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The Little Prince - Lee Felix

Sneak peek~

A/N : Been working on a Felix scenario based on one of my favorite books ‘The Little Prince’. Here’s a small tease ;)

If Lee Felix was the little prince, then you were most certainly his rose.

You were the only rose on his planet, a solitary red petalled bloom that had to be covered with a glass jar every night so that you didn’t catch a cold from the draught, and be taken care of and protected since it only had four tiny thorns to fend for itself.

But Felix was the little prince, and therefore was unaware you were his rose - his unique and one of a kind rose - until the fox trotted up to him and told him so.

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Originally posted by realstraykids

Summary: Minho would always be “winning at life”. He had everything, after all. But maybe “everything” didn’t matter if he couldn’t win over the person he liked the most.

[Racer!Minho x Fem!Reader] [WC: approx. 6.6k words]

Genre: Romance, fluff, slight angst(?)

Warnings: Slightly suggestive at the end

A/N: Wasn’t expecting this to get so long but it is a rather self-indulgent fic. You could just say that I’m whipped for red hair Minho. Also, I don’t even know if he’s a racer in that video but…let’s just imagine ‘cause come on. He’d be one hot racer. I don’t know anything about professional racing so…sorry if things were weird and inaccurate! Enjoy!

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ꗃ   :  호   🔌    星空 :𝗗

i wanna h̲o̲l̲d̲ 리노’s hands !! >___<

★__ 𝗟i𝗡o is my # 情绪 boy :/

LMH % 🍳 子 & 猫 ! ! ?


stray kids lee know (minho) bios!

like or reblog if you save!

@gyullie on twt! [l = i]

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[a song in every breath] From the world of ‘An Angel’s Guise’ by @luvhjs

Chan knew, from the moment your pendant lost its light and dimmed like a blown-out candle. He lost the very person he was assigned to protect, mere hours before finally parting ways—before he did what would tip the worlds upside down. Nothing compared to the hollow space that became of his heart.

He also knew who did it, for only one person knew of his feelings.

A car accident. Such a horrible, miserable death. And he didn’t have the power to prevent it, let alone be there.

Chan stormed into Lee Know’s abode, the feathers of his wings portraying the chaos of his pure, divine soul. He guessed the angel would be busy writing on his little notes from the mortal world, the method he took to communicate with his former Graced. 

He was like them all. Attached. Still deeply caring.

He couldn’t believe someone like him would do such a thing, even as he saw your book resting on Lee Know’s table. Your name no longer glowed on the cover. This wasn’t supposed to happen, not in at least twenty years.

You had time. So much time for all the silly dreams you shared with him, all the wishes you whispered under the canopy of stars, all the memories left to collect. Chan wanted to be there for you. By your side, forever.

He couldn’t tear his gaze from your dull book. It shouldn’t be there. “You went to the Library of Souls.”

Lee Know looked at him in sadness, although Chan couldn’t see it. “Yes. I did this for you, Chan.”

“Did this for me?” His attention crashed on the angel, almost violent. “You killed her!”

“I told you to stop. I told you to control yourself. We’ve all been there, Chan, but you were going to risk it all as if nothing else mattered.” He met his gaze calmly, much like the perfect angel he was. “I had to do it. I hope you can forgive me.”


That’s what angels did. They forgave. They defended. They gave. They helped. They loved. Yet all that burned in Chan’s heart was hatred and anger towards the younger angel. It was a foreign emotion, and he felt it crawl into his heart and darken his soul. “Forgive you?”

He narrowed his eyes, hands rolled into fists as he hissed, “I can’t forgive you.”

Lee Know noticed it, the flicker of something other than pure light in Chan’s eyes. He wondered, for a moment there, if he did the wrong thing. What if he only pushed his friend into closer doom? 

But angels don’t make mistakes.

“Chan, stop.” He eyed the blackening tips of his wings with concern. This wasn’t right.

But the mentioned angel only stepped closer, jabbing a finger at the culprit accusingly, “No, you stop! Stop telling me what to do! You messed it up once, I won’t let you mess it up again. Stop intruding into my matters!”

“I helped you.”

“You didn’t help! You killed her! And for what? Nothing!” He didn’t know what propelled him to do that, but Chan raised his hands and shoved the angel into his desk.

Your book fell to the ground with a thud.

His eyes widened in the horror of realization when Lee Know grunted, and he stepped away, not noticing the darkness that consumed his wings. Completely.

The angel shook his head, slowly, as if in disbelief. Angels don’t hurt. He just did. Angels don’t get angry. He just did.

He could only mumble, broken, “Didn’t you love your Graced too?”

Lee Know gave him a sorrowful smile as he pushed himself up. “Very much.”

“Then why- why would you do this?”

“Angels understand, Chan. I thought you would.”

“I-I,” he didn’t know what to say, and for the first time, he felt heavy. His wings became sagging weights. Dead. He understood what it meant. He felt hate and anger. He attacked and hurt.

Angels don’t do that.

The last thing he remembered was the angel’s sympathetic tone and gentle voice, the only farewell he’d receive before falling to the mortal world. “You failed, Chan.”

for @skzwritersclub

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Chapter Nine: You are lying, right?

Words: 1.3k

Warning: the comedy i tried adding, it’s awful.

IT WAS more than a week after your marriage and you were staying with your mother. 

The past week had been quite eventful. Seungmin had gotten the whole week off, yet his meticulousness got the best of him and he routinely worked from home. That didn’t mean your uni and part times were off too. You only got to see Seungmin after evening and you spent the time quite productively.

You had perceived that Seungmin was a great listener. He’d listen to you babble about your peculiar work experiences and would simply stare at your face as you talked, in a different way you’ve never seen him look. Sometimes he’d lose control and laugh at your incredulous descriptions. And you’d give him monotonous looks and ask him what was funny.

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Idols that should personally support the blm movement

Idols who have had dreads and therefore should also support the blm movement:





Yukwon, zico



Yoongi, jhope, namjoon



Idols who have wronged the black community by blackface or speech and therefore should support the blm movement:


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The Lost Child || A Stray Kids series.

Genre : Royalty (?), fiction,romance.

Warnings : None.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


“A coat of gold, a coat of red,

A lion still has claws

And mine are long and sharp, my Lord,

As long and sharp as yours”

~ Rains of Castamere by Sigur Rós(Game of Thrones)



The high priestess knows something is coming  but she had never expected it to come this soon. She knew the stones have been finally aligned ,a sign from the Water Gods.

As she rushes through the dense forest towards the lake of Evan ,she only hopes she’s not late for her meeting with the oracle.

The surface of the lake shines under the bright sun,and the high priestess is quick to spot the eldest oracle of the six states of Iara,sitting by the lake,deep in thought.

“I’m sorry I’m late,Diliah. I’ve been really busy” the priestess  jogs towards her.

The oracle lifts a finger to her lips,asking her to keep quiet and sit in front of her.

Diliah is an oracle ,her duty is  to pass on the messages of the water gods to the citizens,sometimes in the form of visions,sometimes in the form of prophecies or riddles.

All the six states of Iara have their own oracle but Diliah is the eldest of them all. Some people even say that Diliah was ,infact a child of the water gods but she refused to accept the godliness. She preferred to live as an envoy her whole life.

All the six oracles of the different states of Iara wear a sacred pendant around their neck;this pendant contains a shining precious stone which symbolises the different states they serve. The green pendant stands for the State Emerald,the purple pendant stands for the Amethyst state,the rose coloured pendant stands for the Quartz state,the yellow Stone represents the state Topaz and the red one stands for the state Ruby.

“Diliah ,what do the gods say?"the priestess asks, anxious as to what the fates have chosen for their world.

Diliah’s green hair sways with the blowing wind and her green stone pendant starts to shine brighter. The priestess is sure the prophecy might come any minute now.

Diliah stares intently into the water then at the priestess,her eyes tearing up a little.

"I have the message of the gods,o high priestess of state Emerald. Will you permit me to share it with you?” Diliah says in a voice that wasn’t really hers.

The priestess gulps and says,“ yes,I permit you. ”

Diliah’s eyes are completely blank now, with only the whites of her eyes visible. She looks different now,scarier even.

“ The gods wishes be fulfilled,

as the planet of Iara once again stands damaged.

A beautiful child with blue hair

Shall free the people from evil lair.

The two worlds shall be United, and peace shall be restored.

And the Messiah returns to bring peace over Iara for longer than eternity

A lover from the bloody snakes shall come to her aid,as shall those who were thought to fade.

A mother’s love will bless her twice ,

She,who has grown up in the Babylon sunrise

She,who shall rule over all men wise

She ,who shall come to the rescue ,must find the blue.

She,who wins all the hearts will be the bearer of the crown and the ruler of Iara and beyon’ ”

Diliah goes silent all of a sudden, closing her eyes and breathing heavily,tired. The priestess stares at Diliah’s face ,not being able to register the prophecy she’s just heard.

The country of Iara has been at peace for a long,long time so why does the prophecy talk about Iara in a state of turmoil?

“Its coming,high priestess. Chaos is coming. It’s inevitable."Diliah says,now opening her eyes as if reading the high priestess’ mind.Her green pendant stops glowing and she has a stern, unreadable expression on her face.

"A water child is the saviour?"the high priestess breathes in sharply,scared. "They’ve been extinct for as long as I can remember.”

Diliah shakes her head,and says, “They’ve not been extinct,my dear. They’ve been believed to be extinct. ”

“Anyway,call a meeting of all the priests , priestesses from State Emerald .We have important things to discuss. ” Diliah orders once again. “And keep a check on all the children in the State of Emerald, especially in their capital city.”

“Yes, Diliah. I’ll get to it right away” The high priestess replies,standing up. Thousands of thoughts run around in her mind,some good and some bad. Her heart races as excitement and fear course through her veins.

It’s never happened before that a ruler was not chosen from the common people.And this time ,the ruler will not be chosen by the mere luck of finding the blue stone . This time ,the ruler will be chosen by the water gods themselves.

The high priestess knows what it means. She knows something dangerous is coming and she’s determined to prepare for it.

Iara is about to be thrown into chaos and she hopes more than anything that the gods won’t fail the people of Iara this time.


Author’s note:

This story,as you can see,is heavily inspired by ‘The game of thrones’ lmao . Nevertheless I hope I have created something unique and I hope y'all love it. I’ve been planning this story for  long so I hope the outcome is as good as I had imagined.

As always,thank you everyone if you decide to read this. It really means a lot.

If anyone wants to talk about kpop or writing or anything else,my DMs are always open(I really need friends on tumblr)

Hope everyone is doing well and hope that you guys like this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

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It’s human nature, they say, to be keen and curious. We’ve roamed the world, and after seeing every nook and cranny, we’ve plunged into the depths of the sea. To see and try new things. To learn and teach. To give and to get. This month, the skz writers club wishes to celebrate all those curious minds, crazy shenanigans, and brave adventurers, starting from our own little worlds.

So pack your bags and come along, we’ve got some exploring to do!

What to look out for this month:

  • Blurb Challenge event announced.

  • 2 SWC discussion boards.

  • New feature announcement.

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*the female protagonist still doesn’t have a definite name yet*

warnings: domestic abuse, abuse, violence, cases of mental illness, insanity, swearing.

groups: Stray Kids, with a featuring of NCT, Blackpink, Twice, BTS, Seventeen and others.

The next week, he tossed and turned in his sleep before waking up at what he thought was the crack of dawn. Odd, since he was normally woken up by breakfast, but his thoughts had plagued him since about 2 days ago, when he finally was able to remember some of his memories that he had lost during the numerous times he had been struck with a taser, belonging to one of the guards, or the torture he had endured due to how he wound up there. He was now awake, and couldn’t get back to much-needed sleep, so all he could do was think about anything, but today, he had no thoughts, only memories.


He cowered at the sound of his dad breaking a beer bottle onto his mums face. Her crying whimpers, his calling her ‘an unfaithful, cheating bitch’ even though everyone knew that she had done nothing wrong. Everyone except for his dad at least, who he could see had picked up the nearest knife and was advancing towards her with it. Even though he was only 6, he knew enough to know that what his dad was doing didn’t look good. When Jisungs dad raised the knife, ready to strike his wife down, he leapt his little body out and ran in front of her, in a futile attempt to save her. His efforts were in vain, not for his mum, who ducked out of the way, but for him, for that day he earned himself an ugly red scar all down his eye and the front of his face.

Ever since his mum left a year ago, all he had received from his dad was violence. In the form of punches and slaps hurt him, but the words his dad shouted were the things that cut the deepest. His older brother had moved out, and his mum had left, so there was no one in the house except for him, an innocent little 8-year-old boy, and an abusive alcoholic for a father. He knew the number for child protective services, but after the failed attempt of getting himself out, which resulted in yet another bruise on his little face after a very convincing case from his father, he never put the information to use. He went to school, with a scar on his face and perfectly covered bruises, since he’d seen his mother apply makeup to her face countless times when they were a happy family, if there was ever such a time, as his nights consisted of pressing his pillow to his ears as his parents fought.

He was finally in a better home. The police had somehow found out about his father’s treatment of him and had shown up the minute after he had found the last beer bottle for his dad. His dad emerged from the house in handcuffs, and Jisung, while relieved he was away from the terror of his parent, the innocent childlike sparkle in his eyes was permanently gone. Just 10 years old and he had seen more in his life than anyone else around him had. The perfect suburb, with the perfect identical houses, with the perfect, 2-parent, 2-children families, all watching through windows with wide eyes as the poor boy was led away in a cop car, ready to have his mother tracked down to be with her again.

Jisung was now with his mother, everything between them had been smoothed out, and he saw a therapist every other week to help him get over the more than rough treatment he had endured for years on end. Although he gave the therapist some credit for attempting to help him, he was now eleven, and believed he was far too gone for anyone to be able to fix him fully. He was in a rougher neighbourhood, where only the tough kids came home clean every day, while the victims came home with clothes in tatters and faces beaten and bloody. He had seeked out a gang, pledged his allegiance, and was now running from the law every other weekend once he was done with homework. His mum was never home, having to work 70 hours a week just to support them both, but he hoped with the money he made selling stuff to reckless teenagers much older then he, she would have to work a bit less and relax.

Things had gone downhill in the past few years. He was still selling illegal things, but he did it for more than just money, he loved the adrenaline rush that came along with it. Stealing and breaking other laws became a daily thing for his 15-year-old self, as well as setting houses on fire just for the heck of it. He always got away with it, being an expert, but the classes he chose to take in high school helped. Everyone believed he was just the misunderstood loner who had no one, but he was more than that. He still lived with his mother, her bring the only thing that was keeping him from going off the grid. Well, her and his younger sister. His sister was the cutest, most innocent little bean he had ever had the pleasure of meeting, and he would do anything to keep her out of harm’s way. She was the complete opposite of him, and her being only 4, she was his only weakness, but he had to pretend every day of his life, to keep her out of trouble.


He was pulled out of his memories when the guard showed up to take him to his weekly session with the cute psychologist. When Jisung was unchained and left with her, he immediately realised that the person in front of him, wasn’t her. The mystery woman, whose name was Lisa, explained that his regular psychologist had come down with the flu and couldn’t be able to make it to this session, nor the one after. He was pissed, and he let his aura show it, and he sized up this new girl, so fragile, so naïve, so painfully innocent. She wasn’t nearly as good as his psychologist the previous week, and he could feel his time being wasted. He was eerily calm, the flashbacks providing no emotions of the sort, but he was insane, and despite his age, he was too far gone to ever be fixed.

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Jisung: And that’s when I thought to myself: “Don’t think, Jisung. Act.”
Seungmin: So you weren’t thinking.
Jisung: Not at all. I cannot emphasize how little I was thinking.
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@ kpop idols and companies who have profited from the black community for years with styles, dreads, musicstyles, rap etc but have yet to come foreward about this: i see you.

Thank you mark, crush, jessi, jay park, woo, cl, jaehyun, ph-1 etc for speaking up.

Namjoon, yoongi, jhope, hyolin, zico, hyuna, taeyang, chris etc: youve all had dreads. Speak up.

Hwasa: you said you felt like a black woman. Speak up.

Zico: you have profited off of rapstyles for years. Speak up.

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Genre: fluff, action, romance, spy!au, spy!oc x spy!hyunjin feat. felix, (more will be added if necessary)

Synopsis: Melanie is one of the most well-known spies from her Agency. She is young, powerful, and incredible at what she does but that is all in the past. Now, she just wants to retire and live a simple life. However, one last mission is presented to her. Her target: Hyunjin, someone she knows too well. Will she able to accomplish her mission or fail trying?

Update: Weekdays | WC: 1.8k

A/N: Hello, how are you doing today? I am wishing you all a wonderful week! Here is a new chapter! I can’t believe this series is almost 30 chapters long, I don’t think I ever wrote anything this long. Either way, as always, feel free to let me know what you think and any feedback you may have is always appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this series and I am wishing you a happy reading!

Masterlist | … | Chapter Twenty | Chapter Twenty One | Chapter Twenty Two | Chapter Twenty Three | Chapter Twenty Four | Chapter Twenty Five | Chapter Twenty Six | Chapter Twenty Seven | Chapter Twenty Eight | Chapter Twenty Nine

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