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#harry styles
mr-styles · 17 hours ago
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🐟 ADORE YOU 🐟 | 2 Years
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dontworrysunflower · 20 hours ago
sooooo are we gonna get a pregnancy scare in one of these love on tours posts? maybe the one for washington?
Scare | h.s.
a/n: its been over a month... so im sorry. i also know this is really late but who cares this is in honor of tour ending🥲
warnings: kinda angsty, throwing up, talks of pregnancy and not wanting it, rushed ending, slight covid mention and suggestive comment
word count: 2.5k
enjoy! feedback/reblogs are appreciated
@harryhoney-bee my last lot fic i promise i don’t even know if you’re still doing the masterlist you can ignore this if you aren’t
Tumblr media
You haven't been feeling well for the past couple of days. You would get dizzy and you didn't have the energy to get up every morning. As precaution, Jeff had you take a COVID test and told you it was best to stay away from Harry for a day. Even though it hurt you to not watch Harry perform one night, you knew it was for the best, and just watched the concert through Instagram. Harry had face timed you just before he was put in his Sweet Goods box, obnoxiously kissing the screen, Niji and Elin stealing the screen for a second wishing you well and they hope to see you soon.
You loved seeing Harry radiate on stage, interacting with the crowd and the band as the night went on, but even through the phone screen you could tell he wasn't fully himself.
It was well into the night and nothing new was coming in from update accounts, so you decided to take a shower and get ready for bed, drowsiness making your eyes droop as the night went on.
As you got up from your spot on the bed you got a text from Jeff.
Your test was negative.
You had let out a sigh of relief, grateful that it wasn't the disease that rocked the world, and that you could stay on the road with your boyfriend. But you couldn't help but wonder what it was, what was making you feel sick.
It was when you turned on the water that you felt it. The curling of your stomach and that vile taste in your mouth making you grimace in distaste. Before you knew it you were spilling contents into the toilet in front of you, your face heating up at the sudden movements, your knees hitting the granite floor roughly. You coughed up whatever was in your stomach, your throat tensing
You were breathing heavily when you sat against the wall, your arm reaching out to flush the toilet, tiredness truly bringing you down now.
You didn’t understand why you felt sick. Maybe it was the constant traveling, but you have toured with Harry before, and you never felt sick then. Maybe it was just something you ate, that was very possible.
Or maybe…
No, it can’t be. You and Harry and very safe when it comes to sex, so expecting was most likely not the case.
You had to be sure though. Because if it was just a running thought in your mind it would never go away, and you knew you couldn’t keep it from Harry. He could tell when you were quiet.
You decided to skip your shower, turning the faucet and letting the water drain before slipping on some shoes and bolting out of the hotel room. You still had a while before the show ended, so you had time to get a test and enough time to figure out if you're pregnant before Harry gets back.
You’re quick on your feet as you make your way to the corner store, the name flickering on top of the entrance as you hurry in.
You pass by different rows, your eyes scanning on top of the aisle to get to where you need to go.
You grab a random box before scurrying away from the aisle.
Do I need multiple?
You’ve always heard that women take multiple tests to be sure. So you went back and grabbed another test, not paying attention to brands. .
You quickly pay in self check before mumbling a good night to the clerk sitting behind the counter, your feet running faster than your mind.
You weren’t ready for a baby. You could barely get your life together, let alone have a baby through it all. You were also going to stay on tour the entire time, and you knew it wasn’t safe to travel so much, especially with the first few months. And Harry-
Harry. You’ve spoken about it before. About settling down and starting a family. But when you spoke about the future, you didn't think the future would mean the next day. Having a child with Harry would be a dream, and you knew he would make a great father, but right now just wasn't the time. He would stop everything he had planned to be with you through it all, but you couldn't do that to him. His career is getting bigger every day and he had no choice but to keep going. He couldn't stop.
Tears blurred your vision as you stepped back into your hotel room, immediately going into the bathroom. You ripped open the pregnancy tests, skimming through the instructions before pulling your pants down.
You fidgeted as you waited for the results, watching the digital hourglasses blink on the screen.
These five minutes felt like a lifetime. These five minutes could possibly be a lifetime.
You knew after you got the results it would change everything, and you weren't sure if you were ready.
You glanced down when they finished.
You let out a cry in frustration as you covered your face with your hands, your body leaning against the counter.
Back to square one.
You didn’t know what to do. You were sure Harry was almost done with his show and you knew you couldn’t keep this from him. But you also knew that he would most likely want to keep the baby, you weren’t so sure.
Out of exhaustion, you wrap the tests in toilet paper and turn on the shower, feeling icky.
You strip quickly and hop in the steaming shower, washing off all the guilt and stress.
As you were washing your hair there was a knock on the door. You looked through the fogged up glass doors, seeing the blurry figure of your boyfriend.
“Hey baby.” He said quietly, slowly stepping into the hot bathroom.
He’s wearing grey sweats and a Pleasing hoodie, the longer strands of his hair pulled back in a clip he stole from you.
You tense up at his voice, but he doesn’t notice. “Hey, how was it?” You asked quietly, your head under the waterfall to wash out the shampoo.
“Fun as always, not the same without you.” He smiled, setting his bag down on the counter as sitting on the closed toilet seat, his eyes trained on you.
You gave him a tight lipped smile before turning your back to him, your eyes stinging with tears.
“You okay, love?” He asked, finding your sudden hush tone odd.
“Yeah, just tired.” You turned back to look at him, hoping he didn't notice the tears falling down your cheeks.
“Okay, I showered at the arena so I’ll be in bed okay? Love you.”
Your bottom lip trembles at his words, your throat tightening to keep the sob from ripping through. “Love you.” Your voice broke as you spoke.
“I’m not opening the door, water will fall.”
“Through the glass then.” He says with a cheeky smile, his face leaning close to the fogged up glass.
You manage a chuckle at his antics, your own face nearing the glass in front of him.
He puckers his lips on the glass as you do the same, pecking him through the fog.
“Weirdo.” You tease as you pull away.
“Your weirdo.” He winks at you before leaving the bathroom.
You dreaded opening the door, knowing full well that when you catch his eyes your breakdown.
You knew he’d support you through anything, supper whatever you decide, but you still weren’t sure if you were pregnant. But just the possibility of it scares you.
You tugged on the end of the Pleasing t-shirt Harry had — which only he had — before pulling open the door, keeping it wide to let it air out.
You avoided his gaze as you put your toiletries back in your suitcase but you feel his eyes watching you as you move around the room.
You keep your head down as you crawl into bed, your body closer to the edge.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” You hear him ask worriedly, his hand reaching to rest on your bare thigh, but you flinch away. “Baby…talk to me.”
It’s then that you let a sob rip through your throat, and Harry immediately pulls you to his lap. He pets your hair and rubs your back, his lips pressing against the crown of your head as you let your frustrations out since you found out. Your hands cover your face, knowing that if you looked at him you’d cry harder.
“Baby, please talk to me. Hate seeing you cry.” His voice trembles, his fingers rubbing up and down your back.
“I think,” You whispered through your sobs. “I think I’m pregnant.”
His hands falter on your back for a second before they continue. “What do you mean you think?” He asked quietly.
You sniffled as you caught your breath, slowly getting up from his lap and walking into the bathroom. You come back with the wrapped up pregnancy tests, sitting on the edge of the bed as you unwrapped them. He sat up beside as he watched, his eyes wide.
You showed him the tests, turning them around to see the screens.
“What does this mean? One negative, one positive?”
You sniffle as you shrug. “I don’t know.” Your voice trembles again.
“Hey, hey, hey,” He pulls you up into his arms again. “we can go to the doctor tomorrow.”
“You can’t. People will recognize you.” You whined, wiping a stray tear from your cheek.
“I don’t give a shit, I’m not leaving you alone.”
It’s quiet between you for a while, feeling the uneasy question linger between the two of you.
“You want to keep it? If I am pregnant?” You spoke first, your eyes down at your lap.
He sighs. “The timing isn’t ideal with tour and all, but if it’s something you want-”
“But I’m asking if you do.” You interrupt.
“I do.” He says hurriedly. “But it’s not up to me. You’re the one that would go through so much if you are pregnant, and if you don’t feel ready to do that then I will support you no matter what. It’s your body, baby. Whatever you say, goes.”
You sigh shakily as you look up to meet his forest eyes, tears filling yours. “You won’t be mad?”
“Never.” His eyes are foggy too, some dried trails staining his cheeks. His hand comes up to push loose strands of your hair out of your face. “I love you so much, and no matter what happens, I’ll be with you.”
Tears fall down your cheeks again. “Thank you.” Your voice is quiet.
He just shakes his head before wiping your tears with his thumb, his lips pressing a kiss to your nose. “Tomorrow, okay? First thing in the morning.”
Your leg bounces as you sit in the lobby of the emergency room, your hand gripping the two tests that are in a plastic bag.
“Hey,” You turn to Harry as he rests his ringless hand on your jumping thigh. “Everything's going to be okay.” The corners of his eyes slightly crinkle, telling you he’s smiling at you through his mask. His hand takes yours and gives it a squeeze before bringing it up to his lips, giving your knuckles a kiss through his mask. You’re both wearing plain black hoodies and jeans, hoping it’s simple enough to go unnoticed.
“I’m nervous.” You sigh as you lean over the chairs to rest your head on his shoulder, basking in his warmth.
“Me too.” He puts his chin on your head, his thumb rubbing the skin between your thumb and pointer finger.
“Ms. (Y/N) (L/N)?” The nurse opens the door to the private rooms, a clipboard in hand.
You suck in a breath as you stand from your chair, your hand never leaving Harrys as you walk through the door of the clinic. The nurse leads you through the small hallways, turning into a room with a sink in the corner, two chairs, the patient bed, and the ultrasound machine right beside it. “The doctor will be with you shortly.”
You sat on the patient bed, Harry standing right next to you, his hand resting on your back.
There’s a quiet knock on the door before it's opened, a woman wearing a white doctors coat and her hair up in a ponytail, folder in hand. “Hello, welcome. My name is Doctor Sanjana. What are you in for?” Her voice falls off as she opens the folder, checking your file. “Ah, the possibility of pregnancy, yes?”
You swallowed nervously as you nod.
“No worries, may I ask why you might think so?”
“I’ve been feeling kind of sick lately, some dizziness and when I threw up yesterday, I took two pregnancy tests.”
“What did the tests tell you?” She asked as she scribbled your symptoms.
“That’s the thing. One said positive and the other said negative.” You pulled out the tests in the plastic bag, giving it to the doctor.
“Okay! So we can do a simple test, should only take a couple minutes and we’ll know for sure. Would you like the urine or blood test?”
Both you and Harry nod, “Um, just urine.”
“And if you are, we can check how far along, yes?
You cleared your throat, “Sure.”
“Okay! I’ll be right back with some water.”
Both you and Harry wait anxiously in your room for the doctor to come back with your test results. Through all of this you realized you never asked how Harry was doing. This was just as nerve wracking for him as it was for you. You turn to Harry, who never left your side on the patient bed, watching him look around, his eyes never staying in one spot for too long. You squeeze his hand to catch his attention, his head whipping around to face you, his curls bouncing in front of his eyes.
“You okay?” You asked meekly as you leaned on his bicep by your head.
“Yeah.” He responded after a sigh, his lips pressing a kiss to the top of your head.
“I’m sorry.” You mumbled, tears clouding your vision.
“Why are you apologizing? This isn’t your fault.”
“No. It’s not your fault, okay? It takes two to make one, and I know I had fun.” He joked.
You chuckled at his playfulness, shoving his shoulder, making his giggle. He moves to stand in front of you, leaning his head on your, your noses grazing.
“Everything’s gonna be okay.”
Just after that there’s a knock on the door, and Harry moves to stand next to you again.
“Alright,” Doctor Sanjana drags out as she shuts the door. She leans against the counter, opening the folder in her hands. “You are unfortunately, or fortunately, not pregnant.”
You release the breath you didn't know you were holding, looking up to the ceiling to stop the tears from falling. You feel Harry relax beside you, his hand holding yours tightly.
“I’ll let you two talk, you can leave when you’re ready.” She gives you your results before walking out.
Harry wraps his arms around your neck, you head leaning against his hard chest as you let out a sob. “See? Everything’s okay.”
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fkinavocado · 20 hours ago
been nice knowing you all
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jenniferswhor3 · 22 hours ago
baby - harry styles
Tumblr media
masterlist | misc. masterlist
harry styles x f!reader
summary || seeing harry handle your child confirms your feelings for him
warnings || teeth rotting fluff, talks of a shitty ex-boyfriend, talks of pregnancy, cursing, verbal abuse if you squint, harry being too cute
authors note || i'm absolutely in love with this fic so proud of it
your friendship with harry blossomed before his x-factor audition. you stuck with him through thick and thin. through all of his ups and downs of the band. through all of his lovers. you guys were as close as bread and butter.
you met during your first year at a new school. you know how the story goes. boy and girl bump into each other. both of them bend down to grab girls books. they both reach for the same book and touch hands.
you couldn’t think of a more cliché way of meeting. in fact, you are harry joke about it all the time.
the both of you stayed in proper touch when harry’s fame rose. harry never let the fame once get to his head. he was the most humble and down to earth person you had ever met. always putting other before himself. it’s something you had always admired about him.
him being apart of one direction was one of the best things you got to watch. you loved seeing him on stage with his very best friends performing songs he loved. watching him grow from this somewhat shy boy to an international pop star in the matter of a few years was something so incredible. seeing harry have the time of his life on stage doing what he loves made you so incredibly happy.
harry had always told you he’d do anything for you, so when your shitty ex-boyfriend knocked you up and left the minute he found out, he was glad to take you in.
you moved out to LA when the boys did. of course you didn’t stay with them, you had gotten your own place with the money you saved up.
harry would always invite you to LA shows and festivals and even some of the other west coast tour dates. they we’re definitely the most fun you’ve had in a while.
being in the LA scene exposed you to a lot more people than you were used to. that’s how you met trevor. at first he was this sweet, fun-loving guy but after about a year and some of dating he started to show his true colors.
now trevor was never a fan of harry. he hated the international superstar and how close you two were. he was a constant accuser of you cheating, which you never were. he’d apologize for accusing you, you’d forgive him and take him back, and the cycle would continue.
harry hated this, he hated how you'd cry to him about your love life with trevor, and he hated seeing you hurt.
the day came where you realized your period was late and your eating habits started changing. you ran to your nearest dollar store and picked out a test.
it was a painstakingly slow process of waiting for the results. it felt like years until the results came. the small digital print of the word pregnant read across the rest. you let out a heavy sigh and called trevor asking him to come over to talk.
about 15 minutes later, you greeted him at your front door. “so, what did you want to talk about?” he said while sitting on the couch.
“well, um. there’s no easy way to say this,” you started.
“well, just say it already.” trevor interrupted a bit to harshly. it almost made you flinch.
“i’m pregnant.” you blurted out.
trevor takes a minute to process the information. he finally stands up, “that’s not my kid.”
“that’s not my fucking kid!” he yells before he storms out of your apartment, slamming the door behind him.
this time you really do flinch, at both his yell and the door slamming. you cried all night that night.
you had called harry next morning to tell him the news of your pregnancy. of course he said he was happy and that this is great but he could tell something was wrong.
you told him what happened and that’s how you found yourself living in the same house as your best friend with your beautiful baby boy, oliver, or ollie as harry liked to call him.
your baby boy was about one and half now and harry has been nothing but grateful towards you and oliver. every holiday, or just because, harry would gift oliver a cute new outfit or toy.
harry always welcome oliver into his care when you had work or something important to do.
harry loved kids, he always wanted some of his own. he always treated oliver like his own; you adored him for this. it was such a wonderful sight coming home to harry and oliver, sitting in olivers rocking chair, dead asleep. it absolutely made your heart melt.
there were even times where it seemed as if oliver preferred harry over you.
you were being woken up to loud crying. you opened your phone to check the time only to see it being 2:46 am. picking up oliver in your arms you checked all the possibilities of why he could be crying. he didn't need to be changed, you tried feeding him and it didn't work, nor did simply rocking him. this was starting to stress you out. you started to try thing you didn't think would even be a factor of crying. you changed his bed sheets, you changed his onesie, you even tried different white noises. it wasn't until harry stumbled into the room offering to help. "no, please. its okay, harry. i got this." but of course, he insisted. you watched him baby-talk to oliver and rock him while walking around the room. he was talking about his day and everything. and for some reason, it worked. oliver was no longer crying. you thanked him profusely, "its no worry, love. anything for this lil' man."
over time, seeing harry treat oliver like his own and seeing how much oliver loves being around him sparked a feeling in your chest you couldn't quite explain. your heart would beat a little faster, palms would get a little sweaty, face growing red and hotter, and you start jumbling your words. you haven’t felt this way in a long, long time.
there was always a wrong feeling in your stomach when you’d go on a date with a someone. like a voice in your head telling you he’s not right, that this is what’s supposed to happen. even when you wanted things to work because the person you were on a date with was super sweet and nice. and it’d break your heart not to call them back for a second date. it was as if your future self was telling you that this isn’t the person you should be with.
you had only been on a few dates, but after the last one, and that feeling in your gut, you figured to step away from the dating scene for now.
harry wasn’t really into the whole dating scene either. always telling himself the right person will come. he tried it a couple times as well, neither dates successful.
harry had felt the same. the same quickened heart beat, sweaty palm, blushing face, and jumbled word feeling. except for he knew what this was. he had a crush on you since you bumped into each other in the halls of grade school. he tried moving on and was unsuccessful. he'd written a couple songs about you, yet you never knew. now it was just your turn to figure out the feeling.
the one thing you two didn’t talk about was dating. every time one of you mentioned a date you had or the difficulties of dating, it was always get awkward. like it wasn’t meant to be said between you two. like there should be something else being said between you two.
everyone around you felt this sort of energy between the two of you. they all knew the energy they were feeling, they were just waiting for you two to feel it too.
it wasn’t until one night, you had been working late, prompting you to ask harry to watch and put oliver to bed. your manager asked you to stay late and close today, which always takes forever, meaning you got home today around 12am.
you assumed harry and oliver would both be dead asleep by now, you were wrong. you tried being as quiet as possible sneaking through the big house to check on oliver.
approaching the door to olivers room you heard harrys voice just above a whisper, "i wish i could tell your mama, it would be a lot easier." now you were confused. "it would be so much easier than to hide my feelings. i don't know if i can hold it in any longer, lil' man."
there's only small squeaks coming out of oliver. you also hear the creak of your rocking chair so you, once more, assumed harry had oliver in his arms in the rocking chair. you were now stood in the doorway but still out of eyesight to harry. you wanted to see the beautiful sight.
"it hurt seeing her go out with those guys." oliver lets out some inaudible noises, "i know, ollie, none of those guys deserve a beautiful, intelligent, kind woman that she is." you started to feel tears forming in your eyes. that's the most thoughtful and amazing compliment you've ever gotten. "she's so beautiful, i wish i had the courage to ask her out already? can you help me do that, ollie?" obviously the baby couldn't actually respond he hadn't even spoken his first word yet.
there was a moment of harry baby-talking to oliver, making him giggle and such. after the giggles died down it wasn't silent again. it wasn't until you heard oliver speak his first word, which just so happened to be dada. this made you audibly gasp, revealing your hidden self.
harry jumped slightly, unbeknownst to your presence being there. "how long have you-?" he started to say.
you ignore his question slightly while you proceeded to make your way over to your child, gently grabbing him from harrys hands. "did you just say dada?" you baby-talked to him.
harry went to apologize for that fact it was dada and not mama coming out of your sons mouth. "harry, its okay, great even. my son just said his first word." you say with a chuckle.
"how long were you standing there?" harry spoke after a while.
"long enough." you breathed out.
"look, its okay if-" harry started before you interrupted him.
with oliver now resting in your arms, almost half asleep, you turn to him with a soft smile. "no, harry its okay, i feel the same."
"really?" he asks almost shocked.
"yes, of course," you started. "it took me a while to figure out but seeing how great you are with oliver it really confirmed everything for me. i like you harry, i have for a while now."
harry wraps one of his arms around your back leaning into your side, the other came up to rub olivers back. "I've felt this way ever since we bumped into each other in the halls." you chuckle at the cliché memory. you look at him with adoration in your eyes as he takes a sleeping oliver from you hands and lays him down in his crib. you talk over to him and wrap your arms around his torso, admiring your beautiful baby boy. he wraps his arm around your shoulder and bring you closer, kissing to the top of your head. and that concludes the perfect ending to a perfect night.
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satanhalsey · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: The reasons that led Harry to write From The Dining Table are finally revealed.
! | A N G S T, CRYING, CURSING, a little bit of fluff <3, AND MORE ANGST.
! | from the dining table is taken as INSPIRATION, not everything that harry wrote in the song happened, he was only inspired a little about that stage of his life. AND remember that the Where Do Broken Hearts Go one shot is gonna be like a "second part" of this one.
Harry looks out the window, it’s five in the morning in Jamaica, everyone is sleeping, even the love of his life is curled up in bed.
But then why can’t he fall asleep?
He thinks about the album he’s writing, and it feels empty. He needs something more… needs something heartbreaking. Something that every time he sings it his soul breaks, and that people listening can feel the pain in his voice.
He sighs, his mind empty, and turns to see Y/N, who’s sleeping peacefully oblivious of everything. His heart is pounding, she’s so beautiful and so his, that he could spend his whole life adoring her, as if that was his only purpose in life.
She’s his everything since he met her in that store at the age of fifteen, and to think that there was a moment in his life when he didn’t have her, makes a void that he thought he had filled emptied again.
He leaves the room and walks over to the dining room. He bites his lip, feeling the breeze hit his face, and as he settles in a chair, his gaze finds his songbook on the dining table. He opens it, taking out the pen tied to it, and begins scribbling, not knowing where to start.
The memories of those months cloud his mind, and he knows that if he really wants to write a song about it, then he’ll have to reopen that painful wound.
And suddenly, he writes:
‘Woke up alone in this hotel room, played with myself where were you?’
And that’s all that is enough to make him feel 20 years old again, young, and with a broken heart.
It’s three in the morning, and he’s lying down, tears running down his face to the pillow under him, while he scrolls through his phone gallery.
A picture of them at sixteen in the tree house, a picture of Y/N laughing, Y/N in a bikini, Y/N in his clothes, the two of them at his audition for The X Factor. Y/N laughing, Y/N with his family. Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.
So he goes from the gallery to his iCloud, where he opens that folder while sobbing. In the first photo, Y/N is lying on her back with his hand on her neck, and Harry sighs.
His tear-strewn eyes scan all the photos, and he finds a video that makes him cry more.
It’s pathetic, how Harry cries while watching a video of the two of them fucking, and turns up the volume to hear better.
“Yeah, right there, right?” Harry says in the video, where you can see how he pushes fast inside her, with her legs on his shoulders. “I don’t know why I’m fucking asking, I know every single part of you.”
"H, fuck.”
Harry cries when he hears her voice mixed with her moans, he misses her, he misses her so much.
He slides his hand down his naked torso until he reaches his member covered by his boxers, and he’s furious with himself when he feels it hard, he knows that it’s twisted, but he cannot help it when it comes to her.
He reaches into his briefs and begins to massage his semi-erect cock, moaning from the sensitivity, he continues crying and watching the videos and photos.
She’s angelic, with a unique body, Harry knows that nothing and no one can make him feel what she does just by existing.
He starts sliding his hand up and down, sometimes massaging his balls, and moans, moans as Y/N does in the videos.
He continues as does his crying, and feels the pressure build up in his lower belly, so he accelerates the movements of his fist, gently squeezing the head.
“Gonna cum for me, H?” Her voice comes out of his phone speaker, and Harry cries, cries disconsolate wishing he had her by his side.
“Yes, yes.” He answers and finally ends up on his stomach and underwear.
He drops the phone and covers his face, crying and sobbing like a baby while in the video you can hear the laughter of the two of them, and his voice saying “Just a video for when I’m alone in tour.”
And then Y/N answers. “Mhm, it would be weird for you and I to ever be apart.”
He doesn’t even get up, he cleans himself with a sheet, and through tears, he slaps his face in anger.
“Fucking idiot.” He insults himself. “Shit, f-fuck.”
The scenes are repeated in his head, it’s the second week that he doesn’t see her, but he remembers as if it were yesterday when everything went to shit.
“Everyone okay at home?” Harry asks the speaker while tying a bandana on his head.
“Yeah, bubs. Your mom says hello by the way.” Y/N says on the other side of the line. “Ready for the concert?”
Harry sighs and makes a sound to say yes. “Yes, but it’s weird that you aren't here.”
“I miss you too, but I have to take the final exam, so you can say that your girlfriend is a professional photographer.”
Harry laughs, his heart swollen with love for her. “I love you.”
“I love you more, see you at my party?”
“Of course, gorgeous, the boys and I will be there.”
They say goodbye when Harry has to go on stage at the Where We Are Tour, and Y/N promises to call him later.
One Direction goes on stage and gives its all as always. On a break, Harry asks to speak.
“I want to let you know that sadly, my girlfriend isn’t here today.” The audience yells, making him smile, “She’s back home, taking an exam to be officially a professional photographer.”
Harry takes the word again. “I want you to shout the loudest for her, giving her your support so that she can pass the exam!”
The audience screams ecstatically, even the girls who hate Y/N scream just for him.
“Good luck, baby. This is Little White Lies!”
In a hotel room, at three in the afternoon, Harry Styles wakes up. He groans at the clarity coming through the balcony, and also at the acidity in his throat.
He recognizes that it’s Zayn and Liam’s room, and frowns when he sees more than ten people sleeping on the couches, the bed, and even on the floor.
He doesn’t even remember the After Party.
He gets up, straightening his hair and separating himself from the people in bed sleeping in their party clothes. He rolls his eyes when he sees Niall hugging Liam.
Harry frowns when he sees a figure too familiar to him, her face hidden in the luxurious blanket.
How did Y/N get here?
He reaches out with his hand to run the hair from her face, but pulls it away instantly when he realizes that she wasn’t his love.
Wait, so where was Y/N? she was taking her final exam. But by the sun that entered the room, it was another day, and she had already given it.
Which meant her celebration party had already happened, and Harry hadn't been there, he'd been in some after party he doesn't even remember.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck." He panics, and looks everywhere for his phone, until he finds it in the bathroom.
When he turns it on, missed calls and messages from Y/N, his mother, his sister and even his damn father-in-law invade the screen.
The first thing he does is unblock it and go to his girlfriend's chat, with more than seventy messages that he reads with a lump in his throat.
"babyyy :) did you get on the plane ???"
"ok, it's been two hours, i guess you've landed by now. answer me when you can!! love youuuu."
"h, i'm getting worried. are you okay?"
"the party is no fun without you, i just miss my curly boy so much. xxx."
"just saw the photos on twitter. i guess an after party is better than your girlfriend's celebration party."
"i don't wanna talk but please let me know that you're safe."
Harry feels like he's on the verge of tears, but swallows them to send her a quick "I'm fine, my love, I'm so sorry." and start calling her.
She reads the message, but does not answer the calls.
Harry knows he screwed up, and too much.
Memories of the night before appear and he just wants to hit himself.
One Direction walks off the stage and everyone celebrates for another great show, hugging, and walking to their dressing rooms.
"We have to take the plane to get to Y/N's party." Liam says while wiping his forehead on the red handkerchief he always has in his pocket.
They all nod and Harry pulls his phone out to call her, until Ed Sheeran himself interrupts their path.
"Hey! I loved the show!" He says and everyone embraces him. "How are you, huh?"
"Fine, fine. But we have to go to...-" Niall says, but is interrupted by the redhead.
"You have to come with me to an After Party that a friend of mine organizes in a bar, please!"
Harry flatly denies. "I can't, Ed. My girlfriend passed the final photography exam and is throwing a celebration party."
"C'mon!, nothing happens if you arrive a little late, right?" He begs. "Y/N would understand."
He knows she would, as good as she is, but he just doesn't want to fail her.
"We can't, really." Louis says.
"What about a little party in your hotel room until you have to leave?"
They all stay quiet, and Harry knows it's not a bad idea. How long could they stay at the hotel until they have to board the plane? One, two hours at most? it was enough for a small party.
That's why he's the first to speak. "Alright." He shrugs.
"We pass, thanks though." Louis says, and Zayn nods beside him.
"We'll go to pack our bags for the trip."
The two friends go to the dressing room, and Liam, Harry, Niall and Ed head to Liam's hotel room, where the party will be.
Y/N calls her boyfriend after the concert as promised.
He doesn't answer.
Now he's the one who calls her, lying in his hotel bed, he knows that in an hour he'll have to get on a plane to go to another country for another show.
"Please, baby." He says, trying again to talk to her but she doesn't respond.
She was never the first one to break, Harry had always been the first to apologize when he had been the cause of one of their fights. But this was on another level.
On the fifth call, she finally answers the phone.
"Hi." She says, serious.
He knows that she's trying to hold back tears.
"Angel." He says desperate. "I'm so sorry, so sorry. I lost track of time at the party, but I'll tell Simon to get me a plane and I'll go home, okay?"
Y/N sighs, she wants him with her, but she can't ask him to leave the shows. She isn't mad at him, she's mad at her.
Mad at her cause she's holding Harry back from everything he has to be.
Maybe he didn't want to go to his stupid celebration party, he had to be from party to party, sleeping with whoever he wanted.
He should be free.
"No, I don't want you to come, you have to finish the tour." She says, her voice shaking. "You can't disappoint your fans."
He doesn't even hesitate to say. "You always come first."
Y/N snuggles into the comfort of their bed, burying her face into Harry's pillow to shed tears.
"Don't make this harder, please. If you come, I won't open the door."
He knows that it's a lie, that she's so good and caring that she would let him in, besides that it's his home too.
"Please...-" His voice breaks, but she cuts him off.
"No, Harry. I don't want to see you. Do you know how embarrassing it was to wait for you staring at the door during the whole party? Having my family asking me where you were? That your family and even Louis and Zayn were there and you weren't?"
The singer cries, regretting all his decisions the night before.
But he can't help what comes out of his mouth.
"And what did you want me to do? I wanted to go to your stupid party but I lost track of time!"
He closes his mouth instantly, regretting everything, and Y/N keeps quiet on the other end of the line.
"Baby, I-"
"If you think celebrating for something I love is stupid, then don't even spend yourself coming."
And she hangs up.
The two of them cry, thousands of miles apart, hating themselves. They hadn't broken up, but they knew that maybe it was a chance.
Maybe... they weren't soulmates after all.
Maybe this was their end.
Harry looks over his shoulder, where Y/N looks at him sleepily.
She glows in the moonlight, disheveled and in his "HOT N HARD" t shirt that she wears to sleep.
She reaches out and wraps her arms around his shoulders, leaving wet kisses on his jaw and neck, and Harry sighs, feeling butterflies on his belly.
"What are you doing awake?" She asks, looking over his shoulder at the song book. She reads the first lyrics and swallows dry. "H?"
He looks at her and makes room for her to sit on his lap. "I wrote a song about what happened in 2014."
She sighs, closing her eyes. It was a closed wound, but it still hurt from time to time.
"I want you to read it." He whispers.
She picks up the book and reads the lyrics, letting tears escape at the words that a heartbroken Harry wrote while reliving that time. He takes care of leaving kisses on her shoulder as a way of comfort.
When she's done, she hugs him tightly and pulls away to kiss him.
"Curly, it's over. We're here now, more mature, more in love, and with a whole life ahead of us." Y/N whispers, stroking his short hair.
Harry looks at her and nods. "I'll never let you go, I promise."
Y/N smiles, blushing like a kid just for him. "I know."
He gets up from the chair with her in his arms, and enters the room to lay them on the bed, he on top of her.
He leaves kisses on her exposed skin, and she laughs when the kisses tickle her.
He regrets thinking that they had an expiration date.
Not in a million years would he stop loving her, because he was crazy about her and had been since he met her.
"I love you, I love you, I love you." Y/N gets him out of his thoughts by telling him those three words that he likes to hear so much. "My sweet, sweet boy."
He smiles, kissing her. "The song needs a name." He says in the middle of the kiss.
"Where did you start writing it?" She asks, sliding her hands down his bare chest.
"In the dining table."
"That's it." She laughs. "From The Dining Table."
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chaashni · 20 hours ago
Okay so I would quite literally do anything for rockstar!harry and I love love when he’s all filthy mouth and hot and bothered buttttt what’s he like when it’s like early mornings and he’s sleepy-eyed with protests of getting up and maybe holding on reader a little bit tighter and protesting on getting up and “5 more mins baby, just wanna hold u a bit more” OR maybe when he hasn’t seen reader in a while like he’s on tour and she wasn’t able to go to a few shows so it’s a little bit of a reunion and it’s hugs and soft kisses and “come here, I missed u, wanna give u a hug” and super soft affectionate harry 🥺🥺🥺
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺No this is so him🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
He's a needy little shit, and he becomes a literal baby when he's sleepy. He is a certified blanket hog, so you don't even have to worry about extra blankets because he brings six to the bed, cause "I can't fuck your frozen ass, babe. Gotta preserve it."
He's all snuggly and and so so lazy in the mornings ( and by morning he means noon.) He has a tendency of working late in the studio, and he has made it a habit to hold you while he sleeps. So he invites you over almost every night, even when you've got some non-existent role in some movie and are grumpy af about it- he's ready to deal with your mouthiness if it means cuddling to you and sleeping.
Around 2 am you switch on all the lights around his house and stagger over to his studio, often finding him with his fingers pricked and dented from the strings of the guitar, his shoulders stiff and eyes red in lack of sleep. It doesn't take much persuasion to lug him back to bed- the sight of you in your fizzy socks and his shirt (its the one which has got 'styles' embroidered on it) is enough to get him standing.
He's a menace in the mornings. He holds you tight through your sleep, not caring if he is sweating off all your moisturizer or if you've got to run. You've got an assortment of photos- selfies of him snuggling to your breasts, his nose buried deep into them. You've made it your daily routine to card your fingers through his hair, tug at the roots and smooth out the creases of this temple- all of this has him purring like a cat, and you've have recorded that too because he had claimed he would never do that and you just jad to show him.
Don't try waking him up unless you've got fifty kisses to spare. Baby has to deal with Jeff, his PR team, the imminent fact that he can't have his mouth on your pussy all day- all of it makes him fuzzy. He needs to be pampered early in the morning- by your snuggles and soft fingers and light kisses and slowly woken up. Methodically.
He throws a fit and plops back into bed if something causes him to open his eyes before you've kissed him fifteen times. The next fifteen he buries his head into your lap, interlacing your fingers together. The next ten comes with you dragging him out, a kiss for each step. And the next ten when he finally makes it to the breakfast table, his chef rolling her eyes at all the dumbassery you both do in the morning- dancing around with umbrellas and singing into tiny statues like a mike- you both are chaotic and you love it.
"Aren't you going to hug me?" He's back after a spell of shows, just in time before you both take off to his mom's place for christmas, you going as his 'close friend.'
"Ummm. No." You shrug as you fold your jacket tighter, stopping the giggle that threatens to escape your lips. "Not in the mood. I want hot chocolate, how is it that you are always late?"
And Harry just stops, right there. The mask remains on his face but you know he's pouting. He takes a step back, holding out his arms.
"C'mon baby. You don't wanna hug me?" He gestures to himself. "Its me. Harry Styles, remember? Rockstar, very attractive, adorable-"
"Sheesh. Don't tell him, his fragile heart won't take it. He's a pest."
This was fun. This was the same guy who had fucked you outside one of your audition centers which rejected you, and hung your bra at their door for them to find out. And he was taking offence.
Then that cocky smirk was back. He started lifting his shirt up, your startled protests of "Harry!" going unnoticed.
"Look at this. You wanna hug me. I'll hynotize you." He pulls his stomach back, his butterfly tattoo creasing over his abs as he shakes his waist, your laughter filling the place.
"Stop stop stop."
"Hug me."
*cue the hand slipping under your jeans and cupping your ass.*
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mr-styles · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A signed guitar from Harry is on display at Julien's Auctions and Musicares Charity Relief Auction that will take place on January 30 in Los Angeles, during the week of the 64th GRAMMYs.
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hldailyupdate · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Eroda via Twitter! (6 December 2021)
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kingstylesdaily · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
🐟🐟🐟 | 06.12.2021
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hlupdate · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Visit Eroda via Twitter (x) - 06/12/21
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rommahh · 10 hours ago
Hate during the work day: some days you really hated your job and today was the day where you explode.
Tumblr media
Days like this you wish you could just be swallowed whole by the ground. You wish it would open up through the cements and layers of sediments and suck you in.
Your job was hard. Being the head of the legal department, you were tasked with representing the company in court, creating policies, and doing loads and loads of legal research. But on top of your large workload, your coworkers sucked.
Most of the men in your office were downright jackasses who thought that you were inferior due to your sex. The women weren’t any nicer. They hated you for the attention you got from Harry. Harry put a target on your back for the cruel and vile treatment you received.
So to say the least, today was a bad day and you’re pissed off. The day has just drained you to the point where you felt as if your heart could just shrivel up and die.
Days like this made you rethink your profession. What would happen if you just picked up everything and left? Who’s going to miss you? No one.
At home, you quickly discarded your work clothes, washing the filth of the outside world off of your body in the shower. Soft pajamas covered your body as you lit candles around your studio apartment.
Your bed sat in the center of the room, a small living area with a sofa and tv only moments away from the bed. The kitchen was really just a few cabinets, stove, and sink separated by a wall partition. Some would hate your little apartment but it was everything to you.
A knock at your door pulls you away from your laptop in your bed that was playing old episodes of the office. You’re off your bed in seconds, maneuvering your clothing to look presentable for the surprise guest.
Opening the door you find Harry staring at you with a smirk. He has his work bag in one hand and a bag of clothes in the other. He walks in closing the door behind him while dropping the bags in the floor and then he’s on you. He’s kissing your mouth with ferocity- all teeth and tongue and clumsiness.
You pull away in a fury, shoving him back. The offense is evident on his face.
“What’s wrong?” He asks coming at you again with his hands on your waist. You gently push him away.
“Nothing.” Grumpiness seeped out of you. The events of today piling on and on making you ready to explode.
“Ok well let me make you feel better.” He retorts pushing his face into your neck to lay gentle kisses.
“Just because you only need me for sex doesn’t mean you can just get it whenever you want.” You snap shoving him off of you. His face contorts into one of hurt before turning into anger.
Did you mean what you said? No. But you were too overwhelmed with emotions to recognize how mean your words are.
“Oh really?” He inquired, one angry brown rising. “Didn’t realize you thought so low of me.” He gulps before grabbing his things.
In a panic you rush to him trying to apologize for your words and explain why you’re so upset. He doesn’t listen though, shouldering your hands off of him to walk out of your door.
The slamming of the door is all it takes for you to burst into tears. You spend the night curled up in a ball by the door, hoping that Harry would come back to comfort you.
Harry walks into the office the next day disgruntled. His shirt is wrinkled, socks mix matched. After last night he felt horrible. The way you reacted to his advances meant that he was doing something wrong, and it hurt him to think that. He didn’t want you to think that he only liked you for sex because that wasn’t true.
He liked how passionate you were about certain topics, or how you rewrite the same lists ten times, or how you can never finish one series at a time, or how you liked to mix two perfumes together for your signature sent. He liked you.
You were sat at your desk when Harry walks to his cubical. He could see the physical wall you had protecting you from everyone around.
“Good morning.” Harry greets you quietly. You tense your, worried that one of the office girls would notice him talking to you.
“I, um, hi.” Is all you say. It hurts Harry so much.
You both go about your day separately. By the time lunch rolls around Harry decides to take his break a little after you so you wouldn’t be uncomfortable eating your meal. Fifteen minutes into lunch, he decides to just go get his food and eat at his desk.
“Can you just leave me alone?” Harry can hear your small voice before he enters the kitchen. It’s small and frail.
“No babe, we aren’t bothering you so calm down. We just want to know how you got this job. Did you fuck the boss? She’s a lesbo I’m pretty sure so it would make sense. You guys eat each other out?”
Harry burst through the kitchen doors, anger couldn’t describe how he was feeling.
“She asked you to leave her the fuck alone.” Harry growls at the two jack asses who have you cornered in the small kitchen. Harrys anger only rises more when he sees the trails of wetness down your cheek.
“Listen dude, we aren’t bothering her. Isn’t that right doll face?” The asshat asks you trailing a finger down your blouse covered arm. You flinch back and that’s all it takes before Harry is straddling the man pummeling his fists into his face.
You’re in the background yelling for Harry to stop but he can’t, he can only see your face of distress.
“Im sorry.” Harry sits on your couch, a bag of frozen potato’s sit on his split and bloody hand. You’re on your knees in front of him tending to his unoccupied hand.
“Why didn’t you tell me they were harassing you?” He asks. Your head falls forward, forehead resting on his knee as you break into tears. Your shoulders shake as your body wracks with tears. “Woah woah woah, sweetheart.”
He had you lifted and perched in his lap in seconds. Frantic motions of his hands wiped the free flowing tears from your face as you sobbed.
“It’s sucks. They all suck. The men hate me because they think I’m just some small woman who can’t get the job done and the girls slut shame me because they all like you. I get it. I get attention from you but-but it’s not my fault.” You choke out. Harrys heart breaks at the sight of your tears.
“Please don’t cry. It’s ok. Youre right. They all suck. They don’t like that you’re the best in the office. They don’t like that your work is ten times better than anything they’ve ever done. They don’t like you cause you’re greater than they’ll ever be.” He murmurs into your hair. He held you tight trying to stop your tears.
“I know but it’s hard. I-I’m miserable Harry.” You wail loudly and it scared Harry. He’s never seen you in such a state.
“You should quit, open up your own law firm. I know you have a passion for helping people, you always tell me how much you want to help young kids who get into trouble. Leave this shitty job.” You lean back to fully look at him.
“I don’t even know where to start.” He cradled your cheek in his hand wiping the tears away.
“I’ll help you. I can help you financially start and I can help you get your name out there. I’ll give you all the help you need.” His tone is serious but truthful as he looks you in the eyes.
Without a second thought your lips are on his. You hummed stay the taste of his slightly minty lips from the gum he chewed on the drive to your house.
His hands grip your hips pulling you closer to him, chest to chest. The way that your lips pulled each other and suckled on each other made the room heat up sensually.
He pulls away. “Don’t do this if you don’t want to. I want you to want this.”
Breathless and panting, “take me to bed please.”
Your naked body is soft and smooth under Harry’s touch. He hovers above you, body bare and cock bobbing. The only light in the room was the natural sunlight that creeped into the tall windows.
Harry’s never met a woman more beautiful than you. Your nipples pebbled and peaked atop your supple breast. Your thighs stuck together from the flesh and the wetness that was was flowing out of you out of pleasure.
“Please Harry.” You whimpered from below the well cut man. His hair flopped onto his forehead as he looked down to you.
He moves in between your legs, separating them. Strings of wetness connect and disconnect front wheel movement of your lower lips opening. Your legs are placed on his muscular thighs as spread you open further.
Leaning over you, he focuses his weight on the palms of his hands beside your head. You stare at him like he’s the only man in the world and Harry wishes he was, just for you.
“Youre so ethereal. My little angel.” He whispers looking at you. It makes you flush, turning your head to the side out of embarrassment. “Don’t turn your head, look at me.”
His commands make you automatically listen. When you meet his eyes he slowly inches his cock into your warmth. The tip makes you throw your head back in please. His girth, even at the tip, felt large as it spilt you open.
When he was fully within you, you let out the breath you’ve been holding in. You and Harry have only had sex maybe two or three times- it was normally just foreplay and light petting. It always took some adjustment seeing that his girth alone was enough to take your breath away. 
His slow movements inside you brought you back to reality. Harry soaked in the sounds of your quiet moans and high pitched whimpers.
His veiny cock stroked your inner walls, the walls that gripped him so tightly like a warm envelope. His pace quickened. He moved so deep in you, it felt as if his cock was kissing the opening of your cervix.
“It feels so good.” Harry becomes cocky at your words.
“Yeah, what feels good? Daddy makes you feel good?” He roused.
“Yes, daddy, fuck, yes.” He split you open moving your legs over this shoulders. Your eyes rolled back in peasant, drool threatening to dribble out of your mouth.
“Open.” He demands, hand slipping to your throat. You open your mouth immediately, jaw dropping to your chin and tongue lying flat against your lips. In a quick motion, he spits into your mouth telling you to swallow after.
You clench down on his cock having swallowed him. A warm feeling trickles from the top of your head to your toes as the pleasure rolled through you.
Harry pounded into from above. His bottom lip caught in his teeth as he focused on the pleasure at hand. You were gushing below him. Your wetness seeping out of your core in loud squelches. You soaked the sheets as it seeped between your cheeks into the bed.
The coil started to build but before he let you reach your peak, he stops. He moves your legs down and around his waist so he could lower his body on yours.
You watch him in confusion, your core puzzled by the lack of pleasurable friction.
“I want you to be happy.” His voice is quiet opposed to his dominant voice from earlier. You become stunned with emotion.
“Don’t say you’re happy because I know you’re not. I want you to be happy. You deserve all the happiness in the world. So do me a favor and make my baby happy, yeah?” He questions with furrowed brows. You nod slowly. “No use your words.”
“I will Harry.”
“Good.” He starts up again but slowly. Your eyes met, soul to soul, as he pleasures you from below. A hand crept to your fluffy clit. The little button was fumbled with in a pleasurable way. It cause the pleasure to spike.
“Oh daddy.”
“That’s right, say my name.”
“Daddy.” You gasp clenching tightly around him, your orgasm finding you. Harry cums next. He releases deep inside of you (your iud saving you from any babies).
He lays ontop of you, you not complaining as the weight comforts you.
“You make me happy.”
You and Harry show up to work the next day exchanging secret smiles as the love continues between you two. Harry was immediately sent home on a three day probation having gotten into a fight but he doesn’t mind. He would do it all again if it meant that people would be kind to you. And you, you say at your desk all day typing out your letter of resignation.
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virgorry · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
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hldailyupdate · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Love On Tour: Houston. (23 November 2021)
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stylesnews · 54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harry signed this guitar for Julien’s and Musicares’ Charity Relief Auction which will go live on January 30th as a part of the Grammy week 2022.
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lollypopsx · 18 hours ago
LOT Harry x sick Ivy?
Drabble Request
Drabble Masterlist
Travelling with Harry and Ivy had been going great in the beginning...until Chicago.
Since the show in St Paul, Ivy had been grumpy and tired. The next day, while travelling for 6 hours on the bus from St Paul to Chicago, Ivy had been sneezing and coughing the whole time.
"H, maybe you should...try and keep your distance a bit. I don't want you to be sick for the shows" You frown softly, getting her Calpol from the cupboard as Ivy cried, making grabby hands to Harry.
He knew you were right, but he just couldn't reject his girl when she needed him. "I'll be alright" He murmurs, picking Ivy up and holding her close to his bare chest.
Her nose was stuffy and her cough was rough. "Not feeling so good huh bug?" He muttered, kissing her head over and over as he rocked her slowly. "Come on lets put a nice film on for you yeah?"
She whimpered quietly and nodded, her usually bright green eyes were dark and tired, with red puffiness surrounding them.
"When we get to the next hotel, we can give you a good bath and stay in bed the whole time alright? Look, Mumma's got you some Calpol, g'nna make you feel so much better." He whispers, his arms protectively around her.
"Noooo Daddy no! I don't want it!" She cries out, her voice croaky and sore as she covers her face into his chest. You frown softly and kneel in front of her. "Come on Angel, need you to feel better for me and Daddy so we can all have a good time on tour”
"Oh baby I know...Just one spoonful...then I’ll get you some sweets” He whispers to her quietly, her tired eyes beginning to gleam.
“Harry! It’s 10am!” You tut, scolding him gently.
“Hey! My baby is sick Mumma! If my girl wants girl gets sweets” He flashes you a childish grin as you shake your head, Ivy happily taking her medicine.
“Now...let’s keep you warm between me and Mummy while you rest okay bug?”
“Not until you get me my sweets Daddy.” Ivy pouts.
Tag List: @harryhoney-bee - @sunandherflores -  @beachwood-cafe - @damnasstyles - @awesomebooklover17 - @hazgoldenstyles - @evanjh - @harrysbracelet - @nerdypartytrashpsychic - @harryssweatcreaturee - @hibaiqbal12 - @ayeshathestyles - @michellekstyles - @rach2602 - @randomwriter1021 - @elizabethrosecresswell - @izziestyles - @pracsstyles
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larrylimericks · 10 hours ago
Flanagan Fish Market Edition Eroda, a land like no other; A love tale not matched by another: Two fish out of water Who both found their harbor, Their hope, and their home in each other.
Seaview Cottages Edition The Adore You mv was a gift: Boy meets fish, fish saves boy, boy saves fish, Plus nautical obsession, Plus love’s true expression: Mini-tacos and dancing on cliffs.
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imaginesandbandfiction · 19 hours ago
Mobile Masterlist
One/Two Shots
It’s None of Your Business — Harry loves to tease the audience at his shows, so it’s no surprise that’s what happens when he has some big news to share.
Secret Little Rendezvous — He was a popstar, you were a music reporter, could I make it any more obvious?
Hometown Shows Part 1 — A blast from the past at Love on Tour, Chicago Night 1.Hometown Shows Part 2 — Your family comes to the show, and Harry has a surprise for you.Merch Girl — Flirting, jealousy, and M&Ms.
Fine Line Series
The moments in your relationship with Harry that inspired each song on Fine Line. New chapter every Thursday!
1. She
2. Treat People With Kindness
3. Sunflower
4. To Be So Lonely
5. Golden
Painted Nails — Or, the history behind Harry Styles’ nail polish obsession.
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hldailyupdate · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
According to this ticket vendor, Harry’s Prague show has been rescheduled for July 15th 2022.
A new support act has also been added. UK band, Wolf Alice will now be opening the show. (7 December 2021)
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