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#marvel reader insert
wandaswifeyforlifey · 2 days ago
can i request a very clingy and whiny reader who pouts and starts crying if wands and natty try to get up during cuddle time?
A/n: I'm hoping this was meant for Sunday Drabbles because I wrote it as one! But I actually love this idea and really got into writing it. I stg it's half 10 at night and I am READY TO WRITE SHIT!!! Enjoy!
Ship: Wanda x Reader x Natasha
Warnings: Pure fluff with mentions of insomnia sort of?
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Cuddling was a common thing in your relationship with Wanda and Natasha. You would cuddle when you were waking up, when you would watch TV together, on movie nights and while going to sleep. Physical touch had always been your love language no matter who you were dating.
While sandwiched between your girlfriends, you felt as if you were drifting off. The warmth was kept between the three of you and the ambience of the room was just as comforting and calm. Feeling a little nudge from behind you, you groaned and turned to face Wanda.
“Come on darling, don’t fall asleep on me now. It’s getting to the good bit in the film!” she said, removing her eyes from the TV screen for a split second. Ah, that’s right, you had agreed to a movie night despite the fact that you have had terrible sleep lately. Well done genius.
You tried so hard to keep your eyes open too, but every time they seemed to fall shut again and you would feel another nudge from either behind or in front of you. Although, the nudging stopped at one point despite having closed your eyes for a while now. Natasha must have noticed considering she had turned around to let you rest your head on her chest.
Behind you then felt cold as Wanda sat up to turn off the TV. You lifted your head up and looked through your tired vision towards her.
“No, no, no. You don’t need to turn it off. Why are you turning it off?” you whine.
“Look at yourself, you’re too tired. It’s fine we’ll go to bed.” Natasha added.
“No, I don’t want to be the reason you guys have to stop it. I’m sorry I just- I haven’t had the best sleep lately and-” you felt tears pool at the bottom of your eyes.
“Hush, hush. It’s all ok. If it won’t disturb you, we could watch it while you slept with us?” Wanda said. You nodded almost instantly falling back onto the sofa and closing your eyes. Natasha sniggered in response to your actions.
You fell asleep in the comfort of your two girlfriends. Sure they would shuffle around a bit but other than that it was the best sleep you had ever gotten.
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the-emo-asgardian · a day ago
A Month to Remember: A Flufftober Series
Day 25: Cuddling & Snuggling
Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: When you’re sure your adoptive fathers, Steve and Bucky, and the rest of the team wouldn’t approve of your new relationship with Loki, the two of you decide to keep it a secret. But how long can the charade last before everyone finds out? Chapter Warnings: fluff overload A/N: The prompt list is from @flufftober2021! Enjoy :)
Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02 @lunarmoon8 @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan @lowkeyorloki @gaitwae @whatafuckingdumbass @castiels-majestic-wings @kozkaboi @cozy-the-overlord @birdgirl90 @myraiswack @mythicalgarlicknot @what-a-flammable-heart @marvelouslovely @laurenandloki @fallinallinmendes @sophlubbwriting @mooncat163 @lokislittlesigyn @wolfish-trickster @electroma89 @jgun2001 @toe-vind-ek-jou @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @patches-of-mist @nicoistrying @geminiwolves @funnyexel @nectav @50svibes @dryyoursaltyoceantears @bison-writes @magicandheaven @keepingitlokiii @captain-asguard @laufeyiison @lostgreekgod @essence-stealer @competitive-dust @i-reblog-fics-i-like @melinaflynn1982 @darkacademicfrom2021 @whatevenisthisxxxxx @funsized-mimi @tristansaurusrex @lokistoriesblog @fandoms4life-always @high-functioning-lokipath
Flufftober Tag List: @morality-the-hufflepuff @skullape-blog @keegansakura @the-simp-of-mischiefff @karuna11 @staygoldsquatchling02​ @kakashizgirlfriend @pescadoavocado
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Tumblr media
Things were kind of odd now that your dad knew the truth. Not between you and Loki, really, but in your mind. That you’d told one of your fathers but not the other. You thought back to what Steve had said when you went pumpkin picking. How he confessed you and Bucky not telling him until the last minute made him feel as if you were conspiring against him. Were you now that Bucky did actually know? But then again, who could blame you when Steve so shamelessly and overtly did not approve of Loki?
Loki’s hand slipped under your shirt, and you hummed. At your sign of appreciation, he nuzzled your neck with his nose.
“You’re being extra cuddly today love,” you observed. “Not that it’s a bad thing. In fact, I like it.”
“Not cuddly. Snuggly,” he corrected, earning a chuckle from you. “Good. You looked like you needed it, my love.”
It touched you how well he knew you, your sweet prince. You continued to preen under his affections, cuddling further up against him. Or, snuggling, you supposed. The thought made you chuckle. You twisted until you could look at his gorgeous face. Loki took the opportunity to kiss your lips.
“I.” Kiss. “Love.” Kiss. “You.” Kiss. “So much.”
You laughed before he could get his final kiss in, so he opted to pepper them to your neck instead.
“Why, now you’re just being silly, you charmer you,” you teasingly declared in a flustered manner, his attention warming you head to toe.
“My darling! My heart! My soul!” He caressed your cheek. “My love for you is no joke, I assure you. I love you more than all the stars in the galaxy, all the grains of sand in the Nine, all the trifling words that cannot do justice compared to my true feelings for you. I adore you, and should ever a frown paint your sweet lips, I shall do everything in my power to coat them once more with a smile.”
Your heart soared. Oh, how could he always manage to leave you speechless with his sweet prose, every word like a poem all its own?
“Should you not leave me so flustered one of these days, I may be able to properly articulate how I feel about you. Which, I assure you, is much the same as what you have confessed to me.”
“Me? Leave you flustered?” he asked in wonder. “Do you not know it takes merely a glance at your face to leave me dumbstruck?”
“Oh, there you go again!” you cried. “You know the effect you have on me. You like it, Mischief.”
“True, but I do not lie, either.” He tilted your head, having looked away in bashfulness, back towards his. “I love you, my darling. Norns, I love you so much. But if I am making you uncomfortable, I can go back to just snuggling. Or just cuddling… Or I will leave you, if that’s what you desire. Anything for your happiness.”
You shook your head with a shaky breath of disbelief. “No. I never want you to go, Loki. I want to spend forever with you! Cuddle me, snuggle me, fluster me to no end! I shall love it all if it is you.”
“In that case I shall never stop.” The god held you closer. “But you must promise to do something for me as well.”
“That is?”
“You must not stop either. I was never one for snuggles and cuddles before, but with you?” He stole another kiss, savoring it this time. “With you it might just very well be my favorite thing in the universe.”
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alisonsfics · 5 months ago
accidental pictures
pairing: dadsbestfriend!bucky barnes x reader
summary: you’ve always had a crush on your dad’s best friend, but it’s always been easy to hide. that is, until you accidentally send him pictures meant for someone else
word count: 2.5k
warnings: swearing, bra pictures, age gap, teasing, dirty talk, fingering, thigh riding, smut, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, praise kink, minors DNI
Tumblr media
“Thank you, Mr. Barnes. I’ll see you in an hour” you said, stepping out of the car. You grabbed your purse from inside the car and slid your arm through the strap. “I’ll see you then. Text me if you’re done early, and I’ve told you to call me Bucky. Mr. Barnes makes me feel old” he told you, slightly chuckling. You smiled and nodded, before closing the car door. You waved as he drove away.
Bucky was your dad’s best friend. He was always coming over to your house for barbecues and all sorts of parties. Over the years, you had grown fond of Bucky, but he was significantly older than you. You were only twenty four, but that didn’t stop you from admiring him.
You were visiting your dad for the next two weeks. Your dad was going to drive you to the mall, but he got called into work. So, he asked Bucky to drive you. After thirty excruciating minutes in the car, you were finally at the mall.
You never knew how to act around Bucky. He made your heart beat at a million miles per minute and always ended up turning you on. The brunette man was gorgeous, which made it hard to control yourself around him.
You walked into the mall doors. Forty minutes later, you were almost finished. You had returned the shoes that you bought in the wrong size and found a dress to wear to a party you were going to in a few weeks. All that was left was to buy a new bra.
You headed into Victoria’s Secret and headed to the bras that were your size. You instantly found a few that you liked and walked towards the dressing rooms.
You set down the few pairs of bras and felt your photo buzz. You saw a new text from Bucky:
“I finished my errands early. I’m waiting in the parking lot, once you’re done :) ”
You felt your insides tingle and felt a new rush to finish up. You quickly typed out a response and hit send.
“Okay! I’ll be out in a few minutes. I’m almost done”
You moved on to the bras that were waiting for you. You tried all four of them on and couldn’t decide between your top two. You quickly snapped photos in each of the bras. One was a dark red bra with lace, and the other one was a black bra that had some sheer panels.
You quickly sent the pictures to your best friend and asked which one she liked more. You looked into the mirror and looked closer at the bra, still trying to decide. You heard your phone vibrate, and you quickly grabbed it. You were eager to see your best friend’s response. You assumed it would make the decision easier.
Instead, you saw a text from Bucky that read:
“Fuck, sweetheart. You look hot in both of them, but I’m assuming you didn’t mean to send that to me”
You felt your blood run cold. Just to be sure, you checked and realized you had sent him the pictures. You didn’t know what to do. You wanted to run away and hide forever.
First and foremost, you wanted to never see Bucky again. You knew you would die of embarrassment. There was no way you could survive a whole car ride home with him.
You quickly decided to buy both the bras and headed towards the parking lot. You kept your head low as you looked for Bucky's car. You spotted it, and he waved you over.
You got into the front seat without saying a word. You couldn’t even look at him. “Hi, sweetheart” he said, softly. You muttered a quick “hi” and then looked out the window.
Bucky accepted that you didn’t want to talk about it and put the car in drive. He started the drive to your dad’s house, where you were staying.
After about ten minutes of silence, the car pulled up to a red light. Bucky looked over at you and saw you still looking out the window. “Sweetheart? Look at me” he said, tapping your thigh. You hesitantly looked over at him. He gave you a soft smile.
“I really don’t want to talk about it” you begged him. He placed his hand back on your thigh, rubbing circles into your skin with his thumb. You could feel your face heat up. “I know you’re embarrassed, but you don’t have to be. We can both pretend it never happened. You really don’t have to worry about it, love. By the way, those pictures were pretty amazing,” his soft genuine smile turned into a smirk.
You felt even more embarrassed. You couldn’t tell if he was being serious or if he was teasing you. You knew you had nothing else to lose. You grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him for a kiss. Before he could kiss you back, cars began to honk behind you.
You both pulled apart and realized the light was green. You were mortified. “I’m sorry” you muttered, wrapping your arms around yourself. Neither of you said another word to each other. You continued to drive. Bucky drove past the turn to get to your dad’s house.
“Bucky, you missed the turn” you said, finally willing yourself to look at him. Instead of turning around, he just smirked and kept his eyes on the road. “Relax, sweetheart. We’re making a pit stop” he said, moving his hand to rest on your thigh.
You could feel a fluttering feeling in your stomach as his hand inched up your leg. He was only inches from where you wanted him, and he stopped. You practically whined. “Patience, baby” he instructed.
You squirmed under his touch. You started to rub your thighs together, trying to get some friction. “You’re so needy, sweetheart” he said. His words practically made you moan.
He slipped his fingers into the waistband of your leggings. His fingers ran over your lace panties. “God, you’re soaked. Do you need me that bad?” He asked, not moving his fingers. You nodded while biting your lip. You started to grind down on his hand, trying to get the release he was denying you.
“Look at you, so desperate for my touch. The least I can do is help you out” he said, moving your panties to the side. He ran his fingers through your folds, collecting your wetness. Your hips bucked up and pushed against his hand.
He pushed two fingers into you at an agonizingly slow pace. He curled his fingers as he began to pump them in and out of you. “Does that feel good?” He asked you, quickening his pace. You bit down on your lip and eagerly shook your head.
“You don’t have to be quiet. Let me hear you” he commanded. His fingers hit your g-spot, causing you to call out his name. A cocky smirk grew on his face.
The car pulled up to a red light, and you could see a car creeping up next to you. “Look at me, sweetheart. No one gets to see this look on your face through the window. This is all for me. Only I get to watch how you squirm under my touch” he said, repeatedly hitting your g-spot. The light changed to green. He continued driving towards his house.
His thumb started to rub circles onto your clit. You threw your head back against the headrest. “Fuck—Bucky...faster please” you begged him, breathlessly. His fingers sped up, ramming into you as you clenched your thighs around his hand.
You could feel the coil in your abdomen begin to tighten. The pressure continued to build. “Bucky, I’m almost there” you moaned. Then, the pressure disappeared. You noticed he had completely removed his hand from you. You also realized you were in his driveway.
Bucky wiped his hand off on his jeans. “I was so close. My ex-boyfriend could never get me that close” you complained, the last part said more to yourself.
“That was nothing, sweetheart. I’m going to show you what it’s like with a real man” he whispered, before pushing a piece of your hair behind your ear.
He unlocked the car doors, and you both headed inside. He grabbed your hands and pulled you into his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed, keeping your hands in his.
You felt your nerves hit you like a brick wall. You realized how much this could change your life. There was no going back after sleeping with your dad’s best friend.
He moved his hand to cup your face. “Sweetheart, before we do anything, I want to make sure that you’re really okay with this” he said, gently. You pressed a light kiss against his lips. “You have no idea how long I’ve wished for this to happen” you said, looking into his eyes.
That was all the permission he needed. He grabbed at your waist and pulled you into his lap. Your hands were instantly in his hair as you connected your lips. You started to roll your hips into his, chasing all the friction you could get.
He pushed you off his lap, and then pulled your leggings down your legs. You stepped out of them and stepped towards him. “I’m sorry I didn’t let you finish before. I wanted to be able to watch you fall apart” he said, kissing your temple.
Then, his eyes lit up. He patted his thigh. “Sit right here for me” he said, gently. You straddled his thigh. “Can I?” You asked, softly. He eagerly nodded his head and placed his hands on your hips. You rolled your hips forward, grinding against his thigh.
“Cum on my thigh, sweetheart. I wanna watch” he said, watching you. You rested your arms on his shoulders as you slid yourself back and forth on his thigh. The harsh material of his jeans only added more friction.
A soft whine passed your lips. “That’s it, baby. You’re doing so well” he said, placing light kisses along your jawline. His words only turned you on more. You could feel a warm feeling in your stomach as you got closer to your peak.
“Buck—almost...there” you moaned, breathlessly. The coil returned and continued to tighten. He began to bounce his leg up and down, creating more friction. “Oh...Bucky, fuck” you called out, moving your hips faster. You shut your eyes, overwhelmed with the pleasure. You were reduced to a whimpering mess. “Such a good job, princess. Let go for me” he said.
You fell over the edge; your vision going white. Your hips slowed down, and you leaned against Bucky’s shoulders. You panted as you came down from your high.
“You are so beautiful” he said, peppering kisses up and down your neck. You noticed his bulging cock against your leg. “I want to make you feel good too” you said, starting to unbuckle his belt.
He grabbed your wrists and stopped you. “You don’t have to do that. I just wanna be inside of you, sweetheart” he told you. You pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. He used his metal arm to flip you over. He was laying on top of you on the bed now.
“Stay” he said, as he stood up and took off his jeans. You watched him as he stepped out of his boxers, and his cock sprung free. You heard it slap against his stomach. You clenched your thighs together as he thought about having his large cock ramming into you.
He stroked himself a few times. You whimpered to yourself, and your hand found itself inside your panties. “Sweetheart” he said, catching you. You quickly removed your hands and looked back into his eyes.
“I can’t wait to fill you up and have your pretty pussy wrapped around me” he said, crawling on top of you. You cupped his face and pulled him up to kiss you. He moaned into your mouth as one of your hands stroked his length.
He pulled your panties down your legs and carelessly threw them aside. He teased you, lightly drawing figure eights on your clit. You quickly pulled off your T-shirt. He stopped what he was doing as he realized you were wearing the dark red bra.
“Fuck” he muttered under his breath. You noticed that his cock was throbbing. “Your tits look so fuckin’ good” he said, cupping your breasts through the bra.
You reached around your back to unclip the bra, but he stopped you. “Don’t” he practically growled. You smirked as you watched the effect you had on him.
“Keep it on. I want to fuck you while you wear it” he said, not moving his eyes from the lacy material. Then, without warning, he pushed into you.
He watched as your face contorted in pleasure. “You’re so fucking big” you moaned as you wrapped your arms around his neck, holding on as he thrusted into you. He smirked down at you. He wrapped your legs around his waist. “You’re taking me so well, sweetheart” he moaned in your ear. You grabbed on to his shoulders, leaving little crescent indents. You moaned as he continued to stretch you out.
“Bet your ex never made you feel this good” he said, hitting your g-spot. Your walls clenched around him. Your eyes rolled back, and you threw your head back against the pillow. “I’m getting close, sweetheart. You’re so tight” he moaned.
You pulled him into a kiss. “Need you to—faster” you begged him. He listened, speeding up his pace and bringing his thumb down to rub circles on your clit.
You could feel the coil tightening in your stomach. “Close” you mumbled. He moaned out your name as he quickened his pace. “You gonna cum with me?” He asked you, and you quickly nodded your head. It was like he was in overdrive. He was ramming into you. The sound of your skin slapping together and the squeaking of the mattress filled the room. He kept going faster, chasing his high.
“Sweetheart” he moaned, and then you could feel him cum inside of you. It was enough to send you over the edge, and your orgasm hit you. “Oh shit” he moaned, as your walls tightened around him.
You could feel yourself pulsing. You both laid like that for a while, neither of you moving. You both tried to catch your breath.
Eventually, he pulled out of you and then cleaned you both up. Bucky crawled back into bed with you and began placing kisses up and down your chest. “Can you call your dad and say you’re staying over a friend’s house?” He asked, lightly kissing your lips.
You nodded your head. “God, you’re so beautiful” he said, pulling you in for another kiss.
“Bucky, that was amazing. That was the best sex I’ve ever had. No man is ever going to measure up to that” you whispered. He smirked to himself, proud of his work. “Well I guess it’s good that this wasn’t a one-time thing” he said, running his fingers up your arm.
You had a fluttering feeling in your stomach as you listened to what he said. “It wasn’t?” You asked him, raising your eyebrows.
“Hell no, sweetheart” he said, before pulling you in for round two.
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dreamysreverie · 24 days ago
Markings on your skin
Summary: Wanda just wants to see you. Even if that means skipping a class. 
Pairings: Sorority! Wanda Maximoff x fem! Reader (college au, modern au)
words: 1,408
Warnings: fingering ( r receiving), marking, oral sex, possessive! Wanda.
Do not repost/translate my work anywhere or claim them as your own. If you see my work anywhere other than tumblr please let me know.
Tumblr media
“Wanda, we have to go soon.” 
You giggled, trying to push her off you and she wasn’t going anywhere by the looks of it. She leaves trails of kisses up along your neck, leaning marks in the most visible place for anyone to see and you couldn’t stop her. 
The brunette already has you trapped between herself and the lockers, there isn’t much room left to escape even if you wanted to. 
You and Wanda have been dating for a few months now, ever since she somehow managed to find out about your crush on her. Apparently, according to her, you weren’t that good at hiding about how you felt whenever she was around, how you got so flustered when she would praise you on how good you’ve been. She even said she doesn’t even blame you for your crush, other people would love to be in your place where you are right now. 
In between the lockers, with hardly any room to escape and you weren’t complaining. 
Wanda was gorgeous, smart, at times some may have described her as ‘mean’ or ‘cold hearted’ but around you she’s different. You try to tell them that but no one else listens or believes you. 
Though even at the sorority house the girls that even knew Wanda more than you couldn’t deny the change in her.
Some can’t even deny the way she gets possessive with you, and a bit obsessive. If someone even speaks to you, in a way that seems ‘too friendly’ for her liking. One time you were even just talking to one of your friends, and it was on a date where Wanda didn’t have the best day. She was searching everywhere for you on campus, everyone that she passed by saw her fuming, clenched fists, and if looks could kill, they would have fallen six feet under whenever she gave them a deadly glare when they looked at her. Once she had found you, which you were in the library getting some studying done away from everyone and everything and the moment your eyes met hers after she heard you laugh at a joke your friend made he turned around to see whatever had made you stop laughing right away and he went dead silent as she screamed at him to get out despite it being a library. 
She had grabbed you by the arm, not even letting you speak or grab your stuff as you were being dragged out of the library while your friend had scrambled away fast after witnessing that and you knew he wouldn’t be speaking to you for a while now. 
“Wanda-- stop” you whined, your wrist starting to hurt a little by how her grip had tightened. 
“No! he should have known not to touch what isn't his” she snapped, now turning to face you and you looked away in fear with how your heart beat faster under her gaze. “I won’t let anyone lay a hand on you without them knowing who you belong too first” she smiled, though the smile sent a shiver down your spine and you weren’t all the way scared with what she will end up doing to you. 
Not yet, anyways. 
That night she had tied you up to her bed, made everyone leave her alone with you for a few hours and let's just say, you could barely walk the next day. 
“Seriously, they will be expecting us” you smiled when she looked up into your eyes, her hand was still on your waist holding you still as you had wrapped a leg around her letting her push you more into the lockers. 
She sighed, “I know you didn’t want to be late, but you look amazing and I tried not fucking you in class where everyone could see. I just miss you” she cooed, leaning to attach her mouth to your neck as she sucked on your pulse point making you moan. 
“Fine, but if anyone catches us no sex for a week” you said and she raised her eyebrow at you. 
“You know how much I love a challenge, darling” she grins, leaning in this time more closer as you now wrap your arms around her neck. 
She kissed down your neck, breathy moans escaped from you, Wanda went down on her knees and pushed your skirt up, you felt your cheeks warm with how close she was getting to where you needed her the most with the heat growing in between your thighs. And she did, she tugged at your panties and pulled them down slowly. You didn’t bother to kick them off knowing you were only here to get what you both want and then leave. There was no point in taking off your clothes, she knew that. Even though she’d rather have you naked. 
When she licked up your wet, dripping cunt you cried out, arching your back into her as your hands were tangled in her hair. She licked up again, and again, sucking hard at your bundle of nerves as you couldn’t stop the moans from coming out, even if you tried too. Anyone can walk in at any minute and see you both like this, which makes you feel even more excited as you tighten your grip. 
“Your pussy tastes so sweet” the brunette moans, the vibration hitting straight to your core and sending a shiver down your spine. 
You closed your eyes, her fingers ghosting over your pussy as you whined, she used her thumb to add pressure on your clit as you let out more moans and whimpers. She grins, looking up at you as you bite down hard on your bottom lip, hard enough to bleed. You could already feel yourself getting closer to your breaking point with how long you’ve lasted so far. She keeps on rubbing your clit, lapping at your entrance every now and then, now slipping in a finger with ease as you stare down at her knowing she’s just teasing you and she loves it. Adding another finger, pumping them in and out, you could just collapse right there. 
You looked so pretty to her, your head thrown back against the lockers as she teased you and watched as you fell apart under her touch. She knew exactly where to push you over the edge if she wanted too, she collected all that you gave her without a thought. She lapped at your clit, rubbing faster with her fingers as your thighs clenched around her as you whined louder, bucking your hips against her. 
“Baby, I’m-- you’re gonna make me come.” 
“Then come for me.” 
You came with a sweet cry of her name, your grip on her loosening as you came undone. She couldn’t help but smile as she never got bored of you, seeing you fall apart from her touch. Pulling away for air that she forgot about, to focus on giving you whatever you needed. She pulls away, still breathless, you helped pull her back up to bring her in for a kiss. 
“You did so good, baby” she cooed, causing your cheeks to heat up. 
Her lips never leave yours and you were the first to pull away, watching her pout, already missing you. 
“As much as I want to continue, we have to go,” you insisted, while walking away from her to fix up your clothes as she brought out her lipstick to reply on her lips. 
Looking at the mirror in front of you and the reflection showing back, you bit down on your lip as you observed the marks Wanda had left on your neck, there was no point in covering these up. You smiled, even though you would have never expected your college experience to go like this, meeting the girl of your dreams, falling in love, it was hard not to be around her and the two of you slowly became inseparable over time. You thought it was sweet the way she shows her love to you, sometimes questionable, but you loved her too much to care. 
“I love you, you know. No matter what people say” Wanda said, after a brief silence went by and her eyes never leaving yours, you looked back at her with a smile, your heart thumping loudly in your chest. 
“I love you too, more than anything.” 
For you were hers and she was yours. 
And that’s what mattered the most.
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make-me-imagine · a month ago
Familiar Warmth
30 Day Writing Challenge Day 17 - 'Huddled together to keep warm'
Pairing: Eddie Brock x G!N Reader
Word Count: 2.2k
General Taglist: @criminaly-supernatural, @caswinchester2000 Marvel Taglist: @aquariuslavenderhoney, @trashywritestrash, @groovygirlie, @marvelouslyme96, @supersourlemon13, @simsiddy Requested Taglist: @hybrid-omegaverse, @spuffyfan394, @thicc-in-semicorrect-places
Note: This came out a bit more as “cuddling” to keep warm, but whatever lol, I just went with the idea as it came.
Tumblr media
“Snow’s getting heavier.” You commented, as you took a sip of your hot chocolate.
Eddie looked up from his laptop at your comment. The windows were being pelted with snow as the wind swirled around small cyclones through the streets. Glancing at the time on his screen he looked back outside “Looks dark for only being five.”
“Next time it calms down a bit we should go Eddie.”
He nodded, “Yeah okay.”
‘I don’t think it’s going to calm down’ Venom’s voice rang through his head and Eddie frowned “Of course it will.” He whispered. As you glanced over at him, he just pointed to his head and you understood. Eddie continued to type out the story as you looked over the articles of information.
“Eddie, we should go now.” You said as you looked out. The snow was still coming down, but the wind had calmed.
Eddie glanced at the time, 5:57pm, and then out the window “Alright, yeah. I can work on this at my apartment.”
As you left the small coffee shop and entered into the cold, both of you let out heavy breaths as the cold hit you. You wrapped your scarf a bit tighter around yourself as Eddie zipped up his jacket. “Maybe we should get a cab?” Eddie said as he looked around.
“There aren’t any!” You said back as you began to walk faster down the street “Besides, you only live like three blocks from here, come on!” You called back to him.
‘Race.’ Venom’s voice spoke, and Eddie rolled his eyes “Shut up.” He said with mild exasperation.
“What?” You asked as you looked back at him.
Eddie shook his head as he walked up to you “He suggested we race.” He said in a matter of fact tone.
“Good idea!” You said suddenly as you began to job away from him.
“Wha- Hey!” Eddie called out as you did so. ‘What are you doing standing still Eddie?! Catch up!’ Venom screamed and Eddie let out an exasperated sigh “I hate both of you.” You said as he began to run towards you.
When you looked back at him with an amused grin, Eddie couldn’t help but smile. You were adorable. ‘Why are you going so slowly?!’ Venom asked, angry. “Don’t you think I should let Y/n win? It’d be nice, right?” He asked quickly. ‘Wuss.’ Venom’s voice said back. “Dude. Not cool.” Eddie whined, as he moved a little faster as the snow began to pick up a bit.
As you both got to a crosswalk you slowed down as you crossed, and just as you got to the other side you both stopped and looked around as everything went out. The light posts, the ad screens on the buildings, the traffic lights, everything.
“Uh-oh.” You said as you looked around.
“Black out.” Eddie said “Must be from the storm.”
“It is getting pretty bad.” You said as you buried your face in your scarf. The wind had begun to pick up again as the snow got thicker.
Eddie gently grabbed your arm as he pulled you down the sidewalk “Come on, we’re almost there.”
With the race no longer on your mind, you both moved as quickly as you could with the little visibility you had. Shoulders pressed together as you fought against the wind. Your hands were tucked away, but still hurting from the cold as your eyes began to water.
Seeing Eddie’s building finally come into view, you both silently moved a bit faster. And as you got into the lobby you both let out relieved groans as the change in temperature was felt immediately. The lobby was still cold due to the power outage, but it was still warmer than being outside.
Finally getting into Eddie’s apartment, you dropped your bag and stripped off your now soaking wet jacket, scarf and shoes. Eddie did the same as he let out an exaggerated shiver “I’ll get you something warm.” He said as he moved through the house. You smiled to yourself as you heard him bump into something with a whispered curse.
Finding your way to the windows, you opened up the blinds to let in what light you could. You could see nothing through the white sheets of snow covering the window. ‘Well I’m definitely not getting home in this’ You thought to yourself.
Turning when you heard Eddie come back in, you saw him carrying a large sweatshirt of his. Taking it you thanked him before slipping it on, grateful for the warmth it provided. You noted the familiar scent of Eddie’s cologne as you slipped it over your head.
Glancing at Eddie, you saw him staring at you before suddenly looking away, clearly after realizing that he was staring. You smiled to yourself as you felt your cheeks heat up a bit.
“I’m gonna grab some candles and a couple flashlights before it gets too dark.” He said as he began to rummage around.
“Are you alright with me staying here tonight?” You asked a bit awkwardly “I don’t think I’ll be able to get home in this.”
‘“Of course!” He said as he came back with various candles and a couple flashlights. Dumping them on the table he looked over at you “You can take my room.”
“No, no, I’ll take the couch, it's fine.”
“Lighter, we’ll need a lighter, or I have matches?” Eddie talked to himself before he turned back to you “You don’t want the couch.” He said while pointing at you.
You glanced at him and then at the couch with a frown “...What’s wrong with it?”
“Oh, nothing, it’s just not that comfortable. But I’m used to it, I fall asleep there all the time. Please, take the bed, I insist.” He said as he came back, lighting one of the candles in the center of the table.
You nodded in acceptance. “Okay, thank you.”
He sighed as he stood up “Well. I guess I’m not finishing my article.” He said as he glanced around his room. Looking at you he shrugged “Scrabble?” You paused for a moment before letting out a laugh, which he smiled at.
- - - - -
“I can’t believe you won three times in a row.” Eddie said, a bit defeated as he rested his head on his hands. You giggled softly as you absent-mindedly wrapped your arms around yourself. The power was still out, the snow still coming down, and it was getting colder. Eddie seemed to notice as he lifted his head “Are you cold?”
“Huh?...Oh, yeah a bit.” You smiled softly.
“Let me get you a blanket.” He said, standing quickly. Before you could protest, he was gone, rummaging through his cupboards. A few moments later he came back with a blanket in hand. Sitting down next to you, he draped it over your shoulders, and gently rubbed your arms a bit as he did so “There ya’ go.”
You smiled at him, hoping your heavy beating heart was not audible as it pounded in your ears “Thanks Eddie.” As you wrapped the blanket around you, you felt a chill crawl up your body “It really did get cold fast didn’t it?” You said as you looked at the window. The sky had darkened as the evening came, but the white flakes could still be seen bouncing off and sticking to the windows.
Eddie watched you as he saw another chill come over you as you shivered. “Wow, you really are cold.” He chuckled.
You smiled a bit at him “The cold always gets to me pretty easily.” You admitted.
Eddie scooted a bit closer as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, rubbing your arms again in an attempt to warm you a bit. As he did so, you could feel warmth radiating from him, and subconsciously leaned in a bit. “How are you so warm?” You asked.
“Oh, uh-” He let out an awkward laugh “It has to do with Venom. My body temperature is higher now that he...well, now.”
“Oh, I see.” You nodded before smiling “You’re like a human heater.”
He chuckled again, “At least he can do something useful.” ‘Hey!’ Venom retaliated immediately, but Eddie ignored him, feeling his cheeks get hotter as you giggled at his comment. Realizing how close he was to you, as well as that he had you practically wrapped in his arms made him suddenly nervous. Slowly pulling away, he reached to the table “I should put this away. And I’m gonna see how many blankets I have.” He said as he rose, you nodded and watched him walk away, your heart still beating rapidly as you noted the disappointment once he let you go.
A few minutes later, Eddie came back with a perplexed look on his face “What’s wrong?” You asked.
“Uh, well, I only have like three blankets…” He trailed off.
“Three?” You asked amused. “Someones never had their heating go out.”
He shrugged a bit “But it’s okay, you can have them. I’m sure I’ll be fine.”
“No, Eddie, you’ll need some too. Venom can’t possibly keep you that warm, plus we have no idea how long this power outage will last. It might get freezing in here.” You trailed off for a moment as he scratched his head “I don’t mind if we share the bed...I mean, if you don’t mind that is.”
Eddie’s eyes shot up at this and he adjusted his stance ‘Oh, do it, say yes.’ Venom insisted, Eddie absent-mindley smacked the side of his head before taking a few steps over to you “Are you sure? That you won’t be..uncomfortable?”
You shook your head “I won’t. It’s not like we’re strangers Eddie.” You said with a bit of amusement. “Plus, I’d rather neither of us freeze to death.”
Eddie seemed to weigh it in his head for a moment before nodding “Okay. But, if I kick you in the middle of the night, or steal the blankets, feel free to push me out of the bed.” He said with a smile, making you giggle.
- - - - -
After a while of talking about the story, and how Eddie should finish writing it, you both grew tired and headed into the bedroom.
Eddie gave you some of his sweatpants to wear, as well as a sweater. After you changed you came into the bedroom with Eddie sorting out the bed, placing the blankets he had evenly on the bed. Looking up at you he smiled a bit as he noted how cute you looked in his clothes.
He cleared his throat a bit, “Do you have a favorite side?”
You smiled a little “No, not really.”
“Good, ‘cause I’m a lefty.” He said, making you chuckle.
After climbing into the bed, you shivered a bit as the cold sheets seemed to reach through your clothes and to your skin. As you got comfortable you laid facing the wall, Eddie behind you. “Goodnight Eddie.” You said softly.
“Goodnight.” He replied.
You knew you were tired, but your mind refused to let you sleep, so you stared into the darkness of the room. The awareness of Eddie’s presence in the bed behind you, almost overwhelming. As you tried to get your mind off of it and get yourself to fall asleep, you felt the cold seeping into the blankets as you curled up a bit, a shiver running through your body uncontrollably.
After a few more minutes of shivering, you felt Eddie turn over in the bed. Making you aware again of his presence. “Y/n?” His voice suddenly said, quietly and much closer than you would expect.
“Yeah?” You asked.
“You’re really cold aren’t you? I can feel you shivering from over here.”
You let out a soft chuckle. “Yeah, sorry.”
“No, no, it’s okay, I’m not bothered by it, I just...Do you mind if I..I mean, I can, since I’m warm, like a heater…”
Before he could really get the words out, you turned around and faced him. You could just make out his silhouette in the darkness. “Yes please. I hate being cold." You said with a soft laugh, though for a moment, heat was provided to you by your own nervousness.
You heard him let out a soft laugh before he scooted closer to you. As you felt his arm wrap around you, you scooted closer as well, your head pressing into his chest, as he rested his own head on top of yours. You were immediately engulfed by his warmth, and his familiar scent calmed your nervousness a bit. “Thank you Eddie.” You said, though your voice was muffled by his sweatshirt.
“Any time Y/n.” Eddie said softly as he tightened his arms around you a bit.
As your shivering began to stop, you felt sleepiness begin to take over again as your eyes grew heavy. The warmth of Eddie’s embrace, the sound of his steady breathing, and the sound of his heartbeat seemed to lull you to sleep.
As Eddie held you and felt himself beginning to fall asleep, he couldn’t help the smile that crept onto his face. He always desired to hold you in his arms like this, and knew it would be nice. And now knowing that it was better than nice, he never really wanted to let you go.
xx End xx
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Slither From Eden
Pairings: Soft Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: Steve offers you protection but at a cost. Post-Apocalyptic AU
Wordcount: 6.7k
Warnings: violence, mentions of blood and gore, militarized camps for civilians, physical violence, somnophilia, noncon oral (f receiving), dubcon sex, vaginal penetration, creampie
A/N: Finally! My entry for the @basementwiveswritingchallenge is here! Took me long enough lol Anyways, dark fics are amazing idk why people are whiny about it. If it ain't for you, don't read. Let us dark fic heathen be.
|| Masterlist ||
Tumblr media
You shouldn’t be alive.
The words are in a loop in your head. There was a continuous commotion around you consisting of blurred faces and moving bodies. Everyone was busy while you sat on the back of an armored truck, shaking uncontrollably from what had just occurred.
Your little village, really just a crumple of tied up huts strategically placed amongst each other, was destroyed overnight. The lookout had fallen asleep in his drunkenness and tipped over the kerosene lamp. A fire spread and the creatures who roamed the night for blood had spotted him, along with your people.
As the sun rose and the snarling had stopped, your surroundings had gone eerily quiet. Those who choked in their own blood had stopped sputtering now. Those who cried for help had gone mute.
Why did you survive?
Someone had found you just a little before the sun was its highest. A hand on your shoulder had you screaming bloody murder, kicking and clawing to get away from them until something pricked at your neck that made you calm down. Questions were asked of you but no words came out of your mouth. You knew that if you uttered even a sound, the horrors of last night would come out in a vomit of hysteria.
“She’s the only survivor. Everyone else is…” you hear a woman’s voice. The pity in her tongue obvious with her lack of words.
“We’ll take her back to the Compound with us,” another man nods in understanding. The world had become ruthless, you wouldn’t survive out here. “She might be of use.”
You curled within yourself, ignoring the stares directed at you. You didn’t know what they meant and you didn’t want to find out. There was no use, you shouldn’t be alive.
You were pronged and prodded, scrubbed until your skin was marked with whatever brush they used, then given a thin sheet medical gown that was supposed to serve as clothing. You looked around the medical wing, almost empty except for the staff. And of course, the eerie presence of soldiers standing straight with their backs against the white walls, rifle at the ready as their eyes continuously fleeted to the surroundings.
You know that this was supposed to be a rescue but why do you feel more like a trapped animal than a person even around this many humans? In the camp, people were scarce, you knew everyone and everyone knew you. Their business was yours and vice versa. Here, you had a hard time keeping up with faces and no one gave their names.
You kept your head down, not wishing to stand out. That was how it was in your village—blend, fit in, go with the flow if you wanted to survive the night. Everyone played a role, each member served a specific purpose. You calmed yourself, convincing your brain that this place was going to be just like your camp before, despite having a bigger perimeter and more inhabitants. Play a role, be of use. Continue surviving.
“When was the last time you bled?” the nurse in white scrubs shakes you out of your stupor. You opened your mouth but only a stutter came out. The question didn’t seem relevant so why would they ask.
“I… I don’t remember,” your voice is raspy when it comes out, sounding far different from how you remember it. Maybe it was the room’s effect. Or maybe it was the nerves.
The nurse hums vaguely, she ticks off things on her clipboard, writing rapidly while her eyes observed you. You shudder at the way she looked at you, making you wrap your arms over your own chest. You look down again, observing how your feet dangle above the floor.
“Give me an estimate at least. How many months?” she asks again, voice softer this time.
“Maybe six?”
She hums again before writing on the clipboard. You bow your head low, waiting for this to be over. Maybe you could ask questions now.
“Okay, she’s clear.” The nurse addresses one of the armed men standing by the wall. “Take her to the temporary living quarters, unit number seventeen. She’s still under code purple until the General clears her.” The soldier nods and accepts an opaque plastic bag from her.
You’re being ushered out of the medical wing and out into the sprawling fort. You’ve heard of it from the older people in the camp, talk about a secure facility lead by the most ruthless and cold blooded man whose boots left skid marks in rouge, a mixture of all the monsters he killed and all the collateral lives in pursuit of a greater safety. Never in your life in this damn apocalypse would you have imagined being within these high fences, inside the belly of the beast.
It’s safer out there. Run. Get out.
You wake up in a cold sweat in the dark. Your surroundings ringing alarm bells when the familiar scent of ground and a nearby pyre aren’t present. Instead you smell fresh linen and a faint hint of disinfectant. You crawl to a corner blindly and feel the walls for anything. Your knuckles hit a metal knob from above and you reach out to twist it, yelping when you see lights outside.
Once you pull the door wide you bolt into a dead run towards the woods. It was the only familiar place right now. You run full speed in bare feet, the grass soppy under your toes as you cross the field that separates you from what you deemed was home. You were thirty feet away now, gravel crunching with your weight as the tree line becomes clearer when you feel a painful jolt throughout your body.
You fall on the ground and writhe in pain, your body moving out of your control as the electricity goes through your every fiber. Your jaw clenches shut from the pain, eyes moving toward the trees. You were almost there.
When you’ve calmed down a bit from the shock you scream out in pain. You were panting, tears flowing out of your eyes. You could still make it. Even if you had to crawl out you would.
“What were you trying to do?” a voice echoes in the cold air, followed by the sound of boots on the gravel. You turn to your side and embrace your knees, like small prey trying to trick a predator that you were insignificant but the boots come nearer until they were right in front of you.
A sigh above you is heard when you didn’t answer. A warm hand touches your exposed arm and you flinch, not expecting it. Not when it was the last thing in your mind right now.
“Jesus, you’re freezing,” the voice says exasperatedly before something thick and warm covers your body, “let’s get you warmed up.” You’re suddenly lifted from the ground, carried into the arms of the person speaking. You didn’t mean to but when his warm chest touched you, your instinct was to wrap your arms around his neck. He shivers as your cold fingers make contact with his skin and you almost wanted to say an apology.
“Let’s see… Where did you come from?” he hums as he tries to look for clues and finds the only open door from the nearby quarters, “ah, there we go… What scared you so much that you ran away from your designated home, little one?”
His voice is smooth and warm as he asks you. You didn’t know what scared you or what prompted you to run on the first sign you could. You felt his eyes on you but the embarrassment of sounding incoherent had you burying yourself further into the man who was carrying you as if you weighed nothing. He chuckles at your nonverbal response and you find the sound pleasant.
You’ve calmed enough now that your other senses resumed working. Now you could smell the night air, crisp and cold. And you could smell him. The smell of perspiration mixed with cologne—bergamot, oak moss, lavender. The smell of man. Your stomach flips a little at the thought that you were being held by a man right now. The longest you’ve been held in your life really.
The moment he steps inside the place you ran out on the change in temperature was prominent. Even the air within the walls were thicker. Which meant that your nostrils was completely overtaken by the scent you’ve been trying to absorb while being carried.
The lights turn on and you whine, earning another chuckle from the man holding you.
“I’m going to set you down for a second so I can adjust the temperature in here. Then we’ll talk. Is that all right?” he asks you, voice like butter. You didn’t want him to put you down but you had no right to inconvenience him either. Hesitantly you nodded and he lays you down gently on the bed you fell off of earlier. He picks up the fallen blanket on the floor and shakes it twice before covering you with it.
He fiddles with a small screen on the wall and warm air blasts through the vents right after. You exhale, lowering your guard a bit as the temperature becomes comfortable. You sigh and attempt to sit up when the man returns to your bed, sitting beside you.
“Comfortable?” you nod at him and sit against the headboard, tucking your knees near your chest. “Alright, tell me your name.” It wasn’t framed to be a question so you answer urgently, voice raspy and low. He smiles and nods again. “Nice to meet you. My name is Steve. Can you tell me why you ran straight into the electric fence?”
You bow your head at the question, sucking in air. You didn’t know how to answer it. You felt his gaze over you, a scrutiny that was hidden behind concern.
“It’s alright. You’re not in any trouble, little one.” Steve places his hand on your knee, his thumb gently rubbing on it soothingly. You look up at him, almost taken aback by how close he was and how much he was towering over you despite being seated on the same space as you were. He gives you a gentle smile, plump lips stretching out shortly as he waits patiently for your answer. His eyes, you noticed just now, were deeply blue and warm.
It’s not safe here. You’ll never be safe here.
You swallow and shake the thought from your screaming brain. The way Steve looked at you was of pity—soft and worried, he wasn’t poised to harm you. Not now at least.
“I…” he urges you with a gentle squeeze and you swallow up your nerves, “I was—I woke up feeling scared because I couldn’t smell grass or the dirt and I—I was trying to go to somewhere familiar…”
“And the woods seemed familiar?”
“Yes… I lived in a camp well within the woods before… before—“
“It’s alright, little one. I understand.” Steve suddenly wraps you in his arms, hand cradling the back of your head as he pulls you to his chest. Your hands were trapped between the both of you as you tried to think of what to do next. When he doesn’t relent his hold on you, your hands slowly move on their own, around the massive man and return his embrace. When you relax in his arms, Steve seemed to hold you even tighter, closer.
You feel his lips on your hairline, soft and almost ghostly. Like he wasn’t sure he was allowed to do it and you weren’t sure why you weren’t protesting. This was new, being held without any obvious intentions except to help you feel secure.
There’s a knock on your door that helps break the spell and Steve’s hold along with it. He lets you go, albeit hesitantly, directing you to lie down and rest before he stands and opens the door. You do as you’re told but follow his movements, eyeing uniformed men outside your door when he opens it. They speak in hushed tones, standing straight and formal while they address Steve with urgency. Steve’s back is straight, shoulders menacingly large as his posture changes. The aura he gives off is different from when he was holding you, even speaking with less patience and terser to the people at the door.
A chill runs through you when he raises his voice and the soldier visibly flinches. Steve runs a hand over his face and sighs in concession, telling the men to wait out in the cold before he turns to you, door still ajar.
“You’re needed somewhere else,” you hated the way you sounded small as you spoke just as Steve kneels beside your bed. He takes in air as if to fuel what he was about to say next but he stops and only looks at you despondently.
“I am, little one,” he sighs, lifting a hand to cradle your face and you close your eyes as his warmth spreads from the spot he touches, down to your neck and all throughout your chest. Steve rubs a thumb softly on your cheek then moves it over your bottom lip. You whimper at the gesture as your core blooms with abandoned need. “But I will see to it that you are taken care of and safe within the Compound grounds. I’ll see you soon.”
He places a kiss on your forehead, lips lingering on your skin and searing you right through your skull.
“Be good while I’m gone.” He bids you as a soldier returns by the door, clearing their throat to call his attention. “No more running towards the electric fence and the woods.” With that Steve stands and heads for the door.
You sit up suddenly just as the door closes behind him. You barely knew this man so why did you feel like he was the only benign variable in your new and unfamiliar surroundings. Why did you need Steve to stay?
You were roused the next morning to the sound of yelling outside your door followed by the banging noises from the other side of your wall. You scrambled to your feet and stood on the furthermost corner from the door, trying your best to make yourself look smaller in the hopes that the commotion does not reach you.
Your heart pounds in your own ears as your door busts open. You see a glimpse of the chaos that erupted outside. People were getting dragged away by uniformed men while the sun was barely in the sky. You scream as one of the soldiers reach for you and grab you by your arm.
“Please! Please, what is happening? Where are you taking me?” you pull back, digging your heels on the cold tiled floor. Your eyes blurry with the tears of your pleas.
The soldier does not say anything and grips on your arm even harder, yanking you outside to the cold morning. You look around and whimper as you see the others similarly situated as you, still in their sleep clothes now muddy as they are pushed barefoot into a line. You are shoved forward and you fall on your knees, the thin clothing dirtied by the wet earth beneath you. Soldiers yell at you and you force yourself on your feet to take your place in the line.
The queue moves forward as your mind races for possible escape routes, looking as subtly as you can over your surroundings. Your eyes are drawn to the woods beyond the invisible fence, to the world outside currently occupied by monsters from outer space that wiped off three-quarters of the population while the remaining fought tooth and nail for the most basic of things needed to survive.
You can run out there. You’re more likely to survive outside, right? You’ve done well for the past two years.
Lies. You’ll die within the hour.
Your brain scoffs at you. You scrunch your nose at the intrusive thought. Merely hours ago it had told you that it wasn’t safe here. A couple hours of sleep in a warm bed and now it’s going back on its word. The traitor.
You wrap your arms around yourself and try to analyze your situation. The cold wasn’t that bad, you tell yourself, you’ve been through worse. Aside from the dirt in your body and clothing, you are unharmed. The queue moves again and you look to the front of the line where people in medical scrubs were sorting out those ahead of you. You could make a run for it—
Then you see a man push away a soldier and head to the direction you were previously aiming for. He makes it about fifty meters away before the electric fence makes itself known and the man shakes violently before passing out on the ground. The soldiers carry his limp form away from the crowd and behind a building. You gulp in a huge breath.
Then you remember Steve. Shit. Had he not found you last night, the soldiers would have taken you away and not return you to your room. Be good while I’m gone. Steve’s voice echoes through your head. Simply enough, you could follow orders until you could see him again. He looked important, he could definitely help you.
They lead you to a small room with no windows and no lights. The voice in your head echoes threats and despair as you huddle with your knees in a corner, shaking as the icy concrete bites at your skin. You stopped asking for help about four hours ago. Stopped yelling an hour after that and stopped crying for about thirty minutes now.
You had followed the instructions given to you by the woman in scrubs—swallowed the pills in the cup she gave you, offered your arm freely to be tagged and even managed to give her a small smile. You thanked her for crying out loud, in the hopes that getting in their good graces you could ask about Steve. But no, you were lead down a flight of stairs until you were shoved through a metal door. The worst part was that you were the only one from your line to be brought here. What had you done differently from the others that would warrant a different treatment?
Your tears started again after that thought, followed by a throbbing just above your eyes. There was no escape. No one knows you’re down here, nobody cares.
The metal door unlatches and the light beyond it hurts your eyes. You sniffle and cover your face with your arm as a huge figure steps through it. Lights switch on and whimper from the blinding effect it has.
Suddenly you are pulled to your feet and shoved to face the wall.
“Why are you here?” the familiar voice causes goosebumps to spread all over you. You move to look at him but a hand on the back of your neck prevents you, shoving your cheek deeper on the cold wall. “Answer.”
“S-Steve—I—“ you yelp when boots kick your feet apart, effectively choking you when your body drops a couple of inches lower.
“Why are you here?” his voice is louder now, more impatient.
“I—Steve, please.”
Your arms flail as you try to reach for the soldier who was holding you down, to have him relent his hold but he only gathers both your wrists behind your back and holds you even tighter. You cry at the force and you squeeze your eyes shut, fat tears rolling down your cheeks.
“Enough.” As soon as Steve says those words the soldiers lets you go and you drop to your knees on the concrete. Before you could turn around to look at the Steve, the door clangs shut and the darkness returns.
The questioning repeats three more times. The only measurement of time you had was the opening of the door. Steve being there to ask you why you were here meant a day had passed. Your eyes burning at the fluorescent lights every time he was around. Body aching from being dragged and slammed on the cement by gloved hands.
The same question at a different day. The same voice—the only voice—you’ve been hearing the whole time, except for yours which you barely recognize at this point. The pain and the cold was almost unbearable especially when you remember that you should have died back in the camp. But then the starvation flipped a switch in you. You wanted to continue. You wanted to know more of the small act of kindness you were shown.
You were waiting for Steve to arrive now, tears going dry since yesterday as numbness replaces everything else. You still shiver in the dark while you wait. The warmth the soldier provides temporarily as Steve goads you was a surprising reprieve and you almost berate yourself at how fucked up that sounds.
You’ve always been quick to adapt. You would fight new things, strange things but eventually you would bend and reposition yourself to make room for the new. You’ve done it before the world imploded in on itself, while you were surviving the inner city. Hood kids like you had to adapt or else the city would eat you alive. This was no different. You would suck it up and make sure you weren’t swallowed by the circumstance. Your life before wasn’t that different than the apocalypse.
The metal laches on the door begins to sound and you automatically get on your feet, albeit weak and wobbly, then position yourself to face the wall, hands folded behind you. You place your cheek on the wall and spread your feet apart.
You expect to be pushed again but it does not come. Instead you feel warmth envelope you as a familiar scent hits your nostrils. Steve’s jacket perches on your shoulders as his hand reaches for your chin. Your bottom lip trembles as he gently turns you to look at him, pulling your body closer to his own and the heat he radiates makes you cry again.
“Sshh, little one. Such a good girl positioning yourself without being asked,” he coos as fresh tears stream down your face. His large, warm hand cups your face and you couldn’t help but lean on it, eyes closing as you savor his touch, gentle and welcoming. “But I still need you to answer my question.”
You nod and blink back your tears, shuddering as you try to control yourself.
“Why… are you here?” you exhale sharply as Steve abruptly cuts your air by placing his fingers around your throat. You stand on the tip of your toes as pushes you back against the wall.
Despite the lack of oxygen, you feel no sense of dread. Steve’s hand pressed on your skin should be threatening. It really should. But you only lick your lips as you stare back at him. His face is painted with authority but the glint in his eyes tells you he’s enjoying this and he’s hopeful that this time you answer correctly.
“I need to be safe—“ you rasp out and his hold on your hardens, your hands snapping up to hold his wrist as you struggle, “need to be p-protected—“
Your vision swims as your tears flood your eyes, black spots filling your periphery. The last thing you see is Steve smiling down at you before everything goes dark. Your body goes limp in Steve’s hand and he picks you up before you hit the floor.
He carries you in his arms like a new bride and exits the room, taking the stairs up two at a time in long purposeful strides. As Steve gets out in the sun, he raises his chin to the light and sighs happily. You did better that he originally thought, broke longer than he had planned but it was beautifully presented to him. Your compliance was such a good way to start his day.
You were so tired. Your body felt like a ton of bricks, limbs heavy as you try to move. You felt like you were sinking deeper and deeper, air scarce and you’re scared to take a mouthful in case you run out. You wanted nothing but to rest, cease running from one place to another in the hopes that you’d be safe. The world was cruel when it was normal and then it became incessantly loathsome after the apocalypse. There was no rest for weak ones like yourself. You stop moving, you die.
You stop moving and it is death. Your brain reminds you and you pull yourself together. Despite the weight over your entire being you try to wake yourself up. Warmth enveloped you as you gather your consciousness together. And then as you navigate wakefulness you feel your legs twitch, then comes the tingles on the tip of your fingers. Slowly, slowly, slowly you come back.
Another tingle, you try to look for it, locate the source. Mmm… a low sound comes from your throat, more warmth gathers in your chest. Pleasure. Pleasure? You frown at that. In your whole existence that word has never made an appearance in your head. Not once. Curious, you seek for it again. Mmm… more… More? You look around in your head, trying to find it when it hits you in the middle of your stomach. Slowly it spreads until it bubbles all over you.
You reach out and you feel something just below your navel. You moan again and this time it finally rouses you awake. You blink and see a curtain billowing in the wind, warm and soft sunlight coming from outside the window, soft sheets beneath you. Then you notice the warmth in your belly, you reach for it and you find yourself clutching onto a head of hair.
Another strike of pleasure erupts down in your legs and you kick one out while fisting the hair in your fingers. Blonde hair and blue eyes meet yours and your ears pick up the noises from the room. Another moan, a hum, and the sound of something wet, something being slurped.
You try to sit up, using your elbows to push yourself off from the unfamiliar bed. Between your legs, you find Steve spreading your thighs open as he ate you out, tongue darting in and out of his mouth, suckling on the bud hidden in your folds.
“Good, you’re finally awake.” He smiles up at you before returning to suckling, making you buck your body towards him. The coil tightens within you as Steve focuses solely on your throbbing clit. He was relentless with his tongue while palm held you down as you squirmed for relief. You push his head away but stop when hot lightning strikes your body and you scream soundlessly before you plop back down to the bed.
You gasp and pant as your body recovers while Steve kisses a trail up your body until he reaches your neck, suckling on a spot below your ear. You lay spread open underneath him.
“Good morning,” he smiles down at you and gives you a chaste kiss on the lips. You feel the wetness you caused on his face, the smell of your release sticky in the air. “You’ve been asleep for three days. I held off as much.”
You blink at his words and push him off of you.
“You violated me,” your voice is small as you gather the sheets around you, trembling with the realization that you were entirely naked in this bed, and so was Steve. You peeped the angry, bobbing thing between his legs and fear for the worst. “You took me while I was unconscious.”
“Of course not. I only had a taste, little one.” He was lying on his side, head supported by his palm, smiling at you like what he did was any better. He had his mouth on you while you were out. You look at him aghast, confused, all in the same space. “I want you to look at me when I finally take you. Wanna see your pretty reactions when I make you cum on my cock.”
Your head snaps towards him. Then you look around the room, it could only be his, his jacket hanging on the back of a chair, framed photos on a corner table, his boots by the door. The door! You run towards it to Steve’s surprise and smirks at your sudden action. You disappeared outside his bedroom in a flurry of white sheets.
Steve takes his time getting out of the bed, slowly pulling on his pajama bottoms before going after you. Meanwhile, you were frantic downstairs as you navigated an exit away from this place, away from Steve—who you thought was going to help keep you safe. How naïve of you to think he would give a thing of such importance freely. You bump into things, almost smiling when breaking noises around you appear. He deserved his things broken, you thought as you finally reached a large door, you pull it aside to open revealing a vast lawn leading to a small wooden dock and a shimmering lake under the bright sun.
Without thinking it through you run towards the dock just as you hear Steve all out your name from the top of the stairs. You gather the sheets you stole around your body, you were almost away. Almost.
“Come back inside!” Steve calls out to you from his lawn, just before the grass ends. You look around hastily, looking for anything that would take you across the lake. “Your breakfast is going to get cold, come on.”
You look into the water. You could jump in and swim across. You could make it.
“You can’t swim across, little one. The center of the lake has the water filtration system, you’ll get sucked right in. Or if you do make across, you’ll just get picked up by my men. The barracks is directly across us.” You look back at Steve, eyes pleading to just let you go but he only returns it with a shake of his head before he extends a hand out. “You’re causing a scene, little one. People are worried.”
You look to where he points his head to and you see people yards away who seemed to be enjoying the morning, now stopping to stare at the deranged looking woman dressed in bed sheets.
“I’ll explain everything over breakfast.” You look again at Steve and you feel your stomach drop. You nod in defeat and take small, hesitant steps towards him again. But Steve eagerly meets you halfway on the dock, grinning like he just won a trophy, and carries you in his arms like a new bride. He then addresses your audience with glee. “Everything’s fine folks! Go back on about your day.”
You scarfed down the plate of food Steve gave you as he watched on from beside you, enjoying that you were eating what he made. You were starving having had nothing to eat for days while you were kept in the cold cell beneath the main building. Plus if what Steve said about you being asleep for days, it could easily mean that you haven’t had food in a week.
“Slow down, little one. No one is taking your food away,” he holds back your hair to not get in your face as you scoop up another spoonful of scrambled eggs from the plate. He was leaning on his palm, just watching you with so much adoration. You shudder when the tip of his fingers accidentally brush the skin on your neck, exposed from the too large of a shirt he gave you in exchange for his beddings.
You pulled away from him, sipping on the mug full of coffee and clearing your throat. “You said you’d explain. So please, explain why you—you—“
“Were eating you out while you were asleep?” your eyes widen at his crassness, cheeks heating up at the memory of seeing him go to town on you. The way his pink tongue moved with purposeful strokes, slicked up licks sucking on your bud, how beautifully debauched he looked through it all. You squirm a little in your seat, rubbing your thighs unconsciously. He smiles at you, looking down at your exposed legs and licks his lips. “Because you looked delicious, sweetheart. You have been in my bed for three full days and I always catch you asleep, splayed out, open like you were waiting for me. Like I said, I wanted to take you and make you mine but I would rather have the pleasure of you looking me in the eye while I split you open on my cock.”
“You are mine. I’ll fill you up with my seed every chance I get, you will do as I say because I’m the only one who could give it you like you deserve. I take you apart just to watch you break yourself, then put you together again. You won’t need for anything and anyone else but me.”
You shakes your head and stand from your seat, walking backwards and away from his until your back hits the kitchen counter, cold marble digging on your” skin. “What if I don’t want any of it?”
“Oh, but you do. You want it. You need it. And all of it will be only coming from me.” Steve stands to, gliding on the floor with graceful strides, powerful in his posture as he nears you. Cornering you like the prey you are. “Remember when I asked you why you were here. What were you seeking for?”
I need to be safe. I need to be protected. Your wailing echoes in your head. You got out of the cell because you had admitted that to Steve. You had admitted to yourself that you were tired of running, of the constant looking over your shoulder. You were sick of having to think where you would get your next meal and when death was going to take you. The campsite being destroyed and everyone around you dying horrible and painful deaths was something you never want to experience again.
“I can give those to you… I can give you so much more.” Steve was now in front of you, his large hands anchoring themselves on your hips as he towers over you. “I will give you myself…” he kisses your left cheek softly, “I will protect you with everything I have…” then your right cheek, “Love you with all that I am…” he hovers briefly before kissing you on your lips. Soft and tentative at first before he pushes deeper.
Safe. You’ll be safe. Let him keep you.
When he slips his tongue on your bottom lip, you exhale. The decision was not the hardest one. You shouldn’t be alive but it sure is still good to be breathing. You let Steve in.
He slides in as soon as you open up, his warm tongue exploring your mouth with languid strokes. He releases a wanton moan when you suck on it, sloppy sucking noises filling the kitchen bathed in the morning light.
“Fuck—“ Steve curses as he abruptly pulls away. A string of spit connecting his mouth with yours. He looks down at you, eyes blown as he pants heavily before lifting you in his arms. You wrap your legs around his waist and cradle his neck. He takes you back on the dining table and lays you there gently.
“I can’t wait anymore. I gotta have you now, little one.” Steve rips the shirt right down the middle and spreads you open before him. “Hold yourself open for me.” He commands as he pushes his pajamas down to reveal the red tipped monster you saw earlier. He looked even bigger now and you gulp audibly at the sight. He fists himself and strokes his cock a couple of times before aligning himself with you core.
“Wait—“ your protest dies in your tongue as he takes you immediately. You shout as pain sears your center. He was too big, you weren’t prepared.
“You’ll get used to me soon, little one. For now, just take it—take it.” His pace was rabid, quick but deep. You look down where you and him meet and you’re surprised that only a small part of him is visibly left when he pushes in. you grunt and close your eyes as you feel the fullness of him inside you. “So f-fucking tight—all mine, mine—“
You howl as he continues punishingly, each thrust knocking the wind out of you. But the more he does, the less painful it gets and the wetter you feel. With a groan you let go of your leg and reach for your clit to help yourself get there but Steve slaps your hand away.
“No! Play with your tits instead.” He commands and you obey, grabbing at your breast, pinching your nipples and rolling them around your fingers. You clench at the sensation and Steve growls when you squeeze him. He spits down on your clit before he rubs it with his massive fingers.
“Aghh—Steve please, I—please” what were you asking for? You don’t know but right now you felt electric.
“I got you—I got you—this cunt is squeezin’ the life out of me, you’re almost there,” he lifts your leg higher and plunges deeper in you, you moan again loudly and he knows that he’s hit the spot. He focuses on it as your hands scramble to hold on to something, to anchor you before you float away. You push yourself off the table for a second before you bring yourself down again. Incoherent noises were now coming out of you and Steve takes pride at your confused expressions. “Look at me, little one. Look at me when you come—I need to see you when you come—“
Just as you twist your head to face him your ears ring and your body spasms in a wrenched out orgasm. You scream out Steve’s name as he rides you through it, never relenting in his pace. When you’ve calmed down a little, he places both your feet over his shoulder and lifts your bottom off the table before thrusting harder into you again.
“You’re gonna look so good with my seed, sweetheart. You just wait—“ his thrusts were slow and hard, his balls slapping against your skin. You’re back to a babbling mess as his strokes hit you different this times, making you feel every inch of him. In and out, slick, sloppy noises coming from your flooded pussy. “So perfect, little one. So wet, so wet for me. Knew you’d be perfect--”
“Steve—I can’t—no more,” you tell him as you feel another orgasm building up. There is a heaviness in your stomach that blooms with each push he makes.
“You can—do it with me. Come on—almost, almost there,” the next push he makes causes you to fall over the edge again, just as powerful as the last one if not more. Steve reaches his own climax as well, triggered by you clenching around him. He spills inside you, satiated only by the knowledge that every last drop is now nestled in your walls.
He’s out of breath when he finally pulls out, his creams leaking out of your abused hole. He doesn’t mind when it drips out and onto the table, leaning over your body to give you a kiss. He smiles into your mouth, satisfied for the moment as your hot and sticky bodies make contact. He gathers your limp body in his arms again and heads for his bedroom up the stairs.
“I’ll give you ten minutes to rest then we go again,” he says as he kisses your neck, his cock starting to get hard again. “I’m filling up every hole in this body of yours.”
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Worth It
~5100 words of tickle fluff
This fic is a little different than the others. A bit of ruthless Loki, a bit of soft Loki, a bit of ler!Loki… by proxy. Special guest Thor.
Rating: PG13
CW: overtly suggestive humour, swearing, sleep deprivation (in case it’s triggering for some)
EDIT: Part Two now posted.
Tumblr media
“Beta test three point six. Ultra-strength cuffs. Subject is Loki of Asgard. Demigod, magical being-“
”Don‘t forget to mention incredibly charming and handsome.”
You shot Loki a look as you clicked the recorder off and picked up the cuffs from the table.
“It’s been a long while since I’ve let a woman restrain me,” Loki chided as you snapped the cuffs on. “Much less a Midgardian woman.”
You scoffed. ”You’d rather be restrained by men?”
”Depends on the man.”
”Hold still.” You rolled your eyes and shut the cuffs around his wrists, pulled the key out, then took a step back to examine how the nanotech created extra layers of security.
With all the alien threats the Avengers had faced recently, you’d decided, along with Tony and Bruce, that there needed to be a more effective way to take them in quietly. Handcuffs designed for humans simply weren’t strong enough in most cases, but maybe with Stark’s nanotech a device could be created, standard issue for Avengers, that could be used to subdue even the strongest inhuman threats.
Forever your bickering and bantering companion in the Compound, Loki couldn’t wipe the smug grin off his face from the moment you had to approach him and ask for him to submit to tests to make the cuffs work. Oh, many jokes were made. Most at your expense, most insinuating that you were enjoying this way too much.
”Not as tight as the others,” Loki commented. You two had a solid working relationship; while he was intentionally a mischievous pain in your backside at any chance he could get, he was also helpful. You’d earned his respect the second you met him and weren’t even slightly afraid of him.
You nodded and took a few steps back, “Try breaking free.”
Loki took a breath in and pulled his hands apart with all his might. The nano tech whizzed and whirred under the strain but the more he struggled the tighter it became.
”Perfect,” you breathed out and kept watching, arms crossed, one hand in front of your mouth allowing your fingers to nervously play with your lower lip.
“One moment, Agent,” Loki cautioned you before taking one last pull with all his strength. He winced a little as they fastened so tight under his strain, loosening off again when he stopped tugging.
“The tech converts the pressure of your struggle into a tightening of the metal slats,” you explained, walking forwards to admire your own creation.
“Well done,” he drawled. “They seem to work perfectly well. Now release me.”
You grinned and looked up at him playfully, “Oh, I don’t know, Loki… I kinda like you like this.”
”Ooh, Agent, say the word,” he teased right back with a grin. You chuckled and shrugged, walking around the back of him.
“You sure you can’t escape?”
“Quite sure.”
“Even if I do… this?” You reached out and poked either of his sides with a single finger. Entirely not expecting a reaction, you were shocked to see him flinch quite hard. “Oh, no way.”
”You’d be smart to release me now, Agent,” Loki chuckled good-naturedly, but there was an unconcealed tone of warning underlying the laugh.
”There’s no way you’re ticklish. I mean, come on, really?” You giggled and poked him once more on your way back to face him at his front. “You can’t expect me to let this go.”
“I’d never expect such a thing, knowing how tenacious you can be. Though, before you proceed I’d like to offer you the opportunity to consider your circumstances,” Loki deadpanned.
“Seems to me like you’re the one with unfavourable circumstances here, Your Highness.” You poked him again in the side and he flinched, hand clenching into fists beneath his bonds.
“Eh, yes,” Loki tipped his head to the side and smirked. “Although perhaps you‘d care to think in the longer-term.“
”Namely, your strength against mine and, might you consider, whether or not you could handle what I’d do in revenge.”
You poked him in the stomach this time and he flinched harder. “I’m not afraid of you, Loki. You wouldn’t hurt me.”
He chuckled darkly, and something in the mischief of his voice struck a nerve just enough to stop you from poking him again. “Darling, of course I’d never hurt you. You’ve already crossed the line so expect some small form of recompense, but-“
”Hold on a sec-“
”-BUT,“ he cut back in, viciousness dripping from this threats, “Should you touch me one more time I will not hesitate to hold you down and find every ticklish place on your body that turns you into a pleading, writhing mess,” he chuckled again, probably at seeing your cheeks flush warm. He leaned in a little closer and winked. “Now, is that really worth it?”
You cursed yourself as you felt your cheeks heat to a flaming pink, knowing Loki could see them. He chuckled and stood back up to standing height, smirking down at you.
“Darling, if the mere threat flustered you, you don’t stand a chance against me.“
“Shut up, Loki,” you mumbled as Tony walked back into the lab and you looked over to him. “Cuffs work on demigod strength.”
Tony clapped, “Excellent! Your lab rat work here is done for the day so get going, Reindeer Games. Let us listen to Zep in peace. Uncuff ‘im Einstein.”
You nodded and slid the key into the lock, the latches opened and Loki’s hands shot out towards you. You flinched and gasped but he retracted them before he actually made contact. Grinning maliciously, he winked at you and brushed past on his way out of the lab.
Later that day, you walked into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and read a few chapters of a novel to give your brain a break from the nanotech. It was kind of kicking your ass, but you wouldn’t admit that. Not to Tony. It all seemed so easy to him.
You briefly paused in the doorway when you saw Loki in the kitchen, sitting at the island with a cup of tea, reading.
“I will not dirty my hands with revenge today, Agent,” he sighed, sounding a little bored. “You need not lurk in doorways.”
You rolled your eyes and walked through to grab coffee. “I told you I’m not afraid of you.”
He looked up, but his eyes were fixed on the pot in your hands. “Haven’t you had quite enough of that today?”
“Woah, coffee police,“ you scoffed, even though it was your fifth cup. “I’m on a deadline.”
”Self-imposed, I’m sure.”
You rolled your eyes again and huffed. He knew you better than most. He knew you set impossibly high standards for yourself, attempting to keep up with the likes of Stark and Banner, even Peter. As much as Loki tried to assure you, in teasing or roundabout ways, that you didn’t need to prove yourself, you couldn’t let it go.
“I’m just taking a little break,” you said quietly, holding up your book in hand and walking through to the living room.
It was quite nice, your break. You were finally feeling yourself relax a little bit, losing yourself in the storyline of the historical fiction. Then, you saw a large bearded man peak over the couch, grinning down at you.
“Hey, Thor,” you gave him a quick glance before turning back to your page, though your concentration was quickly broken by his firm hand digging his finger into your belly. Shrieking and tossing the book aside, you grabbed his hand and attempted to push it away through your giggles.
”Whahat the hell!” You squeaked when he moved his hand to pinch at your lower ribs, more desperate laughs escaping you. “THOOOOR!”
“Hello, little one,” he beamed, before faking an evil laugh and reaching his other hand over the back of the couch to join the fray.
”Cut it ouhohout!”
You squeaked and shrieked again when his fingers dug into the spaces between your ribs. As he started trying to worm them higher under where your arms were clamped at your side, you shouted “NO!” and pushed yourself off the couch, landing on the floor in a still-giggling heap. Seething and getting up to your feet, you tried your best to look angry through your blush. “What the hell was that for?!”
“Ah, come now,” he grinned and waved a hand dismissively. “You don’t need to pretend with me. I enjoy seeing you laugh!”
“Wha-… what?”
“Loki told me how much you enjoy being tickled. Nothing to be ashamed of, it’s rather adorable.”
Your mouth fell open from shock, though you had to admire the mischievousness of it. Loki certainly lived up to his title.
“I- he-… I’m gonna kill your brother,” you growled, storming from the room to go see if Loki was still at his spot at the kitchen island. He was.
“Hello, Agent. I heard quite a commotion just before. What ever was so hilarious?
“Really?” You narrowed your eyes as you approached. “You sicced your brother on me?“
He didn’t even look up from his book. Bastard. “Consider it restitution for your little game in the lab.”
“Give me a break!” You placed your hands on the counter opposite him. “I gave you a few pokes, you set a demigod on me! And you think he’s just never gonna do that again?!”
“Hmm, yes, well perhaps you should have considered the consequences.”
”I’m going to even this out,” you promised with a surge of confidence, pushing yourself from the counter and shaking your head, jaw clenched into an incredulous smile. “You watch your back.”
He laughed, sharply and cooly, finally looking up from his book. “You haven’t got the nerve. You know I’d take you within an inch of your life.”
“Try me,“ you growled.
“Ooh, this should be fun,” Loki laughed again, clearly not believing you had the gall to live up to your words. He shot a glance at the doorway then looked back down at his book. “Hello, brother.”
Your head snapped to Thor in the doorway, still smiling and wiggling his fingers at you tauntingly. “Not right now, Thor,“ you said kindly, but firmly. He laughed and dropped his hands, walking through the kitchen to his next destination. You saw Loki smirk as he turned his page. Without another word, or sound, you walked back to the couch and picked up your book to finish your break.
It was harder to concentrate now as thoughts of revenge swirled through your head. Maybe, just maybe, you could channel this into figuring out how to shrink the cuffs. Abandoning your book on the table, you raced to the kitchen to refill your coffee before rushing back to the lab.
The following day, you still hadn’t figure it out. You’d had quite literally a sleepless night. Knowing Tony and Bruce wouldn’t approve, you’d snuck back to your room before sunrise to shower and refresh, change clothes, act like you hadn’t been up all night in the lab trying to crack the equation.
Loki was an early riser, so it didn’t surprise you to see him in the kitchen when you entered. He glanced at you with a brief morning greeting, then did a double-take with a more discerning look.
“What?” You mumbled.
“Did you sleep last night?”
”Is that a fresh pot?”
He couldn’t call you on your lie if you didn’t answer the question. Checkmate, Trickster God.
Not quite meeting his eye, you took the pot and filled a large mug before taking your leave. Loki hummed disapprovingly on your way out.
You had a bad day.
You tried hard not to let it show, but the times you emerged to grab more coffee you kept your head down to make it clear you weren’t in the space to have a pleasant conversation.
No matter how hard you tried, thought, theorised… it didn’t work. It didn’t make sense. Trying to excuse some of the feelings of impending doom as lack of sleep, instead of letting your mind trick you into thinking you’d be kicked off the team for not figuring out how to shrink the cuffs, you found it harder and harder as the day went on to feel okay about yourself. It also got harder to keep track of how many coffee’s you’d drank since you last slept. You’d lost track after number eleven.
After some convincing from Bruce to come join the Friday night hangout, you hung your shoulders in defeat and dragged yourself to the living room. You took your rest on a small two-seater couch and leaned your head against the arm of it.
“Long day?” Natasha smiled, gesturing to a bottle of wine on the table to offer you a glass. You held a hand up to politely decline and nodded, pinching the bridge of your nose to relieve some tension.
“Lots of numbers that don’t make sense,” you looked up to see Bruce walk in with some takeout. “Hey, you know your theoretical physics software can be a real bitch,” you laughed. He grinned and sat himself down near Nat.
“Nothing you can’t handle.”
“I admire your faith in me.”
As more people started filtering into the room you sat up and tried to be a bit more cheerful, chipper and engaged in the conversations. Though it wasn’t quite working. Really, you kind of just wanted to crawl into bed and watch some trashy TV to regain the strength for another long night in the lab. Scrolling through the options in your head, you were brought back to reality by two large hands on your shoulders.
“You look down, little one,” Thor’s kind voice came from behind you as he squeezed your shoulders fondly.
“Just tired,” you smiled up at him. “There’s a certain piece of equipment kicking my ass a little, I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon.”
“That you will. Though you still look sad.”
The playful tint in his voice immediately brought your mind back to yesterday. You looked over at the couch Thor had tickled you on and saw it filled with your teammates. The room was filled with your teammates, except for maybe three or four who were still getting dinner. Then, your eyes shot to Loki‘s tall and regal form gracing the room with his presence as he entered from the kitchen and quickly noticed the position you were in, smirking and making his way over.
“I-I’m not sad, Thor,” you smiled sweetly up at him again. “Seriously. Just tired. I only need some rest. Maybe I should-“
“Are you alright, Agent?” Loki joined Thor behind the couch and feigned concern. “You look down.”
“I’m not down, I’m- AH!” You yelped a little when Thor’s fingers met your sides, giggled bubbling over when he kept squeezing with more intent. “Wahait,” you pushed at his hands and made to stand but he pulled you back towards the couch and continued his attack.
“Well now this is adorable,“ Tony’s snarky voice boomed, drawing attention to your predicament.
“Thohor, I dohon’t- Thor plehease,” you squeaked a little when his fingers hit your lower ribs, earning a few muffled laughs from the people who were paying attention. With all the strength you could muster you pushed yourself from his fingers, from the couch and spun, holding your hands out in defence.
You knew what to say to get Thor to back off. You knew Thor couldn’t stand being publicly bested by his younger brother.
“THOR!” You panted, urging him to listen. “Loki tricked you. He told you I like being tickled to get back at me for giving him a few pokes in the lab, but he told you that to trick you.”
Thor side-eyed his smirking younger brother, then without another moment of hesitation he grabbed Loki around the bicep and pulled him to the ground with a war cry.
“Woah!” You instinctively took another step away from the brawl taking place as the brother hurled strong limbs and words at each other. You couldn’t really see what was going on, but you could deduce they were engaged in some kind of wrestling.
“Brother, UNHAND ME!” Loki’s harsh growl rose over the scuffle.
“Come, little one!” Thor called to you through grunts.
“Huh?!” Confused, you peaked over the couch to see a seething trapped Loki, pinned in a precarious position by his older and stronger brother. Thor was half sitting up, strong biceps wrapped around his younger brother’s arms to pin then behind his back. His legs hooked around Loki’s knees to immobilise him. Loki snarled and tried to thrash but he was pinned in such a way that didn’t allow it.
”THOR!” Loki bellowed and tugged on his older brother’s hold.
“Come,“ Thor breathed heavily from the scuffle, then gave a half-smirk half-grin. “Come take your revenge.”
“The girl is too smart for that,” Loki laughed and shot you a menacing stare. The look had its desired effect - you felt really hesitant about Thor’s offer.
“Don’t you want to even it out a bit?” Thor asked, tightening his hold on his squirming younger brother.
”I-... Uh…”
“Don‘t break my windows, please!” Tony called. You turned to see half the room interested in the scuffle, half in their own conversations. It wasn’t too uncommon for some kind of playful physical altercation to occur, so you figured some conversations were a bit more interesting.
“Last chance, little one,” Thor strained to hold his brother, but was clearly not at risk of being overpowered.
“I told you she’s too smart for that,” Loki scoffed, giving you a deviously warning glare.
But you saw something in that glare other than maliciousness, or a threat, or the pure mischief of Loki. You saw a tiny glimmer of unease, and you knew what you had to do. Fatigue be damned. You turned to the older Odinson.
“Hold him still, Thor.”
Loki growled a laugh and struggled again, “You have no idea what you’re doing.”
“You’re right. I don’t.” Turning to Thor as you made your way around the couch, you smirked and tried to arm yourself with confidence. “Thor, you know him best. What spot will make him beg for mercy?”
“Oh-ho,” Loki snarled again as you kneeled in front of him. “You will not know the sweetness of mercy when I get my hands on you.”
That threat made you choke a bit, but you digressed. After all, Thor’s tickling wasn’t that bad. How much worse could Loki’s be?
“Well, if you’re already going to do it, there’s no reason for me to not get you now,” you shrugged teasingly, looking back up at Thor. “So where’s that spot again?”
“Try his ribcage, no a little higher,” you reached your hands out and looked to Thor for guidance as he directed you to the right place. Loki tensed and uttered more threats as he tried to pull himself away from your approaching fingers. “A little higher… there.”
You rested your fingertips on the spot and locked eyes with Loki, stone cold glare on your face.
“Looks like I do have the nerve.”
When you sprang your fingers into action, he shook, but didn’t laugh. You could see him struggling to hold it in so, with more confidence, you dug harder and spread your fingers wider, wiggling them into every gap you could find until.
”HA!” A single laugh escaped him and he threw his head back, an unwilling grin on his face. Concentrating on that same spot, you switched the method and tried pinching at his middle rib, drilling into the place where his back met his side. Then, finally, he broke.
Laughter spilled from the dark-haired Asgardian as you tickled him mercilessly. No matter how he tugged against his brother, Thor held fast and egged you on as you kept your fingers going, amused grin on your face. Moving your fingers lower to target his stomach, Loki twitched and pulled a bit more as you scrunched ten fingers against the soft fabric of his shirt, targeting the skin just above his navel.
You grinned harder as deep belly laughter erupted from Loki, marvelling at how care-free he sounded despite his position.
“This is gold,” you laughed to Thor who watched you with his own amused grin.
“He is rather sensitive, my brother. Though I must warn you, his revenge will be tenfold.”
Still confident from reducing Loki to the writhing mess he’d threatened to make you, you shrugged cockily and rolled your eyes. “Yeah, whatever. How bad can it be.”
“Oh, it can be bad,” Thor laughed, then grimaced a little. You caught his sheepish eye and slowed your hands, allowing Loki to catch his breath a little. The tiredness started creeping back in, and so did the realisation that this may have been the nail in your coffin.
“B-but not… not like bad, bad. Right?”
“Oh, Loki is truly merciless. The things he can do with his magic does not help the case of his victim,” Thor laughed a little, then his face fell when he saw your concerned look. “Surely he warned you there would be retribution.”
You retracted your hands entirely and shuffled back a little bit as Loki came down from your attack.
“Not retribution that even another god is afraid of! What’s the matter with you?!”
“FRIDAY, prepare the Funeral March.”
You whipped around to see Tony, Bruce, Nat and Steve all looking on, very amused. Even Wanda and Vision seemed to have half an ear out in the midst of their conversation.
“Why did you let me do that, Thor?!” You shoved his leg a little and your heart started pounding in your throat as Loki’s dark chuckle emerged from his hair in disarray. His eyes met yours, filled to the brim with the murky darkness of viciousness.
“Loki, I’m-“
“Oh that was a mistake,” he chuckled, pulling once more on Thor’s grip. Thor gave a noise of concern and looked around to see if anyone could also sense Loki slipping.
”Hey, uh, Einstein?“ You snapped your head back to see Tony attempting a straight face. “You might wanna run.”
“Yes,“ Loki growled, his renewed vigour helping him to begin sliding out of Thor’s hold. “Run while you can, Agent.”
“Little one, I am-“ Thor grunted and shot you an apologetic look. “I’m losing grip- UGH!” He struggled to hold his younger brother as Loki’s arms twisted and tried to pry themselves away from his grip.
You swore loudly and leapt over the couch, making a break for the door as your teammates shouted encouragement, taunts and condolences your way. As you exited through the kitchen and into the hallway you cursed yourself for being so stupid, desperately trying to remember the best places to hide in the compound. With the last burst of energy you had, you tried to pick up your pace a little. But your head spun, your legs felt like concrete.
How bad could it be? It‘s just tickling, it’s only-
”HERE HE COMES!” Some faint voice, maybe Tony’s echoed down the halls as you rounded another corner. You heard a chorus of laughter, and it all twisted your stomach into a big knot and your brain into a big exhausted mess.
You knew you couldn’t outrun him, so your only chance was to hide. He probably wouldn’t expect you to leave the compound, so maybe that was the best chance. You forgot to carry the three, you idiot. That’s why the cuffs wouldn’t shrink. To quite literally flee the scene of the crime. Or maybe you should just give up, not try to delay the inevitable. Was there something wrong with the tech? Save your energy, since you’d apparently need it.
Breaking out of the hallway in the large foyer, your mind raced as you looked at the multiple options for escape. How could you know which one to take? The nanotech doesn’t work with vibranium? It should. Maybe the stairs. The stairs seemed like a good choice.
Like blows from an opponent, waves of fatigue crashed into you one after the other as you tried to make the most simple decisions.
Where to run? All the numbers in the lab, the threats to take you within an inch of your life, why didn’t the equation work, what was Loki going to do. Which hallway, which staircase. That equation SHOULD HAVE WORKED.
Breathing deeply as a deep wave crashed over your head and seeped into your frantic and frayed brain, you sank to the floor and put your hands over your head to try to make it all quiet.
Too many options.
What would he do to you.
Too much, too many decisions, too many numbers, too-“
You felt, more than heard, an underwater voice. Then you felt a presence at your side, two hands meeting yours and taking them from your ears.
You flinched and looked up to see Loki kneeling beside you.
Even in the dark you could see the concern painted across his face. His brows furrowed, he scanned your features and rubbed his thumbs over your hands soothingly.
It was all quiet, save for the sound of your breathing.
“Sweet girl, did I scare you so badly?” He spoke in a soft gravelly voice, almost laughing nervously. “This was only ever meant to be a game.”
”I can’t figure it out,” you whimpered and your head spun, falling to the side a bit. ”I can’t figure out why it didn’t work, or which hallway to take or how to escape or-or why the equation didn’t work or-I c-can’t figure it out and-”
“Come now,” Loki tried to help you to your feet but you wouldn’t budge.
“You can do it here,” you mumbled, closing your eyes. “The marble is nice and cool.”
He sighed a little and sat beside you, holding his hand under your chin and forcing your face up to be level with his. You opened your eyes and on any other day you maybe would have flinched with how close his face was to yours, but instead you let him examine your tired eyes, taking the chance to pick up the hues in his.
“When did you last sleep?”
You shrugged, looking away. “A couple days ago I think, maybe, I dunno. Seriously Loki I can take my medicine, just do it.”
“Another time, perhaps.” He moved from his knees to his feet, crouching and slinging one arm under your waist, another under your knees. As he lifted you with ease you let yourself relax in his hold. “Why have you not slept?” He asked in a way that was both gentle and firm as he walked up the stairs towards where the bedrooms were located.
“I’ve been so busy and I haven’t been tired I just... wanted to figure out the equation.”
Loki sighed and watched as you shut your eyes again, no matter how hard you fought to keep them open. The stress of work, the lack of sleep and too much coffee combined with the last burst of adrenaline you had taken run from him must have drained you completely.
“W-wait, I think I have an idea,“ you slurred from your place in his arms and struggled a bit. “I need to go to the lab.”
“Absolutely not,” Loki held you tighter against him and looked down at you with concern as you easily gave up the fight and relaxed against him once more.
“But I think I know,” you whispered before taking a deep breath.
He found your room and opened it with his elbow, careful not to hit your head on the doorframe on the way in. Not bothering to turn the lights on, he made his way over to your bed and placed you on top of it, reaching over to remove your shoes.
“Yeah, nice call,” you mumbled in your delirious state. “Mmmy feet are really ticklish so that’ssss a good call,” you slurred and turned your head on the pillow. Loki only let out a brief laugh through his nose, shaking his head and smiling despite himself. Once your shoes were on the floor he pulled back the covers underneath you, then replaced them on top.
”Rest, Agent,” he spoke low and the baritone notes of his wishes pulled at your mind.
“Nnno, I need to figure it out, I need-“ You tried to sit up but his palm met the side of your head and gently guided it back to the pillow. The last thing you heard before sleep overcame you was his rich low voice uttering some foreign tongue you did not recognise. The last thing you felt was the care with which he brushed the hair from your eyes and tucked it behind your ear. Then, sleep became you.
Loki breathed in relief when he saw he had not lost his touch using the Asgardian sleeping charm his mother had taught him. Staying a moment or two, to make sure you were not somehow faking it and would leap down to the lab the second he turned his back, he let himself brush a few more strands of hair away from your face. Then, he left you to rest.
“It’s too quiet. You didn’t kill my scientist, did you?” Tony chirped from the corner where he was pouring himself another drink, joking with his former enemy as he sauntered back into the room.
Loki smirked, dusting his sleeves. “I believe she’s learned her lesson.” He cleared his throat and picked up his glass from a side table, daring to steal a glance at Thor - who knew it was far too soon for Loki to have already completed his revenge.
“Eh, she probably needed the lightening up,” Bruce grimaced with a laugh, shrugging and leaning back into the couch.
“Yes,” Loki drawled. “I fear I may have taken all the girl’s energy. If you may, excuse her tardiness at her workstation tomorrow. She’ll need the sleep.”
There were a few laughs and sympathetic comments around the room, then the conversation quickly changed course.
Loki stole another glance at Thor as he brought his glass to his lips, taking in the smell of pure liquor. Thor was smirking knowingly, now realising he was a pawn in this little game. Truth be told, he was only happy enough to be able to facilitate his brother’s affection in some small way.
Resting his glass on his knee, finger playing with the rim, Loki sighed contently. You’d embarrassed him in front of these people, and he let you get away with it.
Oh, you were dangerous.
But as he thought about the way you’d snuggled into him, let him care for you, the small content noises you made as his sleep charm overcome you, the way he was able to be there for you - he decided, to experience all those precious things, a little embarrassment on his part was, most definitely, worth it.
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rodrikstark · 2 months ago
xu shang-chi x gn!reader
a/n from rodrikstark: this is not my work, just publishing it on behalf of this lovely, lovely nonnie! please reblog and leave comments to show your support 💕
a/n from the author: hello! i've been completely in my feelings about shang chi lately so i wrote this... we're in the middle of a brief cold spot and i've been sitting under the vent in some classes so this premise is real for me. i don't have too much experience writing self inserts/fics but i hope you like it! :)
By noon, it was becoming clear that the cold spell cast over the past few weeks was finally breaking, and Shang-Chi was glad for that. With the sun back in business, it was going to be just nice outside, the air bright and warm as he readied himself to head out and meet you after your morning class.
Something caught his eye just as his hand settled on the doorknob; your sweater was lying in a pile on top of the shoe cabinet. Clearly you'd set it down and then forgotten right as you rushed out, because you'd been complaining about the weather and the air conditioning in your college building and there was no way you'd have willingly left it behind. Shang-Chi picked it up, bundling the soft fabric under his arm—but then an idea struck him, and he reached for his own jacket instead, leaving your sweater draped across the back of the sofa.
"See you Tuesday!" your classmate called as you stepped out of the classroom. You tilted her chin at her in response, hands firmly clamped around your upper arms as you attempted to retain what little body heat you still had. Three hours in that room and your table under the air-conditioning vent had created your personal Arctic, and now all you could think about was getting to lunch with Shang-Chi. Maybe you could snag a booth and sit side by side and then you would lean into him and—
"Well, hey."
Shang-Chi fell into step beside you, touching your bare arm in greeting. The warmth of that brief contact created a shiver that rippled under your skin, and you managed a smile. "Hi."
You tried to press closer to him, but he moved his arm out of the way, reaching behind you. "How was class?" A hand tugged at the strap of your backpack, and you reluctantly let go of your upper arms, shrugging so that the backpack slid smoothly off your shoulders. Shang-Chi swung it upwards, slinging it over his shoulder. It was a perfectly normal, cute little backpack, just the right size for holding your notes and water bottle, but against your mountain of a boyfriend it looked positively tiny in his hands. "Got something for you."
"Oh?" you managed, trying to snuggle against his side again. You wished briefly that he would get the hint and put an arm around your shoulders. It's not fair that he gets to run so warm, it's like sharing a bed with a particularly muscular radiator at night.
"Noticed you left your sweater behind." There was no mistaking the smile in Shang-Chi's voice, but he didn't give you the chance to get irritated at him. Something soft and warm was placed around your shoulders, and you looked down in surprise. He'd pulled his jacket off and put it on you, and as you eagerly slipped your arms into the sleeves a pleasant shudder ran down your spine. The jacket, already cozy on the few occasions you had stolen it for yourself, had been warmed up by your boyfriend's body. Now you were completely surrounded by warmth, smelling vaguely of soap.
You hummed a short note gratefully, looking up into Shang-Chi's face. His smug smile said it all; he had totally anticipated this reaction. "Shut up," you whispered, although he hadn't said anything, and this time as you reached for his hand he let you grab it and press close to his side.
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gagmebucky · 3 months ago
“You’re a demon, you know that?” he breathes raggedly. “Acting like you’re so innocent when really you just wanted to provoke me into fucking you in front of all our friends. In the plain of day, fuck you full of me until it’s dripping down your thighs.”
in which bucky rails you in your sundress. (includes established relationship, dirty talk, mild creampie kink, unprotected sex.)
do not repost.
Your boyfriend is staring.
It’s nothing out of the ordinary. His gaze always ends up on you, a soft smile and adoration filled at the mere sight of you. But this time it's different, dark and openly obscene in the way he watches you, fixated on your every movement. 
All day, his gaze is burning hot. On an outing with your mutual friends, as you bounce and laugh in the mall, his eyes never divert from you. As you bounce and laugh with your group in the mall, he’s eyeing you like a hunter would its prey. When he’s staring at you like that, when he’s looking that good, it’s impossible to miss. 
You can’t pretend not to know why. You picked this outfit for that very reason. There’s a thrill in being a tease, feigning innocence in such salacious attire, waiting until that moment he realizes and can’t take it anymore. Because you’re definitely doing this on purpose; why else would you wear something like this?
The sundress fits you perfectly, a floral design that only reaches mid-thigh, thin fabric that strains against your nipples and ass, so flowy that you’d flash a stranger if you twirled a little too much because of course, you aren’t risking panty-lines. 
It’s the epitome of easy access—all he has to do is shove the dress up and slide inside. At any given moment, he can: take you, fuck into you to his heart’s desire (which aligns with yours), in front of everyone if he so pleases. You wonder when he’ll realize that; it’s only a matter of time, you know.
You’re laughing with your mutual group of friends when he does. When he can’t take your not-so-subtly teasing by simply being, you’re all on your way from the mall to an art museum that recently opened up. 
“Sorry, guys. She needs to use the bathroom. We’ll catch up in a second,” Bucky says—a convincing lie—and his arms corded around your waist herds you into the nearest restroom. Your friends shout something about texting when you’re finished, and the single stall door shuts. 
“But I don’t need to—oh—oh!” 
Immediately, he’s on you. Rough hands manhandle you onto the sink, your back bumping against the mirror while he unceremoniously hikes your dress around your hips, baring your center before him—there for the taking, and he knows that now. 
A groan ripples through his chest, an undisguised hunger alight in his eyes. “You love driving me insane, don’t you, baby?” he asks, unbuckling his belt and pulling himself free through that slit in his briefs. “Walking around, lookin’ like that with your pretty little pussy free, you enjoy testing my restraint.” 
If pretty is ever an appropriate description for a dick, then his is surely it. Swollen with desire, glistening in the bathroom’s dim lighting with need—reactive to all your little mannerisms, you’d do anything to please the ache ebbing through him. 
Your teeth catch your bottom lip. “I don’t know what you mean,” you breathe coyly. 
He chuckles. “That’s okay. You don’t need to know anything other than bouncing on my cock, anyway.” He hauls you forward, big palms full of your ass reeling you high on his waist, and slides inside you in one swift thrust. 
You squeak at being stuffed so deeply, buried to the hilt, and your channel immediately clamps down around the intrusion. He groans at the feel of you, warm and wet swathed around him like a vice, ready to milk the cum right out of him. 
He wastes no time, either. Once his cock burrows home, your pussy is guaranteed a pounding. It’s only natural for him to hammer away your tightness, vindicating that sensitive spot inside you, cockhead nudging it on every stroke. Girth and length, he knows exactly how to undo you. 
It’s a merciless onslaught, ebbing deeper and deeper, pubic bone bumping your clit, and all you can do is cling to him and take it. Your arms loop around his neck, chest to chest, your lips by his ear so he hears every moan and whimper you’re making. 
“You’re a demon, you know that?” he breathes raggedly. “Acting like you’re so innocent when really you just wanted to provoke me into fucking you in front of all our friends. In the plain of day, fuck you full of me until it’s dripping down your thighs.”
“Buck, please,” you gasp-whine-moan at his vulgarity, resounding in your abdomen with a clench of your inner muscles; it wrenches a groan from the base of his throat as he pummels your insides, the way you clamp like your body begging for his orgasm. 
“Oh, you’ll fucking get it,” he borderline growls on a particularly harsh thrust, and you moan. “Yeah, you’ll get it. Take every inch, every fucking drop like the pretty good girl you are. Spend the rest of the day stuffed with me. You got me, baby?” 
Your face buried into the crook of his neck and nod vehemently. The heat is burgeoning in your gut and consuming you whole, pulsing wildly around him. “Yes, yes. Cum inside me—please—please—!” 
He sheathes in until he bottoms out and explodes in thick spurts. Your name is a guttural groan, splashes of stickiness scorching your now swollen channel. In tandem, you cinch around him with your own orgasm, wringing all of the cum out of him until he’s moaning with sensitivity. 
When he pulls out, slowly and almost reluctantly, a flood of warmth follows, translucent white dribbling down your thighs. He watches with visible satisfaction, breathing hitching at the sight of your freshly fucked sex, swollen and oozing his essence. 
“Fuck, that’s hot, baby,” he says and sets you down. He smooths down your ruffled dress so you look somewhat normal but you’re dazed in an afterglow. A trail reaches the side of your left knee, and he takes it upon himself to swipe it up. “Open your mouth for me.” 
You do and happily suck his fingers clean, maintaining eye contact the entire time as your tongue laves around his index and middle digit. There’s a soft pop when you’re finished, and he smiles. 
“C’mon.” He outreaches his hand with a grin, and you intertwine it in yours. “I think I’m gonna fuck you in front of some million dollar paintings.”
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starshipsofstarlord · 6 months ago
Hey! Could I request a fic where the reader and Bucky like each other and she has to pretend she’s Zemo’s girlfriend for the Madripor mission? Bucky gets jealous and all that jazz and they confess their feelings :)
Madripoor Muse
Pairing | Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary | Bucky harbours feelings for you, but despite Sam’s inflatable encouragement, refuses to inform you of them. However, seeing you pretend to be Zemo’s girlfriend whilst on a mission, more so when the criminal knows what strings he is pulling at, happens to infuriate him inevitably.
Warnings | jealousy, violence, references to sex work (there is nothing wrong with it, everyone is free to do what they want or need to do to get by, angst, mentions of death, grief, smut, unprotected sex, fluff, swearing
Quick link to my masterlist, if you’re interested in reading more of my crap 😬
Tumblr media
“I mean, if he looks like a pimp, then I look like one of his workers.” Sam snorted at your words, as Bucky’s eyes trailed down the skin that was exposed through the small piece of fabric, that in modern days, was considered a dress.
Zemo simply sighed at the pair of you, shaking his head as though the former winter soldier would understand his point. “It’s Madripoor, not an american graduation. You are not going to be clothed in long robes in this place, expression is in the body, and how it is clothed.”
“Or not clothed.” Bucky retorted, frowning at how you shuffled beneath the criminal’s gaze, crossing your arms, which definitely did not help the situation, considering that it did nothing more than make your breasts rise. Admitting defeat, you let them fall, holding them to your sides, outlining your hips, which once more, was not how you wished to be portrayed as you walked through the illuminated air, careful to keep pace in your heels.
“We all have a part to play, winter soldier.” Helmut spoke, his accent causing waves to ripple through the euphoria of lights that lay up ahead. “I am me, you are you, Sam is the Smiling Tiger, and...”
“I’m a hooker?” Once more, Zemo showed disappointment, pinching the bridge of his nose as he turned to you. It seemed that tonight, you, a smart and well coordinated avenger, was absolutely adoring testing his patience, but that was his trick.
He was the captive here, forced to help the forsaken superheroes that had prompted him with the idea of escaping from the government’s ensured facility. And it was without a doubt that he would mess with their minds each chance that he got.
“No, think of yourself as more personalised to one person than that y/n. Your as you people say ‘arm candy’.” He used quotations with his fingers, causing you to reach for Sam’s arm to assume the role. “Oh no, not his.” Zemo made a come here motion, making you gulp.
“You’re kidding, right?” Bucky huffed, glaring unimpressed towards the Baron, who only tutted in reply, implying that he indeed was serious. “This is stupid.”
“Stupid would be allowing this hurrah of new age super soldiers to continue their war path, don’t you think James?” Zemo asked condescendingly, holding his arm out for you to grasp onto, so that you would look more than an associate, or a serum induced bodyguard.
“Me posing as your sugar baby is stupid.” You muttered, as you walked, Bucky on look out behind you, as he glared frustratedly at where you and the mass murderer were touching.
Zemo tugged you by the arm for the comment, causing you to roll your eyes at the man that had tried his best and succeeded, at destroying your team; your family. Nevertheless, you followed his stride, well aware of the sharp eyes of the man behind you.
As you entered the club, a spectrum of blue lights illuminated your skin, as you stared around in wander. There was a variety of all didn’t people, born from different virtues, wealths and races all intermingling around in the space.
If Zemo didn’t have a leash on your arm, you’d have stared for a little longer, perhaps even gotten purposely lost in the sea of bodies that flashed with such ambition and prospect. All were designed to suit their surroundings, and you wished that you could fit in that easily too.
But you were lost, roped into this journey by the Falcon, the man that denied Steve’s wishes and passed on the shield to firmer hands, still uncertain of where you were planning on going. What you needed was a fight, a reason to keep roaming upon the earth. If you came up empty, you may have well have taken up Thor’s offer, and accompanied him with his new friends.
The avengers were disbanded, dotted with different services. You’d heard nothing from Wanda, it appeared that her phone had been cut off, leaving you gravely confused, but you understood that she needed time to mourn. But you couldn’t give yourself the same pampering, if you did so, then all purpose of life would slip through your fingers, and you’d be left vulnerable, a hero that willingly fell from their graces.
Finally you reached the bar, with the shadow of the winter soldier hovering over your shoulder, watching as Zemo’s untrustworthy hand trailed along your furthest collarbone, using it as his sway to grab your attention. He set his sights upon his touch, glaring harshly at it.
No one would question the expression that he wore, it was only natural for his reputation to be proceeded with such a dagger like gaze; he was supposed to be playing the killer that he once was after all.
“My lady, what would you like to drink?” Helmut asked, turning your gaze towards his, gripping your chin between his thumb and forefinger, forbidding you from even try to look away from his sly eyes.
“White wine will do the trick, my love.” The words felt like spew falling from your mouth, but you withheld the impulse to grimace, instead, flashing him a flirtatious smile, fanning his face with your eyelashes as you were still held to face him.
“Fine choice.” He smirked, nodding towards the bartender, who had just presented the Smiling Tiger imposter with a shot that had the intestines of a snake floating around in its liquid. Out of the corner of your eye, you watched as Sam hesitated to drink it for a moment, before throwing it down the hatch, treating it as an old trick.
Madripoor, for an island trapped in violence, didn’t appear that bad on the outside. That was, until the shooting began, causing the lot of you to leg it from the citizens targeting their rifled hardware towards you, running with your lives depending on it.
You had temporarily lost Zemo, as you put head your own safety, your pace and spot being just between Sam and Bucky, as the first man’s arms flailed as he insisted that he could not run in the heels that he was wearing. Huh, you’d be running in heels all your life, maybe he shoulda learned how to do so earlier, it came as a great talent.
Gunshots rang out, as a hooded figure unveiled themselves, introducing the older face of a blonde that you had once knew. It had been quite some time since you had last seen her, all having gone your separate ways to evade the law, and its cruel jurisdiction. “Sharon?” Bucky spoke, instantly recognising the woman that had aided them in the past.
Once you were all reintroduced, and met with her annoyance, which was surely understandable, she led you to her property, where you were able to part from the Sokovian, and share your distaste to the man, as well as remove the skimpy dress.
It pooled at your feet as you tossed it from your ankle, leaving you in nothing more than your underwear. As you squinted, searching for some reason that you were continuing with this foolishness of thinking that the world still considered you a hero, an echo of a knock rattled against the door. It was metal upon wood; Bucky.
“Come in.” You spoke, as you tied a spare robe around your waist, watching as the super soldier, who appeared less stoic, and more human stepped into the room, closing the door behind his emerging shadow. “You alright man?”
Bucky’s eyes drifted down for a moment, before they splintered back up towards your face, his jaw physically tensing, the notion well visible. He breathed in a long breath through his nose, as he stepped closer, his brow harsh and lined upon his forehead.
“I didn’t like Zemo putting his filthy hands on you.” He admitted aloud, the words of Sharon, teasing him for pining after someone that he had once thought of as no more than a friend of Steve’s. But now that man was gone, and so was the one that he used to be. Instead, he was left standing on his own feet, having to find balance by himself somehow.
“Neither did I.” You informed him. “It was like he was pulling back the images of his collapsing country, pouring every ounce of pain and hatred upon me, evading my mind with guilt, and the memories of what it all amounted to. None of it had been worth it, living like this. We’re treated like animals, no longer idols or heroes, people under the big thumb that keeps pressing down on us.”
“Well we’re both pressed down, limited to our rules and the outlines they want us to obey.” He nodded, raising his flesh hand to your collarbone, wanting to mark his touch upon it to remove that of Zemo’s. At his action, your breath hitched, but you allowed him to sweep his pads over the flesh, shuffling indefinitely closer so that you were chest to chest.
“We’re dangerous in their eyes. That’s a mindset they have in common with our prisoner out there.” You whispered, frowning from the thought. Two monarchies, one still whilst the other already fallen, served the same opinions, though, only one could continue to take action. Zemo was a Baron, but of what country now?
Like all, his home had been vanquished into smithereens, the foundations collapsing into rubble, the history disappearing with its lands, having thrown its dusty remnants in your face.
“I’m fine with being considered dangerous so long as I’m not alone.” He pinched your chin, tilting your head, this time though, you felt in his grasp. It didn’t belong to that of an enemy, it was one of an ally, a friend. “Tell me I’m not alone y/n.”
“I’m here James.” You stared up at him with focused pools, biting your lip as your mind went haywire over everything. “The Wakandans will come for him, you do realise that, right?” He hummed in reply, briskly bringing his metal hand to toy with the belt of the white wrap around.
“Do you think that you could show me that I’m not alone?” He nervously asked, shuffling his weight from foot to foot, as he awaited a reply. But instead of words, he earned himself the sensation of your lips upon his, collaborating in a touch starved jumble of grunts. “You’re beautiful, like...”
“Like what Barnes?” You prompted, brushing your palms onto his shoulders, easing his tenseness. Expectedly, you watched him through half lidded eyes as you leant up to plant supple kisses upon his neck, sucking his skin into your mouth, as though you were trying to thread it gently with your teeth.
“A muse.” He sighed, thinking for a momentum, before dragging your hair through his vibranium fist, lightly grinning as he heard your breath wither from the sensation. “A beautiful muse, one that reminds me to be better everyday. I want to become someone better for you.”
“You shouldn’t.” You unlatched your mouth from him, frowning lightly at the brunette man. “You should become better for nobody but yourself Buck, each day, it’s about self growth, fixing everything that you have ever been taught so that you can learn to do better next time, so that no one else will die because of your expense.”
Bucky nodded, allowing your words to sink in. His fingers returned to playing with the waist band on your robe, his eyes gazing into your own, as he fiddled with the material. “Can I?”
“Go ahead.” You granted him permission, allowing him to push the coverage from you, his eyes widening at seeing you in nothing more than your underwear. His sight traced every curve and bump and dip that was upon your shape, licking his dry lips to make his gawking less subtle.
“You’re killing me doll.” He leant his head back, as he raked his contrasting fingertips down your shoulders, all the way to the small of your back. You smirked, grasping him through his jeans, earning yourself a moan from the elder man.
“I said it’s all about self growth, didn’t I? It seems that you are taking that in quite a literal sense.” You rubbed him through the denim, finding it unsurprising as the man backed you towards the bed, your knees hitting the end sending you falling onto the mattress.
Bucky crawled his way atop of you, rutting his hips against your own. It had been so long since he had been permitted to be this free, and he knew for sure, this would be a secret that he would not inform any therapist of. This was private, the sentiment making it close to his weathered heart.
His lips returned to your own, as your hands scaled beneath your shirt, lightly tracing the scars. He wasn’t as insecure as he thought he’d be about someone touching them, perhaps it was because many of your own materialised stories were written in your skin, or that you understood what it meant to be a soldier, serving under orders.
It didn’t matter too much, he wasn’t overthinking it. Instead, he was yearning as he grasped at the straps of your bra, trying to pull it over your head, as was done with the dames back in his day, but the effort seemed more difficult. Lightly leaning away from him, you reached around your back, unclamping the contraption before tossing it out of his sight.
He didn’t care to ask what the modern day had done to the garment, he was far too focused on your pert nipples, and how they stood to attention before him. The super soldier reached forwards, running his smooth hands upon the underneath of your breasts, before interacting with the present buds, softly tugging at them with his whimsical fingers.
“You’re wearing too many clothes.” Released from you as a sign, instantly becoming pleased as Bucky stripped himself from everything but his underwear, leaving a nest of his clothes upon the wooden floor, as he leant his head down, capturing your left nipple within the warmth of his mouth, moaning lightly as your hands weaved through his locks, tugging lightly at the short roots. “Stop teasing Buck.”
He didn’t miss the way your eyes roll from the slowness of motions, and thus, he reached down, and snapped the band of your underwear, the ripping noise audible, as he then pulled his boxers down, revealing his bobbing cock, that was directing its tip towards your entrance.
With a glance down, he lightly drooled at the way your cunt clenched around nothing, quickly swiping his fingers through your slit, as he brought them up to his lips, humming contently at the flavour that graced his tastebuds. “Need to be in you doll.”
“Need you in me soldier.” You taunted back, digging your knuckles into his shoulders as you pressed him against you, pushing your tongue into his mouth, as he suddenly bottomed out inside of you, waiting for a moment for the pair of you to adjust to the sensations.
He was in you, filling you to the brim, as you tucked your heels into the base of his back, lightly rotating your hips up, as your tongue chased his own, sucking on it as you nipped at the end, causing him to unintentionally jerk his rigid cock into you.
That had prompted him to start moving, screwing his hands into the satin sheets either side of your head, as your bodies succumbed the others to waves of pleasure. It was a luxury, having an outlet to all the stress that your duty brought. If you could just pass the mantle on like Steve had done, and Clint was in the process of doing, you would.
But it was all you had known; the gritty route, that had spanned the entirety of your tale. And Bucky now became a part of it, as he became a part of you, unravelling your vulnerabilities with sleek thrusts into your cunt, and smooth words that had swept you from your feet and had landed you in a bed.
A bed thats structure was creaking from the strength behind the animalistic carnage that you spent on one another. His teeth pulled at your lip, opening your mouth so that you could use him as an oxygen mask. Neither one of you had noticed the door opened, and an unimpressed Sharon standing in the entry way, her agent arms crossed unamused.
She cleared her throat, which made Bucky still inside of you, and you to clutch onto his back, to cover the decency of your chest. “You let me go on the run, then you fuck in my bed. It’s like I’m not allowed to belong anywhere.”
“Sharon-“ she halted your speech by raising a finger, her eyebrows pointedly telling you not to bother trying to speak, as sweat beading down your body. Bucky subtly rolled from atop of you, quickly pulling the sheets over you both, giving Sharon views that she neither wanted nor appreciated.
That was grittiness, she was a hustler, not a once avenger. A part of you wished she would understand that, as much as it would be painful to hear, she hadn’t been the top of anyone’s list. She had disappeared, and from so, she had became unreachable, practically falling off the face of the earth.
But she had been here, in Madripoor, the island of bones and whatever else Zemo had described it to be. “You two fucked in my bed. Okay.” She remained cool headed, her eyes trailing through the various fabrics among her floor. “Thought I’d tell you to get ready, and to blend in, though you two have that part already figured out. There’s some clothes in the wadrobe, and from what I can tell, you’re going to need new underwear.”
She bothered no longer once she had informed you of what she had told the other men. Instead she simply left, only for you to brace your head back into the quality pillows, slumping, and dreading the journey ahead.
Though you seemed restless, Bucky still thought of you as a muse. His hands grasped your chin, leading your lips to his own, as he sucked on your bottom one, his right hand grasping one of your breasts, as he pulled you atop of him, your skin flushed as you steadied your weight over his tough thighs.
“Now this is a dangerous sight.” He clicked his teeth, trailing his large hand down from your jaw, surpassing the middle of your chest, to your hip, which he grasp, as he shuffled you up just a little, so that you were seated upon the base of his cock.
“I can show you dangerous Barnes.” You smirked, adjusting the both of you so you were ready to sink down on his length. Your hands softly stroked his erect shaft, as you tapped his tip upon your pussy, before pushing down, filling yourself up one more.
Madripoor was a bad place, but good things could come out of visiting the skull island. This was the job, though, breaks were prompted, and were you glad that Bucky had became your little bit of calm in the arising trouble in the world.
“Fuck.” He groaned beneath you, his balls clenching as he felt you writhe all the way down to his base, beginning to bounce upon him, the years of training that you had endorsed coming in handy as it had helped your stamina. He was a super soldier after all, you were surely going to need it.
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barnxsromanxff · 3 months ago
Pregnancy | Bucky Barnes x Reader
Do not repost any of my writes without credit to me
this is part 2 of a multi part click part 1 to read it first**
part 1  /  part 3 
Prompt: craving, mood swings, sore muscles, and nausea... just what you wanted. As well as decorating aka buckys favorite part
Pairing: Bucky barnes x pregnant!reader
Warnings: Fluff, gagging and vomit, use of the word daddy (not sexually, partially flirty), fluffy crying, flirty bucky, just happy things
A/N: You don’t have to read part 1 for this but it helps with the story so i suggest u do first. This is my first multi part fic so i hope you enjoy! requests open <3
Tumblr media
✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵
This was disgusting. It was 5 am when you would normally be in a deep sleep, instead here you were. Laying on the bathroom floor just to feel the cool tile against your skin, you felt warm and sweat coated your body. You groaned and sat up, your stomach made a noise and you heaved into the toilet bowl.
Craving ice cream and pickles was your weakness, it absolutely disgusted Bucky but he still fed you bites. He even tried some when you begged him, the face he made after was hilarious. You laughed about it for longer that you should’ve, even with your bugging he still fed you bites.
“How are we suppose to decorate without knowing the gender?”
You walked into the nursery which was completely empty except a dresser which a changing table strapped on top.
“Well we can put the basics in, it doesn’t have to be themed by the gender. Maybe a more gender neutral color?”
He nodded and scratched his neck as he looked at the directions for the crib. He groaned and looked on the floor, searching for the piece.
“Have you seen,”
He looked at the paper again in confusion, eyes scanning every word.
“Piece 12?”
You chuckled and dropped down to the floor and took the paper from him, your eye brows furrowed as your face changed into a confused expression matching his.
“This is really complicated.”
“Here it is!”
He celebrated with a little fit bump in the air and continued with his mission, building a baby crib.
“Good job daddy.”
You smiled at him and he tilted his head up at your comment.
“I think I could get used to you calling me that.”
You blushed and got up dusting off your legs and walked towards the boxes of stuff.
“Oh i’m sure you could.”
You two sat in comfortable silence as you shifted through the supplies, your friends and family were kind enough to send you two lots and lots of baby clothes and presents. You hadn’t even had a baby shower yet and you two were already over flowing with your new child’s things.
“Buck? Which one should we hang up on the wall here.”
You pointed to above the rocking chair to the side wall near where the babies crib is suppose to be. He looked at the two options, and thought about it.
“The one with elephants, it’s cute”
You nodded and put it in the pile with everything else you decided would get put up. You sucked in your breath and put your hand on your stomach, you turned to buck quickly.
“Bucky I can feel the baby.”
He looked up and immediately ran up to you, his hands touched your belly gently and lifted your shirt. The soft little kick made him smile, he could feel his child.
“They’re gonna be strong.”
You nodded and wiped a tear off of buckys cheek, just because you were pregnant didn’t mean you were the only emotional one.
“We’re gonna have a lot to handle.”
Bucky chuckled and rested his forehead to yours, his eyes closed as he rubbed your belly. His breathing slowed and he focused on one thing only, the heartbeat. Every time he did this you knew to be quiet, his enhanced hearing was an advantage. Once the baby starting growing and heart got stronger he could listen in and check up on the little thing.
“They’re okay.”
You nodded and caressed his cheek, you leaned up and kissed him softly. He smelled like sweets and you loved it, taking in a deep breath you let go of him and patted his shoulders
“Better start getting to work daddy.”
He gave you the side eye and walked back to his mess of parts.
About 2 hours later you could hear a loud yes from the nursery, he finally did it. His loud steps made you pick your head from a book and you looked at his smile.
“I single handedly put together the crib. I know, I know, i’m the best husband.”
You rolled your eyes and grabbed his hand, you two walked back and your eyes widened. He put together the crib, and organized the clothes, he even put together shelves and put books on the shelf next to the rocking chair.
You walked in the room and your hand fell to your belly out of habit, you looked around. Everywhere you looked you could see you two with your child, the rocking chair had buck in it rocking the little chubby baby. You could see you both laying down holding toys above them letting them try and reach them. Your hand slid on the edge of the crib and you looked in it, the mobile rang as your finger tips flicked the little stars. It was all so perfect, you really couldn’t believe this was your life.
“Do you like it?”
You turned back to him and hugged him, he hugged you back and lifted you off the ground for a second. His hugs always got a little out of hand, especially with his strength.
“It’s so perfect.”
He kissed your nose and looked around at the room, it truly was perfect. Of course you still needed to add some more to the walls and you did still have to paint. Which meant taking everything out again but you didn’t mind. After a minute of silence and soaking in the atmosphere your stomach growled and you looked up to an amused Bucky.
“Can we have some ice cream and pickles?”
His face morphed into disgust but then he laughed and rubbed your tummy.
“Anything for you, mama.”
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wandaswifeyforlifey · 2 days ago
While on a mission reader sustains a head injury and their gf Yelena is very concerned using this prompt ‘what do you remember?’
A/n: Here it is Anon! Thank you so much for being my first Sunday Drabble participator! Also, this was really fun to write ;)
Ship: Yelena x Reader
Warnings: Injury mostly
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Usually, the missions went pretty smoothly. No one got severely hurt, no one got taken, no one got killed. But this mission was not quite the case.
Sure, what you did was stupid and yes, it didn’t help at all but it might’ve helped if you had succeeded. None of that mattered to Yelena though. What mattered to Yelena was if you were ok and alive. It was agony for her to have to watch it happen from control in the ship. It’s as if the whole thing happened in slow motion and she was frozen to the spot. She saw you jump off the edge of the building, hoping to grab onto the ship flying by but your grip slipped and you began plummeting to the ground. Yelena had never felt so panicked but relaxed ever so slightly when she saw you turn onto your side on the grass below.
Tony managed to grab you and pull you back to the ship where the rest of the team was. Yelena pushed him out of the way once he had laid you on the bed. She knelt down next to you and put her hand to your forehead to check your temperature and pulled the first aid kit down to get a bandage for your head.
After half an hour of her not leaving your side, you started to stir.
"Y/n? Y/n! Are you ok? How do you feel?" She tried and failed to hide the worry in her voice. You groaned in response. She placed her hands on your cheeks to softly turn your head towards her.
“Look at me, what do you remember?”
What you said came out in a whisper.
“I remember who I am, where I am, what I was doing, that I’m an idiot but most importantly, I remember you.” you opened your eyes and smiled up at Yelena.
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the-emo-asgardian · 2 days ago
A Month to Remember: A Flufftober Series
Day 24: Caught in the Rain
Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: When you’re sure your adoptive fathers, Steve and Bucky, and the rest of the team wouldn’t approve of your new relationship with Loki, the two of you decide to keep it a secret. But how long can the charade last before everyone finds out? Chapter Warnings: none A/N: The prompt list is from @flufftober2021​​​​​! Enjoy :)
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🍁 Masterlist 🍁
Tumblr media
It was raining again, though thankfully not a storm like last time. No, just an autumn shower. You pressed your hand to the window pane, shuddering at the cold air permeating through it. 
“Here you go, Muffin,” Steve said, handing you a mug of cocoa as he rejoined your side. 
After feeling like you were at odds for him with a while now, this moment was nice. Admittedly, you were still a little perturbed by the fact he’d tried to set Loki up with someone, but you supposed you couldn’t blame him when he didn’t know the god was spoken for. Besides, what did it matter when Loki spun the situation to be able to take you out for a romantic dinner.
“Thank you, pops.” You smiled, leaning your head against his, his arm circled you in a side hug. “Remember when we’d go out and play in the rain?”
He smiled around his mug as he took a swig of the scalding chocolaty liquid. “I do. You’d love to splash in the puddles and totally soak yourself,” he chuckled at the memory. “Your dad was always terrified you’d catch cold, so when you were done, I’d towel you off and wrap you up in a blanket.”
“And then we’d have cocoa in front of the fire, all three of us,” you recalled, smiling down at your mug. “Do you want to do it again?”
“Now?” Steve asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Well, I mean I can dry myself off now,” you laughed. “But let’s go splash around out there!”  Steve smiled at the invitation, but it quickly turned into a grimace. “I’m so sorry, Muffin. I would really love nothing more, kiddo.”
“But I have a mission I need to get ready for. We’re shipping out in about five hours.”
“Oh. Oh, I understand.”
He checked his watch. “Maybe I could swing it if we just went out for a few minutes…”
“No. No that’s alright. Just make sure to get ready for your mission so you can get back safe. Then we can take a,” you chuckled, “rain check.”
The man sighed as you hugged him. He kissed the top of your head, ruffling your hair. “Thanks, Muffin. We’ll do it sometime soon, I promise. I love you.”
“And I love you, pops. We’ll find time.”
He vowed to himself he most certainly would make time. But there was one other thing lingering in his mind about the memory. It hadn’t happened at the Tower. No, when you were very young, your little family had lived in a house just outside the city. What he wouldn’t do to go back to those days? 
Well, maybe he couldn’t go back, exactly, but maybe there was something to living in a house like that. Maybe there was a way to sort of recreate those days. Suddenly, the wheels in his head started spinning. He was beginning to form a plan again…
Loki looked at his little mortal, wrapped on his arms. They looked forlorn, or maybe just nostalgic. Maybe both. Either way, he couldn’t focus on his book, knowing they weren’t happy. 
“Darling love,” he whispered, causing you to look up from your own novel. “Are you alright?”
You nodded, marking the place in your book before finding his concerned eyes. “It’s just… the rain.”
“I thought you liked rain,” Loki puzzled. Thunder was a different story, but he hadn’t heard anything. 
“I do,” you sighed, trying to figure out how best to explain. “See, my dad and I used to go out and play in the rain but he couldn’t do it today because he had a mission even though I invited him and I said it was fine because it is because it’s an important job and we said we’d do it sometime but I’m still sad for me,” you said all in one rambling breath. Then you added in a mumble, “And I guess I still want to go out but would feel stupid to do it by myself.”
“Would you like me to accompany you?”
You did, but you’d hate for him to feel obligated to. “Only if you don’t mind.”
“As if I could not positively love every little thing we do.”
Your eyes lit up. “Ok then! Let’s go!”
After quickly tugging shoes on and a finding jacket to fight the chill, you and Loki were outside, whooping as you danced in the rain. You took a large hop right into a puddle, soaking Loki through. He playfully took you by your waist and, lifting you, spun you around in the air. When he set you back down, you turned to face him.
“Thank you, Loki.”
“It is my pleasure, my darling. I love you.”
“I love you too.”
And as you kissed, you didn’t notice the headlights cutting through the quickly falling drops, nor did you hear the window rolling down. It wasn’t until you heard the driver’s voice that you realized just what a predicament you were in. 
“Pumpkin? Is that you?” Bucky asked, making you and your boyfriend leap apart. 
“H-hi dad,” you stuttered.
“Sir,” Loki greeted with a respectful nod.
“I cannot believe you two,” he said with a disappointment-laced void, shaking his head. You hadn’t thought he’d take it this badly. Now you were really worried about Steve finding out. You braced for his next words. “Why in the world would you be out here in the pouring rain like this?! You’re going to get sick.”
You and Loki looked at him in shock. That wasn’t what you were expecting him to take issue with.  “Sorry?” you ventured.
“Head upstairs and dry off,” he sighed. “I’ll meet you there.”
That’s how you found yourself on the couch with your second mug of hot cocoa of the day, sitting a somewhat awkward amount away from your boyfriend. Not to mention your father was sitting opposite you, having turned up the thermostat and setting a fire in the fireplace.
“So,” you began.
“So?” Bucky replied.
“So…” Loki tried to pick up.
Then the room lapsed into silence, quiet except for small sips of warm cocoa and the flickering of flames.
“Listen,” Bucky finally broke the awkwardness. “You’re an adult. You’ll always be my cupcake and my pumpkin and my kid, but you’re an adult. And you’re not obligated to tell me anything. It hurts that you didn’t trust me, but you’re allowed to make your own decisions.”
You went over to where he sat across from you, giving him a big hug, and hiding your face against his chest. He held you back.
“Thank you, dad. I love you so, so much,” you swore. Then you looked him in the eye. “And I’m sorry; I didn’t want to hurt you. I was just worried how you’d react.”
“I understand.” Your father kissed your head. “And I forgive you. We’re all allowed to have our secrets, eh?”
“You’re amazing dad. Seriously. I, uh… Are you going to tell pops?”
He let out a long sigh, considering. “No. It’s not my place. But I don’t want to lie to him either. So I won’t tell him, but if he asks… Well I’ll try not to give it away but I can’t make any promises.”
“Ok. I understand that. Thank you.”
Loki cleared his throat, making his presence known again. “I promise I will never  hurt them, sir. They are safe with me.”
“I know, Loki. And please, you can still call me Bucky,” he laughed. “To be honest, I’ve suspected for a while.”
“Well, Bucky,” Loki laughed, shaking the man’s hand, “you are quite perceptive.”
“See I’m like you, Loki. When it comes to them,” he said, looking at you again, “I would do anything.”
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alisonsfics · 3 months ago
good with your hands
pairing: dadsbestfriend!bucky barnes x reader
request: “reader thinks she’s home alone but doesn’t know that her dad asked bucky, his best friend, to go over to the house while he is away. so then she comes downstairs maybe in just a towel to find shirtless bucky in the kitchen trying to fix the leaky sink and smut ensues?” - anonymous
word count: 2.1k
warnings: age gap, smut, unprotected sex, fingering, dirty talk, oral (m receiving), minors DNI
Tumblr media
Bucky walked through the front door, whistling to himself. He froze when he heard the shower running upstairs. Steve, your dad had asked him to come over and fix the leaky sink in the kitchen.
He had assumed you might be home, but the thought of the water running over your naked body made him shudder.
The way Bucky felt about you was far from normal. He made you feel a way that he hadn’t felt in years. After his divorce, he swore off romance. He didn’t want to go through the heartbreak again; it always ended badly. You were the only one that made him want to try again.
But he was just your dad’s friend. You would never want a guy as old as him.
So, he scolded himself for how he felt. He knew it was wrong and creepy.
He walked into the kitchen and set down his toolbox. He tried to ignore the intrusive thought of what you possibly looked like in the shower.
You dried your body with your towel before wrapping the towel around your body. Your dad was at work, so you weren’t worried about anyone being home. You headed downstairs to get a bottle of water, still only dressed in your towel.
Your soft footsteps didn’t make a sound as you walked down the stairs. Bucky never heard you coming. He didn’t notice until you walked into the kitchen. You didn’t even see him half under the sink, with his shirt long gone.
He felt his cock twitch when he saw the towel that barely covered your body. His whole body screamed at him to run up to you and let his hands touch you like he’d dreamed of.
Then, he realized that you didn’t notice him. You opened the fridge and leaned over to grab a water bottle. He had to force himself to look away as the towel slid up, revealing things he only dreamed of seeing.
He noticed the tent forming in his pants and knew he had to stop before it got anymore creepy. “Hey, sweetheart” he said, knowing it would shock you. You squealed and jumped up before turning around.
He chuckled at your panicked expression. “Bucky?” You asked, having no idea why he was shirtless in your kitchen. Your eyes raked down his sweaty chest, clenching your thighs together. Then, you remembered what you were wearing. You quickly crossed your arms, trying to cover your chest.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you” he said, slightly amused. Neither one of you were hiding the fact that you were checking each other out.
Your eyes admired his toned chest. You had seen him shirtless at pool parties before, but something about it felt dirty when you both were alone together.
He was so much older than you that you worried he’d never date someone like you. He had probably been with much more experienced women.
As much as it pained him, he tossed you his t-shirt. He saw the uncomfortable expression on your face and knew he had to fix it. You held the T-shirt in front of you, helping shield some of your body.
“So ummm…what are you doing here?” You asked him finally. He leaned back against the kitchen counter and forced himself to look into your eyes. “Your dad asked me to fix the sink for you guys” he told you, keeping his hands positioned in front of his hard on. He didn’t want to creep you out.
You nodded your head, noticing the awkward lull in the conversation. Around Bucky, you could barely think straight, let alone have a conversation.
“I should let you get back to it then. I didn’t mean to interrupt” you said, turning to leave the kitchen. He reached out to stop you. “I actually just finished, so you’re not interrupting anything” he said, with a small smirk on his face. You could feel your arousal begin to pool between your thighs.
You wanted to just go for it, but you couldn’t. The risk was too high. He’d reject you, and things would be awkward between the two of you. He’d probably even tell your dad, which would mortify you.
“Do you want to hang out then? We could watch a movie or something” you suggested, starting of light. He nodded his head and began packing up his toolbox. “I’ll just go change, and I’ll be back in a minute,” you walked towards the stairs.
Once you got to your room, you couldn’t help but hold Bucky’s shirt up to your nose. It smelled like him: the perfect combination of vanilla and cedarwood. You set it down on your dresser, reminding yourself to give it back to him.
Bucky stood downstairs, debating on whether he should go upstairs with you or not. He wanted to, god…he really wanted to.
You were the most attractive woman he’d ever met, and you had him wrapped around your finger. He also didn’t want to ruin his relationship with you.
He could feel his jeans continue to tighten, and he finally slammed his fist down on the counter before trekking up the stairs.
The sudden knock at your door surprised you. You walked away from your closet and over to the door. You opened the door slowly, revealing Bucky with darkened eyes.
Before you could ask what he needed, he grabbed your hips and pinned you up against the wall. You couldn’t even process what was happening, and then his lips were on yours.
It took you a second to kiss him back, surprised by the suddenness of the kiss. You ran your fingers through his hair, scratching your nails against his scalp. He groaned under your touch, tightening his grip on your hips.
He was pulling you as close to him as possible. He needed to have you pressed up against him, feeling your hands run all over his body. He needed you like you were a drug, and he was hooked.
He guided you over towards your bed before completely removing himself from you. You whimpered at the loss of contact. You were terrified that he was having second thoughts.
“Before we do anything else, I need to know that you want this. If you don’t, I’ll leave” he promised you. You felt your heart swell as you realized he wasn’t rethinking anything.
“I want this. I want you” you said, running your hands over his bare chest. He almost moaned at the way your soft fingers glided over his skin.
You undid your towel, letting it fall to the floor. He was in awe. His eyes ran up and down your entire body. He had pictured you many times before, but it was so better than he ever imagined.
“Wow,” was all he could mumbled, before letting his hands rest on your hips. He couldn’t even kiss you because he was still too busy looking at your gorgeous body. “I think you have far too many clothes on still” you said, peppering his chest with light kisses.
He seemed to snap back into himself. His hands flew to his belt, desperate to free his restrained cock. As he slid down his boxers, you finally got to admire him.
“You see what you do to me? You got me so turned on that it fuckin’ hurts” He said, sighing. You pushed him down to sit on the bed before sinking to your knees. “Can I make it better?” You asked him, putting on an innocent facade.
He quickly nodded before resting his hands beside him, already balling the sheets up in his fists. You were face to face with his cock, leaking with precum.
You took his tip into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it. A curse fell from Bucky’s lips. You let your hands rest on his thighs as you took more of him into your mouth.
You ran your tongue down his entire length. “Yes…oh fuck” he moaned, bucking his hips up against your face. You could feel yourself getting wetter as you saw his face. His eyes fluttered closed with every stroke of your tongue and moans fell from his lips. You repeated the action, knowing that he liked it.
His hips continued to jut into your face. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. You’re makin’ me feel so good. I can’t help it. Your mouth is like heaven” he said, clenching his fists. You used one hand to massage his balls as you sucked on his cock.
His hair clung to his sweaty forehead as his moans bounced off the walls. You could feel his cock twitch, and you knew he was close. You took his remaining length and pushed more of him into your mouth.
The tip of his cock pressed up against the back of your throat. He called out your name, getting ready for his orgasm. He happened to look down at you and saw the way your lips were wrapped around his cock.
It was enough to send him over the edge. His hips bucked up, and his cum shot against the back of your mouth. You pulled your mouth off of him, watching as he leaned back to catch his breath. “God, you’re like heaven” he sighed, pulling you into his lap.
You straddled his lap, feeling his cock press up against your stomach. “Now, it’s time for me to make you feel good” he said. He picked you up by your hips and let you sink down onto his length.
You hissed as he stretched you out. He felt ten times bigger inside of you than any man ever had. “Yeah? That feels good, honey, doesn’t it? You want to ride my cock for me? Go ahead” he said.
You rested your hands on his shoulders before picking your hips up and sinking back down onto him. “You’re so big” you moaned, as he pressed a kiss to your cheek.
“I’ll help you, honey” he said, grabbing ahold of your hips. He effortlessly lifted you up and down. With every thrust, he went deeper inside of you. You felt like he might rip you in half. His cock was repeatedly hitting your g-spot, leaving you panting. You clung to him for support.
His hips bucked up to meet yours. You sped up the pace, desperately chasing your release. Bucky moaned as he watched your breasts bounce in front of him. “Touch me please” you begged him.
He wasted no time putting his mouth on your nipple. He swirled his tongue around the hardened bud, while massaging the other breast with his hand. You threw your head back as you continued to push your hips into his.
You knew you both were really close. He brought his hand down to your clit and began rubbing harsh circles with his fingers. Your eyes fluttered closed as the coil tightened in your stomach.
He sped up the speed of his fingers, loving hearing your moans. You looked perfect to him, and he wished he could take a mental photo and remember you like that forever.
Your thrusts faltered as you got closer to your orgasm. Bucky flipped you over with one hand. You laid back on the bed, and he began to ram into you, still drawing circles on your clit.
The stimulation was too much, and your eyes tightly shut. You came around his cock, screaming out his name. He came only a few seconds later, shooting his seed into you.
You both collapsed against each other, breathless and panting for air. Neither of you could even form words.
He rested his forehead against yours, still coming down from his high. When you both finally made eye contact, you both had contagious smiles on your faces.
“I guess you’re good with your hands in more ways than one” you said, pressing a short kiss to his lips. He brushed a piece of hair out of the way of your face. “God, I’ve been wishing for that to happen for forever” he said, making your cheeks heat up.
Bucky was so gentle with you. All he wanted to do was love and appreciate you. You both had just desperately been fucking each other, and now he was cradling you in his arms while pressing kisses to your temple.
“We should probably get dressed and start that movie before your dad gets home” he said, standing up from your bed. You nodded, letting him pull you up to your feet.
He stopped you before you could walk to your closet. He grabbed your hands and pulled you back to face him. “What?” You asked, giggling at the serious expression on his face.
“I just wanted to tell you that I’m not going anywhere, I promise. This isn’t just sex to me. You’re really special, and I know that” he promised you, pulling into a kiss. You let your arms wrap around his neck as you kissed him back. “You’re really special too” you told him, softly.
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dreamysreverie · 6 months ago
Movie Night
pairing: Dark! Wanda Maximoff x Reader 
synopsis: When Mrs Maximoff suddenly called you one night over for a movie night, you didn’t expect it to just be the two of you alone with your growing crush on the witch and the fantasies you didn’t expect to come true but they sure did.
Word count: 3.5k
Warnings: 18+ only minors DNI, Dark themes, dubcon, a bit of mind control but y/n consents, legal age gap (r is 18+), strap on uss, rough sex, Wanda using her magic during sex, mommy kink, PWP really, strip tease, 18+ please! this is pure smut the warnings are there for a reason!.
Do not repost/translate my work anywhere or claim them as your own. If you see my work anywhere other than tumblr please let me know.
A/N: This was my first dubcon and Dark fic I’m hoping to try out more of these in the future.
Proceed with caution. This is a dark fic and if this contains any material that is listed in the warnings that you are uncomfortable, skip over it if you want. 
Tumblr media
When Wanda called you over tonight, you didn’t expect it to take such a fun exciting turn. Sure, you may have had a bit of a thing for Wanda. There was no doubt that you had a crush on older, attractive middle-aged women who were just so attractive to you for whatever reason. 
Yes, it was very wrong to think such thoughts about a woman who has a husband and two twin boys. But god you couldn’t help it, you couldn’t help but stare at her longer than normal whenever she was in the same room as you or just close by. You couldn’t help but clench your thighs shut together when you would hear her use her ‘strict stern mommy’ tone when she would tell off her sons if they were ever causing trouble around the Vision household. Or whenever you would sometimes have to stay late to watch the twins and you would hear her fight with Vision, Vision was a nice guy. But not your type, though his wife could accidentally stab you and you would die gladly. 
You also knew very much about how… Not human, this family was. No, they weren’t vampires. No, they weren’t demons sent from hell or anything or werewolves. They were a family of superheroes, the twins; Tommy has the power of speed and that kid can run so fast in a blink of an eye across the whole town and back. Billy (who was probably your favorite of the twins if you had to pick, sorry Tommy) he had similar powers like his amazing mother. He could read minds, which worried you a lot considering all the strange thoughts he could probably hear in your mind about his own mother though you were lucky considering he wouldn’t understand any of it but you hope that he doesn’t go and ask his mother about it cause that would be embarrassing. 
And Vision? Well... He’s.... Very strange. 
You can't describe or understand that man that well. 
He acts and talks as if he’s one of those men from a 1950s sitcom show like a boring businessman with humor? Kind of. Or one of those creepy characters in a Tim Burton horror film.
Wanda was just, so mesmerizing and you were a bit obsessed with her. She was incredible in every way. From the way she dresses, the way she orders her own husband around, the way she purses her lips whenever she is in deep thought, from her gorgeous well-styled hair that looks amazing every day, god and sometimes you swear you would lock eyes with her and she would just give you a knowing look or a smile that meant something more than it looked to others. 
It was like you two had this unspoken connection, where Wanda would just know and you would know as well how wrong this felt. 
But how could something so wrong feel so right?. 
You never understood that saying when people would say it: but when you met Wanda Maximoff it all changed for you and you knew you were going to be screwed but fuck it. You couldn't care less, you wanted her so badly your heart and pussy ached for Miss Maximoff. 
Once you arrived at The Vision household, you were confused when Wanda invited you over for a movie night but no one was up it seemed? Otherwise, where are the twins all running around like they usually would? And where was vision? Wouldn’t he be on the sofa and reading a book or something?.
Then you checked the time on your phone, it read; 
12:34 am. 
The last time you checked when Wanda called it was ten pm?.
Why would Wanda invite you over to a movie night this late?. 
Maybe she’s lonely?...
Whatever that doesn’t matter right now what matters is that at least you're spending time with her!. 
Fuck! Were you meant to bring something? A gift perhaps? Maybe some food? Oh well. Wanda can manifest things into existence so it’s fine right?. 
“Y/n you made it” Wanda greeted you, smiling as she saw you walk through the door. 
She wrapped her arms around you, bringing you in close. You didn’t mean to, but you whimpered at how close you and Wanda were. It brought you so much comfort and warmth you wanted no, you needed more. 
When she pulled away, she smirked at you and eyed you and what you were wearing; a simple pair of jeans and a tank top. Suitable. Easy for her to rip off anyways for laters treat during the movie. 
“Thanks for inviting me Mrs. Maximoff” you smiled nervously, taking in her form as your eyes roamed her body and your mouth went dry seeing that she was in a very loose nightgown and you could see her breasts through the thin layer.
“Please call me Wanda darling, don’t be shy” she smiled sweetly, an innocent look in her eyes as she turned around to walk towards the living room where a movie was paused. 
You couldn’t help but stare at her ass when she walked away, causing your cheeks to feel heated up. 
“I don’t know what type of genre you like, so I kind of just picked an action thriller. The twins have a lot of those for some reason the kids get hyped about this stuff” Wanda chuckled, tucking a bit of hair behind her ear. 
“Anything is fine, Wanda,” you said, and she smiled at you when you said her name. 
“As long as it’s not too scary or gory then I’m okay,” you told her and she nodded, patting down on the white sofa for you to sit next to her. 
You sat down next to her, doing what she told you to do and she looked pleased with how you obeyed her. 
“There are some popcorn and drinks here on the table too” Wanda informed you, and you looked ahead at the table to see a lollipop too. 
You immediately grabbed that and unwrapped it to place it in your mouth, the strawberry flavor you could taste was delicious, Wanda couldn’t help but laugh amusedly, shaking her head a bit while she pressed play. 
You had no idea what this film was about, but you were enjoying it. But halfway through the movie, maybe twenty minutes or so there was a lot of tension between the two of you and you felt hot and had the urge to go and have a cold shower. You also found yourself sitting closer to Wanda and she seemed to be fine with it since she never spoke up about it. 
Then that scene came on. 
It was a very heated sexual scene, a man and a woman were going at it and you felt a bit uncomfortable with how wet you felt watching it. Why would you even be attracted to this? You were gay for crying out loud! A man and a woman having sex weren’t what caught your eye at all. 
But maybe it was because you were sitting next to a certain sexy ginger who you had nasty thoughts about and that is why you feel so flustered and hot right now. 
“Do you want me to fuck you harder?” 
“You know the killer is right out there!” 
“So? This could be our last time together. Please just let me fuck you.”
The guy’s hands moved up along his girlfriend’s body, who was already half naked and only in her pink bra and jeans. She moaned loudly when he would cup her breasts, playing with them and teasing her. 
You hated this. 
You started to imagine that the guy was Wanda instead, her touching you like that, squeezing and playing at your breasts as she leaves kisses down your stomach. You knew it was a risk thinking these thoughts when she was right there and could easily look inside your mind, maybe you wanted her to see how you saw her. 
“You want this, don’t you? Y/n? All you had to do was ask” you thought you were dreaming when the guy who was touching the girl was looking right at you and speaking to you. 
You panicked and squealed when you covered your eyes. After he smiled he somehow then looked exactly like Wanda and the girl the guy was touching looked identical to you. 
Control yourself, Y/n. 
You could hear your mother’s voice telling you what you are thinking is disgusting and wrong. 
When you opened your eyes again, you saw Wanda right in front of you smiling. 
“You okay, honey?” Wanda cooed, gently cupping your face in her hands as she pouted at you. 
“Was that movie too scary for my little one?” Wanda asked, and you nodded. 
How did you end up in her lap? You were just sitting next to her.
Maybe this is all a dream. 
One of your dark fantasies. Yeah. 
“You want mommy to make you feel better? Make me feel good too?” 
“Yes I do,” you said, and she grinned. 
What was happening to you? Why were you feeling this way? Why did you feel so small and obedient that you actually enjoy it...
“Take off your jeans first? Can you do that for mommy?” she asked and you nodded. 
Wanda let you off her lap as she watched you stand up again, you felt shy under her gaze as she leaned back onto the sofa and watched you with hunger in her eyes. 
“Go on, give me a show” Wanda ordered, and you were quick to follow. 
You teased her by unbuttoning your jeans, taking them off slowly as you watch her eyes get darker with lust. You dipped your hand inside your panties, feeling how wet you were you ran a finger through your folds and moaned a bit as you took them out and showed Wanda how wet you were and she watched you place your fingers inside your mouth. 
Moaning at the taste, Wanda was getting impatient. 
“Come on little one, mommy has a treat for you if you hurry up” Wanda demanded. 
You quickly took off your jeans not wanting to waste her time, and then your panties were gone causing Wanda to groan at the sight of your glistening wet cunt. Oh, she’s going to have so much fun fucking that pretty pussy of yours. 
“Keep your shirt on, I think it looks adorable seeing you like this. But the bra has got to go” Wanda says, nodding in her agreement, and with a flick of her finger red whisps danced along with her fingers and her eyes turned red as your bra vanished. 
“Much better” Wanda hums, nodding as she gestures to you to come forward with her finger. 
“Are you ready for mommy's surprise little one? I have it just for you and I’ve been waiting since the day I met you to use it on someone as precious as you are” Wanda says, smiling as she places her hands on your waist as you sit back in her lap. 
You looked so adorable. 
She wishes she could just leave you here on her lap for her to play with forever. 
“Mommy,” you ask and she smiles up at you. 
“Yes, little dove?.” 
“What’s the treat… I did what you asked” You said and Wanda chuckled. 
“Yes you did, and you did it so well. You must want the tread badly then, do you wanna ride mommy’s cock?” Wanda teased, and your cheeks heated up as you nodded. 
“Please Wanda I just want you now!” you begged, you placed your hand under her nightgown to grab it. 
But she slapped your hand away instead. 
“No touching” Wanda warned, and you quickly moved your hands away. 
“Sorry” you mumbled. 
“It's okay. Just close your eyes for mommy and be quiet, can you do that for me?” Wanda asks and you nod. 
You closed your eyes, and you bit down on your bottom lip. You felt Wanda’s hands move around your body if they were her hands. You didn’t know, all you felt was a funny sensation that made you giggle. Wanda lifted up her dress making her strap sprung free as she covered it a bit with lube and your wetness so you can handle the size (even though she knows you can handle anything that will get you praise). 
Without warning, Wanda lifts you up using her magic and you giggled again at the sensation and you gasped when you felt the tip of the strap pressing against your entrance, you let out a moan as you sunk down onto it getting used to the size as it filled you up inch by inch.
“Open your eyes now little dove,” Wanda said, and you opened them. 
You started to bounce on the strap, enjoying the small groan Wanda made as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Her hands were grasped at your sides, not letting you go at all. Your breasts bounced with you and Wanda looked back at you again with those same hungry eyes, her hand move’s up your side almost teasingly as she tickled you a bit before she cupped one of your breasts causing you to whine. 
“Does that feel good, baby? You like it when I squeeze and play with your breasts like this?” Wanda said, while squeezing one of your breasts. 
“Y-yes, mommy, I like it so much” you mewled, throwing her head back. 
You felt Wanda slap harshly at your thigh, making you quickly look back at her feeling confused as she didn’t look happy. 
“Don’t take your eyes off me, little one” Wanda warned, her tone strict and you nodded quickly. 
“M sorry, please don’t be mad” you whimpered when she forced you to stop moving so you were just sitting on her strap. 
“It’s okay, just sit here and do as I tell you to do while I watch the rest of the film. Can you do that honey?” Wanda asked, her eyes darkening at you and you were a bit nervous to say no. 
“Y-yes I can do that” you said stuttering a little, your bottom lip trembling. 
“Good girl. Now ride my cock and show me how badly you wanna come” Wanda growled, laughing at you as you struggled a bit. 
“W-what if your husband walks in?--”
“He won't,” Wanda said, caressing your cheek to soothe you before turning her attention back to the TV. 
Throughout the movie, it seemed to go on for so long because you felt so dripping wet. The strap filled you so well the pleasure hitting the perfect spots and it was killing you. You tried so hard not to cum since you didn’t want to experience whatever punishment Wanda had in mind. 
But eventually, you were getting desperate. 
You felt Wanda’s hand grasp your thigh, she was playing with you again. Her eyes were fixated on the movie and you heard another damn sex scene go on. How many god damn sex scenes were there? Or maybe this was Wanda’s movie. 
Wanda was the one using her magic to control these characters in this film, to do whatever she wants and create the fantasy she wants with you as well.
“M-mommy” You whined, and Wanda’s head turned to look back at you with a smirk perched on her lips.
“Yes, sweet girl? You wanna cum now don’t you?” Wanda asked, mocking you again. 
“Yes mommy please let me cum!” You begged, whimpering. 
Wanda then grabbed you by the hips and flipped you over, so you were lying on your back on the sofa. You were too speechless to say anything, just waiting and watching Wanda for her next orders. Instead, she started thrusting her hips into you at a fast pace causing you to cry out as you joined her. 
“That feels so good mommy” You moaned, grabbing at her breast and squeezing them. 
Wanda growled, surging forward to press her lips against yours and she fucked you fast and rough and she couldn’t care if Vision woke up right now and saw this. She could easily just erase his memory and even yours so you couldn’t remember this night and neither could he. 
She felt your thighs clench around her hips, knowing that you were soon close. 
“You wanna cum baby? Wanna make a mess on mommy’s cock?” she asked, and watched you nod quickly.
“Yes please, fuck! I’m so close” you begged, thrusting your hips more. 
“Then come, sweetheart” Wanda demanded, her accent had come through thicker and stronger this time. 
You let out a loud cry, loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood but that won’t happen tonight as much as Wanda would love that. You threw your head back as you grabbed hold of her shoulders as you came hard. Wanda helped you ride out your orgasm as she stared down at you admiring you, she wanted to picture this moment forever and hang it up on her wall. But sadly in her little world she can’t do that, she is still the wife of a husband and a mother of children but that won’t stop her from getting to you again. 
Your body turned limb, your heart was beating so fast as adrenaline surged through your body. You felt more alive with Wanda than you have ever been in your entire life, and that was more of a true statement than you have ever told yourself. You felt the euphoria after it all, and you smiled up at the beauty in front of you with a satisfied smile.
“But what about you? Mommy? You didn’t get to cum…” you asked, tilting your head to the side. 
She watched as Wanda pulled out her strap, and you moaned as she did so. You bit your lip seeing the mess you made on it. 
“Don’t worry sweetheart, I got all the pleasure I could have asked for just by watching you” Wanda said, panting a bit as she was out of breath. 
“Now. We are not finished though” Wanda grinned, her eyes darkening again. 
“But I’m so sore--” 
“I don’t care. Come and clean up the mess you made” Wanda demanded, and you quickly sat up.  
You did what you were told to do as always, always like the good little slut she was for Wanda. Wanda grabbed her hair roughly, not caring at all if it hurt. She eyed her precious little dove watching them wrap a hand over the tip of the strap, your pretty innocent eyes stared up at hers as Wanda couldn’t help but groan at how wonderful you looked.
She forced you to bring the strap in your mouth, she doesn’t care if it’s too big her little dove can handle anything. And Wanda isn’t going to harm her too badly anyway, she doesn’t like it at all whenever someone she loves deeply is hurt in any way from tiny scratches to big bruises, and to the point where they would cry and come running into her arms. 
That’s how she would expect to see you be in the next few weeks as she trains you, by casually inviting you over for what she calls a ‘movie night’. 
Wanda’s done it before and she will gladly do it again and again. 
So only you will think of her only, that in your mind you belong to Wanda. 
Wanda’s attention was back on you when she heard your sinful gags on her cock, she chuckled pushing you deeper. 
“Alright I think that’s enough, get off,” Wanda said, pulling your mouth away. 
“Did I do well, mommy?” you asked sweetly and Wanda smiled softly at her. 
“Yes little one you did, but it’s time to go. Okay? We will be back again in a few nights mommy just has to sort out a few things first. Can you wait that long?” Wanda asked, gently cupping your face in her hands and you nodded. 
“Good. Now just close your eyes one more time and count to ten” Wanda ordered.
Closing your eyes, you felt the strange funny sensation again. You started to count, you couldn’t open your eyes yet as your mind felt blurry, there were flashes of memories that weren’t your own. You heard voices that sounded familiar call out to you, but subconsciously you ignored them even though you wished you didn’t. 
“Open your eyes” you heard Wanda say, and when you did you were back inside your room. 
Now that was a weird fucking night. 
Were those brownies Agatha brought around secretly edibles?. 
But regardless of your strange night, once you closed your eyes again to go to rest you ended up having a fantasy about your crush on Miss Maximoff. 
Who you were going to see tomorrow. 
And you were beyond excited.
What you didn’t know was that she was thinking the exact same thing lying down in her bed, sleeping next to her sleeping husband as she stayed away thinking about all the fun things she could do with you. 
Now she has to wait till morning. 
So she can see that pretty face of yours again. 
That night Wanda went to sleep with a smile perched on her lips. 
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uncpanda · 10 days ago
A Different World
Prompt: Gettin You Home by Chris Young 
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader 
Warnings: Pregnancy 
Requested by: @marvelcriminalhoe
Tumblr media
Your dress swishes around your knees as you walk up the stairs to your apartment. You have an armful of groceries, and you’re grateful when you find the door unlocked. You find Steve in the kitchen, he’s using the rest of the previous week’s groceries to make dinner. You swoop down and place a kiss on his cheek before you set the groceries down. 
He smiles, “Welcome home. How was your day?” 
You shrug, “The same as always. There’s no shortage of patients unfortunately.” 
Steve nods, and starts to plate the food while you put the groceries away. You slip out of your heels and let out a content sigh before taking the seat across from Steve. Your husband smiles at you, and not for the first time you thank God for finding him. You and Steve had been friends since childhood, and while most people had dismissed him and ignored him, you couldn’t help but focus on him. He was your best friend and Bucky was a close second. 
Youtube a bite, and grin around the food. It always surprised you how much Steve could do with next to nothing. “How was your day?” 
He shrugs, “Stopped by the recruitment center, got rejected, caught a movie, told a jerk to shut up, got beat up in an alleyway, Buck saved me, and asked us to go with him and . . . I think her name is Dot, to the show of the future.” 
You had stopped chastising Steve for getting into fights years ago, “Did you get in any good hits?” 
The two of you finish dinner and talk about the new job he’s looking at before you change into a new outfit for the night, take your husband’s arm and head out. When Bucky shows up with a girl on each arm you roll your eyes. James had always been a bit of a playboy. Your eyes narrow when the girls with him look Steve up and down and then let out a small chuckle. The pressure Steve puts on your hand is enough to keep you from scratching their eyes out. 
You watch Howard Stark’s car display with interest. You’d never been a big fan of the man from what’s printed in the gossip magazine. You bite your lip to keep from laughing when the car drops. You turn to comment to Steve and find him missing. It doesn’t take you long to figure out where he’s going. You don’t say anything as you watch him enter the recruitment center. 
“I really wish you’d put a stop to this.” 
You glance over at Bucky, “He wants to do the right thing. Who am I to stand in the way of that?” 
“His wife? One of these days these guys are going to take him and he’s going to end up dead. Hell, it’s amazing he hasn’t already . . .” 
You shoot him a look, and he stops. The two of you had nearly lost Steve more than once before. He got sick too easily, and you spent most winters terrified thanks to his asthma. And yes, the selfish part of you was thrilled that Steve couldn’t be accepted. You don't have to worry about him being killed by something horrible, and you get to go home to him every night. You were also a nurse. You saw what the war did to soldiers. You’d held one too many dying hands. And you understood why Steve didn’t think he was doing enough. 
You wait outside until he comes out with a mystified look on his face. And when he utters his next words they’re enough to make your stomach drop. 
It’s weird . . . not having anyone to come home too. Steve’s been gone for a week, and you’re supposed to find out any day now if he’s been accepted for this special Army program. You’ve pulled more than one double shift to keep from having to come to an empty home. 
By the time you do get home, you’re exhausted. Your feet are killing you. Out of habit you just twist the door knob even though you know it should be locked. When it turns easily, you pause before stepping in. What you find there nearly gives you a heart attack. Standing in the kitchen, is a supersized version of your husband. 
His name is a whisper, “Steve?” 
He turns to you. Despite all the new muscles and added height his smile is still the same. “Hi sweetheart.” 
You bite your lip, and try to take everything in, “You got chosen.” It’s a statement, not a question. 
He nods, “I got chosen.” 
He stays still and lets you circle him before reaching out to place your hand on his chest. He tries to make a joke, “I’ve been upgraded.” 
You shake your head, “No. I loved the original version.” 
He captures your hand, “And this one?” 
“I love this version too because it’s you Steve. I’ll always love you.” 
It’s weird to have him being the one to stoop down to kiss you. It’s also strange that you can’t wrap your arms all the way around his shoulders. But it’s not bad.
You lay in bed with Steve, your head on his chest. His breathing is unbelievably clear. There’s no wheezing. “A PR tour?” 
“Yeah. I’m not looking forward to it, but they won’t let me into the original ranks. At the very least it means I’ll be able to call home, and I’ll bring in a paycheck.” 
“We’re not hurting for money.” 
He kisses the top of your head, “I know.” There’s another moment of silence and he kisses down to your lips. “I really missed you this past week. I didn’t know I could miss someone that much.”
You smile and place another kiss on his chest, “Love you too Captain.” 
Steve leaves the next day. And it’s a few weeks later that you get a surprise, “I can’t be pregnant, my husband can’t have children, he’s . . .” 
You stop mid sentence, Steve’s poor health had made doctors think he wasn’t capable of having children. You also had three years of marriage to support that. But now? Steve wasn’t sick anymore. 
The doctor stares at you, “Ma’am.” 
“Nothing. Thank you.” 
You head out of the doctors office and to the nearest payphone. You have Steve’s hotel number, and it doesn’t take long for him to answer, “Rogers.” 
“Hey.” Your voice is small. 
The seriousness leaves and happiness floods it, “Hey sweetheart.” 
“Steve. .” You can’t waste time this phone call is expensive. 
“What’s the matter?” 
“I’m pregnant.” 
There’s a moment of silence. Some irrational part of you makes you fear him thinking you cheated. That doesn’t happen. He reaches the same conclusion you did, “The serum. Are you okay?”
You smile and a few tears fall down your cheeks; happy ones. “I’m okay. I just. . . really wish you were here.” 
“Me too sweetheart. Me too. I’ve got to go, but I’ll call you soon. Love you.” 
“Love you too.” 
You head home. Dealing with pregnancy symptoms by yourself isn’t your favorite thing in the world, but you deal with it. 
You’re in your sixth month when you once again come home to an unlocked door. You step inside to find Steve once again at the stove. You’re still not used to him being taller than you. 
His eyes go big at the sight of you, “Wow.” 
You smile, “I know. I’m huge.” 
He crosses the apartment quickly, and gathers you in his arms. You cling to him. “How long are you here for?” 
“A week. Then I’m heading overseas. I’ll be there when . . .”  When the baby is born, he can’t finish the sentence. You spend the next week getting everything you need for the baby. Steve is determined to make sure everything is set up and ready to go before he has to leave.
You take him to the airport. You cling to him for a while and you kiss him long and hard before you send him off. In the next few months you get quite a few letters from Steve. He’s quick to tell you of his exploits, but they usually only account for about a third of his letters. The other two thirds are ideas for the baby, how much he misses you and name ideas. Those parts make you smile. 
You give birth on a spring day to a little girl. She has Steve’s eyes and you put his number one choice down on the birth certificate: Virginia. It was his mother’s middle name. Taking care of a baby on your own is tough. You make it through though. The end of the war comes when Ginny is six months old. 
You wake up in the middle of the night to footsteps, and sit up to find Steve standing over the bassinet. You watch as he hesitantly picks her up, and turns to face you. “She’s beautiful. The pictures you sent don't do her justice.” 
You smile, “Please tell me you’re home for good.” 
He comes over and slides onto the bed next to you, “I have some options. Howard and Peggy and the others have some ideas. Might mean a change of scenery though?” 
Your brow furrows as you peer into the blanket your daughter is wrapped in. It’s somewhat surprising how much of a natural Steve is with a baby in his arms. 
You lean over and peck his cheek, “But we’re New Yorkers.” 
“We have to go anyway, we’ve been invited to the White House.” 
You bite back a laugh. You’re exhausted, and not entirely able to absorb everything 
going on. Steve can tell, you’re only half awake. “Go to sleep sweetheart. We’ll have company tomorrow. I have a lot of people who want to meet you and this little girl.” Your eyes are already closed as you fall asleep.  
The next day is a flurry of activity. Bucky arrives early enough for breakfast, scoops Ginny out of Steve's arms and immediately starts telling her that her daddy is an idiot who doesn’t know when to back down, and that he’s damn lucky you ever fell for him. Steve is quick to chastise him about his language. 
The rest of the Howling Commandos, Peggy Carter, and Howard Stark come over to meet her. Your little girl is a bit of a social butterfly. She’s perfectly content being passed around by her new uncles and Aunt. You like Peggy. You like her a lot. You can’t help but smile when she whispers to your little girl about teaching her how to throw a punch. 
By the end of the day, you’re informed of Howard and Peggy’s new plan. S.H.I.E.L.D. It requires a move to DC and an offer for you to either be head nurse for the division. You figure after spending months away from Steve working with him would be nice. You hand in your resignation the next day, and start packing up the apartment the day after that. 
You find a nice house on the outskirts of DC. It’s a large house and Steve starts teasing you about more kids. You snort and tell him he has to deal with at least a year of fatherhood before he can bring up more kids. 
You’ve been in DC for two months and you’re in the process of building S.H.I.E.L.D. from the ground up, when the White House dinner is held. You’re not exactly looking forward to it but you go. 
Steve watches as Bucky spins you around the dance floor. He has Ginny in his arms. The press liaison had insisted on his daughter coming. She looks adorable in her little dress. She’s been stolen from him no less than five times by either Peggy or Bucky or one of the Commandos. 
“My turn.” 
His eyes shift to Peggy as he passes Ginny to her, “Any chance you want to keep her for the night?” 
Peggy smiles, “You have a fun night planned?” 
It takes everything Steve has not to grin, “We haven’t had any time just the two of us since I got back. Things have been beyond crazy.” 
“Yes. I have Ginny. In fact, we’ll leave right now.” 
Steve watches her go, before heading out to the dance floor and stealing you away from Bucky. You smile at him, and he feels like the luckiest man alive. “Did I see Peggy steal our daughter away?” 
“She’s taking her for the night. It’s been a while since it’s been just the two of us. I thought we could use some time alone.” 
You laugh, “Well, let’s go. I want to get you home.” 
And really, how can Steve argue with that? 
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slyyywriting · 3 months ago
With Your Little Claws
Pairings: Bestfriend’s Stepdad!Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: Spending the weekend at your bestfriend's house to study for university exams. She ditches you to hangout with her other friends but her stepdad, ever the gracious host, keeps you company instead.
Wordcount: 4.9k
Warnings: age gap (Reader is 21; Steve is 45), sexual tension, innuendo from dilf!Steve (come on, that’s a massive neon warning itself), explicit sex (vaginal penetration), oral (f!receiving), creampie, innocence kink, daddy kink (aka dilf kink, yes zaddy), finger sucking, slight cum play(if you squint real quick)
18+ ONLY!! DO NOT ENGAGE IF YOU’RE A MINOR; KINDLY FUCK OFF, RESPECTFULLY! Also don’t copy and repost my shit, you heathen!
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN GRANT ROGERS! This was supposed to be brief but I got carried away with the smut. Yeah, you can just imagine what I want Steve to do to me. I literally had a cramp on my foot while writing the smut, this shit is dangerous. I hope y'all enjoy this as much as I did. Lots of love, fellow whores~
|| Masterlist ||
Tumblr media
You had an issue.
Several issues actually. There was a plethora of the things that are wrong with you but right now, the most prevalent one had something to do with your friend’s stepdad. He was yelling over the phone in the kitchen, sleeves rolled up until his elbows, top button of his shirt open, the veins on his neck prominent.
You clamp your thighs together as a warm sensation kept pulsing through your core. You were pretty sure your underwear was wet. Pretty sure it seeped through your summer dress and onto the seat you were occupying. You worry your bottom lip as you steal glances at Mr. Rogers—Steve—as his stepdaughter and your best friend, Ella liked to call him. One hand on his hip while the other is tight around his phone, he flexes in anger, face flushed red from the frustration over whoever was on the other side of the call.
“Sorry about Steve. A contractor they hired has massive slippage and he’s off schedule,” Ella speaks after seeing your face turned over the kitchen’s direction. She shakes her head and goes back to highlighting the book in front of her, “He left the office early to prepare for your stay this weekend but it seems like we’ll be eating take out if that continues.”
You laugh low and awkward, not even noticing that you’ve been staring long enough for her to catch you. Her words register late.
“Wait, what do you mean prepare for my stay? I don’t want to impose, El.” you lean forward on the table and whisper to Ella.
She shrugs, nose still buried in the book. “He wants to impress you or whatever so you can keep being my friend. Says you’re a good influence on me.” She scrunches her nose and looks at you, “I know he sounds like he’s about to murder someone right now and we fight a lot, but Steve’s really a teddy bear. And you’re the only friend I have that has his seal of approval.”
Before you could prod further for more information, Ella gets distracted by text messages on her phone.
“What chapter you on?” she asks distractedly, typing quickly on the keypad.
“Uhhh, not even halfway done with the coverage. Why?”
“Willow just texted, she’s picking us up to go to a party at a lake house. We have three minutes to change into a swimsuit.” She informs you while she pushes her chair backward giddily.
“El, no! I have two papers to submit by Sunday aside from preparing for the summary assessments. We can’t!” you shake your head, mentally trying to calculate the remaining time for you to prepare. Your friend drops her shoulders and sighs, sporting a pout.
“Fine. You go.” You tell her and slump down on your seat. You couldn’t afford to waste time, even if it’s for fun and on a weekend. Too much was at stake. “I’ll stay here and finish up reading. One of us has to have notes for the exam.”
You smile at her teasingly and she responds with a huge grin. She squeals and goes over to your side of the table to squeeze you in a hug.
“I love you and I owe you and I will be forever in your debt!” Ella places a loud and sloppy kiss on your forehead before haphazardly putting her study materials away. “Steve! I’m going out! Be back late later!”
Her stepfather looks your direction with a questioning brow but Ella was out of the door before he could inquire. As soon as the front door slammed shut, he was back on his call and you were back to keeping your legs together.
By the time you grew tired of reading your stomach was already making weird noises. Steve had abandoned the kitchen and moved into his office to take calls. His low voice reverberates throughout the first floor and you couldn’t help but keep trying to steal more looks at him through his open door.
You pad to the kitchen quietly as you pass his door, hoping not to disturb him and his work. The vast kitchen looked like it got ordered straight out of Architecture Digest, a big contrast to your crammed apartment back in the city. It was going to take you at least an hour to finish rummaging all the cabinets just to find even some granola bars.
“The good snacks are on the top shelf,” you gasp and jump at the sudden presence behind you, clutching at your chest. You giggle briefly finding it funny how you reacted like a thief instead of a guest. “Here, let me get them for you.”
You tried to get out of the way so your host could grab them above you but he had beat you to it. Steve encloses you against the cold counter, your stomach pressing on the linoleum as his chest bars your back. The size and length of him, towering behind you draws a shudder from your whole being. He presses you further in as he reaches for items above your head, his warmth radiating on your back.
Your mistake lands when you turn your head to look back at him. Your eyes meet and his the usual sea-colored eyes were replaced with a storm, brewing and waiting to sink you in them. Steve moves slow, deliberate, and calculating. He places the items in front of you, leaning down and brushing your skin as his arms pass you own. His smell now registers into your nostrils and gets embedded in your brain; cedar, vanilla, citrus—arousal, lust.
“Here ya go, angel.” He whispers right next to your ear, lips brushing along your ear shell. You shudder again, biting your lip to contain a moan inside that’s threatening to jump out. But before you could do anything stupid, Steve is gone from the kitchen. Your body is back to being cold and you release the breath you’ve been holding in.
Fuck. You whisper as you lean on the counter, knees wobbly from what just occurred.
You haven’t noticed how the sun had already set outside until you got a message from Ella, sending you a video of the sunset from above the lake along with her singing along to some song with another girl who you assumed was Willow. She was obviously drunk and having fun. You shake your head and type in a reply, telling her to be careful and take a shot on your behalf.
The doorbell rings as you try to re-read the last paragraph of your book. You’ve been reading it over and over, not really absorbing the words or what they meant. You move to stand to get the door when Steve emerges from the stairs in house clothes—a very tight shirt, emphasizing what lay underneath, and a form fitting sweats that highlighted his big, plump behind—telling you he’s got it.
You sit back down on the table, closing your eyes to regain some composure from what you had just seen. But all it did was scorch your eyelids of the images of his body and how his ass would feel in your palms, how he would react if you could bite on them like a peach. Shit. Abort, that was not helping cull the growing need in between your thighs. Why were you so horny today? And for your friend’s dad?
Stepdad. Your brain supplies. Like all those porn categories.
“No!” you involuntarily cry out, squeezing your eyes to shoo the voice away.
“Don’t be so hard on yourself, angel.” You open your eyes to Steve standing from the opposite side of the dining table. He’s unloading take out from a paper bag with an empathetic smile, “Not understanding a college class ain’t the end of the world. Trust me, I failed two classes and I turned out fine.”
Your eyes rove from his agile hands, to his veiny arms and bulging biceps, up until your eyes land on his face. He looked way too good just to be standing here in this house. He should be on display at the Louvre, like David. Or The Thinker. All in their glory.
“Maybe my cream in you will help?”
“Excuse me?” you blink twice, three times.
“Cream of mushroom soup? And some garlic bread with your Arabiata? That all right for dinner?” he moves to the kitchen to get some plates and utensils while you stare at him with wide eyes. You’re mum as he navigates through everything flawlessly, “Maybe some food in you will help? I lost track of time, I can’t believe it’s already dinner. I’m sorry for being a terrible host.”
“Uhh, no. Not really,” you clear your throat. Your mind was playing tricks on you. You needed water to drown out the horny monster inside you, “I mean you’re doing great—I’m fine, really.”
He smiles at you kindly, chuckling at your flustered answer. You bite your lip, embarrassed at your babbling. He must think of you as some dumb kid not even good enough to speak out full coherent sentences.
“Well, to make up for it. I’ll fill you right up. You’ll be my little creampie. Stuffed to the brim.”
Huh? You cross your legs. What did you just hear? Why was it suddenly three hundred degrees in here?
“You like it don’t you? Cream pie was the only dessert available at the restaurant that travels well.” He asks innocently enough, finished with arranging the food on his side of the table.
“Uhuh,” smart! How very genius like of you. It is very great to have a brain like yours.
Steve pulls out a chair and gestures for you to take it. You swallow hard and stand, rounding up to his side. You take the seat and he pushes the chair to tuck you in, hands rubbing your shoulders briefly before he takes his own seat beside you. As he sits, his bulky thighs touch your own, knees alongside each other’s.
He smiles at you again, putting food on your plate, then his. You thank him silently and dig in. For a bit, no one says anything and the house echoes only with the sound of the dinnerware. You were painfully aware of his presence beside you. Even with food in your mouth, your brain hasn’t stopped lusting over him. Stealing glances at his hands holding silverware, his thick fingers curling and flexing.
“Want a taste?” you’ve been caught staring at his digits, they grip the fork tight and you stutter, shaking your head quickly. You look up at his face and catch him licking his lips, darkened irises surveying you, “You barely touched your food. Maybe you’ll like mine better.”
You protest again but his for is now lifted and hovering before your mouth. You feel small, childish even, having what seemed to be the god’s finest specimen on earth placed before you, wanting to feed you. Your stomach does a flip, you had no appetite for food as your hunger revolves around something else.
“Go on. Open your mouth, angel.” He nods and you oblige, opening your mouth for him obediently. Your lips enclose around his fork, your tongue grazing under the silverware for the creamy pasta he just offered you.
You moan involuntarily as you savor the sauce. It really was better than yours. You close your eyes and sigh in satisfaction, chewing happily. When you open your eyes, Steve is still observing you and you freeze for a moment. He wets his lips as his eyes glance down at your own. He smiles and wipes sauce from its corner with his thumb, slow, heavy and warm. When he’s satisfied he licks his thumb as well, tongue darting out to clean it thoroughly, a popping sound when he finishes. You’re flustered again and you close your legs with an audible slapping sound.
When you see Steve clean out his plate, you jump out of your seat, dragging the wood on the floor backwards.
“I’ll do the dishes!” you volunteer abruptly and your fork drops and clatters on the floor. You bend over to pick it up but a huge palm grips your leg, just above your knee.
“I got it angel,” Steve tells you with a wink and kneels to pick up the fallen item, he’s disappeared from under the table while you wait for him to emerge. You yelp when his palm grazes your thigh, grasping it for leverage as he rises to his feet right in front of you, body pressed against yours. “Here you go.”
You chirp out a thank you and quickly back away from him, gathering the dishes to bring to the sink. You don’t dare to look and turn back to him. Steve sighs happily at the way your sweet ass jiggles as you move, cupping his hardening cock at the sight of you, all pliant and domesticated under his roof.
You hear the dining chairs drag on the floor as he tucks them in, only exhaling when you’re sure that he had retreated back to his home office. You cuss again as you finally look back to check. When the cost is clear, you reach for your thong, pulling back the wedgie all your squirming had caused. The lace was sticky with your juices at all the tension Steve had created.
Two soft knocks on your open door make you look up from your book. You were on your stomach, feet up in the air as you tried to finish a paper due. Steve opens the door wider and leans on the frame, arms crossed in front of him.
“You good for a break? I forgot to give you dessert,” you swallow hard at his voice, soft and alluring. He extends out a hand for you when you don’t budge, “Come on, angel. Give that big brain of yours a small break. I’ll make it worth it.”
You really had to start seeing a therapist for every issue you had. Starting with the fact that everything that comes out of your best friend’s step father’s mouth sounds like an open invitation for sex. You already changed into fresh underwear after that fiasco of a dinner. Now it seems that the dampness is returning with a vengeance.
“Okay,” you finally agree and leave the bed. He grabs your hand as you approach him and you go downstairs with intertwined fingers.
You keep looking at his massive hands enveloping yours. His fingers were more than twice the size of yours. You bet that if you held on his wrist, you won’t be able to clutch around him. Makes you wonder if you can hold him wholly in one hand—
Nope! You shake your head at the inappropriate thought. Concentrating on the supposed dessert you’d be sharing. But Steve doesn’t lead you back to the dining room or the kitchen. You were headed into his office.
“I was going to eat it in here,” he shrugs when you stop at your tracks in front of the wooden door. “You don’t mind do you?”
You look up at him, lashes fluttering. You bite the tip of your index as you decide. Why were you nervous? Steve was being cordial. You were being a hornball.
“No, I don’t mind Mr. Rogers,” you sounded small and unsure.
“Steve, angel. Just—Steve.” He smiles at you softly, raising his hand to touch your cheek with his knuckle.
“Steve…” you close your eyes and lean into his touch. Lost in the softness of everything. His deep chuckle brings you back and he leads you inside, hand on the small of your back.
Your eyes adjust in the room’s dim lighting. Orange aglow from just two lamps inside the office: one by his mahogany desk and another by the bookshelf on the far wall. You spot the pie on top of the desk, cleared of any paper to make room for the dessert.
“I’ll give you a slice. You can just take a seat and relax. Let me do it,” you volunteer and approach his desk. But when you look over your shoulder, Steve was already behind you, pressing himself to sandwich you between himself and the table.
His hands brush up from your thighs to your hips, stopping to wrap his arms around your middle. You can feel his stiffness poking you from his sweatpants and you gasp. He nuzzles your hair, just right by your hear and he inhales deeply.
“Thank you, angel. Such a good girl you are,” his praise makes your heart flutter before it travels directly into your core, making your blood run hotter than usual.
You whimper but proceed to get him a slice of pie just like you promised. You should be protesting. He was wrapped around you, softly grinding his erection on your hip. But then again, you really had issues. Instead, you bent yourself forward towards the pie, bumping your ass on his crotch. When you hear his sharp intake of breath, you wiggle further into him.
You place a slice of pie on the dessert plate and maneuver yourself to face him. You perch your ass on the desk’s edge and look up at the hulking Adonis before you, smiling at him innocently. You swipe the cream with your index finger and offer that to him.
“Ahh,” you tell him to open his mouth for you and he obliges, pushing your knees wider so he could slot himself nearer you between your legs. He dips his head and takes your whole finger into his mouth. His tongue dances around your digit, cleaning off every bit of cream he could taste. When he gets everything off it, he pulls back, sucking your finger off and releasing it with a pop.
“So good, angel. Tastes like heaven,” he licks his lips and pulls you closer to him. He aligns himself with you cloth center and rubs himself.
You moan wantonly before dropping the plate you were holding to jump in his arms. He catches you and you immediately press your mouth on him. You kiss Steve openly, all tongue and teeth clashing as your self-control tips over the precipice. He returns it in kind, hands cupping your bottom and grinding himself up on you. His tongue explores your mouth and you feel breathless as he slowly gains the upper hand.
He tasted like cream. He tasted like how you imagined he’d taste. All sweet, strength and visceral need. You moan into his tongue and mouth, eyes clenched tight with desperation for him.
When you pull back to finally breathe, you see the mess you had made him. His hair was scattered in all directions from where your hands had roamed. His lips swollen from being kissed and prodded and bitten into. His cheeks were flushed as you panted in unison. Eyes looking up at you with adoration, searching for any sign that he should stop whatever this was he had incited.
You were no better. The strap of your sundress had fallen off your shoulder. Skirts rucked up almost to your waist. Your skin prickled with need as he held you in his arms. You wanted him so badly. More than anything you had ever thought of.
“I thought you were gonna give me a creampie? Eat me in your office?” you challenge him before dipping your head to suck on his neck. He growls and places you on top off his desk.
He scrambles to push your dress up and over your head, kissing you down with a push over the smooth wood. Your fingers excited pull on his shirt, urging it off of him as well. He takes it off in a hurry and throws it off haphazardly like he did your dress. He’s on your mouth again, tongue dominant and blind with boiling lust.
“I’m going to stuff you, angel. Fill you to the brim,” he threatens but your pussy only flutters at the promise. “But first, I’m going to have you cum all over my tongue.”
With that he disappears and dives between your thighs. Sucking on your inner thighs, sure to bruise by the morning. He pulls your fresh panties off but keeping them over your left thigh, dangling as he spreads you wide over the table. The image of your lace underwear, flimsily holding on to your leg makes you even wetter and you buck your hip to his face to signal him to get on with it.
“Patience, angel. I want this to be good for you.”
You were ready for a complaint but a thick stripe runs over your slit that makes you whine and squirm. He does it again three more times until he uses his fingers to spread your folds open, headed for that sweet, sweet pearl that he knows would drive you crazy. He attaches his lips in your clit and stays there for a while. He hooks one arm over your right thigh and pushes the left with his palm. He looks you in the eye and smirks before sucking on your clit mercilessly.
You try to kick a leg out when pleasure jolts all over your body. You cry out and twist but he has you locked down in his hold. You have no other choice but to take it as he laps at you like you were the first meal his had in a while. You call out to god, hoping that he would give you relief but its drowned out by Steve tongue.
Tears begin to form at the amount of pleasure you were trying to breathe through. You helplessly reach to grab on something but end up grabbing your tits instead, pulling and pinching at your nipples, crying out it delirious desire for Steve’s ministrations.
Everything had become too much and your back arches off the desk, yelling as you completion takes over every part of your body. Your eyes temporarily roll to the back of your head as your high travels within you.
Steve continues to lick you, slurping up your juices.
“Taste so good, angel.” He kisses your cunt and your inner thighs, his beard stained with your essence.
You sigh in satisfaction, reaching for his face with your shaking hand. You brush his hair back, strands falling over his eyes from his efforts of giving you an electric orgasm.
“Not tired yet, are you?” he asks as he stands again to his full height. You shake your head lazily and mouth a no with a goofy smile on your face. He returns it in kind, smiling with his perfect set of teeth, “Good because I need you on my cock.”
You moan at his dirty mouth. Energy renewed at the promised stuffing from him. You sit up on the desk, using your elbows to take a good look at him. His sweats had a massive tent on it and the outline of his cock startled you. It was—big.
“Fuck me,” you whimper under your breath as you imagine his giant schlong under the fabric. Steve looks down at where your eyes were focused and he gives you a cocky grin.
“Oh, I intend to my sweet little angel.”
He moves around the desk and sits himself on his leather office chair. Swiveling it to face the east wall. You twist your body to follow his movements, grinning wide as he taps his thighs with his hands, an order for you to sit on them.
You jump off the desk excitedly and follow him.
Steve pulls his pants off and out springs his large angrily leaking cock, oozing with bubbling precum. He was big for a second you were worried. He must have seen the trepidation on your features because now he was extending his hand out, grabbing your hips toward him. He kisses you dizzily, more fervor than before if that was even possible.
“It’ll be okay, angel. It will fit. We’ll make it fit.”
The softness in his voice makes you melt. Not to mention the tender concern that he had for you. You regain your bravery and nod, giving him a quick kiss before you climb up on his chair.
He positions both your knees on the arm rest, opening you wide above him. He pumps himself in his hand, gathering some of your slick to rub around your opening and on the tip of his cock before he aligns it with your center. The head is pushed in and you close your eyes, expecting pain. He whispers you reassurances as he slowly pushes in.
“It’s okay—we’re okay—we’re—“
You drop on him, sitting down on him swiftly and he sheaths you with one swoop. You both cry out it unison, trying to get your bearing from being filled to the brim. You’d never had anyone as big as Steve before inside you. It felt like the tip was hitting up into your throat.
Shit. You hear Steve cuss as he looks down at the space where you were connected. He scrunches his nose and looks up at the ceiling, thanking anyone who was listening for your sweet and tight cunt currently trying to suck all of him in.
“Steve? Can I move now, please? I want to feel you,” you press your palms onto his chest, voice shaky with want.
Holy heaven above. The way you sweetly asked for his permission and the look on your face almost made him blow his load on the spot. At a loss for words, he dumbly nods his head and smiles.
You kiss him softly and lift yourself up, pulling into a kneeling position above him before you slowly drop down again. He moans loudly and then gasps. You were so tight. You were squeezing the life out of him. He’d never had anyone like this. And fuck, the noises you made as you tried to find your rhythm had him almost going blind with joy. You were perfect.
As your motion begins to pick up, Steve assists you by holding your waist. Guiding you up and down his cock, squelching sounds occupying the room when his moans and your whimpers had been muted by mere open mouths. He can’t help himself anymore and starts to meet your thrusts with his own, slamming up into your sopping cunt.
He grunts as he thrusts up. Almost going insane at how unbelievably delicious your pussy looks like around his cock. You were gripping him like a vice and sucking him greedily whenever he tries to pull free. He was close, so close.
“M’clo—close, Steve,” he let out, chirping at him as your tits bounce right above his face. He takes a nipple in his mouth and laves his tongue on the hardened pebble. You squirm and cry out, throwing your head back.
He’s close too. He’s almost there. How he managed to last this long was a miracle. He’d been so wound up ever since he walked through the door and saw you in a concentrated pout while you read on his dining table. He knew you wanted him just like he wanted you. The way you squirmed on your seat whenever he smiled at you. The way you shift from one foot to another when he was around. He just needed time. And now he was deep inside you, he wanted to embed himself even deeper.
He licks his fingers and inserts it between your bodies, reaching for your bud. He rubs it and swirls it around, at rhythm faster than the pace you were on.
“Go ahead, angel. Cum for me, cum.” Your legs give out and you scream his name in a high pitch. Your pleasure extends as he doesn’t stop his fingers from playing your chords. You gasp and twist in his hold, almost jumping out of the seat as he stimulates you beyond your own understanding.
“You did so great, so good, my sweet angel.” He whispers into your ear as you slump against him.
He lifts you up and changes your position, letting you sit on the chair instead. He anchors your knees over the armrests and pushes the chair right on the wall. He pushes himself back in and slams inside of you, this time at his own punishing pace and strength.
You’re putty against the leather seat, shaking your head as his cock hits your cervix ever single time he pushes in. You cry out his name, begging him and pleading him, for what you don’t know. You don’t want him to stop but at the same time it was all too much.
“Steve—please,” you choke out, incoherent and close passing out.
“I got you, angel—so good—so tight--,” he mumbles, he doesn’t know if he’s making sense. But the message is clear, you’re the best pussy he’s ever had.
He grunts, he can feel it now. His balls are tightening up, this is it. His hips stutter and he drives himself deep within you. With a shout, Steve empties himself, coating your walls with his desire as his mind starts to clear up.
He thrusts slowly, once, twice, three times. Making sure every drop is spent inside you. When he’s satisfied and his dick starts to return to being half hard, he pulls out. His and your juices oozing out of your puffy cunt, still twitching for more.
Steve dips his head and kisses you deeply, soft and appreciative.
“You caught me with your little claws angel,” he whispers into your lips, fingers catching his escaping spend and pushing it back inside of you. “I gotta have more.”
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Playing the Part
~8300 words of steamy Loki tickle fluff
PG13 for this one, kids. Lots of making out.
CW: some swearing, suggestive humour, mentions of murder/death, alcohol consumption
Tumblr media
Every job has its ups and downs, and every employee their good days and not-so-good days. You’d hardly classify yourself as an employee because you didn’t get a paycheque, your entire occupation was a hazard unto itself, human-resources was punching it out on the sparring mat and your boss was either a 100-year-old super soldier or an eccentric billionaire, depending on the day and who was wearing what suit.
Wait… should I be getting paid for this?
Looking around your room that you paid no rent on, in a multi-billion dollar superhero compound, you decided that wasn’t a question you were ever going to ask. The question of the hour was which dress would best conceal your thigh-holstered gun.
Today, your job entailed one of those tasks that could be fun if you decided it would be, or hell if you had a bad attitude about it. You prided yourself on always being up for any mission, so that answered that question, though infiltrating some black-tie gala undercover was never as exciting as fighting alien forces.
You gave up feeling guilty about being a little excited when Earth faced threats long ago; no one had to know that impending planetary destruction was your favourite kind of mission to help out on.
Selecting a red strapless dress from the middle of your mission closet (which was differentiated because most of these dresses were bulletproof) you slipped it on over your underwear and thigh holster. A knock came at your door as you were reaching behind yourself to zip it up.
“Come in!”
“Agent, we- oh… Oh.” Loki’s featured turned from surprised to playfully smug in a matter of seconds.
“Can you get this zipper?” You winced at the stuck metal. He nodded and approached, you turned and held the fabric up. Before he even made it halfway to you he gave a brief wave of his hand and used his magic to unstick the zipper, bringing it to the top.
“Thanks,” you smiled, familiar with that particular kind of help from Loki. “Can you see my gun?” You did a little spin and he shook his head. “Great. You look nice," you commented, gesturing to his impeccable black suit.
“As do you.”
”I suppose there are worse charades to play on a Saturday evening. Ones that don’t include fine wine and the prospect of a tussle with a Midgardian security man.”
You shot him a look as you two walked towards the garage together. “You said no Midgardian wine could be classed as fine.”
“Save for one region in Italy, I’ve discovered.” Loki shrugged, tightening the fastener on his cuff link.
You gave him a mock look of shock. “Are you telling me… you were wrong?“
“Smugness is not becoming, Agent,” Loki playfully warned.
“Hmm,” you narrowed your eyes. “Looks like I’m spending too much time with you.”
You bickered and bantered good-naturedly as you entered the garage, which was more like a hangar but only for cars. This mission would be you, Loki, Natasha, Sam and, strangely enough, Tony wanted to drive the van. He gave some excuse about wanting to test some new equipment and spend time with his team. Though you knew it was because Pepper wanted him to attend her aunt’s seventieth birthday, and Tony had a long-standing feud with that particular aunt ever since she went on a forty-five minute tirade about how much she hated Led Zeppelin. You weren’t sure if it was the sentiment behind it, or the fact that she could talk for forty-five minutes straight without the awareness to stop. Either way, Tony was on the job tonight.
“Black Widow is already onsite,“ Tony handed you three some photos as you entered and took your seats. “Your names are on the door, fake ones obviously, here they are.” Tony pulled up some information on the screens and then commanded the self-driving van to go with a few taps at a holographic control centre.
You went over the plan, the objective, who to avoid at all costs, where the gun was supposedly hidden. There was a gun used in a murder of a journalist - the employee of an old friend of Tony's, a young guy working on an exposé of a filthy-rich family dynasty in New York City. The journalist was sure the McDane family money came from arms dealing, but he was found dead just a few short months after he started investigating. The following week, Charles, the charming and likeable newly-married eldest son of the family, announced his run for mayor.
Whether Charlie McDane ordered the murder, or if he didn't even know it happened, Tony's source said this family kept trophies of their victories and the murder weapon would most definitely still be in the house.
On the face of it, it was an unusual assignment for the Avengers. If you didn't think that hard about it, you could have just sent Nat in alone. However, the McDane family was even more powerful than they loved to show on the surface, and this wouldn't be a simple theft. Hence, a small team was going in to avenge the fallen journalist.
Natasha had been planted on the inside, posing as an event manager for a soirée the family was hosting to celebrate Charlie’s birthday and, since he’d invited everyone in the political and social scene, it was the perfect chance to enter the mansion; there’s no way he’d know who each and every person was and should be.
As you walked down the road with your arm slotted through Loki's, you eyed the metal detectors at the front entrance. You gripped his arm and slid your hand into the pocket of your dress, but the pocket was hollow and only existed as easy way to grab your gun. Wordlessly, you passed it to Loki and he concealed it with his magic in the exact same way you planned to smuggle the murder weapon out later that evening.
Maybe it was Loki's elegance or your years of training that started when you were very young, but the way you two could instinctively weave around each other's thoughts, ideas and actions without so much as a glance was something special you didn't take for granted. You both had keen senses, but there was some kind of unexplainable energy that made them align perfectly.
You never let your mind wander on nights like these. On missions. Perhaps if you were less professional you'd take a moment to fantasise about what it would actually be like to go to a party with Loki. If the way he led you through the room with a gentle hand at your waist was more than a ploy to look like an adoring couple, or if he knew your favourite wine because he cared, instead of just having heard you order it a million times before.
He kept things light with jokes and little jabs, never once crossing a boundary when fake-flirting with you, but it wasn't lost on you that it was unusual to have this kind of working relationship that had all of the chemistry with none of the awkwardness. It was almost as if it was second nature now for him to pull you a little closer when you were in a nice dress, considering you'd only worn them in front of him on missions. And so he did pull you closer as you approached the bouncer to give your names.
You spied Nat at the front, leaning around a security guard's shoulder to point to something on his list. She always played her parts so well. She stole a glance at you and Loki through her fake glasses and that was it. No indication she knew you, no special treatment, no way she'd do anything to blow this. She walked up the outdoor staircase as you gave your aliased names to the guard and flashed fake drivers licenses that were pretty much real, considering the government had created them.
Loki declined the arrival champagne for the both of you, immediately leading you to the bar. You looked at him as if to remind him that you weren't here to drink, and his subtle smirk replied that he didn't care. He ordered two glasses of a merlot from the one region in Italy that'd won his respect, passing the glass to you once it was laid on the bar.
"To the finer things," he cheers'ed your glass and you scoffed with a laugh, taking a sip of the wine. The rich flavour burst through your mouth. It was dark and deep, spiced with... with... "Cedar," he offered, reading the analysis on your face. "Rosewood, cedar and some sort of stone-fruit."
He smiled and took another sip. "We don't have that on Asgard."
"This wine is good," you nodded as you two turned and deconstructed the room and all of its guests.
It made you kind of sick seeing all of these wealthy people in one place pretending to give a damn about Charlie McDane's birthday. It's not that you liked the guy, not at all, it just felt weird to know that every person in here was the exact kind of person you hunted down. Power-hungry. This mansion may as well be a lion's den. But full of naïve lions, who had no idea two apex predators just walked in.
Just when you started wondering how many people in your line of sight had also committed murder to protect their wealth and power, you saw Natasha give a subtle signal of which way the room with the safe was. Loki saw it too.
It was upstairs, but there wasn't much cover to get upstairs. The great foyer's ceiling was three stories up, the two floors above the ground floor you were on had square balconies that let the people upstairs peer downwards into the masses. Nat's fingers adjusting her hair told you that the room was on the second floor. Thankfully, there were guests on the second floor. Under the guise of admiration for the architecture and a desire to explore the great house, you pointed out works of art to Loki as you ascended the stairs together. When you walked past Natasha she smiled politely, like a good host, and asked if you were enjoying the wine.
"It's most divine. Though, I believe my beloved may be in search of a room to powder her nose."
You would have rolled your eyes at his usual choice of asking for information if you weren't aware that security's eyes were everywhere. Even on the event manager.
"You might find what you need up the stairs, down the first hall, third door on your right."
The way her hands were motioning didn't match her hushed description, so you followed the instructions in her voice instead of the way her hands were telling you.
You allowed Loki to lead you upstairs, down the first hall. When you two were certain there were no eyes, he concealed you two with his magic. The hallway was darkened. He pressed his hand against the lock and unfastened it with an unseen pure magic and you two slipped inside. It was a large office with grand mahogany furniture, decorated exactly as you'd expect Old Money Americans to decorate their office. Right down to the bear head above the fireplace and the first edition novels sitting proudly on the shelf, probably unread by their owners. That also made you a little sick: great words sitting unread as trophies.
Scanning the room for any obvious signs of the safe, your eyes settled on a panel in the wood on the side of the desk. There was a slightly smaller gap in the wood on one side, indicating hinges. You held your hands up to Loki and he conjured thin gloves to grace your fingers, then you pressed gently on the wood to engage the latch. The panel swung open to reveal the safe. Shifting out of the way, Loki took your place and placed a gloved hand on the dial. In less than three seconds, it spun rapidly in each direction before clicking open.
"We should really consider robbing banks," you whispered as the black metal door swung open and you were met with stacks of paper and envelopes.
"Need I remind you I am a Prince? If it's gold you want, darling, say the word."
"Eh," you shrugged, feeling around for the gun. "I meant more for the thrills."
Loki chuckled as your fingers found a familiar-feeling package. You pulled the envelope out and peered inside before showing Loki the sight of a small pistol. He nodded and took it from you carefully, then concealed it in some unknown magical space close to him.
You closed the safe carefully and then your gloves disappeared. Moving quietly back to the door, you listened for several moments to make sure no one was coming. Then, you both slid out and began walking down the hall like a loving couple.
Suddenly, a guard appeared at the end of the hallway. Thinking fast, you opened the closest door to you and pushed Loki inside. There was a shout you vaguely heard before you shut and locked the door again.
"Shit," you hissed. You were in someone's bedroom. Or maybe it was a guest room, considering how clean and un-lived-in it looked. There was a fireplace, like in the office, and a large four-poster bed against one wall. In the middle of the room were two plush couches that faced each other and were side-on to the door. You two walked over to them to get the vantage of being in the centre of the room and quickly searched for an exit.
"I'll cast an illusion," Loki whispered, ready to wave his hands and make it look as if you two weren't here.
"No!" You whispered, eyes wide. "They already saw us come in here. If we disappear, they'll know something's up and lock the place down."
"Then what do you propose?" He held his hands out, annoyingly unbothered by the prospect of blowing a mission. The doorknob twisted and you both snapped your heads towards it, then back at each other.
"Sit," you hissed and shoved him back onto the sofa right behind him. He stumbled and fell with a small indignant noise of surprise. You heard the tinkling of keys and your heart beat in your chest.
Knowing the security team was about to enter, you acted fast. "I'll never hear the end of this," you mumbled before sliding forward to straddle his lap. His eyebrows shot up his forehead as you wrapped your arms around his shoulder and looked at him with nervous urgency. "Kiss me."
Loki didn't question it, and he certainly didn't need to be told twice. His hands found their place. One at the small of your back, one firmly gripping the hair at the nape of your neck. Then, he pulled you in for a fiery kiss.
You barely heard the door open as you lost yourself in the strength of his hold, the steady and eager grasp with which he held you. His hands found their places as if they'd been there a thousand times before, as if he knew exactly how you'd feel the safest, feel the most desired. You pulled him deeper by the back of his neck and could have sworn he made a small noise of satisfaction.
Oh no.
He kept kissing you, you kept kissing him, even after the head of the security team had cleared his throat a number of times. As much as you knew you'd already sold it, and boy you sold it well, you couldn't bring yourself to pull away. Were all Asgardians this good at kissing, or was it just Loki?
Oh. No.
The sudden loud command pulled you away and, much to your internal mortification, you didn't need to feign how flustered you were.
"O-oh my," you squeaked and looked up at the man, blushing profusely.
Okay, the squeak was fake, but it felt almost real.
You stayed put where you were straddling Loki's lap and grimaced when you saw Natasha, still in character, entering the room. "What's going on, I need you downstairs to- oh!" She looked a little taken aback by your position atop the prince who, you were fuming to see from the corner of your eye, had the audacity to be smirking.
"My apologies," Loki drawled in his growly regal voice, trailing his hands around to your sides. "I simply couldn't control myself, seeing my queen in this dress..." He punctuated it with an "Mmph" and a firm squeeze at your hips. You flinched and squirmed a bit under the ticklish touch, trying to keep your composure but letting a small giggle slip out. Then, catching the pleased and mischievous glint in his eye, you dug your nails into the back of his shoulder to warn him off trying that again.
"This room's off limits," the guard tilted his head towards the door and you made to move your way off of Loki's lap. Instead, with his incredible strength, he stood with his hands still at your hips, lifting you to your feet before turning and wrapping an arm around your waist.
He looked the guard up and down, "Of course, good sir." You bit your lip and blushed, cowering in Loki's hold as you exited the room together. Nat smirked at you and winked before proceeding to fall back into character and tell the guards there was a belligerent drunk man downstairs needing to be kicked out. That man would be Wilson, who was playing his part as tipsy distraction.
Loki led you down the hall and you rounded a corner, then you broke off from him and held a hand to your chest. "That was too close," you breathed deeply once, then met his eye. You glared when he saw him smirking at you.
"Do I have lipstick on my face?" He asked, feigning worry.
"Oh, shut up," you swatted his shoulder. "I did what I had to do."
"I never knew you had the passion in you, Agent," Loki smirked again. You glared once more and peeked around the corner, only to jump and hold in a yelp as Loki's pinching fingers found your hip. "I also never knew you were so ticklish."
"That's not something people advertise- cut it ouhout!" You swatted his hand and squirmed away from him as he prodded his fingers into your side. "We have the gun, let's get out of here."
"Tsk, you're no fun," Loki scoffed.
You exited the party and made your way down the block towards the van, knowing that Nat's glasses had broadcast at least the last part of your little tussle with Loki. Steeling yourself as you gripped the handle, you reminded yourself that you were a professional, and this was sometimes a hazard of the job. You needed to play it cool when the eventual teasing came.
"Hey, lovebirds," Tony quipped the second he saw your faces.
"Hey," you chuckled, stepping inside and removing your heels the second you found your seat. "We got it."
"Here," Loki closed the door behind him and pulled the enveloped gun from the magical space he'd hidden it. "So you saw the Agent's display of passion, did you?"
"You wound me, Loki," you deadpanned. "I thought we had a mutual connection."
Perhaps those words were a mistake considering all the truth behind them. However, all the best lies were founded on truth, and for now you needed to convince everyone in the van that you weren't totally freaking out because you'd felt the most passionate attraction you'd had in years with a former villain. I mean... how predictable.
Loki looked at you suspiciously as he took his seat, but something in his gaze told you he wasn't going to prod deeper on this. Not right now, at least. Not in front of everyone.
Nat and Sam joined the fray five minutes later and you all got a move-on back to the Compound. Nat poked more fun at the position she'd found you two in, and you laughed good-naturedly at all their jokes. Loki was uncharacteristically silent, and seemed to always be looking at you when you laughed and instinctively checked to see if he was laughing too.
The jokes shifted to Sam and the wine he spilled down his shirt, then the conversation shifted to the next steps of what to do with the gun, then you all arrived back.
Tony got to work dismantling his rig, declining your help, and so you took your field weapons over to the cabinet to put them back in their places. As you were unclipping the magazine from your pistol, you felt a presence behind the door. You peered around to see Loki.
"What's up?" You raised your eyebrows and snapped the case shut, then closed the door.
He looked at you meaningfully, quizzically, but didn't say anything.
"Okay..." you chuckled uncomfortably and put the latch on the door in place. "I'm going to shower."
You made to walk past him but he grabbed your upper arm, stopping you by his side. Facing different ways, he leaned in a little closer and spoke quietly. "I can spot a lie from lightyears away."
Turning to look at him, you'd probably have been caught off-guard by how close his face was if it hadn't been for the events of earlier. You shrugged, pulling your arm from his grasp. "I didn't lie."
He scoffed and also turned to look at you, eyes flitting once down to your lips, then back up to pierce your gaze with his. "You know what I meant."
You were proud of how composed you kept yourself when you shrugged again and kept walking, swallowing hard.
This wasn't supposed to happen.
Never one to waste water, you took an uncharacteristically long shower. Haphazardly smearing face wash over your skin to scrub the makeup off, scrub away the flustered energy. But no amount of scrubbing could help you forget the feeling of his kiss, and shampooing the hairspray from your head only made you remember the feeling of his fingers in your hair.
You reminded yourself that it had been a very long time since you'd kissed someone. You were probably just desperate, definitely a little touch-starved in general, so the fact that it was Loki didn't matter as much as the fact that it had happened.
That's what you told yourself over and over as you threw on sweatpants and a soft long-sleeved shirt. It was cold and the marble floors could be unforgiving, so you thought it best to go for fluffy socks, but then pulled some slippered boots over the top. You didn't bother brushing your wet hair, letting it fall where it wanted as you made your way to the kitchen.
"That smells good," you commented as Nat pulled some dish out of the oven.
"Mmm," she agreed with an excited smile. "Nico is my favourite," she admitted slyly, referring to one of the chefs Pepper would call in to prepare a bunch of heatable meals during busy periods. Delivery app drivers would probably cancel the order if you tried, thinking it must be a joke that a super solider was asking for a Big Mac to be delivered to the Avengers Compound. Besides, by the time it was scanned and made sure to not contain a deadly poison, it would be cold and stale. "There's enough for you too," Nat said, pulling out another plate and serving you a steaming slice of vegetarian lasagne.
"Thanks," you smiled, still a little distracted. Of course, with someone as perceptive as Nat, that wouldn't be allowed to slip by.
She leaned against the counter and poked at her meal, not meeting your eye to keep it less direct. "You alright?"
"Hmm?" You looked up, and so did she, then you looked back down to your food and shrugged. It was no use lying to her. "I think I'm lonely," you laughed humourlessly, nervously, sadly.
"The kiss got to you," she said knowingly, placing her fork down to give you her full attention. You didn't return the favour, nervous about what you'd say if you were really talking about this. Which, as long as you were here eating dinner, you weren't really talking about it.
"It's not like I haven't kissed a fellow Agent before to keep cover," you sighed a little, shaking your head. "It's just been a while, I guess, since I've had... anything... or, someone."
"I get that," she nodded, picking up her fork again. You two ate in silence for several moments. "This is really good," she declared through an extra-large mouthful. You chuckled and nodded, swallowing another bite. After several more moments, she said quietly, "It's okay if you felt something."
That made you choke a bit. Noticeably, unfortunately. You shook your head, but didn't deny it. "No. It's not okay."
"Why not?" She asked as if you were crazy.
"It's not okay," you repeated firmly, stabbing your fork again at the lasagna. "It's not."
Before she could attempt to pry for more information, Thor and Loki entered the kitchen together. Great.
"Good evening," Thor beamed a toothless smile.
"There's more in the fridge if you're hungry," you looked up at them in an attempt to not seem as regressed in on yourself as you felt. Thor looked at your plate and nodded in approval, opening the fridge. Then you looked at Loki, fully expecting to see some kind of calculating stare as before, but his expression was soft. He looked you over, probably noticing your out-of-character hunched posture and the way your head hung a little lower than usual, and he gave you a look that was subtly laced with sympathy.
Now that made your blood boil. Who was he to feel sorry for you?
He seemed to notice the way your jaw clenched under his gaze, and opened his mouth to say something but Thor spoke first.
"There's a film Stark wants us all to watch this evening."
Nat chuckled, finishing off her dinner. "You say that like he's showing us training videos. He's just trying to bond the team over some cheesy nineties movie." She looked at you and nodded to your clothes. "You look ready for a movie night."
Before you could explain that you'd rather go to bed, Thor beamed again. "Excellent, then! We'll all be there."
Thor was always kind to you, so you didn't want to disappoint him over something so inconsequential. You smiled warmly at him and nodded. "I'm gonna go claim a good spot," you excused yourself, aware it was almost time for it to start. You quickly did your dishes and left the kitchen, making sure to get a seat on a large armchair so you made it clear you'd rather have some personal space right now, even though it was the exact opposite of what you wanted. Maybe it would be good for you though, to remember that you were alone for a reason. That this life you chose wasn't kind too love.
Gods, love. Why did you think of that word, of all the ones out there. You were spiralling. Sentiment, you corrected yourself with a swift reprimand. Sentiment, loneliness, desperation.
You busied yourself chatting to Wanda as people filtered in, taking note of how she seamlessly wove herself in and around Vision as they sat on a two-seater next to you. Determined not to look at or think of Loki or romance or kissing or anything like that, you trained your eyes on the screen as the movie started.
But you spiralled.
There were these two main characters in the movie with this undeniable bickering co-worker chemistry that reminded you of Loki, the jokes he’d whisper into your ear during meetings, the harmless mischief he’d pull to make you laugh, the way his hand felt at your lower back- NO. You couldn’t think about that.
Wanda and Vision were in your line of sight from the corner of your eye and you saw her fingers lace through his, you then saw him place a silent kiss on the crown of her head. Biting down on your tongue, you remembered Nat and Bruce, Pepper and Tony, Thor and Jane, Clint and Laura. All those people who seemed to find love, even temporary love, in the midst of all this madness.
So maybe it wasn’t this life. Maybe it was just… you.
Biting your tongue a little harder, you reminded yourself how powerless you were compared to all these super-people. Sure, many of them were human like you, but all the other humans seemed to have someone who loved them.
It felt hopeless, knowing the only person in this room who you wanted close was so extraordinarily out of your league. He was a god. You were a human. Your life was a flicker compared to his, of course he’d never waste time indulging the likes of you.
But it felt real.
Halfway through the movie you decided you couldn’t sit there and see these buddy-cop characters fall in love. You couldn’t watch Wanda and Vision so enamoured with each other. What you needed was to hit something hard, and then go to sleep. So you excused yourself without a word or a glance at anyone. It was late, anyway. You weren’t even the first one to leave.
A turn of a black-haired form told you that Loki noticed you leaving, but the lack of footsteps behind you as you walked down the silent hall told you that he hadn’t followed you.
Slipping into your room and then into some workout clothes, you jammed your headphones into your ears and put on some classical music; you weren't sure you could stand to hear any words right now. You laced your shoes a little tighter than normal and practically sprinted to the gym, very unwilling to have anyone notice you were gone and decide to come check on you.
Hitting the bag felt good. It was the perfect consolation prize for what you'd actually prefer right now, but with every crushing of your knuckles against the thick canvas you found it easier to forget how it felt to have your fingers looped through his hair. The sweat dripping down your face replaced the feeling of his breath against your skin when you'd broken the kiss, and the aching in your obliques from your tensing and turning to hit the bag took the place of any memory of his hands at your waist. The aching was here, and he was almost gone.
After a half-hour of interval sprints, it was just past midnight and you were exhausted. Not knowing how you felt about no one coming to check on you, you traipsed back to your room in silence. The faint echoing of your footsteps through the hallways made you quiet yourself further, stepping as lightly as you could to prove to yourself that you were still a good spy. Good spies don't get caught up with feelings. Your footsteps fell, dead quiet, and you regained some confidence.
Your muscles stung the next morning but in a delightful way. You'd treated yourself to another hot shower when you got back to your room, so this morning it would probably be best to have an icy one.
As the cold water hit your skin, you felt okay again. The boxing and running last night had really shaken everything out of you, only the smallest lingering of lonely desire remained and it could easily be ignored. Of course, that was easy to say. The second you walked into the kitchen to see that Loki had heard you coming and poured you a coffee you felt a tug at your chest.
His hands closed around the mug to pass it to you and you remembered how his fingers had closed around your waist. He smiled good morning and you remembered how his lips felt against yours. Holding it all in, you smiled and took the coffee, then proceeded to have a short conversation with him like a normal person would. He made jokes about last night, but not about that, and you chuckled at them. After perhaps too short a time for how long you usually chatted, you excused yourself to go do some paperwork. You caught the way his brow furrowed a little, but he didn't question you.
The next few days were more or less like this. You'd try to engage with Loki normally but spiral a little more, convincing yourself that the more you continued like you always had, the more normal things would be again. But he was just so... beautiful. Everything about him was beautiful and now you couldn't help but notice.
One evening, nearly a week after you'd kissed, you were having a bit of a vulnerable day and you walked into the kitchen for some ice cream. Loki had just finished cleaning up after his dinner and turned to say hello, but you couldn't do it. You just turned and walked right back out again. He called after you but you didn't stop. It's not like you were going to cry in front of him, but you just couldn't do this right now.
Seeking refuge in your bedroom, you shut the door and slid down to the floor with your back against it. An immediate soft knock frustrated you, especially knowing who it probably was. You sighed and stood.
“Hey,” you greeted Loki with a nod when you opened the door, immediately turning away to make it look like you were about to do something else. “What’s up?”
Loki stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, which made you stop and give him your attention. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” you lied.
He squinted for the faintest second and smiled a little sadly. “Light years,” he reminded you how he could spot a lie without harshly calling you out. It pained you that he didn’t. That his lack of sarcasm indicated that he saw you as a bit fragile right now.
You sighed a little and ducked your head to the side, conceding the point. “I’m a little haywire,” you admitted. “I think I need to get some stress out and go to sleep.”
”What troubles you?”
Ah. What a question.
You didn’t want to shut him out, but you certainly didn’t know how to explain that one simple kiss undercover had brought a massive crashing wave of insecurity and anxiety that made you feel completely unlovable. Or... maybe you could just say that?
You were silent for so long that Loki spoke again.
“I’d like to offer my apologies,” he said very diplomatically. “If I overstepped the bounds of our relationship.”
“I’m the one that made you kiss me,” you winced. “I should be apologising.”
”I didn’t mean that,” Loki shook his head. “I meant after, when we returned. When I cornered you.”
You had to laugh. “You didn’t corner me, Loki. I appreciate you wanting to make me feel better but you have nothing to apologise for.”
”Very well. But you didn’t make me,” he replied firmly.
“I know, I know…” you rolled your eyes. “A god submits to no one, I just meant that I put you in a situation that I shouldn’t have. Believe me, I’m paying the price.”
That last part came out a little faster than you’d intended it to. In fact, you didn’t really mean to say that last part out loud at all. Or maybe you did. What a perfect Freudian Slip. Quickly collecting yourself, you spotted your headphones and went to pick them up but noticed that Loki was taking slow steps towards you.
”Paying the price?” He asked carefully. You stopped and folded your arms, shrugging.
“People poke fun, you know.” You bit your tongue. Then, you saw him smirk a little. Ah. Lightyears.
“I thought we had a mutual connection,“ he raised his eyebrows, teasing you with your joke from That Night. You gave him a firm stare, but couldn’t help but notice he wasn’t that far away now.
“Loki, that was-“
“A thinly veiled truth,” he interjected, leaving no room for debate. He also left very little room between the two of you. You opened your mouth to respond, seemed to not be able to, and he smirked at your speechlessness.
"Y-you can't." You shook your head. "There's no way."
"There's no way, what?" A smiled tugged at his lips at the way your eyes widened when he took a strand of your hair and wrapped it once around his finger.
"... Mutual?"
“Now that we won’t be interrupted…” he brought his hand up next to his face, flourished it, and you heard your door’s lock click shut. You held your breath as a mischievous grin graced his lips.
Oh gods, you were looking at his lips. You couldn't seem to look away.
He lowered his voice to a gruff whisper. “Might we finish what we started?”
With the smallest nod of your head, he immediately ducked his head to press his lips against yours. Your small noise of surprise made him pull away for a second and grin, before he playfully growled and lifted you from the ground. His eyes stayed trained on yours as he walked a few steps and firmly shoved your back against the wall. Your breath hitched as his hand found that place at the back of your neck, and this time, you kissed him. Eagerly, hungrily, feeling so overwhelmingly euphoric that this was even happening.
It had to be a dream, you thought as his lips trailed along your jawline, his hot breath hit your neck and his strong unwavering arms kept you above the ground and level with his gaze. He kissed you not just like a god or a great lover - he kissed you like he wanted you. Like he‘d also been waiting to do this for an unspeakable amount of time. It felt like relief.
Pulling you both back from the wall, Loki's lips didn’t relent as your fingers tangled once again in his hair. He walked backwards and found his seat on the end of your bed, sitting with you in his lap as he had at the party.
“Gods, you enrapture me,“ he pulled away, a little breathless. He grinned and his eyes were hazy. He looked at you intensely before looking back at your lips, subconsciously slipping out his tongue to wet his own. Before you could respond, he was kissing you again. You could have melted into his touch. In fact, you were fairly certain you just might.
He leaned back and you both fell onto the bed, you on top of him. You laughed at the sudden impact and you pulled away for a few seconds to catch your breath. You looked at his adoring gaze and blushed. “I never thought someone like you could want someone like me.”
He furrowed his brow, unsure if you were about to reference his nefarious past.
”You’re so… mighty. You’re a Prince, a god, you’re wickedly smart and powerful and… and I’m just a human.”
“Watch your tongue,” Loki scolded somewhat seriously and held you a little tighter. “Don’t speak of yourself as if you’re insignificant.”
You rolled your eyes and smiled, giving him a look. “You know what I mean.”
“Of course I do, I’m wickedly smart,” he smirked and you playfully swatted at his chest. He smiled contentedly and ran his hands firmly down your sides to settle at your hips. It was an innocent romantic gesture, one to position you for further making-out with Loki, but your eyes widened at the memory of his discovery the previous weekend and the assumption that the God of Mischief was about to turn the tables.
Unluckily for you, your flustered expression rendered it a self-fulfilling prophesy.
“Loki…” You warned as you saw the glint in his eye.
“That’s right…” His smirk widened to a devilish grin.
”How about you keep kissing me, huh?” You laughed nervously and leaned in closer. Loki laughed and nodded, bringing his hand up to cradle the back of your neck as you pressed your lips to his. Once your arms were around his neck, he deepened the kiss and rolled over, putting you underneath him. Still on the edge of the bed, your feet barely skimmed the floor. Then, he suddenly became the classic Loki you knew.
“Mmmhmhm!” You whined and giggled a little into the kiss as the fingers belonging to his arm around your waist started ever so gently scratching at your side. “Mmnnoho!” You broke away and gave him a pouting look. He lifted his head and smirked.
Gods. He’d never looked so unspeakably hot.
Messy curls framing his face, that look he gave you that said You’re In Trouble in his distinct Loki way, mixed with the desire in his piercing blue eyes; you’d gladly endure his torture if it meant he looked at you like that.
But maybe that’s because you had no idea what was coming.
“Darling,” he cocked his head and kissed your cheek before kissing just below your ear. “I am the God of Mischief….“ he kissed your neck in a way that you were sure was intended to tickle. You giggled and bit your lip. “And now that I've got my hands on you, you simply cannot expect me to not exploit this little weakness to its fullest extent.”
“L-Loki!” You blushed at the very real threat and he chuckled.
“How about you guide me, hmm? Where should I start?”
“I’m not playing this game,” you laughed nervously, squirming a bit underneath him and resting your hands on his shoulders to push away the ticklish kisses.
“Aw, come now,” he lifted his head and that same beautiful smirk made your heart beat quick. His hand behind your neck slid down under your shoulder blade until it sat at your upper ribs. You stole a glance down to where it may be, even though you couldn’t see it. He cocked his head again. “No? Alright, I’ll choose.” With a wink his thumb slipped around the side and up into the hollow under your arm.
“LOKI!” You gasped, clamped your arm down from instinct and immediately started squirming and giggling, even though his thumb wasn’t even moving. He grinned again and kissed your lips once more.
“You've been down all week, love. Let's have a bit of fun,” he whispered, then sprang his hand at your waist into action, scratching and grabbing at the soft skin hidden beneath your shirt. You gasped again and started laughing softly, then squeaked when his thumb started wiggling into the hollow under your arm.
"NOHOHO!" You shut your eyes and then squealed loudly when his fingers underneath you began clawing into the back of your uppermost ribs. Damnit, you thought he may start easy on you, not go for three different places at once. You were already in a desperate cackle, bubbling incoherent pleas spilling from your lips as you writhed underneath his amused self.
"I'm honestly delighted you're so ticklish," Loki teased with a chuckle. "It's adorable, really. So professional all the time, yet..." He finished his sentence by intensifying his touch and speed at all three sites of attack, drawing a small shriek from your laughing lips and a jolt from your body. "Has it always been this easy to undo you?"
“OHMYGOHOD!” You shrieked, throwing your head against the bed and trying to buck your upper body against him to no avail. He paused his torture and kissed you deeply again, lips curled into a smile as he pressed his lips to yours. You shook your head and broke away, still laughing. “Youhou’re ridiculous! We were hahaving such a nice moment and y-you ruined ihit,” you whimpered. He kissed to again to silence your complaints.
“What did you expect?”
“I-I expected a nice romantic moment!” You laughed and brought both arms between you and him to shove at his shoulders. “Now,” you gave him a stern look. “Do you want to tickle me, or kiss me? You can only choose one.”
He scoffed. “I don’t do ultimatums, darling.”
“You do now.”
“Bold.“ He stuck his tongue against his cheek then ducked his head to the side in consideration. He then looked at your face, which you’d been attempting to hold in some semblance of a firm glare. He lowered his lips to your ear and you heard him chuckle once. “Far too bold for someone so ticklish.”
He whipped his arms out from under you and pressed his weight down again, trapping your arms between your bodies as he clawed into the front and sides of your lowest ribs.
“NOHOAHAH!” You immediately fell into desperate belly-laughter as his fingers drilled and clawed into the spaces between your bones. Your feet kicked helplessly, merely grazing the ground as laughter kept spilling from you. “NOHO! NO! LOKIHI I CAHAN’T!” He shifted his hands further up your ribcage and snuck his fingers around to dig in at the back and, after one more shriek, your laughter went silent. It was trapped in your chest as his squeezing and vibrating fingers found every sensitive space on your ribs that made you want to melt into a little puddle. You were gasping for air by the time he halted his attack, squeaking and wheezing as you tried to regain your breath.
It was torture, but you hoped he wouldn’t ask you if it was worth enduring to have him this close. If he could spot a lie from lightyears away, how much easier could he spot it when he was close enough for you to see the flecks of green in his eyes.
”You’re… you’re gonna kill me,” you hiccoughed. He smirked and leaned in for another kiss. “Nuh-uh,” you pulled your finger up as much as you could from where your arms were trapped. “You made your choice.”
He grinned and slid his hands down your sides with a wink, "Oh? Then I'll gladly continue."
"W-w-wait! I dihidn't th-WAHAIT!"
His thumbs drilled relentlessly into your hips as Loki joined in with your loud laughter. You finally managed to wiggle your arms out from where they were trapped at your chest, shooting them down to grab at his fingers. Your feet having no traction and his near entire weight pressing you to the bed made it impossible to buck or lift any part of your torso, so you were completely trapped with nowhere to go as he gripped and grabbed at the skin of your hips, kneading at the pressure points that made you squeak and squirm beneath him.
When he tired of your fingers trying to grab his, he did a devilish swift lift of his own body and slotted his hands between the two of you, settling them palms-down over the majority of your belly. You made a huge gasping noise and started frantically giggling and squealing even before he'd moved his hands. You shook your head and begged for him to kiss you instead, nervous high-pitched giggles interlacing your words.
"N-noho, Loki just kihiss me, kiss me plehease! PLEASE!" You squeaked, cupping his cheeks and gently pulling him towards you. He chuckled and grinned, gently digging a few fingers in just once. You thrashed and renewed your struggling and squealing efforts. "Dohon't you DAHARE! I won't kiss you agahain if you do this!" You threatened. He cocked his head and leaned in a little closer to look deep into your eyes. Then, he grinned and whispered:
You thought for certain you'd pass out from laughter when Loki's fingers sprang into action and rippled against your hypersensitive stomach. You laughed loudly, completely powerless to stop his fingers from digging in wherever they pleased. After not much time at all, your laughter went silent and you weakly batted at his shoulders, sides, face, anything your hands could find for themselves since your eyes were shut so tight. Any words your brain even began to think of forming got lost as laughter ripped through your chest from the electric intensity of his fingers against your body.
When your hands finally found both sides of his face, you used all the energy you had left to press your laughing lips against his and, finally, he relented. You fell back with a loud gasp as he retracted his hands with an amused chuckle and took his weight mostly off you, propping himself up with a hand planted either side of your head.
"Alright there, darling?" He teased as you coughed weakly and wiped the tears of mirth from your cheeks. You gave him a scowl, but he found it adorable.
"Thihis isn't fair," you crossed your arms defiantly.
"No?" He smirked. "Pray tell, my love. What isn't fair?"
Oh. My love. His love.
That took any breath you'd managed to get back in your lungs.
"Y-you... you..." But your words were lost in the bliss of being his. He seemed to quickly understand how his words touched your heart, and it softened his teasing demeanour, and softened his smirk into a smile. "You found my worst spots so soon," you managed to murmur through rosy cheeks.
"Was only a matter of time."
"But now you have the upper hand."
"Dear heart, this isn't a struggle for power," he laughed heartily. "I do not seek to rule over you. Anything you ask of me, anything in the Nine Realms, I will give to you."
"Tell me where you're ticklish."
He chuckled and pressed a chaste kiss to your lips before falling down beside you. He hummed in contentment as he wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you as close as you could be.
"Anything but that."
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rodrikstark · a month ago
steve rogers x f!reader (fluff)
summary: you drag steve to the opening night of rogers: the musical.
a/n: just.... lmao. shout out to @captainrcgers for nudging me to write this!! :) 💕
Tumblr media
“excuse me, sir.”
steve straightens his spine, his shoulders hitting the back of his plush seat. “sorry,” he mumbles, adjusting a bit as a family of five maneuvers around his gigantic legs.
one of the parents frowns at you. “is he alright?”
you pet the blue hood concealing steve’s blond hair. “yeah, he just has a stomach ache.”
a polite smile. “alright. y’all have a good night.”
“you too.”
as more people exit the theater, the pit orchestra still playing their jaunty exit music, you run a gentle thumb over the light pink mark on steve’s forehead. a consequence of him hunching over in frustration, burying his face into the seat in front of him.
“steve, i thought it was…” he side-eyes you behind his fake glasses. “well, it was, y'know, definitely something.”
you grab his program, flipping through it to find the song list. “i mean, the 40’s number was very fun.”
“that scrawny little kid training at camp lehigh / was given erskine’s serum so that he could touch the sky?” steve recites, incredulous. "what a lazy rhyme. it doesn't even make sense."
you bite your tongue to keep from laughing. “you don’t even like musicals, i don’t know why you’re being so critical of what i believe to be a truly star-studded performance—”
“don’t, c’mon—”
“and such a rich retelling of your—”
“hey.” he pokes at your ribs, and this time your giggles fly free. you grab steve’s arm, tossing it over your shoulder so you can stifle them against his chest.
“is my sarcasm not amusing you?” you snake your arm underneath his sweatshirt. “man, this must have been pretty brutal for you.”
“i wish i could get drunk.”
“that photographic memory’s not gonna help you either.” you hum, tilting your head up to kiss his cheekbone. “people seemed to like it, baby.” even stood to applaud steve’s actor during the bows. “although it’s like, one of the worst productions i’ve ever seen. and i watched my friends do theater in high school.”
"they’re never gonna understand," he mutters, "all the shit we really went through."
enough people have left the theater—only ushers remain now, checking the aisles for forgotten belongings—that you gently remove the glasses from his face, tucking them inside his collar. “well, i’ll never really understand either.” you scrunch your nose at him. “but i’m trying.”
he wrinkles his nose back. "'cause you're my best girl." he kisses you, and takes his sweet time, too, since you’re almost alone now. it makes your toes curl. "thank you."
you stand, grasping steve’s hands, and use your entire body weight to pull him up with you. “anything for my leading man.”
— — —
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gagmebucky · 4 months ago
He guwaffs, and it’s a rich, throaty sound that curls your toes. “Mad?” he repeats, a half-smile quirking up at one side. “Mad at what, the pretty little gift sent to me by God?” His eyebrow cocks, gesturing to the space above. That half-smile blooms into a full-on Cheshire grin. “And right at my time of need.”
inspired by that scene in “triple dog.”
in which your friends dare you to hide in resident bad boy bucky barnes’ closet. (includes bad boy!bucky x shy!reader, allusions to masturbation, dirty talk, praise kink, mild cheerleader kink, fingering.)
do not repost.
This is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.
You’d defend yourself by pointing out it wasn’t necessarily your decision but a dare your friends sprung on you but it doesn’t change the fact you agreed to it (albeit with great protest) and are now in the following predicament.
“No—no, you are not picking ‘truth,’ Miss. I-Love-Staying-on-the-Safe-Side. You’re doing a dare, and that is to put on this little cheerleading costume and hide in Barnes’ closet for an hour.”
Peer pressure is a hell of a thing because once Natasha said that, then the rest of your friends were insisting you had to do it. It didn’t matter you’d be breaking and entering, that their place was—is—currently occupied, or that the outfit didn’t fit quite right (too short, too tight).
The least you can say about them is their distraction worked like a charm in getting you in. One of your friends knocked on his door and started a conversation about having a shitty landlord, eventually gravitating into the kitchen. A mutual friend provided directions to his bedroom, and you kept your bambi-like nerves together enough to stumble into a closed closet.
Before you slipped in, that mutual friend—Natasha—placated your nerves by assuring you that James would be chilling in his living room; that way, the probability of him realizing there’s an intruder in his bedroom closet is low.
Unfortunately, that turns out to be wrong because after your friend finishes with her tangent and the front door shuts behind her, he returns to the solitude of his bedroom. Which, although you only managed a glimpse on your meandering in, is a palace.
You can expect nothing less of James Barnes, always referred to as Bucky. While he’s your friend’s neighbor, he also attends your college. The campus is on the smaller side, and he’s a notable presence among the student body.
It’s not just that he’s a pretty face—chiseled features, sharp jawline and straight noses, burning bright blue eyes—but that he’s a lady’s man with a penchant for fights. There’s much gossip about his recklessness but the mere fact he often drives his motorcycle without a helmet is all you need to come to that conclusion.
Safe to say, he elicits a particular brand of anxiety; particular meaning it’s a degree deeper than your normal state of nervousness. Should you be discovered, your humiliation will be triple-fold, and that pesky paranoia insists it’s only inevitable.
Being in a person’s closet unbeknownst to them is bad, being scantily-clad in the process is worse, but the person being him? Oh, God—oh, God.
You wedge yourself deeper into the recess of his shallow wardrobe. The air is limited but faint with detergent, and it’s remarkably organized, minimalist in the amount of clothes on hangers. You never thought you’d want someone to live messily but you do now—in that case, your body would be shielded; in this case, you’re in plain view.
Outside of the bifold doors, his television mutes then his footsteps pace back and forth. You don’t think you made any noise but your heart races with the conviction he’s figured you out. The dresser next to the closet slides back, and it sounds like he’s rummaging through a drawer.
After a beat, there’s a vindicated “ah!” The drawer closes, and his footsteps retreat to the bed. The room’s silence and your hearing strained, the frame creaks with weight. A key presses, and you deduce that it’s his laptop. That would be perfectly fine except that it’s loud moaning blaring out of its speaker.
You have your phone: to keep track of the three hours—a twenty minute dent in the countdown—and to stave away boredom as well as withstand your friend’s group-chat teasing you via text message. All the humor is wiped off now, replaced with mortification.
This is bad. Very bad. God-fucking-damnit! Why in the hell did you agree to this? You are not going to hide in this man’s closet while he jacks off. Violating his privacy like that, feeling your own stab of arousal at his low groan, is something you refuse.
Your hands shake, thumbs violently tapping against your phone screen as fast as you can. They better get their fucking asses up here and get to distracting! There’s a plethora of typos and no explanation but the urgency is punctuated clearly. Your thumb hovers over the send button but there’s a sharp inhale and another husky groan, and your unmoral libido makes you fumble.
And there it goes. Your phone flips out of your hands and clatters against the ground; titanium on hardwood floors, it makes a distinctive—and loud—sound.
You wish it was one of those things where it’s only that loud to you, being so hyper aware of yourself and being so close, but the laptop slams shut. In a quick second, the bed shifts and the floors creak with a strong, “Uh. Hello?”
You don’t respond. Your eyes squeeze shut, and you hope he doesn’t investigate further. But like any sane person who hears a noise in their closet, he does. His strides are tentative, encroaching on the space with the utmost suspense.
The doors part, and you can feel the gust upon being opened so quickly but your eyes are still closed—because if you can’t see him, then he can’t see you. Right? Wrong. You know that, and your lashes reluctantly flutter up to the intense gaze bearing down on you.
His eyes are bright, a stark contrast to his dark hair and the post-shower dampened tips. His shirt is off with only a Star of David pendant dangling between his pecs; a well defined abdomen displayed, leading down to low riding jeans where the belt buckle is unfastened and the zipper is unzipped.
You swallow and try to ignore the bulge flushed against white briefs. “H - hi?” you say sheepishly. “This, uhm, is not what it looks like ‘cause there was a dare—but I picked ‘truth’ then she’s like ‘no! You’re gonna go into the closet!’” You’re speaking rapidly as you press forth on your feet, one hand against the wall to help your stability. “I don’t do this, and I am so - so sorry. If there’s anything… anything I - I can give do or give you or - or…—”
The words trail into a stuttered breath, blowing past your teeth when you see the look on his face. It’s utterly obscene. Sure, in this instance you seem the perverse one but the way he takes in the sight of you is something out of a porno.
His pupils dilates to obsidian, greedily running up the equally pornographic outfit you’re wearing. It’s a stereotypical ‘costume’ — an old version of your college’s cheerleading uniform that your friend kept. It’s a two-piece of gold and green, skimpy quality further accentuated by being a size too small.
The top is sleeveless with straps haltered around your neck, just barely making it over your tits with an elastic band secured around your ribs. Because it's so tight, you forewent your bra and your nipples pebble against the fabric. The bottoms take on the traditional pleated pattern, reaching to only the curve of your ass.
James’ tongue laves over his lower lip slowly, and if you aren’t mistaken, the bulge in his pants twitch. The wolffish hunger written across his face makes your thighs clench together. “Oh, man. Am I hallucinating, or has my wet dream finally come true?”
It’s not a reaction you were expecting but goodness does it spark hotly underneath your skin. He looks like he wants to eat you—lick, bite, if the swipe of his tongue and drag of his teeth are to specify. You aren’t one to speculate on someone’s feelings about you, especially not a roguish character like him but this is throwing you.
“Shouldn’t you—shouldn’t you be mad?” you point out, partly confused and partly grateful; his eyes sear into yours and your mind scribbles so you’re rambling on: “Because if I would you, I would be so I totally understand—”
He guwaffs, and it’s a rich, throaty sound that curls your toes. “Mad?” he repeats, a half-smile quirking up at one side. “Mad at what, the pretty little gift sent to me by God?” His eyebrow cocks, gesturing wordlessly to the space above. “And right at my time of need.”
One arm cords around your waist and swiftly reels you tightly into his flank. A soft umph escapes your chest at the abruptness, stammering a breath as your abdomen molds against ridges of muscles and smooth skin. He runs hot, and the imprint against your thigh is swelling firmer.
“Fucking look at ‘cha.” And he is, lips parted reminiscent of a panting dog but incisors gleaming like predator eyeing prey. “What person in their right mind could have a complaint?” His fingers wander over your cleavage to the curves of your belly. “Fuck me. Look at you. God, you’re cute.”
His reputation is on the wolfish side yet he’s curled around you like a cat, practically purring in content. In a similar manner, you’re usually shy but can’t bring yourself to be shielded from his ravenous eyes and covetous hands.
“T - thanks—oh - oh!” It’s a polite expression shifting into an airy exalt because a palm has smoothed up the back of your thighs, dexterous fingers curling into the sensitive inside only a breadth away from your panty-clad center.
His face has dipped down and nestled the crook of your neck. The tip of his nose follows the curve, lips brushing over the junction of your shoulder, inhaling and groaning all at the same time. “And you smell good. Sweet and soft like peaches. Are ‘ya gonna let me have a taste, pretty girl?”
Your knees nearly knock together, all sorts of flip flops and fluttering in your inner depths. Coherency is a ways away because your body is a spark of stimulation, overriding your brain when he’s on you like this. You’re academia and work-focused so matters of touch are sorely neglected but he’s got you on an overload.
“Fuck,” you gasp, involuntarily twitching in his embrace, and you’re glad he’s holding you otherwise you’d surely fall. “You - you’re—ah, friendlier than I imagined.” Friendly isn’t exactly how you’d describe his behavior but it’s applicable enough considering he’s the opposite of bothered by this whole situation.
He chuckles huskily, and he’s too close to not feel the shiver that racks your spine. “Only for you, honey,” he says—clarifies, drawing back to admire your figure: once more and its almost embarrassingly-snug fit. A groan rumbles through his chest. “Goddamn. When I asked Romanoff to introduce us, I didn’t think it’d be on a golden platter.”
That’s news to you. Surprising and bewildering because you wouldn’t think yourself to peak his interest; reserved, you don’t frequent the parties he’s rumored to be the life of, or hang in his social circles. That’s with Natasha being the exception because she’s both his neighbor and his friend but you never imagined catching his eye, muchless worth mentioning.
“D’you bring poms-poms too? Do a little thing for me?” he teases, and his hands slide down your back and grab fistfuls of your ass, kneading into both cheeks through the little skirt (and you are wearing panties—you’re not that indecent). “Gonna show me how you work this fine body of yours. . .”
You can’t help but squirm, stimulation igniting a fire too hot to resist, and by the firmed heat against your thigh, he’s enjoying it. “Shit, shit.” Your hands flatten against his chest, fingertips digging in lightly as you try to wrangle your reactions in.
“Or did you want me to go first? Give you a demo of what you’re working with?” A palm hooks underneath your knee and hikes it high over his hip so your center is flushed against his, scorching and undeniably big, a damp spot leaking through his boxers. “This time, you won’t have to watch me through the closet like a little pervert, albeit a cute lil’ one.”
Your face heats with embarrassment beneath the surge of visceral sensation. “I - I wasn’t—“ Your words are a stumble, half moaned though the earnestness is there. “—I swear I wouldn’t have—”
He makes that deep vibration of amusement. “I know,” he croons. “‘Cause you’re good for your own good but that doesn’t stop you from getting wet at the thought, now does it?”
You don’t consider lying, and it’s good because his hand slips between your bodies and confirms that fact for himself. Beneath the band of your skirt and panties, his fingers slide home and your hips buck eagerly into the touch.
“S - sorry?” you rasp but it isn’t very convincing because on the next breath, you moan, unable to resist twitching.
“Nothin’ to apologize for, baby.” He grins. “You are gonna be thankin’ me in a minute, though.”
His other arm has sunk behind your lower back and braced there while his rough fingertips swirl wide but direct, quick coarseness versus your sensitive bare flesh. An initial jolt to the system, the sensations warble into a resounding of heat, thrumming to an eloquent rhythm.
“Oh, you’re fucking soft.” He groans, nearly chokes on the revelation, words a whisper against your temple, and you careen further into him with a whine. “Soft and responsive, you’re more than begging to be touched. Have you been neglecting your poor pussy, baby?”
The accurate vulgarity is a ripple, and the bashfulness radiating hot in your face buries your nose into his chest; the divot of his sternum, his pendant is a faint outline against your forehead. His scent is all-man, punctuated with the aroma of soap, smooth—save for the defined ridges your nails are raking down.
“Please—please,” is all the coherency you can offer, a fan against his chest that he can both hear and feel.
If there’s ever been a moment to physically feel someone’s talent, then this is surely it. The wind of his fingers never breaks pace, doesn’t miss a beat as you jerk and writhe against the knot twisting so exquisitely tightening within you, ups the ante when you’ve coated him in slippery layers of lust.
Tracing down the split of you, his middle digit sinks past your folds and wedges into your inner depths. True to his earlier surmise, you cinch down and spasm around the intrusion. Your reaction crosses with his, your mewl mixed into the groan your sex has wrenched out of his throat.
“You’re driving me insane. Between those pretty sounds and the way you feel, I’m losing my mind.” The digit curls up, and you squeak, muscles twitching taut. “Fuck, you should've come to me sooner ‘cause I’ll take real good care of you.” His smile brands itself into the cut of your cheek. LWhen you’re this cute, it becomes a compulsion.”
The come hither motion nudges that perfect spot inside you, and he maintains that pressure there—ever rising the longer it stays—while his thumb pins down your clit. It’s that dual attack, rubbing your bundle of nerves and pressing insistently inside you, that has the fever dosing you full-bodied.
“I know you’ve got a thing for keeping your head down but I want you to look at me.” For a second, he pauses and that brief loss pulls your face back in a whimper-whine of plea. Carnal delight alights in dilated blue, and he nods with renewed vigor. “Yeah. Like that, eyes on me—eyes right on me, baby.”
Your innate shyness takes the backseat to the sensations consuming you; like a fire too powerful to be swayed by a pot of water, it sparks from the start of your toes and blazes to every nook and cranny of your body. Your eyes are open but fluttered to half-mast, making out his chiseled features eating up your every reaction.
The pressure boils and spills. You’re sure your nails are leaving angry red trails in your wake, crescent imprints hard enough to draw blood (though, you think he might like that spur of pain because he only moves further into you).
“O - oh, okay—I am—I’m gonna. . .” You’re stammering but you can barely hear it over the blood pounding between your ears and the wet squelch of his caress on you. “Fuck me. James, please!” The words are hoarse but nonetheless serious.
“Soon. Let me feel you first, when you’re all overwhelmed and gushing—”
And you give in.
It floods and quakes until you’re trembling. Your vision slides to the back of your head, throat barred and he immediately takes advantage by latching onto your pulse. The strength in your legs disappears for a moment but he’s hauling you secure against him.
“It’s alright. I got you,” he says as you grapple for his jeans. His arm hooks underneath your ass, and he’s leading you a few steps over so you can falter back onto his mattress. He guides you down, touch outlining the curves of you, hovering above with a knee between your legs. “That was so good—so good. Hottest thing I’ve ever fucking seen. Jesus Christ.”
Leaning in while your nerves fray wonderfully at the praise, he seals the distance. His lips on yours, your lips on his, there’s mint and desire on his tongue. It’s a taste you can easily get addicted to. The synchronicity is aided by the languorous way he licks into you, clearly tentative to your experience—or lack therefore of.
You have to take a breather, panting as he rests his forehead against yours. It doesn’t take long for you to recover, a hunger of your own surging through your veins.
Before you can initiate another kiss, your phone’s violent vibration and wild flashing (which you probably should’ve turned off) interrupts. Forgotten on the floor of his closet, it stops then promptly begins again. You aren’t sure whether it’s the alarm, or your friends calling but he’s getting up to check.
With a reluctant click of his tongue, he rises off you and takes a leisurely stroll over. It’s on its third ring when he picks it up. His thumb blindly slides across the screen as his gaze fixes on you, and he set it against his ear.
“Yeah,” he greets the person on the other end of the line, and if you couldn’t see the roguish smile on his face, you’d surely be able to hear it. “She did your little dare. Really, really well. So well in fact that she’s gonna spend the night with me. The morning, too, probably. I’m sure you’ll have fun without her, though not as much as I’ll have with her.”
“What?! You—”
“Thanks for calling! This is going on silent now but she’ll call you back—when she has the energy, that is.” He taps the screen again and shifts the setting to ‘do not disturb’ which you have no qualms about. With that out of the way, his attention returns to you, and he flashes a smile. “Now where were we?”
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