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#x reader

nail polish | draco malfoy

pairing: draco malfoy x gn!reader

summary: you have a bad day, so draco lets you paint his nails.

♡warnings/info: bad day, minor angst


Originally posted by itsthaliablack

You took a deep breath as you entered the slytherin common room. Today had not been a good day. Classes were almost unbearable and a group of nasty gryffindors had been picking on you all day. Snape gave you a detention and you missed lunch due to having to finish homework. You were drained, tired, and just wanted to sleep.

The common room was empty, it was late, after all. Snape had kept you almost an hour longer than he should’ve, but you didn’t have the strength to argue with him. Considering he was head of your house, he was surprisingly mean to you. You seemed to be the only slytherin he disliked, the only slytherin he would punish.

You slumped onto the dark green sofa, the leather creaking as you sat. You weren’t in the most dignified position, your chin touched your chest as you sat almost horizontally. Sitting up just seemed like so much effort right now. The fire was almost out, it lulled and spluttered, and it looked exactly how you felt. You leant your head against the back of the sofa and stared at the ceiling. Your bones felt like lead. You were so tired.

“So he finally let you go, hey?” Draco’s teasing voice piped up. “He really hates you, doesn’t he.” You knew he was joking, but you really weren’t in the mood.

“Don’t remind me.” You groaned, bringing your hands to your face and covering it, ashamed. You felt Draco grab your wrists gently and pull your hands from your face, looking down at you. He looked funny upside down.

“Bad day?” He asked, dropping your wrists and sitting next to you. You nodded.

“Yeah.” You throat tightened and your eyes watered.

“C'mere.” He said softly, cradling you against him. The conversation so far had been one of few words, but his actions and comforts were worth more to you right now. He intertwined his hands with yours, examining your fingertips, running his own over your black nails.

“I didn’t know you wore nail polish.” He remarked.

“It’s relaxing. Painting my nails, i mean. It looks cool too, don’t you think?” You replied, contently distracted.

“It does.” He smiled, bringing your hand to his lips and kissing it softly. “Can you paint mine for me?” He asked. This was partly because he knew it would distract you, and partly because he genuinely liked the way they looked. You pursed your lips and gave a concealed giggle, standing up.

“I can. Wait here.” You scurried to your dorm momentarily, and returned with jet black nail polish. It was from a muggle store, nothing fancy. On the label in fancy lettering was the word ‘liquorice’.

You sat back down. “Gimme your hand.”

Draco placed his hands in your lap, and you opened the little bottle. The smell was instant, but it was a strangely comforting odour. Draco smiled to himself, he adored seeing you happy, especially after a bad day. He was more about his actions than his words, so in his mind, this was the nicest thing he could’ve possibly done for you. And he was right.

You began to paint his nails, and already you had pretty much forgetten the woes of your day.

“So, i was thinking we could go into Hogsmeade this weekend. Together, i mean.” He said, breaking the comfortable silence.

“Draco Malfoy? Asking me on a date?” You replied, feigning shock. Draco rarely took you on dates, he didn’t really like leaving the school grounds all that much. But it didn’t bother you, you’d take snuggling by the fire over a date any day.

“Shut up.” He chuckled. “I’ll treat you to anything you like. Anything.”

“Special occasion?” You asked. Sure he’d bought you things before, but until now he’d never offered to treat you to anything you wanted.

“No, i just…” he began, trailing off. “I don’t like seeing you upset, that’s all. You had a bad day and i want to make you feel better.”

You smiled, blushing slightly. “You’re so nice to me, i don’t deserve it.”

“Hey.” He said, his tone suddenly firm. He searched for your gaze, and his steely eyes met yours. “You do deserve it. You deserve all the love in the world. Okay?”

The black paint was now dry.

“O-okay…” you replied, slightly caught off gaurd but flustered nonetheless.

“Good. Okay.” He nodded. He examined his hands, smirking. “They look great. Thanks, love.”

He pulled you back towards him, hugging you, resting his lips on your forehead.

“Thanks for being here, Draco.” You whispered. He leant forward and pecked your lips softly.

“No problem, love. No problem at all.”

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Little one coming to sleep with you after having a bad dream.

(Did a similar story a while ago)


Originally posted by youknowjustanotherhiddlestoner

Your daughter’s wails were able to reach your ears in an instant. Your maternal instincts made you shoot up instantly, but Loki was already out the room and sprinting down the corridor to Daphne’s room. He burst in there, hardly able to see a thing due to it being pitch black. Why was her lamp out?

With her still crying out, he snapped his fingers to conjure up an orb of light in his hand. He was met with the horrid sight of her thrashing around in her bedsheets. He hurried over and gathered her into his arms as she continued to cry. She at least managed to calm down enough so she was merely sniffling and whimpering in the crook of his neck.

“Daddy, it was so dark. And I had a bad dream!” Daphne sobbed out.

Loki pressed her tightly against him, rocking her back and forth. “Shh. Hush now, darling. It’s all right now.”

He could’ve easily lit her lamp back on, but he didn’t wish to leave her alone. Not when she was in such a state. He stood up and carried her out of the room. He hadn’t realized you had followed until he saw you outside scolding the handmaid that was normally in charge of tending to Daphne.

“Why was there no light in my daughter’s room?” You hissed at her.

“Forgive me, my lady, but I had direct orders from the king to put out all light in her room when she is asleep,” she explained, slightly fearful of the cold stare you were giving her.

So this was Odin’s doing, was it? Why was Loki not surprised? He’d always been the type of parent that forced his children to face their fears even if they weren’t ready to do so. Now he was trying to do the same thing with Daphne. Well, there was no way Loki was going to make her go through the same childhood trauma Odin made him go through.

“My father has no say in the way my daughter is raised,” Loki stated, coming to your side with Daphne still in his arms. “Any orders he gives you pertaining to the matter, you will address to either my wife or myself. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Your Highness,”

The handmaid bowed her head and made her exit after apologizing. Right away, your icy demeanor melted once you spotted your daughter. Still shaken up from what just happened.

“Oh my little sprite…” you cooed, rubbing her back. “Let her sleep with us tonight.”

“Of course,” Loki agreed, offering you a little grin.

Both of you each gave a kiss to Daphne’s head before making your way back to your chambers. While doing so, Loki made a mental note that he’d have a strong word with Odin, first thing tomorrow.

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Off The Cuff Prompt #Whatever

“Ah, so I see you have found your way back here to my parlor.” The strange guy stated, a mischievous grin on his face.

“You gave me the bloody wrong information!!! Luckily, my associate got the correct information I needed.” You said, taking out a gun and pointing it at him. “You do not trick me. Especially with such sensitive information.”

Before you could fire the trigger, he was holding your arm against yourself, gun clattering onto the dusty floor. He frowned, his enchanting green eyes being somewhat shown through the slits of his bangs.

“I do not like it when people threaten me. Especially humans. I would’ve killed you on the spot and disposed of you in a simple coffin. You however…”

His long black nails tapped your chest. Your breath hitched, unable to look away from his face. He giggled quietly

“I wonder what’s in your working brain to want such info.” He murmured, humming as he watched you.

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Another Zoro fic! :D

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The (h/c)-nette smiles, towel and necessities in hand as she left the girls room. The greenete having just finished his workout was about to go and get the same things “Oh, were you gonna shower?” He asks, eyeing the things in her arms

She smiles “Yeah, I just pumped some water for myself” (Y/n) gave Zoro a once over, noting the glistening skin and lack of a shirt “Were you about to go in and shower too?” Her grip on the items tightening ever so slightly

He rubs the back of his head smiling sheepishly “Yeah, I just finished working out and wanted to wash off all the sweat” she smiled understandingly, nodding

Her eyes however kept wandering, that is until she got an idea. The two were particularly close and there seemed to be sexual tension often. They weren’t a couple but that didn’t stop them from engaging in meaningful conversations, flirting and occasional hugs. That being said “Well in that case,” she smiled mischievously “how about I pump a little extra water while you get your stuff and we can shower together?” Zoro’s face flushed. (Y/n)’s smirk only growing, she left for the pump without actually getting an answer, not that she really needed one

Not long after, they both met in the corridor and entered the bathroom. She set the water and casually stripped and stepped under the water. However, Zoro hesitated. He, being a lot more flustered and gittery. But ending up joining her under the shower head after she peeked out from behind the shower curtain asking if something was wrong

He stood stiffly facing her back. Nervously rigid honestly, while she went about soaking her hair and getting her 3 in 1 soap and working a bit of it into her scalp. He leaned his forehead to the nape of her neck “I-” stuttering was a bit out of character for him “I- uh forgot my soap” he would have also forgotten his towel had Ussop not thrown it at the back of his head. Also his pants if he hadn’t seen them when he turned to yell at Ussop for throwing the towel at him in the first place

“You can use mine if you want” she replied peeking at the mount of moss from over her shoulder. He mumbled a soft ‘thanks’ with a beet red face. (Y/n) only giggled at his suden shyness “Sure thing”

She passed the bottle of cucumber, green tea scented wash while she rinsed it out of her hair. “How can you be so casual about this?” He mumbled exasperated and somewhat surprised

(Y/n) turned to face him “What? Prefer that I act on my carnal desires and be all over you?” She quirked an amused brow. More so when he became even more flustered. Even chuckling when he almost dropped the bottle “I’m just teasing, relax. You’re so stiff” she offered a pleasant smile “here, I’ll wash your back” (Y/n) held her hand out waiting for him to hand the bottle back

When he did, she squeezed a bit out and switched spots with him so he could have time under the water. The (s/c) female set the bottle down on a side shelf and lathered it into his shoulders giving him a slight massage to ease him and relax his overworked muscles. He hummed softly, working the soap into his hair and chest and then rinsing

Zoro turned to face (Y/n) again to reel her into his toned chest. “Maybe I do want you to act on them” he replied. (Y/n) panted into his collar bone teasingly

Wrapping her own arms around his waist “Yeah? Act on what exactly hmm?” The (h/c) head pressed on. Unhooking an arm to trace his scar softly with her finger tips. He pulled back slightly to look at her face. Brushing a few slick pieces of hair out of her face then bringing both hands to rest on (s/c) hips. She slid her hands up, tossing one over his tanned shoulder and bringing the other to rest on the base of his neck firmly. Rising up to her toes to reach his lips. He leaning down to meet her half way

Lips gently brushing against each other, body’s flat against one another fitting close, near perfectly together. It was simple but it sent heat through her blood stream and a tidlewave of butterflies to flood his chest and stomach. They were a perfect fit, that much was obvious. They pulled apart, breaths fanning into the others mouth softly

The two held each other for a bit longer before he pulled (Y/n) back under the water, helping her lather her body. Rinsing the soap off, they both stepped out and wrapped up in their towels. She put on her lotion before passing him the bottle and turning away “Do you mind?” (Y/n) dropped her towel enough to expose her back

“Oh, sure” he worked the substance into her back, adding a little massage like she had done. She hummed softly at his soft caresses. (Y/n) got dressed and so did Zoro. She patted the excess water out of her (h/c) tresses “Here, sit down” she quirked an inquisitive brow but put the toilet cover down and took a seat regardless

Zoro fixed (Y/n)’s towel on her shoulders and took her hairbrush. Gently stroking down the (h/c) strands, detangling them. She smiled, enjoying the pampering

He then took her hand and lead her outside to the Sunnies green deck. There, he found his usual napping spot on the grass lined rail. Zoro took to laying down. Eyes wide and staring at the sky. There, (Y/n) looked at the azure sky. The infinite blue littered with far away cotton balls. She took to laying down at his side almost immediately

Legs crossed at the ankle and hands on her stomach. A peaceful silence blanketing the two. Either occasionally breaking the silence to point out a figure in the sky “that one looks like the foxy pirates figurehead”

After a while is was mostly her calling out shapes and receiving an acknowledging hum. (Y/n) turned to lay on her side. Facing the swordsman

There she stared at the side of his face. A soft look of adoration on her face. He lay on his back, palms stacked under his head of moss. Eyes hardly even parted to look at the clouds as he began to dose off

But right in that moment a glimmer of light fell from in between the clouds and, and (Y/n) had always thought Zoro’s eyes were onix. Dark pools of ink and the depths of black holes; but when the sunlight hit his eyes in that angle. They came to life. No, Zoro’s eyes weren’t the ashy cinders after a warming camp fire had burnt out. They were brown pots of earth packed by the trudging feet of tired explorers. They were the warm happy feeling of the remnants of black coffee at the bottom of a mug after a long sleepless night. A comforting cup of hot cocoa fighting off the bitter cold. And boy, when they turned to find (e/c) staring she knew.

She knew, those eyes had a tint of gold. They held the riches burried deep in the ground within his own irises. (Y/n) was a pirate, and she’d found her treasure


~ Later that night ~

Zoro tip toed into the guys’ room, having stayed up late chatting with (Y/n); the rest of the boys were already asleep. He took his place and got comfortable getting ready to join them in sleeping

However, there was a sudden figure nestling into him. The body heat being evident in the rather cool room. He turned to face this figure and see who this intruder of his personal space was

It was Sanji

It was Sanji who was nuzzling his nose into Zoro’s side. Mumbling in his sleep. His brow twitched annoyed by the stupid cook “hngafn smell nice brhakfb (Y/n)~” he muttered in his sleep. It brought the marimos annoyance to slight anger at the mention of her name leaving his lips

Though Zoro couldn’t really blame him having actually smelled like (Y/n)’s usual cucumber and green tea scent thanks to the use of her wash. But the last straw for the moss head was, the dumb blonde looping his arms around him and the pukering of lips. As Sanji pulled Zoro in closer by the waist and the marimos face grew dangerously close to the cooks lips

A palm firmly placed on the cooks forehead as he desperately tried to push him away. Zoro’s face growing more horrified at the lack of good placement to be able to successfully pry off the blonde. The only good support being Zoro’s 'free’ elbow propping him up as he struggled to untangle his legs from Sanji’s. Zoro’s mortified cry rippling through the ship

Sanji’s eyes flew open, seeing the compromising position. He immediately let go and tossed him. As they both clawed away from each other desperately. The rest of the boys jumping awake at the commotion. The girls coming in to their room not long after

“What is it!?” Nami asks concerned. Ussop and (Y/n) casting curious glances between the two. (Y/n) more so at Zoro’s uneven breathing

“Well, one moment I’m THIS,” Sanji pinches his index finger and thumb together “close to kissing my sweet (Y/n) and the next I come face to face to this bastard!” The cook complains, on the verge of tears as he points an accusatory finger at the swordsman

“Tragic” (Y/n) mutters sarcastically. Getting a few chuckles from around the room

“Yeah?!? I just came in and lay down and you stuck to me like glue!” The moss headed beast rekon angrily “I couldn’t pry you off!”

A collective chuckle rose in the room. After the initial amusement wore off, the girls returned to their room and (Y/n) to watch duty. Luffy and Ussop getting comfortable again “Why do you smell like my sweet darling (Y/n) anyways?” Sanji asked glowering in anger and anticipation

“Uh well- i-” the swordsman stuttered, becoming quite flustered. Only hopping the dark was enough to hide his blush from the cook. But turning to face the other way regardless for good measure “No reason!” He yelled. Getting into bed again and facing away from the suspicious glare the blonde threw his way

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I Need You

kurapika x reader

song: mercury by sleeping at last

Kurapika was never one to have a moment of weakness. Never one to run back to someone once he’d gone. But as he stood outside your door, soaked in rain and blood, he felt that sinking weakness deep in his bones. His fist hesitated before he knocked, his heart beating a solemn song as he took a deep breath. 

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Here are the general HCs for Aesop^^ Hope you like them, rescuer anon!

- Mod Serenity



✎ Yandere Aesop is definitely a manipulative yandere. I can’t imagine him using force unless it was a last-minute choice or he had no other option. (Like S/O accidentally found out about his obsession or caught on to his manipulative plans)

✎ Aesop is also a ‘stalker’ yandere and would try to follow around S/O everywhere they go, also being able conceal himself in the shadows really well. 

✎ Aesop doesn’t really care about anyone that isn’t S/O (like Edgar), but will help out others to look good in front of his S/O. But if S/O wasn’t there, he’d probably just ignore them.

✎ His first priority in matches is always S/O. They need a distraction from the hunter? Gotcha, he’s already on it. The only thing he won’t do is leave his S/O alone. (Like, they need him to decode while they go rescue someone? Sorry, he’s coming along, but he’ll greatly serve as a distraction!)

✎ He finds their presence comforting, and he doesn’t get anxious around them like he does with others. That’s why he never wants to leave them alone.

✎ He never blames his S/O for anything. If his S/O makes a mistake, he’ll always either blame it on himself for not being able to do anything or turn the blame to someone else.

✎ Always wants to hold his S/O’s hand. He gets anxious easily, but if his S/O is there he’ll feel more comfortable. Especially during matches he’ll ask to hold his S/O’s hand while walking to the next cipher together.

✎ When he’s jealous he’ll start holding his S/O’s hand tighter, trying to get the other person to take the hint. He can’t do anything in front of his S/O that will show his ‘yandere’ side, but oh boy, if S/O wasn’t there he’d already bash their head in with his make-up box.

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No problemo rescuer anon-y! I don’t mind when people request 20 times if they want to aha. As long as they aren’t doing it when the request box is closed or demanding for it to be done right away. (Also postman’s new skin is so adorable but it’s 50 soul currencies to buy it and I’m currently crying as a postman main because the queues are so long on pc)

- Mod Serenity



✎ I think Aesop would actually be interested in S/O even before they met on a match. He tends to be observant and would probably notice how kind they were to everyone else.

✎ So when he first gets paired with them in a match I think he’d be internally panicking inside and end up running away every time he saw S/O during the match out of fear he might do something to anger them. He’s going to feel bad if they don’t end up escaping with him and end up keeping an eye on them after that as to make sure they don’t get hurt.

✎ He always makes sure to embalm S/O when using his skill, just in case something goes wrong when S/O rescues someone. He’s going to make sure they always leave together. (Even if Aesop ends up sacrificing himself too)

✎ Always follows S/O around during matches and uses the excuse that he’s ‘scared’ so S/O will be more open with him.

✎ When S/O rescues someone, Aesop goes along with them to act as a distraction for the hunter. (he’s okay as long his S/O isn’t hurt.) Basically, it’s a passive-aggressive war between S/O and Aesop of who can protect each other the most.

✎ Aesop won’t deny he gets a little jealous when S/O rescues/saves someone that isn’t him. Sometimes he’ll even make a small comment or two badmouthing the person S/O is helping.

✎ Overtime, Aesop’s ‘yandere’ tendencies will start to show more, eventually to the point where he starts trying to convince (read: manipulate) S/O into not helping their teammates anymore, and that they can just back each other up during matches.

✎ If S/O is against this, he’s just going to have to try harder at ‘convincing’ them. It might take forever, but he’s willing to take his chances.

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Prompt #19 + #32 With Luffy


a/n : of course, love! ❤️ always free to request, unless I have to close it due to my personal life. Though, even if people request when I close them, I might still save them, I just won’t get to it quickly. And thank you 🥰 it means a lot.

I’m guessing you want these together right? This was actually a bit difficult, only because I couldn’t think of anything lol, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Prompt #19 : “Jealousy isn’t a good look on you, [Name].” “I’m not jealous, dumbass.”

Prompt #32 : “There must be something wrong with my eyes, because I can never seem to get them off you.”

Summary : In which, [Name] starts to feel a little jealous of the women stealing Luffy’s attention.

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Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland


⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible


Everything Changed🌧-Y/N and Peter grew up together, but after 8th grade, they grew apart. Y/N never knew why until she finally got upset, but maybe she didn’t want to know.

Another Life-Peter and Y/N loved each other, but due to her father, it ended horribly. Even though it wasn’t entirely his fault, he still got in trouble for it.

We’ll Get Through🌈-Y/N and Peter have been on a mission for 6 months with very little talk to the team. The fact of this is getting to them. Peter knowing how dancing helps Y/N to clear her mind, he grabs her and they start to dance slowly.

I’m Lonely Without You🌧-Peter loves Y/N, but instead of telling her, he told her to accept her opportunity when she came to him about it. But now? He realizes just how much he needs her.

Stupid for You🌈-Peter loved Y/N, unknowing she liked him back. He felt like shit after he kissed her, but soon after, she reveled that she liked him too.


(This one isn’t named, but if you have one, please tell me)-Peter and Y/N are college students, but that doesn’t matter. After a mission where a bomb blew up in the building Y/N was in, she was taken by HYDRA and had to go through everything that Bucky did. But after seeing Peter, something flashes in her memory, for the team, it was good but for her? Well, HYDRA doesn’t get happy when their personal weapons go wrong.

No-Part 1

You’re Somebody Else-Part 2

Headcanons 🌟

Being With Him Includes-What being with him includes throughout your first 10 years in a relationship.

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Head cannons -dating corpse and also being a streaming gamer but keeping your relationship on the down low

• you and corpse make sure that when you guys are streaming that you can’t hear eachother but you still like to hear his voice threw the walls

•right before you guys usually stream you make it a ritual to give eachother a kiss

•you love when people freak out about his voice when they first meet him because you also was like that .you still are

•you always catch yourself almost calling corpse by his pet name while you stream but your friends never notice

•all your streaming friends already ship you guys together even the fans besides corpse getting shipped with sykkuno

•you and corpse love looking at the fan art of your among us characters being lovey dovey

•you and corpse as imposters together are unstoppable. You guys are master minds in the game

• you like to play his song all the time it doesn’t matter when .streaming of course, cooking , please that’s the first one you play, even showering. Corpse finds it cute at first but after awhile when you keep playing it on repeat and won’t stop he takes things into his own hands

•once you guys finish streaming it’s usually you guys cuddling after and just chilling. Or his head in your lap while you mess with his hair

•he loves the moments when you guys just do nothing but lay together

•one time while you guys where streaming everyone was joking about his voice and you just say out loud “choke me with that voice .” As a joke and corpse just didn’t say anything for a solid 5 minutes . Honestly it was a simple joke u didn’t even think about. When everyone kept calling to him and he didn’t answer you busted out laughing.

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Of course i don’t mind! I really enjoyed writing this, as Crash is a great marsupial 😊👏. I hope you enjoy this one!

Art is by your’s truly 🥺💕

Lovey Dovey! Crash Bandicoot x S/O Headcanons 😍❤️


Just like Lani-Loli, this man a ❤️s i m p❤️ but he is wholesome!

Although he doesn’t speak, he often likes to hug his s/o and nuzzle up against them like he did to cortex (he does it to everybody but ESPECIALLY to his s/o)

he is really, really cheesy, to the point that it leads to coco making fake gag noises (don’t do that coco you’ll hurt his feelings 🥺)

is definitely the type of guy to try and give his s/o flowers, but he ends up giving them asparagus instead by accident. give him time okay 🥺✨✨

would sleep on his partner’s chest (even if they are submissive). he finds it really comforting!

Prefers physical affection over verbal affection, but he does do a bit of sign language! (like “i love you”)

would make himself seem big and strong but once confronted with a bigger (and normally scarier) threat, he chickens out. you can’t blame him tho

^ this only happens sometimes, as he does actually face off against them to protect his s/o 💕

Aku-Aku is really supportive of you two, so don’t be worried that he’s gonna be the “big ol angry dad😡) since he is very happy Crash found someone to love 🥺

in summary, crash is bbie 🥺✨💕

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Whether it was the season for tricks or not, Kokichi normally was the type to always be up to something one way or another. Of course, no day was nearly as bad as April Fools but you had to admit that he still could be quite the tiny menace if he felt so inclined. October was just a better time for him to excuse his tricks and rather than his antics being limited to one measly day they were excused for nearly an entire month.

As soon as it turned from September to October he already had plenty of tricks already planned for him to initiate. Most of the month these tricks were mostly small scale. Just fun mostly harmless pranks like switching Kaito’s shampoo with maple syrup, or wrapping Himiko’s legs together with saran wrap when she took a nap in the opening. Again, nothing big but enough to be annoying.

Thankfully, Kokichi rarely targeted you with these tricks. Rather, he enlisted you as his right hand man to carry out his terrible schemes. Schemes like replacing Kiyo’s main mask with a pink cat face one while he was wearing his eating one, sticking fake butterflies all over the place in Gonta’s room to make him fear for a moment that his bug friends had escaped, and so on. No matter what the two of you did you were a team and Kokichi took a gamble with trusting you enough not to let him down.

This year, however, Kokichi didn’t just want to stick to his small little pranks. He wanted to do something grand and for that he’d need your input on his plans, something he’s never gotten you to help with before. He had tried to act pretty casual about it, laughing it off like it was no big deal as he asked for help despite the uneasy feeling he felt in his stomach. It wasn’t that he was scared of you or to trust you but he was still learning and that’s why sometimes he still would internally fall into his old habits, expecting you to let him down or to refuse to help him. Oh how wrong he was though for you weren’t only his partner in crime but also his darling S/o! As if there was a way you’d ever turn him down!

“So what’s the plan, chief?” You ask, jokingly, peering down at him as he pulls out a large rolled up piece of paper.

“I’m glad you asked! What I have planned isssss thisss!” He announces, unrolling the paper with flourish as he holds it up proudly displaying its contents to you. Adorning the oversized paper were charts and drawings with detailed plans, some parts looking like the sort of thing a child would’ve written if you thought enough about it. That is, so long as you’re talking about an extremely devilish child.

“I see, so you want to-”

“Make Kaito think his place is haunted when everyone’s there for our Halloween party! I’m sure you remember that it’s happening at his place this year righhhht?” Bouncing on the balls of his feet Kokichi flashes you a sinister smirk!

“I did remember that actually.” You reply, smiling as you quickly scanned the multiple plans laid out on the page. “So what did you need my input for? You want me to pick one of these plans then?”

“Correctamundo!” Kokichi exclaims, showing that mischievous grin of his still as he waits on you to help him out. He wouldn’t admit it but he wanted your help because he also wanted to know what would be the most fun for you! After all, it wouldn’t be fun if it’s something that wouldn’t make you laugh with him! However, there was no way he could’ve prepared himself for the plan you picked.

“The sheet ghosts thing?” He was shocked, completely and utterly though it didn’t show by any means other than the questioning tone in his voice.

“Yeah, it’s a classic, y’know?” You joke, knowing that plan was definitely one of the weaker ones and yet there was no way you could say no to doing something so stupid and petty after all the other pranks you had done this month. You were sure not only would it still be fun but it’d be the least lethal as the others honestly might have caused poor Kaito’s heart to stop.

Of how wrong you were. You couldn’t have seen it coming but as soon as you two got into the party and snuck upstairs to put on your most clever disguises, it turns out that you picked the wrong time to be standing close to the stairs because as soon as Kaito bounded up them to grab something for all the party goers downstairs he instead ended up stopping in his tracks. Jaw wide open and face pale he just stood there for a few unsure of what to do or say until Kokichi got the bright idea to just put a finger up to his “ghost” lips making a shhhh sound. You still dind’t know if he did on purpose or not at this point but as soon as he had even moved Kaito had immediately begun to shriek falling backwards tumbling dramatically down the stairs.

As soon as he landed at the foot of the stairs no one said a word. There was a sudden awkward silence in the air as everyone stared at where Kaito fell, praying that he was ok. It wasn’t until they everyone heard a few mumbled curse words that they finally made a sound, a few sharing a big sigh of relief and a few laughs now that he got to his feet, miraculously seeming just fine.

“Damn it, Kokichi what the hell did you do that for!? And why’d you drag S/o in it too!? Are you trying to kill me!?” Kaito yells up the stairs as everyone’s attention is drawn to the lone sheet ghost standing at the top of the stairs.

“Kokichi! Why aren’t you answering me!?” Kaito yells again as you both look to the other confused.

“Huuuh? Were you talking to us?” Kokichi asks, both of you popping your heads out into the entryway at the top of the stairs to look down the stairs.

“Wait, who was that other….ghost I saw then?” Kaito asks, a fearful expression on his face.

“Huh? What are you talking about? Did you hit your head, Kaito?” You both ask, worried he may have actually hurt something.

“You know what! Never mind! I don’t want to even think about it!” Kaito yells, running off rather quickly.

“Hmm, I wonder what that was about?” Kokichi asks, shrugging at you as you both finally throw off your now useless sheet disguises.

“Beats me.”

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these are literally stories that i need to finish since they’re just sitting in my drafts, either just started or halfway done.  and this is also a way for me to tell you guys what to expect, in the meantime!!  

if there is a symbol by it like this ★ it means that it’s published!

it’ll be below the continue reading so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your dash!!

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This was a request! Hope you like it!

Warnings: Language, implications of adult activities


Originally posted by harry-styles

March 1st 2020

Today was the happiest day of your life. You married your best friend in the world, with your closest friends and family present. You thought the day Harry asked you to marry him was going to be your all time high, but you now realise that nothing would ever compare to saying I do. You got married in Harry’s hometown. A sort of destination wedding for you and your family and a local one for him and his. 

“Hey Mrs. Styles.” you feel his arms wrap around you. You are standing in the bathroom of your honeymoon suite. Wrapped in just a towel steam fogging up the mirror from the shower the two of you had just taken.

“Oh god Harry, I don’t know if I can go by that. That is what I called your mom when we first started dating. It just seems weird.” you laugh and lock eyes with him through the reflection.

“Well that’s too bad. When you agreed to marry me you agreed to become Mrs. Harry Styles, so that’s what I am calling you from now on.” He teases you kissing your neck at the same time. 

“Babe.” You whine

“Yes Mrs. Styles?” you shoot him a look “Maybe this will help. Mrs. Styles,” a kiss on your neck “Mrs Styles,” another this one a little higher, “Mrs Styles.” This time you grab him and put his lips on yours.

“Yeah definitely helping.” you sigh into him.

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(Part 1, Part 3)


Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Peter walked down the steps of the tower, “Morning kid,” He gave a small smile to Nat before grabbing the cereal. “How’s it going at Stark Industries?”

He shrugged, “It’s alright. Actually, I’ve been thinking about going to school again.”

“That’s good tiny spider.”

“What’s good?”

They turned around as Bucky, Steve, Clint, Tony, and Bruce walked in and Tony spoke. Soon Natasha put her hand on Peters shoulder, “Peter said he’s thinking about going back to school.”

“Finally, thought you never would.” Tony clapped his hand onto Peter’s shoulder, “Not that I don’t love how you’ve been doing at Stark Industries, I just would like you to get a degree too.”

“Motherfucking-a.” Everyone looked to Bucky, “Another fucking attack.”

Steve grabbed the paper from him, “New Jersey state governor and family killed in car accident. You sure this isn’t just an accident?”

He shook his head, “I did I first, but this is the 10th ‘accident’ that has happened. And Steve, you know what’s all in New Jersey.”

“Thought that base was destroyed.”

“Each state has at least 5. 3 of which are only known by HYDRA and Red Room.”

“I was only aloud in the New York and Alaska ones, don’t know shit about any other states, besides, Red Room was shut down, S.H.I.E.L.D. shut it down 5 years ago.”

“That’s what they think, you know neither can really disappear, as long as one survives the other will come back.

Natasha shook her head, "If that’s true, then you know exactly what that means and I don’t want any false hope.”

Bucky shrugged his shoulders, “It’s HYDRA, you never know.”

Clint snapped his fingers, “What is happening?”

Natasha and Bucky ignored him, and Steve spoke, “Even if you two are right, what can we do?”

“Stop them? I don’t know. All I know is that we don’t need another Winter Soldier or Black Widow or something that’s a mixture of both.”

“You’re crazy Natasha, I mean-”

“If they are, then they’ll attack New York next.”

“Exactly Bucky, exactly.”

“Someone please explain what is going on?!”

The three looked over at the other four, “It’s hard to explain and it’s really not that important at this time.”

At this time? What about later?”

“Tony, now is not the time.”

“When is the time Steve? I mean, come on, for the past, what? 6-7 months the three of you have been talking to each other, not informing us on what, so what the hell is going on here?”

“Like he said, it’s nothing. Listen, I have to go deal with some shit, if you guys want to continue your little argument, go ahead.” Natasha walked out of the room, no one speaking until the clicking of her heels faded completely.



“два, здание, пыли, один, паук, вдова, бомбить, тысяча, тоска, смерть.” They closed the purple book and walked over to the girl with long Y/H/C hair. “Mission report.”

“Jeremiah Roge and his family were successfully killed. People will believe that it was just a simple crash.”

“Good. We have a new one for you. New York’s governor has stood for to long. He should be distraught after you have murdered his brother and his family.” They handed the manila folder to her, “What you need to get from him shall be in there.” The girl stood up and nodded, “Then go White Wolf.”


“Fury believes that they aren’t just accidents, so, just in case they go after our governor, he wants Rhodey and Sam to watch him.”

“Us? Wait, no, me?!”

“I don’t know Sam, it’s what Fury told me so you’re going to listen.”

“Alright, fine, whatever.”

She watched as Sam left the room with Rhodey and turned to Steve. “What’s got his wand in a knot?”

“He’s been complaining all day.”

“Aunt Nat! Guess what?!”

Natasha smiled as she heard Peter’s, she had always liked that kid, even when her dear Y/N fell in love with him and he ignored his feelings for her. “What kid?”

“I found Y/N’s old jacket.”

“Where was it?”

“In a box in my closet at Aunt May’s. May was cleaning out and asked me to help and I found it.”

Before Natasha could say anything, Bucky came running in. “The governor and his family are in trouble. Rhodey and Sam need us. Suit up.” The three ran to suit up and ran to get to Rhodey and Sam.


“Rhodey has the governor and his family, but these people won’t stop attacking.”

Steve threw his shield, “We’re on it Sam, you go to Rhodey and watch, we’ll stay here.”

“Got it Cap!”

Sam flew off to where Rhodey was with the governor and his family.


“Is that it?” Nat asked, right hand on her left side, breathing heavily.

“I think so,” The team looked around, no one was coming out. But then again, the smoke was thick.

“Guys? I think I see something.” The team looked over to where Peter was looking at. And sure enough, they did see someone walking towards them. They saw their arm raise and soon Peter leaned back, a bullet barely missing his head. “There’s another one!”

Clint shot an arrow at them, but they deflected it. “Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Captain America. Should feel honored.”

“Who are you?”

They didn’t reply, they just ran towards them. Shooting, everyone barely missing getting hit. No one knew where they were going until they had Bucky pinned in a choke hold. Everyone tried to move, but no one could. “желание, ржавый, семнадцать-”


They pushed further into Bucky’s throat and continued, “рассвет, печь, девять, доброкачественный-” But this time, they were stopped by Sam, he pushed them off of Bucky. Their glasses falling off. They glared at Sam and threw a knife at him. Missing him.


“Made you look.”  They shot him with poison laced bullets. He fell and Bucky finally got up and ran over to him.

They heard the air of Captain America’s shield being thrown their way. They turned and grabbed it, throwing it to the side. “M-maybe we could come to an agreement.” They turned their head to the voice. A man in a red and black suit stood where the voice came from. Spiderman. “We could help you.” Instead of speaking, they ran to him. “Or not, you guys go on ad help S-Falcon, I have this!” He began to run as fast as he could, but he got tackled. However, he got himself up.

He ran back again, the other gave him a confused look, that was until they got shot by webs and was pulled toward him and then kicked away. He ran towards them and flipped them and pushed them to the ground. Their mask falling off. They pushed themselves off of the ground and Spiderman pulled his mask off, his face a sickly pale. “Y/N?”

They moved their head to the side, “Who the hell is Y/N?” They lifted their gun, but didn’t shoot. Their arm slowly falling. Why? This was unusual. They shook their head and lifted their arm up again and almost shoot, but Bucky pushed them down. When they got back up and lifted to shoot again, but Natasha threw a grenade at them. They ran as the smoke covered them.

The two ran over to Peter who didn’t move. Mask in hand. “Peter? What’s wrong?”

He looked at Natasha, tears in his eyes, he whispered, “She’s alive.”

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Lowkey based off of Stupid for You by Waterparks



Originally posted by k-wame

Peter watched as the ball was thrown to her, as she hit the ball and ran to first base. He watched as she made it to second base. If was going to be honest, he didn’t really understand much about the game, but he always went to watch. He didn’t even realize she had made it to home base until people started clapping and screaming yes. He stood stood up and began to clap as well.

Although he didn’t really want to admit it, he always got flustered around her and always wondered what she wanted. Like, was there things she wanted him to say. He wanted to tell her how he felt about her but he was scared she wouldn’t feel the same. “Hey Peter!” He jumped and turned around. Her wide smile faded into a soft one, “Everything alright? You seem out of it, and I never scare you.”

He just smiled and waved it off, “I’m fine, you did good, you got a um…I uh…a-”

She laughed, “A grand slam?”

He snapped his fingers, “Yes, that is it.”

She rolled her eyes, “C'mon you dork.”


Peter watched as she was talking to Natasha she slipped her silver-lilac hair over her shoulder. She clicked her tan heels on the floor and played with the hem of her yellow dress, her favorite color. He was in a pair of black dress pants and shoes, with a blue button up top and sleek black belt. He looked over to her eyes and noticed she was wearing a pair of striking bright green contacts.

“Peter?” He looked back at Gwen, a girl was on the school newspaper with him and Y/N. “Everything alright?”

He smiled softly, “Yeah, everything’s perfect.”

“Awesome. So, when Tony Stark retires or dies, whichever comes first, who gets Stark Industries?” She moved her hand onto his bicep, setting it there.

“Oh, actually, I’m pretty sure that is up to Pepper.” He looked back over to Y/N and could’ve swore he saw her glaring at the two of them. But she turned back to Natasha before he really got a good look. He looked back to the blonde, “But even if it isn’t, I’m still pretty sure Tony would give the company to her.”

She moved her arm back to her side, “Oh, hey, I just remembered I promised MJ that I would go get her a drink 30 minutes ago.” Peter rolled his eyes when she walked away. The amount of girls who flirted with him because they think that he’s going to own Stark Industries. He began to walk over to Y/N, but stopped when he saw Flash had her a drink and wrap his arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.

Peter was confused. They were dating? Why didn’t he know? Why didn’t she tell him? She used to tell him everything.


The two 18 year olds walked back to the hotel they were staying at. The Y/E/C girl, however, stopped and reached for the chocolate brown eyed male arm. “Hang on Peter, my feet are killing me in these shoes.” He moved back and she moved her arm up to his shoulder and slipped off her heels. “God, why do I wear those?”

Peter shrugged his shoulders, “You’re the one who chooses to wear them.”

She sighed and ran a hand through her hair, “I guess you’re right.” She waved to the greeter that as in front of the hotels door. “Ugh, I hate how whenever we go anywhere together people think we’re a couple or some shit.” She walked into the elevator and pressed the floor number, “They bring back old news that really isn’t good.”

He faked a laugh, “Yeah, it is pretty stupid.”

“Wanna stay in my hotel room? It’s closer?”

He smiled, “Yeah, thanks.” She nodded and walked out of the elevator and to her room.

She immediately walked into the bathroom and he soon heard the sound of the water running. He laid back on the bed and, after about 30 minutes, he began to tap a beat on his bed. “Hey, tell me what you want me to say, you know I’m stupid for you.”

“That’s really pretty Peter, what’s it from?”

He practically jumped off of the bed, “Oh! Um….I don’t know, it kind of just came up with it. I don’t know.”

She smiled, “Well, it’s pretty.” She grabbed the hairbrush and began to brush it while humming the tune. She eventually turned back to Peter, “Y'know, it’s Christmas so it would be more proper to sing Christmas songs.” She smiled softly, “It’s here, that magic time of year, gotta carol in my ear. And the glow, it’s reflecting on the snow, I feel warmer in the cold.”

“If the summer is a 5 or a 6, then the white winter weather makes the top of my list.”

She laughed softly, “Christmas is the time to fall in love. Everybody’s looking for someone. Sugar plums sweet hot mistletoe scene. All the girls are shopping and they’re looking for me ‘cause Christmas is the time to fall in love.” They easily harmonized, but instead of continuing to sing they stared into each others eyes. Then Peter leaned in and kissed her softly. She soon kissed back.

But then, as soon as the kiss started, it ended. When she opened her eyes, she slowly raised her left hand up to her mouth. She turned and walked away from him, “I-Peter…just get out.”


She turned back, tears slowly falling down her face, “Please Peter.”

He nodded and walked out of the room and to his. When he walked into his room and collapsed onto the bed. “It’s not like she’s married, but I still got carried away.”


Peter watched as she slapped Flash after something he said. He watched as she walked away from him with tears in her eyes. But then, for a moment, their eyes met, and she changed the direction and walked straight for him. Soon she wrapped her arms around him. “Stay?”

“Double dare me?”

“I will double dare you if you promise to stay, even with how awful I am.”

“I’ll take what I can get, mostly since everybody wants you.”

She smile and he held her closer.

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Warnings: mommy kink, edging, handjobs and degradation

Pairings: sub!jokerxfemdom!reader

genre: smut

(I will be using jokers name in the manga Akira because thats the name i’m used too)

Walking down the round hand and hand with your boyfriend Akira coming back from your school. You and Akira were going to different collages well you were going to collages and Akira decided not to. You had a exam the following monday you weren’t planning on having Akira over not because you didn’t enjoy his company, but to put it short your boyfriends a tease when ever you try to study.

Coming home to you tiny apartment you turned to look at your boyfriend and say “I swear to god Akira I need to study this is important” he looked at you with surprised eyes and nodded his head. Going up to your room you place your bag down and began studying. A couple minutes later Akira decided to join you in your room sitting down on your bed and staring at you.

Not even a second later you hear Akira getting up and going towards you, you feel chapped, dry lips against your neck you glance back and open your mouth “Akira” you say in a stern tone. He didn’t stop sucking on your neck softly, you sigh and try to study again.

After a couple minutes of trying to study with Akira sucking on your neck you glance at him once more standing up, Akira stand up looking at you were slightly panic eyes as if he disobeyed which he did. You pin Akira to the bed he looks up at you trying to seem as innocent as possible “hi” he breathly says.

You look down at him with and connected his lips with yours roughly kissing him with his hand aboves his head his whimper being caught in your lips. You stop kissing him “fuck” he says breathly, you take off his shirts slowly kissing down his stomach all the down to the waistband of his boxers.

Taking off his pants he stays laying on the bed in nothing but his boxers he looks to the side as you softly palm him as his face becomes a brighter red than before. He breathe quickens as you pick up the pace “f-fuck im gonna cum” with those words you stop all your movements.

A look of confusion spreads across his face “why did you stop” he says in complete confusion “you didn’t actually think I’d let you have it that easy’ his eyes widened in realization he whimpers softly. You slowly take off his boxers his boner standing tall throbbing. you grab the the base and softly pump him.

He whines as you slowly pumped him you can tell he wants you to go faster, you proceed ignoring his silent plead. He looks down at you with lustful eyes “aww does my little whore want me to go faster” you tease he throws his head back as you circle you thumb around the slit.

When he looked like he was about to cum you would stop all your movements as much as he tried to beg whine and moan his way out of his punishment you ignored all of it, he moaned every time you referred to him as your needy little whore.

You had lost track of time having to much time edging your little whore you hear him whine seeing the tears in his eyes as you lets go again “please mommy fuck please” he says shakely. You decided to finally give him what he wanted putting your hand on his dick again pumping quickly and sloppy his eyes rolling back in his head giving you the sign he was about to cum. “cum” you demand right as you say that lines of cum come out painting his chest, his breathing is heavy you swipe his cum off his chest with two fingers and bring it up to his lips “looks like my little whore made a mess why don’t you clean it up for mommy”    

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