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#x reader

Mannerisms (Jonathan Byers Drabble)

Character/s: Jonathan, Murray mention

Word Count: 606

Requested: @fangirlsarah16

Word Prompt/s: Restless, Distract

Tag List@dontdowhatisayandnobodygetshurt

A/N: Sarah!!! My love, I can’t tell you how much brighter your request made my day :) Today was really bad and I know that affects my writing so much, so the style is a little different… . I’m sorry it’s not my best!!! Both you and Jonathan deserve the world and I worry I didn’t deliver!!!! I hope you’re staying safe and that you like this regardless!!!! Feedback is always appreciated 💜




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Project Don’t Panic

m. list.
day zero

📚 day one // “Momo, I can’t just talk to people! That’s crazy… talk.”

You get really nervous about your upcoming assignment, but luckily, Momo’s there to help. Will texting with Todoroki really help you work up the courage to speak to him in person without freezing up?

A/N: this is my first text fic soooo,,, hopefully it ain’t trash lmao

Tag List: @pixelatedrose, @notamazinglizzy, @maya-ngpirit

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summary: Fives and the General go undercover in a gathering to get intel on a plan to destroy the GAR. Feelings long locked away come once again to make a final point.

pairings: Fives x Jedi!Reader

warnings: none cause this is pure fluff my friends!!!

also, requests are open for the clones!!! So send some my way pals!!!

reblog and like for sum more cute fluff



You never thought from all of your training in the Jedi Temple that you would have to go undercover as a princess and yet here you are, dressing up as one for a certain mission.

The mission consisted of infiltrating a Separatist political gathering. You were invited along with the the senator of Naboo. The Council approves of the mission and they quickly set you up to be the one to get the intel and come back. Anakin volunteered Fives to be your escort for this mission. Captain Rex agreed to it, yet you had the idea of why they did this charade.

The team was infiltrating a ball held in Mandalore by the followers of Darth Maul, whom has been absent for a quite long time now. Leaving the planet to be led by separatist loyalists. The council trusted this mission to you and Anakin, knowing you could lead it effortlessly.

The young senator of Naboo, Padmé, lent you a dress and everything to get ready. Her maids stood gushing around you like a flock of birds. You on the other hand were nervous. Let’s say that you do not enjoy getting out of your robes and into a rather revealing dress. The clothing and make up even your hair screamed royalty. You missed your lightsaber and the robes even your boots.

“There, you look gorgeous” reassured Padmé putting her hands comfortably on your shoulders. You smiled at her softly but shying from how different you looked.

“Don’t worry, you will look beautiful to him” she said in a teasing matter causing your eyes to shot up at her like a wookie caught in headlights.

“I-I have no idea what you are talking about” you mustered adverting your gaze anywhere but at the smiling senator.

The door to your racks hissed open, Anakin, your old friend and former Jedi partner walked inside adorning his brown robes and right behind him, his Captain. The last one to enter was him.

Arc Trooper Fives.

He shed his armor and now possessed grey robes just like the ones the Jedi wore, it was strange to see him without his arc armor which you’ve grown to admire. Fives looked handsome, hair neat and his goate also neatly done.

Fives cleaned nicely. You could not deny it.

“You look amazing, Y/N” Anakin said with a teasing tone to that sentence. Captain Rex nodded along but the one who did not spoke a word was Fives. He was enamored with you, with the dress, with everything. You looked like an angel.

“Let’s get moving, we have a mission to complete” insisted Anakin as he offered his arm to his wife. Fives stood baffled until you walked up to him, he offered his arm and you took it kindly.

No attachments , you reminded yourself trying to get your breathe to be even. You were so entranced on making sure you did not tripped over your own feet that you did not noticed the pair of honey eyes staring at you.

You and Fives stared at each other, he opened his mouth to say something but pursed his lips. He could not bring himself to do it. Kriff, he thought acknowledging your beauty.

“You look…nice” you stammered causing the trooper to look at you catching your shying gaze. “Thank you, you look beautiful” he answered softly rubbing his thumb on your arm.

Goosebumps appeared your skin causing you to shudder as an effect of what he did to you. How could you deny him? He is an amazing man. One of a kind.

Fives knew, yet he did not bring himself to act upon his feelings. You are a Jedi, he is a clone. A powerful force and an expandable being. The same coin with different sides. Those thoughts were like acid rain to his feelings every time he assimilated them.

You arrived at the hangar bay, where a transport awaited for you. The cruiser was stationed some klicks away from the Mandalore system you and the rest of the team were supposed to be. Fives helped you get in, sitting right beside you. For a moment it was like no one else was in that transport just you and him.

Nerves settled in you like binds causing you to smack yourself in your mind. You must calm down, you thought closing your eyes letting out, a slow, heavy sigh. Something warm enclosed itself on your hand, Fives’ hand. He grabbed your hand, entangling his fingers with yours. Rubbing your palm with his thumb and the storm of nerves in you calmed down finally. You thanked him silently and he acknowledged it with a tender smile. Fives after all remained a gentleman even if he has another reputation within the GAR’s men.

The train of thoughts in your mind stopped abruptly as Anakin stood up to brief the mission once again.

“Listen up, this will be a stealth mission. We must not engage the enemy” he reminded everyone. Captain Rex nodded with Fives and Kix who also tagged along just in case a casualty appeared. Padmé would be there too, she is the only way for you to get in with Fives and Anakin.

“Y/N, you will look for the man of the intel. He is a bounty hunter. Trevlin Lenbat. He will give you the intel, once you’ve got it we will retreat from the gathering. Understood?”

“Yes sir” you acknowledged at Anakin, the ship landed on a platform. You were welcomed by Mandalorian guards, whom led you inside the palace where the gathering was being held.

Everything looked quite gorgeous for it to be a gathering of bounty hunters and violent people.

“Ok team, scattered” Anakin spoke as you heard him on your comm. Fives led you down the throne room where everyone was chattering fluently. Flutes of champagne were being passed around, Fives grabbed one. He offered you one which you politely declined.

“We look like idiots” you whispered looking around at the people in the room.

“Well, we look like fancy idiots” Fives retorted causing chuckled to be heard in your ear comm. That was Kix for sure or Rex.

Suddenly the orchestra located at the end of the throne room began playing a melodical tone, a waltz.

“May I have this dance, my lady?” Fives asked.

You stared at him in disbelief. “I do not know how to dance Fives” you mumbled looking away. “C’mon, it’s easy” he chuckled grabbing your hand and resting the other right on your lower back. He pulled you towards him.

So close, you thought you forgot how to breathe at that moment. Fives swayed you across the marbled floor and it was almost like you were made for that activity.

Silence consumed between the two of you. The coms have gone silent and now its just Fives and you. He twirled you, enlightening a sharp gasp from you.

Fives chuckled softly bringing you closer, he was making sure to remember all of this. The tension between the two of you could be cut with a lightsaber if needed.

Suddenly a whisper passed by you and Fives. “Isn’t that the Jedi whom protected the late Duchess?”

Kriff, they knew you were here

You shared a look with Fives. The music ended and as the guards were sauntering towards you.

Everything stopped. Fives planted his lips on yours as the lights of the throne room dimmed. You gasped into his mouth as he stroke your face with his hand, covering you with his body. He bit your lower lip enlightening a small moan.

The kiss stopped.

The guards passed by and did not look at you twice.

Thanks to Fives’ move.

Anakin’s voice came through the comma. “Sorry to cut this cute scene short, but we have to go now. I have the intel, let’s go”

Fives grabbed your hands and made it to the doors, and blasters went off. You were caught. The doors now covered by Mandalorian guards. Suddenly something was being pressed against your hands. Your lightsaber. Fives gave it to you. He carried it with him.

You turned it on, and began slashing your way through as Fives shot down the guards with a blaster. You made it outside where the transport was waiting. Captain Rex narrowed his eyes until he located you and Fives.

“I see them sir!” He called to Anakin and you ran for it. Fives trailed right behind you. You made it inside the transport and the ramp closed.


As the stamina in everyone died down, you made your way to the back of the transport until you arrived at the crusier.

The ship landed on the hangar bay, the doors opened letting the team out. Anakin off to debriefing with Captain Rex. Kix to the medical wing and Padmé back to her quarters. You stayed behind with Fives whom has been silent the whole way back.

You were dazed by him. He kissed you. “You kissed me” you said looking up at the trooper. “And I would do it again, if it means to keep you safe” Fives said in a joking matter but with a glistening light in his honey eyes.

Fives stared you lovingly but you stared in confusion and conflict within yourself. “Don’t pretend like you don’t feel the same, cya’re” he said stroke your cheek causing you to lean your face towards his hand. You missed the physical touch that the Jedi Code denied you.

“…Fives…I can’t think of a life that doesn’t have you in it” you stammered opening your eyes, connecting with his gaze.

Fives faltered right there, hearing you say that caused him to have a circuit or some kriffing stuff like that. He could not breathe for a moment.

“Why me?” He asked glaring down at the floor.

“What?” You asked baffled at his questioning. You did not understood and then it dawned on you. He is a clone after all, there are men who look exactly just like him running around the hangar. The insecurity in his eyes shattered your heart.

“You could have had anyone? So why me?”

You were the one who pressed a hand to his cheek now. He caught it just in time before you took it away. Fives kissed your palm.

“…Because you’re the only one I want, you always have been…Is that really so hard to believe?” You answered wholeheartedly at him.

You threw caution to the wind.

Screw the Jedi Codes. Screw the Order. Screw the GAR.

You were in love with this man.

“Now what?” He asked.

“Kiss me, and we’ll find out along the way” you smirked, wrapping your arms around his shoulders bringing him down.

Fives chuckled planted his hands on your waist, brushing his lips against yours. Pressing them, at once like a flicker. The force spread within your space causing you to chuckle as you felt the pull.

“I love you, Fives”

“And I love you, Mesh'la


I’m actually proud of this!

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hey, my alien \ 8. “Huh?” \ index


genre:  drabble (series), alien au, alien!taehyung, human!reader, angst, hurt/comfort, taehyung is running from people, y/n is gullible and unwise, tae is kinda mean (at first), will graduate into fluff, yes there will be plot

warning(s): none to mention

rating: T

w.count: 800+


It’s been a week since you foolishly dragged Taehyung into your home. Alex stops by more often than before and part of you knows it’s because she’s keeping an eye on Taehyung. Whether or not she’s doing it because he’s attractive or because you’re rooming with him is up in the air. 

He’s hardly spoken to you at all when you’re alone. When Alex is around he acts like any good, chummy roommate- but when she leaves he goes back to his room. He only ever mentions something to you first when it’s about your ‘energy’; whatever that meant. 

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Hey! I am thinking about posting my own 100 series that i've been writing in the background. I was wondering if you think the community would rather like a reader story where I put "y/n" for the character or if they would like the characters name I picked out? Your writing is amazing and I love what you do with the characters. I'm behind on Banished but working on catching up, it just keeps getting better! Keep up the great writing. :)

Hi my lovely! First off I want to thank you for reading banished and loving my writing. 😊 Now to answer your question, I’m not quite sure if people would prefer a reader insert or a oc (original character) story. I am a reader insert writer (and reader) and I’ve never published any oc’s, so unfortunately I’m really no help there and I apologize.

Just to try and be of help, I’m gonna give you some advice that you can feel free to ignore or not. If you give the reader a look, like brown haired blue eyes or blonde hair with brown eyes, and then use Y/N, people tend to get discouraged reading it because it’s putting them in the story, but it might not look like them (I think it might be the same the other way around too, like using Y/H/C and a oc name but idk if you were planning on that?). The best way to decide if you want to write a reader insert or oc is find what you’re comfortable with. Some people find it hard to keep up a series with using abstract looks and no name, and if that’s you it might be worth making it oc. Personality though is something that you can decide no matter what. My characters in series have personalities that I decide and then keep up (or try to lol). Another thing you might want to keep in mind because I see people do this, if you write an oc it’s not a ‘x reader’ and probably shouldn’t be tagged as one. I know sometimes people get upset when they see that happen, so just watch your tags.

I hope I helped ease the decision a little? Let me know! Also I’m really happy to learn theres going to be another the 100 series out there because I fucking love this show!

If any of my readers are still reading could you help nonnie out here and just comment below whether you’d read a oc piece or a reader insert? (Also maybe ask your readers too? Maybe a poll? I’ve found that works lol) Thank you!

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Originally posted by finnwolvhard

Requested by: Multi-muse-transect “Got a request, MCU AU Syd x Reader where said reader is a Kree which are a race of militaristic aliens that are at war with one called the Skrulls. The reader is a Kree refugee after their home was destroyed so the reader’s family settles on earth albeit undercover and had to learn earth’s culture while being Syd’s neighbors. Cue an incident in school where the reader got into a fight showing skills but is hit in the nose revealing they have blue blood with Syd witnessing it.”

Warnings: Swearing, fighting, violence, blood

Words: 1377

Summary: Jenny Tuffield takes your watch which is disguised alien tech, and as a result you kick her ass. It wasn’t really worth it because now your crush knows that you bleed a blue hue, but for some reason she’s not afraid?

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I’m really bored in quarantine so I’m gonna take requests to write things and draw. 


-I’ll do x readers and ships

-NSFW is allowed but with no minors(characters will be aged up) or noncon

-Please be polite when requesting

Fandoms I’ll write for:


-Good Omens

-Hazbin Hotel


-The Good Place

-Harry Potter


-Miraculous Ladybug

-Umbrella Academy

-Pretty much any Cartoon Network show

-Youtube Egos

-Basically everything as long as I know what it is

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Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Word Count: 2,743

Warnings: Swearing, altered turn of events, a tab bit steamy, drinking, abuse

I wanted to give something new a try🤷‍♀️

*Takes place after the battle of Star court.


After the events at Starcourt, everyone had drastically changed. The party gained a few new members. Both Robin and Erica, had joined. Max was pushing for her brother Billy to join, but the party wasn’t sure about him. After, what had happened it was like Billy did a complete 180.

Since, Billy came to Hawkins, he was never a quiet or caring type of person. That summer, changed him, and everyone else. Seemingly enough, you were the only person to see a real change in Billy. He was searching for a place he belonged. You believed he belonged with the party but still had trust issues. It took a few months for things to get back to normal, or as normal as things were going to get.

Today, was another “typical” type of day with the party. Everyone, was hanging out at the Palace Arcade today, including you and Billy. Which was surprising since Billy, had never stuck around before. You were currently talking to Keith, before you were pulled out of your conversation.

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:0! hi! may I request a yan! kirishima with a smol, goofy & sweet darling? (either hcs or a scenario, whichever you’re in the mood for) thank you! 💗✨

[Pairing: Yandere!Kirishima x Reader]

[TW: Yandere]

[Reader: Gender Neutral]

I did headcanons, I hope you don’t mind! Also I love this, Yan!Kirishima with a darling who’s goofy and sweet… A perfect combo!



Originally posted by haruicchi

  • Kirishima first noticed you because you made the room light up with laughs and smiles.
  • He thought you were adorable, he was a fair bit taller than you but you would always give him a smile whenever you passed him.
  • Poor baby, fell head over heels for you.
  • He confessed after knowing you for a while, let’s hope you accept!
  • If you did, he would be happy! He would probably hug you and ask to kiss you if you wanted.
  • Expect cuddles. He likes to hold you close whenever you’re sitting together at the dorms.
  • He loves your jokes because they make him laugh. Whenever you do something goofy he can’t help but smile.
  • Though he wants you to only smile at him, he’s content for now. He doesn’t see a threat in anyone around so he enjoys your playful nature.
  • You’re absolutely a sweetheart with him as well.
  • He goes crazy when you tug at his uniform collar to get him to lower his head to your eye level and you kiss his forehead. He absolutely melts.
  • He cares about you and you care a lot about him. You’ll fuss over him getting hurt while working with FatGum and he loves how much you care.
  • He’s happy, you’re happy, and nobody has to get hurt. Yet.
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Word count: 1,114 (I think this is my longest fic!! //long doesn’t = good)

Gender neutral pronouns!

Warning: this is a modern AU, alcohol consumption, swearing, out of character, also its just a bad fic lol

Request: Not specifically.

source of the pic here

Kaigaku was a punk. A rat, the kind of guy your family tells you to stay away from, and your friends tell you to make out with at parties.
Not the type to have many friends. He didn’t need them. He didn’t want them, they’d just cheat and backstab him later. Not that he didn’t do that either.
He could see himself fine without anyone around, and he wanted to keep it that way. Until you became a problem.

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Hello lovely can I get a fic when Lewis and the reader are both famous and the go public with their relationship!

Yes!! For this one I actually tried writing a full on oneshot, so please let me know what you think :) sorry that it isn’t super long


Lewis looked at you with an apprehensive gaze, but it quickly turned to an amused look when he saw your face. “You ready?”

You stopped humming and looked at him. You nodded while puffing up your cheeks, Bill Withers drowning out some of your worries. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” You rolled your chair closer to his, resting your head against his temple.

Lewis propped his phone on his desk, then hit the ‘live’ button. You two sat there for a moment, waiting for people to join. Comments immediately began flooding in as people began to come in. The only thing the viewers could see were the tops of both your heads, pressed together to fit in the tiny frame. The comments quickly turned from sweet greetings to bouts and claims of confusion.

You began giggling, softly at first as the viewers began questioning who was with Lewis. Then one person said your name, recognizing your laugh. The chat became filled with your name, sweet hellos and multiple asks to show your faces.

You began laughing, leaning away from the camera. Lewis was chucking with you. “C'mon Y/n! You ruined the moment!”

You appeared back in the camera, both you and Lewis having wide grins as you read the comments. They took note of your close proximity to one another and the fact you were dressed with Lewis’s light blue Fred Perry sweatshirt. Paddy sat in her lap as she rubbed behind his ears. “Someone asked where we are? We’re in Scotland! Yeah, she just met my parents.”

“They fucking love me.”

“More than me.”


“What? It’s true.” He said with a smug smirk. With that one remark the comments exploded. The fans began questioning if that was a relationship confirmation. As far as they knew, you two were simply close friends. You two had met in 2019 at one of your shows. Your Instagram feeds began to fill with the two of you joking around and jamming with each other.

You looked back towards Lewis’s phone, seeing an almost identical comment show up on screen.

“Are you guys dating?”

You turned your heads to each other, both having shit-eating grins plastered on your faces. Lewis gently wrapped his arm around your shoulders, drawing you in closer. He pressed a light kiss to your cheek then looked directly into the camera. “Yes we are.”

Luckily you had at some point you had set Paddy down because you swiftly jumped from your chair to Lewis’s. In an attempt to kiss him, you both fell backwards and hit the carpeted floor.

Lewis was laughing, and thank god for that cause you were afraid you accidentally hurt him. “What was that for?” He continued laughing, his arms loosely placed around your waist.

“To prove our point.”

You kissed him once more before helping him up. The comments had gone off. Some asking if you were okay, others in hysterics at your antics.

“To conclude: yes, we are together.”

You both continued the live stream for hour or so, answering some questions and generally having a good time before calling it quits.

Hours later, you both were lied down on Lewis’s bed. You had long fallen asleep nuzzled into your boyfriend’s side. He was scrolling though his phone when he received a text from one of his friends. He had sent him a link and no other comment.

Looking at it skeptically, he opened it to be met with an article. Looking at title it read, ‘Someone You Love: Singer Lewis Capaldi and Comedian Y/n L/n Go Public’. Lewis read through the article, laughing when at picture of the two came up. It was the both of them, though you could hardly tell with how blurry it was. You had just jumped on him, and already falling backwards. Lewis’s face full of shock as the chair leaned too far back.

He looked down at you, now fast asleep. He smiled to himself, giving you a gentle forehead kiss. He set his phone down on the bedside table then turned to face you. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer.

“Goodnight, love. You’re crazy as fuck.”

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Originally posted by lesbianijzermans

“You’ve got to tell him at some point Y/N.” The older woman lectured over the phone to her daughter. Sighing Y/N picked up some of the discarded plastic food from Harry’s play kitchen, fighting the urge to roll her eyes… She lost. “And don’t roll your eyes at me young lady.” Her mother continued on her war path. “Mum it’s been three years. He’ll have moved on or be mad at me. I don’t know which one but I don’t want Harry confused. He’s doing just fine with me and only me.” Old reruns of Jeremy Kyle flooding the small room with light the only source of company in the late hours. “I don’t want Harry to feel unwanted.” the y/h/c woman whispered in a defeated tone her mind spinning. “Oh love unfortunately I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t promise it will work out but at least you would have given Harry a chance to know his Dad.”   

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Hello! I remembered my live for Yona of the Dawn, specifically Shin ah. I wrote a quick one shot for him! It’s been so long since I’ve watched the show. I tried to match his personality as best as I remembered. 

Did I write this instead of doing my homework? Yes. Will I do this again? Probably. Anyway, please enjoy~ 

Word Count: 735 

As time passed, Shin ah found his gaze wondering to you more and more. He wasn’t sure why. Could it be your beauty that fascinated him? Your gentle voice and kind eyes? He couldn’t understand. When he looked at you, his heart felt funny. He had never felt this before. 

The moment he joined the group, you were so kind to him and you never pushed him to do something he wasn’t comfortable with. He quickly learned that you were close with Yona. It was later revealed that you served as her personal maid, before this all happened. Shin ah wished he could try talking to you more, but it still unnerved him to speak in front of so many people. He remembers the exact moment this all started. 

It was late at night and most people were asleep. Shin ah had taken first watch. He had taken his mask off to make sure it was clean. You appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Before Shin ah knew it, you came out into the clearing and you were on top of the rock he was seated on. 

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Originally posted by ughitsbaby

anonymous said: another request from me! a david x reader where he’s in love with y/n (they’ve been dating for a while though) and he just can’t find out how to tell her, so he plans a way to say it to her, thank you sm :) -🌼

plot: david is in love with y/n

a/n: super excited about this, and also super excited about having a emoji anon! hope you enjoy, 🌼 anon !! feel free to send some more requests!

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  • whether you go to sfit or not, you met tadashi hamada one day when he had been staying up late to work on an essay for class and needed coffee
    • so he went to a coffee shop to double down on his essay (writing is easily his worst area in school) and you, of course, are working the night shift
      • and also trying to get your own homework done because college is real, fam
  • and tadashi is not naturally a coffee drinker, so he studies the menu for a solid five minutes before you intervene
    • “coffee not really your thing?”
    • and he blinks because he did not see you standing there, and how long has he been here? does he look pathetic?
      • “no, actually. but i need the energy.”
    • so you help him find a drink that you think he will like, and when he inevitably doesn’t (even though he tries to hide the disappointment), you give him some high caffeine tea on the house
      • and that was sweet, you didn’t have to do that
  • and it ends there
  • until he has to pull another all-nighter and decides that, again, he needs some stimulation
    • and thank  G O D  you are there because tadashi does not remember what tea you gave him
      • luckily for him, though, you totally remember the cute college student who doesn’t like coffee
  • and this time, when he finally finishes, he offers to help you clean up a bit because you had been so kind to him both times
    • you refuse, so he decides to keep you company instead
      • and tadashi can talk
        • and you’re in awe because he somehow knows something about everything??? and he plays it off like it’s nothing too
          • how many times do polite, bashful, handsome men come in during the night shift?
            • not enough, that’s for sure
  • and so when you finally ask his name, you are determined to remember it
    • tadashi
    • “tadashi. that’s nice. i’m (y/n).”
    • “nice to meet you, (y/n).”
  • and becoming friends after that was easy because tadashi, above all, loves people
    • he takes them under his wing and he learns with and from them 
      • and he loves them
        • above all, tadashi hamada made you feel loved and accepted
  • so when he’s gone, a part of you is too
  • and when you first find out you cry
    • you cry until your throat is sore and your eyes burn.
      • and you don’t know what to do with yourself because you can’t move on, but you can’t go back and see others
        • you would only make it worse
  • and you go to the funeral and the whole time your hands shake
    • and when you go to the hamada household afterward it’s quiet and aunt cass looks tired, but she says she has so much to do
  • so you offer to make her a drink
    • and when she asks for tea your heart almost gives out
      • your hands are still trembling when you pull out the drawer that has tea bags inside
      • you pull out a high caffeinated blend and step it in the boiling water
      • and you pour the drink into a teacup
        • and there’s something so comforting in the motions that when you give the cup to tadashi’s aunt, your hands are no longer shaking
  • you go to sit on the steps and see hiro go into his room
    • and you don’t sigh, but your shoulders sink and your eyes are downcast
      • and you know it’s not the right time
  • later that week, you’re cleaning through the room to get rid of the thick gloom around you and you find a stack of papers with familiar handwriting
    • and they’re notes of his for a test that’s come and gone, a study session that the two of you had together where very little work was accomplished, but that tadashi would have thought worthwhile
    • none of the formulas and intricacies of what he has written make sense to you, but you hold them tight to your chest because it’s a little piece of him that you had been unwittingly keeping
      • and you keep them on your desk for a while, reminders of all tadashi wanted to be
        • all he encouraged you to be
  • a few days later you resolve to go see the hamada’s
  • you had been in their house a few times before the funeral, but when you entered it that time, there was something distinctly different
    • not necessarily bad, just strained
  • you sat with aunt cass for a while, calming her nerves and listening to her concerns over hiro
    • “where is he?”
      • she just looks at the stairs
        • something tells you he never left
    • “i’ll go up”
  • it’s quiet and dark and you don’t know what to say
    • “please go.”
    • “you know i can’t, hiro.”
      • and so you sit in silence for a while
  • then you start talking like you used to
    • and it’s not the same, because someone else should be there, adding jokes and quips
    • but it’s comforting
  • and tomorrow you would try again.

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(ง'̀-'́)ง Hey friend! May I request Shigaraki taking care of his pregnant s/o????

Hey! I tried my best on this! I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted, it just sorta happened! I hope you like it!

Don’t be afraid to send in some more requests!

Shigaraki x pregnant! reader


Originally posted by xx-kachi-xx

To say that you were uncomfortable was an understatement.

Your large, heavy belly made it hard to be comfortable in any position. Well, that and the rundown mattress you had to sleep on. It seemed like the only time you did feel comfortable was when Shigaraki was spooning you, distracting you from your dull aches. One hand around your belly, the other stroking your hair. It was enough to make any girl happy. But as the time went on, it seemed like he was around you less and less. Claiming to always be caught up with the league’s work. You were afraid of him getting hurt, especially while you were heavily pregnant and wouldn’t be able to take care of him like you usually would. You debated on asking him to stop, but you knew that would be like talking to a brick wall. All you wanted was some attention, for him to seem like he cared about you and the life you two had created.

After getting up (for what seemed like the hundredth time) to relieve yourself, Tomura walked though the door of the building you were currently squatting at.

“What are you doing up? I thought I told you not to leave your bed?” Shigaraki asked you while leading you back to said place.

“Well I do have needs, you know,” you said pulling away from him ever so slightly. He looked at you in confusion.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“What do you care? It’s not like you’re ever here anyways. I could’ve ran away or something and you’d never know.” Shigaraki turned you around to face him.

“You’re thinking of running away from me?” You sighed.

“No of course not. I just-I want-I need more attention from you. It seems like you don’t even care about us,” you said rubbing your belly.

“What are you saying? Of course I care about you! I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much. I just want to make sure that you and our little one are protected from people like me. People who can hurt you.” You went to comfort him, but he pushed you away.

“Tomura, I know you’d never hurt either of us. In fact, I have a present for you,” you turned and reached to grab your present from beside the mattress.

“Here, it’s not anything new, but they’ll be good for when the baby comes!” Shigaraki looked at the glove you’d cut all the fingers off of, all of them but one. You had thought he had started to tear up, but he’d never let you know that.

“Can you just come and hold me?” You asked in a soft voice. Shigaraki hugged you before you both went to the same work down mattress you were on just minutes before only now it was different. Now you had Shigaraki keeping you warm. Stroking your hair. Rubbing soothing circles on your belly.

And just like that, everything was okay.


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Hello Ace! Love your work so much. Could I please get 9: please come back to bed with Tommy Shelby? Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

9: “please come back to bed”


Originally posted by ophelia-hendrix

  • pairing: thomas shelby x reader
  • warnings: [n/a]
  • fandom: peaky blinders
  • author’s note: you’re the sweetest anon! thank you ever so much! always happy to write for our man tommy! here’s some soft tender content! happy reading

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Sister’s Mister


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Bella nervously bit at her nails. As promised, the Volturi were coming to see how you and Renesmee had progressed and to see if any aggression had been revealed.

Bella knew her worries were pointless, her children had nothing wrong woth them, and even if a fight broke out, which it wouldn’t, the Cullens would win, Bella was sure.

From what Alice had seen, it was only Felix, Demetri, the witch twins and Aro, while all the Cullens were here plus Jacob Black. Add on two fourteen year old (in appearance anyway) hybrids and they had pretty good chances.

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Tom Holland x Broadway! (+French)Reader

Masterlist 🥰

Part 1

^ You don’t need to read part 1 to understand but it makes the fic better + this is more broadway related then you being French. 

Requested by anonymous and inspired by @spn-assemble-seven

Synopsis; You love Tom as much as you love Hamilton.  

Flashbacks are in Italic | Show lyrics are like; ‘blah blah im Hercules Mullagan’


Originally posted by hamilton-familtonimagines

“Omg, Lin’s in town.” Your phone buzzed. 

“Who?” Tom grumbled and turned around. He woke up five minutes ago and you had already been awake for a good half an hour. 

“Lin! Lin Manuel Miranda” You smiled. “He just texted us saying he wants to meet up.” 

You and Tom had been dating for two years now. You had already graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and you were currently auditioning for movies and shows; Tom supporting you at one billion percent. 

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