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#harry styles

“I’d walk through fire for you

Just let me adore you

Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do”

Adore you, Harry Styles (Fine Line)


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hello and goodnight 😴

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Harry Styles’ Things To Do List before turning 27, a retrospective of how he got here:

1. Get the starring role in a movie without auditioning

2. Sleep with director for starring role

3. Break up director’s family

4. Roll out affair with a pap walk like a couple of smug fucks

5. Release photos of your dick stroll.

6. Begin manhunt for person (you) who released photos of your dick stroll

7. Call your girlfriend (the director) a liar when public does not heap praise on you for being a homewrecker

8. Remain silent and let the director (your girlfriend) take all the heat

9. Contemplate releasing nudes to deflect responsibility and blame

10. Let your girlfriend (the professional) take all the heat

11. Secretly congratulate yourself for distracting people from your weak stroke game.

Happy Birthday, Cheater!

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i hope y'all like stray kids bc i love em 😁 i will forever love harry, and ima atill write for him i just wanna start fresh and fun :)))) i’m a harry stan forever #harriesrise but stray kids are always rlly active and i just feel that there’s so many better harry writers that ;/ i get discouraged and writers block. but i love writting headcannons so i’m opening my inbox again to hear y'all’s wormy thoughts hehhehee ☺️ harry and stray kids included!

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[warnings: none]

summary: in which harry doesn’t want y/n to leave him – inspired by change your ticket by one direction

word count: 1,168


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The anons have answered! Filthy habits will continue as smut smut and more smut with just a hint of plot to it 🤣 after all it IS called filthy habits 😉

Stay tuned! New chapter coming soon! Thanks for everyone who messaged me!

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Yasmine is not going to be fucked with today.

Coffee in hand, hair tied up out of her face, clothes neat and pressed, she’s ready for anything that comes her way, like the fierce, independent woman she is. It’s Friday and she’s not going to entertain anyone getting on her nerves. She’s going to spend class time with her students answering any last minute questions they have about the midterm paper, let them leave early, and then she’s going to crawl back to her dorm where she can finally sleep. It’ll be great. Nobody is going to fuck with her today.

She’s sitting at her desk, looking through her own assignments on the screen when a man enters with heavy footsteps and the deepest frown she’s ever seen. “Hey you,” he says abruptly, checking the time and shifting his laptop to tuck it under his arm. “Did you get my email?”

Yasmine glances at him and then looks back to her screen, responding in a bored voice, “I did.”

“And?” he demands. The tone of his voice immediately makes her hand form a fist. “I needed an answer yesterday. I’m about to talk to the professor right now.”

“I don’t answer emails that begin with dear inferior colleague.”

He’s said worse honestly, but she’d spent last night grading so many discussion posts her fingers nearly fell off, and one look at the greeting of his email made her want to throw the entire computer against her wall to watch it break into a million pieces. She catches herself thinking of holding him in a chokehold or kneeing him in the crotch way too often. She suspects that’s her happy place. Maybe she should get a dartboard with his face on it to use as an outlet…

“Learn to take a joke.”


“Shut up and change the due date to next Wednesday..”

Yasmine sharply glances at him, eyes narrowed. She turns her computer off and stands up, slamming her hands on the desk, leaning into him. Sadly, no matter how untouchable she thinks she is, she’s not immune to this man’s scathing words. “Do not,” she spits angrily, jabbing a finger in his direction, “tell me to shut up in my own classroom.”

She realizes with horror that today won’t be as seamless as she’d like it to be. Because Harry Styles is going to fuck with her. And she might just kill him today.

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i don’t have a type pls 🙄🤚

also me:

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EXACTLY I can’t handle it

like when they say “yeh” instead of “you” or the previously mentioned “fookin” instead of “fucking” it just gets on my nerves a little 😂

bc that’s not what he sounds like!!!

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H A R R Y 🖤

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the way i would KILL to see kiwi by harry styles live again😭

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breathe, breathe in the air, don’t be afraid to care ☘️

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