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Missing having a cat so I painted some. Trying to practice painting more this year. 🌝

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A Pose
A painting I did for a friend recently! :)

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Cicada, gouache, 6x6 inches

Digging these little paintings right now, they feel like just the right way to use small chunks of time after work to create.

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“I have a perfectly healthy brain. It just doesn’t contain feelings. And that doesn’t necessarily make me a bad person. It just means I have to work a little harder than everybody else to be good.”

Top 25 favourite characters for portrait practice:

21.) Amanda, Thoroughbreds

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I messed this one up quite a bit. Originally I planned to make another watercolour painting and I planned on doing the snowflakes with masking fluid. So I mase the first layer light blue. But I mixed up the bottle masking fluid with the bottle of varnish and used that instead. So I redid the whole thing with gouache in the end.

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Starting a new sketchbook process 🌊✍🏼

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“Peace Returns,” the twelfth and final piece from my duo show with Annette Marnat, Fox Tails and Fairy Tales, at Gallery Nucleus on display in person and online until January 31st.

Thank you for joining these two on their journey.  I hope you enjoyed seeing these pieces, and thank you to everyone who purchased them or a print!

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Cue Jurassic Park music!

♪♫♪ Tenen nen nen nen tenenen nen nen…..♫♪♫

Jokes aside, this is, again, done due to some paint left in my palette. Also, this is for a friend of mine who jokingly wanted a pterodactyl instead of a bird flying in the sky.

Paint - Himi Miya Gouache 24 set
Paper - 200 gsm watercolor paper

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