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#x reader
krxideprnz · 2 days ago
18+ minors dni
Writing this was really fun I just admit, even though my head and hands hurt.
If I see Tik Toks about it I will cry tears of joy.
Tags: @saving-for-xiao @lxtvie @jenny-ko @vynlia @pazii @xfatefulmistyx @polopoo @xxeixx
I hope I didn’t forget someone!
impersonator - albedo
Tumblr media
The man’s lips were hasty as they pressed against yours in a desperate kiss. His hands were cold as they roamed freely under your shirt, moans spilling from your lips freely. Your hands were holding the nape of his neck as you kissed him with just as much desperation.
Albedo´s coat was soon thrown on the floor, yours following not long after.
You shivered when he removed your shirt, the cold hair hitting your newly exposed skin. You could feel goosebumps forming, deciding to cover up your upper body with your arms.
"I want to see you" Albedo whispered, but soon noticed your shiver. "I´ll make sure that you´re warm very soon" he added, gently removing your arms from your chest to expose your body to his hungry eyes.
With a blush, you let him eye you up and down, but you decided that you did not want to be the only one that’s shirtless.
You took your time unbuttoning his blue shirt, watching more and more of his porcelain skin come into view. As soon as the shirt joined your coats on the floor, you placed your hand on his lean chest, squeezing his sensitive nipples between the tips of your fingers. The blonde let out a groan, but you noticed he was way less sensitive in the area than he usually was. You remembered how much it used to rile him up, but you did not have time to ponder about it any longer, when his hand suddenly reached into your pants, teasing your sensitive lower folds with his skilled fingers.
“Oh fuck…Albedo” you whined, lowering your body so his digits would act more pressure to your throbbing clit. His striking blue eyes met yours as he smirked slightly, removing his hands from your panties, instead moving them towards his mouth. You watched with widened eyes as he licked them seductively, lapping up your juices that had gathered on his fingers from only a few seconds of stimulation. The sight made you feel a warm tingle in your lower stomach, and you could feel a faint blush rise on your skin.
Without saying anything, he decided to let you get a taste of yourself, pushing his fingers inside of your mouth to let you suck on them. You did so, looking into his eyes the whole time. It was always enjoyable to watch him unravel, such as he did now. Albedo's eyes darkened with lust, removing his fingers from your mouth to take off the rest of your clothes. Not long after, you were sitting in front of him completely bare, while he was only wearing his pants and underwear. His erection was visibly straining against his pants, but he decided to give you attention first.
He went down on his knees and parted your legs so that your warm core was visible to him. Albedo did not waste much time until he began to kiss up to your thigh, leaving dark purple marks on your skin. The alchemist´s fingers spread your folds apart, his tongue diving in to stimulate your clit. You clenched your fists as you tried to suppress the whines daring to escape your mouth. Albedo's tongue was relentlessly toying with your most sensitive parts while his hands were busy holding down your body from twitching. The groan he let out and the vibration it caused only added to the pleasure you were experiencing, and you couldn't keep in your noises anymore. The blonde seemed to enjoy it because as soon as helpless moans of his name left your mouth, his ministrations only got more intense. Your hands were now tangled in his soft tresses, messing up the braid he so neatly makes every morning. His hair tickled against your inner thigh, and you were sure you were about to burst any second now. The fact that you tried to suppress it made the need to cum even more intense.
And then, just at your peak, Albedo removed his mouth from your clit. “Noo..!” you whined, but the man underneath you didn't seem to have done it to tease you. You noticed his glare at the door.
Following his gaze, you couldn't believe what you saw. It was Albedo, standing in the doorway, completely out of breath. You didn't even hear the door open, too focused on your pleasure to notice or care about anything else. “A-Albedo..what-" you whispered, not even sure which one of the two males in front of you you wanted an answer from. The one on the door decided to speak up first. “Y/N.  Let me try to explain. The one you have in front of you is not the real me, I fear. But it seems like he did a pretty good job to pretend to be me since the two of you have made it this far” he pointed out, closing the door behind himself. The male between your legs got up from his position, sheltering your body behind his. “Don't listen to him, Y/N. I am the real one”
You didn't know what to think right now, completely bare in front of these two men who were trying to convince you that one of them was your boyfriend. “Oh come on. I have proof” the other one spoke once more, loosening his collar to expose the telltale golden star on his neck. Your gaze swept over to the other one, only now realizing the absence of the star. You swallowed. “And besides…” he got closer, not standing next to you before he continued. “With the real me, she would've come already”
Your breath hitched in your throat as he said that, his breath so dangerously close to your ear. That seemed to get a reaction out of the other, he let out a groan and pulled your body in front of his, tracing along your skin with his fingers. “Good. Since you're so confident, let's see who can please her better” The one who you guessed was your Albedo spoke again. “Deal” he looked at you, pure admiration and emotion in his eyes. “Of course, only if you´ll allow it” His consideration and respect for you made you blush, but you nodded. “Yes. I want you both”
Said males wasted no time in getting you to bed, positioning you in the middle of the mattress, while your Albedo got on his knees to hover his face over your pussy. “Let me show you how it's done” he spoke calmly before resuming where the other left off. The sensation of his mouth against your clit almost immediately made you throw your head back. Albedo knows all of the spots that made you weak, and he took full advantage of that fact.
It took you a while to notice that the other Albedo had a plan for his next move as well. “Heh, you underestimate me” he spoke, using his hands to stimulate your sensitive breasts. And if that wasn't enough to make you weak already, soon, his hand got extremely cold against your skin. “h-haah! oh, archons…!” you whimpered as he relentlessly toyed with our breasts, alternating between one warm hand and his cold one. The addition of Albedo eating you out like he was starving was enough to send you over the edge, your first orgasm of the night finally crushing down on you.
Their hands held down your twitching body, continuing their ministrations on your body as if you hadn't just released over the alchemist's face. Said alchemist now beckoned the other one to his side so he could continue pleasuring you. And pleasure you, he did. His cold fingers pressed against your labia and his tongue soon joined, the feeling nothing you ever experienced before. Your boyfriend took the time to relieve himself of his clothing, freeing his erection that was becoming painful to keep inside of his tight pants. As soon as he was done, he was immediately at your side, pressing his lips against yours in a passionate kiss, while swallowing every moan that spilled past your lips. With your hands on the back of his head, you pulled him closer so that he was almost completely hovering over your body.
Suddenly, your legs were lifted up onto the impostor's shoulders, allowing his tongue to reach deeper inside of your warmth. At the sudden intrusion, you pulled on Albedo´s hair as you cried out. Your second orgasm came even quicker than the last but was just as intense- if not more. Your juices painted the lower half of his face white as the real Albedo was hungrily consuming every sound of yours. “That's not fair. I want to have some fun with her too” he noticed your hand that sneaked towards Albedo's sensitive nipples. “Besides, she seemed to have more fun with me” he spoke with a knowing smirk in Albedo´s direction. That seemed to have struck a nerve inside of your boyfriend since almost immediately ordered you to get on your fours. “I´ll show you what she looks like when she truly enjoys something” he growled, positioning himself behind you.
The impersonator got comfortable in front of you, teasing the leaking head of his cock against your mouth, waiting. He didn't have to be patient for long since your mouth almost instantly took him in, taking him as much as you could at the moment.
Albedo´s hand grabbed your hips to align you with his dick so that he can start to push in slowly. It took you a while to get accustomed to his size, the stretch feeling painful at the beginning, but turning to pleasure not long after. His soothing voice whispering to you made the experience much more enjoyable. “You're taking me so well, Y/N. Just.. ah- a bit more” he couldn't stop his own noises from escaping his mouth. You wanted to moan, but the cock inside of your mouth stifled the noise. The room was filled with the sounds of sex- moaning and the slight choking sounds coming from you. Albedo looked at his double warningly, but he did not seem to care at all, too occupied with chasing his own satisfaction. You could soon feel Albedo starting to thrust in and out of you at a steady pace, and that's when you couldn't keep it in anymore. It was as if you were crazed by lust, bobbing your head up and down on the other Alchemist´s cock while moaning around him lewdly, all the while trying to keep up with Albedo´s quick and harsh thrusts.
The fake´s head hit the headboard as his head tipped back, letting out a guttural groan when you sucked on his tip. “Oh shit-” you could feel him twitch inside of your mouth, and his sounds made the familiar feeling of an impending orgasm intensify.
Albedo seemed to notice this, thrusts getting more rough and precise, bringing you to the undoubtedly strongest orgasm of the night. As your high was still washing over you, you could feel the other´s cock twitch inside of your mouth, and with the vibrations of our moans, he released his warm seed inside of your mouth with a moan of your name. He looked gorgeous with his lustful eyes looking down at you, hair framing his face perfectly. “You two, let's switch positions” and even though your boyfriend was on the brink of releasing, he pulled his cock out of you to position himself underneath you.
“I still want to be inside you, love” he pulled you up so you were resting on top of him, his length prodding at your entrance while the other got comfortable in his spot behind you. And with a nod from both, they pushed inside of you at the same time. You cried out, desperately clawing at the sheets as you were stretched from both sides. “Archons! Oh my god-” every inch felt like you were gonna explode from the sheer intensity of the sensation. Albedo wiped away a tear that escaped your eyes, soothingly kissing your face. The three of you moaned in unison when they were sheathed inside of you fully, your walls quivering around them. It took you a while to get used to it, but soon you were finally ready to move. You could see them beginning to get desperate, Albedo's mouth hanging open with small whines while the impersonator had his hands tightly squeezing the flesh of your thighs. As soon as they started moving, no sounds could even escape your lips, your mouth just hanging open in a silent scream as you experienced being filled completely.
The three of you soon found the perfect rhythm, bodies moving against each other in harmony. “Y/N… fuck!” the fake moaned out, grabbing your boobs from behind, stimulating your nipples with his cold hands. Meanwhile, your boyfriend was attacking your neck with his lips, sucking hickeys against your sensitive spots that he memorized. The bed hit the wall with the intensity of your ministrations, and your cries and moans were sure to alert some neighbors of what was going on. But none of you had the time to care about that right now. The only thing on your mind were the men that were building up yet another orgasm, this one promising to be even more intense than the last, if that was even achievable.
“I'm gonna- gonna..” you trailed off, not confident in your ability to form a coherent sentence at this moment. “Me too, darling… you´re so beautiful” Albedo moaned, capturing your lips in a kiss. The other buried his head in your neck to muffle his moans. With the last of their strength, they drilled inside of you a few more times, tipping you over the edge. In a harmony of breathless cries and moans, you came with their dicks buried deep inside of you, clenching around them one last time before falling limp on the real Albedo's body. Both men soon followed, releasing inside of you with a groan. They were just as exhausted as you were, trying to catch their breath while holding your body upright. You could feel your combined juices leaking out of you. With still so many unanswered questions on your mind that you wanted to ask, and with the two men still buried inside of you as you sat there, you fell asleep.
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kinanabinks · a day ago
Any thoughts on mob!reader instead of mob!steve? that'd be kind of interesting...
oooooh. that is very interesting, indeed. a little flipping of the script.
Cute As A Fuckin' Button
Tumblr media
content warning: mob!reader x baker!steve, flirting, fluff, romantic tension, steve is the cutest little thing in the history of little things.
a/n: um doesn't he just look so fucking adorable in that gif 🥺 an actual puppy
Tumblr media
"I don't know what to say, boss," Shuri says with a shrug. "Carter took the guns and skipped town. We've got bodies all over the country looking for her. I'm sure we'll find her soon."
"If she's still in the country," You grumble bitterly, before hitting the steering wheel with frustration. "Fuck's sake."
Shuri says nothing, knowing it's best to remain silent when you're pissed off.
You look up at the shop you're parked outside with a frown. "The fuck is this? What happened to the restaurant?"
"You didn't hear, boss?" She asks you, raising her brows. "Femi's has been shut down for almost a month, now. Some white guy bought the building, turned it into a fuckin' bakery."
"A bakery?" You say with a scoff. "Think they sell gumbo?"
She smirks and narrows her eyes at you. "Something tells me they don't, boss."
"Ugh. Whatever," You groan, opening the door and stepping out. "Keep watch. I'm gonna get a fuckin' brownie."
After slamming the car door shut, you stride over to the cutesy bakery, decorated with pastel-colored flowers. Stevie's Sweeties. How adorable.
When you enter, a soft jingle plays from the bell above the door. While you walk up to the counter, a man stumbles out from the back, flour on his pale pink apron and a short, floppy chef's hat on his head.
"Good afternoon, ma'am," He greets you with a warm smile. You take in his beauty; he's one handsome man. With fluffy blonde hair peeking out from under his hat and a darker layer of stubble patterning his face, his blue eyes sparkling with purity, you can't help but swoon. He's the prettiest thing you've ever laid eyes on.
"Well, hey there, beautiful," You reply smoothly, giving him a wink as you rest your arms on the counter. "You must be Stevie."
A bashful look overtakes his face as his cheeks tinge pink. "Just 'Steve' is fine."
"Steve," You repeat, letting the name sit on your tongue as you scan over his body. His arms are big, toned and tatted; it's clear that he goes to the gym and has a high pain tolerance, but he also seems like the sweetest human being in the world. "You new to town, Steve?"
"Yes, ma'am," He replies politely. "Just moved here last week."
He seems good. Kind. Not the type of person who would fit in here. You feel an innate need to protect him from the dark monsters that lurk among these streets; a desire to protect him.
"This is a nice establishment you have here," You say, looking around the place. It's clean, cute, and smells utterly divine. "I take it you're a a passionate baker?"
"Oh, yeah, been baking since I was a kid," He tells you, before his eyes move to behind you, a glint of fear flashing across them.
You turn around and see Shuri standing outside with her back to the bakery, her gun in her hand. Turning back to Steve, you give him a reassuring smile. "That's nothing for you to worry about, sweetheart. Shuri's always been a little paranoid."
He nods slowly, but doesn't seem convinced.
"So, what do you recommend?" You ask him, looking down at the assortment of sweet treats.
"Um, the strawberry-lemon tarts just came out the oven," He says, his eyes flickering up to yours. "The hazelnut brownies are a crowd favorite."
You lean forward, smiling up at him. "And what's your favorite, baby?"
His breath hitches in his throat and he lets out a nervous chuckle while rubbing the back of his neck. "I like the chocolate-orange cannolis."
"Yeah? Give me a box of them," You order. "Make it two dozen."
"Sure- of course, ma'am," He says, scrambling to grab a pastel yellow box with his logo on it.
"Please, Steve, call me Y/N," You tell him, watching as he fills the box up.
"Okay," He whispers, before sealing up the box and sliding it over to you. "There you are, Y/N. I hope you enjoy them, and the rest of your day."
"Aren't you gonna tell me how much that is?" You ask him with a raised brow.
His eyes widen as he glances back at Shuri before looking at you again. "Uh, that's alright. It's on the house."
It's almost gut-wrenching how soft and scared he looks. With a smile, you lower your voice. "Aren't you just cute as a fuckin' button?"
Steve lets out a shaky breath, his cheeks bright red at this point. He says nothing, unable to meet your eyes.
"Tell me, button, how much are they?" You ask him again, your tone a little firmer this time.
"They- they're $15 per dozen," He tells you nervously, ringing you up on the cash register. "That'll be $30, ma- Y/N."
His shy nature makes you grin as you reach into your pocket. You pull out your wallet and take out a hundred dollar bill before sliding it over the counter. "Keep the change, button."
Steve's eyes widen and his lips part. "You- that's too much, I can't take that-"
"Don't be silly, baby, I'm sure the cannolis are fucking glorious," You say with a wink before grabbing the box and making your way to the exit, calling out to him over your shoulder. "I'll be seeing you again soon, button."
Tumblr media
steve masterlist
Part 2 》》
hi! i no longer have a taglist, but if you follow @kinanabinksupdates and turn on notifications, you'll know when i post 🥰
also, if you are willing and able, i would appreciate if you buy me a kofi - even the smallest of donations help me out so much! ❤
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neoheros · a day ago
Tumblr media
atsumu is planning something, and you know, — unfortunately so — because he’s watching you sleep.
every night for the past three days, when you’re sleeping, you can feel him turn and prop himself up on his palm, breathe in and out, and just lay there next to you … watching you sleep.
and whilst others could argue how it’s horribly romantic for him to do that — you know atsumu long and well enough to know that he is planning something.
“hey!” atsumu’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts, his hands bouncing on your shoulders as he hops around your space, a wide wide smile on his face as he sees you for the first time today.
“i thought i was gonna pick ya up.” he tells you, his smile slightly feigning into a frown as he does so.
“i wanted to save you the trouble.” your eyes crinkle, “and also, samu promised me free onigiri if i got here early.”
today is onigiri miya’s grand opening — for the second time.
( the first time was a year ago but osamu got the restaurant moved to a much more convenient place a little bit last month and now he’s holding a rather small party with friends and family to celebrate. )
“you have to stop letting my brother lure you into betraying me.” atsumu groans, and the hands he had on your shoulders fall lower onto your waist.
you shake your head, smiling, “but he is such a good cook.”
with atsumu’s new contract with the MSBY BLACK JACKALS, it meant a whole bunch of new changes in your relationship.
he was gone more and more and sometimes, the only few moments the two of you would see each other was when he’d go home to your apartment or when he’d visit you at your college campus.
it was a hard change, but between his promotion and your final year in university, it was a change that was well-welcomed anyway.
“hi.” atsumu smiles, holding you close by the waist, appreciating that he met you by the doors of the restaurant, clearly abandoned by the other guests of the party.
you laugh, your arms looping around his neck, as you repeat, “hi.”
his eyes crinkle, a laugh on the verge of his lips, but with a smile, he leans closer to you instead, and closing the gap between the two of you until his smile touches your lips.
he could be away from you for two seconds or two years and he would still miss you the same.
the sun is starting to set, and with it, the party’ll probably begin too.
as close family, it’s only natural for you and atsumu to be early, but now, as the excitement of the night starts to arise, you feel pretty damn proud to be so close to this event right now.
atsumu pulls away, his smile the same as you first saw him today, and he leans in one last time to give you another peck on the lips.
your shoulders rise, and you smile, “come on, let’s go find samu.”
with the miya name, and the popularity of the original onigiri miya restaurant, it’s safe to say that the turnout of osamu’s party is alarmingly successful.
he’s got cousins from the other side of japan visiting him for tonight, and he’s unsure if that adds to his ego or his blood pressure more.
but aside from all that, not that his restaurant should be his first and only priority right now, atsumu stands next to him, his third glass of champagne almost completely empty.
there’s a groan in the back of osamu’s throat.
“i’m gonna do it.” atsumu nods, looking at you mingling with the crowd, watching with keen eyes as you laugh and talk with a few mutual friends.
he stands in the small buffet corner with his brother — the only person who knows what he’s planning — and with another sip of champagne, he nods faster.
osamu looks at him, “you’ve had three drinks.”
and atsumu shakes his head, “that’s why i’m gonna do it.”
see, atsumu has something he wants to do.
he’s been thinking about it for a while now, especially since he’s been part of his new contract, but every time he tries to actually do that thing he wants to do — he chickens out.
( atsumu would argue that his “chickening out” is only because he wants to make sure that what he wants to do would be something you’d want to do as well … and osamu would say that he’s chickening out because “yer a chicken and yer adopted.” )
“i’m going to do it.” atsumu takes the last sip from his glass, “right now.”
and osamu sighs, “please don’t ruin my party.”
“samu, more of your guests are arriving and i’m happy for you but i’m begging you to turn them away, they are going to finish all of your food.”
there’s a particular way your voice bounces as you say this, your hand pointing to the entrance door as you look at osamu who gives you a winning grin.
after a few minutes of that wretched mingling, you finally fall back to the corner where osamu and atsumu are at, but the air with them feels just as stiff as from before.
“i have something to say.” atsumu cuts in, looking you dead in the eye as he speaks.
your shoulders fall, “oh no.”
you know for a fact that atsumu miya is planning something. he’s been watching you sleep, staring at you when he thinks you aren’t looking, and romantically (sure) but creepily whispering something on repeat under his voice whenever you pass him by.
so you know — for a fact — that he is planning something.
and you’re unsure if it’s a good thing or not.
what if he proposes? that’s insane, it’s only been barely a year since you two started dating.
what if he wants to break up? you’re going to kill him for choosing to do it now.
your expression is wary.
“i think — no — i know — i should — we — we should —” atsumu blinks, trying to get the words out.
if it isn’t obvious already, he is very ( if not completely ) nervous about this.
“wow.” osamu nods, watching from the side as his brother tries his best, “you are so good at this.”
atsumu shoots him a dirty look, and the next second, he’s back to looking at you.
there’s a second stuck in the air.
he really is nervous about this.
and he just sighs, his shoulders fall as does his chest, and he lets a deep breath out as he looks at you.
“i want you to move in with me.”
that is not what you were expecting him to say.
“i love you, and you have a drawer of things in my dresser and i have way too many shirts at your apartment floor, and you have a toothbrush at my sink and i’m pretty sure you have my MSBY team jacket that you’re purposely hiding from me.”
his face is pink, and you’re unsure if that’s from the alcohol or from the fact that he just said all of that in one breath.
atsumu looks stiff, “i want more than that.”
“i want you to have your own whole dresser and your own whole … hairbrush ….” he continues talking and he kinda wishes he doesn’t.
( from the side, osamu nods, listening in, “you’re so romantic.”
and atsumu replies, in a hush tone as if you’re not literally in front of them, “go away. shut up. stop listening.” )
he lets a deep breath out, “i want you to move in with me.”
and he smiles, because he doesn’t know what else to do.
“unless, ya don’t want to …” atsumu laughs nervously, taking a sip from his champagne glass only to be reminded that its already empty, “then that’s also fine… definitely.”
the last time he’s been this nervous for a response was when he told his mother he wouldn’t be going to college, and even then, he was less nervous than this.
you look at him, “that’s it?”
“uhm,” and his expression falls, his hand back on his nape, “yea — that’s it. sorry.”
relief spreads across your chest. so, he isn’t proposing and he isn’t breaking up with you.
“no,” you shake your head, eyes softening at how atsumu is visibly defeated by what you just said.
you step closer towards him, “i mean, of course i’ll move in with you, i practically live with you already.”
“yeah?” his expression picks up, “you would?”
“yeah.” you smile, and your arms are back looping around his neck, “i’d love to have my own whole dresser and my own whole hairbrush.”
he groans when you remind him of that, but he laughs anyway, and with it, he reciprocates your embrace.
the whole moving in together won’t fix the rough schedule the two of you have been fighting, but it would definitely make seeing each other a lot more easier.
atsumu leans in to kiss you, his hand holding you by your jaw and your cheek as he pulls you in close, and he smiles against your lips.
you pull away for a second, laughing, “does this mean you’ll finally stop watching me sleep?”
and with his nose still touching yours he asks, “are you finally gonna return my MSBY team jacket?”
“no.” you scoff, and atsumu ignores that as he pulls you back in to kiss you again.
he’s laughing, but he pulls away just to come back to your lips again just to pull away and do it all over again.
you are the love of his life. he’s so sure of that.
he laughs, “then no.”
Tumblr media
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laylaswriting · 2 days ago
hello! would you do the nsfw alphabet for viktor? its alright if not! instead you could do cuddling viktor headcanons!
You bet I would! 👀 Also this is my first time doing this headcanon type of thing so I hope you'll like it! ❤ (Also my first ever nsfw type of writing so I hope this won't suck!) These are ofc my personal thoughts and it was really hard to resist the urge to start every sentence with 'I think', but yeah. I hope you'll like it! Lemme take a cold shower after writing this
NSFW Alphabet with Viktor
Warnings: Obviously, nsfw under the cut, 18+ only loves. ❤
Viktor x gn!Reader
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex):
Viktor is a gentle lover when it comes to taking care of you after sex, he makes sure that you have everything you need. He loves cuddling, letting you know how much he loves you and cherishes you.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s):
His favorite body part of his are his hands and his manhood because he just loves how good he can make you feel with them, making you whimper and moan under his touch. He loves your whole body but if he had to choose his favourite it would be probably your lips and your butt.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person):
He loves to cum inside you while kissing you deeply, while being a moaning mess. Occasionally he asks you if he could cum on you, either your chest or face, and he's always very helpful with cleaning you up afterwards, praising how good you are for him. When you go down on him he's not shy to taste himself on your lips when kissing you after the act.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs):
He doesn't really have a lot of really dirty secrets, but he loves when you call him Professor or Sir from time to time. He loves praising and being praised.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?):
Viktor is definitely not a virgin when the two of you meet. He is not as experienced as his friend, Jayce of course, but he knows what he's doing. He's very attentive and he picks up on what you like and don't like pretty fast, making the sex amazing with him.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual):
Any position where he can kiss you and look at your face during the act.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc):
He's very serious while making love to you. His main goal is to make you feel good, to let you know how much you are loved, praise falling from his lips constantly. 'Look at you. So good for me.' After the act he's a smiling, cuddly mess.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.):
Usually there are a lot of things on Viktor's mind so he forgets about these things, but he never lets it get out of hand.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…):
He never fails to tell you how much he loves you during sex, one way or the other. Let it be a low and sensual 'I love you' while you're making out during sex, or an 'I love how good you are for me, taking me so well.' His hands and lips are always on you, he just can't get enough.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon):
Viktor is a busy man so he doesn't have a lot of time to touch himself. Only occasionally, when he's extremely frustrated or haven't seen you for a while, he thinks about your body and the way you touch him and he's hard in an instant.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks):
Viktor is a soft dom, he loves when you call him names, and when you tell him you're all his and noone else's. He loves praising you, but on occasion when he had a hard day he loves to be rough with you, pulling your hair a bit and leaving marks on your skin everywhere.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do):
Usually your bed or the couch.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going):
He loves to be touched, and he adores when you talk dirty to him. If he's buried in his research at his desk in your home, all you have to do is slide your hands under his shirt and whisper into his ear how much you want him to make you feel good, to feel him, to give him what he wants and he'll be a mess in seconds, pulling you into him and kissing you hard.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs):
He wouldn't have sex in the lab when there are potentially dangerous stuff in there. He loves you and it's horrible when he wants you so bad at that moment but can't have you, but he wouldn't risk you guys knocking something over and get hurt. He'd rather wait a bit more and go home to your place.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc):
He loves it, both giving and getting. He adores the way he can make you into a moaning mess, and he loves the feeling of your lips on him just as much.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.):
He's somewhere between the two, he usually keeps a steady pace, and switches between sensual and rough based on how the two of you prefer it at that moment.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.):
He's obsessed with work and pretty busy so quickies are not rare, most of the times in the morning before he leaves to the lab, but when you two have enough time he likes to take it, teasing and paying all his attention to you, enjoying the moment.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.):
He likes to experiment (he's a scientist after all) but he's not really a risk taker, let it be unprotected sex or getting caught in the action, he's usually very careful and responsible.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…):
Viktor has a pretty high level of self control, he usually finishes after you or with you. If he cums from your hand or mouth first, he definitely can go on for a while after that.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?):
He doesn't own toys and on his own he doesn't really use them, but he's very encouraging if you are into them or want to use them, and is more than happy to help you out.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease):
He's such a tease. He loves loves teasing you until you are a whimpering mess just begging him to fuck you.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make):
He's not loud. You have to work hard to get a few moans and groans out of him but when you do they are the most rewarding and sexy sounds you ever heard. However he loves to talk during sex. Praising, dirty talk, whatever, he just loves to let you know how much he cherishes you.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice):
As much as Viktor enjoys being a dom, he enjoys submitting to you just as much. Letting you push him onto the bed, tease him, make him beg.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words):
Besties we all know this is canon he is huge.
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?):
It really depends on a lot of things. Viktor is a workaholic and when he's deep in research it consumes all his thoughts, sometimes creating tension between you. Other times he just can't get enough of you and his thoughts are filled with you and all the ways he wants to make you feel good.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards):
After sex he helps to clean you up and make you comfortable, then after a little cuddling and talking he comfortably falls asleep, or waits until you fall asleep and sneaks out from next to you to work at his desk during the night.
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brightymir · a day ago
Tumblr media
cw: none, i think
word count: 1k
characters: satoru, kento, suguru, x gn!reader
Tumblr media
𑁍 satoru gojo
satoru was on the couch, playing on his phone while waiting for you to finish some paperwork, he doesn't want to start the movie without you. he would pop his head in your room every 10 minutes to check you, but he got tired so he opted to just waiting.
moments later, you finally finished and when you went to the living room, you saw a satoru who was already scanning movies. you went to the kitchen to grab some snacks and drinks to last you for the entire movie.
returning to the living room, satoru engulfed you in a hug as soon as you took a seat on the couch, finally settling on a movie to watch for the day. 
you both watched the movie, lying in each other’s embrace and arms, occasional comments on how dumb the character is to not notice the killer or how you both agreed that he was the first one to die in a horror movie and you’d turn out to be the murderer.
in the middle of the movie, you got a sudden urge to kiss him, so that’s what you did. planting a kiss on his cheeks, you smiled and felt warm inside, he doesn’t activate his infinity around you.
upon feeling a kiss being planted on his cheeks, he froze and smirked, taking his eyes away from the movie momentarily to give you a playful stare. he then straightened his back, letting go of you. 
you thought he was annoyed that you pulled him out of the movie, but you quickly shook that thought away when your back was met by the soft cushion of the couch. a rather large figure hovered above you. 
you expected kisses all over your face but nothing like that came. instead. fingers found their way to your side as he began to tickle the life out of you. you thrashed and laugh, heaving for breath as all the laughter was beginning to tire your lungs.
he stopped when your face was a mixture of red from too much laughing and blue from the lack of breath. he then planted kisses all over your face before wrapping you in his arms. 
“wait so, who’s the killer again?”
“i think it was the adopted child” 
“oh my god, that’s terrible”
Tumblr media
𑁍 kento nanami
he was sitting on his desk while fixing some paperworks that he needed to finish before the day ended while you were in the kitchen, fixing dinner for the two of you. after a few minutes, it was done and you called for him.
with no response, you went up to the second floor to coax him to take a short break, dark bags appearing under his eyes from sleepless nights.
arriving at his room, you entered and sauntered to his desk, where his head was buried by stacks of paper. you took a file folder that he was about to reach and removed his eyeglass before planting a kiss on his temple.
"dinner's ready, love. i cooked your favorite" you said, making him stand up immediately and hold your hand, making your way towards the dining area. before digging into the food, you kissed him yet again, this time, on his soft cheeks
after the meal, he offered to do the dishes but you insisted that he just take a seat in the living room and watch a movie to unwind and take his mind off the pile of papers.
you finished moments later and accompanied him, planting a kiss on his cheeks. he noticed that you were giving him more kisses than usual. he took this as his cue to cuddle you while watching the movie. !
"you don't have to kiss me repeatedly, you can just ask for cuddles, darling" he said, planting a quick kiss on your lips.
"hmm, my kiss seemed to work though. and it seems to ease your stress" you replied and pressed your body closer to his, making him hum in return.
you both turned your attention back to the movie while giving comments here and there, sharing thoughts on what could've made the scene better.
"anne hathaway is really beautiful"
"not as much as you are"
Tumblr media
𑁍 suguru geto
he already noticed that you kept giving him random kisses since early in the morning. it was totally out of nowhere and there was no occasion nor concise reason for the kisses. he isn’t complaining though, if anything, he’d gladly accept more.
but he knows well that you have your own reason for these kisses and he was itching to know why. are you pissed off? did he do something to upset you? did he forgot any occasion or event? he was racking his mind for reasons and it was your kiss yet again that brought him back to reality. 
“something on your mind? the water is on the hottest setting" you said, signaling to the sink that was smoking because of the hot water being used to rinse the plates. you wrapped your arms around him, resting it on his stomach.
he hummed and sighed inwardly, relaxing into your touch and finishing the dishes quickly. he stiffened when you pressed a kiss to his nape. you won't stop pressing kisses randomly, huh?
upon finishing the dishes, he turned around and hoisted you up by the legs, placing you on the counter before leaning on you, resting his head in the crook of your neck as you ran your hand through the smooth strands of his hair, which is freed from its bun.
"hmm? what's the matter, hon?" you asked, no response. you lifted his head so that his eyes met yours and you asked again, more firm yet still gentle.
"it's just, you keep giving me random kisses" he replied sheepishly, returning to hiding in your neck, making you laugh.
"do you not like it?" you retorted and smiled when he littered kisses all over your neck, a silent reply of "i love them", and so, he lifted you up and brought you to your shared room before browsing the tv for movies.
he clicked on a familiar movie, making you snort and laugh as he gave you a playful glare.
"this movie again?"
"hey, that card trick in that one scene was insane"
Tumblr media
author's note: first attempt at writing the jjk men with fluff. oh my god i'm sorry if i'm bad with characterization but i hope you guys liked this! notes and reblogs are highly appreciated! also, can you guess which movies you watched with them?
Tumblr media
© 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐘𝐌𝐈𝐑 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms. thank you.
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confusedone · a day ago
Dating Camilo Will Include
Tumblr media
He's so charming and sweet to you, making sure that you're okay at all times.
Camilo does prank you but they're slightly limited, because you're his dear s/o.
Gift giving, quality time and physical affection are all of his love languages.
Your room is filled with little trinkets, flowers and jewlery that his dad helped him buy.
When you come over to the Madrigal's house half of your time is spent in his room, joking around, cuddling and just making very cute memories.
If you spend the night, he'll take you outside and set down a blanket so the two of you can look at all of the little stars that fill the sky.
The whole family absolutely loves you! They love the two of you together.
Abuela never minds having you coming over, treats you like family and you all have dinner together.
He calls you mi vida and mi amor a lot of the time.
Other nicknames are based on your hobbies or cute things that have happened throughout your relationship.
When you're sad he will do everything just to see your eyes sparkle with happiness again.
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f10werfae · a day ago
Reader joining Chris Evans and family on the Disney trip, maybe Chris spoiling the family and the reader🙏🏻😍
My Happily Ever After☁️
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word count: 1,110
Summary: Chris, his family and Y/n spend the day at Disneyland. Chris of course, uses this opportunity to show how much he loves Y/n, in the most adorable ways possible
( Some parts of the oneshot was inspired by the show Modern Family ☺️)
Requests are open!
Likes, Re-blogs and Comments are appreciated♥️
. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ . . ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ⊹ ⭒ – : ✧ : -
(Y/n's P.O.V)
Sitting in the sink in the bathroom, I had started my makeup when Chris came up behind me and placed pink mickey mouse ears on my head, followed by a kiss to the cheek.
“There, now your outfit is perfect” He said smiling at me in the mirror, his hands rubbing up and down my arms comfortingly. I turned my head aiming to kiss his cheek, when he turned his head rapidly, landing his lips on mine.
“Chris!” I exclaimed playfully hitting his chest, watching as he let out a deep chuckle.
“Not on the cheek babe, you know that kills me inside when my lips are right here”
“Yeah yeah” I replied grabbing my lipstick looking at his face as he turned to walk out when I realised
“WAIT” I said turning around to face him, now sitting on the counter, his confused face now facing mine.
“What is it is sugar?”
Insteas of replying I grabbed my sunscreen from my cosmetic bag, squirting some onto my hand before starting to rub it into his face, his nose scrunching up at the cold sensation.
“What did I tell you about wearing sunscreen” I scolded teasingly, trying to ignore the blush on my cheeks caused by his fingers drawing shapes onto my waist and caressing my thighs.
“Can we go nowww, ma and the others are downstairs”
“ok you big baby, let me just get my shoes on” Holding onto Chris' forearms I hopped onto the floor, reaching for my wedged shoes then putting them on.
“Bub wont your feet hurt in those?” Chris asked looking down at me, “Yes, but beauty is pain my love” I said standing up, patting his cheek.
“But you’re already so beautiful”
(Time Skip to being at Disneyland)
After getting through security, Chris' nieces and nephews instantly started pulling him to all sorts of rides, leaving me with Lisa and Scott.
“So Y/n, hows you and Chris doing?” Lisa asked linking my arm with hers as we followed behind the kids going towards Space Mountain.
“Amazing, I could not have asked for anyone better, he’s perfect for me” I said without even thinking, the love in my heart clearly showing through.
“You’re perfect for him hun, I’m glad he found someone like you”
“Thank you so much” I said turning to her, feeling the happiness in me bubble up, when suddenly I felt Scott throw his arm over my shoulder.
“So when should I be expecting a baby then?” He asked playfully wiggling his eyebrows at me. Scoffing I shrugged his arm off, linking onto his arm too, so all three of us were connected.
While the kids were deciding what ride to get on next, I walked over to a stall nearby. When the cutest thing ever caught my eyes, a Dumbo plush.
Tumblr media
My inner child squealed as I picked up the toy instantly and nuzzled my head into it, the fluffiness of the ears surrounding me.
“You’re the cutest thing ever” I said to the toy, inspecting it before looking at the price tag and scoffing.
“Why the hell is Disney so overpriced” I said to myself, placing down the toy and going back to the others, and as the day went on I slowly forgot about it.
(A Few hours Later)
Walking around the park, everyone had now had enough of the rides and had moved onto shopping. I’m not going to lie, my feet were so fricking sore, but I wasn’t about to admit that to Chris only to hear an 'I told you so'
I sat down on a bench, waiting on the others who were in the toilet, while Chris went off to look at some shops. As I was checking the time on my phone, I saw a pair of shoes standing in front of me.
Chris stood holding quite a large bag, a wide grin on his face, “What’s got you all smiley bub?” I asked feeling his face, his smile instantly warming my heart despite the cold December weather.
Without saying anything he knelt down and took my foot onto his thigh, “Chris baby, what are you doing?” I asked confused watching him unbuckle my wedges, turning my head to make sure no one was watching us.
Taking off my shoe, he reached into his bag and pulled out a yellow minnie mouse slipper, slipping it onto my foot, then doing the same with the other.
Tumblr media
“I saw you rubbing your foot babe, why didn’t you just tell me your feet were sore”
Chris said getting up and sitting beside me.
“You really bought these just because my feet were sore?” I asked getting emotional, no one had shown this much thoughtfulness towards me before, not in my past relationships anyway.
“Of course I did, why wouldn’t I? I’ve gotta take care of you, you’re so important to me. Gotta treat you like the princess you are” He said putting his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him.
“These slippers are so soft babe” I said standing up and bouncing in them.
“Give a pose bubba” Chris said pulling out his phone and taking a picture as I playfully posed with my new slippers, “I even made sure to get shoes that looked like wedges” Chris said clearly proud of himself.
“You are so thoughtful and I love you so much” I said bending down and placing a soft kiss on his lips, feeling him start to deepen it when-
“Yuck! There’s kids here ya know” I heard Scott say behind us, making me laugh and Chris groan.
(Time skip to back at the hotel)
“Thank you for today babe, it was really fun” I said to Chris, taking off the rest of my makeup and drying my face with the towel.
“You’re never taking those slippers off are you?” Chris said playfully eyeing me from the other side of the room.
“Nope. Never”
“Well, before we sleep Y/n, I want to give you something else” Chris said, his voice going quieter, and his Boston accent getting stronger. A habit that only occurred when he got nervous about something.
“Yes?” I said walking over to him.
I watched as he pulled the same Disney bag from earlier, but this time pulling out the Dumbo plush I had been looking at earlier.
“No way, how did you know I wanted this?!” I asked excitedly, grabbing onto the toy and hugging it tightly.
“You may think I don’t pay attention sometimes, but you’ve always got my attention baby” Chris said lovingly, his arms encircling my waist as he hugged me into his chest.
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writing-fanics · 2 days ago
@simpforjesus I have a Bruno x female reader request/idea. What if before he disappeared, Bruno was in a secret romantic relationship with the reader. They are madly in love and are constantly meeting in secret and Bruno keeps using his gift every day to see if they will get caught because he's afraid that if people knew they would shun the reader. Before he disappeared he and the reader secretly get married and he takes her with him and when he is reunited with his family, he introduces her and their child
Ooh yes! So I changed it slightly. So when Maribel had her gift ceremony Bruno was 40. Making y/n 39. Making him 50 when he met Maribel 10 years later and y/n 49.
Tumblr media
Bruno and (Y/n) were madly in love with each other. Despite the fact that he was in his fourties’ when they began their relationship. They loved each other more than anything. Meeting each other in secret constantly because the towns people already didn’t speak highly of him, and if her family finds out about their relationship they’d force them apart.
Bruno bit his finger nails nervously, to the point they began to bleed. “B-Bruno?!” She exclaimed. Taking ahold of his hands and reaching into her satchel. Grabbing the cloth and wrapping it around his finger tips, “Be more careful mi amour,” she whispered. Kissing him on the lips.
“Bruno, what’s wrong?” She asked calmly, placing her hand on his cheek and gently caressing it. He looked down not saying a word his a family didn’t shun him, he wanted to leave on his own terms to protect Mirabel from the vision he had.
But he didn’t wanna leave his family behind, “Marry me!” He exclaimed, holding her hands in his own. She gasped looking at him in shock, “R-Really? Y-You want me to marry you?!” She stammered in shock.
He nodded, “W-Where would we live?” She asked curiously, staring into his eyes. Bruno didn’t know where they’d live maybe in their own house, in the country side near the house. No.. he wanted to check on his family.
Maybe secretly in his room? No all those stairs, well they could make a pulley system but he can’t watch over his family that way. He began to think..
“You remember that secret room I showed you in the house?” He asked. She nodded remembering seeing that room, the room where they’d sometime spend moment in each other’s arms without worrying about the family finding out.
“We live in there? B-But Bruno.” She sighed, unknowingly. Turning towards her lover, “I know it isn’t ideal. B-But I want to keep an eye on my family. From a distance. Behind the walls to be exact.” He said, she placed her hand on his cheek and smiled.
“Okay, It’s not ideal but if you want to watch over your family. Then I’ll be there with you to help.” She giggled. Kiss him on his nose, then wrapping her arms around him tackling him to the ground.
“Yes! I will marry you!” She exclaimed. Kissing him all over his face while laughing. Not longer after they got married in secret doing their own vows, it wasn’t anything extravagant but it was the best day of their lives.
(A/n: living in the walls in sorta impossible trying to keep them quiet)
So Bruno would use his gift to see into the future if they’d ever get caught. And luckily they didn’t except the fact that Dolores knew they were in the walls the entire time for ten years.
(Also yes Dolores did hear them doing the deed)
(Y/n) walked towards the Madrigal family. While holding the hand of their five year old son, Pedro. For whom they named after Bruno and his triplet sisters father.
“A-ah, this is um?” Bruno stammered, nervously. His wife placed her hand on his shoulder encouragingly, giving him a warm smile.
“This is my wife Y/n, and our son Pedro.” He said, and everyone’s eyes widened and mouth dropped.
“I knew they were there the entire time,” Dolores said.
“H-Hello,” (Y/n) said nervously, picking up her son.
“H-Hi.” Pedro exclaimed, sheepishly. Julieta and Pepa hugged Bruno, and then pulled (Y/n) and Pedro into the hug.
Bruno being welcomed back into the family. His wife and child being welcomed into the family. Pedro already had the entire family wrapped around his tiny little finger, he looked just like his father.
When helping rebuild Casita (Y/n) got to know the family more, and grew strong bonds with everyone. Pedro played with Antonio and Abuela would, sometimes tickle little Pedro sometimes seeing her late husband in his eyes.
Bruno was so nervous introducing his family to his own. Not knowing if they’d even accept them into the family. But he was happy that his thoughts were wrong.
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turningxstrange · 2 days ago
Us Against The World | D. Ricciardo
In which they babysit her nephew and he makes a confession that throws her slightly off guard.
Tumblr media
word count: 3,7k | no warnings | prompt(s) used: f27
Family. It was one of the most significant things to you. They happened to be the people you reasonably held most dear, and you wouldn't exchange them for the world. Though they were all relatively busy people, many of them inconveniently had children, nonetheless. Your beloved sister and her faithful husband were one of those people, and unfortunately, they were away for their successful job a bit too much for your liking. Although that usually meant you would be skilled to babysit your nephew, you genuinely felt for the innocent child that he was rarely gifted with the necessary presence of his parents, nonetheless. But the three-year-old boy was ridiculously delighted to be spending time with you. With you and your longtime boyfriend, that is.
Your family typically associated Daniel with being clumsy with children, even though he treasured them dearly. He just invested way too much time in laughing hysterically at the little one's unfortunate moments, rather than properly taking care of the situation. Like that one time his nephew fell off his toy car, Daniel only laughing more as the poor child struggled to get up and unexpectedly fell further
When your charming sister contacted you if you were willing to babysit her dear boy again, you unhesitatingly accepted it. The mother had dropped her child off at your luxury apartment, the charming boy traditionally being accompanied with his favourite stuffed animal. The giraffe indulgently hung in his protective arms as he smiled at your hearty welcome, pulling him in for a tight hug.
"Is uncle Danny home, too?" You heartily smiled at your nephew upon hearing his question, nodding enthusiastically. "Of course buddy," you chuckled at his joyous excitement. "He's inside, go tackle him with lots of hugs, yeah?" The boy happily ran past you and your glittering eyes followed him eagerly. He didn't fail to keep the giraffe firmly in his tiny fingers, and you undoubtedly heard him shout your boyfriend's name. It was followed by the soothing voice of Daniel, naturally causing you to know the child had successfully encountered the Australian.
"Thanks again, Y/n. I imagine you must grow tired of me by now." Your sister said as you returned your attention to the remarkable woman in front of you. "Absolutely not, honey," you had started before you managed to summon a genuine smile and directed it her way. "You know I love him, so does Daniel," you continued as you collected the practical necessities your sister brought for her young child. "However, are you sure you are unable to spend this weekend with him? I imagine it must be arduous to see him so little." "It is tough," she hesitantly started. "Though we truly can't. But I am certain you two will properly provide him with the best of time." "Of course," You smiled at you obtained the pram she transported to you. "You know we'll pamper him too much." The both of you chuckled, though you still felt irritable about the situation.
You had undoubtedly been an enormous fan of children for a long time, but the most prominent thought in your mature mind was the fact that you should not get a baby if you can not make time for them. Absolutely, complex situations may occur. But in this specific case, your sister and brother-in-law had both decided on having a baby, and it had merely taken them three productive years before they immediately started to work constantly again. Because you were so fond of children, many family members accurately marked you as their personal babysitter, your sister in particular. You didn't mind, though. You genuinely loved spending time with them. It was the children you felt sympathy for.
"I don't think he will require that, but you can never be too safe," your sister started as she pointed at the pram that you had previously placed in your hallway. "He's gotten terribly fond of walking, lately." "I think I can see that," you chuckled as you got slightly distracted by the joyful noises escaping your secure living room. "Is that everything?" Your charming sister nodded, and she politely offered you a kind-hearted smile.
"It must be," she started as she clasped your hand. "Thank you so much again, you are the best." You shrugged at her kind comment. "My pleasure, he absolutely savours this place as well," you started as she placed a small kiss on your jewelled hand. "Just don't overwork yourself, yeah?" "You know me, darling." She let go of your hand, and you rolled your eyes. By all means, you knew her. That is why you commented on her complex behaviour. Every so often it made you worried sick, but you weren't her mother. It wasn't your impossible job to compel her into taking some well-deserved days off or tell her what to do, but you hoped she would come to the realisation she should start properly taking care of herself, too.
You hugged your beloved sister after you had properly said your final goodbyes and you carefully put the necessities in the pram and pushed it inside. You slowly made your way to your living room until you stopped in your tracks upon witnessing the scene in front of you.
Daniel laid on the floor, his bare feet firmly set on the ground and your nephew was crouched on his stomach. You can imagine the slight discomfort of the child's small feet poking in his sensitive stomach. His tiny hands grabbed the shirt that covered Daniel's brawny chest, the small fingers instantly disappearing into the wrinkled material of the remarkable piece of clothing. Your boyfriend's strong hands gently rested on the crouched body of your nephew, desperately trying to support his fragile frame from falling off of his splendid figure.
"What are you doing?" You chuckled lightly as you gradually started encountering the two boys in your living room. The both of them simultaneously shot their eager eyes at you, naturally resulting in you taking a step back and raising your hands in defence. "Easy there, tigers. Wasn't aware the two of you would get mad for harshly interrupting your intense moment there." You chuckled gleefully as the two returned their concentrated eyes to each other and you crossed your arms as you leaned comfortably against the cold doorframe.
"Cautious, big man," Daniel talked softly as he concentrated on eagerly providing the toddler with the possible support he might require. "Slowly, steady." You witnessed your nephew gradually rising to his feet as he eagerly tried maintaining optimum balance on the Australian's stomach. Your eyes enlarged when you perceived his wobbling, wanting to come up to them until you noticed Daniel's grip on his behind to prevent him from falling.
A few seconds later, the three-year-old managed to stand up straight, successfully able to maintain his balance as he continued poking his feet into your boyfriend. The both of them cheered enthusiastically before the toddler decided to incautiously jump and plop down onto Daniel his abdomen, both legs ending on each side of him. Daniel instantly shot up, a deep groan escaping his lips as he let out a small chuckle. He wrapped the petite figure into his arms, quickly swaying him from left to right.
"Easy there, mate," he started as he slightly withdrew from him to properly meet his chaotic stare. "I've got feelings too." Loud chatter and excited giggles instantly left your nephew's moistened lips as you looked at them in awe. "Seriously guys, what kind of reckless things have you been doing in the short time I've been at the front door?" You carefully decided to speak up once more, this time persuading mostly your gorgeous boyfriend to explain himself.
"This fighter wanted to see if he was skilled enough to balance himself on something else than the ground," Daniel started as he looked at you, his well-known smile warming your heart. "And as you must have undoubtedly noticed, he definitely can. Including knocking all the air out of my lungs, after that." Your nephew playfully hit the clothed chest of the smiling man in front of him as he continued holding his tiny figure.
"You thought that was a clever idea?" You chuckled lightheartedly. You could not be mad at the unfortunate situation that happened in front of you. It gladdened your passionate heart so much to the point where you wished to forget this was not a child of your own.
"What fun is there in simply doing things that are clever?" Daniel let out a slight laugh as he directed the question more to the child seated on his lap than to you.
You chuckled as you went grabbing some of your nephew's toys from your room, returning to the boys with the recognisable bag of lego. You politely handed it to Daniel, who had already set the three-year-old on the rug in the living room, and you landed on a suitable spot on the floor next to the two.
"So," Daniel instantly started after he had received the bag from you. He emptied it messily on the floor, causing you to let out a defeated sigh. "What do we desire to build, mate?"
Your beloved nephew remained from answering, too caught up in the unfortunate moment of impulsively tossing around some of the tiny pieces. You were certain you would keep discovering a couple of them, even some months later. Your lover shot a playful glance at where the youngest had intentionally thrown some blocks at, chuckling in pleasant surprise.
"You can't throw any further than that?" Daniel challenged the boy, one that he unhesitatingly accepted. "Honey!" You protested but it was long overdue. The innocent child had grabbed a hand full of lego blocks and instantly tossed them as far as he could. Though he didn't possess much strength, so they luckily failed to strike anything of expensive worth.
"You are the worst with children." You exhaled in disbelief, rolling your eyes at the two in front of you. Absolutely, you knew Daniel would be fit to properly take care of a child. Though it shocked you how messily he usually played with them, and you couldn't help but ponder on the thought of how he would properly raise them if it was up to him.
"I wouldn't be if they were ours." Daniel spoke absently, steadfastly remaining his attention on the son of his sister-in-law. He didn't seem to instantly notice his innocent comment, however, but you definitely did.
Your passionate heart started beating rapidly as your breathing grew uneven. Sure, occasionally, you had eagerly been talking about having a child. But after you concluded the two of you had been extremely busy at the time, you dropped the topic and you hadn't picked up on it for a remarkable long time.
The precious words he had spoken so effortlessly rung through your active mind as you unintentionally kept thinking about a baby of your own. You had been investing so much time in other people their children and hadn't been able to wait until the proper time was there to bring one of your own into the world.
Daniel looked at you after hearing your silence, his hands absently fiddling with a few blocks as your nephew maintained his attention on his own project. Your eager eyes instantly met his and your beating heart started fluttering at the gentle features on his face.
"Would this be the proper moment to discuss this matter?" He talked softly, naturally attempting to keep the boy's focused attention on the lego, even though he wouldn't have been able to follow the meaningful conversation anyway.
"You want to discuss having a baby?" You cautiously started in disbelief, your hands absently finding their way over your stomach. The thought made you smile, and you couldn't believe Daniel had indeed gotten to this point. "Like, our own baby?"
The Australian nodded slowly and sent you a comforting smile, the gears in your head turning like with the great big clock. "Yeah," he started as he absently shifted his concentrated attention to your nephew after feeling a gentle nudge on his arm. "It has consistently been us against the world, so how about we add an addition to that team?"
You smiled reassuringly at his pleasant words as you kept yourself from unintentionally letting out a few tears. There were no proper words present at the back of your throat, so you were hesitant as to what you should reply. Naturally, you were extremely delighted when you heard his extraordinary confession. However, it threw you slightly off guard. How would it be with your own baby? How would you manage his career, your job, and raising your mini?
"I mean," you started cautiously as he returned his gaze to you, much to the dismay of the three-year-old who desperately demanded the attention to be on him. "If we can manage our-" you continued but were interrupted by your nephew, "Auntie Y/n," he started as he made his way over to you with a few legos being clamped in his tiny hands. "Uncle Daniel stopped playing with me." "Ooh, what a shame honey. How about we go and build something instead, yeah?" You said as you subtly shifted your attention away from Daniel and desperately tried to demote the previous moment to the back of your mind.
"I want to build a giraffe!" The boy exclaimed enthusiastically as he messily handed a couple of different coloured blocks to you. "What a challenge," you chuckled as you accepted his offer. "But let's do it. I'm certain we can do better than Uncle Daniel, yeah?" You shot a glance at your boyfriend, who directly received the hint of the ultimate challenge you gave him. "Build battle!" You instantly heard an enthusiastic squeal escape your nephew's lips.
Daniel expectantly looked at you, not sure what he was expecting to hear from you. "We'll resume our talk eventually, yeah?" You informed him quietly, trying to keep your attention on building. The Australian nodded approvingly and offered you a genuine smile, starting on his project as well.
He shot a look at the two of you every now and then, his loyal heart melting at the precious scene he witnessed in front of him. The two of you, seated on the rug in your shared luxury apartment, shutting yourselves out from the outer world. Daniel had completely given up on winning the building contest, being too mesmerised by the beauty of the woman in front of him, playing with her nephew. His heart fluttered at the pleasant thought of you being the mother to his own little Ricciardo, and he hadn't been able to shake that thought from his mind for a while now.
The afternoon continued with building contests and it blew your mind how long your nephew could maintain his full attention on simply building with lego blocks. You would definitely keep it in mind for future references, in case you would need to keep him occupied at some point.
Needless to say, the two of you happily won most of the build battles that you held. Daniel had been way too delighted to allow the son of his sister-in-law to win, but simultaneously, he was too busy letting his mind wander off. He didn't think he could fall in love with you more than he already did, but at that specific point, his heart beat out of his chest like it was his first time realising you were the woman he'd want to go into forever with. He felt like he was the innocent teenager that confessed his love to his first partner. He felt himself fall in love over and over again upon seeing you with children, and he had realised there is nothing more that he'd want than his own child with you.
Neither of you felt like cooking dinner, and since it felt like an exceptional occasion having your nephew around, you decided to order in. The pleasant evening went smoothly, ending in playing video games on your Nintendo WiiU. Once more, Daniel gave the three-year-old too much of an opportunity to achieve his win in Mario Kart. Though he surely wouldn't have been able to beat the CPU in the game, the child was extremely content he was able to comfortably beat a formula one driver in a karting game.
"Good job, buddy," Daniel started after the third time of allowing him to finish in front of him. "We should start our real karting race, soon. Bet you'd be the shining star, huh?" You slightly hit your boyfriend's brawny arm, seemingly thinking it was too dangerous for your beloved nephew to already pick up on racing.
"Hey, it'll be fine. There are junior championships, too." Daniel chuckled lightly as he carefully placed a strong hand on your knee, the passionate gesture sending waves of fire right to your abdomen. The innocent child on the right of you let out an enthusiastic squeal before he gently fell against your side. He let out a big yawn, and you curiously glanced at the clock. It had been way past his bedtime and you realised you had utterly disregarded your sister's instructions.
"It seems like it's time for bed, champion," you started sweetly as you carefully picked him up, taking the controller from his hands and handing it to Daniel. "We can continue tomorrow, we've got plenty of time," you gestured at your boyfriend as you looked at your nephew. "Gonna give uncle Daniel a big goodnight hug?" The toddler in your arms reached for the curly-haired still seated on the sofa as he lovingly took the child in his arms.
"Sweet dreams, tiger. Make sure you'll win from whoever you challenge." Daniel chuckled as he placed a gentle kiss on the boy's forehead before carefully handing him back to you. You smiled at the affectionate gesture and the Australian managed to send those familiar butterflies through your stomach once again.
You put your nephew to bed, making sure he was comfortable and that his stuffed animal was there with him. You traditionally gave him a loving kiss on his rosy cheek, naturally resulting in the sweet boy letting out some enthusiastic giggles. "Good night, fighter." You had smiled before you gently closed the door of the guest room after sending him a hand-blown kiss.
Back in the living room, Daniel had shut off the game console and put on the modern television as a silence filler. He was absently scrolling through his phone, though his mind was still lingering at the meaningful conversation the two of you had started earlier that lovely afternoon.
You encountered the curly-haired cautiously, careful not to frighten him as well as being careful of being overly loud for your nephew to overhear. It rarely took him long to fall asleep, though you definitely wanted to keep him in his dreams.
"Hey, uncle Danny." You chuckled softly as you found a pleasant spot on the sofa on the right side of Daniel, gently letting your head rest on his shoulder and your hand falling on his right thigh. "Hey, sweetheart." He chuckled delightedly as well, placing an intimate kiss on the crown of your head as he instantly turned off his phone. Your eyes wandered off to the television, barely paying attention to what your eyes were observing.
You thought about the insightful comment Daniel had let out earlier that day. You wanted nothing more than a baby, though you still reflected on how you would be able to properly manage the number of times your boyfriend would be away for race weekends and raise a child at the same time. But simultaneously, you wouldn't be the only ones on the grid to set that step in your lives. You would do everything you can to be home a lot at the unfortunate times he wasn't, and you undoubtedly knew the two of you would be able to make it work. Like Daniel said; it had always been you and him against the world, and there was rarely anything you couldn't go up against. Together.
You knew Daniel was aware of your opinion on being too busy to properly raise your child and knew he wouldn't imply such a thing if he wasn't certain it could work out. So, at that moment, you wisely decided it was time. He was ready, he made that clear, and therefore you were, too. You decided you were prepared to go and try for a baby, a little one that you would wonderfully be capable of creating.
"You said you'd like a baby?" You said softly, not taking your eyes off the television. You felt Daniel shift next to you, correctly causing you to feel like he had curiously laid his glittering eyes on your figure. You looked up, your right hand still resting on his thigh, as your eager eyes met his dilated pupils.
"Well, yes," he said, gently caressing your rosy cheek with his strong hand. "I'm certain we could make it work, you know we will," he continued with a smile, one which sent a heatwave down to your stomach once again, your heart melting as you examined his eyes. "Only if you want to, of course."
"I desire nothing rather, Daniel." You smiled as you moved your hand from his thigh to the one that was on your cheek, gently placing it atop his.
"Well, let's get the hell on with it then." He said as you smashed your eager lips onto his. Your heart started beating rapidly out of your chest, experiencing nothing but love for the man in front of you. His gentle touch naturally drove you crazy, getting lost in the divine ecstasy of your delightful intimacy.
You knew that right then, you nothing but wished for one thing; that you would actually be able to fulfil the sincere wish you had progressively developed through the end of your teenage years; being able to bring a child of your own into the world, together with the qualified person you were hopelessly in love with.
Because that is what mattered most; Daniel to be by your side through every pleasant or dreadful moment that would follow next.
taglist: @madgep @amoregia @bekyf1 @ilottofgasly @girliciousdreams @Burningcloudcookielover @berrydoughnuttruth @dr3ln4 @formulahan @angieloves80s (if your name isn't coloured, it means i was unable to tag you with the username you provided.)
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honey-milk-depresso · 2 days ago
remember tiny s/o with chubby cheeks?
time for more headcanons with the same boys and them~
they get angy and bite the bois hand when they go to squish them
“just cuz i’m tiny doesn’t mean i’m vulnerable!”
TWST Tiny, squishy cheeks s/o lightly bites their finger (cuz angy-)
Trey Clover
You were kind of annoyed.
Everyday you just have him tease you, poke and squish your cheeks, boops your nose-
And he can't take you seriously anymore when you pout in annoyance.
So while he was poking your cheek lightheartedly like always, you lightly growl at him to which only made him laugh lightly.
You lil green broccoli man...
By instinct, you lightly bit on the finger that was poking you, to which he lightly yelps and pulls back, looking at you with a startled expression.
"Just because I'm tiny doesn't mean I'm vulnerable!!" you frown at him, unintentionally looking cute with your cheeks puffed up, doused in a pink blush and not to mention leaning very closely towards him.
He blushed, not expecting you to get your revenge as he pats your head and looks away.
"Sorry..." <3
Jade Leech
But honestly, Jade can't help it. You're just so cute with your chubby cheeks!
He stretches them lightly, pinches them, all while relishing your whining and pouting.
He, like most of everyone I'm writing for afterwards can't take you seriously. You just look intentionally or unintentionally cute.
And you're absolutely triggered-
So while he was stretching and squishing your cheeks gently in a playful manner, you all of a sudden bit on his finger.
It didn't hurt or anything, not a light pain, but the tight feeling of the flesh of his fingers shocked something in him, causing him to pull his finger away.
"Just because I'm tiny doesn't mean I'm vulnerable!!" you pouted at him, with cheeks puffed up and blushing a light pink. How ironic.
He only chuckles, the lightest and faintest pink blush on his cheeks bloomed as he only pats your head.
"I'm sorry, dear. I just couldn't help it~" <3
Floyd Leech
The worse teasing received among the 4 has got to be Floyd-
Not only does he squish, stretch (gently), poke and just play with your squishy cheeks all the time, you've earned the endearing nickname of being a little pufferfish to him.
Well, he doesn't call you that anymore, but in his head you look like that and he shamelessly tells you that.
Livid and pissed-
And he laughs when you pout at him.
So while Floyd was playing with your cheeks, you suddenly bite his finger lightly out of frustration.
He blinked, quite surprised actually. But he didn't pull away, so that planned kind of backfired-
But since he stopped poking your cheek, you moved his two hands away and pouted at him, cheeks flushed. "Stop playing with my cheeks!!"
He blushed, you just look so darn adorable. He can only look away, the one time you caught him off guard.
"G-geez..." <3
Rook Hunt
He's not that bad, but whenever he's praising you, or just seeing you-
Rook squishes your cheeks gently and comments of how adorable, loveable and enchanting you are!
It annoys you when he does so.
So one day,
oh no- oh yes-
sounds like an anime villain arc story-
just that it's you, rook, and your chubby cheeks fufufu-
Rook was poking your cheeks, teasing you about how adorable you look when you bit him lightly on the finger.
Well, let's just say almost. Before you could even bite them he notices it and quickly pulls away, surprised.
You pouted, cheeks puffed up and blushing pink out of light irritation, "Stop poking my cheeks, Rook!!"
He blinks, but burst into a chuckling fit.
"Ahahaha!~ Oh dear! I'm sorry, mon cheri, I won't do (much) so! But I still think you're adorable!" <3
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~ jujustu kaisen characters reacting to you sending a “do you still love me?” text
requested by @fangirlsarah16
includes: gojo satoru, itadori yuji, fushiguro megumi, kugisaki nobara, inumaki toge, nanami kento
warnings: insecurity but this is mostly sweet :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist | buy the author a coffee
tags: @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @zeldafreak688 / @natasha-danvers / @simonsbluee / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @czarinera / @threeandthirteen / @leighbechilling / @pastelsweaters-and-bubble-t / @curiouslilbeast / @crapimahuman / @sageandberries-png / @ggclarissa / @chesirekittycat / @mammonsbootycall / @duhsies / @mangoessassafras / @issamomma / @fangirlsarah16 / @poe30 / @barrysimpparker / @asainpersuasion / @just-that-bi-girl / @treethatswithpetra / @megudori / @fiona782 / @idklol237 / @manjiroarchiviste / @escapenightmare / @not-cool-1 / @nxxagent / @inu1gf / @jahnvi-d / @blackiegal / @dai-tsukki-desu / @swagfishblrofreptiblr / @amarinthe / @canwenotdothis / @yourusernames / @little-miss-chaoss
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kinanabinks · 2 days ago
hey uh, i feel pretty shitty, can i get a bucky comfort where we watch some sitcom like family guy and just chill with some kisses at the end? love u (AND IF ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THE AM CONCERT BLACK MARKET THING I FEEL YOU AND IM SO MAD TOO)
hi baby. of course you can <3 hope you feel better soon.
eyes on the screen
Tumblr media
content warning: best friend!roommate!bucky x reader, fluff, best friends to lovers, kisses.
Tumblr media
bucky watches you laugh at the stupid joke with a smile on his face as he stands in the doorway. the light from the television screen illuminates your face in the dimly-lit room, as though you're a lone star in the night sky.
"you just gonna stand there staring at me, or you gonna join me, buchanan?" you ask him with a raised brow, looking over at him.
"i don't know; i kinda like staring at you," he says with a grin.
holding out your arms to him, you sit up. "you can sit here and stare at me."
bucky gives in, strolling over before sitting next to you on your bed. he notices that you're watching family guy; your comfort show. "long day at work, boob?"
"ugh, it was terrible," you groan, rubbing your face. "i completely fucked up the event schedule, and mr. stark was so pissed off at me, and the cafeteria was all out of my favorite sandwich."
he pouts, wrapping an arm around you and rubbing your shoulder. "i'm sorry, booby. tell you what; i'm gonna take you out to coney island this weekend. get your mind off of work."
"that sounds fun," you smile, snuggling into his side. "wanna watch a movie?"
"actually," he checks his watch and sits up. "i should go get ready. i'm going out with the guys."
his words make your heart fall as you cling onto his t-shirt. "no! don't leave me, boob," you beg, widening your eyes at him.
"baby, i'm sorry, i-"
"i don't wanna hear it," you say stubbornly, pulling him closer. "you're just gonna go out to some bar and find some girl to have a one night stand with."
"and?" bucky smirks, nudging you teasingly.
"please, booby, don't go," you whine, rolling over to rest your head on his lap. "i don't wanna be alone tonight."
his features soften as he strokes your hair, before he leans down to kiss your forehead. "alright. i'll stay. but you owe me a one night stand."
you snort at his words, before sitting up with a victorious smile and cuddling him. "thank you, buck. you're the best."
he pulls the duvet over the both of you, tangling his legs with yours as you snuggle into his chest. his fingers flutter up and down your arm while you watch tv, his deep chuckles vibrating through his chest.
you melt in his embrace, grateful for his secure presence. for a few minutes, you feel him staring at you, making you glare up at him. "eyes on the screen, boob."
"hey, you said i can sit here and stare at you," bucky argues with a frown. "let me be a creep in peace."
turning your head, you stare back at him. "creep."
ignoring your comment, he scans your face, wonder in his eyes. "you're pretty."
his compliment makes you snort as you hit his shoulder. "shut up, weirdo."
"i mean it," he mumbles, stroking your cheek. "do you think i'm pretty?"
you smile and shrug. "meh. you're okay."
he immediately pouts before sinking down on the bed, laying his head on the pillow. "meanie."
"i'm kidding, booby," you promise, leaning over him and playing with his hair. "you're incredibly pretty. beautiful, even."
grabbing your hand, he holds it tight. "prove it."
confused, you frown. "hmm?"
bucky swallows thickly, placing his free hand on the back of your neck. "prove that you think i'm pretty."
a silence falls between you as you stare him down, wondering just how far he's gonna let you take it. his pink lips just look so inviting. slowly, you begin to lean in, waiting for him to pull away and call you a freak. but he doesn't. so you carry on.
gently, your lips meet his in a tender kiss. his hand tightens around the back of your neck as he deepens the kiss, pulling your legs over to straddle him.
"buck," you mumble, pulling away. "what are we doing?"
"do we have to know right now?" he asks you with a whisper, his eyes firmly glued to your lips. "can't we just... do it again?"
without needing to be asked twice, you kiss him again, feeling tingles up and down your body as he squeezes your ass. after a few moments, you pull away, giving him a bashful smile. what the fuck just happened?
bucky sits up, pulling you up with him and holding you close to his chest. he carries on watching tv while you play with his stubble, running your fingers over it.
"bucky?" you say, moving your head back and meeting his eyes.
"yeah, booby?" he asks, rubbing your lower back.
you smile at him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. "when we go to coney island, can we go on the wonder wheel?"
he grins at your innocent request, moving his hand down to stroke your thigh. "only if you let me kiss you at the top."
"boob, i'll let you kiss me at the top, bottom, and all the way around," you tell him with a giggle.
"in that case," he begins, cupping your face. "we can go on the wonder wheel as many times as you fucking want, baby."
and with that, he kisses you again, pushing you down onto the bed and getting on top of you, with no intention of ever getting off.
Tumblr media
bucky masterlist
hi! i no longer have a taglist, but if you follow @kinanabinksupdates and turn on notifications, you'll know when i post 🥰
also, if you are willing and able, i would appreciate if you buy me a kofi - even the smallest of donations help me out so much! ❤
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mcytwheeze · 2 days ago
wheezy’s 25 days of christmas - masterlist
Tumblr media
day 1 : snow - wilbur
the task of shoveling snow is only fun with wilbur
day 2 : hot chocolate - foolish
milk or water; the eternal debate while making hot cocoa
day 3 : ice skating - dream
you might've found the one thing dream isn't good at
day 4 : pictures with santa - karl
how old is too old for a picture with santa?
day 5 : mistletoe - punz
it's hard to avoid mistletoe when it covers every inch of your house
day 6 : traditions - wilbur
wilbur does christmas very methodically
day 7 : sledding - quackity
sledding is fun until you have to walk up the hill
day 8 : cooking christmas dinner - george
everything's fine until george forgets there is food in the oven
day 9 : hosting a christmas party - quackity
somehow you and quackity got conned into hosting a party
day 10 : christmas carols - sam
sam's mom is very into caroling with the entire family
day 11 : snowman - george
george wants to build a snowman, but can't seem to make it stand
day 12 : christmas shopping - foolish
last minute christmas shopping is never a good idea
day 13 : gingerbread houses - sapnap
how come sapnap's house won't stand up like yours?
day 14 : decorating christmas trees - sam
how did sam get stuck with the task of untangling lights
day 15 : elves - dream
while shopping for presents, a certain mall elf catches dream's eye
day 16 : ugly christmas sweaters - foolish
the competition for the ugliest sweater takes a personal turn
day 17 : toys - sapnap
sapnap is lost while searching for toys for his little sisters until a toy store employee takes pity on him
day 18 : christmas injuries - quackity
you didn't expect to go to the er so close to christmas, but the cute guy sitting across from you might make you feel better
day 19 : secret santa - dream
dream is determined to have you as his secret santa and he'll do anything to make that a reality
day 20 : christmas cookies - karl
what started as a little date turns into a serious competition
day 21 : christmas movies - wilbur
nothing is better than a christmas movie marathon in front of the fireplace, except for the fact that he hates christmas movies
day 22 : wrapping presents - sapnap
why can't everything just go in bags?
day 23 : looking at christmas lights - sam
you and sam have to scope out your competition for the best christmas light competition
day 24 : snowball fights - punz
punz didn't expect you to have such good aim when he had decided to launch a snowball at you
day 25 : santa - ???
santa seems to have left you a special present under the christmas tree...
am so excited for christmas, so i wanted to celebrate on my blog this year!! <3
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padwolf · a day ago
characters: itadori yuuji, fushiguro megumi, inumaki toge, gojo satoru, nanami kento, yoshino junpei x gn!reader
words: 1.6K
cw: unedited. throwing up, jjk-esque violence, general death (not spoilers), gojo past arc spoilers (gojo part), bullying motion (junpei part), non canon events (megumi)
an: I have to inform you guys I've been playing obey me non stop for the past week im sorry for the lack of updates but I've got seven demon boyfriends now its a big responsibility 
itadori yuuji…
…couldn’t remember his dreams most of the time. he just assumed there wasn’t much to them and went on with his day. however even since sukuna possessed his body his dreams became too vivid, too drastic, to ignore. he no longer dreams of forgettable things like daily routines or movie plots, now, now his dreams are filled with pain and suffering. all because of him. he hurts people and can’t stop. he keeps killing and hurting people. he tolerates those dream, no point trying to stop them anyways. sukuna wouldn't let them stop anyways. then one night its not just blurry-faced strangers, its his friends, his teachers, its you.
he wakes up disgusted with himself. the line between dream and reality still somewhat blurred, cold sweat covering his body, he lurches for the bathroom and bends over the toilet bowl. the contents of his dinner falling down the drain.
“yuuji? are you sick?” you find him on the bathroom floor, face still in the bowl. you rub the sleep from your eyes, and crouch down to rub his back. when he raises his read you realise he’s been crying, “what's wrong, did something happen?”
“bad dream.” he says casually and gives you a tired smile. must have been one hell of a dream to leave him this wrecked, you think. before you have the time to say anything, he's already brushing his teeth, tears wiped off of his face. he almost looks like nothing happened. almost.
when you've made your way back to bed, he tried to roll of to his side but you didn't let him, instead pulling him into your chest and petting his hair. 
“don't you wanna talk about it?”
“i... it’s too much.”
“not for me. i’ll listen so tell me, okay?”
fushiguro megumi...
…had bad dreams on a regular basis. so much so, that he probably doesn’t think much about them. that just the way dreams are too him. he’s probably way more surprised to have a nice dream, then he is to have a nightmare.
when he wakes up one night, covered in cold sweat, he doesn’t think much of it. other than feel a little guilty for waking you up.
“everything okay, gumi?” you ask.
“sure, i guess i had a bad dream.”
“awe no, what happened?”
“i was hunting down a curse but a failed, and it turned out it was the same curse that got tsumuki, and it turned out to be my fault. it’s stupid, i wasn’t even a sorcerer back then… it’s not that bad though, i just have that dream often.”
“gumi…” you threw your arms around him, “that’s so awful. non of what happened was your fault, i hope you know that.”
“i-“ he started, but realized he was a loss for words. he never put much thought into it but when you put it that way, maybe he was blaming himself for what happened. subconsciously at least. “sorry.”
“don’t apologize, you didn’t do anything wrong.”
“…yeah.” he whispers into your hair and he squeezes you a little tighter.
inumaki toge...
...doesn’t have nightmares often. his dreams are usually more on the abstract sort, where nothing makes sense (but make for a funny tweet the next day). however some days when his anxieties get the better of him, they transfer to his few hours of rest. 
one scenario that keeps coming back to him in his nightmares in one of your breakup. in that dream you tell him its over, accuse him of things he doesn't have a recollection of doing, and the worst part is he can't defend himself. he wants to tell you to listen, he wants to apologise, he writes down explanations but you won't read them. instead tell him how annoying it is to always have to read anything he has to say. he's crying and trying to get you to stay, and in his desperation he accidentally uses his cursed speech on you (something he swore he would never do). that only makes things worse, and you tell him you hate him for it.
when he wakes up, his face is covered in tears and he's panting as though he's run a marathon. he reaches for your sleeping form without thinking, and shakes you awake. 
“toge, what's wrong?” you ask groggily, rubbing your eyes. he opens his mouth and suddenly all of his safe words escape his head. he can't explain it to you, he doesn't know how to. he just shakes you arm once more and his mouth opens and closes as if the words will come floating back any second. “did you have a bad dream?” you ask and he nods immediately.
“its okay baby, i’m here. nothing bad is gonna happen.” you comfort as you rub his back, dropping your head on his shoulder. 
“t-tuna mayo.” 
he doesn't need to say more. he knows you understand. it was nothing more than a bad dream after all.
for gojo satoru...
..its the same as it always is. its a supercut of those same scenes, replying in his brain like a broken record. the trip to okinawa (his last good memory of him), suguru leaving, yaga telling him what suguru did, their fight, when he... it all replays and replays until he can't take it anymore. he's alone, he's all alone, his one and only, the only one he has.
when he wakes up the guilt consumes him. he's shaken and needs comfort but even he doesn't have enough audacity to ask it from you. he wonders why you're still with him, how can you still what how when he dares to have dreams like these. when he still has thoughts like these.
you're not geto suguru. you'll never be geto suguru.
gojo just isn't sure if that's good or bad anymore.
“sato...?” you question sleepily, feeling him sitting up in bed.
“sorry, didn't mean to wake you.” he quickly excuses, “just can't sleep.”
“c’mere.” you lift the covers and open your arms to him. a soft smile comes over his face as he nestles his face into your neck and your arms wrap around his body, pulling him close. the proximity, the warmth of the bed, your presence, it immediately pours relief into his body. he's calmer now.
as he's falling asleep in your arms he realises suguru doesn't matter anymore. he never cared for him like this, and he never would again. now there is only you.
nanami kento...
…doesn’t get bothered by nightmares. his own biggest nightmare was being stuck working a 9 to 5 job, good luck brain trying to make him go through something worse. if he does have a terrible dream, it’s most likely related to you and to his work as a jujutsu sorcerer. it would probably be a scene in which you get hurt and he can’t stop it from happening.
he isn’t one to wake up screaming or crying, he just opens his eyes and takes a moment to think about the fact that it was indeed just a dream and you’re sleeping right next to him. he knows it’s stupid, but he feels relief at that. so he carefully wraps his arms around you and pulls you into his chest, savoring the way you cuddle in closer to him.
yoshino junpei...
...used to get nightmares often. it was an almost nightly occurrence for him, so much so that after you slept over for the first time and he woke up in the morning, no lingering tiredness or negative emotion, he was genuinely surprised. he knows its clique to say that he only ever sleeps well with you, but its true.
however seldom, his nightmares do return to him. those are the nights he can't wake up, his body trashing on the bed trying to get away from the bullies occupying his dreams. he's crying though-out the dream, pain moans and pleas leaving his mouth. when you finally shake him away, he's scared- flinching at the contact. he looks up at you in shock and before you can even ask what was wrong he starts crying again, and throws his arms around you.
you don't need to ask what he dreamt about, you have a pretty good idea. so instead you rub his back comfortingly, whispering little words of comfort into his ear, planting the occational kiss wherever you could reach. 
ijichi kiyotaka...
...has nightmares about gojo. you literally can't convince me otherwise. I don't think kiyotaka doesn't have really terrible nightmares, they're mostly just extremely tiring dreams. the kind where he is at work and he doesn't know what he should be doing and every task seems to go wrong and no one wants to listen to him. he lives his work, so those dreams are especially tough.
you recogniser he's having a nightmare when he starts moving around on the bed and muttering some incoherent things to himself (somewhere along the lines of “i’m sorry” “no, not like that” “its wrong, ill fix it.”) 
whenever that happens you just gently nudge him awake, shaking his shoulder and whispering to him “kiyo... you're having a nightmare.”
“what? oh...” he whispers back when he wakes up, “sorry for waking you.”
“no worries. here,” you extend your arms out and he immediately takes the opportunity to burrow his face into your neck. you kiss his forehead before letting sleep take over you again and ijichi smiles to himself yet again reliving how lucky he is to have you by his side.
thank you for reading <3
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alphacreator · a day ago
More of Male!God! Darling and Female! Reader
God!reader will refer to as [Name]
Reader will refer to as [Y/n]
[Y/n] watched as [Name] defeated his puppet. The puppet cause trouble and almost got him killed. His puppet was kneeling on the ground, clutching his weapon as support. His alocytes (?????) started crying for forgiveness. You feel the bloodlust of her friend, [Name] wanted to destroy everything.
"[Name]," you called their Creator by his name as you walk towards him. All eyes were on you, why are you calling their creator by his name? That's disrespectful of you! But the creator couldn't care less as he smiles at you.
"[Y/n], did I do well?" The Creator asked you. His puppet raised his head, staring at you. The puppet once saw you when you attended the lantern rite, and when you helped [Name] escape. This puppet has a feeling of his own, he tried searching for you but Teyvat wouldn't let him.
"You did well," you patted him on the head, making the male content. Suddenly you felt a grab on your clothing causing you to flinch.
"Please..." The puppet clings on to you. "Don't... Leave me here," he says.
[Name] glared at the puppet, "so what I did is not enough for you huh?" He asked, his eyes glowing dangerously.
"Your excellency!" The three archons appear in front of him. "We'll be taking care of the real imposter!"
"The three of you are bold for someone who wanted to kill their God," [Y/n] says.
The Raiden glared at her, "you have no right to say anything, Outsider."
"And you have no rights to talk to her like that, Shogun." [Name] says, making the Inazuman God shuts up. He went to his worshipers, saying something probably. And based from their expression, it's not good.
You look down to see the puppet still clinging to you, "how long are you going to cling on me?" You asked him. The puppet didn't respond as he pulled you closer.
Now that you think about it, [Name]'s and the puppet's feelings must be similar to one another. But you could tell that there is a difference between them, but what is it? One is real and one is not? Or one simply held strong emotions towards her compared to the other.
Sooner or later, the puppet was dragged away. [Y/n] watch as he struggles to break free. "Miss [Y/n]," you turn around to see the Balladeer.
Scaramouche was the first one you talk to, shocking isn't it? He was the first one who noticed for presence, it was not divine like his God, but it certainly held authority over the other Archons.
"It's been a while Scar," you gave him a small smile. The smaller male just nods as the two of you begin talking.
[Name] is trying to convince you to sit on the throne with him. It's not like his worshippers could do anything about it. You look at the unending offerings at the far corner, [Name] hasn't accepted them. But he kinda accepts Scaramouche's since you like him. What a simp.
"I don't think you should bother miss [Y/n] about it, your excellency," Albedo spoke up, trying to stop his God. "After all, unless miss [Y/n] is your spouse, you're the only one who could sit on the throne."
"[Y/n] let's get married,"
"Wh- don't say that so casually!"
Albedo just sighs, he can't help but admit that his God is like a puppy around you. He just watched the whole scene unfold as the rest just suffers.
[Yeah I basically give up in the end]
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icecappa · 2 days ago
academically strong introverted reader+xiao (who, as you all know, has perfect grades) =???
summary: what I think would happen if you guys were roommates au
a/n: for this i had to make Xiao smitten with you first, because I feel like you are more introverted than xiao and you just DONT GET THE HINT
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the two of you, I would deem as friends, but over time that friendship blossomed into something else for xiao. it was not long before he realised he was in love with you. but, alas, at that point of time, you did not return the feeling. you merely thought of him as a friend.
for starters, he would try to make your favourite dishes, or his because he doesn’t really know what your favourite dishes are (you don’t talk that much) but you appreciate his effort.
when he presents to you a new dish, you’ll chide him, saying he should be studying instead of doing this for you. his heart goes ba-thump when you scold him. the two of you, I presume, study together, and there will be a little table in the living room of the apartment where you two study, and a little tray where tea is. he’ll brew your favourite tea for you. the two of you sip tea while studying, occasionally asking, “can I borrow your notes?”, or “can you help me with this question?”.
all his little acts for you he hopes are enough to make you reciprocate his feelings. he longs for the day you will be sleeping in the same bed, in the same room, telling him I love you.
one day after dinner, you whisper into his ear a soft I love you. he turns around to see you blushing in a heap on the floor and his socked feet pad over to you. on his knees he wraps his arms around you in an warm embrace and whisper the same thing into your ear. the two of you fall asleep in the same bed that night. curled up against you xiao takes time to look at the girl fate has brought him and her ethereal beauty. he kisses your knuckles gently as he falls asleep.
word count: 309
oh gosh hes too cute
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bakakugo · a day ago
first milestone!
first milestone event!
you thought lusting after your favorite villain online would be a harmless way to blow off steam, but what happens when you neglect your blog and they take it personally?
it was wrong, was it not? they were villains, they were dangerous, a threat. and they were fucking sexy.
you were far too embarrassed to voice out your darkest fantasies to your friends, but surely countless strangers on the internet could keep a secret?
running a nsfw tumblr blog for them was not how you pictured you'd be spending your free time, but here you were. it wasn't a fairly popular blog but there were a few loyal followers who'd keep you hyped.
in the beginning you found it charming, they were wonderful; they'd further inquire about your fantasies, occasionally share their opinion on whether or not they agree, suggest something you hadn't considered. it had your head spinning.
it was nice to know you weren't alone!
but soon enough that feeling of not being alone followed on in your real life as well. you felt like there was constantly someone tailing you. someone just slightly out of sight.
you were careful about giving out your personal information, you genuinely doubted anyone could possibly figure out it's you just from your fantasies alone. so you brushed it off.
but as it always is, life gets in the way and there were days you were just too tired to write or interact with your dear anons. tumblr was a thing of the past when the workload you had to deal with just kept increasing despite your countless all-nighters.
a little break wouldn't hurt, would it?
you found yourself shocked. your notifications were blowing up?! there were so so many messages, asks- they varied from genuinely concerned, to mildly threatening, to full on descriptions of what they'd do to you if you continued to ignore them and treat them as an afterthought.
it was too much. entirely too much. you've received occasional anon hate, accusations and hurtful names hurled at you in disgust but this was different. this was so damn different- it seemed personal.
with shaky hands, you reached for the settings so you could delete your account. you had a good run, there were pleasant memories tied to it, but it was absolutely not worth the terror it came along with.
with your heart still ringing in your ears, you let out a sigh of relief. yes. this was it. it was over.
the relief didn't last for long enough before you felt a cold hand clasp around your neck as you were pressed up against a strong chest.
"didn't i warn you?"
your blood ran cold. the person standing behind you was none other than the villain you arguably simped the hardest for.
now, in how much trouble are you?
Tumblr media
Choose your villain and your kinks! What type of yandere would you like them to be? Soft, demanding, desperate? 👀
I'd like to thank everyone who's supported me so far, I'm incredibly grateful and excited to keep on writing 🥰
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writing-fanics · 2 days ago
Can I request a Camilo x reader
Where the reader (female) is from a foreign family with magic powers and showed them to the village so the family check her out and Camilo is kinda like wow
It’s a dumb request but eh I tried
Tumblr media
(Power): Ability to summon fire works out of hand
Kinda short
“Show us the fireworks!” A kid shouted looking at the fifteen year old girl, who smiled looking down at the child.
“Okay okay,” She sighed, then clapped her hands together rubbing them together then throwing her arms in the air.
Fireworks shooting out of them and shooting in into the sky. And exploding colors into the sky, “Yay!” The child exclaimed, jumping up and down.
“So pretty!” They all said in awe. People in town walk towards the girl and watch her set off fireworks using her powers.
So much so that news travelled all the way to the Madrigals. “Yeah, there’s a new girl in town with powers her entire family had powers.” The kid said, holding his cup of coffee, his eye slightly twitching.
The whole Madrigal family was curious, making their way towards the center of town where the girl was setting of fireworks for the children. A smile spread across her face, seeing the children clap their hands and dance.
She turned her head towards the family, but locked eyes with Camilo. It was as if time froze around them, “Wow,” Camilo whispered, underneath his breath. Staring at her his mouth slightly agap.
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erenisms · 2 days ago
chapter 17
Tumblr media
WHAT WE CAN BE : in which eren deals with his crush on you like an elementary school kid and you’re having none of it.
eren likes you. a lot. but he treats your existence like it's god's punishment to humanity. and you, not having any idea why he loathes your presence so much, decided to not give a single fuck about him.
pairing: eren jaeger x f!reader, +slight!reiner x reader
genre: college au, e2l, fluff, crack
CH. 17:  early birds.
masterlist.  |  prev.  |  next.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Yelena!” You exclaim, running towards the blonde female who towers over your frame.
“Missed me that much?” Yelena grins at you, giving you a side hug.
“She left me in the dust the moment she saw your head.” Reiner arrives from just behind you.
“You’re being dramatic, Reiner.” Annie pipes in as she walks by.
“Or was I?”
“I haven’t seen her in like a year, I think it’s just fair.” You defend yourself, huffing.
“Is everyone already here?” Yelena asks, pulling away from the hug.
“Hell no, half the people we invited are still on their way.” Reiner answers. “Our fault for throwing a party at the farther town in the city.”
“It’s nice here! No boomers will get mad or some shit.” Another set of recognizable faces joins the conversation. “Yo, [Name].”
“Hi, [Name]. Long time no see.”
Yelena drags the other two blonde’s away, asking for their help to move a table, leaving you with two of your other old friends.
“Hey, Porco, Pieck.” You greet them pleasantly. “I haven’t seen you guys in a while.”
“You would’ve if you attended Pieck’s birthday two weeks ago.” Porco scoffs without malice. “I can’t believe you came here for Yelena and not us.”
“Well, it is her welcome back party.” You reason before turning to the girl beside him. “Sorry, I couldn’t make it last time, Pieck. Uni is merciless.”
“No problem at all, I know how that feels.” Pieck dismisses nonchalantly. “Porco’s just bitter.”
“She barely hangs out with us! You haven’t forgotten about us, have you? We’ve known each other for years! Plus we know you before those Paradis kids, and I’m almost your brother, we’re irreplaceable.” Porco complains fiercely.
Ignoring everything he said before to not make a bigger deal about it, you opt to just tease him instead. “Porco, you’re like what, my third cousin twice removed?”
“Just once removed, actually.” The male rolls his eyes.
“See?” Pieck snickers. “Bitter.”
“Shut up, Pieck.” Porco glares at the shorter girl.
She ignores him and continues to speak to you instead. “I really liked the perfume you sent me, by the way, totally my type.”
“Of course, it is. I picked it myself.” You smile proudly before noticing the person just a few meters behind the duo. “Ah! Is that Colt?”
“That’s him, yeah.” Porco snorts. “Better greet him early before he gets absolutely trashed.”
You are in for a night.
Leaving Colt’s table whom you’ve been chatting with until now because as Porco said, the blonde’s starting to get inevitably drunk. Swiping a red cup from the table, you make your way towards the water cooler. Instead of water though, the gallon was filled with low-percent alcoholic drink.
Coincidentally, Bertolt was also getting himself a drink. The tall male has just finished filling up his cup as you approached.
“Bertolt, hey.”
His eyes lit up. “Hey, we haven’t talked to each other in a while, haven’t we?”
“Everyone keeps saying that.” You grumble, almost pouting.
“That’s because it’s true.” Bertolt chuckles lightly and jokes. “Careful, some of us might think you’re replacing us.”
Though it was obviously supposed to be just teasing, you feel a little offended because, in a way, it came off as if he was accusing you. However, you know that was not his intention. Before you can respond though, Porco arrives.
“Drink?” He comes up from your left, offering another red cup with a different beverage.
“That’s got how much gin in it?” You ask with your eyebrows raised, already knowing the answer.
The male shrugs, grinning.“Vodka, actually. Just a few dashes.”
“You mean half a litre.” You deadpan,
“Well…” Porco sheepishly trails off.
“Sorry, I don’t want to drink.”
“Your alcohol tolerance is high though.” Bertolt mentions, taking a sip from his own cup.
“Yeah, come on. How about at least a shot?” The red-haired male insists, pushing the new cup closer to you.
“No, sorry.” If Connie was here, he’ll dare me to shotgun a can of sparkling water instead.
Suddenly, you felt out of place. Technically, you live in this city and there are a bunch of people that you know, and yet, it doesn’t make you feel at home at all. None of this is nor even feels the least bit familiar.
You slip out of the crowd and go to the washroom.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lmao the things he does for you <333 also spoiler; [name] will, unfortunately, not be stabbing eren
i just binged all four seasons of haikyuu these past three days (wc is why i wasnt posting) so dont be surprised if i suddenly dropped a haikyuu fic 
taglist: open — join here, or send an ask/comment to be tagged if the doc isn't working |  @lamiapony @sofijaeger @hvneyluvr @kjd55 @tumerixs @songbirdgardensworld @freedomlsaburden @itsannayalll @jelliou @lagrimasdeglitter @erens-eyebrows @chewymoustachio @ayyisasra @tzobio @diestheticu @ravensleepyeyes @y2klove @mikasavqx @mockingjaytributes @littlemochi @mariaerdgzn @philfont @fwess @teenageangeldiaries @backstagepaige @renjunvibes @shunkaza @je-suis-argent-miel @lavender-moon13 @the-princess-button @kaitlyn2907 @blrqt @xaibs @rory-cakes @bubs-world @pennylanewrites @usernamehere91 @reinertiddiejuice @tjjjrsj @oprantodomar @persyhange @ilovemydinoboi @jellyfishpalace @justanotherkpopstanlol @tatiquichi @newestro @dumbabyspeaks @anonymossii @yeagerfushiguro @r-xochitl @bigwetkiss @jaegersgf & more in the comments + if your un is in purple, i cant tag you
- love, zari
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loveindefinitely · 2 days ago
hello !! i love the work you've posted so far, i hope it'll gain more traction !! it's my first time requesting, so please forgive me if it's wrong in any way 👉👈
can i request bkdk with a reader who doesn't have sex with them often but when they do, they go all out?
thanks so much !! 💕
Tumblr media
Jealousy, Jealousy - dom! fem! reader x sub! bakudeku
ೃ⁀➷ note; hey!! thank you so much for the request <3 i hope you enjoy it, i went the more jealousy route! by 'all out', i hope you meant bdsm wise...
ೃ⁀➷ content warnings; smut, threesome f/m/m, bdsm, dom/sub relationship, handcuffs, sub izuku, bratty switch katsuki, mommy k., humiliation, dacryphilia, face sitting, possessive behaviour, marking, and of course... aftercare!!!
Tumblr media
Laughing, you shake your head, one hand resting on the cough arm and the other resting on Todoroki's forearm lightly.
"Todoroki, I had no idea you were so funny," you say, a kind smile plastered on your face. The man furrows his brows, looking at you with nothing short of confusion.
He clears his throat, "I wasn't joking. I'm serious."
This just causes you to laugh more, because damn. Either he wouldn't let up that he was joking, or he was just that oblivious that he can't even recognise his own humour.
You're about to say something else, but a rough hand on your shoulder makes you turn around instead.
"Hey, sweetie," you smile at Izuku.
Shuffling on his feet, he guiltily looks away. Instantly you recognise something is up.
"What is it?" You ask, softer, reaching a hand up to cradle his cheek.
He mumbles so quietly under his breath that you can't catch it. Turning, you look to Shouto with an apologetic smile. "Can we continue this later?"
The man simply shrugs, standing up and making his way over to Kirishima.
Pulling Izuku down onto the spot next to you, you cradle his cheeks with both hands. "Speak to me properly, love."
The party had died down, people leaving with one-night stands, friends and exes.
"Kacchan, he was getting mad, and I was too! You, you were touching Todoroki, and -- you were doing your flirty laugh!"
No wonder the man was pouting.
"Love -- baby," he looks back at you, "You and Katsuki know that my loyalties lie with the two of you."
With one eyebrow quirked, you lean in closer to Izuku's lips, stopping just short of touching them with your own.
"Must I remind you the hard way, who you are, and who I am?"
Izuku shudders, pupils dilating as he watches you. Gulping, he nods, leaning into the warmth of your hands more.
The three of you didn't have sex often.
You just... didn't. But when you did, well... it was pretty damn good.
Especially with you in charge.
"Okay. Here's what we're gonna do," you say quietly, Izuku's eyes already hazy as he looks at you. "We're gonna go home. You and Katsuki will prep each other, and by the time I get to the bedroom, you two will be ready."
-- will continue tmw, i just wanted to publish what i've done because i've had this sitting in my drafts for a while! <3 --
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