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deathlypluto · 2 days ago
✧.* xiao x gn!reader
₊❏❜ ⋮ synopsis: xiao gets clingy and vulnerable after sex
₊❏❜ ⋮ warning: suggestive content, implied smut
₊❏❜ ⋮ author’s note: this is my first fic hope you like itt!! sorry if their are any mistakes eng is not my first language
he looked perfect laying on the bed like that. soft lips slightly apart, panting, tear stained eyes heavy barely keeping him awake. drool falling from the corner of his mouth. wet hair sticking to this forehead. you brushed it off, kissing the diamond at the center. after shocks coursed through xiao’s body every once in a while, his legs still trembling. he felt small, it was a sight that only you would ever get the pleasure of witnessing.
the bed creaked as you left to get tissues, xiao’s heart thudded loudly you could almost hear it. he grabbed your wrists looking up at you, eyebrows slightly creasing as he let out a small plea “please .. don’t go”. your heart ached at his vulnerable state. you caressed his face, thumb going back on forth on this cheek as he leaned into it, you assured him that you’d be back, kissing his swollen lips, you pulled apart though he still leaned in, chasing your lips like he hadn’t had enough. hesitantly, he let you go.
when you came back his eyes where closed, arms still outstretched from when he grabbed you. you took a moment to take in the site in front of you. even after all this time, it was rare for xiao to let loose so to speak. his walls where coming down but you still had a long way to go. so you cherished moments like these while they lasted. you wiped the drool of this mouth, then the sweat of his forehead, then worked your way down his body. making sure to be extra gentle with your strokes on his sensitive skin.
you looked back at him, his eyes now open again filled with pure adoration. you smiled as he kept looking at you, like by doing so long enough you’d understand what he wanted. you did, xiao was never the type to initiative physical affection, or any sort of affection at that. but you’ve been with him long enough to understand that he’d simply stare at you till you make a move. hug him, hold his hand, kiss him. at times you’d tease him, stare back till he whispers a faint “hug me”. but this was not one of those times. you sat back into the bed and held him to your chest. he nuzzled his head and tightly wrapped his arms around you basking in the warmth of your body. you ran your fingers through his hair, untangling the little knots as you go. xiao’s eyes grew heavy again and eventually closed, drifting off to sleep.
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wolken-himmel · a day ago
In which Riddle turns into a young child because of one of Ace's pranks going wrong.
Now, (Y/n) has to take care of Riddle, and maybe the prefect can teach him a valuable life lesson doing so.
Requested by anon.
Tumblr media
"(Y/n), how are you doing~?"
The sound of heavy footsteps approaching, accompanied by an obnoxious voice, made the poor birds on your front lawn scurry for their dear lives. And as they left, you, who had been watering flowers until now, realised that your peaceful moment for yourself had come to an end.
Your eyes travelled upwards to find a friend of yours approaching. "Ace? What are you doing here?" With a quirked eyebrow, you narrowed your eyebrows suspiciously — especially when he wouldn't answer. "You rarely ever visit—" you muttered under your breath while trying to catch a glimpse of the smaller figure behind him, "unless you somehow managed to get into trouble with Riddle. Please don't tell me you made him angry again..."
Ace shot you a sheepish smile. "Uh— well. It's difficult to explain. It all started innocently! Just another prank because I was bored. So, I slipped something into his slice of cake. And uh... something strange happened," he trailed off and stepped aside to finally reveal whoever was hiding behind him. "See for yourself."
Your eyes grew in surprise upon recognising him: It was Riddle, but something was off about him. The boy's eyes never met yours, much to your surprise. That's when you realised what was wrong. "Wait, Riddle got even smaller?" you asked in confusion.
"I'm not small!" Riddle screamed out, his head turning red. "Y-You're just too tall!"
"And," you continued, unbothered, "his voice also is much higher."
By then, the small boy's head threatened to explode with how red his face had gotten. A cry of frustration escaped his lips as he pointed to a nervous Ace. "That's because this idiot over there turned me into a child!" the dorm leader yelled at the top of his lungs. "I swear if my age didn't affect my unique magic, you'd be headless for the rest of your time here at NRC, Trappola!"
Your jaw almost touched the ground. "I can't believe it..." you muttered and turned to Ace. "You turned Riddle into a child... What were you thinking—?"
Pure desperation clouded your friend's eyes as he flung himself at your feet and clasped his hands together. "(Y/n), please help me!" he begged while trying to defend himself from the young child that tried to kick him. "I'm not good with children, neither am I good with Riddle! You need to take care of him for me, at least until he returns to normal."
"Well, why not." You shrugged before picking up your abandoned watering can.
Ace froze at your reply. "Wait, you didn't say no?" he asked in disbelief, yet his expression of surprise quickly morphed into pure joy.
"Looking after Riddle won't be hard, Ace." You grimaced and rolled your eyes. "He knows how to behave himself, unlike you..."
Ace sighed. "Harsh. But you're right."
Riddle nodded along happily, an expression of contentedness on his face. And whenever you turned away to quickly water your flowers, Riddle would stick his tongue out at Ace, only to return to his angelic smile when you gazed upon him again.
"Now, just leave and make sure to return with a cure or something like that," you said and shooed the culprit away.
Ace didn't let you repeat yourself. Within a split second, he had turned around and ran away as if his life depended on it — and it probably did.
After he was gone, the silence and peace that had formerly occupied your garden returned, and so did the animals that he had spooked away.
"I hate him," Riddle sneered immediately.
The comment drew a chuckle from your lips, and you had to admit that his disgruntled expression made him even more adorable. Unable to suppress a smile, you muttered, "Of course, sweetie. All of Heartslabyul knows of your love for Ace." You extended a hand and used it to ruffle his red hair.
An annoyed Riddle swatted your hand away. "Don't treat me like a little child! I may be stuck in a younger body, but that doesn't affect my mental maturity—" He interrupted himself with a gasp, his eyes suddenly wide and brimming with awe. His gaze seemed to be fixated on the beet of flowers behind you. "Wait, are those butterflies?" he breathed out and wandered over to the little insects excitedly.
You eyed him in amusement. "Yeah, they tend to like the flowers I recently planted."
"They're pretty..." The boy seemed fascinated by a blue monarch butterfly in particular, and he gasped whenever the little insect proudly fluttered its wings.
The sight caused your heart to swell. To see him so genuinely fascinated by something so trivial was an entirely new side to him — perhaps he had lied when saying that the potion that Ace had slipped into his cake didn't affect his psyche. You merely chuckled when you noticed the shy smile forming on his lips.
"Go on, try to catch one."
Your voice seemed to have snapped him back to reality. The dreaminess in his eyes disappeared, now replaced by hesitancy. In the end, he shook his head. "That would be a waste of time. Mother never liked it when I spent energy and effort on a task that wouldn't bear useful fruits of labour." A deep sigh escaped his lips as he fully turned away from the butterfly and crossed his arms. "Perhaps I should go study for the upcoming chemistry test," he said in disappointment.
You stopped him before he could ask you to retrieve his books from his room. "While I do think that being productive is a good thing, it's not as if you need to be productive all the time." Your hands firmly planted on his shoulders, you smiled down at him encouragingly. "Some things just bring you pleasure and happiness instead of viable results. That doesn't mean they're any less important."
Although doubt still clouded his eyes, Riddle nonetheless nodded slowly. "...I see."
All out of a sudden, your eyes lit up in realisation. "Hold on, I think I have a net lying around that you could use to catch some butterflies!" you exclaimed and at once removed your grasp on his shoulders. "Let me get it real quick." And without another word, you were gone, having stormed inside of Ramshackle.
Your words still echoed around in his vacant head when he turned his gaze to the flower beet again. The blue butterfly still sat atop a stunning red rose, and the boy couldn't help but extend his hand towards the insect. "Hello, little one," he cooed softly. His breath hitched when the butterfly jumped onto his finger and fluttered its wings in satisfaction. "You are very beautiful, Mr. Butterfly..." The red-head exhaled in contentedness, the sight of the butterfly bringing him peace.
"There!" your voice cut through his newfound serenity. "Found it!"
Riddle simply smiled to himself upon hearing your voice. "So perhaps (Y/n) was right..." he mumbled as the blue butterfly flew off into the distance again. "Perhaps there is something valuable in things that simply exist for nothing more than to provide relaxation..." His lips curled into a smile. "...and happiness."
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dreaminrubies · 12 hours ago
Lazy Saturday
Stranger Things: Eddie Munson x GN!reader
Soft times waking up with Eddie on a Saturday morning
Tumblr media
You unfurled your limbs in the small bed as you slowly stretched out before you wiggled out from under the warm blankets.  You stood up and tugged down Eddie’s hellfire shirt you had been sleeping in (not to mention the boxers your snatched as well), smoothing out the bottom before you padded through the trailer to the dulled sounds of Black Sabbath pulsing through the stereo speakers..  You stepped over some crushed beer cans, the smell of stale smoke hit your nostrils as you spotted Eddie on the couch. He had his guitar in his lap, slowly strumming out some cords.
“Morning, baby,” you yawned as you sunk down next to him, letting one of your legs rest over his once he shifted the electric guitar.
“Hey, sweetie pie,” he grinned, long hair frizzy and unkempt.
You reached your hand out to smooth it down a bit, brushing it out of his eyes then leaned in to press a soft kiss to his lips.
“You want some breakfast?” he offered.
“Let’s see….what are the choices today?  Frosted Flakes or Cheerios?” you teased.
“Joke all you want, but I’ve got a box of Lucky Charms in there with our names on it.”
“Whoa, you certainly know how to spoil me!”
“What can I say….I’m a gentleman.”
He pecked your lips lightly before he returned his guitar to the spot in his room before he went into the small kitchenette.  He returned with two big bowls overflowing with cereal and milk.
“Which ones are your favorite?” you asked as you picked out a pink heart.
“Always liked the blue ones,” he smiled as he turned on the TV. ThunderCats danced across the screen in blurred, fuzzy lines and bright colors.
Your legs rested in his lap as the two of you slurped through the cereal while the morning light crept through the blinds.  You cleaned up once you were both finished, taking your rightful place in his lap, arms wrapped around his neck.
“Did they turn your tongue blue?” you asked.
“You tell me!” Eddie stuck his tongue out, a streak of blue going down the middle.  You laughed softly and tilted his chin up once he closed his mouth.
“I love you, Eddie Munson,” you whispered.
“I love you too.”
Tag list: @handmaiden-of-mischief
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pink-spiderweb · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
author's note. those are just a collection of random cute thoughts i once had about some of the haikyuu boys. i rlly hope y'all like it! if you have any ideas ask here <3
with. aone takanobu, tadashi yamaguchi, kenma kozume, bokuto koutaro and ushijima wakatoshi.
Tumblr media
i swear this boy here is the cutest thing i've seen in my life. he makes my heart go 💞💗 yk? well, this time the thing that's causing me go swooning over him is this: imagine him growing an entire little garden with the prettiest flowers just for you. and, when all the flowers have blossomed, he would do one of these options (or maybe even both, aone's heart is just that level of kind ☹️): 1. he goes and picks up your favorite flowies and make a handmade bouquet for u or 2. take you on a date on that garden and spend the evening making flower crowns with his sweetheart while having a warm smile on his face. kiss him for me, pls.
Tumblr media
another shy baby 🥺✨ i'm crying. he ended with all the summer homework and the volleyball team duties, and tada has been missing u sooo much! he texted you last night asking if you would like to have a simple calm date with him in the park. also added for you to wear light and, if u could, old clothes that you wouldn't care if get a lil' dirty. at this point you alredy had a vague idea of what he wanted to do. when the morning arrived, you and yamaguchi sat on the light blanket on the grass. there were a pair of plain canvas waiting to be colored. after some hours, tadashi finished and showed you a surprisingly well done portrait of you with the sunset in the back 😩❤️
Tumblr media
this was something usual for both of you; after some gaming & chill dates, you shared a minecraft world so u could play together 😌 well, the thing is that for the past hour he asked u to not enter in the world yet while he was clicking his mouse in a somewhat aggressive way. after some (long) minutes, he gave you green light to turn on your computer. when the world has fully loaded you were amazed; it seemed a little and vibrating paradise full of life. your houses were decorated with new aesthetic items and he made a personal zoo near the building. his skin was wearing a white suit and beside him was a "will you marry me?" sign 😍
Tumblr media
he's the one that brightens my day 💋 he arrived home shouting a "i got owl plushies!! are u excited?! 🥺" you really had to gently shush him bcs he was loud and you didn't want to see him sad by the neighbors' complains. he hurried to be by your side and repeated this time whispering: "are u excited?" while showing the stuffed animals. one of them looked exactly like him, black and white with golden luminous eyes; and yes, the other one was like you. while giving him a soft kiss on his cheek, you replied "yes, honey. they are amazing 💗"
Tumblr media
it was weekend, so you and toshi were free that day. ushijima may be someone people would describe as dense, but in that momente he noticed you being little stressed. ushijima thought that if you both had nothing to do and his angel was feeling down he might to do something to help you ☹️ so he planned a spa at home night. he prepared a bath for you two and helped u dry your hair. after that he applied oils and creams all over you while massaging your back, shoulders and legs. baby was so gentle 😭 when you both got to bed he hoped for u to feel better, kissed your lips lightly and held you in his big and warm arms 💗✨.
Tumblr media
©pink-spiderweb 2022. please do not modify, translate, or repost my works on any platform without permission.
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tarohu · 2 days ago
I love, love your content, is sooooo good, gosh. So I was wondering if you could do something like first kiss/first night with genshin characters? Slemthing spicy, if you don't mind with Tartaglia, Xiao and Kaeya.
Thank you!
Tumblr media
[★] taking your virginity drabble
[✰] oh my... im so sorry this took so long afsjsdj but i hope u enjoy it huhu
gender neutral reader, virginity loss, breeding, body worship, begging, light teasing, hinted degradation, gushing, use of some pet names
Tumblr media
gentle type of rough with you. his being a harbinger is a given for the rough part but his more humanly side gives off a natural impulse to be considerate with handling you. you're akin to that of a sweet angel in his lap, twitching from the previous orgasms and gasping into his lips as he kisses you sweetly, his heated kisses distracting you from his very cock stretching out your hole filled with his seed. he's obsessed with the way you come, squealing as thick, white liquids cream around the girth.
"just a little more, doll, need you gushing around me just like that again."
tries to be very gentle, treating you like a fragile piece of glass in his hold. in other circumstances, whereas you're not a virgin, he would be rougher; however, this is a different case. he'll pepper saccharine, chaste kisses across your jawline followed up by his red tongue dragging against your soft skin as he worships your body. his dick is filling your viscous crevice perfectly, it doesn't even feel sinful when you hear his cool praises pass through your ear.
"mngh— look how well you take me... le'me have more of you, angel, promise i'll make it worth your time..."
adores how flustered you get in his arms as he sensually rolls his hips up to cause his girthy cock to reach the deepest of your sopping, wet hole, stretching you out just right all for him. he'll lightly tease; not to degrade you (yet), but to make you writhe and moan in the delirious state of lust, his cold lips contrasting against your hot ones. the room is filled with the lewd noises of his name dripping off your tongue and the heaviness of his balls smacking against the curve of your ass.
"oh, baby, don't get all weak on me now, we're just getting started,"
Tumblr media
© tarohu 2022 do not repost, plagiarize, modify or post my work across different social media platforms ZzZ$!
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cyborg-franky · 2 days ago
Hey Franky! Hope your feeling better! I wanted to request Law, Kid, Zoro & Ace! With a s/o who get mad at them or wants their attention and says their full name! I just want to know what they boys reactions would be like I can imagine the some of them being stunned like hearing “Tralfalgar D Waterlaw!” hahah! Thanks in advance! I hope you have a speedy recovery! I love you! & I’m proud of you!
OMG this is fun and yeaaah I am okaaaay. <3 thank you.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You had so many cute nicknames for him and everyone else called him things like ‘kiddo’ ‘rookie’ ‘freckles’ or just simply Ace.
So, when you are pissed at him, and scream down the length of the deck “Portgas D Ace!” he feels himself freeze in place, eyes wide open and jaw dropped.
Everyone around him does that typical ‘OOOOOOOOOOH’ and laughs at him for being in trouble.
Thatch will whisper into Ace’s ear ‘run’ but he’s too shellshocked by the use of his full name that you catch up to him in no time and grab him by his hat strings and yell at him about something.
Everyone teases him for days after.
Nothing strikes fear into Ace’s heart like that tone with his full name.
Tumblr media
Consider a moment will you, that meme ‘one fear’ that is how Kid feels about the use of his full name.
He’s minding his own business, chilling with the rest of the crew, maybe you are all in a tavern enjoying a drink after Kid has chased most the other patrons out.
You are livid at some shit he’s pulled, and you stomp over to his table, slapping hands on the table and fixing him a look.
“Eustass Kid,” you growl, and everyone exchanges glances, looks at you, each other, Kid, it’s like the split-screen in anime where it shows everyone’s reaction as you full name the captain to death.
He’s glaring back at you, but you can tell he is running a mile in his mind ‘oh, fuck, what did I do now?’ and just sat there sweating.
The sound of everyone’s chairs squeaking against the floor as they all leave the scene.
Tumblr media
Just minding his own business, he either sat there having a drink or getting ready for a nap.
He’s all relaxed, eyes closed, taking a nice breath of the sea breeze.
“Roronoa Zoro!” he hears loudly, anger drenching your tone and for a moment the idiot forgets his own name.
‘Hahaha sucker’ he grins to himself before he feels your body blocking the sun, casting a shadow over his trying to nap form.
‘Oh, fuck, that’s me…’
You need to be faster than Zoro because he will try and throw himself off the side to avoid the conflict and hassle that your tone hints at bringing him.
Does not want to be around you when you full name his ass.
Tumblr media
Law is someone who never used his full name, not until recently.
He’s sat at his desk, leaning back in his chair and half paying attention to the book on his desk, flipping the page.
He hears the door to his room slam open, the loud clanging of metal on metal making him almost fall back from his chair.
The accompanying screech of “Trafalgar D Water Law!” has him furrowing his brows.
‘Who the FUCK?’ He asks himself for a moment before it clicks and he sits forward in his seat, an expression of annoyance at himself for being dumb.
Which is soon replaced by horror when you slam the door shut and he can feel your anger rolling off you in waves.
Law’s smart, he’s also good at avoiding problems he doesn’t want to deal with
He just ‘rooms’ you back out into the hallway, and you hear the door lock.
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plushyfluffy · 2 days ago
Don’t Leave
Pairings: Lord Diavolo x Gender Neutral Reader
Warning(s): Reader became a toddler, jealous Barbatos
Tumblr media
One moment you and Solomon are just joking around trying out new potions here and there and then a second later you were gone and replaced by a cute baby toddler.
“Oh shi— (Y/N) did you touch that blue po—“
But before Solomon could finished his sentence you, who turned into a toddler, began to cry.
“I guess your mentality also matched your age.”
Without no other options he called Barbatos for help. The butler called his young master and the seven brothers to see what’s going on.
“What in the Devildom did you do?”
Lucifer rubbed his forehead as Solomon hold your wailing form in front of the demons.
“Woah, so that’s what (Y/N) looks like when they are still young!”
Mammon exclaimed with excitement lace in his voice.
“They are sooo cute! But I still prefer their mature body though.”
Asmo said while taking a look at your toddler form.
You began to wail even more loudly when they began to crowd you. At the same time Diavolo and Barbatos arrived at Solomon’s room.
“So Solomon, did you succeed?” The soon-to-be-king’s booming voice greeted the noisy room.
“Something like that...?”
Solomon walked to Diavolo while holding you up to him. When you saw the prince, you stopped crying and immediately reach out for him with your short arms.
“Dwaaahh!” You smiled and shouted.
Everyone in the room was shocked because first, you just cried when they tried to grabbed you and second, you didn’t tried to pull his hair like what you did to the Avatar of Pride.
“Oh? So you would like for me to carry you?” When he reached out his arms to carry you, you immediately leaned in and stared at him wide eyed.
“Diawow” Was all you said and leaned in to his warmth. Everyone awed at your cuteness.
“My lord, it seems (Y/N) took a liking to you.”
“Really? That’s great! Let’s take them to the castle!”
You matched his enthusiasm when you raised your hands and laughed.
“It seems like little (Y/N) would also love that.”
With that Diavolo walked away, with Barbatos following him, the brothers and Solomon just stared at the scene mouth wide agape. Except for Lucifer who was busy fixing his hair.
A few minutes later Diavolo was in his office doing some paperwork while you were on top of his lap.
A moment earlier, when Barbatos tried to lure you with some toys, you didn’t budge, instead you focused on Diavolo, trying to talk to him with some words that neither of the demons understand.
When Barbatos knew that you wouldn’t be lured by some toys he tried to carry you but you cried and punched the demon out of his life. Diavolo just laughed and hold you back.
Now there is a rule in the Devildom. Whenever you are still in your toddler form, don’t ever, ever try to take you away from Diavolo, if you still value your life.
Now it’s been 3 hours since that event and Diavolo asked Solomon on how long until you get back to normal.
“Well it will take until tomorrow or until a week.”
Was all he said. Until that time you won’t get out or leave Diavolo’s presence.
Now it’s bedtime for Devildom and now you are in a deep slumber still on top of Diavolo’s lap. The prince tried to move you in his massive bed but you just woke up and cling to his clothes, and don’t want to let go.
So Diavolo just continued to carry you while he’s working. Now Barbatos just warned him to have a rest, and right now his lying on his bed while you on top of him, sleeping loudly with some drool staining his sleeping shirt.
Smiling, it’s like a dream come true to have you two hang out without the brothers interrupting, but he still prefers it if you are in your normal form and age.
The next day or night to say the least. When Barbatos opened his young master’s room, he saw you in your back to normal form on top of his young master.
You two look content so he just left you both even though there’s a boiling jealousy burning in his veins
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clink-glasses-say-cheers · 2 days ago
When you cosplay as him
Rook Hunt, Vil Schoenheit, Leona Kingscholar, Malleus Draconia, Idia Shroud | gender neutral reader | Headcanons
Tumblr media
When you appear in a cosplay as him Rook is stupefied for a moment before he laughs heartily. Hands stretched out, he shakes his head with a smile and says:
"Ah! To what do I owe this beautiful surprise? I'm enchanted to think that you'd deem me worthy enough to adopt my aesthetics even if for a few fleeting yet memorable moments! If you allow me, could I show you off to the world?"
A hand is extended to you in a graceful manner and if you choose to accept it, he brings your knuckles near his lips to kiss them before looping his arms through yours and stepping out with pride.
Tumblr media
Vil stares at you silently before a smug smirk graces his features. It seems that the potato has taste. However, the headpiece isn't perfectly placed!
Without further ado, he works to smoothen your cosplay into his likeness! If you're going to be Vil, you need to rock the look. Anything less than perfection is unacceptable.
When he's satisfied, he narrows his eyes and questions you about your choice - his chest swelling with pride.
"I understand why you would want to cosplay as me but since I have time, I'll like to listen to your reasoning."
Tumblr media
Malleus is amused. Surprise flitters across his features before he appears to ponder the situation. A hand placed under his chin, he seems to be lost in thought as he says:
"Hmm… What's the meaning of this, child of man? Am I to believe that you wish to court me by proving to everyone that you are mine and only mine…?"
If you look confused and lost, he has achieved what he set out to get. Laughing out loud, he accepts that he was only jesting. 
However, he's still curious about your costume… Once you explain, he nods. He'll still tease you playfully about choosing him as your model.
Tumblr media
Idia chokes on an energy drink when you enter dressed as him. You run to him to check if he's fine but once he recovers, he distances himself from you and questions you about your cosplay. Yeah, he knows what you are doing. What he wants to know is the reason behind your choice!
Once he has digested the fact that he's high enough in your estimation, he proceeds to be more critical. 
Pointing an accusatory finger at you, he says gruffly:
"Wearing the costume is only the first step! Now act more like me… if someone was choking in front of me, I would never run to help them like you just did!"
Tumblr media
Leona looks at you with hazy eyes since he had been sleeping. Thinking you to be a Savanaclaw student, he growls and says:
"Leave me alone."
On hearing your voice, he opens his eyes reluctantly and looks around but there seems to be no other person there. Wait! He sits up straight and observes the person who had entered just then.
You are dressed just like him - down to the hairstyle too! Hmmm… you look good.
Walking over to you, he inspects your cosplay and grins.
"So the herbivore likes Savanaclaw huh? And the hairstyle reminds me of someone~ I wonder if you like them~"
He tells you that it will be a good idea to keep the cosplay on for the day. Since you're friends with Malleus, that'll be a good way to assert dominance for his dorm. However, lose the hair… That's just embarrassing…
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twstwonderlandstuff · 13 hours ago
Hi i saw your first kiss hcs for the first years and wondered if i could request the same but with lilla, malleus, riddle, and kalim? Thank you! ❤❤❤❤
Tumblr media
lilia vanrouge.
🍒 Spiderman kiss. of COURSE it's a Spiderman kiss. lilia's up to one of his antics again, planning to surprise you with his magic. luckily, you've been taking notes from your own experience and his children (silver, sebek and malleus), so you know what's coming.
🍒 as soon as you see that familiar green glow, you step back and as predicted, lilia appears in front of you with a cheeky grin.
🍒 a little disheartened that you weren't surprised, lilia pinches your cheeks, teasing you about how much harder it is to tease you these days.
🍒 "my, one of these days you might just out-tease me. i'm looking forward to the- umph-!"
🍒 you certainly surprised him when you grabbed his head and pulled him for a kiss! he's in shock, but just for a second, before he swoops back into kiss you again.
🍒 you started this, don't go backing out on him, hmm~?
🍒 cut to sebek, silver and malleus cheering the 2 of you on from the background
Tumblr media
malleus draconia
🍒 you've been naively rejecting his advances (excessive jewelry gifting, light hearted arguments, compliments laced with insults) and while he knows you're not doing it out of malice he's, quite frankly, had ENOUGH. he just wants to feel your lips against his and he's a dammed fae if he doesn't get that by the end of this day.
🍒 so at night, during one of your daily walks, he tells you to come closer, and that he has something private he wants to share.
🍒 "it's something I've told very few, and I'd like you to be the first. do you mind?"
🍒 so you tiptoe up to him, steadying yourself against his chest as he leans down against your ear, but instead of words, you feel his lips against your ears instead.
🍒 "to think that you'd be so cruel as to toy with my heart. I didn't take you to be the kind." he'll whisper after, pulling away so he can look at your face. "may you please do me the honors of dating you? i've never felt this way towards anybody before..."
🍒 he's given you his heart, so won't you give him yours?
🍒 cut to lilia and sebek going 'YESSSS!!!' while silver is (as enthusiastically, but more subtly) cheering on for the two of you under some bushes LOL
Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts
🍒 he can't believe how warm he is. how warm, how wanted, how appreciated, how loved you made him feel, and he's wanted to make you feel the same for quite some time.
🍒 after getting some encouragement (from cater and trey), he's arranged a private tea party, just for you both. he's extremely nervous- shaking, sweating, butterflies in his stomach, stuff like that.
🍒 when you ask him why he's so stiff, he'll freeze in place, before brushing it off that no, it's nothing, he's fine, there's nothing to worry about!
🍒 ...he spills his tea.
🍒 aw, fuck. the very rare times riddle swears in his mind, and this seems like a perfectly good time, especially when you bend down to clean the mess and then look up to-
🍒 his lips lock on yours and after a brief second, he pulls away, beet red and urging you to please, please accept his apology and that you should get back to your dorm because of this mess and then he'll call you back another time.
🍒 he's embarrassed that he feels so happy about this, even though it was an accident, but he's far more ashamed that he wants more of your kisses.
🍒 cuts to trey and cater in the background, cater biting his finger in agony while trey is gripping onto cater's shoulder in a vice grip. adeuce are blobs in the background, both in agony of riddle's failure.
Tumblr media
kalim al asim
🍒 he already likes giving you kisses. platonic ones! okay so, far in the beginning, way before he's had a crush on you, he's forefront about his affection with his friends.
🍒 hand holding, hugging, kissing, all of that is okay to him and of course, you're not excluded, so he's been that way for quite a while but when he recognizes his feelings, ooh boy, does it become a little harder.
🍒 now, he wants to kiss you everywhere, all the time. he wants to hold your hand, cuddle with you, be romantic and all those things with you, but he can't, because now thanks to his own actions, you'll just think he's being friendly, but he's NOT!
🍒 (jamil is laughing at kalim's idiocy and kalim throws a pillow at his face [idc they have a decent relationship in this post m sorry])
🍒 after some thinking, he decides to take you on a carpet ride and confront you there, pouring out his heart.
🍒 "nowadays, I want to kiss you, but like romantically! I love you! I want to hold hands with you more and I want to cuddle with you wayy more! I don't want to kiss just your cheek, I want to kiss your lips! Can I?!"
🍒 cut to jamil screaming as he attempts to stop the carpet from crashing due to kalim's excitement at your reply. he's happy for y'all but please MIND YOUR SAFETY!!!
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mamsvi · a day ago
listening to Simeon's new song got me thinkin.... HEAR ME OUT !!! Mammon getting jealous that gn!mc is spending so much time with Simeon lately. Simeon being super touchy with mc (wrapping his arms around their waist and resting his head on theirs) Mammon ends up thinking that mc doesnt like him as much or something along those lines 😭 angst to fluff/reverse comfort maybe 🥺🥺
a/n: omg im definitely hearing you out anon aa i love this sm, enjoy.
overwhelming jealousy.
mammon gets jealous because the angel had been spending too much time with you — gn!reader, angst, fluff (reverse comfort).
cw: cussing.
Tumblr media
"hey, mc. do you want to hang out with me at the purgatory hall? we can bake that one dessert you saw on devilgram together!"
mammon looked over to the person who had asked you the question with nothing but pure annoyance on his face. the second oldest was pissed off because he had spent the entire lesson thinking about ways to ask you out on a little date after school, however he was too late due to his continuous procrastination and simeon had beat him to it.
it wasn't the first time this had happened. the angel had asked you out two days ago as well and the white haired demon had protested against it for hours on end. although he slowly gave up after he saw how excited you were to go hang out with your dear friend.
"mammon, it's fine. he's just a close friend of mine and i want to spend some time with him," was what you told him, and he really trusted you, yet that sinking feeling in his chest got even worse as he saw how touchy simeon had been with you around him. his hand was resting on your waist while his fingers played with your shirt, causing you to giggle from time to time.
how was he supposed to calm down after seeing you being so lovey dovey with someone else? mammon slowly backed out of the group where all of the others— including you— were standing and tried to leave without anyone noticing. well, it's not like any of his brothers would mind if he was there or not. although the one thing he didn't expect, was you not reacting either.
normally, whenever he felt sad, you would have been the first one to notice that something was off. if he left the group during lunch break or quick meetings to take care of himself, you would immediately follow and ask him if he was alright. yet this once, you didn't. and it broke him more than he thought it would.
the second oldest took a quick glance behind him and saw the joy on your face while you talked to the dark skinned man next to you. the annoyance he once felt, quickly turned into sorrow at the sight of you enjoying yourself as you payed him no mind. maybe you were actually better off with simeon than a greedy bastard like him.
mammon plopped down on his couch and sighed at the utter silence in his room. normally he would have you next to him, laughing loudly at the stories the two of you would share. the lamps near his bed flickered which instantly caught his attention. "gotta change 'em.." the demon muttered to himself. he has got to occupy his mind with something else. he knew it would be an impossible task, yet he kept trying to drown out any thoughts that included you anyways.
"no, no. i don't care that they're with that stupid angel right now. don't care.. i really don't." his voice didn't sound convincing enough so he gave up not even two minutes in. his hand reached out to his phone that sat on the edge of the bed and the avatar of greed scanned his notifications for any messages coming from you.
[no new notifications.]
"fuckin' hell." mammon threw his mobile back against the mattress. it was really unbelievable how much control you had over his emotions. anger, envy, love, greed; he felt all of those at once and it annoyed him. he needs to distract himself from any kind of thoughts that lead to you, as soon as possible.
there was still no sign of you coming back home, however the second oldest did get a push notification of your devilgram. it was a post with a compilation of pictures from the baking session with simeon and one photo bothered him the most. you were smiling happily as you linked arms with the man, his head resting on top of yours while you leaned against his shoulder. the tight grip on the white haired demon's phone almost broke the screen.
"mammon?" your voice sounded from the other side of his bedroom door. the avatar of greed shot up from his place and ran towards the entrance. he almost tripped over the junk on the floor, however he caught himself on time and opened the door for you not even two seconds later.
you stood there, a small bag in your hands, and that usual sweet smile was plastered right onto your face. it was the exact same smile that makes him feel safe around you. he felt the negativity leave his body, yet he failed to hide his jealousy already. "hey." mammon coldly responded to you. his eyes avoided your gaze as he stepped aside to let you enter his room.
you didn't waste any more time and made your way further into his space. the second oldest walked behind you, staring at the outfit you were wearing. it looked like you had just gotten home and immediately went over to his room, since your jacket and outside shoes were still on. knowing that you came straight to him made him feel a tad bit better.
"look, i made this for you." his ears perked up: for him? you pulled out the small cheesecake you made with simeon just a couple hours ago and placed it in front of him on the table. the demon inspected the dessert and he felt himself melt after realizing that you had taken the time off your day to bake him something. yet that small voice in the back of his head reminded him that a certain angel had helped you with it so his mood changed for the worse again.
you had noticed his sour mood ever since the first few seconds you stepped into his room and you were curious to know what had caused him to feel so dejected. there was a thought in the back of your head that told you that it was your fault, however you wanted to hear it from the avatar of greed himself. "mammon, are you okay? did i do something wrong?"
the second oldest froze in his place and his eyes looked anywhere but directly at you. "w.. what do ya mean? 'm fine." that was a big lie. you had noticed the way he played with the ring on his finger. it was a little habit of his, where anytime he touches the accessories on his hand, he tells you anything but the truth.
"are you sure? i promise i will listen to what you have to say." pushing mammon to tell you what he was feeling, may trigger an unnecessary fight between the two of you and that was the last thing you want right now. the white haired demon slowly looked up at you and he huffed as his blue eyes met yours. his fingers desperatly grabbed the fabric of his pants for support. his entire body heated up at the tension and he could feel the words on the tip of his tongue.
"do you— are you getting tired of me, mc? am i not fun enough to have around anymore?"
you couldn't believe what you were hearing. all the other noises in the house were drowned out by the phrases of the second oldest in front of you that kept repeating in your mind.
then it finally clicked.
mammon had that slightly annoyed facial expression ever since school had ended. you had noticed how he would furrow his brows whenever the older angel touched you in any kind of way. of course, you didn't quite think much of it back then because you got too distracted by the others, however you only now realized how hard it must have been for the demon to have to bottle up his emotions all day. without even complaining to you even once. no one had asked him how he felt and he had nobody to actually vent to without being made fun of.
"oh my— im so sorry, mammon. i really am." you suddenly threw your arms around his neck and both of you fell back against the pillows on the couch. he was caught off guard so he didn't know what had happened until he felt your warmth right against his body, and that was exactly what he craved all day long.
"listen here." you said as you lifted your head up from his chest to face him, the two of you being extremely close to each other. your hands found their way to cup the man's face. "i will never dislike you or even find you annoying. instead, it's always going to be the complete opposite. i have and i will continue, to like you. you're the best demon i have ever met and no one compares to you, 'kay?"
mammon stared at you, eyes widened and his cheeks burning up due to your sweet words that sounded like music to his ears. his hands gripped onto your sides to prevent himself from crying. he really didn't want to show his weakness in front of you.
"no actually, i don't only like you. i love you." it was too late to take your words back and you didn't mind. if it meant that the second oldest finally knows how important he is to you, then so be it.
his lips slightly parted, but no sound could come out of his throat. was this really not a dream? you confessing your love to him? the demon felt a tear, that had formed a few seconds ago, fall down his cheek. "mc.." his voice was low and hoarse, almost like a whisper. you shot him an apologetic smile but before you could add anything to what you were supposed to say, mammon had pulled you in a tight hug.
his arms squeezed your middle and the white haired man had already forgotten about any of the anger and jealousy he felt due to you hanging out with simeon. he really didn't care about anything in that moment. all he wanted was to feel your body against his, as close as possible.
more tears streamed down his face and he eventually leaned in, to whisper the words back to you. "i love you too, mc. more than ya can ever imagine."
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idiasbodypillow · 2 days ago
Hnhn angst, angst, going through my brain for ideas like a filing cabinet
How about Sebek's friend getting really hurt while they try to protect him from something, like maybe Malleus' someone's overblot, or generally just gone astray magic, some weird monster thing
Does the friend die? Stay alive? Tbh up to you, write it as angsty as you want
When you get hit by a magical attack in front of him
A/N - I know you said trying to protect him but I didn't focus on that because if reader is magicless, I want them to think about themselves first. :")
Warnings - Angst, mentions of heavy injury to reader
Sebek Zigvolt
gender neutral reader (platonic)
Tumblr media
Sebek regrets everything. He regrets not telling you before that he cares about you. He regrets not accepting the bento box that you once made for him - instead resorting to calling you human and walking away. But above all, he regrets not being able to protect you when it mattered.
As he holds your injured body in his arms, tears form at the corner of his eyes - threatening to fall down even though Malleus is right there in front of him. It doesn't matter. Nobody matters. The world can stop moving forward for all he cares. For the first time in his life, he's quiet without prompting - the silence sometimes marred by his muffled sobs.
Lilia's urgent voice cuts his reverie like an arrow piercing through his flesh. He flinches at the sharp glance that his master throws his way.
"Sebek, leave! I can take care of the overblot... Leave right now and take [Name] to the infirmary. It's an order."
Sebek's body feels heavy when he realises that his legs are obeying the command. What does it matter either way...?
At least, you're still warm in his arms. A question plagues his mind. How long will the warmth last? His throat feels parched. How long will you last?
Tumblr media
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hanafubukki · 6 hours ago
Let My Voice Guide You From a Million Miles Away
Summary: Malleus overblots, and you try to solve a Disney-based problem with a Disney-style solution.
Pairing; Malleus Draconia X Reader (Gender Neutral) 
Notes: What’s this?!? A fic that is not Lilia?! I’m surprised too! 😂😂 Guess who watched Belle (2021) and loved it to bits?? And felt inspired to write a very clichéd story based on the songs? THIS ONE 💕💕 If you haven't watched the movie yet, I recommend it 👏👏 though the ending could have been better    the songs were AMAZING.  🌸🌺
Songs: Lend Me Your Voice ;  A Million Miles Away 
Tumblr media
·      You looked at the overblot in front of you.
·      Why was this happening?
·      Was it your fault?
·      This kept happening over and over.
·      Weren’t overblots supposed to be rare?
·      These thoughts kept repeating in your mind over and over.
·      You could hear the desperate cries of Silver, Sebek, and Lilia.
·      You could hear Idia grumbling about the unfairness of stats difference between them all.
·      And you?
·      You just stared helplessly at the overblot.
·      Malleus Draconia
·      You should have known.
·      You should have stopped it.
·      But you couldn’t.
·      The giant dragon loomed before all of you.
·      Spreading fire and burning everything, even Lilia had trouble keeping everything under control.
·      You started moving towards him.
·      You had to stop him.
·      This was not the Tsunotarou you knew.
·      The one who went on walks with you.
·      The one who had ice cream with you.
·      The one who constantly had spats with Leona and Vil.
·      The one who was happy to ride a car for the first time.
·      You wanted that Malleus Draconia back.
·      You wanted your dragon back.
Tumblr media
·      You don’t know how you got near Malleus as he rampaged, but you didn’t question it.
·      Not to say you were without your injuries.
·      Or that you went unnoticed by the others’ gazes.
·      Ace and Deuce looked as if they were going to lock you up in your dorm and never let you out.
·      Idia looked freaked out and questioned your sanity.
·      You couldn’t look at the Diasomnia crew.
·      You knew Sebek would blow your eardrums up later if you all survived this.
·      You were now near Malleus Draconia, but now what?
·      How could you get through to him?
·      Well, a Disney-based world needed a Disney-based solution, didn’t it?
·      And you had been practicing, so hopefully, it would be enough to snap him out of it.
·      Or distract him enough for the others to take him down.
·      “Tsunotarou!”
·      The dragon swerved his head to look at you.
·      You took a deep breath and started to sing.
·      “It's easy to push me away from you         Easy to say you want to be left on your own        Yet somehow, I can't help but see        How your eyes shy away        Your hands seal the entrance and path to your heart        Anger kept fear and the sadness you feel        Under the surface for so long        Locked that room, you keep it inside”
·      You reach your hands out it him.
·    “It's not so hard living all by yourself       It isn't hard, yes, I know that's what you'll say       It's what you have told yourself      Over and over again in darkness      You try to hold back all the thoughts      But you know, I just want you as you are     Just the you that I see right before me     It's all that has been on my mind”
·      He looked at you, his eyes wavering.
·      “Please, Tsunotaoru, let’s go home.”
·      Malleus was crying.
·      You could see him spiraling, his blot threatening to overtake his sanity again.
·   “Come back to me, and stay by my side      I feel my heart shake      Come, ease this ache      I’m standing over here, reaching for you      A million miles away, come back and stay     No matter how far the memories may be     When I close my eyes, you’re all that I see     Come back to me     A million miles away, come back and stay”
·      He lowered his head, and you hugged his head to you.
·      Patting his snout, you felt his entire body start to relax.
·      “You stupid dragon.”
·      Malleus huffed.
·      You felt the heat and cuddled closer to him.
·      “Turn back now; let’s go get some ice cream.”
·      Malleus closed his eyes and waited for the blow that would end his blot.
Tumblr media
·      “That’s not fair! How did YN of all people defeat a UR+ character?”
·      “It’s the power of love.”
·      “Nya~ I’m going to throw up.”
·      “Silver! Now is not the time to fall asleep!”
Tumblr media
🌺💕🌸 Hope you enjoyed🌺🌸💕
@coraldelusiondaze​ See? It wasn’t bad at all right?☺️🌸🌺🌻
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flightsoffandom · 3 hours ago
Not The Jealous Types
Pairs: Marc Spector x Reader, Steven Grant x Reader, Jake Lockley x Reader
Words: 4372
Summary: Your boys don't normally get jealous, but they ‌notice something is up.
Warnings: None really, just mostly fluff. Not an accurate representation of DID, basing it off the show's depiction.
Notes: Left completely gender-neutral. From the boys' POV except for one part that is your POV. I don't speak Spanish, so if I got some of the translations wrong, let me know and I will fix them, but I tried to check them through multiple sources so fingers crossed. Things shown like this ‘Words. Word word.’ are meant to be the boys talking to each other internally.
Steven was the first to notice, or at least the first to worry about it. He had noticed your eyes wandering lately. When the two of you were out in public, you were looking at other men. ‘Dyou notice that?’ Steven wouldn’t call himself the jealous type, but something was up. Marc’s reflection followed Steven’s line of sight. You had stepped away looking at some wares someone was peddling. You were indeed staring at another man. Marc, however, scoffed, ‘Don’t worry, they are probably staring at something else.’ Steven stared at you and nodded softly to himself, wringing his hands. He tried to brush off the feeling. Steven gathered himself and shuffled over to you, gently tapping your shoulder, “Ello” You turned towards him smiling, “Hello? We came here together on a date.” Steven took one look into your eyes, which were so full of love. He started forgetting what he was so worried about, “Yeah… Well…” Steven had completely lost his train of thought. Marc chuckled, ‘Told ya not to worry about it.’ You kissed Steven softly to pull him out of whatever trance he was in before sliding your hand into his and leading him off to the next part of your date.
Steven had completely forgotten the incident. That was, until he noticed it a few more times and he just couldn’t keep it to himself. So he brought it up again, ‘Can’t just be imagining this, can I?’ Marc was already fronting, so he turned his head. He looked at where you were, standing at the bar. Sure enough, you were looking at another man. Marc shrugged it off until he saw you walking up to the stranger. Marc’s brow furrowed as he watched you talk to the man. Steven made a triumphant noise, ‘Told you something was weird.’ Marc was completely focused on you now. Steven then got silent, realizing that him being right wasn’t that much of a good thing. Steven spoke up again, ‘What does it mean, them looking at other men like tha?’ Marc quickly shushed Steven out loud. Surprisingly enough Jake chimed in, ‘I could just kill him… They can’t talk to him if he is dead.’ Steven’s reflection in a nearby beer bottle jumped, startled by Jake’s sudden interjection, ‘Seems a bit rash, mate.’ Steven looked at you, ‘M… Maybe it’s not as bad as it looks, yeah?’ You had finished talking to the stranger and were heading back over to them, drinks in hand. “Sorry, but I’m cutting you off. Steven doesn’t enjoy drinking that much, and I don’t want him waking up with a hangover.” You slide the glass in front of Marc as you add mostly to yourself, “Poor thing will be miserable.” Marc was going to protest, but you were right. Steven was not a fan of any part of the drunken process. Steven even started mumbling a dozen thank you’s he knew you couldn’t hear, glad you were watching out for him. Marc just sighed, noticing that you switched away from alcohol as well. Marc watched you as he asked, “What did you want with that guy?” You made a confused noise, tilting your head, “The guy at the bar?” Marc watched your face as he nodded. You shrugged, “Wanted to buy me a drink, I guess. Turned him down.” Marc studied your face. Steven completely believed you and let out a silent sigh of relief. Marc determined you weren’t completely lying, but you weren’t exactly telling the truth either. This was odd. Marc didn’t know how to feel about it. You raised an eyebrow, “You alright?” Marc nodded and waited to question you more, letting the rest of the night stay peaceful.
Jake had caught you the next time. You were both out strolling around town together. Jake had stopped to buy you both food from a street vendor. By the time the food was in his hands, he looked over and saw you weren’t on the bench where he left you. His whole body tightens up, immediately assuming the worst. Steven and Marc both helped Jake search for you so he wouldn’t panic and do something violent. Jake spotted you first, over talking to some gentleman. You were outnumbered and while the men seemed friendly enough… At the moment. Jake wasn’t going to leave you over there alone. So he walked over to you, and by the time he crossed the street, the men were walking away. Jake made it over to you and you smiled happily at him. However, Jake glared down at you, “Flirting around?” You laugh loudly like that’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard. Because honestly, it is. You gently take your food from Jake’s hand, but he doesn’t stop watching you. He gets close to you, backing you up against a brick wall. You grin up at him and wait for him to say something. Jake holds his arm over your head, properly towering over you, “What if I started hitting on other people?” You narrow your eyes at Jake and grab his chin roughly. He liked that and let out a pleased growl in response. You locked eyes with him, “You ever flirt with anyone else and I’ll kill you, Lockley.” Jake grins down at you and tries to pull back. You tug his face closer to you, “Understand?” Jake nods. Jake pushed his face closer to yours, “What a way to go. Felizmente moriré por tu mano. (I will happily die by your hand)” Steven and Marc both groaned in unison from their reflections in lamp posts. Steven shakes his head, ‘What’s bloody wrong with them two?’ Marc facepalms, ‘Your guess is as good as mine.’ Jake growls at his reflections, flipping them both off as he gives you a feral, biting kiss. And when you let out the most exquisite moan, all four of you seemingly forget what started this conversation for the time being.
Marc made the decision to start scouting you. Was it the most mature solution to this situation? Not even close, but here he was watching you walk to work from a suitable distance away. Steven did not approve. ‘Marc… Are you really resorting to stalking our partner? That doesn’t seem right.’ Marc ignored him, monitoring you and causally trailing behind you. Steven got a bit louder, trying his best to put a stop to this, ‘This isn’t okay.’ Marc groaned, turning towards the nearest reflective surface. Finding Steven inside the reflection of a street lamp. Marc looked at him, “You’re the one who kept bringing it up, and now when I believe that something is up, you want me to stop?” Steven opened and closed his mouth a few times fiddling with his hands, ‘Well stalking them doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.’ Marc sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, “I’m not stalking them… We are following them to get more information about what is going on.” Steven wanted to protest more but he was also wanting to understand your recent behavior, so he stayed silent, giving Marc a small nod to continue. Marc looked up. And you had already moved out of view. Marc hisses, “Fuck.” He speeds up, turning the corner to find you talking with some guy.
Marc looks this stranger up and down, critically accessing why you would interact with him. He was average-looking, about Marc’s size, and didn’t give off an interesting vibe. Marc frowned. He, and by extension the other two that shared his body, was much more attractive than this stranger, so this investigation didn’t help. Marc needed more information. He continued to follow you. Steven was nervous about getting caught and you becoming mad at them because, at this point, Steven or Jake could have stopped Marc by taking over. They hadn’t, and now they were accomplices. Not that Jake would come out long enough to face the consequences.
When you stopped another man, Marc focused on you. This time having to move so he could see your face but not be seen by you. As you talked to the man, Marc scoured every inch of your face, looking for the telltale signs you were sexually interested in this stranger. Marc found nothing. No dilated pupils, no blushing, no lip biting. You just looked friendly and nice. But while you didn’t seem to want to sleep with these men, it still left Marc with the burning question of why you would look at and talk to so many strange men. Marc decided to finish following you for the rest of the day and confront you once you got home. Marc did just that. Nothing eventful happened while you were at work except Steven fretting about being caught. On your way back home, Marc saw you stop two more men and talk to them. Once you were close enough to the flat, Marc went ahead so he could act like he never left.
You turned your keys in the lock and walked through the door, “Today was exhausting. “ You let out a long sigh as you looked at your boyfriend not so casually lounging on the couch, “What were my boys up to today?” You hummed inquisitively at Marc. He just stared at you as you put your stuff down. When he hadn’t answered by the time you had your work clothes off, you moved in front of him, standing in just your underwear. You looked down at Marc as his eyes pierced into you. You tilted your head, “Alright bad day for you then?” You gently grabbed him by the chin, leaning down to kiss him. Right before you got to his lips, Marc interrupted you by saying, “We went for a walk and found out something interesting today.” Steven immediately protested in his reflection, ‘You found out something, don’t go drag us into this…’ Marc glanced over at Steven, “You’re the one who brought this up in the first place.” While you knew you wouldn’t be able to see who he was talking to, you followed Marc’s eyes to his reflection. 
Marc shook his head getting back on topic, “You’ve been talking to an awful lot of strange men lately.” You straighten up and cross your arms, realizing he must have followed you to work today. Marc locks eyes with you, “Anything you want to tell us?” You glare down at Marc, deciding whether to yell at him about following you around or to just brush it off. He wasn’t exactly wrong, but you didn’t mean to worry them with your behavior. You sigh, “I have nothing to tell you. I talked to some strangers. I’m nice like that.” You walk over to grab some clothes to wear to bed as you add, “You three are plenty enough for me, you know that, right?” Marc got up and followed you, “Then why suddenly so chatty with strange men?” You frowned at him, “You’re all that worried about it? All three of you?” Marc gives you a half nod, “Me and Steven, Jake seems indifferent.” You tug on a pair of comfy pants, “Fine. It was for a surprise.” Marc is caught off guard, which is rare, “What?” You roll your eyes and pull on a shirt, “It’s a surprise.” You turn to face Marc. Marc didn’t see any signs that you were lying, but he still couldn’t make sense of it. So he just furrowed his brow skeptically. You pout, “Come on… Give me three days and I’ll prove it.” 
Marc scoffs, crossing his arms at you this time, “Three more days of you fraternizing with other men?” Marc seemed fairly worried about this and you were taking his feelings seriously. However, him using such dramatic wording made you chuckle, “Fraternizing? I talked to a few people to get some input on the surprise.” Marc wasn’t pleased with the answer, “And what could strangers possibly tell you that we couldn’t?” Marc raised his voice making your eyes widen in surprise. Steven speaks back up to Marc, ‘Alright, why don’t we just chill out.’ He worriedly watched Marc, seeing if he should take over the body so this didn’t turn into an actual fight. You however were more level-headed than to yell back. You take a step towards Marc and grab his chin again, “Baby… If I asked you for information about the surprise… It wouldn’t be much of a surprise now would it.” Marc had to hand it to you, you had a point but he didn’t say anything, he just watched you. You have him a soft kiss before pulling away, “If you’re that worried about it, I’ll tell you now.” You hated seeing your boyfriends like this. You had worked really hard on this surprise but no amount of effort was worth seeing Marc and even Steven get so worked up about it. Marc contemplated asking you to tell him now, but he saw the sad look in your eyes and he couldn’t bring himself to ask. Steven saw the same sad eyes from his reflection and chimed in, ‘Look at their face... ‘S only three more days… I can wait that long for answers.’ That sealed it for Marc and he nodded for you, “We can wait.” He leans down and kisses you. You smile into it and kiss him back. You pull back just a little, “It will be worth it. I promise.” Marc slowly starts to relax and jokingly replies, “It better be.” He goes back to kiss you as you nod reassuringly.
  As promised, three days later, the surprise came in the mail. You had the day off, but you had to wait for Steven to get off work. Which you were feeling rather impatient about, but you didn’t bother him at work. When you heard his keys in the door, you jumped up from the couch. Tripping over the arm of the couch and almost landing flat on your face. Only able to catch yourself on the table before you face-planted. Steven saw your blunder and stared at you wide-eyed, “You alright, love?” You give him a quick nod as you stand up, smiling at him. He helps you, making sure you find your footing again, “Gave you a bit of a scare, did I?” You shake your head, “Nah, I’m just so excited about my surprise for my boys.” You smile happily, and Steven chuckles at your excitement. He was already thrilled, just happy that you were happy. You kiss him softly before going and grabbing the box, “Okay, you ready?” Steven puts down his things and nods. You grab the box and hand it to him triumphantly. 
Steven glances at the box and then at you before taking it. He already looked so grateful. Steven always got you stuff all the time, flowers, chocolates, random things that he thought you would like. But no matter how many times you gave him gifts, it took him by surprise. Steven slowly opens the box, much to the displeasure of who you’re assuming is Marc. Steven grumbles, “Alright, alright.” He speeds up, pulling out a pair of pajamas. Steven smiles happily, “Pjs?” You nod happily and Steven leans over and kisses you. You kiss him back and chuckle, “Come on, try em on for me.” You nudge him gently and he eagerly gets up. Steven gathers the pieces of fabric in his hands. He looks into the box, “Two pairs?” You smile, “Nope. A matching set.” You take your set out of the box and start stripping out of your clothes. Steven gets distracted watching you. You look over your shoulder and when Steven sees he is caught, he blushes, “Ah, right.” He gets back on track and starts stripping down as well. You pull on your matching clothes, the perfect style for you. Both pairs are in your favorite color. You finish before Steven, so you sit on the edge of the bed and watch him strip. You playfully wolf-whistle at him when he gets down to his boxer briefs. He looks at you, blushing slightly at the attention. You grin at him as you keep watching. You’ve seen this man naked more times than you could count, but Steven still gets so blushy when you watch him. He pulls on the pajamas, first the bottoms, and then puts the shirt over his shoulders before going to button it up. He fumbles with them under your gaze. You stand up and help him, kissing his cheek, “Here handsome, let me take care of that for you.” Steven gives you a grateful nod before going and just staring at your face as you finish the buttons. You look up at him and catch the love-sick look in his eyes. Now you’re starting to blush so you clear your throat, “What do you think?” Steven looks down at himself. Getting a feel for it and even moving around a little. Once he is pleased he smiles at you, “I quite like them” You got excited, just the right amount of bagginess for him. Steven kept touching the fabric happily. You happily watch him enjoying your gift. Then suddenly he glares over at his reflection, “Well you don’t have to like how it fits, they got it for all of us.” You chuckle softly, “Actually Jake will like it too, that’s the beauty of this pair. I made sure all three of you would like them.” Steven stops and looks at you, “How’d you know?” You smile, “Jake’s the only one mean enough to complain when you are clearly so happy about it. Marc would have just sucked it up until later.” Steven nods, still glaring over at his reflection. You kiss the edge of his jaw, “Mind letting the jerk front so I can adjust it for him?” Steven leans down and presses his forehead to yours and closes his eyes. His body shakes slightly and then you know Jake is there. 
Jake holds his hand over his heart faking offense, “Me? A jerk?” You take a step back and nod very matter-of-factly. You know Jake likes it when you’re a bit mean to him so you add, “Would you prefer you call you something worse?” You glare at him and he nods happily. Quickly he grabs you and devours your mouth in a kiss. You get caught up in it for a moment, kissing him back. But you feel one of his arms move and you break the kiss and pull back. Catching Jake flipping off his reflection. You slap his hand and growl, “Play nice, asshole.” Jake looks down at you, loving the name-calling, and shakes his head. He leans down and goes to pounce on you again. You roll your eyes and place your hand on his face, gently pushing him back, “Behave.” Jake grabs your wrist, kissing the palm of your hand. He grins at you and nods, “Sí, patrón. (Yes, boss.)” You smile and take your hand back, “This was a gift for all of you so it can fit to your liking as well.” You grab the ties on his pajama pants and tighten them just the right amount. You feel Jake’s eyes on every movement you make. You then move up to the shirt and take one sleeve at a time rolling them up to his elbow. They stayed there perfectly without being so tight they would cut off circulation in his sleep. You undo a few buttons in the front of Jake’s shirt and he takes this as a sign that you’re making a move on him. He grabs your ass and you growl in response, “I said to behave.” Jake just grins down at you, “Then why are you undressing me?” You chuckle and roll your eyes, “I’m not, I just happen to know that you like a little more breathing room in your shirts.” You chuckle and pop the collar up on his shirt, “And you can do this if you wanna keep that gangster look you like so much.” You tease and Jake glares down at you. You give him a peck on the lips before finishing off the adjustments. You tug on the bottom of the shirt, getting it to fit a bit more snuggly than how Steven likes it. Then you look up at Jake, “You like it?” He gives you a slight nod as he starts moving his arms around, making sure he still has a full range of motion. Your sure he is making sure he could still kill a man in these clothes. When he realizes that he can, he kisses you in response, “I do like it. Me conoces demasiado bien. (You know me too well.)” You smile happily, “Perfect.” And with your smile, Jake softens a bit and wraps his arms around your waist. He starts swaying with you a bit. This makes you blush but you wrap your arms around his neck and you sway with him. Jake starts humming a Spanish song he is rather fond of. You let yourself get lost in this moment, resting your head on his chest. This goes on until Jake finishes humming the whole song. He plants a kiss on the top of your head and you feel a slight tremble go through him. 
You rub his arms until it stops and you know Marc has made it to the front. You know it wasn’t always easy for them to do this or comfortable so you appreciate them indulging you for something like this. You kiss his chest and trail a few kisses up to his neck. Marc lets out a low chuckle and gently grabs the back of your neck, moving your head just enough so he can kiss your cheek, “Hey you.” You laugh and smile up at him as you take a slight step back, “Hey you back.” Marc motions towards the pajamas he is wearing, teasingly expectantly. You playfully roll your eyes, “You’re much easier than Jake. He is a drama queen.” Marc chuckles and darts his eyes over at his reflection, shrugging, “Their right.” You unbutton the pajama shirt and gently nudge him to take it off. Marc obliges you and pulls it off of himself. As he does you pull the strings in his bottoms to make the pants snugger the way he likes. You look up at Marc, “Ta-da.” You smile excitedly at him. He looks down and smooths the pants out a bit, and nods, “I like them.” He pauses before adding, “Though I do remember you saying that your sudden interest in strangers would be explained though.” You glare up at him, “How is it not?” Marc looks down at you, waiting. You sigh, “I thought you were more observant than that.” Marc glares at you this time, “I am, I’m just not seeing the connection.” You put your hands on your hips, “All the guys were about your size right?” Marc nods but the skeptical look doesn’t leave his face. You continue, crossing your arms now out of slight annoyance, “They all had a style similar to one of you guys. So I asked them what size they wore. Use those guesstimates to get this.” You motion to the pajamas he is wearing, “I would have used your clothes but while male sizes are more standardized than female sizes I still had to find a size that would work for all three of you.” Marc follows along with the dots you’re connecting for him. He places his face in the palm of his hand, not able to believe he missed that in the first place. You gently grab his hand, pulling it away from his face and softening your tone, “I wanted you all to have at least one set of clothing you all enjoy wearing, even if they are just pajamas.” Marc meets your eyes and nods. You tangle your fingers with his, “I know it’s uncomfortable for you guys to wake up in clothes that aren’t exactly yours. And now with some minor adjustments, this should do the trick.” Marc didn’t say anything. He didn’t look unhappy but when he didn’t say anything you got a bit worried. So you speak to fill the silence, “and I mean, they match mine. So people will know we are together, you know cute couple-y matching.” You said it quietly and gently pulled on the bottom of your shirt with your free hand to emphasize your point. Before you get a chance to look back up at him, Marc drops your hand and wraps you up in a huge hug. He engulfed you, nice and tight but in a comfortable way. You smile and hug him back, just as tight. Marc didn’t let go for a while, and you started to wonder why until you felt droplets falling on your shoulder. You hugged Marc tighter if that was even possible. You rub his back with one hand while your other hand slides up his neck and into his hair.
  Marc wasn’t sure he would ever get used to this feeling. The feeling that someone… that YOU loved him so much that you were willing to broadcast it. Even in such a mundane way as matching couples’ pajamas. Oh, and how Marc loved you back. You had accepted all of him, even the parts he felt like he had to hide. You took them in stride. You loved Steven and Jake too and all that entailed. Marc pulled away from you when he finally felt ready. You just smiled at him. Before he could wipe away his tears, you did it for him. Running your soft thumbs across his slightly puffy face. Marc just kept staring at you, wondering how all three of them got lucky enough to land you. You kissed him softly before pulling back a little, “We should get more matching sets of clothes.” Marc nodded before picking you up. You laughed happily and clung to him. They might not agree on much, but there was one thing they had agreed on. All three of them would do whatever it took to keep you in their lives.
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aldryrththerainbowheart · 2 days ago
Sharing an apartment with Thoma, Itto, and Ayato:
 Fandom: Genshin Impact
Charaters: Thoma, Arataki Itto, Kamisato Ayato, gender neutral reader
Genre: alternative universe, platonic/friendship headcanons, domestic life
Note: Prompted by my own curiosity and this post, I decided to write this strange collection of headcanons. As usual it’s ungodly long written and weirdly specific, per my standarts.
- Al The Rainbow Dragon
Tumblr media
You’re attending college in a big city and a big city means expensive single housing, so, understandably, you’ve been looking for shared living for quite some time. So far, you hadn’t had any luck, but your friend told you about a friend of a friend who hooked up at a frat party with some other friend that they know about a single spot being offered in a big apartment not too far from your campus.
From what you’ve seen, the apartment is very nice. Great location, basically at the city center, with various shops and establishments around. The apartment itself is a huge loft with a nice view and balcony, plus the social area and the rooms are modernly furnished. With an elevator, laundry room, and even a small backyard, the place was a total dream! There has to be a catch. There’s no way you’d be that lucky. Well…
Living with four dudes is quite a lot. You were taken aback a little bit when you’ve been told that. You weren’t sure how to feel about sharing personal space with strangers, much less so many of them. But you didn’t let that dissuade you from the beautiful housing. Besides, you were sure that your future roommates would be nice to you, and who knows? Maybe you’ll make new friends. You had no idea what you were getting yourself into, for better or worse.
Thoma was the first one you met, because he was the one who showed you around the apartment, explained to you how things work, and even offered to help you move your things to your room. You were quite taken aback by his kindness and eagerness to help. It made you a little uncomfortable. He was jittery and too smiley, it was obvious he tried his best to make a good impression on you, to the point he was overdoing it. Soon you learned that it was really just his nerves and that Thoma is as caring and considerate as he was presented himself during your first meeting. 
Once the initial awkwardness falls off, you two became fast friends. Went to the grocery store together, chatting while one was cooking, and going on walks with Thoma’s cute doggo, Taroumaru. Oftentimes, he washes the dishes you didn’t have time to wash before going to classes, peeks into your room to offer you a meal since he made too much, or asks you if you want anything since he was going to the grocery store. In return, you walk Taroumaru when he has classes for too long. 
You caught him singing one day with a cute little bandana on his head while was vacuuming. He didn’t hear the sounds of the vacuum cleaner, earphones, and his singing. You were standing there for a good five minutes, chuckling to yourself before he noticed you. When he did, he jumped so high he almost touched the ceiling and let out a cute yelp. You were choking with laughter while he was shaking his head with a shy grin and massive blush on his face.
Since he has taken the role of caretaker he sometimes tends to go overboard. He can’t seem to relax until all the chores for the day are done and complain when his roommates postpone his part of chores. Things like walking in shoes around the house or putting a mug on a table without a coaster are met with a disapproving huff. “Thoma let’s go to McDonald’s!” “We have food at home.” “...”
Thoma is friendly, approachable, and charming, and because he’s friendly, approachable, and charming people tend to tell him things they wouldn't normally reveal about themselves, which made him a king of gossip. If you don’t feel like knowing what’s going on with everyone in your social circle then keep some distance from him. He’s the type in the know on everyone and everything and he likes to talk about it. A lot. Plus he has a distinctly patronizing way of encouraging you to take care of yourself. “MORE fast food?” he’ll ask while shaking his head and smiling at you. Suddenly your Big Mac tastes like a failure. You’ll find yourself shouting, “You’re not my mom!” while running to your room more times than you can count.
Tumblr media
Itto got into college mainly due to his sports scholarship. He’s your typical basketball jock, complete with a gang of chad friends, frat parties, and getting into trouble because of his dumb pranks/ ideas. When Thoma finally shows you your room, there is… a lot of stuff you’re sure it’s not supposed to be in a spare bedroom. Turns out that when Itto’s room was overflowing with mess and spare things, he simply dumped them into the empty bedroom. There’s a beat of silence when you and Thoma look at the cluttered room, followed by Thoma’s sigh. Just when he started to franticly apologize and hurriedly pick up Itto’s stuff from the floor, you two heard multiple loud voices behind the door. The boisterous laughter intensifies when the door is slammed open and many big, beefy loud guys burst into the living room. And in the forefront was the biggest, burliest of them, with long messy hair and tattoos everywhere you could see, and you could see a lot since he was shirtless. 
“Itto what’s all this stuff doing in y/n bedroom?” Thoma hisses. The guy finally turns around to reveal the most chad-esque face you’ve ever seen with the goofiest grin. That grin immediately changes to a confused stare as he notices you. “Huh? What’re they doin’ here?” Itto blinks confusedly. Thoma pinches the bridge of his nose as he presses “That’s y/n, our new roommate, remember? I put the note on the fridge two days ago.” “That was this Friday??” Itto stammers and his friends start laughing. As they start to swarm the living room, Itto stumbles towards your agitated form with help of Thoma’s constant pushing. “So, I’m Itto, nice to meet ya!” he shook your hand with a careless smile and you couldn’t help to notice how tiny your hand is compared to his. He kept talking, “Hey, think about it that way: I’ve already decorated your-ouch!” he yelps from a particularly hard jab to the ribs from Thoma.
After the terrible apology, he heads straight to his room. That’s when you finally wake up from your stupor and call after him. “Wait, you have to take your things from my room!” Without turning around, he disappears into his room with a lame promise “I’ll do it later.”. As the door closes behind him, you stare at them in shock. Thoma offers you help cleaning and moving your stuff in. With an agitated huff, you walk into your bedroom and start throwing Itto’s things out. Soon, loud music started to blast from Itto’s room. You didn’t even comment on that, just kept on organizing your stuff into the now-empty shelves as Thoma winced behind you. So much for a good first impression.
In the following months, you tried to avoid Itto as much as you could, which was pretty difficult, considering that he seemed determined to include you in almost every party and every hangout he and his cronies had, for the reasons you didn’t understand. Unbeknownst to you, Itto felt guilty when later that first day, he found all his things, at least the ones that were not garbage, in neat piles in front of his room. So he tried to make it up to you with a gift. What was that gift you ask? Was it flower, coffee, and pastry, or maybe taking up cleaning duties for the entire week? Oh no, he gave you a beetle. An exhibition piece in its prime, he thought when he put it neat box on your bed. He got his answer of what you thought of this gift soon after you came from school and a loud screech came from your bedroom.
Itto loves to host people, you’ve found out, as there’s a party almost every night in your apartment. It comes in handy when you’re trying to study for a crucial test the next day. But when you don’t need to study that day, you join in on the fun and begrudgingly admitted, that Itto’s parties are really fun. Legendary even, as some people on the campus inform you. You sure, have quite a few stories to tell your kids when you’re older. 
There was one time when you were really stressed from school and overall were in a bad place in life and he found you crying quietly on a kitchen floor when everyone was asleep. He sat there with you with one arm wrapped around you and talked to you for hours until you were tired enough to sleep. The next day he dragged on a small trip to the neighboring city for a whole day. You missed your classes but you didn’t care. Itto had is a skilled hype man who knows how to pump people up. You got through finals with your mental health intact mainly because of him and from then on, your relationship improved drastically.
He confided in you that he doesn’t believe that he’s smart enough for college and that he knows his basketball prowess is the only thing that keeps him in here. But, he’s gonna enjoy the time he has with you and others now, he says with the same cheerful grin as always. You were heartbroken after hearing that. Sure, Itto's a bit of a dumbass, but you didn’t believe that he was as stupid as he thinks. And to think that he had these thoughts for such a long time and didn’t tell anybody… you decided then and there that you’ll help make it through the semester. You told him exactly that and for a moment Itto was taken aback by your determination. 
You two spend the next two months studying together and helping Itto organize his schedule and keeping him on track. There are some successes and many, many failures, but Itto never gives up. You notice that very quickly. No matter how hard his team is losing or how many tests he failed, he’s still doing his hardest, never losing his drive. After the examination, the period was over and Itto was able to continue to the next year, he and his friends, along with you and other roommates, celebrated his success. Seeking Itto’s winning smile as his eyes found you in the crowd of his friends, you realized that there’s much more to this himbo than you initially thought.
Tumblr media
The last tenant of the apartment was yet to introduce himself to you. From Thoma, you’ve heard that Ayato’s family originally bought this apartment just for him and he decided to offer the spare rooms to his two friends. You thought about the luxurious and spacious loft you all lived in and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of family this guy has.
You learned that soon enough when you’ve been at your campus and you saw quite an expensive car driving into the campus parking lot. You were curious as to who would drive to school in such a car. You don’t think professors had that big of a salary and students with their part-time jobs, including you, could hardly afford vehicles like this, unless… Your train of thought was cut short when a tall, good-looking young man in a pristine suit and leather notebook bag stepped out of the car. He had dark sunglasses on his nose, so he looked even more unattainable, and he was walking towards the main building, just like you were. You didn’t realize you were staring at him until he was about five feet away from you.
You turned around in what you hoped was a discreet fashion and started to walk quickly to your class. However, fate was just not on your side that day. Just as you were about to walk through the door you heard the voice behind you call “You’ve dropped your…” and when you turned around you almost fainted. There, in the hand of a handsome, distinguished gentleman, was a spare pair of underwear that you carry in your bag, just in case. The awkwardness between you could’ve been sold in family-sized packages. You hurriedly riped the offending article of clothing from his hands and ran inside, all while stuffing them deeply into your bag.
Once you’ve finally sat down, the class started and you were finally able to exhale in relief, you were sure you’ll never meet the man again. You probably moved in completely different circles…That is what you thought until the door opened shortly after your professor arrived and there he was, scanning the class for a free place to sit. You lowered your head, praying that he won’t notice you and there would be more places to sit than right next to you. But God hates you, so of course, The Prodigious Son decided to sit right next to you. You stared ahead, determined to never once look in his direction. Curiosity got the best of you though, and you quickly peeked his way.
Your vision was filled with clear ice blue eyes and was once again dazed by how handsome he was. Your simpering was interrupted when you noticed his shoulders were shaking. You thought something was wrong when you realized he was barely containing his laughter. Waves of shame once again swept all over you, and you quickly turned your head, rigidly trying to focus on the lesson as his quiet chuckling filled the silence between you two for a good minute. After the class, you quickly hurried home praying you’ll never meet the man ever again.
When you got home, you took a long, hot shower to wash away the shame and changed into your old t-shirt. You were digging in the fridge when you heard someone coming from the hall. Without looking in their direction, you called after the incoming steps, “Oi, Itto! Have you eaten my-” “And here I thought today’s morning will be the last time I see your underwear.” At the sound of an unfamiliar voice, you jerked your head upwards, not realizing your head was still in the fridge. Your head smacked the shelf of the fridge and several groceries fell on the floor. When you finally looked up you couldn’t believe your terrible karma. The handsome stranger from the morning was standing there in your kitchen.
“You!” you yelped, when you realized your overreaction you toned it down to “What are you doing here?” you tried to sound casual but failed miserably. He smiled calmly and that serenity infuriated you even more, “Well, I happen to live here.” He then extended his arm toward you, “Kamisato Ayato.” You tentatively extended your arm and then carefully inquired “You’re the third roommate.” “That I am, I apologize for startling you and for laughing.” he offered you a kind smile and this time, there was no amusement or devilish sparkle behind those periwinkle eyes. You shook your head as you started to chuckle, “it’s alright, I would probably laugh as well. You know what that means though,” you stated seriously. Ayato looked at you confusedly. “You have to show me your underwear, so it’s fair.” He kept looking at you in silence, expecting you to start laughing and claiming it was a joke but when you haven’t dropped your serious expression, he started stammering and blushing profusely. Huh, cute, you thought to yourself.
You two spent the next half an hour chatting in the kitchen over your coffee and his milk boba tea which as you learned later he never fails to bring home after school. He told you about how his family is a most important government official, and how they wanted to send him to a private college with other privileged children of their rich friends but Ayato insisted to study at a state college. They insisted on buying him decent housing at least, and he rebelled again when he started to live with his friends. He met Itto through a strange hobby they both shared and Thoma used to work in their household. He has a younger sister who’s still in high school but is soon to graduate. Ayato would gladly introduce her to you, if you wanted, that is. Through probing and questioning Ayato bashfully admitted that after befriending Itto he realized just how sheltered a life he had, that was one of the reasons why he wanted this college and apartment arrangement. “To expand my horizons and maybe experience something different,” he shrugged and you laughed, because what Ayato probably considered a ‘more adventurous lifestyle’ was still so above your league.
Ayato then also admitted that he struggles to find more connections, and aside from Itto and Thoma he doesn’t know anybody in the school or anywhere else. “I was hoping to offer the spare apartment would be an opportunity to make more friends,” he mumbled, not looking at you while he played with the straw of his drink. Your heart went out for him and you stated excitedly that you’d love to be his friend. He was taken aback by your offer but then gave you a dazzling smile. “Is underwear parading part of the deal?” he asked innocently. “Only on the laundry day.” you shot back and you both laughed.
Ayato became your adopted introverted friend, the one you brought with you to festivals, concerts, bars, or just stopped in the hallway for a chat. Once he started to expand his social circle, he discovered he was not introverted at all and even though there is no such thing in college, he became quite popular in his field of study. You, Itto, and Thoma were proud of him. Speaking of Itto and Thoma. You noticed that the three o them have quite a strange but efficient synergy. Despite his angelic looks, Ayato was just as mischievous as Itto, if not more. The two would brew the craziest adventures and ideas and you and Thoma just sat back and enjoyed the mayhem they created. Thoma, being the housewife he is often makes sure Ayato has enough food and rest, even asking you to keep an eye on him since Ayato tends to overwork himself. Sometimes you come into his room with a tea to distract him for a while. Your subtle care does not go unnoticed by Ayato and sometimes he surprises you with little gifts. You never get used to it, because even if they are small gifts, they are always expensive.
Ayato is resilient and proactive, even in the most stressful situation. He keeps his cool when electricity stops working or pipes burst, he knows how to ask neighbors to quiet down, and he doesn’t steer away from dealing with a difficult landlord. He has a tendency to poke fun at people he interacts with often. he sees this as good-natured ribbing, but if you’re on the sensitive side, you feel as if your punctual roommate is criticizing you or putting you down. He is also quite strict with house rules and requires every roommate to adhere to them, even if it sometimes means being unreasonable.
Tumblr media
You tease each other, support each other and steal each other’s food from the fridge. Overall, living with these three is sometimes a wild ride, but they’ve become your closest people and you wouldn’t change your roommates for anything.
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luminous-letters · a day ago
Hi! Can i have a oneshot or scenarios with idia? inspired the song "No friends" by Cadmium ? Where the prefect of the ramshackle (reader) noticed that idia doesn't have any friends in outside despite him being a shut-in-otaku, so reader decide they wanted to be friends with Idia, even they're a normie (but they are also a fan of manga/anime lol), they still wants to friends with him so that he wont be lonely.
Reader helps Idia touch some grass (and maybe get some friends in the process)
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud was never an outside person. Most of his time was passed with either tinkering with some of the latest magical parts and accessories or a three-hour grind quest on some RPG game.
That didn't change even after he got accepted into Night Raven College.
He didn't have any friends outside of his servers and guilds and he was fine with that. He could manage, he didn't need to listen to their uninteresting chatter. He'd rather spend some time with Ortho.
That sort of mentality carried on until his third year. He was now Ignihyde's housewarden and was in charge of keeping maintenance of the campus' internet.
That was until you, the rumored magicless human that got 'teleported' to this world, came along. Your knowledge of the art of gaming and comics were mediocre at best, but that didn't stop you from bothering him. More often than not he'd find you knocking on his door.
Did he let you in? No.
He underestimated your persistence, it was...annoyingly sweet. When he'd ask you "Why? Why are you still here? Leave me alone?" you'd usually answer with either, "You need some friends." or "Because you're lonely."
His attempts to keep you off his tail were so far so good. He could play a bit more without your constant pestering, or so he thought.
You were even more dangerous (determined) now. And to add insult to injury, Ortho even gave you his blessing. He was tempted to power up the dorm's intruder defense system, but decided against it.
After a week or so he finally gave in. The cold metal doors, the only barrier between him and the outside world, were opened at last. Your sunny disposition was out of place in the bleak and dreary energy of his room.
"W-what do you want...? The meeting already passed a week ago..." He leered, eyeing your rather colorful taste in clothes. He remembered Ortho telling him that it looked cute. In his opinion it looked hideous. Why can't you opt for something that's less of an eyesore, maybe something gray or something—
"You need to go outside, even Ortho's asking me to get you out of your room." You replied, cutting off Idia's stream of thoughts and rambles.
"No." He bluntly replied, quickly trying to retreat to his room. Thump. The sound of his back against the now closed door rang in the ghostly empty halls.
"W-what? Ortho? Ortho...!" Idia called from the comms panel. "Sorry, brother. But MC's right, you need some sunshine! The day's very nice today!" Came Ortho's voice from the static, quickly cutting off transmission after a beep.
"Come on, if you don't like it too much outside you can crash at my dorm." You offered to a still unconvinced Idia.
"Trust me, if you still don't like it after this I won't be pestering you anymore." You seemed honest enough. "Fine..." He sighed. He can't believe he's going to do this.
A few unprecedented hijinks with three of the most extroverted students in the whole of Sage Island, teatime with Riddle, a quick round of TWSTopoly in Octavinelle, and a chase with Lucius later, Idia was comfortably sitting in Ramshacle's sofa with a cold cup of yogurt in hand.
Ortho decided to drop in earlier. The young shroud was happily petting a sleeping Grim, moving his TWSTopoly piece a couple spaces forward.
"This is...nice." Idia commented, taking another spoonful of the blueberry-flavored dessert. He seemed much relaxed now than he was earlier, azure wisps of his flaming hair looked gentle.
"See? It's good to come out once in a while." You chirped, rolling a pair of dice.
This feeling wasn't too bad, he thinks. And he enjoyed seeing you and Ortho having a nice round at TWSTopoly. To go outside was rare for him and was certainly uncomfortable, but you made it all worthwhile. Kudos to you. Three stars. All perfect, level clear!
Maybe having a friend isn't too bad after all.
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demonlamb666 · 20 hours ago
How would yandere Deku react to reader stepping on a piece of glass in the kitchen and her foot starts to bleed?
A Villains Protection
Did I take this idea and run with it? Yes and I’m sorry 🤓
Warnings: yandere themes, villain Deku, blood, non consensual kissing, reader hurts themselves accidentally, swearing, reader gets knocked unconscious, breaking and entering, stalking, reader is being watched non consensually, hints to murders.
Tumblr media
The green haired man sat in his dimly lit room his hair tangled, and his face lit up by the computers he stared at intently. His eyes widened in anticipation as he looked back and forth between the clock and his camera feed. He tapped his foot anxiously as the minutes ticked passed, he looked up with deranged filled eyes as the clock hit 6.30 and you still hadn’t arrived home. His head shot up at the sound of one of his phones pinging. He held it tightly and typed furiously as one of his men updated him on you.
Y/n’s guard
She’s ok boss,
just running late
Make sure my angel gets
home safe, or you know
what happens.
Y/n’s guard
Yes sir
Deku’s eyebrow twitched in frustration at the thought he hadn’t been able to see you all day and his grip on the phone tightened. Not only did your coworker have the audacity to look at you so lustfully, but he also took up precious time that should have been spent watching you. Not that he’s have to worry about him ever taking up your time again Deku giggled his maniacal laughter filling the room. He looked at the cameras as the door of your apartment opened and you stepped inside, his jealousy faded instantly at the sight of you and he pressed his hand against the screen longingly “not too long now bunny, I promise I’ll bring you home soon…” he muttered as you went about your day unaware of the cameras watching you.
You stepped inside your cramped little apartment and immediately flopped onto the couch exhausted, you slipped your shoes off and switched the news on needing some white noise. You instantly realised your mistake as a image of the most dangerous man in Tokyo’s face played on the screen, a flicker of fear ran through you at the deranged green haired man, you’d always been scared of him since he became a villain, but that fear only increased after a number of your coworkers had gone missing and Hero’s informed you Deku was thought to be related. You quickly switched the channel trying to ignore the chill running up your spine and the invasive feeling of being watched. You sat in a tense silence, your feet kept fearfully off the floor before a loud grumbling sound interrupted your spiralling thoughts. You groaned as you remembered you hadn’t had lunch today, your shitty boss was overloading everyone with work since you were missing so many employees. You patted your stomach comfortingly as you stood up and walked into the kitchen deciding your hunger was stronger than your fatigue, you boiled the kettle and grabbed a cup of noodles before pouring the steaming liquid inside. You waited impatiently and decided to have some water and grabbed a glass, a loud explosion came from the tv startling you and causing you to drop the cup and smash into sharp pieces. You mentally face palm yourself for being so jumpy and stepped forward to grab a brush and pan before wincing as a sharp piece of glass slit through your foot. You lifted your foot as you hopped around “shit! Fuck! Oww!” Damn today was really not your day.
You looked up as someone rattled your doorknob, you shook it off thinking it was just some students who had gotten drunk considering it was a Friday night. But your brow furrowed and you bit your lip nervously as the rattling continued. At the unsettling sound of keys and the even worse sound of your door unlocking you stood up fearfully and backed away.
Shit, today was really not your day
You willed your body to move but it refused to do anything but freeze in fear as your door was thrown open. You stared in horror as Deku stepped into your apartment and ran up to you before wrapping arms around your neck “oh my angel don’t worry I’m here!” He nuzzled into your neck his deceptively soft skin warm against yours as you simply stayed shock still as the insane man you’d been watching on the news for years cradled your body like it was the most precious thing on earth. You flinched as his terribly scarred hand grasped your newly bandaged foot, he rubbed it softly and ran his fingers over your skin as you trembled softly under his unpredictable touch “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here to protect you bunny” he whispered. “I wanted to wait until your room was ready before I brought you home, but now I see, you’re far too precious, too fragile” he brought his face closer to yours and held you in his delusional grip as you tried to squirm away. He brushed his lips over yours as he brought a hand to your neck. You squeezed your eyes shut as tight as you could, expecting to be the next victim of the infamous villain, but you only felt a small pinch before instantly falling unconscious. Deku caught you carefully as he pressed a long loving kiss to your lips “shh… I’ll protect you now little bunny.”
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cyborg-franky · a day ago
how about modern au corazon reacting to laws partner, like kind of a meeting his family situation jsj now that i think about it this is kind of a big request but if you want u could try this as hcs with the don quixote family ples (ノ•̀ ^ •́ )ノ ~
I will do my best <3
PLATONIC Cora as dad - Law x Reader
Tumblr media
As long as Law loved them, and they were a good person that was all that mattered to Corazon.
You could be from any walk of life, dressed any way you wanted, and he would still hug you at the door or ruffle your hair.
He would 100% be THAT parent that got out all the old photos to embarrass Law.
He would show you Law as a naked butt baby in the bath playing with his toys.
Law’s first dorky school photo.
He would tell you about the time that Law made a girl cry at school because he was carrying around a frog.
Corazon would laugh and joke with you while Law was wishing the floor would open up and eat him.
Corazon was so warm and welcoming.
He’d try and add you to social media so you could be buddies.
Would knit you ugly scarves and jumpers.
Sends you those awful minions memes.
Makes a group chat that Law keeps leaving.
He wants to know everything about you guys, how you met, all the soppy love stories.
If you don’t seem to be treating Law right, however, he was in the navy, he might be clumsy but he’s a great shot.
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readingslumpfanfic · a day ago
The Interruption (Bruce Wayne x gender neutral! reader)
Fic idea: Bruce Wayne x reader where he’s in a serious like Justice League meeting and yknow big strong Batman, and reader comes in and he waves then over and they curl up in his lap?
@brookabeejones this idea is so cute omg! Hope you like it ^^
Tumblr media
It was no secret that judging by Bruce's income every Justice League gathering would be held either on his meeting room or in a luxurious place rented by him. As his partner, it was common for you to coincide with the heroes from time to time, and even though they were not allowed to show you their identities, you got along pretty well with their proyection on those quirky colorful suits.
That night, presiding over the table was Bruce, his dark suit perfectly fitting, his expression grave. As per usual, you were wandering around the tower, geting ready to bed after greeting all the heroes. Suddenly, you felt the need of a glass of water. Now, it wouldn't have been a problem if the kitchen were located somewhere else, but Bruce's kitchen was right beside the meeting room. There was no way you could access the place without being seen by all the heroes, but your thirst was becoming more evident, so you decided to stride towards the kitchen.
Cursing your boyfriend and his eagerness for leaving the door open, you tiptoed past the entrance, hearing the discussion taking place. The heroes were concerned about some measurement to avoid criminals taking advance of a business trip some of the members were taking.
'Isn't it possible to postpone, Batman?' said Aquaman, fist on the table.
'Come on, fishman, you know our boy here is a very busy man...'
'What did the rookie call me?? Come here and say it to my face!!'
'All right guys, calm down...' interviened Green Lantern.
Highly amused, you looked at your very handsome boyfriend knock the table a couple of times, softly. Once everyone was more relaxed, he went on.
'No, it's not, Aquaman. This requires my full assistance, as well as Superman's. Manhunter will go later on, but he can...'
Suddenly, you could feel Bruce's stare on you. You had been standing on the door for a couple of minutes now, and when the League realised why their comrade had stopped midsentence, the heat had already risen to your face. Everyone turned their heads towards you, and the stutter began.
'I... I'm sorry, I was just...'
'Hey babe' Bruce said nonchalantly.
'Hi...' you whispered, totally embarrased.
You had imagined him to be angry, perhaps disappointed on you for interrupting him, but he didn't seem to care about your presence at all. Instead, he waved you over.
He repeated the gesture and you decided to move under the stare of every person in the room. Walking towards your boyfriend, he patted his lap, still looking at you. The embarrasment became unbearable, but his eyes were honest, so you did as he had gestured and sat on his lap. As soon as you looked around you faced the different reactions of the team, some of them deeply professional, not showing any kind of reaction. Others, however, like Aquaman, were shooting you smirks that made you feel the embarrasment to the core.
At first, you sat akwardly there, listening to the different topics fly around. Soon, the tension started to disappear, and you melted under Bruce's touch. He held your hand through the entire meeting, rubbing your thigh with his free one when he was not trying to make a point. His authority was definitely hot, and you admired the effect he produced on his colleagues. Everyone of them listened carefully to his opinions and commands, and as he kept talking, you felt his soothing voice helping you falling asleep.
'Well, everyone. Now that everything has been covered, I think we could call it a night'
The League nodded and agreed, standing up to say their goodbyes at the door. You looked thankfully at your boyfriend, who frowned in confusion.
'You alright?'
'Yeah, thank you for calling it off, I was truly falling asleep...'
'I know babe ' he said, hugging you 'Let me say my goodbyes and we'll go to bed'
'Sure, I'll go too'
After parting from the group, you got that glass of water you forgot you were longing and went straight to yours and Bruce's room. Crashing on the bed, you slowly closed your eyes as the voices downstairs calmed you. Some time later, Bruce entered the room and took off his gear, a sight escaping his lips. Then, he went into the bed and cuddled you for a while. Soon, both of you were sound asleep, your bodies being in contact with each other, providing that feeling of calm and home to keep you both from your nightmares.
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deathlypluto · a day ago
𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐦𝐞
✧.* sub!kaeya x dom!gn!reader
₊❏❜ ⋮ synopsis: kaeya being a brat and you teach him a lesson
₊❏❜ ⋮ warning: smut, vibrator, spreader, fuck machine, dacryphilia, overstim, bondage, orgasm denial
₊❏❜ ⋮ authors note: didn’t expect this to be long hehe. minors dni
kaeya was being especially annoying today. constantly dragging his hand up your thighs, brushing it slowly against your chest as he walked behind you. he had his lips centimeter away from your neck as he talked, you could feel his hot breath fanning against you. this all would have been fine if it was at the tavern. everyone there knew of kaeya’s little antics and behavior, and you could easily put him back in his place. but he was doing this during a knight of favonius meeting. no one dared to comment on the cavalry captain’s actions but you could feel their eyes staring daggers at you as you barely kept your composition. you sighed, “it’s alright, he’s gonna pay for this later”.
oh boy did u mean it when you said you’ll get your revenge. the captain’s whimpers echoed through his chambers. eyebrows scrunched upwards, long silky blue locks loosely draped over his skin. he was lying with his hands tied behind his back, loose collar around his neck, vibrator in his hole. you had it at the lowest setting, enough to tease the captain but not enough to give him release as you continued your work on him. getting a spreader, you started locking his ankles to each side. he pulled his leg back in protest, you gave him a cold glance, threatening sternly, “alberich i promise you, if you disobey me one more tim-“ before you even finished your sentence his legs were back in their place, alarmed at you using his first name. “good” you felt him slightly relax under you. you attached the chains at his ankles to each other then to his collar, keeping his legs probed up and giving the perfect view of his hole.
you messed with the intensity as kaeya tossed and turned. he tried to close his legs to get some sort of relief but he couldn’t, letting out a frustrated whine. his body began to shake and his moans grew louder. you turned the vibrator off. kaeya could almost cry but he new protesting wouldn’t get him anywhere.
you smiled to your self, looking at him like he was a master piece. you moved to his side, placing a hand on this cheek, gently you turn his face towards you. you removed the vibrator and he let out the sweetest moan you’ve heard, dissatisfied with the lack of stimulation. you giggled and he gave you his signature puppy eyes. you wanted to given in but this was supposed to be punishment after all and he’s enjoyed himself enough. “colour?” you asked hands still rubbing over his cheeks. “green” you kissed his forehead before you left his side heading for the drawers. you pulled out the fuck machine and placed it on the bed. you slowly inserted the dildo in him. he let out small whines as you did so, not moans, not yet, just small broken whines. if anyone was to pass by they’d mistake him for a virgin getting dick for the first time, though you’ve thoroughly corrupted him by now. it was thicker than what he was used to but it stretched him out nicely.
“Ah~” you turned on the machine, setting to the medium and glanced at the man in front of you, completely blissed out. half a smirk blasted on his face, half lidded eyes, chest dropping for a second as his breaths shorten. and the sinful sound he made where a blessing to your ears, they filled the room and echoed off the walls. It didn’t take him long to cum, covering his stomach and chest in strings of white cum. his chested heaved for a moment, realization hitting him when you didn’t turn the machine off. “who gave you permission?” you faked disbelief as you looked at him, though this was your plan all along.
“s-sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry, p-please i’m sorry” he repeated like a prayer. voice so small and whiny and incredibly sincere.
tears where already forming at the corner of his eyes, body growing sensitive by the second.
you got up and he immediately panicked but you didn’t leave just yet. pulling up his phone along with yours. you gave him a call and answered it, placing his phone next to his tied his hands. looking at him you both knew that if this became too much for him he would end the call or say his safe word. you headed for the door .
“don’t go please don’t go i’ll be good i’m so-“ you closed the door behind you putting your phone to your ears. fat tears rolled down his eyes as he sniffled. you raised the machines intensity as you listened to his lewd almost pornographic moans. you kept messing with the machine. it excited kaeya not knowing when you’ll increase or lower the intensity, being completely at your mercy, not knowing when you’ll come back. this went on for about 10 mins. you didn’t care wether that was a long or short amount of time as this point you yourself where losing your patience, only hearing him moan felt like punishment to you not him.
you made your way back to his room. nothing would have prepared you for the sight waiting for you. kaeya’s legs quivering, pool of cum at his stomach leaking down his sides onto the bed. a stream from his dick fell to his ball, the sensation made him tremble even more. hair completely soaked in sweat stuck to his forehead and body. under eyes a dark red and puffy. he turned his head to the side and shut his eyes tightly as he moaned loudly, voice hoarse, as another orgasm washed over him.
“please please please”
“please what baby?”
he couldn’t answer, kept pleading, as his mind went completely blank. you sat down by his probed up legs. you pitied him a little, you wanted to turn the machine off and cradle him to sleep but you also wanted to make up for what you missed while you where away from him.
“give me one more kaeya, i know you can”
he whined, why won’t you just turn it off, he’s so sensitive, he’s been good, surely he’s made up for his actions. but he also wanted to be good for you, craved your praise and attention.
“hold me” he stretched out his palms the best he could, which wasn’t much, but you got the message.
“awwww baby you want me to hold you?” you cooed. if he could have gone any redder he did. ears burning with humiliation, but he didn’t back out, you haven’t touched him the whole night and he wanted to feel you even if only for a little while. you took his hand in yours and used the other hand to jack him off.
“mhh mmhhh ahhh mm~”
he came for the nth time, and you finally showed him mercy, turning the the machine off.
“good boyyy”
you untied him, kissing his reddened wrists then kissing his lips, he leaned into the kiss as you pulled apart, kinnda endearing how he chased after your lips after every kiss. he threw himself at you, hugging your chest as he buried his head in you neck.
“kaeya we need to get you cleaned up”
?? you tried to get him off you gently. but he held you tighter.
“noooooo” he whined, “tomorrow” his voice still hoarse
you gave up, covering his shivering body in a warm blanket. patting his head, you leaned to grab the glass of water by the night stand.
“alright fine but drink this” he loosened his grip and looked at you. you raised the glass to his lips putting your other hand under his mouth. when he was done he rested his head back on your neck. you whispered praises to him, all the while rubbing his back and kissing his shoulders.
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twstwonderlandstuff · 13 hours ago
Scenario with riddle rosehearts maybe? This is my first time requesting wjfbajfj but maybe the reader is painting- and riddles the muse? Gender neutral reader and fluff pls! (^^ Have a nice day/night
a pretty picture... oh... also riddle is nicknamed rose in this short fic!
Tumblr media
the quiet sound of long and short strokes fill riddle's ears as he poses for you, staring at the back of the canvas before him. he can feel, more than see your smile as you lean over to look at him as reference, before focusing back on your piece.
"I don't understand why you chose me as your muse... but," riddle softly observes, his gray eyes looking away in embarrassment. "if it so pleases you, then..."
"thanks, riddle. this means a lot to me." you reply with a happy smile. "you know, I've wanted to draw you from the moment we met."
"you have?" he questions, stopping the habitual urge to tilt his head.
"you're always so elegant and poised- you remind me of the queen of hearts, of the great and powerful leader she was, and it'd be a shame if i didn't capture that."
"o...oh..." riddle mumbles, flattered.
"you're a pretty picture, don't you let anyone tell you otherwise." you muse, adding a the detail from the sudden blush that coats his cheeks.
"there." you say with a satisfied hum. "a pretty picture, just as you are, rose."
and when he looked, he can't help but agree.
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