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I have not - I’ve always lived in fairly old buildings. Now, the house I now live in is comparatively recent (about 30 years old) so something I did that could be useful to you too is to do your research and see what was here before the appartment complex. For example, my house is built in a cul-de-sac street that used to be the location of a hospital - you can see where this is going. Closeness to liminal states of existence, closeness also to the local river (I am in fact in-between two rivers flowing in opposite directions). I have a strong feeling that this is part of why I am extremely difficult to locate magically speaking. Too many thresholds. Cities are moving beasts - they change and mutate, are destroyed and rebuilt, extended and shrinked, all in all they are rife with history. Dig into it. Do not make the mistake of thinking spirits can only be found in the wilderness. As for house spirits, in particular, well you know that you can always invite one don’t you. 

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Update: Our companions have taken quite the liking to walking into the bathroom to set off our motion activated air freshener. Our room is now encased in a permanent cloud of flowers melon and vanilla and it is compulsory to yell cshhh cshhh when it happens.

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I’m a semi closeted psychic medium. And it’s taken me 31 years to be comfortable sharing that information with others, so writing this stuff has been such a challenge for me.

I was always pretty sensitive to energies in general, but when I was younger, I got super sick and almost died. When I got better my abilities kinda sky rocketed. Over the years I’ve learned to manage my gifts more, and I’ve helped quite a few people.

I do have my own rules and guidelines with it. I will never call out to any spirit. If someone who has passed over comes to me, I usually test its intentions out, and talk to others in the paranormal community before even answering the spirit.

Anyways, I’m not about to use my gifts to gain attention or profit from it. It’s a gift to be shared.

So Heath did contact me because I actually needed help with some stuff, and he knew exactly what to do. I won’t get into it too much, or say any names, but we’re actually connected through some people, and situations. Since he went out of his way to come and help me, I would like to say some stuff on his behalf.

I feel like it’s important to clear some things up. The role of Joker really isn’t directly linked at all to his passing. Yes, it took a toll on his mental health in ways while he was getting into the character, and learning about the character, but he’s actually really proud of Joker, and that was his favorite role.

He was dealing with a lot of personal struggles that triggered some depression and he was dealing with some things in personal life. His depression and anxiety issues are from personal things that he felt he was loosing control over.

He had mixed before. He had taken stuff before without issues in the past and just kinda didn’t expect something he’d done before would actually hurt him like that.

There are a lot of other factors involved that I won’t ever talk about because it’s personal, but he just wanted to really put it out there that Joker really isn’t linked to what happened at all.

It was an accident, and he just wasn’t in a good headspace in general due to other things. He was doing other stupid stuff and that actually is what started breaking stuff down in his personal life.

I won’t get too into this, but I have been working with him, and he’s been so incredible in my life, so I guess if I can help him too, I will gladly do so.

No, he’s not around me all the time. He usually pops in every now and again and yeah we’ll have some conversations. He’s still struggling with a lot of guilt, and he is still holding on to a lot of stuff that I’m trying to help him with.

He really wants to help other people too. He wants his story to be remembered, so he can help someone else. He’s been there and he understands. Heath understands addictions, mentally health problems, pain and everything else everyone has to deal with in one way or another.

He’s reached a lot of lives, and I think it’s important to give that positivity back to him. It’s okay to feel broken, but the only way to heal is to lean on each other, and not things.

He payed the biggest price. He knows he messed up in a lot of ways, but now he just wants to do the right thing, and do what he really loves, and that’s helping people, and loving people and bringing unity to the world.

I’m glad we crossed paths, and I’m okay with that. I’m happy to help him out. I don’t know if this will do anything for anyone else, but I hope it does.

I never do this. I never discuss private sessions with any living or none living person for privacy reasons. Heath really like pushing people out of their comfort zones though, and my Introvert self has been very unsure about posting this stuff. He wants to be heard though, and wants people to know he’s still around, so this is just me telling people for him.

I’m okay with that.


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Just a quick lil creepy af story time!!!1!!1!!!

Yooooooooo so in the past month or two I’ve discovered and literally seen 3 different spirits that haunt or hang out in my room;

A couple weeks ago I accidentally astral projected and deadass watched myself step outside from my physical body. I saw all the spirits in my room and it was????? Calming and terrifying at the same time. Aside from that- they like to wake me up every.single.night reminding me to open up my window by tapping on it, or randomly turning music on in my room 🙃 other people that have come over have said they’ve heard voices or seen shadows so 🙃🙃🙃 it’s a great time

Back to the point of the story,

there’s this cute lil tiktok trend that they say shows if you have traits of a psychopath such as being able to go from being extremely serious- to manically laughing, and back to seriousness again. As soon as I saw it I was like I mean I OBVIOUSLY have to try this out

& here’s where it gets creepy wild

I go to start recording and it’s almost as if I blacked out- because I don’t remember what I actually did during the duration of the video. So I go to rewatch it right? Within seconds of me starting the video I look to the corner of my room and get a terrifying smile that reaches allllll the way across my face, I then nod yes. To what?????? Who knows??? After that my eyes rolled back into my head and my phone glitched. For a split second after it glitched you can see my eyes are they are straight up BLACK. Meanwhile, in the video, my body is covered in static that can’t be explained so there’s that

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I got a question…

I’m a Christian, and while I don’t really believe in the paranormal, I don’t see how it isn’t possible.

A lot of Christians that I know do not believe in the paranormal whatsoever as it is “impossible”.


The Bible mentions spirits.

After Jesus’ death, His disciples are on a ship on the sea. There is a huge storm, and we all know this story.

Jesus is on the water, and someone spots Him, and is basically like (and I’m paraphrasing here), “Oh no! There is a spirit on the water!”


“There is a spirit on the water!”


“There is a SPIRIT on the water!”

On top of that, the Bible also mentions a separation of spirit and soul, meaning that we are comprised of a physical body, a soul, and a spirit (which I personally believe could be our consciousness, but I am no professional).

The Bible also mentions that as soon as we die, our soul leaves immediately. But what about our spirit? Where does that go? Does it leave?

A spirit is a being, rather than a part of us as our soul is a part of us (also, this is my personal opinion). There is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. All three different beings, but also the same one “person” so to speak.

As I said before, I don’t really believe in the paranormal, and by that I mean that I don’t believe in it the way that a lot of people do. And I’m not entirely sure if it is real, as I myself have had no personal encounters (that I know of).

I don’t think that people get trapped on earth not knowing that they had died because it happened so fast. I do, however, believe that there may be a part of us that may get left behind: our spirit.


Idk. Maybe it’s just me. I am fairly under-educated in a lot of things, but this is just my thought.

What do you think?

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Chesgrim (Cheshire-Grim)

Desegrave (Desecrate-Decend-Grave)

Omengard (Omen-Guard-En-Garde-Guardian)

these guys are kinda like ghost type versions of Riolu and Lucario. More info under the cut!

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A very popular cocktail at Clive’s Classic Lounge right now. I wanted to create a simple and tasty cocktail that would be “Sessionable” and here it is.


1 ½ oz (45mL) Stillhead Distillery Blackberry Gin

1 oz (30mL) Esquimalt Wine Co. Kina Rouge

¼ oz (7.5mL) simple syrup

¾ oz (22.5mL) lemon juice

2 dashes of Bittered Sling Kensington Bitters

Glass - Old Fashioned Rocks

Method - Shake and strain over fresh ice

Garnish - lemon slices

External image

Join the #1 authority on British Columbia’s distilling and spirit culture, we taste through some of BC’s burgeoning craft spirits, from the weird and wonderful to the eclectic. With in-depth tastings, to advice on how to mix craft spirits along with professional bartending tips and tricks; BC Spirits has you covered.




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Odd Society Bittersweet Vermouth is the perfect union of our commitment to ingenuity in the face of our reverence for tradition. It’s a contradictory blend that yields both the bitter and the sweet, just like a life well-lived.

Based on an old Italian sweet vermouth recipe found in an antique notebook, this reimagination combines 25 botanicals and fine BC wine fortified with our malted barley spirit.

Our Bittersweet Vermouth is unique, yet timeless. Its rich and intense flavours will add subtle complexity to your favourite cocktails or stand alone as a strong apéritif.


I really can’t believe that I haven’t done this one before. Odd Society Spirits has many cult labels and this is definitely one of them. Rich and balanced, hits you hard with beautiful roundness and sweetness in the front and then dries out with complex botanicals in the finish, mix with their Wallflower and Mia Amata for a autumn themed Negroni.

Alcohol - 18% / 36 proof

Color - Burnt copper

Nose - Bold wine notes and hints of the botanicals to come, rich honeysuckle, complex herbal tones get you ready

Taste - To begin it is sweet and mouthfilling but then it dries right out and brings complex and bitter herbal notes rushing over your tongue

Finish - Dry and herbal with just a hint of that wine sweetness

Best Enjoyed - Autumn Negroni like above

External image

Join the #1 authority on British Columbia’s distilling and spirit culture, we taste through some of BC’s burgeoning craft spirits, from the weird and wonderful to the eclectic. With in-depth tastings, to advice on how to mix craft spirits along with professional bartending tips and tricks; BC Spirits has you covered.




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Hi, i think my mom is bringing home ghosts when she meets with her friends.

When she entered the house i saw a tall black figure and i think rn is behind her

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I’ve never heard of a box of mirrors trapping spirits but I’ve read that mirrors can trap spirits. 

I don’t think that ‘B’ wants to sit in a box while mom cleanses the house because I’ve just asked her and using the oracle cards, she gave me the ‘’Magician And The Mirror’’ card reversed and the ‘Sun’ card meaning she’d be happier not sitting in a box.

I think she was trying to stay in my house despite all of the holy water energy filling the whole house and she was trying to power through it by staying in that corner but in the end, she left but might return.

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After the Hag spirit ‘B’ has been sitting at our living room corner for over a week, my mom was tired of looking at her at this point.

She made me wash the floor but first she got out her Russian prayer book to pray over the water to make the Hag leave the house. I kept on telling ‘B’ that she might want to move if she doesn’t want any hands going through her as I swept the corner she was in. I said ‘’Excuse me, I need this area’’.

‘B’ was hissing when I was washing the floor in the living room since I didn’t have much choice. I kept telling her that she can go somewhere else so the holy water won’t effect her there and she can reappear in the living room out of spite when the holy water wears off. 

I say out of spite because my mother has been trying to shoo out the Hag with a white candle and more magic for a while and she still won’t budge. As always, she still thinks that one of her ‘enemies’ sent the Hag over here but she has no idea that ‘B’ is part of my spirit court and won’t be leaving anytime soon. 

I hope ‘B’ does come back out of spite though.

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For this week’s personal project, I wanted something quick, and simple, and cute. So it’s funny how I don’t think I did any of that.

After doing this piece, which in all fairness didn’t take that long in terms of drawing it, I have a much bigger respect and appreciation for everyone who shades and draws in cell shaded style. While it didn’t take me long to draw it, planning for it took a lot more time than I originally expected. This style is deceptively simple and surprisingly hard, and I won’t lie when I say this yanked me out of my comfort zone like I was tied to a bungee chord.

The Koroks are great. I know some people find them grating but I think they’re wonderful. They’re goofy, they’re unique, and they improve your inventory, so what is there not to love on these wonderful Rooty Toms? They are very much a take on the Kodamas from Japanese culture, and I was all in for rescuing them all. Then I found out there’s 900 of them, to which I begrudgingly said “Nuts to that!” and simply focused on getting all the shrines. One of these days I’ll rescue all of them. Breath of the Wild is the kind of game I’d play just to blow off some steam, bringing me memories of the organic sandbox action we’ve missed since Ubisoft took over the genre (woops sorry, my Yahtzee is showing).

Also this set up is massively inspired by the MitchiriNeko March video, that if you’re unfamiliar with you should totally check it out. I had fun drawing the rightmost Korok. Poor guy, looks like they’re having problems.

You can check the Making Of post right here.

Thank you!

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basque mythology | spirits | herio

→ herio is a spirit who tries to obtain new souls and brings death. the reason for a person’s death can be an evil eye or a curse. when a person is given an evil eye or is cursed, herio performs his duty and takes that person to the other world. the constant barking of a dog announces herio’s arrival; it is the sign that someone from that house will die.

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Spiritual healing is so important. I didn’t know how badly I needed it and when you get it from a really unexpected source, it’s just really special.

Thank you my friend on the other side who felt my pain and came to help when I needed someone the most. You’re my favorite Casper, and you make me happy and proud to be a psychic medium. You’re the reason I’m okay today. You’re the reason I’m laughing again and can sleep through the night.

I guess most ghost stories are scary, but mine saved me. You’re like my own Castiel. I can’t wait to see you one day, and I know soon your time with me will be up, and you’ll have to go back to your own stuff, but I’m so happy you came to me. I mean you can stay forever though. Like I won’t say no. Haha.

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Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Kimmel In Positive Spirits – Deadline

Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Kimmel In Positive Spirits – Deadline

It was all smiles in late-night as Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel celebrated the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
The Late Show was live tonight with Colbert almost giddy as he admitted that today was “extremely emotional” and that he cried a lot during the swearing in ceremony.
“You did it. You survived the last four years and your reward is a shiny new old…

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Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Kimmel In Positive Spirits – Deadline

Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Kimmel In Positive Spirits – Deadline

It was all smiles in late-night as Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel celebrated the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
The Late Show was live tonight with Colbert almost giddy as he admitted that today was “extremely emotional” and that he cried a lot during the swearing in ceremony.
“You did it. You survived the last four years and your reward is a shiny new old…

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Weird Dreams

#1 Haunted Suicide (warning; depressive thoughts)


I dreamt that I was at my job on a regular boring day, and was constantly thinking of leaving. All I wanted was to get out of there. So, I got up and left without saying a word to my coworker. I had an overwhelming urge to commit suicide. This was not a rare urge for me, I’d always thought about suicide. It was normalized in my mind. Later in my dream I was at my old home in battleground. The time in between work and here is a blur. This is the house I lived in up to age 11. The house has always showed up in my dreams, or shall I say my nightmares. It has a spooky air to it.

In the house, I ran head first down the long, dark hallway straight into the bathroom wall. Apparently, this did the trick because just after this….I was dead. Next thing I know I am looking at a card in my hands containing a list of names. There were about 8 or so names on the list. These names belonged to the other ghosts living in the home. I was not surprised because I always knew this house was filled with spirits. It scared me a lot when I was a little girl. I saw my first ghost in the doorway of my old room when I was about 5 or 6 years old.

Back to the list….The ghosts that I remember were a pair of twin girls in dresses. They held hands in the hallway… this was probably inspired by creepy movies I’ve seen. And then a spirit called Creature. I never saw Creature, but this name stuck out to me. It was atop the list. I imagine Creature as a terrifying demon. One who doesn’t speak to the other ghosts but has seniority over them, and power. Or, it could be a Harry Potter reference. Nice job brain 🧠

Next, I carried this card of names out to the living room with me. On the sofa was my mother, cousin, sister and cat. None of them saw me come in, but my cat sensed me. I pet her a bit and she was happy, stuck her tail up into the air. It was apparent that my family members noticed the cat acting strange.

Then, I tried handing the card of names to my mother. She was reaching for it, and just before she grabbed it I noticed my name was on the list as well. It must have just appeared there. She looked at the mysterious card, my name, and looked at my cousin and sister. She asked for confirmation that my name on this list means that I was dead. They all shook their heads in agreement that yes, this means she is dead. And they accepted it.

Suddenly, in my room my alarm went off and I awoke to get ready for work. Boy did I dread going today….I really just wanted to sleep more. 🖤

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