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And so what if I go before you?

Will you sob and cry

Like the first time I met you?

Healed your wound open a new one

Will you get over it within few months?

Easy to say for me to let you go

How could I try when I never say goodbye

And so what if go?

Will you hold onto me or move on?

You need better love

I can’t be the one my dear my

How could I when I am full of flaw

Got yourself a blooming flower

Not the one with no petal on

I was fated to be on the ground

Not in your garden

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Intermezzo : dura phlox, sed phlox von Eddy Van 3000
Über Flickr:
Phlox flowers. The name phlox comes from the ancient Greek word phlox meaning flame (a lot of varieties have intense colours). Nederlands : vlambloem. (Fuck Corona I miss my photoshoots)

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