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seasurfacefullofclouds1 · 5 minutes ago
I'm a larrie but H's support to Lou discourse is so stupid there is no single example of him showing support publicly and to make it equal I really hope Lou won't talk about his films or shows any support publicly if H is doing it in private Lou should do it priate too
I’ll tell you a secret: H isn’t giving support, period.
Otherwise Louis’ career would look different, even in the tiniest way.
(Maybe even the opposite.)
Remember how Larries used to say, “If Harry and the Azoffs weren’t giving Louis support, his career would be so much worse.”
And I used to believe it, probably the same way you believe it now.
But let me ask you... “worse” how?
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futuregws · 14 minutes ago
So the met gala this year is in September I think and I swear if DWD comes out around the same time as the met gala, we're all fucked bc Harry and Olivia's team are definitely gonna use the event to promote the movie by making them go together, hopefully I'm wrong about this but idk
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reggiescountrymusic · 20 minutes ago
Vodka but make it straight? no gay
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blushingpizza · 35 minutes ago
me, reblogging the same post from different mutuals for the fifth time in a row: "we've been here beforeeee it's just what we knooooow"
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jovialdonutdream-blog · 42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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sunflwrvolume6 · 52 minutes ago
plausible deniability [thirty-six]
Tumblr media
Aila grimaces and scurries to the sink. The polish remains under her fingernails, but there isn’t much she can do about that. She hurries through the corridor, apologising to the staff she passes on the way. Neda barely manages to get out of the way in time.
“And where were you hiding, darling?” Niall asks when she finally steps through the door to the study a couple minutes later.
[ao3 ☆ wattpad]
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Niall is gone when Aila wakes the following morning. She sits in the bed, staring around the room as if he will magically be sat at the piano or in the armchair. His blue eyes don’t meet hers, she doesn’t find him anywhere. Not even on the terrace.
Dressing quickly, she makes her way down the corridor and grand staircase. Staff nod and bow as she passes, and Neda ushers them to complete their tasks. It’s embarrassingly uncomfortable, Aila thinks, to watch dozens of linen-clad people cleaning while doing nothing herself. Between living with her friends and working at La Serene, Aila grew accustomed to the chores required.
She very nearly misses it.
The dining room is empty when she pokes her head through the door. She frowns and continues her search. Lilyen emerges from the kitchen, eyes widening when she sees Aila, then curtsies before scurrying away. Aila raises a brow and ducks into the kitchen.
Mera is the first to look away from where she polishes silverware. “Miss! Is there something you need?”
“Uh, no. Everything is fine.” Aila notices the confused, almost apprehensive, expressions on the staff members’ faces. “Am I not allowed in here?”
Mera exchanges a look with Orlen, the main chef, then swallows. “I suppose there are no rules against it, Miss Aila. It’s just... No one ever wants to come in here except staff.”
“May I stay?”
“If you wish, Miss, but are you certain you wouldn’t prefer the study? We could even bring you tea in the gardens.” Orlen smiles, a congenial thing, when she meets his eyes.
“I’d much rather get to know you, if you don’t mind.”
“What would you like to know, Miss?”
“Whatever you wanna tell me.”
Aila sits at the rough wooden table, reaches for a cloth and the tin of polish, and works with Mera as the others talk of themselves.
Orlen grew up only two miles from North Primden, within the East but close enough he’d heard the horror stories of Strickland’s actions. He began working in the manor when he was fifteen; he rose through the ranks as a servant, learnt the trade from the previous chef at twenty, and took over when the old woman retired fifteen years ago. He was only twenty-two.
The other members speak very little, but Aila gleans enough information to know they’d most likely be dead if the Horans hadn’t taken them on. Neda’s mother was the first to be hired after Bobby set up business in Primden. She’d been running from a civil war in her home country and stumbled onto Bobby’s operations—quite literally.
It was only pure luck he didn’t kill her immediately.
“Now Neda‘s babe will join the staff once they’re of age,” Mera announces as she closes up the polish tin. Freezing, she glances at Aila. “Please do not tell Mister Niall.”
“He’ll be angry?”
“Considering who the father is, perhaps.”
“Who is it? Mera, you can trust me,” she murmurs when the other woman hesitates.
Orlen is the one who replies, “It’s Yuri. Mister Horan has rules for intimacy amongst staff, though Mister Niall is much more lax. His anger would not be because Neda is pregnant, but because she hasn’t told him. He will be angry she’s allowing herself to continue working.”
“I... How far along?”
“Three months.”
“Excuse me, Miss Aila.”
Aila whirls around to stare with wide eyes at Robert. “Oh! Hi.”
His sharp gaze sends the others rushing back to their tasks, then he gestures toward the cloth in Aila’s hands. “You best wash up, Miss Aila, or Mister Niall will know you’ve done the jobs reserved for others.”
“I wanted to.”
“Yes, I understand. He might not. He is waiting in the study whenever you’re ready.”
Aila grimaces and scurries to the sink. The polish remains under her fingernails, but there isn’t much she can do about that. She hurries through the corridor, apologising to the staff she passes on the way. Neda barely manages to get out of the way in time.
“And where were you hiding, darling?” Niall asks when she finally steps through the door to the study a couple minutes later.
“I was in the kitchen talking to Mera, Orlen, and the others.”
His brows creep up his forehead, and he sets aside his book. “Why?”
Seriously? Aila stares unblinkingly at him for a moment. Does he consider his staff so unimportant, he’d never think someone else might not? She folds her arms over her belly, leaning against the doorway, and regards him with a cool stare.
“Because they’re human and deserve companionship,” she finally says, “even if some people think their stations too lowly.”
He pauses then groans. Carding his fingers through his hair, he grimaces. “This is the waitress situation all over again, isn’t it?”
“Server. And yes. And don’t tell me I’m not allowed in the kitchen to speak to them. I’ll just disobey.”
His lips press into a thin line. Niall stares at her without expression, elbows on the arms of the chair, fingers steepled together. There’s no humour on his face when he asks, “If I fire them?”
“I’ll hire them right back.” She lifts her chin in defiance. “Nothing you do could stop me.”
“I’m not going to win, am I?”
Despite his losing the argument, Niall grins widely, gesturing her closer. Aila curls up on his lap, head tucked beneath his chin. His heartbeat pounds steadily in his chest, and she represses a shiver as his hand slides along her bare thigh.
“I don’t mind if you talk to the staff, darling. You’re right. They all deserve respect. I’ve not been very good at showing that respect. Just don’t distract them from their duties.”
She gasps in fake outrage, pulls back to meet his eye. “Excuse me, sir, I would never.”
“Except you’ve just done,” he whispers before kissing her.
Her lips part beneath his, hand settling on his chest. He tastes of whisky already. He slips a hand up her leg, beneath her skirt. She exhales sharply at the light scratching of nails on her skin, shifting closer. Cruel as he is, Niall pulls away.
“Terrence was meant to help with the grounds.”
“Oh,” she breathes, still struggling to find steadiness with her head spinning so wildly. “Oops.”
“We should go to dinner tonight. Then the Rogue after.” He tugs her further into his body. His voice grows huskier, deeper, as he murmurs in her ear, “I wanna watch you dance, see everyone watching you but know you’re coming home with me. I want to bring you home and show you who you belong to.”
“Why wait?” she manages to groan out, and her head falls back to expose her throat. He loves leaving his mark.
“Because I want you on edge all night.” He presses a kiss to her cheek then pushes her back. “Anyway. Ashton graciously extended an approval for use of the Rogue during the length of our alliance.”
Asshole, she thinks. “His words?” At Niall’s nod, she snorts in amusement. “Pretentious fuck. But yes, dinner sounds good.”
“Then run along and get ready. I have to talk to Harry about something, and I’ll meet you when I’m done.”
“Don’t talk to me like I’m Theo,” she grumbles even as she does he says. If she adds a bit more shake to her hips along the way, well, he deserves the torture.
Mera has worked her magic: On the bed are three different options of clothing. One is a strappy thing barely amounting to a handkerchief, another is a romper dotted with flowers—clearly Tania’s idea of a joke. The third, however, Aila will certainly choose.
Delicate white lace covers the entire thing, and scalloped edges line the sleeves and the skirt. Sheer material separates the top from bottom; it’s designed to show without showing her midriff. Even without putting the dress on, Aila knows it toes the line between classy and improper. She runs her fingers over the fabric, the gentle ruffles beneath the bodice. It’s perfect for both dinner and the club. She wonders if Niall chose it.
She’s just reached for the hanger when her phone rings. She frowns as she accepts the call.
“Well, don’t sound so happy to hear from me,” Priscilla sighs. “Isn’t it okay for a mother to call her daughter every once in a while?”
“The last time we talked was three months ago. Remember?” Aila doesn’t wait for a response, only continues, “I hung up on you because you told me again I was being foolish. You told me again Colton cheating on me was a sign of his devotion. Or stress. Whatever.”
“Aila, dear, you have to understand. As your mother, I want the best for you. I saw you throwing away a ten-year relationship all because of one little mistake.”
“A mistake, Mother, is him ripping my favourite dress. A mistake is him burning dinner. Cheating on me for a year with one of my best friends cannot be classed as a ‘mistake’. It’s a pattern of disrespect.”
Priscilla hums, and Aila can see the eye-roll. The pinched lips and furrowed brows plucked too thin. “Well, that changes everything then.”
“Does it?” scoffs Aila, dropping to sit on the bed. “Because I distinctly remember telling you exactly how long he’d been sleeping with Aubrey as I cried my fucking heart out.”
“I didn’t call to fight, Aila.”
“Then you shouldn’t have called at all.”
“All I was saying,” her mother pushes on, speaking over Aila as if she hadn’t heard her daughter, “is it wasn’t very... respectable of you to not give him another chance. It reflected poorly on your character.”
Aila presses the heel of her palm against her forehead. How do all the calls end up like this? They always end in fighting, with Priscilla acting as if Aila is a child who can’t make her own decisions. With Aila wanting to rip her ears off her skull if only to never heard her mother’s criticisms again.
“And I’m just saying, Mother, that telling your daughter to stay with the man who broke her heart is horrible, horrible advice. Would you have stayed with Father if YaYa told you to leave him?”
“No, I wouldn’t, because mothers know best.”
“How can you know what’s best if you don’t even know me? Do you know a damn thing about me, Mother?” Aila scrubs furiously at her cheeks—she can’t let Priscilla know she’s upset. “What’s my favourite food? C’mon, Mother, YaYa made it for me every time I was ill. What was it?”
“This is ridiculous, Aila Maleigh. I will not be interrogated as if I’m some common criminal hauled in on trumped-up charges. I’m only ringing to let you know your father and I will be in Primden this weekend. We’d love to see you.”
The word is out of Aila’s mouth before she can stop it. She hears the second it piques her mother’s interest. Priscilla knows Aila never lets her emotions get the best of her, not even in an argument. As far as Priscilla is aware, Aila is an emotionless robot who stopped expressing how she feels when she was a teenager.
“Excuse me? I’m sorry, dear, but you don’t get to tell me ‘no’.”
“Well, I just did. Sorry, Mother, but I plan on spending this weekend with my fiancé and our friends.”
“You’re engaged again?” gasps Priscilla, before she hisses something to someone in the background—probably Aila’s father. “Well, now we’re definitely coming to see you.”
“I said ‘no’, and you’ll respect that. You are not coming to Primden and running off the first man who’s loved me like this. He treats me well, and he listens to me. You can just give up on your sick hopes of me running back to Colton. It’ll never happen. You won’t be seeing either me or my fiance until that ring is on my finger. Goodbye.”
Aila hangs up before her mother can respond. She even goes so far as to block the number. Once that’s done, she flops backwards to sprawl across the bed. Of course her mother would think she knows best. It’s always been Priscilla’s way: She makes the decision, and everyone else either deals with it or deals with her judgement.
Aila hates her mother for that. She knows deep down, her mother truly believes she’s doing the right things, but she refuses to admit she can be wrong. That stubbornness is going to be the death of her relationship with her daughter.
“You okay, darling?”
Aila hadn’t realised Niall had come in—or that she actually started crying. She nods shakily, and he snorts as he crosses the room to the bed. He pretends to struggle, pulling her toward him, and she lets out a watery giggle. As cruel and distant as he can be, he is proving to her now that he truly cares.
He truly wants her to be happy.
He truly loves her enough to show his silly side when she needs it.
“I’m just… I’m tired. I hate that this was a ‘good period’ with her, and it still ended in us arguing. She’s trying to make her and my father the centre of attention when I have something so amazing in my life.”
Niall gives up the act, pulling her onto his lap. “Darling, nothing she could ever say will make me change my mind about you. You can’t even change my mind about you. Well, you could, but I doubt you’d ever betray us like that.”
“Of course I wouldn’t,” protests Aila. The thought alone sends a shiver down her spine. He holds her tightly. “As… As much as this life scares me, I still feel safe. Like no matter what, I have people looking out for me.”
“We will until the day we die,” he murmurs, nudging her face up to press his lips to hers. “We love you.”
Aila lets him hold her for a moment longer, then she sighs. “You’re not just marrying me because your dad says you have to, are you?”
“Absolutely not.” He sounds so scandalised to the point Aila fights back a giggle. “He pushed up the timetable, but I’m sure I would’ve asked eventually.”
She blows out a breath and accepts it as the truth. She has to. If she doesn’t, she runs the risk of realising everything she has with him is built on a lie. It would kill her to find out Niall is only spending the rest of his life with her because of an order from his father.
Before she can fall too deeply into the dark clouds, she shoos Niall from the room so she can get ready for their date. A night of good food, dancing, and being with him can only be a good thing.
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missfrenchrose · an hour ago
A girl on TikTok said Sebastian Stan was a mix of Harry Styles and Nick Miller, both looks and personality wise.
That was a spiritual awakening
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wholesomemendes · an hour ago
Omg congrats on 1k🥳🥳 concept- a blurb about love languages and like ur guys styles are diff lil angst pls heheheh
Author's Note: Hiiiiiii. How are you lovies? I know you probably all hate me cause I just disappeared but hopefully this will kinda make up for it for those of you who are actually still here. Fun fact never used the queue before so we'll see how that goes. Also I vaguely remember the read more thing not working that well with asks, but I don't remember what I used to do to fix that so hopefully this works. Love all of you and miss you *mwah* please interact with me so I get more motivation lol
The second the door shuts to the condo you share with your love, you can already hear his unmistakable voice call out for you, “Baby, come here! I have a surprise for you!” You roll your eyes, knowing that some insanely expensive gift was probably waiting for you around that corner. Shawn wasn’t the type to randomly spend a large portion of his money on things he didn’t need, but when it came to you, there was no limit to his spending. Anytime he saw something that reminded him of you or that he thought you’d look stunning in, he couldn’t stop himself from swiping his card. It wasn’t like you didn’t appreciate the copious amount of gifts he gave you; you knew he meant well and that one of his love languages was giving gifts. However, as someone who was raised to be independent and not accept “handouts” from anyone, you found it hard to be constantly given things you didn’t work for and you didn’t believe you deserved yet. You didn’t find it fair that you weren’t at that stage in your life where you could gift Shawn something as expensive as what he gives you, but you constantly get those things from him. It wouldn’t have phased you as much if it was just for holidays, but this was an almost every other day occurrence and no matter how many times you told him not to buy things for you, he never seemed to listen.
You sighed, putting your purse on the table and making your way towards the bedroom, desperately wishing you could just relax into a warm bath after your hard day at work instead of facing whatever your loving boyfriend had in store for you. Opening the door you were met with Shawn’s smiling face, a large box with the word Gucci written in bold lettering across it. You put on a fake smile as your heart sank. This couldn’t be what you thought it was could it? “Hey,” he put the box next to him in favor of pulling you onto his lap, “How was work today?” He pressed a sweet kiss to your lips and for a moment, you let yourself get pulled into the utter bliss that was Shawn Mendes.
“I won’t lie, not the greatest,” you sighed as you rested your head on his shoulder.
“Why, what happened?” he asked, his arm tightening around you to pull you closer.
“It was just insane today and my boss was in a bad mood and...I don’t know it was just bad and I’m exhausted.”
“Well, I think I have something that might cheer you up!”
“Shawn…,” you said in a mix of a whine and a stern tone, “I told you no more.”
“I know, I know,” he rushed out, placing the box in your hands, “I just want to spoil my girl. I can afford to do so and there’s no one else that deserves it more than you do.” It hurt your heart to hear him talk like that when not a single part of you felt you deserved it. You were nowhere close to where you wanted to be in your life career wise and you certainly weren’t near Shawn’s level of success. “Just open it, please?” he gave you his softest puppy dog eyes that always made you cave.
“Ok…” Opening up the box your heart stopped. There lying in the delicate paper was one of the most beautiful handbags you had ever seen; the one you had secretly been saving up for for almost a year now. You thought you had hid it from him so well, always looking at it when he wasn’t there to make sure you could still get it, and even putting together a small envelope of extra money to use towards it. This was supposed to be your first big designer purchase in honor of your huge promotion at work a little under a year ago today, but of course Shawn had to go and ruin it all for you.
Meanwhile, Shawn was oblivious to the disappointment and resentment brewing inside of you. “Do you like it?” he asked with the biggest smile, “I noticed the tab open on your computer last week when I borrowed it for those pictures and thought you liked it!”
“Why would you do this?” you whispered, a crack forming in your voice.
“Why would you do this?” you almost snapped at him, looking at him with tears that held mixed emotions.
“B- because I love you,” he stammered, not having prepared to have this reaction. In his head you were going to come home, see the gift, smother him in thank you kisses, and maybe, just maybe, you would make love to him for the rest of the night. Never in his wildest dreams did it end up like this.
“If you loved me you would have listened to me and not bought this, or anything for that matter!” you exclaimed as you stood up off his lap, “I’ve told you so many times I don’t want you buying anything for me but you never listen!”
“I- I’m sorry, I just thought…”
“No that’s the thing, you didn’t think! I just- god, Shawn, this was it, the one thing I was going to do for myself after all these years. I was only $100 away from my goal, I was right there! But you can’t just think with your head for one second and think about how your girlfriend who always tells you that you don’t need to buy things for her might be planning on finally achieving one of her goals of having enough money to spend it on something like this!”
If your eyes weren’t filled with tears and you weren’t so blinded by your emotions you might have been able to see Shawn’s heart visibly breaking on the bed, leaving him looking like a hurt puppy. “I’m so sorry, I’ll do anything to make it up to you. I’ll, I’ll return the bag or or you can pay me back for it so it’s like you bought it yourself!”
“You don’t understand because you’ve never had any problems with money. It’s not the same anymore, Shawn. No matter what, all I’ll be reminded of is that you bought it first and not me.”
“What can I do? I, I swear I’ll do anything,” his voice cracked as his own tears filled his eyes.
“I don’t, I don’t know. I need to go.” You knew you were being dramatic, but after 2 years of the same thing with Shawn over and over again you had reached your breaking point.
“No please, I’ll fix this I promise,” he pleaded, standing up to face you.
You successfully avoided him so you could grab a small bag with your things, “Shawn, I need space for at least one night.”
He reached out for you this time, his large hand grabbing your arm desperately to turn you around, “Please, don’t go. I won’t buy you anything else, I swear!”
“It’s not that I just, I don’t know. I’m upset and I’m tired and my head is all over the place and…” His large hands cupped your jaw and pressed his lips hard against yours, giving you no space to pull away. The slight taste of salt from both of your tears on your lips broke your heart more than it was before. It was hard to explain why you weren’t fighting him on this kiss; it was almost as if he was kissing you so that it was easier to let you go for the night.
His lips released yours reluctantly with a sigh, “I’ll pack my things for the night. You stay here.”
“No, I was the one who messed up so I should be the one who has to leave. I still have a backpack I never unpacked from when I got back from LA last week and I can stay with my parents for however long you want. I- ,” he looked down shamefully, his hands finally dropping from your face. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to make you happy, but I wasn’t even thinking of what would really make you happy. Just, just tell me when you’re ready for me to come back home.”
He made his way through the bedroom, grabbing his phone, wallet, backpack and guitar before making his way through the door. Your heart cried out to go after your love, but your feet stayed planted almost in shock of everything that just happened. You were still mad at him, upset with him, and if it was possible, even more upset and mad at yourself. So as much as you wanted to run after him, you let him walk away with half your heart in his hands.
“Mom?” you sniffled as you sat on the edge of your bed, the infamous handbag discarded next to you as if it was taunting you.
“Oh honey, what’s wrong?” the soft voice of your mother filled the speaker.
“I messed up,” you confessed, “I really messed up and I don’t...I don’t…”
“Take a deep breath, dear, and tell me what happened. I’m sure it can be fixed.”
“I don’t know if it can. I’m a horrible person!”
“You are not a horrible person. Now tell me exactly what happened.”
She listed carefully as a mother does while you went through moment through moment of your lash out with Shawn, up until the point where he left. “I feel terrible, Mom. This was just the one thing I had planned to do for myself and he never took into account how I would feel about this even though I constantly tell him how I feel about gift giving.”
“Sweetheart, I know you so badly want to be an independent woman and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you’re in a relationship now which means not everything you do can be independent. Think about it from his point of view: all of these things he gets you he gets out of love. He doesn’t do it because he wants you to rely on him for money, he knows you’re not with him for that and it’s probably one of the reasons he loves you so much; you treat him like a regular person. Not someone who is just a pretty face that can buy you whatever you want and get you fame. However, he is someone with money and that means he can afford these things for you. It’s not to belittle any of your accomplishments in your career or financially because we both know how supportive he is of you. It’s simply because he wants to show you he’s thinking about you and spoil you to make you happy. I know gifts aren’t one of your main love languages, but it’s definitely one of his. I bet if you had told him about this bag and how much it meant to you instead of hiding it from him, he would have never dreamed of taking it away from you. I understand your immediate frustration, but maybe think about if you’re truly upset with him about this or if you’re upset with yourself for not being able to reciprocate.”
“You’re right, Mom.”
“Of course I’m right, I’m your mother!” she let out a light hearted laugh, “But seriously, go apologize to that boy. He’s probably beating himself up over this.”
“Are you and Dad home right now?”
“Yes, why is something wrong?”
“Can’t I just be coming over to say hello?”
“Of course you can, but I can tell by your voice that something is wrong.”
A sad smile formed on his face at the fact that even over a car speaker, his mom was still able to read him like a book. “Y/n and I got into a fight.”
“Oh no,” his mother gasped, never hearing many difficulties between the two, “What happened?”
“It’s my fault, Mom, I was being selfish,” he replied defeated, his guilty heart weighing down on him, “You know how I love to give gifts right? Well, Y/n isn’t always the biggest fan of it because she loves being independent. But I can’t help it! She’s the first person who hasn’t been overjoyed over every gift I give her and I never understand because I just want her to be happy and I know they’re things she would like so...I just don’t think! I don’t know why I can’t take a hint and just do what she wants me to do! I just want to make her happy, Mom, and feel loved and all I’ve done is annoy her and upset her!”
“Ok, before you keep going on this self-deprecated spiral, I need you to tell me what happened. And no more blaming yourself until I’ve heard everything.” So he did. And just like the conversation unfolding back at his home, his own mother listened to every word he had to say.
“From my understanding,” she began, “And I’m not saying this to try to defend you, but it sounds like she is battling some problems of her own.”
“No, you don’t understand, I wasn’t listening to her…”
“Oh will you hush! I wasn’t finished. Could you lay off the gifts and make them every once in a while? Of course. However, I believe her outburst today had something to do with some financial conflicts she is facing and maybe just an overall bad mood. You’re not perfect, obviously you need to tone down the gifts just a little bit, but you were definitely not in the full wrong here. There was no way she could have expected you to know about her intentions and plans so you can’t blame that on yourself. She definitely felt that she had to hide it from you in fear that you wouldn’t listen, which might be another issue if she believes that you aren’t willing to budge on your point of view. But you should not go beating yourself up over this! She’ll come around to her senses and you two will be fine.”
“Thank you, Mom. I hope so, I miss her already,” Shawn pouted, wishing so desperately that he was driving back home instead of away from it.
“Of course. Now I’ll make sure your room is all ready for whenever you get here and I’ll stay up to give you a big hug. How does that sound?”
“Amazing, I’ll be there in…” the sight of your name popping up on his center console broke him from his thoughts, “Wait, Mom, she’s calling me. I’ll call you back.”
“Good luck honey!”
With shaky hands, he hit answer on the phone, “Shawn?”
Even just hearing his name out of your mouth brought him comfort, “Yes? Are you ok? Did something happen?”
“No, I’m fine. I mean I’m not fine, but physically I’m fine. Anyways, I’m going to ramble so I’ll just try to say this quick before I stray too far away from what I was going to say and before I get myself even more worked up again because who knows how long…”
“Y/n,” he stopped you, knowing you would ramble on forever, “Why did you call me?”
“Please come home.” His heart nearly lept out of his chest at your words, not needing to hear anymore. “I’m so sorry, Shawn. I should never have lashed out at you and…”
“Don’t say anything else. I don’t want to do this over the phone. I love you, please don’t apologize and I’ll be home in half an hour.”
“But, Shawn…”
“I love you and I’ll see you soon.” With that he hung up the phone and sped his way back through the Toronto streets to the girl he loved most.
The second you heard the door open you ran to launch your body into his arms, abandoning your previous post of walking holes in the floor. He gladly accepted you against him, holding you tight in his arms. “I’m so sorry,” you pleaded, new tears rimming at your eyes, “Please forgive me.”
“Shushh, we both can apologize in a second. I just want to hold you.” Shawn maneuvered the two of you back onto your bed with you in his lap, still clinging onto him for dear life. He felt your tears wetting his shirt and while it broke his heart to know you were
hurting, he hoped that being close to you for these few more moments would show that he wasn’t mad at you. After a couple minutes passed, he loosened his grasp on you, “Y/n look at me.” You did as told, revealing your tearful eyes to him. “I’m not mad at you,” he promised as he wiped your tears away, “I’m not upset with you in any way. I forgive you for whatever you feel you need to be forgiven for and I hope you can say the same with me.”
“No, you have nothing to apologize for!” you protested, “You did nothing but try to show me love and make me happy and I’m so sorry I couldn’t look past my own selfish issues. Talking with my mom made me realize that the reason I have always been so apprehensive to receiving your gifts is because I’m not at the point in my career that I thought I would be and I'm letting out my resentment at myself on you. I know how wrong that is of me and I am so sorry for it. There’s nothing wrong with you expressing your love through gifts and I can’t express how sorry I am for making you believe that you were the issue.”
“I forgive you. And I’m sorry, too. I should have talked with you about this and taken into account how you didn’t respond the same way as my friends and family when I give them things and should have taken a step back. I realize my gifts are excessive and I will work to tone them back so they are more special. I love you, Y/n. Even being away from you for an hour after a fight was too much for me to bear.”
“I love you, too. I hated being away from you more than anything.” He kissed your lips passionately, transferring every emotion he had for you into that kiss. Hands caressed your body as yours held him tighter in fear of him disappearing and neither of you wanted to relive this night ever again. “Shawn?” you whispered against his lips, receiving a hum in response, “Thank you for the bag. I can’t wait to tell everyone how my loving and thoughtful boyfriend got it for me.”
“You don’t have to, I can return it.”
“Return it? This is my dream bag and the fact that you wanted to get it for me because you could tell I wanted it means a lot even though I had the absolute worst way of showing it.”
“Stop,” he kissed you again, “I don’t want you to worry about it any longer. Let me just love on you how I had planned tonight.” And while it might not have been the way Shawn had planned the night to go, he was ending it exactly how he wanted to.
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lovingyouangel · an hour ago
"you're so pretty"
Tumblr media
Summary: blind y/n sees for the first time.
Word count: 3.8k
Trigger warning: mention of surgery.
. •. . ° •. ✧ . ✦ •. ✧
"quit the leg bouncing, would you? It's getting irritating" Gemma's voice pulled Harry out of the deep thoughts that were running through his mind. He sighed and quickly mumbled an apology before getting back to staring down at the harsh white flooring of the hospital.
Harry was scared and nervous, to say the least. His best friend since childhood and the person he loved the most was stuck in surgery for god knows how long, how was he supposed to stay calm and collected? Things could go wrong! He didn't want to put his precious lovie in more pain than she was already suffering from.
Y/n had a very rare condition called Macular oedema which is the swelling of the macula - the area of the retina responsible for central vision - caused by build-up fluid in the eyes, which meant that y/n was blind since birth. The doctors always told her parents that surgery wouldn't benefit her in any way, shape or form and that she would stay blind no matter what. But despite how negative they've always been, y/n never lost hope, she knew that one day she will be able to see the world and find out if it was as beautiful as Harry described it, but nothing kept her strong more than thought of being able to see him. She heard from multiple people how stunning he was and although she believed deep down in her heart that he is the most beautiful human that ever graced this planet, she still wanted to see him with her own eyes.
Harry took that as motivation to work hard and find her better doctors to take care of her and hopefully shed a little bit of light in her world and tell her that there is a way to give her the sight she always wanted, and he did just that. It might have taken him years but he finally found her an amazing doctor in Florida who told them that there actually was a treatment "I honestly don't understand why the doctors you went to have hidden this from you, it's not like it's the biggest secret. Excuse my language but they're a bunch of assholes for doing this" he had explained with frustration.
Since money was not a problem, all that was needed to do was a few scans and check-up visits to prepare for surgery day.
Y/n was very excited to the point Harry had to give her a full mug of warm tea to get her to sleep the night before. He was happy that she wasn't scared and he wished he would feel the same. Although the doctor told him numerous times that the surgery wasn't that hard and it would be done in four-five hours max, he still had his doubts. All he wanted was y/n to be able to finally see the world, he didn't want to ruin her life more if the surgery ended up not doing anything.
Harry was trying his best to stay positive, but he couldn't. He promised her so many things, and if this wouldn't work out, he won't be able to make them true and she will be left devastated and angry, and if he knew his y/n well, she would blame it all on herself.
He didn't have much more time to worry, though, because the door opened and the doctor appeared taking off one side of his surgical mask. Harry and her parents (who obviously came) were quick to stand up and run towards him, asking him if things were okay.
"Everything went great!"
Harry sighed in relief. Thank God, his lovie was okay.
"We were able to get rid of all that unneeded fluid in her eyes and we even found some in her ears which we also took care of so now her hearing will be much clearer, and for her eyes, we need to keep a bandage over them for a couple of days until they are healed completely and then we can take them off and I'm certain she will be able to see, she might need glasses for her to have a 20/20 vision but that's not something to worry about" the doctor explained to them with a smile on his face. Harry visibly relaxed. She was okay, the surgery worked, y/n will finally be able to see.
They thanked the doctor after he told them they can visit her in a few minutes before going on his way. And when it was finally time to see her, she looked as happy as they last saw her. She was tired from anaesthesia but she was still her energetic self everyone knew her to be. Harry took that as a good sign.
The days of recovery went by quickly, almost too quickly, and in no time they were back at the doctor's office to finally take off the bandages that were covering y/n's eyes so she could be able to see.
"I'm gonna keep my eyes close until you remove it all so I can see with both of them," she told the doctor who chuckled and told her that it was a great idea.
The removal of the bandages was a bit painful but it wasn't something she couldn't handle, plus the doctor was so gentle with her she barely felt his touch, it was like they were being removed by themselves.
Y/n didn't get nervous until that moment, the moment she needed to open her eyes to see the world for the first time in her life. But she didn't want to see just anything, she wanted to see something that means a lot to her, someone who means a lot to her.
"Um, Harry? Can you please stand in front of me? I want you to be the first thing I see"
His heart nearly jumped out when he heard her say that, and with shaking legs he placed himself in her line of vision, waiting anxiously for her to open her eyes.
It took her a while to adjust to the light, but once everything cleared out, she was finally able to see.
She was quiet for a few seconds, just staring at Harry's face who was trying his best to not burst and cry like a toddler in front of everyone. Finally, she spoke up.
"You're so pretty"
That was all it took to break him. Tears fell from his eyes and y/n was quick to cup his cheeks and wipe them away. Her own eyes were dancing from spot to spot on his face, trying to memorize every inch of it. *God, she was truly missing out before.
"Don't cry, Harry. It's okay, I'm okay, I can finally see you"
"I'm just so happy," he told her through a sob "I didn't think it would work out but it did. You can see me! This the best day of my life"
She giggled and wiped away her own tears. She couldn't look away from him. She may have never seen people before, but she knew for a fact that he was the most beautiful man ever. His eyes, his nose, his lips, everything about him was… perfect!
But she had to look away and greet her parents, Gemma and the doctor, and then she was captivated by everything else, the sky, the trees, the sun, everything!
Of course, things were a little bit blurry still, so the doctor gave her a test so she could get glasses which she was very excited about as she liked the ones he was wearing a lot and thought they made him look cute.
On their way to their rented home, Gemma sat next to y/n and answered all of her questions whenever she saw something she didn't know. She was amazed by everything and Harry found it the most adorable thing in the world. He wanted to talk to her but unfortunately, he was on driving duty and couldn't get too distracted.
Once they got to the house though, he was able to steal her away with the excuse of giving her a house tour, but in reality all he wanted was to have some alone time with her.
"How does it feel to be able to see?" He asked her as they sat in the backyard, hands tightly clasped together.
"Oh, it's incredible Harry! I can't believe it" she sighed and looked at his face. She couldn't believe he was real. How can someone be so beautiful? She could look at him for days and wouldn't get bored.
"And you're very beautiful, Harry" she whispered leaning closer to him "I can't take my eyes off of you."
"now you can understand how I feel every time I'm with you"
Y/n blushed. She always had feelings for Harry, and she knew he felt the same way towards her too, in fact, they've discussed this before, but at the time y/n was not ready for a relationship and she didn't want to drag him into her chaotic life despite him already being a big part of it. But now... now she has her sight, she can take care of herself, she doesn't have to rely on anyone anymore, which means she can have the love life she always dreamed of.
She didn't know how it happened but she found herself leaning towards Harry and pressing her lips to his. He was quick to kiss back - fortunately - his unoccupied arm slowly wrapped around her and pulled her closer to him. Fucking finally! He had been waiting for this moment since he confessed his feelings to her a while back, and now he can have her, she was his.
He didn't want to overwhelm her, after all this was her first ever kiss, so he gently pulled away and smiled at her, his nose bumping against hers in a sweet Eskimo kiss.
"Oh wow," Harry chuckled and kissed her forehead. Y/n's eyes kept locked with his. So far, his eyes were the most beautiful colour she had seen and she couldn't stop looking at them, and don't get her started on his lips, they felt so good against hers, so soft and gentle she wanted to keep kissing them forever.
"Will you kiss me more? I like it"
How could he say no to her when she looked so precious? She looked like an angel, the most beautiful angel and Harry was so in love with her. When he leaned down to kiss her this time, he didn't hold back, in fact, he just pulled her to sit on his lap and held her head with one hand so he could have more control. The butterflies in his stomach intensified to the point he felt like he was about to pass out. God damn, who would've thought she'd have this effect on him just by a kiss?
They spent the next hour in the backyard, kissing and talking about everything. Harry showed her pictures of their childhood on his phone, telling her the story behind each one. Y/n told him about all their shared memories from her perspective which he enjoyed a lot. It was fascinating to hear her side of the story, if he was honest, because despite sharing those memories, her experience was way different than his because she relied on her other senses so she told him about all the smells and sounds associated with certain memories that he didn't even care to pay attention to at the time.
"Do you want to go watch the sunset?" Harry asked her after a moment of silence they spent cuddling. Y/n was quick to agree as long as he promised her to tell her all the colours they would see, which he of course did.
They walked out barefoot towards the beach right in front of their temporary home. Y/n looked around with observing eyes trying to take in her surroundings as much as possible, she wanted to know about everything she was missing but Harry told her that she had to take it slow,
"You've got years and years coming and you will be able to see everything you want, lovie. Don't want you to get overwhelmed and maybe pass out or something"
He sat down on the sand first before he pulled her between his legs and wrapped his arms around her. After a few minutes, the sky started to change its colours from light blue to orange and pink and purple. Y/n instantly fell in love with it. She was able to recognise some colours from the way people described them to her when she was blind, and Harry praised her every time she got them right which gave her a little tingling feeling in her tummy and heart, especially when she looked at him and saw the big smile on his face, he was proud of her.
"I think the sunset is the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen so far" she whispered after the vibrant colours started to fade and dark blue was replacing them.
"And what's the first thing?" He asked, looking at her face. Y/n turned to look at him, her eyes moving from his lips to his nose and finally settling on his own bright eyes.
Harry's heart felt like it was about to explode from holding so much love for her. A slight red tint covered his cheeks, thankfully it was a bit too dark for her to notice. Hearing that from her had to be the best compliment he ever received. She didn't even care if there were people much better looking than him, she still chose him as the most beautiful creature she ever saw.
"And you wanna know why?" He nodded rapidly.
"Because of what's in here" she put her delicate hand right on top of his beating heart "that's what made me fall in love with you all those years ago, and seeing you today proved to me that you *are the most perfect person I've ever met. I don't know what I would do without you, you were my eyes when I was blind, and now you have my whole heart, you always did but- I was never brave enough to tell you until today"
Now, Harry was never one to cry over someone telling him about their feelings towards him because many people did in the past, including y/n, but the first time she did it was when they were 19 and he was in the middle of tour, she called him when it was very late in the middle of the night for her and told him that she had a crush on him and that if she wasn't missing him she would've never confessed, but nothing came out of that because they both weren't ready, now however, they could do it, they could be together, and the mere thought of them holding hands, kissing in the early mornings, saying those three little words to each other and meaning them made tears come out of Harry's eyes for the second time that day.
He kissed her with so much love and passion it made them fall over. Giggles fell out of y/n's lips as she felt the sand under her head while he tried kissing her, but when she wouldn't kiss back he just settled with planting pecks all over her face making her giggle even more.
"I can't believe I can finally have you" he sniffed and helped her back up before sitting her on his lap "you're mine!! You're fucking mine!"
That night was definitely the best sleep he had in awhile.
. •. . ° •. ✧ . ✦ •. ✧
Y/n thought life couldn't get any better until she put on her glasses. She could see the smallest little things like how Harry has a cute beauty mark by his lips, or how his eyes change colour depending on his mood and the lighting around them, or how she looks way better than the first time she saw herself in the mirror.
Over the years and before she got her surgery, y/n always relied on others to tell her how things look like, and when she asks about herself, they always said good things, especially Harry (thus why she developed feelings for him), and with her not knowing what "beauty standards" actually looked like, she thought she was pretty good looking, and when she looked at herself with him by her side pointing out all the things he loves about her, she felt even more confident about herself. She wasn't what people considered perfect and she wasn't going to be the next top model, but she was what she thought was perfect and that's all that mattered to her.
That was why she made Harry do a photoshoot of her with her glasses on. She was proud of them and she actually thought they made her extra cute and complimented her quite well! The frame was thin and black with small cat ears that she was obsessed with and on top of that she could turn them into sunglasses with the magnetic lenses that came with them!
(visual of the glasses)
Tumblr media
Y/n was enjoying life to the fullest. She was finally able to see, she still had Harry who was teaching how to write and read and all the things she couldn't learn because of her previous disability. She was happy! All the things she ever wanted were finally becoming true and the simple thought of that brought tears to her eyes. She was very lucky.
"Alright, love. That's enough for now. Let's go home"
It was later in the evening and Harry was starting to get tired, and he could tell y/n was too because her shoulders dropped and she kept yawning every few minutes.
Thankfully, she didn't try to talk him into staying a little while longer at the beach they were at and let him take her hand in his so they could walk towards his car.
Their relationship had escalated into something more. They shared the bed now (since they already shared a house, opting for the one in Harry's bedroom instead of hers because she enjoyed it more, they kissed a lot as it became y/n's favourite pastime, they went on many dates, they basically did everything any couple did.
Except... They weren't officially a couple.
They never talked about where they stand when it came to their relationship. Were they dating? Or were they still friends but did things normal friends wouldn't do?
It was eating y/n alive. She wanted to be with Harry. She wanted to call him her boyfriend. She enjoyed when he would call her his, don't get her wrong, but she wanted…more. She wanted an official label. She wanted what she couldn't have in the past.
So after preparing herself mentally for a few minutes, she took a deep breath and turned towards Harry, who was holding her right hand tightly in his.
"Harry, what- what are we exactly ?"
"Well, last time I checked, lovie, we are humans, but I do have doubts that you're actually an angel in disguise" he answered her without looking away from the road in front of him, a small - almost unnoticeable - playful smile on his lips.
Y/n blushed a bit and looked down. He was good with compliments and knew exactly what to say to get her all shy and squirmy with butterflies in her tummy.
"No, I meant- like, are we dating ?"
Finally, he looked over at her with a look on her face like she had three heads. She bit her lips nervously, scared of what he would say. She didn't want him to reject her, she loved him a lot and the last few weeks she spent with him were the best of her entire life. God knows where she would be without him and his help and support.
"Did the kisses and constant 'I love you's didn't give that away?" He was the one asking the questions this time, eyes turning away from her so he could focus on driving.
"I just thought since we never put a label on our relationship..."
Harry sighed and stopped at a red light before turning his full attention to y/n. He could tell she was nervous and he didn't like that at all, he wanted her to feel free and comfortable around him.
"I'm so sorry, pet. I thought my actions reflected how I feel about you, but I should've thought better about this since it's your very first relationship, and hopefully your last because I really love you and I want to spend forever with you"
Y/n smiled sweetly at him. She also wanted that, that was why she asked to begin with.
"And I don't care about labels as long as I get to be with you and kiss you whenever I want, but if you want us to be boyfriend and girlfriend then we can do that. I'd do anything to make my baby happy" and with a kiss on top of her hand, he started driving again.
Y/n was feeling much better now that he confirmed they were in fact together and that he was her boyfriend and she was his girlfriend. She could now sleep peacefully without having to overthink her life decisions.
"So I get to call you my boyfriend now?"
Harry chuckled while shaking his head. She was the most adorable little thing he had ever seen and he couldn't believe she was his girlfriend. He dreamt about this day for years. Yes, he did have many partners over those years, but none of them made him feel like y/n did. He tried to forget about his feelings towards her so he could find love in someone else but his heart always ached for his pretty best friend. Even the people he was dating noticed that, some of them were okay with it and told him to go after her and ask her out, others were so mad and said some hurtful things about her that he decided they were enough reasons to end the relationship with them. He was y/n's carer and had been since they were teenagers, if they couldn't accept her as the biggest part of Harry's life, he simply couldn't be with them. But he didn't have to worry about that anymore, because at this point, life couldn't get any better. Y/n was healthy and he was helping her learn how to do things in her day to day life now that she was able to see, and the cherry on top of it all was they were together and he didn't need to hold himself back from showering her with love and affection like he always wanted.
"Yes, my love. You get to call me your boyfriend, and one day, you'll get to call me your husband, and I have a feeling that day will come sooner than we know"
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Here’s how to stay relevant when your boyfriend is away working, your kids are at school and someone else is doing your job and you can’t go out and call the paps bc jo one believe it anymore :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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do you have a header for this icon?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
heyy I think these match! hope you like it!!
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Chart Update 2021-05-07 11:04 UTC
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