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#mcu imagine
  • Summary: Reader strikes up an unlikely alliance with her father’s rival at a law firm, who also happens to be her childhood crush, when she is in need of money. Will the strictly sugar relationship work for them or not? (I finally decided, y’all will know soon)
  • Pairing: Bucky x Reader
  • Word Count: 1669
  • Warnings: Swearing. Cock warming. Strong language. Daddy kink. Spanking. Dark fic. 18+.
  • Chapter summary: Reader receives a punishment.
  • Note: I don’t describe the reader because I want all women to be able to see themselves in this story. If you ever feel like my stories are excluding you because of your appearance, please let me know as I will do everything I can to make it better.

Rule III: Y/n will be available for Daddy at all times.  

When you wake up in the morning you can’t move for a good 15 minutes. Your limbs are sore, your throat hurts, and your cunt feels bruised from last night’s activities. Despite this pain, you feel strangely satisfied. You drag yourself from the bed and grab Bucky’s shirt off the floor. You pull it on as you walk tentatively towards the living room. Bucky is sitting there in a tight white t-shirt and grey sweatpants. You sneak up on him, trying to scare him, like a mouse attacking a cat. You jump on him. Your hands reach for his broad shoulders while you let out a growl. He laughs and grabs your hands swinging you over the back of the couch and into his lap.

“Now what do you think you are doing, little one?” He asks, his hands encircling you.

“Nothing Bucky” you say, with a giggle.

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Y/N: I once forgot to brush my teeth for five weeks.

Y/N: I didn’t actually sell my last car, I just forgot where I parked it.

Y/N: I don’t know who Al Gore is, and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.

Y/N: When they say 2% milk, I don’t know what the other 98% is.

Y/N: When I was a baby, my head was so big scientists did experiments on me.

Y/N: I once kicked a ball at a swan, and then it attacked Clint.

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You and Chris work in the same company and you are constantly competing with each other, although you are friends…and maybe more than just friends


(gif isn’t mine)

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Characters: Y/n, Thor

Pairing: Thor x Y/n (NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Fluff…Thor is perfect…

Word count: 350

Summary: Waking up with Thor. What more could you want?

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic from @yesthetrashbin​-Thor x Male reader? Maybe on a rainy and stormy night with the prompt “You can’t just hog the whole blanket!”…bit altered and neutral…but it’s fluffy and sweet…Hope u like it!! Gorgeous gif made by me…


Thor felt the cold emptiness beside him before even opening his eyes-his body, which had become accustomed to waking up with your heat, feeling empty.

“Y/n?” he grumbled, rubbing the sleep from his eyes when he didn’t get a response. “Y/n!”

“What?” you groaned.

Thor frowned when you shot up from the bedroom floor, removing your earplugs, sleep mask lopsided.

He grumbled something inaudible, mask pulled off as your exhausted eyes struggled to stay open.

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The Return of Superman AU (Irondad ver. )

For those who don’t know what “The Return of Superman” is, it’s a Korean reality tv-show that features Dads (mostly celebrity/sport dads) taking care of their kids. It’s really cute and definitely people should watch if you love dad and children moments

  • Tony was reluctant on joining the show because he didn’t want to put his kids in the spotlight at such a young age. However, he agreed to do so he can show people and disprove rumors that he is a bad father. (It was Pepper’s idea)
  • The first episode starts of with Kid!Peter (around age 3) waking up and going to the living room. He sees a bunch of cameras in tents, but he went up to the camera crew and smiled at them! Followed by Harley who is kinda cautious. He leads Peter away from the camera crew, and calls for Tony and ask who are the people/cameras.
  • Tony’s kids are Harley (age 5), Peter (age 3), and Morgan (not born yet.)
  • Tony’s introduction to the kids went like this:
  1. “Harley is kinda like a mini me, but better. He is smart, a bit sassy at times, and a very good big brother to Peter. Always sticking out for him, and protecting him in anyway he can. He’s not that spoiled but, he can outsmart you in ways you’d be surprised he can do at such a young age.”
  2. “Peter is…he’s an angel. He’s sweet, kind, and sometimes too selfless. Even at a young age. He’s also very smart. His smile will brighten your life, any day. He can understand situation that most kids can’t normal understand. Like a cute wide-eye Bambi.”
  3. “I want my kids to be better than me. I won’t get too deep into family details. But all I can tell you is that, I want to raise them better. I don’t want what happened to me, to happen to them. Especially with one on the way…”
  • Harley and Peter’s interactions are kinda like William and Bentley’s. But Peter has William’s smarts/ cheerful nature and Bentley’s metabolism. And Harley with Bentley’s wits and William’s smarts/brotherly nature.
  • Tony takes them out for fun little trips, like the park, kids cafe, playground, etc.
  • The special guests are of course the Avengers as they are the aunts and uncles of Tony’s kids. (let’s pretend Civil War didn’t happen.)
  • The most frequent uncle/aunt is either Clint, Nat, and Rhodey
  • They have a Father’s Day special episode, and it shows Harley and Peter going to a graveyard with Tony. It’s the grave of Howard and Maria Stark.
  • Tony talks to Howard’s grave telling it that “You weren’t a good father. I’m not sure if you even made an effort to be a good one, but all I can say is that…it wasn’t good. However, you did show me to avoid what you have done to me, to be a good father to my kids. Im not sure whether to be thankful for that or not…”
  • He goes over to Maria’s grave and kinda tears up. “I wish you could see them, Mamma. They are the best grandchildren you could ever wish for. They are the best children I never thought I’d have. You would have loved them to bits. Grazie, mamma. Ti amo.”
  • The next scene is of Peter and Harley hugging their father as he tries to hide his tears from his kids/camera. Then, they walk up to have hamburgers for lunch.
  • They leave the show for a while because Morgan is about to be born, and they want to spend some quality time together as a family. So they leave the show for a bit as a small hiatus from the Stark family.
  • They come back after a few months with a Baby Morgan (around 8 - 9 months old). Peter is like 4, and Harley is like 6.
  • Tony says that “Harley and Peter are the best big brothers to Morgan. I don’t know what I’d do without there help as big brothers.”
  • Morgan’s first walks and first words were recorded on the show. Tony’s face of joy was also shown.
  • Harley and Peter’s antics are very clever and it even amazes the camera crew on how smart they are really are.
  • The Starks’ final episode was set with them going to Coney Island, with Pepper. They have their fun and enjoy their time at the beach as a family.
  • They leave the show when Morgan turn 1 years old, as Tony didn’t want his kids to stay in the spotlight for too long. As Peter is already 4, and Harley is 6 (going to kindergarten).
  • They do show up as special guests and on anniversary episodes, to show how much they have grown and interact with the new kids on the show.
  • The avengers rewatch episodes Tony and his kids were in because they think Tony as a dad is very cute.
  • Peter, Harley, and Morgan rewatch the show when they are going to Highschool, and smile at the fun times they had as kids.
  • Spiderman was a guest on the show because Peter begged Tony to be on the show.
  • #Irondad and. #ironkids was born because of this show

That’s all I have in this headcanon for right now. I seriously wish they have a fanfic like this but a headcanon is alright for now. Fun fact: the actor who played Ned on Spiderman, was on William and Bentley’s segment on the show “The Return of Superman”. He gave William a limited signed poster of Spiderman movie and also a suit.

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Originally posted by underoos-tom

Imagine: Peter Parker calling you to talk about his day

For @cactiem, happy birthday!! I hope your day’s as awesome as you are!

“Hey, Peter! What’s up?”

“Um, not much, I just saw this great billboard that reminded me of you. Hang on, I’ll send you a picture–” he paused for a moment, snapping a photo and texting it to you– “and the lady who got lost a few weeks ago is back. She remembered where she was going, but she still gave me a churro, so that was nice!”

You laughed. “Sweet!”

“Yeah. You should’ve come on patrol with me, you could’ve gotten one, too,” Peter said into the receiver.

You sighed. “Maybe next time,” you said.

“Yeah, definitely! It’s kinda lonely without you. Quiet.” Peter was glad this was a conversation over the phone. He didn’t need you to see the blush spreading across his face at the moment.

“Uh, anyway,” he rushed out, “how was your day?”

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Originally posted by butteryplanet

A/N: Happy Birthday Em!!! I dug up your birthday right as you told me we’re both May babes and wrote + queued this right away so I wouldn’t forget :D I also tried to dig up your fave characters and I hope you still like Peter Parker c:

We haven’t been mutuals for a long time but here’s 4 things what I know about you: 

1. your edits are awesome 

2. you’re a lovely person

3. your fics are wonderfully written 

4. we’re both outstandingly great guinea pig moms!! c: 

So have a birthday gift, I’m glad you’re part of this community and I hope this day will be/has been a blast for you!!

Word count: 382  

Peter Parker & @cactiem​​​



Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

It was your birthday, and Peter had been making your day perfect ever since you woke up. He brought you breakfast to bed as he sang the birthday song to you, and you felt like royalty - and that was his intention. He wanted you to feel special that day, he had baked a cake for you (with the help from MJ) and had arranged a little party for you. And now there you were, sitting on the sofa, watching Peter, MJ, Ned and the rest of your friends singing to you as they brought you the cake - your beautiful cake. MJ had assured you Peter had done most of it and that she had just been standing by giving instructions, but you knew she said that just so Peter would feel better about his baking skills. But you didn’t mind, as the cake was delicious and you were munching it down with everyone sitting around you - a group of your friends, and you were happy, happier than in a long time. And your happiness was there for a reason - it was the best day in a long time.

Peter looked at you smiling and laughing as you watched the fireworks arranged for you, and he smiled himself too - you were special to him, one of his best friends who had stood by him for years, and he had wanted to make this day special for you and in order to do that, he had prepared your day for weeks - going as far as asking for advice from Tony as he had been training because he didn’t know what to do and Tony arranged the fireworks and gave Peter some money without him even asking.

“Go make Y/N’s day, friends are important for a kid of your age.” Tony had offered Peter one of his smiles as he had patted Peter on the back and left. Peter made a mental note of thanking Tony the next day but as for now, he slinged an arm around your shoulders as you looked at the fireworks together - and seeing your eyes sparkling from joy made it known that Peter had accomplished his mission to make your birthday one of the best days in your year, or even life.

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give and take

pairing: loki x reader

warnings: slight angst, some language here and there

a/n: hi there @accio-boys!  i’m not familiar with the song, but i tried my best 👉🏻👈🏻  also this turned out to be more angsty than originally planned, but i hope you like it!

permanent taglist: @kaitlynmalikisnotonfire 

** REQUESTS OPEN!!  lmk if you’d like to make one :) **



“Oh, please, you did not!” you laughed.

“Of course, I did!” Thor protested with a grin.  “Have you no faith in me?”

You shook your head.  “There’s absolutely no way you did that in the middle of a battle.  You wouldn’t be alive to tell the tale, god or not!”

“He’s lying,” Loki drawled from the other side of the room, not even bothering to look up from his book.  “Obviously.”

“Do you always have to take the fun out of everything, brother?” Thor asked with pursed lips.

Loki looked up, his eyes flashing green.  “Only when I feel like it.”

You rolled your eyes.

Their brotherly banter was all the same.  Sometimes you never quite understood it.  It was like Loki had a bone to pick with almost everything Thor did or said, and it was starting to get on your nerves.

He wasn’t always like that.  Sometimes the two of you would have strolls through the markets, or deep conversations about the stars and the galaxy, but recently, it was like he was pushing you away.

As if he was annoyed by you.

“Come on, Loki.  Don’t be such a spoilsport,” you teased.  “You’ll get your moment of fame soon enough.”

“Soon can’t come any sooner,” he said, looking down at his book again.  “And in the meantime, I can continue silently judging you.”

“Jerk,” you muttered.

He rose to his feet and walked over, his height towering over you.  

“What did you just say?”

Thor covered his face.  “Oh, no…”

Your eyes were locked with Loki’s, strong and unwavering.  Though every fiber of your being wanted to let it go, this wasn’t the time to back down.  

“You’re a complete jerk, Loki!” you shouted on your tiptoes, making him take a step back.  

“You’re always being an asshole to Thor! And to me!  I put up with your bullshit every single day, and what do I get?  Nothing but snarky comments from you!”

“Well maybe if you weren’t so fun to tease, I wouldn’t want to make those comments!” he argued back.

“But you make them anyway, and now I’ve finally had it!”

“Oh, wow, the great Y/N’s losing her composure!  Finally something worth talking about!”

“If you weren’t a prince, I would totally take you on right now,” you growled.

He smirked.  “Go ahead.  You wouldn’t be able to do much damage anyway…”


You flashed a cold smile.

Loki never used your parentage against you before.  It was your greatest secret, something you were ashamed of being.  Despite your being a half-mortal, living on Asgard prolonged your life and durability, along with Queen Frigga’s magic.

”Thor, please hand me my sword.”

Thor reached over to grab your weapon lying on the couch, but he held it firmly.  “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Y/N.”

“Thor Odinson, God of Thunder, you will give me my sword now,” you ordered, your voice low.

He momentarily considered it, but shook his head as he hid it behind him.   “Sword?  What sword?  I think you left it in your room.”

“Fine.”  You flashed your best friend a look of annoyance before turning and landing a punch that hooked Loki’s jaw.

He staggered back, his eyes shocked as his fingers ghosted over his jaw.

“Did that feel like something a demigod could do?” you asked as you blew a raspberry.  “Call me a disgusting half-mortal again, and I’ll have you mortally regretting it.”

You grabbed your sword out of Thor’s hands as you stormed out of the room.  You didn’t care where you went, as long as it was away from Loki.

You ended up going back to your chambers, slamming the door behind you.  With a heavy sigh, you landed on your bed.

There was a gentle knock at the door, but you didn’t bother saying anything.

“Y/N?”  Thor’s voice sounded quiet.  “I’m sorry about Loki.  He can be…an idiot at times.”

You scoffed.

“But I’m here because Mother wanted me to remind you of the banquet tonight, since the battle was a success,” he said.  “We can drink and forget about everything for a few hours.  How does that sound?”

You slipped out of your bed and opened the door.  A look of concern flashed in his eyes when he saw your expression.  

“Thanks,” you mumbled.  “I don’t need your apology, but thanks.”

Thor grinned.  “I’ll see you in the great hall, yes?”

You nodded with a smile.

You never liked wearing dresses, but since it was the queen’s wish, you couldn’t refuse.

You smiled as you conversed with fellow officers and lords and ladies of the like.  You lost Thor about an hour ago to some drinking contest, and now you were feeling as lonely as ever.

You politely excused yourself to get another drink, not expecting to see Loki at the table.

Avoidance was crucial.  You didn’t want to make a scene.

You quickly got another glass of wine before making off in the crowd towards the edge, where you watched people continue to party and celebrate.  With every glance that came your way, you sent them a friendly nod and went back to enjoying your drink.


You closed your eyes briefly.  You didn’t expect Loki’s words to affect you so much.  What was done was done; you couldn’t help the fact that you were half a god.

Loki’s words could mean less to you.  You knew your worth.  You had no idea why you were so worked up about it.  Despite all of the ups and downs the two of you went through, at the end of the day, he was your friend.

Then you realized, you valued his opinion.  

You felt your glass slip through your fingers and shatter on the floor before you could do anything.  

The party ceased.  Everyone stared in your direction, but you were too shocked to notice.

Is that what Loki thinks of me?  A half-breed monster?

You felt a pair of cold hands cup yours and gently lead you out of the hall.  Your gaze was averted to the ground, watching your feet walk forward one after the other.

And then you stopped.


You looked up.


“Are you alright?”

You ripped your hands from his grasp.  “I’m fine.”

Really?  You don’t look fine,” he said sarcastically.

“Loki,” you started.  “I’m not in the mood to have another childish argument.  I’m drunk and tired.”

“I know,” he said.  “Well, actually, I wanted to talk about that…”

“How I’m drunk and tired?”

He rolled his eyes.  “No, you idiot.”  He bit his lip.  “I said something earlier today, something I shouldn’t have brought up.”

“You’re damn right.”  You reached up and grasped the collar of his robes.  “You know I’m not proud of where I’ve come from.  You know I despise both my mother and father for being lovesick fools.  Why did you have to dangle that in front of me today?”

“I’m sorry,” he said.  “Trust me, I know what it’s like to hate where I come from.  I crossed the line.”

You blinked.  “Am I hearing you right, or did Loki, the God of Mischief, just say ‘I’m sorry’?”

“Yeah, I’m not proud of it either,” he muttered.

“Damn you,” you breathed as you lightly punched his shoulder.

“Damn you, too,” he chuckled.  “By the way, you have a pretty mean punch.  I dare say it was stronger than Thor’s.”

You laughed.  “Trying to earn points with me, Loki?”

His eyes were soft.  “Just trying to make you feel better.”  He looked away, a light blush coloring his face.  “I figured that’s better than being more mean about it.”

“Thanks,” you said.  “I appreciate it.”


“Really.”  You chuckled.  “You know, I like you being nice and all.  It’s a good change of pace.”

“Likewise.  I like you better when you’re not trying to kill me,” he said.

You smirked.  “I’m glad the feeling’s mutual.”

“Me too.”

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You and Natasha have been together for many years. She always believed that you would become a big star. And now, at your premiere, she is just incredibly proud of you. And you are incredibly grateful to her


(gif isn’t mine)

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Got a couple Tony Stark requests, thank you so much.

Planning them now and just wanted to let people know I have an Instagram which I will post plans and sneak-peaks, and others ideas I have like prompts etc. if you guys are interested in that 😊

@/elberex (thetiredbi) 👉👈


Originally posted by princess-leiaorgana


Originally posted by lokiseyebrow

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word count: 1370

request?: no

description: in which your parents keep ordering pizza and requesting the same delivery boy because they know you have a crush on him

pairing: peter parker x female!reader

warnings: swearing



A knock on the door drew my attention away from the TV. I raised an eyebrow, confused. I wasn’t sure who would be knocking on the door, besides someone trying to sell us something. My parents obviously wouldn’t, and they were supposed to be working late anyways. Any of my friends just walked in unless the door was locked, which currently it wasn’t.

I got up from the couch and carefully approached the door, making sure whoever was there couldn’t see me. I pulled back the curtain slightly to see a familiar car with a familiar pizza logo on the side.

I rolled my eyes and sent a quick text to my mom. “You ordered pizza again?!

Another knock came at the door and I sighed heavily as I went to answer it. Of course, the delivery boy standing there waiting was none other than Peter Parker.

Peter was in my grade, and I had known him ever since elementary school, and also had a crush on him in that time. Although the two of us were friendly, we didn’t exactly run with the same friend groups so we didn’t talk a lot, and because of that plus the fact that I was such an awkward person, I had never admitted my feelings to him.

My parents found out my feelings for Peter when he showed up one night after we ordered pizza and nearly shut the door in his face in shock. Their grand plan after that moment was to order pizza at least once a week and specifically ask for Peter to deliver it. It was mortifying to see him show up at least once a week, especially when my parents would try and force me to answer the door, but I was grateful that he never brought it up in school.

Peter smiled when he aw me. “Hey (Y/N)! Your usual pepperoni, fresh out of the oven maybe five minutes ago.”

“Thanks Peter,” I said, taking the box from him. “The usual price?”

Peter nodded. As I was about to go grab my wallet, my phone went off. A response from my mom that read, “We did! We’ll be working late so we figured you’d be hungry ;) money is on the counter”.

“Give me a second, the money is in the kitchen,” I told Peter.

I went to the kitchen and found $25 on the counter, the usual price plus a generous tip. My parents were basically paying Peter to try and date me, awesome.

“I’m sorry, I had no idea my parents had ordered delivery tonight,” I said as I walked back to the front door. Peter had stepped inside and closed the door behind him, which made my heart race for some reason. Peter Parker in my home, a dream come true. If only it wasn’t in such an awkward situation. “And I’m sorry they constantly request for you to deliver our pizza.”

Peter’s eyebrows furrowed together. “They specifically ask for me?”

I felt my face heat up with embarrassment. Did his co-workers not tell him that we requested him whenever we ordered delivery? Did he just not realize that he always came to our place at least once a week? Maybe he thought it was just a coincidence? God, how was I supposed to get out of this one?

A smile broke across Peter’s face as he began to laugh. “I’m only kidding, they told me back at the store the first night that your parents specifically requested me.”

I let out a sigh of relief, but masked it with an awkward laugh. “Oh, yeah. I figured they might’ve mentioned something, especially after the first few times.”

Peter shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets and leaning back against the door. “I just thought they thought I was a great delivery guy. Who am I to argue against being given an order when I’m working?”

I nodded but was unable to say anything else. Part of me was relieved that Peter did know that he was being asked for specifically, but another part of me wished he hadn’t. Maybe I would’ve finally grown a pair and told him my feelings for him.

The two of us stood in an awkward silence for some time. I realized then that I was still holding his payment. “Oh shit! Sorry, here you go. Keep the change.”

Peter counted through the money. “You guys always give me the best tips. It’s part of the reason I get so excited when I hear you’ve ordered delivery again.”

“Well, what can I say? My parents do like you,” I said with a shrug. “Maybe more than just a delivery guy.”

Peter raised an eyebrow at me. “What?”

I mentally facepalmed again as I willed myself not to start blushing. “It’s nothing, it’s just…sort of a joke.”

Peter put the money in his pocket. He ran a hand through his hair as he asked, “Remember when we were in elementary school, and the school threw a dance for all of the kids before we went to middle school and encouraged everyone to ask a fellow classmate to go with them, as a sort of preparation for middle school and high school dances?”

I smiled at the moment, however felt shocked that Peter even remembered. “I do, yeah. And I asked you.”

“You were the only person who asked me,” he said. “Everyone else asked their own friends, even my best friend at the time. I was sure no one would go with me, and I thought that meant no one would want to go to the middle school and high school dances with me.”

“Flash Thompson asked me,” I said. “He was so disappointed when I said no, and he still hasn’t let me live it down, as if it really meant anything.”

“It meant something to me.” I looked at Peter in shock, but this time he was the one avoiding my eye contact. “It made me really happy that you asked. I thought you were a really cool person, and I still do of course. If I hadn’t been such a shy kid, I probably would’ve asked you myself.”

Wow, Peter thought I was cool? He was going to ask me to that dance? Sure, it was an elementary school dance, it didn’t really mean anything at the time, but learning that now felt like a huge honour.

“Why are you telling me this now?” I asked him, although I wasn’t complaining about knowing.

“There’s a dance Friday coming,” he responded. “I was wondering if you wanted to go with me.”

For a minute, I forgot how to speak. I even forgot how to breathe. I was just shocked by his question. I opened my mouth to respond but nothing came out. This had to be a dream, or some sort of joke. No way was Peter actually asking me out on a date right now!

But it couldn’t be a joke, Peter would never do something like that. He was the one who was usually picked on, not the one who picked on others. I put my hands behind my back and secretly pinched myself, suppressing a wince at the slight pain. Nope, I wasn’t dreaming either. This was actually happening!

“I-I’d love to,” I told him.

A bright smile spread across his face, and I couldn’t help but smile as well. “Okay, cool. I’ll pick you up that night around 5?”

I nodded, stunned back into speechlessness. Peter smiled and nodded as well. “Okay, okay awesome. I’ll-I’ll see you tomorrow then. Enjoy your pizza.”

I followed behind him and wished him a goodnight before closing the door. I waited a few moments, making sure I gave him enough time to get back to his car, before I exclaimed with excitement and began to jump around like an idiot. I flopped onto the couch, reveling in my excitement, when my phone chimed. Another text from my mom, asking if I had gotten the pizza.

I typed out a quick response before continuing my celebration.

Yup, paid for in full plus tip. You can stop ordering pizza every week now, Peter asked me out on a date.”

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