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#twisted wonderland
anekogia · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
MC/Yuu - Twisted Wonderland
Aether and Lumine - Genshin Impact
MC/Yuki - Obey Me! Shall We Date
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honey-milk-depresso · 2 days ago
Hello!!! May I request HCs of Riddle Rosehearts, Idia Shroud, Kalim Al-Asim, and Malleus Draconia (Separately) with a [S/O] [Gender Neutral] (Romantic) who got Boba Tea for both of them? I don’t think Boba drinks are popular in Twisted Wonderland but I could be wrong. Who knows? You can choose which flavor that suits the Four Dorm Leaders’ tastes.
I love boba tea- and I added in Trey because- well- simp-
TWST Bringing them for Boba Tea
Riddle Rosehearts
ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ: ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ ʀᴏꜱᴇ ᴍɪʟᴋ ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇ ᴛᴇᴀ (ᴏɴ ɢᴏᴏɢʟᴇ-)
Has never tried it before, and he's a little skeptical about it.
He's heard once or twice from Cater on his Magicam, but it's not something too well known.
The only thing he's heard of it that it has some sort of... "sweet pearl" that he's not too sure if they're even good.
He prefers his tea hot, and boba tea is commonly cold. But, since you were really eager as his s/o to bring him to try, he complied.
Riddle was a little hesitant when met with the tip of the straw, reluctant to take the first sip. But seeing you happily drinking away, he finally drank it.
The smooth, pastel pink milk flowed his taste buds, the significant sweetness from the rose gave a nice, honeyed flavor, followed by the hint of sourness of the fresh strawberries. The pink tapioca pearls were really chewy and he found himself taking another sip of his drink with a smile.
"Is it nice, Riddle?" you questioned him with a warm smile while he was drinking, making his boba tea pleasantly a little sweeter.
"It's nice." <3
Idia Shroud
ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ: ᴍᴀɴɢᴏ ᴊᴀꜱᴍɪɴᴇ ʙʟᴜᴇ ʙᴜᴛᴛᴇʀꜰʟʏ ᴘᴇᴀ ᴘᴇᴀʀʟ ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇ ᴛᴇᴀ (ᴠᴇʀʏ ʟᴏɴɢ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ɢᴏᴏɢʟᴇ-)
He knows what it is, but he's never tried it before.
There's not many boba tea shops in Twisted Wonderland, but.... he knows Azul's trying to make some of his own.
Going over to his friend's lounge with you (Azul being his wingman may or may not have given him special arrangement to have just the two of you in a separate area since Idia is paranoid sitting with others-)
Idia's got his aesthetic looking bubble tea, and while he was pretty chill about just drinking it, he couldn't because you were there and he didn't know if he was gonna look awkward or something like zGjhjdhgjhdgKJGDJDHJ-
But regardless, once you drank yours he began to sip is own too. The tanginess and sweetness of the mango combined with the earthiness of the jasmine leaves taste, it felt really nice having it chilled. The blue pea tapioca pearls were pretty and rich in color, almost looking like a blue gemstone. He loved it.
"How was it, Idia?" you asked him with a kind smile, making him blush a dark pink shade.
"U-um... it was... good.." <3
Kalim Al Asim
ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ: ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀ ᴍᴇʟᴏɴ ʙᴜʙʙʟᴇ ᴍɪʟᴋ ᴛᴇᴀ
He's never heard of it before, but he's really keen on trying it now that you say so!
He's heard it after club practices with Lilia and Cater, mostly Cater whipping out his phone showing them some aesthetic cafe drinks, some of which were boba tea.
And what's better than enjoying it with you! His s/o!
But... he got all excited when he chooses the flavors, like his mind went, "Ooh! That looks nice! Ohhh, but that also looks good too!!!"
So, he ended up getting one of the more popular drink choice flavors being the winter melon bubble tea (at least- popular from where I live-).
Kalim bought you yours cuz he can- and asked if you two can take your first sip together. Such a dork.
With the winter melon's sweetness balanced with the creamy milk beverage, it was complemented with the tangy and just as sweet fruit tapioca pearls, and his ruby garnet eyes lit up with a sip.
"Wow! This is really good!" he stated with you with a pale pink blush on his cheeks, which were puffed up since they has tapioca pearls stuffed in them.
He's too cute sometimes. <3
Malleus Draconia
ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ: ɢʀᴇᴇɴ ᴛᴇᴀ ʙᴏʙᴀ ᴛᴇᴀ
Never tried it, and only ever heard of it recently ever since Lilia brought it up in his dorm. It was shared by Cater, and Malleus got very curious.
"Boba tea"? What an interesting beverage name.
When you offered to try boba milk tea with him, he was ecstatic. Yes, he can drink it with you, and he was invited! SCORE-
Malleus didn't know what flavor was good though (or what they even were-) so he let you decide for him. Maybe he can buy the same ones you offered to Lilia, Silver and Sebek.
After purchasing yours and the flavor you picked out for him (which is the one I wrote above-), he looked towards you who was eagerly sipping your drink, and so did he.
The sweetness from the tapioca pearls and honeyed milk wasn't overpowering due to the grassy, nutty and herbaceous green tea that was mixed together with the smooth, snow milk that gave it a now pastel green color. Malleus' face brightened up considerably, taking another sip of the boba tea.
"From the looks of it, you like it?" you asked, smiling at him.
He only smiled back, nodding.
"Yes, it's such a nice beverage to consume. Perhaps I should buy more of this boba tea for everyone back at Diasomnia, too." <3
Trey Clover
ᴏʀᴅᴇʀ: ʜᴏɴᴇʏᴅᴇᴡ ᴍɪʟᴋ ᴛᴇᴀ
Trey has heard of it due to Cater scrolling through Magicam, but it's not quite popular in Twisted Wonderland.
But if you really wanted to drink with him, our dear pogchamp ain't buying it.
Why? Because he's making it. Yes, our dear king of baking has decided he's gonna make it with love and skill-
But since he's new to it, he decided to try a popular yet simple flavor to create. Which was honeydew.
What the heck do you mean I used honeydew which can somewhat match my name- heck no- *sweats*
Offering you a free glass of his homemade boba tea, he also took a sip of his own glass with you.
The honeydew sweetness was complimented with the creamy milk, followed by the tapioca pearls he made specially which satisfied your taste buds. He's gotta say, not bad on his first attempt.
"Trey, this is really good!!" you smiles brightly at him, your eyes lighting up with joy.
Trey chuckled, ruffling your hair. "Glad you liked it!"
He's definitely gonna make more to see your bright and adorable smile more. <3
Reblogs help! ^^
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zoonarts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Art dump cuz we simply cannot get enough of these boys 🐍🦁
Do not copy/repost my art
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miraclebeliver · a day ago
Hi! Can I request for dorm leaders and Jamil when they saw s/o in a wedding dress. If it's not difficult for you, thank you in advance and good luck. (Sorry for my English is it not my native language) 😅
hi @cathrie, thank you for the request! dont worry about your english, its alright. I had my exams so sorry if the request was a bit late :)
request: dorm leaders + jamil when they see there s/o in a wedding dress
a/n: I am sorry, i got lazy so this only has dorm leaders. this turned out more to be their wedding hcs, (I regret nothing) but yes, this does have the part where they react to seeing their s/o in a wedding dress.
pairings: dorm leaders x f!reader (separate)
warnings: wedding dress (for all the people who don't like dresses)
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
two of you getting married was a dream for him, the one he belived would never come true
you had met riddle's mother and safe to say that you two did not like each other
she didn't like you because how dismissive you were of her rules and you because of what she did to riddle.
riddle had pretty hard time convincing his mother but still ressured you that even if she doesn't give her blessings, both of you will still get married
so when it was finally the day he was very nervous but he was determined to make this day best day of your life
so he along with trey, who was the best man, were making sure that everything is perfect and no one breaks any of the 810 rules of Queen of Hearts
the groomsmen were chen'ya and cater and your bridesmaid were epel, jack and sebek and your maid of honor being A-deuce combo, who were also ordered by riddle to make the wedding perfect
the wedding was red, black and golden themed, of course, decorated with red and white roses, black table cloth and red candles on each table.
when the door opened and the music started he immiadiatly look at you with aticipation but he breath caught and eyes widened
you had chosen the most perfect dress with a tiara to match his crown, and you had the anticipated result~
he shut down
Riddle face turned red
and not the angry red he gets when he gets, well, angry but sight pinkish one
he was speechless, he couldn't stop staring
"you are looking beautiful, my rose."
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
getting married to second prince of afterglow savannah was not a small feat
farena and rest of Kingscholar family has probably met you before you even got together
that was probably because cheka mentioned the friend he made during magift tournament
so they invited you over for the summer holidays
when both of you got engaged farena was probably more excited than both of you combined
and don't get me started on cheka, he is so excited that oji-tan and oba-tan are getting married!
he is also the flower boy if anyone is wondering
the best man and groomsmen were farena and ruggie respectively.
it is a very big event, managed by the staff of the palace, so you didn't have to do much except tell them your preference here and there
even it being a big event, the dress code was semi-formal to compensate for melting heat of savannah.
so when it was time for you to walk down the aisle, you were not nervous because you and surprisingly Leona had practiced the ceremony many times because cheka wanted to play
he saw you in that dress
he smirked, he's smug
he is a blessed man and he knows it, he is probably enjoying showing you off
but don't let that tough guy exterior fool you, his red cheeks and a slight wag of his tail didn't go unnoticed by you
"for a herbivore, you sure do clean up well."
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
azul's and your wedding was..interesting to say at least
he was panicking, he's had body image and insecurity issues since he was a kid so he is constant phrase of what if they don't love me anymore and won't show up through out the preparations and the wedding itself
pls reassure him that you aren't gonna leave
azul's mom was pretty happy that her son finally has someone who cares about him, so she welcomed you in the family pretty easily
so back to the wedding, it was mostly organised mostly by you, azul, azul's mom, floyd and jade and their mom.
leech family and ashengrotto family were heavily invested in their little octo's wedding who has grown up so much~
mama ashengrotto and mama leech had plenty of embarrassing stories of Azul to tell you, much to his chargin, and they seem to be enjoying a little too much
papa leech who a looked lot like mafia were best friends with mama ashengrotto, taught you a lot about their boys and what ticks them off in case you need it in blackmail an argument against them
his best man and groomsmen were obviously the twins.
okay so back to wedding, the venue was this fancy hotel, and i mean fancy fancy, inside the coral sea ran by azul's mother and grandmother
when you stepped in the room to walk down the aisle with a sweet smile but a nervous look on your facs, you made eye contact with azul and you nervousness immediately faded
you gave him brightest smile possible
you swore you saw line of tears in azul's eyes
he couldn't believe that he was getting married to someone, much less you.
my bullied pls cut him some slack :( he definitely started crying halfway through the vows though
he can feel his cheeks on fire, you are possibly the most beautiful and rare pearl in the world
"you look gorgeous, angelfish."
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim's wedding was a huge thing and festivities were to start multiple days before the wedding
like azul, kalim's parents were also heavily invested in your wedding.
all of his siblings were also pretty excited for the wedding as they are a big deal in the land of the hot sands
the wedding itself was pretty big with over hundred guests, even with Al-Asim's not being royalty they were still treated as such
the actual king of the country was also present
the venue was Al-Asim residence, it is big enough to host many people and they had their servants to decorate the place
his best man was jamil, obviously and his groomsmen were many of younger brothers.
you were pretty nervous since you never had worn a dress this elaborate.
when you walked into the banquet hall, your eyes immediately fell on kalim, who was wearing a shewani.
kalim's eyes widened for a second then he gave you the brightest smile you had ever seen on him
the tears were pretty blatantly present on both of your eyes
he looked so pretty in sherwani istg
"you look really pretty, y/n!"
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
his wedding will be a very public event weather you like it or not.
will probably have to provide special kind of invites so that some of more rabid fans won't snuck in.
the wedding is managed by you him and his dad, speaking of his dad, he is his only family member
Also the president of your ship
Seriously Vil's dad is so supportive of him in everything he does, including his decision to marry you
his dad is pretty chill but he does grill you about everything, from your grades, background to your relationship.
even with Vil's constant complaint about your decision to choose your wedding dress by yourself, you didn't give in
since it's vil, his wedding would be absolutely beautiful
rook, who was his best man, was quite vocal about it.
when you walked in wearing your dress with a confident smile on your face
needless to say that he was surprised? shocked? amazed? impressed?
I mean you look so good?!?
his first reaction would be wow with a jaw dropped
then he'll realize what he so doing, he would collect himself and look at you with that smirk
"your beauty could challage that of the beautiful queen, darling."
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
unlike others his wedding will be very private obviously
it took him a lot and I mean a lot of courage to propose to you, he did it because he had ortho's moral support
he knows that without ortho, you two wouldn't even have gotten together.
his family wasn't very present at the wedding so everything was ordered online and arranged by idia's servants.
not only idia's nervous but he was dying because of overthinking
idia was panicking the whole time, he was scared okay?
what if you run away? what if you decide that you don't love him anymore and leave? what if-
"big brother stop! they aren't going to leave, big sis loves you okay?"
thanks ortho
ortho was the best man of course, both figuratively and literally
Your wedding dress was very pretty with a lot of shade of blue with matching bouquet of blue roses yes I am aware they don't exit but in twst they do because magic
when you came in wearing that
idia.exe has stopped working
his hair had gone completely red along with his face, his eyes wide as saucers, he was so glad that there aren't any people there to see him except for his immediate family
"yo-you look stun-stunning !" he squeaked
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
being with Malleus isn't easy, you have to overcome many challenges
first is Lilia (who already shipped you two
second is silver ( who doesn't care much about who Malleus is dating as long as he is safe)
then Sebek, this level is gonna be pretty hard to pass but but once you do, he'll treat you like he does his WaKaSaMa (meaning you'll be called young mistress. Or my queen, when two of you get married.)
and the boss level is his grandmother, who has very high standard for her grandson but once you pass she's gonna become vice president of your ship.
but becoming the queen of valley of thorns means even more challenges
you'll have to take etiquette lessons and fae history lessons, which is pretty long concering fae's life span.
but do not worry! you have your own personal Dragon fiancé to help you through the stress with cuddles and kisses.
the organization will be done by palace staff so you don't have to worry about all that stuff except for giving your preference here and there like leona's
as per custom, you'll be wearing a black dress chosen by his grandmother but trust me she has an amazing fashion sense so you don't have to worry about it
when you entered ball room, you immediatly fixated you gaze on floor, feeling nervous as you felt hundreds of eyes
when you looked up, you saw malleus gaping at you which made you chuckle.
he would quickly neutralize his expression and won't complement you in the scrutinizing gaze of nobles
but as soon as you are alone, be ready to be drowned in complements
" My love, you truly are my most beautiful and precious treasure."
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Hiii!! May i ask a headcanon "what is the “ideal type” of girl" for Idia, Lilia, Jade and Jamil?
Warning: These are 100% absolute truths. Everything I write is true and if you disagree you are wrong....
This was sarcasm. If you don't know what sarcasm is, I recommend google it.
Jade Leech
Tumblr media
Jade would like some soft and sweet girlfriend.
He would love how sweet and short his human are.
( If you’re taller than Jade then good luck in life and I’m pretty jealous )
Jade also wanted you to have a certain interest in “distracting” things.
He can tell you about the work he is doing in very detail.
And most disturbing of all, Jade does it the same way he would talk about the weather.
I hope you get along with Floyd too.
Because Floyd would definitely like to meet his brother’s little shrimpy.
Jade would be very protective and possessive towards you.
I hope you like the PDA.
Lilia Vanrouge
Tumblr media
Oh this would certainly be interesting.
Surely Lilia would care if you were a caring and helpful person.
Because he loves children and definitely wants children with you
Silver and Malleus are certainly not enough.
If you could cook well, the whole Diasomnia would surely be grateful.
The only one who would have anything to complain about it would be Lilia.
Lilia would also like you to have a sense of humor.
Because Lilia would definitely like you to understand his humor.
By the way, it's best to get used to the "jump scare`s."
Because Lilia thinks you're sweet when you're scared.
Lilia is a little sadist.
He really loves you a lot.
Idia Shroud
Tumblr media
Headcanon is over now.
( XD The joke was that I'm a big Idia simp and I dont want share )
But so Iida would definitely like a girl who would also be interested in manga and anime.
Idia could chat with you Manga and anime for many hours.
And if you were also antisocial he would be happy.
You can be antisocial together.
Idia would also love it if you could cook.
Your cooking would be the best way to get him to eat healthily.
Your cooking skills would also make Ortho happy.
Now Ortho no longer has to force Idia to eat healthy.
You should also be a more active party on the PDA.
Idia after all, is really shy at first.
Unless you have cat ears...
Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
Jamil would like an intelligent and gentle girlfriend.
He would like to talk to you about the problem and how he will soon get a nervous breakdown due to the stupidity of Kalim.
It would really make him feel better.
Even though Jamil likes that you are smart he could still help you with your problems.
Jamil is also very affectionate if he gets the chance.
He would probably also like to date someone who is shorter than he is.
It gives him a sense of "control."
Jamil really doesn’t feel that feeling often.
Usually Jamil likes to cook for you.
Jamil would also like you to be able to work as a babysitter for Kalim someday.
The poor boy needs a moment's rest.
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alextheoreo · a day ago
Twisted Wonderland Actor AU : Random Facts
some random facts about the cast
- While filming the Scarabia arc, Crowley wore his 'vacation clothes' the whole time
- Epel, Ortho and Yuu are the resident cutie pies
- secretly gremlins
- After Overblot scenes, Crowley coddles Yuu
- Leona's actually really nice, he's like that super chill uncle that visits everyone and gives them really good advice
- Trein's wife made everyone cookies when she visits!!!!!!!!
- Lilia's actually younger than Leona (o>O)
- When characters talk about their families, Ace was originally going to talk about his 'cousin' but said older brother out of habit
- Cater still teases him about that
- Vine quotes on a daily basis
- The apple juice Epel gets during chapter 5 was all real, he's actually a country boy
- country boyyyyyy, i love youuuuuuuuu
- Crewel has to constantly be with Kalim during interviews to make sure he doesn't spoil anything
- For the story, they kept Jade as how he normally looks
- So Floyd wears wigs and contacts to look like him
- But Floyd has natural black hair and bright yellow eyes
- Cater actually doesn't mind sweets
- Ruggie definitely tried the plastic wrap on the door frame prank
- Everyone had to do a quiz to see if they fit their dorm
- Basically everyone being wholesome and good friends with sprinkles of chaos and discourse everywhere
- During the Octavinelle arc, when they get electrocuted, it's actually really overexaggerated but it was funny so they kept it in
- Everyone hated swimming with their clothes on
- Especially the costume designers
- Azul hates his 'tentacles' with a burning passion, sure they look neat, but they're heavy and he trips over them a lot
- Crowley has a 'worlds okayest dad' mug lol
- Sebek lost his voice once and everyone lost their minds lmao
- Malleus can and will hold Yuu like a baby, even though they don't like it
- Sam gives everyone candy hsdhjdhgjsh
- Sometimes he pulls a robert downey jr and hides snacks on set so he can eat them
- Everyone gave up on stopping him
- They all go nuts during the events
- Beans Day had lots of actual fights
- lol
- All in all, just wholesome, fluffy chaos all around
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hello hello! i loved your married life headcanons! would you mind doing one for leona?
Married life with Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
Despite wanting to be the centre of attention, Leona found the grand celebration quite tedious. Having to politely answer everyone's congratulations was annoying, especially when Cheka jumped on him and nearly knocked him over. But seeing you in your wedding attire, smiling as your friends gushed over you, was worth every minute spent under the hot Savanna sun.
Not social, he'd rather take his share of the work into his office and stay there for the rest of the day. But unfortunately, he is still a royal, so you both will have to attend meetings and balls often. At least you can show up in style 🤷.
He likes playing chess with you, especially if you're on the same level as him. If you don't know how to play, he'd like to teach you, if you're up for it.
Your schedules are going to be swamped often, so he treasures all the time you have together. You never know what could happen, especially as a famous royal. One of his favourite things to do with you is to go sightseeing, where you can admire all of the beauty nature has to offer.
My king/queen/liege? Hell yeah. Leona only marries you if he sees you as an equal, so you deserve only the most extravagant pet names, beffiting of your title 👑.
If you were to get a pet, he would settle for a dog. A smart, non-playful, good for cuddling dog. Perfect. Even if you chose to get one of the brightest, most playful dog you could find, he wouldn't have the heart to bring it back, and would just entertain it whenever he can.
Farena accepts you as part of the family in a heartbeat, welcoming you with a bear hug and a hearty laugh. Cheka follows along, jumping into your arms and babbling animatedly about the shenanigans he's been getting into. Be prepared to face these sunshines everyday from now. If they overwhelm you, you can be overwhelmed with Leona.
All in all, you've married yourself into the royal Kingscholar family. Was it worth it? May your marriage last for years to come~
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fr0st-km · a day ago
Helloooo Frost! I gotta say that your writing is so pretty and eye-catching so can I request a oneshot where Malleus's sister visits him at NRC? But Malleus's sister is very shy and doesn't know how to talk to men so all she does is stutter words everywhere! Like Shouko Komi from Komi-san Wa Komyushou Desu! I hope that you like this idea :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reader gender? Female
Warnings? Lots of stuttering
Pairings? Various x reader
NOTES? The Anon sent me a DM saying that they forgot to mention that they want the request to be a various x reader.
Tumblr media
Heels lightly tapped the floor as a female fae stood in front of the Diasomnia dormitory. The said fae was shivering out of fear. Feeling anxious when she teleported to the location where he brother is currently at.
‘O-Okay ( Y/N )…Y-You can do this! Just…J-Just knock on the door and you’ll be a-able to meet Malleus, Lilia, S-Silver, a-and Sebek again! This’ll be easy!’ The princess cheered in her thoughts but paused when she extended her hand near the large doors in front of her.
( Y/N ) started sulking, burying her face in her hands until she felt a familiar and yet strong presence behind her. The ravenette glanced over her shoulder and saw him, her dear brother!
Her eyes lit up and she stood up, sprinting towards Malleus with unfolded arms. ( Y/N ) pulled her brother into a warm hug to which the male fae was a bit taken back by his sister’s actions but is clearly happy with her surprise visit.
“Brother!” The princess chirped, hiding her face by burying herself in Malleus’s chest.
Malleus couldn’t help but to smile and hug his sister back “Hello, dear sister. Have you perhaps came to visit me as well as Sebek, Silver, and Lilia?”
“Y-Yeah! I was hesitant though since y-you know…I-I’m not used to talking to men…?” ( Y/N ) laughed nervously.
Malleus gently grab his younger sister’s hand in his and dragged her into the Diasomnia dorm. ( Y/N ) gulped and started trembling, again.
The prince chuckled again upon seeing his sister’s anxious state “Do not worry, dear sister. If you need anything, just call out my name and I’ll be right next to you, just like when we were both two little young children.” He consoled, hoping that his words with calm ( Y/N ).
The prince chuckled again upon seeing his sister’s anxious state “Do not worry, dear sister. If you need anything, just call out my name and I’ll be right next to you, just like when we were both two little young children.” He consoled, hoping that his words with calm ( Y/N ).
When the female heard her brother’s soothing words, she brought a small smile on her face and hummed.
“Mm. Thank you, Malleus.”
Or so the Valley Of Thorn’s future ruler thought…
Here it is, ( Y/N ) trembling simulator behind her brother as soon as the two entered the lounge. The shy fae felt pairs of eyes pinned onto her even if she was hiding behind her ( much more taller ) brother.
“My dear ( Y/N ), why are you hiding? Are you perhaps still not used to being under your guardian’s presence?” Lilia asked, then clenching onto his chest dramatically “I’m hurt!”
The poor female fae flinched upon hearing Lilia’s words and ran towards Lilia ( whilst bullet sweating ) to comfort her caretaker.
( Y/N ) placed her hand on Lilia’s shoulder, patting it when all of the sudden, she was embraced into a tight yet warm and welcoming hug. The female ravenette let out a squeak, only to feel Lilia’s grip tighten.
“Oh how much you have grown, my dear! I feel so proud of myself for taking care of you ever since you were an infant! Ah…Oh, how much I remember you drawing cat whiskers on my face back then! I felt so happy when you put that beautiful art on my face!” Lilia exclaimed as the female fae he’s hugging is currently trying to wiggle out from her guardian’s grip whilst whimpering ( out of embarrassment ).
Malleus walked over to the two faes and snatched his sister out from the ancient fae’s grip. Lilia pouted and crossed his arms over his chest.
“Malleus, I don’t remember raising you as a spoilsport!”
“…What’s going on…?” A new voice spoke along with a yawn.
The faes looked up to the staircase and saw Silver holding his pillow whom is rubbing his eye, still feeling drowsy. The silver-haired human decided to check the commotion in the lounge and realized that it was his adopted father and the two well-known royalties of the Valley Of Thorns who are causing the commotion. Though Silver knew it was his father starting it.
“Oh, Ms. ( Y/N )…I didn’t know that you were visiting.”
The human swore that he saw the princess’s eyes lit up from excitement upon seeing his presence, that’s when ( Y/N ) teleported in front of him and hugged the silver-haired boy.
Like Malleus, Silver was a bit taken back by the female ravenette’s surprisingly affectionate actions. The boy decided to hug the princess back, letting her cupping his face afterwards.
“Silver! How are you?”
“I’m doing fine. How about you, Ms. ( Y/N )?”
“Doing a bit fine too…I-I guess. Nothing much happened in the Valley Of Thorns really…”
Understanding the princess’s statement, Silver nodded and slowly drifted back to sleep. ( Y/N ) with her fast reflexes, quickly caught the silver-haired male before he could fall.
“Aww~! What an adorable reunion! Don’t you think, my dear Malleus?” Lilia chirped as the prince of the Valley Of Thorns nodded in agreement.
“Yes I truly do a—”
“WHAT’S GOING ON?!” A loud voice boomed across the whole dorm, causing half of the residents wake up from the outburst.
( Y/N ) yelped and accidentally dropped Silver— to which Lilia immediately caught his son.
“I heard Lilia-sama’s voice and—”
Sebek had his mouth hung open as soon as his antique golden eyes landed on the crowned princess of the Valley Of Thorns. Sebek suddenly fell unconscious but is still ( somehow ) standing up, maybe he’s currently petrified out of shock and admiration?
“Oh dear…Sebek has seemed to be frozen in place! Good job ( Y/N )!” Lilia gave the female fae a thumbs up which made ( Y/N ) deadpan at him.
“Anyways~ how about Silver and Sebek show you around the campus? From classrooms to other locations such as the garden, field, and others like the rest of the dormitories!” Lilia suggested gleefully. “What do you think, ( Y/N )?”
Tumblr media
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lanshappycorner · a day ago
Tumblr media
🍩🍩 i care him
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lapin0522 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Happy Halloween〜👻
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mysteryshoptls · 19 hours ago
Malleus Draconia "Possessed" Battle Lines
Requested by an Anon on the Other Side!
Tumblr media
Battle Start
I commend you on getting this far.
Using an Effect
Buffs: Allow me to crush you.
Debuffs: You should give up.
When Attacked
When Attacking
Single Hit: If First Attack: ー You make me laugh. ー How weak. If Second Attack: ー Humph. ー Dance for me.
Double Hit: If First Attack: ー Why do you resist me? ー Receive my attack! If Second Attack: ー Know your place! ー What a pitiful thing.
Battle End
What a beautiful full moon...
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entitled-ghostwriter · 2 days ago
Hey I found your "befriending with convenient" scenario bittersweet and I love it so much. May I have one like that but with jamil, cater, and ruggie?
More pain coming right up-
Cater's much more normal?? Like the headcanons I made for him are not painful. Unlike the other two-
And ah, just a little warning as I got a little too into with the headcanons😂 especially with Cater's scenario
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐉𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐋 𝐕𝐈𝐏𝐄𝐑, 𝐂𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝐃𝐈𝐀𝐌𝐎𝐍𝐃, 𝐑𝐔𝐆𝐆𝐈𝐄 𝐁𝐔𝐂𝐂𝐇𝐈; befriending the reader for convenience reasons but ends up liking them!
Tumblr media
• Jamil presented himself as an average student. All of his scores in his tests are always in the middle, is what you would normally see on a student that just wants to pass his class even if it's not something remarkable. But Jamil doesn't exactly have that kind of lazy reason for him to do everything in a normal pace.
• He needs to stand down in order for Kalim to shine the brightest—just like how his and Kalim's family would want. He was nothing more than a stepping stool for someone that he deems that doesn't deserved it, but he has no choice to.
• Which is why when he saw and heard about you—a student from another that lacks in things such as magic and such—he had been already feeling a sense of pride. He have found the person who is much more below him.
• If he can't use Kalim to bring himself up, you'll take his role instead.
• He approach you in a friendly manner, projecting himself as a person that you can casually talk with. He'll have conversations with you on lunch breaks, spending time talking and eating. Of course, Kalim joins in as he is not going to pass the chance of getting to know one of Jamil's friends. Jamil was fine with that, as Kalim's cheery presence would give him a much more friendly impression to you.
• Once he got your trust—things slowly starts to fall down.
• Since you're someone who is still struggling with their school's education, he offers to give a helping hand in your studies. He told you that as your senior, it's his duty to guide first years like you.
• But he has a far more worse intention as to why he offers to help you in the first place. It's so he can teach you the wrong formulas instead of the correct ones.
• You'll use his teachings, and when a test of yours comes back, you'll get surprised and dejected as to why you still have a lower score. But you didn't blame him, you might have made a mistake along the way. You trust Jamil after all.
• This kind of thing continues for a long time, you continuing to fail even more in your tests, and Jamil successfully pulling you down with him being on the top. Though it was only you that he pulled down, it was satisfying to see someone become much more of a failure than him.
• But then he actually stops by to think about what he had just done. As you're growing more and more desperate to actually learn more of his teachings even though it was the very reason that is causing you to fail....
• Strangely, he actually appreciates your efforts. Unlike Kalim who just gives up halfway through, you continue to work yourself harder.
•.... Slowly, he drops his way of teaching you the wrong things, and actually began to show you the correct ways of solving your homeworks and tests.
• And when you passed the tests with high scores, you thanked him. And that moved his heart.
• Dammit. He's beginning to like you. And somehow, he didn't mind. Slowly but surely, he's starting to like your presence being near him everyday.
•.... That was before. Before he decided to actually make his plan on bringing Kalim to his demise.
• When you heard his conversation with Azul as you and Kalim hid with Jade not too far from, you start to have a realization that he really is a person that likes to bring people down just so he could be at the top.
"You really were just using me..."
Jamil gritted his teeth. The tears rolling down your cheeks was hurting him, especially as he's the very cause of it. But what you just like what you said.
"Yeah.... I did used you."
"But that was before. Because now...."
"I'll make you stand beside me—as we rule this rotten world and make it a better place."
• He have never meet someone who likes sweets just as much as you. Whenever you're invited in their Unbirthday parties by either Riddle or Ace and Deuce, you will have many plates of desert placed beside your main dish.
• Though Cater is someone you talk to from time to time, he never really approaches you by himself. The two of you are not as close as the first years when it comes to bonding.
• But when he saw you eating a lot of sweets and not get fed up with the repeated sugary taste, he knows he just has to use you to eat the deserts of Heartslabyul instead of him.
• Whenever you join them in their dorm's events, he'll casually walked up to you to give you his desert when you still don't have one. Since you he made it seemed like that the plate of sweets was really meant for you, you didn't get suspicious of him whenever he does this.
• When he finds a super cute cafe that is perfect for a magicam but the food is overwhelmingly sweet, he'll find the chance to invite you on a little trip. He'll give you the food, while he gets the picture. Simple as that.
• From then on, he will actually sees you as someone he can genuinely like. Although you two have different likings, you never fail to respect that everyone has their own tastes and you'll continue helping him get cute pics of the food and not waste it as you will it eat for him.
• Since what he's doing is already seemed like he's bringing you to dates—all he needs now is for him to make a confession. But with Cay-kun style~
"Hey, Kantokousei-chan~ I saw something cute a while ago and I don't really want someone to buy it before." Cater whined, standing up quickly as he winked at you. "Wait for me here, okay?" And just like that he rushes to go to the store that he wants to go into.
Your spot was outside the cafe, so you just took in the beautiful scenery of the setting sun before you.
Then you heard a few guitars playing near you, and when you turned to the direction of the sounds—it was Lilia and Kalim, grinning widely at you as they continued playing.
Suddenly, the beats of the guitar was matched with a singing voice.
Cater was singing with a mic on his hand, his other holding a soft looking teddy bear.
His eyes tells you everything that you need to know.
"I like you, Kantokousei-chan."
• Ruggie have seen you interacting with his fellow, second year classmate—Riddle. Whenever he passes by to see your conversations with each other, Riddle seems to soften up around you. His classmate appears to also trust his first years into you.
• Someone like you would be perfect to use as a shield, especially when Leona has a master plan for upcoming Magical shift tournament.
• If Riddle sees you hanging out with him, he'll trust you enough that you're keeping an eye on him. And the little highness would not suspect him being involved with the accidents that will happen within the other students that are participating in the tournament. Plus, you're surely going to defend him.
• He's pretty casual with his approach. He'll sneakily slip by your side and randomly start a conversation with you. Though you were a bit hesitant at first as you find his sudden appearances to be strange, you soon learn to keep a conversation going with him.
• Riddle has also been seeing the two of you hang around, and though he was glad that you're getting with other students from different years—he's a little worried that it's Ruggie that you're hanging out with. And he bluntly tells it to the two of you with no hesitation.
• But Ruggie reassures him that he just wants to get to know the new student that came from another world. That wasn't far from the truth, as he is quite interested in what your life was like before you were dragged into their world.
• As his continues to make it seemed like the two of are getting close, he begins to get on with the plan that Leona has entrusted in him.
• And as he expected, you already believed that he should not be suspected and be immediately eliminate in the list of who could have done the injuries that the players of each dorm has endured.
• The plan was perfect. Was.
• His realization of him actually genuinely liking happens when he starts to steal some valuable things from you.
• Because even when you had an inkling that he was the one who is stealing your stuff, you ignored it—and actually started giving him the stuff that he needs even when he's not even telling you anything.
• From food to drinks, you gave it to him with a warm smile on your face. Your smile that made his heart skip a beat.
• Though at first, he did see it as some kind of mockery since he had a feeling that you're doing that because you knew that he stole some stuff from you—that doubt slowly washes away as you continue being kind to him.
• Shit. Now he feels guilty.
• Too guilty that at just one point—he just needed to burst it out to you.
"You what....?" Your voice dropped to a whisper, your eyes staring at him so much disbelief.
"I... I did it, okay?!? I was the one who caused all of those accidents!!" He yelled out, frustration spilling out on every word that he shouted.
He gripped his chest—to where his heart is located. It hurts. His heart feels like it's getting squeezed to death.
"So please... please just stop being kind to me..."
"Stop making me fall for you even more."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Hello I hope you're not busy but can you do a royal reader from Royal Sword Academy in twisted wonderland meeting with the dorm leaders from NRC and their reaction if that's okay? (Also the reader gender neutral if that's ok)
(A rsa reader! Hmm okay! This (Y/N)'s will be based on Mirabel Madrigal movie Encanto!)
"So this is the place where the principal is at?" (Y/N) asked, their eyes taking in every nook and cranny of the dark colored halls. "Mhm." Yuu hummed, watching as the RSA student fumbles around with the letter in their hand. Personally written by the head director of Royal Sword Academy.
Once finally at the Headmasters Crowleys Office, the RSA student froze before reaching the knob. Nibbling on their lip, they pat down their white and blue uniform with bits of sown on patterns. But then the important letter slips out of their hands. Crying out in fear, the student pushes open the doors and tries to catch the letter before tripping on their own two feet and fall to the ground with a loud thud. Clearly catching everyone's attention.
Groaning in despair and shame. They huff at the letter that fell on their head. Their eyes slowly look up at the attractive students in the room. Holding in their interested and curious words. They see the headmaster standing near his desk. Hurriedly getting up, they pat down their clothes again. Putting a determined smile, they nod at Yuu who had came in after them.
"Hello! My name is (Y/N).." Trailing off a bit without saying their family name, they smile more. "A first year at Royal Sword Academy. Thank you for letting me into your glorious campus!"
One of the students was a short, red haired male. Who huffed out his chest, curiously glancing at them. The man on his right had green glaring eyes at them. But the RSA student held their ground, clutching the letter even tighter.
A white haired fellow smiled at them, waving at them enthusiastically. Then beautiful purple and imposing beauty next to him shot the white haired male a small glare. Next to the blonde was a man with purplish silver hair and glasses on his nose, no longer discussing with the floating tablet next to him.
(Y/N)'s eyes widen at the odd contraption. Yet they shake their head, focusing their attention on the last figure. The fabled, Malleus Dranconia, more regal and terrifying in the flesh. Even so, the human shot him a grin.
(Here you go! Hope you enjoyed it!)
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pet-pet-peet · a day ago
Could i request the dorm leaders reacting to their m!s/o who turned into a f!s/o due to a potion mishap? Thank you ❤🥰
Oh my~ I really wonder lolol
100 follower event
200 follower event
Tw: I headcanon them to be pansexual for the sake of these fanfics, so please understand that I’ll write them as being attracted to anyone for any reason. I am not trying to support the false idea that gay men have to find “the right woman” to not be gay, and if you are gay I support you 100%. I am also wanting to make it clear that this is a crack post and is NOT in ANY WAY meant to be harmful to anyone who is trans, I support you and your identity 100%.
That was a lot, but I want to make my and, I’m sure, Anon’s intentions with this post very clear. If you think it will be offensive to you, or triggering to you, please do not read it. Taking care of your mental health is the most important
* This is male reader, but I generally don’t use many gendered terms in my writing..just know that I’ll opt more for masculine ones if I add any (aka, probably good for anyone, but the occasional gendered term will be male)
Whew..all that out of the way...Here you go!
Pairing(s): Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus x male reader who accidentally get affected by a gender changing potion (separate)
He didn’t really notice what happened to you-
Tumblr media
He was focusing on his project during lab, and then all of a sudden there was a puff of smoke from where you stood
He panicked, moving through the smoke and swatting it away while covering his mouth as he tries to reach you
When he does, he blushed as he stared at your rosy cheeks
Your form looked more feminine now, which made him..incredibly confused
I look great! It’s just shocking
He starts looking at the recipe you were assigned to replicate, trying to figure out if it was mislabelled or if you accidentally made a mistake when mixing them together
He couldn’t find anything, he asked Trey if he could figure out a way to change you back
Trey gets his science club together to look through all the recipes and try to find a reversal
He skipped class when the transformation happened, so you got to see his first reaction when you calmed down
Riddle is relieved when they can change you back; he loved you regardless of your gender, but he never wanted you to be in an uncomfortable situation like that again
Tumblr media
He knew right off that your scent was..odd, and that made him slightly concerned
When he seeked you out and saw a girl instead of his boyfriend, he was so confused..
He stared at you for a bit, analyzing your eyes, face shape, height, etc.
Then asks if you’re an unknown twin sister, lmao
You explain the situation to him, hoping that he understood it was just temporary and wouldn’t affect you for too long
He didn’t like that, though, so he swallowed his pride (only for you) and asked Vil if he could help
It might take a little bit of convincing, but, since Vil likes you, he decides to help you out
Has a potion for you in no time and you’re all set!
He was trying to help you figure out the ingredients..but you had accidentally, confidently, added an ingredient that didn’t belong-
Leona says that you’re never going back to that class, and you’re gonna just ditch with him from then on so it doesn’t happen again
Tumblr media
He didn’t notice, he was reading through the recipe to figure out what to do next..only to find his handsome boyfriend had turned into a beautiful girlfriend-
Was...definitely shocked-
He immediately turned around and started looking for a recipe to switch you back, not wanting you to be uncomfortable
He didn’t realize that you’d notice how flustered he was at your state-
Tease him, omg he gets so flustered but pretends not to be
Him trying to whip up a potion to help save you while you flirt dramatically, for some reason that’s very entertaining to me-
He makes the potion, but asks if you really want to take it
Your transformation isn’t permanent, but if you’re having fun he doesn’t want to take that away from you-
He accidentally threw the potion at you-
Holds onto the potion anyway, just in case you change your mind (assuming you said no)
Tumblr media
And the poor thing was so scared- he thought you were hurt
When the smoke cleared, though, he smiled brightly
Immediately says you look beautiful, and compliments galore
Then he asks if you want him to find a way to change you back
He will, just to be safe, but Jamil’s probably the one really doing all of the work ^^;
In the meantime, he hangs out with you and does the same stuff you two always do
When Jamil brings you the potion to help you, he lets you or Kalim keep it, not really wanting to keep it
Kalim will love you regardless, and honestly just appreciates you no matter how you look
It’s unimaginable..he messed up a simple skincare mixture?
Though, he will laugh this incident off and tell it’s story all the time
Tumblr media
He wanted to help you with skincare and self care in general..but he messed up the recipe
Feels very guilty and makes you new skincare products and tries to look into the incident to help you
He asks if you’re uncomfortable in your new body, and asks if there’s anything he can do to help you
He has a potion to help you pretty quickly, so you don’t have to wait too long
You do try to mess with his Magicam audience while he’s at it, though-
You’ll post selfies with him working in the background and pretend to be your twin sister-
He has a whole plethora of notifications with confused comments and scolds you when you change back
He makes you apologize to his poor fanbase, how could you lie to them like that? Shame
He wasn’t in class, deciding the event on his game was wayyy more important
Lowkey finds the reaction funny, though, and it gives him a lot of traction, sooo-
Tumblr media
Does get a glimpse of you getting absorbed into a cloud of smoke through his tablet, though
Poor bean is so scared for you immediately
He even abandoned his game for you, running to make it to the classroom with Ortho close behind
He became so flustered when he found you standing normally...almost
Your feminine appearance was unexpected..and made him blush since he wasn’t expecting it
He doesn’t really know how to help..and is really awkward when talking to you-
He wants to, though! It’s just..very hard for him to wrap his head around at first
When he gets himself together, he finds some help from other dorm leaders and teachers to change you back
He forgot to come to class
He would’ve been more involved, you just caught him off guard!
Tumblr media
Honestly, the day just kinda flew by for him
So he just visited you in your dorm that night
Uh- or..he wanted to..who’s the strange girl there, though?
He hums as he realizes the situation and you explain everything to him
He smiles and pats your head, saying to leave everything to him
Then asks about your day, like- Malleus, dear..he just told you about his day?
Stays with you for the night, but is gone the next morning
Comes into your class with Lilia, who’s holding another potion for you
Well...he did say he’d handle it, he really wasted no time-
*All Images are official art from Twisted Wonderland and do not belong to me. They are the Lab Coat Groovy card art
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kuroliondragon · 2 days ago
Your Lovely Troublemaker (Riddle Rosehearts x Reader)
You have meddled with Crewel's potions that were prepared for the upcoming test the first years will have. But Riddle knows nothing of it; will you tell him the truth when Crewel ends up coming to Hearslabyul looking for you? Prepare yourself for the hide and seek of the century.
Warnings: it's mostly comedic so there isn’t much to warn, towards the end there is a slight mention of spice and mild swearing
"Rose, I really appreciate you coming for our usual teatime." Riddle rosed his porcelain cup to his lips.
You let out a small giggle, "You know I would never miss it!".
But, as you raised the cup to your lips, you came to a halt. You swore you could hear a faint noise coming from afar. Silence overtook you, as your eyes slowly focused to the sudden sound.
Riddle placed his cup down and turned his attention to you, raising an eyebrow at your sudden silence. "Rose?"
You placed a finger on your lips signaling him to stop speaking. Riddle furrowed his eyebrows in total confusion. He lowered his voice, "What's wrong?"
You carefully listened in your surroundings, eyes moving left and right, as you tried to recognise the source of the sound. A distand voice was heard. You processed the tone and the familiarity of it for a few moments. That was until you heard the voice again and this time you were sure your guess wasn't wrong, "Where are you pup?"
You eyes grew wide and your face paled in realization as you jumped out of your sit in distress. "Crewel is here!"
"Oh, is he?" Riddle remained as calm as ever. He turned to look behind him, trying to catch a glimpse of his Alchemy professor. But he didn't see anyone else except his dorm members, running around the garden doing their assigned duties.
On the other hand, you were losing your head over the sheer panic that enveloped every single nerve in your body, "Yes! Yes! And I need to hide!"
Riddle slowly stood up from his chair, "Why?". But he was quick to catch on to your unusual and alarmed behavior and his calm demendor changed into a warning one. "Rose, what did you do?"
You pursed your lips in a thin line, considering whenever or not you should confess your crimes to him. But the sound of Crewel's voice was getting closer; Riddle cleared his throat and gave a quick glance behind him. "Rose…either you tell me now and I will help you…" his silver grey eyes narrowed as if trying to pin you in place, " …or you don't tell me and I collar you while delivering you straight to Professor Crewel."
You swallowed, fear reflecting in your eyes. "Alright! Alright! I will tell you!", you semi-shouted semi-whispered.
"Well?" Riddle tapped his heel impatiently on the ground.
Your panicked eyes looked around the whole garden, dreading the chance of Crewel suddenly showing up from any corner possible. "First we get inside, then I will tell you everything!"
Riddle stared at you for a few seconds, his eyes warning every nerve in you body to not even think of making up an excuse to escape. Once he was sure he had you cornered, he gave you a nod.
A few moments later, you were already in Hearslabyul's lounge and while you did looked just a bit calmer, Riddle looked as if he was about to collar you. "Please, stop looking at me like that."
"Depends on what I am going to hear."
"Riddle, you are my boyfriend! Why are you treating me like this?!", you whined.
The redhead clicked his tounge, "Maybe because you are a troublemaker, who definitely needs discipline."
You took a peek at the Lounge's entrance, " Well, you’re dating this troublemaker! So it isn't my fault, if I end up dragging you along!" You proudly folded your arms and looked a away.
Riddle decided not to respond to your ridiculous statement, as Crewel's voice was suddenly heard once again. "Will you tell me or I'll collar you? Your choice, Rose."
"Fine…" You gritted your teeth. "I might have messed up a little with the potions for the upcoming test."
The dorm head's eyes widden and you were already expecting him to collar you then and there, "You. What-!?"
"Ohh, pup! Come here!" Crewel's voice got louder.
You immediately shoot an alarming glance at Riddle. "I told you, now hide me!"
Riddle sucked his teeth, "You…" He let out an exhale through his nose. "I will deal with your shenanigans later. Come quick." He said as he made his way towards the kitchen.
"What are we doing here?" You asked your redhead as your eyes wondered around the hearslabyul kitchen. "Are you going to offer a pie to Crewel to leave me alone?" You raised an eyebrow.
"Of course not!" The redhead moved near the counter.
"You know…It's a shame Trey isn't here. He could use Doodle Suit on me and rewrite my appearance." You admitted as you followed your boyfriend.
"You will hide here."
You looked Riddle dead in the eye, "Maybe—and I just putting that out there— he is going to find me, if I hide behind the counter?"
"He will not. I will stand near you and will also cover you with my cape." He calmly reasured you.
You slapped a palm at your forehead, "Riddle, this is the dumbest plan."
"No, is not! Now under the counter." The dorm leader insisted with a stern tone.
You let out a exasperated sigh, "Oh my seven…He's going to find me out."
"Pup! Come out! I know you are here!" Crewel's penetrating voice got a lot more louder than it was before.
"He's close." The dorm leader's eyes dared at the entrance.
"Oh, really! I didn't notice." Sarcasm was dripping from your lips as you gave a distressed glare at your boyfriend.
"Quit yapping and hide!" He turned to you.
You quickly went on your knees and placed your back close to the counter.
" Take the cape!" Riddle half-whispered half-yelled as he tried to cover you with his cape.
"Aw! Aw! My hair, Riddle!" You winced as he accidentally pulled a few locks as he tried to place the part of his cape that wasn't hanging on his shoulders to cover you.
" Apologies, Rose." He whinced in worry.
"Ok, Ok, I think-"
"Shhh, he's here!"
Crewel's elegant figure came into view as he stood at the entrance of the kitchen. His eyebrows furrowed while he looked displeased.
"Ah! Rosehearts!" The Alchemy professor exclaimed in relief, the moment he saw the redhead.
"Professor Crewel!" Riddle nervously blurted out. " What can I do for you?"
The professor's expression filled with concern and sadness. "I have lost my favourite pup. Do you know were they could be?"
Riddle gulped hard and you instinctively clenched his cape on your grip. "And by favourite pup…you mean…?"
Crewel let out a deep sigh as he put his hand on his head. "Rosehearts there is only one favourite pup in this school. And is also the one you're so openly fraternizing with— a bit too much for my own liking— too"
Riddle turned his palms into fists as he leaned a bit on the counter. "With all due respect, sir. But they are my significant other."
"And this is exactly the reason I don't approve of this relationship. Day and night I live with the fear that my pup will get collared and yelled at! You may be a role model student, Rosehearts, but I will never approve of you being good enough for my pup!"
You bit bit your bottom lip as you let out a drowned chuckle. To which Riddle quickly covered up with a cough of his own. He cleared his throat immediately after, as if warning you to stay silent.
"Anyhow, I didn't came here to lecture you about your relationship with my pup…" Crewel's eyes dared to the side, which only made clear to Riddle that the professor very much wanted to put his —not so positive— input about your relationship.
"You tend do that a lot lately…" Riddle sucked his teeth.
You bit the inside of you cheek trying not to burst out laughing at the sight of Riddle being annoyed by Crewel's cruel comments.
"What was that Rosehearts?!" Crewel warned, his eyes narrowing at your boyfriend.
"Nothing! Please continue." Your boyfriend reasured.
The whole ordeal was very funny to you.
"As I was saying…my dear pup has become a bit of a troublemaker recently, even as going as far as messing with the potions that will be used for the upcoming test that the first years will have to take."
"Sir, they were always a troublemaker, that isn't anything new." Riddle admitteed bitterly.
"My pup is always perfect in my eyes…" Crewel closed his eyes in delight.
"I do agree that Rose could a lot of times give an aura of a perfect unflawed person…that is until you end up dating them…and a whole other chapter opens up." Riddle sweatdropped at your tendecy to create unwanted and unnecessary trouble all the time. He sweared, sometimes it was like taking care of another Ace, only, this Ace had the ability to sometimes make him buckle in his seat.
Hearing his words you decided to have a little payback of your own. You pulled hard on his cape, which definitely got his attention, and slightly kicked him on his heels. Riddle cleared loudly his throat as he gave you a warningful stare. To which you stuck your tongue out in reply.
"Enough wasting my time, Rosehearts. Have you seen them?" Crewel crossed his arms as his patience was already running thin.
The dorm leader bit hard the inside of his cheek. "No, I haven't." He gave you a quick glance and smirked. "But believe me, professor, when I do… I will make sure to discipline them thoroughly "
You looked at him wide eyed and began to tremble in your seat. What was he planning!?
Crewel clicked his tongue, " Very well Rosehearts, I will hold onto your words. I will go look at Savanaclaw too… I swear to Seven, if Kingscholar is hiding them, there will be hell to pay! I do not want to think my pup in the hands of that vicious lion!" He hurred to the exit.
Once he was out of sight. Riddle pulled his cape, uncovering you. He let out a sigh, "You can come out now."
You popped up from the counter and grinned at him. "You got lectured by Crewel."
"Yes! Yes!" He waved you off. "We will forget that ever happened."
"Ohhh, I don't think so~" You teased him.
"Rose…do you want me to call him back and admitt you were here the whole time?" He warned with an irritated expression.
"No! No! Please no. I will be good, don't take me to him!" You pleaded, eyes reflecting the dreadful thoughts passing your mind.
"Good. Then you are ready for your punishment, I suppose?" He flashed you a dark smirk.
You furrowed your brows, "What punishment?"
"I promised Professor Crewel, didn't I?"
Your jaw dropped, "WHAT? The whole 'discripline thing' was real? Did you really mean it?"
"Of course I mean it. Rose, when did I told you something that I didn't mean it." You were sure he wasn't asking, he was stating facts. Facts that you wished they weren't true at that very moment.
You grew anxious as you glanced towards the kitchen's exit. " I think I heard Ace calling me…and Crewel seems to be out of my tail for now…soo.. I'm gonna go." You made up a quick excuse to run away from your boyfriend as soon as possible. You raced to the exit, but before you could go anywhere, Riddle had you already from the collar of your shirt.
"You are in my care now, Rose. You aren't going anywhere."
"Wait! Riddle, please! Have mercy on your poor partner!" You shrieked, hoping to hit his soft spot on you and leave you alone.
"You caused enough trouble for today, Rose. Me and you are going to have a lovely chat in my room." He stated as he dragged you away.
"No! When you say 'chat' you most definitely mean something else! Riddle, let me go!" You trashed around, trying to get him to let go of his grip.
But the dorm leader had no intention of letting you go and kept dragging you along with him, "I need to make sure you will never be able to make such a mess again."
"No!" You yelled in horror.
"Ah! Rose, I almost forgot!" he suddenly turned to face you. "No Ace or Epel for the rest of the month." He gave you a satisfied smile.
"Wha-! You can't do that! You are not even my dorm leader!" You protested.
"I am your senior and your boyfriend. I have more power over you than any dorm leader."
"Oh my fuck…" You dugged your fingers in your scalp frustrated, knowing very well that your doom was near and in the hands of Riddle Rosehearts. You weren't going out of his room at least for tomorrow morning.
"No swearing, Rose. Do you want a heavier punishment?"
"Fuck off! You just want to use your dominance over me in your advantage!"
Before your reahead could reply you quickly added, "And you know very well which dominance I mean."
"Rose…" he warned. "Two months and with my supervison. " He sweetly smiled at you.
"It's dorm leader Rosehearts to you troublemaker", he corrected.
"Silence Rose. Or do you want to end up living in my room permanently?"
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Since I finally know how to ask/req in tumblr
Can I request the child au play pretend marriage with mc (that would be really cute. actually I was going to request something related to Halloween but I don't have any idea)
--👾 anon
I can imagine how kids watch a movie and it comes with a wedding scene.
Mc: I want those too. I also want a beautiful wedding. What if we played family?
Boys think playing family is the same thing as "practicing the future".
The war has broken out.
The boys ask Mc to wait a moment and they leave "clamly" in another room.
And as soon as the door closes, a terrible quarrel, insult and fight over who gets to marry with Mc.
And before getting married, of course, there has to be a wedding.
Eventually, Crowley (who is in the same room) gets tired of the uproar and suggests that each child go on their own turn to “practice” the wedding with Mc.
Riddle grabs this idea and they draw a "practice" order.
"Coincidentally," Neige's turn was last.
And it had no effect that Vil wrote down the final order.
After that, Azul, Jamil and Ruggie arrange a place where the wedding can be "held".
( Now I have two ideas about how the story ends and since I can’t choose between them I’ll write them both )
End #1 Bad ending.
When the boys return, Mc is already tired of waiting and has come up with something else to do with Grimm.
Of course, all the boys are really inherited as they were really expecting this.
Azul is sure to start crying.
Mc doesn’t understand what’s going on and why everyone is so disappointed.
Eventually, the other kids decide to bully either Grimm or Crowley
End #2 Good ending
Mc doesn’t change them interest in 10 minutes and is excited about the wedding.
Vil and Rook have already had time to make them a wedding dress/suit in this short time.
Crowley is forced to serve as a priest.
When it comes to the point of “if anyone has anything against this covenant, let’s speak now or keep quiet forever” all the boys will start complaining.
It takes 10 minutes to get them to be quiet.
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twisted-lusty · a day ago
Good day mr.Lusty I have to know what boys can you see having a corruption kink? i.e they find out their sweet gf is still a virgin who can you see being most excited to find that out? Hope you have a good day Mx.Lusty! -🦝
Gosh... this is going to be just so interesting. I might assume that as much as I do not think corruption kink something that is attractive, I enjoy such content... so, here it is my little top 5 rank!~ Fuhuhuhu, have fun...
5th - Epel Felmier
Epel was born in a small village with no contact with other teens… and I am almost sure it was a pretty conservative one. I really think this conservative thing also was applied in relation of the girl’s to stay virgin until their marriage… but Epel has a different point of view. He doesn’t actually think it is something necessary for a girl to remain “pure”, however, when he discovers you are a virgin someway he gets all flushed and wants so badly to try things with you… His legs just shake and his whole body becomes hot when he thinks about you laying down, moaning his name with your pretty mouth… Oh dear, this just makes Epel’s dick harder.
4th - Idia Shroud
You can not make me think the opposite that Idia watches a bunch of hentai… what makes him someway fantasize about dating one of those extremely irreal virgin anime girls… Of course, he can very well distinguish reality from fiction… However, he reacts a bit too excited to know he is your first time. I doubt Idia ever had another romantic experience besides you… but he just adores to know he is your first one as well!
3th - Ace Trappola
I think Ace already had sex once or twice… and knowing that you never made it before makes him make some fun of you. However, something that he will deny with his whole body and soul is how hot he thought it sounded… I mean, he being the one to take your virginity away? Oh dear, it may have made him hard… He will never say it out loud, however he thinks would be extremely attractive to see you under him, desesperatly trying to grab any piece you can of the male while your lips let out small gasps and moans.
2nd - Malleus Draconia
My, my… Malleus Draconia seems to be pretty surprised to know that you never had sex before… and quite happy as well. You are a little child of man… so cute and so fragile… And even though he likes this detail of you so much, he secretly wants so badly to corrupt you, make you squirm under him and make you moan in pleasure. You are his precious dear, so, is his job to make your first time amazing… and for sure, it is going to be amazing as well for him.
1st - Cater Diamond
Cater is so far the one who most enjoys knowing that he is going to be your first time… This man is a kinky bastard and corrupt you is as well in his kink list. I mean… you are so cute and adorable… you just look so shy with anything related to sex… Oh damn, this orange haired man would be so far the one who would most enjoy taking your virginity away… But don’t worry dear, he will be kind with you this time.. .The next ones I am not so sure about, since he maybe thinks that a vibrator right inside your pussy while you squirm under him is something so damn hot for him…
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