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hallofhaikyuu · a minute ago
when i first watched avatar the last airbender i was so thirsty for zuko (like everyone is when they see that show)
then i turned 18 and now i just want to be the gaang’s older sister. i wanna make sure they’re getting enough sleep and remember to feed appa and break up katara and toph’s fights. sigh
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whereistradel · a minute ago
jay park masterlist
summary: reader starts to fall for jay while they work on songs together but a misunderstanding drives the reader away from jay. will jay fix everything?
exes can makeout, right?
summary: reader breaks up with jay because he never makes time for her anymore. she avoids jay and believes that he had already started moving on. some thoughts are changed when someone comes to visit and reader goes to seong-hwa's birthday party.
Tumblr media
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whereistradel · a minute ago
big naughty masterlist
it all started with an interview (part one)
summary: in an interview, reader reveals that the one person she wants to make a song with is dong-hyun. what she didn’t know was that dong-hyun watched her interview and wants to work with her.
it all started with an interview (part two)
summary: dong-hyun makes a song with the reader and it is finally a few hours until her album releases. dong-hyun invites the reader to his studio for a mini album launch party.
Tumblr media
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lemon-royalcween · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairings: Pieck Finger x Fem! Reader
Warnings: None
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: You buy Pieck some bibingka and puto after the mass. Written in English
🇵🇭 piliin mo ako! filo event
tagging: @lumpiang-toge huwag monh basahin pls-
do not translate, plagiarize, or repost my works in any platforms without my knowledge and permission
Tumblr media
you stood alone in the busy streets, everyone walking towards the large church lit up with various lights at 4:00 in the morning, the thin jacket giving you little to no resistance from the cold breeze. you hugged your figure, trying to keep warm all by yourself.
"y/n! sorry i'm late!" you heard the soft voice of your girlfriend, pieck, calling you from the distance. you snapped your head in her direction to see her running towards you with a huge smile on your face. soon enough, she skidded to a halt when she was only a few meters away from you.
"it's fine, pieck. you don't have to worry about it." she pouted from your reassurance. she knows that you're okay with it and don't mind her being late but she still feels bad. to compensate for her tardiness, she wrapped her arms around your neck and assaulted both of your cheeks with her kisses.
"pieck. stop- haha." you giggled at her kisses as it tickled your skin, "people are staring!" she pulled back and gave you a huge grin and one last kiss on the lips.
"good, cause they need to know that you're mine." you smiled at her as she wraps her arms around your waist and rested her head on your chest, feeling your heart beats faster. god, why did you make her so cute?
"you're so cute, pieck. i might just marry you after the mass." her shoulders vibrated as her laugh rang through your ears. she lifted her head to look at you.
"then do it, babe." you just shook your head with the lovesick smile on your face, leading the both of you towards the church, hand in hand. everyone could see that you guys love each other, but you insisted that it was just some puppy love that would end sooner or later.
but you didn't want that. you want to stay by her side until you both grow old with two cats named muffin and jack, until you're old and frail but still filled with the same adoration for each other when you both first met. it hurts whenever you think that this, this moment, could end so soon.
it hurts to think that she could slip out of your grasp, just like that. it hurts to think that she'll disappear from you like a bubble. it hurts to think that there could be someone better than you and will treat her right and give her everything she deserves.
it hurts.
"love? are you okay?" pieck squeezed your hands to get your attention. you looked at her and shook your head, smiling at her. even with the reassurance that you were fine, she knew you weren't. there's something bothering you but she didn't want to ask.
she's your partner, she respects your secrets, and she trusts you that it wouldn't be anything bad, so she decided to let the topic go for a while.
finally, you're both sitted on the seats of the church, side by side and hands still intertwined. you waited only for a few minutes before the mass had begun.
as the mass ensued, you were praying. you prayed that pieck would still stay with you for a little while longer, prayed that this will last until the day you both died. this is when you had realized that. you love her.
you love her so much
each and every part of her. her soft dark locks, the cutest nose, and smooth lips. you love her cheeks, her voice, and her hands. but it was too fast-
was it too fast to already claim that magical feeling you feel inside of you as love? was it too fast to tell her right now? was it too fast to declare your undying love to her?
you didn't know.
as the mass finished, you decided to take her to some stores to buy a quick snack. the walk to the puto stands were slow and pieck had picked up on this.
"are you sure you're okay? you have been like this since we met up?" she stopped you from walking, her cold hands reaching up to touch your cheeks. the worried look on her face broke your heart. you cant keep a secret to her but you also dont want to tell her yet.
"im sure pieck. now, what do you want? bibingka or puto bumbong?" you said, grabbing the hands on your cheeks and leading her towards the puto stand.
pieck just sighed, and followed you. she's really worried about you, and due to your current behavior, doubts started creeping in her thoughts. were you gonna leave her? is there someone better? god, she hopes it wasnt the case and you were just tired. yeah. tired.
"bibingka, please." she smiled and you ordered the baked rice cake for the woman. while the vendor cooks the bibingka, you and pieck engaged in a small talk, the ordeal earlier clearly forgotten.
"y/n." she called out and you hummed, watching the vendor tend to your order. she squeezed your hand, letting you know she wants your attention. you looked at her to witness the lovesick look on her face as she gaze up on you. your heart skipped a beat at her look, does she feel the same?
"y/n, you're the most wonderful person that i have ever met. you stayed beside me even through my worst, you never judged me for anything." she caressed your hand, lovingly. "every day i wake up just to think about you, first thing in the morning. i dream about you every night as i lay on my bed. i cant get you out of my head, even if i tried. you're very important to me, love and—"
your breath hitched. is this happening? was she gonna— does she feel the same? was she also thinking about this at church as well? oh pieck, please.
"and you mean the world to me. y/n, i want you to know that—" its happening, pieck was gonna say it. the beat of your heart became erratic, heat rushed up to your face and butterflies erupted in your stomach, "i care about you a lot and im not leaving you any time soon."
right. you were rushing. of course pieck wouldn't feel the same way as you. she's rational, always think things through before jumping to any conclusions. you? well you just had your hopes too high, too high that it crashed down harder than it should be.
you smiled and repeated the last part to her as well, letting her know that you care about her and would never leave her. but you wanted to say something else, you wanted to say that you love her like a fool rushing in.
the vendor handed you your order and you paid them the right amount before walking off to somewhere where the both of you could sit. finally, you found the perfect place and you both sat there as the sun rose.
the ambience of the scene was so romantic and at the same time, so domestic. you're side by side the woman you love, eating some bibingka after church and now watching the sunrise. it was the perfect time.
you didn't care anymore, even if you seemed desperate, even if she still doesn't feel the same, you were gonna say it. and if all goes wrong, you were just gonna work it out. it was always like that, pieck was understanding, she never judges you the same way you never judged her. you love her so much that you were willing to humiliate yourself infront of her, as long as you could convey your emotions to her, you didn't mind the consequences.
"pieck. i love you." pieck's head snapped up at you. you stared at each other, you could see the tears forming in her eyes, the grip on her food loosening slowly until it fell. you tried to catch the falling bibingka but the arms that wrapped themselves around you prevented you to do so.
you could hear her sob, and this broke your heart. the lack of reassurance about her feelings about the sudden confession created doubts in your mind, but the lips that crashed to yours was enough to calm them all down.
you both broke apart, pieck's forehead resting to yours, smiling at you like you were the only thing in this world. tears then fall from your eyes as she repeats the words you've said.
"i love you too."
Tumblr media
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portgaslari · 3 minutes ago
Shanks x Reader | New Home
Tumblr media
(F/D) - Favorite drink
You were working at the little market in your small village as usual. Nothing too exciting, and they didn't even pay well, but it was enough to pay food, rent and other expenses since you lived alone. You've been living alone since a teenager, when your parents died and you had to take care of yourself. They were the only family you ever knew.
Besides, when ships stopped by once in a while, you had the chance to meet new people. Usually, they were pirates, and most of them knew how to party. They used to spent the days at some bar.
You always thought of how fun it would be to join some crew and just travel, meet new places, new cultures. Just jump in an adventure, and no routine. But of course, this was just a dream.
Today the Red Hair Pirates were there, they probably were gonna stay for a couple of days until they head to their next island.
It was night already. A warm night but with a cold breeze, the sky was full of stars, and everyone was sitting outside, some with their friends, some sitting by the sidewalk just enjoying the weather.
You headed to the bar, just to have a (F/D) and just see people. Your house was usually so quiet it made you feel lonely at times.
While you were enjoying your drink, looking at nowhere and random thoughts were flowing, you felt someone touch your shoulder. When you turned around, there was a handsome man. He had red hair, a beautiful smile, and a little bit tipsy of course, but he had so much charm.
ꟷ Hello, pretty lady. ꟷ he said. ꟷ Are you alone?
There he was. The famous Red Haired Shanks, chief of the Red Hair Pirates. You heard about him, you heard that he was oh so charming. But that was the first time you ever met him in person. And boy, he indeed was a handsome man.
ꟷ Yes, I am. ꟷ you smile. ꟷ I'm (Y/N), by the way. And you must be Shanks?
ꟷ That's right. ꟷ he gently grabbed your hand and kissed your knuckles. ꟷ May I join you?
ꟷ Of course. ꟷ you showed the seat next to you. ꟷ But what about your friends? ꟷ you looked at his crew, drinking and having fun. Some of them seemed like where gonna pass out at any minute.
ꟷ They can handle themselves. ꟷ he giggled. Oh my, his laugh, his smile... You could listen to him talk and laugh all night.
And you did. Weirdly enough, you felt so comfortable around him, as if your meeting was meant to be. It felt like you both already met in a past life or something like this. You even shared a bit of your story, your dream of traveling around the world. He also shared about his past, his goals... It was already past 3 AM when both of you realized how late it was.
ꟷ Well, I should head back to my ship. ꟷ he sighed. ꟷ Do you want to join me? The sunrise looks beautiful from there.
You felt reluctant. Maybe he just wanted to drag you to his ship and make you his for one night and that's it. Or maybe he really was a gentleman and wanted to see the dawn with you. Well, you decided to take the risk.
Before you could answer, as if he could read your thoughts, the red haired said:
ꟷ Don't worry, I'm not a pervert. ꟷ he giggled. ꟷ I promise we'll just watch the sunrise.
You nodded, smiling. So you two headed outside.
Shanks put his overcoat over your shoulders, since it was already getting cold. You blushed at his gesture, and you two walked back to his ship.
Half of the crew still were at the bar, and the other half was already asleep, so it was pretty quiet. The only sound was the sound of the waves, and of the wind blowing.
ꟷ You know... ꟷ the man whispered, breaking the silence. ꟷ Tomorrow is gonna be our last night here... And when we leave, we don't know when we're coming back... Or if we're coming back.
ꟷ I know... It should be fun for you. ꟷ you replied using the same tone. ꟷ But it sucks, because I wish you could stay more.
ꟷ Me too. Or you could go with us.
This caught you by surprise. Was he really was asking you to go with them? You don't have any skills that could help them, nothing that could be useful at all.
ꟷ You're kidding, right? ꟷ you laughed. ꟷ But I... I don't think I could help you guys. I mean, I don't know how to fight, and I don't think I could be useful. All I was gonna do is... Be a burden.
ꟷ You would never be a burden, my dear. ꟷ he brushed the hair that was covering your face. ꟷ And also, you said it was your dream to live this life, right? Consider my offer. You don't even have to answer now.
ꟷ Captain, you're just saying that because you're drinking. Tomorrow you're gonna regret asking me that. ꟷ you giggled.
ꟷ I'm sure I won't regret. ꟷ he kissed your hand. ꟷ Think about it, okay?
After the sunrise, he insisted on taking you home. All the way back to your house you kept wondering. Was he being serious about that? He really wanted you to join his crew? But why?
You had until the morning to decide. But it wasn't quite an easy choice. Not that you had any reason to stay, but leaving the stable life you had, now that you have the opportunity to do so, seems kinda scary.
You didn't even want to go to the bar again that night. You wanted to think, and if you decided to stay, you didn't want to say goodbye to Shanks. The man that in just one night, made you feel butterflies like no man ever did.
The red head was disappointed when he realized you weren't drinking with him that night. And as the night was almost over, he got even more sad when he realized that you weren't coming with him.
He meant it when he invited you. He was willing to protect you, or teach you how to protect yourself if you wanted to, because the first time he landed his eyes on you, he knew he wanted you to be his. Shanks just felt so comfortable around you. Your smile, your dreams... Everything about you was just beautiful.
The sun was shining already, and when everyone was about to leave, they heard a girl yell, while running towards the ship.
ꟷ Are you really leaving without me, Captain? ꟷ you said, almost running out of breath.
ꟷ I would never! ꟷ he smiled and went to your direction. He hugged you and kissed your head. ꟷ I'm glad you decided to join us. And please, don't call me Captain. For you, its just Shanks.
The day finally came. You said goodbye to the place where you grew up, and to people who helped you since you became an orphan. You were leaving some friends, coworkers... And even if your heart was aching a little, you knew you needed a new start.
tag list: @flowersgirl02 - @pure-kirarin
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(Y/N): I love you guys, you're the best thing that's happened to me.
Pepe : We're ze best thing zat's ever ‘appened to you?
(Y/N) : Yes!
Bugs : I'm startin’ to feel a little sorry for you.
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lo-xwrites · 3 minutes ago
akaashi fingering you till ur overstimulated🏃 pls IK that man has such nice hands
You look good when you beg
Fandom :Haikyuu
Character(s) : Akaashi Keiji
Pronouns : None used
Warnings : NSFW
Fingering, Overstim, Crying, Praise, Light degrading
Petname : Sir (Akaashi)
Petname : Darling (Reader)
Notes : He really does have nice hands, thank you nonny, I'm sorry this took longer and its so short motivation left me. Not Edited.
Laying back, your back arched, his fingers tracing the rim of your hole, you had been teased for too long, sensations feeling way too much, but it was so good. He always made you feel good.
Keiji was watching your reactions, eyes trailing at your body shamelessly as you ley there, He knew you felt good, he felt amazing knowing he was the one to do it.
"Youre stunning darling, does it feel good?"
You couldn't respond with words, anytime you went to speak he would push the tips of his fingers in that little bit more, the stretch small but with how sensitive you were, it was enough to make your eyes squeeze shut and broken moans leave your mouth.
"Go on darling, beg for it and I'll let you cum"
And you did, pleads and promises to behave fell out of your mouth, most of it was incoherent but the desperate "Please sir" and "please,ill be good" were made out easily.
He smiled, kissing along your thigh as he pressed the rest of his two fingers into you, the long fingers pressing directly into your sensitive spot. You're eyes rolled back as he massaged it, his fingers were too much, too good. You weren't going to last long with all the teasing he'd done before hand
He hummed in content watching you, his hard on straining against his sweats. He wasn't focused on that, just you and the way you shook and trembled from only two fingers.
He added a third, curling them gently, the way you gasped and tightened your grip on the sheets making his stomach curl. You were stunning.
"Youre so needy darling, it's pathetic. You can get off on my fingers can't you?"
You nod weakly and try your best to move against him, as much as you could with his hand holding your hip in place.
Hes sucking marks into your thigh and hip, his fingers massaging your spot, your legs shake as you cum.
Keiji looks like a satisfied cat as he licks you clean, his hand teasing himself, he knows you'll help him.
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thegirlintheswivelchair · 3 minutes ago
The Irregulars: The Fountain of Ichor || Part III
Tumblr media
Summary: Jessie has a nightmare, Spike is a good friend, the team splits up, and plans are made for sundown.
Word Count: +6.6k
Warnings: so much blood. Nightmares, Anxiety, knives, wounds (not described), mentions of death, alcohol if you squint...I think that’s it!
A/N: AAAAAaaaand we’re back! I was stuck FOREVER on this part. I just couldn't get the brain going. Thank you all for your patience and waiting for me to get this on “paper”. I hope you enjoy it! 
The first thing she hears is the sound of a large clock ticking. It’s rhythmic beat fills the space surrounding her, beating through her chest like a slow heartbeat. With each reverberating tick, she becomes more aware of a cool damp feeling on her skin, and soon she opens her eyes.
Blinking, confused and a little dazed, Jessie looks around her and sees she is standing in a dark brick lined entryway with uneven cobblestones making up the ground. In front of her is a roughly huen door, the wood greyed with age. To her right, stone stairs lead to an upper level of some kind. She can just make out an archway at the top and the faintest glimpse of sky can be seen.
It only takes her a moment to remember, and cool dread starts to pool in her stomach. She’s been here before.  
The beating rhythm of the clock hits through her chest again, and she knows she has to move. She takes a deep shaky breath as she steps towards the heavy wooden door next to the stairs. Her trembling hand goes to the doorknob and pulls the door open.
Immediately, she is greeted with a warm glow of candlelight. It’s inviting, but Jessie knows better than to trust the tranquil scene, so her heart does nothing but beat harder as she takes in the details of the room. 
It’s shadowed, but with the help of the candlelight, Jessie can see in the corner a queen sized bed with a faded red and orange quilt laying over plump pillows. The wooden nightstand next to the bed holds a single rose and a few tea candles. There aren’t many other pieces of furniture in the room save for a large chest to the side of the room where a cracked pitcher and wash basin sit.
Walking into the center of the room, her heart thundering, Jessie spins around trying to find a clue, any clue. She knows this dream must mean something.
As if the vision feeds off of her mind, thick shadows swirl like black smoke, seeping their way around the room, curling around her ankles. Quickly, the blackness has snuffed out all the candles, and the room is plunged into a chilling darkness. 
Jessie whimpers as the rhythm of the clock suddenly stops and silence presses into her. All she can hear is the rushing of blood in her ears and her rapid breathing until she feels something warm begin to drip on her head. The sound of liquid lightly pattering on the floor starts, and soon the dripping becomes a steady drizzle, quickly drenching her hair and her clothes. 
An acrid smell of metal fills the room. Nausea grips her as the smell worsens, and a soft cry breaks through her lips as she tries to get away from the rancid rain. She slips on the puddle surrounding her, and she falls hard on her back. 
As she’s lying in the oddly warm and sticky liquid a faint light begins to glow from under the only other door in the room. It steadily gets brighter, and Jessie is able to make out what is still falling from the ceiling. 
Another cry rips out of her in a sob as she takes in the crimson stream flowing from the ceiling. It’s path drips down a large black hook that hangs from the ceiling by a chain. Her eyes follow the chain's path and find 4 other large black hooks in a line, each dripping with blood. 
She scrambles away from the growing pool of red, her chest heaving with unleashed sobs.
Suddenly, the door where the light is coming from, bursts open and a figure of a woman is silhouetted by the faint light behind her. She staggers closer to Jessie only enough for her to make out her face in shadowed details, incomplete and unknown. It’s a young woman, that’s all Jessie can tell, but she isn’t focused on the girl’s face. Instead, she watches the glint of a large knife fall from her hands and clatter into the pool of red as the girl falls to her knees, her dress instantly soaked in blood.
“Please,” The figure murmurs. One of her arms reaches for Jessie, as the other presses the palm to her heart.
Tears are running down Jessie's face now, mixing with the blood that stains her cheeks as she watches the girl's chest begin to blossom with a dark stain. Soon blood is seeping through her fingers, and the girl whispers again, “Please…”
Fear tries to immobilize Jessie, gripping her as she stares at this pleading figure, but she can’t let her die. Not this time. Jessie jerkily tries to move, slipping in the wet blood around her. She gets to her knees and reaches out to touch the dying girl’s hand, and just as she is about to touch her...
A gasp leaves the young woman’s lips and like wind taking away ash after a fire, she begins to blow away, starting with the hand that strains towards Jessie. 
“Wait!” Jessie cries, lunging further, trying to reach some part of the girl before she disappears completely. Fear and sadness are written all over the girl’s face as she looks between her fading hand and Jessie.
“No! No! No!” Jessie chants through sobs as she watches the young woman fade away, 
The last thing Jessie hears is a whisper. “Paenitet me.” 
After setting the tea kettle on the heat, Spike absent-mindedly walks past Jessie in the late morning. They had all slept in after talking well into the early hours of the morning about the situation going on at the Palace. Spike glances at her sleeping figure, already starting to inwardly smile, thinking she would be peacefully asleep. 
Except, that’s not what he sees. Almost doing a double take, he looks her over, and his stomach drops. He knows those furrowed brows, those clenched fists.
“Jessie!” Spike whisper-shouts. He runs up the stairs of her bed’s landing and drops to his knees next to the bed and reaches out his hand to gently shake her shoulder. She is whimpering in her sleep and breathing hard. It’s clear she’s having a nightmare. “Jessie! Come on, wake up!”
With a faint cry, Jessie shoots up in the bed. Immediately, tears begin to run down her face, as she frantically turns to Spike. Her face is stricken with grief as she tries to get the words out between sobs, trying to describe what she had just been through. 
“She died! And—and—I couldn’t help her,” Jessie sobs, “There was blood everywhere...” Words are tumbling out of her as her body shakes. Spike moves to sit by her side on her bed, and Jessie dives sideways into his chest, hugging him tightly. 
“Hey, it’s ok,” Spike says gently, his arms encircling her as she cries, “Just breathe, Jess. You’re safe.”
She cries into his chest for a moment, and when her breathing calms down, she begins to pull back sniffling. Spike lets go of her and instead finds one of her hands and holds it in both of his. He looks at her with concern written on his face as he murmurs, “You’re dreaming again aren’t you?”
Jessie meets his gaze for a moment before averting her eyes downward, her lower lip still trembling lightly. Her silence is enough of a confession for Spike, “Why didn’t you say anything?” He presses gently.
She’s silent for a moment. “I didn’t want to worry everyone again.” She says, still looking away.
“Jessie, you shouldn’t hide these things—” Spike begins.
“I can’t deal with you all treating me like I’m going to break any second!” Jessie interrupts him,  Her eyes finally meeting spikes, still rimmed with tears. “Not again…” She finishes weakly, and Spike realizes what he thought were old tears are actually new ones. She’s still afraid of her powers, and all they do and mean.
“Remember when you were asleep and couldn’t wake up? But then you woke up because we all came together?” He pauses and Jessie nods. “That hasn’t changed. We’re still here for you, Jess…I’m still here for you.” Spike looks earnestly at Jessie, hoping she believes what he’s saying. 
The corners of Jessie’s mouth turn up, giving him a weak watery grin. Spike breaks out into his own soft smile, relieved she’s hearing him. 
“We’ll get through this together, yeah?” Spike offers her hand a squeeze, which she returns with equal pressure and nods again. 
The sound of the tea kettle screaming fills the cellar and feet can be heard coming towards the little kitchen next to the landing the pair are on. Soon Bea, Leo and Billy come into view. Billy deals with the tea kettle as Bea climbs the stairs to her’s and Jessie’s bed. Right away, her face turns to concern as she sees Jessie’s tear stained cheeks, “What’s—”
“I’m alright,” Jessie cuts her sister off before she can ask the full question. She quickly wipes her face with her sleeves and gives the other girl a thin smile. It’s clear Bea doesn’t believe her, but she knows her sister well enough to not push the question right now. The answer will come in time.
“Right. Well we’re all gonna have tea if you want some.” Bea says before one last look at the two on the bed before turning and heading down the stairs again.
As Spike and Jessie come down to the little stove area in the cellar the other three are already situated, tea in hand. Bea and Leo are sitting on a set of stairs together while Billy leans on a pillar next to them.
“Mornin’,” Spike says into the open space.
Both Billy and Bea reply with their routinely murmured ‘morning’ while Leo goes for a full, “Good morning” and a small smile in return. Jessie goes to the stove and pours tea for them both and hands Spike his mug. She turns to face the group, hugging her own mug to her chest with both hands.
There’s a calm silence for a few minutes as they all sip their teas. Each one of them are processing different parts of the two cases they have been thrown into yet again. 
“We need more information.” Bea’s voice sounds through the quiet, being the first one to speak their thoughts out loud.
“About what?” Jessie asks. A wooden box scraps on the ground as Spike pulls it up for the two of them to sit on.
“Everything,” Bea answers, looking over at Jessie and Spike, “We aren’t anywhere near understanding the Ashen Boys case, and we don’t even know the first thing about what’s happening to Y/n and Lady Bátori.”  
“But if what Leo says is true, and Y/n’s in danger, shouldn’t we help her first?” Spike says, gesturing with his head at Leo.
Bea’s face falls into an expression that reads ‘bad news’. Next to her, Leo continues to look at his tea while his body visibly stiffens and his fingers begin to fiddle with his mug. His jaw twitches in reaction to whatever he is dealing with internally. It’s odd behavior for Leo, and it doesn’t go unmissed.
“What? What am I missin’? Spike asks, looking back and forth between Leo and Bea with concerned confusion.
“It’s not that simple...” Bea begins quietly. She hesitates before continuing, and Leo takes over, his voice sounding pained.
“If the pattern of the killings in the city are as regular as they appear, the next killing will happen sometime...sometime tonight.” He still hasn’t looked up from his tea, but his behavior and tone makes sense now. He wants desperately for Y/n to be the priority, but he’s forcing the more pressing matter to be at the forefront.
There’s silence as the group let’s the reality of the deadline sink in. 
“Then we have until tonight to save Y/n, yeah?” Spike replies, looking at each of his friends in turn, “We go get Y/n. Then we come back and try to suss out the murderer at the pub. They only come out at night anyways.”
“I don’t think there’s enough time—“ Leo begins, he isn’t sure how they could pull off a rescue attempt in such a short amount of time. 
“Spike’s right, Leo.” Jessie’s voice cuts him off. Thoughts were beginning to tug at Jessie, something deep in her is telling her they can’t wait much longer. The sound of the clock echoes in her mind. Her eyes meet his. “We have to at least try.”
“It’s not like all five of us can storm the castle together,” Billy speaks up, spotting a rather large issue with the plan.
“Then we split up.” Bea’s voice finally adds itself to the mix. The others around the circle look at her. They know that tone. It usually means a plan is forming in her mind. Determination and concentration are set in her features as she says,“Leo and I will go to the palace to get Y/n. In case we don’t make it back here by nightfall, we need someone at the pub. We know that this…’thing’ seems to target 17 year olds,” She pauses before looking at Billy and Spike meaningfully. “Spike, Billy. You need to be at the pub tonight.”
“What, like bait?” Spike says incredulously, “No, I’m out. I will not be killed by a phantom lady. I don’t care how pretty she is.”
“You need to be there, Spike.” Bea says firmly, “Together, you and Billy can make sure you aren’t being fooled by their good looks. You will keep each other safe.”
Spike glances at Billy, who nods at him, silently saying he would have his back. Spike nods back with a look of grimaced resolve before turning back to Bea. “Okay,” He says resolutely before adding with an utterly serious face, “But for the record. Billy does just fine repelling women on his own. He doesn't need my help for that.”
Billy's eyes grow wide at the sudden insult, and he quickly throws back, “Piss off! I don’t see you doing any better these days.”
Spike opens his mouth to respond, a smile forming and his eyes dancing with mirth when Jessie’s voice cuts through, “I’m going with you. Right, Bea?” 
Bea turns to face her sister and shakes her head, “No, Jess. You need to go with Spike and Billy.”
“What? No, I need to go with you!” She protests, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“We don’t know anything about this…’phantom lady’. You’re the only one that’s ever been able to get inside these people’s heads. If they come tonight, you need to be there.” Bea explains, her hand coming out to rest on Jessie’s shoulder.
“What about the Duchess?” Jessie asks, her eyes still searching her sister’s.
Bea sighs. She isn’t altogether sure of the answer herself, but she decides to say what she feels is right , “We need to get Y/n away from the duchess first. Then we can figure out what to do with Lady Bátori. Until then, you need to help Spike and Billy.”
Jessie looks away. She knows her dream is connected to Y/n somehow, but she doesn’t know how. It isn’t like she’s seen Y/n to confirm the shadowed woman in her dream is the same lady-in-waiting Leo had described in such loving detail the night before. Yet, Jessie’s gut keeps telling her Y/n is central to the whole thing. It only made sense that she would be connected with her very life being sucked out of her, maybe even dying like the girl in her dream. But what does that matter in the face of Bea’s argument? She’s right, they knew nothing about the Ashen Boys’ killer. Tonight could be the one chance they had to corner or catch the killer before they murdered again.
“Fine,” Jessie murmurs and feels her sister's hand squeeze her shoulder before letting go. 
Looking at Leo, Bea says, “We should go.”
Leo nods and is on his feet in a second. His demeanor is filled with determination as the two of them begin to move towards the stairs leading up and out of the cellar.
Bea slows at the foot of the steps before turning back around to look at the other three still in their places from before. She looks at each of them, until her eyes land on Billy. They share a moment of silent communication. Billy knows she’s asking that he protect Jessie and Spike, and he feels his chest tighten at the responsibility. He loves his friends, and he loves Bea, so the weight of the task is sobering. He nods in agreement. 
“Stay safe,” Bea reinforces, and Billy understands this is meant for him too.
Silent emotion fills his eyes for Bea to see as he says, “You too.”
With that, Bea turns back to the stairs and follows Leo out into the chill filled air of London.
“How do you sneak in and out of the palace?” Bea asks quietly as she and Leo make their way over to the large brick barrier surrounding the palace. She knows that before closing the rift, Leo would just walk out the back entrance when no one was around, but sneaking out must have gotten harder since then. 
With Bea following behind him, Leo looks back at her and a surprisingly excited and proud grin is playing around the corners of his lips, his eyes shining. 
“It’s just up ahead.” He says, nodding in the direction further up. Bea smiles curiously at the vague answer wondering what Leo is going to show her. 
As they follow the edge of the wall, it suddenly tucks inwards out of view. Leo pauses and lets Bea go in front of him, looking around quickly before following her around the corner. 
Just out of sight from the road nearby is a small space cut into the wall face. On both sides there are piles of wood and other leftover pieces of tools and rusted carriages. Browning weeds and other plants grow haphazardly and unkempt. Amongst the plants is an old sturdy vine, already barren of leaves from the anticipation of winter. Its thick gnarled branches crawl up and over the palace’s protective border, perfect for climbing on.
“You climb the wall every time?” Bea questions as she thinks about Leo having to do something like that each time he comes to visit. It’s less than practical.
“No,” Leo chuckles lightly, “No I don’t. I use the door under here.” Bea looks over, fresh confusion on her face, and sees him lifting up wooden planks in the corner revealing a metal plated door. The metal is rusted and dented all over from lack of care. Gaging from the unkempt area surrounding the door, Bea thinks it must be a long forgotten maintenance door.
“I found this door years ago while walking around my favorite part of the palace gardens,” Leo begins to explain, “I only tried opening the door this year when I had to figure out how to see you all again.” He shifts the wood just enough to open the door and peek his head in, scanning the area. When he knows the coast is clear, he backs up and lets Bea enter first, that way he can shift the wood again to cover the entrance better before shutting and locking it again.
They seem to be at the end of an abandoned tunnel made out of unkempt hedge bushes that are overgrown with vines looping and dangling from above, growing thickly everywhere. Roots of giant trees that must be growing outside the tunnel break in and out of the ground like tentacles. It’s dim with the density of foliage around them, and the cold wet wind of the day comes through the channel of leaves, chilling them even more in the dark earthy space. 
Wrapping coats tighter around their bodies, Leo begins walking down the overgrown and leafy tunnel, Bea following closely behind. 
When they get to the end of the winding tunnel it’s blocked by a tall wrought iron trellis tangled up with dormant rose vines. With practiced ease, Leo grabs the only clear spots without vines and pushes the trellis open just enough to squeeze through. He shuts it quickly after they slip past and heads to the back entrance of the kitchen.
Once inside, Bea is expecting to have to sneak around and avoid detection, but Leo walks in with no pretense of hiding, and no one seems to question his entrance either. 
The palace’s kitchen is large, and bustling with people. On the far wall near the stairs is a large fireplaces hollowed out and tall enough for someone to stand inside and stir a cast iron cauldron. The sides are lined with shelves filled with dishes, pots, and ingredients, with a few counter-spaces taken over by various parts of a meal from the chopped vegetables to the decorations of cake. In the middle of the room is a massive wooden topped island where currently there is a variety of raw meats and other animal trimmings strewn about. 
A large cocoa-skinned man with a large black beard and bald head is in front of this pile, cutting and preparing the meats with swift and skilled strikes and slashes of his massive knife. 
When he hears the slamming of the back door, he turns away from the mountain of meat he is carving to look at the newcomer. He’s in a chef jacket and a stained apron. His presence makes it clear he carries authority in the room as the other kitchen hands orbit him. His deep voice booms jovially, “Ah! Prince Leopold!”
A grin grows on Leo’s face as he greets the chef back, “Hello, Manfred.” 
Manfred’s eyes shift over Leo’s shoulder and sees Bea behind him. “You brought a friend?” His gaze goes back to Leo and his once happy face falls slightly as it shifts to one of cautious curiosity. 
Leo, still warmly, nods, “Yes, this is Beatrice.” 
Taking cues from Leo to not be afraid of the situation, Bea moves forward and waves awkwardly with a tight lipped smile saying, “Hello.” 
The chef must have seen something in her, because he relaxes and introduces himself with a nod, “I’m Manfred, the head chef at the palace, though most people just call me Manny.” 
“I used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen with Manfred when I was younger.” Leo explains.
Manny’s eyes glint with warmth while his eyebrow arches and a teasing smile appears on his mouth. He points to the young prince and Bea with the cleaver he’s been using and says, “You best be careful today, your Highness. You’ve caused quite the panic here...” He pauses to look directly at Leo, “Especially with a certain young lady.”
Leo’s smile falls, “Y/n?”
Manny hums in confirmation and nods, “Miss Y/l/n seemed quite worried when she found out you were missing.”
Guilt twinges in Leo’s chest as he thinks about how he left. He had been so worried about what was happening between the duchess and Y/n, he hadn’t thought to get a message to her somehow. 
As if reading his mind, Manny says, “We told her you’d left for the city.” Then he seems to think for a moment before mumbling, “Though, she didn’t seem to relax when we told her.”
“Do you know where she may be?” Leo asks the chef.
“I believe she’s taking afternoon tea with the Duchess now. We sent up a tray about thirty minutes ago.” Manny replies.
“Which sitting room?” Leo asks, knowing there are too many to search through.
“The Duchess’ personal suit.”
“Thank you,” Leo says gratefully and with a look at Bea, the two of them are making their way to the servant’s staircase. 
Just before they reach the first step, Manny speaks up, “I wouldn’t go up there looking like that,” The pair by the stairs looks at each other, and Bea with a furrowed brow asks the chef, “Why not?”
The chef gives her a look, “You don’t exactly look like you belong here, do you?” He doesn’t wait for an answer before pointing again with his knife to a closet across the way, “There are uniforms in there. Wear one.” 
A few minutes later, Bea walks out in a stiff grey maid’s dress that fits a little too big on her. It’s complete with a raised neck, slightly puffed shoulders, and a white apron tied neatly at the waist. She must have found a mirror because her hair, while still messy, was done up in a bun, and her face was slightly less dirty. In all honesty, she looked the part of a maid if no one looked too closely.
Leo looks at her, and he can’t help the corners of his lips twitching up, so he tries to purse his lips so it doesn’t look like he wants to laugh. He knows how much this uniform must be killing her. 
Bea takes one look at the blond, seeing him trying to stifle a smile and murmurs,  “Shut up,” her own mouth twitching up at the situation. 
“Wasn’t going to say a word,” Leo quickly says, the smile only growing bigger.
When they make it to the door that leads into Lady Bátori’s sitting room, Leo turns to Bea and says in a hushed voice, “You need to be the one to call for Y/n.”
“Me?” Bea whispers back perplexed.
Leo nods, “I can’t go in uninvited.”
Bea is just about to reply when the door’s handle turns and the door begins to swing open. The pair jump away from the door just as a maid, dressed in the same attire as Bea, begins to come out with a tray. She’s looking away though, listening to a few requests and other commands coming from a voice very familiar to Leo.
Y/n comes into view, following close behind the maid as she clears the doorway. Bea hears the faintest inhale from Leo, and she leans over to him confirming that the woman at the door is who she thinks it is, “Is that Y/n?” He gives her a small nod, not looking away from the lady-in-waiting.
From this distance, Bea can see why Leo might have been drawn to Y/n. From her hair, to her eyes, to the very way she held herself, there is something beautiful about her. Though, that is just her appearance. Before knowing anything about her, the jury is still out for Bea and her approval of someone that might be trying to ingratiate themselves into Leo’s life. 
The maid nods to Y/n, dismissing herself with a “‘right away, ma’am,” and turns to walk in the direction of where Leo and Bea are standing. 
Y/n’s eyes follow the woman and land on the pair standing quite obviously in the middle of the hallway. Her eyes widen as she takes them in, and the once calm and composed face falls into an expression of relief as if she had been dreading horrible news about them. 
A whisper falls from her lips as she takes a hesitant step towards them, “Leo.” 
She seems to remember she can’t just run to him with the Duchess so close by, and looks back into the room to check something. When it seems ok, she quickly closes the door, and then in a running walk, she rushes over to the pair, eyes never leaving Leo.
In a flurry of limbs, Y/n crashes into the prince, hugging him while saying under her breath, “Thank, God.”
Leo staggers at the immediate impact, but quickly wraps his own arms around her, closing his eyes as he takes a long breath in, smelling her sweet flower scent and feeling her warmth against his body. It has been more than a week since he’s gotten to hug her, and it’s only now hitting him how much he missed her. 
The moment doesn’t last long as he feels her lightly trembling in his arms, and he pulls back. His ocean blue eyes find her face, and he sees exactly what he saw the other day before running to the city. This time, it’s up close. 
Bea can see it too. Her own heart hurts looking at the girl. Leo wasn’t kidding when he said something seemed dimmed in her. No other word could describe what is taking over her body. The young woman in front of her looks so tired. Her eyes carry deep bags, and her body seems to have a tiny tremor running through it from fatigue or something else.
Leo’s hand comes up to cup Y/n’s cheek, and her eyes close for a second as she leans into it. 
“What is she doing to you, Y/n?” He murmurs. 
Y/n’s body stiffens and her eyes fly open, “What are you talking about?” Fear is slowly washing over her features.
“We know the Duchess is—” Leo begins.
Y/n holds up her finger, silencing him. She takes his hand from her face and holds onto it while looking around frantically. Spotting a room across the way she drags him there. After checking to see if the coast is clear in the room and in the hallway, she turns back to Leo. Bea slips into the room behind them and shuts the door.
“What do you know?” Y/n looks at Leo, her voice gripped with worried urgency.
“We know the Duchess is trying to become young again.” Leo responds before hesitantly responding, “And we know she’s using you to do it.”
Pure dread washes over Y/n’s face as she whispers, “You do?” 
Leo nods as he watches tears start to fill her eyes as she looks at him, and her breathing is becoming shallow. 
“I don’t know how to stop it,” She whimpers as her face twists and a small sob leaves her lips.
Leo rushes forward and pulls her into another hug, murmuring calming words to her as the girl starts a small chant of “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry...” her voice muffled by the embrace.
He glances at Bea who’s silently watching from the corner and sees the sympathy painting his friend’s face. Her eyes meet his and quickly go back to the sobbing girl in his arms, and she steps forward. “It’s going to be ok,” She says, “That’s why we're here. We want to help you.”
It’s the first time Y/n seems to notice Bea is there. Raising her head from Leo’s embrace with stuttering breaths, she looks at Bea with furrowed brows for a moment until realization seems to hit her. 
“You’re one of Leo’s friends from the city, aren’t you?” She croaks. There was no malice, judgement, or anything negative about how she said it. It was a simple question made from her deductions.
Bea nods, “I’m Bea.” 
A small smile comes to Y/n’s tear stained face. “Beatrice,” She says with warm recognition, using her full name like Leo does. “Y/n,” She says softly, introducing herself in return. 
The two of them share a warm moment, but it doesn’t last long as confusion comes over Y/n’s face, and she pulls away from Leo just enough to look at his face. “How could you help me?”
“First, we need to get you away from the Duchess—” Bea starts.
A stern voice rings through the hall behind the closed door, “Y/n?” 
The girl in question jolts in Leo’s arms, pushing back from him completely with wide eyes staring at the door.
The voice rings out again, “Y/n?” A pause, and a faint murmur can be heard, “Where is that girl?” The Duchess’ steps can be heard walking farther down the hall, and another call of her lady-in-waiting’s name is heard.
Y/n’s gaze looks between Bea and Leo and then lands on the door again. She let’s fear cloud her face for a second before standing up straighter and wiping her cheeks free of tears. After she’s pulled down on her dress skirts to fix her clothes, her face composes itself into one of poised attention. 
She begins to walk towards the door, but Leo grabs and holds tight to her hand. “Y/n, you can’t.”
Her head turns back to Leo, her eyes pained as she looks between his eyes, “I have to. I can’t just vanish in the middle of the day.”
His eyes dance between hers as he thinks of what to do. “Meet us in our spot when the sun goes down. The Duchess will have gone to bed. We’ll leave then.” He says softly yet urgently, squeezing her hand in his. He doesn’t want to let go. Now that he knows the Duchess is doing something to Y/n, he can barely stomach the thought of her being anywhere near the woman anymore.
Y/n searches the prince's eyes for a moment. She lifts her hand to Leo’s cheek for a moment while whispering an agreement, “Tonight.” With that she turns and walks purposefully to the door, opens it and steps out of the room.
Spike lounges on his bed reading a book while Jessie sits beside him with her charcoals, drawing various things from her dream. It had to be the key to something in these cases, but she just didn’t understand it yet. 
Sketched images scatter the bed around her when Billy walks over to the pair. Silently, he stands over the bed, cocking his head to the side in order to look at the pictures at the right angle. His brows scrunch as he tries to decipher what they are. “Is that a wash basin?” He asks pointing at a few papers. Billy keeps looking and squats down to get a better look at a few others. There’s images of stone archways, dark staircases, and something he can’t make out. “What is that?”
At this point, Jessie has stopped her drawings and is staring at Billy. Apprehension fills her, she still hasn’t told anyone but Spike about her dreams. She knows Bea has a suspicion that she’s dreaming again, but they have yet to talk about it. Billy, though, he didn’t know.
Her gaze follows his finger to a page with a large J, black and branded into the paper with harsh strokes. “It’s a hook.” She states simply.
Billy’s eyes scan the pages a moment longer, and then it clicks. His head turns to Jessie, concern in his eyes, “These are from your dreams, aren’t they?”
Jessie bites her lower lip, and nods her head silently, staring into Billy’s blue eyes. He doesn’t say anything but goes back to looking at all the sketches in front of him until he picks up a particularly clear one of an archway and stairs, saying, “Do you know what they mean yet?” 
She shakes her head while saying, “No, but I think it’s just like last time. There’s clues to where it is.”
“Where what is?” Spike breaks in, joining the conversation.
“I’m not sure, but I think it’s where the murders are happening.” Jessie says, turning to look at Spike next to her.
“For the Ashen Boys?” Spike asks, leaning forward to look at the images.
Jessie nods.
“What do a hook and a pitcher have in common?” Spike says confused.
“I don’t know,” Jessie murmurs, her own face softly folded into lines of confusion and concentration.
“Well, we can keep thinking about this at the pub.” Billy says while standing, “The sun's starting to go down. We need to get over there and start our look out.” 
When the three of them walk into the Duck and Quiver, the pub is it’s usual boisterous self. The fire is crackling merrily in its hearth, and with the many bodies that populated the place, it’s warm and cozy, a welcome relief to the cold snapping air that's outside.
Billy, leading the way, sees a little corner table, tucked away in the back that’s somehow still empty. He makes a beeline for it with the other two in tow. They scan the room, searching for any signs that the phantom woman is in their midsts. 
As the night grows darker, they can’t help but feel uncomfortable the first two times they point out a woman at the bar, commenting on her appearance.
“This is just weird, mate,” Spike says, uncomfortable distaste coloring his tone, “I’m all for appreciating beauty, but I feel like we shouldn’t be doing this.” 
“No one said you had to objectify them,” Jessie responds rolling her eyes, “Ask if she looks the same to us like I did with the first woman.”
Billy’s body language and facial expression seem to only be growing grumpier with each minute, clearly not ok with what they’re doing either. He huffs and says, “Pretty sure we’ll know it when we see it anyways.”
“How can you be so sure? You suddenly a master of all this stuff?” Spike challenges, his brow skeptically raised.
“They’re supposed to be the most beautiful woman we’ve ever seen. None of us have been struck by that kind of person yet, have we?” Billy answers as he shifts in his chair. He waves his hand around gesturing at the people in the pub as if to prove his point that no one is outlandishly beautiful. 
The other two search the crowd at his gesture and their silence is answer enough. They fall back into their quiet surveillance, until Billy gets restless. He needed something to do other than sit, stare, and watch people come in and out of the cold London streets. Moving to get up from the table, he speaks to his friends who look at him confused, “Might as well make this trip worth it. I’ll grab us some drinks.” 
Billy wades through the noisy pub, making his way to the bar. He’s greeted by Charlie, who is polishing a glass when he walks up. The older man’s smile is immediate, crinkling his eyes, as he puts the glass down and gives Billy his attention. “What can I do you for?” His gravelly voice asks.
“Three pints, please.” Billy answers.
Charlie nods, and turns to work on the order. Billy, with his back to the rest of the bar and his focus trained on the innkeeper's work doesn’t notice a figure making its way towards the counter. 
Others around him are stirring in their seats as the person walks closer, but it's missed by Billy as a large commotion takes Charlie and Billy’s attention away from the 3 pints waiting to be served. The older man behind the bar starts shouting and walks over to the men who were getting too rowdy, leaving Billy no choice but to wait for his return.
The blond turns the other direction to check on his friends across the room, but his gaze doesn’t make it to the table. Instead, it lands right next to him, and warmth spreads through his chest as he stares at her. He takes in the long black hair, sharp and shining dark eyes, and the soft beautiful face he’s known since he was a boy. 
AHHHH! What a cliff I really hope you all enjoyed this chapter. The next one is going to be alllll the crazy stuff. Do you have theories? Let me know! I won’t say anything to confirm or deny (cuz duh, spoilers), but I’d love to hear what you all think! All likes, comments, and reblogs are super duper appreciated 🧡🧡
Tagging those on the list (you can always ask to be on it):
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ellieshouldntexist · 3 minutes ago
dreamsmp members once they get a s/o
thank you all so much for the love on my first post omg <333 i've been seeing "headcanons" going around so id like to do some!! this is how i think dreamsmp members would tell their audience they have a s/o :)
people in this hc; dream, sapnap, george, wilbur soot, etc <3
id also like to say im sorry for using the enderian letter i in my previous post, its a preset on my keyboard and i didnt even think about it. i will try my hardest to not use it in the future, anyways ...
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  enjoy  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Dream ☆ ;
ok so first off he's faceless (duh) so it's not like he can just show you off
but god does he talk about you on stream a lot
will sometimes have you come sit in his lap while he streams and have you read donos and subs for him while also interacting with viewers
would probably post a picture of you with patches :))
twt will obsess over you
Sapnap ☆ ;
sapnap, oh sapnap, what do i say about sapnap
would probably mention it once then never again because he wants you to himself and only himself
would probably use the fact he's dating you as comebacks
"at least i can get a girlfriend"
but off-stream, total softie.
George ☆ ;
mr not found himself
he's super happy to have you but is probably in the same boat as sapnap
might show you off to stream every once in a while but aside from that he doesn't want to bother people with his personal life
will randomly post pictures of the both of you on his socials
Wilbur Soot ☆ ;
oh wilbur my beloved
100% would want to show you off any second he can
"guys look at how cute y/n is today"
isnt embarrassed to shower you with kisses in front of chat
even when you aren't there he's constantly talking about you to chat
"guys last night y/n did the sweetest thing"
twt loves you guys #powercouple
Karl Jacobs ☆ ;
oh karl, our sweet karl
he would totally have you come in during some of his streams just to be affectionate
"y/n come lay in my lap i miss you"
would randomly @ you on twt even if you're right next to each other
@y/t/n hi can i have a kiss
Quackity ☆ ;
makes you come say hi to the stream just so he can prove you exist
"guys they're real see look AND they're hot and sexy ayyyyy"
off-stream he's such a softie tho
chat loves you what can I say, always siding with you rather than him
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Basic Instincts Part 9- Deadwood
18+ Hawks x fem!pro hero reader
Summary: Hawks was your first friend, your first kiss, and your first love. You were the same for him. But you’re not little commission trainees anymore, you’re full fledged pro-heroes now with all the baggage and sacrifice that entails. Things are different now, and when the two of you end up accidentally mated, well… they’re about to get even more different.
Masterlist Help Lulu <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: (y/n) almost just straight up told Noriko that they don’t know each other like that and never would but she’s tryna play that long game and get the commission off her back about her friendship with Hawks so she kept that one in the vault
Taglist: @oliviasslut @theycallme-becky @vibesdontlie @superhermit
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Memories & Mochi
commission for @lilsbewild
word count: 3.6k
characters: Sasuke x Naruto x f!reader
summary: a normal night with your two boyfriends turns steamier than usual.
tags: poly relationship, threesome, dom/Sub dynamics, oral (m+f), fingering, voyeurism, vaginal sex, creampie, soft aftercare
"You forgot the shrimp," it was a plain statement, with only slight irritation on the raven haired man's behalf.
Naruto laughed nervously from his seat beside you and rubbed the back of his neck, "Uhh, yeah, about that… I didn't forget it, I just… got hungry?"
The deadpan look on Sasuke's face changed to that of adoring aggravation with a sigh, "Tell me how am I supposed to make shrimp fried rice if we don't have shrimp?"
"What about the leftover chicken from last night?" you chimed in, preventing the incident from escalating, you quite dreaded the idea of having to redesign another destroyed room.
"Hmph, that'll work," Sasuke nodded curtly and turned to grab the chicken out, leaving you and the blond to watch patiently, choosing to keep him company while he cooked.
Naruto had his chin leaning on his hand, eyes full of a familiar emotion as he watched his boyfriend, "I can't believe we ended up together some days."
"Yeah me either," you and Sasuke answered in sarcastic unison.
The tone you both held made the blond pout and not long after the puppy dog eyes brought out, "Guys! Really? Am I that bad?"
You two sighed and answered with varying answers of reassuring denials, amused at the sensitivity your joint boyfriend had. Sasuke chopped the vegetables with ease, a faint trace of a smile on his face. You laughed quietly at Naruto's already present tears and slinked your arms around him for a hug. A soft kiss was pressed to his cheek and the tears that were once threatening to spill over were now long gone. The conversation was typical, you each taking turns to describe your day in details that varied from partner to partner. Naruto's was always detailed down to what everyone was wearing, meanwhile Sasuke's was enough to at least let you know what he did during the day. Yours was somewhere in between, a perfect example of how your relationship just so happened to work.
"So what's for dessert?" The wide grin your boyfriend sported would make anyone think he was joking, but the rest of you knew better.
"You just ate a pound of rice and three pounds of chicken, you don't need dessert."
"Sasuke, stop being such a downer! I want dessert."
"Well, I didn't make any, so too bad."
Dessert didn't sound half bad, so you were about to suggest a late evening venture out, but before you could the blond spoke up again, "That's fine, I had something else in mind for it."
For a brief moment you wondered if Naruto hid mochi in the pantry again to surprise you. Then you saw the look your boyfriends shared before they grinned in your direction. You swallowed hard, suddenly feeling small as they leaned in closer, a kiss pressed to the side of your neck and another set of hands slinked around your waist. The barstool beneath you wobbled and you gripped the counter, a quiet gasp leaving you as the eagerness of the men surrounding you became apparent.
Sasuke pulled away from you with a devious grin, "I think just this once we should eat dessert in bed."
The comment alone made your face heat up, realizing that you were dessert made the innuendo that more effective. Naruto smirked, his brain no doubt too full of deplorably horny ideas to verbally respond. Instead, he plucked you off your seat and bent you over his shoulder. It wasn't exactly the most romantic way to get to the bedroom, but knowing he was strong enough to carry you with ease made you forget his lack of chivalry. Once in the bedroom, your back met the soft plushness of the bed and your vision was filled with blond and black hair hanging over you. Ever the eager one, Naruto was already shirtless and tugging at your own blouse. Without much convincing, you let him peel your top off, somehow your pants also come off with it, no doubt thanks to the other unassuming set of hands.
Your boyfriends were always a bit quick to escalate any situation, but they never let you guess their true emotions. Even with a scowl on his face, Sasuke's hands gently traced over your body, fingertips just barely brushing against your skin. Meanwhile, Naruto was occupying himself with pressing kisses up and down your neck, definitely leaving hickies. It was one of his favorite past times, purposely leaving marks where other people were going to see them. Seeing them, seeing other people see them, both situations made him puff up with pride. Their touches were sweet but you were a bit impatient tonight, your hips wiggling when Sasuke’s hands met the sensitive skin. His hands pressed down on your hips more roughly than usual, earning a soft gasp from you.
“Be a good kitten and be patient, or else you’ll have to be punished,” his voice was lower and rougher than normal, nearly taking the air from your lungs once it hit your ears.
Naruto lifted his head from your collarbone and grinned, “You can do that for us, can’t you, princess?”
The sudden change in their demeanors left you speechless, only being able to nod in response. Still, it seemed to satisfy them both as they shimmied out of the rest of their clothes. Sasuke slipped his fingers into the waistband of your pants, pulling them off in one motion and leaving you clad in only your underwear and bra. The blond knelt proudly in the nude next to you, a dangerously serious look on his face.
“I bet you want dessert, too, huh? Don’t worry, haven’t forgotten about you. Here!” The cocky smile on Naruto’s face already clued you into what he was thinking and it was confirmed when he wrapped his fist around his dick and waved it teasingly next to your face.
As if he really needed to ask you. Your mouth was watering as you took in the Adonis above you. Perhaps people called you greedy, having two of the most perfectly sculpted men on the bed with you. And perhaps you just didn’t care, as long as you were able to wrap your lips around their cocks then the town could talk as much as they liked. Naruto was getting antsy and although you began stroking and licking him, his hips still jutted forward, desperate for more. To ice the cake his mouth couldn’t help but let a whine slip out. Sasuke silently scoffed and rolled his eyes at the sight, though he’d be lying if he said it didn’t make his cock throb. The raven haired man let you focus on the other while he innocently slipped your underwear off and spread your thighs.
Sitting back on his heels, he took a moment to appreciate the sight. You laid there, so helplessly, sucking off Naruto like you were getting paid, legs open for him to see your most intimate parts. If he would have stayed motionless for another minute he might have gotten sentimental within his thoughts, wondering how you two ever put up with him, thankful that you put up with him. Instead, he chose to shake himself back to reality and laid himself between your soft thighs, licking a stripe up your core. The shock the sudden action had on you made him smirk against your core and filled him with even more vigor.
Your thighs instinctively went to close but were caught in Sasuke’s demanding grip. It wasn’t too tight, but enough that your thighs were effectively forced back down and open. He didn’t waste any time in, for lack of better words, devouring you. Out of your two boyfriends he wasn’t exactly the one who understood the phrase ‘have mercy’ and was determined to make you cum as many times as he could. In doing so, it also sent Naruto that much closer to the edge, especially when you gasped and moaned around his cock with the occasional hard suck when Sasuke hit that special spot inside of you.
Naruto had your hair in a tight hold so he could slightly guide your pace and overall control your mouth. He feared if he didn’t control the pace even a bit he would have busted five minutes ago. Still, controlling the motions of your mouth didn’t help too much as a few minutes later he was grunting and pushing further down your throat. You were helpless to resist and not like you really wanted to anyways. His warm cum spurted into your mouth, knowing without him saying that you had to swallow it. Both men were strangely intense tonight, just their attitudes alone being commanding and domineering. Sasuke still hadn’t let up between your legs, swiftly bringing you to the first orgasm of the night.
Your thighs didn’t even stop shaking before he was once again sucking on your clit and curling his fingers right into your sweet spot. Fingers laced through his hair and it took a moment for him to realize they weren’t yours. Instead, Naruto had a grip on Sasuke’s hair, simultaneously tugging on it and shoving his face further into your sopping wet pussy.
“C’mon, is that all you got for her? Princess deserves better. If it were me she’d already be on number three by now,” his words were dangerous and he knew exactly what he was doing.
The Uchiha’s eyebrows furrowed and he gripped your thigh with his free hand more tightly, speeding up the actions of his other hand and his mouth. Leaving you to flop your head back against the bed and gasp, trying to catch your breath. You were barely able to recover from the first orgasm and here he was fervently driving you towards the edge of another one, another one, no doubt thanks to the provoking Naruto gave. Words alluded you for the second time that night, half formed cuss words fell from your lips between moans and desperate pants.
Your vision blurred as your back arched and you once again came on Sasuke’s face, who greedily licked every drop of your juices up. To your relief, he finally pulled away, wiping his face on the back of his hand with a grin. Before he could do anything else, Naruto gripped his jaw and leaned in to kiss him. They groaned into each other’s mouth, leaving you laying on the bed, propped up on your elbows just so you could watch. When they pulled away Sasuke moved to position himself right back where he was until Naruto stopped him.
“Don’t be greedy, Sasuke! It’s my turn for dessert!” the blond pouted and tugged on the other’s arm.
With a sigh, Sasuke relented and instead sat back on the pillows at the head of the bed, allowing himself a perfect sight of you and Naruto. The excitement was clear in Naruto’s eyes as he smiled down at you, then wrapped his hands around your thighs and gave a kitten lick to your still sensitive clit. The way your legs tensed up made him laugh quietly before he went back and did it again. His tongue wandered down and fucked slowly into your hole while one of his fingers lazily circled your clit. The pace he set was slow, almost the opposite from your other boyfriend, though it was clear he was just as eager and determined. Your breath was still heavy, a moan of either of their name’s occasionally falling from your mouth.
Just feeling the way you reacted to his touch made Naruto moan against your core, his own hips grinding against the bed as he continued to eat you quite literally like you were dessert. Let’s just say there’s a reason he’s so good at cleaning ramen bowls. The way his tongue swirled around your insides was intoxicating and the way he moaned about how good you tasted made your eyes roll back into your head. His fluffy blond hair easily wound between your fingers and even though you tugged, he kept going, knowing if you truly wanted him to stop you would have uttered the safe word.
Sasuke watched from his place at the head at the bed, slowly stroking himself, “Hurry up and make her cum already. I want to fuck our kitten.”
Naruto whined at Sasuke intervening, but you could still feel him quickening his motions, your third climax taking longer to reach than the first two. Perhaps it was the fact that you were oversensitive, or maybe just the way your boyfriend was taking his time in pleasing you. But now that he sped up, your core started tightening once again. The hand that wasn’t rubbing you slid up your torso to play with your tits, rolling one nipple between his fingers before switching to the other. Your head fell back with a moan as your hips instinctively began to grind down into his touch.
After the teasing from Sasuke, Naruto had renewed passion and vigor. Before, he was purposely avoiding your sweet spot where now he was rubbing it with every thrust of his fingers. Briefly, you thought tonight might be the night the two drive you completely insane with their onslaughts of pleasure, but that was quickly replaced by your fast approaching climax. At this point your hips and thighs began to shake and you couldn’t stop the obscene sounds falling from your mouth. Sasuke grunted loudly, still fucking up into his fist, meanwhile Naruto’s grip on your hips no doubt was going to bruise, his eyes squeezing shut as he focused even harder. He always seemed to falter when you came on his face, the sight was just too much for him to handle, so instead he shut his eyes and kept going, greedily cleaning up everything you gave him.
You laid there for a moment, basking in the after climax glow and letting your vision slowly return. Naruto removed his mouth from your core and laid his head on your thigh like a pillow as he caught his breath. The two of you kept eye contact until another pair of hands slid around your waist and Sasuke kissed over the marks Naruto left earlier. Instinctively, you leaned back into his demanding touch, cherishing the soft caresses he gave. His lips were gentle on your neck, his hair brushing against your sensitive skin.
“Ride me.” his voice was deep and commanding, and being so close to your ear it made you shiver.
Slowly, he pulled you up until you were sitting with your back to his toned chest, hips pressing against his. You looked at Naruto, who was watching intently as you slowly sank down onto Sasuke’s thick length. The look in his eyes as he watched made you flustered, though you were soon distracted by Sasuke bottoming out inside of you. A moan left you as he gave a testing soft thrust and you rested your head back on his chest, moving your hips down to meet his. Slowly, you began to ride your dark haired boyfriend, his hands on your waist as he helped guide and steady you. Naruto sat in front of you, now taking his turn stroking himself while he watched you.
“You look so pretty stuffed with cock, I know you can go faster babe, c’mon. The faster you fuck him the faster we can go get mochi,” Naruto teased with a grin and just the thought of having to do something after this activity had you groaning.
Nonetheless, you began to move your shaky legs faster, desperate for Sasuke’s cock to fill you more. He sighed into your shoulder and wrapped his arms around your waist, making you stop your movements. Before you could complain Sasuke began fucking up into you, his pace faster than anything your worn out thighs could accomplish. Naruto groaned as he watched your shared boyfriend’s balls slap against your clit with each thrust, matching Sasuke’s pace as he jerked his own cock. Your boyfriends could be overwhelming at times such as these, but it was nice that you didn’t have to exert much effort, Sasuke could tell you were getting worn out and he was more than happy to pick up the slack for you.
“Fuck you feel so good,” Sasuke mumbled into the skin of your neck as he kept pounding, moving to lay you both on your sides, lifting one of your legs slightly.
The new angle nearly drove you insane for what felt like the millionth time that night and you hugged the arm that Sasuke had snuck underneath your body. As you hugged his arm he still was able to reach his fingers down and rub at your abused clit. His hips never faltered, thrusting into you as he chased his own high as well. The only thing that tore you from your mounting pleasure was Naruto’s whines across from you. He was nearing his own climax too, if his constant moans and curses were any way to tell.
Sasuke grunted in between kissing your shoulder, his grip on your plush thigh tightening a bit, “C’mon, go ahead and cum, kitten, cum for us, wanna fill you up so bad.”
It was the one time Sasuke got desperate and lost just a bit of his usual control. Not like you would complain as he quickened his pace and focused on driving you closer to cumming. Your walls began to flutter around his cock and he moaned in your ear such a delightful sound, making you moan as well. Another harsh rub of your clit and your body tensed before being sent into a flurry of sensations as you came on your boyfriend’s cock. Sasuke held you closer and moaned your name as he thrusted himself in deep one last time as he began to cum. Meanwhile Naruto was fucking his fist desperately in front of you, face a deep red as he was so close just watching his two lovers consume each other.
As Sasuke slowly fucked his cum further into you, you moaned from the overstimulation, eyes focused on Naruto’s hands working his length. He leaned forward, gasping and moaning your names as he shot his load over your faces, admiring the way his cum landed on both you and Sasuke. Sasuke, on the other hand, wasn’t too impressed. Slowly, he pulled out of you and you shuddered at the loss of warmth, a cold breeze replacing it over your sensitive pussy. You were gently laid down and they each pressed a kiss to one of your cheeks before sharing a kiss with each other.
“Now go get a cloth, asshole, we have to clean our faces because of you,” Sasuke half pouted, a sight that made you giggle quietly.
“Alright, alright, sheesh,” Naruto harrumphed and trotted his bare ass to the bathroom before coming back with sweats on and a damp cloth which he handed to Sasuke, “I’m gonna go get mochi now! I’ll be back!”
Sasuke began to gently clean you first, paying extra attention to your sensitive areas, before looking up to Naruto, “Okay, be careful, hurry back.”
They shared another quick kiss and Naruto gave you one as well before scurrying out the door, you only hope he remembered to put a shirt on. The remaining boyfriend resumed taking care of you, kissing each visible mark that was left on your skin by the two of them. After he was done using the now cold cloth he went to the bathroom, when he came back he also grabbed a pair of Naruto’s sweats and brought you a shirt. You sat up and realized it was the one Sasuke had been wearing earlier, slipping it on easily and also shimmied into the pair of frog boxers he gave you.
“It smells like you,” you snuggled into the shirt and lifted the bed blankets to snuggle deeper.
“Well as long as the boxers don’t smell like Naruto, I think you’ll be fine.”
You laughed and shook your head as he sat next to you, pulling you into his arms, “No, it’s a good thing the shirt smells. And Naruto smells good! Though...yeah if his boxers smelled...gross…”
“You look good in my shirt,” he mumbled a bit, his cheeks a light shade of pink while he began to change the subject, turning the TV on.
“Hope Naruto hurries up.”
“You want mochi that bad?”
“No, jerk, I want to snuggle with everyone!”
You fake punch his chest, the muscle not even budging at the movement against it, his hands wrapping around your little fist, “I know. So do I…”
Before you could lament further the front door slammed open, slammed shut and thunderous footsteps stormed through the house. Naruto burst into the door, a rather full bag in his hand. His chest heaved as he caught his breath, obviously having sprinted there and back and he did indeed ‘forget’ his shirt. Nonetheless, you couldn’t be bothered to care or chastise him as he crawled into the bed on your empty side. Quickly the mochi was presented and little plates given to each of you. A movie was picked and you scooted closer together as it started, happily munching on your treats.
“I’m so glad I’m with you guys,” Naruto sighed dreamily as the movie began to play, resting his head atop yours. Although neither Sasuke or you chose to verbally respond to his comment, everyone in the bed knew that feeling was mutual. Even when things got tough, if the three of you could live out your days together that’s more than you could ask for.
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tommybaholland · 4 minutes ago
Hiya I love your blog it's so cute! Anyways could you do hcs for nagisa with an s/o who is cold and mean to others but really nice to him?? Anyways have a nice day and please stay safe! :] <3
disagreeable s/o who’s soft for him
Tumblr media
featuring: nagisa hazuki 
while it is important to treat your partner in a special way, please continue to be kind to those who are kind to you! thank you and enjoy. x
normally someone like him would just annoy you to no end with his loud and somewhat chaotic self
but it was his sweetness and cuteness that wore you down into liking him a lot
usually, your expression did match your attitude and disposition but the fact that people were so quick to assume just made you despise them more
but he wasn’t like that and would actually talk to you instead of treating you how you looked
you would admit that he made you soft
it seemed like nothing could get him down
while you were normally pissed off or bitter about something, he could always put a smile on your face
sometimes you think you’re too negative to be with someone as happy-go-lucky as him
but he reciprocates the liking and knows that you care about him just as much
the time when the swim club was trying to recruit new members was one instance where he was visibly down about something
you tried to help out with recruitment but it didn’t seem to be getting anywhere 
and when the idea of filming an actual video for recruitment came up, you were about to pass on that 
on the day of the shoot, almost everyone had a role to play in the video whereas you had mostly pulled your weight in making the sets and costumes
however, makoto was really nervous to play the villain
you questioned why he was cast that role in the first place. he may be the tallest but he definitely wasn’t the most intimidating
and that fact seemed apparent to everyone else too
“i think y/n would make a good villain,” haru remarked next.
“i second that. they’re always making that scary face,” rin agreed.
they were idiots if they thought you were going to be in a video for a team that you weren’t even a member of; makoto had to be in the video
“oh, wait! i have an idea!” nagisa beamed.
the compromise was set to have makoto stay in the video but record you reading his lines which would be dubbed over later in the editing process
makoto still looked more scared than villainy but the voiceover helped a lot actually
it made your boyfriend happy too as he hugged you around your neck and showered your face with kisses
“thanks, babe! you’re the best and i love you! also, your face isn’t scary at all. you’re beautiful and wonderful and i love you! oh, wait. did i say that twice? oops haha!” 
he could never fail to make you smile
Tumblr media
go crazy, go stupid on wild card night! let’s get it..
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criti · 4 minutes ago
The Best Friend Archetype
2: Your Shoujo Manga Fantasy
previous | next | masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: before anybody gets on my case about it, legal drinking age in Japan is 20.
taglist: @elianetsantana @bakugouswh0r3 @lilith412426 @idontevenknow129 @frogkinnie @mariachiii @borpcorp
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twstpasta · 4 minutes ago
Happy one year anniversary Mac!! Always a joy to see your posts ^^: could I ask for Malleus + 🌸 + romantic?
Tumblr media
“Malleus! What brings you here?” You asked brightly, your face immediately lighting up at the sight of the mysterious fae drawing near you. His hands were clasped behind his back, away from your view, and his usually stoic face seemed more alive today. You could distinctly make out the faintest hint of pink coating his cheeks, almost like you had caught him stealing candies from a sweets shop.
He coughed coolly, clearly hiding something from you when he turned his face away, his voice trembling a little. “I… I saw something that made me think of you, dear child of man. I thought I would share it with you.”
“I-If you aren’t busy, of course! I’d hate to hold you up if you have any prior things to deal with. Lilia always tells me that the sense of time fae have differ vastly from that of humans,” Malleus shyly added, inhaling deeply. You wondered what he was hiding behind his back, but you didn’t press further, mostly because you didn’t want to ruin whatever surprise the dark-haired prince might have in plan for you.
“I don’t have anything I need to do for the time being, so no worries!” You chirped happily. “So, what do you have for me?”
Malleus pulled his hands from behind his back, holding them out to you. Held gently in between his pale, lanky fingers was a branch from a cherry blossom tree, each of the beautiful flowers in full bloom and flaunting their delicate but full petals with all their might. 
“Lilia told me that you humans celebrate springtime with flowers like these… I saw some, so I thought I would give them to you,” he mumbled shyly. “Do you like them?”
You nodded firmly, taking the blossoms. “Oh, Malleus, they’re perfect!”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine a stroll in the forest with Legolas before Aragorn’s coronation…
Legolas smiled at the ground before turning around and walking backwards, his head tilted up while his eyes focused on where you danced through the branches. The leaves began to fall gently like an autumn shower from the small vibrations that you caused.
The elf slowed his pace and watched you bend your knees before leaping high into the air and straight for him. Legolas paused, extended his arms and caught your waist to cushion the descent, setting your feet on the woodland grounds.
The War of the Ring was over and you were carefree without constant evil peril being thrown in your direction.
“What are you looking at?” You laughed, tilting your head slightly.
The Woodland Prince brushed a stray hair behind your ear as his eyes roamed over your features. “Just you.” His simple reply brought a smile to your face.
Pressing your hands over his chest, you leaned forward until your forehead met his in an affectionate manner. The forest wind all but disappeared and all you could feel was Legolas’ heartbeat.
“We should get going to Aragorn’s coronation. His friends cannot be late.”
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crowfootwrites · 4 minutes ago
Los Guardianes | Part III [Nestor Oceteva x Fem!Reader]
What happens if your and Nestor's worlds collide?
Warnings: mentions of gun use and shooting; blood; kidnapping; hostage situations; hooding (minor sensory deprivation) | Words: 1,600+
Taglist: @chibsytelford @megapeacelovemusic-blog @broiderie @est1887 @mveggieburger
Tumblr media
Much to your delight, that first date with Nestor led to several more. There were days highlighted by Nestor’s arrival at morning drop-off, with a grin and a cup of coffee for you. There were evenings tucked away in small, secluded booths in bars and restaurants, drinking and laughing. The first time he kissed you, you forgot how to breathe for a moment; the sensation of his hands cradling your face and his lips on yours as you sat on a blanket underneath a wide desert sky filled with stars felt like something out of a dream.
You found yourself thoroughly enjoying Nestor’s company. It could be complicated to coordinate your schedules, but you didn’t mind meeting up late or in unorthodox places, addicted to the way your chest filled with warmth in his presence. He was observant and sharp, introspective and clever, and you could sense the softness in him, driven beneath the surface by a lifetime of brutal experiences. You couldn’t help the butterflies in your stomach whenever you saw him, and you recognized that he was doing everything in his power to see you, despite his demanding schedule.
It was how you found yourself, a few weeks after that first date, out for ice cream after school with Nestor and Cristóbal.
It happened just as you stepped through the door of the ice cream shop onto the sidewalk, chuckling at the ring of chocolate around Cristóbal’s mouth as he gripped your hand fondly, Nestor trailing behind the two of you. You glanced up and the smile fell from your face as you noticed a shift in the air. Two massive black Escalades were idling in the street outside the shop, their presence threatening in the otherwise empty stretch of downtown. Before you had time to register anything else, you felt Nestor stiffen and he bolted in front of you and Cristóbal, shoving you back inside the shop as he drew a gun from inside his jacket. As he did, all the doors of one of the Escalades snapped open and a few men jumped out, armed and shouting in Spanish.
You ducked behind the brick wall under the window instinctively as the first shot rang out, dragging Cristóbal to the floor with you. You immediately glanced around you to find another way out, your fingers missing the reassurance of a gun on your hip for the first time in years. Glancing around for your phone, you realized your purse had slid across the checkered flooring, well out of reach. More shots rang out on the street and Cristóbal curled himself into you, tears streaming down his face as he whimpered. Your eyes flew over the form of the terrified young woman who had been working behind the counter, crouched beside the register.
“Back doo–” you started to shout the question at her, but were cut off by a loud banging from the back of the shop. The young woman cried out and backed herself against the wall behind the counter.
Two men dressed in all black, sporting dark sunglasses and black bandanas over their noses and mouths barreled onto the shop floor, toting large guns in their arms. Your pulse raced, but you were clear headed enough to curse that you might not be able to identify the men again later. They took aim at you and Cristóbal before you could react, so you held still, waiting for what would happen next. One of the men kept his gun trained while the other advanced aggressively toward you, grabbing Cristóbal roughly and yanking him away from you.
The scream of terror that tore itself from Cristóbal’s throat was a sound you’d never forget.
Perhaps realizing that they wouldn’t be able to make it to their waiting vehicle without a screaming child drawing attention, the other man growled something in Spanish and darted forward to roughly haul you off the ground, gripping your arm hard enough to bruise. The man bearing Cristóbal shoved him back into your arms, then dug the barrel of his gun into your side.
“Keep him quiet!” he hissed as Cristóbal wailed in your arms.
You risked a glance behind you, through the shop window to the street, to see the Escalades gone and Nestor unconscious on the ground, a trail of blood stemming from his head.
You sucked in a gasping breath as the men propelled you forward with their guns, towards the back door of the shop. You gripped Cristóbal tight and hushed him as soothingly as you could manage with your trembling fingers, your mind racing to figure out what would happen now, with Cristóbal’s protector dead on a Santo Padre street.
As you were pushed through the back door of the shop, the bright Southern California sun bounced brightly off the hood of another black SUV. The back door popped open, and you were thrust into the dim interior of the backseat, one of the men climbing in beside you, keeping his weapon on you. You pulled a whimpering Cristóbal onto your lap as the vehicle lumbered down the alleyway, gaining speed rapidly and throwing gravel up in your wake.
A man in the front seat, who you thought might be the other man from inside the shop, turned in his seat holding two pieces of black fabric, which you realized too late were bags as one was drawn over your head. From the jerking in your arms and the temporary uptick in Cristóbal’s cries, you knew they bagged him too.
Deprived of your most important sense, you tried to calm your heart rate so you could focus on your surroundings. You opted for sound, listening as the SUV hit smooth pavement after the crunch of gravel. You were out of the alley. You let your body relax, leaning into the motion of the car, your torso swaying to the left; the car was turning right. You kept on straight and then you felt the rumble under you as the accelerator was pressed. You were on the highway.
Your mind wandered to the sight of Nestor, broken and bleeding on the sidewalk and your breath hitched for a moment. Your arms tightened around Cristóbal and you shoved the thoughts down, locking them away so they wouldn’t distract you when you needed to focus.
You weren’t sure how much time had passed before there was another change. The ground under the vehicle shifted again. It was unpaved and bumpy, but without the telltale crunching of gravel – a dirt road, then. The men around you began speaking in quiet, furtive Spanish. Cristóbal was quiet in your arms then, the front of his t-shirt soaked with tears, but he trembled uncontrollably, and you wondered if he was reacting to what the men were saying.
Soon enough, you sensed the SUV slowing down and pulling to a stop. The car doors opened and you were hauled out, still hooded. You settled Cristóbal on your hip as he squeezed tight around your neck, burying himself fearfully into your shoulder. Strong, calloused hands gripped each of your elbows and walked you forward, first over dirt and sand that settled into your sandals, then up 6 concrete stairs, then through a door where you tripped slightly over the threshold. You were marched across a stretch of solid flooring. Even the tiniest shuffling of your feet reverberated in the space and it was freezing cold, goosebumps prickling on your skin. The hands pulled you to a halt and shoved you roughly to the ground, your knees crashing painfully onto the concrete.
Someone whipped the bag off your head, and you squinted against the harsh fluorescent lighting after so long in the dark. They left Cristóbal’s hood on. You glanced at the warehouse around you, emptied except for a few shipping containers, and the three armed men surrounding you. The door you had come in through was behind you and you couldn’t see any others from your vantage point. There was a sense of anticipation in the air, and you imagined the three men were waiting for orders. You didn’t necessarily expect another person to show up to give those orders in person. The door behind you opened and then clanged shut loudly, the sound ringing out ominously in the massive warehouse. The quiet tapping of footsteps echoed around you, heading in your direction.
Moments later, a man stepped into view and dread crawled up your spine at the look in his eyes. He was tall and lanky, wearing a black suit and tie with a black overcoat hanging loosely around his shoulders, the elegance of his dress a stark juxtaposition to his shaved head and facial tattoos. His dark eyes wandered menacingly over you and the child in your arms, a frown carved into his face.
“Who are you?” he asked, his voice composed, but sharp, daring defiance.
“(Y/N). I’m a friend of the family,” you lied, trying to appear meek on your knees before this imposing stranger.
The man gave a hollow chuckle. “I wasn’t aware Miguel Galindo has friends,” he commented disinterestedly, glancing down at the Rolex on his wrist.
“We don’t need you,” he continued, “but we do need the boy, and you seem to be good at keeping him quiet.”
He motioned one of the guards forward and the man stepped close and yanked the hood off Cristóbal’s head. The boy sniffed and looked up at you, tears and snot streaking his little face. Your jaw twitched, anger starting to bubble up in your belly.
Your captor seemed to be satisfied that the child was the right one, and he made his way back towards the door. “If you don’t cause any trouble for us,” the man tossed out casually over his shoulder, “you’ll have a better chance of getting out of here alive.” You seriously doubted that. A moment later, the door slammed shut behind him.
Part IV of Los Guardianes
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erensnubs · 4 minutes ago
- behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgment.
Tumblr media
Where reader and eren are actually stupid bitches
I decided after I wrote the outline for just a oneshot I wanted to make it a mini series... maybe i’ll have 3 parts idk we’ll see how it goes 
Mentions of NSFW, unestablished relationship, modern/college au
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2: 
Chapter 3: 
More chapters? 
Remember Taglist is the pinned post on my blog! 
Taglist: @tanakasimpcorner​
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i4nanami · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tonight i don't want to be her.
— minors dont interact. — wc: 4,6K
content + warnings: 18+, including: hard dom!katsuki, soft dom!kirishima, degradation & worship, food play (implied) fingering, oral (female & male), daddy kink (for both of them bye), unprotected sex, a lot of teasing, breeding kink, masturbation (male), spitting, choking, creampie, dacryphilia, the reader is a bit naive but there are no dub-con, orgasm denial, anal, DP, mfm, threesome, corruption kink. pairings: bad boy!bakugō katsuki x fem!reader x bad boy!kirishima eijirō
— note: everyone here is aged up! and this is HEAVLY inspired by the dinamic bad boy x good girl.
It was difficult to reconcile her life in two parts. In fact, just saying "difficult" is not enough. It was undoubtedly tiring, extremely exhausting. During the day at the university, Y/N tried her best to be a student above expectations, her friends knew it and her professors knew it, but during the night, and this was exactly where the problem lay, you became just the silly girl that Kirishima Eijirou and Bakugou Katsuki liked to play with. The problem was: they kept distracting your attention from your classes even during the afternoon and daytime periods, even though the three of you had all the time in the world after midnight.
You only met them during the night, or at most on the sly during some Saturday or Sunday afternoons, because your parents simply didn't like them. Bakugou Katsuki, with the black leather jacket that he almost always wore during university days and had a terrible reputation, and Kirishima Eijirou, who had insatiable habits and hardly ever did not have a wicked smile on his lips. To be honest, you were surprised to say the least when you noticed their undue glances at your silhouette one day months ago, just a string of glances at you was all it took to leave you breathless from the shame of attracting the very attention of the two people you least wanted to get involved with on the entire campus.
And that same day, Katsuki managed to corner you in a college hallway as you were about to meet Mina and Momo in front of the institution for the typical "girls' night out" you all always had on Fridays. He asked "why you didn't walk him home tonight" that day because he "might make you forget the good manners your father had taught you", your first reaction to his words was to cringe against the wall and feel your cheeks heat up as your mouth opened and closed a few times without actually letting any words out through your lips because your brain wasn't working properly. Seconds later, Kirishima caught up with the two of you in the hallway and put his hand on Bakugou's shoulder, pushing him aside and telling you to "not care too much about that guy", but the cocky smile on the redhead's lips indicated that he was enjoying having his friend corner you like that.
"Leave me alone!", was the first thing you vocalized before trying to push Katsuki by the shoulders and being repositioned against the wall by the same blond man, who took your face between his hands and pulled you dangerously close, his face inches from your own. "Why don't you give me a kiss and I'll think about leaving you alone for the rest of the week?", he would ask next. And, perhaps, on that fateful evening you would have found yourself sandwiched between Kirishima and Bakugou with your head spinning and one's lips glued to yours while the other's mouth was exploring your neck. To this day none of you three can tell how anyone ended up finding them in that theoretically public place that was easily accessible to the other students. But, anyway, the central point is: neither of those two men kept their promise to leave you alone for a week, in fact, quite the opposite: not a few times they both cornered you on one of the many bookshelves in the library and explored your body with such agility that it seemed they knew you better than you knew yourself.
Because of this, the hidden encounters with those two delinquents became strangely routine, Y/N came to enjoy having them run their hands over her body. The relationship remained theoretically secret, but no other boy could even look at you that Katsuki took the liberty of going to pick a fight with him or Kirishima put his arm around your waist, although you didn't feel inclined to go out with any guy other than one of them.
Anyway, all this brings us to the present moment: you, in your beautiful summer dress with the hemline just beyond your knees and your shoulders covered by his short, slightly puffed sleeves, and them, both wearing clothes in shades infinitely darker than yours. When you saw them arrive at the ice cream parlor where they had arranged to meet, your mind realized that, after months of insistence, Katsuki had managed to convince Kirishima to buy a leather jacket. And now the two of them were arranging to go out together in those jackets that brought out the intimidating auras of the two of them. You looked them up and down and raised one of your eyebrows when Eijirou stopped in front of you expecting a good critical remark:
— Do you want me to compliment you?
— Of course, babe, don't I look great? — Kirishima asked, opening his arms to wrap them around your body in a tight hug before Bakugou pushed him aside and planted a kiss on yours lips.
— You both look beautiful. — You complimented them, not containing a kind smile.
— Damn, do we look good? You look like a doll. A pretty doll. — Katsuki pulled her arms away from in front of her body to get a good look at her silhouette covered by the summer dress before leaning down to whisper in her ear. — I would love to break my favorite toy. — And then Kirishima pushed you aside to regain your attention and guide you to place your order at the ice-cream counter.
— What do you want, dollface? — He asked, putting his hands on your shoulders and watching you scan the glowing display of the ice cream parlor with various flavors.
— Can I have a frozen yogurt? — You asked excitedly as Bakugou stood beside you and also looked at the panel of options. — That flavor? — His pointer pointed to one of the flavors.
— Of course. — Kirishima flashed a bright smile before motioning for you to go sit at one of the tables while he and Bakugou finished their orders.
A few minutes after the two of them finished that and sat down one on each diagonal of you, the three of you began to eat your respective ice cream orders. You were too busy feeling the savory taste of your frozen yogurt invading your tongue to care about the massive, suffocating attention of those two men on your figure. It wasn't as if you were trying to tease them using food or anything of that nature, your mind was too naive and carefree to even care or bother trying to do anything of the sort, but their two eyes were still fixed on your tongue licking at the remnants of the frozen yogurt and the plastic spoon. They looked at each other momentarily for a few seconds before refocusing their attention on you.
You certainly looked like a doll to them and the urge to break you, to destroy you, was immense. Katsuki ran his eyes down your neck and up to the height of your cleavage trying to push away the thoughts that filled his mind relentlessly while Kirishima now watched your tongue run across the lower lip to get some of the dessert that had remained there after a spoonful. Neither of them wanted to be the person interrupting Y/N’s fun eating frozen yogurt, even if they were turned on by a simple image that didn't even have sexual content because you looked so immersed and excited eating it. They wanted you to have your own fun, because only after four months of the three of you sneaking around together did the two of them manage to convince you to try to have something more serious simultaneously.
Because of this, the most they did at that moment was exchange suggestive glances with each other with Eijirou proposing to go take the disposable utensils from the ice cream parlor to the nearest dumpster just so he could take a deep breath without having you ask him why he looked tense. In the minutes he stayed away, Katsuki literally couldn't look away from your face and inevitably you felt shy.
— I-Is there something on my face? — You asked.
— Just beauty. — He answered, and you coughed to disguise your embarrassment. — You're always so easy to tease, you're definitely too good a girl. — One of your eyebrows lifted and your frown creased slightly, it was obvious that Katsuki didn't take you seriously when shame overwhelmed your logical reasoning; which happened more often than you'd like to admit.
— You are always teasing me as if I were a child.
— You have the logical capacity of one. — Katsuki cracked a sideways smile because he knew that, even though you weren't serious, you would try to act brave as if you didn't know your place as their babygirl. And then you stuck your nose to the side with a false air of superiority and looked away from the blonde's figure trying to appear uninterested in the conversation. — C'mon, you know you're a good girl for both of us, you don't have to act like you're not.
— Maybe tonight I don't want to be a good girl. — You muttered, and Bakugou pretended not to have heard you as soon as Kirishima returned to the table.
— What do you want to do now, princess? — He asked you, arching his eyebrows.
— Can we go to the park and then to the cable car? — You asked, and smiled sweetly when you saw the red-headed man nod positively.
And so you all spent the whole afternoon together and the two men almost forgot the image of you slurping frozen yogurt hours before. Almost. Because right after you got off the cable car and were walking out of the park, Katsuki came up with the idea of having you sleep over at his place and in case your parents asked about it, you could easily ask one of your friends to cover for you with a blatant lie. He hated the fact that your parents were controlling and he didn't have enough freedom to do whatever he wanted, you were ready to refuse his offer, but Kirishima looked over one of Bakugou's shoulders at you with a glint of hope and maybe you felt bad that you were about to disappoint him. Besides, you had stated hours before to the short-faced blond man that you didn't want to be a good girl that night, so nothing could be fairer than to live up to your words.
— Right. — Y/N responded by picking up her cell phone and texting Momo to ask her to confirm the lie that was about to be sent to her mother, it was clear from Katsuki's arched eyebrow that he had been surprised by her sudden move, but no complaints were heard.
Soon after this, you were all walking side-by-side with Kirishima talking to you about a new college project that he was having trouble getting started on because no one in his group seemed to be in the mood to give ideas for the project begins to be drafted. At times, Bakugou would make sour remarks to which neither you nor the redhead paid much attention because you were used to the blond's explosive temperament.
Eventually, the three of you arrived at Katsuki's house and Y/N rushed to his room after removing the shoes that were starting to hurt her feet only to throw herself on the owner's spacious bed. As Bakugou closed the front door of the residence, Kirishima followed you in and as he heard a grunt of pain come from your lips, he looked at you worriedly and you propped yourself up on your elbows to watch him kneel down beside you on the bed and search with his eyes for any injuries on your body. His genuine concern, a man dressed from head to toe as if he were a delinquent, which in fact he was, made you smile faintly.
— It's just my feet that hurt. — You said, returning to lying completely flat on the bed.
It didn't take long before Eijirou turned your body toward him with a rustle coming from your dress and the sheets of the bed beneath you, and put his hands on your feet to begin massaging them gently.
— Kiri, you don't have to do that, I bet after you take a bath they will feel better. The pain will go away. — You tried to move your legs away from him simply because you didn't want to give him a hard time, but Kirishima grabbed your ankles firmly.
— Relax, let me make you feel good. — The redhead replied before pressing his fingers back down on the sore soles of your feet.
Katsuki looked at the two of you curiously after entering the room and arched an eyebrow to hear you grunt with relief as you felt Kirishima's fingertips squeeze all the right spots that needed to stop hurting.
— Oh, our doll has a sore body? — The blond one asked, sitting down on the bed in a position exactly behind you and lifting your body to pull your back against his chest. — We should help you feel better, shouldn't we? — You didn't have to turn around to know that the two men were exchanging suggestive glances.
While the blond man's hands were massaging your back and shoulders with a much firmer and rougher touch than the other boy's, the redhead's were roaming yours legs and feet. Instantly your hand grabbed his hair and pulled it without too much force with an anxiety and excitement growing inside your core as Bakugou glued his lips to one side of your neck and began to leave bites and sucks in that area. Sneakily he closed one of his wrists around your neck to keep you still in place before whispering in your ear:
— Legs spread, slut. — And instantly you spread your legs and Kirishima readily stood between them with his hands squeezing your inner thighs with his eyes fixed on your covered pussy that was beginning to wet the bottom of your panties.
— Our princess is so cute, she gets excited with so little. — The redhead lifted her dress and spread her legs wider. — Can you hold them open for me, darling?
— Y-Yes, daddy. — You replied, feeling the hand around your neck increase its grip.
— Don't treat that cheap slut like a princess, she doesn't deserve you to go easy on her. — Katsuki complained through his teeth, biting your shoulder lightly as his other hand slid up your breasts to cup them over the fabric of your dress before he started to take off all yours clothes.
— What? She's been a good girl all day. — Kirishima planted kisses all over your pelvis and made you build a growing arousal that unleashed you trying to thrust your hips toward his face to demonstrate where you needed his mouth, soon after enjoying watching you whimper he got rid of your panties and licked his lips slowly as he could fully visualize your pussy.
— But she doesn't want to be a good girl tonight, she told me. — Bakugou replied.
— Is that correct, babygirl? — The red-haired man asked, lifting his gaze to her face before running his fingers over her intimacy slowly spreading his liquids over the area.
— Yes, d-daddy. — You replied, feeling suddenly embarrassed by Kirishima's appraising glance at you.
— What a dirty girl you are, babe. — He responded by pressing his thumb against your clit before beginning to circle it. — Why don't you be harder on her today, Katsuki?
— I would love to be harder on her today. — Katsuki didn't hide a wicked smile before he suddenly stepped out from behind you and fetched something from the drawer of the tiny table beside the bed.
— Do you think you can handle two at once inside you, dear? — Kirishima asked before reaching inside you eager to have something stretching your walls and earning loud moans from you in response.
— Of course she can, she's always thinking with her cunt instead of her brain, that's why she's my favorite fucktoy. — Bakugou retorted returning to the bed now with a lubricant with which he licked his fingers in abundance while his other hand left your body lying on its side for both he and Eijirou to have full access to their intimacies.
— Can you, babe?
— I can, daddy. — You breathlessly replied not knowing whether to focus on Kirishima's fingers moving faster and faster or Bakugou's slowly teasing your ass.
At the same time as the redhead curved his fingers inside you, the blond slowly entered your anus. Hearing you moan in pain and discomfort, even though it wasn't the first time the three of you had attempted double penetration, Eijirou leaned over your breasts and wrapped his lips around them to at least try to distract you from the momentary invasion by Katsuki, who didn't waste much time before inserting another finger inside you and grunting at the massive way your insides squeezed them.
— Relax, babygirl. — The redhead whispered against your breasts widening your pussy at a momentarily slower pace. — We've been over this, haven't we? Breathe in and out, I'm here for you. — Wet kisses were deposited against her arms and belly calmly.
— Damn, she's always so tight. I could fuck her for hours without getting tired. — Katsuki used his other hand to pour more lube over his fingers after removing them almost completely from her tightest hole and a moan of the mixture of pain and pleasure coming from you echoed through the room.
For a few minutes, both men stopped moving their respective fingers inside you and Kirishima used his thumb to make circular motions against your clit to make your discomfort dissipate more quickly. Gradually your body tried to move against their palms to get more pleasure the liquids from your pussy began to cover Katsuki's fingers as well as they slowly moved in and out of the narrow interior of your pussy. It was a dirty sight, and the three of you couldn't be more addicted to it. The moment the redhead leaned in to take your lips with his in a messy kiss filled with moans coming from you, the blond began to move inside you faster and eventually introduced a third finger.
— You're such a greedy girl, you cheap slut. I wasn't wrong in saying that you're always thinking with your cunt. — Katsuki grunted feeling more and more turned on by the mind-blowing way you were pressing yourself against his fingers, he could easily cum in his pants at that very moment.
Before they both pulled away from your body and left you frustrated without being filled with their fingers, the two men repeatedly brought you dangerously close to orgasm. They were edging you. Kirishima liked the way your body contorted several times and how extremely vulnerable you seemed before the two of them in those moments when the only things present in your mind were the need to cum and the image of the two men you loved, Bakugou liked simply watching you silently begging for them, he liked the feeling of complete power over you.
As soon as those fingers left you completely empty, they switched positions with you on the bed so that now Eijirou's face was between your legs holding them wide open, almost painfully, and his lips brushed against your inner thighs and drooling pussy in wet kisses and short licks, meanwhile Katsuki was getting rid of his own clothes and pulling his face closer to your pelvis.
— I guess you're not stupid enough not to know what to do, huh? — Bakugou asked after wetting your lips with his precum and letting a slight moan escape at the almost purely innocent way you were staring at him.
He wanted to wipe that look off your face, wanted to absolutely destroy you until your legs buckled, and the only thing keeping him from doing that was Kirishima's restrained behavior, which insisted on pushing you further and further into the abyss of climax by licking and sucking you as if you were the tastiest meal he had tasted in years. When you opened your lips to let your tongue brush against the pink tip of Katsuki's cock, he didn't hesitate to put his hands on the back of your neck to pull your head back for the sole purpose of making you open your mouth wider and shove himself all the way inside, obviously making you choke against him. The image of you choking on him always made him moan in a husky voice that sent shivers down your back and, willingly or not, made you wetter.
By now, Eijirou, besides continuing to smear himself against yours folds, was busy moving his own hand against his cock at the sight of his friend's member slipping in and out quickly between your lips because maybe, just maybe, he felt aroused by the rough way Bakugou treated you. It was erotic enough to make him moan against your pussy and send vibrations through your insides that brought you closer and closer to not being able to take any more of the orgasm denial that the two of them were giving you.
Slowly tears appeared in the corner of your eyes from the effort of concentrating on not cumming without permission and from Katsuki fucking your face with the tip of his cock managing to reach the back of your throat. Kirishima raised his eyes to you and pulled away from your pussy only to open a satisfied smile.
— You're doing so well for him, baby. — You moaned in response against the cock inside your mouth, feeling a trickle of saliva run down the sides of your lips. — You're ready for us, aren't you? — This time Bakugou withdrew and let you answer, but your throat felt not exactly sore, but extremely dry, so because of that your only response was a repetitive, positive head movement, to which Kirishima leaned over your body and placed a tender kiss on the tip of your nose. — Great, babygirl.
And then, after that, Kirishima leaned back against the headboard while Katsuki, after giving you a light kiss on the lips, took you in his arms to sit you down on the redhead's body, bent down to open the drawer of the bedside table to get a condom and stood behind you on his knees. One's hands were gripping the back of your thighs to keep your legs open and the other's were spreading your ass. And obviously Bakugou, after sliding the condom over his cock, wanted to be the first to enter you, it was some kind of pride he had and you and Kirishima were not complaining. But, unlike the first time the three of you tried double penetration, the redhead didn't wait until the blond was completely inside your ass before suddenly lowering your body against his dick.
And it was exactly at that particular moment that your body definitely couldn't take the denial of orgasm that was being given to you and let the tension drain out of you. You literally came with only a previous thrust from Kirishima and staggered to be held by the two men. Yours eyes closed tightly and forehead rested against the shoulder of the redhead in front of your as your mind tried to recover from the sudden orgasm she had been waiting so long for, although she was not ready.
— So weak, stupid. — Katsuki spoke against the skin on the side of your neck before withdrawing completely from you and burying himself again, earning a loud moan from you, who were still ecstatic from the sudden earlier orgasm. — I should let you go for the rest of the night just for that, I should make you beg for hours with no end.
— Isn't she pretty like that, right after she cums? — Kirishima asked, putting a hand on your chin to lift your face and open your lips only to spit against your tongue and watch you swallow. — Such a helpful baby, my little pretty girl. — He slid his fingers down your back before landing them on your waist to start moving your body against his and Katsuki's cock.
— You meant my cumslut, didn't you? — Bakugou responded by resting his hands on your shoulders to keep your upper body still so that he could start thrusting against your ass at a gradually quickening pace.
While one was coming out of you, the other was going in. And if your body was ecstatic from the previous orgasm, now you are already beginning to approach your next climax. Katsuki's firm hand hooked around your neck squeezing you with reasonable force and arching your back to make your head fall back slightly, this brought your breasts dangerously close to the face of the other redheaded man, who as he began to thrust inside you with more force put his mouth around one of your breasts to suck and bite it.
Bakugou looked at you for a few brief seconds before he opened a smug smile and put the thumb of the other hand that was resting on your shoulder over your lower lip to make you open your mouth a little wider. And then he let a trickle of saliva fall from the tip of his tongue onto yours, which you promptly swallowed and earned a kiss on the side of your neck as a form of reward.
— Dirty daddy's girl. — Katsuki whispered close to your ear before resuming his focus on moving his hips against your ass calibrating his own rhythm to Kirishima's so that you were never totally empty.
Your moans were being completely absorbed into the psyche of the two men sandwiching you, you could feel each of the two of them twitching against your walls and it was obvious that your second orgasm was fast approaching. The three of you were making an immense mess on that bed, your liquids mixing with Eijirou's soiling the sheets and making the inner side of your thighs totally wet. Kirishima pulled his mouth away from your chest to leave bite marks on yours collarbones before speaking:
— I should breed you, hm? — You couldn't think straight with the two of them moving around inside you at the same time. — You'd love me to fill you up completely, wouldn't you? I bet you would, my girl loves to be filled with cum. — The redhead squeezed your waist tighter to hold you in place and he and the blond began thrusting harder against your walls, reaching deeper inside you.
And now there was no longer even a thread of your voice, you were too hoarse. And they couldn't be prouder that they were the people who had made you reach this level of promiscuity.
As you came and staggered against the redhead's body in front of you with violent spasms running through your legs and back, Bakugou was the first to ejaculate into the condom inside your ass, and he slowly withdrew from you to lie down with rapid breathing beside Kirishima, who painted your walls with his cum and, as he left, used his fingers to shove the white liquid inside you for a few more minutes before leaving you lying on the bed. Broken, destroyed was little to explain how Y/N was now.
— Would you like cuddles? A bath? — Eijirou asked after normalizing his breathing as much as possible and Katsuki looked at you intently, although he didn't say anything.
— Cuddles, p-please. — You replied, your body still trembling a little, and you were hugged on each side by one of them.
And then your cell phone rang, the sound coming from the floor because it had fallen as soon as Kirishima and Bakugou's hands had started exploring your body earlier that day. Was it your mother, furious? Yes, definitely.
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missvifdor · 4 minutes ago
Grimm: Jack, MC! You came to save us!
My OC /OC /YUU: ....
Jack who always holds her in his arms to prevent her from making a massacre: Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to choose my side between someone who scams others out of greed and those who relied on the help of others without providing any effort.
My MC /OC /YUU who is shaking with anger and accumulated fatigue: You know what Grimm .... No I'm not going to "save" you this time. And neither do you guys, don't count on me, I'm so disappointed this time ... I'm not going to turn a blind eye to your bullshit and let you taste your own medicine. It may make you want to never start over and think that you will go unpunished because I always arrive at the right time to save your stupid big asses! Ashengrotto, I leave them to you wholeheartedly, do whatever you want with them, I can't take it anymore.
Floyd: Aww, shrimp is so cute when she's upset, isn't she Jade? Look, she's starting to fall asleep!
Jade: Well, well ... Floyd this is quite true * Smile as sweet as honey *
Jack: I think mostly she makes us a faint ! Hey! How long has it been since you slept well ?!
My MC /OC /YUU: Two weeks ... It was to help * Point the flaming cat * this traitor has to revise ...
Jack: * Carry her in him arms in bridal style * Take you to the Infirmary !
My MC /OC /YUU: Ok ... * Grab Azul's arm on the way before leaving the room * Do me a favor ... Make those little shits suffer painfully.
Azul: You have my promise that it will be done. I wish you a good recovery and remember you are welcome to Mostro Lounge whenever you want, I will welcome you graciously.
My MC /OC /YUU who finally passed out with an exhausted smile: Thank you.
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𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘰𝘮 𝘵𝘦𝘹𝘵𝘴 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘣𝘧 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘫𝘦𝘢𝘯
Tumblr media
a/n: first time I do something like this, wanted to try something new. I was inspired by convos i have with my moots. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated :)
summary: funny convos with jean+connie
content warning: cursing, a bit explicit, just these two being dumb lol.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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