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#stray kids x reader
seungisms · 5 days ago
skz reaction — shutting him up with a kiss
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: the fluffiest of fluffs
note: danni writing something that isn’t straight smut for once dun dun dun :o
Tumblr media
Chan stilled the moment your plush lips pressed themselves against his own, words dying on his tongue and eyes widening before slowly slipping them shut, relaxing in your hold and responding softly to your unexpected kiss. He whined lightly once you teasingly pulled away, chasing after your lips, flustered and eager to keep your mouth on his. Definition of brain rot, whatever he was ranting about before he got a taste of your lips suddenly didn’t matter. He’ll stare after you in disbelief, ears red as you shot him a cheeky smile, dodging his attempts to cuddle you against his chest, knowing full well you’d spend the rest of the day being smothered in his doting.
“C’mon! You can’t just leave me hanging like that.”
Minho was quick and eager to respond to your kiss, a soft hum emitting into your mouth as he titled his head to keep you flush against him, not minding one bit that you just interrupted him mid sentence. He didn’t allow you to pull away, your plan to leave him flustered and stuttering backfiring as he kissed you sweetly, his pillowy lips melding perfectly against your own in a loving embrace. Expect to be relentlessly teased once he finally lets you go, fingers pinching your cheeks and mocking the pout that rested on your lips, grinning at the sight of your complaining figure shying away.
“You know, if you wanted to kiss me so badly you could’ve just said so.”
Changbin immediately swallowed his words the moment your lips pressed against his own in a chaste kiss, swiftly pulling away just as he began to respond, the boy following your movement before huffing loudly once you continued to deliberately avoid his lips. The small pout that sat on his soft lips was just too damn cute, almost making you just want to give in and finally smother him in your pecks but you couldn’t help but tease his him even further; leaning in to press another teasing kiss to the side of his mouth. Changbin whined when you ducked out of his grasp once more, the conversation from before long forgotten as you darted away from him, leaving your flushed boyfriend to curse after you.
“Ah, you brat!”
If he was in any way surprised or taken-back by your sudden affection he didn’t show it - hands gently craving your face to prevent you from pulling back, kissing you sweetly. Hyunjin thought it was extremely cute, albeit rude, your method of shutting him up, any concerns or worries he was ranting about before immediately being coaxed by the plushiness of your lips, each of you enjoying the others closeness. This man will not allow you to pull away from the kiss until he’s felt you’ve paid the price for your boldness; plump lips keeping you fixated in your spot, before proceeding to tease for the rest of the day, gushing over how adorable he thought it was that you couldn’t seem to keep your lips off him.
“You’re too damn cute.”
Jisung stilled up and gaped at you once you began leaning towards him, sentence trailing off with no real end when you pressed a teasing peck against his mouth, cutting off his words and effectively shutting him up for once. He becomes uncharacteristically timid during your kiss, used to being the initiator of skinship in your relationship so to say he was surprised by your unexpected kiss was an understatement - ears tinting red and mouth moving gently against your own. Avoids your eyes once you pull away, trying to play off how timid you’ve made him by opting to tease you instead, a slight waver in his voice while doing so.
“You really couldn’t resist me huh?”
Practically turns into a pile of mush the moment you kiss him - he wouldn’t even bother questioning your actions or returning to the previous conversation when you pull away from the swift peck, instead pressing another long kiss against your plush lips, savouring the small sighs and whimpers you let out. His absolute favourite pastime is kissing you, so he’ll use your plan to shut him up to his advantage; lips melding perfectly against your own and cradling you close to his chest drawing out the embrace until he was satisfied. Amusement shone in his dark eyes after you broke apart, chuckling softly at your flushed cheeks before leaving one last peck against your mouth; happy that he was finally able to fluster you instead.
“Can I finish what I was saying now?”
Seungmin was a tad annoyed that you had interrupted him but his irritation immediately ceased once he registered the soft pair of lips pressed against his own. He’ll softly reciprocate to begin with, becoming more passionate and heated the longer he kissed you. Pulls you flush against his chest and nips at your lower lip - your initial plan of leaving him hanging suddenly becoming irrelevant with every small swipe of his tongue and gentle caress. He’ll gently cradle your face while pulling away, leaving small pecks against your mouth while doing so, seemingly unable to get enough of your lips pressed to his own. Seungmin wouldn’t be able to remember what he was speaking of before, only wanting to feel the softness of your lips against his again and again.
“If I keep talking does that mean I’ll get more kisses?”
Someone please help this man cause he’ll go straight into windows.exe shutdown mode the moment you lean up towards him. Freezes up against you and doesn’t know where to place his hands, mind completely empty of whatever he was saying before; focusing on the softness of your lips moving against his own. Your hands tangled themselves in his hair, gently playing with the short strands at the back of his neck - coaxing low groans from him - ensuring whatever remnants of the conversation beforehand no longer existed, the boy focusing solely on your pouty lips. A small whine sounded from his chest as soon as you pulled away, eyes still closed and chasing after your lips. He’ll for sure talk your ear off in future to gain more kisses.
“So being annoying is the best way to get you to pay attention to me? Noted.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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jiminbbyboy · 9 days ago
outta my head: b.c. (m)
Tumblr media
feat: Bang Chan x f.reader
neighbor au / non idol verse
word count: 17k
↳ He’s a lives next door and is someone who sleeps around often. You’re a nurse who is struggling to get enough sleep because of his night time activities
warnings: angst, slow burn, cussing, explicit sexual content
an: this was originally posted on my old tumblr spidey-babe-parker that’s not active. I decided to rework and post here as a SKZ story.
Tumblr media
The sound of a high pitched moan and the sound of a bed frame banging against your wall was preventing you from getting any sleep. This was the third time this week that your neighbors bedroom activities had kept you up in the middle of the night. Glancing over at the clock on your nightstand you groaned at the sight of it reading two in the morning. You had to be up in three and half hours for a long shift at the hospital and at this rate you were going to be dead tired and useless. 
The slamming of the bed frame once again hitting your wall made you want to scream. 
“Chan,” the noisy girl screamed.
Covering your face, you groaned, wishing you had the nerve to hit on the wall telling them to shut the hell up. With one more hit of the wall you heard a groan coming from your neighbor. 
Rolling over onto your side you covered your head with your pillow hoping you didn’t hear anything else coming from the other side of the wall. Luckily silence followed and soon you were able to get some sleep.
As your alarm went off in the morning you were so exhausted you could cry. Your shower you took that morning only served the purpose of waking you up. With minimal makeup on and your hair pulled back in a ponytail you walked out of your apartment. As you opened your door you looked over at your noisy neighbors apartment to see your too hot for his own good neighbor opening his door with nothing but a towel hanging loose around his hips. His warm eyes locked on yours and he gave you a lopsided smile.
With an awkward nod you quickly walked past him towards the stairs. You feel as if you know too many intimate details about a man you don’t even really know. 
Chan and you had been neighbors for about six months and in that time you had spoken a little but it was just friendly neighbors talking. You didn’t know anything about him other than he was hot and tended to sleep around. You only knew that because you had heard his bedroom activities over the last six months and you saw the sea of extremely attractive women pouring out of his apartment. 
Your whole shift you worked at the hospital you wanted to do nothing more than take a long nap. When your lunch came around you and two of the other nurses Felix and Jisung sat in the cafeteria eating with you. You nibbled on your food that was on the plate in front of you, but mostly focused on your cup of strong coffee that was in your hand. The boys were in the process of talking about one of the hot heart surgeons that all the girls were talking about that had just transferred to the hospital.
“(Y/N) why do you seem even more tired than normal?” Felix asked, noticing that his friend didn’t even seem to be focusing on the conversation.
“Huh?” You asked, looking up at a blond boy with freckles.
“Did you even sleep last night?” Jisung asked.
“No once again Chan had some chick over that couldn’t seem to keep it down,” you groaned as you dropped your head into your hands.
Felix couldn’t help but laugh, “why don’t you have sex really loudly and give him a taste of his own medicine?”
Rolling your eyes you groaned, “when do I have time to date anyone?” All you ever seem to do is work. You worked crazy hours at the hospital, and barely had time for social life. 
“No one said anything about dating sweetie. It sounds like you need to get laid,” Jisung laughed.
“You guys are assholes,” you glared. This is how conversations with these two normally went. Jisung and Felix had a wonderful ability of finding a way into your personal business. 
“Why don’t you have sex with him? Didn’t you say he was really hot and always shirtless?” Felix asked ever so casually. 
A loud groan passes your lips as you shake your head. That was the worst idea Felix has had in a really long time. “First of all fuck no, second of all I don’t even know anything about him. I literally know what girls moan about him in the middle of sex.”
“I bet he’s packing if these chicks can’t keep quiet,” Jisung laughed.
“I try not to think about his dick,” you said deadpan. 
“Well if you need someone to have sex with you can always hook up with Dr. Seo. You guys are friends and he’s totally down,” Felix smiled.
Felix and Changbin were really good friends and one time when Changbin was drunk he admitted that he was totally down to sleep with you, and you couldn’t lie you had thought about taking him up on that offer. Changbin was extremely handsome and very charming. 
“Does your silence mean you’re finally going to have sex with Changbin?” Felix asked. 
“Honestly I’m done with you two,” you stood up and grabbed your coffee and walked away from them. You’re too tired to continue this conversation. 
“If you want to sleep with him just let me know,” Felix shouted as you walked away.
Walking out of the cafeteria you headed back upstairs to the floor you were working on. You stood there looking at one of your patient charts when you saw Changbin walking towards you. You couldn’t help but wonder if Felix had already told him about your conversation.
“Good morning Dr. Seo,” you said before taking a sip of your coffee.
“Morning (Y/N), does your basically black coffee also mean you’re exhausted?” He asked.
You nodded your head and looked up at him and smiled, “I’m always exhausted.”
“Oh I don’t know if Felix told you but some of us are going down to that bar on fourth street tonight if you want to join.”
“No he actually didn’t,” you said knowing that you didn’t exactly give Felix a chance to invite you out.
“Well it would be great if you came,” he smirked and shrugged his shoulders.
“Okay I’ll try to come.”
The rest of your long shift went by pretty smoothly. As you walked down the hall towards your apartment you saw Chan walking up to his door as well. He looked over at you as worked on opening your door.
“Evening neighbor,” he said, capturing your attention.
“Evening,” you awkwardly responded. You never know how to fully act around him. You always felt so awkward speaking to him knowing that you heard his bedroom activities. You couldn’t help but wonder if he was aware that heard him and his bedroom activities. 
You scurried off into you apartment not really want to interact with the man that you couldn’t help but picture having sex. Walking inside you quickly shut your door and leaned against it. Taking a deep breath and shaking your head. You were in desperate need of sleep and you prayed that Chan wasn’t going to have a guest over to keep you awake.
The sound of something slamming against your bedroom wall startled  you awake. You squeezed your eyes shut and threw your pillow over your head as you held back wanting to scream. The sound of a girl moaning Chan’s name loudly made you want to scream even more. Glancing over at your alarm clock you saw it read three in the morning. You weren’t even sure how they were having sex this late or early in morning depending on how you saw it.
Your shift started at six-thirty and at this rate Chan and his friend were going to make it where you didn’t get any sleep. Once again there was a loud banging on the wall. You rested your hand on the wall debating on knocking telling him to keep it down. You pulled your hand back and contemplated knocking but for some reason you couldn’t. You hated confrontation and if you knocked on the wall that was just inviting an awkward conversation with Chan.
Laying back down you let out a loud sigh. You were now going to have an issue going back to sleep now. Looking at your alarm clock you realized you had gotten about four and a half hours of sleep, maybe with enough coffee in you, you would be able to get through work.
Crawling out of bed you decided that taking a shower might help get your mind off of Chan and his bedroom activities. Slowly you stripped away your pajamas and turned on the water giving it time to warm up. As you stepped into the water you closed your eyes letting the water massage your tense body. Leaning forward you rested your head against the tile wall. You felt like you could still hear Chan’s groans and the sound of the girl moaning his name. Biting your bottom lip you couldn’t help but picture what it would be like to be in bed with him. As the dirty thoughts crossed your mind your eyes popped open and you attempted to push away those thoughts. Chan is handsome as hell, but the last thing you needed in life was to sleep with him.
Stepping out of the shower you get dressed and go off to your living room trying to escape the sounds of Chan’s bedroom activities. 
As you sat down on the couch and set your alarm on your phone so you didn’t oversleep. Laying down on the couch you decided to try to get some sleep on the couch. 
The sound of your alarm going off on your phone was a friendly reminder that your couch was the worst place possible to sleep. Your back was sore as you sat up. Standing up you stretched out your tense body, completely regretting your choice to sleep on your couch.
Walking off to your bedroom you got dressed in your scrubs and pulled your hair back not bothering to put any makeup on. Looking in the mirror the dark circles under your eyes were a clear indication that you didn’t get any sleep. If this kept going on you were tempted to move you bed into the living room to escape the sounds of Chan’s bedroom. 
Walking out of your apartment you watch as Chan’s bedroom buddy slowly escapes his apartment in disheveled clothes and her hair pulled back in a messy bun. The pretty girl looks back at you and she looks like a deer caught in the headlights as she looks at you. 
“Good morning Chan’s friend,” you say as you walk past her.
The girl can’t even think of anything to say to you. You managed to catch her completely off guard. Walking down the stairs you start your short commute to work. The cool morning breeze is helping wake you up slowly. 
Walking into the hospital you run into Jisung who is in the locker room waiting for you. She holds out a coffee for you. Jisung and you have been best friends since you met in nursing school, and luckily you both got hired at the same hospital. He knows you need coffee to start your day, she also knows that Chan’s bedroom activities are leaving you even more tired than normal.
“Do those dark circles under your eyes mean Chan had company?” Jisung asked before taking a drink of his own coffee.
Silently you nod your head before taking a drink of your coffee. You prayed to yourself that the warm liquid was going to wake you up. You would give anything for another hour of sleep. There was a good chance you were going to skip lunch today and take a nap instead. 
“Why don’t you tell him to keep it down or ask him to have sex in his living room instead of in his bedroom?”
Jisung is the type of person who could say this to Chan without batting an eyelash. He is literally the opposite of you. You would much rather die from no sleep then have to ever ask Chan to keep it down. 
“I can’t,” you sighed before taking another sip of your coffee. “I literally slept on my couch to escape the noise,” you let out another heavy sigh.
“Oh god, you need to woman up and tell him to keep it down. I can’t have you walking around half awake all the time because this hot asshole needs to get laid,” Jisung says sitting down on the bench next to you.
“Thank you for the coffee Jisung, but I need to head down to the ER for my shift,” you stand up and walk towards your locker.
You put your purse in your locker and head out of the locker room. Heading to the ER you run into Felix who is leaving a patient’s room. He gives you a knowing look. 
You walk over to the nurses station and get your assignments. Before you can even walk away you’re greeted by Felix.
“Hot asshole kept you up again?” Felix asked.
You silently nod.
Walking past him you start making your rounds and checking on all your patients. Your shift was going smoothly and on your lunch you decided to actually eat and just drink more coffee. You planned on going to bed the moment you get home. Your comfortable bed is calling your name. 
You were working a twelve and around four pm you’re told someone was just brought in from a motorcycle accident. Heading off to the room you’re shocked when you see Chan sitting in the room with most likely a broken arm and some road rash. You were thrown off by his paperwork saying Bang Chan. Everything in you was screaming to hand your clipboard to Felix and take off running. Swallowing your pride you walk into the room.
“Mr. Bang I’m nurse (y/n), I hear you were in a motorcycle accident,” you say, trying to act as professional as possible.
Looking up at you with his beautiful warm eye and he smiles at you. You fully understood how women fell for his charm just by the smile that showed off his dimples. 
“Aren’t you my neighbor?” he asked with a smirk.
Hesitantly you say, “yes.”
“I didn’t know you were a nurse at the hospital,” he says as you walk closer to him.
“What happened?” you ask wanting to get out of his room as quickly as possible.
“I was riding my motorcycle and somebody hit me. My wrist hurts really bad, and I have some road rash,” he says as he lifts his shirt with his good hand. 
Your eyes can’t help but lock on his beautiful skin and gorgeous abs that paint his stomach that has quite a bit of road rash covering them. 
“I’ll have the doctor come check on your wrist and I’ll clean up that road rash.”
The last thing you wanted to do was be in charge of cleaning his wounds but you didn’t have a choice. Leaving the room you let Dr. Choi know about Chan’s wrist, and you head back into the room with a cart of supplies to clean him up.
Walking up to the side of the bed. Looking at the tight white shirt he was wearing you knew you were going to have to have him remove the shirt so you could fully clean his wounds. 
“We need to take your shirt off,” you say.
“If you want me naked all you have to do is ask,” he says with a flirty smile. Chan is way too charming for his own good. You’re learning quickly why women seem to throw themselves at him. 
“Can you just please take your shirt off?” you aren’t in the mood to deal with him.
“Yes ma’am,” he says as he slowly starts taking off his shirt being extremely careful with his injured arm. Groaning with each mood. 
He was sitting shirtless on the bed in front of you. You tried to focus on cleaning his wounds and not his beautifully toned body that was on display. As you worked on doctoring him you could feel his eyes burning a hole in you. Glancing over at him you saw his warm eyes were trained on your face.
As your fingers dragged across his abs you tried your hardest to focus on your job. Never in your life had doctoring someone’s injuries felt so tension filled. It might have to do with the way Chan was looking at you, or maybe it was because you knew the noises he made while having sex. 
Pulling your hands away from his skin you stepped away from his bed quickly.
“You’re good now. Dr. Choi will be here in a minute to check out your arm. If you need anything, let me know,” you say before quickly walking out of the room.
Once you’re out of eyesight from Chan’s room you lean against the wall and take a deep breath. You can’t wait for this day to finally be over.
Dr. Choi checked on Chan’s wrist and sent him for X-Rays. As you were getting ready to leave work Dr. Choi was telling Chan that he had broken his wrist. That he would need a cast
Standing at the foot of his bed you looked at his chart, “they’re going to come in and cast your wrist in a few minutes. I’m off so, Nurse Park will be taking over for you.”
“You’re leaving me?” he asked with that same flirty smile.
For some reason you blurted out, “I’m exhausted, I didn’t get much sleep because of someone’s bedroom activities.” Your cheeks burned bright suddenly feeling completely embarrassed by what you had just said.
He bit his bottom lip attempting to hold back a laugh. “I didn’t know the walls were so thin,” he responded.
“They’re extremely thin,” you say with your cheeks still burning. 
“I’ll make sure we keep it down,” he raised his eyebrow almost suggestively.
“Thanks,” you quickly walk out of the room wanting to die from pure embarrassment.
After work you went home and ate dinner and relaxed a little before heading to bed. Soon you fall asleep and have your first uninterrupted night of sleep since Chan had moved in. 
You had gotten three nights of uninterrupted sleep. Sitting in your bed you listened carefully to hear if Chan was even in his apartment. You didn’t want to admit it, but you had grown quite concerned that you hadn’t seen or heard from him. 
It was a long and exhausting day at the hospital and you were finally glad to be home. You were off from work tomorrow and didn’t need to wake up early, and you weren’t sure what to do so you were just hanging out in your room enjoying some alone time. Walking out of your room you headed off to your kitchen to get a glass of wine. Reaching into your fridge you pull out your already open bottle of peach moscato. You pour yourself a large glass of wine and head back to your bedroom.
Laying on your bed you sit your glass of wine on your nightstand and grab your laptop. You open your laptop up and look through Netflix attempting to find something to watch. You decide on watching some random episodes of the Office. You get cozy in bed holding tightly onto your glass of wine. 
You finish one episode as you finish your glass of wine and decide to run back into the kitchen to grab the bottle and bring it back to your room. Laying back down on your bed you sipped on your sweet wine as you continued to watch Office. 
On your third large glass of wine the sound of a loud thud on the other side of your bedroom wall catches your attention. Sitting up quickly you sit your glass of wine on your nightstand and stand up.
The sound of a groan left you feeling concerned that Chan was hurt. Standing up you were quickly greeted with the warm and fuzzy feeling in your body. As you walked through your apartment you were suddenly well aware that you were in fact tipsy. You know you shouldn’t go check on Chan, but you couldn’t help it. You knew that he was in a cast and you were worried that he might have fallen and gotten hurt.
Walking out of your apartment you walked next door quickly. You took a deep breath before knocking on his door. You stood there for a long moment wondering if you should run away, but before you could leave the door opens.
He stood there shirtless in nothing but lounge pants that sat very low on his hips. His extremely tone stomach was on full display. You couldn’t help it when your eyes wandered down to his v. Your mouth watered at the sight of him. 
He cleared his throat, catching your attention once again. Your eyes snapped back up to his as he stared at you with a confused look. 
“Are you okay?” 
He knits eyebrows together and gives you an even more confused look as he stares at you like you’re completely crazy. “Yeah?” 
“I heard a loud noise that sounded like you fell,” you say wondering what happened.
“Wow, these walls really are thin,” he lets out a little chuckle.
You were very confused on if he had fallen, but you weren’t sure if that had to do with the large amount of wine you had drank.
“Did you not fall?” you ask.
He shakes his head and says, “no I didn’t fall. I just dropped my work bag because of this stupid cast.” He lifts his cast up and gives you a smile.
“Oh,” you suddenly feel really stupid for rushing over to check on him.
“Are you drunk?” he asked. He must have smelled the wine on your breath, or maybe he noticed you wobbling slightly.
“No,” you say way too quickly. That’s a response that only drunk people say when they’re trying to claim they’re still sober.
“Are you sure about that?” he asks, raising his eyebrow. 
“I’ve had a little to drink, but I’m not drunk,” you state proudly standing straight. 
“Did you want to come in since you’re worried about me?” he asked, stepping aside.
You suddenly feel nervous. You’ve never seen inside his apartment. The thought of being in the place where all his bedroom noises came from made you feel super awkward.
“I should probably head back to my place,” you say awkwardly, rejecting his invitation.
He shrugs his shoulders, “okay, well if you ever want to check me out again feel free to knock on my door.”
Your cheeks burn bright with embarrassment as you silently step away from his door. This interaction was way too embarrassing for your liking. Walking back into your apartment you sit down on your couch and let out a heavy sigh. You weren’t quite sure why every single interaction you shared with Chan just left you feeling super awkward. It probably had something to do with the fact you had heard him have sex multiple times.
Pulling out your phone you decide to text Jisung.
YN: I saw Chan shirtless again and he saw me shamelessly check him out. 
You still couldn’t get over the fact you checked him out right in front of him.
Your phone vibrated and you picked it up to see Jisung texted you back.
Jisung: What happened?
You let out a heavy sigh. You were going to have to relive your embarrassment as you told Jisung about what had just happened.
YN: I drank probably too much wine and I thought I heard him fall. So I went to check on him…
Once again your cheeks burned bright as you thought about your embarrassing mistake. You should have just stayed in your room watching Office and drinking your wine. The last two times you have spoken to Chan you have done nothing but embarrass yourself.
Jisung: Does he still look like sex on a stick?
Rolling your eyes at his comment you’re tempted to not even text him back. Jisung was constantly saying you should just sleep with Chan, but there was no way in hell you could do that.
YN: I would be lying if I said no.
You wished that Chan wasn’t as hot as he was. Maybe it would make this whole situation a lot less awkward if you weren’t so attracted to him.
Jisung: you should go over there and tell him you’ll help take care of him (;
Staring at his text you just shake your head. No matter how hot Chan was there was no way in hell you were going to have sex with him.
YN: Goodnight Jisung.
The conversation was over for you. You weren’t going to play along with his idea anymore. 
Walking back into your room you grab the bottle wine and without even thinking about it you just start drinking straight from the bottle. Walking back into the kitchen you throw away the bottle of wine and then sway a little as you head back to your room.
You decide it’s time to start getting ready for bed. You strip off your clothes and find a pair of pajama shorts to pull on and you grab a comfy oversized shirt to wear. Heading off to the bathroom you brush your teeth and wash your face. 
Walking back towards your bed you throw yourself against your bed and groan as you grab your laptop. As you open Netflix again you’re caught off guard by a voice.
“Can you keep it down?” your stomach drops at the sound of Chan’s voice.
His comment suddenly pissed you off. He made it where you had gone to work too many times on barely any sleep. You knew he was just doing it to mess with you, but his comment still annoyed you.
Hopping up on your knees you knock on the wall you shout, “you have no room to talk.”
He knocks back shouting, “if you want to join all you have to do is ask.”
You jump back and suddenly feel even more embarrassed than before. You lay back down wishing you never responded to his first comment. Bang Chan obviously found this all too entertaining, and you weren’t sure if you were ready to play this game.
The sound of loud music playing on the other side of your bedroom wall made your blood boil. Chan was trying to mess with you at this point. It had been three days since your awkward encounter and since then he’s now well aware of how thin the walls are. He’s now moved on to doing things with the intention of you hearing him. The only positive to this whole insane situation was he hadn’t had any girls over to his apartment.
You were getting ready to head off to work and Chan was already trying to annoy you. Shaking your head you walk out of your room. You can’t wait to get to work just to escape being home.
Work goes by way too quickly for your liking. The whole time you’re working either Felix or Jisung are constantly asking too many questions about Chan. Of course Jisung told Felix about your super encounter with Chan in the hallway.
You’re walking out of work and Felix is following you. “I still think you should hook up with Changbin and give Chan a taste of his own medicine. I know Changbin would totally be down,” Felix says. He makes this comment so casually like it wouldn’t be super awkward for you.
“You remember who you’re talking to right, that’s not an option,” you groan, running your fingers through your messy hair.
“I think you should just women up and tell Dr. Seo you want to screw him,” Felix states proudly.
You stop walking and just look at the blond shaking your head. He’s literally lost her marbles if he thinks there is any chance in hell you could casually ask Changbin to casually have sex with you.
“I’m taking this as my cue to walk home,” you say as you wave goodbye.
Walking the short distance to your apartment building you’re already dreading dealing with Chan. At this rate you’re wondering if you can get out of your lease early to escape all these super awkward encounters.
Walking down the hallway towards your apartment you are unfortunately greeted by Chan leaving his apartment. At least this time he was fully dressed. The moment his warm eyes lock on you he gave you his stupid flirty grin that shows off his dimples. 
“Hello neighbor.”
You rolled your eyes and walked past him, “don’t you Mr. Rogers me. You don’t deserve that title.”
“Did you have a rough day at work?” he asked, leaning against his door.
“Chan, I'm not in the mood for this,” you respond.
“Man, you must have had a rough day,” he says before walking down the hall.
Closing your eyes you take a deep breath before you open your front door. Walking into your apartment you walk straight to your bedroom so you can change out of your work clothes. Everytime your mind wandered to Chan you tried to push him away from your thoughts. It was safe to say you were beyond over this day. Your day had started out okay, but Jisung and Felix had managed to bug you all day. Then Chan managed to annoy you even more than he already had. 
Heading into the kitchen you were attempting to figure out something to eat for dinner. The sound of someone knocking on your front door caught your attention. You prayed that it was anyone other than Chan who was knocking on your room. Walking over to the door and looking through the peephole you let out an audible groan at the sight of Chan standing on the other side.
Hesitantly you open the door and find him smiling holding what looks like a bag filled with take out.
“What do you want?” you ask not even bothering to try to act nice.
“Well if you must know Miss Attitude I felt bad you had a rough day at work so I thought you might want to share some dinner with me,” he holds up the bag of take out with his good hand.
Part of you wanted to slam the door in his face, and the other part of you knew you couldn’t be a bitch to him. He seemed like he actually felt bad that you had a rough day. Hesitantly you step aside and he walks into your apartment.
“Don’t make me regret this,” you say as you lead him to the kitchen table.
“I will totally make sure I keep my shirt on. So you can make sure you don’t drool all over your dinner,” he smiles as he sets the bag down on the round table.
You don’t even respond to him, you just glare at him for a long moment, “I will take your egg rolls and kick you out of my apartment. Do not test me Chan.”
“I have to say I’m a big fan of this flirty game we’ve been playing,” he sits down and pulls out a to-go box.
“I wouldn’t call this a game,” you say as you reach into the bag and pull out another box.
“I think we’re totally playing a fun game. If it makes you feel better we can totally call it foreplay if you prefer that,” he licks his bottom lip and you aren’t sure if you want to slap him or bite his pouty bottom lip.
“That’s strike two one more strike and you’re kicked out and you lose your egg rolls,” you glare at him as you reach into the container of egg rolls.
“Are you telling me egg rolls are the way to your heart,” he says as he reaches over and grabs an egg roll.
“A night of peaceful sleep is actually the way to my heart,” you say before dipping your egg roll in the container of sweet and sour sauce.
“It’s taking everything in me to behave and not make a comment,” he’s trying his hardest to not smile at whatever dirty thought was in his mind.
Closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, you kept repeating to yourself over and over that you needed to play nice right now. “I’m so proud of you for keeping that comment to yourself,” you respond before taking another bite of the egg roll.
“Do you have plates we can eat on?” he asks standing up.
“Yeah the second self in the cabinet to the right of the sink.”
He walks off to the kitchen and comes back holding two plates. He hands you one and sits back down across from you. You both dish yourself some food. You both eat silence and you can’t help but wonder how long until he says something stupid once again. You finished eating and took your empty plate to the kitchen table. Sit down across from Chan and he’s smiling at you and you can tell that he is definitely wanting to say something to you.
“I’m afraid to ask you what’s on your mind,” you say before taking a sip of your water.
“I’ll have you know it’s completely appropriate,” he responded, leaning back in his chair.
You knit your eyebrows together as you look at him, “really?”
He shrugs and says, “maybe it’s slightly inappropriate.”
“I will kick you out,” you state with a serious tone.
“How are you going to kick me out when you already ate all the egg rolls?” he leans forward resting his elbows on the kitchen table.
Leaning forward you rest your elbows on the table and look right at him, “I wouldn’t play with fire.”
He leans forward slightly and you’re once again left wanting to kiss him. His tone is low and slightly raspy as he says, “maybe I really want to get burned?”
You pull back and look at him. You don’t think you are nearly confident enough to play this insane game that Chan has seemed to start between you.
“You’re very close to strike three,” you say, staring right into his warm eyes. 
“It’s okay babe I need to get home, I work early in the morning,” he says standing up. He walks into the kitchen and puts his plate in the sink before he walks back towards the table where you’re still sitting. “I’m trying really hard not to get that third strike. If I leave with only two strikes, maybe I can have dinner with you again,” he smiles as he reaches for the front door.
“Goodnight neighbor,” he says as he walks out the door.
You just shake your head. How did you manage to end up with the hot neighbor from hell?
Walking into your room you lay on your bed you grab your laptop to start watching something again. You get about thirty minutes into the movie Stardust when you hear a knock on your wall. You know damn well you haven’t made any noise so he has zero reason to knock on your door.
“What Chan?” you shout.
“I have to know something,” he asks loud enough for you to hear him.
“What could you possibly want to know?” you shout.
“So do you like to picture me naked?” he asked from the other side of the wall.
You want to scream at his question and you grab your pillow and cover your face with it.
“Does that silence mean yes?”
You would never tell him that you do picture him naked. “That’s strike three,” you shout, removing the pillow from your face.
He doesn’t bother saying anything else, you just hear him laugh. It was official that you hate Bang Chan.
It’s a Thursday afternoon when you walk into the laundromat that’s on the corner by your apartment building. You finally had a day off and you fully planned on running some errands and finally doing your laundry that you had put off doing for far too long.
You’re in the process of loading your damp clothes into the dryer when you hear someone clear their throat behind you. Turning around you find Chan standing behind you.
You can’t help but roll your eyes as he gives you that stupid flirty smile. It was honestly annoying how hot he is. Why couldn’t he be unattractive? Literally everything would be so much easier if he wasn’t so hot.
“Good afternoon neighbor,” he smiles.
“Excuse me, strike three happened, I'm not talking to you.”
“You’re really over reacting to that question, so does that mean like every time you see me you just picture me naked?” He knows he is getting under your skin.
“I hate you so much,” you turn away from him quickly.
“Okay I’m sorry,” he says knowing damn well he’s pissed you off to know end.
Looking back at him you glare, “we both know you’re not sorry.”
He places his hand that has the cast on it over his heart and says, “but I am.”
“Why can’t I seem to escape you?” you groan as you turn back toward the dryer. You start putting money in the machine hoping Chan would get the hint and finally leave you alone.
“Maybe it’s because you don’t want to escape me,” he says as he starts putting his laundry in the washer.
Sitting in the corner you scroll through your phone while you’re waiting for your clothes to finish drying. Chan had left after putting his clothes in the dryer, leaving you alone. The bell on the front door rings as it opens and you look up to see Chan walking inside holding two cups of coffee. He stops in front of you holding a cup of coffee for you.
Hesitantly you reach up taking the cup of coffee from him. Your eyebrows knit together as you look at the cup of coffee and you say, “should I worry about you poisoning me or something?”
He rolls his eyes and sits down next to you, “this is my way of saying I’m sorry for strike three.”
You bring the warm cup of coffee up to your lips and slowly take a drink. He managed to make sure it’s the perfect amount of cream and sugar. Sitting the cup down on your thigh you ask, “Are you actually sorry?”
A flirty grin plays across his mouth as he shrugs his shoulders, “what can I say I was curious so I asked?”
Your eyes narrow and you look at him shaking your head, “you need to learn to use the filter between your brain and your mouth.”
Once again he shrugs his shoulders and leans over so his face is closer to yours, “I can’t lie it kind of turns me on to see you get all flustered.”
Your cheeks burned bright and your stomach dropped. Without even thinking you reach up and push his face away from yours. You glare at him as you say, “strike one.”
“Hey you're the one who pictures me naked, isn’t that a strike against you?” he asks as he raises his hands in a surrendering fashion.
“I’ll gladly take three strikes if we don’t have to keep doing whatever this is,” your voice is pointed. He knows how to push your buttons and you don’t think he plans on stopping any time soon.
“I know you act like you hate this whole thing, but you can’t lie to me and tell me you aren’t at least attracted to me,” he says with that damn flirty grin plastered across his face. “If it makes you feel any better I’m really attracted to you.” 
Your cheeks continued to burn as you stared at him, not even sure what you should say to him. Of course you thought he's hot. He was in the words of Jisung “sex on a stick” but it would be a cold day in hell before you openly admitted it to him. You knew that the only reason he was showing you the time of day was because he saw you now as a conquest. Before you could even give him a response the buzzer on your dryer went off.  You jump up and grab your bag and start tossing your fresh dried clothes into your bag. You wanted nothing more than to just run away from Chan at that moment. With your bag over your shoulder you quickly left the laundromat. 
Somehow Jisung and Felix convinced you to meet them at the bar. Part of you didn’t want to go out drinking, but the other part of you was trying to avoid Chan at all cost. 
Walking into the bar you were caught off guard when you spotted Felix leaning against the bar talking to Changbin. It all became clear very quickly that this was a total set up. Swallowing your pride you walked across the bar and greeted Felix who gave you a knowing smile.
“(Y/N) I’m so glad you actually decided to come out,” Felix said, pulling you into a hug.
“Hi, Changbin,” you say, giving him an awkward wave.
“Hey,” he says as he pulls you into a hug.
Felix wastes no time leaving you alone with Changbin. He buys you a drink and you stand there leaning against the bar.
“So Felix’s told me about your situation with your neighbor,” he says before taking a drink of his beer.
Your cheeks burn and let out a sigh. Of course she told Changbin about the whole situation. “Hey you don’t need to be embarrassed,” he says as he places his hand under your chin. He gently lifts your chin so you’re looking right at him.
“I’m really close to murdering him,” you say, letting out a soft chuckle.
He removes his hand from your skin and asks, “what’s he doing?”
You tilt your head back and let out a heavy sigh. You aren’t even sure where to start. The list was starting to grow too long. “Well it all started with him having really loud sex in his room. We have really thin walls and unfortunately I could hear the whole thing, and now that he’s aware of it he just goes out of his way to make me flustered. Like the other day he asked if I just picture him naked all the time,” you just rambled on. It probably all made zero sense, but you needed to get it all off your chest.
“Wow,” Changbin says, trying his hardest not to laugh.
Leaning on the bar with your elbows resting on the hardwood you put your face in your hands and let out a heavy sigh. This was your own embarrassing nightmare. “I would rather sleep at the hospital then deal with this,” you groan.
“I have to know, and please don’t slap me for asking, but do you picture him naked?” he asked before taking a drink of his beer. 
Lifting your head you glared at Changbin before letting out another sigh, “unfortunately yes.”
Changbin barked out a laugh and reached over and rubbed your back as you pouted with your face resting in your hands. “Well if you want to give him a taste of his own medicine, I’m willing to offer my help.”
Quickly you lift your head and look at Changbin with a shocked look on your face, “what?” you weren’t sure if you heard him correctly.
“How do I say this without coming off as a total asshole?” he paused for a moment and tilted his head to the side. “So this guy has sex loud enough for you to hear, and just goes out of his way to embrass you. If you want we could hook up and give him a taste of his own medicine. We could be super loud and over the top. I know we’re both super busy, and neither of us our looking for a relationship.” Your eyebrows knit together as you stared at him in shock. You couldn’t believe that Changbin had really just offered to have sex with you just to give Chan a taste of his own medicine.
“Did I hit my head? Did I really hear you properly?” you asked, still trying to wrap your mind around what Changbin just offered.
He reached out and rested his hand on your arm and said, “we totally don’t have to. I’m just offering if you want to. I don’t want things to be weird between us after this.”
You shake your head and quickly say, “things won’t be weird, but I definitely need time to think this all over.”
“Of course,” he says smiling.
The rest of the night as you hang out with Jisung, Felix, Changbin and your friend Minho who is a doctor at your hospital joined later. You can’t help but think about Changbin’s offer. You weren’t sure if you could go through with having sex with Changbin just to annoy Chan. You wished you could have been the person who would have said “yes” without even a second thought, but unfortunately  you couldn’t.
After a couple of hours at the bar you head home. Walking into your apartment you set your bag down on the couch and walk over to the fridge to grab yourself a bottle of water. The sound of someone knocking on your door catches your attention. Looking through the peephole you groan at the sight of Chan standing on the other side grinning. Pulling the door open you glare at Chan before looking down at the bags of Chinese food he’s holding.
“You already have one strike today,” you say.
“Well that’s one less strike then I thought I had,” he smirks knowing damn well he’s playing with fire.
“Dinner date?” he asked, holding the bag up higher.
“I will accept dinner, but this isn’t a date,” you say, stepping aside.
You’re starving and Chinese food sounds too good to turn down. Walking into the kitchen you grab two plates. Sitting across from Chan you hand him a plate and start searching through the bags for the egg rolls.
“I have them,” he says, holding the box of egg rolls out in front of him. You reach forward and grab the bag. You both eat in silence, but you can feel Chan constantly watching. “So where did you go?” he asks, finally breaking the silence.
“I went out with some coworkers,” you say before taking another bite of your egg roll.
“So it wasn’t a date?” he smiles before taking a bite of his food.
You knit your eyebrows together as you look at him. His question made him sound slightly jealous, but he had nothing to be jealous about. 
He shrugs one shoulder and says, “well, that's cool.”
You go back to eating your food, and you both keep constantly glancing up at each other. This game you seem to be playing keeps getting stranger and stranger. He sets his chopsticks down on his plate and he looks up at you with a smile. By his smile you can definitely tell that he is up to no good. It’s that flirty smile he has when he’s thinking about something inappropriate.
“What?” you say, sitting your chopsticks down.
“So you left something at the laundromat today,” he captures his bottom lip between his teeth and your heart starts racing.
“What are you talking about?” you think back to everything you had with you, and you knew you didn’t leave anything.
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out something that’s navy lace. He holds them up on his finger still biting his bottom lip and your heart drops when you realize that he indeed is holding up a pair of your “sexy” lace panties. The ones you wear on dates just in case something happens. 
“Of course you ended up with my underwear,” you say quickly, reaching forward and ripping them out of his hand. 
“I thought you would be happy I’m returning these,” he smirks.
You can’t even give him strike two, because at least he ended up with them and not some total creep.
“Of all the things I could’ve dropped, why couldn’t it have been a shirt or something?” you wanted to scream.
“I can’t lie, I'm a fan of knowing you like to wear cheeky underwear. Especially the lace, I bet you look so sexy wearing those.”
“Strike two,” you shout standing up.
“I’m sorry,” he stands quickly.
You rush off towards your bedroom wanting to put your underwear away and to get some space from Chan for a moment. You go to slam your door, but before you can he stops it with his good hand. He follows you into your room and stops by your bed.
“You’re literally my own personal nightmare,” you say yelling. You’re so annoyed you can’t help but yell. This is the final straw. He pushed his hand through his curls and stopped smiling for once. “I’m not going to have sex with you, so maybe you should move on to chasing somebody else?” you shout at him. You know you can’t actually have sex with him, and he needs to know that. 
“Whoa,” he steps towards you and grabs your wrist.
“I’m really sorry for the comment. Would you have preferred I kept your underwear?” he asks, standing right in front of you.
You take a deep breath attempting to calm down, “thank you for giving them back.”
“I’m sorry for the stupid comments, I get it you’re over it. Can we maybe hang out and start over?”
Your brain is screaming at you to say no, but your body is betraying and starting to react to the way he's holding your wrist. 
“You still have two strikes,” you say, pulling your hand away from him.
“Fair enough. I’m really sorry.”
You walk back into your kitchen and Chan helps you clean up your mess. Things seem suddenly different between you. He seems to notice that he’s going to get burned if he keeps it up.
You sit in your living room watching an episode of the Office, and things between you are completely different. He only stays for a half hour before he says he needs to head home to get some sleep.
You get ready for bed and lay and pull the covers up. Laying on your side you take a deep breath. Your day has been the definition of an emotional roller coaster, and you’re mentally drained. Closing your eyes you drift closer to sleep and the last thing you hear is Chan’s muffled voice through the wall saying, “goodnight.”
An unexpected friendship was blooming between you and Chan. He went from being intolerable to oddly charming. It had been a month since he “returned” your underwear and since then he’s gone out of his way to be polite to you. You have dinner together at least twice a week, and at night he’s pretty quiet. The whole situation felt so odd to you, but you wouldn’t complain. You enjoy having Chan as your friend, you even look forward to when you get to have dinner with him. 
Sitting on your couch you’re holding a slice of pizza as Chan sat next to you. An episode of Master Chef was playing on TV. Chan was busy giving you his commentary of what he would be cooking. In the whole time you had known Chan you hadn’t ever seen him use a stove, you weren’t exactly sure why he was trying to act like he could compete on a cooking show. Since you and Chan had started spending more time together you had never seen him cook anything. You had only ever seen him make coffee and reheat food in the microwave.
“Why are you acting like you can cook?” you ask as you knit your eyebrows together.
He drops his pizza on his plate dramatically and says, “you wound me, I can totally cook.”
You fight the urge to roll your eyes at his comment, “I have literally never seen you cook anything.”
“Maybe because I’m not trying to get you into my bed,” he smirks.
You aren’t exactly sure why but his comment kind of bugged you. “Okay Mr. Steal My Underwear,” you say as you roll your eyes.
He turns on the couch so he’s facing you more and his warm eyes narrow in on you spending a shiver down your spine. He’s looking at you like he’s stripping away your clothes with his eyes. The corners of his mouth slowly turn up into a smile before he says, “I didn’t steal them but I did return them. Would you have prefered I kept them? I could have totally just had them hanging out in my dresser.”
Your eyes go wide at his comeback. You were at a complete loss of what you should say to him. Biting your lip you stare at him. He managed to leave you completely flustered with very little effort. He still has that same smile plastered across his face. Even though Chan has been behaving every time you hang you, you still notice that he loves seeing you completely flustered. 
“Cat got your tongue?” 
“No,” you retort.
“You sure about that?” he cocks his eyebrow.
“Strike one,” you respond.
He leans back with that same wounded look on his face as he throws his hands up, “I thought we were past this?”
You shake your head smiling that you got the upper hand back, “that what you get for not behaving.”
“I was behaving, you’re the one who brought up your underwear,” he says as he brings his pizza back up towards his lips.
“Well I’m done talking about my underwear now,”
“Fine, if you want, we can talk about my underwear,” he says with a little laugh. Your eyes narrow on him. You don’t find his comment nearly as funny as he does. You go back to eating in silence and watching Master chef.
You're about thirty minutes into another episode when suddenly the room goes completely dark. Your eyes go wide as you start to slightly panic. You can’t lie, you are a little afraid of the dark. After one too many scary movies as a kid you’re to this day left feeling a little unsettled about being in the dark.
“Well I wonder if the power is out in the whole building,” Chan says speaking up.
“I don’t know,” you say, staying in the same spot.
“I have a portable lantern at my place,” he says as he stands up.
You reach to grab his hand quickly as you say, “wait you’re going to leave me?” You hate the thought of being alone in your apartment in the complete dark.
“No, I’m going to leave you alone long enough to get the light and come right back.”
You drop his hand and watch and he leaves your apartment. Reaching on the couch next to you, you pick up your phone and use it as a light to look around. Not even two minutes later your door opens and Chan walks in holding a light.
“We have light,” he says, holding the light up by his face.
“Thank you,” you cheer, relieved to have some light. 
He sits the light down on the coffee table that is in front of your couch and looks over at you and asks, “so is it safe to say you aren’t a fan of the dark?”
You nod your head as your cheeks flush with embarrassment. You know as a grown adult you shouldn’t be afraid of the dark but you can’t help it. 
“I can stay here until the power pops on if you would like,” his offer doesn’t come off as sexual or anything like that, and you can’t help but smile. He genuinely sounds sincere. 
You nod and say, “I would really like that.”
You steal the light and walk off to your bedroom to grab two blankets and you sit back down on the couch next to Chan. 
“Since I’m protecting you from the dark, does that mean I lose my strike?” he asked, giving you an innocent smile.
“I guess,” you say as you pull the blanket close to your chest.
“Thank you.”
“So what should we do to pass the time?” you ask. He gives you another one of those wicked grins and you know that if you give him the chance to speak he’s going to say something stupid that gets him a strike. “I swear to god if you say we can get naked, or something sex related that’s an automatic two strikes.”
He tilts his head to the side and barks out a laugh, “well I can’t deny those things crossed my mind.”
“Behave,” you say, pointing at him.
“We can play twenty questions if you want.”
You think back to your days as a teenager when you would play twenty questions or never have I ever. Almost always this game turned into asking sexual questions. You knew you were playing with fire but you agreed to play.
The first handful of questions were more innocent ones, a mixture of questions about your life growing up. You proceeded to ask him similar questions. It was interesting getting to know Chan even more. On question nine Chan asked you about your first boyfriend, the following question he asked about your first time. He asked so innocently and didn’t push for details so you didn’t feel the need to give him a strike. You told him about your first serious boyfriend in your late teens that led to your first encounter of a sexual nature. 
Your question ten to him was also asking him about his first time. You were shocked to find out that Chan didn’t lose his virginity until he was two years into college. Living next door to him you were aware of his frequent visitors and were pretty shocked to realize that he was a little more of a late bloomer.
“I can tell you’re judging me,” he says with his cheeks flushed a rosy shade of pink.
You shake your head as you reach out and rest your hand on his knee. He looks down at your hand and looks up at you. “I think it’s sweet you waited for it to be with someone you cared about.” You never saw Chan as someone who was romantic, and the fact that he waited until he was in a serious relationship was pretty heartwarming. 
His eyes seemed to be trained on your hand that was still on his jean clad knee, “I don’t normally tell people that story.”
You remove your hands from his knee and ask, “why don’t you tell people?”
“Because people don’t normally see me as this romantic guy. People always assume I’m some man whore so why would I bother telling them about saving my first time for a girl I thought I loved,” you could tell by his tone he was slightly embarrassed and almost annoyed. You could also tell right away that this girl might have broken his heart. 
You stare at him wondering if you said something wrong. You clear your throat before you ask, “did I say something wrong.”
He shakes his head as he stands up. 
“No, that's just something I normally don’t talk about.”
“We can change the subject if you want,” you respond quickly.
“It’s fine,” he says.
Silently he stretches and you watch as he raises his arms over his head and your eyes automatically are drawn to the bare skin that is peaking out above his jeans. You can’t help but focus on his beautiful v that is showing. Your mind can’t help but wonder how he would look naked. Shaking your head you attempt to push away the dirty thoughts that crossed your mind. You were just having a sweet conversation and your mind went straight into the gutter at the sight of his abs.
“What’s your favorite movie?” he asks as he sits down on the couch again. You can tell that he’s trying to change the subject.
“The Departed,” you say without even having to think about it.
“The Matt Damon and Leonardo Dicaprio movie?” he eyebrows knit together as he gives you look like he’s not sure if he should believe you or not. 
“Yeah it’s a great movie.”
You continue to talk about random things. The conversation steered far away from anything sexual after the topic of Chan’s first time was brought up. Checking your phone you were shocked to see that it was midnight and the building still didn’t have power. It didn’t take long for you to awkwardly fall asleep on the couch next to Chan.
The bright light shining into your apartment wasn’t the only thing that woke you up. The feeling of something digging into your thigh woke you. Opening your eyes you notice right away you aren’t alone on your couch. You see Chan laying on the other end of couch as well facing the opposite direction. Your laying pushed against the cushions and he’s in front of you. If you move at all, he looks like he’s about ready to fall off the couch. 
As you attempt to stretch a little you feel him stir in front of you. He must not realize he’s barely on the couch because the next thing you hear is the sound of Chan hitting the floor next to the couch.
“Fuck,” he groans slowly sitting up.
You sit up and look down at Chan who looks like he could still use a few more hours of sleep.
“Are you okay?” you ask.
He rubs thighs as he says, “yeah but that’s possibly the worst alarm ever.”
“I’m sorry.”
He stands up and stretches for a moment before saying, “it’s okay, but I totally need some more sleep.”
A yawn passes your lips letting you know you could probably go for some sleep yourself. You look at your phone to see it’s only six in the morning. You say, “well it’s not dark anymore you’re free to head back to your place to get some sleep in a real bed.”
He rubs his hands down his face as he lets out another yawn. He has to be exhausted. There is no way he slept comfortably on your couch with you.
“Would you mind?” he asks, yawning again. 
“Of course not.”
Chan heads back to his place, and you take that as your cue to head off to your room so you could get some more sleep in your comfortable bed. Laying down in your bed you get comfortable under the covers and set an alarm to wake up at nine. 
Before you can fall asleep you hear Chan say, “sleep tight.”
You can’t help but smile at his remark. It’s not long before you’re sound asleep thinking about your neighbor who you can’t seem to stop thinking about.
Somehow Felix had managed to talk you into going out to the bar after work. It started as just Felix, Jisung, and you but it wasn’t long before Minho joined and shortly after Felix convinced Changbin to show up. 
Walking over to the bar you ordered yourself a drink when you felt your phone vibrate. Reaching into your tight jean pockets you pulled out your phone and smiled at the sight of a new message from Chan. 
Chan: Did you want ramen tonight?
Y/N: I wish, but I’m out with friends at the bar. 
Putting your phone back in your pocket you walk back over to the table where all your friends are sitting. You take a sip of your beer before you feel your phone vibrate again. 
Chan: wow where was my invite? Haha
Y/N: would you even have come if I invited you?
You realize after sending that text that you had never hung out with Chan outside of  the walls of your apartment. 
“Hey guys, do you mind if I invite my friends?” You ask the group.
“I don’t care,” Jisung says.
“Invite whoever you want,” Changbin says after.
You open your phone to see another message from Chan. You can’t help but smile as you read his new message.
Chan: I would like to actually hang out with you outside of our apartment building.
Y/N: Okay if you want to hang out with me outside our apartments, come down to the bar on 12th.
You knew if he made up an excuse not to come that he really doesn’t want to hang out with you that badly.
Sitting your phone down you find Changbin looking at you. He knitted his eyebrows together before asking, “who did you invite?”
You realize if you say your neighbor Changbin is going to realize right away it’s the Chan who used to keep you up at night. You also realize that this is going to lead to you having to talk about the offer Changbin had made you. You hadn’t actually talked about it again since the last time he offered to help you give Chan a taste of his own medicine.
You take a drink of your beer before saying, “my neighbor…”
He shakes his head and lets out a little laugh, “the one you picture naked?”
You can’t help but roll your eyes, and let out a sigh.
“Yes,” you groan.
Jisung, Felix, and Minho seem to be in their own conversation and aren’t paying too much attention to you and Changbin. 
“Please don’t slap me but I’ve got to ask you a question,” you already know what he’s going to ask you.
“Go ahead.”
“Did you sleep with him?” 
You want to be offended by his question, but you know he’s only asking because not long ago you used to complain to Changbin about how much you hated Chan.
“No, we don’t have a friendship like that. We just made a peace treaty, so we don’t want to kill each other.”
“So I take it that means you don’t need me to give him a fast if his own medicine?”
Changbin doesn’t seem annoyed or anything. He just gives you a soft smile. 
“I appreciate the offer, but things with Chan are better.”
Your phone vibrates on the table in front of you and you open your phone to see another message from Chan.
Chan: I’ll be there in ten minutes.
“Is that him?” Changbin asked.
You nod before taking another drink of your beer. 
Eleven minutes later Chan walks into the bar wearing his leather jacket and dark wash skinny jeans. Your eyes immediately go down to his arm that no longer has a cast on it.
You stand up and walk over to Chan. He pulls you into a hug without even giving it a second thought. You smile realizing that this is the first time Chan’s ever hugged you. “Did you get your cast off today?” you ask, pulling away from him.
Holding his now free arm up a large smile plays across his face, “six weeks is officially over and I can finally take a proper shower.”
You shake your head and let out a little laugh, “you’re a free man.”
“Why don’t I buy us both drinks to celebrate?” he asks with a bright smile. 
Shrugging your shoulders you say, “I just finished my beer so I could go for another one.”
He puts his hand on your lower back and leads you off towards the bar. He asks you what you want and he orders both of you the same beer. You stand at the bar for a long moment just staring at each other.
“Is this awkward?” you wonder if he feels the same strange tension between you that you feel. 
He shakes his head and says, “no why would it be awkward?”
Shrugging you say, “we’ve never hung out somewhere other than our apartments.”
“I don’t know.” You can’t help but notice how relaxed he seems. “Are you cool with meeting my friends?” you asked curious to know if he wants to hang out with them as well. 
“Yeah why not? I assumed when you invited me you wanted me to hang out with them too.” He doesn't seem to think any of this is weird. This all seems so casual to him. 
“Okay, follow me,” you say as you start walking back towards the table.
“Hey guys this is my friend Chan, and Chan these are all my friends who also work with me. This is Felix, Jisung, Minho, and Changbin.”
Changbin puts his hand out and shakes Chan’s hand and says, “it’s nice to meet you man.”
“Nice to meet you,” Chan says as he sits down next to you at the table. It doesn’t take long before Chan is fitting right in with all your friends. Things with you two are starting to become so easy, and you aren’t sure how to feel about that. The longer you’ve known Chan and the closer you grow the more you realize you’re starting to fall for his charm. Things that used to drive you nuts about him are starting to become charming. That might have something to do with the fact that you’re starting to let your walls down around him. After the last time you got burned by a guy, you built your walls up high trying to protect yourself. The last guy that broke your heart was just like Chan, too hot for his own good and charming. The more you think about it, that might be why you’ve been so guarded when it comes to Chan. 
The feeling of Chan’s hand grazing your arm catches your attention and brings you out of your thoughts. Looking over at you he gives you a crooked smile before he responds to something Minho had just said.
Looking across the table you find Felix smiling at you. He’s giving you that all too knowing look. “I’m going to run to the restroom,” you stand attempting to get a moment of air. Walking off into the single room restroom you open the door and go to shut it, but before you can Felix grabs the door. You look at him with wide eyes knowing he has a lot of questions he’s going to demand answers too.
Stepping away from the door, he steps inside and closes the door behind him, locking it. Leaning against the counter you wait for whatever he’s going to ask.
“Who is the hot guy who seems extremely into you?” Felix finally asked. 
“He’s not into me like that,” you say knowing that there is no way that you’re Chan’s type.
“Are you blind?”
“Felix he doesn’t like me like that, we’re just friends,” you say as you push your fingers through your hair.
“Well it’s clear you’re blind, who is he?” he asked, moving back to the first question he asked you.
“My neighbor,” you say, bracing for his reaction.
Felix’s eyes go wide as he shakes his head in shock, “excuse me. You mean the dude who has loud sex, and drives you nuts?” Closing your eyes you take a deep breath before nodding your head. “What the hell happened that you’re now friends?” Felix was asking all the same questions that Changbin seemed to want to ask.
“We’re trying to work on being friends.”
His eyes narrow as if he’s trying to read your body language to see if you’re lying or not. He pauses before asking, “So are you sleeping with him?”
Throwing your hands up you practically shout, “why does everyone assume we’re having sex now, just because I don’t want to murder him?”
“Whoa there calm down,” Felix chuckles. 
“No we’re just friends, Chan doesn’t see me like that.”
“His body language says differently,” he says, crossing his arms in a knowing fashion.
“Shut up Felix,” you say walking towards the door.
“(Y/N)?” He says, catching your attention as you reach for the door. Looking back at him you can tell by the look on his face that he didn’t come in here to just bug you. “I just don’t want you to get hurt again.”
Felix was there for you the last time you got heartbroken. He knows all too well the pain went through trying to get over your ex. 
“Thanks Felix,” you walk out of the bathroom pausing to take a deep breath before walking back over to the table where your group is.
The rest of the night you’re back to sitting next to Chan and having a good time with your friends. When Chan finishes his beer he goes to the bar and orders you both another one. Things between you seem to be going so well you need to tell yourself that if you have a crush on Chan. Whatever you’re feeling you need to push away. That you guys could have a really good friendship if things keep going the way they are. 
At midnight the group all says their goodbyes and you’re left standing outside of the bar with Chan. “What do you think about walking back to our apartment building together?” Chan asks with his hands shoved in his jacket pockets.
“I would like that,” you smile as you start walking down the street.
The cool night air against your skin feels nice as you walk down the street next to each other. Chan’s walking right next to you and often brushes his arm against yours as you walk close to each other.
The whole walk back to your apartment building you and Chan made small talk. You tried to keep your mind from wandering to what Felix had said by distracting yourself with small talk. Walking inside Chan hits the button to the elevator and you stand there waiting silently. Stepping into the elevator you look over at Chan who is staring at you.
“Is everything alright?” Chan asked, noticing something is up with you.
“Nothing, I’m just a little tipsy,” you weren’t lying, you had drank enough beer to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy.
“If something is wrong you would tell me right?” Chan asked, reaching out and resting his hand on your shoulder. 
Before you can say anything the elevator doors pop open but Chan keeps his hand on your shoulder. His warm eyes are locked on yours like he’s looking into your soul.
“Yeah I would Chan,” you lied.
He takes his hand off your shoulder and you both walk out of the elevator. You both walk to your own door. You both stand there, neither of you unlocking your doors.
“Thanks for inviting me out,” he says.
“Thanks for coming,” you say as you unlock your door.
Walking inside you shut the door and quickly lock it. Leaning against the door you take a deep breath telling yourself that it’s alcohol running through your veins that’s giving you these unnecessary feelings. You hope when you wake in the morning that all your clouded judgement will finally be gone. 
Ever since that night out at the bar you we’re feeling conflicted. You felt stupid that you even had a crush on Chan. It didn’t help that the closer you got to Chan the more touchy feely he’s gotten. You hung out with him a few times since that night, and each time you were left feeling more and more confused.
Sitting in the cafeteria at the hospital you had a cup of coffee sitting in front of you and a bowl of fruit. Jisung is sitting across from you looking through his phone. You’ve been up since five and at work since six in the morning, and you can’t wait to go home and just relax. You were more tired than normal and that was probably because Chan was at your apartment until Midnight. You and Chan had started watching the Office together. After work you made plans with him for him to come over and watch a few more episodes and eat dinner together.
Jisung cleared his throat, catching your attention. You looked up at him and gave him a confused look, “yes?”
“So Felix told me that the hot leather jacket guy is your neighbor,” you can tell by his tone that he’s been dying to bring up Chan.
“Why am I not shocked that Felix told you who Chan is?” you roll your eyes.
“Because we’re both invested in this situation,” he says before he takes a drink of his coffee.
“I’m happy to hear that everyone seems so invested in my friendship with Chan,” you really wished you could go back in time and never tell Felix and Jisung about Chan’s active lifestyle.
“I can tell you’re over this conversation,” Jisung said as he leaned back in his chair.
Shrugging your shoulders you say, “wow, what gave you that idea.” You knew you were probably coming off a little bitchy, but you didn’t care. You really didn’t want everyone in your business at this point. Especially when at the moment you were left feeling confused by what you were feeling.
“Someone needs more coffee today,” he lets out a little laugh brushing off your attitude. 
“I probably do,” you say before taking a big drink of your strong coffee.
The rest of your shift goes by pretty smoothly. When you arrive at your apartment walking out of the elevator you’re shocked to see a pretty redhead walking into Chan’s apartment. Chan must have not seen you, and you were grateful for that. Since you informed him how thin the walls were you hadn’t seen a single girl enter his apartment. You couldn’t lie, you suddenly felt stupid that you could even think about having feelings for him.
Quickly you rush into your apartment and feeling so stupid. You go to walk into your bedroom but stop in your tracks at the thought of hearing Chan and his “friend”. Kicking off your shoes and dropping your bag on the table by the door, and you walk over to the fridge and grab the bottle of wine you have. You grab a large coffee mug and head off to the bathroom. 
Walking into the bathroom you turn on the warm water and quickly remove your scrubs and strip away your bra and underwear. You grab one of your favorite lavender bath bombs off the counter and drop it into the rising water. You pour yourself a glass of wine into your too large coffee cup. Sitting the bottle on the floor next to the tub. Taking a moment to stretch your back you then step into the warm water. You felt like you weren’t in the best mood after work, and seeing a girl go into Chan’s apartment just kind of pushed over the edge. 
You bring the coffee mug filled to the brim with red wine to your lips and take a big drink. You had already convinced yourself that it was fine to get buzzed, and watch netflix the rest of the day. You were off the next day so it wasn’t like you had to be up early. The scent of the lavender bath bomb helps relax as you lean back, dropping most of your body under the water. 
The sound of your phone dinging on the floor next to the bottle of wine catches your attention. Leaning up you grab a hand towel and dry off your hand before picking up your phone. You see a text from Chan. Part of you doesn’t want to read it, but you really want to know what he has to say.
Chan: Hey I have to handle some work stuff this evening so I won’t be able to watch the Office like we planned.
You weren’t shocked he canceled on you after watching a girl walk into his apartment. You were already on your second cup of wine so it wasn’t like you planned on seeing him anyway. 
Y/N: Okay.
You sit your phone down and go back to relaxing in the tub. 
After about a half hour you decide it’s probably time to get out of the bath. Getting out of the water you wrap a towel around your body and pick up your wine and your phone. Walking into your room you quickly throw on some pajamas before heading out into the living room. You get comfy on your couch and start watching a random movie you found on Netflix. 
After a while you stopped drinking, not wanting to get too drunk. You managed to make yourself some pasta for dinner and switched to watching Cinderella. 
In the morning you woke up to the bright light shining into your living room. Sitting up you rubbed your eyes pushing away the sleep that had formed. It’s very clear to you right away from your headache that you’re a little hungover. From the amount of wine you drank you aren’t very shocked. Standing up you stretch your stiff body. Grabbing your phone off the coffee table you see you have another text from Chan. You see he texted you after midnight and you’re confused on why he texted you late.
Chan: Are you okay?
You’re confused on why he’s asking you if you’re okay. 
Y/N: Yeah I’m okay, why?
You walk off to your bedroom attempting to find something to wear for the day. You settle for a pair of leggings and a sweater. You wash your face and brush your teeth before looking at your phone again to see another message from Chan.
Chan: You only gave me a one word answer and then I didn’t hear you in your bedroom at all.
Y/N: I’m fine I fell asleep on the couch last night.
Heading out of your room you walk into the kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee and some toast. Sitting down at your table you slowly drink your coffee and eat your toast. Your phone vibrates, catching your attention. You groan at the sight of another text from Chan. You weren’t in the mood to have him keep asking questions.
Chan: Are you sure you’re okay?
Y/N: Yes I’m fine, why are you so concerned?
You sit your phone back down and go back to drinking your coffee. This hangover isn’t helping your not so great mood. 
Your phone vibrates again this time you have a text from Changbin.
Changbin: How do you feel about getting lunch with Felix and I?
You know you should probably spend your day off staying home and just relaxing, but you really want to get out of your apartment.
Y/N: Sounds great.
Changbin: We’ll swing by and get you in ten.
The sound of someone knocking on your door catches you attention. Walking over you open the door and you aren’t exactly shocked to see Chan standing there. His eyebrows are knit together as he’s looking at you like he’s examining you.
“What’s up Chan?” you ask, breaking the silence that’s formed between you. 
“Are you mad at me for having to cancel last night?” he asked.
“No,” you don’t mean to come off short to him, but you can’t help it.
“You sound like you’re mad,” He puts his hand on the door frame.
“Chan I’m not mad you cancelled,” you aren’t lying you aren’t mad he cancelled. You’re just hurt that he had a girl over.
“Are we okay?” he asked, taking his hand off the wall and looking at you with a concerned look.
You want to be mad at him, but he seems so upset that you might not be okay. You tell yourself that you need to put aside your little crush and focus on being friends.
“Chan we’re okay, I just had a really off day yesterday,” you sigh. 
His eyes roam your body for a moment before his eyes lock on yours again. “I’m sorry I cancelled yesterday.”
“Chan, it's fine. We can watch the Office later.”
He reaches out and rests his hand on your shoulder and gives you a smile, “okay sounds good.”
Someone clears their throat behind Chan. He removes his hand from your shoulder and turns around to see Changbin and Felix standing there.
“Hey guys,” You say, stepping to the side so Chan isn’t blocking your view of your friends.
“Ready for lunch?” Felix asked.
“Yeah,” you reach down and grab your purse that is sitting on the table next to the door. 
Chan steps back and is still standing by your door as you shut and lock your door. You look over at him and give him a sad smile. Things suddenly feel different between you and you know that it’s your fault. Reach out and rest your hand on his forearm and say, “We can watch the Office tonight if you’re free.”
He nods and gives you a smile, “okay sounds good.”
Lunch with Felix and Changbin was nice. The moment you were seated at your table when Felix finally asked if something happened between you and Chan. You brushed off his question and told him you were just talking about rescheduling plans to hang out.
After lunch you went back to your place and worked on cooking something for you and Chan to eat for dinner.
Around six Chan knocked on your door. He came over holding a carton of ice cream and a bottle of root beer. You couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he remembered that root beer floats are your guilty pleasure. 
You quickly finish cooking dinner and Chan joins you at the table and the whole time you eat you make small talk without asking too many questions. Things between you still feel a little weird. You really want to ask him about the girl that was at his apartment yesterday, but you aren’t sure how you should ask.
After eating Chan helps with the few dishes you have before you both move to sitting on your couch with a root beer float in hand. You start an episode of the Office and get comfort on the couch. 
You get about two episodes in when you finally cave and ask him what you’ve been dying to ask him.
“Hey Chan?”
He looks over at you and says, “yeah?”
“Who was at your apartment yesterday?”
He knits his eyebrows together and a confused look plays across his face, “Sana?”
“Who is that?” you ask, needing to know more.
“She works with me, we had a project that was due at midnight and she came over to help me finish it.” You weren’t sure if you believed him, but you didn’t want to ask him any more questions about the pretty redhead.
The rest of the night went like they normally did. Chan stayed over until close to midnight before he headed back to his place.
Laying down in bed you get comfortable under the covers. Reaching over you turn off the light and listen as you hear Chan shuffle around in his room. You used to curse the fact that your bedroom wall was so thin, but now you enjoyed being able to hear him. Before falling asleep you hear him say “goodnight” like he always does.
Your crush on Chan is beginning to feel like it’s becoming too much. It’s been a week since you finally found out the red head was his coworker. You can’t help but be relieved that no other girls have been into his apartment. 
Coming home from work you find Chan walking out of his apartment. He walks towards you smiling. You pause staring at him for a moment. “What are your plans tonight?” he says finally speaking. 
“A bubble bath and possibly going to bed by eight,” you’re beyond exhausted. 
“So if I asked you to go out with me right now, would you go?” you can’t help but notice how nice he looks. He’s wearing a tight pair of black jeans with a black button up on. You can’t help but wonder if he’s planned this or if he’s asking you to go out just because he saw you on his way out.
“Go out with me,” he steps closer to you. 
You can’t help but feel confused. He’s never asked you to hang out outside of your apartments. You’ve only ever hung out that one time at the bar with your friends. 
He smiles leaning against the wall, “because I want to spend time with you.”
Knitting your eyebrows together you’re trying to figure out what exactly he means by that. “Okay, I need to change.” Opening your door and stepping in, Chan follows behind you. He goes and sits on your couch while you head off to your bedroom to get ready. 
Stripping off your scrubs you stare at your closet completely confused on what to even wear. You settle on a pair of black jeans and a striped sweater. Pulling on a pair of boots you walk out into the living room where Chan is still sitting on your couch looking through his phone. 
“I didn’t know what I should wear,” you say standing in front of the couch. 
His eyes immediately travel up and down your body. You can’t help but notice there’s a warmth behind his eyes. “You look really pretty,” he sounds so sincere as he speaks to you. He doesn’t sound like he’s saying it with the intention of trying to get you to sleep with him.
“Thank you.”
You follow him as he leads you out of your apartment down the busy streets of his apartment. He’s walking next to you, you can’t help but notice his hand brushing against yours as you walk. The tension between you is thick. Your mind wanders to what it would be like to hold his hand. What it would be like to be the person that Chan is actually interested in. You realize that Chan has never mentioned dating someone since he mentioned the girl who broke his heart in college. You wonder what he’s like as a boyfriend, the more you’ve gotten to know Chan you’ve realized how sweet he is. You’ve learned he’s paid attention to the little things you tell him. 
He takes you to a ramen shop and the hostess takes you to a table near the back. You sit there talking about your day at work before you place your order. You can’t help but wonder if he planned on coming here before he found you in the hallway.
“Chan?” you need to ask him. 
“Did you plan on going out before you saw me?” 
“Are you asking me if I was waiting for you to come home so I could ask you out?” His words caught you off guard. “I planned on asking you out today, I just saw you earlier than I planned.”
Does Chan like you? Is this a date? Your mind is suddenly reeling. 
The waitress comes over sitting your food on the table. You don’t move, you just stare at Chan as he picks up his chopsticks. You need to know if this is a date. There is suddenly a nervous feeling bubbling in your stomach.
“Yeah,” he looks up with his warm eyes staring right at you.
“Are we on a date?” 
A long moment passes, and his head tilt slightly to the side, “do you want this to be a date?”
“Don’t do this. Please don’t make a game out of this. I need you to be up front and honest with me. Bang Chan, did you ask me out tonight with the intention of this being a date?”
“YN, I like you. I want this to be a date.” Butterflies flutter around your stomach as you stare at him. Biting his bottom lip he looks away from you. You automatically notice his dimple showing as he bites back his smile. “Do you want this to be a date?”
“Yeah Chan, I want this to be a date.” With those simple words the tensions between you eases. 
Dinner is delicious and as the check comes Chan quickly pays. Standing up he holds out his hand towards you. Standing up you take his hand. Your fingers laced together as he leads you out of the restaurant. He leads you down the bush street, and you don’t bother asking him what he has planned for you. The next stop on your date he takes you to get ice cream. Walking by the river he’s holding your hand  while you both eat your ice cream. Things seem so easy between you. 
Heading back to your apartment building you stop in front of your door. Chan stands in front of you smiling. “Chan, did you want to come inside?” you ask not wanting your night to end. 
“I didn’t ask you out trying to get into your pants. This isn’t some game I’m playing for try and sleep with you,” he gently rested his hand on your cheek. 
“This wouldn’t be a one night stand, right?”
“Of course not,” he sighs. “I want to go out with you again. I don’t want this to be a casual thing.”
“Come inside then,” you step away from him and unlock the door. 
Taking his hand you lead him towards the couch. You sit down pulling him to sit down next to you. He looks over at biting his bottom lip. He leans over with his face so close to yours. His hand rests on your cheek and his thumb gently drags across your bottom lip slowly. 
“Can i-,” he pauses. “Kiss you.”
“Of course.”
Without another word he leans in, pressing his lips to yours. The soft feeling of his lips against your feels like time has stopped. The fluttering feeling in your stomach intensifies as his soft lips move against yours. Reaching forward you rest your hand against his chest. His body moves so he’s facing you on the couch. One of his strong hands rests on your neck while the other rests on your cheek. 
Pulling away you can’t help the smile on your face that you and Chan talked about your feelings. Without even thinking you move towards him. 
Straddling his thighs you sit on his lap. His hands rest on your hips. His lips move down your neck leaving a trail of wet kisses. His hands trail up to rest on the bare skin below your sweaters. Running your fingers through his soft curls. 
“Can I take this off?” He asks with his lips ghosting your skin. 
“Yeah Chan, you can do whatever you want,” you groan, rolling your hips against him. A soft moan passes his lips. 
Removing his lips from your neck he pulls away long enough to remove your sweater. He tosses your sweater on the floor and slowly runs his hands up and down your side. 
“You can touch me. You don’t have to ask permission,” reach down you take his hand resting it on your chest. He touches you the way you always wished he would. Even when you thought you hated him deep down inside of you, this is what you always wanted. 
Your mind is clouded as his hands push your bra down exposing your chest. Reaching behind you, you make quick work of removing your bra. He wastes no time Before his lips are on your neck moving his way down your skin. Each kiss leading closer towards your nipple. One hand gropes your breast while his tongue swirls around the other. 
Threading your fingers through his curls you gently tug his head back. You want to look at him, you just desperately want to see his face. 
Reaching up he rests his hand on your jaw, and gently runs his thumb across your bottom lip. “Hi,” he whispers.
Never in your wildest dreams after hearing all those girls practically scream his name did you expect him to be so soft and gentle. You feel safe with him, and you trust him not to hurt you. Not just physically but emotionally. Any anger you ever felt from him, feels like it melted away a million years ago. 
Running your fingers through his curls you don’t know what to say to him. He presses a gentle kiss to your nose. A soft laugh passes your lips. 
“Chan,” your voice is soft.
“Do you trust me?” he leans back, running his hand up and down your sides.
“I do now,” you reach forward resting your hand on his cheek.
Leaning forward he presses his lips to yours for a passionate kiss. Each passing moment your lips touch leaves you with the same fluttering feeling. Your lips never part as your fingers fumble to unbutton his shirt. The moment your finger touches the bare skin on his chest, you pull your lips away from his. 
“I have wanted to touch you for so long,” you moan. 
His adam’s apple bobs as he swallows, “you drive me crazy.”
“I didn’t want casual sex with you.”
He stops and stares at you. He shakes his head, “this isn’t a game. I’m not doing this just to sleep with you. I really like you. I haven’t dated since college, and you’re the first girl I want something more with. So please trust me here.”
“I trust you.”
Slowly moving off him you stand up and remove the rest of your clothes. You’re left standing there completely naked. He stands up not too far from you and removes his own clothing. His naked body is on full display and the site of him in front of you is breathtaking. His hardened length is pointing at you. Everything about the man standing in front of you is absolutely beautiful. 
“I should probably get a condom,” you say suddenly feeling embarrassed. 
You walk away quickly towards your room. Rushing over to your nightstand you pull out a row of foil packets and rush out into the living room to find Chan sitting on the couch. Handing him the foil packet he tears it open with his teeth and slides it down his hardened length. 
Moving to straddle his thighs again you crash your lips into his. His hands grip your hips grinding your already wet core against his length. Each time your sensitive bundle of nerves grinds against his length you can’t help the loud moan that passes your lips. Your bodies move together both getting closer to the edge. You suddenly feel like two teenagers humping each other trying to get closer to the edge. 
“Are you ready for more?” He groans, halting your hips. 
Silently you nod. 
Sitting up you hover over his length. Ever so slowly you sink down his hardened length. The stretching feeling leaves you moaning his name. Closing your eyes you tilt your head back giving yourself a moment to adjust.
Your hands rest on his bare chest as you slowly move your body up and down his length. The room is filled with the echoing sounds of his low groans, and your high pitched moans. One of his hands rests on your neck while the other grips your hip. Biting your bottom lips you try your hardest not to be too loud. 
“Chan,” you moan. 
“Baby girl, my name has never sounded better,” he groans. 
His hips rut into your filling you in the best way possible. With each thrust he earns another gasp. Your lips move together. You want to feel him in every way possible. 
Your legs start to feel like jelly with each thrust. His hands move to grip your hips again to help guide you down his length. 
“Chan… please,” you gasp. “I- so so so close,” your brain is so fuzzy. The only thing you can think of is finding your release. 
One hand reaches between doing quick circles on your sensitive clit. “Just let go.”
You nod desperately moaning his name. Holding his face in your hands you breathlessly moan his name finding your release. 
You try your hardest to continue moving to help him find his own release but you throw your head back moaning. His hand once again grip your hips moving him down his length. He thrust into you chasing his own release. He holds you down flat against his thighs as he comes moaning your name. Nothing has ever sounded as sweet as your name falling from his lips. 
“I’m tired,” you say before softly pressing your lips to his. 
“Can we lay down not on this couch?” he said between deep breaths. 
Laying in your bed you stare at Chan wondering what happens next. Months of tension have finally ended and you’re lying here hoping that all this leads to something more. 
Looking over at you he smiles reaching over to push your hair away from your face. “What is going on in your head?”
“What happens next?” You bite the bullet, you don’t want to dance around this. 
“I would like to think after this, we go on another date. Then once I’ve convinced you that I’m very serious about you, you let me become your boyfriend.”
Raising your eyebrow you can’t help but smile, “Oh so you’re serious about me?” 
Quickly he moves so he’s hovering over you. His hands are on either side of your head as he leans down pressing another passion filled kiss to your lips. Your hands roam his back. 
“Bang Chan, are you serious about me?” you tease. 
“YN, I’m extremely serious about you,” his lips ghost your skin. “I don’t think I will ever get enough of you,” he rolls his already hardening length against your core. You moan loudly. He’s already prepping your body for round two. 
“Are you serious about wanting to be my boyfriend?” 
He stills above staring at you with his warm beautiful eyes. “I’m very serious. Please be my girlfriend.”
“Okay Chan I’ll be your girlfriend.”
Who would've known the boy who kept you up at night having loud sex would want to be your boyfriend. You might have had a rough start, but things between you worked out in the best way possible.  
Tumblr media
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hypothesis | changbin
Tumblr media
pairing: seo changbin/female reader
word count: 9.1k
genre: romance, friends-to-lovers (?), college au
warnings: swearing, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, excessive consumption of caffeine, mentions of work- and school-related stress, literally nothing else this is so strangely wholesome
Tumblr media
You hesitate, just a little self-conscious to be spelling this theory out so shamelessly in front of the boys. You find your gaze drifting down to your half-empty coffee mug as you finally say it.
“SpearB is probably, like, really good at going down on women.”
There’s a sudden, loud spluttering sound, and you look up to see Changbin choking on his Americano.
Tumblr media
In your defence, Yeji is the one who starts this whole thing.
It’s an average Sunday morning. You’re sat at your usual table inside a cozy little café just off-campus, waiting for your friend group to slowly wander in one by one. Sunday brunch at Danny’s was a time-honoured tradition in your friend group, and today is no exception.
You’re the first to arrive – not surprising, your apartment’s only a few blocks away, it takes you a whole five minutes to walk between the two. You’ve learned to bring your laptop with you on these occasions, turning up a good forty-five minutes early to grab a coffee, listen to some music and get some work done before the rest of your friends show up.
It’s a nice routine. A relaxing routine. You like it.
But on this particular day, it’s disrupted by a pouting Yeji who makes a sudden appearance just a few minutes after you arrive, still in the previous night’s clothes. She drops into the seat opposite you with a sigh.
You blink, taking out one of your earbuds. “Uh…good morning?”
“Is it?” Yeji mutters, dejected, resting her head in her hands.
You glance over to the counter, catching the eye of the barista there. She takes one look at you, one look at the sullen, rumpled-looking Yeji, and one look at the half-empty mug of coffee in your hands before nodding and sending the waiter over.
You order another of your usual, and Yeji pulls herself together long enough to ask for an iced latte, before falling back into her dejected slump.
“Do you want to talk about it?” You ask, lightly, already moving to close your laptop.
Yeji sighs again. “Ugh. Bad date. Boring bad date. Let’s leave it at that.”
Fair enough. You reach over to take her hand and give her the briefest squeeze of reassurance, and her frown lessens just a little.
She’s perked up a little by the time the rest of your friends start to funnel in, and it’s then that you start to get the much-needed context for Yeji’s grouchiness.
Aisha drops the first hint, as she takes a seat on one of the chairs next to you and fixes Yeji with a confused look. “I take it the date with that dance teacher guy didn’t go well?”
“The exact words used were ‘bad’ and ‘boring’,” you chime in, helpfully.
“Add ‘a total fucking disappointment’ to that mix,” Yeji scowls. “I had such high hopes. The guy was so pretty.”
“How bad are we talking here?” Aisha asks.
“Yeah, was it just an ‘awkward’ bad, or do we need to hunt this guy down?” You say, grip tightening on the handle of your coffee mug.
“No, none of that,” Yeji sighs, waving her hand, dismissing your propositions of violence. “It was just…he…”
Yeji trails off, and suddenly, her cheeks start to flush a bright pink. It takes her a few moments to figure out exactly what to say, and when she does speak, it’s in the quietest of mumbles.
“Just, you know, if a guy could actually figure out what a clitoris is, that would be helpful.”
Her statement, so teeming with frustration, is enough to have you cackling. Aisha manages to control herself just a little better, but there’s still no mistaking the smirk on her face when she responds. “Oof.”
“Like, credit where credit is due. He tried. Dude offered to go down, and I was thinking ‘oh shit, and he’s that hot?’ and got all excited and then…” Yeji paused, and sighed. “Disappointment.”
“What did he do?” You ask, before pausing. “…Or, I guess, didn’t do?”
“It was just…bizarre. I don’t think he got the whole concept of…he just kinda kept open-mouth kissing the outside and…yeah. Strange guy. Maybe I should have given him some pointers, or something.”
“He’ll work it out for himself one day,” Aisha says, nodding.
“Maybe,” Yeji sighs again. “Until then, back to square one.”
“There’s guys out there that know what they’re doing,” you say, trying to reassure her. “I mean…I’ve yet to encounter any, but they have to exist. Somewhere.”
“Or just get a girlfriend,” Aisha suggests. “Knowing how to go down is kind of compulsory.”
“A prerequisite skill,” you add.
“You have to list it on your resumé.”
“Maybe. I don’t know. Let me hold out hope for men just a little longer.”
“Oh!” You’re hit with a sudden sense of déja-vu. Somehow, recently, you’d thought about something like this. You pause, eyes narrowing in thought, trying to remember. “I swear, literally the other day, I had some kind of theory on this.”
Yeji manages to smile, watching you struggle. “You always have a theory, nerd.”
You ignore her playful teasing, pouting. “Hmm. Eh, I’m sure it’ll come to me at some point.”
“Keeping us in suspense,” Aisha teases, before reaching over to pick up a menu – a somewhat pointless gesture, considering how often you guys came here. You’re pretty certain you could recite their whole menu from memory. “I’m thinking of getting the waffles today. Something sweet.”
The conversation neatly dovetails into what to get for brunch, and all thoughts about oral sex are pushed onto the backburner.
It’s lucky, then, that the boys chose to arrive at that particular moment.
Felix is the first to bound in, clad in his dance team hoodie despite the uncomfortably humid summer heat. He beams when he catches sight of the three of you, and hurries over to take a seat. “I swear I’ve been thinking about this brunch all week. I am ready to spoil myself.”
Behind him, you spot Changbin wandering through the door, overpriced sunglasses still perched on his nose. He’s shoving his car keys into his back pocket, and the way his shoulders arch back as he reaches behind himself allows that tight black t-shirt he’s wearing to strain delightfully across his chest.
Not that you’re looking. Obviously.
You keep your eyes firmly fixed on his face as you raise your hand, beckoning him over. He lifts his sunglasses up to the crown of his head, allowing them to nestle in his dark hair, and he waves back with a smile.
Fuck, you have some attractive friends.
“Chan’s got a deadline next week, so he’s literally locked himself in the studio all weekend,” Changbin sighs as he eases himself into the seat across from you. “I managed to compromise with him and say I’d bring him back something to make sure he ate.”
The rest of you immediately launch into your usual spiel about how Chan – the sixth member of your brunch club – always overworks himself, how serious his work ethic is, how much you all need to scold him the next time you see him. It’s always done out of affection. Very frustrated affection.
And by the time you all finish, you’ve worked up enough of an appetite to order food – a lot of food. Fortunately, the waiter has long since grown used to your antics, and barely even bats an eye when Felix orders two desserts to accompany his pancakes – or when Changbin asks them to substitute half the vegetables of his order with “just more meat, honestly, doesn’t matter what kind”.
Once the waiter leaves, with a table order that took a full minute and a half to recite back to you all to make sure he had every detail correct, you settle back into your chair and take another sip of your coffee.
“Oh, hey,” Felix suddenly says, looking around at the table. “Has everyone heard that new 3Racha song? I swear, like, half the students on campus requested it at the station last night.”
3Racha is the stuff of legend on your campus: a hip-hop cryptid trio of anonymous students who have accumulated an astoundingly large following in a very short amount of time.
You hold up your earbud, attached to the headphone cable still slung around your neck, and nod. “I’ve literally been catching up with their new stuff all morning.”
“I haven’t had chance yet,” Changbin shrugs. He looks over to you. “Is it good?”
“It always is. I really like what they’re doing with this new mixtape. It’s getting kind of emotional and deep, and I’m here for it. Really good stuff.”
You’re briefly interrupted by the arrival of more coffee – and you barely note that Changbin is still taking his coffee black – but the conversation stays fixed on 3Racha.
“I don’t know,” Yeji says, smirking. “I still miss those halcyon days of ‘WOW’.”
“Ha! Yeah, they’ll never top ‘WOW’,” you agree.
“They really did peak right there,” Felix nods along.
Changbin, meanwhile, has slowly lowered his sunglasses back over his face. He glances away, clearing his throat. “I, uh, I wasn’t a fan.”
“Tasteless,” you say, shaking your head.
“Yeah, well…” Changbin trails off, apparently at a loss for words. Instead, he takes his time removing his sunglasses again, looking down at them in his hands. “It seems like you guys are 3Racha fans, huh?”
“Of course,” Aisha replies.
“Yeah,” Yeji nods. “Plus, you know, we’re all about supporting our friends.”
Changbin blinks, suddenly stilling. “What? Friends? But…uh, aren’t they anonymous?”
You exchange a look with the other girls at the table. The three of you are silent, but very obviously thinking the exact same thing.
“I mean…yes,” you finally say, turning back to Changbin. “But also…come on. CB97 is very obviously Chan. He’s not even subtle.”
“He’s really not subtle,” Yeji mutters, fidgeting with the straw to her iced latte.
“What makes you so sure?” Changbin asks, sounding unconvinced.
“I don’t know. Maybe I should just ask every other Australian on campus,” you retort, shifting your gaze to Felix. “Hey, Felix. Are you CB97?”
The corners of Felix’s lips quirk upwards into a smirk. “Not the last time I checked, no.”
“Darn. OK, one Aussie down. That leaves…oh right,” you remark, looking back at Changbin. “Literally just Chan.”
Changbin’s expression is unreadable. “Have you actually asked him about it?”
You make a face, shaking your head. “No. There’s probably a reason he hasn’t put his real name out there. Seems like a bit of a dick move to confront him about it. I’m sure he’ll tell us when he wants to.”
It was something the rest of you had agreed on a while back. Ever since 3Racha had started to gain some traction, there was a new spring in Chan’s step, a new gleam of determination in his eye. Clearly, 3Racha is a big source of joy for him – and none of you want to ruin that.
Changbin nods, looking thoughtful. “And…the other two 3Racha guys? Any ideas about them?”
“No,” you sigh. “Not yet. They’re a little harder to guess. No immediately identifiable accents. I assume it’s probably two guys in Chan’s music classes, but none of us really know anyone there.”
“I have a theory on J.One,” Aisha chimes in, tilting her head. “No concrete evidence yet, but I’ll keep you updated.”
“And SpearB?” Changbin asks.
“Nope,” Yeji frowns. “He’s the hardest one to crack. Probably because he raps so fast, it’s hard to get a good grasp on what his voice sounds like-“
You slam your hand down onto the table, a sudden epiphany hitting you like a train. “SpearB! That’s it!”
The rest of the table blink at your sudden outburst, but you pay them little attention as you focus on Yeji, pointing at her.
“That was my theory! We need to find you SpearB!”
Yeji stares back at you, face starting to flush. “What, you mean...”
“Think about it. The breath control? How fast he can get those words out?” You’re listing points off your fingers, eager to show off just how perfect your theory was. “All those plosive sounds? Clearly that tongue is dexterous-“
“What the hell are you talking about?” Changbin cuts you off, staring at you.
You settle back into your chair, cheeks flushing just a little. “Well, to put this as delicately as possible...from what I can tell from his rapping and his general attitude, it’s pretty logical to assume that...”
You hesitate, just a little self-conscious to be spelling this theory out so shamelessly in front of the boys. You find your gaze drifting down to your half-empty coffee mug as you finally say it.
“SpearB is probably, like, really good at going down on women.”
There’s a sudden, loud spluttering sound, and you look up to see Changbin choking on his Americano. His face is bright red, his hand covering his mouth as he hacks up the coffee he just inhaled.
You find yourself flushing even harder at his response, but it’s enough to make you square your shoulders, tilt your chin up a little more to meet his eye. “What?”
“You...” Changbin wheezes, voice raspy from all that coughing. “...I...what?”
“She’s saying SpearB probably eats pussy like a champ,” Aisha states, never one to mince words. She turns to you. “Honestly, I see where you’re coming from with this.”
Changbin has exactly zero words in response to this.
Yeji, meanwhile, is staring at you, eyes alight. “Yeah, me too! I think I get what you mean about the whole tongue thing.”
“Exactly! The guy has clearly practised a lot with it. That’s gotta be one well-trained muscle,” you point out. “And besides, the whole cockiness thing-“
“Cockiness?” Changbin interjects, eyebrows raised.
“Yeah, like the whole attitude he has? The guy’s confident in his, you know...skills.”
Felix, who has remained silent this entire time - probably a wise move, honestly - finally speaks up. “And you just...randomly came to this conclusion one day? Just from listening to some 3Racha songs?”
“These are desperate times, Lix,” you sigh. “We have to cling to the things that give us hope, however small they might be.”
“...’Desperate times’?” Changbin repeats your words, the look in his eye shifting slightly. “What, haven’t found a guy who can...?”
You freeze. Something about the way Changbin says it, the way his eyes fix on you out of the three girls at the table he could theoretically be speaking to, makes this all start to feel a little...
You clear your throat, cheeks burning despite your best attempts at keeping your cool. “...No. Not, uh, not recently.”
Not ever would be a more accurate response.
A moment of silence falls upon the table, as the five of you find yourselves at a loss for how to add to this conversation.
Maybe brunch is just a bit too early for this kind of subject matter.
Thankfully, Aisha comes to your rescue with a sudden change of subject. “Oh, did you hear about Professor Kwon?”
And the conversation rolls on, allowing you to take a bit of a breather.
Your food comes soon enough, and you’re happy to spend the rest of brunch stuffing your face instead of talking, your mind slowly drifting towards thoughts of your next assignments, how much you needed to get done before the weekend was over.
You don’t notice the way Changbin keeps looking over at you, expression growing more and more thoughtful with each passing minute.
Eventually, your plates are cleared, your stomachs are filled, your tastebuds are satisfied. Felix is particularly happy, leaning back in his chair, eyes closed with a wide smile on his face. “Yeah. Yeah, that hit the spot.”
“Is anyone staying for coffee?” you ask, stretching out your limbs. You always stay behind after brunch - the atmosphere here is perfect for getting work done, and your frequent requests for caffeine mean the staff don’t mind you hogging one of the tables. 
“Already made plans with Seungmin,” Felix says, apologetically.
“Hair appointment,” Aisha says simply, pointing to her head. “Trying to see if I can go even darker. We can only hope.”
“I’m gonna have to pass too,” Yeji sighs. “I need to change out of these clothes, and...I don’t know. Re-evaluate my life choices?”
“Always a difficult thing to do,” you nod, sagely.
Changbin glances around the table, before his eyes are drawn back to you. “...I’ll stay. The coffee here’s always good.”
You pause for just a split-second, still not over the lingering traces of awkwardness from talking about that in front of Changbin.
But he’s your friend. And you’re not about to make things weird for yourself.
So, you push these thoughts to the back of your mind, and you smile.
“Great! You can keep me company while I shout at my essay until it writes itself.”
He gives you the smallest smile back, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes.
Something’s up.
The rest of your group slowly say their goodbyes, handing over their shares of the bill, and leave the two of you alone.
Growing steadily more nervous, you reach for the first conversation topic you can think of. “Uh, so my essays are really kicking my ass this year.”
Changbin, to his credit, looks mildly concerned. “Really?”
“Yeah. It’s...a lot of my classes this year have a load of individual assignments and coursework and there’s a lot of reading around them I need to do. But it…it’s everything, really,” you admit, and it’s like the floodgates have burst open, because suddenly everything that’s been on your mind comes spilling out of your mouth, right in front of Changbin.
“My course is getting super intensive, I have to put in a bunch of extra hours and...I don’t mind that. I love my course, I’m happy to do more. But if I wish I’d known that before I agreed to pick up some extra shifts at work. This is my first day off in so long, and I still can’t feel like…like I can breathe because tomorrow it all goes back to being busy and…”
You trail off, embarrassed by how much you’ve just dumped onto the lap of an unprepared Changbin.
But all he does is give you a soft look, lips turned down in the tiniest of frowns.
You find yourself shrugging, averting your eyes. “Uh, so...yeah. It’s, uh, piling up on me. A bit. I’m gonna go order some more coffees, you good with another Americano?”
Changbin blinks. “Huh? Oh, uh, yeah.”
“Cool,” you say, pushing yourself up and walking away from the table to collect yourself.
You really don’t like this - this strange new layer to your conversations with Changbin. You used to be so calm with him, so composed, back when he was still the quiet nerd attached to Felix’s hip. But now? Now, all you can do is just stare at this guy, in his fucking Balenciaga t-shirts that can barely stretch over his fucking arms, and feel your tongue tangle itself into knots as you blurt out whatever your brain could think of.
Maybe you just need to get laid. Maybe this is all just frustration.
Maybe you do need to talk to Chan about being CB97, if only to ask him if he can hook you up with that SpearB. Maybe then you could get some actual fucking satisfaction in your life.
You place your coffee at the counter, lingering just a little too long to make small talk, just to give yourself a few more minutes away from Changbin to sort your head out.
Just relax. Drink your coffee. Do some more of your essay. Hang out with your friend.
You can do that.
You take a deep breath, and head back to the table.
“They’ll bring it over in a few minutes,” you say like an idiot, because of course he knows that, that’s how cafés work.
“The what over?”
OK, apparently you’d been a little too hard on yourself. Or too easy on Changbin.
“The coffee,” you say, stating the obvious.
“Oh! Right.”
You frown, sitting back down to face an increasingly confusing Changbin. “Everything OK?”
He pauses.
Not a good sign.
“Yeah, I just...” Changbin looks at you - really looks at you, like he’s debating something, weighing up his options - and takes a deep breath. Leaning back in his seat, he carefully keeps his expression neutral as he finally speaks. “Now would probably be a really bad time to tell you I’m SpearB, wouldn’t it?”
You blink.
There’s a moment of quiet, as he gauges your reaction.
And then you snort. “Yeah, OK. Sure.”
His expression doesn’t change. “It’s true. I was already planning on telling you, I just...uh, I just figured you needed to know sooner rather than later.”
You pause, as your own words echo back in your mind, taunting you. Everything you’d said about SpearB – his tongue, his attitude, how you had sat down and theorised the things he could do.
Panic starts to creep in, as you stare at Changbin, eyes wide. “If…if this is some kind of joke–”
“It’s not. Seriously, I’m SpearB.”
His tone is sincere, his stare measured and steady as he looks you right in the eye. Either Changbin is telling you the truth, or he missed what is clearly his true calling of professional acting.
“…Prove it,” you demand. “Do…do a rap thing.”
Changbin raises an eyebrow – his solemn, quiet sincerity forgotten for a second in the face of your interestingly-worded request. “‘Do a rap thing’?”
“You know what I mean,” you say, waving your hand frantically. “Matryoshka. Do the SpearB part.”
He pauses, before glancing around the quiet café. Seemingly reassured by the lack of people within earshot, he drops his head forward and leans a little closer to you and…
Holy shit.
He does the entire final verse. Start to finish. No warm-up. No stuttering or tongue-twisting. The delivery, the tone, the breath control to keep so quiet. By the time he finishes, you’re already staring wide-eyed at him, body completely slack in shock.
He’s SpearB.
Changbin is SpearB.
Fuck, you had just waxed lyrical about SpearB’s tongue right in front of him–
You sink even further down into your seat, hands covering your face. “Oh, shit.”
You hear Changbin let out a chuckle at your reaction, and your fingers part just a little to let you peek through them. He’s smiling at you, a little teasing, but nothing like the disgust or incredible discomfort you were dreading.
Still, you feel like an apology is in order.
“I can’t believe…I’m really sorry if, you know, what I said made you uncomfortable.”
He shakes his head.
“I’m not uncomfortable, don’t worry,” Changbin reassures you. “I’m…you could say I’m a bit surprised to hear something like that coming from you, though.”
“Well, it was…it was a hypothesis,” you try to defend yourself, face warming. “Identifying results in one set of conditions and theorising its applicability in a different…uh, context.”
You take another nervous sip of coffee, just to cut yourself off before you start rambling too much.
“You know, science,” you conclude, weakly.
There’s a moment of silence, weighing down on you as you keep drinking. Your eyes keep flickering back to Changbin, then away, then back again – do you look at him? Is it weirder if you don’t look at him? What do you do here?
And then, Changbin speaks, and any thoughts you had just vanish into thin air.
“You want to test it out?”
You almost spit-take.
He’s the picture of confidence, lounging in his chair, head tilted to the side. His face is neutral, his tone light – as if he were discussing the weather and not literally asking you if you wanted him to eat you out.
His fingers start tapping against his cup – the only sign of his nerves. “You know. For science.”
You swallow, mouth suddenly dry. What is happening here? What is this?
You can feel the immediate refusal on the tip of your tongue, the ‘no’ already building in your throat. Of course you’re going to say no. You should say no.
But the words just won’t come out.
You just sit there, eyes wide, wordless, when the waiter finally comes with your fresh coffees. Changbin takes his with an easy smile, thanking the waiter with a voice so fucking level. You, on the other hand, can’t even think to reach for your cup – Changbin is the one to take it off the tray and slide it over to you.
It’s only when the waiter leaves that you finally manage to speak. “W-why? Why do you even…?”
If Changbin has noticed the absence of a flat-out rejection, he doesn’t show it. Instead, his eyes slide to the laptop by your side, the coffee cup– the third he’s seen you drink in the past hour – in front of you, the bags under your eyes.
“You said you feel like everything’s piling up on you,” Changbin says, gently. “You’re stressed out. I think I can help.”
“You want–” you cut yourself off sharply, when you realise your voice is way too fucking loud to be talking about this in a public space, and try again. “You want to…to eat me out for stress relief?”
Changbin shrugs. “And you said it’s been a while.”
“Been a while since it’s been good,” you correct him.
He grins – and it’s a kind of grin you’ve never seen from him before, all dark-eyed and slyly curled corners, like he’s this close to biting his lip. It’s smug, and just the sight of it sparks something deep in your gut. “I think I can help with that too.”
“You’re…you’re unbelievable,” you say, swallowing. You still can’t quite bring yourself to say no. “It’s not even like you’re getting anything out of this.”
“I enjoy doing it.”
His response actually gets a single, sharp laugh out of you. “I’m sorry, what?”
He shrugs. “I mean, most people enjoy doing things they’re already good at.”
You snort, but his easy, confident grin stays in place.
He wraps both hands around his coffee cup, fingers lacing together where they overlap, and leans forward.
“Take this for what it is. No strings attached, just an offer between friends. If you don’t want to, just say. I won’t be offended, I promise.”
The sincerity in his voice is enough for you to drop your guard, to ease the tension in your shoulders just a touch.
You decide to be honest in return.
“I just…what if it makes things weird after?”
He tilts his head. “Personally? I don’t think things would get that weird. I think we…I don’t think we’d let it. But if you disagree, that’s OK. Like I said, you can say no – for whatever reason.”
As if aware of how serious he’s become, Changbin’s expression lightens, and he gives you a smirk. “Like I said. No strings. Just for science, if that’s what you want.”
“I…” you hesitate. “Well, science is…pretty important to me.”
Changbin’s reaction is indecipherable. “Uh-huh.”
“You know, human advancement and modern medicine and…and outer space.”
“You do love outer space.”
Your next words come out before you can stop them, curiosity burning through your self-restraint.
“What would happen if I said yes?”
Because you want to know. You need to know.
“Are you saying yes?” Changbin asks, eyeing you very carefully.
You swallow. “I…I think so. Yeah. I am.”
There’s a pause, a beat of silence as your words really sink in for the both of you.
And then Changbin’s eyes light up. “Good.”
You barely have time to register this before he suddenly straightens up, bringing his coffee cup up to his mouth.
“I’ve still got to drop that food off for Chan. Why don’t I come to your place this afternoon?”
You blink. “What, you mean…you mean today?”
“Why not? I’m free, you’re free,” he points out, gesturing to the two of you with the hand holding his cup. “But if it feels like I’m springing all this on you too fast, you don’t have to–”
“No,” you cut him off. Because he’s right, when are you next going to be free for something like this? What if you chicken out before then? “No, I can do today.”
He smiles at you gently, and repeats himself. “Good.”
How is he acting so fucking casual about this?
It’s strange – honestly, even a little absurd – but for some inexplicable reason, it actually soothes your nerves just a little. Maybe this won’t be as big of a deal as it sounds.
You can almost convince yourself of this.
Tumblr media
What the fuck have you agreed to?
You’re stood in the middle of your room, still damp from your shower, staring at your underwear drawer like it holds the secrets to the universe.
Because how the fuck are you supposed to choose what underwear to put on, with the new painful awareness that Changbin is going to see it?
You have a few pairs you bought specifically for sex – lacey, expensive little wisps of fabric, one or two even crotchless just for fun. Should you wear those? That feels like trying too hard.
You try to picture wearing a pair like that in front of Changbin, try to figure out whether you’d be confident or just embarrassed.
You’re not sure.
But you don’t want to wear something boring. Dollar-store, pre-packaged underwear is a blessing for your wallet but you don’t feel hot in them.
Wait, should you feel hot? Should comfort be the priority? This is about stress relief, right? What does that even mean?
You are this close to having a crisis over fucking panties.
You close your eyes, and try to take a deep breath.
Deep breath.
You can do this. You can choose your own underwear without having a breakdown.
You open your eyes, jaw set with a fierce determination.
You go for a compromise – a basic, black set with just a tiny little peek of lace. It’s perfect – comfortable and a little bit flirty.
As for what goes over them, you settle for an outfit that will keep you comfortable, something Changbin has seen you in countless times before. You only hesitate for a moment when pulling your jeans on, when you wonder if swapping them out for a skirt would make things…easier for Changbin.
But no, screw it. If Changbin is as good as he says he is, he can figure out how to take off jeans without killing the vibe.
…Oh, shit. Changbin’s going to take off your jeans.
You’re stuck in this constant loop – one of trying to calm yourself, forgetting for a moment, and then sudden realisation – for the rest of the morning, as Changbin’s arrival draws closer and closer.
You’re freaking out about this, just a little. Or maybe you’re more just freaking out about freaking out.
By the time Changbin finally does knock on your front door, you’ve been pacing the length of your bedroom for a good fifteen minutes, trying to calm your nerves.
And from Changbin’s expression when you open the door, it is definitely obvious on your face.
You swallow, grip faltering on your door handle. “Hi.”
He takes one look at the pained smile on your face, and gently places a hand on the door to close it behind him. You shuffle back as he steps forward to do so, trying and failing to stay normal and casual and unaffected by his presence.
You find it so horribly unfair that a man who is barely scraping five and a half feet tall can be so intimidating just standing in your hallway. The audacity.
“Are you OK?” Changbin asks.
Part of you wants to immediately deny anything’s wrong, just try to smooth everything over and get this started.
But you know that honesty is the best policy here. Especially with Changbin.
“I’m…nervous, I guess. This is all…you know. New.”
That feels like a bit of an understatement, considering the fact that you’re literally describing what is essentially…a booty call?
A hook-up?
A science experiment?
…Is it strange that it’s the last one that makes you feel the least nervous about all of this?
“Don’t be nervous,” Changbin tells you firmly, and takes one small step towards you. You’re proud to say you didn’t budge an inch, letting the distance between the two of you close just a little more. “I’m serious, this is all about you. We don’t have to do anything. We can just hang out and watch TV, or something. Order some food.”
That…well, that certainly sounds tempting.
You could absolutely take him up on this, you realise. There’s no impatience to Changbin’s gaze as he watches you collect your thoughts, he’s so perfectly relaxed.
“We could…we could do both,” you find yourself saying.
The corners of Changbin’s lips slowly turned up into a smirk. “We could do both. But which do you want to do first?”
You feel your face warm, because as good as sitting with Changbin on your couch with some take-out food sounds…
It’s not the first option that springs to mind.
And Changbin seems to sense this, as his expression softens, body language opening up to you.
You take your own step forward, meeting him chest-to-chest. Plucking up the last of your courage, you lean your head in.
And then you pause, as a sudden panicked thought enters your head.
“Wait, is kissing OK? I don’t want to just…but just going to my room and getting straight to business feels–”
Changbin presses his lips to yours, putting an end to your self-conscious rambles once and for all.
It’s a short, sweet kiss. It almost feels like a natural progression from the tight hugs and cheek-kisses you share with your closest friends. An extension of your friendship.
He draws away with a smile. “Kissing is fine.”
“Good,” you say, breathless, and lean in again.
As much as you had scoffed at the idea of ‘stress relief’, you can’t deny the effect that Changbin is having on you. His arms wrap themselves around your waist almost immediately, encasing you in this safe, comforting warmth just radiating from him.
It’s a surreal feeling, to be kissed and know there are no expectations placed on you.
You are the one dictating the pace.
You are the one in control.
And you are the one to lead Changbin into your bedroom, your grip on his wrist gentle as you tow him along.
But when he pauses at the threshold, your lingering self-doubt flares up again.
“Is something wrong?” You ask.
Changbin takes one long look around the room, before turning to you, still hovering around the door. “This might be the cleanest I’ve ever seen your room.”
You blink.
And then you pout, resisting the urge to swat at his arm. “Excuse you! You say that like it’s always gross or something!”
This time, you do swat him. “Hey!”
“I’m just saying, it’s kind of cute that you’ve made an effort,” Changbin teases, grinning. And then his eyes take on a new light, and he tilts his head, voice dropping. “Why don’t you get on the bed for me?”
Your mouth goes dry, as a shiver fights its way through your body at the tone of his voice. You have never heard him speak like that before, and it…
Well, it’s doing something to you.
You try to keep your composure, even as you feel yourself growing hot and bothered. “You get on the bed.”
Unfortunately for you, Changbin calls your bluff.
“OK,” he says, shrugging, and with a smile, passes you and takes a seat on your bed. He’s still so nonchalant about all this, so perfectly at ease.
You’re almost jealous.
Taking a deep breath, you approach him. And with every step you take, your heart starts pounding faster, as you take in the sight of him. The arms, the chest, the look in his eyes as he watches you draw closer.
You gulp, pausing just within his reach. “OK. Here we go.”
His smile twitches, as he watches on, amused. “Here we go.”
“For science.”
Changbin actually laughs at that, shaking his head. “Sure. For science.”
You nod, jaw setting, trying to figure out the best course of action here. Do you straddle him? Sit by the side of him? Push him down onto the bed? What do you–
You blink, snapping out of your thoughts to find Changbin still staring at you. There’s a softness in his gaze, tempered by the slight frown to his mouth as he eyes you carefully.
“Do you trust me?” He asks, serious.
Your response is immediate, a truth you know so deeply in your bones that it leaves your mouth without even a second thought. “Of course.”
He holds out a hand, gently taking your wrist, and slowly pulls you to him. You follow his lead, taking one step towards him, two steps.
His hand slips down from your wrist, taking your hand and squeezing it gently. He smiles up at you, calm, confident.
“Please can you kiss me again?” Changbin asks, softly. It’s a request, not a demand. An invitation for you to take the lead.
And your last lingering hesitations melt away entirely.
You bend down, capturing his lips with your own, your free hand reaching over to cup his cheek. His lips part almost immediately, drawing you in deeper, and the faintest little tug on your wrist has you climbing onto the bed, knees finding themselves planted either side of his hips.
Despite your new position – essentially mounting him – there is no urgency to your kissing, no frantic desperation. Everything is slow, careful, considerate. Soft and affectionate and sweet. It’s so very Changbin.
And then, you feel his arm slide around your waist again, and without even having to break the kiss, Changbin has turned the two of you over, lowering you onto the bed.
“That’s it,” he mumbles against your lips, readjusting his weight as he settles between your legs. “You just get to lie back. This is all for you, OK?”
“Sounds good to me,” you breathe, melting into the sheets.
Changbin grins, and plants a kiss to the corner of your mouth, then to your jaw, and then down to the column of your neck.
He takes his time, happy to keep the anticipation building. Your neck is lavished with attention, with Changbin pausing every time a gentle scraping of his teeth against a particularly sensitive area has you gasping.
The first whine to slip past your lips happens when his mouth meets your collarbone, as he just so very carefully bites down. He descends just a little further and does it again, and you feel his hand curl around your hip, thumb pressing into the fabric of your jeans, digging deliciously into the soft flesh just inside the curve of your hipbone.
He’s good. He’s very good. You’re already sweating and breathless, and he’s still on your fucking collarbones.
Taking his sweet time about it, Changbin slides your shirt up your body, and even through the fabric of your bra, the feeling of his mouth on your breast is enough to have you pushing your chest up into him, whining again.
Changbin’s voice manages to make it through the fog settling in your brain.
“Ha, it has been a while for you, hasn’t it?”
Your response is breathy, disjointed, but characteristically pedantic as you remind him. “Been a while since it’s been good.”
There’s almost something sympathetic to the way Changbin curls two fingers around your bra cup and tugs it down, exposing your nipple. His mouth is hot and wet and perfect when he wraps his lips around it, and you cry out.
All that freaking out over what underwear to pick, and now they were almost certainly ruined.
You feel your core clench around nothing, your thighs twitching as you start to ache. You need…something.
“Y-you can…” you trail off, embarrassment stealing your words as your face heats.
“I can what?”
“Do…more. There,” you struggle.
“In a second.”
You whine, impatient as the fucking nonchalance in his tone has you clenching again. “Please.”
Changbin pauses, like he’s deliberating something.
And then finally glances up, with an expression so wicked, it steals the breath right out of your lungs.
“I know how curious you are about SpearB,” he teases. “But we’ve got plenty of time. No need to rush.”
You can feel his thumb slowly rubbing circles into your hip – so close yet so fucking far away from where you need that friction.
“But if you really need something to tide you over…” Changbin says, as his smirk widens into a full, filthy grin. He suddenly shifts his weight, hands leaving you entirely for a brief second, and you fight back another whine at the sudden loss of contact.
You don’t realise he’s moved until he settles back down, and then you feel it.
You glance down, to see his knee is now planted between your legs, broad muscled thigh just barely a hair’s width from your groin. Waiting.
Oh, fuck.
His mouth is back on your skin, and you manage to last about four seconds before you give in and grind down onto his thigh. That first moment of contact has you choking out a groan, the friction of your jeans feeling so fucking good against you. And when Changbin fucking tenses his thigh, an embarrassingly loud moan escapes you.
“That’s it,” he mutters into your neck, spurring you on. “Just like that.”
Fuck, he’s good. This is good. Everything is just so fucking good.
The combination of his mouth on your skin and the thigh pressing up against you is enough to make your head spin, thoughts dulling. You can barely hear your own breath come out in pants with every rut of your hips.
“F-fuck. Please, Bin. Please,” you beg, hands reaching up to clutch at his shirt.
And finally – finally – he relents, as you feel his hands reach for the button of your jeans. One fluid motion has it undone, another has the zipper pulled down, and the third has him lifting your hips up and pulling the jeans down the rest of the way.
It’s almost astonishingly smooth.
Until the cuffs catch around your ankles.
Changbin pauses, and you feel him tug at the jeans. Once. Twice.
You crack open one eye to see him huffing, letting go of your waistband with one hand to physically manoeuvre the cuff of one jean leg over your ankle.
He notices you staring and, to his credit, just gives you a shrug as if to say ‘whoops’ as he finally manages to free one leg from your jeans.
You bite your lip, hiding your smile.
Thankfully, he makes quick work of the other leg, and you’re left almost entirely naked from the waist down.
You watch as Changbin tosses your jeans to one side, leaving the bed entirely to do so, and you’re about to protest when he turns back to look at you.
Look at all of you, one long and slow gaze from head to toe.
He sinks to his knees on the floor, and in one quick movement, seizes you by the hips and pulls you all the way to the edge of the mattress.
You yelp a little in shock, but the casual display of strength – and the glimpse of how his biceps flexed in doing so – has you flustered all over again.
“Oh, look at these,” Changbin muses, eye-level with your panties. He reaches one hand up to stroke the lace around the hem, and then lets one knuckle drag its way down your slit, teasing a gasp out of you.
You expect him to comment on how fucking soaked your underwear is, but as you glance down, all he gives you is the slightest of eyebrow raises – and you feel your face burn.
And then he slips your panties to one side, leans his face in and–
Holy fucking fuck.
He’s a man on a fucking mission, tongue slowly but so expertly dragging itself along your clit – and when he hears how loudly you moan, he does it again and again, experimenting with direction, speed, pressure, teasing out every little thing you like and love.
You are shaking, moaning putty in his hands, head falling back with a thump against your mattress as he explores you, figures you out.
“Your…your fucking tongue,” you manage to gasp. “I-I knew it.”
You feel him grin against you, and he presses a kiss right on your fucking clit like an asshole.
“Smart girl,” he says, and grins again when the vibrations against you – or maybe just the fucking words – have your hips jerking up into him. “Fingers? Yes? No?”
“Yes. Fuck, keep going–”
He wastes no time, descending onto you once more with renewed vigour, almost merciless in his attack.
It’s not fair how quickly he’s bringing you to your peak. It’s not fucking fair, but you feel it anyway, the trembling of your muscles, the almost-painful clenching of your gut.
You feel yourself on the cusp of it – as Changbin does something so fucking devious that has your clit trapped between his plush upper lip and the point of his tongue – that you feel yourself shaking, moans ripped from your throat as you chase the high, breath gone, body trembling…
You feel one finger slide into you, so fucking easily, and all he has to do is crook it up against that spot, pad of his finger pressing into the sponge of the nerve, and you break apart with a strangled cry.
It takes an age for you to finally come down, to be able to see more than just stars, to feel the breath return to your body. You go limp, muscles sagging in pure fucking relief as for the first time in months, the tension in them melts away.
It still takes you a minute to form actual words in your mind, let alone coax them out of your mouth.
Changbin’s hands are on your twitching thighs, making no attempt to do anything but keep you grounded, help you back down.
You swallow thickly, throat hoarse.
“…Holy shit.”
You hear Changbin chuckle under his breath.
You can’t even try to look down at him. You’re staring up at the ceiling, chest heaving.
Well, actually, that’s a lie. You’re definitely facing the ceiling, but you’re physically incapable of focusing on anything long enough to stare.
Your thoughts are sliding in and out of coherence, hazy.
“Holy shit,” you mumble again. You honestly think they might be the only two words left in your vocabulary.
You eventually manage to crane your neck far enough to glance down at Changbin.
He’s a glorious sight. Still fully dressed, his cheeks are flushed with a pretty shade of pink from his efforts. The entire lower half of his face is slick and glistening, and if you had even the tiniest bit of brain function, you would be embarrassed about just how fucking much there is on his face.
“You might have actually ruined me for other people,” you tell him. “Like, for a good couple of months, at least.”
He smirks, and it’s so obnoxiously self-confident that you want to wipe it off.
But before you can get the satisfaction, his smirk suddenly flickers as he sits back on his heels. You catch the slightest grimace in his expression as he does so, when you notice the probable cause. There is a very prominent outline of Changbin’s dick through his jeans, pressing up against his zipper, fighting the tight confines of black denim.
Fuck, Changbin looks almost painfully hard right now.
You swallow at the sight, and look up at Changbin’s face.
“You can…you know, uh…” the words ‘jerk off’ just refuse to leave your mouth, and you think if you utter the phrase ‘touch yourself’, you might actually burst into flames. “Relieve that. If you want.”
Changbin actually, honest-to-God, blushes at that.
You stare at him in awe, because what the fuck, this man just sucked the soul right out of you, and now he’s all flustered?
It’s…actually kind of cute.
He ducks his gaze. “Are you sure? I don’t want to…mess up your sheets, or anything.”
You close your eyes, shaking your head in amusement. “Now he cares about the sheets.”
His eyes slide down to the mess he’s made of you, and there’s an undeniable gleam of pride in his eyes. “…Oh, yeah. Whoops?”
“I forgive you,” you tell him, graciously.
Changbin laughs at that, but his hand still lingers at the button of his jeans, not even making an attempt to unbutton them. He bites his lip. “I…OK, I know this is going to sound weird…”
Does he really think you’re capable of judging him right now? “Uh-huh?”
“…It feels a little…I feel kind of exposed.”
You understand, you think.
There’s definitely a difference between getting someone else off, and getting yourself off with someone watching. A vulnerability.
A thought enters your head, and it leaves you swallowing. The polite thing to do would be to…reciprocate. Right? Something you should offer to do.
And yet, the prospect is almost…daunting.
“Hey,” Changbin says, gently, and you realise you’ve already begun to tense a little. “What’s all this stress about?”
“I’m not stressed!” You deny, and you push yourself up to a seated position to look down at him. “I just…uh, I was wondering if you wanted…your turn?”
Changbin blinks at your choice of words, and even you make a face.
Instead of pointing this out, however, Changbin just tilts his head. “Do you want to?”
You don’t know what to say – because there is a part of you that’s picturing how Changbin would look, the flush of his cheeks when you first take him into your mouth, the sounds he would make. You want to see Changbin undone.
But at the same time…
How do you tell Changbin to his face that he’s an intimidatingly tough act to follow?
“I’m just…uh, I’m not the best at it. I don’t have the…” you trail off, because your face might actually be on fire. “The technique down, I guess.”
Changbin’s expression is unreadable as he looks up at you, and for a moment, the silence hangs heavily over the two of you, weighing you down.
But then – because Changbin is a truly great friend, and knows when to double-down on a heavy topic and when to lighten the mood – he shrugs, and throws you a grin. “I get you. There’s a lot to learn.”
“Exactly! I don’t…people always talk about how simple guys can be, but...”
“Guys are tricky.”
“Yes. I…”
You trail off, because Changbin is just staring at you. Lips pressed together. One eyebrow slowly quirking up. And there is just something gleaming in his eyes.
It takes you a second to realise.
“…Wait, do you…?”
He nods. “Mm-hm.”
“You have experience?”
You state the obvious, just to avoid any possible miscommunication. “With guys?”
“With guys,” he confirms.
You blink. “Oh.”
“Yeah. You know, they always say college is where you should figure out what you like and don’t like and…yeah. I liked. I had a few hook-ups here and there. I actually…” he pauses, taking a deep breath, like he’s about to get something off his chest. Something he’s been wanting to say for a while. “I actually dated a guy last summer. It didn’t really go anywhere, but it was…nice. He was nice.”
“So, you’re…” your voice is quiet, because this feels like a serious moment, and the last thing you want is to plant your foot right back into your mouth. “You’re coming out to me, right now. Right?”
“Yes. Yeah,” Changbin affirms. His expression softens slightly, eyes drifting down to the plain, cotton sheets you’re laying on. “Yeah, I’m bisexual.”
A smile breaks across your face, tentative and earnest and a little nervous, but so fucking happy to hear this. “Thank you for telling me. I’m really glad you…you know. Trust me.”
“Of course,” Changbin replies, and you register the echo of your earlier exchange.
Your smile grows even wider.
And then you realise your surroundings, and you get a little sheepish. “I’m sorry it happened here.”
Changbin frowns at you, brows furrowing. “What’s wrong with here?”
“It’s…” you flush. “I don’t know. I feel like it should have been somewhere…special. Meaningful”
“I mean, what I’m looking at right now is pretty fucking special.”
Cheeks burning, your legs twitch, closing a little in embarrassment. “Changbin, I swear to God, if you just called my vagina special–”
Changbin rolls his eyes. “I meant you, dumbass. All of you. You’re special.”
You pause, as a warm feeling starts to bloom in your chest. “Oh. That’s…that’s actually quite–”
“I mean, I guess that does technically include your vagina, but–”
“Fine. I’ll stop,” Changbin relents. Then, his expression changes just slightly, and his hands begin to gently stroke your thighs. “Looks like I made you a little self-conscious.”
It’s hard to formulate a response, as Changbin slowly traces shapes into the soft, sensitive skin. “Uh, m-maybe…”
“I’m sorry,” he says, drawing out the apology, genuinely sounding a little apologetic. His hands find themselves at your inner thighs, backs of his hands just brushing together as he presses his palms into your legs. “Now, open these back up for me, princess.”
‘Princess”. That was…that was new.
His whole tone of voice is new. Soft, a little teasing, teetering on the edge of patronising but still just keeping on this side of affectionate.
It should not be affecting you as much as it is.
And yet.
Slowly, you allow him to gently part your legs wider, baring yourself again. “Bin…”
He leans in, and logically you should say something about getting rest, or how sensitive the area probably is, something about overstimulation – but you can’t find the words. You’re slowly losing the ability to form coherent sentences.
When Changbin’s tongue makes its dramatic return, you moan under your breath, unable to stop yourself grinding against him.
Changbin hums – in curiosity, in amusement, you’re not sure.
“Look at you, recovering so fast. You up for another round?”
Yes. You try to contain yourself, gaze drifting down to look at him. “But…but you?”
“Don’t worry about it, I can handle myself,” Changbin says, before pausing, and tilting his head back up to grin at you.
“Besides, you’re probably not going to last long, are you?”
Tumblr media
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chocolvte · a year ago
stray kids reaction: they melt when they see you wearing their clothes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
listen to manic pixie dream by chloe lilac
author’s note — this post was requested but i am unable to find the ask atm.
Tumblr media
「 bang chan 」
oh my godddd don’t even touch him. he’s freaking out. seeing you looking all soft and cuddly and sweet in his hoodies is, like, channie’s BIGGEST weakness (which you def take advantage of lol). he would be so touchy, tugging you into his lap whenever he can to cover you in kisses or wrapping his arms around you from behind. this definitely wouldn’t be the only time his soft spot for you makes an appearance, but it’s the most obvious.
「 minho 」
no. one. no one (!!!) would be as happy about this as minho. if you think this overprotective baby wouldn’t be absolutely devastated over seeing you (his baby!) drowning in one of his oversized shirts, you’re wrong. don’t get me wrong, he’s still minho and he def teases you for it (“um that’s not yours, thief”) but try and take it off and see how much he whines.
「 changbin 」
for binnie, seeing you in his clothes doesn’t ruin him the way it does for channie, but it does make him happy. it makes him feel like he’s providing for you and helping you, even in such a small way. changbin isn’t the biggest person in the world and he knows that, so little (ha) things like this mean a lot to him. he likes knowing that he can protect you.
「 hyunjin 」
please, this boy practically throws his wardrobe at you. su ropa es tu ropa, you know what i mean? ses vêtements sont tes vêtements. bottom line, you share a lot of clothes lmao. there’s just something about you in something of his that is so reassuring to him. like you’re saying, “that’s my bf right there! right over there, the owner of this giant aspen, colorado sweatshirt, that’s my boyfriend!”
「 jisung 」
oh jisung. he just,,, can not contain the joy. the excitement. the happy little: “omgyoulooksocute!!!” he especially loves when you sleep over and he gets to just dress you in his sweats and his shirt and then his clothes smell like you for a while and just?? yes. yes to all of it.
「 felix 」
okay so i think felix would obvi love you in his hoodies. like his hoodies are your hoodies, always, but he also has a really soft spot for sharing jewelry with you. like sometimes he’s holding hands with you and he’s just looking at your entwined fingers and slips one of his rings off of his finger and onto yours. you’ve only ever asked him why he does it once, and he smiled at you real big, in that way that makes his eyes crinkle a little, and looked away all shy as he said, “just practicing…”
「 seungmin 」
okay… so i think seungmin would be the annoying one who pretends he doesn’t like it. low key jeongin too but he’s not fooling anyone. like at all. but seungmin does his best to wrinkle his nose at you stealing his shirts and complain about never being able to find anything because you took it, but i swear try and give a single one of them back and somehow they always end up folded neatly at the end of your bed. (he’s also extra cuddly whenever you’re in his clothes… so like he be yelling at u and holding your hand at the same time)
「 jeongin 」
oh jeongin. what a qt. honestly, he doesn’t usually comment if he sees you wearing something of his because he doesn’t need any extra teasing from his hyungs (but tbh they mostly just hype him up when it comes to you because they know how much he really likes you and they would never wanna mess that up for him, u know?) so on the outside jeongin be like: (ꈍᴗꈍ) but on the inside? he’s a whole mess and half. please approach with caution.
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skeezsbbygirl · a year ago
tmt (too much tank tops) + bang chan
hello sunshines! (◕‿◕✿)
i’m sorry it took so long for me to update :( i had some personal agendas i needed to attend to, but all is good now <3 this is for anon who requested a bang chan scenario inspired from all the sleeveless looks he’s been serving all of us lately haha. hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Don't do it, you thought, as you fought back the urge to bite Chris' exposed arm. The said male's attention was currently fixated on his laptop, clicking some buttons as he bopped his head with the beat that was playing in his headphones. You could faintly hear the tune due to Chris' habit of turning up the volume too loud, claiming that he needed to do that to perfect his craft.
His arm flexed, unbeknownst to him, as he rubbed his neck in attempt to ease some of the tension that was building in his muscles. Such motion made his veins even more prominent, faint shades of green and blue laced through his upper arm down to his hands.
"Chris, stop," you said as you grabbed his arm, slowly guiding it back to rest on the table. Your boyfriend looked at you in confusion, swiftly hitting pause on his laptop to focus on you.
"Stop what, baby?" he questioned as his brown orbs innocently stared into yours, a hint of concern was also displayed on his features, worrying if he had done something wrong for you to call him out.
"I'm sorry, I'll get this done right away," Chris added quickly, taking your hand into his and pressing a kiss on your knuckles. You offered him a sweet smile as you shook your head.
"No, babe. I wasn't talking about that," you explained, shifting in your seat to take a better look at him. Chris slid his headphones off, setting the gadget right beside his laptop. "Then what is it, bub?" he pressed, "You know you can tell me anything, yeah?"
"It's just," you paused as a sudden wave of embarrassment hit you. "Just what?" Chris prompted for you to go on. You shook your head, deciding to bite back the reply that was at the tip of your tongue. "Nothing. Forget I said anything, go back to work," you shrugged, flashing him a convincing smile as you reached out for your phone.
Chris eyed you suspiciously, sensing that there was something odd about your behavior. "I'm not going back to work unless you tell me what's going on," he stated. "Look at me, baby," he instructed as his finger firmly tilted your chin up. "Spill, (y/n)," he said, taking your phone from your hand as he carefully placed it on the table.
"It's embarrassing," you whined, pulling away from his grip, opting to nuzzle your face into his neck. "It's just me, babe," he chuckled, "Come on, baby."
"Exactly, it's you," you muttered, sending shivers down Chris' spine as your lips grazed the sensitive skin of his neck as you spoke. "What about me, love?" he asked as he grabbed your waist, pulling you towards him, making you settle on his lap. Your arms automatically wrapped themselves around his shoulders with your face still buried in his neck as he maneuvered you into a comfortable position.
"Youandyourstupidmuscletanktops," you breathed out in one go. "What?" Chris laughed, "What was that, babygirl?"
He heard you the first time, managing to catch your words despite how muffled you sounded. But still, he wanted to tease you.
"I hate you," you mumbled. "I hate you and your arms, and how they make me feel."
"No, you don't," Chris interjected. "Because if this is how you react when you hate them, then how much more flustered will you get when you actually love them," he teased.
You groaned in annoyance. "See? This is why I didn't want to tell you," you said as you emerged from your hiding. "So, you were ogling at my arms, huh?" Chris joked, cocking one eyebrow at you.
"Whatever, I'm joining Hyunjin in the dance room," you pouted, pushing yourself off of him, but Chris only tightened his hold on you. "No, baby," Chris whined, "Alright, I'm sorry, no more teasing."
Chris leaned in and gave you a kiss, one that lasted longer than usual. "You're the cutest," he cooed to which you responded with an eye roll. "I'm flattered that you like my arms," Chris said, "I've been working out with Bin a lot these days," he added.
"Yeah, I've noticed," you replied as you lightly traced the veins that adorned his upper arm with your fingers. Chris visibly relaxed under your touch, his eyes followed your movement, fascinated by your actions. "I'm glad you noticed," Chris giggled, suddenly growing shy from the attention he was getting from you. Not that he wasn't used to it, but it was the first time that you verbally expressed your fixation on his arms. He might have noticed your stares now and then, but he really didn't make a big deal out of it.
"Well, how can I not when you've been wearing a lot of sleeveless tops nowadays," you pointed out. Chris lifted his shoulders in a half shrug and you shook your head at your boyfriend's cocky demeanor, snuggling back into his embrace.
"I find them comfortable," Chris claimed. "And I find them distracting," you countered back. "Yeah, clearly," he teased, earning him a light smack on his right arm. "I just want to be in your arms forever," you said and Chris smiled at your response, planting a kiss on your forehead in the process.
"I'm here, baby. I got you forever."
The both of you stayed cuddled up for a while, with one of Chris' hand gently stroking your hair while the other was wrapped around your waist, keeping you close to him.
"I missed you," you spoke after a while. "Like a lot," you added as you peppered Chris' neck with small kisses. "I missed you more, babygirl," he replied. "Alright, let me finish up and we'll go home," Chris released his hold on you, gently guiding you back to your seat.
An hour later, you guys were home, with you on the bed and Chris currently taking a shower. You were sprawled out on your stomach as you mindlessly scrolled through your phone, answering messages from your friends that popped up in your notification center every now and then.
Your attention was only shifted when Chris emerged out of the bathroom, clad in nothing but black sweatpants and a small towel hanging on his right shoulder, leaving his upper body bare. He sat on the edge of the bed with his back to you as you watched him dry his hair with the towel.
"Here, babe, I'll do it for you," you offered as you crawled to where he was. You tapped his shoulder, motioning for him to sit on the carpeted floor of your shared bedroom as you placed your legs on his sides. Chris' body nestled between your parted legs, crossing his own and making himself comfortable. "Thanks," he said, handing you the towel.
"You did well today," you complimented which earned you a shy chuckle from Chris. "You say that everyday," he noted, dodging your praises. "Because you do well everyday, Chris," you insisted, harshly ruffling his hair to make your point. The black-haired male whined at your sudden action, tilting his head up to pout at you. "You're such a baby," you teased, leaning down to kiss his lips. "But I'm your baby," Chris replied, catching your lips in another kiss.
"Yes, you are, so you better wear more sleeves from now on," you squeezed his arms, and then leaned down to plant a kiss on his exposed shoulder. "Aww, is my queen jealous?" Chris joked, poking your cheek. You huffed in response. "Don't worry, beautiful," he paused as he turned his body around to properly face you. "They may be out there for everyone to see, but they're only yours to touch and feel, and occasionally ogle at," he continued, a giggle escaping his lips as he delivered the latter line.
"I do not ogle," you argued, playfully hitting his arm with your fist. Chris laughed and stood up, hovering over your seated figure. He placed his hands on your sides, caging you within his arms. With Chris being so close, you could smell the all too familiar scent of his body wash -- it was safe to say that it took quite a lot of control not to pounce on him right there and then. "Yeah, sorry. I meant drool," he mocked.
You scoffed at his remark. "Forget it, I'm gonna ogle at Changbin's arms instead," you challenged and Chris immediately dropped his act. "Don't you dare," he gasped and attacked you with kisses. You yelped in surprise, throwing your head back as you giggled, which only allowed Chris to have better access to your neck.
"Alright, alright," you managed to say in between giggles, "I'm kidding, Chris!"
Chris stopped, placing one final kiss on your lips as he detached himself from you. "Good, 'cause you're mine," he stated. "I'm yours, always. I promise," you reassured as your hands came up to gently caress his cheeks. Chris melted under your touch, basking within the affection you were giving him.
You closed the gap between the two of you, connecting your lips with his once more. Chris caught you off guard for a second when he deepened the kiss. It was slow and soft at first, but things quickly turned heated when Chris nibbled on your bottom lip, and at your grant of access, he delved inside your mouth.
You raked your hands through his brown curly locks, lightly tugging at the strands as you pulled him closer, which elicited a soft moan from Chris, his own hands finding their way under your top.
"Alright, sugar lips," you chuckled as you pulled away from Chris, halting his advances, "Go put a shirt on, you need to rest."
"Don't want to," Chris insisted as he towered over your figure once again. "And why not?" you asked, raising one eyebrow at him. "Because I wanna love on you right now," he answered, "So lie back, babygirl."
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seungisms · 5 months ago
sex with skz 
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, overstimulation, edging, fingering, eating out, blowjobs, degradation, praise, body worship, thigh riding, cockwarming, corruption kink, exhibition kink, bulging kink, switch!skz
note: sorry that i haven’t been that active lately, i’ve been too busy simping over pixelated video game cowboys (yes red dead) 🥴 please enjoy some smutty goodness as an apology - rest of the members are under the cut! also, this whole post is just an excuse for me to indulge in hard!seungmin
Tumblr media
the softest dom to ever exist™
he’ll worship every inch of your skin, muttered praises being left with every hot open-mouthed kiss he showers you in
low chuckles leave him as you rut and whine against him - practically melting at his touch
a l w a y s keeps a tight grip on you hips, just cause he loves seeing the small imprint dents his fingers leave in your soft flesh 
he’ll kiss down the expanse of your body as foreplay, smothering your face in loving pecks before making his way past your collarbones and stomach, stopping at your panties
his teeth will softly nip at the thin band before hooking his long fingers around the material and promptly tugging them down your thighs, mouth watering at the sight of your drenched cunt
he always takes his time before giving into your begs, loving the look of utter desperation coating your pretty features
makes you cum at least twice with just his fingers and mouth
laps up every last drop of wetness that seeps out of your core, holding your trembling thighs still with his strong hands as the muscles of his mouth eat away at your pussy
he’ll take your bud into his mouth, sucking the sensitive flesh and watching smugly as you hoarsely cry out into the room, hips rasing to follow his lips
he loves to intertwine his fingers with your own as he eats you out, each tight squeeze of your hand letting him know exactly how close you are
he also loves the intimacy that comes with handholding during sex
didn’t even realise he had a bulging kink until he met you
the first time he ever saw the outline of his dick jutting out against the flesh of your stomach he almost creamed inside you
presses the palm of his hand flat against the protrusion and softly groans once he feels himself with every sloppy thrust past your folds, the sounds of his cock meeting your wet sex making his head dizzy
he just loves how well you’re able to take him despite your tight hole being far too small to fit the entirety of his thick cock into
he rarely ever dirty talks during sex but when he does it’s always quiet praises
“thats my good girl, taking me so well.”
“you love this cock huh? you’re just begging me to ruin you, sweetheart.”
softly wraps a hand around your neck while sinking into you slowly, thumb reaching up to trace your bottom lip as small gasps of air slip past, focusing on the way he fills you up
cockwarming is a must with this man
especially in his studio
he’ll have you sit on his lap as he works away on a new song, back pressed against his hard chest while he continues to stuff your pussy full with his hard cock
curses softly in your ear everytime you dare clench around him
eventually gives into your needy pouts and the circling of you hips - bending you over his desk and pressing your head against the cold wood before his hips meet your ass once again
always falls into a cold sweat whenever someone asks him why he has to keep buying new studio chair and makes mental note to punish you later for being such a damn tease
sometimes he humours you and lets you ride him, but the hard grip on your thighs and brushing of his dick against your warm walls reminds you that he’s always the one in control
will always spoil you afterwards, feeling guilty for the aching of your pussy and marks he left on your skin
Tumblr media
he’s such a fucking tease
overstimulates you until you’re practically sobbing against him
never once breaks eye contact with you, dark eyes boring into your own teary ones as his digits rub lazily at your bud, teasingly slipping past your folds and dipping into your wet core
he’s an expert at fingering you at this point
curls his fingers deep inside your cunt, your slick coating them and gushing down the flesh of your thighs as he continues to stretch you out
he’ll gather up some of your liquids once he removes his fingers, ignoring your small whines of disapproval before bringing them up to your lips, tapping the soft skin and urging you to suck
turns absolutely feral watching your tongue swirl slowly around his digits, making sure to lick them clean of your wetness as his dick stiffens against your thigh, wanting nothing more than to feel your pretty lips around his dick
l o v e s being in control
he’ll pin your hands above your head as he leaves soft kisses against the expanse of your collarbones - the gentleness of his lips contrasting greatly with the blunt nails digging into your wrists, not paying any mind to your bratty complaining
his mouth always makes sure to leave a few markings in their wake around your thighs, loving the thought of your skirt flipping up later and everyone seeing your pretty, kiss-bruised flesh
also a major giver
he’ll eat you out for hours on end, the sore muscles in his jaw working away at your dripping cunt was worth the pain as you tug onto his disheveled locks and legs trembling on either side of his head, making his hips rut down against the sheets beneath him, tongue impatiently luring you towards orgasm
his chin and lips will be shining with your wetness once he pulls away, not hesitating to place his mouth against yours and force you to taste yourself on his tongue
he gets off on rubbing the tip of his cock against your aching bud, the small pleas leaving your raw throat almost making him want to give in
but he’s a masochist, so he’ll draw every whine, whimper and beg from you before he even thinks about giving you what you want
seeing how much of a slut you turn into when begging for his dick makes dragging out his own pleasure worth it
he’ll edge you towards orgasm for hours if you dare disobey him - his length filling up each dent and crevice of your pussy before swiftly pulling out once he feels you clench tightly around him, reminding him how close you were
he continues his pleasurable torture on your abused cunt until you finally cry out for release, loud enough for the rest of the dorm to hear you
then he’ll fuck up into you until your pussy is raw and red, practically pulsating around him
he’ll make sure to fit thigh riding into his daily routine everyday too
the sight of your naked cunt dragging along the material of his rough jeans is too good not to savour
he won’t assist you either
prefers to sit back and watch you struggle to get yourself off, feeling your sticky wetness seep through the material of his trousers
he’ll only even think about helping you if you beg him enough, something about your voice dripping in sheer desperation is enough for him to fuck you right there on the dorms sofa
it doesn’t matter where you are or if the boy are near, he’ll find every opportunity to tease you and turn you into a complete mess with just his cruel words
Tumblr media
he’s such a switch and i’ll take no other arguments
one minute he’ll be sobbing underneath you while begging for his release and the next he’ll have you on all fours, forcing you to bite into your pillow to muffle any whines or moans you dare to make
he only speaks in pouts and that translates into sex too
his lower lips will jut out into a cute little frown whenever you decide to tease him, teeth nipping at the sensitive skin as his hips resist the urge to rut against your own
he’s far too stubborn for his own good so he’ll let you drag out his pleasure for hours, refusing to give into your soft demands
eventually submits once your hand ‘accidentally’ brushes against his straining cock, the fleeting touch enough to make him jolt against your hold
turns into the most whiny boy afterwards, dick twitching against his stomach and damp hair falling into his eyes, words stumbling over eachother as you purposely continue to deny him
a connoisseur of face sitting <333
his fingers will grasp at any sort of flesh he can as soon as your legs settle on either side of his head, groaning lowly once your wet cunt comes into his view
he practically buries his head against you, nose nudging your bud before leaving a soft kiss on your folds, cursing lwoly when your hands tangle and tug his disheveled locks
eats you out throughly and eagerly, not letting one drop of your sweet wetness go to waste
he’ll ignore the desperate curving of his cock against his stomach, toes curling into the sheets below as you continue to grind your pussy against his mouth - the warmth of his flat tongue stroking your core combined with the strong grip on your thighs making your tummy twist with need
his tongue will eventually resort to fucking your tight hole, a satisfied moan being hummed against you once he feels your legs tremble in his hold
he’s also just as much of an enthusiast of blowjobs as he is with eating you out
becomes such a brat as soon as you teasingly lick away at his slit, the softest of whines falling from his lips and back arching off the bed with need
his mouth works before his brain, so expect a lot of rushed begs and stuttered pleas
feels himself malfunction once he hits the back of your throat, hands grasping at the covers beneath him while his hips raise in order to fuck your mouth harder and deeper
he has the biggest kink for cumplay so as soon as you stick your tongue out to catch his warm liquids while looking up at him through doe eyes his lips will be unable to form any coherent words, legs shaking and cock softening in your hold
as much as he loves submitting to you, theres no stopping this man whenever he’s jealous
as soon as he sees one of the boys getting too close for his liking he’ll instantly drag you to the nearest empty room, ignoring the questionable glances the others threw his way
he’ll fuck you right there against the wall, legs desperately clinging around his waist as he urges you to moan his name louder with every thrust he inflicts on your drenched cunt
he’ll leave marks in places you’re not able to cover them, stifling a smug chuckle when you glare towards him everytime someone points them out
also extremely fond of lingerie
lets his hands ghost over your body, admiring your glowing beauty in the sheer fabric and questioning how he got so lucky
before simply pushing your panties to the side and slipping his fat cock past your folds, the warmth and wetness of your pussy causing his face to slack with pleasure
he’s a H U G E cuddlier after sex and demands to be held, so leave some kisses on his forehead and lull him to sleep and he’ll be happy
Tumblr media
he’s so giving during sex but not before edging you until you’re on the brink of tears
L O V E S using his mouth and fingers on you at the same time
he doesn’t rush while eating you out, hands pinning your thighs to bed to keep them spread as his tongue licks fat stripes up the centre of your pulsating pussy, tuning out your low whimpers of need
his long digits will circle your core, curving deep against your walls and feeling every crevice and twitch of your cunt
he’ll greedily lap up the liquids that seep from your hole until your sore, raw and shaking in his hold
pulls away with his lips drenched in your wetness before coaxing you into a open-mouthed kiss, tongue pushing against your own and sharing his salvia with you, urging you to taste yourself
he’ll constantly keep his mouth busy during sex
whether its nipping at your own lips, leaving markings against your neck or worshiping your perk breasts
he just loves the taste of you on his buds
also really into overstimulation 
once he finally gives into your pitiful begs of release there’s no stopping him
makes you cum again and again until you’re a absolute mess beneath him, legs trembling, tear stained cheeks and pussy aching from his torment
eats up every moan, plea and groan you emit
fills you up the brim and twitches deep against you, fingers reaching down to flick and pinch at your cunt - determined to draw out your sweet sounds of pleasure
he doesn’t pay any regard to anyone else in the dorm, if he wants to make you scream for them all to hear he will
he’ll coax you to sit on his lap with gentle words during move nights with the boys, hands splayed against your thighs as you try to focus on the screen
before they make their way down to your shorts, slipping past and brushing against your already soaked core
he’s quick to fill you to the brim with his veiny cock under the blanket, large hand pressed flat against your mouth to muffles your soft sighs
absolutely GETS OFF on the thought of being caught by one of the boys
so the movement and ruts of his hips will be exaggerated and sloppy, feeling you come undone quickly on his lap, the soft grind of your ass letting him know just how much you actually enjoyed it
softly flicks at your bud once you squeeze tightly around him, milking him dry before the others cast him a curious glance at his low growl
he won’t even acknowledge the eyes peering at you both, his long and thick cock continuing to stretch your small hole out
he’ll make sure to get you back for teasing him though
also l o v e s threesomes
he doesn’t mind sharing you, cause he always makes sure to remind you who you really belong to after
he never hesitates to invite jisung into the bedroom with you both -  watching his bestfriend fuck you until you’re sobbing and begging for more is one of his favourite sights
he’ll eventually join you both, but not before making a snide comment 
“you sure you can handle two cocks at once, honey?”
your wide eyes and flushed cheeks are more than answer for him, coaxing you onto all fours before slipping into your pussy, watching with hunger as you struggle to fit the younger boys cock past your lips, eyes filling up with unshed tears insides twitching with want
he knows just how innocent you were before you met him so he’ll sprinkle a few ‘darlings’ and ‘angels’ between his dirty words when you take his dick further into your mouth
as soon as you look up at him with big doe eyes and cum dribbling down the side of your mouth he knows he’s a goner
Tumblr media
takes the crown for the brattiest sub ever
he’s so needy for your attention 24/7
he’s also extremely vocal during sex - whining and fussing against your hold until you finally give into his demands
teasing you is his favourite past-time
he’ll have you laying beneath him, fingers slowly drawing small circles on your clit as he admires your glassy eyes, the pad of his thumb resting against the top of your puffy cunt before he suddenly curls his digits against your walls
loving the look of frustration building up on your face as he continuously denies your release
constantly brings you to the brink of orgasm with his length, pulsating deep inside your core and leaking tip practically kissing your womb
just as he gets the sense you’re about to cum he’ll hastily remove himself, cruel chuckles leaving him as you almost sob beneath him
sends you videos of himself stroking his cock while he’s on tour just to be the tease that he is
his breathless whines are the only thing that slips past his lips, thumb pressing hard into his slit as he moans and begs for you
says things like, “wish you were here. need to be inside you.”
he’ll make a full show of it, hip raising to meet the desperate movements of his hand and softly muttering to himself, urging you to send something back
he also LOVES using toys on you
presses the vibrater harder against your hole, watching you fidget against the sheets and arch further into his body - nipples erect and sweat tracing your skin as your orgasm continued to build
just as you’re about to cum he’ll take the toy away, silencing your small complaints and furrowed brows once he replaces it with his leaking cock, the angry tip nudging past your entrance 
he fucks you slow and hard, cock brushing impossibly deep past your walls and filling you up so well, watching you come undone quickly beneath him
will literally trash talk your sex toys as if he hadn’t been using them on you five seconds before
“see? you don’t need some useless toy getting you off when i’m right here, darling.”
nothing gets him going quite like stockings
as soon as his eyes lay sight on the sheer fabric hugging your flesh he has the sudden urge to fuck you against the nearest wall
and will sit with a pout on his lips the entire night once you make him wait
he’s completely feral once he finally gets his hands on you, rutting against your panties and ripping every article of clothing off of your body except for the thigh-highs clinging perfectly to your flesh
he just thinks you look so pretty and angelic in them
only ever takes his time whenever he’s eating you out
kisses his way up your thighs as you watch him curiously, mouth settling against your clothed heat before mouthing against the soft fabric of your underwear - feeling your wetness seep through and onto his awaiting tongue
he’ll pay no mind to your embarrassed whimper, eager to lap up every ounce of wetness
simply pushes your panties to the side, mouth quickly attaching itself to your slit and sucking on your bud
he never leaves you unsatisfied, tongue softly nudging your hole and humming against your cunt as you quiver beneath him
tuts lowly as he forces you to keep your trembling legs spread open, cleaning up the wetness that pooled down your thighs and onto the bed
leaves a gentle kiss against your sensitive pussy once he’s done, the sight of his chin and lips shining in your liquids enough to make you hide your face shyly
he’ll pry your hands away from your eyes, pressing his mouth to your own and allowing you to taste yourself
Tumblr media
he’s such an angel for you
he prefers being in control during sex but he’ll never complain when you take over
ride this man and he’ll do anything for you
something about the sight of you taking him so well as your palms lay flat against his sweat-glistened chest, eyes blown out with hunger and lips plump from his needy kisses really gets him going
also, the fact that it gives him the perfect view his length jutting out against the flesh of your stomach every time you grind down against him
he won’t comment on it, but he’s secretly proud that he’s big enough to leave a outline with every thrust of his cock
his eyes will stay glued to the bulge, thickness becoming impossibly harder against your cervix as your back arches off the bed, the jut becoming more prominat against your tummy with your movements
he gives into every small pout and plea you make almost instantly, the hopeful look in your eyes causing his dick to strain and twitch painfully against his thigh, your cunt almost begging him to bury himself inside you already
praises to the m a x
he’ll bury his face into your loose strands of hair, nose softly nudging your temple and closing his eyes in bliss - savouring the warmth of your pussy around him and the quiet mewls you let out
“you’re so pretty, feel so good taking me like this.”
he barely gets his words out, coming out choked and muttered as he struggles to focus on anything but the wither in your legs and the clenching of your tight hole around him
he absolutely melts at the thought of soft sex
and is a firm believer of constantly confessing his love for you while your pussy is milking him dry
leaves soft pecks anywhere his lips can reach
and he won’t be satisfied until your entire body is covered in his doting praises
he’s so overly gentle with you, hands ghosting over your curves and hips barely brushing against your own, taking his time to feel every twitch and clench of your inner walls
looks at you with nothing but adoration in his eyes while stretching you out
has his forehead pressed against your own, breathing heavily and brushing his lips against yours as you mewl beneath him
softly rubs at your clit while being deep inside you, just to see you arch further into him and grasp at his shoulders, lips parting to beg for more
marking is one of his love languages so expect your thighs and collarbones to be covered in bruises and love bites
he’ll kiss them for you afterwards though 🥺
he’s constantly in awe of your beauty and never fails to tell you just how pretty you look with your pussy stuffed full of him, a milky line connecting the head of his cock to your glistening pussy each time he pulls away - only to inflict more forceful grinds past your walls
calls you his ‘pretty angel’ constantly, the lovingness of his words unable to match the burning his fat cock caused while stretching you out, feeling your velvety walls close in around him
also lives for the intimacy of cockwarming
simply collapses ontop of your spent body, curling into your chest and not paying any mind to the stickiness of both your bodies, softened cock still buried inside you
he just absolutely loves the feeling of your warm walls twitching around him all night and sleep better when connected to you
Tumblr media
he may look like the sweetest boy alive but that doesn’t mean he’s not afraid to make you sob and scream for the entire dorm to hear
always starts out slow and loving, taking his time to worship and praise you in every possible way
ghosting his lips over the entirety of your body, not paying any mind to your sharp intakes off breath everytime he brushes over your pert tits 
he’ll leave the most affectionate of kisses against your heated skin, goosebumps appearing in their wake as he showers you in love, length coming to a hilt inside of you and kissing deliously against your knotted womb
it drives him wild knowing the effect he has on you
and his desire for you is shown through the twitching of his needy head against your convulsing walls
but as soon as you start pouting and squirming in his hold his eyes will darken with hunger, not hesitating to push his cock further into your tight hole and stretch you open more, watching your face twitch slightly from the sensitivity of your aching pussy
he loves watching your face slack with pleasure once he gently wraps his hand around your neck, eyes falling shut and whimper threatening to spill from your pouted lips as he barely applies any pressure - hips grinding against your own and the sounds of your slick arousal meeting his own filling the room
gulps quietly while he watches you make a fuss beneath him, adams apple bobbing in his throat as his pre-cum dripped out of your pretty cunt, coating your folds in the white liquids and staining the pristen sheets
exhibition kink™
his need to fuck you against the nearest hard surface is constant and he makes sure to let you know
he gets especially riled up after shows, sweat dripping from his hairline and adrenaline pumping through his veins
he won’t hesitate to drag you into the nearest dressing room, ignoring every confused quiry falling form your kissable lips
pushes you up against the door roughly, lips immediately finding yours before his hands slip up your skirt, taking your lower lip between his teeth softly as the tips of his fingers brush against the soft skin of your thighs before stopping at your core, teasing you through your panties - barely giving you any time to respond to his hungry kisses, tongue pushing against your own
he’ll practically force your begs out of you, fingers curling deep inside of you without warning while eating up every moan you hummed against his mouth hungrily, the sloppiness of the kiss making him press harder against you
constantly reminds you how much of a slut you are for him and how willing you are to fuck him anywhere between pants, tuning out the chatter of the other boys on the other side of the door and focusing on how tight your hole spasmed around him
he’ll eventually have to shove his fingers into your mouth, eyes coaxing you to suck on them to silence your whimpers, his cock continuing its torment on your cunt
LOVES to cum inside you before shoving his fingers into your core, plugging up his liquids and making sure they stayed coated against your walls
simply knowing that you were walking around and chatting to others with his cum seeping out of you and leaking down your thighs makes him so territorial 
he loves to watch you crumble when he whispers into your ear, eyes catching the way your thighs clench and rub together with need
he’ll keep his hand gripping your leg tightly, dangerously close to where you most needed him
but he also loves it when you tease him back, making a point to remind him of your lack of underwear under your skirt when around the others, a playful glint in your eye and petty smile tugging at your lips
cue to a few hours later and he’ll be fucking you into the matress without compassion, legs thrown hastily over his shoulders for his cock to reach the deepest parts of your warmth
he’ll make you regret ever teasing him in the first place, edging you until your on the verge of tears 
okay but he also has a soft spot for more gentle sex and thats the tea
he especially loves it on his lazy days off, spooning your from behind and lazily thrusting into your core, your liquids mixing together and trailing down the expanse of your leg
peppers small pecks across your bare shoulders, hand reaching down to stimulate you along with his cock
buries his face into the crook of your neck and lets out the most prettiest gasps as he’s about to cum, warm breath hitting your heated skin
he’ll slump against you once he brings you over the edge - failing to care about the mess your wetness made on the sheets as he snuggles against your back, leaving small kisses against it every now and then as he drifts in and out of slumber
Tumblr media
the goodest boy ever™
he’ll listen to every demand you make happily, only wanting to please you
and if that means dragging out his own pleasure then so be it
he fully believes his life purpose is to satisfy you
ruts against you greedily when you continuously deny his pleasure, the cutest little begs falling from his kiss-bruised lips and glassy eyes staring into your own - glinting with hope and watching your every move
the epitome of ‘🥺’ during sex
he knows how much of a tease you are and how far you like to take it with your dirty words and fleeting touchs - so he’ll warn you to tone it down everytime you stay the night at the dorm, already knowing his words are going in over your head
he secretly looks forward to it though, the thought of sneaking around the others really gets him going and he knows he’ll do just about anything to feel you around him
he’ll have to bite the back of his fist, being careful not to wake the other sleeping member in the room as you leave soft kisses down the column of his neck, hips rocking against his and breathy moans being shared between you
he gets a little carried away though, hands fisting at the sheets and head thrown back against his pillow, choked moans and stuttered begs leaving his throat as you drag your cunt along the underside of his cock, taking in his flushed skin and wide eyes with pride
his stare will stay pinned to your core, watching it drip onto his stomach and practically begging him to fill it up with his length
he’s a complete mess once you finally lower yourself onto his waiting thickness, pussy stretching out slowly and coaxing a string of curses from the breathless boy beneath you - his attempts to be quiet thrown out the window once you convulse around him, delberiatly rocking your hips down against him 
in summary, you’re now banned from having sex in the dorm after jisung woke up and screamed once he saw jeongin fucking you into the mattress after your teasing got the better of him
poor boy™
he’s always too insecure and hesitant to ask you to suck him off, usually just stuttering over his words and fidgeting with his sleeves, avoiding your prying stare at all costs
but once you slowly lower yourself to your knees and have your tongue greedily lap up the pre-cum oozing out of his twitching head after picking up his hints, he’s convinced he can see stars
his legs will tremble and sweat will gather above his brow once you eagerly suck on his tip, taking him inch-by-inch into your mouth
he won’t know what to do with his hands, settling with cupping your face gently as you took your tongue took its time moving around him
the soft graze of your teeth along the soft flesh makes him weak, hips follow the movement of your mouth and nudging the back of your throat with each rut 
almost collapses when you swallow his cum eagerly, thumb reaching down to catch the messy drops that seeped past your lips
before softly gasping when you take it into your mouth, sucking around the digit greedily and cleaning off the sticky wetness he managed to catch
he becomes so needy and shy when you praise him
he just LOVES hearing your whispered praises as you worship his heated skin, tongue dragging across his neck before leaving a searing kiss against the flesh
his favourite time to have sex is the morning after you both just wake up
his lazy thrusts combined with the sloppy kisses you leave against his mouth makes him so soft
he’s a such a simp for you inside and outside of the bedroom <333
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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chocolvte · 2 years ago
stray kids imagine: what bang chan would be like as a boyfriend
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
listen to pancakes by lany
author’s note — this post was requested but i am unable to find the ask atm.
Tumblr media
「 headcanons 」
you are so!!! special!!!! to this boy
the absolute softest™ boyfriend ever
he looks at you with the biggest heart eyes whenever he thinks you’re not looking
everyone else is kinda jelly because here you are, doing the absolute bare minimum, and chan be like: that’s my baby (人^з^)-♡
it didn’t take him very long to confess and when he did it was just,,,, so genuine? and sweet? and heartfelt?
it was the first time you ever saw him get a lil shy and blushy and he messed up his words a few times, but he got it all out and then when you told him you liked him back he got so!!! happy!!!
he literally smiled so big and gave you the Biggest Hug™
now you two are inseparable
you hang out with him at the studio whenever you can (the other boys love you like a sister it’s so cute)
and even when you’re both busy you set aside one day of the week to spend together and it’s always very therapeutic and relaxing and just? the best part of your week?
you’re the first person he calls whenever he’s upset about something
because he knows you’ll know the right words to calm him down or to take his mind off of the problem
he can be really protective of you and always does his best to take care of you
he wants you to feel completely safe in your relationship and know that you can tell him anything
his guilty pleasure is spoiling you and he has a tendency to go overboard for holidays and your birthdays
but it’s only because he loves you! and he wants you to know it!
the other boys really look up to you and come to you with their problems whenever they can’t find chan
chan thinks it’s sweet, even when he has a hard time dragging them away from you (they crave your attention like it’s crack)
ahhh and arguments! you argue like an old married couple and it’s honestly more cute than sad
if you do actually have a problem with each other you just talk it out (ꈍᴗꈍ)
because he loves you with all his heart and does the absolute most to make sure you know that
「 soft moments 」
“morning, sunshine,” chan laughed, ruffling your already messy hair as you collapsed into his lap. he was sitting at his kitchen table, writing lyrics on the back of an envelope, but you were still barely awake.
“mm,” you mumbled, eyes drifting closed again as you let your head rest against his collarbones. “i don’t have any clothes with me.”
chan smiled at your sleepy voice, running a hand up and down your back. you hadn’t been planning to sleep over when you came over last night, but one thing lead to another until you were waking up this morning in his t-shirt from the night before.
“just keep wearing this, sweet pea,” he tugged the hem of your (his) shirt gently. “i don’t mind.”
“you just like it when i wear your clothes,” you grumbled accusingly, lifting your head from his chest with a happy smile that completely contradicted your grumpy voice.
“go back to sleep,” chan wrinkled his nose at you playfully. he poked your side, which made you pout before you pushed his hand away and fell right back to sleep with your head nestled into his neck.
flicking through channels, you wrapped the blanket around your shoulders just a little bit tighter. this was the fourth night in a row you hadn’t been able to fall asleep. you weren’t sure what it was, but something wasn’t letting you fall asleep before four a.m. and it didn’t look like it was going away.
biting your bottom lip, you struggled, trying to decide if calling chan would be worth it. you knew he’d probably yell at you (he hated it when you didn’t take care of yourself), but if anyone could help you sleep it would be him.
having made your decision, you pressed call before you could talk yourself out of it and relaxed back against the sofa. you sucked in a breath, waiting anxiously for your boyfriend to pick up.
“y/n? what’s going on?” chan’s voice sounded groggy, making a fresh wave of guilt crash through your chest as you realized you probably woke him up.
“hey,” you let out a shaky breath, suddenly on the verge of tears for a reason you couldn’t figure out. “i’m sorry for waking you up.”
“hey, no, it’s okay,” chan sounded more awake now. you could picture the furrow between his brows as a note of concern bled into his voice. “what’s the matter, baby? why’d you call me?”
“i don’t know,” your voice broke and then the tears were running down your face. you were just so tired. tugging your knees to your chest, you tried to explain, “i just can’t sleep, channie.”
“oh, baby,” chan’s voice was like honey, slow and sweet. “it’s gonna be okay. i’m coming over.”
“no, no, you don’t have to!” you tried to protest, but he cut you off.
“i want to, y/n. we’re going to get you to sleep, sweetheart, i promise.”
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skeezsbbygirl · 11 months ago
kiss it better + bang chan
hello lovelies! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
im back with another bang chan scenario <3 hope you guys enjoy this one!! (oh and tmt hit 1k+ notes ahhh thank you so much >.<, also i might be uploading a prince!chan fic soon, stay tuned sunshines)
Tumblr media
"Chris, baby, please."
It's been two hours, nearing three, since Chris decided to give you the silent treatment. The cause of your current suffering rooted from the events that took place last night.
A college friend of yours happened to be visiting the city, and what better way to celebrate a rare occasion than dressing up and going for a girl's night out with a bunch of your other friends. Chris happily agreed to let you go, he didn't need much convincing since he trusted you with everything and that included you getting home in one piece.
As the late hours of the night passed and shifted over to the wee hours of the morning, Chris grew worried, checking his phone for the nth time as he expected a call or text from you to reassure him that you were fine, or that you were at least still alive somewhere.
Fortunately, he managed to get a hold of your situation through one of your friends, credits to Jisung for grabbing her number that one time you guys set them up for a date.
"Hyung, she said that (y/n) got into a cab ten minutes ago," Jisung explained over the phone. "Her phone also died, so that's probably the reason why you haven't heard from her," he added.
"Alright, got it. Thanks, Ji."
Strike one.
Your drunk self thought that it was a good idea to call for a cab, even declining your girlfriend's offer to drive you home. You insisted that you were fine and that you would only derail their way home since your apartment's route leads to the opposite direction. So, in your semi-intoxicated state, you hopped into a cab and made your way home.
Strike two.
You came home last night, struggling to keep a certain level of sobriety. Heels in one hand and your clutch in the other. You weren't completely hammered, but it was still enough to piss Chris off as he took in your drunken state.
Strike three.
Nevertheless, Chris patiently took care of you. He helped you out of your clothes, took your makeup off for you, and tucked you in bed with him.
You could've gotten away with what happened, until your hungover self decided to betray you.
When Chris sat you down for breakfast, he managed to ease in the happenings of last night, carefully bringing it up as to not agitate you or make you feel like he's blaming you for going out and having fun.
He was just worried, especially having known that you went home all by yourself without even contacting him.
"Baby, you could've borrowed one of your friends' phone and asked me to come pick you up," Chris sighed as he reached out for your hand, placing his on top of yours, his fingers tracing circles on your skin.
"I know and I'm sorry, but can you just scold me later?" you said, your tone a little harsher than you intended it to be, probably due to the lingering headache and side effects of your drinks last night. You felt like your skull was being split into two and you just wanted to eat and recover in silence.
"Babe, I'm not scolding you. I was just-"
You cut Chris off. "Alright, I get it, you were worried but I took care of myself. So let's just argue later, yeah?" you snapped.
And you're out.
Upon hearing your reply, Chris' jaw clenched, visibly appearing offended and irritated. He retracted his hand from yours, opting to cross his arms over his chest.
You bit your tongue when the words you spat out finally settled in. It sounded wrong and you definitely shouldn't have said that. You readied yourself for the argument that was about to ensue, but nothing came.
That was all he said before he stood up and left.
Your eyes widened at the sudden realization that slapped you back into reality, the ugly outcome of your sudden outburst.
You were about to get up and follow Chris to apologize, however, the sudden throbbing pain in your head disabled you from getting out of your seat. Instead, you were forced to sit back down and wallow in guilt.
And that's how you ended up getting the silent treatment.
You left your boyfriend alone for a few hours, hoping that his anger would dissipate by the time that your hungover got better. But much to your dismay, he wasn't having it with you.
"Baby, can I come in?" you knocked on the door of Chris' home studio.
"Chris, baby, please," you tried again, but you were still met with silence. You let out a sigh as you ambled back towards the living room, deciding to just give him space and talk it out whenever he's ready.
Chris was naturally a forgiving person, a little tougher on his members, but a complete sweetheart when it comes to you. So when he gave you the silent treatment for the very first time that day, you didn't know what to do.
So, you waited.
A couple of hours passed, three and a half, now, to be exact, you heard Chris' door unlock. You immediately perked up at the sound, quickly scurrying on your feet to meet him.
"Chris, I'm sorry," you apologized with your head hung low, eyes on the ground, and fingers fiddling with the hem of your shirt.
Nothing. Nothing, but the cold breeze of Chris passing by, giving you no due attention. He sauntered towards the kitchen and opened the fridge, paying more attention to the cold food items that were displayed in front of him.
How you wish you were the half-eaten cheesecake now, huh?
Having enough with his torturous act, you were set on using the two tricks you had up your sleeves -- 1) faking an injury, as petty as that sounds, you were desperate, and 2) luring him with something he likes, be it an innocent gesture or a daring one, you would practically do anything at this point.
With your first plan in mind, you crept up behind him and positioned yourself near the edge of the marble kitchen island, placing your hip at the sharp corner so that it would appear as if you bumped against it.
From a third person's point of view, you probably looked stupid, scratch that, you did look stupid, but you were set on breaking Chris' silent streak.
"Ah!" you yelped in pain, hands quickly coming up to clutch your right side. You dropped on the ground, still maintaining your hold on your "injured" torso.
As soon as you cried out in pain, Chris hurried to your side.
"Baby, are you okay?" he asked with a worried expression plastered on his face. His cold demeanor immediately melting once he saw you clutching your side. "What happened, babygirl?" he crouched down to meet your level.
"I accidentally hit the edge of the counter," you said. "Come here, baby," Chris placed your arms around his neck as he scooped you up from the ground, carrying you bridal style towards the living room.
"Show me where it hurts, love," Chris ordered as he sat you down with him. He carefully moved you on his lap, making you straddle him.
"Right here," you pointed towards a random patch of skin on your right side. Chris placed his hand over the supposedly injured area, gently soothing it with the warmth that radiated from his palm.
Adding the icing on the cake, you hissed in pain as his hand came in contact with your skin. "Shh, it's okay, baby. I got you," Chris cooed as he planted a kiss on your cheek, in hopes of making you feel better.
He lifted your shirt up a bit, allowing him to inspect for any cuts or damage to your skin. "Do you want me to go get an ice pack?" Chris offered. "No, it's fine," you replied.
"Alright, just tell me if need anything," Chris responded as he leaned down to press a chaste kiss on your exposed skin, tugging your shirt back down as he pulled away.
You nuzzled your face into his neck, in an attempt to conceal the grin that was forming on your lips. Completely fooled by your actions, Chris continued rubbing your side as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear.
"Does it hurt anywhere else, baby?" Chris asked and you nodded. "Here," you pulled away from him and pointed towards your chest. He shot you a puzzled look, confused as to why your chest would hurt when you claimed that you bumped your side.
"Because I was trying to apologize to my boyfriend a couple of hours ago, but instead, he gave me the silent treatment," you pouted.
Chris bursted out in laughter as he heard your response.
"It's true. I followed him around like a lost puppy, but he locked himself inside his studio. Totally unfair and uncalled for," you continued and Chris shook his head in disbelief, his laughter coming to a stop as he calmed down.
"I could say the same thing about what happened last night," Chris challenged, raising one eyebrow at you.
"I'm sorry. I know I was being stupid. I should've called you or at least shot you a message from my friend's phone to let you know that I was coming home late. I just thought that if I called, I was going to end up bothering you, considering that it was such an ungodly hour," you explained, fiddling with the string of his hoodie.
"(Y/n), you could never be a bother to me," Chris said, "And did you honestly think that I could sleep knowing that you were out there?"
"I was so worried about you. Thank Jisung for having one of your friend's number because I was this close to losing it," Chris stated.
"I know. I'm really sorry," you pressed a kiss to his lips. "I promise I won't do it again, forgive me?" you added, pecking his lips once more.
"I can't stay mad at you," Chris let out a defeated sigh. "Of course. I forgive you, babygirl," he gave you a small smile.
You cheered and pulled him in for a hug, momentarily forgetting about your said injury.
"Do you feel better now?" Chris teased as he poked your sides, making you jolt in surprise. "Christopher!" you squealed, bursting in a fit of giggles as you realized that you've been caught red-handed.
Well, at least the intentions of your plan worked.
"You know what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures," you shrugged and Chris chuckled in amusement. He leaned in and gave you a kiss.
"You're lucky you're cute."
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lvanter · a year ago
8 things you should do to your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
chan. hug him tight
chan could physically feel himself melt into a puddle of mush, as he leaned further into you, his head resting comfortably on your shoulder. your arms were wrapped tightly around him, hands slowly and softly running up and down his back. chan had never felt safer than he did right in the moment; the feeling of being in your arms made him feel protected, like everything was alright in the world. he nuzzled his face into your shoulder, earning a breathy laugh from you.
“you okay, baby?” you asked stilly.
chan didn’t respond verbally, only hummed softly. tearing up a little when you placed a small kiss on the top of his head, his grip on you tightened. he never wanted this moment to end; you made him feel so, so utterly loved.
minho. give him flowers!!!!!
the second you held out the bouquet of baby’s breath minho turned beat red. he hadn’t done anything special, the group hadn’t won anything, it wasn’t an anniversary — there wasn’t a reason for you to get him flowers.
sensing his confusion you spoke up, “i thought of you when walking home, so here,”
with a very red face, minho took the flowers from you. he knew what baby’s breath meant; the two of you had been looking up meanings of flowers last week, because minho had wanted to gift his mother a bouquet. minho, with a still red face, walked closer to you.
“thank you, angel, they’re beautiful,” he muttered, pressing a kiss to your forehead. his heart was warm and filled with you. he would love you forever as well.
changbin. give him many (MANY) compliments
all evening you had been giving changbin random compliments and it flustered him to no end. just when his heart rate returned back to normal, you gave him another compliment, grinning softly as you watched him get flustered. he hid his face in a random pillow that was lying on the couch, whining out a stop, not really meaning it. he felt the spot beside him on the couch dip, but didn’t move from his position with his head on the pillow, until you moved the pillow and made him look at you.
“seo changbin,” you cupped his cheeks, watching and feeling his face flush a deep scarlet color, “you are the most beautiful, talented, wonderful, amazing, perfect, person on this earth,”
though it was difficult for him to do so, changbin looked into your eyes, his own fluttering close when he only saw pure adoration.
hyunjin. love him unconditionally
hyunjin let his hand draw meaningless figures on your back, as he stared up at you, watching you lovingly as you played gently with his lips and cheeks. hyunjin felt utterly calm in the moment, simply enjoying have you close. he grew shy when you said a quiet “you’re so pretty” he let out his usual giggle, that he knew you wholeheartedly loved, “thank you, angel,”
poking his bottom lip softly, you muttered, “i love you, you know that right?”
“of course i do, i love you, too,”
“no, like, i really, really love you,” you stopped playing with his lips and looked him into the eyes.
the hand that had been drawing on your back, stopped. hyunjin fell speechless for a moment, “i really, really love you, too, my angel,” and he did, oh, how he wholeheartedly did.
jisung. let him be the little spoon
deciding this was his new favorite thing, jisung let out a deep, satisfied sigh, relaxing even more. the feeling on your arm draped over his waist was giving him butterflies. he wasn’t the little spoon often, usually preferring to hold and protect you, but as he laid there wrapped in your embrace, he couldn’t help but love it. he played with your fingers, as he listened to your breathing get heavier until you eventually fell asleep. he yawned, tiredness overtaking him. he intertwined his fingers with yours and brought it up to his chest, hugging it into him.
“i love you,” he confessed quietly, even thought he knew you couldn’t hear him. after kissing your knuckles, he closed his eyes, hoping to dream of you.
felix. give him cute nicknames
felix couldn’t help but blush as you called him, yet another, cute nickname. after you found out how big of a sucker he was for cute nicknames, you barely called him by his name. you had been switching back and forth between nicknames, your favorite being “angel boy” and it would be a lie to say it didn’t fluster him to no end.
“angel boy,” you called from the living room.
felix blushed again as the nickname reached his ears. leaving the kitchen for the living room, he saw your arms open.
“come here, angel boy, i wanna cuddle you,”
with a face redder than the red roses he had gotten for you earlier that day, felix fell into your arms, wrapping his own around you. he loved you so much more than he could ever express.
seungmin. hold his hand n squeeze it!!!
seungmin never understood the hype about holding hands. that is, until you did it randomly throughout the day. a small subtle smile broke out on his face every time, he felt your hand in his. something even better was when you thumb rubbed softly on his hand; he doesn’t think you’re aware of doing it, but he loves it a lot. the corners of his mouth moved slightly upwards when he felt your fingers grab his and hold loosely, before holding his hand fully. he gave your hand a squeeze, eyes filled with love. a grin grew on his face when he felt you squeeze his hand harder than he had done yours. he squeezed your hand harder than you had done, earning a gasp of pain from you.
“that hurt,” you whined smiling.
“oh, no, baby, i’m so sorry,” he brought your hand up to his lips so he could leave countless kisses on it, his heart warming as you laughed. he would kiss your hand a million times if it meant you laughing.
jeongin. give him a bunch of kithes
jeongin should probably be used to it by now, having been in a relationship with you for almost 10 months, but alas, he was not. everytime your lips came in contact with his face, his face flushed and his heartbeat went up to an ungodly speed. every time you gave him the small kisses all over his face, he fell more and more in love with you. his eyes closed the second your lips met his cheeks, knowing he wouldn’t be able to look at you when you made him feel so many things.
“baby,” he giggled, when you blew a few raspberry kisses to his cheek, “it tickles,” he heard you giggle as well, and it made his heart soar. when you pulled away, he leaned in and kisses you gently on the lips before he blew some raspberry kisses on your cheek, making you laugh. oh, how he wanted to hear that sound forever.
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fairyatsumu · 2 years ago
Seungmin: Hey, how are you feeling?
Chan: I’m okay, except for this headache that comes and goes.
*Jisung enters the room*
Chan: oh look, it’s back.
*Felix also enters the room*
Chan: oh great! Now it’s a migraine.
Credit to @mwrkshyuck
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hongism · 11 months ago
❀ hongism’s 2020 kinktober masterlist ❀
Tumblr media
a/n: all works are 18+ and contain smut | links will be updated as the fics come out! all fics release at 8.00 pm CST ❀ all works belong to me, calypso / hongism. do not copy, repost, or steal my work in any way
day 1: marking/biting - hwang hyunjin ❀ read here
-  warnings: thigh marking/biting, oral sex f, fingering, cum eating, dirty talk, use of ‘kitten’ as a pet name
day 2: blindfolds - kang yeosang ❀ read here
-  warnings: blindfolds, sensory deprivation, sensation play, temperature play, wax play, brief mentions of yeosang being a vampire, biting, explicit smut, unprotected sex, vampire!yeosang
day 3: spanking - han jisung ❀ read here
- warnings: punishment, spanking, dirty talk, degradation, edging, orgasm denial, fingering, slight humiliation, slight hard dom jisung
day 4: choking - bang chan ❀ read here
- warnings: breath play, choking, explicit smut, oral sex: m, unprotected sex, creampie, fingering, prince!chan
day 5: cum play - jung wooyoung ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, cum play, cum eating, oral sex m, cum swallowing, use of ‘kitten’ as a pet name
day 6: sex toys - choi jongho ❀ read here
- warnings: vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, clitoral massagers, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, explicit smut, unprotected sex, creampie
day 7: public sex - park seonghwa ❀ read here
- warning: explicit smut, unprotected sex, public sex, dirty talk, exhibitionisn, creampie, sex in a karaoke room, daddy kink, breeding/impregnation kink, if u squint corruption kink
more under the cut
day 8: threesome - choi san & jung wooyoung ❀ read here
- warnings: double penetration in two holes, explicit smut, unprotected sex, oral sex m, threesome: mmf, fingering/anal fingering, anal, oral sex f, grinding, lube, creampie, facesitting, dirty talk
day 9: spit play - choi san ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, oral sex: m, deepthroating, face-fucking, spit play, spit in mouth, humiliation/degradation, cum swallowing, dirty talk, hard dom san
day 10: lovemaking - park seonghwa  ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, soft sex, marking, creampie, fingering, tooth-rotting fluff
day 11: mirror sex - bang chan ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, mirror sex, dirty talk, dom/sub themes, cum swallowing, dom!chan, sub!reader, semi-public sex
day 12: thigh riding - lee know ❀ read here
- warnings: semi-public sex, thigh riding, grinding, marking, caught in the act
day 13: cock warming - lee felix ❀ read here
- warnings: soft sex, cock warming, slight dom/sub themes, sub!felix, pegging, strapons, dildos, cum eating, little degradation if you squint
day 14: jealous sex - choi san ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, fingering, jealous sex, sir kink, dirty talk, creampie, fwb au, a lil bit of ~possessive san~ aka that fic where ‘yeah we aren’t anything but i’m still jealous’
day 15: grinding - jeong yunho ❀ read here
- warnings: grinding, thigh riding, semi-public sex (really just being ~frisky~), mentioned daddy kink
day 16: possessive sex - park seonghwa ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, marking, biting, fingering, possessiveness, creampie, paramour!seonghwa, princess!reader, lil bit of impregnation kink if u squint
day 17: praise/body worship - kim hongjoong ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, praise/body worship, nipple play, marking, soft sex, oral sex: f, cum eating, creampie
day 18: cunnilingus - choi san ❀ read here
- warnings: fingering, cum eating, praise, dirty talk, oral sex: f, multiple orgasms
day 19: pain play - bang chan ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, spanking, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, creampie, impact play, thigh-slapping, pussy slapping, pain play, dom/sub themes, subspace, aftercare
day 20: oral fixation - jeong yunho ❀ read here
- warnings: cock warming ((in mouth)), oral sex: m, lazy sex, cum swallowing, finger sucking, oral fixation
day 21: restraints - han jisung ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, handcuffs, restraints, vampire!jisung, dirty talk, praise, creampie, lil bit of bloodplay if u squint, biting
day 22: guided masturbation - song mingi ❀ read here
- warnings: video call sex, mutual masturbation, guided masturbation, camboy mingi, client reader, cum eating, daddy kink, dirty talk
day 23: edging - bang chan ❀ read here
- warnings: sub!bang chan, handjobs, explicit smut, unprotected sex, oral sex: m, edging, orgasm denial, cock rings, vibrators, sex toys, anal play
day 24: hard dom - kim seungmin ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, dom/sub themes, dirty talk, rough sex, overstimulation, creampie, fingering, hard dom seungmin
day 25: lingerie - seo changbin ❀ read here
- warnings: fingering, oral sex: f, explicit smut, unprotected sex, creampie, lingerie, changbin has a Tongue Piercing yes sir
day 26: master kink - bang chan + lee felix ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, protected sex, threesome: mmf, dom/sub themes, master kink, oral sex: m, fingering, cum swallowing, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, dom!chan, sub!reader, switch!felix, spanking, degradation
day 27: teasing - park seonghwa ❀ read here
- warnings: semi-public sex, grinding, handjobs, lap dancing, teasing, biting, cum eating
day 28: degradation - choi jongho ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, dom/sub themes, degradation, dirty talk, consensual name-calling, slight humiliation, spanking, hair pulling
day 29: soft dom - kang yeosang ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, soft sex, fingering, praise, sir kink, clit kissing, oral sex: f, creampie, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, cum eating, soft dom yeosang
day 30: hair pulling - hwang hyunjin ❀ read here
- warnings: hair pulling, oral sex: m, cum swallowing, public sex, sex in a library whoops, it’s not realistic okay, exhibitionism
day 31: overstimulation - lee know ❀ read here
- warnings: explicit smut, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, oral sex: m, oral sex: f, fingering, cum eating, creampie, overstimulation, sir kink, handcuffs, dirty talk, size kink, kitten as a pet name, sex toys, vibrating panties, slight face-fucking, semi-public sex
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wonderlustlucas · a year ago
calefaction - hwang hyunjin
⇢ prompt “You make my heart go boom boom.” ⇢ pairing hyunjin x female reader ⇢ word count 8.1k ⇢ genre fluff & smut ⇢ warnings explicit sexual content, dry humping, a shitty handjob, oral (f receiving), referral to oral as “coochie suck,” okay it got really soft & fluffy at the end i’m sorry, comedy / crack because han jisung & ot9 are FOOLS ⇢ summary In another universe, your life does not revolve around keeping your infatuation over the boy with the pretty smile secret. In another universe, he does not know how much you like him, nor does he harbor the same feelings. But not in this universe. In this one, your heart beats fast for Hwang Hyunjin, but his beats faster.—friends to lovers!au ⇢ a/n omg WHAT i can’t believe this is 8k ajhdjhfjd it was supposed to be like a quick 4k cuz it was Hard Hours but here we are......yikes.....not necessarily the first fic for hyunjin i wanted to post but it ended up being really cute:) i hope you enjoy! pls like & reblog if you do, i love reading tags ♥︎
Tumblr media
There has always been something about him that caught her attention. The first time she met him it was his mouth that she found herself focusing on; in between the white and gold and blue fireworks exploding above them, she would sneak glances across their friend’s back patio to admire the way each color lit up his face. Every time he took a sip of whatever sloshed in his red plastic cup his lips would glisten before his tongue darted out to swipe away the moisture and oh God, she would kill to do that for him. As the celebration dragged on she found herself edging closer, swallowing down more liquid courage with each shot just so she could catch a better look at his teeth and his smile and the way his face lit up and nose scrunched and eyes disappeared into cute little crescents every time he laughed. She wanted to make him giggle like that. There was no other that matched his. He put all the stars and all the fireworks to shame— who was that?
The second time she was in his company, she could not help but swoon over what an absolute sweetheart he was and all she wanted to do was tuck the precious baby in her pocket and shower him with love. And yet this all came simply by joining her friends at the nearby bowling alley for a night. Unbeknownst to her, his friend group and hers were evidently meeting up and even though she ended up not playing against him, she was determined to know something about him before she left. Hwang, he set his name as— she felt awkward randomly asking him for his full name, and so she decided instead to ask him if he would come with her to buy pitchers of soda for the two groups while they finished setting up the games.
“Sure!” He smiled right away, turning away from his friends and leading the way. Immediately her heart skipped a beat and she hurriedly followed after him, staring at his red converse the whole time. “What’s your name?” He suddenly asked, taking smaller steps in order to match her pace. When she looked up at him to meet his curious gaze and tilted head she nearly stopped right then and there to scream.
Instead she swallowed the lump in her throat and answered him, then asked for his own since the opportunity had been served to her on a silver platter.
“Hyunjin,” he said, the name slipping softly past his lips and she found herself muttering it under her breath as he ordered two pitchers of soda and two pizzas at the counter. She loved it. Hyunjin. She knew his name! Comfortable silence fell over the new acquaintances and she was content leaving it that way, too fearful she would give away her nervousness and stutter out dreadful small talk. Besides, just being there next to him and admiring his pretty face when he was not looking was more than enough.
They did not speak anymore after that until he praised her later on for the strike she made and even though all she could do was thank him, she physically could not stop looking to him just to grin after watching him cheer so jubilantly for her. But now she was distracted, watching him instead of her own friends when he would go up to bowl and oh God oh God oh God he’s so cute and wow his hair looks so soft and Jesus Christ his smile is the prettiest thing in the entire world.
But her admiring did not go unreciprocated. She felt jittery all over and could not stop chewing on her lip whenever it was her turn, walking slowly to pick up her ball with the weight of his gaze from behind. Before when her fingers would slip into the ball’s holes, she would never really care about how many pins she would knock down; now, she held onto the polished marble globe for dear life and prayed each time she would not look like a fool and throw her bowl into the gutter.
Her prayers generally were answered for the three games they played and she landed herself in second place each time. But her smile was not from a job well done; rather from the cheerful grin Hyunjin would flash her no matter how many pins she knocked down when all her other friends were too busy gawking at Han Jisung and Lee Minho and the rest of his friends. She felt warm and loopy all over again, this time not from alcohol, and she really, really wanted to plant herself next to him—Hell, right on his lap— and kiss him, but knew that would be outrageously ludicrous for someone she technically just met only a few hours ago. She opted instead to cheer him on after his turns as he was doing for her, and just hearing his giggle in response was enough to sate her.
And so the night slowly drew to a close, her friends and his rendered tired and bored with nothing left to talk about for the time being. Even though her heart leapt at the possibility of Hyunjin initiating something, she reminded herself again that it was unlikely and truly was not that disappointed when all he did was wave goodbye on their way out. It’s alright, she told herself, it’s not like this is the last time you’re going to hang out. Afterall, it seemed like the two friend groups were slowly beginning to fuse.
And for the next few months, she was right. As summer quickly rounded the corner she found herself spending more time around him and learning new things about him each time. When she first heard him mention dance in a conversation with Minho at Changbin’s end-of-the-year bonfire, she couldn’t help but lean over in her seat to hear him more clearly. Great, here he was, the literal most perfect human alive, talking about his newest dance routine minutes after taking her side of the argument that summer reading wasn’t all that bad if you just gave the books a chance.
He was just about flawless in every sense of the word with his stupidly pretty plump lips and the beauty marks under his left eyelid and the right side of his jaw and neck and God, the way he talked about his dog Kkami? She was head over heels.
Nevertheless, she did not want to overstep her boundaries and opted instead to avoid getting too close to the untouchable boy, fearful that if she had one more conversation with him over how watermelon is the superior fruit that she would eventually just implode. She hoped she was not coming off cold; because, let’s be real, Hyunjin will cling like a koala if you allow him to and it was more than obvious that she was keeping a distance from him, hoping their relationship would not go beyond mutual friends. She could only hope that he would not notice through the rose-colored glasses he watched life behind.
When her phone buzzed with a text message in their group chat from Felix asking if they could go to her place for night swimming, she sat up in bed and thought for a long minute for some excuse to give to avoid having them all over. It wasn’t that she did not have the house for it, and her parents were out for the night— she simply felt obligated to clean the place up for everyone since they had never hung out at hers before. However, she felt guilty since she was the only one with a pool and eventually texted back that it was fine for them to come over.
Nonetheless, there were not enough hours in the day, it seemed, to calm her nerves of having to reveal so much of her bare body to them all when it came to wearing a bathing suit. When Minho and Hyunjin arrived first, the light of the day had just drained away, leaving the sunset’s pink and orange colors subdued in the fading light and the first chirping crickets and buzz of mosquitoes took over what the birds had retired for the night. As the host for the evening, she felt it was impolite to join the two in the pool when so many more of their friends would be arriving, so she left her t-shirt on and waited against the patio table while the two of them undressed.
She tried to keep her eyes away— really, she did, but in the close silence of the dim evening light she could not help but look upwards, her gaze instinctively travelling to Hyunjin. With his back to her, she felt guilty gawking at the broadness of his shoulders and the way the muscles of his back rippled as he took off his shirt, so she tore her stare away only seconds before him or Minho could notice how flustered she had become just by his bare back.
She refused to join the others until the entire group had arrived, even if that meant sitting and standing by herself while all her friends goofed around. It’s alright, she told herself, now I can slip in without anyone noticing. As soon as Eunsook set her things down and joined everyone else playing Sharks and Minnows, she finally turned the music blaring from the speaker up higher and shimmied out of her shirt before skipping over to the stairs and quickly submerging herself into the water despite the chill that had her teeth clattering.
“Alrighty, time to head home,” Minho teases as soon as he notices her paddling towards them; she rolls her eyes before disappearing below the surface and swimming for him. Even underwater she can still hear his yelps when her fingers come to pinch roughly at his sides. When she resurfaces, she is met with a splash to her face, which ends up hitting Jeongin next to her and in a blink of an eye an entire war is breaking out.
She is still too cold to participate and hurriedly backs away from all the splashing, opting instead to watch the chaos until her body acclimates to the freezing temperature of the water. “Are you cold?” A melodious voice whispers softly at her ear, sending a different kind of chill shooting down her spine. She turns slightly, relieved but terrified to see how close Hyunjin hovers behind her; she did not even notice him approach her. “Freezing,” she laughs quietly, hands rubbing at her arms that are rough with goosebumps.
He hums, seemingly lost in thought for a moment as he stares delicately at her before he presses himself against her back and crosses his arms above her chest, his head sitting gently in the crook of her neck. “Better?” Hyunjin purrs, so close against her and oh God, her teeth seem to clatter even more despite the way her lower stomach jumps and warmth spreads throughout her limbs.
“Yeah,” she whispers, breathless, brain still trying to register his skin against hers and therefore abandoning every other cognitive ability. Hyunjin makes a noise of content, tightening his grip on her and nestling into her neck. She can only pray that he pays no mind to the way she gulps nervously before forcing her attention back to the others still tussling in the shallower end of the water.
“___ is a pus—”
Minho starts to accuse before he is rudely interrupted by Changbin tackling him under the surface. In the meantime, Eunsook and the three other girls let out a series of panicked shrieks, scrambling to get out of the pool when Chan lets out a battle cry after giving the diving board a few experimental bounces. The same second he cannonballs off the board, Minho thrashes back up, still wrestling with Changbin. Evidently, both chaotic instances cause a surge of water her way and she scrambles backward and further against Hyunjin, accidentally rutting against him simply to dodge the spray.
So many things happen at one time she finds it a struggle to focus on each one. First, all she can register is the chlorine water meeting her eyes and stinging like a handful of needles. And then, just as Minho starts up his monologue again, her mind ultimately blocks out everything else occurring around her when a husky moan escapes Hyunjin’s lips.
“As I was saying, ___ is a pussy, she started this and all she’s doing is hiding away with lover boy,” Minho condemns as Hyunjin quickly unlocks his arms from around her in order to grab at her hips in reflex. Unable to form a coherent sentence, let alone a coherent thought, all she can do is shoot Minho the finger and give him a sarcastic glare. At her lack of a fight, Minho grumbles and turns away, chasing after Changbin who had swam to the deeper end.
The realization that she is essentially alone with Hyunjin at the other side of the pool sets over her like thick fog, and yet it seems to be that she is not the only one who is breathing heavily. She squeezes her eyes shut, willing herself to not only calm her beating heart but to ignore what she oh so wants to do while simultaneously gathering up the courage to do it. His slender fingers still gripping onto her hips for dear life eventually serves as a prompting enough green light and she at last makes up her mind. Just test it out again, she convinces herself with one last prayer to Heaven before lifting herself up slightly, allowing the water to help guide her movements as she rolls her body back onto him again. It elicits a carnal groan deep from his throat.
Just like that there is a fire in her veins, sparked to life by his presence and suddenly she’s not so cold anymore, everything feels ten times hotter and she silently spins around to face him, staring at him with sudden innocence. The ball is in his court.
“You’re a sly one, aren’t you?” Hyunjin teases with raised brows, large hands sliding down her waist, curving over her ass and settling on the underside of her legs to urge them around his hips. He looks unfairly gorgeous at the given moment, wisps of chestnut hair fallen over his forehead in soaked tufts and skin glowing with a sheen of water— a God, to be fair. “Not really,” she says honestly; unable to hold his hooded gaze, she instead follows after her palms as they run over the smooth skin of his arms, ghosting over his chest and making sure to brush over the beauty mark on his neck when they settle to link behind his head. Even though he trembles, she wonders whether he can feel the erratic beating of her pulse or secretly knows how much vulnerability hides beneath her façade.
“Hm,” he hums, fingers clutching tighter at her thighs, “I guess it makes sense now, though.”
“What makes sense?”
“That you have a crush on me, stupid. You avoid me like I have the plague so I thought you just didn’t like me in general or something. Turns out you like like me,” Hyunjin says, voice dripping in blatant delight and he wiggles his eyebrows at her when she finally looks back up to him, eyes widened in total embarrassment.
“I, well—”
She is just beginning to gather the brain cells necessary to explain herself when the oppressive boom of thunder cuts her off.
Caught completely off guard, a startled cry escapes her and she jumps, squeezing herself around Hyunjin and burying her face into the safety of his neck— since when was there going to be a storm? Nevertheless, her fright is totally washed away when he uses her proximity to his advantage and nips at the junction of her shoulder, red hot desire taking its place when he kisses over the mark.
“Nope, fuck, that’s it! I’m out!” Felix shouts, pushing Jeongin up the stairs with him and effectively ruining her moment of utter disbelief. “C’mon, we have to get out,” Hyunjin coos, reaching down to pry her legs off of him.
“It’s fine, honestly just let me die,” she sighs dreamily, floating on her back away from him. There is some truth in her exaggeration— her heart is already pumping at such an ungodly fast rate getting struck by lightning would practically be a blessing.
Hyunjin scoffs, grabbing her by the ankles and steering her toward the stairs. “No way Jose,” he says, flipping his hair once she stands on her own feet and sending a dozen water drops directly into her eyes, “there’s no way I’m letting you die before I get a taste of you.” And with that, he leaves her stranded on the stairs to process his words, something hot and heavy laying upon her abdomen. Taste? What does that mean? Did he mean a kiss or—
Shaking her head, she rids the tantalizing thought and slaps her cheeks to get the blood flowing again, trying to not focus on Hyunjin’s words and every moment leading up to them. As she follows after him to where the others cluster around the picnic table, she slowly discovers the error of her ways with an annoyed whine when she realizes she forgot to grab a towel for herself. She’s not about to go run inside for one downstairs when she has water dripping off her like a waterfall, but with the way distant thunder rolls across the malevolent sky she also understands that it won’t be long until her friends want to head home before the storm reaches them.
“Share with me,” she demands of Chan who stands next to her wrapped up in his own towel, her frame quivering with chills all over again. An exasperated grunt escapes him but he does not argue, lifting an arm to let her nestle beside him and share in some of his warmth. She mutters a thanks when he passes her the end of the towel and she curls it around them, making sure to soak up some of the droplets dotting her skin.
Standing in the midst of the rest of the group’s conversation, she really does make an attempt to pay attention to the chaos of their bantering, but it somehow feels like she’s stuck on the outside looking in. Even though she said goodbye to Woojin, Felix, Jeongin, Eunsook, and the other girls when they decided to head out, thinking over it a few moments later she can barely remember whether she hugged them on their way out or not. Or when Seungmin threw a Dorito at Jisung, Minho had said something that made her laugh but… what was it? Everything was going in one ear and out the other; which wasn’t a surprise, in all honesty, when the singular brain cell bouncing from each corner of her brain was focusing on Hyunjin and Hyunjin alone.
Even now, when she finds herself in a daze and mindlessly looks at him for the umpteenth time, she cannot help but notice how his jaw clenches and his eyes burn… resentfully back at her. What’s up with him? She wonders, chewing on her lip in worry that she had royally screwed up and he was regretting playing along. Just as her anxiety starts to get the best of her, he abruptly scoots his chair back from the table and stands with another hand carded through his hair.
“Where are you going?” Minho asks, forcing her back to reality and she holds her breath, afraid he’s going to say that he is heading home. Instead, he says with a goofy smirk, “I have to shit.”
When the rest of her friends break into a fit of laughter she finds herself sighing in relief, looking to him once more but then there he goes again— dark and hooded eyes glaring at her with an intensity that tightens her chest. She almost seems to wilt by the time he turns around, heart hammering in her chest because—while that was unnecessarily hot—her mind is a spinning top trying to figure out what she could have done to make him hate her all of a sudden.
“___?” Jisung interrupts her thoughts, “What about you?”
“Huh?” She blinks, having completely missed whatever conversation had been happening.
“Is lasagna just spaghetti flavored cake? Yes or no?”
For the first time in the last hour, her focus finally has to stop and think about something other than Hyunjin and she cannot help but crack a smile. “I mean, yeah. I’d say so.”
“HA! You lose,” Minho shouts, pointing at Jisung. “If ___ agrees, then, well…” Seungmin trails off, looking to her with an animated grin. Jisung only grumbles in reply, muttering something about how stupid everyone is while crossing his arms and sinking back into his seat like the child he is. “Speaking of ___,” Changbin singsongs, sharp features bright with amusement when he looks to her, “what’s up with you and Hyunjin?”
“What about me and Hyunjin?” She shoots back too quickly, transfixed instead on the coruscating reflection of the tiki torch flame on the glass table, unable to hold the weight of their stares.
“You guys weren’t very slick, y’know,” Chan comments, elbowing her in the ribs and she finally looks up to meet Changbin’s curious gaze at the table. “Honestly, I don’t know,” she admits with a shrug, abandoning Chan’s safeguard against the brewing storm winds to grab the bag of potato chips on the table, “he apparently knows I like him.”
“He what? Did you tell him? It would take a typed ten page single spaced letter for Hyunjin to ever possibly catch someone’s hints, he’s too slow,” Minho teases, grabbing her elbow to keep her from moving away so he can pick on the chips with her. “I couldn’t tell you. Maybe I accidentally told him one night in a drunk spur of the moment,” she lies, deciding that’s better than explaining how she experimentally grinded on him.
“Weird. Well, good luck with that. He can be a doofus,” Jisung says with a smile, reaching across the table for his crumpled shirt. “Thanks, I’ll need it. He was giving me death glares before he went inside so I have no idea what’s going on,” she grumbles, twisting to look over her shoulder out of fear he would walk out in the middle of their conversation.
“That’s weird. Did you say anything that would piss him off before you got out of the pool?” Chan asks, eyebrows scrunched in confusion. “Uh,” she pauses, thinking back to the whole taste thing, “nope.”
“Maybe he was just really constipated and it just so happened he was looking at you for help,” Seungmin muses with an amused grin. “Seungmin, are you telling me I made him have to poop?” She laughs, daring him to elaborate with raised brows.
“You never kn—”
Minho begins before the second cracking boom of thunder cuts him off, rendering them all struck speechless with shock. Right on cue rain begins to fall, slow to start and splattering them haphazardly.
“Oh, fuck!”
“C’mon, we have to go!”
“Fuck, fuck, shit! Everything’s gonna be wet!”
They all seem to harmonize, chaos ensuing as they scramble to dress themselves while simultaneously gathering their belongings. Nevertheless, they can’t help but howl with laughter at the sudden adrenaline rush, hurrying to make it to their cars without getting too wet. “Bye!” She shouts as her five friends struggle past the locked gate to her back yard before disappearing out of view, wind beginning to pick up and carrying the small pellets of water in wild vortices one moment and in diagonal sheets the next. “Shit,” she hisses, frantic as she grabs her phone and what is left on the table before hurrying up the deck and into the safety of her home.
“Well, that sucked,” she mutters once inside, locking the sliding glass door and watching the rain that now falls as if from buckets from the blackened cloud dominating the sky above. She sets everything down on the kitchen island before moving to the refrigerator, opening the doors for no particular reason until the gurgle of a toilet flushing halts her movements. She pales as the realization hits her, leaning over to look into the foyer just as Hyunjin himself exits the bathroom down the hall.
“It’s raining,” he comments, shuffling around her shocked figure and nodding to the door as thunder cracks the air. She blinks, gut sinking with anxiety for she feels as if she’s stuck in limbo— was this sexual tension or was he mad at her for something? “A little rain never hurt nobody,” she hums awkwardly, following his gaze to watch the way tree branches sway erratically in the wind like flags high on their poles and instinctively wrapping her arms around herself to rub away the goosebumps.
The silence in the room is deafening and she’s holding her breath with the fear of the unknown heavy on her chest, praying for the floor to just swallow her up or for him to make the first move at either leaving or explaining… something.
“So,” Hyunjin starts when he looks to her instead, having apparently read her mind, “did you do that to purposely make me jealous?” When she closes the refrigerator doors and turns to him her pulse positively jump starts at the way he looks at her, eyes dark with something she can’t quite pinpoint. “Huh? What are you talking about?” She sputters when he moves closer, gaze frantically searching for something to look at that isn’t the indents of his collar bones or the toned pane of his stomach or even his eyes, too scared she would implode instantly if she did so.
“Either you’re dumb or you consciously cuddled up to Chan to make me jealous,” he elaborates menacingly in a tone she is certain she has never heard him use before and she instinctively steps back the closer he gets, pressed up against the cold marble of the island and oh, so that’s why he was glaring like that. She can’t help the breathy laugh that escapes past her lips and Hyunjin looks down at her with a vexed rise of his brows. “I’m sorry to tell you, but I’m just dumb,” she admits, finally maintaining eye contact now that he is so close and draws her attention to him like a fourth Newton law of motion, “I didn’t want to be too pushy.”
Hyunjin pouts, obsidian eyes melting into something more affectionate and bottom lip jutting out sadly. “Why would that make you pushy?” He asks gently, closing what space remains between them and pinning himself against her. His skin feels warm and smooth where it presses against her own and it feels as if nothing is real, that she is only dreaming when his slender fingers cup her face, holding her by the jaw and keeping her attention glued on him. “I— I don’t know. I was kind of whiplashed after the whole pool thing and I didn’t want to be all annoying and clingy if you didn’t want me too,” she explains shakily when his thumbs comfortingly caress her cheeks, gaze languidly studying her features but zeroing in on her tongue as it darts nervously between dry lips.
“Y’know,” Hyunjin breathes against them and her heart gives a single, solid thump, “I’m trying really hard to be all pissed at you for going to Chan instead of me, but you’re not making it easy.”
She can’t help the smirk that forms on her lips at his confession, finally lifting heavy arms to sling around his neck. “Oh shush, nothing can change the fact that you’re just a big softie, Hwang Hyunjin,” she teases with newfound courage, eyes glinting with tendrils of salacity and the atmosphere has most certainly shifted, heavy with the weight of desire and the drumming of rain on the roof only adds to her longing to press closer to him in the cold darkness, to feel, to touch, to taste.
“Oh, really?” Hyunjin scoffs, dropping a hand to trail his fingers over the curve of her hip. All softness having melted from his face, he now leans closer to whisper in her ear, “Are you sure that it’s going to be big softie Hyunjin who’s gonna make you cum all over his fingers?”
Well, he’s got her there; she visibly trembles in response to the boldness of his tantalizing statement, only able to stare back at him with wide eyes when he leans back to soak up her reaction. “Cat got your tongue?” He purrs, exceedingly proud of himself for having rendered her silent with shock. Enough talking, he decides, reaching for her hand and tugging her away from the kitchen island and into the living room where she stumbles after him like a rag doll.
“Is this okay?” Hyunjin asks gently again once she is seated on his lap, straddling his thighs between her own— when did that happen? His fingers digging into the softness of her upper thighs when he grabs her hips brings her focus back to the present and suddenly all of her senses are on fire; oh, he looks absolutely glorious beneath her, cheeks flushed warm and pink, tufts of dried hair fallen over the dark pools of his eyes that seem to hold galaxies within them. “M’perfect. You’re perfect,” she sighs, euphoria having melted her brain into a pile of incoherent mush and the knot in her stomach only winches tighter when his large hands trail dangerously close to where she wants him most.
Just as she begins to gather her wits to the situation she has found herself in, there comes a brilliant flash of white from outside the windows that flickers and dies like an almighty camera flash that blankets everything at once. Not even a heartbeat later the rolling boom of thunder reverberates overheard, the untamed power effectively rattling the entire house and she subconsciously clings tighter to him until the rumble dwindles past. When she opens her eyes once more, she is marginally closer than before the very heavens had split apart and Hyunjin smiles comfortingly at her, seizing the opportunity to move his hands back to cup her face before closing the distance and planting his lips on hers.
Despite having been caught so off guard, warmth blooms in her chest and she is dizzy with joy, every cell of her being vibrating in overwhelming elation when Hyunjin’s hot mouth melds to her own, the tip of his tongue prodding at the seam of her lips when she whines quietly into the kiss. What starts off soft and slow quickly turns into something more urgent, fueled by an intense fervor growing within her and it’s his lips, she decides, biting down on the supple flesh and drawing a whimper from his mouth to be muffled into hers.
“I could say the same about you,” Hyunjin finally replies to her unintentional compliment after pulling away, licking a stripe up the side of her throat before settling underneath her jaw to suck a tender mark, “that first night we met. At the bowling alley,” he pauses his biting with a sharp intake of breath when her wandering hands graze delicately beneath his belly button, “you were so cute, I didn’t know how to act around you. You’re always cute.”
She halts her movements at his words, sitting back on her haunches as a flush creeps up her face. “So you don’t remember seeing me before that?” She grins, reaching forward to run her fingers through his bangs.
“Before that?” Hyunjin asks skeptically, brows drawn together.
“Chan’s New Year’s party,” she chuckles, bending to kiss the mole along the curve of his neck, “that was the first time I saw you,” then the one on his jaw, “kind of been head over heels for you since.” When she plants a heartfelt peck on his reddened lips, he pouts back at her and she simply cannot fight the urge to kiss him again, licking at his bottom lip. “What’s a matter?”
“I’m sorry, how could I have not noticed you?” He actually apologizes, reaching for her waist and pulling her impossibly closer, although all it essentially does is drag her sensitive center roughly over his bathing suit bottoms. He does not miss the soft gasp that escapes her, his grip instinctively clutching harder in a weak attempt to keep himself grounded. “Can I make it up to you?” He proposes before she has even replied, a suggestive tilt to his voice and all she can do is nod, putty in his hands.
“Oh, God,” this is really happening, she sighs blissfully, weightless in his arms when he lifts her from his lap to gently lay her back down against the cool leather sofa cushions. It does not take long for him to join her once more, hovering dangerously close above her and she hardly manages to swallow past the lump in her throat, praying that he cannot hear the dizzying staccato of her heart slamming against her ribcage. “You okay?” Hyunjin asks softly, balancing his weight on one arm beside her when he reaches up first to brush hair away from her face, and then to trace the swell of her bottom lip.
“Yeah,” she sums, kissing the pad of his finger, “you’re just like… insanely, strikingly handsome. You make my heart go boom boom. I still think I’m dreaming.” Nice one. Real smooth.
His boyish giggle in response is a direct attack to her heart, and yet it still is not enough to prepare her for the embarrassed flush working itself across his cheeks. Oh. He then proceeds to bury his face in her neck to hide his shattered facade, flustered more than he would have liked to admit when trying to finger the girl he’s madly in love with.
“See? You’re like… perfect. Can’t you feel my heart? Earlier I was seriously hoping we would fuck but now I don’t even want to, I could just stare at you all day,” she spews honestly—what’s the point in holding back when this was the kind of response she would get?
“Oh my God,” he whines sheepishly, kissing hotly at her shoulder, “you make my life really difficult.”
“Imagine how I feel,” she huffs, swinging an arm over him to lovingly run her fingers up and down the burning skin of his back. Warm. He made her feel warm all over.
Hyunjin truly, literally whimpers in response to her soft ministrations; however, the amatory heat burning in his abdomen clearly has not left his mind and twists the notion into something much different as he mindlessly ruts against her center, a muffled groan escaping him at the partial relief and ultimately ruining the softness of the moment. “Oh,” she gasps, lifting her hips to meet his next upstroke in time with the wind picking up beyond the safety of his embrace, howling and crying and baying like a wolf into the night.
“Shit,” he grunts in her ear, the bulge of his length beneath his swim trunks dragging deliciously at just the right spot through her own bottoms, leaving her lightheaded and longing for something more, “do you mind?” He asks, breathless.
“Of course not,” she hums, spreading her legs further to give him better access.
“Fuck, you’re the best. I won’t last long, I’ve had blue balls for like, an hour,” Hyunjin laughs lightly before continuing his ministrations, keeping himself balanced above her as he rolls his hips to meet hers. A strangled grunt deep from the back of his throat leaves his parted lips and she decides she absolutely will never hear or watch anything hotter with the way he drags his clothed length over her.
No matter how much he shudders in pleasure, he seems to struggle to meet that perfect, earth shattering angle, and so she offers a hand—literally—and reaches to palm him. “F-fuck,” he hisses, movements grown shaky and sloppy with her squeezing him so tightly through the material of his trunks. She tries her best at dragging her hand up and down his shaft with the limited space, pressing specifically at the tip in time with him thrusting into her palm. No matter how shitty it is, it seems to do the job for how far gone he is, head thrown back and body trembling as he comes inside his boxers with a sharp moan. Disgusting, and he’ll probably regret it later, but right now it’s a breath of fresh air. Plus, it’s pretty hot that his dream girl 1) just let him hump her and 2) gave him a rushed handjob through his pants that still made him cum.
After a long minute to compose himself, he presses a grateful, messy kiss to her lips that ends up being more of a messy clash of teeth and tongue. Then, like the perfect gentleman he is, Hyunjin lifts himself up to gaze at her longingly once again and asks with heavy-lidded eyes, “Let me go down on you?”
Her eyes nearly pop out of her head and she thanks the heavens she is not standing or else she most certainly would have toppled to the ground under the weight of his words and the hoarseness of his voice. “Do you want to clean up first?” She asks fretfully. Truthfully, it’s more to give her another minute to mentally prepare herself.
“I’ll deal with it later,” Hyunjin grins like the little devil-angel he is before kissing her again, silencing her worries with his tongue wrapping around hers and it oh so unfairly becomes hot and messy and titillating again, driving her closer to an edge she had not seen the warning signs for. This time her fingers thread through his hair, pushing back mussed bangs to rest her forehead against his as they share a labored breath. When he begins his journey south, he trails down her throat and punctuates each suck and nip on her skin with an openmouthed kiss, ravishing all the way over the swell of her breasts and down her abdomen until it seems as if every inch of her skin is glistening with moisture and dotted with tender marks.
Hyunjin shifts his weight in order to scoot down the length of her frame, this time resting so much closer to where she so desperately needs him to be. One scorching hand drags up her thigh, carefully hooking around the elastic of her bottoms and she weakly raises her hips to help him yank them down her legs. No matter how much of a struggle it is to get them down to her knees, they manage nonetheless and she rids the flimsy garment with an anxious kick once they reach her ankles.
“Just remember,” Hyunjin rasps after hooking her legs over his shoulders, thumb ghosting over her clit and her body jumps for it, “Bang Chan didn’t make you this wet. I did. All me, right?” He’s practically growling at this point, not patient enough to wait for her answer and opting to go straight for the kill with his mouth suckling around her clit harshly. “Oh, Jesus. Fuck,” she whines, hips raising to follow the warmth of his tongue but his free hand quickly presses them back down. “Yes. You. All you,” she gasps out, hardly able to form a response at this point when all she can focus on is the way her body swells as his lips draw her forward, sucking long and hard.
“F-fuck, shit,” she whines, an intense buzz pumping hotly through her veins and fueling the fire in her gut with him practically sucking the life out of her. Somewhere in between him licking a slow strip up her slit and his fingers prodding teasingly at her entrance, all her mind can think of is the ‘fuck, go back’ meme— Hyunjin on the average day, just existing as his ethereal, exquisite, heavenly, goofy, dramatic self is already overwhelming. But thisHyunjin? And his stupid tongue and godsent lips?
It’s more than she can handle.
The infelicitous thought quickly slips her mind when Hyunjin more comfortably resituates himself in order to push two fingers past her walls at an agonizingly slow pace. With a strangled mewl, her hands instantly fly to tangle in his hair, raking through the strands for dear life when he immediately curls those long fingers of his, rubbing upward, stroking that hidden gem of a spot. “Hyunjin,” she can’t keep her voice down anymore, moaning the last bit loudly before biting her bottom lip to taper it into labored breathing.
“You’re the prettiest person I’ve ever seen,” Hyunjin compliments when he comes up for air, breaking away with a noisy pop that leaves her arms trembling violently, “also, really, really fucking hot. You’re gonna date me after this, right?” He adds as a nervous afterthought, the tempo of his fingering picking up as he rocks his hand against her, his palm grinding against that one sweet nerve until her body seizes in sweet pleasure. “I— wait, fuck, you’re asking me out?” She hisses with a furious blush and one too many emotions swelling in her chest, the jitters rising in waves when he tucks his face back between her legs and laves his tongue over her again and again.
“Oh, God,” she sighs shakily, back arching and following the motions of his tongue— the long lapping motions, the hard swallows, the tight sucking. All of it. She’s drawing closer to an edge she is not prepared for, thighs perpetually quivering and skin tingling in a frenzy of static wherever he touches, one hand gripping her hip like an anchor, the other insistently flicking her clit, his tongue stroking inside of her, warm and wet. “Come on, baby,” Hyunjin purrs against her folds, the vibration winding the coil tighter before he switches to quickly pump his fingers into her and to press his tongue roughly against her sensitive bundle of nerves, coaxing her to her climax.
Ensuring she rides out the entirety of her orgasm on his tongue, Hyunjin tightly grips her thighs to keep her legs spread, lapping and sucking lewdly, shamelessly at her cunt like a man starved. Her hips buck and jolt as the sickly-sweet warmth burns and grows and grows until it is consuming her whole, ecstasy and relief flooding her from head to toe as her orgasm washes over her. She feels hollow and jittery all over by the time the frenzy of sensations fades into nothing but a tender throbbing in her core, as if all her nerves are worn and frayed at the ends and leaving her as a pile of mush.
“How ya doing?” Hyunjin peeps from between her legs after a few moments of waiting for her to come back to reality, one hand on her hipbone and the other at her inner thigh, soothingly massaging her skin to ease her back from the high. Something about the genuine concern etched on his features paired with her own arousal glistening on his chin and lips has the butterflies in her stomach roaring to life, heart doing somersaults in her chest and she smiles softly, reaching for his hand and tugging for him to come closer. “Are you sure you’re the same Hyunjin from the bowling alley?” She laughs airily against his lips, blinking up at him with wide eyes. His beauty is not an easy thing to comprehend, she reminds herself with a thumb tracing the soft curve of his jaw.
“I told you I’m not just a softie,” Hyunjin says with a dramatic huff followed by that cheeky smile of his, lowering his head to gently rub his nose against hers in an eskimo kiss and oh, he certainly has her heart now if he hadn’t before. She reaches up to actually kiss him this time, hoping to distract him from the painfully obvious blush blooming across her cheekbones, and once more the entire world is spinning when he gently cups her face and slackens his jaw to deepen the kiss.
“Just for you, though,” he randomly adds when they separate, diverting her focus away from the taste of herself on his tongue and how sinfully good of a kisser he is. “Hm?” She ponders with a tilt of her head, hand resting at the nape of his neck to twirl a finger into his hair. “I’m just a softie for you,” Hyunjin elaborates, dramatically collapsing on top of her and the weight of him pushes all the air from her lungs.
“Oh,” she heaves, freeing her arms trapped underneath him and wrapping them around his wide shoulders with a tight squeeze, “that’s good. I bet I’m softer for you, though.”
“No, correct.”
“I just had my tongue up your coochie, can’t you just give this one to me?” Hyunjin scoffs and finally rolls off of her, reaching for the floor with an ungraceful flail of his long noodle legs before finding the hardwood and standing up. “Right. Sorry. About that,” she coughs, leaning up and ignoring the mess between her thighs in favor of glancing to his own semi-hard… problem, “do you want me to return the service?” After all, that shitty handjob was not the best depiction of talent.
“Are you offering to suck my coochie? Thanks, but I’m good,” he answers nonchalantly, nevertheless he reaches beneath the waistband of his bottoms to readjust himself right in front of her and she instinctively glances away, embarrassment creeping up her neck. Even though he just ate her out. Whatever.
“Never mind, you’re stupid,” she grumbles, stumbling to her feet once her limbs realize they have to do their job to grab her bottoms thrown haphazardly across the room. “Hey! Be nice to your boyfriend.”
“Oh, you’re my boyfriend now?” She challenges, shimmying the material up her legs before standing to face him with a smirk painted on her face. “Technically I never said yes.”
Hyunjin gasps. “Damn, guess I get to tell everyone I played you, then,” he smirks right back at her like the cocky shit he is, turning away after slipping into his t-shirt to get his phone and keys from the kitchen. “No! Wait! I was just kidding,” she lunges for him, wrapping her arms around his waist and burying her face into his back, “I like you. A lot, as you can tell. If you actually want to date me, well, then, you know how I feel.”
“___,” he soothes, detaching her arms in order to spin around and face her, “I’m not going to just hook up with someone who I know likes me. I’d be dumber than a doorbell, too, if I didn’t y’know… maybe have a little crush on you too. Which is why I want you to be my girl. I don’t want to do cute shit with anyone else but you. Like, pick our toe jam to compare it and stuff.”
“Wait, you have toe jam?”
“Exaggerated joke, ___.”
“Oh,” she giggles, leaning up to kiss the beauty mark on his neck again, “anyway. Dating. So, you’re my boyfriend?”
“I think it works something like that,” his full lips practically disappear when he grins toothily, large hands coming back to cup her face, “can I get a goodbye kiss?” She hums in instant agreement, meeting him halfway to press her lips against his, one, two, three gentle pecks before his tongue tantalizingly darts out to swipe against the seam of her lips and effectively painting her insides with fireworks.
“Hey,” she warns, jabbing a finger to his chest to stop him but immediately softening up at the sound of rain pounding on the roof as if demanding entrance, “I mean… you could always stay until the storm passes.”
“Are you asking because you’re worried about me driving safely or because you just want to sit around and kiss all night?”
“Hm, well, maybe a little bit of both,” she admits with a sheepish smile. He’s just too irresistible to pass up. Hyunjin beams brighter than any star in the galaxy before pulling her back into him, “Greedy. You’re lucky my heart goes boom boom for you too.”
(And Hwang Hyunjin’s heart does not lie.)
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lvanter · a year ago
Tumblr media
10 things chan doesn’t want you to know
1. he would’ve never made it this far if it wasn’t for the late night talks you had together; the ones where you shared your deepest and darkest secrets, dreams, and aspirations. they meant the world to him back then and still do now.
2. he almost cheated once — he didn’t do it, coming to his senses the last second before his lips touched the strangers. even though he didn’t actually do anything that would be considered cheating, he still feels terrible, and it kept him up late at night 2 weeks after it happened.
3. he used to practice his confession in the mirror (minho has a video of it — chan made him pinky promise not to show it to you).
4. he hates it when you bother him when he’s stressed, even if it’s just a small visit to drop off some food. normally he loves it, but when he’s stressed it pisses him off, but he never says anything in fear of you stopping completely.
5. when you kissed him after his confession was the best moment of his life (although, if you end up getting married, it’ll become the second).
6. he clearly remembers the first words you said to him. your soft and apologetic “i’m so sorry” goes around in his head more than he’d like to admit.
7. sometimes in the middle of the night he wakes up just to admire you and wonder why you ever settled for him when you could do so much better.
8. he has, more than once, let you win a fight just so the fighting would stop. he knows he should stand his ground, but he hates fighting with you with passion. so for him it’s much better to just give in and talk everything through later when you’re both calmed down.
9. he really really really wants to marry you.
10. he already has a ring picked out.
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jeonginks · a year ago
the valentine trials. | hwang hyunjin
pairing: hwang hyunjin x reader
genre: friends to lovers au, fluff with angst, mutual pining yay
description: it’s always fun to be stuck in a valentine themed check-point game with your crush, not to mention your hands are taped together the whole time.
word count: 17.3k +
author’s note: this was supposed to be a blurb and i was only happy about it during the first half but i wrote it anyway so here we are 😔 took me one week so quality probably bad.
warning: hyunjin being a high school boy and making occasional suggestive jokes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hyunjin has dyed his hair again. You sneered. It was a shade of brownish-blond.
Objectively speaking, Hyunjin is a very good-looking boy. You would admit that, from the bottom of your heart; if you were asked to anonymously agree with the fact that he has very strong and elegant features, with soft silk as hair that adorned the shape of his face, you would agree with it, because it was true. However, personally speaking, Hyunjin was not the type of good-looking that you liked.
His nose was straight and small, protruding prettily in the middle of his face without any trace of flawed skin. There were no lines and no wrinkles despite how many times they scrunch up when he laughs; his laughter more often a raspy chuckle, his voice heavy as spilled black ink, but there were also times when his laughter would come in chunks of blossoming skies, light-hearted and genuine as it taught you how to hear the stars for the first time.
His plump lips were too big for his face, often when you look at him during tutoring sessions, you would find your eyes gravitating towards those full, pink lines. And they were always curled either into his signature teasing smirk or that insufferable bright smile of his, like his face muscles simply could not bring his lips to do anything else aside from haunting you with his gut-wrenchingly charming smile.
His eyes, his creamy brown eyes! It was a different shade of brown at sunrise and sunset, a different shade of brown before the drizzling rain and after the thunderstorms. His eyes could be golden brown, like the morning sunlight filtering through a jar of honey, melting into the sunrise, or his eyes could be hazelnut brown, like the satisfying first bite of a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and the warm cup of morning coffee that lures your sense awake. So magnetic, so warm, so sweet.
Alright. Perhaps Hyunjin is your type of good-looking, but you swore to the moon and back you hold no special feelings for that boy whatsoever. In fact, you’ve got zero feelings when it came to him. None, not even a little, just nothing. Because he was and has always been since you met him, frustrating.
In the way that he always sat too close for comfort when you explain a Math problem to him, in the way that he never pays attention to the problem at hand and has you repeating it over and over again, in the way he softens his attitude to suit your tolerance level without being asked to do so, and in the way that despite how stubborn he was, he still somehow always succumb to you because he has an unspoken soft spot reserved for you.
Hyunjin was frustrating in the way that out of everyone you have ever met in your life, he was the kindest and he was the one who stuck around the longest.  
Alright. Perhaps you had developed feelings for Hyunjin, but the difficult circumstance you met him under had not given you the pride and courage to admit that to yourself yet, not to mention admit it to him.
“I would have dyed it blond earlier if I had known you’ll like it this much.”
“Who says I like it?” You retorted immediately, not giving Hyunjin another second to gloat in the fact that he has got your staring at him before you even realized that your eyes couldn’t stay away.
He hummed, a small smirk appearing on his lips as he shoved his hands into his pants pockets. He rocked on his heels, back and forth, back and forth, until he stopped before your face with his waist bent down slightly and he eyed you with a widened smirk.
“You were staring,” he mused.
“Yeah, cause it looks like dry hay,” you said, your hand reached up to his forehead so you could push him away from you. The troublesomely comfortable proximity has to end before your heart learned to pick up its pace without permission again. “Out of all the days you could have dyed your hair, you pick today?”
Raising a questioning brow at you, he fiddled with a wavy stand of his locks that fell over the black headband he wore and his lower lip jutted out in faint mockery as he asked, “What’s wrong with today?”
The school was buzzing on this Saturday morning, with people moving in and out of the school gate and students rushing back and forth between tents. The inside of the school was most likely littered with heavy decorations that pertained to the different games designed by each class, and the front yard was lined up with tents the student helpers had set up the day before in preparation for the school fair.
It was all to show the best side of the school so more graduating middle schools would put it as their top high school picks.
“It’s the school fair.” You stated, gesturing around where you two stood, which was just at the side of the main path to the school entrance. “Is it really a good idea to dye your hair that rebellious color when our goal is to attract students?”
Hyunjin rolled his eyes, a hearty chuckle breathing out with a smile of the same laid-back energy. His hand traveled from the end of his soft hair to the top, his large hand coursing through the locks and flipping them back. He paused for a moment before removing his hand, keeping his face exposed to the sun now that it was without the blockage of his hair.
You frowned a little when you saw his lips tuck up into a wide, flirty smile, and you gasped inwardly when he winked in an unknown direction. Curiously looking over, your gaze hardened for a second at a couple of dolled-up girls standing across with their jaws hung slightly ajar and their cheeks reddened, completely neglecting their little siblings who they were supposed to be looking after at this school fair.
Oh, right, Hyunjin the handsome fellow has all the power in the world and he was using it to attract people into the school.
Acknowledging what he was doing, you relaxed with a tinge of bitterness settling down between your lungs, which was hardly relaxing. How come everyone got the instructor’s manual on how to get a glow-up except for you? From the way they looked, to the clothes they wore, to the way they carry themselves—it was either they were acting well beyond their age or your growth was just slower in the appeal department.
You suspected it was both of them.
Shifting your weight begrudgingly, you ignored the way you unconsciously glanced down at your posture and turned away, leaving without so much as bidding Hyunjin a goodbye. The bitterness came out of nowhere. Not in a sense that you didn’t know why you felt your heart fall ten feet down the sky when you saw how much fascination he had in his eyes when he looked at those girls, you knew very well why you were disappointed.
The boy you have feelings for was just eyeing somebody else with such intrigue, the said someone else being someone you found much more attractive than you. It was jealousy, and insecurities, and doubt, and everything lying in the middle of this mortifying spectrum of human negativity. It was rather normal to feel such a way.
You didn’t understand why in a sense that you thought you had it all under control. Your emotions were supposed to be wrapped around your fingers, not the other way around. You thought you trained yourself not to feel anything for Hyunjin, whether it was him or all the side events that happen to him. You’ve got a three-second rule—build up the walls in three seconds, get him out of your head before anything starts flooding into your chest.
Protect yourself, because how useless would one be to not have control over their own feelings? How could you fathom the idea of having control over anything else if you couldn’t even handle yourself?
A surprised yelp sounded from your throat when you felt a tap to your shoulder. Breaking out of your saddened thoughts, you turned to find Jisung looking at you with concerned eyes and a stack of papers in his hands. You breathed out a sigh of relief and bluffed a motion of smacking him across the head, causing him to stumble back with a laugh.
“Someone is moody,” he mentioned, regaining his balance, “why are you here?”
You frowned at him, “I am here to help out. We had a game for our class too, didn’t we?”
“Yeah, but–“ Jisung tilted his head to the side to think for a moment before he said, “I thought Seungmin said you won’t be coming to help today.”
“I didn’t say that,” you said.
“Well, I recruited other students to help out so we have enough help already.” Jisung shrugged. “You can go home–oh, or stick around and play! I heard a class got a cotton candy machine!”
“What? So I woke up early for no reason?” You exclaimed, your face scrunched up in dismay.
Seeing your disheartened state, Jisung frowned. You had always been one of the most hard-working students in your class, second next to Seungmin. He figured you would much rather get some sleep on a Saturday morning but you had come back to help out anyway. Was it his fault that you came today? No, but he did feel guilty that he wasn’t more thorough with you about it, and he was rather determined on making you feel just a little happier.
“Hey, wanna see something funny?” He asked as you placed the stack of paper on a random desk that was pulled out of the classroom. He flipped around the papers before pulling a piece out and holding it to your face, a smile evident on his. “It’s your response to the survey we did for our game.”
Your eyes widened. Right, you had almost forgotten about this tooth-rotting survey filled with romantic questions, unexpectedly but also obviously made by Seungmin. Only he could make something so romantic yet so tactical at the same time. It was to ask for opinions on the game, and it was so damn cheesy because your class planned to match with the Valentine’s Day theme.
“You didn’t read it, did you?” You widened your eyes at Jisung, who shook his head.
“No, why? Is it embarrassing?” He laughed, turning the paper around and scanning his eyes over it before you attempted to snatch it away from his grasp. He swiftly jumped back with his arm held up high, his brown locked bouncing cutely across his eyes as he openly laughed at your misery. “What did you put, (Name)?”
“Nothing! Give it to me! I am going to burn that paper!” You said, reaching your hand up in hopes to rescue your last bit of dignity.
Jisung was laughing harder now. Despite his rather short height, which his platform shoes kindly made up for, you were still unable to match up with his instincts and athletic ability to jump much higher than you. Every time you thought you could taste victory, he moved the paper away out from your airy grasp.
Amid this enjoyable and chaotic encounter, Jisung’s laughter quickly diminished when he felt the paper being torn away from his hand from behind. He stopped on his tracks and looked behind his shoulder, his heart jumping in shock to find Hyunjin staring down at him with a threateningly sharp gaze.
Damn. How did he not feel his presence at all, and why did Hyunjin suddenly look so much taller?
“What are you doing?” Hyunjin asked, his eyes long averted back to you.
You rubbed your arm, feeling nervous all of a sudden. The question felt confrontational, and it was meant to be confrontational because Hyunjin wanted to know why you were here. It was a complaint about why you had left him at the school’s front yard alone; it wasn’t even just because you left him without a word, he had to find you in the middle of playful banter with Han Jisung.
The grade’s resident cute boy Han Jisung, guitar player Han Jisung, naturally hilarious Han Jisung—every time he hears about Jisung, it is something good; every single time he hears Jisung’s name from your mouth, it was about something good, and it was so infuriating for him to watch you admire another boy right in front of his face.
The more he thinks you are falling for Jisung, the more threatened he is by the thought, and his heart gets colder at his cowardice, an occurrence he learned to hide behind a confident and eloquent facade. He hid his desire to shower you with his endless affection by talking fast and acting unbothered, and even though he has been advised against that method, he couldn’t stop himself from it.
“Give me the paper, Hyunjin,” you said, moving closer to him and reaching out to grab for the paper.
He moved away from you, his eyebrows raised in amusement when you whined and stumbled forward into his chest. Moving his hand down as he crumpled the piece of paper in his hand, his other hand flying up to press you against him not so much to stable you but only to tease you about losing your balance.
Shoving the paper into his pocket, he leaned down to your ear and whispered, “Someone is eager.”
Your heart felt weak from the mere contact, having your body lean flushed against his like this was totally against your boundary rules. Not to mention he just blew hot air into your ear by speaking into it directly. The audacity of this boy! He was tugging on all of your strings without even realizing it.
“Shut up!” You exclaimed weakly as you broke free from the half embrace he caught you in. You dusted yourself off as you glared at him, and he returned you with nothing but a guiltless smile, which made you feel so conflicted because you were both annoyed and bewitched and you were not so keen on knowing which feeling overwhelmed the other.
Jisung, who had been looking from the side, seemed to have come to a realization neither Hyunjin nor you have had the brain to understand. He hummed under his breath, drowned in his mischievous thoughts before he spoke up to break the silence, “Hey, (Name), you should go play our game.”
You looked at him, slightly appalled by the idea, “Why? It’s Valentine’s Day themed.”
“Don’t worry too much about that! It’s is just a check-point game, it’s really easy,” he said, “Besides if you really want to help, you can add to the sign-in sheet we are going to use to compete with the other classes later. The more people who play our game, the more likely we will win!”
Well, you could never deny that. Anything to help your class gain superiority over the other classes has always been one of your academic goals; somehow being able to learn in the best class of the grade gave you a sense of pride. Pulling your face into an unwilling grimace, you gave him a curt nod and a quick wave before Jisung excused himself out of the scene.
Watching him with attentive eyes, Hyunjin silently flipped the shorter boy off before returning his attention to you. You stood on your spot, contemplating with an unreadable expression until you caught him staring, then your eyes squinted suspiciously like you often did whenever you found him looking for much longer than he was supposed to.  
“What?” You asked, giving him an awkward shrug.
The question flew out of his mouth before he even knew it. “Why did you leave me back there?” He asked. “You hurt my feelings, you know.”
You rolled your eyes. All the tutoring sessions with Hyunjin have given you immunity over the flirtatious things he spills. You were gullible before, trusting him and giving in when he informed that you were being too harsh and you were hurting his little good heart, and then he would give you that triumphant grin as he leaned close to you and shoot you the million-dollar statement that never fails to get your mind racing: “ah, so you do care about me, huh?”
It was all a ploy to get you flustered, and you disliked how you always did, in fact, get flustered about him whenever he wasn’t around to see your face heat up.
“I didn’t want to disturb you,” you muttered, glancing out the window with crossed arms, “I am not exactly a sight for sore eyes. My face might ruin your plan of seduction.”
It took him a few seconds to understand what you were saying, the delay in his reaction a piece of evidence for just how insignificant his action was to him. It was just a wink, a cheeky smile, an arch of his pretty brow; he was just recklessly making people fall in love with him, it has always been an easy thing for him to do. Yet no matter how many tricks he has got up his sleeve, you somehow persisted on denying your feelings for him. Not only that, but you also blew off the idea that he would have feelings for you.
Did that make you hard to get? Sure, for the most part. It wasn’t hard to figure out that you like him, Hyunjin already knew that, because despite what your mouth babbles out, your body and your actions never fail to betray you.
All the nervous pulling of your fingers, the slapping of your heated cheeks, and the smiles you failed the suppress. Or how you would stay up late at night to handwrite him study guides, how even though you would go along with his foolery, you would never let him neglect his studies just to appeal to him, and how you seemed so much happier than him when he got his first decent grade in Biology after pulling an all-nighter on the phone with him.
It was all the things you did when you think he wasn’t aware. He had to laugh just thinking about it because it was almost tragic to see you put so much effort into ignoring your affection for him. You should have known Hyunjin always has his attention plastered all over you.
The main problem here was that you refuse to admit it, and as much as Hyunjin wanted you both to establish your feelings for each other, he would never force it out of you. He needed you to want it, on your own terms, whenever you are ready, and perhaps then it would be easier to accept that you like him and he likes you back. But it has been months now, the school year would come to an end soon, and you were still stuck in denial.
“Do I sense jealousy?” Hyunjin put on a smile. Then his voice lowered with sincerity, but the teasing grin stayed on his face. “I won’t do it anymore if you don’t like it.”
You scoffed, spinning on your heels and heading to your classroom, “I don’t care what you do. Go flirt all you want.”
Your heart thumped at the fact that he cared enough to tell you he would stop if you ask him to; his thumped at the fact that you were visibly upset with the idea of him messing around with someone else. But neither of you could hear your hearts drumming in your chests as he trailed after you to your classroom.
Your classroom was much more different than how it used to look like, as expected. There were pink and red balloons taped to the entrance door, accompanied by heart-shaped papers stuck to the wall and windows. The first person who greeted you when you stepped into your classroom was Seungmin, with a little bow clip tugged in his brown bangs and a strained smile that faded the second he recognized you.
“Class president! I am here to play!” You mused, walking closer to the desk he stood behind. You looked up at his hair and back down at his annoyed expression, and you laughed, “And I see you are trying on a new look today.”
Hyunjin followed closely behind you. His eyes widened at the new look Seungmin presented but he remained in silent amusement from behind you.
“One of the middle-schoolers brought their baby sister and I was, unfortunately, forced to wear it.” He rolled his eyes.
“Well, I don’t think it’s unfortunate,” you said. “The hair-clip really suits you. You look very adorable, Seungmin.”
He grumbled under his breath. You were not the first person to tell him this. Teachers who were passing by to do check-ups and his friends helping out in other classes have already marveled enough on how cute and lovely he looked with the hair-clip, it almost made him wonder if he didn’t use to look nice before its appearance.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he said, pushing the sign-up sheet towards you. “Just sign your names here and start the game.”
You grabbed a pen and leaned down to put your name on the bracket. As you did so, you lightly breathed out an approving hum at how much signatures were already present on the paper. “Hey, we might win this competition if this continues,” you said as you pointed at the paper with the tip of your pen. You glanced up at him then, smiling, “Maybe you should add one more bow, I think that is attracting people here.”
Seungmin gave you a sarcastic smile, tilting his head to the side, “Aww, are you falling for me now?”
You faked a laugh. “I just might if you add one more bow.”
Oh, you cheeky bastard. Fine, there was nothing for Seungmin to feel irritated about. The game itself would definitely be a good enough payback for you, considering who you had decided to have joined you on this check-point game designed for couples. Of all the things he would be doing on this day, Seungmin never thought he would be playing cupid. This day has certainly gotten more interesting.
Looking behind your shoulder, he gave a glaring Hyunjin a wave and pointed down on the paper. “You have to sign in too.”
Hyunjin grimaced, walking forward and glancing down at the paper with faint interest. “I am not playing.”
“You have to. This is a check-point game designed for two people, look.” Seungmin gestured towards the preparation area where pairs were having their intertwined hands wrapped up with a variation of pink, red, and white tapes. Turning back to Hyunjin, whose eyes were heavily focused on the hand-holding aspect of the game, and he smiled in triumph.
“I won’t pressure you to play it, of course,” Seungmin shrugged, watching as Hyunjin started to lean towards the table, his hand blindly searching for a pen. “I can always just ask somebody else to play it with (Name). Actually, I think Jisung is coming back–“
“I’ll fucking play,” Hyunjin cut him off with an annoyed grumble, leaning down to scribble his name on the paper before dropping the pen. He eyed Seungmin carefully, not sure whether to strangle the smart boy or to thank him for designing such an opportunity. Then he went to stand by your side and immediately, he reverted to his usual, playful self.
You were looking at the duos in the preparation area, all laughing and trying to find the most comfortable position to hold their hands together before they were sent off on their missions. A surge of excitement flooded through your veins that you forgot to make a snarky remark about having to hold Hyunjin’s hand and to follow your three-second rule.
You were thrilled, just as Hyunjin was delighted about the idea. This isn’t just an accidental brush of the hand, which was all you two have done when it comes to skinship regarding the palms and the fingers. This is holding hands, where your fingertips could softly feel and trace each curve of his knuckles and he could feel the calming of your skin as your warmth radiates off each other, and just the pure act of linking fingers serves as a momentary reminder that he is there with you, as you are there with him.
“Okay, I’m going to have to tape your hands together so hold each other nicely,” Seungmin said as he ripped off a line of pink tape. “The duration of the game depends on how long you finish each task and get your checkpoints, as do the prizes you get at the end. If you want to get out of the tapes earlier then finish everything quicker.”
You nodded at his instruction as Hyunjin casually slipped his hands into yours, his slender fingers gliding easily between the gaps of yours before he held onto you tightly. He squeezed your hand and loosened his grip, then he tightened it again when he figured it would probably feel more fulfilling under the sticky tapes. You rolled your eyes at his fidgety movements, waiting for him to stop clenching his hand around yours before you complained.
“Are you finished?” You asked, looking up at him.
He could only smile down at you. Your hand was so soft and fragile, it felt warm and he was content. “I’m sorry, but your hand feels really nice,” he commented with a shrug.
“Oh god, Seungmin, please go faster.” You glanced down at the poor boy, finding him glaring back up at you as he paused his movements. You flashed him an apologetic smile in return, rolling your eyes up at Hyunjin pointedly as you did so.
“You know, I haven’t heard a single complaint from you,” Hyunjin interjected, bringing your attention away from the class president and back to him. That despicable grin was still present on his face when you snapped your head back up to frown at him. “You want to do this, don’t you?”
“You think too highly of yourself, don't you?” You retorted with a deadpan expression, completely unbothered by the sticky tape as Seungmin focused on wrapping it around your joined hands, trying so hard to ignore the banter happening from above. “If anything, I think you might be the one who wants this.”
Hyunjin left the words unspoken in the light squish of your hand, even though your hands were already being bounded together tight enough. The low chuckle he breathed out only showed you how undiscouraged he was by your lack of enthusiasm. He seemed all too blissful about the situation, and he was; being able to hold you without having you swat him away like he was a poisonous vessel was one of the many goals he wanted to meet.
Seungmin finished up with bounding your hands together and he stood up. He twirled the tape holder in his hand as he gave you both a quick analytical glance, his mind wandering off in wonder about exactly when you two would turn the tables and finally end this awful stalling of mutual pining.
He only gave himself a few seconds to dwell in the thought before he clapped his hands together, gaining both your attention. Smiling, Seungmin gestured towards the door, “Please go to the next class and start your first task. Your next location will be revealed to you when you pass the first game.”
Ah, he just couldn’t wait to have both of you out of the classroom so he could help out with the other guests looking around.
Tumblr media
Game I: The Trivia Game
You should have expected that. It would not be a series of games designed mainly for couples if there wasn’t a segment specifically catered towards testing how much the pair know each other. A frown laid permanently on your lips when you and Hyunjin entered the classroom and sat down on the waiting area for a pair that was close to finishing.
“Do you think we should cheat?” You muttered to him, your eyes trained on the two pink slips of paper the student helper was holding. You assumed they had couples write down answers to the questions they have provided on there, that would be the only way for them to get this trivia game going. “Maybe we should give the vaguest answer and call it a day?”
“I never thought I’d see the day when you choose cheating as the method,” Hyunjin replied. “But shouldn’t you have some faith in us. I think we know each other pretty well.”
You hummed suspiciously, “Are you sure? Because I honestly feel like I know nothing about you. Like if you ask me what your favorite color is, I would say something wrong like black and white.”
“My favorite color is black and white.”
“Oh, damn, okay,” you leaned back against the chair, quite baffled at how your subconscious knew of that information. Looking up at him, you asked, “Do you know what my favorite color is?”
“Brown,” Hyunjin said immediately, turning over to look at you with a cheeky grin, “just like my eyes.”
You faked a disgusted gag, looking away from him. He wasn’t wrong, though. You did genuinely adored his brown eyes, as much as you didn’t want to, but since when has your heart ever heed your advice to stay away from Hyunjin. And to say you liked the color brown because it was the color of his eyes felt like an understatement to you, somehow. The color brown could not even begin to compare with those glowing embers he had for eyes.
The second you found yourself falling for him, his eyes stopped being just brown anymore. It was so much more than that. It was the bold changing of seasons, the rise of the breezy autumn air, and the scattering of the fallen brown leaves. And for God’s sake, you have got to stop thinking about his eyes! Swim back up, (Name), you could not keep drowning in them!
When you finally snapped out of your thoughts, the student helper had already come by to hand you and Hyunjin both one slip of paper and asked you both to fill it out for the trivia game later. The idea of cheating had long been erased from your mind as you went down the questions, occasionally remembering to fill it with an easy answer among all the honest answers.
You two were later brought to a corner of the classroom with the helper standing before you both. She was supposed to randomly ask you both three questions; to pass, you two have to get at least two questions right.
“Okay, let’s start with Hyunjin,” she looked up at the boy, her eyes glittering slightly but she held it down at the mere thought that he was already taken by you. She looked down at your paper and hummed. “Alright, what is one of (Name)’s go-to drink and what problem do they have with it?”
“Apple-banana smoothie, they make it at home by themselves all the time,” Hyunjin said, snapping his free hand, “the problem is that they don’t know how to peel the apple skin off so they always have to make it when their parents are home to help. Or, well, when I am there to help.”
You pursed your lips together. Fine, you would give him that. You did remember telling him about the smoothie story because you brought a bottle with you to the library once and you shared some with him using the library water cup. Since then, you had always brought two bottles with you so Hyunjin wouldn’t have to keep refilling a small cup for himself.
“Correct! The second question, let us go with an easy one. What size of clothing does (Name) usually wear?”
“Large, occasionally extra-large.” Hyunjin shrugged. “They have a habit of buying oversized clothes, which is so weird because why spend the money when you can just take mine?”
You squeezed his hand in hopes to cause some pain but you figured it was to no avail. You had no idea what Hyunjin was trying to do but he seemed to be determined to carry out the narrative where you two were playing this game as an actual couple. Ignoring his gaze, you paid your focus on the floating balloons being stuck to the wall as decorations and his round to be done quickly so you could have something to think about.
“Correct again! The last question for you, Hyunjin,” the girl exclaimed all too happily, clenching the papers in her hands as her interest in him just spiked to a maximum. Good-looking and attentive? What more could a person ask for? “What is (Name)’s favorite color?”
You sucked in a quiet breath. You were hoping she wouldn’t pick that question because you had just shot down the answer Hyunjin gave you. Oh, it would be so embarrassing for him to know that you still wrote the color of his eyes down as your favorite color after all the scoffing and eye-rolling.
Hyunjin pursed his lips together, in deep thoughts. When he spoke, his voice was dubious, “Purple?”
The student helper frowned with a shook of her head, flipping the paper slip as she did so to prepare for your round, “No, that’s wrong. Fortunately, you did meet the requirement, so it is all up to (Name) now!”
The relieved sigh you huffed out was hidden by the light-hearted smile you showed the helper. Unconsciously, your grip on Hyunjin’s hand tightened due to how nervous you were about this stupid game you never planned to take seriously. The fact that Hyunjin got the first two questions right was not only surprising, but it also told you something you didn’t want to believe: he pays a lot of attention to you, more than you could understand why.
And as giddy about that fact as you were fearful of it, you still gave yourself some space to clap for his observant skills. Not only did he observe and listened, but he also remembered, contrary to your expectations. It would be a shame for you to do badly on this part; what would he think of you then? Would he feel like his attention was not appreciated nor reciprocated? That would be dreadful, you wouldn’t want him to go through that.
“Okay, first question, (Name)! What is Hyunjin’s favorite season?”
You turned to look at him, hoping for a hint only to get a shrug in return. He was looking expectantly down at you as he knew you have the answer somewhere in your head, you just needed to trust your instinct. Averting your eyes back to the student helper, you let out a doubtful chuckle and answered, “Autumn… I think?”
“That’s correct!”
“Oh, nice,” you exclaimed under your breath, pumping your fist in front of your chest as a smile erupted on your face. “I might be good at this, actually.”
“We will see about that. The second question is–don’t look at him right now, does he have dimples when he smiles?”
Oh, you should know this! But somehow, the second the question was presented to you, your mind simply blanked out the same way it would during an important exam. Your jaw dropped and your eyes squinted, rolling to the side in temptation to just turn over and take a sneak peek at his face. From the top of your memory, you were leaning towards him having dimples, yet at the same time, it felt as if you couldn’t see it sometimes.
“Hold on, I know this.” You held up your hand, thinking carefully. “I should know this! You are always smiling for some stupid reason!”
“That’s because I like you, (Name),” Hyunjin said in a whining tone, twisting and turning his torso adorably as his lips quirked up into a grin you couldn’t look at.
“Oh god–shut up, Hyunjin,” you pleaded hopelessly, your eyes shut tight when you just could hear his smile from next to you, luring you to take a look at his face. “Wait, sometimes you do sometimes you don’t but–maybe they’re just wrinkles at the side of your face?”
“Wrinkles–(Name), I do not have wrinkles–“
“You will if you keep smiling,” you cut him off before quickly meeting eyes with the student helper, a hopeful smile lingering on your face. “I’m thinking… yes but it depends on how he smiles. When he smiles really big, I don’t see it, but when he purses his lips into a smile, I can.”
“Actually…” the helper looked up at Hyunjin despite having the answers right at her hands. He raised a brow at her and nodded in confirmation, so she hummed, “He says you’re right so I guess you got that one correct as well!”
Upon hearing that, your curiosity got the best of you and you cranked your neck up to look at him. You squinted your eyes and asked him to smile for the first time, and there it was, the soft indent on the side of his cheek, almost covered by the long hair that draped over his face. You flashed him a little frown.
“Why do you look so disappointed, (Name),” Hyunjin muttered, feigning a pained expression by furrowing his brows. “It hurts my feelings.”
“No, I’m not disappointed,” you shook your head, unconsciously squeezing his hand. “I was just thinking, I’m not disappointed.”
Because how could you ever be? Hyunjin has a smile crafted by the Gods. It was like the sun has specifically carved a space out of itself and handed it to him. Hyunjin smiles like he drank the sun and now his entire body drowns in its essence, the afterglow glimmering on top of his skin and his beautiful features because the sun is all that he can take and more. And whenever you see it, you felt both warmed and endeared, like the warm spot of your unmade bed on a Sunday morning.
“What is the last question?” You asked, looking away from him.
“Um… I’ll just give you this one, what is his favorite color?”
“Oh, easy, black and white,” you replied.
“No… I’m surprised you both got this one wrong.” The girl gave you a sympathetic smile as she shook her head. “I thought it would be obvious.”
You titled your head. You swore it was black and white, he told you it was black and white. “What do you mean?”
“It’s just…” she laughed, “You both wrote each others’ eye color as your favorite color.”
Tumblr media
How long have you two been holding hands by now, Hyunjin wondered. He wasn't counting, if he counted the time it moves faster for him somehow, and he would much rather enjoy having your soft skin against his just the way it felt instead of worrying about how much time he's got left or how long it has been.
You two did not speak after the dramatically big reveal of the answer to the question you both got wrong, both still basking in the information that you had each others' eyes as your favorite colors, and how the game took a much more romantic turn at the end
Even Hyunjin remained silent in thoughts because he hadn't expected you to put that as the answer, and he wondered if you meant it when you did. Gathering all his courage, he slowed down his pace even more than he already did to match up with your pace, and he had to tug at you lightly for you to stop in the middle of the hall when you continued to walk ahead of him.
You turned back, looking at him with questioning eyes. "What?" You asked, blinking at him.
He was looking at you in that unbearable way again. The sincere intensity of his eyes making you shudder, but as fervent as his gaze was, Hyunjin never fails to key in a tinge of softness in then. He looked at you like he was in love with you, in the most tender way possible but also with the most passionate burns of bright red fire that never ceases.
"Hyunjin...?" You did not dare take a step closer to him. You could crumble, you knew, under the weight of his gaze your heart would give away.
"I meant it, about my favorite color," he confessed, ignoring all the people walking around him and focusing only on you. "It is the color of your eyes."
You processed his words, feeling lightheaded. It was like you never knew what your eye color was until he told you he liked it, and you were just feeling the holy awakening of such revelation. You were going to head home tonight and smile at yourself in the mirror, not understanding why Hyunjin felt that way but feeling so euphoric that he did.
"Thank you." You nodded. "I meant it with yous too."
Hyunjin felt his breath caught in his throat and he had to regulate his breathing for him to intake any oxygen.
It felt stupid at first—the color of his eyes? Such a small, trivial thing. But it had always been the littlest things that got him so pumped up and made him stay up all night with faraway daydream lingered in his head.
And there is nothing wrong with that; there is nothing wrong with being lovesick, with feeling like he could soar through the sky from one bright smile you returned him, with exaggerating love.
Because no matter how much you dramatize it, love would somehow always be bigger than.
Hyunjin flashed you a smile, a smug one. ”I know."
You rolled your eyes and turned away, while he walked to catch up with you. A smile tugged at your lips at his reply, and despite having millions of retort options laying around in your head, you kept silent.
Tumblr media
Game II: The Obstacle Game
There was a table located in front of the classroom, with a student standing behind it with an exhausted expression forced out of her face by a smile. Behind her was a set of black mesh blanket messily taped to the top of the doorframe, blocking the outside light from entering the classroom. When she saw you and Hyunjin approaching, she seemed to breathe a sigh and reached over to the basket located in the middle of the desk, pulling out a long piece of fabric amongst the array of tangled ones.
“Seungmin sent you here, I suppose?” She said, the boredom in her voice leaking heavy. Moving her eyes away from you and up at Hyunjin, she raised her brow with interest before pointing her finger at him, her eyes averting back to you. “I didn’t know you two are a thing.”
Your bit your lower lip and widened your eyes, processing her words. A thing? As in a pair? A couple? Significant others? That was what she meant, right? Like people who are dating each other, people who reciprocate special feelings for each other, people who hug and kiss—oh god, you were thinking about his lips again, his kissable pink lips.
The possibility of touching it made your chest ache endlessly and you need to snap out of it.
“We’re not,” you laughed nervously, shaking your head, “He just happened to be there when I signed up to play the game.”
She gave you a low hum of acknowledgment as she fiddled with the fabric in her hands, her eyes grazing past Hyunjin for a moment to hope for some reaction. He gave her none, his eyes boring holes in her skull with the same amount of boredom she had been expressing to the middle-schoolers passing by today.
“You two should, though,” she mentioned after looking, a shrug hanging on her shoulders. She saw Hyunjin shift out of the corner of her eyes, possibly a head tilt of pleasant surprise.
“What–what do you mean–why?” You stuttered defensively, continuing to laugh nervously.
“Why not? You two spend so much time together,” she muttered, “I reckon you two spend time outside of school too, don’t you?”
“That we do,” Hyunjin chimed in, his voice a cheery kind that you wouldn’t have to look to know he was grinning.
“Yeah, and that makes us friends,” you sighed truthfully, but the wavering in your eyes did not go unnoticed.
“Really?” She deadpanned, dropping her hand on the desk. Pulling her eyes away from you, she pointedly looked at Hyunjin and back at you, then back at him again just to further access his defining facial features. She grimaced when Hyunjin flashed her a flattering smile and she spoke, “Look at him and tell me you genuinely want him to be just your friend.”
“I am not going to look at him.”
“Proves my point.” She shrugged. “He makes you weak.”
“He does not–okay, you know what, we are on a tight schedule here,” you said, holding up your taped hand and glaring at her for exposing all your darkest desires right in front of Hyunjin, “so if you can hurry up, we would like to move on, please.”
“Fine,” she said, “this is an obstacle game. It is as the name sounds, one of you will be going through certain obstacles, like climbing tables and leaping through cones on the floor, under the guidance of another. It is to test how much you trust each other, basically.”
“Which one of you are going to be blindfolded?” She asked as she held up the fabric in her hand and looked at you both. When none of you answered, she rolled her eyes in annoyance, “We’re not going to make it that easy for you. I already said one of you is gonna guide the other, so who is wearing the blindfold?”
You hummed under your breath, turning over to Hyunjin in hopes that he would volunteer. But he only shook his head, his tongue poking out of his lips slightly as he laughed to himself about the hilarity of the situation. When he met your eyes, he raised his brows at how expectant you looked, and for a moment he almost caved in.
A huff escaped your lips when he shook his head, and you grimaced into your words, “But I don’t like being blindfolded.”
“Aww, that’s a shame, (Name), because I don’t like being blindfolded either.” He leaned down to your shoulder, his breath fanning against your neck and causing the hair to spike up at the warm distance. Hyunjin chuckled against your ear, his voice feathery as a whisper when he teased, “I only put blindfolds on people.”
There was a buzzing sensation on where his words, and its suggestive connotation, hit the skin of your neck. You were utterly unprepared for the shivers that you almost flinched away from him with a squeal. And even though you wanted to shove him away with a light smack, all you could do after that was give in, with your breath hitched in your throat and your mind heaving for an escape out of this rabbit hole he has thrown you in.
“Fine, I’ll do it,” you said, trying to sound as casual as possible.
“Great. I will be blindfolding you because both of you only have one hand,” the student helper said, giving Hyunjin a pursed smile. “But you can do that at your own time if you’re into that.”
When she was finally done, all she did was direct you to the back where the classroom was before she went ahead to help with the next pair that had come along. Hyunjin carefully tugged at your hand and brought you along with him, moving past the mesh drapes and into the dimly lit classroom. He whistled slightly, impressed by the amount of effort placed into keeping the place as dark as possible just for the atmosphere.
There were three-station tags each pair was supposed to go through; very few but it seemed to be taking people more time than usual. A few students helpers stood at the corner to observe in case anyone tried to leave without going through each trial.
You moved slow, your steps stuttering in doubt that he would bump you into a wall. And, certainly, the lack of faith you placed in him was concerning, but he would consult you about that when this trial ends. For now, he thought it would be best to help you focus on getting through the obstacles instead of bombarding you with unnecessary bickers.
The first two trials of obstacles were an easy pass. Nothing too terrible with jumping through cones and hoops, nothing too hard with sticking paper parts of cartoon characters back to their original place after dodging walls of textbooks stacked up from the ground. Child’s play; Hyunjin didn’t even have to remotely scream instructions at you to breeze past those two trials.
It was the third one that got a little tricky. It took up the most space in the classroom as well, with chairs placed on top of tables and desks spaced out from each other like a mini bridge. You were supposed to walk through three separate desks and climb up a chair placed on top of one, all so you could grab heart-shaped styrofoam from the top of another chair stacked on another. Hyunjin frowned when he glanced at the unstable structure; how did your class get this approved by the teacher?
“You can climb the desk right?” Hyunjin asked after he guided you over to the start of the trial. He watched as you placed your palm flat against its surface, calculating its height even though you just sat on it yesterday. “It will be kind of hard for me to hoist you up.”
“I can do it!” You exclaimed quietly.
He watched you in amusement when you scanned your surrounding anyway before you put your joined hands and your free hand on the table. You pushed yourself up and placed your knee on top of the edge of the desk, feeling a  strong presence behind you when you slipped. Gasping, you instinctively glanced behind your shoulder with furrowed brows, “Is that you?”
“Yes,” Hyunjin replied calmly. “Go on. I’m just here so you don’t slip and fall back on the floor.”
You pushed yourself up freely this time, flinging yourself on top of the desk before you sighed at your success. Hyunjin faintly smiled, the endearment sparking in his eyes when he saw the smile you wore on your face. He reached out to fix your hair, his pinky finger brushing past your temple while you huffed out in accomplishment.
“There you go. Now just stand up and be careful when you walk, the desks are not placed together,” he said, helping you up with his free arm extended beside him in preparation to catch you if you were to trip and fall.
You muttered encouragements to yourself under your breath as you tested each surface with small taps of your feet, listening to Hyunjin when he told you whether you were needed to move forward a little bit more. Before you even knew it, you had started to put more trust in him as you went ahead of the trial blindly.
And you were so concentrated on the task at hand that you didn’t even have the mind to acknowledge the feeling of his hand around your ankle each time to carefully hop over to another desk, having angled himself in a way that his body would catch your fall instead.
“Okay, good job,” Hyunjin muttered when you were finally on the last desk. Sparing the chairs a glance, he frowned but didn’t say more than tell you about what was up ahead. “There is a chair in front of you, just get on top of it. Be careful.”
You let out a defeated whimper but your hand reached out to test the structure of the chair anyway. Stepping your leg up on top of the surface, you squealed when the chair rattled slightly under your weight, and you could hear Hyunjin curse as his hand shot out to grip your uniform shirt tightly, his eyes glaring at the inanimate object.
“Hold the chair, Hyunjin! Not me!” You exclaimed, putting your hand on top of his.
He scoffed, “I am trying to protect you, (Name), not the chair!”
“I won’t fall if you stabilize the chair!” You reasoned, slapping the back of his palm urgently.
Glaring upwards at you slightly, his gaze moving past your free hands that landed on top of one another, Hyunjin unwilling moved away and wrapped his fingers around the metal leg. He gave you a childish grumble as a signal for you to move, and he watched you like a hawk as you stepped onto the chair’s surface. With his arm raised to accommodate your current height, his neck cranked up to see your progress.
“There is another chair in front of you and there are some styrofoams on it. Just grab one and get down slowly,” he said.
You nodded, feeling the chair in front of you and furrowing your brows when your hand had to move upper than you expected. They must have stacked two chairs together then. Humming, you reached your hand up, stretching it as far as you could to feel the surface before patting it a few times to feel the open space.
Hyunjin watched you carefully, moving his head so he could see better. Your finger was almost touching the styrofoam rolled to the back corner, and after contenting to stretch forward but to no avail, you did the unpredictable act of hopping on the chair so you could have a wide range of range. You grabbed the styrofoam in your hand, but your feet lost its balance immediately after you landed back on the chair.
“Fuck–“ Hyunjin panicked when you started falling towards him.
He let go of the chair instinctively, his hand reaching up to catch you. His legs stumbled backward when your body crashed onto him and he fell back onto the floor with a painful groan, his eyes squeezing shut at the feeling of his hip-bone crushing between your weight and the floor. His shoulder blades burned with a sour sensation, his senses replaying the jabbing of his bones against the ground even after he settled on the ground.
Oh, that sure hurt like a bitch.
The gasps surrounding you pulled you out of your blanked out mind. You were too scared to react when you started falling, but you had a feeling Hyunjin had shielded you from the impact when all your head felt was the softness of his torso when you dropped to the ground. Dropping the heart-shaped styrofoam in your hand, you scrambled up from his body, flinching when you heard him groan in pain at your sudden action.
He opened his eyes and sat up from the ground, his elbow propped up behind him to support his torso. For a second, he glared at you, wanting nothing more than to scold you for even thinking about jumping on that unstable chair. But his mouth sealed itself shut when he felt your hand on his abdomen, feeling him up in an attempt to access what position he laid in. Your hand patted up his chest, his shoulders before finally, you scooted yourself forward on his thighs with one hand pressed against his cheek.
You touches had shut him up completely, and on a subtle level, flipped a switch inside of him that wasn’t meant to be touched by you yet. It was reserved for you, surely, but he didn’t think now would be the time. His eyes softened at the concerned frown and the warm heat of your palm, his heart thrashing about when you leaned close to him for the first time.
“Oh god, Hyunjin, I am so sorry! I shouldn’t have jumped!” You babbled, “Are you okay?”
He couldn’t see your eyes, but he could imagine them to be filled with his reflection. If he could untie your blindfold just to see that glory, he would, but he wasn’t sure if he was ready to have you see him show this kind of vulnerability yet.
For the longest time, he had masked his affection with mischief and playfulness. His eyes were always bright when you looked at him, he made sure of that. He wanted you to know he enjoyed your presence, he wanted you to know that he loved you majestically, with brightness and charm.
He wasn’t ready for you to see him love you in any other way yet. Like at night when he would think about you, and he realized he could love you quietly; where his whole body turns soft as if he has no bones to break and the rare sentiment behind his eyes float like the petals on calm rivers. It was drastically different from the morning suns he showed you.
When Hyunjin loves you in the morning, he is electrically energizing. He makes you laugh and he makes you roll your eyes. When he loves you at night, he is free and vulnerable but he can never hurt, not by you. And hopefully, when the day comes that you finally get to see him in such naked glory, he can make you love as well.
“I’m fine, don’t worry,” he replied. “Are you?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, smiling in relief, “thank you for catching me.”
Hyunjin kept his gaze on your lips longingly. He nodded, “Always.”
Tumblr media
You kept glancing at him. He could see the worry thrashed between each flicker of your eyes, staring and observing him just in case you catch him flinching when the wind accidentally hits him too hard. He almost wanted to prank you for it, just imagining how panicked you would be if he acted dramatically about the bruise that probably formed on his hip bone and possibly his back too.
He probably would have if he wasn’t so dazed from the previous trial.
“Stop looking at me like that, I said I’m fine,” Hyunjin mumbled with his head facing forward and his free hand shoved in his pocket.
“I’m just worried,” your voice trailed off as you looked away, abiding by his wish to stop subtly checking up on him.
“I know.” His heart softened and his voice was softer. “Thank you for worrying about me, but it’s just a small fall. You might be heavy but I am much stronger than you think.”
You smiled, your lips pursing and your eyes rolling to the side with a glare. He just had to go ahead and ruin the light-hearted moment. Shoving him with your shoulder, your strength not strong enough to push him away because, well, your hands were still taped together, you reached over to smack his arm with your free hand. “Should have smashed your bones when I had the chance.”
“Ouch, that’s harsh,” he giggled, shaking his head in disbelief.
When his laughter finally quieted down, he smacked his lips together with a head tilt, recalling the scene where you sat on top of him on the floor just then, his eyes ablaze and his mind afloat. His heart clenched again remembering the way your hand touched his jaw and the sound of urgency dripped from your lips, for him.
“You were worried when you dropped on top of me, you know,” he mentioned, turning to you. “It surprises me more and more just how much you really care about me.”
You gagged in annoyance, wanting nothing more than to blow him off. Why did he have to say it out loud? He could have just kept that to himself and allow himself to feel the bliss in silence. If you agree with him, it would give him the satisfaction that he was right, which yes! He was right! But your stubbornness would hate it for him to get that right and for him to show that smug grin of his.
“No, I only acted that way because I was the one who dropped on you.” You pointed at yourself to put emphasis. “If you fell on your own or if somebody else dropped on you, I would have laughed before asking if you are okay.”
“Oh? So you would still ask me if I’m fine,” Hyunjin sang pleasantly.
“Of course! I’m not heartless or anything,” you mumbled truthfully. “And you’re my friend. I’m not gonna leave you to die or anything.”
His bubbly mood vanished in an instant. Uncertain to why he suddenly felt such a strong hatred towards the label, he averted his sharpened gaze towards some poor middle-schoolers walking past the hallway. The word ‘friend’ has never earned any strong reaction out of him, it was just a label, he didn’t care much about that. So why now?
Was it because you ditched him to have a fun time with perfect Jisung? Was it because you humored Seungmin the possibility of you falling in love with him over a stupid ribbon clip? Was it because you tried to solidify him as just a good friend twice within twenty minutes?
He was attacked relentlessly by you, and it was not the usual insult battles. You poked him right between the veins of his heart by verbally—and playfully—reinforcing his worst fate: the thought of you being with another, loving another, while he sits and watches. They were all friendly jokes to you, but your friendly jokes were his nightmare.
And unfortunately, those kinds of nightmares are often left unbeknownst to the person causing them.
“That’s good to hear.” He mumbled half-heartedly, and you could hear it in his voice that he was upset, you just didn’t know why.
It was your turn to stop in the hallway, pulling at your joined hand to keep him from walking farther away from you. When Hyunjin turned around to look at you with faint confusion in his eyes, you were taken back by how different he appeared. The monotonous expression on his face was unsettling to you, but instead of being able to see right through that he was upset about all that he felt for you, you simply assumed he was annoyed from what happened.
“I did hurt you pretty badly, huh?” You whispered to yourself, glancing down at the floor before looking back up at him. Your eyes brightened with a captivating force, a courageous glimmer Hyunjin has never seen before; it made him breathless for a moment, unable to conjure thoughts of his own as you fill yourself in his head easily.
“Let’s get something to eat. I heard someone bought a cotton candy machine to school today,” you said, curling your fist. “My treat, for falling on you.”
Hyunjin frowned, “I told you I’m okay–“
“No, I’m not okay with it. I have to treat you something!” you urged, taking a step forward to get closer to him. “It’s not a date, but have lunch with me.”
It was hilarious to think that you really believe if you had crushed his hip bone, buying him lunch and asking him first would be able to compensate for the painful damage. But it was even more hilarious to know that Hyunjin would forgive you with that, as if he hadn’t already forgiven you for it.
Tumblr media
"Here," Hyunjin said as he carefully took a spoonful of rice and a piece of chicken, moving it to your mouth slowly.
You had long gotten over the fact that you forgot you were the one who got the dominant hand taped to Hyunjin, resulting in the need for him to feed you the food you bought. You did resist the urge to eat, all just to make sure you would be caught having him feed you food. But you've merely had a piece of bread with a minimal amount of strawberry jam this morning, and your stomach went against your will to growl in front of his face as he munched on the orange chicken combo.
"You know–this is better than I thought it would be," you twirled the straw in your hand, the ice in the foam cup clattering against each other. After taking a sip, you eyed Hyunjin and asked, "Are you sure you don't want to try it? I know it's homemade but it's not like it's poisoned."
"How do you know it isn't?" Hyunjin asked.
You rolled your eyes, "I don't think our school has any potential homicidal maniac."
He huffed, messing around the food with the plastic spoon before he spooned one up and took a bite for himself. You sniffed the air a little, taking in a prolonged breath before glancing at him again, prepared to ask the same question of whether he would like to try the homemade slushie because you were about to finish the whole cup.
"Alright, fine, I'll try it," he dropped the spoon and grabbed the cup. He, thoughtlessly, took a sip from the straw before he hummed, pleasantly satisfied by the fresh mango taste. When he finally looked up at you, your eyes flashed victoriously at him.
He rolled his eyes and pushed the cup back to you, muttering a very faint compliment with his head down. And then it was the obnoxious sound of sucking on straws that caught his attention. He perked up with furrowed brows, looking at you as you scanned your surroundings with your lips perched around the straw.
The space where his lips were just on, mind him.
Oh god, how did he not realize this—you two have been drinking from the same straw and eating from the same spoon for the entirety of this lunch! How did you not realize it? You were normally so attentive, you notice the little things; like if he so much as avert his eyes a little during the practice tests you make him do in the library or if he got a tiny band-aid around his thumb.
Maybe you did notice but didn’t say anything about it? Hyunjin rolled his eyes. Why did that thought make him want to smile? It is such a childish situation feel hearty for! It is just one of those indirect kiss situation. Hyunjin would much prefer to have a direct kiss if anything!
He dropped his head again, his hair falling prettily over his face, covering the faint smile that had made its way up. Tilting your head to the side curiously, you tried to meet eyes with him anyway as you pulled the drink away from your mouth and called for his attention. Your brows furrowed in confusion when he glanced slightly at you, taken back by his suggestive smirk.
“What?” You asked.
“We have been using the same utensils this whole time,” he pointed out, gesturing towards the plastic cup with the spoon.
It took you a moment. You had to glance back and forth between the straw and the open-air surrounding you, your head filled and processing with thoughts even though the subject matter was an easy one: you two—indirectly—swapped spit, to put it grossly. When it finally hit you, your jaw hung open in shocked realization and your hand gripped the plastic cup tighter because of it.
“Okay,” you shrugged, putting the cup down and returning your hand to your lap you clutched a hold of your uniform, “what about it?”
Hyunjin hummed inwardly, an intrigued hum. He sat up straighter and leaned his temple against the back of his fingers after he propped his elbow up on the lunch table. The tip of his tongue poked against his inner-cheek, showing itself briefly when his mouth widened to release a low chuckle. It was just like always; your mouth was saying one thing but your body was reacting a different way.
“I don’t know,” he shrugged, mocking a pout, “you are the one blushing, not me.”
You glared to the side, your hand instinctively flying up to check the heat of your cheek. It felt normal, and you figured Hyunjin was probably just messing with you. But the fact that you went ahead to check for yourself had just given him more windows to make fun of you, seeing that he was trying so hard to hide the grin against the back of his hand as he looked at you with a somewhat affectionate gaze.
“Yeah–okay, so we drank from the same straw. Big deal, Hyunjin.” You rolled your eyes, moving forward to give his shoulder a hard shove. “Friends do that. It’s whatever.”
Your third time trying to trap him with a label and you did it, again, with the most dubious voice you could ever muster. You couldn’t even sound confident in yourself about just being friends with him, how was Hyunjin supposed to be convinced by you? Not to mention he never wanted to be convinced of that idea.
The look he gave you a second after your voice dropped was unreadable. His smile was gone and his expression bounced back to one of neutrality. It was when he suddenly scooted closer to you, closing the distance you had carefully placed between you both on the bench, his free hand palming over your balled-up fist. You could only stay stoic in place when he leaned closer to your face, his eyes sharp as a cat looking through your every thought.
“Please, (Name),” he whispered boldly. “You and I both know we are not that kind of friends.”
He was so close, almost too close. Your wide eyes shook desperately to find a space to place themselves, anywhere but at him, yet it kept being pulled back to his face where your heart laid down its many desires. Your mind scrambled to find something to say; a retort, preferably something snarky to save the last drip of dignity your heart was ready to give away.
“You know what I mean,” he said, arching a brow, “don’t you?”
It felt like he was getting closer because you could feel the prickling of his hair against your cheek. And you couldn’t move, you didn’t quite want to move at this point. The worst thing he could do was kiss you in front of everyone, and by your standard that could never be the worst thing Hyunjin could do to you. If anything, it would be the best thing; it helps spring forth your night fantasies.
The only worst thing he could do is kiss you and not mean it, and some broken parts of you were very afraid that the scenario would take up most of the possibility.
“Ew! They are gonna kiss each other, gross!”
Hyunjin closed his eyes. One could tell easily from the clenching of his jaw that he was beyond annoyed, but who could blame him? It felt like the perfect moment just then, it was like you were waiting for him to make a move first and he was so determined and so excited to do something about your willingness to stay on the spot for him. He has waited ages for that!
To have the right moment be ruined by some stranger’s immature, young sibling was absolutely aggravating.
You cleared your throat as you pushed him away by the shoulder, turning to your side to smile at the little kid who was shamelessly pointing his index finger at you both. You were not sure if you wanted to thank the child or be disappointed that nothing came out of that gut-wrenching moment. You had powered through it for nothing, your heart jumped so strongly for a kid to ruin it all.
“Fucking brat,” Hyunjin muttered under his breath as he threw the five-year-old a glare, causing the little boy to stick his tongue out before he ran away laughing just in case Hyunjin suddenly decided to jump him for being disrespectful.
“Were you really planning on fighting the kid?” You asked when you saw him relax against the edge of the table. And you laughed when he nodded with his eyes closed, his face perched skywards to feel the blueness. “Honestly, I feel like you would have done the same thing.”
Hyunjin opened his eyes, squinting it because of how bright the sky was. “Hate to break it to you,” he mumbled. “But I think I have always been good at judging if a situation is important enough for me to not ruin it.”
You wanted to ask what he meant. If he genuinely thought what happened was important and why he thought so. But you only fiddled with the hem of your shirt, staying in silence for a minute before you stood up and urged him to head back into the game with you.
Tumblr media
Game III: The Routine Game
Felix beckoned you over to him when he saw you making your way through the front door. You did so with a smile, glad to see a friendly face around when you were stuck overthinking about everything that happened during lunch.
"Lixie! I didn't know you are coming to school today!" You exclaimed when you dragged Hyunjin over to him, one arm wide open in preparation for a hug.
"Jisung asked me for help at the last minute so I came. " He giggled, opening his arms for you as well. "I have never helped out with school fairs so I wanted to try it out, with this being my last year and all!"
Hyunjin scoffed when you reached over to give Felix a tight hug, pressing your cheek against his for a quick moment before you pulled away. If you had stayed a second too long, he would have pulled you backward using your joint hands, pretending like he made a mistake and forgot your hands were taped together or something.
God, how many adorable boys were you friends with, exactly? Too many for his romantic journey to be an easy fight. Just when he thought the list stopped at Seungmin and Jisung, another one popped up.
This one has a very nice smile too, and a voice that sounds like old wine made out of red liquified velvet. Attractive and a very nice voice, also seems extremely nice. How bloody fantastic. Hyunjin rolled his eyes and turned back to observe Felix, he hummed.
Well, at least he wasn't that tall.
Felix looked behind you at Hyunjin when you pulled away. His eyes brightened innocently as they traveled down to your taped hands, and then his mouth opened in cheery surprise as he pointed his finger back and forth between you two.
"Ah, so you two are dating each other! I kind of figured but I never got around to asking," he waved his hand dismissively, his voice scrunching up funnily.
You drew in a light breath. What the hell was up with people assuming you and Hyunjin are together? Was it only because of the taped hands? Because that would be a stupid thing to base the assumption off on. It should be because you two felt like a couple, right? You knew you would much rather have that be the reason.
"We aren't... we aren't actually dating," you denied, giving Felix a laugh. "He just happened to be around when we signed up for the game."
"Oh?" Felix tilted his head to the side. You almost had you convinced, but just one simple look at Hyunjin was enough to break the bubble of trust. And when he turned back to you, he was able to notice facial movements he didn't think too much about before.
He lowly hummed, suddenly acknowledging the tension floating between you both—the tension that steamed from the line of love and lust, both very permanent and flaming. It was almost overwhelming to just look at you both and know so much more than you two boneheads do about each other.
"That's fine. It's not like that's required or anything." Felix shrugged. "Let me explain the game to you so you two can be done with it then, it must be awkward to hold hands for so long."
You didn't speak, you just smiled at Felix as he walked behind the table where several skincare products were placed. Come to think of it, the hand-holding stopped bothering you so much after the first game. You could still feel his hand, having yet to turn into a sweaty mess, but you were doing it naturally now unlike the first moment he slipped his fingers through yours.
You have grown to feel calm with his presence; the honeymoon phase where you would jump out of your skin at the smallest contact with Hyunjin just passed without a word. Everything was just meant to be now—calm and made for each other.
The only heart-racing trigger you have would be the idea of having to separate from him at the end of this and feel how empty your hand would be without his own to cling onto.
"This game is easy. All you have to do is apply all these skincare products here on the other,” Felix explained. "Just like a night-time routine! And don't worry, they're just lotions and toners so they probably won't ruin your skin too much."
You grimaced at his threatening wordings, but you laughed after Felix left you both to carry out the game. You looked over at Hyunjin, "You can afford some breaking to your skin quality."
He laughed, "You, on the other hand."
You gave him a defeated sigh, not bothering to say anything in return. "Yeah, I know." You resisted the urge to press your palm to your cheek. "Makes my whole face all jacked up."
"I didn't mean it like that," he frowned, squeezing your hand for the first time since the second trial game.
"Yeah, I know that too." You softly replied, looking at the bottles of cream and lotion.
It took a while for you both to even twist the lids open. The couple that tinkered around with this set previously must have tried really hard to make it difficult for the next one. When you were finished with opening them all, you two finally got around to deciding that you would be applying everything on his face because for one, you did the last trial, and two, his flawless skin could afford some damage if there would be any.
"Hyunjin–" you sighed a little as you stared at him, then you asked while sitting straighter, your torso leaning forward as your hand moved over to his hair in an attempt to see if you could gather them all. “Have you tried tying your hair up?”
"What?" He questioned, grabbing your hand and moving it away from his hair.
"It would be easier if you can tie your hair up, it's like... in the way of your face right now," you complained. "And I am trying to put lotion on your face."
"Do you have a hair tie?" He asked then. "I can try doing that if you do."
You cursed under your breath, your empty wrists the perfect answer to his question. “Ah, whatever,” you dismissed the problem with a quick flick of your wrist. Turning to the opened bottles at hand, you smeared a small portion of white cream on your finger before turning back to him. You grimaced, carefully tapping his chin with your finger, “Move your chin up a little.”
He did as you told him to, his hair falling back against his ears when he did to reveal more of his face. You smeared the lotion on the tip of his nose first, then you proceeded to graze more on his cheeks, his chin, and his forehead before getting to smooth the cream out all over his face.
You tapped his face with feathery lightness, making sure nothing sneaks into his eyes or stains his hair messy.
For once your chest lacked the fluttery feeling even when you were so close to his face. You were so concentrated on your task; you muttered things under your breath, voicing the tiny movements of your hand, shooing his hair away when it kept falling over his face and forcing you to tuck it behind his ear. You did not register the longing present in Hyunjin’s eyes as he openly stared at you.
It was surprising at first, like he didn’t expect for such mere skin contact to create such an electrifying feeling, but with each swipe of your finger was a loving swirl of his heart and you led him to relax into himself soon enough.
“Okay, just one more and we’ll be done,” you said as you reached your finger into the jar and smeared the soft, artificially scented cream on top.
You carefully swiped your finger across his cheek, leaving a trail of whiteness on his baby soft skin. With your fingers spaced widely, you dabbed his skin with your index finger, precise and careful. And when your wrist got tired, you changed position to cup his jaw in your palm so you could finish the job with your thumb. Your movements were skilled, almost as if you were used to applying cream on Hyunjin.
His eyes have not once left you. But when you cupped his jaw this time, he found himself leaning his cheek against it. You paused, finally noticing him and the fondness displayed in the crinkle of his eyes and the curve of his smile. Hyunjin leaned on you like a child would cling to a trusted one, and he smiled at you as lovers would to each other.
A whispered laughter left your chest. You thought you were going to kiss him.
“Stop looking at me like that,” you mumbled, looking elsewhere as your thumb went back to working on his face.
He hummed out a giggle, “Like what?”
Like you are in love with me. You opened your mouth for a smile and didn’t speak.
A quick minute passed with you dodging his eyes and him following trails of your face. When you waved Felix back over, he handed you a quick nod of approval at how shiny Hyunjin’s face looked. At least he knew you did as the game asked you to. Before he could mark down a check on your joined hands, he looked between you both and asked.
“Did you two do the last thing?”
“What thing?” You tilted your head to the side, looking behind to check the products given to you on the table.
“Oh, right–I keep forgetting. It’s a surprise task at the end.” Felix snapped his fingers. “Since this is supposed to mimic a night routine, the surprise task is for the pairs to kiss each other to seal the night.” He dramatically said, staring off into a faraway distance.
The easy smile he gave you helped nothing to soothe your nervousness. He must be joking. It wasn’t like every pair who signed up to play this game were really couples anyway. Wiping your hand on your thigh, you awkwardly laughed, ‘Wha–what?”
Felix nodded, “A kiss.”
“Like, really? Like a legitimate one?”
“Yeah, what else?”
“But why? Do we have to do that?” You frowned, looking at Hyunjin who only occasionally glanced at you as he, too, kept his attention on Felix. “That’s weird, I don’t want to do that with him.”
“I mean…“ he waved his hand, paused at the rising tension fuelling between you two.
It was an abrupt request, Felix knew because he made it up on the spot, and even he thought maybe the joke would not be taken as amusing. He anticipated the shock from both of you, but so far he was only gaining a reaction out of you. You talked nervously, but you made it sound like you absolutely despised the idea of kissing Hyunjin. And that, that made Hyunjin… well, Felix couldn’t tell.
Hyunjin had an unreadable expression, which was how Felix saw him most of the time. Weary eyes and heavy shoulders—intimidating but not hopelessly scary. Felix always knew Hyunjin was soft, or at least he would be to a selective group of people; while he had no idea what goes on outside of the school, he knew that in school, the people who could break him out of that stoic facade were pretty girls, and then you.
And he could see it in Hyunjin’s eyes that he had always been much more sincere with you than everybody else.
Felix couldn’t see it on Hyunjin’s face at the moment, but he reckoned he wouldn’t be feeling too nice about your reaction. And you? He was more than confused at your defensive reaction. He was thinking it would lean more towards a shy, flustered, more entertaining response than a flat-out refusal.
“It’s just… it’s just–“ he was quickly cut off.
“They don’t want to do it, Felix,” Hyunjin mumbled.
“Yeah! I was just joking, it’s just a joke,” Felix said quickly, finding it increasingly harder to laugh the matter off.
You didn’t dare to turn to Hyunjin, scared that he might be looking at you with those guilt-inducing butterscotch eyes. “It’s not… it’s not a funny joke,” you muttered to yourself.
Felix signed you two off, trying to make light conversation with you. Hyunjin said nothing.
Tumblr media
Seungmin watched as you and Hyunjin broke away from each other in silence, but it was not before your fingers lingered together for another moment longer.
"Thanks for the help," you said, twisting your wrist and folding your hands together to compensate for the chilling cold that hit your skin.
"No big deal. I am supposed to take the tape away," Seungmin replied with a shrug, retracting the cutter and throwing it back into the stationary box. "You can take the tape if you want to exchange the prize. It's probably just shitty things like pencils and notebooks though."
You smiled faintly with a nod, "Yeah. I don't think the school is gonna invest in anything more than that at a school fair."
When you turned around to ask for Hyunjin's opinion, you found that he was no longer standing next to you. Your shoulders slumped, it was his turn to abandon you somewhere this time, and like he said—you did not feel too happy about the wordless departure.
Taking notice of your tensed body, Seungmin raised his brows and gave your shoulder a light tap to catch your attention. When you whipped around to face him, he was taken back by your teary eyes.
"Did Hyunjin do something?" He asked suspiciously, finding it hard to believe the blond-haired boy would ever do anything to hurt your feelings.
You squeezed your hands together and shook your head, "No. I think I did something. I–I think he is mad at me."
He blinked. "Okay? You don't have to cry over it, do you? It's not like he has never been mad at you before."
"No, it's just–" you pursed your lips together.
Hyunjin has been mad at you before, rare but it has happened. He has a very high tolerance, he wouldn't speak of it even if you unreasonably take your frustration out on him. He would just make you treat him to snacks and drinks, and that would be the end of it. Not once has he ever given you the silent treatment he just did.
"I said something I didn’t mean and then he's upset about it," you said.
"What did you say?" Seungmin asked, leaning back against the desk and crossing his arms, ready to go full-on counselor mood for you.
You told him everything, about Felix's jokes and about how you reacted to it and about Hyunjin being visibly annoyed in the aftermath. Seungmin was frowning by the time you finished, less sympathetic, and more frustrated with the situation.
For one, Hyunjin didn't have to be so riled up over a stupid comment like that. You said it was weird to kiss him and you acted as you would hate it. That was it. He understood that Hyunjin could be upset that it sounded like a rejection, but he should have taken it as that—a rejection. There shouldn't be any hatred involved.
And then you. He just wanted to grab your shoulders and shake the feelings out of your sealed vault. How did you manage to do all that? How did you manage to lie to yourself so deeply that you could say things that go so much against your heart?
"I just want to make this clear, so I'm not giving you the wrong kind of advice," he said, pushing himself off the desk. "You like Hyunjin, correct?"
You gulped. Seungmin has very compelling eyes. "Yes."
"Do you know he likes you back?" He asked.
"I don't know," you shook your head.
"Good, now you do," he informed with a clap of his hands. "Hate to have it come from me but that dry-hay-for-hair boy likes you back."
You sighed, waving your hand at him, "No. I know–I don't know. Like... I don't know if he means it."
"Why wouldn't he mean it?" Seungmin questioned.
"Not with me, I don't think so," you fiddled with your fingers. "Why would he?"
"Don't ask me that, ask him. He is the only one who knows why he likes you," Seungmin said.
You glanced at the floor timidly, and Seungmin knew immediately that you were assuming the worst. What if Hyunjin couldn't say anything? What if there was nothing loveable about you?
Softening, he nudged your leg with his feet, making you look up at him with furrowed brows. His eyes skipped to the side where the classroom windows were and he pursed his lips at the sight he saw.
"You know, Hyunjin... he… I have never seen him cling so much to someone before. I don't know him that well but ever since middle school, I have never seen him hang out with just one specific person or one specific friend group." Seungmin tilted his head to the side. "Not gonna lie, I was kind of glad he got you as a friend. It was getting a little annoying to see him alone all the time."
"Hyunjin doesn't lack options, (Name). With that face, plenty of people flock to him any chance they get," he gestured towards the window, asking you to look.
Hyunjin has not gone too far. He was just outside, and a part of you hoped that he had just been waiting for you this whole time. His smile was so pretty as he smiled down at a small group of girls, possibly from another school judging by their casual clothes. You could practically hear his giggles from where you stood, laughing, and joking about with the strangers.
God, he gets along with people so easily. It should have hit you much sooner that Hyunjin could always drop you for someone better because there will be someone better awaiting his company and his affection.
"Not saying you are bad, (Name), but Hyunjin can always choose someone else," Seungmin said. "He just picks you, all the time, so why not give it a chance. What's the worst that can happen?"
"I get rejected and I have to face humiliation for the rest of my high school life because I can't exactly drop the tutoring job?" You mumbled.
"You worry too much." He rolled his eyes. "I figured I would be pretty upset too if someone I like thinks it'd be weird to kiss me. Wouldn't you?"
You grimaced. He has a point.
"Thank you," you said gratefully then, leaning in to give Seungmin a hug he didn't feel like returning.
You pulled away and took a deep breath before making your way out of the classroom. Your heart beat anxiously as you turned to face Hyunjin's back, then you called out his name. From inside the classroom, Seungmin watched with attentive eyes. His brows furrowed when Hyunjin didn't budge from his spot.
"Hyunjin, hello?" You called again, making sure you were loud enough for him to hear you over his own chatter.
The girls standing before him paused to look behind him, their eyes landing you awkwardly before they pointed your way, indicating to him that you had been standing there asking for him. Hyunjin paused in the middle of his sentence, wanting to turn around but the stubborn, bitter part of him told him to ignore you.
"Hyunjin–look, I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't mean it," you said, your skin pricking when you saw the girls looking back and forth at you and him; you assumed he had started talking again, neglecting your words.
"Hey, I think that person is looking for you." One of them cut him off, glancing worriedly at you.
"They're no one important. It's fine.” His voice was light but his words were deafeningly loud.
Your brows raised in surprise. Your chest couldn't register the pain yet but you needed to feel something, so it slapped you with the closest emotion it could find. After the surprise was confusion, a dilemma you needed to choose. Did he say that because he was fuelled by anger or did your worst nightmare happened and he really just dropped you for people much better?
And suddenly you started to laugh out of fear, the fear of embarrassing yourself in front of all these people roaming the hall happily. Your mind was starting to twist and it was starting to process his words. They burst through your eardrums and circled your heart like thorny vines, torturing it until it explodes.
You needed to hide it, the tears threatening to fall as your heart finally took the damage of Hyunjin's words. You needed to mask it quickly before they fall. So you laugh, and you looked over to Seungmin who kept glancing between you and Hyunjin.
"You were wrong," you mouthed to him, shaking your head. And when he planned to walk towards you, you held up a hand to stop him.
If he came out to comfort you, you knew you would burst into sobs, and you would rather not do that.
You gave him a curt nod and turned around, quickly making your way to the stairway so you could get out of the school, or just anywhere you could let yourself out freely.
Someplace where laughing it off isn't required. Strangely, that place used to be wherever Hyunjin is.
Tumblr media
Your vision was getting increasingly blurry, causing the little number dots in your locker's lock to fade into incoherent symbols.
After taking a breather in the restroom, hoping to God nobody walks in as you cried your heart out by the sink, you washed your face and decided it would be best for you to head home. At least then, you could curl yourself up in a ball on your bed and perhaps your mom could cook you some warm, comfort meal.
You turned the dial multiple times, keying in the combination again and again but to no avail. Frustration was starting to get the best of you the more your lock wouldn't open, at some point you didn't even try to turn the lock, you just forcefully pulled at the metal piece hoping that your anger could be channeled into strength.
You felt both annoyed and useless, but mostly you were heartbroken at what Hyunjin said. He didn't have to go as far as to say you were unimportant, did he? That was him throwing months of friendship away, and that was him stomping on your affection that has been months in the making, at this point going stronger than ever.
"Seven... fourteen... ten... fuck!" You exclaimed under your breath, rubbing your eyes to cast away the tears and to clear your sight before you tried again. Your hasty hands were all over the place, moving a little too far and a little too much, causing rounds of incorrect slightly wrong combinations.
In the midst of your temper tantrum, a pair of gentle hands reached from above and took over. You looked over to find Hyunjin standing behind you, his backpack slung over one shoulder. Your eyes grew weary, and for some reason, you couldn't bring yourself to be mad at him at all.
"There," he muttered after successfully unlocking the lock on the first try.
You looked back at the locker then, reluctantly opening your locker and taking your bag. During the entirety of you swinging your bag over shoulders and sealing your locker shut again, he stood behind you closely and you didn't dare spare him a glance nor a word.
Your fingers lingered on the lock dial, contemplating what you wanted to do. Should you ask if he meant what he said? Was he here to mend or to break your heart even further? Did you want to find out? You were more scared about the worst than you were hopeful about the best, so you probably didn't want to find out.
You didn't want to find out. It would be best but you would rather he makes his point by just not talking to you ever again. With that in mind, you heaved a sigh at your locker, the shudder in your voice forcing a few stalled tears to fall. You rubbed them away and turned to leave.
"How about a thank you?" Hyunjin called after you, slowly approaching you when you paused.
Abruptly turning around, you shrugged and looked at him with your red, puffy eyes. He gulped, finding it impossible to keep his expression neutral at the realization that he caused this.
"Thanks," you muttered and turned around to leave him again, but a hand held onto your school bag and stopped you from walking any further. You turned around when he let go, a saddened frown on your face, "What?"
"I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't mean it," he said after staying quiet for a while, gathering his thoughts, perhaps.
"Yeah, well, I didn't know that," you laughed bitterly, rolling your eyes. "I–I don't even know if you mean what you just said.”
Hyunjin pursed his lips. His eyes widened as he seemed to have found something, something important about you. Your insecurity was something he never let his assumption trespass, something he now thought could have a strong relation to why you kept denying your feelings for him despite making your actions so obvious. It was because you didn’t think it’d be possible for him to love you.
He didn’t understand why you thought that way, but he understood that you possibly could so he wouldn’t ask you to explain everything to him explicitly until you were ready to tell him about it, on your own terms. But for now, there was something he desperately needed to do, something important.
Your torso leaned back when Hyunjin bent to your eye-level, his face a daring inch apart from yours. You worried if anyone would come by and catch you both stuck in such a position, but thankfully another class decided to perform, causing most people to flock to the school’s front yard instead of the student lockers’ floor.
“I will show you how much I meant what I said if you will let me,” he whispered, the intensity in his eyes once again making your knees weak.
He was too close. Your heart beelined up your throat and got itself stuck at the tip of your tongue, surrendering with a shaky breath. Not knowing what else you could say, thoughts forming in disarray, you resorted to letting your heart take full control of what you do. Your hands flew up to the side of his face and you kissed him first, closing your eyes tight in anticipation of the fireworks while you neglected the anxiety forming in your abdomen.
You pulled away for a brief second, your eyes groggily opening to get a glimpse of Hyunjin as the smacking sound of your impulsive kiss echoed in your ear. A smirk was all you caught before you closed your eyes again to welcome him forward.
And then Hyunjin was kissing you back; intensely, urgently, so hard that you felt your back hit against the locker because he couldn’t get close enough, so fervently your lips could feel each graze of his teeth. He placed his hand over your palm and the other slipped behind your head, pushing you to him as he drowned in the way everything was so tender about you—him clutching your hand, the smoothness of your hair, your swollen lips, and even the bridge of your nose.
The only thing rough about this was the kiss, and honestly, you two would not have it any other way.
The surface of your lips met when he pulled away, just close enough they brush past each other and lingered. You looked into his eyes, and suddenly you didn’t feel so scared anymore. Raising a brow playfully as a smile graced your lips, you asked, “A kiss is how you plan to show me you meant what you said?”
“Yeah,” he whispered, breathing air into your opened mouth as he stroked your cheek with his thumb. “Is it working?”
You giggled with a nod, leaning in to peck his lips once more. “I didn’t mean what I said either,” you muttered. “About it being weird if I have to kiss you and about me not wanting to do it.”
Hyunjin jutted his bottom lip out, a feign suspicious expression dawning on his face. His eyes crinkled adorably as he tilted his head, then his eyes traveled back to you from the ceiling, “Yeah, you’re gonna have to show me you really meant that.”
“Yeah, yeah,” you said, rolling your eyes, “we aren’t going to do that here though. We got lucky that no one walked through here just then.”
He moved away then, giving you space to compose yourself after he so eagerly shoved you towards the lockers. You smoothed out your uniform before looking up at him, finding him smiling down at you fondly. A tiny shiver ran down your spine then; you wanted this for so long but learning to admit that Hyunjin returned your feelings might take some convincing on your own part.
“Now that our relationship has changed drastically, we have a lot of important things to discuss,” Hyunjin mused as he approached you, casually slipping his into yours and lacing your fingers together. He glanced up at the ceiling with a hum before lower his head, giving you a cheeky grin. “You know, like blindfolds and stuff.”
You punched his arm, finding the chuckle he let out in response both infuriating and endearing. Just the way you knew him—insufferable but loveable, nonetheless, especially by you. “If that’s the case, then I think I should start first,” you pointed up at his head, “You and your hair.”
He frowned, fiddling it with his finger and twirling a strand carefully, “What about my hair?”
“It looks like hay,” you commented.
It doesn’t. It is a shade of brownish-blond, falling gorgeously over the sides of his face and shaping it perfectly. It glimmered as his eyes did, bright and flowery, and you kind of loved it.
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httpjisung · 2 years ago
god : felix?
felix : huh?
god : give me the kazoo.
felix : why?
god : because you've been playing side effects on it for 6 hours straight, we need to sleep.
felix : hm...alright... [gives him kazoo]
god : thank you. [leaves]
felix : [looks around] [pulls out another kazoo]
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jeonqqin · 10 months ago
MAN UP™ Masterlist
Tumblr media
A final masterlist of all my stories written within the Man Up universe, listed out chronologically and in the order that I would have you read it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cast — han jisung, bang chan, lee minho, reader
genre — [f] fluff, [c] crack, [a] angst, [s] smut, brothers best friend au, love triangle au
rated — TV-MA
synopsis — Even with classes, annoying brothers, and an unrequited crush, you still figured your first year of college was going pretty well. Until you managed to get your first boyfriend, and suddenly your brother and his stupidly attractive best friend were attached to your hip for the whole damn ride.
or alternatively;
Why did Jisung care about you so much, and had his eyes always been that pretty?
—episode directory
⊳ ep: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10
Tumblr media
cast — hwang hyunjin, reader
genre — [f] fluff, [a] angst, [s] smut, best friends to friends with benefits to lovers au
rated — NC-17
synopsis — Your best friend had never been a sit-down-and-talk kind of guy... at least for as long as you’d known him, and despite that and his promiscuous nature, you loved him more than anything. But it’s a wild proposition that Hyunjin makes that puts your life-long friendship at risk.
or alternatively;
What the hell does it mean when your best friend—your dumb, beautiful best friend—comes up with the idea to have sex?
⊳ watch here
Tumblr media
cast — lee felix, han jisung, reader
genre — [a] angst, [f] fluff, [s] smut, gaming au, vr (virtual reality) au
rated — R
synopsis — Plauged by a shadow that never disappears, you had never once met someone who was able to counter that—with you always being the downer or the killjoy. It wasn’t what you did or who you were, it was only because of what was wrong with you. People felt bad, and they always would. Until someone doesn’t.
or alternatively;
Who is this guy that you keep running into and why won’t he leave you the hell alone?
⊳ watch here
Tumblr media
cast — seo changbin, lee minho, reader
genre — [f] fluff, [a] angst, [s] smut, mechanic au
rated — R
synopsis — You were convicted that you were blessed by the gods to have your car break down in the middle of nowhere, only to have an attractive man fix your car and take you in. You had to be the luckiest girl in the world to be able to watch him work on your shitty car with barely anything covering his arms, and see him every morning coming out of the shower. But, of course, all good things must come to an end, and how do you even know if he’ll ever want to see you again?
or alternatively;
The mystery guy keeps helping you, but what is he actually thinking?
⊳ watch here
Tumblr media
cast — kim seungmin, reader
genre — [s] smut, [f] fluff, tutor au
rated — NC-17
synopsis — It was true that Kim Seungmin was as smart as he was attractive, but that didn’t make up for the fact that he was irritable in every other way known to man. It was all your mother’s fault that he was sitting in your bedroom with you, doing work that he assigned, watching you with his infamous smirk like he owned the place. He knew that he held you in an inescapable clenched fist, and you only hated him more for it.
or alternatively;
The way his smirk has a direct line to your patience as well as your pants just makes you want to kill him. Fuck Kim Seungmin.
⊳ watch here
Tumblr media
cast — yang jeongin, reader
genre — [f] fluff, [s] smut, waiter au, diner au
rated — R
synopsis — The bustle of the crowd and the stress of the mid-day rush was what got you excited to go to work every day. Work was your escape from the hell that was high school, where you never had to worry about being teased and picked on or knocked into a locker in the rush to get out. But your sanctuary was suddenly compromised when the bane of your existence became your co-worker.
or alternatively;
Why did the hottest guy in your school have to start working with you—hold on... Is he still looking at you?
⊳ watch here
Tumblr media
cast — bang chan, sana minatozaki, reader
genre — [a] angst, [f] fluff, [s] smut, strangers to lovers au, wingman au(???)
rated — TV-MA
synopsis — So he had sworn off relationships—they never worked out for him anyway. It was just too exhausting to be a hopeless romantic all the while being unable to hold a steady relationship, and Chan figured it would just be easier to just stop trying. Even when he saw a sliver of hope and felt the telltale sign of his heart racing, he refused to believe it. Things were always too good to be true.
or alternatively;
Love is just a construct anyway, right?
⊳ ep: 01 | 02
Tumblr media
cast — lee minho, reader
genre — [a] angst, [s] smut, ??? au
rated — TV-MA
synopsis — For as long as you remembered, Minho was there. Without a question, he would be at your side and prepared to take on the world. But did you necessarily want him there? Absolutely not.
or alternatively;
Why won’t you just look at him?
⊳ ep: 01 | 02
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