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#gender neutral reader

Todoroki x Reader

Genre: Angst/comfort

Request on my Wattpad: “I was wondering if you can do a Todoroki x wolf reader where the reader is depressed and bullied because of her quirk and her family knows about her wolf quirk and disowns like they think she a disgrace abuse her and doesn’t want her and she feels so worthless she gets to a point where she feels not good enough and that she completely loses control of herself and turns into wolf or monster version wolf and Todorki he tries to help her I hope this makes sense and I hope it’s ok”

a/n: I’m not terribly happy with this, but it was a different kind of request, and I’m glad I did it.  If it’s cringey, I’m sorry, but I hope it meant something to someone.

Also even though the request indicated female pronouns, I didn’t really use any, so consider this gender neutral.  If anyone was wondering, I wanted the character to be kinda like Atsushi from Bungo Stray Dogs with the hair color and the personality, but also with wolf ears, so do with that info what you will.


I run through the dimly lit streets, tears streaking through my eyes as my heart pounds and chest heaves.  I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I have to get out of this hell I call life.  Everything I thought I knew was a lie, I was the only person who didn’t know it.

Tripping over my own feet, I finally tumble down a hill and land at the base of a tree, finally stopping my rabid movement, but it doesn’t help my mind running five hundred miles a minute.  I turn in on myself, trembling as the darkness surrounds me, clawing at me the same way I grip my legs to my chest.

The image of my parents smiling together with my younger sister is the only thing I see behind my eyelids.  The last time I saw my family, there was nothing but turmoil and contempt.  All the times my sister pulled at my ears, locked me in a closet, and cut me up; all the times my parents punished me by having me sleep outside “like the dog I am” for the slightest misdemeanors.  They used to always argue, there was always screaming in my house.

My former house.

When I got into UA and we were forced to live in the dorms, my parents couldn’t look happier.  In front of Aizawa and All Might, they contained the sheer joy they felt like the actors they are, and when my teachers left, they hurried to throw all of my things out the door.

“Finally, we can get rid of her!” they cheered.  I can only watch in horror as they pack all my stuff away before pulling me by the ear and setting me out next to my belongings.

“Don’t ever come back!  From now on, you’re on your own!”  That was the day I became an orphan.

My parents always had this vendetta against me because of my quirk.  They don’t know where it came from, no one in our family even had one like me.  My dad used to always accuse my mom of having an affair with another man after she had me.  I don’t know why he ever stayed, if he really believed that was true, but they both looked at me with contempt because of the quirk I shouldn’t have.  And then I did the worst thing I could’ve done: I lost control one day.  When I was playing with my sister, I don’t even remember why I got angry, but I bit her and scratched her.  The only person who loved me in that house suddenly became scared, and grew to hate me just as much.

School wasn’t any better.  Everyone teased me for being the tamest wolf they’ve ever seen.

“I thought you were supposed to be scary, you’re actually a huge wimp!”

“What kind of hero can you be when you can’t even stop mumbling to yourself?”

The only reason I was so quiet is because I couldn’t even raise my voice to assert myself in my house without being punished.  My parents were so scared of me losing control again that they put me down for getting the slightest bit aggravated, so I learned to just lay low and stay quiet.  And I couldn’t stand up to my bullies for fear of being punished at home.

I’m so ashamed of my quirk.

Going to UA was a dream of mine.  It was my ticket to being able to use my quirk freely, so I can learn to control it to become a great hero.  But I quickly realized how weak I and useless I was in comparison to the other students.  Not being able to use my quirk at home took a toll on me, it was a miracle I even passed the entrance exam.

Today was particularly bad.  I didn’t do well in quirk training today; I’ve been trying to partially manifest my quirk in some parts of my body to temporarily amplify my strength, but it’s just not working.  Going for a walk in town to clear my head, I spotted my family out together, happy and smiling without me around.  And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I tremble to myself under the tree, pushing against the rough bark biting into my forehead.  They’re so much better without me.  I was holding them back this entire time, I should’ve left years ago.

I’m a failure as a wolf.

What kind of wolf am I when I can’t even use my quirk?

I’ll never become a hero.

This is all because of my stupid quirk!

“Fuck everything!”  I don’t even realize when I’d stood up and started punching the thick trunk.  Blood drips from my knuckles, my vision blurry from tears.  "You’ll never be a hero!  You’re a failure!  All you did was tear your family apart because of the stupid quirk you can’t even use properly!  Idiot!  Stupid!  Weakling!  Dumbass!  Homewrecker!“

Fury rushes through me, the grayscale colors in front of me fuzzing together.  My arms grow in size suddenly, my punches boring a large hole the size of my head into the bark and my nails have grown.  Looking down, I’m farther off the ground, my clothes ripped to shreds on the grass, and teeth have grown into fangs.  The shadowed silhouette of a wolf figure on two legs presses against the ground behind me, cast by the light of the moon.  I scream, which sounds more like a gravelly growl into a howl.  My blood boils with all the anger built up over the past ten years, fueling this wolf form I’ve only taken twice in my entire life.

I catch a familiar scent in the distance, blood warming my body at the thought of fresh blood.

”(Y/n)!“  A voice screams from the top of the hill I rolled down as it runs towards me.  Once the owner closes in and notices what’s going on, he stops short, gawking up at my form.

I snarl, crouching down as if getting ready to strike.  My rage blinds me, only guiding myself by the smell of my prey as the shadows blur.

”(Y/n),“ he repeats, more carefully this time, "Calm down, it’s me.  I won’t harm you.”

My fangs bare at the boy.  I’m ready to take my anger out on anyone, friend or foe.  I stalk towards him.  No one’s my friend, I’m all alone.

He takes a step back.  "It’s me, Todoroki!  Get ahold of yourself!“


I grit my fangs at myself, clawing at the ground to keep myself from attacking him despite the rage instinct telling me to attack.  It hurts to fight, but I need to protect him.  He can’t turn out like her.

"I believe in you, (Y/n)!  I know you can fight it!”

Another piercing howl screeches out of my mouth, overwhelming my head with painfully conflicting emotions.

“Try to breathe.”  Shoto’s voice calms down.  "Relax and breathe.“

I loosen my tightened jaw and fists, smoke starting to come out of my nose in grunts.  I imagine it being my anger escaping out of me.  Feeling myself deflate, despair sets back in.  I almost hurt him.  I crouch down as my body shrinks back to normal, hugging my knees to my chest.  I’m physically and mentally burnt out, too numb to feel my emotions but I know they’re still there.

Shoto approaches me, slipping his oversized denim jacket over my naked form.  "Are you alright?  Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I should be asking you that,” I sigh, too tired to get up.  The wind brushes my skin and I clutch the jacket closed, slipping my arms through the sleeves.  "I almost attacked you, I’m sorry.“

He shakes his head, kneeling down in front of me.  "It’s fine.  Why are you out here alone anyway?”

“I…saw something.  And I just took off running and I got here.”  I rub my temples with my hand to ease an oncoming headache.  "Things just got overwhelming, but I’m okay now.“

Shoto’s mouth sets into a line.  "You’re not okay.  You haven’t turned into a wolf since you were eight, not even in training.  You must have been extremely distressed.”

I shrink into myself.  "I don’t want to talk about it…“

His bi-colored eyes rest on me, but he doesn’t push the matter further.  "You look exhausted, let me carry you.”  He squats down in front of me.  "Get on my back.“

I’m happy he’s much bigger than me, his jacket manages to cover everything down mid-thigh even while I’m on his back.  My arms hang loosely from his shoulders as he hikes up the hill and back to the main road.  It seems I ended up in a park near the town.  The streetlamps light the sidewalk, people staring at us as we walk by, but I’m too tired to care.

"Do you think it would calm you down to visit your parents?” Todoroki asks modestly.  "Or maybe you can go get some clothes-“

"My parents won’t want to see me, let’s just go back to school,” I interject feebly.  A fresh set of tears threaten to fill my eyes.

He doesn’t question it, continuing to walk as his gentle rocking pace persists.

“I’m surprised you aren’t running away from me,” I mumble as we reach the road going up the mountain to UA.  "I almost killed you.“

"I know you wouldn’t, I have faith in you.”

I close my eyes, leaning against the side of his head.  "I’m so ashamed you had to see me like that.  I probably looked like a monster.“

"Aside from the danger you posed in the moment, I think you looked…majestic.”

My eyes fly open and I tense, waiting for him to elaborate.  How could he possibly think that about me?

“Your fur matches the gray of your hair, gleaming in the moonlight.  It looked soft enough to touch, all the way down to your tail.  But your ice blue eyes were my favorite.  Once you calmed down, they were practically glowing.  I’d like to see you like that more often, once you’ve trained enough of course.”

My heart quickens at his compliments, heat rushing to my cheeks.  "Thank you, Sh-Shoto.  Though, I don’t know when exactly I’ll even get to that point.“

He’s silent for a moment, his steady rhythm continuing up the path.  "I’ve known you for a while, (Y/n), since we were younger.  I know I’ve never been much help with you and people teasing you for being weak, but I want you to know that you’re not weak.  Obviously, you have a lot of emotional baggage with your family, and it’s trickled into your own inner demons.  You should know that you’re strong for dealing with it on your own all this time, but you should find family elsewhere.  I know you’re stuck, but make your own family of people you care about, and - when you’re ready - confide in them about your problems, they’ll be there to help you.  I’m here to help you.”

Tears silently roll down my cheek, but I don’t want to wipe them and call attention to it, so I rest my chin on his shoulder.  "Do you think…my quirk is good, Shoto?“

"Of course I do,” he answers without missing a beat.  "It’s your’s to use as you wish.  I know you’ll use it to become a great hero someday.“  His footsteps stop and he gently puts me down to face me.  "You’re a good person, (Y/n).  Your quirk is an extension of yourself, and I know you’ll use it for the benefit of others, even if you’ve probably made mistakes in the past.”  His thumbs gently rub the wetness from my face.  "And nobody should tell you otherwise.“

I lean into his touch, my eyes flying open when he presses his lips to my forehead.  His mismatched eyes bore into mine, glistening under the dim lights of the streetlamps and the moon.  My heart pounds at the amount of pure affection he’s showering me with, it makes me want to cry even more.

"I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.”

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Could you please do relationship hc about Peter? I love ma bby boi and there's hardly any content about him ;-;


  • He tends to pick you up randomly, just because he can and he’ll take any chance he can to show off how strong he is. I mean, he can lift all of his body weight, plus Wendy’s so??
  • Do not let his stunted growth fool you, because the moment you let your guard down, he’s gonna show you all the reasons that he cannot be considered a child.
  • 10/10 a good protector. If you’re being flirted with and it’s making you comfortable, Peter is like a bomb just ticking, waiting to be set off on the idiot that tries him.
  • He is literally never without Wendy, and part of being his s/o is understanding their dynamic.


  • Peter is the type of boyfriend that knows when you’re hungry, even when you say you’re not. He also has a collective file of all your regular orders from every fast food place in town, just in case he needs to pick something up on the run.
  • He belches on dates, hands down. He’ll say excuse me, but after he’s gotten the whole room’s attention with his loud burp.
  • Nap dates!!! He’ll spoon you and be your personal backpack.
  • He’ll just?? randomly smack your booty? when cuddling, when at the mall, whenever, he just likes to smack it sometimes.
  • Loves to piss you off, he’s an annoying little shit sometimes.

.・。vinny .・゜rules ✭・. masterlist・✫.

you’re right, he doesn’t get enough spotlight! i hope you like my all-over-the-map hcs for him.

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Your recent Shinsou fic had me like 馃グ and then I saw that you write for homestuck??? 馃槶 do you think you could write a poor starving stannie like me a dave x reader. Maybe some quarantine fluff lol

//Wrote something dumb lol. This fic is making light of quarantine, and it’s just meant to be something fluffy for those who need it

Your apocalypse outfit was appropriately mysterious. You assembled the whole shebang: fabric in earthy tones, a cloak hiding lots of pockets, a vest, and some worn boots you scored at a thrift store not too long ago, when things were still normal. The outfit was, in your proud opinion, adaptable to be worn in a variety of settings as different types of people, from an apocalypse survivor to a fantasy earth mage to a space outlaw. 

When you asked about Dave’s apocalypse outfit, he pulled a pair of vibrant red pajamas out of his backpack. There was a hooded cape to match, and though it was homemade from a red blanket, the sewing wasn’t too bad.

“I’m a knight,” he said after donning the costume, which only added more questions. The sunglasses stayed, of course, and you were assured they were a vital part of the look. “If the world does go Mad Max, we’ll start a rumor I dye my pjs in the blood of my enemies.”

“We don’t look like we’re going to the same event,” you teased. “I love it.”

Going to the grocery store was a much bigger deal when it was the last time you planned on leaving your living space for the next few weeks, so that last grocery run was when the apocalypse outfits came into play. You and Dave got a few strange looks, but more people were either just amused or ignored the pair of you completely.

You and Dave grabbed what you needed quickly, thanked the tired store employees, and retreated into the apartment to spend quarantine together.

Now it was day 18, and you were starting to get stir-crazy. What seemed like an endless list of activities prepared for quarantine was now exhausted, and you were reaching your creative limits at finding entertainment. Dave was fun to be around and stopped any feelings of loneliness that might have sprouted if you’d been spending this time alone, but there were only so many times you could lose rap battles and step in as a guest artist for Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. Thanks to you, Dave’s shitty comic had 48 pages finished in advance, and you were left without a scrap of honor or good taste. In the pantry where all of the food was stocked, Can Town was created. You color-coded your entire closet, and during the reorganization, you were able to scrounge up an alternate apocalypse outfit for Dave in case he wanted to try getting with the theme. In response, he presented you with a cape and pajama set matching his own.

The boredom was getting to Dave, too, no matter how amused he was at your increasingly creative attempts to ease it.

The friend group had splintered off into groups of two or three to spend quarantine, and everyone was keeping contact through text and video calls. No one had any fun ideas except for John, who sent a very long list of movies in exactly his taste.

“Well, what do you want to do?” you grumbled at Dave, scrolling through John’s list as Dave looked over your shoulder.

I don’t know. We could hold hands. We could be what people mean when they say “Oh, they’re roommates,” Dave thought. Instead he pointed at a title on the list and said, “John absolutely loves Con Air, and you’ll score a few points with him if he knows you’ve seen it.”

“Is it good?”


You hummed in consideration and pressed up against him. It was a thoughtless action, and you were more focused on your phone’s screen then you were on Dave’s reaction. “Well, I’m okay with watching it if you are.” You reached behind you and patted his cheek.

“Okay,” Dave said. His face was red and that wasn’t cool or suave at all. When you slipped your phone into your pocket and moved to get up, he didn’t know what to do except put up his hood and pull the drawstrings tight to hide his fiery blush.

Somehow it fucking worked, and when you saw, you took it as just another shenanigan. Your face split into a wide grin, and you did the same thing with your hoodie, tying the drawstrings into a bow so the only thing visible was your nose. “Come on!” you said, slightly muffled, and disappeared around the corner.

Dave carefully placed his sunglasses over his hood, and together the two of you trooped into the living room like morons, like the world’s worst bank robbers. Dave stood there for a moment, watching you scrounge for the TV remote with your sight hindered.

He really, really liked you.

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Padawan!Reader: Preferences

Reader with Ahsoka: Oh dear, oh dear, gorgeous *hugs shit out of her*

Reader with Anakin: You fucking donkey *kicks his butt… in their head*

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Padawan!Reader: Rumors

Reader: Ey, Master Kenobi, come here!

Obi-Wan: What’s going on, Y/N?

Reader: I have some hot sauce!

Obi-Wan, confused:

Reader: Some nice goss!

Obi-Wan, still not understanding: ?

Reader: Some tea ready to spill!

Obi-Wan, devastated: ??

Reader: *whispering* Anakin kissed Senator Amidala

Obi-Wan: He did WHAT ?!

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Padawan!Reader time travels #3

Din Djarin, walking into the Razorcrest, clearly pissed: Didn’t I tell you not to buy more plushies for him? He already has thousands!


The child: *giggles*

Din Djarin: and you told me you would teach him the magic or force or whatever!


Din Djarin: Why are you doing this weird thing with your eye-

Also Din: *gets slammed to the ground by the Child’s cradle* oof

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Tw; angst, suicide mention, self harm, dysphoria, reader is depressed

Jason Voorhees x Nonbinary!Reader

As you stared at your reflection, a voice from the depths of your skull made themselves known.

“This isn’t who you are, look at yourself, look at how disgusting and feminine you look, look at how disgusting and masculine you look. No one will accept you for being "non-binary”. Not even him.“

You glanced at the door, Jason was out on his daily patrol. Did he care how you were feeling or did he only want you to be safe because he "cared” about you?

The voice in your head repeated those awful words you wish you wish you’d never heard.

Your parents, they weren’t the most accepting of anything or anyone that wasn’t “the perfect person.” they had to accept who they were, what parts they were born with, women had to be subservient to man and man had to be the king and main ruler of his castle.

You thought you were safe telling them you were non-binary and to stop calling you (she/him). In an. Instant, they disowned you.

They were your only family at the time and suicidal ideation was only seeming more and more like a distant dream rather than a nightmare.

Sure you had been dealing with that guilt that what if you had just apologized and said it was a big joke? But you weren’t ashamed of who you were. No, where the problem lay? Was with your looks.

It was always your looks. Always. Never starting, never stopping. The voices of how imperfect and inconsistent you were, were absolute torment on your fragile mind.

It was agony.

Then you met Jason, he didn’t seem to see your looks, he saw you. He saw you and thought you were different than the others, just like he was.

He showed you off to his mother and she immediately took you in under her wing, she adored you and she was like your second mother.

However, neither Pamela or Jason could’ve predicted that you’d try to harm yourself as soon as he went on patrol.

Grabbing one of the knives from the knife block in the kitchen, you then went in search of a mirror. There was one in the bathroom, although small it would do.

You took the tip of the blade and pressed it against your cheek, causing a line of blood to roll down your cheek, staining your shirt.

You had pulled it downwards in a curved motion against your cheek, it was imperfect, it had to go. So, too did the other.

Now you had blood dripping from the open gashes in your cheeks, it didn’t hurt at first, but then you began to feel the warmth, the searing burn that came from your cheeks as realization if what you had done had come to mind.

It wasn’t enough, you needed to end it, to stop the pain- in any way that you could.

So you took the blade of the knife and placed it on your neck, fully intending to end your own life.

However the knife was ripped from your hands, thrown somewhere with a big “KLANG”

You were then pulled into a big bear hug- you lashed against your “assailant”, crying for them to let you go.

He did, and had revealed himself to be your boyfriend, your one and only, the one who had accepted you.

Behind his mask you could see the pain and sorrow as he placed one of his hands on your cheek, gently- as to not disturb your fresh wounds.

You felt tears begin to flow from your lids, hoe could you even think of doing something like that? To Jason, to Pamela?

It was like the dams that were keeping tidal waves of waterfalls of your tears from flowing out were finally broken, you needed this.

He gave you another hug, and when you reciprocated, he hugged you tighter and began to sob quietly as well.

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The door shuts with a slightly louder bang than intended as you try to juggle numerous groceries and your belongings in your hands. Shuffling over to the kitchen, you manage to set everything down without injury before calling out, “I’m home!”

Your voice rings out within the rather large and tall studio. The slithering of scales and the telltale sign of paper crumbling alerts you of your lover in the loft upstairs, “I’m up here.”

Bounding up the steps, you are greeted by the usual sight of your reptilian lover. He is covered in various colors ranging from blue to white to colors you didn’t even think would be humanely possible to create, his once tan skin now a rainbow. The paint even spreads from his hands, to his slightly scraggly hair, to the tops of his arms and all over his black, yellow and red stripped tail. However, the canvas underneath him is also covered in the same ink. He pauses the music player and greets you with a fanged smile, quick kiss, and then grabs a drink of water. “What do you think?”

You look down at the thin canvas surrounded by rosin paper as it is twisted and splashed with the same colors on your lover; but like always you think he is more beautiful, especially when covered in color. But, you don’t tell him that…his ego is too much as it is. “What’s this piece going to be called?” You carefully step around it to get a better perspective.

His breath is unsteady from working, “Desire.” Ah, it shouldn’t have come as a surprised he would have chosen one word. He always chooses a single word for his pieces, but he was never much of a talker either. Perhaps, that’s why he is the famous Eno the Naga Artist. His pieces are one of a kind, no piece the same and never replicated. Using his entire body as he dances with the paint. Literally. Your favorite piece of his would be the one titled Everyday. He didn’t dance like usual, but his method was definitely unique that day. He did his normal day to day routine and had the canvas follow him around with the paint recording his movements. You had to help with this piece which included moving it and then cleaning up after him. Though, getting it out of his scales was the absolute worst as most the paint had managed to dry due to how long it took him to complete the piece.

Breaking out of your train of thoughts, you notice something new and something different. There were several white patches on the canvas, “Are you…struggling with this piece, Eno?” His raised brow requires further explanation. “You never leave an empty space on your canvases…there are several.”

Taking one more gulp of water, he twists the cap back on before turning to you. “I was hoping to try something new. The dance I’m doing I’ll need your help.”

“What do-“ he grabs your hand and pulls you close. The sudden yank surprises you as you go tumbling in the paint and now his canvas has several red and two blue footprints from your shoes. “Eno! Your painting! Why-“

He cuts you off again as he gently puts a finger to your lips and places your hands around his neck and his on your waist. “Dance with me?” Well…how were you supposed to say no to that? Placing an earbud in your ear, you both begin to dance across the canvas as colors and hearts tangle into one piece.

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Summary: You reminisce on the memories you’ve had with him, and what it was like before and when everything kind of broke between you two.

Character + Fandom: John Wick x Gender Neutral Reader, John Wick Trilogy

Warnings: Small amount of angst pretty much, nothing else really. Grammar mistakes probably, unedited. And do please forgive me, this is my first time writing and I don’t know how well this is going to turn out. It’s my first oneshot, so any feedback would be delightful.

Keep reading

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Yayyyyy you’re back! Could I get a little Charles Grey (as a treat 馃ズ馃憠馃憟). Just general headcanons, hobbies, etc.? Reall whatever you’re interested in 馃馃榿


Charles Grey

  • He probably fences professionally and travels around the continent because of it. Dating him means being long distance from time to time.
  • Although there isn’t any worry about him being unfaithful because his head is stuck in the clouds when he’s not meant to be focusing on something like school, fencing, or his s/o.
  • Once you’re in a relationship with this boy, it’s basically bound to lead to marriage. He’s not truly into dating, so if you’ve managed to hook his heart, he’s in it for the long run :)
  • His family still has a lineage, like maybe his uncle or something is still knighted if that makes sense?
  • H-…his eyelashes are so long and pretty, he gives the best butterfly kisses. And when you’re cuddling in bed together and his face is squished against yours (he’s a cuddler) and they’ll tickle your cheek 🥺
  • 10/10 sings in the shower, usually popular hit songs.
  • His parents are probably grooming him to be put into a super important position at a job, and he’s a bit resentful but meanwhile they’re paying for his everything, so he feels obligated to go through with it.
  • Charles hates the nickname Charlie. He thinks it should be reserved for dogs.
  • Has very sensitive teeth because of all the sweets he eats. He’s never had a cavity, but that doesn’t stop him. And for whatever reason, he won’t eat gum?

.・。vinny .・゜rules ✭・. masterlist・✫.

y’all, i daydream about him often, you can’t just let me go off like that lmaoo

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‘is it okay if you make a thing for bokuto where he and his s/o are forced to stay indoors bc of the weather or smth and and they just spend the day playing games or smth just to keep themselves occupied’

content: fluff, gender neutral reader, pro athlete!bokuto, established relationship, domesticity, slight suggestive comment
word count: 1077

@babiedeku​ this one’s for you, marianne ;)

─── ・ 。゚✹ ✧ °⋅ ───


You almost had to recheck the time when you walked into the kitchen and saw your boyfriend’s bare back hunched over the table. Did you misread the seven on your phone as a nine? No, after glancing quickly at the microwave, it did indeed flash 9:07AM at you.

“Koubo, what are you still doing here?” You padded closer and pulled your blanket around your shoulders a bit tighter, letting the plush material sink between the fingers of your left hand as you reached out from under your makeshift cloak with the other. 

The feeling of his skin meeting your palm was familiar, and you could feel every lovely blemish and rigid muscle as you slid your right hand up his back to rest on his shoulder. His skin was like a desert, perfectly smooth to the eye but alight with microscopic texture upon physical inspection, and your favorite mole on his shoulder blade a lone sand dune that decorated the vast expanse.

“You’re usually long gone for Saturday morning practice by now,” you continued curiously, laying your chin on his other shoulder.

Bokuto glanced over at you blearily, two-toned locks still splayed across his forehead messily. The half-drank coffee sitting in front of him clearly hadn’t done much to perk him up.

“All the melting snow from yesterday refroze last night, so practice was cancelled for today,” he muttered sadly. His voice was still raspy from sleep, rumbling from a place deeper and tighter in his throat than his normal speaking voice.

“I’m sorry, B,” you mumbled against his shoulder, hand moving from his shoulder to gently run your fingers through his hair comfortingly. With practice cancelled, you knew he must be down in the dumps. It might seem silly to some other people, but you found it admirable how much he loved volleyball, even to this day. It had been one of the most important parts of his life since high school, and even now that it was literally his job as a professional athlete, not a day went by that he was any less passionate about the sport.

“I was so excited too, we were supposed to test out a few new attack formations,” Bokuto jutted his bottom lip out in a pout and moved his gaze back down to the forgotten cup of coffee.

You pondered silently for a moment before standing up straight. You took a moment to swing a leg across him and slip onto his lap, forcing your boyfriend to break his gaze and sit up straight as you settled down and wrapped your wrists lazily around his neck. The blanket was still hanging off your shoulders, and his hands instinctively came to rest on your waist underneath it. The material of your t-shirt did not mask how firm they were, taut and calloused from years of borderline abuse in practice. 

“I know it sucks, but look on the bright side,” you tilted your head and cooed gently. You waited for him to raise his eyebrows curiously before continuing, “We get to spend the whole day together before I have to go out of town tomorrow.”

Slowly, Bokuto’s face began to brighten, regaining some semblance of its normal cheeriness. He had forgotten how your business trip was taking away y'all’s Sunday together this week, which was normally the only day you two got to have reserved for just each other. He had been so grouchy the first time he realized he was going to have to go two weeks without a day with you to himself.

“All day with my baby,” a cheeky grin crept its way onto his face as he leaned a little closer to you, but there was still a childlike delight etched deep into his expression. “What are we gonna spend our time doing?”

“Well,” you spared a momentary glance to his soft lips, the skin where his hands rested beginning to heat up at the implication of his tone. “I can think of a lot of things for us to do.”

The gleam in Bokuto’s honey eyes brightened and the sultry curl of his lips stretched into a smile without suggestion, just simple and pure.

“Like a Scrabble rematch!” he burst out, “I still haven’t gotten you back for last time.”

You were a bit taken aback, eyes wide and mouth hung open slightly. You hadn’t expected him to spin the conversation on its heel so suddenly, but maybe you should have seen it coming: the seductive grin you saw was instead full of mischief, the way he leaned in flirtatiously was actually due to excitement, and the intense gaze he bore into you was rather playful.

“That’s not quite—well, only if you’ll race on Maple Treeway with me,” you fumbled at first before deciding to barter with him. Despite it being one of your favorite Mario Kart tracks, Bokuto despised it; he always finished last because he fell off the track.

“Deal,” the wing spiker replied, pleased with the arrangement. After a quiet moment of you continuing to stare at him for brushing off your slightly suggestive comment, he narrowed his eyes. “Why, what were you thinking?”

Your cheeks started to burn and one hand dropped from around his neck to find a new home rubbing the back of your own.

“Were you thinking of something dirty?” Bokuto cocked an eyebrow at you incredulously, and when you averted your gaze and let out a nervous chuckle, his jaw dropped. But try as he might to feign disgust, your boyfriend couldn’t resist letting the corners of his mouth curl up in amusement.

So he was baiting me, you realized.

“Gross,” he teased. In one swift motion, Bokuto tightened his grip on your waist and hoisted you off his lap. Despite his broad, built form and crazy workout regimen, it always surprised you how easily he could move you wherever he wanted. Standing up from his seat at the table, he shook his head and turned to walk towards the refrigerator. “Get your mind out of the gutter, why don’t you?”

“Don’t act like you don’t like it!” you barked defensively and swung a leg up to kick him. Bokuto tucked his butt and easily dodged it, guffawing at your retaliation.

Once he had settled down, Bokuto glanced back around the refrigerator door and gave you one of the softest looks you had ever seen grace his face.

“Come on, let’s make a little breakfast.”

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Can... can you spare some of that Okuyasu writing? I want to love on my boy and comfort him about his dad and Keicho's death because dear god that was really really sad.

Alright, anon! So just a quick clarification before we start (two, in fact lol) I read the wiki and it is stated there that Okuyasu’s dad didn’t die at the end of DIU and he’s named Mansaku Nijimura in the live action film. Second, reader is the same age as him; 16. However, there are not sexual suggestions; as stated in my rules, no nsfw on minors.

Okuyasu Nijimura

Knocking at the door, you lower your fist when you hear Okuyasu’s rushed footsteps at the other side and his voice, yelling at his dad to stop doing something you can’t quite tell.

You sigh, feeling the sadness radiate from that house in waves. Years before it used to be a home and now, with two persons missing, it felt like a broken home.

The door opens and Okuyasu lets you in, lowering his head; his usual energetic attitude gone.

“Welcome, (Y/n). Uh, make yourself at home… Is that… Is that the expression? That’s the expression, right?”

You nod, smiling softly as you stand at his side, hand around his arm as you kiss his cheek as a hello.

Mansaku Nijimura grunts from the top of the stairs, waving at you clumsily. You smile at him, waving back and saying. “Good evening, Mr. Nijimura, may I ask how you are?”

The man moans in his dialect and showing you the pic of his family years before, one of his deformed fingers pointing at his older son, Keicho. His expression sad as he does and the moans he uses to communicate matching this. Okuyasu grips your hand at your side and you look over at him. Then, in the faint light of the kitchen in the living room you see the dark circles under his eyes and the bloodshot aspect of his eyes as well.

It makes you uneasy. It feels like you shouldn’t have asked.

But not doing it would be worst, wouldn’t it?

You sigh under your breath, feeling how the desperation and sadness of the remaining members of the Nijimura’s affect you. But that’s why you came for.

“I’m sorry—“you start, bowing your head as you talk. Leaning back in your normal position, your arm signaling the couch in an inviting gesture; “—could you two sit with me for a moment? I know it’s not my home and I’m not allowed to ask these kind of things, but—“

Mansaku nods, slowly descending the stairs. Okuyasu rushes to help him as you stand at the end, waiting for them to sit first.

When Okuyasu sets his father down and he clutches the photo to his chest you walk up to the couch, sitting in the smaller one; father and son, however, sit together in the other in front of you.

Mansaku moans again and this time you are able to guess he’s asking for you to talk: despite the aspect of his eyes, you can still see the kindness flashing through the sadness painted there with the legacy of a man; and objects as bizarre as a bow and arrow.

Okuyasu rubs his hands together; and it feels like this is not the boy you like: the one you fell in love with.

He’s… off.

With your hands in your lap and your eyes drifting from their faces to the floor, you start. “I’m sorry for your loss, I really am. I know it’s not easy; and I know the way he left us was horrible and totally unfair. I know and understand each one of your thoughts and feelings. I can’t tell you to forgive the responsible for such act, but I do want to remind you that hate shouldn’t be the main feeling in your heart or soul: hate will make nothing but rot them. I don’t know where he is now, but I know for sure he’s in a better place: reunited with his mother. Both are proud of you two for keep going. They want you to keep on living. If it helps, Jotaro and Josuke are working on it; they won’t let this happen to another family.”

Mansaku Nijimura rubs his face, moaning as if he was thanking you; Okuyasu’s face contorting as he tries to bite back his sobs.

In the end, you stand and hug them, feeling their hands cling to you as they let out everything.

It won’t be easy, but they are not alone.

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i love crypto so much and i may or may not have taken inspiration from my current state HDSHS (i play games and i am very sleep deprived)

i hope i was able to portray crypto’s personality as accurate as possible (who knows how this man will act around their partner omg) :((

and i still have that fanfic i was talking about! i have an oc ready but they won’t have any physical characteristics because that’s up to the reader hehe

so yes, here you go, a gender neutral reader and crypto fluff!

warnings: none

also, requests are open!

“No, don’t visit the jungle, don’t- oh my fucking god, you dumbass.”

Crypto had a brow raised as he was in front of the door of your shared apartment.

‘They’re so noisy, I can hear them from here,’ Crypto sighed to himself.

Unlocking the door and taking off his shoes, he walked to your bedroom and perched himself on the door frame. There you were, playing a computer game, looking like you hadn’t slept in days.

You had your mic turned on and you were playing with some of your friends, and sadly, you guys were not a five-man team. You had to be teamed up with some strangers and, gosh, they sucked ass.

“I hate this game,” you grumbled as the word 'DEFEAT’ was displayed on your screen.

“You sure about that?” Crypto was suddenly behind you, his chin resting on top of your head and his arms were on your shoulders.

You gasped and said into your mic, “Aw, wait, the boyfie’s here! I’ll be right back.”

You took off your headphones and left the voice chat before focusing on your boyfriend.

Taking off Crypto’s arms from your frame, and him taking off his chin from your head, you swiveled your chair to face him. You held out your arms with a pouting face to which Crypto smiled at. He went straight into your embrace, gently patting your head as you hugged him tightly and snuggled your face onto his tummy.

You raised your head and looked at him. And he looked down to look at you, too.

His fingers went to poking your cheeks, before both his hands went to squeeze your face and then pulling your cheeks apart.

“That hurts!”

“Look at your eyebags. I don’t think you were taking care of yourself while I was gone.”

“Shh, I totally was.”

Shaking his head, Crypto clicked his tongue in disappointment to which you sheepishly smiled at. He tapped your arms which meant to take them off his frame and you followed. You had a brow raised in anticipation of what he was going to do next.

He stood on your side and slid an arm behind your back. He then crouched down to scoop your legs up.

“T-Taejoon, what are you doing?” you asked, your face slowly heating up.

With a smirk, Crypto then stood up, carrying your weight. You were being carried bridal style!

“Taejoon, put me down!” you rushedly said.

First, you were flustered. He didn’t warn you at all. Second, you were scared of falling down! Even though Crypto wasn’t faltering in his balance while carrying you, it could still happen.

He walked over to your shared bed, gently putting you down on the left side of the bed. With a satisfied hum, he then plopped down right beside you.

“But Taejoon, I was still playi-” you said as you were about to sit up.

“Shh, no buts. We’re both napping right now,” he said as he pulled you back down right beside him.

“Please? Just rest with me. I’m tired and you definitely need it more than me,” he pleaded as he pushed away the strands of hair framing your face.

His hand then remained at your cheek. You then looked elsewhere but Crypto’s good-looking face as you didn’t want to blush too much.

You heard him contently sigh, making you look back at him, seeing his pupils dilate. Smiling, you squeezed the hand cupping your cheek.

“Alright, I’ll nap with you,” you chuckled.

Crypto’s face suddenly lit up, and you laughed a bit. While he was still smiling, you went in for a small kiss and curled up to his chest.

His arm was wrapped around you and be was gently patting your back. Your arms wrapped his waist, and you entangled your legs with his.

“I love you,” you heard him say.

Hugging him a tad bit tighter, you say, “I love you, too.”

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Can you do boyfriend Hc's for Kageyama? Also how does he text his s/o?

Of course bby! Thank you for the request! I hope this is what you were looking for!

Headcanons; Kageyama as your boyfriend and how he texts

(Gender Neutral Reader)

::: boyfriend

  • In the beginning, volleyball is definitely his #1 priority because it’s the only consistency he’s had in his life, but he slowly starts warming up to the idea of dating
  • Isn’t really clueless per se, but rather he just doesn’t want to mess things up so he doesn’t take risks
  • He isn’t very spontaneous; he’s pretty set in his routine and it suits him well but he really wants to spend time with you as well, so he struggles for a little bit trying to find a new routine
  • He’s very involved in your life; walking you home from class and being genuinely interested in what you have to say
  • Always makes you feel heard by using eye contact when you talk
  • Calls you every night as you’re getting ready for bed
  • If you have to run errands later at night he either drops everything to go with you or he keeps you on the phone the whole time
  • Love languages are acts of service and quality time
  • Not a big cuddler in the beginning except when he’s really tired, but he gets more comfortable with PDA and more “intense” cuddling (his words not mine) as the relationship progresses
  • The terrifying thought of you leaving him keeps him very reserved and uncertain in the beginning, but soon it turns into a motivating factor to be the best version of himself he can be for you rather than something debilitating
  • Date nights every Saturday

::: texting

  • Has to break the habit of leaving his phone at home or on silent in his bag because he’d open his phone to 13 texts and 4 missed calls
  • Finds your desire to know he’s safe really endearing, and expects the same from you
  • Doesn’t use emojis a lot even when he upgrades to a smart phone
  • You have a really weird unspoken language where if he uses a smiley face ( :) ) then he’s in a good mood and if he uses a heart (<3) he’s upset/sad/frustrated about something
  • Don’t ask me why it’s just a thing you guys started and now it’s engrained in you both
  • Signs with “xoxo” if he doesn’t have time to fully write out “I love you” because he thinks “ily” is cringey but still wants you to know he loves you
  • (timestamps for the screenshots have no significance!!)
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Ooooh, I just thought of this! As an Elder Yautja, how would Wolf react to an Ooman reader being mistreated by younger Yautja's (at least younger compared to him) even by Yautja standards?? If that makes sense.
  • Elder Yautja command a lot of respect, usually due to the fact they have in fact lived through hunts that would normally kill any normal hunter. Their prowess is what demands the respect of those around them. They expect that level of respect, and without it they basically kick asses.
  • Wolf as an elder has even less of a tether in terms of his temper. 
  • New bloods piss him off, to be frank.
  • He’s spent most of his life cleaning up the mess of New Bloods and Unbloods so he feels a special distaste towards their arrogance and flaunting. 
  • He’s highly perceptive along side being highly possessive of what he deems as his so watching some youngster think they have a right to push you around?
  • Wolf sees red quickly. 
  • At first he’ll just make himself known. Standing closer, clicking lowly, trying to get to you in the crowd before the pup makes a fool of himself.
  • If they touch his pet, then all hell breaks loose. 
  • People know to move out of the way as he howls and takes the youngster’s hand in hand and launches a fist at his elbow. It gives with a satisfying crunch every time, which has him laughing at their agony, bent and trapped in his grasp.
  • A good cut to remind them of the fight is sliced down their arm before he ushers his pet back to his side and puffs up, mandibles flared as he parades to make a show.
  • “Touch what is mine again, and I’ll spill your guts for your clan brothers to scoop up into your grave, pup.” 
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summary: After so many months knowing who your soulmate is and unable to meet him; you finally do, granted by interrupting a televised interview, but still nonetheless he’s finally in your arms.


genre - fluff

word count - 4416

warnings - vmin side pairing, some smooches, general cute stuff, a singular sex joke

author’s note - again reader in this fic is gender neutral, i have no idea if Sejin speacks English or not so lets pretend for the sake of this fic he does


Jungkook pressed another kiss to your lips, then another, and another; not wanting to leave your embrace to go and change. You smile against his lips and despite every fiber in your soul telling you to pull him closer and not ever let him go, you gently push him away. “You need to get changed,” you laugh lightly as he frowns.

“Changed mind. Later, you are here. More important.” He murmured as he leaned forward to kiss you again, you place your hand over his mouth. 

“I don’t think Jimmy Fallon would like knowing you ditched his interview to make out in his backroom.” You comment, giving him a bit of a stern look. 

“The interview you interrupted, so I don’t think he’d mind that much” He rolls his eyes at you and scoffs, slapping his shoulder. “Aye!” He shouted, pouting as he soothed his shoulder.

“Go get changed,” it’s your turn to roll your eyes at him and push him away. You watched him as he bunched up his face in a deeper pout but when he realized it wasn’t going to help he sighed and started walking backwards towards the door, his eyes never leaving your’s.

“Be right back,” he said as he slipped through and out the hallway. You shook your head and laughed lightly, he’s such a dork. 

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Hypothermia (Thomas Shelby Oneshot)

Character/s: Tommy

Word Count: 909

Inspired By: the snowstorm yesterday :)

Tag List: @dontdowhatisayandnobodygetshurt

A/N: LISTEN this is pretty dark. It wasn’t the original idea I had, but this is where it went, and there was no stopping it. And it’s dark. But I kinda like it, idk. It’s macabre (that’s the right word) so be warned!!!! Also wanna preface this and say ya gurl is good mentally lol. Usually with writing like this I’m not feeling too great, but I am today! It probably just won’t seem like it if you read it! Anyways, feedback is always appreciated, but I understand if you don’t read 💜



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Purple Water – (Emily x Reader)

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1k+

Gender-Neutral Reader

As if the downpour wasn’t enough, a lightning bolt crashes right at a tree barely feet away from where you’re standing. You force yourself to stay back, finding shelter on a corner of the cave and sitting down, tired from having spent the past five hours mining. Then, you take out your dinner and touch the bowl to feel its warmth, still temperate. It’d been a long time since you last got carried away with work. Emily gave you a warning about doing that the last time you ended up at Harvey’s clinic, and that had been two whole years ago. 

You set the food aside, deciding to call her first, yet right as you’re about to click on the call button, a face call notif shows right up on screen, ‘Emi’ marked as the caller. You swipe right almost instantly, blue hair and bright eyes welcoming your sight.

“(Y/N)!” she exclaims, alert in her voice. “Are you okay? That storm came out of nowhere!” Her lips are a stiff line while her forehead’s creased, both revealing her worry despite her attempts at masking it with her tone. “Is that the cave? I- I’m near. Wait up for me!”

You call out her nickname, how frequent the lightning’s turned making you fear it’s now a thunderstorm. Rain doesn’t cease either, some of it seeping into the walls and falling in the shape of thinner, smaller drops, some hitting you. “I’m fine, Emi,” you state, smiling. “Please, don’t go out – It’s dangerous.”

“What about you, then?” she presses, a hint of anger crossing her face. “That cave’s been damaged by previous storms already. Wh- Who knows how safe you are, really?” Her voice breaks, eyes turning shinier the more she speaks. “Please, (Y/N). I… I almost lost you last time to that cave.”

“That was my fault – not the cave’s.” You face her, determined not to let her exit Pierre’s – from what you could tell, based on the background. “I overworked, and I paid the consequences for it.” You furrow your gaze, smile fading as you continue. “I just wish you hadn’t paid part of it. You… You shouldn’t’ve had to walk all the way to the clinic just to see me there, all beat up and rained on. I almost made that mistake again. Didn’t even notice five hours had gone by 'till I started hearing the rain. Please stay at Pierre’s, Emi. I’ll walk there when the storm clears out.”

Emily huffs, closing her eyes in the process and taking in a breath, letting it out slowly. Finally, she opens her eyes, clarity showing in them. “Alright. I trust you on that – And I’m… I’m glad you noticed that part. I try not to bring it up, 'cuz I know you’re just doing your best for us, but you really shouldn’t do something like that ever again. Those hours you just finished working should be enough for one day. You should rest when we’re back home.”

“I will, Emi – That’s a promise.” You smile when she does, happy to see her calm. Her eyes wander away from your face, making you look towards that direction to come across with the bean hotpot she’d prepared for you. “I’m gonna eat this now,” you explain, laughing when she gives you a wary look, lips thinning and gaze furrowing. “I’ll call you back as soon as it starts clearing up.”

“You better,” she warns, grinning, then giggling afterwards. “And don’t rush yourself. Call me only if you’re done eating by then. Eat slow and watch out for lightning.”

“Will do, wifey – And stay safe.”

“Stay safe, (wifey/hubby).”

You both share a laugh at those nicknames, hanging up next.

★ ★ ★

The lake’s turned purple by the time the storm’s cleared up. Puddles surround the area and frogs emerge from bushes when you pass too close to them. Rested, hydrated, and with a full stomach, you make your way to Pierre’s, hoping to be there no more than fifteen minutes since calling Emily about it.

By the time you make it past the lake though, you come across Emily, yellow raincoat contrasting with the red of her dress and the blue of her hair. With all primary colours worn all at once, it was hard for her not to stand out. She waves as soon as she makes eye contact with you, ushering you to join her in skipping puddles until you make it to each other’s side.

Splish, splash.

Repeat that a few more times, and you’re finally face-to-face with each other, taking a moment to recover from the activity before grinning, hugging each other and bursting into nervous laughter afterwards.

“Are you okay?” she asks, letting go, keeping her hands over your shoulders as she waits for an answer. 

“I’m okay,” you assure her, nodding. “What about you?”

“Pierre’s was full of customers! He had to open up the house with how many people were there. Even a few Zuu Zuu tourists were caught up in there!”

You both continue talking as you walk, choosing to stop by the lake before going back home. It’s a deeper shade of purple now, sky sharing the same colour, a few clouds interrupting it. You wait for Emily to sit down first, joining her side and bringing her close to you. 

“I’m sorry for what… happened last time.” You’re reluctant to face her, though she squeezes her own hold on you, resting her head on your shoulder. “I should’ve thought more about what I was doing.”

“Thank you,” she replies, breath tickling your neck. “But I’m just happy you recognized it before it happened today. I’m glad you did, and I’m glad you chose to bring it up – I’d say that really shows you know how to identify that now.” She presses a quick  kiss to your ear lobe, a smile present on her face when you choose to look at her. 

“Thank you, Emi,” you retort, grabbing her cheek and pressing a kiss against it. “For worrying about me – Just don’t go running off in the very middle of storms, alright?”

She laughs, nodding. “Alright, (wifey/hubby).”

You nudge her shoulder, gaining another laugh from her. “I mean it, wifey.”

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Could I request a jazz/reader with sof Dom jazz and shy reader? Kinda going along your shy sex angle!

“You don’t know how good you look, baby,” Jazz purrs out, a digit softly stroking your head and brushing hair out of your face as you lick a line up his spike. “So good n’ pretty on my spike, imagine how it’ll feel to take it inside you.” 

It feels strange to be doing this, to be servicing him with his optics trained on you while he compliments you. It makes your body heat up and your cheeks flush.

“You feelin’ ready?” He asks, knowing that you would catch on to what he is implying. Your hand raises and holds his spike. He’s big, even for a mech his size, not to mention that he would naturally be considered big to you, a human. He can sense your trepidation,

“We really don’t have to if you don’t want to,” He says, his dominating persona slipping away, revealing that caring mech that you always love. “I can get creative with you, you know that.”

You’d allowed Jazz to ‘get creative with you’ before, and it always turned out well. In fact, you’d actually taken his spike before, a few times, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look intimidating every time. You swallow and press a kiss to his spike head, spreading prefluid across your lips in a move that you know gets Jazz charged up, even if it took you a little while to build up the courage to be so provocative.

“I can take it.” You put enough resolution into your tone that Jazz is convinced. His big servos take you up and slowly, carefully position you over his spike. The blunt head takes a little bit of pushing until it suddenly pops into you and you gasp, thighs squeezing shut on instinct. Jazz’s thumb strokes over your belly while his servos hold your waist,

“You’re doin’ so good for me, baby.” He lets you adjust a moment before beginning to move again. He doesn’t push you much more than a third of the way down his spike before he starts to raise you up, then back down. Your hands grip his servos and simply let him do what he wants, knowing that you’ll enjoy whatever it is.

You cum two times before he overloads once, but he almost manages to be knocked out by the force of the charge snapping through him as transfluid fills you up while you moan and writhe in his grip.

You’re put to lean on his chest the moment he’s done, his servo on your back petting you and effectively trapping you there as he lays on his back. You know that you have to get up and go clean yourself off sometime, but right now, you’re content with just laying with him.


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