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#chainsaw man
arkestar · 11 hours ago
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manga-and-stuff · 2 days ago
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Source: Chainsaw Man | Chensō Man | チェンソーマン
by Tatsuki Fujimoto
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animepopheart · 10 hours ago
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★ 【menka】 「 姫野先輩 」 ☆ ⊳ himeno // chainsaw man ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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helenkwara · 2 days ago
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ぬ̳ ⁽𝐃ᨣ̴𝐧𝐭 𝘀𝗍𝖾ᥲꙆ 𝗽Ꙇ𝖾ᥲ𝗌𝖾 𝗮ᥒ𝖽 𝗳ᰓꙆꙆ𝗈𝗐 𝗺𝖾
៶✷𝗮ᥒ𝖽 𝗹𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝗶𝖿 𝘂 ⁽𝘂𝗌𝖾⸼𝘀ᥲ𝗏𝖾₎ お ⤶🥛‹3⸼
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celestialmega · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Chainsaw Man, チェンソーマン, Chensō Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto.
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protey84 · 2 days ago
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Makima did nothing wrong, she just wanted to destroy Cringe
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mangacapsaicin · 9 hours ago
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tatsuki fujimoto's chainsaw man || 藤本タツキの『チェンソーマン』
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lantica · 2 days ago
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sommymon · a day ago
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old csm fanart
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myeternalyearning · 2 days ago
for @kakyoinsbunny , @vixn-z and all my sexy quanxi fuckers <3
shout out to @kentimestwo who helped me put this out everyone bow down and eat her ass neow
pairing: quanxi x fem!afab! reader
cw: nsfw (mdni), restraints, spanking, edging, dom/sub dynamics, biting, marking, use of pet, lamb & little one, cigarette burn, squirting?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
quanxi knows exactly what she wants.
for you to obey her each and every command, acting with nothing short of pure obedience
for is that not what good pets do?
to act as a source of comfort, a way for her to leave behind the stress she faces working as a devil hunter. a way to forget the harrowing encounters lying outside of her house’s doors and indulge in nothing but pleasure of the most primal kind.
and nothing pleases quanxi more than having her pretty girl tied up in her lap, red rope adorning her body oh so beautifully as she thinks of nothing but the incessant pulsing of her poor, neglected clit.
you've been in this position for what feels like hours, your body draped across quanxi who takes her time playing with you. slapping and massaging your thighs your hips your ass, parts of you presented to her oh so deliciously, wrapped up for her like a present. for its not like she needs it to restrain you,,
quanxi’s strong, and she ensures that fact is never forgotten. easily handling her pets, throwing them around and restraining em, she's able to mark them up with a few spanks, the impact rippling through their bodies as quanxi paints them in her favourite colours. writhing beneath her as their delicate skin blooms in shades of reds and blues. and it turns you on knowing how helpless you are like this, how overpowered, but what kind of pet would you be if you couldn't take what your quanxi so generously gives you.
ah look at you… my poor baby’s so sensitive huh? she coos after landing another spank on your flesh, her fingertips just barely brushing against your throbbing clit.
you whine helplessly, arching your back further to rub your chest against the fabric of the chair, nipples painfully hard and desperate for any sort of attention. anything to take the edge off of quanxis never ending torture. she chuckles at your actions, the sound of your pathetic whimpers and cries riling her up even more.
you runnin’ away little one? she drawls, softly massaging your bruised flesh.
you gasp at the absurd suggestion, n-no … never, quanxi,  hurriedly shaking your head before pouting up at her.
she smiles at your endearing reaction, heavy lidded eyes dark with lust. such a good girl, you've been holding out for so long, laying there obediently wanting nothing more than to make quanxi feel good. pretty head filled with nothing but nasty thoughts of her using you. what a perfect pet.
quanxi reaches down to thumb away your tears, wiping them away gently before bringing it down to your swollen lips, red from how harshly you've been biting them. it doesn't take much for you to open your mouth, your tongue lolling out to accept her, eyes closed in earnest as you lick and suck on her digit, the moans you let out around it sending chills across her body.
good girl quanxi sighs as she cups your face, looking into your pretty eyes. ones that look up at her enamoured, like she hung all the stars in the sky. so naive and innocuous, and such a stark difference to that which lies beyond quanxi’s doors. the rampant horror and pain she tries her best to shelter you from. for you were her sanctuary, her refuge from the world, and she almost felt guilty for the way she was using you,,
despite knowing how you relished in every agonizing second.
“want me to make you feel good, lamb?”
her whispers are accompanied by languid strokes as she caresses your body, slowly undoing the rope that's been digging into your skin.
you let out a hum of agreement before closing your eyes, drifting away at the feeling of quanxis calloused hands kneading your pliant flesh. she could be mean. she could be harsh and cold, but quanxi always made sure her girls were okay. she cared for them, made sure they knew how much she loved them. hushed apologies tumbling from her lips against their tear stained cheeks as she makes them cum, her long digits working into their precious pussies, velvety walls clenching around her oh so easily-
a harsh slap against your sensitive cunt pulls you from your daze, making you gasp and jerk up, your tender pussy throbbing pathetically. you look back at quanxi who peers down at you, cigarette between her lips, and let out a huff at her sudden change in demeanor.
oh she didn't like that
not one bit
she brings down her hand again at your reaction landing another blow against your folds. the impact making you squeal and kick out your legs before quanxi uses the pads of her fingers to soothe the sting,, watching with detached eyes as you let out shaky breaths, your eyes clouded in something carnal.
when i ask you a question i expect an answer, she mutters darkly
i was being generous,
shes pulling you up by the throat to have you straddle her, your chest pressed flush against hers
but it seems like you need to be disciplined, hm? treated like you're some filthy stray she's hissing against your lips, her mean words sending a shiver down your spine in trepidation
quanxi takes another puff of her cigarette before blowing the smoke in your face
take care of this for me,
she places the stick between your lips before moving down to nip at your neck. she's harsh, biting and sucking with the intention of bruising your skin, marking it as hers. her lips make their way down your collarbones to your chest where they close around a perky nipple. you throw your head back at the feeling, breathing deeply through your nose as the cigarette dangles precariously from your lips, lost in the feeling of quanxi sucking on your tits, her large hands grabbing at your supple waist.
but that was before she bit down, the delicious pain sending waves of pleasure down to your insatiable cunt with each mean suck and nip. you cough, having inhaled the smoke when you gasped at quanxi’s antics, not all used to its sudden and bitter intrusion.
she takes the cigarette from between your lips and rubs your back to comfort you, her own pussy wet at the sight of her angel being so dirty. you looked straight out of a magazine with that foreign thing in your mouth, head thrown back and back arched, pushing your pretty tits deeper into quango's hot mouth,,
now answer me… you wanna cum? her eyes bore into your dilated ones.
want me to make you feel good, pet?
yes yes quanxi please… please make me cum ill be good promise, you babble incoherently, so needy and so fucking desperate, spilling out whatever words come to mind in the hopes that she'll end her cruel ministrations.
she hums, content with your answer before she separates the fold of your pussy
look at you…so wet,
you've made such a mess
gathering some of your slick, she proceeds to rub it around the entirety of your cunt before trailing her fingers down the inside of your thighs .
her curt command has you immediately separating your legs, thighs sticky with your arousal, clit throbbing in want.
quanxi tuts at the sight before her, at your cum dripping down shamelessly onto her lap. at this rate, she would have no problem sliding her thick strap into you, your wetness making you more than ready for something she would otherwise spend hours prepping you for.
but she took pity on you, after all, you've been so good and patient. even now, you lay perched on her lap, legs spread, skin marked raw with bruises, waiting dutifully for her to use you.
pressing a light kiss against your lips, she moves to place her thumb on your sensitive clit, an action that has you jolting upright, the feeling of quanxi on your neglected bud far too much for you to bear. you feel your thighs begin to tremble, your orgasm building quickly after being untended to for so long.
ahh- ah you mewl, nails digging into quanxis toned arms, gripping her so tight you're sure you'll leave crescent shaped marks embedded in her porcelain skin
its okay, quanxi murmurs against your neck, placing feather light pecks on the bruised skin.
cum for me
she continues to circle her thumb around your swollen clit, pressing down as she feels your body begin to shake, a sign that you were close… and that it was going to be messy.
your whines grow louder, turning into deep moans as quanxi applies more pressure onto your clit, her movements speeding up as she brings out your long overdue orgasm.
im cumming... ahh.. im cumming quanxi.. quanxi im cum-
- AH
you scream at the sudden burn of quanxis cigarette against the inside of your slick covered thigh,, muscles tensing at the pain and it’s like every nerve in your body’s on fire, pleasure coursing hotly through your veins down to your center. it has you cumming instantly, your climax leaving you squirting messily on quanxi’s lap,,
you’re gone, having floated off to that pleasant space as your overstimulated body lays at quanxis complete disposal. she works you through it, eyebrows furrowed in concentration as she holds your squirming body down with one arm, her other hand rapidly rubbing across your clit, draining every drop of arousal out of your pretty little cunt.
and you're sobbing, so overwhelmed at the intensity of your orgasm, thighs shaking uncontrollably as your body tries to come down from its high long after quanxi’s removed herself from you
massaging your tensed thighs, she waits for you to float back down to her, smiling when you let out incomprehensible murmurs of her name
thats it, my good girl
she pushes back the strands of hair stuck to your face before planting sweet kisses from your forehead, muttering praise all the while
so good for me,
she places a peck on your closed eyelids
so perfect,
another on to your flushed nose
you open your eyes sleepily, butterflies erupting in your stomach as the sight of the woman before you
quanxi… kiss? you whisper quietly, smiling softly as your lover gently places her lips on yours
you both lay there in eachothers arms, whispering words of reassurance and exchanging amorous kisses before quanxi lifts you up, carrying you bridal style to the bathroom to ensure youre properly taken care of.
because at the end of the day quanxi wants one thing...
and its these moments of peace with you
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