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jinniebit · 2 days ago
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⭒ Jinniebit 1k Celebrɑtion ⭒
⤏ MY favorite Bang Chan looks for @bangzchan
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250318 · 16 hours ago
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I.N / 220528
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huiracha · 2 days ago
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(201218) hard carry ♡ hyunjin
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yunaevis · 2 days ago
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ppiri-bahng · 2 days ago
💭chan thoughts…
Wolf chan taking over chan’s bubble got me thinking but Chan definitely gives me the vibes that even if he was upset with you he would still find some way to make sure you are alright without directly “talking” to you. He’d use wolf chan as a way to make you smile, making sure you were taking care of yourself even though he’s still pouty with you. He’d talk to you through his members too. You’d get texts or calls from them to see if you were alright or if you needed anything.
“Y/n you better be taking care of yourself,” Minho would greet as soon as you picked up the phone.
You’d hear a whiny muffled chan in the background scolding him, “Minho that not what I told you to say.”
You’d in turn ask both ‘wolf chan’ and his members to watch after chan, to make sure that he’s taking care of himself and eating plenty.
It’s at your heartfelt texts that he realizes how much he misses you and that pouting at you and not talking it out only wastes time he could be spending with you.
channie <3
i’m coming over i miss you
who’s coming over?? wolf chan or chan?
channie <3
your boyfriend chan! wolf chan doesn’t need your cuddles
hmm…i think he deserves them for keeping me company these past few days while my bf was avoiding me 🤔
channie <3
but i want to make it up to you 🥺 but if you would prefer wolf chan…
i’m just kidding…you better give me lots of kisses too though I’ve been deprived of those pretty lips 😤
channie <3
😳 ofc baby anything for you~
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incorrectskzquotes · 2 days ago
Seungmin: Your existence is confusing.
Changbin: How so?
Seungmin: Your presence is annoying, but the thought of anything bad happening to you upsets me.
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ortali · 2 days ago
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random hyunjin skz-talker gifs
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jjsungie · 2 days ago
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seo-changbinnies · a day ago
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gifs of my sunshine (84/∞)
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followmylane · a day ago
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“It’s delicious...”
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hoeranghaee · 2 days ago
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fiery minho 🔥
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seungknow · 2 days ago
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lee know / 220514
bonus: woojuho !!
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dreamescapeswriting · 2 days ago
Stray Kids Reaction || You Ask Him Out First [Request]
Tumblr media
⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - May 2022
It wasn't as though you were upset that Chan hadn't asked you out but you were getting impatient. The two of you had been on a few dates now and you had been expecting him to ask you while you were out on them but it always ended with a kiss and a hug and that was it. 
"Chan..." You asked as you stared down at the food in front of you, the two of you were in his studio eating since you knew he was going to stay up all night. 
"Yeah?" His eyes didn't move away from his screen as he worked on some composing he was doing,
"Can I ask you something?" You suddenly didn't feel the urge to eat and you poked your food around with your chopsticks, you were so nervous about this.
"You just did." You kicked his chair softly and he groaned turning to look at you, 
"What's up?" As soon as he looked at you, you knew you just had to ask him right away.
"Will you be my boyfriend?" He blinked a couple of times and your heart dropped, you couldn't believe you'd even asked him and been met with silence. 
"Forgot I said anything," You mumbled trying to get up but he put his hand out to stop you.
"No! No, I-I was....I was just-" He suttered as he began turning a bright red colour.
"Surprised, I-I've been trying to come up with ways to ask you for a while..."
"You have? I thought you didn't want to and thats why you didn't..." You admitted as he smiled a little at you, 
"No...I wanted to. I've wanted to since our first date but i didn't know if it would be too soon or if maybe you didn't want to-" You cut him off by placing a short and sweet kiss onto his lips.
"I do."
Tumblr media
This was all Hyunjin's fault, he was to blame for putting this whole idea into your head. 
"I'm going to head out..." You whispered as you placed some money for your meal onto the table and looked over your shoulder. Minho had taken you out on a date and you'd ruined it by asking him to be your boyfriend. Hyunjin had convinced you that you should take charge and ask the question first and now you felt stupid. 
"Wait," Minho begged as he placed his hand on top of yours and rubbed your skin softly,
"No...It's okay, I should have realised you wanted to see other people. I'm sorry."
"Yn. I don't. I don't want to see anyone other than you." He told you as you looked back at him, when you asked him out he was silent. He looked at you as though you were insane for asking him the question, 
"I'd been planning on asking you out tonight...I was going to take you home and ask." He admitted shyly, it wasn't like Minho to get shy and you could feel yourself heating up a little.
"O-Oh...Oh," You giggled a little leaning across and kissing him softly,
"W-Well...I say yes then," You laughed as he kissed you again,
"Me too," He whispered before kissing you once again, ignoring the looks you were getting from those around you.
Tumblr media
The second you had asked the question Changbin began to pout at you, his eyes turning into huge puppy-dog eyes and he let out a small whine. 
"What?" You laughed a little, running your fingers through his hair as he looked quite upset,
"I was supposed to ask,"
"You were taking too long." You joked, leaning down and kissing his pouting lips.
"A little...Do it again." He urged with a giant grin on his face, you laughed softly leaning down and kissing him again.
"We have to make a deal." He told you in a serious tone, pulling back and staring at you so you knew he was being serious about it now,
"Which is?"
"I get to ask you to marry me when the time comes." You laughed a little and nodded, locking your pinky with his to confirm that he could do that.
Tumblr media
"Did the boys put you up to this?" Hyunjin quizzed as he looked at you from across the room, you'd been baking all morning and you invited him over to spend some time with you. When he noticed the shape of the cookies and the colour of the cakes - pink, 
"Put me up to what?" You quizzed, putting the plate of cookies in front of him. The cookies were all shaped like hearts and all of the cupcakes were pink which could only mean one thing. 
"They knew I was going to do it but I wanted to wait. Now they're going to tease me for it." He whispered as he looked at you,
"Hyunjin...The boys haven't spoken to me. I was just going to ask you out," His mouth formed an "O" shape as he laughed a little at himself. 
"S-So they didn't tell you to do this just to tease me?"
"No. I did this because I wanted to take charge...S-So can I get an answer?" He looked at you and smirked, dragging you to sit down on his lap as he lifted a cookie to your lips. 
"I would love to be your boyfriend," You smirked and swallowed some of the cookie.
"For the record, I was going to ask. I just wanted to do it in a cool way," You hummed sarcastically at him, nodding as you pretended to believe him as he let out a small laugh.
Tumblr media
The boys had all left for the night and Jisung thought it was weird that they'd all gone out for the night but as soon as he headed inside he knew why. The whole place was covered in candles and flowers as you looked over at him,
"I wanted this to be romantic." You admitted as he slowly walked in, dropping his bag onto the ground. 
"What's all this for?" He quizzed slowly making his way over to you and sitting beside you on the ground.
"I want to ask you something," You giggled a little as you looked at him. Everyone knew that Jisung was a huge romantic lover and you wanted to do this in a way you would both remember,
"G-Go for it," He blushed, pressing a kiss to your forehead. The two of you had been dating for a while now and you were finally ready to pop the question,
"Will you, Han Jisung, be my wonderful boyfriend?" A giant smile took over his face as he nodded, holding your face in his hands. 
"Yes!" He yelled out, kissing you deeply as you kissed him back, wrapping your arms around the back of his neck,
Tumblr media
"Will you be my boyfriend?" The words flew out of your mouth before you had a chance to process what you were saying to him and Felix blushed when he caught your eyes. The whole reason he hadn’t asked you yet was because he was afraid to chase you away or having it be too soon.
"Ask again, I wasn't listening." He smirked as you threw a pillow in his direction. The two of you were sitting in his room and he'd just beaten a boss battle you had been stuck on for the last hour. Of course, that wasn't the only reason you had asked him out.
"Lixie," You groaned as he smirked at you, 
"Please...I wanna hear it again." You looked at him and pouted, asking him once again while he smirked the entire time. 
"I'd love to be your boyfriend," He said smugly, dragging you over to him so he could kiss you deeply.
Tumblr media
Seungmin frowned when he walked into his room to see you sitting on the bed. The room was dark except for a couple of candles and his bedside lamp. Tonight wasn't your night to stay at his place, he'd been planning to go to yours once he grabbed his stuff.
"Babe?" He questioned, sitting beside you as you smiled at him. You'd been trying to come up with a way to ask him out that wouldn't seem silly or childish but this was important to you. Your relationship was important and this question was something you had been expecting him to ask for a while.
"Seungmin...I-I want to-"
"Are you breaking up with me?" Your voice caught in your throat as he cut you off mid-sentence and you whined a little. Break up? How could you break up with someone when neither of you had asked one another out yet. The two of you had been on a few dates and you thought it was about time you asked him.
"What? Break up?" You shook your head, not understanding what Seungmin was talking about.
"Breaking up with me...Is that what you're trying to do?" His eyes were tearing up as he stared at you, he hadn't done anything wrong. He'd been trying to see you as much as he could despite his busy schedule and he'd even asked Chan for dating tips.
"How can I break up with you when I haven't even asked you to be my boyfriend yet?" Both of you stared at each other in silence and Seungmin let out a small laugh,
"What?" You whined a little, shaking his arm as he shook his head at you. 
"Seungmin...I-I was trying to ask you to be my boyfriend."
"I thought we were already at that stage...I thought I was your boyfriend." You felt your body heating up as you stared at one another, both of you letting out small breathy laughs as you whined. 
Once you calmed down a little you looked to him,
"Will you, though? Be my boyfriend..."
"You didn't even have to ask. I'm all yours, always have been." He smiled as he cupped your face in his hands and kissed you sweetly. 
Tumblr media
Jeongin was smirking at you as you laid with your head on his chest, your fingers drawing small patterns on his shirt as he relaxed with you. This was the idea of the perfect Sunday for him, spending it curled up with you at the dorms, 
"Innie, be my boyfriend." He looked at you and let out a small laugh, he would have been the one to ask you but he was always taking the safer road with you both. He didn't want to ask too soon,
"Of course," He whispered, his eyes lighting up as he locked eyes with you.
"Oh...It wasn't a question. I wasn't giving you a chance to say no." You smirked a time, leaning up and kissing him softly as he let out a small laugh. 
"Oh? So if I said no," You whined at him, you knew he was kidding but you pouted at him.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs @sw33tnight @taestannie @acciocriativity @mwitsmejk @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ @lolalee24​ @yubinism​ @etherealinowrites​ @aerastus​ @kimahnjung98​ @halesandy​
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ballelino · 18 hours ago
experienced ♡ taste
Tumblr media
Thinking it’s something intimate and personal and special would only take him down a road he should steer clear from, one that could lead to him getting his heart crushed if he falls too hard and too fast.
Tumblr media
↳ pairing: hyunjin x reader ↳ word count: 9.4k ↳ genre: smut, some? angst, f2l, slight sub/dom dynamics, kind of a slow burn ↳ warnings: minors dni! smut [handjob, oral (f. and m. receiving)], discussions about sexual intercourse, masturbation, use of sex toys, hyunjin's going through it yet again ↳ masterlist ♡ series masterpost ♡ updates ♡ read on AO3
Tumblr media
if you want to support my writing, you can buy me a coffee here and let me know what you think about it here. thank you! ♡
You don’t end up staying that night, but Hyunjin doesn’t worry about it—you say you don’t like staying over anywhere without an overnight bag, which is understandable.
Hyunjin doesn’t worry when you tell him you won’t make it to your date next Friday either, the date he’s been looking forward to all week. Why should he worry? After all, you’re busy with work, and he of all people should understand what that’s like. The week’s been long and hard, and you just don’t have the energy to spend time with Hyunjin. He’d love it if you did, but it’s not his call. 
He doesn’t even need you two to do anything except exist in each other’s proximity, hang out, be next to each other, but that’s hard to explain over text, and it might come off as pushy, so he just tells you to get a lot of rest. Maybe someday you'll reach that stage where he’ll be comfortable with telling you he just wants to be around you.
You two didn’t make plans for that weekend—Hyunjin had work on Saturday morning, and you were going out with friends and spending Sunday with family, which sadly meant he’d probably have to wait another week before seeing you. Hyunjin doesn’t like being clingy or even feeling that way, but he can't help but resent the fact he has to go a whole week before seeing you, touching you, hearing you laugh. Now that he’s used to your kisses and touches, it’s hard to stop thinking about them. Whenever he touches himself, you’re on his mind—your words, your whispers, moans, caresses, your lips, and the way they make him feel… Hyunjin’s going crazy because of you, and you aren’t even aware of it.
And then, you text on Saturday night, asking if he’s going out too. If Hyunjin didn’t know any better, he’d think it was a booty call, but you’re both painfully aware of the fact that he’s not fucking you. Still, he is more than happy to make Changbin go out with him, just so they can end up joining you and your friends. 
Hyunjin isn’t expecting to dance half the night away with you, teaching you moves, embarrassing himself in front of people, but that’s exactly what happens when they finally join you. Your friend group is tipsy, to say the least, and you want to dance with Hyunjin, and only Hyunjin, so who is he to say no? 
Besides, all the dancing is turning him on. There is something really hot about the way you’re relaxed around him completely, eyes sparkling, laughter a bit louder than usual as you dance, rubbing your body against his, brushing your ass against his erection whenever your back’s turned to him. You’re doing it on purpose, he realizes when you look at him over your shoulder and smirk. Maybe you’ve missed him too.
When you two get back to the table, you come just in time to find Changbin leaving. “I’m way too tired after the day we had at work,” he says after hugging you and shooting a glance at Hyunjin. “Are you two coming back to our place?”
Changbin has this remarkable quality of always managing to mention something embarrassing without even realizing. Hyunjin doesn’t know if you’re coming to his, if he’s coming to yours, or if you two will say goodbye in front of the club and go home alone—he didn’t even think to ask you. 
Clearly, Changbin thinks you two are closer than you really are, and that makes Hyunjin flustered since he doesn’t know what the correct answer is. He doesn’t want to assume something and end up offending you. Then again, if he says no, does that count as rejection? That’s the last thing he wants to do.
As if you notice he’s confused, you take over and respond to Changbin. “Why are you asking?” you ask quietly, clearly unphased by the question. If Hyunjin had 1% of your cool, he’d be the most confident man alive. “Were you hoping to listen in?”
The question implies Changbin’s being nosy, so he takes a step back and lifts both palms up as a sign of surrender. Hyunjin loves how you can always shut his roommate up without offending him. “Fine, fine. Still, no one wants to hear you two going at it like bunnies.”
God, Hyunjin wishes anyone could hear you going at it because that would mean you would actually be doing it. It’s not that he’s unhappy with what you two are doing, not at all—it’s more than he ever thought he was going to get from you. Besides, Hyunjin gets worked up when you kiss him, let alone something else, so he can only hope to last if it finally happens. He’s not unhappy with anything, he just wants you all for himself.
Tumblr media
Not even an hour later, when he’s lying in your bed, Hyunjin’s not hoping but praying he doesn’t blow too fast. It’s going to be hard—it already is because you’re on top of him, limbs entangled as you two kiss hungrily, like you haven’t seen each other in months. Hyunjin likes it, though. It feels good knowing you’re just as horny as he is, likes feeling you kiss him like you can’t get enough either. When your hands travel south and palm him over his boxers, he feels like he’s in heaven. Finally, he gets to feel your touch where he needs it most.
“Fuck,” you mutter into the kiss, clearly enjoying just how hard he is for you. You’ve been at it for what seems like hours now—kissing, touching, hugging. Hyunjin feels like he will come if you tug his hair one more time, and he loves the feeling. It’s been a long while since he’s experienced this type of attraction, the type that his dick twitching at the smallest touch. “Hard already?”
“Can’t help it,” Hyunjin mumbles back, not embarrassed in the slightest about the erection that just seems to grow harder under your palm. He wants you and doesn’t care if it’s obvious.
“Let’s see how long you’ll last this time,” you tease, pecking his lips before looking down.
The sight is one he’ll surely remember—you in your underwear, straddling him, pulling his boxers down, his cock finally out of the tight constraints. When you get a good look at his dick, your eyes fly up to meet his. You smirk at Hyunjin, enjoying the way he looks away from your face for a second. “Confident?”
“Not at all,” he admits, making you both laugh. It’s the truth, and there’s no point in trying to fake anything around you. You always see right through him for some reason.
“You’re in your head again, Hyunjin,” you breathe gently while leaning in to kiss him again, this time slowly. “Don’t think about when you’ll come… Just focus on the moment. If you’re close, let me know. Deal?”
“Mhm,” he hums in agreement, not sure if he’s convinced himself. He’s got this, right? It’s as easy as you say it is—he just has to let go and enjoy it, stop before he blows, and continue. It’s simple.
The second he feels your warm hand wrap around his cock, Hyunjin realizes not coming is the furthest thing from simple. He wants to be in you so bad it hurts, wants to shove his cock in your pussy and get you to ride him, wants to feel you cream around him. All these thoughts just make it more difficult for him to focus on the moment and not come. 
“Good?” you ask, undermining your efforts by a mile. 
Good? It’s fucking magical, is what he wants to say. “Perfect,” is what Hyunjin manages to mutter as he melts under your touch.
He can tell this is far from your first time, the way you know that you should glide and pull the skin as you go down, that you can squeeze wherever since it all feels good, that you should rub the underside of the tip with the back of your thumb or run it over his cockhead, spreading the traitor precum over it. 
Precum already? Embarrassing. But, Hyunjin can’t even focus on that, not when you lean in and kiss him, letting out soft moans into his mouth as your hand keeps working his dick. You're really trying to ruin him two minutes in.
All it takes is one particularly hard squeeze for Hyunjin to kick his head back and hiss, feeling like he’s about to come already. “Too much?” you ask, always so careful not to tick him off.
“Too good,” he tells you, opening his eyes to look at you. Surprisingly, you seem just as into it as he is, even though Hyunjin’s not touching you at all. Should he? “You’re so good with your fingers.”
“So are you,” you compliment him right back, biting your lip at the memory of how good his fingers felt, he hopes. At least Hyunjin’s got that going for him. He may not be a good fuck, but at least he can get you to come around his fingers, and that has to count for something. “And you’re doing good now.”
“Barely,” Hyunjin admits, swallowing the lump in his throat. He is doing his best to stay hard and not come, but you’re making it so difficult for him to think straight, let alone focus on all of that. But, the need to be good for you is a lot stronger than the one to chase his high. “It feels good.”
“Just good?” you ask, cocking your head to the side with a pout, pretending to be offended. “I should try harder then.”
With that, you push yourself off Hyunjin and sit up on his thighs, one hand continuing to stroke him while the other moves down to play with his balls. When you squeeze everything at the same time, Hyunjin feels his back arching and eyes rolling to the back of his head, the pressure in the pit of his stomach increasing.
“Ah, fuck,” he grunts again, feeling even weaker now. He’s never felt this much pleasure at the same time, not even when his cock was inside someone. A single bead of sweat rolls down from his hairline over his temple, and Hyunjin wipes it off, wondering how much longer he’ll be able to keep going. “Jesus!”
“Like that?” you ask, both eyebrows raised as you release and squeeze again, smirking to yourself when you realize what kind of an effect you have on him. “Jinnie, who knew you’d be so easy to please?”
“Easy?” Maybe he is easy to please—Hyunjin’s never really thought about it. He doesn’t ask for much, that’s for sure, mostly because he doesn’t have that much to give in return. But, you seem to be having a lot of fun.
“Just a little squeeze here, another there, and you’re already sweating,” you purr at him, giving his balls and cock a tug while you look right at his face. “You haven’t even touched me yet, and you’re already losing it.”
Hyunjin chuckles at that, knowing you’re right once again. It would be pointless to try to deny it, especially when a sheen of sweat is covering most of his body, muscles contracting and releasing under your touch. He is fucking easy to please when you’re the one doing all the pleasuring. “It’s because of you.”
“Mhm,” you hum at that, sounding content. As if you want to show him you approve of it, you lean in and spit on the tip of his cock, which makes Hyunjin grunt. So fucking close to your mouth, but not close enough. The next second, you’re spreading the warm saliva over his cockhead and tugging at it gently. “Let’s see how much you can take then…”
All of this with you is so different from anything Hyunjin’s ever tried before. He’s gone further with women, he’s stuffed mouths full of his dick before, yet what you’re doing now feels more intimate than all of those times combined. It’s because you’re watching Hyunjin with such focus, inspecting his every move, gauging his reactions to see what makes him feel good. That’s what makes him feel like it’s personal, intimate, like he’s being watched just so you can give him the best possible experience. 
In a way, he is being inspected. After all, you agreed to all of this to help him out, right? Hyunjin’s the one who went on about his sex problems, and you said you could help, which is what you’re doing now. Thinking it’s something intimate and personal and special would only take him down a road he should steer clear from, one that could lead to him getting his heart crushed if he falls too hard and too fast.
Even though all of these thoughts are plaguing his mind, his body is still enjoying the way you touch him, how you jerk him off, applying just the right amount of pressure while your eyes stay glued to his.
“Close?” you ask and stop moving your hand for a second.
Hyunjin’s not sure what made you think that—probably the amount of precum that’s dripping over your thumb or the way he’s twitching under you—but he’s not close close. He is close, but he’s not about to come. 
“Not too close,” Hyunjin stresses, hoping it makes him look better. If he can’t handle two hands, he sure as hell won’t handle your pussy right, and that’s the ultimate goal. That’s what you both want, what you’re working towards, and he’s prolonging the whole thing.
“Mhmm,” you hum, squeezing him around the very tip while tugging at his balls at the same time. “Do you like your balls played with while you fuck?”
While he fucks? That’s never happened. His sex experiences were quick, to put it mildly, so there was no time for experimenting. Since you’ve mentioned it, Hyunjin starts imagining positions, ones that would allow you to touch his balls while he fucks you, and it makes his cock twitch in your hand.
“I don’t know,” he’s quick to admit, eyes focused on your fingers around his dick, expertly moving up and down. It looks so right, his erection in your hand, fingers wrapped around it neatly. Your hands make his cock look big, so he starts wondering if it will look the same way when he gets the tip of it inside of you. Will you swallow him in one go? The thought makes him buck his hips into your hand. “Never happened.”
“I think you would,” you inform him, giving his balls another light tug. If there’s anyone whose opinions on sex Hyunjin values, it’s you, so he agrees with a nod. “If you like it now, you’d like it even more while you’re inside of me.”
That mental image makes Hyunjin buck his hips upwards, pushing his tip through the tight rim you’ve made with your fingers, making you tug at his balls hard. “How?” he asks through clenched teeth, fighting his orgasm. He can’t come right now, he just can’t, but he also has to know.
“If I was, let’s say, riding you,” you lower your voice, moaning as you apply more pressure to his dick, still moving your hand up and down, “just like this, and I reached back to touch.” With that, you tug at his balls again before squeezing and releasing rhythmically. “You’d like that, right?”
“Fuck yes,” Hyunjin, who lost focus at the ‘riding you’ part, grunts, his heels digging into the mattress to stop his body from twitching. “I’d love it.”
“I know you would…” you smirk, leaning in suddenly, making him feel even more exposed than before.
Your face is so fucking close to his crotch that he can feel your breath on his cock and balls, and he’s sure you can see everything up close. The second your mouth gets close to his erection, Hyunjin wishes he had the guts to grab you by the hair and push your head down until you took his tip in your mouth to suck. He doesn’t do it, of course. Instead, he simply watches you as you spit on the tip again and use your hand to spread it all over so your hand can slide easier.
“Fuuuck!” Hyunjin whines, kicking his head back. You’re doing this on purpose to drive him wild, he can tell. 
He’s so into someone spitting on his dick, treating it like a toy, acting like they’re just using him for his cock, even though he’s never had someone do it—not until tonight, at least. Well, clearly, since his dick is crap. But, you play into all his little fantasies without even realizing, and all Hyunjin can do is reward you with soft groans instead as your hand continues to pleasure him.
“Or if you’re fucking me from behind,” you suggest again, eyes locking with his—Hyunjin just has to see the look on your face after you plant that image in his brain. He’d fuck you so hard that way, if he could. He’d hold onto your hips and just smack his own into you, not stopping for a second until you’d ask him to, basking in your moans. “If my face was on the bed, I could definitely reach them… Would you like that?”
Hyunjin scoffs in response since the answer’s more than obvious, but he can’t say a thing for a while, not when your hand is making the loveliest wet sounds as it moves across his spit-covered cock. He’s throbbing at this point, dying to come, and it hasn’t been that long at all. “Fuck yeah…”
“Or maybe you’d just fuck me so good I wouldn’t be able to think straight, let alone touch you.” This time, your tone is teasing, and your raised eyebrow tells Hyunjin you’re messing with him. Obviously, he is no fucking position to fuck you and ruin you like he wants to. He can think about it all he wants, but just your hand and some spit is enough for him to almost come.
“Close, close, close,” he warns you with hisses, face scrunching when you move your hand away, denying him this simple pleasure. He’s disappointed for a second, letting out a loud groan.
But, he understands why you did it—Hyunjin just has to get better at this. He has to be around you more, has to endure the teasing and touching so he can get familiar with the feeling. That way, he won’t fill you up the second he puts his dick in, which doesn’t sound like the perfect scenario for you or him. 
When he was younger, maybe, and just maybe, he wouldn’t have cared about his partner. Now, though? That’s all he cares about. Hyunjin knows he’s disappointed the two women he’s slept with, and there’s just no way he is going to let himself disappoint you too. 
It would just be too big of an embarrassment to go through, especially since he’d have to keep seeing you around and get reminded of what a fuck up he is. Besides, he’s not sure what he’d do with all these feelings for you in that case.
“Already?” you speak softly this time, and it shakes him from his embarrassing thoughts. 
“You’re killing me tonight,” Hyunjin grunts and closes his eyes for a second because even your face turns him on. You have such charisma that he’s drawn to you even when you’re fully dressed and not acting provocatively. Now, it’s all made ten times worse since you’re half-naked with fingers wrapped around the base of his cock.
“That horny?” 
Hyunjin doesn’t even have to see you to know you’re smiling, he can hear it in your voice. It’s all a big joke to you, of course, since nobody cares if you come too fast. In fact, there’s no too fast when it comes to women. You could come a minute in, and Hyunjin would be thrilled, especially because he’d get to keep fucking you. In his case, he’d have to stop for a while and get hard again before he can go on, which means the fun would be ruined. 
“Have you seen yourself?” he asks you, making a point out of staring at your half-naked body, taking every inch of it in. “Everyone would have a hard time.”
“I guess,” you giggle, letting go of his balls and dick, hands flying back to unclasp your bra, “but it will be even worse when you’re inside me, Jinnie… Better get used to it now.”
Hyunjin can just stare in awe as you do that, wondering if he’ll ever get to stay calm when you get undressed around him. Shouldn’t he be used to your presence by now? You’re dating, you’re not just some random girl he’s met. Hyunjin should find some comfort in that, but he practically drools when your hands fly up to your tits and you push them together, squeezing, making him wish he could look at you all the time. 
“I promised you something last time, right?” Your tone is teasing, which instantly brings back your promise to his mind. And what a promise it was! Hyunjin’s thought about it at least 20 times since then, getting himself off to the thought of you stuffing your pretty cunt full of a toy while he watches. He came hard every time he imagined it, hoping you’d make good on your promise someday.
“You said I could watch?” Hyunjin questions, even though he knows that’s it. He sounds insecure only because he’s not sure if you’re actually going to put on a show for him and let him watch you get off. 
It’s one of his favorite fantasies, watching you get off, face scrunching in pleasure as you make yourself come, preferably moaning his name. His fantasies are clearly unrealistic, but that’s what makes them great.
“Hm…” you hum and sit down on his thighs again, hands now resting on Hyunjin’s stomach. “Which toy do you want?”
Hyunjin gulps loudly, white noise filling his ears. He gets to pick the toy? Wow. He’s speechless for a couple of seconds, trying to come up with a good idea. Maybe you’re one of the girls that have a suction dildo. He could ask you to put it on the floor and fuck yourself against it. 
Seeing that would make it so much easier for him to imagine you riding him like that, jumping up and down the toy, tits bouncing with every move… But, if he’s good enough and practices well, you’ll let him have you, so he should think of something else.
Hyunjin speaks after a while, a bit embarrassed about his own idea. “Do you have something for your ass?”
You seem taken aback for the first time in a long time around him, your head moving to the side as your eyes inspect him, narrowing into slits. “Oh, so that’s what you’re into.”
Is it? Maybe. He’s into you and everything about you. But he has a good reason for wanting this, one you might not really understand. 
“You’ve said you haven’t tried it before so…” Hyunjin lets his voice trail off, hoping you’ll get it without him having to go into detail. It’s not about him being into ass-related sex stuff—it’s about it being new territory for you too. It’s a leveling-the-field type of situation. You both get to be beginners in this scenario. “So… That’s why.”
You nod slowly, fingers tapping against his stomach as you process this information. “And you like thinking you’re the first?” 
“Yes,” Hyunjin admits, even though he’s not sure why he even feels that way. He doesn't care about being the first, he knows he never is, and it doesn’t even matter who’s first. What does being the first even mean? It’s all bullshit. 
With you, though? He has this primal urge to be your first and only, for you to not want anyone but him, for you to want him carnally, overwhelmingly, as he does you. It’s stupid and childish, but Hyunjin can’t help it.
You shrug and breathe out, “Well you’re definitely the first one I’m doing this with.”
Hyunjin’s sure it was somehow meant to be a compliment, but it hurts nonetheless, which is evident by his frown. Out of all the guys you’ve had sex with, he’s the only one you had to give this special treatment to, the only one you had to train before letting him fuck you, the only one pathetic enough to ruin every sexual experience he’s had. This realization instantly brings his mood down, and Hyunjin isn't someone who can hide his feelings—they are visible on his face.
You clearly take notice of the shift in his mood because you quickly add, “I mean, having this much fun with, and we haven’t touched each other properly yet.” 
“You mean that?” Hyunjin hates himself for how hopeful he sounds as he asks that, but he really needs to hear something nice now, something that will make him feel like a bit less of a loser. He’s not a loser—he has you on his thighs, half-naked, smiling at him. Still, he feels like one.
“Yeah, don’t you?” There’s no teasing in your voice, there’s nothing that lets Hyunjin know you’re messing with him, so he takes it as the truth. You have no reason to lie to him.
“I really do.” And Hyunjin means it. Like you said, he’s never had this much fun with someone he’s just starting to get to know sexually. 
Hyunjin can’t remember the last time he’s fixated on someone this much, thought about them all the time, jerked off solely to them—not just their body, but their face, their scent, the sound of their voice, even the way they kiss. It’s all you. It also means he’s probably completely fucked now, but the doesn’t want to think about that.
“Good, Jinnie,” you say soothingly and pat his sides again. “Relax.” 
Since all he does is nod, you place your elbows on the mattress and lower your chest until it’s pressed against his, mouth finding his quickly. Contrary to what Hyunjin expects, you don’t kiss him hungrily. Instead, you’re taking your time just kissing, no tongue, no moaning, no groping—just your lips and his, gentle with each other. 
“I could kiss you for hours,” you admit, your lips still right next to his, grazing as you speak. They’re so soft and wet and he wishes you’d kiss him all the time.
“Same,” he says, sounding like a fool, but what’s there to say? He’s obsessed with the way you kiss and taste. You’re way too good for a guy like him, Hyunjin realizes. You’re always doing your best to calm him down and get him to relax, and he’s the one who should be doing that to you, as the man in this relationship of sorts. He’s not delusional enough to think of you as his girlfriend—not yet, at least. Maybe not ever. “You’re perfect.”
“You’re only saying that because you want to see me put stuff in my butt,” you joke, successfully dispersing whatever tension was left in the room as both of you chuckle. Hyunjin’s hands fly to your sides and start moving up and down gently, enjoying the way your body goes stiff at his touch.
“I know you’re joking, but it’s not true,” he informs you as you look down at him with a smile. “We can skip that part.”
You hum teasingly, raising your eyebrow at him. “What do you propose instead?”
It’s all a game, one where you both win, where you both get what you want, and go home happy. Well, Hyunjin goes home happy but then makes himself sad by overthinking and worrying about the future, wondering how he’ll do if he ever gets to sleep with you, wondering if all of this is going to end once you two finally fuck.
“Can I touch you?” Hyunjin feels encouraged by the way your hand is caressing his cheek, mouth an inch away from his. You don’t seem shocked or disgusted by his suggestion, like he feared.
You’re quick to respond, as always. You don’t overthink your words, don’t fear saying the wrong thing, and it’s something Hyunjin really envies about you. “Only if you won’t come.” 
“I won’t, I promise,” Hyunjin says, even though he’s not completely sure he’ll make it. Still, if he focuses solely on your pleasure, he’ll probably be able to put it off. He leans in and kisses you, hands still rubbing your sides, enjoying your warmth.
“Then go for it,” you whisper, letting out a small chuckle before you move in again and suck his bottom lip into your mouth, running your tongue across it. 
You aren’t expecting it, but Hyunjin pushes himself up in a sitting position, his hands wrapped around you as he leans in and kisses your neck, sucking the skin in before licking it, which gets you to moan and kick your head back to give him better access. How did he ever get this lucky, having you sit in his lap wearing just a pair of skimpy underwear, letting him touch you?
Slowly but surely, Hyunjin kisses his way to your tits, taking one of your nipples in his mouth while his thumb plays with the other. The sounds you make when he does that tell Hyunjin you’re sensitive there, which is information he loves knowing. The image of getting to eat you out and pinching your nipples while he does it suddenly enters his mind and refuses to leave it.
“Ah, Hyunjin…” you moan, hands tangled in his hair, tugging at it as he sucks your flesh into his mouth, fighting the urge to bite on it. It would probably hurt you, but he wants to bite and then lick the skin, get you all wet and ready for him. 
His hands caress your back gently while he alternates between one and the other breast, sucking, licking, teasing. Hyunjin could stay there for hours, never getting enough of you. Just hearing you moan for him is enough to make him want to go on forever. But, he’s not there to just kiss your tits, so he reaches for your ass and squeezes while his lips kiss their way to your mouth.
“Can I eat you out?” Hyunjin asks you in the form of a whisper, too afraid to say it out loud in case you turn him down.
You don’t, of course. “Yes, please,” you say instead, leaning in to peck his nose. How you can be so sweet in the middle of this is astonishing, but Hyunjin realizes he should just get used to it, even if it makes his heart flutter. 
In one swift motion, he rolls you over, using his knee as support as he lays you down on your back and hooks his fingers under the hem of your panties, pulling them down quickly, which leaves you completely naked, for his eyes only. 
“Fuck, that was hot,” you tell him with a giggle, propping yourself up on both elbows and spreading your legs, feet planted on the mattress firmly. What a fucking sight! Hyunjin realizes he’d have no problem dying with his mouth between your legs and is unable to stop staring, even though your words are interesting.
One thing that he really loves about you is how confident you are—in your thoughts and opinions, in your personality, in your body. Hyunjin’s never caught you in a moment of weakness or doubt, and he appreciates that a lot, mostly because this whole sex thing has made him the most insecure man alive at this point. He loves knowing you’re not going through the same thing and that you’re proud of your body, as you should be.
“What was hot?” he asks, getting himself to look up at your face before he throws himself down on his stomach, grabs your outer ,and pulls you down until his face is hovering over your pussy. You’re so wet he can see it, and Hyunjin loves knowing it’s all because of him. 
“How strong you are,” you explain, clearly referring to the way he got you from his lap to the bed in two seconds. Hyunjin’s acting like he’s in heat, which is why he wanted to get you on the bed ASAP and dig in—his cock is just so hard, and all he wants to do is pleasure you. “I have a thing for that.”
You always admit these things so matter-of-factly, like you don’t know you get Hyunjin all riled up with them. What do you have a thing for exactly—someone manhandling you? He’d love to do that, if you wanted it. Hyunjin’s fantasies are filled with scenes of him pinning you down, holding your hands above your head while he thrusts up into you and, hopefully, pumps you full of cum. It’s just the idea of someone as dominant as you letting him control you that gets Hyunjin going. 
He doesn’t even know if that’s your preference in bed. Maybe you let men order you around, do as they please with you, but not with Hyunjin, mostly because it’s you teaching him stuff, and not the other way around. Still, this fantasy of getting to pin you down and fuck you makes his cock leak precum again, even though you’d probably have the upper hand in that situation as well. Hyunjin realizes he could physically dominate you, but never mentally, never sexually.
“You shouldn’t have told me that,” Hyunjin mutters at you before his hands land on your thighs and he spreads them even more, now face to face with your pussy. This is all about pleasuring you, but if you wanted him to be a bit more rough, he could. The groan you make when he pushes your thighs into the bed tells Hyunjin he’s made the right call.
“If it’s going to make you act like this, then yes, I should have,” you say, clearly amused by the scene in front of you.
Hyunjin’s amused, too—he can’t stop staring at your cunt. He uses his fingers to spread your folds, leaning in to give you a lick from your entrance up to your clit, unsure of whether he enjoys the smell or the taste more. The first taste just makes him want to dive in.
You’re just as reactive as he thought you’d be. Hyunjin gets his confirmation when you hiss and try to buck your hips into his face. “Mhmm, fuck!” Even that’s enough for Hyunjin to latch onto your clit and start sucking on it gently, eyes focused on yours.
Watching someone in the eyes while you give them head is suddenly his favorite thing as he just can’t get himself to stop watching you. You’re staring right back, mouth slightly open, and he knows the sight must be nice for you too—thighs spread wide, Hyunjin between them, his mouth sucking on your clit. He hums against it, knowing very well it will send vibrations against your bud, causing them to spread over your body, which they do.
“I’m starting to think you don’t even need my help,” you joke and try to laugh, but you interrupt yourself by moaning, unable to contain it, not when Hyunjin starts licking your clit with a flattened tongue. 
He’s good with that too, and he knows it. If he can’t fuck you right—at least not without a ton of practice—Hyunjin can at least get you to come with his fingers and tongue, which he fully intends on doing. You’re going to come for him tonight, even if it takes him hours, which it won’t. 
“I just need you to come for me,” he admits without any shame. He can’t be ashamed when you’re fully naked and letting him play with your pussy, his hands holding onto your thighs, fingers dipping into your flesh. 
“You know I will…” You reach down and tuck a strand of his hair behind his ear. It’s such a simple, small gesture, but it makes his heart flutter and cock twitch. The only bad part about this position is that his cock is trapped between his body and bed, which means even the slightest movement causes friction around its head. If Hyunjin’s not careful enough, he could come while eating you out, prompted by the way you moan for him. 
So, he decides to focus solely on you and hums into your clit, his mouth fully wrapped around it. His tongue dips down to your entrance quickly, giving it a couple of long, hard licks. He’s circling your hole, happy because of just how much you want him. 
“Ah, Hyunjin—” you moan again, fingers now reaching for his scalp, grabbing a fistful of his hair, making it feel like it’s on fire, which gets Hyunjin’s cock to leak once again. “Fuck!”
Hyunjin pulls away slightly, giving you a quick smirk before collecting saliva and spitting it onto your hole. You react by clenching so hard he can see it—your tight little hole becoming even tighter as your walls press hard around nothing, eager to feel him inside. You like spitting, too. Nice.
“I can’t wait,” he hums at you, easing two fingers in right away. Hyunjin was right, you feel just as tight as you look, just as tight as the last time he got to play with you, walls desperate to keep him inside. His mind runs to the feeling of these velvety muscles clenching around his cock, causing him to gulp. If Hyunjin goes down that road, he’s not going to be able to stop himself, so he focuses on you again.
You’re so fucking pretty when you frown with pleasure, your entire body starting to contort when Hyunjin starts fingering you. He was thinking about teasing you first, giving you kittenish licks here and there just so he could get you frustrated, maybe circling your hole with his finger for a minute or two. In this scenario, you’d maybe beg for it, which would ruin him completely.
But, he’s not as strong as he thought he was—the second he sees you clench, Hyunjin knows he is going to give you whatever you want, which is an orgasm right now. “You taste so fucking good,” he decides to let you know. If you like him making noise while you two touch each other, you probably enjoy dirty talk, too, and you’re in luck because Hyunjin could talk about how good you feel or all the things he wants to do to you all night. 
“You like it? I knew you’d be good at giving head, too, Jinnie… You have the prettiest lips.” You sound fucked out, but still playful, and he can’t believe you have this much self-composure. It’s admirable, really. If the roles were reversed and you were sucking him off, there’s no way he'd be able to say anything back. 
At this point, Hyunjin starts curling his fingers as he moves them, focused solely on that ridged spot he knows feels great. While doing that, he’s letting his tongue move around your clit before he sucks on it and traces its way down your slit and then back up again. He’s making a mess, he can feel it—your juices are all over his lips, chin, there’s even some on his cheeks, but he couldn’t care less about that. 
You’re moaning softly, trying to fight it as you chew on your bottom lip and slowly buck your hips into Hyunjin’s fingers. You like it so much that you’re dripping, he feels your juices slipping out of you with every thrust of his fingers, and he can only imagine how fucking amazing that would feel around his dick. “God, right there! Hyunjin, yes, yes—” you’re practically incoherent after groaning the words, your hand gripping his hair tight and pushing his face towards your pussy, as if you want him to shove his entire face in it.
He practically is doing that, and if he could get any closer, he fucking would. Your sweet moans keep filling the room as Hyunjin focuses solely on his tongue and fingers, closing his eyes. He can’t keep looking at you because seeing your eyebrows furrow above your eyes and your mouth open as you moan his name loudly just makes him want to shove his dick in you and come. 
“Fuck, you’re so good! More, Jinnie, right there…” Your moans sound so sweet and your voice is hoarse. All of it makes Hyunjin that much more excited about it. He needs to hear you cry out for him, needs to make you come.
“I’m so close but I can’t…” You sound frustrated, fingers now massaging his scalp gently as you take a deep breath. 
Your entire body is clenched, and Hyunjin takes it personally. It happens a lot, he knows. You get there but have a weird thought or he makes the wrong move or your body doesn’t cooperate and the wave of pleasure retreats back into your crotch, leaving you hanging until he makes the next one stick. Now, it’s Hyunjin’s personal mission to make you come so hard you see stars. 
“You’ve got this,” he tells you reassuringly. “I’m right here… I won’t stop.”
With closed eyes, he is concentrating on your pleasure only, forgetting about his achingly hard cock and how badly he needs you—all that matters to Hyunjin now is that his fingers send you over the edge, your pussy swallowing his fingers in need of more. 
He gives it to you, starting to fuck you with them hard, his other hand moving up to your chest to give your nipple a hard squeeze, which isn’t something he’s done before. You grunt so loudly Hyunjin thinks you’re coming, but you’re not—you’re just turned on by how rough he is because he is being gentle with your clit while fucking your pussy so hard he feels you clenching hard. 
He repeats the motion again before giving your breast a smack, light enough not to hurt, but hard enough to sting a little bit. It turns out to be the right decision, he notes when he hears you groan and feels your chest plop down on the bed.  “Oh my God, Hyunjin!”
Is it happening? Are you handing him over all control? Hyunjin can’t do anything with it right now except keep finger fucking you until you come, but this just makes him think about future instances of you two together, and how he’ll get to fuck you when you relax like this and let him just use your hole to get you both off. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” you admit in between groans, the words instantly messing with his head. He can’t wait for it either. “I want it so bad…” You sound so whiny and needy that he just wants to fuck you and kiss your pretty face and look at you while you pout for him.
Hyunjin wants to tell you how badly he needs you too, how all he wants right now is to stick it in you and make you both come, but he doesn’t want you to lose momentum. If you’re close, he doesn’t want to risk you losing it again. So, he continues doing all three—playing with your nipple, fingering you, and sucking on your clit—all while humming and moaning, and you respond by groaning and pulling his hair. 
God, he’d do anything for you to ride him and tug at his hair. It would make him fill you up with cum in seconds, which isn’t exactly ideal, Hyunjin knows, but sometimes it’s what he needs. “Right there, fuck, just like that, Hyunjin… Please, th—hmmm, fuck!” You’re struggling again, he can tell by the way your body starts convulsing as if you’re trying to move away from his touch when all you want is more, which is something you moan at him.
Hyunjin wants to talk dirty to you, ask you to come for him, to coat his fingers with your cum, to be good for him, but he doesn’t want to ruin the orgasm for you, so he sticks to what he’s doing and pays attention to the sounds you make and how your body moves. 
Soon enough, he recognizes all the warning signs—you’re pushing his face into your pussy even more, one hand gripping his hair, the other placed over his. Hyunjin lets go of your breast and grabs your hand, intertwining your fingers, allowing you to hold it and squeeze it as hard as you need to. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, nghhh, shit!”
The harder you squeeze, the closer you are, so Hyunjin gives it his all and goes as fast as he can with his fingers without hurting you, mouth focused just on sucking now. That is enough to make you come, and you do, screaming his name. 
Your thighs press closer together, pulling him in so much Hyunjin thinks he will choke, but he can’t care, not when he feels your thighs on each side of his face, holding him in place as your hips lift off the bed. The sound of you crying out his name will never leave his mind, he’s sure. 
Hyunjin thinks about how sweet that sounds even after you stop moaning and let your hips fall to the bed, instantly letting go of his face and hair too, sighing loudly. “You… Fuck, Hyunjin. You’re so good.” 
He knows you mean it—there are just some things you can’t fake, and the way you’re lying now is one of them. Your thighs are spread, pussy still pulsating around his fingers, warm and ready. Your chest is heaving up and down, hands spread too, head thrown back, eyes closed. You look completely and thoroughly fucked out, and Hyunjin can only hope this is what you’ll look like when he fucks you. 
“You are so pretty,” he decides to tell you, sitting back on his heels and getting a good look at you. “So perfect.” Hyunjin’s hands caress their way from your knees up to your hips and back a couple of times before moving up your sides gently. “You good?”
“Perfect,” you immediately respond before groaning. “Just can’t move for the time being.”
He chuckles at this and enjoys the fact that you reach out for his hands, holding them in your own, opening your eyes to look at him. “How are you this good at this too?”
“I’ve done this before,” he admits. “I’m not sure if I was good at it, but I tried my best.”
“Good? You’re selling yourself short again, it’s more than good,” you say warmly, making his chest swell up with pride. You’re killing him softly with compliments tonight, and he can’t complain. “You take instructions well, which is great.” 
“I’m glad you liked it,” he says with a sigh, unable to stop staring at your crotch. He wants it so much, even though his face was just between your legs. If you wanted him to, Hyunjin would go down on you all night.
That’s when you push yourself up on your elbows and give him a long stare. “You’ve made a mess, Jinnie.” 
Do you mean the mess he made between your legs? Because, clearly, there’s a whole lot going on. You’re soaking, and Hyunjin wishes you didn’t have to clean up right now, just because he loves seeing you so wet and knowing it’s because of him. 
But, you’re looking down between his legs, so he does the same and notices that he’s been drooling all over your sheets. Since his cock was pressed against his stomach, it’s all a wet mess too. Hyunjin forgot all about being turned on and leaking precum because he got so lost in wanting you to come for him.
“Sorry,” he mutters quickly, touching the wet spot on the mattress, trying to see just how bad it is.
“No, it’s fine, don’t worry,” you say with a shake of your head. Then, you turn serious all of a sudden, he notices when your eyes meet. “You didn’t come.”
“I didn't.”
Hyunjin is not expecting a compliment for that—who comes when they’re going down on someone else? When giving head, you just have to accept that not everything is about you and focus on giving the other person the best possible experience. Even someone as lame as him doesn’t come that easily. 
However, Hyunjin also isn’t expecting the question that comes out so confidently out of your mouth, “Do you want to?” 
Of course he wants to come. He’s been needing release for a long time now, preferably in your pussy, but he’s a long way from that. “Yes,” he admits with a gulp, hoping you don’t notice how his voice shakes, even if he’s only said a word.
A slight smirk on your face tells Hyunjin you did, but all he can think about is how pretty you look like that, warm all over, your hair messy, sticking to the sweat on the sides of your face… Perfect. “In my mouth?”
Hyunjin’s mouth instantly drops open, but he closes it quickly, feeling like a complete needy dumbass. He’s not sure if this is a guess or an offer. Maybe you’re just wondering. Still, he responds in case you’re actually offering to give him something he’s been thinking about for months. “God, yes!” It comes out just as desperate as he is for you.
Before Hyunjin can blink, you’re pulling him in closer and pushing him down so he can lay on his back. Right when he lifts his head up to look at you, you settle between his legs—a sight he’ll never forget—and wrap your fingers around his shaft, instantly taking his throbbing head into your pretty little mouth. And fuck, does it feel amazing.
Hyunjin knows what getting head feels like, he’s experienced it many times before, but never this way. It’s not even that you’re doing anything groundbreaking or special—it’s everything that’s happened before, everything that lead up to this moment, it’s the fact that you know what’s worrying him and don’t have a problem with it, or maybe it’s the way you’re moaning into his cock as you take more and more of it in until it reaches your throat, eager to make him feel as good as he made you. “Mhm, just like that… So fucking tight.”
That’s how it feels to Hyunjin at least, like you’re getting lost in it, closing your eyes and bobbing your head as much as you can, even if it's too deep and he sees tears rolling down your cheeks. 
“You take it so well,” Hyunjin tells you as his hand reaches for your head and pats it gently, just like you did to him earlier. You’re trying so hard for him, he can tell, and he wants you to know he appreciates it. “So good to me.”
There’s so much spit dripping down his cock that his balls get coated, and you notice this, using it to your advantage. The second your palm spreads the saliva over his balls, Hyunjin grunts, feeling like he’s close close this time. When you start squeezing them, he feels like he’s on cloud nine, even if they feel so tight at this point. “Oh, right there!” It’s not enough to describe how he’s feeling, but it’s all he can mutter right now.
You’re perfect at this too, taking his cock so well, even though it can’t be pleasant to have something hard enter and leave your throat. You don’t show any discomfort and instead continue moaning. The fact that you’re rolling your hips into nothing as you suck him off tells Hyunjin you really do enjoy his moaning. Or maybe it’s his dick you enjoy. Whatever it is, it’s got you to buck your hips into thin air despite coming not even five minutes ago.
“I, ah fuck, I’m close,” he warns you as the feeling rushes through him. “Can I come?”
You hum in response, clearly deciding to take his cum this way, so Hyunjin relaxes and lets you suck him to completion, which you expertly do. You keep on sucking even when his cock starts gushing the cum he’s held in all night, despite being so close so many times—too many, even. There’s so much of it, he can tell even if he doesn’t see it, and he’s sure it’s all going down your throat. 
Hyunjin is making about as much noise as you did when you came, but he doesn’t care about whether he’s too loud for a man or if someone will hear him. All he thinks about is how good you are at this and how fucking amazing it feels to fill your throat up and have you suck it all out and swallow it. “Shit, baby, so fucking good,” he grunts the words at you, not even registering the nickname he’s used without asking you, not even wanting to know what it means.
He feels you swallow, the muscles of your throat contracting around his tip, making him see stars. As soon as you do that, you pull away, letting his cock leave your mouth with a loud pop, sticking your tongue out to show him you’ve swallowed all of it. Hyunjin doesn’t think there’s a sight hotter than the one in front of him now—you on all fours, naked with an open mouth and a stuck-out tongue to show him you’ve swallowed the load he shot into you.
“You’re so fucking hot, you have no idea,” you tell him, which makes Hyunjin throw his head back and laugh, his elbows still keeping his shoulders off the bed. “I could suck your dick all night. Keep making those pretty sounds and I just might.”
“Fuck,” Hyunjin chuckles, offering you one hand, which you take. He uses this as an opportunity to pull you onto his body and wrap both hands around you, letting himself fall onto the pillows. “You make it sound like a threat.”
“It’s not,” you grin and peck his lips. “They’re just… too pretty.”
“Pretty, hm?” Is it a compliment? Or does he sound feminine when he does it? It’s not Hyunjin’s favorite thing about himself, but if it makes you happy, there’s no point in overthinking it.
“Yup, just like you,” you nod slightly, your finger tracing his jaw, stopping at his chin. “Pretty all over. You sound so good, you’re not even aware of how good, Hyunjin. I’m serious. Even if I wasn’t in the mood, you could get me to go down on you with a moan or two.”
“That good?” Hyunjin pretends to be shocked even though that’s exactly how he feels about your moaning. The second he hears a sound leaving your mouth, he’s down on his knees for you.
Usually, you two would clean up right away, but this time, neither one of you seems to want to move. Thankfully, you’re at your place, so his roommates didn’t have to hear him be this obnoxiously loud. At the same time, it means they also didn’t hear you moaning his name and coming for him, which is kind of a bummer, but it’s better to keep some things private, anyway. 
Instead of getting cleaned up, you two lay together, your head on his chest, enjoying each other’s touch even when the conversation dies down. He pulls the comforter over you two to keep you warm. It’s not that Hyunjin doesn’t want to talk—it’s that he’s so drained he could fall asleep instantly. He’s forcing himself to stay awake so he can keep playing with your hair and holding you, occasionally pressing a kiss to your forehead and inhaling your sweet scent. 
You seem to be doing the same, your fingers gently tracing imaginary shapes into his chest and shoulders, lips kissing his chest here and there. It feels warm and somehow familiar as if you’ve done it a million times. Hyunjin knows he should get up and leave, let you fall asleep on your own, stop pretending he’s going to be the love of your life—or any kind of love, for that matter. He’s here because you couldn't find a decent guy to date and needed a challenge, which his lacking experience presents. Yet, he can’t get himself to move, even when he feels himself dozing off. Still, Hyunjin knows he should be polite and think about your wishes, so he asks, “Should I leave?”
“No,” you’re quick with your response, which makes him want to kiss you again. “Stay, it’s late… And this feels nice.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sunshine. @i4maniac
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Like It || Chan drabble (+18)
genre: smut (minors dni!!)
word count: 309
warnings: dom!chan x sub!reader, manhandling, swearing, teasing, fingering, sprinkling of dirty talk✨
a/n: no thoughts just being manhandled by chan😵‍💫
Heavy pants broke the silence of the room as Chan all but ripped his shirt over his head before meeting you halfway in a heated kiss. His body burned against your bare chest as you were shoved against the back of the door. Your hands tore through his blond locks, threading your fingers between the strands as Chan softly moaned into your mouth.
“God, baby,” Chan murmured against your lips, pulling back to stare at you with hooded eyes. “Missed me that much?”
He didn’t give you a chance to respond; he lifted you clean from the floor and threw you onto the nearby bed. You gasped, heart pounding from the rush of adrenaline as Chan pinned your hips to the mattress and started trailing kisses over your collarbone to illicit small whines from your lips. His hands roamed over your skin, teasing the waistband of your shorts while the other lifted your left leg over his shoulder.
“My girl's so needy today.” He whispered, lips ghosting along your inner thigh. “Want me to fuck you so badly, huh?”
Already it felt like your sanity was slipping through your fingers, as Chan peeled away your remaining clothes and started to finger your clit.
You gasped and clutched at the sheets, his quick brushes over the bundle of nerves sending shots of pleasure through your body. His hands massaged your thighs before he leaned over you, hovering above you with his face inches from yours.
Blinking rapidly and breathing heavily, you forced your eyes to look up at him. He was smirking, hot pants fluttering over your lips.
“Chan-” you whined, the relentless teasing to your clit becoming unbearable. All he did was chuckle and softly kiss your neck.
“Don’t worry, darling.” He murmured in your ear, making goosebumps dance over your skin. “I know just how you like it.”
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Changbin: (climbing the counter to reach something)
Changbin: parkour
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Tumblr media
Bangchan x reader. (s)
Author’s note: A revised of my old work Stack! Added 3k words and a feet kink lol jks
You groaned out loud with your head tipped upward, and Chan pulled you into his chest.
“Not fair, I keep on losing,” you whined as he tightly hugged you from the back.
Chan chuckled on your shoulder, “should we stop playing now?” He asked you.
You pouted, considered your option to give in but now that you had lost for the second time, you had the determination to win since you had nothing to lose.
“No, let’s go for another round!” you announced, letting go of his hold on you to face him.
“I’m going to win this time, I can feel it,” you told him with such passion.
He raised his eyebrows, “you told me that too earlier,” he said.
Your eyes squinted at him, “are you afraid of losing, Christopher?” you asked with a smirk
He shot you a dead stare at the mention of his English name, feeling provoked, “just don’t go crying on me at the end of the game,” he said.
“Oh, I’m scared,” you said with a mocking tone.
He crossed his arms on his chest, “let’s put a bet on this round,” he offered, one corner of his mouth curled upward.
You bit your lower lip, interested in his offer.
“The winner gets to make the loser do anything they wish,” he said with a wide grin on his face.
This offer was hard to pass and got you even more motivated to win this round, you instantly nodded, “deal!”
Chan stuck out his hand, and you took it, “deal!” He said as he shook your hand.
After carefully stacking the Jenga blocks back into a neat tower, you sat next to each other on the floor, observing and planning a strategy in your head.
“You go first,” Chan said to you, allowing you to start the game. You decided to tie your hair just in case it got in the way when you were playing.
Chan enjoyed seeing the way you arched your back as your hands gathered all of your hair and tied it into a messy bun. You pretended that you didn’t notice him watching you, you cleared your throat, and that seemed to snap him out of his daze.
“I’ll start,” you announced.
The first move was easy, you decided on the block in the middle, carefully pulling it out of its stack and placing it on the top of the tower.
You shot him a smile when you sat back on the floor.
He gave you an acknowledging look, Chan must have been planning his move because he picked the block on the bottom right away and easily stacked it back on top.
You raised an eyebrow at him.
He shrugged, “your turn,”
You scooted around the table to get different views of the tower when you saw him taking off his hoodie, he was wearing that black sleeveless top you liked on him so much.
You quickly looked away, pretending not to be bothered at the sight of his muscular arms and glimpses of his abs through the revealing slit of his top.
You shortly picked your block and successfully took it out, placing it on the top of the tower without hassle.
Chan put on a serious face now, leaning in close to the tower to decide on a block.
You shifted on the floor and sat across from him, sat up straighter and started fanning your neck, “it’s getting hotter now, don’t you think?” You asked as you unbuttoned the top two buttons of your blouse.
You caught him glancing and quickly looked away.
He didn’t reply to your question and started to pick out his block from the tower and succeeded in placing it on the top of the stack.
He shot you a sly smirk, feeling victorious that you failed to trick him with your lewd gesture.
You exchanged a quick gaze with him, the tension had doubled now as there were missing blocks from the stack, and it could collapse at any moment.
You picked a block from the upper half of the stack to be safe, and Chan seemed to sense you were being careful, “playing safe now, huh?” He teased.
You rolled your eyes to show him how unbothered you were at his remark and focused on the task in your hands even though you weren’t sure about the block you picked, but you managed to pull it alright.
You quietly sighed in relief, “your turn!"
Chan leaned in again, and there was a crease between his eyebrows as he concentrated, looking over the tower of blocks.
An idea came to your mind, you leaned in on the table and lowered your chest, propping a hand against your chin as you watched him.
You cleared your throat to get his attention, and he looked at you for a second before diverting his attention back to the game.
Not long after that, his eyes stole a glance at your cleavage.
His throat felt dry as he sharply inhaled breath through his mouth from looking down your cleavage, he could almost feel the softness of your skin on his hands.
You tilted your head a bit upward to provide him a better view of your chest for him, you quietly smiled that your effort of distracted him worked wonders.
He was distracted for a moment, at least until he abruptly stopped looking down and turned his head away from you.
He picked a block and almost toppled the stack below it, but managed to pull it out safely.
You grunted because you thought you were about to win.
Chan nearly stopped breathing, because he too thought he was going to lose. He grinned, licking his lower lip before reclining, resting his back against the sofa.
Now that the blocks were missing, it was getting harder to choose a piece of block, you went to the other side of the table to get a different angle. You hummed as you considered your pick.
Chan stretched his arms up, intentionally flexing his biceps at you. He knew how you secretly liked seeing his muscles contracted whenever he does it.
You said nothing to him and just chuckled. You picked a block and carefully dragged it out little by little.
Chan took this to his advantage by placing a hand on your back, “that is one dangerous move, baby,” he taunted you, moving down to the curve of your rear.
You struggled to keep your focus, you took a risky move by flicking the block out of its stack to get it out faster, you gasped that it actually worked.
Chan’s mouth hung open as he witnessed your little maneuver.
You chirped out, feeling that your win was within your grasp now while he hissed at the possibility that you might really win this round.
“Nice try,” you sneered at him with a sly grin plastered on your face.
He pursed his lips, “I’m going to let you have your last laugh,” he talked back, intensely staring at you.
You crawled over to him on the floor, looked him in the eyes, and crawled over his lap to get your drink from the coffee table across you.
When you drew back, you intentionally brushing your hand on his bulge inside his jeans, you leaned in close to his ear, “Let’s see,” you whispered.
You were back sitting on your heels now, gulping your drink with your eyes lingered on him.
You wiped the water that stuck to your upper lip with the back of your hand and back sitting across the table from him.
He took a long deep breath, Chan couldn’t keep his calm anymore as the pressure to win kept weighing in on him. He tried to loosen up by taking a long swig of his pineapple juice.
When he felt a bit relaxed, he put his whole attention on the block tower in front of him, eyes intently searching for the stack that might be his only chance for winning.
You almost laughed at how tensed he became since you did that little stunt earlier.
Chan settled on a block from the lower half, his fingers gripped each end of the block but didn’t quite make any move to take it out.
He glanced at you who were attentively watching his face instead of his fingers trying to remove the block from its stack.
“What are you looking at?” He asked you, feeling uneasy at your stare but successfully pulled out the block.
“Nothing,” you paused to let out a low laugh, “just admiring the face that I’ll be sitting on tonight,” you boldly answered.
And with that being said, he accidentally dropped the block on the top of the tower too hard, causing the tower to slowly tremble then crumble down on the table.
You covered your mouth in awe, couldn’t believe that your manifestation came true and that you really won this round.
Chan groaned, his hands balled into fists pounding on the table. “Now, don’t go crying on me,” you poked fun at the words he said to you earlier.
Chan sighed in defeat, spreading his arms wide along with the sofa, “okay, congratulations, you won,” he admitted.
You crawled over to him and sat on his lap facing him, “you put up a good fight,” you consoled him.
“I did, right?” He asked you, putting his hands around your waist.
You nodded at him but your hand reached for the belt of his jeans and started to unbuckle it.
He looked down at your hands, then up at your eyes, “what are you doing?”
You giggled, pulling his belt out of his jeans in a painstakingly slow motion, “your hands, please?” You ordered.
He took his hands off of you and held them up in front of you. You started making a belt handcuff around his wrists.
He shot you a bemused look, “you’re good at this,” he said.
“Oh well, thanks! I learned from the best,” you winked at him.
You pulled the end of the belt with your teeth to tighten the knot, made sure he could not break free from it.
You cupped his jaw in your hand, “Now, be a good boy and do whatever I tell you to,” looking down at him as you instructed him.
Chan took a deep breath, not out of fear but out of excitement. He used to order you around, and now that you were the one in charge, it evoked something in him that aroused him in a new, different way.
He looked up at you, nodding.
Your hand moved to his chin and tilted his head upward to meet your gaze, “I can’t hear what you say, baby,” you told him, firmly gripping his chin in your hand.
And goddammit, he couldn’t find you any more alluring than this.
He swallowed hard before he could finally answer, “Yes, ma'am,"
To be honest, you haven't thought of what you wanted to do with him, but looking at the tied hands on his lap, a lot of ideas came to mind.
You got up and looked down at him.
"What are you going to do, baby?" He softly spoke, eyes looking up at you with so much anticipation.
You didn't answer but came to the table and started dragging it out of the way, making a space on the carpeted floor.
"I can help you if you untie me," he teased as he saw you struggling to move the table.
You scoffed at his words then went around, kneeling behind him, put your hand around his neck and angled it, tilted it upward until his face looked up at yours hovering above him.
"You talk too much for a loser," then sank your mouth on his.
The kiss took him by surprise, but he was quick to return it, opening his mouth as you invaded it with your tongue while tightening the hand around his neck.
He gasped for air the moment you broke the kiss, leaving his mouth glistening wet with both of your salivae.
You got up from the floor, then decided to sit on the sofa, taking a bottle of water to take a sip.
Chan turned around on his knees facing you, "already tired?"
You cracked a smile at him, knowing he was trying to taunt you, but you won't give in.
You lifted a foot and placed it on his chest, "but I'm just getting started," then pushed him with your foot, sending him lying face-up on the carpeted floor.
Chan gasped, then let out a few low laughs. That, he didn’t expect at all.
He saw you getting up from the sofa, then stood over him with your foot on each side of his that he could see the black underwear you were wearing underneath your skirt.
"Enjoying the view?" You asked him.
He nodded, "Very,"
You scoffed.
Using your foot, you touched his jaw, then down to his chest and slipped it inside the slit of his shirt to touch his nipple with your toes, "you want me to step on you?"
He nodded.
You glared at him.
He understood the rule, "step on me!"
You rested your foot on his chest, right on his magnificent pec, and put a weight on it. His tied hands flew to your ankle out of reflex.
"What? Does it hurt?" You asked in a mocking tone.
He shook his head.
You put a lot more weight on it only for a brief second, then stopped. He caught your foot and brought it close to his mouth with eyes tenderly looking at you he kissed the sole of your foot so softly as to not tickle you.
With his tied hands holding your heel, he took your toes one by one into his mouth, and it never crossed your mind that you would get aroused by it.
Your throat got dry from having your mouth open the whole time you looked down on him.
"How do they taste?"
"So good," he answered.
But you didn't want to give him the satisfaction, you pulled your foot away from him and rested it back on his chest to slide it down his stomach.
You glanced at him after seeing the bulge poking out of his dark jeans, using your foot, you felt how hard he got against the fabric of his jeans, and to rile him up, you rubbed his hard-on through the fabric with your foot,
"I'm only touching you with my foot, and you already this hard?" It surprised you how you could talk to him like that, in a mocking, sarcastic voice.
He shamelessly nodded.
"How pathetic!" You muttered.
But he smirked at your comment, truly enjoying being degraded by you, and it made you even braver.
You put your foot away, and he groaned as you stopped rubbing over his hard-on.
You sat down on him, straddling him with your legs on each side of him, and put his tied hands above his head, pinned it there.
"Keep it there!" You ordered with your face hovering only inches away from his.
He lifted his head to get a kiss from you, but you hurriedly jerked your head away, sitting on his crotch a little too hard to tease on his throbbing member.
You slowly grind on him, then picked up the pace when the friction also started making you more aroused than before, like animals on heat.
Chan whimpered, his hands clawing the carpet to hold himself back from touching you.
Something about humping him fully clothed felt more sensual than doing it naked, and you took a fistful of his t-shirt in your hand as leverage.
You stopped when Chan started to enjoy it, just to piss him off, testing his limit.
You got up to see the wet patch you made on his jeans, "Oh no, I think I made a mess on your jeans,"
Chan looked down at it, and it got him cursing under his breath.
"I better get rid of it then," you casually said with a shrug as you got up, then stood next to his body lying on the carpeted floor. You reached down for your underwear and slid it down your legs.
Chan's eyes followed as the lacey fabric slid lower and lower down your legs until it pooled around your ankle, you picked it up and tossed it at him.
He eagerly caught it in his tied hands and brought it to his nose to sniff it.
You condescendingly laughed at him, "you look so cute with your hands tied and sniffing on my underwear like that,"
"Let me taste you!" He pleaded, still clutching your underwear close to his nose.
"Only if you ask nicely, Christopher," you sternly said.
"Please, please, I want to taste you," he begged.
It amused you how desperate he was for you, throwing his pride aside, all splayed out on the floor, needy for you.
"Please!" He said again with so much want in his voice.
You triumphantly smiled at him, then lowered yourself on him, positioning your cunt right on his mouth and sat on him, let him taste you.
You held your skirt up as you looked down at his mouth savoring your cunt like it was his last meal on earth.
His tied hands reached for your breasts, but you immediately swatted his hands away and pinned them back above his head.
You took your shirt off as you slowly grind on his mouth and his tongue lapping on the delicate flesh like he couldn't get enough of it, slurping and taking it into his mouth yet his eyes were looking up at you.
You slipped your hand into his hair, "yeah, so good, Chris," you said as you looked into his eyes, "that's what you get if you stop talking,"
He hummed his answer, and it sent vibration throughout your body, making you whimper in pleasure.
Chan knew how to pleasure you, he knew which button to push to get you to your high, and you knew you were on the verge of cumming.
You immediately withdrew yourself off of him, and he groaned out loud.
"Let me taste you more,"
He licked his lips, collecting your juices with his tongue.
"Please?" He begged again.
And you couldn't say no.
You hated it that no matter how much control you have over him, he still got you wrapped around his fingers.
"You're so greedy, Christopher," you muttered to him and sat on him again.
And he was doing it even better, intensely sucking on your clit and using his tongue to slip it in and out of you.
You get immersed in no time that you didn't realize his tied hands were on you, using his thumb to stimulate your clit and keeping the hem of your skirt away from blocking the view.
Your knees got weak that you almost put all of your weight on him, couldn't stand it anymore you got off of him almost immediately.
You both gasped, him from running out of breath and you from climaxing.
His mouth was glistening wet from your arousal that you went to kiss him, tasting yourself on him and whining as he tried to bite your lips, but you were quick to pull away.
You clicked your tongue at him.
You sat next to on his legs and worked open his jeans, biting your lower lip as you popped open the button then slowly unzipped it, once in a while making eye contact with him.
"Let's see what kind of mess you made," you said with your head tipped to the side.
You pulled his underwear down until his erection sprung free, swollen with prominent veins, a drop of pre-cum smeared all over his tip from being inside its confine for too long.
You wrapped your fingers around his length, gently circling his tip with your mouth hung open, so eager to take it into your mouth.
And Chan could and would replay that facial expression you made of you salivating over his cock in his head, he would save the image to jerk off whenever he needs to do the deed without you.
"Have me all you want," he reminded you.
You laughed at him, "I'll do what I want,"
You kneeled on the floor and redid your ponytail.
Chan wondered how such a simple thing as tying your hair could make him feel a lot of things, your arched back, your hair slipping through your fingers as you gathered them into a ponytail, and the hair tie tugged between your teeth.
A few loose strands curtained your face and the back of your neck as you sat next to him, propped a hand in the space between his legs, then lowered your head, stopping with your mouth only inches away from his cock.
You shot him a seductive smile before finally licking the tip of his cock, but you didn't stop there, you went lower, licking his length from the base of his cock up to the tip and it made him shudder, whimpering that his feet couldn't stay still.
You took his length little by little while sucking on it until you took all of his length in your mouth and started bobbing your mouth up and down on him with hollowed cheeks.
Chan enjoyed every second of it, if this was his punishment he would take it any day, any time, again and again.
He accidentally bucked his hips at you rather too hard, making you gag.
"I'm sorry, baby," he muttered to you.
Saliva dribbling down your mouth, and you hurriedly wiped it with the back of your hand.
You clicked your tongue at him and gave him a death stare, "you're misbehaving," you told him.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he repeatedly muttered with hands begging at you.
You fisted the front of his t-shirt and pulled him with all of the strength you have until he sat on the carpeted floor.
"It seems like you're not getting what you want," you whispered to his ear.
He looked up at you, unsure of what you meant by that and what to do.
You plopped onto the sofa with him sitting right in front of you and leaned forward, leaving a few inches between your face.
"But I'll let you watch," you said to him with a half-smirk.
You unclasped your bra and tossed it at him again, which he eagerly took to sniff again.
You locked eyes with him as you began touching yourself, kneading on your breasts with fingers and playing with the hardening buds.
You spread your legs open and let him see your drenched cunt by pulling up the hem of your short skirt.
You grabbed his chin and pulled it open, shoved your fingers into his mouth until they were with his saliva.
His eyes followed to where your fingers coated with his saliva to your soaked core.
You saw his Adam's apple bobbed repeatedly as you started touching your cunt, spreading your legs wider and letting him watch how you like to touch yourself.
Your fingers gently traced your folds eventually circling your clit, and moaned.
Chan whimpered at the sight, he so badly wanted to touch you, but all he could do was touch himself with his tied hands.
You arched your back and enjoyed your own stimulation with your other hand pinching your nipples, making you yelp in pain and pleasure at once.
Knowing that you were drowned in pleasure and touching himself wasn't enough for him, Chan quietly untied his hands using his mouth.
You were moaning with your eyes screwed out with your fingers deep inside you.
He enjoyed the sight so much, but he needed more than seeing.
And his cock throbbing wanted to be inside you.
Once he successfully untied it, he reached for your thighs and pulled you closer to him.
You gasped in surprise and tried to let yourself go of him.
"Baby, I can't hold it anymore," he told you, then took you down onto the carpeted floor, and bent you down against the sofa.
He rushed to take his shirt off and pulled down his jeans just enough to let his erection sprung free.
"As far as I remember, I'm the one who won," you reminded him.
"Enough playing!" He said to your face before pressing your head onto the sofa and hoisting your ass up in the air.
"Ooo, Chris doesn't want to play anymore!" You mocked with a pout.
He put a hand around your neck and pressed his mouth close to your ear, "I don't want to play anymore,"
He wrapped his hand around your neck and carefully tightened it around you, "I want to fuck you,"
He pressed your head onto the sofa, then took both of your hands and folded them on your back, holding them down with one hand.
He sighed looking at the enticing sight of your ass and your cunt dripping with essence, your skirt hunched up to your waist yet it aroused him more.
"Since we don't play anything, it's getting bored here," you mumbled with a sigh.
He stroked his length a few times and teased your entrance as it soaked with your arousal, without warning he jammed his cock inside you all at once.
You launched forward and gasped in surprise, but with your hands pinned on your back, you couldn't do much.
"Still bored, mmh?" He asked you.
You faked a yawn, "yeah, I'm getting sleepy here,"
Chan smirked and you triumphantly smiled, you both knew you were riling each other in the best way, and aroused you both the same.
"Oh, I'm going to make you sleep so well," he said to you, then started pounding into you.
Chan gripped his other hand on your hip and kept you steady as he was fucking you so hard that you couldn't do anything but took all of his hard poundings, moaning and drooling onto the sofa.
It was easy to get lost in it since you had been teasing him for a while that fucking you felt like entering heaven. He didn't want it to stop yet he couldn't hold himself back as you kept clenching, sucking him deeper inside you, and ultimately, cumming around him.
Your body trembled as waves of pleasure washed you over and over.
But Chan didn't stop the motions of his hips and continued fucking you until he earned his own high.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he breathlessly cursed as he stifled a thrust, planting his seed inside you with head tilted upward, overwhelmed with pleasure.
He slowly pulled out and waited to see his cum leaking out of you, it never cease to amaze him, the sight of his pearly white cum dripping out and down your thigh.
"Baby, you look so cute with my cum leaking out of you like this," he cooed at you with a hand squeezing your ass cheek.
"Yeah, I would fuck me too if I could," you told him with a sleepy laugh.
He realized he hadn't let go of your hands pinned on your back, he lifted you by your shoulders then sat you on his lap, letting you rest your back against his chest.
He angled your head and hastily kissed you, hands gently cupping your breasts.
You pulled away first, running out of breath.
He lifted your body to lay you down on the sofa, took off your skirt and he also stripped all of his clothes before laying down next to you.
It was his favorite kind of cuddle, fully naked to feel your whole, skin to skin.
"You were so cruel to me," he pouted at you as he continued kissing the side of your face.
You laughed because of how adorable he looked sulking, in contrast to the person who fucked you senseless a while ago.
"I know you like it," you said back to him, pulling him by his neck to kiss him again.
"When you called me pathetic," he sighed, placing a haste kiss on your lips, "oh, so hot!"
You giggled at his words as he made a trail of kisses on the column of your throat. And he was being honest, you felt his cock brushing your thigh, semi-hard and seeking friction with you.
"And you got hard just by thinking of it?" you asked with an eyebrow raised.
He got flustered, feeling caught red-handed that he got hard just from you calling him pathetic.
You decided to try once again, "how pathetic," you condescendingly said.
He let out a low moan and hovered above you, "yes, be cruel to me,"
He stared into your eyes.
And you confidently stared back into his eyes.
He kissed you hard with your hands pinned on your sides, and said, "Be cruel to me, baby! I'm a fool for you,"
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♡ endless chan gifs ♡ [28 - 37] / ∞ – SKZ Talker: Episode 28
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