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silver-lotus14 minutes ago
Turmoil Pt.3 (Wanda Maximoff x reader)
Tumblr media
Months had passed in the compound and you were doing surprisingly well. You'd started therapy, only to find out that your own trauma and emotions were actually pretty manageable. It was always feeling everyone else's and not knowing how you truly felt that was overwhelming you and making it harder to ignore your intrusive thoughts.
After finding out the real cause of your problems you began training yourself to tune out others emotions, so you only had to feel them if you wanted to. You also taught yourself how to recognize the difference when you felt multiple people's emotions at once. Like how Tony's frustration felt much different than Steve's. Or Natasha's anxiety was softer than most the other's, even when it was resulting in a full blown panic attack.
It was as if you could now detect the personal energy that was attached to each emotion anyone felt.
And it made life easier.
Obviously you still struggled with your own emotions, but they were yours and that made all the difference in how you handled them. You felt like you could finally acknowledge them, knowing they weren't somebody else's confused for your own. It helped you feel more comfortable expressing yourself.
Especially now, as anger coursed through your veins.
You glared icily at Wanda as she stared back at you with wide confused eyes. You had just gotten back from a mission, where Wanda had thrown herself into a group of HYDRA agents in an attempt to distract them from you as you were busy retrieving the data you needed.
It was reckless, and she'd gotten hurt. There were hundreds of better ways to handle the situation, ways that didn't result in Wanda getting the absolute shit beaten out of her.
Now that the initial panic had worn off and Wanda was okay and sitting at the counter in front of you, only a few bruises, some stitches and a split cheekbone as evidence of her impulsivity. You were pissed.
In fact you'd not said a word to her since you had gotten back to the Compound.
"Are you going to tell me what's wrong or just keep glaring at me and being passive aggressive?" Wanda asked softly, her tone was timid with some barely noticeable undertones of annoyance.
"You're an idiot" You deadpanned "An incredibly recklessly impulsive idiot"
"Excuse me?" Wanda's brow furrowed as she studied you, eyes wide at your harsh tone. You never spoke to anyone at the compound like that, especially not Wanda. The only time anyone had heard you sound half as angry and cold was when you'd broken down and yelled at Steve- but even then you were more confused and sad than angry.
"What the fuck were you even thinking?" You're words came out white-hot as your voice raised slightly, making Wanda flinch as you flailed your arms almost wildly. "You can't just jump into groups of enemies like it's some sort of mosh pit!"
"Y/n, I-" Wanda looked confused and almost hurt at your outburst. "They were headed straight for you, I wasn't thinking- I was just trying to-"
"I don't care what you were trying to do!" Your voice raised further, remembering the pure fear you felt when you saw her body disappear in the crowd of agents after she went down. "You're lucky none of them had guns- you could have gotten killed!"
"But I didn't!" Wanda defended herself, her accent getting thicker as she almost cowered away from you.
"Thank god you didn't!" Your tone took on a sharper bite as you snapped at the trembling Sokovian, "You just got beat up and knocked unconscious instead.- How could you be so- so fucking dumb?"
Wanda looked like she was at a loss for words. She could understand why you were upset. She knew it was only because you cared. She just didn't understand why you were being so mean about it.
"I-" Wanda sounded defeated "I'm sorry for trying to protect you"
You let out a humorless laugh as you looked at her in disbelief.
"Yeah well- I don't need your protection I need you to stick to your job" You snipped offhandedly "and do what you're actually good at"
A heavy silence filled the room, leaving you to your thoughts until you heard Wanda sniff
When you looked up to meet her teary eyes, you knew you'd fucked up.
"Wand-" You were cut off when Wanda dropped her hands to the counter, palms down and stood abruptly.
The hurt look in her eyes made your chest physically ache, you didn't need to use your powers to know what she was feeling.
Wanda took a shaky breath as her tears fell down her cheeks, before she quickly turned and rushed out of the room without another word.
"Fuck!" You closed your eyes and slid to the kitchen floor, your back to the counter, letting out a deep sigh.
"I know you only freaked out because you care about her" Natasha's voice echoed through the silence of the empty kitchen as you heard her footsteps approach. "But that was really fucked up"
You glanced up as Nat grabbed a water bottle from the fridge before coming to sit next to you on the floor.
"You think I don't know that?" You sighed dejectedly and rubbed a hand over your eyes. "She was so quick to just throw herself into them"
Nat watched you silently as you shook your head, a fond smile flashing across your face.
"She was so brave.. She didn't even have to think about it.. But they overpowered her so fast." You sighed softly "When- When she dropped out of sight I- Nat I was so scared I forgot how to fucking breathe"
"You guys are both total idiots, aren't you?" Nat chuckled softly, causing you to raise an eyebrow at her in question. "So are you oblivious to the fact that you're in love with each other, or are you just ignoring it?"
"Um- what?" You looked at the redhead with wide eyes. You knew you and Wanda liked each other, it was always just a known fact between you two. You just never acknowledged it, not wanting to ruin anything.
"Oh come on, you can't expect me to believe that whatever's going on between you two isn't something more than just a silly crush situation" Natasha laughed at your shocked expression. "You guys are obviously more than friends. You're freaking out over her getting hurt, she's willing to jump directly into the face of danger to protect you. Plus you should have seen the way she reacted when Carol asked if you were single."
You sat in silence, just processing the information Natasha had just dropped on you.
It was true. You knew it was true. You loved Wanda and you'd probably just fucked it all up.
"Come on y/n" Natasha gave you a sympathetic smile "Go tell her"
"Tell her?" You tilted your head slighty
"That you love her," Nat smirked "It might help to also tell her your sorry"
"Oh" You nodded in a daze and stood up with Natasha
"Good luck" Natasha smiled and walked off into toward the training room again.
After a while you shook yourself from your daze and made your way to Wanda's room. Stopping short outside the door.
You'd never really knocked before, Wanda gave you access to her room so it was never really locked for you. Friday knew to just let you enter whenever. So it wasn't really a surprise when the door opened on its own for you. You just... Didn't know what to do.
You stood motionless in the doorway, an apologetic look already on your face as your eyes brimmed with tears.
Wanda was sitting on her bed in your sweater that you'd left there that morning. She sniffled softly, with her arms wrapped tightly around a pillow.
"H-hey" Your voice was barely a whisper but it was just enough to catch her attention. Your heart fluttered as she gave you a small smile and patted the spot next to her on the bed.
"Hey" she whispered back, her voice raspy and hoarse. Probably from crying.
You gingerly approached her, nerves twisting your insides.
"I'm sorry" you stopped a few steps away
"I know" Wanda nodded and bit her lip watching you with sad eyes
"I just- I-" You searched desperately for the right words "You scared me so bad- I didn't know how to handle it."
"I know" Wanda repeated with a sigh.
"I was so worried I couldn't process it. So I got angry" You explained further as you shuffled awkwardly on your feet. "I was mean and it was uncalled for and I hope you can forgive me- if not I understand but it would really suck cause- cause I love you."
"Y/n you're my best friend. Of course I forgive you" Wanda chuckled softly, amusement crossing her features before going back to being sad "I'm just a little hurt"
"I understand that" You hugged yourself at the pang of guilt that took over your chest. "How can I fix it?"
"I just don't get it" Wanda started and you furrowed your brows in confusion. "We all risk our life being stupid and impulsive all the time. You've been worried before but you've never yelled at anyone for it. Ever. Why was this so different?"
"Because" You shrugged "I love you"
"And you don't love the others?" Wanda raised an eyebrow
"I- well yeah" You started "but you're different"
"How?" Wanda sighed in frustration "How am I different?"
You huffed softly. You obviously weren't getting through to her.
You slowly and hesitantly took the last few steps forward, closing the space between the two of you. You stood in front of her, between her legs that were now dangling over the edge of her bed.
You stared down into her emerald eyes as she looked at you confusedly. You gently cupped her cheeks and ran your thumbs along her cheekbones taking note of the way her breathing hitched and her eyes immediately fell to your lips before gazing around the rest of your face and settling on looking you in the eyes again.
You'd been in this position thousands of times. The both of you staring at each other, breaths away from crossing that unspoken line between you. Neither of you daring to make a move. Scared to break the spell between you or ruin the friendship.
But this time was different. This time you were going to make it clear to Wanda that she was definitely more than just a friend to you.
"You want to know what makes you different?" You asked softly, causing Wanda to bite her lip, nodding ever-so-slightly. "This."
You leaned in slowly, giving Wanda plenty of time to pull away and hesitantly brushing your lips against hers, hearing her take in a sharp breathy gasp at your movements. You stayed there, breathing each other's air for what felt like hours before you finally pressed your lips firmly to hers, reveling in how soft they felt.
Wanda let out a whimper and kissed back almost immediately, fervently motioning her lips on yours. Her hands fell to your hips, gripping them softly as you pulled yourself impossibly closer to her with a content hum of approval.
You pulled away slowly, smiling at the way Wanda lingered in the same spot, her eyes still closed as she bit her lip. Her eyes fluttered open, a dazed look in them as she smiled that brilliant smile of her's.
"Oh" Wanda giggled and you couldn't help but join her.
"Oh" you repeated back teasingly, watching the way her eyes sparkled as she looked up at you.
"I've been waiting for this for so long it's not even funny" Wanda smiled, biting her lip. Which immediately drew your attention to the action.
"Me too" You shifted closer again before pausing briefly. "Never scare me like that again"
You said finally and Wanda rolled her eyes with a soft smile.
"Shut up and kiss me" Wanda tugged you forward, toward herself, making you stumble at the sudden movement.
"Gladly" You giggled and sat on her lap, your legs on either side of hers as you connected your lips in the second many kisses to come.
The end
Tadaaa! I hope y'all liked reading this as much as I enjoyed working on it :P Have a good night/day y'all馃А
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lesbian-deadpool24 minutes ago
Omg omg omg. Going to sleep on pregnant Nats chest. Omg omg. But the way she weirdo know that you鈥檝e had a bad/hard day. Like of course and rightly so attention has been on her and the baby but it鈥檚 like she knows somethings up when you fall asleep on her chest close to her.
You've got so much tension in your shoulders, you've been really stressed out recently, with work, and Natasha鈥檚 pregnancy, and so much shit. And yet, you still find it in you to wrap your arm around her swollen belly, like you were protecting the child resting there.
Natasha has her hand in your hair, massaging your scalp, and pressing kisses onto your forehead. Her free hand rubbing up and down your forearm.
Tomorrow, Natasha swore to herself, she was going to pamper you as much as she could. Massages, ordering you food that you crave, binging movies/tv shows that you want. Just giving you a smidge of extra care, that she has been getting.
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lesbian-deadpool43 minutes ago
Wifey moments where the reader is sitting at the bedrooms desk working, tv on in the background, Natasha cuddled up with her baby.
You were doing some last-minute paperwork, that you had totally forgotten about, while Natasha and the baby lay not too far behind you, all snuggled up in bed.
The red-head鈥檚 attention was upon the TV, while she rubbed a hand over your child back, soothing them to sleep with the gentle circles.
Which, quite frankly, was distracting to you.
Just the soft view before you making your heart melt, knowing that your child would be waking up in only a few hours, for their feeding time.
鈥淕et back to work, so that you can come to bed,鈥 Natasha said, never once taking her eyes away from the playing show, voice tired, but not yet ready for sleep.
You chuckled lightly,聽鈥淎ye, aye, Captain.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not Steve... or Carol.鈥
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blindingdutchy46 minutes ago
lamentation | FOUR
Tumblr media
{peter parker x fem!reader AU}
based on All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
word count: 3,907
warnings: angst, talk of death/tragedy, a little fluff
18+!!! minors stay away
At school the following week you were more than a little embarrassed. Peter Parker had seen you outside of school twice, and both times you'd been a crying, hysterical mess. Granted, you were a hysterical mess all the time anymore, but you usually kept that very well suppressed. Then along came Peter, and suddenly there was another person outside of your family who knew just how messed up you were.
He didn't mention it, which you were thankful for. You could see that he was concerned, though, with the way his eyes seemed to linger on you during every silence. His worry and pity only made you more resentful of the things you had shown him.
You'd shown up to school the morning after he showed up in your room, and you weren't at all surprised to see him lingering by your locker with an antsy jitter as he rocked back and forth on his feet. What had surprised you, though, was the fact that once he saw you were present he simply nodded at you and walked away. Was that his idea of a truce? An understanding?
Whatever it was, you had been thankful for it. The last thing you had wanted that morning was to talk to Peter, knowing he'd certainly want to talk about the events of the night, and you were relieved to get a little break from his constant presence. He still sat by you in classes, but he didn't pester with you his usual chatter, nor did he follow you to your locker even once.
The trend had continued for most of the week, and you had to admit you were starting to feel a little more isolated without his overbearing company. It was strange--you almost, emphasis on almost, missed him. You'd grown used to ignoring his borderline stalker-like tendencies, and now without him around to ignore, you felt lonely. Lonelier than you already had been, anyways.
At home, things were just as cold and distant. Your mother was in a slump again following your outburst at dinner, and you were beating yourself up over it endlessly. She'd been doing good, finally, and you'd just had to have gone and ruined all of her progress.
She'd been holed up in her bedroom ever since that evening. Not even your father was able to get her to let him in, and in turn he was banished to the sofa night after night. As such, you were feeling the ice from your mother and your father alike. You couldn't blame him, really, because the sofa was definitely not the most comfortable for sleeping.
It felt a little like your life was falling apart all over again since your birthday. The childish, bitter part of you wanted to blame Peter, because it would have been so easy to blame the only thing that had changed in your life, but you knew better. It was you. You were the cause for everything that was going wrong, and you didn't know how to stop it.
Why couldn't you just be better? The whole world was moving on, making progress, and yet you were stagnant. You didn't understand why you couldn't let go of all the heavy things holding you down, holding you back, but you just couldn't. Grieving her wasn't getting easier, and you didn't know how to try and make that change.
"Are you alright?"
Startled by the sudden return of Peter's voice, you jumped in your seat and blinked at him in surprise. It had been such a long week of near radio silence from him that you were shocked to be acknowledged by him, despite the fact that you'd been sitting beside him for the entirety of your Speech class. You'd almost started to wonder if maybe he was ignoring you, though you didn't exactly try to talk to him either.
Quietly, you mumbled, "Not really, but that's normal these days."
It was only then that you realized class was over, students packing up and filing out of the classroom eagerly in anticipation of the weekend. You'd been far more spaced out than you had thought--it felt like just moments ago you were sitting down and waiting for class to begin. You awkwardly began to pack up your untouched classwork and Peter did the same, neither of you quite sure what to say to the other.
Ever since she died, you had an uncanny ability to make any and every situation uncomfortable without really trying. It started with your inability to contain your emotions in response to the thousands of condolences you received over those first few days, and then the more you secluded yourself it only got worse. People looked at you strangely and whispered when they thought you couldn't hear them. They thought you were a ticking time bomb, and in a sense they were correct.
Maybe that was the reason you weren't quite as adamant about pushing Peter away as you were others. He didn't look at you that way, nor did he whisper hushed words about you that would surely make your ears burn when you overheard. Both times that he had seen you in a horrible state, he'd only looked at you with concern and worry. Not once had you seen him give you those all too familiar apprehensive stares, and you were grateful for it.
Realizing you were moving at a strangely slow pace, and Peter was anxiously waiting for you to finish, you cleared your throat and muttered, "Do you want to start the project tomorrow? Or tonight, if you're not busy."
"Um," Peter stammered, not bothering to hide his surprise at your offer, "sure. Tonight is fine if--if that's okay with you."
The two of you stared at each other in silence for a moment, neither of you quite comfortable with the sudden change in atmosphere. Zipping your backpack, you stated, "Yeah, great."
"Great!" Peter echoed, and you both turned and hurried away from each other in discomfort.
When you told your father that Peter Parker was coming over that night you weren't entirely sure what to expect. The reaction you received, however was so far off your radar it scared you a little. He'd nearly wept with joy, kissing your cheek and saying he was proud of you for making friends again, to which you retorted Peter wasn't your friend.
He could tell it was a lie, despite the fact that under normal circumstances Peter definitely wouldn't have been considered a friend. For you, now and after everything you'd been through, he was the closest thing you had to a friend, though. So, you resisted the urge to fight your father on the premise and let him run off to boast to your mother about it.
Even if you felt like you weren't making progress, it couldn't hurt to let your parents think that you were. You were trying, anyways, so you didn't feel quite as guilty about letting them read too much into things. You just hoped that they didn't get their hopes up too high, because there was still time for you to mess things up like you always did.
You spent the afternoon cleaning your room and wallowing in your anxiety. The project was something you were dreading starting, mostly because you knew it would bring up all sorts of negative memories and emotions for you, but also because you feared what Peter would think of you. Would he judge you for your opinions? Would he think you were bitter and ridiculous?
For awhile you contemplated all the ways you could try and lie to appease him, thinking of ways to keep your composure well enough to debate on behalf of superheroes. In the end, though, you knew it was impossible. Arguing against the Avengers was going to be hard enough in itself, let alone trying to pretend you were in favor of them. Was it too late to ask for an alternate assignment?
Peter Parker: hey i'm on my way
Peter Parker: if that's okay. if you're busy that's fine too
It was definitely too late to ask for an alternate assignment, and as you typed out your response you decided it was time for you to finally start trying to do better. You'd wished for things to be easier, to be better, for so long, yet you'd never put in any of the work to make it happen. It was time for that to change. You were going to do the project, fight your stance to Peter, and try your best to not ruin his opinion of you completely in the process.
You: yeah that's fine
You: my mom says you can stay for dinner
You: if you want... if not that's cool you probably have other things to do
Okay, you were definitely biting off more than you could chew. Reading over your awkward texts to Peter made you cringe in a bad way, and you felt nauseous with embarrassment. It was so, so unbelievably hard trying to be approachable after you'd spent the past year pushing everyone away. The fear of him rejecting you was sending shockwaves through your entire body, tingling your skin all the way to the tips of your toes.
To your relief, Peter responded to let you know he was okay with staying for dinner, and informed you that he was on his way. You shot off a remark about using the door this time, and then promptly threw your phone away in shame. What if he thought you were being rude instead of joking? Or worse, what if he knew you were joking and thought it was stupid? Socializing was a real drain on your energy.
By the time Peter arrived with a timid knock on your bedroom door, followed by your mother's coo, "Oh, honey, just go on in. She's never doing anything," you had successfully stressed yourself into oblivion. You were so consumed by your thoughts you almost didn't notice her throwing open your door with a beaming grin, but the sound of Peter's uncomfortable laughter snapped you out of your daze.
"Uh, hi." you squeaked, suddenly extremely self conscious of your bedroom. He'd seen it before, obviously, but this time it was actually swathed in lamp light and the evening sun. "You can sit."
Peter stood in silence, studying your room with an indecipherable look on his face for a long moment. "It's nice in here." he finally stated, dropping his backpack and letting that easy grin slip across his lips for the first time in the past week. It was incredibly relieving to see it, and you even found yourself relaxing a little.
He sat on the edge of your bed and both of you turned to your mother curiously as she continued to stand in your doorway with a tearful smile. Jumping in shock, she gasped, "Oh, right, right. I'll just be downstairs if you need anything. It was lovely to meet you, Peter."
With one last lingering gaze, your mother backed out of the room and shut the door. That was how you knew this was a special occasion in her eyes--what sane mother would ever shut her teenage daughter in a bedroom with a teenage boy willingly? It had been a long while since you'd genuinely felt embarrassed, but you couldn't help but to groan and cover your face at the whole situation.
Peter, however, seemed thoroughly amused by everything. "Your mom is a lot like my Aunt May." he mused, twinkling brown eyes trailing over every inch of your room, "Your room is huge. I think I could fit my entire bedroom in here three times and still have extra space."
"I used to share it with my sister."
He paled at your statement and stuttered, "Oh, shit, I'm so--I'm so sorry. I didn't know--"
"Peter, it's fine." you interrupted his frantic apology, and for what felt like the first time ever, you meant it.
It was fine. You didn't feel angry or bitter about the reminder of her disappearance from your life, and it was strange to you. You liked it, though, and it felt nice to talk about her without being bogged down by thousands of horrible thoughts and feelings.
Relaxing only slightly at your reassurance, Peter looked at you wearily as if he expected you to start crying or lash out at him. To his, and your own, surprise you gave a small smile. That still felt wrong; it didn't come very naturally to you anymore, but Peter seemed mesmerized by it none the less.
The sight of your permanent frown disappearing from your face gave him the confidence to move on from the uncomfortable topic, it seemed, because he grinned back and moved to unzip his backpack. "Okay, so, first thing's first--have you read the outline for the project? It's ridiculously broad and I've been struggling to think of any ideas to make our speech unique." he rambled, rifling through the crumpled mess of papers he retrieved from his bag until he finally found what he was looking for.
You slid your smooth, unwrinkled copy across the bed and asked, "Shouldn't we start with which stance we're taking?"
Peter blinked at you, and you tensed in preparation for the argument that was about to ensue. "What do you mean? I thought it was just a given that we were arguing in favor of the Avengers?" he questioned, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion, "I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone is going to."
"I wanted to argue in opposition, actually." you muttered, pursing your lips. "That could be what makes ours stand out, you know?"
His lips opened and closed like a fish for a few moments as he clearly struggled to formulate words, but eventually he sputtered, "Is that the only reason why? I don't know if I can argue against myself, considering I kind of am an Avenger."
You chewed at the inside of your cheek, already wishing the ground would open up and swallow you whole. Letting Peter into your space, into your life, was already hard enough--adding conflict into the mix only made your heart rate pick up and your hands start to sweat. "I don't agree with the Avengers, no, but I have reasons. So, maybe you feel weird arguing against yourself, but I feel just as weird arguing in favor of something I don't agree with." you finally explained, and Peter's eyes widened incredulously.
"Why don't you like the Avengers?"
You nearly scoffed at the way he posed the question, as if he were asking you why you weren't a fan of a specific sports team. "I don't agree with them, there's a difference." you stated bluntly.
Peter wiped his palms on his jeans tensely, just as you did the same, and repeated, "Why, though? What's not to agree with? They--they've saved the world over and over again, isn't that impossible to not agree with?"
"At what cost, though?" you retorted, "Have you paid any mind to all the things they've destroyed? How many lives they've ended, or destroyed, in the midst of their heroic deeds?"
He seemed to get riled up by the bitter way you spat out the word heroic and scoffed, "Okay, but that doesn't just happen with the Avengers. The police do all of that and more on a much more frequent basis."
You raised your eyebrows challengingly, though you had to admit it was a fair counter argument. Clicking your tongue, you rebutted, "That's true, but at least sometimes there are consequences for that! With people like the Avengers there are no consequences. There's no justice, no opposition, nothing! They can do whatever they want, whenever they want, no matter who gets hurt in the process."
Peter stood from your bed abruptly, raking a hand through his hair and pacing around your room with red cheeks. You could tell very well that he was trying to control his temper, though he was about as intimidating as a mouse, and you took deep breathes yourself. The last thing you wanted to do was to make him angry with you, but you weren't willing to back down about how you felt.
Inhaling slowly, he turned to you once again and said, "There are consequences. Don't you remember the Sokovia Accords? That whole fiasco was because of people who felt like you do."
The Sokovia Accords were a sham in your eyes. You remembered well when they had come about, and it seemed that they had changed nothing. For awhile most of the Avengers had gone off the grid, choosing to be international fugitives rather than sign, until the world needed them again. When Thanos had tried to wipe out half of all life in the universe they'd all come out of the woodwork again to save the day, and afterward it seemed as if all was forgotten.
There was no punishment for Captain America, Black Widow, none of them. They stopped another world ending event, causing plenty of damage in the process, and in turn were regarded as godly heroes once again. You sometimes wondered if the Accords were even a thing anymore.
"They felt that way for good reason!" you snapped before clearing your throat and trying to calm down again, "The Avengers have caused just as much devastation as they've prevented, maybe even more."
Peter jumped at your loud tone and snapped back, "What would you even know about it? I see it first hand every time, remember, so I know what happens! What do you know?"
"They killed my sister, did you know that?" you shouted, and he froze in place with wide eyes and parted lips, "Yeah, you know what happens, right? Well then you should know that I know damn well the damage the Avengers can do."
He sat back down on your bed wordlessly, watching you hesitantly as you tugged at a loose thread on your blanket anxiously. "I didn't know that, (Y/N)," he sighed, "I'm really sorry."
You didn't say anything for a long while, not trusting your voice to come out steady as you tried to hold back tears and also keep your temper in line. Talking about your sister's death wasn't something you really did, mostly because you knew it would cause you to break down. It hurt too much to think of it, let alone speak the words out loud.
But, as Peter continued to watch you as if expecting you to explode, you tried your best, "It was my fault. If it weren't for me we wouldn't have been at the park, and she--and she wouldn't have had to wait for me."
Peter reached out and gripped your hand firmly in his, causing you to momentarily short circuit in shock. You internally battled the conflicting urges to pull away or cling to him, but eventually you relaxed into the contact. Gently grasping his hand back, you let out a shaky breathe you hadn't realized you'd been holding.
It was grounding having his hand in yours. You didn't feel like you were at risk of drifting away into the void like you usually did; with his hand touching you, it felt as if you had a secure connection to the world again. It was a feeling you never wanted to lose again.
"It wasn't your fault, (Y/N)," he soothed, but you shook your head stubbornly.
Your eyes burned as you continued, "It was! She wanted to go shopping but I begged her to come to the park with me instead. I wanted to take some photos, and she'd argued with me for so long until she finally caved. A little bit after we got there we heard this really loud explosion, and I just--I just froze, and I..."
The words seemed to lodge in your throat, and your voice came out hoarse as you forced them out, "I froze staring up at Iron Man blasting some alien through the air, so stupidly shocked I didn't notice the building collapsing until she pushed me out of the way. I tried to grab her, but it was too late! A bunch of bricks hit her and--"
"Hey, hey, you don't have to tell me." Peter hushed you, gripping your hand tighter and scooting so close to you that his leg was pressed up against yours. Somehow the increased contact and warmth caused you to break, and suddenly you were crying in front of Peter Parker for the third time. You were three for three on crying in his presence, a thought that made you cry harder in embarrassment.
He didn't seem to care at all, though, as he took you by surprise and hugged you. "He just flew right by us. He didn't even stop when I screamed for help." you croaked, clutching Peter's shirt tightly in your fists as he held you, "I hate them. I hate them so much because it should be their fault, but I just keep blaming myself!"
You really hoped your mother wasn't eavesdropping, because she'd surely have wanted to talk to you about everything later. In all the time that had passed since your sister's death, you hadn't once retold the events of that day. You'd never spoken a single word about it, not even to the police who questioned you following the incident.
No matter how hard your parents had urged you to talk about it, or your therapist, you hadn't ever budged. It was your burden to bear, and you had never felt the desire or the strength to impart that load unto anyone else. Peter somehow broke down all of your walls without even trying, though, and it felt like a breathe of fresh air to finally get it all off of your chest.
There was no explanation for why he seemed to get you to do all the things you swore you never would without a word. It made no sense at all, and it scared you a lot, but you liked it. You craved the connection he gave you. Already, after such a short amount of time, you needed it. It would surely have crushed you if he decided not to care.
As your crying slowly subsided, Peter rubbed your back timidly and comforted, "It wasn't your fault, (Y/N), I mean it. It was just a freak thing, and you couldn't have done anything to stop it--sometimes bad things just happen, and they're inevitable."
"But, if I had just--"
He cut you off, "No, no buts. It wasn't your fault and you couldn't have prevented it. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel, okay? It wasn't my fault, and it wasn't your fault either."
You wanted to ask him how he could possibly know what you felt, or what he meant by saying it wasn't his fault, but it wasn't the right time. Pulling away and wiping your eyes, you sniffled, "I really need to stop crying in front of you. You're like an onion, you know? I just can't stop crying when you're around me."
Peter laughed loudly at your weak joke, and you couldn't fight back the quiet giggle the escaped your lips too. You hadn't laughed, genuinely laughed, in so long. "I like your laugh," he breathed, and your stomach erupted in the strangest fluttery sensation, "I like it a lot. You should never stop laughing."
SERIEST TAGLIST {ask to be added}:
@msmimimerton @zendayasfwb @sweet-symphony
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kram6496an hour ago
On Set Mishap
Chris Evans x Child Reader
Request by maximeevansblog
Tumblr media
It was supposed to be the best day of your life: the leading role in the West Coast Avengers film. Your dad, THE Captain America himself, Chris Evans, had trained you well. He took countless hours, helping you practice your audition and then helping you with stunt training.
And now here you are: in the hospital with a broken arm due to a technical malfunction in the stunt rigging. Everyone came by to make sure you were alright. Even Robert Downey Jr flew in to make sure his favorite fan was alright. Your dad stayed by your side throughout the day until you were released from the hospital.
On the car ride home, your head hung in shame. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not your fault.鈥 Your dad spoke up, 鈥渋t鈥檚 not your job to perform the stunts that鈥檚 why we have doubles. Don鈥檛 know why they thought to put my child in that stunt!鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know. I rehearsed it so many times.鈥 You mutter. Chris puts a reassuring hand on your shoulder.
鈥淟uckily it鈥檚 nothing too bad.鈥 He gives you a sad smile, 鈥渨e鈥檒l just take a day off and have you back on set in a day or two, okay?鈥
You simply nod. You really wanted to make him happy. The two of you decide to watch an old movie together but you fall asleep somewhere early on. You curled up in your dad鈥檚 old Patriot jersey and dozed off. You could hear his laugh as you entered the land of dreams.
Next thing you know, you feel your father鈥檚 strong arms carrying you off to bed. You stir锟 only to hear his calming voice, 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry Cap, I got you鈥
Cap. Your dad鈥檚 nickname for you and the role you now play in the Marvel movies. Your dad always had to your back and that鈥檚 why he knew you鈥檇 be back on your feet by tomorrow.
He is your hero and you are his inspiration. To him, you鈥檙e worthy to carry his shield. No matter how many hits you take, he knows you could do it all day.
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avengxer3 hours ago
pairing: sam wilson x bucky barnes/ sambucky
warnings: hm nothing? kissing?
a/n: yep here's my burst of 5 am inspo fueled sambucky drabble. sambucky shippers come get yall juice!!!
Tumblr media
Fear of what their advances might do to each other. Fear of how it might affect what was between them now. Everyone somehow knew what they thought of each other and how they felt in the other's presence, but they themselves didn't let it be known.
And yet, there was longing to hold, to embrace and to breathe in the scent of the other. Then something sparked in their hearts, or maybe it was the wind, being on the rooftop, they leaned in together as if something cued them to do so.
A pause. Eyes lifted their gaze from whatever they had them on to each other. He felt a weird tingle in his heart.
Ah yes, love, and the need to spit out everything he ever felt about him from that day. Instead an awkward remark about his cologne was made. How it suited his mantle. He mentally slapped himself. But there was a sweet soft chuckle from the other side. He promised to wear it everyday for him, for that comment of his. A smile graced his features, and how he looked in that moment, he wanted to see that on his face, everyday. Unconsciously, he let his fingers trace his smile and there was shock from the smiley face.
Can this be?
A firecracker rose to the sky and burst, leaving the dark night sky coloured for a moment in blue, white and red, celebrating the new Captain. That there was the push that they needed.
They leaned in, closer and closer and then there was no space between them, as their lips sealed. No more longing looks from across the room, no more awkward conversation to hear the other talk and no more having to hide from the truth behind their feelings.
Hands held on to the other's body and held as if he would slip away if they loosened. They didn't care that to Rhodey they might've looked like two seals fighting over a grape, all they needed was to let each other know that they had locked up so much love for each other.
A couple of seconds or so, and then they broke apart, as the need for breaths increased. Panting on both sides and minds dizzy from this sudden embrace and an almost confession of love.
"Congrats Captain America, you now have officially claimed the heart of the White Wolf." There was laughter from the captain.
"I already told you Bucky, that name is so weird. Please pick something else cooler, like Captain America's boyfriend. I'd highly recommend that one." He hid his face in Sam's chest as he laughed.
"As you say, Cap."
taglist: @lokihiddles @sc4rletw1tch @kaleidescope-main @punof-agun @lehuka123 @myraiswack @lucywrites02 @gaitwae (you can ignore this if you don't ship sambucky!)
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met4no1a3 hours ago
饾棪饾棝饾棓饾棗饾棦饾棯 鈥 饾棷饾槀饾棸饾椄饾槅 饾棷饾棶饾椏饾椈饾棽饾榾.
Tumblr media
summary: when bucky started lying, the delusion of ease overwhelmed him. it was easy to lie, and it was easy to get excited about the moment. the moment when he had everything he wasn't supposed to have.
pairing: bucky barnes x female!reader.
warnings: angst&&fluff. swearing. therapy session.
author's note: it's really short (about 800 words), but i like it that way for reasons unknown to me. i hope it's not terrible!
doctor raynor flipped her notebook closed and turned her full attention to the man who could not take his eyes off his beloved.
barnes didn't want to attend the weekly sessions because he claimed they only tormented him. they produced no results and the time spent on them could be spent with y/n in long conversations about their future together.
bucky fell in love instantly when he saw y/s buying plums in the same marketplace as him. she was so petite, so beautiful, so vulnerable. he couldn't imagine his life without her. it would have been like someone taking away his oxygen. it would have been suffocating without her smile, without her voice, without her. he wanted to protect her from the evil of this world. he wanted to hold her tightly in his arms. he wanted to go dancing with her and promise her that the dance floor belonged only to them. he wanted to start a family, get married, forget everything and everyone.
but to do that, james had to complete his therapy, and she was there to make sure he didn't miss his visits.
鈥 are you still having nightmares, james?
鈥 no. 鈥 he said, looking away from y/n.
he promised not to hurt her with his words. she let herself believe this superficial promise, and now she was suffering. how could he do this to her? bucky broke a given word, but this time he will not make it up to her. never again.
鈥 oh, you're such a liar!
鈥 i'm not a liar, y/n.
鈥 you had a nightmare last night, james. you were a winter soldier. again. you killed innocent people. again. you woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. again.
the therapist looked at james and tapped the hard cover of the notebook with her fingertips. she looked at her patient and wanted him to admit the truth. she didn't want to force him.
鈥 okay, okay! i had a nightmare, but y/n was there and she calmed me down, doc.
鈥 how did she do that? 鈥 the doctor asked curiously.
鈥 she started talking about the wedding we went to recently. how much she liked it, how much better ours will be.
鈥 i still remember that beautiful blue suit i told you to wear.
鈥 you said it would go with your dress.
鈥 because it did, james!
bucky laughed but suddenly stopped. he looked at y/n with tears in his eyes as he could swear that for a moment he could see a red mark on her cheek. after all these days he still remembered that moment.
y/s saw his hand coming towards her. she saw everything and had time to dodge. but fear paralyzed her so much that she could only move her eyes. she even held her breath. at first there was shock. she felt nothing. only when she grabbed her cheek did she feel pain. as if someone was putting something very hot on her cheek while stabbing her with a needle.
the man seemed to wake up from amok. first he looked at his right hand, then he grabbed his hair as he fell to the floor. he shook himself and she heard him cry.
鈥 i don't deserve forgiveness, i really don't. and yet i want to hear you say that you forgive me.
鈥 i have forgiven you, sunshine. i did it so many days ago.
鈥 but then i remember... 鈥 he said, looking sadly at his fianc茅e, still sitting next to him. he held her hand so tightly. he was afraid to let her go, to let her disappear. after all these years, he still couldn't free himself from her perfect illusion that haunted him every minute, every hour, every day. 鈥 that you're just a shadow. you're gone, and i'm responsible for it.
he clenched the engagement ring into a fist, pressed it to where his heart once was. he would gladly die for her. he would have given anything to be in her place. tears dripped onto the carpet. slowly, silently. he cried like a child, repeating the words he had said a million times to the slab under which his beloved lay. 鈥渋'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry鈥. how many times had he spoken those words into the void? thousands? millions? it became his motto, his life, of which there was not much left. y/n took it with him, his heart and soul, leaving behind a tortured mind and a broken body.
he could stare at the phone screen all day, begging for someone to see a message from her. of course, it didn't matter how many tears he shed over the screen. nothing was the same anymore, and it was slowly killing him.
鈥 my baby is gone and i'm slowly dying with each day she's not around.
and just like that only two people remained in the room 鈥 bucky and the therapist sitting in front of him.
general taglist: @lxdyred;
sebastian stan taglist: @missroro.
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fancy-delusion-stuffs3 hours ago
Avengers at a theme park
Tumblr media
(not my gif-credit to owner/s)
Tony Stark
Uses the Iron Man suit to get dropped phones of the rollercoasters
Refuses to scream on the drops and usually does a resting b*tch face to annoy his friends
Eats so many sweets before rides yet doesn't throw up once
Throws up peace signs with the mascots
Mocks Steve when he gives out instructions
Gift shop is empty after Tony enters
Steve Rogers
Wears a first aid bum bag and would wear a high vis vest if Tony hadn't sharpied "MILF" on it . Steve doesn't know what it means but he won't risk it
Has a presentation meeting the day before making sure everyone has a "buddy", maps and other supplies
Scolds anyone when they spin too quick on the Tea Cups
Not very scared of rides but when he does he laughs it off awkwardly
Thor Odinson
Has broken manyyy of the Tea Cups because he's mental
Shuri and Peter have been banned from going on Tea Cups with him though they don't listen despite countless whiplashes
Ends up sat down with a circle of people listening to his heroic escapades across the Realms of course featuring dramatic re-enactments
Cheers on every single ride
may have put Mjolnir on a rollercoaster...
Clint Barton
many sugar rushes
Creeps everyone out by pointing out how easy he could shoot people from the Ferris wheel
Would roll down grassy hills just because
Steve has him on many timeouts and he responds by singing 10,000 Green Bottles...until Natasha tases him
Steve had him on one of those children harnesses once which caused more damage than it was worth
Natasha Romanoff
Only goes on the big rides because she was dared, other then that she's not bothered
Has a tracker on Clint which turns into a huge hide and seek game that almost gets them kicked out
If there is a lake attraction, she would definitely take a duck or ten
Has a never ending bag of candy floss
Takes many perfects selfies for Instagram and starts a conspiracy if she is a goddess
Bruce Banner
Sits on a bench with ice cream taking pictures for the Avengers Christmas (dad style photos only)
Went on a Tunnel of Love style ride with Natasha and everyone waited at the end to cheer for them- he looked like a tomato
Doesn't like big rides but the team are very happy to adventure on the children's rides so he's not too left out
Sleeps on the way home
Has pulled Clint when he falls into water
part 2 ?- Wanda, Scott, Peter, Dr Strange, Bucky ,Loki
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saintlopezlov3r3 hours ago
Tumblr media
"When a child loses his parents, he calls himself an orphan. when one spouse loses the other, he calls himself a widower. but when a father or mother loses a child, it has no name, because there is no word to describe such pain."
Marvel Comics
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nermalina4 hours ago
the sanctity of you.
a/n: i have no clue what this is. i kinda just woke up and started writing, so i hope it鈥檚 decent and makes *enough* sense. oh, and a very happy mother鈥檚 day to my dear milfs (:
summary: you accept your brother鈥檚 invitation to meet up with him and a few friends in a strange location. you鈥檙e elated to see him after a long time apart, but two of this friends are even happier to see you.
warnings (18+ only!!! minors dni): noncon/dubcon, legal age gap (r is in her early 20s while nat and wanda are in their mid 30s), dark themes, mommy kink, innocence kink, spitroasting, cum filled strap-on, breeding kink, implied forced pregnancy, praise kink, oral sex (r receiving), choking, vaginal fingering, honestly this one鈥檚 just one big mind fuck
proceed with caution because this is a dark fic. if this contains material that you are not comfortable with, please skip over it.
words: 2.3k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
You patiently waited for the door in front of you to open. There was a part of you that thought you may have arrived at the wrong house, but this place was deep into the woods and deserted from most of the world. This wasn鈥檛 the type of place you鈥檇 usually visit on your summer break, you鈥檇 much rather be at a beach somewhere with a woman to keep you company. However, now you were in the forest, standing in front of a large estate that looked to be abandoned.聽
The only reason you stuffed your original plans was because of the invitation to visit your brother. You hadn鈥檛 seen him since he left for college three years ago. Your family had occasionally gotten letters from him, but most of them were for you because of the strained relationship he had with your parents. The most recent letter asked if you鈥檇 be willing to come to see him while he was on holiday and staying in a house with a few of his close friends
You鈥檇 initially thought that they would be staying in a small cabin amongst many others, but no, it was a massive manor located in the middle of nowhere. It seemed a bit creepy, but you were probably just overreacting. After what seemed like hours of waiting, the door was finally pulled open by a man you hadn鈥檛 met before. 鈥淐an I help you?鈥 he asked, barely poking his head out of the door.
鈥淗i- yeah, I鈥檓 y/n. My brother-鈥澛
Suddenly he opened the door farther, stepping aside to let you in. 鈥淎h, right! I鈥檓 sorry I didn鈥檛 remember we鈥檇 have another guest. You鈥檙e y/b/n鈥檚 sister, correct?鈥 You nodded in response and he continued. 鈥淲ell then, I鈥檒l show you to your room and send him to you. Does that sound alright?鈥
鈥淵es, that鈥檚 fine.鈥 you smiled warmly as he grabbed one of your bags and led you up the stairs. 鈥淥h, you don鈥檛 have to do that.鈥
鈥淵es, I do. They鈥檇 kill me if I didn鈥檛 help their girl out and make sure she was comfortable,鈥 he mumbled. Your eyes that were curiously scanning the space around you snapped towards him.
鈥淚 said that your brother would kill me if I didn鈥檛 help you,鈥 he said, laughing it off. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e practically my sister too now that you鈥檙e here.鈥
鈥淵ou two are that close, huh?鈥
鈥淧erhaps.鈥 You swore you could see a blush traveling up his neck. This must鈥檝e been the man your brother was seeing. He fit the description that he detailed in his letter.
鈥淚 never caught your name.鈥 you piped up, following him down a long hallway. He stopped in front of one of the doors and pushed it open, encouraging you to enter. The room was clean and well-decorated, which wasn鈥檛 the impression you鈥檇 get from outside of the house.
The blonde places you鈥檇 bag down and lingering in the doorway. 鈥淚t鈥檚 Steve. I鈥檒l give you some time to adjust and send your brother up soon.鈥
You sighed and plopped down onto the bed after he closed the door, signaling that he鈥檇 left. Your eyelids grew heavy the minute your head hit the pillows. You must鈥檝e been more tired than you had thought. Steve made it seem like you鈥檇 have some time to yourself before your brother would come see you, so you allowed sleep to overtake you.
A knock at the door tore you away from your slumber. 鈥淵/n? It鈥檚 me, could you let me in?鈥 You sprang to your feet and ran towards the door upon hearing your brother鈥檚 voice. 鈥淲oah, hey!鈥 he chuckled as you ran into him. 鈥淚t鈥檚 nice to see you too.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been gone for so long, dumbass. A part of me thought none of us would see you ever again.鈥 you pouted, pulling away from his embrace.
鈥淲ell, you鈥檙e seeing me now.鈥 he chuckled. 鈥淒id you get enough rest? Dinner鈥檚 ready so I came up to get you.鈥 Your stomach grumbled. 鈥淚 guess you鈥檙e ready then, come on.鈥
You made small talk as he guided you back downstairs. He refrained from giving up many of the details regarding his life but asked a lot about what you had been doing while he was gone. You didn鈥檛 find that odd at all since he had always been more reserved than you.
When you arrived in the large dining hall, all eyes fell on you. You cowered under their intense gaze. 鈥淗ey, it鈥檚 okay,鈥 y/b/n assured, squeezing your shoulder. 鈥淚f you could all stop looking at my sister like that, it would be nice.鈥
All but two of them turned their attention back to the conversations they were having before you came in. Your eyes locked with a pair of green ones before you trailed your eyes down to the ground. You sat between your brother and his friend Sam. Beside Sam sat his boyfriend, Bucky, and opposite of them sat Wanda and Natasha.聽
They had remained silent the entire time you鈥檇 been there, only mumbling out a greeting when your brother introduced them to you. Bucky and Sam tried to include you in their conversation while Steve started to quietly argue with y/b/n over something. You did your best to not pay attention to the two, giving them as much privacy as you could in your current position.
鈥淪o what do you do for a living, y/n?鈥 Sam asked. You never really realized it until now, but all of your brother鈥檚 friends looked a lot older than him. That was normal, all of them were grown adults. So what if they had a few years in between them?
鈥淚鈥檓 still in college.鈥 you sighed. 鈥淚 should be graduating in a year.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 interesting.鈥 Natasha mused. 鈥淎ny plans for when you鈥檙e done?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not sure, just looking to get a start on my career.鈥 you shrugged. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 all that matters to me, it鈥檚 why I鈥檝e been working my ass off in school.鈥
Wanda hummed, folding her hands in her lap. 鈥淎nd when do you plan on settling down?鈥 she asked. You furrowed your eyebrows, slightly taken aback by her question.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, sometime after that I guess.鈥
鈥淲ell, you鈥檙e a big girl now. You should get to thinking about things like that soon.鈥 You shifted in your seat uncomfortably. Bucky seemed to notice this and changed the subject.
You hadn鈥檛 realized the two figures lurking behind you as you made your way back to your room. When you opened the door, it was an entirely different space. You could鈥檝e sworn this was where Steve had left you when you had first arrived. This was an even bigger bedroom than the one you had been staying in. Shaking your head in disbelief, you reached out to close the door but you were yanked into the room by an invisible force.
The door slammed shut and you were pressed up against the nearest wall by a familiar redhead. 鈥淲here do you think you鈥檙e off to, sweetheart?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥 you squealed as one of her hands wrapped around your throat, pinning you to the wall. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 mean to, I thought this was my room, but I must鈥檝e gotten lost.鈥
鈥淭his is your room, honey,鈥 Wanda said, popping up behind her girlfriend. 鈥淲e just made a few adjustments to it. I mean, how else would that last bed have comfortably fit three people?鈥
鈥淭hree people?鈥 You snapped your mouth shut when Natasha lightly squeezed the sides of your throat. She released your throat soon after and stepped away from you, causing you to stumble forward.聽
Wanda caught you before you hit the ground and shoved you toward the bed. The back of your knees hit the mattress and you fell on top of it. The Sokovian slapped your thighs apart and stepped between your legs. Red mist wrapped around your wrists and pinned you down to the mattress.聽
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 You tried to pull yourself up, but there was no way you were going anywhere. Natasha began undressing you- if that鈥檚 what you could call it. She practically ripped your clothes off of you, leaving you completely exposed to the two older women.
鈥淎ren鈥檛 you just the sweetest little thing?鈥 Wanda cooed, slipping one of her hands between your legs, cupping your mound. 鈥淪he鈥檚 already so wet for us, Nat.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sure she is, darling.鈥 Natasha鈥檚 lips met Wandas in a passionate kiss as the brunette continued teasing you with her fingers. 鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you taste her?鈥
鈥淭hat sounds like a great idea.鈥 Wanda kneeled by the edge of the bed and pressed soft kisses along your thighs. The Russian鈥檚 hand wrapped around in her hair and pushed her face up against your cunt.
鈥淒on鈥檛 make her wait any longer.鈥 Natasha scolded. 鈥淲e need to get her ready for our straps quickly. I don鈥檛 think either of us wants to wait to stuff her.鈥
Wanda hummed, licking a long stripe up your pussy before placing a soft kiss on your clit. She lapped at the sensitive bundle of nerves while Natasha began playing with your breasts. 鈥淪he鈥檚 so sweet, Tasha.鈥澛
鈥淲hat else could we expect from our cute bunny?鈥 Natasha purred, rolling your nipples between her fingers. She roughly kneaded your breasts, swiping her thumbs over the hardened peaks.聽
Wanda's hands squeezed your thighs as she trailed her tongue down to your entrance, pushing it inside of you. You bit back a moan, yelping in pain when Natasha smacked your breasts.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 hold back on us, little girl.鈥 Natasha hissed, twisting your nipples. 鈥淲e want to hear every pretty noise you make for your Mommies.鈥澛
The brunette鈥檚 tongue left your core, two of her fingers taking its place. They steadily pumped into your cunt, slightly scissoring inside of you. 鈥淕otta get your slutty pussy ready for our cocks somehow, baby.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檒l take my piece so well, won鈥檛 you?鈥 Natasha mocked, patting your cheek. 鈥淪ince this is the first time we鈥檙e fucking you, we鈥檒l be nice enough to take turns. We鈥檙e not quite ready to break your pussy yet, we have to enjoy it first.鈥
Your hips bucked up against Wanda鈥檚 face as her lips wrapped around your clit. She sucked harshly, curling her digits inside you to rub against your sweet spot. Natasha tugged on your nipples and left open-mouthed kisses along your neck. 鈥淪he鈥檚 gonna cum soon, Nat. I can feel her tightening around my fingers.鈥
You whined as Natasha grabbed Wanda鈥檚 hair, pulling her away from you. Her hand came down on your pussy once. 鈥淣one of that, honey. You have to wait like a good girl. We鈥檒l give you what you want soon enough.鈥
Both women got off of the bed and began to undress themselves. Your wrists were released, but soon after you were flipped onto your hands and knees.
鈥淭hank god she鈥檚 so stupid because she鈥檒l let us do whatever we want to her.鈥 Natasha chuckled, teasing your folds with the tip of her strap-on. 鈥淪he doesn鈥檛 care what you do as long as you play with her pussy.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 gonna give us that family we always wanted.鈥 Wanda grinned, kneeling in front of you. 鈥淚sn鈥檛 that right, baby? You鈥檒l give us some babies like a good slut, hm?鈥澛
You opened your mouth, you were not looking to have children any time soon. Natasha cut you off before you could speak. 鈥淒on鈥檛 ask her, Wan. The dumb thing doesn鈥檛 know how to think for herself, she鈥檚 too busy thinking with her pussy to know what she wants.鈥 The Russian huffed, smacking your ass a few times.
鈥淕o ahead and fuck her already, Nat,鈥 Wanda said, rubbing small circles on your cheeks with her thumbs. 鈥淭hat pussy is dripping for us and begging to be fucked. She鈥檚 more than ready for your cock. Our bunny wants her Mommy鈥檚 cock deep inside her.鈥
鈥淚 suppose I can give her what she wants now.鈥 Natasha sighed, easing the toy inside of your cunt. 鈥淵our slutty pussy is taking me better than I thought it would.鈥
Wanda tapped her strap on your lips, silently telling you to open up. One of her hands cupped your jaw and squeezed, causing your lips to part. She pushed the toy into your mouth as Natasha鈥檚 strap filled you completely. 鈥淪uch a good little bunny.鈥
Natasha wrapped her hands around your hips and slowly thrust into you. 鈥淵ou look so pretty with our cocks inside of you.鈥
鈥淪he was meant for us to use whenever we wanted,鈥 Natasha said, snapping her hips forward. Your whimpers were muffled by Wanda鈥檚 strap that she guided in and out of your mouth. 鈥淵our brother had some debts to pay and I think we鈥檙e willing to erase them now that you鈥檙e here.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not the time to talk about that, Nat.鈥 Wanda pulled your head forward to take more of her strap, holding you in place as you gagged.聽
Natasha鈥檚 thrusts got rougher as she tried to make you cum. One of her hands snaked down underneath your body and rubbed at your clit. 鈥淐um with Mommy, sweetheart.鈥
鈥淐ome on, bunny. Let go for your Mommies.鈥
鈥淔uck, I鈥檓 gonna fill you up, baby.鈥 You came undone around Natasha鈥檚 cock as she released the cum inside of your cunt.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e okay, princess.鈥 Wanda removed her strap from your mouth. She cupped your face and pressed soft kisses on top of your sweat-ridden forehead.聽
Natasha made no effort to pull out of you, keeping the toy inside of your pussy as she rolled you onto your side. She slung an arm over you and Wanda settled in the empty space beside you. The Sokovian woman guided your head towards her breast. You hesitantly wrapped your lips around her nipple and rested your head against her chest. 鈥淕et some rest, Wanda鈥檚 gonna want her turn when you wake up.鈥
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darkacademicfrom20214 hours ago
Request by @lucywrites02 (If you find some time could you write a fic about reader being really stressed about their exams and Loki saying something mean and then they break down and Loki has no idea what's happening but then tries to help the reader? It can be a headcanon or a one shot)
N/A: It do be like that sometimes. Unfortunately I think we can all relate to this state of mind. Hope this helps alliviate the tension a bit. Remember to take care of yourself; health is more important than grades.
Warnings: anxious thoughts, mentions of suicide attempt (the Bifrost thing from Loki), angst. Happy ending.
Word count: 2.3 K
(Taglist: @lucywrites02, @louieboo87, @jesuswasnotawhiteman)
Tumblr media
You organized your folders once again, hoping the cleaner desk would give you some motivation to keep going. It didn鈥檛, but you stayed. Your stomach growled and it hinted you to look at the clock. Oh, no. Five in the morning? But you barely started. You still had so many things to do before dawn.
You got up and stretched your legs and back. Your eyelids, heavier than ever, were not helping at all. Your mind was still everywhere, and you had to keep your head distracted to not think in the thousand things you still couldn鈥檛 get done. The mere thought of that made you shiver, almost throwing you into a spiral of anxious thoughts. You shook your head off and walked to the bathroom. Splashing some cold water in your face, you stood in front of the mirror. Eyebags that made you more similar to a racoon gave you the idea of making some more coffee. At that time you'd already forgotten you were going to get some food; your head was so full it couldn't even retain basic information.
As silently as you could, you walked down to the kitchen of the compound. You brought your books with yourself. Couldn鈥檛 waste some other five or ten minutes, couldn鈥檛 you? Filling the kettle and putting it on the fire, you got distracted watching the shapes of the fire.
鈥淶oned out?鈥, inquired Loki behind you. You jumped, frightened.
鈥淲hat are you doing up so early?鈥, you asked.
鈥淲hat are you doing up so late?鈥. You pointed at the books and he nodded. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e still with those things鈥.
鈥淲ant some coffee?鈥.
鈥淣o, thanks. I think I鈥檓 gonna try to sleep on the couch鈥.
He moved to the living room area and opened a book, laying down on the nearest couch. It all looked so cozy, so comfortable. You redirected your gaze to your cup of coffee and academic books, waiting for you to fry your head a little (a lot) more. Oh, how much you would鈥檝e loved to take a break, sit in there with a fiction book and a warm mug of hot cocoa, wrapped up in鈥 no. Don鈥檛 do this. Don鈥檛 torture yourself like that.
You probably shouldn鈥檛 have been drinking coffee. Your heart was already going abnormally fast, product and cause of the anxiety you were accumulating. But you did, trying to get your eyes opened. The table you settled in was confronting the living room area, and Loki observed you read and write incessantly in those big piles of books and papers.
You didn鈥檛 hear his footsteps. Out of nowhere he appeared behind you, reading the pages that were troubling you so much. You jumped once again. He was distracting you, you were tired and stressed, and, as if it weren鈥檛 enough, your heart was going to explode with all those frightens he was giving you.
鈥淎re you going on the next鈥?鈥.
鈥淟oki, I can鈥檛 give you attention right now鈥, you cut him off as kindly as you could. Your voice was slightly broken, so you swallowed and hid it. You two weren鈥檛 close enough to actually explain to him you were about to drown if you kept getting distracted from the assignments.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 need your attention鈥, he scoffed, slightly offended. 鈥淣ot a puppy you have to play with鈥.
鈥淎lright. Can you leave?鈥.
He sighed and went back to the couch. After about half an hour, your head fell to the pages and gave your brain the pause it so hardly needed. About an hour later, everyone on the compound was up and having breakfast around you, waking you up with the noises.
鈥淵/n, what are you doing sleeping in here?鈥, asked Thor. 鈥淲hat are all those things you have in there?鈥.
鈥淭hose things, brother, are books. They are for reading and gaining knowledge, I鈥檓 certain you haven鈥檛 heard of them before鈥, mocked Loki, gaining a chuckle from you. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not like you seem to be gaining much either, though鈥, told you, referring to your nap.
鈥淚 was exhausted, but I鈥檓...鈥.
鈥淢ortals are such weakies鈥, he said, getting up and serving himself a cup of tea. 鈥淭hey read three pages and already get tired of using their little brains鈥.
You knew he was kidding, for he had told you many times before he considered you one of the brightest youngsters he had ever encountered. But you couldn鈥檛 look at the big picture right now. Your head was still overwhelmingly loud with fears, tiredness, stress. The only sight of that pile of books made you shiver, realizing how little time you had to study. And Loki was right. You felt yourself so stupid, so weak. No matter how hard you worked and overworked yourself, you couldn鈥檛 get the damn things done right.
A knot in your throat gave you the hint to leave. The last thing you needed was to cry in front of them. You went back to your room, not without another cup of coffee before. So, you grabbed your things as fast as you could and ran to the kitchen. You hadn鈥檛 noticed Loki had followed you, thinking it was alright to mock; play around. You weren鈥檛 exactly friends, but enjoyed each other鈥檚 teasing every once in a while. He thought it鈥檇 cheer you up, or make you laugh.
鈥淗ey鈥, he said behind you, and you jumped once again, dropping your mug to the floor. It got smashed to pieces. 鈥淥h, what a clumsy little human鈥. You chuckled at his comment, containing a sob. He read it as if it was alright to keep teasing you, so he did. 鈥淚鈥檇 say you鈥檙e dumb because of not sleeping, but you generally just are like this鈥.
You didn鈥檛 answer, but your heart ached. You weren鈥檛 in the mood for his tough-love, so you rolled your eyes, sighed, and tried to pick up the pieces of broken ceramic. He didn't look satisfied with your silence. You'd usually insult him back, and laugh together.
鈥淵our hair鈥檚 gross. Have you showered at all?鈥 he said once again, touching the tip of one strand of your hair. You haven鈥檛, you didn鈥檛 have time. You didn鈥檛 answer, and instead blushed. 鈥淐areful, don鈥檛 touch that sink, you might get a reaction鈥.
鈥淪ince you鈥檙e allergic to water鈥.
鈥淥ut of all the mean things you can say you go for my poor hygiene?鈥.
鈥淲ould you like me to stop insulting your appearance and instead go for anything else? I have a long list鈥.
鈥淛ust鈥 leave me alone鈥.
鈥淥h, come on. You鈥檙e not gonna keep trying to understand what you so clearly can鈥檛?鈥, he said while you were leaving with all your stuff, and you stood in place, facing the door. You were so, so glad you were backwards, because then he would鈥檝e seen you tear up.
He was joking, he was just playing around. But going for that just in your worst moments? That was plain mean. You shook your head, he didn鈥檛 know, you鈥檝e never said a thing about your stress, and he didn鈥檛 see how overworked and overwhelmed you were. He didn't know that was one of your biggest insecurities.
鈥淚鈥檇 say you give up already. There are certain things dummies like you simply can鈥檛 achieve鈥, he continued. He had no idea, so he just kept going, hoping to get a reaction. A laugh, a chuckle or a 鈥渇uck you鈥. Even a punch. Any of the reactions he would usually get from you. But he didn鈥檛 expect what followed, at all.
You sobbed. One sob, just sharp and loud enough for him to have heard it. He stopped dead on his tracks. You didn鈥檛 turn around, but you didn鈥檛 move either. He saw how you tilted your head, facing the floor, and dropped a tear. He immediately walked to you and grabbed both of your hands, facing you.
鈥淗ey, I鈥檓 so sorry. I didn鈥檛 mean any of those things, dear鈥, he softened his voice. 鈥淚 was just joking around鈥.
鈥淵es, I know. Don鈥檛 worry, it鈥檚 just that I鈥檓 very stressed鈥, was what you tried to say. Instead, your sobs turned into a full blown cry. Your face went red from embarrassment, and anger, and stress, and tiredness, and it all just became too much for you to bear alone. Loki sensed it and hugged you tightly, pressing your head against his chest and hushing you tenderly.
鈥淲hat happened? Is someone ill?鈥, he whispered, and you felt even more stupid, because you were crying over grades and papers. Not real things, like you used to think to diminish your stress and pack up all your feelings in a tiny bottle. But the tiny bottle became too tiny for your big feelings, and it finally exploded. You still couldn鈥檛 talk. Tears running down your face, you were hugging Loki back, hiding your face on him.
鈥淣obody鈥檚 ill, don鈥檛 worry鈥, you managed to say after a while. He nodded.
鈥淚 worry about you. Come, let me get you comfortable鈥, he said in your ear, and lifted you up carefully. You chuckled in between sobs. An emotional roller coaster. He carried you to his bedroom (and ignored the weird looks and stares from everyone else, because, let鈥檚 be honest; that was an unusual sight), and made you sit in his bed, wrapping you up in a weighted blanket (oh, you loved those).
He left for less than a minute and came back with a steaming cup of tea, some chocolate, and a few CDs. He sat in the bed by your side and gave you the cup. You wiped some tears away, and with trembling hands left the tea carefully over the bedside table and went for another hug. He wrapped himself around you, as a second blanket, and caressed your hair and neck with his cold fingers until your sobs stopped and you finally calmed down.
After a while, he cupped your face and looked at you very closely. Too close, even. Gave you a comforting look, with a warmth on his eyes you have never seen on anyone before.
鈥淏etter?鈥, he whispered.
鈥淎 bit, yeah鈥.
鈥淲ant to talk it out? Movie marathon? Chocolate?鈥.
You smiled and blushed a bit, again.
鈥淪orry, I鈥檓 just鈥 really stressed. I thought I could manage better, but鈥 this is just not it鈥.
鈥淵ou must think I鈥檓 an idiot鈥.
鈥淣o way鈥, he assured you, frowning. 鈥淵ou know what I think of you. You鈥檙e incredibly smart鈥.
鈥淚鈥檓 not, I鈥檓 doing so poorly on my exams and assignments, and鈥︹ you tried to explain, and the overwhelming weight of everything fell on your chest again. Your eyes watered.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e overworking yourself too much, darling. You need to take a day off, or two鈥.
鈥淚 have no time, I won鈥檛 get anything done鈥.
鈥淲ell, you certainly won鈥檛 get anything done in this breakdown state of mind鈥, he said as tenderly as he could. He was right, and you sighed. You started fidgeting nervously with your fingers, tearing your cuticles. Almost as a reflex act, he grabbed your hands and caressed them so you would stop hurting them. 鈥淵ou humans run around the entirety of your lives. You spend it all running, speeding, not taking time to feel enough, to be rested and fulfilled enough鈥, he started saying, rocking you back and forth 鈥測ou think you don鈥檛 have enough time, but for what?鈥.
鈥淭o do all the things I want鈥.
鈥淎nd those are鈥? Careers to do? Places to visit? They all come to the same thing, love鈥.
鈥淔eeling well?鈥.
鈥淵es鈥, he nodded. Your throat tightened once again, but this time out of relief. You really needed to hear this. 鈥淚f you feel well doing these things, you won鈥檛 feel you鈥檙e wasting time once you finally rest. I鈥檝e lived a thousand years. Do you think I always wanted to spend my life doing the same things?鈥.
鈥淲ell, no鈥.
鈥淏ut it all came to the same thing when I thought I died鈥.
鈥淵ou... what?鈥.
鈥淚 was on the Bifrost, about to fall. I wanted to feel good, to feel accepted, to feel loved by the people I loved鈥.
鈥淚t鈥檚 all we want at the end. I guess I overwork myself to make them proud鈥.
鈥淚 did too. And at the end, even when I tried my hardest, I couldn鈥檛 make them proud鈥.
鈥淥h God鈥, you said. He was still hugging and caressing you, as if the story he was telling didn鈥檛 affect him anymore. 鈥淎nd you鈥︹.
鈥淚 threw myself off it鈥, he stated. You stopped and looked at him.
鈥淏ut鈥, he brought back to your hands the cup of tea 鈥淚 survived. Even then, I kept thinking through the fogged lenses of doing something big for a future purpose, not paying any mind to my actual motivations鈥.
鈥淗ow do you feel now?鈥.
鈥淵ou know, if I wouldn鈥檛 have survived, I wouldn鈥檛 taste this amazing cup of tea鈥 he said, sipping a bit from the cup still in your hands and bringing it to his cheek, warming him up. 鈥淎nd I wouldn鈥檛 be able to watch all these movies with you. And I would鈥檝e missed all the Midgardians books I鈥檝e read on Earth. And I wouldn鈥檛 have met anyone on here. And maybe, even looking closer, I wouldn鈥檛 have pushed all your buttons to break down so you would still be bottling up your stress and maybe even have had a heart attack and died unhappy and unfulfilled鈥.
鈥淲ow there鈥. You both laughed. You rested your head on his lap and he watched you with a glimpse of a smile.
鈥淲hat I鈥檓 trying to say is, take it one step at a time. Look at the big picture. Enjoy the process. All those things you midgardians say so often, they have almost lost all meaning. They sound clich茅. They shouldn鈥檛; for they are very true鈥.
鈥淭hank you, Loki鈥, you sighed and started braiding one strand of his hair.
鈥淣ow go take a bath or something, stinky鈥. You both laughed. It was all fine.
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aswinter4 hours ago
Tumblr media
This is a Steve Rogers x Reader fic. Smut is coming. You are forced to come back to Brooklyn after 80 years to say the last goodbye to your best friend. But you didn鈥檛 plan on meeting him again. You will have to face reality when Steve Rogers finds you again.
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aswinter5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Promise - Steve Rogers x Reader
summary: After 80 years of denying your past, you were forced to come back to Brooklyn to say the last goodbye to your best friend. You didn鈥檛 realize you were going to meet him again.
Your memories of the period of time you spent between the rows of hydra were painfully vivid. You were not like the other ones. After bombarding the camp where you were looking for your friends you lost your consciousness, and woke up in the middle of a cold, white, empty room. Tied up in an old stretcher whose handcuffs were almost tearing your limbs apart. You did nothing. Paralyzed by the thought od your friends being possibly dead. You did not care at all about where and why you were in that horrific place. Your thoughts were about them. The seconds looked like days while you were staring at the yellowish ceiling above you. There was mold. It was leaking water. You had to be underground, you thought. You focused on the jingle of the falling drops in order to keep you sane. The silent sound of the drops was overpowered by a creepy sound of footsteps, and you were capable of hearing just one person. Then, a tall and slender man, covered in a white uniform, started looking at you. He did not seem to want to be there, too.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry young lady鈥. There was an expression of sorrow in his face. You turned around just a little, enough to see a drip next to your bed. A weird, blue liquid was being injected into your right arm, directly in your veins. It was almost finished. 鈥淗ow long have I been here?鈥, you asked, incredulous.
鈥5鈥 his voice was quiet, tired.
鈥淔ive hours?鈥, you argued, trying to release you form the tight laces.
鈥淲eeks, lady. Weeks鈥. You could not utter a word. Five weeks. You had been in this catatonic state for over a month. Everybody will have thought me dead. My mom and dad will have cried me. Steve and Bucky. Were they alive? Was Steve alive? You turned to see this man鈥檚 face and looked at him, trying to meet his eyes. A whisper was the only thing that came from your mouth: 鈥淗elp me, please鈥. He tried to hide it, but the sadness in his pupil betrayed him. While a single tear wiped his face. He told you that he could not see another person destroyed by his work. He was a scientist, not a murdered, he told you. His voice was low, but it felts like desperate screams to you. His anger was palpable. He quickly you, his steps were terrified, his legs shaking while you both ran towards a tiny little brownish door in the back of the room. You surpassed many corridors before finding an exit. You were still in shock by what he told you, and you could hear your heart pump the blood into your veins extremely hard. Something never happened before. Your steps were quicker, you felt lighter, your arms stronger. 鈥淟isten to me lady. There is a forest not far away from here. I cannot give you any car, otherwise you could be too visible. You need to hide and run away. Run as fast as you can, you will surprise yourself about how fast you can now go. Trust me. I am sorry. If it were not for me all of this would not have happened. The Germans.鈥, you nodded your head, trying to process all of that information all in once. He then continued: 鈥淭hey were recruiting people to experiment a serum. To improve their chances of victory they wanted to create a mortal army of super soldiers. I told them that the serum was still uncompleted. We have no time left, they said. There was other 23 people like you. They all died withing the first two days. The unlucky ones lasted a week. Then there was you, the only women. And another young man. He woke up yesterday. I could not think of another person being tortured and used that way. I had a daughter. I could not see them making those things to you. Run little one. Run. Never mention this to anyone. Traitors are among us always. Fly away鈥. These were his last words. And you ran, You did run indeed. For miles and miles, without getting ever tired. Instead, your body felt like he was set on fire. Your ribs were burning, and your feet were now moving unconsciously. You remembered each day of that escape. That is how you ended up in Italy. You never came back to America, you let the picturesque landscapes of the Italian countryside heal you. And now you were here in America again.
For Sarah, you told yourself again.
The church where the funeral took place was very familiar to you. You used to go there with your families every Sunday, along with Steve and Bucky. But now was very different. Extremely different. You sad at the very corner of the building. Trying to avoid any attention, trying to avoid looking at the white coffin in the middle of the aisle. It was decorated with bright red roses. Her favourites. A little smile appeared on your face when Sarah鈥檚 niece mentioned how she was during her youth. She was like those scarlet roses, bright, passionate but she would also sting you if you could not know how to take her. Your beautiful red rose. After the first person stopped talking everybody came out f the church, slow and weeping steps. You waited until everybody was out to go say her goodbye. Tears began to fill your face as you walked at her candid casket. Pure as she was. Caressing the flowers in front of you, a tear touched the cold wood while you whispered: 鈥淲e will see each other again, my best friend. I鈥檓 sorry鈥. You took a deep breath and gently turned around, decided to go back to drown in your own loneliness.
The moment you looked up your eyes met pupils so blue that they were unforgettable. The blue colour of the sea, of the sky, the blue with which artists paint freedom.
鈥淚s that you?鈥 a deep voice thundered.
You froze. Your lungs tried to catch as much air as they could to fill them while your chest was getting up and down quickly, desperate for breath.
鈥淪teven鈥. This was the only word that you could pronounce. You stared at each other for a long moment: he was taller than the last time you saw him. He was much, much taller than you. His muscles were big and defined, the black, expensive suit he was wearing fit him perfectly. His face was changed, too. He went through a lot. But his eyes always remained the same. That was the only thing that made you recognize him.
He was in shock. He came for greeting for the last time his best friend and found you here. 鈥淵-You were dead鈥. His voice was broken. He thought that you were changed, too. He scanned you. He thought you weren鈥檛 aged a minute. You looked gorgeous as always. He remembered you like a child, but he was now standing in front of a woman. The tight midi black dress you were wearing was holding your curves tight, the black, pointed heels elongated your silhouette. Your long brunette hair covered your shoulders.
鈥淪teven I-I鈥. All you could do was nothing. nothing but standing straight, unable to move. You tried to open your mouth, a second later you felt crushed under his high body. You wrapped your arms on Steve鈥檚 neck so tight, as he was hugging your tiny waist. This moment seemed like an eternity. For this single moment you found peace. Steven. Your Stevie was back with you. Again. For this single moment you forgot your loneliness. You brushed your cheek on his shoulder and mumbled 鈥淚 missed you鈥. You felt his face detach rom yours. He said nothing, stayed silent. But his glossy eyes shouted, they told a completely different story.
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buckysharmony5 hours ago
under his touch // s. rogers
pairing /steve rogers x reader
summary / in which you find out what steve鈥檚 sleeping habit is [fluff]
warnings /聽 sugary fluff, sleeping聽
a/n / my requests are open, please send in some ideas/prompts <3
Tumblr media
Something that you always struggled with when it came to relationships was sleeping with that person. Not the intimate and sexual side of it, but rather the type of sleeping where you would talk all night and slowly fade off into a dreamless unconsciousness. It was difficult to feel comfortable with someone, that was until you met Steve.聽
With Steve, it was a different experience all together. There was no snoring, or sleep talking. There were no spontaneous muscle spasms that jolted you awake. There was no twisting and turning, sighing or whining. With Steve, it was peaceful and easy - something that surprised you. Then one night, everything came to realisation, you had realised what Steve鈥檚 sleeping habit was and it made your stomach flutter and heart ache with adoration
It was his constant need to have you under his touch.聽
The first night that you noticed Steve鈥檚 habit, the air conditioning was broken in your apartment and the temperature felt as if it was 120 degrees in the room. You woke up in the early morning, sweat beading down your forehead and sticking to your back, and it didn鈥檛 help that Steve鈥檚 arm was circled tightly around your waist. You tried your best to twist out of his grasp, but it was impossible.聽
鈥淪teve,鈥 you whispered, twisting in his arms and watching his eyes fluttering聽 tiredly and briefly.
鈥淢mm, what鈥檚 wrong?鈥 he asked softly, unconsciously tightening his grasp on you and it made a giggle pass your lips.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 unbearably hot in here, and.. And your cuddles aren鈥檛 making it any easier,鈥 your words softened at the sight of a pout contorting on his face, but he slowly unlatched his arm from around you, muttering a 鈥渟orry鈥 with his eyes still closed. You sighed in relief at the weight lifted off your hips and kicked the sheet from your body, turning your back to him and getting comfortable again.聽
A moment passed in silence before you felt Steve鈥檚 fingers trailing on your hips again but instead of wrapping around your figure as usual, he just let his hand rest there on your flesh. It was something that you could live with in this heat and you fell back into a slumber with a smile on your face.聽
You thought nothing of that moment as the weeks passed by. The second time you noticed you were finishing a project for work late at night and fell into bed at two in the morning, only noticing that Steve was still awake when he turned on his side and smiled tiredly at you. 鈥淲hat are you doing up so late?鈥 you whispered, not wanting to be too loud so that you wouldn鈥檛 disturb him too much.聽
鈥淲aiting for you,鈥 Steve replied.聽
You turned on your side, facing him and letting your eyes wander over his features, biting softly on your bottom lip. 鈥淐ouldn鈥檛 sleep?鈥澛
鈥淚 can sleep just fine, baby, just wanted to see you before I fell asleep,鈥 you blushed at his words, he never failed to make you feel special. He reached across the small space between your bodies, brushing your hair back exposing your bare shoulder and you shuddered as his fingers tickled you softly. He smiled at the shiver, bringing you closer and peppering kisses along your flesh. 鈥淕oodnight, beautiful.鈥
鈥淕oodnight, handsome,鈥 you replied, leaning in and pecking his nose, allowing your eyes to flutter closed. Steve shuffled slightly in the bed before his hand placed itself beneath your jaw, cupping your face, his thumb rubbing up and down your jawline. You thought it鈥檇 only last a couple of moments, but you found yourself drifting off to the rhythm of his thumb. You woke up hours later in that same position, neither of you pulling away from the other.聽
You started to think about it more, how you could sleep so easily next to Steve without any pet peeves annoying you. Every night that you got ready to go to bed, you anticipated where Steve would linger his touch before falling asleep, and every night he never failed to make you giggle to yourself as he got himself comfortable with his fingers intertwined with yours or his palm resting on your lower back.聽
Tonight was no different. You shuffled into bed beside Steve, your eyes and limbs heavy with fatigue. Steve motioned his arms open, before encircling them around you and bringing you close to him. Your back was to his chest, his left arm tucked away underneath your pillow in the crook of your neck. You giggled as his fingers absentmindedly found yours and hooked themselves together.
鈥淲hat is that?鈥 Steve murmured into your ear, sending shivers down your spine.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 what?鈥 you feigned forgetfulness, closing your eyes and listening to his breathing.聽
鈥淓very night you let out this little giggle, and I just wanna know why, darlin鈥,鈥 you detangled yourself from his grasp and turned to face him, smiling up at his face. His skin never failed to make you envious, with how smooth and clear it always was until he grew out his beard, turning his boyish face into sex god.聽
Smiling up at him, you reached to run your fingers just above his overgrown beard, his eyes fluttering closed at the touch. 鈥淟ately, I鈥檝e started to notice something and I just think it鈥檚 adorable.鈥
A small red tint danced onto his cheeks, curiosity sneaking into his eyes, 鈥淲hat is it?鈥
鈥淵ou always have to have some piece of you touching me while you sleep,鈥 you said, sheepishly looking over his shoulder in case you picked it up completely wrong.聽
Steve chuckled, shaking his head slightly against the white pillow, 鈥淵ou鈥檝e noticed that?鈥澛
鈥淵ou know you do that?鈥 you asked.
鈥淚 only started noticing it a couple of months ago, I couldn鈥檛 sleep when you weren鈥檛 beside me and then I started having this urge just to feel your warmth,鈥 Steve said softly, bringing himself closer to you and leaning down to peck your nose gently, 鈥淚t鈥檚 not a bad thing, is it?鈥 he asked.
You shook your head, your eyes slowly closing before placing your lips against his in a kiss, 鈥渘ot at all,鈥 you whispered against them, 鈥淚t鈥檚 rather cute.鈥澛
鈥淵ou鈥檙e cute,鈥 he replied, capturing your lips again. 鈥淕oodnight, beautiful.鈥
{my requests are open, please send some in}
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lesbian-deadpool6 hours ago
Y/N: You鈥檙e honour, I鈥檓 not trying to bribe you but would you like the other half of this cosmic brownie?
Judge: Dear God.... THIS PERSON GOES FREE!
Judge: *Hits gavel*
Steve, Bucky, and Stephen: THATS ALL IT TOOK?!
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marvelstuff-iguess6 hours ago
Loki (trying to freak Morgan out): Even I'm eatable, but that is called cannabalism my dear child, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies.
Morgan: *馃憗馃憚馃憗*...I just asked if I could eat the chocolate bunny-
Thor *over-casually*: Child, you should've worded your sentence more carefully.
Tony: Loki, get the fuck away from my child.
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robertssvgden6 hours ago
Bucky somehow programs Sam鈥檚 alarm clock to play聽鈥楾he Star-Spangled Man鈥 every morning at 6am. He also makes it impossible for it to be changed back to literally anything else.聽
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illinterrogatethecat006 hours ago
Can we stop posting Bucky and Steve imagines under the Sam Wilson tag? It鈥檚 already hard to find Sam imagines, but now we gotta scroll through a shit ton of other people鈥檚 imagines to get to the few that actually are about Sam
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Guarding Your Heart (Helmut Zemo x Reader)
Request: THE ENDING WAS PURRRRRFECT i'm gonna miss tfatws sm. I don't know if on the raft they allow inmates to be visited but let's imagine it: you visiting zemo for the first time since he was sent there, a little angst cuz you can't have skin-to-skin contact anymore but you two talk about some things and how life is going, if everything is okay 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ (by anonymous), [Marvel-Masterlist]
Summary: Inmate: Helmut Zemo. Accommodation: The Raft. Visitors: Generally prohibited. Exceptions: Maintaining a friendly relationship with an Avenger.
Words: 3,547
Warnings: angst, jail (is that a warning?), fluff, feels, my emotions, I didn鈥檛 use any pronouns!, TFATWS spoilers, REQUESTS ARE OPEN!
If you like my work & wanna support me: a coffee would be highly appreciated 鉂
Countless attempts from your side had been ignored. You were an average citizen. No superpower, no higher-up. Ordinary. It appeared that the Raft did not think highly of such people. Not when they proposed to visit an inmate. And definitely not when said inmate was the same Baron who broke out of a high security jail in Germany. But he was yours. His imprisonment in Europe had not been as restricted. For his sake, you had moved to the other end of the world. Simply so you could spend a bit of time together every day. Your old life had been completely abandoned. And for almost ten years, Germany had been your home. Until Sam & Bucky entered your lives once again. Though you started off on the wrong foot, this time around, you were more than grateful for their presence. Without them, especially without the former Winter Soldier, Helmut would still rot away in that tiny prison cell. Your time together had been adventurous. Often hazardous. Life threatening. In the end, you made it out alive. Coming back stronger than ever before.
It could have been a fairy tale. A long awaited fulfillment of a seemingly impossible dream. Were it not for the Wakandans crushing your reverie at the worst place imaginable. The Sokovian memorial. Where you held one of his clothed hands in both of yours. Shedding tears, remembering his old life. His wife. His son. You would never replace them. At the same time, you did not even intend to. His past was part of him & made him to the man you loved endlessly. Bucky did not receive your blame. Were you mad at him for handing Helmut over to the Wakandans? Absolutely. Then again, the super soldier was the reason why he was out of jail in the first place. It was a fine line between resentment & gratitude.
Luckily, throughout the various missions you had been a part of, you gained Sam鈥檚 trust. He took a liking in you & when he saw you struggling, he was eager to help. Obviously, the Raft yielded when the Captain America himself transmitted an inquiry. Only a few hours passed & you were on your way to Helmut鈥檚 current accommodation. A small jet that had been arranged just for you. In this instant, you did not feel average anymore. For a second, you experienced what it would feel like to live this kind of lifestyle. The one of a Baron. Why you were still unfamiliar with that even though your boyfriend was rich? Truthfully, you did not touch his money at all. It was his & when he did not have access to it while imprisoned, you did not dare using it either. Loyalty. Of course Zemo suggested utilization for you but you declined politely. After reasoning enough, he swore he fell even harder for you. The staunchness of you was remarkable.
It was bizarre. Entering the Raft with multiple workers circling you. You were told that these were the security measures that had to be met if someone wanted to visit an inmate. To you, it sounded like a poor excuse but you would not speak that thought out loud. Prisoners needed social contact. Physical contact could not be provided, that much you understood. But one would go insane without having the opportunity to see another human being that was not a guard working here.
Your body was a mess. Heart hammering at your chest with such a force, you believed it would burst any second. Irregular breaths left your lips. Trembling hands fiddled with each other in order to prevent others from noticing. Weak knees that threatened to no longer stabilize your body weight with each step you took forward. To bystanders, you probably appeared as a put-together person. On the inside, there was chaos. Nothing but chaos. How would you react? How would he react? Would you have privacy? An audience? Observers? Innumerable questions flooded your mind. Seemingly, having only one purpose. To drown you. To drown every bit of you. But you would not succumb that easily. You were so close to where you wanted to be. The fight could not end now. Disappointment would cloud you. More importantly, it would cloud him.
Four guards. It took four guards to guide you through the facility. To your surprise, the insides radiated a calm, almost content atmosphere. The walk lasted an eternity. At least, that was what it felt like. Your Helmut occupied a cell at the very end of the building. No explanation had been given to you as to why they decided to accommodate him there. Maybe, with Sam鈥檚 assistance, you could change his quarters & move it further up to the entrance. That way, if you visited again, you would not have to waltz through every narrow hallway. Listening to the whimpers of some inmates. The screams. The bashing. The鈥ain. There was only one person here who you were familiar with. Helmut. The others? You had no idea what crimes they implemented to end up at a place as dark as this.
鈥淗e鈥檚 at the end of that corridor.鈥 one of the guards motioned for the others to leave you alone. His hand gestured to a tall white door that had a small built-in window. Your sight was obstructed by the frosted glass of it.
鈥淲ill you join me?鈥 you questioned, wanting to prepare for it if he had to accompany you.
鈥淕enerally, yes.鈥 he breathed out, putting his hands in the pockets of his uniform. Then, he sighed quietly & eyed you once more. 鈥淏ut since it was requested you speak to him alone, I鈥檒l leave you be.鈥
鈥淲hose request was that?鈥 your eyebrows furrowed. The Raft was not an institution for exceptions. At first, the mere thought of getting to see Helmut again was an impossibility.
鈥淐aptain America鈥檚.鈥 he stated monotonously. The way his face scrunched up made it obvious that he was less than pleased about this decision. As soon as you were out of here, you had to call Sam & thank him for making this feasible.
鈥淥h.鈥 it was all you could muster at the moment. There was an overwhelming feeling you had to handle. And it was not exactly one of your specialties.
鈥淭he door is unlocked. Walk down the hallway & the cell will come into view. If something happens, there鈥檚 an emergency button that should be operated whe-鈥 you stopped him during his speech.
鈥淭hanks for your concern but I鈥檒l be just fine.鈥 a genuine smile formed on your face. The guard nodded at you, still slightly uncertain, & turned around without another word. Letting the uncomfortable silence envelop you. Your legs were frozen in place, preventing you from running to him. Maybe it was the thought of having to say goodbye again. As wonderful as it was that you were allowed to visit him, the concept of abandoning him broke your heart. The difference between the jail in Germany & this one was that you could not linger close by. The trip lasted for a while. Daily visitations were out of the question.
Slow but steady steps moved you over to the door. A hand raised to the doorknob. The coldness of it grounded you the slightest bit. You had to take a few deep breaths, just like he had instructed you multiple times before, in order to reduce the fast, almost unhealthy pace of your beating heart. Your hand twisted the doorknob to one side & when you heard the lock click, you pushed the door open with your entire body weight. Otherwise, you would have been too weak to do so. Bright lights had you squint your eyes. A hand was used as a shield to block most of the luminosity. When your eyes adjusted to the different setting, you straightened your back & brushed non-existent dust from your clothes. This motion gave you something to do with your hands. It was a much needed distraction. You held your head high, looking straight forward to the very end of the corridor. At the sides, the walls were painted bright white. Almost too bright for your liking. It resembled a hospital & you had never enjoyed them. The consistency of it was broken with the glass wall you were staring at. The one which was straight ahead. His cell, you figured. But there was no silhouette you could make out. Considering the size, you should have noticed him already. But he was not there. So you no longer moved in slow motion but jogged over to the pane.
Fast footsteps echoed in Helmut鈥檚 ears. Time was fluid in a jail like that. But it had not been long since a guard brought him breakfast. Whoever visited him now, it seemed to be urgent on the basis of the fast pace they approached. He scooted closer to the frigid wall behind his bed. Something he did to mess with the employees here. At least it gave him something to do. Besides reading tons of books & listening to the radio that had been prepared for him. That was luxurious enough for an inmate. All of a sudden, it was silent. Too quiet for his liking. The next thing he heard was music to his ears.
鈥淗elmut?鈥 your broken voice whispered & filled the room. Was he turning hallucinational? Nobody would blame him in a place like this. But not even his imagination could recall your softness so perfectly. He stood up, carefully, & widened his eyes at the sight of you. There you were, on the other side of the transparent wall. Separating the outside world from the box he found himself in.
鈥(Y/N)? You鈥檙e here.鈥 no time was wasted. Helmut dragged his body as close to yours as his cell allowed him to. One of his hands touched the smooth surface & you mimicked his actions. There were tears threatening to escape but you tried everything to keep them locked inside. 鈥淒on鈥檛 cry.鈥 the volume of his voice had lowered. Nobody could listen to you in here but it almost felt illicit to talk at a normal volume.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥 you chuckled shortly, your free hand coming to your face to wipe at your cheeks. How he wanted to be the one to touch your tender skin. To have you lean into his palm.
鈥淲hat are you sorry for?鈥 the proximity was given yet unattainable. Your gaze averted, staring at the pavement floor.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know鈥or everything?鈥 you shrugged your shoulders, laughing at how incomprehensible you sounded. Helmut shook his head. That was how he knew you. Always being the one to carry everyone鈥檚 burden on your own. Though you did not need to.
鈥淪top that.鈥 it was an order but not a forceful one. One that eased the tension immediately.
鈥淥kay.鈥 you mouthed.
The floor was everything but comfortable but you made do. Sitting cross legged opposite of Helmut was dreamlike. In your dreams, you had skin-to-skin contact but that delight had been denied. Simply having him next to you was enough for now. Helmut had his elbows on his knees, watching your every move. Reminiscing every small detail he could get a glimpse of. But there was nothing new he came across. He remembered you like the back of his hand. Sometimes even more precisely than you did yourself. And yet, his observation resembled the first time when his warm, chocolate brown eyes fell onto your frame. Usually, you handled his stares well but something inside of you told you to inquire.
鈥淲hat?鈥 you asked with a playful, teasing tone. His eyes locked onto yours. You giggled at his confused state.
鈥淚s there a problem?鈥 Helmut turned insecure for a second. And people who knew him were aware that he was barely ever uncertain.
鈥淣o, not at all.鈥 you shook your head to emphasize your words. 鈥淛ust鈥ou鈥檙e staring.鈥 you called him out. It made him laugh, his head falling back briefly.
鈥淚s it forbidden to stare?鈥 one of his eyebrows perked up. 鈥淚 believe most people are flattered by the attention.鈥 though he played the serious act quite well, you could tell that he was joking.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e awful.鈥 you laughed at his antics.
鈥淚 am aware.鈥 he saw you opening your mouth to disagree with him but Helmut was faster. 鈥(Y/N)?鈥
鈥淲hat is it?鈥 you rested your intertwined hands in your lap. But he had noticed the trembles. He had noticed you struggling. And he realized that it was because of the position you were currently in.
鈥淗ow is it like? Outside, I mean.鈥 he skillfully changed the topic before the atmosphere between you two could shift in a negative way.
鈥淵ou have a radio.鈥 your finger pointed to the one sitting on a small table inside the cell right next to a stack of read-through books. 鈥淚鈥檓 sure you have an idea of what it鈥檚 like.鈥
鈥淏ut I would love to hear it from you.鈥 there was an encouraging smile on his lips that you could not resist, no matter what.
鈥淲ell, Karli鈥檚 dead. Sharon took care of her.鈥 you began & watched him nodding approvingly. 鈥淏ucky finished his amends & it really looks like he鈥檚 doing much better. He鈥檚 taking baby steps but he鈥檚 doing well.鈥 you could not suppress the small smile when you spoke about the super soldier. Helmut was not jealous. Bucky & you had become fast friends over time.
鈥淐ould you deliver a message from me?鈥 he continued after a hum from you. 鈥淭ell James that I am happy for him. And thank him from me.鈥 that warmed your heart. All of the previous disputes aside, they had started tolerating each other. You would not go as far as calling them friends but what was not could still be.
鈥淚 will.鈥 you promised with certainty. 鈥淩ight, um鈥am is Captain America. This job is made for him. I truly believe, with him, we鈥檒l achieve great things.鈥 you quieted down, not exactly knowing how to continue.
鈥淪o you established Sam鈥檚 & James鈥 success. But what about you?鈥 he read you too easily. No other person saw through you like he did. That affirmed the close bond you two shared even further.
鈥淲hat about me?鈥 a phony dumfounded expression was plastered on your face.
鈥淗ow have you been doing?鈥 it was a question with so much emotion & care hidden beneath, it brought tears to the corners of your eyes instantly. Your attempts to blink them away were gratuitous. They started rolling down over your cheeks. So fast, in fact, you could not even wipe them away with your sleeves in time. Helmut鈥檚 heart broke at this sight of you. It was clear as day that you experienced a rough patch. The cause of it was him being imprisoned, that much he knew. 鈥淭alk to me.鈥 he whispered & cursed the guards for not granting his partner access inside his cell. But they thought he would plan another escape. At the same time, they were unaware that he would not take the risk to jeopardize your safety with a second try.
鈥淚t鈥檚鈥︹ you took a deep breath to steady your voice & avoid the wavering & cracking. 鈥淚t鈥檚 been hard.鈥 you admitted quietly. 鈥淲ithout you.鈥 you finished. Your eyes flickered up to his face. His look brought you the tiniest bit of contentment. The way his body language could comfort you in such a way was prodigious.
鈥淟ove.鈥 the nickname gained your entire attention. It was like all of your worries melted away by the simple sound of it rolling from his lips. The tears did not stop but they were mixed with happiness now. Gratitude that you shared this moment with him. You were here. Helmut was here. Similar to how it used to be. Yet, entirely different. 鈥淧lease look at me when I tell you this.鈥 & you obeyed without a second thought. 鈥淵ou are my world. If I could change this situation, trust me that I would instantly. I understand your struggles. And I abominate that I cannot dispose of your demons. Or make them part of my own. Your pain causes me aching ten times worse. It is painful seeing you like this. My love, you must promise me one thing.鈥 it was hard for him to get through this speech without his voice fading at the emotions he was experiencing. But he had to stay strong for you. It would only cause you more distress if you noticed him showing how affected he truly was.
鈥淎nything, Helmut.鈥 your reply followed straight after. If he asked you for something, you would do your very best to make him proud of you.
鈥淧romise me to take care of yourself. I would hate to watch you disappear because of me.鈥 the sincerity assured you how important it was to him.
鈥淗elmut, I don鈥檛 think I coul-鈥 he shushed you when he spotted what you were intending to do.
鈥淧romise me, my love.鈥 he repeated & you closed your eyes briefly, releasing another wave of tears.
鈥淚 promise.鈥 your eyelids slowly opened & you could detect the relief in his at your words.
鈥淗ow did you persuade them into visiting an inmate?鈥 the atmosphere had shifted to a relaxing feel once again. And his attempt to start another conversation was welcomed.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 do anything. Though I鈥檝e tried multiple times鈥am came to my aid.鈥 you chuckled at the memory & the excitement you emitted after his call. The news had been the best in a very long time.
鈥淎h, of course, if Captain America requests a visitation鈥︹ Helmut started.
鈥淭he chiefs are on board in an instant.鈥 you finished his sentence & the both of you laughed at the tomfoolery.
鈥淢eans that Sam is the reason for your stay.鈥 you confirmed his thought process quietly. 鈥淧lease express my gratitude for him as well.鈥
鈥淲ill do.鈥 you wanted to maintain the dialogue with him but a loud noise from behind you caught you by surprise. The same guard who had instructed your appropriate behavior inside these hallways was back. There was a look on his face you could not quite identify but it left you uneasy.
鈥淭ime鈥檚 over.鈥 the statement felt like someone stabbed you with a knife. Not once, not twice. Multiple times to cause as much damage as possible. Helmut then stood up from the floor, gesturing for you to do the same. The moment you were on your feet again, your knees were close to giving out. Digging deep inside, you mustered all the strength you had left & fixed your posture. You did that to avoid radiating a fragile appearance. 鈥淏id your goodbyes, I鈥檒l wait by the door.鈥 the guard took his place in the doorway, waiting for you to approach him. Your body faced Helmut鈥檚 & you rested both of your hands on the glass in front of you. He mimicked you & if it were not for the transparent border, you would have touched.
鈥淚鈥檒l miss you.鈥 you whispered as you pressed your forehead against the boundary.
鈥淚 will miss you more.鈥 he followed right after. 鈥淏ut you are always here with me.鈥 one hand rested above his heart. Goodbyes were difficult. Especially with the ulterior motive of not returning the following day. It would most likely take a while until you would face him again. Secretly, so nobody could discern what you were doing, you pulled a small paper out of your pocket & pushed it through one of the many, tiny holes in the glass wall. It dropped to the floor on the other side. Helmut sent you a questioning glance which you retuned with a soft, gentle smile. Coughing behind you brought you back to reality. You had to leave. As much as it hurt, you turned your back to Helmut & distanced yourself from his cell. Arriving at the exit, you looked over shoulder one last time. One last time, your eyes locked. One last time, you let your tender features speak. One last time. While you walked away from him, he picked the small paper up from the ground. Unfolding it with much care, his eyes got stuck on three little words that were neatly curved in your handwriting. So when your eyes met, he returned that favor without anyone realizing it. His lips moved & you saw him mouthing that same phrase back. Your smile grew wider, as did his. And then you were gone. Of course, you would come back. And with Sam鈥檚 help, it would probably be sooner rather than later. He stared at the door where you just walked through. His gaze then turned to the paper in his hands. Never would he let go of it again. He would treat it like it was made out of gold. To him, it was. And it was worth so much more. The feeling it triggered inside of him could not be purchased. It could only be provided by a special someone. That special someone was you. Reading through the note one more time, he sat down on the uncomfortable mattress. The displeasure was ignored for now. For a minute, he bathed in the loving emotions you brought to him.
鈥淚 love you. -xo(Y/N)鈥
Published (05/09/2021) by Cathy
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