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#gender neutral reader
gaysimpsstuff · 5 months ago
Addidentally Injuring Their S/o
Part Two Here
YT Video Here (thanks @vanillaicedlatte-yt)
Genre: a n g s t
Type: Drabble/ Headcannons
Summary: in the heat of an arguement, after a battle, etc., they activate their quirk and Y/n somewhat permanently.
Warnings: gore, blood, fighting/ cursing, crying, burns, toxic relationships, 290 spoilers, endeavor
Other: This was meant to come out yesterday, but shitty mental health got in the way, so yeet. Also, I’m sorry these get worse and worse as they progress, that’s usually how things go for me. This was also inspired by a Tik Tok that I can’t find where Shigaraki accidentally dusts y/n who’s trying to comfort him. It was a Cosplay, if anyone can find it please let me know so I can link it and credit the creator.
Characters: Shigaraki, Dabi, Bakugou, Todoroki
Angst Taglist: @smolchildfangirl @combat-wombatus @mandalorian-baby-bird @waffleareniceandfluffy (let me know if you want to be added to or removed from the taglist)
Tomura Shigaraki
Tumblr media
It had started as a great day, a perfect day even. Everyone was listening to him, the league was getting news coverage, people were afraid.
Everything was too perfect.
Something was going to go wrong, he was sure of it.
He hated the way everyone was laughing and joking together, Toga helping Magne do her nails, Spinner playing video games with Twice backstage, and you were chatting with Dabi and Compress about the league’s next moves.
Kuroguri was off doing something or other, and he’d mentioned another ‘follower of All For One.’
But something felt off.
And of course you would notice him.
You were hiding at an abandoned theatre, and he was sitting on the edge of the stage, staring out at the empty audience.
You were with Dabi and Compress in the wings, and glanced away from them towards your boyfriend.
He seemed stressed, scratching at his neck vigorously. You sighed, standing up and heading over to him, sitting beside him.
You placed your hand on top of his spare hand, offering him a soft smile.’
“Hey, baby~” you cooed. “How’s my boyfriend doing?”
He grumbled, yanking his hand away from you. Your theory was correct, he was stressed about something.
He didn’t want to talk to anyone, especially not you. You always tried to comfort him and convince him everything was ‘okay’ even when it wasn’t.
“Go away.” He growled. “I’m trying to think.”
“Thinking about what?” You asked, scooching closer to him.
“None of your fucking business!” He snapped at you, and you flinched away from him.
“Tomura, I was just trying to help-“ you frowned at him. He could be immature and bratty at times he’s, but he usually made sure not to get that way with you.
“I don’t give a shit! I don’t need your damn help!” He stood up, marching over to the wings to head backstage. You followed suit.
Compress and Dabi quickly rushed off the stage when they saw Shigaraki heading towards them. Dabi stopped for a moment next to you, looking at you.
“Good luck with him.” He said, jerking his head towards Shigaraki. You shrugged at him.
Shigaraki overheard Dabi’s notion, anger and distress intensifying. Good luck? Good luck?! What the hell was wrong with him?
Dabi and Compres joined Toga and Magne in the red velvet chairs, Compress requesting that he gets his nails done in orange and black when she finished with Magne’s.
Shigaraki pushed aside the large heavy curtains blocking his way backstage, finding Spinner and Twice huddled near a small TV, an old PvP game loading onscreen
They both looked over their shoulders, staring up at their boss. You quickly darted backstage, crouching next to the ‘gamer boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis’ as they had nicknamed themselves.
“I’m so sorry,” you whispered to them. “He’s in a bit of a mood. I’ll take care of it, okay?”
Did he hear you correctly?
A mood?
You’ll ‘take care of it?’
Of it?
“Say that again, to my fuckung face!” Shigaraki screamed at you. “Tell me I’m just ‘iN a MoOd’ again!!”
You turned to him, eyes wide and scared.
“I’m sorry, Tomura, I didn’t mean it like that- I just didn’t want our friends to worry!”
“They aren’t our fucking friends! They just work for us- they work for me!” He corrected himself.
You stood up, flicking your wrist to motion for Twice and Spinner to leave. They quickly turned off their game and rushed away.
“You might not consider them our friends, but they’re certainly my friends. And I won’t let you scare my friends.” You stood your ground, taking a step towards him.
He scoffed, turning around and marching back onstage. You sighed, following after him, again.
“Please, Tomura talk to me. I’m your partner I want to help you!” You exclaimed. “You’re worrying me, please!”
“Well I don’t want to fucking talk!” He shouted, “and I don’t have to!”
“Please, Tenko!”
He saw red.
His hand flew away from him before he could stop himself, a target missile. It’s destination? Your face.
You lifted your hands instinctively, and he grabbed your wrist, fingers curling around your skin.
In that moment, all he felt was relief. Thank fucking god you’d lifted your arms. It was the one thing that has saved you from him.
You screamed, pain shooting up through you from your arm. Your skin peeled, falling away in tiny fragments of dust.
The dust fell around his fingers, your hand and wrist were completely gone now.
You felt someone pull you backwards, and you saw a glint of silver as Toga quickly severed your arm, blood spilling onto the floor of the stage where the pile of dust that used to be your arm lay.
You fell to your knees, screaming, reaching up and clutching at your elbow- the point of separation- desperately, trying to will your arm back into existence.
“TOMURA!” You shrieked, tears falling down your cheeks. “TOMURA! FIX IT!!”
It was hopeless, you knew there was no way for him to un-dust you. You fell forward, forehead pressed against the floor.
Shigaraki took a step back, glancing at his hand. There were a few speckles of dust resting on his palm. His breath quickened, eyes widening as he cupped his other hand over his mouth.
He stared down at you, Blood staining your shirt as you screamed and cried.
It must have hurt.
He remembered the promise he’d made after you’d started dating, when he’d protected you from some assholes trying to mug you.
“I promise you, I’m going to protect you. Nothing, no one, will lay a hand on you ever again.”
It was a promised meant against anyone who posed a threat to you.
He never meant to become a threat himself.
Touya Todoroki/ Dabi
Tumblr media
Some days were always going to be better than others, that’s simply how it works when you’re recovering from trauma.
Today was one of the bad days.
He’d woken up with a thick, heavy, dark feeling in his chest.
He wasn’t even comforted by the warmth your body produced next to him.
Most days he’d roll over and wrap his arm around your body, pulling you close to his body to cuddle you.
This morning however, Dabi rolled away from you and climbed out of bed. You looked over your shoulder at him, confused and slightly hurt. Did you do something to make him upset last night?
You followed after your angsty boyfriend, walking out of the bedroom and down the hall into the kitchen.
He crashed at your apartment a lot, being a villain it was hard to get his own home. You didn’t know where he stayed when he wasn’t at your place.
He grabbed a box of cereal out of the cupboards, pouring himself a bowl. You pulled the milk out of the fridge, handing it to him with a smile.
He scrunched up his nose at your kindness, snatching the carton from your hand and angrily pulling the cap off.
You sighed, nervously pouring yourself a bowl as Dabi started to eat. He didn’t even bother to sit at the table.
“Hey, babe? You okay? You seem kind of... off today.”
Your boyfriend glanced down at you, cerulean eyes seemingly staring right through you.
“M’fine.” He grunted. Your frown tightened.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t believe that.” You shook your head at him.
Dabi glared down at you in annoyance. His scowl deepening. You took a step back, concerned and scared.
“Dabi, please talk to me.” You pleaded with him.
“Uzéndayo.” He grumbled angrily. “Fuck off.”
“Please, you’ll hurt my feelings.” You scoffed sarcastically. “You can talk to me, y’know.”
“Don’t fuckin need to. Leave me alone.”
“Dabi, this is my place. I’m not leaving you alone.”
“Then I’ll leave!” He snapped, brushing past you and leaving his cereal on the counter to sog.
He snatched his jacket off the back of the couch, shrugging it onto his shoulders.
“Seriously, Dabi! What the hell’s going on! Did I do something wrong?”
It pissed him off further to hear you blame yourself. You always thought it was your fault, but it never was.
“Oh shut the fuck up for once! Quit thinking it’s all about you! It’s not always about you!”
“Dabi just fucking talk to me! I’m not letting you leave until you tell me what’s wrong!”
You stepped in front of the door, flinging your arms open to block ilhis exit. He looked you in the eyes, seething.
“Nothing happened!” He shouted “Sometimes I’m just angry for no reason! Get out of my way and I’ll take my anger out on some rando and not on you. Then I’ll come back and we can pretend this never happened.”
“Dabi I won’t let you just kill some innocent person because you’re upset! Just sit with me and we can talk it out and-“
“That’s always your solution! Quit being a wimpy pacifist and move!”
“I’m not a pacifist, I just don’t think you should kill without reason!”
“Well I have a fucking reason!”
“And what’s that?”
“I want to!”
“That’s not a reason!”
“Just get out of my fucking way or I’ll make you!”
“Dabi, just talk to me!”
It was the last thing you said before he grabbed your arm and pulled your body forward to meet his. Your chest pressed against his, his face right in front of yours.
It’d be hot if you weren’t so scared.
“Listen here you little shit,” he growled, low and angry “I’m stronger than you in every fucking way.”
“I could kill you in an instant if I so desired.”
“Incinerate your filthy annoying ass any day I want, so be fucking grateful for once and watch your damn mouth!”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN! I am superior to you in every way, you should be grateful I even share oxygen with you!”
“I DON’T CARE IF IT HURTS, LISTEN TO ME YOU DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER!” He screamed in your face, eyes wild with unchecked rage.
Tears flowed down your face as you sobbed, indescribable pain was shooting up through your arms.
Dabi’s eyes finally drifted downwards, and he froze, mouth falling slack.
Smoke was billowing off his hands, and his knuckles were white with how hard he was gripping you.
He snapped his hands away from you, curling them into his body as his eyes widened. He took a few steps back.
There were black scorch marks on your body in the shape of his hands. They looked real bad.
“Get out.” You whispered, so soft he couldn’t hear.
“GET OUT!” You screamed, pointing at the door despite the intense pain in your arms. “GET OUT OR I’M CALLING THE POLICE!”
“B-baby I’m sorry!” He shouted “I didn’t mean to, I promise!”
Dabi stumbled past you, quickly rushing out of your apartment and shutting the door behind him.
His back was pressed against the wood as he slid down, covering his face as he listened to your sobs on the other side, hearing your footsteps fade into the bathroom, probably to run cold water on your skin.
For a moment, all the could think about was the cereal on the counter, getting soggy.
“Fuck.” He muttered, eyes burning as they tried to produce tears without his tear ducts.
“I’m so fucking sorry.”
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
Shit wrong emo scar boy with daddy issues, fire powers, and an evil older sibling with blue fire
Tumblr media
There we go
It was a shitty day. 
Well, most days were shitty days, but today was shittier than usual. 
A home visit, Endeavor trying to act like he was ‘upset about everything that happened,’ and pretending he was the victim in the situation.
It would be enough to set anyone on edge, especially Shouto. 
So it wasn’t much of a surprise when he returned to the dorms with a deep frown on his face.
Even when Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka tried to talk to him, he still seemed angry the whole time. There was really only one thing that should be able to cheer him up. Let’s hope you do your job well.
“Knock knock~ Shouto it’s me!” you stood on the outside of Shouto’s dorm. You knew Shouto must be stressed, so you’d gotten him some brownies from the sweets cupboard, Sato’s locks were easy to pick.
“I don’t want to fucking talk.” his response was blunt, clearly annoyed that you’d bothered his brooding. “Go away.”
You sighed, he could act like such a child sometimes!
“Shouto, I just want to cheer you up! Let me in, babe.” a moment later, he swung the door open, am annoyed glare on his face. You smiled sweetly at him, handing him the plate of brownies. His hands remained in his pockets, glancing down at the brownies then back up at you.
“Um... can I come in?” you asked quietly. He shrugged, stepping aside to let you in. You stepped past him, sitting on the edge of the platform bed, setting the brownies on the nightstand. 
Shouto closed the door behind him, turning to face you.
“Do... do you want to talk about it?” Shouto huffed, shaking his head and looking away from you.
“Do I look like I want to talk?” he snapped. You flinched, his tone was harsh.
“Shouto I just want to help, you don’t need to be rude.”
“I don’t give a shit if I’m being ‘rude.’“ He growled, arms crossed. 
His eyes stared coldly at you. Yeah, he was definetly upset.
“That’s okay, we can chat about something else. Oh, Sato probably needs to change the lock on the sweets cupboard, I kinda broke it getting you these brownies!” you looked up at him, smile faltering as he looked down his nose at you. “Are... are you mad at me?”
“Wow, you just noticed that.” he rolled his eyes. “I told you to go away but you didn’t.”
“I-I’m sorry, I was just really worried about you. You’re my boyfriend and I love you, I don’t like seeing you upset.”
“Then maybe you should try fucking listening to me for once. If I don’t want to talk, then you can’t make me talk.” You nodded, apologizing again.
“Oh my god shut the fuck up!” he shouted. “You’re always talking, always apologizing, you’re getting on my fucking nerves!”
“Okay!” you stood up quickly, lifting your hands defensively. “I’ll just leave!”
You brushed past him on your way to the door, hesitating on the handle. You glanced over your shoulder at him.
“Would you fucking stop with the pity?” you looked at the ground, not saying anything.
You heard the slap before you felt it.
The sting shot through your face, and you could hear Shouto shouting at you, but it was muffled. You didn’t know what he was saying. 
You lifted your hand to your cheek, hissing in pain. He didn’t just slap you,
He used his fire.
You choked on your words, turning to look at your boyfriend with tear-filled eyes.
Shouto was looking at you with a look of sheer horror on his face.
“I’m sorry...” you whimpered. “I’m going-” you slipped out the door, ignoring Shouto’s shout for you to turn back and talk to him
That it was an accident.
That he didn’t mean it.
That didn’t matter.
Katsuki Bakugou/ Dynamight
Tumblr media
Fuck Icy-Hot. 
Fuck. Him.
He said he’d gotten stronger since the Summer Camp, but he hadn’t at all.
He was still loosing to Todoroki, and no matter how hard he was working, he still kept loosing to him.
His hand was buried in his hair, tugging harshly every so often as he listened to you ramble about something that happened during your work study.
Even you were getting ahead of him, his own partner was getting stronger than him. He’d promised he’d protect you, but that would be useless if you kept improving faster than him.
“Then afterwords, FatGum took me, Kirishima, and Amajiki to this resturaunt, and the owner turned out to be a huge fan of FatGum, she gave us free desert! Oh my gosh the cake was so good!” you exclaimed, laughing a little.
Bakugou grumbled under his breath a little, keeping his eyes away from your estatic face. 
“Great.” you glanced back to your boyfriend from where you sat at your desk, eyebrows furroring. Usually, Katsuki would give you one of those proud smirks all like ‘that’s my partner,’ but today he seemed upset.
“You alright, Katsuki? Was your provisional licence class stressful today?” you asked sympathetically, moving your hand towards him to comfort him. 
He yanked his hand away from you, shooting you a pissed off look.
“Fuck no.” he growled. “Even if it was, I can handle it. I don’t need your damn help.” you rested your hand on your lap.
“I know, Katsuki. My boyfriend’s so strong!” you smiled brightly at him. Usually complimenting him would make him feel better, but today it seemed to only piss him off more.
“Shut up.” he hunched over, curling into himself more. He pulled one leg up to his chest, holding it under his knee. 
“Uh.. are you sure you’re okay?” you asked, cocking your head to the side gently.
“I’m fucking fine!” He snapped, keeping his eyes anywhere but on you. “I don’t need your pity!”
“Pity? Katsuki I’m not pitying you, I’m worried for you. You’re my boyfriend and I want you to be happy so-”
“Didn’t I say to shut up?” he stood up, shoving his hands into his pockets. “Don’t give me your worry, fight me instead!”
“Why the hell would I fight you, Katsuki? I already know you’re stronger than me!”
“Fucking how? You got that new work study you’re constantntly talking about! How haven’t you gotten stronger than me?”
“Is that what this is about? I’ve only been at my work study for a few days, how in the world could I have leaped leagues in that amount of time to reach your level?”
“Then why even join that stupid work study if you’re not getting stronger?”
“I am getting stronger, just not fast enough to be at your level that quickly!” you explained. “Sorry?”
“Ugh just shut the fuck up!” he shouted, storming out of your dorm and down the hall to the common room. There were a only a few people in there,
Yao-Momo and Jirou in the kitchen, Kirishima and Kaminari on the couches, and Sero was leaning over the back of the couch. They all looked up when Bakugou stormed in with you on his tail.
“Katsuki, you’re confusing me! What’s going on? How can I help? Is it something I did?” 
“Just leave me alone, okay? Go away!” he shouted over his shoulder. Kaminari, Kirishima, Sero, Jirou, and Yaoyorazu all snapped their heads towards you and Bakugou.
“Katsuki, please! You’re scaring me!” you glanced over at your friends, Jirou and Yao-Momo glancing between each other and muttering. 
“Yo, Kachan, the hell’s going on between you and Y/n?” Kaminari asked, standing up. Sero hissed at him to sit down if he wanted to keep his head.
“I’m sorry, Kaminari, Bakugou’s upset and I don’t know why-”
“Don’t know why? Quit it with the lies! I hate liars!”
“I-I’m not lying! I really don’t know!” you reached forward, latching your hand onto his wrist. “Please just talk to me!”
“BULLSHIT!” he snapped his hand away from yours. “You’re a fucking liar!”
“Bakubro, calm down!” Kirishima stood up, briskly walking over to the two of you. 
“STAY OUT OF THIS!” Bakugou slammed his palm against Kirishima’s face, setting off a small explosion.
“KIRISHIMA!” You ran to his side as the smoke cleared, finding his face hardened.
“I’m okay, I’m okay!” he assured you. He offered you a small smile, suddenly, he yelped and ducked, avoiding another hit from Bakugou.
“LET GO OF THEM!” he shouted, and his hand sparked twice before setting off again. This time right next to your face.
You hit the ground first, then felt stinging pain across your face and shoulder.
You didn’t even hear your own screaming because of the fact that he blew up your ears.
You didn’t register Kirishima picking you up, or Bakugou staring after you in fear, or the others in the room scolding Bakugou or worrying about you.
All you knew in that moment was pain.
Pure, white hot, agonizing pain.
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nakachuchu · 6 months ago
Pastries | Ryomen Sukuna
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: You force him to eat your pastries.
READER: gender neutral
WORDS: 710
WRITTEN: 01/16/2021
Tumblr media
You smacked Yuuji’s arm repeatedly in order to draw Sukuna out, even going as far as tickling the second set of closed eyes.
“What,” he growled, mouth popping out.
“Oh, you’re here. Taste this.” You shoved a strawberry tart in his mouth. "How is it?”
“Tastes like shit,” he replied.
You knew he would never actually tell you it tasted good, so you learned that he normally meant the opposite of what he was saying when it came to your pastries.
Sukuna growled before disappearing, having enough of you.
"Y/N, you really shouldn't antagonize him," said Yuuji as he scratched his cheek.
"I didn't know you knew big words," you teased. "I'll be fine, Yuuji. You're good at keeping him in check. Besides, I know he secretly likes me."
Your favorite pastime was baking sweets. You always used Sukuna as a taste tester because you loved his reactions.
And honestly, you liked him a little. He reminded you of an angry cat, and it was adorable.
You gave some of the strawberry tarts to Yuuji, who happily ate them in front of you.
"Y/N, they're good as always!" he exclaimed.
"Thanks!" You placed the rest of them in a tin and handed it to him. "Share with the rest, okay?"
He nodded, leaving your room to begin class.
You often made sweets, but you rarely ate them yourself. You just liked spending time baking in order to make others happy with your sweets.
You and Yuuji were good friends. It was obvious he had a crush on you, and you knew that as well. You liked teasing him, so you often acted oblivious to his actions.
But you preferred Sukuna over Yuuji when it came to teasing. It was amusing to hear his responses.
The next day, Yuuji came over again. It was a routine for him to come over every day and for you to bake pastries.
You pinched Yuuji's arm, glaring at the emptiness of it as you attempted to draw Sukuna out.
His mouth opened, teeth snapping at your fingers. You giggled, pinching the skin around his mouth. You shoved a piece of the sugared donuts into his mouth.
“How is it?” you questioned.
You tilted your head to the side, moving toward the trash can with the tray of donuts.
“What are you doing, human?”
“Hmm? If you say it’s good, then there’s no way it’s good.”
“Didn’t you hear me? I said it was good," Sukuna reiterated.
“You were being honest for once?”
"Silence, human."
As odd as it was to think, Yuuji found the fact that you liked Sukuna to be sweet. He was already crazy about you, but the fact that you accepted a murderous curse made him feel better about his chances with you — even if it was a little clear you liked Sukuna more.
Sukuna's mouth lifted up haughtily. "That's right, brat. Peasants bow down before—"
You attempted to smack his mouth, but he moved up to Yuuji's shoulder. "I'm not bowing down to anyone and I'm not a peasant, you shitty curse. You're lucky you're cute," you said, leaning down to kiss the corner of his mouth.
He stayed silent, but didn't disappear. You grinned and looked up at Yuuji before suddenly hugging him around the neck. His eyes widened in shock.
"You're cute too, Yuuji!" you exclaimed, kissing the corner of his mouth as well.
Yuuji's brain stopped working.
"You shut him up better than I can," retorted Sukuna. 'I'm taking over, brat.'
Sukuna's mouth disappeared as black markings appeared on Yuuji's face and body. You felt him grow more muscular and large before getting thrown onto your bed.
Sukuna looked over you with narrowed eyes, trapping you underneath his body. Your hands grabbed onto his arms that were on both sides of your head.
"Did you need something?" you questioned.
"I said it was good, didn't I?"
"You're still mad about that?" you asked.
He stared at you for a moment before leaning down to kiss you. You could taste the sugared donuts on his tongue as he slipped into your mouth.
"You don't have permission to sleep tonight," he commanded.
And for once, you realized you were in a bit of trouble with the King of Curses.
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albedoswifehusband · 4 months ago
What if,,, size kink? Im thinkin Zhongli, Kaeya, Diluc, Childe 👀
Under the cut since it’s smut! This has some afab specific mentions with boobs for Diluc but is mostly gender neutral for s/o mentions!
-Has the biggest cock overall. It’s a mix of him being part dragon and partly just him vibing with it since he can make his body do whatever he wants as an archon. I feel like if he could use this ability during sex he'd definitely use it over time to see just how much more of him his partner can take.
-picking up his lover in his arms is one of his fave things so that definitely comes into play especially for manhandling them easier.
-Big fan of over-prepping his partner for penetration. He wants to be sure they can take anything without pain.
-he likes thrusting slowly while screwing his lover so he can just watch nicely how his cock slides in and out of them with how big he is compared to them
-Towering over his lover feels nice in a protective way. Kind of like he's both their sword and shield at the same time.
-he's really good at caging in his partner between his arms against anything. Walls, floors, beds, other furniture, he just covers them with his own body completely and easily.
-feels absolutely nuts when his s/o tries to take his full length in their mouth. It takes some serious skill.
-He actually likes smaller boobs more than big ones since he can get his entire hand around one without any spillage. It just feels nice to be able to contain everything in one spot.
-Really likes bouncing his partner on top of him, his strength to maneuver them alone really puts into perspective how much bigger and stronger he is than his partner and that makes him excited
-Easily satisfied watching how hard it can be just to get him completely inside his partner even with sufficient prep. If he can't bottom out because he's too big he'll take it as an accomplishment.
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zhuzhubii · 6 months ago
can you write something where reader’s hands are always cold and everyone always jumps when she touches them with her freezing fingers except for spencer, who always holds them between his to warm them up, even while she’s asleep on the plane? ☺️
summary: spencer likes to hold reader’s hands. that’s it, that’s the fic.
cw: just fluff :)
wc: 1.1k
a/n: this has a much bigger focus on hand-holding than reader having cold hands...hopefully thats ok! also - like 200 words of this is spencer rambling lmaoo
You’ve always had hands that are a little extra susceptible to the cold. It’s not something that really crosses your mind very frequently, except maybe for in the winter when even gloves sometimes aren’t enough to keep them warm. 
But that isn’t the case right now - right now, you’re on the plane on the way back from a case, debating the merits of coffee versus tea (or rather, listening to Spencer animatedly talk about how coffee is obviously better! from the seat next to you). The cabin is a little chilly from the AC, but it’s not really anything particularly noticeable - it’s enough to make you subconsciously start rubbing your hands together for warmth, but not enough to make you remark about the cold. 
All of the sudden, you feel Spencer’s hands wrapping around yours - his palms are hot against your cold skin, his fingers long and delicate. You look over at him in confusion as he continues on with the conversation as if nothing is happening at all, completely oblivious to the raised brows and questioning glances being sent in his direction as he rambles on.
“Actually,” he says as he draws circles over your palm, “Due to the placebo effect, some studies have found that it’s unclear whether coffee results in more alert subjects as opposed to a tea in comparable volumes, despite the fact that a typical cup of coffee contains twice as much caffeine as the same amount of tea. That being said, the study I was reading didn’t consider...”
He’s so caught up in his info-dump that he doesn’t realize that everyone is staring at the two of you, and instead takes the silence as an invitation to continue on. But as much as you love listening to Spencer talk about the things he loves, you’re getting a little embarrassed from all the attention and pointed eyebrow wiggles - as soon as he pauses to catch his breath, you interrupt his ramble with a squeeze of the hand and a soft, “Spencer?”
He’s so adorably unaware of what’s going on around him that it’s almost comical - he turns to you with owlish eyes, blinking innocently and tilting his head to the side as he questions, “Hmm?”
You chuckle nervously as a blush creeps up your cheeks, letting your eyes flicker back and forth between him and the other members of the team (who are all stifling laughter at this point). He furrows his brow and follows your line of sight around the cabin. It’s almost like something out of a cartoon when he finally realizes that everyone is staring at the two of you - he yelps and jolts in his seat, his cheeks going red and his knees thumping upwards against the table.
He lets out a soft, “oof!” and winces, drawing his arms closer to his chest (and tightening his grip on your hands as he does it). He squirms in the face of so much attention, tangling his fingers with yours as he stutters, “U-uh, hi? Is something...wrong?”
“Um, no,” JJ masks her laughter with a cough, “Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that uhh…”
And then she trails off, biting back a grin as she lets her gaze drop down to your linked hands and gestures in your general direction. Spencer, oblivious as he is, doesn’t even realize at first - he just gives her a strange look and reassures himself by squeezing your hands. He even sends a smile in your direction as he does it.
You smile back at him and so he (satisfied that whatever mysterious issue he’s missing has been resolved) turns back to face the table and opens his mouth to resume his ramble, mildly annoyed over the interruption. “As I was saying,” he continues as everyone else looks on with barely-suppressed grins, “It’s difficult to perform a quantitative study in that regard because the feeling of ‘alertness’ is so subjective. And, given that caffeine consumption is so common - upwards of 90% of Americans use it on a regular basis - there are tons of other factors in play that make it very difficult to -”
The exact moment he realizes that something is off is abundantly obvious - he freezes mid-sentence and blinks rapidly a few times. Then, he snaps his mouth shut and squints, running his long fingers over your hands as if he’s trying to figure out what he’s suddenly holding. When it finally (finally!) hits him he whirls around to face you, his lips pulling outwards into a straight line as his eyes grow wider and wider and wider -
(And yet, it never even occurs to him to let go of your hands)
You just smile at him and tilt your head, letting him know that you’re a little confused, though not at all opposed to the unexpected hand-holding. Spencer’s face goes bright red and he opens and closes his mouth a few times before finally stuttering, “I-I just, uhhh...w-well it’s just that um...y-you looked like your hands were cold? I-I’m sorry, I must be making you uncomfortable, I shouldn’t have done that without asking, I don’t know what came over me -”
“Spencer,” you speak softly, drawing circles over his palms, “It’s okay, I don’t mind. You can warm up my hands whenever you want to.”
He looks at you in awe, a dopey grin pulling at his lips as he twists his fingers through yours in excitement. And then, in the most Spencer-like way possible, he takes a deep breath and promptly jumps right back into his info-dump, barely even missing a beat as he says, 
“...that make it very difficult to come up with a standard basis of comparison. To really be quantitative, such a study would need to come up with a way to define ‘alertness,’ and take into account factors such as daily caffeine consumption, age, caffeine tolerance considering both the effects of genetics and long-term caffeine use...and even then, how would you go about accounting for the placebo effect? You could have subjects consume decaf coffee or herbal tea, but given the prevalence of such beverages it’s highly likely that a large proportion of the subjects would be able to taste the difference and therefore…”
(Out of the corner of your eye you can see Morgan’s sly grin, his mouth opening as he gets ready to make some teasing comment -
You cut him off with a swift glare and shake of the head. Spencer’s already been embarrassed enough as it is - and besides, you’re really enjoying the warmth of his hands as he rambles)
taglist: @doctor-reid @gublertoon @pinkdiamond1016 @itsmyblogandillreblogifiwantto @rexorangecouny @rainsong01 @themanwiththreephds @zhangyixingxing1 @aquariuslavenderhoney @urie-bowie-mercury @shadyladyperfection @mggsprettygirl @no-honey-no @andreasworlsboring101 @whxt-to-write @writernerd23 @calm-and-doctor
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nakachuchu · 6 months ago
Tuckered Out | Ryomen Sukuna
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: He takes care of you after a hard mission.
READER: gender neutral
WORDS: 543
WRITTEN: 01/17/2021
NOTES: Thank you for this request and your support! It really means a lot, especially since I cried for a good hour after the 'Last Night' piece I wrote. I also ended up writing 'Big Bully' based on your request but it wasn't fluffy enough for me so I wrote this one!
Tumblr media
You could feel his fingernails on your scalp as he massaged your head, creating more suds on your head. You were sitting down on a chair in the shower while Sukuna sat behind you, washing the blood off your hair and body.
He had threatened to kill you when you asked him to help you in the shower, but because of the way he said it, you knew he didn’t mean it. Besides, somewhere deep inside his mind—which was also occupied by Yuuji who was covering his eyes in embarrassment—he didn’t mind the idea of seeing you naked.
Sukuna would have liked the first moment he was allowed to see you naked to be in a more intimate situation, but with you injured and half-asleep, he couldn’t be picky.
You came back from your mission injured, covered in blood. Your feet were so tired that you barely made it past the threshold of your apartment door.
Yuuji had been there, waiting for you and barely able to control Sukuna because you had been gone for two days already. As soon as Sukuna saw you, he took over.
“Oi, don’t fall asleep,” said Sukuna as he peered around at your face from behind.
Your eyes were closed. “Hmm?”
“Unbelievable human,” he grumbled, grabbing the bucket of water to pour over your head.
The nice thing was that he even covered your eyes with one hand as he poured the water so that the suds wouldn't get into your eyes.
“Su,” you mumbled. “Sleepy.”
He sighed. “At least finish washing up.”
He scrubbed your body with his hands, pushing the lewd thoughts to the back of his head. Of course he wanted to touch your body and use you until you could barely form a sentence, but he wanted you at your best when he did.
Once you were finished washing up, he dried you with a towel and put you in an oversized shirt that you actually bought for him since he was more muscular than Yuuji. He always refused to wear it though.
You had your legs around his waist and clung onto his neck like a koala.
“It’s time to sleep, human.”
“Hmm, will you sleep with me?” you questioned.
“I don’t need sleep.”
“Su,” you whined.
You smiled in satisfaction and let go of him and crawled into bed, under the covers. You pat the empty side next to you and waited for him to slide in. He grumbled about it, but you knew he didn’t mind.
You were the only person he ever easily gave into. Hell, he lived in Yuuji’s body and didn’t even listen to him.
Once Sukuna laid down next to you, you pulled the blankets up and tucked him in before curling up next to him, forcing him to move his arm to wrap around you.
If you looked at him, he’d have a distasteful expression on his face. But when you looked away, he stared at you as if you were a fragile kitten.
When you finally fell asleep, he leaned down and kissed your forehead before closing his own eyes in order to listen to your breathing peacefully.
“Brat, if you tell anyone what I just did, I’ll rip out your heart again."
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satoris-uwu-mouth · 8 months ago
Better I Gojo Satoru
Pairing: Gojo Satoru x gn!reader
Wordcount: 1.6k
Genre: angst with a happy ending
Summary: You knew Gojo cared about you, loved you beyond all measures and means. But he was gone for days on end, and all you could do was overthink what that meant.
A/N: I’m gonna be completely honest here and say I might rewrite this later lol the ending sorta felt off to me but I wanted to publish something today so here, Gojo stans, have some food
It’d been a week since you last saw Gojo, and your patience was wearing thin.
You knew the busy schedule that he kept up, were made well aware of it before the two of you decided to become more serious in your relationship. You understood—your boyfriend was a busy man, a powerful, overworked, busy man. And it seemed, lately, that he was more busy than he was ever before.
Gojo would disappear for weeks at a time, leaving only so much as a note or a text. Many times more than you’d like to admit, you’d woken up to a mug of tea gone cold, left on the bedside table, and an empty space under the covers next to you. It wasn’t that Gojo didn’t care—it’s not as if he wanted to leave you so often and for such long amounts of time. Right? It was just his job.
And it’s not as if Gojo wasn’t putting effort in. When he’d return from his jobs, he’d dote all over you, apologize and kiss you all over—kiss you silly until you forgot why you were even peeved in the first place. And sometimes, if you were lucky, if a little souvenir and a few kisses weren’t enough, he’d lift up his blindfold or take off his glasses, stare at you with those striking eyes of his, and you’d melt right then and there. You were reduced to a puddle under his gaze—one that you were so utterly and fully in love with.
Obviously, you knew—you knew—that Gojo loved you. He had to if he put so much effort in.
So why did it hurt so much this time?
Maybe it was in the way that Gojo’s little goodbye notes were becoming fewer and more far between, the contents themselves cutting down from paragraphs to sentences to just the date of when he’d be back. Perhaps it was the way Gojo would come back and expect you to welcome him in with open arms, act as if he hadn’t left without much warning. You’d tried to accustom yourself to Gojo’s behavior. He was perfect in so many ways—maybe this was his one fault, the one bad thing about him in your mind.
It was your fault, too, you reasoned. You should’ve talked to him about this—should’ve told him how it made you feel. Instead, you’d played into Gojo’s little world. Smiled a little domestic smile when he’d come back from jobs, your apron on, dinner on the stove. You’d bat your eyelashes at him and kiss his cheek as he entered, acted like the perfect little house spouse. Even when you were mad at him, it was a soft sort of mad—nothing that a few jokes and a couple pecks couldn’t fix.
But today? Today you were mad.
You held your phone in your hand, an intense stare fixed on a text from Gojo. “Coming home today ( ˘ ³˘)<3,“ it read. The first message you'd gotten from him in over a week.
But that was three days ago, and you were yet to see the tufts of your boyfriend’s white hair peak through your apartment door.
Letting out a frustrated sigh, you dropped your phone on your bedside table, making your way out of your room and through the halls, to the kitchen. Before you could make it there, though, you heard keys jangle and the slight creek of the front door. Gojo.
Instead of the usual greeting, you continued to the kitchen. Gojo could come to you, you thought. It was a small—albeit petty—action, but an action to let your frustrations out nonetheless.
Two minutes passed and instead of Gojo showing up behind you, resting his hands on your hips and his head on your shoulder as you rooted through the fridge, you were met with absolutely nothing. Instead, Gojo had trudged right past you and straight into your bedroom.
Rubbing your forefingers against your temples, you slouched forward, resting your elbows against your kitchen’s counter.
Maybe something had happened between you and Gojo. At the very least, you’d expected him to come greet you, to come and apologize for being gone longer than he’d originally planned. And when he didn’t, you’d felt a familiar ache creep into your chest. One that’d been built up over the past few months—as Gojo slipped further and further away from you. As much as you wanted to be angry at him, to berate him about how much pain he’d caused you, all you felt was this sinking feeling that maybe Gojo was trying to distance himself from you.
As you continued overthinking in the kitchen, heart breaking with every passing minute, Gojo snuggled into your bed.
He breathed in deep, long breathes, happy to finally be home, to take in the familiar scent of freshly cleaned sheets—they smelled like you, and he loved it. He’d been exhausted when he’d returned—his job had kept him away for too long, kept him far too busy to give you the attention that you deserved. He’d come home overworked and wanting nothing more than to simply sleep next to you, wrap his arms around you and feel your chest rise and fall, listen to your steady heartbeat. But when you hadn’t come to greet him, no warm smile or tight embrace, Gojo had assumed that maybe you were busy. He’d convinced himself that you’d soon join him, that you’d come soon enough, sleep next to him. The two of you could talk after a solid night’s sleep, then he’d apologize, make it up to you for being gone for so long.
Gojo had become complacent. Reaped the rewards of a relationship without really putting in the work. Somewhere deep down, he knew it. He knew that what he was getting in return for what he was putting in was not equal. He tried his best—gave you small gifts, kissed you when he could, tried to keep everything lighthearted and fun—a fault of his, he realized. He didn’t like the serious parts, didn’t like acknowledging the issues the two of you had. And so that was why, when he realized you weren’t coming to join him in bed, he simply drifted off, resolving to make it up to you tomorrow.
When Gojo awoke, it was to an empty bed, a yellow mug on the bedside table—one he’d left for you a over week ago, when it had piping hot tea in it. Sitting up and stretching his arms over his head, Gojo began to plan out how to apologize to you.
He’d start with tea, he thought, getting on his feet and holding the empty yellow mug in his hand. Making his way to the kitchen, Gojo stopped in his tracks in the living room. From his spot, he could see you curled up on the couch, thin blanket tightly wrapped around your form, hands clutching tightly to the ends of the cloth, even in your sleep. You looked so small, he’d thought. You’d even look cute if it weren’t for the anguished look crossing your features.
Gojo crept towards you, steps light on the floor so as not to wake you, and set the mug he was carrying down on the coffee table.
Sitting on the edge of the couch, he ran his fingers through your hair, smiling only slightly as your expression relaxed the smallest bit. There were dried tear tracks on your face, he’d noted, smile slip off his own face in an instant. He’d done this, hadn’t he? In all honesty, Gojo knew he wasn’t putting in enough work. He’d assumed you’d make up for it—your love was strong enough for the two of you, he’d remembered thinking. He hadn’t realized how tiring that must’ve been for you. You shivered under his touch.
Carding his hands through your hair one last time, Gojo got up.
You awoke to a cold room, sitting up, the thin blanket you’d remembered getting last night falling from your shoulders. Oh god, last night. Last night had been rough. You’d cried and cried, overthinking your relationship with Gojo to the furthest extents possible. Before you’d fallen asleep, you’d all but convinced yourself that you were hopeless—that you were in love with a man who, despite himself, could not give you what you needed. All your hope for the two of you had been completely decimated in the span of a few hours of your overthinking, anxious brain.
So that was why you were surprised when Gojo came into the room, huge comforter in his arms. Wordlessly walking over to you, a sheepish smile on his face, he sat next to you and wrapped the comforter around the both of you, and then captured you in his arms, tight embrace nearly making it hard to breathe.
“I’m so sorry,” he started, one hand rubbing small circles into your back as you began to relax into his embrace, insecurities fading just the smallest, tiniest bit. “I know I’m not the best at this.”
You nodded, resting your head against Gojo’s chest as he leaned back into the couch, urging him to go on.
“I don’t… I don’t completely know what to say.” And the honesty in his voice, raw and much more sincere than his usual goofy tone, was enough to make you believe him.
“I’ll try better,” Gojo settled on.
“Thank you, Satoru.” And you were as sincere as you could be. He’d managed to understand why you were upset in the first place, why you were here, sleeping alone. You were both at fault for your bad feelings, you’d thought. Mostly in part due to your poor communication and Gojo’s inability to be serious most of the time. But maybe, just maybe, things would be okay.
Things weren’t okay now, but maybe you and Gojo could make them better. Together.
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zhuzhubii · 9 months ago
Can I request a Spencer x reader where the reader recognizes everyone’s touch when she’s asleep and when Spencer touches her she leans into it but moves away when others do?
cw: just fluff :)
wc: .6k
a/n: gn!reader
Spencer’s reading on the jet when he feels a familiar weight drop onto his shoulder - he instinctively glances over and sees your head resting against him, your hair tickling his cheek and your breath coming in soft puffs against his neck. He reaches up to brush your hair out of your face, thumbing over your chin and grinning when you mutter something unintelligible and nestle closer into his side. He leans down to press his forehead against yours, letting his own eyes flutter shut as he sighs into you, the residual tension from the case melting away as he soaks in your warmth.
JJ chuckles from across the table, biting back a grin as Spencer’s eyes snap back open and an embarrassed flush paints his ears and cheeks. You grumble at the sudden movement, pouting a little but remaining blissfully asleep - Spencer instinctively wraps an arm around you as your head starts to fall from his shoulder, pressing a kiss into the crown of your head and -
JJ chuckles again, this time nudging Morgan beside her and drawing his attention away from his music. Spencer buries his face in your hair as Morgan turns to look, making a futile attempt to hide from the teasing he knows is coming in three two one…
“Looks like you lovebirds are having fun,” he says with a smirk, wiggling his eyebrows as Spencer peeks at him through your hair. 
Spencer’s blush deepens and he squirms in his seat, wishing you were awake to share in his embarrassment, but unwilling to actually wake you up. As if you can sense his unease, you let out a little contented hum, your lips so close that the vibration tickle his neck - it immediately calms him, giving him the confidence to glare at Morgan with exaggerated irritation, smirking a little when JJ playfully slaps his arm.
They sit there giggling (with Spencer biting back a grin and huffing in the background) for a few minutes until Morgan pushes himself to his feet, asking, “I’m gonna go get a coffee - you guys want anything?”
Spencer shakes his head and JJ answers with a quick, “I’m good - thanks for asking, though,” so Morgan starts down the aisle, patting your shoulder as he passes by -
You duck away from his hand, leaning closer into Spencer’s side as your lips pull together into a disgruntled pout, muttering nonsense as you settle back down. Morgan furrows his brow, squinting down at you and reaching over to give you a poke -
You duck away again, batting his hand away this time. Morgan snorts to himself, glancing between his hand and your shoulder with a smirk and a single raised eyebrow. He reaches over to poke you a second time, itching to test his new discovery out -
Spencer bats his hand away this time, hissing out a sharp “Stop that!” and wrapping both arms around you, scooting closer to the window and dragging you with him, brushing gentle hands over your face and making sure you’re still asleep. Morgan raises his hands in a placating manor, chuckling to himself as he turns and saunters towards the jet’s tiny coffee station. Spencer frowns at him as he walks away, hugging you close and running his hands up and down your back as he peers suspiciously at Morgan over the seats.
You soak in the warmth of Spencer’s chest and the softness of his cardigan, oblivious to it all as you slumber on.
taglist: @spncersreid @doctor-reid @m-n-m @spencerelds @dolanfivsosxox @pinkdiamond1016 @itsmyblogandillreblogifiwantto @rexorangecouny @rainsong01 @themanwiththreephds @zhangyixingxing1 @aquariuslavenderhoney
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long-furby6 · 5 months ago
Pining Headcanons With The Warriors
I’m in an AOT funk rn so I’m writing this
Also I just figured out how to cut off posts am I galaxy brain or what??
Tumblr media
The only possible relationship anybody can have with him is rivals to lovers
As soon as he gets feelings, he’s going to be an absolute prick to you. He doesn’t really know how to go about it, despite having a few S/O’s before
Get ready to have a ton of arguments with inexplicable sexual tension
He actively does dumb shit just to get your attention
If someone tells him that you even briefly mentioned him while he wasn’t around, he’s going to melt
He loves the idea of you thinking about him without him being present. And talking about him? With somebody else?? He’s dead
He kinda gets jealous easily but won’t act on it, despite being a bit standoffish for a while
Despite being ‘enemies’, you sure do hang out a lot. You get into fights over who should pay for the ice cream
Sometimes you buy the warrior recruits increasingly expensive things just to outdo eachother. They love it
He also gets really defensive over you. He’ll deny any feelings yet freak out when someone says something slightly negative about you because only he’s allowed to do that
Gabi, Udo and Falco have a whole conspiracy trying to get you together. They wanted to get Zofia on board but she’d just straight up tell you and ruin the whole thing
He falls asleep all the time in pretty wierd places so one time you just kinda picked him up and carried him to his bed. When he woke up the next morning and heard about it he almost screamed and couldn’t look you in the eye for weeks. He’s kinda mad that he was asleep and doesn’t remember it
Do anything for him and he’ll almost cry
He’s not exactly used to being taken care of
Tumblr media
You were paired up for fighting once, she threw you to the ground, and it was all downhill from there
For someone so cold, she developed feelings pretty easily
Automatically makes excuses to spend more time with you, or just be in the same room as you
She tries getting rid of her feelings at first because she’s dedicated to her mission, but her interest slowly starts shifting to you
You challenge her during training just to be close to her, and she gladly accepts
Any touch from you will send her into a screaming fit. Nobody knows tho she’s good at internalizing it
She’s horrible with feelings. Might even accidentally insult you in a panic
Girl will literally fall in love with you if you brush off her occasional harsh behaviour and stay with her
She likes knowing that she can mess up sometimes and you won’t leave. Relieves a lot of stress on her part
Constantly protects you during battles or subconsciously stands in front of you protectively when in crowds, just in case
While she doesn’t overlook any of your flaws, she decided that she loves all of you
Once that happens you’re not getting rid of her :) ever
She won’t confess tho. Nobody knows about it anyway because she’s such an enigma
No seriously. She’s eerily good at hiding her massive crush. And even when she’s obvious about it, nobody suspects anything because it’s her we’re talking about
Plus she wants you to admit it first, if you like her
Tumblr media
Bertolt? Bertdolt? Bertolholt? Benadryl? Beryllium Hydride?
He’s probably going to avoid you for the first while, and panic whenever you’re in the same room
Nervousness overtakes him and he can barely even look at you
When Reiner practically pushed him into you, he gained a little more confidence, but he also knocked you over and had a meltdown
He knew he was far gone when you laughed it off, helping him up. His heart was going
He finds it a lot easier to talk to you after doing it once
Bro’s got no spine tho so he’s a bit of a people pleaser when it comes to you. Starts agreeing with everything you say and picking up some of your mannerisms and hobbies
Give him any sort of praise and he’ll malfunction so hard he’ll enter the 4th dimension and also probably walk straight into a pole
His dreams are constantly infested with you. Sometimes he’ll wake up and expect you to be beside him before realizing it. He’ll sit up and hide his face in his hands, just absolutely embarassed
He often relies on you for emotional support, since you have a wierd knack for knowing when somethings off about him
So obviously you found out about the whole Titan warrior thing. His soul left his body when you first mentioned it, but you aren’t a snitch and swore to secrecy, on the promise that you’re not on their side and would still kill them if need be
He’s kinda scared of you sometimes lmao
Tumblr media
She’s so oblivious
She may be smart when it comes to battle strategy and deduction, but when it comes to emotions, she’s stumped
Doesn’t even realize she likes you until you express worry for her during a fight, and her only reaction was “...shit...”
Once she knows, she’s doing everything she can to get you to like her back
She starts spending more time with you, buying you things, complimenting you, all that jazz
It’s so obvious even Reiner notices
Of course Porco’s out here wingmaning and asking you what you think of her
You’re already pretty close friends, so it wouldn’t be too wierd of her to ask you to play with her hair, right?
She seeks out any kind of physical contact with you all the time. She’ll lay her head in your lap and sleep while on the couch, bear hug you when she sees you, hold your hand, etc.
It’s not that suspicious because she’s pretty touchy with everybody, but it’s a whole other level with you
She gets hella intrusive thoughts. So she might have a few lecherous daydreams about you a day. Sometimes it’s wierd because she’s just staring at you while zoned out
She verbally expresses she would die for you atleast 3 times a week
And she’s not joking
Tumblr media
He can’t deal with emotions well, especially with all the guilt he got going on, and he’s given up trying to sort them out. All he knows is that he loves you, isn’t that enough?
I was gonna use an s4 gif but this one was clearly superior
He’s beating the emotions out of him with a stick at this point
Like no. Crushing on someone? In this economy?
He’s never dated anybody so he has no idea how to go about it
So he writes letters. He doesn’t send them, but they exist. They bring him some form of comfort at least
He can’t fall asleep some nights because he’s awake thinking about you
Creates a lot of unrealistic scenarios in his head that he immediately scraps when he sees you
Deadass actively avoids you sometimes lol
Mans already has a detailed wedding plan before you even became friends
Once you get closer, he is overjoyed and can’t stop smiling sometimes, but very quickly relapses at the slightest negative thought
It kind of becomes a hate/love relationship
He will absolutely bicker with you just to become an embarassed, flustered mess when you leave
A total simp tho
The day you find his letters is the day he actually passes away
Tumblr media
He can and will follow you everywhere you go
It’s kinda creepy sometimes ngl
He’ll do things like straighten your hoodie strings or run his fingers through your hair because you ‘had a knot’
Often masks his desire to be close to you as being helpful
This dude gives you a lot of longing stares from across the room
It usually comes off as really intimidating and you usually come out of it with a sense of horror and dread, but he was actually just admiring how beautiful your eyes were or something like that
He fell for your voice so anything you say will sound angelic to him. I don’t care if you sound like a dying horse. He digs it because it’s you
On the flip side of the helpful thing, he’s always asking you for small favours
Mostly giving him a massage or brushing his hair. Things that will let him get close to you
He also asks a lot of questions about what you think of him. He wants to be sure you feel the same way if he’s going to confess
Surprisingly, he gets butterflies easily. Especially when you do things for him with no obligation to
Might even shed a tear if you hug him, leaping into his arms when you see him for the first time in a while
He will never chase somebody, but for you, he might just power walk. Maybe jog a lil
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albedoswifehusband · 4 months ago
So i read your caught masturbating hcs, can i request for the same characters + albedo where the reader helps them y’know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I went for more of a handiwork/oral route since no body preference was requested here, I hope that’s okay!
Under a cut!
Helping Them Out After Catching Them Masturbating Headcanons
-By the time he’s got half of his clothes back on you’re over there assuring him it’s okay and that if he wants to he should continue. You’d be more than happy to help him get off.
-He'll take a breath and start to take back off his clothes, sitting back down on the bed and waiting for you to come closer.
-Go down on him he’s going to make some really nice sounds right now with how riled up he is. 
-You’ll probably end up getting topped by him though in the end since he was horny enough to jack off and to let you stay after getting caught.
-When you go over to help him he’s going to pull you in for an absolutely wrecking desperate kiss.
-He just wants you close and at his mercy.
-Before he gets a chance to do that you should suck him off. It’ll catch him off guard in a nice way and he’ll praise you to no end during it.
-He’ll ask if he can cum in your mouth and if you let him he’ll get hard again really fast. Let him take control at this, he’ll make you feel really good.
-Once he sits up when he notices you he won’t stop blushing for quite a while.
-Gently push him back onto the bed how he was laying before and start ordering him around to touch himself.
-He’ll do every single thing you suggest he should do to himself, down to the exact movements and spots. Be descriptive, he won’t disappoint. 
-He’s so handsome when he makes himself a mess at your command.
-After you accept him asking if you’d like to join he’d pull you in for some kisses along your neck and collarbone.
-It’ll take some smart maneuvering since he’s taking the lead at this point but you’ll be able to switch things around and pin him pretty easily. 
-Start biting sucking and licking his neck, especially his little star mark. He’ll be putty in your hands for a bit as you jack him off underneath you.
-He was horny enough to jack off for once (he normally is too lazy or too busy so he ignores it) so there’s a high chance of him taking control again.
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reluctant-mandalore · 7 months ago
Dar’manda (Din Djarin x Reader)
Tumblr media
After getting the information needed to find the child, you notice that your Mandalorian has been acting strange since his return. Confronting him leads to him telling you just exactly what has been bothering him since that fateful mission. 
Warnings: MANDO SEASON TWO SPOILERS, angst, but also fluff, hurt/comfrot, established relationship. keldabe kiss, cuddling, mentions of the creed/mandalorian lore I found, Not beta read 
Word Count: 2,231
Pairing: Din Djarin x gn!Reader (gender neutral) 
a/n: hey y’all here’s that fluffy angst I mentioned earlier. This episode really inspired me to dive a little deeper into mando lore and to visualize how din may be handling the afterthought of removing his helmet (he’s not doing well but better then expected tbh lol). Not sure if the lore I was reading about actually applies to din but its here now and y’all have no choice. Also, I didn’t get this beta read because I wanted to get this out tonight and my beta readers are sleeping... or at least, THEY SHOULD BE. I adore you but go to bed my friends pls sdhbfhbjsdjh. Anywhooo enjoy! 
Note: There was a few variations of what dar’manda meant to the Mandalorians but I decided to go with the more frequent one I saw which was “a state of not being Mandalorian - not an outsider, but one who has lost his heritage, and so his identity and his soul - regarded with absolute dread by most traditionall-minded Mando'ade.”
The plan had seemed to go over well—almost too well. The Mandalorian and Mayfield had gotten the desired information on Moff Gideon and the child’s location, returning as if it was the easiest job they had ever done. You had ended up watching Din closely since his return, and the longer you had observed him, the more you had begun to notice that something was clearly upsetting the beskar covered man. 
Din had been acting strange ever since he had returned. He was less alert than usual and almost seemed to be lost in a daze as he wandered about the ship. His stray wandering had only ceased when he had taken over piloting for Fett, slumping down into the chair like there was a heavy weight blanketing his shoulders. Soon busying himself by fiddling with the control panel as a way to distract himself from whatever was on his mind. 
The Mandalorian’s message to Moff Gideon was probably the most normal you had seen him be all day—his voice fierce and words deadly when recording his threat to the Imperial Officer. Although, even that had held a bite to it you had never heard from him. His desperation and anger fusing into one as he spoke those final words. 
He means more to me than you will ever know.
 Those words from the Mandalorian still echoed in your mind as you crept your way up to the cockpit that he remained in. While everyone else had made their way to bed for the night he hadn’t even budged from his spot in the pilot's chair. Not wanting to wake anyone, you had entered the room quietly, closing the hatch behind you before moving to stand next to the man  still occupying the space. 
Din had barely reacted to your added presence in the room, a twitch of his head being the only acknowledgement you recieved. Seeing him in such a state had instantly made you frown, and you felt your heart aching with sadness at the sight of the tormented man you loved. 
“Din I know something is bothering you.” You had said softly to him, placing a gentle hand onto the Mandalorian’s shoulder, “What’s wrong?”
Feeling your hand had finally pulled him from his trance and he glanced up towards you almost sluggishly. Although, he had only looked up at you briefly before he found himself looking away again, focusing his gaze onto the control panel in front of him. 
“Nothings wrong.” 
“You’ve been acting strange since you got back.” You had said, worry evident in your features as you moved to turn his chair to face you properly, “You don’t have to lie to me Din. I know you and I know something is wrong.”
“You know you can talk to me—you don’t have to bottle things up like this anymore.” You continued, “Please Din, tell me what's going on, I can’t bare to see you like this anymore.”
Din looked at you for another long second, the need to tell you what was bothering him on the tip of his tongue as the two of you locked gazes. In truth he wanted to tell you everything. He desperately wanted to seek comfort in your arms as he always did when like this, but at the same time, he was also deathly afraid of how you would react to the news. He had already lost the child, he couldn’t handle losing you as well. 
He had let out a deep sigh, his heart thundering loudly, as he sat up more in the seat so he could face you better. A sharp intake of breath was his only indicating of speaking before it had cut out again into silence. He had shifted his gaze from you over to the door which separated you both from the sleeping quarters where the others slept. His unasked question being obvious in his actions even without him having to say anything.
 Seeing his unease, you had smiled softly in reassurance, placing a hand on his metal cheek to bring his attention back to your own. “They’re all sleeping, it’s just us awake.” 
“Are you sure?” 
You had nodded in reply taking his gloved hands into yours to press a calming kiss along his knuckles, “Yes I checked. It’s just us… You don’t have to worry about them hearing. I promise.” 
A long silence had stretched out after your words while you patiently waited for the man to speak. He had shifted awkwardly again in his seat as you did, his fingers gripping your own as he found himself looking away again. He could feel the salty pools beginning to form at the corner of his eyes, and he bit his lip underneath the helmet while trying to force himself to confess what was on his mind. 
Din Djarin had always been a man of few words, and for many years had locked away his emotions to keep them hidden from prying eyes. It had only been recently in your relationship with him when he finally began opening up, allowing for you to see a side to him he reserved only for himself and the child. His tough bounty hunter walls chipping away easily the more the two of you fell in love with one another. 
Even with this progress, you knew it was still hard for him to speak about these kinds of things. Din still found himself choked up when it came to talking about how he felt and he still found himself at a loss for words when trying to explain his thoughts. 
 While waiting for him to speak you had found yourself caressing each of his knuckles with its own kiss. You had hoped that by doing so it would calm away some of his growing nerves and bring him some comfort away from whatever had been bothering him. 
“I-I… I took it off.” His voice had cracked as he finally spoke, breaking the silence, as a few of the tears he had tried so desperately to hold back now fell, “I took it off.” 
“Took what off?”
Din had let out a quiet breath, the words leaving him in a whisper, barely audible in the small space. 
The Helmet. 
Instantly you had felt your heart freeze over at the realization of what had happened, one of your hands coming up to your mouth as you gasped. “Oh Din…”
After your initial shock had passed, your arms had wrapped around him, enclosing him into your hold as you pulled him tightly into your chest. The man had instantly found himself melting into your hug, his own arms now wrapping around you as he gripped the back of your shirt tightly. He had begun shaking as he silently cried into your embrace, all the emotions and nerves he had felt from earlier now overflowing. 
“I did it for the child.” He said in between shaky breaths, pulling back to look up at you, “I had to. I-I…”
You shushed him, rubbing your hand along his spine as you tried to soothe his tears away, “It’s ok Din, you don’t need to explain.” 
“But it’s not ok…” He trailed off, “My creed. I broke it, but even worse... I don’t regret it. I’m not ashamed—even though I should be. ” 
“I’m not ashamed because I did it for him.” He had said his voice steadying the more he spoke, “I did it for Grogu, my foundling and son. Our son… I did it for our son because I love him and the little clan we have  built together. I love our family more than anything—that’s why I did it.”
Tears had formed at the corner of your own eyes at his words, and you pressed your forehead against his as they started to fall. He had allowed himself to rest against you for a moment, the coolness of the beskar from the helmet sending a chill over your skin. His eyes had closed when he had, his heart thundering from the gesture and brief relief flowing over him at the knowledge of you not being upset with him in the slightest. 
“I didn’t care if taking off the helmet meant that I wasn’t a Mandalorian anymore, I just wanted to get our son back.” He said pulling back to lock his gaze with yours once more, “The pain of losing him was greater than that of breaking my creed.” 
“Din you sacrificing everything for your foundling, your son, is probably the most Mandalorian thing you have ever done.” You had smiled at him with the salty trails still lingering on your cheeks, “Whether you wear a helmet or not, you’re a true Mandalorian at the end of the day.”  
“The others may not see it the same way.” He said softly with a hum, allowing for his thumb to brush away some of your stray tears, “I still took off the helmet. The reason why may not matter to them, as in the end I may just be another dar’manda among many.”
Din’s mention of dar’manda had made you frown and caused for your heart to quiver in unbelievable sadness. The memory of him explaining the meaning of the phrase to you in a once passing conversation now flooding back, as you found yourself one the verge of tears again. 
A dar’manda to the Mandalorian was one of their own who had lost their way, believing to have turned to a state of not being a Mandalorian at all. Although not considered an outside, a dar’manda was someone who had lost their heritage, identity and even soul. Many traditional Mandalorians treated the whole concept of a dar’manda with absolute dread—making it the worst fear for many Mandalorian. 
“Din I… I’m so sorry. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what you must be feeling from all of this.” 
“Honestly? I don’t know how to feel.” He confessed, toying with your fingers as he rambled, “To become a dar'manda was once my worst fear in life. Being a Mandalorian meant everything to me, but now it doesn’t seem so bad. I mean… I’d become a dar’manda in a heartbeat if it meant saving Grogu—though I guess I may have already done that.” 
A hum left you as you listened to him speak, your own hand lingering along the lining of his chestplate. Another silence had fallen over the two of you as you stood there looking down at him. Unsure of what to say at the moment, you had instead chosen to just affectionately trail your fingers along his body, feeling it relax more under your touch. 
“What do I do now?” He had suddenly asked absentmindedly, “Is there anything I even can do in this situation?”
“I don’t really know what to tell you Din.” You had sighed, pressing a kiss to the top of his helmet as you spoke, “But whatever you decide to do I’ll be right here. I’ll go anywhere in the Galaxy with you, no matter what happens or what you choose—Mandalorian or not.” 
An unseen smile had spread across his lips at your words as he buried himself into your arms again, “Cyar'ika... ni kar'tayl gar darasuum.”
“I love you too Din.” You replied, smiling as you pulled him tightly into your embrace again.
Din had settled himself back into your arms, a content sigh leaving him when had cuddled himself up to your warmth. Being so snug in your embrace had caused for a wave of tiredness to wash over him, his mind and body now beginning to feel the full weight of everything that had happened recently. 
Beginning to pull back at hearing him yawn, and looking down at the man still entangled in your arms, you had smiled softly, “We should probably head to bed-”
Din’s grip had suddenly tightened on your retreating arms, stopping you in your movement and cutting off your suggestion as he did. He had then moved himself to hug his own arms around your waist, keeping you in place as he nuzzled himself into your chest. Your brow had furrowed in confusion as you watched him, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder again while he effectively trapped you in his hold.  
“Not yet…” He had whispered, his voice laced with sleep while his words slurred together, “Just let me stay like this a little longer… please?”
A smile spread across your lips at his words, and with a small nod you had pulled him back deeper into your arms. His head easily cradling itself into the dip of your neck as he allowed for a tired sigh to leave him again. Along his back your fingers ran soothing patterns on its surface, drawing out any of his remaining nerves that may have still remained from earlier. Now relaxing completely in your arms, his worries and fears had drifted away, as he listened to the steady thump of your heartbeat. 
The Mandalorian would remain in your arms long into the night, never leaving your grasp while you lounged together in the darkened space. Eventually you would return to your own cots, but for the time being you just enjoyed each other's comforting presence. The only thoughts occupying your minds being that of your love for one another, and the son you both knew you would do anything to save.
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monsterenergysimp · 9 months ago
Reckless Endangerment
corpse husband x gender neutral! reader 
summary: while you and corpse are laying in bed he asks you sumething you weren’t expecting 
warnings: none
word count: 532
notes: This is proof read but i could have missed some stuff. Hope you enjoy :) 
main blog: @itsmysleepover
Tumblr media
Corpse had just finished streaming and you were laying together in bed in the dark. He was  laying on your body with his head against your chest, your legs a tangled mess. You were running your fingers through his dark wavy hair enjoying the silence. You had debated putting on some music but ultimately decided this would be nicer-- it was. Music would have made it harder for him to hear your heartbeat and for you to hear his soft shallow breaths.
You two had been dating for roughly two years now; he had asked you to move in with him about a year and a half in. You had already spent a fair amount of time in his apartment since he didn’t go out much and you both enjoyed each other’s company. It wasn’t a huge deal to either of you, although he was a bit anxious to ask, it just seemed like a natural next step.
As you laid in the dark with the man you loved you were calm. Nothing can ruin this moment.
“We should get married.” Was all that came out of Corpse’s mouth. Those four words were enough to make you sit upright and turn on the bedside lamp. You both flinched at the light but adjusted quickly. Corpse sat up too and you were both looking at each other in the dim lighting.
“I’m sorry, what?” You said, shocked by the sudden proposal.
“We should get married. Not a big wedding with a million people or whatever. We should elope.”
You stared at him blankly. It’s not like you never thought about getting married, moving into a nice house, and adopting a dog. You thought about it quite frequently. Much more than you’re comfortable admitting. But you weren’t expecting this especially since it’s still fairly early in your relationship. Two years isn’t a long time and both of you are still young.
“How long have you been thinking about this?” You asked him. He shrugged and looked down-- almost bashfully.
“I think about us settling down a lot but I’ve thought about seriously marrying you for a few weeks now.” Corpse spoke again before you were able to respond. “If you don’t want to get married that’s fine. It does sound super impulsive but I love you and that’s not gonna stop if we do or don’t get married.”  
You just looked at him. You lifted his head and kissed him softly on his lips. “I love you Corpse. And I want to marry you too.”
“But if we’re going to do this I want us both to understand this is the most impulsive thing we will probably ever do in our lives!” You looked at him and he nodded. “Got it?”
“Got it.” He said cheerily and smiling. He slipped one of the rings on his hand off and slid it onto your finger. You had put his rings on in the past and Corpse knew they were too large for you but that didn’t stop him. He leaned in to kiss you. You could feel him smiling in the kiss. You separated from the kiss and spoke.
“So Vegas or the courthouse?”
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long-furby6 · 7 months ago
Falling Asleep On The Aces
I really just wanted to write about Sakusa and Hoshiumi in one go and had to rub my two brain cells together aggressively to figure out what they had in common so I can group them together. Ngl kind of annoyed that I have to write for the other aces now
Tumblr media
Even though you’ve been dating for a while, physical contact is a rarity
It’s not like it doesnt happen at all, in fact, your boyfriend often kisses your hand, cheek, forhead, neck, or maybe a chaste kiss on your lips when he greets you or says goodbye
What I meant is long cuddle sessions and making out was a rarity. Maybe once or twice a month if you’re pushing it
You were curled up next to him on a couch when he realized you had been a bit quiet for the last few minutes
But when he turned to ask If you were alright, you were already out cold, snuggling up into his shoulder with an arm draped haphazardly over his torso
It was the first time you really slept together, and he almost smiled at the thought that you were comfortable enough with him to pass out on his shoulder
Basically he thought you were cute. So he had no complaints
His heart almost stopped and then sped up to record breaking levels when you made a small noise, burying your face into his neck and moving a little closer, a soft smile on your face
After smiling and softly pressing a kiss to your forhead, he adjusted himself into a more comfortable position and settled down for the night
Tumblr media
The minute he feels a soft thud on his shoulder, and the second he realizes it’s his crush, it’s over
He almost screams right there and then before forcing himself to be quiet, frantically pointing at you to try and get the others to look
He’s got one smug smirk for somebody with a face that red
If it was possible, he got even more flustered when Kuroo teases him about it
He started stumbling over his words, his gaze drifting to you every time he tried to keep himself in check. You were just so cute and he could barely stop himself from exploding on the spot
Deadass texts Tanaka for advice. Tanaka is just jealous that he got his crush to sleep on him and he hasn’t
When he feels you stir against him, his heart practically jumps out of his chest and he loops his arm around your shoulders, pulling you tighter with a hand covering his mouth in embarrassment
Can’t even look at you straight for the next few days lol
Atleast face to face, I mean. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you when he thought you weren’t looking
The things you do to this man I swear
Tumblr media
Unsurprisingly the most mature one on here
While watching a movie, he leaned down to ask you a question when he realized how unconscious you were rn
He smiled so wide it’s out of character. He would never do that when you’re awake, that is
He just smiled and pressed a soft kiss on your forhead, watching the movie to the end
As soon as the credits rolled, he looked back down to you and couldn’t for the life of him fall asleep
So he decided to rant
About all the things he loved about you
My mans is cheesy
He ended up wasting about two hours until he finally felt tired enough
Wrapping his arms around you tighter and adjsuting your position, he nuzzled into your neck, kissing it and lightly twirling your hair with his fingers
You’re gonna be stuck there for a while when you wake up
Good luck soldier
Tumblr media
Hehe fluffy birb boy
I am literally in love with rivals to lovers Hoshiumi fight me
You were forced to sit next to your rival after a big ass fight due to overcrowding on the gym bleachers
And, well, you were exhausted. You had barely slept the last few nights due to whatever you stay up at night for Idk you
He almost jumped when he felt you collapse onto him, knocking him into the person next to him
Just when he was about to yell, he turned to see your peaceful face, and suddenly froze
He had never really seen you so relaxed with him, and honestly, he kind of liked it. He liked the idea of his longtime rival being so close with him, nuzzling into his shoulder and breathing into his neck
If only your snoring wasn’t so horrible, maybe it would’ve been special then
He grinned devilishly at all the things he could tease you about when you woke up, but your movements distracted him, making his heart thump rapidly and his face heat up to his ears
He liked to believe he was in control, but the amount of power you had over this man was uncanny
Fought with himself the whole time you were asleep, and when you woke up, you were the one teasing him about just letting you do it with no complaints
Oh well, atleast he tried
Tumblr media
Asahi make my heart go 💖❤️💕❣️✨
Oh BOY was he nervous to be sleeping over at your house, no matter how many times he’s done it in the past
And he was even more nervous to have your head in his lap, sprawling out comfortably on the couch as he confined himself to the corner
And you know what made him even more nervous? The soft snoring you emitted while you snuggled into him
No matter how many times you’ve done it, it never fails to fluster him
He’s heard you refer to him as a teddy bear multiple times, and he was starting to see how you made that connection when you’re always clinging to him like a koala
Not that he minded tho
In fact, he enjoyed playing with your hair while you lay on him. Atleast you aren’t crushing him with your entire body weight this time
He brushed a few hair strands out of your face before gently moving you so he can lay down beside you, basically smothering you in a tight embrace and giving you a few small kisses around your face and neck
He never found it hard to fall asleep with you. In fact, he was out in minutes
Tumblr media
Mate’s just so done with his team he’s gotta invite you over as stress relief ajajwhsjwk
End up just laying on the floor and full on venting
You’re kinda tired from the long day and he’s got a comfortable carpet so what are you supposed to do?
“Hey, wanna sleep with me?”
“I’m sorry, WHAT?!”
Maybe you should’ve phrased it differently but it was kind of funny so he held off on the lecture
Obviously he said yes once you clarified what you meant, and ran off to grab blankets and anything else he could find
Soon you had amassed a collection of pillows, blankets, sheets, you name it
It was comfortable and he cuddled up to you pretty quickly, softly kissing your forehead and pullin you on top of him
Ngl he’s more comfortable than the blankets
Needless to say you fell asleep at lightning speed
He chuckled and played with your hair until he, too, drifted off
Tumblr media
Yeah so he doesn’t even care
Just pulls you closer to him like 😐
Goshiki starts freaking out and he just goes “shhhhh”
He makes everyone be quiet so you can sleep
Honestly, he doesn’t see it as something to be embarassed about. You’re tired, and he’s your best friend, so why wouldn’t he help you out? Makes no sense to him why everyone’s making it a big deal
Until he feels you hugging him tighter, shuffling closer so you’re almost in his lap
Then he gets it a little
Tendou is relentless in his teasing but he doesn’t even get it
“Oh? Looks like you’re getting a little close there~”
“Yes, it seems that way :|”
He’s a surprisingly soft pillow
Ended up resting his head against yours, eyes closed and listening to your slow breathing while his teammates took blackmail pictures
Tumblr media
You have that kind of friendship where you’re always either insulting or flirting with eachother and there is no inbetween
You’re over at his place to play Mario Kart and sleep over when you started to feel a little drowsy
It was dark and you spent a lot of time running that day so I don’t blame you
But you deadass just flopped on him
He was about to yell at you for messing up his game before he noticed how cute you were being right now, and that he didn’t exactly want to wake you up
He smirked thinking about all the things he could do while you were asleep. Maybe he should sharpie your face or put you in some strange place
And he would’ve if you didn’t have a death grip on him
He literally couldn’t get up
With a few failed attempts of getting you off without waking you, he adjusted himself so he was laying down with you on top of him, your breath hot on his neck
After groaning in annoyance, he turned on some show and suffered until you woke up, occasionally running his fingers through your hair or kissing the top of your head, things he would never dream of doing when you’re awake
Tumblr media
Do you really think you’re gonna stay asleep long with him? Fool
As soon as he notices (which takes a weirdly long time) he practically has stars in his eyes
Deadass about to pull out the engagement ring
“Akamsjkskaaaaashiiii!!! Look at how cute Y/N’s being!!!”
“Yes I see it. Y/N is indeed a cool person.”
“Quick! Take a picture!!”
Pouts when Shirofuku tells him to settle down or he’ll wake you up
Hugs you so tightly I’m surprised you’re still breathing damn
Kindof hides his face in your neck and moves one hand up and down your arm
Even when you wake up he still won’t let you go. You’re too cute and he likes you too much
Good luck mate you’re stuck
You make him so happy it’s not even funny anymore
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lxncelot · 3 months ago
hope in the jar | k.b.
Six of Crows - Kaz Brekker x Reader, slight fluff, slight angst requested
tw: gunshot wound, medical stitches, mention of gun violence,  mentions of blood, slightly ooc kaz because have you tried to write him softly?
word count: 1.4k
prompt: “I don’t trust anyone… but you’re not just anyone.”
A/N: 1) this doesn’t seem to take place at any given point in canon but i want wylan and matthias to be there, sue me, and 2) do i know that there is no greek mythology is the grishaverse? yes. does that stop me from mentioning pandora’s box? no.
summary: Kaz Brekker is far from just being anyone. And maybe, so are you.
Tumblr media
"You're quiet." Wylan bumped your shoulder, pulling you out of your thoughts. 
There was a particular kind of calm that descended after a shootout. When pistols stopped smoking and adrenaline had left the bloodstream, the cool weight of evening fell back on your shoulders and managed to settle differently. For Jesper, it meant more jokes than usual. For Inej, more prayer. For Nina, it meant more grumbling, and for Matthias, more smiles. You weren't always sure what it meant for you, but tonight, it meant pensivity.
The walk back to the Slat was victorious. The streets of Ketterdam were empty and unusually quiet, thanks to Wylan's affinity toward bombs and blowing half of the cobblestones right off the street. The tranquility wasn't typical, but somehow, it was comforting. Perhaps even invigorating. How often did Ketterdam fall silent? Especially for canal rats like you?
Maybe if you still had a slow trickle of adrenaline, you would have commemorated the moment - maybe by getting waffles? But it was late, and after taking a bullet to the side after getting a little too close to the enemy, the only thing you wanted was to wash all of the grime off of your face and fall asleep. Maybe you'd celebrate after a good night's rest - Saints providing that such a thing existed in the Barrel.
"Am I quiet? Or are you slowly going deaf from all of your 'science experiments?'"
Wylan flushed a little. Even after all this time, he was so easy to tease. What made it even funnier was that he always managed some witty comeback or another, all while his cheeks were a shocking 'embarrassment pink.' Wylan opened his mouth to speak—
"Definitely quiet!" Jesper called from in front of you, one of his arms slung around Inej's shoulder, the other twirling a pistol.
Wylan let out a scoff of admiration, and you mumbled under your breath - something about Jesper being an irritating, smart mouthed idiot.
"What was that, (Y/n)?"
"You're annoying, Jesper!"
"Well, I'm glad something can make you lively again." Jesper turned his head to toss you a wink, and you rolled your eyes.
Wylan bumped your shoulders together, again, careful not to jostle you too much. "You're not quiet now. Just seething."
"Just tired," you corrected, passing the redhead a lazy smile.
"Admitting that is admitting weakness."
Kaz walked behind you and the rest of the group, but his voice was loud enough for everyone to hear. You turned around and walked backward so you could face him.
To anyone else walking the street, the Bastard of the Barrel was just more brooding than usual - his tone curter, his eyes sharper, the lines on his face deeper than they had the right to be. To you, though, Kaz was tired. His leg was stiff from the fight, giving him more trouble than usual, and his jaw was set in a rigid line as to not give away his weakness.
The Slat wasn't too far, now, but even after getting inside, there would be stairs to climb, and a hell of a lot of them were so worn down, they might buckle at any given weight. 
It would be a rough night; it already had been.
You just sighed. "Admitting that is trust."
Kaz held your gaze. For a long moment, you couldn't figure what he was thinking. Kaz Brekker was always considering something, and after a while, you had gotten good at knowing just what he was thinking, when. 
But not this time. Kaz was a sphinx to you during that baited moment - inexplicable, an enigma. What made it worse was that it was deliberate.
Kaz raised his eyebrows and looked down at his cane, hitting the ground with more force than before.
"We're all tired."
The night was filled with the quiet once more, but with every step you took toward the Slat, the low din of unruly jeers and shouts filled your brain like cotton on a wound.
✧ *:・゚
You sat on the floor of your room, a bowl of water before you, a haphazard pile of medical supplies to your left. Nina had told you that she wasn't a Healer when she began to seal your wound earlier, and you had said you didn't want to waste time while still exposed on the streets - by all accounts, Nina did a decent job with the three or so minutes you allowed her. But Saints, someone should have told you to stuff your pride and let Nina work on you just a bit longer. Maybe then you wouldn't be sitting on the floor of your room, stitching up a wound with supplies you nicked from Muzzen.
You had just finished your stitches (you still needed to thank Inej for teaching you how) when you heard Kaz walking up the steps.
You wrapped up your wound as best you could. You were pushing down your shirt when you heard him speak.
"I wouldn't trust just anyone in the Dregs."
You washed your hands clean as best you could and sent Kaz a wayward glance, noting how he stood in your doorway - as though he wasn't quite sure if he belonged.
"I've been in Ketterdam too long—" You grabbed a towel and wiped your face, trying to rid yourself of the dirt and grime. You turned back to Kaz "—I don't trust anyone."
He nodded as though agreeing with your judgment. But it was too quick - too relenting. He turned to go.
"But you're not just anyone, Kaz."
The Bastard of the Barrel froze. It seemed to you that his grip on his cane tightened. Perhaps it was a side effect from the blood loss or maybe even a fast-acting infection from that suture needle, but it felt like something sucked all the air out of the room.
You turned to face him properly.
"C'mon, we've both known it for longer than we care to admit. I'm doing us a mercy - putting it to rest."
Silence, still. If the Slat were up in flames, you doubted you would have noticed. There was nothing else here - it was just you, Kaz, and the space that lay between.
You eased your legs out in front of you, putting your arms out behind you and leaning on your palms. The floor was cool - like the night had been, earlier, when you were talking away from a gunfight. The world was somehow smaller,  then - like you had held it in your grasp. 
Kaz was still half turned, but you could see his profile, and once again, his thoughts were under lock and key. 
"You can either take it or leave it, Kaz. But whatever you decide to choose, know that you chose it."
He spoke sooner than you expected. "You're not just anyone, either."
Your mouth went dry. You weren't sure what you had been expecting or even hoping. Hope was still trapped inside Pandora's jar, and even the barest inkling of it could have destroyed your whole world. Hope belonged to the innocent and the pious, and you hadn't been either in a long time. You weren't sure what you had been expecting, but it certainly wasn't that.
And for some reason, you could fathom how Kaz Brekker could have ever said such a thing and meant it.
Maybe Kaz didn't think you heard him, because he affirmed it, turning to you. "You're not just anyone, (Y/n)."
"Not just another soldier in your ranks?"
"Not anymore."
You wanted to laugh, but it came out as more of a breath. You settled for a lopsided smile instead. "That's practically a proposal, coming from you."
"If I could offer you more, I would."
You looked at Kaz as he stood in the doorway. He was exhausted and beaten at his own game, but there was nothing but sincerity and truth swimming in his eyes, nothing but honestly dripping from every syllable. Had you ever seen Kaz the way he was, now? To take his own words, he was admitting a weakness. Earnestness was a defect in the Barrel. Vulnerability was a sin.
"It's not much," you conceded. You moved your outstretched leg so that you could tap his shoe - toe to toe. Kaz watched the slow movement carefully, but never pulled away. "But for now, it's good enough."
-- taglist: @musicallisto​​, @catsbooksandmusic​ // message me if you want to be added!
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albedoswifehusband · 4 months ago
hiii, i was wondering if i could request hc of maybe diluc, zhongli and xiao with an s/o (female) whos a selective mute and they hear her voice for the first time? :D like maybe she calling their names or something
This surprised me in a good way! I’m actually selectively mute myself and I wasn’t expecting to ever get a request involving it tbh. Thank you so much for your request!
Since this is sfw I’ll still be keeping it as gender neutral though, heads up!
Diluc, Zhongli, And Xiao Hearing Their Selective Mute Partner Speak For The First Time Headcanons
-He’s so caught off guard hearing you not only speak, but say his name of all things, that he accidentally drops whatever he’s holding at the time.
-This may result in a broken glass that he could have been handling at the tavern or even him accidentally dropping you if he was embracing you at the time.
-He’ll pull himself together quickly with a genuine smile and he can’t help but tell you that he thinks your voice is beautiful. 
-He doesn’t have as shocked or clumsy responses at future times of speech but he still gets that sweet smile and pride in you each time.
-He’s the most likely person here I think to know any sign languages so if you use that instead of writing to communicate he won’t even need to learn something new and can immediately start being communicated to through it which is nice.
-It doesn’t click for him immediately when you say his name as you probably also did your usual method of getting his attention at the same time. He acts like he normally would and after about a minute it dawns on him that you used your voice for the first time around him.
-He softly hums in appreciation and asks if he can give you a kiss. He’s going to savor the memory of how your voice sounded when you said his name.
-He’s blushing immediately. Your voice sounds so nice to him and hearing his name as the first thing you’ve said around him is a real treat.
-He won’t push you to speak any further than that but he does tell you how nice it was to hear you.
-He’ll probably get sappy affectionate for a little bit and end up holding you and hiding his face so you can’t see how flustered he is.
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monsterenergysimp · 8 months ago
corpse husband x gender neutral! reader 
summary: your relationship is revealed while corpse is streaming 
request: could you write about corpse and reader dating but nobody knows and one day during a stream reader is cuddling corpse and he forgets to mute his mic for the discord and he calls you baby/says i love you and his friends start interrogating/teasing him
warnings: cursing
word count: 516
tag list: @watermelon-mess​ @oldblackandwhitetown​ @susceptible-but-siriusexual​ @gday5sos​ @ashanti-granville @03ohj​ @djxrin​ @grapewish​ @crapimahuman​ @saturn2000​ @whatawonderfulusername​ @johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt​ @lauramacch​ @socialdesires​ @teaspill8​ @whathasateezdonetome​ @seutarose​ @whiteblacknothingpanda​ 
notes: This is proof read but I could have missed some stuff. Sorry It’s a bit late but I’m super busy with school and with all the assignments I have I hardly have weekends free anymore. I hope you’re happy with it nonnie and I hope everyone enjoys :)
main blog: @itsmysleepover
Tumblr media
You were sitting on Corpse’s lap and hanging onto him like a koala. This wasn’t uncommon. Having you with him while he streamed tended to calm his nerves and you enjoyed sitting in. You usually sat either in his lap or in the room near him while remaining quiet. If he wanted to say something he’s either mute his mics and say it or quickly text it to you. This wasn’t weird to either of you considering you enjoyed the privacy in your relationship; it’s not a privilege most other public figures have. He began to pet your head and continued playing Among Us as he responded to questions in his chat every once in a while.
Peter had reported Rae’s body and everyone was discussing. Corpse was crewmate this round and gave his alibi. He turned the discord mic off and started talking with the chat. “Guys stop giving me your money,” he said. You could hear his smile through his words. He was so grateful for all their donations and what it meant for him but he also didn’t want them spending their money on him.
The next round began without anyone having been voted off yet. You turned your head to watch the chat. Corpse continued doing his tasks. He was clearing the O2 filter in the greenhouse. When he finished and the report button appeared on his screen. He walked out of the room and saw Lily’s decapitated body on the floor.  He reported it. “Just outside of the greenhouse, I was inside doing tasks then walked out, and there she was,” Corpse explained. Everyone started talking and Corpse put his input in every once in a while.
Dream was accused of being the imposer and voted off. The next round started and everyone dispersed.
You yawned and nuzzled your head into his chest. He placed a gentle kiss atop your head. “Are you sleepy baby?” He asked you without thinking.
“Uh, Corpse... mute,” Sykkuno spoke. Both your eyes widened as you stared at each other. “Corpse do you have a significant other?”
“Sykkuno, it’s not what it sounds like,” he responded in a joking tone trying to brush it off and move on from the subject. The chat was going crazy. Even in slow mode, it was moving too fast to read.
“Ah, you fucked up Corpsie,” you spoke. He just laughed and nodded his head, no doubt trying to laugh away the uncomfortable moment. “Everyone this is my partner, now let’s get back to the game.” Corpse said. After the game ended and everyone was in the lobby they started interrogating you two with basic questions about how and when you met. And if you two lived together or not.
When the next game was about to start you stood up off his lap and he pouted. You kissed him. “I’m going to bed now Corpsie,” you said walking toward the door.
“Ok baby, I love you,” Corpse spoke back.
All he heard after you shut the door behind him was Peter in his headphone. “Simp.”
Corpse muted his mic.
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nakachuchu · 6 months ago
Big Bully | Ryomen Sukuna
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: The big bully heals your injuries.
READER: gender neutral
WORDS: 581
WRITTEN: 01/17/2021
Tumblr media
“You’re an idiot,” he growled angrily, hands focused on reversing the cursed energy around your body.
Sukuna had forced Yuuji to switch out with him when he had enough of simply sitting on his throne in his dimension while watching you fight a special curse and get absolutely demolished.
By the time you blinked, Sukuna had appeared in front of you, shielding you with his back as he shot his arm through the curse.
No matter how many times you told him to let Shoko take care of you — since she did specialize in recovery techniques — Sukuna refused to let anyone come near you, claiming that he would tear off their heads.
Gojo waved Sukuna off, nonchalantly saying that you would be fine in the hands of the King of Curses. Shoko heavily disagreed, but was dragged off by Gojo.
Now, you were sitting a few feet away from a gross, bleeding curse as Sukuna used his own recovery technique on you.
“Can we do this somewhere else? Like, in my bedroom?” you questioned, making a face at the gross curse. “That curse isn’t exactly as attractive as you.”
“You admit I’m attractive?”
“Technically it’s Yuuji since it’s his body.”
“We are different,” he claimed.
You winced from pain for a moment. “But didn’t you tell me you have four arms and two faces? And a mouth on your stomach? I don’t think Yuuji has those things.”
Sukuna looked up at you and brought his face close to yours, nose nudging against yours. “Say it again.”
He was testing you, while you were testing his patience. You opened your mouth, but he cut you off by kissing you. Your eyes widened for a moment before they closed as he refused to back down.
His hand rested on the small of your back. He pulled away from you and smirked.
You glared at him slightly.
“I’m done,” he said. “Your injuries are gone.”
“All of them?” you questioned, lifting your arms to inspect them.
“Who do you take me for, human?” he questioned.
“You call me human like it’s an insult but you’re residing in a human,” you retorted.
“Don’t make me place more injuries on you.”
“You’re the one who chose to come out, you big bully” you retorted.
He took your chin in his hand. “That’s right. I’m a big bully.”
You narrowed your eyes at him before averting your eyes away. “Hmph.”
He silently took his hand away from your chin and threw you over his shoulder, hand patting your butt before moving so quickly that you two were in your room within two minutes.
He made move to drop you onto your bed, but you let out a scream.
“W-Wait, don’t drop me on the bed! I’m covered in blood!” you exclaimed.
“Who are you to order me around?” he questioned.
“Then why did you hesitate just now?”
“Silence,” he demanded.
He opened the door to your bathroom, turned the shower on, and placed you down onto your feet. You looked up at him, suddenly getting a slight chill down your back.
He placed his hands on your shoulders and grinned, teeth baring and all. “Strip.”
“Strip,” he repeated. “I won’t say it again.”
He began tugging at your shirt. You grabbed onto his wrists and shook your head.
“W-Wait, I’m not ready to take the next step!” you exclaimed. “It’s too soon!”
“Then I’ll rip it off you.”
“No, Sukuna, don’t—GAH—You big bully!"
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gummyworm-coffin · 5 months ago
Heya! I was wondering if you could do the obey me boys with a teenage mc? Maybe they’re like 15-17 and just pure chaos phase( no I’m not projecting what-) :))
Chaotic Gen Z MC
reader: gender neutral
fandom: obey me!
tw/cw: mentions of anxiety, self depreciating jokes, cussing, mentions of arson and cherry bombs
author's note: you have no idea how long i've been wanting to write something like this for. i'm 16, and i just wanna rain chaos down on these poor, unsuspecting demon boys.
Chapter 16 spoilers
Tumblr media
This man is a priss. He would kill you on the spot if you ever embarrassed him in public, god forbid you do it in front of Lord Diavolo. Speaking of which, one day you interrupted his meeting with Diavolo because you were lonely.
"No one else was home."
"Levi wasn't in his room?"
"I didn't want to bother him."
"So you bothered me?"
Finally, he just let you stay. You pulled up a chair and sat next to Lucifer, smiling happily as you kicked your legs back and forth.
"Thanks Mom."
Lucifer pretty much mothers his brothers, why does he have to do it with you, too?
And the human world references. Oh god the human world references. What are you talking about when you say he could protect the capital better? And what the hell is this Vine you speak of? Like the vines that grow outside on the House of Lamentation?
Please help this man.
The jokes you make worry him sometimes. He happened to walk by once as you and Satan were watching a crime documentary, and a scene showed up of a person being shot.
"I wish that were me."
"MC, my office, now."
Cue the long talk about how your life matters, you have so much to live for, yada yada yada.
"Lucifer, you tried to kill me once."
"We don't speak of that, MC."
You're his partner in crime! His instigator! You two go together like two peas in a pod! Lucifer is jealous about the bond that you two have!
Or maybe it's just because two of the House of Lamentation's chaotic members are best friends, and he is not only stressed, but also pissed.
"We need another French Revolution. Mammon, let's eat the rich."
"Okay. I'll go get Lucifer's guillotine."
Cue Lucifer rubbing his temples and sighing like a disappointed mom.
"No, Mammon. You've already been in one revolution, I don't need you joining another."
When Mammon gets in trouble, you're always the one to bail him out. When he's dealing with witches, you're right there beside him. They won't harm him with a kid around, right???
Mammon loves you. You're so fun to be around. You come up with the craziest schemes for how to get rich quick, and they might not always work, but it's always funny watching you run from the cops.
Mammon will buy you everything you want. He's like your local old homosexual family members who have no kids and lots of money so they spoil you rotten with presents at Christmas.
Plushies? Boom, done. Monster? He's getting one, too. Merch? Donezo, next!
When you crack self depreciating jokes, Mammon is so confused.
What??? His human doesn't think that they're the best, most perfect human in the world??? This just won't do! Don't worry, MC! The Great Mammon will help you discover your worth!
Your humor is elite. Levi loves you. He always recites vines with you.
"You can't sit with us."
Levi is already laughing before you reply.
"Actually, Megan, I can't sit anywhere. I have hemorrhoids."
Lucifer hates your pairing almost as much as he hates you and Mammon's. He gets so scared after almost every weird reference you make.
"MC, do you need me to call a doctor?"
"Lucifer, it's a joke-"
"I'm calling a doctor."
Levi and you obviously skip school together, as well. You've better things to do than laze around in an uncomfortable chair learning how to do fractions.
Levi and you always sneak out after dark to stop by a convenience store and grab some energy drinks and a shit ton of candy. Afterwards, you binge anime all night long, huddled up next to each other, sipping on your drinks and shoving gummy bears into your mouths by the fist fulls.
Levi is your gaming buddy! Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, you name it! He'll even beat your ass in Smash Bros. as Isabelle, if you want! :DDD
You're also anxiety buddies. In a social gathering, you two just stand in a corner next to each other, complaining and wishing you could go home.
You're Levi's Henry, his best friend! You understand him, and he loves you for that :)
"What is with this sassy, lost child?"
You weird Satan out... a lot. MC, what the hell is a WAP? And why are two trucks having sex? Please tell him, he's so lost.
However, you are pretty clever, and you come up with such nefarious plans that he can use against Lucifer, so you're on his good side. For now. But when you annoy him while he's reading, he'll threaten you.
"MC, I will not hesitate to string you up by your ankles."
"Kinky," you reply, not even batting an eyelid.
What the fuck???
"MC, do you like reading?" he asked you one day, to which you replied: "I read a story on AO3 about fucking grass once."
You ask him all the time if he's a cat boy, and after that one event, you haven't stopped buying him cat ears to annoy him.
"Satan, I think these ones match your eyes better than those ones."
"I fucking hate you."
Other interactions include:
"Don't worry, Satan, I have daddy issues, too."
"Shut the fuck up, MC, or I will kill you."
"Say that again and I'll neuter you, cat boy."
As chaotic as you are, Satan does find you amusing, and the conversations he has with you, no matter how stupid, make him smile.
As soon as you first laid eyes on Asmo, the first sentence(s) out of your mouth was, "You're a twink. I'm gonna go smoke some weed."
Everyone was so confused, except for Levi. Levi got it.
Asmo is always trying to bring you on his outtings, but you much prefer just staying inside and killing fictional zombies with Levi, or lying in your room just staring at your ceiling.
"Come on, MC! Let's go!"
"Can't, contemplating life and why I'm still alive."
"That's boring, let's go get manicures!"
Asmo finds you adorable, almost like you're his own little sibling. He'll baby you, buying you things and spoiling you to no end. However your requests are sometimes... weird.
"Asmo, can you pick me up some matches?"
"Asmo, do you know any good book stores that sell spell books?"
"Asmo, do they sell cherry bombs down here?"
You called him a puppy the first time you saw him, so it's just become his nickname now.
"Puppy dog, hoist me up! I can't reach the top shelf."
Beel is always your accidental partner in crime. He ends up running away with you and Mammon hoisted over his shoulders from a pissed off Lucifer at least twice a week.
It does make for a good work out though, so Beel isn't complaining.
When you, Levi, Mammon, and Beel meet up, Beel always brings snacks to share with the group. (He brings you more though cause he knows you forget to eat sometimes.)
Beel lets you sleep on him when you're tired, just because you don't seem like you get enough sleep. He'll pick you up with ease, no matter your size, and just hold you close as you nap.
You pat his head every time he does something for you, ruffling his fiery orange hair as you smile. "Thanks, puppy dog."
Beel loves it when you ruffle his hair though, please keep doing it, it makes him feel loved.
Beel is just like your big brother. He always tries to keep you from doing stupid things, but don't worry, he'll bail you out if you do them, anyways. He feels a need to protect you. You're such a young human, not even considered an adult yet, and humans are already fragile creatures. Not only that, but you're always quick to fight any demon that even looks at you funny.
You're just a simple human, but you're so brave. Either that or stupid. But no matter whichever one it is, just know Beel will always be there to protect you.
Following Beel's promise, Belphie was the one thing Beel couldn't protect you from.
Belphegor feels awful about killing you, especially after you give him the cold shoulder when he tries making up with you.
"I'm not talking to a murderer."
You were almost as petty and as stubborn as Belphegor himself! He was impressed.
Eventually, you forgive him, but you never stop bringing it up.
"Belphie, kill me again so I don't have to take my math test tomorrow."
After you become friends, the two of you, (just like you and Levi), skip class just to stay in bed and nap the day away.
After he finds out how young you are, Belphie smiles. Finally, you two have something in common! Well, Belphegor technically is thousands of years older than you, but he's still pretty young for a demon!
You guys argue a lot, neither of you being the type to take shit from anyone, but don't worry, you're still bffs. And you prank Lucifer a lot with him, too, so how could he ever stay mad at you?
If Beel's your older, responsible brother, Belphie is like your younger irresponsible brother who you commit arson with.
He's pretty swag, though.
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zhuzhubii · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
anon requested - spencer gets his first handjob :)
cw: nsfw 18+, handjobs, lil’ bit of praise kink, kissing/making out
wc: 1.8k
a/n: wow this is the second smut ive written this week i dont think ive done two in a week before lol
It’s the weekend and the two of you are curled up on the couch together, spending the evening reading and simply enjoying each other’s presence under the soft lamp light of Spencer’s apartment. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot him reach the end of his book and then gently set it aside. He fiddles with his hands for a moment before shifting is his seat and peering over at you with his big brown eyes, leaning into you and watching over your shoulder as you read. 
You smile to yourself because you know exactly what’s coming next - Spencer will get increasingly cuddly with each page you turn, tucking himself into your side and patiently waiting for you to finish so that he can beg for kisses. You, of course, always oblige him - how could you say no when he’s so perfectly Spencer.
He gives a little contented hum and shifts next to you, bringing his long arms up to wrap around your body as he blinks up at you with the cutest little pout on his lips. And usually you’d keep reading for a few minutes longer, but today he’s just too irresistible - you shut your book and set it aside before turning to kiss Spencer on the cheek, raising a hand and threading your fingers through his hair as you let your lips linger on his soft skin.
He lights up as soon as he has your full attention, chasing your lips with his and pouting when you giggle and playfully turn away. You love how eager he is to be with you, how unafraid he is to show his eagerness - you’re the first person he’s ever dated and while you’re weren’t his first kiss, you are the first person he’s ever made out with. And ever since that first time it’s like Spencer can’t get enough of you (and it’s not like you’re complaining at all - Spencer’s a quick learner, and you never get tired of teaching him)
You give in soon enough, and then you’re kissing him - you feel your eyes flutter shut as he cradles your head with his hands and opens his mouth, teasing your lips with his tongue until yours falls open as well. He makes a pleased little noise that’s music to your ears, pulling you towards him as he seeks more and more and more. You trail kisses up his cheeks and down his jaw, feeling his breath hot and shaky against you as he gasps, his hands stroking up and down your sides almost without him telling them to. 
You let your hand drag down his chest, bumping over the buttons of his shirt and feeling his belly tense under your palms. He squirms beneath you, soaking in all the wonderful sensations as you bring your mouth back up to his, smiling into his lips as he pants into yours. And then he shifts position at the same moment that you move your arm - his crotch, warm and firm and unmistakably excited, brushes up against you.
He jolts back, sucking in a sharp breath and pulling his shirt down over the tent in his pants as far as the stiff fabric will let him. “S-sorry!” he stutters, averting his eyes and worrying at his bottom lip with a nervous frown.
“Oh Spencer, no,” you bring a hand up to cup his cheek, thumbing over his lip until he un-tenses a little, “Don’t be sorry - you didn’t do anything wrong.”
He just sits there for a moment and toys with the hem of his shirt, the nervousness in his features slowly melting into a blush. He leans into your hand first, letting out a shaky exhale before finally peering over at you and mumbling, “You’’re sure it’s okay? Y-you don’t think it’s weird that I get...hard just from kissing you?”
And you let out a giggle because the idea is so preposterous - why would you be offended by the fact that your boyfriend finds making out with you arousing? You’ve noticed him getting hard when you’ve made out before and every time it’s alighted that familiar thrum of heat within you - you haven’t mentioned it to Spencer because you aren’t sure if he’s ready to go further, and you don’t want him to feel pressured by knowing that you definitely are.
You brush a strand of hair out of his face and he blinks up at you with curiosity in his eyes. “Of course not, baby,” you lean in and let your lips ghost across his ear, dropping your voice to a whisper, “I get aroused from kissing you, too.”
He gasps and you can practically feel his pupils dilate. You can feel his heart rate pick up as you press your lips to his pulse point, sucking a bruise into his neck and he shudders in your arms. “Please…,” he whispers, subconsciously shifting his legs apart and whining as the fabric of his slacks tightens across his crotch.
You drop a hand to hover just above his belt, feeling the heat of his body crest and wane with every breath. “Will you let me take care of you, Spencer?” you ask.
“I-I’ve never...,” he stutters, his protests weak as he glances between you and his bulge, “I mean, n-no one’s ever…”
“Don’t worry about that, baby,” you respond, “I wanna make you feel good, will you let me do that for you?”
And then he’s nodding, his breath shaky with excitement as he spreads his legs and pushes forward into you. “Yes,” he gasps, “Yes, oh fuck. Yes!”
You grin and drop your hand to cup him through his pants - he’s a mess already, bucking into your palm almost as soon as you touch him, little whimpers and oh!’s escaping his lips. You climb up to straddle his lap and he immediately wraps his arms around you, staring down at your hand with wonder as you start to massage his cock.
You leave your hand where it is as you lean in to kiss him once again, open mouthed and wet this time as his jaw drops from the combined sensations. You let your free hand trail down his chest, skillfully popping open buttons and pushing the thin fabric aside in favor of feeling his bare skin under your palm. His belly is soft as your hand glides over it, stroking up and down a few times before finally dropping towards where he really wants you.
You unclasp his belt and undo his pants, pulling his fly down zip by zip, smiling against his neck as you feel him tremble beneath you. “(y/n)...,” he gasps as you dip your fingers beneath his slacks, the thin fabric of his underwear now the only barrier between you and his cock.
You close your hand around his and his breathing immediately picks up, he starts bucking up against your weight as he lets out a little ah ah ah! that rises in pitch with each iteration. It sends a new wave of heat thrumming through you to know that he could cum so easily, but you don’t want this to be over just yet - you keep your hand still over his cock and bring up the other to pet his cheek, shushing, “’s okay, it’s okay. You’re doing such a good job, Spencer, so good for me,” until his need settles just enough.
His underwear is positively soaked with pre-cum and the feeling of wet fabric brings a smile to your lips. You suck love-bites into his neck as you stroke his cock through the fabric, thumbing over the head and humming with satisfaction when another wave of pre-cum beads out of him. 
Spencer’s a gasping mess beneath you, so overwhelmed with pleasure that his eyes keep fluttering closed despite his efforts to keep them open. You know you don’t have much time left before he can’t hold back anymore, so you push yourself up on your knees in one swift motion - Spencer whimpers and blinks his eyes open as he feels you pull back, his voice thick with arousal as he whines, “C’me back.”
“I’m not going anywhere,” you reassure him, “Just lift your hips for a second, okay?”
He understands immediately despite the haze of arousal - he scrambles to push his hips up off of the couch, peering up at you expectantly as you take a moment to giggle at how adorably eager he is. You pull his pants down first, letting them pool around his ankles as you admire the obvious tent in his underwear. Those you take your time with, dragging your fingers back and forth under the waistband a few times and grinning at Spencer’s needy whines before finally pulling them down to expose his cock. 
The head is shiny with pre-cum and flushed a deep red with the strength of his arousal. It’s the perfect size, and you drag a finger from base to tip, swirling it around the head as you resettle yourself in Spencer’s lap. Spencer gasps and bucks up into your hand, alternating between looking at you and looking at his cock and closing his eyes all together. A constant stream of moans and whimpers and soft oh!’s escape his lips as his cock twitches against your fingers.
He’s hot and heavy in your hand when you wrap your fingers around him - he can’t keep his eyes open anymore and his head falls back against the back of the couch, his jaw dropping with pleasure as you finally start to stroke his cock. He spreads his legs impossibly wider, his hips stuttering and belly tensing as he whimpers, trying his best to make this last. You thumb over the slit and he’s done - he cums without warning, spilling all over his belly with a sudden ah! as he shudders beneath you. 
You stroke him softly through the aftershocks, pulling away as soon as it gets to be too much. “Good boy,” you praise, “You’re so good for me, Spencer, you did such a good job.”
He looks up at you through hooded, blissed out eyes, mumbling, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” as you thumb over his cheeks and press a kiss into his forehead. 
“I’m gonna go get something to clean you up,” you whisper and he whines, making grabby hands for you as you start to get up. “I’m coming right back,” you continue, “You won’t even know I’m gone, okay?” 
He pouts and begrudgingly nods - you head off to the bathroom and come back with a damp cloth, then run it over his belly before setting it aside to be dealt with later. Spencer pulls you into a hug as soon as you’re done, tucking his face into the crook of your neck and humming contentedly when you run a hand through his hair and down his back.
“Did you have fun, baby? Did you like that?” you ask, tracing patterns over his arms as he curls himself into you.
“Mmhm,” he hums, eyes half-lidded with grogginess in his post-orgasm daze.
“Good,” you smile, “I’m glad.”
taglist: @spncersreid​ @doctor-reid​ @gublertoon​ @arthurmorrgans​ @dolanfivsosxox​ @pinkdiamond1016​ @itsmyblogandillreblogifiwantto​ @rexorangecouny​ @rainsong01​ @themanwiththreephds​ @zhangyixingxing1​ @aquariuslavenderhoney​ @urie-bowie-mercury​ @shadyladyperfection​ @mggsprettygirl​ @no-honey-no​
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nakachuchu · 5 months ago
Love at First Sight | Okkotsu Yuuta
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: He meets you for the first time.
READER: gender neutral
WORDS: 620
WRITTEN: 02/23/2021
NOTES: Thank you for requesting! Sorry this took a week+ to write, but I hope you like it.
Tumblr media
Maki mentioned you whenever the conversation allowed her to, while Panda constantly mentioned your name in almost any conversation.
Yuuta heard a lot about you from his classmates. Panda always went on about how kind you were, and Inumaki was always agreeing with him with eager nods.
You were a Special Grade sorcerer who was often overseas with missions, despite your young age.
Today was the first day he was meeting you. He was always nervous to meet new people, but because you were so thought of highly by his friends, he was even more nervous.
"Hi!" you greeted, hand near your ear as you tucked your hair behind your ear.
He blanked. He fucking blanked. He stared at you with wide eyes and his mouth was parted. Was he even looking at a human? He swore you were an angel.
Was it too hot today or was it just you? Literally, because Yuuta was sure he was profusely sweating right now and was a bit worried about sweat stains.
"Is he okay?" you questioned.
"I think you took his breath away," Panda teased.
"I didn't do anything," you said.
You took a step closer to him, hands intertwined behind your back as you leaned in. He was definitely conscious because his eyes followed you wherever you moved.
"I'm L/N Y/N. Nice to meet you!" you cheered as bowed.
You waited for a moment, looking down at the ground. You glanced up when you noticed he didn't bow.
"Okkotsu, you're being weird," Panda whispered. "I don't think this is how you impress someone."
Inumaki pushed his back down so that he was bowing to you. His head accidentally smacked into yours.
"Oh—I'm so—I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to—to do that—I—Yuuta—Okkotsu Yuuta—Me—That's me."
His face was on fire. He absolutely hated how nervous he was. He didn't think he made sense at all.
Hell, even Maki was doing her best not to laugh out loud. She was hiding her mouth with her hand and her shoulders were shaking with silent laughter.
The two of you rose from the bow. You laughed, head tilting back as the sun shone on your face.
Once again, Yuuta was in awe of how beautiful you were. He thought your laugh was the most beautiful thing he had both heard and saw.
"I know who you are," you said once you stopped laughing. "They talk about you a lot," you said, referring to Inumaki, Panda, and Maki.
“O-Oh,” he stammered as he nervously scratched his cheek.
“You've been in Tokyo for a while, right? I haven't been here in a while. Any new, good places to eat?” you questioned.
“Oh, there's this good restaurant that opened a week ago,” Yuuta answered.
“Let's go there then,” you suggested as you stepped forward to loop your arm with his arm.
“H-Huh, w-wait—”
“Come on, slow-pokes!” you exclaimed to your other friends. “I'm starving!”
Inumaki, Panda, and Maki walked after you as you dragged Yuuta around as if he was a lost puppy. From behind, it looked more like a puppy and its owner.
Even if you had let go of his arm, he would have still followed after you.
His face was pink from how close you were to him. If you asked him anything, he wouldn't be able to respond because all he could hear was the sound of his heart beating loudly.
“You okay?” you questioned, tilting your head to look up at him.
He nodded. “Y-Yeah.”
“If you say so. Oh, that restaurant looks good too!”
Yuuta was sure he was absolutely crazy about you, and he definitely wouldn't mind if you dragged him around like this in the future.
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albedoswifehusband · 4 months ago
Can you write headcanons of Rosaria, Lisa, and Beidou reacting to their fem!s/o getting flustered and red faced feeling their boobs squish against her back when sitting in their lap?
I went for a "you" word choice route with this so it's actually still gender neutral since they'd do the same base stuff no matter who their s/o is.
It's not true nsfw but I'm still putting it under a cut for suggestive themes!
S/O Flustered About Boob Squish Headcanons
-I think she's not going to do much about it.
-She's already got you comfortably in her lap please don't move just let her relax while holding you!
-I think she's going to give soft kisses on the nape of your neck every once in a while.
-Things probably won't turn spicy unless you directly ask to be touched/ask to touch her further first.
-She’s going to take advantage of this situation and make it harder for you to focus on purpose.
-You want to be teased mercilessly until you're a writhing mess in her hands? That's what she's going to do when she notices she made you flustered.
-She'll tease you mildly about your reaction but she'll stop quickly if you show any signs of discomfort. She thinks you're being cute!
-You can expect her arms to tighter around you and her to squeeze you a little harder briefly. 
-She's going to rest her chin on your shoulder and ask if you'd like to do anything specific.
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