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i need to do research into how to mobilize my coworkers to get the PD off our school campus. admin hires them as extra security and I’ve had students complain to me directly how it makes them uncomfortable. We just had teachers share that they’ve been racially profiled in our parking garage while wearing ID badges

get these fucking ACAB shits off my campus. 

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hey ok this is a heavy question but

have any of you dealt with needing to recondition your brain to associate positive emotions and memories with masturbating after trauma/uncomfortable memories or intrusive thoughts and negative associations and how did you do it? It’d be more comfortable to dm me ❤️ I just need to know what to do because I can’t live like this

(I’d like to note I am in therapy but not sex therapy)

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Originally posted by sansan9

YAyyy writing fics, please do please do! Tips or advice, I’m actually a very chaotic writer so maybe I’m not the person to give advice, but a long while ago I wrote some tips on this blog, I’ll copy them and polish a little as far as I can hehe:

Research!  ♡ ♡ ♡ It’s actually my least fav part of writing a fic but I usually do some research to fuel my inspiration, depending on the fandom/characters/location etc. I do this to try to stay as canon and in character as possible as much as I can.

So to make it more realistic, for example, I check a character’s wiki page, sometimes theres some nice stuff in their trivia, some character traits and other things you can memorize so you can write them well. Sometimes I skip through an episode to see what a certain room or house looks like, to check again what they call each other, etc. It generally helps just to inspire me and imagine the ‘situation’ better ;D. 

Roll with it~ Once you’re completely inspired and see the entire situation before you, all you need to do is to write it down. This is where I’m already lacking good advice. What I normally do is… I JUST DO IT. I start to write from beginning to end, which normally is like 70~80% close to what I’m going to publish.

The remaining percentage is just me re-reading what I wrote and correcting typos, thinking like ‘nah I used this word three times in a row let’s fix it’, or ‘this sentence just doesn’t make sense let’s say goodbye to it’, etc. etc.  

(P.S. ctrl + F and entering a certain word is a quick and handy check on how many times you use a certain word XD) During the re-reading process I don’t only remove and fix things but also sometimes add sentences when I think it’s not complete enough, and sometimes I create entire new scenes in between what I already wrote. *shrugs* told ya hahah chaotic).

Spacing, etc.; Then some technical things are breaking your paragraphs to make it easy for reading (no loooong paragraphs your eyes can get lost into), use a new paragraph when writing new dialogue and then again a new paragraph when another character talks, etc. etc. 

They’re main writing rules which you don’t need to stick to, of course you can generate your own style. But just think of what you would find a pleasant read. Try to alternate between writing a character’s name, he/she or a term to describe them like ‘the blond’, ‘the student’, but don’t do this too much! When the pattern gets too clear it may distract people when reading.

Don’t give shit, they’re tickle fics. Not some serious literature, so it’s okay to be inventive and creative, don’t stick to the dictionary and feel free to add some crazy non-existent words and terms to form your story. In the end it’s just your way of describing how a certain someone gets tickled to f’ing deathXD

For example when someone kisses a character and tickles them at the same time I often like to say they’re ‘drinking their laughter’ like hell no I’ve ever seen that in a real sentence? And of course attacking someone with tickly raspberries isn’t called raspberrying but idc, it’s a verb for me. If it adds to the imagination sure why not?^-^

Ok that was my repeat-episode of trying to be useful but I’m sorry if that failed XD best advice from me in the end is just the very cliche JUST DO IT, which was what I did and it and what I still do, and I guess it works^0^.

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Hello fellow GAMERS

Jk this is at all the commission artists who see this. As a person who’s starting commissions, I was wondering if there’s anything I need to know. Any pieces of advice or holy wisdom? Any tips for not getting overworked or for actually getting work? I’m nervous to start, and would like some help from the professional artists of the online (and real life) world.


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Bdjjd I’m the Light/Aiden anon ! I forgot to say that my middle name is Leigh, so… Yeah I’m scared it’ll be weird to be named Light Leigh :’) idk

Light Leigh does sound a little cutesy– but also think about how rare it is to use your middle name in a casual context, it would become sort of a fun fact about you.

When I think Light my first thought is Death Note because that’s where I’ve heard that as a name, but if I think a moment longer it seems like a very nice name for any gender– the symbolism of being named Light is super neat. 

You can always test Light out and go back if you don’t like it, or use it as a nickname with your friends!

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I have a problem. Actually, two problems.

First: I am in nursing school and loved it, up until I was told I looked uninterested and was too much of a robot for this job as well as too introverted. Since then, I was questioning whether it was the rught choice for me or not. But I don’t want to give up and I don’t know if I could finish something else.

It is not the job I want to do for the rest of my life, but I really liked doing it.

That has kinda changed.

Also I am questioning my sexuality and think I might be lesbian.

Everything combined it feels like my depression has come back the past few weeks - not like the small breakdowns I have had over the past year but I feel so numb and don’t enjoy anything anymore.

Advice? Please?

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For years I thought I knew what happiness was and what it would take to make me happy. What I’m learning lately is those things I thought weren’t my thoughts but thoughts prescribed to me by social pressure. I’m stressed as fuck but I’m happier than I was before, I’m tired as hell but happier than I was before, I’m single and lonely but I am still happy. I had this expectation you have to be happy 24/7, things have to constantly go smooth. That’s not life. Rediscovering myself and my purpose for me has been my saving grace. I may be all those things but I am happy at the end of the day.

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worm it helps with shoulders i think!! i used to do them all the time when i still had pe class lmao ill probably fall back into the habit again

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How to Be a Nice Person.

1. Change. You can’t be a good person if you aren’t constantly changing your views with new information. Claim your past actions, acknowledge that you’ve changed and strive to make it right.

2. Even if you don’t understand someone, Respect them unless they give you an explicit reason not to. E.g. gay people can be transphobic and vice versa.

3. Don’t just be silently not offensive, defend people when someone disrespects them.

4. I don’t care how much you idolize so-and-so celebrity, if they say or do something wrong, stop supporting them. They’re grown adults who think they can get away with anything because they have money and fans.

5. Apologies have to be backed up with proof.

6. Always be polite unless given a reason not to, don’t let your bad mood ruin someone’s day unless they’re the cause of it.

7. Respect people’s boundaries and do not question them.

8. Research and learn about people who are different from you and try to understand their point of view.

9. Realise that you don’t know everything, but be willing to be taught.

10. Don’t follow blindly. If someone or something doesn’t feel honest or speaks about something you know to be wrong, question them, don’t give them a pass because they’re in a place of authority. This means teachers, parents, the government, police and friends or peers.

Stay safe and stay kind, I don’t know everything but here’s my advice. You don’t have to take it, they’re just guidelines. Feel free to reply or reblog with more ♡

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book a tarot + psychic online reading with me today!💖


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yeah definitely, a lot of butches also identify as non-binary or use “butch” as their main gender term, or if they call themselves a woman they still have some of these feelings. and being autistic can definitely affect that!

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To All Studyblrs: Tips for Open-Book Exams

Do you have any tips concerning studying for open-book exams

I have never written such an exam before and due to corona, most of my exams were changed to open book ones (online).

Thank you very much for every piece of advice you share with me! 🌸

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