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☆♬○♩●♪✧♩ music tag ♩✧♪●♩○♬☆

i was tagged by @artisticgrroove; thank you darling!! <3

Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist. put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then choose the next victims.

1. wave by ateez;

2. golden by harry styles;

3. the night we met by lord huron;

4. everybody by shinee;

5. maniac by conan gray;

6. sunlight by hozier;

7. girls by girl in red;

8. strawberries & cigarettes by troye sivan;

9. spring day by bts;

10. take the dive by jonghyun.

and well, this was fun :))) & if you want to do it, do it!!! 🌙

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Imagine person A lightly tracing “I love you” over and over again on person B’s back, assuming that person B is asleep. When person A is lying on the back, getting ready to sleep, person B moves closer and wraps their arms around person A, whispering softly “I love you too,”.

Bonus if it’s the first time that person A has ever declared their love for person B.

Nearly 3.4K words!


Being best friends with some one like Harry Styles means that there are some things that you don’t do as a person. Constantly being around Harry Styles means there are definitely some things you don’t do. Ever.

There are little things, like make a fool out of him in public, play fighting where you’d leave marks- which half the time they do- posting things online, going out when they shouldn’t, pretty much anything. Then there are the slightly larger things which were clearly outline for Y/N when she and Harry had first became friends. Big things like, no holding is hand, or kissing. They weren’t aloud to mess around with each other or get together as a couple. One thing that Harry’s management team had made very clear to her was that she wasn’t aloud to fall in love with him. She didn’t have a clue if they gave the same warning to Harry.

That clearly didn’t work for her.

Harry and Y/N had known each other from when they were teenagers. They’d met a little while after Harry had auditioned for the X-Factor. She’d done the same thing, but had gotten through where as Harry had to be brought back with the other boys. They’d met, an instant connection had occurred and they were best friends. They grew together for the period of time that they were together, getting to know each other as well as Harry’s other band members. She loved ever single one of them. When she was eliminated from the competition she stayed, of course she was upset. She wanted to win, wanted the opportunity to work with record labels and actually go somewhere with her music career- and she did, she was signed not long after she left- but she hadn’t one. But she stayed. She stayed for Harry and the other boys, watching them as they very quickly climbed to the top and won over every person in the audience.

When they hadn’t won it broke Y/N’s heart, they were the best. They were the group of people that she though deserved to win. She wanted them to win. And in a sense they did win, they got the ‘deal’ of a lifetime, they’d produce and write and sing as much as they wanted. They got to tour the world and do something that they loved. Y/N was doing the same thing of course, she just wasn’t as famous as the boy band that the world came to know and love as One Direction. She was there though, writing her own music, producing and releasing things that she and her fans loved. She got what she wanted, and she also got the friendship of a lifetime to go along with it.

With One Direction touring all over the world Y/N didn’t get to see her best friend as much as she wanted to. And whenever they had a small period of time where they weren’t busy, Y/N was. Their timelines never seemed to match, they were touring or writing, they’d get a break and then Y/N was touring or writing and then she’d get a break and the boys were already back to working again. They’d see each other though, even if it was for small periods of time, they always, always made time for each other. As much as they possibly could.

And then 2015 happened. Zayn left the band and everything went to absolute shit. Harry was a little less Harry. He was still her Harry but he wasn’t as happy as he once was. So she took a break, she stopped writing and working all the time. She stopped spending so much time away from him. She finished her tour and took time off. She went to see Harry, she stayed with him. All of the time. She toured with the rest boys while they were still working, helping where she could, making things a little better than it was.

And then a year later the boys took a break, a ‘small hiatus’ they called it. 18 months of doing nothing. She got her best friend back for 18 months and it was absolutely heaven. They spent so much time together, at his house, at hers. They spent weeks doing nothing. And then days where’s they went in road trips, they had fun. They went on holiday and spent 3 weeks in Spain where they both worked on their solo work, Y/N had never been as proud as Harry as she was in those movements.

And then the boys decided that they didn’t want to come back, they decided that they wanted to stay apart for a little while longer. They were all working on their own music and were enjoy it way to much to stop. So they stayed apart, the other boys doing what they wanted to do and Harry do what he wanted, each of them being signed to different labels and getting new management. He finished writing his first album, he’s first solo album. His. That he’d written by himself, it was all his music. And he couldn’t believe it.

So he released his first album. He finally let the world hear the music that he’d been working on for the better part of a year- and they loved it as much as he did. Pretty soon after he released his first album he was back to touring, going places that he hadn’t visited in a long time, revisiting memories that included both the boys and his Y/N.

They went back to seeing each other on their breaks, they’d get time off and they’d spend it with each other. Harry was touring the world and Y/N was working on her second album, always making sure that Harry was the first person that heard any of her music, and he did the exact same.

Harry’s first solo world tour was finished, he been and don’t everything he needed to. He’d done the interviews and the shows, done all of the extras and finalised all of the recording that he needed to. And he was off again. Not working for him was sometimes something he loved, he loved not having to work, racking his brain for things to do however was less fun. Harry had pretty much started working on his second album as soon as he had finished the first one. As soon as the words on the pages were finished and the songs were recorded he was writing again, getting more words down in pages that he could make into something more.

When Harry had told Y/N about his ideas for the second album, her heart swelled. She’s never thought that she would get to where she is now. Never thought that she would have the kind of fame that she did now. She would have never had thought that she would get to share that with someone, someone that actually understood where she was coming from. Someone like Harry.

She’d never been as proud of the both of them in that moment when he told her about the songs, the names. Everything. She’d never been filled with so much love in her whole life.

Lights up was the first thing he released from the album. The second first thing he’d done by himself. It was the first thing that the world saw of Fine Line. It was the first thing that Y/N had seen of the album as well. Harry had shown her the songs, they always did that with each other. But she never heard the notes, never heard the lyrics sung. Until she did. And she fell in love with him a little bit more every time she listened to the song.

Song after song was released after that. The world quickly falling in love with the album as much as she did. The whole thing was released in December, and it was kinda like the Christmas present she never knew she wanted.

Fast forward a few months and here they are. Harry was doing interviews and going to meetings and loving every second of it. His second album was loved by everyone. He’d never been filled with so much pride. And neither had Y/N for him. They were spending more time together before they both had to leave for their tours and it was weeks before they saw each other again.


“Come on, Harry!” Y/N groans, moving so that she was laying back on his bed. She honestly didn’t want to move anymore than was absolutely necessary. She lifted her head slightly, looking over at where Harry was standing by the unit on the other side of the room, moving something around.

“I just wanna go to bed,” she whined, trying to get Harry to join her where she was wrapped in his duvet. They’d been out all day and her body ached. All she wanted was a cuddle off her best friend as she drifted off into what could quite possibly be the best sleeps of her life. But Harry was getting in the damn bed.

“I’m nearly done,” he mumbles back, still facing the counter not bothering to face Y/N. He wanted to climb in next to her, wanted to wrap his arms around her and honest never let go. But that was illogical. She didn’t want him that way and he’s been doing a pretty good job of actually hiding how he felt for as long as he could remember. Harry sighs, finally finished on the laptop he closes it down, pushing it back so it wasn’t near the edge, he turns to face the bed. Watching Y/N as she stared at the ceiling.

“I can feel you staring at me H,” she smirked, lifting her head back up to look him in the eyes. A quick and not so subtle flush rushes across his cheeks. He looks down, shuffling over to the bed, he reaches out. Pulling the duvet up so that he could slide in next to her. It wasn’t the first time that they’d shared a bed, it probably wouldn’t be the last if he was being honest.

“Stop…” he groaned back. Moving down the bed he lifted his arm so that Y/N could slide across the bed and snuggle down into his side, her head resting gently on his chest.

Harry sighs, body finally relaxing as he lies next to Y/N. He’s always relaxed when he’s around her. Always confident and happy. She’s everything to him. Even if she wasn’t aware.

Y/N settles down, moving so that her head was pressed against Harry chest. Her ear pressed right up against his skin, she’s fully able to hear his heart beat, loud and clear. Even through the T-shirt she listens, loving the warm body and the sound of life beneath her.

Harry had comes to rest against her back, gently running his fingers along the skin her body shivers in response to the caress.

“Sorry love,” he whispers, moving his head down to rest his chin on top of her head. Y/N shakes her head back to him, pulling his fingers away in responce to her body.

“Don’t stop,” her body shivers again as Harry pulls his fingers away, “feels good,”

Harry laughs, his body gently shaking as the sound works it way past his lips. The laugh causes his chest to vibrate, Y/N’s head moving alongside the movements- her own laugh slips past her lips, it developing into a small sigh had Harry starts running his fingers back across her back.

Harry starts tracing small patterns on her skin. He starts with small shapes, a circle, square, some random squiggles before he moves into actually tracing words. He starts with lyrics from his favourite songs, and then some from hers. Once he’s pretty sure that she seconds away from falling asleep he starts tracing the words ‘I love you’ into her skin. He’s definitely not brave enough to do that when she’s aware of what he’s doing.

She however, is fully aware, she’s sleepy. She’ll admit that, openly admit the fact that she’s tired. But she didn’t want to miss what Harry was doing. Didn’t want to miss the shivers that danced along her spine whenever Harry’s fingers brushed a particularly sensitive spot. Didn’t want to miss the flush that filled her whole body.

She’s aware when Harry stops making shapes, she can feel when he stops making random marks and goes onto making specific letters. She doesn’t quite get it when he’s writing out the lyrics, he moves a little too fast for her to figure out the shapes. She definitely gets it when he moves into writing out ‘I love you’. It takes her a minute, she tires to guess the letters that he’s writing out before she traces his fingers in her mind, her heart begins racing as soon as she figures out what he’s writing.

She doesn’t move. She waits, wanting to see what Harry will do. She wants him to say something to her, she needs him to say something to her. Going by the small sigh that works it way out of Harry she doubts that he’s going to be confessing any time soon. She feels him gently stop the movements on her back, his hand just resting there.

Her minds as mess, her thoughts completely racing. She wants to say something to him. She wants Harry to know more than anything in the whole entire world that she loves him too. She wants everything that he could possibly offer her, she wants him. Just him.

Harry sighs again, he’s chest rising and falling with the noise. Y/N makes her mind up in that moment. Knows that she wants him, knows that she wants him to know she wants him.

Y/N moves her body, turning so that she can face Harry, his arms tense around her and his whole body tenses under where she’s laying.

She looks up at him, his eyes are closed, clenched shut as he brings his bottom lip into his mouth and bites down on the skin. She knows he’s awake, she knows that he knows, she knows what he was doing. Knows that she can tell what he was writing.

She moves further up the bed, pulling out of Harry’s arms so that the could wrap her arms around him. Bringing one hand up to his face she pulls his bottom lip out from between his teeth, running her thumb across the skin to soothe the ache that she’s pretty sure he’s feeling.

She looks at him, his eyes are now open. Staring at her as she gazes at his face. She doesn’t know how she’s supposed to tell him, doesn’t know how to work those three little words into a casual sentence. So she doesn’t go for casual, she goes outright.

I love you too,” she confesses, moving her eyes up so that she’s looking Harry in the face instead of looking down at his lips.

Harry’s eyes widen slightly, his mouth opening slightly as he listens to the words that have just spilled out of his best friends mouth. That have just fallen from the mouth of the woman that he’s been in love with.

“I love you,” Y/N repeats, her voice absolutely not trembling as she says the words for a second time. Harry doesn’t say anything back to her, his hands are at the back of her back, clenched in the top that she’s wearing.

She looks at Harry, her nerves becoming a little more noticeable as Harry doesn’t respond to her. Y/N doesn’t have a clue what to do? She doesn’t know how to make him say anything back.

“Harry?” She questions, her voice shaking.

He nods, looking at her. Still not saying anything.

“Are you going to say something?” She tries again.

She gets another nod. Slower this time, Harry opens his mouth, trying to actually get words to come and and talk and reply back to the love of his life.

“You don’t have to say it back,” Y/N starts, trying to take the words back now that Harry hadn’t said anything back to her, tears prick at her eyes as she continues, “I just thought that because you were tracing it on my back, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t mean anything, I’ll just…”

I love you,” Harry cuts into the middle of her rant, stopping her from continuing on with what she was saying, stopping her for taking back words he’s waiting so long to hear come out of her mouth.

Harry grins, it’s not the first time that they’ve said I love you to each other. They’ve been best friends for over 10 years, they’ve seen each other at the worsts and at their bests. This however, is the first time they’ve confessed it in a situation like this. Cuddled together in bed, body heavy with sleep as Harry traces the words into the skin of her back. That part was new.

Y/N looks at him, her eyes still filling with tears- this time for a completely different reason that the first time they pricked at her eyes.

Harry sees that her eyes were getting watery and tenses, he hates when she’s upset, hates it even more when he’s the one that made her feel that way.

Oh no. No, no, no, no,” Harry repeats, moving to sit up in the bed, pulling Y/N with him so that she was straddling his lap, her arms moving up that they’re wrapped around his shoulders,

“Please don’t cry love. I didn’t mean to upset you, I really didn’t,” he starts, it’s Y/N’s turn to into cut Harry off before he can finish his sentence,

Didn’t,” she starts, moving her head back from where it was resting in the crook of Harry’s neck, out into space where Harry can clearly see her face. Her eyes red and a smile stretched across her lips, “I’m jus’ so happy right now H,” she lifts her hand up, moving to rest it against Harry’s cheek.

Harry smiles back at her, stretching up so that his forehead was resting against Y/N’s, he looks down at her. Her eyes already connecting with his as soon as he moves his head.

“Can I kiss you?” He questions, eyes not leaving hers.

Y/N nods back at him, moving her head back so that she’s move comfortable. Harry moves his head down, eyes locking with Y/N’s as his lips connect with her. Their eyes slip closed as compete and utter bliss fills both of the minds and bodies. Harry deepens the kiss, bringing his own hands up so that they grip and Y/N cheeks, keeping her in place and he pours everything into their first kiss.

Y/N pulls away first, panting she grins at him. Her mind and heart are racing a million miles a minute and she cannot for the life of her string together a full sentence. So she sets for grinning at him, bringing her moth back down so that their lips connect again. Her initiating their second kiss.

Her heart flutters in her chest as they pull away again, both of their cheeks are flushed and their eyes are completely glazed, pupils blown wide as they stare down at each other. Harry’s the one that speaks up first, repeating the words that got them to where they are now.

“I love you,” he whispers to her, pecking her lips gently as they look at each other.

Y/N smiles, her heart as full as it could possibly be in this moment.

“I love you too,” she kisses him back, mumbling a quite “more than you’ll ever know,” against his lips.

Harry grins at her. His own heart seconds away from bursting out of his chest.

This is everything that he’s ever wanted. Everything that he’d been dreaming about for years.

And they were finally getting it. They were finally getting each other. Forever. Or as long as they wanted each other. And for both of them- that was forever.


Another fluffy one!! I love writing these ones, they make my heart a little happier each time I write something like this!

Let me know what you think! I love hearing from you guys and support and feedback is always appreciated and wanted! I love it when you guys answer!

Request something! I need some new things to write and really want you guys to ask! My requests are always open to pretty much anything that you want!

Be nice and treat people with kindness!

Love, Dari🌻

Ps. Pls pls pls request something. I need new ideas

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She’s the family member you can always count on. I hope she knows what she means to us, what she means to yet another generation of artists who look to her for inspiration and trailblazing courage. She is so much more than a role model. She’s a beacon to all of us. When she sings, the world is hers and it is yours. She’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a lady, in a lover, and in a friend. Stephanie Nicks, I love you, we all do. And that is true, Stevie.

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“‘Y/n’ I said as I walked around to corner to see Y/n and Harry kissing. What? Let’s start at the beginning of the story. Y/n had always been someone I viewed as more of a girlfriend then a friend, not that I ever did anything about it. From the minute we meet 2 years ago and she was a temp manager. I still remember the day she walked in to our management meeting, she was so cheerful and bright. Her yellow jeans were like the colour of sunflowers in the summer. And her white blouse looked like it was made to perfectly fit her body. And her hair looked amazing that day. Styled in a bun with a few loose bits hanging out. She was so gorgeous. Professional but still friendly, that wasn’t something I saw a lot. 

I remember what we did after that meeting. All six of us went out to lunch and I sat with her. I felt so lucky, like nothing else in the world mattered. She was so beautiful but also smart and funny. I didn’t believe in love at first sight before I met her but after I definitely did.

I remember all the nights we spent up in my hotel room. Just talking for as long as we could. You know she was always perfect. Even now she’s perfect. 

Anyway back to the story so me and Y/n had been flirting for months and I was ready to ask her out. She had been on tour with us for half a year. It worked with her job, she would get payed to manage us and we got to have her around. It was the best. Like having a best friend but also sort of a girlfriend. I always thought she liked me a little more.

Anyway I was just about to ask her out and I walked around the corner to see her. She was lip locked with Harry. His arms were on her waist and her arms were around his neck. They immediately pulled apart with Y/n blushing. Harry was smirking, he didn’t know I was in love with her. If he did I don’t think he would have been making out with her. My heart fell at the moment. I felt so betrayed. I couldn’t focus on anything but her, how beautiful she looked. She had light blue denim shorts on and a red top. Her hair was loosely falling around her face. Harry’s arm was still wrapped around her waist which made me cringe. I couldn’t bare the thought for letting her go.

Anyway, that’s how your mummy and daddy got together, little one.” Niall narrated as he held your and Harry’s first born, Oliver, in his arms.

“Aye. You’re a cutie mister. I knew Harry and Y/n would make cute kids. Imagine how pretty your little sister is going to be when you get one. Your mummy’s gorgeous so she’ll be beautiful.” Niall smiles down at the adorable, little baby. It had been 5 years since he caught you and Harry kissing. In that time the two of you had started dating, fought and made up, gotten engaged, gotten married and last month you two had your first child. Oliver James Styles.

“Aww. How is he?” You say as you step into the room, unaware of anything Niall had said. You had left Niall with Oliver while you went out shopping. Harry had been recording his parts in the album.

“He’s great. Just doing some story telling.” Niall smiles over at you before handing you the small boy. “Thanks for naming him after me by the way.” He says.

“Who says we didn’t make him after Li?” You joke making Niall laugh.

“Hey, babe. Hey, Ni. What’s going on in here?” Harry asks as he comes into the room. He places his arm around you waist and gives you a quick kiss on the lips.

“Niall thinks we named Ollie after him.” You laugh with Niall, after a while Harry joins in.

“How is my little man?” Harry says as he takes Ollie into his arms. At that moment Niall stood there and took the sight in. You and Harry were so happy, your child in Harry’s arms. You smiling at your two favourite boys in the world. First loves were always hard to get over and while he was on the verge of getting married, a little bit of Niall’s heart would always belong to you. After all, who would Niall have been to interrupt your shared happiness?

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