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#stray kids
hansrose · 12 hours ago
𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐲 𝐊𝐢𝐝𝐬 𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐀𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐈𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝! 🌹✨
Tumblr media
A/N - Hi, my loves! This is an nsfw/suggestive piece so I will advice to take caution whilst reading it. I also want to point out that this does not represent the actual members in any way so please keep that in mind. Minors do not interact with this piece, please! Now the important stuff is out the way, I got so shy writing this </3 But what’s new with me and nsfw posts? I hope you guys enjoy <3
Bang Chan: You were so utterly frustrating, and it wasn’t even your fault. The way you’d innocently call him pet names or scoot yourself so close to him that he could feel your sides pressed against his body. How your cheeks flushed an ever so delicate shade of pink whenever you were feeling shy or embarrassed- he could just eat you up. A lot of the time he would avoid such thoughts by being somewhat blunt with you; course, that did nothing at all. He noticed your puppy dog eyes and how your lip seemed to drop and simply couldn’t bring himself to treat you any less than a princess. Sometimes he might let himself off and wander his hands up and down your thigh. The way he could feel your muscles tense and how you squeezed your legs together… It drove him wild knowing you were needy.  He has a constant need to be protective and possessive towards you. You were daddy’s little angel. So obedient and desperate to have him by your side. So needy and desperate for his cock.
 Lee Know: You were like a fun little toy for him. Something about how you stuttered over your words and kept your gaze down whenever he said something remotely flirty. He’d had many sexual partners before, all of them great in their own little way. But you. What he liked so much about you was that there had been nobody to corrupt you before. You always went about your day so innocently and full of joy. Smiling at everyone and giggling at the little things. His fascination with you started when he saw you fresh out of the shower one day. How your hair was slicked back by water, how your skin was painted by a soft red glow, and how you held the towel so tight against your body he could see every curve. You looked good enough to fuck right there; but despite all that, you still had the familiar doe eyed expression that Minho thought was ever so pretty. When it came to you, he would drop everything just to show you how good someone could make you feel.
 Changbin: He wouldn’t even notice his filthy thoughts till the only thing that could make him cum was, well, you. He’d known you for a while and you had always presented yourself as the goody two shoes who could do no wrong. As time went on, your presence alone made Bin realise just how much of a corruption kink he has. Wearing a pleated skirt around him only triggered images of him bending you over with only that on alone. How sweet and adorable your little noises would be as you beg for more of his cock. You’d be so cute and obedient that the thought alone drives him insane. He’d ask for you to send more selfies so that he could cum all over your pretty face. Giving you the excuse of “I’m making a photo album of my friends!” Whenever you titled your head in question. You radiated pure puppy energy and there was nothing that Bin wanted more than to have you on a leash and riding his dick till you couldn’t possibly take it anymore.
 Hyunjin: Every little thing you say and do drives him completely insane. How you look up at him so cutely when having a normal conversation. How out of all the seats in a room you decide to sit on his lap. How you always call him before you go to bed because his voice brings you comfort. He wanted to spoil you in so many ways. It all started when you compared hand sizes with him and pointed out just how big Jinnie’s hand was compared to yours. Then there it was. The image of his cock filling you up and bulging in your stomach as you hid your pretty face from embarrassment. There was a constant need to touch and hold you. To praise you for the little things and watch as you responded with a sheepish smile. He was fucking obsessed. The thought of you on your knees and doing exactly what you were told had completely consumed his mind. On one hand, he wanted to protect you from all the bad in the world. On the other hand, he wanted to be the one who ruins you.
Jisung: He would be so embarrassed about his little fantasies of you. You’d be doing something cute, like scrunching your nose up at him, and all he’d be able to think of is his cum coating your adorable little face. Considering you’d been close for a while; you had stayed at his numerous amounts of times! Luckily for Sung, you had forgotten a pair of panties that were pastel pink and just… So pretty. The thought of you stood before him wearing nothing but that specific little pair just completely awoke something in him. That night he’d lay in bed and use your undies so that he could cum to the thought of you being his delicate little doll. Although good at hiding such things, Jisung would still find subtle ways to touch you. Pulling your hair to one side and softly running his fingers across your neck; watching the goosebumps raise on your skin brought a satisfied grin to his face. You were always going to be his sweet little friend! Just his sweet little friend that he wanted to fuck. Badly.
 Felix: Felix adored how innocent and sweet you were. He also adored the fact he had power over you. Somewhat similar to Minho, he wouldn’t try and hide his little way’s of making you flustered. Little things like saying “Good girl/boy.” Everytime you got a kill in a video game. The little gasps of shock you’d make only made his mind wander to what your precious little moans would sound like underneath him. Gaining your attention in a room full of people just so he could wink and catch you completely off guard; watching as you struggled to continue your conversation with friends. As lowkey as he’d be, Felix would be extremely protective over his little kitten. Shooting anyone who tried to corrupt you before him the filthiest look you could imagine. You were his property. His sweet little angel. His voice held power over you, and he would use that power at any point he got. Sitting you down on his lap and watching you unfold as he began telling you what his cock could do.
 Seungmin: No matter how hard he tried to dismiss such leud thoughts- he simply couldn’t get you off his mind. You were so fragile and delicate, and you needed protecting from the world. You also needed a good cock to show you just how good you could feel, and Seungmin was more than willing to oblige. As you clung onto him in crowds of people, frantically looking around with wide eyes, it occurred to Seungmin just how much he wanted to own you. Not just sexually either. To be the one you found comfort in during times of need. To be the one you called “daddy” as you plonk yourself down on his lap and grind helplessly against his thigh. He wanted to train you and breed you so that nobody else could have you but him. The thought of giving you a collar with his name on was perhaps his favourite thing. Wearing it so proudly and getting shy whenever someone took notice. God you were so fucking adorable. Seungmin had never wanted to have someone more than you.
 Jeongin: He was no stranger to having filthy thoughts about his friends. Normally he’d sleep with them and get it over with- but you were different. You weren’t like everyone else. You were always so kind and gentle and full of life. Perhaps that’s what kept him so drawn to you. On one hand, he wanted to completely ruin you with his cock. Watching as you squirmed with pleasure beneath him and how your sweet voice called his name. But on the other hand, he enjoyed the fact you were so innocent and not even he could have you. You felt like a goddess whose body he wanted so badly but was always just out of reach. How you interacted with everyone was so painfully adorable to him and yet all he could think of was how pretty you’d look with his cock fucking your throat. Since concluding that he was attracted to you, he had never come so much in his life. You, you pure little angel, had completely taken this demon by surprise. And he loved every filthy minute of it.
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incorrectskzquotes · 9 hours ago
Felix: Do you know why koalas aren’t classified as bears?
Chan: Because they’re marsupials.
Felix: ...
Chan: [smiles]
Felix: [walking away mumbling under his breath] Because they’re marsupials-
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seospicybin · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Changbin x reader. (s,f)
Author's note: daily reminder to vote for skz on MAMA!
“Who is that?” Changbin asked the second you entered the elevator. You didn’t know he had been waiting for you by the lobby of your apartment building instead of just waiting in your place, although you already sent him a text letting him know that you would be home late since you had to attend a company dinner. “Just a co-worker,” you replied, clutching your purse with both hands. Changbin punched the button to your floor with such force, “Why is he taking you home?” You rested your back against the cold metal wall of the elevator, “he insisted on taking me home, and it’s late, so…” you didn’t bother to finish your sentence, you were really tired from working and socializing for the day. “You can call me to pick you up,” he coldly talked back with his back still facing you. “I don’t want to bother you, baby,” you replied, walking toward him to give him a back hug, “you always busy,” you added. You hummed when you felt the warmth of his body against you. He let go of your hug as the elevator arrived at your apartment floor, he took your hand instead and walked to the door of your apartment. “Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean that I can’t come to pick you up,” he said as he entered your place. You placed your purse on the kitchen island, “I don’t want to bother you,” you took a glass and filled it with water, “and it’s not like you’re always available when I need your help,” you took a few gulps of the water. He glared at you from across the kitchen island, “and I’ve been such a useless boyfriend for you?” You sighed, you didn’t know that the words you tried to say came out wrong, “I didn’t mean it that way, I just-” you paused to set down your glass and came up to him, “I understand that you’re busy and I don’t want to disturb you with things that I can do myself, that’s all,” you kindly explained to him. He glared at you, “have you ever thought that maybe I want to be needed?” “Of course!” You exclaimed, “I need you, and you’re here now and that’s enough for me,” you rubbed his arm and moved down to take his hand in yours. “And you think I can’t spare a few minutes just to pick you up instead of that stupid co-worker of yours?” He snapped, he didn’t raise his voice but it was sharp and loud enough to echo around the room. “Why are you dragging him into the conversation? We’re talking about us and our relationship here?!” You snapped back at him, completely frustrated. His hand hit the table so hard you jolted at the loud noise, “because you choose that co-worker instead of asking your useless boyfriend to pick you up!” You sighed in frustration that the conversation had gotten out of hand, you took a deep breath and collected your purse from the kitchen island, “Stop talking to me!” You pushed a hand on his chest before leaving. He was quick to catch you by your wrist, “where are you going?” He sounded so bitter when he asked you. You let go of his hold, “Leave me alone!” You snarled at him. “We’re not done!” He snapped again, his chest heaving rapidly. “Leave me alone before one of us says anything we didn’t mean and hurt each other,” you warned him again and stormed off to your bedroom, then slammed the door behind you. You walked to the bathroom and stripped off all of your clothes that were reek with the various stench from the company dinner clung to the fabric. You were already too tired from the day’s hard work, and now that you argued with your boyfriend, you felt completely devastated. You held back your tears and quickly turned on the shower and tried to wash the unfortunate away off you.
Changbin had been pacing around the living room out of frustration, he kept replaying the arguments you had a little while ago in his head and overanalyzing every word he said to you. The more he thought about it, the more he hated himself for making you upset. He knew you were tired yet he kept on driving you up the wall. He knocked on your bedroom door, but there was no reply, he was ready to get down on his knees to apologize to you but you were nowhere in the bedroom. He heard the faint sound of water running in the bathroom and shortly opened the door to find you showering behind the glass partition of the shower stall. You were washing your hair, suds flowing down the end of your hair, and your head tipped upward, letting the stream of warm water hit your face and flow down your naked body. Changbin sighed at the wondrous sight, he felt the tension he had earlier slipping away from him. He remembered your warning but couldn’t stop himself from wanting to be with you. He hastily took off his clothes and pushed the door open to the shower stall. The steam of the warm water wafted through him until the back of your body was visible to him, he impatiently put his hands around your waist. You were taken by surprise, you looked over your shoulder and saw Changbin with his eyes closed, as the shower raining down on him and both of your bodies. He opened his eyes and found you staring at him, “let me do it for you,” his hand took the bar of soap you were holding. You handed it to him, he looked down over your shoulder as he started to lather your chest with soap until suds formed on your skin, his mouth was pressed on your bare shoulder as his hand moved down to your abdomen. He rubbed the soap on his hand until a big mass of suds formed and set down the soap, he started to lather the suds on his skin with both hands. You hummed at the way he softly rubbed your skin, you placed your hand on his as one hand glided down your thigh, “you’re so soft all over,” he cooed with a tender kiss on your neck. You turned your head to the side to meet his, he was quick to catch your lips in his. He tightened his hands around you, pushed you close against his chest. You tasted a mix of his saliva and water on his kiss. “I’m sorry,” he said to you the moment he broke this kiss. Your heart sank at the way he delivered his apology, he sounded so sad and felt sorry for himself as well. You took his hands in yours, placed your fingers in between the spaces of his fingers, “I’m sorry too,” you told him. “I’m the one at fault here, baby,” he muttered with lips grazing your neck as he spoke. You pulled him to the side and turned your body to face him, the water from the shower raining down the side of your body. You shook your head at him, “I was wrong to say that you weren’t there when I need you,” you uttered to him, and now that you said it you realized it was cruel for you to say that to him. With tears pooling in your eyes, you said, “I’m sorry if I ever made you feel that I didn’t need you,” you took his hands in yours and clasped them together, “I will always need you but your presence meant a lot more to me and that’s enough.” He softly smiled at you, “I’m sorry, I raised my voice at you, for mad at you over stupid things. I’ll try to always be there when you need me,” he brought your hand close to his mouth and kissed the back of your hand, “I love you,” he muttered. You felt butterflies at his confession, your hand reached for his head and pushed back the hair that stuck to his face. “Why don’t you say it back?” He asked you, biting his lower lip waiting for your answer. You softly giggled, “I love you,” you said back with your eyes looking deep into his eyes. Changbin felt a wave of relief wash over him at your words of affirmation that he rushed to pull you into a hug. You threw your hands around his neck and leaned in to kiss him. Things were heating up in no time, Changbin tightened his hold around you while kissing you so hard you caused you to stagger back until your back hit the glass partition. He smirked when he got you
pinned, “tell me how I got mad at you when you are this lovely?” He muttered, his hard-on slapping your thigh as he spoke. You giggled at his praise, “to be honest, I like it when you’re mad,” you told him. He raised an eyebrow at you. You placed your hands on his shoulders, “You’re so hot when you’re mad,” you boldly admitted. “Should I be mad at you again then?” He asked while pressing his crotch at you against the glass partition. You gasped at the unexpected move, “you don’t have to. I always find you hot no matter what,” you answered, eyes fixated on him. He smacked his lips, his hands glided down from your hips to the back of your thighs. Changbin always likes how small you are in his hold, so frail and delicate that he got so afraid that he might break you. He got so aroused by it, and when he looked down at your glistening wet body, dotted with beads of water and that blushing fold between your legs, he couldn’t restrain himself. You cursed under his breath, gripping his length in his hand, he teased your throbbing core with the tip of his cock. You watched as he slowly ran the tip down your slit with your hands on his chest muscle, pulsating under your palm. He lifted your leg as he began to position his cock at your entrance, and you hooked your leg around his. When he finally filled you with his whole length, he buried his head in your neck, sank his mouth on your flesh to muffle his groans. When he pulled his head to meet your gaze, he said, “I am so mad right now,” he grunted and hoisted you up against the wall with his hands on the back of your thighs. You gasped with your hands clutching on around his neck for support, somehow that little maneuver of his launched him deeper into you. He looked up at you to finish his sentence, “for wanting to fuck you so hard,” he suddenly thrust into you so hard that there was a loud sound as your back hits the glass partition. “Well, if that’s the case, I won’t be accepting your apology,” you replied with a smirk. The constant sound of shower running was replaced by the occasional thumping sound of his hard, rough pounding into you against the glass partition, his mouth helplessly sucking on your flesh when he wasn’t letting out raw groans after each thrust. Your hands found solace on the sopping dark hair of his, gently tugging and pulling at it. His mouth eventually found your breast, and he didn’t waste time to take it into his mouth, you looked at the way his full lips wrapped nicely around your nipple. He picked up the pace while maintaining his thrusts as deep and hard, hitting you right in the spot every single time that your climax came in no time. He felt you clenching around him, sucking him in deeper and putting him closer to his sweet release. He sloppily thrust into you a few more times to finally reach his high, he slowed his movements and stayed buried inside you. You tipped his head upward so you could plant a kiss on his open mouth, switching between sucking on his upper and lower lip. He was too fucked out to return a proper kiss to you. When he regained some strength, he held your head, “are you okay?” Worried that he might have thrust into you too hard your head hit the wall. You nodded, “If I knew that the make-up sex would be this good, I’d make you mad every once in a while,” you jokingly said. He chuckled, “shall we fight about how you always wear such tight, short skirts to work then?” he teased. You scoffed, “it’s tight, yeah, but it’s not that short, oh my God!” You grumbled on and on about it until Changbin hastily shut your argument with his kiss.
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incorrectskzquotes · an hour ago
Felix: Uno is based on luck.
Felix: unless I win of course.
Felix: Then it's based on strategy and I'm a genius.
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leons-7 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Babushka racha 🪆✨
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lotus-dly · 15 hours ago
mistletoe kiss
pairing: lee minho x reader
genre: winter elements, christmas party antics, friends to lovers, unrequited love (if you blink), slight angst, jealousy
Tumblr media
“I dare you to kiss someone under the mistletoe.”
Your heart fell as you heard the dare directed towards Minho. Your eyes fell to the carpet as you felt his body stiffen slightly next to you.
You felt the familiar sting behind your eyes at the sound of Minho’s nervous laugh. 
‘There’s no way he would pick you.’
Before you would have to succumb to the embarrassment of not being the one that your best friend chose, you quietly slipped away from your group of friends, muttering something about having to go to the bathroom. You thought no one would notice your absence as they continued to tease Minho about who he would pick. However, as you left the room you were unaware of the concern swimming in Minho’s gaze as he watched you leave the room. 
You didn’t want to watch him kiss someone else, someone that wasn’t you. 
Ever since Jisung had suggested playing truth or dare you knew it wasn’t going to end well. All of your friends knew about the feelings that you have harbored for your best friend for some time now. It hurt you a little knowing that Jisung had even given him that dare in the first place. Mostly because you knew he wouldn’t pick you.
‘He’d never pick you.’ 
The plan was to wait out the rest of the game or even the party in the bathroom and to make up some excuse that you weren’t feeling well. Whether it be the alcohol or the abundance of Felix’s cookies that you had scarfed down earlier that night, either way you had to come up with something. 
But what you heard before you left the room had you stopping in your tracks.
“Hurry up dude, just go kiss her already.”
Your feet moved and within seconds you found yourself outside.
Your tears fell softly in tandem with the snow around you as you left the apartment. The cool wind enveloped body as you made your way down the stairs and away from the apartment complex, trying desperately not to think about the person Minho was potentially kissing at the moment.
You had left in such a haste that you had forgotten your jacket resting over the arm of the couch, silently cursing yourself for not grabbing it. However, nothing not even the cold could distract you from the familiar ache that settled in your chest once more. 
Your arms wrapped slightly around yourself as an unsuspecting gust of wind brushed against your already shivering frame, trying to bring some form of earth to your body. Maybe you could just find a cafe nearby for the time being?
However, the distant call of your name had you stopping in your tracks, eyes hesitantly glancing back at the figure approaching you. The sound of heavy thumping against the concrete ceased as Minho came to a stop in front of you. His cheeks and nose red from the cold as his chest rose and fell harshly from running. Your eyes glanced down, heart clenching slightly in your chest at the sight of your coat tucked against his side. 
His eyes widened slightly at the sight of you. He moved quickly to wrap your jacket around you, carefully making sure it was zipped up before stepping slightly away from you to bring his hands up to your face. Minho’s skin was warm against your cheeks as he gently wiped the remains of your fallen tears away. 
“Talk to me,” as he urged, gently pulling your body towards his until you were tucked against his frame.
You shook your head slightly, as you gaze flickered to the snow covered pavement and away from his soft brown eyes. 
He sighed as he gently grasped your chin, tilting your head to look at him. 
“I’m sorry if you were uncomfortable.”
“You don’t have to--.”
“I wanted it to be you,” he confessed, shyly looking away from you. 
Your eyes widened slightly at the confession. 
“M-Me,” you stuttered out.
His eyebrows furrowed slightly.
“Yes,” he breathed.
You blinked slowly up at him as you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. He was actually going to kiss you?
“You were going to kiss me?”
His nose wrinkled slightly as a playful glint appeared in his eyes, “Well I wasn’t going to kiss any of the guys.”
You giggled softly as you leaned forward nuzzling softly against his jaw. 
“No but you could have kissed anyone else there,” you whispered. 
“Why would I do that when I want you,” he spoke softly, a hint of fondness lacing his words. 
You felt you cheeks heat. A moment of silence passed between the two of you. The only sounds being heard is that of your own heart beating out of your chest against the silence of the cold winter night. You felt Minho’s hand squeeze your arm softly.
“Look up,” he whispered.
You pulled away from his warmth, a small gasp slipping from your lips as your eyes came in contact with the plant he held above you.
“If it’s alright, I would like to kiss you under the mistletoe now,” he teased. 
You laughed softly at him before wrapping your arms around his neck, heart thumping loudly against your chest. 
“Then kiss me.”
part 2 of SKZ Winter Wonderland Series
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aemoonie · 5 hours ago
skz - first dates with them ! ‧₊˚
「 mlist 」
a/n: as requested <3 cw: food mention. lino being weird.
Tumblr media
✦:˒ Chan◞⁺☆.
he'd love date nights in. he's a busy guy with lots to do, and he'd lie if he said he wouldn't appreciate a good home-cooked meal and a movie marathon. and being the gentleman he is, he'd let you pick the food and the film, even if he had to torture himself through the watch-time. it's a good thing that movie nights are a safe way to build up the opportunity for a little bit of body contact. so he'd slowly work his way from just brushing your arm to putting his around your shoulders. and maybe later, changbin would find you two fast asleep in each other's arms, but that remains secret (especially if binnie wants to live another day).
✦:˒ Lino◞⁺☆.
he'd either be a little secretive about it, or he'd let you choose what to do, but tease you endlessly. he'd whine about every suggestion you'd make until you tell him to just go grab something to eat. his face would change immediately, and he'd utter a small "okay", before taking your hand and leading you into the cold night. the way he grabbed your hand, as if he'd done it a million times before, flustered you, and he could tell. he'd have a hard time hiding his satisfied grin in the dark of the night. minho would just love hanging out with you, and in reality, he could care less about what you suggested to him. he'd just be happy to drag you anywhere, and he'd be completely content sitting in a fast-food restaurant until one in the morning.
✦:˒ Changbin◞⁺☆.
he'd attempt to plan things out for you, but since he isn't much of a planner after all, he'd ultimately result in what he knows best: music. if you like who he picked out, he'd be insanely happy to take you to a concert, whether it be small or on the larger side. he'd like the intimacy if you two squeeze yourselves between the shoulders of strangers in a tiny bar, completely mesmerized by whoever decided to sing a song that night. but in larger crowds, he'd enjoy the chance to hold your hand and keep you close, making sure you are good and in his reach. it would be hard to forget a night like this, full of small glances and soft smiles under the mellow light.
✦:˒ Hyunjin◞⁺☆.
he'd invite you to a local café, and his mind is already two years ahead of time. he'd be thinking about how many times you could return to this café until you'd call the table your usual spot, and until the baristas knew your orders by heart. mentally he has been prepared for this for what feels like his whole life. but when you open your apartment door, you face a nervous hyunjin, with his hands in his pockets and a sheepish smile on his lips. lucky for him, the date went as well as it could, so good in fact that you did make the baristas fall in love with you two right away. and hyunjin couldn't even hide his triumphant grin when he paid, making the employees chuckle amongst themselves.
✦:˒ Jisung◞⁺☆.
the type of guy to invite you to almost anything. and one day you'd talk about it with a friend and they'd ask you since when you've been dating him. you'd have so much fun with him that you wouldn't realize you've kinda been going out with him a lot. so next time you'd sit across from him at a café grabbing some food, you'd cause him to ask you if he got something on his face, or just looked especially handsome today. he'd be left puzzled at your suddenly flustered demeanor, as he'd always known you to be up for a good joke. but it'd be quickly his turn to be flustered when you blurt out you like him, successfully turning the semi-dates into confirmed couple activities.
✦:˒ Felix◞⁺☆.
he wouldn't like to admit it, but he'd feel shy. he's been having such a good time with you as a friend, the step to being more than that feels huge to him. and now he feels insanely silly, with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, waiting for you to answer the door. he had got you tickets to the movies and just now he seems to realize that he stole his ideas from every romance movie ever made. but you appear behind the door before he could mentally curse himself further, beaming with delight. "wow, you really went all out, lover boy." you giggle, and felix would realize at that moment that his fears are unfounded. your teasing and laughter are still the same, you are still the same, and now he has the chance to make you girlfriend, something he has been waiting so long for.
✦:˒ Seungmin◞⁺☆.
he'd go for the classic date at a local museum. he'd follow you around from sculptures to paintings, to questionable-looking installations. and the way you either are mesmerized or poke fun at them made his heart flutter too much for him to handle. but seungmin is growing tired of running after you. so when you'd stop once more to take in a different painting, he'd take your hand before you could run off again. and his plan of making you the flustered one succeeds as you shyly look to the ground. his hand feels warm as it is holding yours, and now it was his turn to tug you towards a new piece of art, to which you awkwardly follow, praying that he doesn't hear your heart pounding in your chest.
✦:˒ Jeongin◞⁺☆.
it would be another friends-to-lovers thing with him since almost every night either you'd show up at his place or he'd come to yours to play games. the boys would already snicker behind your backs about how much time you two spend together, but unbeknownst to you, they already would be under the impression you two are dating. so when you'd talk to chan and jisung in the kitchen, their eyes would almost pop out of their heads when you said you were single. "but - what about innie?" chan asks, resulting in you awkwardly look from one pair of eyes to the other. "what about him?" and needless to say, the both of them are the reason you would finally call the hangouts with him dates.
© aemoonie
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neo-shitty · 15 hours ago
star lost — b.c
Tumblr media
description. in which you find out the hard way that leaping off of skyscrapers was one of the ideal dates of the sky god’s favorite son. (inspired by star lost, to be very specific the 2:30 mark and onward — sequel to gladius maximus )
pairing. son of zeus!bang chan x gender-neutral reader who can see through the mist
genre. fluff, pjo!au, *gasps* established relationship!au
warnings. if you’re scared of heights, you can skip this one :]
word count. 1.3k
notes. my favorite mc returns!! i was working on another fic but i got the idea for this during a drive around the city and i just had to write it down :(( also, i wrote this on the night of your birthday. take it as a little gift from me. belated happy birthday bub! @lixiesbabyhands​  
Tumblr media
“Just trust me, okay?” Chan asks, snapping you back into focus when he grips your hand — warm even on a winter night. You look up and find him staring down at you, his own eyes bright with excitement while yours were dull with growing anxiousness. 
“Okay,” you answer, your breath fogging up the air in the space between you.
A gust sweeps through the helipad and a chill runs down your spine. This high up, you were closer to the stars than to the ground. Seoul City looked like series lights sprawled out on the living room floor minutes before you hung it on the Christmas tree. There were occasionally flickers and color changes, dim lights and worn out ones. You could spend the whole night breathing in the view of the city but it wasn’t what you were here for. Your hamstrings burned from the climb up the tallest structure in the vicinity, and if you backed out now, all your leg work would go to waste. 
“Are you ready?” 
No. The answer comes easily, a switch flipped by your raw honesty. You were beyond terrified, imagining everything that could go wrong from here. What if the winds don’t answer to Chan’s call because they have other things to do? It was winter now and there were blizzards to be blown and storms to be stirred. Backing out suddenly started seeming like the more plausible option. But your own curiosity has your fear in a headlock. You could try it now and you wouldn’t have to do it again if you didn’t like it. There was no way to find out if you wouldn’t like it unless you tried it, right?  
And there was no way to tell anything if you’re nothing but splatter on the sidewalk.
You come into a consensus with your last thought. If the odds aren’t in your favor, don’t risk it. Your mind clears before it reels into panic when you catch sight of Chan. His eyes glinted in the night, excitement overflowing and you still — breath hitching when you realized you were nodding both internally and physically.
“No. Chan, wait!” Your words fall on deaf ears. Chan’s lips twist into a smile before he steps, yanking you forward as he breaks into a sprint. Your mind registers the action late and before you know it you’re tripping over your own feet as your body twists as your center of gravity is tugged the opposite way. 
The cool December breeze nips on your skin and you shiver, breath falling short as your eyes catch a glimpse of the skyline. The night sky was a blanket of darkness up high, littered with specks of starlight. The city lights mirrored it below, burning brighter as you inched closer to the edge. The end of the building was a few strides away and your vision narrows, mentally paralyzed by your own fear. But your feet move on their own accord, choosing its own curiosity over your paranoia. 
Trust Chan, you told yourself, feeling the warmth of his palm against yours. 
Nope. Nope. Nope. You hear Chan’s light laugh and picture his eyes disappearing into thin lines as he breaks into a dimpled smile. Trust Chan. 
His legs bend at the last second, springing himself off the edge of the helipad. At times like this, you’re petrified that despite your perfect capability to think, the monkey-see-monkey-do principle proves itself true. You take the leap of faith, both of your feet leaving the solid floor of the helipad. And just like that you were falling.
For a moment you hover for as long as your jump lasts, suspended in a space equidistant from the sky and the ground. Buildings that made your neck ache when you looked up to them were nothing but tall blocks, cars that clogged the roads for hours every night were nothing but ants congo-lining to the nearest less congested street. City traffic never looked so good. You wanted to stay there forever.
Your stomach churns as gravity hooks itself to your body again after the leap. Unlike the cartoons, gravity’s pull was fast. Your balance tips, body tilting until you were diving in open air, the helipad of the tallest building in Seoul as your diving board. You feel your insides being misplaced, rearranged by the force tugging you downwards. 
Your eyes happen on the glass panels of the skyscraper, your reflections a blur on the smooth black surface but you make out the smile plastered on Chan’s face. He twists in the air, turning you to him with a tug of your arm. He lost his cap some time during the fall, dark curls free of restraint and ruffled by the wind. You’re unsure if the thumping in your rib cage was from the sight of him or from the disorientation of seeing the sky below your feet. 
Chan pulls you to him, snaking an arm around your waist to press you against him. “Hold on tight!” He yells through the wind, your arms automatically hooking around his neck. 
You were falling together, a spear slicing through the air and you’re falling faster and faster. The grand view narrows, disappearing behind other skyscrapers and you don’t realize how close you are to the ground until you see it rushing up to meet you when you look up. 
“Chan!” Your eyes flutter shut and you brace yourself for impact.
But it never comes. Your breath hitches as you’re swooped upward, saved from becoming a blot of blood and insides on the pavement. You were flying sideways when you pry your eyes open, no longer falling to your deaths off the side of a skyscraper. Buildings tower over you again and you exhale a breath of relief that you’re close to the ground again. You sail through the streets of Seoul over a river of metal car roofs and black asphalt. 
You wonder what the people see through the Mist. You guess that it’d be a flock of birds flying through city streets where they shouldn’t be, or whatever their eyes wanted them to see. Often you longed for a normal life, without having to see otherworldly creatures walking among people. But a normal life didn’t include this and your eyes drift back to Chan. 
Car horns go off behind you and you’re far past them before the sound reaches your ear. The city quiets as you round a corner, buildings replaced by open air and arcs of metal with warm lights hanging off them. You realize you were flying over one of the bridges crossing the Han River when Chan makes a turn and follows the river itself. The wind stills, no longer howling in your ear like earlier as you drift over more peaceful territory. 
Below you the river is tranquil, mirroring the sky full of stars high above with the city lights on its surface.
“Can we get any lower?” you ask, your voice quiet, vocal box lost somewhere down the fall earlier.
Chan glances at you momentarily. “Can’t sorry. River monsters don’t like me.” A laugh escapes your lips but you don’t say anything else, drinking in the view of the city from a vantage point you only saw through drone cameras. “It wasn’t that scary right?”
You tear your eyes away from the glittering water and catch Chan’s gaze, bright and warm unlike the chilly atmosphere around you. “It felt just like skydiving without the safety gear.”
His eyebrows furrow, forehead wrinkling. “I am your safety gear.”
“You’re a hazard, Bang Chan. What are the odds that your father would shoot us out of the sky?”
“Little.” He answers. “But that’s assuming that he likes you.”
The winds bend and you fly slower, drifting through the open air in silence. Just you, Chan, and the sky of infinite stars that stretched out in every direction your eyes could see.
Tumblr media
© neo-shitty, 2021 | feedback is appreciated! feel free to leave them in the replies, tags, or in my inbox. thanks for reading! :) 
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hyunjinniesbbygirl · 11 hours ago
“Red Light, Green Light...”
Tumblr media
Word Count: 441 words
Pairing: Bangchan x Female Reader
Genre: Smut Drabble
Warnings: protected sex, established relationship
Synopsis: Y/N is riding Bangchan whilst playing a spicy game of red light/green light.
“Green light…”, he breathed against the shell of my ear as I felt his lips curve into a smirk.
One palm flat against the swell of his chest, nails digging into his skin. The other hand moving up the back of his neck and gripping onto strands of his dark hair as my hips began to swivel back and forth over his again at the sudden command.
We had been at the this for at least thirty minutes. I hadn’t quite made up my mind on whether the dinner table suggestion from earlier to try edging each other this way was for his benefit or mine yet.
My thought process was quickly cut off by a husky moan falling from his pretty lips.
The slow burn of a climax was working its way to the surface once again, but the clenching wall of my core around his member gave away just how close I was to getting that long-awaited release.
“Uh, uh, uh… red light, Y/N”
“Bangchan… please I’m so close.”
The grip his hands had on my hips tightened to halt the movement of my hips, but there was little to no success in the attempt.
“Y/N, I believe I said red light…” his words trailing off into a low moan.
I drove my hips deeper, feeling the head of his cock hit my cervix, earning another guttural noise to leave his throat and a few more feeble attempts to slow the very movements that were bring him such pleasure.
I pull my head up from its resting place on his shoulder and placed it on his forehead, locking eyes with his now black irises.
“But do you really want me to stop…” mouth stretching into my own devious grin as I watch his eyes roll back.
“Red… light…” The words falling out between weakened pants and moans.
“Hmm, louder baby, I can’t hear you.”
“Red.. red.. light.”
Picking up the pace from my slow, teasing movements, I feel the familiar twitch of his member inside me indicating he was beginning to reach his high.
“Tell me when you’re getting close… this game isn’t over yet” he growls.
“I’m close…”
“Me too… Green light” he moans out as he releases into me.
“You’re so unfair you know that.” Bangchan remarks looking up at me with hazy eyes.
“Hey, don’t blame me you suggested the game… can’t help that I know how to play it” I winked.
Bangchan rolled us over encaging me in his arms.
“We will see about that…” his free hand working its fingertips over my swollen clit earning a few jolts from my body in reaction to the overstimulation.
“Rematch then?” 
His mouth trailing wet kisses down my body until his fingertips were replaced with his tongue. 
He lifts his head after drawing a few small, slow circles. 
“Green light.” chuckling before dropping his head back down to continue his agonisingly slow movements. 
A/N: This is my first smutty drabble I am writing and posting to the interwebs so I hope you enjoy it xx. 
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trashseobin · 4 hours ago
Hi so I don't know if you do reactions so if you don't then just pick one member however how do you think each skz member would do aftercare?
Hello! I think some give aftercare and some would need the aftercare so I have written it accordingly. I do enjoy writing these reactions!
· Chan asks you what you want him to do as there’s a multiple different aftercare options
· Whether it is wiping you with a damp warm towel, running a bath or getting you something to eat.
· Chan wants to thank you for getting through a rough night of sex with multiple orgasms
· Also wants to apologise for some naughty things he said in the moment which now make his cheeks flush adorably.
· Once you’re all cleaned up and in bed, he snuggles into your body heat.
· Loves when you pepper his face with kisses, you love it too as you get to hear him laugh.
· You both doze off together bodies tangled together.
Lee Know:
· Once you’re finished Minho comes back from the bathroom and wipes your mascara that has smudged from under your eyes.
· He thinks you’re gorgeous as you are but wants you to lay down for a moment as he can see how exhausted you are.
· But after ten 5 minutes he starts whining that he is hungry.
· You end up taking a quick shower together, helping each other wash up as you wait for your food.
· Later you two can be found eating your favourite take away on the couch as you snuggle watching the k drama you two have been binging lately.
· I am so soft for this man..maybe as he is my bias. (so, this is going to be more ‘me’ than ‘you’. Sorry tehehe)
· I imagine falling onto his body after cumming and snuggling into his chest trying to catch my breath after the best SEX EVER (WINKEU)
· Slowly he get’s up with me clinging onto him like a koala.
· Placing me on the bathroom counter he goes and starts to run a bath with a lavender bath bomb.
· Both of us just getting in the bath and my back placed against his chest.
· Body praising would just fall from this man’s lips as he cleans you up gently.
· Peppering your face with soft, gentle kisses to make you giggle.
· He would talk so much trying to keep your mind off the bruises forming at your hips and collarbones.
· You guys just look at each other in awe of the other and how they made you feel. You move strands of hair way from his face.
· Also, would want to watch kdramas but you would eventually fall asleep together snuggled into his chest.
· Tries his best not to get hard again staring at your nude body especially your breasts.
· Needs to shower but he lazy and basically crawls there with you trailing behind.
· After the shower he pouts, asking you to dress him as he is way too tired.
· Probably needs some food.
· You order some food after going through multiple options of being indecisive.
· Han most likely falls asleep while waiting for the food.
· Runs a bath
· Gives you soft, reassuring smiles
· Felix massages look so good, I think he would 100% give you one to make sure you don’t get sore tomorrow even though he would love to watch you limp around the dorm.
· Feeds you brownies
· You’re spooning as you cockwarming him and he is whining as you move and try to get out of his grip.
· “Pup, I need to shower”
· He whines but follows you to the shower. Cuddling you throughout which is annoying seeing as you have cum on your chest.
· Helps you in the shower as it is an excuse to keep touching you.
· That big cute smile returns when you’re in bed and he nuzzles his face into your neck, cuddling you again.
· “Noona” he smiles cuddling you. He has waited patiently for you to come down from your high.
· He beams when he hears words of praise as you tell him how good he made you feel.
· Knows what you need and gets it for you including a damp towel, clean clothes and food.
· Cleans the clothes on the floor up and make sure everything is ok before he joins your sleeping figure back in bed.
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