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morbidology · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Babes in the Woods refer to the remains of two young children who were discovered on 14 January, 1953, in Stanley Park, Vancouver. They had been covered by a rain coat and a woman’s shoe, a fur coat, a lunch box, and a hatchet, which was most likely the murder weapon, were found nearby the remains. It was determined that the two young children had been dead for approximately five years and were between the ages of six and ten. They were initially thought to be a boy and a girl but in 1998 it was discovered that they were both boys. The case of the Babes in the Woods still remain unsolved.
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c-2-0-h-2-5-n-3-o · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Twilight Zone (1959-1964), Creator. Rod Serling
Ordinary people find themselves in extraordinarily astounding situations, which they each try to solve in a remarkable manner.
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dailyadventureprompts · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Planescape: The Introspective Abyss of Vimagotri
For as long as people have been able to see and understand their reflections, they have known the inescapable urge to press past the gleaming surface and make contact with the intangable space beyond. Vimagotri is that desire made manifest by magic, a land beyond the placid water and silvered glass, where reality and identity splinter as one shifts through the mist or falls down the increasingly fractal paths. Known as “the silverlands” or “The plane of mirrors” to some, the nature and landscape of this world are a far cry from the inverted geometries one might expect from idly gazing into a reflective surface. 
Much like a mundane mirror reflects back an intangible version of the physical self, those traveling through Vimagotri must contend with physical reflections of their intangible selves, whether they be idealized archetypes, social roles, or iterative versions of who the traveler was and who they could be.  While these fragments begin as mere glimpses or omens, traveling into the depths of this mist shrouded land cause these manifestations to grow in strenght in power, gaining the ability to speak, and finally interact with the one casting them. At the very deepest depths, it’s said that the psychic pressure is enough to shatter both mind and body, and those who climb back from such depths do so irrevocably changed or not at all. 
A party could  encounter the Silverlands in any number of ways: 
While dabblers have theorized that Vimagotri lurks behind every mirror and reflective surface, it’s more accurate to say that these objects only risk becoming portals should they be used for mirror-walking, or bear witness to some great event of psychic anguish. Such occurrences open tiny planear fissures between the material and mirror worlds, allowing things to slip through with the right amount of magic or force applied. 
That said, mages will often travel through the plane of mirrors as an alternate method of teleportation, walking its labyrinthian paths to discover routes between mirrors across the planes. Such expeditions are often more circuitous than bamphing point to point, but have more tangible dangers than teleportation mishaps and have the advantage of adaptability: the same route always leads to the same mirrors, allowing a mirrorwalker to cultivate a network of dimensional shortcuts.    
Other things lurk in the silverlands besides the echoes of those who have come before, creatures of thought or identity stripped of form, sages lost to centuries long meditation, and horrors of alien logic and hostile geometry that dwell at the edge of where reality dissolves. These entities prey on travlers throghout the plane of mirrors and extend their influence out through every available means. 
Anything but a casual stroll through Vimagotri is an excersize in forced self reflection, meaning it’s a great backdrop for poinent moments of character reflection or “cave of trials” sort of examinations of self. Confrontation with past mistakes, clashes with the idealized self, or cathartic moments of reconciliation are all on the table whenever one looks deeper into the mirror. 
 Landscape: Planear travelers report a landscape much resembling the bottom of an ocean: a flat and eroded place of cliffs and silt deserts and deep crevasses, with beams of light diffusing down from a translucent and roiling sky. Mist here takes the place of water, and the environment is almost universally placid and cool.   Reflective surfaces are of course omnipresent, ranging from actual mirrors of every make size scattered about, to quicksilver springs, to great floating constructions of  glass that bend sight and reality around them.
Warped and often incomplete structures dot this landscape like shipwrecks, reproductions of spaces in the material plane usually only the size of a single structure or room, but occasionally encompassing entire settlements. These edifices are created when someone crosses over into into Vimagotri from another world, as even though the silverlands can be said to overlay and reflect aspects of the material plane, it more often reflects the subjective experience and expectations of the traveler than any particular landmark like the feywild or shadowfell. Innumerable would be mirrorwalkers have lost themselves expecting to cross over into 1:1 approximations of their own world and instead find themselves in a funhouse version of their own memories, vying with fragments of their own personality for a chance to return back.
Tumblr media
Inhabitants: Though Vimagotri is full of strange creatures (and things that straddle the live between existence and illusion), the most numerous and organized of these entites are the Nerra, native inhabitants of the silverlands from before a time where reflections were cast. 
What was the plane of mirrors like before mirrors, ponds, or even shiny stones were a thing? None can say, not even the Nerra, as their waking history began the first time someone stumbled through the glass and Vimagotri took shape around them. This relationship between the reflectors and the reflected has defined the culture and nature of the Nerra ever since, as they peer through the mirrors at a multitude of worlds, observing an learning all the while. 
Physically, Nerra resemble nothing so much as abstract reflections, angles and distortions in a reflective surface that may take the vauge shape of a person. Even on their home plane they hop from image to image the way a frog swims through water, moving from hidden plae to hidden place and occasionally surfacing to take a shortcut. When out in physical space they resemble beings made of semi-cohesive quicksilver, but may give themselves shapes and angles as a form of stylish flair. 
Some Nerra avoid the world beyond the glass, seeing the fragments of memories and identities left behind by those reflected as a form of pollution and detritus that has irrevocably changed their world. Others are fascinated with mortals ( sapient or otherwise), riding along with their reflection and even going so far as to style themselves after their favorites. The identities of such Nerra are permiable, and often they will begin to think and act alike to their subject, in doing so gaining access to echoes of that mortals emotions. Without a subject, The Nerra’s feeling slowly drains away, leaving them with a cold and hardedged spirit that even they find alien and strange. 
While most of these quicksilver beings are solitary, flowing from place to place without any true attachment beyond their current fascinations, others gather together in the warped villages and towns that appear at crossing points , playing at being mortal and entreating visitors to stay with them for a while to add definition to their endlessly recursive lives. 
Adventures on the Plane of Mirrors: 
An Estate sale for a famed but long vanished world traveler ends with an attractive (possibly magical)  mirror in the possession of the party or one of their allies. The mirror seems perfect in every regard, save for the appearance of a leatherbound journal in the background of the reflected image. If the mirror is moved, the reflection changes appropriately, but the journal always shows up within a day or so. Careful vigil around the mirror shows an elderly figure popping in and out ofo the room every couple of days to explore the room and  make notes in the journal, before slipping back out the way they came. 
A mournful bard, famed throughout the courts of the kingdom has become convinced that her lost love is trapped behind a particular mirror, and is seeking a means of releasing her. Said lost love happens to be the heiress of a high up noble family, so opinions are split on whether the bard should be aided, has gone mad, or is working to undermine the now ascendant heir. The lover is truly passed, but the Nerra that was shadowing them hasn’t quite got the message, and keeps popping in at all their usual peepholes trying to find them. 
Having pinpointed a manageable route through the silverlands between a series of mirrors all created by the same glazier, a gang of thieves uses their fence contact to get mirrors into the possession of wealthy marks and then slip into their house to do a bit of untraceable larceny. Called in to investigate this rash of burglaries, the party eventually discovers one of the theives dead as a beast from behind the glass slaughters one of the robbers after following him out on a job. 
Art 5
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historic-mysteries · 2 days ago
The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most recognizable man-made objects in the world. Despite this, it is also one of the most mysterious man-made objects in the world. Even if you accept the general consensus of who built the Sphinx, how was the Sphinx built, you are still left with many questions that have not been, or cannot be, explained. However, not everyone accepts the general consensus and therefore, the Sphinx is even more of an enigma to them.
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the-mr-lolipop-things · 2 days ago
I see a lot of jewish imagery in your works, are you jewish?
in a distant generation, yes.
My grandfather was Jewish and my parents now live in Israel and I also lived in Israel for a while. As you may notice, I am also a great lover of antiquity, and Hebrew is one of the oldest symbolic languages of medieval painting world. I decided to show off my knowledge a little on @klausessense Instagram 😁✨
Tumblr media
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baskervilleacademy · 2 days ago
Terrors in Baskerville (WIP)
Tumblr media
For the entirety of your life, you have been attending Baskerville Academy for the Enlightened. Life for you has been faring well, especially since you have recently become a prefect. In your senior year, you are faced with the arrival of two new prospective students. Following their arrival, you start to uncover the dark truth hidden behind the porcelain walls of Baskerville Academy.
As you infiltrate offices and develop heartwarming relationships, you begin to wonder if life at Baskerville Academy was really as fun and fulfilling as you had thought. When have you last yearned for the outside world?
Play as a student stuck in a cult boarding school. Can you juggle your studies between your nightly escapades and prefect duties? Can you decide between your loyalty to the Baskerville Family and the cold hard truth?
Tumblr media
Barrett (Always the same sex as the MC)
Loyal and compassionate, Barrett will always be there for you, no matter what choices you make. You may adore her, you may only tolerate her, you may hate her—she will always be wishing for your health and safety after a long school day. However, despite having a heart of gold, they have a rebellious streak that seems to be racking up numbers. Can you find out their deepest secret and save them from their untimely fate?
Constantine (Always the opposite sex as the MC)
Ever the stern head prefect, Constantine watches over Baskerville Academy for the Enlightened with a hawk eye. They are generally described as an emotionless robot by the student body. They are fiercely loyal to the cause of the Elders, stopping at nothing to achieve their goals. Can you melt this cold heart or are you two simply fated to be on the opposite sides of the battle?
Marshall (Always the same sex as the MC)
Always responsible and fair to the prejudiced, Marshall, vice-prefect of Baskerville Academy for the Enlightened, has been an inspiration for you since before you became a prefect. Be forewarned, however, that beneath the gentle smile always transfixed on their face lies a more sinister nature. If you don’t choose to be careful with your choices, you might find yourself a target in their plans and ambitions. Will you indulge yourself in their lies or will you strive for the truth?
Sharp (Always the same sex as the MC)
Ever since the mischievous and stubborn prospective student joined Baskerville Academy, your life has been filled with many twists and turns. Sharp likes to stir up trouble in the student body, always picking fights between friend circles. It’s a surprise why they still remain in Baskerville Academy. Will you let them continue in their reckless massacre or will you calm down the storm that rages inside their heart?
Chambers (Always the opposite sex as the MC)
Unlike their childhood friend, Sharp, Chambers is careful at all times. Choosing to hide in the shadows and control the strings, they’ve proven to be quite the mysterious person. The fact that they are seemingly skilled in almost everything, including blackmail and lockpicking, doesn’t help assuage your worries. The distrust between the both of you are, of course, reciprocated. Can you break down the invisible barrier between the both of you and worm your way into their heart or is that barrier fated to remain forever?
Tumblr media
Currently, ‘Terrors in Baskerville Academy’ has 2 chapters up and over 58,000 words worth of content. More updates are to come!
Demo link
Choice of Games forum link
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deadstrangeblog · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Investigators looking into the Delphi Murders case are now convinced that victims Abby and Libby were catfished by a man using the Instagram profile “anthony_shots”. Indiana State Police are seeking information from anyone who had contact with the profile who they say was actively soliciting nudes from underage girls during the times of the murders. They say the model seen posing in the profile picture has been identified and is NOT connected to the murders. The discovery is an exciting lead in this high profile case, and the police department made the following statement:
“This profile was being used from 2016 to 2017 on social media applications, including but not limited to, Snapchat and Instagram. The fictitious anthony_shots profile used images of a known male model and portrayed himself as being extremely wealthy and owning numerous sports cars. The creator of the fictitious profile used this information while communicating with juvenile females to solicit nude images, obtain their addresses, and attempt to meet them. Pictured below, you’ll see images of the known male model and images the fictitious anthony_shots profile sent to underage females.”
Those invested in the case are hopeful that with the power of technology, more information will be uncovered about the unknown murderer known as “Bridge Guy”.
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morbidology · a day ago
Tumblr media
In 1931, a mysterious man of approximately 35-years-old arrived in Fort McPherson, Canada, claiming his name was Albert Johnson. He built a cabin in a remote location near the Rat River and began to make a living as a trapper. Later on in the year, other local trappers began to complain to the authorities that Johnson was sabotaging their traps. The authorities decided they would investigate this report and made their way to the secluded cabin; they weren’t expecting the relentless violence that would follow.
 As the authorities arrived with a search warrant, Johnson shot through the wooden door and an almighty firefight ensued. Johnson kept the authorities at bay and remained inside his cabin for the next nine days, when an RCMP posse arrived to apprehend him on New Year’s Eve. A 15-hour standoff in below-freezing weather then took place. The RCMP used dynamite to blow the cabin up and upon entering to remove what they assumed would be his corpse, they were more than shocked to find Johnson still miraculously alive. He was standing among the wreckage, armed with two guns that he immediately began to fire, before escaping into the woods nearby the cabin.
 On 30 January, 1932, authorities managed to catch up with Johnson, who shot and killed Constable Edgar Millen, before escaping once again. He crossed the Richardson Mountains in the middle of a blizzard and entered Yukon Territory. The news of this extreme manhunt had made it’s way into the media who dubbed him “The Mad Trapper of Rat River.” People were mystified as to how this man could have survived for so long in near 50 below zero weather and two extreme blizzards. It was evident that he wasn’t just your average trapper, that’s for sure.
On 17 February, the RCMP finally tracked Johnson down at the frozen Eagle River, where he was eventually killed with 9 bullets to the body in a firefight. Bizarrely, following his death it was revealed that Albert Johnson was not his real name. Despite numerous attempts to discover his true identity, he still remains unidentified.
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Tumblr media
N. 2 “Reborn”
From “Symbol” series. 
Oil on canvas by @klauswanderer  @the-mr-lolipop-things .
 For more oil paintings and art process follow my instagram - KLAUSESSENSE
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akiralazuli · a year ago
So I am sitting here playing solitaire on the Linkin Park website, and the computer LOST THE FOUR OF CLUBS! It literally is missing a card!
Tumblr media
There is nowhere it could be hiding! The four of clubs is just not there!
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