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I love your art and the way you use construction is brilliant. I wanted to ask if you amendable to talking to me about your general idea and sketching process. I am getting back into art and I would like to work in illustration one day. I also wanted to ask about rusty quill gaming, I am trying to get into it but something about it is off to me. Do you have any advice for first time rqg listeners?

thank you so much! ive talked a bit about my process over here before, but i do have some more examples specifically for thumbnailing and playing around with ideas for more involved pieces

my first drafts and brainstorming look like chicken scratch disaster scenes, no exceptions. unfortunately, this also means they’re unusable the second i forget specifically what my thought process at the time was, and im left with dumps like this, where i have absolutely no idea what any of it means


i pretty much only do value sketches, where shape design in the values are the only important thing to start with, even when i map them out only by outlining values. by far the best example of this is my many thumbnail sketches for these tma pieces, where i spent a lot of time just exploring scene ideas


these started out exactly like those above, and then i went in and just played around with different lightings, restricting myself to a maximum of three distinct values for the most part


getting a good enough feel for composition and values to do this from imagination was for me very much a thing i had to learn through a fuck ton of studies, by breaking down both pieces, movie stills and photography into basic values. it takes time, but i cant recommend it enough.

(as for the IMPORTANT part of your question, the prologue (RQG 1-17) of rusty quill gaming is for a some people a bit too slow and rule heavy, and while still hysterical and really good, it doesnt represent the rest of the podcast in terms of pacing. some people (including at least one cast member cough bryn) recommend skipping to RQG 11 or so, where they start getting into it a bit more.

there’s also a brief wiki summary for the prologue here, so you can skip right to RQG 17.

alternatively, they do a two-parter season 1 recap right before RQG 54 in the feed, where the first part covers the plot up to RQG 25. in my personal opinion, this skips some absolutely amazing parts, including their first dungeon crawl, so i consider it more of a last resort. )

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This is the official NHS advice on how to protect yourself from coronavirus:

1. Wash your hands with soap and water often and for at least 20 seconds.

2. Always wash your hands when you’ve been in a public place. 

3. Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available. 

4. Don’t cough or sneeze into your hands, do so into a tissue, your sleeve or the crook of your elbow.

5. Catch it, bin it, kill it: put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards.

6. Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell. 

7. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

Lauren Dorman

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Today’s blog is going to be focused on some questions about coronavirus that have been answered by Dr Mike Skinner, who teaches Virology (the study of viruses) at Imperial College London. I found these on BBC Bitesize, so I thought it would be worth sharing them. Plus, it’s research for a project that I’m working on about the virus, as this is going to be talked about a lot in the future. 

Q1. How did the virus start?

It’s believed that the virus originated in bats in China. The coronavirus started in Wuhan, which is a city in the Hubei province of China. It’s likely that a couple of bat viruses exchanged some genetic material a few decades ago and that the virus has been evolving since then, in bats or possibly another species. At some point more recently, that evolution meant it could now infect humans and, more crucially, transmit between them. At this point, it’s suspected that an infected animal(s) was taken to a market, where the virus infected a stall owner or customer. 

Q2. How does it affect the human body’s cells?

All viruses have to replicate inside cells. Some do that best in particular cells but they have to get into the body via cells at the surface (in this case, the respiratory tract). Not much is known yet about this virus, but some viruses kill the cells, others just disrupt their normal function, causing disease symptoms.

Q3. What are the symptoms? 

A dry cough, fever, shortness of breath. In 80% of those infected, these will be mild; more severe (like flu) in the rest. An extremely small proportion of people may become critically ill and may die, and this can be affected by age or underlying health conditions.

Q4. How long do symptoms last?

For most people, the most serious phase will be about a week, but the cough may last longer. 

Q5. Is it worse than the flu?

At a population level, yes because the mortality rate is higher - but for most individuals, it will be similar. 

Q6. Is it true that only older people need to worry about the virus?

It’s true that the older you are, the more likely it is you’ll feel worse symptoms of the virus. However, because none of us have immunity at this stage, it means we should all be vigilant and do our best to not spread the infection.

Q7. Do masks actually help or are they pointless?

Medics wear them to protect their patients and to stop large “splashes”. We believe they may help reduce spread from an infected person, but they don’t help much to stop us getting infected when we’re out and about.

Q8. What should I do if I’ve got asthma?

Look after your asthma and follow government advice on avoiding infection. It might also be a good idea to call you GP to discuss your medication.

Q9. I’m travelling to a country with a confirmed case of coronavirus - should I be worried?

As most countries now have epidemics, there’s less of a difference between home and abroad. Keep checking government websites to see if there are official or commercial restrictions that might affect your plans. The current advice is to not travel at all.

Q10. Should I prepare food in case there are any shortages?

We’re talking about people being quarantined or self-isolating for seven to 14 days. Nobody wants an empty food cupboard but at this stage, quarantine is just a possibility and we don’t need trolleys full of food and toilet roll to live off for a week or two!

Q11. Does the virus really die in hot conditions?

Viruses are killed by heat but only at temperatures greater than 50C. It’s probably more that transmission is less efficient, as the droplet containing the virus dries out. However, we don’t know how much that will affect transmission of this virus in the present epidemics. 

Q12. When do you think the virus will disappear?

Unlike Sars, we doubt it will disappear but believe it will become part of the normal virus environment. However, the majority of us will be immune so it won’t cause epidemics. Eradicating it will probably need a vaccine.

Q13. How can I prevent it infecting me?

Following government guidance on good hygiene first and foremost. This includes, but is not limited to hand washing, avoiding touching face (especially eyes, nose, mouth) and avoiding hand contact. This will reduce - and especially delay - infection.

Q14. Why are the media publicising it so much?

Because it’s new and unknown, and because it’s truly a global issue. Also, people don’t know how it will affect travel, trade, education.

Q15. Should we believe all the stuff on the media?

Never believe everything! Always test what you see and hear by checking other sources. Don’t just follow opinion - look for factual material.

And that’s it! Those were all the questions I found on the website. Thank you for reading!

Lauren Dorman

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‪10 min sketch #AlfonsScholing #Ondernemer #Entrepreneur #SecondOpinion #Consulting #Advice #Consultant #Consultancy #Creative #CreativeField #Animation #Production #Concepts #Amsterdam #Europe #Comics #Bandedessinee #CreativeDirector #GameDev #IndieDev‬

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Does any other person here randomly freak out at being toxic and force themselves away from any obsession. Whether a friend or actual lover. I will leave right away if I get any vibes I hurt them and close myself off. I really, really don’t want to be like my parents or other abusers.

How do I work on not doing that? I never want to leave them but it’s almost like leaving is out of my control.

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is it okay to have a korean oc be born somewhere else? for example my oc is korean but she is born in london?

oh yeah of course! there are lots of idols who are ethnically korean, but have been born in canada, australia, the us, etc. nationality (where someone was born/has citizenship in) you can mess with as much as you want, but if your fc is ethnically korean (where their heritage is from), the oc should also be korean

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Hi em! I'm an the anon from earlier, asking about the guy I wanna trade with? I've never talked to him before, but is calling him hot too strong of a thing to say? Should I go for something a bit less direct?

i think it’s okay! lemme ask Jayson tho, since he is a man lmao. but i don’t see why it would be too strong

also jayson just shrugged, he said he’s never been in that situation and doesn’t know how he’d respond

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any tips to be more confident? growing up east asian in a predominantly white area i’ve always felt unattractive. i have amazing friends, even though most of them are white, they are very active and kind like actually volunteering at our local refugee centre or donating to women’s education, tutoring immigrants downtown etc. so they’ve never made me feel like an outsider but i still feel that way. i’ll never be blue eyed and light haired but i want to accept myself!

fake it till you make it! that’s my biggest piece of advice, and it’s what’s worked for me. everyone is beautiful - and you don’t need to be light-eyed or white or something like that, in order to be attractive! Do what you can, as well, to see examples of other east asian people being confident (thru movies or shows), that can help a lil too!

Jayson: just… accept yourself?

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PoTsie post

My dysautonomia people I decided to make a list of things that help make my life easier with it ,figured this might help someone who just got diagnosed or some new tips, these may help you they may not idk but they work for me

  • Feeling really sluggish or drained from over doing it: pedialtye and carbs
  • Propel works better than Gatorade for sodium intake and also had less sugar
  • Diet can influence a lot , try to eat healthy if you can but I understand that’s not always a option
  • Mood can also influence it, I notice my depression and anxiety can make my pots symptoms worse

I’ll add more as I think of things that have helped or find new things that work, feel free to add things that have helped you

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so bc of quarantine and boredom I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a Q&A video or sum shit, since @myriadimagines and I are Telepathically Connected XD If you are, feel free to send me some Qs and I shall show you my stupidass face and voice and give y’all some As :D

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I moved into my house a couple of months ago and I started talking to my neighbor’s daughter. We are currently both sophomores in highschool and I am a bit awkward, so I appreciated having her as a friend.

Recently, though, I’ve been messaging back and forth with her twin brother because he followed me on Instagram. He’s been really sweet and we’ve hung out a couple of times. I was really shocked when we started talking because he hadn’t said a word to me before then (I had been to their house and once it was just us at the bus stop). He told me that he is just shy and didn’t want to say the wrong thing in front of the ‘new girl’. I can understand that because if I am in a situation with new people or people I like, I can panic and act kind of weird, like I’ll get very quiet or do something else while unintentionally ignoring the situation at hand.

He’s given me rides home from school and bought me Dairy Queen. He also invited me to go to a school dance with him (it was cancelled a couple weeks ago since school is out due to the outbreak).

He even bought me my favorite ice cream for my birthday and both twins came over to celebrate my birthday since my actual party got cancelled due to the Covid-19 quarantine.

Today, he walked with me, my younger sister, and her friend, to the beach access near our house. Afterword, he came over and watched Netflix and played board games with us. (I am very socially awkward and spent a while just playing with my dog and he did not complain, which I was grateful for.)

I’m very bad at reading people and situations, so I need some help. I can’t tell if he is just being a nice friend or if he likes me romantically. Do you all have any advice??

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I'm getting tired of having all this hair, thinking of getting the big chop. Would you say that's a rewarding decision? I've never really liked having long hair despite my mother's insistence, always hated brushing it/touching it, maybe just cutting it all off is the right call 🤔

Couldn’t reccomend a full buzz cut more anon. Seriously. You save so much time taking care of it, your showers are quicker. The cool breeze is amazing!

I’ve been chopping off my hair all my life lol. Since about 19 I haven’t gone back long hair and buzz it all off every few months. I recommend it to all women to try at least once haha.

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I need to know how to vote!!!! My ex-step-dad signed me up to vote when he took me to get my ID card but I don’t know how to use the card or if the card is expired or how to get a new one if it has expired….I don’t know how the whole voting thing works & I don’t know anyone that could explain it

please send help

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