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Eddie Munson is so fucking hot.
Tumblr media
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calling your boyfriends ‘bro’
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Eddie Munson x reader (sorry couldn’t think of a better title)
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson is your short term weed provider and long term best friend. You’ve known him since you were in elementary school. You befriended him in 3rd grade. Plus, most importantly, you loved to listen to him ramble on and on about whatever: D&D, music, guitars, bands, movies, and much much more.
Recently though, life has been stressful for you. Your mom has been bringing men home again, and you can’t help but want to escape. It takes everything you have to wait for graduation and your diplomas before getting out of this shit town as soon as you can. Of course, you never shared your feelings on this with Eddie; after all, how do you tell your best friend you want to run away with him and never look back because your life in your small town is killing you and you're in love with him. 
No, Eddie didn’t know any of that, but he could tell you were stressed, you asking for weed only drove that point home. Eddie knew your life wasn’t great, and that you sometimes were really annoyed with life, but then again, it’s not either of you have the best home life. Eddie lives with his uncle and you live with your mom. Your house is only slightly nicer than his place.
But, you don’t voice your concerns and worries to Eddie. You hide the late notices claiming your rent still needs to be paid for this month, much less the other bill that would come by the end of the week. You pretended that your mother was trying to find a job when really she was just trying to find another guy to go home with. You thought, I can handle this; I’m almost done. You thought you and Eddie would finally confess your feelings to each other and would ride off into the sunset in his van. Actually, no you didn’t, but that is beside the point. 
You wanted to leave so badly. You wanted to grab the backpack sitting in your closet, containing food, water, cash, clothes, a pocket knife, and whatever other item your 13 year old self had put in it at the time. You wanted to take it and just run away. You wanted to remove yourself from all of the problems. 
You wanted to go, but you would never leave without Eddie. Sweet, kind, beautiful, funny, comical, loving, adorable Eddie. God, why did nerdy you have to fall for him all those years ago? 
If you didn’t you may have made it out. You would never have to worry about cursed Hawkins and murder and a whole other dimension. 
But, tick tock, your time was running out when it came to being left in blissful peace and ignorance. 
Instead you closed your window that night and put your bag back where you stuffed it all that time ago. You sat on your bed and cried. You couldn’t take the drugs. You flushed the cannabis down the toilet.
School the next morning was hell, except for lunch. You loved to watch and listen to Eddie ramble on and on. You smiled and laughed at your dorky friend as he leapt up to the table, continuing with his monologue. 
After school was better though, you got to be with him, by his side, arms pressed together, always some sort of contact. Fucking hell, you loved him, you wanted to hold his hand, you wanted to wear his rings, you wanted to be consumed by his jacket, and, god, did you just want to tell him that you loved him.
But time was ticking away and the sands of the hourglass were slipping through the curved sides, falling to the end of the countdown. You couldn’t say it. You couldn’t grab his hand, so you just went home.
You did your homework quickly and then started to clean your house. In all honesty, you skipped dinner and just went upstairs to your bedroom. You sat down at your desk and stared at the photos of you and Eddie. 
There was one of you and him playing D&D when you were in middle school. Another of the two of you at the talent show when his band had played. The third one of you and him were from a picture taken at school your freshman year. His arm was wrapped around you, his mouth showed a giant smile, and his eyes were crinkling from laughter. You leaned into him, your head on his shoulder.
You had three other photos on your desk. You had a family photo of you and your mother and father. The next one was of just your father and you. Small, young, and naive little you was situated on his shoulders looking at the fireworks in the sky. The last photo was just of Eddie, he sat in his normal spot as dungeon master, you didn’t even realize that the polaroid would come out perfect. He was smiling at you from his chair. His eyes only on you as you kept all of his attention and verbal affections that game. You didn’t look at the photo till the end of the session. When Eddie saw it he joked about how good he looked and how incredible your photography skills were. You offered it to him, but he said you could keep it, pressing the photo back into your hand. 
That was the closest and most intimate you two had been really. His face was only inches from yours and you both had so badly wanted to act on your mutual feelings, but neither of you did.
So instead, you pocketed the photo, smiled, thanked him for the incredible game, and left for home.
The home you are sitting in right now. The home in which you are staring at the grandfather clock protruding from your wall, the pendulum swinging back and forth, ticking down the time you have left.
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🌔Little Muffin🌖 p.5
P.1 P.2 P.3 P.4
Moon boys x f!reader
(Jake Lockley x reader, Steven Grant x reader, Marc Spector x reader)
Jake feeling late to the party decides to play a little catch-up, but the rest aren’t too keen on being left out either
Word count:1851 words
Warnings:smut, pure fucking filth, rough sex, oral (f receiving), cockwarming
Mornings spent wrapped in strong arms truly were made that much more blissful when you had nowhere to be. (Y/n) relished in this peaceful serenity, the sun to her back and her head tucked into a shoulder. She leaned back to look at him. She never knew who he would be when he woke up but she was excited to what we adventure arose from him. She settled back, cuddling back into his side as he woke up.
“Would ya lookie here…” Jake. Of course. He’d been feeling left out recently and how he saw it he had a world of lost time to make up for. (Y/n) giggled, leaning back to look at him again “good morning Jake” he dawned that side smirk that Marc not Steven could ever seem to perfect. He smiled at her, still hazy from sleep, he lifted his hand to stroke down her face until his hand was gently fanned across her throat, and he just a gently pulled her by her throat into a kiss, to which she gladly complied. It was unlike any kiss she’d shared with Marc or Steven because it had one thing their kisses tended to lack, hunger. The hand around her throat moved to grasp at the base of her skull and his other hand swiftly moved to wrap around her waist.
Before (y/n) knew it Jake had flipped them, resting his weight on top of her. He brought his knees between her legs to separate them. He leaned upwards to look at her fully though half lidded eyes as he slid his hands down her torso “ya know” he began “I been feelin’ real left out these past two days…” (y/n) threw her head back slightly laughing. “We’ll I’m sorry Jake. But you’re here now aren’t you?” Jake smiled and grabbed her hips pulling her into him suddenly “oh…oh I certainly am cariño” he dove back into the kiss, his hands buzzing from place to place hungrily pulling back briefly only to hastily pull her shirt over her head. The kisses trailed down her neck, to her sternum, to her stomach and then finally to the rising heat between her legs. He pulled off her sleep shorts and her underwear, quickly diving back between her thighs. He wasted no time, he attacked her clit with ferocity quickly rendering her a squirming, writhing mess. She wriggled her hips and moaned, melting from the intimate ambush. “Holy fucking…Jake” she sang out, gripping his hair to keep him in place. He placed one of her thighs over his shoulder and gripped it, and her waist, in a vice, sure to bruise her. The pleasure bloomed from her abdomen and radiated in thick heat that coated her entire body, her thighs shook and he eyes rolled back in her head as a tight cooled twisted within her. She jolted and and moaned and yelped at times. When suddenly the coil snapped, her back arched tightly, he legs attempting to close around Jakes head as she shook with pleasure. Jake had the decency to slow down gradually, allowing her to ride out her euphoric delirium.
He came back up her body quickly, capturing her lips again, she was still whimpering with every breath as he ground his clothed cock into her sensitive cunt. She felt half conscious when Jake put his lips to her ear and whispered “okay..listen close chica bonita, I’m going to fuck you until you pass out, are you okay with that?” He already knew the answer but it was still so fun to ask the question. Her eyelids were still heavy but that didn’t stop her from nodding eagerly and giving him a simple “uh-huh.” A foxlike grin stead over his face “goooood…” he breathed out, retracting from her to strip himself. God he was glorious, toned muscles pulling soft skin taught, sprinklings of chest hair spread on his olive skin, already glistening slightly with a light sheen of sweat. (Y/n) could have cum again just from the sight of him. He leaned over her again to get a condom from the side drawer, extending the contact a little longer than he had to. In a flash, practiced hands ripped the foil and slid the condom down his aching length. Evidently, eating her out got him incredibly excited. He hovered over her, placing a final loving kiss to her cheek and all at once he thrust in harshly. He bared his teeth and grunted as her gaping heat took him with little resistance. He drank in the sight of her, he eyebrows furrowed, eyes screwed shut and mouth agape with a silent scream.
He let his hands find that comfortable place on her waist as he started thrusting brutally. (Y/n)s hands gripped at both the pillow under her and one of Jakes wrists, aching for any sense of stability in his frantic and harsh movements. He pistoned in and out of her, throwing his head back as he released animalistic grunts into the air of the flat. (Y/n) wailed under him, fresh off the high of her last orgasm she could already feel another building. It was at this point she realised that at some point Jake had stopped moving his hips in favour of moving her on him like a human fleshlight which she certainly wasn’t complaining about. He turned his gaze back to her, his eyes were dark and glazed over, his teeth still bared and loose curls sticking to his forehead with sweat. “¿es bueno eso? ¿te gusta eso? podría hacer esto por horas” (y/n) barely registered his words as she wailed beneath him. The familiar coils began twisting again as she gripping his toned arms for dear life. This time when she came, Jake did not offer the courtesy of letting her recover, he kept his pace brutal. Instinctively she tried to turn her body away from him, overwhelmed by the intense pleasure, an action he quickly rebuked. He leaned down keeping her in place by pressing his chest to hers, one arm supporting his waist, another gripping her thigh. “Come on sweet thing, can’t stop now, I have a promise to keep” her nails dug into his back, undoubtably leaving marks. His head moved to suck hickeys into her neck occasionally biting, not hard enough to to break skin but hard enough to to leave bruising teeth marks. She couldn’t help it, she came again, tears pricking at her eyes. Jake wasn’t far behind her, his already brutal pace quickened even more, drawing a weakened cry out of (y/n), he pulled back again “you’re ours now, you got that? Ours! Only ours!” She couldn’t find it in herself to respond verbally so she only nodded frantically. Jakes rhythm was broken by a few deep, harsh thrusts as he came, his face screwed up as his teeth clenched. Letting out a few final groans he all but collapsed. Heaving on top of her, he placed sloppy kisses on her shoulder. After about a minute he pushed himself off her, removing the condom and chucking it god knows where. And collapsing again to her side. Still panting he held out his arms, “come ‘er.” She snuggled into his side and they were both lulled back to sleep.
When she woke up again it must have been midday, a hazy yellow glow to the flat plunged her into a comfortable euphoria. “Man, did he do a number on you” Marc’s voice rang. He had sat up, stoking her hair softly as she slept. She looked up at him, he had a satisfied grin on his face, clearly at total peace. She sat up to “yeah well..it’s Jake what did we expect” he breathed out an amused half laugh. Wordlessly he kissed her, lovingly and wholesomely, a stark contrast to the pure filth she’d just committed with his alter. And just as Jake did he beckoned her with a simple phrase “come here.” She straddled his lap, kissing him again. His fingers drew soft shapes into her back. (Y/n) moved her head and began kissing his neck, which quick turned to licking, with quickly turned to sucking. Still naked the effect on him was apparent as she pulled away with a teasing smile “what’s going on down there?” She asked devilishly. Marc leaned back into the headboard, throwing up his hands in teasing indignance. He shook his head “you can not act all innocent after that” (y/n) threw her head back in a giggle before she returned to kissing him. While leaned down she snatched another condom, pulling away she held it up to him. Marc raised his eyebrow as he looked from the foil packet to her. “Put it on then.” She tore the foil with her teeth and slid the condom down his cock, eliciting a groan from his throat. She gave a quick kiss to his lips before she slid herself down into him. Marc gripped her hips, easing her down. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed his whines. After a few seconds she began bouncing. Marc began to writhe gripping onto her hips as he moaned out praises. (Y/n) leaned back, supporting her weight with one hand planted in Marc’s thigh and the other on his shoulder. “That okay baby?” She checked in breathlessly. Marc nodded “god yes, so-“ he interrupted himself with a moan “so fucking good.” His eyes rolled back in his head as he forced her hips to move quicker. He grabbed her by her shoulder and pulled her into him, thrusting into her from under. (Y/n) but his shoulder to suppress her screams of pleasure, nails digging into his biceps. The build was far quicker than before, maybe because both of their bodies had already been thoroughly fucked out, but (y/n) felt the beginnings of her release and so did Marc. Both of them moved their hips in tandem, desperately chasing their peaks. “Come with me baby, can you do that for me?“ (y/n) didn’t even look up at him but he felt her nod against his shoulder. After for few more hard thrusts they both screamed out their releases as Marc gripped her tightly. Both panting messes they stayed like that, shining in the after glow. After a while Marc’s breaths evened out completely.
“You okay?” Steven. (Y/n) pulled back to look at him, he had a sleepy face of concern before she nodded. “Yeah Steven, yeah I’m okay” he smiled. “Really? ‘Cause you look like you’ve been hit by a train” he said examining the bruises, bites and hickeys Jake had littered across her. “Well, I just had a train run on me so I guess that counts” she joked. He laughed before quickly realising he was still inside her. “Oh I’m uh…” he trailed off. “Oh. I guess you are…” Steven shrugged “I mean…it feels…nice?” (Y/n) looked back at him. “You wanna stay like this?” She asked sweetly. “Yeah, yeah I think that’d be nice” she leaned back down to snuggle into him again, remaining intimately connected. God knows how long they stayed like that for.
(A/n): so sorry this took longer than most of my updates but I started a new job that doesn’t give me the same time on my hands as a I had before, hopefully this saucy fun makes up for it
Taglist: @paymeinkash @guyinachair27 @tsnelf7 @rosaren2498 @christineblood @spicytrashthe1st @izbelross @irethepotato @marc-steven-jake @moonknightivy @alicetweven @gadsgikklesen @nemtodd-barnes1923 @missdragon-1
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Would you write a one-shot where the girl is Spencer's student and somehow he hears a girl talk that she's a virgin (and also that she writes FICS about him), and something happen between them? I'd like her to be inexperienced, but not dumb about sex, nor bratty ❤️❤️ thank you so much for your fics btw, they're amazing
A/N: Quick PSA: A real person might not be a fan of you writing fanfiction about them... But writing this was fun! It never crossed my mind to have one of Spencer's students write a FF about him.
Word count: 14.4K (it's a long one | That's what she said.)
CW: Smut, Fluff | Mentions of Age Gap/Sexual Experience/Fanfiction/academic pressure/financial struggles/Parents not supporting your dreams, Oral (F), Fingering, Masturbation, Virginity/Loss of virginity, Penetrative Sex (unprotected, creampie), Nicknames (Bunny, Daddy, Sweetheart, Good Girl)
Tumblr media
*picture does not describe the looks of the reader* **********
"The cold rain made the clothes cling to our bodies as we ran into the faculty building. I should've never agreed to interview my professor for the college paper. His class schedule was all over the place and I struggled for weeks to find a place in his calendar to do it.
Stupid stubbornness had made me insist on him taking time for me tonight, after classes. I had sat there through all his stomach-turning lectures and then waited for him to pack his stuff.
"Professor Collins, you said I was supposed to wait for you to find a day on which your schedule's free." I looked around the empty class. "Now seems to be the time."
"Miss Rivera, it is past eight and I'd like to go home now. Why don't you do the same and I'll send you a mail with dates that would be convenient for me."
Handsome but unattainable. He was known to be the most attractive professor on campus, clothed in secrecy and a need to keep his private life hidden. No wonder, a man working part-time as a teacher and part-time as an FBI agent needed to keep his secrets, I assume.
But tough luck. He'd been voted to be the most popular professor in our college and therefore, this man was going to, at least, give me something to write about him.
"With all due respect, Professor, I am running after you for weeks now. I need this interview."
A loud thunder interrupted his try to back out of it, making him brush a hand through his hair.
"It's starting to storm soon. I assume you're taking the subway, just like me. I'd like the come home at least semi-dry, don't you?"
He tried to push past me, his hand on the strap of his leather satchel. I stepped in his way, his firm jest bumping against mine. I hadn't realized he was so much taller than me.
Another thunder made me jump. "I- I have a car."
He nodded, taking a nervous step back. We had stood too close. "That- That is good for you. The streets and public transport aren't safe for a young woman alone at night."
"I can drive you," I offered without thinking. "Pardon?"
"You give me my interview and I'll drive you home. We don't even have to have the interview here. I can drive us to a cafe. You once mentioned you never turn down the chance for coffee."
He raised his eyebrow. "You're not going to stop bothering me with this interview, am I right?"
I shot him a smile. "My persistence is one of my greatest assets, Professor."
He sighed, nodding. "Okay."
Clapping my hands, I lead the way to my car. I searched for my keys.
Pockets, handbag, bookbag, jacket.
"Is everything okay?"
I nodded, shooting my professor another smile.
Now, where were my keys?
"Are you sure?" He asked me, making me hear a smile in his voice. "It seems like you can't find your keys."
"No- No- No, I know I put them in here somewhere," I rambled, going through my bookbag again.
That was when one of its straps snapped and sent my books flying.
"Fuck!" I exclaimed, quickly sinking to my knees and picking my books up.
Of course, it wouldn't be my type of luck if I didn't also dump my handbag's contents in the same move. Perfect. Just, perfect.
"Here," Professor Collins handed me one of my books. He had kneeled down next to me, helping me pick up my things.
Okay, maybe I saw his appeal. He was good-looking, his hair long enough to run your fingers through it and play with his curls, and cheekbones that could cut glass. Kneeling down on the dirty floor for me, dirtying his always perfect suit, even when he detested everything that could suggest bacteria.
"Thank you."
As I took my book, our hands touched, and an electric shock ran straight through me. The sky opened and it began to pour. Right, Professor Collins had predicted that it would rain...
A stupid laugh escaped me at the sudden decision the universe had made to make all of this look like a stupid rom-com.
Stuffing all my things into the bags, not carrying what I put into which, I looked at his now wet hair.
"I assume my ride home is canceled?" He joked, and my face became hot.
"Right..." I mumbled. "I'm so sorry."
He waved me off, standing up and lending me a hand. By now, we were both soaked.
"Let's go to my office. Maybe you'll find keys once we're dry and in a well-lit environment."
I nodded. "Please.""
☀︎ POV: Spencer ☀︎
"Penelope, explain it again, please," I asked of her for the now third time.
My bubbly, blonde friend sighed. "A fanfiction, Reid. Or should I say, Professor Collins?"
The clear question mark on my face made Luke laugh. "Some girl from college has the hots for you and writes a fantasy world in which you both are an item."
"No," I shook my head. I did not need to hear that. "Not interested in hearing about that."
This would only make the relationship with my students more difficult than it already was. The young women in my classes, especially the ones auditing my classes, made me nervous. Their looks were inappropriate, to say the least. And now I was supposed to have a head for one of them writing erotica about me and her as well?
Where would this nonsense end?
"But you should. Its publishing level good. Like, I read this in one night and now I am constantly checking my phone to see if she updated her story," Penelope continued gushing. "And honestly, except for a few quirks and that he works for the FBI, Professor Collins does not sound like you at all. He's such a dreamboat. Seriously. A man written by a woman."
"Thanks," I spat, taking the hint at my undateablility. Of course, a real person couldn't compare with a completely made-up man. Written ones never truly struggled with their problems in a way that would ruin the romance.
"Oh, boy. I didn't mean it like that," Garcia said.
Luke stared up from Penelope's rhinestone-covered phone. "Honestly, that story is spicy. Hey, from man to man, do you like BDSM?"
What the hell? What was this lunatic writing about me?
Penelope looked at her phone and smiled. "Oh, that isn't even the best one. Right now there is this just hooking-up thing going on. The real fun starts once he falls for her and finally tries to have a real date with her."
Luke shook his head. "No chance. The alley scene where he tells her he can't touch her because it would be unethical and they still have this absolutely animalistic-"
"You are making me uncomfortable," I exclaimed before I could any more of this.
"Sorry, man, but that stuff is good. And the side plots? How Adriene becomes a journalist and they keep running into each other?"
Tara came in, coffee in her hand. "We talking about 'Paper Hearts & Printer Ink'?"
Ridiculous name. Stupid story. How old did I need to get and how many titles did I need, to finally be taken seriously?
"Please tell me you're not reading that garbage," I practically begged, but Tara started laughing. "That you call it garbage shows that you haven't read it. The author writes made-up cases that sound so real, I was convinced they were until I asked her on Tumblr."
Maybe I could ban auditing my classes, but what if this obsessive fan of mine was a student of mine? This story needed to vanish as promptly as it appeared.
Standing up, I fixed my tie and grabbed my satchel. "I'd be very thankful if you guys stop reading it. Penelope, please take the story down."
Which one of them?
The classes this week had me spinning. Every single one of them could've been the one writing in these indecent ways about me.
I knew all their faces and remembered all their available information. I was able to figure out which one of them wrote this garbage.
"Professor Reid?" My head snapped up from my notes. "Yes?" I looked at [y/n], one of the thankfully normal students of mine. "I just wanted to bring you Mrs. Perkins's invitation to the charity library sale. We were sorting out the books when she realized she forgot to hand you yours."
The girl handed me my invitation and smiled as I studied it. The college's library hat previously got a lot of new editions donated and now sorted out its stock. The books no longer needed would be sold for a bargain and the money would be used to repair some of the old shelves.
I lacked the space for any more books, but how could I resist this feast? I made a mental note to ask Morgan to help me build another bookshelf for my apartment.
"Mrs. Perkins also told me to tell you that she would hold back some first editions for you."
I nodded thankfully. Helena Perkins was a little old lady in her eighties. The librarian and somebody I regularly brought tea and borrowed books from in my free time.
"Great. I can't wait," I smiled at [y/n] [y/l/n], who was one of the volunteers for this event. "Hv e you already got your eyes on something?"
This girl was almost as obsessed with books as I was, I often met her in the library. We never really talked, but we would smile at each other and then go on with our book hunt.
"Totally. I already have a box I'll have to figure out how to take home." I furrowed my brows. "The sale is two days away." She nodded. "That's the perk of helping organize it. I get to call dibs on the books I want."
I chuckled. "So that's why you helped." She shook her head, laughing. "No? I help because Mrs. Perkins ask me to. The books are literally just a sweet bonus and how she bribed me into helping."
"Yeah, she really knows how to bribe. I sponsor the buffet at the sale because of those first editions she's holding back."
"You know, since I started helping, I actually had to get rid of my dining table so I could fit in more books ins my apartment. I mean, I never have any visitors anyway, but still."
I nodded. "I'm having to ask a friend to build me a new shelf. By the about of books I own, I should really consider opening my own library."
Playing with her hoodie strings, [y/n] smiled. "See it as a positive thing. 'Doctor Spencer Reid's Library for the book addicted' has a nice ring to it."
"I might going to steal that name," I joked back, loving how she bit into the pillow of her bottom lip while laughing.
She waved me off, pulling the hood of her hoodie back over her head to while herself from the rain outside. "No need to steal, I gift it to you," she said sweetly. "Okay, I'm gonna leave now before Mrs. Perkins breaks her hip again, climbing around on those ladders."
"Have fun. Don't buy too many books," I called after her, hearing her yell back through the hallway, "You're not my boss!"
Silly girl. I liked her.
""You are my student, Adriene!" He almost yelled, only seconds before, he'd taken me on his desk and now he shut me out again. "You can't seriously believe that this can be more than some random hook-ups."
I shouldn't have let it slip that I love him, but as he had looked into my eyes, it had been all I could think about.
I shook my head while fixing my disheveled clothes. "I- I am not your student. I am studying journalism. I only audit your class to-"
"You're still in my class," he insisted. "We can't meet anymore. This had been going on for too long anyway. You're having exams soon and they're more important than whatever this is anyway."
"But- It's not just a random hook-up for me," I admitted, feeling my heart sink as his face turned to stone.
"I'm sorry you caught feelings. I should've been more open about my intentions."
He didn't mean that. He couldn't. How were his intentions solely to fuck me? What a lie.
He could've done that and left, but he came back every time. He took me out to fancy dinners, watched movies with me, took me to bookstores and museums, and showered me with gifts and the stories of his past.
I thought there was more. There had to be more."
God, that was a lot of drama.
Couldn't the two of them just finally get together and be happy? It wasn't that hard. Even if it was unethical at the moment, they only needed to wait a month. Adriene was soon going to finish college and get a job as a journalist.
I hated that I was able to understand where Zane came from, though.
She was so much younger. She had the chance to become a great journalist and see the world. Adriene deserved better than to have a boyfriend that would probably get shot on a case.
She would understand and be thankful that he tried pushing her away over and over again once she was older. But right now, she clearly loved and accepted Zane.
I would've loved to have someone like Adriene.
She was caring and funny. Addicted to books. Dreaming big, but always counting Zane in.
Fuck. I wasn't falling in love with a fictional character, now was I?
""Do you have any idea how angry I am with you?" He growled, while I only nodded.
"I'm sorry," I whispered while he made me stop by the car and helped me out of my kevlar vest. He ran his hand over the bullet hole in it and withdrew his hand as though he burned his hand on fire.
"You could've died. Did you think even one second about that?" With anger, he tossed the vest into the backseat. "And this fucking vest is way too big for you."
"I'm sorry," I whimpered, flinching at every single one of his words.
"How could you be so reckless? A stunt like this could've cost my team or me our lives, and worse, it could've cost yours. Are you aware of that?"
I nodded but that didn't seem to be enough.
"Adriene, I swear to god, you better answer me," he hissed, and I looked up at him, tears finally running down my face.
"I'm so sorry," I repeated, making him sigh and look me up and down.
"Are you hurt?" I shook my head, my whole body still trembling.
That was when Zane pulled me into a hug. "Thank god.", he whispered. "Don't ever do that to me again. This story isn't worth your life.""
She had daddy issues. Definitely.
The author was a girl with daddy issues that needed an outlet for her fantasies about an older man that could care for her.
She was most likely not in a relationship, if ever even been in a real one before.
I was nothing like Zane.
Just a little like him.
Okay, Zane was a carbon copy of most of my characteristics, even of my bad ones.
The author had a talent for analyzing me.
At least our names and my hair and eye color. Although that seemed to help very little to hide my identity. Penelope had caught up on it in a heartbeat.
"No. I am sick of this cat and mouse game, Zane," I yelled between tears and sobs. "You keep pushing me away, saying I'm too young for you. Yet, you are the one always coming back and never making up your mind. I may be young, but you're the one of us acting like a child!"
"Addy, please just listen to me."
I wiped my tears away, trying not to scream and wake my neighbors. "No, I am done listening. That's all I did until now and it brought me nothing but heartache. It was always 'Come here, Sweetheart.', 'Stay away.', 'Please come back.', 'I love you'. I'm done."
Zane took a step towards me, hand running over his stubbles. "You have the chance to become a great journalist and see the world, Adriene. You deserved better than to have a husband that will probably get shot on a case."
"Then why are you always coming back?"
"Because I am selfish. I can't live without you."
I looked at him, his ocean blue eyes were filled with tears he refused to let out. Where did this confession leave us?
"Can I please come inside, Sweetheart?"
Wait, that was it?
Where was the rest?
The fuck did the author mean by 'To be continued'?
No. No, it was good that there wasn't any more of this. I didn't like how the author portrayed me anyway.
Pulling out my phone, I called Penelope. It rang a fair share of times before she picked up.
"Hello?" She sounded like she had a mile sprint behind her just to get to her phone.
"Garcia, it's Reid. I need you to tell me which of my students wrote the story."
"Why? What are you planning?" She asked suspiciously. "I'll ask her to stop writing this and spare me from any more humiliation."
After a while of silence, Garcia answered simply, "No." "Why not?" "I'm not going to let you be mean to this talented girl!"
Was she for real?
"Penelope, if somebody's mean, then it's her. This is humiliating. She literally wrote about my dick and the many uses I seem to have for it in her fantasy," I told her with a hoarse, aggravated voice.
The call of reality seemed to have finally reached Garcia. I knew I was right and now, so did she. This girl was openly projection this picture she had of me on the internet. Openly displaying me being called 'Daddy', manhandling her like she was nothing more than my little toy.
I wasn't a man like that and I surely didn't need somebody to think I was.
"Okay, fine. Take away one of my hobbies and crush a girl's spirit," Penelope huffed annoyed. "Her name is [y/n] [y/l/n]."
"No, it's not," I replied almost instantly. "She- No. You're wrong."
"Genius boy, I am a lot of things. I am beautiful, sassy, a wonder woman, a natural talent in anything technology, but I am not, – and I can't stress this enough – never, ever wrong about something so simple as uncovering the person behind a username."
I thanked my friend and hung up.
[y/n]. I had already crossed her from my list of suspects. She was sweet, quiet, and a good student. She never starred at me like the other woman in class, she never seemed distracted or daydreamy.
She shared jokes with me and I liked her... This annoyed me. [y/n] was a wolf in sheep's clothing and I had fallen for it.
Why did it have to be one of my good students? One that even was respectful and well-behaved when coming to my office or wrote me a mail when she wouldn't be able to make it to my class.
Somehow it would've been less insulting if it would've been a girl auditing my lectures.
Shaking my head, I looked at [y/n]'s user profile.
Her username was 'SixofPomegranates', an innuendo to Hades and Persephone. The king of the underworld had made his wife eat six pomegranate seeds to ensure she'd have to return to his side for six months of the year.
Her profile picture was a digital drawing of a little jackalope bunny surrounded by flowers. The little bunny reminded me of her, sweet and innocent looking.
She had the same look on her face coming to my office one day, as it had rained, and she was soaked, freezing. After handing her the materials she had missed, I'd made her stay until the rain had stopped, giving her my jacket as she started her way home.
The next day the coat had been returned to my office, a coffee from Starbucks next to it, a little flower-shaped sticky note on it thanking me.
I had kept that stupid sticky note in my wallet. It still was in there. It had this stupid joke on it that always made me laugh.
"*knock knock* Who's there? Thank you! Thank you, who?
Thank you for lending me your coat! Enjoy your coffee! — [y/n] ♡"
If that had been the day she started fantasizing about me?
Even if it was, it didn't give her the right to post erotic stories about me online. Although I hated the feeling those scenes now gave me, knowing that it was her.
Her profile's bio solely held a quote:
"My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath: a source of little visible delight, but necessary."
Wuthering heights. Did she see the book as dramatic or romantic? Did she see Catherine and Heathcliff as star-crossed lovers and soulmates or as co-dependent fools that couldn't get over each other even after death?
Why did she have to write this fanfiction about me?
I kicked my desk like a disgruntled child. Now I could never ask her for an answer. Could never look at her again without thinking about her fantasies.
These lusting, needy fantasies I shouldn't relate to.
I never had any normal fans.
Seriously, was it me? Was I the problem?
"Miss [y/l/n], can you stay behind, please? I'd like to have a word with you."
I had just excused the rest of my students, fifteen minutes earlier than usual. I couldn't seem to focus, my eyes always falling back to [y/n].
She had an astounding poker face. What was she thinking about while writing her little notes?
Was she thinking about me, asking her to stay behind after class?
About me, throwing her onto my table and fucking her on the assignments handed in by her classmates?
As she walked up to me, her side bag thrown over her shoulder, books clutched in her hands, she looked at me with a smirk.
"What is it, Professor Reid? I'm sorry to tell you but you're not getting the Wuthering Heights copy we both hunted for from me. I got that one fair and square." She bit her bottom lip.
The night I found out about her alter-ego 'SixofPomegranates' I had been at the charity sale before. We had both reached for the same book, her beating me in Rock-Paper-Scissors and having me back off from the copy.
The rest of the night I had thought of her fantasies, her being the subject of my desires, pulsing cock in my hand as I masturbates to the idea of playing those fantasies out with her.
The fact that I was mad at her had only fueled my longing for her before the feeling of post-orgasm clarity had brought me back to my senses.
I licked over my lips, checking if we truly were alone. "That's not what this is about. I-" I cleared my throat. "It had come to my attention that you wrote a little piece of... fanfiction about me. Us."
I hadn't thought it to be possible, but her eyes became even bigger. She looked at me like a frightened little bunny. Her big eyes filled with worry, and mortification was written all over her face, while I was able to hide mine quite well.
Looking down on her feet and back up at me, she played coy, "I- I'm sorry?"
"A little story called 'Paper Hearts & Printer Ink'. Sound familiar?"
She swallowed harshly, "I- I- I don't- I didn't..."
As I, just like her, didn't know what to say, I decided to go with the truth. "See, I thought a lot about how I would handle this situation yesterday and I've frankly got to admit that I am in unknown water here. I never thought about the possibility of a student of mine falling for me and certainly didn't think about one writing erotica about me and sharing it online."
Our eyes met and I ignored the little infinite universes that formed between them.
"Listen, I would like to tell you that I feel flattered, but I don't. It is humiliating and makes me extremely uncomfortable. My colleagues at the FBI caught wind of it."
A frown popped up on the little bunny's face. "I- I'm sorry. I didn't- I didn't think-"
I nodded, going for the kill of this crush. She shouldn't think of me in any other way than me being her teacher. "Yes, you didn't. And it's very apparent."
She raised her eyebrows, looking like she was building momentum to talk back at me. "Excuse me?"
"You heard me," I snarled. "Nobody with at least the rarest bit of common sense would do something as stupid as this. Your little amateur work has the power of ruining my reputation on campus. Have you thought about what this weird little fantasy of yours could insinuate?"
"This is a little harsh, don't you think?" She asked, bottom lip shivering. "I changed enough that nobody would draw any connection-"
I interrupted her. "And yet it wasn't enough. Else neither my colleagues nor I would've realized your little obsession with me."
"Obsession?" She mumbled.
"I am asking you politely to remove your work from the internet and keep those fantasies in your diary – where they belong. Should I catch wind of something like this happening again, I'll need to report you to the dean. I cannot have my character ruined solely because of a horny young girl."
She nodded, "Okay. I'm sorry for the inconvenience I caused you, Professor. I didn't mean it."
I turned away so I wouldn't see her little bunny eyes. "Just don't let it happen again."
[y/n] nodded a couple of more times and hurried out of my class. Hopefully, I had been condescending enough to have her leave those feelings behind and be a normal student again.
Maybe then, I could pretend this whole ordeal never happened. Maybe then, I wouldn't feel like running after her and apologizing.
☁︎ POV: [y/n] ☁︎
On an idiot-scale from 1 to 10, I definitely was a 14.
'Yeah, I am just going to write about my hot Criminology professor and all my kinks and post it online.'
'I just change names and hair colors. Nobody's gonna know."
"How will they know? Impossible."
Dumb, dumb idiot. Stupid. No brain.
I'd known that I would never have a chance with my professor and therefore had created a world in which we shared more than just a smile at the library.
What was wrong with me? Professor Reid wasn't even that handsome... I mean, yes he was, but he had been very clear about being uncomfortable because of me and somewhat called me a dummy.
Humiliated and on the verge of either throwing up or crying, I crawled into bed, ready to let the day end before I could embarrass myself any more.
But I still had to do something. I opened my notebook, opened my social media – the one I decided to use to embarrass myself and Professor Reid with – and opened 'Paper Hearts & Printer Ink'.
I'd really liked the story. Yes, I had thought about my professor when writing Zane Collins but after a while, the lines between fiction and reality had blurred so much that the story had developed a life of its own.
It had no longer been Professor Reid and I in my head, it had been Zane and Adriene. Two fictional characters I had made up and related to so much during their adventures, that it was therapeutic to write about them. It had become my comfort activity.
Well, either deleting this or kissing my academic career goodbye.
Such stupid bullshit.
My mouse cursor hovered over the delete button.
Yeah, no chance. I couldn't do it. Deleting it was so final. Such a waste.
Instead, I decided to just archive my story. I would be able to keep the comments I had gotten on it but it wouldn't be able to be viewed anymore. A good middle ground.
I just couldn't upload any more stories. Not even the ones without my crush in it. He would see it and think of me as a crazy stalker, a yandere that was obsessed with him... He probably already thought of me like that.
But okay, I wouldn't let that ruin my semester. Two more weeks until my finals, I would just not take criminology with Professor Reid as professor next semester.
Yes. That sounded sensible. I'd write my finals and then ditch.
I'd hope Professor Reid would forget about it but that guy had an eidetic memory. If asked, he'd probably be able to tell me what he had for breakfast ten years ago and what weather it was.
Well, no sympathy for dumbasses – That was me. I was the dumbass.
☀︎ POV: Spencer ☀︎
She'd taken it down. No more 'Paper Hearts & Printer Ink'. Yet, it didn't really feel like a win for me.
Now I would never find out if Adriene and Zane got back together. Penelope and Tara definitely had given me their peace of mind about it as well.
And [y/n] doesn't smile at me anymore. She stayed away. It was sensible thinking of what happened between us, but still. I missed the smiles and short conversations.
I wondered if the little bunny would return to my classes next semester. She had amazing grades. It would've been a shame, although I probably scared her far enough away to never see her again.
Maybe I should've just stayed quiet about the story.
The last couple of free days I spent in Vegas, visiting my aunt, and now sat there in the hotel's restaurant eating dinner. I had read a book, so I hadn't noticed it right from the beginning, but as I put it down when the waitress appeared to bring me my soda, I saw her.
[y/n] was sitting there, playing with her phone.
What was she doing here?
She was dressed in this tightfitting black dress, hair and makeup all dolled up. She was clearly dressed to impress somebody, yet she set alone. Just like me.
What a suspicious coincidence that she was at the same time in Las Vegas as I was, in the same hotel, eating dinner at the same time, and only a few tables away from me.
I didn't like the feeling in my gut. Not at all. Too often had I been the victim of insane women. I didn't want to – I couldn't – go through something like that again.
Sitting there and watching her for over ten minutes, she still set there on her own. Why get dressed up like that if you're all on your own? And even if clothes didn't matter, why didn't she already order?
No. That was it. I would confront her. I grabbed my phone and send her a mail.
"Miss [y/l/n],
I don't know what is going on inside your head, but following me to Vegas is surely not going to help you to get anything other from me than a restraining order.
– S.R."
I watched her looking at her phone, frowning. Then she looked around and her big eyes met mine, looking like a frightened bunny. She shook her head and typed something on her phone. Then mine rang.
"Professor Reid,
I can assure you that this is merely a coincidence. I wasn't aware that you'd be here.
– [y/n]
Shaking my head, I replied.
Are you sure? Because this seems like a rather huge coincident, don't you think?
Almost seems a little too much like from a romance novel.
– S.R"
An angry sigh left her lips.
"Professor Reid,
I'm lacking the time, interest, money, and skills to stalk you.
Trust me, I won't pull an Annie Wilkes on you.
– [y/n]"
A reference to Stephen King's Misery. Macabre little thing. I missed her jokes.
So you're trying to tell me you're not my number one fan?
­– Zane"
I watched her roll her eyes and lick her lips.
"Very funny. I'll laugh next week.
Now please leave me alone. I am waiting for my date.
– [y/n]"
My fingers were faster than my common sense.
"Your next victim?"
An angry gaze now burned itself through my clothes. I seemed to have been crossing a line with my teasing. Only fair since I had pushed her away as far as I had and now seriously started to pull jokes.
"Dear ostentatious prick,
'He felt as he always did when he finished a book — queerly empty, let down, aware that for each little success he had paid a toll of absurdity.'
I liked you, I was crushing for you harder than I thought possible, and childishly wrote a story I didn't figure would hurt anybody because I know I'd never stand a chance with you.
I apologized for it and took it down, I am not going to visit another one of your classes ever again. I even planned that we'd never have to see each other again.
Tonight, that we met, is a coincidence since – surprise! – those happen to exist.
I now regret all the months I spent fantasizing about you and falling for you since I clearly was wrong about everything I thought about you. I feel silly, dumb, humiliated, and I'm clearly braindead.
Apparently, the only thing nice about you is your looks.
So now please leave me alone, as I told you before, I am waiting on my date. And no, it is not a man I needed to stalk, kidnap, drug, or anything else. It's somebody who I met online, who's interested in me, and asked me to come here to meet.
– [y/n] [y/l/n]"
Message gotten. Loud and clear. Great, now I felt like an asshole.
"Apologies, [y/n],
I did not intend to hurt your feelings. I'm well aware that you don't need to commit crimes to get men to be interested in you.
Have a nice evening.
– S.R."
☁︎ POV: [y/n] ☁︎
Ten more minutes later, I still set there alone. Kyle hat clearly stood me up. I came all the way to freaking Las Vegas and he didn't even have the balls to write me a text.
If he would've I could've just... I don't know. I wasn't a big fan of Vegas. I had only come here because Kyle told me to.
I probably looked like a hooker waiting for a customer to approach and ask for my prize, dressed up like I was. I had been so sure he'd been interested in me.
This had been a waste of money, make-up, time, and shaving.
As my phone rang, I quickly looked at it, only sighing as I noticed that it was only my professor. He was probably thinking I made up my date so I had an excuse to stalk him.
"He stood you up, didn't he?"
I put my phone aside. I couldn't reply because I'd probably start crying. That's what I got for having expectations. Concentrating on my hands on the white tablecloths, I noticed a tear dropping onto one of them.
"Now don't cry because of that guy, little bunny." I looked up at my professor standing there with his drink. Little bunny? "It's his loss that he didn't show up."
He sat down across from me, telling a waitress to bring a lighter for the candle in the middle of the table.
"What are you doing?" I asked him. "I'm not in the mood to force you to write a novel right now."
He looked at me, sighing jokingly, "Don' be silly, you're the author of us both, [y/n]."
As the waitress returned, she lit the candle between us and Professor Reid ordered a bottle of wine.
"Seriously now, what are you doing?" I asked him again. "You were pretty clear about your opinion of me and I don't need a pity dinner with you."
"It's not a pity dinner. I just thought we'd both look less pathetic when not having to sit and eat alone."
"Aren't people in Vegas usually meeting up with escorts when they want company?" I asked sarcastic, starting at my phone and still hoping for a text.
Accepting the bottle of wine he ordered, the professor started to fill our glasses, chuckling, "Well, I am from Vegas and although lonely, I've never chosen that type of company."
I looked at the menu the waitress had brought and at the wine bottle. One glass of wine already cost enough, I couldn't even imagine how expensive an entire bottle was.
Shit, I definitely seemed like a hooker.
"The bottle looks expensive," I mumbled, staring at the shiny letters on the label.
Professor Reid nodded, chuckling, "I hope it does, it's a two-hundred-dollar bottle." My eyes went wide. "Two- Two. Hundred. Dollars?" He waved me off, "Don't worry, I'll pay for it."
Running a hand over my head, I sighed. "People will think I'm a hooker or your sugar baby."
A pretty smile spread on his lips, paired with his cheeks starting to become pink, "I- I didn't intend it to appear like that. I- I've been stood up more times than I can count and just thought-"
I laughed at the way he started to fidget with his fingers, trying to explain himself. "So we're lying now?"
"I- How am I lying?" "You have three PhDs, Professor," I reminded him. "I'm pretty sure you can count the times you've been stood up."
He nodded, smirking, "Yeah, true. I also don't date a lot so the number is so small, they would revoke my PhD in mathematics should I not be able to remember it."
Lifting his glass, my professor held it up.
"To your idiot of a date. If he would've shown up, I'd have to eat on my own."
He made it sound like a light-hearted joke, and I honestly believed there wasn't even an ill intent behind it. Still, it upset.
"I thought he liked me," I mumbled, lifting my glass as well and clinking our glasses together. While taking a big sip, I hid my disappointment and hurt face behind the glass.
"If he loved with all the powers of his puny being, he couldn't love as much in eighty years as I could in a day," he replied, taking a sip as well.
"Quoting 'Wuthering Heights' to me does not make me feel better," I said, yet smiled because as we both had reached for the book weeks ago, things had still felt normal between us.
"Then what would?" I shrugged. "I don't know. Uhm... You're here to visit family?" "My Aunt and her husband," my professor answered. "What about you?"
"You already know about my date." His hazel eyes widened. "You really just came to Las Vegas for a man you've met online?"
"Wow. I wonder how you feel about that?" I snorted sarcastic, taking another sip of wine. Judgemental bitch.
He chuckled at my pout, "Come one, Bunny. Don't look at me like that." There it was again, this pet name. "What?" "Huh?" "You just called me 'Bunny'. And I'm very sure you called me 'little bunny' earlier," I confronted him.
Professor Reid began to blush, looking around to avoid my gaze.
"I- I- Uhm... Yeah. I did," he admitted stuttering and I nodded. "Okay?" I replied. Now, who seemed a little like Joe Goldberg?
"You remind me of one," he explained after taking a sip of wine. "A little bunny, I mean. Your profile picture was a jackalope bunny, since then I can't help but make that connection all the time."
He had seen my entire profile. No wonder he thought I was nuts. Still, I liked the nickname. I'd never been given one before and he said it with so much adoration I could almost think he liked me a little.
"I guess there are worse nicknames," I whispered, making him chuckle in reply. "Like ostentatious prick?" I nodded and deadpanned, "Among others."
Starting at the candle between us, I reached out for their flame, playing with it without burning myself as long as I stayed focused.
"Can I ask you a question about... what you read?" I asked, avoiding his eyes while my face burned as hot as the candle was bright.
"Of your works?" I nodded. "Well, I read all chapters of our little story. I didn't read your others though. Are you planning on becoming an author?"
"God, no," I snorted, self-deprecating. Looking at my phone, I repeated my parents' words, "Can't feed a family with childish dreams."
"Those are definitely not your words," my professor noted, and I frowned. "How'd you know?"
"Profiler. And your gaze went down to your phone while saying it. I assume your family is your screensaver?" I nodded. "What do they want you to be?"
Thinking of all the pressure on my shoulders making me shorter than I was and my dreams even duller, I started counting, "Doctor, nurse, lawyer, CEO... Do I need to go on?"
He shook his head. "So you're studying to please your parents?" "And make sure I'm in deep debt before ever even fully starting to live."
"Would you want to be an author if there wasn't all that pressure on you?"
That was the first time somebody asked me that
I shifted him a stupid grin. "Can you imagine holding a book in your hand and knowing that you're the one who wrote it and can live off of it? I mean, I wouldn't do it for the money or the fame of course, but it would be nice to not feel the urge to cry every time a bill arrives in my mail."
Professor Reid stopped my fingers from playing with the flame. Holding my hand instead. "If you're really serious about it, you should pursue this hobby and make it your job."
"And if I fail?" I asked him, my eyes probably giving away the feat of taking that risk.
"Stephen King is one of the best-selling authors of all time, with a net worth of 500 million dollars. Yet it took years of countless rejections before 'Carrie' was be published, and as it was made into a movie the following year, they didn't even write his name right in the credits."
But Stephen King didn't write fanfictions about his professor fucking him. I assumed. "So, I should risk becoming a writer because I could be the Stephen King of embarrassing, obsessive little stories I write, although they should stay in my diary?"
I pulled my hand away and wrapped it around my glass instead.
"I- [y/n], I needed to be harsh so you'd understand the troubles your fanfiction could cause us. It had nothing to do with your talent."
Why the hell was I doing here? I couldn't sit here any longer with the man I was head over heels for and listen to him giving me a pep talk about how my fanfiction wasn't as bad as he initially had said.
"I need-" I grabbed my phone and threw it in my purse. "I really should-"
I stopped trying to explain myself and stood up.
Professor Reid stood up as well, hand running through his curls. "Please don't leave. We haven't even ordered yet."
I shook my head. "I- I need to get a hotel room. It's getting late and- Yeah. I- Thanks for the wine."
As I bolted to the elevator, I could hear fast steps behind me.
"Hey, [y/n]. Wait," he called after me. "God your fast in those shoes." as he reached me while I frantically pushed the elevator's buttons, his hand touched my arms. "Hey, what did I do wrong?"
I shrugged. "I don't know. I- I'm awkward, and you're nice to me, and telling me my writing didn't suck, and I really can't crush on you anymore. So I'm running."
The elevator doors opened and I quickly got in, pressing the button for the lobby and then the one closing the doors.
Just as I thought I had officially ended this strange meeting, Professor Reid reached between the doors, holding up the elevator and getting in with me.
He pressed the buttons again. What was he doing?
"What- I- Go back to the restaurant. Did you even pay? Oh my god, did we just dine and dash?"
He began laughing, shaking his head. "It's added to my bill, don't worry. I just..." "You just, what?" I asked before he could actually finish his sentence.
"Wanted to make sure you're not running off and... Do you really don't have a room?" I shook my head, watching the floor numbers go down. "I was planning to stay with Kyle," I admitted.
"You- Bunny, you didn't know that man. You can't just stay with a stranger from the internet. Even if you'd hit it off from second 1, this is rushing things and risking your health," the professor lectured me.
"Please don't call me Bunny," I mumbled, feeling like crap. As always when I got lectured. "I'm sorry," he whispered.
As we reached the lobby, I got out, Professor Reid grabbing my art again and sighing. "[y/n], I- This is going to sound so condescending, but I don't think you'll be able to afford a room here."
Yeah. Condescending was a fitting word. Like, I'm sorry I'm a broke student, but it's not like I can't afford the broom closet for the night?
I raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think that?" "You said you want to cry when having to pay your bills and you almost threw up because of a two-hundred-dollar price tag on a bottle of wine. The cheapest rooms here cost 300$ and they're most likely all booked."
Oh. Okay. Yes, maybe he'd been right. 300$ was a lot of money in my world. I didn't even think my credit card would work at such a high price tag.
"Oh, okay. I- I'll just- I'll find a motel," I almost whispered to myself, grabbing my phone and opening a booking site.
I wasn't helpless. I was capable to take care of myself. Worst case, I would change my flight home and sleep at the airport.
Taking my phone from me, my professor sighed. "This is ridiculous, [y/n]. Please just come upstairs with me. I have a suit. I'll sleep on the couch."
"You have a suit?" I asked astounded.
This man had at least five COMME des GARÇONS cardigans, of course, he could afford a two-hundred-dollar bottle of wine and a suit here.
"I rarely travel, so I like to spoil myself every once in a while," he explained himself, and I nodded in broke-bitch. "Thank you, but I can't take you up on that offer. It's- I- This-"
Professor Reid interrupted me. "I promise I would never try anything indecent. I simply want to know you are safe."
The indecent had been exactly what my mind wanted. I thirsted over this man since I had first seen him table about stressors and aggressors. He was so passionate about everything he talked about. I liked that passion dangerously much.
Even though about how passionate he would be about sex, would he be with somebody that caught his interest and was worth his time.
But now he stood there, trying to ensure me that I was safe, almost like I was made from glass.
"The whole bunny thing, huh?" I asked, and he nodded. "Innocent, fragile, little thing. If you feel too uncomfortable to share the suit with me, I fully understand, but then at least let me pay for a separate room for you."
I shook my head, having to giggle. He was so oblivious. How was he so oblivious? It was kind of cute, to be honest.
"I think in general, we both have a very different impression about why I'd be uncomfortable sleeping in the same suit as you."
His lips formed a little o, "It's because of the crush?" "Obviously," I giggled.
"I- I'm sorry. Sometimes things like that fly right over my head." I nodded. "Yeah, noticed."
"I'd enjoy your company though, and maybe we could order room service and you'd tell me if Adriene decides to give Zane another chance?"
Rolling my eyes, I looked at him. "Now you're teasing me again." He shook his head. "No, I really want to know. See my invitation as a bribe."
I'd been willing to sleep at a stranger's place who I saw as a rebound for my crush on Professor Reid. I could might as well stay with the man I knew I wouldn't have gotten over in the first place.
"Kay. I'll get my bag."
☀︎ POV: Spencer ☀︎
Opening the suit's door with my key card, I stepped aside and let [y/n] come in first. She looked around, mouth open and astound.
I had judged her and called her obsessed, yet here I was, thinking about how I could spoil her with everything I had to give, just to see her in this state of awe some more times.
Stepping out of her heels, she shrunk a fair bit. She let her bag fall to the floor and began looking around. The view over Vegas had caught her interest.
She instantly walked over to the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked outside.
"Wow," she mumbled. Turning around to look at me, she asked, "Have you seen your view?" I nodded. "Since I came here a couple of days ago. If you like that, you're gonna love the bathroom."
Raising her brows, she darted away, only to storm to my side again.
"Holy shit. You have a jacuzzi bathtub. I- that thing is bigger than my bathroom." "Feel free to take a bath later on," I offered and she nodded. "Oh, don't mind if I do."
I took off my suit jacket and threw it over a chair. Grabbing the menu of the room service, I sat down on the couch.
"What would you like to eat?" I asked [y/n], jumping a little as she hopped over the couch's back to sit next to me.
Dinner and dessert later, I found myself still captivated by this little bunny. She had been as always, herself, the girl that made me laugh with her sarcastic tone and bad jokes.
"You should publish that book after going over some of the changes again. It has potential," I now told her, making her shake her head and giggle. "You're just saying that because you enjoy the high praises you get throughout the story."
I nodded. "That's only a little true." I grabbed the bottle of champagne, pointing at her flute. "More champagne?"
Emptying her glass, she shrugged. "I already feel and look like a hooker, so sure. Hit me."
How often was she going to make that joke?
"Stop saying that. You're extremely beautiful," I told her, a sassy grin appearing on her face. "I didn't say I wasn't beautiful. I'm just saying that I am dressed extremely provocatively – more than I'd like to – and am drinking champagne in a hotel suit more expensive than my entire apartment's furniture,  while sitting there with a man almost twice my age. These jokes write themselves."
"You can go change into your pajamas if you'd feel more comfortable," I offered her, rolling up my sleeves and opening the first few buttons of my dress shirt.
"Yeah..." she mumbled looking away and biting her lip.
Did she forget to pack them?
"You didn't bring clothes to sleep in? Seriously, what did you plan on- Oh." Realization set in my bones. She hadn't brought them because she'd planned on sleeping naked or in the clothes of this other man.
Clearing my throat and ignoring the picture of her naked in my bed, I offered, "If you want, I'll get you some of my clothes to sleep in?"
She shook her head. "You don't have to, I'll just sleep-" "Naked?" I interrupted her with a grin and she rolled her eyes correcting me. "In my dress."
I shamelessly stared down her figure and then snickered, "You have to admit that I wasn't that far off then."
"Prick." She hit my arm playfully, before laying down on the fuzzy carpet before us, staring at the ceiling full of gold accents.
She was so beautiful, eyes shining brighter than the Las Vegas strip.
"Can I ask something that will definitely cross the line?" I asked, making her look at me. "You read erotica I wrote fantasizing about you. I think we're long past crossing a line."
She said things with so much character, I always had to chuckle. "You came to Las Vegas to sleep with this guy, didn't you?"
Her intentions had been very obvious by now. An internet date that had made her come all the way to Vegas, dressed like a daydream, no pajamas. I didn't judge her, she was a young woman that had a right to explore her sexuality, but I also detested the thought of this man running his hand all over her.
He would've probably didn't even know what she liked.
Propping herself up, she looked a little surprised, proofing that I was right with my assumption.
"Huh, I was wrong. There's the line." She still spoke with humor in her voice, laying back down, hand in the air, following the folding drawings on the ceiling.
"I'm sorry. I just- I just really don't understand that. He's an asshole that didn't even care to cancel your plans and you flew out here, probably spending more money than you can afford, just to give him a night he would most likely not even know to appreciate," I explained myself, voice laced with envy.
"We talked for a while and got along. I think I was just getting sick of only ever fantasizing about things and thought he would do."
"You came to Vegas to give that guy your virginity?" I blurted out in disbelief, and she looked at me again.
"Virginity is a social construct made up by man," she told me, then shrugged. "But yeah, kinda."
"You-" My brain struggled to function a little. It surely didn't change my opinion of her but the way she had written, leaving these fantasies in my brain for weeks... "You write pretty well about sex for somebody you never had it before."
She nodded, a smile on her lips. "Well, I'm not stupid. Also, it's not like I have zero experience, and I read a lot too."
That loser had almost taken her virginity, absolutely undeserving of it.
Looking into my face, she giggled, "You look so shocked right now."
"N-Not shocked, just... really, really glad he didn't show up," I stuttered, making her raise her eyebrows. "Why?" "I- I don't know," I lied, and she saw right through it. Of course.
"Back with the lies again, Professor?" She smiled, and I was certain she knew I'd been envious.
The thing most interesting was that she didn't care about it. I wondered just how deep her feelings for me were.
Feeling the urge to join her on the floor, I backtracked. I didn't want to lay on the floor. This carpet was probably dirty.
I hid my longing to be close to her behind a topic-changing question. "How did you come up with Zane's backstory?"
She shrugged. "Made it up." "Yes, but how did you get inspired?" "I watched you and thought of why you do the things you do."
I chuckled, raising an eyebrow. "So you profiled me?" "The amateur version of it."
"Do it again. Tell me what you profiled," I urged, leaning onto my knees and watching her.
"Well, You have lots of PhDs and BAs. That made me think, why? Yes, having them is nice, but it seems more like you have to prove something.
"You're not talking about your parents, but you're very protective and respectful of the women around you, which made me think you're close to your mother and grew up in a very female-dominated household.
"Yet you're single and have no children, although having told us before that you're the godfather of your friends' children. Given these facts, I assume your father left you and you're mother, and since then you try proving to yourself and him that it's his loss and that you're worth sticking around. It's just hard believing it yourself at times and the thought of being too much like him messes with your love life because what if you run away too?"
I nodded, hiding behind my poker face how close she came. "Go on."
"You got very passive-aggressive as you saw me at the restaurant. You feared being stalked by me, which made me think of trauma a woman forced upon you since she was obsessed with you.
"You realized your reaction to me being here was too much and backtracked with awkward humor. You blush at times, which makes me think you're shy, were even shyer when you were younger and women, sex, and family became interesting for the first time when you were in your mid to late twenties.
"You're still nice to me, very sweet actually, which tells me that somehow I did not embarrass you as much with this story as I recognized you in a very weird way. You're just very caught up in norms and uncertainty about this situation so you do what you do best, and that is removing yourself from the situation."
So she saw me – just like Adriene saw Zane – and still, her pupils dilated and she was interested in me.
"You're good at that. Are you sure you didn't stalk me?" I joked, and she giggled. "I'm a writer. I can't even watch a movie without being able to predict the ending."
Maybe I would test that theory some time, and take her out for a movie. If she were up for the challenge, maybe even a Russian one.
"Want to even the square and profile me?" She offered. "I have an unfair advantage since your fanfiction let me into your head and what you already told me," I told her, but she shrugged. "It's okay."
Taking a deep breath, I started. "You're a young woman that clearly has a thing for older men. I'd say, growing up you were always more mature than the boys in your classes. Everyone else around you began dating, but you couldn't find the idea of those drama-ridden boys entertaining enough to do so too. Instead, you read, maybe even more adult books than somebody your age should've."
Her big eyes captivated me, and so I sunk to my knees, crawling towards her while continuing.
"It made you realize that once boys became men, meaning they no longer were as childish as to solely think of a woman's looks and were ready to take care of someone and be responsible, they become interesting to you."
Her breathing became heavier as I leaned over her, one arm holding myself up, the other's fingertips dancing on the skin of her upper arm.
"Dating men older than you is, however, difficult since most of those who use dating apps, are the same boys you didn't like in your teenhood, only older. Yet, you're somebody who depends on dating apps since you are too shy to ever see a man in public and just flirt. Some hard rejections while growing up, I assume.
"So you stopped looking for somebody for a while and when coming to my classes, you found the type of man that spoke to you. I was your professor and therefore off-limits, I also blame some insecurities for your thinking, but that didn't stop you from fantasizing about it, so you began writing about all the little what if's.
"The fantasies felt good because in them you could develop not only me in the way you wanted it, but could also write yourself to be the truest you there is. Adriene has a dream she can follow without struggle because she has the support of her family and the means to pursue it. [y/n] has a dream and talent, but your family has plans for you, and the academic pressure they put on you, keeps you from pursuing what you actually want.
"This fanfiction is actually a very genius form of self-therapy for you. Whenever Adriene or another character struggles, it's actually yourself and by resolving the struggle in your story and reading the comments that relate to it, you start to understand that you're not alone with them."
Now completely on top of here, I could see every micro reaction she had to me and my words. Had I crushed on her so badly myself before the fanfiction that I didn't realize how obviously she felt for me?
"I'm sorry I took that away from you," I whispered, knuckles brushing over her cheek and feeling the heat of embarrassment on them.
"You probably think I'm pathetic. Come on, say it. I can handle it," she urged for my rejection, but I wouldn't give it to her.
"I think you're the most real person I've ever met, [y/n]. People, including myself, hide their guilty pleasures away from everyone. We're taught who we can be, and how much we are allowed to dream by society, without feeling guilty.
"You just continued to dream with a username and a little jackalope bunny profile picture and decided to share your pleasures with others so they can dream as well. Without feeling guilt."
"You're romanticizing how weird our situation is," she mumbled, thinking I didn't notice her back arching so she'd be closer to me.
"It's a guilty pleasure of mine, then. Because I also enjoyed your fantasies more than I should've," I admitted, her eyes searching her face for a lie she wouldn't find.
"That almost sounds like you enjoyed reading about us being together," she whispered. "What if I did?" I exhorted.
She swallowed thickly, licking her beautiful lips. "Then you're really playing with my fantasies, right now."
I stood up, giving her her personal space back. I was not manipulating more of this situation. I knew my words and the effect they had on her. The next step had to come from her.
And if it wouldn't come, I would accept it as well.
Grabbing my jacket, I used it to hide away just how badly I wanted this situation to turn into more and walked to the bathroom.
After a cold shower that only barely helped, I dressed in my pajama pants and an old shirt, laying out my too-big, oversized hoodie out for her to wear.
If nothing else, hopefully, it would smell like her in the morning.
"You can have the bed. I'll sleep on the couch," I told her, putting a blanket and pillow on the couch. Before she could protest, I told her, "It's only one night on the couch. No big deal. Take the bed."
She nodded, eyes gliding over my body. Goggling a little since she'd never seen me dressed in less and as casual as this.
"Okay, Uhm... Thank you for the food and drinks," she said, taking in one last look and leaving me alone in the living room.
A quick shower later, I was dressed solely in panties and my professor's hoodie. It smelled like him, the bed as well, making me clench my thighs together.
I grabbed my phone, opened my emails, and began typing.
"Dear, Professor,
I think I've been wrong. You are a nice guy. Thanks for the shirt.
– [y/n]"
"Little bunny,
You should go to bed. And please call me Spencer, at least for the moment.
– Spencer"
My breath hitched at the pet name and the fact he called himself Spencer Insisting I should do the same.
I was so desperate for this man, I didn't think he was aware of what his innocent words did to me.
I am already in bed. Are you sure you're comfortable on the couch?"
"Why? Would you let me sleep in the bed if I wouldn't be?" He called through the closed bedroom door.
"Of course, I would sleep on the couch instead," I called back, a laugh in my voice.
The ping of a message from an unknown number made me look back on my phone.
UNKNOWN: "Well, then I am perfectly fine here."
What the hell?
"How did you get my number?" I asked through the door, making Spencer chuckle. "FBI, Bunny."
He had used his advantages at work to get my number, but I was the one getting teased. Biting my bottom lip, I saved his number.
ME: "Now who's the obsessed stalker?"
SPENCER: "I am not obsessed. I am interested."
I was interested as well. More than I thought would've been allowed to be, yet he continued to play on the same page as me.
ME: "That does almost sound like you're flirting, Professor. Do I need to remind you that I humiliated you in front of your FBI colleagues?"
SPENCER: "That's right. Maybe I should humiliate you back."
ME: "By all the things you know about me that are embarrassing, you wouldn't even have to try."
I was getting hot. This conversation's undertones had me all over the place. Stripping off the hoodie, I threw it aside, the cold air making my nipple pucker which in return, egged on the heat between my legs.
SPENCER: "There's something I'd like to know about you."
ME: "What?"
SPENCER: "Are all the things in your story based on fantasies of yours?"
ME: "Wouldn't you like to know, Spencer?"
SPENCER: "Answer the question and I'll answer one of yours."
Through my humiliation, I gave him the answer he wanted. Only getting rewarded with wetness pooling between my legs.
ME: "Okay. Yes. My fantasies."
SPENCER: "Interesting. Go ahead, it's your turn to ask something."
ME: "Why did you want to know?"
SPENCER: "Because I want to know what going on inside your head."
ME: "Why?"
SPENCER: "My turn to ask a question. Is your obsession with calling Zane your Daddy based on your fantasies about men in general, or is it because he's a substitute for me?"
ME: "Are you asking me if I'd like to call you daddy?"
My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I sighed. Clasping the covers between my legs, I couldn't help but rock against them to ease some of the pressure I was feeling.
If I was going to answer him, I really needed to substitute his name.
ME: "I thought it was strange at first, but Zane has certain aspects of himself that make it hard not to want to call him daddy when thinking of sex with him."
SPENCER: "Do you often think about it?"
ME: "Counter question: Do you ever?"
SPENCER: "I'm afraid that this story of yours tapped into fantasies I didn't think I had."
ME: "That's no answer."
SPENCER: "Fine. At first, I was weirded out, but it finds its way into my head over and over again."
SPENCER: "Why that guy?"
In which universe could I have the luck of my professor being jealous over my choice to have sex with another man?
Grinding harder against the covers, I wondered if he felt like me, wanted it as badly.
ME: "I'm tired of waiting and romance clearly doesn't work since my taste in man is unattainable authority figures that are old enough to my father."
SPENCER: "I'm not unattainable."
ME: "You are. It would hurt your reputation to fuck one of your students."
SPENCER: "You're no longer my student though."
A whimper escaped my mouth and for a second I watched the door to make sure Spencer hadn't heard me.
He hadn't. Which made me cocky enough to kick the covers away and spread my legs. The cold air felt good on my hot body.
ME: "Did the idea of my date make you jealous?"
SPENCER: "I have no right to be jealous, little bunny."
ME: "I would like you to be."
SPENCER: "I'm afraid you're making me lose my mind if I let jealousy take over."
One hand wandered down into my underwear, if nothing else would happen tonight, I could at least indulge in this feeling.
ME: "Do you wanna sleep in your bed?"
SPENCER: "Don't tempt me like that."
ME: "Why not?"
SPENCER: "Because I'd take something from you that I have no right in having."
ME: "Isn't that for me to decide?"
I let this offer stay right there. I wanted him and I knew he knew it anyway. If he decided to act on it, I would be welcoming him.
As he didn't reply, however, I placed my phone on the nightstand and continued to rub my clit, now more eagerly since there was nothing to wait for then the glorious feeling of a so desperately needed orgasm washing over me.
My breathing became louder as I tried not to moan, hips lifting, I closed my eyes, inhaling the scent of Spencer and imagining him administrating those touches that lit me on fire.
"Does your offer still-" Spencer asked and immediately stopped in his tracks when coming in.
"Fuck," I gasped as I lay there in full display, quickly scrambling myself up, pulling my hand out of my panties, and covering my breasts.
Staring at me for a while, Spencer's eyes became darker, his breathing heavier.
"Now don't let me stop you from what you were doing, little bunny. You seemed to enjoy yourself," he told me predatorial, stepping closer with me caught in his gaze like a helpless bunny.
Crawling onto the bed, he made me realize the full extent of his pet name for me. "So that's what you're doing when you're all alone in bed?" He asked, and I let him back me down onto the mattress.
He grabbed my hand, forcing it to let go of the try to cover my breasts, and chuckled darkly as he inspected the wetness on my fingers.
Inhaling sharply, he brought them to his face and took them into his mouth, cleaning them from my arousal.
"Please," I whimpered as I thought I would die from excitement.
"You really want that?" He asked teasingly, and I began nodding.
"Since that stupid day, you borrowed me your jacket. I- I kept it on when I..." My words got caught in my through and another simpler left me.
An animalistic groan escaped Spencer as he growled, "You fucked yourself wearing my coat?"
"It smelled like you," I explained, hips trying to invite him to come closer. "I- I closed my eyes and imagined it to be you touching me."
"Can I kiss you?" He questioned, eyes carefully searching for my consent. I nodded eagerly. "You can do whatever you want to me."
The second his lips collided with mine, I thought I had died and gone straight to heaven. He was careful at first but it wasn't long until he couldn't hold back his lust anymore.
As his tongue swapped over my bottom lip, I allowed it into my mouth. Meanwhile, he gently pressed me against the mattress, one leg between mine, putting pressure exactly where I needed it so desperately.
"Oh my God," I whimpered into the kiss, and he backed away. His lips were flushed from our kisses, but that didn't stop the cocky smile of his to spread on them.
"And there I thought you'd just call me Daddy," he chuckled, moving a hand between my legs, touching me over my soaked through underwear. "Oh, wow. You're dripping, my little bunny. Is that all for me?"
I nodded rubbing myself against his hand. "All yours."
Spencer got off me, grabbing my underwear and waiting for me to lift my his and allow him to take it off. As I did, he pulled it down with such a hurried force, the flimsy material ripped, making us both laugh gently as he through it over his shoulder.
"Did you ever have somebody go down on you?" He asked, pressing a kiss onto my knee and lowering himself between my legs.
Propping myself up on my elbows, I shook my head. "You- You don't have to. I know it's a women's fantasy that-"
Spencer interrupted me, kissing my inner thigh, "Don't stop me unless you don't want me to touch you, okay?"
I nodded, letting him guide me back down. He began placing kisses on my inner thighs and his curls tickled between my legs.
The anticipation was driving me crazy, making a loud moan escape me as he finally dragged his flat tongue through my folds.
Liking my reaction, he did it again, and again. Then began focusing more on my swollen clit. Spencer's tongue played with it, drawing circles onto its sensitive skin that made my eyes roll back.
"That idiot would not have known what to do with a woman so gorgeous," he said, fingers moving towards my slit, coating themselves with my natural lubricant.
As he carefully entered me with one, I gasped. The instruction was new, filling me with excitement.
"Is that okay?" He asked cautious of my reactions, and I nodded while the gently began moving his digit in out of me at a slow pace.
Tongue back on my clit, he began moving his finger faster. The pleasure I received left me breathless, helplessly clawing my hands into Spencer's hair to make sure he'd stay right where I needed him the most.
As he added a second finger, my hips began moving more frantically, making him start to hold me down while eating me out. I moaned and cried in pleasure, trying to stay alert enough not to smother his head between my legs.
With a final swipe of Spencer's tongue, I came, crying out Spencer's name, deliciously humping aging his mouth as he fucked me through my high.
As my breathing became more normal again, he chuckled against my skin, sitting back on his knees and taking off his shirt.
I hurried myself up as well, hands quickly all over him. Wrapping his arms around me, he let himself fall onto the bed, pulling me with him.
As I lay partially on top of him, his hand moved under my chin, bringing me closer and kissing me softly. The faint taste of myself on his lips drove me to the rim of madness.
Greedily gripping the waistband of his pants, I tried to take off the final barrier keeping him from me. Spencer chuckled, helping me with it and catching me as I almost fell off the bed while throwing his clothes across the room.
"You, are so fucking eager," he laughed as I claimed onto him, straddling his lap.
Kissing him roughly, I rocked my his against his hard cock, feeling the precum rubbing itself between my folds and adding to the wetness there.
"Wa- Wait. We need a condom, [y/n]," Spencer spoke breathlessly. Arm wrapping around me so I couldn't move anymore and make his rationality sign out.
"I'm on birth control. We- We don't have to use one," I suggested, knowing I'd dreamed of this moment in so many facets, yet it was always raw with him claiming me.
Staring into my face, he became stern, lecturing almost. "I hope you didn't plan to be so reckless with the loser you wanted to fuck," he said almost like a question.
I quickly shook my head. No. Never. Only with him, I wanted it to be this way. "I have a whole box in my bag but- but I'd like..."
As embarrassment killed my voice, he nodded, placing kisses on my cheek and neck. "It's okay, Bunny. I know. I read it."
Before I could feel any embarrassment due to his words, he grabbed my face and pulled me into a rough kiss.
As he pulled away, he growled if a dangerous smirk, "Daddy's going to fucking come inside you, so you know who you belong to."
A high-pitched moan left my mouth. He'd just quoted my story and looked like it had been the greatest thing for him ever to say.
"You wanna stay on top?" He asked, and I thought for a second and nodded. "Yes, please," I said, lifting my hips.
Letting a hand glide between us, Spencer dragged his cock through my folds, coating it in my wetness. As his head then placed itself at my entrance, I felt an earlier nervousness rush through me.
I sank down on him, becoming too eager to think of how much I could actually take.
As he was completely inside me, I realized my mistake, the burning between my thighs making me inhale sharply and whimper, "Shit."
I hid my face in the crook of Spencer's neck. I would've jumped off him and rolled into a crying ball on the bed but I was too afraid to move. It burned.
"Are you okay, Sweetheart?" Spencer asked worriedly, and I sat back up properly, Hissing at the stinging feeling between my legs.
"Hurts," I mumbled. "Didn't think it would be so bad."
Wiping away a tear that had freed itself and ran down my cheek, he kissed me gently before resting his forehead against mine.
"It's different for every woman. We can stop if it's too much." I shook my head abruptly. "N-No. I wanted this for so long. I- I just need a second."
Spencer nodded. He moved one hand to my lower back and the other to my hair, holding me close. "It's okay. We have all the time in the world," he whispered softly. "Just try to relax. You're doing so well already."
The more time passed, the more the pain ebbed away. I became aware of his length and grid stretching me, how he pulsed within me, his head resting firmly against my cervix.
He was so close to me, stroking over my hair, kissing me, and letting me feel him.
I moved a little, bringing his hand down between my legs. His forehead rested against mine as he slowly started to rub my clit in circles.
"You like that?" He asked quietly, and I nodded breathlessly. "Uh-huh."
We smiled at each other softly, stupidly. And as the lust returned, the pain was nothing more than a gained memory that was already blurred.
I began slowly rocking my hips, his hand still working on me.
As I picked up more pace, Spencer searched for my eyes. "Does it still hurt?" He asked concerned, but I quickly shook my head. "So good."
Bouncing on him like a little bunny, my moans became unhinged, fed by his low grunts. I threw my head back, just to let it rush forward against his lips or his shoulder, kissing him roughly or nibbling on his skin, marking him with my bite marks.
"Keep your eyes on me, [y/n]. Eyes on me, Baby," he ordered after a while, grabbing my face and forcing me to look at him while he began thrusting up into me.
"Is this what you thought it would be like?" He asked with a hoarse voice. I shook my head, squealing excitedly. "It's so much better."
With one swift motion, he turned us around, having me lay on the bed. As he began pounding into me, my delirious mind slipped up. "Fuck, Daddy," I moaned loudly, not knowing how he'd feel about it in all seriousness.
His hips staggered for a second, and he met my gaze with a praising smile. "Good girl. Such a good fuckin girl."
He growled deeply, arms caging me in underneath him as his pace picked up again, our skin slapping loudly against each other, my thighs hurting most deliciously due to the impact.
"Fuck, fuck," I cussed, rocking against him as I felt my second orgasm approaching. "Daddy, please, I-" I interrupted my own begging for release with loud moans.
Spencer's hand moved down between us, rubbing me again. "That's it, come for me, Bunny. Come for Daddy."
The crashing wave hit me suddenly with an unstoppable force. I threw my head back, arching into his final thrusts, as he came inside me.
Dropping to his elbows, he kissed me softly, and his thrusts came to a halt. His knuckles brushed over my cheek as he looked at me. "Are you okay?"
I let out a deep, satisfied sigh, "Fuck, that felt good."
He pulled out, laying down next to me. "I know virginity is just a social construct created by men, but thank you for letting it be me."
I nodded, deadpanning, "Charity work for the elderly."
He gasped in fake appeal. "What?" He asked, starting to tickle me. "What did you say?" He asked again, not stopping why I laughed. "I think I didn't hear you correctly."
"Stop it," I begged through my giggles."Stop, Spencer." As he finally stopped, he pressed another kiss on my lips.
"You wanna try out the jacuzzi tub?" I asked, and he sat up. "How many bubbles do you want, little bunny?" I pushed myself up m, declaring, "A lot."
"How do you feel?" Spencer asked once we lay in the tub, me between his legs, his arms wrapped around me.
I shrugged. "Strangely enough, the same as before. Except that I now know how it feels to fuck you."
He leaned forward for a second to kiss my cheek, then made himself comfortable again.
"Are you mad at me for writing that story?" I then asked, not daring to look at him. Should his face give the answer away, I didn't want to see it.
"No," he sighed. "I was never mad. At first, I was extremely uncomfortable, not knowing how to react, but now, I'm actually glad for it."
"It's still weird though, right?" I asked, making him chuck and pull me closer. "Yeah," he admitted. "But I can live with a little weird. Normal would be boring."
I pressed the button on the side of the tub, turning the jacuzzi function on. Turning it up some more, I sighed relaxed, stretching. I was sore. A nice kind of sore.
For a while, we just let there, listening to the sounds of our own breathing.
"Should you ever decide to turn 'Paper Hearts & Printer Ink' into a novel, I'd love to proofread it, do some of the jobs you'd need an editor for, or answer your questions about working for the FBI," Spencer spoke into the silence between us.
I chuckled, "You're not just being nice now because we had sex, right?"
I practically heard him shaking his head. "No. I- I guess, I just like your type of weird. The way you wrote about Zane and Adriene... If being with you is like being with Adriene, I'd like that."
"So you're crushing for the fictional character I created?" I asked, turning around. "I love how she loves Zane although he's an idiot at times. If you're anything like her, I need you."
The shit-eating smirk on his handsome face said it all. He knew it was a self-insert. He just wanted to play it cool. Dork.
"Who says I'd need a Zane, though?" I asked raising my eyebrows, and he shrugged. "Wishful thinking."
"Now wouldn't I just make an amazing profiler," I giggled. "What makes you think that?" Laying back against his chest, I simply said, "I was right about us fitting together."
"I'm in Vegas until Thursday. If you'd like, I'd want you to stay with me," Spencer offered. "We could go on a couple of dates, I show you around, and we'll test your hypothesis."
Okay. This was a permanent thing. No one-time thing. If I was dreaming, I definitely didn't want to wake up.
"I'd love that," I said, adding sassily, "But I don't get why people love coming to Vegas, though. So I hope you're not planning on taking me to a casino."
He was silent for a second, then reluctantly said, "I'm banned from casinos in Vegas. I- I might've pushed my luck when I became a young adult." "You counted the cards?" I snickered, hearing him snort behind me while trying to defend himself. "To my defense, it came naturally to me."
As our laughter ceased, he added, "I hope you're okay with boring museum and bookstore dates." He had read my story, so I answered, "You know I am."
Turning on the bubbles some more, I looked out the big bathroom window while Spencer figured out how to turn on the bathroom TV, putting on an old black and white movie with Marilyn Monroe.
He sighed happily handing me my water bottle since he insisted that I needed to stay hydrated. Taking the bottle from me, he kissed my cheek and cackled, "And all of this because of a fanfiction."
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anon - "hey! i love your series “baby scarab” and can’t wait to read more!! one idea you could do is like the reader has an event at school to bring family (like a trip) and reader usually doesn’t go but she mentions it to marc and steven and they offer to go with them? you don’t have to of course but that’s an idea"
ok lemme tell you, i got so mF EXCITED WHEN I SAW THIS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ANON!! <3
Tumblr media
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A/N : im honestly surprised i got so many likes on these- tysm! i basically chose a random tourist attraction, i hope thats ok lol
please enjoy, and don't be shy if you want to be in the taglist, just ask <3 and omg its kind of long i got carried away, sorry for the long wait
pairings : steven grant x (platonic)reader, marc spector x (platonic) reader, khonshu x (platonic) reader
TW : medicine (pills), language, bullying(?), mentions of fighting and violence. let me know if i missed anything
you let out a small sigh as you step into the open elevator, pressing your button right after.
'fuck tuesdays' you say in your head.
saying it was a long day would be an understatement. thankfully, you didnt get picked on much today, but the amount of work your teachers gave you was what almost set you off.
it was nearing summer vacation, you had about 2 weeks left of school before you get your 3 month break, so that means that you need to finish all these big projects before the deadlines.
of course, marc and steven noticed your change in mood after you got home most of the days. you were exhausted, and you wouldnt give yourself a break.
they keep telling you that balancing school and a job is overwhelming and that you should take a day off, but you dont, because what teenager actually takes advice from their elders?
the elevator ride was painful and slow, and all you wanted was to lay down on your couch and cry.
as soon as the elevator dinged, you rushed out and got to your door in record time. you unlock it and shut the door behind you once you slide in.
"welcome home, kid" you jump and chuck your backpack at the source, which happened to be marc sitting on your couch. theres a thud and a grunt as he puts your bag on the ground while giving you a look.
"dont look at me like that, you fuck" you say, earning an offended gasp and a quiet 'language' from steven, wherever he was looking at you from. "and after all ive done for you" he whines, and you ignore him, going into your fridge for something to drink.
"just dont scare me like that" you tell him and shrug, getting a bottle of juice out of the fridge.
marc walks over and leans on your kitchen counter. "fair" he nods. "got any homework?" he asks, to which you shake your head. "nah, im not going to school tomorrow anyways." you tell him.
marc furrows his eyebrows at you. "what do you mean youre not going? its only tuesday" he informs you.
you sigh and contemplate lying, but end up coming up with nothing. "well there's just a dumb trip that my history class goes on every year" you start. "i just stay home, none of my teachers are gonna be there anyways." you wave marc off, and take a sip of your juice.
theres an eyeroll and marc exhales softly, before slouching a bit and giving you a look.
"oh, hey steven" you greet, taking notice of the change.
steven hums and tilts his head at you. "why dont you go on the trip exactly?" steven gets straight to the point. you shrug and gesture to your still healing face.
"i dont exactly have friends to go with." you begin. "besides, id rather be here than... where ever theyre going" you take another sip of juice.
steven sighs and nods to himself. "well what if me and marc go with you?" he asks carefully, not sure how youd react.
you twist the cap back on your bottle and tap it on the counter. "well i dont even know where we would be going.. so.." you say quietly.
steven hums in thought and turns to go get your bag from off the ground, then coming back and setting it on the counter.
he puts a hand on the zipper and makes eye contact with you, whos unscrewing your juice again. "may i?" he asks, referring to looking in your bag.
you nod and drink some more juice while steven shuffles through loose papers in your bag.
"ew." he says, pulling out a wrapper to some unknown snack. he tosses the garbage carelessly onto your countertop, and you scoff.
"oh- bollocks, y/n." he pulls out multiple pieces of trash. "what are you, a bloody garbage disposal?" he asks you jokingly, putting the trash onto the counter next to the other wrapper.
you shrug and snicker, until steven pulls out a paper, probably the one he was looking for. "lets see wh-" steven re-reads the small amount of words on the top section of the paper.
"churchill war rooms?!" steven exclaims, looking to you excitedly, whos putting your half full juice bottle back in the fridge.
"ive always wanted to go there, but i was always busy" he puts the paper down and smiles at you.
"will you please reconsider, because i know id love to accompany you. i know a little about it actually even though i've never been there." steven starts to rant.
"well yeah, because youre a nerd." you snort, and receive a half glare from steven and a short laugh from marc, who you saw in the reflection of a shiny metal buckle on the strap of your bag.
"yeah kid hes right, it sounds interesting enough." marc admits from the buckle, and you bit your lip to stop yourself from smiling.
"besides, it would be a fun opportunity for you, and it would just mean more bonding time for us" he finishes in a joking tone, even though he means it, and you sigh, looking to marc who's also nodding along with stevens statement.
you let out a breathy chuckle. "alright, fine" give them your answer shyly, to which steven lets out a quiet 'yes!' and goes around the counter to give you a short side hug.
he points to somewhere on the paper, you not caring what it was since you already knew steven was going to start talking about it.
"so, since its for a school trip it says that we dont have to pay as long as we have way to get there." he pauses.
"we can take my car, and it also says we have to be there by 10 sharp and its about a 45 minute drive, so you better get good rest tonight" he tells you, looking you dead in the eye.
okay so heres the thing about steven, he is a sweet lovable dork but he is gets really scary if he finds out you arent taking care of yourself.
you nod and he looks to marc. "whos going to be in charge of the body?" steven asks him, and marc takes a second to think.
"well since you suck at driving i'll do that part." he shrugs, and steven scoffs at him.
"but you can have the body back once we get there." he reasons, and you all nod in agreement, which is unusual since they are usually arguing about anything and everything.
you scrunch up your eyebrows. "you guys just planned that whole thing so quick" you observed.
"well, its for you so we have no problem" steven waves you off, and moves to go to reach into your bag again.
"oh for hEAVENS SAKE" he exclaims, pulling out a glass bottle, with about two tablespoons of moldy month old starbucks in it. you know, the glass bottles with the premade coffee.
steven makes a gagging noise as marc laughs at you, and he puts the bottle right into the trash.
"how much would you pay me if i drank that?" you whisper to the buckle, where marc put a hand to his chin in thought. "i dont know, 50 bucks?" he shrugs.
you both look to the trash as stevens still carefully taking papers out of your bag and sorting them. you slowly inch yourself closer to the metal garbage can.
biting your lip, you lift the lid and take the bottle in your hand, steven still thankfully distracted.
after taking the cap off the bottle quietly, you put it to your nose and immediately take it away from your face, and looking to marc whos trying his hardest not to laugh.
you let out a breath before squeezing your eyes shut and plugging your nose, slowly bringing the bottle to your lips.
and right as you were about to just get it over with, its snatches from your hands.
"what in tHE BLOODY HELL?!" steven shouts at you, dumping the liquid down the sink after he turns on the water and then throwing the bottle away again.
"marc said he would give me 50 bucks" you shrug innocently.
steven looks shocked in between you and marc. "50 dollars? are you serious? that is disgusting" he tells you, turning off the sink.
"but its 50 bucks!" you exclaim with a smile.
steven looks absolutely terrified. "sweet lord, youve corrupted her" he mutters to marc, who shrugs at him in an offended manner.
the english man sighs and shakes his head, "just come here and help me, your bag is filthy" steven tells you.
"yeah, i know" you chuckle dryly to which steven playfully rolls his eyes at you, marc just watching you two.
about an hour later, you and steven had cleaned out your bag, he made you take out your trash and now you were almost 20 minutes into one of your favorite movies.
you had also changed into more comfortable clothes, and took your meds on time for once since steven remninded you to.
apparently steven nor marc had seen the movie, so it was both of them asking what was going on every minute and a half.
"so" marc starts, him being in control at the moment. "you excited?" he asks, referring to your trip the next morning.
you give him a half smile and a nod. "i guess." you start, taking a breath. "as long as we just ignore anyone whos talking to us we should be fine" you give a thumbs up.
before marc says anything, you interupt. "and for the love of god, if anyone says anything rude to me, dont defend me, dont talk, just ignore it." you list off on your fingers.
marc scoffs and waves a hand in the air. "you know damn well steven doesnt have the balls to stand up to some idiotic teenagers" he points to steven, whos totally distaracted by the movie from the shiny glass coffee table in front of you.
"yeah but its not him im worried about" you admit, gesturing to marc.
"well, i wont be in control"
"yeah but you never know, what if you snap? like i did" you say gesturing to your faded bruise and small healed cuts on your face. marc sighs and leans closer to you.
"listen. i wont hesitate to beat up a 16 year old." he says, wagging a finger in your face as you lift an eyebrow.
"but i wont. itll just get you in trouble, and we dont need that" he finishes, turning back to the TV.
you smile to yourself and nod softly, turning your attention back to the movie as well.
that night all you remember is falling asleep on the couch halfway through the movie, and now youre wondering how you ended up in your bed.
you groan and sit up, hugging your tawaret plushie to your chest as you yawn and rub your eyes.
you look to your phone, that you also dont remember plugging in.
'8:04' you sigh.
yawning again, you set your plushie down on your pillow and decide to get up.
it was one time. ONE time that you slept through your alarm. and that encouraged khonshu to be your alarm that day. lets just say you refused to acknowledge his existence for a couple days.
you dig through your drawers and your closet for one of your favorite outfits and quickly change, and move into the bathroom to apply dry shampoo to your hair, and brush your teeth, and finish everything you do to get ready to go.
you grab your phone and anything you might need for the trip and shuffle into the kitchen still half asleep and see a bright pink sticky note on your fridge when you go to grab your juice from the night before.
you squint and read it.
'y/n, after you're done getting ready come over for breakfast im making your favorite :)
-nerd, apparently :)'
you let out a breathy chuckle at the note, getting flashback to last night when you called him a nerd, and immediately catch on that it was steven who wrote it, and you could just imagine marc giving him shit for it.
you do as the note says, looking around your living area for anything you might forget. you nod to yourself and leave your apartment with your juice and lock the door behind you before making your way a couple doors down.
right before you knock, the door opens and there was steven, smiling down at you with khonshu right behind him.
you smile back, with your fist still raised in the air before you put it in your pocket at let yourself in.
the door clicks closed after you walk in, and steven claps his hands together, before leading you towards his kitchen table.
"so like my note said, your favorite" he sits you down by your shoulders and sits across from you, reading something out of one of his many books.
you pick up the fork next to the plate of food and take a small bite. "you know, i bet you could teach me more than any tour guides." you say honestly.
steven chuckles. "well, im flattered but sadly im not exactly caught up with world war II history" he rubs the back of his neck as you take another bite of food.
"you should take me to the museum you used to work at sometime." you suggest, mouth full of food.
"dont speak with your mouth full, y/n/n" steven scolds, giving you a look.
you swallow it and grin at him. "sorry mother" you say sarcastically, marc laughing at the comment from the window to your left.
you snicker at your own joke as well. "very funny, little mortal." khonshus monotonous voice tells you. you nod at him. "thank you big bird" you go back to finishing your food.
once you're done, you pick up your plate and start washing it. "kid, you don't have to-"
"i don't mind, its only one plate and a fork" you shrug at marcs interrupted sentence from the window. you finish washing your used dishes and leave them to dry as you sit up on the counter next to the sink, leaning against the wall.
"alright" steven starts, looking at his watch like the old man he is. "we are going to hit the road in 15, that okay?" he confirms, and you nod and send him a smile.
"now what to do with 15 extra minutes..." he thinks outloud.
"can i beat up khonshu"
"yes" "no, you will lose" "nO?!"
you put your hands up in surrender at the three answers from marc, khonshu, and steven all at once. "it was just a suggestion."
you hum, gaining steves attention again. "did you put me in my room last night?" you ask, switching your view from marc to steven.
"i did." marc raises a hand from the windows reflection. "did you plug my phone in too?" you ask.
"nah. you kids need to get outside more" marc shrugs. you glare at him and look to steven who was nodding at your question. you throw your hands up in the air and let out an exhale.
'why would he lie? whats the point?' you think to yourself.
"he also gave you your stuffed taweret" steven speaks up, earning a glare from marc. "oh, you should have seen the way he smiled at you" steven teases, making marc groan and dig the heels of his palms into his eyes, and you scoff and look away in embarrassment.
"you know, i didn't know if you'd actually like it. taweret, i mean" steven confesses, making you tilt your head.
"why wouldn't i?" you hop off the counter and go and sit back next to steven. "i mean, its from you so why wouldn't i like it?" you ask honestly.
steven just smiles warmly at you, not really knowing what to say.
"OH- can i arm wrestle marc?" you ask excitedly, glancing between steven and marc.
"why not arm wrestle me?" steven sticks a thumb to his chest.
you and marc give each other a look and you blink at steven. "because you're shrimpy" marc voices your thoughts, and you snort.
"ha ha. you guys are funny, really" steven shakes his head at you, and puts his hands up. "fine, fine, ill see you when we get there alright?" you nod, and give steven a two fingered salute.
an eye rub and a sigh later, marc slams his elbow on the table, signaling for you to do the same and put your hand in his. "alright, no cheating" he reminds you.
"funny, i was about to say the same thing" you give marc a sarcastic smile.
"hm. okay, ready?" he asks, and you nod firmly, grasping his hand tighter, so he takes that as an 'okay' to count down from three.
right as he said 'go' you started pushing his arm down with all your strength. marc does the same and fakes a yawn, making you stick your tongue out at him.
you arm starts to shake, and starts to slowly reach the tables surface even though your putting your heart and soul into it. you and marc start glaring at each other from your spots as he shakes his head at you smirking.
determined to win, you kick marc in the shin and quickly push his arm down while hes distracted and stand up with your arms in the air.
"i win" you declare. "i did it." you say, marc rubbing his shin in pain.
"did you have to kick that hard?" he asks. "also i win by default, cheater" he informs you.
you were about to answer when marc puts a hand up and looks down at his watch, standing up. "hey, we gotta go." he starts, patting down his pockets making sure he has everything. "you got everything?" you nod, and make your way to the fish tank across from you.
you tap the tank and the goldfish bumps into where your finger was. "bye gus, be good." you tell the fish, then head towards the door where marc was waiting for you.
"you already forgot this" marc hands you your half empty bottle of juice. "oh, thanks" you mutter, and you both leave the apartment, ready for your trip.
it was the longest car ride you have ever been on. by far.
it started quiet, and that turned into marc turning on whatever was on the radio, and THAT turned into you and marc fighting over the music.
also a tip, if you want something from marc, swearing at him is just going to make it more difficult. especially with steven telling you to watch your language, while looking at you from the rear view mirror.
overall, 7/10 car ride. would do again.
after the longest 45 minutes of your life, marc had told you what a pain you were, then let steven have the body back.
you didn't mind when marc called you a pain, because you know he doesn't mean it. plus, you just insult him right back.
"alright, lets get this show on the road" steven mutters to himself, unlocking the car and getting out, you doing the same after chugging the rest of your juice and chucking the empty plastic bottle in the back seat of the car.
you both walk up to the glass door near some stairs, and you see some of your teachers and some groups of your classmates off doing whatever they want.
"ah, miss y/l/n, nice to see you've made it this year!" your history teacher in particular walks up to you and steven. "and whos this you've brought with you?" she asks, gesturing to steven.
"im her neighbor- friend. my names steven" he blurts out, making your teacher giggle and put out her hand for him to shake. "im mrs. simmons, but you can call me charlotte" she says, while he shakes her hand before letting go and putting his hands in his pockets.
you stare at the exchange in shock and embarrassment. "well, nice to meet you." steven mutters, and looks to you for help until your teacher interrupts.
"you two can go take a look around, just make sure to meet back here in 2 hours, alright?" she says before walking off, not even waiting for an answer.
you stare up at steven with wide eyes. "dude, she is totally into you" you snicker, covering your mouth. "holy shit, thats fucked" you whisper to yourself.
"what? no- oh my god she was flirting with me wasn't she?" steven panics. "oh bollocks" he shakes his head.
"shes crazy, like crazy crazy by the way" you inform him and start to walk towards an old bedroom setup in a fenced off area.
"did you know that in 1945, the lights were turned off in the war rooms after six years of service?" steven questions, getting over the whole weird situation with your teacher.
"the rooms remained untouched until the 1980s, when they were reopened by the imperial war museums as visitor attractions" he finishes, scanning the room.
you hum and begin walking around, steven by your side spitting facts along the way. "i thought you said you didn't know much about this?" you interrogate.
steven chuckles bashfully. "well, i did a bit of research last night, not all things in museums are accurate you know" he tells you and starts telling you all about everything you see, which amazes you since he said he only did 'a bit' of research.
a little under the 2 hours had passed, and you and steven were having a great time. with you asking questions and steven being more than happy to answer, all your fun has to be ruined somehow.
"hey, little orphan annie" a males voice sounded from behind you, making you groan and turn around. "for fucks sake" you murmur, steven looking over to the surprisingly tall blonde boy approaching you.
of course steven was still taller, its just that the both of them completely towered over you.
"whos this?" steven whispers to you, completely lost. "the guy who i beat up last week" you whisper back, marc being surprisingly quiet wherever he was listening from.
"i'm surprised to see you here, freak" the blonde says, standing in front of you and steven.
your classmate turns to steven. "oh hey man, how much is she paying you to be here?" he asks seriously.
you groan and cover your eyes. "actually, i volunteered thank you" steven says back honestly.
"really? oh, sorry i forgot-." the boy starts. "-shes too broke to pay you, my bad. is she holding your family hostage or something?" he asks again and you take your hand off your eyes to glare at him.
steven just chuckles awkwardly, and glances at you to make sure you're okay. "nope. i'm her friend. just checking stuff out" he defends you quietly, glancing around the room.
the blonde scoffs, and looks back at you. "i'm surprised you have a friend. especially considering the fact that you talk to ghosts." he mocks sympathy.
you sigh and harden your glare. "i don't talk to ghosts, shut up" you mutter. the blonde scoffs and shakes his head at you. "or what? gonna go cry to your mommy? oh- that's right, you don't have one." he chuckles darkly at you.
you scoff and tug stevens jacket sleeve to lead him anywhere but near the boy, him just letting you guide him wherever your comfortable. you turn your head and make eye contact with the boy.
"go sit on a dick" you smirk at him. he gasps and walks away, but not before yelling at you once more. "oh you little bitch, my father will be hearing about this!" he yells angrily.
"are you going to go to your father as well? oh wait, you dont have that either!" he finishes, jogging back to his group of friends while laughing.
you look down and glare at your shoes while you walk, tightening your grip on stevens sleeve.
"y/n, you alright?" he asks gently, pulling you to sit on a nearby bench next to another display. you nod and look up at him. "are they always like this?" he asks gently and you nod.
he sighs, and you hear marcs voice for the first time in a while. "i'll beat their asses." you snort and nod. "i'll help you" you say.
"no- there will be no.. beating children" steven tries, but you're already hyped up. "i hope they get their dicks bit off" you chuckle to yourself.
"well that's a little dark" steven points out, marc no longer saying anything as promised. you hum and smile at him, and just by him being there, your spirits are lifted.
"okay, no more frowny face, we need to get back to your group." he nudges your shoulder, to which you nudge him back harder and get up, leaving him there to catch up.
"you're right marc, she is a pain" steven says to himself jokingly while rubbing his shoulder.
~~~ and another 4 hours later, some rest time, and a bazillion world war ll facts brought to you by steven, it was already time to go. nobody bothered the two of you the rest of the trip, which made it 10x better in your opinion.
you did have to fill out a chart for class though, i mean it was extra credit so you thought 'why not'. and after it was graded- you got a B+ on it, thanks to steven- you made the tiny slip of paper into a paper airplane and repeatedly threw it at stevens head when he wasn't looking.
and everytime, he would just pick it up and tell you to knock it off, before throwing it back to you. it was like putting gasoline on a fire, until mrs. simmons came back and started talking to steven again, which resulted in you ripping your paper up out of boredom before throwing it away.
steven was also right, you did learn more from him than the tour guide. he would correct the guide when he stated an incorrect fact, which caused you to crack up after a while.
overall, the trip was definitely worth it, and you are so glad that steven and marc convinced you to go. you had such a great time minus the little hiccup with that 'blonde ferret boy' as marc would call him.
and even though marc and steven agreed to let steven have control the whole time, marc did show up for a couple minutes to just check in on you. of course he wouldn't admit it, and he played it off as being sick of steven blabbering about history, but you knew what his intentions were.
you and steven ended up walking all around outside the war museum for a couple more hours. you both lost track of time until marc had reminded you and steven that you really had to get going, considering that you had a 45 minute drive and it was already almost 10 pm.
you complained of course, claiming you weren't tired.
but now? now you were really tired. as in, nodding off in the car, tired.
"we're almost there, kid" marc tells you, him being the one to drive again. "mhm" you hum, and try your best to keep your eyes open. "thank you. both of you" you say.
"it was a good day. maybe even the best" you tell marc, then yawn. you see marc nod out of the corner of your eye as he pulls up next to your apartment building.
it took a minute for you to get out of the car, but you did it nonetheless. marc had to help you to your room of course, making sure to lock your door tight when you both got inside.
you slipped off your shoes and headed straight for the bathroom to change, take your meds, and brush your teeth. all while marc waited patiently for you so that he could make sure you were going to sleep okay.
you came out of the bathroom ready for bed, and you take a seat next to marc at the edge of your bed. "i really meant it. so thanks again, both of you" you say again and send a tired smile their way.
marc surprisingly sent you a gentle smile back, and pushed you backwards until you were laying down. he was about to cover you up in your blankets and leave, but you grasped his sleeve, surprising him.
"can you stay? i don't wanna be alone" you say in a timid voice, and let go of marcs sleeve. he nods wordlessly and gestures you to move over, knowing better than to argue with you when you're tired.
the two men both knew about your trouble with sleeping. whether it be having trouble falling asleep, or just continuously waking up in the middle of the night, somebody was always there for you.
marc had taken off his shoes and jacket, leaving them on the floor near your nightstand, then turned off the lights in your room.
marc lifted you up a bit so that he could lay down comfortably beside you while he set you back down, head resting on his chest. he pulled the blankets over the two of you and made sure your taweret plushie was nearby in case you wanted it.
"thank you" you manage to slur out again, clutching onto the fabric of marcs shirt.
"quit thanking me, 's no problem." he says uncharacteristically soft. you nod slightly and take a deep breath before closing your eyes, finally feeling yourself relax.
"g'night guys" you say quietly, as if already asleep.
"night, y/n." "sweet dreams, kid"
and just like that, you were out like a light.
after marc confirmed that you were asleep, he adjusted himself so that he could hold you better, one arm around your shoulders to keep you pressed up against him. it made him feel like he was protecting you, even though he knew you were completely safe.
he had gathered that you were just misunderstood, and that you were really just a sweet, semi-innocent kid who had a whole life ahead of her.
and so naturally he felt the need to protect that.
he sighed as he felt himself relax as well, his neck in a semi-awkward position, which would probably hurt in the morning.
but that didn't matter. not to him.
because if it was for you? it was 100% worth it.
A/N : OMFG I FINALLY FINISHED IT YES!! it took a hot minute, sorry for the wait. even though its only been like a day. i tend to do better when i have a request tbh and if you have ideas PLEASE SEND THEM DON'T BE EMBARRASSED!! IDC IF YOU THINK ITS DUMB, I CAN IMPROVISE!!
ily all so much, thank you all for the support. <3
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When you cosplay as him
Rook Hunt, Vil Schoenheit, Leona Kingscholar, Malleus Draconia, Idia Shroud | gender neutral reader | Headcanons
Tumblr media
When you appear in a cosplay as him Rook is stupefied for a moment before he laughs heartily. Hands stretched out, he shakes his head with a smile and says:
"Ah! To what do I owe this beautiful surprise? I'm enchanted to think that you'd deem me worthy enough to adopt my aesthetics even if for a few fleeting yet memorable moments! If you allow me, could I show you off to the world?"
A hand is extended to you in a graceful manner and if you choose to accept it, he brings your knuckles near his lips to kiss them before looping his arms through yours and stepping out with pride.
Tumblr media
Vil stares at you silently before a smug smirk graces his features. It seems that the potato has taste. However, the headpiece isn't perfectly placed!
Without further ado, he works to smoothen your cosplay into his likeness! If you're going to be Vil, you need to rock the look. Anything less than perfection is unacceptable.
When he's satisfied, he narrows his eyes and questions you about your choice - his chest swelling with pride.
"I understand why you would want to cosplay as me but since I have time, I'll like to listen to your reasoning."
Tumblr media
Malleus is amused. Surprise flitters across his features before he appears to ponder the situation. A hand placed under his chin, he seems to be lost in thought as he says:
"Hmm… What's the meaning of this, child of man? Am I to believe that you wish to court me by proving to everyone that you are mine and only mine…?"
If you look confused and lost, he has achieved what he set out to get. Laughing out loud, he accepts that he was only jesting. 
However, he's still curious about your costume… Once you explain, he nods. He'll still tease you playfully about choosing him as your model.
Tumblr media
Idia chokes on an energy drink when you enter dressed as him. You run to him to check if he's fine but once he recovers, he distances himself from you and questions you about your cosplay. Yeah, he knows what you are doing. What he wants to know is the reason behind your choice!
Once he has digested the fact that he's high enough in your estimation, he proceeds to be more critical. 
Pointing an accusatory finger at you, he says gruffly:
"Wearing the costume is only the first step! Now act more like me… if someone was choking in front of me, I would never run to help them like you just did!"
Tumblr media
Leona looks at you with hazy eyes since he had been sleeping. Thinking you to be a Savanaclaw student, he growls and says:
"Leave me alone."
On hearing your voice, he opens his eyes reluctantly and looks around but there seems to be no other person there. Wait! He sits up straight and observes the person who had entered just then.
You are dressed just like him - down to the hairstyle too! Hmmm… you look good.
Walking over to you, he inspects your cosplay and grins.
"So the herbivore likes Savanaclaw huh? And the hairstyle reminds me of someone~ I wonder if you like them~"
He tells you that it will be a good idea to keep the cosplay on for the day. Since you're friends with Malleus, that'll be a good way to assert dominance for his dorm. However, lose the hair… That's just embarrassing…
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luvrbucks · a day ago
May I request headcanons for Dr Strange with a top cis male bf who was raised to use Dark magic. They met in battle but feel in love and now " work" together. Reader is flirty,sarcastic and touchy ( with consent) to Dr Strange
Thanks! Can I be 🐉 anon?
stephen strange x m!reader
cw . can be read as gn!reader, minor mentions of eating, is this a slight slow burn? flirty!reader, minor mention of smut (dom!reader).
note . there are no MoM spoilers so don’t worry! & yes, you can be that anon, i hope you enjoy :) also not proofread-
okay so we all know how stephen is right-
yk he’s always putting people above himself no matter what, and always tries to make the better decision
so when the both of you meet in battle, he’s taken aback for two reasons
for one, you’re probably one of the most handsome men he’s ever come across
and for two, you seemed so??? experienced??? with magic in a way that he’s never seen before and it kinda shocks him for a minute
but at the end of the battle, of course he’s victorious no matter how experienced you are
he gives you a chance yk, to work alongside him and try to get you to see the bigger picture and other ways you could use your magic
okay great
now that the backstory is over with, we can actually get into the actual headcanons-
training with stephen is fun for you and a full time job for him
he teaches you safer ways to use your magic
well, tries
you’re mostly too busy staring at him while he’s focused to actually retain any information
“… what are you even staring at?” he grumbles, fighting the urge to roll his eyes
he literally just goes ????? and gets all red as much as he tries to keep the blush down
you make him so flustered and shy whenever you flirt with him
if you’re just sitting down and going over spells and such and notice his hands, you’ll grab them and hold them
the first time you did it he was in a state of shock almost bc it’s been so long since he’s been treated to such kindness he doesn’t know how to react
he loves your hugs but would never admit it, he’ll just say “move…” but make no effort to actually get out of your embrace
it took a minute for him to get used to your sarcasm and slight witty remarks though
you’d say something in reply to him with a shit-eating grin on your face and he’d just narrow his eyes at you
wong gets so so tired seeing you be so flirty and stephen pretend like he doesn’t like it
the blush stephen has when you say certain things is hidden so poorly, its cute
wong feels like he’s watching a romance soap opera unfold right in front of his eyes
strange doesn’t know when exactly he fell in love with you, but the moment he realized, it hit him hard
when you’re not around him, he finds himself wondering if you’ve eaten that day, or if you drank your water
he wonders if you’re rested and even finds himself missing your sarcasm and the way you’d flirt with im
and what really put the icing on the cake was the fact he missed your touch
the way you’d hold his hands or wrap yourself around him in your embrace
the thought of being in love scares him honestly. but he wasn’t one to hide his feelings
so when he saw you and felt his heart go “!” the moment you opened your mouth the greet him, he decided it would be best to tell you
and so, while you were telling him about your most recent adventure, rambling away to him while tracing along his hands, he just… blurts it out
“i think i love you,” cue the song page by got7
and you’re a little in shock, because it was just so?? random??
and you’re silent for a moment while he searches your eyes for any hint that you even feel the same way about him
“i think i love you too,” you smile, and he lets out a breath he didn’t even know he was holding
“you make me feel a way i never thought i’d be able to feel again, and it scares me but i don’t think i want it to stop,” he murmurs
and you don’t know how the both of you got so physically close to the point where his lips are brushing against yours
the gap between you two is closed and your lips meet
and stephen swears his heart sings as your lips are moving in tune with his
you pull away from him and give him a smile that makes his heart leap once more
and from then on, stephen is more happy around the sanctum, and your affection has gotten more obvious
bold flirting, longer touches, kisses when you’re both alone
wong catches you both sharing a kiss and just- gets so happy that he doesn’t have to deal with your endless pining anymore
but he does have to deal with hearing the loud creaking of the bed nearly every night and the loud moans from stephen
idk man, i don’t really have much to add now, you’re the one stephen wants to be with for the rest of his life, even if the outcome of your meeting was unexpected.
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1-800-fa1ryl4nd · 3 days ago
— 𝐖𝐇𝐘 ?
Tumblr media
# — 𝐚/𝐧 : this was requested by my lovely anon fleur !! yandere & slasher kaeya ?? insane combo ! i hope you enjoy !! ( kaeya is kinda ooc, my apologies !! )
# — 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬 : you worked as a knight in the knights of favonius, but your superior, kaeya alberich, never truly let's you outside of his line of sight. murders start happening in the beloved city of freedom so wanting to proof yourself worthy you throw your own investigation wanting to catch the person behind all of these gruesome acts. but, what happens when you find out the beloved calvary captain is the one behind it all ? and why ? because he's obsessed with you.
# — 𝐭𝐰 : nsfw - dub-con !! dark content !! mentions of murder, minor character death, mentions of blood, reader tries to flee but is caught, kaeya is obsessed with you, threatening, public sex ( outside in the city at night ), kaeya does praise you, his pull out game was kinda ass, etc. overall, if any of the things mentioned make you uncomfortable, please skip this post !!
# — 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 : @illumislover [ per request !! ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
working as a knight was always a tedious job, the whole city relied on you, of course — your job wasn't most popular, and your ranking was much lower compared to others, but you were determined to prove yourself, you knew you could do better!
kaeya alberich was your superior, as his underling, if you wanted to make a statement, he was the man to tell. the man to please. but, there was an issue..
he didn't take you seriously.
everything you did was stationed inside the headquarters, you have tried to talk to him, practically beg for a chance in proving yourself. one job that can be outside! but he always pushed your questions aside, only giving you a pretty boy smile whenever you ask for a new mission or ask to take care of a bounty. he would squeeze your cheek a bit too tightly, pat your head as a laugh left his lips — always commenting like: "oh, you're too precious for infield work! it's better you just stay inside, do the paperwork i assign you." — but you never faultered! you were determined to raise rankings, to prove kaeya wrong, you could do more serious jobs, you were more than just a pretty face.
now, for the past few weeks.. odd occurrences have been happening in mondstadt.
all victims being young women around your age range.
this was a first in the city of freedom, who could do such an insane act? all the victims had bodily trauma and inspection to their corpses shows that specific features had been removed from their face or body.
the city was in chaos as the murders kept adding up to more and more, women now being terrified to leave their homes while the sun is down, a general anxiety being shared in between all citizens. who could do such horrid acts?
to say you were scared was an understatement, you were horrified, but you wanted to indulge yourself into an investigation outside of the investigation your superiors were arranging. you wanted to help desperately, but due to the large difference in status from you to them, you knew you had practically no chance in participating, so you start your own investigation.
kaeya once saw you working on your desk re-reading articles and papers on the women victims, he had asked you why you were doing this when the acting grand master was working on the cases along side him. you easily replied with your cause, saying you wanted to make yourself useful in moments like these and anything you found that could be used as proper evidence would be given to him.
kaeya was pleasantly surprised with your determination, nodding along to your words. he thanked you, he encouraged you.
but, all his words were all tinted with fake enthusiasm, almost as if he didn't believe you would be able to find anything. he kept his words though, he even tried to give you special hints, but all were behind a teasing remark — a backhanded compliment, which only made your determination rise but it also made you stubborn, you didn't want his help, you didn't need his help! making all of his words go into one ear and out the other.
kaeya, on the other hand, had a more twisted plan. he loved you, no, he was obsessed with you. such a smart woman, such determination, he had to admit, he loved the attitude you gave him. sure, at times irritating, but he liked how your spark never truly faded away, it almost made him feel bad for the ways he has been pushing you aside. but, in his eyes, it was for your own good.
you were too pretty, too good to fight. you belonged inside, the anxiety he got at the mere thought of you disobeying, getting yourself hurt, or worst, getting yourself killed. you belonged at his side, as his little secretary at best. he could easily keep an eye out for you, make sure you don't do anything stupid.
oh if only you knew how deep his obsession went.
if only you knew who was behind all those murders.
you had been working on this investigation for a few weeks now, and you felt like you were making progress, lots of progress! you had discovered the schedules of the murders, they all happened past midnight on even weekdays. locations were always randomized, but due to some hints and clues you had gathered, you speculated the next location would be cathedral, behind the building, in the cemetery.
you had tried to talk to kaeya, explain all of your evidence and where you think the next attack will be. you said this all with such enthusiasm, wanting to show him that you are capable as well as you had a strong feeling of pride — wanting to catch the murderer and bring justice for all the innocent women that had been attacked.
kaeya nodded along to your words, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and his hand on his chin as if he was understanding. after you finished, kaeya assured you he would inform jean, he assured you all of the information you gave him will be taken into account and that the cathedral will be closely guarded and protected, as well as the whole city in general.
kaeya thanked you which such a pretty smile, he patted your head in praise before leading you outside his office.
you waited for the whole day, waiting until the sun went down, until the city activity died down, you watched the clock intensely, making sure to have the timing ready.
once you arrived at the scene, your chest started to feel heavy, the whole area was clear, no guards, no security, jean wasn't there either.
you were still optimistic, maybe it was all hidden, waiting for the culprit to walk right into the trap.
curiosity was eating you up though, as quietly as you could possibly be, you stalked behind the cathedral to see the scene, but what you saw was the complete opposite of what you expected.
the calvary captain standing over what seemed to be body, your heart started raising, your mind scrambling to find possible answers for this scene, maybe he just found the body?! maybe he was making sure they were alive? but no, all of your desperate ways to rationalize the situation were all thrown out the window when you saw the blood.
he was soaked, he had to have done something, there was no way a person on stand by would be covered in blood.
then the realization finally hit you, and it hit you hard; it felt like a ton of bricks had been thrown at you. he was the culprit, he was the person behind all of these gruesome murders.
you felt sick.
nausea hitting you hard, your stomach felt like it was churning, what you had for dinner preparing to come back up any second now, your tears started to gather up in your eyes and a splitting headache was starting to form as your body started to process the information, you needed to get out of here, make a run for it, report kaeya, make sure that he gets locked behind bars for all the horrid monstrosities he's starred in.
but, your legs couldn't move, your knees felt weak, you felt like you could collapse at any moment now, but you couldn't move, all you could do is stare in a horrified silence. you didn't know what to do, you were barely hidden behind the wall, and it was no surprise when kaeya's icy blue eye found yours. his gaze was cold while yours was horrified.
once he saw your scared form, a twisted smile creeped to his lips, "ah, you found me." he finally spoke, his words being said in such a nonchalant manner, as if he had no cares in the world. shrugging off the blood in his hands. "don't be scared, i wont hurt you." he added, his body fully turning to face you, your adrenal glands started pumping once he took a step towards your direction.
now, you started to run.
you turned away from him as quickly as you possibly could before sprinting away, you had never ran this fast in your life before. your fight of flight instincts hitting you hard, bringing you back to the reality you were in, the danger you were in.
your adrenaline was spiked, you didn't dare stop, or even look over your shoulder, all you focused on was running forward in a desperate attempt to escape kaeya. you didn't believe it, you simply couldn't, why him? your superior? what brought him to this point? what made him break the peace in mondstadt? so many questions, yet so little time.
your chest was burning, your heart hammering against your ribs, you could barely even breathe, tears unconsciously started to fall from your eyes as you ran. you could hear him, his boots hitting the ground louder than usual, you didn't know if it was because of your heightened senses or the eerie silence of the city. the noise of his jewelry smacking against eachother was hard to ignore too, he was close, so close.
when finally,
he caught you.
he had out stretched his hand, forcefully grabbing the back of your shirt, pulling you flush against his chest, he quickly covered your mouth with his gloved hand, the blood smeared across your skin. you sobbed loudly, your cries being muffled by his hand, kaeya's arm was wrapped around you tightly, keeping you pressed against his body, the warm blood of the victim seeping into your clothes, the feeling making you feel disgusted.
you didn't know what came over you, but all you could do was sob uncontrollably in his hand, all of the emotions were too much for your body to take. kaeya kept you close, quietly shushing you, feeding you fake reassurances, telling you everything would be fine. but you knew better, it wasn't going to be okay, you had just witnessed a murder, your boss had been the murderer, and now he was holding you a little bit too tightly while saying you would be okay.
"c'mon now, y/n, no need for tears." kaeya spoke smoothly, if this was set in any other setting, if you would be crying over something else, you would've found comfort in his words. but, not now, and not never.
your sobs died down eventually, only because there were no tears left to cry, kaeya ' comforted ' you throughout the whole session of tears. you finally spoke, your gaze focused on the ground below you, trying to ignore the intense feeling of disgust that being held by him gave you.
you asked, needing to know his motives, needing to know why he would do something so disgusting.. so gruesome.
a chuckle came from behind you, you felt his chest rising up and down as he laughed, he spinned you around, holding your shoulders tightly, ensuring you would not get away from him. he looked deranged, his hair was slightly messy, his face had blood smeared through his cheek, his eyes were dilated, and his grin was downright disturbing. "why?" he repeated the question, a small snicker leaving his lips as he did so, "well, you would know if you paid more attention, y/n~"
kaeya scolded, patting your cheek before squeezing it, you were dumbfounded, what did he mean? the look of confusion on your face gave it away, kaeya sighed, he tsked at your lack of knowledge. "how disappointing.. i always told you to pay close attention, read in between the lines, i guess you never learn. do you?" he sighed, was he? disappointment that you didn't know his motives? was he fucking insane? he had to be. no person in their right mind would think such a way.
kaeya gently pushed you back, you barely noticed your surroundings, you were in a more secluded area of the city, and the general lack of people around made you curse yourself for setting yourself up for failure. after a few stumbles back, your back pressed against the concrete walls, your eyes stared into kaeya's in genuine disbelief.
you didn't know what to do know, you were trapped you knew it, you had no vision, no fighting skills, you were at a dead end. you knew you couldn't try and runaway, kaeya was fast, faster than you, you couldn't outrun him — not even if you tried. you were like a small rabbit staring up at a hungry wolf.
"k-kaeya.. why did you do this?" you asked again, avoiding his scolding, kaeya took a sharp hold of your chin, he forced you to stare into his eyes. "because, i settled. you want to know an important detail you missed?" he vaguely replied, now, did you want to know?
with a shaky sigh, you nodded your head. kaeya smirked, leaning into your ear, "they all looked like you. since i couldn't have the real thing, i settled for women i could easily remind myself were you." he replied, his words made your body go cold, like you'd been pushed into the waters in dragonspine. you shuddered at his tone, what the fuck did he mean? "you know, there was always a reason i never raised your ranks, darling. you were just too precious, i know your capable and strong, but.. i always got so worried for you.. you should thank me, i was always looking out for you." kaeya rambled, his lips were grazing your ear, the closeness was making you uncomfortable, the smell of blood was too overwhelming.
".. so many men looked at you so weirdly, i always hated them, eyeing you up and down like you were food. i always had to make sure to keep them in check.. i put your protection above anything else." kaeya continued, his lips finally making contact with your skin. small kisses pressed against your neck, kaeya's hands greedily caressing your body, your curves.
all you did was stay still, your head was telling you this was wrong, disgustingly wrong, that you should fight back! push him off, get away from him, scream at the top of your lungs for help, get him arrested, anything to put a stop to him, but your body.. it was betraying you, your body shivering as his hot breath fanned your skin, feeling sensitive with all of this touching.
you had never been touched like this, all of the caressing making your body feel warm, as much as you hated to admit it, he was making you feel some type of way, you knew you shouldn't feel like this. your mind was screaming how disgusting you were for allowing this to happen, but you didn't care. you blamed it on all of the emotions coarsing through you, emotionally you started shutting down, the fight you had before dying down, all hopes to escape gone so you gave up, let him do whatever he wanted to do to you to avoid ending up dead at his hand.
kaeya's face was still nuzzled into the crook of your neck, his mouth sucked and kissed your skin, he hummed softly in bliss seeing how compliant you were being. your body still trembled in fear, but he didn't care.
his touches continued, it didn't take long for your skirt to be pushed up your hips, your panties pushed aside as kaeya's cock kept being rammed inside of you.
your mind was clouded in lust and guilt, you didn't know how you felt emotionally, but the pleasure that was coarsing through your body was mind numbing. kaeya's face was shoved in the crook of your neck, his breathing was heavy and grunts slipped past his lips against your skin. your back was fully pressed against the concrete walls, your legs wrapped around his waist as his gloved and stained hands held your plush thighs to keep you up right.
you hated how you moaned, how your cunt sucked him back in, how you throbbed around him with every thrust. you held onto him tightly, mostly for some form of support and.. comfort? the mere fact you were trying find comfort in this murderer's presence was mind boggling, you couldn't even understand your train of though, but you just craved being held, after all that you have witnessed you craved the warm touch of someone else, and he was the one that was providing you with this warmth, his chest pressed flush against your own, wanton moans leaving both of you.
you mentally decided that you rather deal with the guilt and disgust you felt later when you weren't crying out around his cock. you could deal with the personal crisis this situation would bring you in the morning.
"so warm and wet, darling, you keep sucking back in.. you like that?" kaeya asked before biting down on your neck, though the bite wasn't enough to actually hurt you, all you produced was a soft gasp of surprise. your head rolled to the opposite side, the pleasure you felt making your body go on autopilot, you gave him more access to your neck, cute little mewls and whines leaving your lips as his cock kept rubbing against your walls.
his veins rubbed along your walls, his cock pushing in and out of you so well, nuzzling deep inside your cunny.
you started to feel a build up by your womb, your body feeling feverish against him, your moans got louder and needier, your walls started to wrap around him more and more, making kaeya shut his eyes in bliss. he took a deep breath, his nose was flush against your skin, you smelled so good, a natural floral scent coming from you, perhaps perfume from early that day? the metallic smell of blood intertwined with the floral smell, but he didn't mind. actually finding enjoyment in the smell.
kaeya's eyes were shut, his breathing was shaky and his grip on you tightened slightly, his hips rolling up against your own, his pace a bit sloppy — growing more and more needy from the warm feeling of your walls tightening up around him, you were close, he knew it.
the amount of times he had been dreaming of this moment, the amount of times he had to jerk himself off at the thought of you on his cock, his cock just slipping in and out of you, the mental image always made him go insane and now that he had the real thing, the moment was practically euphoric. all this time that he thought about your pretty face while fisting his cock greedily while he was alone was all worth it, now that he could see it with his own eyes.
your sweet moans, they were like music to his ears, he always thought about how you would sound while taking him in, his imagination was nothing compared to the actual noise, they were so sweet, like pure honey, they seemed go slip off your tongue so freely. he was surprised about how compliant you had been, but it was always better to let the situation flow smoothly instead of anything forced.
"you're so tight, darling." he moaned against your ear, causing your walls to flutter, a soft moan slipping past his lips at the feeling.
your hands gripped his back, your nails digging into his clothing, "s'good.." you moaned, discarding any form of guilt you had for the time being, kaeya sucked on his teeth at your sweet little mewls, he kept pushing his hips — ramming his cock deep inside you.
you didn't know what came over you, but a sudden wave of mind numbing pleasure hit you, washing over your being, your body feeling hot and sensitive.
the cry that had left your lips was sharp, loud, and high-pitched. your eyes shut at the feeling and your walls tightened down against kaeya's cock, practically suffocating his throbbing cock, milking him for all his worth. your head had leaned back against the concrete wall, when your eyes opened you stared at the night sky with a fucked out look on your pretty face.
your cunt was drooling around him, your climax only adding to the already sopping mess around his cock.
kaeya cursed under his breath, he was getting close, way too close, his head pulled back — needing to watch your face, wanting to see his pretty girl, his pretty darling.
a blissful smile on his lips, "i'm close, y/n.. you feel so good, milking me so well, dirty dirty girl." he said with a sweet moan, you only nodding, your body feeling sensitive already.
with a few more sloppy but hard thrusts, kaeya let out a practically loud grunt, he closed his eyes as his cock shoved inside you, but only for a few moments, wanting to bathe in the wet warmth your cunt gave him before pulling out. the first part of his load was nuzzled inside your cunt while the last spurted out — staining your clothing, a strangled moan left his lips at the feeling.
he let you down slowly as the two of you started to calm down, he watched as your knees buckled slightly, he kept his hands on you, making sure you don't collapse. he had fixed your panties back to how they were before, some of his cum oozing out of you but being caught by the cotton cloth, keeping your cunt soppy and messy. he had fixed your skirt before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead, his hands moving to cup your cheeks.
he held you in such a way that made it seem like he was your lover, a normal man, a normal man that loved you. not a deranged and obsessive man that killed in hopes to finally catch you. for a moment your fucked out brain made you lean into his hold, but reality hit you again not a few moments later. you squirmed against his hold, your hands moved to his wrists trying to tear them away from your face.
"let me g-go, you.. you psycho!" you yelled, but kaeya only chuckled, he squeezed your cheeks tightly before leaning in for a kiss, his lips pressing against yours, a muffled scream came from you as you tried to pull him off, but he didn't relent, only holding you tighter, making it painful. after a few seconds of an unwanted kiss that you tried to fight off, kaeya pulled away from you. he kept his face close though, his eyes suddenly getting dark, the same twisted grin on his lips from before.
"don't even think about telling jean about this. no one will believe you."
Tumblr media
   © 1-800-fa1ryl4nd 2022 : don't steal or repost my writings !!
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Hds for what the moon boys like to eat most and where they would take you out to dinner?
Hope you like these!
Cred to @firefly-graphics for the divider + gifs not mine
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Steven would love anything that has chocolates. This man has a sweet tooth and will always munch on something sweet. If it's a date, he'd take you to one of those cafes that sell freshly baked muffins and hot chocolate. What better way to spend your day than drinking hot chocolate with the man you love?
Marc would adore pancakes. It's a comfort food for a reason. The fluffy pancakes are literally like heaven in his mouth. As for taking you out for dinner, he would make a reservation at a fancy restaurant because his lover deserves only the best of the best.
Jake would absolutely love your sandwiches. You make one mean chicken sandwich. He could eat that for days and not get tired of it. And as for dinners, he always prefers to stay in and cook it with you. You have the best time in the kitchen with Jake. Domestic Jake supremacy
Send in more hcs/reqs! <3
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daredevilsglasses · 2 days ago
07 | keeping up with the waynes
Tumblr media
Tim: I was thinking in the shower: if 666 is evil, then 25.806975801127 is the root of all evil.
Dick: Do you have a calculator in your shower?
Jason: I am not out of control! I am a law abiding citizen.
Bruce: Yeah? Name one law.
Jason: Don’t kill people.
Bruce: …
Bruce: That’s on me. I set the bar too low.
Tim: Are we not going to talk about how Jason literally doesn’t even go by that law half the time?!
Bruce: I trust my boys. If they say none of them did it, none of them did it.
not even seconds later
Bruce: Right, which one of you did it.
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writerpetals · 2 days ago
breakfast in bed | 🔞
; optional male lead smut |  ☁️
w: vampire!au. biting/blood.
The rain drumming against the windows one floor above you is faint enough you almost miss it, but you know the sound all too well by now. As you stir from your sleep, rubbing your eyes before reaching to stretch your arms above your head, the body behind you brings the memories of the night before racing through your mind. One look down at your naked flesh beneath the sheets is another reminder as a smile forms over your lips. 
You try not to disturb him while pushing the covers away, but he releases a soft, sleepy moan before his grip around your waist tightens.
“Good morning,” he whispers, causing you to giggle and begin to push his hand away. “No, don’t get up.”
You exhale his name, feeling him pull you closer to his chest.
“It’s raining,” he tells you, and he would notice the sound without even searching for it, “let’s stay in bed a little longer.”
“It’s always raining this time of year,” you inform him, smile widening, “and it’s six in the evening, not morning.”
“It’s morning for me,” he reminds you with a chuckle against your bare shoulder, but you’re all too familiar in the difference of sleep schedules between humans and vampires. It took you a while to adjust to falling asleep beside him just before the sun rises and waking up in his arms as soon as the street lights flicker on. Now that you have been with him for over a year, you have learned to enjoy the feeling of being a night owl with him. 
“Just a little longer,” he begs for the second time, hands beginning to roam your body with his fingertips brushing over your hip. “I like laying in bed with you. You’re so warm.” At that, you chuckle, finding the complete opposites in body temperature to be amusing considering his touch typically causes you to shiver.  Not to mention it’s chillier in the basement where the two of you made it your bedroom to sleep away the days, so the extra warmth from your body, or the blankets, or loving one another aren’t taken for granted.
“I have work in a few hours,” you mumble, finally succeeding in pushing him away, though you have to admit you would love to stay in bed with him if you could. “And unlike you-” You begin slipping from the covers. “-I don’t get to have breakfast in bed. I have to actually cook and eat my food, remember?” 
He lifts his head from the bed to watch your bare hips sway from side to side as you linger toward the door. His messy hair earns a giggle from you after you glance over your shoulder, and you even spot his sharp canines beneath swollen lips. 
“Well what am I supposed to do if my breakfast keeps running away from me?”
Before you can reply, he leaps from the bed in all of his vampire speed, collecting you in his arms as you squeal and giggle, all until your back is pressed to the door leading to the first floor of your home, and his mouth is at your neck a split-second after.
“Listen, you know I love playing scary vampire, scared human with you,” you begin with a light, playful tone, and he chuckles with his lips against your flesh, “but I am really hungry, and I need to shower.” 
“Fine.” He pulls away with a sigh and a grin, reaching behind you to grab your robe off the hook attached to the door and wrap it around your shoulders. 
“And don’t give me those eyes thinking you’re going to get your way anyway.” As he covers you up to keep the chill out of your body, you stare into his eyes to see them darkening with a flicker of desire at just the thought of tasting you, along with the other activities it always leads to when his mouth is on your body. “I know your eyes turn dark and red like that when you’re horny.” With a kiss on his cheek and then a bite of your lip, you turn to head upstairs as he yells after you.
“That’s not true.” You hear his footsteps on the creaky stairs behind you after he’s rushed to cover himself with his boxer briefs, following you to the kitchen now that the sunlight isn’t pouring into the house. “I’m always horny…” 
You offer nothing but a quiet giggle as you search through the fridge, deciding on a quick bowl of cereal before your shower. He takes a seat at the kitchen table to watch you rummage through the cabinets until you find a clean bowl and the nearly empty box of cereal. Someone needs to go shopping, you tell yourself, but then you grin remembering that only one of you actually eats in the house, and shopping for yourself isn’t always a priority.
After eating your cereal, he follows you to the bathroom where you begin brushing your teeth before your shower, and he just can’t seem to keep his hands off of you. Giggling with a mouthful of toothpaste proves to be difficult, you realize, attempting to hold back the noises as he slips the robe from your shoulders to run his hands along your bare hips. 
“Can I join you?” he asks, then presses his lips to your neck. You can feel the two prominent fangs as he does so, kisses lingering until he reaches your shoulder to send a shiver down your spine.
You fail to answer him, only turning around to shove your toothbrush covered in toothpaste in his mouth, and then you turn away to rinse your own. You leave him wide-eyed as you pull away from his hold to turn the handle to the shower, waiting only a few moments before the water is warm enough. And you assume he’s finished cleaning up when you feel his presence behind you as the steaming hot water cascades down your body.
“You think you’re cute?” he asks, causing you to giggle once more.
“Sometimes,” you tell him, but the word releases in a soft moan when his mouth brushes just below your ear. “Not on my neck,” you warn him.
“Hm?” he questions, pausing with his hands on your waist and you feel the presence of his arousal pressing against your ass.
“If you’re going to bite me,” you begin to explain, “don’t do it on my neck. I don’t need my co-workers giving me dirty looks all night because of it.” 
Though vampires have been known for a while, and most try to co-exist with humans, there are both humans and creatures that aren’t too fond of one another. You remember the looks the ladies you work with have given you before, silently judging behind their narrowed eyes and pursed lips for being with him. It doesn’t help that you took a job as a receptionist for an emergency room, getting a chance to see all the vampire related accidents and attacks first hand, and they never fail to try to talk some sense into you for being with one. Since then you have tried to remind him not to leave marks where others can see. 
It’s your business anyway, you think, no one needs to know where you allow him to bite you. 
“I can feed tonight,” he tells you, proceeding to press kisses against your flesh every few words. “I don’t want you to be tired on your shift.”
“I’ll be okay,” you tell him. “If you’re hungry-”
“I can wait,” he interrupts just as his hand begins to dip between your legs, and the moment his fingers brush over your folds, you’re in no position to argue with him. “I’d rather make you come, instead.” 
“You usually do that before… before you feed from me.” Your words become breathless the moment his fingers press to your clit, teasing you with slow circles to earn a whimper of his name. He says nothing, only releasing a hum against your skin as he kisses down to your shoulder, fingers playing between your thighs while caressing steady patterns over your clit. You whimper his name once again, eyes falling shut while the touches of his lingering hand make their way to your breast. His thumb brushes over your erect nipple to send a shiver through your body, and the arousal begins to pool between your legs the moment he offers a gentle pinch to the hardened bud. 
As the water cascades down around the two of you, you release muffled whimpers thanks to him dipping his fingers into your entrance to gather your juices, then easing the digits over your swollen clit. The motion has your thighs shaking around him, threatening to clamp shut the moment his motions quicken, moans growing louder as he palms your breast with nails beginning to dig into skin. 
“How does that feel, baby?” he asks before pressing his lips to your neck once more, fangs applying pressure and you know he can feel your blood pumping as your heart races faster. Before you can offer a reply, his fingers quicken in their pace, leaving the blood rushing to your head, becoming light headed as the surge of bliss fills your body. “I can feel you shaking,” he says when you fail to answer him. 
All you can do is whimper his name, head rolling back against his shoulder to expose your neck for him, and you know it’s such a tempting sight, but with the way his fingers work between your thighs, you find yourself not caring in the moment. He performs quick, steady circles over your flesh, earning arousal dripping down over your folds and your hips beginning to rock against his hand. He alternates between palming your breast and teasing your nipple with the other hand, receiving a moan of his name louder than the rest as you feel the familiar heat swell in the pit of your stomach. 
“D-Don’t stop,” you whisper to him, so breathless and lost in the pleasure. He groans against your neck, fangs pressing to your skin, but he keeps his promise of leaving no marks. Instead, he works quicker, groans becoming growls because he can feel you growing close to the edge of release. You tremble in his hold, body tensing before the first wave of bliss rolls through you.
His name releases in a gasp from your lips, trembling and gripping his wrist where his hand brings you to your end. The surges of heat and pleasure reach to every limb, and he doesn’t slow his fingers or pull away, drawing out every last ounce of pleasure, every breathless moan, until your body grows numb. When he feels you fall limp against him, deep breaths mixing with the stream of the shower, his fingers move to your entrance to gather up the juices dripping out for him.
Your fluttering eyes catch a glimpse of him the moment he pulls his hand from between your thighs to bring his messy fingers to his lips. His mouth opens to taste your release on his tongue, sending another chill down your spine from the digits disappearing between two pointed fangs until he’s sucked them clean. 
The sight leaves you breathless all over again, and his smirk when he leans in to offer a kiss against your lips fills you with warmth. Without a word, he proceeds to clean you up, taking extra care just like he always does when the two of you shower together. You decide to pamper him with kisses on his lips as he washes your hair and your sleepy giggles fill the shower when you notice his eyes darkening once again from the gesture. 
The two of you make your way to the bedroom once you’re done showering and drying off with the intent to prepare for your shift, all until he grabs you by the waist to guide you toward the bed.
“You know, on second thought,” he says just after your back hits the sheets and he begins unraveling the damp towel from your body, “I think I am hungry.” With a lick of his lips, he leaves you breathless, dark eyes igniting red as he takes in your naked figure beneath him. He lingers over you with a smirk flashing sharp fangs, then he presses his lips to yours once before his mouth lowers.
“Oh, o-okay,” you whisper, eyes closing as you feel the point of his fangs press to your neck, but he doesn’t stop there. He continues down your body, lips brushing over your collarbones, between your breasts, down your stomach, leaving a trail of soft kisses though his fangs threaten to break skin any time he applies just a bit of pressure. Though he possesses all the control and all the care to make sure he leaves no marks unless he wishes too, and as his mouth hovers above your bare mound, you inhale a sharp breath before his tongue presses to your skin. 
A gulp swallows any and all words as your legs part for him, arms falling to your sides with your fists gathering the sheets in a loose grip. He releases a groan at the sight of your slit, dripping just a bit from the previous pleasure he offered, and he can’t resist leaning in to swipe his tongue over your folds for another taste.
You squeak, and then a breathless chuckle falls from your lips. “I-I’m still so… so sensitive.” The moment his tongue licks your clit, your legs jerk to cause him to press two palms to your thighs to hold you in place and keep your legs parted while he teases your swollen, sensitive bud with the tip of his tongue. He performs slow circles around your clit, gaze shifting to watch your jaw slack and your brow furrow, eyes still screwed shut as he builds up the pleasure once again. 
“I told you I was hungry,” he says muffled against your flesh, “I wanted to taste you again.” 
The words send a child down your spine as he presses the flat of his tongue between your folds. Your back arches from the bed, not being able to resist reaching for him, entangling your fingers between the strands of his hair as he licks over your slit, from your entrance to your clit, just to hear the sinful noises slip from your lips. The arousal begins to pool at your entrance once again, giving him exactly what he craves as he toys between your thighs. 
You whimper his name, lost in the pleasure you receive, beginning to move your hips against his mouth while becoming greedy, “don’t stop.” The desperation in your tone has him focusing on your clit, wrapping his lips around to suck in between circling the throbbing, swollen bud. You feel his fangs press to your folds each time, a rush of adrenaline from the danger coursing through you to mix with the waves of heat as the tension builds between your thighs. 
Strained moans of his name and curses fill the bedroom, hips rolling against his mouth and fingers tugging the strands of his hair tighter. He groans against your flesh, vibrating you to your core as he licks over your sensitive folds to earn every single noise of pure bliss you offer. His fingers dig into your thighs as you begin to tremble, keeping your legs parted as he devours between them, tongue circling quicker, harder, causing you to become light headed as the bliss takes hold.
You cry out one last time, finding the tension seconds from snapping as the warmth of pleasure begins to surge, “b-bite me. Please.” 
The breathless words take him by surprise, but he would never reject your request. The moment takes hold of him just the same, feeling your body tense a second before he pulls his tongue away to press his thumb to your clit. You cry out that you’re so close to invite him to press his mouth messy with your juices to your inner thigh, then the sharp points of his fangs pierce the sensitive, smooth flesh as the pleasure rolls through your body in wave after wave. 
Blood pours into his mouth as your cries grow quiet, riding out the bliss with his thumb circling your clit and his lips pressed to your thigh. Quivering, your body goes limp against the bed as you succumb to the pleasure of your own high mixing with him feeding from you. Groans build deep within his chest as he sucks your blood, a desperate hunger taking over from tasting you in more ways than one.
He has to remind himself to pull away as you come down from the pleasure before he becomes lost in the taste of you. Behind fluttering lids you stare down at him, bright red blood trickling down the sides of his mouth and a haze over his darkened eyes. The points of his fangs are even painted in crimson as he tries to collect his mind after feeding, while you try to collect your breath even in the dizzy aftermath of his pleasure. 
You whine, nearly snapping him back to complete reality as his gaze focuses on you. All you can do is whimper again and motion toward the blood dripping from two tiny wounds in your thigh, and he gets the hint in seconds. Leaning closer, his tongue presses against your flesh, cleaning up the mess he’s made with care until he’s confident the blood has stopped. When he pulls away, he flashes a drunken grin before disappearing to clean himself of the blood.
When he returns, he holds a warm, damp cloth in his hand to begin cleaning you, listening to your chuckles thanks to the sensitivity and when he’s finished, he leans in to press his lips to your forehead. 
“Do you need me to…” Your voice fades as you reach for him, spotting the prominent bulge beneath the towel he’s draped around his hips. But he shrugs you off with a shake of his head.
“Get some rest for now,” he says with a whisper in your ear, noticing the sleep settling in each feature of your face from his feeding. “You can make it up to me by letting me fuck you when you get home until you can’t wait straight.” The dark tone of his voice dripping with a sinful promise earns a racing heart in anticipation, and you’re aware he knows the effect his words have on you from the smirk on his lips.
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anonymousumiko · 2 days ago
daddy's gf | gojou.
Tumblr media
ღpairing: gojou satoru x reader
ღwarning: 18+ content (minors DNI), dub-con/non-con idk (reader ends up giving into pleasure), stepfather gojou, pseudo-incest, public sex, needy and desperate gojou, cheating, manipulation if you squint, ownership, pet names, fingering and fucking!, picnic sex
word count: 2k
gojou likes to take his stepdaughter out on cute dates because everyone thinks they’re a couple!
ღ: for anonymous <3
♡ ♡ ♡
Today was one of those unusually nice days. One of those days when the sun hung high in the sky without a single cloud in sight.
One of those unusual days of leaving the house and seeing your neighbors walk outside, their kids laugh amongst themselves as they raced with their bikes.
It was one of those days where you'd see others out and about in town. Teenage girls shop, couples crowd cafes, and older women on their daily walks reminiscing what they were doing during these days when they were younger.
Today was one of those unusual days when your stepfather would drag you out of your warm sheets in the name of spending more time together.
As if the two of you didn't already spend more than enough time together.
You shied away from the grinning man as he brought a spoonful of strawberry shortcake up to your lips. "Open up buttercup!"
Your eyes averted from his circular sunglasses. Embarrassment as clear as day on your face as you gripped the hem of your dress. Anyone that watched the two of you would think you're a couple.
And you were sure Gojou knew that as he scooted closer to you, pressing the spoon against your lips. "Come on baby look at me," You did as you were told, averting your eyes from the cute couple just a few feet away from you. "Open those lips for daddy, mkay?"
Glossy lips separated as Gojou never took his shaded eyes off of you. Watching as he inserted the spoon into your mouth before you clamped down on it.
Time seemed to stop as he slowly dragged the spoon out of your mouth. "Yummy right?" And you nodded, your taste buds igniting from your mother's recipe.
"Mhmm, it's really good!" You moaned, a smile gracing your lips at the flavor. Gojou never left your bubble as you stretched your neck to look up at him.
The older man appeared lost in thought as he dragged his thumb against the corner of your lip. A white fluffy cream coating the digit. "You made a mess silly," His voice was low, in a tone that made butterflies fill your tummy as his thumb went into your mouth.
You could feel his gaze on your shaky form as your tongue swiped against the pad of his finger before he took it away.
You felt like you could finally breathe again as he looked away from you. The sound of chirping birds no longer consumed your hearing as you listened to your thumping heart in your ears.
You still weren't used to your stepfather's blatantly flirtatious acts whenever it was just the two of you. But they worried you and things always seemed to go further than they should.
You wondered when it'd be a good time to tell mom...
"I stayed up all night making these so you better enjoy every last one of them!"
Yet you couldn't deny that he was just like that, maybe he was just being kind to his daughter. You don't know anyone else that would stay up all night crafting such delicious meals just for you.
An assortment of fruits on one platter and tiny cakes and macaroons on another. White tulips in a glass vase between the two of you as you sat on a plain white sheet.
And Gojou looked so nice, so handsome in his navy buttoned-down shirt and black trousers. His hair lay lazily on his ears while he adjusted his shades.
What other guy would put this much effort into you but your father?
You see why your mom really likes him.
Yet you couldn't dismiss his inappropriate behavior, not when it made a pit form in your stomach.
"Thank you for doing this for me." You mumbled, chewing delicious strawberries in between the silence.
"Of course! You know how much I love to treat my pretty princess!" You frowned. Why'd he have to call you things like that?
"About that..." You trailed off. You could feel his eyes through his glasses staring straight through you. "I don't know, I just feel like sometimes certain things you do are really... really inappropriate and so from the outside looking in it may look like it's something it's not."
"What do you mean?"
Your mouth fell agape. Maybe you were reading into things too much and now look at you, cheeks flushed and written with embarrassment.
"I mean like... like the dates and stuff you know. Some people may think that we're..."
"We're what?"
You don't know when he got so close, but you could feel his exhale on the back of your neck. A chill ran down your spine as you found yourself in between his legs, his back against the large tree trunk.
"A couple or something." You breathed out. The heat from his body transferring into your own. "Like right now we... we look like a couple because we're so close!"
And when you tried to move away he kept you there, his arms like snakes as they wrapped around your form, pressing you further against him.
"Yeah, we do look like a couple don't we?"
You found yourself looking at everyone around you. Wondered if the couple across from you noticed your predicament, wondered if the women walking their strollers could tell you were uncomfortable.
"Is that really so bad though?" He asked you. A hand fell onto your thigh, his cold touch causing your breath to hitch as his fingers teasingly trailed closer towards your sex. "I really like it when people mistake my daughter for my cute girlfriend."
His other hand found comfort on your clothed breast, kneading the soft skin for anyone to see. "When we went to that cafe and the server mistook you for my girlfriend I nearly got hard on the spot when I told him you were my precious stepdaughter."
You jumped at the feeling of soft fingers grazing against your panties. A finger every so often pressing against your clothed clit. "The look of surprise when I told him what you really were made me want to do bad, bad things to you in front of him."
"Stop... stop it!" You whined. Your head fell onto his shoulder as his finger slowly went up and down your clothed slit so teasingly slow. You had never felt more afraid, you had never felt so good yet so scared.
Everyone else was in their own world but it felt as if everyone's eyes were on you. Watching as you moaned in pleasure at your father's cruel touch. Watching as his lips peppered kisses on your exposed neck while his other hand pinched your nipple through your dress.
"I don't think you want me to stop doll. Not when you're this wet," He emphasized by pressing against the wet spot on your panties. "I think you like it when others mistake you as my girlfriend. Don't think I don't see how embarrassed you get."
"No, I don't like it!" You cried out as he moved your panties to the side, finally touching your aching pussy. Butterflies filled your stomach as you coated his finger in your wetness.
You felt as if you were drowning in pleasure. Dirty thoughts clouded your mind as you secretly wished that he'd stop teasing you. "You try so hard to be innocent and good for your mother but I know you think about me. I know you want me."
Gojou's warmth melted you like ice as two digits delved into your hole. You felt as if you were being split in two as he stretched out your walls.
His teeth nipped at your ear as you swore you started to see stars. "You can't touch me like this... you're not allowed."
"But you want it. Your cunt is swallowing my fucking fingers, baby girl."
You shook your head. Ignoring the way you arched your back when he curved his fingers inside of you. Moving them so teasingly slow in and out of you. Massaging every inch of your walls and causing pleasure to ignite in you like a fire.
Everything felt like too much. The clothes on your body, the sun on your skin, the people around you, and his touch, it was burning you alive.
"You wanna be daddy's girlfriend, I know you do." You could feel his hard cock against your back, rubbing against you every time you shook in his hold.
"No, no I don't," And you tried your hardest to bite back your moans. Tried your best to conceal the fact that you loved having your daddy's hands on you. That you loved the way his touch burned into your skin. "I don't, I don't, I don't!"
You don't yet you're coming undone in his arms. Covering your shameless moans with the palm of your hand as your walls clenched around his fingers.
Your body tense as waves of pleasure suddenly came crashing down. You came around his fingers the same way you wanted to cum around his cock.
Breathless and shaking.
You turned your gaze towards him, watching as he placed his fingers stained with your cum into his mouth. Moaning at the meer taste of you. You had never felt more embarrassed.
Yet embarrassment quickly turned into excitement when a set of lips connected to your own. His tongue massaging your own ever so slowly.
The kiss was warm, full of utmost love and affection.
And you kissed him back feverishly, sucking on his bottom lip before he began to pull away.
You felt yourself fall into a spell as you ignored the sound of him unzipping his pants, and pulling out his cock. Suddenly you found your body towards his own, his hands under your ass as he lifted you up, hovering over his dick.
You found your arms around his neck, your head laying on his shoulder as he brought you down on his cock. You felt as if you were coming back to life at the sudden intrusion.
A burning sensation in between your legs as you realized what you were doing and where you were doing it. "Stop it Gojou!" You stuttered, "Stop it we... we can't do this. Not here!"
"No one's looking baby girl, fuck, I promise."
His cock was much bigger than his fingers, much thicker and much longer. A groan erupted from Gojou's throat, his hands finding solace on your hips.
"Come on you have to move, you have to move for daddy." You had never heard him speak in such a way. So needy, so desperate. He wanted you. "Please, princess."
You removed your head from his shoulder, eyes meeting his shades. You couldn't help but wonder what expression he was making.
To the older male's surprise, you lifted his glasses up onto his head, meeting his softened eyes. Lust present in his icy blue pools.
Your pussy glided up and down his cock, your pretty pink nails digging into his shoulders every time your ass clapped against his hips.
His forehead laid against your own as you breathed in every curse, every moan, and every shaky breath that fell from his lips.
You wondered how the two of you looked to other people. If they could tell that the two of you looked into each other's eyes in a lust-filled trance.
If from the outside looking in they could tell that you were bouncing up and down his cock. If they knew that your stepfather's tip was kissing your cervix with every thrust of the hip.
"Won't you be daddy's girl?" He muttered against your lips, "Be daddy's girlfriend. I'll treat you, Mmm, better than any other man ever could."
All you could do was moan in response. Too engulfed in pleasure. Too focused on the way you grinded against him, on the set of teeth that marked your skin violently.
His fingers dug crescent moons into your ass as he rutted into you. You were like jelly in his hand while he fucked you. His words went through one ear and out the other as he begged for you to be his.
"M'yes, please I wanna... wanna be daddy's girl." You whined, "I wanna be daddy's sweet girlfriend!"
His kisses were like jumper cables to a car as he peppered them along your skin.
"You're already daddy's girl, you've always been daddy's girl."
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angelicf4iry · a day ago
How? | Steve Harrington
Tumblr media
Containing: Fluff, Friends to lovers,Kissing and drinking
Steve Harrington x Fem! Reader
Your friends Steve and Robin were over at your place in the back yard you invited them over because it seemed like they needed break from all the craziness. you all were drinking can beer while in lawn chairs playing never have I ever.
“Okay. Never have I ever lost a bet” You grinned knowing Steve had lost a bet to you before “Drink up Harrington”
Steve Narrowed his eyes at you “You know you’re Real funny y/n” he said sarcastically sipping his beer
“Here’s an easy one. Never have I ever stolen anything” Robin said then pause and began chugging the beer
Yourself and Steve joined in with her drinking “Here’s easier one. Never I have ever…kissed someone” Steve muttered
A bright Red Robin took the beer can to her lips shamelessly Steve then followed suit tossing the can back. You bit your lip in embarrassment
“Y/n y-you’ve never?” Robin asked you with wide eyes heat went to your cheeks. You looked down at your down feet “no never” You answered shyly
Steve had his strong gaze on your face looking for something in your eyes he wondering how you could no one kiss your soft looking lips?
A few more rounds of never have I ever went by with laughing and giggling guys “Well I think it’s time for me to hit the sack” Robin yawned stretching her arms “Robin you’re welcome to sleep in the guest bedroom in you want” You suggested
she smiled sweetly at you the said “Thanks y/n, I think I will” you watched her walk away into the house as so did Steve when door slid closed Steve spoke up immediately “Is it true w-what you said earlier”
“Yes it is true…” you whispered “But how?! You’re one of the prettiest girls I know y/n” Steve blurted out while he stood up putting his hands through his hands frustratingly “I would expect men to be practically fighting over” the boy added
You stood up looking at Steve’s face “The reason I haven’t kissed anyone yet is because I have been waiting for the right person” you informed him
He cocked his head to the side then grinned making your heart skip a beat “maybe I’m that person” those words made your heart beat faster and you felt flustered from all the complements he had given you
“Y/n…what I’m trying to say is I have liked for a longest time but I didn’t know how to say it so I’m saying it I see you so much more as friend to me and obviously you don’t have to like me ba-“ Steve confessed but was interrupted by your lips against his
You kissed him passionately as he kissed back his hand went behind your head with other on your neck you pulled back from the kiss you breathing heavily “I feel same exact way Steve”
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jackplushie · a day ago
scravenger mc gets the full set if they want hehe-
Floyd and Jade were created in the same factory, and were meant to be service robots. Although Floyd was a little… jarring , the way he turned out. A factory worker stole him, and customised him to be a battle robot, for illegal betting fights.
He was told if he won a thousand times, he’ll be reunited with his brother.
He won seven hundred matches without replacement of any parts, until he was pitted against a robot dubbed “the king of the beasts”
Trashed. Absolutely trashed and discarded.
Mc finds him, and carries him back where Jade awaits. Jade takes one look at Floyd, and gives him a hug, holding him close.
Jade reassures Floyd when Mc’s working on him, that’s it’s ok, they’ll never be separated ever again. Mc’s here, they’ll never discard them.
Right, Shrimpy?
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your-averagewriter · 7 hours ago
“You’re not alone.”
Summary: Mike and Dustin need a new player for the campaign but luckily Eddie’s bandmate can step in. Life is stressful for everyone but especially (y/n), however now Eddie’s here. (This is literally such a rushed summary sorry). (Eddie Munson x gender neutral!reader I think)
Warnings: Alcohol, neglect, swearing, 
Word count: 1.9K
I pull on my headphones and press the play button on my cassette. 
“(y/n)...” I hear someone say my name and I look to the side of me not seeing anyone therefore questioning whether or not I actually heard my name. I keep walking until I hear my name again.
“(y/n)!” The person says louder and I pull down my headphones turning to see Eddie. “(y/n)! Hey!”
“Hey Eddie.” He speeds up a little bit to walk next to me.
“Hey, I need your help with something.”
“What is it? Can you not make it for our next concert?” I say turning to him.
“No, no, Tuesdays fine like usual.”
“Oh, okay, what is then?” I ask pulling my guitar over my shoulder.
“You know my D&D club? Hellfire Club?”
“Yeah. of course.” I smile at him. 
“Yeah, well one of the members can’t come to the next meeting so they need another member.”
“Okay.” I say not entirely knowing where I come into this.
“It’s the final meeting for my campaign and they need another member, could you come?” He smiles at me with puppy dog eyes.
“Well, when is it?”
“Tonight.” He says almost nervously.
“Umm, yeah I should be free. What time is it?”
“It starts just after school, what lesson do you have last?”
“Umm,” I pause thinking. “Music.” I say knocking my guitar in the air slightly.
“Okay, I’ll swing by your music classroom last thing and collect you?” 
“Okay, Eddie. Do I need to bring anything?”
“Just yourself, (l/n).” He winks before walking backwards after hearing the school bell.
“Okay, I’ll see you later.” I wave slightly pulling up my headphones again.
Walking to my lesson I hear the counsellor say my name through the speakers. I pull off my headphones again.
“(y/n) (l/n), (y/n) (l/n) please come to my office before your last lesson.” 
I groan before turning around and walking towards the counsellors office. I get there and knock on the door but as I do a younger girl walks out speedily. She looked like she was crying. I crane my neck to check on her but she runs into the toilets. 
“Ahh, (y/n), please come in.” The counsellor says with a smile.
I sit down in the usual chair across from desk. 
“So, how are things with you?” She asks, smiling.
“Fine.” I say dismissing the proper question.
“How’s your dad doing?” She says in an almost patronising tone.
“Fine.” I repeat again staring at the floor.
“He’s drinking again?” 
“Well, occasionally, I guess. But he’s fine.”
“And how are you?”
“Fine.” I say getting slightly stressed out. I tap my foot on the floor quickly, up and down, up and down.
“Okay, you need to tell me if anything gets bad okay?” I don’t need to tell you shit.
“Uh huh.” I agree absentmindedly staring at a empty frame behind her.
“Okay, well, I’ll check back in on you next week okay?”
“Yeah, can I go?” I ask hurriedly. 
She nods and I push back my chair quickly exiting the room and walking to my music class. 
Thankfully music goes past fast and soon I’m waiting outside of the classroom for Eddie. My music teacher always lets us out a few minutes early so I place my foot against the wall and pull out a pen. I take the cap off and start writing a list that consists of: bread, eggs, beer, vodka and cigarettes. I write it on my hand and write to remember my ID just in case the guy wants to check it.
Luckily the bell goes quite quickly so it doesn’t take long for me to see Eddie walking down the corridor pissing off the jocks and cheerleaders.
I walk towards him as he sticks his tongue out to the jocks. I drag him back with me away from them.
“Hey, (y/n).” He says only really noticing me when I grabbed his jacket, yanking him away.
“Hello.” I say tiredly.
“You okay?” He says looking down at my face because he’s quite a bit taller than me.
“Just tired, I had to speak to the counsellor before music.”
“Oh, what did she want?”
“Wanted to know about my dad and stuff.” I say looking down at the floor as we walk.
“Oh.” He says knowing it’s a kind of touchy subject. “You wanna talk about it?”
“Not really. Let’s just play some good old D&D.” I say with a small smile. “I haven’t played in a while, my campaign ended a few weeks ago.”
“You should join our one?” He says with such excitement you’d think he’d come up with the best idea ever. I chuckle.
“Maybe, although I wouldn’t want to disturb your all boys club.” I joke.
“Well, it’s not exactly intentional.” He laughs along throwing his arm over my shoulder.
We talk about the campaign and he explains most of the backstory until we get to the room where they play. 
“Do I know anyone in your campaign?” 
“Maybe, I dunno, I guess we’ll see soon.” 
He pushes the doors open revealing a dimly lit room that smells of sweat and dust. I shrivel up my nose before I get slightly more accustomed to it.
“Hello everybody!” He greets dramatically. “This here is our new temporary or maybe permanent member of the Hellfire Club…(y/n)!” He gestures to me with his hands and I wave to people who I cannot identify.
“Hi.” I say.
“(y/n)?” I hear someone say in the back corner. “Is that (y/n)?”
“No way!” I hear a familiar voice, Dustin. 
“Hey, (y/n).” I recognise the voice now as Mike. “Are you standing in for Lucas?”
“Hey, I’m not really su-”
“Yes, she is.” Eddie interjects almost proudly.
“Cool!” Dustin says and beckons me over to them. 
I pull up one of the chairs next to the two of them and Eddie perches on his little step at the head of the table.
“Please introduce your character, (l/n).” He gestures to me again.
I introduce my character, it’s level and everything then the campaign re-commences. 
I’ve got to admit the way Eddie gets into the story and game is entrancing and honestly quite attractive. I blush slightly in the darkness thinking about his level of enthralment.
At the end of the campaign we win and start to celebrate. We all venture out sound a little too proud of ourselves. I smile as everyone cheers and pats each other on the back.
“Hey, you guys enjoy the night.” I say and smile to them as I turn the other way.
“Aren’t you coming with us, (y/n)?” Mike asks.
“No, sorry, I’ve got to get to the shops before they close.”
“Oh okay.” One of the other members says.
“You guys have fun though.” I say before turning and starting to walk to my car. 
“Don’t die without me, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” I hear Eddie say and some others groan as he leaves them. “Hey, gorgeous. I’m coming with ya.” He says tongue dripping with confidence.
“I’m just going to the shops, you don’t have to come with me.” I say with a smile.
“Yeah, but I want to.” There’s a small pause before he continues. “Let’s go then, the shops will close!” He says opening one of the car doors and getting in. I chuckle before doing to same.
“What do you have to get at the store?” He says after I’ve started driving. I look down at my hand before answering.
“Bread, eggs, beer, vodka and cigarettes.” I read off of my hand.
“You drink…vodka?” He asks confused.
“No.” I chuckle. “It’s for my dad.” 
An awkward silence fills the car and neither of us feel comfortable enough to break it, or at least I thought.
“Is it bad?”
“What?” I look at him and the serious look on his face then continue. “Oh, umm, no, not really.” I say with a brief smile.
“Why can’t he get his alcohol himself.”
“He’s drunk a lot, it’s just not very practical.” I say, a slight sad tone in my voice. I take a deep breath before focusing on the road again.
“(y/n)-” He starts.
“We’re here.” I say opening the door and locking it after Eddie’s out. 
I walk toward the shop and glance at my hand once more before searching in the alcohol section for his vodka. I find his usual and grab a couple of bottles, I turn to Eddie. 
“Could you hold these for me?” He nods and I pass them over before walking over to the beer section. I grab two 4 packs of beer before walking towards the bred and egg section. I grab a loaf and dozen of eggs before making my way to the counter avoiding the awkward conversation with Eddie.
“Hey, can I have two of those as well, please?” I point to the packet of cigarettes on the top shelf.
“Do you have any ID for this stuff?” The man asks blowing out a plume of smoke.
“Yes, one second.” I say patting my pockets looking for it, I open my small bag but I can’t find it. “Shit, I must’ve left it in the car.” I murmur to myself.
“Here’s my ID, I’ll pay.” Eddie says pulling out his ID. 
We buy the stuff and he helps me bring it to the car. We put it in the backseat and get in the front. Once my seatbelt’s on I pause for a second.
“Sorry about that, I was sure I had my ID.”
“It’s fine.” He says with a brief smile.
“Umm, here.” I pull out my purse and take out the correct amount of money to pay for the stuff. 
“That should be about right.” I say shoving it into his hands. 
“No, (y/n).”
“There’s the money.”
“Do you want me to drop you off?” I say looking at him with my hands on the steering wheel. 
He looks me in the eyes and leans over towards me, one of his hands around the back of my neck and the other he places on my face. His lips are chapped and rough but against mine the kiss is soft. After the initial surprise I melt into the kiss placing both of my hands behind his neck pulling us both closer. He pulls back first both of us almost gasping for breath. I am unsure of what to do next so I just look into his eyes. They’re so pretty, so dark and deep. I know it’s cliché but I could get lost in his eyes. 
“(y/n), you need to calm down a little bit. Your gonna drive yourself crazy.” He says one of his hands still on my face.
“But my dad needs me-” I start feeling the tears well up in my eyes.
“Your dad needs to sort himself out.” He says brutally but I know it’s true.
“But he won’t.” I say with solidarity. “It’s not gonna happen so the least I can do is take care of him.” I say definitively.
“Who’s gonna look after you?” He asks softly. 
“No one. I’m all by myself.” I say slowly.
“You don’t have to be, I’m right here.” A few tears roll down my cheeks and he wipes them before leaning over and hugging me and enveloping me in warmth. “You’re not alone anymore.”
AN: I hope you guys enjoyed my first Stranger Things fanfic. I have fallen in love with Eddie and loved writing for him.
I’ve only seen the first episode of season 4 so far so sorry if I got any of his character wrong.
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Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat.Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in heat. Gorou in h---
Every time I thikn of heat I think of that furry phase I narrowly missed cause 2 of my friends in jr high were furries (literally went to school walking around between classes with a tail) and I refused to get into it lol.
Gorou x gn!reader (reader top though so)
Type: bullet points and story
warnings: It's just smut bro. Sub!bottom!gorou, soft dom!top reader. Specifics are under cut.
If yoy want gorou in rut lemme know 👌👌
No matter how many times I read over my work I will always miss typos/grammatical errors and I apologize
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Specific nfsw content: praise kink (use of good boy and other doggy terms, implied reader has a dick but tried writing it so it can be seen as getting pegged as well. Begging, thigh riding, coming untouched, slight overstim. Eating out (gorou recieving) teasing, slight breeding kink if you squint hard enough.
So before yall are dating Gorou was good at hiding his heats from the army
It actually just became less intense to the point it was barely noticeable due to lack of visual stimulation. He considered everyone he works with as family too quickly to see them that way.
But then you joined the army and a dam burst. The first to join in a longgggg time.
Yall fellow pot heads know how you haven't had a pot brownie in forever so you kinda forget how long it takes for it to kick in so you continue to eat more. And you're like "Did I not put enough weed in it?.....oh shit, OH SHI--"
He didn't get it immediately I think heats are periodic, like 2 times a year one in spring and one in fall. Or if someone is physically trying to come onto them and they do reciprocate.
So when you first join it wasnt during that period, maybe winter when the war is on a periodic still for being too cold to fight healthily. Because of this he thought you were cute but he'd learn to just love you like family like he did everyone else.
but when spring finally came around and you walked into breakfast without your armour on (you're still in the under clothing lol this isn't an exhibitionist fic sorry) It's game over bro.
A year of lack of visual and physical stimulation hit him all at once. It starts with his tail twitching, then you stretch your arms on the table like a cat revealing a bit too much of your chest, now he's blushing, his ears are down casted as the heat builds up.
"General gorou? You doing ok?"
"Hm? Oh I...Uh...." He didn't even register your words cause it's getting really dizzy and he's getting tunnel vision trying to look anywhere but your chest. "I...Should go see when delivery for our next shipment of supplies are coming!"
Avoids you for the rest of the heat (I imagine it last like a week-2weeks max). It dies down a bit cause he knows how to manage it but the second he sees you it's like he's a horny teen again and can't make eye contact with the person he just jerked off to (lol)
First couple times he does manage to control himself till its gone for the time being, just cause this man's wayyyy too shy to do anything about it.
But it does get harder and harder, silently calling himself an idiot for thinking he was a pro at hiding it before. No sir you just had nothing to jerk off to till now. Now you do and you're FUCKED.
One month he knows an especially hard one is coming and he's caving in the weeks to come in nervousness. He feels manipulative finally working up the courage to ask you out solely so he can get you to fuck him but....at this point he's desperate.
He asked you out 3 weeks before his heat. 3 weeks is enough time to get to know someone to want to ..... bed them right?? Surely theyd like me enough to do that....right? Oh shit are they even a top????
Now he has a whole other thing to worry about (lol 2x)
General gorou did not show to dinner, and he didn't show to his night patrol shift either. You being his s/o, got asked to check on him. You wondered maybe with how busy his schedule has been as of late, the stress probably gave him a cold. So you prepared some soup and a loaf of bread, as well as some herbal tea to soothe any groggyness/headache he might have. Meds were scarce at the moment on the camp so this just had to do st the moment till you lettered Kokomi for the supplies.
"Gorou? You doing alright hun?" You tap your foot on a stump that laid in front of Gorous tent, used as a makeshift door knocker since...well its a tent.
"D---dont come in y/n! Im...not doing so well." He said on the other side, his voice ragged and breathing heavy. He was second guessing himself now, felt guilty about his reasoning to ask you out. He did like you, but he realized the night before that 3 weeks wasn't enough time to ask someone to do something like this for you. First times together should be romantic and come naturally. Not when your high out of your mind on horny hormones.
"Ok, well I have some food and tea that could help, can I at least come in to bring it to you?"
".......that......should be fine." You walk in, his body laying on his cot completely covered with a blanket. His tail stook out and twitched left and right with each step you took closer. You sat on a small stool beside him and set the soup down next to his bedside table. "You d-dont have to stay. I wouldn't want you.....getting....affected by this because of m-me." He whispered,muffled slightly due to the covers still over him.
"Gorou can you even sit up to eat this?"
"I'll be fine..i promise."
"So stubborn" You pout, gently grabbing the covers and pulling them out of the way. Gorou yelped a bit at the sudden sight of you, face flushed mistaken to you by the cold, but his pupils were blown out which made you a bit confused. Maybe it's a canine-person symptom when they get sick? "Cmon, lemme help you sit up." You reach over to grab his arm and other to place onto the small of his back.
"Ah!" He moaned slightly, taking you both by surprise as he sat up on his own and jerked away. "I think....you should go now y/n."
"What? Gorou whats--"
"As your general is imperative to state the importance of getting a good night's sleep and.....and..." his eyes are darting around the room, shaky hands clutching the covers over his groin area to hide everything.
"Gorou....are you...what's it called?" You pause for a moment to gather your thoughts. "In a rut?"
Oh no. He just blushes more out of embarassment, looking down at his hands. If only it was a rut, maybe this conversation would be less awkward if he was the one that wanted to mate, not be mated. The manliness he felt in himself waning at the thought of you being disappointed he's not a top. Ever so slightly he shakes his head. "Not a rut." He whimpers out, but the way he's practically trembling now from anxiety more than the ailment was telling enough.
Oh? Oh. It clicked in your head, knowing a bit of the difference between a rut and a heat. If it wasn't a rut, then it must be that. "Well whatever it is," you start, picking your words carefully as not to make him any more embarassed, "You know as your s/o that Im able to help right?"
"I can't ask you to do that y/n. This...isn't how I wanted it to be." That was a lie. He definitely planned this but he didn't want them to think that was the only reason he asked them out. You quietly stand up and take a seat next to him on the cot, him jumping at the sudden dip and closness, instantly leaning his head in and closing his eyes as your hand goes to cup his cheek. Archons it felt so nice, he thought.
"You don't have to ask me love, I'm offering. Can you look at me Gorou?" He opens his eyes, grimacing slightly at how much just looking at you had an effect on him. I'm so dirty, he thought. " you cup the other side of his face, and gave him a genuine smile. "My good boy. Can I help you?"
Gorou gulps at the nick name, pausing in awe at you before finally removing the covers from his bottom half, a noticeable tent in size and discoloration from pre already leaking. You peck him on the nose and adjust him so Gorou is straddling you. The second your hands grab his waist he's Hunching forward slightly at the contact, and immediately trying to stop himself from bucking when he puts his full weight down on your thigh. "It's ok puppy, let yourself go." You encourage, whispering it close to his ear, and beginning to kiss his neck. He still tried to stifle his moans, but the second your chest met his to angle your head right, he was bucking like crazy. Riding your thigh in slowly growing ferver, the harder sucks on his neck earning you moans he couldn't keep in.
"Ah...ah ugh..hah...y/n...ah! Ahhh Im...i" his pace quickened more, you helped out by pushing his hips down more on your thigh. He doesn't have time to finish the sentence. He rest his head on your shoulder and keens in your ear and comes. Shaking and twitching slightly from the after shocks of you still grinding his hips down.
"Want more love?" You ask, petting his head, intentionally playing with his ears. You feel him nod, too blissed out to speak at the moment. "Hm? I'm sorry I didn't hear you? Maybe that was enough." You stop your petting and his head immediately shoots up to look at you, biting his lip and eyes full of desperation. He whines a bit,grabbing your hands to put them back on his waist, but you intertwined them together instead. "Use your words Gorou."
He looks down slightly, eyes moving between your lips and eyes. "I...I...please."
"Please what?"
"Please I....I ache...I need you y/n....in...inside."
You smile, giving him a deep kiss, parting your lips so he can slip his tongue in and yourself moaning and giggling at his desperation. In between breaths you help him remove his pants. You look down and laugh at the soaked fabric, "real pent up huh?"
"D-dont laugh!" You kiss him again.
"It's ok love. I'm here to help now." You move to rest on your stomach with your head directly in front of Gorous dick, it wasn't too large, just slightly above average at 7 inches and not any thicker than anyone else, but it curved slightly inwards and was blushing a cute shade of pink like his face. You give the tip a kiss, it twitching in rhythm with his tail. You begin to clean up the cum left over on his dick and abdomen where it smeared due to being stuck in his pants. All the while your dominate hand slowly beginning to finger his tight little hole. "Lube?" You ask.
"E..everything you need is in the bedside table."
You try to stop a giggle, your thoughts trailing off imagining Gorou pleasuring himself, trying to stay quiet so no one heard him release, or quickly fixing himself and covering up when someone interupts. You lean over to the drawer and pull the items out, meanwhile Gorou finally removes his shirt and begins helping you remove your clothes as well. Something about helping you out of your clothes felt more intimate than the festivities you just did with him. He took it slow despite his need, watching your arms rise and your chest slowly come Into view. "So perfect." He whispered, earning a blush from you this time.
You place your hands on his chest, slowly rubbing before giving them a gentle squeeze,"Not so bad yourself there." He scoffed at the assertiveness,rolling his eyes as you gave a cheeky wink. You lean back down, he produced a wetness all on his own but you wanted be sure you weren't hurting him. Slowly lubibg your fingers up and putting 2 in before continuing to lick his penis, slowly getting lower to suck his left ball, then his right.before eventually you were low enough to get your tongue right at his ring. "Turn around for me babe."
He listened, getting on all fours, hips bucking as you place both hands on his pretty round ass, not a bubble butt persay. Years of training making it toned and chisled, but definitely bigger than normal. You lean down to kiss a particularly big scar that went from his lower back and angled down his left check.. Your tongue re enters, licking at his folds and searching for that one spot. When a quick yelp and a tug forward finally escapes Gorous lips,you knew you found it. Unfortunately your tongue wasn't long enough to his it completely, just enough to scrape it. But you continued none the less, messaging and squeezing Gorous butt in tandem, also to keep him for Jerking his hips back too much.
You quickly fell love with the needy whines he made when you teased him. You didn't consider yourself much a dom,a top maybe, but taking the lead in intimate relations didn't really cross your mind. For gorou though, seeing him whine and moan, sweat tangling his fur and tail wagging and twitching with each touch, you'd gladly take the reigns every time.
"Not- not enough. Y/n please. I need it already!"
You remove your mouth, giving his butt a quick little nip before getting on your knees to line yourself up. "Ready love?" He doesn't answer, just whines and rubs your length between his ass, trying to get it to hook inside. To continue your teasing you lean back a bit, earning more whines,right as he was about to turn his head around in confusion you pushed the entire length in in one go. He screamed, "aahhhughhhmmmm!!!" Quickly covering his mouth in fear someone outside the tent heard that. "Ahh ! Mmm--- y/n. So...ssssho"
"So, what, love?" You emphasized each with pulling mostly out before just the tip remained,and jamming it quickly back in before the next word.
"Shoo...shoo.. GuUudD. Aah. L--wuv you." His words were slurring, he had a vice grip on the blanket crumpled in front of him. Trying desperately to match your rhythm and he bucks back to get you deeper.
"Love you to. My good boy, so tight just for me."
"Only for yew" He confirms. "More..Archons pweleAsE fill mwe moar!"
You just laugh,switching positions so his back was flush to your chest, lifting his thighs up so it could go in deeper. He quickly leaned his head back on your shoulder, yelps coming out of his mouth each thrust and tongue sticking out to smear his face in drool. You kiss his neck,he quickly turns his head over to kiss you. It's sloppy and he's too out of his mind to put real effort in it, but it was sweet none the less. One particularly hard thrust has him arching up," C-close! Y/N I..hah, ugh"
"Me to baby. Together with me now ok?" You thrust a few more time, deeper and harder each time. Before finally you both moaned in release, un hooking his thighs soon after, inadvertently having him sink a bit more on you due to his dead weight and Cumming more ropes out of him. You wrapped your arms around his waist, snuggling your head on his shoulder and leaning it against his. Gorous tongue was still sticking out, panting heavily as his drool dripped down his cum soaked chest. You waited til he began to soften to pull out. Soft groans left him. You grav a towel that was also in the drawer to help clean him, Gorou being too tired to do anything but rest his hands on the arm still wrapped around him, closing his eyes as his head rested beside yours.
"You calmed down now? No burning up?" You ask. He sighs contently and nods. You want to talk to him a bit more in length about how his heats work, but for now you were both too tired for lengthy conversations like that.
"Sorry." Goroy whispers, now more conscious, grip tightening on your hands still around his wwaist.
"Hm? What for?"
"Our first time should've been more romantic, not because of some condition I have where you had to do it."
You turn him around at that, putting a hand up to his chin so he could face you a better. "Gorou you didn't make me do anything. I didn't feel obligated, I felt like you needed me and I let you have me. Nothing was unconsentual, and I think it was very romantic to trust me with something like this." He blushes, eyes sparkling in awe at just how amazing you are, how easy those words of affirmation came out about a subject Gorous always been embarassed about.
"You want to...stay the the night tonight, cuddle with me?"
You kiss his cheek. "I'd love to."
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oddshroom · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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A Strange Morning After
Series Masterlist // Want More Marvel?
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange x Fem!Apprentice!Reader
Warnings and Tags: Language, Reference of events in Infinity War, Multiverse, MoM Spoilers, NWH Spoilers, Fake Dating, 4th Wall? Meet Hammer, The Cloak Gets What It Wants, Everyone Still Needs Therapy, Mentions of Sex , Finances, Third Eye
Honorable Mentions: Peter Parker, America Chavez, Wong, The Cape of Levitation, Thanos
“You’re completely sure-“
“Yes, I am completely sure you are gonna walk out of this,” (Y/N) assured her friend.
Ha, if only she was sure of the same thing. Okay. That was dramatic... but... She was much more confident about the breaking and entering. 
“Why the hell do they even wanna know me? I’m pretty sure they think I’ve defiled you,” he hissed quietly as they made their way down the stairs.
She blinked, turning her head to him, “Peter.”
“Sorry, that was blunt. I just...”
She placed her hand on his shoulder, squeezing as they made their way to the bottom step, “Just be your lovely, polite, charismatic self and you will get out of this just fine, okay?” “Well, of course he is, he’s dating you.”
The pair jumped out of their skin.
America stood, eyes wide at their reaction. “Ah... sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you guys. I’m sure you’ve had enough for that for a while.”
(Y/N) fought the blush on her face. As did Peter. And lost.
“I’m America,” the youth offered, offering her hand for him to shake.
Peter stared for a moment. Then a moment longer. Probably because he was meeting a multidimensional traveler for the first time. He swallowed, remembering himself and holding out his own, “Peter. Peter Parker.”
“Cool name. Nice alliteration.”
“I... I didn’t pick it out or anything but...”
(Y/N) squeezed his shoulder from where she held it, “What he means to say is ‘Thank you’.”
Peter shot her a relieved look.
The traveler’s smile grew into a bit of a smirk, making her own way to the kitchen, “Well, I’m gonna give you guys some last moments of privacy. I’ll see you lovebirds in there.”
She was pretty sure the young man under her hand would’ve evaporated at the comment had she not supported him.
They waited until America was out of sight and ear shot.
“Oh my god,” Peter groaned into his hands.
“Peter,” (Y/N) said, moving to stand in front of him. She planted her hands onto his shoulders, “You have got this. Hell, you’ve even went up against Thanos.”
“Yeah, well Thanos doesn’t want my head on a stick.” “I- We’re not gonna get into all that's wrong with that statement. There’s not enough time. I need the both of us to just... chill.”
He nodded, taking a deep breath in.
She met his teak gaze, “Peter. I promise you. You will get out of this perfectly fine. Its just like an awkward family dinner.”
“Yeah, but-” “But nothing. If anyone starts anything, I’m going to finish it. Trust me.”
Peter looked a bit more confident.  “It’s just acting... like a play,” he said.
(Y/N) nodded, grateful to have gotten through a little bit more, “Exactly. And, like on stage, you’re not alone. Can we go get this over with now?”
The hero nodded, straightening out his shoulders, “I’m gonna play the fuck out of being a good boyfriend.”
She snorted, “Alright then,” She patted his shoulders before attempting to walk away.
He caught one of her hands as she did so.
(Y/N) raised an eyebrow, looking back at him.
He squeezed it.
“Like I said, I’m a good boyfriend. Lead the way.”
She blinked. Oh. Cool. (Y/N) shot him a playful, yet thankful wink as she began to lead him into the lions den.
The threshold of the kitchen stood just beyond. She didn’t dare stop, though. It was time to rip the band aid off. Plus, Wong seemed to like Peter just fine. America was amicable... unfortunately those were not the people either her or the young hero were concerned about.
The aroma from inside was delightful. Light, sweet, and just what she needed. Her stomach rumbled excitedly, eager to get some form of nourishment. She would need it.
Wong was at the stove, cracking an egg and whistling a tune to himself. America sat at the table, talking about one thing or another with a Stephen Strange who-
“Hey sleepyheads,” America greeted loudly, as if she hadn’t seen them just minutes beforehand.
Just as soon as (Y/N) spotted it, the extremity was gone.
Maybe she preferred it over the icy look she got.
She squeezed Peter’s hand for comfort. He gave one back.
“Mornin’,” (Y/N) nodded, “I’m sure you guys remember Peter.”
“We do,” Wong spoke as he focused on his work. 
Strange’s nearly silent, “We sure do...” wasn’t missed.
Strength. She had this. If she could sit through 665 and it’s backwards politics, she could sit at a table with people she knew and cared about. She led Peter to it, taking placing him between her and America.
That way, God forbid, if something did happen, she’d have someone strong on her side of the table.
“I suppose I should introduce myself,” Wong said, waving blindly to the man sitting next to her, “I am Wong. Welcome to the Sanctum Sanctorum.” “Thank you so much for having me.”
“It’s not a problem,” Wong said.
The former Supreme made a noise in his throat.
(Y/N) was quick to shoot him her own look. 
“I’m sure you’ve seen my charming companion Doctor Stephen Strange.”
“Of- of course. I remember. It’s nice officially meeting you, Stephen-”
“It’s Sir.”
Come the fuck on. (Y/N) rolled her eyes, leaning in closer to Peter as he reasonably flustered, “Don’t mind him. He just likes being the most important one in the room.”
She caught the barely contained sneer at the comment. Didn’t care. 
Why the hell was Strange being like this? Sure, things between him and her were never exactly what you would call gravy. But Peter was a good, moral young man. Honestly, if she had brought him home to anyone else, he would’ve gotten stars upon stars. (Besides being younger, but Peter carried himself with an air of ‘been there, done that’.)
America hummed, glancing over at Peter, “So... (Y/N) told us you’re going to school right now?”
Peter’s expression changed, “She talked about me already?” He gave a curious expression to (Y/N).
“Well, that’s more than she’s told us,” Wong playfully chastised as he brought over the first plates.
“Could you blame me?” the apprentice in question raised her eyebrow.
The cape, ever present on it’s doctor, twitched.
“Well, guess I can’t blame you for wanting to keep a good thing secret,” the young man put on a warm chuckle, nudging (Y/N)’s shoulder with his own. He was settling into this role nicely. Maybe they’d be able to survive this after all.
She sent him a sweet, grateful grin, “I’m glad we’re on the same page.”
A shuffle was heard as the cloak ripped itself off of Strange’s shoulders. The man himself seemed a bit confused, breaking his mask of apathetic disinterest. “Where do you think you’re-”
The levitating Good Sir did not pay it’s master any mind, rippling through the air until it landed itself on (Y/N)’s shoulders. Not that she minded too much- although the speed of in which it happened really-
Fabric made it’s way between the clasped hands under the table, prying them apart with a very purposeful snap of the corner.
“Holy--” she started to react-
Strange smirked into his coffee cup, picking up a newspaper on the table.
She clicked her jaw shut.
Oh. Okay then...
Shockingly, it went about as every tense family meal might. Usually, this would lead to bitter tears... not now though. It was probably the most positive outcome that could come out of this. Sure, everything Strange said was strangely not even just passive aggressive, but America and Wong kept the conversation light and friendly.
Peter was doing a lovely job, though. Keeping a straight face while being blindly hated by someone you actually knew? She would’ve broken down into tears. He was doing fairly well.
Especially for not being able to give affection to someone you were supposed to be dating because of a cloak.
Her dearest, and nearest friend was being possessive. She hadn’t even known a piece of sentient fabric who could be so petty. However, she was continually surprised at how swiftly it created a barrier. Any hand holding? No. Shoulder bumps? Smacked away.
She probably would’ve cared a bit more if she wasn’t full and satisfied.
She had went to town on her food, stuffing her face full of Wong’s special Danish Pancakes. “Thank you so much,” she hummed around the sweet taste, wiping off the corner of her mouth.
Peter nodded as well, “Very good, Mr. Wong.”
“Only Stephen holds onto those weird formalities. Call me just Wong,” the Sorcerer Supreme smiled kindly.
“Wong,” her fake boyfriend nodded, “Well, either way, I needed that, so thank you.”
“Of course you did. Gotta get calories back after the night you had,” the teen said bluntly, taking a bite of her own food.
(Y/N) was sure she was red. If she wasn’t, Peter definitely was. The young man kept his gaze on the table as the rest of the table reacted.
“America... don’t say things like that.... That’s their adult business,” Wong lectured her as Stephen pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Barely...” Stephen grumbled.
Man, she could’ve just went off. Instead of giving him the satisfaction of an answer, she just chuckled instead, taking another bite of food. Christ. Wong was a good cook. (Y/N) made a noise of appreciation, taking another.
Her mentor’s fist clenched around the handle of his mug.
“So,” the only level headed person in the room tried to move things along, “What are your plans for your day off?”
Oh. That. She glanced over at Peter, actually being honest for the first time during the conversation, “I don’t know. You got time free?”
The cloak vibrated around her, barely detectable. But it was. 
He blinked and then smiled, “Well, yeah. I don’t have anything planned.”
America chimed in, “The beach might be a good option today, while we still got good weather.”
Peter nodded, looking over at (Y/N), “That might be the move for today.”
(Y/N) sighed, shaking her head, “Unless you want me swimming around in my underwear, that’s not the move.”
The young traveler shrugged, “Well, you two have already seen all that right?-” 
Stephen choked around his current sip.
Wong held up a hand to stall his younger apprentice, “America... remind me we’re going to have a long conversation about tact.”
Peter cleared his throat, trying to fight the beet red off of his cheeks, “I mean... we could shop. I could help you.”
The Former Sorcerer Supreme narrowed his eyes as he lowered his cup, “You even act like you’re gonna pay.”
Holy shit. (Y/N) rolled her eyes, “I can pay for myself, you know.”
“I’m just saying some broke college kid is no means for financial aid.”
“Stephen,” she finally spat out, “Enough.”
Peter squirmed in his seat. Oh well. Breakfast was pretty much over with anyway. She shook her head, lifting the cloak off of her shoulders. It only resisted a bit, giving what seemed an apologetic squeeze as it let her go.
“Anyway, the beach and shopping sound splendid,” she huffed, glancing over at her faux beau, “I’m ready when you are.”
“Yeah- Yeah that sounds good,” the young man was more than grateful to be given an out.
They exchanged their terse goodbyes- well, at least Wong and America did. Stephen stayed silent as the pair stood up, making their way around the table. (Y/N) rolled her shoulders- still sore from the actual events of the night before, as she passed him, Peter leading the way out-
Fingers touched her wrist. Carefully, searching.
“Do you actually need help affording something decent?”
She blinked. Peter was already walking ahead and out, going to anyplace where he could probably scream safely.
She glanced at the source of the question. Stephen looked up at her, his crystal eyes searching her. 
“I... I’m sure whatever I got is fine,” she said, a little taken aback by the inquiry.
Stephen sighed, flipping his wrist. When it came back, a silver card rested between his fingers. He held it out.
(Y/N) stared at it.
“Consider this my apology.”
She swallowed. Wh... What even was happening right now? Wong and America seemed all too engrossed in their own activities.
He lifted his brows, a gentler expression, as he offered it again.
“Fine. Consider it Asshole Tax, then.”
She licked her lips, thinking.
Strange noted the movement.
(Y/N) cleared her throat, finally, plucking it from his fingers, “This isn’t me forgiving you. You still got a long way to go.”
“I’d be disappointed if I didn’t.” He held her in his gaze for a moment longer before tearing his gaze away, “Don’t do anything stupid.”
She quickly walked away, admittedly a bit disoriented, waving behind her as she did so.
The kitchen was idle noises of scraping forks and flipping pages.
“You are grounded,” Stephen pointed a finger at America.
“What? Grounded?” the traveler raised an eyebrow, “You’re not in charge of me.”
“She’s right, she is my ward as well,” Wong said, giving a look to Stephen before looking at her as well, “You are grounded, though.” ~~~
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