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25 Gains of Christmas - Dec 1: Positive thought.

Today I started my morning with push ups. Trying to work my way back up to 100 straight again. The first set of 40 came easier than I expected and the app only called for 16 on the final set but I had enough in the tank to crank out 30. Felt very accomplished and extra strong. Also did a little stretching and felt pretty super in my Spidey spandex! 🕷😎


@themakingofthiswoman @time2getripped @catching-my-wave @less-flower

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I dunno where this came from hehe but why not–

From Homecoming, no doubt the rubble scene

From Far From Home, this short sequence in Venice to keep this building together because that move screams pure spidey energy to me

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(x) I’m just passing on the brain worms I got from (a translation of) a Fullmetal Alchemist author Q&A where Arakawa’s cowsona declares that in comics, “Men should be buff! Women should be vavoom!” It’s been years and I’ve never received a cent of rent.

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