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imposterogers · 2 months ago
just bc it could work doesn’t mean it should have to. when disney bought fox, they knew what they were getting. deadpool is a franchise with two r rated predecessors and disney trying to keep their family friendly image while owning it is a big example of “maybe you shouldn’t have bought it”. not to mention the fact that we already would have had deadpool 3 bc 21st century (as a smaller movie house) considered it a priority. for disney, it’s just another notch on the bed post
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thiscatisonfire · 6 months ago
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This is my favorite I think
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nightwingvixen23 · a year ago
2 years later and I still cant get over that little kiss between Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield when Ryan Gosling won the Golden Globe award over Deadpool
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Then later on The Stephen Colbert Show; Stephen asked Andrew if he was comfortable kissing men
And Andrew just
sorta went
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Then Stephen 
kinda just
 leaned back in 
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hank-mccoyed · a year ago
• Iceman (Bobby Drake) - Gay
• Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier) - Gay
• Miss America(America Chavez) - Lesbian
• Karolina Dean - Lesbian
• Nico Minoru - Bisexual
• Angela(Aldrif Odinsdottir) - Lesbian
• Loki - Genderfluid ( Pansexual?)
• Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) - Gay
• Hulking (Teddy Altman) - Gay
• Deadpool (Wade Wilson) - Pansexual
• Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh) - Lesbian
• Psylocke / Captain Britain (Betsy Braddock) - Bisexual
• Rictor (Julio Richter) - Gay
• Shatterstar - Bisexual
• Satana Hellstorm - Bisexual
• Bling ( Roxy Washington) - Lesbian
• Prodigy (David Alleyne) - Bisexual
• Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr) - Bisexual
• Honey Badger/ Scout (Gabby Kinney) - Sapphic
• Living Lightning (Miguel Santos) - Gay
• Mystique (Raven Darkholme) - Bisexual
• Destiny - Lesbian
• Moondragon - Lesbian
• Julie Power - Lesbian
• Christian Frost - Gay
• Kyle Jinadu-Beaubier - Gay
• Toni Ho - Lesbian
• Aikku Jokinen - Lesbian
• Morph (Benjamin Deeds ) - Gay
• Nathaniel Carver - Gay
• Giant Man (Raz Malhotra ) - Not specified,but into men
• Protector (Isaac Ikeda) - Not specified but into men
Daken Akihiro - Bisexual
Iron Man (Tony Stark) - Bisexual
Viv Vision - Lesbian , Asexual
Striker (Brandon Sharpe) - Gay
Koi Boi (Ken Shiga) - Transgender
Sera - Transgender , Lesbian
(Anole) Victor Borkowski - Gay
Fuse (Johnny Watts) - Bisexual
Alloy (Ramone Watts) - Lesbian
Jonas Graymalkin - Gay
Demolition Man (Denis Dunphy) - Gay
Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) - Bisexual
Doctor Strange (Dr Stephen Strange) - Pansexual (?)
Brunnhilde - Bisexual
Phyla-Vell - Lesbian
If I've missed anyone please add / tell me , I'll add.
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faiyx · a year ago
uni is eating my ass but i missed these two assholes so here we go again
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disturbedbutgorgeous · a year ago
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I present:
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Tumblr media
Get Him (2021)
On their own, they're unstoppable. Together, well... they try.
When cocky ex-military detective Karver Crowe (Reynolds) is kidnapped by ruthless criminals, little do they know they must face the wrath of Karver's CIA husband — the stoic and fearless special agent John Crowe (Reeves) — who will stop at nothing to get him back.
(Featuring Justice Smith as their adopted son.)
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tablesaltinc · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just thought I’d make this :)
Y’all my commissions are open dm for deets :0
I guess you can call this part 1
Part 2 here >>
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the-stove-is-on-fire · 19 days ago
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“Wade said you were gonna be out on a long patrol so we packed you some extra snacks :)”
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smol-bean-buchanan · a year ago
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vancityreynolds These fucking assholes said it was a sweater party.🎄
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thehughjackman I can’t believe I agreed to wear the matching underwear too. #thesweaterreturns
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