dingodoodles · 2 days ago
eeeeyyy Felix and vitamin ditter worked together to create Felix' first animated dnd tips video! Hoping for them to make more in the future! Go check it out if you want :3 (We're planning to keep em short and fun for y'all)
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Tumblr media
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thatbadadvice · a day ago
Help! What If A Person Has A Human Body At My Wedding?
Dear Prudence, Slate, 17 August 2022:
Q. Am I wrong to think his actions were rude and disrespectful toward me at their family BBQ? I recently met my fiancé’s family for the first time at the family BBQ which his mom and dad organized at their cabin at the lake. Everything went well overall until the end. They seemed like friendly people. The sister initially I thought was a bit stand-offish but by the end, we had a chance to chat and my perspective of her changed. Mind you I am a very intuitive person and I can usually pick up people’s energy. I am also an introvert, so it takes me time to warm up to people. As we were winding down to say goodbye to everyone, I was standing next to my fiancé and directly behind his brother with just a small space between myself and the brother.
The brother decided to let one out loudly. A huge loud fart. This is a full-grown, married man acting in this way. My fiancé’s reaction was to pull me closer to him. His family’s reaction was to scoff it off. I can tell his wife was not pleased but also smiled about it. I felt embarrassed and disrespected but I played it cool until a few days later when I attempted to talk to my fiancé about it, to tell him how I felt. And how I was concerned for this type of behavior to happen at our wedding. His brother had texted him the next day and stated he “felt bad for farting on me.” My fiancé became defensive and angrily stated, “I won’t invite them then if you are worried about your family being disrespected.”
He said I was getting too worked up about it. Am I wrong to think his brother was rude and disrespectful for releasing gas loudly on me? Whether he did it intentionally or not, that’s not something you do in the presence of a stranger you have never met before. I need some advice on how to move forward because I feel like the next family encounter will be awkward, especially if he is going to be my fiancé’s best man at our wedding. Please give me some advice.
-- Rude Welcome Into The Family
Dear Rude Welcome,
Wedding days are fraught enough without the threat of the possibility of a person potentially passing gas somewhere in the general vicinity of the proceedings, the all time worst thing that could ever happen at or to a wedding in the era of overlapping global pandemics and climate-change-induced extreme weather events. 
So no, you are emphatically not too worked up about this -- of all the things that could go wrong on your special day, one guy doing a fart is absolutely at the top of the list. When people think of things that could absolutely fucking decimate the day they’ve spent months, even years, planning, they think of a man farting. Brides and grooms the world over lay awake at night, trying to game out every terrifying eventuality that could result in the total destruction of their wedding experience, but none looms so large as: a fart.
You are infinitely kind and patient to entertain the thought that the fart could have been accidental, but we both know that all humans everywhere can contain their gaseous emissions all the time, because all our bodies all work exactly the same, and everyone knows that a barbecue meal of greasy smoked meats accompanied by flavorful greens and soupy baked beans is unlikely to produce alimentary gas! The math simply does not add up! This man is coming for you directly and specifically with his butt! The call is coming from inside this full-grown married man’s rectal cavity, and you mustn’t answer it! 
Trust your impeccable intuition for once. And indeed it’s lucky that this gastrointestinal, barbecudinal tragedy befell you, an intuitive person, before your future brother-in-law had a chance to raze an entire church with a toot. A person less attuned to the ~ vibes ~ of the universe might not have recognized this man as the agent of chaos he so clearly is, but you sussed out his nefarious flatus for what it truly is: the sheer essence of disrespect, an intentional and deliberate flatulative assault on you personally, and a warning shot across the bow of your future wedding vows. This man cannot be allowed anywhere near your nuptials, lest the force of his flatulence blow the entire wedding party to kingdom come, a thing he clearly intends to do on purpose because he had gas after eating barbecue one time when you were there.
In fact, you may consider retaining a notary to stand watch at the entry to your venue so that they can witness signatures for those guests who are willing to enter into a contractual agreement not to pass wind for for the following five hours. Attendees who are unwilling to show you this most basic sign of respect by shutting down the normal functions of their human body during an event that probably includes an elaborate sit-down meal could perhaps watch a livestream of the ceremony in the comfort of their own disgusting, fart-filled homes like the repulsive trash goblins they are.
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that-stone-butch · 2 days ago
Ok so my outlet died and I brought in my friend who used to be a commercial (non-residential) electrician. He did some tests on the replacement outlet my landlord put in, saying it has a ton of resistance. He told me it's a DC and there's a chance for it to spark somewhere because he doesn't know where the cable goes. It looks like it goes down? We don't know. I'm in a duplex that's connected to an apt building. How worried should I be? He said to give up on the outlet unless my landlord is willing to tear the wall out to see what's up
yeah you absolutely shouldn't use that outlet, should tell your landlord to fix it, and research local renter's laws regarding the very real danger your landlord puts you in by installing a faulty outlet.
the question isn't whether your landlord is willing to look into it, your landlord has the legal responsibility to not burn your house down with shitty wiring. if your gasoline-huffing landlord can't even tell the difference between a DC receptacle and an AC receptacle, tell them to hire an actual electrician.
document everything. ask your friend to get a picture of the OHMs reading of the unusually high resistance (proof of unsafe outlet). demand that your landlord get it fixed professionally, and if they refuse, call your city on them. withhold rent if necessary. make it clear that the unsafe situation is legally unacceptable.
it is the bare minimum that your shitstain landlord have a professional make your house safe from electrical hazard. accept no substitutes to this solution. your landlord doesn't know what they're doing, and if they insist on fixing the receptacle themself (DC receptacle???? fucking amateur) explain that you will call the city and request that an inspector come ensure the safety of your home. your landlord doesn't want to deal with the fine.
if you have an inspector/AHJ official in your home, politely ask if you can document their ruling on the receptacle. as is always the case with landlords, you gotta document everything because even the 'nicest' landlord will turn into a spineless shitheel when money is on the table (which is always).
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nothorses · 2 days ago
this might sound dumb but how do i get men to like me (in a romantic sense)? i would like to start dating after top surgery and realized my married straight relatives may not be the best sources
There's no real way to "get" people to like you!
The best advice I can give you is that the "be yourself" thing is real. It's infuriating to hear, but it can help to reframe a little:
Be yourself because you don't want to be with someone who doesn't actually like you for you.
Be yourself by embracing and accepting the person you are & want to be.
Be yourself because it cultivates confidence.
Be yourself because you are not only worth loving, but desirable and easy to love.
Be yourself because you deserve a healthy and supportive relationship with someone you want to be with.
The best way to find a genuinely healthy relationship is to get comfortable with the person you are (or at least make that a goal for yourself), get comfortable with the possibility of being independent indefinitely, and seek it out without putting too much pressure on things.
Do what feels right when it feels right- don't push yourself or rush into anything you're not ready for or don't want. Don't put expectations on yourself or your potential partners. It'll take time, but it'll be so incredibly worth it when you get there.
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corrie-zodori · 2 days ago
I have been taking commissions/creating content for over 11 years now and if there is any advice I will give content creators and artisans of ANY kind, it's this. Post. Your. Content. Post those wips. Those rough sketches. Those 100s of unfinished projects you keep from posting because you want to finish but know deep down you won't. Post it all. Sure, there will be some folks who won't be as drawn to ""unfinished"" work (whatever that means to them, because it's different for everyone). But MOST people just care about content, not the "level of finish" of said content.
If I only ever posted colored or fully shaded work, I'd rarely ever have anything to post and the less you post, the less people's eyes are on you. Also, the algorithm seems to favor activity of any kind, so it also helps in that regard... Even if it isn't really noticeable, TRUST me when I say that it's more beneficial to post anything at all than to rarely post.
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danskjavlarna · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
"If you want to impress others remember the rule to follow is to let them impress you."  From Improvement Era, 1948.
Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy
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odinsblog · 2 days ago
Emotional vocabulary: Advice to Black men (part 1 of 2)
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beanieweanie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Soooooo I’m not usually big on fanfics, but this one caught my eye and I’m completely invested 😅
Tumblr media
This is Nia and Toby!
They’re from a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fic called Seekers of Soul
By @teshamerkel
You can find the full story on her blog or on AO3 here at:
I ain’t gonna spoil anything, but
@teshamerkel is an amazing writer and artist that paints a vivid and beautiful picture anyway you look at it. If you’re looking for a small story to help you pass the time, and fanfics are your thing, I highly recommend you check it out =})
I know this is kind of a simple drawing, but I swear I’ll have a bit more free time in the coming weeks 😁 I hope y’all take care!
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cnc-pet · 2 days ago
Hi I followed you on my old blog and finally made a new one. Me and my gf both want to (consensually) try somno/passed out/ breath play stuff. We’ve tried choking but don’t know how to wake her up so we never go too far. We both like when I use her while she’s sleeping but she wakes up pretty early in the scene and we want to go further than that. We want to do it safely and make sure that it goes well. We know there’s risks that go with it but any advice or recommendations on where to look on how to do it as safe as possible? Thanks!
Hello! I saw that you asked @urhighnessbitch the same thing, I already had some of this typed out, and most of it was covered in their response, but I'll see what I can still add.
Like they said, anything that involves actually passing out from choking is dangerous, and I must advise against doing that. There simply is no way to do that type of play safely. People die from autoerotic asphyxiation. There are a lot of dangers involved, and depriving the brain of blood and oxygen can cause the death of brain cells which is obviously not something you ever want, as well as disrupt the heart’s rhythm, potentially leading to a heart attack. Breath play is dangerous, and approaching the point of loss of consciousness is especially so.
If you still intend on taking things to that extreme, I would at least recommend having some basic training. Most CPR courses take only a handful of hours, that was my experience when I took one. Like I said, this type of play can lead to heart attacks, so it is definitely advisable that you familiarize yourself with what to do in the unfortunate case that one occurs.
I was also going to mention sleep meds, that could be helpful for making someone fall asleep and keep them asleep or at least in a very drowsy state. urhighnessbitch goes into more depth on the actual mechanics of what you could do during the scene; paying attention to breathing patterns, preparing ahead of time, incorporating role play, all good advice. They also make a good point about other ways to induce a feeling a feeling of helplessness, via things like blindfolds or bondage.
This ask also brings up hypno, so depending on what exactly you're looking for, I think that could work.
It looks like you are trying to approach this as safely as possible, and I'm not trying to say that you're bad for wanting to try this stuff. I get it, passing out is a hot concept, I'm definitely into it. It's just really really important that you educate yourselves on the risk and are prepared for the worst case scenario. Please feel free to reach out if you want to talk about this more, either via asks or dms, I'm honestly happy to help.
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savagechickens · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Peer Pressure.
And more advice.
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aestheticstoivy · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Give me your best advice for when your sad
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superlinguo · 2 days ago
Tips for LingComm series
The LingComm website has a new series of posts, featuring tips for starting lingcomm/scicomm writing, events, podcasts and video as well as a post on tips for funding.
These tips were distilled from discussion panels of lingcomm experts at LingComm21 in April 2021. I’ve shared a summary of one interesting tip from each of the posts below.
6 tips for lingcomm writing
Featuring advice and insights from Dan McIntyre (Babel), Marco Neves (Certas Palavras) and Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl).
One key tip:
Assume that some readers will approach language from a prescriptive angle
7 tips for lingcomm events
Featuring advice and insights from Emily Gref (Planet Word) and Liz McCullough (Pacific Science Center).
One key tip:
Prioritize interaction over information
5 tips for lingcomm podcasting
Featuring advice and insights from Daniel Midgley (Because Language) Helen Zaltzman (The Allusionist) and Megan Figueroa (Vocal Fries).
One key tip:
It’s okay not to know everything
6 tips for lingcomm videos
Featuring advice and insights from Mike Mena (The Social Life of Language), Moti Lieberman (The Ling Space) and Rachel Alatalo (Complexly).
One key tip:
Be accessible, but don’t be condescending
6 tips for lingcomm funding
Featuring advice and insights from Grant Barrett (A Way With Words), Laura Wagner (Language Sciences Research Lab at COSI) and Martha Tsutsui Billins (Field Notes).
One key tip:
Make sure your success doesn't outpace your resources.
To read all six of the Tips for LingComm series, and to stay up to date with LingComm events, opportunities and resources, visit the News section of the LingComm website.
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daily-lifeprotips · 14 days ago
If you have a senior to check on ask them to "borrow" something small so they think they're helping you.
My mom (72) recently downsized and moved close enough to me that checking on her in person regularly is not really out of my way, but when I was obvious about it she wouldn't let me "stop-by" because she was, "fine".
Well, one day I actually needed some aluminum foil so I called and asked if I could borrow enough to cover a baking tin because I didn't want to run to the store. She said sure, but when I got to her house she needed furniture moved, a wasp nest removed, and her coffee pot fixed. After I got the foil I mentioned each thing cautiously and she let me take care of them for her. So next weekend I'll need a cup of rice and check on her again.
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quailkeeperr · 7 months ago
I dont know who needs to hear this but if your hobby starts to not be fun, put it down. It's a hobby, not a full time job or something, don't burn yourself out on something that should be entertaining. Physically can't bring yourself to draw? Put it down. Bored with a crochet project? Put it down. Dropped stitches while knitting and filled with rage? Put it down. It'll come back to you
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lover-suggestion · 5 months ago
It's gonna work out. It's gonna work out. It's gonna work out.
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