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I wanted to make it a bit longer than just a comment, sorry if this was what you had in mind. Thanks for the question @lil-1254s-blog !

Master List

  • Whenever Marinette is about to leave a place where she’s been living she blows something up and leaves Black Death’s symbol I guess. It away her father can find her.
  • When she’s with the Wayne’s there was a messing murder she wanted to clean so she decided to blow the place, which she got caught up in.
  • Damian heard of the explosion and went to check on her, ya know just having a feeling that she had something to do with it.
  • He walked in her apartment and did a double-take cuz there was his girlfriend in the body of a toddler sitting on the couch watching tv with a glass of wine in hand.
  • She smiled when he entered and asked him to grab her food being too small to reach the cabinet.
  • “So how’d you get wine?” “After the first couple times I exploded I decide that I would always keep a bottle of wine and a glass near the ground so I could reach it, then I almost always watch shitty movies as I regrow.” “You’ve exploded before?” “It’s a yearly thing, ya know?” “Yep… totally understand.”
  • When the Fourth of July comes around she volunteers to do them.
  • After coming back to the group she only had one hand.
  • Bruce decides to take another vacation at an apartment suite he bought closer to the city right after the knife game fiasco.
  • One time there was a bomb threat and Black Death decided to check out. She ended up saving Robin’s life ya know by sacrificing her body in the process.
  • Bruce decided he didn’t want kids, like twenty-something years late when Damian brought her back to the Manor while she was regrowing.
  • Bruce is 110% done with Marinette and her shit antics
  • But that bats call her in for bomb threats, she’s the bomb squad.

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((I don’t see enough ler!Wade either, but I’m here to fix that for ya!  Idk if this gif is of Wade or just Ryan Reynolds but it fits so I’m using it akjshg))

  • Wade would definitely NOT find out on accident.  He would deliberately tickle you one day (most likely to surprise you when you’re just minding your business and living life) and then start cackling at how ticklish you are.
  • After he finds out, he will be on your ass nonstop.  He doesn’t really know how to focus just on one spot so expect his hands to be fucking everywhere.  Your sides, stomach, armpits, neck, hips, thighs, knees…you name it.  He’ll sporadically poke and jab at any open spot to see if you shriek or not.
  • Be prepared for tickle attacks in the worst possible situations ALL THE TIME.  If you go out to dinner with Wade, you might feel his hand squeezing at your knees while the waiter tries to take your order.  If you guys are hanging out in a group, he’ll poke and prod at your belly and sides while you’re trying to talk.  It might get annoying, but it’s just something you’ll have to live with.
  • Actually, scratch that.  Be prepared for tickle attacks in every possible situation ALL THE TIME.  You’ll get wake-up tickles, bedtime tickles, post-shower tickles, tickles if you’re short and can’t fucking reach anything (that be me), etc.  Your reactions will never not be amusing him and his attacks will range from 30 seconds to 30 minutes depending on what his mood is…
  • His teases are the WORST just because they’re the perfect combination of playful and casual.  Like, he’ll demand to know how the hell you’re so ticklish while holding you close to him and digging the tips of his fingers into your sides.  Most of his verbal teases are questions.  "Is *insert death spot* gonna be a tickle spot too?!“ "I literally just started!  How has your laugh gone up two fucking octaves already?!”
  • He’s the king of manhandling and has no problem shoving you down onto a couch or onto the floor so he can really wreck your shit.  He doesn’t even need to pin you because his hands are strong enough to push up into your armpits and squeeze at the speed of a woodpecker until you cry from laughing so hard.
  • THIS IS THE WADE WILSON SIGNATURE AND RUDE MOVE SO PAY ATTENTION: In the middle of an intense tickle session he will lift up his hands and hold them above you, fingers either in a claw form or just simply spread out.  He will hold them there just long enough for you to take a couple breaths before they shoot back down to a DIFFERENT tickle spot that’s in need of wrecking.  He’ll spider-tickle and squeeze that spot for about a minute before repeating the whole process again.  At the third time you’ll probably be like, “Are you FUCKING done now?!” just for him to reply, “Nope!” and then start tickling again.  
  • If your laughter is louder than his voice, he simply shouts his teases instead of saying them.  That’s kinda twice as rude because he’ll be yelling “TICKLETICKLETICKLETICKLE!” instead of cooing it.  I don’t know which is worse, tbh.
  • Sometimes his face will light up and he’ll just jump off you and leave you hanging, right when the tickling was getting good too!  Don’t worry, though, you’ll only get two minutes at most of recovery time before he comes running back into the room with a feather duster or an electric toothbrush in his hand.  You can thrash and squirm all you want, but his arm is going to loop around your ankles no matter what it takes.  "Now we’re REALLY gonna have a fun time!  Hope you’re ready to not be able to walk for a couple hours because I’m gonna tickle these little feet until they’re NUMB!“  And he does…just that. (I’ll save your poor little lee heart from the details because we all know that would be way too much to handle, right?!)
  • You’d think with how…experienced…Wade is with fetishes that he would know what tickling does to you, but he has absolutely no idea.  The most you’ll get for aftercare is a ruffle to your hair and maybe a pat on your back or stomach before he goes about his day like nothing happened. Tickling is a game to him that he’s determined to win, so you’d best not provoke him too much, okay~?
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#BenSoloChallenge because why not?
@eluchastore made the mask
The gloves are from @verillasclothing
#lightsaber crafted by @sabermachsg
#bluepool #jedipool #starwars #riseoftheskywalker #shrug #jedi #cosplayer #cosplay #deadpool #crossover #TheForce #kyloren #tiktok

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