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#x reader

You had found out about your “powers” when you were young, little more than a fledgling teenager. That being said, you hadn’t told a soul until you became 18. The first person you told had been surprised about it to say the least- being able to perform runes without a Shiekah Slate and being able to create new runes was powerful, as well as completely unprecedented.

You had hoped that your friend would accept you for this though, and continue to just be your friend, and as it turned out, they stuck right by you, wanting to do little with that knowledge, instead choosing to accept that you had those powers, and that they needn’t tell others or ask for favors from those powers. You two had continued to be close for another year, until one day, your friend had simply… disappeared. No traces at all, and after days of looking around for them, you came up empty handed.

This strange occurrence was followed immediately by another strange occurrence- that being the Princess had decided to come to your village, looking to help with checking in on the state of the town. Your town wasn’t much, the buildings made of old wood and being situated right in a crook of the Akkala Region, looking out over the ocean.

You personally had little investment in this though, instead choosing to sit in your small, 1 room little cabin that was even more hidden than most of the town, being nestled in cozily along a rocky cliff, a steep surface above and below the house as an outcropping was what the cabin rested upon. You did tend to use your runes in common household chores when in this cabin, as the isolated nature made this easy.

This would become your biggest mistake though. Zelda, through keen eyesight and her luck (or lack of your luck), noticed you forming ice in your water when you thought you were alone.

This had led to Zelda waiting for the right time, and then simply marching up to your house and knocking on the wooden log door. You opened the door, not expecting any ill will or bad intent, and from her demeanor, she didn’t seem to have any. She kept her knowledge of your rune abilities hidden- or rather, her assumption of your rune abilities. She made small talk about the house or the location you were in, and began biding her time, waiting for you to slip up- which you did.

The way you slipped up could be anything, from adding just a little bit of extra ice to your drink through minimal use of Cryonis, to making little gusts of wind with Zephis, or even accidentally activating Stasis on an object. If you didn’t slip up this time… well, she’d make sure you did, either this time, or any time she visits in the future, as she won’t let you slip through her fingers. Once you slipped up though, you’d feel her hand wrap around your wrist, a small smirk on her lips as her fist was positioned to punch you in the neck. She then spoke quite simply, all things considered.

“I apologize for this inconvenience… but given your abilities- there’s so much we could do to make the world better with them, so you’ll have to come with me…”

As you heard that, her fist connected with your neck, your vision slowly blacking out as she prepared to get you back to the castle, or at least concealed and hidden well enough that she could grab you when it was time to go. As for where your friend went though- well, Zelda wouldn’t have any plans to let you know about her new source of energy for the Divine Beast she was trying to engineer…

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Jealous Much? 

GeorgeNotFound x reader

🌸I provided the menu lol (kinda)🌸

🌸I also kinda changed the encounter a little bit UwU Hopefully you don’t mind :3🌸

🌸Also, if your name is Harriet please change it! I don’t wanna offend anyone UwU🌸

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Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader



~Not my image~

“Stop your crying, baby, it’s a sign of the times.” You belted out in the kitchen.

You’ve been singing your entire life, whether that meant in the choir at school or just quietly singing under your breath, you were always singing. You considered yourself decent enough when it came to singing, but nothing too special.

“We gotta get away,” “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles was blasting through the kitchen as you sang along while making pasta. The song finally got to your favorite part and you belted it out, your voice filling the room.

“Doll?” Your boyfriend’s voice made you jump and turn around to find him staring at you in the doorway after the song had ended

“Uh, how long have you been standing there?” You cheeks heated up as embarrassment took over you.

“Long enough.” You only groaned and put your head down on the counter.

“Why haven’t you told me you’re such a good singer?” Bucky made his way over to you, pulling you into a strong hug.

“I’m not that good, you’re just being nice.” You mumbled against his chest.

“That’s not what the team said.” His words made you pull back, giving him a weird look.

“What are you talking about?”

“I may or may not have taken a video and sent it to the team group chat…” He said hesitantly with a smile on his face.

“Are you fucking kidding me? What did they say?” 

“Wanda said, and I quote, “She popped off, get her on America’s Got Talent.” I’m not quite sure what that means, I’m assuming it’s good. Nat said, “Y/N is low key the most talented out of all of us, no wonder she’s my favorite.” So yeah, it’s not just me being nice, you’re talented, sweetheart.” He read the texts from his phone. 

“They said all of this?” You asked shyly.

“Of course, you have an amazing voice, Y/N.” He said, pulling you back into an embrace.

A comfortable silence washed over the two of you, in each other’s arms. 

“Baby?” You hummed in response.

“Can you sing for me?” He asked, planting a kiss on your forehead.

“No,” You groaned while laughing into his chest.

“What if I gave you my red Henley?” He offered.

“… Deal,”


short but sweet

all i want is a hug from bucky, i feel like he’d give such good hugs

he’d definitely put his chin on your head and rock side to side while hugging you

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Might add part 2 if this gets love~! Also, my first time writing a fic in 2nd person (character x reader) style. Judge me nicely.

Summary: These days being by yourself were getting indescribably lonely. You didn’t know if you’d ever find someone to be with…Until you met Zeno Zoldyck.

Words: 1.4K

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Originally posted by heartsofblood

I dont know why..i get a strange feeling inside of me when she walks gracefuly to her locker iv never felt this for anybody and i should be into men but hes not my type i always ask mother she tells me its the devil causeing this cause i dont know what to do its not like i get to choose who i love

but there so pretty it hurts…when she wears her button up shirt iv been like this ever since she came to school we work together on a project at her house i know i shoudnt be feeling this but its to hard to resest and deep down i know this is not a phase i know what I like not my mother not anybody its ME and if this is 

then let me love im not afraid and she is the one i have been needing for a long time my escape from reality and school somebody i love……..there so pretty it hurts im not talking about boys im talking girls….

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Can someone write an iida x insert name here set to me and my husband by the artist Mitski

Like maybe arranged marriage AU or something

This was definitely inspired by an I saw Tik Tok so credit to them

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Ikemen Vampire

Ikemen Vampire


Isaac Newton


“Isaac, come on, you are drunk.” You said softly, putting his arm over your shoulder. The said man looked at you with slightly droopy eyes, an adoring smile present on his face as he looked at you.

“Ohhhhh…I am whhhaaat?” Isaac slurred. God, why did you even let him drink this much wine? Sebastian was taking care of the other residents, aside from Le Comte and Leonardo of course, those two can hold their liquor well. So, it was your duty to take your boyfriend, Isaac, to his room.

“My love, shh. We’ll talk when we go to your room, okay?” When Isaac was drunk, he became a baby. So, you had to talk to him in a soft and hushed tone.

He nodded, looking at you intensely, the lovesick smile still on his lips.

“There. Sit here and I will go and bring you some water-” You stopped mid-sentence when you saw him looking at you with big eyes. “Don’t goooo,” Isaac said sadly, looking like he was about to cry. “P-Please.”

Yes, he definitely turned into a big and adorable child.

“But, what about the water-” Much to your surprise, he immediately pulled you on top of him, hugging you tightly. “Isaac! Oh…” Honestly, you didn’t know what to say about his behavior.

“Heh, nowww you…are all…mine.” His words made you blush but also confused. “But, I was always yours.”

Isaac nodded, trying to keep his eyes open. “I knoww…but…don’t…make that face…in front of others.” Seemed like he was sobering up, but what was he on about?

“What face?” You pouted, getting more confused as each second passed. “This…face…silly.” The adoration was practically dripping from his voice for you. Hand moving to brush away the strands from your face, all the while he gazed into your eyes.

“Don’t make that…face. It does…things to…me. Physics…cant explain those…things.”

You absolutely did not expect for this to happen. His words made you turn into a blushing mess, you quickly pecked his cheek and hid your face into the crook of his neck.

“I love…you…”

“Hmm, I love you too. Sleep tight…love.”


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it would definitely take a lot to convince you to ride a roller coaster with him. you are definitely hesitant on riding one with him. he tells you that you’ll be okay, that he’ll be right by your side and you can hold onto him if you get scared. And if you don’t like it, then he won’t make you ride another one, and that he’ll do whatever you want to do for the rest of the day to make up for it.

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ANON ANON ANON i have smth to confess,,,, i hAVe a cRUSH ON SOMEONE WHO ISNT 2D OMFG!!11!1!11 they are non-binary and they sit right next to in class and are very seggss hAHAHHAHAHhhaHAHAHah anyways IF THIS DID OFFEND ANYONE IN ANYWAY PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND I WILL FIX MY MISTAKE OR TAKE THIS POST DOWN OK NWAINDKWJANKWD

pairing: chuuya x genderfluid! reader

warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of mafia?//?//?, uh coming out, OH lOOk SWEarS agAin WHAT A SUrPRISE


- so where do i commence

- wait thats how you spell it right

- o k   w h a t e ve r 

- alright i know for a fact this man knows every flag unironically

- so he is educated and shit

- probably cause gin came out 

- jk dont know if thats true

- if its canon plz gin hit me up

- in my personal opinion, coming out is like one of the hardest things to do ever

- like omfg i came out as pan and that was hell i cant even imagine telling someone about ur real gender

- respect 100 for ppl who have

- anyways so ur probably somewhat scared

- like you have felt this way forever, trapped in a body that wasnt you

- (also its up to u but u changed ur name, but everyone has preferences so maybe you didnt)

- you hadnt told ur family yet, being in contact with the mafia kinda meant you really shouldnt socialize with them in case mori decides to bLACKmAiL hAHAH

- chuuya was someone who you trusted with your life

- and his feeling was mutual tbh

-  so if you lost him, it was basically over for in a way

- thats why u were so scared to even touch on the subject

- it was getting to much at some point

- he kept saying (insert pronouns) and thinking you were (insert gender) and it just made you feel so bad

- you realized the risk of telling him but confidence came along and was like whats up bitch u should tell him cause this is very unhealthy

- so you did

- tears were freely falling down your face as you held back sobs, it was like a gut feeling that he was going to leave

-but instead you feel arms wrapped around you

- he cooed and whispered sweet nothings as he cradled you in his arms

- can you tell that im touch starved yet?

- “I will always accept you for who you are. I will never leave your side, no matter what. I love you.” 

- Ugh legit writing this while listening to drivers license 

- anyways moral of the story chuuya is our single lesbian wine aunt and will always accept us for who we are <3

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He absolutely adores you and your bunny plush! It kinda reminds him of one of the tims, which is just as cute as your plushy! Sometimes he’ll borrow it for a few minutes and have it do a little dance for you! You are amazed as usual and thank him for it


He’s not much of a fan of cute things like you, but he tolerates the cute things that you like, for you. He’s a little confused by the bunny plush, though. He’s curious as to why you carry it around. “Whatever floats his boat, I guess.” He mumbled to himself.

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*Mauve absolutely adores you and your pudgy figure

*he just thinks that it’s more of you to love!

*you are definitely his favorite cuddle buddy

*Mauve loves to lie his skull on your belly occasionally and press gentle kisses to it

*especially to see you blush

*when you stretch and your shirt moves up a bit, he will take the chance and pull you into a hug

*and he will not let anyone make fun of you/talk bad about you, for he can and will hurt someone

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Hello, @liviavivi04 ^^ I am so glad you liked the Theo drabble! 💛🌈🌼 and of course, I will gladly write one for you! 💖💌

Have an amazing day/night! 🌈🌼🌼

- Venus

Ikemen Vampire

Ikemen Vampire
Arthur Conan Doyle


“My love, you are looking…so pretty,” Arthur spoke, eyes wide as he took off his glasses. You giggled at his sentence, entering his room with a tray of tea in your hands.

“Oh, thank you. It isn’t much, but it’s simple and pretty.” You said with honesty, pecking Arthur’s forehead with a loving smile on your face.

Your sweetheart faced you with a small frown and a pout on his handsome face. “Well, now you are only being humble, ___. You and I both know just how beautiful you are looking in this dress.”

His words made you blush, so you started looking at what he was writing. “Wow…Arthur, love?”

“Don’t worry, look at it, my love. While you do that, I will admire my pretty little darling.”

God, this man surely knew how to make you blush. You nodded but of a sudden, Arthur pulled you into his lap.


“Shh, I missed you.”

So, you obliged, even though you were a blushing mess. There you sat, reading the new plotline, and with your lover uttering endless terms of endearments for you in old British English.

“Aren’t I one lucky man to have you, hmm?”


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Originally posted by woakiees


A modern monster AU
Pairings: Din Djarin x fem!reader
Rating: T (at the moment- subject to change)
Warnings: Dark themes, canon-typical violence, descriptions of a dead body, desecration and disposal of a dead body.
Summary: Crypto- concealed; secret.
You have always lived your life in the shadows; after all, you’re one of the creatures who go bump in the night. He has sworn his life to a creed that aims to protect the world from monsters like you.

[Masterlist] [Chapter Two] [Chapter Three] [Chapter Four]
Cross-posted on AO3

Satisfaction was not the right word, but it was the closest you could put your finger on as you watched the Mandalorian walk away. You had escaped his clutches twice now. While that was two more times that you would ever want to have a run-in with one of his kind there was still a sense of pride in being able to outmaneuver him. He dedicated his life to killing your kind but here you were, alive, while he was leaving without his target. A victory for you and Kira, no matter how small a success. Though that victory came with a bit of a mess. You and Kira needed to get the hell out of dodge. The gunshots and shouting would have already drawn attention from folks in the pub or out on the street. Which is exactly why you did not carry firearms for most jobs. Too messy.

“Hold this tight.” You’d had a spare scarf in your bag which was coming in handy. It would help staunch Kira’s bleeding long enough to get her into the clinic, so long as you had it tight enough.

Kira waves you off, “stop hovering. Take care of the body.”

As much as you didn’t need your partner bleeding out, she had a point. You had a body to dispose of.

There’s a routine to it. Stripping the outer layers, shoes, valuables and identifiers. The office had people who properly disposed of identification and could make nearly anyone disappear from any record or database. One less hassle you had to deal with.

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Okay so-

I’m currently filling out a request( REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN BTW DON’T BE SHY—) and two headcanon sheets. Idk when they are gonna be done. But get ready for fluff 👁️👄👁️

Especially for anyone who likes Enmu.

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Diavolo (Obey Me) x [F]reader

Words: 2210

Tags: Daddy kink, size kink, hijinks, a hint of ‘princess’ at the end, rough sex, choking, feral? sort of? Diavolo

Starts off strong, pulls back for explanation, then hijinks, then filth. The way God intended.

Also can be read here on my AO3

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Lev Haiba X Reader

-Actress Y/N L/N seen out with model Lev Haiba!.



Leeches + Y/N


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We Don’t Speak Poor


So… Uhm…

I’m not sure if I’ll be using the Instagram one but I felt the need to make one UwU

~The reason why you’re queen is bcuz the most popular character u acted was a queen

~The reason why ur IG bio is like that is cuz u sometimes post feet pix :P

~U don’t @ Fukunaga since he didn’t want to gain more followers

~Nishinoya doesn’t have twitter since I was too lazy to make him one and I wasn’t going to add him in any squad OwO

~Terushima’s background is your debut character.

You met Terushima at you first series and leter met Asahi. You saw Fukunaga’s show and you liked him so you two became friends

Fukunaga would’ve had at least a milion if he allowed more followers ;D That y he’s an official account

n e ways ill cya next time




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Matters of the Heart

Part 9: Bitter


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Note: I don’t know where this is going anymore. I have the conflict and the ending but getting there is so hard. Also if any of you were wondering, I like Uraraka and her loveliness 🥰 I just love turning genuinely nice characters into complete asses even more. It’s a problem. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this part! I think the next part will be focused on Midoriya or maybe Uraraka.



@iamagalaxy @captaincyberqueen @tsumuuumiyaaaa @izoodles @green-rose-teacup @abbley @mybigredclifforddick @the-fandoms-georgie @its-the-aerieljeane @bokutosuwus

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Society has progressed far past the need for fem!Reader

If it ain’t at least they/them then I don’t want it

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Am i the only one that when i read fanfiction when i see that the author going to kill a character or the reader I just stop reading it ? Im like NO thank u I’m already A DEPRESSED BITCH. I dont need that to cry.”

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