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incorrectskzquotes · 2 days ago
Felix: The floor is lava!
Hyunjin: *helps Seungmin onto the counter*
Minho: *kicks Jisung off the couch*
Jeongin: *from on top of the fridge* As you can see, there are two types of couples.
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jaemtens · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ universe ] 'dreaming’ track video teaser :: nct dream
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b99kie · 2 days ago
can u make funny/meme minsung headers pls
heree i hope u like it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
all headers made by me credit if you use
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hanaridulsetcheese · a day ago
stray kids : things they do as your boyfriend (maknae line)
hyung line
Tumblr media
pairing : stray kids x reader
genre : fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> will always make you laugh or smile no matter what.
jisung's way of loving someone is by making them happy and he does this by making lame/cheesy jokes.
he's naturally funny so whenever you're with him, it's always a good time.
if you're ever sad, he'll make it his mission to get you to smile again even if it means making a fool out of himself.
jisung would also sing to you in order to cheer you up and to calm you down of you're ever nervous or just need a little reassurance.
he loves writing songs about you and making you listen to them because is makes you happy, and when you're hapoy he's happy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> sends you tons of pictures and texts throughout the day.
felix as your boyfriend would constantly be thinking about you no matter what so whenever he sees something that reminds you of him even the tiniest bit, he'll send it to you.
he loves sending you memes especially because it becomes your little inside jokes that always make you both laugh.
when he's out at the stores he'll send a selfie of himself standing next to the snack aisle and ask which was your favourite snack to which you'd reply "you"
felix just loves keeping you updated on his day and will always message whenever something even remotely interesting happens to him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> saves all his affection for you and only you.
seungmin's not much of a physical affection type of person with others but with you he's a giant teddy bear.
when he'd normally shy away from other's hugs, he'd happily throw himself into you arms and embrace you.
in public, he's still a little shy and would usually just stick to hand holding but in private he's gonna never let you go.
seungmin feels a sense of warmth and comfort in your hugs and will always gravitate towards you when he's sad because your hugs make him feel better.
it's not a one sided thing though, seungmin's first instinct when you're sad if to wrap his arm around you and caress your head.
he'd leave little kisses hear and there and make sure you're okay.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> let's himself be comfortable around you.
jeongin has a special type of personality but he sometimes has to hide that to protect his idol image.
when he's with the people he lives though, he allows that side to show.
around you, jeongin never needs to hide anything or watch how he acts because he knows you'll never judge him.
he'll act goofy, sing his trot sings and just have the time of his life aroud you.
one thing jeongin loves is the fact that he's not only able to be his true self around you but you also feel that way too.
together, you two have the most fun and that's what really matters. age is nothing but a number when you both are together.
stray kids inspired playlist ↓
♡ jisung
♡ felix
♡ seungmin
♡ jeongin
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bubulumiere · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrectskzquotes · 9 hours ago
Jisung: Remember the day we first met and you fell in love with me?
Minho: Jisung.
Jisung: Fine. The day you punched me and I became obsessed with you forever.
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jenomark · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
➔Pairing: Haechan x Reader (F) + Jisung x Reader (F) ➔Other Members/ Characters: -.- ➔Genre: Smut ➔Warnings: BDSM + Bondage + Usage of toys (F), Penetration (F), Oral (F), Overstimulation, Pain, Threesome. ➔Word count: 2,615
➔Summary: You and Haechan like to have your playtime. What happens when he starts bringing each of his friends around?
Tumblr media
The blindfold over your eyes made all your other senses intensify. When sight was taken away, and all you could see was a blackness that was slowly morphing into a rainbow of colors behind your eyes, there were only four other sense to rely on.
Taste. You were gagged by a strip of clean fabric. Rather than a tang of laundry detergent, you tasted the spit dripping from your lips. The taste was sickeningly sweet, like when you suck on a sugary candy all day and your saliva is cherry flavored no matter how many times you brush your teeth.
Touch. You were bound, both arms strung up on either side by ropes. The soft white cuffs around your wrists were comfortable, but the burn in your forearms was exhausting. He knew this, which is why you felt the softness of his lips on your arms during your weakest moments, a single tut from his mouth, as if he understood the pain of waiting.
Smell. The smell of him was all over you, even though he hadn't touched you yet. Sometimes, even after a shower, you still wore him on your skin like a perfume, his scent absorbed into your DNA for a lifetime. His smell was vaguely crisp, a little floral, but always intoxicating.
Finally, hearing. Since you were the only two in the room and you were gagged, he was the one who made all the noise. He spoke, his words full of riddles. Mostly, he sang, the sound of his notes making your body tingle, making the vulnerability of standing naked for hours much more comfortable.
"Your body is..." he said, his voice trailing off.
The anticipation of him touching you was just as exciting as the touch itself. You could feel the blaze of his eyes on your body, could feel that his fingertips were inches from you. You shifted your body slyly, moving forward so that he would touch you sooner.
" should know by now that your little games won't work with me." he said. "Patience. You lack patience. I'll touch you, baby, I promise."
Your body wanted him so badly, that it hurt to not have him. Your breasts were sore from the last time you played together, and yet, your nipples pointed outward, as if still vying for his attention.
Touch me. Tease me. Pull me. Twist me. Put your teeth on me.
It truly felt like every piece of your body was on fire, and his touch was the only thing that could put that fire out. Only he could quell the flames. Even worse than that, down below, you throbbed for him. Haechan was always pleased with how your body behaved towards him, how every nerve was screaming in his direction. But teasing you was his power, and so you would throb for as long as he wanted you to.
"Are you in too much pain?" he asked. "Do you need to come down and rest?"
"Mmm.." you moaned, ignoring the pain in your ankles from standing so long. It was a welcome pain, anyway, one that you liked. All of it was.
He lowered the fabric gag until it was around your neck. A simple touch of his fingers to your abdomen made you feel dizzy. You said, "No," more forcefully, now that you were able to speak, followed by a moan that made you feel embarrassed. "There is no pain."
"Good." Haechan said, removing his hand.
When blindfolded, you had to use your imagination. You pictured his naughty smile, the way his attention would either be on the way your naked body just existed, or the next bout of pleasure. He was handsome. You didn't need to see him to know that. He would be both confident in his face and his ability to make you come.
A faint buzzing sound made you cock your head to the side. By the way the sound came in waves from left to right, you could tell Haechan was teasing you with the toy. He came closer, the scent of him growing stronger. You inhaled, breathing him in like a drug. Very lightly, his hand lifted your breast up, and you felt a vibration on your nipple. Not intense, but just enough to make your body ache for more.
"Do you like that?" he asked, his lips close to your ear. "Do you want more?"
He took your other breast and did the same thing, moving it in wider circles. He let the toy clear a path down your stomach, past your pussy, and to your thighs. He went everywhere with that toy, warming you up for the main event.
Haechan was never really that cruel. Though he did like to play too much, he did want you to feel good. He let your pussy have all the fun momentarily, moving the toy across your labia, to your clit, and even pushing the little thing inside of you. His tongue swiped your clit so quickly and with such great pressure, that your knees nearly gave out.
"Steady." he said, chuckling to himself.
He helped you get yourself stable, using his body to push you up. He pulled the toy out of your hole and brought it to your lips so that you could taste yourself.
"Do you want to look at me now?" he asked, grabbing your chin. He kissed you, the taste of your pussy mixing with the sweetness of cherry. "Or do you want to have a little more fun?"
A louder vibrating sound was followed by a hard click. Your mouth opened wide. You knew exactly which toy Haechan held in his hands, what the bulbous tip of it looked like. Your body remembered it, too, judging by the involuntary shudder of pleasure it made.
"Do you like this toy better than my dick?" he asked, pressing the wand to your clit.
"No," you said. ""
He yanked it away. You tried imagining him gazing at the giant vibrating wand, jealousy in his eyes, and his heart-shaped mouth pursed in disgust. He placed it so coolly back on your clit that you stopped thinking entirely.
"I think you do like it better than me," he said. "Look at the way you shake. You can hardly keep still."
You tried to keep still for him, but it felt too good. Even with the slight discomfort of the toy overstimulating you, it felt amazing. You did everything in your power not to push you pussy against it, and not to reel your body back to give your clit a break.
Haechan switched the toy off and placed it down somewhere. You heard him shuffling around. "I don't believe you. You could show me, baby, you could shake for me." he said, his breath on your pussy, and the wet tip of his tongue touching your swollen clit.
The warmth helped you moan. You let your head fall back, hurting your neck when you couldn't hold the weight up any longer. There was a sliver of light peeking through the blindfold, so you closed your eyes. You kept them closed so tightly, that you were seeing stars, as he ate you out where you stood, the satisfied noises escaping his mouth, as if he were enjoying his last meal. His hands held your ass to keep you in place, even though your entire body shook way too much for you to ever keep still.
"You taste so nice." he said. He let his tongue part your lips before closing his mouth over you.
Your arms hurt so much from having to hold yourself up. You were using so much of your upper body strength, your body clearly bone-tired. Haechan noticed and took your legs upon his shoulders. You could rest while he buried his face in your pussy, lapping up your wetness until you came.
"I could eat you all day." he said.
Your body was limp when he finally removed you from his shoulders and set you down. He stood up and removed the ropes from your soft cuffs, his fingertips lightly grazing your wrists to make sure they were okay. He kissed your arms and held you in place, his hand patting your hair.
"Are you ready to tap out yet?" he asked. "You look tired, baby."
"I'm not tired." you said.
"You still want to play?" he asked, rubbing your back.
"I want you."
You forgot that wanting Haechan made him want to give you the very opposite. You heard the sound of the heavy duty vibrator clicking on briefly. Your body jolted, both ready for the overstimulation and not ready. He turned it off.
"Maybe not that again," he said. "Maybe something else...maybe something better?"
You heard him pat the leather table he had set up, the soft, black cushions springing back from his touch. You had done despicable things on that table, things that made you smile when you remembered.
"Lay." he ordered.
You had to find your own way to the table, feeling for it and hoisting yourself up on it. Your naked, sweaty body stuck to it, but you managed to lay on it just fine. The table was set up so you were easily fuckable, your legs parted and your feet on wooden rests. You were at the right height to be railed by Haechan, too.
"You're unbelievably wet," Haechan said, inserting a finger inside of you. "I know that will feel good."
"So try me." you said, holding onto the sides of the table.
You imagined how it would feel to have him inside of you, finally, your cum covering his cock when he pulled back out. There was no way you wouldn't come again. Your whole body was ready for it, desperate for it.
"Baby, I have a better idea." he said, sounding like the evil genius you knew him to be. "You know how we've agreed on letting someone else come play with us?"
"Yes, I do."
He continued, "Well, I brought someone in, and he's been sitting in the corner the whole time, watching us. Do you want to say hello to him?"
You could feel a hotness spreading all over your body. The thought of someone- someone you didn't know- watching you turned you on. He could see you, see how your body wiggled around in anticipation of any cock. He could see how easy it was to make you come, and he would, hopefully, rise to the challenge to make it happen again.
"Who is it?" you asked, thinking of all the possibilities. Haechan had a lot of friends, and all of his friends were attractive.
You had learned to discern his mood from his breathing pattern. He was amused, easily matching your excitement. "You find him very cute," Haechan said. "He's shy, a little nervous, but..." When Haechan lowered his voice, it was clear that he meant for the mystery man to hear him, "...he's already hard. I think he wants you more than I do. His name is-"
"- Jisung." you and Haechan said at the same time.
Haechan's hands were on your wrists. He pulled them up by the chain on the soft cuffs and confined you to the table. You weren't expecting him to kiss you upside down, so when you felt his lips, you quivered.
"Give me your cock." you said to Haechan.
"Aren't you being too greedy? This isn't even about me." he said. But he let his hard cock hover over your face. You felt it touch your lips, so you wrapped your tongue around him before he pulled it away.
"Unfair." you said.
"Jisung," Haechan said. "She's all yours."
You imagined Jisung very timidly lurching his big body forward, his eyes avoiding Haechan watching him at the head of the table. You could feel the rush of air his body made. You could feel how tense it was in the room. Jisung's clammy fingers touched the inside of your thigh, grabbing onto you as he stepped up to the plate. There was a sharp inhale of breath from him and the slap of his hand on his cock.
"Can I take the blindfold off?" you asked. "I want to see him."
"No." Haechan said. You angled your head up to where you thought Haechan was. Again, Haechan said, "No, it's more fun this way."
Of course, Haechan was right. Not being able to see what Jisung was doing made it more thrilling. You could smell him, his scent intense like he had bathed in a vat of cologne. The thought of him trying to impress you turned you on. You wanted him badly. You could still hear him jerking off, perhaps a little too nervously. He shuffled little by little, only needing a nudge of encouragement.
"Fuck me." you said.
The tip of Jisung's cock touched you, and you reacted how you had when Haechan first touched the little vibrator to your clit. You waited patiently for Jisung to push himself inside of you and, when he did, he made your whole body move upwards towards Haechan.
"How does he feel?" Haechan asked. "Tell him."
"He feels good." you said. "I like it. I want more."
The sensation wasn't too alike the sensation of having Haechan inside of you. Jisung's cock was more filling, but the slowing of his pace took you out of the moment. You were quiet, only breathing heavily. You tried feeling every inch of him as he thrusted. The first time you moaned, Jisung's confidence soared and he began to fuck you faster. When he believed you were enjoying it, he became a different man.
Haechan's hands were fondling your breasts. His lips found your ear again, his breath making the inside of them wet. "He's working up a sweat, our Jisung."
Jisung moaned, the deepness of his voice shaking you to your core. You could feel Haechan go rigid from paying close attention. Your hands felt for his hair and pulled, the soft cuffs rattling their chain. Haechan laughed maniacally, any jealousy probably evaporating. You wished you could see the way Haechan looked at Jisung. You wanted him to be green with envy.
You really couldn't last long. You orgasmed from the penetration only, from the way Jisung drilled his cock inside of you. You orgasmed a second time shortly after, tightening your walls around his cock. You were able to feel Jisung getting ready to come, even though you couldn't see him. You were a seasoned professional.
"He's so close." you said.
You were being jerked upwards so violently, your breasts bouncing wildly. The grip Jisung's hand on your thighs was causing you pain, but you loved the way it made you feel.
"Come on, Jisung," you moaned. You made your voice sweeter and added, "Come on, baby, don't fight it. Come for me."
Jisung came after a short grunt. You felt him trying to pull out but deciding not to, at the last minute. You imagined Jisung and Haechan watching Jisung's cock empty, filling you up to the brim, his cum so plentiful that it would drip out of you.
"Holy shit," you said. "That was so fucking good."
Haechan removed the blindfold. You closed your eyes because the bright lights hurt. When you opened them, Haechan was above you. He was smirking. The light around his head was making him look like he had a halo. You knew better.
"Can we do that with all your friends?" you asked, the question slipping out before you could think twice about it.
"Sure." Haechan said. He looked up, presumably to look at Jisung. "One down. Five more to go."
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neotan-astrology · 2 days ago
Can you do pros and cons on dating NCT? thank you so much
this is only based on their venus signs
Taeil - Cancer Venus
so caring
will make sure their partner knows they are loved
extremely protective
good listeners
give homely vibes so people feel safe with them
can be dramatic
can be jealous
sometimes need too much security in relationship
fear of heartbreak so cling to relationships
Johnny, Jungwoo - Capricorn Venus
Loyal and are 100 per cent committed
Very dependable
Shows love through gestures
Will always try to the better for their partner
Extremely cautious in love
Hard to read
Not demonstrative
High expectations from their partner
Can be materialistic
Taeyong, Haechan - Gemini Venus
Exciting and fun relationship
Will keep their partners on their tip toes so everyday would be a new surprise
Open minded and adjusting
Values learning from their partner in a relationship and just explore new things so the can grow together
Good with compliments and naturally flirty
Hard to ground
Can get easily bored in relationships and fall out of love
Feelings can be superficial 
Inconsistent with affection
Require their own space
Yuta, Yangyang, Chenle - Scorpio Venus
Take time to actually know and understand their partner
Values emotional bonds
Gives their partner space to freely express themselves
Physically affectionate
Cherishes their partner a lot
Can be possessive
Trust issues
Get hurt easily
Hold a grudge
Kun, Jaehyun, Jisung - Aquarius Venus
Open minded
Looks for friendships in relationships
Very giving in love
Sometimes too detached
Emotionally unavailable
Do not like confrontations so will leave the issue just hanging there
Sometimes too much a need to not conform to people around them
Doyoung, Renjun - Pisces Venus
Very romantic
Shows love through personal gestures
Kind and very gentle in love
Believes in unconditional love
Can be smothering
Delusional in love
High expectations from love and relationships
Can be clingy
Ten, Jeno - Aries Venus
Flirty and very playful
Loves giving surprises 
Takes initiative
Honest and expressive with their feelings
Passionate and always looking for ways to keep the spark in the relationship
Loses interest easily
Demand a lot attention from their partner
Can be jealous
Can be pushy
Winwin, Shotaro - Sagittarius Venus
Open minded
Just open to any kind of new experience
Optimistic and big hearted
Doesn’t really keep expectations from their partner so not demanding 
Love communicating and sharing things with their partner
Doesn't actually like dealing with the part where things get serious in relationships
Prefers to keep things casual
Find it hard to express feelings
Prone to distancing themselves from people
Always looking for some kind of adventure so can get bored easily
Mark, Xiaojun, Jaemin - Virgo Venus
Loyal and reliable
show love through acts of service
extremely helpful
just tries to do stuff that would make the life of their partner easier
really pays attention to details and will remember the smallest thing about their partner
not very romantic in the traditional sense
cautious in love
high standards in love
can criticize their partner (even though its in good faith)
Hendery, Sungchan - Leo Venus
very affectionate, like to show off their love to the world
make their partner feel extremely special
generous, love to gift things
attention seekers
high expectations
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b99kie · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like or rb if you use 🗯️
all headers made by me credit if you use
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