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#x reader

y/n would put a joybuzzer on their hand and slap doomguy’s ass everytime they got especially when he’s trying to do something important

vega would just turn off the lights whenever anyone was trying to do anything and pretend he wasn’t there when they told him to turn it back on

doomguy would move everything in the fortress like an inch to the left and everything in the shelves up to the highest one so you’d be bumping into everything and wouldn’t be able to reach anything

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Faith, Trust, and a Lack of Pants | Wilford Warfstache x Reader

Sorry it took so long to get to your request! But I hope you enjoy! Requests are still open for all you wonderful people.


17. “Do you trust me?” | “No, but I’ll follow your dumb ass to the ends of the earth anyway.”



    When [Y/n] had first come to know Markiplier and his egos, it hadn’t been through the man himself. Rather, she had been introduced to them via an infamous, pink-mustached, gun-slinging reporter. Their meeting, however, was by no means conventional. It was quite messy and explosive. [Y/n] had been attempting to nail down a job as a graphic designer at a large company for some time. She had believed her resume was good and that her interview had gone well. Unfortunately, she had been waiting over two weeks for a phone call or email, but there had been nothing. The silence was enough to make her doubt her skills.

    Not wanting to let her disappointment overwhelm her, [Y/n] had gone to her favorite bakery to treat herself. A good cookie or tasty slice of cake always made her feel better. However, she never expected to bump into Wilford. It wasn’t a casual “oh, sorry and excuse me,” it was a full-on collision. Coffee went flying, pastries splattered against clothes, and limbs were bruised. While [Y/n] was recovering, a heavily accented voice rang out from above her.

    “Oh, dear! I do apologize, darling. I must watch where I am going. Everything gets jumbled up here, ya know?” A deep chuckle followed, causing the woman to look up.

    A man with a flamboyant pink mustache offered his hand and pulled [Y/n] to her feet. Brushing off the remains of her treat from her shirt, she looked up at him. “Uh… You… don’t have to apologize, sir. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” She replied, offering a tight-lipped smile.

    “Nonsense! As reparation for my lack of hindsight, I shall repay you. How does an interview sound?” He asked, causing [Y/n]’s features to furrow.

    “An… interview…? Wait, for like a job or…? Who are you, exactly?”

    Smacking his forehead, the man groaned. “Oh! I keep forgetting my manners. The name is Warfstache. Wilford Warfstache, reporter extraordinaire! Surely, you’ve heard of my show: Warfstache Tonight?”

    Unfortunately, [Y/n] had not heard of the reporter or his show. “I’m sorry, Mr. Warfstache. I don’t watch much TV—Netflix is more my style.” She admitted.

    Wilford frowned, his pink mustache drooping. Was that even possible? [Y/n] had no time to ponder on it further as the man grabbed her wrist. “Oh, come now! Now I have to interview you. It’s only fair.”

    [Y/n] had no further say on the matter. Wilford scheduled an interview on his show and wouldn’t hear otherwise. Fast forward to about a week later, [Y/n] found herself on the set of Warfstache Tonight, answering quite comical and ludicrous questions. It was an interesting experience, and [Y/n] found herself laughing and enjoying it all. Wilford was quite a character, easily shown through all of his exuberant gestures and outbursts. Though the fact he carried a pistol was a little concerning, [Y/n] found she didn’t mind it much. When she told Wilford about her job issue, the man gasped and asked her what she did.

    “Graphic design.”

    “Good golly! It seems our meeting was more than just bad luck, my dear! I’ve been looking for a graphic designer for months, but any candidates seem to just… disappear!” Wilford replied, frowning and appearing deep in thought. [Y/n] didn’t know what to think about the “disappearing” workers.

    “That sounds unfortunate.”

    “It is! Say, would you like to work for me? Your skills could definitely be put to good use.” He offered.

    [Y/n]’s heart skipped a beat. “R… Really? You’d hire me?”

    “Of course, dear! This interview has allowed me to learn more about you than any old work interview.”

    [Y/n] accepted Wilford’s job offer, and has been working for him ever since. Through their work relationship, the woman met his brothers. Some were oddballs like Wilford, while others were more serious and refined. Dark, for example, still gave her the heebie jeebies sometimes, even after several months of knowing each other. Nevertheless, [Y/n] and Wilford continued the expand and nurture their friendship. While Wilford could be a loose cannon, the woman was there to counter his insanity. She was able to calm him down when Kathryn couldn’t. And while she’d only known him for less than a year, she had come to expect the unexpected when it came to Warfstache. So when Wilford came bursting into her office, his yellow shirt splattered with blood, she was hardly fazed.

    “Oh! [Y/n], my dear. I seem to have run into some trouble. I assure you, it’s all a simple misunderstanding, but I would really appreciate it if you could—”

    “Where’s the car?” [Y/n] asked, her tone almost bored. She had lost track of the number of “misunderstandings” Wilford had caused in the past seven months. It was somewhere in the fifties, she was sure of that. That was quite lax compared to about a year ago.

    “O… Out on the curb.” Wilford stuttered, surprised that [Y/n] was being so calm about this. He was used to the woman freaking out whenever he even mentioned doing something illegal. But it seems this time was different.

    Grabbing her keys, [Y/n] dragged Wilford out by his collar. Wilford spluttered, but didn’t put up much more of a fight. He knew it was useless against the woman, seeing as she could be pretty stern. When they reached the car, [Y/n] started the engine, which roared to life. Pulling out onto the main road outside the building, she began driving towards the Iplier mansion. It was the only place the cops wouldn’t be able to track him to. It was hidden from anyone the egos didn’t want around.

    Wilford was unusually quiet during the drive. Yes, he could deal with the consequences of his actions by himself, but having [Y/n] there made it easier. She never asked any questions—not anymore, at least—and she was always willing to go the extra mile to help. But her silence and uncanny compliance concerned the pink-mustached man a little. Had she become numb to his problems? Was she fed up with his mistakes? Wilford didn’t know.

    “[Y/n].” A small hum was the only response the reporter received. “I… Do… Do you trust me?”

    A long period of silence passed between them. [Y/n] sighed heavily as she glanced over at her friend. Did she trust him? It was hard to expect anything from him as his behavior fluctuated so wildly. “I… No, but I’ll follow your dumb ass to the ends of the earth anyway.

    Wilford chuckled at her response. He hadn’t expected anything less. [Y/n] looked over at him. She had expected him to be angry at her reply, but here he was, laughing? She couldn’t help but smile and return his chortle.

    “Now, my dear, would you indulge me in your reasons why you don’t trust me?”

    “Well, if I’m to honest, Wilford, you’re not exactly the most stable or predictable of characters. You do know we are running from the cops because of something you did, right?” She teased, earning an eye roll. “But I do trust you. I trust you to be somewhat responsible around me and your brothers.”

    Wilford smiled. “Oh, trust you me, my dear, I can be trustworthy. From time to time. Perhaps I can earn your trust while on a date?”

    [Y/n] nearly slammed on the brakes in surprise. “Are… are you asking me out on a date while we’re currently running from the cops? Are you serious, Wilford?” The woman was quite astonished that the reporter would even think about asking her out. He never seemed like the person to want to pursue romantic relationships with anyone. Much less a coworker!

    “Why, yes! It adds to the ambiance, don’t you think? A high speed chase, no where to escape to… Sounds wonderful.” He replied with his classic carefree attitude. [Y/n] laughed and rolled her eyes.

    “Classic Warfstache. I should have expected this from you.” She replied. “But alright. I guess since we’re stuck in the car, I’ll take you up on that offer. Once you’re not on the to-kill list for the FBI. And this is not a high-speed car chase, Wilford.” She reminded.

    Wilford raised his hands, sticking out his bottom lip in mock innocence. “Alrighty, my dear. Does next week sound alright?” Cue more giggles, witty quips, and eye rolls from both parties as they continued on their way to the Iplier mansion.

    One week later, Wilford did well on his promise. After lowering his notoriety level in record time, he took [Y/n] out on a date. It wasn’t extravagant, but it also wasn’t impromptu, either. Though [Y/n] was nervous to be going out with her boss, she was quickly soothed by her date. Wilford had planned out a simple and flexible itinerary. Take a walk in the park, converse, buy some ice cream and cookies at the bakery they had met at so many months ago. Simple and easy to change.

    Trembling with excitement, [Y/n] waited on her porch for Wilford. The man was only a few minutes late and slightly out of breath. “I do apologize, [Y/n]. Yan and the twins wouldn’t stop fussing over what I was supposed to wear and do. It took Host and Dark to get them off.” He chuckled, causing the woman to giggle.

    “Yes… I can see why the great and powerful Warfstache would need help with his wardrobe.”

    Wilford had forgotten his pants.

    Cue the blushing, stuttering mess of a man apologizing and making excuses. [Y/n] only laughed. “Don’t worry, Wilford. Besides, who needs to go out for a date, anyway?” She took his hand and dragged the reporter into her home. “Unfortunately, I don’t really have any clothes your size as I’m not willing to sacrifice my favorite pajama pants for you. Even if you are my boss.”

    Wilford chuckled, his cheeks still retaining their bright red hue. “I… I honestly thought I would have remembered to put on some pants, [Y/n]. I am so sorry.” He stated, looking down at the floor.

    “Eh. It gives me an excuse to have a movie night.”

    Perking up at the idea of an at-home movie night, Wilford was eager to help prepare the snacks. Popcorn, candy, ice cream, you name it. It was no secret that the reporter had a major sweet tooth. [Y/n] eagerly indulged their shared tastes. The movie they ended up watching—rather, the movies—was the entire Marvel franchise, all in chronological order. They were up late laughing and doing impressions of their favorite characters. Dawn was quickly approaching by the time [Y/n] clonked out. Being a timeless, immortal being, Wilford didn’t necessarily need sleep. But seeing how cozy and warm [Y/n] looked, he couldn’t help but give in and fall asleep, too.

    It was only hours later that they awoke to Dark looming over them. “You’re late for another meeting, Warfstache. And do stop by the house to pick up some pants from Yan. He tried to warn you.”

    With a puff of dark grey smoke, the entity was gone, leaving the embarrassed pair to themselves. [Y/n] insisted that Wilford take some left over cookies to share with his brothers at their meeting; heavily emphasis on the word share.

    “I make no promises, darling!” Wilford cooed as he kissed her cheek and disappeared into thin air, leaving [Y/n] very much confused and a blushing mess.

    “If he could teleport, why didn’t he just get some pants earlier…?” She questioned, but received no answer from the emptiness. Some questions didn’t have viable answers, it seems.


I hope you enjoyed this one-shot! I had a fun time writing it. Again, requests are open, so head on over to my prompt lists and see if anything appeals to you. Or just send in your own ideas!

@weirdlyobsessedwithegos @fischyplier @blueychews @queenofdeansass

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Song - Bruno Mars, Gorilla


Bakugou was used to listening to your singing and recording something new for your patreons, since this had been your hobby and also kind of second job for the last two years and even though in the beginning he didn’t understand why you had such a “weird” hobby when you were simultaneously training to become a hero; but in the end, it was something that made you happy and who was he to deny you such happiness?

Plus, deep inside he really loved listening to you nail each and every song you sang and your vocal range was just impressive to him as he definitely hadn’t heard another man belt like you could (then again, he didn’t listen to a lot of music so maybe that’s why).

So, lay it down, lay it down
You got your legs up in the sky with the devil in your eyes
Let me hear you say you want it all

He didn’t even pay too much attention to you at first, but, the more words spilled from your lips the more he got curious, actually locking his phone and actively trying to listen to you as he hadn’t heard the song you were singing before.

I promise is a killer, you’ll be banging on my chest
Bang bang, gorilla

Katsuki’s eyebrow was twitching a little when he listened, your higher pitched voice sending a shiver down his spine and making the goosebumps spread along his arms, making the fine, blonde hairs stand up while his cheeks were painted in a soft rosy color – making love like gorillas, huh?

But you don’t look like you’re scared
You just smile and tell me, “Daddy, it’s yours.”

Oh shit, he definitely felt a small twinge in his lower abdomen. Not being able to withhold the urge as he slowly turned his head to look back where you were standing in your little corner full of tech stuff, the mic in front of you.

And you’re screaming, “give it to me baby
Give it to me motherfucker”

Right then and there, you looked at him as if you knew he was watching you. Your eyes met, his face flared up and yet, he had to bite his lip, a little bit embarrassed and at the same time turned on from just mere words that were escaping your lips in such a seductive way – the way you grinned definitely didn’t help.

Even though you kept on singing and looking away as you had to look back to the screen for the lyrics, Bakugou couldn’t look the other way anymore. It was the first time your singing had affected him so much that he even felt provoked in some weird way. Provoked to do something and act upon your words.

I got your body trembling like it should, it should
You’ll never be the same baby once I’m done with you

And that was basically all it took for your boyfriend to stand up from the bed, your voice sending another chill up his spine as he walked straight up and completely cut off your singing when he grabbed you by your collar to pull you down to kiss you hard.

It wasn’t that easy to detangle you from the headphones, but in the end, Katsuki finally had you pulled away from the recording corner of your room, just to full on moan into your mouth when you grabbed his ass and picked him up before smacking his back against the closet door while your hand was already underneath his t-shirt.

There was definitely one more positive perk about your hobby that he loved to take advantage of – your soundproof dorm room.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

posted: 2020-06-06
AN: Smth v quick and so simple that I was too lazy for my usual layout haha 🙊 I love listening to music and just imagining our Babes, sooo hope you liked this lil Bruno Mars’ “Gorilla” inspired thingy; Baku is def going to enjoy himself even further 👀😘 - Celine🦈

💕 If you like my writing, please reblog and like 💕
            It would mean the world to me~ 😘

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Finally!!! I wrote part 1 of the smut for my General Hux fic I didn’t update since March yayy!!! Why is writing smut so hard for me ugh it’s just hard to get focused. I’ll post it here if ya’ll want its an ongoing story though

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Author: this is a concept so I apologise if you don’t like it

Warnings: smut

Rudy has been working on his new script for the this new movie the whole week and it was kind of annoying you. You know he puts a lot of effort in his job but that doesn’t mean he has to ignore you. Whenever you come around he just pretends you’re not there because he knows you’re a big distraction. However you can’t take it anymore, you need your boyfriend back and immediately. So you wear your and his favourite set of panties and bra and spray perfume on your neck. He’s sitting on your couch, the infamous script in his hands as he reads it for the thousandth time. You walk over a bit scared he’s gonna reject you. You’re only wearing his big blu t-shirt and nothing else underneath. ‘Hi babe’ you greet and he just grunts in response. Not good. However you make the next move, dropping casually the remote. You smirk as you bend over, the shirt raising and showing him your black thong. Rudy being a boy and your boyfriend lets his eyes wonder on the view and sighs, he knows what you’re doing and low-key he doesn’t mind at all. When you stand up again you turn around and he’s back at his script again so you groan. You’re not giving up, not right now. You straddle his thigh and look at him. ‘What is it?’ ‘You serious, Rudy? I’ve been seeking for your attention the whole week and now you ask me what’s wrong?’ ‘I know babe but I’m busy’ ‘I don’t care, I’m fucking horny right now.’ ‘So move’ ‘excuse me?’ ‘I said move’ you frown and understand what he’s saying when his hands start to move your hips. You sigh at the friction between your core and his thigh. Your arms wrap around his neck immediately and you begin to move back and forth. You don’t know if it’s because you’re horny as fuck or because he’s hot as fuck, but it’s like you’ve just discovered a new world, full of pleasure. ‘You enjoying it?’ ‘Fuck yes’ ‘good’ his tone is authoritarian but it just turns you on more so you quicken your movements. The roughness of his shorts pressed against your core just drives you insane and at some point you find yourself bouncing on his thigh while crying out his name. Rudy is trying to focus so hard but when you’re getting off on his thigh, screaming his name it’s really difficult. ‘Im so close rudy… fuck’ he flexes his thigh and you cum hard and quick, panting and moaning. You rest your head on his shoulder catching your breath but now Rudy is the one with a huge boner. ‘Okay that’s it. You asked for it baby girl’ and he just grabs you and brings you to your shared bedroom while you smirk, happy to have won the battle.

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wait for me—


— it comes to your attention that a relatively attractive young man makes his own version of a special song you made. and apparently, he’s done several breathtaking covers of your other songs as well.

  • akaashi keiji x reader smau

one: wait for me」



taglist? ask • reply • dm

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Narnia requests are opened :)

Just watched the 3 movies during the quarantine, and I decided to practice my writing with them first. I will write on Caspian (loml), Edmund, Peter and Lucy. You can check my fandom list if you want to request other characters !

And you can also ask me anything if you want to!

- mae

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Read before requesting !

  1. Please check my fandom list before requesting.
  2. In everything i’ll write the reader will be a female.
  3. I won’t write something that makes me uncomfortable, so no I won’t write NSFW.
  4. English is not my first language, and i’m very bad at grammar.
  5. I’m really not an expert when it comes to writing, but i’ll do my best !
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Originally posted by giorgiaswhigham

Summary: You are new to the Volturi due to your gift, mind reading. When you finally have a proper meeting with Alec it goes better then you could have ever imagined

Request: YES/no @cullens-stuff​ : Can I request 2 and 15 with Alec Volturi please! (Aged up ofc!)
2 “ I think I just fell for you. Get it? ‘Cause I just fell on my fucking ass. ”.
15 ” I want to kiss you so badly right now. “
Warnings; swearing, kissing

Warnings: swearing, kissing

Wordcount: 1621

Being a new member of the Volturi is scary. It terrifies you to your core. You have a gift, mindreading. Since Edward wouldn’t join the Volturi, the kings have been searching for someone with similar powers to him. That’s how they find you. They send out Demitri and Felix to get you. You knew that they would come for you. You read it in the minds of vampires around you. You weren’t scared to go with them, no, you wanted to go with them. You were just scared that they might hurt your coven members.

A soft knock in your front door alerts you. You hear the minds fo the two people standing in front of your door. Both are thinking in a language you don’t understand. Is that greek? You make your way to the door while trying to keep your steps as silent as possible even though they have probably already heard you. You open the door to see two men standing there. You know their names, everybody knows the names of the Volturi. “Are you Y/L/N?” Felix asks. A shudder runs down your spine as you look up at him. You get why they use him to scare people. You nod, moving a bit to the side so that the men can enter your home. You close the door after them once they’ve entered. “Yeah,” you say.

“But, please, it’s just Y/N,”. Both men nod, not paying much attention to you. They look around at your apartment. You can hear them judging your decorating choices in their heads. “I am sure that you know why we are here,’ Demitri says. You nod looking at the floor. You’re too afraid to look directly at them, scared to anger them in any sort of way.

"Will you be coming with us? I am sure that the masters will not be happy to hear if you would not.” Felix says. The formality of their vocabulary makes them even more frightening. You nod again. “Yeah, I’ll-I’ll come just let me, please let me grab my bag?” you ask. Demitri nods and you quickly make your way to your bedroom. You know that both men are not liking that you still kept your human habits like going to ‘sleep’ every night, but you can’t seem to shake the habits.

You quickly spot your pre-packed bag sitting on your bed. Since you knew they would come, you packed up your stuff ahead of time. You grab the pack and look around your room for one final time. The moment would be emotional to you if you couldn’t hear the loud minds of the two Volturi members judging every bit of you, from your appearance to your home. You quickly make your way to the living room again. “Are you ready to go?” Demitri asks to which you nod. He walks towards your front door and mentions for you to follow him. He walks out of the door, followed by Felix. This is it. This is the final times you’ll leave your home. You take a deep breath before stepping out the door. A new start.

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(11:00 PM) | taichi kawanishi

sitting against a tree, you’d finally found him. his eyes were closed, head slightly tilted upwards.

you sigh, “you’ve been ignoring me.”

if you weren’t so focused on him, you’d have missed the way he subtly jumped, taken aback by your sudden appearance. taichi opened his eyes, but didn’t look at you.

the second year kept his gaze on nothing in particular, staring at the void with an empty, unreadable expression on his face.


he won’t look at you.

you know that.

but a small part of you, deep inside your heart, needs him to. if this is the way whatever the two of you had is going to end, that is.

“i don’t think there’s anything left to say, y/n.”

you’re still three months away from graduation. three months, twelve weeks until your last day at shiratorizawa academy. three months, twelve weeks, ninety one days until you go off to college and kawanishi becomes a third year.

three months until you’re no longer here.

with him.

does that mean you have to end your relationship now? so prematurely?

he knew what he was getting into the day he laid eyes on you. his upperclassmen had warned him several times, and he’d always casually brush it off, like everything would be fine. apparently, that didn’t last long.

“we can work this out, i… i’m not going too far from here- we can see each other on-“

“do you really think that’d be great for us?”

you want to say yes, but you don’t know. he wants to get up and tower over you, cup your cheeks and slowly press his lips to yours, but he doesn’t. perhaps this could’ve gone differently, but that way it wouldn’t be realistic.

it’d just be a waste of time.

you still have some time, you could work this out. but would you actually work it out? or would you avoid the problem and continue on like nothing was about to come and crush the both of you?

maybe it’s for the best if you stop now. maybe that way, by the time you graduate, it won’t be too painful for him to let you go. for you to leave him.

for you, it won’t. you’ll heal. you’ll start college and meet a bunch of new people and have a great time.

a kid like him can’t hold you back from living your life. he doesn’t want you to feel like you’re chained to him, a high schooler.

so he’s letting you go.

and as tears fall down his face, head now hanging low, elbows on knees, hands supporting his head, kawanishi has no other choice than to accept the fact that you were never meant to work out.

and that even though he’ll act like he doesn’t care, he’ll feel your absence as hard as he fell for you.

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pairing: Fugo X Reader


@skully-greg asks: “Hi! I don’t see much love for my boy fugo. Could you do an angsty fic where the reader goes with group and never comes back and fugo still acts like they are still there. Thank you! P.s I love your work”

Aww, thanks! And WOULD BE MY GODDAMN PLEASURE! Sorry if this took a while. I really had fun writing this, and I’ve recently been curious about Fugo, too. Thank you for requesting this! Without further ado, enjoy reading!

warning/s: angst


The moment his eyes locked onto him at the distance, he already knew what he had to ask. "Giorno!” His feet ran as fast as he could caper. Oh the joy glimmering in his eyes. Words were about to spill out of his mouth, until something in the boy ahead made him stop.

“Hello Fugo,” Giorno greeted. He has this look in his face—a smile as fake as plastic.

Upon grounding himself in front of the golden-haired boy, he didn’t know what to say. Still, he had to ask. Despite his actions, the shame he carries, he had to. “How is everyone? Where is (Y/N)?”

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Male Alien/NB Reader
Wordcount: 2,535

Anon asked:  Can I get a male reader/alien story with an alien who has six arms, and gives phenomenally good hugs? Can be fluff or go into NSFW territory, whatever works best for you as a writer.


 Honestly, blind dates weren’t your thing. They’d never been your thing, in fact, and as you hovered by the glass doors leading to the restaurant yiu wondered why you were here at all.

The restaurant itself was gorgeous. A bit upscale - the enormous windows looked on the sparkling river, soft pink spotlights casting a pretty glow across the outdoor seating. It was one of the only ‘old fashioned’ places peft in the city - an old twentieth century museum turned into a stunning restaurant. From what you found of your online research it served all kinds of food from classic human dishes to the hearty meals favoured by more sturdy species.

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»»———— ★ ————««

Who reaches out to new neighbors:
Yellow. They have this air that puts people at ease around them and in general they’re the most amiable of the gems by far. Plus, they’re old and going up to your neighbors door sounds like an old people thing to do.

Who remembers to buy healthy food:
Yellow, though they’re also like the grandma who tries to stuff you full of cakes and cookies, so take this part with moderation.

Who remembers to buy junk food:
Yellow. Like said, old cookie grandma type.

Who fixes the oven when it breaks:
No one. Yellow is sensible enough to call a repairman and not get both of you into an even bigger mess.

Who waters the plants/feeds their pet(s):
Yellow. They like doing all the small tasks around the house, like dusting shelves and such, and feeding pets and watering plants is just another lovely thing to do to pass the day.

Who wakes up earlier:
You. Yellow will take any and all opportunities to sleep in, which often leads to you actually having to drag them off the bed. They act likes it’s a tug-o-war game and refuse, which can be fun but not when we’re buSY GOD DAMMIT YELLOW!

Who makes the bed:
You. Yellow is a free type of person and doesn’t much worry about the cleanliness of the place where no-one else is supposed to be in anyways. As long as the sheets aren’t dirty and they can see the floor clearly, it’s good.

Who makes the coffee:
You. Yellow doesn’t like coffee. It makes their heart-race dangerously fast.

Who burns breakfast:
Yellow. They’ll laugh it off, try and feed it to you playfully before throwing it away and starting over. Really, why worry of such small things on a good morning?

How do they let each other know they’re leaving the house:
Yellow runs up to you and gives you a quick kiss before running off.

How do they greet each other when one of them gets home:
Full on body-slam hugs and kisses. Once, Yellow threw themself down from the second-floor, which resulted in a concussion and one sprained ankle.

Who brings home little gifts like flowers/chocolates more often:
You. Yellow is much more of a words and physical affection kind of person, and any flowers you’re going to receive are going to be grown by them and them only. 

Who picks the movie for movie night:
You. Yellow isn’t one for movies, so movie nights are mostly spent indulging you and as an excuse to cuddle for a few hours.

Their favorite kind of movie to watch:
They prefer TV-shows. But if they had to choose, something really character-driven and with a sort of idyllic-aesthetic.

Who first suggests a pillow fort:
Yellow. If you think otherwise, you are a fool. You may be thinking of suggesting it, but a few seconds later Yellow is staring into your eyes and demanding a pillow fort in the living room.

Who builds the pillow fort:
Yellow demands that you two do it together, though sometimes you come home to an already built pillow fort. Once it encompassed the whole house.

Who tries to distract the other during the movie:
Yellow. They live for your attention, plus they’re a mischievous little fucker who enjoys messing with you. You better pay them attention or you’re in for it!

Who falls asleep first:
You. Yellow likes watching as you fall asleep, they think it’s you at your most adorable.

Who is big spoon/little spoon:
Yellow can be both. In fact, it all depends on a mix of their mood and your mood, but know damn well that cuddles will be happening. It is inevitable.

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Harry had told in advanced to tonight’s show to make your way to the barrier, between the audience and stage, before the fifth song on the setlist. The crew for tonight’s show were given strong instructions to not show you the setlist, but to only tell/show you when to make your way to the space. You were totally clueless what your boyfriend was up to and you were nervous. 

As Harry came back onto the stage to sing his next song, decked in black attire, he spotted you and sent a mischievous wink your way. Harry plopped himself in front of the mic and waved to the crowd.

“Wow you guys are just amazing tonight. Now for this next song, I’m going to invite someone really important to me onstage. This song we’ve sung together so many times from when we first started dating back before I made it to X Factor, and I will never get tired of singing of it with you,” Harry looked down at you in front of him before looking back at the crowd, “I want you all to give a hand for the love of my life (Y/N) (L/N)!!!!”

Harry offered you his hand and helped hoist you up onto to stage, before escorting you to the grand piano onstage. Harry pretended to brush off the bench, which elicited laughter from the crowd, before helping you sit on the bench beside him where the mic was.

You knew what song he was- well the both of you guys were gonna sing. You remember telling him specifically when you first started dating that you found this one of the most romantic songs ever.

Harry started playing the first few notes before starting to sing his part.

‘It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside. I’m not one of those who can, easily hide’


(Song: Your Song - Elton John)

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┍━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┑

Baam x Crush!Reader


┕━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┙

  • If you’ve read the manhwa or watched the anime I just wanted to say…
  • change my mind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Anyway-
  • For a little plot, let’s imagine that our sweet Baam met you during the exam to climb the tower 😌
  • You’re so kind, interacting with people who’ve been injured and tending to their wounds and you never failed to make the recipient let out, at least, a slight chuckle.
  • He didn’t know the feeling at first but it was similar to what he’d feel with Rachel, but much stronger. 👀
  • Poor bb probably doesn’t even know what a crush is uwu
  • He’d find himself wanting to help you any way that he can
  • The gang™ defo sees him following you like a duckling, you find it cute but is unaware of his attempts of advancements-
  • They also definitely tease him and you relentlessly
  • But
  • 1. Baam would be confused cause he doesn’t see the problem and probably smiles too saying how he really admires you
  • 2. You would be immune to the teasing cause you don’t understand their jokes?? Like what’s wrong with it??
  • Every time a guy or girl talks to you, he feels something in the pits of his stomach and it’s gets slightly harder to breath????
  • Is he sick???
  • Nah fam, don’t be fooled, it’s just j e a l o u s y
  • It’s a foreign feeling for baam and he doesn’t like it one bit
  • He likes the sound of your laugh, but when you laugh at something or with someone else, he gets a tad bit envious.
  • I wanna bet that he’s confessed that he likes you ATLEAST two or three times
  • But then your dumbass thought he meant as a friend and replied with ‘well, I sure hope you do. if you didn’t like me we wouldn’t be friends???’
  • Cue facepalm anyone that heard the two of you
  • Over the course of the years Baam has known you, he begins to realise that he no longer wants to climb the tower to fulfill Rachel’s wishes, rather, he’s beginning to want to climb the tower with you. But you’re still as oblivious as ever no doubt maybe in the future, our little baam will work up the courage to say the L word to you, one day.
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Summary: Where you and Azul get a moment to yourselves as the twins take center stage. You learn something new about the Octavinelle trio - it’s nice to see that your efforts in befriending them weren’t in vain, no matter how you liked to joke about it otherwise.

Another note: I’ve recently got into Twisted Wonderland, so feel free to send in requests for them! For now I’m more comfortable with the first four dorms since I’ve only read their chapters so far, but I will try to write for the others if there is interest/after I read their stories. Thanks for reading, hope you’ll have a nice day!

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hmmm this is how i feel lately

so i think you just, walk past them really quickly, praying they dont say anything to you but they do because i mean, you look like something is wrong and they cant keep their mouths shut because of it so they know something is up and they try to stop you before you go in your room but you speed up and then shut and lock the door quickly

and john b kinda gets upset because being the “adult” (not really but having authority) he set rules and locking your door was one of them because normally its just unusual for you to lock your door and he wanted to keep it that way so he’s the first to stand in front of the door and knock a bunch and go “pogie, come on you know the rules, unlock the door”

and you dont, you’re only crying a litte harder because everyone knows you’re crying and you just wanna be alone but now they know and they’re gonna try to see you and you really don’t look your best i mean you slipped on john b’s huge sweatshirt to cry in before you laid down and you’re covered in your big blanket and yeah you’re a little sweaty and red because its hot but you just want to cry in a comfy bed

i think jj is the one to walk outside and go to your window, and he definitely knows how to pick locks and sneak in windows so he’s inside in minutes and you just hide your face and hope he doesn’t let everyone in

but god he’s such a great second ‘brother’ that he does and you force yourself to not cry as much when everyone gets in and settled around you, and you wipe your face as much as possible while still hiding

all the boys ask a variation of questions about if its something girly like your period or a boy, just in case this is a kie job and they have to leave

but its not

so jj gets comfy, pope sits on one of the chairs near the bed, john b is on the other side of you, and kie nearly lays directly on top of you

its just like when that boy broke your heart, and john b has to sit there and watch you be hurt, but this time he has no clue what happened, and he doesnt know which one of you hurts more

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anon asked: “ Monoma Todoroki and iida with a person who likes to cosplay?”

A/N: heyy! hope you’ve been well and safe! this was a request and I decided to make it in HC, I thought if you fit. It’s my first time doing headcanons hope it’s something interesting adhg anyway love you all, requests are open

Monoma Neito

  • You would meet him in a fancy party of your parent’s friends
  • Never thought you would like to cosplay
  • So he would be *speechless* when you showed him your cosplay instagram
  • Would lowkey love the fact you’re known, you had a big amount of followers
  • Would buy you new clothes for you to cosplay with
  • Helps a lot running your account and you end up becoming really known in the cosplay community
  • Ends up cosplaying with you

Todoroki Shoto

  • The first time you met was on an Halloween party
  • He thought your costume was really good.
  • Better than average
  • When you told him you like to cosplay then it clicked
  • He loved to see you doing it because you looked so happy
  • He takes photos of you to upload on your account
  • Always 200% supportive
  • Will ask you to help him with his costume for the next Halloween parties

Tenya Iida

  • You’ve been together for a couple months
  • When you told him about your love for cosplay he was speechless
  • Really speechless
  • Then proceed to ask you to show him
  • Would end up loving it
  • Likes that you do it casually
  • You ask him to join you because his hair is perfect for some of the couple cosplay you have in mind
  • He says he doesn’t want to
  • Ends up doing it anyways because he loves you.
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