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#wanda maximoff x female reader
nermalina · 2 days ago
pairing(s): milf!wandanat x collegestudent!reader
a/n: writing this reminded me of how it’s been so long since i’ve consumed porn that isn’t written. so like if the comment system doesn’t properly reflect OF’s, pls pretend like they do ;_;
summary (based off this ask): your girlfriends finally find out what you do for a living.
warnings (18+ only): smut, unspecified yet legal age gap, sex work, filming sex, ski masks, mommy kink, daddy kink, praise kink, verbal humiliation, masturbation, vaginal fingering, ball gag, vibrators, forced orgasm, overstimulation (?), cum filled strap-ons, spitroasting, double penetration, cringey usernames (yes, i’m apologizing in advance)
words: 2.2k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
The front door swung open, loudly slamming against the wall. “Sorry,” you mumbled, bowing your head in embarrassment before entering the house. You felt the roaming eyes of your girlfriends burning into your body. They were probably looking at you in that way because they had made it clear that they weren’t fond of you slamming doors.
“How was class?” Wanda asked. Beside her, Natasha was observing your every move while you navigated throughout the room, returning your belongings to their original locations. 
“It was fine.” you sighed. “Good as it could be for an exam day. How was work? Did anything interesting happen today?”
“We actually got off early today, which is why we’re back before you are,” Natasha said, opening her laptop. “We would’ve loved to wait for you to get home, but we couldn’t help ourselves.”
“Ah.” you nodded. “You know I don’t mind you guys have sex without me. We do that all the time when one of you is out. Although it would’ve been nice to watch.” you giggled, sliding into Wanda's lap.
“You may have not been here to watch us, but we were definitely able to watch you.” Wanda purred, pressing kisses along your jaw. Natasha watched in amusement as you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.
“What do you mean?” Your eyes widened as familiar moans filled your ears. Natasha turned her laptop, so you could see her screen. They had managed to find your Only Fans account. You had planned to tell them on your own terms eventually, but they had beat you to it. “I- I could explain-”
“There’s nothing you have to explain, princess.” Natasha grabbed your jaw, turning you to face her. “It’s okay, alright? But I think we need to show everyone that you’re taken.”
Right as you opened your mouth, Wanda began to speak. “Go into the bedroom and log into your account, you’re doing a live show right now and we’re going to help you.”
You had your camera and laptop set up by the bed, leaving you to wait for your girlfriends to join you so you could go live. They entered shortly after with ski masks covering their faces. “Where did you even get those from?” 
“Does it really matter?”
“No offense, but isn’t this kinda ridiculous? I could just angle the camera so our faces aren’t in the frame.” you reasoned, watching Natasha gather a few of her favorite toys to use on you.
“But we want to show you off, sweetheart,” Wanda explained. “Don’t question us, especially when you think it’s kinda hot.”
“I never said that.”
“Your pussy says otherwise, honey.” Natasha purred, slapping your legs apart. “We wanna watch you first. I think we should see what your little fans love about you in person.”
Reaching for your laptop, you started the live and waited for a few hundred people to hop on. “You’ve got a full house today, hm?” Wanda whispered. She stood behind the camera with Natasha, both watching intently as you inched your hand down your body. 
pu$syluver: omgomgomg did anyone else hear that?!
hoezonmystrap: ooh she’s not alone this time
“Touch yourself for us, bunny,” Natasha instructed, pulling Wanda closer to her. “What are you waiting for, precious? There’s an audience waiting for you to put on a show.”
“I want you to do it, Mommy.”
“We‘ll get to that, darling. Don’t you want to make Mommy happy by doing what she asks?” Natasha pouted.
“I do-”
“Then go ahead and make her proud, sweets.” Wanda purred, placing kisses along Natasha’s neck. You whined, plunging two fingers inside of your entrance. “What’s wrong, dove? Can’t handle not being allowed to touch Mommy and Daddy?”
“No.” you whimpered, slowly pumping your digits into your cunt. They were seriously going to leave you to fend for yourself while they put their hands all over each other.
“That’s too bad.” Natasha teased. “It's only fair for us to give you a show if you’re giving us one- even if it's in front of so many other people.”
BenDover69: I wanna see what the other two are doing too ;)
“Sorry, only our cute little bunny gets that right.” Wanda chuckled, curling her lips around one of Natasha’s nipples. The redhead met your eyes as Wanda’s fingers entered her. 
You ground back against your hand while you watched the Sokovian work her fingers in and out of your girlfriend’s core.  “Does our sweet girl want to cum?”
“Yes, Daddy.” you moaned, stroking your clit with your other hand. “I wanna cum for you and Mommy. Please let me cum.”
“Go ahead and cum for us.” Natasha pushed her hips towards Wanda's hand as she came undone around her digits. You let out a sound of disapproval, grinding against your fingers. It wasn’t enough, you needed their assistance.
“What’s that? You can’t make yourself cum when we’re around?” Natasha cooed. “You’re too greedy for us, always needing us to step in and take care of
your slutty pussy.”
“Do you need a little help from us, baby?” Wanda withdrew her fingers from Natasha’s cunt and moved to where you laid on the bed. She kneeled beside you, shoving her digits into your mouth. 
The Russian wrapped her hand around your wrist, pulling it away from your heat. She replaced your fingers with her own, roughly pumping them. Her free hand pinned your hips to the mattress underneath you.
You sucked Natasha’s arousal off of Wanda’s fingers, swiping your tongue between her digits. “You like it when we fuck you in front of so many people, don’t you?” 
Your tongue licked at the pads of her fingers as she pulled them out of your mouth for you to answer. “Yes, Daddy. I want everyone to know that I’m your and Mommy’s slut.”
“Yeah, you’re our cute little slut.” Natasha pressed a soft kiss to your clit before curling her lips around the swollen nub. She sucked it into her mouth harshly, adding a third finger inside your cunt. 
“Cum all over Mommy’s face, honey.” Wanda encouraged, kneading your breasts. She leaned down and latched onto one of your nipples. You arched towards her mouth as she flicked her tongue over the hardened peak.
Your cunt clenched around the Russian’s digits before you released onto her hand. Natasha removed her fingers from your core and reached for the vibrating wand she had brought out while Wanda helped you sit up. She leaned your back against her torso for support. Natasha switched the wand on and placed it on your thigh. 
“What’s the matter, bunny?” Natasha asked, running it up and down the inside of your leg. “Did you want Mommy to stop?”
“It’s not that.” you huffed impatiently, reaching for the toy. Natasha’s hand smacked yours away. 
“Do you really want to be a brat right now?” Natasha snapped. “Did you want us to show your viewers how easily we put you back in your place?”
“No, Mommy.” you sighed defeatedly.
“Then you tell Mommy and Daddy what you want from them like a good girl.”
“No, you ask us politely.” Wanda corrected.
supersoaker3000: oh god pls just ask them already
“They’re waiting on you, honey.” Natasha teased, moving the vibrator closer to your heat. “You don’t want to disappoint them, do you?”
You set your pride aside and decided that you could give them a difficult time at a later date- well, once the cameras were off. “Please move it higher, Mommy.”
“Why didn’t you just ask earlier, baby?” Natasha mocked, trailing the toy up your leg and onto your lower stomach. “Is that high enough for you, doll?”
“A little lower,” you whispered. Your hands dug into the sheets in anticipation. You hoped that the Russian would cave and give you what you wanted.
“Here?” Natasha husked, pressing the vibe against your mound. “Is this better?” Your head fell back against Wanda’s shoulder as the toy buzzed against your cunt.
“I think it is, Nat.” Wanda chuckled, reaching around you to pinch your nipples. “Look at our slut, she’s practically humping your hand.”
You clamped your thighs shut when Natasha turned the vibrator up by one setting. “Wanda, keep her legs open.” The brunette obliged, keeping them from pressing together. 
“Aw, what’s wrong? You can’t handle it, dove?” Wanda pouted mockingly, tugging on your pebbled peaks. “Does that hurt, darling? Is this too much for you?”
“She’s being too loud. Your fans can hear you loud and clear already, honey. There’s no reason to make so much noise.”
“What else did you expect from our slutty little bunny?” Wanda held a ball gag in front of your face. “Open up, princess.” 
You parted your lips, allowing your girlfriend to slide the gag into your mouth. Wanda adjusted the strap and secured it around your head. 
“There we go, that should do it.” Wanda grinned.
HornyBottom420: God, I wished I had someone to fuck me like that. 
“You see that, baby?” Natasha asked. “You should be more grateful for what you have because so many other people want the same thing. Surely they would be more grateful, happily taking whatever we have to offer.”
The buzzing on your clit grew stronger as Natasha turned the toy up to its highest setting. “So do you want us to stop, or should we let you cum?”
You tried to speak, but all that came out of your mouth was incoherent babbling. The ball gag certainly didn’t help you either. “I guess she doesn’t wanna cum then, Wan. Otherwise the whore would’ve told us what she wanted.”
“Maybe they can decide for her,” Wanda suggested, referring to the people watching your stream. “That’s fair, right?”
“I suppose.” Natasha shrugged, pressing the vibrator further into you. Most users said they wanted to see you cum, so the pair figured that they’d give them what they wanted. Fortunately, that also happened to be what you wanted from your girlfriends. “I guess it’s your lucky day then, bunny.”
“But you have to cum right now or we won’t let you cum at all.” You mewled weakly as your arousal finally coated the vibe. 
“Such a messy pussy.” Natasha said, turning the toy off and placing it aside. “All nice and ready for our cocks, don’t you think, Wan?”
“Almost.” Wanda and Natasha briefly stepped off the bed to secure the harnesses around their hips. Flipping you onto your hands and knees, Natasha kneeled behind you, teasing your entrance with the tip of the strap-on. 
Wanda sat in front of you, tapping the dildo on your lips. “We’ve got your favorite ones, princess. We’re gonna fill your cunt up with our cum.”
You took Wanda’s strap into your mouth as Natasha eased hers into your core. Wanda placed her hands on either side of your head, holding you in place so she could drive the toy into your mouth on her own.
Natasha’s fingers pressed into your skin as she began to thrust the toy in and out of your cunt. “Look at you, honey. You’re taking my cock so well. I bet you can’t wait to have Wanda’s inside you too.”
“I’m sure she’s happy to have it in her mouth too. The whore loves sucking us off.” Wanda mocked, holding your head down on the cock. You gagged slightly, trying to mow your head up the dildo.
Wanda’s grip loosened, allowing you to pull your mouth off of the toy. She released some of the fake cum on your face, slipping her thumb into your mouth while she stroked the strap-on. “I think you’re ready to take both of us now.”
Natasha stilled her hips and pulled your body up so Wanda could settle underneath you. The brunette slowly slid her strap into your heat. 
h4rrystyl3svib3: i should be the one pounding that pussy :(
“Funny that someone else thinks that they could fuck our whore.” Wanda mocked. “Who takes good care of your pussy, doll?”
“Only Daddy and Mommy do!” you squealed as both of the women started to thrust into you. 
“That’s right, sweetheart, only we do.” Natasha reached around you, sliding her hand between your body and Wanda’s. The Russian stroked her digits over your sensitive bundle of nerves.
Your hips bucked forward when she gently pinched your clit. “You love when we stuff you with our straps, huh? Our pussy is always eager for us to fuck it.”
“It’s only ours to touch, bunny. That means that no one else can touch it, including you.” Natasha ground her hips into yours. You whimpered as one of the toys nudged against your sweet spot.
“Want us to fill you up now, sweetheart? Are you ready for our cum?” 
“Please cum inside my pussy.” you whined, leaning down to kiss Wanda. The Sokovian’s lips moved slowly against yours as they filled you with the faux substance. You came undone around their straps, grinding against them as you tried to ride out your high.
Wanda wrapped her arms around you, allowing your body to rest against hers. Natasha slowly withdrew the dildo from your cunt, using her thumb to push the cum back inside of you. 
s!mpform!lfs: bring them back another time!!!
“Oh, as if we’d ever let our little slut do this alone ever again.” Natasha scoffed, ending the live stream. “Your viewers are gonna be seeing us a lot more now, sweetheart. This pussy is ours to fuck and everyone’s gonna know who it belongs to.”
am i just now realizing the masks are pointless if they say each other’s names? yes, but we’re going with it (:
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Omen (Wanda Maximoff/ Reader/ Yelena Belova)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi everyone here is the master list for the Wanda/ Reader/ Yelena series! Warning: Title may change.
Series Summary: Reader shares a complicated history with Wanda. What will happen when Natasha introduces her sister to the problem? Who will reader end up with?
Part 1: Good For You
Part 2: Do Me a Favor
Part 3: A Turtle Named Bucky
Part 4: Terms of Endearment
Part 5: Coming soon...
Part 6: Coming soon...
Part 7: Coming soon...
Part 8: Coming soon....
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dreamysreverie · 3 months ago
Movie Night
pairing: Dark! Wanda Maximoff x Innocent! fem! Reader 
synopsis: When Mrs Maximoff suddenly called you one night over for a movie night, you didn’t expect it to just be the two of you alone with your growing crush on the witch and the fantasies you didn’t expect to come true but they sure did.
Word count: 3.5k
Warnings: 18+ only minors DNI, Dark themes, dubcon, a bit of mind control but y/n consents, legal age gap (Wanda is in her 40s and reader is above 18 so it’s not weird), strap on sex, rough sex, Wanda using her magic during sex, mommy kink, PWP really, strip tease,18+ please! this is pure smut the warnings are there for a reason!.
Translations: Printsessa - Princess in Russian.
Do not repost/translate my work anywhere or claim them as your own. If you see my work anywhere other than tumblr please let me know.
A/N: This was my first dubcon and Dark fic I’m hoping to try out more of these in the future.
Proceed with caution. This is a dark fic and if this contains any material that is listed in the warnings that you are uncomfortable, please skip over it. 
When Wanda called you over tonight, you didn’t expect it to take such a fun exciting turn. Sure, you may have had a bit of a thing for Wanda. There was no doubt that you had a crush on older, attractive middle-aged women who were just so sexy. 
Yes, it was very wrong to think such sinful thoughts about a woman who has a husband and two twin boys. But god you couldn’t help it, you couldn’t help but stare at her longer than normal whenever she was in the same room as you or just close by. You couldn’t help but clench your thighs shut together when you would hear her use her ‘strict stern mommy’ tone when she would tell off her sons if they were ever causing trouble around the Vision household. Or whenever you would sometimes have to stay late to watch the twins and you would hear her fight with Vision, Vision was a nice guy. But not your type, though his wife could accidentally stab you and you would die gladly. 
You also knew very much about how… Not human, this family was. No, they weren’t vampires. No, they weren’t demons sent from hell or anything or werewolves. They were a family of superheroes, the twins; Tommy has the power of speed and that kid can run so fast in a blink of an eye across the whole town and back. Billy (who was probably your favorite of the twins if you had to pick, sorry Tommy) he had similar powers like his amazing mother. He could read minds, which worried you a lot considering all the strange thoughts he could probably hear in your mind about his own mother though you were lucky considering he wouldn’t understand any of it but you hope that he doesn’t go and ask his mother about it cause that would be embarrassing. 
And Vision? Well... He’s.... Very strange. 
You can't describe or understand that man that well. 
He acts and talks as if he’s one of those men from a 1950s sitcom show like a boring businessman with humor? Kind of. Or one of those creepy characters in a Tim Burton horror film.
Wanda was just, so mesmerizing and you were a bit obsessed with her. She was incredible in every way. From the way she dresses, the way she orders her own husband around, the way she purses her lips whenever she is in deep thought, from her gorgeous well-styled hair that looks amazing every day, god and sometimes you swear you would lock eyes with her and she would just give you a knowing look or a smile that meant something more than it looked to others. 
It was like you two had this unspoken connection, where Wanda would just know and you would know as well how wrong this felt. 
But how could something so wrong feel so right?. 
You never understood that saying when people would say it: but when you met Wanda Maximoff it all changed for you and you knew you were going to be screwed but fuck it. You couldn't care less, you wanted her so badly your heart and pussy ached for Miss Maximoff. 
Once you arrived at The Vision household, you were confused when Wanda invited you over for a movie night but no one was up it seemed? Otherwise, where are the twins all running around like they usually would? And where was vision? Wouldn’t he be on the sofa and reading a book or something?.
Then you checked the time on your phone, it read; 
12:34 am. 
The last time you checked when Wanda called it was ten pm?.
Why would Wanda invite you over to a movie night this late?. 
Maybe she’s lonely?...
Whatever that doesn’t matter right now what matters is that at least you're spending time with her!. 
Fuck! Were you meant to bring something? A gift perhaps? Maybe some food? Oh well. Wanda can manifest things into existence so it’s fine right?. 
“Y/n you made it” Wanda greeted you, smiling as she saw you walk through the door. 
She wrapped her arms around you, bringing you in close. You didn’t mean to, but you whimpered at how close you and Wanda were. It brought you so much comfort and warmth you wanted no, you needed more. 
When she pulled away, she smirked at you and eyed you and what you were wearing; a simple pair of jeans and a tank top. Suitable. Easy for her to rip off anyways for later’s treat during the movie. 
“Thanks for inviting me Miss Maximoff” you smiled nervously, taking in her form as your eyes roamed her body and your mouth went dry seeing that she was in a very loose nightgown and you could see her breasts through the thin layer.
“Please call me Wanda darling, don’t be shy” she smiled sweetly, an innocent look in her eyes as she turned around to walk towards the living room where a movie was paused. 
You couldn’t help but stare at her ass when she walked away, causing your cheeks to feel heated up. 
“I don’t know what type of genre you like, so I kind of just picked an action thriller. The twins have a lot of those for some reason the kids get hyped about this stuff” Wanda chuckled, tucking a bit of hair behind her ear. 
“Anything is fine, Wanda,” you said, and she smiled at you when you said her name. 
“As long as it’s not too scary or gory then I’m okay,” you told her and she nodded, patting down on the white sofa for you to sit next to her. 
You sat down next to her, doing what she told you to do and she looked pleased with how you obeyed her. 
“There are some popcorn and drinks here on the table too” Wanda informed you, and you looked ahead at the table to see a lollipop too. 
You immediately grabbed that and unwrapped it to place it in your mouth, the strawberry flavor you could taste was delicious, Wanda couldn’t help but laugh amusedly, shaking her head a bit while she pressed play. 
You had no idea what this film was about, but you were enjoying it. But halfway through the movie, maybe twenty minutes or so there was a lot of tension between the two of you and you felt hot and had the urge to go and have a cold shower. You also found yourself sitting closer to Wanda and she seemed to be fine with it since she never spoke up about it. 
Then that scene came on. 
It was a very heated sexual scene, a man and a woman were going at it and you felt a bit uncomfortable with how wet you felt watching it. Why would you even be attracted to this? You were gay for crying out loud! A man and a woman having sex weren’t what caught your eye at all. 
But maybe it was because you were sitting next to a certain sexy ginger who you had nasty thoughts about and that is why you feel so flustered and hot right now. 
“Do you want me to fuck you harder?” 
“You know the killer is right out there!” 
“So? This could be our last time together. Please just let me fuck you.”
The guy’s hands moved up along his girlfriend’s body, who was already half naked and only in her pink bra and jeans. She moaned loudly, almost whiny, when he would cup her breasts, playing with them and teasing her. 
You hated this. 
You started to imagine that the guy was Wanda instead, her touching you like that, squeezing and playing at your breasts as she leaves kisses down your stomach. You knew it was a risk thinking these thoughts when she was right there and could easily look inside your mind, maybe you wanted her to see how you saw her. 
“You want this, don’t you? Y/n? All you had to do was ask” you thought you were dreaming when the guy who was touching the girl was looking right at you and speaking to you. 
You panicked and squealed when you covered your eyes. After he smiled he somehow then looked exactly like Wanda and the girl the guy was touching looked identical to you. 
Control yourself, Y/n. 
You could hear your mother’s voice telling you what you are thinking is disgusting and wrong. 
When you opened your eyes again, you saw Wanda right in front of you smiling. 
“You okay, printsessa?” Wanda cooed, gently cupping your face in her hands as she pouted at you. 
“Was that movie too scary for my little one?” Wanda asked, and you nodded. 
How did you end up in her lap? You were just sitting next to her…
Maybe this is all a dream. 
One of your dark fantasies. Yeah. 
“You want mommy to make you feel better? Make me feel good too?” 
“Yes I do,” you said, and she grinned. 
What was happening to you? Why were you feeling this way? Why did you feel so small and obedient that you actually enjoy it...
“Take off your jeans first? Can you do that for mommy?” she asked and you nodded. 
Wanda let you off her lap as she watched you stand up again, you felt shy under her gaze as she leaned back onto the sofa and watched you with hunger in her eyes. 
“Go on, give me a show” Wanda ordered, and you were quick to follow. 
You teased her by unbuttoning your jeans, taking them off slowly as you watch her eyes get darker with lust. You dipped your hand inside your panties, feeling how wet you were you ran a finger through your folds and moaned a bit as you took them out and showed Wanda how wet you were and she watched you place your fingers inside your mouth. 
Moaning at the taste, Wanda was getting impatient. 
“Come on little one, mommy has a treat for you if you hurry up” Wanda demanded. 
You quickly took off your jeans not wanting to waste her time, and then your panties were gone causing Wanda to groan at the sight of your glistening wet cunt. Oh, she’s going to have so much fun fucking that pretty pussy of yours. 
“Keep your shirt on, I think it looks adorable seeing you like this. But the bra has got to go” Wanda says, nodding in her agreement, and with a flick of her finger red whisps danced along with her fingers and her eyes turned red as your bra vanished. 
“Much better” Wanda hums, nodding as she gestures to you to come forward with her finger. 
“Are you ready for mommy's surprise little one? I have it just for you and I’ve been waiting since the day I met you to use it on someone as precious as you are” Wanda says, smiling as she places her hands on your waist as you sit back in her lap. 
You looked so adorable. 
She wishes she could just leave you here on her lap for her to play with forever. 
“Mommy,” you ask and she smiles up at you. 
“Yes, little dove?.” 
“What’s the treat… I did what you asked” You said and Wanda chuckled. 
“Yes you did, and you did it so well. You must want the tread badly then, do you wanna ride mommy’s cock?” Wanda teased, and your cheeks heated up as you nodded. 
“Please wanda I just want you now!” you begged, you placed your hand under her nightgown to grab it. 
But she slapped your hand away instead. 
“No touching” Wanda warned, and you quickly moved your hands away. 
“Sorry” you mumbled. 
“It's okay. Just close your eyes for mommy and be quiet, can you do that for me?” Wanda asks and you nod. 
You closed your eyes, and you bit down on your bottom lip. You felt Wanda’s hands move around your body if they were her hands. You didn’t know, all you felt was a funny sensation that made you giggle. Wanda lifted up her dress making her strap sprung free as she covered it a bit with lube so you can handle the size (even though she knows you can handle anything that will get you praise). 
Without warning, Wanda lifts you up using her magic and you giggled again at the sensation and you gasped when you felt the strap pressing against your entrance, you let out a moan as you sunk down onto it getting used to the size as it filled you up inch by inch.
“Open your eyes now little dove,” Wanda said, and you opened them. 
You started to bounce on the strap, enjoying the small groan Wanda made as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Her hands were grasped at your sides, not letting you go at all. Your breasts bounced with you and Wanda looked back at you again with those same hungry eyes, her hand move’s up your side almost teasingly as she tickled you a bit before she cupped one of your breasts causing you to whine. 
“Does that feel good, baby? You like it when I squeeze and play with your breasts like this?” Wanda said, while squeezing one of your breasts. 
“Y-yes W-wanda I like it so much” (Y/n) mewled, throwing her head back. 
(Y/n) felt Wanda slap harshly at her thigh, making you quickly look back at her feeling confused as she didn’t look happy. 
“Don’t take your eyes off me, little one” Wanda warned, her tone strict and you nodded quickly. 
“M sorry, please don’t be mad” you whimpered when she forced you to stop moving so you were just sitting on her strap. 
“It’s okay, just sit here and do as I tell you to do while I watch the rest of the film. Can you do that printsessa?” Wanda asked, her eyes darkening at you and you were a bit nervous to say no. 
“Y-yes I can d-do that” you said stuttering a little, your bottom lip trembling. 
“Good girl. Now ride my cock and show me how badly you wanna come” Wanda growled, laughing at you as you struggled a bit. 
“W-what if your husband walks in?--”
“He won't,” Wanda said, caressing your cheek to soothe you before turning her attention back to the TV. 
Throughout the movie, it seemed to go on for so long because you felt so dripping wet. The strap filled you so well the pleasure hitting the perfect spots and it was killing you. You tried so hard not to cum since you didn’t want to experience whatever punishment Wanda had in mind. 
But eventually, you were getting desperate. 
(Y/n) felt Wanda’s hand grasp your thigh, she was playing with you again. Her eyes were fixated on the movie and you heard another damn sex scene go on. How many god damn sex scenes were there? Or maybe this was Wanda’s movie. 
Wanda was the one using her magic to control these characters in this film, to do whatever she wants and create the fantasy she wants with you as well.
“M-mommy” (Y/n) whined, and Wanda’s head turned to look back at you with a smirk perched on her lips.
“Yes, sweet girl? You wanna cum now don’t you?” Wanda asked, mocking you again. 
“Yes mommy please let me cum!” (Y/N) begged, whimpering. 
Wanda then grabbed you by the hips and flipped you over, so you were lying on your back on the sofa. You were too speechless to say anything, just waiting and watching Wanda for her next orders. Instead, she started thrusting her hips into you at a fast pace causing you to cry out as you joined her. 
“That feels so good mommy” (Y/n) moaned, grabbing at her breast and squeezing them. 
Wanda growled, surging forward to press her lips against yours and she fucked you fast and rough and she couldn’t care if Vision woke up right now and saw this. She could easily just erase his memory and even yours so you couldn’t remember this night and neither could he. 
She felt (Y/n’s) thighs clench around her hips, knowing that you were soon close. 
“You wanna cum baby? Wanna make a mess on mommy’s cock?” she asked, and watched as (Y/n) nodded quickly.
“Yes please, fuck! I’m so close” (Y/n) begged, thrusting her hips more. 
“Then cum, sweetheart” Wanda demanded, her sokovian accent coming through thicker.
You let out a loud cry, loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood but that won’t happen tonight as much as Wanda would love that. You threw your head back as you grabbed hold of her shoulders as you came hard. Wanda helped you ride out your orgasm as she stared down at you admiring you, she wanted to picture this moment forever and hang it up on her wall. But sadly in her little world she can’t do that, she is still the wife of a husband and a mother of children but that won’t stop her from getting to you again. 
Your body turned limb, your heart was beating so fast as adrenaline surged through your body. You felt more alive with Wanda than you have ever been in your entire life, and that was more of a true statement than you have ever told yourself. You felt the euphoria after it all, and you smiled up at the beauty in front of you with a satisfied smile.
“But what about you? Mommy? You didn’t get to cum…” (Y/n) asked, tilting her head to the side. 
She watched as Wanda pulled out her strap, and you moaned as she did so. You bit your lip seeing the mess you made on it. 
“Don’t worry sweetheart, I got all the pleasure I could have asked for just by watching you” Wanda said, panting a bit as she was out of breath. 
“Now. We are not finished though” Wanda grinned, her eyes darkening again. 
“But I’m so sore--” 
“I don’t care. Come and clean up the mess you made” Wanda demanded, and you quickly sat up.  
(Y/n) did what she was told, always like the good little slut she was for Wanda. Wanda grabbed her hair roughly, not caring at all if it hurt. She eyed her precious little dove watching them wrap a hand over the tip of the strap, (Y/n’s) e/c innocent eyes stared up at hers as Wanda couldn’t help but groan at how wonderful you looked.
She forced (Y/n) to bring the strap in her mouth, she doesn’t care if it’s too big her little dove can handle anything. And Wanda isn’t going to harm her too badly anyway, she doesn’t like it at all whenever someone she loves deeply is hurt in any way from tiny scratches to big bruises, and to the point where they would cry and come running into her arms. 
That’s how she would expect to see you be in the next few weeks as she trains you, by casually inviting you over for what she calls a ‘movie night’. 
Wanda’s done it before and she will gladly do it again and again. 
So only you will think of her only, that in your mind you belong to Wanda. 
Wanda’s attention was back on you when she heard your sinful gags on her cock, she chuckled pushing you deeper. 
“Alright I think that’s enough, get off,” Wanda said, pulling your mouth away. 
“Did I do well, mommy?” (Y/n) asked sweetly and Wanda smiled softly at her. 
“Yes little one you did, but it’s time to go. Okay? We will be back again in a few nights mommy just has to sort out a few things first. Can you wait that long?” Wanda asked, gently cupping your face in her hands and you nodded. 
“Good. Now just close your eyes one more time and count to ten” Wanda ordered.
Closing your eyes, you felt the strange funny sensation again. You started to count, you couldn’t open your eyes yet as your mind felt blurry, there were flashes of memories that weren’t your own. You heard voices that sounded familiar call out to you, but subconsciously you ignored them even though you wished you didn’t. 
“Open your eyes” you heard Wanda say, and when you did you were back inside your room. 
Now that was a weird fucking night. 
Were those brownies Agatha brought around secretly edibles?. 
But regardless of your strange night, once you closed your eyes again to go to rest you ended up having a fantasy about your crush on Miss Maximoff. 
Who you were going to see tomorrow. 
And you were beyond excited.
What you didn’t know was that she was thinking the exact same thing lying down in her bed, sleeping next to her sleeping husband as she stayed away thinking about all the fun things she could do with you. 
Now she has to wait till morning. 
So she can see that pretty face of yours again. 
That night Wanda went to sleep with a smile perched on her lips. 
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wellsayhelloaagin · 6 days ago
On The Edge
Summary: You and Wanda had decided to keep your relationship a secret, but keeping your hands off each other was quite the challenge.
Pairing: Wanda x female reader
Genre: Smut- 18+
Words: 4.3k
Warnings: this is pretty much just all smut, so if you're under 18 please don't interact.
A/N: Well the plan was to write some angst today, but then I saw a very compelling TEDTalk and it quickly became thot hours. So here's a bunch of smut, with almost no plot. Again.
Translations: detka- baby | milaya- dear/honey | malyshka- baby
Tumblr media
“So,” you hear a voice from the doorway say and you look up to see Wanda standing there, a wicked glint in her eye, “looks like we have the compound to ourselves for the afternoon.”
You grin back at her as she saunters into the room. You watch the sway of her hips as she walks towards where you sit on the couch.
“Is that so?” you question, your tongue darting out to wet your bottom lip.
She’s standing in front of you now, and she nods lightly as she bites her lip. You reach out and tug her forward, laughing at the little yelp she lets out before she settles on top of you, straddling your legs as she rests her arms on your shoulders to steady herself.
“Hmmmm,” you hum against the skin of her neck, dragging your lips up to her ear, “whatever shall we do with all that time?” You smirk at the shudder that goes through her as your breath caresses her ear, her grip on your shoulders tightening just a little.
“I can think of a few things,” she gasps as you take her earlobe in between your teeth, nibbling on it in the way that you knew drove her wild.
She settles into your lap more, her hands travelling to tangle in the hair at the back of your head, pulling your face towards hers. She connects your lips, her tongue darting out to run across your bottom lip. You groan into the kiss, grabbing Wanda’s ass firmly in your hands as she begins to grind on your thigh.
Wanda’s tongue is in your mouth now, tangling with yours and causing warmth to pool between your legs. She’s letting out little mewling whimpers as she presses against your leg, her pace slowly beginning to pick up, your hands helping to guide her.
When she needs to breathe she breaks the kiss, throwing her head back and giving you access to her neck. You waste no time and attach your lips to it, sucking on her pulse point gently as she moans above you.
You decide that she’s wearing far too many clothes, your hands trailing up to the hem of her shirt, fingertips dancing underneath and pressing against the warm skin of her stomach. She brings her mouth back to yours as you trail your hands higher, bringing her shirt up along with them.
The sudden slamming of the front door stops you both in your tracks, eyes flying open and staring at each other in shock. Quick as a flash, Wanda hops off your lap and presses herself to the opposite edge of the couch, adjusting her clothes and trying to calm her breathing down. You quickly try to tame your hair, the hair that just seconds ago Wanda had been gripping firmly.
The two of you turn to face the TV, trying to appear interested in the movie that was playing as you hear footsteps approaching. You glance quickly at Wanda, relieved to see that she didn’t look like someone who moments ago was getting herself off against her girlfriend’s leg.
You had been dating Wanda for about five months now, the two of you deciding to keep your relationship on the down-low. Initially, you hadn’t wanted to tell the rest of the team in case it didn’t work out, not wanting to deal with the awkwardness of a failed relationship. As time went on and it became clear that your relationship was only growing stronger, you had talked about telling them, before deciding you wanted to keep it just between you for a little longer.
In all honesty, you both found the sneaking around insanely hot and were enjoying it a little too much to stop just yet. As much as you’d love to be able to curl up with Wanda on the couch in front of the team, you wanted to keep her as just yours for a little while longer. You had both decided that you needed to come clean soon though, but you wanted to be able to tell the team on your own terms, and getting caught making out on the couch was definitely not how you planned on having that conversation.
A few seconds later Natasha walks into the room, whistling quietly to herself as she plops down on the couch between you and Wanda. She kicks her feet up, resting them in your lap as she leans back and places her head in Wandas. You roll your eyes at her disregard for personal space, and Wanda suppresses a laugh at your reaction.
“Whatcha watching?” Natasha asks as she makes herself comfortable.
“Boundaries Romanoff,” you scoff, trying to move her feet from your lap but she dodges your hands, digging her feet underneath you.
“Some action movie,” Wanda answers her question, flicking Natasha on the nose, causing her to scowl. “I thought you were going with the others to the markets?” she questions the redhead.
“I was,” Natasha replies, sitting up and rubbing her nose, “but Sam was annoying me so I decided to come back early.”
“Why? So you can annoy us?” you reply, frustrated that your plans for an afternoon alone with Wanda were now ruined.
Before you can get away, Natasha moves over to sit on your lap, hugging you tightly while you glare at her and try and break free. “Awww, don’t be like that Y/N,” she coos at you, stroking your hair. “I know you secretly love me,” she laughs as you try to break her hold, enjoying how irritated you were.
Normally you wouldn’t have minded so much, but you were still a little worked up and Natasha was definitely not the person you wanted to be sitting on your lap.
You look over at Wanda, a pleading look on your face. “A little help here please?” you ask her, and she just shakes her head and laughs at the two of you.
“Nah, I’m not getting involved in this,” she replies, holding her hands up in front of her. “Wouldn’t want to interrupt the lovers’ quarrel.”
“Traitor,” you cry out, causing her to laugh harder and wink at you. “I won’t forget this betrayal,” you say dramatically, freeing one of your arms from Natasha’s grip and using it to try and pry her off you.
It’s no use though, she has her arms locked tight around you. After a few more moments of struggling you let out a dramatic sigh, going limp in her arms.
“Fine,” you concede, “you can stay and ruin my afternoon.” You pout at Wanda, sad about your plans being ruined. She just smiles, mouthing the word later at you.
“I knew you’d see things my way,” Natasha says cheerily, placing a sloppy kiss on your cheek that you wipe off immediately. She climbs off your lap, settling back on the couch in her original position.
You look over at Wanda, longing to pull her into your arms and finish what you had started before you were interrupted.
Later couldn’t come soon enough.
You end up spending the entire afternoon with Natasha watching movies on the couch. You tried to think of a reasonable excuse for the two of you to sneak off, but you didn’t want to raise any suspicions.
As much as you loved Natasha, you were still a little bummed with how your afternoon played out. You would have much preferred to be alone with Wanda, getting up to all sorts of debaucherous things.
The rest of the team arrive home not long after the sun sets, thankfully bringing dinner with them. You all sit around the large dining table, passing around cartons of take out to pile onto your plates. There’s lots of chatter as they fill you in on their time at the markets and you listen happily to the stories.
You almost jump out of your skin when you feel a hand on your thigh, and you glance at Wanda out of the corner of your eye. She’s looking at Steve as he tells the table about how he had to dodge a group of teenage girls at the market by hiding, her chin resting in her hand. To anyone else, it would seem like she was giving him all her attention.
But you catch the corner of her mouth rising just a little, as her hand begins to drift higher up your leg toward the apex of your thighs. You clench your fork in your hand a little tighter, trying to pay attention to Steve as her fingers move between your legs, pushing them apart to give her better access. You’re suddenly thankful for your decision to wear a skirt today.
She runs her finger over the top of your underwear, pressing firmly against your clit and you have to stifle a moan. You grip the edge of the table as she begins to rub slow circles, her pace maddeningly slow. You snap your head to look at her as she works you over, catching the twinkle in her eye. She’s still watching Steve, her face impassive as she gradually drives you crazy.
The rest of the team are too preoccupied to notice your torture, Wanda’s pace beginning to pick up, causing your thighs to tense. You can feel yourself growing warm, sure that she could feel how wet you were even through your underwear. Tony is talking now, telling the team about some system upgrades he wants to make on the quinjet.
Wanda stops the movement of her finger, and you want to let out a sigh of relief. While you had been enjoying her ministrations immensely, you weren’t sure how much longer you could have stayed quiet as she brought you closer to the edge.
Your reprieve doesn’t last long though. Wandas’ finger slips under the edge of your underwear, swiping between your folds and gathering the moisture that had settled there, before dipping slightly into your entrance. You let out a groan, disguising it quickly with a cough as you glare at Wanda.
She removes her hand from between your legs, smirking at you with a satisfied grin.
“You okay there, Y/N?” Steve asks, concern written on his face.
“Uh, yeah,” you stammer out, your face flushing, “just a bit of a tickle in my throat.” You pick up your water from in front of you, taking a sip to try and calm yourself down before anyone started to suspect anything.
You look back at Wanda just in time to see her raise her finger to her mouth. You catch the way it glistens in the light, your arousal coating the end of the digit, and her eyes bore into yours as she pops it into her mouth. She hums contentedly at the taste, while you choke on your drink.
You begin to splutter, your chest burning as you gasp for breath. Wanda looks sympathetic as she pats your back, but you know better. You can tell how much she’s enjoying teasing you by the way her eyes shine with mischief.
You feel everyone looking at you as you slowly regain control of your lungs. “Sorry,” you rasp out, “went down the wrong pipe.” You can feel your cheeks burning with embarrassment as you chuckle awkwardly.
The team seems appeased by your answer, turning back to their previous conversations now that you were breathing normally again. You place your hand against your chest, rubbing against the burning sensation there as you scowl at Wanda. She still looks like the picture of innocence, smiling at you before turning back to the conversations at the table.
She must take pity on you because for the rest of dinner she leaves you alone. You’re grateful for the break from her teasing, finishing up your food quickly. Once everyone is finished, you all help clean the table, loading the dishwasher before everyone started to trickle off.
Wanda left the kitchen while you were standing there talking to Sam, her fingers dragging over the swell of your ass as she passed behind you, causing you to lose track of what you were saying. You heard her soft giggle as she walked off, while Sam asked if you were okay.
“Just tired I guess,” you offer as an explanation, which he thankfully accepts.
Wanda was definitely in a mood tonight, and you were looking forward to what would happen once you snuck into her room after everyone had gone to bed. If you didn’t spontaneously combust beforehand of course.
You stayed in the kitchen for a few more minutes chatting with Sam while you packed the leftover food into the fridge, your mind preoccupied with all the things you had planned for later that night. You clench your thighs together in anticipation, wishing time would just speed up.
Once the kitchen is tidy you say goodnight to Sam before walking down the hallway toward your room. You’re trying to decide between wearing your new lingerie set to Wanda’s room or just wearing nothing under your pyjamas to surprise her when you’re suddenly pulled into the storage closet on the side of the hallway.
You don’t even have time to scream before a hand is clamped over your mouth, the door closing behind you and your back pushed against it. It’s too dark to see who grabbed you, their body pressing into yours as you try to break free of their hold.
“Relax detka,” Wanda whispers and you stop struggling. She removes her hand from your mouth, her body still pressed against yours in the small space.
“Wha-” you try to say but you’re cut off when her mouth descends on yours.
She kisses you greedily, her tongue diving into your mouth as she grabs your wrists and pins them above your head with one hand. Her other hand drags down the side of your body, making your breath hitch. Her touch is setting you alight, your desire from earlier back with a vengeance.
She reaches the bottom of your skirt, trailing her hand back underneath it as she kisses across your jaw towards your ear. You’re panting, your stomach clenching as her fingertips brush along your thighs as her hand continues to rise.
She wastes no time, slipping your panties down your legs and brushing her finger along your slit while she kisses the spot under your ear that she knows makes your knees weak. She swipes her finger back and forth a few times, drawing lazy circles around your clit before sliding back down and dipping her finger inside you, just enough to tease you.
“So wet for me milaya,” she whispers into your ear, her hot breath sending shivers down your spine, “have you been thinking about this all afternoon? Thinking about me making you cum all over my fingers?” Her words are accompanied by her steadily pressing one of her fingers inside you, the slow drag driving you wild.
“Yes,” you gasp out, answering her question. You feel her smile against your neck as she begins to pump her finger faster while you move your hips in time with her thrusts, your quiet moans filling the small room.
She kisses back across your jaw, pulling your bottom lip between her teeth as she adds a second finger. You gasp against her mouth at the stretch, loving the way they feel inside you. She kisses you firmly, your moans muffled by her mouth as you feel the familiar coil tightening.
She releases your wrists, your hands falling limply to rest on her shoulders as she slides her hand under your shirt, cupping you through your bra. You press your chest into her hand and she rewards you by tugging the cup of your bra down, her fingers tweaking your nipple and sending a bolt of electricity straight to your core.
She curls her fingers inside you, her heel pressing firmly against your clit and you groan into her mouth. You can feel yourself getting closer, Wanda expertly working your body to release. Your hands tangle in her hair, keeping her lips locked on yours as you desperately chase your high.
“-st think that adding extra stabilisers might not be worth the effort.” A voice interrupts, muffled through the door. You and Wanda both freeze as you hear footsteps approaching.
“Well then what do you suggest?” You hear Tony respond, his voice slowly coming closer. Wanda pulls her head back from yours slightly, and your eyes snap open to meet hers. You can barely make out her face in the dark room, but you can see how dilated her pupils are.
“I’d rather focus on improving the stealth options,” the other voice says, and you realise it was Bruce.
The sound of footsteps stops, and when Tony speaks his voice sounds like it’s directly outside the door to the room you were currently hiding in. “Why can’t we upgrade both?”
Wanda’s hand slips out from under your shirt as the two of you try to steady your breathing, not wanting to give yourselves away in such a compromising position. Your eyes are beginning to adjust to the lack of light now and you can see Wanda’s face more clearly. Her lips are swollen from your kisses, her eyes studying you intently.
Her fingers slowly slide out of you, and you whimper quietly at the loss. Wanda’s eyes flash with something you can’t quite decipher before she leans close to you again, “I need you to be quiet for me angel,” she whispers in your ear, and before you can ask what she means, she drops to her knees below you.
You try and push her away as Tony and Bruce continue their conversation outside the door, deciding to stop there of all places just to torture you, you were certain. But Wanda is determined and bats your hands away, lifting your leg over her shoulder and mouthing along the inside of your thigh.
You know there’s no use trying to stop her, she was stubborn when she wanted something, and anything you tried to do in order to stop her would probably just make enough noise to alert the two men outside the door.
You try to listen to their conversation, keeping an ear out for any indication that they know what’s going on two feet away from them, on the other side of the closet door. The door you were still pressed against.
Wanda’s tongue drags along your centre before she reaches your clit. She laps at it while she reinserts her fingers, curling them against the sensitive spot inside you. You bite down on your knuckle to try and keep from calling out. The conversation outside doesn’t waver, Tony and Bruce discussing the pros and cons of different metals to use on the quinjet.
You can feel your orgasm building, Wanda increasing her pace as she feels your walls beginning to tighten around her fingers.
“Hey boys,” a new voice says, and you recognise it as Natasha’s. In a panic your hands fly to Wanda’s hair, trying to stop her movements. You know if anyone would be able to figure out what was happening, it would be her. “Have either of you seen Y/N? I need to talk to her about something.” Wanda stops, probably realising the same thing you did. Her fingers are still inside you though, and you can feel your walls fluttering around them as you try to keep your breathing quiet.
“Not since dinner,” Tony replies and you can picture the apologetic shrug he’s probably giving Natasha.
“I hope she’s okay,” you hear Bruce say, “she seemed a little off.” Wanda shakes with silent laughter at that, the action causing her fingers to move slightly inside of you, causing you to let out a gasp.
“Did you hear that?” Natasha questions and your heart drops. You look down at Wanda and see her looking back up at you with wide eyes. You hold your breath and wait to be discovered.
“Hear what?” Tony replies, and you’re thankful for how oblivious he can be sometimes.
“I thought I heard someone,” Natasha replies and you start silently praying for her to drop it.
“Must have been the wind,” Bruce supplies as an explanation, and you want to hug him.
“Hmmmmm,” you hear Natasha say before she goes back to her earlier train of thought. “Well anyway, if you see Y/N can you tell her I’m looking for her?”
“Sure thing,” Bruce replies, “C’mon Tony, let’s go test out that theory of yours in the lab.”
You listen as the three of them say their goodbyes before their footsteps fade away down the hallway. You look back down at Wanda and see a look of relief on her face. “That was close,” you breathe out.
“Yeah, it was,” she agrees before giving you a devilish grin, “and speaking of close…”
She pumps her fingers that were still inside you slowly, pulling a groan from your throat. She laughs lightly, before placing her mouth back on you as you throw your head back against the door.
“Oh god,” you cry out, right back on the edge with only a few strokes of her magical fingers, “right there. Please, Wanda!” You don’t quite know what you’re begging for, but it doesn’t matter.
Wanda picks up her pace, her fingers brushing over that spot inside you with every thrust. Your cries of pleasure fill the air, Wanda’s name falling from your lips like a prayer. You feel her teeth nibbling on your bundle of nerves and you fall over the edge, your hands tangling in Wanda’s hair as she works you through your orgasm.
Once the last of the aftershocks rip through you, Wanda pulls her fingers out of you gently, pressing a soft kiss against you before standing, lowering your skirt back down. You’re feeling very blissed out, your legs trembling with the effort to stand. When Wanda’s face is level with yours, you loop your arms tiredly around her shoulders, pulling her in for a lazy kiss.
She presses her lips softly against yours, but you’re not satisfied with the chaste action, so you run your tongue over her bottom lip. She parts her lips, granting you access and you moan at the taste of yourself on her tongue. You feel Wanda shift against you, and you want to make her feel as good as she just made you feel.
You’re just starting to move your hand under her shirt, feeling the muscles in her stomach contract under your hand, when you’re suddenly falling.
You land on the ground with a thud, Wanda falling on top of you and knocking the air from your lungs. You open your eyes, blinking to adjust to the sudden light. You see Natasha standing over the two of you, her hand still resting on the door of the closet.
You hear Wanda gasp as she looks at Natasha, and you both scramble to a seated position, a panicked expression on both your faces. This was so not how you wanted people to find out. When you had planned on how the team would learn about your relationship, being caught making out in the closet moments after Wanda gave you a mind blowing orgasm was certainly not one of them.
“I’ve been looking for you,” Natasha begins like she hadn’t just found you in such a compromising position.
“Nat, I can-” you try to say but she holds up a hand to stop you. You look over at Wanda and she just shrugs at you.
“Can you help me with training some of the new S.H.I.E.L.D recruits tomorrow?” she asks, and you look at her puzzled.
“Tomorrow,” she says slowly, “Fury is sending some new recruits over and I need help training them. Are you available?”
“Uh, yeah I guess,” you reply, still confused. “But don’t you want to know about..” you trail off, gesturing between Wanda and yourself instead of finishing your sentence.
“I already heard enough to figure out what’s going on,” she tells you, a small smirk on her face and you can feel the blush rising on your cheeks when you think about what she would have heard after Tony and Bruce walked away.
“Nat, we’re sorry we didn’t tell you earlier,” Wanda says, and you notice her cheeks are as red as yours feel. “We just kind of wanted to keep it to ourselves for a bit.”
“It’s fine,” she replies, smiling at the two of you, “I already had my suspicions when I noticed the two of you always sneaking off at the same time. You’re not as stealthy as you think.”
“Gee, thanks,” you say dryly. “Um, we’d kind of appreciate you not telling anyone about this though? We wanted to let the team know soon, but we’re still figuring out the best way to do it.” You look up at her nervously, and Wanda’s hand finds yours, squeezing tightly.
“My lips are sealed,” she says, pretending to zip them closed. “I’ll see you in the training room at 8 tomorrow,” she informs you, before turning on her heel and beginning to walk down the hallway.
You blow out a breath, standing slowly and pulling Wanda up with you.
“Well that wasn’t so bad,” you say, matching Wanda’s tender smile with your own.
“Oh just one more thing,” you hear Natasha call out from where she had stopped about twenty feet away. The two of you turn to face her, your hands clasped between you. Natasha smiles widely at you, and you can tell by the look on her face that you’re not going to like what she’s about to say. “I never would have guessed you’d be such a bottom Y/N.”
Her laughter echoes down the hallway as she leaves, and you groan loudly, burying your face in Wanda’s neck as she wraps her arms around you. She presses a soft kiss in your hair, and you can feel her body shaking with laughter.
“Just ignore her malyshka,” she says pulling back from the hug, “now, how about we go to bed and finish what we started?”
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heavenbarnes · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff x Female Reader (18+)
Warning: This will contain spoilers for the TV series “WandaVision”, it will also contain explicit content and each chapter will have warnings/contains at the beginning
There is something about this town, almost like it thrums with an energy that runs through it. There is something about the Vision household, almost like they’re holding something close to their chest. Everything here is perfect, unbearably perfect. You were always meant to find Wanda, but these feelings seemed to be off script. Please Stand By.
Chapter 1: Love is strange
Chapter 2: The times they are a-changin’ 
Chapter 3: She’s not heavy, she’s my lover
Chapter 4: Feel it in the air tonight
Chapter 5: You’re not allowed, you’re uninvited (Coming soon)
Chapter 6: Goddamn right, you should be scared of me (Coming soon)
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marvelsbanner · 4 months ago
Part of a Team
Summary: Wanda is the newest Avengers recruit and she’s having a hard time finding her place in this new life- maybe she can find it in you?
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x y/n, you
Warnings: Brief mention of death and blood, minor language (if you squint theres kind of compromising situations? nothing outright sexual)
Word Count: ~2700
A/N: Reblogs, likes, and comments are VERY much appreciated, all mistakes are my own! xx 
**I don't own marvel and if I did Natasha would be alive**
Tumblr media
Something was wrong. You were just in Strucker’s lab- just on the trail of one of the enhanced twins. The alarms were going off around you and your boots clanged on the metal floor- before you froze in your place, a red haze overtaking you and suddenly you were thrown into the daylight.
You felt tingles run through your veins and down your spine; your head throbbed. You felt vulnerable, seen. What the hell is going on-
You’re in the forest, you think. No- there are rocks. Big rocks-
No, not rocks. Graves. Gravestones. Where the hell are you?
You drag your heavy feet over to the nearest, it takes a moment for your vision to focus.
Who’s grave? Who’s grave? Oh god.  No no no- this, this can’t be-
Natasha Romanoff.
You felt like throwing up. This couldn’t be real. You dragged yourself to another stone situated nearby: Clint Barton. Beloved husband, father, and friend.
It felt like you couldn't breathe, you were just there with them. You were just there.
Your body jerks as cold hands grab your shoulders and spin your body to face them-
You throw your arms around his neck, “STEVE! Oh god Steve! You’re okay- you’re.. cold” you feel something wet and sticky on your hand, pulling it back and seeing red. So much red.
“Steve..” you quickly stumble back, tripping in the process. It’s then you see- it’s too late. His body was grey and lifeless. He falls onto his knees and then collapses totally. You scream and scramble backwards, head hitting another gravestone in the process.
You turn to face it, to read another name of one of the team members you’ve come to call family- but it's not one of theirs. It’s yours.
It’s your name. A graveyard for the Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes.
Suddenly your body jolts and you take a sharp intake of breath- your ears are pounding. Everything hurts. But you see her- the enhanced. She’s looking at you with a look you can’t describe. It’s not fear, it’s not anger.. Pity? Empathy? You can’t look away from her, the glowing red eyes capturing you as their prey.
And then there was black.
A few weeks later and you’re back at the tower. Things have changed- the entire world has changed, really. The battle opened up new doors- literal new doors to new realms- that the world had previously thought impossible.
The team had expanded, with Steve’s friend Sam joining the team, as well as Vision, the synthezoid that helped the team to defeat Ultron.
There was also her.
Wanda Maximoff was one of the enhanced twins from Strucker’s experiments, you eventually learned. It was voluntary, but after learning about her backstory you think you would have done the same in her place. 
She lost her brother- Pietro- in the battle and she took it hard. She didn’t come out of her room when she could help it. Clint was rather protective over her, maybe it was the fatherly figure coming out of him- maybe he was feeling guilt over being the one Pietro sacrificed himself to save. Either way, he was able to get her out of the room a few times and get her to eat. Vision also struck up a strange friendship with the girl- but then again, Vision was easy company, and rather empathetic for a synthezoid.
Everybody took a hit from when Wanda messed with their heads, some more than others.
You didn’t talk for a week.
Didn’t even talk with Clint’s kids when they wanted to play with you.
You didn’t hold it against her. She proved what a valuable asset she was to the team as she fought alongside the group. She did what she thought was right at the time, and that’s not something you could hold against anybody.
Ever since the Battle, Wanda has been staying in the Avengers facilities with the rest of the group, an official Avenger, but you could tell she was still uneasy around the team. She only talked when she was directly talked to and didn't come out of her room but for a few times a day for food and training, sometimes not even then.
And then there was you.
She seemed to avoid you like the plague. You weren’t even sure you two made eye contact for the entire first few weeks she was there.
At first you thought she just didn’t like you, that something about you rubbed her the wrong way, or something you had done had offended her.
But it was her eyes that gave it away- the same soft look that she gave you right after exploring the deepest and darkest parts of your mind that day at Strucker’s lab. She knew from the second it happened that she had hit a deep nerve, and she would continue to give you that damn look every time she thought you didn't notice her.
But you always did.
You couldn’t help it, the way you were drawn to her. She reminded you so much of yourself before joining the team, broken, and alone in your head. You wanted to know her. You wanted to be there for her, be someone to her, you didn’t want her to keep walking on eggshells around you.
And so, you told her.
You found her in the kitchen late one night. She was wearing flannel pajama bottoms and a garnet tank top with a plain gray robe overtop. Her hair was a mess, roughly shoved into a ponytail and her hands were cupped around a mug. She was blowing on what looked to be dandelion tea, and as you got closer the fragrant earthy smell confirmed your suspicions.
She looked adorable.
And slightly startled to find you alone with her.
“Evening” you said as a greeting as you made your way to the counter top.
She gave a tight-lipped half smile with a timid “Hi” before going back to blowing on her tea. She made a slight movement that looked like she was going to try to slip away before you continued,
“You did really well in training the other day. Cap can’t give you enough praise” you say, taking a seat on one of the counter barstools.
She looks puzzled for a moment over your attempt at small talk before getting out a “Thank you.”
You both stood there in silence for a moment, just looking at each other, feeling the air grow thicker with each second ticking by.
“I like the pajamas” you say with a small smirk. You yourself were still dressed for the day in your leather jacket and black jeans. You could have sworn you saw flush creep up her neck before she swallowed it down with a sip of her tea.
There was another silent moment as she gave you a quizzical look, “I don’t quite understand what’s happening here.” She says with a vague hand gesture to the space between them.
You gave a slight chuckle, it was very on-brand for Wanda to be straight to the point.
“Look, Wanda,” You rotated your body on the stool to face her more comfortably,
“I see the way you look at me when you think i’m not looking. You avoid me at any given opportunity, I actually think this has been the most words we’ve exchanged in your whole time living here.”
She raised her ducked head to look you in the eyes and gave a small shake to her head, “I don’t understand.”
You don’t break eye contact, but simply offer a small smile as you reply “I’m not afraid of you, Wanda. And I don’t hold anything from that day against you. All is forgiven, and I would like to move past that. I understand you believed everything you were doing was for the right reasons, and the only thing that it shows me is your dedication and loyalty to a greater cause. Even if it was the wrong one at the time.”
She looked shocked, to say the least. Her mouth slightly opening and closing as she pondered what to say in response.
“You all should be afraid of me. You see the chaos I’ve created and you think you know what I can do,” her voice caught before she continued, “But the truth is I don't even know what i'm capable of. I don’t belong here.” she says softly.
You give a sad smile before slipping off of the stool and moving closer to her.
“We all thought that, at one point or another. We’ve got a whole freak circus here, we’ve got more baggage than Delta flies in a year- that's, that's uh, an airline. My bad.” You elaborate after she gives you a puzzled look, holding back a smile at your stuttered explanation.
“Aaand I ruined the moment.” You give a small chuckle, before continuing “But my point still stands. Nobody belongs here more or less than anyone else. We’re all just here, that's the truth of the matter. We’re just a bunch of unlucky misfits trying to figure out how to work as a team. Just give it a try, and maybe you’ll find you fit in better than you imagined you would.”
At some point during your speech you had moved close enough to take her hand, and you look down at it now, blushing before going to move it away.
Before you could, she gives your hand a squeeze before moving in to place a gentle kiss against your cheek.
“Thank you, y/n.”
And with that she slips away to her room, leaving you alone with your racing heart and her lukewarm mug of tea.
The next morning you found yourself awake bright and early for another morning training session with Nat and Steve- but you had a guest this time.
“Wanda” you greeted, which she returned with a timid “Good morning.”
“I’m glad you could make it” you say, sincerely.
“I decided to take your advice.” She replies with the smallest smile pulling at her lips.
The two of you stood there for a moment, just taking each other in before Steve cleared his throat, “Alright, we should get started then. Wanda, I'll spar with you to start. Nat, you take y/n. Try not to kill each other, please.” He said with a humored smile.
You make your way towards the corner with Nat on your heels. She gives you a quizzical look with a raised brow, glancing between you and Wanda. You roll your eyes and shake your head, only responding with a pointed “Later,” before your legs sweep under hers and an arm wraps around her torso, flipping you both to the ground and landing with you on top of her.
“Using my own move against me, that’s a low blow y/n.” You both laugh, and you barely respond with a “I learned from the best” before she wraps a leg around your waist and grabs your wrists with one hand, flipping you over and pinning you to the ground. She winks and replies “Damn right you did.”
It went like that for another half an hour, the two of you going back and forth battling for the upper hand. Natasha was the one who had trained you since the beginning, and you could almost say you were near her equal now. Well, you could at least give her a run for her money in a spar.
The two of you were panting and glistening with sweat, cheeks flushed from the exercise when she gave you a mischievous wink and called out to the other two, “Hey grandpa, I think I’m done getting my ass kicked by y/n for the day. I want someone easy, come spar with me”
If looks could kill, the look you were giving her would have the assassin dead on the floor.
Steve only looked amused, grabbing a towel to wipe his own sweat as he responded “Bring it on, Romanoff. Try not to break anything, though. I’ve been told they want my bones for the Smithsonian” Nat rolled her eyes and gave a pointedly fake laugh before they made their way to the other side of the gym, leaving you and Wanda alone.
“Hi” you greeted. She responded with a small smile and a “Hi” in return.
She looked as though she were still catching her breath, the rise and fall of her chest was noticeably fast and her face was still adorned with a glisten of sweat and pretty pink flush.
The same flush you saw from her last night, standing in the kitchen with the dim light around her.
Oh God you were in deep now.
“Nat and I were just wrestling around, hand to hand combat kind of stuff, but I see you and Steve were boxing so it's up to you what you’d like to do.” you say quickly.
“Well.. I do have this,” She waves her hand to show her flicker of red powers “for missions, so I don’t think I really need that kind of training.” She says with a smirk, “But I admit, you seem like a good teacher. Maybe.. some basics?”
She was pushing it. Pushing at this, the same way you were pushing last night. Alright, maybe you could run with this.
You give her a teasing smile, “Alright then. We’ll start slowly. May I?” You ask, reaching out for her, but not quite touching.
“By all means” she says, and you can feel the familiar flush creeping up your neck again. You release a puff of breath and shake yourself out of your thoughts before stepping closer to Wanda, and in one fluid motion you had one leg behind hers, your left arm resting against her upper chest and your other at the small of her back, pushing her flush against yourself.
You could hear the small gasp she let out, smirking to yourself.
“This is a simple take down, easy to get out of, but good for beginning. Now i'm just gonna pull you down as slowly as I can-”
You bring her left leg out from under her and carefully let the two of you sink to the floor, leaving you straddled on top of her and pinning her arms to the ground. The air suddenly felt a lot warmer.
You meet her eyes, breath hitching as you feel her pulse quicken beneath your touch.
You clear your throat and begin again, “Like I said before, it’s easy to get out of, but you want to keep the element of surprise. Use your opponent's body weight against them, if you can twist your wrist to slip it out of their grip and use your hips to to flip-”
Before you could even finish she had you pinned beneath her, wind knocked out of you from the impact.
“Like that?” she said, looking down at you through hooded eyes, thick accent teasing- flirting?
You were suddenly very aware of your close proximity and compromising position- flush against each other with her hips straddling your waist; close enough to feel her rapid heartbeat. 
“Yeah- that was- that was good” you sputtered out, barely able to hear yourself over the rapid beating of your own heart. Or maybe it was hers- you aren't sure you could tell the difference between up and down right now.
She gave a proud smirk and opened her mouth to say something before a certain synthezoid floated through the gym walls, clueless to the moment he was interrupting.
“Mr. Stark requests a team meeting and would like you to meet him in the conference room.” He said simply before turning and leaving through the wall again.
Wanda gave you a look that seemed to say we’ll finish this later and moved off of you. You missed the heat of her body immediately.
She offered you a hand up and you gladly took it, the two of you walking side by side in silence to the meeting, shoulders bumping and small smiles shared between you two as you think to yourself that maybe you could get used to this. 
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sapphicshots · 3 months ago
you make a really good fake girlfriend
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Word count: 8k
Warnings: language, sexual situations? (no smut tho), casual drinking (i’ll add any others if necessary)
Prompt: Hello love! Can I please request a Wanda fic where her and the R have to pretend to be a couple on an undercover mission for like a week or something? Maybe they like each other but are too scared to act on it because they don’t think the other person likes them back? I hope that made sense. If you don’t want to write it I totally understand! Thank you and I hope you have a great day!
A/N: okay HI this one is super long, definitely the longest i’ve posted on tumblr. it’s a little cliche (within the fake dating trope) but i don’t think it’s a bad kind of cliche and i kinda love it whoops (this also took literally forever i’m so sorry)
Tumblr media
“Agent Y/l/n, Mr. Rogers and Ms. Romanoff have requested your presence in the office.”
“Thank you, FRIDAY. Tell them I’ll be right there.” you said, slowing to a jog as you turned off the treadmill you’d been using.
You grabbed your towel that was folded on a weight bench and wiped your face before draping it around your neck and taking a drink from your water bottle. 
Steve tended to call you for mission debriefings right when they were about to happen rather than telling you beforehand which usually messed up your morning workouts, but you’d managed to time them well just in case. It only took you a few minutes to get to the office from where you’d been and you were very grateful for the air conditioning being good enough to cool you down by the time you got there.
When you opened the door, you saw Wanda sitting in a chair opposite Steve and Natasha and a crinkle grew between your brows, “There’s a really weird vibe in here, what’s happening? Did someone get fired- am I getting fired?”
“Y/n/n, sit, no one is fired,” Natasha chuckled and gestured towards the empty chair beside Wanda.
Steve dropped a file down in front of you and Wanda and you both leaned forward to read it, but you didn’t make it very far into it. Your heart dropped when you saw what your mission was and you looked up at Nat with pleading eyes but she just gave you a shrug and a look that said ‘there’s nothing I can do’.
“So, you want us to date?” Wanda asked, seeming a bit confused.
Steve swayed forward for a second and crossed his arms, “To pretend to date, yes. Should just be for two weeks, if things go by smoothly. We’ve rented a house for you guys already.”
“Okay, but why us? Why not you and Nat or something?” you asked before turning to Wanda. “Not that I don’t want to or anything- I mean, I’m just-”
“Curious?” Wanda interrupted with a smile to which you nodded. “You’re fine, Y/n/n.”
“You guys are the best suited for this mission,” Nat said simply.
“And why is that?” You asked with a raised brow and a playful glare present.
She rolled her eyes, “Well, you guys are both, you know-”
“Gay?” You interrupted, arms crossed.
“Yes, and the couple who runs this drug cartel is a lesbian couple, so we thought you’d fit in well.”
“Since when is it our job to infiltrate drug cartels?” Wanda frowned.
Steve sighed, “Since the drugs started giving people weird abilities- did you guys only read the first paragraph of the file?”
You rolled your eyes and spun around in your chair a few times before Steve grabbed the back of your chair to stop you, “Y/n, please.”
“When is this, anyway? And where are we going?”
Steve huffed and brought a hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose dramatically, “If you guys would just read the file-”
“-You leave for Miami tomorrow morning,” Natasha answered.
You will arrive at your destination in one minute.
You groaned at the GPS direction interrupting your music for the thousandth time, “I already feel sick of Miami and we’ve just got here.”
Wanda chuckled and rolled her eyes, “Oh, don’t be dramatic, Y/n/n. We’ll be fine.. it’ll be fun.”
“You sound like you’re trying to convince yourself, Maximoff,” you teased and shifted in your seat to look over at her turning into a street.
“Maybe I am.. show me the photo of Vanessa and what’s-her-name again? Uh-”
“Sofia?” you asked, already looking through your phone to find the photo before she had to answer.
Wanda nodded, “Yes, her.”
The GPS spoke again, letting Wanda know that she’d arrived at her destination as you pulled up the photo and tilted your phone in her direction.
She hummed after looking at it and unbuckled her seatbelt before sighing and getting out of the car, you doing the same after shoving your phone in your pocket.
The two of you spent the next few minutes grabbing your suitcases and bringing them inside before going back out to do a short sweep of the car to make sure you had gotten everything.
Just as Wanda closed the trunk, you closed the door to the backseat and walked over to her.
“We’re all done,” She smiled and her eyes flicked to the house behind you as someone walked out.
“What is it?” you asked, tilting your head when you saw her eyes widen slightly.
Wanda smiled at you softly and your confusion grew after she took your hands in hers, pulling you towards her, “I’m going to kiss you,” she said quietly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, which made you blush profusely as you blinked quickly in a feeble attempt to gather your thoughts.
“What, you- you’re what?” you stuttered.
Wanda huffed, but the sweet look on her face was throwing you off, “She’s watching, Y/n. Please don’t be difficult.”
“Oh,” you mumbled and bit your lip, your heart beginning to race. “Um yeah, oka-”
Wanda cut you off with a tender kiss and holy shit her lips are so soft. She brought one of her hands up to cup your cheek and rubbed your knuckles with her thumb to try calming your nerves with the other. 
When she pulled away she peppered kisses on your face, which made you giggle, despite your face feeling like it was bright red, “Are you okay?” she murmured against your cheek.
You nodded in response and brought her hand to your lips to press a kiss to her knuckles before pulling her into the house, but giving her enough time to look over at your new neighbor and give her a little wave.
Both of you let out a breath once the door was closed and she looked at you with an incredulous look on her face, which made you roll your eyes.
“What was that?” She asked, and you shoved your hands into your pockets.
“Nothing, I just-”
“You talk a big game to be getting flustered like that, Y/l/n,” Wanda teased, nudging you in the arm.
You rolled your eyes again and waved her off, “You just caught me off guard is all. Let’s go see the rest of the house.”
Wanda laughed as she walked behind you, and you looked through the kitchen to see if it had everything you needed. She peered over your shoulder and hummed, “We’re going to have to pick up some stuff from the grocery store.”
“Yeah, I mean, I can go after I unpack,” you said, shutting the fridge.
“Are you trying to get rid of me?” Wanda smirked with a raised eyebrow, but upon seeing your frustration she pursed her lips. “I didn’t mean to make you upset, Y/n/n, I’m sorry. She was just looking at us and I didn‘t think we’d get another chance to get her attention today.”
You sighed and shook your head before giving her a half smile, “No, I’m sorry, it’s fine. You were just doing your job.” And that’s all it would be. “I just have to get used to this is all, I guess I just hadn’t really mentally prepared.”
Wanda’s face bore an indistinguishable expression for a moment, but she nodded, “It’s okay, I still need to get used to it, too. Let’s just go look around the house, yeah?”
You hummed in agreement and the two of you made your way into the living room. You looked around halfheartedly until Wanda started walking towards the bedroom and you followed behind her.
“Cute,” she said as she walked in and you stood in the doorway, eyes flicking around the room.
You both seemed to end up looking at the bed that adorned blue comforters and white pillows that looked really soft.
“Um, I can take the couch,” Wanda spoke, clearing her throat.
“No, what?” you frowned. “The bed is, it’s big enough for both of us. You’re not sleeping on the couch.”
She looked reluctant to agree with you so you raised your brow, urging her to say something, “I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything.”
“I’m fine, I promise. I just freaked out a little outside.. Besides, this should help, right? We could use some intimacy practice,” you bit your lip. God that sounds so stupid, you thought.
“Intimacy practice?” she snorted and you lightly hit her arm.
“Shut up, you know I’m right,” you said, and mentally praised yourself for sounding confident.
Wanda put her arms up in surrender, “Okay fine, we’ll practice our intimacy,” she snickered.
“You’re the worst,” you groaned and walked out of the bedroom, but she trailed behind you, and you could hear her bubbly laugh.
“How could you say that? I’m the best girlfriend ever.”
“Sure, Maximoff,” you chuckled.
A few hours later, you’d unpacked, done groceries and put them away, and gone for lunch.
You arrived back home, and got out of the car, meeting Wanda at the door, “What the hell do Nat and Steve expect us to do for two whole weeks?” you groaned as she got close enough to hear you without you having to be too loud.
“At least two weeks,” Wanda reminded, watching you get out your keys and unlock the door. “And I’m not sure, but we can always call them and bother them, they still haven’t given us our full cover... Orrr we can go out to the beach since it’s literally in our backyard.”
“C’mon, it’ll be fun, we can-”
“Hi, ladies!”
Your brows furrowed and you turned around to see Vanessa walking up to you guys. You forced a smile and nudged Wanda towards her in an attempt to not have to talk to her, but Wanda pulled you forwards with her before letting her arm go around your waist.
“Hi,” Wanda smiled, squeezing your side a bit, and you held up your hand to do a little wave.
“I’m Vanessa, I live right next door,” she smiled back, and held her hand out for both of you to shake, which you did.
“Yeah, I think we saw you while we were heading in earlier. I’m Wanda, this is my girlfriend, Y/n.”
“Hi,” you smiled and leaned into Wanda, a bit out of nervousness. In response, she pulled you closer to her and kissed the side of your head, and you had to bite back a smile.
“Did you guys just move here?” she asked. Wanda nodded, “Yes, we got here today.”
“You guys are adorable,” she pouted, and you had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes. “Well, I’m sure you guys have stuff to do, but if you want a break from unpacking you can always come over for drinks sometime.”
Wanda smiled, “That sounds great, we actually don’t have much to unpack.”
“Perfect! Come over tomorrow night, then,” Vanessa smiled and started to walk back to her house. “How does seven sound?”
“Sounds great!” Wanda chirped from beside you and you rested your head on her shoulder, groaning quietly, to which she chuckled and pulled you back towards the door.
“Do you not like her or something?” she chuckled once the door was closed behind you.
Your nose scrunched and you looked over at her, confused, “Sorry, did you forget she runs a drug cartel?”
Wanda huffed, “I know, but otherwise she seems nice, she’s not that bad.”
“I just don’t want to have to be around her any longer than I have to. She makes me nervous,” you shrugged before moving to sit on one of the bar stools at the kitchen island.
Wanda bit her lip as she looked at you, seeming to be thinking, “Is it-”
She was interrupted by your phone ringing and you gave her an apologetic look before answering, “Hey, Nat.. yeah, hold on.”
You put the phone on speaker so Natasha and Wanda could exchange hellos.
“Okay, we’re giving it to you easy. You guys are wedding planners, you’ve got your own company together, we’ve even set you up a website just in case. The link should be emailed to you within the next five minutes. You can literally make a bunch of shit up about the weddings and no one will know, alright?”
You started laughing as soon as Natasha said wedding planners, but Wanda flicked you on the arm to get you to stop. 
“Okay, thank you, Natasha,” Wanda spoke into the phone, lightheartedly glaring at you when you snickered.
“Mhm, call me if you have any questions-”
“Yeah, what the hell are we supposed to do for two weeks?” you asked, and Wanda rolled her eyes.
“You’re in Miami, Y/n. Don’t be boring, go have fun.”
And with that, Natasha hung up the phone.
“See? I was right,” Wanda smiled smugly and you stuck your tongue out at her. “Now, come to the beach with me: your super hot, sexy, witch girlfriend.”
You shook your head with a chuckle and held up your hands in defeat, “Okay, okay. We’ll go to the beach.”
Once you had changed into a swimsuit, you allowed Wanda to drag you out of the house and through the sand as you carried the beach towels.
You glanced over and saw your new neighbor sitting on her balcony reading a book and you squeezed Wanda’s hand to grab her attention, “Wands, I don’t know if this is a great idea.”
Her excitement dissipated when she heard your words and you felt your heartstrings being tugged at when she looked at you with an almost hurt expression.
“I just- she’s out here,” you tilted your head towards the house and Wanda let go of your hand to play with the hem of her bikini top that she looked amazing in while she bit her lip.
“We can head back in, it’s fine.”
You internally kicked yourself and dropped the towels on the floor before grabbing both of Wanda’s hands and pulling her towards the water, “I feel like an asshole now, c’mon.”
She bit back a smile and let you pull her through the shallow part of the ocean until you were both up to the top of your rib cages.
“I guess it is kind of nice out here,” you admitted, to which Wanda smiled smugly. “You told me, I know.”
She chuckled and got closer to you, putting her arms around your neck and wrapping her legs around your waist, “Is she looking again?” you asked, bringing your hands to the underside of her thighs to keep her up.
“Maybe, I don’t know. Can’t a girl enjoy her temporary girlfriend?” Wanda asked playfully, as she ran her delicate fingers through your hair.
“You’re really milking this, aren’t you?” you giggled, and she was close enough for you to properly study the way her eyes looked in the sun and if she stayed still long enough you could probably count all the freckles on her face.
“Of course I am, you’ll never be able to say you’ve had a better fake girlfriend than me,” she said triumphantly.
“Oh, I should step up my game then, huh?” you joked, walking a few paces into the shallower parts of the water, now enjoying the refreshing feeling of it more than you cared to admit.
“Probably,” Wanda hummed. “I don’t think you’d be very hard to beat at the rate you’re going.”
You faked dropping Wanda, letting go of her legs and tipping her back, but you grabbed her before she fell in, laughing at her squeal.
“Drop me in the water and I’ll fake break up with you,” she smacked your arm, despite grinning wildly.
You feigned being offended but waded back into the water, letting it go up to your chest again and trying to keep your mind off Wanda’s very mesmeric way of playing with the necklace you were wearing
“How are you so good at this?” you asked, but upon seeing Wanda’s confused expression, you knew she had no idea what you were talking about. “At this, like the PDA and being touchy with me.”
Wanda shrugged and looked to your collarbone, watching water gently splash into you, “I dunno, I guess it’s just easy with you. Feels right- like, in a way, I guess. I don’t know.”
You smiled softly and nodded, “Cute, Maximoff.”
She rolled her eyes and dropped her head to your shoulder to hide her smile, “Shut up, I’m being so nice to you right now.”
“Okay, okay, sorry,” you chuckled. “That’s nice to hear, I guess.”
Wanda snickered and shook her head against you, “You’re horrible.”
You and Wanda stayed in for an hour, just messing around with each other, until you suggested that you go inside so you didn’t get sunburns, but you promised her that you’d come back out with her later to watch the sunset.
You both took turns showering and changed into comfortable clothes, you wearing a light sweater and shorts and Wanda wearing a t-shirt and sleep shorts. 
Wanda made you both something to eat for dinner and you finished just in time for the sunset outside. Wanda brought the file you’d been given at the compound with her outside to review everything with you while you sat out, and you carried a towel for you both to sit on since you’d just showered and so you didn’t bring a bunch of sand back into the house.
Wanda sat close to you, and your pinkies were intertwined on top of the towel as you watched the sun go down. Every once in a while one of you would say something, but you didn’t have a conversation until the sun was almost down and Wanda brought the file into her lap and opened it.
She read everything out to you before reviewing the things Steve had underlined, very intent on making sure you remembered everything. You thought it was adorable the way she insisted that she quiz you on a mission file.  
Just as you were about to answer one of her questions you were able to make out Vanessa walking in your direction, still far away, “Fuck, fuck.” you muttered, moving to straddle Wanda and sit on her lap.
Wanda glanced over and groaned, “Do you think if we just sit here like this she’ll go away?” she asked, pulling the file between your bodies, and you shuffled closer to cover it completely.
“Does it look like that would make her go away?” you huffed and ran your fingers through Wanda’s hair, pushing it away from her face.
“Y/n, if anything we can just talk to her-”
“Are you kidding? We’ll look like horny teenagers with me sitting on top of you like this. What if she invites us inside her house or if we have to make an excuse to go back inside and she sees it when we get up? It’s got a giant Avengers logo printed on the front of it,” you shook your head.
Wanda bit her lip and let out a breath before licking her lips, looking conflicted because she knew both of you were thinking about doing the same thing.
You rolled your eyes, “Oh, c’mon Wands, you were so intent on kissing me earlier, what’s-”
Wanda tilted your chin down with her thumb and her index finger, making your lips meet hers. One of your hands went up to her neck and you traced her jawline with your thumb as you kissed while your other hand was at her waist subconsciously digging your fingers into her skin (but nowhere near hard enough to hurt her). 
You kissed eagerly and smiled into it when her tongue darted out between her lips and licked your bottom one. You parted your lips and let her into your mouth, humming when your tongues touched for the first time. 
Wanda started to kiss down your neck, angling her face so she could see Vanessa, “For fuck’s sake, she’s still coming.. Y/n, moan or something.”
“What?” you hissed, bringing your hand up to her hair. “I feel like we’re doing way more than we should be having to do for this mission.”
“Please, she’ll go away if she gets uncomfortable, just do it,” Wanda whispered urgently as she continued leaving open mouth kisses at your neck, occasionally nipping and marking the skin there.
“How am I supposed to just-” you interrupted yourself with a moan when Wanda bit down on your neck before sucking on your pulse point. Your grip on her hair tightened, making her hum into your neck.
“There we go,” Wanda mumbled. You shivered upon feeling her hot breath and you could feel her smiling against you.
She started to kiss your shoulder now, but you pulled her back with the hand that was in her hair, not very hard albeit, and your eyebrow raised when she let out a little whimper. Her eyes widened and you smirked before leaning forwards to kiss her again, “Someone likes getting her hair pulled.” you whispered against her lips, which earned you a smack on the arm.
“Mention it to anyone and I’ll give you nightmares for three months straight, Y/n.”
You snickered and tugged at her hair a little harder this time, but your face flushed when she let out an involuntary moan. “I hate you so much,” she pinched you in the side.
“But I’m the best girlfriend ever,” you pouted and now it was your turn to kiss down her face to her neck, because to be fair, you really just wanted to leave a few hickeys, since she left them all over your neck.
Wanda’s breath hitched when you nipped at the skin underneath her ear and you felt her breathing quicken.
“Y/n/n, she’s gone,” she said breathlessly. 
You soothed the skin you’d been sucking on with your tongue and left two more kisses before moving away while biting back a smile. Her eyes went down to your neck almost immediately. You assumed was looking at the hickeys she’d left and you started laughing quietly.
Wanda was now trying to suppress a smile, but it didn’t last long and soon, she was laughing along with you, “I can’t believe we just did that.”
“It was for the mission,” you snickered, arms going to rest on Wanda’s shoulders.
“Mhm,” she said playfully before sighing. “We should probably go back inside, huh?”
You nodded and got off her lap, grabbing the towel once she’d stepped off of it. The moment you stepped foot in the house Wanda’s phone started ringing.
Wanda’s brow furrowed and she closed the door to the backyard, walking over to the counter quickly, and her heart started to race a little when she saw the caller ID. She held up her phone to you for a moment, “There’s no way she knows..”
However, as soon as she answered the call and put it on speaker, you were both met by Natasha’s yelling, “Why the fuck did I just see the mission file on the beach while one of your targets was in the vicinity?”
“Uh, what?” you squeaked as you watched Wanda’s eyes go wide.
“There’s cameras outside, idiots. If Steve found out you guys did that you’d probably never be allowed on another mission again.”
“You watched us?” you scoffed and crossed your arms, even though Nat couldn’t see you.
“Yes, obviously,” she said, and you could hear her clearing her throat.
Wanda opened and closed her mouth a few times before she spoke, “Is there audio for the security cameras, by any chance?”
“Uh... yes.”
“Oh god,” Wanda groaned and covered her face with her hands.
“The file stays inside your bedroom in a sex drawer or something, don’t bring it out of that room, am I understood?” Nat asked.
“Yes ma’am,” you responded.
“Don’t get cocky with me, Y/n.”
You frowned, “I’m not being cocky I’m literally just saying yes ma’am-”
And then Natasha disconnected the call.
“Well that didn’t go very well,” Wanda cleared her throat, and you both looked over at the file that was now sitting on the kitchen counter.
“Yeah, we should go put that away.”
“That was so embarrassing,” Wanda muttered a few hours later as the two of you were getting into bed.
“So what, you have a hair pulling kink? We all have our own things-”
“I’ll make you sleep on the couch, Y/n.”
“You’d be bored without me to bother you,” you stuck out your tongue as you turned towards her and tugged the comforter up to cover your shoulder.
“I’ll risk being bored,” she teased and turned towards you.
You stayed looking at each other for a few seconds and your heart fluttered because you realized that you were in the same bed as Wanda. Yeah, you’d just made out on the beach and you gave each other hickeys, but this was the perfect amount of domestic. 
You’d been pining after her for the past few months. Luckily, it didn’t seem too noticeable, but Natasha did figure it out pretty quickly. If nothing stopped you, you were pretty sure that by the end of the mission you’d be head over heels for her at the rate you were going. Her touch was practically electric and everything she did drove you mad, even especially the teasing.
She looked deep in thought too, and before you could stop yourself you asked, “What are you thinking about?”
“You,” she said sleepily.
“Mhm,” she nodded against her pillow, and you watched her yawn softly.
“What about me?”
“You’re a good kisser,” Wanda murmured, and her hand reached forward to brush your hair back and away from your neck while a mischievous smile grew on her face. “And you bruise easily, too.”
You chuckled and rolled your eyes, swatting her hand away playfully. 
“You’re also really nice to me. And you’re fun to be around, even if you’re a pain in the ass a quarter of the time,” she smiled and shuffled closer to you, reaching her arms out.
You smiled back at her and pulled her into your arms, but she pushed you gently to lay on your back before wrapping an arm around your waist and settling into the crook of your neck. 
“You tired?” you asked.
“Yeah,” she mumbled.
You could feel her soft lips and warm breath against your skin, and you swore she could read your mind because it was screaming a whole bunch of very loud thoughts at you and they were all about the girl laying in your arms.
You took a breath to calm yourself and threaded your fingers through her hair, “You tired yourself out trying to be the best fake girlfriend, huh?”
She didn’t respond for a few moments until she let out a little ‘mhm’, and you took that as your cue to let her sleep.
“Goodnight, Wands.”
“‘Night, Y/n/n.”
The next day passed fairly quickly. You and Wanda slept in since you didn’t have anything to do. She made breakfast (that was more like brunch) and you watched two movies before going out for a late lunch and coming back home to shower and get ready to go over to Vanessa’s house.
When you came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around yourself, you saw Wanda had put on a little red dress that went up to her mid thighs. It wasn’t too fancy or anything, but the material hugged her body perfectly and it made her look like she modeled dresses like that for a living. You tore your eyes away from her before you were caught staring, “You look pretty.” you said, letting your hair down.
Wanda looked at you from the mirror where she was fixing her own hair and smiled softly, “Thanks, Y/n/n. Go get changed, c’mon, I wanna see your dress.”
You took your dress from the bed and brought it back inside the bathroom with you. You sighed when you looked at yourself in the mirror after it was on. It was black, much more flowy than Wanda’s. A little longer than hers too. You shook your head and let your hair fall where it wanted before stepping out, “What do you think?”
“I think you look great,” Wanda smiled again, this time biting her lip. “Come, sit.” she said, waving you over.
She pulled you to straddle the bench on the vanity next to her and mirrored the way you were sitting.
“What are you doing?” you chuckled, watching her grab the bag that had your makeup in it from the counter and rifle through it.
“Covering up your hickeys, genius. I’m sure you like them a lot, but you can look at them again later tonight,” she teased and pulled out your concealer and her color corrector that was already sitting on the counter.
Wanda moved closer to you before tilting your head to the side to start at the one under your jaw. You watched her cover them one by one through the mirror, a Taylor Swift song playing quietly from Wanda’s phone to keep you both entertained, though you were content just looking at her.
She finished up and leaned back with a smile, “Looks like they were never there.”
“Doesn’t feel like it,” you chaffed and she rolled her eyes. “But thank you.”
At the end of the hour, you were walking through Vanessa’s driveway hand in hand. You could feel Wanda’s nervousness. She’d been more quiet in the past few minutes than she had been all day.
“You feel okay?” You asked as you reached the door, gently squeezing her hand.
She squeezed yours back and put on a little smile, “Just a little anxious is all.”
Before you could say anything else, the door swung open and Vanessa stood behind it. A blonde woman who you recognized as Sofia was walking up to greet you and Wanda.
You let Wanda introduce you as her girlfriend and Vanessa introduced Sofia as her wife.
Their house seemed very expensive. As they led you through it, you kept getting distracted from what Vanessa was rambling about by the sleek furniture, the large paintings that hung from the crisp looking white walls, and the little white dog who’d been groomed to make her head shaped like a cotton ball.
The dog, whose name turned out to be Chloe, followed the four of you out to the patio.
They had a fully stocked bar around a dozen feet away from two couches across from each other with a low table in between them, where you sat next to Wanda and Vanessa sat next to Sofia.
Wanda put her arm around your waist and you took the opportunity to lean into her and put your hand on her lap.
Your attention was drawn to your hand when she covered it with her own and laced your fingers together, and your brain short circuited for a second. Sure, you’d held hands before, but the way she was rubbing your thumb with hers was distracting and you ended up staring at her long fingers for probably far too long because when you looked back up, Vanessa was handing you a drink and there was a plate of nachos sitting in the middle of the table.
Vanessa and Sofia both downed a shot of tequila each, while you took a small sip of champagne, knowing you had to pace yourself. You’d assumed that Wanda told them neither of you wanted tequila because a glass of champagne was sitting on the table in front of her, too.
“V tells me you guys just moved here, where’d you come from?” Sofia asked, and the look on her face gave you an uneasy feeling.
Wanda answered quickly, and you knew now was the time to let her speak so you didn’t step on each other’s toes and screw up the mission, “We came from New York.”
“Ah, once a city girl, always a city girl,” she smiled, and your eyes flicked over to Vanessa who was eyeing Wanda as she took a sip from her margarita. “You come for the warmer weather?”
Wanda squeezed your hand a little at the question and tried to give an acceptable answer that didn’t sound too suspicious, “Eh, I mean, I don’t -”
“She doesn’t mind the cold. I don’t think either of us do, to be honest,” you shook your head, and put on a little smile before squeezing her hand back. “I think we both just needed a fresh start to be on our own, away from our families and all that. And we figured Miami was a good place to us since it’s a big city, so our business should do well here.”
“What do you guys do?” Vanessa chirped, tilting her head curiously.
“We have a wedding planning company.”
“And you’re not married?” she asked, now chuckling.
“Uh, no,” you shook your head again, this time blushing a little. You glanced over to Wanda, who was blushing too, and when her eyes met her laugh started to bubble up.
“You guys have to get on that soon if you’re making it happen for everyone else,” Vanessa hummed, now taking another sip of her drink. 
“I’m sure it’ll happen eventually,” Wanda smiled softly, and you looked down at your hands again, this time to take her hand into your lap and play with the rings on her fingers. “We just have to wait for when we’re ready, especially with moving and everything, I don’t think it’s the right time for an engagement.”
The conversation transitioned to restaurants in Miami fairly easily, thanks to Sofia, who you noticed seemed like she was used to taking charge of things, and that gave you the impression she was more involved in the cartel than Vanessa was.
They recommended a few different restaurants before bringing up the fact that they owned a club, which was something you and Wanda knew, of course. Wanda asked a few questions about it as naturally as she could. It didn’t take long for them to invite you to swing by and sit in the VIP section later in the week, and to be honest, you couldn’t tell if they were being so nice because they thought you were sweet or because they wanted a foursome.
Half an hour later, Vanessa was a little past tipsy, you and Wanda had both gotten through your champagnes, and Sofia somehow didn’t seem to be affected by her margarita at all.
“I have to ask,” Vanessa smirked after taking a sip of her drink. “Who’s the top?”
Wanda choked on the new champagne that had been given to her and your eyes went wide, but you rubbed her back while she coughed a few times before clearing her throat.
“Baby, stop embarrassing them,” Sofia scolded, but Vanessa waved her off and rested her chin on her hands, looking between the two of you.
Wanda still seemed shocked, and she blinked a few times before asking trying to ask, “Sorry, you mean like-”
“Well, duh, what else could I mean?”
Your mouth opened and closed as you looked over at Wanda, but she spoke before you managed to get anything out, “I mean, I guess I am.”
You scoffed and rolled your eyes, “Please, Wands, there’s no way-”
“What do you mean, there’s no way? You’re the one who gets flustered all the time,” she frowned, now looking straight at you.
“Barely- and how would that mean I can’t top-”
“You’re switches then?” Vanessa interrupted and Sofia nudged her in the side. You and Wanda both stared at each other for a couple of seconds before chuckling.
“Yeah, I suppose so,” Wanda said with a little smile.
Suddenly, Vanessa squealed again, and you could see that she’d come up with another thing to ask you and Wanda, which worried you after hearing what she’d just asked, “How did the two of you get together? I forgot to ask.”
“Oh, we met through a mutual friend, at a thing for her work- it was a party, I guess. I’d always thought Y/n was beautiful, though. Whenever our friend would show me photos of the two of them together I’d fawn over her- it was a whole thing, I got teased for it relentlessly,” Wanda giggled, and you were stuck with a blush on your cheeks. She was telling the story so naturally it was making you hope for things you knew you couldn’t have with her. 
Wanda’s phone started buzzing, which caught your attention, and you huffed when you saw Steve’s name on the screen, “Uh, I’ll be right back- I’ve gotta take this, it’s for work.”
You squeezed Wanda’s hand instinctively, not wanting her to leave, but she got up, squeezing your hand back and giving you a sympathetic smile before walking away, her heels clicking on the floor.
“I didn’t realize wedding planners were on call after work hours,” Sofia took a sip from her drink, but the way she made her comment was making you feel a little uneasy.
“Yeah, we don’t usually but we’ve been having issues with our flower vendor lately.”
Sofia hummed in acknowledgement and turned to Vanessa to talk to her. You rubbed the back of your neck, looking in Wanda’s direction, to watch her speak with Steve on the phone. Your breath was caught in your throat as she ran her fingers through her long hair, which showed off her strong jaw and long neck for a few moments before her hair fell back over her shoulder.
The two of you made eye contact when she turned in your direction and sighed, looking frustrated. You shot her a small smile that she returned with a small smile before frowning at whatever was just said to her and going back to talking.
Wanda rolled her eyes and nodded a few times, saying something else that you still couldn’t hear before making her way back.
“What did the uh, flower vendor say?” You asked carefully when she got to the couch.
You promptly felt a warm feeling in your head, and you knew Wanda was reading your mind, trying to figure out what you’d told them. The feeling dissipated almost as fast as it crept up, and she cleared her throat before speaking, “We lost them, but it’s alright, we can always call Carol.”
You smiled at the use of your friend’s name and nodded.
The rest of the night went perfectly. You exchanged phone numbers with Vanessa and Sofia and they promised to confirm a day later in the week for you and Wanda to come by the club before you and Wanda walked home, hand in hand. 
Once inside, the two of you wound down and didn’t talk much. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence, you both just wanted to get ready for bed. You settled down under the comforter, half propped up by some pillows after eating a snack and washing all of the makeup that had covered your face and neck off and put on some random tv show, leaving the volume down because you were a little too tired to force yourself to pay attention.
After getting out of the bathroom, Wanda trudged over, now in sweats and huffed before laying on top of you, with her head on your chest. Your hand went up to thread your fingers through her hair instinctively, and you switched between doing that and scratching her head.
“You know, I was wrong. You’re a pretty good fake girlfriend,” she admitted, which made you chuckle.
“You aren’t too bad yourself, but I know I’m a little better at this than you,” you teased.
“As if,” Wanda scoffed and nuzzled further into you, her arms tightening around your torso.
“You’re going to have to ste- step up your game, Wands,” you said, yawning in the middle of your sentence.
Wanda giggled and nodded, “Sure, baby.”
Your face burned at the nickname, but you just hummed in acknowledgement. 
“Did you make the air colder while I was in the bathroom or something?” she mumbled quietly.
“Yeah, sorry, I know it’s chilly.”
Wanda shook her head against you, “It’s okay, you feel cold, so I figured. I can get us another blanket though,” she offered.
“It’s fine, I don’t want to make you get up.”
“Y/n/n, I have magic,” she snickered, shooting down your protest. With that she twirled her fingers around and they glowed red for a second before a blanket in the wire basket across the room moved up, spread out, and covered both you and Wanda. It was tucked around you snugly, and you pulled her closer, enjoying her warmth. 
Neither of you said much else, and you fell asleep like that.
By the end of the next week, you and Wanda had made considerable progress in the mission. All you had left to do was keep your cover for the night at the club while Natasha snuck into the backroom to get Sofia, Vanessa, and the rest of the people they worked with into the Avenger’s custody.
The two of you were on comms so Natasha could check in every so often to talk to you about what she was doing while you sat in your usual place in the VIP section near Vanessa’s friends who you’d become acquainted with. Apparently there were a lot of lesbians in Miami because most of them seemed to have hooked up with each other before.
You were now turned away from Wanda, listening to a story this girl Ana was telling you about her family’s boat, while she sat behind you with her left arm draped over your shoulder and her chin resting on your other shoulder.
You could tell she was bored, which was fair because you were both used to doing much more interesting things than gossiping with people who do nothing all day, and she wasn’t hiding it very well. In an effort to keep herself entertained, she was fucking with you in every way possible. Her right hand rested on your thigh, and every so often she would press kisses to your shoulder or the back of your neck before nipping at the skin there.
Just now, she’d tried to suck a hickey at your shoulder, but you nudged her off of you, making her scoff. She then groaned quietly and rested her head on you in defeat while you suppressed a chuckle.
It wasn’t long before Vanessa’s friends left to the bathroom in a group, and they insisted that you both should stay at the table because Wanda had said her feet were hurting from dancing earlier. You immediately turned towards her once they were gone and glared playfully, “What are you trying to accomplish, Wands?”
“Nothing, darling, can’t I just have a nice time with my girlfriend?” she asked, a smirk playing at her lips as she twirled the ends of your hair with her fingers.
“Of course you can, my love, but I’m sure there are other ways to have a nice time that don’t involve making out with my neck,” you teased.
Wanda rolled her eyes, “If you want to complain about me making out with you, I’ll give you a reason to complain.” she said pointedly, pulling you towards her so she could kiss you.
Your lips moved together naturally now, as you’d both gotten used to kissing each other, but it wasn’t very long before you were interrupted by Natasha groaning over comms, “I can hear you and hate you. If I see you two sticking your tongues down each other’s throats on the quinjet because you can’t wait until you get to the compound I will strap parachutes to your backs and throw you out. You horny fuckers can’t go two seconds-”
You pulled away from Wanda to curse under your breath, “You must be getting old because all you like to do anymore is complain.”
“I hope you remember calling me old next time we train together Y/l/n,” Natasha retorted, which made you chuckle in ignorant bliss, ignoring the fact that you knew she would hand your ass to you.
You brushed off her comment and moved further down to kiss Wanda’s jaw, “Besides, we’re just doing this for the mission.” you said, reminding yourself more than anyone.
You felt Wanda’s breath hitch and you eased away from her, kissing back up to her lips and pecking her nose twice before sitting back and taking a sip of your drink.
Nat gave a ‘yeah, right’ over comms which made you roll your eyes.
Wanda did her best to suppress a smile, but broke out into giggles, which made your heart flutter in the cheesiest way possible. 
A minute or two later, your eyes scanned over the club and your brows furrowed, “They should be back already, right?”
“Well, one of Vanessa’s friends wouldn’t happen to be blonde in a tacky-ass hot pink bodycon dress would she?” Natasha asked in a hushed voice.
“Fuck,” you groaned. “Nat, do you need help?”
After hearing a loud crash over comms before the devices started to emit a high pitch ringing, you and Wanda both ripped them out before getting to the backroom as quickly as possible. 
When you arrived, you watched Natasha push herself off a (now broken) metal shelf that was on the ground. You and Wanda had to work efficiently since Natasha was occupied with Sofia, who wasn’t too bad at fighting, but Natasha was way better.
What caught you off guard was the fact that their friends had powers, but you probably should have seen it coming. It wasn’t very hard to contain the girls with you, Wanda, and Natasha there, and a short fifteen minutes later, they were being loaded into a SHIELD van that would take them to a base for questioning. 
After talking to Steve on the phone, the three of you made your way to the beach house, where you were staying for the night before leaving in the morning. Natasha borrowed clothes from you and got comfortable on the couch while you and Wanda retreated to your room.
You’d taken a bit longer than Wanda to get ready for bed. You were really tired, and you were moving slowly, now brushing your teeth. You heard the bed creak, and you assumed it was Wanda moving around in it, but you soon saw her come over and wrap her arms around your waist from behind before dropping her chin down to your shoulder, reminding you of how she’d been doing the same thing earlier in the evening.
“Hi,” she hummed, closing her eyes.
You mumbled a ‘hi’ in return the best you could with your toothbrush in your mouth which made her giggle, and you smiled at feeling her laugh behind you and her warm breath on your skin.
“Tonight’s our last night,” her arms around you tightened a bit as she said that, and you nodded before you spit your toothpaste in the sink and rinsed your mouth.
Both of you had settled too far into this fake relationship and you knew it was going to either cause weird tension or make you feel like shit when you got back to the compound, and you didn’t want either of those things to happen. 
You expected Wanda to let you go, but her arms stayed where they were at your hips. Your eyes flicked up to hers in the mirror and your bottom lip caught between your teeth as you maintained eye contact.
Your pulse drummed in your ears when her hands gripped your hips and turned you around to face her. 
All the questions you’d been wanting to ask her were now swirling around in your mind and you were sure she could hear your thoughts, or at least the chaos going on up in your head. She was standing so close to you. She hadn’t moved back and neither had you - but this time it was different. You couldn’t say you were just doing it to get more comfortable around her. You no longer had the excuse of pretending to be dating. All your bullshit reasons to be close to her were useless now.
“Y/n/n,” she said quietly before licking her lips, which momentarily drew your attention to them until you willed yourself to meet her eyes again. “You make a really good fake girlfriend.”
You forced the right side of your mouth up in a lazy attempt at faking a smile and Wanda rolled her eyes, seeing right through it, “I bet you’d make an even better real one though… Go on a date with me?”
Your eyebrows shot up and you stayed at a loss for words for a few seconds before starting to chuckle, “That was.. really smooth.”
Wanda smacked your arm lightly which was becoming a very common occurrence and whined your name, “I’m sorry, sorry.” you laughed, holding up your hands in defense, “Yes, I’d love to go on a date with you- like so much Wands.”
A grin broke out on her face and your heart swelled, feeling a bit prideful because she liked you and you were the reason she was smiling like that.
“I don’t really know how you want to go about this,” she started. “Since we’ve already made out and all, but technically we haven’t even had a first date or anything, so if you don’t want to we don’t have to k- mph”
You cut Wanda off with a hungry kiss and her lips moved against yours almost immediately.
When she moaned into your mouth after your hand went down to her ass, you pulled away, not missing the blush on her face.
“Does that answer your question?”
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dilfwaynes · 12 days ago
“they’re gonna catch us—” with wanda ? if youre still doing the blurb thing if not no worries :)
bundle night is open !!
⚢ pairings ; wanda maximoff x fem!reader
✗ warnings ; smut, strap-on use, degradation and paise kink, wanda fucking the reader in her childhood bedroom lol
a/n: kinda went off with this one but i hope u enjoy it anon. no regrets tbh i want her so bad
navigation | masterlist | marvel hcs masterlist
Tumblr media
“they’re gonna catch us,” you bite your lip holding back a moan at the contact of wanda’s cold fingers brushing at the back of your thighs under your oversized rolling stones shirt. she quietly laughs, griping your ass and squeezing, hard.
“let them,” she mutters back, pushing herself more into you as she leaves open mouth kisses on your neck. you tangle your hand in her darken red hair, mentally rolling your eyes at her faux nonchalance; everyone knew your dad hated wanda and she very much was supposed to be couch bounded on the small trip on visiting your family.”besides, weren’t you the same one fighting with daddy to let me sleep in the same bed as you?”
you sigh out feeling her warm tongue lick the fresh mark she drew from your skin, pushing her farther into you, pinning her body against yourd and the twin bed,”maybe he was right, the bed is small and shaky.” you hush out, quiet in fear you’ll wake your family.
“i’ll make it shake alright,” she murmurs, shifting to stand on her knees to peel her tshirt off and quickly make time to grab the strap she packed in her suitcase, placing it around her hips as you watch her with hooded eyes
“these gotta go malysh,” she practically rips the lace in half when pulling down to your legs and throwing them somewhere across the room, her nimble fingers making fast work through your silt, dipping inside you, enjoying your mewls
“you have to be quiet sweet girl unless you want your dad coming in here and see me fucking his little girl,”she mocks, a cocky grin plastered on her face. the strap bumps your entrance, you were already so sensitive and needy you couldn’t keep in the moan from spilling out. rising an eyebrow amused she continues on,”or maybe that’s what you want? is that why you wanted me to sleep with you in what, what did you say? this little shaky bed? to have me tear your needy pussy? i’ll fucking break this bed, and your back while i’m at it. maybe that’ll shut your dad up for once.”
you let out a quiet whine at her words, her strap pushing in you so deliciously, the tip poking out at your stomach. her hands on your hips to help slide herself into you, your nails digging in her back. throwing your head back against your pillows with the pleasure seeping with wanda snapping her hips upwards, burying her face in your neck, her thrusts building up. your bed starts to shake already with your headboard hitting the wall, though it’s nagging at the back of your head you pay no attention, just clawing at wanda’s back with each pound she fucks you with, your hips already blue with a handprint.
”maybe that’s what he needs to see though,” she chuckles, slamming the cock into you, each snap of her hips has your head banging slightly against the already shaking headboard.”his daughter getting her brains fucked out to take off the rose tinted glasses and see how much of a whore you are, that’ll finally shut him up.” she grunts, reaching up and grabbing the headboard to give her the advantage to thrust into you deeper, the muscles flexing under your hold.
“fuck baby you’re so hot, you’re gonna make me cum, go harder.” you cry out, digging and digging into her back, feeling the warm draw of blood on the pads of your fingers. she hauls for a moment, and you almost complain until she jitters out a few thrusts, the cock brushing angling right in your g-spot. you quickly bite down on her shoulder to stop yourself from screaming, a blur of white washing over you with the coil of your stomach snapping. your eyes rolling to the back of your head, wanda still fucking you through your orgasm.
slowing down and just dragging the to brush your walls lightly, your breathing heavy and heart pounding against wanda, her body trapped to yours. she softly tucks some hair behind your hair, withdrawing her hands from gripping your headboard, giggling at your fucked up state. leaning down and kissing you.
“maximoff i swear to god if those sounds are what i think they are, and if you’re not out of that room by the account of three, you’re done girl!” her face curls into a smirk slightly, ignoring your whine at her pull out of the strap-on and discarding it back in her suitcase. sloppily giving you a kiss before throwing her pants and shirt on at hearing the heavy steps of your father coming.
you laugh breathless at wanda rushing out of the room and back to the couch, falling your head back onto the pillows
she definitely did make your bed shake alright.
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yourtaletotell · a month ago
Simmer ↟ Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Wanda can't stand each other, and are assigned to a mission. Something goes wrong and you need to use your power to help Wanda . Is there something more about the tension between you?
Warnings: Mention of blood; mention of injury; sexual themes - Smut; +18 only.
A/N: The power of controlling the blood is called hemokinesis.
Words: 2,091
You wanted to kill Steve and Tony, you wanted a slow and painful death for them. They knew that you and Wanda couldn't stay in the same place, but they still insisted that you had to do a mission together. You always did missions alone with Natasha and Clint, sometimes Bucky and Sam, but never with Wanda.
Wanda on the other side, wanted to punch Clint for making the suggestion to Tony and Steve. He wanted the team to be more united. You two never talked without making some sarcastic joke about each other. There was just no dynamic between you.
However, the mission was only a recon mission, but a mental trigger caused Wanda to attack some Hydra guards and end up getting hurt. She was shot in the left side of her waist.
You had to eliminate the base by yourself, after you managed to get Wanda to a safe place. The quinjet was also destroyed, along with your communication. You felt anger in your body. After destroying the base you went back to Wanda. You approached her, realizing that she was unconscious. You brought a hand to her cheek and used your powers to wake her up.
She woke up startled and you didn't give her time to react. You slipped one of your arms under her legs and the other behind her back. She was about to curse, but soon you lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her arms around your shoulders to steady herself, she tried not to show it but you knew she was fighting the pain.
"You trust me?" You said looking at Wanda who seemed to hesitate.
She nodded but was about to say something that was interrupted by you running. You had superhuman agility, so running while carrying Wanda was not a problem. You ran all the way through the forest where the base was, looking for some cabin until you found one.
When you stopped running, in front of the cabin door, Wanda extricated herself from your body with difficulty and stood facing you. She had an angry look on her face. You were about to apologize, but were interrupted by a sequence of punches on your shoulders.
"What's wrong with you?" Wanda shouted, still throwing punches at your shoulders. "You could have hurt me even more."
"It's my fault for trying to help you?!" You shouted back.
You tried to pull away but she kept punching you. You didn't want to lose your head, but Wanda wasn't helping so with one quick movement you grabbed Wanda's wrists and pressed her against the cabin door. She looked at you angrily, very angrily.
"You are going to stay calm, or I will leave you here and go away." You threatened with a serious tone and you could feel Wanda looking into your eyes searching if you were speaking the truth. You weren't.
She was about to react, but felt a sharp pain coming from the bullet hole. You let go of her wrists and put one of her arms around your shoulder. You knocked on the cabin door a few times but didn't hear anything. Quickly you kicked the doorknob and the door opened. The cabin didn't look completely abandoned, and it didn't even look like it had been used recently. It didn't smell as bad as some abandoned place, but it didn't have a pleasant smell either. You noticed that the calendar on the wall was from 6 months ago.
"If it has an owner he will kill us." Wanda said between teeth.
"Will you stop complaining? I'm trying to help you." You said, looking around for any sign of life but the cabin seemed completely empty.
You led Wanda to a couch and helped her sit down. You knelt in front of her and lifted the jacket of her suit to see the wound, but Wanda held your hand. You looked at her, raising an eyebrow in question, and noticed that she was not breathing properly.
"I can heal you." You held her gaze, noticed her hesitate with you for the second time that day, but then she released your hand. You pulled her jacket away and took a closer look at the wound. The bullet was gone, so you would not need to make much effort. "I need you to take off the lower part of the suit."
You stood up, walking away and turning your back to Wanda. You could hear her movements, until she called out to you. You turned to her and held your breath as you noticed the panties she was wearing, but quickly turned your attention to the bruise that seemed to bleed more. You moved closer, kneeling down in front of her again.
"You are going to feel your body burn, it's uncomfortable." You said looking into Wanda's eyes. "Squeeze my arm if it hurts too much and I'll take it easy."
She nodded to you, you held Wanda with your arm because you knew the reaction the bodies had to your power. You placed your other hand over Wanda's wound, which trembled at your touch. Looking away from her, you focused your energy on your hand. Your fingers exhaled the power, which was seeking to close Wanda's wound. Maybe it was the position you were in, the lack of clothing, the tension between you. Wanda felt her body trembling under your touch. She tried to get the idea into her head that it was just a reaction to your power. A shock ran through her body making her grip your arm tightly.
The shock seemed to intensify, even though she squeezed your arm and you didn't stop. You watched the bullet hole close slowly, until it was complete. You kept emanating the power over Wanda's skin until you were satisfied, noticing that there was no scar on the redhead's skin. You looked at Wanda who was staring at you with an indescribable look, she was still squeezing your arm. You put your hand on her waist, waiting for some bad reaction, but she didn't.
A loud thunder split the sky, echoing through the forest and the cabin, causing you to startle away. She got up from the couch, still only wearing the top of her suit, and walked away in the direction of the cabin's corridors.
You didn't go after Wanda, you fell asleep on the couch, and by the events of the day, you ended up dreaming about Wanda. Not just any dream, but having sex with her. Your body reacted to the dream, making your whole body hot. You had to get up in the middle of the night and walking down the corridor of the cabin, you went to one of the rooms that had its door closed. You heard what sounded like a moan.
"Wanda?" You said knocking on the door. "Are you okay?"
There was silence and then the door opened. You ran your gaze down to the woman in front of you, she had messy hair, wearing only panties and a bra. She looked breathless. Her pupils were dilated.
"Your touch." She whispered. You looked at her with a confused look, the tension between you was now different. "I need your touch."
You smiled at her and approached the woman who took a step back, you took another step towards her and then she stopped. You raised your hand to her arm, you knew how to control your power, so you made your fingers radiate a trail of warmth where your hand went. Wanda shivered and didn't take her gaze off you at any time. You ran your fingers up to Wanda's lips. The warmth of your touch, on Wanda's lips and your intense gaze, made her let out a sigh and pulled you by your suit jacket.
She advanced on your lips with a desperate kiss that you reciprocated in the same way, she pressed you against the wall near the door, her desperate hands reaching under your suit jacket and quickly pulling it off. You helped her by breaking the kiss so that you could reverse the positions, now she was the one pressed against the wall. You brought your hand to her waist, while the other held the back of her neck, bringing your faces together again. You kissed her again, but now more gently, the kiss was sensual, synchronized. Wanda's hands pulled you by your tank top, bringing your bodies closer together.
You moved your hand up Wanda's body until you reached over the fabric of her bra. You moved your kisses down Wanda's neck as you pulled her bra off and tossed it somewhere in the room. You bit down on her pulse point, causing the woman to moan. That moan took your mind off your sanity. You brought your hand up behind Wanda's back and the other went down to her beautiful breasts, she bit her lips to hold back a moan but you looked at her seriously.
"I want to hear you." You massaged Wanda's breast who let out a satisfying moan. "Good girl."
You ran your lips down Wanda's collarbone, taking a few bites until your mouth met her hard nipple on her breast. You ran your tongue over Wanda's nipple and she brought her hand up to your hair and tugged lightly. You nibbled on Wanda's nipple causing her to let out a long moan. You sucked on Wanda's nipple, alternating between the two as your hand traveled down her body. You ran your fingers over Wanda's panties, smiling over her skin as you realized how wet she was. You needed to feel her.
“Please, Y/N…”
You moved down your lips, trailing bites until you reached her panties. You knelt down, lowered your hands to her panties and pulled them off, tossing them across the room. You adjusted her to you, putting Wanda's leg over your shoulder as she held on to the wall. You kissed your way up her inner thigh to her cunt. You ran your tongue over Wanda's cunt causing her body to tremble.
"Damn Wanda, you are so hot." You said shortly after, taking her clitoris in your teeth.
Wanda moaned loudly causing you to take the opportunity to suck on her clit. You moved your hands up to cup Wanda's ass, and she leaned further toward you. You flicked your tongue across the entrance of the woman who could have sworn she was feeling her whole body burn. You alternated between dipping your tongue inside her and either sucking or licking her clit again.
"Oh damn Y/N." Wanda said between moans and taking a hand in your hair. "I need more."
You could feel that Wanda was close to cumming, but you didn't want it to be that easy. The position started to get uncomfortable, so you stood up listening to a frustrated moan from Wanda. You took her by the waist, soon making her wrap her legs around you. You guided her to the bed and laid her down.
"Spread your legs for me, baby." You whispered close to Wanda's ear who grunted at the new nickname. "Tell me what you want?"
Wanda looked you in the eye, she spread her legs for you, making you smirk. She took your hand and directed it to her cunt.
"Make me simmer." She whispered holding your gaze, you groaned at her words and took her lips in a rough kiss.
You brought your thumb up to Wanda's clit making circular movements, you used your power to make the clitoris go warm causing Wanda to moan between the kisses. You continued to stimulate her clitoris as you slid two fingers over her entrance. Wanda brought her hands behind your back, digging her nails into your skin causing you to moan in pain. You bit down on Wanda's lips and moved your kisses down to her breasts again.
“Fuck baby girl…you feel so fuckin good” You said before sucking her breast.
You increased the heat in your fingers, feeling the walls of Wanda's vagina close on your fingers and with a cry of pleasure, Wanda came. You smiled in satisfaction and brought your fingers with Wanda's cum to your mouth sucking the liquid out. The look in her eyes was ravenous.
She took a while to recover, until you saw her eyes turn red. You felt a pressure on your clit beneath your clothes and closed your eyes moaning at the new sensation.
"My turn now" she whispered in your ear.
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silver-lotus · a month ago
Not Into Guys (Wanda Maximoff x reader)
Tumblr media
⚠️Trigger warning⚠️: Assault and attempted um.. bad things 😬😬
Also swearing
Lots of unhappies.
But fear not! Badass Wanda to the rescue!
(I wrote this in like five minutes- so please don't judge the quality 😅)
You sighed as you looked around the bar, only half paying attention as Wanda rambled next to you.
"He's running a bit late, but he should be here soon" Wanda rested a hand on your lower back and chills shot up and down your spine.
"What? Wh-who?" you jumped lightly causing a small laugh from the brunette next to you.
"The guy I was telling you about" She smiled and bit her lip drawing your eyes right to her gorgeous, tempting lips. "Anyway he's cute- even to me. I think you'll like him"
Wanda continued on but all you could focus on was how the lights reflected in her mesmerizing hazel eyes, the way she bit her lip and how nice it would be to be spending tonight at home curled up on the couch watching movies with Wanda.
"Why are you doing this to me?" you groaned softly, barely realizing you'd said it aloud. Wanda just rolled her eyes with a smirk, and oh the things that smirk did to you.
"Because you've been single too long and I want to see you happy. Don't be so dramatic this is for your own good." She scolded before ordering you both shots.
"Maybe I'm happy single??" you offered wondering how you could get her to stop trying to set you up.
"We both know that's not true. You just don't want to stop pining over that one guy you always talk about. The one you claim you could never have." Wanda raised an eyebrow at you and you sighed in near defeat.
She was partially right.
Except it wasn't a guy. It was her.
"Okay but I'm already telling you I'm not gonna like him. Why don't we just go home and order pizza? We can watch whatever you want and drink as much wine as humanly possible."
"Tempting. But no." Wanda grinned and you let your shoulders slump in defeat. This was going to suck. Big time.
Half an hour later, this guy Luke or whatever his name was finally showed up. He was tall, muscular and overall pretty good looking.
But not your type.
He smiled and his eyes crinkled up making his dimples that much more noticable. He was obviously the type of guy any girl would swoon over.
Just not you.
"Hi, I'm sorry I'm late. You must be Wanda's friend." His voice was calming and genuine. you couldn't help but smile back as you shook his hand. "I'm Luke"
"Yeah. Hi. It's nice to meet you." You answered politely and Wanda grinned looking between the two of you.
"I'm just gonna skedaddle" Wanda winked and rushed off towards the bar again. Leaving you with Luke.
"So..." You trailed off awkwardly, not excited to spend another night pretending to give another uninteresting guy a chance.
"Not gonna lie I was kinda expecting Wanda to bring someone...." He trailed off in the same manner as you did and scratched his neck.
"Scarier? More closed off? More like a shield agent?" you chuckled as he nodded. "Wanda and I have been friends since we met, despite the lifestyle differences we've always been able to find plenty of things in common. She's like my soulmate, only... She's my best friend."
"I get that. I'm just glad you're cute and uh- not that intimidating" Luke chuckled uncomfortably "not that dating someone you're intimidated by isn't okay, it's just not my thing."
You nodded half-heartedly as you watched Wanda dance, without a single care. Your eyes scanned her body and you couldn't help but sigh at the way she moved.
Fuck- fifteen minutes in and You were already distracted
"Do you.... Wanna dance?" Luke grinned at you, noticing your longing stare.
"Sure" You smiled your biggest fake smile and let him lead you to the floor.
Once you stopped walking you started swaying your hips to the beat, you let the music take over and tried not to gag when Luke put his hands on your hips swaying behind you.
You tried to ignore the pit of nerves bundling in your stomach as he pulled your waist towards him. You gasped as he spun you around and smashed his lips on yours in a hungry, lust filled kiss.
He pulled your body flush against his own and you gasped again as you felt a large bulge. (Lord help my gay ass the fuck am I writing?!? I'm sorry y'all😬)
Luke used your momentary shock to slip his tongue into the kiss pulling you impossibly closer. You couldn't move. You were frozen in place while his hands ran rampant, exploring your body.
When you finally regained mobility you pushed him away with a groan. He smirked and leaned down to whisper in your ear, licking the shell of it.
"Why don't we take this to my place, princess?" He was trying way to hard to sound sexy and it made you gag.
"I-i'm sorry I'm- I'm not" You stumbled over your words, unsure of what to say. In all honesty the only thing you were sure of is that you didn't want to be leaving with him.
"Oh I get it" he growled as his whole demeanor changed and he suddenly looked more aggressive. "You like to tease right? You flirt with me all night, act all friendly then after I'm all riled up and ready you leave."
"N-no. I'm just not-" your voice was shaking and so were your hands. He was scaring you. You turned to just walk away when he grabbed your wrist tight. It hurt.
"That's not how this works babe, you're going to finish what you started even if I have to take you in the bathroom" he pulled you harshly out of the crowd.
"Stop it!" you yelled trying desperately to escape his grasp "you're hurting me"
Luke grunted gruffly and continued dragging you out of the building. It was like everyone was too drunk to notice as you helplessly called out for help until your voice gave out.
You reached his car and he pushed you up against it, leaning down and nibbling on your neck. All you could do was whimper and try to push him away with all your might.
you had almost given up hope when you heard someone shout, then a thud.
Luke's eyes rolled back as he fell to the asphalt. With him no longer holding you in place, your knees gave out and you collapsed next to him. You looked up with teary eyes to see Wanda, her eyes glowing red and her body language exuding anger. Looking hot as fuck.
Wanda dropped to the ground and rushed to your side. She wrapped her arms around you and lifted you up with a surprising amount of ease. You immediately flung your arms around her neck and held on for dear life as you bawled into her neck.
"Wa-wanda he- he was gonna-" Yoy cut yourself off with a sob as Wanda shushed you and began stroking your hair gently.
"It's okay, he won't be touching a single hair on your head now" Wanda cooed and you buried your face further into her neck. "I'm sorry I didn't get to you sooner"
"You're here. That's what matters." you sighed as you pulled away and Wanda wrapped an arm around your waist.
"Let's go home? Okay?"
You nodded and we called a Taxi to take you to the Avengers tower. The whole ride you were silent. You laid your head in Wanda's lap and she ran her fingers through your hair. You let your tears fall freely. You weren't necessarily sobbing, or really even crying. The tears were just coming and you didn't have the energy to hold them back.
You finally reached the tower and Wanda helped you out of the car taking you through the all too familiar path to her apartment. You made our way inside and you smiled at all the pictures of Pietro, you loved him to death. He was the only flirty guy you could be with for more than five seconds and not get tired of. He was the one who switched mission schedules with Wanda so the two of you could go out.
"What's on your mind?" Wanda's sweet voice brought you back to reality.  Her eyes were full of worry and guilt.
"I'm trying not to think too much about it." You whispered and Wanda's face softened further.
"I'm sorry. I never should've tried to set you up. You told me you weren't into it and it's my fau-"
"Don't you dare blame yourself" You cut her off wrapping your arms around her waist and resting your head on her shoulder. "It's not your fault the guy decided to be an asshole. He seemed okay, and you just wanted to see me happy. I'm just glad you care."
"You have no idea."
Wanda sighed softly and pulled you closer to her, leading you to the couch where she sat you down, placing herself right next to you.
"I'm sorry but I have to ask. Why are you so closed off to the idea of dating? Is it because of things like this? Or are you just anti commitment? What is it?" Wanda sounded resigned and you felt a pang of guilt.
"Wanda it's not that I don't want to date. Or that I don't like commitment... Let me put it this way. Pietro is the only boy I'll ever even slighty like. I adore him. He's smart, and sweet. But most of all he reminds me of all the things I love about you. I love you, and I appreciate your efforts but I'm just not into guys." You sighed feeling the nerves in your stomach dissipate. "I've never said that out loud before. I didn't even know if it was true. Not until recently."
Wanda watched you ramble with wide eyes. A small smirk forming on her lips that you didn't quite notice until it was a full grin.
"I know I shouldn't have been so nervous about telling you but I just - you make me so goddamn nervous Wanda and it's not even a little bit easier with you smiling like that-- why are you smiling?" You raised an eyebrow as Wanda chuckled slowly moving closer. Her hand, that was resting on your knee, had found its way to your upper thigh.
"Because you basically just told me I have a chance" Wanda cupped your cheek with one hand pulling you close until your lips were inches apart. Before she closed the gap she hesitated, and spoke just above a whisper. "you should probably tell me now if I'm reading this wrong. Because I've loved you since forever and I don't mean it platonically... I can't keep that a secret anymore."
Your eyes moved from Wanda's eyes to her lips and back again. You didn't know what to say. All this time you'd been hiding yout feelings because you figured Wanda would never feel the same, and now she was right there telling you she loved you.
Wanda let out a defeated sigh and pulled away slowly.
"You- you don't have to feel the same. I understand if you want me to leave you alone. I'll give you some time." Wanda stood and started to walk away when you grabbed her hand, she turned to look at you slowly more tears threatening to fall. "I'm sorry about-"
"Wanda Maximoff." you cut her off earning a shocked, confused look from the brunette. "Shut the fuck up and kiss me already"
Before she could respond you stood and pulled Wanda toward yourself, catching her hips and pressing your lips to her's. You felt her smile into the kiss as you pulled her closer, wrapping your arms around her.
Colours flashed behind your eyelids as time seemed to be slowing down.
This was what you never understood before. What you didn't know you needed.
This. Is what love feels like.
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nermalina · a month ago
welcome to the team.
a/n: there’s little to no plot, but a heck of a lot of porn.
summary: wanda walks in on natasha and her girlfriend sharing an intimate moment. fortunately for her, the couple doesn’t mind the interruption.
warnings (18+ only): mdlg themes, smut, mommy kink, praise kink, finger sucking, boot grinding, thigh riding, lactation kink, vaginal fingering, choking, masturbation, wanda’s rings, light verbal humiliation, multiple orgasms, strap-on use, face sitting
words: 2.6k | marvel masterlist. | navigation post.
you do not have permission to translate/repost my works anywhere! likes, comments, and reblogs are always welcome & appreciated <3
“Relax, princess.” Natasha’s hot breath ghosted over your neck as she led you farther into the room. She turned you around to face her and pushed you down onto your knees. “You don’t have to be shy around me, we’ve done this many times before.”
“The door’s still open, Mommy,” you whispered, sticking your head out to the side to look behind her. A cold hand wrapped around your jaw, forcing you to look up at your girlfriend.
“Keep your eyes on me, honey.” Natasha scolded. “It’s just you and Mommy, sweetheart. No one is going to catch us. Everyone else knows to stay off of our floor unless we ask for them, so don't go on worrying your pretty little head about it.” The Russian smiled when you mumbled out an apology. She released your face, swiping her fingers across your mouth. “Open.”
You parted your lips, allowing her to shove two of her digits into your mouth. Your tongue ran across the length of her fingers as she pumped them into your mouth.
“Good girl.” she cooed, pushing her fingers in farther. You gagged as they hit the back of your throat. “It’s okay, you’re doing just fine, baby. Let me know if it becomes too much, alright?”
You hummed around her digits, curling your lips around them. Natasha wedged her boot between your knees and nodded. It was then that you were reminded that unlike you, your girlfriend was fully clothed. She had stripped you the minute you got to your room. You silently lowered yourself onto her shoe. Her digits in your mouth muffled your moans as you slowly rocked your hips.
“You deserve this, honey. You’ve been an angel this past week and Mommy really appreciates it.” The redhead kept her heel planted on the ground but pressed the tip of her boot against your cunt.
Natasha slipped another finger inside of your mouth. Tears pooled in the corners of your eyes while she continued to thrust her digits into your mouth. Her free hand brushed against the side of your face, wiping away a tear that had escaped your eyes. 
“I know, precious. It’s a little more than what you’re used to, but I know you can handle it. I’m only trying to get you ready for that new toy we ordered the other day.” Unfortunately, the item she was referring to hadn’t arrived yet, but you were still looking forward to the new strap Natasha had picked out. “After all, Mommy knows what’s best for you. Isn’t that right, sweetheart?”
“Yes, Mommy.” you managed to say. Your teeth grazed her digits as she slowly pulled them out of your mouth. Natasha wiped her fingers on your cheek and squeezed your jaw, causing your mouth to fall open. 
The older woman crouched down and spit into your mouth. Her saliva coated your tongue, slowly dripping down while you waited for her to indicate that you could swallow. “You look so cute like this, baby. I’m tempted to leave you like this.” You huffed and tried shifting closer to her. “Don’t look at me like that.” Natasha scowled, gently pushing your face to the side. “Swallow.”
Obliging with her request, you swallowed and ground down harder on her boot. Natasha cupped your face and slid her thumb inside of your mouth. 
You whined when she flattened her foot and pulled you up. “Oh, honey, you made such a big mess. Should I make you clean it?”
“Mommy.” you whimpered as her thumb left your mouth.
“Don’t complain, bunny.” Natasha sighed, helping you to your feet. “Mommy will give you what you want eventually, you just have to wait.”
Swiftly undressing herself, Natasha led you over to the bed and sat down. Intertwining her fingers with yours, she guided you into her lap. “Come on, fuck yourself on Mommy’s thigh.” You squeezed her hands and hid your face in the crook of her neck. “Don’t be embarrassed, sweetheart.” Natasha pulled you away from her neck so she could look you in the eye. “All Mommy wants to do is make her precious bunny feel good.”
“Alright, Mommy,” you whispered, moving one of your legs so you were straddling her thigh. Natasha grinned when your cunt met her bare skin.
“Rub that pretty pussy on me, honey.” Natasha encouraged, caressing your face. “You’re soaked, baby. Why is that?” You murmured something under your breath that the Russian was unable to understand. “Try again, use your big girl words and speak loud enough for Mommy to hear.”
“Because of you, Mommy,” you repeated, louder than before. Seemingly satisfied with your answer, Natasha permitted you to continue grinding on her thigh. 
Natasha’s hand slid behind your neck and guided you towards her heavy breasts. Instinctively, you opened your mouth, licking her nipples before curling your lips around one of them. She rubbed your back reassuringly as you tugged on the pebbled peak. “There you go, princess.”
A steady stream of sweet milk began pouring into your mouth. Your hips slowed as you became distracted by the substance filling you. They almost stilled, but your girlfriend caught them between her hands in time and began helping you along her thigh.
“No stopping until you’ve drenched Mommy’s thigh, okay?” Your mouth unlatched from Natasha’s breast so you could let out a small ‘yes’. Immediately after the word had been uttered, your lips were back on her. Your tongue flicked over her areola, licking up the small beads of milk that had dripped out. “Does Mommy’s pretty baby wanna cum?” Natasha questioned, bringing her thumb down to your clit, stroking over it tenderly. 
Wanda got out of the elevator and noticed that the space was empty, meaning that you and Natasha must have been in your room. The others had sent her to fetch you two for dinner, but the only problem was that she seemed to have forgotten that they had also told her to wait a while before she went.
She heard an odd noise but brushed it off. All of you were Avengers, one of you must’ve been in the gym training. Continuing down the hall, she stopped at your bedroom door.
The Sokovian stood in the doorway, completely still. She knew she’d get in trouble for watching, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from you and Nat. 
“God, you’re so needy.” Natasha purred as you eagerly sucked her nipple. She pushed your cunt down on her thigh harder. “Maybe I should’ve invited Wanda up to our room tonight. You would happily let her touch you, huh?”
Your eyes widened and you were about to pull away, but Natasha kept your head in place.  “I know about your little crush, bunny. You shouldn’t be so shocked, did you think you could get around without Mommy noticing?” Wanda worried that she would now be the object of Natasha’s anger since her girlfriend had a crush on her. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie, I can see why you’d like her. She’s cute, but not as cute as my sweet girl.”
“I’m gonna count down from three. When I get to one, you’re gonna cum for Mommy, alright?” Natasha pecked your forehead, using her hand to keep you close to her chest. “Three.”
Wanda watched in awe as your hips sped up and you ground against Natasha with a force she couldn’t have imagined. “Two.”
Your suckling became less intense as less milk flowed into your mouth. You gently grazed your teeth over Natasha’s nipple when her thumb applied more pressure on your clit. “One.” 
You came on her thigh with a faint sob, slowing your hips to help you ride out your high. Your mouth released her nipple and kissed up her breasts. Natasha cupped your face in her hands and planted her lips on yours. She whispered soft reassurances in your ear when you pulled away, allowing you to rest your head on her shoulder.
You whined when her hand traveled back to the apex of your thighs. “Hush, honey. You can take more, Mommy will know when to stop.” Wanda swallowed, stepping back to leave. “If you’re going to watch me fuck my precious bunny, you might as well help me do it.”
The brunette froze like a deer in headlights when the Russian acknowledged her presence. “What? You do realize that I was practically a spy, right?”
“I-I’m so-”
“It’s fine Wanda, we don’t mind the interruption at all.” Natasha breathed, circling your clit with her thumb. “So are you going to help me out or not?”
“Yeah- only if you two don’t mind.”
“If I did mind, why would I ask?” Natasha remarked, turning her attention back to you. “Don’t you want Wanda playing with your pussy, baby? I’ll teach her how to make you feel good, how does that sound?”
“You can come closer, Wanda.” The brunette stepped into the room, slowly making her way towards the bed. “Take your clothes off.” Wanda made quick work of her clothes and reached for her necklace. “Leave that and the rings on.”
“Just do as you’re told, sweetie.” Natasha purred, laying you on your back and rolling to lay beside you. “You want her to put her hands on you, hm? Don’t lie and say that you don’t, baby. Everyone knows you’re always staring at them.” You looked up at the headboard, but Natasha was quick to tilt your chin down. “Ask her nicely for what you want like a good girl.”
“Touch me p-please, Wanda!” 
The sokovian hovered over your body and spread your legs apart. “You’re very cute, baby.” Wanda complimented, inching her hands up your inner thighs.
“Did you hear that, bunny? She thinks you’re cute, what do you say?” Natasha’s cold hand trailed up and down your torso.
“Thank you, Wanda.”
“You’re very welcome, sweetheart.” Wanda beamed. She looked at the redhead for approval while teasing your entrance with her fingers. 
“Come on, Wanda, give her what she needs from you.” Two of Wanda’s digits plunged inside of you, steadily pumping into your core. 
“Fuck.” Wanda whispered, feeling your cunt clench around her. Her free hand moved up to your neck and wrapped around it. “Do you like being fucked while your Mommy watches?”
Your eyes snapped towards Natasha who silently told you to answer for yourself. The redhead tucked her head in the crook of your neck and slipped her hand between her legs. “Yes.”
“Your Mommy should share you more often then,” Wanda smirked, gently squeezing your throat. She leaned down and pumped her fingers at a faster rate. Her hands were warm, a stark contrast to the cold rings she was wearing. You could feel them rubbing against your sweet spot every time Wanda’s fingers entered you.
“I’m not one to share my things, Wanda. This is just a little welcoming gift for you, don’t expect to see more of us.” Natasha ground against her hand, pressing soft kisses along your collarbone.
Wanda noticed that your attention was elsewhere, following your gaze towards her chest. You were enamored by the necklace hanging from her neck. “You wanna bite them, honey?”
After you had given her a sign of approval, she leaned down further, encouraging you to latch on to the piece of jewelry. You bit down on the necklace, holding it in your mouth.
“That’s it, good girl.” Wanda used her thumb to toy with your clit. “Your Mommy looks close, darling. Wanna cum with her?”
“Cum for Wanda,” Natasha commanded. Her fingers slammed into her pussy as she rode out her high. You released onto Wanda’s digits soon, coating them in your arousal. “We’re not done with you, bunny. You’re going to cum for us one last time.”
Natasha got off the bed and headed into the closet before returning with an item that was too familiar to you. “Since you’re our guest, you can use her favorite toy on her pussy.”
All of Wanda’s confidence left her when she saw the strap-on in Natasha’s hand. While she had been on the receiving end a few times, she’d never gotten the chance to use it on someone. 
“You’ve never done this before, have you, honey?” Natasha asked. “Well, don’t worry. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about making my little girl squirm. Shouldn't be too hard since she’s a desperate slut.”
The redhead passed the toy off to Wanda and whispered something in your ear. When she looked back at the younger girl, she was standing there cluelessly.
“Must I do everything myself?” Natasha rolled her eyes in annoyance, helping Wanda into the harness. “You get the general idea, right?” Wanda nodded. “Then you can take it from here.”
“Yeah,” Wanda replied shakily, raking her eyes over your figure. She kneeled on the edge of the bed, settling between your legs.
“What are you waiting for, Maximoff? Give my bunny something to remember you by.” Natasha ordered, losing her patience.
“I was getting there.” Wanda aligned the fake cock with your awaiting cunt. Your breath hitched when the brunette started to ease the dildo inside of you. Although the strap-on secured around Wanda’s hips was your favorite toy Nat owned, it had been a while since she had last used it on you. 
“It’s okay, she’s almost there, bunny. Only a few more inches.” Natasha said, tracing patterns on your thigh. “Keep going, Wanda. She can handle it, don’t worry.”
Wanda snapped her hips forward, filling you completely with the toy. Natasha moved behind Wanda and waited until you had relaxed before grabbing the Sokovian’s hips. “What are you-”
“I’m making things easier for you,” Natasha mumbled, guiding Wanda to gently rock her hips. Once she had realized what Natasha was doing, Wanda pulled the strap out of you before slamming it back in. “You’re a quick learner, you’ve already gotten the hang of this.” 
Natasha let go of Wanda and moved up the bed. She threw one of her legs over your head, straddling your face. “Do you want Mommy’s pussy, sweetheart?”
“Yes, please give me your pussy, Mommy.” you pleaded. Natasha lowered herself onto your face, rubbing her cunt against your mouth. “That’s a good girl, taking Wanda’s cock so well.”
You eagerly licked at Natasha’s cunt, hooking your arms around her thighs. Wanda thrust the cock in and out of your cunt. “Look at this messy pussy, Nat.”
“My stupid little bunny.” Natasha cooed, reaching to rub at your clit. “She’s so horny that she can’t think properly. Just wants to have her pussy stuffed like a good cockslut.” 
Her other hand went underneath your head, holding your face close to her heat. She ground down against your tongue harder. “You’re gonna make Mommy cum all over your pretty face, honey.” 
You stuck your tongue out, sliding it inside of Natasha’s entrance. Your girlfriend came on your mouth, grinding against your tongue. Natasha got off of you and licked her cum off of your face. She pressed down on your clit harder as Wanda’s thrusts got rougher.
“Is my darling girl ready to cum for us?”
“Yes, Mommy,” you answered. “Wanna cum for you and Wanda.”
Natasha rubbed her tight circles around your overstimulated clit. “Then be a good girl cum for us, bunny.” You cried out one last time before coming undone around the toy. 
Wanda withdrew the dildo from you and removed the strap-on. Natasha was quick to come to your side, using a damp cloth to clean you up. “Such a good girl.”
“Are you sure you don’t wanna share more often?” Wanda smirked. Natasha tucked you under the covers and pushed Wanda down on the bed. 
“I’ll think about it,” Natasha replied, laying on her stomach between Wanda’s legs. “But first let me take care of you.”
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Terms of Endearment (Wanda Maximoff/ Reader/ Yelena Belova)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello, everyone!
Presenting Wanda/ reader/ Yelena story. :) No spoilers for Black Widow. Hope you all enjoy! :)
Summary: Reader shares a complicated history with Wanda. What will happen when Natasha introduces her sister to the problem? Who will reader end up with?
You touched your ear to ensure the earpiece was still in place, running a hand through your hair to feign nonchalance as you leaned against the bar of the club.
Scanning… observing… gathering information.
From across the room, you could see Yelena making her way back over to you through the densely packed crowd of people. “Any luck?” you mumbled quietly, knowing you didn’t need to be loud for her to pick up your words.
“Nothing upstairs except couples taking advantage of dark corners. Saw a lot more than I wanted to.” Yelena muttered, the disgust clear in her voice. You bit your lip to mask the laughter you felt bubbling in your throat. “Anyone suspicious down here?”
As you were taking another scan around the room, a voice that wasn’t Yelena’s soft Russian drawl drifted into your ears. The unexpected change of tone made you wince as you turned to find the source of the unwanted sound. “Excuse me?” You asked with a disapproving stare as you turned your attention to the random man who had come far too close for comfort.
A cocky smirk spread across the stranger’s lips, “I said, what’s a hottie like you doing all by herself?” He leaned even closer, and the nauseating stench of the stale alcohol invaded your nostrils. “Hoping I would notice and come over to save you?”
You nodded sarcastically, all the while fighting the urge to pinch your nose in disgust. “That’s exactly what I was hoping for, how did you know?”
Clearly not catching your sarcasm, the man rested his arm on the bar and leaned in once again. “I just sensed it, babe. How about you and I go somewhere more private? Let me take you to pleasure. I guarantee it’s something you’ve done before.”
“How about no?” You countered with a sarcastic smile as you desperately tried to keep your temper under control. You knew if you caused a scene your cover would be blown and you’d be putting Yelena at risk. You couldn’t have that. You wouldn’t lose your temper. Not even for an idiot like this.
In an attempt to collect yourself, you reached over and took hold of your drink, raising it to your lips. “Y/n, stop.” You heard Yelena’s voice once again float into your ear and you froze in your motions. “The creep put something in your drink.”
Anger coursed through your veins as you placed the drink back down on the bar, watching the way the man’s face fell, clearly disappointed his plan didn’t work. “Just give me a chance, baby. I can show you a good time.” He slurred slightly, his hands falling to your hips and forcefully pulling you close.
You clenched your fists. “One, I’m not your baby and two, you have five seconds to get your hands off of me.”
Instead of his hands falling away like they should have, he tightened his grip. “Or what?”
As you were preparing yourself to hit him a voice stopped you. “Or else you’ll have to deal with me, dipshit.”
The sight of Yelena seemed to amuse him as he looked down at her, his hand sliding even lower on your back in challenge. Her entire body was tense, and you could see the anger reflecting clearly in her eyes. “And what are you going to do? Beat me to death?” His words were mocking and Yelena’s hands balled into fists, ready to utilize all her well-equipped skills to take him out.
Yelena advanced calculatingly, like a predator to their prey. “Something like that.” She mumbled as the man smirked back at her, pulling you even further in.
Unable to take it anymore yourself, you abruptly raised your knee and allowed it to connect where you knew it would impact him most. As he was falling, you elbowed his nose and lightly nudged him over. You smirked in satisfaction when he fell to the floor with a yelp.
“No fair, I wanted to be the one to make him cry.” Yelena said with a playful frown. For a moment you both just watched in satisfaction as the man rolled around on the floor, tears indeed falling from his eyes.
Yelena placed a hand on your arm, getting your attention. “Asshole aside, are you okay?”
You took her hand in yours and began tugging her away from the scene before security noticed. “I’m fine. Though I do have to thank you for warning me about the drink, I usually catch things like that.”
Her hand tightened against yours slightly. “Of course. The idiots lucky you got to him before I did. The skills I learned as a Widow would have made what I did to him look like an accident.” You could barely process what Yelena said as you both finally made it out into the fresh night air. The events of what just happened still looping in your mind.
Then it hit you.
Suddenly you stopped in your tracks, something that the man said standing out to you. Flashing like a neon sign with the biggest clue to the puzzle you were trying to solve. “Let me take you to pleasure.” You said out loud, repeating the seemingly unassuming words he had said to you earlier.
“What?” Yelena’s eyebrow quirked. “You realize we’re in public right? I mean, I get it... Was it the saving you thing? That was pretty attractive. You have to wait until we get to the hide out at least.”
As she continued to ramble you realized how it sounded without context. “Yelena, the underground club we were searching for. Hydra’s coverup. It’s called pleasure. The creep inside said let me take you to pleasure. I think that’s where we need to go.” You smirked as you watched her mouth fall open slightly with the information. “It would be that easy though?”
There was a beat a silence before Yelena smacked your shoulder. “Shut up.” She huffed before turning and walking away.
You jogged lightly to catch up to her, chuckling slightly as you fell into stride with her. “If you don’t stop laughing, I will smother you in your sleep and tell Natasha you were involved in an accident.” She warned, glaring at you out of the corner of her eye.
With an amused smile, you mimed zipping your lips and nodded as you continued to walk with her in silence. You decided that it was best to wait until you reached the hotel to discuss the mission further anyway.
When you were finally in the safety of the hideout you turned to face Yelena. “We’re going to pleasure tomorrow.” You paused and watched as her eyes narrowed slightly. “The club.” You added cheekily.
“That’s it. I’m smothering you.” She mumbled, beginning to approach you with a pillow in hand. “Mission be damned. I’ll finish it by myself, fueled by my rage, then I’ll hide your body.”
You backed up slightly with your hands raised in surrender. “Listen, we can talk this out.”
“You can talk it out with your head under this pillow.” Yelena replied with a sarcastic smile.
“Does this mean no cuddling tonight?”
“I also told you to not mention that!” Before you could reply, you felt the plush of the pillow make contact with your face, and the sound of Yelena’s laughter fill the room.
Finding the hidden location of Hydra’s underground club was no simple task and required an addition days’ worth of recon before you and Yelena were even put onto the right track. Which led to the separate dilemma of finding a way into the club. Luckily you were able to find a blueprint for the hotel which showed the intricacies of the club within a club. There were two emergencies exits, one of which acted as an entry point, and a small opening through the vents which you and Yelena decided to take advantage of. Assuming you would need a quick exit, you had called ahead and told Natasha to be ready with the quinjet in order to collect you both for quick getaway.
With all your bases covered, all that was left for you and Yelena to do was get in, take out the guards, find the system and shut it down. Simple enough. You both worked together like a well-oiled machine and managed with ease. With the additional bonus of finding details of Hydra bases and double agents which you had tucked into a hard drive in your pocket. The mission was complete.
You couldn’t help but feel that it all seemed easy though. Too easy.
As you and Yelena rushed to the exit, you were met with the sight of a wall of club goers, no… agents. Six hydra agents waiting. Each ready for the attack and equipped with the confidence that neither you nor Yelena would be getting out of there alive. Your heart began racing as you looked over at Yelena, wondering how you could get her, both of you, out of this situation in one piece.
“Why are you looking at me?” Yelena muttered, her body tense as her eyes flittered from you to the quickly approaching group of agents.
You got into a defensive stance, staggering yourself slightly so that you could be in front of her without her noticing. Act as a shield if need be. “Don’t you have a plan?” you questioned hopefully.
Her eyes widened as she shook her head slightly, the pressure mounting as the agents pressed closer. “Me? I was hoping you did!”
Then it hit you. It was reckless, but it was all you had. “I might have one.” You chewed on your lip thoughtfully for a moment, the anxiety making your stomach turn as you quickly realized you only had a matter of seconds to execute said plan. “Stay behind me and when I say switch, get in front.”
Without giving her time to respond, you took off in a sprint towards the enemy, “I don’t think I like this plan!” Yelena shouted after you as she watched the agents pull out guns and aim them towards you both. You quickly pulled out your own gun and shot out all of the lights in quick succession, enveloping everything in total darkness. An explosion of shells began hitting the invisible shield you had created around yourself and Yelena as you continued forward.
As you barreled through the wall of agents, you shouted, “Switch!” Yelena maneuvered so she was now running in front of you. “The back exit is to the right up the stairs and down the hall. It’ll lead us into the club instead of outside like they’re expecting.” You said quietly so only she could hear, the sound of the agents scrambling getting closer and closer.
Your lungs burned the further out you moved, and the sound of the main club grew even louder indicating you were close. As you both approached the faint light, heavy footsteps sounded and suddenly a sharp pain flew into your thigh and just above your hip making you fall. You were shot. Twice.
Yelena heard the gasp and quickly aimed her gun back, a loud thud following the shot she took. Then another thud. Shots were fired in your general direction, whizzing by your head, then one final thud hit the floor. Despite the pain, you couldn’t help but be impressed by how quickly she took out three enemies on her own.
Her hazel eyes swam into your line of vision, the worry clear as she kneeled by your side. “Y/n, you have to get up. There’s still three more on the way, I can hear them. And they probably already called for backup.”
“They’re going to find us. I’m leaving a damn trail. I’ll just slow you down. We have to split up.” You muttered, gripping the bottom of your shirt and ripping off a strip to tie over one of the bullet wounds, and shoving a small piece of fabric into the other. Thankfully the bleeding was being absorbed which meant no trail. “I’ll catch up. Go.”
As you scrambled to your feet, Yelena gripped your arm tightly and dragged you along the corridor with her. “I’m not leaving you.”
Wincing, you rushed along as fast as you could, listening to the sound of the Hydra agents quickly approaching. Moving far faster than you were. “Yelena, you have to go. I can handle it.”
“No.” Yelena hissed, and her body tensed as she threw her shoulder against the door that led out into the club. For the first time in your life, you couldn’t help but be grateful for the densely packed crowd of drunk people.
Except for one small issue.
The agents were right on your tail, and you knew that you wouldn’t be fast enough to escape, not now that they knew your faces. “What now?” You wheezed out, feeling the wounds aching. “The best chance for escape is for you to go ahead of me. Get the information back to base.”
“Will you shut up about me leaving you already? Pridurok*. (*moron)” Yelena muttered as her eyes scanned the club. “I have an idea.”
Her hand tightened in yours and she tugged you along even faster, leading you up the staircase. You watched curiously as she took a jacket that was on one of the seats as well as a scarf, a wide brimmed hat, and a pair of glasses. Wasting no time, she put on the hat and jacket.
“Did you just use a term of endearment for me?” You asked with a playful smile as you put on the scarf and glasses she handed you.
“I actually called you a moron.” Yelena replied flatly. Her eyes scanning the darkened corners of the area. Looking around, all you saw were people committing acts that would have made the faint of heart blush for the rest of their lives. You turned your eyes away out of respect.
“Have I ever told you how lovely you are?” You mumbled sarcastically, as Yelena nudged you into a love seat right beside a couple who didn’t even notice the interruption.
You gasped lightly in surprise when Yelena climbed onto your lap, careful to avoid the wound you had just sustained. “Kiss me.”
Out of reflex, your hands fell to her hips to stabilize her. “What?” You sputtered
“Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable.” She explained as you both heard shouting coming up the stairs over the steady thrum of the music. “Kiss me.” Yelena repeated urgently.
You hesitated and the shouting got louder, the sounds of heavy footsteps echoing in your mind over the thumping of the music. “Seriously?” Yelena muttered in disbelief, as the voice were turning the corner you felt Yelena’s hands on your cheeks about to pull you in.
Before she could though, you leaned up and connected your lips to hers, your hands sliding up her back and pressing her close. The brim of her hat covered both of your faces and you lost yourself in the kiss so easily that you barely heard the voice wandering around the area, scanning for any sign of you.
Despite the fact that this was for the mission, you couldn’t help but melt into her. Just like the first time. The adrenaline coursing through your veins and the sweetness of her lips against yours made for a lethal combination. The strongest drug to you. A high you needed to chase.
The feeling of her pressed against you something you needed to chase.
With that thought coursing through your mind, your hands pulled her even closer as she pushed your shoulders back against the love seat, effectively pining you down. Her teeth light tugged at your bottom lip, making you gasp lightly which Yelena took full advantage of. Everything else had faded away. Easily.
Before the kiss could deepen any further, you felt a tap on your shoulder and you could feel Yelena tense under your hands. Both of you prepared for a fight. When you pulled away, the first thing you noticed was her flushed cheeks and kiss swollen lips as she glared at the source of the disruption. You couldn’t help but feel relief flood your system at the sight of the couple who was seated on the love seat next to you. Not a single sign of Hydra agents anywhere in sight.
It worked.
“What?” Yelena snapped, when the couple continued to stare at you with glazed over eyes.
The unknown man and woman shared a look. “We were wondering if you wanted to join us.”
You laughed and pulled Yelena to her feet unsteadily, finally feeling the effects of the blood loss. “Not a chance. Go find a different other couple to play with. We’re not interested.” Taking quick survey around the room, you decided it was safe to leave as you pulled Yelena along. “We need to call Nat. See how far out they are. We need to get out of here as soon as possible. Now that we have all the information and shut the system down, S.H.I.E.L.D can come in and tie up and loose ends.” You finished, on high alert.
“You implied we were a couple.” Yelena teased and you shook your head, feeling the heat rush to your cheeks.
In a bid to ignore the shooting pain in your leg, you quickly played along. Desperate for a distraction. “Really? We’re in a high stakes situation and that’s what you’re focusing on?”
Yelena smirked as she looked around, pulling you into a large group that was walking by in order to blend in. “So, you can make the jokes, but you can’t take them?”
Your hand tightened in hers as you anxiously watched each person in the small group you had infiltrated. You could never be too sure.
“That’s exactly it.” You replied defiantly, breathing a sigh of relief when you saw that you were minutes away from the hideout. You weren’t sure how much longer your leg would support you.
“Too bad. It’s my turn.” Yelena countered quickly with a smile. You missed the way her eyes flashed with concern. “And you’ll never live it down.”
You huffed as you saw the perfect opportunity to break away from the group and rush through the building where your hideout was located, all while Yelena teased you. “I’m going to smoother you now.” You muttered as you took a seat on the floor, looking at your leg.
“Not so fun when it’s on the other end, is it?” Yelena’s teasing tapered off with the weight of the situation and you couldn’t help but feel relieved. She kneeled by your side, her eyes drifting down to your leg nervously. “That doesn’t look good.”
“Thanks for the words of comfort.” You mumbled. “I have to assess the damage.”
Yelena nodded and grabbed the burner phone. “I’m going to call Nat and see if they’re close by. I feel more comfortable having Banner look over the wound rather than someone we don’t know.” She explained before walking a little ways away to make the call.
By the looks of the piece of cloth that was heavily soaked and the blood trailing down your hip, it was clear that you were losing an alarming amount of blood. “They’re five minutes out. We need to get to the roof.” You could hear the muffled sound of Yelena’s words, but it felt like your head was underwater with the way everything was muffled.
You knew it was only a matter of time before you fainted from the blood loss. “Okay.” You mumbled as you awkwardly ambled to your feet, grabbed your duffle bag and headed to the door. “Let’s go.”
You could vaguely process the sound of Yelena walking beside you as you both made your way to the roof, your leg beginning to feel heavy as the energy rapidly drained from your body now that the adrenaline had worn off.
Thankfully you didn’t have to wait long as the sight of the quinjet landing before you quickly appeared, which meant you also didn’t notice the way Yelena had been watching you warily the entire time.
Seated in the safety of the quinjet with Natasha at the helm and Yelena in the seat next you, you were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone was safe and soon enough you would be back in the safety of the compound. “Y/n?”
Again, the voice sounded like it was underwater, but you managed a quiet hum in response. “Hmm?”
You turned your head to see Natasha looking over at you. “Are you okay? Usually, you’ve already made some smartass comment at this point.”
“I’m great, just a little tired.”
Regardless of your reassurance, Natasha still seemed skeptical. “You look a little pale.”
Huffing slightly, you crossed your arms. “Well sorry, Natasha, I was a little preoccupied with finding and shutting down a secret Hydra operation. Next time I’ll be sure to pencil in a tan. Who knows, maybe a massage and facial too.”
Yelena chuckled slightly as Natasha rolled her eyes. “There it is.”
Then the world became a little blurry before you. “Y/n?”
“Oh, great.” You mumbled faintly to yourself, knowing exactly what was coming next.
When you came to again you opened your eyes to see the familiar sight of the recovery room in the compound. A quick glance around let you know that it was probably early morning, so you leaned back in the bed and figured the best thing you could do was wait until someone came in, even if you felt good enough to leave. You didn’t want to upset Bruce. It wasn’t pretty the last time you went against his wishes.
“Looks like sleeping beauty finally decided to grace the world with her presence.” Your eyes darted over to the entrance of the room when you heard the familiar Russian drawl fill the room like a symphony.
You smirked slightly, “So you think I’m beautiful?” Yelena rolled her eyes as she took a side beside you. “How long was I out?”
“The entire ride back and it’s been a few hours since Bruce fixed you up. Natasha had to use some emergency supplies on the quinjet to stitch you up until we could get you to Bruce.” Her lips turned down slightly in a frown. “You knew how bad it was.”
You nodded slightly. “I did.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
Shrugging slightly, you looked away from her. “All I could think about when we were there was making sure you were safe, by the time the adrenaline wore off we were already on the jet.” The weight of the moment made you shift slightly as you veered the conversation back to lighter territory. “Why? Were you worried about me, Belova?”
“Pridurok.” Yelena mumbled with a shake of her head.
You smiled. “Bringing back the terms of endearment I see.”
A small smile spread across her lips as she watched you for a moment. “Stop talking.” Yelena eventually mumbled, as she cupped your chin and drew you into her lips. You melted into her, your hand coming up to cup her cheek.
It couldn’t have been more than a few seconds before the sound of a cough made you both pull away in surprise. The sight of three Avengers before you made you groan in annoyance. You would never hear the end of this. Though, one in particular made your stomach turn anxiously. Her expression was unreadable.
“Well, this is a new development.” Natasha said with amusement, and if you didn’t know any better you would have thought she looked proud.
You could have sworn you heard Yelena mumble more Russian curse words under her breath, and you bit back a laugh. “Didn’t I warn you about this one, little spiderling?” Tony said in amusement as her tapped your leg and you winced. “Oh, right. My bad, kid.”
“What do you all want?” Yelena grumbled.
Tony chuckled, clearly amused. “We need you to give us a rundown of what you found on the mission. Since Skippy here won’t be able to leave without Banner’s approval that task falls on you.”
Yelena shared a look with you then stood up. “Okay.” She nodded then looked back at you, “You’ll be okay?”
You nodded. “I’m sure Banner just wants to run through the injury with me before he discharges me. I’ll be out soon.”
With your confirmation, Yelena hesitantly turned away, her eyes meeting with the final occupant of the room skeptically before walking off with Tony and Natasha, the latter of which turned to wink and give you a thumbs up at you at the last minute. You shook your head in disbelief. You knew she had been up to something.
“I’m guessing something happened on the mission.” The sound of her soft voice startled you slightly out of your thoughts.
You turned your head to see Wanda leaning against the entryway of the room, her expression unreadable. “Well, yeah, I obviously got shot.”
Wandering further into the room, Wanda's fingers fiddled with the rings on her hand. Even if you couldn’t read her expression, you could read her mannerisms. She was nervous. “I know. I was worried. I came down here as soon as I found out. Tony and Natasha were already on their way though.” Again, she stepped closer and took your hand though there was hesitance in each of her movements. “Are you okay?”
You nodded and squeezed her hand reassuringly. “I’m fine, Wanda. All stitched up and good as new.”
“I thought I told you to be safe out there, Y/n.” She muttered, her brows pinching together.
Glimpses of emotion finally crossed her features, but it was clear she was still holding you at arm’s distance despite the fact that physically, she was right there. “Considering we were being chased by six Hydra agents down a narrow corridor, I’d say I was pretty safe.”
Her hand squeezed yours once more and you couldn’t help but feel this sense of déjà vu crawl under your skin. Like you had lived this life before. Because you had. You had sat by each other's bed sides. You had helped each other heal before.
And you knew exactly how that story ended. Which is why you slowly pulled your hand away, ignoring the way she seemed to falter.
“Clearly something else happened on the mission.” Wanda muttered, allowing her hand to fall limply to her side. Her eyes once again flashing with an emotion you couldn’t register because it vanished so quickly.
You pursed your lips and fidgeted with the blanket under your fingers. “Yep.” You mumbled popping your lips on the ‘p’. “We found some information on more Hydra locations and double agents.” You explained, knowing that wasn't what she was referring to.
If you could avoid having the discussion you knew was coming, you would.
Wanda’s lips turned down in a frown. “That’s not what I’m talking about, and you know it.” She muttered.
A pounding began building in your temples. There was no telling where this conversation could lead. Though you supposed it could end in one of two ways, Wanda pushing you away, shoving you into the furthest recesses of her mind and falling into her usual distraction. Or… Anger. Anger stemmed from jealousy that you hoped wouldn’t end with her going after Yelena.
Both would be a disaster for different reasons.
“Ask me.” You finally replied. If you were going to have this conversation with her, then she was going to have to be outright about it. No more games.
Wanda set her lips in a line before meeting your gaze, “Did you sleep with Yelena on the mission?”
“No. We did kiss though. Twice.” You admitted honestly. “You saw one.”
From where you were, you could see Wanda tense up. “Do you have feelings for her?”
The question was something you hadn’t even allowed yourself time to think about and you were stunned as your mind raced to find the answer. Not just for Wanda, but for yourself.
Then you thought of her quick wit, her smart mouth, her intelligence… her smile. The answer was unavoidable. Easy.
Even when parts of your heart still reached out desperately to the woman before you, there was no doubt in your mind that your heart leapt at the mere thought of Yelena.
Before you could think, “Yes.” The word that escaped your lips surprised you. You hadn't intended to tell Wanda.
Wanda nodded, though her eyes were sparking with annoyance. “And me?”
The intensity of her gaze made your heart race in your chest as you fought past the walls you built to keep her out. Fought against the urge to push her away.
Pushing her away felt so foreign when you had spent the last week pulling Yelena close.
The one-sided vulnerability irritated you though. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that you were in this situation because of her, yet you were the only one showing your cards. She was still playing the game and you couldn’t help but feel like you were losing.
“How do you feel about me?” You retaliated.
Wanda faltered slightly, the question clearly catching her off guard. “I asked you first.”
You crossed your arms, “And I answered one of your questions already.”
“You know already, you’re mine.” The response was weak, dismissive.
The answer made your stomach drop and you couldn’t help but laugh. “So, this is all just some territorial thing for you? Do you even care?”
Her eyes brows furrowed, seemingly angry that you would even ask that. “Of course, I do. I clearly do.”
“Clearly.” You mumbled back sarcastically.
Wanda looked as though she was preparing to say something else when Bruce walked in with a clipboard in his hands. “Am I interrupting something?”
You looked at Wanda expectantly, but she just looked away. “No.” she eventually muttered, pulling at the sleeves of her jacket. “I was just leaving.” You nodded, unable to help but feel a small twinge of hurt from her answer. A small fracture of pain that broke through the walls you had fortified.
Bruce looked wearily between you both before nodding. “Okay then.”
As Wanda was making her way out, she paused at doorway turning to face you once more. “Can I see you tonight?”
You refused to meet her eyes as you picked at the sheets defiantly once again. “I’ll think about it.” You replied, unsure if you were willing to fall back into the habit of her. To give her what she wanted without the strings. The stakes were too high now.
Especially now that you mind was filled with thoughts of someone else. And your heart yearned for a certain blonde Widow.
When she realized you weren’t going to say more, Wanda nodded. Once again hesitating by the door. Almost as if she had to fight herself to leave.
Leaving you like this was unfamiliar when she had spent so long unwaveringly by your side. “I’m glad you’re okay.” She added softly before making her departure. You sighed quietly.
Bruce took that as his cue to being going over the extent of your injuries and your limitations, most of his words fell on deaf ears.
Your mind raced with thoughts of the last twenty-four hours and how you found yourself caught between old habits or a new start. Both of which struck fear into your heart for different reasons.
And it was going to hurt.
And that's all folks! This was a very Yelena-centric chapter but I felt it was necessary. Also there was an instance of Yelena channeling Nat, if you caught that. And a link to the previous part: Here
Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the journey this chapter was and as always, thoughts and comments are always welcome! I look forward to hearing your thoughts! :)
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dreamysreverie · 21 days ago
Summer bummer
Pairing(s): Natasha Romanoff x Female! Reader x Wanda Maximoff 
synopsis: Just when your thought your summer could get any worse, your college roommate Wanda Maximoff (who you may or may not have a crush on her) invites you to a road trip to stay with her and her girlfriend Natasha for the summer at their beach house. 
Warnings: Smut 18+, fingering, oral sex (r receiving), break ups, a bit of cheating but not really? (not with Wandanat though gotta make that clear), top! Natasha x bottom reader x switch wanda (Wanda is kind of a switch I guess), nipple play, tiddy sucking. 
Word count: 3.4k
A/N: welcome to the very first part of my new series! where each chapter/part will have a song inspired by Lana Del rey :) I have been wanting to write this fun series for months now and its finally here and I’m so excited! I’m just gonna post the first part and let me know what you think <3
Another thing, a quote from the movie friends with benefits is in this fic let me know also if you see it xx i watched it the other night as it was in the background and wanted to include it since it fitted well with the setting of the scene and it was hilarious. 
Do not repost/translate my work anywhere or claim them as your own. If you see my work anywhere other than tumblr please let me know.
Tumblr media
“You’re breaking up with me?” 
“Yes. I am” you said, crossing your arms over your chest as your now ex-boyfriend scoffs at you. 
“Why the fuck are you breaking up with me?” he questioned, more so demanded. 
“You know damn well why I’m breaking up with you.” 
“No, I don’t! Please enlighten me” he said, stepping closer to you and you frowned taking a step back. 
“Uh because I caught you kissing my roommate's friend! Who told me and had evidence through a picture! I think that’s a good reason why I’m breaking up with you. And also, it seems like all you care about is playing video games, jerking off to porn, and your work which I don’t even know what type of work you do and your job doesn’t even seem real to me” you shouted which caused people who were walking around you to stare and be nosy since you were in public fighting with your boyfriend. 
“Baby, please. I’m sorry I got so caught up in my work, you know. How else am I supposed to buy you… things?” he said, his words spilling out nonsense as the last time he actually got you a gift was a cheap ring from a 2$ dollar store and he somehow got enough money to pay rent and his video games. 
You never understood that. 
You should have seen this coming. 
The signs were right in front of your face. They don’t call ‘red flags’ for no reason. 
At first, you thought him buying that plastic cheap ass ring was a cute sweet gesture of his weird way of showing love but the only way he shows love is when you give him orgasms. 
“And wait, who’s your roommate again? And which friend?” he asked dumbfounded, your eyes widened and you scoffed, shaking your head disappointed. 
“Maybe you should care a little less about your work and a little more about the girl you’re dating. Cause the last time I checked, you working doesn’t reassure you that liking a finger up your ass doesn’t make you gay.” 
“I never said go up! Babe, it was a one-time thing I wanted to try out ever since I saw it on porn--” 
“Okay, that’s all I ever need to hear from you again. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to walk away and never see you again. And don’t even bother showing up at my apartment because I’ll be away anyways. So you won’t even be able to contact me” you said, grinning at him and he looked even more confused. 
You shrugged, “It’s the summer. I have a lot of fun and exciting new things planned. And none of them involve you.” 
When you walked away, you felt even more frustrated when he didn’t even say anything. You even looked behind your shoulder hoping he would still be there staring back but no. 
And the worst thing is. 
You have absolutely nothing planned for summer. 
If only you had more friends. Then the whole crying and eating too much ice cream while watching rom coms wouldn’t be boring at all. 
You weren’t even sad. That even hurt you more because you were purposely trying to make yourself feel something for the idiot you just broke up with. But you felt nothing, the relationship was just about sex anyways. It’s not like the two of you were married (thank whoever above) you two only started dating three months ago when he thought it was a good idea to take this to the next level of commitment.
Whatever the level was. You didn’t even know. Neither of you did, which doesn’t sound great when you try explaining to your friends why you broke up with him. You just thought that what he did was sweet.  
Your door swung open and there stood Wanda Maximoff, judging by her stare she wasn’t pleased with how you were doing. 
“Get up,” Wanda said, walking inside your room without your permission and opening the curtains.
“Ahhh! not the sun!!-- well good morning to you Wanda,” you said sarcastically, groaning, covering your eyes from the sunlight beaming into your room. 
“It’s the afternoon” Wanda simply said, raising a brow at you as she watches you frown in confusion, 
You were sure it was midnight. 
“Yes. Now get up, I’m not letting you waste your summer like this. You're in college, your summer is supposed to be fun and exciting, you didn’t even like James” Wanda stated, grabbing your covers and throwing them off your bed and you whined. 
“Don’t be a brat” she warned, pointing her finger at you as you shrink at her stare. 
Even though it was odd you got turned on when she talked to you like that, she was even hotter when her accent became stronger. 
“Okay. Yeah, I agree I have been wasting my summer, but what else am I gonna do?” 
“Come with me!” Wanda beamed, climbing onto your bed and you suddenly realize how close you two are. 
“Aren’t you going to see your girlfriend?” you questioned and she sighed. 
“Yes I am but you can come along! She’s wanted to meet you for a long time now ever since I mentioned you to her when we became roommates” Wanda grinned, “please come on! It will be fun!  We're staying in a beach house!” Wanda begged, you find it hard to say no to her. 
“Alright fine I’ll go. It will give me a distraction” you said, stepping out of your bed and Wanda frowned.
“A distraction from what?” Wanda asked. 
“From the breakup!” 
“You never liked the guy!.” 
The ride to the beach house surprisingly wasn’t that long. You were glad you weren’t going to be stuck inside a car for hours with this heat. 
“We’ve arrived!” Wanda cheered. 
You weren’t even paying attention to her that much as all you wanted to do was have a nice hot bath with candles lit up by you and with a book in hand. 
Just being in peace. 
But Wanda had other plans. 
“I’m so excited for you to meet my girlfriend. You will love her and Natasha will love you!” Wanda squealed, grabbing her suitcases. 
Which confused you since you didn’t travel for that long and you weren’t planning on staying for long either. 
Or so you had thought. 
“Милый! You made it!” a redhead smiled, wrapping her arms around Wanda who you assumed was her very attractive girlfriend who was Natasha. 
Sure you have seen photos but seeing Natasha in person was different. She was gorgeous. You knew it was wrong to think like that in front of your roommate who stood a few feet away from you but you couldn’t help it. They both were breathtakingly beautiful. You just wanted to be with them, for them to pin you down and let them do whatever they want to you. 
“Hey, are you with us?” Wanda snapped her fingers in front of you and you blinked at her. 
“We were talking about dinner, then hot tub, then dessert” Wanda reminded you and you frowned. 
“Why are we having dessert after a hot tub?” you asked and Wanda looked at her girlfriend then you and shrugged. 
“Oh, we are having dessert. Just while we were in the hot tub and after” Wanda explained, smiling and you still didn’t understand which she found amusing. 
“Okay, then cause I’m starving,” you said, stepping inside the house. 
What you didn’t notice was the knowing look Wanda gave Natasha as you walked away. 
The dinner went surprisingly well. You talked with Natasha and you two got along well you learned that Natasha was a boss of some sort (she didn’t exactly tell you what type of business but you knew Wanda told you one time she worked for a company with high tech or something like that) and it wasn’t awkward which you were grateful for since that would be weird for you and Wanda to deal with later on the ride back to college if things went bad. Either way, the dinner was delicious and you were feeling good and you were relieved Wanda took you on this trip to stay with her and her girlfriend because nothing could beat this. 
Now you are excited for dessert. 
And so were they. 
“Oh wow this dinner was amazing, Natasha,” you said, wiping your mouth with a napkin and the redhead smiled at you. 
“I’m very glad you enjoyed it, darling,” Natasha smiled. 
You felt your cheeks heat up at the pet name. Which wasn’t helping when you were trying to keep your secret crush on her and Wanda hidden. 
“Let’s all get changed into our swimsuits for the hot tub,” Wanda said, standing up and grabbing the dirty plates with her. 
“Thank you, Любовь моя” Natasha smiled, wiping her mouth with her napkin and when Wanda went into the kitchen she stared back at you giving you her full attention. 
“I really hope you enjoy your stay here, Wanda has told me a lot about you,” Natasha said. 
“Like what?” you asked, “good things I hope?” you wondered, laughing and she laughed with you. 
“Of course. All good things, she recently told me you went through a breakup? That must suck I’m sorry you had to go through that especially with someone as sweet as you” Natasha grinned, seeing you get taken back by her compliment. 
She was going to have real fun getting you all flustered. 
“Well-- yeah it sucked,” you said, you were at a loss for words. “But I never liked the guy” you stammered, chuckling and feeling your throat go dry as you take a sip of your wine. 
Natasha observed you, already seeing you get nervous under her gaze and compliments. Wanda did tell her you got like this whenever you got praised or complimented. She found it amusing and wanted to tease you more. 
“What are you two still doing here at the dining table? Go get changed!” Wanda urged you both, not looking impressed.
“I’m going I’m going!” you laughed, Wanda pushing you out of the room. 
You had arrived dressed in a black set of bikini. It was a relief you still managed to find a bikini considering you don’t swim that much and this one was good enough to wear and hopefully catches the eyes of the women you wish to be dominated by. 
“Look at you”  Natasha smirked, eyeing you up and down shamelessly, watching you walk into the hot tub rather carefully so you wouldn’t trip and fall in by accident and embarrass yourself. 
“Very gorgeous. Don’t you agree Wanda darling?” Natasha asked her, tilting her head to the side as Wanda eyed you and nodded. 
“Yes, I agree, beautiful. I told you she was” Wanda smiled proudly, taking a sip from her red wine and placing it back down. 
There was soft music in the background, Russian? Jazz? You really weren’t sure. Which helped calm your nerves being around them. They eyed you now and then, observing you and you liked it. You liked having their attention, you wanted more of it. More of them and somehow you were going to achieve that. 
Natasha seemed like a woman who holds power. She values control from what you have known, Wanda however seems like the typical housewife type. Not that they were married, still she gave off that vibe and how she even wasn’t afraid to boss Natasha around who even was a boss herself. You found that very attractive, you haven’t seen Wanda act like that too much over the time you have known Wanda this past year. She was kind, gentle, and was always there for you whenever you needed a cry on the shoulder or some reassurance if someone had just broken your heart or dumped you. However, you have seen her boss you around which you didn’t mind one bit. 
If it was anyone else you would flip them a finger and tell them to fuck off. 
Wanda snapped her fingers in front of you, startling you and causing you to jump. 
“I’m sorry, did I scare you? You looked like you were lost in thought I wanted to bring you back” Wanda smiled softly, caressing your cheek with her hand and you gulped at the sight of her cleavage. 
That wasn’t even bare but she was so close to you that you felt your entire body burn despite you were sitting in a hot tub. 
“N-no you didn’t. And yeah, I was lost in thought” you nervously mumbled but she heard that anyways. 
Natasha pouted, “well maybe we can help with that. Get you out of that pretty head of yours” she suggested and your heart thumped in your chest. you looked between the two wondering what’s going to happen next and you really hoped what you were thinking was going to happen. 
“Yes please,” you whispered and they both smiled. 
“Good girl” Wanda praised, seeing you smile and shy away from her gaze. 
“No no, look at me,” Wanda said, grabbing you by the chin and turning your head to face hers and you made eye contact. 
“Good. just like that” Wanda giggled, leaning into pressing her lips against yours and you gasped. 
This was the first time you have ever kissed Wanda. And it was perfect, everything you have dreamed about. 
Her kiss was tender, gentle, and soft just like her. Her lips moved with you in sync, you couldn’t stop the moan escaping your mouth as you gripped Wanda’s thigh earning a hiss from her as she kissed rougher this time. 
You didn't realize Natasha moved to watch the two of you make out, she teased at Wanda’s breasts, squeezing and rubbing them, earning a whimper from her which turned you on even more with the wetness in between your thighs at how hot that sounded. 
Natasha’s fingers came to pinch at your nipples making you gasp and arch your back into her when she started to rub and squeeze your breast feeling how hardened they already were. She smirked, slipping her hand through your bikini and her fingers went through your folds. 
"Look at how wet they are for us, Wanda” Natasha smirked, withdrawing her hand from your bikini bottoms and showing the brunette your wetness coating her fingers as she brought them to her mouth and sucked on them.
“Please, I need you both” you whimpered, Wanda’s eyes darkening with lust when she heard you beg. 
“Are you going to be a good girl for us?” Natasha asked, “cause if not. You won’t get to cum.” 
“Yes. I will be your good girl” you said, nodding quickly causing them to laugh at you. 
“My poor sweetheart, so desperate and we haven’t even started yet” Natasha mocked, grabbing you by the hand as she guided you out of the hot tub carefully making sure you don’t trip. 
The cold breeze hits you, making you shiver as Wanda holds onto your other hand as the two guides you to their bedroom in the beach house. 
As soon as all of you arrived in their room, lips smashed against yours into a heated kiss and another pair of lips attached to your neck earning a moan from you as you didn’t know what to do with your hands. Wanting to touch them, they laughed at you almost in a mocking way but they were just enjoying teasing the hell out of you. 
It was their favorite thing now. 
You were theirs to torment. 
And you loved it. 
You felt a hand go behind your back as your bikini top was being unclipped and you heard it fall to the ground. You were already so lost in their kisses you didn’t even notice to see your clothes were well gone now. They also had managed to take off their bikinis and when you stared at them they were naked and that made you go speechless at how beautiful they were. 
“So pretty. You want us to touch you, baby?” Natasha asked her voice low and husky which caused a shiver to go down your spine. 
“Yes. Touch me. Fuck me, I'm yours” you whined, and that was all it took. 
“Fuck baby girl, doing so good for us,” Natasha said, pushing you down onto the bed as Wanda climbed onto it beside you and Natasha crawled on top of you. 
“Gonna ruin this pussy of yours pretty baby” Natasha smiled. 
You whimpered when you felt her fingers rub your clit. Wanda pressed her finger against your core, you hissed feeling how cold her fingers were. Considering you just got out of the hot tub and the cold breeze was making you miss being in the hot tub. They both laughed, they looked at you like a predator about to devour its prey and that made you bite down on your lip wanting for them to consume you whole. 
“I’ve been waiting for so long,” Wanda said, already a bit breathless. “I couldn’t wait to touch you but I had to wait for Nat. Since she’s in charge here and I’m second in charge now” she grinned, grabbing you by the back of your head and guiding you to wrap your lips on one of her breasts she moaned loudly her head falling back when you sucked on them. 
“It was all worth it, wasn’t it?” Natasha said, and Wanda nodded. 
Wanda kept rubbing and teasing your pussy, enjoying how loud you’re starting to get from their touch. You bucked your hips into them and Natasha pinned you back down, pinning your hands above your head so you wouldn't be able to move. you cried out, your mouth leaving her nipple when you felt Wanda slip her finger inside your dripping wet cunt, then another not giving you enough time to catch your breath or give you a moment. Wanda pumped her fingers in and out of you at a rough pace, you were a moaning mess now, your head falling back. Natasha grinned at Wanda, the redhead began to rub faster at your clit, enjoying how desperate you were getting each second that went by. 
Another finger entered you, curling inside you, stretching you out. You found yourself lost in the overwhelming pleasure that you couldn't think. If you didn’t come on this trip, you would have never gotten to experience it. You were so glad you didn’t turn Wanda down. 
You whined when you felt fingers slip out and the two women above you laughed. You felt a pair of lips wrapped around your clit while one finger still was pumping in and out of your core. Your body tensed up, you knew you were close and they knew as well but they weren’t letting you go that easy. You whined, back arching when Natasha sucked hard on your bundle of nerves. You whimpered, your hands tangled in her beautiful red hair that you gripped on for support for your own sake. 
Wanda brought her other free hand to squeeze and rub at your breasts, while her other fucked into you. she leaned in and pressed her mouth back to yours. She loved kissing you, she was already addicted. She’s wondered what it was like to kiss those pretty lips of yours, to feel them against hers and now she can’t stop kissing you. 
“I’m so close, so close” you whined, and Wanda nodded looking at her girlfriend and wondering if they should let you cum. 
Natasha nodded, sucking harder on your clit than before and you locked eyes with Wanda. 
“Cum for us,” Wanda purred. 
 you cried out as the overwhelming pleasure came over you as you were sure you haven’t felt this much pleasure in forever only from these two women. The pleasure coursing through your bones, your body tensing then going to limb as your cries and moans filled out the room as you came down hard, Natasha hadn’t let go yet wanting to taste you.
“Good girl” Wanda praised, breathless as she left soft gentle kisses along your jaw and neck to calm you. 
Natasha moved away from your pussy, wiping her mouth as there was still cum on her chin from the mess you made and your chest heaved up and down. She grinned, eyeing Wanda then you. 
“We're not finished with you yet.” 
You smiled, you were in for a long night of pleasure and fun. Maybe your summer wasn’t going to suck after all you had these two to give you everything that you ever wanted. 
And it was perfect. 
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hapzhoe · 11 days ago
Neighbours Mama
Pairing: Milf!Wanda Maximoff x Fem!reader
Summary: You just moved into a new town and Wanda is your neighbour, her kids are amazed by you and Wanda falls for you when she sees you playing with her kids [But the kids live permanently by Vision]
Warnings: Reader is of age (r: mid 20/w: end 30) First time writing like this I hope you guys like it! Comments and reblogs are welcomed ;)
Requested: Yes/No - by @epmartin
Wanda Maximoff Masterlist
Tumblr media
*Not my GIF
Requesting rules💫
New town, new start, right?
After you finished college and were free from your parents you decided to move to West View, a small town in New Jersey.
Over the time you had saved enough money to buy a house, good thing they weren’t too expensive, you always wanted to move into a quiet and boring town just so you could live in peace.
Currently you were sitting in your garden doing sun bathing when a red ball flew into your roses making you open your eyes, then two boys not older than ten were looking over the fence. One with a gulity smile the other with a smile. “Sorry! Can you get us our ball back please?” The one with the shorter hair asked.
You stood up with a smile and walked over to the roses, you took the ball and throwed it over to them. “Next time be a bit more careful.” You spoke, the two boys nodded before a new voice joined you.
“Boys! What did I tell you?” Their mother you asumed called them, the two turned around and ran back to their mother who spotted you.
She walked over to you with a smile. “I’m sorry about the two.” She smiled and you shook your head. “Oh, no need the two are quite cute.” Wanda chuckled agreeing with you. “I’ve never seen you around before you new?” She changed the subject which you didn’t mind.
“Guilty.” You grimaced. “I’m from Brooklyn originally but moved her a few days ago.” The red-head smiled again as she held out her hand over the fence. “Ohh well than welcome! I’m Wanda.” “Y/n but call me Y/n/n.” You responsed taking her hand to shake it.
“Wanda?” A voice rang through the garden, said person turned around to find her ex-husband standing there. “Vision? Is it already seven?” She asked to which the blonde man nodded.
“Excuse me for a second dear.” She said before going to the man who knew now was Vision. ‘Probably her husband’ you though as you observed the to.
The two talked before Vision made a move with his hand gesturing for the two boys to come to him, Wanda hugged the two and waved at them. She came to you a few minuts later. “I’m sorry that was my ex-husband, he has the kids and they just come to visit me now and then.” Wanda explained, you frowned.
“If I may…,why aren’t they with you, I mean if you are their mother.” The woman waved it up before starting to explain.
“Oh no your good, he says I struggle with mental health and it’s better for the kids to be with him. I mean it’s not like I took a whole town hostage just because I was grieving right?” She laughed which you joined.
“Before I forget it do you want to join me for lunch tomorrow?” Wanda interjected and you didn’t hesitate. “I would love to! But if it isn’t any trouble for you, can you help me with a few boxes?” “Of course!” The woman said.
The Maximoff climbed over the fence, and you couldn’t help but stare at her. You always knew you were more interested in woman than men.
Wanda caught you staring at her causing a small smirk to make it’s way onto her lips, you blushed and muttered. “Uh…this way.”
The red-head followed you in your house where most of the boxes weren’t even unpacked. “Wow someone has been diligent.” She mocked you when she saw all the boxes, you chuckled and told her where she could help.
“In a few days is Halloween and the town always celebrates you know? I go out with the boys if you want to you can join us.”
You weren’t sure if you should go besides, you didn’t even have a costume to go with. “Yeah, that would be nice, but I don’t have a costume…” Wanda waved it up with a smile. “Oh, we have enough!” She beamed at you before taking the next box.
You tried to put one of your pictures on your shelf, but your high was not okay with it, so you sighed and called for Wanda which came instantly. “Can you help me?” She nodded and took the picture from you but suddenly when she looked over to you the two of you realized how close you were.
“Hi…” You breathed out which Wanda copied. “Hi…” You had known that woman for a and she already made your world turn upside down.
“Y/n?” Wanda said snapping you out of your thoughts. “Huh? Oh yeah.” You nervously chuckled as you took a step back, you smiled and walked over to other boxes while blushing.
A few day went by, and it was Halloween over the past two day you had been with Wanda all the time and there were those moments where the two of you were just so close that you could kiss her, but you didn’t for one you thought she was straight, and she was like twenty years older than you.
You heard a knock on your door and quickly went to open it where you were greeted with the two mini-moffs and Wanda, the two boys were brightly smiling at you while Wanda just had a normal smile. “Hi Y/n/n!” They said unison.
“Hi boys, hey Wan’” You greeted them. “What are you supposed to be?” Tommy asked, you scoffed playfully as you said. “A vampire duh…” Tommy eyed you weirdly before smiling.
You cocked a brow at the two and said. “And what are you?” They looked clueless by your question, so you just laughed it of before closing the door behind you to go with the Maximoff’s on trick and treating.
“Looking good hot stuff.” You winked at the red-head who blushed and giggled.
“You don’t look so bad yourself sweetheart.” Go everytime she said ‘sweetheart’ it made your knees weak.
“Y/n!” Tommy shouted as he grasped your hand to pull you over to one of the houses, Wanda watched as you giggled and made fun with him scaring the people who lived in the house. “Do you like her mom?” Billy suddenly asked as he stood beside his mother.
“What?” She asked confused. “Do you like her, like you like dad ones.” He said again, Wanda was taken back, had it been so oblivious to her children. “It’s complicated Billy…I only know her for a few days, and she is much younger.” The twin went to say something, but you and Tommy had come back.
“So which house next?” You asked with a smirk and a hint of mischief glinting in your eyes.
“That one Y/n/n!” Tommy said again and pointed at a house that was across the street. “Than let’s go scare them until they pee themselves.” You said and ran away with Tommy.
“You should go with them.” Wanda told her son, but he only shook his head. “Not until you make a move on Y/n.” He stated and his mother raised her brows. “Fine…now go!” She said while shaking her head.
“So, a Sokovian fortune teller huh?” You asked once Billy and Tommy had went to the houses alone. “You know I don’t need a fortune teller to tell me that you will be laying in my bed by midnight.” You didn’t know where the confidence had suddenly come from, but it seemed to work because Wanda seemingly blushed.
“We…we shouldn’t do that, you are only-.” “Oh no don’t come at me with that crap, either you say you want to go out with me, or you don’t but I’m not doing that ‘you are to young’ blah, blah, blah crap with you.” You said as you crossed your arms over chest.
Wanda looked at you like a lost puppy. “Listen I like your kids but if you need more time okay I-.” You were cut of by soft lips touching yours but before you could response she pulled away.
“I am so, so sorry, I just-.” You took her cheeks in your hands and pulled her in to kiss her, she kissed back without hesitation. When you pulled apart you smiled cheekily.
“We will do this slow…but I just had to but who am I to talk right?”
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heavenbarnes · 5 months ago
PLEASE STAND BY: Love is strange
Wanda Maximoff x female reader
Warning/Contains: spoilers for “WandaVision”, aspects of mind-control meaning reader isn’t truly consenting, parts of this don’t make sense and are designed to make you feel strange, alcohol, arguments, cheating, kissing, oral sex (f!receiving), some good old fashioned 1950s gender rolls
Word Count: 3.8k
it was a given that i would be writing for wanda, but i never expected to get to do something so exciting, i really hope you all enjoy! it’s going to get sexy, get retro, and get creepy x
Tumblr media
The day you met Mr. Vision at the end of your driveway, he was on his way to work in the early morning, you’d only spoken to him for a second but he seemed to draw a feeling from you that you hadn’t ever seen around here. He had to be the first man you’d spoken to in a while who wasn’t two-dimensional, he had to be the first neighbor you’d ever actually spoken to.
“We’ve only just moved in, how long have you been here?” He lent against your letterbox where you’d just been checking for mail, you’d seen the postman hanging around but he’d never dropped anything off for you.
“Well,” You thought on it for a moment, face going thoughtful as you tried to draw on the memory of first arriving in this town. “You know sometimes it feels like a lifetime and others it feels like barely any time has passed!”
He shared a chuckle with you, nodding in agreement at how strange a thing like time can be. “You live with your husband?”
“Yes, my husband James, we moved here once he’d returned from service.”
“Ah, and what does he do now?”
Again, your eyes narrowed and lips turned down slightly as you thought over what your husband did in a day. “Well he, you see-”
Thinking of it, your husband wakes in the morning and goes to work, he returns to your home cooked meal and you never really discuss it past that. “I’m not really too sure, he goes to his office and then he comes home.”
Mr. Vision reassures you with a shared chuckle, nodding at how strange a thing like work can be. “Sometimes I feel the same, and I’m the one doing the job!”
“Yes, I’m not too convinced that he doesn’t cease to exist once he leaves our home, at least till he comes back looking for food!”
Your laughter tapered off into sighs of agreement slowly, nodding quietly but both still overcome with even the slightest expressions of confusion, unable to shake that there just might be something you’re both missing.
It seemed to break quickly enough, smiles both back on your faces as you gave Mr. Vision the chance to continue his way to work. He called over his shoulder as he was leaving, “I’m sure my wife would like a new friend, you must go introduce yourself.”
Now, didn’t that sound like a dream.
Every day for you was like the one before and the next, you woke and you tidied and you cooked and went to bed. Sometimes it felt like you were a background character in someone’s life, like they were out doing the fun things you longed for whilst you milled about tending to a rosebush and kissing your husband on the cheek on your front porch.
There were also the, well simply the things you couldn’t explain. The way there was always food in your fridge despite the fact you’d never bought a single grocery, and the way-
The way that- the what? What were you talking about?
You shook your head with a smile, turning back into the house to freshen yourself for a moment. Your hair was perfectly set but you had the urge to tuck a piece behind your ear, straightening the skirt of your dress before going to the kitchen.
Taking some of the biscuits you’d made maybe a day ago, you lay them on a plate, before draping a tea towel across them. Carrying them down the street, you made your way to the Vision residence, gingerly bringing your hand to the door to wrap your knuckles against.
Mrs. Vision would be the first neighbor you really spoke to your whole time being here, what if she was like the others, didn’t wish to make pleasant conversation and enjoy company together. The fear seemed to break quickly enough as the door swung open.
Seeing her, it was like you were on stage and had forgotten your lines, she took all the breath out of your lungs. Round eyes that seemed to sparkle even in a town with the dullest hue, her cheeks drew up as she smiled at you. She looked like, well, a Vision.
“Good morning, can I help?”
Brought back to reality, you offered your plate of biscuits forward as you spoke. “Good morning, I live just down the street and met your husband this morning on his way to work this morning,” You smiled kindly to match her own expression. “So I thought I’d come say hello, Mrs. Vision.”
She stepped aside to allow you the chance to step into her beautiful home. “What a lovely surprise, and please, call me Wanda.”
Wanda was a wonderful host, dipping into the kitchen for a moment before returning with a tray of coffee. “Wow,” You remarked, taking the steaming cup from her hand. “It’s almost like you knew I was coming.”
She dropped an eye into a wink as she made her own cup. “A good housewife is always prepared.”
Wanda made things seem perfect, she made you laugh and she made you feel like you were truly a part of things. This town was lovely, you were very lucky to be where you are but everything did seem to be so black-and-white, like your whole life was written out before you with no chance to change.
You didn’t feel that way around this woman, it was like she was made from that wonderful energy that ran through this town, like she was capable of the change and excitement that you needed.
“Tell me about yourself, you have a husband?”
“Yes, James!” You smiled as you thought of him and all his loveliness. “He provides for us and is a real whizz at fixing the Television set when it gives me jiff.”
Wanda laughed as you took a sip from your coffee, it was the most perfect temperature and so rich as it ran across your tongue. You were beginning to think Wanda held a secret, the secret to being the most perfect housewife.
“And Mr. Vision, he seems really nice?”
She smiled fondly as she thought of her husband. “He is, a really great man, the kind you just couldn’t live without.”
A somewhat strange thing to say but you agreed with her nonetheless, you loved your James with the whole of your heart, you weren’t sure what you’d do if he was plucked from your grasp. Wanda continued, “But even then he does do some very “man” things.”
You gave her a small confused chuckle as she laughed along with you, shrugging her shoulders. “You know how they can be? So oblivious to things!”
Still not quite catching on, eyebrows furrowing just a tad as you implored her to elaborate a bit more. She threw one of her hands in the air, the other still holding her coffee as she spoke, “We could lay across the table in nothing but our shoes and they would still ask if we were putting dinner on it later!”
Your cheeks ran hot at her words, a hand coming to cover your mouth in shock as Wanda just laughed. She had to have been a truly modern woman to come up with things such as those, you couldn’t believe how she spoke, it was so...exciting?
“You know what I mean?” She asked, tilting her head gently.
You shook yours, thinking of your husband fondly. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt, uh, neglected by him-”
Wanda was gently tapping a finger on her coffee cup, the sound being lost at the back of your mind as a thought suddenly overcame you. You most certainly wished your husband was more attentive, it was almost as if he didn’t notice you sometimes. Your tongue moved before you could control it.
“Some nights I think James is more interested in the sports section than he is in me, and I’m right beside him in our bed!” 
You couldn’t believe your own words, how you seemed to forget yourself in that moment. Beginning to apologize profusely, Wanda laid a hand against your own to calm you down. It worked like a treat, the embarrassment fading from you in an instant.
“Men have a way of doing that, don’t they?” She took your coffee and placed it with her own on the table. “Sometimes, we just need a bit of attention.”
Like you had no control over your own mind, you were nodding in agreement. Plucking up the courage to look Wanda in the eye, that heat that had settled in your cheeks had spread across your whole being. She looked so kind, so interested in you, like the only person to really see you this whole time.
The feelings that came over you were unexplainable, you’d felt this way but only looking at your husband, somehow those feelings were rearing their heads every time Wanda moved beside you. It became clear to you that she still hadn’t moved that hand that was resting on your skin, she was still gently holding you and you weren’t doing a thing to stop it.
“Look at us,” Wanda sighed, thumb gently rubbing against your skin. “All this free time on our hands, enough time for attention.”
Your eyes flickered from her touch, to her lips as she spoke. Drawing them up to her eyes, without her saying a word you just knew what she was implying.
“Mr. Vision, he wouldn’t mind?”
“He’s a good man, he wants me happy, I know he wouldn’t mind.”
“My James-”
“He loves you doesn’t he? Wouldn’t want you feeling lonely?”
The feeling of reassurance was warm as it cast over you, wrapped around your shoulders and held you tightly. James would want you happy, making friends, feeling cared for. Something told you that he’d want this for you, he’d be pleased for you.
Nodding gently, Wanda slowly bridged the gap as she lent in towards you. Her lips were so soft as they pressed to the plush of your own. Such a gentle kiss, unrushed with all the time in the world, just perfect. Her tongue nearly moved inside your mouth, but drew back at the last minute, another gentle kiss lay against your lips before she drew back.
“It’s getting late, we should carry this on another time.”
Looking at the clock on her wall, it was already the afternoon, your husband would be home soon and dinner wasn’t even on! You’d sworn you had only been here an hour, but you must’ve let time get away on you.
Wanda showed you to the door, a sweet kiss pressed against your cheek as she said her goodbyes. “I hope I get to see you tomorrow?”
“Yes, of course you can.” You quietly looked forward to tomorrow already, you didn’t have to say a thing but from the look in her eyes, Wanda knew.
As you placed the meatloaf on the table before James, you sat before him, knife and fork in hand as you felt the urge to tell him about your day. “I made friends with our new neighbors today.”
“I’m really happy for you, doll.” He smiled back at you, taking a single bite of his dinner.
“She really gets me, understands me,” You too took a single bite of the food. “She even gave me quite a lovely kiss.”
James didn’t really react, he placed his cutlery down and smiled kindly. “Did you enjoy it?”
Dabbing your lips with a napkin and pushing your plate forward you nodded. “I really did, I cannot wait to see her tomorrow.”
“That’s great news, my love,” He stood from the table, collecting your plates. “How about we hit the hay, it’s been a long day.”
You were about to nod in agreement before you furrowed your brow for a moment. “Has it?”
James stopped for a second, looking at your almost full plates before back to you. “I- yes, I think it has been.”
You stood from the table and came to press a kiss on your cheek. “Good idea, I’ll go draw back the bed covers.”
Sitting in the sunshine with Wanda, they had the most glorious outdoor area, beautiful roses surrounding the space with a cobbled courtyard. You both sipped at the lemonade she’d made earlier as you simply enjoyed each others company. 
That feeling of freedom was back to wash over you, the way she made you feel the most like yourself that you’d felt in some time. Sitting beside her on the lounger, you rolled your head towards her as she spoke, the cat eye sunglasses resting gentle on her button rose making her look like something out of a dream.
Your heart swelled as she spoke of nothing in particular, just happy to be around her and in good company, as she finished her sentence she let out a long draw of breath. Quietly, she took you in for a moment before tilting her glasses down a tad.
“Have you ever been with a woman before?”
“Never, James was my first,” You answered rather quickly before pausing. “I think.”
“Would you like me to show you what it’s like? How lovely it can be?”
You felt no hesitation, no doubt in your mind, you felt the words leaving your lips before Wanda had even finished her question. “Yes, please.”
Joining you on your lounger, she rested between your legs as her lips came to gently press to your own. She tasted of the lemonade and her own sweet taste, the way she moved against your mouth was enough to make you gasp into her mouth.
Her hands moved against your sides, gently tickling you and making just about every hair stand up on end. Wanda’s touch was nearly electric, so tantalizing and so new, unlike anything you’d felt. It was still so gentle and so loving, but there was something about what she knew, like it’d take you years to ever learn to do what she could. Like she was before her time.
Your head swirled with everything surrounding you, the pleasure, the excitement, the unknown. It was such a vulnerable position, laying beneath her as she moved down your body, pushing your skirt up your hips - yet it was almost as if you forgot to feel shame.
Maybe it was Wanda, when you were around her you were unable to feel embarrassment, she made everything feel so easy and so right, like you were always meant to end up here with her. She ran her touch along the skin of your thighs, making your breath jump as she brought her fingers to the high waistband of your underwear.
You allowed her to go wherever you wanted, you felt like you needed her all over you. Wanda was magnetic, pulled you in and captivated every one of your senses until you couldn’t stand it. You ran your hand along the side of her face as she smiled up at you, leaning into your touch.
“You’re so beautiful,” She bared her teeth as she spoke. “I’m so glad to have you here.”
The comment got lost in the air as her mouth lay against your most sensitive area, lips pursing against you as her tongue ran a long line along you. Your head pressed back into the cushions, a quite whimper escaping your lips as her tongue dove between your legs quickly.
Now this was nothing like you’d ever felt, the feeling was consuming, heat rising over your body and not just from the stream of sun that cast over the both of you. Wanda’s mouth worked expertly over you as your whole body tensed against her. She was magic, her mouth was magic, her touch was magic. 
You cooed her name, fingers slotting into her perfectly done hair, seemingly not even messing it a bit as you gently pulled. Wanda moaned against you, tongue diving further into you, trying ardently to pull all sounds and reactions out of you. 
Her hands ran up beneath your clothes, splaying across your belly and moving to the wire of your brassiere. You couldn’t remember the last time James touched you in this way, let alone a time ever where a woman had held you like this.
A woman’s touch was so gentle, it was so careful and so considered that it was enough to make your head spin. Wanda pulled you back in, mouth closing around that sensitive little bud that made your eyes roll back in your head. She suckled just enough to make you mewl, your chest rising so quickly with every ministration.
The feeling took over you so quickly, body locking up tight as she was sure to draw you straight to the edge and drive you crazy on the way there. Your eyes squeezed tight and you gripped Wanda’s shoulders, your mouth opening with a cry as you felt the tight band in your core snap.
She gently worked you down from your high, the flush of heat that had consumed you slowly dissipating as she sat up in front of you. Another sweet kiss against your mouth, gently and lovingly working against your lips.
“We should probably get ready, our men will be home soon.” She winked at you, the both of you giggling quietly to yourselves.
Sitting around the Vision’s dining table, the Steak Diane that Wanda had prepared looked incredibly inviting. James turned to Mr. Vision with a smile, “It’s very kind of you both to invite us to dinner.”
“We had to, after all our wives are getting along swimmingly.” He gestured to yourself and to Wanda, raising his wine glass without taking a sip.
You shared a coy look with Wanda, smiling and raising your brows as she chuckled, before the four of you picked up your cutlery to take a bite of the food. James finished his mouthful, turning to the lady of the house to make polite conversation as he placed his cutlery on his plate. “This was delicious, thank you.”
Agreeing as you finished your own mouthful, laying your napkin on the table, “Truly, Wanda, you are talented!”
She shrugged her shoulders, smiling bashfully as she turned to her husband who hadn’t touched his. “Ah, just one of my little tricks.”
James turned to Mr. Vision with a smile, nodding towards their plates. “What is it with wives and being so talented in the kitchen?”
“You’re absolutely right,” He laughed in agreement before looking to you. “You like to cook?”
“I do rather, I’m forever at the stove making something new.” It was your turn to sport a bashful grin.
“What’s your favorite meal to make? Wanda is always whipping up some incredible creations.”
“I quite like meatloaf, I-” You stopped for a moment, turning slowly to your husband. “I make it every night.”
Unsure of why you’d expressed your love for making “something new”, it dawned on you that you made the same meal every evening without fail. James’ expression seemed to match yours, remembering the dinner that you’d had the night before, and the one before that.
A strange feeling tightened in your chest, unease, a feeling that you weren’t able to shake. You looked to Wanda, and the feeling only grew. You’d never seen her look like that before, it wasn’t a look of anger, but one of discontent.
Quickly turning away from her, you looked between her husband and your own. “I make the same dinner every night.” You repeated, shaking your head slightly.
Mr. Vision looked confused, turning to his wife and furrowing his brow at the look she was casting over the table. He darted back to you, before crossing his gaze to James. Wanda spoke up finally, “Well if that’s your favorite meal, you tend to do that, completely normal.”
She pushed her plate back, lifting her wine glass to her lips as she locked eyes with her husband. “Completely normal.”
“But every night?” Mr. Vision spoke up, eyes flickering back to your visible unease. “Are you okay?”
“Yes, yes, I’m just not feeling my self this moment.” You explained, fiddling with your napkin as your chest still felt just as heavy.
“It’s really okay, nothing to get upset over,” Wanda nearly snapped, just enough control over her voice. “Don’t fuss it, Vis.”
“We do have it every night,” James joined, looking to you with wide eyes. “The same meatloaf, the same sides-”
Wanda cut him off with a curt laugh, “It is just meatloaf, it really doesn’t need this much issue.”
“But, my love, it seems to be affecting them a bit more than-”
“Well, that is only because you won’t leave it alone!”
In the heat of the conversation, you tried to readjust your plate but the action cause your wine glass to tip, the red wine falling and spraying across James’ crisp white shirt.
“Oh my word, I am so sorry, I really have forgotten myself.” You rushed up to dab your napkin against his shirt but it was no use, it was only setting.
“What is going on here, Wanda?” Mr. Vision seemed less fazed about the spill and more about the previous conversation.
“Oh, Vision! Would you please just drop it and get Bucky a damp cloth!”
Your frantic hands stopped in an instant, eyes snapping open wide as your husband’s hand came to wrap around your wrist. Eyes darting up to his, you both shared a look of sudden and unbridled fear.
Slowly turning to look at Wanda, her expression had fallen and that same look of discontent was taking over her. You felt a pressure in your head, right behind your eyes as you looked from her and back to your husband. Realization set in as he gripped tighter onto you.
It was as if you couldn’t move, shouldn’t move. Everything had changed in that moment, this thread of perfect that ran through the whole town had unraveled right in front of you, right across the dinner table.
“Wanda,” You began, voice shaking only slightly despite yourself. “I think you need-”
“No,” She spoke once and it held the air of being final. “No, thank you.” 
James finished his mouthful, turning to the lady of the house to make polite conversation as he placed his cutlery on his plate. “This was delicious, thank you.”
Agreeing as you finished your own mouthful, laying your napkin on the table, “Truly, Wanda, you are talented!”
She shrugged her shoulders, smiling bashfully as she turned to her husband who hadn’t touched his. “Ah, just one of my little tricks.”
“Did we get anything?”
“They were close, very close, but the scene seemed to reset itself and now all we have is this.”
The TV glowed bright with a slight crackle against it, the technicolor strips took over the space with a single black strip for the only words on screen. 
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thewidowsghost · a month ago
Shy (Wanda Maximoff x Stark!Fem!Reader)
Anon asked:
May I request you writing a fic where Wanda Maximoff trains a new shy avenger who doesn’t laugh a lot and Wanda accidentally finds out that the reader is EXTREMELY ticklish and she thinks it’s very funny and she pins him/her down and tickles the reader to get him/her to laugh and open up to her?
This was so much fun to write!
Thanks to all of you guys who've recently sent in requests!
(Y/n) Stark had to be the shiest person any of the Avengers had ever met, and that hadn't changed when the young woman had joined the Avengers.
Now, the youngest Stark is nothing like her father. Where Tony was loud and obnoxious, (Y/n) is shy and not once had anyone, not even her mother, Pepper, nor her father had once heard (Y/n) laugh.
The young Avenger had only smiled in the presence of someone that wasn't her parents added up to a grand total of three times, and they had all been directed by her godmother Natasha. Once was because Natasha had gotten (Y/n) the exact gift she'd wanted without telling the former assassin. The second has been when (Y/n) was five and she'd left her favorite bear at her parent's house, and Natasha had taken (Y/n) to Build-A-Bear to make a new bear. The third had been the time when (Y/n) was sick - Tony and Pepper were at work like always - and Natasha is tasked with caring for the youngest Stark; Natasha had snuggled with her goddaughter, bring forth the third and last smile Natasha had seen from the girl, a grateful, loving smile that had Natasha cuddling (Y/n) closer.
Then Wanda Maximoff had entered the picture.
At first, (Y/n) had treated the newest Avenger with the same attitude as the other, but after a month or so, (Y/n) had warmed up to the witch.
The two young women are having their twice-a-week movie night when Wanda brushes (Y/n)'s side with a hand as she reaches for the bowl of popcorn.
"I'm sorry!" Wanda says hastily but smiles slightly when she catches (Y/n)'s lips quirks into the slightest smile and she hears the soft giggle escape them. "Oh, the quietest Avenger is ticklish?" Wanda teases, wiggling her fingers playfully.
"No, no I'm not," (Y/n) protests, her slight smile still betraying her.
Wanda grins, tackles (Y/n), and digs her fingers into (Y/n)'s ribs.
"W-wan-nda-a!" (Y/n) laughs, unable to stop herself. "S-st-to-op!" she exclaims, still laughs hysterically.
The door to (Y/n)'s room slams open and five Avengers and a mother are framed in the doorway, staring dumbfounded at the scene in front of them: Wanda straddling (Y/n)'s waist, fingers still dug into (Y/n)'s ribs, and, possibly the strangest part of the situation is the fact that (Y/n) is still laughing.
"I thought someone had died," Pepper says softly.
"This might be stranger though," Tony continues, just as soft as his wife, the six backing out of the room, silently closing the door behind them.
Wanda, still grinning, settles back down on the bed beside (Y/n), and (Y/n) sits up, her cheeks still red.
"Do I win a prize?" Wanda asks teasingly.
"What would you like?" (Y/n) asks, a soft smile creeping onto her face.
"Why do you never smile or laugh?" Wanda asks, turning to study (Y/n) closely.
(Y/n) silently considers the question, a thoughtful expression crossing her face. Then she speaks, "I guess it's because my parents were always at work when I was younger, and I was always left with Nat. Don't get me wrong, I love Natasha, but sometimes I just want to spend time with them. They were just always gone."
Wanda replies curiously, "Why didn't you just tell them?"
"I'm shy, I guess that played a part in it," (Y/n) pauses. "But I guess it's also the fact that I didn't want to disappoint them."
"(Y/n), you're not disappointing anyone, not now, not ever," Wanda says fiercely. "They want what's best for you - making sure you have everything you could ever want."
"Wanda, I-I," (Y/n) falters, notice the emotion behind the witch's words. "Thank you," (Y/n) finally settles with, turning back towards the TV.
(Y/n) leans against Wanda slightly, the popcorn bowl resting in (Y/n)'s lap. The youngest Stark is feeling a lot better with all that she'd told Wanda off her chest.
The next morning, (Y/n) wakes up, determined to make today a good day.
(Y/n) is the first one downstairs, and she's the one who makes breakfast - waffles, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and sliced fruit.
(Y/n) greets Natasha with a warm hug and a stack of waffles with sliced strawberries on top, and the former assassin smiles, (Y/n) returns the smile shyly.
(Y/n) greets the remainder of the Avengers with shy, nervous smiles, and their choice of breakfast.
The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed this morning, (Y/n) thinks as she sits down beside Wanda, and when the witch smiles warmly, (Y/n) returns it.
Wanda is helping (Y/n) clean up the breakfast dishes, the other Avengers having moved into the training room when Wanda turns to ask (Y/n) a question. "(Y/n)?" (Y/n) turns to meet Wanda's gaze. "Would you want to, maybe, only if you want to," Wanda falters as if she's nervous, and (Y/n) smiles reassuringly at the witch. "Would you like to go out with me? It's okay if you don't want to," Wanda asks hastily. "It's up -"
"Wanda!" (Y/n) interupts. "Wanda, I'd love to go out with you."
"Wait, really?" Wanda asks, her eyes wide with disbelief.
"Wanda, you helped bring out a side of myself that even I've never seen before, that was all you," (Y/n) says. "Talking about the thing we talked out yesterday, or," (Y/n) cracks the slightest smiles, "what you forced out of me yesterday, made me realize that, despite what I thought, my parents to want me around."
"I'll pick you up in the lobby at 5'o'clock?" Wanda asks and (Y/n) nods.
"See you soon," (Y/n) says, placing a soft kiss on Wanda's cheek.
At 5'o'clock, (Y/n) and Wanda meet in the lobby of the Compound.
"You look really nice," Wanda tells (Y/n), and the young Stark flushes. (Y/n) is wearing a pair of dark jeans, a mint green t-shirt, a dark green leather jacket that must've belonged to Natasha, and a pair of black tennis shoes.
"I-I, wow," is (Y/n)'s response as she gazes at Wanda. The witch is wearing a black dress with a red leather jacket, and a pair of black, knee-high leather boots.
Wanda chuckles taking (Y/n)'s hand gently in her own before she leads the Stark out to a waiting car - a familiar black Corvette Stingray.
Wanda opens one of the back doors and (Y/n) slides into the car.
"Hello, Miss Stark, Miss Maximoff," says Natasha Romanoff, who Wanda had recruited - not that it took a lot of convincing - to be their chauffeur for the night.
"Oh, hi Nattie," (Y/n) greets her godmother.
Natasha smiles at the girl before she starts the car, driving to their destination.
"This is beautiful," (Y/n murmurs, gazing at all the light strung through the gazebo. "And how'd you figure out all my favorite foods - paprikash, roasted potatoes; beef stroganoff," albeit an interesting assortment of food. "Nattie used to make me a ton of eastern European and Russian dishes when I was younger. You use your powers?"
"I like to ask permission when I use them. I took a guess, and well, Nat helped me a little," Wanda admits. "I also went with a few of my own favorites."
(Y/n)'s phone dings partway through the dinner, and (Y/n) glances apologetically at Wanda before she glances down at the phone beside her plate at the table.
"It's Nattie," (Y/n) says.
Nattie: How's it going 😀 ❤️ Having fun?
Me: Haha ❤️ You've been in on this all day and you haven't told me 🥺 ❤️
(Y/n) glances over to the car and smiles at her godmother, who smiles lovingly in return.
A sleepy (Y/n) rests against Wanda on the quiet ride back to the Compound; Wanda smiles, her green eyes sparkling.
Wanda sends Natasha a grateful smile and walks (Y/n) up to her room.
"I had a really nice time," (Y/n) says with a sleepy smile. "Can we do something tomorrow? Maybe see a movie?"
"I'd love to," Wanda beams.
Word Count: 1323 words
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sapphicshots · 3 months ago
maybe next week
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Word Count: 600
Warnings: please keep in mind that R is of age and in college.
A/N: you know that one teacher who never stops with the pet names?.. that’s wanda
part two
Tumblr media
You waited for the meeting to start, drumming your fingers on the table nervously. Your language teacher, Wanda, was also your advisor, and you had weekly private meetings with her to discuss your grades and your wellbeing. Your nervous habit stopped as soon as the screen started to load and your teacher popped up on the screen in her familiar bright smile, “Hi, honey!”
“Hi, Ms Maximoff,” you smiled back and giving her a little wave while praying she didn’t notice your blush at the pet names she gave you. But she used pet names for everyone, right?
“How have you been this week? You looked bummed over the camera,” she frowned, looking genuinely concerned, and your stomach did a little flip. Did she really look at you enough during classes to notice how you were feeling?
You blinked a few times, “Uh, I’m alright, just a little stressed about scores and all. I’ve been overwhelmed.”
She pursed her lips and sighed as her eyes flitted over the screen, probably pulling up your grades on her computer, “I’m sorry, sweetheart. But, hey- it’s Friday. You’ve got the whole weekend ahead of you. Maybe you can find someone to destress with…” Wanda paused for a moment and her face was lit up by her screen before she realized what she could have just been implying and her jaw dropped. “Sorry, I didn’t mean for it to sound like that,” she winced. “I meant like, go for a drink- well, maybe not that, actually. That’s not very covid-safe. Shit-“
“It’s okay, Ms Maximoff,” you smiled while doing your best to hold back a chuckle. “I know what you meant.”
Her lip was pulled between her teeth and she nodded, “Right, sorry. Uh, but on the bright side, your grades have gone up.” She started sharing her screen with you. “I’m so proud of you, love. You’re doing great.”
She got to the bottom of the page and smiled at your current GPA, a point higher than it had been last month, “Good girl, look at you go.”
Your face flushed at that and now you couldn’t help but feel a certain way you’d been trying not to feel for the whole year. How horrible would it be if you asked her out? She’s not that much older than you anyway.
You were sure Wanda would never ask you out because she’d probably be too scared that you would think she was taking advantage of the power dynamic between the two of you.
You cleared your throat and nodded, “Thank you.”
The look on her face, her searching eyes, made you feel like she was studying you closely and you wanted to sink into your seat, but for all you knew, she could have been staring at her computer.
“I’m really glad you’re trying harder. You’re putting in the work and it shows,” she smiled before biting her bottom lip. “Well, that’s all we have to go over. Do you have any questions, something you want to talk about?”
You hesitated for a moment, was now the time?
You couldn’t bring yourself to ask so you just shook your head and she nodded through the screen.
“Alrighty. Well, if you need anything, you have my number. You can always reach out to me,” she said. “I’ll see you on Tuesday.”
“Bye, Ms Maximoff. Thank you,” you smiled softly.
“Bye, hon,” she responded, and the meeting ended.
You picked up your phone from where it was sitting next to your laptop and pulled up your contacts, not hesitating before typing in Wanda’s name. You stared at it for a second, smiling at the contact photo you had for her before you sighed and dropped your phone back on the table. Maybe next week.
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wellsayhelloaagin · 12 days ago
Public Relations
Summary: Being the PR manager for The Avengers was always going to be a tough job, but your crush on Wanda makes it that much harder.
Pairing: Wanda x female reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 3.9k
A/N: This is just a dumb little fluff story because @reminiscingtonight told me that she couldn't handle any more angst. So this one's for you Ace, it's not quite "the best thing to rock the world since the Beatles" but I hope it makes you smile anyway.
Tumblr media
You loved your job.
You had started working for Stark Industries as a bright eyed college student, in the first year of your marketing degree. You had scored a paid internship with the company, working in the public relations department.
You worked your butt off, and your supervisor saw the potential in you. So when your internship was up they offered you a job. You were thrilled, and all your classmates envied you. You were excited to work there while you finished your degree, life was easy.
Then Tony Stark announced that he was Iron Man at a press conference and suddenly your job became a little harder. A new division was created in the PR department to exclusively handle all the Iron Man related incidents and you were placed on the team there. You all worked hard, Tony gave you a lot to do, but you enjoyed it.
Over the next few years, you finished your degree and began to climb the corporate ladder. You received a promotion to account executive and you enjoyed the extra responsibilities that came with it. You had fallen into a rhythm with your job, you were good at what you did, and you managed to maintain a positive perception of Iron Man in the public.
But then a giant wormhole opened in the sky above Stark Tower and the Battle of New York began. When all the dust had finally settled and the city had been saved, you found yourself with some new clients. Once again the company shifted, and you were promoted to account director for the Avengers public relations account.
Your job was to ensure that the Avengers were loved by the public, which sounded simple enough. I mean they were heroes, right? They had saved the world multiple times. Everyone should love them.
But there were those who kept totals of the damage caused, of the lives lost, of the people and things that could not be saved.
But still, you loved your job.
Over the years you had grown close to the team, they often found themselves in your office trying to explain the latest headache for you to deal with. Whether it be a collapsed building or a trail of destruction left in the streets, you took it all in your stride. You made sure the media focused on the heroics, the people who were still alive because of the Avengers. You drew focus to the funds from Stark Industries that were used to help repair things. You organised fundraising events for the team to attend, not only raising money for worthy charities but raising their public image as well.
You had once again settled into a rhythm. Sure, your job was slightly more stressful since you started overseeing the Avengers account, but you enjoyed the challenge.
After a few years, you were faced with your next great challenge. The Battle of Sokovia stirred up a lot of negative media attention for the Avengers, but that wasn’t your biggest worry. You could handle that. That was your job. You loved your job, you were good at your job.
What you couldn’t handle was Wanda Maximoff.
She had started on the opposing side with her brother, Pietro, working with Ultron and turning the team inside out. Thankfully the twins had realised the error of their ways and switched sides, becoming valuable assets in the demise of Ultron. They helped evacuate the city, ensuring that all the citizens made it out safely. While Wanda stood guard over the core, the rest of the team loaded the people onto the boats. There was a close call when Pietro had rushed in to save Clint and a young boy, but using his speed to his advantage, he was able to get the three of them to safety. As the last of the citizens were loaded on the boats, Pietro rushed back to save Wanda.
The Vision had remained on the floating city to protect the core, using the infinity stone in his head as the power source that Tony needed to disintegrate the city, preventing it from destroying the earth, ending his short life in the process. His sacrifice had helped guarantee the best possible outcome. Ultron was gone and while there was a large cleanup, the citizens of Sokovia had survived, even if their city was destroyed.
Having no home to return to, the twins joined the Avengers on a full time basis. They moved to the compound with the rest of the team and began training and running missions with them.
Which is where your real problems began.
Right from the first moment you met her, you were undeniably attracted to Wanda. With her inviting green eyes, her captivating smile, her long brown hair and her affinity for rings. She made you burn with want.
You were glad that you didn’t have to see her often, as your brain was usually reduced to a puddle of mush around her. She spent most of her time at the compound, while you continued to work in the Avengers Tower.
But about a year after the Maximoffs joined the team, you found yourself faced with an opportunity.
As the head of the team tasked with looking after the Avengers account, you were asked to move to the Avengers compound to be closer to them. Stark Industries offered your own room in the compound as well as an office to work out of. You knew it would make your life easier, cutting down the commute to the compound you had to take any time you needed to see the team for business.
So you agreed and made the move to upstate New York.
You settled into life there fairly well. You spent most of your time in your office, conferencing with your PR team while you stayed close to the action. You found yourself forming real friendships with the team, seeing them almost every day now that you lived with them. You thought they may have been weird about it, but they accepted you as one of their own. Honestly, they were glad to have you around to help them stay on everyone’s good side. They truly appreciated all that you did for them.
You tried to distance yourself from Wanda, not wanting to spend too much time with her. The more you got to know her, the bigger your crush on her grew. She was more than just an attractive woman and you were an absolute mess anytime she was around. You tried your best to hide it, but every time she was around you, you were internally panicking.
Honestly, it made you want to dive in front of a bus.
For the most part, you were able to avoid her at the start. Then after about six months, things started to change. Wanda had started to mess up on missions constantly. Thankfully no one was getting hurt, but as she took on more dangerous missions, she left a trail of destruction behind her. Buildings blasted open, cars thrown at targets, streets torn apart. You were up to your neck in damage control and had to see Wanda more and more frequently to help maintain her good public image.
So for the last four months, you had been in a constant state of panic, Wanda in your office almost every week. She was always incredibly apologetic, agreeing to whatever you suggested to help fix her public image. She would assist clean up crews, attend charity events and had even created social media accounts at your request to help gain the publics’ favour. And it was working, they all loved her.
So you loved your job, you really did. But Wanda was slowly driving you insane.
It was a dull Tuesday morning and you were sitting in your office, catching up on some paperwork you had been neglecting. You had spent the week trying to do damage control after Clint had decided to blow up a train in order to stop a HYDRA agent from escaping. While no one was seriously hurt, it was still a nightmare to deal with.
You hear your laptop chime with a new email and you open it, seeing it was from one of your team members back in the city. All the email contained was the words, “Watch this,” and a link to a live news feed.
You open the link and gasp.
There is a reporter standing in front of a burning building, the flames being doused with water by the fire crew in the background. You turn the volume up to try and make sense of what had happened.
“Witnesses reported seeing a man, who we believe to be the infamous Crossbones, run into the building behind us. A short time later the Maximoff Twins arrived on the scene, entering the building. There was gunfire heard inside before an explosion tore through the building. Fire crews arrived not long ago and are still tackling the blaze.”
You find yourself holding your breath as you take in the scene. You knew that Wanda and Pietro could look after themselves, but it looked like it had been a dangerous mission, and you found yourself concerned for the wellbeing of your friends.
“We have just received confirmation of one fatality,” the reporter continues and your eyes are glued to the broadcast. “Brock Rumlow, otherwise known as Crossbones, was pulled from the rubble just minutes ago. There have been no other injuries reported so far, the Maximoffs seen helping to pull civilians to safety and assisting the authorities. Back to you, Greg.”
The broadcast cut to a news anchor sitting at a desk and you close the window. You let out the breath you were holding, relieved to hear that Wanda and Pietro were okay. After a few seconds, your work mode started to kick in. Building fires always required a lot of clean up and you just knew that you would have to spend a lot of time with the twins over the next week trying to sort through the mess.
Your head fell into your hands and you groaned out loud. More time spent with Wanda, just what you needed.
Wanda and Pietro were seated in your office the next day, detailing the mission to you as you formed the press release. You were trying to get ahead of the media storm, knowing that even though there was no one injured besides Rumlow, that the public were still on edge from the explosion.
You had found out that it was Wanda who had caused it, accidentally sending a blast of energy into the buildings’ electrical room, causing it to ignite.
“Honestly Wanda,” you sigh as you look up from your laptop, “could you maybe not cause so much damage next time? You’re killing me lately. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard in my life.”
“It’s not like I went out of my way to almost blow myself up yesterday,” she snaps back at you.
Pietro looks between the two of you bickering with an amused smile on his face.
You rub your hands over your face in frustration, “I know, I’m sorry. I’m just tired.”
You peek at Wanda between your fingers and see her rolling her eyes at you. “It’s fine,” she tells you, “I mean I don’t exactly have the best track record lately.” Pietro snorts in amusement and she kicks him in the shin.
You place your hands on the desk in front of you, before addressing the twins. “I think I have everything I need for the press release. I’ll include some footage of the two of you pulling people from the building and I think this one should blow over pretty quickly.”
“Thank you,” Wanda replies, smiling at you. You can’t help but smile back, even though on the inside you’re melting at the soft look she is giving you. Your eyes lock with hers and you can feel your heart speed up.
“Yeah, thank you,” Pietro says, causing you to snap your eyes away from Wanda’s, your cheeks heating in embarrassment at the amused look on his face.
You clear your throat before speaking, “Well you two a free to go. Try not to blow anything else up in the next few days.”
“No promises,” Wanda says as she stands, throwing a wink your way. Your stomach clenches at the action. “Coming Piet?” she asks, turning to her brother.
“In a minute,” he replies, and you feel your nerves building from the look he is giving you. Wanda shrugs before turning to leave, waving to the two of you as she exits the room.
You look at Pietro, waiting for him to speak, but he says nothing, continuing to stare at you.
You decide to ignore him, turning back to your laptop to finish writing the press release. It wasn’t uncommon for Pietro to try and mess with you, and you figured this was just another one of those times.
“You know she’s doing it on purpose,” his voice cuts through the silence a few minutes later.
“What?” you ask, only half listening as you type.
“She keeps destroying things so she can spend more time with you since you always ignored her,” this time you do stop, looking up at him as you process his words.
“That’s ridiculous,” you say, sure that the speedster is just trying to get a reaction from you.
“That’s what I told her. I keep trying to convince her to just tell you that she likes you, but she says it’s more fun this way. She said she likes seeing you all frazzled and angry at her.” He’s smiling at you, his eyes watching you carefully.
“Pietro, you’re insane,” you tell him, shaking your head in disbelief, “Wanda doesn’t like me.”
“Sure, what would I know? I’m only her brother,” his tone is sarcastic as he rises and walks towards the door.
“Hey, are you going to Tony’s party next week?” he asks as he leans in the doorway.
“If you’re talking about the Gala he’s hosting to raise money for the company’s aid program, yes I’m going,” you reply, looking back at your laptop. “It’s kind of my job to be there.”
He smiles mischievously at you then, “might be time for you to finally make a move. It’s pretty obvious you like her too.” And with that, he walks off, his laughter at your shocked look trailing behind him.
You try to push the conversation with Pietro out of your mind over the next week. You were certain he was just trying to rattle you, it was one of his favourite things to do. There was no way that Wanda could possibly feel the same way about you.
Could she?
But throughout the week you can’t help but notice the soft smiles she throws your way, the glances that last a second too long, the way she always ends up sitting next to you during dinner each night.
Maybe Pietro was right, you find yourself thinking. But then a small voice in the back of your head reigns in your hope. Or maybe you’re just reading into things too much.
The night of the Gala arrives and you find yourself getting dressed, your stomach twisting in anticipation.
You get to the Avengers Tower early, going over some of the final details for the speeches to be presented that night. Before you know it, the party is in full swing in one of the large ballrooms on the bottom floor and you’re mingling with the guests.
You’re pleased to see that everyone is in good spirits, the donors happy to reach deep into their pockets to support the cause. People are dancing and drinking and having a good time.
You’ve spotted Wanda a few times, your job keeping you too busy to go over and talk to her. She looked radiant in her dress, her hair flowing effortlessly over her shoulder. Whenever you looked over at her, you found her already looking at you, and it caused your stomach to flip each time.
As the night drew on, you found your time more in demand. The auction and speeches went off without a hitch, and after the formal part of the evening was over you were able to finally take a breath.
You normally took off at this point of the evening, exhausted after all the planning that went into organising something like this. You decide to rest for a few minutes before you go, sitting down at an empty table at the edge of the room.
You close your eyes, leaning back in your chair and enjoying the calm that washes over you.
“Mind if I join you?” a voice interrupts your quiet moment, and you open your eyes to see Wanda standing there. She has a tender smile on her face again, and you gesture with your hand for her to take a seat.
“How are you?” she asks as she sits down, her knee brushing yours as she adjusts in her seat.
“Exhausted,” you say truthfully, watching the concern flash behind her eyes. “I was about to head home actually.”
“You’re not driving all that way at this time of night, are you?” she questions, and you shrug in response.
Wanda doesn’t look pleased by your answer, rising to her feet and grabbing your hand. She gives a firm tug, pulling you to your feet.
“What are you doing?” you ask, confused by her sudden action.
“You’re staying here,” she tells you, her tone leaving no room for argument. “It’s far too late for you to drive back now, especially if you’re tired. The rest of the team are staying in their old rooms in the residential part of the tower, you can have my bed.” She still has hold of your hand as she pulls you toward the elevator, and the warmth of her hand in yours makes you feel like you’re floating.
“But where are you going to sleep?” you ask as you both step into the elevator. You’re expecting Wanda to drop your hand now, but she just squeezes it lightly.
“There’s a couch in there, I’ll be fine,” she answers, pressing a code into the keypad, the door shutting quickly.
It’s quiet in the elevator as it ascends, the silence between the two of you comfortable. When it reaches the floor you both get out, hands still linked, and Wanda pulls you down a long corridor toward her old room.
When you get inside she gives you a spare pair of sleep clothes and you quickly walk into the bathroom to change. You splash some water on your face to try and calm down as you process the fact that you’re about to sleep in Wanda’s bed. Sure she wasn’t going to be in there with you, but the thought still gave you butterflies.
You walk back into the room and Wanda excuses herself to go change. You sit on the edge of the bed and look around the room. Most of her personal items were taken with her when she moved to the compound, but your eyes land on a picture of her and Pietro on her nightstand. You pick it up, taking in the way Pietro had his arm slung protectively over her shoulder as she gazed up at him. They both appeared to be laughing in the picture and you smiled at how happy they seemed.
“That was taken not long after we moved here,” you hear her say and look up to see her walking back into the room. “We had just lost our home, moved to a strange country and were thrown into the craziness that is The Avengers.” She moves to sit beside you on the bed, taking the photo from your hands and looking down at it fondly.
“We had some kind of team bonding day, Steve insisted it would be good to get to know each other. I was worried at first, but I actually enjoyed myself. Nat took this picture. Pietro had just made some dumb joke, that’s why we’re laughing.” She smiles as she places the frame back on the nightstand.
“He’s full of jokes your brother,” you mutter and her brow quirks at your tone.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” she questions, turning to face you.
“Oh, nothing,” you say, hoping she would drop the subject.
“Didn’t sound like nothing,” she continues, her eyes boring into yours. You find yourself getting lost in them. “Tell me,” she pleads.
“Alright,” you concede, knowing how stubborn she could be. “You’re going to laugh at this one. Last week he tried to get me to believe that you had a crush on me and that you keep causing issues on missions just to spend time with me. Crazy right?” you laugh lightly, trying to act as if you weren’t desperately wishing it was true.
“That bastard,” she whispers in irritation, and your heart sinks at the confirmation. You knew it sounded too good to be true.
“Yeah, it’s pre-” you try to say but she cuts you off as she continues talking, her voice angry.
“I can’t believe he told you, he promised me he’d keep it a secret,” she seems to realise what she’s said, her eyes going wide at her confession.
“Wait, he was telling the truth?” you ask, your voice full of surprise.
Wanda nods guiltily, looking down at her hands in her lap. “I just wanted to spend time with you, it was only little things, just enough to get on your radar but not enough for people to get hurt.”
“Wanda, that’s absolutely insane!” you say incredulously.
“I know, I’m sorry,” she whispers, her voice sounding sad. “You just always tried so hard to avoid me, so I got a little desperate.”
“You know there are better ways to get my attention than putting yourself in danger,” you say gently, reaching forward and grabbing her hands in your own.
“Oh yeah?” she asks lifting her head, her eyes meeting yours, “like what?” Her tone is challenging, but she’s smiling at you.
“Like this,” you reply, leaning forward. You hear her gasp, and she begins to lean forward as well. You watch her eyes flutter closed, and you let yours do the same.
You press your lips to hers firmly, your lips moving together slowly as she brings her hands up to cup your face. She sighs happily into the kiss, and you want to freeze time and stay in this moment forever.
Eventually, she pulls back, your eyes blinking open slowly to meet hers. She’s grinning at you, and you can’t help but return it.
“Wow,” you breathe, causing her to giggle at your stunned expression.
“Yeah,” she replies, leaning forward to peck your nose. “I could get used to that.”
“Hmmmm, me too,” you say, leaning forward to peck her lips quickly. “Just promise me one thing?” you say, looking at her seriously.
“What’s that?” she asks, her brow furrowed.
“Please stop destroying things just to spend time with me. I have a lot of work to do without you adding more on whenever you want my attention,” you tell her, only half joking.
“No guarantees,” she says in a teasing tone, “I enjoy watching you work.”
You laugh at her, and her hand moves to the back of your neck tugging you forward into a kiss again.
You loved your job. You really did.
Taglist: @olsensnpm @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @imfuckinggenius @cristin-rjd @purplemeetsblue @causeitswhatjesuswouldfreakingdo @marrymemcgrath @yeetus-thyself @lostgreekgod @Likeicareforthis @007giu @royalityofmultifandom @emilyprentisslittlewhore
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writing-imagines · 2 months ago
Hey! can you do a Wanda x reader Fluff trope 11 (enemies to lovers) with angst 12 (arguing) make it a very strong arguing (maybe r be reckless on a mission) with a fluffy ending please! thanks, i love your writes💜
Hi! Sorry it took so long, but I hope you enjoy it!
Fluff trope 11- enemies to lovers
Angst 12- Arguing
Prompts from this list
Tumblr media
“What were you thinking?! How could you do something so stupid?!” Wanda screamed at you, barely an inch from your face.
“I did what I thought was right and if you don’t agree with it, that’s your problem.”
“I don’t agree with you almost blowing our cover and getting yourself killed!”
“I was fine! They didn’t even suspect I was undercover until you barged in!” You snapped and threw your hands in the air.
“Oh really? You seriously think that? I wish you could have heard the things they were thinking. Then you wouldn’t be so sure of yourself.”
“You think you’re all high and mighty just because you can read minds and throw things with your mind, don’t you?”
“I could throw you through the wall. Maybe then you’d learn some respect.”
“I need to learn respect? Wanda-” You stopped and bit your lip. There was no use in continuing a fight you would obviously lose.
“You know what? I’m done.”
“What do you mean you’re done?” Wanda asked with a shocked expression.
“I’m done working with you guys. I’ll let Sam and Bucky know tomorrow morning.”
“You’re seriously leaving the group? We need you, y/n!”
“You may need me, but you certainly don’t want me.” Without another word, you grabbed your bag and stormed out of the base.
“Hey, why are you thinking about that?” Wanda’s voice snapped you back to reality. You were sitting on the couch together, arms tangled around each other with Wanda’s head on your shoulder.
“I don’t know. I guess my mind just wondered to it.” You moved your head slightly to get a better view of your wife. She looked up at you with her doe eyes before moving away so she could sit up straight.
“I’m sorry I was so terrible to you all those years ago. I should have just told you how I felt instead of being so rude.” Wanda’s hands found their way to your face and gently grazed your cheekbones.
“It’s okay, sweetheart. I think it’s safe to say we’ve moved past it.” You said with a smile and gently moved your hand to rest on Wanda’s small bump. Wanda’s hands instinctively moved to rest on top of yours.
“What do you think our baby will be like?” She asked, looking down at the bump.
“I don’t know. I just want it to be happy and healthy and...” You trailed off, not wanting to offend your wife.
“And I would really like it if it didn’t have your powers right away. Can you imagine dealing with a baby that could throw things through a wall?” Your answer made Wanda grin and shake her head.
“No, I can’t.”
Silence fell over the two of you, both of you lost in your thoughts. You couldn’t help but think about how wonderful of a mother Wanda would be. You could easily see her chasing your little one around the yard or singing them to sleep.
“You know what would be funny?” Wanda suddenly asked, breaking the silence in the home.
“If we had twins.” The thought made you gasp and then laugh.
“If we have twins, I promise you I’ll end up on the hospital floor.”
“Hm, we’ll see about that.”
Sure enough, five months later, you found yourself on the hospital floor. It was wonderfully stressful enough to watch Wanda give birth to one baby, it was a whole new level of stress when the doctor proclaimed there was another baby on the way.
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roger-that-cap · 15 days ago
our olive branch
tour guide!wanda maximoff x fem!reader
summary: wanda meets you, a semi-serious photographer, on a tour. she had no idea that she would be offering you a place to stay when you extended your trip, or that the both of you would fall in love in your extremely different ways. 
inspired by the book and movie call me by your name.
warnings: um, have you ever seen or read call me by your name???? yeah.       but for real, fluff and anGST. not a happy ending but a content ending i guess? it’s from wanda’s pov ig lmaooooo
word count: 12.2k... it’s kind of a behemoth 
author’s lil note: so i am actually proud of this one. the idea has been in my mind since like mid march?? but i hadn’t started writing it until about three weeks ago. this fic may not be my magnum opus, but i am beyond proud of this one. i will never forget the emotions that i had to tap into for this to work for me. i pray to god this doesn’t flop-wduhruwhr but i really hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do! thank you. 
Tumblr media
Wanda wasn’t born in the Italian countryside. Nor was she even raised there. And maybe that was why her fascination with it was so strong and never seemed to waver; because she would forever lack the boredom of a true native to the area. There would always be another spot for her to find, another cave, another restaurant that was hidden between vintage stores. And that was enough explanation about why she did what she did. 
  She lived to see other people's eyes light up. She loved being the person that spoke about all the sights that her group was seeing, the guiding hand on a once in a lifetime journey. The voice of reason while people floated off into paradise. She adored it. And she absolutely loved watching people’s perspectives change. There was one thing that every single person on her tours thought about at least once, and it was that the world was not as big as they thought it was. 
  How could a land so beautiful be only a flight away? 
She had met plenty of interesting people while working. She witnessed a few things that she wished she wouldn’t have, and seen a few that she would purposely never forget. She remembered a particular couple who had heart eyes for each other during the whole carriage ride, and how the man finally proposed to his partner. It was a beautiful day, and they had her take pictures. At the time, Wanda’s English was broken, and they had thick cockney accents, but that didn’t matter. 
  When she was giving a tour, language barriers hardly mattered. On a tour, people oohed and ahhed, and those sounds were universal. Even more universal was the stare. She loved that stare. It was a stare that she and a hundred thousand other people had on their faces at least once. Perhaps it was the reason-
No. Undoubtedly, the reason that Wanda had the job that she did was because she loved people. She loved to read them, and guide them, and form bonds with them. Sure, the bonds only lasted days, and then new people would come and come and go, but the bonds were still there. And that was what she worked for, it was what she lived for. 
The first time that Wanda saw you, she could have sworn that she was hallucinating. It was in the Italian countryside, where she started all her tours, and just like everyone else, you got out of the horse drawn carriage that was scheduled. But immediately, she knew that you weren’t like everyone else. 
First off, a professional camera hung off your neck by a thick strap, secure and expensive. Your pink sun hat was tilted down because you  were more focused on the ground and not missing a step than the wondrous area surrounding you, which most already admired the second their eyes caught it. There was a small backpack on your back that was nearly stuffed to the brim with things that Wanda was sure she’d never actually see. Your fingernails were painted a bashful pink and Wanda watched you grapple with your camera, absentmindedly holding it. And then she saw the look in your eyes. 
 You were utterly disinterested. 
Well, disinterested wasn’t the right word. You were just… calculative. Like you had seen every single corner of the earth already, and the gorgeous countryside just wasn’t doing it for you. There was no awe in your eyes, no stutter in your step, no sharp inhale. You were just there. 
“Are… are you here for the tour?”
You took a step forward and took your sun hat off, and immediately, Wanda’s breath was stolen. “I’m the photographer for a group that’s coming, yes. They should be right behind me.” Your eyes wandered over her, sight interest seeping into your expression as you examined her. Your mouth parted as you tilted your head to the side.“Are you the tour guide?” 
 “Uh- yes!” She said, and then cursed her enthusiasm and how she managed to stutter step forward, causing you to arch a brow. “I’m the tour guide. I’m Wanda.” And from her experience, she knew that Americans shook hands, too, and you were certainly American. She could tell by your words and your accent and the way you dressed, even though you were trying your hardest to blend in. So, she extended her hand and waited for you to shake it. 
 You stared at her extended palm for just long enough without saying anything to make Wanda nervous. For a split second, all she could feel was utter terror, terror that you, some random American woman, had seen right through her and picked up on her sexuality- “I thought Italians didn’t shake hands.” 
Oh. “We do,” she said, and she swallowed after taking another long glance at you- you were stunning. Wanda prayed that you didn’t notice her noticing. “And I’ve officially extended the olive branch.” 
 For a second, your scrutinizing eyes, the eyes that Wanda were too quickly coming to love and hate, were lighting up in just the slightest as your face took up the smallest smile. “Well, who am I to deny the branch of an olive tree?” 
You took a few steps forward and put your right hand in hers, letting the warmth of skin on skin contact flow freely. Wanda looked you in your eyes as she took the liberty to slowly bring your arm up, and then down, and then she did it again. She saw the slight twitch of your lips going upwards, and she couldn't help but grin at how you looked when you started to smile. The sound of horses trotting up and the excited chatter of a bride with her placid groom hit both of your ears. Wanda saw your eyes drift off to something behind her, and then she felt you squeeze her hand. “I’m Y/N.” You let go of her hand and clapped her on her back. “Nice to meet you.” 
 Wanda found that you were much happier while you were taking pictures. By happier, she meant calm. You were as still as lake water regardless of what you were doing, but she could tell when you were truly in your element.  When the group would start to chatter aimlessly, you would fall back and offer a few courteous smiles, but you hardly ever joined in. Wanda figured that maybe you were just quiet-natured but strong in aura. But that strength got even stronger when you had a lens up to your eye, hardly even putting effort in order to get a good shot. You were comfortable taking pictures, asking for people to lean a little left or right, or to just move completely out of the way so that you could get the perfect shot. 
She couldn’t stop watching you. 
You just looked so different from the girls she usually saw, the ones who threw smiles her way or rolled their eyes at her because they could sense in her what others could not. She had been with friends with and just straight up been with a few girls who saw straight through her attempts at pretending to be straight, and typically, their reactions were extreme in one way or the other. You were too mature for either one, and it made you mysterious to Wanda. It was Italy, and the times were hardly progressive. Part of the reason that she ran off to the countryside was to get away from the prying eyes of the city that had already torn her apart from inside out and seen her for who she really was. Most people still hid, and most did it much better than Wanda did. Yet, you still looked at her the same way, though she was sure you saw straight through her with the first meeting. 
She wanted to know more, and part of the initial attraction was because she never believed that she would get any. So, for the first and second days of the tour, she sat back and watched you, eyes always curious, her mind thinking about you and how pretty you were even while she was explaining ancient structures and the reason why certain trees were in their places. 
It was on the end of the second day that you came bounding towards her, camera hanging carefully from your neck as you stopped right in front of her, hands on your hips. You were wearing sunglasses because you could after you finished the final shot of the day, but that didn’t mean that Wanda couldn’t feel your scrutinizing glare on her, but somehow, she knew it wasn’t out of anger. 
“Should I be the one giving you a tour?” You asked, that foreign accent that made Wanda’s heart race a little faster in full force. Wanda blinked twice as she grappled for something to say, wondering if it was some stupid American thing that you had just said- “because you sure are looking hard,” you said, and then you gestured towards your body, and her mouth dried up completely. 
You were never supposed to figure out that she was looking at you!
“I’m so sorry,” Wanda blurted out, the pamphlet in her hands trembling a bit as she tried her best to string something together. “I didn't mean to do that- like, make you uncomfortable- I’m so sorry.” And she watched in terror as you just stared on at her, eyes barely blinking for a break before your lips turned upwards just a little, and then you turned on your heel and rejoined the group. 
In that moment, Wanda knew that instant was going to haunt her for the rest of her life. 
She dreaded the day after you confronted her. It was the wedding party’s last day with her, and that would mean that you were leaving, too. It was bittersweet, seeing as she admired you from far away and that she would miss being able to watch you take pictures, but you were also involved in her most embarrassing moment to date. So, she would just get through the day and dwell on all of it later, and pretend that your future absence wasn’t going to make her feel like she had stupidly missed out on something. 
  While talking the group through a populated tourist street, she was both looking at the awed faces and at the way you kept taking pictures. It was halfway through that she realized that the pictures you were taking were for you, not the wedding party. She watched you take a few and then look through them as quick as a flash, and then keep it moving. She admired your quickness. 
“This street is known for its shopping centers, I’m sure you know,” Wanda said as she led the group through the busy streets of Rome, not even taking a second glance towards the people that were bumping into her. “Feel free to shop here, find food, whatever you guys want, and we can meet back up near the coliseum in two hours!”  She smiled at the rest of the group as they waved to her and then turned to go their own way, and when she felt the feeling that someone was watched her, she turned her head to the right and saw you just staring at her, blatantly looking on like you didn’t even care that you had been caught. She saw your lips turn into a smile, short and tense, and then you turned on your own heel and started to walk away. Her heart beat with every step that you took. 
Luckily, the two hour mark came and passed quickly. Wanda spent them at a restaurant, sitting and watching all the people go by. Some were trailblazing by, clearly on a mission. There were some that appreciated every single sight that there was to see, stopping to take pictures on phones or to read the little signs that were placed for people like them, the sponges who wanted to soak up all available knowledge. But Wanda’s favorite were the spontaneous lookers, the ones who would be doing things and then suddenly look around and remember that they’re on ancient grounds, that they’re in a place where history had happened. The sparks connect with those types, and Wanda loved to see it. 
By the time she made it back to the coliseum, the group was already there, taking pictures of it with their phones and eagerly chatting with each other. She did a headcount in her mind and realized that the only person that was missing was you. Just as she was about to open her mouth to the group of people who were bound to not know where you were, there was the sound of gravel crunching right next to her. 
“Sorry I’m late,” you said, more to Wanda than anyone else. You positioned yourself to stand in front of her, a jar of some sorts in your hands. Wanda’s brows furrowed. The new groom had two shopping bags in one hand, and the bride was already wearing some necklace she got from a vendor, and you came back with a jar? “Got into a traffic jam.” Before Wanda even knew it, you were shoving that same jar towards her, a nonchalant look on your face as you waited for her to take it. One of your pink nails tapped on the jar impatiently. She looked down at the label. 
  Italy’s World Famous Olives!
“I didn’t mean to embarrass you earlier,” you said, voice much softer that it was seconds before, and Wanda’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head. “And I would have gotten a branch or something to go with them, but I didn’t want to damage property.” You clapped a hand on her back twice and walked up to the rest of the group, who immediately posed for a picture. Wanda stared at the carefully wrapped jar in as much confusion as she did in shock, and then when she finally understood, her jaw dropped slightly. 
You had literally extended the olive branch. 
 She watched you and the way you moved when you took the pictures, crouching and reaching and stretching, and then she couldn’t help but hold the jar a little closer, a small smile growing on her face. 
The next interaction she had with you was small, but it was enough. This time, Wanda had caught you red handed, staring at her with that same, calculating look. You had Wanda pinned under a magnifying glass, and she only held still so that you could get a good read of her. When she quirked her lips upwards to give you a little smile, you sent her one back before turning to look at the world in front of you. 
It was nighttime, music playing softly from restaurants, the sounds of glasses clinking and the soft and light laughter from people dancing in the streets the most of what Wanda could hear. For some reason, it gave her courage to approach you. 
“The olives were nice,” she said and you leaned on the balcony of the restaurant, taking a second outside and successfully getting everyone else off of your back- saying that you wanted a smoke break. Anyone who had a brain knew that you didn’t smoke. You wanted to be alone for a few moments. And Wanda just ruined it. 
You didn’t even turn to look at her, or jump at the sudden intrusion. “You liked them?” 
“Did you eat them?” 
How was she supposed to answer that? Something in your voice made her feel like it was a trick question. If you ate the olives, you may have been offended. What if they were sentimental and not meant for consumption? But what if you wanted her to eat them, and she was a sappy idiot for wanting something out of nothing? There was no right answer. 
“I didn’t eat them.” And she didn’t really feel the need to, not when she had her very own tree growing in her backyard. She saw your back tense up in just the slightest and got ready for the teasing. 
“Well then, how do you know you liked them?” 
“Well, they’re Italy’s best,” Wanda pointed out, and she heard your light snort. “I thought it was symbolic. You don’t eat symbols.” 
It took a second for you to say anything, and when you did, it was short. “Hm.” You gave her a nod, quirked one corner of our lips upwards, and turned your head away from her, signalling silence. 
The group left, but you stayed behind. Apparently, Wanda had been so obsessed with looking at you like you were ancient, untouched art that she didn’t ever hear that you were staying in Italy for a good chunk of time to do some photography and escape your hometown. There was something else about identity and soul searching. Somehow, Wanda had also missed that you hadn’t even known the group in the first place, and that was why you always seemed so disconnected with them other than when you were taking pictures. So, no, Wanda had no idea that you would be staying around and, holy hell, was she glad. God had truly granted her wishes, heard her unspoken and probably far too intense prayers for the situation, and decided to humor her. 
“Do you have anywhere to stay?” Wanda’s mouth had gotten ahead of her, speaking and insinuating things far before she was actually ready to do either. She watched you make a face, almost like you were going to laugh a little. 
“I figured that I’d just stay in the area, do a little bed and breakfast. Nothing too exciting.” You said, shrugging and tilting your pink sun hat to the side a bit as you watched a biker speed past. 
“I, uh” Wanda said, even though her mind was begging her to abort the mission. “You can stay with me, if you’d like.” 
 The way you stared at her made her feel like she was close to crying from humiliation. She had embarrassed herself far too much before you to even be able to brush it off. You tilted your head to the side as Wanda braced herself. “How much do you want?” 
Wanda blinked. “Huh?” Her mind was working too fast for anything to get checked at the gates of her lips. “I offered, it's no cost.” 
“I’ll never turn down something free,” you said, giving her a wink and then extending your hand for a shake, much like Wanda did the first time you met. But she eagerly shook your hand, and then at the same time, your voices formed the word “deal”. 
The first few nights of you living in Wanda’s space was scary for her. She wasn’t as much on edge as she was worried about embarrassing herself again, but as the days and nights passed, it began to get easier. And she began to feel more at home within her own four walls. By the end of the second week, she wasn’t scared of you or herself in the slightest. It started to feel natural.
The first time the two of you left outside of the house to do things other than grocery shop or equally mundane, you were going to the lake a few minutes away from your house. You were sitting at her wooden table, your laptop on it as you clicked away. Without even looking up, you asked her where she was going. 
“I’m going to the lake.” 
You perked up in the slightest. “Is it pretty?” 
“The prettiest,” she blurted, and you looked up at her and then shrugged, closing your laptop way too hard to be considered gentle. 
 “I’m coming.” 
The walk there was short and silent. The only sound swerve of the leaves swishing in the wind and feet against the damp ground, but there was no talking. Wanda stole glances at you as you walked straight, always looking straight ahead. That was one thing that Wanda disliked about you, probably the only thing she disliked about you. You were always so focused, so screwed on tight, unable to look at the beautiful things life had to offer unless it was through a lens. Really, you were a plain white board that was constantly being erased of any emotion. But she liked you. 
She had been sitting in mutual silence with you, watching the wind make little ripples in the semi-clear water. “So, are we going swimming, or what?” 
She blinked at you. “Huh?” 
You cocked a brow and leaned in closer, even though you knew that she had heard you loud and clearly. “Are we going swimming, or what?” 
“Neither of us have a swimsuit.” 
“So?” You shrugged. “Your house is a ten minute walk away, we can walk home in wet clothes.” 
“You want to-” she shook her head trying to understand you. “You want to swim in clothes?” 
“Unless you wanted to take them off,” you proposed, and immediately Wanda’s face lit up in a blush. “C’mon, it’ll be fun.” You stood up and took your shoes off, leaving everything else on as you trudged forward towards the lake without a care in the world. Wanda watched you go, a look of intrigue and shock on her face. 
And she thought you were boring. 
She followed you in after taking her shoes off, too. She watched you jump in without a word, without asking how deep the lake was in the first place, and you thanked god that it wasn’t a shallow lake. You came back up quickly even though you had to be weighed down by your clothes, reaching your arms out and swimming gracefully. Wanda discreetly saw your hand wave her forward, and before she knew it, she was in the water, too.
Things like that happened with you more often than she thought it would. You would do the opposite of what she thought you would do, and every time that you blew Wanda’s mind, you became the center of it once again. You seemed so predictable, so cookie-cutter, that you weren’t. And, damn you, every time that you threw her for a loop, she wanted to know more about you. Not because she wanted to conquer the idea of you, but because she genuinely wanted to know. And as the days rolled on and the flashes of your camera grew less and less recent, she started to learn. 
You weren’t going to do anything but recoil unless she waited for you to bloom on your own. So she watched from afar, watched you eat peaches and olives while reading a book or editing photos. She watched with her young, racing, and naive heart as she waited for something, anything to come past your lips and into the crisp air, anything at all. Maybe an inkling that you felt just as enamored by her as she was taken by you- because she swore that sometimes you felt it. Nothing came. 
It took a few days after the swimming incident for you to open up to Wanda without her asking. It started with small incidents, like saying something random about your life back in your home country while spreading her low fat butter on a piece of toast, or mentioning the way you and your cousin used to go bird watching when you saw one fly past. Day by day, Wanda was getting more and more familiar with you and she couldn’t ask for anything more. 
Until she really wanted to. 
Knowing you was at first a blessing, but it turned into a curse. The more she knew, the more the pull was towards you, and the more torturous it was to be around you without being able to openly gaze into your eyes, or let her own eyes flicker down to your lips. Wanda had no idea what force was pulling her to you- the unattainable woman that she was almost certain was straight- but she knew that it was setting her up for a lifetime of regret. 
Wanda was sitting outside at her wooden coffee table with her head in her hands as she licked her wounds, eyes closed in defeat. She was so lost in her own head that she didn’t hear you approaching, or the ringing of the annoying bell that you had attached to the bike that you had rented. She did, however, hear the noisy slurping sound of a fruit being demolished. Shade turned around and saw you standing behind her, holding the steering wheel of the bike with one hand and a peach with the other, munching on it with an expression that would have been written off as indifference if she hadn’t studied you so hard in the past. “Wanna bike ride?” 
That was another thing about you. Your facial expressions never meant what they appeared to be. You typically looked unbothered, unshaken, so bored that Wanda used to be embarrassed to even be in your company, but that was before she learned to read you. Now that Wanda could read you, she knew exactly what you were thinking at that moment. You were smirking underneath that plain face, a glint of mischief in your eyes that you hardly attempted to hide. Maybe it was because you knew that she knew you. Her mind ached to know if you knew her. 
“Yeah,” She murmured, standing up from her chair, eyes never leaving yours. “I’ll get my bike.” 
The bike ride was silent for the most part. You let Wanda take the lead because she knew Italy better than you ever would, and she took you through paths that were much less crowded and even prettier than main roads. You passed by old trees, bushes that had bloomed and died and bloomed again, and rocks that had been painted and placed by local children. The silence felt light, almost fond, and by the time Wanda had rode around with you at her side and behind her, she was hungry for dinner. Time passed quicker than she thought it would. The sun was starting to go down, and it was starting to get colder, and both of those problems could only be solved by the light of a restaurant and a warm meal. 
  Wanda's legs took her off of the quiet back roads and back into town, where there were lights in windows and the sounds of records playing into the streets. You didn’t even ask what you were doing on the main roads, didn’t even say a word until Wanda slid off of her bike at the door of a restaurant and leaned it on the wall. 
“Wait,” you said, brows furrowed, your legs planted on the ground, stopping the movement of your bike effectively. “What are we doing here?” 
“We’ve been out all day,” she explained, shrugging. “It’s time to eat.” 
“My wallet’s at home.” Her heart surged. You called it home. 
Wanda shrugged. She knew herself enough to know that every time she left the house, she was coming back with something new. “I never leave the house without cash, it’s a little trick I learned.” You shrugged too, and then Wanda was leaning to open the door. Your hand came out first, and you opened the door and gestured for her to go through. She felt her heart stutter, but walked through and murmured a small “thank you”. 
The waiter had come and gone and your drinks had shown up before she grew the strength to look into your eyes. You were already looking back at her curiously, watching her every move, and you didn’t seem shaken by the fact that you had been caught, either. 
Wanda admired that about you. She didn’t know if it was because you truly didn't care what other people thought, or if you knew so much that you had already unlocked the secret to life that nothing truly mattered, but you were different. Every action of yours was deliberate. Every action held so much thought and so much confidence that you would never be seen backtracking, even when you got caught staring at someone. You never held an ounce of regret for a damn thing because you were so sure of yourself before every move, every decision. It was fascinating. 
But, Wanda still had to ask. ¨Why are you looking at me?” She asked, a blush settling up high on her cheeks, and it only grew darker when you gave her a deliberate blink. 
“Have I ever told you that I wanted to photograph you before?” 
Wanda blinked. Then her heart raced. “Um, no,” she said, mind going a thousand miles a minute as she tried to keep up with you. You took a drink of your water after muttering something about it not having enough ice for your taste. 
“I think you’re beautiful.” You said, your words not bold or ashamed, not even strung with the calculating tone that you sometimes used. You were observing her, the way you looked at your favorites in each set of photos that you took. “That’s why I stare at you.” 
Wanda thought she was dying and living all the same. For all she knew, she had to have been dead already. She had been chasing you in her dreams, never allowing her whimsical mind to catch up to reality and scare you away. Her lips were always locked tight around you, her eyes glued to one spot so that they did not look at you too much. And there you were, admitting that you thought she was beautiful without any hesitation, without any ounce of regret. She envied you and admired you all the same. 
“You really think that?” She asked, and she knew for a fact that she wasn't fishing, but she could only hope that you took the question for what it was; a testament to her shock. “I-I mean, thank you.” 
“I would like to do a theme before I leave,” you said, and Wanda’s wide eyes blinked. “And I was going to propose it to you not even seconds after you asked me why I was looking at you.” 
“A-are you… do you want to take pictures of me?” 
“If you would let me, I would be honored to.” 
Agreeing to that meant agreeing to much more than posing for pictures under the judgemental eye of your lens, and Wanda knew that. And she had a particularly persistent inkling that you knew the same thing. 
It took two days for the two of you to start with the pictures. It took another day after that for Wanda to understand that it was real, and an additional one for her to fall in love with you all over again. The way you held the camera so gently and went through each photo with such sparing detail made her heart melt. The way your intense stare seemed to pierce through the thick lens was a feeling that Wanda knew she was never going to forget. Your small instructions and even quicker encouragements hardly went unnoticed by her. Nothing you did went unnoticed by her. 
Everything you did was a work of art. 
Typically, she let you go through the photos by yourself. She hardly wanted to see herself leaning on a tree or a candid shot of her sucking a honeysuckle, but you often insisted. The day where she finally folded for you came. 
And if everything you did was a work of art, then who was she to say that the pictures you took of her weren’t stunning? 
With every shot you took, Wanda was more sure that she was in love with you, or at least close to hitting the ground. She could only hope that you were going to be there to catch her, or try to catch her. She couldn’t help but want to know you better, to see you smile, to hold your hand while you walked into shops. Every interaction became more and more important, to you and her,r and she couldn’t help but wonder if you were feeling what she was feeling- a once in a lifetime pull. Like gravity had turned on its side and decided to pull at you and at her, leaving Wanda completely free-falling into the harshness that was your unruly ground. And one day, that strange force that pulled her towards you made her open her mouth over a bowl of homemade spaghetti (because you had been curious to see if homemade Italian spaghetti was something spectacular). 
“Am I crazy, or do you… do you feel it too?” As soon as the words left her mouth, you were looking up from your fork, which was still swirling in your hand with noodles placed on it neatly, continuing in its duty although you had looked particularly surprised by Wanda. For a quick second, she felt a smile build up on her face; that was one of the most expressive faces you had made besides amusement. But as quick as the pride and adoration rose up, it fell to make way for Wanda’s insecurity. In that moment, she was sure that she had ruined whatever you had going on. 
“I’m going to let you in on a secret,” you said, the fork dropping with hardly any sound as you leaned forward, closer into her space that she would gladly make your space if you wanted to, if you asked. “I have been completely taken with you ever since we met.” You popped one of the green grapes from the center bowl into your mouth as you watched Wanda’s part a bit. “Pitifully enamored.” She watched you chew and swallow it. “Is that going to change anything?” 
“N-no,” she said, shaking her head quickly and then slowly, almost like she was trying to show you that she was mature enough to even be having the conversation. “We can still ride bikes and take pictures and all that, of course, yeah. Yeah.”
“Good to hear,” you said, nodding and taking a sip of your drink before shocking Wanda with the intensity of your eyes. “Because I think we have a lot more where bike riding came from.” 
You were inseparable. If Wanda would have known that all it took was bringing it up once to become attached at the hip in the best way possible, she would have said something when you gave her the infamous jar of olives. If Wanda wanted to go to the grocery store, you went with her. If she had to do a tour, you were in the group, taking pictures left and right. If you wanted to do touristy things, she was right beside you, her body heat making you even warmer in the summer air, and hands itching to be held. 
There were times where she swore that the two of you were about to kiss. It was mostly in the break of dawn or the arrival of dusk— because there was something romantic about the arrival and departure of light. You two would stay up late or wake up early together in the morning over cups of tea and coffee, and then there would be moments with stalled words and heavy, sleep- induced stares that lasted far too long to be considered normal. Your chairs would be too close to be considered a friendly distance, and your hands would brush far too much to be accidental. But when your eyes would meet, that was when the tension came to a peak, where she could feel the air wrapping around her and her mind begging her to find the courage to lean in and finally do what she wanted to since she first saw you with that stupid hat on. Wanda tried to tell herself that the tension didn’t exist, that you couldn’t feel it, but the truth was right before the both of you. 
You had even told her everything. Told her about the way you used to live paycheck to paycheck back in the States, the way you stopped drinking soda altogether, how cheeseburgers were your favorite food of all time, and about your some woman that you used to know in such passing that she could have sworn you had never even said a name. But you had. It was Sorena. She hardly cared, she was just excited that you had opened up to her. And by the time you moved on to the next subject, that sad and slightly dreamy look still in your eyes, she had forgotten all about her. 
“That’s actually a really cute pink,” you said one night after sitting in Wanda’s room and talking for hours. You were looking at Wanda’s rack of nail polish that she hardly ever used, but the second she noticed which color you were looking at, she perked up. 
“Yeah, I love that color,” she said, already reaching toward it. Your nails were already pink, a light pink, but this pink was more like the coral of reefs. It was pretty. “Do you want to… do you want me to do your nails?” 
The way you looked at her for a few seconds made her heart jump, and she got so nervous that she was about to just call it off anyway. But when you looked towards her trembling hand that held the small bottle, you nodded your head with a small, generous smile, and then her heart could beat normally again. 
There were many incidents like that. Times where her heart would just stop altogether, or speed up to the point where she was sure that she was bound to have a heart attack. But then, like you knew just when she was going to lose it from the inside, you would give her a small and subtle smile with a glint in your eye that suggested that you knew exactly what you were doing to her. And maybe even that you took pride in it. But Wanda would let you make a fool out of her and take pride in her foolishness a thousand times just to see that small grin, and to feel the resolution that washed over her every time she saw it. 
One of the incidents came in the form of Wanda asking whether or not you wanted to go out for a night on the town. It was a boring night inside the house, and the television and radio were both idly running to fill up the otherwise silent room. The tension was there as always, begging to be spoken of, and Wanda could feel the urge to go outside into the crisp summer air. She could feel the life buzzing on the other side of the walls of her small house, miles and miles away but as close as ever. 
“Do you wanna go see the city?” She asked, the words escaping her mouth before she could even think about wording them differently. You turned your head to look at her from your camera, where you were clicking away and looking at the pictures from the day where you had been messing around and planting in the garden in Wanda’s backyard. There were tulips and daisies growing out back much better than they were before thanks to you and your want to get your painted nails dirty. Her heart rate sped up as she waited for your answer and you  gave her that look, and it was then when she realized that she would never stop being nervous around you. “We don’t have to go if you don’t- I know it’s late and I shouldn’t have asked-” 
You set your camera down after saving something and turning it off, and then turned your heavy gaze to her, and then that sickeningly subtle smile came her way and her heart settled down. “Good thing you have a car.”
She was driving and you were sitting in the passenger seat, the radio just as low as it was in the house. The energy was buzzing under her skin, waiting for a burst of change to make everything come even more to life. You were silent besides the off beat humming you were doing, dragging a beat behind to copy the sounds of a song that you had never heard before. Wanda had no idea but a loose one of where she was driving to, and neither did you, but you didn’t ask. You never asked. That was another thing that Wanda liked about you- an adventure was an adventure regardless of how lackluster it was- leaving one set of four walls for another or the lack of them was an adventure to you in itself. 
 When she parked outside of a bar, you immediately jumped out after seeing the neon sign of the bar lit up and bright against the darkness of the night sky. You looked over at her from the other side of the small car as she stepped out of it herself and locked it. “Bar. Nice.” 
“I can’t tell if this is another dose of your sarcasm or not,” Wanda admitted, her cheeks getting an airbrush of pink that was visible under the artificial light. 
“Course not, the bar is fine.” You shrugged your shoulders and fixed the strap of your blue tank top. You led the way to the inside of the bar without even taking a look back at her again, leaving her with her heart thumping in the parking lot. By the time that she got in there, you were already sitting down at the front counter, stealing glances at your already chipped fingernails even though Wanda had only painted the three days before. And just like you had done to her on that fateful day weeks ago, the bartender turned toward you and was immediately enthralled by you and the personality that you carried effortlessly with you like it was nothing but a handbag. She slinked over and sat in the chair right next to you, shoulders nearly touching. 
The bartender was a man around your age, with dark hair and light blue eyes that held a thousand stories and a thousand laughs and whispers. He had laugh lines that were subtly carved on his young face, and a permanent smile that made Wanda think that he was always sitting on the best joke of the century. She had seen him a few times because she had been to the bar just to go once or twice, but she had never held a conversation with him. It seemed like he was on a mission to change that with the determination in his stride. 
“What can I get you ladies tonight?” Wanda let you order something easy for her and you ordered the same, and she couldn’t help but let her heart flutter. She waited with you in the sparsely filled room while the man with the storytelling eyes fixed both of you glasses full of whatever you had asked for. 
“They play a lot of English music in here for it to be an Italian bar,” you noted aloud after you had gotten your drink, starting small talk with Wanda, who was already looking at you with starry eyes, transfixed on the way you looked. “That’s strange.” 
“This is a tourist area,” She reminded you gently, an you pursed your lips and nodded, like you were reprimanding yourself for not coming to the conclusion quick enough. She felt a smile turn her lisp upward at the look on your face, and then she took a sip of her drink. 
The two of you baited each other with questions for an hour. The drinks were still light as certain conversations got heavy, but overall, you were both learning things about each other. Wanda felt like she already knew so much about you and about the way you worked, but she shouldn't have been so easily fooled. She was convinced that no one would ever come to know you the way they wanted to. You would never show yourself bare to the world or even to a spare few. It just wasn’t you. But she was getting close, and that was all that mattered. 
The mood changed when one song turned into another, one that was only vaguely familiar to Wanda, but you knew it well. You jumped right out of your seat, up and ready to go like someone announced a fire, but then you turned towards her and held your hand out, offering it just like it was full of leaves and olives. Wanda could only stare back at you with wide eyes as the music played and others started dancing, awestruck by the sudden excitement in your eyes. “You’re really gonna tell me that you’ve never heard this song before?” Wanda only shrugged her shoulders before you pulled her off of the bar stool and brought her to the floor where everyone else was swaying with happy smiles on their faces. 
There’s an army on the dance floor 
It’s fashion with a gun, my love 
The lyrics were escaping Wanda for the most part. All she could focus on was the fact that you still had your hand wrapped around her arm, that you were still looking at her, still blessing her with your smile. She was leaning close like you were her opposing magnet and she noticed that you were doing the same, and if she looked hard enough, she could see the same look that she tried to bury within herself hardly present in your eyes. You were swaying and bouncing more than actually putting moves to the song much like everyone else, but it made her beam. You looked so carefree, so happy, so joyed by the playing of a song that she had never even heard before. And she was glad that she had never heard it, because now she would remember it as your song. Whatever it was. She never wanted it to end. 
Eventually, it did. And three more songs followed in its wake, and by then, you seemed ready to go. “I’m going to the bathroom,” you said after telling her that you were ready to call it a night. She nodded and then walked back to the bar, feeling awkward on the floor without you next to her. 
 She didn’t even get to sit down before the bartender was on her case. “It’s not often I see an Italian-American love affair,” he drawled sarcastically, eyeing the hallway that led to the bathroom and then booking back towards Wanda, who was already sporting a grade three blush. 
“And it’s even less often that I see one that looks real,” he said, tilting his head out the side. The glint in his eyes was even more noticeable. “How long have you been together?” 
Wanda swallowed. She shook her head. “Not even close,” was all she could get out, the immediate denial throwing the man for a loop. 
She didn’t know why she denied it. You were obviously attracted to her. You had called her beautiful on many occasions, you had said she was a work of art, and you even told her that she was an inspiration. That was as close to a confession she was going to get from you, and she knew it. But was your admiration enough? Was it anywhere close to the way that she felt about you? She was terrified that she would never know. And even more, she was terrified that the bartender she had seen three times in her life was able to pick up on the fact that she was in a sapphic love nightmare with a girl who was on her tour.
“How long have you known each other?” She responded with the correct time- a month and a half. Wanda watched his face scrunch up, almost like he was shocked about the time frame- or the lack of actual time in it. “And how long have you two been looking at each other like that?” 
Wanda blushed furiously and prayed that it looked like it was due to the alcohol. She looked towards the hallway, watching for your figure to emerge with the same energy that you left with. “I don’t know why-”
“I fell in love with my husband that way.” He answered shortly, and Wanda’s brows shot up for a moment. “I’m not from here, and neither is he. We met in Romania.” For the first time since the conversation started, Wanda was hearing the slightest accent in his voice. “We met in Bucharest. Wasn’t even supposed to be there, but I stumbled into him. It was a strange connection, but we’ve been inseparable ever since. Got married in six months after fleeing here.” 
“Why did you leave?” 
“They weren’t very pleased by us there, I think, so we decided to leave. We were gay and interracial in 1974, we weren’t exactly gaining fans. We got married here under some trees even though it was more like eloping, but it was a real cute set up. Totally his idea,” he said with a wave of his hand, and Wanda immediately knew that the sappy wedding was entirely his idea. “The point is… I know what’s going on here.” 
She wanted to deny it. For her sake, for your sake, to save herself from falling even deeper by just admitting it out loud. She wanted to silence the rushing waters that resided in her heart, begging to break through and be heard. She wanted to just go home and sleep off the enchantment that you had put on her, and pretend that she hadn’t fallen deeper in love with you in the time span of a four minute song. “I’m in love with her.” No reaction from the man. “But it’s never going to work.” 
“Why?” He asked, cleaning a spot on the glossy wooden bar. “Because she’s American?” 
Wanda nodded a bit, but both she and the man knew that wasn’t all there was to it. She paused for a minute to gather her thoughts and check to see if you were coming. You were. “Because I can’t ever be sure if she really cares.” 
The man scoffed. He ran a hair through his short, brown hair, and his blue eyes twinkled with wisdom and mirth. He shook his head at her twice, and then a look of bewilderment stretched across his face. “I forget how hard it is to see outside of our own love.” 
You kissed her. It was a sunny evening in July, a calm Wednesday that would have been like any other, but you were kissing her. Your soft lips were on hers, and Wanda had tears welling up in her eyes. Her disbelief was close to overtaking her joy, her excitement at finally being right where she felt she was supposed to be. She could feel your hand just barely there over her waist, but the other was one that she could feel clear as day on her face, cupping her cheek. 
She had no idea what possessed you to kiss her, or why you chose the moment where she was elbow deep in flour. You were both in aprons with flour dusting your faces and sugar on the counter, and she had fucking oven mitts on. You had caught her in the middle of a laugh, your lips coming onto hers while the sound faded out into a smile. It wasn’t an ideal moment, not exactly one that she expected, but it was the moment. Most importantly, it was the moment you chose. And then it all just… clicked into place. 
From that moment on, there were many moments like it. There was no longer this feeling of toeing a line or forcing something. It was natural for her to lean into you, and for you to lean into her. It was like breathing to pull your face close so that Wanda could put a sweet kiss on your lips. It became a routine to kiss each other’s hands and foreheads and hold hands and get caught staring. That one incident while baking was the one thing that changed the entire course of Wanda’s relationship with you, and she couldn’t have been happier. 
Until she realized that just as quickly as your relationship rose, it was bound to fall apart again. You had to go back home. No matter how long you had been pushing it off, and how long she had been ignorant towards the fact. You had to go back to the very place you had escaped. You had been gone too long, and unfortunately, time stopped for no one.
Except for when Wanda let the three forbidden words escape her mouth right before you stole another kiss from her awaiting lips. 
You pulled away for a second to look at her, and she could feel the emotions that used to be ever present with you come back with full force and then some. The nervousness was back, the fear about what you would say and the loathing towards herself. She was shaking as she sat on the picnic blanket, a basket placed between your body and hers. Her hand was still frozen in the air because of the path that it was taking to get into your hair. Time stopped in that instant, and only you and your scrutinizing eyes were moving. There was also a small tremble in your bottom lip, one that she tried to look away from because she didn’t know if she had already had her last kiss with you so early. And then, like leaves in the wind, as soft as a summer sigh, you echoed the words back to her. 
Wanda blinked. Her hand dropped back down to her lap. “What?” 
“Why do you think I haven’t gone home yet?” You asked softly, your eyes gentle as your own hand went to touch Wanda’s cheek. “I’ve taken thousands of pictures and experienced things that many tourists never will. I fulfilled every want and checked every box with this trip weeks ago.” You leaned closer to her and took both of her hands in yours. “Why do you think I’m still here, Wanda?” 
Wanda’s mind was running like water. She blocked three times before her heart caught on, swelling up with so much joy and relief that she thought she was going to have to see a professional. There was another slow blink, and then a rush of emotions that hit her all at once, and the only thing she could do was lean over the picnic basket and kiss you with every ounce of passion that she ever had. 
By the time the two of you understood the extent that your love went, there was a week left. Wanda had only a week left with you until she had to drive you to the airport, knowing that there was a chance that she would never see you again or hear your terrible Italian. She would only hear the shuttering click of your camera for another week. You would be sitting in her kitchen and baking with her and sleeping in her bed for only a week more. And it was killing her. 
You, on the other hand, were the drive of the relationship. Never once did you mention your inevitable departure. You were the one that drug Wanda out of the house to have fun, drink some drinks, dance with people, go bird watching.  You even met the bartender and his husband and went on a double date with them. You wanted to do all these things even though you claimed to have done everything that interested you, and it didn’t take a genius to understand that you were feeling what she was, just in denial about it. You were using going out and smiling with each other as a bandaid when truly, stitches were needed. You hoped you would be back. She hoped you would be back. But you both had a feeling that told you that it was unlikely that you ever would be. 
The five days and nights passed quickly. No one mentioned the way that your things were slowly disappearing from the common areas, and how the spare room that was still counted as yours even though you slept with Wanda was getting tidied up while she was away at work. No one said anything about the filled suitcases and bags. No one said anything about the way that your side of the bathroom was spotless. It was all fun and games and laughter and honest to god joy during the day, having the time of both of your lives when the sun was out, but when the night got cold and the moon came out, it was quiet. It was dismal. It was obvious that things were brewing between the two of you. It was obvious that both of you were painfully aware of the fall of something great. 
It was the night before your departure that you decided to talk. Wanda had tears in her eyes as you ate her “world famous spaghetti”, as you called it. Her hands shook when she held her glass of water or put her fork to her mouth. She was trying her hardest not to sniffle or ruin the soft mood that the candles on the table had brought. But even as Wanda tried to be strong, be mature like you were and enjoy your last night together, she couldn’t. 
“How did we miss out?” Wanda breathed out, the grip on her fork unnecessarily harsh. “How did we miss out on what we had all this time?” 
“We didn’t know,” you said softly, standing up from the head of the table and walking over to the food, right where Wanda was. “How could we have known?” 
“I knew,” she admitted with a shaky voice and tears in her eyes. “I knew I was done for when you came with that stupid pink hat.” The tears were making their grand entrance now, descending down the rounds of her face and going and sticking onto her chin. “I knew I wanted to be with you the whole time.” 
“I did, too.” You said, and she sniffled. “We should have just told each other, but we didn’t. And now isn’t the time to be sad about it, is it? We have-” you looked out of the window and saw the sun going down. “We have a few hours left. Let’s not cry. Please. Please don't cry.”
How can I not cry? She wanted to ask. How can you not see that this is it? How can you not see that we’ve run out of time? Our hourglass has run dry and I don’t think either of us will ever take initiative to fill it again. I’m terrified that this is it. But all she could do was cry into your arms and let her years wet your pink blush pink tank top.  There was silent crying coming from the both of you, the room high with tensions undiscovered as you finally allowed yourself to break down in Wanda’s arms. Your vulnerability hit her right in the heart. Why couldn’t you always show that you loved her that way? Open, honest, wholly.  
You pulled away after a few heavy minutes and for a second, the only sound that could be heard was soft sniffles. Wanda saw you wipe your eyes and then look at her, a small smile on your face. You held up a trembling hand, showing her your chipped polish. She couldn’t help but crack a smile.
 “What do you say we take this old coat off and give each other new ones?” 
Wanda didn’t see you off inside of the airport.  She could hardly drive you to the doors and watch you walk in even while she was in the car. There was no way she was going to be strong enough to stay with you by the gate, so close yet so far. There was no way that she was going to be able to see you and not want to be with you, or fight security to sit on that plane all the way back to a land she had never been to. And as she watched you walk away, she knew that there was nothing more painful in the world. 
 You had whispered a goodbye to her and kissed her in the passenger seat one last time, a slow and passionate kiss that said everything you never could or would. She would never forget the feeling of her lips brushing against yours, and the way she could have sworn that yours formed words. Before she could even start to ask, you were grabbing your purse and luggage from the backseat and giving her a look, the look that she could have sworn was identical to the very first one she saw you with, disinterest. But this time, you were crying. 
Wanda cried the whole way home, stopping on the side of the road to let her sobs all out at once, making sure that she was stable enough to drive back down the country roads again before starting her car up. 
The car still smelled like you. The radio station that you liked despite not knowing more than conversational Italian was still on. There was still an olive tree growing in her yard, one that was there long before you and would be there long after your absence. The camera sitting on her desk, the one that you had taught her to use, it was still going to be sitting there, nearly untouched and unused. Your unmade bed would be the same way you left it. Wanda wasn’t even sure she wanted to bother a thing you had touched. They were yours, regardless of whether you had taken them as a souvenir or not. The mug with a peach on it that you used every morning was yours. The one oddball spoon with a straight handle that stood out from the other rounded ones was yours. The pink nail polish that she gave you and that you wore religiously during your stay was yours- she had snuck it into your bag. The chair at the table next to her that would be empty now was yours, it would always be yours. 
Wanda would always be yours. 
The phone rang. 
Wanda sat up in her chair, rubbing her eyes as she looked up from her book. She stood up slowly and walked to her phone, picking it up without a second glance, expecting a telemarketer. “Yes?” She asked softly, patiently, just in case it was someone that she couldn’t afford to mess up with. 
There was a short breath, like an outward gasp. Silence. “Hi.” 
Wanda nearly dropped the phone, and then she was clenching it so tightly that it could have broken with just a little more force. She prayed that you couldn’t hear her heavy breathing, or the way that her heart was suddenly beating out of her chest. “H-hi,” she breathed out, running her free hand through her hair, like you were there to see what a mess she was. “How are you? It’s been a while.” 
It had. It felt like it had been ages since you came to Italy in the summer, but it was months. But days without you felt like centuries to her. 
“It has been,” you agreed, and Wanda couldn't help but smile a bit. “Things changed any over there?” 
Wanda laughed a bit. “No, not really. Still touring, still gardening. Still stargaze and watch sunrises and sunsets. It’s not the same without you.” Wanda blurted, and then, before she could even think to analyze how possible it was for you to think that she was whining, she closed her eyes and pressed the phone to her cheek. “I miss you.”
There was a shuffling on your line, like you were moving away from something, and then, finally, you took in a deep breath. Wanda held hers. “I miss you too.” Exhale. 
“When-” Wanda bit her lip, trying to keep the sound of tears out of her voice. “When are you coming back?”
You sighed. The olive branch began to wither. “I don’t know if I ever will be back, Wanda.” 
“Oh.” Wanda said, blinking and then looking down at her hands, eyes narrowed as she tried to piece things together. How could she have been so stupid? Did she really think that you were going to fly all the way out to see her again? Did you really think that she wouldn’t get a visa or something to go and see you? “Not even for vacation?” Wanda teased. “During fall of next year? I know you’d love the fall here.” 
  “Yeah,” you said, trailing off a bit. “That’s- that’s what this call is about. Next fall.” 
The tension in her body relaxed. Traveling. You were talking about traveling, and the places where you would go.  “Oh? Where to next fall? Japan? Mongolia, like you always said? Did you finally find those cheap tickets to Iceland?” She heard you breathe in through the thin layer of static on the phone, and then she heard something else. 
An entirely different person. And by the silence on your part, Wanda knew that you knew she heard it, too. 
“Who’s that?” Wanda asked curiously, brows furrowed as she leaned over her counter, eyes focusing on the vintage clock on her wall as it ticked down the seconds of a new minute in time. 
There was a pause, one that began to get heavier with each moment that you didn’t speak. “It’s Sorena.” 
Her head started to ache before her heart even thought to shatter. She stood up as straight as a board, shaking her head as she tried to understand what the hell was going on. Sorena. She knew that name well, she knew it like she knew the back of her own hand. She had never seen the woman, not even once, but she knew everything about her and the fossilized relationship between you and her. It was old. It was dead and gone and buried, but why was she there with you? Why was Sorena allowed to be with you, and she wasn’t?
“What’s she doing there?” Wanda asked, rubbing a hand over her face as she tried to stop her heart from dropping down to her toes. 
Pause. “We’re planning for next fall.” 
Her heart dropped anyway. She shook her head with wide eyes before breathing in again, trying to stay unassuming. “Are you two vacationing to rekindle a friendship?” 
The distinct sound of a door shutting on the other side of the line was what really nailed Wanda’s heart into a coffin. She held her breath as she braced herself for whatever wicked curveball you would throw at her next. Suddenly, your spontaneous actions weren’t fun anymore. “We’ll be vacationing, but… it’s going to be a honeymoon. We’re getting married next fall.” 
  Her brain couldn't even process it. She couldn’t even think to start while she was on the phone with the perpetrator of all of the emotions she was feeling at the moment. Her tears started welling up, red hot and desperate to escape. There were a thousand words that she could have said in that moment as a summary alone, but she knew that three words would explain it all to you. You had always effortlessly known her better than anyone else could have hoped to. 
Wanda bit her lip to stop the short wail that was trying to escape her body. “You never said.”  
A short pause. The sound of Wanda’s heart shattering in this distance. “I’m sorry.”
Wanda threw her head back, pursing her lips together and shaking her head as the tears ran down to her ears and hairline, drenching her face in pity. “How?” If you were doing this to her, you must have had no heart all along. You must have been heartless to do that to her. You couldn’t be sorry, or you would have never even done it. 
“I’m sorry.” 
“Did it-” she put the phone on speaker as she set it down on the counter, grasping at her chest like you had grown talons and ripped her heart right out of it. “Did you mean any of it?” Silence, Utter silence that was enough to drive Wanda nearly mad, tears welling up even thicker in her eyes. “Did you? I have never given myself to anyone or anything like I did the way I did when I met you. What does that- is that reduced to nothing now that you’ve decided to throw it away forever?” 
“I didn’t say that.”
“Every single time I said that I loved you and you told me the same doesn't matter. Nothing we did matters. The countless days you spent with me might as well have never happened, because you're willing to ignore it. I wasted-” she cut herself off, her voice already weak from sudden exhaustion and tears. She took in a shaky breath. “You said that you never felt what you felt for me in your life. You said that you would never feel it again. You even said that we had something special- different.” 
You whispered her name. 
“No, just tell me. Do you remember? I mean, fuck- do you remember anything at all? Because there is no way that you remember everything that I do, and you’re still choosing-” Wanda put a hand over her mouth to keep from sobbing out loud. Her heart beat was louder than your labored breathing, like you had done all the ranting instead of her. “You don’t- you don’t ever have to say another word to me if you tell me the truth right now.”
“I’m sorry.” Wanda just shook her head, not strong enough to say another word. Her head was spinning. She felt dizzy. It felt like the time you and her had gotten so drunk that you spun around in circles together in her living room until you fell down, but darker. “I’m sorry, Wanda.” 
 “Just tell me if it mattered,” she begged,  her voice softer than the way she wanted it to be. She waited for you to say something, anything at all. She waited with a baited breath, strained her ears as she anticipated your next words. When there was no answer, she just braced herself and spoke again. “Tell me if you’ve forgotten.”
“Wanda,” you said, and she flinched. She could hear breathing that she knew was yours, and as she waited for your next words, her heart squeezed and withered in her chest. Every moment felt sour. And then you took another short breath, like the air itself tasted bittersweet. “I remember everything.” 
Fall changed to winter and back to the spring and summer months again. The heat reminded Wanda of the flash of a lens, of olives in jars, the smell of flowers blooming and pollen running through the air like water in the streams she used to frequent with you. 
It had been a full year, but she missed you. She missed the way you held her and she did the same in return. She missed the sound of your voice and your smile, and the way that your smile would turn into something serious when you were working your magic. She missed the way that you would try your best to let Italian roll off of your tongue the way it did hers. She loved that you tried her food and cuisine without second thought. She loved that you were older and wiser but that you also knew when to put responsibilities down and dance in the street with the world. She loved when she could hear your laughter in the wind, and she hated when it came back to her and brought waves of sadness along with it. She would never hear it again. 
You were the one. Wanda was sure of it then, and in your absence, she was even more sure. But she wasn’t going to chase you. As much as she wanted to in the beginning, she wasn’t going to cross seas and climb mountains for a woman who couldn’t be mature enough to understand a bond. She was going to love you, but that was it. She wasn’t going to waste away forever, or dwell on the past so that she missed the future that was far ahead of her. She was always going to love you, and just like a piece of your heart was hers, you would always carry around a piece of Wanda’s. But that was all you would ever have. A piece. A moment in time. A painting as dried over as the works of Michelangelo. 
But it would remain beautiful. Her memories would be as detailed as sculptures of gods. She would still feel the imprint of your words on her heart and your hands on her cheeks. Every moment that she would remember would be laced with joy, beauty, and pain, forever and always. 
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