show and so much more. he can barely remember what it’s like to have a day with no plans at all. god, he can’t wait to spend the whole day doing nothing with you tomorrow.
when he walks through the front door of the apartment, he’s met with silence. complete silence and no lights turned on, the dark and grey afternoon weather of October causing the entire apartment to look like no one has been here for months. but that’s not true, jungkook saw your shoes and keys in the hallway so you should be here somewhere.
it’s when he nears the bedroom that he finally hears a sound – the sound of you mumbling in your sleep. a smile spreads across jungkook’s face as he moves closer to the bed, careful not to wake you up. you look so cute, all curled up in the sheets, messy bun on top of your head and one of his hoodies around your smaller frame. he does the first thing that comes to mind, stripping off his hoodie before climbing into bed with you. you stir as he snuggles closer to you, the warmth of his body already warming you as he wraps his arms around you.
“mhm,” you hum as you cuddle closer to his chest, burying your face between his pecs. he smiles against the top of your head, squeezing you a bit tighter. it feels so good to finally have you in his arms again after so long.
he can tell you’re awake when you start wrapping your arms around his waist, hugging him back while snuggling even closer despite it being almost impossible. you silently intertwine your legs with his, needing to be as close as you possibly can. there’s a tired smile on your face when you look up at him. jungkook smiles back-
wait… what is that? it can’t be. there’s no way he’d do that. your eyebrows furrow together as your smile falters. jungkook watches it all happen, his own smile disappearing as he looks at you looking at something on his face.
“what wrong, baby?” he asks, worried all of a sudden.
you’re staring at something near his bottom lip; a small silver bar pierced through his skin right beneath his plush bottom lip. you know exactly what it is because it’s similar to the thing in his eyebrow that he got a few months ago. but despite knowing what it is you can’t help yourself and ask;
“what the hell is that?”
“what- ohhh,” jungkook chuckles once he realizes what you’re talking about, “do you like it?”
you meet his eyes, a look of ‘are you crazy’ on your face. he’s not crazy, you know that, but you might be soon if he keeps up with these surprises. do you like it? you’re not sure because it’s staring right back at you and something in you makes you sad that he’s poke a whole in his lip but then again, you’re also very, very curious about what it feels like to kiss his pierced lip.
“i can get it removed if you don’t like it, i just thought it’d be fun to-“
pressing a finger to his lips, you hush him, “don’t.”
“soyoulikeit?” jungkook asks behind your finger still pressed against his lips.
without another word, you cup his face and lean in, pressing your lips to his. one, because you haven’t kissed him in weeks and two, because you’re insanely curious to kiss his pierced lip.
jungkook moans softly once your lips meet his, automatically tilting his head to the side to deepen it. your tongue brushes over his bottom lip, the metal of the piercing cool against your tongue as you skim it. jungkook’s hand wanders under the sheets, sliding underneath his hoodie that you’re wearing. you’re naked beneath it, not a single piece of clothing on your body except his hoodie. not even panties.
“fuck, baby,” jungkook rasps against your lips between hungry kisses, “love that you’re only wearing my hoodie and nothing else.”
a soft whimper falls from your mouth and into his as his hand slides up your naked torso all the way to your bare breasts, cupping one in his large hand. he gives it a squeeze, thumb brushing over your hard nipple before sliding back down to your hip and further down to your ass. his hand grabs your flesh tightly, hard enough to leave marks once he lets go.
“mhm, kook,” you moan, “need you so bad-“
jungkook doesn’t even hesitate for one second as he moves to slide the hoodie off your body and throw it onto the floor. a squeal leaves your lips and a laughter falls from jungkook’s lips as he flips you onto your back. he moves to lay between your legs, hooking both of them over his shoulders as he leaves soft, airy kisses against your inner thighs. you’re already a goner for him and his touch and you know exactly what you’ll spend the rest of the day doing. the smirk jungkook gives you from between your legs when you glance down at him tells you that you won’t be leaving this bed before monday morning.
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lunarlxve · a month ago
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Tumblr media
✧ synopsis : arranged to be married to your best friend you harbor no romantic feelings for starts to feel like a trap for y/n. so, she decides to live life one last time before she’s tied down by a promise her parents made for her. She visits Seoul for her last semester of college and lives life with no regrets.
✧ warnings : cheating, just straight cheating. swearing. kissing? maybe. underage drinking. (i’ll keep updating)
✧ paring : sunghoon x reader x yeonjun
✧ genre : fluff. smau. some written parts. angst. college au. slow burn
✧ features : enhypen. some members of txt. yeji of itzy. heejin of loona.
✧ status : ongoing
✧ schedule : trying for mon. wed. friday. and maybe a surprise on the weekends
timestamps do not matter
this is just for fun and is NOT a real representation of how these people act
i’ve changed the ages of some people to fit the plot
don’t ask me about the extensive use of mirror selfies. we all know the iconic 02 mirror pics, i had to use them. enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧ profiles:
y/n nyc gang , seoul friends , sunghoons bros
Tumblr media
✧ 1. bitch boy
✧ 2. OUR boy
✧ 3. thinking of you <3
✧ 4. notorious mirror pics
✧ 5. observing
✧ 6. we are one
✧ 7. goodnight sunghoon
✧ 8. ART babyyyyy
bonus 1.0
✧ 9. the involvement festival
✧ 10. dumpling, wonnie bear and sunny
✧ 11. shoe sale
✧ 12. sigh
✧ 13. chem lab
✧ 14. art meeting
✧ 15. partners
✧ 16. flirting in the gc
✧ 17. renjun's paints
✧ 18. number 6
✧ 19. out to war
✧ 20. it got weird in here
✧ 21. we miss you
✧ 22. hi love <3
✧ 23. okay sunghoon
✧ 24. skating around
✧ 25. sim jaeyun
✧ 26. it's a secret
✧ 27. fighting!
✧ 28. i can't ice skate
✧ 29. yn & sunghoon
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skzkkun · a month ago
the moment when i close my eyes
Tumblr media
pairing: hyunjin x reader.
warnings: nsfw, bondage, oral sex (m recieving), orgasm denial, brat tamer! reader, sub ! hyunjin, petnames ('miss', 'puppy', 'baby', and 'angel'). if you think i proof-read this, you're a fool.
synopsis: the red lights mv got me feeling some kind of way. basically porn-without-plot. (1.9k)
Tumblr media
“Good morning, angel.” Hyunjin whispered, the groggy morning voice barely reached you. His dark hair and pyjamas were both tousled slightly from hours spent dreaming; even still, he looked ethereal. You wondered how someone could look so stunning after waking up, as you continued to softly kiss down his exposed stomach. “Baby, what are you doing?” Hyunjin chuckled, only to be cut off by your continued affection, “Oh-” His breath caught in his throat, “Oh, I love it when you wake me up like this, angel.”
Although it wasn’t a frequent event, every so often you loved to treat your baby to something nice to wake up to; this morning was the perfect occasion for such a treat. You knew how hard Hyunjin had been working recently, he’d wake up early just to rush off to the studio, barely having time for breakfast most days. He’d return home just past midnight looking exhausted, and as much as it broke your heart you knew he was passionate about his art, and all those nights in the dance studio were worth it for him. Besides, it gave you a great excuse to look after him, like this.
Hyunjin’s soft giggle brought you back to your senses, as you looked back up at him while you kissed further down his lean body. “You have no idea how gorgeous you look like that, baby. But, I have a question.” He dramatically motioned above his head, drawing your attention to the delicately tied rope that kept his wrists attached to the bed frame, “Why did you tie me to the headboard?”.
Your cheeks warmed, suddenly embarrassed, “I- I thought you wanted to try it out, you mentioned it a while ago and-,” you sat up from between his legs, concern washed over your face as you realised that maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all. “I could untie you if you’re uncomfortable! I’m sorry I should have asked or-”. You began to crawl back up to his face as he hushed you, now directly under you as your elbows rested on either side of his head.
“You’re overthinking, angel,” he whispered, the grogginess from just waking up now slowly fading from his voice, “I did mention it a while ago, and I'm very much still into it now. I trust you, (y/n).” His bright smile was overpouring with sincerity, causing you to practically melt at the sight. Admittedly, the scene would have been more wholesome had your boyfriend not been tied to the bed.
“Well in that case, where was I…” you giggled softly as you carefully crawled back down, resuming your kisses: down his chest, to his stomach, then next to his belly button as your hand graced the waistband of his pyjama bottoms. You gently tugged at the elastic, waiting for any indication that he wanted to stop.
Instead, he whined and subtly bucked his hips against your hand, “(Y/n), you’re just teasing me now,” he pouted, looking down at you expectedly. If this was any other time you may have teased him while he was in this state longer, but you wouldn’t have woken up earlier than usual if you weren’t just as desperate. With a final kiss above the waistband of his pyjama pants you stripped them off him, tossing the bottoms unceremoniously onto your bedroom floor. Quick to give Hyunjin what he wanted, your fingers softly caressed his now exposed cock and grabbed the base; directing the tip to your lips.
His precum smeared across your lips as you took his cock in your mouth in one quick movement. “Oh fuck, angel you’re so fucking go- good.” He moaned out, head recoiling back into his soft pillow. You started to bob your head faster, enjoying the feeling of his dick filling your throat. Hyunjin tried to thrust into your mouth, but your hand moved from his thighs up to his hips- not pushing down hard, but halting him. A reminder that at this moment, you were the one in control. He groaned in response, “I want to untie me baby, I wanna- I want to touch your hair, I want to fucking touch you-”. You only replied by bobbing your head up and down his length faster, pulling a pornographic moan from his lips. You pulled your mouth away as he weakly thrust up into the air, whining at the loss of stimulation. “No no no no no don’t stop-,” Hyunjin pleaded, wrists tugging against the rope that kept him restrained.
“Oh? But I thought you wanted me to untie you…” You smirked, as he incoherently babbled- conflicted between wanting to touch you and wanting you to continue to touch him. “You’re so cute, baby boy.” Hyunjin’s cheeks flushed red, and when you were sure he had come down from his high, from almost cumming in your mouth, you continued to go down on him. You licked the tip of his painfully hard dick, before taking him all in your mouth once again.
He immediately moaned out, “I feel so good- Hhh, speed up angel, speed up-” Hyunjin's thighs tensed as he tried his hardest to not fuck your mouth, not wanting you to stop again. “(Y/n), you're gonna make me cum. Oh fuck, you're gonna make me cum.” His fucked out rambling and heavy breathing continued, only working to turn you on more; you could guarantee that your panties were ruined by your wetness by now. As soon as his cock twitched slightly your mouth released his cock again, with nothing but a trail of saliva connecting you both. You looked up to him, the mischief in your eyes was undeniable as you made eye contact. “(Y/n), come on-” He hoarsly whined out, “I'm fucking dying here.”
“You’re always so dramatic, Jinnie” You giggled, a laugh that could be considered innocent if you didn’t have your boyfriend’s precum trailing down your chin. “If you want me to let you finish that bad, then why don’t you beg for it?”
He threw his head back into his pillow as he laughed in disbelief, his breathing eventually slowing back down to a regular rate. “You want me to beg you so I can cum?,” Hyunjin reiterated as if he didn’t understand, but the way his cock twitched at your order assured you that he understood completely, “Fuck you. You started this, (Y/n)! Finish what you started-” As to humble his growing cocky attitude, you suddenly began jerking him off causing a guttural moan from his lips. With the way he whined and tugged against the ropes above him, you almost felt mean. Almost.
“You really think you can make me beg?”
“Obviously.” You sped up your hand movements, moving one hand to caress his thigh to calm his tension.
“Oh fuck,” He cried out, “I don't think you can make me beg, baby girl. I've never begged for a goddamn thing in my life.” Your eyes locked as you smirked and continued your movements. As true as his words were, you were now more eager than ever to make him beg for you. The thought of your stubborn, cocky boyfriend falling apart only for you made you wetter than ever. “(Y/nnn),” He mewled out, “I'm not gonna beg you I'm not gonna beg you I'm not gonna let you win I'm not gonna let you win oh oh-” His desperate moaning was music to your ears, he was turning you on so much you had half a mind to untie him and let him fuck your brains out.
You brought your mouth back down to his dick, taking his entire length as you let him thrust his hips up into your throat. “Fuck, fuck, oh fuck, look at you, angel. You’re so good, you make me feel so good.” He strained his neck once again to look down at you, his eyebrows furrowed as he tried to keep his eyes open so he could commit the scene to memory. Once his cock twitched in your mouth he couldn’t help but close his eyes, succumbing to the pleasure. It was like he was addicted to the feeling, your mouth was so warm and soft around his dick, your tongue felt incredible flush against his shaft. He felt like he was floating in his own thoughts when he was snapped back into reality with the realisation that you were no longer on his cock. “Huh?” Hyunjin’s eyes snapped open, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, no, no- Look at me baby You can't leave me like this you cannot leave me like this huh fuck no not gonna say I'm not gonna-”
You began to sit up onto your knees, admiring how desperate you could make your boyfriend. If you weren’t just as desperate, you would have laughed at how pathetic he looked for you, maybe even degraded him for being such an eager puppy for you. You tuned back into reality as his pleading got louder, “Oh, please baby please please please please all right you win you win you win you win,” You smiled lovingly as he fucked up into the air, so needy for any form of touch, “please, (Y/n), let me cum please please please then I need to cum I need to cum on. I need to fucking cum, miss.”
“See?” You purr, slowly bending back down to face his cock, “That wasn’t so hard was it, baby?” You spat on his twitching cock, he probably would have cum from that alone if he had to- but you were feeling generous this morning. You licked from the base of his cock to his tip, and resumed deepthroating him. Trying to get him to his peak, you focused on breathing steadily and massaging his thighs- as opposed to your incredibly sore jaw. He only needed to thrust into your mouth a couple more times before he came undone, moaning loud enough to fill the entire apartment with his desperate cries: “Oh thank you Miss thank you oh good luck oh please Miss take it off please yes thank you for letting me cum,” His eyes were squeezed shut as he came into your mouth, legs shaking from the intensity of his orgasm, “Oh, thank you fuck I’m shaking oh oh fuck fuck-”
He continued to whine out as you swallowed and worked to quickly untie his wrists from the bedframe, kissing the reddened marks that lingered. “Thank you, miss.” Hyunjin mewled, eyes still closed as he twitched from his aftershock “Thank you for letting me cum.”.
“You were so good for me, Jinnie” You threw the rope on the nightstand next to your bed, softly kissing his wrists and stroking his disheveled hair, “You’re always such a good boy for me”. He practically purred as he looked up at you, nothing but admiration in his eyes.
“Do you want me to cook some breakfast for you? I can bring it to bed if you want, baby!” You asked, any thought of your own pleasure ignored as you prioritised your boyfriend’s aftercare.
“Mmm, ‘m hungry so yes please.” His exhausted voice was gentle, he was completely in a world of his own. You could almost imagine how fuzzy his mind must be after such an intense scene; you kissed his head, picked out new pyjama bottoms for him to change into, and left to cook your boyfriend some breakfast.
## A/N —
first fic: done! lmk if you guys liked this, and please feel free to leave an ask or reply if you want to be added to my skz taglist!!
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yeonjuns-anti-romantic · 14 hours ago
Thoughts about her are dangerous.
Why do I even care? That's what you keep asking yourself.
She hates you. You fucked up when you overreacted. She said it herself, you aren't special.
That night in the closet was a month ago now and everything has changed. You had noticed how close the two of you had been getting, how she'd grin and bite her lower lip any time she teased you. The way her face lit up when you teased her back, gently flicking her head and calling her a little dummy. You caught yourself too many times lingering your gaze on her when she wasn't looking so when it all became too much and she pulled you in that closet it was an amazing feeling to know she had been wanting you too.
You loved your little game of I Hate You But I Want You.
Her point was made that nothing about that night was anything more than a distraction and maybe that's how you felt too, at least that's what you keep telling yourself.
So why the fuck are you thinking about her now?
Feeling your head hit your pillow as you lay down, your right hand was splayed on your stomach.
Trying to close your eyes, you could almost hear her intake of breath, all those little noises she made. The thought of it made your dick twitch.
What were you doing?! Stop thinking about her!
Her thighs were so soft, if things had continued instead of that fight then you knew you'd have nibbled at her soft flesh, relishing in how her hips would circle in want. You'd slowly kiss up each leg, watching her eyes as your tongue darted out to lick over her panties between her thighs. How would she taste?
"Fuck! Yeonjun, get a grip!", you mumble to yourself but it was too late.
Tugging down your sweats and boxer-briefs, as your cock sprang free it ached for more. She was in your head.
"Fuck it.", you hiss, gripping yourself and giving into your thoughts.
Did she think of you too? When she touched herself? Would her little fingers rub frustrated circles on her clit, her tits bouncing with the effort, with her mind filled of you? Did she think about how you finger fucked her?
By now you were pumping your length, you wished it was her hand around you, her mouth, her pussy. All of her. That's what you wanted.
Circling your hand around the head of your cock, you shuddered, sensitive, a bit of precum making the tip glisten.
Your eyes opened and you were so deep in your fantasy that you saw her, those bright eyes and that grin as she was in your bed, hovering over your lower half.
"Yeonjun...", she coos, a bit of drool falling from her heart-shaped lips and onto you, her hands reaching to pump you with both hands, "You feel as good in my hands as you did inside me..."
"Yeah?...", you say, gazing at her with heavy lidded eyes, almost panting, your hips thrusting up.
"That's feels good, hm? I miss you making me feel good. I miss you making me laugh.", she tells you, pouting slightly as her hands went faster, circling you at the tip and coming all the way back down to your base.
"I miss you too. Ahh-fuck-fuck-", you hiss out, your teeth clenching as your heart hammered in your chest. Just as you were coming her warm lips took you in and you exploded, feeling her tongue circle you while you got off.
Your hand fell away from you, your cum warm on your hand and stomach, you almost felt a little dizzy.
The fantasy of her melted away. You were alone in your dorm room. And you still knew the truth of it all, she hated you.
(I hope this didn't suck. A little part 3 to this still untitled writing.)
Tumblr media
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neopuppy · a month ago
Best Friend (M)
Tumblr media
Preview: “Yea?” He crooks a brow through the mirror eyeing over your body laid on his bed. “If you want to fuck, just say that.”
Rolling yours eyes you continue tapping your phone screen searching through tags for your new favorite genre of fan-fiction. Jaemin halts his actions stepping over to stand between your legs hung off to the side. Large hands groping around your thighs. “You know I want to.”
Continuing to ignore him, your eyes scan over a summary catching your interests.
‘Your alpha best friend goes into unexpected rut unable to control his urges after catching a whiff of your aroused scent.
authors note: really dubious!! reader beware! dead dove: do not eat! I warned you!! what are you still doing here?’
Pairing: Jaemin x female reader
Word Count: 4.6k
Genre: heavy dubcon/noncon elements(don’t read if that makes you uncomfortable. thanks.), best friends AU, pwp, smut, explicit language, sadists Jaemin, one shot
Smut Warning: role play, dirty talk, slut-shaming, humiliation, degradation, choking, human Jaemin pretending to be an alpha(a/b/o), spit, overstimulation, crying, hair pulling, mild slapping, biting, multiple orgasms, marking
“Your hair looks cute pushed back like that.” You peak over your phone at Jaemin stood in front of the mirror hung on his door. Defined sharp jaw reflecting like a knife as his face turns smoothing every fly-away hair down. Hand held mirror held up to catch pieces from the back. It wouldn’t make sense for Jaemin to appear any less than perfect, that was never his style.
“Yea?” He crooks a brow through the mirror eyeing over your body laid on his bed. “If you want to fuck, just say that.”
Rolling yours eyes you continue tapping your phone screen searching through tags for your new favorite genre of fan-fiction. Jaemin halts his actions stepping over to stand between your legs hung off to the side. Large hands groping around your thighs. “You know I want to.”
Your eyes scan over a summary catching your interests.
‘Your alpha best friend goes into unexpected rut unable to control his urges after catching a whiff of your scent.’
authors note: really dubious!! reader beware! dead dove: do not eat! I warned you!! what are you still doing here?
“You’re telling me you seriously don’t wanna fuck?” Jaemin asks shoving his knee between your parted thighs. Pushing down applying weighted pressure to your core. Knee bone brushing the fabric of your unveiled underwear back and forth.
“Huh..” distracted reading over the authors note you continue scrolling. Reminding yourself to bookmark this one before you end up losing the tab. Jaemin bites his lip focused on your hips lifting slightly. Mindlessly rubbing yourself against his knee in your quest to find a new fanfic to read.
“Can tell how wet you are already.” Jaemin says with a cocky twang drawing out his words. You hum in agreement skimming through the work. Jaemin’s knee grinds down faster building up a rhythmic motion. Clit brushed up and down, rolling under the bone roughly. Your breath catches in your chest as your eyes snap up. He bites over his bottom lip adding a suggestive lift of his brow.
“You ass, stop.” You command pressing your foot to his chest. Powerful hands capture around you keeping your toes dug into the center of his pecs. Knee never letting up.
“Come on, we have time before the party baby. I’ll fuck you so good.” Jaemin mumbles, dragging the sheer knee high covering your calve and foot off. Toes wiggle free before his lips, mouth open with a lap of tongue teasing your pinky toe. “We don’t even have to go.”
Grunting, you sit up on your elbows tossing your phone to the side. Your other foot pressing over his hardened member, applying pressure like a threat. “Don’t make me kick you in the dick.”
“You trying to turn me on? Cause it’s working.” His brows wiggle with a roll of his hips. Thick clothed length thrusting along the sole of your foot. Knee pressing down on your bundle of nerves too good. Underwear soaking up the wetness beginning to leak from your hole. You sigh dropping your head back.
“You. Are. So. Weird.” You emphasize each word, quickly spinning away onto your knees. The short casual dress you’d purposely decided on for easy access flying up exposing your half covered backside. Underwear scrunched up adorably between your cheeks only covering up the most important bits. Jaemin groans, hands landing on your ass squeezing.
“You’re hot. You’re getting hotter.” His brows wiggle, grabbing onto the fabric of your panties pulling them up higher. “You prefer it on all fours?”
With another kick of your foot you successfully shove him back. Sitting up and smoothing your dress down, leaning over to pick up your tossed aside sock. “You’re insufferable. Let’s go. We’re gonna be late. Your friends are probably waiting for you to provide edibles you know.”
Jaemin helps you up wrapping a hold around your waist. Pressing your bodies together with a questioning look. His forehead knocks against yours muttering along the tip of your nose- “Would rather provide you with something.”
Jaemin’s tired. He’s tired of watching you flirt with everyone except him. He’s tired of hearing tales and details from his friends about how dirty you are. He’s tired of the way you walk around so shamelessly taunting him. You’re practically asking for it, letting him do anything except that.
The bullshit excuse of ‘we’ll ruin our friendship’ getting old. Real old. Your friendships been ruined ever since you sucked him off last summer. You came on so strong, claiming you were just drunk and horny the next day.
Making it all the worse by fucking Jaehyun later that week. Then Johnny the next week. Then Jeno after that. Then all of them at once after his Birthday get together. You were really just asking for it at this point.
Johnny’s back muscles flex beneath your hands clutching at the back of his opened button down. His thick thigh pushed between your legs. Hand shoved inside of your underwear with fingers deep inside your cunt. His face lost in the dip of your neck spewing nonsense. ‘Good girl, nasty slut, like how everyone can see you?’ None of it matters. Jaemin’s eyes on yours from across the room the only thing you can focus on.
“Your fingers feel so good, wish you could fuck me right here.” Your tongue curls inside Johnny’s ear. Hands trailing up to his nape. Gripping and tugging harshly as he picks up speed. Jaemin’s hand visibly tightening around the red cup in hand. Jeno stood at his side going on about something. Jaemin nodding with lack of any interests. His jaw locking tight burning you with a wicked stare.
“Fuck you right in front of everyone like the little whore you are baby.” Johnny licks your collarbone growling. Fingers deeply wiggling between your clenched walls. You nod, biting back a moan when Jaemin licks at his upper lip. Head ticking with a snap of his neck. It wasn’t always to piss him off. It was more-so out of denial.
Crushing on your best friend was so cliché. Everyone expected that, always taunting you both with the idea. Having to keep it a secret once you did finally start hooking up. He made the first move suggesting you watch porn together for the first time. Things only escalated from there.
Jaemin’s head falls back hitting the shut bathroom door behind him. Jeno going on and on about how weak his back stroke has gotten. Sipping at the blue acid like fruity liquid with disgusts, entertaining his friend with a ‘hmmm’ ever so often. Never breaking eye contact with you between the swarm of bodies blocking the clear view.
“I need a refresher.” He taps the red plastic cup in hand, acknowledging Jeno quickly. Already stepping away before his friend can offer to accompany him. You trace his steps, his side profile shadowed as he makes way toward the kitchen. Eyes still locked on yours in maniacal glare.
“Wanna fuck you.” Johnny whispers, lips tugging your earlobe. You nod swallowing down the moan wanting to escape as Jaemin swipes a thumb across his lower lip. “Upstairs, my room.”
Johnny pulls away plunging a stiff jerk of his fingers inside your heat. He looks dazed, hedonistic, ready to plow right through you.
“Need water, I’ll be up in a minute.” You nod, tapping his nose. His mouth chasing after your finger when you back away with a wave of ‘not yet’.
Jaemin’s in Johnny’s parents kitchen, peering through the fridge. Cheeks puffing out with every poke and roll of his tongue. Frustration fuming around his mind. Shit alcohol, shit friends, shit best friend that won’t let him fuck, and nothing but shitty healthy food staring back at him.
“Can you move?” You obnoxiously budge him aside with your shoulder. Reaching past his rock hard figure stood in place for a water bottle. Jaemin’s palm slaps around your wrist like a snake halting your movement. Yanking you away with ease, the fridge door slams shut. Your back hurdled into it bouncing you forward releasing a pained groan. “What the fu-..”
Pressing his full weight against you, Jaemin’s hand slaps over your opened mouth muffling your words. Sadistic stare burning your eyes until they water up. Lower half shoved into your stomach allowing you to feel his entire length, hard length.
“What the fuck is right. What the fuck was that?” He spits out. Hand clamped tightly over your lips with no room to answer. He didn’t want an answer. “It’s not cute.”
Jaemin’s hand slips down to your neck squeezing viciously. Before you can give him a response he leans in. Neck bending closer with lazed half-lidded eyes. A raspy tone you only get to hear whenever he cums exits his lips, drawing on your hot cheek- “Keep fucking with me like that. Wait and see what happens.”
With a rigid thrusts into your spiraling gut, he chokes you harder. Grip sucking breath out, instinctively slapping at his arm. He pulls off with abrupt suddenness leaving you panting. Bent forward reaching for your thighs to hold yourself up. A water bottle gets shoved into your chest. Jaemin dampening your dress with moisture dripping off the plastic ripped from a nearby cooler. You only went for the fridge to bother him, of course.
“Johnny’s waiting, isn’t he?” Jaemin scoffs disgusted. Pushing your shoulder back with his free hand. “I’m heading out, find your own way home.”
Jaemin reaches to snatch your phone away, quickly slapping his hands off your wrists. You shout, pushing distance between your bodies. Sitting up flustered and angered. Tension from the other night lingers in the air. It wasn’t the first time he acted out. It takes two after all.
“What the fuck dude?!” You shove as hard as you can at his chest. Jaemin falls flat against his bed with a shit eating smirk.
“Aren’t we supposed to be studying? You haven’t put down your phone once. You hiding something from me?” His brows wiggle in question. Sitting up reaching for your phone once again. “Or someone? Did someone finally get a boyfriend?”
Jaemin mocks you with his pouted bottom lip sticking out obnoxiously. Eyes lowered blinking his eyes open cutely.
“Oh, I’m Jaemin!” You lock your phone with speed. Mortified by the idea of him catching a peek of what actually had you so distracted. “I can’t stand when I’m not the center of everyones world!”
Jaemin’s smile returns, folding his arms across his chest. He sits up on his knees holding up his head high displaying a defined long neck. “Am I not the center of your universe anymore? Little boyfriend you wanna hide replacing me now?”
Shaking your head, you slam your binder shut. Reaching for your bag as you climb off of Jaemin’s bed. He jumps forward, grabbing you by your biceps.
“is it Jeno?..Johnny?” his face dips in close, eyes beaming curiously. “Jaehyun? Who else did you fuck over spring break again? The entire swim team?”
“Didn’t fuck you.” You respond, slamming your bag into his chest. “Don’t slut shame me.”
Jaemin cups your face in one hand, turning you in a tight grip to look at him. “I would’ve fucked you. You didn’t want to.”
With a forceful shove, your feet stagger back nearly tripping. Jaemin’s hands stay up in defense from the crazed look taking over your face. Throwing your backpack at him, you mount his bed easily. With extra strength using your chest you push him down on his bed, slapping your palms on his defined pecs.
“Why are you being such a dick? On your period or something.” You mock. Releasing a laugh noting his shocked expression. Jaemin thrusts up, bouncing your lower half on top of his hips. Brow quirking suggestively.
“You into that? I have some fake blood laying around somewhere.” Jaemin bites down on his lip hiding a smirk. Large hands circling your waist delivering another thrust.
He never stopped fucking around, always teasing you with the idea of sleeping together. You’d been friends since childhood, even forced to bathe together once after running through muddy puddles after heavy rain. Your mother extremely upset by how easily you let the boy down the street sway you into his foolish antics.
Jaemin was always the one suggesting you try things- ‘just between friends’. First base, second base, never sliding home. Planting thoughts in your mind slowing down the second you blurted out having a crush on one of his friends. More than one of his friends, nearly his entire group of friends.
“You’re an idiot.” With a sigh you readjust, lifting off his lap. Prying tightening fingers off of your body. Jaemin sits up, once again pulling you in close by your hips. Giant puppy eyes stare at you preparing to beg.
“You really don’t wanna fuck?” He asks, hands swooping down cupping your ass with a squeeze. Teeth nipping his lower lip, repeating the motion over your backside.
“You’re insufferable. Call up one of those skanks you have on speed dial if you’re so desperate to fuck.” You flick his forehead, reaching to his side picking up your bag. “I gotta go.”
Jaemin groans, falling back dramatically. He laments, blocking out thoughts racing up from his cock.
“I wanna fuck you.”
“She’s always on that fucking phone now.” Jaemin glares at you from across the cafeteria. Hand under his chin, lips pursed annoyed. Focusing on your thighs clenched up rubbing together, the way your lip trembles. Your tongue poking out licking your top lip in deep thought. Eyes following whatever had sucked all of your attention up on your phone screen.
“…and?” Jeno shrugs, continuing to eat his pudding. “Why are you being so weird.”
“I’m not.” Jaemin blows out a scoff, glancing down the table at his group of friends. His team mates, guys who got to fuck you before him. Assholes, every single one of them. Jeno especially.
“You are. She’s just on her phone.” Jeno replies uninterested. Working on opening up another snack pack. Jaemin takes time to note none of his friends have their phones out. Who could you be talking to? So much that you opted to sit alone today.
“You think she’s seeing someone?” Jaemin taps Jeno’s elbow. Nodding his chin in your direction.
“Why would that matter…” Jeno’s eyes roll. Sitting up straight to give Jaemin his full attention. “I don’t think she’s into you. Just saying.”
“Fuck you Jeno. That’s not what I meant.” Jaemin barks, shoving his tray into Jeno’s, causing his second snack pack of pudding to tip over.
“She already did.” Jeno shoots him a wink. Finger scooping up spilled pudding, loudly sucking it off. Jaemin disgusted, convinced you had some of the lowest standards.
“Dick.” Jaemin mutters, stomping over in your direction. “I wanna leave early. I don’t feel too good.”
Your eyes widen nearly dropping your phone, clutching the device to your chest. Jaemin stood at your side carrying a serious aura, cold expression glaring down at you.
“What’s wrong?” Your hand lifts to your thumping heart, fright jumping to your chest. Panic setting in wondering how long he’d been standing there… if he saw..
“Just don’t feel well. Let’s go.” Jaemin grabs your bag, beginning to walk away before you can protests. You shoot up chasing after him, pocketing your locked phone.
“Jaemin! I have another class!” You yank your bag. His longer arms lifting it further away. Eyes evilly squinting at you.
“You can miss it just this once, for me. I don’t want to be alone.” He continues on. Long legs stepping in fast pace toward the parking lot. You groan, guilted and defeated chasing after him.
“You seriously act like the world revolves around you and only you.”
Getting into the passenger seat of Jaemin’s car, you cross your arms. Irritation itching at your neck, attempting to cool your rising anger. Jaemin backs out, shoulders rolling as he speeds too quickly from the lot.
“That’s because it does.”
Jaemin lays back on his bed, biceps flexing with his hands behind his head. Mouth twitching side to side rethinking what Jeno had said. Even if you were such good friends, how could you not want to fuck him?
His eyes drift over to your figure, slowly trailing up to your backside. Laid on your stomach facing the opposite end of his bed. On your phone- yet again, no surprise.
“You haven’t even asked me if I feel better.” His cheeks fill in question. Smacking the backs of your sock covered feet softly.
Looking over your shoulder you shrug, locking your phone again- “You seem perfectly fine to me. Besides, I’m tired.”
“Wanna nap?” Jaemin ask, patting his chest for you. Your eyes roll, unlocking your phone without giving him a response. His eyes shut, growing frustrated with your checked out behavior. Tired himself, horny and exhausted after a long week.
When he wakes, you’re in the same position. Eyes shut, lips parted open, phone unlocked in your hand.
He yawns, tongue lapping at the roof of his mouth. Head double taking with realization zoning in on your dim phone screen.
He contemplates the hundreds of ideas passing through his mind. Moving slick like a cat, he inches in closer. Slipping your phone free from your loose grip.
The last thing he expected to find left open a fanfiction for some boy band you’ve mentioned before. He scrolls through, face twisting in confusion.
“ABO?” Whispering to himself, he reaches the top of the page. Blinking slowly reading through the long list of tags.
- nonconsensual, no seriously.
- dead dove: do not eat
- breeding, a fuck ton of breeding
- slapping, choking, anal
- vicious alpha taking advantage of an omega in heat
Jaemin gives you another look, satisfaction warping his brain. The next few minutes spent looking through your browser history growing more and more amused. Insane amounts of this wolf fucking coming up. All falling within the same categories. Kinks named that Jaemin wasn’t aware you even had.
“Really are a little slut, aren’t you.”
“Teen Wolf?” You question bewildered waking up. Half asleep in a daze of half reality-half dream. Jaemin’s perched at your side enthralled with the show playing.
He lazily laughs, lifting a finger in the air. Giving you a knowing look- “I’m really into this wolf shit as of late.”
You react too fast, returning a suspicious glare. Jaemin’s eyes light up, not breaking from yours. “I think I’d be an alpha.”
Without sparing you a second to respond, he pounces on you. Straddling over your hips, palms wrapping around your raising fists.
“That’s what you want right? To be treated like an omega whore, stuffed full of cum.. and..”
“Stop!” Full of shame, your face instantly heats up. Struggling under his weight keeping you in place. Jaemin’s hold only tightens, slamming your wrists by your head. Hips grinding down on your stomach. Hard cock bulging from his jeans threateningly.
“Don’t you want to be a slutty omega? Fucked and bred like some dumb whore?” He reveals teeth with a sharp wicked smile. “My stupid omega slut.”
“Jaemin, stop! This isn’t funny!” You whimper, only stirring a growl in his gut. Jaemin bending forward pressing your chests together. The snarl on his lips turns menacing, eyes darkening as he says-
“Good, cause I’m not joking.” With your wrists gathered together in one hand, his other works the button on his jeans open. Hips ferociously churning down dry humping your stomach. Your legs kick behind him, thrashing your knees up hitting his back. Jaemin arching forward groaning throatily as pain surges through his sore muscles. “Ah, you love the struggle don’t you omega.”
“No! I don’t! Jaem-“ your mouth shuts bursting into a cry. A wad of spit slapping your lips mid-protest. Jaemin’s face brightening in success.
“Keep up that fake struggle sweetie. I won’t stop, gonna fuck you like a good omega whore. Thats what you want, thats what you’re dreaming about baby.” He snarls, hawking out another ball of spit. Landing across your forehead like a button setting off more tears. Your cheeks burn up in an instance, thrashes falling into wanton squirms. Jaemin whips out his cock with a speedy stroke spreading precum. Your eyes spark like a lighter coming to life. Flames rising behind your iris admiring the way he can barely contain his own size.
“That’s what my omega bitch wants. Filled up by your alpha, wanna live off my cock baby? So fucked and mindless craving nothing but cum.” He dabbles on, dropping into his mocking baby-talk.
Your head shakes, jerking up weakly under his weight. Drool breeching your lips sinking into a black headspace. Thick cock glistening at the slit like a delicious prize. A prize you’ll do anything to win.
“I don’t.. I don’t..” you grit, crying more from lack of control. Letting go of your wrists, he moves too fast. Too strong. Ripping your top off exposing your bare chest. Sick smile pulling his features up from brow to jaw as if he grew horns.
“No bra?..” he asks in pout, reaching back between your legs slapping your soaked panties. “So wet. You want this so fucking bad sweetie. Acting all dumb won’t help you now. Always fucking with me, doing anything and anyone to make alpha jealous.”
Alpha. Thats enough for your hole to squeeze out trickles of wetness. Jaemin sitting back tossing off his shirt with a swoop of his thumb through the hem. Broad shoulders stand tall, leading down his defined chest. Years of swimming trimming his physique to a perfect masculine shape of small waist to wide chest.
“Fuck..” your eyes slip shut. Face falling to your shoulder whimpering. Always using the mental image of Jaemin whenever you read fanfiction. He’d be the perfect alpha, unreasonably thick cock for no reason other than to drive you mad.
“No no, keep those pretty eyes open.” Jaemin says with a pinching slap to your cheek. Eyes flying open in a daze, fantasy consuming the reality.
“C..c-claim..” you shyly stutter, too far gone in your own story to remember yourself. “C-claim me…alpha, please..”
Jaemin’s smile widens, too large, spread into his cheeks reaching past his eyes. Slapping your breasts with a pointed jerk of his chin.
“Thats it omega. I’m gonna fuck you like I always said.” Jaemin rasps, voice turning hoarse with arousal building up. Either he moves blindingly fast or you’re too far gone. Before it fully hits, he strips you both down to nothing. Your legs tossed back. His face up close to your cunt, sniffing eagerly like a dog… an alpha.
“Filthy slicked up omega pussy. Say you don’t want it but look how fucking wet you get for me baby.” Jaemin growls, dragging his tongue down to your opening hole. Slurping up the absurd amount of arousal thats already spilled out.
“Alpha.. I need..” your lips tighten up. Pursed together swallowing back your begging. Face so hot, rapturous sensations of trembling all over your skin burning through his sheets.
“Gonna fuck you, fuck you ‘till you can’t walk. Need to hang off my cock don’t you baby? Like the stupid omega slut you are.” Jaemin drops your legs, slapping your hip roughly pushing you on your stomach. Your arms yanked back, wrists gripped together, other hand twirling into your hair. Cock diving between your wet squeezed shut thighs from behind. Fat enough to feel like you’re already being split open. Cock head hitting and teasing your clit with each swipe. Your eyes roll back gasping, Jaemin setting you into the exact position the alpha in the story you’d been reading had.
“So good for me omega, so fucking wet and ready to be mine. All mine.” He rambles on fucking the inside of your thighs. Tip stimulating your itching bundle of nerves over and over. The position, the way he degrades you holding you down to be used and fucked. Your toes curl together, knees locking as you jolt against his bed. Entrance sucking at nothing with pure need.
“Alpha! Alpha please!” You shout out between tremors rocking up your back. Pussy gripping, slicking your thighs up even more.
“Feel that? Thats how fucking bad you want me omega.” Jaemin sucks in a deep breath. Cock seething past your orgasming walls hissing through his teeth. His eyes flutter absorbing your cries cascading into broken whimpers. Hole greedily sucking him down with ease. Impressed with how slutty you really are, taking his size like nothing. “Fuck..shit…oh fuck you feel so…so good.”
He goes deep quick, thrusting in one full go. Tip of his cock slamming far inside as he rolls down against you. Your neck arches painfully with a brutal rip to your scalp. He thrusts hard right away, pulling in and out. Bouncing and fucking his weight against you like you want, like you deserve. Feral, just like an alpha would be.
“Taking me so fucking good omega. Wanted this, you wanted this.” He murmurs. Hitting shallowly, using your wrists and hair to ride you hard. A fast pace shooting sounds of skin on skin throughout the room.
“Jaem-..” you manage to whisper. Voice cracking out in attempt.
“Alpha, thats alpha to you.” He spits leaning down. Your chest crash landing pushed into the mattress. Jaemin biting back his scream with each heavy piston of his hips slamming down. “Fuck..I’m..”
“No no!” You cry, feet hitting the edge of his bed feigning anguish. Jaemin stilling with a deep thrust shooting down a powerful burst of cum. Seed sinking hot and deep inside. The last ‘no’ teetering off your lips like a lie.
“Fuck baby, love my cum so much don’t you.” Jaemin slips from your pulsing pussy with a mean slap to your ass. Strong arms positioning you to your back again, pushing you far enough to half hang off his bed.
Your neck lifts hazily, body loose and easy to maneuver. Jaemin pushes you open plummeting back inside. Cum leaking out around his size. The fullness and nastiness of it all sending you back. Hanging free off the side fucked into again.
“Such a good omega, giving you all my cum. Fuck you like my little toy. Have you spilling my cum for days.”
“Jaemin…alpha…” you moan incoherent. His words familiar, as if you’d heard them before. Straight from the fic he’d saved off your phone. Cock hitting you in the right place with this new angle. You weakly arch too fucked out and dizzy. Turned on, never wanting it to end. Climax surging down your legs in twitching heat. Like dominoes hitting never ending their collapse.
“You’re so sexy like this. Stupid little omega.” Jaemin huffs grabbing your shoulders. Thrusting past your orgasm wrapping around him tightly. He pants against your nose. Bed slamming beneath your bodies against his wall loud and aggressively with each pounding thrust he gives you. Lost in his own head with thoughts and plans of what more he can do to you- “Nasty little.. my whore, my fucking whore. Say it baby.. tell me whose whore you are now.”
“You..yours..” you break off wailing. Jaemin’s unrelenting thrusts sending you into another orgasm. Shorter but effective. Pussy burning with weak grips over his size. Pushed full, pushed harder than any of his friends had ever managed. “…a-alpha..”
“Fuck….fuck!” His eyes clench shut almost in pain. Definitely in pain, over-exerting himself with that second forced out load of cum. His face relaxes after seconds of catching breath go by. Your body lifeless, completely exhausted and spent of any energy. Cunt throbbing between your thighs sending shivering jolts up to your chest. Warm liquid spills down to your bellybutton. Jaemin sighing, falling into a relaxed expression.
His cock drags across your stomach marking your burning skin with golden driblets. Saliva dripping lips hung open panting heavily shaking off the last spurts above you as he stammers out- “Wait until you find out what I like to read.”
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v-hope · 5 months ago
I just remembered your TF drabble about yn loving Jk's bun. Now that he has short hair again I imagine her being incredible sad and pouting all day, running her hand through his hair while sighing loudly 🤭
pairing: jeon jeongguk x reader
genre: fluff, established relationship, slice of life, non-idol au
word count: 800+
a/n: I LOVE CONCEPTS LIKE THIS! so obviously i couldn’t stop myself from writing it, tysm for letting me bring this couple back :(
Tumblr media
Having you sigh while cuddling in bed and watching a movie was nothing new to Jeongguk, he had grown used to it after years of being with you. Whether it was because you were tired, relaxed, or just too invested in the movie and reacted to it without even noticing, your small sighs had become an indispensable part of your movie nights. So, he had mindlessly thought you were just doing it out of relaxation as you played with his hair that winter evening.
When you sighed for the tenth time only twenty minutes into Spiderman, however, he frowned, knowing right there that something about you was off.
Reluctantly letting go of his rather comfortable spot on your chest, he tilted his head so his chocolate eyes could focus on you — only then realising your eyes had not been fixed on the TV to begin with, but on his hair instead as you melancholically ran your fingers through it.
“What’s wrong?” he wondered, hand tenderly cupping your cheek so you would look at him.
A shrug of shoulders was your answer.
“Petal…” he pushed it.
“I won’t ever see the bun again” your bummed words caused his eyebrows to knit together out of confusion. “Or the ponytail…”
That’s when it hit him. His hair. After nearly two years of keeping it at a quite long yet decent length, he had decided to cut it short. It had just started to become annoying to have to tie it either into a bun or a ponytail to keep it out of his eyes, and it was even more annoying when he would inevitably miss his hair bands on a weekly basis and had to turn to borrowing —more like, stealing... with your implicit consent— yours instead.
Cutting it had seemed the best way out. And, quite honestly, it wasn’t that short to begin with. It was just shorter than the two of you had grown used to — messy hair no longer being a thing from now on. Therefore, to you, it was indeed short as hell.
“It’s just hair, petal” he tried to cheer you up as he did his best not to show the amused smile that had started curving up his lips. “It will be long again in a few months”.
“But I wanna play with it now” you pouted.
He chuckled. “Isn’t that what you’re doing right now?”
Your fingers stopped their ministrations on his hair, withdrawing from his brown locks right away. “It’s not the same”.
“Yah,” he called you out, grabbing your hand and placing it back on his hair for you to play with it. “You even hyped me up when I said I wanted to cut it, can’t back down now”.
“I know,” your pout grew more prominent. “But I didn’t know I would miss your long hair this much”.
Jeongguk bit his bottom lip, the movie long forgotten as his body now hovered over you and his mouth came dangerously close to yours. “Come on,” he mumbled on your pouty lips. “Don’t I look good now?”
Although his tone had come off confident, you knew him well enough to know he was looking for validation.
You huffed, arms crossing over your chest and eyes travelling to the side of the room as you bitterly spoke. “You’re the most gorgeous guy I’ve seen, of course you look handsome as hell no matter what”.
He laughed under his breath, catching you by surprise when his mouth happily pressed on yours.
You couldn’t help but giggle, unfolding your arms and wrapping them around his neck instead so you could stop him from pulling away just yet — your fingers once again entangling in his brown locks like it had become a habit of yours by now.
“See?” he smiled, faintly pulling away and opening his eyes so he could meet yours. “You can still play with it”.
“I guess you’re right” you admitted, staring at the way his hand gently grabbed a strand of your hair as his loving eyes remained fix on you. “But I might as well shave my head now so you can feel my pain”.
Jeongguk threw his head back as a throaty laugh escaped his mouth, later resting his forehead on your shoulder as his previous laugh turned into a whine. “Why did I fall for such a chaotic drama queen”.
It was now your turn to laugh. “That’s on you, Jeon Jeongguk. Can’t back down now”.
“Never said I wanted to” his immediate reply caused your heart to jump.
Acting on the way he made you feel, you pulled him into your chest, tightly wrapping your arms around his waist before you pressed a kiss to the crown of his head. “I might reconsider shaving my head if you promise I will get to see my bun in a bun again at some point”.
“I meant it when I said we have a lifetime to go together, petal” his genuine words brought a soft smile to your lips. “You will see me in a bun or ponytail so much you will get tired of it”.
“Doubt it” you stated, loving the sound of his breathy laugh as he tightened his hold around your body. “But since a lifetime seems like a long time, I guess I can deal with whatever hairstyle you want to try”.
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omgsoholy · a month ago
somethin’ — choi yeonjun
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: fluff, established
pairings: yeonjun & reader
cw: ridiculously inloved yj and reader, nothing more…
“Oh god, the things I do for you, baby.”
— i need some tooth rotting fluff and comfort bc uni is stressing me out!!! this is so out of the blue idea but I kind of like it lol… also this is based on this cute prompt… check out their acc the prompts are so cute TT_TT
Tumblr media
The odd silence of the apartment is a scary thing for Yeonjun because it is either you are up to something or you're not there to give him the love and affection he needed at this very moment. It's a stretch to say that considering that you’ve been attached to each other’s hip for almost every day last week but if you ask him, he would just blatantly say that "I just can't get enough of you." with his teasing smile and a slight wiggle of his brows. And that alone, is listed as one of the reasons why you're head over heels for this man. He talks a lot but at least he is using his words the way he should, well, sometimes he's just annoying but it doesn't matter.
"Baby?" his voice is as soft as ever, his excitement was evident by the way he tiptoed his way to the kitchen - checking if you are there, plotting your usual jumpscare whenever he come over to your dorm - you're lucky your roommate is on a vacation, now you have the whole room all to yourself, and to Yeonjun because you can't afford going outside to come over to his place with the way your every muscles and limbs are aching right now. Your eyelids feels heavy, and you feel as though you're going to have a massive headache at any moment.
You didn't noticed your boyfriend's arrival at your room until he engulfed you in a much needed loving embrace from behind, peppering you with light almost feather-like kisses on your temple down to your jaw, his lips feels so plump and soft against your skin that it’s making you feel hazy and giddy than you already are.
"Hello sleepy head, did I wake you?" he whispered in your ear, and in normal days you would throw a remark to ruin the moment he was trying to create but right now, all you need is his tooth rotting love, and his hands wrapped tightly around you. You remembered how much you hate being touched by anyone before, glaring at everyone and immediately backing out whenever someone tries to be so close to you but during the day you became official and as time went by, you learned to love it, and now here you want nothing but his touch — basically dedicated your life, body, and soul to this man. You smiled to yourself, knowing that you feel the safest whenever you're in his arms. You can’t help it. Point blank. You cannot imagine yourself being like this with anyone, ever.
Your smile grew wider as you tilt your head to look over at him, the view of the man whom you treasure the most greeting you. You let out a breathy chuckle before immediately covering your mouth, answering him. "I actually woke up really early, you know." he just giggled, sporting his lower voice that you really love. He thought you're just being silly, but you're not. You're actually being serious right now, you’ve been awake hours ago planning to clean the house before he arrives but guess what? You failed.
"Then tell me why you're still laying down, hm? Do you maybe want cuddles? You missed me that much?” he mumbled as he lay his head on top of yours, pulling you closer to him while rubbing his cheeks against yours affectionately, this type of Yeonjun never failed to melt your heart every single time. He glows differently in this light, and it's hilarious because it's odd yet so him - he’s annoying yet so adorable and thoughtful, playful yet unbelievably soft. You thank the universe for putting such an amazing angel in a form of your boyfriend in your life.
"I don't know, junnie... I kind of want to sleep but whenever I lay down, the sleepiness just disappears." it's your turn to chuckle this time, the vibrations going straight to his heart that he had to take a deep breath to be able to survive the mini heart attacks that's been occuring on his fragile piece of organ since he saw you with those puffy eyes and cheeks minutes ago. His heart seems to swell with the amount of love he carries for the person he's cuddling right now and it keeps on growing as the seconds go by, it's getting out of hand.
You just look so sweet and feel so soft during mornings, he knew that because he will always find a way to sleep over just to be able to have the sight of you in this state, so precious and endearing. He couldn't wait to wake up next to you every morning in the future.
"Maybe I should take a shower." your voice interrupted his self-indulging thoughts. He nodded mindlessly before pulling away and finally freeing you from being caged by his strong arms.
"Yeah, I think so too. Wait a minute, let me set up the water." he stole a kiss from the side of your lips before standing up, jogging his way to the bathroom.
After a few minutes of contemplating whether it is a good or bad idea to take a shower if your feeling drowsy and sleepy you finally made up your mind the moment Yeonjun beamed behind the door of the bathroom, your man prepared it for you. You figured it would be a waste to change your mind now so you carefully walk over to where he is, peeking just a little to adore the man inside.
“Why?” he definitely knew you.
“I don’t know… I love you, I guess?”
“Oh really? What a coincidence, because I love you too.” he replied, turning around to face you, blessing you with a smile and a scrunched nose, looking adorable as ever.
"Thank you, baby." you said softly as you smile fondly at him, completely lost in your own fever dream state, unaware of you daydreaming about the love of your life.
“No problem.” he returned as he walk towards you, snaking his arms around your waist, pulling you as close as possible.
You stared at him for a while, that addicting smile of his, those hooded eyes - you never saw someone look at you this way, you feel so loved, wanted, and appreciated. You thought it would be a nice experience if you could take a look at his point of view someday. You don’t know why but it seems as though you’re extra sensitive today - every words, every actions feels so much more intense that you swear could marry him right then and there. You’re exceptionally inlove today, you wonder why.
“Do you maybe want to shower too? Well, ofcourse if you’re just comfortable you know?” you asked him shyly, flustered state is so obvious by the way you couldn’t get yourself to look at him. You’ve been intimate with him ofcourse, holding hands, cuddling, and occasional make out sessions here and there but showering together - it sounds very romantic and domestic - your stomach churns just by the thought of it.
He let out a series of chuckles again, for goodness sake. You might pass out if he do that again.
“You’re so cute, you know that? I would love to shower with you but I guess we could do that some other time. I need to be emotionally prepared for it.”
You swear if you could melt, you would turn into a potion of love right now as you encircle your arms around his neck, standing on your tiptoes as you give his nose a single peck.
In which he returned lovingly, scanning your face one more time before he finally pulled away to let you do your thing.
“Don’t take too long, baby. I’m gonna miss you.” he noted before closing the door in front of you.
It’s been your third film of the day and you’ve been quiet since the both of you started watching movies - no occasional playful banters, no comments, no jokes. You are strangely still. He noticed it, your lack of energy and response and he wonders if there is something wrong because you’re never this quiet around him.
He was in deep thought, eyes trailed at the white tiles of your bathroom. Lost in his own thoughts, as he tried to remember everything you did earlier. Did you fall on the bathroom? Is something hurting you? Did you eat something bad? He’s worried but decided to not overthink to it that much, he’s just gonna ask you.
“Baby…” he called out to you softly, as he took a seat next to you, resting his arms at the back of the couch, subtly examining your face with the faint light that’s peeking through the blinds. You didn’t noticed him, so he decided to call out to you once again, moving closer towards you.
“Baby…” still no answer, maybe you’re too invested in the film that is playing.
“Babe.” this time he got a hold of your hand.
“Hm?” he noticed how you looked at him and it seemed as though your focus is anywhere but him by the way you reacted. He’s worried that there might be something bothering you, though despite of it he still gave you a reassuring smile, squeezing your hand as gentle as possible but tight enough to let you know that he’s beside you, always.
“Hey cutie, what’s wrong? You’ve been off all day…” he tried to act playfully to get a reaction from you as he lean in closer to cup your face with both of his hands, large cold palms meeting the warmth of your cheeks. His eyebrows furrowed as he noticed that it is too warm for a normal temperature of a person, he was quick yo press the back of his hand against your forehead, finally realizing why you’ve been so quiet.
“Baby, you have a fever…” he blurted out before pulling you in his embrace.
“Are you feeling dizzy? Do you still want to continue the movie or would you rather sleep instead? It’s fine for me-“
Ofcourse, you got to ruin this moment for him as you started to sing the chorus part of Enhypen’s song ‘FEVER’ which earned a scoff from your boyfriend.
“Baby, I swear…” even if you’re not looking at him, you’re sure his trying to stop his laughter right now.
“I’m serious…” he added, finally using his annoying whiny tone.
“Shut up, baby. I’m trying to think…”
“Oh, sorry.” he mumbled, almost to himself as his hand started caressing your head, fingers tracing the strands of your hair.
“Just… let’s just cuddle here baby… I want to sleep for a while.” you answered, voice hoarse from not talking as frequent as you should.
“Then, cuddling it is.” he dramatically announced, pointing his index finger towards the television before grabbing the remote control to lower the volume of the movie.
He was about to close his eyes and doze off for a while when you let out a squeal all of a sudden, making him sit up. “Why? What’s wrong?”
You were smiling. Mischievously- wait no, sheepishly and he knew it, he knew what that smile is all about.
“I kind of actually want something…”
“What is it?”
“Chocolate cake.” you blurted out before nuzzling your face on his shoulder planting a series of kisses across his neck.
“Okay, no problem.” he answered almost immediately, before grabbing his phone from the coffee table. He was about to order a take out from a bake shop when you interrupted him.
“I want us…” you started, moving your pointer finger to the both of you.
“…to make it.”
There was a brief silence - and you figured if he’s thinking whether he should change your mind or just give in - it’s always the latter, ofcourse. As easy as that, he’s sitting up to prepare your surprise baking date.
“Oh god, the things I do for you, baby.” he teased while making his way to the kitchen.
tell me what you think! +343569
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©omgsoholy; i do not allow any form of translation or reposting. just please, don’t? but I’m glad u like it though <3
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