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Prompt #1

(Credit me for this prompt)

          His wings spread out and the world was covered with darkness. Everything was dying in his power and multiple dark monsters came out attacking everyone who dares stop him. A group of [insert #] people all live together under a cave after running away from the police. They were all wanted for different crimes, they didn’t know what was going on in the world until one of them decided to see how life was outside of the cave after a long time.

          Will they kill the man or will they be turned into monsters too?


Opening idea:

“Did you really think you could kill me?” The dark hand squeezed ____’s neck.

“I-i don’t th-think so. I k-know s-so”

A sharp pain was felt from the back as his wings were being teared apart with a knife.


Genre: fantasy, action, thriller, adventure, horror, fiction


Pictures/gifs that inspire me to write this:

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Mystery of Shin Keroro #2 & Weakness #3


It apparently Shin Keroro don’t like to swim in Chapter 216 that he refuse to go to swimming pool with Tomosu. 

In Chapter 229 When everyone went to the deserted island, there is no scene that Shin Keroro appear in the beach. Just floating around….


But The Reason?? The PTSD from the past?? still not know why…


To be continue….

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sdfghjk you are too smart for evil spy >:( mission aborttt

Oh no! But who was the evil spy?? I guess I will never know ˘ ³˘

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Most base fans of Laurel and Hardy know that their first team up was in 1927 in part thanks to Leo McCarey, but did you know that Stan was not only a Writer and Director but also directed some of Oliver Hardy’s movies close to them forming their partnership.

Now the part that gets me in a “hmm…” is that I admit to not reading all of the Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy books in the world, but i have seen many documentaries, listened to Stan’s radio interviews and read many articles about the two and the basis is that they didn’t meet or WORK TOGETHER until they were united in 1926-27 for either “Love and Hisses” or “Putting pants on Phillip”,

But this simply isn’t all together true.  

They wouldn’t APPEAR in a movie together till 1926-27 HOWEVER, Stan Laurel DIRECTED and WROTE some movies Oliver Hardy was in and was *SUPPOSED to be in: (In no particular order)







(There might be more but these were the immediate ones i have found). 

Then there is Eve’s love letters-1927, which is particular odd in a good and sweet way to me. It is the second to last movie Stan Laurel would do before officially teaming with Oliver Hardy, but what sticks out to me is, that even though Oliver is no where in the movie and from my knowledge was supposed to be in the movie, Stan whom wrote Eve’s love letters named one of the main characters “Oliver Hardy”… 

                                         What’s that about?


Maybe they knew they were going to be a team and it was a literal love letter ironically to Oliver?
Maybe Stan and Ollie became fond of one another before teaming?

Either way it is a very sweet thing to do in my view AND it seems to prove that they indeed knew, met and worked with one another after “The Lucky Dog-1921

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