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#gender neutral reader

The only one that matters


A/N: This story is based on this imagine by @castiels-majestic-wings . I changed some things and instead being super jealous Loki is just super insecure

Paring: Loki x Reader (gender neutral)

Loki’s pronouns: he/they

Word count: 1123

Warnings: insecure Loki

Summary: It’s a party at the tower and Loki can’t help but to feel insecure about your relatiomship with them.

Tag list:  @twhiddlestonsstuff​  @dreamingyouth@xladyxfatex@whatafuckingdumbass


Originally posted by maryxglz

After what felt like eternity Loki finally finished getting ready. It was important to them to look their best. Especially today. It was the first time you and Loki were going to attend a party as a couple which made the trickster incredibly anxious but also very happy. Before he confessed his love to you, you two had been best of friends for years and Loki has been spending months trying to prove they were worthy of your affection. 

Stealing one more glance of himself Loki made sure there were no wrinkles on his black suit and straightened his tie. Looking at the watch on their wrist your lover realised the party has already started and you were probably looking for him by now. Panicked, he quickly put his shoes on and ran down to the elevator. After clicking the button to the third floor the trickster checked themselves out one more time and waited anxiously for his stop. As the door opened, signalizing his arrival, Loki stepped out and looked around the room to find you. 

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ask prompt here !

delphinium - favorite thing to do with their s/o?

— childe

- they say that falling in love is like running a marathon - the adrenaline in your veins, the righteous pump of your heart, the euphoric feeling of competition - ! he cant get enough of you!

- but! even if childe is an adrenaline junkie through and through, he gets tired out sometimes, and he gets his fair share of adrenaline from work and being next to you.

- so after a long day he likes to wind down and shut off his mind. this often involves him watching you work on your hobbies! gardening, cooking, maybe even just reading on the couch and he becomes your (very tall, very man sized) blanket.

- though, he always has battle on his mind, so dont mind him if he zones out a touch while watching you cut bamboo, observing the way your fingers flex around the knife as you cut, and wondering whether or not practicing his own chef’s knife skills could prove useful in the long run.

— diluc

- although hes not the most expressive, or the most inviting person to be around, diluc quite likes walking around the winery with you. just existing next to you, looking at the greenery while he listens to you talk - its so soothing to him, a reprieve from his usually tumultuous life.

- some days, your walks begin with you following him around the property as he surveys the land and makes sure everything is in tiptop shape. other days, he invites you, sporting a basket filled with snacks in onehand and second coat for you in the other. it’s safe to say diluc is down to even just following you around wherever, so long as you hold his hand.

- its a new topic each day, your long talks as you make your rounds along the winery : maybe its your troubles of the day, or perhaps your longterm fears, or it could be a culmination of the good things in the day, and the two of you end ip talking about all the good things in life. no matter the subject he adores you all the same, and always lends a listening ear.

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This is precious y'all

Also - y'all live together here so Aren and Kusuo are adults!

Aren did say wanted to become a teacher! <3

This ended up more gender neutral because I wasn’t thinking - I’ll tag both -

~ Dari


Kuboyasu Aren

  • you are the light his fucking life, his baby
  • his heart is always exploding and shit from the cute shit you do and you’re so small
  • the both of you really are soft x punk aesthetic
  • upon living and sleeping in the same room together, he’s usually in bed in a pretty timely manner and sleeps like a rock
  • ya’ll even nap together - cuties, the both of you
  • but the one time you catch a nap in the middle of the day, he has some papers to grade so he just lets you sleep while he takes care of it
  • when you start talking to yourself, he’s surprised since you’d never harm even a fly
  • can he fall even deeper in love with you?? Yes -

Saiki Kusuke

  • he picks on you all the time for being small but he is so in love with you that it makes him look stupid
  • after you start pouting, the intense need to kiss you has to be like beaten down because he’d look desperate if you refuse affection after the teasing
  • this loser is whipped and even if he doesn’t want to admit it, he thinks you’re too cute and too soft
  • you are a bastard magnet and he is the bastard you attracted
  • he gets enough sleep, as much as he can - he’s pretty fit and healthy… Well, if he’s not going off, staying up, and inventing things
  • doesn’t really like sleeping without you in the bed tho, he even asks for you to lay in bed with him while he naps
  • but one day, you fell asleep after pulling an all nighter for studying and start babbling
  • he records it to pick on you later(also to watch back)

Saiki Kusuo

  • his ass has never thought someone could be so fucking cute
  • god, you make him so soft, he’s kind of like; “ew… i don’t hate this”
  • being as it may, learning to love you was pretty easy for him - you’re a gentle and soft being - makes him feel so normal
  • it really is a nice change
  • he sleeps the requisite amount, keeps to a pretty loose schedule depending on the day - if it’s work then he’s in bed early and up early, if it’s a day off he’s not up until noon
  • sometimes will stay up for the premiere for shows/anime and has no mind resting in bed next to you while he does so
  • sees your sleep talking basically right away and is just amused, not really that surprised
  • probably comments on it once you’re awake to see if you’re aware of it
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Fake Dating: Sakusa

Listen! This guy!! Is literally the perfect person to be with right now, he’s gonna wear a mask and always carry extra hand sanitizer 💖😭


Originally posted by reallysaltykou

Sakusa Kyoomi

  • Sakusa and you sit next to each other in math
  • You’ve worked on projects together, and you always choose to do them with the other
  • Sakusa picked the seat next to you the first day of school cause he figured, out of everyone, you were the cleanest
  • Komori, Sakusa’s cousin, walked into a wall when he saw him talking to someone new without a look of disgust on his face *surprised Pikachu face*
  • The volleyball team was also pretty shocked when they saw him starting to hang out with someone
  • It’s not that Sakusa didn’t ever hang out with friends or talk to new people
  • He just never let people into his life before he knew their cleaning habits…
  • So he really liked you as a friend!!
  • When some dude at school started following you around he was a bit concerned
  • Especially when the guy started to ask you out, he wasn’t jealous or even worried you would except his date suggestions, Sakusa just didn’t like how the guy wouldn’t leave you alone when you seemed uncomfortable
  • He’s familiar with situations and people that make him feel that way, people who can’t respect his boundaries and do what they think is best for him
  • Sakusa didn’t want you to feel that way(he cares for his friends🥺)
  • That’s why he doesn’t immediately leave your friendship when you tell him what you did
  • Apparently, according to Sakusa, lying and saying you were dating someone, was a bad idea
  • “Did you seriously make someone up just to get him to leave you alone?” He deadpanned
  • Oof, now that you thought about it….
  • “I didn’t make anyone up, I just said I was seeing someone, and kinda ran away.”
  • Sakusa was just about to tell you that it wasn’t going to get the guy to actually leave you alone, when the dude pops up and asks who this mystery person is
  • You are sweating, like dammit, you thought it was the perfect excuse, even without a real explanation😔
  • You’re also panicking and shout the first thing that comes to mind (which isn’t great)
  • “They’re right here! You know Sakusa right???!?”
  • ….
  • Great job, the guy is looking at Sakusa like he wants to punch him
  • And Sakusa is staring at you like he can’t believe he’s your friend
  • You focus on talking about Sakusa’s upcoming volleyball game and how excited you are to see your boyfriend win😃
  • Sakusa figures he should help out a little and doesn’t deny that he’s dating you
  • The guy has a pissed off look on his face, yet still forces a smile as he says “Y/n, I guess I’ll see you at the game then.”
  • This guy’s putting y’all both on edge now and Sakusa’s worried, so he does agree to pretend dating
  • Woohoo🥳🎉
  • He ends up lending you a spare jersey to wear for the game
  • Sakusa’s matches are always a lotta of fun, and after awhile of being immersed in the game, the reason as to why you were stressed about today slips away
  • You run up to him when it’s over and nearly give him a hug as congratulations, but stop yourself before you can
  • You’ve always tried your hardest to respect Sakusa’s boundaries, it’s part of why you get along with him
  • Funnily enough, Sakusa would’ve let you hug him, the guy that’s been bothering you is coming over and he can tell the space you keep with him, is making the dude suspicious
  • So Sakusa opens his arms
  • He’s glad he does when he sees the shocked delight on your face, as he gives you the first hug he’s had in about a year
  • The rest of the team have a heart attack as this plays out
  • Dude can’t even reach you as the volleyball team demands to know what is happening with Sakusa
  • He just tells the team that he’d like to officially introduce them to his partner
  • He has a smile on his face as he says it! And you are feeling some feelings😳
  • Who knew Sakusa was such a good actor? (Or is he?)
  • He explains to the team, once the dudes gone, that he’s actually just trying to help you
  • The team is now keeping an eye on you, making sure the guy doesn’t try anything
  • Your friends are also keeping an eye out to make sure your safe
  • No one:
  • Everyone who knows Y/n: PROTECT😤
  • Sakusa spends the most time with you during this
  • Going to all his games is normal after awhile, and washing the jersey he lends to you, always makes a small blush color his cheeks
  • If only his cheeks were visible more, you only saw it once during a practice and you thought he was just hot from working out😭
  • Komori knows his cousin has a crush
  • He can tell Sakusa’s crush, also has a crush right back
  • He points out Sakusa’s feelings after the next game they have
  • It was a win for their team and Sakusa opened his arms to let you hug him
  • Hugging had become a regular for both of you
  • Sakusa usually has you put on hand sanitizer before letting you, but they make you feel better, especially after bad days or hard tests
  • So he makes exceptions to giving hugs
  • Plus, he’d never admit it, but the hugs made him feel good too
  • Komori points this all out, and Sakusa does not want to listen
  • It takes him seeing the dude, who he thought might finally be gone, bothering you, to know that Komori is right
  • He likes getting hugs from you, and joking around about stupid things that you both do
  • He really likes you
  • He wants to tell you how he feels, he wants to do it in a way that catches you off guard and gets you smiling
  • He goes out and buys a bunch of flowers
  • After the next volleyball game he hugs you and pulls them out asking if you would like to be his partner
  • Then he notices the flowers that you’re already holding and he sees a card in the flowers with his name on it
  • Y’all were both trying to officially ask the other out at the same time
  • The team is crying, the team Sakusa went up against is crying, the crowd is crying
  • The dude who was bothering you is crying
  • It was too cute to handle😔✌️💖
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Originally posted by keiwoosh

Pairing: Hawks x Reader

Pronouns: none used, gn

Content: like one curse word, fluff, kissing, pining, Hawks needing attention

Description: you better give this man attention before he dies

Note: paRT TWO FINALLY POGCHAMP. This is long overdue, im so sorry. I remember someone wanted me to tag them so ill em here :D @urlocalchangeling


Part one is here


Your pencil hit the white paper, the scratching being the only thing you hear throughout the whole room.

Well besides the rustling of a certain someones on your bed.

“Keigo, stop that please”

A groan emits from beneath the sheets and Hawks head pops up from underneath them.

“Im just trynna get comftorable sweet heart” His speech is slurred and his eyes are droopy. Almost completely closed and he wasnt even looking in the direction you were facing.

It was honestly a little bit funny.

You let out a small sigh, surprised hes even trying to sleep since its daytime.

“I have work bubbas, why are you even trying to sleep its daytime. You’re ruining your own schedule.”

“Well you aren’t paying attention to me so I guess I’ll just do what I like most” He says in a matter of a fact tone.

After that he huffs and pulls the blanket on top of him once again. His red wings peaking out a little, some of the feathers falling onto the ground.

The wind picked up through the open window in the room and some of the feathers flew up. The winding guiding them slowly, one even falling on your desk.

Picking it up the red color of the feather shined brightly and vibrant.

The feather suddenly gets a mind of its own and tickles your face, nose scrunched up you look back at where you last saw Keigo.

Son of a bitch layed there with a smirk on his face, sun shining on his face perfectly, illuminating his features and his eyes feeling like their piercing through you.

“Stop distracting me, I have to do this work, ill give you attention later okay?”

“Please just take a small break and give me some attention” He elongates his word and his voice goes up a pitch.

“Keigo, no”

“Keigo, yes”

And with that your ass is now out of your chair and you’re in the middle of the room, Keigo hugging you tightly. Wings wrapped around you and Keigo nestling into the nape of your neck.

The movement of all of that was so swift and fast you barelt noticed when Keigo brought you out of your seat.

Without thinking he leaves a small kiss where his head was placed. The moment felt so intimate, even if your relationship was only platonic at the moment.

Of course, everyone else around you had noticed the pining that you both had for eachother. But neither of you said a word about it, a silent confirmations that it wouldn’t be talked about for as long as possible.

But you can’t really ignore it as much anymore.

You try to push away the butterflies in your stomach, his breath making it incredibly difficult when it hit your skin.

The sounds of his wings flapping brought you back to Earth. Hawks breath becoming a little bit shaky and he hugs you tighter.

Your hands held on to nothing and that probably made Keigo feel ignored.

Instantly you hug him back once you notice the sudden change in his demeanor.

Breath stilled, his wings and muscles no longer tensed up. 

Pressing a gentle kiss to the side of his head, you smile and give him a big bear hug.


Later on in the day you sat with your laptop once again. Since last time you werent very productive because of a certain someone.

Instead of at a desk this time you sat yourself somewhere that could give you more room to work with.

So living room it is !

The couch was comfy and soft and curhsioned well enough that you wouldnt hurt your back or anything if you stayed for long.

After your little ‘moment’ and hang out with Keigo he took a nap. So you took that opportunity and started doing work while he was out cold.

After an hour or so you had almost finished all your work and you were ready to get some rest.

That was until a sneaky bird man decided he wanted more attention. This time more impatient then the last.

He really woke up and chose violence.

The comftorable silence in the living room is gone as soon as you heart the thudding of Keigo’s feet hitting the floor and running out of the room he was sleeping in.

“Hey, did you sleep we-”

Laptop has been taken away from you once again and this time Keigo makes it so hes on your lap instead.

When you look down his face is smushed into your stomach, somewhat, comftorably and his body is draped over the long sofa.

His arms hug your waist and he just sits there, eyes closing again and its almost like he was about to fall asleep again right then and there.

“Keigo what the hell”

“Shut up i got lonely”

“I was almost done with my work-”

“Yeah yeah whatever, cuddle me”

He moves his head so he can look at you and he glares at you when you dont pay attention to him.

You look to the side for one split second and suddenly Hawks grabs your face so he can make sure your giving him all tthe attention.

Both of you stared at one another for what felt like longer then it should have, the sheepishness you felt at the moment did not go unnoticed by Keigo.

He only gives you a stare full of love, his eyes left nothing but adoration for you. You didnt know it in that moment but yours did as well.

You both lean in hesitantly before going into a short, but passionate kiss.

Breaking off the kiss Keigo mutters a sentence that makes you roll your eyes in, fake, annoyance; “so can i get your attention now?”

[1006 words; Jan 15, 2021]

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I just need to ease my anxious feelings a little…

warnings: monsterfuck, mention of alternative anatomy (including tentacles, spider & snake body), mention of sacrifice, sex addiction (kinda), mention of forced wedding, mention of thoughts of death, mention of pet play, size kink, some slowburn, consensual somnophilia, groping, body worship.

Zenitsu Agatsuma x Monster! Reader

You are an ancient monster that lives deep underground and represents the destructive primal force of nature, as opposed to the Deities who represent the creative primal force of nature.

In order to appease you, a boy who has recently come of age is sacrificed to you, whom you take “as your husband”, but in fact - he becomes your disenfranchised toy, completely dependent on you and your desires.

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Originally posted by conveniently-available

Prompt: Make-Up Cuddles - Cuddling which occurs after a fight between the couple!

Warnings: angst, fluff, established relationship, hurt/comfort (emotional), couple fighting/arguments, keldabe kiss, cuddles, Paz is a bit mean but he softens quickly, not beta read

Word Count: 1836

Paring: Paz Vizsla x gn!Reader (readers gender is not specified/uses gender neutral pronouns)

a/n: Hey everyone! This was done for my 900 followers celebration. We’re literally double that many followers, but I can’t finish off the celebration until I’ve done a cuddle prompt at least once. So please consider sending one in! It’s the only requests I’ll be accepting while requests are closed. 

Anyway, in this one you and Paz do fight (like an argument), but its not specified what you’re arguing about. It’s not a heavy fight or anything, you only get the last bit of it before it turns to pure cuddly fluff. 

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Writing Prompt | Finding Peace |

Crippling anxiety. That’s how he felt at the moment. As if Thranduil was rewinding the tape, he relieved the moment he lost everything dear to him on that day. As if the scars on his face was mocking him, reminding him that he survived when she didn’t. You knew of his nightmares. You knew that Thranduil blamed himself for everything which happened that night. You knew he blamed himself for depriving Legolas of a mother. He beat himself over it every day. It was a glaring fact that the biting cold mask he puts on is to hide the guilt and pain which chips at his soul every day. You can’t do anything to make the pain disappear. And that in itself hurts you more than any wounds you sustained in your years of battleships. You can only bring him a slight reprieved. His soul is far too broken to be mended completely. He told you that on the night he accepted your courting. You knew that tou3could never replace his late wife. But just knowing that he was happy in your arms was enough. He didn’t recoil at your touch. He welcomed it even. On nights when nightmares would haunt him, he would cling to you like a child. You would always kiss his forehead, hoping to bring him peace. He knew he didn’t deserve you. You were far too much of a kind soul for a bitter elf like him. You had a violent spring in your soul while he had a violent cold storm in his. But you reassured him you wanted no one else in this world if it wasn’t him.

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Sleepy Pleasure

Summary: You and Steve are already in bed when Walter comes home but that doesn’t stop some sensual times from happening. Steve Rogers x reader x Walter Marshall

Genre: fluffy smut

Warnings: sexual intercourse, somnophilia (consensual), calling Walt “alpha” once

author’s note: So this is super self indulgent once again, but I am dedicating it to @hope-to-hell​ because they inspire me by writing the most delicious blurbs and drabbles I have ever laid my eyes on. Also, I tried taking a note from how you write dialogue because I absolutely love the way you do it and wanted to see if I can write that way. Hope you don’t mind 😅

809 words

You’re in bed cuddled up against Steve’s chest and soundly asleep. It had been an exhausting day for you and there was no telling when Walter would be home from his new case, so you had called it an early night.

Hey, darling, Walter’s voice greeting Steve is low so as not to wake you when he enters the room. He strips off his clothes and gently places himself on the other side of your body. Despite his best efforts, the dip in the bed stirs you awake.

Alpha, a tired murmur, as you immediately shift your body to get closer to Walter.

Sorry I woke you, whispers into your hair. After a moment, Walters hand starts moving. He roams over your upper body, gently giving one boob a squeeze before dragging his fingers further down. A gasp when he reaches your inner thigh. Shh it’s okay baby.

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ok but how hot would it be to fuck kitty!taeyong’s face? like just imagine him kneeling in front of you and pawing at your thighs, begging you to use his mouth. you’d make him beg for it, watching as he nuzzles between your legs, mouthing right at your sensitive spots. he lets out these desperate little mews as he does, brows furrowing as he lets his eyes slide shut, savoring your scent and hoping to taste you. as soon as you slide your pants down or hike up your skirt, as soon as what he wants is in view, he’s latching onto you instantly. he lets his tongue loll out of his mouth, licking up the taste of your arousal, before letting his lips latch onto you. instantly you weave your fingers in his hair, tugging and holding his head in place. you start bucking your hips against his face, and his ears fold back as he moans in bliss. his eyes slide shut as he savors the feeling of your hips bumping against him, at the taste of you sliding back and forth over his tongue, at how the roughness of your voice matches the roughness of your grip on him. he keeps up easily, letting his jaw relax as you use his mouth as a toy for your pleasure. he sits still like a good kitty, save for the incessant twitch of his tail and the occasional swivel of his ears. he can cum just from this, just from being used like this. the rougher you get, the louder he moans, and the quicker his orgasm builds.

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How They’d fix a Bad Day Headcanons

A/N Sorry these are short but I hope you enjoy them regardless!


  • He has you favorite take-out place on speed dial and your order memorized
  • Draws you a bath and leaves out your pair of the amtching pajamas you own
  • While you are bathing he puts a facemask on you and burns your favorite candles
  • Has made playlists for these days
  • After you eat your favorite food you just talk, listening to music.


  • Does all your chores for you. The ones that you’ve been putting off
  • He does your laundry, the dishes, sweeps up the apartment and dusts the shelves
  • Runs out to a bookstore and buys you some new books
  • Picks up your coffee shop order on the way home
  • Takes you on a walk after, letting nature wash over you. 


  • Water park day babey
  • Buys the tickets and surprises you. 
  • You guys spend a lot of time in the lazy river, drifting while holding hands
  • Bokuto goes on the watercoasters, taking you with him if you want
  • He buys you a soft pretzel to split, licking salt of his lips and thumbing the excess off of your own


  • Takes you out to a fancy restaurant. 
  • Lets you wear your favorite dressy clothes
  • He dresses in a suit and paints his nails
  • After, you guys go get dessert at a cheaper place
  • Sitting in the neon lights, in fancy clothing, laughing over frozen yogurt


  • Buys tickets to the zoo or aquarium. 
  • Runs around so excited by the wildlife, tugging you along with him. 
  • Takes your photo on all of these cute little animal sculptures around the park. 
  • Gets you dippin dots, laughing at how cute you are flushed from the sunlight and licking ice off of a spoon. 
  • Spends time in the gift shop, letting you pick out whatever you wanted
  • Sneaks back inside to get you a plushie too. 
52 notes

(Felix Escellun  x gender neutral Reader)

You teach Felix the Cha-Cha Slide. Felix is…confused, but willing to try. /I am serious

It’s late at night in the library. You are resting after another day of staying put to avoid Rime and keeping Felix out of Escell Mirum’s hands. Your mind wanders back to Earth. The times you spent with people…or spent alone. It feels like the more you stay here the more your memories are slipping. Trying to remember feels like poorly describing a dream you had after you awoke. 

You wonder what people here do for fun besides going to places like the pub.

“What do you guys do here in Astraea for fun?” Your question awakes Stella from her slumber on your lap, she jumps and waltzes off somewhere further into the library.

“What?” Felix asks a bit annoyed.

He’s sitting at his desk head in his book. Jotting notes onto a paper on the side, quill in hand. His eyes look like they’re begging to be put to rest, but he continues to stay up for your sake” he insiststed. 

“On Earth we have like dances you would do at parties, party dances.” you say moving off the couch and toward his side. “I was wondering if you have something similar here.”

“Party dances?” he asks perplexedly eyebrows furrowing.

“Yeah, whenever you would feel the urge to bust a move-”

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Idol: Taeyeon (snsd/girls’ generation / soloist)

Type: Angst (+ a little bit of fluff)  

Prompt: “It all means nothing to me. They’re not important. I’ll forget about them.” 

Length: 995 words

Navigation: 01 | 02 | 03


Fun for Kim Taeyeon meant many things.

On that first night alone, the two of your hopped from place to place, never staying in one spot for too long. You visited her favorite night market, the karaoke room that she frequented as a trainee, and even the bar that Taeyeon often found herself at during hard times. But the fun didn’t end there.

The last spot on the agenda was a small barbecue restaurant. Once you stepped inside, the smell of meat overwhelmed your senses, making your mouth water. A hand pulled at your jacket sleeve, dragging you to the table tucked into the corner.

“Aigoo, did you lose weight again?”

As if expecting this, Taeyeon smiled at the restaurant owner. “Auntie, I gained weight!” The other women disregarded her statement, tsking in disapproval.

You chuckled slightly as they continued to bicker. It wasn’t until the singer’s phone rang that the other retreated to the kitchen, mumbling about portion sizes. Taeyeon merely glanced down at the screen before sliding the red button.

“Shouldn’t you get that?”

Just as the words left your lips, your own phone screen lit up.

“Shouldn’t you get that?” Taeyeon mocked, but you let the phone ring.

In response, you stuck your tongue out. Just as the annoying ringing came to a halt, a plate of pork belly landed in the center of the table. Your eyebrows automatically shot up.

“Eat up,” the owner said, placing an affectionate hand on Taeyeon’s shoulder.

She left with a smile, and Taeyeon immediately placed a piece of meat on the searing grill. A satisfied look fell on her face at the sizzling sound. Looking up through her eyelashes, she peered over at you.

“I thought I told you earlier to stop staring at me.”

Your eyes rolled at her statement. “I had fun today.” Taeyeon smiled brightly, making your insides flutter.

“Me too,” she replied, eyes sparkling. “Let’s do it again sometime soon.”

And you did. Nearly every day after work, you found a smiling singer standing by your desk. It was like clockwork.

It was amusing at first for your coworkers and manager because it was quite a sight. One of the most famous singers in Korea was hanging out with the newbie. Plus, it was obvious how attached you were to Taeyeon. Your eyes lit up at the sight of her, and you always paid special attention whenever the assignment involved her.

Yet as cute as it was, it was also a problem. You were like a puppy. It didn’t matter what you were doing, if Taeyeon showed up, you automatically ran to her side. Your manager didn’t need cute; he needed you to focus.

It was 4:45 when you were called into the meeting room, and you couldn’t help the dejected look that fell on your face. But that quickly shifted into confusion. You stared at the main monitor, barely noticing the man standing next to it.

“I’ll be frank,” he started. “Your performance here has been disappointing. You came from a top university, I was expecting much more from you.”

“I’m sorry sir, I’ve been adjusting to Korea and it’s taken up a lot of my time.”

He chuckled slowly, and you fidgeted with your fingers. “I wouldn’t call Miss Kim ‘adjusting to Korea’ but to each their own.” Your lips parted slightly, but you weren’t sure what to say.

Rather than say anything, your manager pressed play on the video. Taeyeon’s voice filled the room, and you couldn’t help but jump. You had never seen this side of her before.

“I am focused!” Taeyeon shouted, eyes enraged. “I’ve always been focused.”

“But suddenly, your new friend shows up.”

“It all means nothing to me. They’re not important. I’ll forget about them. I’ll continue to work hard on the album, and it’ll be the best one yet. Everyone happy now?”

Abruptly, the video came to an end. Your manager walked over to you, and he came to a stop directly in front of you. His eyes narrowed as he observed your reaction.

“Behold, the real Kim Taeyeon,” he whispered. “You alright?”

You nodded, not trusting yourself to give a verbal response. Your manager exited without another word, and you let out the breath that you hadn’t realized you were holding. Your body started to shake, a hot tear rolling down your face.

“Get it together,” you said to yourself. ”If she doesn’t care about you, why should you care about her.”

Swiping the tears away from your face, you sucked in a deep breath. You sauntered back over to your desk and slouched into your seat. Spotting the time, you straightened your back and braced yourself for the inevitable.

Just as the clock struck the hour, you heard the familiar footsteps. “I’m here!” Her sing-song greeting made your heart pang, but you quickly schooled your features.

“You ready to go?” Taeyeon asked, smiling brightly at you.

“I need to stay late,” you replied, not even glancing up from your screen. “I’ve got a lot of work to finish up.”

“Okay, I’ll go wait in the practice rooms. Come get me when you’re done.”

With that, she flashed a final smile before spinning on her heel and turning towards the door. Clenching your fist, you forced yourself to look up at her. Before she could get too far, you called after her.

“I think we should skip it. I’m busy, you’re busy, let’s not push ourselves too hard.”

Your blunt statement made her pause in her tracks. Taeyeon spun around to face you, disbelief flashing across her face. Keeping your eyes neutral, you glanced at the exit before going back to your computer.

Taeyeon stood frozen for several seconds, but she quickly snapped out of it. You started typing away at your keyboard, and the retreating sound of her footsteps played harmony. When you heard the elevator doors closing, you leaned your head back, letting out a sigh.

Infatuation: temporary feelings.

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ANONYMOUS ASKED: Hey so what if Nagi’s S/O went on about their husbando or waifu with the same enthusiasm he has for his?

A/N: Is Kokona spelled with two K’s or two C’s? I’m going with two K’s for this


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A/N: Hey love! Of course you can, sorry this took a bit. I hope you enjoy it :) 

College AU + locked in a closet + Zora Ideale

Bang. Bang. Bang. 

You hit your fist against the door for what was probably the millionth time. “There’s no one here Y/N, we should just give up until morning.” Your companion huffed from his position on the floor, knees tucked to his chest, nonchalant as ever. Whirling around, you fixed him with a glare, “Give up? You do know it’s your fault we’re in this mess, right?" 

A single moth bounced off the lightbulb hanging from the ceiling as you waited for him to answer. 

Zora shrugged, "Yeah.” He held his watch up in the dim light, “We established that 2 hours ago.” Sighing, you sank to the ground, back to the door. You shut your eyes, praying that morning would come faster, or that someone would hear your cries for help. 

Today had started out fine enough, you’d spent all day in the chemistry lab working on various assignments during your downtime. The professor had come in at some point and asked you and Zora to clean the lab, put the supplies back in the closet, and lock up when you were done. 

The storage closet gave you the creeps if you were honest, it was a cramped, dim space that probably didn’t meet government cleanliness standards but nonetheless, you were stuck here. Zora had accidentally knocked the brick that held the door open out of place, sending the door shut with a slam and trapping the two of you inside.

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[Life’s A Journey]


A lot had happened after they parted ways. Nevertheless, the threads that tie them together remained. From children to adults, a reunion that’s long overdue leads the trio to embark on another journey.

Just like old times.

Word Count: 3.8k+


Originally posted by corsolanite

The first thing (Y/n) does when they enter Sonia’s room is divebomb onto her bed. The plush mattress effectively absorbs the weight of their descent and the trainer curls in on themselves like a Litten.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” the redhead giggles as she swiftly usurps her pillow from the resting spot.

“We have a lot to catch up on,” she says as she shoots a glance at Leon. He had relegated himself to sitting in her vanity chair.

“Yeah. Let’s not let this time go to waste!”

“Ugh. Don’t we talk to each other over the phone already?” Leon laughs as Sonia beats (Y/n) with the pillow.

“I’m kidding!” They laugh as they feebly block her attacks.

“There’s no doubt that we have a lot to catch up on, even though we do talk on the phone—especially with you.” They playfully point an accusatory finger at the violet-haired man.

Leon scratches the back of his head abashedly. “Yeah…It’s been a while…”

“I swear, both of you are so limited on time. Sometimes I feel like I’m the one keeping you two in check.” With a hand on her hip, Sonia’s lip juts out in a mild pout and (Y/n) hums.

“Not just you. Hop is mighty loquacious. I’d even go as far to say that I talk to him more than the both of you.”

While Sonia let’s out a noise of surprise, Leon chuckles.

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Commander Neyo x Reader 

Angst, Fluff, Mutual (oblivious) Pining, Neyo being socially incompetent 

- Sometimes it takes a near death experience to admit how you feel for someone. 

Part 12 of the Omnia Vincit Amor oneshot series

Breathing in harsh, gasping breaths, your lungs feel like flames have ignited inside them. Twisting, winding tendrils of searing pain making their way in and out of your windpipe as you wheeze desperately. 

Whatever you and the other civ medics had been hit with was potent, something airbourne that had been launched in canisters from the cliffs above you. A few of the troopers you had been treating inhaled it as well, having taken their buckets off for one reason or another. 

Whatever it was, it was much stronger than you previously thought, and the world is beginning to bleed black around the edges. 

Taking one more shuddering, wheezing breath, you collapse in a heap into the dirt. 

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genre: fluff

pairings: wakatoshi ushijima x gender neutral reader

warnings: some swearing 

author’s note: i might start making headcanons soon and i’ll try to get more anime characters x male/gender neutral reader so stay tuned for that! but anyways, requests are still open! 


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of course ! i liked the last request i dont mind doing it again 

sorry for my request taking so long, i’m a bit overwhelmed right now with my life at the moment

- Gundham, Kaito, Kazuichi, and Teruteru with an innocent s/o

gender neutral reader

warnings: slight nsfw (mentions of sex)

read part one here with makoto, nagito, and miu !

slight nsfw below the cut


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