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More Fae Malleus!

Malleus knows he should never ask your full name. He’s lived long enough- hundreds of years in fact, to know the consequences of that query.

That- however, is something you is something you often seem to think it’s okay to give freely. Recounting stories of when your parents would angrily call you by your embarrassing full name or filling out term papers beside him.

He places a gloved hand to your mouth, the leather just as cold as his skin. With a smile he says “I’m sure your name is lovely, but you must be more cautious when giving your name to strangers. Someone might seek to possess it and, by extension- you.”

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I think NRC’s reputation for not being able to work together is mostly the fault of the seniors:

First years: Bros

Second years: Can work together if the situation calls for it. Other than Kalim and Silver, no one is sure if they can consider people from other dorms friends though.

Third years: the Vil-Leona-Malleus Cold War with Idia pretending not to exist. The others are friendly enough, but other than the two Hearts, not a team player

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My current obsession is Malleus always just being on the verge eating MC. As both a fae and a dragon he instinctively views humans as food and something to toy with or trick.

But he genuinely likes MC, don’t get me wrong. I’m just picturing MC falling asleep near him and Malleus having flashes of devouring your body, feasting on your inners- his eye begins to twitch and his jaws open wide… and he blows a speck of dandruff from your head.

He wouldn’t eat you- never. Just sometimes he dreams of it and to him, the nightmares are as painful as if he’d actually done the act himself.

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𝑯𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒄𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒏𝒔 🧁


Extra Note: Magical girls, huh. (✧∀✧)/ I’m not really familiar with these though but I do love to see the transformation clips! I chose Idia, Kalim, and Jack here since I think they’re best suited for this prompt plus I haven’t written for them yet (except Jack) so I wanted to get used on writing them.


Kalim Al-Asim

  • Kalim was exhilarated and enthusiastic about it. He held both your shoulders and asked excitedly if you would like to show him how you transform. His eyes were sparkling with pure curiosity so how can you say no to that?
  • When you did, he gave you lots of compliments! He would tell you how cool you are, how pretty your dress is, and how you’re so adorable with your outfit in general. He would be giving you compliments not realizing how flustered you’re becoming until Jamil points it out.
  • He offered you to buy you more outfits and hair accessories suited to your fashion taste. He would want you to have the best of course! But he was sad to hear that your outfit was actually made by your magic and you really can’t change that, only you.
  • He would cheer up again once you offered to tell him stories about your adventures in your universe. Kalim will be so engrossed on your story and would be grinning widely while you’re talking.
  • The scarabia student would be curious about your ballerina nature. Can you also dance and perform ballet? If so, he’ll ask if he can see your routines and would even gather the light music club to play music that fitted best for someone performing ballet.
  • This bright dorm leader would gather the scarabia students for them to see you dance! But if you’re not comfortable with many eyes watching then he would just offer just the two of you instead.
  • Kalim loves this side of you and would happily talk about you to Jamil or his classmates. 

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Flyod: Hey that was a good coffee place

Yuu: You just payed a 3 dollar coffee with 30 cents and then took all the money from the tip jar because the barista told you “Help yourself” when you asked about it.

Flyod: But it was a good place.


Yuu: I had to pAY A FINE-

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Twisted Wonderland

Episode 5 Confessions, so far


My first impressions on it

  • Ngl, didn’t expect to battle Divus Crewel.
  • Musical Theatre side comes out
  • I’m scared on the Overblot. I don’t know who’s gonna Overblot!!!ಠ◡ಠ
  • Deuce ridding a Magical Wheel. I can see the fanfics right now about it. And being a badass boi he is!! Rocking that Magical Wheel like it’s his own!!

My Thoughts on it, so far

  • Vil is being too harsh on Epal and putting to much pressure on the poor boy!!
  • Rook is…… Rook. A creep.
  • Epal is just trying his best, even though he doesn’t want to be in Pomefiore, he still does his very best to reach Vil’s expectations of him. And it’s mostly leading to him being mentally abusing himself.
  • Grim being mature is a shocker. Grim actually gave some solid advise when Yuu/Us and him went to have a talk with Deuce.
  • Deuce is like Epal and is trying his best to catch up to Ace’s level since they are rivals after all. But Deuce shows his true emotions towards Ace before leaving the Pomefiore Ball Room.
  • ACE!!! SHUT THE FREAK UP YOU ASS!!! You aren’t helping with Deuce at all!! Be a GOOD friend and HELP him NOT make fun of him.
  • Yuu/Us is probably thinking that they’re gonna be the Therapist once again.
  • Rook, so far in the episode, is really supportive of Vil and the others when they seemed to be not doing so well.
  • Hard battles that leads me sleepless. ಠ◡ಠ
  • Jamil singing. That’s it.

What I think would happen next

  • I legit have no idea!!!
  • Potential Rook Overblot as a supporter for Vil’s Overblot.
  • I’m having Azul Overblot battle flashbacks ngl. Azul took me a 46 tries before defeating him, so I would expect Vil to be the same.
  • HEAVY Character development!!
  • I would see that Vil would eventually say that he’s wrong and apologize to Epal as Epal would do the same to Vil.
  • I hope Ace would be more mature now after this episode like Grim.
  • Ace and Deuce helping each other out from now on.
  • Possible Vil and Neige interactions??
  • Insert Rook and Epal trying their best to hold back Vil who’s trying to kill Neige with a Poison Apple.
  • My stars, Vil’s Backstory is gonna hit us hard after we hear what had happened to him to be like this.
  • Obviously, we’ll see Ignihyde next so maybe something Mysterious about it in the preview??

Like or Not?

I have to be honest, this is my second favorite episode so far. I am a Musical kid ever since I was born thanks mom and this got me hyped when I played the rhythm parts! Even though I struggled with it most of the time.

I legit choked on my tea when I found out that I was about to battle Divus Crewel AT THE VERY FIRST PART OF THE EPISODE MAY I ADD!!!

I’m quite surprised that Crowley isn’t saying his ‘For I Am Gracious’ line, but I’m sure he’ll say it at some point.

Grim got some decent Character development at this!! Grim being supportive of Deuce and giving Kalim advice. I’m proud of our little monster……. HOLD UP!! IF THOSE BLACK CRYSTALS ARE LIKE REMNANTS OF OVERBLOT, DOES THAT MEAN HE’LL OVERBLOT AS WELL!? We did see him in his Overblot form in the tutorial but still!!! Oh my stars!! Is he gonna have a tear-jerking Backstory too!?

Ace being an ass. Why the hell and I not surprised by that? ACE!! GROW UP ALREADY!! BE SUPPORTIVE!!

Jamil singing and Kalim being a sweetheart.

Rook is Rook. Creep

Excited for any other Events in Twisted Wonderland?

HAIL YA I AM!! But I’m kinda worried too. Mostly Deuce being an innocent child again. I don’t want to ruin this child’s innocence!! He’s too pure for this world.

Hopefully, a Christmas Event inspired by the “Nightmare Before Christmas”, like the Ghost Marriage event inspired by the “Corpse Bride”, love that!!


Over all, Twisted Wonderland is not finished quite yet so I’m basically jumping all over the place, waiting as patiently as I could. And one more thing to end this off…


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7 characters in a single ask *trembles* here we go.

  • riddle likes that you’re so pristine! proper! well-mannered! educated! nothing less is expected of his s/o, after all!
  • at some point helped you with all the laces in your clothing. did you ever see that butterfly knot (?) in his necktie? exactly.
  • is super proud of how you wear, bc he secretely adores the aesthetic. it makes you look like the the image of beauty! and also gets him really flustered from time to time.
  • if anyone mocks you for your style, riddle will be there in a flash to “off with your head” them! no one will ever ridicule his Rose’s elegance and remain unpunished!
  • ngl he teased you a little
  • oh his naive herbivore… gettin’ all poumpous with some clothes, huh? when this predator could just rip ‘em off!
  • leona stopped after he saw how serious you were about this. then started to really admire you for your passion and your pride to be different. that’s his s/o. never says it out loud.
  • at some point asked why you like it so much when it’s so difficult to wear. so many accesories. leona just puts on some clean shirt and calls it a day. and he tells you that, but not with the maliciousness of the beginning. he’s genuinely curious
  • resists the urge to use his unique magic with anyone that mocks you. then sends some students that are eager to have a fight, or deals with it himself. you’re his pride, after all, and his pride is never insulted.
  • thinks it’s cute and blushes a little everytime he sees you.
  • likes that you differ from another land creatures. makes him feel special enough to have someone like you as his s/o. gives him a little ego boost.
  • although azul has more effort done in his appearence since he understands the importance of presentating well, like leona he asks why you wear so many layers of clothing. just one is already kinda hard to breathe in land. but NEVER teases you.
  • tell him someone mocked you for your style and immediately the mafia boss azul shows up. it’s time to give the twin eels some fun.
  • he has 1 complain
  • but seriously, kalim would love you even if you wore a trash bag on the daily. he doesn’t care about your appearence that much tbh, he loves you for who you are! and the lolita outfits are cute he admires your efforts
  • like other characters ask why you wear so many clothes. you’re dating the s c a r a b i a dorm leader. you know, the land of the hot sands and all. if kalim even suspects you’re having some climate problems he won’t hesitate to “make it rain!!!” with his unique magic (doesn’t realize he’s just gonna get everyone soaked. he has good intentions)
  • if anyone mocks you for this he will also not hesitate to… “have a good talk with them!! 😡😡😊😊” (LITERALLY a talk goes there and politely asks why the heck they did it)
  • vil has seeing a lot of things in the entertainment industry.
  • none of them as beautiful as you! he’s super proud of his s/o, specially if we consider him as the leader of The Beauty Dorm. couldn’t ask for more.
  • for a change, he doesn’t ask why you wear like that. respects you and your choices, of anything. gives you help with tying all the laces if you want some.
  • he cannot go directly to the person that mocks you, but he can and will make that person’s social life a living hell.
  • DKJSDKJSKDJSKDHAKDJSKDHKSSKSHS idia will come back soon.
  • has a goddamn heart attack whenever he sees you. a good one. you are the anime of his dreams…(ok sorry)
  • expert at tying laces, against all public belief. kinda wants to make a shelf and keep you there for personal admiration purposes but never says so. he’s scared you’ll think he’s a freak. still showers some compliments from time to time, with red cheeks.
  • you have to stop him from creating a blaster to completely eliminate anyone who mocks you
  • he’s shocked. humans are really full of surprises, aren’t they?
  • the most curious about it out of the entire 7. asks why you wear it, how it works, the different lolitta styles, the whole story of the lolitta style……. he’s interested!
  • really will start thinking it’s the most beautiful thing he has ever saw in the whole of his life and in the whole human nature. double points if it’s gothic lolitta. the aesthetic scratches his mind in the right way
  • no one. ever. mocks. you. goddamn, you are dating the prince, soon to be king, of the valley of thorns. one of the top 5 best magic users in the twisted wonderland universe. the grandson of one of the great 7, maleficent herself. he’s The Malleus Draconia. you are free of problems.
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Introducing Relinooktons Vice Leader!


She was made by @in-that-deep-blue-sea and I just Drew her in my Style.

Name: Irene Bell

Gender: Female

Birthday: 6th of August

Homeland: Unknown

Dorm: Relinookton

School year: Second year


She’s the one who comes from a medium family(not so rich, or poor) and just come see here. She has a very cheerful personality and a very cute smile. But she has a dark side that no one sees, who wants 200% profits. Her duties Informing news every morning. I mean, chirping news out. She also kinda keeps Tyler from collapsing and Takes Lots of Work from him. She’ll helps everyone who needs help! If it’s their first time she’ll always help them and guiding them through things already. And she’s goodness’s at making ppl calm down!

Unique magic is named Golden Bell, she could see everyone in the radius of 10.5 meters and sees the color of their emotions! It looks like a radar. So she always know what everyone is doing/where they are!

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𝓡𝓸𝓸𝓴 𝓗𝓾𝓷𝓽:

He gave you a surprised look before a wide smile was spreading across his face in delight.

“Petit oiseau [little bird], you want me to help you pour tir à l'arc [(for) archery]? Ah, c'est magnifique! Quelle joie! [it’s marvelous! What joy!]”

It was rare for people to approach him on their own accord due to his flamboyance and what other people called “weirdness” just for a simple conversation, so having someone come and asking for help on archery made him overjoyed.

“Ah mais roi de poison [but (the) King of Poison] has me tied in a bit of a tight schedule until later aujourd'hui [today] so let’s maybe meet dans la soirée, hein? [in the evening, huh?]”

He grabbed a paper and a pen and scribbled something on before handing it to you.

“Rendez-vous a dix-neuf heures devant la miroir de dortoir Pomefiore, s'il te plaît.” [(let’s) meet at 19:00 in front of the mirror to the Pomefiore dormitory, please.]

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🥂 • What holidays do they celebrate, if any?

neither of them celebrate anything in particular. if other people celebrate something, then jun and mori will join if they’re allowed, but otherwise, they aren’t really hyped over any holiday, really.

🧲 • Do they make friends easily, or is it more difficult for them? Do they keep the friends they make?

for mori, it’s pretty easy to make friends. he doesn’t try to most of the time, since the only person he really cares about is jun. because of this, he also doesn’t really try to keep his new friends.

for jun, it’s not that easy to make friends, since he’s always so absentminded. talking to him if you aren’t mori is difficult, because he’s really just. not paying attention. if you don’t let that bother you and continue trying to become his friend though, i can see jun starting to care about you over time. not as much as he cares about mori, but definitely more than he did in the beginning.

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