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So I’ve been imagining a MTR TV series on Disney that’s like a prequel/sequel to the events of the movie where the main character is a young Wilbur when he was like 5/6 years old and it’s just him getting into mischief with the others and it’s sort of like the Disney version of The Loud House. And some episodes may revolve around other characters

and you know how in Alvin and the Chipmunks Dave always yells “ALVIIIIIN!!!” well imagine something like that but with Neil and Wil whenever Wilbur does something stupid.

It’s cute, it’s wholesome, and it’s done in a stylized 2D animation that is so charming and bright.

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Doesn’t this current lockdown make you feel like the genie trapped in the lamp?

Doesn’t this current lockdown remind you of genie in a bottle?

And if so,

Aren’t you willing to turn this lockdown into unlocking the Genie with?

Watch the #youtube video and don’t forget to #subscribe

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Originally posted by ducavalentinos

Pairing: Jasmine x Reader

Characters: Jasmine

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon- Would you mind doing a Disney one, with Princess Jasmine (I loved Naomi!!)? Maybe reader is Aladdin’s sister and she take’s her crush, Jasmine, on a magic carpet ride? Also maybe she has an animal like Jasmine and Aladdin do? Like an Arabian wolf or something, who gets along with Raja? 

Word Count: 476

Author: Charlotte

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