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#stray kids

My Little Girl | HHJ

genre: fluff, slight angst

summary: telling hyunjin you’re pregnant with your third child

age: Yena = fetus (4 months) / Hazel = 1 month / Hyungsik = 5 / Jinyong = 3

warnings: pregnant!reader


“So…” Hyunjin grunted, getting into bed and pulling the duvet up so it was covering his bare torso, his chest still on display, his arms spread out over the double bed, “what is it you needed to tell me?”

You sighed, sitting up and opening the drawer to your bedside table, “this.”

With bated breath and a shaking hand, you gave the three positive pregnancy tests over to your husband.

“It’s… unexpected,” you said, “I mean, we only planned for two, right?”

“I-Is this serious?”

“Yeah,” you chuckled, “I took them last week. Went to the doctors today.”

“And you’re really—”

“Four months pregnant,” you sighed.

“H-How… Y/N, we said we were only gonna have two,” Hyunjin said.

“I know that,” you rolled your eyes, “what? Is this really so bad?”

“Yeah!” Hyunjin exclaimed, “Stray Kids has so many plans for 2028!”

“Hyunjin, Hazel has just been born, this is hardly the end of the world is it?!”

“But we have plans for the year end!” Hyunjin cried.

“Oh so as soon as your child’s a few months old, that’s okay, is it?!” you exclaimed, “you can just leave them to the mother than, can you?! I’m sure Felix’s wife is gonna love taking care of a two year old and baby while you guys are off with your big plans. As will I with our two sons and a newborn.”

“This is what I’m saying!” Hyunjin scoffed, “I don’t want to leave you by yourself. Felix’s wife only has two and you know Benji, he’s an angel.”

Your husband’s hand went to your thigh, his voice going down to a whisper as he got closer.

“I’m not upset, I’m not mad, I’m just… so confused.”

“Why aren’t you happy, though?” you pouted, “I thought you’d be excited.”

“I-I’m in a bit of disbelief, to be honest,” Hyunjin shrugged, “…when are they due?”

“August,” you said, looking up to your husband’s brown eyes, “do you want to know the gender?”

“You know?!”

You shook your head, “the doctor wrote it down and gave me this envelope, though.”

“Do you have a sonogram?” Hyunjin asked, a smile slowly spreading across his face.

“In here,” you said, tapping the envelope.

“Well, I guess I have to look at the gender then, don’t I?” Hyunjin laughed, taking the envelope from you and sitting so his back was against the headboard, one arm wrapped around your shoulders as he opened it, “look. There they are.”

“I heard their heartbeat this morning,” you smiled, goosebumps arising on your skin and a slight tear coming to your eye, “they’re so healthy.”

“And…” Hyunjin said with bated breath, taking the small piece of paper out of the envelope and opening it slowly, “a girl.”

“Oh my god,” you laughed, “a girl!”

“A girl!” Hyunjin exclaimed, sitting up excitedly, “Y/N, we get a daughter! Oh my god! Thank you, thank you! My own little girl!”

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