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#harry x you
satanhalsey · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: The first look at Harry and Y/N's relationship was in This Is Us, the One Direction movie.
W/N: In honor of today being the last day of this is us on netflix latin america, here are small moments of Y/N in the movie.
"The final contestant who's made it through is..." Simon speaks. "Tom Richards."
Harry sighs in disappointment and grabs his beanie in frustration, he doesn't even listen to what the judges have to say and just walks angrily off stage.
He cries without caring about the cameras, and among the contestants, he looks for her. He takes off his beanie and wipes his tears with it, ignoring the camera in front of his face. He just wanted to go home.
"And then as I was, like, about to leave and they just called all five of our names out." Zayn says to the camera.
When he finds her, he throws himself into her arms and cries.
"Harry didn't have a clue, I remember he was just crying in Y/N's arms and him saying, like: 'Yeah, you kept us back because you wanna try and make us cry. We're young boys and we're all gonna be crying.'"
"Make a bit of good TV."
"It's okay, H. I know you'll make it one day, I promise you will." She whispers in his ear, stroking his back and the curls that escaped from the beanie. "Now go, they're calling your name."
"Your turn!" Johannah, Louis' mom, passes the marker to Y/N, and she takes it to write in the phone booth.
"I want a Louis one, and then at night, I can just go and say goodnight." Johannah points to Louis' cardboard and squeezes Y/N into her arms, who snuggles up against her. "At least I have one more daughter." She says.
The girl laughs, her heart full of love for her friend's mother, and hopes that scene has remained in the movie.
Luckily, it does.
"I am their dad on the road, we have a very good working relationship." Paul says. "The only issue I have is they're all a pain in the ass. Y/N included."
"Speed ​​it up, Louis. They're gonna catch us!" Y/N yells from the back of the cart and her friend listens to her, accelerating as fast as he can.
"Nothing to see here, sir!" He screams and they both burst into laughter
"Love, this way!" Harry grabs her hand and they run from the staff.
They both come to a gate, and he tries to go under it.
"Harry, really?" She sighs, unable to believe it.
Suddenly someone grabs her and she screams when Preston throws her over his shoulder, the same goes for Harry when someone else grabs him.
"Noooo!!" She says, dropping onto Preston's shoulder, who laughs.
She looks at her boyfriend, who has a pout on his lips. "Sorry, my fault."
"Back to the dressing room." The man says, and the young couple sighs.
Y/N is excited for this part of the movie.
They were able to go home and Harry's going to record bits of the movie there.
Now, they walk through one of the many places in the city of Holmes Chapel that they know well. Harry has an arm around his love's shoulders, not caring about the camera that records them.
"I like Holmes Chapel." He says, and she looks at him silently, listening intently. "Pretty much every other part of my life has changed, apart from coming down here. It's just exactly the same."
Y/N smiles, in love with him.
Recently, she began to notice the changes in him, as he stopped being a boy to be a man, as he changed his hairstyle, his physique, and the tattoos just continue to add to his body.
But she knows that he will always be the same with her.
"My first kiss was down there. I kissed a girl, like, a bit further down. We were, like, against a tree. It was pretty steamy." He points to the area in front of them. "I wish my first kiss would have been with someone else, though."
He pushes her playing, and she does it back laughing.
They both had their first kiss with someone else, but it didn't bother them. How were they going to know that one day they would meet the person they'd spend the rest of their life with?
"Don't worry my love, I promise you'll be my last."
She would never forget the name of W. Mandeville.
"I worked at the bakery, for about two and a half years."
"I remember... the years of leaving school and visiting Harry at the bakery is something that was a daily routine for both of us. Me in the school uniform helping him clean, take inventory, and more." Y/N says to the camera, having flashbacks.
"One seventy-six and your receipt."
He hands the money to a client, and his girlfriend smiles looking at him.
"He looks the same." She turns around and tells the camera, then continues sweeping. "Just a little bit older."
"And more handsome?" He asks, and the old ladies laugh.
"If it helps you sleep."
Y/N walks past Niall and her boyfriend, seriously thinking about how good he looks today.
She had to keep her hands to herself, because this was going to be in the movie.
They are in a forest in Sweden to camp, and she wanted to give the boys some time alone, but they threw tantrums like little children for her to go.
"It's not the same without you." Zayn had told her.
"Y/N and I are on pine cone duty." Louis said, and the two of them started kicking things off the ground.
"To be fair, when we make tents, we're normally the ones who just pretends to be busy the whole time." Y/N says, and her best friend laughs with her.
"Baby, come here, i'm cold." Harry snuggles up against Y/N in a small chair for the two of them.
It's already night, and they managed to set up the tents and the campfire.
"'Kay, bub." She answers him, and hugs him tighter.
"Do you think if one of us, wasn't in the band, though, the band would be this big?" Liam says, with a marshmallow in hand.
They all deny it, because it's the truth. They wouldn't be that big.
"I think when we look back at this, no matter what we do after this, we'll never, ever beat this." It's Niall's turn to speak.
"Yeah, but isn't that scary? If the best times of your life are now... that's crazy."
"Of a Benjamin Button thing, though? that we get to do it backwards, do you know what I mean?" Payne speaks again. "We get to go after this and then have a proper, normal life. Just have, like, a wife and kids. Do you know what I mean? don't you think that's quite nice? that's what I look forward to, if I look forward to anything."
Harry and Y/N get even closer to each other at the mention of marriage and children.
"So do you think, like, we're still gonna be mates?" Zayn asks, and Y/N sighs a bit sad, of course they'll still be friends.
"Of course, Z." She answers, and he smiles at her.
The boys also agree with her.
They talk more, and Harry joins the conversation, resting his chin on his girlfriend's shoulder to get a better view.
"Do you know what? It'd just be amazing to be remembered, like, even as a mum telling her daughter: 'The boy band at my time, One Direction, they just had fun.' Do you know what I mean? 'They were just normal guys but terrible, terrible dancers.'"
Everyone laughs at Louis' words, and Y/N caresses the arms that are wrapped around her waist that keep her still on Harry's lap.
She doesn't want this to end, she wants to continue having these moments with the five boys and to know that wherever she goes, she will always have them.
She just begs this doesn't end.
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wckdszn · 10 hours ago
Harry styles x reader first child 🤪😭
word count: 1.5k
author’s note: this was really fun to write because harry with babies is so cute. so i hope you guys enjoy! this is also my first harry fic so if you have any feedback or anything i’d greatly appreciate it. if you’d like to send something in, you can do so here!
warnings: fluff fluff fluff, mentions of pregnancy
parings: harry styles and reader
Tumblr media
the days were long and the nights were longer but everything and anything was worth it for you baby girl. the baby girl that had harry’s bright green eyes and your small nose, something the two of you always joked about during your pregnancy.
it had been about two weeks after you had brought your baby home, harry, who had been an absolute dream, had the entire nursery ready to go by the time you had come home. the walls were painted a neutral yellow, the crib was all put together with the rocking chair just adjacent to the changing table, all the stuffed animals lined up amongst the walls (“i wanted her to have options!”); it was more than you could’ve asked for, especially since he had put up with so much during your pregnancy.
you weren’t going to deny how needy you were during those nine months, constantly complaining about the pain or waking him up in the middle of the night for something as random as a peanut butter and banana sandwich; he never complained and did anything you asked him to. it definitely had something to do with you carrying his first child and the fact that he absolutely adored every last thing about you, even if he did have hours knocked off from his nightly sleep, he wouldn’t allow you to go without.
it was the middle of the night when you heard the cries coming from the static filled baby monitor, a small grain leaving your lips as you had just be able to fall asleep. your friends and family weren’t joking when they said it was going to be rough, especially the first couple weeks you had come home. you weren’t expecting things to be easy and you knew things were going to take some getting used to but- fuck.
“what is it?” harry mumbled into the plush of his pillow as he felt you push yourself up from the bed, his hand coming to stoke your exposed back. “she crying again?”
“not sure what’s going on, i fed her just before i put her down, changed her, burped her, everything. i’ll just go check on her, rock her back to sleep. get some rest, baby, you’ve done enough.”
you leaned down to press a kiss to his temple, his eyes opening softly to look up at you. you felt bad for everything you had put him through over the last couple of months, but loving him even more for everything he had done for you.
“no, no.” he grumbled, already pushing himself up and out of the bed before you were able to put up a fight. “i’ll go see what’s going on. you were up so late with her last night, it’s my turn. besides, we both know she likes me more.”
“oh, don’t flatter yourself, h. you’ve always been better with kids, but i’ll always have the goods when she’s hungry.”
both you and harry couldn’t help the snorts that came from your noses, shaking your head as you plopped back down against your pillow. there was no point in putting up a fight, he wasn’t going to let you come with him so it was best for you to just lie back down and get some rest so you could take the next call of cries that were sure to come.
only a few minutes had passed before you heard your husbands voice on the other side of the baby monitor, cooing and aw’ing at the small baby that hardly took up any room in the crib.
“what’s going on, honey? hungry? ‘needa be changed?” his voice was as low as a whisper but still rough and scratchy from just waking up. “let’s see what we have here.”
your cheeks started to burn with how widely you had been smiling. it had always been a dream of yours to have a family and a baby with someone that you loved, all of your wildest dreams coming true with harry. in fact, he had surpassed anything you had ever wished for.
you couldn’t stop yourself from getting out of bed and heading towards the nursery, you wanted to be apart of the sweet moments with both your baby and harry; you wanted to see him with your baby.
the light was low as you turned the corner into the room, harry sitting comfortably on the rocking chair with the little girl placed perfectly on his chest. his head was back against the pillow as his hands ran over her tiny features. his voice was quiet as he hummed along to ‘you are my sunshine’
she was so small you almost couldn’t believe that she was real. sometimes the shock had hit you that you and harry had created something so beautiful, something so small and precious.
your arms crossed over your chest as you leaned against the door frame, a small smile forming on your face as you watched over him, taking in the sweet moment in awe.
you could only hold back for so long before you made your way over to the chair, bringing your hands up to harry’s hair before your leaned down to press a kiss to his forehead. “how is she doing?” you asked softly, bring your hand up to softly run along the newborns head, providing your own sense of comfort.
“all good now, right back to sleep. see, told you she likes me.” his eyes opened, soft and sleepy, as he looked up at you. “could’ve probably put her back in her crib a couple minutes ago, but i couldn’t bring myself to move.”
“she’s the most precious when she’s sleeping, but let’s get her back to bed so we can get you back to bed, yeah?”
a small hum left harry’s lips as he gave a nod of his head, your hands coming down to carefully move the baby from his chest and into your arms. you immediately felt the same way that he did, not wanting to put her down for a couple minutes just to spend some innocent time with her.
harry’s arms soon came from behind you and around your waist, his chin hooking over your shoulder as you both looked down at your baby girl.
“can’t believe we made that, huh?” he asked, a soft chuckle following his words as he pressed his lips to your hair. “cant wait until we make the next one.”
your laugh was quiet but the roll of your eyes was loud. “oh, please. let’s see if this one turns out okay before we start working on the next one.”
you knew you wanted another baby with harry and he knew you wanted the same, but you couldn’t help but worry and be scared that you were going to mess up somehow.
“she’s going to be perfect. just like you.” he whispered, instantly reassuring you that you have nothing to worry about.
you looked up at him with a wide grin and pressed a quick kiss to the underside of his jaw, leaving his embrace to put her back into her crib. you lingered for a moment, making sure she wasn’t startled by the change in position and comfortable before you made your way back over to harry. he tossed his arm over your shoulders and pressed a kiss to the side of your head as he lead you out of the room and back to your bedroom.
you plopped down on your side of the bed and snuggled into the blankets, harry doing the same as you guys came face to face. “thank you for everything you’ve done, h. i know it hasn’t been a walk in the park, but i truly appreciate everything.”
harry stayed silent and instead pressed a gentle kiss to your lips, nudging his nose against yours as he pulled you tighter to his chest.
“no need to thank me. just wanna take care of m’girls.” he assured quietly, another kiss being pressed to your lips before he nudged his face into the crook of your neck. “now get some sleep, you know she’ll be back up in no time.”
you huffed quietly as you made yourself comfortable, a smile staying on your lips as you fell asleep in the comfort of harry’s arms. you knew you had nothing to worry about as long as you had him by your side, even if you were clueless on how to be a good parent or weren’t 100% sure in some cases, you knew that you two would figure it out together.
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mindofharry · a day ago
All I want
Tumblr media
REQUEST: what would an argument look like between J and H? YOU GUYS ASKED FOR THIS!!! i hate my babies are fighting, but again, YOU GUYS ASKED FOR IT!! obviously a lot of angst, Y/N being very upset and Jonah and Harry not being very nice :( !! FEEDBACK AND REBLOGS WELCOME AS ALWAYS!!! Jonah, harry and Y/N masterlist!
✧ ✧ ✧
Y/N was working on an essay when Jonah and Harry arrived home. It was pretty late, so Y/N was a little worried, but she didn’t say anything until they were settled down.
That did not happen.
The door opened and Y/N could hear the loud voices of her boyfriends, Jonah and Harry. She flinched as she heard Jonah yelling, throwing the house keys into the bowl on the counter. Y/N didn’t want to get involved, she didn’t like confrontation. She kept to herself, trying to concentrate on her ipad and work infront of her.
“I don’t know why you’re getting so worked up! It was nothing.” Harry said and Jonah rolled his eyes, running a hand through his hair.
“Nothing! You hid it from me, you prick!” Jonah yelled and Y/N let out a whimper. The boys looked over at Y/N and their harsh facade melted and a soft look over taking their features.
Jonah walked over to Y/N and sat beside her, placing a peck on her lips. Y/N’s frowned turned into a smile and she moved to sit in Jonahs lap.
“Of course she’s on your side!” Harry said and Y/N looked to Jonah with wide eyes.
“Harry, keep her out of this.”
Y/N looked to Harry and then moved off Jonahs lap.
“Did something happen?” She asked and Jonah scoffed. “Yeah, something happened—“ He was cut off by harry’s yells.
“Oh here we go again! Jonah coming to save the day! We get it, she likes you more.” Harry yelled and Jonah stood up.
“This is ridiculous. You should’ve told me, that’s the problem!” Jonah yelled and Y/N pouted walking over to Harry.
“Can someone tell me what’s going on?” Y/N asked placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder. Jonah sighed placing a hand over his eyes, Y/N could feel her stomach begin to twist with anxiety. They never fought, she’d never seen them this way. Although Jonah and Harry liked to focus on Y/N, they still loved each other a lot. Y/N and anyone around them could see that.
“Nothings going on!” Harry said and Y/N nodded looking to Jonah.
“See she looks to you like i’m nothing!” Harry said shrugging off Y/N’s hand. Y/N’s eyes widened, “Harry, what’s wrong? I don’t know what I did!” Y/N said her eyes filling with tears, before Jonah could step in Harry groaned.
“What didn’t you do! You love Jonah more than me, which is pretty obvious! and then when we’re all on a great track you just have to step in and cause an argument! This whole thing between us is about you!” Harry yelled, Y/N let out a sob stepping away from Harry.
“What did you fight about?” Y/N asked trying to pull herself together.
Jonah tried to step in, “Baby…..”
“Tell me!” Y/N demanded and Harry sighed.
“I was thinking about leaving.” Harry said and Y/N’s heart broke in two. She let out a whimper and sat down on the sofa. She couldn’t believe this. He was leaving. Harry, was leaving. And it was all because of her.
It was all her fault.
“But he’s not.” Jonah said quickly sitting beside Y/N rubbing her back. She flinched and moved away, Jonahs eyebrows furrowed together.
“It was nothing. Just a moment. I’m not going anywhere.” Harry said sitting beside her. Y/N quickly moved off the seat and ran a hand through her hair.
She counted to ten and then opened her eyes.
“I think…” She said with a shaky breath looking at the two boys she’s loved for three years.
“Y/N” Harry said standing up, taking her hands. “It really was nothing. I was just feeling left out, it’s been Jonah and I. I’m sorry, I’m sorry baby.” Harry said and Jonah scoffed behind him, harry turned around and faced Jonah.
“Do you have something to say?”
Jonah nodded standing up, “Yes, I do actually.”
“Maybe Harry and I should break up, seen as he feels so left out.” Jonah said and Y/N groaned leaving the room. The boys looked to each other quickly walking after her, they saw her open the closet and grab a bag.
“Hey! Hey! What are you doing?” Jonah asked standing infront of her.
“I’m leaving. Since you two can’t decide on what to do, i’ll leave.” Y/N said pulling her clothes out of the closet.
This was not meant to happen.
“We can figure this out! come on, don’t leave. don’t leave me.” Harry said grabbing a hold of her.
“Please don’t leave me.”
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elisethewildwolf · 2 days ago
Mistletoe Maybe (Harry Potter x Reader)
Tumblr media
Credits for the image go to Pinterest and whoever made and posted it.
Here’s the link to my master list if any of you wanna check more of my stuff: Masterlist
Y/N - your name
Hogwarts looked amazing when it snowed. Christmas was coming around and everyone was going home, including you.
Well, you weren’t exactly going home. You were more of going off to have some great times in London…with the Chosen One.
Ah yes, Harry Potter, your best friend and the boy (who was becoming a very handsome man already) you were fairly sure you were in love with. You two would be forever maybes unfortunately and nothing could change that.
You sighed sadly at the thought, trying to push it away so that you could have a merry day-before-Christmas.
Turning around, you grinned and waved to Harry, a blush appearing on your face.
“Sorry I’m late,” he panted as he sat himself beside you on the Hogwarts train that would take you back to London, “Had to feed Hagrid last minute.”
He looked really cute with his glasses a bit down his nose and slightly sweaty…
You shook the thought off, your blush deepening even more, as you shook your head too.
“It’s alright, Harry. At least you made it on time.”
He wrapped a friendly arm around your shoulder and replied, “Why would I want to ever be late for an outing with you, Y/N? I love spending time with you!”
Your smile only widened and soon, both of you fell into easy conversation.
London was exhilarating. The day had passed with quickly, both of you exploring Diagon Alley then visiting the muggle bookstore Waterstone’s then eating at this underground pub with great seafood, and finally gazing at the dazzling, bright lights that decorated the London streets.
Spotting a huge bear that was made up of beautiful, glowing lights, you perked your excitedly.
“Harry, Harry, Harry, can we pleeeease take a picture with that bear?” you jumped up and down as you waited his answer.
He shook his head fondly and nodded.
“Alright, let’s take that picture.”
Laughing and cheering, you grabbed his hand and pulled him with you to the bear. Once you reached it, you pulled out your camera and made it look at you both but before you could, your eye caught on a little green something hanging on top of you.
“What’s happening, Y/N? My cheeks are beginning to hurt from smiling,” Harry chuckled a bit, his face literally still in a smile for the picture.
Bringing the camera back to yourself first, you moved to face him and blushed as you said, “Harry, we’re under a mistletoe.”
He glanced up, red appearing on his cheeks to, and looked back down at you.
“Oh,” he said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck, “We don’t really have to-”
In a sparkle of courage and push, you tiptoed and pressed your lips to his. For a moment, he was taken aback but immediately placed his hands at your waist and kissed you back. The kiss was short and sweet but you were giddy as you pulled away and felt the billions of butterflies in your stomach.
Nearby, you heard Big Ben ding loudly and you knew it was 12 AM.
“Merry Christmas, Harry,” you whispered, giddy and high on your kiss.
“Merry Christmas, Y/N,” he replied lowly.
He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours again, kissing you underneath a mistletoe on Christmas Day.
Hope you all like it! Requests are OPEN!
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harrywritingsbyme · a month ago
The one where Y/n helps Harry unwind
Loosely Based Off Of This Ask
A/N: I genuinely fucking ADORE this fic! it was a nice 1000th reentry to writing and posting. bc, okayyy…so like it’s giving very much older, rich, maybeeee ceo!h bc ✨you know✨so imma say it’s an au bc it doesn’t give regular harry vibes or whatever, zaddy, sugar daddy, but he’s your man(like y’all are 10 toes DOWN for each other), and just ✨daddy✨vibes. alsooo, it’s featuring curvy/thiccc!y/n and she’s black🥰 ofc not limited to but yeah!! And she’s a baddie😌💅🏾so anywaysss…it’s not too structured but there’s a rhyme and reason to it…so i hope y’all like it!! enjoyyy🙃😚
she's 7.3k wordsss
When you hear the front door open and close, you quickly drop what you’d been doing in your closet to greet Harry at the door. It was like a little daily ritual for the two of you. Especially Harry. After a long day at the office, especially like the one he had today, all he wanted to do was unwind and be with you. 
When you reach the bottom of the stairs, with a little pep in your step, you make your way over towards the entryway of your home to find Harry standing at the end of the couch shrugging off the navy suit jacket you helped him into before he left this morning. You didn’t even have to say a word before Harry’s attention was on you and a wide smile was spread across his face. It’s like he could feel your warm presence enter the room. Without a second to spare you then, almost giddily, skip across the living area and right into Harry’s arms, wrapping yours right around his waist. 
“Hi” You whisper, turning your head up to look at him with a wide smile, mirroring the warm one that was fixed on his face. 
“Hi baby” He whispers back to you before lowering his face down towards yours, closing the gap between your mouths and bringing you in for a kiss. His mouth moved longingly against yours and you could feel the remaining tension he’d acquired throughout the day just melt away. His once tense shoulders are relaxed and his grip on you is a bit tighter, bringing you even tighter against his body. As the kiss continued on, Harry’s hands began to move away from your waist. 
In the beginning, he had his large and warm and incredibly soft hands at your waist, before moving them from underneath the bottom of your t-shirt and a bit lower to start massaging the ample and supple flesh of your hips. It felt so good. So good you let out a sigh of relief along with a little moan against his mouth, and melted right into his chest. If there was one thing Harry was always going to do well and be the best at, it’d definitely be working your body. He just knew how to do it. Harry knew just how much pressure to apply and where to apply it. 
But anyways, in being true to himself, Harry didn’t keep them at your hips. They came around to meet at the very bottom of your back before gliding down to your backside. You felt his large hands spread across the ample area through the soft and comfy, but also quite small, shorts you had on. You could feel him gripping onto as much of your flesh as he could. But of course, he doesn’t stop there. His hands continue to explore the already and very well charted territory that was your ass, going lower and lower as your mouths continued moving against one another. Harry then proceeds to slightly bend down, extending his arms a bit more to latch onto the exposed and fleshy bottom of your ass that met your thighs. His fingers were curled inward, brushing up against your clothed pussy, slightly pulling your ass apart. He then stands back up, straightening himself out, and hoisting you up into his arms in the process. When he does this you let out a squeal into his mouth, slightly pulling away from his lips. Harry takes that opportunity and licks right into your mouth, his tongue effortlessly gliding against yours. 
Wanting to just relax hear about your day, Harry turns his body slightly before sitting down on the couch, keeping you in his arms and now his lap the entire time. When he pulls away from your mouth to speak, you only follow him, prompting Harry to let out a slight chuckle at your eagerness. 
“Wanna hear about your day baby.” He chuckles, leaving a small kiss on your upper lip.
“Umm” You ponder, trying to get your head straight. That kiss was so good your head was spinning. It didn’t help that Harry’s hands were on your body, your panties were soaked, and you were sitting right on Harry’s semi hard cock that was tucked away in his pants. “Nothing really exciting happened today.” You shrug, reaching out to start undoing the work you’d done on his tie that morning.
“I’m all ears.” He gently says, bringing his hands back around to your bare thighs and giving them a little squeeze before leaning in to peck your pursed lips. 
“Uh, I did a little shopping, and had lunch with my mom. Which speaking of, she misses you. Like you owe me because she literally talked me to death about how she never sees you for a good 20 minutes. And you know how she gets.” You explain, rolling your eyes as a tense huff left your lips at the recollection of lunch.  
“I’m sorry baby.” He coos, mirroring your pout while trying to stifle the laugh that was creeping up on his face. “We can have her over for dinner this weekend.” He offers, knowing exactly what you went through earlier.
“Thank you, she won’t stop otherwise.” You sigh, keeping your attention on you were doing, continuing to work on the buttons of his shirt. 
“I hear you.” He chuckles. “But that’s all you did today babe?” He continues. Harry wasn’t into prying, he just loved hearing you talk about your day, even if it was filled with a bunch of mundane tasks, he was all ears. Maybe it was just the fact that he enjoyed the sound of your voice, Harry didn’t know. All he knew was that he could listen to you talk for as long as you’d let him. 
“Oh! I had my ring cleaned so went to the jeweler to pick it up.” You remember, prompting Harry to pick up your hand to get a better look at the sparking engagement ring he slid onto your finger almost three years ago. He then proceeds to bring your hand up to his lips to leave a small kiss to your ring finger before bringing it back to his shirt to let you finish. “So how was your day baby?” You ask, turning the floor back over to him. Because similar to Harry, you enjoyed hearing about his day. Plus you liked hearing about his day so that you could know just how to help him unwind once he got home.
“It was exhausting for the lack of a better word. M’not gonna bore you with the details but it was a lot of meetings, a lot of everyone around me talking in circles and not giving me answers, and a lot of me thinking about just firing everyone.” Harry simply replies, already feeling a dull headache from the mere thought of his day at the office. 
“M’sorry.” You softly coo to him, gliding your hands up the sides of his neck, your fingers going right up into his disheveled curls. You could see the tiredness from the day on his face. “Are you hungry? I could make you something.” You offer, wanting to ensure he was okay and able to relax. “Or I could get you the takeout menus.” You add with a little smile, remembering the much easier alternative. 
“I’m okay love, I had a later lunch today.” Harry chuckles, finding your eagerness to take care of him to be incredibly sweet and adorable.
“Are you sure? Just wanna help you unwind since you had such a rough day.” You softly explain. 
“My baby takes such good care of me.” Harry contently sighs, snaking his arms around your waist and pulling you up against his chest before burying his face in your neck and peppering your skin with small kisses. “Been taking care of me all day.” Harry hums, his voice being muffled by your skin as he continues to kiss all over your neck and chest
“I take it the pictures made your day a little better.” You hum, lightly running your nails against his scalp . You had a pretty good idea of how he reacted to the series of photos you sent him. 
While you were getting dressed and ready to go out for the day, you stumbled across a pretty baby pink bra and panties set you’d only worn about twice, if that. Normally you would’ve saved it for a special occasion or another time, but since you were in the mood to spend a little bit more time on yourself today, it was the perfect opportunity to slip on the set and give yourself a little love. You were very careful when putting the pieces on as to not rip its delicate fabric. Since it’d been a very good while since you’d worn the two pieces, it’d gotten a bit tighter in the hips than you remembered. Nothing uncomfortable, but just a tad noticeable. 
Once you got them both on, you stood in front of the full mirror in your closet to do your little adjustments. You made sure to pull the side bands up a bit higher up on your hips to really accentuate the v shape between your legs and of the panties. You were also a bit chubby down there so the strip of fabric that was supposed to cover you didn’t cover everything, and you loved that. You thought it looked so sexy, and it just added something to your already curvy and full figure. You then move on to your cleavage, making sure you were pushed up just enough while still being comfortable. Once you’re all done, you do a little twirl, stopping midway to take in your body from behind. You were completely obsessed with how your ass looked in those panties. Even though there was little to nothing left to the imagination, there was still a desire to see more. You were just feeling so good. If you could’ve, you would’ve just stayed at home and floated around the house in your little get up. 
When you finally looked at your phone, you realized that you were running a bit behind. And since you were supposed to meet your mother, the last thing you wanted was to be behind. You quickly moved on to do your hair and throw on a little makeup before picking out your outfit for the day. Upon you returning to your closet decide on what to wear, you also decided to take a couple pictures of yourself all dolled up before you got dressed. 
You knew you were running a little late and you knew your mother would give you a little taste of hell for it. But you were just feeling yourself today. You were in such such a good mood that you decided to make a little set of photos of you all dolled up to send Harry while he was at work. Initially you were just in front of the mirror, but then an idea popped into your head, prompting you to bring your little photo shoot to the bed. You positioned your phone, very creatively you must add, in different places in the room and on the bed while you moved yourself around in different poses, wanting to get some good shots of yourself. And not too long into your little photoshoot, you were able to get some that you really loved, four of which you planned on sending to Harry. 
Once you were all done with the photos, you quickly finish getting dressed before practically throwing yourself out the door. And while you were late, and because of that received a surprisingly very mild tongue lashing, you were still in a very good mood. In such a good mood that as soon as your mom stepped away to use the restroom, you whipped your phone out to send the photos. Along with the pictures, you add on a cute little note. Upon hitting send, a satisfied smile rises to your face. You didn’t even need a response from Harry to know how he’d react to the photos.
“Those pictures made my day a whole lot better. They put me in such a good mood didn’t end up firing everyone on the spot.” Harry replies before going back to sucking a hickey into your skin at the top of your cleavage.
When Harry received your message earlier in the day, he’d been in a pretty chaotic and stressful beyond belief meeting. All he wanted to do was send everyone out and away and just go back home to you. That’s why when his phone buzzed on the table with a message from you, Harry did an almost complete 180 in demeanor. Going from stoic and ready to burst from the nonsense and commotion of that moment, to happy and ready to burst from all the love and soft feelings he had for you. Like unbeknownst to you and everyone in the room, you were everyone’s saving grace. And all it took was a notification from you. You became even more of a saving grace when he opened the message to find a series of some very suggestive to say the least, photos of yourself. In a matter of seconds Harry could already feel his pants tightening, and an even stronger urge to go back to his office. So that’s what he does. Harry instructs everyone to meet back in a half hour before making a b-line for his office. Upon entering the spacious room, he immediately closes the door behind him, locking it too just in case someone decides against knocking.
Harry then proceeds to plop himself down into the office chair behind his desk, loosening his tie a bit before opening his phone back up to the pictures you’d sent. He went through each picture, taking his time to zoom in on each and in on every last picture. He wanted to really take in all of your features. From the sunlight that was shining through the room radiating off of your rich brown skin to the way you beautifully filled and  slightly spilled out of the pretty baby pink set you had on. Harry was so entranced by you that he subconsciously began undoing his belt and pants to get to his rock hard cock that was tucked away inside his now very tight pants. He’s quick to pull himself out and go straight into spreading his already beading precum around his shaft. He also brings his hand up to his mouth, spitting into it before bringing it back down to and spreading it all over his cock. Whenever he got himself off, Harry’s mind would always flash to how wet you’d get his dick. Whether it be with your mouth, pussy, or both, you always got him sopping wet. And since you weren’t there with him, spitting into his hand was the only way to feel that sensation. Granted it was very small, but it was still something. And in that moment Harry could use just about everything he could get. He does this a couple times throughout, each time bringing back a little more than the last to spread it around is girthy cock. 
His mind running absolutely wild as he floated through all the times he was buried between your legs or inside of you, and his eyes glued to his phone as he flipped back and forth through the pictures. His moans were low enough to go unnoticed from beyond his office but loud enough to fill the room. Your name fell from his lips over and over again as he squeezed and massaged the throbbing head of his dick. Even though his hand would never compare to the magic you yours made, it was giving him just what he needed in that moment. So much that in no time he could feel his cock erupting hard and right in his hand. 
Those pictures were just what Harry needed. 
“Who knew my almost nudes had so much power.” You say in response to Harry’s statement.
“Well they do. So much power I wouldn’t even care about you not being a good girl today.” Harry hums, finally bringing his head up from your neck and chest area.
“Well it turns out that I was in fact a good girl today.” You proudly reply, a cute little smile spreading across your face, showing off the dimples in either side of your mouth. 
“You sure about that? You looked too pretty to not have touched your sweet little pussy doll.” Harry retorts, pressing on to see if you’d admit to playing with yourself. 
“Well of course you, a narcissist, would think that. But I didn’t.” You confidently reply, refusing to give into Harry’s goading. 
“Well I’m just gonna have to see for myself.” He says, alluding to the fact that every once in a while he’d do a little “inspection” if you will, to see if you were telling the truth about following the one rule he had for you. 
Most of the time you were a good girl and waited until Harry came home so that he could let you touch yourself or so that he could relieve the mounting tingling and throbbing sensation taking over in between your legs. Occasionally you’d be so desperate to touch yourself but also incredibly torn because you wanted be a good girl that you’d call him on the phone in the middle of the day just to get permission to touch. If Harry was in a good mood, he’d let you play with yourself on camera so he could watch you feverishly relieve the pressure. Even getting himself off with you at times. If he wasn’t in the best of moods, he’d make you suffer a bit, forcing you to either break his rule and get a little punishment when he got home in the evening, or be a good girl and hold off despite how hard it was so that you could be taken care of properly. 
Now there was a rare chance that you didn’t even bother calling him or trying to be good. You just did what you wanted. And as a result of that, Harry had to teach you a lesson. Since it was a rare occasion for you to not follow the rule, he’d switch it up so that you’d be unexpecting every time. His favorite punishment was binding your hands togrther above your head, and spreading your legs apart, securing them in their places before tying the cordless hitachi wand (which in hindsight, was such a good investment on his end) to your inner thigh so that it would be pressed up against your already buzzing clit. He’d just overstimulate you until he felt like you’d learned your lesson.
Harry wastes no time getting you two upstairs to the bedroom. He’s quick to secure a tight grip on your body before lifting you two up from the couch and marching towards the stairs. He rushes you two up the stairs, so fast you couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughs at his eagerness. When he makes it to the bedroom he goes straight to the end of the bed, prompting you to loosen your legs from around his back, allowing for him to drop you onto the pillowy yet firm mattress. 
Instead of just jumping right into it you just sit there for a couple seconds, waiting for Harry to give you instructions on how to proceed. Was it because you wanted to be good and prove that you were a good girl today? No, not really. Was it because you knew Harry wanted to take a bite out of you and you wanted to poke at him a little and get him a bit more frustrated? Of course! Over time you found that it was so much more fun that way. 
“You know what to do.” Harry says, motioning down in your direction to get going as he towers while standing at the foot of the bed. 
“You are so horny.” You tease, lifting yourself up and sit on your claves, kneeling right before him. He intently watches as you begin to undo the top couple of buttons on your shirt, proceeding to it up and off your body. When you do this, his full attention goes your newly exposed tits as they bounce around in your bra. You continue on to unhook your bra, leaving your chest completely bare and exposed to Harry who’s mouth was completely watering at the sight. You couldn’t help but to be a little impressed at the way managed to revert him back to the days of him being a horny teenager. 
Harry watches as you wrap your fingers around the waistband of the little pair of shorts you had on, pulling them down a bit before lying on your back to pull them all the way off. You decide to leave the panties on since he had a thing for taking them off of you himself  Harry was completely mesmerized. Your pussy looked extra plump in those panties and Harry just wanted to suck and bite around the area between your legs. You looked stunning in the pictures but they didn’t do how you looked right now any justice. He hasn’t even touched you the way he had planned and he was already losing losing his shit.
Again, Harry’s mind drifted off into the Y/n oblivion, completely unaware of how long he’d been staring at you. He was so unaware that he didn’t even hear you calling his name. 
“Harry” You softly call out to him again. Except this time, you also glide your foot up his leg, making sure to push it further inside his thigh. You go all the way up, stopping at his bulge. You slightly dig your foot in, applying pressure to the sensitive area, causing a deep groan to fall from his mouth. He then grabs your ankle, stopping you from pushing any more. 
“What we’re you saying?” Harry questions with a slightly bewildered look. He didn’t mean to fall into those spells of staring, he just couldn’t help it. How was he not supposed to stare at the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on?! If he could be given a manual on how to to that, then maybe he’d consider reading it. But until then, he was going to keep staring and enjoying the view. 
“Well I wasn’t saying anything.” You say, with a tinge of attitude. “But maybe you should go get a towel.” You suggest, crossing your arms over your chest to give him one less thing to be distracted by.
“You’re right, I appreciate the self awareness.” Harry agrees with a chuckle, releasing your ankle from his grip and reaching down to deliver a swat to your inner thigh before heading into the connected bathroom. 
“Shut up!” You shout from the bedroom, rolling your eyes before moving higher up onto the bed and flipping onto your front, arching your back the way Harry liked and lying your head down on the soft pillows. 
“What?! I’m glad my baby knows that she’s a squirter.” Harry replies, returning with a large fluffy towel in hand. “I’m also glad my baby knows what I like.” He continues, admiring your form. He’s quick to get the towel underneath you before running over to his bedside table to grab the little bottle of baby oil he kept in there. Your head was turned in that direction so you could see him pick out the little bottle. All you could do was laugh at him. “I just like when your ass is all shiny.” He explains with a shrug from behind you as he opens the bottle. He squirts a little on either side of your ass, quickly capping the bottle back and completely rubbing it in before giving you two little swats before digging in. 
Harry kneels behind you on the bed, bringing his face in closer to your center. He hooks his finger around the small and now sticky strip of fabric that was supposed to be covering you, having to almost dig it out a little bit from how your pussy almost swallowed it up. He pulls it to the side to expose your shiny and slick pussy. You were dripping in arousal, the smell flooding Harry’s nose, making him even more excited to dig in. He then uses the same finger to prod at your entrance, causing you to let out a moan into the pillow.
Whenever you came, your release would always have a scent that was a bit different from your arousal. And since he’d been between your legs more than enough times, Harry was able to pick up on those little differences. And since he couldn’t pick up on anything, he figured he’d let you cum in his mouth. 
“I guess you were a good girl today.” Harry confirms before swiftly pulling down and removing your panties, proceeding to bury his face in between your legs. His mouth immediately engulfing your pussy, suckling on whatever it captured. 
“I told you.” You proudly hum through a string of moans. You could feel his tongue lapping up and down your folds, stopping at your entrance time and time again to prod at it with the tip of his tongue. He even took the time to suck both of your plump lips into his mouth one at a time. His mouth never failed to work wonders on your body. 
Instead of going straight to your clit, Harry continues in licking everywhere around it. And by everywhere, he licked everywhere. He licked around the outer area around your cunt, taking a moment to leave a couple hickeys on your inner thighs. He repeatedly lapped up and down your folds, pushing his tongue in between to lick as much of you as he possibly could. Harry even made sure to circle his tongue around your second entrance. When he did this, your moans only grew louder. You were so wrapped up in him mouthing at your ass you began to push back to meet his mouth. Playing into this a bit, Harry stuck his tongue out and let you fuck and grind yourself against it. As he let you do this, he couldn’t get enough of the way your ass clapped against his face with your every move. On top of that, your wanton moans filled the room as you got yourself off on his tongue. It was like Harry’s heaven on earth. 
It was so good that his cock began to ache from being completely neglected. He was so swollen he could’ve just exploded right then and there. When Harry finally bothers to pull himself out, you’re already nearing your release. So to take care of you both, Harry lies back on the bed, keeping his head between your legs. He then wraps an arm around your hips, pulling you right down onto his mouth. He engulfs your buzzing clit, sucking on and quickly moving his tongue against the swollen button. You’d been dying for him to give his attention to the bundle of nerves. You were already tingling from when he arrived home to the time he got you two into the bedroom. Just for him to be licking into you and giving no regard whatsoever to your clit. This entire time you were feeling your juices and his spit dripping down to your button, the sensation feeling heavier and heavier each time. You wanted to just rub it yourself but you’d be opening yourself up to a punishment. So you suffered a bit. But now, you were finally getting the final pleasure that would take everything, including yourself over the edge. 
It didn’t help that Harry was moaning right into your clit either. 
Now that Harry had you in this position, he could continue licking into you while also working on himself. He managed to undo his belt and pants with one hand, and in no time he was squeezing at his incredibly hard cock through his boxers. It took no more than 5 squeezes before Harry’s release came speeding towards him. Having his face between your legs had the exact same effect on him as sinking into you. So it was no surprise Harry was on the verge of letting go. 
Wanting you two to cum together, Harry began to work your clit even more, moving his tongue faster and sucking harder. When he does this your moans turn to small screams as you too feel your release hurtling towards you.
“Fuck daddy! M’gonna cum!” You cry out to him, becoming overwhelmed with your need to let go. Then with the hand that was on his cock, Harry brings his hand up to your backside, delivering one big swat to the area, sending you right over the edge with him following. He could feel your warm juices dripping all over the lower portion of his face as he made a mess inside of his boxers.
Once you’re all done, you go limp against Harry. Now even though he thought dying between your legs or inside of you was the best way to go out, he didn’t want to go out quite yet. So he slides down the bed from underneath you and rolls right over next to your body, staying on the towel since his shirt was quite wet. 
You then turn over after a couple minuets so that you’re on your back, still feeling the aftermath of your release.
“I find is so unfair that I’m the only one naked.” You whisper, looking down towards Harry who still had his clothes on. Sure they were all wrinkled and untidy, but he was still very much clothed.
“Take em’ off me then.” Harry says, he too feeling a bit tired.
“Fine. But you have to come up here.” You reply, giving him a little ultimatum. Which worked by the way. Harry already took his shoes off downstairs so that was one less thing for you to do. But the rest was for you to take off of him. Luckily for you everything was already loosened, which allowed for easy removal. You then kneel beside him on your still very shaky legs. 
Before you let Harry lean back against the headboard, you tugged the light blue button up with the slightly darker and undone tie that was still tucked underneath the collar off his body. You then moved on to remove the tight fitting ribbed tank top he always wore under his button downs before stopping dead in your tracks. Everything underneath it was gorgeous, everything you could ever want. But for some reason, the way his chest and abs and arm muscles were being defined by this article of clothing was just blowing your mind. You could even see the slight tan in his skin!This shirt was going above and beyond its advertised use. To be quite frank, it was doing way too much. 
“You good?” Harry asks, bringing his hand bed to cup your hip. 
“No actually, I’m not good. My legs are still shaking, I’m still horny, and you are too hot for your own good!” You divulge, causing Harry to let out a laugh, tilting his head back against the headboard. Only making it that much harder for you. “Don’t do that!” You softly shout, slightly shoving his shoulder before moving down to his pants. To make your life a bit easier when he feels you dip your fingers below the waistband of his boxers and slacks, he lifts his hips so that you could easily pull the pieces off of his body. As you’re pulling down his pants, you notice the area is glistening a bit, prompting you to inspect a little further. Pushing your fingers a bit further into his underwear, you stumble across a bit of a wet spot, signaling to you that he made a mess in his pants. When you realize this, you couldn’t help but giggle a little. 
“What’s so funny?” Harry asks, quirking his brow at the little outburst because he couldn’t think of anything inside of his pants that warranted that reaction.
“Nothing! It’s just that you came in your pants.” You explain, continuing on in removing the last of his clothes. “Think it’s cute.” You continue, thinking of how desperate and needy he was to just let go like that. When he hears this, all Harry can do is grumble and let you finish. Before you pull the pants off, you grab ahold of his socks as well, taking it all of at one time.
Once you toss it all over onto the floor, you lie down on the bed next to his lower half, particularly his lap. At that you immediately, but gently pick his semi-hard cock up in your much smaller, soft, and warm hand. You waste no time bringing your mouth down a bit to peck at his thick crown. When you do this, Harry’s eyes go right down to where you were, loving the way you looked with your mouth on his cock. He watches as your sweet little kiss turns into suckling as you wrap your pretty lips around the swelling head of his dick. You hear him let out a sigh of relief as you continue on, slowly adding more of him to your mouth. He watches you open your lips as wide as possible to accommodate his size as you got closer and closer to the base. Harry thought you were absolutely amazing with your mouth and how you used it to work his cock. He could feel your throat closing in and contracting around him a bit as you took more and more inside. When you take as much as you can in, you gag a little around him, forcing you to come back up.
“Fuck Y/n.” He groans, feeling your hand gliding up and down his shaft, twisting and turning and squeezing at his shaft. He watches as you spread your spit all over him, especially the rest that couldn’t fit into your mouth. You continued on for a little longer, taking him back into your mouth a couple times and tugging at his now completely hard cock. You even sucked on his balls a bit, sending him into even more of a frenzy. The sound of his rugged moans, coupled with the fact that you just loved having him your mouth, on top of the fact that he had a gentle yet firm, but non-controlling grip on the back of your neck made you want to just burst right then and there. It was so good. And it made you want him inside of you even more. 
With that being said, you give his slit one last kiss before sitting back up in front of him. You then reach down towards the end of the bed to grab the towel, giving Harry the ‘we might need this again’ look, prompting him to chuckle under his breath and shake his head, following it up with a smug smirk. After instructing him to spread it out underneath him, you use his shoulder for support and you climb on top of him. Harry brings his large hands to your hips, pushing his thumbs into the fleshy area where the top of your thigh and pussy meet. Keeping yourself up on your knees, you bring one of your hands down from his shoulder to his cock to line him up with your entrance. You then begin to slowly circle your hips downwards, sinking down onto his cock. Your mouths hung open as you two experienced the feeling of him pushing up into you. 
Harry was overwhelmed by the feeling of your warm, wet, and tight walls engulfing all of his dick. Not to mention the way you wound your hips down onto him the way you did. You on the other hand were so close to losing it from the way his cock almost pierced through your entrance from how big he was, invading your walls. It felt so good though. You felt completely full as you took all of him inside. Like you were positive that you could feel him in the pit of your stomach.
Once you’re adjusted to his size, you begin to move against him, starting off by circling your hips in his lap and moving yourself up and down on him a little too. You were feeling so good riding him, your soft moans flowing through the room. From this angle, he would push right up against your spot every time you came back down, causing you to speed up a bit. What made it even better was Harry’s mouth on your tits. He’d alternate between the two, sucking on your pert nipples as you moved on his cock. You could hear his muffled moans against your skin and you could feel them radiating through your body. Harry was again, in his own little heaven on earth. He was touching all over your body, your sweet moans flowing into his ears, he was deep inside of you, and he got to mouth at your tits. It couldn’t get any better than that Harry thought. That is, until you picked up the pace with your hips. When you start moving faster on him, quickly lifting and dropping yourself repeatedly on his cock, Harry’s head falls back against the headboard. Bringing his hands that were now on your ass around to wrap around your breasts, squeezing at the supple flesh and pinching at your nipples.
Your collective moans grew louder, battling with the sound of your ass slapping against his thighs and the sticky sound of your pussy swallowing his cock over who’d be the loudest. Your moans prevailing when you start digging your clit into the coarse hairs surrounding Harry’s cock. They were all nice and neat and a little rough, perfect for you to rub your clit against. 
“Daddy’s cock making you feel good baby?” Harry pants, starting to thrust his hips up to meet yours 
“So good daddy!” You whine, digging your nails into his shoulders as he increases the pace of his hips.
“Feel me all the way up inside your tummy sweet girl?“ Harry questions, bringing one of his hands down to rub circles around your lower stomach, applying a little pressure in the process.
“Mhm, so deep.” You breathe out to him in response, completely overwhelmed by it all. Your hands begin to move away from his shoulders, gliding down his clothed (but very sexily clothed) chest stopping at his midsection, using his very toned abdomen to help you balance. 
“Good girl.” He praises, bringing his hand that was still at your breast up to your neck, lightly wrapping it around before using his newfound grip to pull you into an open mouthed kiss. You two swapped moans as you feverishly licked into each other’s mouths. After sharing in this kiss for a little while longer you realIzed that you wanted to show Harry what was going on between your legs. 
“Wanna show you daddy.” You sigh, stopping the movement of your hips and lightly pulling out of the grip Harry had on you. His attention was all yours as he watched you lift yourself up from his now glistening cock. You were so wet there were strings of your arousal connecting your pussy to his dick. He watches as you turn around and straddle him again, this time with your back facing him. You waste no time wrapping your hand around his sticky cock and realigning him with your entrance. You smoothly glide back down his girthy shaft, taking all of him back into you. “Look daddy” You whine, spreading your ass apart so that Harry could get a clear view to your sopping wet and plushy pussy gripping and swallowing his cock over and over again. 
“Fuck me.” Harry huffs through his moans. His hands were over his mouth and his eyes, in complete awe at how you were really working his dick. “Y’look so good doll.” Harry groans, bringing his hands out to replace yours. He got a nice grip on the flesh of your backside as he spread it apart to watch you take him inside. The longer he looked, Harry could see your arousal dripping from your pussy all the way down his dick and he could see the sticky strings of your arousal form whenever you lifted your hips. The view only intensifies his moans and pushes him to thrust up into you even more.
He watches you start to lean forward forward, planting your hands on the mattress between his spread legs. Your once consistent movements becoming sloppier, and your moans dissolving into whines. You were even pushing (more like throwing) yourself back onto him, all of this telling Harry that you were getting closer to release number two. To help you both out, Harry takes control. He lightly pushes you forward using the grip he had on your ass, pushing you off of his cock. When he does this, you let out a whine, reaching behind you to try and find him to put him back inside. Harry is quick to lift himself up from where he was positioned on the bed to kneel behind you. And in no time you were filled up again. Except that for this go round, Harry was taking the lead. He pushes down against your upper back, forcing you into a bit of a deep arch. He then brings both hands to your supple hips to keep you steady before he start’s pistoning his hips into you. In an instant you’re clawing at the sheets and whining, crying, and screaming from how hard and how good it all felt. And in what seemed like no time at all, you were even closer to being consumed by your second release of the night.
“Gonna cum again daddy!” You weakly announce.
“Me too baby! Cum with daddy!” He pants, delivering a hard slap to your ass as it jiggled with every thrust. 
“Fuck!” You cry out to him, feeling one of his arms snake around your waist and a hand going between your legs, the hand going right to your clit. His fingers rapidly circle your pulsating clit, throwing you right over the edge and into your release. When you start to squirt for the second time and your cunt starts to contract around his cock, Harry follows suit, unloading all of his cum deep inside of you. 
When the waves of your releases calm down, Harry slowly pulls out of you, making sure to push any bit of the creamy white substance that tries to escape back inside. He thought it looked so pretty when your pussy was a complete mess with his cum all over. 
Your entire body is beyond tired and a little achey too. Not being able to hold yourself up any longer, you fall onto the bed, dropping back down on your side.
“C’mere sweets.” Harry hums, reaching down to pull you up into his chest. He quickly reaches back to pull the towel up, tossing it away before pulling back the sheets a bit for the two of you. Keeping you secure in his arms, he then falls back onto the bed with you on top of him. “Did so good.” He whispers, pulling the rest of the comforter out from underneath you two before spreading it across your naked bodies. You immediately get yourself comfortable against him, nestling into his warm chest with a leg thrown over his. Harry’s warm hands were lightly stroking the warm expanse of your exposed back.
“Can we take a nap, m’so tired?” You whisper, feeling yourself start to drift off.
“Of course Y/n.” He coos, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead.
“And can get food when we wake up?” You question again, drifting off into your much needed nap. 
“We can do whatever you want babydoll.” Harry replies, chuckling at how cute you were.
“Okay...I love you.” 
“I love you more.” Harry whispers as you two fall asleep.
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goldensonlyangel · 2 months ago
Pink Suspenders
Tumblr media
Summary: harry gets turned on by you in a leather skirt and you give him a bj before he gets on stage.
Warnings: oral (male receiving), pet name (darling, baby, love, angel), strong language. MINORS DNI 
Word count:1K+
I hope you enjoy!! Happy reading - G
Also this is for @harryhoney-bee​ ‘s Love On Tour Masterlist!! I hope you like it!! <333
You watched from the doorway, your shoulder propped on the door jam as Harry pulled the suspenders over his bare, tattooed chest. The light pink and sparkly pants flowed off his hips, his gold cross necklace hanging between his muscular pecs. 
He caught your eyes in the mirror, that familiar smirk of when he’s up to no good plays across his full, pink lips, “what?” 
Your eyes rake over him as he turns around to face you, his bare arms crossing over his tanned chest as he watches you watch him. “Nothing,” you sigh out, your legs tightly clenched, you thought he wouldn’t notice as you kept your eyes locked on him but the second they clenched his eyes flickered down to the black leather skirt you were wearing. 
His eyes raked down your long tanned legs, to the junction between your thighs that were covered by the black leather, his eyebrow raised in disapproval as his hand raised to scratch that stubble that lined his jawline. 
“What is it, H,” you teased, crossing your leg over the other causing your skirt to rise only a mere inch but cause so much heat to rise in him. You could see the tent in the front of his pants from across the room, “seems you have a bit of a problem there,” jerking your chin towards his crotch as you just smirked at him. 
“You’re being a brat,” he growls out deeply, pushing off the mirror and stalking towards you, his face is a breath away from yours once he makes it to you, “You know what brats get, love, yet you continue to push me.” 
Your head leans closer as his lips ghost over yours, “Are you a brat? Hmm? Do you like teasing me, darling?” 
His hot breath fans over your lips as your eyes stay locked on his, leaning closer so they brush ever so slightly over yours before he pulls back, his hand coming up to hold your jaws, “answer me, love. I asked you a question.” 
Your head nods quickly, “yes,” you breathe out. 
“On your knees,” he demands, his hand falling from your jaw and to the door that was only half closed. Your feet pulled you into the room before your knees started to buckle, “no love,” he caught your elbow, “in front of the mirror,” he whispers into your ear. 
Harry leans back on the door after he’s closed it fully, watching you back away from him and fall to your knees in front of the mirror he has been standing in not even five minutes prior. 
“Lift your skirt, darling,” he breathes out, ‘“above those delicious curves, baby.” 
His eyes lock on your bare hips as you lift the leather skirt, his green eyes wide as a deep grunt falls from the back of his throat and a whispered, “fuck, y/n” is breathed out. 
Your eyes just look up at him innocently, waiting for him to come closer. 
Harry runs his hands through his dark curls, sighing out before he pushes off the door and makes his way to you. His fingers trail soft as a feather over your cheekbone, moving lightly to trace your nose, his thumb moving to tug down your bottom lip. 
“Such a good girl, darling,” he praises you, causing a smile to tug at your lips. Harry’s hand cups your jaw softly, and you nuzzle into it lovingly. 
“Unzip me, love,” he tells you, his hand moving to grip the roots at the side of your head. Your innocent eyes flick up to his, hesitating for a split second before your fingers fumble with the button of his sparkly dress pants. 
Your eyes flicker down to your fingers as you pop open the button and pull down the zipper slowly, you pull open the pieces of fabric tugging them down slightly, those innocent but lust filled eyes tracing up his abdomen watching as his suspenders stretch slightly. 
The fabric just but hugs his ass as you tug it down to pull out his hard cock. Precum is already leaking from the tip. 
“You’re so hard, H,” you moan, your tongue darting out to circle around his head, liking up the salty cream. 
 Harry’s hand tightens in your hair, a small but deep grunt gets caught in the back of his throat as you circle your tongue around his hard deep purple tip. Your hand wraps around the base of him, giving it a little squeeze as your tongue teases the slit of his head. 
“Don’t. Don’t tease me, darling,” he grounds out, a furrow deep between his eyebrows, “I won’t last very long if you keep doing that.” 
“God, you feel so fucking good,” Harry moans deeply. 
Your lips close around him, sucking on the tip, tongue swirling around before you drop down, taking him in the back of your throat. Your nose brushes on the hairs that make up his happy trail, your eyes flicking up to watch his hard expression start to crumble in pleasure. 
Moaning in the back of your throat, sending tingles through his body and making his hips buck. His grip moves to the back of your head, holding you there before easing his hold and letting you move. 
As you move you can feel his grip tighten in your hair, your tongue teasingly licks on the sensitive underside of his cock. You move up and down along his dick, gagging around him, your spit coating his length and your chin. 
Deep, but quite moans form in the back of his throat as his hips buck mindlessly before you pull back for a breath. Your fist pumping him as the other moves up along his torso, your fingers tracing over the pink suspenders hooked to his unbuttoned pants, you wrap your fingers tightly around a suspender pulling him towards you. 
“Fuck, you better catch a deep breath because i’m about to fuck your mouth so hard, darling.” Harry moans darkly, his eyes dark and filled with lust. You just smirk pumping your fist before wrapping your lips back around him loosely. 
He doesn’t waste a minute before he’s pulling you closer and shoving his cock in your mouth. He doesn’t let up, his hip bucking wildly, his grip on your hair tightening and keeping you in place. 
Both hands grip his suspenders tight, trying to balance yourself on your knees.
Your throat tenses up around him as you swallow, making him moan out loudly, “Fuck,” he moans, his hips thrusting into your mouth deeper, hitting the back of your throat repeatedly.. You moan around him, making his hips stutter, breaking his fast thrusting. 
“God, darling, your throat feels so fucking amazing.” 
Both of his hands are in your hair now, his thrusts stuttering as you moan, and swallow around him taking him deep into your throat, “I’m so close baby, keep doing that,” he moans out. 
“Mmm,” you moan, your hands moving from his suspenders and tracing over his abdomen, your nails scraping across his v-line, his thighs shaking and his thrust shutter in response. 
You give one last deep swallow around him just as a loud bang sounds on the door, “Two minutes Harry!!” 
“COMING!” he calls back, but it seems it was more for you because his hot, salty cum fills your mouth. You pull back your tongue out as your hand moves back to pump the rest of his release into your mouth. 
He smirks down at you as you hold out your tongue showing him how you swallowed all of him, his hands tuck himself back into his pants, buttoning and zipping them up before he squats in front of you, his thumb and forefinger dripping your chin. 
“You’re my good girl, love. Did so good,” he praises you, leaning down to kiss your lips. He smirks into your mouth as you wrap your arms around his neck. 
He shocks you by moving his hand from your chin to between your thighs, “Harry!” you all but moan. 
“Did sucking me off before I go on stage turn you on, darling? You’re dripping for me, wouldn’t be surprised to find a wet spot in the carpet when you get up.” he whispers into your lips, his fingers moving between your slick lips. Moaning softly into his mouth when he circles your swollen clit. 
But then he pulls back, pecking your lips once and standing, you watch as he brings his fingers coated in you to his lips and sucks them clean. His eyes never leave yours.
A frown morphs onto your face, your lips pouting up at him, he helps you stand, “I want you in my bed waiting for me the second I get off stage, do you hear me, darling? Naked and waiting.” He tells you, just as another loud knock sounds. 
You nod up at him, “Ok.” 
He pecks your lips not once, not twice but three times before lingering and sweeping his tongue along yours. 
“I love you, angel,” he pulls back looking you in the eyes, nothing but the truth swimming in them. 
“I love you more, H. Kill it, baby,” you peck his cheek before stepping back from him and watching him as he walks out the door.
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imaginationintowords · 2 months ago
Home Is Where the Heart Is
Harry Styles x Famous!Reader
[a/n: this is my submission to the @hes-writer angst fest. This is my first time ever doing anything like this. My prompt is “I want to come home to you.”//“But?” I hope you guys enjoy this! I worked my hardest on this and I really like how it came out. Also remember this is all fiction, no hate to any parties mentioned below.]
Plot: Harry is away from reader and their daughter. They haven’t heard from him in two weeks, the reader is trying her best to keep her daughter’s hopes alive, but it’s getting harder.
Word count: 5232
Warnings: angst, very angsty, mentions of abortion, infidelity
*there will not be a part two. If you have any questions feel free to send them to my ask and I’ll answer any questions you have*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Y/N] was sat in her living room going over her script for tomorrow’s shoot. She looked over on the ground where her daughter, the perfect mixture of herself and her boyfriend, sat playing with her toys peacefully.
[Y/N]’s heart swelled at the sight. She never feels as content as she does in these little moments. As mundane as they may be, the 3 year-old was her entire world.
“Momma,” Penelope spoke out, her accent leaning more towards like her father’s.
[Y/N] was originally from California, coincidentally that’s where she and Harry met six years ago in 2014 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. At the time [Y/N] was reeling in from her excitement from winning her first Academy Award. She was the new “it” girl of Hollywood and everyone took notice.
Harry would lie if asked if he was nervous the first time he met her. He was incredibly nervous, that their first introduction had him accidentally spilling his drink on her shirt. He was embarrassed as he profusely apologized while [Y/N] laughed it off and reassured him that it was nothing.
When Harry looked up to meet her eyes for the first time he was completely hooked. At that moment the only thing he wanted to do was get to know her. He wanted to know every single thing about her. Was she a morning or night person? How’d she take her coffee? What’s her favorite song? Favorite movie? Was she a cat or dog person? How was her family like? What did she like to do in her free time? He wanted to know it all.
And that he did.
And just like Harry, [Y/N] was also hooked. She had been a fan of Harry’s for awhile and now standing in front of him, she got what every one said about him. She got this overwhelming feeling that Harry could wreck her whole life, and she would gladly let him.
So she did.
They exchanged numbers that night and talked every day since it took them almost a year to become official. Both of their schedules had kept them in different parts of the world. Two years into their relationship [Y/N] got pregnant. Her birth control failed her.
[Y/N] was nervous at first to tell Harry. She herself was having difficulties coming to grips with the pregnancy. They were both only 23 years-old. She could barely take care of herself, how would she be able to take care of a baby. She thought about all of the projects she had lined up for the next year, no doubt she’d have to drop out of some.
She felt guilty being consumed with selfish thoughts. How could she feel this way when having a child is all some people ever dreamt about.
She pondered over the thought of not telling Harry and taking care of the situation by herself. The thought of keeping something that big a secret made her absolutely sick.
Not that she wasn’t pro-choice, she just couldn’t bare living with that secret. At least not from Harry.
Whatever choice she made she knew he would support her the entire way.
When it finally came time to tell Harry, she couldn’t miss the sparkle in his eyes.
“You’re pregnant?” He asked, trying to contain his excitement, seeing the way [Y/N] was emotional when telling him.
“Yeah,” she sniffled, as tears ran down her face.
“I’m so sorry,” she cried out.
Harry immediately took her in his arms and held on tightly.
“Don’t you apologize,” he soothed her, “Don’t you ever apologize. This isn’t your fault. You have nothing to apologize for.”
His words should’ve been comforting, but all [Y/N] felt was pure guilt over the way she was feeling. She couldn’t help but to cry even more.
“Hey it’s okay,” he tried to soothe her, “Whatever you want to do, I’ll support you. No questions asked.”
[Y/N] cried even harder. Harry was so understanding. She knew he would be.
“I don’t know what I want to do,” she cried.
“That’s okay,” he says, “there’s no need to decide it right now. You have time.”
“If I do decide to go with the abortion, will you hate me?”
“No, of course not,” he assures her, “I’ll support you no matter what you decide. You are more important to me than anything.”
“You won’t be upset if I decide to keep it?” She carefully asks.
“No of course not,” he says, “I don’t want to tell you exactly my feelings on all of this because I don’t want to sway you into making a decision based on what I want. Because you’re going to have to want it too. You can’t make the choice based on what I want because you want to make me happy. I’ll be happy either way because I just want to be with you, so please don’t make a choice because you think that’s what I want. I only want you.”
[Y/N] took a moment to let Harry’s words sink in. She thought about what she actually wanted. Not what she was expected to do.
She took a deep breath and exhaled.
“Okay,” she calmly said, the tears coming to a halt.
“I want to keep the baby,” she looks him in the eyes.
“You do?” Harry confirms, trying to keep his excitement at bay.
“Yeah, I really do,” she nods her head, “I know we’re still kind of young, but I want to do this. And if you’d like, I’d love to do this with you.”
Harry’s face broke out into a gigantic grin, his eyes tearing up.
“Oh [Y/N], there isn’t anything I want to do more than have a baby with you,” he smiled, grabbing her face and kissing her. Both crying tears of joy.
*end of flashback*
Once they decided on keeping the baby [Y/N] took it as perfect opportunity to move out of LA. She had loved London since her first visit there, and up until dating Harry she never had a reason to move there. But now that she was pregnant she was ready to move. As much as LA and California were home, over the course of the last few years she started to feel suffocated by it. Sure all her family lived there, but she really only saw them during the holidays and special occasions, now that everyone was busy with their own lives and families. And she could always visit and fly them out whenever they wanted to come. Harry was secretly happy she decided to move to London, as LA was becoming suffocating for him as well.
They had both decided to keep the LA house [Y/N] had for whenever they visited or had work in town. And [Y/N] would move into Harry’s newly renovated house in London. Harry told her he had designed a great portion of it with her in mind and their future family, long before she got pregnant.
And in the month of September of 2017, Harry and [Y/N] welcomed a beautiful baby girl. Naming her Penelope Amelia Styles. She was the perfect combination of both.
The new parents had agreed that they would never work at the same time. Not wanting Penelope to be without a parent home at the end of the night. They wanted to be the ones to raise their daughter like how their parents raised them. Being present was extremely important. If they ever needed a babysitter they would call family or close friends. They were very adamant about not having a nanny for as long as they could.
It was easier when Penelope was a baby to take her wherever they went. But as she got older they decided traveling around would have to be saved for holidays and summer vacations. Especially since she turned three this year and she had started primary school.
With Penelope in school for a few hours a day, it gave Harry and [Y/N] more free time during the day. Harry could pop into the studio for a few hours and pick up Penelope on his way home while [Y/N] was on set working. Or vice versa.
The challenge came when Harry got a movie offer that took him out of the country. [Y/N] and Harry and tried to keep the out of country movies to only the summertime once Penny started school. It was easier for [Y/N] to get London as the filming location into her contracts as she was one of the most sought out movie stars and studios would gladly take that exception. With Harry it wasn’t so easy, sure he was a big name in the music world, but even Harry Styles couldn’t negotiate that.
So for the first time since Penny was born, they were separated. Harry was in LA without his family. He had already been there for two months. [Y/N] and Penny were due to fly out in two weeks, just in time for Christmas.
Harry had promised to call every single day, and he did for the first month and a half. Penny and [Y/N] were going on two weeks without a single phone call.
Every time [Y/N] would text Harry to figure out a time, he would respond back with a ‘I’m busy’ text. [Y/N] couldn’t help but start to feel annoyed by that reply. Harry had never been so absent. Not during Penelope’s life and not throughout his and [Y/N]’s relationship. He had always made time, no matter what he was doing or how tired he was. He would always make time for ‘his girls’.
[Y/N] had also noticed the little subtle mood changes Penelope was going through because she missed her dad. Harry was one of, if not her most favorite person in the world. They had such an incredibly beautiful bond, that [Y/N] cherished it, she didn’t have that relationship with her own father. She made sure to do everything in her power to make sure their daughter-father bond was strong. But there’s only so many times she can tell Penelope that Harry’s busy before she loses hope. [Y/N] tried her best to assure Penny that her father would call once he has time. She would take Penny out spending most days out of the house to keep her distracted and thoughts away from missing her father. But once they would get back home she would be instantly hit with the reality he wasn’t home.
[Y/N] checked her phone, she had a couple of messages, but none from Harry. She sighed and tossed her phone back on the couch.
“Okay Penny, love,” she says, standing up and stretching her arms and legs, “time for bed.”
“Okay momma,” she smiled, getting up and grabbing her mother’s hand.
“Momma,” she says as they walk upstairs to her room.
“Yes love?”
“I think I know what I want to ask Santa for Christmas when we see him tomorrow.”
“Oh really, what would that be?”
“For Daddy to come home,” she says.
“Oh,” [Y/N] didn’t know what to say to that.
If this was a month ago, [Y/N] would’ve been more confident in answering. They were supposed to fly out in a week but she hasn’t heard from him, so now her insecurities are sinking in.
“I miss him very much,” Penelope sadly sighs.
“Me too,” [Y/N] sighs, “me too.”
“Do you think Santa can bring Daddy?” She asks, going into her room.
“I don’t know,” she honestly tells her, walking over to her dresser to get some pajamas.
“If anyone can do it Santa can,” Penny confidently says.
“We shall see,” [Y/N] gives her daughter a tight smile, “let's get ready for bed.
After [Y/N] got Penny asleep, she went back down to clean up the living room. As she was cleaning up, her phone started to vibrate on the couch. She picked it up to see she had a few photo messages from a friend.
She opened the messages to see that they were photos. And not just any photos but photos of Harry.
Harry was playing with children in a couple of them. Then the next couple of photos made [Y/N]’s blood boil.
It was the next few photos that really set it off for her. Harry was sitting on a couch, very close to his director Olivia Wilde, her arm draped around Harry’s back, while her kids were sat on their laps. Harry was looking at Olivia, [Y/N] was all too familiar with that look. It was the way Harry would look at her.
She was sick to her stomach. Here she was at home trying to keep their daughter’s hopes up that her father will make time for her. All while he’s playing house. She set aside her own feelings and about what else he might be doing with his director aside from working.
At that moment she only cared about her daughter’s feelings, and she didn’t care who the person was, no one will make her daughter feel the way Harry has been making her feel for the last couple of weeks.
She did the only thing she could think of to do. She texted Harry the photos with the caption, “nice to know you’re not too busy for someone else’s family.”
Within seconds her phone was ringing.
“So now he calls,” she answers the phone.
“Please [Y/N] can I speak to Penny?” He says, ignoring her remark.
“It’s 9pm here Harry. You know she’s asleep by 8. At least you used to know that.”
“I didn’t call to argue with you,” he sighs.
“Are you serious right now Harry? We haven’t spoken in two weeks and you expect a warm happy greeting?”
“I’ve been busy,” he lies.
“Bullshit. No matter how busy you’ve ever been, you always made sure to call or FaceTime before bed time. You always made the time. Always,” she tells him.
“I’ve had to make countless, countless excuses to Penny for you. Do you know how badly she misses you. You’re her favorite person in this entire world, and you just dropped her like it’s nothing like it’s so easy.”
“Don’t,” he stressed, “I love my daughter more than anything in this world. I’m working to provide the best for her. Do you think I like being away?”
“Yes, I think you do,” she answers, “A month ago that thought wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. You would’ve flown a whole day just to spend a couple of hours at home. But now? You can’t even spare a few minutes on a phone call.
“And the provider's excuse is such a bullshit answer. You and I both know if we chose to walk away from our careers we would be financially stable. Money isn’t an issue, so please don’t act like it is, unless you suddenly got into gambling or bad investments, which we also both know you’re extremely careful with your money and planning for the future.”
“So what do you expect me to do [Y/N]? I’ve been busy, and whenever I get out of work, you guys are already asleep,” he tries to defend himself.
“Don’t you dare try to lie to me right now,” she stresses, “Not when I just saw those photos. Really Harry? Your daughter misses you like crazy, and you’re over there playing house with someone else.”
“It’s not like that,” he says.
“Don’t lie to me,” she says, “How can you just lie to me? I’ve seen the photos. You know I’ve seen the photos.”
“Who sent you those photos?” He asked.
“Does it even matter?” She asked, completely baffled by his lack of a reaction, “You should care about the fact that your daughter has been asking about you for the last two weeks. Tonight she told me that she was going to ask Santa to bring you back home. I didn’t even know what to tell her when she asked if I thought it would happen, because to be honest Harry, I don’t know if it will.”
“I want to come home to you,” he pauses
“But?” She questions, feeling her heart drop a bit.
Harry remained quiet.
“Harry?” She quietly calls for him.
Harry never planned for this to happen. Two months ago he was dreading leaving [Y/N] and Penny behind. He felt sick at the thought of not being with them for so long.
Then about three weeks ago there was a sudden shift. He can’t explain why or how things happened, all he knows is that he can’t take it back now that he’s done it.
Harry loved [Y/N] more than anything. Or at least he used to. She was his whole world. He never thought he could ever feel that way about anyone else, especially not after she gave birth to his daughter. Growing up he hated the fact that his parents weren’t together and he had to spend every week hopping from one house to another, and as he got older his father was less around. He had promised himself that he would never be that person, especially after [Y/N] got pregnant and decided to keep the baby, he swore to himself that he would be everything he wanted as a kid growing up.
He never imagined himself to ever leave [Y/N], he truly loved her and had envisioned their lives together the moment he saw her. He never expected things to turn out the way they did. He never planned to fall in love with someone else.
But he did.
And he can’t take back what he’s already done. The last two weeks he has been living with the guilt of it all. The reason he hasn’t spoken to [Y/N] or Penelope was because he was guilty. Guilty that he had fallen in love with another one, and not just that but fell in love with her children. His guilt consumed him of being an absent father to his own daughter, that he spent all his free time being a father to someone else’s children.
He hated himself for becoming the father he never wanted to be.
He loved Penelope more than anything in this world. And he knows he was causing her pain by not being there, and not calling her. He knows no one is to blame but himself. So instead of being a man and owning up to his changed feelings and being honest to [Y/N], he hid.
He hid for as long as he could. And he knew he was playing a dangerous game with Olivia. News was bound to come out about their affair, especially when his co-workers knew [Y/N] very well. He knew that if it came down to it, their loyalty would stand with her, and not him. But like the idiot he is, he just brushed it aside. He’s surprised it took this long for news to even get to her. Judging by the photos she sent him, he’s not even sure she truly knows what he’s been doing. He knew [Y/N] wasn’t a dumb person and she had to know there was a bit more to those photos than just close friends.
“Harry,” her voice strained, he could hear the raw emotion coming from her voice, “Can you please say something.”
“I’m so sorry [Y/N],” he cries out, all the guilt washing over him and pouring out.
“What are you sorry about?” She asks.
“You know.”
“No, I don’t,” she presses, “If you’re going to apologize at least have the fucking decency and apologize for what you’ve done. For what you’ve put us through back here the last two weeks. I- no we deserve the fucking truth.”
“I’m so sorry [Y/N],” he repeats, “I should’ve called. I should’ve answered all the calls. I should’ve been honest from the beginning. I shouldn’t have ran and hid. I shouldn’t have expected you not to find out.”
“Find out what Harry,” she says, trying to hold back her tears, “You don’t get to be vague about it all. You owe me the goddamn truth. I don’t want this cookie cutter shit, I deserve the truth. You owe me as much as that.”
“I never meant to do this,” he cries, reality sinking in now that he has to come clean, “I never meant for this to happen.”
“Just say it Harry,” [Y/N] yelled through the phone, her patience with Harry officially gone.
“I’ve been having an affair with Olivia,” he sobs, “I’ve been having an affair for almost a month now.”
[Y/N] broke down at his confession. She wasn’t dumb, she knew that he was. But it still doesn’t hurt any less.
This was the man that had proclaimed to her that she was the love of his life. All those nights in bed with him telling her all about the future plans he had made for their little family. How just right before he left he brought up the topic of them having another baby. How could the man she’s on the phone with now confessing his infidelities, be the same man who had claimed he would never hurt her and that she was his entire future. How could this even be the same person?
“I am so sorry,” he cried.
“Stop saying that,” she cried out, “Stop fucking saying that as if it’s going to make it any better. As if it’s going to hurt any less. Jesus fucking Christ Harry, we have a daughter together! A daughter who hasn’t spoken to her father in weeks, all because he had found himself a new family to take care of.”
“Don’t say that.”
“It’s true,” she shrugged her shoulders, “You were off being someone else’s partner, playing someone else’s father, all while you knew you were secretly breaking the hearts of your real family. Breaking the heart of your own daughter!
“What happened to the person who told me he would never do this? Who said he would never abandon his daughter. That nothing in this world meant more to him than his ‘girls’? Huh? Were those just words you spewed?”
“You don’t know how hard it was for me out here,” he raised his voice trying to defend himself, “I didn’t have anyone. I didn’t have you guys with me! It was fucking lonely.”
“Then you know what you do when you’re lonely Harry?” She yells, “You pick up the goddamn phone and call home and talk to the people you miss. You don’t go out looking for a new family! You don’t just leave the ones you’ve had before, all because they’re not there. You don’t abandon them because you’re lonely. We were here. We were here the whole time, waiting for YOU.
“You don’t think we’re lonely? You don’t think that we miss you? You don’t think that every goddamn night I have to explain to our three year old why you haven’t called. You don’t think she doesn’t cry because she misses you? I’ve spent the last two weeks making up excuses for you. Telling her that ‘daddy is just busy’, and that ‘daddy will call when he has time’. I’ve been the one to tell her that ‘daddy still loves her more than anything’. I’ve been the one doing that. I’m the one who’s been here with her counting down the days til we can see you again.
“And you couldn’t even wait the two and a half months it would’ve taken for us to be together again. You couldn’t even wait two months,” she shakes her head, repulsed by it all, “You couldn’t even last two months away from home, before you went off being in someone else’s bed with someone else’s family.”
“You made it look so easy to replace us,” she cried, feeling so hurt, “Now I have to be the one to tell our daughter why mommy and daddy aren’t together. I have to be the one to break the news to her. I have to be the one to tell her why daddy is with someone else.”
“You don’t have to tell her that,” he quickly cuts in.
“What I’m I supposed to tell her when we fly in for Christmas and you’re not living in the house?”
“Wait, you guys are still going to fly out?”
“Yes, that was always the plan, but I’m assuming you forgot about all that when making holiday plans with your new family,” she harshly says.
“That’s not why,” he defends himself.
“I already made plans with my family who are excited to see us,” she says, “I’m not going to cancel because you couldn’t be loyal.”
“Maybe we can wait two weeks and tell Penelope together?” He suggested.
“What makes you think the news of your affair won’t be out by then?” She challenges.
“No one has found out yet,” he carefully says.
[Y/N] let out an angry bitter laugh.
“You’re fucking kidding me right?” She asks in complete disbelief, “You don’t think these photos won’t be everywhere soon? You were out in a public area being very affectionate with her, and you don’t think news won’t spread. You weren’t careful Harry, and that’s on you. I am not allowing MY daughter to find out this news anywhere else but from me.
“I am going to tell her the truth in the best way a three year old could understand,” she says, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she doesn’t think any negatively about you, you’re bound to get that enough from everyone else.”
“Maybe we can tell her together?” He suggests.
“Okay,” she agrees, “After we get back from seeing Santa tomorrow, I’ll Facetime you and we can tell her together.”
“You can’t do that, it’ll ruin the day,” he says.
“I can’t risk her finding out any other way Harry,” [Y/N] says, “Trust me the last thing I want to do is tell her that we won’t be a family anymore. But I can’t risk her finding out from anyone else. I won’t have her finding out from anyone else. I will not have that.”
“I can’t do it tomorrow, I have to be on set,” he says.
“You can cancel. I’m sure your boss will understand why,” she bitterly says, “You owe it to your daughter.”
“Okay, I’ll be there.”
“Good,” she pauses, “and Harry, your things better be out of the LA house by the time we fly in. I don’t want you in MY house.”
“What about Penelope?”
“We will explain to her tomorrow, that mommy and daddy still love her very much. That no matter what she is our main priority like she has always been. But mommy and daddy won’t be living together any more. That just because mommy and daddy aren’t in love with each other anymore,” [Y/N]’s voice cracks at that statement, she takes a deep breath, trying not to break down, knowing that her love for Harry is still very much there.
Harry bit on his upper lip to keep himself from breaking down even more at that moment. Knowing he’s the cause for breaking [Y/N]’s heart, that he might not be in love with her anymore, but she still is in love with him.
“That just because mommy and daddy aren’t in love with each other anymore,” she continues after collecting herself, “that we still love her very much. But because we aren’t in love anymore we won’t be living together anymore. But she’ll still get to see you every other week.”
“Really?” He asks, surprised she would consider giving him 50/50 custody.
“I won’t have you be an absent father Harry,” she says, “You will be a part of her life, just as much as I am. You don’t get to be an every other weekend father. You will be just as involved as you were before you left. Hell you’ll be more involved now that you’re going to be doing it solo.
“I will not have my daughter growing up without her father. She deserves your love, Harry. She deserves your love more than anyone in this entire world. And I Swear to god, if she doesn’t get that love, I will destroy you myself. Because that little girl doesn’t deserve this. And you will spend the rest of your life knowing that you have caused her this, and spend the rest of your life making it up to her.
“You don’t get to mess up Harry,” she continues, “This was your mess up, and this was it. If you fuck up once more that has your daughter believing you don’t love her, I will bring the wrath. Do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand,” he agrees, “I will never go silent on her again. I promise you that.”
“Your promises mean shit to me,” [Y/N] bitterly says.
Harry knows he deserves every ounce of anger he’s getting from [Y/N]. He’s made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. He’s going to show her that he can be the best father there is, the father he was before he stopped talking to them. He will spend the rest of his life making it up not just to Penelope but to [Y/N]. He knows he can’t ask for her friendship right here, right now, not after all the pain he’s putting her through. But he knows that down the line, they’ll come a time where she accepts his hand in friendship and that all of this will just be a distant memory.
“Okay,” he agrees.
“Okay, and I have one last condition.”
“You will not bring that woman around my daughter,” she tells him, “Not any time soon. I don’t want her anywhere near my child. When you’re with Penelope, you’re only with Penelope.”
“Okay that’s fair,” he agrees, seeing her side of the situation.
“I mean it. Please don’t bring her around Penelope,” her voice cracked, “I just can’t handle that any time soon.”
“I won’t,” he says, his own voice cracking.
There was silence on the line. Neither one knowing what to do now.
“I really am sorry [Y/N],” Harry’s voice cracks, apologizing for a final time, “I never imagined this would happen. I really did love you. And I still do, it’s just-”
“You’re not in love with me anymore,” she softly says, tears rolling down her face, “I truly hope this doesn’t come back later and bite you in the ass, because you’re the one who has to live with the guilt of breaking us. Breaking me.”
Harry remained silent, not knowing what to say to her anymore. Knowing anything he can say will just make things worse.
“I hope it was worth it. I hope she was worth it,” [Y/N] lastly said before hanging up the phone.
Harry was left alone in the silence. Looking around the bedroom that was once their’s together. Knowing that all of this was his fault, and he can’t do anything to change it. The only thing he could do was grieve what once was, and move on learning from it all.
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marauvdersfate · a month ago
WARNINGS foul language
DESCRIPTION doing a tiktok trend about harry and accidentally revealing their relationship
Tumblr media
tiktok was proving to be a very effective distraction during the long days of touring with harry. you had been together for nearly ten months but still had decided to keep your relationship as a secret for as long as you could.
scrolling through the for you page of your secret account, you stumbled across a trend of people hiding their significant other’s face and lipsyncing over a popular megan thee stallion song.
immediately, you found the trend itself hilarious and decided to do a video for yourself, and to show harry later on. the man in question was currently taking a nap next to you, preparing for tonight’s show.
clicking on the sound, you fixed your hair, and put on the green screen filter. you scrolled through your gallery and picked out a photo of harry from a couple of days ago. he was sitting down on a couch in his dressing room, posing with a wide smile and a thumbs up as he had just caught you sneakily take photos of him. you chuckled quietly recalling the short memory.
using the effect, you shrunk your reflection to cover harry’s face as you had seen in the previous tiktok. pressing the record button, you stared lipsyncing.
“nobody know, i fuck with him on the low. we never show up together but i text him when i’m ready to go.” as the video was finished, you laughed finding the sound all too comical as it resonated a lot with your own situation with your boyfriend.
deciding to take a nap, you thought to draft the video to show harry later, but exhaustion took its course over your mind and you didn’t noticed pressing the newly updated red button for posting, instead of the grey one.
without a second thought, you switched your device off and snuggled closely next to your boyfriend.
nearly more than an hour later, the both of you were stirred out of your sleep due to a consistent buzzing coming from your phone. you groaned lightly as harry’s hoarse voice spoke up. “what’s that?”
“i don’t know.” you replied sleepily, not willing to open your eyes. “i think it might be me phone.”
with a loud groan escaping your mouth, you stretched your figure to reach the device. as you opened and saw the thousands of notifications coming from it, internal panic that soon became an external one took over you.
“shit, shit, shit!” you exclaimed and harry was quick to jump out of his sleep-like state to ensure if everything was alright.
“love, what’s happening? is everything alright?” slight panic could be heard in his voice as your reaction wasn’t giving him much to go from, so he immediately began assuming the worse.
you looked up at him with guilty eyes and spoke up. “i might’ve just outed our relationship to the public.” your voice was quiet and cautious, observing harry’s reaction and hoping he wouldn’t be mad.
he stayed quiet for a few moments and then breathed out a relieved sigh and layed back down. you looked at him bewildered before he started talking again. “you scared the shit out of me with that reaction.
you stayed silent.
“it’s fine, love.” harry reassured her. “people were starting to catch on anyways, it was only a matter of times before either of us said something or we were caught together in public.”
then all the worry lifted itself of your shoulders and you began to feel more calm and collected. you leaned over to him, giving a quick peck on the lips. “i love you.”
“and i love you more.” he replied and you laid down next to him and opened tiktok to show him. harry as you suspected also found the trend hilarious and laughed even harder as you looked through the comments together.
user1: girl i can recognize those tattoos anywhere both of u ain’t fooling anyone
user4: mommy and daddy😫
user6: fuck harry all my homies hate harry for stealing y/n from us
user8: not the user8263837373838 being her username😭
user9: i feel like i’m doing something illegal and shouldn’t be seeing this
user10: ADOPT ME
user11: idk who to be more jealous of,, harry having y/n or y/n having harry
user12: i think she didn’t mean for us to see this LMFAOSODJJX
user13: this is the best news i’ve received in a long ass fucking time
user16: not us knowing it’s harry solely off his tattoos oh god
after reading plenty of comments, both you and harry having a good laugh, you decided that this simple mistake was the best was you both could’ve ever announced your relationship to the public.
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unabashegirl · 2 months ago
Enticing 10 (HS)
Tumblr media
Summary: Harry Styles is a young billionaire and CEO of his own company. He mostly keeps to himself, he is stern and very meticulous when it comes to business. He also likes to keep his personal life very private for the sake of his newly born son, Oliver Styles. It isn’t until he meets Y/N Y/L/N that everything changes. She becomes his new nanny after his previous one quits due to personal reasons. She is young, caring, and sweet. Will they ignore their feelings? Will Harry’s girlfriend accept their love and leave them? Will she be able to cope with his busy agenda? What about Oliver’s mother? Where is she? Who is she?
Author's note: HELLO EVERYONE! It feels nice to be back! I took a much-needed break from everything and everyone. I hope you are all doing well. Not only that, but I am sorry to have kept you waiting! Hope you enjoy! WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO! LET ME KNOW!
Word count: 5.3K
warnings: sex, talk about mental and physical abuse
Tags: @brockdolan, @cuddlingwithharry, @virgorry, @hazzaficrecs, @twpkhes, @havinaballinthisbitch, @jackiehollanderr, @n0t-autumn , @laurynne5, @sabnstyles, @harrystyle-ish, @stressisakiller, @elenagilbert01, @tpwkhoney, @savannah-elliott, @ericadrumgoole1, @chubbybunnybenny, @eldahae, @nanskidoodle, @fallingforharry-1, @odetostep, @mellowfellowyellow, @summerstylesxplr, @harrysxoxoxo, @sunflowervol14, @hazzaficrecs, @lilostif16, @laurasophiiiieee, @michelleficrecs, @hsfics
Tumblr media
Her fingers didn't do enough damage as his did. Her hands were too small but they were enough to have her moaning. Harry stood back and silently watched her. He reached down and untied his swimming trunks as he watched the woman that he had become addicted to, pleasure herself. It was a sight that he would never forget. The memory would remain permanently engraved in his mind. He couldn't see her face, but he could bet that her cheeks are red from pleasure and embarrassment.
“Enough,” He demanded as he gave himself a few tugs. He wasn't in the mood for any type of foreplay. He was desperate to feel her clench herself around him. Y/N's hand retrieved back to her side just in time to feel his warm hands on her cold ass. “Fuck! You are cold” He gasped as he felt water running down his torso. Y/N giggled.
Harry's big hands caressed and squeezed her round behind before giving it one last slap. “How are you so perfect?” He asked as he reached down and gathered her wet hair in one hand. Harry gently tugged her hair, urging her to raise her torso and turn towards him. He forced his lips on hers and gave her a sloppy kiss before pushing her back — face down. “This is going to be fast and hard, babe,” He warned her as he aligned herself with her entrance. “Either way, we don’t have enough time”
“O-okay” Y/N managed to say before he thrust himself into her. The couple was instantly driven into divine bliss. They had missed each other so much. It was always beyond intercourse. For Harry, it’s wasn't only the immense pleasure he felt, but it’s the way she unfolded and relaxed before him. Harry leaned down and pressed his lips against her cheek. He took a few seconds for her to adjust to his size, and so he could get used to her warmth and the immense pleasure and tightness he felt.
His hands gripped her hips tightly for support before he began thrusting into her. She didn't have to look back to know that Harry's grip was probably going to leave marks on her hips.
“Fuck H” She exhaled as she felt his hips come crashing against her ass. Their skin slapped together as they both groaned and moaned from the bare sensation. “You are so good to me”. She had almost forgotten how perfect he was for her.
“Christ lovie” He exhaled as he felt her clench around him. “Do that again” Harry slapped her ass as he continues to fucked her. Y/N complied sending him almost to the edge. “Fuck that’s good” he grunted as his hips come in contact with hers. He reached down and played with her, adding more pleasure, enough to make her moans get louder.
“Harry” She gasped as she gripped his wrist trying to stop him from making her cum so quickly. “Holy shit” she moaned into the comforter. Harry smiled to himself loving the sound of her moans. “I think I am about to —. Can I?” She felt embarrassed that she hadn't lasted, but the pleasure was too intense to ignore.
“Cum? Already?” He managed to say as he found the right rhythm for both to get off. “I don’t think you deserve it” He slapped her skin again. “No cumming before I do” Y/N gasped as he continued moving within her. She rolled her eyes in annoyance, pissed and frustrated at him.
“Why not? Please” She cried as she felt the knot of her lower stomach grow with every thrust. His rhythm didn't stop, he didn't slow down for a second, instead, he pushed further.
“You made me wait. So, you’ll wait until I cum” He grunted. “It’s only fair, baby” He hissed as his breathing got heavier.
“I can’t hold it” Harry abruptly stopped making her almost burst into tears. “Harry!” She wined. He chuckled through his heavy breathing. Just as she was going to turn around and have a word with him, he slammed into her without any mercy.
“Do it” He hissed as he felt himself getting closer to his high. His hand reached down and played with her most sensitive area. Her mouth fell open as she felt herself explode with warmth. Harry leaned into her as he came undone from her clenching. His head laid on her lower back as they both rode out their orgasms after their quickie.
He threw his body beside her, exhausted, but content with the outcome. Harry placed his arms under his head as he tried to unwind and control his heavy breathing. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the after-sex bliss that she always brought him. After a few minutes of complete silence, he turned his head in her direction. She remained facedown, but with her legs stretched out. Her eyes were closed, her left cheek squeezed against the comforter and her lips slightly parted.
He stared at her — at the way her skin glowed by the rays of the sun that filtered through the small window. Her hair cascaded over her shoulder and to her side. He had no doubt that God himself carved the curves and dips of her body. God certainly had a favorite and that was her. Y/N was his gift to man. She was absolutely flawless. He felt truly lucky. A feeling surged within him. It was something he couldn't even begin to describe. He just knew that he was in big trouble because he would never be able to let go of the woman before him. She was everything and more than he had ever wanted in a woman.
Sadness overwhelmed him as he thought about his upcoming week and without thinking it twice, he blurted it out.
“Will you come to Italy with me, next week?”
They laid in the pure intimacy of their bedroom after their lovemaking session. He had just asked her to travel with him to a country that she had always dreamt of visiting. She was a bit surprised by his sudden proposal. He had gone on business trips alone before. So, what had changed? She pondered.
“I don’t even own a passport.” Harry groaned as he raised to his feet. He faced Y/N from the end of the bed before bending down and reaching down for his phone. He began tapping on his phone, clearly texting someone else.
“You don’t need to worry about that. I’ll fix that for you” Harry had enough connections to be able to get her a passport before they arrived back in the city. He was still pretty surprised that Y/N hadn't had the opportunity to see the world. That single fact instantly made the trip more important to him. He was going to be able to show her the world.
“What about Oliver? Is he coming with us? Who is going to take care of him?” She sat up in bed and began readjusting her top and tying the bottoms that Harry had undone.
“He is staying in New York. He is still too young. I’ll get a babysitter” Y/N perked up at the mention of the babysitter.
“He already has me, Harry. It’s my job to take care of him. That’s what you are paying me for” Y/N got off the bed in search of a mirror to fix her crazy hair.
“That’s something I need to talk to you about” Harry had given it a lot of thought. Ever since he first asked her to be his. He didn't want her to keep working for him anymore. It all felt wrong. “Although we’ll talk about that when we get home” He dismissed, not sure how that particular conversation was going to go. He felt they should be in the privacy and coziness of the penthouse before he dropped the bomb on her. “Oliver is not coming lovie”.
“I just said no” His voice was rougher like the one she usually hears him use when speaking to his employees. “Period. Oliver is staying and that’s final” She bit her own tongue, stopping her own fingers from continuing to go through her hair. She could see him through the bathroom mirror. He was frowning as he finished tying his swimming trunks.
“Fine” She snapped back as she tried her best not to feel offended by his sharp and demanding tone. “When are we leaving?” She exhaled as she turned to face him, leaning against the bathroom counter. Harry's frown softens and his demeanor instantly changed. The dark cloud over his head seems to evaporate in seconds.
“A week from today” He hated using that tone on her, but his temper ran short when people defied him. He still felt shitty because he knew that she only meant well. “Come here” Harry reached out. She cautiously walked up to him. His hands made their way around her waist before he nudges the side of her head with his forehead. He puckered his lips asking for a kiss. She can’t stop the smile from spreading at his soft gesture. She gently gave him a chaste kiss. “Let’s go upstairs. My mom is probably waiting for us”.
Tumblr media
The rest of Style's clan were waiting for them. The food had been served on the big table on the sun deck. All types of meats including lamb and a bunch of sides had been placed on the table. Y/N gripped his hand tightly as they approached the table, she couldn't help feeling like everyone knew what they were doing.
“There you are! I almost went looking for you” Mrs. Styles called out, “Please sit and enjoy” Harry pulled Y/N’s seat out for her before taking a seat beside her. They quietly started serving themselves meanwhile Y/N tried to ignore Mr. Style's hard stare.
“Is there something you would like to share, father?” His stare doesn’t go unnoticed by his oldest. Mr. Styles looked over at Harry with pursing lips.
“I don’t think the dining table is the place to have this conversation son. It’s best if we leave it for later” Harry raised an eyebrow at him as he tried to figure out what he was referring to.
“Then I suggest you stop starring at my girlfriend and making her uncomfortable” Y/N’s eyes widen as she turned o look at Harry, wanting to smack him for his bluntness. If she wasn’t feeling uncomfortable, she certainly was now. The entire table is completely quiet. It was a staring contest between the men of the family aside from Nathaniel, who seemed too invested in his food to participate.
“Forgive me, Y/N. I didn’t mean to be rude” Mr. Styles tears his eyes away from his son's eyes that looked so much like his mother’s. He was apologizing, but Y/N could see that he didn't mean a single word.
“There is no need, Mr. Styles. It’s no big deal” Y/N faked a smile at him before staring down at her food. Mrs.Styles exhaled loudly as she tried her best to thinking of something quickly to break the awkward tension.
“Snorkeling or tubbing next, Y/N?” It was Allison who finally interjected as she reached out for the giant bowl of cold pasta salad.
“Tubbing? On what?” Y/N giggled; thankful to have Allison around.
“On a hot dog or burger. It’s your choice” Harry's younger sister knew how uncomfortable her brother and father could make guests feel. Allison was reliving the same situation that she had endured when she had brought Nate home. Her father had treated him like shit. It hadn't been until Allison put her foot down and Harry almost threw himself on his father that he stopped his snarling and condescending comments towards Nate. Either way, he still treated him unkindly at times.
Allison knew that it’s worthless to stay mad at her father. He had always been that way. They had all tried to change him, but they hadn't had much success. Allison just couldn't understand why her mother never said anything and allowed their father to walk all over them.
“Hot dog sounds fun” Y/N smiled as she looked back down at her food. The altercation had honestly ruined her appetite.  Harry had no problem eating. He looked unbothered by it, but in reality, he was fuming from inside. He is beyond pissed. Not only that, but he just couldn't wait until everyone left and he could have a moment alone with his father. Mr. Styles was going to get a piece of his mind whether he liked it or not.
Allison and Nate were the first to excuse themselves after coffee and dessert. Mrs. Styles rose to her feet and looks over at Y/N who seemed uncomfortable.
“Let’s go honey” She stretched out her hand for her to take. Just as Y/N pushed her seat away from the table, Mr. Style's hand smacked against the table. All the plates, silverware, and porcelain shook; startling the women.
“You leave,” Mr. Styles said as he looked at his wife. “This has nothing to do with you”.
“Excuse me?” Mrs. Styles asked back with her hands on her hips.
“I told you to leave. Don’t make me ask you again because it won’t be nice” He snapped at her, causing her demeanor to instantly change. That tone was too familiar to her and hearing it only brought dark memories. Horrible memories — enough to make her feel scared and remain quiet.
“Do not talk to my mum like that” It’s Harry's turn to snap at him. He couldn't sit back and watch how his father verbally abused his mother. He wasn't hitting her, but he knew that his words had the same effect. His words sometimes hurt her more than his fists.
“She is my wife! I can talk to her however I please!” Mr. Styles responded. Not one bit faced by his son’s harsh tone.
“Honey, just listen to your father. I am fine” She felt like a fool for believing her husband’s promise. He had promised her that he wouldn’t cause a conflict during the kid's stay.
“Go with my mum, babe” Harry can change the tone of his voice for her as he saw his girlfriend’s concerned expression. Y/N quickly stood up to comply with his demand.
“NO! This concerns her, therefore she should be here” Mr. Styles explained making both women shake. Y/N stopped moving as Mrs.Styles continued walking out as she gave her a reassuring nod.
“I just told you to leave, Y/N” Harry's protecting side arising. He didn't want her around just in case it got uglier.
“It’s okay” Y/N knew that his father wouldn't back out and whatever he had to say she could take it. She wasn't going to hide behind Harry. She was a strong, independent woman that could take the ignorant opinions of an abusing man, especially with her boyfriend by her side —at least that was what she thought. Harry pursed his lips and looked back at his father.
“It’s funny how your girlfriend has more balls than you, son” Mr.Styles sarcastically chuckled as he looked over at Y/N. “I am surprised, Ms. Y/L/N. I didn’t think you had it in you”.
“You don’t know many things about me, Mr. Styles. You would be astounded to know that I am not like other women,” She snapped back as tried her best not to feel intimidated.
“That is certainly true. I was surprised to find out that you aren’t who you say you are, Ms. Y/LN. Did you know that, son?” He asked as he looked over at his oldest. “You have no idea who you are sleeping with”.  Harry chuckled, but continued to listen to his preposterous statements. “Is Y/N even your real name?”.
“It is Mr. Styles, and I’ve been nothing, but honest with your son. Therefore, I would love to hear an apology coming from you,” She kindly smiled at him.
“She is a fucking nanny, Harry!” He snapped. Y/N calm demeanor was easily getting under his skin. “She doesn’t work for Alessandro. Is all bullshit. She is probably some gold digger” He looked at her with disgust.
That was enough for Harry.
“Don’t you fucking dare to talk about her like that!” Mr. Styles smirked pleased with the reaction has he had just gotten out of him. “I am well aware that she is a nanny, father” Harry chuckled as he crossed his fingers with one another, entertained by the show that his father had just put on.
“She doesn’t even come from a proper family. How do you think the media will react when they find out that she is nothing, but your son’s nanny?!” He spat, feeling offended that his son had brought someone like her near him.
“I took her to the gala, father. They already know. We were seen by hundredths and a bunch of pictures were taken,” Harry rolled his eyes before rising to his feet. “Instead of making a big altercation of this, you could have just asked me about it and I would’ve told you. I am not hiding her”. Harry took Y/N's hand, ready to leave.
“Her father is dead, Harry and God only knows who and where her mother is!” Mr. Styles said just before they could leave the room. The small comment was enough for Y/N to let Harry's hand go and turn back.
“You have no right to talk about my father, Mr. Styles. Let alone about my mother or anything that concerns my family. You might have all the money that anyone could dream of, but not everything can be resolved with money. I find your hypocrisy very astounding. After all, you are an abuser. Shame on you for judging and blaming my deceased father. Instead of focusing on where I come from and who my family is, you should be trying to gain your family's trust again and thanking them for enduring all the pain that you inflicted on them. “ His snarly comment about her father had been enough to set her up in flames. No one would ever mess up his memory, especially when she was around. She loved her father and all she had left of him was the fun-loving memories of him, and she wasn't going to allow anyone to ruin it.
Y/N released his hand, and gave Harry a quick glance as she walked past him in search of some peace and quietness.
Tumblr media
She sat on the edge of the back of the boat. Her legs were submerged in the surprisingly warm water. The events that had taken place in the last half hour kept replaying in her mind. She kept thinking about the conversation and still couldn't understand how it had taken such an appalling turn. Y/N knew she couldn't turn back time, and she couldn't take back her words, but she still wished she could.
He appeared from the corner of her eye and settled beside her. He was quiet and felt a bit distant. She knew that she shouldn’t be feeling guilty for using her voice and demanding respect from his father. However, the last thing she wanted was to lose Harry because of it.
Either way, her eyes remained glued to the horizon where the ocean met the sky. None of them uttered a word — each deep in thought. Both wondered how to approach the subject and ease up the tension that only continued to grow with every passing second.
“When did you find out?” He was the first to break the silence. His past was something he had always managed to keep hidden. In fact, Harry Styles had never spoken to anyone besides his family and his psychiatrist about the abuse that he had endured.
“Your mom — earlier today” immediately she regretted throwing Mrs. Styles under the bus. Y/N hoped that this wouldn’t create another conflict and cause a bigger tear in the family.
Harry was rather surprised that his mother had shared such an intimate memory. After all, the Styles clan have always seemed perfect before the eyes of the outside spectators. They are glamorous, elegant, and regal. All four members seemed cut with the same perfect mold. When in reality, each of the members faced their struggles and demons every day.
” Why didn’t you tell me?” Y/N knew that Harry hadn't confided on her because there were still issues revolving it that he had to resolve. She only wished that his trust in her grew. Harry sighed as he sat beside her, dipping his feet in the water too. Y/N shrugged as she thought about how to frame her answer and not come off as an asshole.
“I kept it to myself because you had no intention of sharing it with me. I wanted it to come out of your mouth because you wanted to. Not because I cornered you or pushed you to it”.
“My past is something I keep to myself, Y/N. I don’t like sharing about it” .
“You don’t like sharing anything” Harry turned his head towards her; facing her for the first time since the altercation with his father.  Y/N knew she shouldn’t be kicking him when he was down, but it was the truth. For the relationship to work, she had to share what she was thinking and feeling.
“That’s simply not the truth. I’ve told you more things than I have told anyone” There it was — the indistinguishable stern and demanding tone that Harry was known for.
“Harry, you hadn’t told me about Oliver's biological mother. If it wouldn't been because she appeared, you wouldn’t have shared! And that is one of a few things that you have slipped under the rug!” He exhaled loudly, releasing a deep breath that he hadn’t realized that he had been holding.
He abstained from running his fingers through his hair in frustration. It was her eyes again. Those soft, gentle eyes always managed to pull on his heartstrings. Y/N’s eyes could make him do the unimaginable. She could move mountains within him with a simple look.
“Do you want to know all the gory details?”
“Not unless you want to, Harry”
“One day I will tell you everything. Just not know” She didn't push any further. She could see that he wasn't prepared, and she couldn't blame him. After all, who liked to revisit the moments; when the person that was supposed to love you the most — hurt you the most?
They remained still in the comfortable silence for a few seconds. He had even managed to feel closer to her or anyone. Harry felt he might like her more than he did in the morning. By the mere fact that she hasn't pushed him to reveal his darkest memories like most had attempted in the past.
“She was a one-night stand. I’ve had a shitty day at work and I went to my favorite bar for a few drinks” He shrugged, “You know to take the edge off, and she was there that night. Harry leaned back on his hands as he tried his best to remember the few pools of soberness he had throughout the night. “She was sweet, nice, and didn’t seem that interested in the watch, suit, or credit card I used. So I bought her a few drinks”.
Y/N knew it was the past, but she couldn't help feeling jealous. And she knew it was all very silly.
“We end up having sex. By the morning, she was gone. I didn’t hear from her until she was two months into her pregnancy. At first, I genuinely thought she wanted to make things work, and I was hopeful that our relationship could work. I was so naive that at some point I thought that we could raise Oliver together like a family,” Harry shook his head, erasing the ridiculous thought. “I was oblivious to the fact that Forbes magazine had published their monthly issue with me on the front cover, interviewing me about how I had become one of the twenty youngest billionaires in the world. The magazine had magically ended on Ashley’s hands, and that’s when she came up with the plan”.
Y/N pursed her lips, already knowing where the story was heading. Her hips had turned to his direction, and she had leaned closer to him. She was intrigued, but also missed his gentle touch.
“Anyway, she threatened me with aborting Oliver and asked for a ridiculous sum of money. I complied and wire transferred half of the money and made her sign a contract. She agreed to give me full custody of Oliver once he was born. In return, I would give her the rest of the money,” Y/N couldn’t believe the nerve of the woman.
“The last time I saw her was the day she gave birth to Oliver. She signed all the paperwork and I made sure to put a restraining order on her. Just in case, this type of shit ever happened” Harry sighed, “I honestly don’t know what else she wants now. I guess we will have to wait and see, huh?”
“He is not hers to keep. She gave him up without ever giving him a chance. Therefore, you should do the same to her — not give her the chance”
“I already set up a meeting with her on Monday morning” he revealed. “I have a few things that I never got off my chest”
“Do you think that’s wise?” She tilted her head. “I suppose it will only anger her more”
“I don’t” Harry shrugged. “But she won’t beat me at my own game” referring to his ability to terrorize everyone in the office with a simple look.
The last time that Harry and Ashley had been in the same room, he had been submissive with her requests because of what was on the line. Now she was stepping into the lion’s den, and Harry wasn’t going to hold back.
“I know I was out of line earlier” Y/N relaxed as she felt the weight getting lifted from her shoulders.
“You weren’t. You deserve respect and my father was a complete jackass” He reached out for her conveying his apology. She scooted closer to him enough so their thighs and shoulders would touch. Harry wrapped an arm around her waist from behind and delivered a soft peck on her temple.
Tumblr media
“Good morning, darling,” He looked at her through the mirror as he finished adjusting the cuffs of the shirt. Harry was straight out of the show. He was clean-shaven and his hair had already been styled the way he liked it. “You are up early” He pointed out as it only was half-past six.
They had gotten back from the awful trip to the Hamptons that same day. As soon as the yacht docked, Harry dragged Y/N back to the house. They picked up Oliver and said goodbye to everyone. Everyone except Mr. Styles.
“I guess I wasn’t that tired” Harry smiled, knowing she was lying to him. After all, he was the one that had kept her up until the early hours. Their rendezvous had dragged out later than he had expected, “Plus I wanted to see you before you left”.
“Are you having breakfast with me then?” He adjusted his tie. Harry could see her sleep deprivation from miles away and only hoped she would decline his invitation. Just so she could get some sleep. By the look of the bags under her eyes, she was in need of well-deserved rest. Oliver wasn't due to wake up for a few more hours, which gave her the perfect window to charge batteries.
“I would love to” She wiped the small tears that her big yawn had just given her. Harry wasn't surprised at her stubbornness. “I am just going to get ready real quick”
“I’ll meet you downstairs then” He leaned down and pecked her lips on the way downstairs.
Tumblr media
Food had just been served by the time that Y/N descended the stairs. She wore a long-sleeve blouse with a low-cut neckline, high-waisted light gray pants, and pointed-toe black heels. Her hair was down and tucked behind her ears, revealing the very fake, white pearls that she had gotten a while back.
Harry was looking at the stock market when his attention was drawn back to her. An apparent smile made its way to his face as he watched her stride her way towards the table. He crossed his arms over his chest, blowing out his cheeks at her beauty.
“Maybe I should jus' take you to work with me,” Y/N shook her head at her boyfriend and tried to act unbothered at his playful behavior. She loved early morning, playful Harry. At six in the morning, no one had yet ruined his mood with unforeseen problems at the company or complaints from other employees. “You know, f'my sort of entertainment”.
“Another Styles requires my uttermost attention” The young nanny knew she couldn't leave Oliver in someone else’s care, even if she wanted to. Not with psycho-Ashley lurking in the streets in search of him.
“Pity” He reached out for his coffee. “We would’ve had so much fun,” He winked before taking a sip. “However, you should come before the day ends”.
“What for?”
“We have to talk about your job and make all the necessary arrangements fo' our Italy trip” He watched her carefully, waiting for any type of reaction. The last time he had touched the subject, he had snapped at her and the conversation hadn’t gone like he had wanted to.
“You aren’t going to fire me, are you?” She asked with a bit of humor in her voice. Harry shook his head at her, but she could feel the sudden tension in the air. “Oh my god! You are going to fire me!” She gasped.
“I just said we’ll talk about it this evening, babe,” He threw in the term of endearment to soften the situation.
“Harry” She started again.
“I won’t leave you without a job, Y/N. What kind of boyfriend would I be?”
“A very bad one”  She caught a glimpse of his sly smile before he continued eating his granola and yogurt for breakfast.
“Y' could just let me take care of you, m'love” He suggested, knowing he would get shut off by her without a second thought.
“You can’t Harry” She had never envisioned herself as one of those high-class socialites that stayed home and planned tea parties with her friends from the golf country club.
“Oh trust me I can. Yeh jus' won’t let me,” He exhaled as he leaned back on his seat. “It would be a pleasure, but I know you are too stubborn to ever accept”
“You can’t expect me to stay all day here with my arms crossed and not move a finger” Harry pursed his lips, and rested an elbow on the arm of his seat. “Plus, you are my boyfriend and not my husband”
“If I was your husband, you would let me take care of you?” He leaned forward, intrigued by the conversation.
“Harry” she warned, trying to hide the small smile that kept trying to creep up.
“Do you often think of us getting married, Ms. Y/L/N?”
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gucciwins · 3 months ago
Golden Sparks 
Harry is new to town and signs up his eight-year-old daughter, Josie to the soccer team where he takes an interest in the well-respected Coach Y/N.
Word count: 25,027 
A/N: Hello friends! I hope you’ve been well, honestly I had this idea for a while and it wasn’t until I stepped back from another piece and came back this one that it began to flow. im proud of what I wrote and I hope you enjoy. my longest piece to date :) I do hope you all love it. 
Warnings: sweet dad harry, slight angst, slight smut
please do let me know what you thought of the story and please reblog! <333
"You're going to do great."
"I know, dad." Harry's eight-year-old daughter responds.
"Hey, I'm being supportive." Harry shakes Josie's foot, causing her to laugh.
"Thank you, I'm excited. Honest." Josie puts her hand over her heart, making Harry's heart melt.
He hadn't seen his daughter smile this much since they found out about the tryout that was soon to start in fifteen minutes. He felt awful making her move from their home in Georgia, but it was time, and this new opportunity would be good for them. Josie hated to leave her friends but mostly her soccer team with whom she had been with since she started playing at the age of five, but Harry promised he would find her a team, and he did.
The team was different from back home, seeing as it was an all-girl team instead of a mixed team of boys and girls. Not that he minds; he feels this will hopefully allow Josie to branch out and make friends that would not pick on her for playing what they said was "a boy's game." Those parents pissed him off back in Georgia, but he's gone, and he prays this goes well.
"Do you think mom will visit my games more now that we're closer?" Josie's green eyes peer up at him, reminding him that she looks nothing like her mother and is his little clone.
"I hope so. She was excited to hear about the move, remember." Josie nods before glancing at the field where other girls were chatting as they laced up their cleats.
Harry despised his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his child. At the age of nineteen, he became a father, and his ex, three years older than him, didn't want to raise a child to a man who wouldn't marry her. They were together for two months when he called it quits until she came back a month later, calling him an asshole for getting her pregnant. After giving birth to his beautiful girl, she gave him full custody, not wanting to worry about diapers and night cries.
All she worried about was getting her figure back. It wasn't until Josie turned one that she came back and demanded to be part of her life, leading to them going to court and getting to see Josie on the weekends, and it went well because his daughter always came back happy after a visit. When Josie turned five, Claudia moved to California because she fell in love and was going to get married. Claudia didn't care that she was leaving Josie behind. A heartbroken girl not knowing why she couldn't be part of her mother's wedding and why she moved across the country so far from her.
Josie cried for a whole week straight until the ice skates showed up on the front door with a note from Claudia for Josie to chase her dreams. Thus, having Harry sign her up for ice skating classes came to an end in two short weeks when she learned how awful the leotards looked on her.
Josie was then determined to find a sport liking the idea of being active and having the chance to make friends, which led to her seeing soccer on the TV when a commercial of Alex Morgan for Nike came on. She asked question after question until Harry told her okay, and went to call a friend to see where he could find a team for her.
The first team they found was only boys, not wanting to mix, causing both of them to get upset, but a mom took pity on them and told them of the Sunnyville team looking for players. It was perfect; seven girls and eight boys were on the team, and Josie fit in perfectly until she didn't.
At first, Josie wasn't very good; no kid is, but Harry every night took her to their large backyard and practiced with her, and within a few months, she was able to dribble a ball at her feet without looking down constantly. She wasn't the best, but she was improving.
Harry enjoyed every minute he got to help her improve because within the next few years, he saw her go from being timid to push someone away from the ball to beating someone in a sprint.
California was a significant change for Harry and Josie, but this was a big deal for the company, and Josie understood. He was happy he could do something for her now it was her turn to shine and prove why she deserved a spot on the team.
"Now go prove why you're the best, petal." Harry kisses his daughter's forehead, taking her bag over his shoulder.
She takes a step forward before stopping. "Walk with me there, daddy."
Harry's smile softens, "Of course, honey."
They march forward, their steps in sync; Harry can feel eyes on both of them as they pass parents in their chairs, some sitting on blankets spread out on the grass.
There's a woman, dressed in black Nike sweats, some fancy Nike cleats on her feet and a plain maroon tank top and over to cover from the breeze is a windbreaker; the team logo on the left side over her heart and right under is a name he can't quite make out. If Harry's being honest, she took his breath away, she's gorgeous, and she's smiling at him. Harry's sure if he kept looking into her eyes, he would fall in love.
"Hello, I'm Coach Y/N." She greets them with a big smile on their face.
"Hi, I'm Josie, and this is my dad, Harry Styles." Josie steps forward, holding her hand out that the coach is quick to shake.
"Nice to meet you." Harry finally speaks.
"Nice to meet you, Mr. Styles. I've got all the paperwork that you submitted, and everything looks good."
"That's great." Harry nods, keeping his eyes on her. "Just Harry is fine, please." She nods, letting him know she heard him.
"Nice accent, you English?" Y/N asks.
"I am, Josie was born there too, but she's lived in the states all her life."
Y/N nods, "No wonder I didn't spot an accent on her." She teases.
"My dad sounds funny, so one of us is okay." Josie jokes at Harry's expense.
"Hey now," Harry pouts, causing both to laugh and his heart to flutter, wanting to make Y/N do it again.
"Now, Josie, how about we introduce you to the girls before we get started."
Josie nods and steps forward to follow Y/N.
Y/N addresses him one last time, "You're welcome to sit by the parents or welcome to stand behind our bench on the sidelines."
"Thank you." Harry watches the walk away, his daughter's bright pink socks standing out around the flash of black, green, and blue. He smiles, knowing he'll have a good eye on her, as will the coach.
It has been a while since the team had a tryout for the Golden Sparks team. It has not been necessary because most of the young girls are already on the u-9 team.
She had heard the rumor of new people moving into town but wasn't sure, so on a whim, she added them up in places parents were bound to see them; at the grocery store, doctor's office, the school, and the local sports store.
Thanks to the flyers, they got two responses from Mr. Styles and Mrs. Clover, who wanted their girls to join. Mrs. Clover's daughter, Caitlyn, was switching over from a different team, so she knew the girls on the team well. Josie, the daughter of Mr. Styles, would be the only one who needed an introduction as she was new to the town.
After meeting Harry, she was surprised at how handsome and young he was. Most parents here are well over the age of thirty and are married or dating.
She has been coaching for four years now and only started because of her niece Juliet who is part of the team. Y/N's older sister, Clara, had Juliet at 23 a year after her wedding and when Y/N was only 18 and about to start university. It was a good thing she had decided to go to university only three hours away and not across the country as she first thought, or she would have missed so much of her niece's and goddaughter's life.
Y/N had just graduated and knew she would no longer be playing soccer and needed something to do when her sister Naomi approached her and asked her if she could watch over Juliet for the summer so they didn't need to get a babysitter. She was more than happy to accept.
At first, they would paint, color and dance, but they got bored quickly. Y/N wasn't one to spend her time inside, so instead, she decided to take her four-year-old niece to the park with a soccer ball and make the most of it.
At the local park, they both ran around each day, chasing the ball for hours. A week later, Y/N bought Juliet her first pair of cleats, letting her shoot in the nets. As the weeks went by Y/N, saw Juliet improve as well as take direction well. She was a bright young girl, and Y/N knew she was still small, and all she wanted to do was run, but Y/N knew that because Juliet had seen her play, she knew what was right and wrong. There were times when she just ran in circles picking flowers because, after all, she was a four-year-old.
A month into summer, a mom approached her, asking her if she was a coach because she saw her there every day. Y/N laughed it off and told her she was just taking care of her niece. The mom told her it was a shame because her daughter told her it looked like fun. Y/N smiled and said to her that she was welcome to join, and before she knew it, a bunch of little girls came together to kick a ball around.
Only when Y/N had over ten girls showing up every Monday and Wednesday at a designated time did she begin to look at soccer leagues for children, and to her luck, there was one in town, an all-girls league that started from age 4 to age 18. She got the paperwork required for her to be a coach and for the girl's parents to fill out. She pitched the idea, and everyone was aboard.
That is how Golden Sparks was created, and those four-year-olds are now eight. She has watched them grow in front of her eyes. She went through her master's coaching a team. It's just something she does as a hobby, and it's wonderful because she knows how vital her coaches were for her when she was growing up. Now she can do the same.
She loves these girls, which means she had to do trial runs for how well the new girls fit in with the team dynamic. That is why today is an important day for Caitlyn and Josie.
"Ladies, may I please have your attention?" Y/N calls out to all the girls trying to juggle their individual balls as they wait for her.
The girls quickly shuffle over, passing their balls to Kate, who is setting up both nets and getting out the bright pink pinnies that Emilia's parents donated to the team that the girls will be needing.
Josie is standing very close to Y/N, and Caitlyn comes to stand to her other side.
"Now, today's practice is going to be different. We have two guests today. We have Caitlyn, who comes from Ice Angels from across town, and Josie, who comes from Georgia all the way across the country. I hope you will be kind and welcoming because we would be honored to add them to the team."
Juliet raises her hand and smiles, waiting for Y/N to let her speak. "Yes, Miss Juliet," Y/N giggles.
"Can we say something interesting about ourselves when we introduce ourselves?"
"Now, that is a smart idea. I wish I would have thought about it." All the girls smile, waiting for her to share.
"I'll start, I guess." She puts her hand on her hip, exaggerating her thinking face. "My name is Y/N, and I'll be your coach, and something interesting is that I like to paint." She turns to Kate, who is standing there, arms crossed. "You're next."
"I'm Kate, the meaner coach,"
"Kate," Y/N chastise.
"Kidding," Kate laughs, capturing all of the girls' attention. "I'm the assistant coach, and I love making tamales. Next potluck, you'll know how amazing they are."
Kate volunteers Steph, standing next to her, allowing her to share, and before she knows it, all the girls have gone. It's a calm environment, and Y/N is happy she can help these girls be a part of that. There were a total of fourteen girls, sixteen now with the two new girls trying out, meaning they would have even teams of eight, just one more than in an actual game.
Y/N makes two teams by dividing her forwards, midfielders and defenders. Then the scrimmage vest were handed out to the team where the new girls were trying out.
"Four twelve-minutes quarters," Y/N shouts, and in the next second, Kate blows the whistle, and they begin.
Harry was sweating, his focus was on Josie and how well she was playing, but he also noticed how the coach was whispering to her assistant coach. They were doing a lot of talking, and he did not like it one bit. They had finished two quarters and took a more extended break before the third, where Josie shot him a thumbs up after drinking water. She was too busy talking to a girl to come see him. Harry was happy she no longer felt nervous and was making friends.
He had heard nothing but good things about Golden Sparks and their coaches, but he was nervous about what they thought of his daughter. When they blew that final whistle, Harry let out the breath he was holding. Thankful that Josie would be told her fate on the team.
The coaches rounded them up, and Harry just wanted to rush over there and have them tell him there and then, but no, they were dragging it out for him. Then again, they had more than one player to look after for.
"Golden Sparks!"
It was shouted out by all the girls, and they rushed over to their bags. Josie walked to her bag, handing her pinnie to the assistant coach while Coach Y/N made her way over to another parent. A young girl with a long french braid made her way to the coach, most likely to talk about her fate on the team. Harry moves his gaze away from them when he spots Josie chatting away to a girl about her age, wearing a black top with the team's logo on it. Usually, after practice, she rushes over to Harry, and she slips out of her cleats in the car. It makes him emotional seeing her make friends, something she didn't have many in her previous team.
Before he knows it, the coach talks with Josie and the other young girl before she nods and gets up, swinging her bag over her shoulder. The three of them make their way over to Harry, chatting softly, not allowing him to hear a word.
"Hi, petal. Did well out there." Harry tells his daughter once she's an arm's length away. He frowns when she doesn't rush into his arms to give him a hug.
"Yeah, it was fun. Everyone is so kind." Josie smiles at her father.
"Mr. Styles," Y/N begins, but Harry has to interrupt.
"Harry, please."
"Sure, Harry," she emphasizes. "Josie is a wonderful player."
"I agree."
"But," Harry frowns, knowing this is not going where he would like it to. "Josie tends to hold the ball too much. When given the opportunity to use her left, she takes that extra pass to switch to her right where it causes her to lose momentum and the opening."
"I get it, she's not perfect, but neither are those players out there."
"Dad." Josie gives him a glare to be quiet and listen.
"As I was saying," Coach Y/N, her voice just a bit less friendly. "She has flaws, but we noticed she has lots of speed; she controls the ball really well. She's stellar in the midfield."
Harry shifts his eyes to Josie, who is holding back a smile, and that is when he knows she's in. "We'd love to have her join the team and help her become an even better player."
"That's wonderful, I accept."
"I'm sorry, Harry. I'm glad you think it's a good idea, but it's Josie's choice to make."
"You're right. I'm sorry. Josie, honey." He steps back, a tad embarrassed.
Josie lets out a nervous laugh, "I had fun."
"How long have you played?" Y/N asks Josie.
"Three years now," Josie says, looking at Harry for confirmation and nods.
"The most important question is how you felt playing with everyone?" Y/N knows how important feeling welcomed to a team can mean to someone.
Josie looks up at her, a smile on her face. "Like I belonged."
"Does that mean you're joining?" The young girl standing behind Y/N answers.
"Yes. I would love to join." Josie says, a grin taking over her face.
"Well then, welcome. Practices are 5-7pm. Sometimes we can have a scrimmage with other teams, and it will be an hour before or after just to take that into consideration. Games are on Saturday, but when we have tournaments, they are Saturday and Sunday."
"That's great. I sometimes get out of work late." Harry confesses.
"It's why practices are later because we know parents work. So just shoot us a text the day before or early morning, and either Kate or I can pick them up as well as other parents. We're great with carpooling."
Harry smiles; he likes how organized they are. He has no worries about Josie joining the team. He's happy, and if he's honest, he is kind of glad to see more of Coach Y/N.
"It was great to meet you, and I'll see you on Monday for practice," Y/N tells both Harry and Josie.
As they are going to walk away, the young girl in two dutch braids speaks, "Auntie Y/N truly is the best. She's the reason I play so well." Juliet tells Harry.
Y/N blushes, "Knock it off. Save the sweet-talk for Kate."
"She's your aunt!" Josie explains. "That's so cool."
"Harry, this is Juliet, my niece and the reason this team exists. I introduced her to the sport at age four."
Juliet nods, "Yeah, because she didn't want to rotten my head with television."
This causes all of them to laugh. Harry and Josie walk away with a smile on both their faces.
Yeah, they would fit just right in. It was beginning to feel like home.
It's been a month since Josie joined the team, and he's never seen her shine as much as she has since she joined the group. It's like she's a whole new little girl, he hates to admit it, but his little girl is growing right in front of his eyes.
They had recently had a team bonding; they headed to Kate's house to swim and do a little bonfire. Parents were allowed to stick around, but almost none did because they want their daughters to feel comfortable hanging out with their friends and be themselves. Also, all the parents trusted Kate and Y/N with their daughters because of the years of friendship.
Harry wanted to stay the first time, a bit fearful she wouldn't like it and also because he wanted to get to know Josie's coach better. He hadn't had many chances to chat her up, always getting a formal greeting and a goodbye. Harry can proudly say he has a crush on coach Y/N, but he wants to have a chance to take her out and maybe take it further.
Josie begged and begged him not to stay, so he just did a quick hello and then left. What did he do in the four hours his daughter was gone, nothing. He was bored without her. Harry began to watch a movie he'd been dying to see, but it was boring. He went to call his best mate, but it went straight to voicemail, then remembered it was date night for Mitch.
He couldn't drink because he wanted to pick Josie up even though he knew she could carpool, but he wanted to hear all about it right away and maybe get one more glance at Y/N because she looked lovely in her pastel pink shirt, black leggings, and a matching scrunchie. His feelings only grew each time he saw her, but he wouldn't dare pursue anything because his daughter adored Y/N, and he wouldn't do anything to wreck that.
It was Monday, and he was driving his daughter to practice. She was on a high because she spent the weekend with her mom. Claudia managed to make her soccer game and then took her home for the week. Everyone got an insight of his ex and how she was not the kindest, but sure did adore her husband by the way she kissed him the majority of that game. Harry did not want to sit next to them, but she wanted to flaunt her relationship in his face to his luck. Not that he cared one bit, he just cared about his daughter's happiness. That she happened to be a part of.
After they won the game, she sprinted over to them after Y/N congratulated them on the win, and they finished shaking the other team's hands. Josie wrapped her arms around Harry, squeezing him tight before hugging her mother, who just patted her back before letting her go congratulating on her goal.
Claudia's interactions with Josie always made Harry upset, but what was he to do? She gave him full custody and only saw her on weekends. It was easy living, but that doesn't mean he had to like it. He wanted his daughter to have a mother figure to guide her and show her the right and wrong to show her what it is like to be strong and resilient, yet Claudia was none of that for his daughter. Sarah, Josie's godmother, did more of that, and Harry was thankful.
Showing up to practice, Harry was embarrassed and hoped Y/N didn't bring up meeting his ex-girlfriend. Josie was quick to introduce them, but thankfully the conversation didn't last long as she was called over by the other team's coach.
"Can you drive any slower?" Josie pouted, looking out the window as Harry entered the parking lot at a safe speed in case any person happened to cross in front of him.
"Josie, I'm not trying to run anyone over." Harry sighs as he finally eyes an open parking space and signals left, always cautious about an accident.
"Well, I want to talk with my friends before practice." Josie has unbuckled herself and is close to throwing herself out of the car.
Harry puts the car into park, unlocking the car door. "Fly, young one."
The grin that takes over Josie makes Harry happy. "Love you, dad."
"Love you too, Josie."
Harry slides his sunglasses on, hating how bright the sun was; it'd be a few hours until the sunset. He was nervous; he was dressed in black slacks that hugged him in all the right places with a mint button-down shirt that calls attention. He didn't have time to change today; everyone saw him in his casual clothes, never his work attire. Josie said she didn't mind, but he did. Honestly, he was nervous about what Y/N might say about his look. Not that he cared what she thought. Not one bit, right?
He went to his trunk, got out his purple folding chair, and left the matching one there. Harry is a sucker for deals which is why he walked out of the store with two when he only needed one.
He strolled, making sure no eyes were on him, and he was in the clear until he heard a shout, "Dad!" He looked over at the field, and it was Josie waving at him to sit closer to the parents. Harry shot her a thumbs up; he liked the parents genuinely. They have all been so kind and welcoming, telling him the best places to go for the team's discount.
He got along well with Payton's and Stephanie's parents. They had a good sense of humor and liked asking him questions about where he was from and how Josie was growing up. His daughter had become best friends with Juliet. They were two peas in a pod, talking from the beginning of practice to staying almost ten minutes after as they slowly took off their cleats.
Y/N didn't mind seeing as she had to pick up everything, and the girls were eager to help her if it meant spending more time together. Honestly, she was begging for a sleepover, but he kept telling her no because he wanted to meet at least one of her parents first. He wasn't sure what either one did, but Juliet didn't mind if they couldn't make it to a game because her biggest supporter was already there.
Harry approaches where all the parents sit under a shaded tree, waving at everyone before taking a seat next to a man reading on his kindle. He smiled, knowing he loved reading in his downtime as well. This would be an excellent spot to sit, conversation or not he'd be comfortable, but first, an introduction was needed.
"Hello, don't mean to bother you, but I don't think I've seen you before. I'm Harry Styles. My daughter Josie joined the team last month."
"Well, Harry Styles, it's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard wonderful things about your daughter. I'm Xavier Torres, father of Juliet." Xavier responded with a bright smile on his face.
Harry doesn't hide his surprise. "I've been dying to meet her parents. She's a wonderful girl, glad our daughters decided to get along."
"Yeah, we come as often as we can, but Juliet always assures us she's fine. That she has the best auntie watching over her."
"Coach Y/N is great with everyone. I've never seen anyone so dedicated." Harry shares.
"She's always been like that. I met Clara in my second year of university. She was only fourteen then, but she was so caring. I wasn't introduced to the family until we've been dating for six months, and she was shy but always offered me water or cookies she had baked. I loved having conversations with her; she has always been the smartest person in the room."
Harry grins; this definitely grew his crush on Y/N.
"I hear they are begging for a sleepover," Xavier comments, breaking Harry from his thoughts.
Harry nods, "Yes, I kept saying no because I wanted to meet the parents."
Xavier smiles, agreeing they were the same. "Yeah, we had to meet the dad."
He's shocked Xavier doesn't ask him about a partner, but then again, Y/N could have easily mentioned meeting Claudia and her husband. Harry's grateful if she did not like having to explain how he's a single dad and how he wishes his daughter's mother would do better.
"Well, now that this has happened, I have no problem with a sleepover happening."
"Glad we're on the same page." Harry laughs, grateful, their daughters will be happy with them.
Harry and Xavier spend the entire two hours of practice talking. Harry has close friends, but he wouldn't be opposed to adding Xavier to his guys' nights that happen less frequently now. At the end of practice, they exchange numbers and promise to coordinate a date for the girls. It may be summer, but the girls are still keeping busy during the week instead of doing nothing.
The girls rush over to them at the end of practice, giggling at the two fathers still chatting away.
"Does this mean a sleepover can happen?" Juliet asks, squeezing Josie's hand she's holding.
Harry and Xavier share a look and nod. "Yeah, it can happen."
"Amazing!" Josie cheers jumping up and down.
"We have to plan a day that works for both of us, so it may be a while." Josie frowns but nods. Juliet does not accept it.
"Auntie Y/N can host it."
"Your auntie is going to do what?" Y/N says, sneaking up behind her tickling her sides.
Juliet lets out a loud shriek, not being able to escape her grip. Harry beams at Y/N loving how playful she is with her niece.
"You can host our sleepover. You aren't busy like daddy and Mr. Styles." Juliet says in one breath after Y/N let her go.
"I do have a job, you know," Y/n says in a sing-song voice. Xavier laughs as Juliet pouts. "But I do have more availability than your parents. I'd do it if both of you were comfortable with it." Y/N looks up at Harry and Xavier, letting them have the final say.
Xavier throws an arm over Y/N's shoulder and pulls her in a hug. "Of course, it's a yes; I'm always looking forward to a kid-free house."
"Rude, daddy." Juliet frowns, crossing her arms.
"Only joking, my little flower. How about frozen yogurt on the way home?"
"You're forgiven."
Y/N waits patiently for Harry to answer as he has a staring contest with his daughter.
He sighs, "Yes," Josie cheers, hugging Juliet. "Only if we're really not imposing on Y/N."
"Please, Harry. I'd be honored to have them over. I'm an excellent host, and my movie collection is amazing."
Juliet smiles. "She does, also the biggest backyard so we can run around and do whatever. There's also a pool." She whispers the last part.
"Enough speaking about my house. She'll get the tour soon enough."
"So it's settled," Harry tells them.
"Guess it is; send me when you guys decide. I'm free after twelve on Fridays, and I'll take them to the game on Saturday, of course, or we can do it after a game. All up to you, gents." Y/N gets it all out there, allowing Harry to breathe a little easier.
"Good," Xavier shouts.
"I'm going home, coming Julie?" As Xavier swings his chair over his shoulder. "Daddy, you have to help auntie Y/N. You just sat on your butt for two hours."
"Hey now, I watched you practice."
"I'm going to tell mommy, you know how she feels about you not helping Y/N. She'll give you an earful." Juliet sasses her dad.
"I don't know where you got all that sass from, but I know I'm going to hate it when you're a teenager," Xavier mumbles as he goes to get the goal nets put away.
Y/N laughs before turning to Harry and Josie, "I'll see you both on Wednesday. Have a good night."
Harry watches her walk away as she races Juliet over to the balls scattered around. He smiles at the ground, hoping he could one day make her laugh that much. He doesn't notice Josie watching him, and she grins, happy that maybe one day her daddy will smile as bright as Xavier does when speaking about Juliet's mom.
They walk hand in hand to the car, both comfortable walking in silence for what the future might bring them.
Y/N enjoyed morning games as opposed to the afternoon, where the sun was blazing high. She had a hat that was helping with the heat, thankful she hadn't started sweating yet. She loves coaching, but during the summer, it isn't the most enjoyable.
"Hi, Coach Y/N."
She turns her head over her shoulder and sees Harry approaching. She checks him out, thankful for her sunglasses; he's got a black short-sleeve button-down that shines in the sunlight, letting her know it's expensive; he paired it with white linen pants and the beat-up Vans he always wore. He always looks good.
"Nice to see you, Harry."
"How are you?"
"Doing good, bracing the summer heat."
"Yeah, not so enjoyable."
"Ready for the game," Harry says, pointing to the field that will soon have fourteen girls running around.
"Yes, they have been working hard. I'm excited, and you?"
"Oh, nervous," he confesses.
"The girls are going to do great. If they start dozing off, then we can start to worry."
Harry laughs, knowing that she is right. It's about the girl's focus.
"How long did you play?"
"Too long." Y/N jokes.
"Haha," he laughs.
"I started at six and played up until I finished university."
"Wow! You must have been marvelous." Harry is amazed that someone can play a sport that long then go to teaching. He was never the most athletic, but he was a beast at ping-pong that was all hand-eye coordination.
"I would like to think I was good."
"You started coaching when?"
"The year I turned four, and soon enough I was running, and by four she bought me my cleats and bam! A team was created." Juliet answered for her.
"I'm pretty sure you told Harry this already." Y/N laughs playfully, nudging Juliet.
Juliet shrugs, "Just like reminding."
Y/N grins, "Okay, lovebug."
"Plus, you're a great coach."
Harry nods. "I can attest to that. All the girls love you, including Josie."
"And I love them," she tells him truthfully. "We don't get many new players, but we're happy to have Josie. She earned the starting spot as right-wing."
Juliet nods, jumping up and down, "Yeah, she's really good."
"Go on, start the girl with four corners." Y/N pats Juliet's back to get her to go on the field.
"Yes, ma'am." Juliet takes off running, talking to Kate, who helps her get started, and Y/N knows it's her cue to walk away from Harry.
"Good luck, coach."
"Thank you, Harry. See you after."
"Sure, of course. I'll be cheering for you. I-i-i- what-" Harry stutters while she stands there holding back a smile as she can see the heat traveling up his face. "I mean you and the girls. A-all as a team."
"Well, we appreciate it."
Harry watches her walk away, letting out a short laugh, not being able to believe he made a fool of himself.
The game was tied 1-1 with only eight minutes left. Harry could see Y/N was calm, voice firm when speaking to the girls. Lola was about to take a corner kick, he saw her take a step back, and Harry was ready for her to strike it, but instead, she shocks him as she passes to a player who ran up to her.
This startles the other team before Brenda sends it to the center midfielder, who passes it to Josie, who is screaming she's open. Brenda sends a through ball, and off his daughter runs. She gets a foot on it, looking at where the goalie stands. She makes the pass strong enough that the goalie doesn't stop it and just for Andy to tip it in, but it's too strong, causing the ball to go over the net. It's a miss but, everyone didn't mind impressed with the play.
The last few minutes were slow as both teams were tired out, and there was no chance for another goal in two minutes. When the referee blows the final whistle, all the girls bring it in, jogging over to Y/N and Kate as they all round up in a group hug. Harry can't hear what she's saying, but he knows it's reasonable considering all the girls are sporting similar smiles. He is quick to pack up his chair, ready to say goodbye to his daughter, who is about to have a sleepover with her coach and best friend.
The girls come back from clapping the other team's hand and are quick to go sit on the bench and take their shoes off. The clean-up was accomplished quickly today. Harry is waiting to talk to Y/N as she speaks with other parents. Caitlyn's dad praises her for that play, but Y/N is quick to tell him it was all the girls; they are the players. Either way, he hugs her, and Y/N pats the older man back softly. She waves goodbye to most girls when he finally gets to approach her.
"Great game today."
"Yes, they played well." Y/N agrees.
"Your coaching reflects on them."
"In a good way?"
He nods, "The best way."
She thanks him, and he knows she's not one to be boastful, so he changes the conversation.
"You are still good to take them for the sleepover."
"Of course, I'm excited."
"That's great. What time should I pick her up tomorrow?"
"Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, my sister and brother-in-law are coming to have dinner if you'd like to join us. Xavier has been dying to use the grill, and you'll get to meet my sister and my nephew."
"Juliet never talks about a brother."
Y/N chuckles, "It's because he barely started walking, so he doesn't hold much of her attention."
"Ah, that makes sense."
"She loves being a big sister, but only when he sleeps or plays blocks."
"Older siblings got to love them."
"Yeah, I know."
"Do you have a sibling?"
"I do. She's 35 and lives in London and runs a law firm. Total badass."
"I bet she is."
"If she ever stops and visits, please bring her around and would love to get all the dirt on young Harry Styles."
"Only if I get to do the same."
"Stop by Sunday, and you'll get the chance." She shrugs at him as she walks away.
"See you Sunday then." Harry shakes his head smiling as she grabs a bag of soccer balls and begins walking to the parking lot.
Josie runs over and gives him a big hug. "See you tomorrow, daddy."
"Bye honey, call me if you need anything."
"Sure, I love you." She yells as she runs to Y/N and Juliet, who are waiting for her at the end of the grass.
Harry knows she's in good hands, but his heart can't help but miss his little girl. He'll see her tomorrow and Y/N as well. He ignored how hard his heart was thumping at his interaction with Y/N instead of letting himself get lost in the idea of the beautiful afternoon that was to come tomorrow.
Y/N had a great time with the girls. She promised she would let them do their own thing and just supervise, but both girls wanted her involved. As soon as they arrived at her house, Juliet gave Josie a tour of her home, taking her room to room before they ended up in the backyard, both dressed in their bathing suits to go swimming.
She couldn't help but laugh, knowing how eager they were to go jump in the pool despite playing an intense game for an hour in the blazing sun.
"You little ladies must eat first before you can even think of swimming," Y/N says, arms crossed over her chest, knowing Juliet was going to try to fight her on it.
"Auntie, that's not what we want to do."
"Maybe so, but your tummy's say otherwise."
Josie steps over from behind Juliet to stand next to her. "I would like to eat. Dad says we need to regain all the energy we worked off."
"Your dad is a smart man, Jo." Y/N nods to the girl. "It's a 2-1 vote, then."
"Fine," Juliet groans dramatically.
The girls sit at the table as Y/n begins to boil pasta. She decides on pesto as she has had a craving, and both girls happily agree. In just thirty minutes, she serves the girls two even plates, and they have a flowing conversation. Mainly, Josie and Juliet do the talking, occasionally asking YN her opinion or a question they want her to answer.
After the late lunch, she sends the girls to wash up and meet her outside to lather them in sunscreen. She puts most of her dishes in the dishwasher and soaks her pans in water, wanting it to be easier to wash later when the girls give her a free moment.
"Thirty minutes we are waiting," Y/N tells them, the sun lotion bottle in hand.
"Come on, you believe in that?" Juliet asks.
"Okay, little miss rebel, since when do you always question everything I say." Juliet's eyes go wide, and she shrugs.
"Alright, listen. I adore you, Juliet, but it's not nice trying to take advantage of me because you have a friend over."
Y/N waits for her to say something, but she nods her head and moves to hug her around her waist. She hears her mutter a sorry, and when Y/N brushes her hair back, she sees Juliet move back to look up at her. "I'm sorry."
Y/N gives her a small smile. "It's alright. Now sit down so I can get your back."
Josie patiently waits her turn, and just as Y/N finishes Juliet, she speedwalks to the edge of the steps and sits on them, letting her feet get soaked. Josie sits patiently as Y/N spreads the sunscreen to her shoulders, then turns her to get her face and neck, allowing Josie to rub it into her legs.
"All done, Josie." She stays seated on Y/N's patio chairs under the shade. Y/N doesn't question her not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable.
"Is it okay if I go join Juliet?" Josie asks in a soft voice.
Y/N almost awes out loud at how polite Juliet is, "Of course, go on. I'll let you know when it's okay to go in."
Looking out at the spacious yard, Y/N frowns, getting lost in thought about how she has the perfect home, but it gets lonely. It might be time she looks into getting a pet. She'll have to go check the local shelter soon but knows she should think about it for a while longer.
The ringer of her phone tears her out of her head when she hears the splashing, "Is it, time auntie?"
"Yeah, sweetie, it is."
Quickly she swipes three pairs of goggles from the table just as she begins to hear their splashing paired with laughter.
"Are we playing mermaids, auntie?" Josie asks as Y/N steps into the water, relaxing in the cool water, not suffering from the heat.
"We sure are," Y/N raises the three goggles and hands over one to each of them.  
It's after two hours that they all emerge from the pool, deciding to head into the shower seeing as the sun has begun to set. She ushers them carefully to the shower letting Josie use the guest room and Juliet her room seeing as they are the only two rooms fully equipped with towels and shampoo.
After the three of them are clean and changed in the pj's, Y/N makes popcorn to snack on while they play a few board games. They switch from Uno to Candyland to Mancala. It goes on for a while until they decide to put on a movie deciding on Tangled.
It wasn't until a quarter to ten that Moana watched Maui sing "Your Welcome," they began to yawn and started trying to fight back to sleep. Y/N thought they would never go down to sleep because two eight-year-olds have too much energy. Y/N paused the movie and told them it was time to sleep. Neither girl put up an argument.
She guided them to the guest room that had become Juliet's over the years. The girls get tucked into bed after brushing their teeth.
"Thank you for a great day, Y/N," Josie whispers, grabbing her wrist, halting her, tucking their blanket.
Y/N smiles at the kind girl. "Of course, sweetie. It's been a joy having you here."
Y/N goes to Juliet, gives her a kiss on the forehead, whispering a quiet goodnight who already has her eyes closed, her breathing slow and steady. She goes to Josie, who's looking at her with wide eyes. "Would you be okay with a forehead kiss goodnight? I don't want to make you uncomfortable." Y/N addresses the young girl.
Little does Y/N know that small comment was enough for Josie to seal Y/N in her heart forever for her kindness. "Yes, please." Bright green eyes look up at her with a small smile as she gives her a soft kiss.
"Goodnight, Y/N."
"Night, Jo."
Y/N goes to her room and does her night routine taking extra steps due to getting more sun exposure today. She loves how she feels putting on moisturizer at the end of the night. She lays in bed under her soft white covers. Her eyes shut, and she begins to count backward. She reaches all the way to one and tries again but stops halfway, sighing, knowing there's no chance she'll sleep; she heads to the kitchen to make herself a tea.
With her chamomile tea in hand, she sets it on the chrysanthemum coaster on the side table, picks up the book she left there, and sets it in her lap as she turns on her television to Netflix, deciding on The Great British Baking Show to use as white noise. She presses play on where she last left off, forgetting the book in her lap as the bakers had to make a raised game pie for their signature.
Y/N had already watched collection three, but it was one of her favorites. She loved the bakers and liked watching Nadiya improve each episode. The technical challenge was getting started, the bakers reading their vague instructions to make the tennis fruit cake when she heard small steps down the stairs.
She turns around, spotting Josie making her way down, "Hi there, you alright?"
Josie just nods but continues towards her, joining her to sit on the couch. "Can't sleep?" Y/N asks to share her lavender throw blanket with Josie.
"Not really."
"Yeah, I get restless sometimes as well."
Josie stares, tilting her head as if trying to figure out why she can't sleep, "What do you do to try to sleep?"
"Well, I usually try to read a book in bed, but I decided tea and a bit of tv would help."
Josie nods, and Y/N can tell she's working up the courage to ask her something. "Can I please try with you?"
"Of course, would you like tea as well?"
"Sure, that's what I was drinking."
"Daddy adds a bit of honey."
Y/N smiles, "Honey, I can do that."
She goes to the kitchen alone, getting Josie her favorite mug with bees scattered all around. As soon as she's done making her tea and checking it is at a suitable temperature, she brings it out to her. Y/N sees Josie has put play on the show.
Y/N just grins, happy the girl likes the show as well. "Have you seen this season?"
"Yeah, me too."
"Nadiya is excellent," Josie comments as Nadiya wins first in the technical challenge.
"She is! I'm glad they picked her as the winner though she had strong competition against Ian and Tamal."
Both Y/N and Josie sit there in silence, sipping their teas, watching the bakers now try to make Charlotte Russe cakes for the showstopper. It's not until the presentation begins that Josie breaks their comfortable silence.
"Why can't you sleep?"
"Well, uhh, sometimes I can't get my brain to shut down and have lots of thoughts swirling around."
"Oh," Josie responds. "Do they ever stop?"
"Yeah, usually when I count backward or tell myself a story."
Josie looks delighted at hearing Y/N sharing this with her. "What kind of story?"
"A sweet one, one my grandparents used to tell me, or I make one up."
"And it works?"
"Almost always."
Josie continues with her questions, but Y/N doesn't mind. "Do you get bad dreams?"
"Not always, but sometimes, do you, Jo?"
Josie smiles, "I like that."
"What?" Y/N says, puzzled, aware she avoided the question.
"Jo, dad calls me honey, darling, Josie and Josephine when I do something I'm not supposed to, but no one ever has said, Jo. I like it."
"Oh, I'm glad. It's alright that I keep calling you that then."
Josie repeatedly nods, "Of course."
Y/N looks back at the TV focusing on the new episode that started during the talk.
"Sometimes I dream I'm back in Georgia with daddy." Josie is looking down at her lap, where she draws a circle on the palm of her left hand with her right index finger.
"Yeah, how does that make you feel?"
"Sad sometimes and sometimes happy."
"Why is that?" Y/N asks in a soft voice.
"Well, mommy called me more when I lived farther away. Now I don't get to see her every weekend even though that's the deal. She doesn't even like watching me play."
"That must be tough, Jo. Have you shared this with your dad?"
Josie shakes her head no. "He'd get mad at mom, and I don't want anyone fighting."
"Don't think it's fighting. Your dad just wants the best for you and wants your mom to see that as well."
"I guess."
"Did you know I've visited Georgia?"
"You have?" Josie sits up, crawling closer to her, excited at the change in conversation.
Y/N nods, "My grandparents had family there, so every summer, we'd make our way there. Spent all our time at the lake or just walking through the woods. They lived in a secluded area, so lots to roam."
"We lived in the city."
"I bet you still went to neat places."
Josie thinks about it for a minute, "We did, the weekends were for the lake, and it was easy to drive to another state for a week."
Y/N laughs, knowing how exciting it was visiting a new state in a matter of hours compared to how hard it is in California. "Yeah, I liked that as well."
"What's your favorite memory?"
Y/N stops to think about it; it has been a while since she thought back to her times there. She hasn't had the chance to go back since her grandparents passed away.
"The fireflies. I remember we were in one of my uncle's backyard, and he was showing us his peaches. When I saw a buzz of light followed by another, and soon enough, they were all around us. My uncle tells me he'll never forget the look on my face because it was true happiness and disbelief."
Y/N's smile is nostalgic. If she closes her eyes tight enough, she can picture the fireflies surrounding her. She's brought back to the present when she feels a small hand placed over her own.
"Thank you for sharing that with me," Josie says before she leans over, giving Y/N a hug.
Y/N laughs and hugs her back, happy she got to know this sweet girl better.
"I think it's time for bed."
As they begin walking up the stairs after making a stop in the kitchen to put their mugs in the dishwasher, Y/N stops outside the guest room.
"You're really wise for your age."
Josie nods, "My dad tells me that all the time."
Y/N can't help the smile that Josie draws out of her, "Goodnight."
Y/N goes to bed with lots more on her mind. Her thoughts on the young girl who is caring more on her shoulder than she lets on. Josie has grown us quicker and doesn't realize it due to her experiences. Y/N goes wondering what tomorrow will bring.
A lot was running through Harry's mind after the dinner he had on Sunday with Y/N and her family. Trust him; he enjoyed it. He adored seeing her in a different environment, but she seemed distant, and so did Josie. It's as if the two gravitated towards each other more. Always whispering to each other.
He enjoyed seeing them get along; he just didn't like not being included. This also made him second guess in pursuing Y/N. He wasn't willing to risk it not working out. Harry also knows he's not sure if he'd survive the heartbreak.
It's been a while since he's put himself out there, but as a single dad, he feared that no woman he had met was good enough to meet Josie, not after learning that he had full custody.
Y/N's sister was kind, always teasing Y/N but Y/N gave it right back. He could tell the love they had for each other was the kind he shared with Gem. They might not have been that close in age, but they appreciate each other better as adults. Harry loved Y/N's nephew, who stumbled every few steps he took, which is why Y/N took it upon herself to have him attached to her the whole night.
It warmed Harry's heart and gave him all kinds of crazy ideas, for example like a baby that was half him and half her that he'd love just as much as Josie.
Fuck, he had it bad.
Harry's thankful it's Wednesday, and he gets to see Y/N again. He didn't make practice on Monday having Sarah bring her, and today Y/n picked her up from his house where Mitch was watching her because he had a meeting that would be running long. Luckily, he made it just in time before the practice started.
He knew he was going to stand out, showing up wearing creamed flared trousers and a black silk button-down. Harry had taken off his cropped, lapel grey plaid jacket knowing the heat would eat him alive if he left it on.
Harry chuckled to himself as he walked from the parking lot; his folding hair swung on his shoulder. He waved to the parents before setting up alone under a tree, wanting to enjoy the shade today and no conversations unless it was from one specific person.
He sees her pocketing her phone in her bag and knows this is his chance to talk to her. He makes his way discreetly as possible, going behind the parents, who are all currently staring down at their phones.
She turns, she scans him head to toe quickly, not wanting Harry to catch her, but he does. He lets it boost his ego a little.
"Harry, a bit dressed up, no?"
He chuckles, doing a little spin for her. "Not at all, haven't you heard business casual is the new uniform."
She shakes her head at him, "We'll take it into consideration."
"That's all I ask."
Y/N looks over to Kate and motions for her to get the girls' warm-up started.
"Dinner was nice."
Y/N nods, "It was. My sister really likes you."
"That's good. She's really funny."
"She knows it." Y/N rolls her eyes playfully.
Harry knocks his hips into her, "Don't worry, you're still my favorite."
"Gee, I was so worried." Y/N fakes dramatically but isn't able to hide how her cheeks heat up at his compliment. "Now, you need to go sit. I have to coach. Parents are going to think I'm flirting."
Harry smirks, "I don't mind the flirting."
"Styles, you'd know if I was flirting."
"I'm just going to say that I very much am."
"Hmm, I'll take that into consideration. For our future conversations."
Y/N joins the girls as they are about to start their second lap; Harry slowly makes his way to his waiting chair, happy that Y/N might like him just as much as he likes her.
Y/N pulled Josie aside before the scrimmage wanting to speak with her noticing she wasn't connecting with the team as she had on Monday.
"Doing okay?" Y/N asks as Josie gets a drink of water.
Josie nods, "Of course."
"Well, Juliet told me you didn't want to hang out. She said you had wanted to try that donut place with us on Friday."
"Because I had plans with my mom."
"Oh, that's fun."
"Why not?"
"She said she was busy," Josie murmurs.
"Well, you're still welcome to join us on Friday. I'm going to take Juliet to get ice cream at my favorite shop after practice. You're welcome to join." Y/N offers, knowing the little girl needs something to cheer her up.
"Does my dad have to come?"
"Not if you don't want him to."
Josie shakes her head no.
"Okay then."
"I'll go ask permission now."
"You can wait," Y/N laughs at her eagerness.
"No. I tell him now, and he can think it over while I play."
"Okay, sure. Don't take long."
Josie nods about to take off, but Y/n stops her. "Josie, I'm sorry your plans changed."
"She's been doing that more." She shrugs as if she's not bothered.
"Just because she is doing that doesn't mean you aren't loved. Your dad loves you and your godparents; the team does as well. I do, also. You're amazing, Josie." Y/N tells her, knowing Josie needed to hear it from somebody other than her father.
Josie's eyes shine, but she blinks the tears away. She gives her a quick hug before turning around and running towards Harry. From the corner of her eye, she sees Josie dramatically asking for permission as she lets her father retie the laces of her boots. Y/N smiles because she loves Josie, and if given a chance, she might also get an opportunity to love Harry. Y/N looks forward to watching what the future may bring.
Kate had organized a pizza party for the girls because they had been doing so well and thought they deserved a reward. Y/N and Kate always talked about motivating and encouraging the girls for their hard work and dedication. They would do small gatherings or bring them a treat to enjoy after practice, and the occasional Monday off that happened on significant dates or when they as a coach needed a break which wasn’t often because they loved this and the girls.
A pizza party was fun, it allowed parents to interact somewhere that wasn’t crazy hot, and the girls got to eat their weight in pizza. Y/N personally loved it because she got to eat crazy good buffalo wings. Kate and Y/N always shared a basket.
Y/N had sat in a booth with Kate across from her knowing the girls would take up two of the long tables. They rather not squeeze in between when they have a good view of them here.
“Anyone I should be aware of, Thomas, was it?”
“Uhh, no. He turned out to be a jerk who couldn’t get me off.”
“Gee any louder, Katie, would you.” Y/N smiles at Cynthia’s parents, who are in line waiting to order themselves around some beers. Y/N was never one who got into drinking, but it doesn’t bother her those who do.
“Anyways, the one who is coming is Tiffany, and we have been talking for a week, and I think I may be in love.” Kate sighs, a faraway look in her eye as the waiter drops by her beer. Y/N eyes it, not liking how much foam was in the cup.
“You say you’re in love each time.”
Kate rolls her eyes at Y/N, “Well, I mean it this time.”
“No, you’ll see. Tiff should be here soon. She got the most gorgeous curls and the most perfect brown eyes. Then when she talks Spanish to me, I have an idea what she’s saying, but it turns me on like crazy.”
“I can translate for you.” Kate rolls her eyes, knowing Y/N’s Spanish was perfect due to her high school and college years, not to mention she took YMCA classes at seven. “Anyways, let us move on from the conversation.”
“Okay, let’s talk about your sex life.”
Y/N chucks a piece of lettuce at Kate hitting her square on her chin. Before Kate can retaliate, Harry steps towards them, “Hello, ladies.”
“Hi, Harry,” Kate responds by making crazy eyes at Y/N.
“Mind if I join you, don’t think Josie would like me sitting with her or alone.”
Y/N nods, “Of course, but only if you don’t mind sliding in. I like the edge seats, or you can sit with Kate.”
Kate shakes her head no, “No, he cannot. My date should be here soon.”
Y/N gets up to let Harry slide in, he does a little wiggle to get to the other side, and Y/N does her best to hide her laugh. It seems to work, as he didn’t mention it. Y/N feels her body heat up because their thighs are touching. She feels ridiculous getting worked up over a simple touch.
The next hour flies by, and Tiffany arrives during that time, and Y/N loves her. She is as gorgeous as Kate described, her hair long falling down her back in thick ringlets, her brown eyes captivating, and her golden skin shines with just a hint of sunlight. She can see why Kate was smitten, but getting to know her and Y/N can happily say she’s a perfect fit for her best friend. She hopes it works out for Kate because this will be a heavy heartbreak if it doesn’t.
Y/N excuses herself, wanting to check with the girls. She approaches the table sitting by the pinball machines. The girls have question after question for her that she happily answers. She looks to see Juliet, happily leading a conversation with a quiet Jo sitting next to her staring out the window.
She excuses herself from the girls and places a hand on Juliet’s shoulder, who stops her chatter to grin up at Y/N before continuing like she never stopped. Jo just smiles at her before looking at the other girls acting as she was involved in the conversation, but Y/n knows better.
“You alright, Jo?”
“Of course, a bit full, that is all.” Y/N stares at those green eyes long and hard before nodding.
“I’m just over there if any of you need anything.”
“Yes, thank you, coach.” Most girls answer in unison.
Y/N goes back to their table, and Harry smiles, scooting over, “Saved your spot. Susan tried to nab it.”
“My hero.” She giggles.
The conversation around Y/N flows easily; she laughs and comments. There is a moment where Harry squeezes her thigh affectionately when she makes a witty comment defending him and his style. She wishes he’d rest his hand there, but he moves it back on top, also not wanting anyone to be suspicious.
As much as Y/N is having a lovely evening, her gaze drifts over to Josie, who hasn’t uttered a word since she was with her.
Harry is too busy chatting and having a nice time to notice how quiet Josie has gotten, not that she blames him; the place is loud and complete because it’s a Saturday afternoon. This worries Y/n as she has seen Josie withdrawing more and more but didn’t want to believe it. Josie hides it reasonably well.
Y/N hopes she’s wrong and that sweet Josie is only having an off day.
Harry was happy to see Josie loving California. He knew it was a risk moving across the country when the East coast is all she had ever known. Josie has shown him nothing but happiness; he can't wait to see how she does in the Fall when she goes back to school. The great thing is she will have friends due to the girls on the team. Also, he hates to admit it, but it has been good for Josie to see more of her mom. Allowing them to build a better relationship. Harry only wishes the best for his daughter and hopes he has been doing that so far in her life.
It's Wednesday, and Harry feels his weeks go by faster now that they have a structured routine. He always gets excited because he knows that he'll have a chance to chat with Y/N no matter what.
They arrive five minutes before practice starts, making Harry rush out of the car, holding Josie's hand as she pulls him along, wanting to apologize to Y/N.
Y/N approaches them as they reach the area where all the girls have just started their warm-up lap.
"We're so sorry. We got stuck in a traffic jam." Harry rushes out, hating to get his daughter punished for his tardiness.
She shakes her head at him, not bothered. "Go on join the others, Josie," she gently touched her shoulder. "I've got to chat with your dad."
Josie gives her an uncertain look, but she assures her with a smile. She runs off, joining the second lap at the back of the two lines.
Harry stands there, uncertain, not sure what she needs to tell him. By the solemn look she has, it might not be good.
She walks off to the side a distance from the parents and has an eye on the girls finishing up their warm-up laps before going into a stretch.
"Josie brought up something I think you need to know."
Harry waits, allowing her to go on, knowing he shouldn't interrupt.
Y/N takes a deep breath before looking him in his eyes, "Josie says her mom told her she needs to stop calling her and to stop with the visits. That she's pregnant, and that's her priority, not her."
Harry's jaw drops. He didn't know Claudia could be so cruel to their daughter. He wasn't even aware she was pregnant or that she wanted more children. Mostly he hates that he does not hear this from his daughter.
"She told me she was afraid of how'd you react to the news, but I told her she needed to address it, and by your reaction, I assume she didn't."
Harry shakes his head. "No, we celebrated the win and had a good weekend. Seemed happier than normal honesty."
"It's common for kids to try to block it out. As someone who had to go through her fair share of child therapy, I feel like it would be good for her to see a therapist." Y/N tells him, voice gentle, knowing this is a lot for Harry.
"Why" Harry bites back, defensive. "She's fine, happy, and laughing."
"Harry, I'm not saying she's not, but she needs to talk about it. Jo won't be with you, and it's because she trusts and loves you and doesn't want to hurt you. She thinks she is protecting you; an eight-year-old shouldn't be trying to protect her father."
Harry feels himself boiling, no longer wanting to hear any more of what she has to say.  
"The signs are there."
The signs," he scoffs.
"Quietness, sadness, isolation, anxiety." She points to the field, and he turns to see Josie stretching alone, lost in her own head. No longer sitting between Juliet like she always had the last few weeks. A frown on her face seems to be permanently placed.  
"You've got no right to say this." Harry wishes she never brought this up.
"I'm doing this for her, not for you."
Harry has had enough; he wants her to hurt her like he is right now, which is why he lets his mouth speak before he can think over what he has said, "Who do you think you are? Honestly, you're a lousy soccer coach who has nothing better to do but judge kids and their parents."
"Harry," she whispers, trying to mask her hurt.
"No, you've said enough. I think you can forget about Josie playing for this team." His voice dripping with venom. "Seems all you wanted was extra cash in your pocket with the addition of a player ."
He walks towards the field. "Josie, we're leaving," Harry doesn't care that the other parents are watching now. He throws Josie's bag over his shoulder as he watches her jog over to him,
"We just got here. I was warming up."
"Josie, we're leaving." No room for argument in his voice, but Josie stands her ground.
"I don't want to leave." Her voice falters as she stares up at him.
"Josie, don't."
"Dad, I like it here, Coach is-"
Harry cuts her off, "Enough, Josephine, you're not coming back here ever."
Those words bring tears to her eyes; she drops her head, defeated. She follows behind Harry and turns to look at Y/N one last time, shooting her an "I warned you look."
Y/N watches them walk away, and she can only hope this is the last she sees of them. She shakes all her feelings out, knowing she has all eyes on her right now. She's got a team to coach, and just like that, she brushes away Harry and his cruel words, knowing they'll resurface later in the appropriate environment.
After leaving the practice field, Harry And Josie did not speak a word to each other or the next day. They continued in silence, not for Harry's lack of trying to get a word out of Josie; she was just that upset with him.
All he received were head shakes, and Harry was worried. He cooled down after and let everything sink in, but the damage was done; it was too late.
That same night Harry called Claudia to confront her to tell her he would be taking her to court to forget seeing Josephine. All she responded was that it was quite alright. She was giving him full custody and would be sending him the paperwork she had already signed. Then hung up the phone on him.
Harry was appalled that a mother could do this to their child, to abandon them with no care. He always knew Claudia wasn't a good person, but he wished better for his daughter, and right now, even he didn't feel good enough for his angel girl.
On the fifth day of silence between his daughter and him, he received an email he was tempted not to open due to who it read the sender was. He did so anyway; it was the name, phone number, and location of a therapist nearby. The email read professional, not a hint of the last few months of knowing each other. There was an endnote that said to give her as a reference. He knew he would think it over for now.
On the seventh day of his daughter ignoring him, he called the number that he marked down on his phone. He called and set up an appointment for the following day; he knows it could have been longer if he didn't name drop Y/N. Harry knows he needs to apologize, but he's not sure where to begin or if it would be appropriate to show up at her house, but he decided to focus on one thing at a time, and that would be Josie.
Harry would have liked to walk hand in hand into the big building with big windows overlooking a secluded private park, but Josie walked ahead and sat herself on the rainbow-colored couches for kids and picked up a Judy Blume book to read.
Harry walks to the front desk and admires all the photos pinned up behind the receptionist. He knows they must be patients with only their first name signed. His favorite is a dinosaur swimming on a floaty holding a milkshake; there was some natural talent hanging on the wall as well as a lot of imagination.
"Sir, here for?" The receptionist called him for his turn, not noticing the person in front of him was now seated.
"Styles, Harry. Well, Josephine," he corrects. "Sorry."
"No worries, all parents do that their first time."
He awkwardly laughs.
"Dr. Sylvia Hernandedz will be with you shortly." He thanks her, going to sit on the black couch. He sinks right in full of comfort.
Five minutes later, they are called to go. He reaches for Josie's hand, and she lets him take it but doesn't make any move to hold him; it's as if he's carrying dead weight. Harry sighs but follows behind the receptionist.
"Hello, Styles family, lovely to meet you." A woman in her mid-forties greets them, a nice styled bun not a hair out of sight. Glasses on the bridge of her nose. She has a dark blue pencil skirt and a white buttoned shirt tucked in. He feels not as uncomfortable as he thought he would.
"I'm Syliva Hernandez, and you must be Josephine Styles." She leans down to be eye level with Josie and sticks out for her to shake.
"Yes, Dr. Hernandez. A pleasure to meet you." Josie responds politely.
Dr. Hernandez smiles. "Now, how'd you know I was a doctor?"
"The frame behind your desk shows your credentials." She points to the USC doctorate hanging behind a desk full of framed photos.
"Well, aren't you an observant girl?"
"Thank you."
"Would you like to accompany me to this playroom while I chat with your father? I can have my friend Alycia join you if you don't want to be alone."
Josie shakes her head no, "I'll be fine. I like being alone sometimes. I had a very wise person tell me it's okay to want to be alone sometimes, but it doesn't mean you're alone."  
"Did your dad tell you that?" Dr. Hernandez asks.
"Very, well off you go. We'll have an eye on you but feel free to use all the items in there."
"Thank you." Josie slips right in, grabbing paper and colored pencils, carefully pulling out her desired colors.
"Have a seat, please, Mr. Styles."
"Thank you."
He sits in the mahogany chair; he can't say he likes it much.
"These chairs are awful. My office is better furnished, I assure you."
Harry tears his eyes from Josie to look at the therapist.
They are silent, and Harry isn't sure what to do.
"Uhh...Y/N Y/LN recommend us to you. I'm not sure if they informed you or I had to let you know."
"Yes, I'm aware. She's a great person." Shutting down conversation.
"Your daughter's birthday."  
"December 13th, she's eight".
"How long have you been separated from her mother?"
"Since before her birth. We have a court agreement that I get weekly, and she gets her weekends, but that has recently changed. I have full custody of her.
"How does that make you feel?"
"Not okay; I grew up with divorced parents. My mother never remarried. I have an older sister, but we live in different countries."
"Do you fear the same for her?"
"Think it's worse for her. Josie's mother told her she didn't want her anymore because she would be having a baby. She didn't even tell me. She told--," he cuts himself off.
"Who did she tell?"
"Her soccer coach."
"A female?
"Yes. They are close. Have a real bond, an understanding of sorts."
"Do you think she is looking for a female to look up to?"
"It would make sense. My mother lives in London, and we only see her on holidays, same with my sister. She gets on well with my best mate's girlfriend, Sarah. She taught Josie to play the drums a bit. Also, Glenne, a dear friend."
"Male figures in life?"
"Too many. Mitch, Jeff, Adam, and his kids. Tyler, a family friend."
"It seems she has paternal figures, but she's searching for maternal figures." She states before continuing, "What's the reason you brought her in?"
"The coach addressed to me that she was worried that she was withdrawing herself, becoming anxious and lonely. Less happy. I didn't see it, but we've gone a week without speaking, and I've seen her mope and stare off a lot."
"Is she still seeing her coach?
"No, that's part of our not talking. I got upset over the suggestion of therapy and took that away from her."
"It led to a negative response."
"Yes, and I feel awful about it."
"It seems that the sport and coach are important to her and who she is. It's what you call a safe place."
"But she was beginning to withdraw from there as well," Harry states, not knowing it couldn't be so safe if she was isolating herself.  
"Well, we'll have to talk with her. Are you comfortable with me speaking with her alone? I do have to let you know what I speak with her is confidential. She can tell you about it, but you cannot ask me."
"Yes, of course. It's fine, I understand." Harry knows therapy can be scary, but it can also be the start of something better.
"Well, let me call her back."
Dr. Hernandez stands and opens the door, "Josephine, come with me, please." Josie nods her head, putting the colored pencils away and bringing her picture with her.
"I apologize if we took too long."
"Not long. Enough to finish my drawing." She shares, giving the doctor a small smile.
"Can I have a look?"
Josie hands it over, Dr. Hernandez turns it so they can both see what she drew. It's a photo of a goal net and who he assumes to be himself in the net. A little girl with two pigtails standing there, hands raised, and another female is to the side cheering with a megaphone.
"It's beautiful."
"Thank you," Josie says proudly.
"Do you think I can keep it? Have you sign your name and add it to the front desk."
"Would you?" Josie's eyes go wide at someone other than her dad hanging up her art.
"Of course."
"That'd be wonderful." And for the first time in a week, she turns looking up at Harry. "Did you hear that daddy, Dr. Hernandez wants to keep it?
"I would too; it's beautiful, darling."
"I can make another."
Harry smiles, grateful, his daughter is her vibrant self, "Thank you, honey."
"Josephine, are you okay with your dad stepping out and you talking with me privately one on one?
"Yes, I like you. Also, you can call me Josie."
Dr. Hernandez nods in acknowledgment before turning to address Harry.
"You can wait in the waiting room. Alycia will bring you back to discuss in my office when we are done."  
Harry mutters okay and walks out, closing the door behind him. He walks a few steps before laying his head to rest on the wall. This has felt like a lot, but he also feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulder.
Maybe I need to see a therapist. Harry thinks to himself, liking that he got a lot off his shoulders in just a short amount of time.
He's walking down the hallway when he hears a familiar voice, one he didn't think he'd have the pleasure of ever hearing again.
It stops him in his tracks.
He hears her voice once more and follows it out to the waiting room he's supposed to be waiting for his daughter.
Harry sees that she is talking with Alycia, and as he steps closer, he feels like it is harder to breathe.
"I have three more clients before I'm done for the day, but I have a thirty-minute gap, so maybe we can order smoothies, my treat." She tells the secretary handing her two twenty bills so that she can get everyone a drink.
"Y/N," he gasps out.
His eyes roam her body; he's never seen her dressed, so office official always used to see her in shorts, sweats, leggings, and a t-shirt. She's wearing this blue satin silk blouse tucked into high-waisted black trousers and low heels.
She is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
Y/N turns, not at all trying to hide the surprised look on her face.
"You're here." She nods; he's not sure why she's here.
"Here's your next client's file. They are doing an intake. You have over half an hour."
Harry is now standing in front of her. "You work here?"
Y/N nods.
"You're a therapist." He states.
Y/N can clearly see he wants to talk and knows a better place to do it than their waiting room filled with waiting people.
"Why don't we talk in my office?" Harry nods, ready to follow her, but before he can, she turns to the desk once more, "Hold my calls, please, Alycia."
"Of course."
"Follow me, Harry."
They walk in silence as they pass Dr. Hernandez's door. She opens her door, allowing him to enter first. It feels bright and full of color; the wall's painting is pale green and hanging on the walls; she has lots of scenic photos and drawings. The chairs are nice, a red velvet couch pushed against a wall, her desk is not that big, he notices. It lacks pictures compared to Dr. Hernandez. Her degrees are placed on a bookshelf. She has it color-coded in colors of the rainbow, which is quite impressive.
"Have a seat." She offers all the open space.
Y/N takes a seat on the couch, and he follows.
Harry feels underdressed next to Y/N, and that has never happened before; he is always the one showing up in extravagant and overpriced suits.
"You work here." He waits for her to confirm.
"Yes, I'm a therapist here. Dr. Hernandez was my advisor during my undergrad. She knew what I wanted to accomplish for my career. They offered me a job, and I accepted. They have been supportive of obtaining my doctorate."
Harry is very impressed, "Congrats, that's wonderful."
"Thank you."
They both quiet down, not sure who should go first. Harry is about to start when Y/N begins to speak.
"Listen, Harry, I'm sorry. I went about addressing it wrong, and I never meant to upset you. I apologize." Y/N keeps her eyes on his wanting him to see how sincere she was.
"No need, I've taken a week to reflect on what a jerk I was. Having Josie give me the silent treatment for a week was torture." Harry confesses, scratching his neck to avoid reaching for her hand.
"Is she okay? Harry, that's a long time." Y/N's voice laced with concern.
"I'm sure she's chatting Dr. Hernandez ear off as we speak."
"I'm sorry you had to go through that."
"I brought it on myself by taking her away from one thing she truly loves."
Y/N nods, not able to disagree with Harry. "Yeah, I understand."
"Is that how you know she needed therapy because you're a therapist?"
"Yes. I saw the signs, but I mostly observe and never address it, but from the conversations I've had with Josie and the relationship we built, I felt like I owed it to her to get her help." Y/N pauses, debating if she was ready to share more of herself with Harry. "It was also that I saw myself in her, it felt familiar, and I wanted to help."
"I'm going to tell you a story."
Harry can tell it's not going to be an easy one as she's not staring at her hand, focused on the lone ring she has on her index finger. "You don't have to."
She reaches over and squeezes his hand once to let him know it's alright. "I was nine years old when I walked in on my dad cheating on my mom with his secretary. I told her as soon as she came home and she didn't believe me. She went as far as calling me an attention seeker. By the end of the week, we were living with my grandparents. I didn't see my parents again after that day. At age ten, I started visiting the counselor because I blamed myself for my sister no longer having parents. I wouldn't even allow myself to talk to her; I was just consumed by guilt taking all the blame when I shouldn't have."
Y/N knows Harry's gaze is on her, but she doesn't dare look up, not wanting to see the pity in his eyes. "Don't think I've stopped since then. A big reason I'm doing the job I am now is for those who helped me along the way.
"Harry, no pity comments. I've made my peace, sure the trauma never truly leaves, but you overcome it."
"Thank you for sharing that with me, I know I don't deserve it, but I'm grateful."
Harry needs to apologize; he wants to leave here today knowing he didn't lose a friend.
"I'm sorry I hurt you."
"Harry, you-"
"No, I really am; I didn't mean a word I said. I know you're more than a coach, and you're not lousy; you're brilliant. You're my daughter's favorite person. I didn't mean it, and I hope you'll forgive me."
"I accept your apology, that was a bad day for all of us, but I can move past it if you can?"
"Yes, I would love that. I feel awful you're someone I trust, a friend. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
"Thank you, Harry."
"One more thing."
"Yes, go on."
"Can you recommend a therapist for me? Talking with Dr. Hernandez was amazing, and I think I would benefit from it."
Y/N doesn't make any comment, just nods. "I'll send you a list of therapists but do know you'll always find a friend in me if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or someone to watch over you as you get drunk."
Harry chuckles; he'll keep that in mind for future references.  
"There's a knock on the door. "Yes, come in."
"Sylvia is ready for Mr. Styles."
"Thank you, Alycia. I'll walk him to her office."
Y/N stands, and Harry follows close behind as they make their way out to reunite him with his daughter.
"Y/N, can I hug you?"
She bits back the smile threatening to overtake her face at how small he looks asking. "Yes, that's fine."
Harry doesn't wait for another second; he throws his arms around her holding her tight. He hadn't been lucky enough to hug her before, but now doing it, he doesn't think he ever wants to go a day without one.
They walk out, both having heated faces due to enjoying being the embrace of one another. She walks them a few doors down and knocks, waiting for the go-ahead to go in.
"One last thing," She says, pointing a hand to his chest."
"Name it." He'd give her anything.
"Jo comes back to the team. You bring her to the game this weekend."
"Yes, of course."
She beams at his response, "Great."
Y/N peeks her head in, locking eyes with Sylvia. "Alright, to come in, Doc?"
"Of course, Josephine, this is my good friend and coworker Y/N."
Josie turns and smiles wide, jumping up when she sees her walk in with Harry right behind her.
"Hiya, champ. Seems to have found your dad lost out here."
Josie giggles and runs into her arms, hugging her tightly.
"I've missed you."
"As have I little miss sunshine. I missed my fastest midfielder at the game. All the girls missed you."
"Awe, I'll be back," she looks up at Harry with a look of worry on her face. "Right, daddy?"
"Yes, darling. Got a game at ten am on Saturday."
Josie lets out a loud shriek.
"So this is Coach." Dr. Hernandez says with a knowing smile.
"Yes, she's great," Josie responds, holding tight to Y/N's hand.  
Y/N chuckles. "How about you and I go draw a picture to add to my office while Dr. Hernandez and your dad tie up some little things."
They walk out hand in hand as Josie catches up with Y/N on everything she did on her week away. Not shying away from how she handled the now resolved issue with her father.
"You don't look as blue," Dr. Hernandez comments."
"Sorry," Harry blushes, having been lost in thought on the two girls who just walked out.
"Mr. Styles, your aura is soft, kinder."
"Yeah, I think she has that effect on people."
"You might be right."
Things are finally looking up, and Harry looks forward to rebuilding his relationship with Josie and hopefully creating one with Y/N besides their parent and coach relationship.
It's been two weeks since Josie came back to play, and thing's have been going smoothly. Harry begins helping out with cleaning up at the end of practice to talk to Y/N more. He asks more about her job and how the doctorate is going. He worries she might be juggling too much, but she assures him she has a smooth dynamic of handling everything.
It's a cold Saturday morning, it's the quarter-finals, and the nerves are high for everyone. The girls finished on top of the leaderboard, but the league likes doing a championship game to honor all the hard-working teams.
Y/N is quieter this morning, and all the parents have picked up on it. They are used to her light and kind nature, wishing everyone a good day and accepting treats. Cynthia's mom is in charge of snacks for today and offered her a muffin one she never says no to except today.
It immediately puts everyone in a skittish mood.
Truthfully, Y/N isn't here for the parents, but the girls and the team they are against is the dirtiest. Most girls are nine and will be moving up a division, but Coach Roman teaches them that dirty plays will make them win. Her girls are strong players, but she reminds them of the importance of sportsmanship and playing with heart.
Y/N even makes sure she cannot be approached by anyone, only the girls and Kate, as they start to warm up on the field. The girls do their drills as Kate stands quietly by your side.
"Someone can't take their eye off of you."
"It's true though, he was pouting when he saw you on the field clipboard in hand," Kate says with a giggle.
"Going to ask him on a date?"
"Only if we win."
That shuts Kate up, "You're joking."
Y/N slowly shakes her no, "Girls, two lines, run through side net shots."
Kate and Y/n stand back to back as the girls pass, and they kick it-bag, giving them only a second to angle themselves. This is one of their favorite warm-ups, and she's glad she can still talk with Kate during it.
"What made you finally decide?"
"I realized he's not going to make a move because one he fears I'm going to reject him and two it goes horribly wrong, then he might never show his face around here again. I'm positive he likes me."
Kate nods, "he likes you, adores you. He's got it bad." She's quiet for a moment before starting up again, "I know we're going to win, so how are you going to ask him? I'm going to need all the details."
"I'm going to go up to him and ask him out to dinner, simple as that."
Y/N changes the drill marking the end of their conversation; she leads the girl into two groups of keep away while Kate takes Dawson, their goalie, to keep warming up.
Before they know it, captains and coaches are called. Coach Roman is smug and annoying as he shakes her hand. The girls pick heads and win the coin toss. They choose to have kickoff; Roman's girls decide to stay on their side, meaning everything to their advantage as they have the slight uphill to battle through for the first half, and the second will use it to their advantage.
The starting lineup is quick to attack, and in a matter of minutes, Juliet scored a goal from a pass from Imelda. The girls' cheer, happy to be leading the game. They know better than getting cocky; if anything, this intensifies their speed at playing. The next twelve minutes of the second quarter are stressful as Josie makes it a two-zero lead from a corner kick. Just as half-time is to be called, a midfield slips through the defense from the back and gets it over Dawson's head, and just like that, the referee calls it.
Y/N can't remember the last time she was this anxious. It's foul after foul, and she's had enough of it.
Kate is quick to round up the girl, not wanting to monopolize all their time, wanting them to relax mostly to stay in a positive mindset. Kate leads the talk letting them know they are doing well and that the left-wing is getting beat, but having the downhill in favor should help her out now. Y/N went around making sure each girl was safe and had no injuries, only grass stains on their knees.
"Be aggressive, but don't stoop to their level."
"Yes, coach" is heard in unison as a response.
Each girl goes to their bags and starts to stretch, knowing they can't approach their parents because it's easy for them to influence them on how they are playing. Everyone respects it, but there are a few times a parent comes by.
She decides to take a walk, getting away from the girls. She just wants to relax and not be as tense for the end of the half.
She nearly jumps out of her skin when she hears someone call her name.
"Fuck, Harry. You scared me."
He raises his hands up in defense. "Sorry, I was just checking if you are okay?"
Y/N doesn't hesitate to rush into his arms, tucking her head into his neck. Harry, without hesitation, wraps his arms around her. He runs his hand down her back softly, hoping she finds it comforting.
"Hey, hey, it's okay." She holds him tighter, so he goes on. "You're okay, yeah, doing a good job. Girls are playing well. Taking care of each other, just like you taught them."
She slowly nods her head, she's calmed down, and Y/n thinks it might have to do with his soothing heartbeat.
"Deep breaths, love, Come on with me."
Harry breathes in and out until she does it with him. He feels her relax and tries to pull her back, but her grip is tight.
"It's okay, not going anywhere."
"Sorry," she whispers.
"No need to apologize, love."
"I just don't like when coaches teach their girls to play dirty; I hate injuries. They're just kids." She whispers, looking up at him now.
"They'll be okay."
"You don't know that. We have two quarters left."
Harry knows he won't be able to comfort her like he wants when he hears the ref blow the whistle. "Look, the girls are about to start, and they need a coach."
She nods, knowing she has to go back to her coaching mentality. The girls are her main priority; she can do this.
"Thank you, Harry."
"I'm here for you, whenever you need."
Y/N jogs over, nudging Kate playfully, who is shooting her suggestive eyes. They let the captain lead the huddle and listen intently before wishing them luck. The parents clap as the team cheer echoes out.
Only twenty-four minutes left, they can do this. She knows they can. The referees assured them he'd get a better eye on them, not wanting anyone to be carried off injured. Y/N refuses to take her eyes off of her girls. Constantly reminding them to keep communicating with each other when she hears them go quiet.
The last two quarters pass much quicker than the first; the girls play with more fleeting touches, not allowing the other team to put pressure on them.
Just when number eleven is close to getting the ball, Leslie switches the ball over to the other side; Y/N is shocked at how well Josie brings it down, she constantly struggles with this at practice, but she knows that Josie has been putting in the extra work.
She can hear Harry clapping and cheering on Josie; Y/N shouts her praise, letting her know she's doing well. Andie gets a breakaway, and it's a one-be-one versus the goalie. She fakes right as it goes left, touching it in softly, and in it goes. Y/N can't stop cheering, feeling the buzz all over her body. She's incredibly proud of the hard work they have all put in. Just as they reset and the ball is passed back, the whistle is blown and signifies they have won.
Golden Sparks are moving on to the semi-finals.
The girls are quick to jog in and tackle Y/N and Kate in a massive group hug. Y/N is going to be basking in this happiness for the entire weekend.
Y/N sends all the girls to their parents, letting them know she was okay doing the clean-up on her own. Kate stuck around, as did Juliet, because she wanted to have breakfast with Y/N telling her parents they were not welcome to come even though the invitation was extended to them. Clara and Xavier did not take any offense, happy to go back home and nap the morning away if their young toddler would let them.
Y/N approaches Harry after she gets everything settled in her trunk. He smiles at her, walking over helping her close her trunk as they wave by to Kate together. Josie and Juliet hang out in Harry's car, going through his Spotify playlist as they skip song after song, not being a fan of his taste.
Y/N lets out a deep breath, "I've been working up the courage to do this."
"Do what lovely? Harry asks curiously.
"Would you like to have dinner with me?" Y/N feels her stomach tense up as she waits for a response; by his wide eyes, she can tell he wasn't expecting her to say that, but he plays it off well.
"Asking me on a date?"
"I am."
Harry agrees, "I'd like that."
"Does Friday work for you?"
"Yes, great."
"I'll uh, pick you up."
"Proper wine and dine, love." She chuckles because, yeah, she wants to swoop Harry off his feet just like he did to her without even trying.
Y/N gives him a hug holding him tight for a few seconds, smiling up at Harry feeling giddy that they had a date planned after two months of flirting that they weren't sure would go anywhere.
"Juliet, we got to go."
"Okay, auntie." Juliet slams the door just a tad bit too hard, making Y/N mutter an apology.
"Bye, Harry."
"Bye, love."
Friday had arrived quicker than Harry expected. He got to see Y/N during the week because of the practices, and he was texting her every chance he got. He wanted to let her know he liked her and he was serious about pursuing her. It's been a long time since his last relationship, but call him cliche with Y/N; it all feels right. That everything is falling into place like it should.
Now here he sat on his couch waiting for Y/N to arrive; he had changed his outfit three times because she told him casually, and he couldn't settle on a look. It wasn't until he put on a plain black tee that hugged her arms just right and white linen cropped pleated trousers that he felt ready. He even broke out his new white Vans for the evening.
Harry was about to check the time when there was a knock on his door. He couldn't tame the butterflies in his stomach if he tried. As he opened the door, Harry let out a laugh because there stood the most beautiful woman holding up a bouquet of red lilies. He's falling in love, and there's no stopping him; he just hopes she's there to catch him.
"Hi Harry, these are for you."
Harry laughs, not knowing how to react to receiving flowers, "I'm speechless." He accepts them and gently cradles them in his arms. "I'll put them in water, and we can go."
"Sure, no rush." Y/N admires his living room, never having stepped foot in his house until today, and it's small but cozy. There are photos of all his family framed on the wall to her right. He has a small bookshelf that holds more vinyl than books.
Harry comes back and sees her staring at a photo of Josie on her first birthday covered in cake from head to toe. "I'd give you a tour, but I'm actually really excited to start our date."
"I'm sure they'll be another time."
She walks down his driveway to her parked car allowing Harry to have a moment to look her over. She's dressed casually; she has high-waisted jeans that show off all her beautiful assets. Her lavender cardigan looks warm; she left it open to expose a white plain top. It is genuinely a casual look, but she makes it look over the top.
"You look beautiful," Harry tells her as she stands by her car door.
Y/N does a small twirl before jokingly curtsying for him. "Glad you think so. Those trousers are doing your thighs justice if I do say so myself."
Harry giggles loving how easy she compliments him.
"Right, I wanted to take you mini golfing but considering it's a Friday and summer, it's going to be packed with teenagers."
"Oh, you definitely saved us."
"Yeah, I thought we could take Josie during the middle of the week as a date. I bet she'd enjoy it. Although, I never keep track of points because I'm too competitive."
The date has barely started, and she's left him speechless twice.
"You want Josie to join us on dates." Harry states.
She looks over at him quickly as they are stopped at a red light, "Of course, Harry. She's your daughter; I don't expect you to find a sitter every time we want to go out together. Isn't it like if you're dating me, you're dating my daughter."
He chuckles, "but not on our first date."
"Honestly, I think we were long overdue for a date."
"Yeah, I wanted to ask you out all summer long," He confesses.
Y/N gasps in shock as she signals a right turn, briefly checking her blind spot before making the turn. "Yet, it only happened with a few weeks left in summer."
"Yeah, but we got here, didn't we?"
Y/N leans over and places her hand on his thigh, squeezing him twice, "Yes, we did."
Harry sees her turn into a diner that looks a bit run down; he doesn't dare question her because she seems so excited as she gets out of the car and waits for him by the trunk. Y/N extends her hand for him to take, and he does without a hint of hesitation.
Y/n leads the way, but he hurries to open the door for her. She thanks him with a squeeze of the hand. Walking in, he was startled at how Harry felt he was transported to a seventies diner. The booths were red and looked sparklingly new. To the left was a jukebox that he was desperate to have a look at, maybe dedicate a song to Y/N. The floor's black and white pattern shined at him as the waiter wore a nice button-up with a black bow tie, a red and white striped apron thrown over, his name tag said James.
"After you," Y/N said, wanting Harry to pick a booth side; he knew better than to fight her and slid in on the left side. Harry is surprised when Y/N slides in right next to him. "This alright, Harry?"
Harry grins at her, dimples on display just for her. "Yeah, just caught me by surprise."
She opens up the menu sliding the other one away so they could share. Y/N points to some of her favorite items on the menu and cringing at ones she disliked.
"You know the menu well." Harry states before deciding on the turkey burger she had raved about.
Y/N chuckles, closing the menu. "My grandparents brought Clara and me here every other weekend, never letting us eat out. My grandmother was against the food industry, and she knew the owner here prided themselves on giving back to the community. Always holding fundraisers or donating to local teams."
"Fast food industry isn't the best, but I thank them because I can get Thai food delivered to my house."
Y/N doesn't have time to respond, as their waiter comes back with two glasses of water. "I'll have the turkey burger, no onions, and fries instead of the salad."
Harry didn't know she didn't like onions but made a mental note on it, "I'll also have the turkey burger and the side salad. Oh, and the couple milkshake, we agreed on strawberry, right?"
Y/N nods her head, "I had forgotten about that, but yeah, two straws, please."
"I'll have that out shortly," James tells them, walking away.
"The shake is too hard to die for; it has whipped cream on the top and bottom. It's freshly made, nothing like the canned kind. It's large! Made to be shared, thank goodness you remembered."
Harry shrugs, "That's what I'm here for."
Harry loves how easy conversation flows with Y/N. He doesn't have to force himself to say try to think of a topic or question to ask her. She's very open in sharing herself with him, he's never had someone drop down all his walls this quick, yet again, he might have dropped back ages ago.
Y/N talks to him about his grandparents and how adoring they were. That they supported all of her dreams, even the ones that we're crazy, like wanting to become a witch because she wanted to make flowers grow from her palm. Harry shared how the first year of Josie being born, he felt like he never slept, always nervous something would happen. He also tells her how living in Georgia is something he didn't enjoy, but he also didn't want to bounce Josie around from school to school. It was only date one, but Harry was excited for what the future had in store for them.
When James came back to drop off their burgers and shake. Y/N didn't even hear him too busy laughing at a dumb joke Harry had told her; he can't even remember the joke he made because her laugh is music to his ears.
Y/N waits for Harry to take his first bite, and he decides to tease her just a bit. He slowly raises the burgers stopping an inch from his lips; Y/N sits there, chin perched on her hand as if she has all the time in the world to wait for him.
"I'm in no rush, casanova." She smirks, not falling for his game.
Harry knows eating burgers is nothing sexual, so he decides to go all in. He moans at the first taste he gets, it's juicy, and the pepper jack cheese is perfectly melted, adding an excellent combination.
"Love, that is an amazing burger."
"I know." She's already gotten a bite in. She eyes his salad plate for a moment before looking back over to her fries.
"You want some, sweetheart?"
Y/N giggles at his comment, "God no. I eat healthy enough already, thanks to Juliet, but can I have some of your ranch?"
Harry understands eating healthy, he does it for Josie, and since Y/N is constantly around Juliet, it makes sense she would change her eating habits but does know as an aunt she's easier to give in to desserts. Not that he minds; he needs more sweetness in his life.
"Sure, you eat it with your fries. That's interesting."
She shrugs, "I don't think it is. Everyone in my family eats fries with ranch, including Josie."
"If Josie starts eating fries like that, I will know who to blame."
Y/N bumps her shoulder with Harry, "Haha."
They eat most of their meal in silence. Occasionally, Harry steals a few fries causing Y/N to chuckle before turning her plate, so Harry didn't have to reach over her. She doesn't chastise him about not ordering fries if he wanted some. Harry likes how much he enjoys spending time with Y/N.
"What's one thing you hope to accomplish within the next five years?" Harry asks as Y/N passes the shake back to him and takes a generous drink. They had finished eating, and now we're trying to finish the shake that Harry thought was smaller than what had arrived at their table.
"My usual answer is a doctor, but what's happening next year, so, give me a moment," Harry waits for her, watching as she plays with the rings on his right hand. They went front sitting thigh to thigh to Y/N, hooking her leg to Harry's, causing her to lean more on him. Harry liked it, and if he wasn't somewhere public or their first date, he would have pulled her into his lap. He took a chance and set his hand on top of her thigh; to his surprise, she placed her hand on top of his, intertwining their fingers together.
Every little thing she did made him fall deeper and deeper.
"I want to run a marathon."
"A marathon? I didn't know you were a runner."
"Oh yeah, last December I ran a half marathon, and it was hell, but once the runner high hits, it's the most wonderful thing."
"Why not do it now?"
Y/N frowns, taking off the rose ring from his finger and slipping it on one of hers. "The training is rigorous. You have to work up the miles constantly and eat better. I would rather enjoy the upcoming year."
"Well, when it happens, I can't wait to be there cheering you on." He tells her with a hopeful look.
"I'll hold you to that, Styles."
Harry smiles, hoping she does, hoping he gets to spend many more years to come with her in his life.
Y/N excuses herself to the restroom, and Harry decides it's a good time to pick a song. He approached it grateful to half a quarter hanging in his pocket. The jukebox looked old but well kept. Harry saw over 100 songs but searched for a specific one in mind; he was thrilled to see it was on there. Just as it started to play, he saw Y/N walking back towards him, so he hurried over to slide into their seat.
"You know, you're kind of clumsy."
"Am not," he denies.
"Oh, sorry, so it wasn't you who bumped into the table as you made your way to sit down."
Harry decides not to respond, knowing she saw him embarrass himself, and instead starts singing along to the song. The smile on her face widens as she hears how good he is.
"I'm not surprised you picked Fleetwood Mac, "songbird" is a sweet song."
"Am I that predictable?"
She nods, "Jo always sings one of their songs; at the sleepover, she said that's what you played most, so I taught her my favorites."
"Is it you I have to thank for the ABBA and Selena obsession?" He playfully glares.
"Guilty. She needed to brighten her horizon."
"Josie doesn't even know Spanish."
"Ah, but she will now."
"You're weird." Y/N shrugs in acceptance, knowing he meant it as a compliment.
As Harry's song comes to an end, she jumps up and rushes over to pick her song. She doesn't shy away about dancing her way back over to him. She mouths along to "The Name of the Game," moving her body to the beat.
"The name of the game?"
"You know it, darling."
Harry feels the heat in his cheek and hopes Y/N won't bring it up. She gets him flustered in just a few words.
"You know this is about falling in love with your therapist," he states
"Harry!" She exclaims. "No, the song is open to interpretation."
"What do you think?"
"I think it's about the early days of your relationship and wondering if it'll be something more or not. Also, that bridge, I mean come on."
Harry loves how passionate she is about the song. He loves that she's not afraid to share her thoughts with him, and he realizes he's doing the same. He can't help himself and leans in to press a kiss to her temple, throwing an arm over her shoulder to pull her close as they sit there listening to the song to the end.
"Ready to go, angel?" He feels her mutter a small okay, as she gets up, offering her hand to him as he's at the edge. "Let's go take care of the bill."
Y/N chuckles, "Already did, Harry."
Harry pulls her back, turning her to face him, "When?"
"The restroom, oldest trick in the book."
"Sneaky, sneaky."
Y/N, let's Harry lead the way out this time; they say goodnight to the staff and hurry over to the car. He didn't bring a coat, and he still wasn't used to how cold California got at night. He thought summer meant warm nights with a gentle breeze, not chilly air. Y/N seemed to not mind it, not hurrying after Harry as he jumped into the passenger seat.
"Afraid of the cold, H."
"Yes, why is it so bad?"
"Didn't you get snow in December up in the peach state? Also, aren't you from where the sun never shines?" Y/N teases him as she settles in her seat, turning on the heater for Harry.
"We visit occasionally; I can handle the weather with the appropriate clothing." He pouts at her, rubbing his arms.
Y/N turns around, reaching for something in the backseat before settling in again and settling it in Harry's lap. She doesn't say anything besides dazzling him with a smile and pulling out of the parking lot.
Harry slips it on over his head and finds it fits him loose, "I hope you know you might not be getting this back."
Y/N turns to look at him as he drags the collar up to his cheek to feel the softness it still holds, "That's my coach sweater. Kate got me a few, all in different sizes; I wear this one because I like baggy hoodies."
Harry smiles at her, he knows everything they have done has been in reverse, but he loves how confident she is. He knows she's been hurt before in the past from what she's shared but not once has he felt her trying to hide or push him away. He wants to tell her everything he's kept locked inside, he's never felt like this before, and he hopes the feeling never goes away.
"You know, if people see you wearing the sweater, they'll start talking."
Harry turns in his seat, facing her as the street lights shine on her face. "Let them. I've got no shame in people thinking you're my girlfriend. If I'm lucky enough, it might come true."
Y/N shakes her head, thankful for the darkness because he won't be able to see how her face heated up. The drive to his house was short, he wished for the night to never end, but even he knows he's not that lucky. Harry lets her know it's okay to pull into his driveway as he had his car parked on the curb right.
"I'll walk you to your door." Harry holds her hand the short way to where they will soon have to say goodnight.
Harry doesn't try getting his keys out; instead, he turns her to look at him, wanting to remember her in this moment forever. His last first date. Call him crazy, but there was no one else for him. It was always Y/N; he just had to find her.
"I had the best night with you," Harry whispers, pulling her close by her waist. She rests her hands on his shoulders and nods. "We're doing this again, Y/N."
"I got a second date." She cheers.
Harry leans his forehead against hers, smirking as he hears her breath hitch. "You get a second, a third, a fifth, a one hundred. You name it, you got it."
He's so close to closing the gap between them, feeling their breaths mix together.
"That means you'd be stuck with me for a long time."
"I want to say forever, but that might be too soon."
"Our secret." She whispers, her eyes dancing from his lips to his eyes. "Please kiss me, H."
Harry knows he won't ever be able to deny anything she wishes in life, mainly because he was close to losing her once before.
His lips moved slowly, savoring the feel of her against him as he pulled her close, letting himself rest against the door. He felt the butterflies in his stomach going crazy as she moved her hands to his hair, tugging on the small curls. Harry pulled back in fear of letting out a moan at the intense pleasure she made him feel.
Y/N pulls back breathless but presses her lips to his cheek, not wanting him to touch to go far. "Will you give me another, darlin'," Y/N nods a starry look in her eye as she lets Harry swoop in and take control of the kiss. This second kiss is faster and more passionate. Harry was holding back before, but now he wants her to feel everything he makes her feel. Harry wants her to know he gives her goosebumps and fireworks.
"I could kiss you all night." Harry trails kisses on her cheeks, loving how lost in his touch she is.
"Too bad, I need to rest. I've got to coach a game tomorrow."
That statement is enough to bring Harry back to reality, where he has to wake up extra earlier to pick up his daughter then drive her to the game. They have to say goodnight, even though neither one of them wants to.
Harry pulls away, dropping his hands from her waist; Y/N follows by letting her hands slide down from his hair.
"See you tomorrow?" He winks at Y/N as she walks backward, creating distance between them.
"Of course, we got a semi-final to win."
Y/N walks to her car, touches her lips feeling the lingering heat on when he kisses her breathless. She is turning on her car, making sure her headlights are on, when she sees Harry rushing down the steps toward her, the smile on his face contagious.
"What is it?" She asks as she rolls down her window, knowing she wouldn't leave soon if she got out.
"A kiss for the road."
Y/N couldn't dare deny him a kiss, especially when she was craving more already.
Harry slipped a hand the back of her neck, fearing she'd pull back sooner than he wanted. Her lips tasted like cherry; he figures she put on chapstick. This was only their third kiss, but it had only gotten better. Harry swiped his tongue against her bottom lip, begging for entrance, but she pulled back, letting out a breathless laugh at the pout he made, no longer able to feel her against him. She leans and pecks at the corner of his mouth, whispering a goodnight as he steps back, letting her drive away.
It may be too soon, but he might just love her.
The semi-final had to be one of the most intense games she had seen the young girls play. It was goal after goal from each team, neither one backing down on the pressure.
In the second half, she told them she was proud that if they kept playing how they were, this game was theirs. Going in a 3-2 lead, the girls stood shocked when, in a corner kick, the other team had been able to get it into the back of the net and over Dawson.
Kate thought this might knock them down, but it sparked something in all of them. All the parents stood up from their seats when they saw them dance around the opposing team switching the ball side to side. Honestly, it was something far advanced than they've ever presented.
Y/N was in awe; their communication was at a new level. There wasn't much time left, and Kate feared penalty kicks even if they were prepared for it.
Lani had control of the middle field; she just needed to get it past their defense. Juliet had defenders marking her tight, no way able to make a run towards the goal. If they played it right, Juliet would draw them out, leaving a gap allowing them to make a run for it. That's all they needed for a foot race.
Kate was sitting on the bench holding tightly onto Sarah Beth's hand, not able to take the pressure; then again, no one could take it. It all happened so fast; one moment, Juliet ran towards the midfield, two defenses following close behind when she got a touch on the ball, letting her send it back where it came from, then straight down the line. Jo and Franny ran down both sides too far ahead to be stopped; Jo was able to get a touch on it, crossing it straight to Franny, who shot at goal but was stopped by the opposing goalie. Jo was there for the rebound striking it in.
She did it. She made the final goal.
Jo was quick to be bombarded by the rest of her teammates hugging her as they ushered back for the kick-off. Y/N wished she could run in there and hug her, telling her how proud she was, but for now, shouting 'great job' and 'stay focused' would be enough. Y/N looked over at Harry, who was wiping his tears still yelling proudly for his daughter, and like he knew she was staring, he looked over at her giving her the cheesiest grin she had ever seen on him.
The game finished, and the Golden Sparks won another game, taking them to the final the following week. Y/N congratulated the girls telling how proud she was of them and the hard work they put in each game. She told them she can't wait to see them on Monday and to have a wonderful weekend. Then told their parents to spoil them a little extra this weekend that earned a cheer from all the girls.
As Y/N was packing up her things, Kate and a few other parents already helped carry everything over to Kate's car. She felt arms around her waist.
"Hey, quickster," Y/N says, turning, allowing her niece to hug her properly.
"The girls are going to get ice cream if you want to go with them; Emilia's mom will text you the address," Juliet asks, but Y/N has spent enough time with them and wants to let them be.
"Thanks for the offer, but you have a good time. I'll let your mom know Emilia's mom is dropping you off." Juliet nods, giving her one more hug before hurrying over to Emilia's car, where Jo also happens to get in. She sends them away; she notices Harry a few vehicles over putting a bag away when she reaches her car.
Something comes over her because the next thing she knows, she's calling his name and standing next to him.
"Hiya, love. Doing alright?"
Y/N tucks her hair behind her ear and nods, "Yes, all good. That was an exciting game."
"Good to hear."
"You doing anything now?" She asks, peeking over her shoulder, seeing Kate has her eye on her, but she just rolls her eyes before looking back at Harry.
"Going home, my munchkin left me."
"Well, there's a great Mexican restaurant here if you'd like to join me for lunch."
Harry smirks, "Asking me on another date, are you?"
"I have to when I know you're still a bit nervous about making a move," she confesses bashfully.
Harry's not surprised she can so easily read him; all the walls he had left are gone.
"Then I'd be honored."
"Great, uh good. Just follow me then."
Arriving, they were seated quickly. A plate of chips and salsa were delivered shortly, Harry asked for guacamole. Y/N didn't argue, knowing for many people that was one of their favorite dips. Personally, she wasn't a fan. She didn't like the texture. Most people were shocked at the revelation, and no doubt Harry would as well.
"What's good here, love?" Harry says, leaning into her side to peek at her menu instead of opening his.
"Hmmm...honestly everything. I always get something different when I come, but you can never go wrong with tacos."
"Alright, you want to share?"
Y/N shrugs, "We can. I'm not picky, but I am starving."
"Have some guacamole; you haven't gotten any."
"No thanks, I'm not a fan."
"You serious?"
"Yes, Harry."
"That's strange."
"What is?" She sets the menu down to look over at him.
"I mean, it's fine. At least you'll never buy avocado toast for like six dollars." He chuckles, and Y/N can't help but join in.
Their waiter comes over, "Estan listos para ordenar?"
Y/N nods, "Hola, si. Dos tacos de asada, y dos de al pastor. Por favor."
Harry is staring intently at his menu, not speaking a word as they wait for his order. "You alright, darling?"
He leans close to whisper in her ear, not able to focus on the term of endearment, "Can you order for me?"
She doesn't tease him, just smiles, "Y una orden de enchiladas rojas."
Their waiter smiles and walks away, promising to be back shortly.
"Have we discussed you speaking a second language?"
"I thought we had." She brushes it off like it's no big deal.
"I don't think so."
"Okay, I took YMCA classes from age seven and did so all the way until college. Even have a minor in Spanish."
"Sorry if you felt uncomfortable. They speak English as well but primarily speak Spanish."
Harry shakes his head, not wanting her to feel bad, "No, I was just caught by surprise. Hearing you speak Spanish was a turn-on."
"I'll keep that in mind." She winks at him, glad to see the blush spread on his cheeks.
Lunch went great, just as she had expected. They shared food, Y/N enjoying Harry's enchiladas much more than the tacos. Harry happily ate the three tacos she left after eating most of his plate, not that he minded. Y/N appreciated how open he was in sharing food. She had always done it growing up, so Harry allowing her to do the same made her find more profound comfort in their already growing relationship.
Harry beat her to the bill, and she let him take it not without letting him know she'd get it the next time. They stood outside together, allowing the nice breeze to brush over then neither one was eager to say goodbye. They knew they would see each other soon, but with the growing affection, they just craved more time together, more time getting to know each other.
Harry had her pressed against her car door, hidden from the view of others. "We should do this again."
"We should," she agrees.
"My house Thursday night, Josie is going out with Sarah and Mitch to watch a movie, most likely do a sleepover as well."
"I'd like that. We'll see if you can maybe have a sleepover yourself."
Harry smirks, liking the idea of her spending the night with him, not caring that they both had work the following day.
"Are you going to kiss me?"
"I want to."
"You have my full permission," she teases.
Y/N met him halfway and pressed, letting him press his lips against hers. As she kissed him back, she wanted him to feel how much she liked him, how fast she was falling for him. His hands wrapped around her waist tight; it gave her comfort. She knew he wouldn't let go until she asked.
She felt her beat just a little fast as she left out a soft moan; she shifted closer as his mouth opened over hers and his tongue slid between her lips.
He was in control of her. She did not mind one bit.
With a sigh, she tilted her so he could kiss her more deeply; he didn't need any encouragement to do as she wished. His kiss became more intense, she could feel the burn between her thighs, wanting more, needing more, and that's when she knew she had to pull back, but he beat her to it.
Harry pulls back, staying close enough that he could steal another kiss, "God, I can't get enough of you."
He surprised her, how open he became with her feelings, she hadn't asked how his therapy was going, but god, it must have been doing wonders if she could feel every emotion that was going through him as she gazed into his loving emerald eyes.
"I'll see you soon, darling." Harry took that as his cue to let his hold of her go.
"Not soon enough," he whispers.
"You'll see me Monday," she reminds him.
"Can I steal a kiss then?"
"If you're lucky."
Y/N knew it wouldn't be long until she could say she was in love with Harry.
Harry never thought he'd be the type of guy to be excited over a simple call or text reading: 'I'm thinking of you." She's made him feel good and confident in their relationship. He sent flowers to her work that led to her sending him a selfie with her face buried in the flowers.
At practice, he knew she couldn't pay attention to him, but that didn't mean he couldn't. He saw how fast she moved with the ball showing the girls a new drill, then doing it again slowed down, making sure they all understood. He admired how she never got frustrated. He knew how hard it was to handle one eight-year-old, but sixteen was impressive. He'd sit there for hours just admiring her if he could.
On Tuesday, he called Alycia, the receptionist at Y/N's office, asking for her lunch schedule, wanting to drop by and leave her lunch. She let him know she was taking it later that day at 2 since she was so busy. He decided that a BLT sandwich from two blocks away would do as she had once expressed to him how well done they were, promising to take him one day.
He walked in, noting how few people were in the waiting room, but eagerly stepped up to the counter. Alycia greeted him kindly, now seeing him more than once when he took Josie to her first session. Josie showed improvement, and each time he brought her, he made sure to leave a note behind for Y/N.
As he told Alycia to give you the food, there Y/N came walking down the hall. He was surprised at how casual, yet professional her look was; she had a silky oversized button shirt tucked into her linen pants, wearing her brown loafers he knew she didn't use often.
"Alycia, can you update this- Harry!" Y/N looks shocked to see him standing in front of her, not at all expecting to see him; she just planned on calling him later at night like they had been doing the past few days.
"Hi, love. Brought you lunch." He smiled sheepishly, holding up the bag.
She laughs, handing over the file to Alycia then stepping towards Harry to wrap him in a hug she has been wanting to do since she laid eyes on him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tight against him, taking in her sweet honey scent. Before pulling back, remembering, after all, she was at work.
"I'm starving, thank you, darling. I was about to head out." Y/N rubs her stomach jokingly.
"Well, I'll leave you to it. See you tomorrow."
Y/N pouts, "You're not staying?"
"Well, I didn't want to assume."
"Assume, please." She laughs at the smile she gets Harry to give her.
They excuse themselves from Alycia and walk towards her office. They take a seat on her couch as Harry hands her the sandwich. They ate together, and for the forty-five minutes they had together, it was perfect; they shared stories of how their week was going at how Josie was anxious for the game and just promising to see each other soon. Harry got a kiss goodbye and was glad he would be seeing her the following day.
It's Thursday night, and Harry will finally get her for more than half an hour. Josie left a few hours ago to watch the movie with Sarah and Mitch, her sleepover bag on her shoulder not at all a surprise for Harry. He glanced around his house and knew it wasn't the cleanest. Josie always had some stuff scattered around the house, but he knew it just gave the house character.
"Hey, I'm outside," Y/N tells him on the phone before hanging up.
He rushes to the door, swinging it open to see her shut the door with her hip before making her way to him, a grin on her face as she carries a pink box in one hand and what he assumes to be food in another.
"You said you don't always like having to cook, and I know you said you love Thai." She giggles as he reaches to take the bag out of her hand, letting the smell take over.
"This is sweet, love. I appreciate it."
"Well, of course," she shrugs off his compliment. "I wanted to do something nice."
"I feel like I should be the one doing sweet things for you," he confesses as he guides her to his kitchen.
Y/N frowns, "Darling, we can move past that."
"Can we?"
"Of course, I feel like we've grown in the last few weeks. There's a different type of trust, don't you think?" She turns to face him, knowing the conversation was serious.
"Do you know how sorry I am?"
She nods, slowly stepping towards him, stopping right in front of him. She lifts her hand under his chin to have him look at her. "I do, and I forgive you. Sometimes we let our emotions win."
"I hope you know I'd never do that again." His voice is soft.
"I know."
She leans in, pressing a soft, lingering kiss to his lips.
"Dinner?" She beams.
"Yes, of course."
The meal is good, probably one of the best foods he's had in a long time. She didn't pick this up from his usual place but wouldn't tell him where she went. Told him she needed to keep some things to herself to keep surprising him. Harry finished most of the meal and then opened the pink box she left on the table that held a mixture of donut holes.
"You've still got room," she exclaims.
"They smell so good." He defends. Y/N laughs but rejects the offer to have one.
After cleaning up, he leads them to the living room, deciding to watch a movie. The scroll endlessly for a few minutes before settling on Life As We Know It. Harry shared that it was one he enjoyed watching back, and she agreed.
They had only gotten thirty minutes in before they began chatting. Y/N went on about how she was planning a trip to take two up north wanting to visit June Lake and hike some trails. Y/N's sister was going to see Xavier's family in San Diego, so they couldn't go up with her. Harry, without thinking, said if she'd have them, they could go. She didn't respond, making him assume she didn't want them to join, but she surprised him by hugging him.
"Best idea you've had tonight. I'll make all the reservations. Just let me know when you're free." She told him before settling back down next to him, her hand on his thigh going back to the movie. She was grinning at the montage of Holly and Eric and how they were learning how to co-parent Sophie. Harry had not taken his eyes off of her; she laughed as Sophie pooped in Eric's old hat.
"You're staring." She narrows her eyes at him, suspicious.
"It's because you're beautiful."
"Thank you," she answers timidly. "Very sweet of you."
"Of course, I'm going to spend the rest of my life telling you how beautiful you are if you let me."
"God, you're smooth."
Harry smirks, "Smooth enough for a kiss."
She didn't answer him; she wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him forward so that he could meet her halfway, and pressed her lips against his. Harry was quick to take control, slipping his hands around her waist and placing her on his lap, "this okay," he asked, quickly pulling back making sure she said yes. Once he had a go-ahead, he went back to her lips; she shifted closer, now touching chest to chest, not a single space in between as his tongue slipped into her mouth, prideful of the moan she released against his mouth.
Harry smoothed his hands from down her waist to rest on her ass, then cupped her and held her to him as he thrust against her. He pulled back for a second fearful he went too far; Y/N frowned, slowly opening her eyes whispering "again" against his lips, and who was he to deny her.
She could feel his hesitation, slid her hands up, and cupped his jaw, "You're okay, we're okay. You're taking care of me. I want this."
Harry swallowed hard, noting she never stopped rocking herself on top of him. His mouth curved in a slight grin, pushing up to meet her, he felt her go soft in his arms, and that's when he really realized the effect he has on her.
He needed her lips on him, it had only been a few moments, but he was craving her. He laid a string of kisses up her neck until he reached her mouth, lips swollen, but he knew she was eager for more.
"Harry, please." She had a hand tangled in his curls, needing to close the distance.
"I got you, love."
He tilted her head, allowing him to kiss her deeply, the kiss only more intense than before. If he didn't need to breathe, he would kiss her forever, never stopping.
"So pretty, all those moans just for me,"
"All for you," she breathes out.
Harry smirked, moving her up and down over his pants at a steady rhythm, but she was fighting for control.
"It's alright, love, let yourself go. Show me how pretty you look when you come."
Y/N was so close, tensed her thighs around him about to reach her release when they heard a phone ringing, halting their movements. Harry groans, pressing one more lingering kiss to her puckered lips, before reaching over to the side table to his right for his phone, "not me."
She holds back a whine, getting up for her phone inside her jacket. "Whoever it is, don't answer," he half-jokes.
Y/N giggles and looks at the caller as she swipes right to answer, "it's my niece."
Harry watches as she nods, telling her to relax and that she'd be right over.
"Has our night been cut short?"
"It has. Juliet got in an argument with her dad and is now threatening to move out."
"What," he laughs, standing up as he watches her shrug her jacket on.
"Yeah, to the backyard or with me."
"She really made you a mediator."
Y/N laughs, shrugging.
As Harry is walking her to the car, he can't believe how the night turned or would have. "You know I thought it would have been my child who interrupted us."
"Well, your daughter is an angel next to Juliet."
"You really think so,"
"I know so."
"You make it so easy to fall for you," he confesses, wrapping her in a hug before she leaves him for the night.
"What, I mean it."
She leans up to kiss his cheek, "I'm sorry we didn't get to finish."
"Me too."
"I hope you know once I'm in bed tonight, I'll be thinking of you."
"That's not fair."
"Why not?"
"Because I want to be the one taking care of you, making a mess of you."
"We'll get there," she promises.
Harry leans in and kisses her; it's short and sweet.
"Night, Harry. See you Saturday."
"See you then. Goodnight, love."
It's bittersweet honestly, it's the final game of the season. The girls have worked very hard to get where they are now: at the championship game. After this game, win or lose, they'll have a month off. No one will call her asking for an extra jersey, asking her for a ride, or texting her what time the game was, even with them owning the schedule. They'd all get a break until mid-September.
Harry and Josie were the first to arrive, while Kate and Y/N were setting up the warm-up drill.
"Loverboy is here." Kate teases as they walk to the bench.
"Stop." Y/N looks over at them, seeing them heading this way. "Styles family, good to see you."
"Hiya, Coach."
"Hello, Jo. You're going to go get ready?" Y/N says, looking down at the girl's black crocs with Avengers pins.
"Yup," she skips away, sitting on the grass next to Kate, who's pumping air in a few balls.
"Harry, hi."
"No darling," he teases."
She narrows her eyes at him, "I'll have you sit with the other parents if you keep teasing."
Harry looks appalled; she'd suggest such a thing, "Now that hurts."
"You know I thought you'd be sweeter, especially about that wonderful night we had Thursday."
A smile tugs up Harry's face at the memories, "My apologies, didn't want to upset my girlfriend."
"Girlfriend?" Y/n doesn't hide her surprise.
"Yeah, uh, we've gone out enough. I like you, and I'm going out on a limb here that you like me," she nods, allowing him to continue. "You're marvelous and love, Josie; god, you even gave her a nickname. I want this; I really want to hold your hand and keep going on dates with you and kiss you. I never want to stop.
She smiles, stepping into his embrace, "I'll be your girlfriend, boyfriend."
"Enough to risk a kiss?"
She doesn't reply; instead, she leans in, giving him a chaste kiss.
"Now go be a good parent and take a seat."
Harry does so. The smile on his face mirrors her own.
The game passed in a blur; the four quarters finished quickly. Y/N had thought they lost to the other team carrying a two-one win over them. The girls didn't look defeated, but each girl she subbed came out with a sigh but cheered as the minutes counted down.
Everyone hated losing, including herself.
Then out of nowhere, Priscilla, a usually shy player, gets a touch on the ball and sends it towards the goal. The goalie lets it slip under her, and what do you know they scored. The cheers seem endless; Y/N isn't bothered with the time, knowing there isn't much left in the final quarter.
This gives the girls a new motivation like a spark has been lit. It's a game of keep-away, Blue Devils not giving up easily. Abby gets the ball at her feet, and she freezes; the goalie is running right towards her, the defense kept away by the others; it's not until someone shouts, "Shoot!" that the young girl lifts her left foot shooting it through the goalies' legs and hitting the back of the next. Then just like that, the referees blow the whistle and call the game.
The Golden Sparks had won the championship. Y/N felt the tears in her eyes, thankful for the sunglasses hiding her overflowing emotions.
Y/N laughs as she feels Kate hug her and begin jumping up and down.
"We did it!!"
"They did it!"
Y/N is swept through the motions as she shakes hands with the coaches and claps the opposing team's hands. It's not until Juliet runs towards her with full force, knocking her onto the grass, wrapping her arms around her waist, that she's brought back to the moment. Then before she knows it, there are fifteen more girls joining in on the group hug. She's not sure when Kate was dragged into it, but she feels their joy.
They have a lifetime of wins and losses coming ahead in their young lives, but she's happy to be part of one that brings them so much happiness.
The young girls help her get up before hurrying over to their waiting parents. Juliet is being smothered in kisses by her parents. Josie is passed around by Harry's friends and her godparents, congratulating her on the win. Each girl showing off their small first place trophies, indeed to be displayed for all to see somewhere in their home.
Y/N has waved almost everyone off, telling them she would see them for pizza and drinks at their usual location. She took one look around the emptying field and felt she did well this season, but there was also room for her to grow as a coach.
"Looks like you're a champion, love."
Y/N turns around to find Harry smiling at her, Josie a few feet behind, waving to a couple with a baby. "Think she's the champ; she played the game. You did wonderful out there, Jo." She grins as Jo looks at her proudly.
"I still think you should be congratulated; you led these girls. Taught them and helped them grow into becoming better little humans." he shares, grabbing her hand pulling her into his chest.
"Well, thank you." Y/N looks down at Josie, who's crouched down trying to pick up what's likely to be a worm, "Ready for some pizza, Jo?"
Josie nods, not looking up too entranced on the creature in her hands now.
"Can I give you a gift, you know for uh...winning?"
"Course, I like presents." She grins at him, eager for what it could be.
His fingers curled into her nape and pulled her head into his as he kissed her softly. She felt his full lips move over hers; she felt how much he felt for her. As Harry brought their kiss to an end, he pulled back and looked into Y/N's eyes. "Was it a good gift?"
"The best," she answers before they are interrupted by a giggling Josie, who is staring up at them.
"Does this mean you're together?" Jo asks.
Y/N and Harry share a look before looking back at Josie, who's patiently waiting, "yes."
"Oh my! Dreams come true!" She shouts, running circles around them.
"Isn't meeting dad's girlfriend too soon a bad thing?" Y/N asks Harry.
"Not when you know you're never letting go."
"Oh, I like the sound of that." She lets pull her towards him, his arm resting comfortably over her shoulder.
"Plus, you're meeting all my friends at the pizza place, they all came to cheer on Josie, and you did say everyone was invited."
"I might just regret saying that."
"It'll be fine. Not a chance you don't win them all over."
Y/N brings them to a halt, Harry smiling down at her. This is happiness; she never wants to forget it. Harry leans in, letting their mouths meet in a kiss, soft and passionate as they both spill their feelings for another, hoping that with each passing second, the emotions only get stronger and stronger.
Harry pulls back, resting his forehead against hers, "I don't know what the future will bring, but I'm glad we'll be able to see it together."
Josie walks a few steps in front of them, leading the conversation. Harry and Y/N listen intently, holding each other tightly because this is what their future will consist of; more soccer games, more smiles, more laughs but most importantly, more love.
thank you so much for reading <3333
I adore you. take care xx
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onlyangel-k · 24 days ago
🦋 - personal favs
Happy Anniversary:
in which you celebrate your anniversary in Harry’s office
Good Morning Indeed:
in which Harry and his wife is trying to sneak in a little quickie in the midst of the family’s morning chaos. Followed by 50/50 bread tantrums, wrestling a biscuit-hunting kid who’s set on having Hobnobs for breakfast and two stroppy teething babies. Fun.
Drs Styles:
Reconcile, pt2: 🦋
in which nearly divorced Harry is trying to win his wife back. Oh and his bitter nine-year-old daughter.
Did I Break It?:
in which you and Harry share a glass of wine in the kitchen and enjoy scraps of leftovers from the kids while trying to figure out Year 3 maths homework. Followed by a giggly, quite realistic smut because some nights aren’t just meant to be, are they?
In Sickness And In Health 🦋
After the birth of the twins, Harry and YN’s marriage suffers.
Mess Is Mine, pt2, pt3
a three-part story about a single dad Harry and single mum YN.
half a heart, pt2
in which Harry’s new album is stressing him out and he lashes out at the kids and his wife.
daddys girl:
harry hurts his daughter’s feelings when he plays favorites
On S’envoie en L’air?: 🦋
in which a little mid-day quickie and cockwarming on the balcony are involved during their family holiday to Côte d’Azur. Plus Harry teaching his little boy to swim.
favourite, pt2: 🦋
harry likes one of his children less
unconditionally, pt2
inspired by the fanfic “Favourite”
A Bit Of Singin’
in which Harry’s little girl being extra clingy before her daddy’s show and ends up running to the stage.
The Kitchen’s Closed:
a little Father’s Day special in which YN gives Harry a vasectomy appointment for his Father’s Day present.
Baby Steps:
harry and y/n takes baby lad to the park to teach him to walk.
tears of a mother regret of a father together as a family:
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satanhalsey · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
By the time the final show ends, Y/N is a mix of sweating and crying.
She had forgotten what it felt like every time Harry got off the stage and there was no telling when he was going to get back up.
She cried hugging Gemma and Desmond, until he ran up to her and hugged her tightly.
"Let's go to the hotel, m'love," he told her, not caring about the thousands of people, he just wanted to be with her.
They said goodbye to his relatives and ran to his car that was waiting for them outside the place, where after greeting the driver, they both entered the back seats.
The two of them were silent, enjoying it after the noise and the screams, until Y/N was the first to speak.
"You are unique."
Harry laughs and lowers his head, trying to hide the blush that her love causes him.
"H, you were able to do forty-two perfect shows, although we know it's nothing new." They laugh. "I'm so proud of you, bubs."
He looks up at her with sparkling eyes.
The light from the streets shines on her face and she has disheveled hair from jumping and dancing, but even so, she manages to be the most beautiful woman in the world.
He can't believe it, all the love that enters his body for the woman in front of him, and he knows that day by day that love multiplies more and more.
The best part? she feels the same way about him.
So he gets closer, still silent, and kisses her. It's a slow, unhurried kiss, in which both take the time in the world to explore the mouths they know by heart, but never tire of feeling.
Harry hopes to convey everything he feels for her through that kiss.
When they separate for air, they have their foreheads together and their eyes closed, until Y/N opens them when she hears an almost inaudible whisper.
"Let's go home, so I can finally put a ring on your finger."
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mindofharry · a month ago
Wildest dreams
Tumblr media
✧ ✧ ✧
“You know I enjoy hanging out with you” Harry mumbled into your neck as he began to kiss down it. You didn’t reply, you could only focus on the feeling of his tongue against your neck. Harry stopped when you didn’t reply smirking to himself. As an older man, this reaction from you did boost his ego a little. You don’t think Harry knows how good he is at sex. He’s like a sex god. And you have to keep that all to yourself, which you kind of like. Keeping this man to yourself. It’s not by choice, keeping him all to yourself. There’s only one problem:
He’s your dads best friend.
They had met at a work party a few years back, harry is a little younger than him. He’s 39, while your dad is 50. Although your dad is a little bit older than harry, he always says harry has an old soul and is such a good friend to have. Especially in the business community having him on your side is something you want.
You had met Harry at a bar. You were out with your friends, celebrating one of your friends promotion. Harry spotted you first, mesmerised by your beauty and confidence. When you spotted him your heart sped up and you nearly fell back down into your seat. But you decided to put on a little show — obviously both of you not know this was the harry and the Y/N. You brought your hands down your chest, past your stomach and to your thighs shaking your hips to the music. Harry smirked to himself, sitting more comfortably in the seat watching you move yourself sensuously and confidently. Your hands were in your hair when you felt hands on your hips. You looked back and smiled when you saw it was the green eyed hottie from the bar. Probably early thirties, definitely in some sort of business from the watch and expensive suit. You pressed your ass to his crotch, making you both moan.
After that, let’s just say things got a little heated. Harry said he lived near by, so against your better judgement you both took and uber to his condo. He had his hand on your thigh the whole way there.
“You’re comfortable with this? You want this?” He asked as he walked you up to his door.
“More than anything.”
And the rest was history, you had exchanged numbers after hooking up for the first time. And it was more a friends (strangers, more like) with benefits sort of vibe. He needed you? You were there. You had a stressful day? Harry was ready to go down on you.
But that progressed and now you’re seeing each other every day. You’ve been sleeping with each other for about two years now. Sometimes you take breaks from each other, but when you see each other again — it’s like you never left. But at the moment, this is your second night sleeping over and this “friendship” was starting to feeling more like a relationship. And you liked it. You liked him cuddling you, buying you things (even though you asked him not to), you like waking up in the morning to make him some of your favourite food, you like coming home to having him cooking up some dinner. You liked Harry.
There was just one problem: your dad.
Harry was way too faithful — well, not that faithful. But he was too nervous to tell your dad. Not only would he lose his best friend, he could lose important sales because of this. And you, you were worried he would hate you. Or kick you out for being some whore.
You had found out he was the harry a year ago. And that was a stressful time. But you both needed each other too much to let this go.
You both liked (loved) each other way too much. Harry was home to you now, whether you want to admit that or not.
A pinch to your side brought you back from reminiscing. Harry was on top of you, smiling at your dazed look.
“Did you hear me? I said I like hanging out with you.” Harry repeated and you roll your eyes, placing your arms around his neck.
“No, you like my pussy.”
Harry sighed, placing a peck on your lips.
“Also true.”
You hit his chest, but gave him a cheeky smile as he began to kiss down your naked body. “This pussy is all mine. All mine.” He said slapping your clit, making your hips buckle upwards. The pain turned into pleasure and you couldn’t hold back the whimper as harry slapped your clit again.
“Such a little whore.” Harry whispered, against your thigh slowly kiss his way to your drenched sex. He loves the taste of you and the way you bucked your hips when he sucked on your clit. He loves the whimpers and the lip bites. Harry especially loves the hair pulling, that turns him on to the fullest.
You moaned as harry’s tongue made contact with your slit, licking all the way up his stare never leaving your face. His hands moved from your thighs, to your hips to get them still. Your hands made contact with his hair, giving it a light tug as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. God, his tongue was so good.
Harry pressed his lips to your clit, puckering them up, then flicking his tongue against it. He loved watching you unfold, because so vulnerable under his stare and his stare only.
“Fuck, You’re gonna make me cum so fast.” You whimpered, harry only hummed against your clit sending you electric vibrations throughout your body only bringing you even more pleasure than before.
Before you could even think, harry spread your legs open more bring your left leg over his shoulder. He got back to work pretty quickly, missing the taste of your wet core.
He moved his hands from your hips, lifting his head a bit so his fingers could make contact with your clit, running them along your slit and then clit. Your hips buckled upwards and your leg was straight in the air.
You never knew you were this flexible.
“Harry i’m going to cum. Going to cum, so fucking hard” You moaned and harry nodded against you, his tongue flicking against your core faster and faster.
You back arched as you felt his tongue and finger entering you at the same time, the pleasure indescribable. With the pleasure ripping through you, your hands found your breasts giving them a squeeze as you climaxed.
“Oh shit.” You moaned, your hips jutting up like crazy.
Harry sat up, wiping the side of his mouth with his thumb. You whimpered at the lack of contact, but were grateful he didn’t push you too far because you’re always super sensitive after an orgasm — especially after one as good as this.
“You’re very good at that.” You breathed out.
Harry shrugged.
“Lots of experience.”
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peppers-analytics · 4 months ago
Birthday fun | h.p x reader
[navigation] {taglist}
Summary/request: you peg Harry for the first time
Warning: smut, pegging, fingering, the slightest edging, praise, mommy kink,
A/N: Happy birthday, golden boy! This has been sitting in my drafts for so long and decided to finish it since it's Harrys birthday and we haven't had sub!Harry in awhile
-> fandom: Harry Potter
You settled against the headboard, the strap-on hooked around you, Harry straddling your hips. He situated himself over the cock, letting the tip sink into him. His mouth fell open, a low whine leaving his lips. “You're okay, Har, ” you said, shushing him quietly. He lowered himself a little more with another whine.
His hand wrapped around his cock, yours resting on his thighs, rubbing soothing circles. “Just a little more, bub.” He obeyed, lowering himself the rest of the way onto the strap-on, a whimper leaving him as he fully sat. “That's it, atta boy, ” you praised. “Move your hips a little bit. Just like I do on yours, okay?”
He shifted his hips a bit, a small smile creeping to his lips. “Like mommy does, ” he said, repeating the movement. You smiled, hands moving to help guide his hips. “That's right, pretty boy, ” you said. He made a quick movement, gasping as he did so. “Careful now, don't hurt yourself, baby. Start slow for me.”
His hips stuttered, slowing as you told. He leaned down, his lips attaching to yours. He started to move again, whimpering with every slow grind. His hand wrapped around his cock, giving slow strokes in time with his hips.
His hands moved up your sides, groping at your tits, mouth moving down to suckle at one of them. “Pretty, ” he praised. You smiled, one hand rigging at his hair, pushing him closer to your chest. He gained more confidence with his movements, hips moving faster, proper moans being pulled from his lips.
“That's it, my good boy.” your hand replaced his on his cock, twisting your wrist with every stroke. He whimpered, lips finding yours again. “Please, let me cum, ” he whined. “Go ahead, pretty boy.” it only took a few more strokes to send him over the edge, shooting ropes and ropes of cum onto your chest. He smiled down at you, thanking you.
“I wanna make you feel good too, ” he said, slowly pulling himself off the strap-on. “You don't have to, baby. It's your birthday, I treat you today,” you replied.
“But I want to, mommy. Need to show you how good you made me feel.” he rested his head in the crook of your neck.
You sighed, your fingers tangled in his hair. “Okay, anything for you, my love.”
He smiled, moving below you on the bed, and sitting up to pull you to your back. You took off the strap-on, situating yourself comfortably. “Is that okay, mommy?”
“Perfect, ” you replied. He tapped on your thigh, instructing you to spread your legs for him. “So pretty, ” he said. His finger glided through your folds with ease, prodding at your clit. He started with small circles, eyes snapping to yours when he heard you whimper.
His movements got quicker, smirking as he pulled away as your hips bucked. He smiled at you, finger returning to your clit. “‘M just having a little fun, ” he teased. You thought about telling him to stop, reminding him who listened to who, but you decided against it. It was his birthday, after all.
“Alright, then. Have your fun, ” you said. This time, he pushed that finger inside your cunt, the small moan you gave echoing in his mind. He stopped at the first knuckle, adding a second finger before sinking into the second knuckle.
He gave small thrusts, curling at the end of every one. “Fuck, ” you whimpered. “More, Harry.”
“Look who's begging now, hm?” Harry replied. You both gave a low laugh at his words, knowing full well he'd half regret them later on.
He gradually gave you the rest of those two fingers. He basked in the small praises you whispered. Your hips bucked, chasing the release that was quickly building, and his thrusts got quicker. “I'm gonna cum, ” you managed out. The words had barely left your mouth before the coil snapped, the orgasm washing over you.
Your spine bowed off the bed, your hand grabbing his wrist, his movements stopping. “Fuck, Harry, such a good boy for me.”
“Make me feel so good, baby. Now let's get cleaned up, yeah?”
He nodded, pulling his fingers from you, and getting up. He grabbed a wet towel, cleaning you up, before himself. “Hand me that shirt, please, ” you said, pointing to his shirt that had been thrown on the ground, and thanking him as you put it on.
He dressed himself, crawling under the covers with you as you searched for a movie to put on. “Thank you, mommy.”
“Anything for you, my sweet boy.”
Taglist: @nevsmommy / @black-rose-29 / @g1nnyslove / @chaosbringer566 / @daisyyy2516 / @siriuslystfu / @harmqnia
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harrywritingsbyme · 4 months ago
Keep Up
Based Off Of This Ask
And This One
A/N: I literally started writing like 5 fics trying to find something that sticks😭but im backkkk…and im back with you guys’ favorite coupleeeee🤪this is the 5th installment of Sneaking Around and i hope y’all like it…enjoy🙃
To sum it all up, your sex drive and need for Harry was on fire and a little out of control. You managed to be completely satisfied and unsatisfied all at the same time. While you felt so good after each and every round, you craved something more. You were needing round after round after round of pleasure from Harry. Whether it be from his cock, hands, or mouth, you could honestly care less if it meant that you’d be filled to the brim with the highly addictive pleasure Harry gave you. Your hormones only made it even more impossible to not want and crave more pleasure. They only intensified the already strong need  had him and made the pleasure that much more seismic and addictive. Even though by the end of one round alone Harry had you completely shaking and numb, your mind and body still managed to cry out for more. 
Now Harry thought this constant need of yours was incredibly hot and he absolutely loved having you wrapped around his finger and desperate for any physical touch from him. It was mind blowing to him that after a round of him consistently pounding into you over and over again, you’d still be sipping wet and waiting for more. But while all of that was the case, Harry also recognized that you in fact had him wrapped around your finger as well. While he loved making you beg and do anything he said in order for the mess between your legs to be taken care of, he knew that you also loved knowing that he wouldn’t not take care of you. If you hadn’t done anything warranting a punishment from him, Harry wasn’t going to let you suffer. But the problem with that though, is the fact that Harry was having a bit of a hard time keeping up with you.
See, whenever you two went at it, Harry strived to give you everything he had. He wanted every single time he pushed or licked into you to be the most pleasurable experience you’d ever felt until the next time. Well, more like the next round. Harry took your pleasure seriously, he felt like you deserved 110% all of the time and if it meant blowing his back out in the process of blowing yours out so that the experience could be beyond amazing, then so be it. However, the problem manifests itself after Harry gives the first 110%. Since there was quite an age gap between the two of you, while you were parting your legs or hopping on top of him for more, Harry was asking for at least 15 minuets to recover. Now he did have his moments where it seemed like he was unstoppable, but he also had moments where he needed a bit of an extended break in between. 
But even though this was the case and you absolutely loved him for wanting to put your pleasure at the forefront, you were more than happy to take charge and pleasure the both of you, the same way Harry did because the same way he made sure you were taken care of, you wanted to do the same for him. And while Harry too appreciated that, he couldn’t help but make little jokes about how he was becoming your personal sex toy instead of the other way around. To which you would then remind him of the time when he took you in just about every way possible until he was done with you (which was amazing by the way). You were also more than willing to take control because you found that whenever you took over and pushed you both to your respective releases, Harry would cum a bit harder than he would if the roles were reversed. 
Now at this point in you and Harry’s rendezvous, you were two for two with your releases. In the earlier part of your time together, the two of you were lying together in bed, with you on top and going in the opposite direction of Harry, giving you both the opportunity to completely mouth at each other. Harry had a firm hold on your hips to keep you right on his mouth as he sucked, licked, poked, and prodded at your center. As he did this, you were tugging at and sucking his cock, making sure to not forget about his warm and heavy balls in the process. You and Harry melted into each other as you both received and gave one another pleasure. The way Harry’s mouth engulfed and perfectly moved back and forth against you was indescribable. He knew exactly where to lick and suck and focus his movements, and knowing exactly how much pressure to apply. Harry made you feel so good that it was hard to even keep him in your mouth with the way you were constantly moaning. It just felt so good. It didn’t help that you could hear him going on and on about how good you tasted and even moaning against your pussy. But you weren’t the only enjoying the immense pleasure. Harry too was completely engulfed in the way your mouth and hands sent shockwaves and a feeling of euphoria through his body. He could feel every movement of your tongue and every contraction of your throat around him. Now if there was one thing that would always be his favorite when it came to your mouth on his cock, it’d be how sloppy you were with it. You’d slobber all over his shaft and balls, then take him as far down your throat as possible before gagging around his shaft and getting him even wetter. the same way Harry went on and on about your cunt, you did the same with his cock, going on about how big he was and how much you loved having him fill your mouth. Your moans as well sent shockwaves through his body, only pushing him closer and closer to the edge. And eventually, the two of you were catapulted off together, Harry released spurt after of his thick cum into your mouth as you squirted right against his mouth.  
This was just you guys’ first pair of releases.
The second pair came around no more than 5 minuets ago. After using your mouths, the both of you were ready for more. It was not long before Harry was sinking his still rock hard cock into your soaked cunt. The both of you nearly came on the spot it felt so good. Once he’d fully sank into you, Harry wasted no time picking up the speed of his hips and pounding himself down into you. It felt so good that you couldn’t stop yourself from letting out strings of loud moans and cries. Your mind was completely jumbled as you took every last stroke from him. Your moans and his grunts, along with the sound of his cock drilling into your sopping wet cunt along with the sounds of your skin slapping against each others filled the room. As you two continued on, you’d flipped in between different positions. From Harry pinning you down from behind to having your legs practically pinned to your chest as Harry slammed into you over and over again. The two of you only made it through about three or so positions before coming around to you riding Harry and carrying you both through to your second releases.
While Harry was thinking the last round was the final one, you had other ideas. 
“Can we go again daddy?” You ask sweetly, proceeding to bite your lip. 
“I don’t think I can keep up with you.” He pants, not feeling any spurts of energy to get him through another round. 
“You don’t have to lift a finger daddy, just let me do it!” You excitedly instruct him before leaning down to press a quick peck to his lips. 
You then proceed to begin moving yourself up and down on his cock, forming a little rhythm with your movements. You quickly bounced yourself up and down in his lap, taking his cock all the way up into you as deep as possible over and over again. As you continued on, your moans were just as loud as before, and you continued to slur your speech as you went on and on about how full you were and how good you felt. Harry too let out strings of deep moans and grunts below you, enjoying the way you moved your warm and sticky cunt around him. When you started feeling a dull tingling sensation in your feet and legs, you knew that your lower half was almost numb. To push you and Harry to your third and final pair of releases, you started grinding down into his lap. You’d push your front down into his so that you could dig your tingling button into the coarse hairs surrounding his cock. The feeling was absolutely incredible and pushed you closer and closer to your final climax. To push Harry along with you, you start off by reaching back and tugging at his warm balls. When you do this, Harry lets out a loud and desperate moan below you. He was already beyond his normal sensitivity so a couple squeezes from you felt incredible and furthermore pushed him closer to the edge.
What did the trick for the two of you though was when you grabbed both of Harry’s hands and brought them up to your body. You brought one down to your clit, and the other up to your chest to squeeze at one of your bouncing breasts.
“Touch me daddy!” You cry out to him, feeling your release speeding towards you. “M’so close!” You whine, swiftly grinding against his cock and down into his hand. 
“Me too doll!” Harry grunts, bucking up into you ever so slightly.
And in no time, you were squirting uncontrollably against him. Harry began to let go not too long after when he began to feel the warm liquid begin to run down his balls. He watched and listened to you whimper and thrash in his lap from the overstimulation as he completely emptied himself into you, giving everything he had left to give. Once you’ve rode the waves of your release, you collapse onto Harry’s chest, too tired to even hold yourself up anymore. 
“Did you finally wear yourself out sweets?” Harry breathes, bringing his arms around your body and pressing a soft kiss to your neck. 
“Mhm, felt so good.” You whisper dreamily, reminiscing on the immense pleasure that came from the last three rounds. 
“I bet it did baby.” Harry hums, dragging his hand up and down your back, feeling you slightly clench up around him. “I remember when I was your age and my hormones were crazy too.” Harry chuckles. 
“Yeah, and now you’re an old man. But it’s okay because you’re my old man.” You sigh, pressing a small kiss into his skin.
“M’not old!” Harry softly whines before lightly pinching your side. “You’re gonna get it in the morning.” Harry warns playfully. 
“We’ll see, I don’t think you’ll be able to keep up.”
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canyonmoonrry · 4 months ago
more or less?
summary: harry is riding y/n’s thigh and can’t seem to get enough. so, he has to decide “more or less?”
pairings: harry x female!reader
warnings: smut, dom!reader, sub!harry, mommy!kink, thigh riding, overstimulation, nipple play
word count: 758
a/n: my thigh riding, nipple play, & mommy kinks are coming to show today lol. I got carried away I wasn’t planning on the overstimulation. so, enjoy 😁
Tumblr media
“mommy, please. I need it.. it’s not fair.” harry pouted up at you through his eyelashes. “oh, baby I know but can you hold on a little longer for me.. yea?” you cooed at him.
you shifted your position from between his legs to sit against the headboard of the bed. “come on, angel.” you patted your thigh, “I want you to ride mommy’s thigh.” harry’s eyes went full blown wide as he stuttered out, “b-but you normally ride mine, why are we..?”
“hey, hey.. do you trust me?” you gently cupped his cheek looking into his dark green eyes filled with concern. he slowly nodded, “ok, come on then. sit down.” you ushered him to your thigh again. this time he slowly worked his way over, sitting down. his breath hitched the minute his hard cock met your smooth thigh.
you brushed his sweaty hair out of his face planting a soft kiss on his forehead, to reassure him. “ok, baby. I want you to” you moved your hands down to his hips where his fern tattoos rested, “move back and forth, like this.” you pushed him forward towards your chest then back to where he just was. this elicited a moan from harry, he quickly grabbed your shoulders as his back arched from the pleasure.
“how does it feel bub?” you said before continuing to grind his hips into your thigh. “g-good, mommy. I want to keep going.” you placed a chaste kiss on his cherry lips, saying, “ok, we can. just making sure you feel good.” with that you faintly smiled and began rolling his hips again.
soon enough, harry didn’t need your help. he was doe-eyed and grinding his hips deeper into your thigh, chasing his orgasm. “fuck, mommy! I’m going to cum, your thigh feels shit- so good!” he screamed. he was a mess under you, “ok, my angel. cum for me I want it all over mommy’s thigh.” you scrapped your nails down his chest and torso stopping right above his v-line. then groped his balls, sending him over the edge.
harry’s eyes rolled back, his thighs starting to shake. as his orgasm rolled through his whole body, his cheeks flushed and toes curled. you felt his thick ropes of cum on your thigh causing you to stifle a moan. he looked so ethereal in this moment you couldn’t get enough. you had completely stopped guiding his grinding at that point. you were just whispering praises in his ear and rubbing your hands down the expanse of his back. harry was pushing himself through his release with quick movements on your thigh. aching, begging, wanting more from the smooth, warm surface.
you noticed he kept going, overstimulating himself. “m-mommy it’s too much! but I want more, I think I’m gonna cum again. ah fuck- I want it so bad mommy help!” he was grasping for your hands in a frantic motion in his euphoric state. you calmed him quickly by placing your hands on his hips again. nibbling at his earlobe, whispering, “look at you.. my pathetic little boy, grinding himself on my thigh for a second orgasm.” you dragged your teeth down his ear before looking into his eyes filled with lust.
you grabbed his chin with your pointer finger and thumb, “look at you so fucked out.. what a shame really.” you aggressively let go causing harry’s head to go to the side. “but I guess I’ll give you what you want.” you began helping harry dig himself deeper and harder onto your thigh because he was exhausted. while your mouth attached to his nipple, pinching the other.
nipple play had to be one of harry’s favorite’s in the bedroom. so, it was no surprise that he quickly was screaming your name again and seeing white hot flashes in his vision. “suck harder, mommy! I need more!” he begged for more stimulation through his orgasm. you happily obliged until he came down with short hot spurs of breath hitting your face.
your thigh and the sheets were an absolute fucking mess. cum everywhere but the sight made your core drip. tonight was about your love though. so, you pulled him into your chest rubbing his back. harry lazily wrapped his arms around you; already beginning to fall asleep. “you did so good for me, H.” you whispered. all you got in a return was a kiss to the top of your breasts. before soft snores were coming out of his mouth. your pretty fucked boy sleeping on top of you.
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expelliarweasley · a month ago
defenceless | harry potter
Tumblr media
pairing: harry potter x gn!reader (slytherin) warnings: fucking james potter reincarnated, rivals to lovers trope because i'm caving i hate it here prompt: "so you like me, is that what you're saying?" "what? no-" "took you long enough."
summary: harry had been pining over a certain slytherin, something he didn't see doing but he was determined in making his. y/n likes him back, but the thing is? they were just too annoyed with harry to say so.
"Could you at least say something real for once, Potter?" Y/N almost spat, eyebrows furrowing at the smug look the Gryffindor exudes as he looked at them in amusement. "What? I'm not lying when I said I dreamt of you," he smirked, ruffling his already unkempt hair as he leaned forward at the table, laughing slightly at the Slytherin seated across him.
The Slytherin rolled their eyes, silently praying to Merlin that their cheeks didn’t redden as that of a blooming rose. One way or another, as much as Y/N says they were not attracted to the Gryffindor they had been neck to neck with for some quite time now, their constant innuendo may have sometimes given the hint to Harry once or twice for awhile.
Of course, Harry was living for it. He had been smitten with the Slytherin for the longest time he could remember. The problem? Y/N was one tough person to crack. He couldn’t blame them though, considering how he had seen them in love once during third year to a Gryffindor whose name he can’t remember (since he couldn’t care less) only to be shattered in the Yule Ball at fourth year, making Y/N almost immune to any chances of love that can recuperate.
But, you know. Harry Potter was Harry Potter. And his determination was the same of his father’s towards Lily. Although the bullying towards Snape was absent, what had been James bullying to get Lily's attention became Harry bullying Y/N to get Y/N's attention.
You know what they say, the apple doesn't really fall far from the tree.
"Oh, don't mind Y/N over there," Daphne smiled at Harry who was behind Harry and beside their table, clearly eavesdropping at the conversation of the pair out of her constant matchmaking. "Y/N just really couldn't believe you've been dreaming about them. Not to worry, they're as flattered as they can get."
Harry chuckled at Daphne, eyebrow raising before turning to the Slytherin who can be mistaken as a Gryffindor considering how red they were. "Seriously, Y/N?" he said in between of silent laughs, "I feel like I might get Daphne as my personal translator of your words and actions sometimes. I might need it more often than not."
Y/N shot a sarcastic, tight-lipped smile. Mentally taking note not to give Daphne any of their Cornish pasties at dinner tonight. Throughout Divination and the torturing lesson of oneiromancy, Y/N was determined in ignoring the Golden Boy of Hogwarts and just continue living their day without any boy annoying them and their thought process majority of their day.
Not when they found Harry a brave soul in Defence Against the Dark Arts, not when they found it enthralling as Harry defended himself out of his consistent persistence of the truth about a fate that he inadvertently was destined to.
Every now and then, Y/N always came to terms how Harry was something to be appreciated no matter how annoying he was to them. Just the thought alone on how he maintains sane most of the times, even at the constant threat of the Dark Lord returning.
But Y/N couldn't tell that. It would be one hell of a ride if ever they confess to that secret of theirs. It was better Harry not knowing, especially if they find themselves at the verge of attachment yet again.
So, that became the resort of Y/N ever since the end of the tournament up until now: deny themselves any of feelings. No matter how it always comes back to bite them in the arse whenever they do so.
What are they to do? Fall in love again without any reassurance coming from Harry? How much does Y/N know about the boy other than his cockiness and rather amazing flirting and Quidditch skills that makes them reassured of his feelings towards them?
No. Y/N really just can't risk it, not again.
However, just like every facade we seem to force ourselves into, Y/N had seen their resolve crumble when he saw Harry almost stricken with fear and anger as he finds his way to the Gryffindor Tower one night.
It was a coincidence, really. Y/N tries to convince themselves that they were not roaming around the whole castle to search for Harry when he had failed to show up for dinner and they hadn't snuck any glances at the Gryffindor Tower amidst Daphne's constant teasing about it.
Harry was almost dazed, his left hand numb and almost as if he had been injected with anaesthesia at some point. The words imprinted on his hand could not compare to what felt like a loss of oxygen in his thoughts as he couldn't comprehend the thoughts that were running his head at that particular moment. He didn't even see the Slytherin that was walking towards him, when, on sane days, he could even sense them even if he had his eyes closed. And even though he was at the verge of fainting and his body was falling to the ground nano-speed, he couldn't sense the Slytherin scurrying towards them out of panic.
"Oh god, are you alright?"
Those were the first words he heard the moment he had been snapped back into reality. He was at the hospital wing, glasses discarded at the bedside, though he couldn't be mistaken at the voice that had greeted him the moment consciousness came back again at his midst.
He turned his head to the right, meeting the eyes of the person he had grown to love over the years. "I – uh," he started, rubbing his eyes.
For once, Harry James Potter was found speechless around Y/N Y/L/N, when it was always the other way around.
"God, sorry, my question was dumb. How are you feeling?
Their voice was laced with concern, and Harry ensures to himself that he was awake and this was not a dream. He was sure that Y/N often appeared in his dreams every so often, that he couldn't even decipher if Y/N being like that to him now was reality or just a manifestation of his subconscious mind.
"Am I awake?"
"I mean, yeah?"
"Right," he nodded, moving in the bed to push himself up. "Just had to make sure since I didn't know you have it in you,"
"Have what in me?"
"To care for another person," he yawned, retrieving his glasses beside him. "Much more so that person being me."
Y/N blushed in response, racking their brain of any phrases or topic to talk about to quickly divert what Harry had pointed out.
"Harry!" Hermione said rather loudly, earning a harsh shush from Madame Pomfrey, to which she had apologised quickly in a quieter voice, Ron following after not far behind.
Hermione met Y/N's gaze. The girl smiled at them, nodding slightly as an act of gratitude. Y/N took that as their cue to leave, straightening their bottoms before standing up, hands which held their heavy bag struggling to carry it over their shoulders. They nodded at Ron, who, also gave the same appreciative gesture to them as they left the hospital wing without any bid of farewell to Harry who they had been keeping a close eye on for what seemed like hours now.
The moment changed everything for both Harry and Y/N. It happened not so suddenly, though. Everything was gradual, and everyone around them missed it most of the times.
However, if Hermione had not been the wiser, she would have missed Harry's declining occurrence of his playful remarks. Rather, she would notice how Harry's eyes linger on longer than usual to the person she knows had feelings for her best-friend as well. On the other party, Hermione also sensed Y/N's indirect avenge towards Umbridge; something she found quite entertaining, considering how Slytherins blindly follow Umbridge, as an embodiment of their internalised house prejudice toward the Gryffindors. Not to mention, how Y/N had defended Harry one time which have landed them in detention.
And when Y/N accepted Hermione and Ron's invitation to the first assembly for Dumbledore's Army, them signing up for it after, it was confirmation on Harry's two best-friends that Y/N was not like any other Slytherin, and that, should a probable romance blossom between Harry and Y/N, it wouldn't be up for questioning.
It pretty much blossomed right in front of the whole DA in every session.
As students evacuated the Room of Requirement, and after Fred and George had mentioned their scheme to Harry, Y/N was left at the corner, fixing their bag and uniform to follow the group of students. Harry had (rather a bit impatiently) cut short Fred and George's convincing talk, aiming to catch up on Y/N before they could ever leave the room.
He didn't mind the annoyed glances of the twins out of his interruption, Harry couldn't care less. All that matters is the only Slytherin in both the room and in his heart.
"It's been a long time since we've talked," Harry started, hands playing with his wand.
Y/N looked at him, smiling at the first conversation they had ever since Harry's admittance at the hospital wing. "Yeah, it felt like ages. Though, I get a fair share of your voice anyway in DA."
"Who knew I'd get Y/N to be in DA?" he smirked, crossing his arms over his chest. "Don't flatter yourself that much. It was Hermione and Ron who had invited me here, not you."
"Ah, you would've accepted in a heartbeat if I were the one that had done so, wouldn't you?"
Y/N blushed, yet again. "In your dreams, Harry,"
"Oh? When had we been on first-name basis?"
"Whatever," they muttered, turning on their heel to leave, but Harry already had a hold of their arm before they had the chance to do so.
Harry made his way in front of them. "I haven't had properly thanked you,"
"Don't think about it," Y/N smiled, trying not to wince when Harry had brushed his hand over their left hand, but he caught the slight discomfort, of course. Having to have heard of what happened to Y/n a week prior, Harry already had an idea as to why they had winced in pain when he held their hand.
He brought their hands closer to him, running his thumb over the fading scar. "You didn't have to, Y/N." he whispered, meeting their eyes. "I don't deserve it."
Y/N shrugged, "She was telling so much shit about you, fucker deserved the ton-tongue toffee I bought from the Weasley's."
"Yeah, but that's not enough reason for you to be scarred because of the shit she's saying about me." He said, still caressing their hand to soothe whatever pain that may still be there.
Harry smiled at the second rush of redness to Y/N's cheeks. "Unless there's something I should know?"
"Yes. And that it is only I that should be talking shit about you, Potter." Y/N tried to defend, pulling their hand out of Harry's grip.
"So you like me, is that what you're saying?
"What? No –"
"Took you long enough."
And everything happened quite quickly, Harry had already pushed strands of their hair out of the frame of their face, leaning in to finally kiss the person he knew was the one for him no matter what prejudice other may have in terms of their houses or their polar differences. All that matters was he believed in love, and love was the Slytherin that he has right now.
"I'll take care of you," Harry whispered as they pulled away from each other. "You don't have to worry." he smiled, cupping their face.
Falling in love yet again was not indeed a mistake, especially if it was falling for him.
In response, Y/N smiled. Finally accepting the reality that had been on hanging on loose end, finally being true to themselves. They were defenceless to love, but they wouldn't have it any other way.
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dracossweetprincess · 3 months ago
shaving | h.p
Tumblr media
request: yes/no
preview: harry asks you to try and shave his face
warnings: shaving, just extreme fluff, established relationship (married) a/n: if you enjoy this fic, please reblog. it helps so freaking much.
“sweetheart, could you come over here?” harry asked as you got up from your shared bed and walking over to the bathroom. you carefully walked behind him, hugging him around the waist and nuzzling into his neck. “well hello there, darling.” he chuckled.
“hi baby, why’d you call me?”
“you’ve been practically begging me to do it so, i thought i’d let you shave my face.” you beamed at the statement, “really?” harry nodded. “thank you babe!” you grinned pecking his lisp and jumping onto the bathroom counter as harry stood between your legs. “first i’ll show you how to do it.”
you watched intently as harry wet his face and applied shaving cream and then carefully a little shaved a little patch, you making sure to pay attention so you wouldn’t hurt him. “alright darling, you can go ahead now.” you took the razor from his hand and slowly glided the razor across his face, harry chuckling at your concentrated expression.
“what are you laughing at? douchebag.” you whined, playfully kicking his leg with your foot. “you’re so cute, sweetheart.” harry peppered your rosy cheeks with kisses, a little of the shave cream falling on your face. “harry, babe stop! it tickles!” he pulled away with a pout, “don’t avoid my kisses mrs. potter!”
he let you continue shaving his face, watching you with so much love and admiration in his eyes. he was so lucky. you made his life so happy and he hoped you felt the same with him. “ugh i’m scared i’ll cut you!” you huffed, “you won’t baby, and if you do it’s fine i’ve cut myself several times and it doesn’t hurt.” he didn’t show it but he was melting inside at how you were scared you’d hurt him.
“alright love, it’s done!” you acknowledged, squishing both his cheeks between your hand and smiling at how cute your husband was. “look at my baby, he’s so babie!” harry blushed madly, hiding his face on your shoulder as you stroked his hair. he eventually looked in the mirror, examining your work.
“you did really well, princess.” he praised, butterflies erupting in your stomach at the nickname. “now i want cuddles.” he picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist like a koala and bringing you towards your bed. “nap with me my darling, i love you.”
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harryssmommy · 2 months ago
hey love <3 can i please have a fluff of harry when the reader is his girlfriend ( she/her ) and they have a stupid fight over something harry did and he finally apologize to her and they end making out in the common room !!
silly disputes — harry potter
Tumblr media
❀ a/n: thank you for requesting! i fucking love harry sm so obviously i’m gonna do it yk 🙄 i changed it to y/n’s dorm if that’s okay :)
❀ pairing: harry x fem!reader
❀ synopsis: harry and his girlfriend have a stupid argument and fix it with a make-up make-out.
❀ wc: 918 words
❀ warnings: (not proofread), angst, arguments, mean-ish!harry (only for a bit), swearing, crying, making out, i love yous 😊
main masterlist // hp masterlist // navigation
Tumblr media
harry and y/n were lying on the sofa together. she was lying in between harry legs, her back against his chest. they were simply staring at the fire and enjoying each other’s company. all was well. that is, until harry spoke.
“y/n, can you get up? i have to go.” his girlfriend turned to look at him.
“go? go where?” harry got up after y/n moved away. he grabbed his things from the floor.
“i’m tutoring someone.”
“really? who are you tutoring?” y/n followed harry towards the entrance of the common room. harry stopped and turned around to look at her.
“romilda vane.” he said plainly. he turned around again, prepared to leave but was caught by the grip on his wrist.
“romilda vane? seriously?” y/n looked upset as harry turned around to face her again.
“yeah. is there a problem?” harry asked.
“yeah, there’s a problem. you’re gonna be left alone in a room with her.”
“oh, i see. you’re jealous.”
“what? i’m not jealous!”
“okay, then let me go tutor her.” harry crossed his arms over his chest.
“no! do you even know her reputation with guys at this school? she’ll do anything to pull them!”
“okay, now you’re just being paranoid.” harry muttered. y/n scowled angrily, feeling the tears behind her eyes.
“i’m being paranoid? harry, she’s tried to drug you with a love potion before, remember?! but ron got it instead. what do you think would’ve happened if ron hadn’t eaten those chocolates?”
“i don’t know y/n, but romilda’s a nice girl. i’m sure she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. don’t you trust me?” y/n placed a hand on her forehead and groaned quietly.
“are you fucking kidding me?! of course i trust you! it’s her i don’t trust!”
“i don’t believe you.” harry stared her in the eyes, glaring.
“so you believe her over me?” the tears were getting harder to hold back.
“yeah, i do. you know i never knew you were the jealous type. that’s so unattractive.” fuck it. the tears were falling down the girl’s cheeks, non-stop.
“you know what?! go fucking tutor her, okay! i don’t want to fight with you anymore.” y/n almost choked out a sob. harry left without a word, leaving his girlfriend in the middle of the room, crying her eyes out.
maybe she was just being jealous. but she was just worried about harry. she knew how intense romilda could be about getting what she wants. and she’d never actually do anything unless harry was alone.
the fact is harry and y/n needed each other the most. but harry didn’t see the problem in tutoring a girl in his class. he was upset that his girlfriend thought that he would do something to hurt her. and in the heat of the moment, he said some things he regretted. but he was too prideful to apologize.
of course the tutoring session went how y/n thought it would. romilda not so subtly flirting with harry, touching his arm, laughing at stupid jokes, etc.
at one point she even grabbed his face and tried to kiss him. but harry stopped her before she could. that’s when he realized, y/n was right. she was right not to trust romilda, and he needed to make up with her, now.
he took his things and left, not a word to romilda. he ran into the common room desperately, finding it empty. he ran up the stairs to her dorm and knocked softly on the door.
“who is it?” he heard a horse voice from inside the room. she was probably crying, he thought. now he felt worse about the fight.
“umm, it’s harry.” harry heard shuffling inside the room and lit up expecting her to open the door. nope.
“go away.”
“please, y/n. i’m sorry, you were right about romilda. you weren’t being paranoid you were just looking out for me. i’m sorry, i should have listened to you. you don’t have to let me in but i just wanted to apologize.” at that, y/n opened the door. she stood with tear-stained cheeks.
“come in.” she stepped aside and let her boyfriend in. they sat on the bed in silence. “so what happened?”
“she tried to kiss me. i stopped it.” y/n nodded and muttered,
“i told you.”
“i know. and i’m sorry i said such horrible things to you. i just- i thought you didn’t trust me. i didn’t understand. I regretted it as soon as i said it.”
“what you did was wrong,” y/n started.
“i know.”
“but if you give me your word to never to do it again and keep it, i’ll forgive you.” harry nodded and took hold of y/n’s hands.
“i promise. i won’t hurt you again, okay. at least not intentionally.” there he is. y/n thought. she hugged harry, chuckling.
“let’s never fight like this again, okay? i love you.” harry smiled against y/n’s shoulder and grabbed her face to kiss her. she kissed back lovingly, having missed the feeling of his lips on hers.
digging her hands in the boy’s hair, y/n deepened the kiss, sending sparks down harry’s spine. wanting more, he moved his mouth down toward her neck, leaving a trail of kisses down her collar bone.
y/n groaned softly and pulled harry back up to her lips to kiss him. she slipped her tongue into his mouth and brought him closer, if possible. after a while of making out, they pulled away breathlessly, smiling at each other. harry spoke,
“i love you, too.”
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jellyraindrops · 5 months ago
If I went to Hogwarts
Me, visits Hagrids hut for the first time:
Hagrid: It ain't much, but its home ya know?
Me: omg I love it! Hagrid, your house is literally so cottage core!
Trio: ?
Me, in potions: Ok but like what's Snape's problem? He's always so cranky
Draco: I heard-
Me: I think he just needs to get laid.
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