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#marvel reader insert
the-emo-asgardian · 7 months ago
Y/N: Have you seen Loki?
Thor: No. Do you need something?
Y/N: Just a hug.
Thor: Well I can help with that.
Loki: *appearing out of literally nowhere and hugging you* Noooo.
Y/N: Christ, Loki. You scared me. Where did you even come from?
Loki: I felt a disturbance in the force. Thor was about to hug my little mortal.
Y/N: Has Peter been teaching you pop culture references again?
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marvelsswansong · 2 years ago
The Other Side of Peter
Tumblr media
Summary: Peter's known as the shy, sweet and endearingly awkward boy by everyone. But he has another side- a possessive, clingy and protective side- that only comes out whenever you're around. Cue surprised Avengers, Tony matchmaking and very, very, possessive & protective Peter.
tags: pure fluff, cuddly!Peter, protective!Peter, possessive!Peter, the Avengers acting as matchmakers.
a/n: this might be shitty cause I wrote it in two days
Everyone thought that Peter was just a sweet, shy and awkward boy.
And they weren’t technically wrong.
In fact, it was how you viewed him as well. You’d notice that he’d blush easily if someone teased him. You noticed that he had a habit of stuttering whenever he got nervous, or how he had a tendency to stick his hands in his pockets whenever he got complimented for something. He was simply so tender and pure, like a soft puppy- lovable and just all around adorable.
It was these qualities that quickly fostered your friendship, and so when Peter started to get a clingy, you just thought it was him acting like himself.
“Peter, wake up.” you whispered, trying to get out of his iron grip around your waist and failing miserably. Peter only groaned, pulling you closer towards his chest as you sighed, twisting around your body so that now you’d be facing him. He was still in mid-sleep, his eyes stuck shut and his curls a mess from the solid three hour nap.
A low groan escapes his throat as he slowly opens his eyes, exhaustion still clearly written on his face.
“What?” he asked, his arms still wrapped around tightly around you.
“I have to study for my exam tomorrow, remember?”
He refused to budge, only moving so that he could rest his head on top of yours.
You rolled your eyes playfully and looked up at him.
“I need to study, Peter.”
“But you’re too warm and I’m comfortable.” groaned Peter, tangling his legs with yours.
You giggled at his comment before nagging him once more.
“Please Peter, I really need to study.”
He sighed and reluctantly loosened his grip, allowing you to slip out of the bed and walk over to your desk. Picking up your backpack, you took out your notebook and a couple of highlighters before walking outside to the living room to sit on the couch. You only got a few pages in before you felt someone’s arms wrap around you from behind.
He sat so that his back would be against the couch before spreading his legs and patting the space between them. You raised your eyebrow in confusion.
“At least cuddle with me while you study?” he asked pleadingly, his tone sickeningly sweet. Your heart melted at the sight of his pout and gave in, shuffling over so that you would be in between his legs while studying. You leaned backwards so that you would be resting on his chest and bent your legs so you could prop your notebook up, all the while Peter snaked his arms around your waist.
“Don’t you ever get tired of cuddling with me?” you teased, looking up from your notebook.
“Never… W-why? D-does it bother you?” he asked suddenly, a look of panic passing by his face.
‘Ah, there was the shy Peter.’
You chuckled.
“No… It’s nice, actually. Thanks for always comforting me, Peter.”
It was at this moment that Clint walked into the room, sipping on his coffee and almost choking on it when he saw the position you two were in. You didn’t bother looking up from your notes, far too engrossed in your studying, while Peter was starting to doze off from your warmth. Quiet as a mouse, Clint retraced his steps and quickly exited the room before you could notice his presence.
The next morning, you were sitting on the kitchen counter, enjoying your breakfast, when Natasha slid in next to your seat with a knowing smirk on her face.
“Since when have you and Peter been dating?” she asked, causing you to look up from your cereal in alarm.
“Dating? We’re not dating at all.”
Natasha’s eyes darted across your face to find any signs that you were lying, but couldn't find any. Pursing her lips, she crossed her arms and leaned forward.
“Then how come Clint said you and Peter were cuddling on the couch last night?”
You laughed at her question.
“Yeah, we were.”
Natasha raised her eyebrow, causing you to roll your eyes playfully.
“That doesn’t mean anything! Peter’s just… you know, soft. And cuddly. He’s just my best friend, and he was just being himself.”
“Sureee….” trailed off Nat, unconvinced. You simply shook your head sideways and sighed.
“You’re thinking too much about it, Nat.”
Later that day, Natasha cornered Peter after she spotted him leaving the lab and asked him directly.
“Do you like (Y/n)?”
His face turned bright red at her sudden question, averting his gaze to the floor in embarrassment.
“Yes, a-a lot. B-but like not in that way-”
“Then in what way, Peter?” she pressed, already knowing the answer.
“I-um… I gotta go.”
Peter quickly sprinted away without answering Natasha’s question, fumbling with his books and almost tripping over his feet as he bumped into Tony along the way. Muttering a quick apology, Peter continued to run away as Tony turned his head to glance at Natasha.
“What did I miss?” he asked, confused.
Natasha simply smirked and shook her head sideways.
It only took a week before the rest of the Avengers became aware of how differently Peter acted around you. Natasha and Clint were working out in the gym while you and Steve were sparring each other, only for him to accidentally trip you over, causing you to twist your ankle. You cursed out in pain before hitting the floor, immediately capturing the attention of Natasha and Clint.
“Oh god, (Y/n), did I hurt you?” asked Steve, a concerned look on his face as he gently sat you up. You hissed as he lightly touched your ankle, causing him to quickly let go and tell JARVIS to alert Bruce.
“I just need to walk it off, I don’t need a doctor-” you started, only to be interrupted by Peter running into the room with panic written all over on his face. His frantic gaze looked all over the room before landing on you, his expression a mix of relief and anger.
“(Y/n), oh my god, are you okay?”
Bruce and Tony entered the room as you replied.
“Yes, yes, I’m fine-”
Peter’s eyes darkened in anger as he saw that Steve was still touching your ankle in an attempt to inspect it.
“Hands. Off.” growled Peter possessively, causing everyone’s eyes to widen in surprise before he blushed and apologized.
“Um, sorry. I-I mean, hands off, um, please.”
Steve warily nodded before slowly stepping away from you, allowing Bruce to kneel down next to you and examine your ankle. Peter quickly slipped his hand into yours, squeezing it when you cringed at the pain from Bruce rolling over your feet and examining the swelling around your ankle. The others watched in worry while Tony smirked, noticing that Peter was holding onto you for dear life. Not to mention that he was acting unnaturally possessive.
“It’s just a sprain, but you definitely will need to ice it. And try not to put any pressure on it, okay?”
You nodded at Bruce’s comment and tried to stand up, only for Peter to quickly push you back down. You looked up at him, confused, before Peter wrapped his arms around your neck and your legs to carry you. Your face felt hot as a result of the intimacy as he carried you out, thanking him quietly.
“Y-you don’t have to carry me, Peter.” you whispered, trying to ignore the burning gazes from the other Avengers. Peter didn’t seem to notice the gazes, however, only concerned with your well being.
“Yes I do, (Y/n). You heard what Mr.Banner said, you can’t walk for a while.”
You smiled at how endearingly bossy he was being.
“Thanks Peter. Y-you’re a great friend.”
Peter’s smile fell for a fraction of a second before he gave you a pained grin.
“Y-yeah. No problem.”
After the two of you disappeared behind the closed elevator doors, stunned silence filled the room. Tony was the first one to break it, turning around to face the time with an exasperated expression.
“That’s it, we’re going to make them a couple.”
A few days later, you were assigned to a mission out of nowhere that included… well...
“A fancy ball?” you said in surprise, looking up from the mission report. Tony simply shrugged in response.
“Don’t look at me like that, kid, I don’t pick the missions. But yeah, Fury thinks it’ll be a good idea for you and Peter to go together- you know, get the hang of missions and foster teamwork or whatever.”
“The target is also your age, so you and Peter will blend in perfectly amongst a sea of rich teenagers.” added in Natasha, masking the smirk on her face. You hummed in agreement before looking up in panic.
“But I have nothing fancy to wear!”
Tony rolled his eyes playfully.
“Do you really think I’d let you go on this mission without buying you a new dress?”
You allowed Natasha to drag you into your room, where she handed you the overpriced red dress and helped you put on your makeup and heels. It felt nice to get dolled up for once, and the butterflies in your stomach only increased when you remembered that you had to be Peter’s date for this mission.
‘It’s just a mission, don’t get your hopes up.’
You took in a deep breath to calm your nerves before opening the door. Peter was on the other side, fixing his sleeves before he looked up to meet your gaze. His throat ran dry upon seeing how beautiful you looked, and he had to force himself to speak.
“(Y/n)... Y-you look… stunning.”
You let out a soft chuckle, muttereing a quiet thank you.
“You look really handsome as well.” you replied, causing Peter to chuckle slightly.
The two of you just stared at each other, entranced by how good both of you looked. Tony was the one to break it apart, clapping his hand down onto your shoulder.
“Sorry to break up this love fest, but the mission?”
Peter coughed and looked down at his feet.
“Right, um, sorry Mr.Stark.”
The two of you walked downstairs to the limo, where Peter opened the door for you to get in before he climbed in as well. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife, and you could feel yourself getting lightheaded- was it the heavy dress or the fact that Peter was sitting a few millimeters away from you? You couldn’t tell.
Unbeknownst to you, Peter was also starting to get nervous. His hands were already clammy and he fixed his hair for the seventh time that night, his mind turning blank and forgetting all the mission details every time he saw you.
‘Focus, Peter, this is a mission.’
You tucked in the earpiece before exiting the car, slipping your arm into Peter’s and conjuring up a superficial smile for the host. After giving the host your fake names, the man glanced down at the list before letting you two in.
“You alright?” whispered Peter, giving your hand a light squeeze. You looked up at him and smiled.
“Yeah, just nervous, I guess.”
“Alright, so (Y/n), first thing you have to do is dance with Peter.” said Natasha through your earpiece.
“What does that have anything to do with the mission?” you whispered back.
“Just do it.” replied Natasha.
You sighed and looked up at Peter, who was listening to Tony.
“Kid, before you approach anyone, you need to dance with (Y/n).”
“What? Why?” questioned Peter, turning around so you couldn’t hear their conversation.
“You want to blend in before you start questioning people, right? Trust me, Peter. Just dance with her. Besides, I know you want to.” finished Tony, his tone teasing.
“Okay, okay I will.” whispered back Peter, embarrassed.
He turned around and extended his arm out rather awkwardly.
“Do you, um… wanna dance?”
You nodded and let him pull you closer, his hands resting at your waist while you pulled your arms up to wrap around his neck. It was an effort to avoid stumbling and to remain focused on the mission when his soft hazel eyes were burning right into yours, the world outside nonexistent as his aroma enveloped you in a warm brace.
‘He smells like honey and fresh laundry.’
“You uh… really look nice today. Like, truly.” muttered Peter, spinning you around gently.
When you were back to facing Peter, you smiled softly at him.
You could hear some muffled commotion in the background of your earpiece but ignored it, assuming that it was nothing.
“Neither of them are making a move!” groaned Clint, staring at the screen in despair.
“By the way, did you mention to Steve that we were making up a fake mission to get them together?” questioned Bruce, looking up from his computer. Tony rolled his eyes.
“Of course not. Whatever, (Y/n)-”
Tony leaned forward and grabbed the mic.
“This is a fake mission.”
Your eyes widened and you opened your mouth to respond, but Tony beat you to it.
“But trust me, there’s a reason why. DON’T TELL PETER ANYTHING.”
“Is something wrong?” asked Peter, suddenly stopping and placing his hand on your cheek. You ignored how good his touch felt and simply nodded.
“Yeah, um, everything’s fine.” you lied, deciding to trust Tony.
“Alright, good. Look to your right. See that tall guy with dark hair in the blue tuxedo?”
You glanced to your right and spotted the boy.
“He’s your ‘target’ from the report. Lie to Peter that you’re gonna approach the target and go flirt with that guy.”
“Target at three o’clock. I’m going in.” you whispered to Peter, his eyes becoming serious as he let you go. You fixed the hem of your dress before walking towards the target, as Peter moved over to the bar and ordered a drink to blend into the crowd.
“Why do I need to flirt with this guy again?” you asked quietly, navigating through the busy crowd of drunk teenagers along the way.
“Because Peter likes you and we need him to confess.” answered Clint.
It took everything in you to stop yourself from screaming into the earpiece.
You stopped walking and shook your head sideways.
“Okay, you guys are dead wrong. This is ridiculous, I’m turning back.”
You turned around and started to walk back towards Peter as Clint frantically explained.
“No, no, (Y/n)! Don’t you think it’s a bit weird how differently Peter acts around you?”
That made you stop in your tracks.
“What do you mean?” you asked, your heart skipping a beat. Could it actually be possible that Peter likes you?
“Oh come on, (Y/n). Don’t act like you haven’t seen how overwhelmingly clingy and protective he gets whenever he’s around you.” replied Natasha.
“Look, just go flirt with that guy. Trust me, Peter will get jealous and make a move.” added Tony, begging you. You took in a deep breath and gave in, quickly approaching the boy with your head down. You then proceeded to ‘accidentally’ bump into him, causing his hands to grasp your shoulder to steady you.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” you muttered, glancing down at the floor as if you were embarrassed.
Peter watched from the other side of the room, his fingers tapping on the side of his drink as he leaned back and surveyed the room. His earpiece had been silent for some time now, which was unusual but he chose to not think much about it. Besides, his mind was far to preoccupied with you…
(Y/n) (L/n).
The girl who had put a spell on him. Whenever you were in the room all he could think about was kissing and protecting you, the urge powerful and sometimes violent when you got hurt during missions. He replayed your smiles and soft touches in his head when he couldn’t sleep, staring up at the ceiling and hoping that one day they would last longer.
‘I need to stop pining after someone who will never feel the same.’
Peter’s gaze shifted towards where you headed off, only to see you conversing with the target in a not-so-friendly way. The tall boy was leaning close, his arm brushing up against yours as he whispered something in your ear. You were clearly enjoying what he was saying, a laugh escaping your mouth in response.
The sickening feeling of jealousy was burning up in his stomach again, and in a reflex motion, he downed the alcohol in his glass in one gulp. He wasn’t the type to drink, but something about seeing another boy touching you the way he wanted to brought out the worst in him.
His thoughts turned murderous when the boy’s hand started to trail down your arm, and Peter nearly broke the glass in his hands in anger. Without thinking, he quickly walked over to where you were and pulled you backwards.
“Hands off, asshole.” warned Peter, his voice a low growl.
“Who the hell are you?” questioned the boy, clearly irritated.
“I’m her boyfriend. And I don’t appreciate you touching my girl.”
You felt your face heating up from hearing him say “my girl”. The ‘target’ (whom you found out was a paid actor by Tony during your fake conversation with him) scoffed and walked away, leaving you alone with a very jealous and very possessive Peter.
Your voice seemed to snap Peter out of his murderous gaze.
“Um, yeah?”
“Am I really ‘your girl’?”
Peter quickly released you from his hold and started to profusely apologize.
“I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me-”
You grabbed him by his collar and crashed your lips into his, knocking the air out of his lungs. His hand snaked back to wrap around your waist, pulling your body closer as he got lost in the kiss. When you two separated, you looked up at him with a cheeky smile.
“I love possessive and protective Peter a lot.”
He blushed.
“S-sorry, I don’t know why I acted that way-”
“No, don’t apologize. It’s kind of… hot.”
Peter’s grin widened.
You nodded and wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Yeah. The fact that you’re all sweet, cuddly and shy… Then you get all possessive and clingy? I love the other side of Peter.”
He chuckled and kissed your forehead.
“Anything for my girl.”
--> masterlist
a/n 2: again, this was probably really fucking shitty. but I haven’t posted in forever and I missed you guys so... yeah. I’m really sorry about how bad this was.
general taglist: @wantyoubackpeter @platonic-plots @superwholockwannabe  @fanfic111  @xxmizzlexx​ 
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Howlin’ For You Series - Masterlist
Tumblr media
AU - Biker!Bucky x Fem/Reader
When Y/N gets an unreal deal on her first home, she wonders why her neighbor scared away all the other buyers. Despite being cautious, she wonders why the town has given Bucky Barnes a bad name.
Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Part Seven // Part Eight // Part Nine // Part Ten // Epilogue
This series is finished.
Winifred - One Shot
Remedy - One Shot
Protective Dad Drabble
Surprise - One Shot
Bad Guy - One Shot
Howling for You Asks & Headcanons
--- Or search “howlin’ for you questions” “howlin’ for you headcanons” “howlin’ for you asks” or “howlin’ for you universe”
Biker Bucky Playlist
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Name: Keep talking. Pairing: Loki x reader Summary: the reader has the fear of being annoying, so she always stops talking as soon as she feels like she may overstep a tiny boundary. Loki suddenly realizes that.
“And that was a weird feeling,” you are in the middle of telling Loki about your day, when you notice the watch. Damn. Too long. You must be terribly annoying. So you shut your mouth and stare at the cup of tea he is holding. Loki always follows the golden lines on the edge of the cup with the tip of his finger - gentle, soft movement. The moment you stop talking, he stops stroking the edge of the cup.
“What is wrong?”
“I... I have been...” you chuckle nervously. “I have been annoying.”
“At what point?” he does not seem to understand.
“I have been... talking about myself.”
“Yes,” he looks up at you and puts the cup on the table. “You cannot seriously believe you are limited in time or that I am not interested in what you have to say. Do you?”
“Well, I don’t want to annoy you...”
“I am sorry,” you lower your head.
“Y/N, look at me,” you slowly look up at him and momentarily wish you didn’t. He is hurt. You didn’t know a god of mischief would look so hurt, yet there he is - sitting in front of you, biting his lip a bit, his hands struggling to stay still. You hate it when his eyes lose that light of happiness he always has. “Y/N, I freed all my evenings and nights especially for you. What kind of a relationship we have if you don’t talk to me?”
“But you probably have your own problems...”
“That we will talk about when the time comes. I want to hear about what happens in your life. As much of it as you spend without me, I want to know about it. And...” he stops talking for a second, looking for the words. Bites his lip again. “I do not know who taught you to stay quiet. I do not care. I just need you to talk to me. Can you try? Can you talk to me and not look at that damn watch?”
“I will,” you suddenly see why he wants you to do that. He has always been ignored. He has always been the second son, the least important brother. “Loki?”
“If you say something about not being worthy of my divine time, I will poison you,” he promises you quietly, and you can hardly help a laughter. Loki gives you a short smile and raises a hand to gently stroke your cheek, then pulls you closer to press his lips against your forehead. “You are stupid, and I can’t help but want to save your stupid mind.”
“I just don’t want you to get annoyed and...”
“Y/N, I could not get annoyed,” he chuckles. “Have you seen yourself when you are talking about something that matters to you? That light in your eyes? How you stumble because words can’t express your passion for something? Your smile when you are happy about it?” you blush. A lot.
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marvelsswansong · 2 years ago
Can you by any chance give some fic recs or suggest some writers we should follow that are also marvel based? I’ve been reading a lot of Tom Holland/Peter Parker, Loki/Tom Hiddleston and ect. Fics so ye !! It would be much appreciated !! Hope you have nice day 🖤
Bucky Barnes
Winter Baby by @scrumptious-delusion
Kisses in the Sunlight by @caplansteverogers
#IShipIt Masterlist (issa series but its good ok) by @propertyofpoeandbucky
Steve Rogers
The Captain and the Nerd by @propertyofpoeandbucky
Questions That Need Answers by @propertyofpoeandbucky
Nightmares by @smallmarvel
Under the Stars by @loki-the-fox
Midnight Kiss by @loki-the-fox
Gold Dress by @smallmarvel
Tom Hiddleston
Get Married Already by @angelkurenai
Guess the Avenger by @angelkurenai
Naptime on Set by @loki-the-fox
Peter Parker
You’re Your Father’s Daughter by @celestialparker
Be Careful Who You Kiss by @celestialparker
Married? by @living-dead-parker
After Party by @celestialtom
Last Night by @petehparker
Spidey Kiss by @starksparker
Other Side of Peter by ME 
Tom Holland
Blow a Kiss, Fire a Gun (series masterlist) by @hollandroos
Please by @sunsetspidey
Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts by @peteparkerspooderman
Alternatively, you can read some of my own works –> masterlist.
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Heart of Steel - MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
Pairing: Medieval AU -Knight!Bucky x Princess!Reader
Sir James is known throughout the lands as the most fearsome and honorable warrior. Ballads have been written about him. Men fear him. He is the most trusted knight of the King Henry. So why has he given up the glories of war and pledged his loyalty to Princess Y/N? 
 Part I // Part II // Part III // Part IV // Part V // Part VI // Part VII // Part VIII // Part IX // Part X // Part XI // Part XII // Part XIII // Part XIV // Part XV // Part XVI // Part XVII // Part XVIII // Part XIX // Part XX // Part XXI & Epilogue
Coronation - One Shot
Mirror - One Shot
A Proposal - One Shot
Charmed - One Shot
Revenge - One Shot
Betrothed – One Shot
AMA - Questions & Drabbles & Bonus Material:
Bucky taking the blame 
Y/N’s tells for affection
Innocent moments between Y/N & Bucky
Squire Peter
Prince Anthony’s travels 
Bucky’s sword 
Zamora versus Midgard
Bucky’s thoughts on Natasha 
Time period of HoS
Does Bucky get distracted by Y/N?
How often does Bucky “indulge” himself?
How does Bucky feel about Princess Y/N eventually getting married?
Bucky and Steve’s childhood friendship 
Heart of Steel - ARMOR
Moodboard by @the-canary​
Art 1 by @meowmersdev​ 
Sir James Barnes - Art - by @meowmersdev​
King Steven Rogers of Midgard - Art - by @meowmersdev​
Secondary Soundtrack - I did not make this
Postmortem Questions
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Headcanon 1
Headcanon 2
Headcanon 3
Headcanon 4
Headcanon 5
Headcanon 6
Headcanon 7
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buckysthot · 2 years ago
Pairing: Tony x reader
Square(s) filled: “You have to try and be quiet” & No Powers AU 
Warnings: sugar daddy!Tony, dom!Tony, smut, unprotected sex, office sex, daddy kink, quickie, is vocal voyeurism a thing?
Word count: 1,103
Notes: This fills my first square for @iron-man-bingo ! There’s not enough sugar daddy! Tony out there so don’t be surprised if this gets turned into an series of some sort. Also this is more of a Drabble so, sorry!
Tumblr media
Tony Stark was a busy man. He didn't have time for finding a woman that he'd fit with flawlessly, that's why Y/N was perfect for him. She was a sugar baby, his sugar baby. He took her as arm candy just about anywhere he went and fucked her whenever he wanted. In return, she had a limitless access to his bank account. He took her out for fancy dinners, expensive vacations, and whatever else pleased her. The media wasn't too fond of the relationship, obviously. Some called Tony a predator while others called Y/N a prostitute of some sort. Neither cared, though. Instead, he flashed all the exclusive and mostly things he bought her. Whether it be vacations, clothes, or dinner. They didn't spend all their time out and about, though. Like today, Tony was backed up on business calls he'd put off because they had taken a trip to Cancun. So his office was where he resided for the majority of the day.
Y/N tried to keep herself occupied whilst he'd told her to leave him be for the rest of the day. She swam in the pool, watched some Netflix, picked flowers from their garden, and even did some online shopping. But she was still bored..and horny. Tony kept a strict 'no touching' rule when he wasn't around, though. Bothering him would result in consequence, she knew that, she didn't care. Approaching the office door, she could hear him talking on the phone. Just boring business stuff, as usual. Opening the door, she twisted from side to side with her hands held behind her, "Hey, Tony." she sung his name.
Tony was fast to give her a 'shh'. Pulling the speaker of his phone away from his mouth, "I'm on the phone, princess." He continued back to his conversation, writing a few reminders in a notebook, "James, I'm gonna need those Sakovia files by monday. No excuses." He hung up quickly. Looking up at her with stern look, he urged her over to him with a 'come hither' motion of his finger.
She hung her head a bit, trying to hide her soft smirk. This was what she wanted. Standing in front of him now, he turned to her. He placed a finger under her chin to make her look up at him.
"Didn't daddy tell you to leave him be, unless there was an emergency?" She batted her eyelashes and nodded softly. "Then what're you doing in my office?"
Y/N didn't answer, instead swung her leg over his lap and sat right on his crotch, still facing him. She began grinding softly on him, arms wrapped around his neck, she could feel his length swell beneath his trousers. Her skirt made it easy to feel him from her panties.
His hands were quick to find her waist. Once soft brown eyes easily turned dark with lust, "Baby, I know you wanna play but I have things to do." When his head rolled back, she began attacking his neck with kisses. They were small, but sloppy.
Her hands began to trail down to his crotch, rubbing him through the cloth confinement. Every groan from his mouth was music to her ears. Pulling back from his neck, she sat further back on his thighs, beginning to unbutton and unzip him. She pulled his half-mast cock from his underwear, she began stroking him till he was rock hard.
Tony was looking at her now, his head no longer thrown back, "Go ahead, ride me."
Y/N grinned, pulling her panties to the side, lifting herself up to line up with his dick. When she didn't sink down quick enough, he pushed her onto him, making her let out a squeak. Laying her head in the crook of his neck, she rolled her hips softly that the tip of his cock hit her exactly where she wanted. Letting out soft moans, the ringing of a phone made her jolt.
Tony placed a hand on her lower back so he could reach the phone on his desk. He picked up, "Hello? Oh, Steve, I was just about to call you." their conversation went on for a minute or two when he realized this was gonna take awhile. Since she did disobey, he began thrusting up into her. The shock on her face was evident, letting out soft and short moans. Pulling away from the phone, he whispered to her, "You have to try and stay quiet. You wouldn’t want my coworker hearing you moan, would you?"
She shook her head quickly, desperate for what he was giving her. Tony’s thrusts were hard and quick but uneven due to their position. Y/N let herself lean back onto the desk, giving him a better angle. Every time he thrusted into her, he devoured the way his cock slid in and out of her pussy. Her lip was close to bleeding, she bit down so hard trying to contain her moans. She began riding him whilst he pumped into her, by the way she was tightening, he could tell she was close.
Holding her his with his forefingers, his thumb began to stimulate her clit. He saw the way moans started to come up her throat, giving her a quick ‘shh’, “Yeah, Barnes will have them to me by Monday.” Realizing his own release was near, he digressed, “I gotta go, I can talk later.” Tony didn’t care to wait for his response, he only made sure the phone hung up.
It was relief to Y/N, she let out pleasure filled sigh, glad to be able to vocalize once more. “Daddy, I’m gonna come”
“Me too, princess.” His voice was strained, trying to focus on fucking her and getting her to come, he let his hand fall from her sensitive bud and rest on her thigh.
Her legs began to shake and her speed began to falter. Bracing herself on his knees, she let out a string of curse words. She came down onto him one last time before collapsing into his chest. The coil in her stomach had popped and her juices flowed all over his cock, down onto his trousers.
Tony snapped his hips a couple more times before releasing into her. He let out a fatal groan before bringing his hand down hard on her right asscheek.
Y/N squealed at the impact, “Hey!”
“What did I tell you about disobeying me?” His voice wasn’t as threatening as he’d hoped, still practically coming down from his own euphoria.
She let out an over dramatic sigh, “No new shoes for a week.”
“Atta girl.”
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howlingbarnes · 3 years ago
Wake Up
Characters - Thor x Reader
Word Count - 718
Warnings - Fluff
A/N - Apparently, I can only write drabbles now. Thor wouldn’t leave me alone so I had to write this. Please do not hesitate to give me feedback on this. I know it’s short, but I still hope you guys like it!
Tumblr media
Waking up in your bed alone wasn't always a bad thing. You had much more space to lay in whatever position felt cozy, you were able to sink into your plush pillows and blankets without interruption, and most times you knew it meant that you could take extra time to sleep in. At least until a big voice attached to an equally big body roused you from your peace.
“Good morning, my love!” Though Thor's voice startled you, it wasn't enough to make you even bother to lift your head, let alone open your eyes.
Thor had been awake for hours now. Knowing that you were probably still tired from the night before, he did everything he could to slip out of bed gently enough to not disturb you while he set off to start his day. You were human, you needed much more rest than he could understand but even then, he felt like you took advantage of this little fact. He'd move around the room, being sure to keep his steps light before pressing a soft kiss to your forehead and taking a moment to watch you slumber. In all the time you spent in bed, Thor would get his morning routine out of the way so that he could dedicate more time to you.
“It's time for you to rise, I'm bored.” He announced, sounding so absolute that it took everything in you not to laugh. A soft whine escaped his lips when you ignored him and laid still. “Please, Y/N?”
As much as you loved Thor, his comical whimpers did nothing to fight against the comfort of your bed that was holding you down. A long silence almost put you at ease. Maybe he'd left the room? The surprise of something sharp sticking into your foot told you otherwise.
“Did you just bite me?” You shouted in shock, swiftly drawing your knees up to your chest.
“If you won't get up,” Thor paused to grab your ankle and bring it to his lips, “I'll be forced to annoy you until you do.”
Each one of his words were capitalized by a loud, smacking kiss in a trail up the side of your leg. The sweet tickle of his beard made you wriggle within your sheets while peels of laughter filled the air of your bedroom. Thor took his time making his way to your face, letting his fingers roam and wiggle against your skin with a smile on his lips at the joy he was giving you.
“Hi.” Thor said, popping his head out of the top of the blanket with a goofy look on his face.
“Hey, you.” You replied with a laugh and a swift peck to his lips.
“I missed you.”
“You were only gone for two hours!” You squealed as he effortlessly pulled your body flush against his, lazily pushing his face away as he tried to pepper kisses all over your face and neck.
“Two hours too long!” He answered with as much drama as a high school play, faining anguish at your absence. “Get up and enjoy the day with me, darling.”
“Or you could stay right here and ignore the day with me.” You retorted, swinging your leg around his waist, determined to lock him into place.
For once, he had nothing to say. Instead, he stared at you as if the entire universe laid within your eyes. It was daily, almost hourly, that Thor would tell you that he loved you. He'd let you know that you were important to him, and possibly one of the most precious things that Earth had gifted him but it was moments like this that you could feel every sugary sweet feeling he held in his heart for you. When the laughter settled into a loving gaze, the tickles replaced with gentle touches, you knew that Thor was lost to love and you'd be lying if you said you weren't as well.
“One hour.” Thor yielded, bringing his finger up to emphasize his words. “One hour and I'm dragging you out of this bed, blankets and all.”
You hummed in agreement, closing your eyes and snuggling into the crook of his neck. “Whatever you say.”
“I'm serious, Y/N. I'm quite tough. I am the strongest Avenger, you know.”
@alwayshave-faith @avengersbabe13 @captainrogerss @mamapeterson @hellomissmabel @huffleypuffelycas @palaiasaurus64 @sarahpanda65 @callamint @takemetoneverland91 @sincerelysaraahh @toc1985 @justareader @the-geeky-engineer @sebbytrash @hunters-from-stark-tower  @chrevastan @anakin-skywalkers
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marvelsswansong · 2 years ago
“It should’ve been me.”
Tumblr media
Tags: angst, fluff, really fluffy ending, stark!daughter ft. Peter x reader and Morgan being a cutie
Summary: Unable to cope with the death of your father, you shut down and begin to try and create a wormhole to bring Tony back to life. No one can change your mind, except for Peter (with the help of Morgan).
The lakeside cabin was especially quiet tonight, you noticed, the only sounds in the room being the repetitive whirring of your computer and the gentle echoes of the crickets outside. Pushing away your computer, you eyed the clock to the wall on your right- damn, was it already 3am? Time seemed to be flowing without order, your days blurred into periods of light and dark as you remained fixated on your project, hunched over your computer.
Your eyes rolled over to the corner of your desk by accident, and there- you felt it again. The excruciating pain of mourning and self hatred. It was a hot summer in July, you recalled. The rain had absolutely ruined the outdoor activities you had planned for the day, but your dad, being the stubborn and energetic man that he was, insisted that the two of you went outside anyway, because: “it’s your birthday, kid! Only one day out of 365.”
You were soaked to the bone in that photo, looking mildly annoyed, but a small smile on your face as Tony rested his arm on your head. You could still hear Pepper laughing in the background as Peter insisted on taking the photo. You initially wanted to tell him to stop, but now, you couldn’t be more glad that you didn’t stop him. It gave you something to cling on to after his…
Your fingers gripped the edge of the frame, your mind in turmoil over whether to throw the glass frame across the room or to place it face down on the desk. Looking at it only made you more depressed, and yet destroying it didn’t seem like a very logical idea either.
A sad smile came onto your face as you slowly turned the photo around, placing it away from you. It was a good reminder of why you were trying to bring him back, you reasoned. But it hurt too much to look at it now.
‘Just a few more hours.’
Downing your fourth cup of coffee for the day, you brushed away a few strands of your hair before diving back into your research. The table, which you had seldom moved from for the last two months, was an incoherent mess of strewn papers, previously saved files from your dad, and large blueprints with large writings and hurried sketches. Rubbing the exhaustion from your eyes, you opened up your computer and began to write once more.
Unbeknownst to you, Morgan was watching from the corner of the room, her tiny hands gripping the wall dividing the staircase from the living room. Though only being five years old, she was very perceptive and intelligent. Her young mind didn’t quite understand why you seemed so quiet and sad- were you always quiet and sad?- and when she questioned her mom, Pepper just gave her daughter a small smile and said “just give your sister some time.”
“(Y/n)?” whispered Morgan.
You broke your gaze from the computer and looked at Morgan, standing near the staircase with a teddy bear in her arms, clearly tired as she rubbed her eyes vigorously. You smiled and gestured for her to come forward before scooping her up in your arms and hugging her.
“It’s really late, why are you awake?” you asked, concerned.
“Are you sick?” questioned Morgan, her innocent eyes peering up into yours.
You pursed your lips and let out a small laugh, confused.
“What do you mean?”
Morgan shrugged, her eyes falling to the floor before looking back up at you.
“You never do anything other than sit on this desk. And you always seem sad. Mom says I should give you time, like how when I had a fever I had to be in bed for three days. Is that why you spend your time at this table all the time? Do you have a fever?”
Her innocent question broke your heart and you had to force yourself to speak upon being taken back.
You took in a deep breath.
“No, Morgan. I’m not sick. Just… busy.”
“Busy with what?” she questioned, her hazel eyes scanning over your documents and your screen.
You quickly shut the computer shut, not wanting her to see what you were working on, before turning Morgan around and smiling at her.
“Lots of homework. Speaking of which, don’t you have school tomorrow?” you asked teasingly, causing Morgan to pout.
“Yeah, but I did all my homework already. It was easy.”
You ruffled her hair affectionately.
“That’s my little sister. Now, go back to bed. It’s really late.”
She hopped off your lap and waved goodbye before running back up the stairs to her bedroom. A small grin appeared on your face as you watched her run away- you couldn’t believe that you had only known her for a few months now and yet she was so attached to you. When you first came out of the soul stone and heard about Morgan, you were nervous. Would she accept you as her bigger sister? Would you get along with her? Fortunately, Morgan was super excited to have a big sister and followed you everywhere.
She reminded you of Tony in so many ways. She was so smart- a clear Stark trait- and you were extremely protective of her. Sighing, you turned around and resumed your work. It was just another reminder that you had to do this not only for yourself, but for Morgan as well.
You just prayed that it would work.
“Mom, what’s a wormhole?”
Pepper turned off the stove and looked back at her young daughter with an amused smile on her face.
“A what, honey?”
“A wormhole. In a space-time continuum.”
Pepper laughed, scraping off the eggs from the pan and onto her daughter’s plate.
“Where did you ever hear that?”
Morgan shrugged and took a sip of her juice.
“(Y/n) was working on something called a wormhole. I think it has something to do with dad.”
Pepper froze at the mention of Tony and tried to hide her shock with a small smile.
“Why do you think it has something to do with… uh… dad?”
“(Y/n) was looking at a photo of her and dad last night and on her computer it said it would bring dad back. Can (Y/n) do that? I know she’s really smart.”
Pepper’s blood ran cold.
“I… I’ll um, ask (Y/n), honey.”
She shifted to look at the clock.
“It’s 8am, your bus is about to come, honey. Finish eating and let’s go catch your bus.”
Morgan nodded and wiped her mouth.
“Oh, and Morgan?”
Morgan peered up at Pepper. Pepper gave a tight lipped smile.
“Keep this between us, okay? No going around telling people about (Y/n)’s… project. It’s a secret.” said Pepper, sticking out her pinkie finger.
Morgan nodded and wrapped her pinkie around her mother’s, as Pepper began to debate on what to do.
“Okay, now let’s go catch the bus.”
“Bruce, I need your help.”
Bruce perked up at the sound of your voice.
“(Y/n)! It’s been three long months. What do you need help with?”
“I’m doing a paper on wormholes and the theory of general relativity for an AP Physics assignment. Is it okay if I meet with you to ask you some questions about this and cite you in my paper?”
The topic of time travel made Bruce shift in seat uncomfortably, hesitation clear in his voice.
“I… I don’t know, kid.”
“Please, Uncle Bruce. This paper counts for 70% of my grade. And I miss you, a lot. And everyone else in the Avengers.”
Bruce gave in- I mean, he had to, you were his goddaughter.
“Alright, (Y/n). When do you think you’ll arrive at the Avengers headquarters?”
You glanced at your phone.
“Give me two hours.”
“Alright, see you then kid.”
“Bye Bruce.”
You hung up, a relieved sigh escaping your lips. The less Bruce suspected, the better. You knew that the moment he caught wind of your project, he’d shut you down immediately and tell Pepper.
Reaching out for a piece of paper and a pen, you scribbled a quick message to Pepper before grabbing your bag and leaving the cabin. Pulling away in your car, you glanced at your phone background- a photo you took of your dad passed out on a sofa after a movie night- and smiled bitterly.
‘I’m almost there, dad. Just a few more hours and I’ll save you.’
“Is that all?” questioned Bruce, glancing at your notes.
You folded your notebook and smiled, nodding. Bruce hummed in agreement, surprised at how detailed and specific your questions were.
“You must really want to ace this paper, (Y/n). Your questions were really out of the box.”
You forced out a laugh and shook your head.
“Well, you know. Last semester of senior year, gotta finish strong, right? Anyway, thank you so much for all your help.” you replied, standing up to give him a hug. It was a little difficult concerning he was still Hulked out, but he gently returned the hug and smiled.
Waving him goodbye, you began to walk out of the room.
“Hey (Y/n)-” called out Bruce, causing you to stop in your steps.
“You know… your dad would’ve been so proud of you.”
You smile.
“I know.”
Pepper anxiously walked back and forth in the kitchen, her eyes averting to her phone screen every twenty seconds. She had called you 20 times over the past few hours. Sent you hundreds of messages. No response or contact, just a lone paper stuck to the dining room table with two sentences written on it: “Going somewhere by myself for a while. Don’t be too worried.”
‘Who would (Y/n) go to if she was trying to travel back in time to save Tony?’
Her fingers quickly scrolled through her contacts list before pressing call, her heart beating at a thousand miles per minute.
“Pepper?” answered Bruce, confused.
Pepper let out a loud sigh of relief.
“Thank god you picked up. Have you seen (Y/n) lately?”
“Yeah… She was here a few hours ago. Said she needed help with her AP Physics paper.”
Pepper’s heart dropped.
“Did she ask you something related to wormholes and time travel?”
“How’d you-”
“According to Morgan, (Y/n)’s trying to go back in time and save Tony’s life. And I don’t even know if that’s possible or how that works-”
“A wormhole is a theoretical way of passing through time from one point to another in a short amount of time. Think of it as a folded piece of paper with a pencil going through it. You would enter the space-time continuum from one side and end up at the other side, at another point in time, in virtually seconds.”
“Is that even possible?” questioned Pepper, clutching her head.
“Theoretically, yes. And knowing (Y/n), she could’ve definitely figured it out by now. Shit, I’m so sorry Pepper, I had no idea-”
“It’s fine. Where is she?”
Bruce froze.
“She told me she was going back home. Isn’t she there?”
“No, (Y/n) hasn’t been home in well over eight hours! I thought she was with you!”
“Have you tried tracking her phone?”
Pepper groaned.
“She left it at the cabin.”
“So (Y/n) is missing.”
Morgan dropped her pencil on the living room table and shifted to stare at her anxious mother, who was clutching her phone and talking to someone really loudly. She couldn’t hear everything Pepper was saying, except that her big sister was missing.
(Y/n) was missing?
That wasn’t good. She liked you very much. You were a great sister. Jumping off the chair, she made her way up to your room and turned on your phone. Entering your passcode, she called the one person she could think of to help find you.
“(Y/n)? Why are you-” answered Peter, clearly surprised.
“Peter? This is Morgan.”
Peter sat up in his chair right away, alarmed.
“Oh. Hi Morgan. Where’s your sister?”
“I don’t know. Momma says she’s missing. She went to save daddy with a wormhole. I don’t know what that is. Is (Y/n) with you?” questions Morgan.
Peter paused- he didn’t know how to tell the little girl that he hadn’t talked to you in almost three months, after you broke up with him and told him it hurt too much to see him and be reminded of your father constantly.
“N-no, she isn’t.”
“Can you go looking for her? I miss her a lot. And mommy’s crying.”
Peter didn’t even hesitate to answer this time.
“Don’t worry, Morgan. I’ll find your sister. Tell Pepper- I mean, tell your mom too that I’ll find (Y/n). Okay?”
Morgan nodded.
You sat back on your chair slowly, running the simulation for the hundredth time in the last few hours. Out of all the projects you’ve created, this was your most ambitious one- to bend space and time in order to create a wormhole. You were aware of the risks- it would release an enormous amount of radiation, would be spontaneous and especially dangerous for the traveler. But you weren’t going to let anything stop you. You were so close. So close to saving your father.
When the model lit up in bright red letters “confirmed”, you jumped out of your seat and smiled. You had finally gotten it! Now all that was left to do was-
“(Y/n), stop.”
Peter stood behind you in his spiderman suit, his hands quickly disregarding his mask and staring at you with a mix of relief and sadness. You slowly turned around and stared, taken back.
“H-how did you find- What are you doing here?” you asked, suddenly feeling defensive.
Peter stepped forward.
“I-I know you don’t want to see me, but Morgan called me.”
“She, uh, said her big sister’s gone missing and was trying to save her dad by traveling back in time.”
Your breathing stopped for a moment as you shifted in your seat. Peter’s eyes fell on the simulation running in the screen in front of you, his eyes widening in shock.
“Wow… You…. figured it out.”
“Yes, yes I did.”
An awkward silence passed.
“You know you shouldn’t do it.” muttered Peter quietly, ever so slightly looking at you from the corner of his eye. Immediately, hot red flashes of anger passed by your eyes.
“Fuck off, Parker. This is none of your business.” you replied, standing up.
“You know that if you do this you risk creating another timeline where Thanos wins again-”
“Shut up.”
“You know that it’s incredibly dangerous for you and you could die in the process-” continued Peter, slowly approaching you. You stood there with your arms crossed, defiant.
“I said shut up, Peter.”
“You could undo all the good he did. Think of how unfair that would be to all the billions of people he saved. Just think of what Mr.Stark would say-”
Peter stopped in his tracks.
You stared at him with tears in your eyes, your chest rising and falling fast as you spoke in between heavy breaths.
You faltered, falling to the floor in the midst of sobs.
“It’s only fair that I get him back, Peter. I-I need him. I can’t live without him.”
The months of pent up frustration, anger and depression came to a stop at that moment, all exploding in a chaotic rant as you lay on the floor crying. Peter’s eyes began to water as he slowly sat down and hugged you, his arms circling around your middle.
“I need to do this, Peter. I-I miss him t-too m-much. It hurts, Peter. Make it stop…”
You buried your head into his shoulder and just cried, your tears soaking his suit as you shook with every sob that escaped your mouth. Peter could feel himself start crying as well as he hugged you even tighter, his self hatred only intensifying at how he wasn’t there when you needed him.
“It should’ve been me. It should’ve been me who died, Peter. Not him.” you whispered.
Peter’s heart ached at your confession and he had to breathe in quietly to gather himself before speaking.
“...Did I ever tell you what your dad said to me before he passed away?”
You looked up at him and shook your head sideways.
Peter gave a watery smile.
“Mr.Stark said to take care of you… And to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.”
You couldn’t help but smile as you wiped your tears from your eyes.
“That sounds like my dad, alright.”
“I know that you miss him a lot. I miss him a lot too, he was my hero and my strongest father figure. But all this-” he gestured to the strewn pieces of blueprints on the floor, the numerous simulations on the screen and the mess of papers on your desk.
“This isn’t healthy, (Y/n). Mr.Stark wouldn’t have wanted you to do anything of this. He would’ve wanted you to move on and live your life.”
“I don’t know how to.” you admitted, shaking your head.
Peter put his hand into yours and squeezed it warmly, a small smile on his face.
“You do it one day at a time. Go spend more time with Morgan. Visit the Avengers more. Continue Mr.Stark’s legacy by fighting bad guys and saving people’s lives. Spend more time with people who love you… like me.”
You pulled away from Peter, surprised.
“You love me?”
He nodded.
“I do.”
A vibrant blush settled on his cheeks as panic began to settle back in his throat.
“A-and I understand if it’s too soon or if you don’t feel that way yet, I mean we haven’t talked in so long oomf-”
You cut him off by kissing him as harshly as you could, your fingers digging into his skin as you kissed the life out of him. Peter quickly returned it, god, how he missed your touch and the taste of your lips. When you pulled back, Peter simply placed his hand on yours and rubbed your skin with his thumb.
“I’m so sorry I let you suffer for so long, all by yourself. I’ll never let go of you again, I’ll take care of you for as long as I live.”
You nodded and slipped your hand into his. And when he squeezed your hand and gave you that dorky smile, you just knew that everything was going to be alright.
You didn’t know how or why.
You just knew it was.
EXTENDED ENDING (fluff overload)???
“Should we go inside?” whispered Bruce hesitantly as he peered over the bush at where you and Peter were standing.
The moment Peter had arrived at the (previously) long forgotten summer home in California, he notified the Avengers of your location. They had come fully in gear, fully ready to face a possible calamity as a result of you opening a wormhole, only to find you and Peter hugging and making out.
“I think it’s best we just wait outside.” muttered Pepper quietly, a large smile on her face. Though she wasn’t technically your mother, she considered you to very much be your daughter. And to see you finally smiling in what felt like two years, put a large smile on her face. Sam jumped off the roof of the car and tucked his phone into his pocket, a satisfied smile on his face.
“Yeah, let’s go. I already got like fifteen different photos of them kissing that I can use to blackmail Peter later on.”
“What? We all know I’m gonna be the best man at their wedding anyway.”
“Actually I’m pretty sure that title would be mine.” interrupted Bruce, looking highly offended.
“Uh, no, it would obviously be me.” declared Clint.
“It would only make sense if I, a god, would be the best man at the wedding as I am, indeed, the epitome of mankind.” cut in Thor, a smug smile on his face.
As the rest of the group erupted into a heated debate, Pepper shook her head sideways and smiled. It was just like the old times.
“God, Tony. I wish you were here.” whispered Pepper, looking to the night sky.
And something about the way the wind rustled past her at that moment felt like Tony’s arms were around her again, squeezing her middle section tightly, a soft whisper in her ear.
“Take care of my girls.”
Pepper smiled at the memory.
“I will.”
Author’s note: I am so incredibly sorry for how long and horrible this is. I was feeling too many emotions that I had to write it all out and this was the result. I wrote this in two hours and just posted it (didn’t read thru lol.) Please leave a like, reblog and/or comment if you enjoyed it. More endgame fics to come!!! xoxo - Summer 
2nd author’s note (way later): thank you for all the positive feedback & love :) I can’t believe how popular and loved this fic became. 
Regular taglist: @wantyoubackpeter @platonic-plots @superwholockwannabe @xxmizzlexx @xdsockmonkey @princess-unicorn124  @not-jay-c @therealmrshale @caswinchester2000 
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Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader
Summary: Y/N has never seen Bucky be anything but gentle and loving. It’s hard for her to believe her boyfriend was ever the world’s deadliest and most lethal assassin. 
Word Count: 3,333 - One Shot
A/N: I was inspired by the idea of reader seeing Bucky fight for the first time and realizing how lethal he is as a soldier and assassin. 
Tumblr media
Y/N couldn’t help but grin at her current predicament. Bucky’s head was resting on her stomach as he was sprawled across her small couch. His eyes were on her TV, but she doubted he was even watching it. She had Bridget Jones’s Diary on. 
When Bucky arrived at her apartment, exhausted from just getting back from his mission, she offered to change it. But Bucky said he didn’t care. He just wanted to be with her. It didn’t matter what was on the TV.
Y/N ran her hands through his hair. There were still a few tendrils that were damp from him taking a shower. She giggled at the feeling.
“What’s so funny?” Bucky sighed, trying to act annoyed but obviously so content.
“Your hair’s so soft when you use my shampoo,” Y/N giggled breathily.
He just hummed and squeezed onto her torso tighter.
It was hard to see the deadly and terrifying Winter Solider when he was like this. He seemed like a cuddly puppy or kitten more than anything.
Y/N assumed part of it was that Bucky kept his life as an Avenger, war hero, and assassin completely away from her. He barely talked about it with her, which often concerned Y/N. When she voiced her worry, Bucky assured her that he was talking to a professional, or Steve and even Sam.
It was obvious he tried to keep his baggage as far away from Y/N as he possible could. No matter how many times she assured him that he loved all of him – darks parts and all – Bucky still tried to compartmentalize his life for her.  
Y/N leaned down until her lips were just above his right ear. “Are you gonna fall asleep, handsome?” She whispered.
“Mmm, maybe,” he cooed back. Then he placed a lazy kiss to her abs, despite it being through her shirt.
“Well, before you pass out…What do you want me to order for dinner?”
Bucky sighed and somehow managed to snuggle even closer into her. “Whatever you want, doll. What would Bridget Jones order?”
Y/N let out a huge laugh. “That’s not much of a dinner. She’d probably order a fifth of Vodka and a pack of cigarettes.”
“The vodka part sounds right up your alley, the cigarettes… not so much.” He managed to tease through his exhaustion and cuddling.
Y/N ignored his comment. “Indian it is!” She declared.
Bucky whined when she moved him out from underneath her to grab her phone and place her order.
“You’re such a baby,” she rolled her eyes at him teasingly.
After she placed their order and walked back to the couch, Bucky was beaming at her return. He sat up so she could sit back down in her same spot.
Y/N let him rest his head on her stomach again and she pressed play on the movie once again.
“I love you,” Bucky sighed like it was obvious, but just felt the need to say it to the room.
“I love you too, Buck.” She smirked and leaned down to kiss his forehead. “You can sleep if you want. I’ll wake you up when the food gets here.”
Y/N was making breakfast and coffee in the kitchen when she heard a knock at her apartment door.
She saw another super-soldier through the peephole and smiled.
“Hey, Steve.” She greeted as she opened the door wide and gestured for him to come in. “He’s still sleeping…poor thing was exhausted when he got here last night.”
Steve nodded with a shy smile. Bucky having Y/N in his life never stopped making Steve happy.
Without asking, she poured him a giant mug of coffee. “What brings you here?”
“Bucky disappeared before he could give his mission report. I gotta drag him back to the compound before Fury or Hill lays into me or him again.”
Y/N winced at the idea. “Must be bad if it required a house call.”
“Well… Bucky turns off his phone when he’s with you, so I had to come over.”
She clutched her heart dramatically. “Steve, I’m offended. You mean to say that you didn’t come all the way over here for little ol’ me?”
Steve chuckled at her antics.
Suddenly they both heard the bedroom door open. Bucky came walking out in just his jeans and no shirt. His hair was a mess and his eyes were still puffy with sleep.
He ignored his best friend and made a beeline for his girlfriend.
Bucky gave her a lazy kiss on the lips and muttered a good morning of sorts.
“Buck–” Steve interrupted.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Bucky glared at his best friend. “Let me just go put a shirt on, punk.” He didn’t need to hear Steve’s demand. He knew that he was needed at the compound. After all, he snuck out before anyone could tie him down with mission reports or going to the med bay.
Steve watched Y/N as she watched Bucky disappear back into the bedroom.
“You know… he’s only like this with you,” Steve commented.
Her eyes flickered away from the closed bedroom door to him. “Like what?”
Steve shrugged. “Soft... gentle.”
She grinned. “I struggle with believing he can be anything else.” Then she shrugged too. “I think the media hasn’t been kind to him. Made him out to be scarier than he actually is.”
Steve just nodded slowly and took a sip of his coffee. 
He couldn’t bring himself to tell her how Bucky almost killed him multiple times when his head wasn’t right. That Natasha has a scar permanently on a body from facing Bucky back in his Winter Soldier days. Or how Bucky is an absolute tyrant in the field, never allowing anything to stand between him and finishing a mission.
But how could Y/N see any of that when her and Bucky were absolutely and irrevocably in love with one another?
A few minutes later, Bucky returned with a shirt on, teeth brushed, and his shaggy hair slightly tamed in a messy bun at the back of his neck.
He had a small pout on his lips, not wanting to leave.
Y/N chuckled at it. “Go do your homework, Buck. I gotta run errands today anyways.”
“But I wanted to run the errands with you,” he muttered with annoyance. Then he sighed and walked over to give her a longer kiss. “I’ll be back tonight, doll.”
She nodded and watched the two super-soldiers leave.
Y/N was hanging out in her living room. Bucky wasn’t expected to land until tomorrow night. However, there was a chance he could be late.
There was a knock at the door and Y/N jumped up, having been expecting her takeout for almost 45 minutes. She didn’t bother looking through the peephole before opening the door.
That was a grave mistake.
As soon as the door opened an inch, it was thrust open and Y/N was thrown against the wall, a hand at her throat.
A dozen men in tactical gear and ski masks came charging into her apartment, all with rifles or handguns.
“Is he here?” The one with his hand latched to her throat yelled. Did he have a Russian accent?
Y/N tried tearing his grip away from her. She was struggling for air.
“Is the Winter Soldier here!?” He screamed even louder.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” she lied through a wheeze.
Before he could yell more or threaten her, he was being ripped off of her.
Y/N fell to her knees as soon as the pressure was off her neck. She started coughing to regain her breath, already feeling the soreness in her throat.
When she looked up, she saw Bucky.
But it wasn’t her Bucky. 
She didn’t know this man. Her soft and adorable boyfriend was gone. In his place was a deadly soldier. Bucky’s eyes were dark with fury and danger.
His metal hand was now wrapped around her assailant. Time seemed to slow down as Y/N heard the sound of his metal arm whirring as he tightened his grip until there was an audible snap and the man’s entire body went limp. He’d broken the man’s neck with just a squeeze of his metal arm. 
That’s when all hell broke loose.
The rest of the men tore themselves out of their dazes.
Suddenly bullets were being fired and it was a sound Y/N had never heard. She shrieked as she shielded her face and covered her ears.
Then she felt a warm presence beside her. She looked up to see Steve crouched at her side, shield raised to protect her from any stray bullets.
But Y/N could still perfectly see Bucky fighting multiple men at a time. There was a flash of red and Y/N realized that Natasha was fighting alongside him. Bucky seemed unmatchable. Whether it was a knife, a gun, or flesh, he could protect himself from the attack and counter with the most natural grace.
Y/N watched him kick out a man’s legs, shoot another straight in the head, and throw a knife at a third’s jugular all within seconds. If she blinked, she could’ve missed how three bodies now lay lifeless on her floor.
Then Bucky’s gaze suddenly met her’s.
Y/N was breathing heavily, but Bucky didn’t even look winded.
His eyes softened as he looked into his lover’s. But just as quickly, he snapped out of it.
“Steve, get her the hell out of here!” He yelled at his friend, yet it was somehow still calm. But it was a voice that Y/N had never heard come out of him before.
Steve put his finger to the comm in his ear. “Sam, give me a route.”
Meanwhile, Y/N was still in shock as she watched her boyfriend fight hand-to-hand combat with another man. He seemed to read his opponents next move before they even executed it. His body was like a serpents, moving with a malignant dexterity.
But what was more jarring was seeing the utter most fear in the eyes of every man that dared take Bucky on.
“Y/N, we gotta go and we gotta go now.” Steve broke her out of her trance.
Mindlessly, Y/N let Steve drag her out of her own apartment, taking a strange route through her apartment building.
“Roger that, Sam.” Steve said to the voice that Y/N couldn’t hear.
She realized he was taking her to the roof of her building.
There was the sound of the wind being cut. Her hair was flying around her face wildly. A chopper was being lowered just 20 feet or so away from her.
She could recognize Clint through the windshield of the machine.
“Come on!” Steve yelled over the sound of the rotors. He lowered her head and guided her to the chopper.
But Y/N resisted as he tried to push her onto it.
“What about Bucky?” She yelled over the roaring.
“He’ll be fine! I promise. The sooner you get on this chopper, the sooner I can get back and help him!”
It was a mind game of sorts. To get Y/N to safety, Steve had to promise Bucky would be safe too.
Y/N nodded and numbly got onto the helicopter. Steve slid the door closed behind her and gave Clint the signal to take off.
When Y/N looked out the window, she saw Sam land just feet away from Steve before running back down the stairs and back into her apartment building.
Clint looked back at her and tapped his headset before pointing to one that was sitting right next to Y/N. She got the message and put them on her head.
“Don’t worry. He can take care of himself.” Clint said cheerfully. This was just another day at the office for him.
“W-What happened?” She was just starting to lose her adrenaline rush.
Clint’s cheerfulness disappeared as he saw the first telltale signs of shock.
“Barnes will explain back at the compound. Just take a few deep breaths for me, will ya, kid?”
Tumblr media
Y/N was sitting on the couch in Bucky’s room. She changed into some of Bucky’s sweats on the advice of Clint. He then wrapped a blanket around her tightly.
“Gotta keep you warm,” he explained.
“Agent Barton, the quinjet has just landed.” The AI system informed them.
Y/N jumped. She wasn’t at the compound very often, so the voice always made her jump.
“Thanks, FRIDAY. Can you tell Barnes his girl is waiting in his bedroom?”
“Of course.”
“Is…Is he okay?” Y/N stuttered. She’d never tried to talk to the system before and it felt weird.
“Sergeant Barnes has not sustained any injuries, Ms. Y/L/N. No need to worry,” FRIDAY responded pleasantly.
Just a few moments later, Bucky was stomping into his bedroom. There was a few splatters of blood on his face. But Y/N knew it was not his own.
Y/N stood quickly, letting the blanket fall to the couch. But she eyed him wearily.
But just like that, the Winter Soldier was gone and the soft man she fell in love with had replaced him.
Bucky let out a sigh of relief and instantly rushed over, bringing her into his arms.
It took Y/N a little too long to react and it didn’t go amiss by Bucky.
He stepped away and cleared his throat awkwardly.
“Hey, Clint…would you mind grabbing an ice pack for Y/N’s neck, please?” He asked politely.
Clint knew how to read the room and nodded his head before leaving the two alone.
“A-A-Are you o-okay?” Y/N stuttered.
It pained him to hear her so shaken. His entire face softened. “I’m fine, doll. Always am.”
“How are you acting so normal right now? You don’t even – you’re not shaken up at all and you just killed like… ten men, Bucky.”
Bucky sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “This is my everyday, Y/N. And I tried my best to keep you away from it. But I…um…I failed.”
He couldn’t bring himself to look at her.
“You’re sleeping here tonight. I’m…I’ll sleep on Steve’s couch tonight.” Bucky explained, still not looking her in the eye. Y/N opened her mouth to protest, but he was already hurrying out the door. He practically ran down Clint as he tried to walk in at the same time with an ice pack in his hand.
Clint watched Bucky march out of the room and turned back to see Y/N’s heartbroken expression.
“You okay?” Clint asked her softly.
She nodded and sniffed, turning slightly to stop herself from actually crying.
“He’s just scared about you getting hurt,” Clint tried to explain for Bucky.
“He didn’t seem scared at all,” she sniffed.
“Well... that’s the lie we’ve all managed to constantly pull off,” Clint smirked. “But I’ve never seen that man more scared.” He sighed. “I know it’s not my place to get in the middle of this…but he’s gonna push you away because he thinks it’ll keep you safe, not because he loves you any less.”
Y/N nodded in understanding.
Later in the night, Natasha and Steve explained to Y/N that a pocket of Hydra found out highly compromising information about Bucky. They were an extremist group – even for Hydra – within the remnants of the nazi organization. They believed if they got their Winter Soldier back, they could reform.
When they found out about Y/N, they thought they could use her to drag him back into the ranks.
Obviously they forgot how powerful their old weapon was – perhaps even stronger since he gained back his mind. Clearly, they failed.
But they were successful in reminding Bucky that his past would never disappear.
Y/N bolted upright in bed. She had a nightmare about what happened. Only this time, the Hydra operative was successful in choking her to death. Bucky couldn’t save her in her own nightmares.
Her eyes raced around the room, remembering that this wasn’t her bedroom. She was at the compound in Bucky’s room.
Her skin was covered in sweat and her heart was still racing.
Y/N wanted Bucky and she hated that he wasn’t sleeping on the other side of the bed.
She needed him.
Y/N tossed the covers off of her and quickly walked to the bedroom door to go and find him.
But when she opened the door, Bucky was already standing on the other side, eyes wide with concern.
“Hi,” Y/N muttered shyly.
“FRIDAY woke me up. Said you had a nightmare.”
Y/N threw herself in his arms. Bucky instantly tightened his grip around her.
“You’re okay. You’re okay, doll. I gotcha,” he whispered into her ear.
“Please don’t leave me alone,” Y/N whimpered into his chest.
“I’m not going anywhere.” He pulled them back into the bedroom and closed the door.
Y/N pulled away slightly to look at him now that they sat on the edge of his bed.
“Why did you keep it so secret? Why do you feel like you have to hide yourself from me?” She whispered.
Bucky was caught off guard by the question. “Ever since Hydra…I’ve always felt like a monster. They didn’t just give me an arm and brainwash me. They trained me. I can do things that most people only see in their nightmares.”
Then a sad smile appeared on his lips as he grabbed memories from his mind.
“And I met you and you just… you only see the parts of me that they didn’t touch, that they couldn’t get rid of. I thought if you saw the dark parts of me, you’d run away and you’d be scared of me like the rest of the world.”
Y/N sighed and shook her head at his foolishness. She pressed her hands on either side if his cheeks, making him look at her.
“I don’t think they’re dark parts. I think it’s what makes you strong. You were so, so brave. I completely shut down. I was helpless.”
Bucky shook his head. “You reacted how a normal person should. You’re not supposed to know what to do in that situation…because you’re innocent Y/N.” Then his lip trembled. “And I wasn’t brave. I was fucking terrified. When I found out they were going after you, I thought I was going to get to your apartment to find you dead. I can’t – ” He took a breath as tears started to gloss over his eyes. “I can’t ever let anything happen to you…and something did happen.”
Y/N stroked his cheekbone with her thumb. “Bucky, I’m okay.”
Then she leaned forward until their foreheads were touching. “When I fell in love with you, I didn’t plan on just loving the good parts of you. I want it all. You don’t have to hide anything from me. I’m not running away.” She sighed. “Yeah, seeing you like that freaked me out a bit. But that’s just because I’m so used to my soft Bucky, the one that cuddles me like a koala bear.”
She smiled. “And goes book shopping with me. And carries all my bags for me when I drag him to the farmer’s market. And cries when we watch the Toy Story movies.”
Bucky chuckled and shook his head.
“So you gotta talk to me, Buck. Nothing you say is going to scare me.”
Silence settled between them.
“I don’t want to ruin you,” Bucky finally whispered.
To his surprise, Y/N laughed lightly at that. “I’m not as breakable as you think. The only thing you’re ruining for me is other men.”
He couldn’t help but smile at that. “Is that so?”
“Yeah, you’ve really raised my standards to an unrealistic level. It’s kind of infuriating. So you’re stuck with me, Bucko. I ain’t going nowhere.”
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multifandomwriter · 2 months ago
Accidental Pictures
Pairing: dadsbestfriend!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You’ve always had a crush on your dad’s best friend, but it’s always been easy to hide. That is, until you accidentally send him pictures meant for someone else
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings: swearing, bra pictures, age gap, teasing, dirty talk, fingering, thigh riding, smut, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, praise kink, MINORS DNI (18+ ONLY)
Tumblr media
“Thank you, Mr. Barnes. I’ll see you in an hour” you said, stepping out of the car. You grabbed your purse from inside the car and slid your arm through the strap. “I’ll see you then. Text me if you’re done early, and I’ve told you to call me Bucky. Mr. Barnes makes me feel old” he told you, slightly chuckling. You smiled and nodded, before closing the car door. You waved as he drove away.
Bucky was your dad’s best friend. He was always coming over to your house for barbecues and all sorts of parties. Over the years, you had grown fond of Bucky, but he was significantly older than you. You were only twenty four, but that didn’t stop you from admiring him.
You were visiting your dad for the next two weeks. Your dad was going to drive you to the mall, but he got called into work. So, he asked Bucky to drive you. After thirty excruciating minutes in the car, you were finally at the mall.
You never knew how to act around Bucky. He made your heart beat at a million miles per minute and always ended up turning you on. The brunette man was gorgeous, which made it hard to control yourself around him.
You walked into the mall doors. Forty minutes later, you were almost finished. You had returned the shoes that you bought in the wrong size and found a dress to wear to a party you were going to in a few weeks. All that was left was to buy a new bra.
You headed into Victoria’s Secret and headed to the bras that were your size. You instantly found a few that you liked and walked towards the dressing rooms.
You set down the few pairs of bras and felt your photo buzz. You saw a new text from Bucky:
“I finished my errands early. I’m waiting in the parking lot, once you’re done :) ”
You felt your insides tingle and felt a new rush to finish up. You quickly typed out a response and hit send.
“Okay! I’ll be out in a few minutes. I’m almost done”
You moved on to the bras that were waiting for you. You tried all four of them on and couldn’t decide between your top two. You quickly snapped photos in each of the bras. One was a dark red bra with lace, and the other one was a black bra that had some sheer panels.
You quickly sent the pictures to your best friend and asked which one she liked more. You looked into the mirror and looked closer at the bra, still trying to decide. You heard your phone vibrate, and you quickly grabbed it. You were eager to see your best friend’s response. You assumed it would make the decision easier.
Instead, you saw a text from Bucky that read:
“Fuck, sweetheart. You look hot in both of them, but I’m assuming you didn’t mean to send that to me”
You felt your blood run cold. Just to be sure, you checked and realized you had sent him the pictures. You didn’t know what to do. You wanted to run away and hide forever.
First and foremost, you wanted to never see Bucky again. You knew you would die of embarrassment. There was no way you could survive a whole car ride home with him.
You quickly decided to buy both the bras and headed towards the parking lot. You kept your head low as you looked for Bucky's car. You spotted it, and he waved you over.
You got into the front seat without saying a word. You couldn’t even look at him. “Hi, sweetheart” he said, softly. You muttered a quick “hi” and then looked out the window.
Bucky accepted that you didn’t want to talk about it and put the car in drive. He started the drive to your dad’s house, where you were staying.
After about ten minutes of silence, the car pulled up to a red light. Bucky looked over at you and saw you still looking out the window. “Sweetheart? Look at me” he said, tapping your thigh. You hesitantly looked over at him. He gave you a soft smile.
“I really don’t want to talk about it” you begged him. He placed his hand back on your thigh, rubbing circles into your skin with his thumb. You could feel your face heat up. “I know you’re embarrassed, but you don’t have to be. We can both pretend it never happened. You really don’t have to worry about it, love. By the way, those pictures were pretty amazing,” his soft genuine smile turned into a smirk.
You felt even more embarrassed. You couldn’t tell if he was being serious or if he was teasing you. You knew you had nothing else to lose. You grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him for a kiss. Before he could kiss you back, cars began to honk behind you.
You both pulled apart and realized the light was green. You were mortified. “I’m sorry” you muttered, wrapping your arms around yourself. Neither of you said another word to each other. You continued to drive. Bucky drove past the turn to get to your dad’s house.
“Bucky, you missed the turn” you said, finally willing yourself to look at him. Instead of turning around, he just smirked and kept his eyes on the road. “Relax, sweetheart. We’re making a pit stop” he said, moving his hand to rest on your thigh.
You could feel a fluttering feeling in your stomach as his hand inched up your leg. He was only inches from where you wanted him, and he stopped. You practically whined. “Patience, baby” he instructed.
You squirmed under his touch. You started to rub your thighs together, trying to get some friction. “You’re so needy, sweetheart” he said. His words practically made you moan.
He slipped his fingers into the waistband of your leggings. His fingers ran over your lace panties. “God, you’re soaked. Do you need me that bad?” He asked, not moving his fingers. You nodded while biting your lip. You started to grind down on his hand, trying to get the release he was denying you.
“Look at you, so desperate for my touch. The least I can do is help you out” he said, moving your panties to the side. He ran his fingers through your folds, collecting your wetness. Your hips bucked up and pushed against his hand.
He pushed two fingers into you at an agonizingly slow pace. He curled his fingers as he began to pump them in and out of you. “Does that feel good?” He asked you, quickening his pace. You bit down on your lip and eagerly shook your head.
“You don’t have to be quiet. Let me hear you” he commanded. His fingers hit your g-spot, causing you to call out his name. A cocky smirk grew on his face.
The car pulled up to a red light, and you could see a car creeping up next to you. “Look at me, sweetheart. No one gets to see this look on your face through the window. This is all for me. Only I get to watch how you squirm under my touch” he said, repeatedly hitting your g-spot. The light changed to green. He continued driving towards his house.
His thumb started to rub circles onto your clit. You threw your head back against the headrest. “Fuck—Bucky...faster please” you begged him, breathlessly. His fingers sped up, ramming into you as you clenched your thighs around his hand.
You could feel the coil in your abdomen begin to tighten. The pressure continued to build. “Bucky, I’m almost there” you moaned. Then, the pressure disappeared. You noticed he had completely removed his hand from you. You also realized you were in his driveway.
Bucky wiped his hand off on his jeans. “I was so close. My ex-boyfriend could never get me that close” you complained, the last part said more to yourself.
“That was nothing, sweetheart. I’m going to show you what it’s like with a real man” he whispered, before pushing a piece of your hair behind your ear.
He unlocked the car doors, and you both headed inside. He grabbed your hands and pulled you into his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed, keeping your hands in his.
You felt your nerves hit you like a brick wall. You realized how much this could change your life. There was no going back after sleeping with your dad’s best friend.
He moved his hand to cup your face. “Sweetheart, before we do anything, I want to make sure that you’re really okay with this” he said, gently. You pressed a light kiss against his lips. “You have no idea how long I’ve wished for this to happen” you said, looking into his eyes.
That was all the permission he needed. He grabbed at your waist and pulled you into his lap. Your hands were instantly in his hair as you connected your lips. You started to roll your hips into his, chasing all the friction you could get.
He pushed you off his lap, and then pulled your leggings down your legs. You stepped out of them and stepped towards him. “I’m sorry I didn’t let you finish before. I wanted to be able to watch you fall apart” he said, kissing your temple.
Then, his eyes lit up. He patted his thigh. “Sit right here for me” he said, gently. You straddled his thigh. “Can I?” You asked, softly. He eagerly nodded his head and placed his hands on your hips. You rolled your hips forward, grinding against his thigh.
“Cum on my thigh, sweetheart. I wanna watch” he said, watching you. You rested your arms on his shoulders as you slid yourself back and forth on his thigh. The harsh material of his jeans only added more friction.
A soft whine passed your lips. “That’s it, baby. You’re doing so well” he said, placing light kisses along your jawline. His words only turned you on more. You could feel a warm feeling in your stomach as you got closer to your peak.
“Buck—almost...there” you moaned, breathlessly. The coil returned and continued to tighten. He began to bounce his leg up and down, creating more friction. “Oh...Bucky, fuck” you called out, moving your hips faster. You shut your eyes, overwhelmed with the pleasure. You were reduced to a whimpering mess. “Such a good job, princess. Let go for me” he said.
You fell over the edge; your vision going white. Your hips slowed down, and you leaned against Bucky’s shoulders. You panted as you came down from your high.
“You are so beautiful” he said, peppering kisses up and down your neck. You noticed his bulging cock against your leg. “I want to make you feel good too” you said, starting to unbuckle his belt.
He grabbed your wrists and stopped you. “You don’t have to do that. I just wanna be inside of you, sweetheart” he told you. You pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side. He used his metal arm to flip you over. He was laying on top of you on the bed now.
“Stay” he said, as he stood up and took off his jeans. You watched him as he stepped out of his boxers, and his cock sprung free. You heard it slap against his stomach. You clenched your thighs together as he thought about having his large cock ramming into you.
He stroked himself a few times. You whimpered to yourself, and your hand found itself inside your panties. “Sweetheart” he said, catching you. You quickly removed your hands and looked back into his eyes.
“I can’t wait to fill you up and have your pretty pussy wrapped around me” he said, crawling on top of you. You cupped his face and pulled him up to kiss you. He moaned into your mouth as one of your hands stroked his length.
He pulled your panties down your legs and carelessly threw them aside. He teased you, lightly drawing figure eights on your clit. You quickly pulled off your T-shirt. He stopped what he was doing as he realized you were wearing the dark red bra.
“Fuck” he muttered under his breath. You noticed that his cock was throbbing. “Your tits look so fuckin’ good” he said, cupping your breasts through the bra.
You reached around your back to unclip the bra, but he stopped you. “Don’t” he practically growled. You smirked as you watched the effect you had on him.
“Keep it on. I want to fuck you while you wear it” he said, not moving his eyes from the lacy material. Then, without warning, he pushed into you.
He watched as your face contorted in pleasure. “You’re so fucking big” you moaned as you wrapped your arms around his neck, holding on as he thrusted into you. He smirked down at you. He wrapped your legs around his waist. “You’re taking me so well, sweetheart” he moaned in your ear. You grabbed on to his shoulders, leaving little crescent indents. You moaned as he continued to stretch you out.
“Bet your ex never made you feel this good” he said, hitting your g-spot. Your walls clenched around him. Your eyes rolled back, and you threw your head back against the pillow. “I’m getting close, sweetheart. You’re so tight” he moaned.
You pulled him into a kiss. “Need you to—faster” you begged him. He listened, speeding up his pace and bringing his thumb down to rub circles on your clit.
You could feel the coil tightening in your stomach. “Close” you mumbled. He moaned out your name as he quickened his pace. “You gonna cum with me?” He asked you, and you quickly nodded your head. It was like he was in overdrive. He was ramming into you. The sound of your skin slapping together and the squeaking of the mattress filled the room. He kept going faster, chasing his high.
“Sweetheart” he moaned, and then you could feel him cum inside of you. It was enough to send you over the edge, and your orgasm hit you. “Oh shit” he moaned, as your walls tightened around him.
You could feel yourself pulsing. You both laid like that for a while, neither of you moving. You both tried to catch your breath.
Eventually, he pulled out of you and then cleaned you both up. Bucky crawled back into bed with you and began placing kisses up and down your chest. “Can you call your dad and say you’re staying over a friend’s house?” He asked, lightly kissing your lips.
You nodded your head. “God, you’re so beautiful” he said, pulling you in for another kiss.
“Bucky, that was amazing. That was the best sex I’ve ever had. No man is ever going to measure up to that” you whispered. He smirked to himself, proud of his work. “Well I guess it’s good that this wasn’t a one-time thing” he said, running his fingers up your arm.
You had a fluttering feeling in your stomach as you listened to what he said. “It wasn’t?” You asked him, raising your eyebrows.
“Hell no, sweetheart” he said, before pulling you in for round two.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-babe17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Name: Hey there, Frosty Series: Hey there, Frosty (Part 1) Pairing: Loki x reader Summary: Loki is turned into a kitten with his own curse (gone wrong), and the Avengers choose the reader to take care of him, but the reader does not know that the tiny kitten is Loki. Author’s Note: yes, new series. Yes, Loki. Yes, next part will be better, but we gotta start with something.
“Y/N!” you walk into the Avengers’ common room, and Steve walks up to you with a wide smile. “I am glad you could make it!”
“I told you I was coming a long time ago. My flight got delayed, sorry,” you drop your bag on the floor and give Steve a good hug. You have been friends with Avengers for a long time, and stopping at the base is a tradition for every time you are all in town at the same time. This time you are coming for at least a month - you have a job with the Avengers, and you are staying in your room (that you insisted to be next to Cap’s because you are not dealing with sleep-walking and wall-ignoring Avengers like Hawkeye and Vision).
“Careful,” you notice that Steve’s hand is scarred and covered with stitches.
“Wow, did someone bite you?”
“Yeah, about that,” Steve points in the direction of the small box on the table. “This little guy hates me.”
“Who is that? A tiger?” you joke, and Steve frowns.
“It is a kitten.”
“A kitten? What did you do, pull its tail?”
“No... He just does not like anyone of us.”
“Lord, you are like babies,” you walk up to the box and carefully open it to look inside. “Oh god. Aren’t you a handsome fella?” inside is a tiny kitten, not larger than your palm, black as charcoal with glowing eyes, piercing your soul. “Hey there, Frosty.”
“Yeah,” you chuckle. “He is black. Gotta call him something white,” you carefully put your hand in the box and touch the kitten’s head. To your surprise, the kitten does not bite you (as Steve probably expects him to) but simply looks up at you with simple misunderstanding of what is going on. “Frosty, I’ll get you out of this... box. But you do not bite me, alright?” the kitten stays quiet, and you carefully pick him up. He is as soft as a kitten should be - a tiny ball of fur and a long tail. You can feel his tiny heart beat under your fingers, and you hold Frosty close to your body, knowing how lost he must feel all alone. After all, he is just a baby.
“How did you do that?” Steve sounds more shocked than just surprised. “He tried to bite my fingers off.”
“That is because you should trust him. And he will trust you,” the ball of black fur curls in a ball next to you skin, and you can’t help a smile. “I hope you are not throwing him out. Because then I am beating your ass up.”
“No. No, he is all yours. But he better behave!” Steve leans towards the kitten, and the little guy tries to slap him with his tiny paw with obviously sharp claws. You laugh at Steve’s upset and a little scared face, as Frosty climbs up your shirt to settle on your shoulder - he is small enough to actually fit. “He is your problem now.”
“He won’t be a problem, will he, Frosty?” you softy stroke the kitten’s head between the two big ears, and he purrs quietly, then softly presses his head against your jaw. “Oh, he is so sweet! You know who he reminds me of?” you turn to Steve with a wide smile. “Loki.”
“W... Why?” Steve looks shocked and horrified of your analogy.
“Adorable and soft, hates you. Black as night. Magical. But absolutely sweet if you love him,” you shrug your shoulders, as you pick your bag up and head to your room. The kitten snuggles next to your neck, his breath tickling your skin. “Come on, Frosty, we gotta get you a bed.”
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marvelsswansong · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Peter and you hate each other and can never seem to get along, much to the dismay of your father, Tony Stark. That is, until one stormy night and your fear of thunder changes everything.
Tags: enemies to lovers, super cliche, FLUFFY AS FUCK, stark!reader, shit ton of cuddling.
“Peter, this is (Y/n). (Y/n), this is Peter.”
You eyed the boy in front of you with great disinterest, the burning feeling of jealousy causing your stomach to recoil. So this was the boy that your father wouldn’t stop talking about. The boy who your father seemed to be obsessed with, and at times, care more about than you- his own daughter. Whatever you did, whatever you said, it was always followed up with “Peter this” or “Peter that”. And honestly, despite the fact that you knew nothing about him, you hated him.
You hated it and you hated him.
So though this was your first time actually being introduced to the teenager, you didn’t even bother to smile or extend your hand out for a friendly handshake. Instead, you stood your ground and muttered a disinterested hello. Peter seemed to sense your disapproval and meekly nodded, his eyes not staring into yours but instead at the floor. The atmosphere in the room was suddenly uncomfortable, causing Tony to perk up and start talking.
“Right, so um… (Y/n), you know about the mission you have this week-”
That caught your attention.
“What about it?” you asked, your tone accusatory. Your father sighed before placing a hand on your shoulder.
“I think that it’d be a great idea if you went with Peter.”
You glared at Tony.
“I work alone, dad.”
Tony sighed, exasperated, while Peter uncomfortably shifted in the background.
“I know, sweetheart, but this one’s the first mission that involves HYDRA. And while I know you’re capable, I want you to have someone with you just in case something goes wrong…. Oh, and if you say no you can’t go.” finished Tony, a sly smirk on his face. His tone might have been playful, but the stern look in his eye made it clear- he meant what it was saying. You either complied or got grounded.
You glanced back at the boy, who was still refusing to make eye contact with you, before glancing back at your father.
“Fine. You better not be a shit partner, Peter.”
With that, you turned on your heel and went back to your room without looking back. You were already regretting your decision but what else could you have done- you needed to agree if you wanted to go on the mission. And you weren’t going to let some stupid boy your dad adored ruin your chances of going on your first ever official HYDRA mission.
‘Besides, how bad can he be?’
In truth, in addition to keeping you safe, Tony had persuaded Peter to accompany you in this mission as he expected the two of you to work well together. Both of you were smart, capable and around the same age- so it only made sense that the two of you would be a perfect team.
Except, nothing could be further from the truth.
You quickly found out that Peter was one of those people who wanted to carefully plan things out. Spontaneity made him uncomfortable, so sticking by common conduct and methodically memorizing every mission detail was crucial to him. You, on the other hand, preferred to act now and think later. Waiting for people to act or planning your actions out in great detail was a waste of time, and you would much rather do what your heart was telling you.
Unsurprisingly, this meant you and Peter argued A LOT over the mission.
“Okay, so the lab is located on the third floor of the abandoned building, right behind the local library. Considering that there are at least thirteen people in the first floor, you should wait for my signal before charging in by the front entrance, distracting the guards-”
You rolled your eyes and ignored the rest of his speech, being far more focused on making sure that your gun was fully loaded with electric bullets (which could paralyze anyone you shot within a matter of seconds). After making sure that you had a few extra rounds in the back of your mission suit, you cocked the gun into place before slipping on your metal mask and walking towards the entrance.
“Afterwards, we should be able to- (Y/N), WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU-”
You couldn’t hear the rest of Peter’s sentence as the men in black immediately started firing at you, the bullets all missing as they deflected off of your bulletproof suit or as you swiftly dodged them. You fired your own bullets at them at rapid speed, hitting two of them in the head- causing them to convulse violently before dropping to the floor, paralyzed.
Peter swore under his breath before following you in, webbing his opponents to the wall or swinging to avoid the bullets from hitting him.
‘God damn it, why the hell is she so reckless.’
Peter eventually caught up with you in the second floor, where another tens of agents were swarming at you all at once. Eventually, you and Peter were back to back as you fought off the enemy agents in one swoop.
“This was a horrible idea.” yelled Peter as he dodged a punch from an HYDRA agent.
You ignored his complaint as you shot the enemy left and right, ducking for cover behind several pieces of furniture along the way while making a beeline for the lab. Once you got in, you just so happened to run out of bullets and ended up knocking out the woman who held the hard-drive that you were looking for. You managed to gain a few bruises from acquiring a few hits on the way back, but overall, you were fine. The mission had gone well.
Needless to say, Peter did not have the same perspective, which he made clear on the plane ride back to the tower.
“That was very stupid of you, (Y/n).” scolded Peter, taking off his mask in anger.
“Who the fuck are you, my dad? You were the stupid one, trying to waste our time by planning everything out.”
“The reason I was making a plan was because without one, we would have been making a bunch of impulsive and idiotic decisions. Which is EXACTLY what ended up happening because you just figured you would go ahead and ignore my plan.”
You turned around quickly and gave him a harsh glare, venom dripping from your words.
“Don’t blame your inability to act on me, asshole. Your stupid plan wouldn't have worked anyway.”
His eyes darkened in anger, his posture suddenly changing to be more defensive.
“You know what? I’ve been nothing but nice and respectful to you, but you still treat me like I’m nothing. Fuck you.”
You scowled.
“Fuck you too.”
The two of you sat as far away from each other as possible for the rest of the ride back home, and you made it very clear to your father that you never wanted to be sent on a mission with Peter again. Your father tried to object, but when Peter also told him that he did not ever want to be forced to go on a mission with you as well, Tony reluctantly gave in and dropped the subject.
Your hatred for Peter only deepened after the mission as you were transferred into his school, and the two of you seemed to be competing in every class. It was always either you or Peter who was the best in a class, and school suddenly became a life or death competition in which both of you tried to outscore the other.
Soon enough, you hated even hearing Peter’s name in conversation and left whenever Peter entered the same room as you. You never spoke to him and he never spoke to you, the feeling of hatred for one another being the only thing you could agree on.
This obviously bothered Tony, who desperately tried to get the two of you to reconcile and spend time with each other, but it always ended up with you two arguing and hating each other more. Tony eventually gave up trying and your relationship with Peter only worsened.
You thought he was a spineless, goody two shoes asshole who stole your father from you, while he thought that you were a reckless, spoiled brat who treated him like shit for no reason. And that was all there was to your relationship with Peter…
Until a stormy Saturday night.
May was out of town for a family emergency, leaving Peter alone in his apartment for the weekend. Upon hearing Peter’s plight, Tony had offered him to stay at the tower for a few days, which Peter happily agreed to. Besides, how many people could say they got to sleep in THE Stark tower? Not a lot.
It was past midnight when the storm started picking up wind, the sound of the pouring rain being disrupted by frequent white flashes in the sky and violent thunder ringing throughout the tower. Peter groaned in discomfort, the loud noises disrupting his sleep and waking him up from his deep slumber.
God, what time was it?
He rolled over in bed and turned on his phone, the bright white numbers showing that it was 1:34 in the morning. It was way too early for him to be awake. He shut off his phone and rolled back onto his normal position, placing a pillow over his head in an attempt to block the loud noises and fall back asleep.
The thunder continued to roar, however, only seeming to get louder in volume. Frustrated, he kicked off his covers and noticed that he was feeling rather thirsty. Since he couldn’t fall back asleep, he decided to go downstairs into the kitchen of the tower for some water and maybe even a midnight snack.
Considering the time of the day, Peter wasn’t expecting anyone to be downstairs in the living room or the kitchen, which was right on the side of the living area space. So it was a surprise to Peter when he stepped off the elevator and saw that the television was still on and emitting a bright light onto the room.
‘Who the hell could be awake at this hour?’
Peter approached the television with curiosity, his eyes drifting to the side onto the sofa to see a figure shaking underneath a blanket. He couldn’t tell who the figure was, considering the blanket was wrapped tightly and over their entire body, so Peter cautiously paused the TV show on the screen and called out to the person.
“Um, hello?”
You carefully lowered your blanket and looked up at Peter, the tears in your eyes blurring your vision as you did so.
“(Y/n)?” muttered Peter, confused. He’d never seen you look so…. scared.
Another clap of thunder echoed throughout the room, causing you to jolt and tighten the grip around your blanket in panic. Your heart felt like it was being constricted with a rope as you broke out into a cold sweat, your entire body paralyzed in fear upon anticipating when the thunder would return.
You were afraid of thunder.
Peter quickly sat down in front of you and placed his hand on your arm, causing you to look up at him slowly with teary eyes.
“(Y/n)- are you- um, god… Are you okay?”
He knew it was a stupid question to ask, but he was honestly at a lost for words upon seeing you like this. You tried to respond but the thunder once again cut you off, the harsh sound sending ripples of fear throughout your body and triggering a panic attack. You quickly started to lose breath and shake uncontrollably, causing Peter to instinctively reach out to you and pull you against his chest in a quick embrace.
Peter knew just too well how awful panic attacks felt, and just as May did with him, he began to slowly stroke your hair with his hand and whisper comforting things into your ear.
“Shhh, (Y/n), everything’s fine. You’re safe. There’s nothing to worry about.”
His tender voice melted like honey and slowly brought you out of your panicked state of mind, the warm of his body contrasting how cold yours was from pure fear. Your breathing slowed down as you started to find comfort in his arms, his sweet words and gentle actions allowing you to forget about your fears for a moment.
“W-why are you being so nice to me?” you asked, your voice hoarse from crying.
Peter continued to rub soothing circles onto your back as he spoke.
“Because I saw that you were in pain. A-and I don’t like to see you in pain, I-I guess.”
You pulled back out of his embrace in embarrassment, tucking a strand of hair over your ear before you wiped your tears away with your sleeve.
“T-thanks for helping me. Y-you can go now.” you replied, not wanting to seem vulnerable in front of Peter. You sat up straight and tried to put on an indifferent expression, only to fail when lightning struck across the sky and the awful sound of thunder returned. Peter placed his hand onto yours, squeezing it reassuringly and giving you a soft smile.
“You don’t have to act strong in front of me, (Y/n). It’s completely fine to be afraid.”
You slowly nodded in response, his touch far too comforting for you to pull away and your resolve now fully breaking down.
“I-I’ve read somewhere that um… affection and touch helps a lot with um, panic attacks and dealing with phobias like this. S-so, d-do you mind if I…. you know… hug you?” asked Peter carefully, his cheeks blushing a bright red as he spoke. You quietly muttered a quiet yes, allowing Peter to slide off your blanket and pull you close against him. You twisted around so you could rest your head on his chest and bent your legs so that Peter could wrap his arms around your entire body.
“A-are you comfortable?” asked Peter, concern still evident in his voice.
You nodded in response, the warmth of his arms already beginning to distract you from the thunderstorm outside. As the feeling of fear starting to dissipate, it soon got replaced with guilt.
“I’m sorry.” you whispered, causing Peter to look down at you in surprise.
“For what?” he questioned, confused.
You looked up at him earnestly.
“For being such a bitch, Peter.”
He opened his mouth to respond but you quickly cut him off.
“I-I was really horrible to you, Peter, and I owe you a big apology. I was just really jealous of you because of how much time you spent with my dad. I-it felt like you were taking my dad away from me and that allowed me to justify being mean to you for no reason…. You’re a really nice guy, Peter. I’m so sorry for being such a dick to you.”
Peter gave you a shy smile in return.
“T-thanks, but I owe you an apology too. I shouldn’t have sworn at you after our mission or made assumptions about you just because you were Mr.Stark’s daughter. I-I was just trying really hard to get you to like me, you know?”
“Because I’m Tony Stark’s daughter?” you asked, confused.
A light blush coated his cheeks.
“T-that, and also because I thought you were very c-cute from the first moment I saw you.”
You giggled quietly.
“Thanks Peter, I-”
You stopped talking when his warm hazel eyes stared back into yours. Had he always been this good looking? Why did you only now notice how handsome he was, with a sharp jawline and messy curls that perfectly framed his warm eyes and button nose? You had to remind yourself to stop staring and quickly looked down, your body suddenly feeling hot.
“I think you’re very cute too.” you finished, toying with the hem of your shirt in embarrassment.
The thunderstorm was beginning to become more calm, the skies still grey and the rain still pouring but the thunder now less frequent than before. Your eyes began to droop from exhaustion before you yawned, causing Peter to gently begin to lay you down. Your eyes shot open as you clutched his arm in protest.
“W-wait. Can you, um, stay here and hold me? Just until the thunderstorm passes?”
Peter nodded, allowing you to lie down before grabbing your blanket from the floor and draping it over your body. After making sure that you were comfortable, he slid up into the space next to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you close to the point where he could smell the aroma of your shampoo.
“Good night, Peter.” you whispered, already starting to doze off from the warmth.
Peter watched as your breathing evened out and you fell asleep, your body relaxing and your chest rising and falling in regular intervals. He took the moment to admire the way your body curved and brushed his fingers against your soft skin, savouring how pure and tender the moment was.
His feelings of hatred for you were all gone now, instead butterflies filling his stomach and warm feelings of affection and love clouding his mind as he pressed a kiss onto your forehead and began to relax.
He had never felt so comfortable as when he was holding you, and sleep came to him easily soon afterwards.
Peter and you stayed wrapped up in each other well into the next morning, only for Tony to walk into the living room and almost spit out the hot coffee he was drinking upon seeing the two of you cuddling on the couch. A small smile crept onto his face as he whispered to himself: “finally, those geniuses got together” and took out his phone to snap a picture of the two of you.
Tony then grabbed the blanket that you had dropped in the middle of your slumber from the floor and placed it on top of you and Peter, before exiting the room quietly. You then opened your eyes and turned around to see that Peter was still fast asleep, his arms still tightly locked around your waist.
You slowly tried to slip out of his grasp, only for him to strengthen his grip around your waist.
“Peter, it’s almost noon, we should get up.” you whispered, gently prodding him. Peter only groaned in response.
“Come on, (Y/n), let’s keep on cuddling.” he whined, causing you to giggle.
“Even if there’s no thunderstorm?” you teased before lying back down.
He snuggled into your shoulder and pulled the blanket over the two of you once more.
“Yes, even if there’s no thunderstorm.”
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a/n: I really hope this wasn’t shitty, cause I wrote this in a few hours and didn’t bother editing. Anyway, I got inspired to write this because last night it was INSANE. It was pouring rain, lightning strikes everywhere and the thunder was so loud. So while I’m not afraid of thunder, I was like... hmm.... perfect scenario for a fluffy peter fic. 
general taglist: @wantyoubackpeter @platonic-plots @superwholockwannabe  @fanfic111 @xxmizzlexx @xdsockmonkey
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2 A.M.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
PROMPTS: 48. I called you at 2am because I need you. 50. I’m scared but won’t admit it so you take my hand 
Requested by @wonderlandmind4​
So, I’m not going to include #1, because I already did that prompt in another story. 
The Avengers are at the Tower for plot reasons. And just because I wanted it that way. Deal with it LOL. 
Tumblr media
Bucky rubbed his eyes awake as FRIDAY announced that he was receiving an incoming phone call. He glanced at the clock on his nightstand and it read 2AM.
“Accept,” he muttered huskily to the AI.
“Wait, FRIDAY, no, no, no!” The call immediately came in.
“Hello?” Bucky asked with confusion.
He expected it to be Steve, who was on a mission with the entire team. It left Bucky as the sole “superhero” left in the tower. But he didn’t see himself as such. Bucky was crashing at the high-rise because he really had no place else to go. And he knew Steve would be disappointed if Bucky didn’t take him up on the offer.
“Bucky, hi.” A female voice said.
He squinted and then put it together. “Y/N, is that you?”
Y/N was Happy’s niece. Tony and Pepper were basically her aunt and uncle without being related. She lived in the city, and therefore was around the tower a lot. Pepper was constantly inviting her over for dinner. Sometimes she’d do her laundry there. If Tony ever had a party, she was invited. The rest of the team had befriended her. 
But Bucky...Bucky kept his distance – just like he kept his distance from basically everyone.
However, that didn’t mean he didn’t take notice of Y/N.
It was ridiculous how long it took him to realize that his eyes seemed to always be searching for her when she was around. He watched her at parties, always dressed in a fancy dress with her makeup a little heavier than usual. He would steal glances at her when she was in the gym. Apparently she didn’t want to pay for one herself, but there wasn’t a gym nicer than the one at the tower.
But just because Bucky noticed Y/N didn’t mean he talked to her. 
Bucky thought the world hated him. Once all of Hydra and SHIELD’s secrets were leaked, everyone knew exactly what he had done.
The Winter Soldier wasn’t someone people wanted to be friends with.
“Hi, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to call you. No, I told FRIDAY not to call you,” she was talking really quickly – obviously, stressed – and yet quietly, like she was scared someone might hear her.
Bucky sat up straighter, fully awake and now on alert. “Everything OK?”
“Yeah. Well, I mean, not really. I’m sure it’s fine. I’m probably being crazy,” her words were coming out faster and faster.
“Y/N, take a breath,” Bucky demanded.
She must’ve done as she was told because there was 5 seconds of silence.
“What’s going on?” He asked then.
“It might just be the storm…” Bucky looked outside his window at the lightning and heavy downpour. “But I swore I heard someone trying to get into my apartment. There’ve been two robberies in my building the last 2 months.”
Bucky already knew about that. He overheard Y/N telling Pepper, Tony, and Happy about it in the kitchen. She seemed pretty shaken up about it. One of her neighbors had to go to the hospital because the robbers timed it wrong and ended attacking the poor man in a panic.
Tony and Happy weren’t happy about Y/N living in what appeared to be an unsafe building. They both tried to convince her to move into the tower. When she refused, pointing out how ridiculous the idea was, Tony told her he’d just buy her a place that had a doorman and high-level security. Y/N refused that too.
It was the first time Bucky had ever agreed with anything Tony said.
“Can you hear anything now?” Bucky asked, taking Y/N’s concerns and fear very seriously.
“No. It’s hard to hear anything with the rain and thunder outside,” Y/N whispered.
Then she sighed.
“Listen, Bucky, I’m really sorry for waking you up. Pepper and Happy are in Germany for a Stark meeting. I was just trying to reach Tony…”
“Everyone’s out on an assignment right now,” Bucky explained. “I’m the only one here.”
“Oh…” Y/N said lamely.
Bucky could tell she did really feel bad, and was growing more and more embarrassed. “And you don’t have to apologize.”
“I’m just being a total spaz right now and–“ She stopped abruptly.
“I definitely just heard something,” she whispered as quietly as possible.
“Y/N, I need you to give me your address,” Bucky instructed calmly.
There was no answer.
“Y/N,” his tone more gentle this time, “you gotta give me your address.”
He was already moving around his room, grabbing necessary clothing. He moved with purpose, not even thinking about what he needed to grab.
Bucky listened as Y/N rattled off her address and apartment number.
He was grateful that her apartment was only a 10 minute drive from the tower.
“I’m on my way. Stay on the phone with me,” Bucky sounded like he did was he was on comms during a mission. Not that he’d done that recently.
“O-Okay,” Y/N stuttered in a whisper.
For a second, Bucky thought maybe he should talk to her, try to keep her calm, or make sure she knew she wasn’t alone. He’d be there soon.
But it was obvious that she was staying quiet so she could listen to any possible intruder.
Just when Bucky was two blocks away from her place, the line went dead.
“Shit,” he cursed under his breath.
He slammed his breaks just outsider her building, not bothering to turn off the car or try to park it.
Bucky would’ve shoved his way through the front door of the building with his metal arm and shoulder, but the lock had already been broken.
Now Bucky was more concerned.
He was quick and stealth as he went up the stairs to Y/N’s floor. He pulled out the gun from the back of his waistband.
With one floor left to go, Bucky suddenly heard footsteps running on the floor above him – Y/N’s floor. The footsteps were running toward the opposite side of the building that Bucky was on. Which meant they probably knew someone was on their way up and they were escaping through the emergency stairs on the other side.
For a moment, Bucky considered running after them. He knew he could catch them. They didn’t stand a chance.
But Y/N was now at the forefront of his mind.
He quickly made it to her apartment.
The door was closed, but he could tell from the scratches on the lock and handle that someone had been trying to break their way in discreetly.
Bucky took in a deep breath and knocked.
“Y/N? It’s Bucky. Can you let me in?”
There was no answer. He waited a few minutes and listened for any movements from inside the apartment.
“Doll… I’m coming in, alright?”
With a quick twist of his metal hand on the doorknob, he was able to crush it to pieces. It should’ve been harder to do, but the building was clearly as old as Bucky and not kept up to code.
Bucky promptly put his gun back in his waistband, not wanting to alarm Y/N with just the mere sight of a firearm.
“Y/N?” He called out to the empty apartment. “It’s just me.”
But he knew where she would be. It was the most common place for people to hide in case of an emergency.
Bucky made his steps quiet, but noticeable, so Y/N knew exactly where he was in the apartment.
He made his way to her bedroom and stopped in front of her closet.
He knew that she knew he was there. He could hear her soft breathing that was still anxious and terrified.
Ever so carefully, he opened her closet door.
Inside Y/N was tucked in the corner, knees to her chest, with a kitchen knife in one hand and her dead cellphone in the other.
Bucky looked at her with only sympathy. 
He couldn’t remember the last time he felt as scared as Y/N looked. Fear had been beaten out of him long ago.
He kneeled down, his forearms balancing on his knees.
“Mind if I come in?” He asked casually.
She shrugged.
Somehow the giant super soldier managed to fit into the closet, making it feel even smaller than it already did.
“For the record… you aren’t crazy. There was definitely someone trying to get into your apartment.” Then he took in a deep breath, realizing he probably wasn’t making her feel any safer. “But they’re long gone.”
When he glanced down at Y/N, she just nodded in acknowledgment.
Bucky wished he was better with words. He used to be. Words used to be his specialty. But he’d isolated himself from everyone. Before that, he was a brainwashed assassin without a mind of its own. Bucky was out of practice.
Bucky slowed reached over to the hand closest to him, the one holding the knife. Gently, he took it out of her grasp and placed it far enough away from them that it wouldn’t accidentally hurt anyone.
Then he took her hand in his, gripping in tight enough to show her comfort. His thumb brushed back and forth over the back of her hand.
She squeezed in return, silently thanking him.
The closet was quiet, only filled with Y/N’s shaky breathing.
“I’m not gonna let anything happen to you,” Bucky finally breathed.
The words surprised him. He had no idea where they’d come from.
But they seemed to finally calm Y/N down.
“Why don’t you pack a few things, so you can stay at the tower for a few days?”
He half expected her to be stubborn and say she was fine, that he’d have to put up a fight to get her to go back home with him.
But Y/N just nodded numbly.
He nodded back and got up first so he could help her back onto her feet.
When he started to leave her bedroom to give her some privacy, she jumped forward.
“W-Where are you going?”
Bucky quickly turned around. “Don’t worry. I’m just going to be in the living room. I’m calling the police. Between your door and building’s front door, there’s enough evidence to prove that someone was trying to rob the building again.”
Y/N blinked at the him saying “again,” proving that he knew this had happened in her building recently.
She didn’t think Bucky ever paid her any attention. She was never offended by it. But he had just proved that he knew paid closer attention to her than she could’ve ever realized. 
20 minutes later, there was a knock at Y/N’s front door.
Bucky quickly answered to find two cops standing outside.
He answered all their questions, hoping he did a good enough job that they wouldn’t really need to talk to Y/N all that much.
“You live here?” One of them finally asked, realizing that his name wasn’t on the lease.
“No,” Bucky answered.
“It’s your girlfriend’s place?” They followed up.
“Uhhh…no. No, Y/N’s just a friend.” He felt awkward as he answered, but the cops didn’t seemed fazed by it.
Y/N finally came out of her room with a duffle bag.
The cops started asking her questions. Bucky stood guard, making sure they didn’t push her too hard or ask things the wrong way.
After seeing how shook up she was, he felt like he’d instantly turned into her personal body guard.
“Your landlord already called a locksmith to fix your door. He should be here in a few minutes. But you should take any valuables with you just to be safe.”
Y/N nodded.
When the cops turned to talk amongst each other and with the landlord, Y/N turned to Bucky.
“Can we go now?” She asked him meekly.
It was the first time she’d talked directly to him since he got there.
“Yeah, doll, we can go.” He ushered her out and, on instinct alone, put himself between her and the cops as they walked out.
Y/N was quiet on the drive back to the Tower.
Bucky had already texted Happy and Tony about what had happened. He assumed the whole team would know soon enough.
When they were in the lobby of the residential floor, Bucky shifted his weight awkwardly. He didn’t want to leave her yet.
This was the first time they’d ever been alone together and Bucky didn’t think he could go back to keeping his distance again.
“Uhh…Do you want me to show you where the guest suites are?” He asked as he scratched the back of his neck. But he knew that she knew.
She gave him a small, forced smirk. “No, I know where they are.”
He nodded.
“Hey, Bucky?”
“Would you want to just stay up and watch a movie or something? I don’t–I don’t think I can go to sleep any time soon?”
“Of course. I mean, yeah.” Bucky responded immediately.
“Let me just change into some sweats I packed. I’ll meet you in the TV room?”
“Y-Yeah. Sounds good.”
A few minutes later, Y/N joined him on the couch.
She asked him what he wanted to watch.
“Umm…I don’t-there aren’t a lot of movies that I’ve seen,” Bucky finally told her when she kept trying to figure out what he’d like. “Haven’t really tried to catch up on the whole pop culture thing like Steve has.”
“Oh…” Y/N muttered, realizing the mistake she made.
“Put on whatever you want. Really. I’m sure I’ll like it.”
Y/N clicked a few buttons and a quirky song started playing along with someone writing in a notebook.
“Almost Famous,” Y/N explained. “It’s one of my favorites. Always puts me in a good mood, no matter how terrible I feel. And this way, you’ll be able to get a crash course on the best bands ever.”
Bucky couldn’t help but smile at that.
The opening credits weren’t even over before Bucky felt Y/N looking over at him.
He turned to her.
“Thank you for…saving me tonight,” she told him slowly.
Her words were sincere, her eyes even more so.
“You don’t have to thank me, Y/N.”
“Figured you’d say that.” Then she seemed to be trying to work up the courage to say something else. “I’m…umm…I’m glad it was you.”
Bucky blinked at her small confession.
“Me too,” he finally agreed.
And then they both turned their attention back to the movie.
Halfway through, Bucky felt a weight fall onto his shoulder.
Y/N had fallen asleep, her body choosing Bucky as its pillow.
A soft and shy grin grew on his lips from the feeling and the sight of it.
Very carefully, he maneuvered her body so he could lift his arm around her and make it less uncomfortable for her.
She didn’t wake from the movement, only sighed and shifted a bit.
It wasn’t long after that Bucky fell asleep too.
Tumblr media
“Sam, I told you to leave ‘em alone,” Steve called out in a hushed tone.
“Not until I document this…”
Then Bucky felt the flash of a camera. His eyes snapped open to find Sam looking guilty with his phone pointed at Bucky and Y/N, who was still fast asleep.
“You have two seconds to get that phone out of my face,” Bucky warned in a growl.
He would’ve jumped up and snatched it himself, but he didn’t want to risk waking Y/N.
Sam winced and instantly fled.
Bucky glanced over at Steve, who gave him an apologetic look.
“Tony told us what happened. She OK?” He whispered.
Bucky shrugged. “She’s a little shaken, but I think she’ll be fine.”
“Well…at least you finally talked to her. Though I wish it didn’t have to be a break-in for it to happen.”
Bucky played the ignorant card. “What do you mean?”
Steve narrowed his eyes as if to say, ‘Don’t even try.’ “Bucky, give me some credit. I’m your best friend. No matter how discrete you are, I know when you have a crush.”
Bucky blushed and the looked down at Y/N.
What neither of the super soldiers knew was that Y/N heard Steve’s confession too. And she wasn’t about to let Bucky go back to ignoring her.
This request was put in ages ago. I’m trying to clean out my inbox. I have so many requests that are collecting dust. 
Please don’t request things. And please don’t immediately request a second part to this. There is no second part. 
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youandmeandlife · 3 years ago
Mornings (s.s)
Summary: Sebastian and reader spends then entire morning in bed. 
Warnings: Smut, fluff
Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Word count: 4182
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You wake up to soft touches on your side, so featherlight they tickle your skin. You smile sleepily, burying your face deeper into your pillow as you yawn. You hear him chuckling, a sound that always makes your insides tingle.
“What are you doing?” You mumble as his hand travels further down, caressing the curve of your naked ass.
“Waking you up of course,” He says so innocently you know there’s a lot more to it.
“Well, I’m awake now. No need to finger my ass,” You laugh as his fingers slid between the crack of your cheeks, just barely brushing your tight ring of muscle which usually leaves you shaking. But not now, you’re too tired to indulge in his sinful games and activities.
“That’s the mood you’re in today?” He asks, his breath fanning the skin of your back and this time you can’t suppress the shudder that wrecks your body and makes the little hairs on the back of your neck stand out.
“No,” You tell him, finally turning your head to meet his awaiting glance. He has that look on his face that you know well too much, the look that tells you, you won’t be leaving his bed anytime soon. “I’m in a sleepy mood. Can’t we just go back to sleep?” You ask him. As much as you loved sex, you were still tired from the previous night of seemingly never-ending fucking.
“Can’t, baby,” He says, finally leaning forward to plant a peck on your forehead, avoiding where you most wanted him to kiss. “I have to go to the gym soon, can’t slack off forever, you know,” He laughs, rolling over and sitting up on the edge of the bed. You smile as you admire his toned back, the muscles moving as he stretches his arms above his head.
“I’m sure Don can wait,” You tell him, sitting up as well and dragging the sheets around your naked form. He looks back at you and grins.
“I’m actually not training with Don today, someone’s gonna show me a new routine so I can bulk up some more for Infinity War,” He tells you with a proud smile and you frown.
“You don’t need to bulk up, Sebastian,” You tell him honestly. He chuckles a little.
“Well, Marvel doesn’t seem to agree,” He says in a joking tone, but there was also something else that suggested he was bothered by it. You smile sadly at him. Sebastian was so talented and people hardly gave him the recognition he deserved. It really annoyed you how actors like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and even Scarlett Johansson got all the hype, simply because they were the “big stars” of the MCU. It’s not like they weren’t talented as well, but your boyfriend had been struggling really hard to get where he was now and he hardly got the credit he so well deserved.
“Well, I think you’re perfect,” You tell him, crawling closer until you’re behind him. Wrapping an arm around his waist, you hug him, cheek pressed against his back.
“Oh, you’re flattering me,” He laughs and the vibrations of if can be felt against your cheek. You grin against his skin, turning your head to plan a soft kiss on his shoulderblade.
“When do you have to go?” You ask him quietly. You had woken up enough now that getting back to sleep would be impossible, and you really didn’t want him to go just yet, even if you had to use sex as a way to make him stay just a little longer.
“Soon. Why?” He asks and turns his head to look at you. You grin and lean in to finally kiss him softly on the lips.
“Because I want you,” You say simply and it’s true. There wasn’t a second of the day where you didn’t want him in some way and now that you had a week to physically spend with him, you weren’t sure you could ever satisfy your sexual need for him.
He gives you a sideways smile, his lips uneven as if he’s smirking at you. You return the expression, wrapping one hand around around his neck to pull him closer to your mouth. You kiss him slowly, sleep still somewhat clouding your mind and you close your eyes. He breathes through his nose, slow and steady and the air tickles your skin. You let out a giggle as he turns around, slowly pushing you back on the bed.
“Seb,” You laugh as he removes his lips to trail them across your cheek, suck a light bruise on the corner of your jaw.
“I want you too,” He whispers filthily in your ear, the words making you feel hot all over. You claw at his neck, trying to bring his face back to yours and he almost does. He leans over you, his face just inches above your own, but he refuses to kiss you. He’s teasing you and you know it. “How do you want me?” He asks, leaning forward a little to rub his nose against yours. You take this opportunity to kiss him, holding onto his neck so he can’t do anything but comply to your demanding lips. You snake your tongue out to lick at his bottom lip, teasing until he finally opens his mouth to let his own tongue play with yours. You give him one of those knee buckling kisses, hoping to leave him as breathless as you’re already feeling.
Pulling away from his lips way before you actually want to, you push at his shoulder, making him sit back and give you enough room to turn around. You untangle yourself from the sheets and present yourself to him, hands and knees supporting your weight. You can hear his sharp intake of breath and you can’t help but smile in triumph.
“This how you want me?” He asks, his voice rougher than usual. You turn your head to look at him with a smile.
“It’s tighter this way,” You tell him innocently and his eyes actually darkens so much you notice the difference. His smirks, coming up behind you and starts rubbing his palms up and down your ass again. You lean down, grabbing a pillow to wrap your arms around and rest your head on. Laying down with your ass in the air, you know the curve your back is making will keep him on edge, not having him do anything but please you. Sebastian is a strange man, but so simple. You know well by now that by presenting yourself in such submissive positions, you catch him off guard and it’s actually you who hold most the power.
“You think you’re wet enough for me?” He teases, hands never stopping their soothing caressing.
“Just fuck me, Seb,” You beg in that sweet way you know he won’t be able to resist you for long. His right hand stops moving, settling on your hip and holding you still as his other comes down to run his delicate fingers over your pussy. You moan, loving the way he always touches you just right. Sebastian hums behind you.
“You want me to fuck you? That what you want, baby?” He asks, his voice so strained you know he can only hold back for so long. You nod frantically against the pillow as his fingers circle your tight opening. He trusts two in at once, curling right up against your g-spot and you mewl, hands tightening into fists. “This what you want, Y/N?” The way the question rolls off his tongue has you close your eyes tightly as heat spreads like a blush through your body, suddenly feeling too hot.
“Please, Seb, baby… please, fuck me,” You beg, your hips moving on their own accord against his fingers. He curls them a few more times, just to leave you on edge and ready for him, then he pulls them out. You can feel your hole clench around nothing and the sudden need to come washes over you. Sebastian reaches over to the bedside table to get out a condom, something you’re glad you don’t have to do since you feel so content where you are.
“You ready for me, baby?” Sebastian asks as he leans over you, placing a wet kiss in between your shoulderblades. You smile, opening your eyes to glance at him. Turning your head, you catch his dark eyes and relish in the way they twinkle with want. You nod your head.
“Yes,” You breathe, verbally confirming your want for him. He places a hand back on your hips, pulling you back a little to angle you right. Your back curves more, to the point where you’re almost afraid your spin is gonna snap in half. You don’t complain though, because your muscles stretch perfectly, getting rid of the last bit of sleep handicapping your body and waking your mind up completely. You close yours eyes again as you feel his cock nestle between your ass, rubbing back and forth between your cheeks a few times and you can somehow tell without even looking that he’s enjoying himself very much.
You’ve never really understood what it was with Sebastian and butts, but he seemed to have a borderline addiction with yours. No matter what you were doing, when your were alone he’d always either be looking at your butt or somehow touch it. There were nights where you were laying on his couch on your stomach, either occupied with your phone or a good book, and he’d just walk into the room, plop himself down and use your meaty ass as a pillow. Your butt has also become a common place for him to rest his hands if your were cuddling up to his chest, because he loved occasionally squeezing it which usually resulted in you gasping lightly or moaning.
You two sometimes also indulge in anal. You didn’t do it often, but when the mood was set for it, you’d let him. It had been Sebastian who brought the topic up once, and you were reluctant to try it at first, being slightly scared it would hurt, but in the end it wasn’t as bad you’d first though it to be. You preferred vaginal though, since that way he always hit your g-spot in a way that without fault made you come.  
Sebastian slowly presses into you, throwing you out of your train of thought with a careful and accurate drag of his hips that allows him to enter you without much resistance. You squeeze your eyes tighter together, the unbelievably tight fit of your pussy around his cock bordering between pleasure and pain.
“Fuck, you’re so tight,” He says, grunting the words out and you want to reply, tell him you’re aware, but you can’t you. You’re still tired from sleep, despite feeling fully awake. So, you slump down all the way, relaxing against the sheets so he can take control. You moan quietly as he slowly pulls back, the friction he causes making your walls burn, but in a good way. His hands stay on your hips, holding you up and not allow you to fall forward just yet. “Shit, I love you,” He groans.
“I love you too,” You reply, forcing the words out of your throat as you feel obligated to. You hadn’t uttered those words a lot, having just said them for the first time a couple of weeks ago and since then they rarely got spoken other than during sex, in a heat of the moment kind of thing. Still, you’re sure he means it everytime he says it, or at least you hope so because you sure do. How can you not love a man like Sebastian?
“Fuck,” He mutteres, the word drawn out as he holds onto your hips, keeping you steady. You can both hear and feel him shuffling behind you, getting into a comfortable position. You let out a broken yelp as he slams himself into you, holding you in place with his grip. He slowly pulls out, letting you feel the friction, before snapping his hips forward again, burying himself all the way to the hilt. You let out sounds of pleasure you can’t contain as he continues to this for a while, setting a brutal pace that has you clawing at the sheets beneath you. It’s not necessary a fast pace and he gives you half a second between each rough trust, but it feels so good.
You lay completely lax against the mattress as he changes his pace a little, switching from his rough intrust, slow pulling out to a smooth and regular pace. You sigh a little, your hands releasing the deathgrip you had on the sheets.
“You good, baby?” Sebastian asks and you open your eyes again, turning your head to look at him.
“You feel so good,” You breathe, feeling like he’s fucking away every little tension you didn’t even know you had in your body. He smiles and slows down his steady trusts just the slightest. Leaning over you, he plants a soft kiss on your blushed cheeks and you feel his grin linger on your skin.
“You’re so good to me, fuck, I love you so much,” He whispers, his breath fanning your face in hot puffs. You can only moan as a reply. He leans back up, hands caressing up and down your sides in soothing touches as he thrusts into you a few more times before completely pulling out.
“Seb,” You whine, turning your head more to look at him. His grin widens as he moves back, bowing down to kiss the bottom of your spine. You breathe heavily, barely watching out of the corner of your eye as he uses his hands to spread your asscheeks apart. Placing another, single kiss on your left cheek, he leans further down to dip his tongue right into your open hole. You try to contain your shriek as he laps at your pussy, pushing his tongue in and flicking it against your lax walls.
He moves his mouth further down, latching his lips onto your clit and sucking harshly and this time you can’t silence your sounds as he pushes two fingers back into your pussy. You sigh, your legs shaking like crazy as you fall forward. Sebastian spreads your legs wider, giving him access even though you’re laying down. You try to angle your hips further up, but it’s hard as the muscles in your back complain. Sebastian hums, the vibrations traveling through your entire body and stirring the cord in the pit of your stomach.
“Seb, please,” You beg, your entire face flushed and your body feeling hot all over. He hums again, curling his fingers a few more times before pulling away. Crawling back up, he hovers over you, his face by yours as his chin rubs against your shoulder.
“Think you can ride me, beautiful?” He asks, his voice deep and laced with sex. You nod against him, pushing yourself up even though your body screams in protest. Sebastian moves away, giving you space to sit up. He crawls over to the wall, popping some pillows behind his back so that he’s half laying down, half sitting up. He pats his thighs and you take a mental picture of how his hard cock lay sinfully against his stomach, the condom glistering with your own slickness.
You move towards him, settling in his lap and his hands don’t waste a second to grab your ass, squeezing the flesh and pulling you closer. You take his cock in your hand, holding it steady as you slowly sink down. A deep moan escapes Sebastian’s throat, the sound so rough you know it’s vibrating in his throat. Leaning forward, you lick a slow stripe up the side of his neck as you start moving your hips back and forth, grinding, getting used to the feeling of having him inside of you again. This close to him, you notice how uneven his breath is and you smile, knowing you’re the cause of that. You hands go up to intertwine in his already messy hair and pull gently on the strands as you start to really ride him, going as fast as your legs will allow you.
Leaning forward a little, Sebastian places his lips on yours, forcefully pushing his tongue between your teeth and licking at the roof of your mouth. You moan at the tickling feeling, you pussy squeezing around his cock as you feel yourself getting close to coming undone. Sebastian must feel the same way because he pulls back, his head dropping to your neck and with his hands on your ass he drags you even closer. You move your head to the side, allowing him access to suck a dark bruise on your skin. You usually weren’t a big fan of hickeys, feeling embarrassed every time someone commented on them, but that’s what you had make up for.
“I’m close, Sebastian, I’m so close,” You breathe, burying you face in his neck and giving him the same treatment he had just given you, yet not enough to leave a mark for days.
“Fuck, me too, baby,” He moans in the skin of your neck, his beard scratching at your collarbone. You lean further down to place a single kiss on his Adam’s apple, feeling it bob underneath your mouth, then you lean back, resting one hand on his thigh just above his knee. The muscle there jumps and your other hand goes to grip his bicep. He watches you, eyes seemingly glued to the place where you’re connected. You angle your hips a little and as you slam down, his cock hits your g-spot right on.
“Fuck,” You curse. Sebastian brings his own hand forth, the one connected to the arm you’re clutching onto, and drops it to your sex. His skilled fingers find your clit and he starts rubbing ruthless circles.
“Come for me, baby. Come all over my cock,” He doesn’t even have to say the words, the whispering voice he uses is enough to throw you over the edge. You tighten around him, your walls pulsating as you squeeze your eyes shut and clutch onto him even harder. You can feel the muscles in his arm move as he works you through your climax, his fingers never stopping the harsh circles on your clit. You breathe shakily, feeling slightly oversimulated and you pull at his arm.
He gets the message, because he moves his hand back to your ass, gripping you tight until you can’t move up and down him anymore. You open your eyes to give him questioning look which he answers by flipping you over all the while without pulling out of you. You laugh as your back hits the mattress and Sebastian settles above you, leaning down to support his weight on his elbows. You wrap your legs around his waist to give him better access. He starts moving quickly, his hips snapping into yours like a jackhammer. He again hits your g-spot and you moan loudly, feeling like it’s gonna be abused by the time he’s finished with you. You’re still a little sore from the previous night, and you somehow expect this won’t be the last time he’s fucking you today.
You bring your hands up to his shoulders, squeezing both before trailing one hand to settle on his ass. You pinch the flesh much like he’s done to you so many times, dragging him even deeper into you. Your other hand tangles in his hair and you pull harshly on the strands, enough to cause a sweet pain. He groans quietly and drops his forehead to rest on your chest.
“Are you gonna come for me, Seb?” You ask gently in his ear, knowing a little dirty talk never fails to get him off. “You gonna come? I wanna feel you come for me, baby. I want it so bad,” You tell him, even though you actually can’t because of the condom. It’s not like you could’ve felt it even if he wasn’t using protection, since your inner walls were practically numb by now, but the words seemed to spur him on even more.
You lean your head up, your tongue snaking out to lick at the shell of his ear before you take the lobe between your lips. Pulling on it gently, you breathe heavily against his skin and feel his entire form go ridgid, a shudder traveling through his body. His trusts falter, becoming slightly jerky and a couple of seconds later he stills completely. His weight drops, crushing you in a good kind of way and you let go his waist with your legs. You bring your hand back up from his ass, using it to stroke his back and shoulders as you feel him relax against your.
“Are you okay?” You ask some time later as his breath is still coming out as shaky against your skin.
“I don’t know, I think you’ve killed me,” He chuckles, finally lifting his head from your chest. He grins at you, leaning up to peck your lips in a sweet manner. Pulling his hips back, his cock slips from your pussy, making you winch a little at the feeling of being empty yet again. Sebastian rolls over, lading flat on his back with a heavy sigh. You grin and snuggle into his chest.
“I’ve killed you?” You laugh, your fingers drawing random patterns onto his skin. “I think we’ve killed each other then,” You say and he lets out a breathless chuckle.
“I can’t get enough of you. Sucks I have to leave in a few days,” He mumbles. You try to hide your smile by burying your face further into his chest. It does suck that he has to go off to filming soon, but at least you know he’s just as crazy about you as you are about him.
“I’ll try to come visit. I have some vacation time I can probably use,” You tell him, even though you’ve already informed him of it earlier. It feels nice to remind him that you’ll be seeing each other soon.
“I’m thinking when all of this is over, when I can catch a decent break, I wanna take you somewhere,” He says quietly and you pop chin up on his chest so you can look at him.
“Take me somewhere?” You repeat.
“Mhm,” He hums, bringing a hand out to push a strand of hair behind your ear. He then caresses your cheek with the most loving look you’ve ever seen on a man’s face. “Like, a vacation. Just the two of us. Have you ever been to Europe? I’ll take you somewhere nice, anywhere you’d like. And we can spend, like, two days straight in some hotel room, fucking the entire time,” He grins, and you get lost in the way his eyes sparkles at the idea.
“Two days fucking,” You chuckle. “Isn’t that what we’re doing now?” You question. You had, in fact, fucked three times the previous night and once this morning.
“Nah,” He drags the word out. “I mean, like a fuck marathon. You know, we don’t step a foot outside the room except for to get food, use the bathroom or shower, and even in the shower we’re gonna fuck,” He tells you. You smile at the idea, it sure was a nice thought.
“Oh really? Think you’ve got the stamina for that?” You ask, flicking his nose with your finger. You know he does, but it’s fun teasing him.
“Give me a few more minutes and I’ll show you,” He grins. You shake your head at him, but still end up giving him a slow kiss.
“Don’t you have to go to the gym soon?” You ask, hating to bring up the subject, reminding him he has to leave you, even if it’s just for a few hours.
“Oh, shit!” He curses, jolting up a little. You move away as he stands up from the bed. You watch as he moves around, discarding of the condom and roaming around the bathroom that’s connected to his bedroom. You lay back down, stretching out on the bed, still naked and sweat covering your body like a fine sheen.
Sebastian returns to the room a few minutes later after roaming around his entire apartment. He’s still naked, phone in his hand, and he drops back down on the bed.
“What are you doing?” You ask and you spot the white and green colors of the texting app.
“Telling Ricky I can’t come to the gym today,” He says nonchalantly.
“Why?” You ask. He doesn’t reply for a moment, tongue darted out between his lips as he finishes the text, then dumps the phone somewhere on the ground. Rolling over and crawling on top of you again, he pecks your lips.
“Because I think we need a little practise before our fuck marathon,” He says, grinning wickedly.
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marvelsswansong · a year ago
Angel Duty
Summary: When Peter got an invitation to stay over at the new Avengers compound over the summer, the last thing he expected was that he would be in charge of helping a fallen angel. Now he must help her grasp all the aspects of being human- include the part involved with feelings and crushes. 
Words: 6K (i’m so sorry)
Tags: so fluffy it will rot your tooth, cuddling, blushing (by Peter), angel!reader not knowing what a crush is, attempted slow burn
a/n: for @etudaire-writes, who requested a “floofy fic with Peter” 
Tumblr media
That was the first sensation Peter’s brain could register when he woke up in the middle of the night, the pounding in his head and the rawness of his throat causing him to shift in discomfort. Still exhausted from a severe lack of sleep, he groaned and debated whether it was worth leaving his bed to go get some water. But when the pain in his head amplified and became too severe to ignore, he reluctantly forced himself to sit upright on the bed and rubbed his dry eyes vigorously. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness of his room, he spared a glance to the nightstand clock- it was just past 2am.
Tugging the sheets to the side, he stepped off of the bed and involuntarily shivered at the cold marble floor of the compound. His bare feet tread softly on the ground before he opened the door, which opened with a loud creak. Peter froze at the sound, a quick moment of anxiety passing through his mind. Should he really be going out and walking around the compound at two in the morning? He didn’t want to seem like he was exploiting Tony’s hospitality for allowing him to stay at the compound over the summer or end up disturbing any of the Avengers’ well deserved sleep.
‘Well, Mr.Stark did say that I could do whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t break or set fire to something.’
Sighing, Peter made up his mind and closed the door as quietly as he could before walking into the elevator. His mind was still foggy from his dehydrated sleep and he suddenly couldn’t quite remember which floor the kitchen was located in. Was it the 31st floor or the 21st? He wasn’t sure. His memory of the tour of the compound he got from Tony a week ago was blurry and Peter couldn’t remember much of what he said.
Well, except for one thing. 
“Now Peter, you can go to any floor you want! Well, I guess minus the other Avengers’ residential floors, I know you’re a big fan but please don’t go to stalk anyone-” Tony announced, making Peter flush in embarrassment. 
“I-I won’t, Mr.Stark. I would never.” Peter said quickly. Tony hummed in appreciation.
“Good. And one last thing. Under no circumstances should you ever enter-”
Peter forgot which floor he wasn’t supposed to go into. He only remembered asking Tony afterwards if whatever was on that floor was dangerous or life threatening and Tony agreeing- well, sort of. He had waved his hand dismissively and replied: “I’m not sure, kid. Best not be the first one to find out.” 
Swearing under his breath, Peter debated on which floor to click- the intense anxiety of possibly pressing the button to that one forbidden floor creeping over his shoulder. Biting his lip, his finger hovered over the metallic button with the number 21 written on it, before he changed his mind and pressed 31. The doors slid shut and the elevator began to move upwards, letting Peter breathe out an uneasy sigh of relief.
He knew that he had a fifty fifty chance of getting it right- it was either on the 21st floor or the 31st. And if he went into the wrong floor, Peter planned, he would simply come back and press the other number. Besides, he reasoned: what were the chances of 31 being the floor he wasn’t allowed on?
The doors slid open again and the hallway to the kitchen was unusually dark.
‘Huh. I don’t remember the pathway to the kitchen being this dark. Guess it’s something they do during the night.’
He walked down the dark hallway as quietly as he could and turned to the right, expecting to see the kitchen counter and pantries full of food. What he saw instead was a large prison cell of sorts with four see through walls and a barren bed attached to the side. In the dark he couldn’t quite make out who (or what) was in there, so he flipped on a light switch on the wall. And sitting on the bed, clutching their knees, was someone was crying softly- the sounds muffled by the walls. 
“Um, hello?” Peter said aloud, cautious yet curious. The figure didn’t look up from their position, driving Peter forward to stand in front of the door. His left hand rose up to inspect the glass, only to accidentally touch something.
“Fingerprint recognised. Access granted.” 
The door to the cell opened and Peter found himself walking inside, mainly in concern for the crying stranger.
Still nothing. The figure just kept on crying and ignored his presence.
“I-I’m sorry for intruding, uh, I was just looking for the kitchen because I was thirsty… I can go back out if you want, um, but a-are you okay?” he said anxiously, keeping close to the walls just in case he had to make a run for it. 
Then you looked up. 
Peter’s breathing stopped momentarily at that moment, his eyes heavily drinking in the sight of you in that moment. Despite having been crying, your eyes maintained their vibrant color and your irises were not bloodshot- but instead a clear milky white. The white lace dress hugged your body perfectly, with one of the sleeves tugged slightly down to expose your collarbone. And your face: it looked so soft and so perfect, and your eyes looked at him with curiosity and fear. Peter could've even sworn that you were faintly glowing, as if you were some ethereal being. Then suddenly, he felt like a freshman again- timid and shy in front of a pretty girl. 
“H-hi. I’m Peter. Are you-” Peter stepped forward as he spoke but you flinched and backed up against the corner, your right hand flying up to the wall. The motion exposed the bloodied cut on your left hand, which looked deep and untreated.
“You’re bleeding.” he noted quietly, gesturing to your wound. You paused at that, slowly taking down your hand and examining the cut curiously.  “If you don’t treat it soon, you could get really sick. Is it okay if I help you?” Peter asked timidly, not wanting to overstep your boundaries. You looked at him one more time, narrowing your eyes ever so slightly at him before nodding. Peter smiled appreciatively, rushing out the room before returning with a first aid kit and sitting next to you on the bed.
“Could you give me your hand?” he asked quietly, opening the kit. You placed your right hand in his gingerly, causing him to blush. 
“N-no, I mean, the injured one.” he clarified, causing you to look away in embarrassment. You quickly switched your hands and Peter gave you a small assuring grin, opening the kit and scooping out a bottle of ethanol. Your nose crinkled at the strong smell as Peter poured it over your wound, apologizing profusely when you hissed at the burn.
“Sorry, sorry. But I need to clean out your wound first before I treat it.” 
You remained silent as Peter did his work, next applying a light layer of petroleum jelly on your wound with his index finger. He could feel your curious gaze burning into his head, but he didn’t dare move his gaze from your wound until you spoke.
“You’re pink.” you muttered softly. He looked up at you in confusion.
“What do you mean?” he asked slowly, tearing his gaze away from you for a moment to reach for the roll of gauze.
“Your aura. It’s pink.” Peter laughed softly at your response, until he saw that you were actually being serious. He coughed nervously, his eyes focusing on covering your wound with the gauze as he spoke. 
“Is that good?” he questioned curiously. You smiled brightly, a sight that made his heart skip a beat. 
“It’s great. All the other auras I’ve seen in this building were dark. But yours- a bright pink. It means you are compassionate, sensitive and pure.” 
He brushed off your comment as just being an odd one and smiled, taping the gauze down onto your skin before pulling away. He dropped your hand onto the bed gently as he closed the first aid kit on his lap, while you admired Peter’s handiwork on your wound. 
“R-right. Well, I cleaned and covered your wound. It should all be good now. You should be more careful next time-” he paused, waiting for you to fill in the gap where your name should be.
You gave him the purest smile, one that made his mind melt and feel fuzzy. He even thought he saw a halo over your head for a second. Gosh, Peter just couldn't believe that you were real- 
Peter jumped up in surprise as the entire Avengers group stormed the cell, Thor raising his hammer in preparation and Tony wearing his entire iron man suit. You pulled away from Peter immediately and retreated to the corner of the bed, all the while Peter looked at the group in confusion and stood up.
“Mr.Stark, what’s going on-”
Tony didn’t wait for a response before grabbing Peter and dragging him out of the cell, not speaking until the cell door was firmly closed. 
“Damn it, Peter, I told you not to go onto the 31st floor.”
“But-” Peter started, only for Tony to interrupt him once more.
“Jesus, kid, there’s a reason why I didn’t want you on this floor. We found her outside a Hydra base and we have no clue just how dangerous she could possibly be. Seriously, Peter, you are so lucky we got to you before she could hurt you-”
“She didn’t hurt me at all.” Peter interrupted, frustrated. The rest of the Avengers looked at him in shock, some in disbelief and some in surprise. Tony spluttered, his face twisting in confusion.
“Wait. What?” 
Peter eyed the other Avengers nervously, feeling their gaze on his figure.
“Y-yeah. She was really nice, actually. And hurt. She had a deep cut on her left hand. She let me clean it out and wrap it with gauze so that she wouldn’t get infected.” Peter said casually, not understanding what the big deal was. 
“Hold on. So you’re saying she didn’t attack you and even let you touch her to get treated.” Steve repeated, not believing what Peter was saying. Peter nodded slowly. 
“Did the lady perhaps mention anything about herself that was out of the ordinary? Or, perhaps, did you notice anything abnormal about her?” Thor questioned. Peter mentioned the aura colour talk and the figment of a halo on top of her head, which confused everyone else but made Thor’s eyes light up in understanding.
“I see. Well then, she poses no threat to us as she is a fallen angel.” 
The room was plunged into stunned silence before Steve spoke up. 
“Peter, go wait by the elevator.” 
Peter was forced to watch from the elevator as the Avengers talked amongst themselves, debating on mission protocols and what to do with the supposed angel in the cell. Peter could only catch snippets of the conversation- it sounded like Sam and Tony in particular were wary of letting her go after finding her in a Hydra base- but ultimately, Thor entered the cell by himself and began to talk to you. 
Tony called out to him at that moment, allowing Peter to flash you a reassuring smile as he walked by. Tony had a wide grin on his face as he placed his hands on the young boy’s shoulder and spoke. 
“I’m putting you on angel duty.”
“A-angel duty?” Peter spluttered- what the hell did that even mean? Natasha coughed from behind him, taking over Tony.
“What Tony is trying to say is that while we don’t want to keep her in a cell, we can’t exactly let her roam free without any guidance. If what Thor is saying is true, then she’s going to have to adjust to a lot of human things that angels don’t usually have to do- eating, sleeping, injuries… You get the idea. So until we get further instructions from Fury, we want her to watch over her while she stays in the compound.” 
This is not how Peter thought his summer was going to go.
“O-one question. Why me?” he asked, suddenly nervous about the prospect of having to take care of an angel. 
“Cause you’re the only one she trusts, apparently. And also because the only rooms we have available are the ones on your floor. But yeah, for those reasons.”
The rest of the Avengers disbanded after Sam’s explanation, each of them putting away their weapons and clambering into the elevator to go back to their much deserved sleep. The cell door opened with a loud swish and you came out trailing behind Thor, now less on guard but still looking around suspiciously. Tony smiled and patted Peter on the back.
“Good luck.”
And before Peter could say anything else, Tony was off- leaving you and Peter by yourselves. 
So that was how your life in the Avengers compound first started. You were delighted to find out during the first few months that despite your rocky introduction, the members of the group quickly warmed up to you and helped you settle into this new life as a fallen angel. Bruce and Tony kept you up to date with your health and let you watch them tinker around with the latest technology. Bucky and Thor were there for you to talk to and bond with you over not understanding all the new human machinery around you. Natasha and Steve were the best trainers physically (not that you would ever tell Sam), while Wanda took the time to sit you down and help you navigate your celestial powers.
You ended up loving them all dearly, as they became a second family to you. But out of all the Avengers, you still ended up spending most of your time with Peter. He was always kind and patient with you, waiting outside of your door every morning with a cup of tea before spending the day teaching you something new about being human. 
He started off simple, like showing you how to navigate the kitchen and cook a basic meal on the first day. He said that it was integral for you to sleep- “could you show me?” you remembered asking, but Peter flushed bright red and just ushered you into bed, telling you to simply relax and close your eyes- and he reminded you that if your stomach felt empty, it didn’t mean you were sick but that instead that you were hungry and had to eat. In the following lessons he ordered pizza, which you ended up loving, and stopped you from drying your clothes in a microwave.
“No, uh, you can’t put your clothes in there-” Peter said quickly, stopping you from shoving your wet t-shirt into the small machine. You frowned, cocking your head sideways in confusion.
“I thought this machine warmed up things, yes?” 
“Yeah, but it’s only supposed to be for cold or frozen food. If you want to dry your clothes, you’re going to have to put it in a dryer or a washing machine.”
“...What’s a washing machine?”
You often felt embarrassed by the sheer amount of questions you’d ask Peter everyday about human life, but he always shook his head and insisted that it was fine. Little did you know that Peter actually loved it and found it adorable that you found everything so fascinating- whether it be something as small as a snail on the windowsill or the rectangular box with people in it (a television). Often times you’d sit on the counter as Peter explained how to use something, a small frown on your face as you would lift up something of interest and ask him about it.
“What is this?” you once asked, picking up Peter’s phone and examining it in the light. He chuckled, taking his phone from your hand gently. 
“That’s called a phone. We use it to talk to people, send messages, go online to shop or watch videos… Basically we can do a lot with it.” 
You’d huffed with a loud sigh, crossing your legs.
“This is hopeless, Peter. There’s just too much to learn.” 
Peter would smile at your pout and reassure you.
“Don’t worry- you’ll get it one by one.” 
The lessons eventually became more complex and moved outside of the compound- but only after you managed to grip what texting was and how to use a digital keycard to get into the building- and Peter started to take you to go see movies or explore art museums late at night. He taught you about the animals in the park next door, how to buy something from a store, what the internet actually was… 
He taught you everything you needed to know about being human.
All, except about feelings. 
The kind that made your whole body feel hot and caused your mind to blank out.
You first noticed that you felt something strange and abnormal when Peter took you to Central Park to feed the ducks. It had been a late night, the two of you coming off of having a delicious dinner at a nearby diner, before it crossed Peter’s mind that you never experienced the joy of feeding ducks late at night in an abandoned park. 
Tugging his sleeve anxiously, you practically forced Peter to take off a piece of bread from his sandwich and hand it off to you so you could feed them. The animals crowded around you immediately, flailing their wings to try to capture your attention. You giggled, tossing the small pieces of bread into the river while Peter stared at you. His gaze was noticeable and you turned, curious.
“What is it?” you asked quietly, looking back at him. He looked taken back at your sudden question, blushing nervously and averting his gaze. 
“Nothing. It’s just that, um, I just realised-”
He looked up at you shyly, his voice timid.
“You look really pretty today. N-not that you aren’t on any other day, but just particularly today with the moonlight hitting your hair and- yeah.” 
His compliment made your body react in a way you didn’t expect, your heart suddenly starting to beat at a much faster pace, the sight of his flushed cheeks spreading warmth in your body. Brushing off the strange sensations as just an anomaly, you smiled, thanking him for his kind words. You couldn’t help but think it was weird that your body reacted that way to Peter’s words, but you decided not to think much of it and went back to feeding the ducks.
You thought the weird feelings would fade away after that, but in reality they kept on making an appearance at the oddest moments. After that Friday night at the park, you started becoming hyper aware of Peter’s presence- his mere gaze on you made your body light up in flames. You started to feel jittery when he offered to do little things for you like brush your hair or help you down the stairs, in addition to suddenly getting nervous whenever he sat next to you or grabbed your hand to take you places. 
So all those little things that you weren’t bothered by before had changed and it always somehow had to do with Peter. You wouldn’t feel any of these sensations-  the lack of breath, sweaty palms, the sudden hotness of your cheeks- when you were with any other Avenger, and yet when you were around Peter it was all that you felt.
Were you sick? 
You couldn’t be, right? In all your years of existence you had never encountered a sickness which only followed you when you were around a certain person. The thoughts in your mind over this drove you mad, and it frustrated you how complex human emotions were. You knew how the stars in the sky were created, witnessed the creation of life and could name all the elements in the universe- and yet you had absolutely zero knowledge when it came to the basics of how humans acted and how they felt.
But you didn’t want to burden Peter with any more questions that you already had- he was already helping you with so many other aspects of human life. So you kept it all to yourself, quickly learning to suppress these feelings whenever you were around him. You thought it was working, but you were wrong. 
It all came spilling out two weeks later when you awoke from a vicious nightmare in the middle of the night. With your chest collapsing in rapid breaths and your skin sticky from a thin layer of sweat, you stumbled onto the floor, your head feeling like someone was squeezing it viciously. You had been falling from heaven again. You had felt the intense heat burning into your wings, the smell of burning flesh- 
You couldn’t breathe. 
Throwing yourself out the door, you walked across the hall and walked on Peter’s door, every second passing by giving you even more anxiety.
“What the.. (Y/n)? What’s wro-” 
The words died in his throat when he saw the state you were in- your eyes filled with tears and your breaths coming out shaky, your entire body shivering from the nightmare you just had. 
“I… I had a bad dream. I… Sorry, I should’ve just tried to go back to sleep, I’ll-” You turned away to retreat into your room when Peter grabbed your wrist lightly, concern written all over his face.
“No, no, don’t apologise. I know how terrible nightmares are. You did the right thing by coming over.”
You sniffled and wiped your tears away. “W-what do humans do to deal with nightmares?” you asked, desperate for an answer. 
“Well… Usually after a bad dream I like to watch a good movie or two to pass the time. D-do you wanna do that? I still have a computer in my room.” 
You took his suggestion and Peter closed his door before quickly flattening his bed to make space for the both of you, gingerly balancing his computer on his bed. You slid on to the space next to him, your shoulder lightly brushing against his in the process. Your heart was starting to beat a little fast again and Peter must’ve noticed your discomfort because he slid his hand into yours- something that wasn’t out of the ordinary. And yet somehow when he did under the covers in the privacy of his room, it felt… different. It made you feel shy, your breath catching in your throat.
“Is this okay?” Peter asked nervously, trying to assess your reaction in the dark. He hoped to god that you couldn’t see that his cheeks were lightly tinted pink, and he could barely conceal his relief when you nodded and said it was fine. 
The movie Peter played on his computer was a cheesy romance movie of some sorts about a male lawyer and a female florist. It was horribly written but entertaining, and it did help you forget about your problems for a while. But the details of the fall were still burned into your mind, the way your vision faded to red and black as you were thrown down to Earth-
Peter paused the movie and looked up at you worriedly, noticing that you were zoning out.
“Are you okay?” The moment the question left his mouth he regretted it- of course you weren’t okay. “Sorry, that’s a stupid question. Uh, do you maybe want to talk about your nightmare? You don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable, but maybe it’ll help-”
“I was falling.” you interrupted, not being able to keep quiet any longer. 
“Falling from… heaven?” Peter asked carefully, not wanting to push you too far. You nodded shakily, wrapping your arms around yourself.
“It was horrible. It was so… hot. Scorching hot. I could smell my wings being burnt into my back. The temperature in heaven was never unpleasant. But when I was falling… for the first time in centuries, I couldn’t see anything. Darkness. Heat. My entire body was on fire and I was plummeting to the ground faster than I could think to stop myself and they just… watched.” 
“Who’s they?” Peter asked, suddenly feeling angry and protective. You swallowed nervously, your fingers toying with the edge of the blanket.
“The Council. They’re basically the rulers of heaven, serving directly under God. They exiled me from heaven and threw me down for not meeting their quotas. They said I was worthless a-and that’s how I fell. It hurt- god, it hurt so much-”
Peter encased you in his arms at that point, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you directly against him. Your head was on his shoulder as you sobbed, not pushing away his comforting presence. His hands gently rubbed circles onto your back, his lips dancing along your hairline. You stayed in his embrace for a little longer, not knowing what it was but just knowing it was comforting. 
“You’re not worthless, okay? Don’t ever say that about yourself. Those council people are complete assholes for doing this to you. You are one of the nicest and most generous people I’ve ever met- don’t ever doubt that.” he said quietly, looking into your eyes. You sniffled and nodded, not moving away from his arms.
“Do you think you can sleep alone tonight?” 
You shook your head in disagreement and Peter smiled gently. “That’s fine. You can sleep in here with me. When I was younger and got nightmares, my aunt May would stay in the room with me until I fell asleep. Maybe it’ll help you too.”
He shifted out of the hug and left the room to get more blankets, leaving you alone on his bed with the movie on. You stared at the screen passively, until you noticed that the characters on screen were also getting into bed, but also doing something strange- he was hugging her. In… bed? 
‘That’s weird. I thought humans just went to sleep by themselves.’
When Peter returned you pointed to the screen, making him look at his computer.
“What are they doing?” you questioned. It was a common occurrence when you’d spot something odd in a movie and ask Peter about it, not knowing the reasoning behind human actions. 
“It’s uh.. called cuddling. It’s something affectionate you do with people you care for.”
“Could we do it?” you asked quietly, not noticing how Peter’s eyes widened and how he almost dropped the blankets he was holding at that moment. “Please? I really think it’d help me fall asleep.” 
He couldn’t argue with that so he shakily agreed, setting his computer to the side and climbing into bed- being extra careful to not step on you in the process. He tugged the new set of blankets to your side before lifting it and draping it over you carefully. Peter was grateful that it was too dark in the room for you to spot his obvious blush, the mere prospect of cuddling you in his bed enough to make him glow practically red.
“How does this work?” you muttered into the darkness. God, you were so cute and clueless. It made his heart melt even more. 
“Well… you just lay down on the bed and shuffle closer to me until your back is against me. And then I’ll um… cuddle you.” It was embarrassing to him how he could barely get a sentence out when he was this close to you but you didn’t seem to notice, instead obediently doing as he said. His breaths became uneven when he felt your warm body move closer towards him, your skin brushing against his arm in the softest way. He swallowed nervously, his arms wrapping around your sides and gently pulling you closer. 
“Is this okay?” God, Peter prayed you couldn’t hear how loud his heart was beating. Unbeknownst to him, your heart was beating erratically as well, and all the weird sensations you’d been keeping at bay came flooding back in. 
“Y-yeah. It is.” 
The two of you lay in the dark like that for a few moments, the whirring of the fan and the lull of the crickets outside coaxing you to sleep. You could feel your eyelids slowly start to close, the gentle tugging of your consciousness into sleep now present. 
“Good night, Peter.” you whispered into the dark. He smiled into your hair.
“Good night, angel.” You stilled at the use of the name and Peter panicked, asking you if it was okay for him to call you that. 
You just laughed gently.
And with that, your previous doubts and worries melted away into the night and you fell into a deep sleep. Peter followed soon after, brushing a stray strand of hair away from your face before kissing your forehead and falling asleep. 
The next day, you awoke to an empty bed and a note left by Peter.
‘Early morning training sucks, but I have to do it. I’ll see you around lunch time, angel.’ - Peter 
You’d been called an angel before countless times, but hearing it from Peter’s mouth felt so different. The excitement came rushing back into your veins, along with the harsh pounding of your heart- 
God, it was a sickness.
You had to go see a doctor. You sprinted out of your room and made it down to the lab, opening the door with force. 
“Mr.Banner-” you called out, peering your head into the lab. You couldn’t find him anywhere but you instead caught the attention of Tony, who looked up from his work and lowered his safety glasses. 
“He’s not here. And called him Bruce, kid. We’re not that old.” he sassed and you looked down in embarassment, muttering a quick apology. You entered the lab carefully, being cautious to not knock over anything important over as you made your way to him.
“I think I’m sick and require medical assistance.” you breathed. Tony looked you up and down, not being able to find anything abnormal.
“FRIDAY, please enact a full body scan of (Y/n) for any injuries or sickness.” 
“Scan completed. No sign of physical injuries or sickness detected.” 
Tony sighed. 
“Well, the robot says you’re not sick. Are you sure it isn’t something else? What exactly is wrong?” 
“My chest.” you replied after thinking for a few moments. He raised his eyebrow in curiosity.
“Your chest?” 
You nodded.
“And my head. A-and my skin. It’s like… I don’t know what it is, but this sickness won’t go away! I only feel it when Peter’s around but my chest feels tighter. My head feels dizzy and my vision blurs slightly. My skin feels hot and I just get so nervous and anxious-”
Tony laughed out loud at your descriptions, interrupting your frantic explanation. 
“That’s not a sickness, kid.” he said lightly. You frowned.
“Then what is it?” 
He simply shook his head sideways and sipped on his cup of coffee. 
“That’s something you have to ask Peter about.”
You hummed in confusion but thanked him nonetheless- in all honesty, you were just glad that you weren’t sick. But you unfortunately couldn’t see Peter until dinner because Natasha decided you needed an extra training session, so you had to wait till seven before you were able to stumble back up to your floor, sweaty and exhausted. Peter looked up from the couch, raising a pizza box above his head.
“I got us pizza- your favourite.”
You smiled at him gratefully.
“Great. Let me just shower quickly.” 
After the quickest shower of your life and tugging on a large tshirt and shorts, you and Peter were finally alone on the couch. The half-finished movie from last night was playing on the big screen, the soft ambient light from the television reflecting on Peter’s eyes, which were staring at you instead of the movie.
“You alright? You’ve been kind of quiet today.” he said quietly, putting down his food. You shifted uncomfortably, crossing your legs on the couch as Peter sat up slowly from his position. 
“Peter, can I ask you a question about something human related?” 
He smiled and nodded.
“Of course. Anything you want to know.” 
‘Guess it’s now or never.’
“I’ve been experiencing some… strange things for a while. But not just around anyone. Around you….” you trailed off, trying to gauge his reaction. He blinked slowly and his mind completely fizzled out in that moment. Could it be- 
“W-what kind of things?” he questioned gently. God, he was trying so hard to maintain his calm but it was so difficult when his mind started to drift off to what he thought you were saying. 
“Well… Like, my… my mind gets fuzzy. My skin feels warm when I think of you or when you call me angel. My heart beats really fast as if I’ve been running a marathon and I feel really… I don’t know, different. But in a good way. I thought I was just sick but Mr.Stark said I needed to talk to you about it. Do you… maybe know what’s happening to me?” 
Jesus christ.
You liked him. 
Peter couldn’t believe it, instant euphoria rushing through his veins. The girl he liked liked him back! But how was he going to describe what it meant to like someone to an angel? It was such a human emotion, different from fondness or likeness. He bit his lip cautiously.
“Yeah uh… I think this means you like me.” he started off, making you frown. 
“Of course I like you, you’re a good friend of mine.” Peter blushed at your response.
“No, no, I meant like.. You have a crush on me. It means you like me as more than a platonic friend.” he explained slowly, watching as you sat back in realisation. 
“Hm. So… does she-” you pointed to the girl on the screen. “Does she have a crush on the guy?” Peter turned his attention to the rom-com on the screen, which was now playing a scene where the couple was fighting in the rain. Typical. 
“Yes, yes she does.” 
You watched in curiosity when the actor rushed forward and kissed the actress on the lips harshly, his hands tangling in her hair as the camera spun around in a circle. 
“And is that what people who have a crush on each other do?” 
Peter now kinda regretted picking this movie.
“Peter, do you also have a crush on me?” you asked hopefully, almost afraid of his response. Unable to open his mouth, Peter nodded furiously, the movie now completely forgotten in the background. You hummed, before leaning forward- inches away from his face.
“Then… could you do that with me?”
For a split second Peter’s eyes widened and you thought maybe you went too far, that perhaps you had misread his emotions. But then when you were about to turn away and apologise, he leaned forward and kissed you- just like the characters did in the movie. It was a lot softer and sweeter though than in the movie, with Peter slowly taking his time to mold his lips against yours. The pizza box on the sofa fell to the floor as he leaned forward further, his hands resting on your neck. You smiled into the kiss and when he pulled away you were still in awe, giddy from the rush of emotions.
“That was… Sorry, what was that again?” you asked, shaking your head sideways. Peter laughed and pulled you close, wrapping his arms around you.
“That’s called a kiss, angel.”
You smiled at the use of the nickname.
“Well, I really liked it Peter. Can we, um… maybe do it again?”
He looked down at you with an adoring gaze, one that you were sure only existed in movies. But he was there, your Peter, right there, your human- and he smiled and nuzzled you again.
“Of course, angel. We can do it as many times as you like.” 
Peter was glad he got stuck doing angel duty. 
a/n: I’m not gonna lie I’m really insecure about this fic but I worked so hard on it and I didn’t want it to go to waste. I hope it was at least somewhat fluffy and enjoyable to you all 
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