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maximoff-jp · 2 days ago
Natasha: Hey guys, mine and Yelena’s little sister is coming to visit, so behave!
*enter Y/N*
Y/N: Hey Nat! Check out this cool hammer- it was just sat on the table!
Natasha: That’s cool Y/N- wait- WHAT?!
Thor: I-
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kram6496 · 2 days ago
Trick or Treat
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
600th Follower Special
Tumblr media
“Wanda,“ you call out to your bride, “are the boys almost ready?“ You finish adjusting your Hogwarts robes and grab your wand. The three year old boys race down the stairs with the sort of zeal that you wish you had within you again.
“They’re more ready than I’ll ever be“ you hear your wife joke from the top of the stairs. You roll your eyes before turning to your sons.
“Okay Billy, Tommy, what do we say when we approach someone’s door?“ you ran it with them several times before, this is simply review now.
“Trick or treat!“ Tommy blurts out with a big smile on his face.
“And what do we say after we’re given candy, even if we don’t like it?“
“Thank you“ Billy chimes in. That boy is so kind and caring, he gets it from Wanda.
“Good job, boys. You’ll be up to your necks in treats in no time!“ You pull your sons into a tight hug.
“Okay, ready or not here I come“ Wanda calls out as she comes down the stairs in a red and pink leotard outfit. She gives you a smile as you eye her look up and down. It’s definitely a treat to see.
“Hello to you, student of Hogwarts“ she gives you a playful bow.
“And hello to you as well...what are you supposed to be honey?“ you eye her again to catch little details, or just to get a closer look at her.
“A Sokovian Fortune Teller.“ Wanda says with a laugh.
You lean in and whisper in her ear, “Is your outfit a trick or a treat?“ She smacks you on the shoulder. You feign being hurt.
“Come on kids, the witching hour has begun!“ She leads you and the boys out of the house and into the night time.
About an hour or so later, the kids are exhausted. Their bags filled with all sorts of treats and very little tricks.
“Best first Halloween ever“ Billy says with a tired smile. Wanda looks to you and then to all the families still out trick or treating. She smiles as she pulls her sons close.
“Almost perfect.“ She waves her hands and summons magical fireworks, displaying different elements of Halloween all over the nighttime sky. Families laugh and enjoy the sight. Jack o lanterns, cats, candies, ghosts, goblins, all of them displaying in brilliant flashes of bewitching neon colors that illuminate the neighborhood.
You take the dozing boys in your arms and bring them back into the comfort of home. It doesn’t take long for them to doze off to dreamland in their beds. Wanda places a kiss to their foreheads and closes the door behind her.
“Quite a treat, huh?“ You say as you place a kiss to your wife’s nose. She lets out a mischievous little laugh.
“Almost,” She gives you a kiss and a wink, “You still haven’t gotten your treat yet.” Wanda takes your hand and leads you down the hall to your room.
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almostnugget · 2 days ago
Accident Prone
Peter Parker x Reader
You can feel whatever pain your soulmate feels. And although you’ve never met your soulmate, you still eagerly await the day. Until then, it’s just you and your friends against the world. At least until Peter has a strong suspicion he’s found his soulmate.
Warnings: injuries (mainly talked in past tense, nothing graphic! just a stubbed toe, hot food burning your mouth, twisted ankles, and One black eye), pizza eating, ‘damn’ is used like twice, and some kissing
A/N: kicking off the fact this blog is multi fandom now with a classic character. and this was originally written for something else entirely but i changed it to a reader-insert. so reader has some character! still hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Soulmates. They were someone you were meant to be with, someone destiny designed for you. It was a magical concept, something that boggled the minds of most. No one could ever really get it, or try to understand it. But the rules were simple. Your soulmate felt whatever pain you felt.
You were around six when you had found out. You were bouncing around the living room, your parents turning on a Disney movie for you. You fell down onto the couch, eager for the movie to begin when you felt the sharp pain on you leg. "Ow!" you had exclaimed, reaching down to your shin. Only, you hadn't hit it. You hadn't done anything to it, and well, it looked fine.
Your parents then explained it to you and you could not have been more intrigued. The idea that there was someone out there destined for you felt like something out of the Disney movies you loved so dearly. And for awhile, you were ecstatic about the idea of one day finding the person meant for you. But as you grew older, things seemed to complicate themselves.
You hated the idea that whatever pain you felt, your soulmate did. You were clumsy, unbalanced. You recalled an event before you even knew about the existence of soulmates when you had been jumping on your bed. Your mother knocked on the door and, in you fright, you tumbled off of her bed leaving a scrape on your nose. Since you were as young as you could remember, you had always been getting hurt. Your soulmate never could've enjoyed that.
If you had one. You heard the stories. People who had someone, a soulmate. They felt their pain through everything but upon finding them, they found out that the love was one sided. It frightened you to say the least, that out there was someone whose pain you felt and they might possibly never feel your pain.
When you were fourteen, you had dropped those worries once more when you felt your soulmate once again. You felt them a lot, but definitely so in late Fall. You had been talking to your mother when you let out a loud yelp, your hand flying to the back of your neck. "Ow! They got bit! Jerk!" You had yelled, the sting eventually subsiding.
Soon after, you began attending Midtown School of Science and Technology. Although attending school wasn’t something you really wanted to do, part of you wondered if maybe this is where your soulmate would be. That was the one good thing about soulmates, you were destined to meet. Maybe you didn't have one, maybe they didn't love you but at least it was for sure that you would meet them one day. You just never knew when.
Eventually you had befriended two boys, Ned Leeds and Peter Parker. Neither of them had met their soulmate which you enjoyed just because it meant you weren’t out of place. You wished them the best of luck in finding them and silently wished yourself that same luck as well.
That summer you had been just lounging around your apartment when you felt the wind get knocked out of her. It was like someone had been playing rag doll with your soulmate and damn, it hurt. The pain didn't last long which was good for both you and your soulmate but it definitely rose questions. What the hell happened to your soulmate?
A downside to the soulmate thing, of course, was the fact that having a soulmate didn't prevent you from falling in love.
Eventually, you had locked away all of the feelings you held for the boy known as Peter Parker. He didn’t seem interested in you and you weren’t going to push your luck on someone who wasn’t even your soulmate. Plus, you had your friendship to worry about.
It was a late night when you and Peter were at his place studying. Well, trying to. You were distracted out of your mind as Peter tried to get you on track but even he was eventually distracted. He was in the kitchen, carefully watching the frozen pizza in the oven as you were dancing about the living room.
You sang about under your breath, twirling around the couch as Peter shook his head, removing the pizza. You then hopped over to the kitchen as Peter set the pizza on a plate for you both to pull from. Furrowing your brows, you asked, "We're going to eat this and get back to studying?"
"That's the plan," he chuckled as you nodded and took a seat at the table grabbing a slice. Peter sat across from you, glancing down at the pizza on your plate that was surely hot.
You, however, were far too eager to wait and blew on your pizza before taking a bite. Peter suddenly became well aware of the sudden ache he felt on the roof of his mouth, as if it had just been burned.
"The pizza's hot," he reminded, as you glanced up and gave him a shrug. Clearly, not affected.
Peter wondered what his soulmate must've done to burn their mouth. He gave a glance toward you, who seemed unfazed from the pizza you had been eating. Had they burned themselves eating hot food? Probably not, no one usually burned themselves on hot food that often.
Then again, his soulmate had gotten their fair share of twisted ankles, bruises, and scrapes, so who was he to judge.
As the two of you continued eating, joking around about usual things, Peter noticed you pursing your lips and sitting still, as if you were focused on something. "You alright?" He asked, taking a bite of his pizza. You nodded before excusing yourself.
Peter shrugged it off, continuing to eat his pizza.
"I burned my mouth!” You whined, reentering the room moments later. Peter's face went blank for a moment as he stared at his pouting friend. "On the first slice. I burned the roof of my mouth," you complained, opening your mouth and lightly poking at the burnt part of it. "The pizza wasn't that hot!"
"Y-you burnt your m-mouth?" He stammered as you nodded, sliding back into your seat. He went silent for the remainder of your dinner as you watched him, confused.
"Do you want me to wash the plates?" You questioned, already grabbing the plates and setting them into the sink. Peter shook himself from his thoughts, shaking his head. You shrugged and proceeded back to his room. Peter followed after, running through his mind.
Maybe you weren’t his soulmate. Perhaps it was just a coincidence. Right?
The two of you continued doing your homework while you were humming to yourself, mindlessly tapping your pencil against your paper. Peter glanced up just as you ended up flinging the pencil across from the room. "That's not how they're used," he teased as you just rolled your eyes and got to your feet.
You moved across the room, grabbing the pencil off of the ground by his closet. You spun around, smacking your foot—specifically, your toe—right into Peter's desk. Peter's eyes widened as he felt the pain radiate through his foot. "Why is this desk here?!" You cried, hopping up on one foot.
You hobbled back over to your spot on Peter's bed, not seeming to notice his eyes on you. Glancing up after a moment, you noticed how shocked Peter looked. "Are you okay?" you had wondered, lightly poking his leg with your pencil.
"Y-yeah," he exhaled, struggling to think. As he looked up toward his confused and concerned friend, he couldn't help but really wonder. "It's you," he said finally, as you furrowed your eyebrows. "When you were young, like r-really young, did you ever get a black eye? Or, h-have you ever twisted your ankle?"
"Uh," you paused, shrugging. "I hurt myself a lot, Pete. But uh, I think. I was young, my parents put me into daycare or something and I was walking through the play kitchen when I tripped over the carpet lip and the foot of a chair hit me in my eye, bruising it. And yeah. I've twisted my ankle. Like, uh, a couple times. Hasn’t everyone?”
"It is you," he exhaled, not even noticing the smile that began to grow on his face. You chuckled, still confused. "R-right, uh, you're my soulmate...I think." Your eyes went wide. "I mean, I think! Uh, uh, I'm really sorry about this past summer—”
"Did you get beat up?!”
"I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me!" you exclaimed, pushing your school supplies aside. "Who gets beat up in the summer?! You were at that Stark Internship retreat!" Peter scratched the back of his neck nervously as realization began to dawn on you. "O-oh. You're m-my soulmate."
"Y-yeah," Peter confirmed as you stared blankly at your best friend, the boy who you undoubtedly had feelings for. "Sorry if this is weird or you were expecting-"
"Not gonna lie, this is kind of a huge relief,” you breathed. Peter quirked an eyebrow, caught off-guard by such a statement. "I've had the, like, biggest crush on you since like Freshmen year and I was like, ‘Wow, this sucks because the whole soulmate thing and like Liz and…’” You trailed off, a sheepish smile on your face as you ceased your rambling and looked up at Peter.
There was a short moment, Peter wearing the most enamored grin before he had leant forward and pressed his lips against yours. You were shocked and stunned for a moment, having never kissed anyone, before you shut your eyes and returned the kiss. "Sorry!” Peter apologized quickly, pulling away. "I should've asked if that was alright or-"
"Can we do that again?" You asked, knowing how childish you had sounded. Peter's cheeks began to heat up but he quickly obliged, crashing his mouth against yours once more. You placed your hands just by his jawline, pulling him closer as you felt yourself melt into his touch.
You only pulled apart when you remembered something. "I'm really sorry for being so clumsy. I scraped my knees all the time as a child and-"
"Y/N?" Peter asked, causing you to cut off your thought and hum in response. Peter chuckled softly to himself, loving every inch of your oblivious face that was just inches in front of his own. He pressed his lips to yours once more, you certainly not objecting. Then, against your lips, he responded, "Apology accepted."
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fanpageknight · a day ago
Hi, I hope you're having an awesome day, and if not, here's a hug to cheer you up 🤗 I have a scenario in mind for you and tbh, I kinda got this from Snow White and I think it's gonna be a bit wacky and a tad bit creepy lol and sorry in advance 😅 but how would yanderes Stucky (Steve and Bucky) react to the reader having a magic mirror but there's a dude inside the mirror and he's her friend and she likes talking to him whenever she's bored. Oh, and the mirror is a human sized one and it's big and no worries, he disappears whenever reader needs privacy, he ain't a creep, but he still kinda likes her I guess. That's all and sorry for this really long thing TvT
Yandere Stucky x F reader
One shot
Summery: How would yandere Stucky react to their darling have a magic mirror as a friend.
Warnings: swearing,kidnapping
I love how creative this request is. I always get nervous doing request but really hope you like this. I'm a sucker for yanderes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had found your very magical friend in an antique store. He thought that you where so stunning and he revealed his handsome self to you in hopes of going home with you. Of course it worked because at the time you didn't really have any friends and come on its a magic mirror.
You hung your friend up on your living room wall so he could watch TV with you and generally see more.
You had met Steve and Bucky about a few months ago but it felt like the three of you have been friends for a lifetime.
The mirror had never made himself known to your new friends. He knew that you need more people in your life and you talked about them all the time So he didn't want to scare them off.
Steve and Bucky where absolutely infatuated with you. They loved coming over to your place even when you didn't know.
you had given them a spare key so they could come over whenever. Of course they didn't tell you they all ready had one but you give them one willing was heart warming.
Today they had planed to sat up some cameras in your home but before they unlocked the door they could hear you talking to someone.
They could different hear a second voice. A masculine voice.
Steve and Bucky exchanged looks before Steve slowly opened the door. His jaw dropped. "What? What is it?" Bucky whispered. "Looks like we have guests." Said the mystery voice. Bucky pushed passed Steve to see what was happening. His jawed dropped too.
"I can explain" you said quickly. "Allow me. Y/n. I am-" "The mirror is talking,Steve." "Yeah I see that,bucky"
They walked in and closed the door.
Bucky was the first to come back to his senses. "Androids, aliens, and wizard. Why not a talking mirror."
Yeah the conversation explaining who he was and why you even have a Magic mirror in the first place was weird but they catch on quite quickly. With all the shit they've seen why wouldn't they.
"Aren't you worried about this creep watching you change?" Bucky asked.
The mirror answered before you could. "I would never. Y/n is my very dear friend. I would never dream of violenting her trust or privacy." "Yeah because no guy would ever would to do that." Steve answered sarcastically. "If you can't imagine being a guy friend without it being creeping then maybe your the problem and how does she know you wouldn't watch her without her knowledge?" The mirror retaliated a little defensive eyeing their bag.
They were quiet for a moment. "Oh come on. Their way to sweet to be creeps." You said trying to defend them. "Oh I'm sure." Said your mirror glaring at Steve and Bucky.
The truth was yes both Steve and Bucky hated this mirror guy but now they can't put open cameras in your home like they originally were going too. This mirror had to go.
Steve and Bucky thought back to the times the snuck into your home. Did he know they would brake in and would he tell you? Of course he would but if he did why would you act so calm? So maybe they where still in the clear for now.
"Are you guys hungry? I can make us all dinner." "Um sure, doll. That would be great." Answered Bucky. "Yes please." Said Steve. They sat down on the couch as you walk to the kitchen to make dinner.
"What do you two want with y/n?" The mirror interrogated. "What are you talking about?" Steve asked playing innocent. "Don't play dumb, Rogers. I know you two broke in here in."
"We've never broke in. She give us a key remember?" Steve stated "I won't let you her hurt." "We won't hurt her. If anything we are her guardian angels." Bucky said giving a smile. "We are going to protect her." Steve followed. "You're delusional. If you think she needs protection. She is a very strong and capable woman." Steve leaned forward "We know that she might be able to take on a mugger or two but come on after the things we've seen. We can't leave her safely to chance." "Like I said you're delusional."
"Dinners ready." You shouted from the kitchen. The two odessive boys look at each other smiling before making there way to the kitchen. They stop in the hall way first to discuss something.
Not to long after only Steve walk into the kitchen. "Where's Bucky is he coming?" You asked. "He'll join us in a second, honey. You know I've always thought your house was a little small. You deserve something bigger." "I can't afford anything bigger. You know that, Steve." You replayed with a chuckle. He smiled "oh right. Well then I guess it's good you don't have to worry about money any more." Both before you could question him you heard glass shattering.
You shouted for your friend and tried to run out of the kitchen but Steve stopped you and held you close. "Shhh. It's okay. You're okay." He said try to calm you. "Why?!" You sobbed. "He knew to much, sweetheart." He said picking you up and kissing your forehead. He held your face to the crook of his neck slight swaying and Shhing you softly. He made his way to sit down at the kitchen table with you on his lap. "Shhh your okay.i know it hurts but It's for the best honey."
Bucky walked into the kitchen. You looked up and saw him. "What did do to him?" You questioned quietly not. Bucky's face softened when he saw your red little cheeks wet with tears.
"What I had too,doll." He answered carefully strolling over to you and then kneeling down to look at you. His hand cupped your face. "I know your upset but you don't need him. We want to take care of you but he never would have let that happen." "I don't understand." You said with a broken voice. "Aww. I know,doll. Just know we are doing what's best for you."
"Let's wipe those eyes and eat this yummy food you made for us. Hmm?" Steve said putting you in your own chair.
You quietly cried as you ate. Steve and Bucky explained how you where going to "move in" with them and you'd never have to worry about anything ever again.
Steve finished eating first so he excused himself so he could go pack your bags.
"I don't want to go bucky." He took your hand in his. "Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to but I promise this is the last thing you'll ever have to do that you don't want to."
When Steve was done packing and you where done eating it was time to go but you had to go through the living room to leave.
You saw the shattered glass and the big empty frame and you fell to your knees crying. He was your best friend for so long. You told him everything. The late night movies,the gossip was all gone.
Steve tried to pat your back. "Get off me!" As you look at the pieces you as a slight face in it. He was still there.
That when an idea popped into your mind. "C-can I at least bury him at my new home?" You asked. Steve and Bucky looked at each other both saying yes. You found a old show box and them began to gather all the of your broken friend.
"Okay I'm ready." You stated holding the box close to your chest. Bucky kissed your forehead before leading you out to the car. At the car you got in whine Bucky went to help Steve with the bags.
"Are you okay?" You asked opening the box. "Yes dear I'm fine. I think I lost a little weight." He said joking. You smiled. "What do I do? I can't get out of the they have it locked." "It's okay y/n breath. Your going to take one of my pieces out on do your best to keep it a secret from them and bury the rest. One day you'll be able to put me back together okay?" "Okay. I'll try."
"Um y/n?" "Yes?" "Just incase things don't working out in our favor. I want you to know... that I love you and I believe in you-... their coming close the box." You did.
Bucky opened your door. "Are you ready to go home, sweetheart." You nodded trying to give a smile. "Good girl."
Steve got in the driver's set and bucky in the passenger. You could see them holding hands like they weren't kidnapping someone.
You were able to sneak a piece of the mirror into your pocket. It was so strange that the man in your mirror who use to tower over you now fit in the palm of your hand. It felt wrong. It was wrong.
After Steve and Bucky got your bag settled they dug you a hole in the backyard for you to bury your friend. Eve though you knew he was okay. This whole thing still made you want to puke.
You placed the box in the hole and stepped back to let bucky cover it up. Steve hugged you from behind. "This is great closer for you y/n. Now you can focus on your new life with us. Isn't that great." He said kissing your cheek.
"Yeah.." "hey how about we get some ice cream. To help you feel better?" Bucky suggested. "Thats a great idea buck."
They could act like this never happened all thing want but one you would come back for your friend and then run like hell. It was just a matter of time.
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loryevrg · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki / Thor: Ragnarok - 2017, Tom Hiddleston
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aphiandhephi · 2 months ago
Y/N: *Holds a knife to Loki’s throat*
Loki:…Oh no
Y/N: You haven’t kissed me in three days and it fucking pisses me off
Y/N, shrugging: I know it turns you on.
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fandomsuntied03 · 5 months ago
Bucky *screeching*: YOU MEAN A LOT TO ME!
Y/N: wh-
Y/N:why are you screaming??
Y/N: I-
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whirlybirbs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
             —   FROM THE VOID, WITH LOVE    !
                             AO3     |     SPOTIFY     |     PINTEREST
a masterpost for the drabble series by yours truly. a revisitation of a well-loved story; watch two forever-lovers fall in love again. canon divergent, set during loki (2020). 
READ ME !  /  completed  ;  8/14/21
1.    the beginning of the beginning  2.    apartment CMY9 3.    dress code 4.    pester pester 5.    absolutely miserable 6.    blunder #1 7.    expectations 8.    control variable 9.    a time disguise 10.  fingers entwined 11.   half a sandwich 12.  beauty sleep 13.  the perfect storm 14.  a million meteorites 15.  keep on 16.  home is the heart 17.  petal-mouthed 18.  rib of adam 19.  desperation 20.  heart-haunted 21.  touch 22.  one more almost 23.  an ode to the void 24.  the catharsis of venus 25.  the end of the beginning
1.   the sacred timeline 2.   the variant timeline files 3.   the tag 4.   the god & the scientist 5.   fan art
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kram6496 · a day ago
My Favorite Hunter
Yelena Belova x Hunter!Reader
Request by @gameloversblog
Tumblr media
How exactly would you go about admitting a painful truth to the love of your life? That's a question that you had to ask your mentor and fellow monster hunter, Blade, every day. He always whispered to never fall in love but you didn't follow his advice. You fell in love with the master assassin and queen of your heart, Yelena Belova.
You were always careful to cover your tracks. You went on nightly patrols while she slept. And your half-vampire nature, allowed you to never need to sleep, so she never suspected a thing. You made her wear silver jewelry to ward off any potential vampires. And you always made sure to protect her if she was out at night with you on date nights. It's a balancing act but one that would do forever if it meant that you could spend one more minute with the blonde hair beauty that you call your own.
It was almost perfect until one night when out of patrol, you heard a familiar scream. You ran into the alleyway to find Yelena being surrounded by four bloodsuckers. You charged in, katana drawn, and slashed through the first, bursting the vampire into ash.
The second charged at you but you shot it with a silver bullet, reducing it to ash. You stabbed the third through the neck, obliterating the vampire.
The last had Yelena by the throat, a long nail on her throat, ready to slash her neck open.
"One more move, Daywalker" it warned, "And she'll be no more or maybe I should just turn her into..."
It was cut off by a silver arrow to the heart. Blade jumped down from the nearby rooftop, crossbow in hand, and quickly checked Yelena. He gives you the thumbs up, ensuring she was alright.
"So this is what you do every night?" Yelena says out of breath. You can only nod. "Cool way to die" She jokes with you.
"Cool indeed" you walk up to her, taking her in your arms, "but I don't want my queen dying on me any time soon."
She pulls you into a kiss. Her lips reassuring you that you were doing the noble thing.
Blade simply shrugged and walked away, muttering, "Whipped."
You'll get him back for that some day. But for now, a queen needs her Daywalker.
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patheticdarling · 2 months ago
Good Girl
   Summary: Loki has been rather enjoying his time in Sakaar for the past week or so. Attending all of the Grandmaster’s parties and good times. Men and women pine over him daily, Loki is the type to fuck and leave; no real attempt for connection. But then he meets someone rather intriguing, the Grandmaster’s “daughter.” 
   Warnings: SMUT/unprotected sex/oral sex (f receiving)/fingering/coarse language/slight degradation & praise/cum play/slight breeding kink/sort of rough sex/bondage/unprotected sex (please use protection when necessary)/soft dom! loki/use of pet names: my god, pet, darling, good girl, love etc. 
   Word Count: 2595
Tumblr media
    Loki sauntered through the crowds of party-goers. Bodies grinding against each other; the room smelling of sweat, pleasure, and sex. All scents that Loki had happily become accustomed to during his stay on Sakaar. After wooing the Grandmaster with not only his charm, Loki was now apart of every aspect of Sakaarian celebrations. 
   “You must be Loki,” a woman smirked at him as she sipped her wine, “The Grandmaster’s new toy.” 
   “Toy?” Loki nearly scoffed, “I’m nobody’s toy, love. Now if you’ll excuse me.” The lady rolled her eyes as Loki pushed by her. 
  He sat at the bar, looking over the sea of people. All of them the same, no real purpose in life but where they were now. Loki liked it but he also hated the idea of such a lack of spontaneity. 
   “You look like you could use a drink,” a voice pulled Loki from his apparently obvious sulking.
   Loki peered up, readying to rip into whoever was next to annoy him but was met with the soft smirk of a rather illuminating bartender, “I beg your pardon?” 
   She chuckled, “I just mean you don’t look like you’re having the most fun.” 
   Loki sighed, “Guess not.” 
   The bartender sighed before quickly pulling together a drink, sliding the glass over to Loki. His brows furrowed as he eyed the drink, “On the house,” she slid it closer, “Like I said, it looks like you could use one.” 
   This only increased Loki’s suspicions. Why would this seemingly random stranger offer him a free drink? He picked up the drink, giving it a suspicious sniff. 
   “Believe me, if I wanted to poison you, I would’ve done it much earlier,” she chuckled as she wiped up the bar, “Just drink the damn glass,” she pushed the glass to his lips, Loki having no choice but to take a swig. 
   The alcohol burned his throat, like normal, but there was a certain sweetness to it that made it pretty enjoyable, “It’s good,” he smiled. 
   “See, no poison,” she winked before going to help another party-goer. 
   Loki moved himself to be nearer to her, “How have I never spoke to you before? I’ve been to nearly all of the Grandmaster’s parties since my arrival.” 
   She shrugged, “Guess nobody really pays attention to the bartender who will flirt her heart out but never go home with a person here. Besides, people find the Grandmaster rather intimidating.” 
   “What would the Grandmaster have to do with-” 
   “Ah Loki!” the Grandmaster had drunkenly danced over, joining the girl behind the bar and throwing his arm around her neck, “I see you’ve met my girl, Y/N.” 
   “Your girl?” Loki questioned. 
   The woman chuckled, “Maybe I should start serving you water instead, Father.” 
   “Father?” Loki questioned again. 
   “Adopted,” she chuckled, “And not even really that.” 
   “Oh stop,” the Grandmaster hiccuped, “You’re my daughter, regardless of blood.” 
   “Whatever you say, you drunk,” the girl giggled. A group of partiers came over, beckoning the Grandmaster back. 
   “Duty calls,” he winked before placing a kiss on the girl’s head and charging back into the crowd. 
   “So you’re not adopted?” Loki questioned. 
   The girl chuckled as she fixed him another drink, “Not technically, no. Umm, my mother was one of the Grandmaster’s pleasure maids but when he first took her, she made it clear that I had to come with her. And I guess the Grandmaster wanted her so bad that he took me in just the same. Been living here practically all my life.” 
   “And now you’re also one of his pleasure maids?” 
   “Heavens no,” she shook her head in disgust, “That’s gross. Almost made me lose my lunch there,” they both chuckled, “He lets me bar-tend and it gives me something to do. Also keeps me from the repulsive dance floor.”  
   “Not a big fan of dancing, I take it,” Loki teased. 
  “It’s more the people on the dance floor that I find repulsive. Sure, a fun dance partner here and there is wonderful but sometimes a girl just wants to dance without having someone’s hands on her ass; man, woman, or whomever. Know what I mean?” 
   Loki smiled, nodding, “Completely understand.” 
   “So,” she leaned across the bar, sliding him another glass, “Seems only fitting I ask your name.” 
   “Loki Odinson or Laufeyson, I’m not really partial to either so Loki works best,” he smirked, his eyes wandering to her exposed chest, “And you, my dear, are?” 
   “Y/N,” she smiled, eyeing the God up and down, “So you know my story, care to share yours?” 
   “Mines a lot longer and far more complicated,” he chuckled. 
   She leaned over more, her breasts spilling further from her blouse, “I’ve got lots of free time and nowhere to be.” 
   Loki smiled, “To make the long story short, I’m also adopted, in a way. Unlike you, I got saddled with a rather loathsome family in the realm of Asgard. My adopted brother, Thor, God of Thunder and Getting on My Last Nerve,” she laughed, “And a new-found sister, Hela, Goddess of Death and- well, just genuinely terrifying overall.” 
   Y/N laughed, “And your parents?” 
   Loki’s smile fell a bit, “They passed. Both just recently.” 
   “Loki,” she sighed, putting her hand on his, “I’m so sorry.” 
   He smiled quickly, “I wasn’t exactly my father’s favourite, or second, or even third. And believe me, I returned the affection,” he joked, “But my mother she, well she was something truly special. She saw something in me that others, or even myself have yet to see.” 
   “She sounds lovely,” Y/N smiled. 
   “She was,” Loki sighed, “But anyway, that’s all there really is.” 
   “And now you’re here. On Sakaar.” 
   “And now I’m here. On Sakaar,” Loki repeated, “What about your mother? She still involved with the Grandmaster?” 
   “No,” Y/N shook her head, “She actually passed when I was a teenager, rather long ago here on Sakaar.” 
   “I’m terribly sorry,” Loki apologised, “I didn’t mean-” 
   She waved it off, “I chose to answer, did I not? Besides, it was a long time ago. Can’t bring her back, though I wish I could, so there’s no use dwelling on it.” 
   Loki sighed, “Families truly are complicated,” he finished off his drink.
   “Here, here,” she raised his empty glass before clearing, “But,” she chuckled, pointing over to the Grandmaster dancing atop one of the tables, “He’s not so bad.”
   Loki chuckled, “It’s very kind of him to not force you to be one of his pleasure-maids.” 
   “Suppose it is,” she answered, “He promised my mother.” 
   “Promised her to not make you a pleasure maid?” Loki asked. 
   “No,” she giggled. Y/N took note of how handsome the God looked as he threw his head back when he laughed, “Promised I could live here as long as...” her voice floated off as she put away Loki’s glass. 
   “As long as what Y/N?” he met her alluring gaze as they both leaned over the bar. 
   “As long as I was a good girl,” she whispered as they drew nearer. 
   Loki smirked, “And are you?” 
   “Am I what, Loki?” she whispered as her eyes began to flutter close. 
   “A good girl,” Loki answered. 
   She smirked a bit, “In certain situations, I suppose.” 
   Loki chuckled, “What sorts of situations?” 
   “Why don’t you come find out?” she teased. And before they knew it, they were locked in a tussle of teeth, tongue and lips. Both of them pulling grunts and moans from the other. 
   “You have a bed chamber we could go to?” Y/N asked as she pulled away for a quick moment. 
   Loki pulled her lip between his teeth, “Follow me,” he grabbed her hand and dragged her from the party through the corridors of the Grandmaster’s estate. Finally they landed in the suite that the Grandmaster had gifted Loki with. 
   Loki slamming the door closed before pinning her against it, their lips once again meeting in a flurry of passion. 
   “Fucking hell,” she moaned as Loki’s lips bit, sucked, and licked nearly every inch of skin from her lips to the skin her blouse exposed. 
   Loki’s chest heaved as he pulled away, admiring the love bites he had littered over the tops of her breasts. His eyes going dark before he tore her blouse completely off, the buttons scattering across the floor and a gasp leaving her mouth. 
   “Don’t worry,” Loki spoke between kisses, “We’ll get you a new one.” 
   “Forget about the bloody shirt,” she panted as she moved to undo her bra, “Just fuck me please.” 
   Loki let out a deep chuckle as he admired her now exposed breasts, “Patience, pet. Let me ravish this extravagant body of yours.” 
   She blushed fiercely as Loki continued his descent down her body, kissing along the hem of her skirt, “Take it off,” she groaned. 
   “With pleasure,” the God of Mischief smirked, “And while we’re at it,” Loki gave his fingers a quick snap and the two of them were now both standing bare and heaving in front of the other.
   “H-how did you do that?” she panted as Loki returned his lips to hers. 
   “Just a bit of magic,” he answered between kisses. She pulled away, giving him a confused look, “Did I not mention that I’m a god?” 
   “A god?” she raised her brow. 
   “God of Mischief, to be exact,” he smirked.
   She let out a nervous chuckle, “You’re serious?” Loki nodded, “I don’t think I believe you, Loki.”
   Loki smirked before giving his fingers another snap. Y/N now found herself on Loki’s bed, her hands bound to the head board and her ankles tied to the foot of the bed; leaving her splayed as Loki jerked his cock in front of her. Y/N had never seen someone has well-endowed as Loki was, he had the most perfect cock she’d ever seen. 
   “Believe me now?” he smirked down at her. 
   She nodded nervously, “Yes.” 
   “Good,” he smiled before returning to ravish in her body. Marking it all over before he was face-to-face with her dripping heat, “My, my, I must have quite the effect on you, darling.” 
   Y/N tugged against the bindings on her ankles, trying to close her legs and get a bit of friction, “Please,” she pleaded. 
   “Begging already?” Loki teased, “How pathetic of you.” His hands moved to the tops of her knees, spreading her legs even further, “But who am I to deny such a pretty little thing of such pleasure?” 
   Before she could muster another word, Loki’s mouth was already working on her. His tongue flicking against her clit as he carefully traced her tight quim with two of his fingers. She clenched around nothing as Loki brought her slowly to the edge. 
   “Please, Loki. I’m begging you,” she whimpered. 
   Loki let out a groan against her core, sending a shiver up her spine, “Since you asked so nicely.” And just like that, his mouth worked frivolously against her as he railed two of his fingers into, curling them to hit that soft spot deep inside her. Y/N let out a loud moan at his actions as her back arched from the bed.  
   “LOKI!” she cried as Loki brought her closer and closer to her precipice. 
   “I love hearing you cry out for me,” Loki grunted as he kissed back up her body, his fingers continuing their assault on her tightening cunt, “I can feel you squeezing my fingers. You going to cum, pet?”
   She nodded excitedly, “Yes, please God. Need to cum.” 
   Loki chuckled, “Sorry, love. But there’s only one god here who can help you,” he smirked before pulling his fingers from her. A small whimper left her lips at the loss of touch. 
   “W-what’re you doing-” Loki caught her off with a harsh kiss. 
   “Remember, patience, love,” Loki snapped his fingers once again, the bindings on her legs disappearing. She moved to rub her thighs together but Loki already had them in his grasp as he hiked one over her shoulder and let the other wrap around his hip. 
   Y/N could feel the tip of his painfully hard cock, brushing against her entrance as Loki gathered her pleasure onto himself. 
   Her nails dug into her wrists bindings as she attempted to buck her hips up to encourage Loki, “Just f-fuck me,” she whimpered. 
   Loki smirked down at the lust-filled girl, “Just know, I have no intentions of being gentle.” Before she could speak another word, Loki thrusted himself in to the hilt. Y/N let out a scream-like moan as he filled her. 
   “F-fuck, your cock is so...” she couldn’t find the words to describe the feeling as Loki began to slowly rock back and forth inside of her. 
   “Look at you,” Loki smirked, “Already cock drunk and I haven’t even begun to fuck you like I truly want.” 
   “Harder,” her words barely registered with Loki before he began to pound into her drenched cunt. Moans, grunts, skin slapping, and filthy squelching noises filled the room. Anyone walking by would have to be an idiot to not know what was happening in there. Or they must’ve thought Loki was torturing her to death, but I suppose in a way, he was. 
   Y/N’s eyes rolled into the back of head as Loki pushed himself further up her body, allowing himself to get even deeper inside her, “Fuck,” he grunted as he thrusted, “Can’t wait to fill this...bloody hell... tight cunt with my seed. Watch it drip out of you. And you’re going to love...shit... every second, aren’t you? Cause you’re a good girl. A good fucking cum slut.” 
   Her back arched off the bed at Loki’s degrading, “Fill me up. P-please, I need it so bad, Loki.” 
   He reached down to squeeze her jaw, forcing her to look at him, “I’m a god, pet. And you will address me as such. Now...fuck... who’s your god?” 
   “Y-you are,” she panted. 
   Loki began to pound into her even harder, if that was possible, “What was that, love? Didn’t quite catch-” 
   “FUCK! YOU ARE. YOU’RE MY GOD!” she scram as the knot in her stomach grew even tighter. 
   “That’s a good fucking girl,” Loki growled as he drilled into her, his balls tightening at the feeling of her wet cunt squeezing him as they both neared their highs. 
   “Cumming,” she whimpered, “LOKI! FUCK!” What felt like a bolt of lighting ripped through her whole body as she covered Loki’s cock in her orgasm. 
   “Fucking hell,” Loki groaned as his thrusts grew sloppy. The look on her face as he fucked her through the orgasm he had given her was enough to force him to paint the inside of her velvet walls completely. 
   Both of them stilled for a moment, attempting to regain their breathing. Loki thrusted a bit, fucking his cum further into her. 
   “My god,” she whimpered as he moved through her. 
   “Had to make sure you felt it all,” Loki sighed, both of them groaning as he finally pulled himself from her cunt. 
   Loki’s mouth practically watered at the sight of his cum dripping from her quim onto the silk sheets of his bed. He laid a kiss to her sweaty forehead before collapsing next to her. 
   “Guess I underestimated the power of a god,” Y/N chuckled breathlessly. 
   “Let’s hope you don’t make that mistake again,” Loki smiled as he kissed her softly. 
   “So this is going to happen again?” she smiled, a hint of nervousness in her fucked-out eyes. 
   Loki smirked before kissing her again, “I don’t think I could stay away from such a good girl.” 
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dilfmobius · 2 months ago
bubble pop electric
Tumblr media
president loki x fem!reader
after trying to save one of your teammates, the tva sends you to a desolate planet that seems to be full of loki’s
SMUT, fingering, some voyeurism, unprotected sex - basically just p w some plot
1.6k words
i wanted to write for president loki all day and i’ll probably write for him again. that is all. i took some creative liberties
tagging @fic-force-99 !! :)
One moment you were escaping off of the celestial planet of Ego and the next minute you were being abducted by people claiming you “violated the timeline” and “were to answer for your crimes”, whatever that meant. You were nervous to say the least as you made your way to judge Renslayer. As you were told that your rescue of Yondu Udonta violated the ‘sacred timeline’ and that he was meant to die. As you were pushed through empty corridors, shouting that the rest of the Guardians would be looking for you, you knew there was no way out of this pruning.
You submitted yourself to it as you felt yourself fade away, darkness being the only thing that surrounded you as the rest of the universe disappeared.
That was, until you felt air fill your lungs again. Until you felt light filter through your closed eyelids.
You jumped awake, looking around as you took in everything you could see. There were monuments from all different types of places and things. Things that were familiar but somehow felt wrong. But the one thing that really caught your attention was how alone you were.
Quickly standing up, you noticed how desolate the place you were was. Not a soul in sight, definitely no way to contact the rest of the guardians.
“So… I’m in hell.” You spoke, looking down to see if the devil had at least sparred you a cute outfit. Of course not, you were still dressed head to toe in ugly TVA prison gray and orange.
As you looked around, you noticed something moving in the clouds - and whatever it was, it didn’t look happy. Having dealt with your fair share of evil creatures, you knew the best thing you could do at this point was just run.
So you did. You ran until you couldn’t run anymore, until you found a building that strangely looked just like the White House and ran into it.
In your haste you didn’t notice that the walls were coated in green and gold, nor did you notice the other variants watching you as you sprinted into any place you could find. Not until you felt something grab your wrist and push you against a wall.
“Who are you?” The large man asked, a dagger placed directly against your throat.
“Your worst nightmare.” You muttered sarcastically, kneeing him in the stomach before continuing to run.
You ran right into a room with a desk that you could hide behind, only listening to your own breathing calm as you tried to decipher any noises that would come near you. You almost believed that you were in the clear until you heard the door open. Until someone sat down in front of you, until you felt them grab you by the wrists and pull you out from under the desk.
“What do we have here?” The gruff voice of a raven haired man questioned you.
“I know you’re a variant, before you try to explain.”
“Because I’m a variant too, we all are.”
Your gaze softened as you looked at the man, the panic seeming to leave you - mostly.
“Do you have a way out?”
He only laughed in response, releasing your wrists and allowing you to stand on your own.
“Of course not, nobody leaves this place.”
You finally took in his suit and horned crown. His “Vote for Loki” pin and his cocky demeanor.
“Who are you?”
“I’m President Loki, all those men out there are Loki’s too.”
You’d heard of Loki. Prince of Asgard, burdened by some sort of glorious purpose to rule. You’d heard never to cross paths with him, and now you were learning that you were surrounded by god knows how many versions of him? Maybe this is hell, after all.
“I’ll keep answering your questions if you answer mine.” he offered up, inching closer to you as you watched him with extreme caution. As Loki held his hand out for a shake, a devilish grin crossed his face as you took his hand within your own.
“Deal.” you responded, growing nervous as you felt his breath fan over your face, holding eye contact with you as you shrunk before him.
“Why are you here?”
“Apparently someone I saved was supposed to die.”
“Who did you save?”
“A member of my team.”
“What team?”
“The Guardians of the Galaxy.”
With how Loki started laughing you would have assumed that you had said the most hilarious joke he had ever heard. You watched in annoyance as he held onto his stomach and let out the biggest belly laughs he could manage.
“What’s so funny?” You asked, defensively as you grabbed him by the shoulder so he had to look at you.
“Let me guess what you all are… space Avengers? Destined to use your pull as heroic Gods to get free dinner at a restaurant and destroy whatever city you want?”
“No, we’re just a bunch of assholes who ended up on the same space ship.”
“Fair enough. What do you want to ask me?” He said, his ‘diplomatic’ side coming back. He was the ‘President’ after all.
“Where are we?”
“A place where all the timelines rejects get sent. Where space and time don’t matter.”
You sighed, knowing there most likely was no way for you to escape this place.
“If I can’t leave, can I stay here?”
He seemed to need a moment to think about it before a devious smile covered the man's face. His hand trailed over your neck and down to your breast, gently cupping you before leaning down.
Though you were shocked and nervous you made no effort to reject his efforts as President Loki connected his lips to yours, sucking your lip within his as he continued to caress your breast through your prison uniform and bra.
He pulled back, noting the way you clenched your thighs as he rubbed his hand over where he presumed your nipple was.
“I have been looking for a First Lady…” He trailed off, tugging your bottom lip between his teeth before he pulled back. Loki walked you over to his desk, pushing you against it.
You watched as green enveloped your body before your clothes were completely removed, and you couldn’t help but notice that the same happened to Loki’s presidential suit, his helmet being the only thing that remained on his body. Your eyes connected with his, before he reached a hand down to make contact with your clit.
You let out a moan, grabbing onto his forearm and feeling his muscles flex as he ran circles over your clit, mixing things up and thrusting two fingers into your pussy and curling them within you.
His thumb replaced his pointer finger as he roughly rubbed your clit, fucking you with his hand as if he was trying to pull your soul out through your orgasm.
“Poor little thing, so desperate.” He said, gripping your hips with his free hand to stop you from grinding against his hand. “You must’ve not been touched by anyone else for a longtime.” He teased, pressing a gentle kiss to your cheeks and forehead.
Just as you felt an orgasm building within you, Loki removed his fingers from your pussy. You whined, allowing him to bring his fingers into your throat and have you taste your own wetness. You were distracted by his fingers, so distracted that you didn’t notice his cock rubbing against you until he thrusted it inside.
Your head flew back as you let out a moan. You let him flip you over, your breasts pressed against the desk as he roughly ground his hips against yours, allowing you a moment to adjust to his size before setting a quick pace of thrusts.
You felt time slow as two men came rushing in.
“We heard-“ They stopped, upon seeing what was happening in front of them.
Any normal person would have stopped what they were doing to save what was left of their dignity. But Loki was not a normal person, and he had no shame as he continued to thrust his hips into you; pulling on your hair with one of his hands. And you couldn’t help the whines and moans that came from you as he fucked you on the desk, your eyes noticing the Loki variants in the doorway making no effort to cover the growing tents in their pants.
“If all- fuck -you wanted was to check- oh - up on me you’re free to go.” Loki said, shamelessly moaning throughout his words as he pulled you against his chest, continuing to fuck you senseless. Paying no mind to the way the men’s eyes trailed to your bouncing tits as they eventually left the room, presumably to go pleasure themselves.
“I don’t mind an audience…” you sheepishly admitted, growing embarrassed as you felt Loki laughing behind you before feeling him trail his hand over your front, beginning to rub your clit as he pressed a kiss to your jawline.
“I’ll remember that for later.” He said, in essentially a promise as he continued to fuck your sensitive pussy with his large cock.
You felt your orgasm building again, and you knew Loki did too as he roughly grabbed your jaw, turning your head to face his own, “Will you be my First Lady?”
“A-Always, I’ll be your Fi-First Lady always.”
He seemed satisfied by your answer, rubbing your clit faster and giving you the go ahead to cum for him. You whined out his name as you came, and you wondered if it was the use of ‘President Loki’ that made him cum inside of you seconds later.
In a moment you were dressed in a black, green and gold outfit and the man behind you was back in his suit. Both of you appearing completely clean from the previous activities.
“Allow me to give you the official, Presidential tour…”
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vancityfire13 · 2 months ago
The Hangover Pt 1.
Natasha Romanoff x Reader and Yelena Belova + Reader (Platonic)
Word Count: 3.6K
A/N: This is 100% fluff. Reader transfers to a new college and Yelena is her dorm mate. One day her sister visits. 
This is set after Black Widow movie. 
It imagines that Civil War has been resolved before Infinity War, so Natasha is no longer on the run but back as an Avenger.
Tumblr media
‘Don’t be weird.’ Yelena muttered as she entered your dorm room. She sat on her bed and let out an expectant huff, as if you’d already contradicted her.
‘When am I ever?’ You teased back immediately, scanning her eyes carefully for any sense of what was going on. 
Your efforts were halted by a careful knock at the door.
‘Sorry to interrupt.’ A familiar voice spoke as the door opened. Your mouth dropped before you’d even seen her face.
‘Avenger.’ You said dumbly, staring wide eyed. Yelena held her head in hands and mumbled something in Russian.
‘Natasha.’ The woman corrected, moving into the room. She leaned over, arm extended for a handshake. You took it obediently, your exhale sounding a little too much like a muted scream. Natasha smirked.
‘I’m requesting a room transfer.’ Yelena informed you seriously. 
Natasha moved over to Yelena with unexpected familiarity. Her arm moved around Yelena’s shoulders and she squeezed her tightly from the side. Yelena stiffened immediately, her eyes found yours and her face was arranged in a portrait of disgust.
It didn’t even fool you.
Natasha laughed as she caught the expression. Her laugh startled you. You looked in awe at the woman, the hero, sitting in leggings and a hoodie on the bed opposite you.
‘You missed me.’ She informed Yelena teasingly. 
Now, your eyes flickered between them interestedly. You knew Yelena must be a bit Russian, her accent wasn’t subtle, but she’d once told you she was originally from Ohio. 
You tried to put the pieces together. You’d become friends from the day you were assigned the same dorm room. But you hadn’t talked much about your pasts, least of all hers. Your friendship consisted much more of sneaking alcohol into the building and watching bad netflix shows together.
You tried to see the friend you’d thought you knew in this different light. Was she an Avenger too?
Natasha caught your confusion a split second before Yelena did. 
‘Sisters.’ She explained abruptly, nodding obviously between the pair of them. Her answer held such a definitive note that you believed her absolutely.
Yelena’s face changed abruptly. A sweet smile filled her face now, one you’d rarely seen.
‘Sestras.’ She confirmed quietly.
You smiled too, automatically. You didn’t know Yelena’s past, but you’d trusted her immediately and you knew there was a reason for that.
‘So, your sister is here.’ You pondered out loud, a moment later. You hurried your slow thoughts as you caught the obvious look Yelena shot at you.
‘So, you’re visiting for spring break?’ You guessed, addressing Natasha directly. You tugged unconsciously at the sleeves of your hoody, because you’d just spoken directly to an Avenger who was sitting in your bedroom.
‘It’s Spring break?’ Natasha’s face broke out into a grin of anticipation. ‘I didn’t know that.’
 She looked back at you with approval like you’d just told her a good secret. 
Heat rose to your face and you looked away shyly. Natasha addressed Yelena again, her arm still lying loosely across her shoulders.
‘I just came to see you because I finally have some time off.’ She told her sister.
‘And you wanted to visit me, of course.’ Yelena nodded knowingly, adjusting herself to sit cross legged on the bed. It was a typical Yelena pose, but suddenly you saw the tiny version of her sitting on the sofa with her big sister.
You stayed quiet, liking the warmth of the room but not feeling completely part of it.
‘No.’ Natasha said suddenly, standing up from the bed in an abrupt change of attitude. ‘I’m here to get all the crap that you’ve stolen from me.’
Yelena’s mock look of offence made you laugh out loud. She glanced at you quickly, eyes glittering with mischief.
‘I let you borrow my things all the time.’ She reminded Natasha. 
‘One thing.’ Natasha turned to tell you, letting you be the witness to their argument. ‘She let me borrow one thing.’
‘Well, it’s not my fault that you still dress like a college student.’ Yelena exclaimed, arms going wide to emphasise her innocence. ‘I needed a wardrobe, what was I supposed to do?’
‘Are you both here on a mission for the Avengers?’ You interrupted suddenly, filled with curiosity. 
‘Oh, no.’ Yelena looked mildly repulsed at the thought. ‘No, I’m a real college student.’ She assured you. ‘I didn’t even cheat to get in.’ Her eyes glanced a little resentfully over at Natasha.
‘Anyone can cheat their way to a college diploma.’ Natasha countered her. ‘But, you know it’s not the same.’ You heard the slight chastising tone and wondered if they knew how much they sounded like stereotypical sisters.
‘Not anyone can.’ You corrected to yourself, a little morosely. Yelena smirked.
‘Well done.’ She said suddenly, fingers drumming absentmindedly in her lap. ‘You’re not being too weird.’
You played into the moment, covering your face with your hands.
‘Yeah?’ You muttered dramatically. ‘That’s good. Wouldn’t want to seem weird in such a normal situation.’
You felt the pressure of Natasha’s hand on your shoulder and froze automatically. Suddenly all you could think about was the Black Widow poster that Yelena had insisted you remove from your wall on the first day of term.
‘It’s nice to meet you (Y/N)’ Natasha said sincerely and you slid your hands away from your face, glancing up at her green eyes. 
‘You too.’ You mumbled, feeling entirely overwhelmed. 
‘Lunch.’ Yelena announced suddenly, sliding off her bed in anticipation. ‘You promised me a burger if I introduced you to my roommate.’ She reminded Natasha pointedly. 
Then she gave you an ironic thumbs up.
‘You have no idea how many background checks you’ve passed since I told her your name.’ She informed you, the same mischievousness glittering in her eyes.
‘Great.’ You replied sarcastically. ‘I guess my criminal records really were expunged.’
‘Ha. Ha.’ Yelena replied, moving to lead you both out of the room.
‘Wait.’ Natasha spoke quietly. The pair of you paused instantly. You wondered absentmindedly at the effectiveness of her subtle order. 
‘You both have the week free?’ She confirmed.
‘Wow. Are you a professional spy?’ Yelena responded sarcastically, fiddling distractedly with the zipper on her jacket.
‘Are you?’ Natasha retorted. ‘I have a week off and you have a week off.’ 
Yelena’s eyes met her sister’s like a magnet had been turned on. 
‘Let’s hotwire a car and get out of here.’ She suggested immediately.
‘What?’ You exclaimed and Natasha rolled her eyes.
‘Can you stop with the stealing cars? Someone is going to notice.’ 
‘Borrowing.’ Yelena corrected mutinously under her breath.
‘Whatever.’ Natasha dismissed her. ‘You in?’ She turned to ask you. Your heart jumped in your chest.
‘I’m in.’ You confirmed suredly. You’d never agreed to something so readily. You had no idea what you were in for and you couldn’t wait.
Natasha moved to leave the room.
‘I’m going to get a full tank of gas, so we’re ready to go.’ She informed you both. She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, and your eyes trailed her fingers. It was strange seeing someone you admired look so completely human.
‘Why don’t you try and pack some clothes that don’t actually belong to me.’ She said to Yelena with a smirk on her face.
Yelena gave a two fingered salute before Natasha left.
You both packed a duffle bag each. You exchanged grins with Yelena as you watched her debate the many outfits in her wardrobe. She packed for all occasions, you followed suit.
Ten minutes later and you both met Natasha in the parking lot. The jeep that she was leaning against looked strangely normal. She was holding a coffee cup with the local gas station logo on the side, drinking from it casually. Her large sunglasses obscured most of her face.
You had such a crush. 
You could feel Yelena eyeing you from the side and you prayed it wasn’t written obviously on your face.
Yelena shook her head beside you.
‘My sister, the celebrity.’ She muttered under her breath before raising her voice to address Natasha.
‘So, where are we going?’ She shouted, lifting up her duffle bag to indicate her readiness.
Natasha’s head tilted slightly as she watched your approach.
‘What do you think about Vegas?’ She called back, her private smile telling you she’d already anticipated Yelena’s response.
Yelena’s fist pumped subtly, keeping her hand down by her waist.
‘Yes.’ She whispered emphatically, under her breath.
You heard Natasha’s open laugh in response.
You silently thanked your lucky stars that you’d turned 21 two weeks before, you couldn’t imagine the disappointment of having to duck out of a trip like this.
‘Happy Birthday by the way.’ Natasha told you as you moved to put your duffle bag on the floor of the car’s back seat.
Your jaw dropped, wondering how she could read your mind. 
‘Background check.’ Yelena reminded you as she slid around you to throw her bag in too.
‘You can have shotgun.’ She added matter of factly. 
‘Thanks.’ You replied, surprised by her unexpected kindness. You’d had no expectation except sitting in the back of the car.
It felt like less of a kind gesture as you buckled up in the passenger seat and watched Yelena recline out along the full back row of the car.
Natasha climbed into the driver's seat, sunglasses now perched on her head. You admired the simple braid in her hair, it reminded you of your roommate.
‘Absolutely not.’ She stated flatly with one glance in the rearview mirror at Yelena, who was adjusting one of the duffle bags to act as a makeshift pillow.
Yelena waved one hand loosely in the air.
‘I trust you.’ She said offhandedly. ‘You’re an excellent driver.’
Natasha just waited, sitting stoically with the car key still in her hand. She glanced at you with a mixed expression of humour and exasperation.
Yelena didn’t move either.
‘Fine.’ Natasha said suddenly and you knew already she’d figured out a way to win. ‘You can lie down, but you don’t get to pick the music.’
Yelena sat bolt upright like a rising member of the undead. You laughed quietly. 
‘Fine’ She acquiesced immediately, reaching between the seats to turn on the radio. ‘Jesus, there’s no need to be such a mom.’
Yelena flicked through the stations rapidly, settling on one playing P!nk. 
‘There’s a surprise.’ You mumbled sarcastically, having heard her playlists more than enough in the last few months. Yelena hit your shoulder lightly as she sat back down in the middle seat of the back row. Natasha only started the engine when Yelena’s buckle was clipped and her hands were resting with exaggerated primness in her lap.
Your first trip was to a drive-thru. You felt less awkward as the three of you ate your meals quietly; Natasha still driving, one hand on the wheel. 
She swapped drinks with Yelena wordlessly when she caught her noise of disgust at the milkshake she’d ordered. 
Natasha offered you the last of her fries too. You accepted silently, unable to rid yourself of the shyness that Natasha’s friendliness only amplified.
Yelena made it a full hour before returning to her original reclined position with a tired sigh. This time, Natasha didn’t comment, only turning down the music in response.
You found yourself glancing over curiously at her as she drove. You wanted to get past the silence, but the idea of saying something to Natasha Romanoff seemed overwhelming.
Natasha smiled gently in response to your looks, though her eyes stayed focused on the endless road ahead.
‘So. You like the Avengers.’ Natasha stated, addressing the elephant in the room head on.
‘Yeah.’ You half whispered, feeling mortified by the softer tone she’d chosen to encourage you to start talking.
‘You got a favourite?’ She asked lightly, hand slipping into her jacket pocket and removing a pack of gum. She slid out a piece and started to chew. There was an ease to everything she did, it was impressive and attractive.
You sincerely wished the ground would swallow you up whole.
‘Yeah.’ You mumbled out again, dreading her next question.
‘Who is it?’ Natasha teased immediately, offering the chewing gum packet out to you. You resisted the sudden urge to close your eyes and pretend the conversation wasn’t happening.
‘Captain America?’ She guessed as you fumbled trying to slide a piece of gum out of the packet.
You waited until you’d started chewing, before you addressed her question.
‘You.’ You whispered in the smallest voice. 
The short response was filled with genuine surprise and you tried not to actively consider flinging yourself out of the moving car.
‘Well, that’s flattering.’ Natasha observed casually a moment later. 
‘Mortifying.’ You corrected morosely, staring down at your lap. 
Natasha gave a small laugh, the sound was low and quiet. You glanced back at her.
She cracked a smile.
‘This is all strange for me too.’ She told you a minute later, the sound of her fingers drumming on the steering wheel audible over the muted music. ‘Everything is. Even with Yelena.’ 
She paused, trying to gather her thoughts. Again, you were struck by how vulnerable she seemed. This wasn’t the person you’d imagined from the television coverage, but you knew already that you liked this woman more.
‘It’s only been a few months since we reconnected.’ She continued ‘I never thought we’d be taking vacations together.’ 
Her brief laugh was incredulous, she shook her head to herself.
You stayed silent, processing her small revelations quietly. You could sense that her comments hid much more than she was willing to share. You realised abruptly how little in common you probably had with the superhero sitting next to you. 
You didn’t have enough context to know what to say to her. You leaned your head back against the car seat.
‘You seem like a really great sister.’ You told her honestly instead. Natasha’s answering smile was private, directed out at the road ahead, but you caught it in the corner of your eye.
‘Yeah?’ She replied quietly, the low warmth in her voice spreading through the car. ‘Thanks.’ 
Yelena didn’t stir again until the lights of Las Vegas were standing out on the horizon. When she stretched and sat back up, you sensed her surprise at the new atmosphere in the car. 
Somewhere along the way, the small talk between Natasha and you had descended into something much more familiar. 
Natasha told you various stories about the other Avengers, like they were her family. You were surprised by how human they all sounded too. You noted the affection in her tone, wondering at the contrast with the news reports you’d heard just last year.
You told her about some of the various adventures you’d had with Yelena since transferring to your new college. You sensed an overwhelming interest in Natasha to hear more about her sister. It kept you talking, your nerves slowly abating at your eager audience. 
It was in the middle of one of the wilder tales, that Yelena woke up.
‘You can’t expect one traffic cone to stop a car.’ She mumbled in her defence, rummaging sleepily through her duffle bag for a bag of chips.
You rolled your eyes at Yelena’s comment and Natasha grinned at you.
‘You should have seen her fly a helicopter.’ She told you, eyes widening exaggeratedly. ‘Now that was scary.’
‘You are both so rude.’ Yelena huffed from behind, already crunching on a chip. ‘I wish I was still asleep.’
By the time you’d pulled up at the hotel, you felt like you’d known both of the sisters for years. You hung awkwardly in the lobby with Yelena as Natasha sorted out your room booking. 
There was something special about the energy that both sisters emanated. It read like confidence, and, as you followed the pair of them up to your room for the night, you realised it came from a complete certainty that everything would work out in the end. You realised it was the attitude of people who knew how to make things happen for themselves. 
It was an intimidating attitude from those you planned to party with.
You ended up getting ready for your first night in Vegas together, eating bits of the room service platter that Natasha had ordered as you prepared. Yelena slowed the process down effectively, procuring a bottle of vodka from her duffle bag and sharing it eagerly with Natasha and yourself.
Eventually, you’d slipped into the bathroom to get ready, trying to remove Yelena’s distracting influence for five minute.
You’d nearly had a heart attack when you exited the bathroom to find Natasha, alone in the room, standing in her bra and jeans and rummaging through Yelena’s duffle bag.
You froze in the doorway, truly forgetting how to breathe as another wave of shyness and attraction rushed through you. Natasha caught your eye knowingly and smirked. A hot feeling started to build in the pit of your stomach, you tried to ignore it. She held out two dresses that you’d seen Yelena wear before at various college parties.
‘Pick.’ Natasha said simply. 
The dresses were not dissimilar. Both were tight, short and built for clubbing. You knew the black one had a slit running up the side of it’s already short skirt.
‘That one.’ You whispered hoarsely, pointing at it. 
Natasha smiled in satisfaction.
‘That’s what I thought.’ She agreed. Her eyes flickered carefully over your own outfit.
‘Very good.’ She told you approvingly, the sincerity rippling through the room and making your cheeks warm. ‘You look hot.’
‘Thank you.’ You replied, and you met her gaze determinedly, the vodka already making you brave. ‘You always do.’
Natasha stared back at you. You felt the urge to move forward, closer to her. The temptation to be near her was overwhelming. A smile played on Natasha’s lips and you knew she was thinking the same thing.
The hotel door burst open then, kicked wide by Yelena. She held up the bottle of Vodka in each hand as she entered. 
‘Look what I found. The hotel staff really like bribes.’ She told you both nonchalantly.
Your jaw dropped at the implication of how much alcohol she was proposing you consume. A shiver of nervous anticipation ran down your spine.
‘We can’t drink that.’ You exclaimed, hearing the panic in your own voice. You remembered admiring Yelena’s confidence earlier, now it just scared you.
Yelena examined the back of the bottle in her right hand, she flinched slightly as she read the strength of the alcohol.
‘Well, we can try.’ She resolved simply, a determined set to her jaw.
‘Tonight is going to kill me.’ You predicted worriedly. 
You turned back to Natasha to share your concern and nearly choked on your own tongue. 
She’d changed clothes in your moment of distraction, now wearing only the tight dress you’d picked out for her. Her fingers moved to her hair as she adjusted it slightly. She gave you a distracted smile, obviously not having heard your back and forth with Yelena.
You smiled back, dumbstruck.
‘I’m ready.’ She announced to the pair of you, moving over to take one of the vodka bottles from Yelena. Your eyes trailed her ass as she walked in front of you. You moved forward to take the other bottle, ready to regret the night.
After that there were only flashes of memories that came to you the next morning.
Catching Yelena’s arm as she stumbled in her heels.
The bright lights of the club, being pressed against hundreds of strangers, wishing you could escape the crowd.
Natasha taking your hand like an angel appearing from nowhere beside you.
Her tongue in your mouth, pressed up against the bathroom wall.
Yelena’s face when she found the pair of you, her yelling, your fuzzy brain unable to make out the words.
Yelena leaving the bathroom angrily.
Trying to find her with Natasha on the Strip.
Catching Natasha when she stumbled in her heels.
Free shots at each new club you entered together. 
Natasha whispering something into your ear, the feel of her hot breath against your skin.
That same shiver of nervous anticipation running up your spine.
When you woke up the next morning, you thought you may have died the night before. 
Your skin felt sticky. Your mouth tasted like some alcohol that you’d never tasted before. Your head was pounding out a drumbeat ready to incapacitate you.
It took you a full minute to even recognise the silhouette of the woman next to you in the bed. 
Natasha was fast asleep, facing the other wall.
Maybe you’d have recognised her faster, if it wasn’t for the tacky white veil obscuring the back of her head.
Panic flared inside your chest.
One more memory reappeared, like a flashback in the movie of someone else’s life.
You remembered Natasha’s eyes staring back at you, shiny with inebriation and excitement. You remembered her hands in yours. Church bells had definitely been ringing.
You looked back at the woman next to you, snoring quietly, ass barely covered by the same short dress from the night before.
You tried to process.
There was a chance. An impossible chance. That your wife was an Avenger.
You swallowed dryly, scanning the room for any other evidence. 
The pair of you were completely alone. Yelena was still missing. 
Groaning quietly, you let yourself fall face first back into the pillow.
Part 2 Here.
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And then there were three… || Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader; The reader is Bucky’s girlfriend.
Summary: Bucky visits Y/N's quite large family for the first time. When he realizes how good Y/N is with children, he's desperate to give her one of their own.
Genre: Smut
Written in third person point of view.
Warnings: Smut, NSFW, breeding kink/pregnancy fetish, bathroom sex, slight mirror sex, slight degrading, slight lactation kink, gags, mouth-fucking, lots of dirty talk, oral (female receiving), fingering, vaginal penetration, overstimulation, squirting, choking, rough sex, unprotected sex, & mild language
Important notes: All mistakes are mine, some specified details about the reader (only in regards to family - number of siblings, family member names, family age order, etc.), long hair Bucky :)
Word count: 2.6k+
A/N: Long-haired Bucky is daddy 👁👁
Tumblr media
“Fuck, I don’t wanna go anymore,” he muttered, leg bouncing uncontrollably.
“Bucky! You’ve met my parents-”
“Yeah, your parents! What the hell is everyone else going to think about me - your...ancient fucking boyfriend?”
Y/N sighed, her lips littering kisses at the expanse of his neck as she gave him the most reassuring hug he’d ever received, apart from Steve’s, of course.
“They’re gonna love you, Buck,” she spoke softly, pure adoration in her eyes as she cupped his face in her hands.
Bucky had been preparing for this moment, backing out last moment nonetheless. Her parents loved Bucky with every bit of their soul, the rest of her family would love him undoubtedly. She pecked his lips numerously, hoping that his nerves would be eased a bit.
“C’mon, they’re waiting for us.”
She walked around to his side, leaning against the car as he stood on his wobbly legs. She chuckled, throwing her arms around his neck before placing one last kiss upon his lips.
“You have nothing to worry about, baby.”
They approached the front door of Y/N’s parents’ house, Y/N reaching forward to ring the doorbell before grasping his hand in both of hers. She squeezed faintly, kissing the skin right beneath his jawline. The door swung open seconds later, Y/N’s dad greeting both her and Bucky with open arms.
“Y/N! Bucky! We were wondering when you two would get here.”
Bucky easily tensed at the obvious sound of clamor further in the house, forcing a chuckle at her father’s words.
“Come on in, it’s cold out.”
Y/N easily shrugged her jacket off amidst the monsoon of warmth in her parent’s home.
“Buck, I’m warning you already - there are at least ten people that you have to greet, fifteen at most.”
His shout was nothing more than a whisper amongst the commotion in the kitchen.
“Yeah, ten to fifteen, so chop chop.”
She placed a delicate hand on his upper back, leading him to the kitchen where she was greeted by the entirety of her family.
Her family didn’t take her entrance lightly, all bouncing on their feet to greet her. A young teenager was first to approach Y/N in a bone-crushing hug, lifting her off of her feet.
“Jesus Christ, when’d you get that strong, Amber?” Y/N chuckled, patting the girl’s back as she hugged her. “Amber, this is my boyfriend, Bucky. Bucky, meet my niece, Amber.”
“Bitch, I’ve been waiting for four fucking hours. Do you know how crazy I was going without you there to crack a joke every ten seconds?”
“I’m sorry, Josh, we got stuck in traffic. And then this one got too nervous so I had to give him a little pep talk in the car,” she chuckled, her eyes gleaming as she spun ever so slightly to look at Bucky. “Bucky, this is my brother Josh-”
“Aka, her favorite,” he added with an overly dramatic eye roll, scoffing when Bucky held his hand out for a handshake.
His arms wrapped around Bucky instantaneously.
“Bucky, I’ve heard several great things about you,” his eyes glanced downward for a second, the three of them failing to contain their laughter at her brother’s insinuation. “I may not appear strong, but I won’t hesitate to slap a bitch for my sister. I haven’t seen her this happy since she first got dick in high school-”
“Whatever. Just...don’t break her itty-bitty little heart. Trust me, you don’t want to hear her bitching about how dirty you did her.”
“Oh, I’ve heard her bitch before.”
Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed, her jaw hanging ajar.
“Good, then you know not to fuck her over.”
She rolled her eyes, allowing the pair to continue conversing while she greeted the rest of her family. Bucky would catch up one way or another. Bucky was easily getting along with her family, a smile making its way to Y/N’s face as she helped her mom finish the last of the dishes.
“This is what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it?”
Her mom brought her out of her thoughts, Y/N nearly burning her hand as she carried a pot from the stove to the island.
“Yeah. I mean...h-he doesn’t have a proper sense of what it’s like to be loved. He doesn’t even know what it’s like to be part of a loving family. It kills me to think about it but I’m happy that he stumbled into my life. I don’t know where he would’ve been if I hadn’t met him and I sincerely wouldn’t wish to know,” she stuck her finger into the bowl of custard, stealing a taste before her mother could catch her.
“And I hope he knows that he’s officially been welcomed to our family,” her mom added with a soft smile.
The image of her siblings, her in-laws, nieces, nephews gathered around the love of her life was enough to make her heart explode. At that moment, she knew for sure that she’d spend the rest of her life with that man.
Tumblr media
/Hours had passed, everyone had finished up their dinner. Bucky had swapped places with Y/N, Bucky and her dad now taking care of the dishes and the dessert. Y/N leaned on her brother’s shoulder, indulging in fits of laughter as they looked over pictures from when they were still babies.
“So mom, you weren’t lying when you said I was trying to kill Nate?”
“Y/N, I was running for my life in this picture, what do you think?”
Their laughter had died down a bit, Y/N sighing as she looked down at their most recent family photo. Y/N, her six older siblings, each of their spouses, and their children, and her parents.
“God, I can’t believe we’re this old now.”
“You don’t get a say in determining that we’re old. You’re always gonna be our baby.”
Y/N chuckled, throwing a pillow at her sister who sat on the other side of her brother.
“You little shi-”
“Amy, the kids are still here,” her mom teased, a few of her older nieces and nephews chuckling.
“Sucks to be the baby, doesn’t it?” Alex, her second older sister, pestered, ruffling Y/N’s hair in the process of carefully sitting on the couch.
Y/N rolled her eyes, reaching over to play with Alex’s baby.
“I’ve honestly had no problem raising him as of yet.”
Alex readjusted his positioning in her arm, leaning him a bit towards Y/N so she could take him. Y/N chuckled when his eyes ogled up at her.
“Hi, Aiden,” she booped his nose gently, earning a plethora of giggles from his toothless mouth. “Can I show him to Bucky?”
“Take him for however long you want,” her sister ushered her away, Y/N chuckling when she kicked back with a full glass of wine.
“Hey, Buck, I have a surprise for you.”
Her dad had just placed the last tray of her mom’s fresh-baked brownies on the island, flashing a smile on his way out of the kitchen.
“What is it, babe?”
When she turned around the corner with a baby being cradled in arms, Bucky’s eyebrows shot up.
“Woah, where’d you-where’d you get that?”
“Bucky,” she chortled, gently rocking the eight-month-old in her arms.
A certain image made itself comfortable in Bucky’s mind - Y/N with a bump adorning her stomach. Full and outright perfect. With a hand supporting her back and her fingers on the other dancing along her belly. Her breasts perfectly sitting atop her stomach, her face puffier than usual while she whined about the pain all over - her back, her legs, her stomach. Most of all, his hands roaming her aching body, peppering soft kisses along her inflamed skin whilst using his skilled hands to subside the pain.
“Earth to Bucky, you’re red as a tomato. I asked if you want to hold him.”
He wasn’t sure if he could be around her family any longer. He loved them within the span of one night, but he felt the urgency to plant his seed in their ‘baby’ right there and then. His breathing quickened, his heart pounding in his chest.
“U-Uh, I don’t...feel too good.”
“Why are you so jittery right now?”
She placed the back of her hand on his forehead, falling to his neck when she felt that his skin was perfectly fine. The tinge of red and sheen of sweat on his face said otherwise. His hand was quick to grasp her wrist, pulling it away from his skin and down toward his progressively growing bulge.
“I need to fuck a goddamn baby into you. Right now.”
The change in octave made her throat go dry, her mouth opening and closing to get one, just one, word out.
“Return the baby and meet me in the bathroom.”
Bucky was serious about this. Fucking in her parent’s bathroom. Many things raced through her mind, her hands shaking as she cautiously handed the baby over to her sister’s fiancé.
“Where’s Bucky?”
She used her current state to her advantage, blurting out, “I need to talk to him.”
It seemed pretty damn urgent, her family frowning at the thought of something possibly being wrong between the couple. She hurried to the bathroom, Bucky’s metal hand making quick work of the availability of her bare neck.
“God, you don’t know what you just did, do you?”
She simply looked at him with doe eyes, her stomach churning under his gaze.
“I’m gonna fuck you every day of the goddamn week until I see a positive pregnancy test.”
Her cunt quivered at the thought.
“You okay with that?”
She nodded, her scalp burning between the friction of the wall.
“Words, mama. I need words.”
She involuntarily whimpered at the nickname, her sex grinding down on his jean-clad thigh that resided between her legs, “Yes- god, yes. I want you to fuck a baby into me.”
Her pleas were so angelic, Bucky dropping to his knees without a second thought. He tugged her jeans down, grunting at the stiff fabric that encouraged her legs to stick together. He chuckled darkly at the wet patch seeping through her panties. His middle finger circled her nub through the pink lace, eagerly pushing the fabric aside once he earned a soft moan.
“Gotta be quiet, baby.”
His lips latched onto her cunt, tongue flicking back and forth effortlessly. It seemed as if he were a starved man enjoying his first meal after a very long time. His tongue showed no mercy to her throbbing core, sending shocks of ecstasy through her body. Her fingers carded themselves through his hair, smiling through the pleasure as her fingers were stopped by the hair tie keeping his hair back. He could only imagine the little fingers that would soon be tugging at his hair endlessly, turning his silky mane into knotty pellets.
“Fuck-” she whined, his fingers soon joining his mouth.
“You’re doin’ s’well for me, honey,” he praised, his free hand stabling her leg over his shoulder.
Her climax sat just around the corner, her back arching when his fingers grazed against her cervix.
“C’mon, baby.”
He coaxed her toward her impending orgasm. His fingers curled inside of her once before her climax came crashing down. He stood to his feet, groaning when she took his fingers into her mouth without him commanding her to do so. His cock was freed from its confinement, Y/N’s hands working quickly to drop both of his bottoms.
“Impatient now, are we?”
“Just fuck me already,” she mumbled against his lips.
His hands grasped either of her hips, spinning her effortlessly so her upper half towered over the sink. Her nails scratched at his lower abdomen as his fingers tugged at her hair.
“I had to make mommy feel good before fucking a baby into her but it seems like she’s just being a whiny bitch.”
With an expeditious thrust of his hips, her mouth hung open in a silent moan. His hips snapped into her behind, the sound of skin slapping bouncing off the walls and echoing through the room.
“Buc-ky,” she stammered, catching his eyes in the mirror.
He easily stuffed his fingers into her mouth, his calloused skin fucking her throat as to keep her quiet.
“Gotta be quiet for me, doll-“
He hissed when she clenched around him, his hips staggering momentarily.
“We don’t want everyone knowing just how much of a slut you are for my cock, right, honey? Their sweet, precious little baby, Y/N, with my cock balls deep in of you. ‘M gonna make you a mommy ‘nd show them just how good I’m fucking you, doll.”
Her eyes rolled back, her back now against his chest as his cock ultimately ruined her. His fingers tugged at her shirt, hoisting the fabric to bunch just above her breasts. He yanked at the silky cups covering her supple flesh with much force, squeezing harshly at the mounds before pinching her nipples between his fingers. He stood flabbergasted, just imagining being able to watch her stocked tits bounce as he fucked her senseless.
“Your fuckin’ tits are gonna be full of milk. And you’re gonna share some of that with daddy, won’t you, baby?”
She nodded, nails scratching at any given acre of his skin, spewing out chants of, “yes, daddy!”
“Good girl.”
He grew rougher with time, one hand wrapped around her neck to keep her against the cool ceramic, and the other relentlessly stimulating her clit.
She saw flashes of white, a scream threatening to rip from her throat as she came around his cock, soaking both of their lower halves.
“Wanna let your brother know that I just made you squirt on my cock, too?”
Her eyes welled with tears as he didn’t stop once. There was a goal set in his mind, and hell, when Bucky set his mind to something, he wasn’t going to let it fail. His cock slid between her walls with ease, his tip simultaneously prodding at the spongy spot far into her pussy.
“Gonna shoot a fat load in you, doll.”
A whine ripped through her, her walls flexing harshly as she came once again. He grunted at the overly tight hug around his cock. Bucky’s hands flew to her hips, his thrusts lagging whilst slowly filling her with every drop of his cum. They panted, remaining still near the other as they came down from their highs. Bucky watched in awe as he pulled out of her, a combination of their release binding the two through a string.
“Was I too rough, honey?”
His voice was so smooth. So silky. No one would have a clue that he’d spent the last fifteen minutes absolutely wrecking Y/N.
“N-no,” she stammered, her current state screaming otherwise.
He helped her get dressed once he’d cleaned her, using a handful of toilet paper to soak up the soppy mess. She hummed against his lips after he too had gotten the chance to clean himself, her hands getting lost in his hair.
“Mm, I’m far from done with you, baby. When we go home, I want you to get your ass straight to our room so I can fuck you into the mattress. Clear?”
“Sounds delightful, Soldat.”
A few years down the line
“Mom, how did you and dad have me?”
Bucky nearly choked on the steaming coffee in his mug, coughing up a storm due to both the coffee and their child’s question.
“What do you mean, honey?”
“Like...when did you and dad decide that you’d have me?”
Their five-year-old was far too pure to endure the explanation, Y/N taking a shortcut as she thought back to five years ago.
“Well...” she looked over at Bucky who simply smirked to himself at the memory. “It all happened when daddy saw me holding your older cousin.”
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An Omegas Duty - Chapter One
James Barnes, a powerful business man and the Alpha that dominated all Alpha's. For years he had been mateless, he'd given up on finding them long ago.
But now, with a business deal falling through the roof, he finally finds the girl he'd spent half of his life looking for,
Tumblr media
Sit still and look like the pretty, obedient Omega you are until your mate needs you, Y/N’s mother had instructed her. All of her life it had been Sit still and look pretty while we have dinner guests, Sit still and look pretty while at the track, Sit still and look pretty at this event and what not.
Y/N had never been one to sit still and look pretty. Well, she had the looking pretty part down (barely, any Alpha that laid his eyes on her claimed she was more beautiful than Luna herself), just not the sitting still.
The young Omega had grown up in a house with an Alpha, an Omega and too many Betas to count. Although Alphas and Omegas had the highest chance of producing offspring of the same presentation, they mostly brought Betas into the world. Maybe if they had sons instead of daughters, they’d have a pack of finely bred Alphas, ready to go in search of their mates.
Aside from her mother, Y/N was the only Omega in the family. Her parents had been overjoyed when she presented. Well, they had known since her birth with her being the runt of the litter, so to speak, but they still celebrated.
Yeah, celebrated. Celebrated with a party where Y/N just had to sit still and look pretty. She wasn’t allowed to speak to any Alphas without her fathers permission, just had to sit quietly. As a sixteen year old who had just gone through one of the most traumatic days of her life, this was all too much. She ended up panicking in the middle of their expansive dining room and her family sent everybody home.
Now, eight years later and Y/N had made it clear that she didn’t want a mate. She may have been an Omega, small and fragile, bred to keep an Alpha happy, but that didn’t stop her from running after her Beta sisters, roughhousing at every opportunity.
At formal events she sat still and looked breathtaking. To keep up appearances, mostly. Occasionally she’d whisper a remark whenever an Alpha would tell her she stole her beauty from Luna or some shit. Y/N didn’t care about flattery.
On this particular afternoon, Y/N’s father marched into the library, a spring in his step. “Y/N!” He called, summoning his daughters attention. Her sisters had all moved out long ago, but she wasn’t able to follow in their footsteps until she had an Alpha of her own. “Y/N!” He shouted again and she finally put her bookmark in her book.
“Yes, father? What can I help you with?”
Her father was red in the face, his hair a dishevelled mess and his tie not quite on properly. “We are having a guest in five minutes. You need to get dressed and be by my side by the time he arrived!” He commanded, putting his foot down.
Y/N blinked slowly. Her father didn’t look like an Alpha; most people assumed that was her mother when first laying eyes on the pair. Y/N moved slowly past him and trudged to her room to change from her pyjamas to a floral dress and some flats.
As she pushed open her door the doorbell went. “Oh crumbs!” Her father cried, ushering her into her room. “He’s already here!” He threw the door shut and shouted for her to hurry things along.
No matter how much her father shouted, Y/N took her time. She took her time to brush the tangles from her hair and slowly pulled on her flats. The moment she opened her bedroom door her father grabbed her arm and dragged her down the grand staircase. “Our guest is already here! We’re keeping him waiting!”
Once by the front door, Y/N’s father stopped her. He positioned her where he wanted her and pushed her hair away from her face. “Be on your best behaviour while he is here, alright?” He punctuated the sentence by whispering something under his breath and opened the door for their guest to stride in.
He was, well, gorgeous. Y/N drew in a sharp breath as she looked at the tower of a man in front of her. His hair was short and dark, stubble on the lower half of his face. A God walking amongst men. An Alpha above all Alphas. Instinctively Y/N took a step back. It wasn’t just intimidation; there was something else too it as well. Something almost primal within her, scaring her.
“Mr Barnes,” Her father began, holding his hand out to the man, “What a pleasure it is to met you again.”
But Mr Barnes wasn’t looking at him. No, his eyes were trained on Y/N and Y/N only. A grin was on his face as he strode forward and offered the Omega before him his hand, nostrils flaring as he scented her. Shaking, Y/N put her smaller hand in his and Bucky dropped a kiss to her skin. “And what might the name of this precious thing be?” He asked, his smirk becoming devious.
“This is my daughter, Y/N,” her father answered for her, bowing slightly.
She was rooted in place, trembling slightly as the Alpha examined her. “Tell me, Y/N, What do you smell?” He walked around her.
“She will be leaving us shortly, Mr Barnes.”
“No, she won’t.” His attention turned back to Y/N. “Now, tell me what you can smell.”
She gulped, swallowing the lump in her throat. Hearing her name on his lips was almost too much. “I can smell citrus, oranges and stuff.” Her shampoo. “Uh, it smells faintly of motor oil and,” But she didn’t know that other smell, couldn’t place what it was. It was sweet and fresh and was making her mouth water.
“Can you be a good Omega and tell me what the last smell is?”
Her knees buckled. Be a good Omega. But she couldn’t be a good Omega, not when she didn’t know the answer. Shaking her head, Y/N looked up at the Alpha. She wouldn’t look in his eye, not without his permission.
Mr Barnes suddenly stood up straighter and turned to her father. “Let’s get this dinner over with.” After an embarrassing squeak from Y/N’s father, the three of them, along with Mr Barnes security, walked through the house towards the dining room. They sat in their seats, Y/N beside her father with Mr Barnes opposite, and waited for their food to be brought to them.
“I’m going to be frank with you, Robert,” Mr Barnes began, his eyes once again only focused on Y/N. “I believe you know of true mates, yes?”
“Of course, Mr Barnes. My mother told the story to me and I told the story to my girls.”
Mr Barnes swore under his breath. “It isn’t just a story, Robert. True mates exist and your daughter is my true mate.”
Immediately, Y/N’s father threw his head back and laughed. “Quite the business tactic, Mr Barnes. I am very impressed.”
“Robert, shut up,” he spat and turned to Y/N. “That smell you’re smelling, doll, the one you can’t explain, that’s our bond snapping into place. I know you can smell it just as well as I can.” He reached across and took her hand, rubbing his thumb against the back of her hand. “I know this is a lot to take in right now. But you’re my mate. My true mate, and I want to know how you’re feeling.”
Y/N dropped her head into her hand. “I’m… I-I’m so tired. I’m tired of my father’s business associates staring at me and scenting me when there’s nobody around. I’m tired of having no say in my own life. I’m tired of sitting there and being a pretty, obedient Omega. I just want everything to stop.” A tear fell, but she managed to hold herself together.
“I can take it all away,” he whispered, his thumb still moving in soothing patterns.
Her fathers hand suddenly slammed down on the table. “That’s enough, James. Leave my daughter alone.” He turned to one of the maids in the corner of the room, grabbed her daughters are and pulled her out of her seat. James stood up, a growl pulled from his lips. “Helga, take her to her room and keep the door locked.”
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