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Deathstroke: Maybe I will let you kill me, just so this can be over. ☠️

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Bruce met them in the hall. “I’ve got an ice tub ready,” he told them.

“Ice?” asked Wade, concerned.

“We’ve got to get his temperature down,” Bruce said absently. He cursed fluently when he reached out and touched Peter’s skin.

“JARVIS,” Tony commanded, more grateful now than ever that he’d connected the artificial life to every building in the compound, “run scans on Peter; physical and magical.”

“Scanning now.”

“His fever’s still rising,” said Wade, worriedly.

“Here we are!” Bruce flung the door open so hard it popped off its hinges and the group ran in. Inside the room was a stainless steel tub full of ice and water. “Quick, get him in!” he urged.

Peter moaned and shivered. “He’s in pain,” cried Wade in a choked voice. He started to raise the omega out of the tub.

Bruce pushed him back down. “Not as much pain as he’ll be in if we can’t get his fever down!” the doctor replied tartly, desperately.

“Sir, vitals are fluctuating rapidly,” JARVIS reported.

“Kid, hang on!” growled Tony as he spooned the rapidly warming ice water over the boy.

“I’ll get more ice,” Bruce said as he turned.

“NO!” screamed Wade.

The room glowed as light began flow from Peter’s limp body. Tony stared helplessly at it. He knew what it was, of course, but he’d never thought—never even dreamed that this would happen. The light began separating, one thin tendril at a time as the fever grew, as the heartbeat began to stutter—

Blackness came from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Thin tendrils of the darkness swirled around the thin tendrils of light, choking them off from view as it slowly forced the light back down. Slowly forced the light back into the limp body—and then slowly faded away.

Blessing,” a voice whispered into the room.

“Sir, the vitals are stabilizing!” announced JARVIS triumphantly.

“Pull him from the water!” ordered Bruce and Wade quickly obeyed as Bruce ran over with some towels. “Quick, dry him off,” Bruce said urgently as he grabbed one of the towels.

“I thought we needed to get his temperature down,” said Wade as he complied.

“It’s down! Down too much is just as bad as too high!”

“Don’t need to tell me!”

Pepper arrived with soft, woolen blankets that the two men used to swaddle Peter as he began to shiver. Bruce sat back with a sigh. “All right,” he said wearily. “Right now, the worst of the danger has passed.” She stared at Peter with wide eyes as Bruce continued. “What he needs now, more than anything, is the presence of his mate. There’s a bed in the next room, skin to skin contact is best.” Wade nodded, picked Peter up, turned to leave—and stopped.

“Is this the side effect of the gate that we were warned about?” he asked in a cold, dangerous tone.

“No,” said Tony wearily. “If something was going to happen because of the gate, it would have happened at the gate.” He saw the back of Wade’s head nod before the alpha left the room. “Did you see that?” he asked Bruce. “Because I saw that.”

“Yes.” Bruce took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “I saw it as well.”

“I didn’t,” Pepper said. “What happened?”

“Peter was dying. His soul was leaving in the brilliance that only a pure soul has when it is called home by the goddesses,” Bruce said slowly, voice clinical as his hands shook so badly he dropped his glasses. “The entity—pulled him back. Stopped Death in her tracks.”

Tony felt a twinge through the bond and turned to see that Pepper had turned completely white as her face drained of blood. “What is it?” he demanded quickly.

She stared at him with wide eyes. “I didn’t,” she whispered. She cleared her throat and added in a slightly louder tone, “I didn’t sense it.”

“It said,” Bruce slowly recapped, “that it was a ‘blessing.’ A blessing for whom?” He looked up, still clearly shaken. “And a blessing for what?” he asked miserably.

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The strangest #ThirstyThursday on record. #Bluepool is a man of peculiar tastes. Best just to roll with it. Most say, it is worth it. 9/10 Doctors recommend.
@piratequeenofthe7seas Thanks again for prime content to #duet
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