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#skz headcanons
chanswifey · 2 days ago
Prompt #5
Giggly cuddles
Kim Seungmin x gn!reader
Synopsis: your boyfriend takes care of you when you get sick
Author's note: i wrote this yesterday after finishing the one for jeongin, it's short but i think its cute. Next i will be doing lee know, wish me luck cause he is really hard to read, hope you guys like this one and remember, your feedback is really important to me 💕
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You had promised Seungmin you would hang with him at the dorms that day, but you suddenly didn't feel well, you woke up that morning and your whole body hurt. "Crap!" You thought, you were really looking foward to spending time with your boyfriend and the boys, you crawled out of bed for enough time to make yourself a cup of tea to help you swallow some aspirin in hopes that it would make your body stop aching, next thing you did was phone your boyfriend.
  "I'm so sorry baby" you said, your throat hurting after every word.
  "Don't worry, i will be with you soon, we can still spend time together and i will keep an eye on you, okay?" He said, not giving you time to disagree before ending the call. He knew you would argue with him to make him stay away, you don't want him to end up getting sick, but it never stopped him anyway. You forced yourself to shower and brush your teeth before falling into your bed again.
The dorms weren't really far so in a few minutes he was already at your door, and the walk from your room to the front door was the worst walk in your life. You opened the door and he had a little pot on his hands.
  "Hyunjin and Felix asked me to give you this" he said indicating the pot he was carrying. The pot was inside a plastic bag and there was a note on it. You opened and it said in very big letters GET WELL SOON, LOSER. "it's soup."
  "How sweet... thank them for me", you were used to all the teasing and planned on getting back at them as soon as possible for this.
  He made you sit down and served you the soup, you ate and felt yourself get warm inside. Seungmin took the chair next to you and just watched you as you ate.
  "Creep." You teased.
  "Shut up."
  "You will get sick."
  "I don't care. Now eat."
  After you finished he helped you get back in bed, you already could feel yourself getting better. He tucked you in and put on a movie for you before heading back to the kitchen. After finishing the dishes he got in bed with you. Your head was starting to hurt so when he laid down with you, you wrapped your arms around his waist, your head in the curve of his neck.
  A few minutes later you were almost asleep, you moved a bit trying to get more comfortable. Seungmin left out a chuckle. You ignored it, thinking maybe it was because of the movie.
You moved again. Another little giggle.
  "What are you laughing at?" You asked.
  "Nothing.. " he said, hugging you back harder.
Another move. Another giggle.
  "Seriously, what is going on??" You insisted, confused.
  "Your hair keeps tickling me!!" he said, chuckling once again.
You laughed, and looked at him for a second before going on top of him and getting into full tickle fight mode that may or may not have turned into a make out session that ended up with you having to babysit him the next week cause he got sick too.
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stray-kids-react · 23 days ago
Crush doesn't think he likes them
*FWB mentioned in Hyunjin's*
Bang Chan
Tumblr media
- Why -
° You were Jisung's best friend which meant you visited Stray kid's quite often, you met them when the survival show first aired and when you a Jisung were still minors or considered quite young.
° You had a crush on Chan, it started small but began eating you alive after only a few weeks. But in your eyes, he was a more mature man who would probably just see you as a younger friend. Even though it was a small age gap, it was still a gap that you always noticed.
° You over heard from Jisung (who had no idea about your crush) that Chan would go for someone older and that he's a bit self conscious that he's the oldest member. This just sealed your insecure thoughts, making you realize you truly didn't have a chance with Bang Chan.
° Jisung told you this during Double Knot era, and you started to distance yourself from Chan slowly ever since he told you that. It hurt too much to talk to your crush, knowing he'd never see you in the same light as him.
° Chan started to notice the lack of your happy energy in his studio, realizing that days were starting to turn into weeks. And he honestly didn't want to see it turn into months, Chan often saw you in his studio, playing on your phone and telling him about your day.
° Your little praises and whines whenever he played a song or refused to play a song he was working on, started playing in his head making him miss you more. He went to call your number, when he realized that he was starting to see you in a new light... Not realizing how much you meant to him.
-What happened-
° You got a small knock on your apartment door, you assumed it was Yeji coming to pick you up for a surprise girls night. But you were surprised to see Bang Chan standing there with a wolf plushie in his hands.
"Chan, what are you doing here?" You asked, taking the plushie from him as he sat down on your couch.
"I missed you, a lot." He explained, looking at you like a sad lost puppy.
° You paused the movie you were watching, glancing at him a few times as you sat there silently not knowing what to say. You couldn't tell him why you've been ignoring him without sounding selfish or immature.
"Have you been ignoring me on purpose? I need to know so I can apologize for whatever I did or said that upset you." Chan muttered, truly thinking he offended you in some way.
"I am sorry for whatever happened, I just want you to know that I miss you a lot. I didn't realize how much you meant to me until I didn't see you for a few weeks. I really missed out little chats, and your praises." He continued, making your heart shatter in a way he never knew.
° Small streams of tears trickled down your cheeks, making Chan slightly panic. He rethought everything he just said and wondered if he offended you in any way, he was used to apologizing since he was such a punching bag to netizens.
"You didn't do anything bad Chan, I'm just being really selfish. I really like you, I always have but I know that I don't have a chance with you. And it stung really bad, so I tried to distance myself to make it hurt less. Not realizing it would hurt you if I disappeared for a bit. " You explained, feeling his warm hand rub circles into your back.
"But you do have a chance with me, I literally came over here to apologize and confess my crush on you." Chan reassured, smiling softly when you looked up at him with surprise.
"Crush on me?" You asked, not believing his words.
° Chan knew you'd think he's just confessing out pity, so he made sure you knew he was being genuine. So he pressed a small kiss to your nose, cheeks, and head. Wrapping his strong around around your waist to pull you closer, he noticed you softly shiver at kisses.
"Yeah, a crush on you." He whispered, pecking your lips quickly.
Lee Know
Tumblr media
- Why -
° You were a staff member, you mostly worked with Stray Kids and often styled Minho and Changbin. Minho was known to be one of the visuals of Stray kids, while you didn't see yourself as beautiful at all.
° You didn't have the ideal body type, you weren't fit, and you didn't have a gentle laugh or perfect manners like many desired women did in the movies and magazines. You acknowledged that you were different, and you knew that your chances with Minho were very slim.
° Your confidence was constantly being beaten down by your work mates, all of them saying no make up could save your case. It became and inside joke, an inside joke that ruined your confidence quite a bit. You practically had none left at this point.
° You were helping Minho get styled his upcoming stage, you were done and both of you had quite a bit of time to spare before the stage was ready. Minho simply sat back on his phone, occasionally glancing up at you as you cleaned your brushes and organized them.
° Minho found you adorable, he actually requested to only go to you for styling just so he could hang around you longer. He'd try to flirt with you on many occasions, unbuttoning a few too many buttons or "accidently" pushing his zippers too far down.
° That's why it came as a surprise when he heard another stylist begin to nit pick at your looks, saying you were hopeless. There were so many managers near by, but they didn't step in at all. You were being harassed and insulted infront of many idols and staff members, and no one did anything.
-What happened-
"Don't talk to y/n like that." Minho stepped in, surprising both you and the other stylist.
° You didn't even think Minho knew your name, and yet here he was sticking up for you. It felt nice to be stood up for and be reassured that you weren't a hopeless waste of life, especially from someone you'd consider a crush.
"We were just joking around, no need to get all serious and defensive." The stylist informed, coming off a bit snippy towards the idol which caused many eyes to drift towards the three of you.
"Y/n isn't laughing, and neither am I. So I'm going to take y/n away from your toxicity, and then I'm going to tell your boss about your behaviour after my performance." He snapped back, the subtle snippy attitude flying back at the stylist.
° Minho took you to an empty dressing room, shutting the door behind him. He noticed you were a bit stiff and tense as you sat up straight on the bench, he felt bad for not noticing the bullying sooner. Maybe you wouldn't be so hurt and burned now if he could've known sooner.
"Are you alright? Those words she said were pretty harsh." Minho asked, sitting beside you as his tone began to soften the more he spoke.
"Yeah, I'm used to that. They like to joke around with me, I guess I'm just a bit oversensitive. That's all." You defend, only making him feel worse for not stepping in earlier.
"Don't say that, you have every reason to be upset if you're treated like that. Especially since you don't deserve any ounce of it, you're a talented and gorgeous stylist who deserves nothing but respect." He countered, cupping your face in his hands so you'd look at him.
° His words wanted to make you crawl into a ball and cry, you stayed strong and only let the tears gloss your eyes slightly. No one has ever said something like this to you before, and it felt amazing. You would kiss him right then and there if it weren't for the underline fear of crossing a line.
"You're so nice, I really appreciate your kindness Minho. But you don't have to pity me-" You started, only getting interrupted when you felt soft warm lips press against yours softly.
° His lips felt like a warm blanket on the coldest of Winters, mixed with the fuzzy happiness you get when you receive a gift. It was magical, and you couldn't believe the kiss was with your crush, who was an idol with millions of fans who would die to be in your position.
"Do you think I'm pitying you now?" He asked, a playful smirk crossing his lips.
Tumblr media
- Why -
° Changbin was your crush, your crush throughout elementary til you graduated. But there was one very important issue with this, he was your best friend and also your other best friend's brother. That is why you and only you knew about your crush on him.
° The worst parts of being his best friend was when he decided to invite you guys to work out with him, which led to you nearly blowing your cover by drooling over him. Or whenever he went on a date with someone, and you had to act like you weren't totally heartbroken.
° You moved away after college, wanting to explore the world. And you only ever had to text or call your best friends rather then see them face to face, it had a lot less pressure. You thought you'd barely see them until holidays, but that's when you bumped into him...
° You were picking a new video game to try out, when you bumped shoulders with someone. When you turned to see who it was, you gasped aloud realizing it was Changbin.... Without his sibling too. You also knew that he broke up with his girlfriend four months ago, so your mind was racing.
° You both started chatting about life, Changbin admitting he was staying at a crappy motel. And your sweet and large heart, immediately made you suggest the idea of him moving in with you. Only regretting your choices when he agreed with his adorable smile that you cherished.
° So there you were, unboxing his stuff in your apartment, trying not to look at the old photos of him and his girlfriend for too long. You assumed he was still into her since he still had photos of her, which made your small amount of confidence fade into a distance.
- What happened -
° Changbin noticed the photos you unpacked, he accidently mixed up his trash box with a regular box. He was planning on burning those photos, but right now he had a lot more things to do before he could think about putting a match to his old toxic relationship.
"Sorry, I mean to burn those. I guess they got mixed up with the actual boxes." Changbin sighed, stealing the envelopes filled with his ex.
"What happened between you two, last time I checked you both were nearly engaged." You asked, remembering the time you cried cause he bought a ring for his ex.
"I found out she was actually engaged to another man the whole time, and had three children as well. I felt like a stupid piece of shit, I immediately apologized to her fiancé and told him I had no idea. Before I moved out and came here to try and heal." He explained, throwing his photos into your trash bin.
"Damn, that sucks. I'm so sorry Changbin, I can't imagine how hurt you must've been." You murmured, gently stroking arm as he tensed up under your touch.
° Changbin didn't look as hurt as you thought he would have, he must have healed up quite a bit over the four months. You still felt terrible that he was cheated on in such a dramatic manner, no one should have to find out the person they love was lying to them the entire time.
"Is there anything I could do to help?" You ask, surprised when you feel Changbin's arm snake around your waist.
"There is one thing." Changbin muttered, a playful glint sparkling in his eyes.
° You have seen this playful glint many times, whenever he teased you, pranked you, saw you blush, or even when you fell asleep on him that one time. But this look in his eyes was a bit different, you could tell there was some serious tendencies behind his boba eyes.
"W-what is it?" You stuttered, noticing his eyes continuing to flutter down to your lips.
° You felt his lips interlock with yours, as his fingers gently traced your jaw. His bracelet and cold rings sent shivers across your body from the coolness of them, but you heart made waves of heat flush through you when you realized what was actually happening.
"That." Changbin whispered, smiling at your breathless expression.
Tumblr media
- Why -
° You and Hyunjin were in the same group of friends throughout your school years, you wouldn't consider each other best friend's but you would definitely hang around each other and feel comfortable doing so. Around Senior year is when you started finding Hyunjin hot.
° You were invited to the dance studio to watch Hyunjin dance, he always wanted your opinions since you didn't sugar coat a lot of things. That trait was one of the many traits he adored about you, he also invited you over to make up for the loss time he ditched with you during school.
° The dance was... Racy. Lots of grinding, expressions that made you turn red, and crawling. It was much different than his usual free and loose dance solos that he showed off, this one seemed to be much more serious as if he were trying to tell you something.
° The song ended with him pressing you against the studio mirror, smirking gently when he heard your breath hitch in your throat by how close you two were. A rush of confidence flooded Hyunjin, and soon the music was replaced by the sounds of subtle whines and lips smacking together.
° That night was the start of many night where you and Hyunjin would get intimate without even knowing if you two found each other attractive enough to actually date. You two created a confusing mess that both of you hated but craved way too often.
° You both agreed to not tell anyone you two were friends with benefits, but your friends were a bit suspicious when they found Hyunjin's hoodie in the corner of your room. They thought you two were just crushing on each other, not knowing you both were a confused horny mess.
- What happened -
° You two finished your first round of the night, both of you knowing mentally that there would be at least one more. Both of your bare bodies were sweaty and burning hot, so Hyunjin opened his window to let some of the nighttime cool air begin to brush against your skin.
° You noticed that Hyunjin was different that night, he was much softer with you and continuously praised you in a much more heartwarming way. He even called you 'love', which you could tell he soon regretted and tried to forget about.
"Hyunjin, why'd you call me love?" You asked, semi hoping he'd confess his love to you.
"I guess I was just too into the moment, I'm sorry if it stressed you out." He murmured, his voice slightly raspy from the continuous noises he made.
"But you were also really gentle and sweet with me, plus you didn't look me in the eyes like you always do. I know something is up Hwang Hyunjin." You countered, watching him sigh as he passed you one of his shirts to wear.
"It's nothing... Let's just get some sleep." Hyunjin whispered, his eyes completely dull and filled with sadness.
° You knew Hyunjin quite well, something was bothering him. But you knew of you kept asking questions he'd grow frustrated just like many other people do. You wondered if he didn't want to continue this any longer, maybe he found someone who he actually wants to date.
"Hyunjin, do you want to end this?" You asked, watching his eyes perk up in surprise.
"I do, but not in the way you think." He answered, only making you more confused than you already were.
"I love you. And I know there is a 50% chance you don't love me back, but I'm willing to take that chance if it means that I can take you on a real date and get to be called your boyfriend. I've always loved you, but I didn't want to erase something good if it wouldn't get any better. " Hyunjin explained, making your heart skip a few beats.
"I love you too. I always have." You whisper, stroking your hand through his hair as his serious pout turned into a warm grin.
° You and Hyunjin may have not had any more rounds that night, but you both consider it to be one of the best days of your life. You were both too scared of rejection and filled with doubt, that you never realized the obvious crushed you both had on each other.
Tumblr media
° You had a very toxic and manipulative relationship, he cheated on you, verbally abused you, and bullied you for quite some time. You broke up with him after you found him sleeping in bed with your close friend, your heart completely shattered and destroyed.
° Throughout your journey of healing, you realized that you did have one person who had your back. And it was your ex's best friend Han Jisung, he visited you every day the moment you broke up with your ex. He always made sure you were doing okay, and really helped you heal.
° You overheard Jisung fighting with you ex over the phone, not referring to him as a friend anymore. In all honesty the way he treated you sickened Jisung enough to not want to be associated with him at all, especially since he knew you were such a kind and warm person.
° You grew attached to Jisung after a few months, but thanks to the verbal hell your ex put you through... You were convinced he would never go on a date with you. When in reality he was the original person who had a crush on you, your ex just made the first move.
° There were so many other choices that didn't have baggage with them, and he still decided to stick by your side and make sure you're alright. You didn't want to ruin his life, so you'd suggest distancing yourself but he'd always reassure you that you were never a bother.
° Jisung knew about your insecurities, so he wanted to show you his feelings in a very a romantic way. He just needed to plan it out, and buy the decorations, and make sure that you actually felt the same way so he didn't waste all of his money on this confession.
- What happened -
"Jisung! I'm here!" You called, placing your coat on his door hanger as you heard him rush into the living room.
"Just wait one second, I have to get some stuff ready." Jisung huffed, his eyes beaming with excitement.
"Why'd you invite me over if you weren't ready." You teased, sitting yourself on the edge of the couch
"Because I forgot how close you lived." Jisung reasoned, rushing back towards the bedroom to finish whatever he was so excited about.
° You heard a loud crash come from his bedroom, so your instincts kicked in and you rushed into the room. When you opened the door you Jisung on the floor rubbing head with a ladder laid flat next to him, but surrounding the man you've caught feelings for were banners that had 'I like you' written all over them.
° There was a small cheesecake on his table that was decorated in cake crumbs to form a heart on top of it. Your heart practically combusted by how cute everything was, this is all you've ever wanted when it came to a love life. Sweet cheesy antics that are sappy but make you tear up.
"Jisung... I don't know what to say." You whispered, very close to crying by how sweet he was.
"You don't have to say anything if you don't want to, I just wanted to let you know that I'd love to be your boyfriend." He murmured, gently swiping away your tears with his thumb.
° You originally liked Jisung before you started dating your ex, but you thought you didn't have a chance with him so you settled with your ex. You now deeply regret your decision to settle, since Jisung has the same feelings for you and had had them all along.
"I'm sorry for settling with my ex, I always liked you more. I just thought I never had a chance with you, I wish we could've dated earlier. Sim so sorry." You replied, smiling as he passed you a small teddy bear that he hid behind his back.
"It wasn't your fault y/n, all we can do now is just look forward to the future." Jisung reassured, pressing a small kiss to the tip of your nose.
° You appreciated how gentle and sweet Jisung was, but a kiss on the nose just wouldn't do for everything he has done for you. So you gently tipped his head down, before placing a cautious but warm kiss to his lips. Your heart doing flips when he pulled you closer by the waist.
Tumblr media
° People suck, but luckily Felix didn't. Felix was loved by everyone, many jokes being tossed around that he collects people like Pokémon cards. But they weren't far from the truth, Felix was a really sweet and adorable guy that you had a huge crush on... Too bad you've barely talked to him.
° You worked as a barista at a small but popular boba tea shop, Felix often ordered for his friends and was a usual customer. He recognized you, but neither of you really got the chance to sit down and talk even though he's been going to the boba shop for three years now.
° Felix loved when you were the one dealing with his orders, you always got it perfectly and added a small heart on the cup when you were finished. It was also a bonus that he found you drop dead gorgeous and wished that you both weren't so busy so he could ask you out.
° You often talked to your coworker Chenle about your crush on Felix, he'd tease you and sometimes make you take his order if it was Felix or Felix's friends who went through him. Chenle once even bluntly asked for Felix's number so he could give it to you, Felix agreed anyways.
° The café was usually so sweet and gentle to work on, but recently a new employee was hired and she acted as if she was the God of anything café related. Often belittling you, spilling drinks on you, and making you her personal servant. It got so bad that you had to miss a day so you could relax.
° It was terrible weather outside it was a blizzard and freezing cold, yet she asked you to go take out the trash for her. You declined at first, not wanting to freeze out there. But then she threatened you, saying she'd tell the boss that you skip time to chat with Felix.
- What happened -
° You walked outside and threw the trash bag into the bin, but when you walked back to open the back door. You realized that she locked you out, you could barely see because of the snow so you started banging on the door. But no one answered, that is until two car lights shined against your figure.
"Get in!" A familiar voice shouted, their face unrecognizable due to the storm.
"Who are you!?" You asked, watching as they rushed towards you.
"It's me, Felix." He explained, placing his jacket over your bare shoulders as he guided you to his car.
° You both snuggled into the back seat, shutting the doors tight as you basked in the slightly heated car. You didn't realize how badly you were shivering until you attempted to speak, your teeth chattering against each other rather loudly as you opened your mouth.
"Look at me for a second, please." Felix begged, gently tilting your head as he placed his warm hands over your cheeks.
"Feeling any better now?" He asked, his tone warm and soothing as his eyes gazed into yours gently.
"Yes, thank you. I probably would've become a popsicle if it weren't for you." You joked, your heart doing flips when he sent you a cheeky grin.
° Felix watched as your employee started screaming your name, calling you by harsh words instead of your actual name. When you didn't respond she shut the door harshly, making the warm feeling in your stomach turn back into a nervous ache.
"She shouldn't talk to you like that, especially when you are so kind and gorgeous. Plus your the best employee in the café. " Felix murmured, watching your cheeks turn a natural red tone.
° You smiled shyly at his compliments, unconsciously snuggling closer to his warm body. Felix was so comforting to be around, you felt all of your worries vanish when he began to stroke up and down your arm. A small chuckle vibrating his chest as you laid against it.
"After the storm passes, would you be willing to go get dinner with me tonight?" He asked, grinning bashfully when you nodded almost instantly.
Tumblr media
° You and Seungmin used to be friends, but during grade nine when the school president elections started you both ran for the position and the feud only started from there. Soon even the smallest things about each other would piss you both off, some said it was tension however.
° After high school you never got in touch with Seungmin, hoping to forget his fucking adorable face and joyful laugh which you despised. You'd rather die than admit you found Seungmin cute and that it helps you hold even more grudges against him... You won't let him win.
°In grade ten you attempted to apologize to Seungmin, but that's when you overheard him talk about how annoying and ugly you were. He said he'd puke if anyone ever shipped him with you, and this broke your heart in more ways than one. But you concealed the heartbreak with rage.
° You tried to forget about him when you started university, you moved to a different city and even took quite a few courses. But some how, you noticed Kim Seungmin sitting a row in front of you as he took out his notebooks. You wanted to pounce on him and scream in face so bad.
° You couldn't spend a single day without this one person ruining it for you, and you were reaching your last straw with him. You took out your pencil and harshly wrote the date down on your notebook, nearly breaking you pencil when you heard him scoff when he finally saw you.
° The class went alright, you simply annoyed your arch nemesis in front of you. But the professor declared that there was a group project coming up, and he already chose the groups. And by your terrible luck, you got paired with Kim Seungmin... Ofcourse you did.
- What happened -
"I'm here, and I brought notes." Seungmin sighed, letting himself into your dorm room.
"You know there is a thing called knocking right?" You countered, watching him roll his eyes at your voice.
° Seungmin looked attractive as all hell, he wore a simple outfit with a white button up and black jeans. But the way he rolled up his sleeves when he wrote down different notes, or the way his hair was styled slightly so his hair wasn't covering his cute puppy dog eyes.
"Can you quit staring and do some work." Seungmin hissed, throwing you a pen as your ears turned bright red.
"Can you be nice to me for once?" You asked, your tone coming out much meeker than you planned.
° You listened as Seungmin stopped writing, he shifted in his seat until his thigh was pressed against yours. You were suppose to hate Seungmin, but by how close you were to him you couldn't help but feel a warm rush of heat flush your face a cute shade of red.
"Says the one who hated me first." Seungmin pointed out, confusing you since he was the one who started it in grade nine.
"At least I never called you ugly or annoying, or completely embarrassed you in front of my friends or made you feel like a worthless piece of trash throughout high school." You retorted, feeling small tears gloss your eyes out of frustration.
° You sighed telling him that he should go since it wasn't going to work out, but he stayed still. You assumed he was just being petty, but when you looked at him you noticed he looked genuinely concerned about you. He grasped your hand in his, pulling you next to him.
° Seungmin stroked his thumb over your knuckles as a single tear streamed down your cheeks. All of the built of frustration overflowing and becoming too much to handle, and seeing you like this actually shattered his heart quite a bit. He never realized that you never actually hated him.
"What are you doing?" You asked, attempting to pull your hand away so you could wipe your tears.
"Can I make it up to you? I never knew that you felt this way and I feel like a terrible person, so please met me make it up to you over breakfast tomorrow?" Seungmin begged, his tone had no signs of harshness in it as you cautiously agreed to his offer.
Tumblr media
° Your best friend was jealous of you constantly, always stealing anything you wanted or achieved even if they failed at doing so. You had too big of a heart to realize their toxic behaviour, and just assumed that's their personality and that they meant no harm by being themselves.
° You told them you had a crush on the new student in your course Jeongin, and instead of encouraging you to ask him out. They told you You didn't have a chance, and would constantly embarrass you in front of him so they could look better. That's when you realized they were toxic.
° You couldn't exactly ignore them either because they shared a dorm with you and threatened you constantly, saying you'd regret unfriending them and that they'd turn everyone against you. And you believed them, remembering how many friends they have.
° They hosted a party at a local sorority, almost all of the campus arriving to it and having a great time. Everyone seemed to having fun, except for you...who sat by the pool with your feet tipped in as you waited for this personal hell to be over. You wanted to go home, but no one would drive you.
° You noticed someone sit next to you on the edge of the pool, when you turned to see who it was you were a bit surprised to see it was Jeongin. The same guy who your friend said they'd sleep with at the party, yet here he was sitting next to you looking very bored.
° Jeongin gently smiled at you, telling you that the party was terrible. You laughed gently, wondering how drunk some of the students were since some were passed out cold. You talked to him a few times, but everytime you two chatted it made your heart do a frenzy.
- What happened -
"Do want me to drive you home, I haven't had anything to drink." He suggested, helping you up as you both walked towards his car.
"I'd actually love that, I wanted to go home since I arrived here." You sighed, feeling a blush creep up your cheeks when you heard him laugh.
° The drive home was quite long, since the sorority wasn't even on your campus. But you didn't mind the drive being lengthy since you got to chat with your crush for quite some time, you didn't realize how long you'd be with him until one of his tires went flat on the highway.
"Shit, shit, shit, shit." Jeongin sighed, quickly calling a cab service to come pick you both up along with a tow truck to bring his car home.
"Guess we're stuck here for a bit then." You sighed, watching him smile in disbelief of how odd your nights have turned.
° You both could only talk with one another, the sounds of crickets in the grass cresting a calming night atmosphere. Topics flew by, when he asked you about your friend. His tone hinting that he was surprised your friends with them, as if he doesn't actually like them.
"Your friend seems a bit harsh, I've seen the way they treat you." Jeongin admitted, laying his jacket across your shoulders.
"I've been wanting to leave them, I just don't know how. I've never ended a friendship." You explain, surprised that he doesn't like them... Everyone seems to like your friend.
° You felt Jeongin lean over slightly, so you turned to look at him. You knew that your friend has been hitting on Jeongin for months now just because you like him, it felt nice to know that he seemed to prefer you instead. It made your brain go fuzzy in the best way possible.
"Can I tell you why I'm surprised your friends with them?" He asked, smiling softly when you nodded for him to continue.
"Because you're the cutest, happiest, and smartest student on campus. And they don't deserve you." He explained, slipping his phone number into your hand once the cab arrived.
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soleilsuhh · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids headcanons * . ・゚✧͏ ͏attractive things they do !
Tumblr media
chan — even when you guys are fighting and he’s mad at you, he’s still so caring; mid-argument while walking, he gently moves you away and lets you walk on the side of the road where there aren’t moving cars as he calmly and firmly explains why he’s upset. even when you’re not really speaking, he still offers to drive you home. by the end of the night, he texts you a simple ‘good night’ regardless of whether you reply or not.
minho — he uses his phone, sitting down on the edge of the bed with his legs spread wide, elbows resting on his thighs. when you come into the bedroom, his attention quietly diverts from the mindless scrolling to you, his soft and almost-lazy gaze following your movements while you take whatever you need from the room and make your way out the door.
changbin — casual pda. he always wordlessly slings his arm over your shoulder or takes his hand out of his pockets to hold your hand when you walk over to him. small kisses on the back of your hand when he's slightly distracted by his phone but still wants to show you affection while you're waiting for your coffee orders at the cafe. casual back-hugs at concerts or festivals and him leaving a peck on the top or back of your head.
hyunjin — he does this thing where he uses his index finger to lift your chin to make you look at him. it can be something as playful as making you pay your undivided attention when you’re jokingly ignoring him. or sometimes, when he sees you’re sad and upset about something and refusing to talk to him, he does this, his movements gentle, and his face calm as he searches your face then asks, “do you wanna talk about it, sweetheart?”
jisung — he likes leaning on the wall or a door frame when he talks to you, regardless of whether you’re in public or not. something about the lazy, carefree posture and the little tilt of his head while he looks at you does things to your heart. his eyes trail after you as move around the room or when you’re speaking to him and he can’t hear you well, he casually leans in closer to your lips to catch what you’re saying.
felix — his hand on your waist or back but non-sexually. when you’re in his way or blocking his way to something or somewhere, he gently moves you by the waist, casually saying “excuse me, baby” his voice deep and so low that only you can hear it. he also instinctively guides you through crowds by putting his hand on the small of your back.
seungmin — he says things like “come here, babe, watch this with me” when he finds a funny video on tiktok. “tell me about your day,” he says, plopping down on the couch next to you, his body turned completely towards your direction. “here, drink this,” he says, handing you a water bottle. it’s such a small thing but casual commands by him do a few things to your heart.
jeongin — when he feels shy or flustered, he does this thing where he rubs the back of his neck while bending his head down slightly and when he looks back up, he meets your gaze with a sheepish laugh or smile, his eyes twinkling, and his cheeks and ears endearingly flushed.
Tumblr media
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feliix · 4 months ago
skz scenarios : when they’re in the mood
Tumblr media
⤖ genre: smut (18+ only), fluff aspects
⤖ warnings: explicit & implicit sexual content
⤖ a/n: this drabble was written based on requests I have received! I am still accepting other requests like this one as well as mtls, if you’d like to suggest something for me to write let me know here♡
Tumblr media
~ nsfw under the cut ~
chan always shows that he’s in the mood by leaving touches that linger behind. each kiss would last a little longer than usual and his fingertips would never leave the surface of your skin until you know just what he wants. a satisfied smile sits perfectly on his lips as he watches you get worked up from his small movements, just the way he likes it.
minho clenches his jaw, showing off his perfect jawline with small veins protruding on his neck. his eyes visibly darken, drinking in each of your features with such fervor while he sizes you up. he isn't able to keep his hands off of you for very long, always finding his hand gripped to your thigh and inching its way upwards with each heated kiss placed to your lips.
you can tell when changbin is in the mood by just the look in his eye. his gaze noticeably darkens and you can feel the sexual tension radiates off his muscular frame. his body language turns into a series of fidgets and adjustments, the physical sensations from his growing need for you taking control of his movements.
its clear when hyunjin is needer than usual by the tone of his voice. the pitch of his voice deepens and the last syllable in each of his words always ends in a whine. the adams apple in his throat bobs with each harsh swallow that slowly trails down his neck.
jisung often pouts when he’s needy for your touch, his frame shrinking closer into your body as his face buries in your neck. he’d rather mumble about how badly he wants you into your ear than look you right in the eye and say so; only for him to pull away and laugh at how flustered you’ve become from his filthy words.
felix isn’t always good at communicating what he needs, so he would keep making small advances until you take notice. it starts with innocent kissing, leading to more tender touches. the build up is the most important part for him, worshipping over ever new inch of skin that becomes exposed as you lead up to the act.
seungmin becomes very tense when he’s in the mood. he may not come out and say it to you, but the frustration evident on his face makes it easy to tell. his fists grip into small fists and each of his movements become more rash. but as soon as your hands find him he instantly relaxes, knowing how good you always manage to make him feel.
jeongin needs to feel your touch when he's in the mood, doing anything he can to feel the contact of his skin on yours. whether its drawing small circles on your arm with his fingertips or snaking his arm up your shirt, you know he’s needy when he’s more touchy than usual.
Tumblr media
this work is copyright 2021 @sungiest, all rights reserved. do not repost, translate, or rewrite on any platform without permission.
Tumblr media
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changbinsgirlfriend · a month ago
hand holding makes my heart 🥺🥺 so this is how i think different members of stray kids would hold their s/o’s hand.
( by the way i try and make all of these gender neutral because one i personally go by she/they pronouns and i also much prefer to read neutral fic so yea, i hope you guys don’t mind that <33 you can always request gender specific fics’s though <33 )
chan — he doesn’t grab your hand a lot i’m not gonna lie, he gets a bit shy tbh. like is he annoying you? do you wanna hold his hand? does it make you uncomfy etc (i can relate to this 😀) so it does have to be you who initiates the hold first but after that he will cling to your hand like a life line. l o v e s holding your hand it literally makes him so giddy so eventually he will sweetly ask you if you mind him grabbing your hand and when you tell him of course not, your hand is always gonna in his. walking down the street, holding hands, eating dinner, holding hands, in bed watching tv, holding hands. trying to tie your shoes, holding hands. what i’m trying to say is don’t let go of this mans hand he loves the contact sm. but i mean have you seen his hands, i would literally be clinging to them 24/7 if i could tbh. running your fingers over his veins while you sit beside each other. playing with his fingers when talking. yea.
lee know — an annoying whore. always pulls his hand out of your hold. but when you stop taking his hand he only gets worse, he will complain that you don’t love him anymore, throwing his arms about until you just grab his hands to shut him up. he tried to pretend that he hated it, but then when you gave him space it broke his heart. he loved having your hands in his. the way your face would light up and you would bring his hands to your lips and kiss his knuckles. he also likes to tease you about how much smaller your hands are than his. i feel like when you walk together he would obnoxiously throw your hands about, swinging them realky high to the point where you are nearly hitting people and he finds it hilarious. but there is also soft moments, like when he notices that you look anxious or sad and he will silently slip beside you and take your hand, holding it gently, showing that he is there for you and supporting you even if he doesn’t say the words.
changbin — i need to stop making everything i write about this man soft but,,, he loves holding hands okay 😔 it literally makes his face light up and he would literally cut off his own arm if it meant using the other to hold you for the rest of his life. he adores when you do it, rushing up to him and taking his hand, but he also always clings to your hand, it’s like a way of greeting. he just takes your hand, and drifts to your side. i feel like changbin is big on pda, and handholding is a very respectable way of doing that because he can’t exactly hug you walking down the street, or have you in his lap in a restaurant. so hand holding for you guys is reassurance and closeness. it also maybe is a way of showing to other people that you are his s/o,,, protective changbin movement rise. another thing, when he is shy, his hands are on you instantly. i also feel like you guys have a code, like you just say a word and the other knows to take their hand, yes you are that couple. i feel like i’ve spoken about hand holding while you sleep a lot in this post but i love holding hands when i sleep so, you two cuddling while holding hands at night, i think absolutely yes it makes me so happy.
hyunjin — i have SO much to say about me hwang hyunjin. because one after changbin this man is my fav/ bias wrecker/ kinda just shared bias at this point (this is reminding me i need to write a one shot about him but n e ways) yea, holding his hands. his rings. my head is S P I N N I NG. he seems like the kind of person who would slip his hand into yours like so mf smooth like he’s in a room com and like lace your fingers together and just look at you and grin. i’m gonna sob why am i so into this. but like, yea holding your hand like this. hyunjin always has your heart racing tbh <33 as i was saying, subtle hand touches are so his thing. slowly drifting his fingers over the back of your hand, gently caressing it until you grab it or he gives in, wanting to hold it. will get pouty if you ever take your hand out of his when he isn’t ready. classic side eye material so watch out. also fucking adores you playing with his rings, will literally be close to jumping up and down watching you twist them on his fingers and will demand you do it all the time. puts on his rings even on days where you stay indoors just so you do it. also loves to put them on you, giggling at how big they are. he also seems the kind of person who likes to sleep holding hands, like he doesn’t need to cling to you, but if your are laying face to face, lands locked and on the pillow between you. his heart will literally melt. bonus point if you would let kkami on the bed with you guys but dogs make me so anxious so 🚶‍♂️
han — prefers to cuddle tbh, but would happily hold your hand if that is not an option. def will hug you in really weird places and you just have to accept it, but that is not what this post is about SO. he gives me soft hand vibes idk why, so holding his hand is a treat if i’m being honest. i feel like he holds your hand really tight, like especially in social settings he will be grasping you like you are gonna disappear which ends in big apologies when he notices later how red your hand is. kind of person who likes to hold both hands, sitting together and facing each other while booth of your hands are clasped while you chat is his all time favourite thing to do, it makes him feel so close to you without having to be extremely intimate because i mean come on he lives in a busy dorm. likes holding your hand when he’s tired, like you could be doing something and he will come up behind you and take your hand and rest his head on your shoulder, leaning heavily into you while using you hand to ground himself. bye he’s so cute.
felix — ahhh, our very own tiny hands. tbh, pretty sure his hands are still bigger than mine so that’s how i’m gonna write it but we move. so he loves holding your hand because he finally had bigger hands than someone, and you love holding his hand because he always gets so happy when he sees your hand completely dwarfed by his. so are you feeding into his ego just a tad? definitely. do you mind? absolutely not he looks so happy. felix is a sweetheart so he would love to go on walks with you around the park while holding hands, swinging them gently as you do so. having picnics and laying side by side holding each other’s hands, it’s like a ritual for you two, same goes for star gazing. also not to be a bits nsfw but hand holding during sex is a must for him. you two also so paint your nails matching and always take cute pictures of you holding hands being absolute goals omg i need this. i just feel like felix loves holding your hand, like he will just drag you about by your linked hands while you are grocery shopping, literally running from isle to isle while you are giggling. lee felix would be the best boyfriend tbh,,, headcanons of felix as a boyfriend anyone? <3
seungmin — okay so i never realised how sweet seungmin was until i got his bubble, like i know he’s a cutie but he’s actually so sweet and caring and it makes my heart hurt omg. like the other day he was talking about how he wishes he could give back more to stay and i was in tears. so anyways so off topic, but i feel like in a lot of fics seungmin is described as kind of cold and closed off. but i feel like with a s/o he would be the sweetest angels and i will not take constructive criticism. at all. he loves holding your hand okay, pressing kisses on the backs of your hand and on each knuckle. holding it close to his chest like right over his heart. smiling so big whenever you take his hand into yours, like i mean that beautiful wide smile he has. i feel like his favourite way to sleep is him spooning you while your hands are linked in front of you, it just, yea it’s so cute. i feel like people would try and tease him for being an absolute sap and literally dropping his own phone if it meant holding your hand but he does not care, that’s the love of his life and he loves it. literally has to has you back stage at performances so you guys can hold hands before to help with his anxiety, will lay on your lap with your hands together resting on his chest while you talk to him, maybe even humming to him as he gets prepared. mmm i need a seungmin one shot now. anyone wanna see this scenario of you calming seungmin down before a show? <3
jeongin — like chan, he is very shy to take your hands at first, screams and shouts and giggles when you do it. but after a while he begins craving that affection and starts coming to you instead. he seems like the kind of guy who tries to be sly about it and gently brushes his hand against yours, using one finger at a time until you are finally holding hands. he’s just so,,, i love him. has definitely asked the other members for advice on how to hold a girls hand and they showed him some chick flick but we move. anyways, so idk how into pda i.n would be tbh, i think it depends on his mood but holding hands is definitely what he is most comfortable with. will hold your hand at totally random times when he needs some physical contact, like you could just be drinking some water and he will come over and take your other hand and hold it but say nothing about it. you just let him do it, finding the whole thing really sweet tbh.
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gdaychan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
relationship habits with the skz boys
pairing: ot8, gender neutral reader genre: headcanons / reactions, humour, established relationship  wc: 700  warnings: suggestive in chan’s (dirty jokes? but they’re bad) 
a/n: lmao who would you put up with 
Tumblr media
bang chan  Chan has big wholesome boyfriend vibes but he is also the type to make a dirty joke out of everything. That’s the true milestone in your relationship. He goes from pure-bred gentleman to the goof that waggles his eyebrows whenever you eat even mildly suggestive-looking food. Half his jokes aren’t even that good, just shit like “your jeans would look even better on my floor”. You then have to remind him, “babe, it’s our floor” like he doesn’t know you’re dating. 
lee minho  Minho’s favourite boyfriend privilege is (surprise surprise) that he can embarrass you in public without mercy 24/7. If you’re out together and meet people he knows, he introduces you as either his cat-sitter, stalker or personal scribe. He’ll call out to you in public and call you “my caramel waffle” or “lobster thermidor”. Around either of your friends he’ll stick to the classics like “my beloved” or “tight buns”. Only in private will he lovingly whisper “panini head” and kiss you goodnight. 
seo changbin  Hold your breath (really). Changbin is a gross gross man and a yucky boyfriend. When he’s walking around he very deliberately waits until he’s passing right in front of you to fart and he doesn’t bother airing out the bathroom after he’s spent thirty minutes in there on burrito night. He wakes you up by cutely nuzzling your cheek, and then traps you under the blankets in a classic dutch oven. A true romantic. 
hwang hyunjin  Hyunjin is a thief. He steals all your shit. You have to start buying twice as much shampoo and body wash once you’ve been together for a while because suddenly everything he used to use is trash compared to whatever you smell like. And yeah, I bet he steals your clothes too. If you have oversized sweaters he’ll wear them, and even if your clothes don’t fit he’ll still put on that hot crop top and make you waffles. 
han jisung  Absolutely gropes you out of nowhere. Jisung is the sweetest, clingiest, most touch-starved boyfriend ever. If you stand up from the couch he’ll feel up your thighs and beg you not to go. Trying to get out of bed before him? Your boyfriend is now an octopus and you practically fall out onto the floor because he’s literally twirled himself around you. He’s worse in public, and literally sticks his hands up your shirt under the guise of “needing to warm his hands up”. 
lee felix  Food is a love language and Felix invented it. He already loves baking, and tries to bake something he knows you like at least once a week. What’s new is that he starts branching out more and tries to get better at cooking so that between your busy schedules you aren’t surviving off leftovers and take-out. He gets in the habit of waking up before you to pack you a lunch box before work/classes. And he always leaves a little note with a doodle inside. 
kim seungmin  Seungmin has no sense of personal space, and it’s the most obvious in the bathroom. If you’re in the middle of a conversation and he needs to pee, he’ll leave the door open and just continue, no problem. If you’re in the bath after a long day he’ll come in with his dinner and just sit on the edge with his feet in the water. He definitely just barges in and pulls open the shower curtain to ask you which paprika you usually put in the curry, ignoring your scream and the fact that your soul just vacated your body via your asshole. 
yang jeongin  Jeongin is the king of ootd’s, so get ready to be included. He loves buying you things, and he gets everything in a pair to match. If you’ve planned out your outfit he’ll check what it is before deciding what to wear so that you can look as good as humanly possible next to each other. Before you meet up for an outing he sends you a full body pic so that you can coordinate—and if you saw it and didn’t wear the pair of matching shoes he got you then he’ll sulk for like an hour. 
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hyuckvanqel · a month ago
chan ; chan wouldn’t have thought about the idea before, it just wasn’t something that really crossed his mind. but when he has you underneath him, desperately rutting into you, hips slapping against yours as he pulls himself as close to you as possible. his breath is ragged on the skin of your shoulder, breath coming out in sharps gasps. he has a hand wrapped around your waist, pressing down on your tummy, holding you up for him. “where d’you want it, baby?” he asks, pressing messy kisses against your back. and he almost chokes when you stutter out that you want him to cum inside. and suddenly, his thrusts get so much harder, faster. “oh yeah? want me to fill you up? fuck my cum into your pretty, little pussy?” and all you can do is moan and whine for him <3
minho ; minho thinks you look so pretty like this, all shaky underneath him.  the way your body writhes against his, your hands weak against the sheets of his bed. he loves how encased in him you are, how much you look like you’re his. “my cute lil slut.” he teases, fingers closing around the sides of your throat. honestly, it’s all about the possessive factor for him. when you’re pinned under him, eyes rolling into the back of your head, mumbling and whining his name while he pounds into you. he loves the idea of pumping you full of his cum, seeing the thick, white lines dripping down your thigh. he loves the idea of you being his.
changbin ; changbin just thinks you’re so cute when you beg for him. your eyes are just so huge and pleading, your hands needy, grabbing at his big arms and pulling him close, grinding your hips into his. and he loves to pretend like he doesn’t know what you want, raising an eyebrow and smiling as you writhe around in his lap. “what do you want, baby?” and he loves the way you pout at him, running your hands up his biceps. “want me inside, baby?” his voice is so teasing. he’d push his hand onto your tummy, pushing against the skin slightly, just enough for you to feel the pressure. “i should be right here, shouldn’t i, baby?” but he can never keep you waiting for long. “don’t worry, pup, i’ll fill you up so good.” 
hyunjin ; is very intense. he seems like he feels everything very intensely and, within that, he’s very possessive. there’s something about cumming inside you, feeling you around him when he pumps you full. and there’s something about the feeling of your walls hugging him impossibly tight when you cum, arms wrapped tight around his neck, pulling him close. “taking me in so good, baby. made to take this cock, isn’t that right?” he grunts, looking down to focus on the way you’re lil cunt sucks him in with every thrust. “all mine, right, baby? you’re all mine.” and he lives for the way you mindlessly nod along with his words, babbling about how much you love him and how much you want — need — his cum. “don’t worry, puppy, i’ll fill you up, get you all nice n’ full for me.”
jisung ; he just thinks it’s hot. rutting desperately against each other, his cock brushing achingly up against your walls, bumping against that gushy lil spot inside you. “feels so — hic — good, sungie.” and jisung nods along with your words. “god, y’feel so good around me, baby. fit me so well, sucking me in so good.” he babbles mindlessly, the words almost coming out as a stream of consciousness. “ah, baby, i’m gonna cum, so fucking close, gonna fill you up so good.” and all you can respond with is soft pleas and begs, “please cum in me, sungie, please, i wan’ it so bad.” and he sinks his teeth into your neck, not being able to pull himself away from you, when he cums, shaking above you with how hard it hits him. 
felix ; felix just loves feeling so close to you. wrapping his arms around you, face buried in your neck while you bounce on his lap. “you feel so, so good, honey.” he mumbles, his voice low and muffled against your skin. and he can feel when you get close, the way you squeeze around him and the way your hands grab onto his arms, pulling you impossibly closer. “you close, baby?” his voice is breathless against your skin and he can’t help but grin at the goosebumps that begin to raise in little spikes over your skin. and he’d lift his head from your neck to see the way that you nod desperately, your hips swiveling mindlessly against his. “so close.” he revels in how shaky your voice sounds. “fill m’up, lixie, please, please. wan’ it so bad.” and how can he deny you when you ask him so nicely?
seungmin ; seungmin doesn’t think he’ll ever get tired of hearing you whimper out daddy while you cum on his dick. it’s such a sweet title and it’s all for him. and you say it in such a needy voice, it makes shivers run down his spine every time. “such a dumb little thing.” he coos, wiping at the tears that start to form with the pad of his thumb. and he can’t help but laugh at the way your hands start reaching down to the waistband of his pants, fingers desperately trying to find a hold on them. “can’t think of anything but cock, isn’t that right?’ and all you can do is nod. “don’t worry, baby, i’ll give you what you want. fill you up so good. just be good for me.” 
jeongin ; jeongin is iffy about it. he really doesn’t want to be a young dad. but still, the idea of his cute lil baby falling apart on his cock while he pumps you full of cum gets him so achingly hard. “so good for me, baby.” he mutters, eyes squeezing shut at the feeling of fucking you raw. his hips are grinding achingly slow against yours, one hand holding your waist to keep you still. “please, innie, please move.” you whine, desperately trying to buck up into him. “i’ll fill you up, baby, don’t worry. jus’ lemme feel you.” and when he starts moving it’s so rewarding. “feels so good, always so perfect for me.” 
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charlotteyoongs · 3 days ago
stray kids reactions 
╰➤ when you call him pretty 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
『 chan 』
He brings his hands to his ears, which confuses you for a second ... until you realize that he’s trying to hide the fact that his ears are bright red. 
His heart feels like it’s at fifty thousand beats per minute.
He keeps thinking about it. 
‘They think I’m pretty?!?”
He returns the compliment after he calms down a bit, but you can tell he’s still a bit shaken.
Big smiles for the rest of the day. 
『 minho 』
He blinks blankly.
After a moment, he comes to the conclusion of saying, “I know.” 
(He’s internally screaming, though.)
After you look away, he stares at you. 
Smiles a little half-smile before continuing about his day. 
『 changbin 』
Massive toothy smile because he just can’t believe that you think he’s pretty.
(Please compliment this cutie every chance you get.)
He gives you a really big hug after you say it. 
“You’re prettier!” 
『 hyunjin 』
“A-ah, yeah.. thanks. I mean, you too... thank you...”
He’s so tongue tied :(
He’d be cocky about it after, when he eventually comprehended your words, but in the moment he’d be so lost. 
He’d feel really warm and his cheeks would tint a little, but he’d be sure to hide it from you. 
He wouldn’t want you to see just how much he liked you calling him pretty. 
(He’d really like it.)
『 jisung 』   
“Sorry, what did you say? I didn’t hear you.” 
He heard you perfectly. 
He just wanted you to say it again. 
When you’d repeat yourself, he’d scrunch up his face in an attempt to stop himself from smiling really big. 
He’d fail. 
He’d definitely become more clingy for a while after it. 
“Your pretty boy wants hugs now!”
『 felix 』
His eyes would widen and he’d do that bright smile he does when he gets really happy.
“You’re even more pretty! You’re the prettiest!”
It would probably turn into a competition, to be honest. 
In the end, he’d just come over to you and squeaze you really hard so you’d shut up and he’d win. 
“I told you that you’re the prettiest.” 
『 seungmin 』   
He doesn’t reply for a minute and you begin to think you’ve broken Seungmin.
You have, in fact, broken Seungmin. 
His brain just kinda ... stops.
In fact, you’d get a bit worried. 
He’d just be sitting there, still as a statue.
“Are you... like….. okay?”
He’d nod slowly, cheeks flushed. 
“M’ fine.” 
He’d turn to you, smiling. 
“Thank you. You’re pretty, too.” 
  『 jeongin 』
He’d go so red :(
“T- thank you... so much!”
He’d be so excited. 
You called him pretty? 
He’s practically malfunctioning. 
“OH! You’re super pretty too!” 
You’d laugh at him, pulling him in for a hug. 
Internally he’s just
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binnieurl · a month ago
𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐝𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 — their crush is shy/reserved
chan ; chan is so sweet. he’d try his absolute best to make sure you were never uncomfortable or outside your comfort zone with him. and he’d try his absolute hardest to get you to open up to him, he just wants you to feel safe with him :(
he’s the type to grab your hand when your in a public and give it a reassuring squeeze if he ever notices that you’re a little overwhelmed or nervous, leaning down to ask if you’re alright. he really just wants to be a safe place for you, so he can eventually ask you out. and honestly it wouldn’t be that hard for him to do. 
minho ; minho seems like a really intense person, just his aura and the way he talks and looks at people; it can all be very intimidating. honestly, he scared the shit out of you. but he’d be so different with you. like the minute he talked to you, you’d be at ease, it would give you whiplash. his voice would be so soft when he talked to you, his smile less teasing then when he showed it to others and more genuine. minho has such a soft spots when it comes to quiet, introverted people, everyone could see the way he shot heart eyes at you. 
changbin ; changbin would have no problem. he’s another that has a giant soft spots for quiet, reserved people; he’d think you were the absolute cutest hting he’d ever seen. he loves how flustered and shy you get around him, how you trip over your words and blush when he talks to you. he’d drop so many hints that he liked you, always grabbing onto your hand or slinging his arm around your shoulder or walking close to you when you go out. he’s so obvious and he thinks you’re so obvious with your feelings for him too, so he’ll definitely play up the flirting until he’s ready to ask you out. 
but he’d be pleasantly surprised if you had decided to ask him out first, tired of his playful teasing that really leads to nowhere. you’d stutter your way through the confession and couldn’t really bring yourself to look him in the eye, but he’d think you were so endearing. he’d ruffle your hair and call you the corniest names in the book <//3
hyunjin ; hyunjin is a comfortable person. he’s a little quiet himself, especially when he’s nervous, but he knows how to make the mood light, he knows how to make people at ease; even if he doesn’t intend to. and he’s so casual, he’s not the type to put unnecessary pressure on people. 
if you normally felt awkward with people coming up and talking to you, hyunjin would be the one exception. he’d walk by and stop when he saw you, saying “hey, y/n, what’s up?” and you couldn’t help but smile and start up a conversation with him. honestly, he’d steal your heart in no time <33
jisung ; jisung is awkward... just in general. and he’s introverted. so he’d be especially awkward and introverted around his crush. he’d be so busy in his own head trying to think up something witty or funny or maybe even flirty to say to you, that he’d just be standing there until you had already left :(. 
jisung would take a more digital approach. he seems like the type to text or call you more than actually talk to you face to face, i think it helps his nerves a little bit. he’d invite you to play games with him, like animal crossing or something and have cute lil gestures in the game.
felix ; felix wouldn’t mind your shy nature at all. he’s such a friendly guy, he would hardly even notice how quiet you were. he’s the type to invite you to the dorms to play games or bake with him rather than go out somewhere because he knows you’d be more comfortable staying in. and that’s how he gets you to fall for him, by being so considerate and sweet, you can’t help but look at him with heart eyes every time you see him :(
seungmin ; he gets it. seungmin may not be the most introverted, but he is more quiet and reserved than others. he understands that you’d rather be alone than around large groups, that you’re naturally quiet and more on the shy side. instead of making a big deal about it and teasing you, he would make you feel very at-home; comfortable. 
seungmin is the type to sit in the silence with you, he’s the type to go at your pace and let you take the lead when you hang out. he’d let you hang out in his room at the dorms if you’re feeling particularly to yourself that day. overall, he’s just really sweet, but in a more subtle way. 
jeongin ; jeongin would be so nervous :( he just wants you to like him the way he likes you, but you’re so closed off, he doesn’t really know how to approach you. at least not in a romantic way. he’d definitely ask his hyungs how to talk to you, and they’d all give him horrible advice because they are all so clueless <//3 so he’d have to come up with something on his own. 
honestly, he doesn’t need to worry so much. he has a certain charm about him that makes him easy to talk to. the way he smiles at you, his eyes scrunching up into the cutest lil crescent moons every time he sees you; he has you whipped for him before he even knows it.
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eighet · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜: 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙞𝙨 𝙥𝙪𝙧𝙚𝙡𝙮 𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙙𝙤𝙚𝙨 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙧𝙚𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙣 𝙞𝙣 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡 𝙡𝙞𝙛𝙚. 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙥𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙞𝙗𝙡𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙤𝙬𝙣 𝙢𝙚𝙙𝙞𝙖 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙥𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣.
Tumblr media
channie as a perv :(
he constantly feels so guilty for thinking all these disgusting, perverted thoughts about you
you’re his friend, but he can’t help but think about you all fucked out for him
all pretty, drooling, begging for him to stuff your tight little cunt with his veiny cock ~
but what really had him feeling lightheaded was that your personality hadn’t changed, and that deep down, you were still his cute, little, y/n
but what really had him feeling lightheaded was that your personality hadn’t changed, and that deep down, you were still his cute, little, y/n
but what really had him feeling lightheaded was that your personality hadn’t changed, and that deep down, you were still his cute, little, y/n
his innocent little best friend
to know that you haven’t really had any experience was what got him going
it was annoying how many other men thought the same of you, waiting to fuck you and be your first
i can see him becoming somewhat possessive over you? even if you weren’t his
when you’d run towards him in your cute little top, he couldn’t help but notice how your breasts bounced with each movement
every time you come over to his place for a sleepover, wearing your tight little shorts, he can’t help but feel his cock throb
your supple skin practically spilling from the tight fabric, the curve of your ass all out on display for him each time you reached up to get something
he would squeeze your ass innocently as you two were cuddling
you wouldn’t think anything of it, giggling shyly as he groped the soft skin
he’d leave his phone in your bathroom, recording you each time you went to take a shower so he could fist his cock to your naked body later
he’d pay for those bouncing rides (idk what you call them, the ones you see in the mall for children?) and would make you sit on it, recording you as he watched your breasts bounce lightly and your crotch move along the ride, enjoying how flustered you became after the ride
whenever you referred to your dad as daddy, he couldn’t help but palm himself under the table as your talking with him, thinking about how pretty you sound saying that name
he also frequently thinks about ruining you in your childhood bedroom, in front of all your plushies and toys
he’s constantly staring at you
he masks it as an adoring gaze, one that you’d give to someone you love, but behind that stare is an unbelievable amount of desire
every time you come over wearing a pretty little skirt, he has to physically resist the urge to bend you over and fuck you right then and there
one time, you fell asleep on his couch, waiting for him to be finished with his shower
chan smiled softly, looking at your sleeping body, then choking on his spit, seeing your skirt and noticing the comprising position you were in
your knees were hugging your chest, one slight movement and he’d be able to see everything
he tried his best to resist the urge of peaking up at his y/n’s skirt, but couldn’t :(
his small hand slowly pulled the skirt up, revealing your cute little white panties
his fingers would trail down your panties, all the way to your clothed cunt, noticing a damp spot in the area
he’d pull his hand away quickly, he couldn’t, but that visual alone was enough to make him cum to you for the next 2 weeks
every time you’d sit on his lap, he couldn’t help but grip your hips tightly, slowly grinding his hard on against your ass
his favourite part was how clueless you were, looking behind and smiling at him brightly, as if he wasn’t dry humping against you
his hands would also be massaging the skin of your thighs, smirking as he felt you squirm around, trying to ignore the strange feeling inside you
one time you came over, looking super distressed
while chan thought about you disgustingly, you were still his best friend and it was only natural for him to be worried about you
but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t think about how pretty you’d look, crying because the stretch of his cock
you’d explain to him, how you had been feeling strange down there, and how you didn’t know who else to turn to because you were so embarrassed :(
one part of chan found your trust in him so cute, the other part was thriving, finally given the chance to ruin you
his hands would come in between your thigh, rubbing your clothed clit gently, watching as you grew embarrassed, mouth slightly parted
“is this where you feel it, bubs?”
you’d nod sadly, unknowingly bucking your hips against his at the relieving feeling
he’d explain that he knows a way you’d feel better, and all you have to do is trust him
you’d nod desperately, channie was your bestfriend, he wouldn’t hurt you
he’d slowly remove your skirt along with your panties, groaning softly as a thin string of your wetness connected with your underwear
you flush at the sight of chan looking at your sopping cunt, whimpering out a small please for your dear friend to do anything to relieve you
your eyes widened as he began to remove his own pants, taking out his throbbing cock from his boxers
“c—channie... what are you doing...?” you’d whisper
chan would guide you on his lap, stroking his cock slowly, eating up the nervous expression on your face
your teary eyes and pouty lips made his cock even harder
he wanted to ruin you so bad and here you were, inches away from his dick
“you trust me, right puppy?” he’d whisper, smiling softly
you’d nod, watching as he lined your cunt up with his fat cock
“mkay’, this may hurt a bit but it’ll make you feel better. got it?”
your smile was short-lived, interrupted by the feeling of something hard prodding inside your tight cunt
you’d cry, hands reaching up to grip chan’s shoulders at the painful and foreign object inside you
“c—channie, it hurts.” you’d sniffle
he’d shake his head, completely lost in the feeling of your tight walls wrapped around him, slowly guiding you up and down his cock
“god, you have no idea how l—long i’ve been wanting to fuck your cute little cunt, y/n. your such a gross little girl, b—begging me to do such dirty things with you.” he’d babble, watching as your eyesbrows furrowed in confusion and distress at his words
“mmm, n—no! i never did, c—chan!” you’d deny, words slightly slurred at the pleasure finally kicking in, his cock hitting a certain spot inside you that had you whining
“it feels strange, channie! n—need more!”
it took a lot for chan not to cum right then and there at the sight of you drooling because of the “strange thing inside you”
he would be so rough and fast, everything he had ever been dreaming about was happening right now, and it was better than he thought
watching you cream around his cock was enough to send him over the edge, suddenly grip your hips and pulling you down so he can stuff his thick load inside you
your puppy eyes as he filled you up made his heart soar, watching as you nuzzled into his neck, finally relieved
now!!! perv bf!chan <//3
he basically fucks you 24/7, the smallest things riling him up
you innocently kissing him turns him on
or even you cooking for him riles him up because all he can think about is you being his cute little housewife, all pretty for him to take care of and fuck
definitely steals your panties, especially if they’re black or red, keeps them in his back pocket at all times
you guys don’t really go out on a lot of dates because he gets boners looking at what you wearing
it’s basically just you being sore 98 percent of the time </3
you’re stuck with your pervy little boyfriend forever now :(
all corrupted thanks to him
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listentothisyoooh · a month ago
Stray Kids Headcanons; First Couple Shower ࿐
A/N: Been inactive for some time... came back with a little headcanon of how the boys would act during their first couple shower (This piece contains explicit content, minors do not interact.)
🐺 - Bangchan;
Tumblr media
• Conceals his shyness under a layer of excitement
• Doesn’t even remember how the subject came up
• All he remembers is you pulling another clean towel out of the drawer
• And joining him at the entrance of the bathroom
• Has to give himself mental speeches not to look at you as you strip
• Busies himself with getting into the shower and adjusting the water temperature
• And when you come in, closing the door behind yourself
• He actually feels his knees wobble because of the intimacy of the experience
• Keeps his eyes on your face
• But the moment you have to stick to him to fit under the rush of water
• He just can't take it anymore
• Hugs you, as if he's ashamed of being so, so aroused by such a simple situation
• Giggles shyly when you point out his prying erection against your hip
• "Sorry, I'm sorry" his giggles become lighter and lighter,
• "I just can't help it-- you, in here, with me, warm and wet and naked" his deep breaths caress your neck
• "Would it be alright if I...?" His hands now lightly settle on the sides of your butt
• Slowly inches them between your legs when you give him your consent
• Holds you closer than he has ever done when you're having a heated moment
• Doesn’t let your back touch the cold wall
• Looks as if he wants to devour you alive
• And by the hungry way he attacks your neck while his skilled fingers massage your clit,
• It's quite possible that he just might.
🐰 - Lee Know;
Tumblr media
• Flirtatiously suggested you should join him to "save water"
• And for a few seconds, actually lost his composure when you agreed
• Eyes you up and down when you have your back to him to undress
• Literally rips his clothes off to join you inside the tight cube
• Back-hugs you under the water as the matte glass door clicks shut upon his entering
• Just assumes you're game when you caress his forearms around your waist
• Ruts very slowly against your ass and doesn't hold in his hushed moan
• When he feels a shaky breath leave your lips,
• One of his arms wraps around your breasts;
• Fingers rolling a nipple with devotion,
• And the other one forces your legs apart
• Loves how the water slides down between your bodies,
• As his middle finger works lines through your folds.
• Plays along when you decide to roll your ass on his groin
• Doesn’t even try to be subtle about how he feels, what he thinks, what he wants
• "No more solo showers," his breathy chuckle trembles,
• "I'm gonna be in here with you every time you need to wash up!"
• You can't even tell if he's joking, since his thrusts are much stronger than his regular pattern
• Finishes inside
• Helps with washing your hair after you're done
• Won't admit but actually feels sleepy afterwards, unlike usual
• That's why he keeps leaning on you under the waterfall.
🐰🐽 - Changbin;
Tumblr media
• Panic, panic, panic
• When you suggested to shower with him, literally went still
• Couldn't really read through your face and your intentions
• And just decided to convince himself that there are no intentions
• Turns his back on you so you'd strip comfortably
• Will strip when you're finally in the shower
• Takes a little time to join in, since he's giving himself a pep talk
• Doesn’t look up from the floor and tries to act casual
• Which is a mistake cause he sucks at acting
• Has no idea where to look when you start washing his hair for him
• But as soon as his eyes land on yours, can't look away anymore
• Is in love with the way your hair flows down under the water
• Starts shivering the moment you distance yourself from him
• Has a hand on your waist no matter what
• Accidentally catches a glimpse of your ass and accidentally curses out loud
• Yells shyly when you notice and laugh at him
• Can literally feel the way your nipples trace on his chest as you move around to rinse his hair
• By the time you're both finished washing, has the biggest erection
• Can't look you in the eye while you laugh at him
• "Haish you... can you at least take responsibility?" Tries to look pissed
• Cusses loudly again out of panic when you kneel in front of him and palm at his cock
• Has never cum so fast in his adult years, while your mouth is on him.
🐭 - Hyunjin;
Tumblr media
• Begs you to come with him
• For some reason, he'd been so much more touchy that day
• So it wasn't that surprising to hear his pleas
• The moment you say yes, pumps his fist up and starts stripping even though he's not in the bathroom yet
• By the time you get your towel and enter the bathroom, water's already swishing in the cube
• Has his back to the door, so when you sneak in, you see his broad shoulders
• Notices that you've come in but can't really look at you since shampoo might get in his eyes
• Lowers his head for you to wash his hair
• Uses the position to wrap his arms around your waist loosely
• Giggles when you complain about his height and how your arms are hurting
• Keeps unintentionally showing off his great physique
• Flexing his biceps, leaning forward with his wide back on display, long, golden hair dripping
• Not at all shy to stick to your back when you're rinsing your own hair
• Turns you around, slowly...
• And catches your lips between his own, right underneath the waterfall
• Can't tell anymore whether it's the water that's hot or if it's his own cheeks burning
• Hugs your upper body as you let his tongue in your mouth
• Has no problem holding you up when you hop and wrap your legs around his waist
• Smiles a little too evilly when his erection rubs between your legs
• And then you realize why he'd been so touchy that day
• Adjusts the water so that its warmth kisses both of you as he's too busy making you cum around his cock for the third time
🐿 - Han;
Tumblr media
• Has made a shower playlist for himself
• Wants to listen to it but wants you to hear it too
• So just casually comes up to you and asks if you wanna take a shower with him
• Makes a few dirty jokes and faces about it beforehand
• But laughs awkwardly when you start undressing in front of him in the bathroom
• Panics when you coldly ask if you undressing is funny to him
• Is still stuttering when you both get in the shower
• When you finally put away your act, remembers that he hasn't played the playlist
• Almost drops his phone while stretching painfully out of the cube to grab it and hit shuffle on the player
• You have to remind him that the space is very tight and therefore not suitable for his showman acrobats
• Makes you dance with him to a bunch of TWICE songs
• It suddenly hits him that you're both fully, fully nude, wet and practically glued to each other in the confined area
• His hyperactivity dies down, obviously
• And gets fidgety and awkward
• Keeps looking away from you, until you decided to brush your palm over his erection
• So very uselessly tries not to gasp and grip on your bicep, which is a complete failure
• Stares at you with a desperate, aroused look in his eyes
• Doesn’t even respond to the way you tease him about getting all worked up
• "Can we... do it?" He whispers, trying to be persuasive and hugging you closely
• Can't stop looking down at your chest
• Smirks triumphantly at your consent and starts a deep make out session
• Haphazardly washes himself afterwards just to go to bed quicker
• Can't stop thinking about the fact that he's had sex to his sunbaes' songs!
🐣 - Felix;
Tumblr media
• Kisses your cheeks sheepishly while back-hugging you with a wide grin
• Repeats his request with different tones, smiles and even languages
• Acts as dorky as ever, until you agree to his request of showering together even though you had showered a few hours ago
• Turns the hot water on in the shower to warm it as you're busy stripping
• Covers his eyes with giggles until you're finally in the cube
• Joins you seconds after
• Keeps fiddling with the water, asking if it's the appropriate temperature
• Suggests you both do each other's hair like in the movies
• Can't stop laughing and wheezing through it
• Too careful not to poke your eyes
• Rinses your head and then his own
• Kisses your nose while doing so
• An absolute master in self control
• Actually manages to soap up your entire body without making it feel even slightly sexual
• When you start to do it for him, lifts his arms like he's being inspected by airport guards
• Makes a comically shocked face when you slap your soapy hands on his bicep to make a loud noise
• Not a good choice, cause he'll just start tickling the life out of you
• Laughs alongside you, just as loudly
• By the time you're both breathless, pulls you under the water to wash off the bubbles
• Pushes your hair out of your face to be able to tell you how much he loves you while staring into your eyes with a smile
• Kisses the corner of your mouth and gently trails down to your neck
• Is more than welcoming when he feels your hips rolling on his thigh
• Holds you against his chest, a hand pressing on your sacrum, and tells you to move on his thigh however you please
• Can't stop kissing your ear and shoulder.
🐶 - Seungmin;
Tumblr media
• Hasn't been this tired for a long time
• Just needs to wash this exhausting day of dance practices off of himself,
• But can't bring himself to actually stand under water and move around
• Hesitates when you suggest to go with him and help
• So, so shy
• But the thought of having to move muscles is much more unsettling for him
• Prepares his and your clean clothes on the bed beforehand
• Doesn’t sneak peeks while you undress and doesn't even think of it
• Has to be dragged into the shower because of his lazy motions
• Not doing his own personal activities is a bother to his mind
• But can't concentrate on the bother when you're working your soapy hands on his scalp
• Has his eyes closed with peace
• Only nods when you tell him what you're gonna do next
• Seems like a sleepy 6 year old after a long picnic
• Just stands under the waterfall while you do your own share of the tasks
• Watches you closely without saying anything
• Asks if he can help you with your work
• Tells you about the things he's done throughout the day while soaping himself up
• Gets sidetracked when his eyes subconsciously follow your hands painting the bubbles across your body
• Acts as if nothing has just happened
• Smiles down at you as a sign of appreciation for accompanying him
• "I'm sorry if I bothered you with this..." keeps mumbling without looking at you
• Chuckles shyly when you say that you don't mind if this happened more often from then
• Puts a hand on your cheek and pecks your lips sweetly
• Helps you with your tasks so he can be in bed faster
• Doesn't actually realize it, but sighs in relief when you're finally clothed!
🦊 - I.N;
Tumblr media
• His eyes widen to the size of tennis balls when he hears your offer
• His chest starts pounding
• Knows he's going red
• Gulps when you ask him if he's uncomfortable with the idea
• Doesn’t wanna turn you down, no matter how anxious and embarrassed he already is
• Tells you to go ahead and that he'll catch up
• Doesn't understand why his body is being so overdramatic about a shower
• Jerks up when you call him from inside the cube
• Stands behind the glass door naked, takes a breath and gets in
• Goes frozen solid upon seeing you with your soapy hair shaped upwards like horns
• Bursts into laughter
• Gets busy with playing with your hair and leans down for you to put shampoo on his
• Completely forgets the fact that you're both naked
• Has you shaped like Santa at some point
• Will not stop giggling and laughing
• Protests with a whine when you smear bubbles all over his face
• Coughs occasionally because of the thick steam
• His groin suddenly bumps into your thigh
• And goes fully silent after that
• Answers to your call like nothing is wrong even though you can see how pale he's gotten
• You have to reassure him that it's okay if you two get a little closer
• Hesitantly puts one hand behind your back
• Stares and waits for you to take a step closer to his spot
• Suddenly screeches a laugh, leaning his head unto yours
• "I'm sorry--" tries to breathe, "it's just impossible to take you seriously when you look like Seungmin's grandpa with the bubble beard!"
• Washes the soap off of your face and hair without actually leaving distance between your bodies
• Is very giddy and breathless when he hides his face in your shoulder
• "You look really pretty..." whispers as his eyes glue to the wall a little far behind you
• Can no longer ignore his thumping heart
• Eagerly goes along with your motions when you initiate a deep kiss
• Finally sticks himself flush against you.
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hwaflms · a month ago
❛ ⩩ small things skz do for their s/o !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ — chan. listening intently whenever you're talking about anything. whenever you're talking to him, even if you're just rambling about how cute this cat video you found was, he listens as if it were the most important thing to him. if you stopped talking because you think you were talking too much he would be like ";O why did u stop talking i was enjoying that ;O" he always looks so immersed in the things you tell him, even if he's doing something else at the same time.
✿ — minho. tucking you in when he sees you're asleep. if you had fallen asleep before he got home from practice, minho would slowly pull the covers over you as to not wake you and gently kiss you goodnight. even if the two of you were in a fight and you decided to go sleep on the couch, minho would wordlessly come and place a blanket over you after you fell asleep.
✿ — changbin. lending you his clothes randomly. he thinks you look so cute in his clothes that he can't help but lend you them all the time. don't have anything comfortable to wear when you're sleeping over? changbin has a spare shirt he can lend you. spilt milk on your pants? changbin has a pair of sweatpants that might just fit you. you're feeling cold? changbin has a jacket, a sweater, a hoodie and even a parka that he doesn't mind lending you. you don't even have to ask, binnie just hands you his clothes for no apparent reason.
✿ — hyunjin. cute texts throughout the day. as soon as you wake up, you can expect a "morning baby! i hope u slept well and dreamt of me bc i did :D ily <3" or a lil wholesome reaction meme to start your day off. before you sleep, he'll send you a cute goodnight text telling you that he loves you, even if he's mad at you. he especially loves describing the cute dreams he has about you in detail. he's always asking how your day is going so far and telling you how much he misses you when he isn't with you and even when he is.
✿ — jisung. sharing his food with you. whenever he's eating food like pizza or cake, he always remembers to save you a slice because he knows you'll like it. he'll always give you the last gummy bear as long as he gets to feed it to you. sometimes, he just does it without realising, like even if you have a plate of fries in front of you, he'll mindlessly feed you one of his own while talking to you.
✿ — felix. leaving little notes for you. whether it's letting you know that he made brownies for you by putting a small "made these for you, hope you like them baby :)" on the box, or doodling his name and your names together with lil hearts in your notebook you lent him to study, you'll always find small sticky notes or pieces of paper with something written on them from your boyfriend.
✿ — seungmin. taking pictures of you without you asking. minnie just thinks you're the prettiest person ever, and he should be taking pictures of the prettiest person ever all the time ! whenever the two of you are out on aesthetic dates, he always has his phone/camera out to take pictures of you before you can even ask him. if want something to post, seungmin has got you covered, he's basically your personal photographer.
✿ — jeongin. sending or buying you things that remind him of you. jeongin loves sending you random memes or posts that just remind him of you. he jokingly sends you reaction memes of weird looking people and tells you that you look like them and ironically tags you under those cringey couple posts. if he's walking down the street and he sees a plushie he thinks you'll like, you can bet he'll buy it and surprise you with it.
Tumblr media
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lvnbyeol · a month ago
skz - what loving them feels like ‧₊˚
「 masterlist 」
a/n: cw: mentions of food, veeery slight suggestive themes (sfw!)
Tumblr media
✦:˒ Chan◞⁺☆.
like feeling on top of the world and safely tucked away at the same time. like walking through the streets at 3am, only the fluorescent lights guiding the way and the night air biting your skin. like getting a new set of headphones and discovering your favorite songs all over again. like soft beanies and even softer hoodies. like stumbling over scattered shoes but catching yourself in the last second. like sleeping until noon but it's worth spending the time next to each other in bed. like the silent comfort you get from a hand squeeze or a back rub. like the smile you can't hold back when you watch him munching away happily. like feeling the mattress bend at 4am and his arms find their way around you, his breath hitting the skin of you neck.
✦:˒ Minho◞⁺☆.
like the challenging looks you give each other when arguing about nothing in particular. like the way he walks up to you until your back touches the wall behind you, his eyes darting back and forth between your own. like the way he laughs way too hard at your mediocre joke. like the evil looks he shoots the others when they try to tease you. like the supportive smile he wears when he sees you doing what you love. like the back rubs he gives you when he finds you crying and upset, not knowing how to comfort you, afraid of making things worse. like the way he just buries you with his body when he sees you minding your business on the couch. like the way he holds your hand, as if he's never gonna let go.
✦:˒ Changbin◞⁺☆.
like the way his eyes follow you for a short while after you've separated from him in group settings. like the way he playfully throws his arm around your shoulders, acting as if he owns the world. like the way he is so quick to defend you, no matter how small the comment you've gotten might have been. like the way he looks up from his phone in the grocery store and realizes he lost you once again. like the way you both still seem so insync in the morning even when you're running late. like the way he always buys a drink for you two when he's out getting one for himself. like the way he knows exactly what you like and buys it without hesitance or second thoughts. like the way he hugs you as if it's your last.
✦:˒ Hyunjin◞⁺☆.
like the way he plays with the ends of your hair when he sits next to you. like the way he glances at you when you watch him dance. like the way he pushes down the book you are reading, revealing his cheesy grin waiting for attention. like his pout when he realizes he won't see you for the whole day after leaving for his schedule. like the way he always smells like his favourite parfume, so much so that it lingers on your clothes too. like the way he immediately knows how you feel, just by the way you walked into the room. like the feeling you get after eating that thing you've been craving all day. like the secret admiration that you can't put into words as his face is particularly close in front of you. like the heavy feeling of his head on your chest, completely fast asleep, but clinging onto you regardless.
✦:˒ Jisung◞⁺☆.
like the feeling of your cheeks straining, failing to contain more laughter. like not feeling the need to to go on big adventures together, but being content just being with one another. like browsing through youtube and watching the most random videos until the early morning hours, resulting in little inside jokes between you two. like keeping quiet and smiling knowingly when you are being teased by the others. like knowing each other's worst sides and still not wanting to change a thing. like coming up with little games when you both can't sleep and getting way too into it. like finishing the sentences of the other when they are struggling to put their thoughts into words. like a hug so tight, you end up feeling cold and empty when you let go.
✦:˒ Felix◞⁺☆.
like the taste of freshly baked goods. like sitting on the kitchen floor and singing all your favourite songs till 5 am. like stroking each other's hair when you are feeling upset. like the warmth that spreads on your skin when the sun shines through the window. like leaning against each other while doing something else. like the warm feeling your hands create when they are clasped together for too long and slowly starting to get sweaty, yet none of you want to let go. like shooting each other the sweetest smiles from across the room, only to be followed by some grimasses, which unfortunately do get seen by the others too. like warm hugs and hitched breaths. like never knowing what the other is up to next.
✦:˒ Seungmin◞⁺☆.
like the feeling of soft wool scarfs and a hot tea warming you in cold winter nights. like the soft purr of a cat in your ears waking you up in the morning. like intertwined hands and loving looks, while bickering about the most mundane things. like the soft and sweet taste of cocoa lingering on your tongue even when the cup is long empty. like random embraces and playing with each other's hands. like the worldess lifting of your blanket when he stands in front of you resting on the couch. like constant support you give each other, no matter how small the success might be. like the little things only you two notice about each other, without fail. like the smell you catch when entering a café, full of coffee and vanilla.
✦:˒ Jeongin◞⁺☆.
like the wordless looks you give each other after thinking exactly the same things. like the way his eyes almost disappear when he laughs. like the way he claims he doesn't like you while proceeding to wrap his body around yours. like the feeling of his hand ruffling your hair when he's teased you again. like comfort-watching all your favourite shows and movies, explaining the plot quite badly to the other when only one of you know the story. like resting your head on his shoulder and watching him play games on his phone. like shooting evil looks towards the members when they tease you two. like the occasional arm over your shoulder, reassuring you he doesn't go anywhere.
© lvnbyeol
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soleilsuhh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids headcanons ˖ ࣪ ٬ ᵔ little moments that make them stare at their s/o and go ‘damn they're pretty’
Tumblr media
chan — it’s when you relax and unwind after a long day; when your shoulders begin to slump and you throw your head back, letting out a slow exhale; when you gently tap your foot to the melody of soft music playing in the background, your eyes lazily staring out at the blinking city lights; and when he suddenly says he thinks you're really pretty, you just smile, huffing out a small laugh, then run your thumb over his jawline before pressing a light peck on his lips, wordlessly letting him know that you think the same of him.
minho — it's when you're under the soft orange glow of the setting sun; when you have so much you want to tell him about that you insist on taking the long way home; when your eyes sparkle with so much joy and life and sadness all at the same time as you talk; when you lose yourself in the stories you're telling and when you sound more like you're talking to yourself than him and then you'd come back to earth and ask him how his day was with a smile quirking up in the corner of your lips.
changbin — it's when you're both at a party and you're dancing with your friends. and when your gazes lock from across the room, it feels as if the lively commotion around him fades away like it's just you and him in the world. but then you'd clumsily bump into someone and he lets out a soft laugh as he watches you apologize to the person — unabashedly and unapologetically awkward — and then you turn your attention back to him when it's over and give him the goofiest grin like nothing happened and he knows he's a goner in that moment.
hyunjin — it's under the flourescent bathroom light when you've just washed your face to get ready for bed; the way droplets of water dribbles down your face and you look so purely you. and he pauses his tooth-brushing for a moment just to admire your reflection until you pat your face with a towel and playfully ask him what he's looking at. and he just shrugs and continues brushing his teeth, his gaze on you lingering.
jisung — it's the look you have on your face when you make a loved one smile or laugh. you look at them like you would sometimes look at the clouds on a warm midmorning; lost in thought yet also so present in the moment; you have this little grin on your face as you watch your friend or family member laugh at something you said and you look at them like perhaps they’re most beautiful person on earth; but of course, he thinks, you're oblivious to how beautiful you look in those moments.
felix — it's under the soft morning sun when you're barely half-awake. it's when you look like a mess in the prettiest way possible; and when you feel the weight of his gaze on you, your eyes flutter open slowly and look at him like you're memorizing every feature on his face just as he's doing with yours — when you look at him through half-lidded eyes and a lazy little smile, he silently admits to himself that he's absolutely smitten.
seungmin — it's when you're with kids or animals; when you use your baby voice to speak to them, your eyes twinkling with encouragement and kindness; and when you play with them, your laughter is louder than the kids' or the animals' barks and meows; and in the gentle way you hold them; and in the way you watch with warmth and protectiveness in your eyes when they're sleeping.
jeongin — it's when you look sweeter than your favorite sweet treat that you're about to eat; when there's a smile tugged on your lips as you take your first bite and the way that smile widens as you close your eyes and relish in the taste; when just looking at you enjoy even such a small thing to the fullest makes his heart full.
Tumblr media
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chronosaurusnot · 2 months ago
Headcanon: watching a movie with skz
warnings: +18, kinda smutty
note: this theme started as a chat with one of my stay friends, so i just had to make it a headcanon lol. i hope you like it!
as always, i’d like to clarify that english is not my first language, so please let me know if there are any mistakes, and feel free to give me suggestions<3
he literally wants to watch the movie ok, but he needs cuddles.
he will be so sticky, like he won’t stop hugging and caressing you. and probably at the beginning he’ll be whiny cause he wants your cuddles too.
now, being so sticky is a problem for him. cause he really wants to just be sweet and nice with you, but also having you so close to him makes him want to touch you more.
so as the movie continues, he’ll start to caress your face, then your neck, your arms, till he gets to his goal: your legs. it’s the weak point for you both, and when he starts to caress them, you are guaranteed that he’ll want more.
he will be nice at first, but will eventually get to your thighs, caressing and pressing teasingly closer to your pussy. and once you let him know that you want more, the movie will just be the background.
Lee Know
his plan never was to watch the movie.
he’ll start to caress you as soon as the movie starts. at first he can be sweet, but it won’t take long for him to give you kisses on your cheeks and neck. he just loves to see how you fight against what he’s making you feel so he’ll do it worse.
“come one baby, this is more interesting” he’ll say to your ear while touching you in your weak spots.
if you play hard, he will just lay you down all of sudden and will get on top of you, holding your wrists.
he wants all of your attention. "look at me kitten, not that stupid movie"
we really wants to watch the movie and cuddle with you.
he will caress you the whole time. he would touch your boobs and ass as well but like in a cute way ? idk i just feel like he is the kind of boyfriend who loves to touch you and not always in a horny way.
but when the movie finishes, that absolutely changes.
he doesn't even let you say a word about the movie cause he'll start kissing you, at first in a softie way but it doesn't take long for him to be turned on.
sorry i just know he is a softie when it comes to spend time with you, so he would really enjoy watching the movie together and let the horny moment for later.
depending on his mood, he can watch the full movie just cuddling one day, and another one will start touching you five minutes after the beginning.
cuddling he is the sweetest boy; but when he is horny, he has no shame in showing it.
even before the movie starts he will be teasing you, but at the moment you thought you could actually pay attention he’ll start to whisper in your ear how badly he wants you.
he will bring you closer and closer to him while still saying all the things he wanna do to you in your ear, beggin for you to touch him.
i just know he would ask you to give him a handjob while the movie plays.
as changbin, he loves to touch you the whole time and not always in a horny way.
i feel like he also just wants to watch the movie with you. he’ll caress and cuddle you the whole time but because it’s his softie moment.
he would even give you kisses during boring scenes, but all in a softie way
i’m sorry i just see him as the softest boyfriend when it comes to this kind of activities.
another one who depends on his mood lol
when he is horny, there is no room for the movie, it would be just the background.
he will guide your hand just like that to ask you for a handjob. and eventually while guide your head as well.
this baby just wants a blowjob, give it to him. he will literally beg and praise you the whole time.
and then he would also beg for you to let him eat you up. sorry
mostly of times he just wants to watch the movie, and even can get grumpy if you wanna turn it into something sexual lmao
oh but when he is the horny one… you can’t say no to him cause he’ll get moody.
he’ll ask you sweetly to kiss him, and will start touching you softly. but as soon as the kiss gets harder he will guide your hand to his bulge. “you mind, y/n?”
as i always say, he has a huge master kink so he will make you sub instantly.
another softie mostly of the time
but when he is horny he won’t even know what is the title of the movie. the only thing he has on his mind is how badly he wants to fuck you.
like, he will directly say it and probably will start a dirty talk.
also a big fan of blowjobs, so he will guide you with words for you to do it.
just after fucking you, he will be intrigued in what he missed. “i want to watch the movie now, y/n” he will say in a whiny voice lol.
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changbinsgirlfriend · a month ago
okay so it’s 2am and i was reading imagines for skz and i saw like a ‘what it would be like to bath with stray kids’ thingy and i was like oh cute, turned out it was smutty and as a borderline asexual with no sex drive i was kinda sad so i decided to make my own :)
( by the way this is no hate to the author and i know that lots of people enjoy smut, i just personally am i fluff fan. so i hope you all enjoy this! <3 )
chan — okay so it’s so chill. like he would light some candles, turn the lights off and set up whatever show you guys are watching together on your laptop so you can watch it in the bath together. he’ll sit behind you with you between his legs and your back pressed to his chest and he will be super soft, giving you a massage and kissing your shoulders and whispering really sweet things in your ear like how much he loves you and how proud he is of you.
and as we know from when he washed felix’s hair, he is very good at what he does and would so have you lie back and give you a whole head massage while washing and conditioning your hair (and trust me i work at a hair dressers it is not as easy as it looks 😧). he would also so try and braid it while it’s soaking wet. just loving the closeness of it all.
lee know — okay so i love lee know i really so, but i feel like he would be so fucking annoying if you tried to bath with him. like he would complain that it’s uncomfy and how much he hates having baths and that you two should have showered together. but eventually with a lot of persuasion he will mellow out and relax in the tub. you can definitely speed up this process by playing with his hair and putting on some chill music.
i also feel like he’s so tried to bring sooni, doongi or dori into the bath with you guys and it was literally a traumatic experience because like, it’s a cat in water and since then you refuse to bath with him. all in all, probably stick to showers with lee know.
changbin — changbin, my angel, the loml. baths with him are everything. i know that he isn’t usually a bath person, but for you. he’s willing to sacrifice an hour of his days because it makes you so happy. he also begins to secretly enjoy these baths, but only with you <33 so, he’s a big bath bomb fan i just know it, you guys probably have a stock of them for you weekly baths and know so much about them that the members definitely tease binnie. so yea, you set the vibes, the bath bomb in, soda to the side and a movie set up to watch. it’s literally the softest date ever that is so intimate and private but feels perfect for the two of you seeing as you can’t really go out much due to the (then) dating ban.
as for in the bath, i think it depends on the mood, sometimes he will sit behind you like with chan. but other times he likes you actually sat on his lap, your face pressed to his neck while you play with his hair and he can just hold you, his face pressed to the crown of your head planting kisses along from the crown to your lips. massages are a big yes on both sides, you both deserve them and the oils from the bath bomb makes it feel even better. he also has definitely sang to you in the bath a couple times when telling you about a new song he was working on and you ask to hear it. okay so as always, my changbin one is so drawn out but i will drag myself away and onto the next. would anyone be interested in my making this a full length drabble tho??? let me know <33
hyunjin — i’m torn between baths with hyunjin beings super romantic or the most messy experiences you ever have. but i’m gonna go with romantic because i’m in a fluffy mood. so he loves a good bath, so when you get involved it just gets even better, and the bath in the dorm is quite big or that’s what hyunjin and chan said, so i’m laying you two could probably sit side by side, still close because i mean, you gotta cuddle. and he has his head on yiur chest and yiy are just playing with his hair, stroking it, twirling it, twisting it idc you are in heaven because his hair is gorgeous. and he definitely lets you wash it and his shampoo is definitely like ross scented he just gives me that energy.
anyways, baths for you guys are reserved for chill nights only so you are high probably exhausted. eyes heavy and limbs stiff, so the water helps you both relax and just enjoy some time together when you can. lots of kisses, on the lips, on cheeks, him trailing down your neck, but never making it anything more than it was, just showing your love for one another through gentle caresses as you murmur quietly about everything and anything.
han — again, idk how i think baths with han would go. i feel like he would sit there for like two minutes and proceed to get really bored and start complaining. so if you want him to sit with you, you better have some entertainment planned or he’s gonna be climbing out in seconds. also, he seems like the type to bring food into the bath. like you guys would just bring in snacks and chill eating crisps and stuff because one why not and two it keeps jisung distracted.
if he’s feeling sleepy tho, he would definitely be down for cuddles in the bath, like you sideways over his lap with your arms around his neck and he will have his hands on your waist or under your thighs keeping you in place even though you had no intention of moving in the first place. all in all, sleepy han is cuddly han.
felix — ah, lee felix is a dream. truly. he loves bathing you you sm it’s his favourite thing in the world. and he makes it perfect. candles, check. your favourite bath bomb, check. bubbles, check. face masks and hair masks, check. a playlist of all your favourite music, check. maybe even some sneaky champagne. it’s like every pre teen girls sleep over but with your best friend/boyfriend. so yes, a classic pamper night with felix that usually happens on a sunday. this bath session can take from like an hour to five depending on how far the spar treatment goes but you absolutely adore every second.
sitting on his lap while applying face masks on one another. trying to kiss even when your skin is tight and giggling uncontrollably the whole time. helping each other wash them up with a wet cloth even though they could do it themself. omg i want a pamper night with felix rn ahhh. he also takes this time to praise you the entire time, literally showering you in compliments until you are red in the face. he just loves to treat you and make you feel special. you guys also have hundreds of bath photos together (appropriate of course 🙄) that you adore sm and probably have e v e r y w h e r e.
seungmin— okay so hear me out, acapella in the bath. his voice is fucking beautiful, pair that with a bathroom because they always have the best acoustics, you just booked yourself a free day 6 live performance tbh. and seungmin isn’t so big in pda, so i feel like i’m the bath he is more comfortable, having you sit beside him and holding hands, tracing his hand up and down your arm or along your sides. even having a little tiny make out session maybe.
but yea, sweet little singing moments, maybe him even teaching you a few harmonies (this is very self indulgent because i love to sing even if i’m terrible 😍) but if you tell anyone about these soft moments with him he will block you on everything. he also so brings out pet names during this time, like usually he tried to stick to your name, especially around other people. but in the bath, he’s throwing out angel and making you 🥺
jeongin — i.n, my beloved baby bread. so he is so shy about bathing with you so it’s probably only happened a handful of times because he’s very shy about being intimate with you with his things around even though even they know better than to interrupt you in times like this. but sometimes when he craves that closeness he will take your hand and lead you to the bathroom where a hot bubbly bath is drawn and instantly your heart just flutters because he’s so mf sweet and for what.
so for how you guys sit, i’m seeing sitting in opposite sides of the bath with just your feet touching so you can be face to face. occasionally leaning across to kiss each other sweetly while you talk. (if you have seen friends when monica and chandler bath together this is how i’m picturing it). so he probably isn’t big on cuddles in the bath but i think he would love washing your hair. he finds it really fascinating and also loves when you return the favour. i can also see baths for you guys just being and excuse to get some privacy, often gossiping about the members and giggling while you soak.
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hwajin · a month ago
𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐧𝐞𝐜𝐤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: fluffiest fluff, a bit suggestive
warning: noneee
Tumblr media
shy boiiiii, but it kinda depends on the situation if ya know what i mean? like if you kinda just- walk up to him, sit down on his lap and disturb him from whatever he was doing just moments prior, catching him in a sweet kiss before your lips travel further down he gets all giggly and starts blushing like crazy. he'd ask what exactly the reason for your attack was and if you answer with a simple "because i wanted to" he'd chuckle a bit, still flustered, before his hands would find themself on your waist, his work long in the back of his mind.
is honestly taken aback simply because you're rarely the one indicating kisses or tend to act clingy, and he lets you know of his confusion by giving you a questioning look which doesn't stop you from your antics tho. your lips keep tickling his sensitive skin and minho hates to admit how much his heart starts fluttering at the feeling and his cheeks uncontrollably tint a soft pink, which you're quick to notice and tease, making the boy defend himself which only makes you giggle more.
he LIVES for neck kisses, either it's him kissing you or the other way round, he just loves the intimacy of it all and the tickling and giddy feeling of fluttering touches on his skin. that's why this sort of affection isn't something unknown at all between the two of you, either of you just randomly, whenever you felt like it and had some time alone, walking up to the other and planting smooches all over. your hands, whenever you were the one showering your boyfriend in love, would never stay at the same place, always roaming around his body and ocassionally squeezing his arms, broad shoulders or sneaking under his shirt to dance around his chest and abs, making the male smirk down at your actions.
giggles and chuckles and small laughs would fill the whole room the moment your lips meet hyunjin's skin, his sweet sounds infecting you and making you chuckle slightly against him as well, which would cause goosebumps to form all over the boys' body, his heart swelling impossibly at your cuteness. he loves the softness you manage to create in those moments, loves how tenderly you kiss him as if he's the most precious thing you have ever laid your hands on, loves how you'd look up at him from underneath your lashes from time to time and his heart goes weak all over again. with him, different from changbin, it would be his hands always on you, stroking your hair, massaging your shoulders or simply caressing your hair and looking at you so lovingly that you get shy locking eyes with your boyfriend.
his reaction really a hundred percent depends on his mood only, either being insanly cocky and jokingly teasing about it, constantly saying stuff like "yo you really can't keep your hands off me for one second huh" making you roll your eyes, OR he'd just start blushing like crazy, eyes going wide and so so flustered that he just starts stuttering and giggling and you can't keep quite serious as well and your heart jumps a bit at how he reacts to a simple kiss from you onto his neck. you'd not waste an opportunity to tease him about it too, which only makes him even shyer, his heart pounding against his chest, hoping you won't hear it.
loveslovesLOVES the skinship and the touches and the closeness and everything about it. it's not even particularly the neck kisses only that make his heart go all soft for you, it's the whole sharing moments and loving each other in the sweetest way possible that gets him to smile all brightly when he feels your lips grazing over his skin as lightly as feather. you'd like- talk with him, just casually holding a conversation in between pecks and kisses which makes him chuckle a bit, finding everything about it just so adorable. he's also one to never not have his hands on you, always caressing you somehow, even in the most subtle way while your lips roam around his neck and throat and the back of his ear, making shivers run down his spine.
gets a bit surprised at your sudden actions since i feel like neither of you'd be all over each other all the time, showing your love to each other rather subtly, not as straightforward normally. so the moment you'd so casually, as if nothing is happening, trail your lips from his own ones down to his chin and across his jawline until finally meeting his neck, his eyes would widen just a little bit as he'd ask you what you're doing, and why all the while chuckling slightly. he wouldn't be one to wanting to show his flustereness too much, but after all he'd be helpless against the effect you have on him, his cheecks and ears tinting red as he tries to get you off him in embarrassment.
just starts laughing all shyly and tries to push you off cuz boy got shy at your sudden clingliness, wouldn't be able to deny how much his heart started fluttering though, the softest touch of your lips against his neck sending off butterflies in his stomach, your hot breath tickling his skin causing goosebumps to cover his whole body. you'd love teasing him about his ears that would start turning red, the defending and somewhat annoyed tone in his voice making you laugh a bit at the boy. after a while he'd finally shut up, deciding that he likes your kisses too much to refuse them.
Tumblr media
tagging: @leihey @happycandynoelle @minholeefelix @cotccotc @etherealeeknow @linoskitty @unexceptional-h @rseanne @diue @es-kay-zee @urcracksisx @jeyelleohe @yunkiwii @thuderous @nyrasneedy @seochhj @imagineinnie
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hyuckvanqel · 2 months ago
chan • chan would underestimate how much he’d be able to handle a friends with benefits relationship. honestly, he may not even get into that kind of relationship without having some type of feelings for the person beforehand. so, chan would be so sweet to you. he’s the type to get addicted to you, groaning lowly as his hands grope at your hips, kneading the skin. and he’s such a sucker for praise, calling you pretty names while he guides you along his cock. “you look so pretty stuffed full of me, baby.” he says lowly, laughing at the way you whine and lean forward to bury your head in his neck. and his heart skips a beat at the action, almost cooing as he starts to thrust up into you. “so good for me, baby.”
minho • minho is so mean, his words just as rough as his actions. still, he thinks you’re so pretty sitting on his thigh, hips rutting desperately against the muscles, whimpering softly. your fingertips link around his neck, pulling yourself closer to his body, your face shoved into the crook of his neck, whining slurs of his name and begs. minho never thought he’d have you like this either, having you so desperate and at his mercy, but he definitely could get used to it, maybe too used to it. “be patient, pup.” he mutters, the grip of his hands on your waist stilling your movements, smirking at the way you whined at his words, arms tightening around him. “there’s no rush, right, babe?”
changbin • he’s so sweet. he gives off the aura of a bad boy who’d offer a friends with benefits agreement just to break your heart or turn it around and treat you like you had asked him. but he’s not. in fact, you can’t ever imagine him acting like that to you when he has you sat in his lap while he works. he has one hand resting on your waist, his thumb rubbing soothing circles into the hot skin. “you feel so good, baby, doing so well for me.” he mumbles, letting out a clipped breathe when he felt you shift on his lap. changbin would like the comfort of having a friends with benefits when he knows he’s too busy for a relationship. he likes having you there to keep his cock warm, to hold onto him as if you needed him while he rubs soft circles into your lil clit, chuckling at the way you whine and whimper for him. 
hyunjin • hyunjin is possessive. he loves the feeling of being deep inside you, his cock nudging against you love spot, he loves hearing the sounds you make, he loves the way you cling into him and murmur and whine his name over and over again. basically, he’s whipped and he’s the only person who wants to see you this way, to see you so vulnerable. “you’re my girl, right, y/n?” he asks, hips rutting against you while he holds you down by the back of your neck. his fingers dig into the side of your neck, his breathe is hot against your skin and the feeling is so sweet; all you can think to do is squirm under him, hands grabbing rapidly at the sheets. and he’d definitely leave marks too; mouthing and biting at your shoulders and grinning at the little bruises he leaves in his wake. “my lil whore.” 
jisung • jisung is definitely the type to only feel comfortable being friends with benefits with someone he already knows and is relatively close with. honestly, he’d only be friends with benefits with someone he likes already. i.e. you. he’d think you’re so pretty sitting on your knees for him, looking up at him with wide eyes, you head resting against his thigh. “you want my cock, honey?” he asks, one hand resting over the bulge in his sweats while the other runs through your hair, laughing at the way you nod, subconsciously leaning into his touch, into him. “alright, baby, you can have it.” he says, petting your head. “my good girl.” he coos as you. “my best girl.” 
felix • he’s sweet. he’s always sweet, but there’s just something different about his sweetness in bed. he always focuses on you, he always prioritizes you, he wants you to feel good above himself. he’d be laying between your legs, hands gripping your thighs and rubbing soothing circles into the skin of your inner thigh. “you’re so pretty, y/n.” he tells you, almost whispering. he seems like the type to be so careful with you, he doesn’t want to ruin your friendship, or worse; make you hate him, so he treats you with such care and delicacy. his soft kitten licks against your cute lil cunt, the gentle rubs of his thumb against your clit, the soft groping of his hand against your tummy, everything is just so soft and warm. overall, felix knows how to make you feel comfortable and would make you catch feelings :(
seungmin • seungmin seems like the type to only for a friends with benefits type relationship if he has really close attachments to the person; he’s all business. however, you were the exception. seungmin could never turn you down and he’s so thankful he didn’t when he has his cock shoved down your throat, grinning down at your tear-streaked face and threading his fingers through your hair as you hold him in your mouth. he can see the drool start to pull around the edges of your lips. “such a good girl for me.” he mutters, petting your hair and smiling softly at you. “my good girl.” and he loves the way you whine around him, making him buck his hips into your hot mouth. “all warm and wet for me all the time, huh?” and he can’t help but wish that his words were true.
jeongin • jeongin constantly wants to have his dick wet and if he has a friend who’d like to keep his cock warm for him; who is he to decline? he’s almost insatiable; constantly calling you over, or slipping his hand in your pants during movie nights or lectures. he can’t help that your cunt feels so good around him, he can’t help but to constantly want to be inside you. “that’s my girl.” jeongin mutters, voice low and deep as you squirm under him, hands grabbing at his biceps and shoulders as you shakily tell him how close you are. “please, please, i’m gonna come, please.” and he can’t help but keep his thumb pressed to your lil clit, watching your eyes roll into the back of your head, knowing you can’t cum without his permission. “alright, pup.” he relents after a minute or so, rubbing his thumb in slow circles. “you can cum.”
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dwaeki · 3 months ago
— felix as ur bf (random headcanons)
pairing: felix x gn!reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none other than maybe some slip ups and just poorly written fluff, not proofread, lower case intended!!!
a/n: i'm just bored and need to post so i decided to make this at like 3AM 😩🤝🏻 genuinely dont knownwhat i was writing here but i went with the flow so 😞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok lets completely disregard the fact that felix is my ult and i am absolutely whipped for him.
he doesn't sleep early at night especially if he had a bad day at practice or made a lot of mistakes while trying to memorize the choreography to one of their new songs,
so he usually stays up for a little while playing video games on his PC while you sleep over at the dorms.
you're most likely there sitting on his lap, sleeping peacefully while your boyfriend tries to restrain himself from raging and absolutely destroying his expensive keyboard </3
(p.s he has a keyboard that lights up. most likely rainbow cuz idk HE GIVES OFF THOSE VIBES.)
the first time you sat on his lap while he was playing games he just fell in love with that idea
the feeling of your arms wrapped around his shoulders as you rest your head in the crook of his neck is just :(( y/n ure making him feel so loved :((
he's just rlly comfortable and feels at peace.
also when he feels a bit too overwhelmed or just frustrated he stops the game for a little while and wraps his arms around you tightly while inhaling your scent :((
he feels better right away <33
but you dont know that bcuz ure ✨asleep✨
but if he's feeling particularly tired he just plays on his phone
while you're both in bed, cuddling <33
PLUSHIES !! you guys collect a bunch of plushies <3
he likes plushies a lot so if u like plushies too you guys are just a perfect duo. you two are always on a look out for stuffed animals,
felix keeps a bunch of cents in his pockets just in case u find something.
if one of u spots a claw machine outside while you're going out or during an arcade date you're going to drop whatever you were doing before and literally run, leap, fly towards its direction.
you two are competitive as hell when it comes to winning a stuffed animal & believe me felix doesnt go easy on you
especially if youre a sour loser cuz he teases you a lot.
it starts off with u two being competitive but ends with the both of you basically throwing all of your money away just to get a single plushie.
one time u hogged the claw machine for a little too long and you didnt even notice the line of kids waiting for the two of u to finally leave for good.
yeah... ure banned from using the claw machine at one of the arcades ... 😬✋🏻
he also lays his head on your lap... a lot.
he just loves feeling close to you so if he's sleepy and wants cuddles he usually just lays his head on your thighs (no matter the shape or size cuz we love all kinds of thighs here, love <3) , grabs your hand and plays with ur fingers.
you already get the message so you're quick to get up and move to the bedroom to cuddle
but if you don't get the message then he starts pouting and sighing dramatically, waiting for u to take the hint
but if ure still not budging then he just lifts you up and quite literally throws you onto the bed so you two can cuddle
(one time u bounced off the bed and hurt your arm... felix almost cried...)
he grumbles a bunch of incoherent words while getting under the covers
squeezes the living soul out of you the second he's under the covers. like ure literally left soulless.
felix doesnt rlly have a favorite position to cuddle in, he likes any and every.
he loves being the big spoon, he loves being the small spoon
but he also rlly loves cuddling face-to-face <33 or maybe ur head buried in his chest :((
loves placing kithes all over your face or pecking your lips during cuddle sessions.
yeah... he's a sucker for physical contact 😚😚
he's also SO whipped for you you don't even understand.
everyone around him can tell that he absolutely adores you and everything you do
one time jeongin mentioned how utterly in love he was and how "disgusting & painful" it was to watch you two interact 😔
and felix was low-key like HELL YEAH IM WHIPPED AND IM PROUD !!!
doesnt care if anyone points out how much he loves u & doesn't deny it either bcuz YEAH!! HE DOES INDEED LOVE U VERY MUCH!!! WHAT ABOUT IT!?!?!!
he also gives the best presents !
he just always knows what to buy anyone he's very close with and the list ofc includes you :D bcuz youre his lover mwuah <3
buys you the best birthday presents, anniversary presents, holiday presents.
it's because he's observant !!
especially when it comes to you. if you eye an expensive outfit that you can't really afford at the moment or there's a fancy restaurant you want to go to, he will keep it in the back of his mind and will take it into consideration ;))
there doesn't have to be a special occurance for felix to surprise you with a present !!
even if the present he's getting you is pretty expensive its still for u and he wants to make u feel as appreciated and as loved as he can. so wasting money on you is never a problem as long as you're happy :((
the fact that he is observant also comes in handy a lot, because he can tell when you're uncomfortable by the small changes in the way you act like the furrowing of your eyebrows or you shift even closer to him, etc.
if it's a public space or an event where you have to socialize and interact with others and he notices you feeling uncomfortable he will take you to a less crowded place to give u a bunch of kisses and reassure you that everything will be just fine <3
he also knows what you like and dislike very well, so it's easier to avoid any arguments in your relationship.
virtual dates !!
he takes you on a bunch of dates on minecraft, roblox, animal crossing etc.
the dates usually happen while he's away on a tour and you two really miss each other </3
the first time he went on a tour he just really really really missed you and your voice
so he called you on discord and suggested that you play minecraft together. you created a new world and just started everything from the scratch.
so every time felix goes on tour you guys call on discord, get on minecraft and add new things to your world <33
your world includes but is not limited to: a huge pink mansion with a pretty backyard filled with flowers, a dog named "seungmo" and a cat named "lino" (as felix suggested you named them ✋🏻)
he once told you that one day you two are gonna get married (if you're willing to ofc) and live a perfect life just like in your minecraft world :((
even tho it was over the top to assume that you two would live in a gigantic pink mansion, it was still endearing and it made your heart melt <3
he really wants to spend the rest of his life with you because he knows you're the one :(
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binnieurl · 3 months ago
𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐝𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 — cuddles with skz / skz with a cuddly s/o
「 chan 」 -> 찬
chan is one clingy guy. he finds you so adorable and he adores you with every fiber of his being, and he shows it through physical touch. he always has his arms wrapped around your waist, engulfing you in a comforting hug, or an arm wrapped around your shoulder, pulling you into his side before pressing a light kiss to your forehead. 
as much as chan loves to cling onto you, he loves when you cling onto him equally as much. he does that shy giggle, his ears turning a bright red every time you grab onto his arm or kiss his jaw. he would particularly love when you hugged him from behind, your hands resting against his waist while you pressed little butterfly kisses along his back.
「 minho 」 -> 민호
minho would think you’re so cute. he doesn’t come off as the most cuddly or physically affectionate guy, however, i think he would love an s/o that’s all over him. he seems like the type to want to be needed to a certain extent and to have you, his love, want to be around him and cling off of him would be the biggest ego boost and the best way to put him in a soft mood. 
he thinks it’s so adorable when you cling onto his arm or give him a lot of kithes. still, this wouldn’t stop him from teasing you and acting cocky. “aww, look at my little baby~” he’d coo at you, pinching your cheek and grinning at the way you gazed at him with that lovesick look. “you’re so cute, you can’t get enough of me, huh? your minnie?” he’d move his hand from your cheek to your chin, stroking the skin like he would one of his cats. minho would definitely treat you with same love and delicacy he does his cats. 
「 changbin 」 -> 창빈
changbin loves having you close. it gives him a sense of security to be able to feel your skin next to his, and i think he really likes the idea of protecting you. so, i think he would be the type to show affection in that same type of way. he keeps his hand on the small of your back a lot, and he likes to be the big spoon when you lay down together.
changbin also likes to be productive while he's with you; he is a busy guy. i think he'd like to bring you to the studio a lot — especially when he has late nights — and have you sit on his lap, grinning to himself when he notices that you've dozed off.
he also loves to show you off, but not in a very showy-way? changbin respects you and your boundaries, so he wouldn't call attention to you if it was unwanted. still, he would adore when you cling onto him; especially in front of the boys. he'd wrap his arm around your shoulders and press you into his side, cooing softly and sending you the biggest heart-eyes.
「 hyunjin 」 -> 현진
hyunjin has always said that he doesn’t like skinship very much, but considering how cuddly he is with his members, he seems like the type to always return your hugs and kisses, if he’s not the initiating them in the first place. 
hyunjin finds you so cute when you cling onto him, cooing at how it seemed as if you could never let go of him. “you’re so cute, baby~” he grinned, ruffling your hair, laughing at the way little strands got tangled together. “my little koala.” 
「 jisung 」 -> 지성
jisung is the sweetest boy in the whole world, he’s always touching you in some way, with absolutely no shame at all. no matter if anyone was around or not, he would always have you cuddled up under his arm or hold your hand or being fully laying on top of you, arms wrapped around your torso and head buried in your neck. 
he’d love you being cuddly and clingy, he’d think it was so adorable and it would show him that you love him in the same way he loves you. seeing you run up to him and throw yourself into his arms every time you saw him would make him the happiest boy, flashing that heart-shaped grin and laughing in that low voice he has. 
jisung is also a rambler. when you lay together late at night, facing each other on his bed, his hand traveling across the limited space between your two bodies to lace your fingers together, he would always be mumbling in a stream of thought way about his day or anything that was on his mind really. “y/n, we did so good today at practice. it felt like we were all in sync, it was amazing...” and he’d go on until you dozed off.
「 felix 」 -> 필릭스
felix is the biggest cuddlebug, he loves being around you, being on you, anything that involves physical affection, he loves it. his favorite form of cuddles is laying down with you. he can be the little or big spoon, but there’s something that feels so right when he’s the little spoon, he loves being in your arms. however, there are days when he feels like using you as his personal teddy bear and hugging you as close to his body as he can. 
i also think he would love to just lay on top of you, his head resting on your chest while he presses the softest of kisses to the junction of your neck and you thread your fingers through his hair. he whispers sweet nothings between his kisses, things like “you’re so cute, baby” and “i don’t know what i’d do if i didn’t have you.” 
「 seungmin 」 -> 승민
seungmin is so unbelievably soft for you. every time you wanted hugs or kisses or cuddles, he would almost always cave. every time you snuggled up to him, he would ruffle your hair and laugh, teasing you in that soft voice of his. “what’s up, baby? you need me?” 
i don’t see him being shy about it either, regardless of teasing. if you were around his members and wanted to cling onto him, he would let you, cooing at how much you liked being around him. i think his favorite lil cuddly habit of yours would be when you played with his fingers, lifting them and kissing them and moving them around in random patterns before opting to lace your own fingers through them instead. it would make him so soft, and he would always point out how small your hand looked next to his (his hands are so huge!). 
「 jeongin 」 -> 정인
jeongin would get embarrassed, especially if you got cuddly around his members. only because he knows he would get teased mercilessly, and you would most likely get dragged into the teasing as well. however, behind closed doors — or just anytime you're alone — would be a different story.
jeongin doesn't seem like the type to show affection through touch unless you were the one who initiated it. when you snuggled up to his side while cuddling on a bed or couch, he would always lift an arm and let you get comfortable; or when you leaned up to kiss him, he would always return it with a smile and a little laugh. despite all this, i do think jeongin really likes to hold your hand. he'd always mindlessly thread his fingers through yours whenever you were together or grab your hand without thinking about it when he wanted to go somewhere. it's like a little habit of his.
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