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  • a/n: super quick one I wrote in thirty minutes for the sake of getting one done and up! just for fun, really.
  • fanfic or original work: fanfic
  • fandom: marvel (mcu)
  • prompt: (#28) “Do I have to do everything here?”
  • warnings: light squabbling, light language, you might punch me for the ship hate in this
  • word count: 818

You tapped your pencil impatiently against the hardbound textbook you had plopped open in your lap. Your eyes skimmed over passages and figures quickly and with growing impatience as the giggles of two teenage buffoons serenaded your homework-oriented mindset. Glancing up, you found both Peter and Ned sitting on the bottom bunk of Peter’s bed and leaned over a laptop, gushing about the newest episode of The Mandalorian, which they had yet to watch. As much as you loved the show and wanted to catch up on the latest leaks, you wanted nothing more than to be done with this ridiculous last-minute group project your Physics teacher had assigned you all.

Frustrated, you slid your textbook into the floor and flicked Peter on the shin to gain his attention. “Do I have to do everything here?”

Ned leaned away from Peter and offered you an apologetic, lopsided smile. “Sorry, (Y/n), it’s just so exciting! I can’t believe Ahsoka Tano is going to be fully-fleshed in all her live-action glory! It’s going to be amazing. I’m so in love with her already.”

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After school ends, Peter finds his friend sitting alone and deeply upset, and peter offers a shoulder to lean on. 

Tags/Warning: Mention of Gender Dysphoria, Closeted, Use of they/them pronouns. 
(If there are any tags that should be added, please inform me.)

Word Count: 800+

Author Note:
Dysphoria is a bitch, so I wrote a fic. 
This is the edited and full version of the preview I have once posted. So it would look different from what was already shown.

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It was after school, and Peter Parker was making through the school hallways to get to the train station back to Queens. He raced through the halls when he caught the sight of a figure from the corner of his eyes. The person was sitting alone on the bleachers of the outside football field. He squinted to get a better look at the figure and recognized the person. 

It was his friend, (Y/N) (L/N).

But why were they sitting all alone?

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Y/N: The Wade I know isn’t fit to be responsible for anyone. Including and especially themselves.

Y/N: I once saw Wade drink an entire jar of marinara sauce for dinner.

Y/N: Natasha, he opened up a new jar or marinara sauce and drank it like it was a thing normal people do. It was unholy. And then I asked him what the hell they were doing, and Wade said, and I quote, “It’s basically a smoothie”.

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My bi ass 😍 (it was so hard to find a gif of Peter and MJ wtf) (also this might just be the first part bc it was getting super long)


Originally posted by spidey-chelles

  • Peter and MJ weren’t technically mates
  • Maybe in another lifetime, where Peter was an Omega, but not here, not now
  • They were just friends, Alphas friends with Betas
  • Their school didn’t have many Omegas, most of them were in Omega homes
  • But Tony Stark wouldn’t let his only daughter go to one of those homes
  • So, he sent her to the school his little prodigy was at
  • The moment Y/N Stark walked through the doors, Peter and MJ both dropped their shit
  • The most amazing smell filled their nostrils, their mouths watering
  • Frantically, they searched around for the source of the smell, but locked eyes instead
  • “You smell it too”
  • They both nodded
  • Equal growls were pulled from their throats
  • “Mine!” Both Alphas roared
  • They growled at each other and readied themselves for a fight when the girl with the sweet smell walked past
  • Both Alphas stopped to sniff
  • “Omega!” They both growled
  • Y/N stopped walking
  • Her back went stiff and she remained frozen in place
  • Sensing the Omegas distress, MJ surged forward and placed her hand on her shoulder
  • Y/N melted against her touch
  • “Alpha,” she whispered and turned around, moving her body closer to MJ
  • “It’s okay, Omega. I’m here”
  • Peter growled
  • “Alpha”
  • Those words sent a shock through him
  • Y/N was his mate, he could feel it in his soul
  • His mate was holding another Alpha
  • “Alpha,” she said again and looked up from MJ’s shoulder
  • Her eyes locked with Peter and he shuddered
  • “Alpha,” he moved towards her and took her into his arms
  • Peter rubbed his nose against her scent gland, “Omega,” he whispered, “I can’t believe I’ve finally found you”
  • “I-” she pushed him away
  • “I have two mates”
  • She backed away from the two of them, her hand settling on the plush strap of her backpack
  • “It shouldn’t be possible, I can’t have two mates”
  • And then she ran
  • The two Alphas spent the day looking for her while trying to go about things normally
  • If anybody knew she was an Omega, she would be screwed, they had to keep their cool 
  • They growled at each other as they moved from class to class
  • Eventually MJ cornered him
  • “Stop growling at me for five minutes and listen”
  • Peter, the lower Alpha of the two, stopped his growl and averted his eyes to the floor
  • “Good. We need to work together to find the Omega. She could be anywhere by now, alone and scared”
  • And so, the Alphas teamed up
  • They worked together, followed their noses, searched every crevice until they finally found the Omega
  • She was behind the school, hidden away in a dark corner. Her knees were pulled up to her chest and her eyes were puffy
  • Both Alphas stopped and just observed her
  • She was terrified, her body still shaking
  • “What’re you doing out here, little one?” MJ asked softly. She sat down beside the Omega and reached for her trembling hand
  • The Omega flinched away
  • “Hey,” Peters voice was barely above a whisper. “We’re not here to hurt you, Omega”
  • “Alpha,” Y/N whispered through a fresh set of tears
  • She looked at her mates and opened her arms
  • Both Alphas threw themselves against her, caging her against their arms. They nuzzled into her neck and tightened their arms around her
  • “I’m sorry I ran,” she whispered and they finally looked up at her. “I just got scared over the impossibility of this. How is it biologically possible for me to have two mates? Are you each other’s mate as well?”
  • The Alphas looked at each other. They hadn’t been growling since they first found her
  • “I’m Peter,” he said, his arms securely around her
  • “My names MJ,” her head was in Y/N’s neck
  • “I’m Y/N,” she squeeked and shut her eyes, basking in her Alpha’s attention. “So, how is this gonna work?” Her eyes were wide, cheeks dusted with pink
  • Both Alphas looked at each other. “I don’t know,” he said and kissed the top of her head. “But we’re gonna work it out ‘Mega”
  • “We’re gonna work it all out”
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Tony: Alright ready Turn, turn

Tony: TURN

Clint: aghaahhh!

Clint: I don’t think we could turn anymore

Y/N: I just don’t its gonna fit

Tony: Oh yea well c’mon up, UP!

Tony: YES!

Tony: Here we go pivot, pivot


Tony: PIVOT!

Tony: PIVOT!



Clint: Shut up

Clint: SHUT UP!

Tony: Ok I don’t think its gonna pivot anymore

Y/N, Clint: You think

Tony: Alright lets uh, bring it back down and try again

Y/N: Oh wOAH

Tony: Ugh

Clint:…….. Uh yea its really stuck now

Tony: Can’t believe that didn’t work

Y/N: Yea I know… I mean you have a sketch


Clint: Oh you know what did you mean when you said pivot?

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Tony: *Leaning towards Steve whispering*  Steve has no idea I’m High

Steve: You’re High?

Tony: Oh shit hold up 

Tony: *Leaning towards Y/N whispering* Steve has no idea I’m High

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Yep! I’m doing it, too.


Originally posted by bastardless

This is for both my SFW blog (this one) and my NSFW blog (@lesbian-dp​).



It will be $0.01 per word. (So, a 100 word fic would be $1.00. A 1,000 word fic would be $10.00, and 5,000 words would be $50.00. And so on).

There are no limitations to how many words you can request, but let’s keep it sensible, don’t go asking me for 5,000,000 words because that would cost you $50,000. Unless you feel like helping me put a down payment on a house that is hahaha.


I take payments trough Ko-Fi, and PayPal.

You will pay me before I start the commission.

If the work is 10,000+ words, we can maybe talk about you paying me half or most of the money before hand, and the rest once the work is finished/almost finished. You of course will be getting updates as the fic goes along, and some drafts of the work, for you to approve of the direction the fic is taking, and just to keep you updated in general. If you don’t want this and want the fic to be a surprise for you, just let me know.

If the fic is 8,000+ words, I will ask if you would prefer it to be in multiple parts or not. I don’t mind either way. If you do chose to have it in multiple parts, we will talk about that in more detail.

All fics will be posted publicly.

I will let you know when I am going to post the work, once it is finished.

DISCLAIMER: The story is my own property. You are commissioning my time, and giving me the idea. You do not own the work. (I obviously don’t own the characters, those belong to marvel)

Who I write for: 



Natasha Romanoff.


Almost any MCU character.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a certain character, and I will let you know if I write for them.

If you want a “side-ship” (e.g. Stony, thorbruce, winterfalcon, pepperony, etc..) involved in the fic somehow, either in the background, more involved in the story line (e.g. double-date, they’re somehow related, etc. etc..), just let me know, and well work something out if I’m comfortable with writing that ship.


Natasha Romanoff.

(The reader will always be the top/more dominant)

Some of my favourite things to write: 

Modern AU, generally light-hearted/funny stuff, family style AU’s, strap-on, I am interested in almost anything supernatural.

But please do not let these limit your ideas.

What I DO NOT write:

Rape/non-con, pedophelia, incest.

I have the right to deny any fic that I am uncomfortable writing, think that I could not do justice to the thing you are looking for, or just don’t vibe with it (but this is very rare).

If I am not entirely comfortable with the fic you wish to commission, I will most likely talk to you about it before hand, to try and change some of the things I may not like, before I outright deny it.

How to Request: 

You can dm me here (or on my NSFW blog), or you can even email me at I will get back in touch with you within 72 hours at the most (most likely sooner). Then we can talk about your commission.

General ideas on how to ask for your idea to be commissioned: 

  • “Hi! Could I please have 2,500 words of a Natasha x Reader fic, where it basically follows the plot of ‘Grown Ups’?”
  • “Would I be able to commission a Peter Parker x Bigsister!Reader? Where she sees Peter getting bullied, and steps in to save him? 800 words plz??”
  • “Is there any chance to get a 3,000 word Wade x Vanessa, Wade x Reader where the reader talks Wade through what to do on their first date through an earpiece? Very funny, and a lot of face palming from the Reader? Thank you!!”

I will talk you you about any specific things you do, or do not want in the fic.

If you wish to remain anonymous when I do post the fic, tell me, and I’ll do just that.

I will still be writing requests (more so on my NSFW blog). Trust me, I have some stuff coming up, I just don’t know when…

Coming off of that point.

How long the commission will take: 

This really depends on my life, the commission, and the circumstances surrounding both.

For example, you commission me to write you a 5,500 word fic. This will take a lot longer than lets say a 1,000 word fic.

There’s also my life in general. Nobody knows whats going to happen, so I might be thrown into situations at any given point. There’s also the fact of my mental illnesses, which tend to flare up at any time they like, bc they’re fun like that!

I will let you know about the circumstances when they come up (without going into too much detail of course), so that you’re kept up to date, and are not left wondering in the dark.

Any and all commissioned work will come before my original ideas/WIP’s. They will be the forefront of my work.

So, that all being said, life’s a bitch sometimes, but we’re working with it.

That’s pretty much it!

Thank you.

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