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riddle rosehearts, trey clover, and silver x gn! reader

synopsis — a sweet and fluffy baking date together!

tw — nothing but a whole load of fluff / headcanon’s




✰ — riddle could not be trusted in the kitchen, this could end in a disaster. he doesn’t know much about cooking or the subject of baking but wants to learn! he wants to impress you with how much he’s learned from the past experiences and the many baking books in the heartslabyul kitchen.

✰ — you both decided on one of the easiest baking recipes; cookies! you can’t go wrong with making a batch or two of the classic. from chocolate chip, peanut butter, iced, and even macadanians! riddle would smile as you two spent quality time together, it was peaceful and had a cheery air.

✰ — give them a taste test! they’re bound to be delicious, and even riddle was surprised once he took a bite into the batch he made. he was nervous, not sure if he did it right or added to much sugar to the iced cookies. your bright smile and sparkling eyes would make his heart flutter. he was genuinely happy that you had fun and enjoyed the cookies you baked together. 🍪



✰ — trey is talented in the kitchen and he loves to bake. he always bakes and puts together all the deserts and endless treats for the unbirthday parties. the amount of work he’s put into it amazes you!

✰ — you both baked a delicious cake together for an upcoming party riddle has planned. all of the heartslabyul students will be there, and this is your chance to spend time with trey and test out your skills. step by step, trey guides you through everything and chuckles whenever you make a mess.

✰ — at one point you had powder of sugar on your cheek after rubbing your hand against your skin. trey lifted your chin up and kissed your cheek, tasting the sweet sugary substance from off your skin. “you definitely are sweet, just right darling!” your face turned as red as the strawberries and cream decorating the cake. 🧁



✰ — surprisingly silver knows some knowledge about the kitchen and cooking. he would have to considering being raised by lilia— who doesn’t know how to cook and makes charcoal of every single meal. silver seemed to be a natural and truly enjoyed spending time with you.

✰ — pie! you both decided on baking a few pies and loads of banana bread. delicious~! after gathering all the necessary ingredients and setting the right temperatures in the oven, you both sat by and talked for awhile. laughing and talking about your day, he not once fell asleep on you!

✰ — silver was excited to say the least, he found anew hobby and something to do with you. he even shared the baked goods with lilia, malleus, and sebek. lilia would fake being wounded that you disliked his cooking but only laughed it off. who could resist delicious cherry pie! 🍒


@ roarhoe.tumblr 2021 all rights reserved

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Masquerade Adventures

(Marsella is @r0setarts)

Marsella x Malleus

The brunette excitedly watched the crowd of dancers beside her now blue-haired friend. Her eyes flicker from one side of the room to the other looking for her boyfriend. The shark’s question from the last night was clearly something that did come into play, she couldn’t find his horns.

“Weren’t you all saying no matter how I change my look he’d always find me?” she mumbled slightly disappointed.

“Bold of you to assumed I haven’t found you.” The voice came from the side of her that her friend was not on. She turned to see a man in mostly black with a deep red mask that enhanced his bright green eyes.

“When did you get there?” she was startled by his sudden appearance after looking for him.

“I just arrived to the ball and I looked for you. Disguising my horns took longer than expected and I thought you might be worried,” he explained after receiving odd looks from the pair.

“I’m glad you made it,” she beamed up at the dragon fae.

“Shall we dance?” he held out his hand to her. She looked over to her friend who waved her off.

“Go have your fun.”

“Let’s go dance then.” The couple walk out onto the dancefloor, joining everyone else to dance.

“You look lovely tonight,” he whispers in her ear as he holds her close.

“You don’t look bad yourself,” she quips with a playful smile. He chuckles deeply and spins her.

“The short hair looks nice on you, did you get it cut?”

“Oh, no, I have most of it pinned up to make it look shorter,” she explained and he nodded. “Think I should cut it like this?”

“I think that decision is yours and that no matter what you will look beautiful.” His usual honesty flustered her.

“Thank you.” The couple fell into a comfortable silence as they danced for the rest of the night. Happy to be in the company of the person they love.

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I’m super stoked for the new event cus - aside from the long awaited Floyd card - but it also implies that Vargas took one good luck at him,Sebek,Ruggie and Leona at thought:

“You are all my children now.We’re goin’ camping,boys!”

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Sebek: Comparing waka-sama to Leona Kingscholar is like comparing apples to oranges.

Sebek: I mean, I love apples, and I really don’t like oranges.

Sebek: Oranges are annoying.

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You’ve got Mail!


This Writing Raven has a few announcements to make!

  • I am accepting new writing requests! Please be sure to read my rules before submitting something!
  • March is TWST’s anniversary month! That means it’s time for Magic Mystery Letters! Every day in March, there will be a new message (and maybe some gifts!) from a random TWST character, addressed to you, the Ramshackle Prefect–to celebrate your time in Twisted Wonderland with them! (These letters will follow the canon laid out in the main story, so I will tag for spoiler as is appropriate.)
  • When I finish all Valentine requests, I will put them in a blog event masterlist, similar to what I did for my Make your Vows/wedding prompts masterlist.
  • Last thing! I’m approaching midterm season, and on top of that, I’m preparing for an internship and graduation, so blog updates and new content may be slower than usual. Please be patient with me!

And with that out of the way… Here’s to another year of TWST! 🥳

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please make your order and i will serve right up in this twst cafe. requests close on 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐲, 𝐅𝐞𝐛𝐫𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝟐𝟖 @ 𝟏𝟐 𝐩𝐦 𝐄𝐒𝐓 !

please take a look at my rules before requesting.

i will also be accepting requests for edits / icons. just tell me the character(s) you want. — maximum of 3 !


@ roarhoe.tumblr 2021 all rights reserved

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𝗠𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗳 𝗥𝗶𝗱𝗱𝗹𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗦𝗶𝗹𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗦𝗥 𝗖𝗮𝗿𝗱𝘀


I know the event is over, and you won’t be able to roll for these cards anymore, but I figured it would be better late than never to reveal the stats and potential of these two SR cards.

𝘔𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘧 𝘙𝘪𝘥𝘥𝘭𝘦


Type: Defense

Max stats at lv80 groovy: HP 9306 ATK 3941


  • Null/Void: One strong hit with medium ATK DOWN for 1 turn
  • Grass: Two weak hits with small ATK DOWN for 1 turn


  • Silver [ATK medium]
  • Malleus Draconia [HP small]

Masterchef Riddle would work well for a water defense test. He has one elemental advantage against water, and he has two debuffs in both of his magic skills that can significantly lessen the amount of damage the opponent may inflict. If you have birthday Jamil SSR, you can try out a team placing both cards since Riddle activates Jamil’s DUO and gives a medium HP boost to him.

𝘔𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘧 𝘚𝘪𝘭𝘷𝘦𝘳


Type: Attack

Max stats at lv80 groovy: HP 7211 ATK 4912


  • Fire: One strong hit
  • Water: Two strong hit


  • Riddle Rosehearts [HP medium]
  • Jamil Viper [ATK small]

Masterchef Silver is on the lower end of SR ATK cards, so he won’t be able to inflict too much damage. On the upside, however, both of his attacks are the strong versions. I recommend him for a basic fire test if you are starting out, and you don’t have many cards, or if you are lacking in cards suitable for a basic fire test. However, if you have a lot of cards, I suggest other combinations.

~ 🐙

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Fairy Animals Headcanon:

  • There are many species of Fairy Animals though the accurate number still remains unknown. Each Fairy Animal is a unique creature, with a special power or talent necessary to maintain the balance of the magic world.
  • Many Fairy Animals live peacefully, safe from any threat, in the Natural Park of the historical school, which headmistress of this school, created to protect them. Some Fairy Animals are already extinct in their native world. Fairy Animals can bond with fairies, magicians, and even witches as they find their true owners.
  • As stated by the headmistress of the historical school that wach Fairy Animals has a secret that balances the magic universe. For example, the digmoles who’s also holds the secret that is :

“The Fairy Animal with the Ulitimate Power has the First Color of the Magic Universe.”

  • Paw Pflege has a secret basement, where they placed Technomagic Globes, which used to locate Fairy Animals in danger. If one of them is damaged and does not glow, while the others are not extinguished at the same time, they can send the damaged ball to Techniege students to repair.

Types of Fairy Animals

  • Digmoles

- Digmoles were once very abundant in the magic universe when the headmistress of the historical fairy school was once a student in this school.

- The Digmoles resembles normal moles, their ears are longer like the jerboas, and their tail and claws are usally baby blue. The fur around their ears and their noses are usaully dark purple and the stripes on their bodies are usually purple.

-The digmoles have a unique ability to dig holes, that why they are called digmoles.

  • Unicorn🦄

- Unicorns look exactly like horses expect for their horns. There are both winged and non-winged unicorns, their colors are variable.

-In the encyclopedia its horn was said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness.

  • Shinygreed

- Shinygreeds are very large birds, resembling an eagles / a canary and / or a pheonix.

- They loves being the center of attention and fashion.

- They are fond of sparkling, shining, beautiful things as well as jewelries. However, some of them most likely likes to eat shiny things or jewelries.

- They can withstand the darkness, for they can produce sunlight themself. With this, they can shoots rays of sunlight.

- They also can heal their owners, they can disenchant any darkness with it.

- Their fondness for sparkling objects or jewelry was probably inspired by legends that the magpie bird collects shiny objects like a piece of jewelry.

  • Magiwolf

- Magiwolves were lives in the enchanted forest where the fairies are closey to the nature of the forests.

- The Magiwolves has great strength and they can jump very high which they can use for hunting.

- About their magic, they can grew strong vines and plants when they used with their owners’ nature magic.

  • Quillcat

- The Quillcats used to lives in the Middle Ages in not Twisted Wonderland, but in Italy.

- The Quillcats are aggressive if they feel threatened . Once they feel threatened, they will shoot sharp quills toward the target.

- Some of them appears as a drama queen when they were chased by the people who dislikes them.

- In fact, they are artistic and talented, as they can make amazing origamis and other kind of arts and they enjoys music.

- Similar to normal cats, they are fond of water.

  • Cry-cry

- The Cry-Cries are most ancient animals of the prehistoric times.

- They bear some features from the koalas and sloths such as body shape limbs.

- As you have to know what their magic is… Well you have to have to pay attention first cause’ whenever you calls the cry-cry, “ugly”, it starts to cry so loud and creates a great water flow from their eyes. They are very sensitive.

- Whenever the cry-cries say goodbye to each other, they scream very loud and whenever they see someone crying, they also start to cry. Everyone is afraid of them perhaps they cry very much that it creates a river of water from its eyes.

  • Techsquirrels

- Techsquirrels are lives in Techneige’s secret basement called “Core of Techneige”, and if one went missing, the whole order of Techniege dorm would go haywire. They are very important to Techniege as they to keep the whole realm in balance.

- The Techsquirrels have the ability to repair broken things. They run the whole Technomagic Core of Techneige and are shown to be very strong being able to run the Power Core alone.

- Physically techsquirrels are similar to common flying squirrels with different colors and hairstyles, they have flap-like membranes between the front and rear legs that aid in flight and gliding. They have long ears with long locks of hair and have circuit-like patterns on their heads and tails. Some of them may have accessories like googles.

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I have been reading bunch of isekai manga and I have a hyperfixation. I’m writing my own yandere isekai villainess reader thing with ocs and this blog will even be slower. I tried to write the scenes in my brain for the Chernabog cult thing. The first thing is going to be more world building but I’m so far head that I have written kids. Demon kids who get protective of their mommy

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if every event is supposed to loosely or directly relate to a disney movie, then what the heck is the vargas camp supposed to be? brave? are we gonna fist fight a bear on the trip??? 💀

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Masquerade Adventures

Vectra x Vil

The blond man’s eyes scan over every person he sees, looking to find the girl he wanted to dance with. He was told that she was wearing a suit today, but he had yet to see her. He was starting to think the two lied to his informant. The man sighed and moved to get a drink. He adjusted his hat once beside the table when he noticed a flash of orange.

A beautiful girl with fiery hair was approaching the punch as well. His heart throbbed hoping that it was her, but she didn’t glare when she saw him so he wasn’t sure. ‘Oh right, the point is to not tell who we are.’

“Hello, my dear,” he bowed his head slightly at the woman in the orange and white dress.

“Hello,” she bowed slightly back at him and smiled. Circling the table, he grabbed her hand and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles. Amythist eyes look up at topaz ones through thick lashes.

“Would you do me the honor of a dance?” She was thankful that her mask covered the pink of her cheeks.

“I would love to dance.”

He pulled her onto the dancefloor with a suave smile. Her heart fluttered at his confidence as the two began to dance, she became curious about the blond she was with.

“So, tell me about yourself.”

“My, my, trying to start a conversation while we dance?”

“I don’t know when we’d be able to talk if not when dancing. Is talking not allowed? This is my first time at one of these in a long time,” she admits almost sheepishly causing him to chuckle.

“You’re alright, I’m just not used to people asking. What would you like to know,” he was equally as curious, but she asked first.

“I guess I’ll start with simpler questions. What’s your favorite color?”

The two continued playing 20 questions as they danced, many songs began and ended as they did so. He enjoyed himself a lot, not having fans pestering him to dance. She was different than anyone he had danced with before, she was outspoken and straightforward. The way she laughed made his heart ache to remove her mask and learn who she was.

“Do you mind me asking you something that may seem out of character once you know who I am?”

“I don’t mind at all.”

“I would love to find you again after tonight, if you would be willing.”

“Are you asking me in a date?” her voice cracked in an uncharacteristic way.

“Yes.” She was silent and he was starting to get nervous, but he wasn’t showing it.

“Sorry, I’ve never been asked out in this way before,” her voice was quiet, he barely heard her as her mind flashed to all the people that went to fight her to ask her on a date. She knew that was her fault for the rumor that caused people to fight for her affections; his forwardness flustered her.

“Only if you can beat me in a fight,” she repeated as she had so many times before. His eyes widened as he realized the beauty before him was the girl he was looking for at the beginning of the night and he smirked. He had never actually tried to fight her, but he knew the rumors.

“A fight, why?”

“I’m a protector and I’ve been one almost my whole life. I need to know that there is someone that can protect me when I need it, so if they can beat me in a fight I know they can protect me.” Her answer stunned him, the rumors all said many different things for why she would only date people stronger than her. To humiliate those that try to fight her, that she was actually a lesbian and that she only fought the men that asked her out, that she’s a sadist and only wants someone she can beat up, he even heard someone say something about stronger offspring.

'She just wants to feel safe with someone,’ he felt his heart break from all the things he’s heard about her. In that moment he knew what he had to do.

“A fight it is, for now let us dance more.”

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Ayo, so I made another TWST OC (that’s not a self-insert jkfsdmfs)

Her name is Lorelei!

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sorry I haven’t posted an edit in Aweil, my computer is getting fixed and i don’t like using my laptop because it’s for school.
I hope you like it, comics well come soon

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It’s a rather terrifying theme in children’s stories! If anyone ever offers to brush your hair, immediately punch them in the gut no questions asked!

But you’re far too trusting as you take Rook up on his offer of combing your hair. You’ve been working so hard mon amour, let him help you relax, you can’t deny that he’s good. His fingers massaging your scalp as he works the comb through your hair, and you can’t help but lean back against him as it glides through your locks. The hair oil he uses feels wonderful and smells sweet, you’re not sure how long he takes brushing it through, but he says he must be thorough with his combing to make sure it distributes evenly to make you glow and be as beautiful as you can be! He offers to make it a daily service, and you find yourself nodding unconsciously, you must be more exhausted then you thought with you mind having become so foggy, he escorts you back to your dorm for some rest and as you settle into your bed for a nap you can’t help but bury your nose into what you can of your hair, the fragrance is just so comforting and clings to you even after you wake up that you don’t think to question your dreams of the blonde hunter.

Or Heartslabyul suddenly creating a new rule. You’re there so often that you need to start following some of them! It’s a rule that must not be discussed, that’s what you’re told as Riddle laces you into a corset far too tight for your liking, but the dorm has so many bizarre rules without any reasoning that you could believe it to be true…and you really aren’t sure you want to waste the air it would take to question it. It’s a painful experience, even breathing is hard as your ribs press against the tightly laced steel bones holding your torso straight with the lacing out of reach on your back, not that you could remove it anyway with the charm placed on the knot. But you mustn’t mention it to anyone, this is for the sake of the dorm’s dignity, and to break the rule by telling someone of your corset is not acceptable. If you must take it off then you must be in the dorm, he supposes he will give you more leniency there. The slight loosening of the lacing is a blessed relief, even if it’s just for a while, so spending more time there doesn’t seem so bad in comparison. But you find yourself getting sicker, your back in constant pain, headaches, aching ribs, you can’t do this anymore, you even fainted yesterday! But if you can’t hold yourself with the dignity of someone representing the Queen of Hearts, then you can’t leave the dorm. You look so unwell too, maybe it’s best you stay here for a while, until you’re well enough for the corset again.

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TOUCH YOU, azul ashengrotto x f! reader

  • headcanons of azul ashengrotto with a s/o who’d like to become more public with him.

light hearted, and fluff.

Yes. I regret using that title so please do not slap me ♀️


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