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#gender neutral reader
albedoswifehusband · a day ago
Hi, I love your writing sm ❤ I'm really into Tartaglia, Diluc, and Albedo. Can I request how they receive intense multiple times (it's totally up to you to estimate how long they could keep going) of bl*w/handjob without recov in between? (nsfw ofc).
Sorry if that too detailed/long/dirty. Thank you sm
Nah this is fine! Smut under the cut:
-3. He’s a horny bastard but he’s got a limit he’s gotta tap out at for this. 
-You’ll need to tie him down you’re not going to be able to hold him down and he’s going to get that urge to flip the tables so he’s the one fucking you instead.
-He tries to push it though and somehow still ends up getting up and making food after even though he’s dead tired. He has a weird complex about not letting his partner do that for him when they try to so he can just lay down.
-He’s subby and likes being roughed up + pushed around so I’m going to put him at the most here, 5. He’s dry orgasming at 3 though. 
-You don’t even need to hold him down or tie him up, he just takes it.
-He’s just a boneless pile at the end he needs a ton of aftercare, especially cuddles.
Without potions, he can barely handle one. He has gotten to 3 once before without them though because he was curious and wanted to try it at least once. It hasn’t happened again though without the use of aphrodisiacs since it takes too much out of him.
-You’ll have to hold him down/tie him down but only because he folds in on himself when he’s feeling good while being a sub and it’s hard to get good access to him without it.
-He’s going to bed after. Goodnight, he’s about to finally sleep well for once.
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Fix it fic-Nobody dies
Reader written with as a black coded gender neutral person
Picture this you're apart of the og gang. And as the 'weakest' member you're coddled a lot. You're not a sharp shooter like Powder. You're not a fighter like Vi. You're not strong like Claggor. You're not inventive or as clever as Ekko. And you can't pick locks like Mylo.
You fall short on everything and because of that your always stuck in the bar. It sucked.
Everyone is overprotective of you as you grow together
Powder is willing to take a few punches if it meant you were fine.
Everyone is feral
Everyone is feral
Vander is most likely your biological dad so there's that too
Poor Vander
He got 5 feral ass adoptive kids and 1 flower like kid.
If you look younger than you actually are you can use that to your advantage
Imagine being a preteen but looking 8
You aren't athletic so when the enforcer come you just play the innocent child role.
When they break into the bar you throw down some block and start pretending to play.
So when the enforcer comes and sees a small ass child playing with a stuffed rabbit and blocks he thinks nothing of it.
When he comes in you just stare at him and offer him a block.
"Hey kid, is there anyone else here to play with you?"
"No. Daddy normally plays with me but he's busy right now so I have to stay here"
He pats your head hands lingering for a second too
looks around any way only to find nothing
When he leaves you throw down the couch cushions to which Powder lands on immediately
Soon after everyone is down and walking about obviously upset.
Cue Vi dusting you off in disgust
"I can't believe that asshole enforcer touched you."
Now they're all 'cleaning' you.
"Guys it's not that big a deal I'm fine. I mean my dignity is hurt but other than that..."
Your words fall on deaf ears as your pulled upstairs.
Cue everyone venting and yelling to Vander about what happened.
Vi tries to sacrifice herself Yada Yada Yada
When you and Powder get left behind you calm her down by telling her if some hurt Vander they must be big.
A lot bigger than the alley thugs from before
This calms her down but she still throws her stuff
Cue her finding out about the blue crystal
When you and powder go to help everyone you watch as she fills the monkey with the crystals
"I think that's too much. If one crystal was enough to start all this, all those crystals can blow up the whole building. What if our family gets caught in the crossfire?"
Powder thinks for a second and agrees.
When the explosion happens its causes a chain reaction in the building You and Powder are blown away from where you were.
Unfortunately Mylo and claggor were hurt. But other than that everything is fine.
You smile widely from behind Powder as excitedly see the fruits of her efforts.
Color everyone impressed.
Vander carries Claggor while Vi and Mylo support each other.
"We should go to the last drop to treat your wounds"
For wholesome sake everyone and everything in that building is gone. And Marcus, thinking the kids died in there, reports it as such.
The last drop is closed early for the time being so everyone can be treated.
Ekko is crying into Vander's arms as you bandage Vi up.
"I wish I could take all these cuts away.. I don't like seeing you guys hurt"
A small light emits from your hands and sure enough all Vi's injuries are gone
It was at this moment your chance of freedom escaped.
Cue sounds of shock as you stare at your hands.
"My body feels so light! This is amazing Y/n How did you do that!?"
"I-I don't know!"
"Well you should do it again, but on me next. Breaking my ankle hurts."
Doing it again for Mylo was hard. Because you don't know how you did it in the first place. It takes a while at first but light returns to your hands once more.
"By the looks of it you got lucky it didn't completely breaks. Seems more like a fracture."
"Ah yes, lucky me! I got fracture instead of clean break, how fun! Powder next time you use one of those make sure I'm not there."
"Leave Powder alone. If it wasn't for the two of them we'd all be dead. What if all of them decided to drink that stuff? We wouldn't stand a chance."
Vander immediately agrees and praises Powder, causing the girl to light up.
Mylo is healed! But sore as fuck. Next was Claggor, who was unconscious from a head injury.
"Wait if you can heal them do you think you can do the same for Benzo!?" Ekko asked
"Uncle is hurt?" You asked as you looked at your dad.
"He's dead" Vander said solemnly
"I-ion know about all that... I can try but I still don't know how to work this new power."
Yada Yada Yada everyone is alive and you basically get benched indefinitely. You're not allowed to do anything dangerous. So no Powder Y/n can't help you make a bomb again.
No Ekko Y/n can't test out your hoverboard
Everyone is basically a Yandere for you. They will kill for you. No questions asked
Let you say someone is giving you problems...
They going missing
Let some be racist
Misogynoir???(if youre a woman)
Missing then found brutally tortured before death
It becomes an unspoken rule to not mess with you.
I'm in pain from Arcane. Like why. Why angst? What was the reason?Also, after rewatching the explosion scene(💔💔) it looks like it was the second crystal that caused the debris to fall in the pipe to fly so if it was only one instead of like 4 I think everyone could've survived
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https-sen · 2 days ago
A/N: hi im back!! : ) im sry i was gone for so long, i got really unmotivated whwujw 😭 i have a good fluff hc to make up for this so pls forgive me 😿
Warning(s): Not Proofread, Cursing, No Comfort, No Happy Ending
Genre: Pure Angst
Tumblr media
</3 Can't you get a hint? You're so annoying, insecure and a disappointment, I just want you to leave!!
Xiao, Childe, Diluc.
</3 Y'know what? I'm sick and tired of your constant affection. You're clingy and such a pest, just leave me the hell alone.
Kaeya, Albedo, Dainsleif.
</3 I'm tired. I'm tired of everything. I'm tired of me. I'm tired of this. And im tired of you.
Zhongli, Kazuha, Gorou.
Tumblr media
Xiao, Childe, Itto.
"Oh.. is that how you really feel? I'm just an annoying presence? I'm a disappointment? I'm... insecure..?", you asked as you looked down, trying hard to not cry. "Yes!! With that thick skull of yours, you cant get through with anything I'm saying. Is it THAT hard for you to handle the truth?!", he shouted as more anger pumped into him. "..Alright then, I'll just get out of your way..", you said before walking away to your room. "Finally!", he yelled before you closed the door. The thing is, he didn't realise that you were going to get out of his way.. for good.
Tumblr media
Kaeya, Albedo, Dainsleif.
"I'm sorry that I love you?? Honey, really I dont get-" "That's just it! You dont get it. At all. And secondly, do not call me 'Honey'.", he cuts you off. "You dont understand me. And you know what, you never will.", he says as he threw a picture of the two of you, before storming off leaving you standing with only hurt, sadness and tears as comfort. Lucky for him, you got the hint. And by the time he got home, all that was left was a broken picture frame, shattered glass and the regrets of his actions.
Tumblr media
Zhongli, Kazuha, Diluc.
"If you're so tired then, why don't you leave?!", you yelled back, obviously words laced with hurt. "You know what? I will.", he said with a straight face avoiding eye contact. After a few hours as the sun set, he calmed down. He knew he was wrong and he was ready to make up for his actions and apologize to you. Ah but as much as the heart hurts over speech, once it goes away the stings of the negative feelings will always remain. And a huge reminder of his past crashed in. He lost someone he cared for and loved.. forever. again. but along with the pain and agony he has caused to the both of you he knows, it's unfixable.
Tumblr media
im sorry this one is so bad i wrote this in the car before going to the mall 😭😭
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rushipedia · a day ago
hellu!! ((spoilers for the new event if you haven’t done it!)) I’ve had this idea for like an albedo x reader where it involves his impostor from the new event & i was wondering if you’d be interested in writing something that involved his impostor 👀👀? ITS SO VAGUE SORRY HAHA BUTJFJKGLG I’d love to see what you write if you’re inspired by it 😳💖
Tumblr media
A Lonely Encounter
Tumblr media
A/N: OH THIS ASK IS SO WONDERFUL I'm a little worried about the vague spoilers in the ask though so I apologize to anyone that happens upon this and doesn't know yet!! Ty for the asks anon!!!
Edit: ok I just finished writing this and it ran a little long, but it's not too lengthy. I just got a burst of inspiration.
The actual fanfic is underneath my rlly long theory ramble in case u wanna skip that part LOL i just needed to tell someone about it...Tumblr is a gr8 place for that. (Maybe I should make a separate post for it, but I'm too lazy. sorry anon.)
Pairing: Albedo x GN!reader (pre-relationship or pre-existing relationship, your choice.)
Genre: There's really no theme... mystery perhaps. Tbh its kind of wholesome. One-shot (or maybe not... will there be more? idk...)
Word Count: 1086
Warnings: MAJOR Spoilers for the recent Albedo event!!, Albedo is acting slightly possessive again (idk why i always write him that way), but tbh he just wants to protect you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There are 3 Albedos I believe (not just in theory, I think there were actually 3.), 2 were creations of Rhinedottir and one was the creation of the imposter Albedo (But it wasn't actually an Albedo, it was simply a mutated plant that was used to mimic and distract him from something else.)
I believe that the 1st Albedo is the Albedo we know to be the "impostor" and the 2nd one is the Albedo that we know and that the first Albedo was somehow not what Rhinedottir wanted and she attempted to dispose of him. (Not very nice dude...) Anyway! Since Albedo calls the impostor "Master's failed specimen in the dragon's belly", I think he may be either referring to the impostor just being in Dragonspine OR that Durin was used to dispose of the first albedo. (Weird, I know...) That could've been how the impostor ended up in Dragonspine. No theorizing there, he also could've just walked LMAO.
Also, during Albedo's monologue during the end, I feel like it was definitely from our Albedo's point of view, at least up until the very end where he talks about being human and being brought into the world. Maybe it's to show Albedo's astounding amount of empathy despite being synthetic, or it's to show the original Albedo's true feelings? Not sure there. Either way, it is extremely sad.
Tumblr media
Things were different now that the two of you were aware of it. The feeling of being watched couldn't simply be blamed on the wild animals and camouflaged creatures in the area anymore. You would be working quietly when suddenly you would share a look with him. Then his sword would be out.
He had made the choice to let his imposter live. But at what cost, he now wonders. The cost of his focus? Or his sense of safety in solitude?
You weren't all that bothered by it. Nothing remotely deadly had happened since what had gone down a few weeks ago.
"Albedo," You said to the blonde, who was currently staring blankly at the vial in his hand. He was shaken from his thoughts and focused back on the vial, which he now noticed was not the color it was supposed to be. He made a slightly disappointed expression before turning towards you.
"What is it, Y/N?" He asked, setting the vial back into the rack.
"We're out of mint," You say, rocking back and forth on your heels. "I'm going to go collect some."
So far, Albedo had refused to let you out of his sight. You hadn't been able to go looking for ingredients or get a moment to yourself for days.
"Ah, okay." He said, before retrieving his sword. "Let's go."
"Well, um... I was hoping I could go by myself." You said, avoiding making eye contact with him. His arm with which he brandished his sword sort of went limp and he kind of just looked at you like he was thinking about something.
"I have a sword too, you know." You laughed nervously, pulling out your own. The one he'd given you. The one he'd said only you could brandish. He was silent for a moment more.
His brows knitted together slightly before he nodded.
"Okay. Be careful. Shout if you need me." He said, looking into your eyes rather intensely from where he stood a few feet away, "I will hear you."
You nodded, before waving and turning away.
You weren't all too worried about being alone, given that nothing eventful had happened. But maybe that was because the two of you hadn't been apart since then. Then again, it didn't seem to have any trouble with causing problems for groups of people. You thought back to the avalanche.
You picked mint carefully, placing it into your bag. It was rather nice to be alone, even if it's just for a little while. You adore Albedo, but his presence can be smothering. Anyone's is when you're unseparated for that long. It was no fault of his for wanting to keep you safe.
You wandered from the path to collect some Starsilver you'd spotted growing from a rock. Leisurely, you collected the brittle material to bring back to Albedo. You heard a rustle a few feet away from you and flicked your eyes towards the sound. It was too quiet.
Just then, you heard heavy steps crunching in the snow behind you. You whipped around quickly, sword drawn in an instant.
It was Albedo. You glanced immediately at his neck. No diamond, this was not your Albedo. He simply stood there and stared at you, it was rather unusual.
You clutched the Starsilver in your hand and tried to open your bag to drop it in there so you could make your escape.
"Why do you carry those?" He asked, suddenly. His eyes glanced down to the ore in your hand. His face remained blank. No trace of curiosity. Just blank.
"The Starsilver...?" You asked, extremely confused. He closed his eyes momentarily and nodded. "It's for paint."
He shook his head. "I know, but they are the lackluster sort like you talked about."
His eyes seemed to dull. You glanced down at them, but you couldn't tell the difference, despite the advice of Albedo, Paimon, and the traveler last time you'd collected some.
"Well, it'll all be turned into silver paint, anyway. I'll use it if Albedo doesn't." You shrugged, strangely feeling like you could let your guard down. Your arm relaxed a bit.
He took that moment to lunge forward to grab you by your shirt collar.
"ALBED-!" You tried to yell, but he covered your mouth. You struggled.
"Teach me how to paint." He muttered, gripping your clothing tighter. You dropped your sword and lifted your leg to kick him away. He stumbled but regained his composure quickly.
You simply stared at each other. He grits his teeth in frustration and turned away, walking back in the direction he came from.
Teach him to paint? Does he want to create more creatures? You don't want to be responsible for something like that if that's what he is trying to do.
But maybe he wants the simpler aspect of it. Surely there's not much for him to do up here. He'd needed Albedo's notes to create the Whopperflower, so he's clearly not a genius at alchemy either. It's a good way to pass the time, the same reason that Paimon had wanted the traveler to learn.
You snapped your head towards the sound of quick footsteps coming towards you. Symbol-clad neck. Your Albedo. His sword was out.
You didn't know what to say when he stood there a few feet away, seeing that there was nothing wrong with you. He straightened up.
"What do you need?" He asked. He didn't mind that you weren't in trouble. He was relieved, actually.
"Nothing..? Ahh, well." You said, still dazed from the events that had just taken place. You quickly formulated a lie. You weren't protecting the impostor or anything like that, right? Just making sure Albedo wasn't worrying about you anymore.
"I picked some mint and a Whopperflower surprised me..." You laughed nervously. He seemed to relax. "I guess I'm still a little paranoid from last time, sorry."
"Don't apologize." He said, "It is merely human nature to become wary of things that have affected you in the past. Especially if those same events can occur again." He said, stepping closer to you. He wrapped his arm around your mid-section and looked towards the top of the mountain.
The wind blew cold.
"Let's go back now." He said after being silent for a few moments. "I'll cook dinner."
"Okay," You mumbled. You looked back over your shoulder as you walked beside him back to camp. You swear you could see a flash of blue eyes between the brush and snow.
Tumblr media
rushipedia ☆ 2021
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fanficbambiandy · 17 hours ago
This has been on my kind for days I've already made like an almost full length story about viktor in my head but I haven't sat down to write it yet. Anyways one scene that I've thought which would be super cute would be when he is running on the docks his s/o is just waiting for him on the other side encouraging him and once he reaches them he just lifts them up in a hug. It's so surprising bc he has been feeling so weak and drained that a lift seemed impossible. He just kisses them.
A/N: Ohh, that's so cute🥺🥺🥺. I'm tinkering on my own story, but I need to learn more lore about the world. I'm a bit rusty after not writing for years, so it may not be the absolute best, but I had fun thinking and creating:)
This fic is written in a gender neutral way, but you can always change the pronouns and certain words to match your own identity.
Tumblr media
𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐬
𝐕𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐫 𝐱 !𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Viktor tightens his grip around the metal cane. It is scary, trying to let go of something that has always been there for him…but then again, he now has someone else to lean on. Opening his fingers, he lets the cane go, it landing with a clank on the ground.
Viktor was trying to reach his cane. It had slipped out of the inventor’s hand, while he was adjusting the straps on his portfolio and now, he was stuck in an unsavoury position – leaning on the wall, trying to reach the floor, where his cane lied. Considering his tall frame, it was even harder to reach the darn thing. The man was so focused on the cane he didn’t notice a figure coming towards him, until fingers wrapped around the cooling metal.
“Here,” The person smiled at him, their eyes shining warmly, their hand, the one gripping the cane, outstretched towards the man. Viktor reached out and grasped his cane back, finally taking his weight off from the wall, standing straight again.
“Thank you,” Viktor said, his amber eyes studying the person in front of him.
“No worries,” They smiled again, before moving past the inventor, down the corridor.
Viktor takes a deep breath out and in, with his eyebrows pinched. He’s worried, so, so worried. The man tries to empty his mind, looking down at his foot. Slowly lifting it – taking a step, the metal clinking against the ground.
“Okay, now you take a step, and I’ll follow.”
Viktor hadn’t thought much about the encounter they had almost five months ago, but it seemed that the (h/c) haired good doer was making themselves an important part of his life. They had seen Viktor in the cafeteria a bit over a week after the incident and asked if they could sit with him. Viktor was a bit flustered, since the table he was at had papers strewn about, his rushed cursive and different equations all over the paper. But his lunchtime companion didn’t seem to mind, making do with the small space. During that lunch Viktor learned their names was (Y/n), they were a student in the academy – the architecture department. The inventor thought that was a very pretty name, though looking back he would say the person made the name prettier.
And now? Well now (Y/n) was teaching him how to dance. Viktor really didn’t understand the need for it: he had a limp, he wasn’t one for social gatherings, he doubted he would ever actually require this skill – all in all unnecessary. Yet, here he was, (Y/n) holding him close to their body, one of their palms warming Viktor’s, the other on his shoulder. It felt surreal to him, being so close to someone: feeling their warmth near him, their thumb gently stroking his palm, how their fingers pressed into his shoulder, the way he himself could grasp their waist in his palm… Maybe the skill was pointless, but the time he was spending holding them was priceless.
“(Y/n), I really see no nee-” Viktor started, but it seemed his partner was having none of it. The man didn’t want to stop, he wouldn’t have minded holding his friend like this a little longer, but the thought of completely embarrassing himself wasn’t pleasing either.
“Come on, Vik, it will be fun, you’ll see,” Their eyes shone brightly, hopeful… And there it was the classic ‘pwease,’ puppy look on their face. Viktor just looked at them unimpressed, one eyebrow raised, but on the inside he melted, wishing he could frame that look.
“Anise cookies?” They bribed, looking at him in a hilariously overdone sultry way.
“With condensed milk glaze?” He asked, slightly pouting, his amber eyes shining with wish. (Y/n) nodded, grinning, they knew they won this.
“Fine,” Viktor huffed, “So I take a step to the front and then the side, yes?” His finger circled, their waist, the warmth invading the inventor’s fingertips. Viktor tried to memorize the material under his fingertips, the way the cotton shirt wrapped around their frame, the way it was soft…would (Y/n)’s skin be just as soft? He already knew their hands were just as callused as his. It would seem surprising, after all their hands worked with such delicate things and yet… But Viktor enjoyed the roughness of their fingertips, they way (Y/n) would sometimes in a tired gaze start running their fingers through his hair, telling him about what they learnt that day. The fingers that would from time to time bake him something sweet and leave it at his tiny apartment he rented. The finger that now were grasping his hand and shoulder and promised to take it as slow as possible, to take breaks and for Viktor to promise to lean on them. The fingers that later would run over his body, letting Viktor know just how worthy he was of love…
Viktor takes step after step, learning how to walk again it seems, gradually his pace quickening. Once he starts jogging he stumbles slightly, not used to moving as fast. But it doesn’t affect him, his pace quickening. Running. He is running. Viktor couldn’t hold it in anymore, he screams. A painful cry over every time he was mocked, he was hurt, he felt hopeless, worthless…
They had been walking aimlessly around the city, just enjoying the warmth of the late spring sun. It was nice to hold their hand whenever Viktor wanted, it filled his heart with glee. (Y/n) was pointing out different bakeries they could visit after their exams, babbling about different building structures, how certain windows were installed and how some newer doors mimicked a certain style from over fifty years ago. Viktor really did try to listen to them, but they were speaking a mile a minute. He wondered if that’s how he talked about his own passion, though he doubted he looked as adorable: arms flailing around, eyes fired up, cheeks slightly tinted with red, and a big smile stretched on their face. After five minutes of trying to pick out coherent sentences from his companion’s babbling, Viktor settled for just listening to their excited voice, feeling their hand in his.
After they got lunch, they were sitting in the park on a wooden bench, that was perfectly placed for the sun to warm their faces. Having stowed themselves up in a dark and dusty library for almost 10 months, they needed every bit of sunshine they could get. (Y/n) had laid their head down on Viktor’s shoulder, closing their eyes. Viktor had shyly followed their action, settling his own head on (Y/n)’s and wrapping them under his arm, (h/c) hair tickling his cheek.
The tranquillity and quiet of a spring afternoon was interrupted by a high-pitched squeal. The couple immediately jumping up from their peaceful moment and looking around, spotting another couple happily hugging. After a few seconds, the man picked up the woman, spinning her around in the air, both gleefully laughing. Viktor’s heart dropped looking at the couple, the inventor’s fingers slightly digging into his clenched palm. He would never be able to spin them around like that, he would never be able to carry them around, he wouldn’t even be able to protect them… he would always be too weak – not enough.
“Everything okay?” (Y/n) asked, noticing the sudden deflation of their partner, reaching for Viktor’s clenched hand, rubbing their thumb over their lover’s knuckles.
“Mmm,” Viktor nodded, forcing himself to smile and push down the bile of thoughts in his head. Though why try and run away from the truth…
But it seemed he was a more successful inventor than actor. (Y/n) had noticed the shift of his demeanour: looking somewhere off to the side in thought, the corners of his lips turned down in pain, only mumbling curt answers. Even when asked about his favourite book, the one he would usually be able to talk about hours to no end, seemed to only earn a short ‘I believe, I’ve told you everything I know about it.’
Later, when the dark sky was filled with miniscule suns, glimmering over Piltover, the couple was settled in bed: Viktor turned towards the open balcony they would sometimes leave open for more fresh air. ‘A glorious city being overlooked by a weakling,’ he thought.
“Vik?” (Y/n)’s whisper drifted through the room.
“Yes, dove?” Viktor whispered back, his eyes sadly gazing over at the stars above the city. Everything was calm, the city and the sky, even the sounds – everything, but his mind.
“Is- is everything okay?” They asked, their arms slowly making their way to hug their lover’s back.
“I-” What does he say to that? Lie? Or tell them the absurd truth that he’s angry at himself for not being enough? “I- I’m not,” There was no point to hide the truth, they would persist in finding out what’s wrong.
(Y/n) waited for a bit, expecting for Viktor to continue – he didn’t.
“Is it about the park?” The tried again.
A sigh left his lips. “Yes,” he nodded bashfully, his hair falling over his eyes. In turn Viktor felt his lover, tugging him on his back, which wasn’t hard to achieve, he didn’t put much of a fight. Half of their body was now over Viktor’s body, one arm holding them up as to not smother him. (Y/n) took his cheeks in their free hand, caressing the sharp bone lying underneath the skin. Their eyes were connected, having a conversation their ears weren’t meant to hear. Finally (Y/n) bent their face down to one of Viktor’s dark brows, trailing tiny kisses over the arch. The man closed his eyes in return, basking at the care they were giving him. His lover’s kisses travelled to the other side of his face, over the eyebrows, down to his cheekbones, up over his eyelids, pecking his nose, going down to his jaw, kissing his beauty mark and then starting their journey a-new, avoiding the one place Viktor wanted them to be – his lips. At some point their hands had tangled themselves in the man’s hair, gently scraping his scalp earning a moan from him. It seemed like an eternity, the way they mapped his face with their lips, although Viktor wouldn’t mind such an eternity. But everything has a start and an end: (Y/n) rerouting towards their lover’s lips, pressing them against his, both lost in complete bliss of being near each other. The kiss wasn’t rushed, it wasn’t needy. It was, however, filled with passion and patience, something both of them knew well. Viktor’s hands had made themselves at home on (Y/n)’s waist, rubbing tiny circles into them. Gently his palm trailed upwards towards their head, running his finger through their (h/c) hair.
“You know, I don’t need you to lift me up to the stars to feel like I’m amongst them,” (Y/n) whispered against Viktor’s lips. He didn’t reply to it, maybe even ignored it, choosing to continue kissing their jaw. That night (Y/n) mapped out his body with kisses and words of adoration.
He made it. He had made it.
Viktor beds down, his palms on his knees, breathing heavily.
“Not used to running, hun?” (Y/n) gives him a teasing smile, hip popped to the side. The man huffs a smile, before standing up straight and, in a few strides, he is in front of them. Viktor lowers his head, kissing them, slowly. (Y/n)’s own arms wrap around his neck, making him bend down lower, their fingers twirling the inventor’s locks between them. Viktor moves his arms around their waist, his fingers gripping at their hips, before lifting his lover up in the air spinning them around. (Y/n) wasn’t expecting this at all, yelping in surprise, before laughing alongside Viktor. The couple was laughing, giggling, loop-side smiles plastered on their faces, they feel like the world around them doesn’t exist. Gently Viktor sets (Y/n) down, but he doesn’t let go of them, his hands still holding onto their hips, afraid that this happiness could disappear like a dream.
“I can finally lift you up to the stars, dove,” Viktor whispers, brushing their warm cheek with his palm.
“I already told you, Vik, I don’t need the stars when I have the brightest one here,” (Y/n) answers, nuzzling their face in his palm.
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booksandhoneymilktea · 2 days ago
hello! congrats on 1k followers!! <3 ٩(*•͈ ꇴ •͈*)و ̑̑❀
can i request aconite with xiao or kazuha? thank you!
down goes the burning hands
Tumblr media
tw/cw - mentions of blood, illness.
a/n - hi love! thank you ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ (also ty @cr4yolaas for helping me with the title ily)
Tumblr media
the vigilant yaksha of liyue was the definition of stubbornness beyond tolerability.
you didn’t mind xiao at first, simply deeming it as unfamiliarity with a stranger he had just met, and being unwilling to grow accustomed to one’s company. any would grow cautious at the knowledge of a person weaving their way into their life, unexpectedly no less.
and yet, as months passed and the adeptus proved to still be holding onto his facade, you found yourself irritated towards his behavior.
you had a tendency to push his buttons any moment you could, all to figure out which boundaries he’d draw and the reactions he’d give to your actions. the most common, and personally your favorite, was his so called promise of appearing each time his name was uttered by the tone of your voice. perhaps it was for the frown tugging at his lips when he’d find you laying amongst the grass blades, almost irritated, that he’d shown up at all. or maybe, it was to engage in the small bickering fights exchanged between you both as he helped your exhausted body back to wangshu inn.
you breathed heavily into the humid atmosphere of dihua marsh, muscles limp and exhausted from the intense fight just previously won. sweat was sticky against your skin, much to your discomfort, and the blood soaking your clothes from the hits successfully landed on your body began to sting and throb the longer you lay hunched over the grass, waiting.
eventually, much to your annoyance, the figure of the very person you had called for in the desperate moments of your fight appeared in front of you, peering down with sharp eyes, “about time, you’re lucky i’m an exceptional fighter, otherwise it’s my blood on your hands.”
“why call for me then when you’re aware of your capabilities?” he crosses his arms over his chest, gaze sharpening as a grin tugs at your lips, “you’re wasting my time.”
“ah but, how could i miss out on our wonderful talks and that lovely smile on your face?”
xiao would scoff, muttering something under his breath that you couldn’t quite catch. he made no further protests however as he reached down and pulled your arm over his shoulder and lay gloved hands against the dip of your waist.
“my knight and shining armor.” you muttered sarcastically, a small hiss leaving your lips when he began to tread forward. it caused you to tighten your fingers over his own keeping your arm slung across his shoulder, and dropping your forehead to lay against the cool skin of his shoulder.
all too fast for you to comprehend, xiao’s grip loosens, leaving you both to fall onto the ground. you blinked, once and a couple times more, before flicking your eyes towards his figure. in normal circumstances you would’ve snapped at him for his carelessness, however the scene before you was enough to leave you with your own lump in your throat.
“what…happened to you?”
amber hues met your own, and those gloved hands which had previously held you up now covered his lips. he swiftly glanced down, slowly removing the limb and revealing a pile of petals, almost in full bloom, cradled and stained with blood. the adeptus didn’t even appear surprised at the peculiarity, instead expression weary and tired as he tried to clear his throat.
“it’s nothing for you mortals to grow concerned about.” he grumbled, smearing the crimson from the corners of his lips. anger shot through your veins from his dismissal, as if the aconite flowers being produced within his lungs was a matter far beyond your comprehension.
“us mortals?” you shifted your body to face his, despite the protesting aches of your limbs, “i’m trying to help you!”
a small ‘tch’ left through the cracks of his lips, “i’ve dealt with far worse. besides, adepti can’t die from hanahaki.”
“but you’ll suffer.” you confirmed, despising the small nod of his head after several moments of silence. you let out a scowl of your own, staring as another round of coughs began to rack his body. shoulders shaking with the intensity, heavy wheezing and the abnormal amount of blood and flowers scattered across the ground. he had irritated you for months, but the scene of him clinging onto what little he could had your own throat tightening.
xiao must have taken notice of the expression on your features, for he began to make several hasty movements to recollect himself, “i’ll be fine-”
his words died within his throat at the feel of your hands gripping his shoulders, forcing him to stare at you and the proximity of your nose inches from his own, “would you stop with that?” they tightened against his skin, and you blinked to try and stop the frustrated tears now spilling down your cheeks, “why won’t you let anyone in? i just-i don’t.”
you choked on the emotion, letting out a small cry as you began to breath heavily in order to let the pain pass. swallowing thickly, furrowing your brows, until finally drifting your trembling hands from his shoulders up to his neck, and resting them on the flushed skin of his cheeks. your lips wobbled as you gently stroked the skin, careful as if afraid of allowing yourself so much more than permitted.
“please don’t hurt yourself.” you whispered, searching gold for security. for any minuscule movement that would relieve the tension building in your chest and throat. the image of xiao slumped to the floor, surrounded by his own creation of stubbornness and infatuation beyond control remained burned in the forefront of your mind, and had more tears escaping down the crevices of your face.
xiao swallowed thickly, before moving his hand and locking it over your wrist. the light pressure had you tensing for a moment, unsure, but you allowed the comfort of the gesture to remain as he leaned forward and hid his expression amongst the fabrics of your clothing.
“i’m…quite fond of the moments when you call for me,” he started, his words slow and hesitant as he struggled to release the syllables at all. perhaps it was because of the thorns that had damaged his pipe, or because of embarrassment for the contents, “it…makes me feel pride knowing you can rely on me during danger.”
you remained quiet for a moment, trying to understand what xiao meant by his series of mutters you barely heard. why state that specifically? the yaksha had made it clear that your presence was a burden, at least outwardly as far as you could perceive. so why…
you paused, taking in the burn scorching his cheeks and the purse of his lips as his eyes flickered over the expanse of the area but never quite reaching yours. your eyes widened, understanding that the months of quarreling, his irritated expressions, and the aconites littering the grass of the marsh were not because of mutual dislike.
without further expressions or gestures needed, you looped your arms around his neck, bringing him closer as you let a light laugh of disbelief leave your throat. somehow it was no longer full of the emotion rendering you incapable of speaking, and the pain had ceased to complete stop. you sighed, breathing against the short strands of spiky hair and feeling the way xiao remained quiet within your hold. as if finally accepting that human company and close proximity would relieve the karmic debt and lumps of petals overtaking the lungs.
“yeah, well,” you let your fingers comb gently through his strands, humming in bliss and pure content, “there’s no one else i’d rather bother.”
Tumblr media
menu. pomegranate mousse cake.
Tumblr media
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babblingfish · a day ago
Preening Hawks
a/n: This is kind of a part two to this. But you don't have to read it in order to understand this one.
“C’mon, I have a surprise for you!”
Smiling brightly, they took his hand and lead him to their bathroom.
Stunned was the only way to describe Keigo’s expression. The bathtub was filled to the brim with bubbles and the smell of honey and vanilla spread throughout the room. The flickering light of the candles illuminated his face, enhancing his handsome features.
“Close your mouth, baby, you’ll attract flies.”
He closed his mouth and turned around.
“This is all for me?”
Keigo couldn’t process it. They went out of their way to prepare all this while he was away? He didn’t even tell them that he had a bad day. They just knew.
“Yes! Do you like it?”
His partner jumped excitedly and flapped their hands.
“That’s a good ‘wow’, I hope!”
Noticing the slight insecurity in their voice, he snapped out of his daze.
“It is! It’s amazing, I'm just at a loss for words!”
Keigo wrapped his arms around them and kissed their neck.
“Thank you so so much, baby!”
His partner wrapped their arms around him just as tightly, their smile brighter than ever before.
“Of course! Now let’s get you into the bathtub!”
Slowly, they pulled away from him and fumbled with the hem of his shirt.
“Wanna undress yourself or do you want me to help?”
He smirked at them.
“Finish what you started, darling.”
They covered their mouth with their hands.
“Noo, don’t do this to me, Keigo! It’s my turn to fluster you!”
“Okay okay! Let’s start then.”
Taking that as their cue, they took off his jacket and started lifting his shirt. It was hard not to stare at his stomach when it was basically screaming to be kissed all over.
“I thought this was a simple bath, nothing more?”
“It is! I just can’t help it when you look that good!”
Keigo chuckled as they removed his shirt. Then, they moved on to his pants, opening the belt. They quickly removed them, afraid he’d try to fluster them again.
“I can do my underwear by myself. Now it’s your turn!”
“Uh uh, no! Tonight is about you!”
“What? I thought we’re gonna bathe together!”
“I wanted to surprise you with it later…But I thought I could help you preen your wings tonight? If you’re comfortable with it of course!”
Ever since Keigo started preening his partner on occasion, they’ve been dying to return the favor. They were not pushy in any way. Simply excited. So now that they were standing in front of him, gazing at him full of love, he couldn’t deny their wish.
“Yes, I’m absolutely comfortable with it.”
His partner flapped their hands again for a second.
“Yes!! Then go get in the bathtub now!
Keigo removed his underwear and stepped into the hot water. He immediately felt his sore muscles relax and his worries from the day melt away.
“How’s the temperature?”
“It’s perfect.”
While Keigo was sinking deeper into the tub, his partner grabbed some towels and laid them down in front of it. Next, they took the stool standing in the corner and placed it in front of the tub as well.
“Okay honey, let’s get started.”
Keigo sat up and turned around so his partner could have better access to his wings. Slowly, he spread his wings, careful not to splash too much water around or knock something over. Once again, his partner was amazed by their color and shape. They were beautiful, the shade of red mesmerizing. They ran their fingers through his feathers and enjoyed their softness for a moment.
“Do you use any products on them?”
Keigo sighed deeply, feeling completely relaxed.
“I use a very mild shampoo. But I showered at the gym at the office today. So they should still be pretty clean. Water should be enough.”
“Okay, baby. Anything else I should know about?”
“The base of my wings is a bit sensitive. Especially where they grow out of my back.”
“I’ll be extra careful then. Can you run me through how you usually do it?”
Man, did Keigo adore his partner! The fact that they were so concerned about taking care of him correctly made his heart melt.
“I usually start on the outside and work my way in from there. It doesn’t really matter though. Don’t worry.”
They smiled to themselves.
“Got it.”
They moved the stool a bit to the right to reach the outer part of his wing better. As soon as they started working through his feathers, Keigo closed his eyes. Starting at the top, they were looking for any dirt or dust that may have been caught on his way home. Some feathers were overlapping in weird ways so they straightened them out.
“Aah, that feels great. Thank you so much, baby.”
“No need to thank me! You always do this for me. It was about time I returned the favor.”
They continued their way down his wing, straightening out his feathers. Suddenly, Keigo whined.
“What is it, pretty boy?”
“There’s something stuck between my feathers. Right where your fingers are.”
They carefully spread his feathers apart and were looking for something that didn’t belong there.
“Found it!”
They pulled out a very small pebble.
“Look how tiny it is! That must’ve been so annoying.”
They held up the pebble and Keigo turned around to look at it.
“I didn’t really notice it until now. I think it’s the stress from today. Makes my mind foggy sometimes.”
The couple returned to the comfortable silence they shared before. Keigo rarely felt this relaxed and carefree. Only his partner could make him feel this way. It was hard for him to even put into words how much he loved them. He never thought he’d trust someone this much. He didn’t think he was capable of it. And now he’s sitting here, sharing the most intimate act for him. It brought tears to his eyes. However, he feared that if they saw his tears, they’d stop or take a break and that’s the last thing he wanted. He wished he could stay in this moment for ever.
‘Damn, I’m a selfish bastard.’, he thought. But at the same time, he didn’t care. His partner’s fingers between his feathers were a feeling he never wanted to miss ever again.
Finally, they were done with the first wing. They moved the stool to the left and started working their way through the next wing. It was the same as the right one. Pretty clean except for some feathers that needed to be straightened out.
‘Hm, what’s that?’
They spotted two feathers with a slightly hardened tip.
‘Oh, I know what these are!’
They took the tip of the feather between their thumb and pointer finger and rubbed it off. Then, they did the same to the other one.
“Ooh, that felt nice!” Keigo exclaimed.
“What did you do?”
“I helped you with those two pin feathers! They must’ve been itching, huh?”
“Yeah, it was really annoying. How do you know about pin feathers?”
“I may have looked at Youtube videos of birds preening each other…”
Their voice turned quieter towards the end of their sentence. For some reason, they felt super embarrassed. Did he think it was weird they wanted to know more about birds and how to take of care them? After all, they wanted to take care of their own big bird in the best way possible.
“Because of me? So you can help me with this?”
“Um…I guess?”
Suddenly, Keigo turned around in the tub. He held their face in his hands and slowly shook his head.
“I just love you so much.”
He pressed a big kiss to their lips.
“I don’t know what I did to deserve you. I’m the luckiest man on the planet.”
His partner didn’t know what to say. His words brought tears to their eyes. They felt the exact same way. How did they get so lucky? What did they do to deserve him?
“Of course I’d do this for you! I love you so much. I want you to feel good about yourself and loved!”
The couple looked at each other for a second longer, admiring the other.
“Let’s finish this, yeah?”
Keigo turned around again and let them get back to it. When they reached the base of his wings, they were extra careful and moved very slowly. Keigo squirmed around a bit. Not because it hurt but because he wasn’t used to this sensation. It felt nice but tickled slightly. As his partner was finishing up, Keigo felt his emotions well back up again. They ran his hands over his wings in big motions.
“Look at you! Your wings are incredible!”, they whispered in awe.
“You’re such a pretty bird!”
Keigo turned his head a bit.
“I am?”
They noticed his wings puffing up and his eyes sparkling with excitement.
“Yes! You’re the prettiest bird!”
Their tone was very happy and excited which caused Keigo to chirp in response.
“Oh, sorry. You got me all excited.”
“Don’t apologize! I think it’s super cute when you do that!”
Keigo smiled to himself as they moved on to massage his shoulders. They planted kisses all over his back, neck and shoulders.
“You’re my big, pretty bird man.”, they murmured against his skin.
Tears filled Keigo’s eyes but now he let them flow down his face. His partner didn’t notice until they heard him sob.
“Babe? Are you alright?”
He sobbed again.
“Yeah, it’s just…thank you for this. Really. Preening is very intimate for me.”
“You mentioned that before.”
“Yes, but it was still much more than I ever expected.”
“Let’s get you out of the bathtub.”
They took his hands in theirs and helped him get out. Then, they grabbed a big towel and dried him off. The entire time, Keigo was admiring them and their dedication to taking care of him.
“Wait here.”
He waited as they rushed to the bedroom and came back with sweatpants and the most comfortable hoodie he owned.
“Put those on.”
He did as he was told. He wasn’t sure if they noticed that he was still crying a bit. He couldn’t help it. He was hopelessly in love.
“Okay, now come here.”
They put his hood up and took his face in their hands.
“I love you more than anything.”
They kissed up the trails his tears left on his face.
“You deserve every bit of kindness that comes your way.”
They hugged him as tightly as possible. They needed him to know that they’re there for him. No matter what.
“I’ll always be here to take care of you. And I know you’ll do the same for me.”
“You’re damn right about that.”
They stayed like this for a moment before Keigo pulled away.
“I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go to sleep.”
“Me too.”
They gave him a tired smile as he led them to their shared bedroom. There, they changed into their pyjamas and joined Keigo in bed.
“Come here, baby.”, he said as he held the blanket open. He laid them down on his chest and wrapped his arms and wings around them.
With one last kiss on the lips, the couple finally went to sleep.
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holewithinahole · a day ago
hey if your up for a challenge could I please ask for Jinx in a supernatural AU, like as a vampire or something with a gender neutral reader? :) thanks
Familiar | Jinx x gn!reader
Summary: Witch!Jinx transformed you into a cat and doesn’t seem to know how to turn you back into a human.
Warnings: fluff, attempt at humour, non-native writer, unchecked grammar
Omg, I know you mentioned vampires but when I was browsing supernatural tropes I saw witches and was like: “yes, chaotic witch jinx that’s dope” (also the name??) So yeah!
Tumblr media
Two weeks ago, you had never heard of Jinx. Now, you’re stuck being her familiar for the rest of your life.
Don’t get it wrong, there are advantages to being a cat: not having to wear clothes, being able to jump everywhere, cuddles. Being Jinx’s cat, however, negates anything positive you could think of.
Sure, you don’t have to wear clothes anymore but clothes could really be an additional - if not a little flimsy - protection from all the potions and other 'biohazardous' substances she drops. Jumping sounds amazing but her lair is the messiest place you’ve ever seen. Even perching on a seemingly innocent shelf could result in an avalanche of her dangerous collectables, and you’re getting out of here back to human and in one piece.
Ah, the cuddles? You want to call them cuddles? What cuddles? It’s unbecoming of your status! Sharing snuggles with the first stranger you meet... what a disgrace.
(Truth is, Jinx’s cuddles are closer to arm-wrestling than real cuddles.)
The sound of an explosion stirs you out of your sleep. You open one eye and lazily stretch on the miraculously mess-free armchair you’ve grown to appreciate.
“You’re the worst witch I’ve ever seen.”
Jinx laughs haughtily, wiping the charcoal out of her face: “I think I’m pretty dope! That was one hell of a boom!”
“Aren’t you supposed to find a cure for my condition?” You ask calmly, unconsciously licking your tiny paws.
“I’m trying, ok.” She hisses.
After two other explosions, her eyebrows burnt three times, an entire cauldron knocked over the floor and unfruitful research in the only book of shadows she owns, Jinx throws her arms in the air in frustration.
You laugh: “You know, your witch name doesn’t suit you at all.”
“You talk too much for a cat! I should have turned you into a frog!”
“So, you even failed that, uh?” You mock, not even bothering to open your eyes from your third consecutive nap.
'Too easy to tease,' you laugh internally, proud of yourself.
Suddenly she grabs you and brings you to eye level. You let out an undignified squeak.
“You’re so annoying! You’re supposed to be my familiar!”
“You’re the annoying one! Clearly, you’re unfit for any social interaction!” You hiss, struggling to get free. "Why did you want a familiar in the first place?!”
“Because I’m always alone, okay?!”
You stop struggling, hanging limply in her hands. She lets you go and you land back on your feet, going after her when she runs out of room.
“Hey…” You call after her. “Hey! Wait!”
That's not what you wanted. You never wished to hurt her even after that fateful day and you were pissed that day. This fragility she has, you would never have discerned it from her carefree, brazen behaviour.
Jinx lands face first on her unmade bed. You leap to stand on her back. “Hey, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking what I said.”
She snorts.
“I’m telling the truth.”
She doesn’t answer but turns her head to the side, showing her profile and - that makes your heart clench - her pitiful eyes. You come to lay next to her face, bending to lick tentatively the end of her cute turned-up nose. To your pleasure, she lets out a giggle.
“Anyone casting a spell has the inner knowledge to undo it. You just haven't found the way yet.”
Jinx pouts, laying on her back. “Being my familiar sucks that much?”
You curl up against her. “...Not that much.”
She laughs and pats your head. Maybe you can keep being a cat for a little while.
Just a little while though.
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yostressmininggirl · 2 days ago
March of Death
˖۪⸙͎ C!FoolishGamer x Reader
˖۪⸙͎ 1843 Words
The untold origin story of Foolish, the God of the Sea and Totem of Undying, once the Totem of Death. Saving his very own mortal from himself.
Art by Late August (YT)!
Tumblr media
The march of death is this land's own death sentence.
Those sentenced to death march are known to be criminals of great sin, of unforgivable wrongdoings that exiles them from the land into their own demise. These forsakened criminals are forced out of the city to venture to the endless desert surrounding it. There they will die without chance of survival; by thirst, by starvation, by heat, by many other means, not one person had survived the march of death.
Because the endless desert is home to the totem of death, the keeper of sentenced souls that makes sure all those who enter the desert must perish.
Here, death is merciless, death is heartless, death is inescapable.
And one mortal soul managed to escape fate by meeting death.
"(Y/N). For assassinating the leader of our nation-state, you are hereby sentenced to march through Death's desert!"
There once lived a loyal and ambitious individual who believed the world could be a better place. But betrayed by the only person they wholeheartedly trust and vanquished by the people they sacrificed their life for, a mortal soul that had lost hope for humanity trudges through the desert until their last breath.
The cheers and sneers of the citizens were the last thing one remembers before entering the desert, the sound of the wooden gates echoing in ones ears as the hot wind starts to blow past their ears.
Foolish had never seen someone so beaten and bruised before. No, not just that - Foolish had never seen someone so weak and fragile be sent to the desert before. It was always the brutish men, filled with aged scars and scowls so deep it hurts his face to replicate, the kind of criminals that even the gods would not dare face. Mortal or not.
Yet the newest prisoner to the march he had stumbled upon lying unconscious near his totem pole as checkmarks, felt more like a victim than a criminal. With skin filled with bruises and wounds, huge cuffs barely hanging around their wrists, to thin rags covering their body that will never be enough to protect them from the cold.
Death is merciless. Yet through a bout of human compassion, Foolish picked up the still body in his arms and brought them to his home.
"How many of those sentenced to death have you met?"
"Many. Too many to count."
Foolish was thankful that his company didn't ask specifically how many he had met still breathing and not.
It was only a few days after rescue and he had made the most of his efforts to nurse your injuries, injuries he had found to come from the citizens throwing rocks at you as you were escorted out to the desert. After hearing this information, Foolish tried his hardest not to ask any other questions.
Why, out of all that he met, were you the only one gravely injured? And what kind of person were you to be hated by the people so much?
Foolish never knew much about the golden city in the middle of the dunes. It was too far to travel comfortably and he had always liked his peace, those he had met are the ones that were destined to walk the desert. His desert. And through them he had heard the rumors, the tales of what everyone thought of his desert.
But if you were to ask him, there was no god of death, and there was no endless desert. Yet those who lived to learn the tale never got to tell them.
But even if Foolish likes to be alone, he was no stranger to the concept of loneliness. No matter who enters his home, sinner or wrongly accused, he always wanted to make sure that they were comfortable and accepted. And even if he knew from the start that they wouldn't last, Foolish always hurts the most.
It just so happened that you were the next person to wander paths with him. And he made sure to tend to your wounds and bruises as best he could, giving the intensive care he could offer to make sure you get up and moving as fast as possible. He was absolutely delighted when you finally managed to walk again, despite the obvious limp in your steps.
"Have you ever seen the sea? You know, when you fully recover, I can take you there!"
"Wait, really?" And immediately after, Foolish watches in glee as you wolf down the rest of your dinner.
Foolish, despite being a desert dweller had always found true home in the ocean. After hearing about the fact that the city where the people come from had never seen it, he had always made it his mission to make sure they get to see the beautiful body of water - even if sometimes, it usually ends up as their deathbed.
Sometimes people don't even make it, no matter how hard he tries to nurse everyone back to health. Foolish wondered everytime if his desert, the one he never really claimed, was truly the desert of death when every soul that walked through it always met their end.
Death is heartless, but when Foolish noticed how your health continued to worsen, he couldn't find it in his heart to keep you away from the sea.
"In that place, there was a leader that everyone loved so much, that they loved him so blindly. He lies, they believe; he scams, they turn away; he kills, they owe him their lives. He was, ever so slowly, bringing everyone to their doom and they never realized it."
"Except you."
"Except me. And a friend. It was our plan, you know, to kill him and steer the place back to the right path. We would have each other's back and set the world straight together... But he betrayed me, framed me as a heartless killer and sentenced me to this desert, while he took position as the leader."
"Did you regret it? Killing? Trusting?"
"... No," Foolish looks away from the view of the milky way to watch you, taken aback by the pure contentedness in your eyes. "I know for sure, that in his heart, his intention to serve the people is clear. He and I have the same love for those citizens." You turned your head, eyes full of wisdom and exhaustion. "I'm sure he'd make a great leader."
Foolish wished someone with a heart of gold would love him just the same. "You remind me of someone... someone named Theseus kinda, he passed away in this desert long ago."
"I hope he was at least happy."
The next dawn was supposed to be the trek to the nearby sea, but Foolish instead had to tend to your fever that suddenly appeared over night. And a day bedridden turned to two, then three, then four - Foolish was starting to lose hope when you started sleeping for more than twelve hours.
The days stretched on between waiting for you to wake up, helping you walk around again, and then nursing you when the flash of fever comes back. Out of every criminal he met, you've outlasted them all.
You didn't give up on him. For suddenly a day gave him a miracle. A day without body pain, without high temperatures, without any other surprises. Foolish took no longer to bring you to the sea.
Despite the waves of nausea you managed to reach the sea - and it was so beautiful! So much more beautiful than Foolish's temples, so colder and colorful than the desert! Running towards the lapping waves, the rush of the water passing by your feet gave you a satisfying chill, your senses tingling from the new yet welcomed sensation.
Foolish had to pull you back before you accidentally drowned yourself, humble enough to teach you how to traverse the sea properly. The view underwater was much better up close, and he introduced each fish and sea creature as if they were his children, toured the corals and kelp as if it were his second home.
And he made you happy as if you had his heart.
The sun was already setting when you both finally went back to the shore, the exhaustion forcing you to breathe heavily while Foolish seemed perfectly fine in watching the horizon. Emerald eyes catching the beautiful sunset shining over the sea, Foolish giddily bounces on the wet sand like a child, turning to you to make sure you see the view -
When he saw you topple forward, unmoving on the floor. "(Y/N)!" Leaving the sunset behind, Foolish rushed over to pick you up, gasping at the sight of the dark veins by your neck that was common for the criminals he met quickly spreading throughout the rest of your body. He could feel your body trembling against his tight arms, and he knew it wasn't from the cold. "No no no, please, stay with me!"
Death is inescapable, and no matter how hard he tried, neither Death can escape itself.
"Foolish, come closet my eyes for me."
"(Y/N) please, it was going so well. Stay with me longer, I'll carry you back home and you'll be back to normal." Despite his words, Foolish's legs struggled to even lift his own weight off the floor, too shaky to even walk. "Dang it, this isn't the time to not work, legs!"
Your breathy chuckles makes him stop and stare, laughing with you despite the sobs cutting in between. "I'd rather spend my last breathe here. It's much more... beautiful, so peaceful." Looking up, the dark blue of the night slowly gave way to the beauty of the galaxy, twinkling above the two as if it were an intrigued audience waiting.
Foolish view it more as the gods above mocking him at this very moment.
"I've seen death so many times," he whispered more to himself as he looks back down to you, watching your clouded eyes take in the serene night as best as you could, before slowly looking back to meet his. Somehow it was more beautiful with the universe behind him. "But it never once suit you."
"I've already realized you were the totem of death long ago," your cold fingers cupped his golden cheek, shivering from the familiar touch of a life depleting before placing his hand to support yours. "But I that where I'm meant to be, is with you."
Death... is many things the way Foolish is. He loves the sea, and he loves the people he met. He loves to build and he loves to be alone.
Death is merciless, heartless, inescapable.
Death is tiring, loving, lonely.
And all that death is supposed to be, Foolish is sick of it. No, he wanted more than be death, he wanted nothing more than to watch. And finally, finally that will all change today.
For as you close your eyes to embrace darkness and sink in the arms of your death, the last thing you see is a beautiful burst of gold and green.
Tumblr media
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hpalways · 2 days ago
Hot Pot || Thoma
FOOD and more food settled there on the long, narrow table of Ayaka's household. In the middle of it was a boiling pot with water inside. From here, everything looked delicious and ready to be eaten, however, a certain blond had other things in mind. An excited sparkle painted his green eyes while he gave you that look. Oh dear Archons, you thought to yourself. It could only mean one thing.
"So... should we try out that new hot pot game I learned again?" Thoma asked. "Just the two of us this time? Since Ayaka and the traveler are busy and all."
"May I remind you what happened the last time we played the game?" you said with a scowl. Using your chopsticks, you clicked them together in disapproval. He appeared unfazed by your reaction, grinning sheepishly, though not sorry at all.
"Don't worry," he assured, "This is a game of trust. I trust that you won't put anything that'd make me sick."
"You were the one who put in all the inedible things!"
"That was to prank the traveler and Paimon! I would never do that to you though."
Groaning, you finally gave in and agreed to his suggestion. Grinning widely, he quickly grabbed his ingredients and told you to do the same. And since there were only two people playing this time, there were going to be multiple rounds and more than one ingredient from each. The table was filled with every type of food there was. Snagging some fish fillets and shrimp, you quickly put your ingredients in while Thoma's back was turned on you. Afterwards, the roles switched and it was his turn.
The game began. Being the gentleman he was, he offered to take the plunge and go first. Closing his eyes, he knitted his brows together in habit as he struggled to pick an item from the pot. You watched him with a soft expression on your face, taking him entirely in. Long lashes fluttered gently and his ponytail draped from his shoulder, nearly touching the boiling water below.
Quickly hurrying around the table, you swept his ponytail back, fingers feeling the gentle textures of his hair. He whirled around, his closed eyes now opened again. "You cheater," you gasped.
"Hey-- no--" he protested. "What are you doing?"
"You were about to burn your hair off if it weren't for me."
"Oh..." he said. "Thank you."
Flustered by how sincere his words sounded, you mutely nodded in response and returned to your seat. The game continued and he finally took a bite out of his first item, making a twisted face at the taste of it. Unamused, you realized he had indeed put inedible things in there again. It wasn't even surprising at this point -- perhaps he just liked to torture himself. You hated him for dragging everyone else down with him.
"Look! You don't understand [Y/N]. The God of Hot Pot will send down blessings if we consume worse things."
Arms crossed and shooting daggers from your gaze, you sat there with an upset stomach. "Blessings, my foot. Trust, my foot. I knew you would do something like this again!" you accused, pointing fingers at him. "Should've let you singed your hair to flames."
He wasn't even listening to you. He was off in his own world with a pained look on his face. Clenching his stomach, he placed a hand over his mouth. No doubt, he was sick from the food, just as he was the last time this game was played. He never did learn his lesson the first round, did he? Seeing how much he was suffering, you couldn't stay mad, so you stood up from the table. Your own stomach wasn't exactly having a party either, and you knew it was best to get away from the scenery of food.
"Come on, Thoma. Let's go get some fresh air."
Pulling him up, you led him out of the door of the vicinity and entered the cool, crispy air of the outside world. Inazuma was pretty at night, the rows of houses lit up, accompanied by the pinks of sakura blooms. Petals blew from the skies, resting at the bottom of your foot and leaving color upon a very monotonous town. It was beautiful, but it was also lonely. Lonely like the stars covered by the clouds... and lonely like the people living here.
You sometimes felt lonely too, until you weren't. Thoma was here, forever by your side. He was reliable like a sturdy rock in the middle of a sea's storm, and he gave you hope for something that was supposedly impossible.
As if reading your mind, the blond male turned to you with a smile. "Thank you for sticking by my side," he whispered, as if he was too afraid to break the peaceful silence. "I can sense it. I can sense that change will occur soon. We will finally get that future we've been yearning for. Justice will be served."
He wrapped his arms around you, his warm body shielding you from the harsh realities of Inazuma. His head lowered and he placed a small kiss on the top of your [h/c] head, breathing you in to remind himself of your scent. He wanted to remember you forever... wanted to ingrain you into his head... in case his vision were to get stolen.
Because if he lost his vision, to lose memories of you, he wouldn't know what to do with himself.
"If I forget about you someday, will you knock some sense into me?"
"Of course."
You knew why he wanted to play that hot pot game with you. He wanted the most vivid memories of you to be kept in his mind, hidden and locked away. What better way to get a memorable memory than eating disgusting food? What better way to remember than laughing at your nauseous reactions? What better way than feeling the pain of a stomachache?
He was willing to do anything for you.
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ramblingandwritings · a day ago
Dating Eddie Brock/Venom Headcanons
Tumblr media
🖤 When Eddie starts hanging out with you he starts to eventually gain feelings for you, causing Venom to tease him about it before Venom inevitably falls for you too.
🖤 Venom is the one to push Eddie to ask you out. Eddie fumbles over a few words before Venom comes out and asks you himself.
🖤 Once you (3??) officially start dating you'll find that Venom is a cuddle monster. You can be sitting on the couch with Eddie beside you and Venom will come out and lay his head on you shoulder. Sometimes he nuzzles his face into your neck and it tickles.
🖤 Eddie also likes to cuddle a lot, especially at night. There's nothing he loves more than to fall asleep in each other's arms.
🖤 Speaking of sleeping, while you and Eddie are entangled in each other Venom will come out and snuggle himself in-between you two.
🖤 Date nights usually consist of dinner and a movie at Eddie's place, though sometimes he likes to take you out to a nice restaurant when he can afford it, which is usually rare because Venom makes Eddie eat a lot.
🖤 You like to drag them to museums/science centers sometimes though. Eddie likes the peaceful atmosphere and Venom asks a lot of questions about the exhibits. They enjoy parks too.
🖤 Anytime you kiss Eddie you HAVE to give Venom his own kiss too or he gets upset.
🖤 Both do everything within their power to make sure you don't get tangled up in their crime fighting. Eddie doesn't want to lose you like he lost Anne and Venom is terrified of you getting hurt.
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tubbohno · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when the seasons change
sbi & child!gn!reader
1 // part 2 of 4
a/n : welcome to the fall special pt 2! thanks to everyone for showing so much interest in this little series :) I've decided that this series will span 4 separate parts (this is subject to change, of course.) ((ALSO its practically December by the time I post this but...yes....fall...))
warnings - mentions of death (minor character), abandonment, child neglect(...technically), situational angst
notes - tommy is around six / reader is a bat hybrid, and eight years old / techno and wilbur are 19 / art above by austinpardunart on Instagram! check out their stuff, its super snazzy!
p.s, I am not a Chiropterologist, and therefore my bat knowledge is limited </3
Tumblr media
As planned, Phil and the boys set out toward the familiar clearing just as the sun rose entirely above the horizon. For all his previous worry, Tommy was pouting at having to walk so early - even though Phil had waited as long as he morally could.
"Phil," Tommy whined, "how much longer?" Phil grinned at Tommy's sleep puffy eyes glaring up at him from where he clutched onto Wilbur's hand.
"Not much longer, mate. Here, walk in front of me, and I'll fix up your feathers." Phil invited, slowing his pace slightly to allow the boy to rush in front of him. Phil gently straightened Tommy's small feathers, colored almost like pearls in the soft early morning light. He was not exactly preening, as Phil always made sure to groom Tommy's wings at home. Preening often overwhelmed Tommy, and they found it safer to take care of the younger's wings in a secure environment.
Techno traveled just ahead of them, hands occupied by a dark oak crate. The young hybrid was also notably sporting a grey cape lined with winter fox fur. Phil eyed the fabric as it bellowed softly behind the pink-haired boy, amused by the dramatics of the younger. Techno would never admit it, but he could be just as dramatic as his brothers.
Wilbur sped up a bit, setting his pace to match Phil's. Wilbur struggled for a second; mouth pressed in a thin line as he thought of what to say. Phil let his son collect his thoughts, used to Wilbur's pauses. He had not always had a vocabulary big enough to express his feelings, after all.
"Phil...what do you think happened to Lucielle?" Wilbur asked, gaze glued to the dirt road beneath their feet. Phil sighed, giving one last pat to Tommy's wings and letting the younger blonde run ahead to bother Techno.
"Not sure, Wil. Last we both saw her she was happy and healthy. We'll see if she's home once we get there, all right? She wouldn't just leave a child alone for more than a day." Phil replied, rubbing Wilbur's back softly to soothe the piglin hybrid. Wilbur nodded, furrowed brow relaxing just a touch.
Wilbur fell into step with his brothers, all three boys traveling ahead of Phil. Tommy and Wilbur quickly found something to argue about, Techno silently continuing his pace even as Tommy hung from his arm to scream at Wilbur.
Phil smiled tiredly at the familiar sight of his boys and their antics.
He hoped Lucielle was okay.
━━━━ ̥◌୭˚➶.
The clearing is as Phil remembered it, if not a bit messier with its long grass and piles of fallen leaves. Puddles scattered around the area, mud and murky water gathering in uneven areas of the grass.
"Woah," Tommy gasped, eyes glued to the rickety iron lanterns that lit up the area's perimeter. Tommy stepped forward, wings fluttering behind him as he took in the small decorations scattered around and the old, wooden cabin.
The cabin itself was quiet, windows dark and creaking in the soft autumn wind. The wood looked dark with moisture; the storm no doubt testing its capabilities.
"…The windows are dark again," Techno noted out loud. They had moved closer, now standing at the cabin's porch as a group, with Tommy huddled near Wilbur and Techno.
"That they are… I'll knock first, okay? You three stay out on the porch and stick together." Phil instructed, patting Wilbur on the shoulder. Minute grumbles arose in response to his command, but his boys stayed in their positions.
Phil's knock echoed through the clearing, and he couldn't help but swallow nervously. Even as he strained his hearing, he couldn't hear any noise from inside the cabin.
"Can I try?" Tommy whispered, tugging on Phil's coat. Phil smiled at him and nodded, letting the boy closer to the door to knock.
Tommy's hand struck the wood quickly and much louder than Phill would have liked, and it seemed the sentiment was shared as Tommy's brothers flinched from the loud bang the boy produced.
"Hellooooooo? Is anyone there?" The blonde hollered, deciding Phil had been too quiet in his approach.
"Tommy, have you ever heard of subtlety," Wilbur hissed, pressing his fingers into his temples. Beside him, Techno shook his head quickly with a soft snort. Tommy responded only by blowing a quick raspberry in Wilbur's direction.
Phil motioned to settle the two (who would no doubt break into a spat any second) when a rustle from the cabin startled him. Quickly, he put a finger up to his lips and motioned for them to quiet down.
Another rustle sounded from inside the home, and Phil quickly pulled Tommy behind him when he heard soft footfalls staggering toward the door.
The door opened slowly, small grunts accompanying the creaking hinges. Phil felt his heart ache at the sight — a small bat hybrid stood precariously at the doorway, hands gripping the mahogany door as best as they could with the tremors racking their frame.
"Hello?" They croaked, blinking slowly at Phil and his sons. Their eyes fell on Techno eventually, and they quickly straightened themselves.
"Hello Phil, I think I left your potions somewhere..." The child reassured, letting go of the door to stagger into the house. Techno followed after them carefully, after idly waving a hand at Phil's expression.
"Hey, Mate. How long have you been alone for?" Phil asked, stepping into the cabin with his other two sons.
The house was a mess - books and pages strewn across the floor forced you to step over them precariously, dirty dishes piled high in the connected kitchen, and dust collected on higher appliances, cupboards untouched, and top bookshelves dusty.
"Uhm, I dunno. The seasons changed..." The kid responded eventually, trailing off as they struggled to climb up a step ladder in front of a wall of potions (which he noted as half-empty). Phil grimaced as he watched their frail arms shake from the effort exerted.
"Are they labeled correctly?" Wilbur asked gently. The little hybrid startled at the sound of his voice but nodded anyway. Wilbur stepped closer to them, a soft smile on his face.
"I'll grab it for you." He reassured, waiting for the child to nod once again before skimming the potions on the wall, flipping their tags over to read them idly. Eventually, he pulled two bottles off of the wall and stepped away from the collection entirely.
"Who" They asked, squinting at them. Phil figures they must have just processed the three extra people present.
"I'm Phil, the boy with wings is Tommy, Wilbur helped you with the potions, and the one with pink hair is Techno." Phil clarified, watching the smaller one nod along. Then, groggily, they turned to Techno.
"Not Phil?" Techno shook his head slightly, still holding on to the crate he'd carried from home.
"Not Phil."
"Ah…" They nodded, blinking blearily. Phil realized with a slight frown that their eyes were glassy, unfocused.
"What's your name?" Techno asked, taking the potions from Wilbur and setting them in the padded crate.
"Y/n." The hybrid muttered, not looking up. Their tiny wings were almost limp behind them, making Phil's worry increase.
"Y/n, do you know who Lucielle is?" Wilbur's tone was gentle, with a bit of urgency. The hybrid blinked slowly but nodded. They shakily made their way over to the kitchen table a few feet away, the rest of them following slowly as not to crowd them. Phil could tell Tommy was getting antsy, twitching at every opportunity and pulling on the edges of his clothes.
"She...she's in her room. Won't let me come in." They mumbled, resting their head on the table as they spoke.
"Phil," Tommy whispered, pulling on his pant leg. Phil shushed him softly, patting his head.
"In her room?" Phil asked, looking over to the door shut down the hall. There are claw marks near the doorknob, dark wood peeling away to reveal lighter peels of wood, coarse and unsanded.
"Said she was sick...told me I couldn't get sick, too. So." The hybrid shrugged, eyes drooping. Phil nodded, watching them worriedly. They weren't in the best condition either, it seemed.
"Phil!" Another hiss from Tommy, and this time Phil just placed a hand on the boy's shoulder to stop the kid from pulling any harder on his coat.
"She...magic..." The kid slurred, closing their eyes. Wilbur placed a hand on their back, panic seeping into his expression. A quick press to their neck allowed Wilbur to relax, pulse thudding gently against his fingertips.
"They're out cold." He hummed, looking back up at Phil with a frown.
"Phil!" Tommy was shouting now, hand gripping tightly onto Phil's arm.
"Yes, Tommy, what is it? I think they're hurt..." Phil finally addressed the youngest, trailing off in concern. From the looks of it, the child had just passed out.
"They're a bat, right?" Tommy asked, approaching the sleeping hybrid.
"That's right, their wings match, and so do their claws," Wilbur confirmed, staring at the thin, pointy wings draped across Y/n's shoulders. Tommy approached the table, staring curiously at the hybrid.
"Wilby, you said some bats hibernated when it got too cold," Tommy said, poking the hybrid's cheek. Wilbur stopped short, mouth ajar just an inch.
"It would make sense...but there's no heat in here; they must be freezing," Techno spoke, crate settled in his arms once again. Phil shot a look at the mangled door a few feet away from them - it was clear that the kid had tried to enter the room by force. From what they had said, Lucielle had sealed herself into the room about a season ago. Could she have slipped out when Y/n wasn't looking?
The witch Phil had seen grow old would have to wait - now he had a sickly kid to take care of.
After ushering Wilbur to the side, Phil gently scooped the hybrid into his arms, wincing at the feeling of their cold, clammy skin in his hands. Their clothes were far too thin for any child, let alone one that relied on warmth this time of year. Phil shifted his wings so they would cover y/n, at least marginally. He did not want to think about what would happen to them if he carried them through the bitter cold in their current clothing.
"Come on then, boys; we'll come back as soon as we know Y/n's healthy again," Phil instructed, inclining his head toward the doorway. He observed his sons - and the way they hesitated—Techno and Tommy, still curious about the cabin and the story it held. Wilbur, still bearing a furrowed brow as worry surrounded him in a suffocating aura. Phil sighed softly at the way his boys stared silently in response.
"Come on, let's go home." He said - softer this time. This time, he seems to jolt them out of their heads, and they quickly file out before him. Tommy closes the door after they've exited, and Phil watches as he slips his small hand back into Wilbur's.
Tumblr media
tag list: @imuziawi @orkwardx0 @chaoticotaku <3 (feel free to send me an ask or anything if you'd like to be part of the tag list!)
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This is under the idea that Vander and Silco talked out their issues when they had the chance
Content includes: Race neutral reader, gender neutral reader, mention of threesomes, mention of breeding kink
No privacy what's so ever.
Your basically the mother of the undercity.
Cue Random ass kids hugging you. (Obviously you hug back)
Family naps with the og gang
You having a huge soft spot for Ekko and Powder
They're so smart with They're little do-hikeys
You listening to Vi's problems and how stressed she might be.
Helping Mylo with his shooting
Baking with Claggor
Watching Powder and Ekko invent stuff.
Silco coming over whenever he wants like he owns the place.
If you were previously a topsider you definitely bring stuff down for the kids education
Hugs from behind brought to you by Vander
Neck and forehead kisses
I'm positive one of the kids have walked in on you and Vander about to do it.
Vander definitely starts off gentle
Grunts for days😫
I'm talk them D E E P grunts🥴
I feel like he's talkative, but in the "I love you so much" "you feel so good" and "youre beautiful" type of way
This man looks like he nibbles ears.
If you're curvy/plus sized he bites at your chest and loves to grip onto your hips and love handles as he plows you into the mattress.
Bed frame who?
He got a beard so he eating well
He'll be rough if you ask him to
You will be sore tho
His dick probably built like an that Alaskan bull worm from Spongebob
He look like he can either go one round or ten there's no in-between.
Either way you bed ridden
Silco has definitely joined in before
Breeding kink
He definitely fucks like he on a mission
Vander looks like he fucks you so hard your head be hitting the bed frame
He looks like he'll be reaching over, one hand gripping the bed frame other hand either at your waist/hip or stimulating you.
You will be seeing the stars tonight
Just not the ones in the sky
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almond-adeptus · a day ago
What a sight for sore eyes Brighter than the blue sky GENRE: Hurt/no comfort WARNINGS: Unrequited love, confession gone wrong CHARACTER(S): Tartaglia READER: Gender Neutral
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was Valentine's day. The perfect time to confess. Spring was just dawning on Liyue, and everywhere you looked, you saw new life. New beginnings, new life, new light.
New love.
You looked nervously at the chocolates and note you had prepared, mentally running over your checklist. Chocolates, note, confessions, courage... Yeah, all out of courage.
Come on, why was this so hard? You met up with Childe everyday for lunch, this shouldn't be that difficult to confess to him!
You reached the red walkway, and oh gods, never had that short stretch of road been so terrifying. But you swallowed the lump in your throat and marched towards the Bank.
"Is Childe in?" You asked, willing your voice to remain steady.
"He's out right now; a business meeting with a few officials from the Qixing." Ekaterina's face was obscured, but you could sense the defeat coming from her posture. "I take it that you want to give him chocolates?"
"What-- I mean--"
"It's about time. His office is on the second floor, the last door to your left."
In a daze, you moved up the stairs, still clutching your chocolates and note. So everyone knew?
His office was neater than you'd expected from him, and you carefully arranged your gifts for him on his office table, where it would be difficult to miss.
As a finishing touch, you withdrew the paper rose that you spent hours perfecting and set it on top of everything, standing back to admire your handiwork.
Now you just had to wait for tomorrow.
"So... Ajax. Did you get any chocolates yesterday?"
Ajax froze, his shrimp ball falling from his chopsticks for the hundredth time. He fumbled, trying to save it, and you hid a quiet giggle.
"What do you mean?"
"Yesterday was Valentine's." You explained.
Understanding dawned onto Ajax's face, and he nodded enthusiastically.
"I did! Get a lot of chocolates, I mean. Ekaterina was quite angry when I came back, something about a horde of admirers? Personally I bet it's just the agents wanting to offload some of their almost expired chocolates--"
"Did you find any that you like? I usually enjoy Valentine's day because most of the chocolate the following day is really cheap." Okay, okay. Maybe you were being a little impatient.
"Hm... Oh, right! There was this one box on my table, and it had all my favourite flavours!" Ajax bounced excitedly in his seat, taking out something from his pocket.
It was your paper rose. Slightly rumpled and crushed from being in his pocket, but it was still yours.
Your breath caught in your throat.
"I chased them down just as they were leaving the bank," Ajax whispered, a tender look on his face as he stroked the paper petals of the rose.
"I asked them if they loved me."
How dare Ajax say that he was a terrible archer, for his next three words found their mark so effortlessly.
"They said yes."
You didn't know how you got home. All you knew was that hot, smouldering heat in your chest, and the stinging of tears at the corner of your eyes.
You stormed to your bedroom, where the sight of something blue and rumpled caught your attention.
You picked it up slowly.
His jacket. Not his Fatui one-- a dark blue one that he thoroughly enjoyed wearing-- that he had gifted to you one day, when he noticed you shivering.
"I saw you hate the cold, so here!" Ajax had a cheeky look on his face. "If you're still cold, you can hold my hand!"
Could you still hold his hand after this?
Two weeks.
Two weeks, since that disaster of a confession.
Two weeks since you've crawled out of your house, where you had lain as the all consuming pain tore into your heart.
Two weeks since you had resumed life as though nothing had changed.
Everything had changed. Everything was so different now.
You could see Ajax walking around with them. Loving them. Wiping the crumbs off their cheek. All so painfully domestic and familiar that it brought an ache to your chest. A pain like you'd lost something dear to you.
But you never lost anything, did you?
Ajax was never yours to begin with. The Tsaritsa's, the Abyss's, yes, but never yours.
He still ate with you, he still walked and talked with you. But he had a sparkle in his eye that you had never seen before, and oh...
How you wished that you were the one who put the stars in his eyes again.
Watching him walk around with them... oh, it filled you with a caustic, molten rage, coursing through your veins and eating you up inside. But just as quick as it came, the anger cooled, turning into brittle, fractured emotions.
But he was happy, and... you supposed you were too...
Weren't you?
Tumblr media
| @urujiako | @hushyouu | @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst | @chichikoi | @noirkkat | @thaliastea | @simplyxsinned | @heaven-dissolution | @kxllmelia | @genshiningg | @cruxdou | @yuezhong | @aweebstuff | @irethepotato | @favonius-captain | @ez-simping | @mayple | @tkooooop | @myluvkeiji | @ghostly-march | @justsidecharacterthings | @shxnosuke | @icecappa |
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imagine-a-dream · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I wish a very happy (even if a little late) birthday to my dear friend @laurawantstosleep. May the luck be forever on your side and every one of your dreams come true. Here's a little something that I hope will brighten up your day. Love you! ♥
summary: It's your birthday and Otto, being the best boyfriend, prepared a surprise for you.
warnings: tooth rotting fluff
word count: 2246
A/N: sooo much fluff and love ♥
You turned the key and opened the door to your apartment. The moment you stepped into the small space of your corridor, you were welcomed with a thick warmth that made your body shiver from the contrast with the cold winter air outside.
You inhaled deeply to help your body get used to the atmosphere inside, and your nostrils were flooded with the very unique smell of your house. The smell that immediately whispered "home" right into your heart the moment it touched your senses, making it pump a little faster and warming you up from the inside.
You couldn’t help but exhale an exhausted sigh. The weight of the world fell from your shoulders the very instant, and your racing thoughts calmed down for the first time on this long day.
You closed the door behind you and kicked off your boots, changing them into cute, fluffy slippers. Then take off your coat along with other accessories that help your body keep warm in the unwelcomed winter weather. Only after you stepped further into the apartment and tossed your keys and bag onto the nearest stool did you notice strange sounds coming from within.
You paused and listened closely. From the direction of your kitchen, you heard the soft shuffling of clothes, quiet tinkering of something that sounded like metal, along with running water and… music.
You couldn’t make out the words, but the characteristic noizes of the brass instruments and the familiarity of the tune told you that it was probably something of Sinatra or similar. Your lips curled into a small smile.
You walked towards the sounds and found him in the kitchen. Your spirit lifted instantly, filling your chest and coloring your cheeks with warmth. You leaned on the doorway, taking in the picture before your eyes.
His back was turned to you, while all of his attention was focused on something before him. From what you could see he was cooking something, humming quietly along to the song. Two of his appendages supported his weight, letting his spine rest, while the other two helped him, giving him different items and ingredients.
You watched in awe how the upper right (Flo, if you remember correctly) cracked an egg, poured it into the bowl, and tossed the shell in the bin with a delicacy you wouldn’t expect from a heavy metallic mechanism. At the same time the upper left limb (Moe) was mixing the contents of the bowl with a whisk at an amazing speed.
The whole picture was so sweet, so domestic. You bit your lip to suppress a grin threatening to break out. God, he was cute.
As regretful as you were to disturb the man, you felt the need to finally announce your presence. And hopefully, get a much needed hug after a long and tiring day.
"My love, what are you doing here?"
The sound of your soft voice made his head snap and his upper arms face you in an instant. Harry and Larry lowered Otto on the floor carefully, and now the whole four of them were chirping happily in greeting.
You breathed out a laugh and lifted your hand to pet each of them, as you usually would, but before you could do anything, a pair of strong and very human arms locked around you, squeezing you into the body of their owner. Your nose bumped into the softness of your lover’s chest, and your body relaxed, melting into him. Your hands wrapped around his torso, holding him even more tightly.
"Hey, darling. You’re early today."
"Yeah, we closed earlier because of the weather."
"Ah, I see."
"Why, you didn’t miss me?"
Even though your words were muffled a little due to your face being pressed against his chest, making it hard to talk, Otto heard you anyway. He pulled off of you, leaving his palms to rest on your shoulders to hold you in place, both with his hands and his almost hurtful look.
"Of course, I missed you, my heart. We missed you terribly. We always do."
The last sentence died somewhere in the crown of your hair as he pulled you back into his embrace again. You closed your eyes, breathing in his scent and enjoying the heat of his body once more.
"I missed you, too."
Four limbs tweeted merrily around you. You stood there silently, holding each other for a few more minutes before you finally had the strength to pull away. As much as you hated to do it, you needed to take a shower and change into something more comfortable than your work uniform. But you missed lunch today and wanted to fill your stomach before that. At least with some snacks.
"I wanted to grab something first. I’m starving, honestly. What are you making here?"
You turned your head to the fridge, but couldn’t even make a move when Otto’s hands grabbed your shoulders again, more firmly this time. Now this was confusing. His face was unreadable when he cleared his throat and asked rather nonchalantly.
"Err… Don’t you want to take a shower first?"
"Well… Yeah, I was thinking about just that, but I wanted to eat first and I need to take my clo…"
Gently, but firmly enough, he guided you in the direction of your bathroom. He didn’t even let you finish your thought, almost pushing you into the room.
"We will bring it to you." And just like that, he walked away.
Well… that was odd, but you were too tired to ask any questions, so you just went to the bathroom. Later, you thought lazily and peeled off your worn out clothes. Thank god it was your day off tomorrow. You didn’t feel like doing laundry today.
Otto, true to his words, brought you a set of underwear, clean pajamas, and a pair of thick wool socks. Before you sank into the bathtub, he gave you a gentle kiss, told you not to hurry, and jogged away.
You took your time, listening to your boyfriend (and your body’s needs for the first time in forever). You waited till the water cooled down so much it was barely warm and not comfortable anymore to sit in. You put on a face masque and a lotion, and finish the treatment for a day with a moisturizing cream.
Walking out of the bathroom you headed to your bedroom to find the charge for your phone that was dead for a few hours now. The path to your bedroom lied through the living room where you expected to find your lovely nerd and suggest he join you for dinner. As you always did. Even if he was a little weird today, he was still the love of your life, and thanks to your damn working schedule you haven’t seen much of him lately.
But you always had dinners, and you weren’t going to miss it, even if you were already yawning heavily when you reached the main room. It was nothing fancy, of course, neither you nor Otto could afford something too expensive, but you didn;t mind. Your flat was simply comfortable and just big enough for the two of you (Well, the six of you, including Harry, Larry, Moe and Flo, but they were attached to Otto and when calm, weren’t taking up too much room). You loved it, honestly.
But you never thought of anything as particularly beautiful. You did not pay much mind to the surroundings anyway. Until this very moment.
A soft gasp escaped your suddenly tightened throat when you stepped into the room. The first thing that caught your eyes were a few star-shaped twinkle lights hung up attached to the ceiling. Their yellow leds illuminated the room the same way the stars illuminated the night sky.
The furniture was decorated with origami figures: animals and flowers of all sorts and colors. And stars. So many stars of all shapes… It was truly magical.
And in the middle of all this he stood. The man of your dreams. Your significant other, the love of your life and your very best friend, Otto Octavius. He always had a way to surprise you and leave you starstruck in one way or another, but this… It was something else entirely.
He stood in the middle of the room, clearly waiting for you, with the softest look in his eyes and a gentle smile on his lips. A soft brown colored three-piece tweed suit complimented him nicely, hugging all of his curves in all the right places. White checkered shirt emphasized the image, giving off a bit of professor vibe.
"Thank God you’re alive!"
He chuckled and took a small step towards you, his children chirped and it almost sounded like giggle.
You gulped, unable to speak.
"I told you not to hurry, but I wasn’t expecting you to slow down this much."
You wanted to say something, to look around once more, but once you saw him, your eyes were glued to him.
"Otto…" You managed to choke out. "What is all of this?"
He huffed out a laugh, enjoying your confusion.
"Have you forgotten, my love? It’s your birthday."
You shook your head. "But… It’s only tomorrow."
"Ah, that’s where you’re wrong." He closed the distance between you in one big step and showed you his watch, raising it to your eye level, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tear your gaze off of his beautiful face.
"It’s six minutes past midnight."
Tumblr media
He looked delighted and a little bit smug. Of course, he wanted to tease you even now.
As you were staring into his chocolate gorgeous eyes with an unmistakable glint of mischief that he somehow always managed to keep at all times, you were repeating only three words. Over and over again, they spin in your head like a broken record, taking all of the space in your overwhelmed mind.
I love him.
You didn’t know how you got so lucky to have this man in your life. Every time you asked yourself that, and every time you did not find the answer, but god were you happy to have his love. And he felt exactly the same.
He loved you. He adored you.
That’s why he spent a whole month preparing the perfect celebration. That’s why he dug into the internet and learned how to make origami figures. That’s why he tried and tried and tried again to bake the cake from a family recipe that his mother always made for him. By all means the result was worth any effort. You deserved any effort. You deserved the world, and God he loved you so much.
You managed to take a breath and slowly took his hands into your smaller ones. Your fingertips trembled from all of the emotions you felt at this moment. Your heart was racing inside of your chest, thumping against your ribcage like a captured bird that wanted to break free of a trap that was too small for it. You didn’t want to calm her. You couldn’t even if you tried.
Your eyes stayed locked and you hoped that he knew, that he felt, everything you wanted to say to him. Otto’s lopsided grin melted, the twinkles in his eyes faded slowly and were replaced with something different. Something deeper. It was not the flames of desire that you know so well by now, no. It was calm and sure. Steady and confident. It was the light. The light as bright as the shining of the sun itself. And just as radiant.
But unlike the gas giant, this kind of light didn’t burn. This kind of light warmed you, both your body and soul. This kind of light healed you and helped you grow. This kind of light enlightened your life and your path, allowing you to see and not be blinded.
This was the light of love. And it reflected in your own eyes and heart.
He lifted your hands to his face, stroking them gently with his fingers. So gently, as if you were made of glass and he was afraid to break you, he started to leave delicate, almost feather-like kisses against your knuckles. First on the right hand, then on the left. He kissed every bone, every freckle, every mole and scar, showered the tips of your fingers with quick pecks.
And the last bites of cold wind and sharp snowflakes you might still feel on your skin melted under his touch, along with your heart. His eyes held nothing but adoration and love, and you felt your eyes water.
God, how much you loved him. So much, it almost hurts you. But you knew he would never in a million years let anyone, even himself, bring you any harm. The love you had for him, so strong and intense, so huge it couldn’t contain in your body anymore and now threatened to spill through your eyes as words failed to express it. You loved him.
And he loved you.
He let go of your hands, gently placing them on his belt and cupped your face. He covered your lips with his plumpier ones in a tender kiss and the world stopped. He felt perfect against you, like you were always meant for each other. The kiss lasted a moment, or maybe it was hours. Finally he pulled away and rested his forehead against yours.
"Happy birthday, my love."
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https-sen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A/n: I just had the sudden realisation that, i dont write for women 😨 which is weird because i find them attractive and hot (disappointed fruity sen noises 😔) so here's my first hc for both genders!
Genre: Fluff
Female Pairing(s): Hu Tao, Kokomi, Baal x gn!reader
Male Pairing(s): Zhongli, Bennett, Gorou x gn!reader
Warning(s): Cursing and Not Proofread!
Tumblr media
Hu tao
A picnic in a forest!
You'd share some snacks you made yourself with her (and she'd devour it without hesitation). You'd make flower crowns for each other and talk about her pranks. You laugh at her jokes as you both enjoy each others company. You both walk through the forest and spook a few travellers on the way gleefully giggling at their expression. Sitting by a tree and watch the sunset as you hold hands. This is a wonderful way to end your day with her, and hopefully more days can come <3
Tumblr media
A beach picnic!
As you both enjoy the calming breeze and the sunny day, you'd talk about all the places you went and all the different things you saw while you were away. She brought some handmade sandwiches, biscuits and juice so you both dont get hungry or thirsty. You'd both build a sand castle, collect shells and stroll along the shore. She tells you with a hopeful smile, "I hope I can come along with you one day my love. It sounds exciting!". And that's when you both start planning an adventure. Just the two of you <3
Tumblr media
A picnic in her plane of euthymia!
She planned a small picnic just for the two of you because she didnt know how to express her feelings. She tried her best to make the snacks you like but it was either burnt or raw. You told her it was alright and that her dazzling self was already enough for you. She bursts into a ball of flustered-ness after that because she felt touched. In the end, you both got Yei's help and managed to whip out a new batch of snacks together <3
Tumblr media
A picnic in a garden!
He's a classy man, everyone knows that. But he's a simple one too. All he cares about is the time he gets to spend with you. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive. Just drinking tea (or "OtHmAnThUs WiNe") as you talk about the little things that happened throughout your day. He's actually very affectionate with physical touch, so expect him to lie his head on your lap or on your shoulder. And he loves it when you stroke his hair as you do so. He can't imagine a life without you, so he wants to savour every second he has <3
Tumblr media
A picnic in a flower feild!
Bennett is a very cheerful boy. He would try his best to make you the best picnic ever!! He tries to make it really fancy and over the top because you're the love of his life and his favorite person. But everything started going wrong because it was raining and the picnic blanket got wet. But that's alright! He still has the cookies he baked- Oh wait, he burnt them. When you arrived with an umbrella, you saw a droopy Benny sitting on he grass with a picnic basket beside him. You assured him it's alright and had an indoor picnic instead <3
Tumblr media
A picnic on a hill!
Childe is a very busy man so he hardly has time for you. He feels bad and he wants to hang around with you more. Just like the old times. That's why he brought you to a hill with a beautiful view and a picnic basket in hand to weasel out with you at 7 in the fucking morning. You both talked about anything and everything!! It's not any day you get to spend this much time with him so mihht as well make it last. You'd tell him jokes and make him laugh, see who can drink and eat faster than the other and choke after. Little things like these made today a great one. Hopefully, he can weasel his way out for you again <3
Tumblr media
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albedoswifehusband · 2 days ago
Hii if you didn't wrote that already? Can i req?
Fluff with Diluc? Before dating? Like he getting crush and triing to fugure out he has crush, he being so adorable and blushy and awkward about it and tooootally obvious? Pleaaaaseeee🙏🙏🙏🙏
Take care and drink water! Thanks
-He is so funny. This man switches between unreadable and obvious so fast and often at until he accepts his feelings it’d give anyone trying to analyze him a headache.
-If his loved one is oblivious as well they might think he hates them a lot for a bit since he’s grumpy looking when trying to hide and deny his feelings.
-He looks like a cherry tomato any time they compliment him or thank him while he’s still figuring it out and he’s so frustrated because he keeps getting teased by people but he is straight up in denial.
-He actually figures out his feelings pretty quick, it’s just that he doesn’t want to accept it since that means a lot of responsibility and too many potential losses. 
-If they’re a bar customer he just has someone else help them when he isn’t working alone until he can’t avoid it or accepts his feelings.
-There’s all sorts of little things he does while pining. Giving them extra snacks at the bar to make sure they’re okay while drinking, asking to walk them home, general safety measures in mind since that’s how he shows he cares normally.
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nana-dear · a day ago
fae reader terrified of diasomnia
Tumblr media
synopsis He is infatuated from the moment he saw you, but there's a minuscule problem... You are from a way more delicate species, and every fairy knows to stay away from the terrifying Valley of Thorns habitants.
characters Malleus Draconia, Lilia Vanrouge, Silver & Sebek Zigvolt
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He can't even stand in the same room, because as soon as you glimpse him, you run away.
He managed to speak to you once, if you can call it that. He introduced himself, but you stayed paralyzed.
Understands your reasons, and at first he decided to not pressure you.
But he really wants to talk to you...
Malleus often sees you helping other students. You even offered to help clean the gardens at Ramshackle. You are so good with plants, after all.
And you aren't mean per se. Yeah, you shiver whenever he speaks to you, run away from him, and the only time you tried to say something, you were so terrified that you didn't form any coherent words. But other than that, you are really polite!
The way flowers come back to life after you walk past them, the way you laugh with your friends, how small are you compared to him... You are so cute! Please, please, please, he just wants to hold your hand once!
Really wants to impress you with everything he does.
Firsts tries to make students from his dorm speak to you. That way, you'll have a common friend.
However, you act very shy in front of every Diasomnia member. Their leader is the next king of the Valley of Thorns!
Alright, what about getting close to your friends instead?
Everyone realizes his intentions. And no matter how hard they try to help, the few times they could make you two stay in the same place, everyone stayed quiet for hours.
He then "bumps" into you. "Oh, what a coincidence..." he would say and proceeded to talk about whatever you were doing. Reading a book? Oh, he has read it, it's amazing! Eating something? Ah yes, he very much enjoys consuming food. Are you going somewhere? Haha, yeah he has to go too...! Yes, he has pendant affairs in the, uhm, restroom.
Every day he tells Lilia how much progress he is making. In your case, you keep telling your friends "I think he is planning to murder me."
Everyone things is funny how obvious Malleus is. Except you, I guess.
They find amusement in his weird shenanigans, but no one is brave enough to tell him he is being... overwhelming.
Keep fighting, Malleus!
Tumblr media
The most straightforward of the guys.
You are scared now. All you need is some exposure therapy!
Appears in front of you out of nowhere.
You may be unresponsive for now, but that's okay! He can do the talking. And oh boy, he talks a lot...
Treats you as a long-time friend. "This is my friend [Name]. They are a fairy too. Hey, why don't you tell them about that one time we... "
It's a whole spectacle. Everyone realizes your nervous gaze, but Lilia seems really used to it so it's fine, isn't? ... Wait, did you just mouthed "help me"?!
People often find you running down the hallways, Lilia laughing behind you. "Oh, we are running now?"
You try everything to escape from him. Hide in your room with the excuse that you are sick and he'll immediately go to check on you. He even brings food and your suspicions get confirmed. This man is trying to kill you!
With time you still avoid him, but you don't realize how at some point the line between scary fae and annoying friend got blurred.
Seeing his advances were successful, he then tries to introduce you to Malleus and the others.
You've become a legend around your friends. The one who talked to the Valley of Thorns fairies and lived to tell the story.
That's when you realize how ridiculous are some rumours.
Now fairies get close to you just to ask you to introduce them to Lilia, because they've been curious this whole time, but no one dares to try.
It takes a lot for you to get comfortable enough to actually talk to Lilia.
"You know, it's funny now, but back then I used to think you guys ate other fairies..."
"Well, of course! You are so cute we could eat you! ... Too much? Sorry it's a joke."
You still have a bad time trying to separate myths from reality, and Lilia's mischievousness doesn't help a lot. But you learned they aren't harmful.
"Haha! People from my land get terrified when they hear your name. Can you believe they say you fought in the war? ... Hey, what's with that face?"
Tumblr media
Keeps bumping into you, and this time is an actual accident!
Genuinely doesn't realize he scares you. :c
He believes you are just a very shy person. It takes someone else to point out to him you don't hang with Valley of Thorns fairies.
But even then, there's no reason for you to fear him! He'll show you, let him bring you to Diasomnia and—!
You apologize and flee every time he tries to speak with you.
He seems to be everywhere. You find him in the classrooms, on the patio, even when you walk away only to separate yourself from him, you end up in the same place! He is also silent. You could be talking with a group of friends and when you realize he is there!
That's why you believe he is following you. And what other reason is there to follow someone other than to hurt them?!
Everyone constantly tells you how a good guy he is. Not because he asked them to, but they actually like Silver and feel bad for him.
Without external help, you end up warming up to him.
After constantly finding him talking to animals and helping others. You start to think that maybe he isn't evil...
He even sleeps so peacefully, you always thought people from the Valley of Thorns didn't sleep because their malicious powers got stronger in the darkness...
Maybe that's why he is so tired in the day? Because during night he steals children and curses towns?
You find him sleeping in a classroom once and the curiosity gets the best of you. You just want to take a closer look...
Little by little you go near, waiting for him to wake up and attack you. You even touch his shoulder while closing your eyes and... nothing happens. Oh.
How weird. When you inspect his face, he doesn't seem that bad.
He realizes the subtle shift in your behaviour after that. Although you keep your distance, you won't escape from him anymore.
Sometimes when he wakes up after accidentally falling asleep, he notices you sitting near, watching him.
It's a very slow process, but he is more than fine with waiting.
Wait, wait, wait! Why is he suddenly talking about introducing you to his father?!
Tumblr media
The worst of the Diasomnia boys.
If you were scared before, you are now horrified.
Sebek takes your indifference as a direct offense. He won't try to gain your trust, he just barges into your life.
Debates you about your strange beliefs about the Valley of Thorns, even if you both are standing in the middle of a corridor.
You could hear his screams all the way to RSA while he follows his fae "friend" through the entire school. "Hey! Where are you going!?"
Is like watching preschool children.
He often complains to Lilia. He honestly doesn't understand your reasons. Yes, he gets you are a different kind of fairy and that the relationship between species isn't particularly warm. But why should that matter?
Lilia is the one who forces Sebek to apologize and start being less intense.
He notices how you jump every time he raises his voice, so he is now more conscious about it and stops mid-sentence to lower his tone.
"[Name], accompany me to the cafeteria! ... if you want to."
His manners aren't the best, but he truly tries.
He also is very protective of you. The moment he watches you carrying something heavy, he goes to help you. It doesn't matter how strong you are. Opens doors for you and fights everyone who thinks is being slightly unfair to you.
Another showoff. He makes elaborate magic tricks in front of you all the time. But that makes you even more nervous...
It's all the effort he puts into being with you that makes you softer towards him.
He is still very tall and scary... But you try to pay for his kindness, doing the same for him and trying to leave aside all your fears.
He also talks so passionately about his hometown. It's kinda cute.
Oh but don't even mention something about Malleus because then we get back to step one.
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freddiefcknmercury · 2 days ago
I Hate Chocolate Croissants
Pairing: Druig(Eternals) & Reader(Genderless)
Word count: 700+; Drabble
Warnings/disclaimer: None. Mind Control. (A tame one?!)
A/N: I fell in love hard and I'm still looking for any excuse to not write my novels lmao.
Summary: Just some cute conversation and (first?) dinner with Druig.
~*As always, be Nice to me I'm delicate*~
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
You lean across the table at first, finding it difficult to speak so candidly about it.
"So you're like... a really fancy space robot?"
The corners of his mouth begin to turn up, as what your brain must be going through rolls around his mind.
"But... with superpowers."
He smiles hiding his teeth, nodding.
"But with superpowers, yes. Essentially."
You drop your shoulders; content but delicately overwhelmed.
"I met Sersi... the bad guys into birds thing is actually really terrifying."
You chuckle, half joking.
"Aaaand Kingo?"
He takes a substantial bite out of a chocolate croissant, not bothering to be too polite.
"Finger guns."
He waves the rest of his snack in the air vaguely, mouth still full.
You nod thoughtfully rolling your shoulders back.
"And you?"
He plops the last bite back onto the plate.
"...mind control."
You blink in the shared silence.
"As in... M-"
He cuts you off, already in that thought.
"Mind control. Yes."
You don't want to assume, and frankly you shouldn't. But there's really only so many ways you can think to possibly "control" someone's mind... and you're not a huge fan of the idea of any.
"Like... subliminally?"
You both scoff gently.
"I'm not an advertisement."
"Do they know?"
He finally looks back up at you. A brow gently raised asking for elaboration.
"That you're doing it... during or, after?"
He nods.
"Does it hurt?"
He sighs.
"No, not that I'm aware."
You sit back in your chair, hands folded in your lap.
"So you haven't done it to me?"
He inhales deeply. Shaking his head continuously.
"I don't hurt people, humans. I don't want to."
He leans back himself.
"I do love you..."
You lock eyes briefly, very briefly.
"Everyone on this planet. It's just occasionally..."
He throws the last bite of his snack into his mouth.
"You tend to behave like animals."
He playfully throws his hands up with a half hearted smirk.
"And I suppose that's the part I was here to deal with."
You scan him up and down. You don't have a reason not to believe him, but you don't like thinking you're scared of him either. Unfolding your arms you perk up.
"Show me."
He tilts his head slightly.
"Show you...?"
You stretch your arms out with a short chuckle.
"Mind control me, I guess?"
He scoffs, pondering you for a second.
His eyes become a vibrant gold and yours quickly follow. You both stand up from the table and walk over to the other's chair and take a seat. The color drops from both of your eyes.
He leans back in your chair, not hesitating to help himself to the plate you've been ignoring. You shake your head at him confused for a moment before looking down at the table and taking in your surroundings. You snap your neck back around to look at him, smiling, nodding slowly.
"Okay... okay."
You sigh deeply. You assumed that if you experienced it the fear might subside but there's still something lingering.
"Are you aware... of how unsettling that is?"
"I can imagine."
The lights on the patio flicker alerting everyone that the restaurant will be closing soon. You two quickly clear your dishes and start back up the sidewalk to your car silently for a few long minutes.
"I've scared you."
He always looked very nonchalant. Hands in his pockets, snacking on something, generally off-to-the-side... and if it weren't for all that you wouldn't have noticed his jaw clenched slightly or how high up his shoulders were. You sigh softly.
"I won't lie and say that I'm not... wary."
You wait for a small group of people walking the other way to pass you before stopping to lean back against the building to face him. Both of your hands firmly stuffed in pockets. You shake your head gently.
"I'm not afraid of you. If that's what you're concerned about."
He rolls his neck before taking a step forward.
"Maybe you should be."
Once again his eyes are a shocking gold and yours quickly follow. There's a tug deep within you coming up through your chest, pulling you from the wall. You slowly step forward closing the gap between you, your faces a whisper apart. A warm enveloping calm washes over you as the color once again leaves both sets of eyes.
You hold his gaze and he shifts his shoulders, lifting his head slightly. You scan his face quickly. It's unreadable, he's good at that. A smirk tugs at his corners again. You gasp, half joking.
"Have you ever used a mirror and tried it on yourself?!"
He pauses before scoffing and pressing his forehead into yours.
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achillesd0ved0wn · 2 days ago
Magic Moments
Jason Todd x reader
❥ Tags: slice of life, romantic and/or platonic relationship (whichever you prefer more)
❥ Warnings: gender neutral reader (no pronounces or gendered terms used), minor swearing, subject of loneliness, references to holiday season (mainly Christmas), one poorly written pun
❥ Summary: sometimes little things that we see on the Internet turn out to mean so much more to us than expected. You find yourself longing to experience one of those little things on the night of patrol with Red Hood. When working hours are over, the former Boy Wonder decides to bring wonders of your dreams to life.
❥ Note: it started snowing in my hometown, so, it means the only one thing... Winter Romance is here 💕
Beloved by tourists, the clock on the old building of Bowery Mall struck three times in a row, indicating the late night. You mindlessly turned your head in the direction of the sound, just to witness a bunch of snowflakes flying into your face.
It was about time the snow would be everywhere. Despite it being the beginning of December on the calendar, the early winter had been setting in Gotham City for only a couple of days. It was a completely different picture in the minds of people, as there it was winter for nearly a month. It seemed like the moment clock tower struck twelve times on the 31st of October, signifying the change of the day to the very first of November, people automatically switched to the winter programme: some getting festive and joyful because of Christmas, some getting warmer clothes out of their wardrobes, some starting planning their holidays ahead to get a well-deserved rest while the others built plans to be occupied and helpful in that colder time of the year, when not only people, but their hearts too needed a warming touch of a helping hand. There was one more group of people in the time like that, people, who felt especially irritated with others getting ahead of themselves and rushing the next holiday to come, which you were a part of.
“It’s only the beginning of November! Why is my FYP all in Christmas life hacks?!” you grumbled tiredly, scrolling video after video, trying to enjoy your usual content fruitlessly. “At this point, anything not-Christmas-y would do, I don’t care what it’d be.”
“Oh, Y/N, don’t be such a Grinch. Would it kill you to be a little jolly for your own sake?” Dick, one of the “excited for Christmas” maniacs, spoke to you on his way to place a holiday wreath on the main door of the manor. He probably had planned out a way to decorate the whole mansion, but wasn’t formally given the permission to do so. “Yet. Wasn’t given permission YET! It’s just a matter of time,” he always argued, being well aware that Bruce most likely would hire some interior designer with the crew to do the job. For the head of the Wayne family, it was simply a gala season that could be rich with donations to the city and connections to renew or make for the sake of the enterprise. He had to be prepared to make the best impression on high society and that was the reason nobody but professionals were allowed near the decoration year to year. However, that never stopped some certain family members; it was also the reason why you repeatedly saw Dick sneakily drop Christmas-themed stuff here and there for the last week.
You scoffed, about to ignore his words and continue on with your phone, when it hit you that Christmas already poisoned his brain to the point he referred to it twice in two sentences (which was way too many mentions that early in the season). You jumped from the armchair you occupied before and followed the young man with a displeased look on your face.
“Oh no, you did NOT just say that to me!”
Damian, with a freshly baked cookie in his right hand and Alfred the Cat in the other, was watching you approach his older brother and patiently waiting for the chaos to arise.
“If I were you, I’d be running right now,” he said morbidly, hiding an excited smile from the anticipation of action. Dick looked at him in confusion, finishing with the wreath, when he noticed your figure getting a little bit too close to him and your face being a little bit too unfriendly.
Dick smiled innocently. He knew exactly what he did and what he was about to do once again.
“What is it, Y/N? Practicing your Scrooge impression already? And here I thought you’d be the last person to feel the festive spirit,” were his last words before he ran to the main staircase to get lost in the endless rooms and secret passages of the manor that he knew better than anyone living there. You groaned out of irritation.
“Come back here, Frosty the Snowman rip-off!” you sprinted after, hoping to catch Grayson before he’d find a mysterious way to escape your wrath and avoid consequences of his actions again (Tim claimed that the score of him getting away from you was getting close to ten).
It wasn’t like you weren’t a fan of Christmas, no. Year after year, you enjoyed family gatherings with Waynes even though you weren’t a part of the family “officially”; you liked presents; you liked decor; you liked that magical atmosphere that it was meant to spread; at last, you liked all the seasonal flavors it brought every year. You just weren’t a crazy fan, taking pride in being a safe-middle and enjoying the holiday when it was meant to come. What you didn’t like were two things: the way people treated a family holiday these days, making it about material goods, and the way people rushed to jump into it right after Halloween.
It was tolerable, for most part, because in real life you wouldn’t see many people of both types, protecting your sense of anticipation and saving your festiveness for the holiday itself. On the internet though, it was different. It was always fun to see people having fun with the holiday crafts or themed recipes, but it would get too much too quickly. Even if you wanted to get all the videos and posts about Christamas out of your sight, you couldn’t. For that you would have to shut off your phone, get rid of your laptop and any means of communication and go back to using carrier pigeons. Impossible. Therefore, you had to call for the flight response again, avoiding them as much as you possibly could.
One of the worst things, though, was a different type of videos. Year after year, there was one trend making its comeback to everyone’s socials: a happy couple, a snowy night, a touching song, a dance in the snowfall.
It was one of the most favourite seasonal things for you, one of the good things that people had brought to the table, something that could make their holiday rush tolerable. You loved seeing those things again and again at first. Every season would start the same: the irritation from a certain type of people, the excitement about that one particular thing, and the grand finish with a deep, weird feeling you didn’t like to talk about.
You would totally lie if you said you never felt jealous over people who participated in this trend. As much as it was beautiful to look at, it was upsetting to see again and again. On some nights, it would become especially painful to view.
It wasn’t something to be ashamed of, moreover, it was the most humanish feeling, the wish to experience something like these people did. You were a human, after all, a person with wants and needs, among which was a longing for a connection with someone special as well; it was totally alright to feel this way, yet, still you couldn’t help but feel silly for getting worked up over something so insignificant.
Even surrounded by friends and found family (as much as you’d deny it to anyone, deep down you still saw Bruce and his chaotic household as a place you belonged to; the closest thing to family that you had in your “brooding and lonely” life of a vigilante) you felt like something was missing. Most people you knew would blame it on lack of romance in your life. You always disagreed; it didn’t feel like the right answer.
A long-long time ago you understood, it wasn’t necessarily a romantic thing, but a feeling of closeness, reliability and fulfillment from having a special person that was always there for you in your life. Of course, you had people in your life, lots of them, but they were all occupied with their own lives, as they should’ve been; you wouldn’t ever ask them for more than they gave you already. It wasn’t your place to ask anyway.
Often you’d find yourself alone in a situation when you had no one to turn to. You knew that feeling a little too well. You wished there was someone in moments like this, someone close, someone that felt right for you. That was what you saw in those videos you both adored and disliked so much.
“You good?” a metallic voice in your earpiece brought you back to the reality of sitting on the edge of the rooftop, looking at the darkened city and spying with your eye anything wrong or anyone in trouble. For a second there, you forgot you were on a patrol. Although, how else would you end up in such a place on December night?
“Yeah, sup?”
“Old man called us off. We’re done for today.”
With all the haste of the season, everything was the same for local vigilantes: the routine of Gotham’s Most Wanted causing troubles and committing heavy crimes, a daily hide-and-seek with the ones that got caught and tried to escape, multiple police encounters a day, patrols in the light of the day or in the dark of the night; all mixed up with an attempt to live a normal life without a mask, everyone’s favourite. The crime didn’t have a holiday season, nor were local criminals getting festive and making a choice towards peace and quiet. It was fine, though; you could always use a distraction.
That night was unusually quiet. Besides a couple of attempted robberies, a drunk fight at the pub on Miagani Island and some thugs trying to mess with the radio tower on Riddler’s behalf, there wasn’t much going on. Her Grace, Gotham City, was in a slumber-like state, tucked in with a snowy blanket that painted her blank and innocent, nearly a newborn. She was beautiful, mesmerizing, stealing your breath away and making you look only at her snowy sights with an empty but melancholic mind. That was one of the side prospects of working as a vigilante, and you certainly loved it.
You heard a thump, the kind a pair of heavy combat boots would do after landing on a thin layer of snow on the roof. In other circumstances you’d turn around in caution, expecting someone dangerous to you, but in that case, it was someone dangerous to anybody but you.
A sequence of just as heavy steps followed, revealing Red Hood’s presence to you as he flopped down on the roof’s edge next to you.
“Hey,” you greeted him, still watching the city from above.
“Hey,” he replied, getting comfortable in his place and turning to look in the same direction as you. His appearance caught you by surprise as usually you two immediately parted after the end of patrol. Although, you couldn’t deny that Jason had a gift of appearing when he was needed the most, in your case at least.
You didn’t want to be disturbed, though, making sure nobody would get to you during or after the job. The curiosity was burning with a question on the tip of your tongue.
“How did you find me?”
“Oh, please, as if after all these years I wouldn’t be able to find the person I need. Besides… You’re not that obscure,” he nodded at your costume, referring to the colors you used for it. If that didn’t make you roll your eyes, his following remark sure did. “You had your location on the entire time.”
You just knew he had that smug face underneath the helmet as if he managed to outsmart you.
“I didn’t know you were capable of reading directions… From what I’ve heard, it’s usually Tim’s responsibility to handle maps around you,” you knew exactly where to aim.
Jason scoffed, unable to comprehend the betrayal, the attack you launched at him. He turned to face you immediately, making you feel his murderous sight pinned to you as if it could actually kill or, at least, make you take your words back.
“And what are you implying by that, smartass?”
“Oh, nothing at all… Just keeping your ego at bay.”
You imagined a pout forming underneath the helmet, the situation was making you force back down the laughter, trying to escape.
“Well, if Tim is so smart and good with maps, maybe have him as your partner next time you go out.”
“Oh no, Hood… Is it possible that you are… Jealous?” you gasped dramatically, putting a hand on your chest as if you were a character of some soap opera trying to express utter shock.
Jason was looking at you in complete silence. It was merely a minute pause but it felt so much longer. Then he laughed.
“You got me there,” he turned back to face the city as you nudged him slightly with your shoulder.
“Come on, no need to worry, how could I ever replace the best partner I’ve ever had?” you cooed, making Jason shove you jokingly in response. You could barely finish your sentence, your laugh taking over.
“Shush,” he said, clearly enjoying one of many friendly banters you always shared. You obliged, returning to the task you were at before: aimless sightseeing.
“Honestly, though, I do find you the most convenient to work with,” you mentioned, feeling like your words could have touched the nerve.
“Aw, don’t get all sentimental on me, Y/N, or I’m going to think you are mellowing with age.”
You gasped in disbelief, masking a chuckle.
“How dare!”
“Two can play this game, partner.”
It was your turn to laugh as you turned back to an abandoned activity.
Despite the city being dressed in the golden attire of lanterns on the ground to neon signs on the buildings’ sides and flashlights on the very top of high-rises, it looked abandoned, empty, lonely in its beauty. Even the roads were empty, not a single vehicle around. It was probably because of the location being nearly an outskirt, but there wasn’t a single living soul outside. You sighed, relating to the empty image of a lone gracious woman called Gotham City a little bit too much; the feeling you tried to get rid of dropped back to you the same way the snowflakes were falling and falling.
“What’s up with you, Y/N?”
You gave Jason a questioning sight.
“What do you mean?”
“I get it that you think you are being sneaky, but that expression you have is really exposing you.”
“Oh,” you replied, understanding that you didn’t bother to mask the way you felt, as if forgetting there was someone else besides you now. Or, maybe, it was very unfortunate that Jason had an eye for such things when it came to you. There wasn’t a single time you were able to fool him before, why’d it work that night?
Maybe he knew you too well after countless times you spent side by side on missions and patrols, or maybe you weren’t as good at hiding things as you thought; yet again, he was the only one to ever notice. That thought, somehow, warmed you from the inside. He just knew, he saw you the way you were. You never fully realized it before.
“It’s stupid, really.”
Jason groaned out of irritation.
“Aren’t you the one to always preach that if something bothers you it’s not stupid or whatever? Spit it out, hypocrite.”
“Why are you so pressed all of a sudden?”
“Because the person I value seems to be upset in front of me and I can’t do shit because you keep it to yourself!” he sighed and then froze, making a pause. “...Is that how you feel when I act this way?”
You blinked in shock from his sudden realization. It would be so funny if the situation was different, you thought to yourself, also admitting that he made a valid point.
“Uh, yeah!”
“Well… It’s not about me now. What is the issue and who am I killing for you tonight?”
As much as you disliked the idea of sharing such a minor inconvenience, you felt like you could trust him with that. You pulled out your phone and, to your much surprise, got the video you needed shown to you right when you opened the app. You passed the phone to Jason, who held it carefully, attentively watching a dancing couple on the screen for a couple of times until passing the phone back to you.
“So… what was that about?”
You were thinking hard, trying to choose the right words to describe the exact issue you had. Was it jealousy? Was it loneliness? Was it just the desire to experience something so magical? You knew what it was. You just couldn’t pick a good enough explanation to expose or to, at least, start from.
“I just… Find it especially lonely this time of the year, when these videos show up. I always wanted to feel this kind of thing when you just create a beautiful moment in your life, something to remember and have between only you and someone else.”
Jason was quiet. It really felt like he didn’t really understand what you were talking about, which was fine, you were your own person and it was a niche feeling to get worked up with. Still you couldn’t brush off a judgemental feeling which you weren’t sure was coming from you or Jason himself.
“You know that most of these are fake, right?”
Now you were the one to express irritation with a groan.
“Of course, I do! It’s not the videos I want. It’s the feeling, Jay.”
You weren’t sure what was going on underneath the helmet, turned to you, but you imagined a stare of bluish eyes on you with a brain behind them, contemplating life choices that led him to that situation. Unexpectedly for you, Jason spoke softly.
“I… I get it, Y/N. I just meant that you shouldn’t rely so much on things like this to get a perspective on something, you know?” he placed his palm on your shoulder, giving it a heartening squeeze. You understood exactly what he meant, closing your eyes and nodding to agree with his words. “Anyways…”
Jason placed his hands on the helmet, pressing some buttons you could never figure out the location of, and took it off, standing up in the moment. He dropped the helmet on the ground, expanding his hand at you as an invitation.
"Come dance with me. I'm not really good at this since, you know, I'm not a regular guest at galas... But a waltz will do."
You froze speechless.
There he was, standing in front of you in the light of the moon and nearby lanterns flattering his best features; the snowflakes circled around him in a melodic dance of their own. That moment really felt like the start of something magical. something you’d certainly see on the Internet or as a part of a Netflix original series; as mesmerizing as the sights you viewed that night, the Damned Prince of Gotham he was.
You let yourself absorb every little detail, every tiny thing around you, letting your imagination run wild and romanticize the picture in front of you. It felt unreal, fairytale-like.
And then, you noticed one detail that reminded you that it was in fact your reality after all.
“Seriously? A mask under the helmet?” you took his hand, getting shy from his gesture that made you feel smitten. You covered it with a chuckle as you got up on your feet. “Do you have another mask under that one too?”
“Hey, give me a break,” Jason pulled you closer, getting in the leading position. “Can’t risk flashing my face since I came out as not at all dead and very much alive second son of Wayne.”
“Whatever you identify as, I fully support.”
Jason opened his mouth to dodge your remark but instead closed his eyes, clearly done with you, which made you chuckle even more.
“...I’m literally going to drop you into the snow, don’t tempt me.”
You laughed; you laughed at his words, at the built up anxiety and anticipation. At that moment you could swear you felt like a kid at Disneyland.
“I don’t think that blasting music would be a good idea, but… Here,” only now you noticed how Jason was wearing earbuds the entire time, not the earpiece you used for communication. He took one of them off, carefully placing it into your ear as his fingertips gently brushed your earflap. Then, he pressed a couple of times on the screen of his gadget that found its place on his wrist, and you heard slow tunes in one of your ears. “Ready?”
You nodded.
“Follow my lead,” he said, taking your hand in his and taking a step to spin the two of you in the rhythm of music.
At first you were hesitant: about dancing, about music, about snow getting in the way. You didn’t even remember the last time you danced yourself, not to mention a waltz with a partner. What if you’d step on his foot? Or stumble over your own and make you both fall? There were a lot of things to worry about. However, Jason’s tight hold on you and his confidence in what he was doing made you let go of all the worries that occupied your head.
The snow was falling.
The music combined with the soft sound of steps and the sound of Gotham so well, creating a unique melody of that moment you were sure nobody could ever recreate.
The two of you were spinning and spinning, Jason following the music and you following him. You couldn’t help but look him in the eyes, seeing how he didn’t look away once as well. Everything in that moment was in perfect sync.
The tune changed several times as you continued dancing, nor Jason, neither you intending to interrupt the winter magic that seemed to envelope the two of you.
But everything had to come to an end.
You didn’t even notice how the music got quiet as you were still standing in Jason’s hold, unable to break it off. Unwillingly, you both distanced a little, he finally let go of your hand. Not a single word was said as you two returned to the edge of the roof, sitting down to recover your breath.
The harmony, created in that moment, stayed even though the moment itself was already gone.
Jason was watching the streets, not knowing what to say or if there was a need to speak at all. You were speechless as well, savoring the last bits of the dream he gave you that now would be forever engraved in your memory.
You felt a stray touch of his hand brushing against yours when you decided to break off the silence.
“Hey, I… Thank you. I really needed that,” you said, removing the unnecessary distance between you and Jason, the way you’d sit right next to each other. Jason nodded in an understanding manner, turning to you but remaining in his place.
“I’ve got you, Y/N. I guess, out of all people I do know how you feel.”
“Yeah… That’s why I enjoy your company the most. You know me.”
Jason smiled at you, feeling your hand rest behind his back so that you could lean on him hesitantly.
“We really are “when one loneliness meets the other” type of situation, don’t you think?”
“I do... It’s not so lonely with you, though.”
He sighed, moving closer too and wrapping his hand around your waist to pull you in, his head resting on top of yours. That night now consisted of two special moments, one right after the other; the years would pass but you wouldn’t forget even the smallest details about that night. You hoped Jason felt that way too.
“...Right back at you, partner.”
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